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CQQQZQQ! of Qflmfzll Qf70afl,iSOn gfgfl GJQZLOOZ CgD1,LLZ1T.s!zeJ Zine C?IL?'lfI,1TO'If' Qfass of Cyfzorflz, QfMf2f2c1ci1's01,L ggh Qfglzoof 1 RUTH MATHEWS Hanover College, A. B. English, Social Studies We, the members of the Senior Class of 1943, dedi- cate this annual to our devoted and faithful sponsor, Miss Mathews, in deepest appreciation for her unlimited ef- forts and never failing kindnesses in guiding' and helping' us during our four high school years, and especially dur- ing the Junior and Senior years. 1111 memnriam my Y A Y I V :, If 1 1: ffgfg if Q JOHN CONRAD JACKSON Member of the Class of 1943 March 1, 1925-November 16, 1942 acuiltu, FIRST ROW: Charlotte Peterson, Tressah Waltz, Hilda Flint, Nan Pommerehn, Evelyn Feebach, Annabelle Roberts. SECOND ROW: Dorothy M. Ertel, Bertha Hanger, Charles Robbins, Virginia Winston, Pauline Hutchinson, Margaret Talkington. THIRD ROW: Howard Clashman, Bertha Eaglin, Collin Lewis, Mallie Murphy. HOWARD CLASHMAN Superintendent Hanover College, A. B. University of Louisville, M. A. DOROTHY M. ERTEL A Cincinnati College of Music, B. S. Music PAULINE HUTCHINSON Indiana State Teachers' College, B. S. Commerce HILDA M. FLINT Hanover College Indiana University Fifth Grade BERTHA EAGLIN Trustee Lane Commercial School, Indianapolis New Albany Business School BERTHA HANGER Indiana University, A. B. Latin, Mathematics, Physicial Education, Biology MARGARET TALKINGTON Indiana University, A. B. English, History NAN POMMEREHN Central Normal College Hanover College Third Grade COLLIN LEWIS Principal Central Normal College, A. B. Indiana University, M. S. Physics, Mathematics CHARLES ROBBINS Hanover College Central Normal College Physicial Education, General Science, Agriculture CHARLOTTE PETERSON Hanover College Fourth Grade EVELYN FEEBACH University of Kentucky Maryville College, Tenn. Sixth Grade MALLIE MURPHY Hanover College Central Normal College Junior High VIRGINIA WINSTON Asbury College, A. B. Christ Hospital Indiana State Teachers' College Home Economics, Safety, Physical Education, Health TRESSAH WALTZ Indianapolis Teachers' College Hanover College Ball State Teachers' College Butler University, B. S. Second Grade ANNABELLE ROBERTS Hanover College Indiana University Butler University First Grade SENIORS Santana BERYL HEITZ Class Treasurer, 1: Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Chorus 2. Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. Annual Staff 4. MARJ ORIE WALTZ Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Orchestra 3. 4. Class Secretary 2. Algebra Contest 1. Commercial Club 3. Winner County Typing Con- test 3. BERNARD HEITZ Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Council 2. Class Vice-President 1, 2. Commercial Club 3. Paper Staff 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. MARY HINDS Home Ec. Club 1. JOHN W. SMITH Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Chorus 2. Hermit Club 1. Commercial Club 3. NORMA JONES Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Orchestra 1, 2. Chorus 2, 3. Commercial Club 3. Class Play 3. Paper Staff 3. Class Secretary 3. Class Treasurer. KATH R YN STEPHAN Commercial Club 3. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 2. Annual Staff 4. BETTY MORGAN Class President 1. Student Council 1, 2. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2, Secretary 2. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. Class Vice-President 3. Annual Staff 4. VAN SHELTON Hermit Club 1. Paper Staff 3. Class Play 3. Annual Staff 4. CLARA M. HOFFMAN Sunshine Society 1. 2. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Commercial Club 3. Annual Staff 4. Chorus 2, 3, 4. Song Leader 2, 3. NORMAN JESSUP Student Council 2, 3. Class Play 3. Hermit Club 1. Chorus 1. Commercial Club 3. Class President 3, 4. HAROLD THIEMAN Central High School 1, 2. Chorus 3. Student Council 3. Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. Annual Staff 4. KENNETH PRICE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Paper Staff 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. Commercial Club 3. Hermit Club 1. CHARLES DEPUTY Hermit Club 1. Commercial Club 3. FRANCES CULVER Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Commercial Club 3. Annual Staff 4. Sunshine Society 2. ELVIN BRAMWELL Chorus 1, 2. FLORENCE HILL KNO Picturel ALDA WEHNER Class Secretary 4. Home Ee. Club 1, 2. Student Council 3. Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. Sunshine Society 2. DOROTHY NORISEZ Chorus 3, 4. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Commercial Club 3. BETTY FRANCISCO Home Ee. Club 1, 2. Student Council 1. Paper Staff 1, 2, 3. Class Play 3. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Chorus 2, 3. Editor of Releef 4. Commercial Club. 3. CHARLES GEORGE Basketball 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1, 2. Hermit Club 1. Paper Staff 3. Commercial Club 3. BETTY BORN Commercial Club 3. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. Chorus 2, 3, 4. PAULINE SOMMER Home Ee. Club 1, 2, Secretary 2, Commercial Club 3. Student Council 3. Class President 2. Class Vice-President 4. Paper Staff 3. Sunshine Society 2. JEANNE HILBERT Class Treasurer 2, 3. Chorus 2, 3. Paper Staff 3. Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. Home Ee. Club 1, 2. Sunshine- Society 1, 2. County Typing Contest 3 Annual Staff 4. GLENN MASON Hermit Club 1. Chorus 1. Paper Staff 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. Commercial Club 3. BETTY J. JACKSON Commercial Club 3. Chorus 3, 4. Home Ee. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. EDNA STEWART Commercial Club 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. Sunshine Society 1, 2. CQQAA Guotatlo nA "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!" -Robert Burns NORMA JONES-"What I think I must speak." CHARLES GEORGE-"Don't study too much. You might learn something." ELVIN BRAMWELL-"A man of silence-except when he talks." FLORENCE HILL-"What sweet delight a quiet life affords." PAULINE SOMMER-"But to see her was to love her." NORMAN JESSUP-"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." HAROLD THIEMAN-"The man in earnest always wins." BETTY JUNE JACKSON-"A girl with a smile and eyes that speak for themselves." DOROTHY NORISEZ-"If she will, she willg if she won't she won't." BERYL HEITZ-"Of manners quiet and affections mild." BERNARD HEITZ-"Be silent always when you doubt your sense." MARY HINDS-"Laugh and the world laughs with you." MARJORIE WALTZ-"A serious mind on business most intent." CLARA MAE HOFFMANN-"Happy am I, from care I'm free." BETTY BORN-"Littlest said is soonest mended." EDNA STEWART-"As merry as the day is long." GLENN MASON-"If you can't be a hero, be a gentleman." JEANNE HILBERT-"She wears the clouds inside out to show their silver lining." KENNETH PRICE-"No man enjoys anything without thinking he enjoys it." BETTY MORGAN-"The world means something to the capable." JOHN BILL SMITH-"Even great men have to rest once in a while." BETTY FRANCISCO-"People in earnest find means or if they cannot find them, create them" VAN SHELTON-"Little said-much accomplished." ALDA WEHNER-"One of a thousand today-she blushes." CHARLES DEPUTY-"Don't guess at anything-it might be wrong." KATHRYN STEPHAN-"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." FRANCES CULVER-"Thinking is the hardest work there is." CQQAA J-Ilzltong, On September 16, 1939, fifty-seven green Freshmen eagerly entered North Madi- son High School for a four year trip through the wilderness of education. Eventually we became accustomed to finding our way around, and early in the year we organ- ized our class with Mr. Brandley as our sponsor. Our officers were: President .............. ..... B etty M01'gaT1 Vice-President .,.. Bernard Heitz Secretary .......... ..... C onnie Jackson Treasurer ...........,.........l.............................................. Beryl Heitz During the year we had several parties, the main one at Poplar Grove, Clifty. We were proud to have two of our class members, Pauline Sommer and Donald Lan- drum, elected the King and Queen of a carnival which the school sponsored that spring. The second year of our trip through high school began on September 16, 1940, with quite a decrease in our number. We organized our class with Mr. Hassfurder as our sponsor and the following officers: President .............,.................... .... P auline Sommer Vice-President .... ...... B ernard Heitz Secretary .......... ..... M arjorie Waltz Treasurer ...... ...... J eanne Hilbert Our officers for our Junior year were: President .....,.,...............,.,....,..... ..... N orman Jessup Vice-President ..... ...... B etty Morgan Secretary .....,.... ...... N orma Jones Treasurer ...... ...... J eanne Hilbert We elected Miss Mathews as our sponsor. ' Early in the year we began working very hard in order that we might have a prom. We sold magazines and Christmas cards. At noons we sold candy, and at bail games we sold candy, ice cream, and soft drinks. Under the able direction of Mr. Shoemaker, we presented the play, "Spring Fever". The members of the play cast were: Alda Wehner, Jeanne Hilbert, Betty Francisco, Norma Jones, Beryl Heitz, Betty Morgan, Charles Lantz, Glenn Mason, Van Shelton, Harold Thieman, Norman Jessup, and John Bill Smith. On April 2, 1942, we entertained the Senior class with a semi-formal prom in the gymnasium. Our decorations were carried out in red, white and blue. At last came our Senior year! We were fewer in number and there were several new faces among the faculty. Our Senior officers were: President ....,......... .... N orman Jessup Vice-President ...... ..... P auline Sommer Secretary ........., ...... A lda Weliner Treasurer ..........,......................,.........,..,................. Norma Jones This year we again chose Miss Mathews as our sponsor, and with her help and that of the other faculty members we have reached our goal-graduation. We have now completed our trip through high school, and are ready for the future which is uncertain for many of us, but as we travel on through life, we shall remember the training given us during our high school trip and our motto: "Find a path or make one". Claws 'lflflllll VVe, the Seniors of 1943, being of sane mind and sound bodies and knowing the sorrow that will be felt by our leaving, make the following last bequests: I We, the Seniors, will to the Juniors our dignified ways. To the Sophomores, we, the Seniors, leave our wisdom and ability to aggravate the teachers. We, the Seniors, will to the Freshmen our determination to climb until our goal has been attaind. II I, Pauline Sommer, will my pleasant disposition to all those who think they need it. I, Mary Hinds, leave my ability to giggle to Dorothy Geyman, so that she can keep up with Anna Hoffmann and Barbara Galey. I, Charles Deputy, will my height to Marvin Wyne. Won't Marvin be popular with the girls now? I, Clara Mae Hoffmann, will my interest in Milton boys to Pauline Sams. This should be a satisfactory arrangement for Pauline. I, Glenn Mason, will my athletic ability to Harold Marsh. Another basketball star in the making. To Marjorie Clashman, I, Florence Hill, will my quiet ways. What a change in Marjorie! I, Betty Francisco, leave my position as editor of the Releef to June Gray. We, Van Shelton and Elvin Bramwell, will our quiet dispositions to Eddie Arthur and Henry Walkenhorst. That will be good news for the teachers! I, Beryl Heitz, will my graceful walk to Mary Clashman. I, Ada Wehner, will my ability to get a diamond ring to Shirley Littell. Better get busy, Shirley. I, Charles George, leave my ability to get through school without studying to Warren Badger. You can stop studying now, Warren. I, Jeanne Ann Hilbert, will my calmness to Frances McFadden. See Harold Thie- man for tips, Frances. I, Betty June Jackson, will my ability to flirt with all the boys to Nina Bram- well, Don't be bashful, Nina. I, Kathryn Stephan, will my broken heart to Dolores Goley. You have my sym- pathy, Dolores. I, Harold Thieman, leave my business ability and position as chief mimeographer to Marshall Thomas. To be ,businesslike your mind must be on your work, Marshall. I, Betty Morgan, will my musical ability to Juanita Brinson. I, Dorothy Norisez, will my smallness to those girls who like small boys. I, Bernard Heitz, will my smile to Edward Hill. That's what wins the girls, Ed! I, Edna Stewart, will my blonde hair to Anna Frances Shelton. I, Kenneth Price, will my supply of chewing gum and my knack for chewing it to Russell Lory. Due to the scarcity of gum, Russell should appreciate this. I, Marjorie Waltz, will my love for wearing green to the girls who always wear blue. I, Betty Born, leave my position at Morris' to my sister, Dorothy. I, John Bill Smith, leave my athletic physique to John Patterson. We, Norma Jones and Norman Jessup, will our interest in each other to Norma Morgan and Raymond Hammond. We wonder if they need it? Signed: The Senior Class. Witness: Frances Culver. CQQAA Clgnobo hee? For the Senior class of '43, what does the future hold? Will all their hopes and dreams come each one nears his goal? Let's look ahead and see each one as they are 'in years to be. And we'll find out what happened to this class of '43. Edna Stewart is a lawyer who makes her clients squirm. Betty Francisco is a model for the Leroy Humphrey firm. Dorothy Norisez, as you guessed, wed Captain Robert Stark. Bernard Heitz and John Bill Smith have a warehouse in New York. Mae Hoffman lives in Milton. She always liked that town. Betty Jackson still is single. Will she ever settle down? We are proud of Norman Jessup. He's a very famous preacher. ' Norma Jones, his little wife, is a Primary Sunday School teacher. .I Mary Hinds is working hard making' airplane parts. When Alda Wehner wed Glenn Burke, she caused pain to many hearts. Van Shelton, the professor, resides in New Orleans. Elwin Bramwell is a cook. His specialty is beans. Marjorie Waltz, who always took so much pride in her hair. Now owns a beauty parlor. She has customers to spare. The richest woman in the world is Betty Born, they say. Betty Morgan, the musician, has no time for play. Harold Thieman is a doctor with Jeanne Hilbert for a wife. Jeanne also is his office girl. They lead a happy life. Frances Cuvler, at last, is a well known poet. She really is a genius, although she doesn't know it. Glenn Mason joined the Navy and helped us in the war. Kenneth Price helped in the Army. They're both known wide and far. Beryl Heitz is a typist with Roy Stewart for a boss. Florence Hill runs a greenhouse. She raises ferns and moss. Pauline Sommer is a nurse who is known and loved by all. Cha1'les Deputy, an acrobat, has never had a fall. Charles George, at last, has settled down, never more to roam. It's just a four room cottage, but to him it's "home sweet home". As I look into my crystal ball at this, my high school class. I wish the very best of luck to every lad and lass. I hope the things that I've foretold for them are what they want to be. But if they're not, I'm asking' this-"Don't take it out on me!" Kathryn Stephan SEPTEMBER 11 21 OCTOBER 4 18 21-22 NOVEMBER 4 5 12 16 19 25-26 30 DECEMBER Z 14 17 JANUARY 4 7-8 11 15-16 19 26 29 FEBRUARY 4 12 17 19 22-26 25-26-27. MARCH 3. 4 5. 9 15 APRIL 9 25 29. . Callendlan First day of school. Teachers seem to be scarce. We are seated in alphabetical order. Miss Hert goes to Scottsburg. We have a new commercial teacher-Mrs. Arnett. Another commercial teacher-Mrs. Winkler. Y Teachers' Association. We have a vacation. Elect Martie Francisco, Frances McFadden, and Mary Heitz yell leaders. Barney gets married. That's one less Senior! Our first ball game. Osgood defeats us 26-23. The Seniors go to Madison in the afternoon to have pictures taken. News of Connie's death at the Robert Long Hospital casts a shadow over the entire school. We'll miss him. The high school is dismissed for Connie's funeral. Thanksgiving vacation. Gas rationing begins. Juniors and Seniors take a government required test. Second Test. Tigers defeat Deputy. Seniors and all over sixteen take mathematics test. Seniors choose commencement invitations. Mrs. Winkler's last day. Mrs. Hutchinson takes her place. Play Central and win 29-22. Christmas vacation is over. It's back to school for all of us. Alda is sporting a ring. Only seven Seniors passed the math. test. The remaining have special course. What a pity! Exams! Exams!! Exams!!! Second semester starts. A new schedule of seven periods. County Tourney. Hanover defeats us in the finals. Junior class rings arrive at last. Defeat Austin. Defeat Dupont. to take the We win from Hanover in last home game. Score 39-34. Defeat Deputy. 49-39. .Defeat Central in an overtime, 35-33. Play last game of the season with Saluda. They win. It's our second defeat of the year. Off at noon every day this week for food rationing. Sectional. Madison defeats us in the finals, 44-22. Seniors are going to have an annual! The representative from the engraving company finally came. Annual staff begins work! Juniors present a successful play despite the bad night. Mr. White takes group pictures for the annual. Basketball banquet at the Hillside. Marjorie Clashman gives a party. Junior-Senior Prom at Clifty Inn. Baccalaureate. Commencement. JUNIORS SCP!-IQMORES PRES!-IMEN JUNIOIQ I-IIGI-I GRADES union CQCLAA TOP PICTURE FIRST ROW- Virginia Laxivrence Delta Denny June Gray Norma Morgan Warren Badger Dawson Copeland Raymond Jessup Marvin Wyne SECOND ROW- Mary Holt Donald T hurnall Ivan Jenkins Mrs. Talkington Kenneth Siebenthal Henry Walkenhorst John Patterson BOTTOM PICTURE FIRST ROW- Marjorie Clashman Dolores Goley Bernice Stephan Erlene Burke Bessie Glore Helen Shadday SECOND ROW- Howard Beckman Bonnie Brooks Francis Schafer Dorthea Helt Edward Arthur Marshall Thomas Robert Humphrey THIRD ROW- Elwin Crook Wayne Smith union CQCLAA Histone, On Friday, September 13, 1939, we Juniors started our journey through high school as the green Freshmen of North Madison. Our capable sponsor, Mr. Brandley, and the following officers presided: President ...,....... ...... W arren Badger Vice-President ..... ....... M arjorie Towers Secretary ....,..,.. ........... D elta Denny Treasurer .,...,...............,....................................,... Shirley Littell The year passed rapidly ending with a class picnic at Clifty. The Sophomore year Mr. Ewing was our sponsor, and our class officers were: President .......... .,.. .......... J ohn Patterson Vice-President .... ,.... M arjorie Clashman Secretary .......... ......,. D onald Thurnall Treasurer ............. ....... ..... D a Wson Copeland We made money by selling' magazines and pop corn, and again the year ended with a party at Clifty. For our Junior year Mrs. Talkington has been our sponsor. The following officers have served us: ,- President .......... ...... W arren Badger Vice-President .... .,..,..,...,,,, J une Gray Secretary ......... ...... N orma Morgan Treasurer .... .. ....... ..... D awson Copeland This year we made money by sponsoring a magazine sale and by selling soft drinks and candy at the ball games. Our play, "High Pressure Homer", directed by our sponsor, was a decided success. The year's activities ended with the annual Junior- Senior Prom at Clifty Inn. Sono homona Clam 7' is "l 3 FIRST Row- Mary Heitz Ruby Mack George Waltz Martha Francisco Rosella Rice Rayburn I-Iolt SECOND ROW- Russell Shinpgloton Frances McFadden Anna Shelton Thomas Young: Nolan Grimes Robert McMahan John Blackburn David Basham THIRD ROW- Mrs. Hutchinson FIRST ROW- W Anna Hoffmann Raymond Hammond Forrest Morgan Ronald Gourley Meredith Jackson Evelyn Reed SECOND ROW- Marjorie Pommerehn Dorothy Gcyman Geraldine Pate John Deputy Robert Aldridge Paul Higbie Teddy Wilkins William Holcroft FIRST ROW- Betty Yager Mary Whitsitt Harold Sams Edward Hill Donald Jackson Laura Pendleton Dorothy Born SECOND ROW- Nina Bramwell Josephine Coker Mary Lou Hulette Jean Borchercling Harold Marsh Bernard Schafer John Stites. Dale Thompson S053 homone Claws J-llatoruf In the year of 1941 fifty-two eager Freshmen entered North Madison High School. We spent the first few days wandering around and asking, "Where's my next c1ass"'? Eventually, however, we caught on, and, through the able guidance of Mr. Brandley Whom we elected as our sponsor and the rest of the faculty, we reached our Sopho- more year. We chose the following officers for our Freshmen year: President ............,,.,................................ Anna Frances Shelton Vice-President .,i,... ....,.... R aymond Hammond Secretary .......... ...,..... R ichard Irwin Treasurer ...... .,., G eorge Waltz Our purpose is to grow in usefulness and to make happiness for ourselves and others. This year our membership is only forty-eight, but during the next two years we hope to achieve higher attainments and leave our class record the best that we can. For our Sophomore year we elected Mrs. Hutchinson as our sponsor. Our officers were: President .......... ..... M argaret Myers Vice-President ,,.. ....., M artha Francisco Secretary .......,.. ......... G eorge Waltz Treasurer ..... Ruby Mack 'Ineahman Cllam n s FIRST ROW- Patricia Roberts Jean Underwood Charles Waltz Robert Carlow Ray Black SECOND ROW- Bernard Wilson Howard Reed Russell Pelsor Mary Whitsitt Letha Wehner Betty Baker Leah George Hilda Haviland THIRD ROW- Mr. Robbins FIRST ROW- Virginia Geisler Pauline Sams Juanita Brinson Catherine Arthur Mildred Wyne SECOND ROW- James Thorne Dolores Glore Nadine Adams Mary Bentley Maxine Holt THIRD ROW- Donald Cole Floyd Facemire Howard Adams FIRST ROW- Tommy McMahan James Blake Betty Lockridge Maxine Grimes SECOND Row- Clara Layton Dorothy Rose Helen Dolby Mary Clashman THIRD ROW- Paul Thompson Ronald Thorne George Crank qneahmen CQCLAA Histone On September 14, 1942, our forty-eight pairs of eager eyes turned toward the door of the assembly for the beginning of our first year in high school. Our hearts seemed to swell with pride at the thought of being in highschool after eight whole years in the lower grades. We had looked forward to this moment yet we had not been able to imagine ourselves as Freshmen of N. M. H. S. After a few weeks of school, we chose Mr. Robbins as our sponsor with whom to share the troubles and trials of our first step towards the peak of success. We also chose the following officers: President ..........,. ..... C harles Waltz Vice-President ...... ..... J ean Underwood Secretary ......... .....,. R obert Carlow Treasurer ..... .,... P atricia Roberts The year seemed to fly by as new classmates entered and we continued on our first step toward the goal of graduation. We were sorry to lose four from our class in our first year. As we conclude this our Freshman year in high school we are looking forward to our future years together when we will strive with greater determination and hope to accomplish the aims and purposes of North Madison High School. 1 ,TA 1. T .-ji, . Ni, E -EY hi Q. -3 '1LV 1 5 gn 5 U f V I . A ., ,v B q,w,,x. I . 4 . u 'N 4 X A- -, H 4, :L - ggi 5 1 , ' " " , --QQ ,m " '21 mn ig .l 'gg A-in A 'V Q 3 gd V V Y gk' , .-, V ww. 6 Y' , Q 3 gig ffl .f A V . 1 K 2.53 fy vggfzv m -f 'W 156 'X wif!! LY Q '32, J Q 1 Y- gxmfmyx :fx ' xg- If ,X '- ' is ' , '1 ..: "iv, 'QQ . 2 " ff 1 .X uh 1 sf' XFNR A K A J lf' .xr . j ' w L L5 ' .. ' Vi- fb , E 6 4 ,.,. K Q kg' .,., I " ' 4 1 .I 1 .,-, . 5 , I-V . If V i , , -4 feag - - Y Y il 5 Y U Ki Q -W KJ FQ . - . I 15 L., VJ?-T x Q H rig G, ' H 1 X gf? ', E A ,I ., , Q ,W , 8 ,t 1 X ,. -A , .5 .f- K mm . L f 1 fi? "Q A ' fi , s,z-,Nw K Q - 3.-ag . W: if sl ' 6,1 v ,MSX h A fi 1 ' .ex gx X ,, ' L- A E ' V. ' pi L slxqi, of, w 1 uv , .:.- xl Y ,Q Q il HQAFQEU -'ar ' . W " '7' 1 ,- " 5 2+ Q ' If ' S 5?-bgrazf EW' '13 V Y f 'Yi J H h A' T., X' WNZRW Aw . I 'QA Skfl., L i :E Q 'X 1 ' v .X 5 A .3 J, , QA - ., , 3f:,,,--- Q-.J viii! A A 'fu il ', H ' x ,-1 ,, K vis? !' -1. ,A ' ' N . 1? ' " -I 5,1552 X 4 V -'QQWP 'H-. M , V ' IQ - .ww Y, , ' Q Q Mp '- b, J N',?.?5,x 5-55.,, X mg .C li J n Q. 34 -A f 4 Eighth qnacle FIRST ROVV-Richard Heitz, James Hunter, Wanda Corman, Irene Stephan, Ruth Copeland, Miss Murphy, Ruby Lee Adam, Ernestine Coleman. SECOND ROW-Nelda Maddex, Alene Wilson, Geneve Sams, Viola Sooy, Mary J. Steadman, Betty Nicklaus, Mary Hoffmann, Eleanor Jenkins. THIRD ROW-Marie Hinds, Lillian Warren, Kenneth McMahan, George Robbins, Victor Mouser, William Ritchie, Donald Hoskins, Chester Fowler. FOURTH ROW-Donald Waltz, Knoble Graves, Murvin Shelton, Ronald Kloepfer, Lee Fowler, John Lawrence, Raymond Clark, Walter Bedwell. NOT PICTURED-Ray Spann, Lena Devore, Eugene Lewis. Seventh Qnaclle FIRST ROW-Shirley Sauer, Betty Holt, Ronald Weatherbee, Robert Stephan, Junior Barnes, Rose Ann Behr, Mary L. Ware, Ruth Rutherford, Louise Hoskins, Mary Ruth Hill, Helen Augustine. SECOND ROW-Alice Geyman, Miss Murphy, Phyllis Wehner, Winifred Wehner, Jean Rowlett, Delores Jackson, Norma Wolf, Delbert Horine, Richard Brim. THIRD ROW-Nelba Bourne, Betty Jo Leineweber, Abbie Brinson, Shirley Britton, Billy Hammond, Marvin Shephard, Jack Steinberger, Donald Nicklaus, Billy Wehne1', Robert Young, Williaiii Wagner, Allen Darrah. FOURTH ROW-Delmar Leathermon, Paul Mouser, George Stuart, Henry Meier, Harold Wolf, Ralph Sooy, Roger Jackson, Roy Negley, Charles Denny, Bennie Yager, James Duncan. NOT PICTURED--John Mefford, Juanita Johnson, Jeralee Rowlett, Rowena Cole, Ramona Holt, Ruby Devore, Kenneth Brown, Donald Jones, Ruby Lee Sutter. Sixth Quads FIRST ROW-Wilma Goins, Marvin Kellar, Carl Heitz, Leroy Young, Freddie Mc- Mahan, Betty Haviland. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Feebach, Ethrel Bumen, Nadine Wilson, Thelma Goins, Dorothy Clark, Mona Fae Nichols, Jean Rogers, Cleata Lockridge, Mary Shadday. THIRD ROW-Edward Giesler, Hubert Brooks, Eugene Adam, Bobby Kernen, William Grim-es, Charles Ritchie, Danny Brim, Junior Monroe. qitth Cgnacllc FIRST ROW-Lois Heitz, Edith Waltz, Betty Wilson, Nancy Paige Richmond, Jean Shingleton, Martha Jean Geisler, Marie Behr. ' SECOND ROW-Maxine Fowler, Anita Wehner, Dorothy LaPine, Velma J. Walker, Gilberta Glore, Esther Mullikin, Joseph Augustine, Grover Baker, Arlen Brinson. THIRD ROW-Orba Jenkins, Ralph Bourne, Billy Stephan, Darrell Johnson, Walter' Hoskins, Raymond Scudder, Robert Lee, James Wallace, Richard Duncan, Mar- shall Gordon, Charles Ware. FOURTH ROW-Miss Flint, Gene Lawrence, Nathan Gaines, Lawrence Graves, Ralph Glltner, Richard Hoskins, Ralph Thurnall, Fred George, Roland Britton, Tommy Champion, Charles Graves. NOT PICTURED-Mary Elizabeth Demaree, Nancy Beavin, Nettie Devore, Mary Jo Jones, Norman Shepherd, Owen Cole. , tu -' I' t -Y , A ' ' A' "' ,E 1? if Q6 M 1, ""i. W -,UQ , ' .Jw " V 'xgmfff ' 4 5j"N3..g ga , 'X , Ali J ""F1-: ' gf ii 1? gl- ' 4 l T. J V, AA. was .Q 8 ef E, Qrf wi' . 4 -fr J vii Q1 K A .V U., , D N' Lxlvl 'HQ , f- . ,4., . KM 2,--W-' A U ' V -SSH A V ,r'T,,.g . 'G' " W 2 ' 1: 'l ag J, 'ff Q 2' ' W 7 'QF ' :az " 'T "-: 1 gf' , t J.. -V W .f X . ,,. : -4541! .:l L ff ""X 'V ' 5 541: Tfli H- -s 'ip r Y, ' ,457 C7 .' 'i y f -' l u ti EJQSEV vm, ,,', 5 - R - N Z1 4. - w 1 Aw' V git M , v H A -L... : Q- V f"'S if 3 Q42 1 Alf! . A " - "f7'jf4Z35 V."l, ' 11: NNE Ag! "T , ' W 'V ig '--,. :J V ,V W X4 S -I ',,.f. L. Y .4 gs ,- 1 EI V .-13,1-I - MQ, ,, X i , ,ig BI A rl' V , l i ,- wx ' , :Qt My is V 5 tv I. is H ' ' . A .gif x ' -Q til' V M . Q 1 A 3 '2- 1 u ' ' - ,X 3 ' .:i w. ,Z L-A ',k4 XM J. J A .,,. ,. 4,.,,,L, lxgf, MW! fff 5, ,H H mx tg, MQW b ,, S 1f'41'2 ' film , W J in E - -. Q A! ,J L2 ii , as Sv w -I L. wiv' ., , A' '5 'x ' rf 2 mu- ju .V b, H Mfifff -J A ' , 'J ,ul 3125 'S . .X all i "' -' s 'l 'M I' I l""x"N --v--.rf 4 R ' -1 " 'Q ' 14- ' N '7y' ' l'i?'f' "' ig Q A-:TY':f,- - ., f -:ff--si, new ..k, X: 5 ,G is 1 V. ,Msm x fy ae-,. v 2 ' . W 11:18 hx if W, K, .Z l.,- 'a ..,,..---.. La K ' 'E' 3.L?': ga JA, -gk, 'fAaQasjg-,M ,J 5 4. .. La ' ' ' ' ' 'W t ' 1 ., ddixi... ,Ll I ounth Cgnaclle FIRST ROW-Carl Wallace, Harold Wilson, Howard Nay, Jesse Bourne, Anna Lee Darrah, Phyllis Hammond, Martha Smith, Lorraine Cilisk. SECOND ROW-Flaire Ferrell, Orval Gordon, Marion Wilson, Lewis Sheets, Richard Young, Evelyn Thorne, Joan Grimes, Carrol Kloepfer. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Peterson, Richard Jones, James Pate, Glenn Ringwald, Junior Obertate, Charles Jarbo, Kenneth Mullikin, Allen Hoskins, Robert LaPine, Donald Henderson, Chester Young. NOT PICTURED-Susie Johnson. chfhincll Qnaclle FIRST ROW-Jimmy Sheperd, Jimmy McMahan, Anna Lee P1'etzman, Elinor Giltner, Alfred Clark, Vivian Graves, Harold Copeland, Aline Wilson, Oscar Young. SECOND ROW-Marjorie Rose, Ralph Rogers, Carol June Layton, William Thorne, Clifton Whitham, Laura C. Graves, Barbara Sue Feebach, Raymond Jenkins, Anna Mae Young. THIRD ROW-Miss Pommerehn, Gayle Jeffries, John Pearson, Donald Sooy, Pattie Graves, Joy Horine, Betty J. Shauer, Elbert Wilson, Leroy Smith. NOT PICTURED-George Grimes, Ruth A. Cash, Esther Wilson, Benita Cole. Seca nd Qnaclle FIRST ROW-Patsy Rogers, Alvin Gordon, Margaret Pearson, Joann Siebenthal, Harlen Wehner, Donald Mullikin, Rosemary Young, William Boldery. SECOND ROW-Graham Leineweber, Cecil Adams. Eileen Giltner, Duane Adkinson, Norma Jean Hall, Lois Keller, Earl Rogers, Kathryn Glo1'e. THIRD ROW-Miss Waltz, Bobby Page, Robert Dorsey, Judith Nay, Velma Scudder, Gladys Lamb. NOT PICTURED-Betty Lou Botner, Wallace Smith, Philip Holt, John Hicks, Jr. qinat quads FIRST ROW-Virfrinia Graves, Richard McMahan, Richard Lee, Bessie Ii:-Pine. Alpha Mae Layton, Donald Bourne, Norma Obertate, Kenneth Sheperd, Pauline Pearson. SECOND ROW-Helen Behr, Lois Ann Joyce, Ollie Mae Jines, Nancy Jessup, Pauline Ifiloslicins, Lois Brim, William Adams, Wayne Duncan, Earl Thurnall, Barbara ee . THIED ROW-Mrs. Roberts, George Morgan, George Ashby, Jackie Lee, Johnny iltner. NOT PICTURED-Jerry Botner, Ethel Mae Rea, Virginia Heath, Georgine Hall. union High Jiiatonij The Junior High of 1942-43 assembled in September with an enrollment of seventy- eight students. The number gradually grew to eighty-nine, making it the largest since it was organized. -President ...........,. ..... I rene Stephan Vice-President , ...., ...... R oger Jackson Secretary ......... ...., R obert Stephan Treasurer ..... ..... W allace Gray Sponsor ,.... ...... M iss Murphy Ciara Ottmar-:nu FIRST GRADE FOURTH GRADE President ,,,,, ..,......,..... ...... N a ncy Jessup President .....,.........,,............... James Pate Vice-President ,.,,.......... George Morgan Vice President ..... ....... A llen Hoskins Secretary .,,,l..... ....... L ois Ann Joyce Secretary .......,.. ..... C arroll Kloepfer Treasurer ,,,,,,l,.,,,..,........... Barbara Reed T1'easu1'e1' .......,..........,....... Richard Jones SECOND GRADE FIFTH GRADE President ..,,,.,..l.....,.......... Kathryn Glore President ..,........i........,...,. Roland Britton Vice-President ,,,..,,,,,,,............ Lois Keller Vice-President .....,.. Nancy P. Richmond Secretary .................... Joann Siebenthal Secretary .......,... .....,..........l... L ois Heitz Treasurer ............. ..... B etty Lou Botner T1'eaSu1'e1' ........i...,..........,.. Billy Stephan THIRD GRADE SIXTH GRADE President .... ,........,,. B arbara S. Feebach President ,..v.....,.,...... ..,...v. B obby Kernen Vice-President ......,.v... Jimmy McMahan Secretary .......... ....... G eorge Grimes Treasurer ....... ..,... M arjorie Rose Vice-President ..............., - Nadine Wilson Secretary .....l.,... ...... M ona Fae Nichols Treasurer ....... Charles Ritchie ANNUAL STAFF GIRLS' CHORUS BOYS' CHORUS ORCHESTRA iiii' if if-A--:wifi Yriiititt if-kwwwsw if-xwwirfr in-tariff mc Q53 A'-Ts' ' '1:- W f A , .,. - 4, 4 . ,E Q - f 2 ' 3 51 -f"' N J- . ' , 1 X L' ww F ' 1 S' - f 1 Y -:s 5-"'1,.j .:' 'Y ' I " 1 W '- . if Sri 1 ', 3 .M , H?" , , -35:33 gg 1 fl f fa U M N ' , H ' 'am ,jg b N rjjj ' -, LV 1, ,E kg. " Wa , . , - 3,52 in W W: '55 ca ., F-'E 1, ,gi 1 -Eg ix A' ' M, 7 f-, ,-sf A - ,A ag? Q A kg Y W W Q, , EQYEQS? ,, 5: V ,FX ,vm , 4 , . W' M '- ., we 1 4:5 A M V 73 Q 2 MY, ' UN My 'A . H. f eff -:-: ' 'V " "" 'ff -. , I I .4 1 g W L ,, If .,L,f ' X V, - x f K "2 ?7',f5w V WN "if ix 3 fr YL 455 1 "W ' if 1 " , ,gm 3? ik H 'A p A '14 iff in A 1 f I A 1. Q - Aw X! - ' " ' VME, .. , . r' - 1 ll -- .LL "' W "W 'z Eagan' ' 'iff ' at J 4 . , ' A 7:3 ' Y' . N f - 4 t ,,. 'gr 4,7 IX, , V J' ' f-fx ' ' 4 5.w,:.qf5'l I ffm, 09' Q53 . a A . ' 1 f f v Q' f - 21 al t :gl s'v31.,.s, ' .N g A il 11 1 ,vp ,141 sf ,Q 1 V if . ' i ., , Wlggg. QQ, 51-F' -rr QQ www -.'?,, T: is-i , 4 -M ." 1 555:55 55 :::., ::.: 5 I 5 ' W125, 1 . gn " mf 'V ' . Qfsmi, 1 vi V' 3. N 'nf V iz- 'xiii K ' X I W 5 Q , lx. QS' 'i?x'ffYw fl: W 'f SJ. r'f"fiV !'n'l!wn.I77,2l4 A I A, :lx ' , X 1 . i 1 V - , xi x 2 j , ? I x 1,-. -',-fum ' 'ig' N , U ' " -'TXI W 1 x Qinlla' Chanda FIRST ROVV-Doris Whitsitt, Letha Wehner, Dorothy Rose, Patricia Roberts, Pauline Sams, Dorothy Born, Miss Ertel, Dorothy Geyman, Laura Lee Pendleton, Mar- jorie Poinmerehn. SECOND ROW-Meredith Jackson, Catherine Arthur, Leah George, Jean Borcherd- ing, Nina Bramwell, Betty Baker, Juanita Brinson, Virginia Giesler, Maxine Holt, Betty Lockridge, Maxine Grimes. THIRD ROW-Evelyn Reed, Mary Louise Heitz, Anna Hoffmann, Mary Ruth Bentley, Geraldine Pate, Mary Clashman, Helen Dolby, Frances McFadden, Anna Frances Shelton, Martha Francisco, Rosella Rice. FOURTH ROW-Jean Underwood, Edna Stewart, Dorothy Norisez, Betty June Jack- son, Clara Mae Hoffmann, Dorthea Helt, Dolores Glore, Josephine Coker, Mary Lou Hulette, Betty Born. NOT PICTURED-June Champion, Evelyn Sooy, Erlene Burke, Norma Morgan, Bon- nie Brooks, Dolores Goley, Bernice Stephan, Josephine LaPine. Clloyfa' Chcmua FIRST ROW-Forrest Morgan, Ray Black, Paul Thompson, Russell Pelsor, Charles Waltz, Miss Ertel, Robert Carlow, Donald Gourley, John Blackburn, Rayburn Holt, Thomas Young. SECOND ROW-Bernard Wilson, Ronald Gourley, Raymond Hammond, Edward Ar- thur, Donald Thurnall, Kenneth Siebenthal, Raymond Jessup, George Waltz, Dale Thompson, Bernard Schafer, William Holcroft. THIRD ROW-Howard Reed, George Crank, James Blake, Tom McMahan, Donald Jackson, Howard Adams, Donald Cole, Floyd Facemire, Harold Marsh, Harold Sams, James Thorne, Russell Shingleton. NOT PICTURED-George Graves, Ray Alvey, Ralph Heitz. aqnnuafl .Statt Editor ..........,...... Assistant Editor ...,., Business Manager ....,, Advertising Managers ..... Circulation Managers ,.... Snapshot Editor ..... , Sports Editor Class History ....... Class Prophecy ...,, Class Will ......, Calendar ....,....... . Faculty Sponsor ...... Assistant Sponsor ..... Gncheatna Director .... .................... VIOLIN S Helen Shadday Donald Thurnall Lois Heitz No CLARINETS Mary Clashnian TRUMPETS Raymond Jessup Geraldine Pate TROMBONE George Graves DRUMS Marshall Thomas PIANISTS Marjorie Waltz NOT PICTURED-Noble Graves, George Graves. Betty Francisco Harold Thieman , ...... Van Shelton Kenneth Price John Bill Smith . Bernard Heitz Clara Mae Hoffmann Beryl Heitz Glenn Mason Betty Morgan Kathryn Stephan Frances Culver Jeanne Hilbert ,, .... Miss Mathews Miss Winston Miss Ertel Edward Arthur Kenneth Siebenthal Marjorie Pommerehn Betty Morgan BASKETBALL ala FIRST ROW-Dawson Copeland, Donald Thurnall, Raymond Hammond, Ivan Jenkins, Kenneth Siebenthal. SECOND ROW-Bernard Heitz, Kenneth Price, Glenn Mason, Mr. Robbins, John Smith, Charles George. STATISTICS ON THE TIGERS Name No. Years Height Weight Class Played John Smith 3 6' 0" 175 Senior Kenneth Price 2 5' 11" 170 Senior Glenn Mason 3 6' 1 165 Senior Bernard Heitz 2 5' 8 160 Senior Ivan Jenkins 2 5' 10 165 Junior Charles George 2 5' 10 145 Senior Raymond Hammond 1 5' 10 150 Soph. Donald Thurnall 1 5' 8" 160 Junior Dawson Copeland 1 5' 10 140 Junior Kenneth Siebenthal 1 5' 11" 140 Junior TIGERS OF NORTH TOWN The North Madison Tigers of 1942-1943 turned out one of the best records a blue and white quintet has ever produced. Besides the eleven wins and two losses on their scheduled games, the Tigers battled their way to the finals of both the County and Sectional Tournaments. In the County Tournament the Tigers handed over the crown to the Hanover Bull- dogs, and in the Sectional the Tigers took it on the chin from a fast, hard-driving Madison five. Ffhe Seaao nh djllalff The Tigers opened their season with the Osgood Cowboys in a fast high-stepping game. Although suffering a 26-23 defeat the Tigers proved to the fans, in any man's lingo, that they were going to be a tough team to beat. Next the Tigers journeyed to Hanover where in a hard fought game they squeezed by the Bulldogs by a score of 26-24. After defeating Hanover the newly confident Tigers sailed by Saluda, 29-123 Deputy, 40-14, Dupont 40-173 Central, 30-225 and Milton, Ky, 37-28. All and all the blue and white quintet had a six win and one loss record to go on for the approaching County Tournament. COUNTY TOURNAMENT In the County Tourney the Tigers drew the Deputy Panthers for the first game Friday night, and after playing unsettled ball for three quarters, they settled down and breezed by the Panthers on a 29-15 count. In the second game of the evening the Saluda Lions squeezed by the Central Wild- cats by a score of 34-32, matching the Tigers with the Lions in the semi-finals for Saturday afternoon. For the first game Saturday afternoon the Hanover Bulldogs romped over the Dupont Red Devils by an enormous 41-15 victory, putting them into the finals with 'the winner of the North Madison-Saluda game that afternoon. In the second game Saturday afternoon, the fans saw a terrific struggle between the Tigers of North Town and the Saluda Lions, with the Tigers finally herding in a victory over the Lions by a slim 19-17 margin, making them eligible for the final and deciding game with the Hanover Bulldogs Saturday night. It was a tired and weary band of Tigers that took to the floor against a refreshed Hanover five that night, but from the starting whistle to the final gun the Tigers didn't let down. In the first quarter the North Town five exerted their strength into an 8-5 advantage, but in the second quarter weariness began to show, and the Bull- dogs ran up a 20-13 count at the half. In the third quarter the Bulldogs further lengthened their stride to a 30-18 lead, but in the last period the Tigers put on a drive that fell short by five points, which meant handing over the County Crown to the Hanover Bulldogs. Final score: 31-26. After their defeat in the County Tourney the Tigers returned to their scheduled games more determined than ever and dropped the Austin Eagles by the score of 43-24. The next game was with Dupont in which the Tigers, being in their finest form, swished the nets from all angles and overwhelmed the Red Devils 59-32. The Tigers were all out for the next game with the Hanover Bulldogs to get sweet revenge, and before a capacity crowd, the Tigers ground all their strength into this one game and came out on top by a score of 39-35. At the same time they re- venged the defeat they suffered in the County Tournament. This, incidentally, was the Tigers last home performance. For the next game the Tigers journeyed to Deputy where they engaged 'the Pan- thers and brought back the bacon to a tune of 47-35. Next the Tigers played Central on the Wildcat hardwood in a thrilling and hard fought battle. When the smoke had cleared away the scoreboard read 27-25 in favor of the blue and white. The Tigers went to Saluda for their last game and met defeat at the hands of the Lions. This was a tough fight with the Saluda quintet finally winning out and hand- ing North Town their second defeat of the thirteen games that the Tigers had schedu- led. Score: 26-22. .Sectional Cfounnament The Tigers again made a fine display in the Sectional Tournament when they defeated Paris Crossing' for their first game Friday afternoon by a score of 31-24. This win gave them another crack at their old rivals, the Hanover Bulldogs, on Satur- day afternoon. The Tiger five, after playing a poor brand of ball the first half, came back strong in the last half and gave the Bulldogs a 26-23 shellacking for the third time this season and also won the 1'ight to play the Madison Cubs in the finals that night. Although putting up a brave fight the Tigers were no match for the smooth- clicking Cubs of Madison High School. The Tigers held their own fairly well in the first and second rounds, but the Cubs broke loose in the third period and increased their 15-8 margin at the half to a 35-15 decisive advantage at the end of the third stanza. In the last quarter the Cubs coasted to victory by a final score of 44-22. The second team of North Madison made an impressive record this year, winning seven out of the eleven tilts they had scheduled. Although losing four games the Tiger Kittens lost two of them by one and two point margins, while they won on numerous accounts by a large score. In the future the Tigers promise that more and more records will be broken, and they hope that sometime a championship team will arise from the halls of N. M. H. S. and break all records. We, the members of the 1942-43 basketball teams, wish to express our sincere thanks to Coach Charles Robbins, who so faithfully guided us through a successful season. lVe also want to thank him for the especially nice banquet that was given after the Dupont game. It is with appreciation that we extend our thanks to Mr. Lewis for the banquet at the Hillside Hotel and the theatre party given us at the conclusion of the basket- ball season. GOOD LUCK FUTURE TIGERS OF N. M. H. S. I l R. E. J O N E S IVE BUY POULTRY, CREAIVI, AND EGGS ANDSELL TUXEDO FEEDS Professional Directory OSCAR C. BEAR . , Dentists Jeweler and Optometrist H A A U , DR.. F. 1f11cN111QRsoN Machsoii ---- I11d1a111z1 G DR. S. H. FEUIGRSTIN HARPER'S DAILTS REXALL DRUG STORE Since 1845 Mzldisou - - - Illdlilllil DEPARTMENT STORE Where Quality and Value Meet CHAMPION PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TRI-POINT OIL COMPANY BLACKARD'S SANDWICH SI-IOP 221 IG. lllillll Street Madison ---- Iilldlilllil Madison ---- Illdlklllil Give Us a Trial SAMPLE'S School Supplies and Equipment Typew1'ite1's--Adding NIEICIIIIIG Repairs ICE CREAM COMPANY VW111 Papel'-IVi11dow Shades Madison - - - I11clia11z1 G. H, ROUSCH 86 COMPANY Y Co111pli.111e11ts of VVEHNIQRVS Madison 0 N DAIRY Radio Service Ford and Mercury Dealer Madisou, I11diz111a HENTZ BAKERY O11 llIu1be1'1'y Street IlIildlSO11,5 Most DIZILIISOII, I11diz111u Efficient Radio Shop o0mp1imQ11fs H. M. GOPELAND oIL oo. coLL1QG1AT1Q Wh 1 1 d R t .1 of CAP and GOWN 0 853' 6 an G al Spaulding 85 Schwab COMPANY 13110116 54OY Madison ---- Iudiaiia GANS FURNITURE STORE AND GANS FUNERAL HOME Phones 603-391 Madison, Indiana KNOEBEL--BIRD Madison's Best Store for Men and Boys Compliments of BUSH 85 PERRY Madison ---- 111111211111 North Madison ---' I ndiana L. E. HITZ FUR SHOES SIBIG Say it with Flowers I-IEN 85 BEN Say it Wlth Ours The SHUDIG Men Madison ---- Indiana Madison ---- Indiana THOMPSON-GLASS DAIRY Taste Tells CUIlllliilll0lltS of EDWARD ECKERT da SON Stoves and Ranges Madison - - - Indiana Frigidaire Products INGLIS 1!"o1' VVl1at Is New in Spring Suits Has it if it 'S found in a See HARRY MARCUS DRUG STORE Madison ---- Indiana DANNER'S GARAGE WYKOFF Wheel Alignment Shoe Repairing Anna M. Danner, Proprietoi' 326 Mulberry Street 316 Vfest Street Phone 158 phmw 1-HX Madison ---- Indiana Madison ---- Indiana Comglimeuts of HANDWS C0lll1JiilIl0IltS of Prady S Restaurant Compliments of SERVICE .PFGGY XVIIGVC Friends STATION , , fi 1 Meet and lflat IVICI-AUGHI-IN'S 9111555 51101-' Down on Mulberry STORE North Madison, find. 1'11ff110 384 Street Madison, Indiana MADISON LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY Electric Service for North Madison, Indiana PHONE 287 POMMEREHN GARAGE NORTH TOWN INN North Madison DO DROP IN Since 1919 North Madison - - - Indian 1 W. H. MILLER 8a SONS Lumber and Building Material Compliments of REED'S LAUNDRY 1886 1943 Madison - Indiana Bigger Better WETZEL'S Drink Taste PEPSI-COLA DRUG STORE DIVIGI-IT MURPHY, Distributor Madison ---- Iudimu Phone 434X Compliments of C. M. MILLER M. W. RISK 85 SON Oxy-Acetylene and Electric VVelding Madison ---- Indiana Madison - Illdlilllfl Compliments of WOOD W. H. ANGER ' BARBER SHOP CO1'1lPiI111G1lI.S of Vincent's Grocery Plumbing-Heating Madison, Indiana Service with a Smile North Madison, Ind. Electrical Appliances FASHION SHOP Compliments of MORRIS 5c 85 10c STORE Compliments of DEMAREE DRESS SHOP COIIIQVIIIIICIILS of HILLSIDE HOTEL Madison, Indiana Compliments of MERIT SHOE STORE Madison, Illlllilllil M ea zt-+A-I ce A-Sta mge PEARL PACKING COMPA Y CARLOW'S SERVICE STATION Groceries-Ice Phone 1902 North Madison ---- Tlltlidllil CU1l1lJillIlUlllQS of THIRD STREET GARAGE Day and Night Service THE MADISON COURIER Telephone 54 Social, Chureli or Fzmiily livems R. C. WOOLEY Jeweler and Optometrist Madison - - - lmlizum LODGE HARDWARE COMPANY IT2ll'dXV21l'0 That Lasts NVl1olesale and Retail 116-118 E. Main Street Pl1011Q15-1 clilllllb-llI1lL'lllS ol' C 85 R PARTS SERVICE BURTON UlelAlXIBl'lHS.. lYlA'UliH'lG .Ill IGI-til' The House of Flowers EMMETT S. WOOD, Proprietor COl'llIJlll11C11lS oi' HAND'S Flowers For Every Occasion GROCER-Y AND MEAT MARKET Thank You For Your Patroiiage Mxldisou Iudi UH 11.1 - - - - . a z STANT0N,S ClOl11I7llIl'lO11lZS of FOOTWEAR AND HOSIERY SCOTT 50 85 100 STORE l,,llO1lC IIZTX 1 Phones 601 1, Q T it da' ,V,. L YTLE Funeral and Ambulance Service SCOTT'S C I N N ELMER E. SCOTT TAXI I COMPANY North Madison, Ind. Madison, Indiana In Clifty Falls State Park Enjoy Red Rock Cola KAHNW3 i A Delightful Place to Relax 12 OZ- 50 Variety and 1G1ft TRY-ME BOTTLE Shop COMPANY Restful Beds Excellent Meals Madison' TIWHZ1 THE Cornpliinonts of FARMEPJS STORE Horseback Riding-Golf Richard M. Johnson John Deere and Oliver Agency Farm Equipment Tennis Hiking Dancing 1NbUf1ANU"1 ,STANLEY .. SHOPPE Special Attention Given to Parties Omupliments of . F ' - PEARSON'S Sni.-aria 453311111118 b MEAT MARKET pp Open all Year Phone--llladison 335 Madison, Indiana MORGAN 85 MORGAN Grocery and Meat Market Try Us Once and You IVill Call Us Again Phone 633X North Madison - - - 4 Indiana KOLB TIRE SERVICE Expert Recapping and Vulcanizing Phone 5l8Il Madison ----- Indiana. Compliments of BOICOURT'S BEAUTY SHOP I. O. O. F. Building--Phone 679 Madison ----- Indiana PAUL J . PEDDIE Dry Cleaners 5th Street and Broadway Phone 63 Bush 85 Perry, Agents Compliments of The Haigh Funeral Home Herff-Jones fbmpliments ol' 'William G. Ulrich Indianapolis - - - - Tndiana JOHN KNOEBEL 85 SON Madison 's Best Clothing Store OHIOTSQRHZQISON Hart Schaffner 85 Marx Clothing Enjoy the Best at SGOTTS MCKIM COAL COMPANY Good Food Home Cooking l 111 E. Main Street Madison, Ind. V Conipliments of IRWIN'S Feed Store and Hatchery Madison ---- Indiana BUY DEFENSE BONDS and STAMPS The niembers of thu Senior Ulass wish to express their thanks to the advertisers and to all others who have in any way aided them i11 the publication of the R'l11IiI+1lGF of 1943. iw wa VW G' MW aqutoqnabn his -W0i7Myff' WN 3,6 Q24 J 'S' I , awiwwl- 1, . - W 'V ' S? 4. 7 ' , , M' u J l U ' ' ,W in--LM H H .fww n"f1"-13" Q77'f77. if Lfuullv .J-ZLLQLGL . I 'V1-?'75-g. Jl V3 v ,, v fr V ' ' , Z ' W jg' I vy f:'l' X X gf ,H i - lj '17 , - 0,1 lv fm . 1

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