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'A' M? W M PM W jajfqy J QW Wqfwkfa by MMWM wfwfwf if, nfs My Wf' M W V W gf Wjffww VIMx'WW 'V,N"Ai,4JVjMf7'fAQfJf?a Mwrjwfff WMM fy if ff? MJQZV! QV? W ff? QKQQJM J, fb my gf ZW! M252 'Mr S UJJL, lg I ,,,,, ."""' -wj.hXX - ' W' W Y pf , WWWKQQQQX WW ' gwfe AW WWffMffw MWW - +I' 1' WM wwwww 2: ff ? wwf A . i,. V yn ,. X , ' W, 5 ig 335 . M li 5 W ,My ik 7q+f""0 X Q ,vo M. H N f.: ' . u ' I ' x , x ' 1 A , , 1 4 m a , 1 i 4 I . Zfmmwffwv-awww-dw,AMQx-w,ffbM,,a,,, pfJC,L4-m,e!,,laa!0. ,4Za,n'ff'7aff7LP MA 440 290' jew-J uJu.,,4,.,1, Wdmwjaf QZIMJ- X,om,omluJ my 4,6 Mag, My J..,-541,44 a,.JfdAM1w1j,d-1-W, fo-Jfriiw-ywfhw. ' 54,441 0 221-nd. Z M4,,,.., www JJ WML? 'Vw ' 4 My Z-I ,ym,V,eL,,,,,,,Jfy,,..J'z2fH WWW? QCPCLM5 PW51? JM? fwwwww 1641410 MQ. tiff 7Lavd4,U,.A,,..m4 5,6411 40.190 u.-lou! 3.63. XM? ji,MM,,4,,,,-jL,,?Ug,7nfJ,Zz6-U+.A aJwwlfU.., WND? Vqyftg,,5jU.7,W aww nundmwwnw Zim-U EQAWJ MJ! LM, Zvi M1 Qvghzkecbzjj fav Lwyw fdww- MMM!! ZWWJ. XAEQAQMAQ Auygzzzzu cmffvicwwf W?'w!Z?2nv-124141 -awp-,b,,u, f5?fW0ZT'M!,?'Z'w'TLf1 E H HUSKY Published by students of NORTH MARION UNION HIGH SCHOOL Aurora, Oregon 1955 Editor: Sandra Eppers Assistant Editor: Georgieanne Pavlicek Business Manager: Darlene Burnham Printed by YOUR TOWN PRESS, INC. Pictures by KRAFT Yearbook Staff .faix fwfr Sandra Eppers Darlene Burnham Georgianne Pavlicek Editor Business Manager Assistant Editor ' r f I XY I Seated: Myrna Foltz, Photograph Editor: Georgianne Pavlioek, Assistant Editor: Sandra Eppers, Editor: Dar- lene Burnham, Business Manager: Barbara Cole, Assistant Business Manager: Suzanne De Armond, Administ ration editor: Norma Foltz, Club Editor: Barbara Evans, Class Editor: Janice Wenzel, Music Editor: Standing: Mr, Beal, Mrs. Cannell, advisers: Naomi Westwood, Activities editor, Beverly Copeland, Senior editor: Nella Barendse, Assistant sports editor: Donna Yergen, Sports editor: Marian Feller, Assistant act- ivities editor: Shirley Moore, Art editor: Dolores Hillner, Features editor: Frances Kleczynski, Assistant club editor: Shirley Brown, Assistant Art editor: Jeanette Jones, Assistant Senior class editor: Sally De Ar- mond, Assistant club editor: Dona Paris, Assistant Music editor, Dedication Because in its first five years North Marion has grown into a school of which the students and community can be proud .... Because much of the responsibility for guiding its growth and development has been the responsibility of the administration.. Because the high standards set and maintained at North Marion have made it a school which is a credit to the community and to the state... We, the Yearbook Staff wish to dedicate this 1955 Husky to Mr. M. H. Beal, Principal of North Marion High School. North Marion Union High School, as it looked when it was completed in 1950. Pictures below show different views and improvements in landscaping, North entrance of buildings gym wing at East em,-ance and library wing. right, South entrance to gym: classrooms at Vocational Agriculture building completed right. in early 1955, ,lj IOELLA ISA CLAIRE D KELTNER PHOEBE CANNELL B A University of Ohio B Oregon State B, A. Pacific University English I,II,l1I, IV World History English Il, IIL U S History 8: Government Public Speaking M Z American Problems Library TOM BRUMBAUGH B. S. -- University of Oregon Band Chorus Faculty R - nn - ELVAN PITNEY DEAN NICE B, S, --Oregon State B. A, --Willamette University Agriculture I, II, III, IV Driver's Training Biology Basketball, baseball ll . WALTER ALDRIDGE B, S, --Pacific College, Seattle Algebra Geometry General Math Track DONNA KENYON LORRAINE PAULICK B. S-- Oregon Stane B, A, --Hastings College, Home Economics I,H,III, IV Nebraska M A, --Uni ity of Oregon 7 School Board MR, GLENN A. YERGEN MR, WILLIAM FOBERT MR. EUGENE C. COLE MR. CLIFFORD BLAKE MR, I. O, WILLIAMSON Prmcxpal MR. M, H. BEAL Clerk MRS. FRANCES L. GREEN WW' A. S.B. Officers mir Q 4 I I t ' s , , ,A M . .t Mr .. Sgmw S N, i if S 'E Jim Albers Sandra Eppers Douglas Levens President Secretary Treasurer rr :sg , R - sigggwfsis R.. 'flfrxiffiifq 'A 3 W lk N - Xf sw- at 5, -,rslfffsjm--1,13 ' - X , - was fdgaff M434 if " ' -xiii' Wa he ,lffmggmrtrsr . . ,mv s1afF:1Ss31ss ' . - - -.., 3 l A ., - . SQWQRQA ':5:2-'--- ,- Q5 W - ., v mi- ff i news . . two, 'rf 'Q 'H 4:1 X A W I FI 7QNS,5fl', s S Bw s ss Y. r ' S ., - l NN , s :z mfs .. 's f f . M .,., r,., - .... . S Wie - E rt af., f Sally DeArmond Melvin Schmidt Assistant Treasure Vice - President Sitting L to R: H, Erland, C, Lenhardt, J, Albers, D, Levens, M, Schmidt, S, Eppers, S, DeArmond, K, Hoefling, M, Feller, Standing: B, Cole, N, Foltz, R, Lamb, S, DeArmond, W, Downs, B, Harper, J, Friend, M, Foltz, B, Keil, 9 Bus Drivers Clarence Friend Lester Q Hap j Pulley Bob Craig fllv' Secretary Mrs, Frances Green Janitors Pius Hostetler Louis Colemanf not picturedj Cooks Mrs, Chumley Mrs, Hunking VF, , x ,K . ,M L, N ff ., ,Wa 9 I fag! an xmts, Q WN was: Y 1 Ki ' -f K Rx ,PW-'4a...A .... . 1 ho E ho v-I N FUTURE NOT ED FOR FAVORITE SAYING NICKNAME NAME Ie james Albers lim O'boy Blushing Uncle Sam Nancy Barendse Nan Suffrin' Spurs Getting around Service Dan Blake Dan Don't get shook Sleeping in History Millionaire Darlene Burnham Burnie Hink Clink A Link Flirting Teacher Barbara Cole Barb Stop that Wayne! Eyes Wayne Walter Coleman Walt Dianel! Collecting old coins Touring U. N Beverly Copemnd Cope What's coming off? Witty sayings Private Sec, Garland Courter Chief Cotton picker Shiney shoes Millionaire Wallace Downs Wally Yes, it is Skipping schoolv Fo st Ranger Keith Driver Driver Oh???????????? Athlete ability College E S Rowdyness OD 0'con1e be E I! cn sign Mike En 5 N o U i 33 5500 o 5855 2.3 Q m UPU.:-'.: 8534 E in cs nu 1: 5222 Ill E555 gag? ne :3?8 QZI-Lv-1 -'JI :-' 514: EE? 223425 gx.m.-Cr, Ei.. c: DN.:-S :uf-0... e Eg 0 eieg r.unn2 E255 n.'i:"5'E CKJU-lgia N'2mu. E255 Nmbso Undecided WH gaclo .E 8 'S .cz 3 J eu J! W Fleay Dolores Hillner Mechanic iHS now Bra an E o U Tu' E e: QC Keith Hoefling igger D Ditch SS cla of OUI ed Kick darn be I'l1 S Jocob bs e Joco Lyl S 33 'UU 'KH-l 55 :::: DD 0 LE S3 :JE :aa 'I-I o5 3 E Er -Ee O ,"U .BH -Sn' .-.O 5 .ra as N .X W2 D4 Sie 'D 254 :E Boo cz 24 l'l 35 I-I ESX aesaa 4!m3OO UI o 'I-I OJ fu 5 E E E .E Euan- va--emtm 5:-Secs: ,xl-.WOO cnmQlDIE Ill o ISI :s I-A 6,0-F eh' 2 o-'DDO 3xggU 002:- :Eggs o u.UQI!I'.O UD 0 I O p 2 Ol- mba Qo.u:CJ..1 Ui v:2.,, P---Ol-4 32002 02?-fu 0.2 2:- 2 51,2 00's-I--1 2.2-.--P2 0g.EN:s Q cnQ..1 an :Sacco 'S-A02 g:PZ.- 0500 QmUU Q 3 5 S 9 Q Mlluval-I -arms 23-305 m H Eng :s0.r:.'.- awww 0-I .9 eu ss- 5 0 2 6 w g .5 fu N 3 25. G :I .8 Num .cs 'VZ' H220 as ESE assi Ugg.: sas: .SQMEE um Egem o Q . E255 19ml-I-or-sv-s s Service 'U I-4 O LL O ff m B -D GV JD Ch N .E 50-1 O H G! JD Ding Dianel CD08 Dean Sp 5 E 3 u. Wrestling Man alive vasback 311 C Strawn Robert Juvenile Delinquent Worker l' r tempe Ho Man Jean CCICH Sw an Je E 18 '52 -EE N B MCD E E .E D0 .E -ge 28 ii. 9. .E-' f: 3 5 E E is is -Us 3... E'-'Q Ee :- .Bo -'E go ei E5 N 3:3 E N 2 IE O m G 10-4 HU u UD E 8 3 5 E d Na VVCSIW00 i Naom ? 353 009 E53 UUP' go 555 :fc q E?.2 gg 'Oli :SE aga 5 3 wi.. OJ 35m Z-5.9. 0-5 5 Q oo?-5 5 en P433 HI E r: 32:35 7502 P-'Em s',E-IU El5'c 582 sd n. E 2 U 5 E o 3 'cr 5 3 .11 2. C E 15 H N J: H H E CD Z: 5 as 5. Q E Senior Class Officers KEITH HOEFLING GERALDINE ZEHNER President Secretary LYLE MYERS GARLAND COURTER Treasurer Vice- president Front Row: L, to R, Lyle Myers, treasurer: John Nybakke, yell leader Geraldine Zehner, secretaryg Back Row: Nancy Barendse, Yell leader: Keith Hoefling, President: Barbara Cole, Student Council Representative, Not pictured: Advisors, Mrs. Cannell and Mr. Keltner, Seniors JIM ALBERS NANCY BARENDSE A. S, B, President4. Band Pep Club 3-4g G. A, A. 1-2-3 1-2-3-4g F, F, A, 1-2-3- -4: Band 1-2-3-4: Honor Soc- 4g Football 3-45 C1355 Qff- iety 4. Librarian 3 icer l Play 3 WALTER COLEMAN Wrestling mgr, 4. F. F, A, 4: Fire Squad 4 DARLENE BURNHAM Annual 1-2-3-44 Growl 3: F. H. A. 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 4' Office staff 1-2-3: Pep Club 3-44 Band 2-3-4 BEVERLY COPELAND Annual 4. Growl 1-3: Quill Sz Scroll3-44 Pep Club 3-4: GARLAND COURTER Fire Squad l-4. Band 1: Wrestling 2. Track lg F. Q i s DAN BLAKE Wrestling 1-2-3-4. Letter- men's Club 1-2-3-4: F. F. A. l-2-3-4: Band 1 li l BARBARA COLE Annual 4g Growl 3: F. H. A 1-2-3-44 G. A. A. l-2-3-- Yell Leader 4: May Court . Class Officer 1-3-4 .I A I l Q WALLACE DOWNS ClassPlay 39 F. F. A. 1-2- -4. Officer 4: Band 1: Fire F. A. 1-2-3g Class Off- Office staff 1-25 F. H. A. 1- Squad'3-4. Class Officer 5 icer 2-3-4 2-3-4: Officer 4 14 Seniors KEITH DRIVER Class Officer 1-2 Honor Soc- iety 4 Baseball 2-3-4:Track Basketball 2-3-4: Football 2- 4: Band 1-2-3-4 SANDRA EPPERS Class Play 3. Honor Society 3-4 F. H. A. 1-2-3-4. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. Annual 1-2 3-4 Editor4 A. S. B. Sec- retary 4 Yell Leader 4 Eff IYRNA FOLTZ. 'ransferred from Canby 2, lass Officer 2. Class Play Q May Court 2 F. H. A. HAROLD ERLAND 1 Football 2-3-4. Wrestling 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3- 4. Letterman 1-2-3-4. Fire -3-4. Pep Club 3-4. Stu- Squad 4 SDI Council 4 J OHN FREEMAN ANGELA KRUPICKA :ire Squad 4. Wrestling 2- F. H. A. 2-3-4. Chorus 2 I-4, Band l-2-3: F. F. A. -3g Librarian 4. Honor Soc- -2: Lettermen Club 3-4 iety 4 MIKE ENSIGN Lettermen's Club 2-3-4. Basketball 2-3-45 Football 2-3 Band 11 Chorus 1-3-4 DOLORES HILLNER F. H. A. 1-2-3-4: G.A. 1-2-4: Chorus 2-3-4 e Club 3-49 Officer 44 Play 39 Growl Staff 35 ual 4, KEITH Football 1- F. F. A. lg A, S, B. Officer 3g Band 1-2-3: Track 1-2: Basketball 2-3, 15 Seniors ROBERT IESKEY Band 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. 1-- 3-4, Chorus 1-2-3: Fire Squad 4: Pep band 3-4. RALPH MERRILL Football 2-3-4: wrestling 2: Baseball 3: Band 2-3-49 Honor Society 4: Fire Squad 4. JOHN NYBAKKE Band 1-2, Growl staff 2- 3: Editor 4: Chorus l-4: Quill and Scroll 3: Class Officer 3-4' 16 SHIRLEY MOORE DOUGLAS LEVI-INS F. H. A. l-2-3-4: G. A. F.F,A, 1-2: Baseball Mg A. 3-4: Band 1-2-3-4: 2: Fire Squad 4g Band l- Annual 4g Pep Club 3-4. Student body treasurer 4 lin, I 2 ' ffl fr- 4? Ea sf V A gs x , ah 1 . sr 5: .r s wg. .ma if .,-' : ' ' ff ,H QH SF will JH if 'iei A 1.5: .,sl's rises '--1 ,ff --2" 5 A ..o. nf. DAVID MYERS LYLE MYERS F, F, A, 1-2-3-4: Fire F. F, A, 1-2-3-4: Basebl Squad 4g Baseball 1-2-3- .1-2-3-4: Class Officer4 Fire Squad 4: Letterman Club 49 Lettermen's Club 3-4, 5 A il r FRANCIS PARSONS JOHN RHINBHART F, H, A, lg Chorus 1-4, Transfer from Nebraska 4 Basketball 3g Wrestling 4 ,Q ,F l DEAN SPENCE Wrestling 1-2-39 Letter- man's Club 1-2-3-45 F. F. A, 1-2-3-4g Officer 3-44 Band l,2gC1assOff- icer 1-2-3 If-IAN SWE-IETENv N Transfer from Sandy 4: Ba.nd1-2-4: F. T. A. 4: Dramatics 2-3: Y. F. C. Club 1-2-3. Y DONNA YERGEN S. A, A, 1-2-3-45 Officer la Yell leader 2-3-4: May Zourt 1: Honor Soc. 4g F. -I, A. 1-2-3-4: Annual 4: Zlass Off. 1: Class Play 3. jf 'lffkzxl Seniors JANICE SMITH U F. H. A. 1-2-3-4: Offic- er 4: G. A. A. 2-3-4: ClassOfficer 3: Class play 3 Pep Club 3-4: Grow13: Honor Society 3-4 WAYNE VAN LIEU F. F. A. 4: Fire Squad 4: Band 1-2-3-4a Class Offic- er 2-3: Basketball 2-3-4: Track l-2-3-4. HOWARD WENZEL F. F, A, 1-2-3: Letterman's club 3-4: Track 1-24 Cross country 1: Band 1-2-3-4: Class Play 3 W 2 A - "F 1. . ilk '. A N - 5 ' f. Q ,,,:,., .. .siiw-ggrmfsn bi W. F: f 'kssfffefwi ,ras r .. wx: :Q .. ROBERT STRAWN Band 1-2-3, F. F. A. 1-2 3g Letterman's Club 2-3- 4: Wrestling 1-2-4 NAOMI WESTWOOD F, l-I! A, 1-2-3-44 Honor Society 45 Class Play 3: An nual Staff 4g Pep Club 3 ,X GERALDINE ZEHNER G. A, A, 2-3-4g Sec, 4g Band 1-2-3-4: Sec. 4gClass Sec. 4g May Court 34 Hon- or Soc, 3-4. Pep Club 3-44 Officer 3 17 Senior Biggest Flirts Darlene Burnham Mike Ensign Wittiest Wayne VanLieu Jean Sweeten Personallty Best Dancers Shirley Moore Douglas Levens Best Dressed Donna Yergen John Nybakke Best Athlete Keith Driver Nancy Barendse Best Figure Sz Physique Geraldine Zehner David Myers Most Studious Most Talkative Ralph Metlill Dan Blake I3IliCC Smith Dolores Hillner Senior Class Activities l i I F, F, A, F, H, A, HONOR SOCIETY Dean Spence Janice Smith Keith Driver Sc Donna Yergen PEP CLUB RALLY SQUAD ATHLETICS Dolores Hillner Sandra Eppers 8: Domma Yergen Keith Driver 8L Ralph Merrill 19 OFFICERS Left to right, front row: Janice Wenzel, Secretary John Friend, President Back row: NNW QW unior Class Norma Foltz, 7, Student Council Representative Wayne Schulte, Treasurer Jack Berkey, Vice- president 7 l i - 7113 XE? .iw fri 1,1 it sk-' ,, if I - F' - . U Q l g Lois Abrahamson Shirley Brown Sally DeArmond Diane Feller 20 James Aho Judy Ainsworth Nella Barendse Jeanette Bunn Virginia Clarke Mike Cooper Suzanne DeArmond Andy Dexter Ruby Edmonds Marian Feller Charles Ferguson Loretta Ferguson I ack Berkey Richard Crane Barbara Evans Verl Fobert mf unior Class w af. I I . , , up ,, M4, .- , Mis - :'. " ' 0 W i x .. n 2 833 "'-X' in Q. f, in k'-,x ' ki wwe V31 K I fa-,. Ak, R at 1 my A 45 2 Saw , at r - V L R ' t :ff g- ' QQ W f y 5. T V - If , Y V I X 2 '4 lb- Q . , .--- 4 , ' 6:4 4 4 f I . 8 , .... .fi L R, K sm di - I L hiv , Riff my X -:K Q h Y . , in A Wxgug, A v W at ly R W f S t R as r f r Q Q S saaa I' r R F at aann l F- L il ' i tt R A A- L :uh 4. f , , if .,-- Wi Norma Foltz John Friend Beverly Gilles Sandra Halstead Ivan Hove Ronald Jeskey Jeanette Jones Frances Kleczynski Ross Lemen Norman Luke Joy McCarty Wendell McLin Howard Mikkelson Vera Monnier Dona Paris Georgianne Pavlicek Harold Rowlett Janet Solberg Roy Will Not pictured: Robert Judith Phillipsen Melvin Schmidt Elva Stewart Kenny Spence Velma Reed Diana Schoonover Eldred Troudt Gerald Wolfe Hunt, Stanley Savageau, Margaret Sanders Neal Railing Wayne Schulte Eddie Trowbridge Ronald Wirth Edna Mae Riddle Eugene Smith Janice Wenzel Robert Will Sophomore Class Officers and Advisers L. to R. 1 Carolyn Lenhardt, class representativeg Jo McNary, secretary Lyle Kliewer, vice-piesidenrg Mr, Aldridge, adviser: Arjil Shrock, trea- surerg Mr. Nice, adviser: and Mrs. Isa, adviser. The Sophomore class during 1954 - 1955 was one of the school's best moneymaking groups. They were seen at every game and at many other events selling popcom, candy, soft drinks and other delicacies to boost their class treasury. Ken- neth Rose, elected Sophomore class president, contracted po- lio and was unable to attend school most of the year. Meet- ings were presided over by Lyle Kliewer, vice president, with the assistance of the other officers and the advisers, Mr. Al- dridge, Mrs. Isa and Mr. Nice. Sophomore Class 'S' First Row L to R1 Niles Beiser, Carolyn Lenhardt, Clintina Cross, Dorothy Hostetler, Betty Jo Keil, Susan Jackson, Joan Baker, Wayne Lowrie, Second Row: Vernon Gooding, Charles Lenhardt, Gordon Jones, Doug- las Colgan, Herbert Grab, Clifford Chulos , Jim Harding, Third Row: Raymond Lambert, Jim Boston, Carl Freeman, Lyle Kliewer, Bill Jeskey, Don Brooks, Junior Free, Ronald Jacobs, First Row L to R: Leona Riddle, Jackie Pinkham, Nancy Spurlock, Phyllis Nybakke, Jo McNary, Betty Solberg. Second Row: Bob Rappe, John Sanders, Ken Richter, Roger Moore, Tom Smith, Harry Passey- Third Row: Bertha Netter, Judy Orvold, Patty Thompson, June Lucht, Carol Worle, Raymond Schoon- over, A1'jilShrock. 23 Freshman Class Front row: L. to R Mr, Brurnbaugh, I, Stewart, M. Waddington, J, Jackson, I. Lewis, J. Schmidt, Mi-L Baisch, Second row: L, Lenhardr, N. Schmidt, R, Sweeten, R. Matthieu, R, Troudt, D. Miller, D. Miller. Third row: E, Krupicka, H, Lewis, E, Martilla, J. Marsh, S. White, R. Lamb, A, Wearhers, S Pavlicek. Front row: L, to R. J. Ezzell, F. Dominick, P. Hunt, A, Hurst, E. Endicott, V. Drell, R. Colgan, C, Ensign, Second row: Miss Brummer, R, Downs, D, Dougherty, J, Brower, E, Coleman, R, Hoefling, R, Cooper, R, Beard, D, Fobert, Third row: K, Graham, M, Fogal, M, Brown, B, Dodd, B, Harper, F, Elkins, B, Harper, M, Grab, S, Baker, f N ji 51" A-Squad Football First Row: L to R g Wayne Lowrie, Richard Lamb, Darrell Barr, Harold Erland Coach Reuben Barsch Second Row: Ray Hoefling, Jack Berkey, Keith Driver, Melvin Schmidt, Robert Wrll Roger Moore Third Row: Ken Spence, Jim Albers, Mike Cooper, Ivan Hove, Keith Hoeflrng Ralph Mernll Fourth Row: Arjil Shrock, Managerg Robert Rappe, John Friend, Qnot picturedjg Gordon Jones Season Record Sept. 24 N.M. 6 Amity Oct. 1 N.M. 13 Sheridan Oct. 8 N.M. 7 Willamina Oct. 15 N.M. 14 Sherwood Oct. 22 N.M. 25 Banks Oct. 29 N.M. 26 Dayton Nov. 5 N.M. 7 Jefferson Nov. 11 N.M. 27 Yamhill 13 25 25 13 20 18 0 B - Squad Football Front Row Bob Matrhieu, Jim Ezzell, Ray Lambert, Tom Smith, James Morrison, Dick Beard Ken Graham Eldred Troudr, Sylvester Pavlicekg Second Row: Clifford Chulos, Charles Ferguson Niles Beiser Ben Harper, Ron Cooper, Harry Passey, Floyd Dominick, Manager. The North .Marion Huskies started out rather slowly, but by the end of the football season they were tied with Dayton and Sheridan for 2nd place in the league. The team was coached by Mr. Reuben Baisch, assisted by Mr. Dean Nice. The Huskies were fortunate to have two of their players - - Jack Berkey and Keith Driver - - on the lst League All Star Team, and two on the hd League All Star Team - - - Melvin Schmidt and Ralph Merrill. Roger Moore was given hon- orable mention. Three of the boys were unable to play because of injuries and illness. Robert Rappe broke his arm and John Friend hurt his knee. Kenny Rose contracted polio early in the year. These boys were missed from the lineup and we hope they will be back in next year. On November 17 the Hubbard Fire Department gave the boys their annual football banquet at which Ralph Merrill was cho- sen team captain and Keith Driver was voted nnst valuable play- er for the season. j. V. Basketball First Row L to R: Russell Colgan, Ken Graham, Ricky Lamb, Eddie Trobridge, Arjil Shrock, Wayne Lowrie, Mr. Aldridge, Coach, Second Row L to R: Wayne Schulte, Vernon Gooding, Doug Colgan, John Sanders, Gordon Jones, Don Dough tery, Robe rt Rappe, Varsity Coach Dean Nice I V Coach Walt Aldridge , R . Q. X X 29 Baseball QSSK QSKI J QSKI3 igsglilf-t, X Left to right: First row: Mr, Nice, coachg Vernon Gooding, David Myers, Roger Moore, Keith Driver, Bob Rappe, Second row: Ross Lemen, Lyle Kliewer, Harold Erland, John Friend, Wayne Lowrie, .IWPS ,ls x ff, -ill 'ar r Ld ill' 9 X ' 'ag , , H Y I on S-'Z E :zz ... if be Left to right: First row: Mr, Baisch, coach: Ricky Lamb, Charles Ferguson, Benny Harper, Arjil Shrock, 30 Russell Colgan, Second row: Harold Rowlett, Ronnie Cooper, Robert Troudt, Kenny Graham, Roy Sweeten, Wrestling Front row: Mr, Baisch, coachg Andy Dexter, Joe Schmidt, Robert Strawn, Floyd Dominick Jtmmy Ezzell Ray Schoonover, Second row: Eldred Troudt, Dan Blake, Norman Luke, Emest Coleman Roy Sweeten Tom Smith, Ron Jacobs. Third row: Walter Coleman, manager: Harold Erland, Ray Lambert Melvin Schmidt Lyle Kliewer. There were 28 boys out for wrestling this year. They showed a lot of interest and have worked hard. They have been undefeated in league competition. There were approximately 16 boys earning their letter. The wrestling squad was fortunate to have won the trophy that was set up between North Marion and Day- ton. 'Ihis is the first year North Marion has ever won possession of the trophy. Track Front row: Mr, Aldridge, coachg Ivan Hove, Wendell McLin, Ken Richter, Ray Hoefling, Gordon Jones, Robert Will, Walter Coleman, Second row: John Rhinehart, Jack Berkey, Verl Fobert, Ken Spence, Ernest Coleman, Clifford Chulos, Sylvester Pavlicek, Wayne Van Lieu, Cross Country Left to right: Robert Troudt, Carl Sweeten, Norman Luke, Verl Fobert, Don Dougherty, Mr, Beal, coach, 1-q-L . VAQWKKK SHOW , 5 Q f- W, N , Q Q- NX ' W bm .- 5 .SX X X M3 .xx ,x. ,iw , - 'X' - 1.-.X ww' my Q W 4' A .N A W saniwf f -L ,vii gif A ' A -A I - if X .yy 1 wr 3 A 1 Yfffcym. 23'w-fa: p Q:-21' W . , 4 ., :wmv 'V fn-wiv'-J' 5 , ' ' ik Q' enSW my J -, ,,,,M,X O S X 55? The Future Farmers of America chapter can look back on 1954 - 55 as another busy and successful year. The Fall Barn Dance was rumored to be the best school dance of the year. The State Corn Show found North Marion sweeping the first three places in our district. Lyle Myers won first place at both the cotmty and state shows, and our display booth at the State Corn Show drew much favorable. comment. The chapter acquired ten registered Hampshire sheep valued at S600 through the Sears Roebuck chain. Charles Len- hardt was awarded the chain this year. The chapter again farmed twenty acres, sold magazines, and Christmas cards. A basketball squadplayed other F.F.A. chapters during the winter. Dean Spence was judged as having the outstanding L. to R Advisor Mr. Pitney, Secretary Howard Mikkel- farming program in our chapter. Our son, Sentinel Charles Lenhardt, Vice president Ron Jes- key, President Dean Spence, Treasurer Lyle Myers, Re- annual parent-son banquet drew nearly p01'I6l' Jim Ahof not presentj. two hundred people. ' Twenty-three greenhands joined our chapter this year, l b n n M M t I - q l Future Farm ers of America "WS Ou' mem fs P 0 SW l E ! 3 I i E L. to R. Front row: Mr. Pitney, adviser, Larry Lenhardt, Jimmy Ezzell, Russell Colgan, Wayne Lowrie, Niles Beiser, Jerry Lewis, Howard Lewis, Edward Krupicka, Allen Hurst, Ray Schoonover, joe Schmidt, Second rov Douglas Colgan, Sylvester Pavlicek, Bob Endicott, John Friend, Wayne Van Lieu, Dan Blake, Francis Elkins. Wayne Schulte, Ronnie Jacobs, Rickie Lamb, Robert Strawn, Third row: Vernon Gooding, Norman Luke, Vex Fobert, Allen Weathers, Eddie Trowbridge, AndyDexter, Bill Jeskey, Carl Freeman, Robert M-atthieu, Ernesw Coleman, James Harding, Fourth row: Robert Jeskey, Donald Dougherty, Roy Will, Ronald Jeskey, Robert Rappe, Clifford Chulos, Donald Brooks, Robert Will, Raymond Lambert, Robert Troudt, Ronnie Cooper, Johr Brower, Dick Beard. Fifth row: Wallace Downs, Charles Lenhardt, James A-lbert, Roger Moore, Walter Cole man, Dean Spence, David Myers, Howard Mikkelson, Eugene Smith, Lyle Myers, Gerald Wolfe, Gordonjor Neal Reiling The Future Homemakers of America is an organization composed of girls interested in the building of better homes for the future of our country. Projects for the year consist of filling food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Social events in- clude Daddy-Date-Night, M0- thers' Tea, Fabulous Friday Dance, and an exchange pot- luck with neighboring F.H.A. chapters. Several girls attend- ed the District meeting at Cas- cade, and representatives were sent to the state meeting at Corvallis. This year's chap- ter mothers were Mrs. Ed Dil- ler, Mrs. Reuben Baisch, Mrs. Howard Jones, and Mrs. Elvan Pitney. Kneeling: Historian, Judy Orvaldg Standing L. to R, Front Row: Project Chairman, Edna Riddle, Song Leader, Janice Wenzel, Reporter, Joan Bakerg Vice-president, Suzanne DeArmond, Treasurer, Dolores Hillner: Back Row: Parliamentarian, Nella Barendsep President, Janice Smithg Secretary, Marion Fellerg Degree Chairman, Shirley Moore. Future Homemakers of America .4 f, X ff as .gg . "I AMERICA e i www HWMAKFHS f ?""""""'........J.....-...-.............. Bottom row: L, to R. E, M, Riddle, J, Wenzel, B. Cole, B. Solberg, L. Riddle, S. Baker, J. Jackson, J, Baker, J, Solberg, Second row: S, Eppers, M. Foltz, B. Copeland, J, Traglio, D, Miller, D, Miller, D, Paris, S, Jackson, J, Ainsworth, Ida Stewart, Third row: B, Harper, M, Brown, R, Edmonds, B, Evans, D, Hillner, N. Foltz, M. Feller, N. Westwood, P, Nybakke, M, Grab, J. McCarty, Miss Kenyon, Fourth row: V, Clarke, N, Schmidt, S, Halstead, S,Brown, S, Moore, J, Jones, D, Yergen, S, DeArmond, J, Marsh, M, Waddington, C, Lenhardt, F, Kleczynski, 1, McNary. Fifth row: N. Barendse, S, DeArmond, G, Pavlicek, J, Orvold, D. Fobert, E. Martilla, E. Stewart, R. Downs, P, Thompson, J, Lucht, J, Smith, D. Burnham, A. Krupicka, 35 PERCUSSION: Shirley Baker, Jim Aho, Howard Mikkelson, Shirley Moore. Band i SAXOPHONES: Ron Jeskey, Bob Jeskey, Gene Smith, June Lucht CLARINET: First Row: Ricky Lam Nancy Barendse, Wendell McLin, Douglas Colgan, Ivan Hove, Nel- la Barendse, Da lene Bumham, Second Row: Vir ginia Drell, Ian Traglio, Mayon Fogal, Howard Wenzel, Bertha Netter, Norlene Schmidt, Geral dine Ziehner, Band BASS: Jim Albers, Russell Colgan, lack Berkey, Bob Rappe TROMBONE: Floyd Dominick, ArjilShrock, Keith Driver, Robert Will, Wayne VanLieu CORNET 8: TRUMPET: Robert Matrhieu, Ken Spence, Roy Will, Ray Hoefling, Ralph Mer- ril Ken Graham, Wayne Lowrie 37 The instructor for the Chorus, Band, and Pep Band is Mr, Brumbaugh. He has done a very fine job. Music Pep Band During basketball season the Pep Band played at all of the home games and traveled to some of the way-from-home games to play. All of the stu- dents appreciated the fine co operation they received from the Pep Band, Front row: Mr, Brumbaugh, Virginia Drell, Russell Colgan, Floyd Dominick, Robert Will, Arjil Shrock, Second row: Howard Wenzel, Darlene Burnham, Ralph Merrill, Kenneth Graham, Wayne Lowrie, Kenny Spence. Third row: Norlene Schmidt, Rickie Lamb, Ron Ieskey, Eugene smith, Robert Ieskey, Top row: Nancy Barendse, Geraldine Zehner, Douglas Colgan, Jim Albers, Howard Mikkelson, 38 Tenors: From left, Floyd Dom- inick, Robert Jeskey, Kenneth Graham, John Nybakke, Ed- ward Krupicka, Howard Lewis Russell Colgan. Bass: From left: George Rowlett, Ver- non Gooding, Gar- land Courter, Roger Moore, Richard Lamb, Gordon Jones, Ross Lemen, John Brower. 39 Rally Squad Left to right: Donna Yergen, Sandra Eppers, Barbara Cole, Nella Barendse, Not pictured, Shirley Brown The rally squad,by leading the yells and directing the activities of the cheer- ing section at games and jamborees, has become an indispensable part of the athletic program. Their enthusiasm and pep are contagious, and their well-prac- ticed performances are a credit to North Marion, at home or away from home. The green and white costumes which they choose are colorful and attractive. Being a yell leader is a full time job and the whole squad has shown their loyalty and schoolspirit throughout the year by their attendance at all the games. Three of the girlsg Donna, Sandra, and Barbara will graduate this year, and their place will be hard to fill. Nella, Shirley, Barbara, Sandra, Donna, Pep Club First Row L to R: Myma Foltz, Dolores Hillner, Suzanne DeArmond Second Row L to R: Nella Barendse,Barbara Evans, Georgieanne Pav- licek, Sally DeArmond First Row L to R: Janice Wenzel, Dona Paris, Beverly Copeland, Myrna Foltz, Dolores Hillner, Norma Foltz, Janet Solberg Second Row L to R: Jeanette Bunn, Jeanette Jones, Ruby Edmonds, Shirley Moore, Barbara Evans, Geraldine Zehner, Joy McCarth, Miss Brummer Third Row L to R: Nancy Barendse, Sally DeArmond, Darlene Burnham, Janice Smith, Georgieanne Pavlicek Francis Kleczynski, Suzanne DeArmond, Marion Feller, 41 Girls Athletic Association G. A, A. First Row: Edna Mae Riddle, Barbara Cole, Jackie Pinkham, Io McNary, Gerry Zehner Joan Baker Phyllis Nybakke. Second Row: Advisor Miss Brummer, Betty Jo Keil, Barbara Evans, Suzanne DeArmond Delores Hillner, Leona Riddle, Dorothy Hostetler, Marion Feller. Third Row: Bertha Netter, Norma Foltz Sandra Eppers, Sally DeArmond, Judy Orvold, Shirley Moore, Donna Yergen, Fourth Row: Patty Thompson June Lucht, Janice Smith, Nancy Barendse,Nella Barendse, Darlene Burnham. The Girls Athletic As- sociation encourages sports activities among girls. The girls earn letters by taking part in such activities as hiking, bicycle riding, horse- back riding, interclass team sports, and playdays. Club activities this year included the annual Twirp week, a sport day, and a slave auction. G, A, A, OFFICERS: Left, Nancy Barendse, Front: Marion Feller,Don na Yergen, Phyllis Nybakke, Nella Barendse, Gerry Zehner. Back: Suz- anne DeArmond, Dorothy Hostetler, Letterman Club 'rom top to bottom: D. Myers, M. Cooper, M. Ensigh, R. Will, C. Ferguson, D. Barr, J, Berkey, D. Lev- ns, A. Dexter. Second Row: H, Mikkelson, R, Merrill, R. Moore, G, Jones, I. Hove, N. Luke, R. Rappe, . Albers, K, Driver, Middle: D, Blake, IR. Strawn, N. Beiser, R. Lemon, W, Lowrie, Advisors: Mr, Ald- idge, Mr, Baisch. Not pictured, Mr, Nice. Third Row: D. Spence, W, McLin, C. Lenhardt, R, Jeskey, J, lho, V. Fobert, M. Schmidt, K. Spence, W. VanLieu, J, Friend, Fourth Row: R. Hoefling, L. Myers, W, Ioleman, J. Freeman, H, Wenzel, R. Lamb, E, Troudt, A, Shrock, H, Erland. The 42 members of the Letter- man's Club had a busy 1954 - 55 season perfomning services for the school. Activities included usher- ing, parking cars, taking tickets and guarding entrances at school functions. OFFICERS: Vice-President: Jack Berkey, dent Council Representative. Harold Er- land, President, Keith Driver Secretary-Treasurer. Ralph Merrill, Stu- 43 Honor Society Front Row L to R: Sandra Eppers, Geraldine Zehner, Naomi Westwood, Donna Yergen, Janice Smith Second Row L to R: Angela Krupicka, Keith Driver, Ralph Merrill, Nancy Barendse, Advisor' Mrs. Isa The National Honor Society is an organization for Juniors and Seniors only. Four qualifications for membership are Scholastic ability, Leadership, Service, and Charac ter. Membership is based on a percentage of the class. Front row: Betty Jo Keil, Carolyn Lenhardt, Susan Jackson, Edna Mae Riddle Back row: Mr, Beal, adviserp Jean Sweeten, GeorgiannelPav1icek Future Teachers Association The Future Teachers Association groups in high school are pre-vocational and exploratory. The F. T. A. club seeks: 1. To encourage young people to cultivate in themselves the qualities of personality and character. 2. To acquaint young people with the inspiring story of the school, the part free schools have played in the develop- ment of our democratic way of life, and the heroic pioneer- ing associated with their establishment and expansion. 3. To provide young people with specific information about op- portunities in the various fields of education. Our F. T. A. cluh's name is Agnes Booth, named after the Oregon county school superintendent. The cluh was started only two years ago, and is now a part of the state and national F. T. A. organization. Fire Squad Front Row L to R: Jol'u1 Reinhardt, Wallace Downs, Douglas Levens, Wayne Van Lieu, Harold Erland, Keith Driver, Jim Albers, Robert Strawn, Back Row L to R: Advisor Mr. Beal, Robert Ieskey, John Freeman, Lyle Myers, Mike Ensign, David Myers, Dean Spence, Ralph Merrill, Keith Hoefling, Dan Blake., Members of Classroom Fire Squad: A Jim Boston, Howard Mikkelson, Ernest Coleman, Niles Beiser, Ray Hoefling, Joan Baker, John Friend, Mike Cooper, Don Brooks, Carolyn Lenhardt, Gerald Wolfe, Floyd Dominick, John Sanders, Angela Krupicka, Norman Luke, Eddie Trowbridge, Robert Currier, Roger Moore, Raymond Schoonover, Carl Freeman, Jerry Lewis, Neal Reiling, Darlene Fobert, Barbara Cole, Bill Schantin, Jack Berkey, Andy Dexter, Robert Rappe, Joe Schmidt, Ronald Jacobs, Norlene Schmidt, Ronald Jeskey, Norma Foltz, James Morrison, Wendell Mc- Lin, Georgieanna Pavlicek, Douglas Colgan, Ivan Hove, Mr. Brumbaugh, Rickie Lamb, Larry Lenhardt, Jim Boston, Clifford Chulos, Leona Riddle, Janice Smith, George Rowlett, Y E 5 5 1 r 2 F 5 I . i May Queen Geraldine I 48 May Court Crown Princess Barbara Cole Escort, Wayne VanLieu Upper Left Senior Class Princess Nancy Barendse, Escort, Ralph Merrill Upper Right Senior Class Princess Janice Smith Escort, Keith Hoefling Junior Class Princess Joy McCarty Junior Class Princess Ruby Edmonds Escort, Wendell McLin Escort, Dean Spence Sophomore Class Princess, Judy Orvold Escort, Ken Richter Freshman Class Princess, Shirley Baker Escort, Rickie Lamb Sophomore Class Princess, Betty-Jo Keil Escort, Roger Moore Freshman Class Prin- cess, Norlene Schmidt Escort, Ernest Coleman 49 unior-Senior Banquet unior Play Cast Front Row L to R: Marion Feller, Sally DeArmond, Wendell McLin, Suzanne DeArmond. Second Row: Norman Luke, Nella Barendse, Jim Aho, Frances Kleczynski, Ronald Ieskey, Roy Will M'Liss, My Western Miss was presented on December 3 under the direction of Mrs, Cannell, The cast was as follows: Norman Luke--Yuba Bill Nella Barendse--Bess Starlight lim Aho --"Bummer" Smith Frances Kleczynski--Mrs, Moffitts Marion Feller--Clytie Moffitts Ronald Ieskey--Mr, Carter Roy Will--the.Judge Left to right, Sally, Fran- ces, Marian, Nella, Suz- anne, Ronald, Roy, Jim, Norman, Wendell Wendell McLin--Mr, Grey Sally DeArmond--Clara Suzanne DeArmond--M'Liss 51 Francis K, Sc Shirley B, Snaps Munal B, ,Martha W, , 8: Joan I. Sally D, 8a Norma Foltz Kenny Spence Donald Grade Days Our Team CFacultyj Russell C. 8: Ernest C, Miss Paulick 8a Mrs, Isa Snaps . . Mr, Nice 8a Mr, Baisch Miss Brummer Freshman Initiation Judy O, 8LJo M, Kenny G, 8a Russelli C, Mike Ensign Kenny R, Sa Arjil S, Norma 8, Myrna F, Crowning of Queen JoAnne I 1954 Prom Stardust 1954 Graduation Salutatorian Valedictorian Bill McNary Marjorie Jeskey Boyd Brown Athletic Award Donald Extension Unit Award Donald Masonic Lodge Citizenship Award Hubbard Women's Club Award for Outstanding Girl Aurora Women's Club Award in Music Aurora Lion's Club Scholastic Award Hubbard American Legion Post 8166 Hubbard American Legion Auxiliary Aurora Lion's Club Auxiliary Award fo Work Activities Scholarships Oregon College of Education Phagan's School of Beauty r Commercial Larry Cole Marjorie Jeskey Bill McNary JoAnne Evans L arry Cole Marjorie Ieskey Marjorie Jeskey Bill McNary Bill McNary Evelyn Taylor Mildred Westwood Mary Wettstein Dale Callaway Rosemary Orvald Larry Cole Evelyn Taylor Richard Sonnen F rankie McLaren Abrahamson. Lois 20 Aho. James 20, 36.43. 51 Ainsworth. Judy 20.35 Albers, James 46. ' Baker. Joan 23.39.42 Baker. Shirley 24.36.39. 49 Barendse, Nancy 13.14,18.36.38,41 42. 44, 49 Barendse. Nella 2.20,35.36.40,41. 42,51 Beard, Dick 24.27.34 Beiser, Niles 23,27.34.43 Berkey. Jack 20.26.37,43 Blake, Dan 14.18, Boston. Jim 23 Brooks, Donald 23.34 Brower. John 24.34.39 Brown. Muriel 24.35. 39,54 Brown. Shirley 2.20,35.39.40, 54 Bunn. Jeanette 20,41 Burnham, Darlene 41,42 Chulos. Clifford 23.27.34 Clark, Virginia 20.35.39 Cole, Barbara 2.9. 13. 49 Coleman, Ernest 24,31.34.54 Coleman, Walter 14.31. 32. 34 Colgan, Douglas 23. 29, 34. 36, 38 Colgan, Russell 24, 29. 30. 34. 37. 38, 39.54.55 Cooper. Mike 20.26.43 Cooper. Ronald Copeland. Beverly 2. 14. 35, 41 Cross. Clintina 23 Courter, Garland 13.14.39 Crane. Richard 20 De Armond. Sally,41.42. 51.541 De Armond. Suzanne 41.42L51 Dexter. Andy Dodd. Berry 24 Dominick. Floyd 24. 27. 31, 37. 38. 39 Dougherty. Donald 24,29,32.34 Downs. Roberta 24. 35 Downs. Wallace Drell. Virginia 24.36.38 Driver, Keith, Edmonds. Ruby 20.35,41,,49 Elkins. Francis 24, 34 Endicott. Bob 34 Endicott, Evelyn 24 Ensign. Craig 24 Ensign. Mike 15.18,43.46.55 Epper. Sandra,35,40.42. 44 Erland. Harold 9. 15. 26. 30. 31. 43, 46 Evans. Barbara 42 Ezzell. Jimmy 24. 27. 31, 34 Feller. Diane 20 Feller, Marion 2. 9, 20. 35. 41. 42, 51 Ferguson. Charles 20. 27.30.43 Ferguson. Lorena 20 Fobert, Darlene 24.35.39 Fobert. Verl 20.32,35.43 Fogal. Mayonne 24. 36 Index Foltz. Myrna 2.9,15.35.41. 55 Foltz. Norma 2, 9. 20. 21. 35.41. 42 54. 55 Free, Junior 23 Freeman, Carl 23.34 Freeman. John 15.46 Friend. John Gilles. Beverly 21 Gooding. Vernon 23. 29. 30, 34. 39 Grab. Margaret 24.35 Graham, Kenneth 27. 29. 30. 37 . 38 , 39.55 Halstead. Sandra 21.35 Harding. James 23,34 Harper. Benny 24.30 Harper, Beulah 9.24,-27.35 Hillner. Dolores 2.15.18,19.35.39. 41,42 Hoefling. Keith 9. 13, 15.26.46 Hoefling. Ray 24.26.37 Hostetler, Dorothy 23. 39.42 Hove, Ivan 21,26.36.43 Hunt. Pat 24 Hurst. Allen 24.34 Jackson, Joan 24.39.54 Jackson. Susan 23.35.45 Jacobs. Ronnie 23.31.34 Jeskey, Bill 23.34 Jeskey, Robert 16. 34. 36, 38, 39, 46 Jeskey, Ronald 21,34,35,36.38,43. 51 Jones. Gordon 23,29.34.39,43 Jones. Jeanette 2. 21 . 35. 41 Keil. Berry Jo Kleczynski, Frances 2. 21. 35. 41. 51 54 Kliewer, Lyle 22. 23. 30. 31 Krupicka. Angela 15. 25. 35. 44 Krupicka. Edward 24.34.39 Lamb, Richard 9. 24, 26, 29. 34, 36, aa. 43 Lambert. Raymond 23.27.34 Lemen, Ross'3 Lenhard't.Carolyn 9,,45 Lenhardr. Charles. 23.34.43 Lenhardt. Larry 24.34 Levens. Douglas 9. 16, 18. 43. 46 Lewis. Howard 24.34.39 Lewis. Jerry 24. 34 Lowrie. Wayne, 38,43 Lucht, June 23.35. 36.42 Luke. Norman 21.31.32. 33.43. 51 Marsh. Joyce ,24, 35 Martilla. Edith 24.35.39 Matthieu. Bob McCarty. Joy McLin, Wendell 21.36.41-3.51 McNary. Jo 22,23,35.42. 55 Merrill. Ralph,26.37, Mikkelson. Howard 21.34,35.36.38, 43 Miller. Diana 24.35.39 Miller, Dona 24.35.39 Monnier, Vera 21 Moore. Roger 23.26,.30.34.39..43 Moore. Shirley 2,16.18.35,36.41.42 Morrison. James 27 Myers. David Myers, Lyle Netter. Bertha 23.36.42 Nybakke. John 13, 16. 18.39 Nybaldce. Phyllis 23.35.39. 42 Orvold. Judith 23.35. 42.49. 55 Paris. Dona 21. 35.39.41 Parson. Frances 16,39 Pavlicek, Georgieanne 2. 21.35 45 Pavlicek. Sylvester 24. 27.34 Phillipsen. Judith 21.39 Pinkham, Jackie 23.39.42 Rappe. Robert Reed. Velma 21 Reiling. Neal 21,35 Rhinehart, John 16,46 Richter. Kenny 23,28 Riddle. Edna Mae 21. 35.42.45 Riddle. Leona 23,42 Rose. Kenny 55 Rowlett. George 21.30.39 Sanders. John 23.29 Schmidt. Joe 24.31.34 Schmidt. Melvin Schmidt. Norlene 24. 35. 36. 3i Schoonover. Diana 21.39 Schoonover. Raymond 23.31,E Schulte, Wayne 20.21. 29.34 Shrock. Arjil 43,55 Smith. Eugene 21. 34. 36. 38 V Smith. Janice' Smith. Judith 24.35 Smith. Thomas 23.2'1.31.34 Solberg. Betty 23.35 Solberg. Janet 21.35.41 Spence. Dean 17., Spence. Kenny, Spurlock. Nancy 23 Stewart, Elva 21.35.39 Stewart. Ida 24.35.39 Strawn, Robert Sweeten. Carl 32 Sweeten. Jean 17.18.45 Sweeten. Roy 24.30.31 Thompson. Patty 23.35.42 Traglio, Jane' 24.35.36 Troudt. Eldred 21.31.43 Troudt. Robert 24.27,30.32, Trowbridge. Edwin 21.29.31 Van Liew. Wayne 17.18.32. 46 Waddington. Martha 24, 35. Wenzel, Janice 21.35.41 Wenzel, Howard 17 . 36. 38 .1 Weather. Allen 24,34 Westwood. Naomi 2,17,25, Will. Robert 21.26,34.37.E Will, Roy Wirth. Ronald 21 White, Joyce 35 White. Sharon 24 Wolfe. Gerald 21.34 Worle. Carol 23 Yergen, Donna 42.44 Zehner. Geraldine 13.17,J 42.44.48 4 Hubbard Feed 8. Supply Co. DEALER IN Seeds, Feeds, Grains and Fertilizers Custom Cleaning, Grinding and Mixing HUBBARD, OREGON 9 Kay s DISTINCTIV E APPAREL FOR GIRLS Famous for Sportswear 460 State Street Phone 3-8188 SALEM, OREGON Donald Co - op Cleaning Grain Drying Marketing SEED 81 GRAIN DONALD, OREGON Donald Brick 81 Tile Works Manufacturers of De-Aired Brick, Drain and Building Tile Telephone 7005 Donald, Oregon WOODBURN BRANCH First National Bank For helpful Banking services Member F. D. 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SA f 'X' ewes: N-me Q f 143 South Liberty Street Phone 2-4143 Salem, Oregon AAA 24-Hour Emergency Road Service ' Y wh't'nan S Larry 81 Virginia Bradford CAFE and SERVICE STATION phone 2841 Canby, oregon Phope 2221 Canby, Oregon , Under New Management C. W. Brown Canby Union Bank , Pelto s Store CANBY, OREGON Good Year Tires 81 Accessories RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Groceries White Gas Aurora 5414 Donald, Oregon 67 Canby Realty Co. CAN BY 2771 CONGRATULATIONS 1955 North Marion Graduates! Canby Frozen Food Jiffy Way Cafe Lockers Where Sanitation and Food Reigns Supreme Complete Locker Delicious Shrimp - Hamburgers Service Ho' D095 Phone 9671 Gordon Andrus, Owner CANBY, OREGON ' Highway 99E, 1 Mile South of CANBY, OREGON Valley Television Center "Two Valley Stores" IN WOODBURN IN SALEM 171 Grant Street 1 142 Candelaria Phone 3611 Blvd. - Phone 2-1913 Complete Installation Sales 8: Service Canby Pharmacy COSMETICS Vitamins Rubenstein-Old Spice Stationery Prince Mate habe lli Greeting Cards Desert Flower Photo Finishin Brown 8: Haley Chocolates We Give S 8 H Green Stamps Segond 81 Grant Canby, Oreg ' r 4, ilu" , Q -f pu .t , .r- fx f J, , e , -P 1 . - Y - . f 5: ,W , 4. ' V, 'Q y ff.-rxu ,.,' -4 X :haf N A' r f ' 1 "fi1f:h' igi ' , . f Awlulfjxif.-'Y l- bf' gil," - 4011 b - wiv.. . + . W - f' . ....,..'.':1 1 -f f M, - 17, U,-sf.. ' -- ' I .Y JA . 'W ' Y7 . - .-' - fi 1 ggpfc V, . M, A .-: 1 - ' fj:,fff?ff" 1 v . uf' ' ,by f ff' f Q A . .b . ' . 'f b ' 9.5 Amy . 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Suggestions in the North Marion High School - Husky Yearbook (Aurora, OR) collection:

North Marion High School - Husky Yearbook (Aurora, OR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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North Marion High School - Husky Yearbook (Aurora, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Marion High School - Husky Yearbook (Aurora, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

1955, pg 8

North Marion High School - Husky Yearbook (Aurora, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 70

1955, pg 70

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