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 - Class of 1962

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? Z . f y ., 1 ,peg-, .x t rf " ,Lf f ,. 51,5 , - , , , ,441-'A w v'Af7 K , 7 N V ' V g1"I'i,45fLffTfL7Tf'r'f ,7 - vu, , H. , . ,f A' , J. A, uw -'Tip-1, ' 13,11 if , Q ,e,4,f3 ' i. P f A, H .. L4 f K' ,,,.w"'? 'fe VA 0 if - A -' I-,. 1 ' : ' M. L' I af-1 ' M ' - get? so '5 ' 1' ', ff "A ,"' ' .JT " ,.-Jfk , '1'.'r' ,x.ff'1' r , D, ,,,xta'0 ,V , ,,. f 1,,-- 13+ F : a ff, ' ' aoilw' X ' ,, 'QUT' 55? ,M tb-50:9 ' Nui ' ,A 'wi-f' P ggi' X W,-' ,Q P' 'KP ,rv xy ,. , Q", j-:gigs C' . .-1 L IQQYCYV YN-?f1,0ef 5? " ,.-"f,.f' ,Q . ,,w,+f"' ,",:3' ,t 5 A. Pokemon V .ff , D A " N' .' " J' 06 1-' 'W f-Yu LOv ff 'W' -,272"" .wF""' ,Hsu-vTQl " me-' ' W- Z QV '55 , R90 Ap, ,' ' J' 1: Its e J, ff ,fi if f.:g,v J 4 ' ' 1 V 133' 1 J' ,.'-1f1..:f"x hfff V "ff, ,QOC3 LM' . , ' NB. Folflfgf 2 ,, 3 A ,,,w5"", 1 Yagi' lg Q' , jg, t 91,-f sfxo 4I5xF,,- Miz! yr . iffy I rj f XA V I ,- xt 1- . ook ' JLJI, 'Jr 3,1921 J ,gf M:-iv' Q Pig, 1 ' Ji'-Y' , ff '50 .iff xiii' ' vt -F '- ' 'L-3 'fbi' if' V. , ., fb . . ,, , A . a f., , , y f w '. 5 sr' ,Na+ 1' f'.?' 1 :L 1- W" Ib -." ' xv' 09 , ww:-F K 'e,,1 s 1 '-K0 f .f 1- sf M- ' 2 in .-'Y nf' -If-rt W , 4 : 'Qxsz fx 5 . if . "JA ,r 911 f , 1 , 1 7- ffl ..' 5 'W' ' f Q35 'i' ' V' you 1 13, g:-- I 1.4 ,- ,iw 0 Fix f . T 'f 'F' 1 x rd' 'L' , 7 sf , 3 ,-T f , fl?-' ec" L f , R 5 z . , 1 1 Cmfvl. 6' -,. ,xv 1 1 , 4 , . ,' U . W , ,J 4-, -'wr ' 5.17. 21,61 . ' f 5 f . A I , A- f ' a'.fl5' ' -- 'Cm' 536: 2-.5 ff '. 1 z..- , M 5 h X ' 1 V Mlm' ' gf V ig,- ztl Q A 6 1 ' 4, tl K .if 4 YL R V, X U5 N w Y ,f ,' y' syn- 0 wg M V ei " : f H f. 9 .ua-':f":' ff , 'v0 '..., . V' ,- f pw f -f,f..,,1 , ' w-4,7 . ' ,V 1 ,W Mitt' ,, . -jA'u"" Y- in 'fvd GQ W .W X tif 'x ,-' ,-V K' 31,3 V lf, ,. wc j, Q ff Q' :' 'S 'x ' " .QAHIN 7 , ,1 -gi ,if QA 1- ,if - 11 4 A 1 f .,-'F F' 1 Qu .psi 9.9 6, . r A if 11m L? ' ' f's1f:, Of, 'if . 3 I ,4 ,. fi-4.1 ,zl -,Q qi, , M-5 f 1 ,ggi sf, 4 Q, ' 13- J fa" ' J 'P' . X o. , . "f,f.'+ -. -3' , t og , , t. , 1-"N 1 :ff v vi Q36 .. Ll - 'X f,1-Lf-f ' , 5 . 'F ' D . we ' " 5 5 80520, I .115 V 490 11- 5:2 -if A I Eng--jlgigiyf . I Q 2, lfxi., A J , , Z-AR4 N0 X6 J., :Ivy H,lR?,II'-L,r5 Vg v GNN. 55' 3,3 .Q V .A 0 'e if sv 13' , 1--'L 'SVQO qw 1 1+ f ob 83 bf .F 1 -fo 90 H 35451 N0350 573s ff? 25 it 63'-6 0 f j .veg 09' My , K oe Q9 6002, 4 ,R it V, oo! N if if 48-0 OQQ 1 23,1 'Q N.',:'w" 1 x 'I Q' 31 ,1 J,- ' 4 f - ' '- w .- v - ' If lsff ' -' N9 ,GG wt-" ' fr" " . cPq'x'9 ex - ' 51 VH Oo 'E 1 ,V ' K' ,M-W. f Q-'Eff' ' ,I 9 ,- Hf i Q 0 1 I A' sqoi' --I 1 4 ju. 4141- v 09645 , Y 5 N 400 Q0 A - A v of at V A 1 -t +P: ' if cf' -4- Q 6 t -V f A- ff do 1, t- 422: tri? A9065 ef. ,r ,-1,3?1.Nj, J lb' - 0 rigs' t 31 w- t -tv .M -. ' V ' Lx". I ,QQ A ,M fl" 'tif' 51 GQ Sb ,.',,a13,3'?f! fs? 35 1 - .f ., M- -,. 1' . L '- - J 5 ' ,fl " -w , 50 ' H .W 1,jz"'-.F ff ' E' ,W .. -.Q?,xOq'N9f:o X ' ,Q-'73-Q Egg ', , H 1 f .. ,' 1 31.51 ,gt ' ,, I , W1. ' :lr ' u E L'.,.'ff'f'.,'N'."-" MT.-12 ,J 1, Lu we V if-swf .fa-"'-'I'1lr1h lo - W.. .N 'erffsw ff' , -+V Q? 4-ff' W" 'a'1'.'3 H Ve ' 7 --.1 ,-, 1 Q51 1 J, KNO E19 f' nw 'F' 11 -,VV f X H If v - .,,,.' wp, . xi ,.3' 1, Wft 1 1-fm ,f ' 1:-' ,s Q g' ' 55 mx: pf ,lv ,Q gi' 12 , ' Z' F ff, pf-fl ' -1? 1-' W" 11101 3- 1,1 J X - 1fff,f:"r:'? 'ff' s x -,J K,-5 ' w t - ,MSL ff, gf .- p ' elf' ,,.L t 1 f 4g,3t7Swf'g .Q V gt .' 1 .. A ,4?Q ,gf-isf,,Q ' WUI X Qs. t r77'f37fr ' ' .t 715 - J 11 Q '- ik' V H .Um ,X , , VM HY, , 41 ,., , if Qt, .. . M. ., -. ii-v W fer VV1. 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I4 V 2' V, L , ,tiff if -V1 - 1 ' ' Q 4- ,ff , -, -' A S , Y , I fj 3 ,J',1'ig1,::Njj."r ' ' N ,XI 1 '. .',gP'.n-15? ' " ,iff , .qy . ' YN 1 xl' iffy! .. -ty J A W 1, Y , ' Y ,ff , f ,f ' f ' V W ,,LFfx,J?v V f , ' h3,"'i ' , f W' I A ,,.v,.'.gff'f?.1t.., f I ,Aw-, ' Jrk41'fEx" ' ' li- r wif 1 L f. V y 4 ' Destiny is no matter of chance, it is a matter 5 ' ,ginihf of choice: It is not a thin to be waited for it 'Oli - ' wow" . . . f ' 1 ' IS a thm to be ach1eved. -W. J. Br an 36 pw! -. L, Rf- -wifi' W. 1 5 1' ' ., e flnd - 1 L , .A - ' 111 1. tw, lfe N' '72, 9X3 1 ctly W 1 hat W -R e put - 4 - W. Em 111 S1-son A -vi--. .......:.. M, Q, . I-hm -Minn! W' M' 5"'9"'M-A'-I -....-h,.g . - , iz F Mak as-H lmi'4Qv1.u- "AA""""2 f'-ur-,., , hqaimkmhm WP ,, , . Q64 iv W W ,f 95 ft W 8.1 'QNX' Zig! - 'L ...Z 'LV GMX ,, Z.. gf. .f,u ?uEi1.1Aa M f ,-l' ' , , , g4l :I , , Y 'C VR' ' 1 , L Uv -if -.vm ' f vX5 V d , W Qf X, Q3 V X Agjxgc Vu - . Q - i ww 1 q cqxgbo K' QW., jaw h h, CJ x h Q X fd. ,ggb Ziggfsp gis? C7-'2-K Q1 , ff' V fha 1962 cwildcat .N gb' Senior High School North Little Rock, Arkansas XP x fm 5? 'x X S, --L .I XX -- 'S Xa! N. ' mx 5 ,Y 1' V A V Hx P A 3 .... o. xi E5 Q in h Yi. ' 1 M Q. 3 ' hw YQ Nh X 0 A fi R ' E 'x ir! 'N w 1 ' mi V' if x T " 1229 - O QYQKEF wg . 'X fx, 5 Q TX' 1 o CX, FET? ' E V h .XJ . 'T-f W 5 Jay, A Q. Q Nh ov ' - ' W- Rox Q5 X P if EE W2 ,R K.: XQ 1. --. .x 3 Q: Walsworth Publishing Co. Marceline, Missouri , 17Y Y . Eben! icateal to the Spirit o fldaldcac will 121 193 95 2 3 15 49 67 C10 ildcats nterested Parties uminaries iedication ampus cademics eams ocieties "What wouldst thou have? I am ready to obey thee as thy slave, and the slave of all those who have that lamp in their hands, bothI and the other slaves of the lamp." These words of the genie within Aladdin's lamp are the language of our own wonderful lamp - the Lamp of Learning. And the genie who rises when we polish that lamp is the immortal Spirit of Wildcat Hill. For sixty years he has risen to ask NLRHS students "What would you have '?" For all those years he has said "I am ready to obey thee as thyi slave" to faithful Wildcats who were willing to appear on cold fall mornings at 7:30 to practice half-time marching formations for Friday night's game - or a club meetingg to work all day Saturday as a Candy Striper - or a cross country runnerg to "burn the midnight oil" for a Science Fair project or write a senior themeg to "walk a hundred miles" selling advertising to pay for publications or senior activitiesg to inspire athletes giving of time, talent, and strength above and beyond the call of duty. He is the Spirit that urges each to give his best - not just his minimum - to a nation fighting for its life, its way of life. He is the Spirit that will see our dreams and hopes fulfilled by steadfast courage and determinationg for we have learned that today is yesterday's tomorrow, and tomorrow the future is ours to command. So it is with sincerest gratitude and esteem that the Publications Staff dedicates this 1962 issue of the Wildcat to The Spirit of Wildcat Hill, and to "all those who have fhisl lamp within their hands." LITTL5 WILDCATS ,sv I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education...Mazner President A. O. MEREDITH Vice-President MILTON RHODES .Secretary LEON HOLSTEAD The North Little Rook School System is operated with the aid of these six business and professional on o men. They serve their city, without pay, so that it may offer the best educational standards to its students. By selecting the best qualified teachers for each instructional position they raise the cur- riculum-of the schools. Mr. Ball is also president of the Arkansas School Board Association. Member HURSHELL BALL Member J. HARROD BERRY Member BRANCH T, FIELDS uperintenclent of the cnorth fittle epoch -., 4 MR. F. BRUCE WRIGHT rinc ipal OZ cllorch fame Took Senior Sfzgh School MR. GEORGE E. MILLER Bachelor of Science Pennsylvania State Teachers College Bloornburg Master of Arts New York University, New York City cpulvlic School Syotem MR. F. BRUCE WRIGHT Bachelor of Arts Henderson State Teachers College Arkadelphia Master of Arts George Peabody College Nashville, Tennessee MR. GEORGE E. MILLER . . my tw moz, sm-me W , -,M s ,J- Fwln 'A wi rs an i F pecial ogooignment To aid the students in selecting courses, solving problems pertaining to school or family life, or any other difficulty which may arise, certain faculty members have assumed this responsibility. Among these are the faculty advisers and super- visors, the dean of boys, the dean of girls, the guidance counselors, the librarian, the supervisor of instructional supplies for the audio-visual aids department, and the student council and publications faculty advisers. f ewes, f M A MISS MERDITH LANDERS Guidance Counselor Bachelor of Science State Teachers College Conway, Master of Science University of Arkansas, Fayetteville MRS. T. L. BLEDSOE Assistant Guidance Counselor Bachelor of Arts Keuka College, Penn Yan, New York Master of Education University of Arkansas -- Fayetteville ADL, MRS. CHARLES CARPENTER Librarian Bachelor of Arts, Texas Woman's University, Denton MRS. VADA COVYAN S ahmowexnn-'vw Dean of Girls Bachelor of Arts Henderson Teachers College, Arkadelphiag Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee ,,now140"1"fA' MR. RAYMOND BURNETT Dean of Boys Bachelor of Arts, State Teachers College, Conway: Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee if ' A' and-lr sau' 'W-1 1 F Q Inv Vx. T 3' s - YA X R Q,-f""""Y A --q....r Hom z xi - I 14, , any ,Z-K lg - ,A 2 -A if 2- , ,,-,gg S x MISS KATYE LOU RUSSELL MRS. LESTER BICKFORD MRS. GARLAND BEAVERS Faculty Adviser for Supervisor for School Supervisor for Audio-Visual Student Publications Supply Store Instructional Materials MRS. MARGARET MCCLOSKEY Secretary to the Principal us swag giggfw 3, tif? MRS. DONNA O'PRY LYNN Faculty Adviser for V Student Council 'X MRS. CHARLES FOWLER Faculty Adviser for Student Council 1 r .54 .f iw' .fr AIRS. RIADGIQ AllLLSi-XPPS AIRS. GIQRALDINIZ GOLDEN Secretary-Clerk Secretary-Clerk wwunuun + f MRS. MARY LUIS MAI Secretary to the Guidance Counselors WN NSW Qi? iTlN UM Scloof We OZIOUB i .fdncl CAWIAA Vocational Arts Building wi" Q Music Building Physical Educ ation Building Main Building Spirit ran high at the beginning of the season .... the field was prepared for action and the coaches prepared the team ..,. flue ear ollecl gy ay iBy Qloriouo ay x. M -we X' "1 ,s,,, They said we'd have to work our way up ...... and we did as the hopeful seniors wait in the iengthy line for their Senior rings, Spirit ran high at the beginning of school and we threw ourselves into our work .... but as the year went on some of just slept through those facinating lectures. f-'Qu --ti L We 'crammed' . . . . food and knowledge, all in our i x short lunch hours but when Senior Breakfast time rolled around we laid aside our books and concentrated on the old adage, "eat, drink and be merry!" Our school took on new faces . . . the campus with the fine, white coat of snow and the old piano with its new, fresh coat of varnish. f There were assemblies, inductions, and elections . Even after a few months of school some Sophomores remained bewildered with high school life. S o m e conformed and really "backed" their candidates while others remained individual ists . is--V-F--W-r---H-.. M After the school year got on the road, we hit the road, too, following the football team and giving support with our music and cheers. At the end of the season the hard-working football team was honor- ed at the annual banquet where they received, among other things, their football blankets. 'WL wwf The classwork rolled along, too, as we combined hydrogen and oxygen and came out with waterg we combined class time and radio and came out with an unforgettable experience of listening to astronaut John Glenn, Jr. on his history-making "Tour" of the realm just about 150 miles above the earth. With all this, we found time to send the traditional Valentines to our friends via Student Council. The Musical Varieties time of the year rolled around l The other choirs and choruses presented parts of the Musical Varieties, each section singing songs of various things. The production was work, the work was fun, andthe fun was rewarding to the members of the cast in the "best M.V. production ever at N.L.R." one rainy evening in March as the members of the N.L.R. choirs sang their hearts out as they presented exerpts from Rogers KL Hammerstein's production of "Oklahoma!" This part of the program was done by the Senior Choir and the Boys' Chorus. 14 ,, A L,-. Irs, 5, I 'ei I ,.v . V , g-9" '....ff l f XY 3, h xx rf' X ,fi ' X ff' Sm A Y A r fx r e ' f E if 5 we if I I A 3 if ..- e 5 f i" D yk ., , if J. --ummm-tg .. A 5 Cherish the little trade which thou has learned and be content therewith...Marcus Aurelius Introduction to Language Arts English Latin French Journalism Social Studies Social Science Introduction to Math-Science Math-Science Commercial Homemaking Vocational Introduction to Fine Arts Art Speech and Drama Band Choir Introduction to Physical Education Physical Education Language is one of the greatest non-physical barriers separating men. It is the base upon which we must work to promote international understanding and in turn international good will. We must be able to make ourselves understood as well as to understand. NLRHS encourages students to learn more about themselves and others by offering courses in English, Latin, Ere meh, Spanish, and Journalism. The Journalism and English classes seek to establish a basis of language and literature that is common to all English speaking peoples. The foreign language courses not only teach the language, but also gives the students an oppor- f.,1 KK ,fw if V :Q tunity to become acquainted with customs, dress, ,mfr--A., gff "On Noun, on Verb, on Adjectives and AdverlQ!s."'. ."" Sophomore Sonya Mason and daily life of our Various world neighbors na- displays her English project which showsf,tth'e relation of words in a sentence. tive to the land speaking that language. :Elm canguage carte MISS KATYE LOU RUSSELL MRS. SARAH HELMS MRS. MARIAN PHILLIPS Head Of the Department Of Head of the Department of Languages Head of the Department of English Journalism Bachelor of Arts, State Teachers Bachelor of Arts, Central State Bachelor of Arts, Ouachita Collgge, Cgnwgy College, Edmond, Oklahoma College, Arkadelphia Master of Arts, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville W ' Y , A it .,,. Q 5 , W ' , I I 'x W. 2 nit" -. as. I 1 '4-ww O v 1 . 2 if 5 59' - wg, Y ,M 'J"',,. PVS.. A 6 fra 'NW-I ' 5 eh. ' Lf? A ' . ' .. YW A Z' .QA 'ff A . Q. idx ffl I... . . . ' i1ii 1 In France it's French, in Spain it's Spanish, but in the United States the national language is English. By borrowing words from the German language, Latin, and the Anglo-Saxon dialects and mixing them all together, the result is English. Thus the United States has become the melting pot for many cultures and many languages. The United States is truly blessed with having English as its national language, for it is now spoken by some two-hundred million people and was singled out after World War II to become the international MRS. JEANETTE MCCORMACK MR. RAY POINDEXTER English English Bachelor of Arts, State Bachelor of Science in Teachers College, Conway Education, Master of Arts, University of Southwest Missouri State Arkansas, Fayetteville College, Springfield, Missouri nglioh like fanguage cmelting CZJUF' MRS. MILDRED BONNER MRS. ELIZABETH CALLAWAY English English Bachelor of Arts in Dramatics Bachelor of Science, State Arts and Speech Teachers College, Conway Mary Washington of the University of Virginia language spoken by all. Few A m e r i o a n s realize what an important language they have inherited. But, after studying it three years under the guidance such as that offered at NLRHS they understand that it is more than just a murmur of words. They then realize that it is not enough to be able to speak it correctly, but write it as well. Also this must be done ef- fectively, colloquially, and formally. The English Department of NLRHS places in the students' hands the tool with which their success and happiness may someday depend - the know- ledge of his great MRS. J. J. CASPER English Bachelor of Arts in English Hamline University St. Paul, Minnesota borrowed language - English. MRS. LYNN TARKINGTON English Bachelor of Science in Education University of Arkansas Fayetteville ,,,,,., Av' MRS. SUE PERRY 2A lf English Bachelor of Science in Education Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway c f ' "Out, out brief candle...", and out go the lights, as the Senior English students watch Shakespcare's "Macbeth" come to life rf MlSS JULIE SAELER MRS. EMOGINE WETHERINGTON MR. L. D. EPPINETTE, Jr. English English English Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Arts, Ouachita College University of Arkansas, Southern State, Arkadelphia, Bachelor of Science, Fayetteville Magnolia Purdue University, Lafayette, indiana V' T A-. wed' 3 .4-ex, .Md All right, Caesar, just for that you can make your own pizzas... Pat Donaldson threatens Ronny Franks. 25 atin reat Qaeda r'.o Qhoot Still jfaunto cwilalcat mill-- Aw come on Caesar twist a ain Jim Ma "Perhaps of all the creation of man language is the most astonishing," said Strachey. And since Latin is considered the Mother language a study 0. it always proves quite interesting. Why? It is the key to civi- lization. In ancient times the monks and poets preserved the literature of their period not in their everyday language but in Latin. Thus it was to be able to translate it. Even today most of the noted scientists, scholars, and other dignitaries are well acquainted with Latin. Latin at NLRHS is a two year course. In the first year a sizable vocabulary, declension of nouns, and the conjugation of verbs are studied. During the second a review and advancement of the first year is made. After completing two years of Latin, the student knows much about the customs of the people of Rome, the tragedy of Caesar, and the fall ofthe Roman Empire. Thus he has studied not only a foreign language,but history and literature as well. . . 3 Y MRS. B. F. ALLBRIGHT begs Caesar, Ronny Franks. Latin l Bachelor of Arts Hendrix College, Conway No, you can't date any of my daughters.. Kathryn Flake informs Caesar. Eel-W VK hen you get to Earth ask to see their leader - Spanish students learn correct pronunciation in the language lab. Our southern neighbor is the continent ofthe Spanish language. The Spanish established colonies in the early sixteenth century and these settlements still show the influence of the home land, Spain. The study of this gay and colorful language has double purpose, not only do the students learn how to speak the language of our friends, but also broaden their outlook of the world around us. The study of Spanish at NLRHS is divided into two partsg first year and second year students learn tense and conjugation of verbs, pronouns, subjects, objects, and reflexives. Spanish contains many of the pitfalls in under- standing and usage as our English language does. These problems help a Spanish student become abetter English Student. A gaily decorated room awaits every class along with a Spanish speaking penpal. The practice in trans- lating these letters is fun as well as stimulating and educational. Spanish holidays are celebratedwith dances, songs and stories. Oral book reports are given in Spanish and classes are also conducted in Spanish. All this is to create a world-wide interest in our neighbors. Spanish students on Wildcat Hill are equipped with not only a knowledge of the Spanish language but a better understanding of the lands and the customs of other countries. MRS. BERNICE HUNT Spanish Bachelor of Arts, Hendrix, Conwayg Master of Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Spanioh cviva Qt fore! eau qpuroue full If this bean jumps, I'm taking up French! Los Gatos Espanoles dine at Mexico Chiquito. 4 Bobby Sanders and Judy Hamilton contemplate the ladder of advance- ment's admonition: "If you can wag a foreign tongue you can reach a higher rung." rench arlez-vouo rancaio? jf! o-all greek fo qne. Susan Rhodes and Richard Moore illustrate "Je ferme la porte" and "J'ouvre la fenetral' Like the other foreign languages at N,L,R,H.S., the study of French is divided into atwo-year course. During the first year a general working vocabulary, conjugation of verbs, and a study of verb tenses acquaint the students with the language. Second year classes begin where the first year classes ended, and more verbs, additional tenses, and trans- lations from a French reader are studied. Activities of the French classes are interesting and varied. They include correspondence with lan- guage students in both French and American schools. Thus the students not only learn a new language, but also gain international friends as well. Joan Wade translates. Every graduating senior leaves NLRHS with a complete history of his final year. The two publi- cations which make this a reality are the Hi Comet and the Wildcat. The Hi Comet is the six to eight page news- paper published entirely by the students on a bi- weekly basis. This publication records all activities and events connected with the student of the High School by means of reliable staff writers. The network of jobs required to turn out the Hi Comet include ad salesmen, cartoonists, news editors, photographers, a sports editor, staff writers, a make-up editor and many others. The Hi Comet is an expensive project requiring somewhere near 82,000 to finance it. The Wildcat is the annual which captures in word and picture form the entire year at NLRHS. lt includes special clubs, departments and subjects under them, plus pictures of the teachers and students. To finance this album, 52,550 or more in ad- vertisement is necessary. Mounting pictures, writing body copy, and organizing sections arejust a few of the jobs behind the Wildcat. This book is always dedicated to a person, place, or spirit of outstanding value to our school. Then a theme is selected and reflected throughout the book. W A-.. nl LIS .V aff' can't believe I don't know what we're doing l" sighs Penny Hughes, she and other first yeair Journalism students work on thc l-li Comet. flue give qlyo o ou rua Hom-- cwork, work. work cwork, work Journalism delegates to AHSPA workshop listen "Intel- ligcntlyl' to the speakers. Now where did I put that full page picture of me? Sports Editor Danny Monroe checks dummy pages of the annunl. M., A -1 V, yi, ' I MRS. HAZEL RAGLAND Head of Social Studies Dept. Bachelor of Arts Arkansas State Teachers College Conway, Arkansas sf- xgx 3, - Q Qx , .,,., . . , t.l 4 I ip, J fig. O .3 N Nl x xl N 2. ,W thwx 5 Mari A -W, M It 5 J ' k h?,.waf,,f txt in -..ix Xxx MRS. GRACE M. MOSELY World Geography Bachelor of Arts Ouachita College, Arkadelphia ocial Studieo no-ground the cworlol ju 175 Enya!" "But this just doesn't look like Arkansas," remarks Jo Lee Rotten to Pat Gregory and Andy Prince as they diligently study World Geography. Man is chiefly interested in himself and his surroundings, and history and geography are the records and text of his achievements. The student of world history, not only looks into the events of civilization as far back as the records permit, but he also realizes the history he reads in today's headlines or sees through the medium of television and the news film. Through world geography the student learns the relationship between man and the climate and the soil. Every phase in man's life is the result of the climate and the natural terrain of his home. The forces of nature are strong and control to a large degree the clothes he wears, the food he eats, his occupation, the structure and material of his shelter, and his physical features. Even in this day of great science we are still mastered by nature, and through courses such as world geography the student can understand this. "And this is what I learned in my Advanced Alphabet class," says Carolyn Stout as she displays one of her World History class projects. B S. IHDIVIBUM lllilllli TAX RETURN-1961 A i U ou, ..,, Lv ........, t.-- 1 -t -M wa V f nu our on ummm M .1 ,. in, we seem on PM -" A' " ' Wmv.1U-.wffiI-um-sua-1..-.4-inunfma v ' 4 vfef,.wff.s4--mmm-v-qs muy. ly fi its . may "'- . , if r ff , T ,W ,, it ,, . lyk "You know," Hershel Meyer explains to Wanda Haskins and Carolyn Croorn, "it was Z1 Russian who said, 'These Americans are amazing MRS. WILLIAM G. FLEMING American History Bachelor of Liberal Law University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 1 Ukgyanw . um umii i? IIIASK kfxmsxs nngmi we fy ff MR. ROBERT O. SMITH American History Bachelor of Science in Education, Henderson Statc Teachers College Arkadelphia .qumu.a?l" 1 il Ti vi -iframe ---every year they get wiped out by the income tax, :incl still they come back'." MRS. JULIAN PRIDDY American History Bachelor of Science in Education State Teachers College, Conway - if My ,. H 'Qi L, ,im :L ,I , M I 5 3 .wt ,,V. I I ,f I f . V' Q ' -5' V K g , V V sf' if it ,af MR. C. W. MCFALL World History Bachelor of Arts, University of New Mexico Albuquerque slim, A i fl "EAW MRS. LOUISE SCHMIDT MRS. CHARLES FOWLER' A Human Relations Human Relations, World History Bachelor of Science, Howard Bachelor of Science in Education, Payne College, Brownwood, Texas Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia oc ical Sc ie nee ' flue cworlcl jo Q4 cviciouo eircle . . 04 earouoel MRS. GARLAND BEAVERS To understand others, one must first understand him- self is the basic theory behind the course in Human Relations, the one social science or general psychology course offered at N.L.R.H.S. An elective for Sophomores, the course begins with an orientation to life in high school, and proceeds into the ways and means of developing good study habits. Of special interest to teen-agers is its field of con- centration on manners and proper etiquette for all occasions, boy-girl relationships, courtship, marriage, and better family relations. From the standpoint of personal and community relation- ships, the course offers studies in driver fitness and attitude, and the effects of alcohol and narcotics. To help the student decide what career he will pursue, there is a study of the various occupations, their advantages and disadvantages, skill and training requirements. And to reach its ultimate aim of helping the student develop a satisfactory philosophy of life, the course also looks into logical thinking and good mental health. Besides the textbook. students have available a great quantity of research material in magazines, newspaper r I IL clippings, and pamphlets by recognized authorities: see a number of selected films, and hear talks by trained professional personnel. MIND YOUR MANNERS! A lesson in introduction by Fred Hanchey, Charlotte Clements, and Beth Mills. Head of the Human Relations Department Bachelor of Music, and Special Studies in Guidance Counseling, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville The mathematical sciences of geometry, algebra, and trigonometry are several thousand years old. Yet, the 'problems that intrigued the founders of mathematics still tax the brains of the modern high school students. They must prove the proven, solve the solved, discover the discovered in order to understand and appreciate what the Euclids and Archimedeses of mathematical history did for the world. Every- thing in this world is based on or composed of some form of math. Physics is the bridge between math and science and is made up of both. The student learns about the forces of nature, air and water, light, heat, sound, electricity and the laws of motion, gravity, time, gases and many others. Where math and science shows HOW something is done, Physics tells WHY, Through physics one learns why and how he is able to walk, an apple falls, astar shines, and steam forms. Physics shows the stu- dent how the human race is dependent upon its knowledge of physical laws for its simplest actions and material comforts. Biology is the study of life on this planet. In high school it gives a student an opportunity to study heredity, botany, Zoology, physiology, and ethnology in an interesting and fascinating way. Often the student is inspired to continue his study of these fields even after he has completed high school. Through Chemistry the student learns the make- up of matter in every form. l b 1 , 3 Look at that report card burn! Physics students recreate a complexed problem. ath-Sc ience Zill fhem Tagore fhey multiply! MISS BESS JOHNSTON Head of the Mathematics Department Bachelor of Arts University of Arkansas Fayetteville MRS. JAMES TAYLOR Head of the Science Department Bachelor of Arts, Erskine College, Due West, South Carolina Master of Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Jada! 422772941 6? " ' 1 A,f',l,r,' K My l MRS, FRED CROOM MRS. O. D. LAWLESS Plane Geometry Plane Geometry Bachelor of Arts, University Bachelor of Science in Education of Arkansas, Fayetteville State Teachers College Conway, Arkansas .X "lt's all right with me. let's take it to the cafeteria!" says Johnny Glaze to Biology teacher Mr. Manson. 1 'Q- M 2-Timm tw K 'tif' X "Well, I still say she didn't have to take our chairs away!" Storms Raymond Medlock to Woody Armour. MR. GLENN SHARP Alegebra and General Mathematics Bachelor of Science in Education Henderson State Teachers College Arkadelphia, Arkansas MRS. CLIFFORD L. HALTOM Business Law and Business Arithmetic Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts North Texas State University Denton, Texas " . . . which translated means, 1 cup of sugar and 3 eggs. . Sherrill Stepter explains to James Coker. Wee W 4 an ' R, X-mf dh I SM, I, I 5' V ,x A af -- .Q- S fl! wrath , hi It may not Work on sinks, but let's try it here. Oliver Latta and Tommy Snider clean up MISS SALLY WADE Chemistry Bachelor of Science Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway MRS. EULA BLEVINS Biology Bachelor of Science, Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway Master of Arts, Peabody College Nashville, Tennessee Master of Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville K 2 3 , Wag - N7 ff ,. , . 1 iv MR. DAVID H. MANSON Biology Bachelor of Science Master of Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville ,..- fZf7'f '- 'f- H 2 ,., , ' 22? 1, . " 4: ' 345' V W'TJ:'Hff' ,.,P4 Z1 jf r M 4, y 1.51112-.':'5::,, . , ..., 2:1 4, uz'lw:7 ' ., ' ,Mm , H ,.,. , . Q ,,, ol the lab for an experiment. MRS, ELAINE GOODE Biology Bachelor of Science Arkansas State Teachers College Conway MRS. W. W. MILLER Head of the Commercial Department Bachelor of Science, Arkansas State College, Jonesborog Master of Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville I l o omme rc wal The Commercial Department of NLRHS trains the students who want to enter into the "big world of business" after they graduate. The department is so thorough in its wide range of studies and teachings that many stu- dents do not have to attend a business school to receive supplementary training in order to get a well-paying job. Future stenographers, accountants, and secretaries have a wide range of courses available: shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, and office practice. Those who wish to enter 'business for themselves are aided by courses in business organization, law, and management. The Commercial Department is always kept up to date with the addition of new electric machines in the business machine class and the latest methods and pro- cedures of bookkeeping. In this way NLRHS students are assured of a complete and modern education in the busi- ness field. 4 li fo err 50 gfuman . . . SC Goo' O 4 Q 1 a 0 MRS. VERTIE BAXLEY Bookkeeping Bachelor of Arts, Harding And this is supposed to be a "1-girl office!" Bookkeeping students ponder College, Searcy over accounting problem s . , 55262149 29500 IXEBOOA I , To type or not to type--that is the question. Typing lab students jack away. ""'-nf Ns if ' y W- vw- W- N.. A I 'f J-'ru t me-n...,,. 1f..-Q..,,,-ww 'M-...N K s Well, let's see two thousand newspapers and almost one textbook. That should be enough practice for this period. Mary Chisam transcribes. MISS REBECCA MERKEL MRS. MARY HENDRICKSON MRS. MAXINE BARTON HART MRS. DONNA O'PRY LYNN Business Training Typing and Shorthand II Office Practice Shorthand, Business Law Bachelor of Science in Education Business Education Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Science in Henderson State Teachers College, Bachelor of Science, Mississippi Administration, Baylor University Education, Ouachita Baptist Arkadelphia State College for Women, Waco, Texas College, Arkadelphia and Columbus, Mississippi Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Arkansas 'Q' .,.-9' ,of QT? I Baum S! MRS. ANNE W. BROWDER Home Economics I Home Economics I Bachelor of Science, Alabama Bachelor of Science in Polytechnic College, Auburn Home Economics Master of Science, Iowa University of Arkansas, State College, Ames Fayetteville 01116 C" '04 Stitch in time', fhen rip out nine MRS. JANIVE BLANCHARD "Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble there's no place like home." This phrase is true as long as it's a home and not a house. Comfort, companionship, understanding, and love makes the difference. Based on these be- liefs the Homemaking Department strives to produce homernakers who can make these qualities inherent in tomorrow's homes. Girls who enroll in either of the two courses of Home Economics not only learn the basic me- chanics of homemaking but how to make the best of interior decoration inspired by imagination and needsg child care, home nursing, entertainment in the home, and keeping a cheerful, friendly atmosphere in the home. Learning by experience is the method of teach- ing applied in this course. But you'll find no droop- ing hems or sagging seams because the girls work until they have produced clothing of perfection to please the watchful eyes of their class instructors. Home projects are also encouraged to help the student practice their skills at home. The students are required to turn in one of the projects each six weeks, each representing a separate phase of home- making. Sew, cut, toil and trouble, Needle burn and brain bubble. MRS. FRANCES SMITH Head of Home Economics Dept. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Prehistoric man started his road to im- provement with the invention of the wheel. Down through the ages men have steadily improved their mechanical knowledge. Today there are not only skilled mechanics but also men specialized in the knowledge of electrical engineering, drafting, and crafts. The NLRHS Vocational Department endeavors to teach the future tradesmen the fundamental arts of today's mechanical world. The well-trained instructors teach their stu- dents the basis of mechanics, electronics, machine shop, and industrial arts. Into the hands of such departments as our vocational Department, as well as the many other vocational departments throughout the United States, falls the responsibility of developing the tradesmen of tomorrow. rf .urb ,l Only a Sophomore and l've already got M my OWU 21Dl'OI1. ocationo glowtorclgcwrench, Cnaila, dnihdel' . Now let's see, it says 1+ 1 ...? says Richard Wallace. "Man, dig those pin-striped piston rings!" says Lloyd Cauley to Allen Edgin. Do3sn't look like therc would be much demand for scrolls now-a-day . . . says Kenneth Xlilliams. pe ration ucceoojull MR, W. CONWAY WILSON Machine Shop Ra Industrial Arts Bachelor of Science in Education University of Arkansas, Fayetteville l 3 3 'inf mg M ak M ac 'l e what I Who do you think I am Dr. Frankenstein? hine Shop boys toil away. MR. EUGENE WISE Related Science and Math Electronics Bachelor of Science Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway Minus 5,4,3,2,l -- Up scope Z Gotherman squares things up. MR. EUGENE A. PARKER MR. TOMMY MILLER MR. MERRELL OLLAR Auto Mechanics Woodwork Mechanical Drawing University of Arkansas, Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science Fayetteville Arkansas State Teachers College, Arkansas A Sz M College Sweeney School of Auto Conway Monticello Mechanics, Kansas City, Missouri 34 ' ' ,ar ' If i. 'NM "One ought at least to hear a little melody everyday, read a fine poem, see a good picture, and if possible, make a few sensible remarks," said Goethe. Thus literature, art, music, and speech make up the world of Fine Arts. NLRHS encourages the development of these "priceless arts" and gives the students the op- portunity to discover and train his talents. And hardly a year goes by without a special honor being bestowed upon a student of art, drama, band, or music. Art, thought by most people, is simply draw- ing and painting. But it consists also of interior decorating, magazine layouts, landscaping, and count- less other forms of decoration. Drama is not simply the study of acting, but also the methods used to speak and perform effect- ively in everyday life. Music, of course, is the international language. lt is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and is still popular today. "To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and to catch the good that is within our reach, is Gee, this is almost as much fun as underwater basket weaving! Art students work on Christmas decorations. ine carte "flue feat fltingo fin fise . . " care cpriceleoo the great art of life." ...... Samuel Johnson. MRS. SEARCY THOMPSON MR. RAYMOND BRANDON MRS. JIM GRIMMETT Head of the Art Department Head of the Department of Music Head of the Department Of Speellh Bachelor of Science, Murray State Bachelor of Music, Vandercook and Drama College, Kentucky School of Music, Chicago, Illinois Bf1Ch910l' Of 50161106 in EdUCati0Y1, Master of Arts, Western State College, and MHStS1' of Edl1Cati0H, State Colorado Teachers College, Conway, Arkansas Gee, this is fun! Mom would never let me paint on the walls at home. Elizabeth Spain, Barbara Thompson, Jeannie Hardcastle, and Kathy Middlebrooks paint Christmas scenery in the foyer. C-'arf an'o Gjldeoi: eano of .Self Qxpreooion An integral part of the spirit of American people is the freedom to express themselves. The Art Department of NLRHS encourages the development of unusual interests and the abilities of its stu- dents by providing a Wholesome atmosphere in which to work and excellent instruction. The art classes not only provide an outlet for the talents and energies of the students, but they also perform useful services for many school or- ganizations. These services include preparation of scenery and backdrops for assemblies, Christmas and other seasonal decorations in the lobby, the tra- ditional Wildcat head at football games, and art work for various other school activities. The Art Department offers a very broad and liberal course. The painting, ceramic figurines, pottery, leather work, centerpieces, and various other sorts of handwork that adorn every convenient wall and table, never cease to amaze and please the visitor. Who can point out the potential Rembrandt, DaVinci, or Picasso that now walks these very halls? Perhaps some day one of these students may astound the world with the perfection, ori- ginality, and beauty of his individual work. Then we can point with pride as we remember that his career began in NLRHS! They said we couldn't carve on the desks, but they didn't say anything about painting. First year art students work on daily assignment. l thought when I got out of grammar school they'd let me use something stronger than water colors. Beverly Weathersby. Harold Phillips, Barbara Thompson, Sherry Cathy and Kathy Middlebrooks demonstrate sketching and painting at thc AEA meet- ing. ,Keri l 1 Q. 'Bi if 5- 3 .ff 's - im W-w.....+ 5 Having trouble with your pronunciation, enunciation, and grammar in general? How is your inflection and voice modulation? These are only a few of the myriad of things that NLRHS Speech students must consider in order to make public speaking become a common and desirable everyday thing. Debate, as a part of the overall speech program, helps students overcome stage fright and gain self con- fidence, and the ability to think clearly. lt emphasizes the importance of knowing what you are talking about and considering both sides of a problem before draw- ing a conclusion. By gaining self confidence and the ability to think clearly, the debaters become better cit- izens, for these skills are necessary in a democratic society like ours. Debates are frequently held with other school teams, and occasionally our groups have made television and other public appearances. Drama makes up the third important part of the speech program. Students are schooled in make-up, cos- tuming. and the finer points of acting. As a result, the productions of the Drama Class are more polished and have a more "professional air" about them than most high schools and even some colleges . Thus in Speech I and ll the student learns how to speak publicly, privately, and how to do it effectively. In Debate, they learn how to form unbiased opinions and how to argue a point. And, in Drama they have the chance to use their ability to entertain with the experience they gained in Speech l. The number you dialed has been disconnected. . . Operator Pat Sockwell informs Jim Higham. "And now a word from our sponser. . ." Frances Nail announces, Speech carte "c.4ll fine cworldl 04 Stage . . " ., "Ami the affirmative believes that Santa Claus should con- tinue to enter through the chimney!" Vicki Lafferty debates as Pam Warrick and Tommy Riggs listen. rf' 1 38 B "What's the use in using an anesthetic when the patient can't even holler?" Sonny Digby and Gary Johnson operate on David Petty. "Maybe Metrecal would help," Micky Cupp info rm s Santa "I knew she'd eat it Whether it was in the Script or not!" gripes Johnny Shepherd as Katy Wynne gobbles away. "Yes, your Honor, I might as Well tell you now,,,.,, there is no Santa Clause." fDavid Lewisj. vv That's right, officerg people from Arkansas don't wear shoes," Bill Lafferty informs Wiley Belew while Pat Weed naps. Students watch the annual Christmas Speech plays, X Y E :ln K "Drat those wolves" l'll take my goodies and go home," says Becky Rose. 1 'ENN' During the football season the Band is combined into one o .o ' effort--the Fighting Wildcat Marching Band, which always supports the football team. whether winning or losing. 4 "'i'41 This Band during the twelve weeks of football season, enter- , tains all football fans with excellent half-time shows. After football season the band settles doxm to serious business and the Marching band is divided into two divisions--the Concert Band and The Varsity Band. The Concert Band is made up of only the very best players and are hand chosen by Mr. J. R. Brandon, Band Director. The remainder of the Bandsmen are placed in the Varsity Band. These Bands have two annual concerts each year and many 1?35nfi,?jLt2Q,ai?,nd Captain and C' J' Barron, other activities, which they perform to make all Wildcats proud. ome Qu oglong ogncl ear fha :wonderful cwilclcat and Historian Carolyn Ford displays the Band Scrapbook- Band Quartermasters George Tenney, Delbert Howard, Larry Weir, Harvey Wolfe, and James Tyler, Band Stage Crew Larry Glover, Raymond Jackson, Robert ldom, Ronnie Franks, and Ricky Williams. Nfl The Marching Band performs at the Thanksgiving Day game. A' Yr, mf ' K 3 s i' A Q , 1 sa 1 9 fa ' ' M? K. irq fl? mis ? , ,1 Af VV.A .. 1 V , . 5 5 , , Q 3 K V f rf- 1:47 s . ik y y , , ., VAEW ga, Kyyh , n ' N, ii 5. A 4"f"?W , 4 E - 'f s 3' my 1, J-0 4 ei I f ' ,' J I .- I yr g I , , ,V Qi, K ,gh , ra i I-, ,t g 1 K ,. ini Y , h . Q f r-,,-7',,,,f,,wF3 i s My A I r ,. as in .ig g ,- V 3 M ' ' 5 . . . 23 2 . P yr I I - X A M I -V K , L ,. mesmrr s g 9 m , Q i55'fiw : V ' Mggglis ,Wi ir, 'A r , Y ' Q ,,,' 57?1Sfj j K N ,-LL, A L Q as Y L, 515,55 V L V 3 A 4. t H h i X :L k K X . . -uv. f -X we The Concert Band performs for the Baud Assembly. Sophomore Band learns new maneuvers. xii. in iv X ,S Band publicity chairmen Carolyn Ford, Marty Publicity chairmen Barbara Smith and Marty De-Yiney, and Barbara Ann Smith. DeViney look over a list of advertising prospects. N.,:,',"x Band librarians Sherry Hunt, Nancy Friedrich, Jo Etta King, and Betty Corpier file music sheets. The Varsity Marching Band perform during half time for the Thanksgiving Day football game. i 0 "One ought at least hear a little melody every day," said Goethe. And what better place could one be heard than in the Choral Depart- ment at NLRHS! Here Sophomores learn the essentials of music and gain experience by working with a group in Glee Club. Juniorsimay continue their choral studies in Junior Girls' Chorus or Choir. This previous training is valuable in trying out for Senior Choir, which is a special honor for anyone selected. This choir is in great demand to perform at various school and civic activities. From the Senior Choir a Boys' Quartet, Girls' Trio, and En- semble are selected. Added choral attractions are the Boys' Chorus and Senior Girls' Chorus. MR. CLARENCE S. WHITE Vocal Music Bachelor of Arts, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, Bachelor of Music and Master of Religious Education, Southwestern Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas M612 :ith eharmo and call that gazz "Adeste Fidelis" sing Senior Choir members: Barry Hall, Carolyn Dornblazer, David Coles, Rebecca Holt, Arlen McDonald, Penny Hughes, and Tommy Bjorkman. Frances Tucker is accompanist. MRS. LESTER BICKFORD Vocal Music Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music, I I phiiiips Ui-iivei-sity Enid Qkiaiioma The Senior Choir sings for the Thanksgiving Assembly. 2 4 V , , , K I av XW p Y ww 42 With the Musical Varieties Feature this year, 'Ok1ahoma,' came a lot of work that produced a lot of fun for the audience as well as the members of the Cast ....... all the hours of rehearsal paid off on the production termed "professional" by many showgoers. Ln addition to the highlight of the year, Musical Varieties , the Senior Choir and Senior Boys Quartet participated in many other activities. . QQ 1 mi Mi l Q Performing from left to right are Junior Choir, Senior Girls' Trio, Senior Girls' En- semble, Senior Girls' Chorus. and Sophomore Glce Club. Various choral groups perform for the an- nual Christmas Assembly. fa' Officers of the Sophomore Glee Club are qseatedj Judy Philliber, Kathryn Keese, qstand- ingj Linda Yaeger. Natalie Mirontshuk, Kaye Myers, and Jeannie Cole. 3 -QE sz ..!- k . Y, NLTHS endeavors each year to produce stu- dents that are the best-all-around. To do this the student must be educated physically and mentally. The Physical Education Department on Wildcat Hill endeavors to fulfill the physical needs. Any student who enrolls in P,E, participates in various sports activities and games which teach the im- portance of physical fitness and good sportsmanship. Girls participate in volleyball, badminton, flag football, fundamentals and fine points of softball, basketball, tumbling, calisthenics, and various track activities. In the Spring and early fall, classes meet out- side for football, softball, and other activities. Then in the colder months, classes meet inside for volleyball, basketball, tumbling, dancing and others. Sore and aching muscles are many times the result of these exercises and games. Soon the stu- dent realizes that he or she is receiving alesson in fair play, responsibility, and co-operation and the thought of the bruised bones, sick stomachs and tired tendons soon is forgotten. The national physical fitness program has served as an alarm to awaken the youth of today. We as a nation have become soft and luxury-loving, but hope is not lost. The students at NLRHS are taking part in this program. They are not only strength- ening their minds with studies, but their bodies with physical exercises also. l fi -1--bs. ,S "Ready or not, here I come!" exclaims Greg South. luyo Q61 ---- 50 puoh-upo cz day :will get you an 04 MR. JAMES ALBRIGHT MISS FRANCES LEWIS Head of the Department of Girls' Physical Education Physical Education Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Edu- cation Arkansas Tech, Russellville Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway iw? .in 1 Q L 1. Xu X3 K, . il ' Frm' MR. JAMES BOHANNON Physical Education for Boys Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion Arkansas Tech, Russellville MR. VERNON HUTCHINS Physical Education for Boys Health Bachelor of Science in Edu- cation Henderson State Teachers College Arkadelphia, Arkansas S Y ?f.: " J T ' ' 'V i it 2. ' X I wr ,A QQ.z,.,,.,,,-,W A ,,,k A f fl YL 3 , Vx 1 , . ,mv I , L eis gf ,I gl 5,5 ry , V w . vu... A F ,,,,-ns'l- ,V N ,.,.m 4. A 46 So you're Tarzan, so what? What is this, the Bolshoi ? MR. DON JOLLY Physical Education for Boys Bachelor of Science in Education Arkansas Tech, Russellville "Who greased the grapevine ?" exclaims Greg Seaton ,A 1 -A Q PE, tw.-Y l- :Q M2-+A--K f A Q- -f if .-Muggsw wzlzlearwmv - I -' -- kiwi, jjf' fffzewggzgglf muse ffl22fg:1Qe1!we?if 259695 LN? .. '- -- n ,Q-lg is f F on ,X A ,.., , .,,. fi lm-iyqfgg ,M,.Q. . ,fm ga.wiw,,lgSel2?p farm W .ii 'l'W1Hsle5zf' e7Ql:i'l:wAQSam -miami-u,w,. L gp-1,22,,.. ,,,gv,W Q,a,, ,,. .. -- ffl Q . -,S a t -x f E' " T: 'K 5, A K 4 From volleyball to shuffleboard and basket- , ,,l,l , -- '+o - - --- - - f , ball to Cahsthemcs mls 15 h?Wt?e lady 'ff -gskgil,-I A Wildcats maintain their beauti ul i res ' Q X without Metrecal. ., V: ' Q K : i I . gl lg l A 9 ' W , ' - A , A g g i e Q 5- A 1 , Q, '- wi ' ,:K1F-Jwzfffbig fiwmgvflgi fli- - Qlfi . ,V ,. Aer: -, ae. ., ,. :W an L, has-5 tk ,, xx 'A 5 " avi? F in . . , 25'- 'L E gg ,. ,I 1w ',-k t gsiis. if . ,- g 54'qi,5 , Q . k, , 'vqzf 55 ,, fx ,Q Hp11,,,12gg1,f+5gg1f ' -fii'4ai43?i45g,fJEii1L5 it ,-we ,N ,J . f ff f '-.1f.Sf -my 3.48, in .,.. . , ,Wi , X T bt 2 'h 1 vr -my Vg5wgy,gwsI19211wr"ff A Wm ,fag W we af Q lx 2222372 H ,jk ,Sw f 13 H ' :I ,. .eWQl,2?3? fs,zlyy:1g,ega11f,,1e,ya,lg-?iwe5Mlasmaf:zie?f Ml ma,zzsvMv1fm,.gJlu k.:5,::'i,s,5:, .,. gfxzjf .15--js. '- -T41 fl " 'ii' , ':.:4.'aEa5?WT:a:'::?Ef5?2 . S'i"f--'-- V525 .. ff X 'V l .,, E. Q gg, Y L " .. g .: ::':"...a: -"'55W.-'K-in ":s'ff:wF: ..-'Lin-5 tH '.v: flaw :-.EEZ " 'i 52 . l l as.. 'F -f -fs-af' f - -Sw . fp.,w S7' Wffzeiifk Q: .Taxi c -f ::'-.:- M -2 f '- ss, , , -sau,-Q : - -: M - - w u s, +2-ji' 'L - .: f' :s ',, 11'-v fam-fw::,5,,'mg E , ,A . V "" . .l '11 f . . '- .aff f 1 ' , MRS. LOIS THOMPSON Girls' Physical Education Bachelor of Science in Education, North Eastern State College Tahlequah, Oklahoma 47 4.4. . 1 if if' if li x 33+ ?25"ff'l North Little Rock Senior High sponsors avaried program in physical education. Among the class activities are calisthenics , folk dancing, basketball, acrobatics , and volley- ball. Yet, pictures speak louder than a hundred words. r s iieeq , i, i,.. :ii f ' Q A K up ty - g. f- ,V Y, Q fisjq ' eg ' ' psi, , I 'ii 'if' X j -y T YR Q iss .ka V577 .H Z.. liri i Q K 38 '- ,,M,i.i ,,, i if Q l' kd. if f?3ill?ii??gi1 A I Sl . fl ,n . '- V . ' - imstnffgihfifiltiifisliW Q . '- i'ir M r " ,, 7 it i ucdicdutcuucuuu y t rilsir f ilr r l csir 1 d is R55 X r i s ig ff' ' 'N " ' ' ' .A as V Q f 1 Ia m-?"' We -'M "if',4,IfI- ,..,. :.+-Wifi - , f ,T ..-- l:, . iwsfwffy - f . ' ,, ,':iig:ii1,j' .,,. -V .- .sz , ,igksggwzwv " ga' -, ' ' i"f:TsQsf1sx?- - , ggsgfzLgfsg'. - fr . V- affix? - V 2 ., . 4 ,i,, ,. , '51 ' :iifl ' V LKESY' Mx f '- fai r- 'iiifiifff wi 'EQQLSDS 'Y 531555 V- V :garb ' -I .ft T iii-'lf-f M,',1s3fflE2f?:-if. . - f-:' 1, if Y K 1,-fe . sw, , V .S . - i - ., w::s'.i 1 i ng, f,,.f- L- QW, . ' a H H a 'id" an A J f Q V ' f- , . sw ' , Us .,..,, - ,1f-gs, ,A , - f A - 1 ' t ' . xg 2 are fm.- iRe2iS?f?'2f,,:fi.1' - f K Q A ' -' A - .- . . A fi g .-e.-..,f. 4. X 'fWLf !wsw -A 1 , I '57 1 e , w,-- ' i 48 i Since physical fittness is being emphasized so much in this modern age, the N.L.R. physical education department makes interesting the chore of exercise and keeping in shape. The one promise of this department is, "A surprise every day!" M' x Iii" J, 4, Ig. .M 'Q gag 1 f sf 2 fi' i , E K, 1, . Q fi" 1 1 ,fi ,, 1? f ss 525 ' .,, , ff , 1 5 .. .mi ,x,,,.: W -as 2' L. X 4 ,vw L. 'E x W. f' T . f i ' V -5? , , ' ' ,.-53.5 . g 'P , S ,,,.L N H L , ., iii! f Q: ' if X '1 8 5 A fl 3 .f 'F A-'41 QF' ,iff The foundation of victory is courage...P1utarch W X N x x Ni M Q E X V , , 4' ,I E3 Q1 Q? X 3 ia X Q5 J N X A J fx R wil -x W X N u S 554 Q W . J Butting heads with some of the toughest competition seen in two years, the Wildcats opening the season with only four returning lettermen, managed to overcome their lack of playing time and pulled out a .500 season with six wins and six losses, the best record since 1959. At the beginning of the year, head football coach Jim Albright faced one of the toughest problems he has had to face when he found that he had only one veteran, Mike Vaughan, in the backfield and only two seasoned linemen, Stuart Hankins and Doug Odom. His other letterman, Leroy Shumate, had had only goal-line de- fense experience and almost everyone else on the team had only their 'B' team experience and a lot of hope. Hope was not the only asset which held the Wildcats together. Determination and plenty of desire helped Coach Albright and Coach Don Jolly, headline coach, to mold a fairly hard driving offense and a mean de- fense. Stalwarts Glen Montgomery, Dwight Gill, and Stuart Hankins helped to spur the 'Cats when the spirit seemed low, and helped immensely to make the breaks when they were needed most. A tribute should now be extended to our dedicated Wildcat football coaches, Jim Albright, Don Jolly, Vernon Hutchins and Jim Bohannon, along with a wish to our Wildcat Genie for an undefeated, unscored on, 1962 football season. "Just wait 'till halftime." Coach Albright confers with Coach Jolly during the Hall vs. N.L.R. game. nexpe rienceal eau get qlnexpectecl 6-5 Seaman MIKE VAUGHAN DOUG ODOM STUART HANKINS Co-Captain Co-Captain Co-Captain Halfback Guard Tackle 2 year lette rm an 2 year letterman 3 year letterman LEROY SHUMATE GLENN MONTGOMERY Tackle Guard 2 year letterman 1 year letterman ehicko cpecover gamble, :win 13-7 A tragic night for the Cats on their first away- from-home game as the Cats received their first defeat of the year at the hands of the Blytheville Chicks. The statistics tended to show the Cats as out- playing the Chicks for they gained 155 yards to the Chicks 85 and 11 first downs to their 6. Both teams scored in the first quarter with Vaughan returning a punt 59 yards and Wesley Byrd adding the PAT. The Chicks then scored on a pass. The game stayed a 7-7 deadlock until the tragic 4th period when NLR fumbled on their own 21 yard line and the Chicks scored, ending the scoring with a Chick victory of 13-7. DENNIS WILKINS DANNY MONROE End End 1 year letterman 1 ye ar lette rm an cwildcato eruoh frojano 16-O On September 8, 1961, an inexperienced Wildcat team took the field against the Subiaco Trojans, and upset the prediction by a victory of 16-0. The Wildcat defense, led by Glen Montgomery, a line backer, and Stuart Hankins held the Trojans to only 85 yards rushing and 5 first downs. Halfback Mike Vaughan scored first with a five yard sweep after the 'Cats had driven 66 yards. Wesley Byrd scored second with an off-tackle plunge. Byrd scored PAT's. The final score came when Subiaco fumbled a snap from center on apunt and was caught in the end zone for a touchback. cwarrioro cmaooacre eau 20-O "Jinx," is the word best describing our defeat by Hall High, The Cats just haven't been able to whip the Injuns since they first began playing them. This year didn't prove to be any different as the Warriors took home a 20-0 smash victory. The Wildcats lacked nothing in effort but their in- experience just proved to be too much for them. The Cats held the Injuns to only 7 points in the first half, but the determined Warriors came back with everything they had in the second. Hall scored on three passes and a punt, return, licking the Wildcats with a score of 20-0. DWIGHT GILL J. D. BRASHEAR Tackle Back 1 year letterman 1 year letterman 52 A , 2. 16-in Mirroring despair in his eyes, halfback Joe Marshall faces the age old problem of a back, no blocking. A good back forgets the odds and never s ops running WOODY ARMOUR Center 1 year letterman WESLEY BYRD DAVID MAY LANE STROTHER Fullback Halfback Halfback 1 year letterman 1 year letterman 1 year letterman qi 51-W. ' 17,7 if ' ,wwf O 'MQW ,- n DANNY FUNDERBURG JOHN INGRAM Tackle Guard l 'year letterman 1 year letterman .Sharp Quia ibull cpointero Their inexperience now more or less overcome, the Cats finally pulled out another victory after losing 3 straight. The Van Buren Pointers made the Wildcats work' for their victory as a sharp bunch of Cats pulled out a 17-12 victory on a 24 yard field goal kicked by Wesley Byrd and two extra points added to two touch- downs. The scoring came as follows: In the first half Byrd kicked a 24-yard field goal. In the second Vaughan scored again making the score 10-0. In the third quarter -Mumme passed to Vaughan and Byrd kicked the PAT, making the score 17-6. Van Buren scored then, but the mighty Wildcat line crushed the extra point ending the game 17-12. RAY BALL JIM HIGHAM Center Fl1llb21Ck 1 year letterman 1 year lettefman Qilero grill cwilalcato 23- 77 Trying for their first big 9 win, the Cats traveled to El Dorado for their fourth game of the season only to be beaten with a score of 23-7. 'Wesley Byrd scored for the Cats in the first half after a 91-yard drive in which the Wildcats looked surprisingly good. The score at the half was 7-0, in favor of the Cats. The Cats cou1dn't hold, and in the second half, El Dorado piled up points on a 7 play drive, an in- tercepted pass, a safety, and a 37-yard drive, in- cluding 3 extra points. frojano Tow fo eau 20-O N.L.R. got its first conference victory over the Hot Springs Trojans, with a victory of 20-0. The Cats' defense led by Gill, Hankins, and Glenn Montgomery were standouts as they held the Trojans to only 40 yards rushing to our 134. Wilkins scored first for N,L.R, as he caught a Mumme pass and Byrd added the PAT, his first of two. The Cats scored their second TD after a blocked punt gave them the ball. Marshall dived in for the TD. A thrilling screen pass capped the scoring as Vaughan raced to the chalk after ends Wilkins and Danny Monroe took out the last defenders. JOE MARSHALL DAVID LEE Halfback Guard 1 year letterman 1 year letterman Looking for a hole, All-Big-Nine Vaughan dances around while grubby linemen fight for their lives. MARVIN MUMME Quarterback 1 year letterman A nn" A NORMAN ELLIOT End 1 year letterman BOB SCARBOUROUGH WILL KETCHER Center End 1 year letterman 1 YGHI' leffefmilfl ver., f A-gun, , , . 7 ,,,,,, CRAIG SANDERS ARTHUR HORNICK Squadman Squadman cwildcato end eonway ginx, 19-7 The Cats rolled on as they pulled out their fourth victory of the season and put a stop to the infamous Conway Jinx, with a score of 19-7. North Little Rock scored the first time they got their hands on the ball, when a roughing-the-kicker penalty against Conway gave the Cats a first down on their own 44. Then Marvin Mumme lobbed a screen pass to halfback Mike Vaughn, who took it to Conway's 35. After a 15-yard penalty which put the Cats back on Conway's 42, Mumme again hit Vaughan at the 20, Vaughan then scored from the 7. Byrd's PAT was wide. Byrd and Marshall scored the next two other TD's on a sweep and a pass and Byrd kicked only 1 PAT. Conway scored in the final seconds and the game ended 19-7. TOMMY DODSON STEVE DANIELS Squadman Squadman Zelsrao false elooe Que gram eau The Cats' 3-game winning streak was broken as the Pine Bluff Zebras pulled out a 7-6 victory in Wildcat Stadium. The Cats scored first on a Mumme to Vaughan pass. Wesley Byrd's PAT was blocked, and the game remained the same until the second half, withthe score at 6-0 in NLR's favor. The third period meant defeat for the scrappy Wildcats, as Pine Bluff got the ball on their 45-yard line, ran a play to the Cats' 32, scored, and added the extra point, giving the Zebras the lead at 7-6. The game from then on remained all Pine Bluff, until the Cats got a fumble, but were unable to score and the game ended with the numbers in favor of the Zebras. fha qlew figero Tip eau 20-O A flat Wildcat team was beaten on this Friday in front of 2,000 fans by a fired-up Central High Tiger team, as the Bengals tore the Cats with a score of 20-0. Central's backs stood out all night as they piled up a total of 211 yds. rushing, to the Cats' 134. Central scored on 2 long runs and one short one, completing 2 PAT's. This game dropped the Cats to No. 7 in the Big- Nine standings. ERNIE BERRY BOBBY DORNBLASER Squadman Squadman The struggle for yardage is plainly shown in this pic taken during the prepares for the crushing weight of probably eight to six men, to ffill Catholic High vs. Wildcat Thanksgiving game. Joe Marshall fwith balll on his durable frame. BUDDY HOLLOWAY Squadman lvl LARRY SHALTON TOM MALONE Squadman Squadman BRYAN HENDERSON Squadman 133 ,, E l b I I I V l g , fruino free eato 53-7 'Expected' is the word best describing the loss of the Wildcats to the Fort Smith Grizzlies, with a score of 53-7 in Wildcat Stadium. ' No one really expected the Cats to pull out an upset over this unbeaten Big-Nine Championship team. In fact not many teams did expect a victory. Catholic High even cancelled their game with the Grizzlies as they did not have a chance to win and also so they could get ready for us. The Grizzlies scored on two runs and three passes. Vaughan scored for the Cats and J. Brashear added the PAT. N cwildcato Qobble cbocketo 14-7 eato Slap cpigo 33-O ju fhanlzogiving ebay qjlay-on Junior quarterback Marvin Mumme helped the Cats to a 33-0 victory over the Texarkana Razorbacks. The Cats were scoreless in the first quarter, but came to life and scored five touchdowns. Fullback. Jim Higham scored from the 2-yd. line and a Mumme-Strothers pass scored No. 2 and Brashears PAT's ended the scoring at the half. A Mumme-to-Vaughan pass scored the first of the Cats last 3 touchdowns, then Brashear scored on 45- yd. pass and Joe Smelser ended the scoring with an intercepted pass going for 65 yards. B r as h e ar added the third PAT. HERBERT HEAD JOE SMELSER Squadman Squadman Led by All-Big-Nine candidate Mike Vaughan, the North Little Rock Wildcats ended their season on a successful note by beating the Catholic High Rockets, 14-7. Vaughan set up both TD's as well as scoring both. By intercepting a pass he set up the first score, then he caught a Mumme pass to score. In the fourth period Vaughan raced 50 yards with a punt return and after two plays swept into the end zone. Brashear added both PAT's.. Coach Albright said he was pleased with the boys work and praised Ray Ball, a junior for his defensive job in the game. TERRY MERCIN JOHN DOBBS Squadman Squadman 58 l Spcctaculir pisses were caught and driving tackles were made, as is seen in upper photos. In upper left end Dennis Wilkins catches pass in Central game In lmxer rifflit XX ill ms and XX ill Ketchcr cream Hall back. ALAN GREGORY Squadman GILBERT DAVIS Squadman 60 , FIRST ROW: Sitting, R, Thompson, R. Morgan, D. Stricklin, A, Childers, Head, S, Loebner, R, Kelley, J. France, E, Kays, D. Johnston, J Guster R, Patterson, L. Shelton, B. Cook, M, Nowell, L, Faulkner, B. Juaire. THIRD ROW: T. Mercin, M. Melcaff, W. Rediny, P. Byrd, E. Dlffee M SECOND ROW: B. Henderson, J. Plummer, N. Spearmon, B. Little, H, Moore, B. Dornblaser, T. Stanphill, B. Thurman, P. Lyons and R Tallus CTZQSQSQS Wildcat ll if 866 "Tomorrow's Heroes:" To be a "B" teamer means to want to sacrifice for almost no recognition Usually, no one hears too much about the "Kittens" but they are just as responsible for the victories of the "A" team, as Well as for their losses. The Kittens play a tough schedule, playing "A" teams of the class A and B schools, as Well as the local "B" teams. This year's record of no wins proves the roughness of their schedule. Coach Vernon Hutchins coaches the "Bees" as well as the NLRHS track team. He has started many boys on their way to All'-Big Nine honors or other athletic accomplishments. Managers: T. Brown, J. Sanders, J. Plummer, J. Campbell, P. Esch, P. Risher. 13 'F' .1 , ., c i QV' W N A V7 if ., ,V .. : 1,1 ky ,hh:,:.z. :J-Q. ' 'ff' - '31 .21- -f"'w Y V 'VJ' 5. Y I 'iwifl 1 .Me T its K , lift z +L. r , wigs it M3zA7V'7f'p'5 'fa' lir'c ft rf' fy 'V R it 'ig at "-f Hi A T J .4 if Ni..-if it'c l, M ,L. 5 . l ,' 'ft -i ,. i,,,....,i Hwy 433' fm 'Lge '1-'-1 avr esteem if g,L.,? M Pig-,SEPT After a rather bad start, the North Little Rock Wildcat basketball team ended the season in excellent fashion, winning the Little Rock City tournament for the third straight year, earning the Big Nine Championship along with the Hall High Warriors, and finishing second in the State "AA-AAA" tournament. The season record was 23 wins and seven losses. The record is as follows: Jonesboro . . . 61 Wildcats . . . . 46 Nettleton .... 49 Wildcats .... 48 Wildcats .... 57 Conway .... 28 CITY TOURNAMENT Wildcats .... 55 Catholic High . . 37 Wildcats .... 48 Central .... 39 Wildcats .... 48 Catholic High . . 38 Hall . . . . . 57 Wildcats . . . .53 Wildcats .... 55 Hot Springs . . 39 Wildcats ---- 53 FO1'tSmith - - - 43 H1cks and Holsted place the runner-up All State trophy in the trophy case Blytheville , , . 48 VVildC3.tS .... 38 under the delighted approval of Coach Bohannon. Pine Bluff . . . 61 Wildcats . . . . 57 Wildcats .... 59 Central .... 54 Wildcats .... 68 Jonesboro . . . 57 Wildcats .... 49 Texarkana . . 29 Ed Dorado . . . 50 Wildcats . . . 48 Wildcats .... 70 Catholic High . . 46 Wildcats .... 48 Hall ...... 37 Wildcats .... 80 Fort Smith . . . 50 Wildcats .... 66 Hot Springs . . 45 Wildcats .... 30 Central .... 23 Wildcats .... 51 Blytheville . . . 41 0 wndcats .... 46 E1Dorado . . . 37 E 10110 Wildcats .... 47 Pine Bluff . . . 41 Wildcats .... 51 Texarkana . . . 48 Wildcats .... 60 Conway .... 52 , - STATE TOURNAMENT :AU elfyf 0411 gh? '9 Wildcats .... 60 Benton .... 26 Q Wildcats .... 51 Springdale . . 34 V y--u wiidcats .... 59 Fayettevnie . . 54 0411 State anne p Jonesboro . . . 49 Wildcats . . . . 41 JIM HOLSTEAD BASIL HICKS JOHN DAVID YOUNG 2 Year Letterman 2 Year LEW-Iffflfill 2 Year Letterman All Big-Nine 2 Years A11 State 1 Year Guard Senior SGIUOI' Senior on-Qonfe renee ameo Friday, December 1, the 1961-'62 edition ofWildcat Hill's basket- ball team journeyed to Jonesboro to open the season with the always powerful Hurricanes and were defeated 61-46. All-State center Jim Holsted led the Wildcats in the scoring department with 13 points. The following night, the Wildcats traveled to the little town of Nettleton and the Raiders surprised the North Siders 49-48 and the Cat's record read 0-2. December 5, the Cats returned home for the first home game of the year against the Conway Wampus Cats. Holsted led the Cats to their first victory of the young season scoring 19 big points in playing only three quarters. After winning the Little Rock City tournament, the Wildcats dropped the Catholic High Rockets 48-38 in a surprisingly close contest. Holsted again led the Cats scoring 26 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. The Wildcats' record jumped to 4-2. RONNIE LeMAY 2Year Letterman Friday, January 19, the Jonesboro Hurricanes invaded Wildcat A11 state Field House to do battle with the high riding Wildcats. Revenge was Junior what the Cats got as they avenged an earlier loss to the Hurricanes 68-57. On January 30, the cool Wildcats knocked off Catholic High for third straight time of the year, defeating them 70-46. At this stage of the season, this was the largest amount of points the Cats had scored. Delany Kinchen led all scorers with 20 big points. Friday March 2, the Wildcats dropped the Conway Wampus Cats for the second time to end the regular season. The Cats record read 19-6 with the State tournament yet to play. Holsted sacked 22 to led all scorers. eonie renee ameo Hall High's Warriors edged the Cats in the first conference game of the year for both teams 57-53. The Wildcats record now read 4-3. North Little Rock gained their first conference victory on January 2 when they walloped the Hot Springs Trojans 55-39. Holsted continued his outstanding play scoring 20 points and passing off for several baskets. Senior John David Young captured the Wildcats second conference victory almost single handed scoring 20 points and setting up key baskets with uncanny passing as the Cats dropped the Fort Smith Grizzles 53-43. After moving into second position by dropping the Grizzles, the Cats proceeded to lose their next two conference games to the Blytheville Chicks and then lost a heartbreaking game to the Pine Bluff Zebras. The record now stood at 6-5. TOMMY SKIPPER BIG JIM ADAMS BUTCH BURNETT 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman SGIHOI' Junior Senior .. ,Q "Portrait of a Champion." Basil Hicks shows the form that won him A11 State honors in these pictures against Hall High. BOBBY BROWNING DELANY KINCHEN SEABORN BELL 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman Squadman Junior Junior Jl1Hi0T 1 i Tuesday, January 16, the Blue and White traveled across the river to battle the Little Rock Central Tigers. The Wildcats proved a Wildcat is superior to a Tiger by clipping tne Tigers 59-54, Holsted again proved to be the leader by scoring 24 points and blocking several Tiger shots. Next in the line of suffers was the Texarkana Razorbacks who the Wildcats handled 49-29. Delany Kinchen accepted the leadership scoring 17 points and grabing 12 rebounds. Friday, January 26, the North Siders traveled to El Dorado in search of their fifth conference win, but had to wait as the Oilers dealt the Wildcats a crushing defeat. The final score read 50-48 and the Wildcats conference record had dropped to 4-4. After their conference record had dropped to 4-4, the deter- mined Cats then ran off 13 straight victories before they were up- ended in the finals of the state tournament. MIKE HOGUE Hall's Warriors ran in to the determined machine first and suffered their first conference loss 48-38. Delaney Kinchen again provided the spark the surging Cats needed racking up 13. The game was won on the boards as the Cats outrebounded the smaller Warriors 33-22. rebounded the smaller Squadman Junior The machine hit full steam Tuesday, February 6 and the Fort Smith Grizzles were the unfortunate who received the blow. The hot Wildcats poured in 80 big points and the best the Grizzles could do was 50. The Cats hit 57fZ, from the field and the Grizzles free throw shooting could not make up the difference. The Hot Springs Trojans were the next team in line to feel the sting of the smooth moving machine as the Big Blue dropped the Spa 66-45. The Cats fell behind at the start of the game and slowly put the Trojans. The powerful Cats showed that they could play any kind of ball and get the same results as they dropped the Central Tigers for win number five in the string of 13. The scoreboard read 2-2 at the end of the first period and 6-6 at halftime. By playing one game at a time, the Cats slowly moved toward the top spot. Playing before a packed house, the Cats moved into second place by trouncing the Blytheville Chicks 51-41. The loss dropped the Chicks into third place. Basil Hicks, an All-State forward, provided the extra punch the swiftly moving machine needed to repel the big strong Chicks. Tuesday, February 20, the machine keep moving right along as the Cats eased by the El Dorado Oilers. The win was number seven in the string successes. t Friday. February 23, the Wildcats, four buses of pepcats and two buses of boy supporters journeyed to Pine Bluff to due battle with the tall Zebras and escaped with victory number eight. ln' the final conference game of the season, the Wildcats sacked up their half of the Big Nine crown by defeating the Razorbacks of Texarkana 51-48. Kinchen clinched the game with two key baskets in the last minute. RICHARD BALDWIN BUDDY HOLLOWAY BILL BOSLEY Squadman Squadman Squadman Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore "Hang tough, Big Jimmy!" All Big Nine Jim Holstead pulls down a rebound during the Hall-North Little Rock game. All State Ronnie LeMay looks on. All State Basil Hicks lays up two points against Hall. 455 CLARK MORGAN DAVID TEEGARDEN PAUL HICKS Squadman Squadman Squadman Junior Sophomore Sophomore if , gf- , vf If A. State fournament By finishing in a tie for the Big Nine, the 1961-'62 edition of the Wildcat basketball team earned a spot in the "AA-AAA" State Tournament at Barton Coliseum March 7-10. Continuing along at afantastic pace, the wonderful Wildcats romped over the Benton Panthers 60-26. Holsted led the Cats in scoring, netting 13 of the Wildcats first 17 points and finished the night with 17 markers. The highlight of the game for the Wildcats was the excellent defense which held the Panthers to a grand total of zero points in the third period. Victory number 12 was easily earned as the strong Cats downed BEfUfIARD SINGLETON the Springdale Bulldogs 51-34 in a quarterfinal game of the tour- gggigxige nament. Junior Ronnie LeMay led the assault on the Bulldogs driving through defenders for easy baskets. Keyed up for the biggest game of the year, the Wildcats played like a championship team as they downed the number one ranked Fayetteville Bulldogs 59-54. LeMay, who earned an All-State berth for his outstanding play, led the Cats to awell deserved victory scoring 18 points and stealing numerous passes. Hicks, who also won a berth along with Holsted and LeMay, added 14 tallies and Holsted followed Hicks with 12. By downing Fayetteville, the Cats earned the right to play the Jonesboro Hurricane inthe final game of the tournament. After being high as a kite for the Fayetteville game, the Cats let up just a little too much and the smart hustling Hurricane jumped into an early lead and managed to maintain the lead for the Class "AA-AAA" State Championship. "Will he make it?" Wildcat senior John David Young chalks up two aginst Hall as Basil Hicks looks on. 1 JAKE ROL F Z Squadman Sophomore ,lg ,,f-'C' ........."" 5 ,fa ll It " ff! A fy : Ad' jf' if xiii. --1 me . f l. Mm 'Wx-w-,. 'X I 'F r WX X 9 ' , 'H ,T-lg, IQ: : ffl, -A . W, ,aff 122 r I f 3 1. 1 Es fi iQ K 5 . X lf if ls, S3 4 if ' 'W J ,N ,Xe ,sf f kr wr A clever man turns great troubles into little ones, and little ones into none at al1...Chinese Proverb Student Body Officers Student Council Pepcats and Catettes Future Honnemakers Future Tradesmen Future Teachers Future Nurses Future Business Leaders Art Club Bookworms Key Club Junior Historians Junior Rocket Society Junior Red Cross Film Crew Stage Crew Theta Science E1 Circulo Espanol Quo Vadis Le Cercle Francais Y-Teens Forensic League Girls' Recreation Association Monitors Selecting capable leaders of our school is ahard and important task. Each year the candidates hand out election cards and buttons, make pledges, and Write speeches in preparation for the annual student council election assemble. The school constitution places certain requirements on students even considering running for an office and the student body requires that their leaders possess such qualities as high scholarship, high character. high ideals, good sportsmanship, and freedom from pre- judice. Win or lose, the election always tends to increase school spirit and unity, it is responsible for the making of many new acquaintances and the friendly atmosphere of the school. DON GOSS Vice-President of the Student Body CAROLYN DORNBLASER Secretary of the Student Body THOMAS BLUCKER President of the Student Body Qggacm of he Student Qouncil CHARLENE BANKS Treasurer of the Student Body One of the most vital organizations to function in N.L.R,H.S. is the Student Council. This organization helps the students to understand the motives of the school and promotes the general welfare for each student. The Student Council is composed of one representative from each homeroom and four officers. Each member must maintain a "C" average in every subject as well as a satisfactory citizen- ship grade to be eligible. The N,L,R,H,S, Student Council sponsors many activities such as the annual Thanksgiving Assembly. Through this project and many others Wildcats help promote activities beneficial to LANE .STROTHER the community. Chaplain N,L.R,H,S, Student Council sends delegates to regional, state and district conventions and has many times been chosen officer for these conventions. tuclent eouncil The Student Council is the heart of the Student body, because fha Schoolna it is composed of and for the student body. ouerning Tocly TOMMY SKIPPER TQNI LISTER Pafliamenfafian Corresponding Secretary Candidates Ricky Williams, Delores Alexander, Carol Sue Morgan, and Kathryn Flake present their cases. , 'R X 3 M ..., 3 g f i if i y - 5 4, 'ml l y Let me show you how to spell it," says Sarah Adams --- and her chorines do the acrostic A big project for the Council each year is its "Share Your Blessings" assembly at Thanksgiving. k. 11 T 4, Maribeth Spearmon, Catette leader, Pep Cat officers: Pam Warrick, President, Sara Beth Martin, Secretary, Janet McClain, Hand drill leader, and Mary Frances Whalen, Vice Presi- dent. "Have you got that spirit?" This question rings out at all foot- ball and basketball games and assemblies. And those asking it are the Pep Cats and Catettes. These two groups along with the Cheer- leaders lend support to the fighting Wildcats. The Pep Cats attend all home games and some out-of-town games. They add color to the cheering section with hand drills with blue and white pom-pons, and, most of all promote better support and sportsmanship. The Catettes, our drill team, provide halftime entertainment with drills and dances at all home football games. Tap edfd and eatetteo The Pep Cats boost spirit at the football games. Catettes perform drills and dances at halftime. 72 l l The Pepcats and Catettes along with the Cheerleaders lead cheers at an 8 o'clock pep assembly. E Hopeful Catette candidates rest during a pre- school practice, The Catettes perform maneuvers at halftime. "We are the Future Homemakers of America" ,is the phrase constantly on the minds of each member of this organization which is open to any girl who is enrolled in home economics or who has completed one year of homemaking instruction., ln order that each girl can become an efficient homemaker, F.H.A. sponsors activities in which its members gain experience in entertaining. This valuable experience is obtained by giving teas, luncheons, and banquets for teachers and parents. Having approximately 92 members, F.H.A. awards the Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker's degrees of achievement to those who desire to exert that added amount of effort. To merit these degrees, members must show that they have grown in service to school, church, and community, and that they have strengthened their personality, character, and improved or added to good family relations hips. 'what dotyou mee, tlzieiiblevs dmylfust because As all members participate they know they are "the t are S a ree growmg ' ' ' ' ' builders of homes, homes for America's future," "Yes, I See, the Punch iS Spikffdi may 1001116 for "America's future lies in the hands of its youth." back for seconds ?" "I'll learn to use chop sticks if I have to stay here for Z- a week!" guture omemalze ro ' ' re mericcfo Szuture l l rapher again!" F.HiA. officers Jane Newberry, Phyllis Darden, Joyce Tarvin, Lynn Guthrie, Janelle Davis fF,H,A. President at L.R. Centraly, Charlene Banks, Martha Johnson, Becky Holt, Judy Stakemiller, and Sherry Wait. "Hurry and hide the dirty sink! Here comes the photo- Training to be tomorrow's vocational leaders are the hard working Future Trades- men of Wildcat Hill. To become a member of the Future Tradesmen the student must be studying vocational courses such as machine shop, auto mechanics, tailoring, and nursing. Of the many activities held is the Future Tradesmen of Arkansas Convention held annually in the latter part of February or the early part of March. Wildcats attending work hard and diligently on the project they are to exhibit. Several Wildcats in the years past have won high honors at the convention. N.L.R.H.S. Future Tradesmen select a sweetheart each year to represent our school at the convention. Our F.T.A. sweetheart then competes for the state title. The Future Tradesmen of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. President Mac Clem and Vice President James Hammett talk over the club activities including the keeping up of the trophy case. gutu re raale amen cmaote r eng ineero ogre grained ere The Three state convention Winners display their trophies. Mac Clem, James Hammett, and Lloyd Dobins. Mac Clem, Future Tradesman of the month of Marchg and David Bone, Future Tradesman of the month of January. James Hammett was the outstanding member in February. F T,A, Officers discuss plans for the April Initiation Banquet. They are: Secretary Nancy Burt, Treasurer Lorraine Deslauriers, President Emily Whitson, and Vice President Martha DeViney. Plato once said, "Those having torches will pass them on to others," And, those most dedicated to this cause are teachers. The Future Teachers' of America is an organization designed for those desiring a career in teaching. It briefs its members on the mechanics of teaching, and enables them to work with the teachers in our school. Requirements for Future Teachers' are good character, scholarship, leadership, and most important of all, the desire to teach. Talmud said, "The best teacher is timeg the best book is the world." But, people are needed to interpret these supreme instructors, and these people are teachers. And then he told me that I should beplaying the piano instead of the flute . . . " says Mrs Bickford, She was one of the guest speakers who presented aprogram for the F,T,A club this year. gesture eackero omorrowfo qnedagogueo F,T,A, members pause to pose before attending a teachers meeting. "Now l'm not sure you have that just right, sonny . . . " questions Linda Celarier as she protrays a teacher of the past on the panel discussion for a teachers' gathering. Other panel members were Sharon Hamilton, Ricky Williams, Marty De-Viney, and Carolyn Stout. I . Future Nurses are young girls who are used to diligent work and new experiences in the quest for gainful knowledge. They are girls who look toward the future and plan ahead. Among the varied activities ofthe Future Nurses are an assembly and an annual banquet They acquire a good deal of knowledge from working at the Arkansas Baptist Hospital as Candy Stripers. At the meetings of the Future Nurses various guest speakers , many of whom are doctors and nurses, speak to the young girls about the field of medicine. One of the main objectives of the Future Nurses is to give girls an introduction to the field of nursing. Too,the Future Nurses gives girls a chance to be sure that the field of nursing is actually what they want to do before they start actual training. The Future Nurses is an organization to lead girls into worthwhile field of medicine. Future Nurses officers for 1961-62 are Carolyn Eanes, Bonita Smith, Billie Apple, Miriam Kayser, and Jean Chilton. gesture uroeo fo Soothe Q4 geuerecl grow "Ma'arn, did you say a straitjacket?" Connie Kirby enters patient's private domain. "But Carolyn, do you think it's really fair to short- sheet a patient?" asks Sarah Rhodes as they prepare a patient's bed. "Now we know how Gertrude gets her errands finished so fast." remarks Connie Kirby and Sarah Rhodes. 77 F.B.L.A, Officers observe Secretary Polly Cathell as she types her shorthand transcription. Historian Glenda Cato, Treasurer Phyllis Coulter, Vice Presi- dent Nancy Burt, Reporter Cheryl Nelson, and Presi- dent Miriam Kayser. 3354 raining gov' flue guoineoo cworlcl FROM THE TOP: C he r ry Fisher, 'too friendlyg Laveda Goode, ftoo sloppyjg Jackie Hewitt, fscared to deathjg and Meri Nakamura, fjust right!J. The part of the boss was portrayed by Bill Lafferty. The Future Business Leaders of America's purpose is to familiarize its members with the business world of today. Any student who will' have completed a minimum of three commercial courses with a B average in each before graduation is eligible for membership in F.B.L.A. Dinners at various restaurants, business speakers on various phases of business, a career day, in- itiation day, the initiation banquet, and the State Convention are a few of the clubs activities. At the State Convention, held each year, N,L.R,H.S, students enter the various contests in dictation, spelling and typing against students from elsewhere in the state. "What a fickle boss!" Scenes from the F,B,L,A, Assembly show the various types of secretaries. "Woe is me ..... woe, woe, woe . . ." sighs State F,B,L,A, Reporter Nancy Burt as she 'slaves' over the state newspaper, the BUSINESS STUDENT. To continue the appreciation and fine heritage of art handed down from century to century, students at N.L.R.H.S. join the Art Club. The members of the Art Club not only draw and paint, but participate in such fine arts as sculpturing, carving, lettering, and sewing. By participating inthese arts members develop appreciation, taste, talent, and understanding in all phases of fine arts. Each year Art Club members help build and paint -the back-drop for the Musical Variety Show and make props for some of the assemblies. They provide the football games with the traditional Wildcat head for the team to run through. They also own and make repairs on the Mascot uniform. Among the activities are meetings, dinners, banquets, and field trips to commercial art studios and the Fine Arts Museum. "Honest Mrs. Thompson, we thought you said to paint a floral!" says Carlene Juarez as Joan Gross, Sherry Cathey, and Bill Cummings help paint the backdrop for Musical Varieties. ww' H M .,,,f ' ,..-1' Au-I . . A , F ,Q H N ,'f?',:'V . f l l .,s.c, sy , Second year art students Tommy Bradshaw, Bill Cummings, Carlene Juarez, and James Barley mix tempra paint. ...Lani Bookworm Officers discuss the bulletin board announcements. They areg Secretary - Treasurer Royce Works, Historian Cynthia Kittle, Vice President Janet Krum, and President Wanda Blackstock. oolzwormo fake good eare of 200120 "Open Sesame!" and behold the worlds' riches in literature are at your finger tips through the help of Bookworms, the student librarians club of North Little Rock Senior High. These students, the Bookworms, per- form the duties which are so essential to a smoothly operated library--checking books out and, in general, assisting the teachers and students in any way they are needed. In order to qualify for membership in Bookworms, a person must maintain a "C" average in each of his subjects and have satisfactory citizenship grades. The N,L,R,H,S, Bookworms take part in the annual Student Librarian Association Convention, along with 1200 other student bookworms and their sponsors. Each year their activities include several parties and other events. The N,L,R,H.S, Library would hardly be complete without the helpfulness ofthe Bookworms. "Glittered spaghetti makes a perfect substitute for icicles!" smiles Annette Lanner to Kathy Phillips as they decorate the annual library Christmas tree. "And this tells how to build your own, personal Atom Smasher in Ten Easy Lessons!" remarks Pat Ray to library visitors Phyllis Coulter and Nancy Ellis. "Two ambitious young men search diligently through the card file for a copy of "Dick and Jane." The Key Club is an international organization for boys interested in serving their school, community, nation, and God. To be eligible for membership, a boy must be trust- worthy, show leadership ability, have a "B" average scholastically, and be willing to live up to the laws and goals of the club. Throughout the school year the Key Club members take on various responsibilities. They operated the field- house concession stand during the home basketball games and sold booster pennants for the Thanksgiving Day game. The Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International. "The meeting will come to order . . . " says Tommy Bjorkman. "I move we adjourn!" yells Raymond Medlock. "Isecond the motion!!!" shouts Anthony Gadberry as the Key Clubers portray samples of the business they conduct in a meeting. 811 Q! Key Club officers are Aubrey Hough, treasurer James Tyler, secretary: Lane Strother, vice presi- dent: and Tommy Bjorkman, president. ev elulf flley pen flue iboor to Succeed The 'bored' members attend a board meeting, complete with lots of projects to discuss. "Looks like you were stripped of tickets . . . . among other things . . . " laughs Harvey Wolfe on the Key Club Assembly. Chapel directors, Emily Whitson fstandingy and Carolyn Dornblaser. Cahapel or geuotion canal gnopiration 82 Typical Chapel congregations. Ullman--.. Every student at N,L,R,H,S, has the opportunity to start the week off right by attending Chapel early Monday morning. There is thirty minutes of inspiration and devotion. The program is usually presented by a N,L,R,H,S, student, but occasionally a guest speaker gives the devotional. During the school year 1961-62 Chapel was honored with such speakers such as Casey Laman, Mayor of North Little Rockg Mr. Tom Digby, a prominent North Little Rock lawyerg and Mr. Bob Kaufman, director of Young Life. This is not a club because Chapel is open to all who wish to attend. No membership fee is required, but there are officers to provide for programs, song leaders, and piano players. Guest speaker Danny Coker gives the devotion in a Chapel service. Q IN Q K, wg- X.., - - . J T 5 -5 Wig. Effisiff :ff "All I did was put a bandaid on a soldier's finger and everyone thinks I started the Red Cross!" says Linda LaGrossa as she portrays Clara Barton. med erooo Cpeady to Serve call gfumanity "lt is better to give than to receive." This thought is cherished by all Junior Red Cross members, as they share their time and talents with those who need them most. The N.L.R.H.S. chapter of the Junior Red Cross is composed of one representative from each homeroom. These members represent our school in the many activities of the Junior Red Cross at the city and state level. An annual drive is sponsored by the Junior Red Cross to fill gift boxes to send overseas for those who are less fortunate than we. Other activities include working in the hospitals and in the homes of shut-ins, bringing cheer and radiant smiles to their patients. This organization has found that serving others is one of the most vital ingredients of happiness, and they are perfecting their recipe by sharing it with others. 1. l "The most exciting things has just happened. Big "Twinkletoes" McGraw tripped over his shoe laces!" shouts press reporter Phil Haste A as Linda Santorufo watches TV. .t,r . i 1 KE 1 1 1 'DLZA ag i T r f 'l Q "Whadda ya mean you slap- ped him on the back in front Red Cross oiticers are Emily Whitson, presidentg Wayne Linder, vice president: Martha DeViney,treas- urer and reporter: and Mary Chism, secretary. 84 of his face and then out his throat behind his back?" " . . . and add two eggs," says Gayle Greenleaf as Linda changes channels. asks Ricky Kuonen as David Medly stands speechless. i A ' ' Ml 4 E3 ' X ' el In 1862, students only had reading,writing, and arithmetic, but in 1962, students now have the privilege to see films, listen to records, and use other audio-visual equipment. The film crew is in charge of his aspect of N.L.R.H..S. They operate these machines that make studying more pleasant and varied. Early in the year students are asked if they would like to work in this department. If they do, they are trained to run these machines and to prepare rooms for their operation. "First thing to do is unfold the thing .... " says Jane Fishback as she demonstrates the way to set up the film. Film crew head monitors gather for a film fest. They are Tony Thurman Mickey Buchanan, Pat Spriggs, Jimmy Autry, Paul Shelton, and Don Moon gilm rew Qolfem oyo "Cut the wise cracks or I'll choke on this pencil!" "Look out, here comes that teacher again . . . " "Hold it a minute, Joe. somebody's here to take my picture!" exclaims Garland Ferguson as he discusses the spotlight position for an assembly. 'Behind Query ood Show Stage erew The success of a stage production depends mainly upon the talents of the players. But, no show could be a success without the behind-the-scene group, the stage crew. It is up to these hard working, little recognized fellows to make sure there is proper lighting at the proper time, and the equipment kept in good condition. Curtains must be raised and music played on cue. Microphones must be properly adjusted and the spotlight must be kept on the center of attraction. Yes, "All the world's a stage," but not all are players. Some must remain back-stage to direct the scenes, and those are the members of the Stage Crew. "A nice long cord, and no electricity." Bill Riceud- justs the microphone cord. "Tarzan . . . you missed the rope loan tell now. this assembly is going to be a 'flop'." calmly remarks Jimmy Waymire as he "works the ropes for assembly. "Please help me, I'm fz1lling!l!" screams Jim Clark to undisturbed Jimmy Dodson while preparing the mike for stage use. Theta Science is a club for science- minded students and has as its goals, the promotion of scientific interest, self- expression in science, and adefinite channeling of scientific aptitude. Membership is open to all who are interested in these things. The bi-weekly meetings consist of lectures by the members, science teachers, and special guests, demonstrations, records, film, and student projects which help in explain- ing the topic of the meeting. All the science courses at N,L,R,H,S, are represented in the club. Officers are Curtis Hester, Ruth Daniel, James Tyler, Lee Browder, Aubrey Hough, and Kathryn Flake. ogmlsitiouo oung Scientiofo goin flteta cience "Let's see . . . there is 1X3 of1f10000 micro-microcurieheref' says James Tyler. James Tyler, Aubrey Hough, and Curtis Hester weigh a steam boiler. Spanish Club officers are Wayne Linder, Bill Kirby, Renee Russell, and Bill Vowell. Shout 'Qlef' Szor foo Qatoo Qopanoleo "l'm going to take a siesta if this fiesta doesn't begin soon!" moans Sherry Springer as the Spanish Cats feast at the annual banquet. Students enrolled in Spanish go by the name of Los Gatos Espanoles, the Spanish Cats. The Spanish Club encourages a better under- standing of and a closer relationship with the Latin American countries by studying their language, customs, and recreations. Pan-American Day stimulates the attention to Mexico on Wildcat Hill. On that day, the Spanish students wear colorful costumes, and posters are put up throughout the halls. The Los Gatos Espanoles enjoy gay fiestas by holding banquets at restaurants serving Mexican food and corresponding with Spanish-speaking people: and learn songs, dances, and games of Spanish descent. Once a month the students hold meetings in the individual classes. Only Spanish can be spoken during these meetings. His Honor. Mayor Laman, tries his hand at teaching Spanish. Substitute Mrs. Goss stands by to interpret! Spanish dancers practice for their performance on the annual Spanish assembly. Latin, the parent language, is the theme for each meeting of the Quo Vadis, a club for students studying or who have studied Latin. Early Roman life is vaguely interpreted in the annual Latin Assembly which spotlights members of the club. Various other activities are included in the yearly programs, such as a Christmas Party and a banquet at which first year students serve as "slaves" to the second year group. Quo Vadis with the meaning "Whither thou goest" will always be remembered by former Latin students. I 4 Latin club officers this year are Ronnie Franks, Pat Donelson, Linda Browder, and Sue Stanley. ' . in Oh, Caesar, you are a rat, a dirty rat . . . "declares Dwight Goodman on the Latin club assembly. "Oh, horrors, Caesar, our beloved Caesar lies dead, and his feet are dirty!" elaooical eato ielong to .uo cvaclio 5 1 5 f if i H ,, "Poor Caesar's dead, poor Julius Caesar's dead . . B9 French club officers this year are Linda Humphries , Linda Powell and Linda Sue Powell. e ercle rancaio Or rantic 4 I Slrogo Because of smaller classes, the French Club, Le Cercle Francais, does not have regular meetings as in previous years. Now meetings are called by the President only when there is any important club business to discuss. During the year the members order French Club pins and have a French Club banquet in the spring. Some members correspond with students in France. The romance and beauty ofthe Frenchlanguage becomes an appreciated reality to the students of the long accepted languages of culture and society. Letters from abroad, in French, yet! Maybe Sarah Beth Martin and Tommy Dodson can help figure out what is said. Pinned ...... Pat Mosley recieves her French pin with Linda Humphries doing the honors. "Par1ez-vous francais, Mademoiselle?" "Yeah, I'll go, how much money can we spend?" 4 -as im. N "lf we can grow as simply as common blades of grass." The goals of the Y-Teens are to grow as a person, to grow in friendship with all people, and to grow in the love and knowledge of God. Through these goals the Y-Teens strive to build better young women. The N.L,R,H.S, Y-Teens also promote various activities within the school, community, and cityg such as the Rainbow Crutch and the Polio March. They also perform services for needy families and orphanages. The Y-Teens from N,L.R.H.S, send delegates to city, State, Mid-South and National conventions. Through these conventions the girls make lasting friendships. "And I was so disgusted! .... " gripes Cherry as she and the other N.L.R. Y-Teen officers talk it over, Pam Warrick, State Presidentg Kathy Reed, City Vice President: Cherry Fisher, City President: and Toni Lister, City Senior Hostess. Y-Teen officers Marybeth Spearmon, Mary Frances Whalen. Toni Lister, Linda Powell, .Maribeth Biggs and Vicki Weindorf discuss the business after a regular meeting. y' 38110 or eroonal and Spiritual growth "That'll teach them to go peddle their old Red Crutches 5 1, i' ffl l "They're eating our reports!" declares Nanci Bier 1 'I 4 as she and other Earthians visit the moon Y- s. lf" somewhere else!" exclaims Jeannie Stewart as the Russian soldiers gun down Y-Teen service project workers Betty Kai Turner and Vicki Weindorf on the annual Y-Teen Assembly, mba' Mid-winter conference delegates discuss campaign strategy for Vicki . . . she won the election, Senior Hostess '62 - '63. H 5? ,Q 2 i x Forensic Officers Frances Nail, Pam Warrick, Bill Lafferty, and Vicki Laiferty. "Therefore we hope you will concur with the affirmation in your decision." This statement usually concludes the Forensic League debates, although it is certainly not always the affirmation that Wins. Both good and bad points are presented to the audience when a question is debated, each team giving substantial arguments for its side. The Forensic League debated at the annual Speech Festival in Searcy and received a superior rating. The league also debated at the Southern Speech Festival in Austin, Texas, and with other high schools in this area. The mental alertness, organization andcom- petence in public speaking gained from debating will be an asset in any walk of life. orenoic eague l fha Queotion jo gelsatalvle A "I wish he would shut up, he's supportingthe wrong side!" moans Tommy Riggs as Bill Anderson presents his part on the debate program. "But Santa Claus, dear soul, should ALWAYS come down the chimney," pleads Tommy Riggs. "I, too, am happy to be here debating this most timely and important question, Resolved: that the horseless carriage will never last." Pam Warrick speaks on behalf of her side of the debate. Physical fitness is the program that the Girls' Recreation Association offers to the feminine gender on Wildcat Hill. This club, formed in 1959, is open to girls whether they are enrolled in physical education or not. Organized recreation, such as charge, volley- ball, flag football, table tennis, and shuffleboard are provided for these athletic-minded girls. At the end of the year awards are given to members who have earned points by participating in the various activities. The club also has projects to raise money. "Now what are they up in the air about?" "I haven't played jump rope with two ropes inalong time butl wish you would hurry and get the ropes going!" "Boy, listening in on these conversations is fun!" Bobby Jones works the office switchboard. Monitors play an essential role in the mechanics of N.L.R.H.S. Students filling these positions must have character, integrity, and be dependable. Some sixty selected students assist the Guidance Counselors and Deans and hold the responsibilities of monitoring at the doors, vocations, library, book- store, office, and lab. These monitors have varied duties such as answering the phone, Working on the switch board, running errands, checking in and out library books, selling supplies, setting up experiment equipment, and typing letters, reports, and programs. onitoro fha .School'o fittle gee lpe ro I looked so tough they put me here to guard the Catis trophies," says foyer monitor, Janie Waltergl "Pm sorry, we don't sell chewing gun here," "I will never chew gum in class says a bookstore monitor to Tommy Brown, again . . . lwill never . . ," writes Bev Brockert, a hall moni- tor, "Let's see now, A . . . B ..... What comes after B?" asks John Campbell as he studies the office files. fs ,M K ZX , - - X J, x ss'ln. cw...-v" ,Q -Sw ':f,Y c Jlfsf' , - .. '- "WW Vw f f Vik' c W W. Q .,,,, ,, , G A. . . , Liz , 9 J, , 3 fe f wwf ,ggdf "Success is like rain-a little of it is helpful, but too much can be destructive' 97 98 100 102 103 104. 106 108 110 111 112 113 115 116 118 Valentine Royalty Color Day Royalty Cheerleaders Drum Majors - Studen Quartet - Trio t Directors Bausch-Lomb - D.A.R. Boys' and Girls' State Publications Honors All State Band All State Choir All State Athletics Thespians Tri Chem Quill and Scroll National Honor Society Cherry Fisher Sr Maid Jerry Lynn Gray Sr Maid mg' Weindorf J Ir. Maid y-Keen alentme cnoycalty Toni Lister Queen Qy, y Mary Beth Biggs L'Jr. Maid " ,4 ,vw Wildcat Queen ANN BACON olor ay cya lty Highlighting each football season is the homecoming game, and with it the crowning of the Color Day Royalty. The Royalty is chosen on the basis of beauty, poise, and personality. the Senior Homerooms choose two girls each and the Senior girl winning the highest number of votes from among these' is named Wildcat Queen. The second highest is the Visitor's Queen, and the third is the Maid. The Visitor's Maid is chosen by the homeroom selling the most season football tickets. Sophomore and Junior Maids are chosen in the same manner. The Queens are crowned immediately preceding the kick-off of the game. A dance is held in their honor at the Youth Center after the game. Wampus Cat Queen TONI LISTER I f pf' J vWam us Cat Maud W11dCat Maud PAT WE ED Wampus Cat Mald .QQ SUSAN HALLMAN Wildcat Maid MARY BETH BIGGS .1 ,., 55" , 3' A .if 1 . A , E. ,A 1 5 ,V ' K, , . , SUSAQKIE RHODE s W11dcat Mald JENNY WINGFIELD Wampus Cat Mald WANDA MCKEE b N,L,R. football bus as they send the boys to another Victory, Cheerleaders add the feminine touch to the JOY PHILLIPS Co-Captain cwildcat heerleaclero i Cf? JANET LOVELL, Senior Two-year Letterman 100 JEANNE SHIELDS, Senior LOIS PINKERTON, Senior JOAN MONTGOMERY, Senior One-year Letterman One-year Letterman One-year Letterman W 'QQ Q if? l to watch the N,L,H, Band perform, JOYC E PHILLIPS CO-Captain To uphold and promote that wonder- ful Wildcat spirit at all sport events and 1: at other school activities is the objective Exam of every Wildcat Cheerleader. They are elected in the spring for the following year. Here are the WildcatCheerleaders for 1961-'62, CAROLYN BANEY, Senior Two-year Letterman .3 in did!! , gp 'Su 1 ,ff JANICE RUPERT, Junior JANIECE BLACK, Junior SUSIE BLEDSOE, Junior One-year Letterman One-year Letterman One-year Letterman Wildcat Cheerleaders take a hreak during the half 101 rum ajoro Qu ry fee Qmily cwhitoon Student Tirectoro gbaviol eoleo 'filly gniclwlo PHYLLIS DARDEN FRANCES TUCKER REBECCA HOLT '55i::Y21'4EE1I57ii54Q:452?2:5xxa. wbiufffz IQ 17153135 gg iv' 'f9i!?Ef?53 NTU -. 5m 's 16,i5E?i5"' '- " ""' WN vw M57 9 mph se' M k . rio and .ua rtet TOMMY BJOR KM AN ARLEN MCDONALD DAVID COLES BARRY HALL 103 1,04 JAMES TYLER Bausch-Lomb Science Award The outstanding senior science student at high schools who sponsor extensive science programs is the annual recipient ofthe Bausch- Lomb Science Award. The results ofthe preliminary competition were so close this year that a series of tests had to he ad- ministered to determine the winner. James Tyler won. and Aubrey Hough and Curtis Hester were the runners-up. VICKI LAFFERTY D,A.R. Good Citizen Award The Daughters of the American Revolution fD,A,R,J honor one outstanding senior girl each year to compete for the Good Citizenship award. This girl is the winner in her school and subsequently competes in other contests. N,L,R.'s 1962 Good Citizenship Award winner, Vicki Lafferty, placed second in the State competition. ' lr- ig el U if 23- :F1:-ah. ' V Q i n g 2- is-5 I A an w A ,953 TOMMY BJORKMAN VICKI LAFFERTY CHARLENE BANKS National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist State Homemakers Degree DOROTHY DORTCH RAYMOND MEDLOCK JAMES TYLER MARTHA JOHNSON National Merit Finalist Nationalist Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist State Homemakers Degree pecza S ' 1 OKOf0 CYNTHIA WORRELL SUSAN ROUSE United Nations Award United Nations Award CAROLYN E ANES Outstanding Candystriper 105 ,g..bgeEi.,., 6 f W 25 4 A 324: A A A as if xv, mmwgl- A W f'4EgiAn!'5Z45 O A 5 Mm 1M K1-.irAaiD I Q A CAROLYN BANEY CHARLENE BANKS THOMAS BLUCKER 106 .fdifzill I .. A liflIlflF A JAMES COKER CAROLYN CROOM goyo' and Qirlo' State Qbelegateo ANNA A A CAROLYN DORNBLASER A-W1 Q,,,f,,,, ,M WW, W, q,,, N- X' ww-H-f .. . . iiasamg-f,:,M-kfg,,5:Q.:,gk,Qg5g5g6g3,,H,. ,:g,,3,f,:,,,,k-S' . -wr--fri:-: : -- , .W .,,.. .. , . . Q A ,fm ,... .. . ,. . ' 35 5 11 :fzsfw if' X -123112: 1 f- ,H+ 2 fi -hfii555:5fi35 . f . -"1'.1i ' ' 1 ., we sg 5 Q we 31 3' 4 M ff? Mg x 2, in fig S325 J N , 55 3 if 2, . . t ,f K 4, ,cgi 1- vi? " s 3 Q x H , W M5 JJ' New aa K S s , M 49 ,E Z X jf S5 1 mow I 65 6' SARKANSASZ7 JUDY GOLDEN DON GOSS STUART HANKINS K iw Z '79 mrs 'Q Q, RNP PS N N 4 wh -ffaxfss .H .11 . fb -fwagkl-,'f, :U , BUTCH BURNETT fmfrggzsns? Q DOROTHY DORTCH wjxf5iQ3 5 NZ 'sizagmgw 2, aa, ia KE my X2 -:: ver' 3.P?v-4- . new - - ww V, - -r ,i1 .Q8eQ.,sftw1z35f:Q'f xi? -'N 2 gal, ' L M 2 .5 Q 1- X A' 1, GEEK .r it 2 1 ww E N N O 'ggi , 23 Q fr f 5 J 1 r S X . , wg ml 1' - :ag . w N V.,-.-m..N iv-,g Q1 f s ,ASW a In BASIL HICKS - -- fi--?5:gf5:11fIm? . . Wa, as "" tvs , Y , . , AMMNEM? Jiilciwl-17 fwwlfgi , I t'ggQNbEihQQ 3- Q LQQQQNLQQQ L l Hia JOHNNY SHEPHERD TOMMY SKIPPER Each year outstanding members of the Junior Class are selected by the faculty to attend Boys'andGirls' State activities in June. Various civic and professional A , , My clubs pay the expenses as the delegates learn about luv their state government. These are North Little Rock's 2 A it 1961 delegates. DOUG ODOM JEANNE SHIELDS gKANg .Aff mm BARBARA THOMPSON MIKE VAUGHAN MARY FRANCES WHALEN JOHN DAVID YOUNG 107 51'- NANCY BURT BEVERLY WEATHERSBY Wildcat Editor Wildcat Editor VICKI LAFFERTY JOHNNY SHEPHERD Hi Comet Editor Hi Comet Editor Tublicationo :major Staffero ii. X 5 . jf! DANNY MONROE CARL CHAPMAN Wildcat Editor Managing Editor CHARLENE BANKS MARIA PAPAGEORGE Business Manager Make-up Editor JIMMY HOLLEY MARTHA DeVINEY Sports Editor Make-up Editor 108 BILL ANDERSON JOE PHILLIPS Photographer Photographer CHERYL NELSON LINDA CELARIER Feature Editor Advertising Manager Each year the Student Council sponsors friendly week. At the end of this week the student body selects a boy and girl from each class to represent the Friendliest Wildcats. Senior HARVEY HA LL riencllieot f I cwilclcato 1961-62 Senior Junior JOYCE PHILLIPS MARY BETH BIGGS I x Q'5b7'XY Junior Sophomore Sophomore JIM ELMORE JENNY WINGFIELD FRED HANCHEY 109 V EARL ALLAIN DAVID BATES BETTY CORPIER YVALTER CRAIG CAROLYN DORNBLASER call Sta te and ,W Nw LYNDA MURPHY DAVID OUELETTE DAN WARD RICHARD WILLIAMS 1 IO JIM BROWN DAVID COLES DON MOON BILL NICHOLS FIM, fi' xi ww MARY BARFOOT NANCI BIERY -:ff ' nf-r N - f N , 'if' :gl 1145 3 v 1 A., X ,X 1 f 1 3 'f .N A 'L A Y J r 5-iff . . M 'X I H TW' If 3 2 Q1 as PAT DONALDSON CHERRY FISHER , .V I I ' -wwwuw. , A VY, V 3 7-7? :Ei A Hx ' z az , I - "- -,"-is 3 . "f:ff?i':12f ' "" 1 41- 1 , . 1 RUTH ANN HUNT MICHALENE KRAUS TOMMY BJORKMAN RICHARD CARR -qvf ANTHONY GADBE RRY BARRY HALL LINDA KAY 'JONES SANDY LASTER V , . . ,.,. . V. ,, 'f Y' J " !f' :.f2E:f2:."4sQ: :J-1.-1:-fli4.vE:I,2fQf9.: M "4 ' H QFFQL .::.., ., ' 5 I ,Kyiv ,, ctw, 7 . aww-:"" 271' I 1 , 1 V, ,Q 2 I L Q gg 5 -I" I :ef W1 .Q is A - -1 , . ., ' . 251,9 3 A . 1.5 ' Q fm 3' I ' . , , . CHARLES MILLER JANICE PAUL 4' sr S ,, - ,. ,i r xhgzfi f, 1 E , if mf 1 I LARRY RUSSELL SHARON STEPTER LARRY WATKINS v f Hfffu' , ,.J' HAROLD ROBERTS LINDA ROWLAND LINDA STRICKLAND BARBARA THOMPSON 'AITQ I if ,gg I 'mfr' DAVID COLES CAROLYN CUDE BECKY HOLT TOOTIE HUDELSON ARLEN MCDONALD TERRY MERCING 0411 State Qhoruo SAMMYE SUE 'TRAYLOR PAM WARRICK 11! l 112 STUART HANKINS First Team, All Big-9 Defense-Tackle ogth le tea 9411 State o-4U Tig-9 JIM HOLSTED, Basketball All State, All Big-9 All 'Tournament MIKE VAUGHAN First Team, All Big-9 Defense-Halfback These Wildcat athletes have earned the honor of being placed on the "Dream Teams" of 1962. With a 6-6 season record the North Little Rock football team managed to put two men on the first team Big Nine teams and four othersg Glenn Montgomery, Doug Odom, Wes Byrd, and Dwight Gill, on the honorable mention list. The Cat roundballers came in first in the Big Nine standings and put three men on the All State Basketball team. BASIL HICKS, Basketball RONNIE LeMAY, Basketball All State, All Big-9 All State All Tournament All Tournament if' ALICE CUMMINGS DUTCH PRICE MARTHA Dc-:VINEY KATHY FITZPATRICK iooea and eooro cwilclcat and mi eomet qjulsliccctiono gfonoro Sfigh o-acl Saleomen DAVID PETTY SUSAN BROWN I FRANCES SHEPHERD ANN BACON THESPIAN OFFICERS: Carolyn Dornblazer, Vice President: Johnny Shepherd, Reporterg Bev Brockert, Presidentg and Frances Shepherd, Secretary. onor ramatioto ecame flaeopiano Thespians is a national club designed for those interested in the dramatic arts. In orderto be eligible for membership the students must have ten points. These points are acquired by participating in stage productions. The highest honor a Thespian can attain is honor Thespian. This title requires the accumu- lation of fifty points over the original ten. Points, though obligatory, are not the only require- ment for membership. A member must also have good character, be a willing worker, and be dependable. He must work hard on all assignments, but this can be interesting and fun because he is working with people having a common interest--dramatics. "Gee Mom . . , l'm 37. Why can't I date girls ?" moans Bill Lafferty to Pam Warrick as they perform during the Christmas Speech Plays. "It's all working out just as l planned it," thinks Johnny Shepherd as Anne McRae tries to straighten up the mis 114 "I just don't think l was 'cut out' for this sort of thing!" says David Petty in horror to 'Doctor' Digby and other members of the Christmas play. understanding with Pam Jackson and Katye Wynne. gggffni, :2w1,fw-'nf A4 V JIM O'LEE PRUITT ROBYN CLOUGH I Thespians protray old Southern street cries and Johnny gives an original reading entitled, "Kiddy Baye" or "A Visit from Saint Twistoiasl' at Q PAT NOWELL JOHNNY SHE PHE RD Thespian members were initiated in January. TOP ROW: Left to Right, Bill Lafferty, Jimmy Smith, Pat Sockwell, Marybeth Biggs, Lane Strother, Linda LaGrossa, Sharon Tinkle, Royce Works, Cynthia Wood and Cynthia Worrell. SECOND ROW: Bev Brockert, Lois Pinkerton, Linda Powell, Conley Meredith, Bill Lukas, Sue Reemes, Beverly Weathersby, Danny Robertson, Johnny Wilson, and David Lewis. THIRD ROW: Doug Odom, Judy Owens, Vicki Smith, Anne Shugart, Martha DeViney, Barry Love, Wayne Linder, Carolyn Eanes. Mickey Cupp, Lyndee Oster. Bruce Moyer, and Johnny Mrsny. FOURTH ROW: Becki Wilson, Tommy Riggs, Frances Shepherd, David May, Mary Lee Chisam, Jimmy Clark, Pat Donaldson, Rita Andrews, Vicki Lafferty, Pam Jackson, Mike Barkley, Rebecca Holt, Sharon Gray, Laveda Goode, and Willey Belew. FIFTH ROW: Katye Wynne, Anne McRae, Pam Warrick, Linda Marks, Johnny Shepherd, Eunice Barnett, Blenda Kuykendall, Charlotte Davis, Pat Nowell, David Petty, Jim O'Lee Pruitt, Robyn Clough, Sarah Adams, Barbara Hall, Janet Lovell, Anne Lane, and Barbara Bell. ww DAVID PETTY Tri Chem officers this year are President Curtis Hester and Vice President Oliver Latta. ri einem fo jfonor fog: glight cientioto Tri-Chem is an honor club chartered with the purpose of stimulating scientific interest. Only the top ten per cent of the B average students are eligible. Students are also required to have two years of scientific study. Miss Sally Wade, sponsor spent many hours outside of class helping with projects, problems, and such things. "The way this experiment works out is that X x X I X2." "Suppose we light this little wick right here, wonder whether it would blow up ..... " 116 , . Be .. TC I B' Cs ff' Q 1 President Curtis Hester explains some phase of Tri Chem work to new inducties Janet Krum and Mike Jennison. -.xm H Pen, paper, and salesmanship, as the first instruments of testing for the journalism student, can be made instruments of success. This can only be achieved through hard work and deter- mination. Quill and Scroll is the reward tothejournalism students who achieve the standards of the club. These standards are: outstanding work in advertising sales, writing ability, being in upper third of their class scholastically, and most of all having the desire to construct and promote the school paper and annual. Induction into Quill and Scroll, which is a world-wide organization and has been at N.L.R,H.S. since 1936, simplified, is actually a pat on the back from the sponsor and a "thank you" for a job well done. Initiates light their candles from the combined flames of journalistic endeavor. 3 aWif'f5"'fY Quill and Scroll officers discuss initiation plans. They are President Johnny Shepherd, Vice President Charlene Banks, Secretary Maria Papageorge, Treasurer Wanda Huffman, Pledge Mistress Janet Lovell and Historian Nancy Burt. Not pictured is Reporter Vicki Lafferty. zap gournalioto ere jnuited into .uill 81 .Scroll "I do ...... " solemly pledge, that is, to uphold the high standards ofjournalism . . . . . . . "Bev, now you just tell me if I stick you," says Janet Lovell as she pins on Beverly's new Quill and Scroll pin on her sweater 117 118 OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Gary Lee, President: Martha Johnson, Vice President, Dorothy Dortch, Secretary, Aubrey Hough, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Vicki Lafferty, Reporter, James Tyler, Activities Chairman. The National Honor Society is an honor organ- ization designed to recognize students excelling in scholastic achievements, leadership, character, and service. Five percent of the Senior Class are inducted in the fall initiation. The spring initiation inducts five percent of Junior Class and another five percent of the Senior Class. Annually the Society sponsors the N,L,R,H.S, March of Dimes contest and two candy sales along with several other service projects. Speakers for the National Honor induction: Cheryl Friday, Character, Charlene Banks, Scholarship, Pat Weed, Leadership, and Pam Warrick, Service. ationccl onor ociety vf-71 it 'M 1 wi. It SPRING 1961 INITIATES FRONT ROW: Carolyn Stout, Meri Curtis Hester, Aubrey Hough. THIRD ROW: Tommy Bjorkman, Nakamura, Jane Newbery, Dorothy Dortch, Martha Johnson, Tommy Skipper, Dan Schiffer, Basil Hicks, Don Goss, Gary Pam Schuck, VickiLafferty. SECOND ROW: James Tyler, Carolyn Lee. FOURTH ROW: David Lewis, Stuart Hankins, Dornblaser, Carolyn Croom, Cheryl Friday, Charlene Banks, f'9' E FALL 1961 INITIATES FRONT ROW: Pam Warrick, Jo Etta King, Maria Papageorge, Larry Weir, Thomas Blucker, Nancy Ellis, Judy Partin, Peggy Pohnka, Pat Weed. SECOND ROW: Mary Chism, Frances Nail, Bobby Harriel, Jimmy Smith, Ray Murray, Jane Clifton, Pauletta Cathell. THIRD ROW: Fanny Lou Jackson, Emily Whitson, Janelle Merritt, Cynthia The Senior Girls' Trio, Frances Tucker, Becky Holt, and Phyllis Darden, sing for the National Honor induction. Worrell, Wanda Huffman. N "I give this light to you so that you may pass it to others," says Thomas Blucker as he begins the candle lighting ceremony. if SPRING 1962 INITIATES FRONT ROW: Barbara Cook, Glenda Cato. Nancy Burt, Pat Gregory. Judy Stakemiller, Donna Douglas, Sharon Hamilton. ROW TWO: Linda Strioklin, Paula Brumrnit, Anna Lynn Tarkington, Kay Tull, Kathryn Flake, Delores Alexander. Anita Boswell, Lynne Sprigg. ROW THREE: Marvin Murnme, Lane Strother, Linda Browder, Shera Parish, Nancy Frederick, Betty Corpier, Linda Rowland, Ruth Yelle, Sherrill Stepter, David Barnett. ROW FOUR: Bill Philliber, Miriam Kayser, Jo Lee Rotton, Pamela Armstrong, Steve Lauck, Hank Boardman, Dwight Goodwin, David Kinley. ROW FIVE: Tom Barnett, Arthur Hornick, Tommy Snider, Louis Kelley, Harvey Wolfe. Not pictured are Lee Browder and Phyllis Tull. 119 'wat' 15 ma A ,Q "Death, be not proud, though some have Called thee wg! Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not sog For those whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Deathg nor yet canst thou kill me, From Rest and Sleep, which but thy pictures be, Much pleasureg then from thee much more must flow, And soonest our best men with thee do go -- Rest of their bones and souls' delivery! lifvklldwkvifliwklkvlfvlwifvkvkvlwiwlf One short sleep past, we wake eternally, And Death shall be no moreg Death, thou shalt die!" ----John Donne LINDA MARIE THRESHER Member of the Class of 1963 MRS. TOMMIE STEWART DEESE Member of the Board of Education ju Memoriam 120 , Q., A11 that t1me is lost Wh1Ch m1ght be better employed Rousseau 'fx JE X gf 4' Q. if 3 X 4 I sg? .gg- Q, 122 123. Seniors 171. Juniors 187. Sophomores SKIPPER, TOMMY . . . President of the Class of '62, Boys' State, National Honor Society, Key Club Board Member, Junior Rotarian, Student Council Parliamentarian, Basketball, Friendliest Boy, Color Day Escort . . . GILL, DWIGHT. . . Vice-president of the Class of '62, Football, Senior Cabinet . . . WHALEN, MARY FRANCES . . . Secretary of the Class of '62, Girls' State, PepCat vice-president, Y-Teens secretary, Catettes, Student Council, Inter- club Council president, Le Cercle Francais, Thespians, Convention delegate for Student Council, delegate to Y-Teen Midwinter Conference . . . LAFFERTY, VICKI . . . Treasurer of the Class of 62, Hi Comet editor, National Honor Society reporter, National Merit finalist, Girls' State, Senior Cabinet, Catettes, PepCats, Quill and Scroll, Tri-Chem, Secre- tary for the Arkansas High School Press Association, award in newswriting from AHSPA, School publicity Director, Forensic League Secretary, Home Room secretary, Quo Vadis, Bookworms, Library Monitor, Girls' Recreation Association, DAR Good Citizen Award, State Runner-up in DAR Awards, Y-Teens city vice-president, Mid-South delegate '59, vice- president '61, city conference delegate '60, '61, state conference delegate '60, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement, Rotary Club luncheon speaker . . . TOMMY SKIPPER President of the Class of 1962 Qlsicero of fha elaine of 1962 g, , DWIGHT GU-,L MARY FRANCES WHALEN VICKI LAFFERTY Vlce president of the Class gf 1962 Secretary of the Class of 1962 Treasurer of the Class of 1962 123 ABBOTT, VERNON . . . ADAMS, PATSY . . . Future Homemakers, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, transfer from New Orleans . . ,. ALLAN, PAM . . . Student Council, Future Business Leaders, Art Club . . . ALLEN, LOYETA . . . Quo Vadis, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Future Homemakers . . . ANDERSON, WILLIAM C. . . . Quill and Scroll, Publications photographer, Forensic League, Tri- Chem. Thespians, Stage Crew, Phys Ed monitor, Usher for graduation. . .ARMOUR,BENWOODRUFF . . . Football letterman, Student Council, Le Cercle Francais, Wildcat Follies, MC for Junior talent assembly . . . ASHBERRY, JAMES RAY , , , AUSTIN, LA MARILIS . . . Projectionists Club, PepCats . . . BABB, BUSTER M. . . . BACON, ANN . . . Wild- cat Homecoming Queen, Catettes, PepCats, Home Room vice-president, Y-Teens, Los Gatos Espanoles, Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff VERNON ABBOTT PATSY ADAMS PAM ALLEN LOYETA ALLEN elcwo o 1962 WILLIAM C. ANDERSON BEN WOODRUFF ARMOUR 124 JAMES RAY ASHBERRY LaMARILIS AUSTIN BUSTER M, BABB ANN BAC,-,N BAILEY, BARBARA ANN . . . Y-Teens, PepCats, Home Room treasurer, Tri-Chem, Spanish monitor, Senior Talent assembly . . . BALLARD, DON . . . Future Tradesmen treasurer, Shop Foreman for tool and die theory and practice, Delegate to State FTA convention and officers meeting, Los Gatos Espanoles BALENTINE, KATY . . . Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Red Cross, Publications Staff, Y-Teens, PepCats . . . BALLENTINE, ELTON . . . BANEY, CAROLYN . . . Cheerleader, PepCats, Catettes, Girls' State, Wildcat Homecoming Maid, Le Cercle Francais, Senior Cabinet, Student Council, Y-Teens, Sophomore Talent assembly, Usher for Vesper Service . . . BANKOWSKY, ROBERT CHARLES . . . First place in Ceramics, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Talent assemblies . . . BANKS, CHARLENE , , , Student Body Treasurer, Publications Business Manager, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll vice-president, Girls' State, Tri-Chem, Home Room president, Future Home- makers president and reporter. Future Homemakers Federation XIII historian, Future Homemakers, State Homemakers Degree, Arkansas High School Press Association, PepCats, Catettes, delegate to Central District Arkansas Association of Student Councils, Quo Vadis, delegate to State FHA Convention . . . BANGERT, GAYLE . . .Catettes, PepCats, transfer from C, E, Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisana BARFOOT, MARY FRANCES . . . Senior Choir and Girls' Ensemble, Junior Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, All State Chorus, Wildcat Follies, Senior Talent assembly. Musical Varieties cast . . . BARKER, GEORGE . . . Wildcat Marching Band, Los Gatos Espanoles, Radio Club, Film Crew, Stage Crew .l "I'm staying as far as I can from cigarettes and that is the length of this holder," Johnny Shepherd informs Mike Barkley. BARBARA ANN BAILEY DON BALLARD ei , S KATY BALENTINE ELTON BALLENTINE CAROLYN ANN BANEY ROBERT CHARLES BANKOWSKY We CHARLENE BANKS GAYLE BANGERT MARY FRANCES BARFOOT GEORGE BARKER 125 -..-, -J DARRELL BARKER MIKE BARKLEY JAMES BARLEY EUNICE BARNETT Qlaoo o 1962 BARKER, R. DARRELL . . . Quill and Scroll, Pub- lications Staff . . . BARKLEY, MIKE . . . Senior Choir, Wildcat Follies cast, Junior Talent assembly, OCMA, Science Fair, Boys' Chorus, Los Gatos Espanoles, Musical Varieties cast, Thespians, cast of "The Matchmaker" . . . BARLEY, JAMES . . . BARNETT, EUNICE . . . Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Thespians, Wildcat Follies cast, Home Room President, Student Director for "The Matchmaker" , , , BARNETT, ORETTA LA FAY . . . Girls' Chorus, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers . . . BARRON, CECIL JAMES . . . Band Lieutenant, Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff, Concert and Marching Bands, Third place in Ceramics . . . BAUMAN, PATRICK . . . BECK, BEVERLY DIANE . . .ArtClub. . . BEGGS, ALICE , , , Future Nurses secretary and social chairman Home Room secretary and treasurer, Book Store monitor, Future Homemakers, Y-Teens . . . BELEW, WILLEY . . . Senior Choir, Thespians, Forensic League, Stage Crew, Boys' Chorus, All State Chorus, cast of "The Matchmaker" . . . 1 I ORETTA BARNETT CECIL JAMES BARRON 126 PATRICK BAUMAN BEVERLY DIANE BECK ALICE BEGGS WILLEY BELEW BELL, WAYNE . . . BERRY, GARY. . .LOS Gatos Espanoles, Publications Staff . . . BINNS, BOBBY . . . BISE, GENEVA . . . Senior Choir, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Junior Girls' Chorus. Glee Club . . . BJORKMAN, TOMMY . . . Key Club president and vice-president, National Merit Finalist, Senior Boys' Quartet, National Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais vice-president, Tri-Chem, Theta Science Club, Boys' Chorus, Wildcat Follies, All State Choir, Musical Varieties cast. Junior Choir, Key Club Board Member . . . BLACK, RITA ANN . . .Los Gatos Espanoles, Future Homemakers, Bookworms, Spanish Monitor, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . BLACKSTOCK, WANDA . . . Bookworms president, Future Homemakers, Junior Choir . . . BLAKENEY, BENJAMIN, LEE . . . All State Choir, Boys' Quartet, Boys' Chorus, Junior Choir president, Wildcat Follies cast, Musical Varieties cast, Home Room vice- president, Los Gatos Espanoles . . . BLUCKER, THOMAS . . . Student Body President, National Honor Society, Boys' State, Junior Rotarian, Key Club Board Member, Tri-Chem, Quo Vadis vice- president, Home Room president, Boys' Chorus, Usher for Vesper Service, Junior Talent assembly . . . BONE, DAVID. . . BOBBY BINNS GENEVA BISE TOMIVIY BJORKMAN RITA ANN BLACK WANDA BLACKSTOCK BENJAMIN L. BLAKENEY THOMAS BLUCKER DAVID BONE 127 I DANNY BOWEN CAROLYN SUE BOWMAN LYNN BRADY BARBARA BRANNON elaoo o 1962 BOWEN, DANNY . . . Future Tradesmen Secretary, Projectionists Club . . . BOWMAN, CAROLYN SUE BRADY, LYNN . . . Quo Vadis, Tri-Chem . . . BRANNON, BARBARA . . . Los Gatos Espanoles, Home Room secretary and vice-president, Junior Girls' Chorus, Future Teachers, Girls' Recreation Association, Future Homemakers, PepCats, Y-Teens BRASHEAR, JOHN EDWARD . . . Lettermen's Club treasurer, Football, Track, Home Room president and vice-president, Senior Cabinet, Los Gatos Espanoles president, Thespians, cast of "The Match- maker" . . . BREECE, KAYE . . . Y-Teens . . . BROCK, BOBBY R. . . . Library monitor, Film monitor . . . BROCKERT, BEVERLY . . . PepCats, Catettes, Student Council, Y-Teens, Thespian president, Senior Choir, Wildcat Follies cast, Musical Varieties cast, Home Room treasurer, Usher for Vesper Service, Red Cross, Guidance Office monitor, Student Director for "The Matchmaker", Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff . . . BROWN, CAROLE . . . Catettes, PepCats, Student Council, Home Room vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, Y-Teens, Girls' Recreation Association treasurer, Future Homemakers . . . BROWN, JIMMY LESTER . . . JOHN EDWARD BRASHEAR KAY BREECE ,Ze BOBBY BRocK BEVERLY BROCKERT , K, k ws . ' A ,164 i Q CAROLE BROWN JIMMY L. BROWN BROWN, LINDA ROSE . . . All State Choir, Senior Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Quo Vadis, Wildcat Follies cast, Y-Teens, Publications Staff . . . BROWN, NANCY. . . BROWN, SUSAN . . . Senior Cabinet, Red Cross, Y-Teens, Tri-Chem, Girls' Chorus, Quo Vadis, Publi- cations Staff, Quill and Scroll. . .BRUCE, CAROLYN ANN . . . Los Gatos Espanoles, Bookworms . . . BUBBUS, DAVID . . . BURNETT, BEVERLY . . . Quo Vadis, PepCats, Y-Teens, Junior Girls' Chorus, Senior Girls' Chorus, Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff. . . BURNETT, NADINE . . . Girls' Recreation Association, PepCats, Art Club, Future Homemakers, Film Crew . . . BURNETT, RAYMOND . . . Boys' States Thespians, Basketball - - - and Micky Huffman sort laundry in boys' P,E, "We got our CARE package cfirlytliisyear !"Bobby Dial, Lanny DuPriest, BURNS, JIM . . . BURRIS, JERRY BONNER . . LINDA ROSE BROWN NANCY BROWN ff' an , SUSAN BROWN CAROLYN ANN BRUCE DAVID BUBBUS BEVERLY BURNETT wx NADINE BURNETT RAYMOND BURNETT JIM BURNS JERRY BQNNER BURRIS 129 NANCY BURT LARRY BUSBEA WES BYRD BRUCE D. CAMPBELL Qlaoo o 1962 130 RUTH CAMPBELL BETTY ANN CANARD BURT, NANCY . . . Wildcat Editor, National Honor Society, Wildcat Follies cast, StudentCouncil, Editor- in-chief for the Business Student, Future Business Leaders state reporter, Quill and Scroll historian, Senior Choir reporter, Future Business Leaders vice-president, Y-Teens chaplain, Future Teachers secretary, Future Homemakers historian, Home Room secretary-treasurer, Musical Varieties cast, Pep- Cats, Miss Wildcat and HiComet, Publications Staff, delegate to Mid-Winter and Mid-South Y-Teens con- ventions . . . BUSBEA, LARRY. . . BYRD, WES . . . Football, Track, Lettermen's Club, Senior Cabinet, Le Cercle Francais, Home Room vice-president . . . CAMPBELL, BRUCE D, . . . transfer from England High School . . . CAMPBELL, JOHN . . . Monitor for Dean of Boys, Boys' Chorus, Manager for football and track . . . CAMPBELL, LYNN . . . Home Room secretary, Future Business Leaders, Y-Teens, Future Home- makers, PepCats, Musical Varieties, Art Club. . CAMPBELL, RUTH . . . Art Club, Future Home- makers . . . CANARD, BETTY ANNE . . . Junior Girls' Chorus, Senior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varieties cast. . . CAPLE, LINDA . . . Student Council, Catettes, Pep- Cats, Los Gatos Espanoles, Y-Teens, Library monitor, Publications Staff, Sophomore Talent assembly . . . CATHELL, PAULETTA . . . PepCats, Le Cercle Francais, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders secretary, Bookworms . . . JOHN CAMPBELL LYNN CAMPBELL LINDA CAPLE PAULETTA CATHELL CATHEY, SHERRY . . . Catettes, PepCats, Future Homemakers CATO, GLEN-DA . . . Future Business Leaders junior historian, Los Gatos Espanoles, National Honor Society . . . CELARIER, LINDA . . .Publications Staff advertising manager, Future Teachers historian, Office monitor, PepCats, Y-Teens, Student Council. . . CHAPMAN, CARL . . . Bookworms, Publications Staff Managing Editor, Woodwork, Quill and Scroll . . . CHISAM, MARY LEE . . . National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Tri-Chem, Red Cross, Future Business Leaders, Thespians, Future Teachers. . . CHRISTENSEN, EDWARD. . . CLAMON, VICTORIA ANN Senior Girls' EHSGITIDIB . . . CLARK, JAMES . . . HOITIG ROOII1 "Do you think this fence will be strong enough to hold those 'Cats'?" president Student Council Thespians Stage Crew asks Janet McClain as she and Anne Shugart decorate the field for the Y ' ' Homecoming game. CLEM, WILLARD . . . Future Tradesmen president, Student Craftsman Award of the American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, two awards for outstanding work in the Arkansas Student Crafts- man's Fair, State Machinist's Award, Machinist of the Month, State Tradesman of the Year CLEMENTS, REGGIE . . . SHERRY CATHEY GLENDA CATO at ,, d I S i 5 S Ji gesfliftf .Jf'ii?fm - -, 5, lf 52372 f K If f LINDA CELARIER CARL CHAPMAN MARY LEE CHISAM EDWARD CHRISTENSEN VICTORIA CLAMON JAMES CLARK WILLARD CLEM REGGIE CLEMENTS 131 .J JANE CLIFTON JAMES COKER DAVID J. COLES DARBY COOK elaoo o 1962 CLIFTON, JANE . . . Senior Choir, National Honor Society, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Future Business Leaders, Quo Vadis, Tri-Chem, All State Choir, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . COKER, JAMES . . . Boys' State, Home Roompresident and vice-president, Key Club, Junior Rotarian, Lettermen's Club, Manager for football, basketball, and track . . . COLES, DAVID JOHN . . . Senior Choir, Tri-Chem, Pep Band, Concert and Marching Bands, Boys' Chorus president and vice-president. Theta Science Club, Key Club, All State Band, All State Choir, StudentDirector of the Band, Senior Boys' Quartet, Arkansas Honor Band, Quo Vadis, Musical Varieties cast, OCMA, band monitor . . . COOK, DARBY . . . Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Los Gatos Espanoles, Choir treasurer, Future Homemakers, Junior Girls' Chorus COOK, JOHN KELLEY III . . . Senior Cabinet, Stage crew, Film Crew, Key Club, Radio Club . . . COOK, LYNETTE . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Varsity Band, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Senior Girls' Chorus, Future Home- makers. . . COOK, MARILYN KAY . . . Future Nurses historian, Y-Teens, PepCats, Future Business Leaders, Girls' Recreation Association . . . COTTON, JACKIE . . . COUTLER, PHYLLIS ANN . . . Home Room secretary and treasurer, Future Business Leaders, Band monitor, PepCats, Quo Vadis, Y-Teens, Girls' Re- creation Association . . . COX, WALTER , , . Publi- cations Staff. . . JOHN K. COOK, III LYNETTE COOK MARILYN K. COOK JACKIE COTTON PHYLLIS COULTER WALTER COX CROOM, CAROLYN . . . Girls'State,NationalHonor Society, Catettes, PepCats, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement, Y-Teens recorder, Tri-Chem, Girls' Recreation Association . . . CUMMINGS, BILLY. . . Film Crew . . . CUPP, DARLENE MICKEY . . . Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, transfer from Knoxville, Tennessee . . . DARDEN, PHYLLIS . . . National Honor Society, Senior Girls' Trio, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Student Council, Future Homemakers, Home Room officer, All State Choir, PepCats. . . DAVIS, CHAROLETTE . . . PepCats, Girls' Recreation Association, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders, Senior Girls' Chorus secretary, Thespians, Home Room president, make-up committee for "The Matchmaker" , , , DAVIS, RAYMOND , , , DESLAURIERS, LORRAINE MARIE . . . Future Teachers treasurer, Future Business Leaders, Pep Band, Concert, Marching, and Varsity Bands, Red Cross, Art Club, Guidance monitor . . . DEVINEY, MARTHA , , , Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff, Wildcat Make-up Editor, Wildcat Follies cast, Red Cross Training Center delegate, Red Cross County newspaper editor, Thespians, Future Teachers first vice-president, Girls' Recreation Association, Con- cert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Red Cross County Council representative, PepCats, Band Publicity Chairman. . . DIAL, BOBBY . . . DIAL, JERRY W. . , 4 "What do you mean, 'the British are coming? They ve been here a hundred years!" exclaims Bill Anderson to Ronnie Kacklex CAROLYN CROOM BILLY CUMMINGS T DARLENE MICKEY CUPP PHYLLIS DARDEN CHAROLETTE DAVIS RAYMOND DAVIS LORRAINE DESLAURIES MARTHA DeVINEY BOBBY DIAL JERRY W DIAL 133 LOYD DOBBINS JAMES DODSON NINA SUE DONHAM CAROLYN DORNBLASER , elcwo o 1962 DOBBINS, LOYD . . . First place award Future Tradesmen's Fair . . . DODSON, JAMES . . . DONHAM, NINA SUE . . . Home Room Secretary, Student Council, PepC ats, Future Homemakers, Senior Cabinet, Y-Teens, Girls' Recreation Association. . . DORNBLASER, CAROLYN . . . Student Body sec- retary. National Honor Society, Girls' State, All State Band, All State Choir, Thespians vice-president, Chapel president, Senior Choir historian, Home Room president. Band librarian, Wildcat Follies cast, Girls' Recreation Association, cast of "The Matchmaker," Junior Girls' Ensemble vice-president, Sophomore Talent assembly . . . DORTCH, DOROTHY , , , National Merit Finalist, National Honor Society secretary, Girls' State, cast of "The Matchmaker," National Science Foundation Summer Institute Participant, Tri-Chem, Le Cercle Francais, Quo Vadis, Future Teachers, Guidance Office monitor, Projectionists Club . . . DOUGLAS, DONNA SUELLEN . . . Student Council, PepCats, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Quo Vadis, Girls' Recreation Association, Tri-Chem, National Honor Society. . . DOYLE, SHARRON LEE . . . PepCats, Senior Girls' Choir . . . DRAPER, MURRAY . . . DUCKWORTH, DIANA LYNNE . . .Catettes, PepCats, Future Homemakers, Y-Teens, Monitor for the Dean of Girls, Publications Staff . . . DUKE, BILL . . . Track, football, Senior Cabinet . . . DOROTHY DORTCH DONNA S. DOUGLAS 134 SHARRON L- DOYLE MURRAY DRAPER DIANA LYNN DUCKWORTH BILL DUKE DUNNAVANT, JAMIE LEE . . . Senior Choir, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Typing monitor. Musical Varieties cast . . . DUPRIEST, THOMAS LANNY . . . EANES, CAROLYN . . . Future Nurses president, Home Room secretary-treasurer, Red Cross, Film Crew. Projectionists Club, Quo Vadis, Thespians . . . EASTER, DIANE . . . Girls' Recreation Associ- ation. . . EDGIN, C, ALLEN . . . Future Tradesmen . . . ELAM, ROBERT . . . Senior Choir, OCMA, Concert and Marching Bands, Senior Cabinet, Wildcat Follies, Musical Varieties cast, Boys' Chorus, Theta Science Club, Red Cross president, Le Cercle Francais, Pep Band . . . ELLIS, NANCY ANNE , , , National I-1011010 Society, "No, no, girls. Just name, address, and phone number." Johnny . - - ' I Le Cercle Francais secretary, Future Homemakers, Shepherd 15 swamped by the Semof GMS Ensemble' Typing monitor . . . ETHRIDGE, ANN . . . FARMER, JANICE . . . FERGUSON, GARLAND . . Publications Staff . . small JAMIE LEE DUNNAVANT THOMAS LANNY DuPRIEST 3' M ,af if i 1,,,' y , if igl 2' J CAROLYN EANES DIANE EASTER ALLEN EDGIN ROBERT ELAM NANCY ANNE ELLIS ANN ETHRIDGE JANICE FARMER GARLAND FERGUSON 135 BILL FIELDING CHERRY FISHER KATHY FITZPATRICK JAMES FLEMING f Calaoo o 1962 FIELDING, BILL . . . Senior Choir, Home Room president, Boys' Chorus, Quo Vadis, Wildcat Follies cast, Musical Varieties cast. . . FISHER, CHERRY . . . Student Council, Junior Homecoming Maid, Y- Teens treasurer, Los Gatos Espanoles, PepCats, Catettes, Wildcats Follies cast, Future Business Leaders, Home Room secretary and vice-president, All State Chorus . . . FITZPATRICK, KATHY . . . Catettes, PepCats, Y- Teens, Quo Vadis, Student Council, Girls' Recreation Association, Home Room secretary, Tri-Chem, Office monitor, Future Homemakers . . . FLEMING, JAMES . . .Future Tradesmen. . . FORTE, SHARON . . . FORTNER, BILL . . . FRIDAY, CHERYL , , , Catettes, PepCats, National Honor Society, Y-Teens, Student Council, Future Homemakers, Quo Vadis, Home Room secretary, Monitor for the Dean of Girls, Typing monitor, Girls' Recreation Association, Chapel speaker . . . FRIEDRICH, NANCY . . . Band Librarian, Concert, Marching, and Pep Bands, Girls' Recreation Association, Future Nurses, National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Usher for senior play . . . FUEL, JEAN . . . Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Musical Varieties cast, Future Business Leaders . . . FURR, CHARLENE . . . Publications Staff, Future Homemakers, Y-Teens, Film Crew SHARON FORTE BILL FORTNER 136 CHERYL FRIDAY NANCY FRIEDRICH JEAN FUEL CHARLENE FURR GADBERRY, ANTHONY WAYNE . . . Key Club, Senior Choir, Tri-Chem, Boys' Chorus vice-president, Concert and Marching Bands, Stage Crew co-manager, All State Chorus . . . GANN, JUDY GARLAND. . . Girls' Recreation Association, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders . . . GARDNER, JAMES . . . GARNER, DAVID . . .Key Club recording secretary, Student Council . . GARRETT, PATRICIA Catettes, Thespians, Future Nurses, PepCats, Los Gatos Espanoles, Y- Teens, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement . . . GATES, MICHAEL . . . Future Tradesmen, transfer from Lindbergh High School, St. Louis, Missouri. . . GIFFORD, BECKY . . . Girls' Recreation Association vice-president, Future Teachers reporter, Red Cross, Los Gatos Espanoles, PepCats, Y-Teens . . . GILLIAM, MARY FRANCES . . . PepCats, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Girls' Recreation Association, Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff . . . GINGER, BARBARA Senior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varieties, Junior Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers . . . GLOVER, LARRY EUGENE . . . Art Club, Woodwork . . . Q? 4 g "And you say your name is Yuri who?" inquires Larry Weir to astronaut Gary Lee. ANTHONY GADBERRY JUDY G. GANN ' www ,, J 'Q gr A , ff f ii' V' ' i if 'l ,kai et, W., 1, owls.:- L., ', -3.5 .. . ,4 ir-4 611. n ,wwf -1-3. :3:,e-za-Y-, nf '. f :ull QM it 4' . ...Q . . ,. '::z:,.v uw. ,,.......p,,,1'5v,. JAMES GARDNER DAVID GARNER PATRICIA GARRETT MICHAEL GATES iff, ,f ,, , I I .W 'Y , 1 af 'Ir N t , , V ,,". , ,f4'l,?4?gu :ffl , ' It " -lfaffif-1, . if .L - 'ft ' I 2. fn. BECKY GIFFORD MARY FRANCES GILLIAM BARBARA GINGER LARRY E. GLOVER 137 LARRY R. GLOVER LARRY DON GOFF l JUDITH GOLDEN LAVEDA GOODE Qlcwo o 1962 GLOVER, LARRY R. . . . Art Club . . . GOFF, LARRY DON . . . Publications Staff . . . GOLDEN, JUDITH , , , Senior Choir, Senior Girls' Ensemble, All State Choir, Girls' State, Catettes, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Junior Girls' Chorus, Glee Club. PepClub, Y-Teens, Musical Varieties cast . . . GOODE, LAVEDA . . . Home Room vice president and secretary, Senior Cabinet, PepCats, Future Business Leaders, Thespians, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Wildcat Follies cast, Musical Varieties cast . . . GOODMAN, CAROL . . . Future Homemakers, Pep- Cats, Home Room secretary, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . GOSS, DON . . . Student Body vice-president, National Honor Society, Boys' State, Junior Rotarian, Key Club, Tri-Chem, Quo Vadis, Inter-club Council, Concert and Marching Bands, delegate to Safety Convention in Atlanta, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement. . . GRAY, JERRY LYNN . . . Student Council, PepCats, Y-Teens, transfer from Ft. Smith High . . . GRAY, SHARON KAYE . . . Senior Gir1s'Chorus, Thespians, Make-up committee for "The Matchmaker" , , , GREENLEAF, GAYLE LORELEI . . . Band monitor, Los Gatos Espanoles, Red Cross, transfer from Watkins Overton High School, Memphis, Tennessee . . . GREENWOOD, HAROLD . . . CAROL GOODMAN DON GOSS 133 JERRY LYNN GRAY SHARON K. GRAY GAYLE GREENLEAF HAROLD GREENWOOD GREENWOOD, NANCY . . . Home Room treasurer . . . GREGORY, PATRICIA ANN . . . Catettes, Pep- Cats, Quo Vadis, Los Gatos Espanoles, Y-Teens, National Honor Society . . . GRIFFITH, PENNY , , , Quo Vadis, PepCats, Y- Teens, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . GROSS, JOAN . . . Art Club reporter, PepCats, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Senior Girls' Chorus, Future Homemakers, Future Teachers, Girls' Recreation Association . . . GUESS, PRISCILLA . . . Los Gatos Espanoles, Y- Teens, Girls' Recreation Association, PepCats, Publi- cations Staff, Senior Girls' Choir . . . GUTHRIE, MARY LYNN. . .PepCats, Catettes, Y-Teens, Student Council. Future Homemakers vice-president and historian. Future Business Leaders, Red Cross, Home Room secretary and treasurer. Typing monitor, delegate to Student Council and Future Homemakers conventions. hostess for Future Homemakers Federation. . . HALL, BARRY . . . Senior Boys' Quartet, Senior Choir vice-president, Boys' Chorus secretary, All State Choir, Key Club, Future Teachers, Musical Varieties cast, Wildcat Follies cast . . . HALL, HARVEY . . . Home Room president, Friendliest Wildcat Boy, Senior Cabinet . . . HALL, LINDA . . . Wildcat Mascot, Girls'Recreation Association president, PepCats, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Art Club, Phys Ed monitor . . . HALLMAN, SUSAN . . . Student Council, Color Day Royalty, PepCats, Catettes, Quo Vadis, Girls' Recreation Association, Tri-Chem, Home Room vice-president and treasurer, Future Homemakers . . . PENNY GRIFFITH JOAN GROSS Wee NANCY GREENWOOD PRISCILLA GUESS Dark lights . . . . fine music .... and no audience. The Pastels entertain at the Follies. PATRICIA GREGORY MARY LYNN GUTHRIE ,ff -QS , y?"9,,,,,3puw4 it ' 1, A 'L'2 Lf x ,f HE' ,,,, will my BARRY HALL HARVEY HALL LINDA HALL SUSAN HALLMAN ,39 JAMES HAMMETT PEGGY HANDLEY JOHNNY HANEY STUART HANKINS Qlaoo o 1962 HAMMETT, JAMES , , , Future Tradesmen vice- president, First Place in Public Speaking at the Tool and Industries state convention, First Place and Honorable Mention at the Craftsmen's Fair . . . HANDLEY, PEGGY ANN . . . Future Home- makers, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Girls' Chorus, Choir library monitor. . . HANEY, JOHNNY . . . HANKINS, STUART . . . National Honor Society, Boys' State, Football Captain, Key Club Board Member, Lettermen's Club, Junior Rotarian, Home Room president, Tri-Chem, Le Cercle Francais, All Big 9 Second Team, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement . . . HARRIELL, BOBBY , , , National Honor Society, Key Club, Tri-Chem vice-president, Home Room vice- president, Quo Vadis, Golf Team, Chemistry lab monitor, Hi-Y, Usher for Vesper Service and Com- mencement. . . HARTWICK, GENE . . . HAWKINS, ROBERT LLOYD . . .Guidance monitor, Quo Vadis, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Publications assistant photographer . . . HAYNIE, JANICE , . . Future Business Leaders, Film Monitor, Art Club, Future Homemakers . . . HAZEL, PHYLLIS ANNE . . . Future Homemakers, transfer from Hampton, Arkansas . . . HELTON, ROBERT . . . BOBBY HARRIEL GENE HARTWICK 140 ROBERT HAWKINS JANICE HAYNIE PHYLLIS HAZEL ROBERT HELTON HERLACHER, HARRIETT . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers . . . HESTER, NORMAN C. . . . National Honor Society, Bausch- Lomb Award runner-up, Westinghouse Science Talent Search contestant. Key Club, Current Science and Aviation Award, Tri-Chem president, Amateur Rocket Society vice-president, Theta Science Club secretary, Guidance monitor, Film Crew, Science Fair first and second place awards at local. district and state levels in mathematics and biology . . . HEWITT, JACKIE DIANE . . . Catettes. PepCats, Y-Teens. Thespians, Future Business Leaders, Home Room secretary, Red Cross. delegate to the Y-Teen Mid-Winter Conference, Monitor for the Dean of Girls . . . HICKS, BASIL V. JR. . . . Basketball, Boys' State, National Honor Society, Key Club Board Member. Junior Rotarian, Quo Vadis, Lettermen's Club, Color Day Escort, Tri-Chem, Track, All State and All Big 9 . . . HIGDON, SAMMY . . . HIGH, DOYNE , . .Key Club HIGHTOXYER, BETTY ANN , , , Future Homemakers . . . HILL, DIXIE , , , Senior Cabinet, Red Cross, Home Room treasurer, PepCats, Y-Teens, Girls' Recreation Association, Future Homemakers . . . HINSON, CAROLYN . . . Girls' Recreation Associ- ation . . . HOFMANN, DONALD . . . Art award at First National Bank Showing, Art on display at Art Center, Art Club . . . .ri 32 A ,gg-Q ., vfgif "Well, we'rc at the football bzinquct, but where are the boys 7" asks Ann Bacon. Ann, Joy Phillips, Mrs. Searcy Thompsgn and Joyce Phillips admire thc banquet decorations. 5 1 f ,GQ ff.. 4 HARRIETT HERLACHER NORMAN C. HESTER H5 .V.- ,Vi i,, ? Q , 5 r 1, Ogg JACKIE D. HEWITT BASIL V. I-IICKS, JR. SAMMY HIGDON DOYNE HIGH ,zirf 5-llama. 4594 air y , 'I BETTY HIGHTOWER DIXIE HILL CAROLYN HINSON DONALD HOFIVIAN 141 a f awww, W Han!!! RONALD HoLBRook JIMMY HOLLEY GLORIA HOLMES JIM LEON HOLSTED elaoo o 1962 HOLBROOK, RONALD DEAN . . .HOLLEY, JIMMY . . . Hi Comet Sports Editor, Stage Crew, Quill and Scroll . . . HOLMES, GLORIA JEAN . . . Office Monitor, Le Cercle Francais, Future Business Leaders . . . HOLSTED, JIM LEON . . . Boys' State, All State and All Big 9 in basketball, Junior Rotarian, Basket- ball, Football, Track, Quo Vadis, Home Room presi- dent, Lettermen's Club, Usher for Commencement f.. HOLT, REBECCA ANNETTE . . . Senior Girls' Trio, Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Future Home- makers, All State Choir, Y-Teens Chaplain, Quo Vadis, PepCats, Thespians, Wildcat Follies cast, Sophomore and Junior Talentassemblies. . . HORD, PHILLIP . . . Track, Student Council, transfer from Blytheville . . . HOUGH, AUBREY , ,, , Theta Science Club president and vice-president, National Honor Society treasurer, Junior Rotarian, Concert and Marching Bands, Key Club treasurer, National Science Foundation Summer Scholarship, Tri-Chem treasurer, two first place awards in Math-Science Fair, Quo Vadis, Boys' Chorus, Boys' State, Band Monitor, Musical Varieties cast, Wildcat Follies cast, Bausch-Lomb Science Award runner-up . . . HOUSE, DIANNE ELAINE . . . Student Council, PepCats, Y-Teens, Los Gatos Espanoles, Future Business Leaders, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Junior Talent assembly, delegate to City, and Mid-South Y-Teen Conferences, Usher for Vesper Service and Commencement . . . HOWARD, DELBERT W, , , , Head Quartermaster for Band, Concert and MarchingBands. . . HOWARD, GUY . . . REBECCA HOLT PHILLIP HORD ,42 AUBREY HOUGH DIANNE HOUSE DELBERT HOWARD GUY HOWARD HUFFMAN, MICKEY . . . Key Club Board Member, Home Room president, Quo Vadis, Phys Ed monitor, Future Teachers . . . HUFFMAN, WANDA , , , National Honor Society, Publications Staff head typist, Quill and Scroll, Home Room secretary and treasurer, Future Homemakers vice-president and treasurer, Tri-Chem, Typing monitor . . . HUGHES, JOYCE FAYE . . . Senior Cabinet,Catettes, Home Room vice-president, Los Gatos Espanoles, Monitor for the Dean of Girls, PepCats, Y-Teens, Girls' Recreation Association . . . HUGHES, PENNY , , , Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff, Future Homemakers, Future Nurses, Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir Junior Choir, Musical Varieties cast, Wildcat Follies cast, Girls' Recreation Association, Senior Talent assembly HUNT, SHERRY , , , Future Nurses, Girls' Recre- ation Association, Pep Band, Concert and Marching Bands, Band librarian. . . HUNTER, MIKE S, , , . transfer from Mabelvale High . . . IDOM, ROBERT . . . Marching Band, Film Crew . . . INGRAM, DOBIE. . . INMON, DONNIE . . .ISBELL,CALVIN. . .Football, Track, Basketball, Senior Cabinet, Lettermen's Club, Home Room vice-president, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll . . . "And nobody believes I can really cook," cries Becky Wilson to Johnny Shepherd. MICKY HUFFMAN WANDA HUFFMAN JOYCE HUGHES PENNY HUGHES SHERRY HUNT MIKE S. HUNTER ROBERT IDOM DOBIE INGRAM DONNIE INMON CALVIN ISBELL 143 JACKSON, FANNIE LOU . . . National Honor Society, Los Gatos Espanoles, PepCats, Y-Teens, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . JACKSON, PAM . . . Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, Thespians, Senior Girls' Chorus, Student Director for "The Matchmaker," transfer from Fayetteville High . . . JACKSON, RAYMOND . . . Pep and Marching Bands, Los Gatos Espanoles . . . JEFFERY, RONALD E, . . . Future Tradesmen, Marching Band, All State Band, Le Cercle Francais . . . JERNIGAN, IRA . . . Home Room reporter, Publications Staff . . . JOHNSON, MARTHA . . . Quo Vadis president, National Honor Society vice- president, Future Homemakers vice-president, Red Cross Inter-club Council representative, Medal Winner for Medical Science division of Science Fair, State Homemakers Award, delegate to State Future Homemakers Convention, Tri-Chem, Monitor for Dean of Girls . . . FANNIE LOU JACKSON PAM JACKSON JOHNSON, RONALD J. Football, Track, Thespians . . . JONES, DON . . . Future Tradesmen JORDAN, DIANNA . . . Future Homemakers, Los Gatos Espanoles, Y-Teens . . . JOSLIN, ROBERT . . . Publications Staff, Lab monitor, Quill and Scroll RAYMOND JACKSON RONALD JEFFERY elaoo o 1962 J I IRA JERNIGAN MARTHA JOHNSON .1 w 144 RONALD JOHNSON DON JONES DIANNA JORDAN ROBERT JOSLIN - JUAREZ, LORETTA CARLINE . . . Senior Girls' Chorus president, Art Club, Y-Teens, Future Home- makers, Future Nurses . . . JUSTICE, JAMES ROBERT. . . KACKLEY, RONNIE . . . Los Gatos Espanoles reporter, Publications Staff, Home Room president . . . KAYSER, MIRIAM , , ,Future Business Leaders president, Future Nurses secretary and treasurer, Typing monitor, PepCats, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Art Club, Future Teachers, National Honor Society, First Place in Math-Science Fair, delegate to Future Busi- ness Leaders Convention . . . KELLEY, LOUIS . . , Student Council, Key Club,Tri- Chem, Theta Science, Qua Vadis, National Honor Society, Home Room vice-president . . . KETCHER, JOHN MORRELL . . . Art Club, Home Room treasurer, Publications Staff Artist, Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Cartoon used in Quill and Scroll's new handbook for advisers of student publications . . . KILPATRICK, JOEY . . . Student Council, Quo Vadis, Tri-Chem . . . KING, JO ETTA . . . Concert and Marching Bands, National Honor Society, Band librari- an, Quo Vadis, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Pep Band, Senior Cabinet, Tri-Chem . . . KING, SAMMY . . . KINLEY, DAVID . . . Key Club, Home Room vice-president, National Honor Society "The Berlin situation? Oh, I didn't know he was sick," answers a little old lady, QJohnnyShepherdJ to the man on the street, Tommy Riggs. CARLINE JUAREZ JAMES JUSTICE RONNIE KACKLEY MIRIAM KAYSER JOEY KILPATRICK JOETTA KING LOUIS KELLEY JOHN M. KETCHER SAMMY KING DAVID KINLEY 145 PAUL KLUTTS SANDI KRYER BLENDA KUYKENDALL BILL LAFFERTY elaoo o 1962 KLUTTS, PAUL . . . KRYER, SANDI . . . Future Homennakers, Girls' Recreation Association . . . KUYKENDALL, BLENDA . , . Prop Committee for "The Matchmaker" . . . LAFFERTY, BILL . . . Forensic League president, Thespians, Publications Staff, Home Room president, cast' of "The Match- maker," Quill and Scroll, Christmas Play . . . LAMMERS, TOMMIE . . .PepCats, Y-Teens Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Home Room Secretary, Red Cross, Girls' Recreation Association, monitor for Dean of Girls . . . LAND, ANNE , , , Thespians, Y-Teens, PepCats, Home Room secretary, Student Council, Future Homemakers, Glee Club, Band monitor, Home Room treasurer, Prop Com- mittee for "The Matchmaker" . . . LASSITER, SHIRLEY MARIE . . . Future Home- makers, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . LATTA, OLIVER . . . Key Club, Tri-Chem, Theta Science, Chemistry lab monitor, Usher for Vesper Service . . . LEE, GARY , , , National Honor Society president, Drum Major for the Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Boys' State, Key Club, Quo Vadis, Tri- Chem, Inter-club Council, Senior Cabinet, delegate to the State Honor Society Convention . . . LE MAY, HAYES . . . TOMMIE LAIVIIVIERS ANNE LANE 146 SHIRLEY LASSITER OLIVER LATTA GARY LEE HAYES LQMAY LEMMER, FRANCES . . . Los Gatos Espanoles, Senior Choir, transfer from Balboa High School, Balboa, Canal Zone, and Fort Knox High School, Fort Knox, Kentucky . . . LENDERMAN, VIRGINIA LOU . . . PepCats. . . LEWIS, ROBERT DAVID , , , National Honor Society, Tri-Chem, Theta Science Club, Thespians, Stage Crew, Marching Band, Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society, Pep Band, Concert Band, transfer from Sylvan Hills . . . LEWIS, SHIRLEY ANN . . . Pep- Cats, Future Homemakers, Senior Girls' Chorus, Art Club . . . LILES, GAY . . . PepCats, Y-Teens, Tri-Chem, Future Homemakers . . . LINN, BOBBI. . .Junior Girls' Chorus, Senior Girls' Chorus, Future Home- makers. , . LISTER, TONI . . , Homecoming Royalty, Junior Valentine Maid, Valentine Queen, Y-Teens president, Senior Hostess for Greater Little Rock Y-Teens, Student Council corresponding secretary, Y-Teens vice-president. Home Room secretary and treasurer, PepCats. Miss Wildcat, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Los Gatos Espanoles, Girls' Recreation Association, delegate to City, State, and Mid-South Y-Teen Conferences . . . LOVELL, JANET . . . Cheerleader, Girls' State, Student Council, PepCats, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll Pledge Mistress, Wildcat Follies cast, Thespians, Y-Teens, Home Room reporter, Future Homemakers, cast of "The lXlatclimaker," Sophomore and Junior Talent as- semblies. . . LUTER, AUNDRA . . . Red Cross, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Typing monitor . . . LYOND, JANET KAYE . . . Concert and Marching Bands. . . ,....iw.w.,f I--1' "Aw, you'rc kidding. I really don't look like :1 West Point Cadet," says band member Harold Murchison to Lois Pinkerton, FRANCES LEIVIIVIER M19 VIRGINIA LENDERMAN DAVID LEWIS SHIRLEY LEWIS GAY LILES BOBBI LINN , aww " at , Q TONI LISTER JANET LOVELL AUNDRA LUTER JANET LYONS 147 LYONS, JIMMY . . . Publications Staff . . . MADDY, PRISCILLA . . . Los Gatos Espanoles, Future Home- makers, Y-Teens, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . MAHNKER, JOHN WAYNE . . . Marching Band, Los Gatos Espanoles, Stage Crew . . . MARKS, LINDA CHERYL . . . Red Cross, Y-Teens, Thespians, Future Nurses, Bookworms, Future Homemakers, Girls' Recreation Association, PepCats, Student Director for "The Matchmaker" . . . MARTIN, SARA BETH . . . Student Council, Catettes, PepCats treasurer, Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, Thespians, Senior Choir, Usher for Vesper Service . . .MAULDIN, BOBBIE . . . MAXWELL, RUTH , , , Future Homemakers, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . MAY, DAVID . . . Football, Home Room vice-president, Thespians, Track . . . MCARTHUR, LAVERDIA ANN . . . Future Business Leader, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers, Future IMMY L S J YON PRISCILLA MADDY Nurses, senior Girls' Chorus . . . MCCLAIN, JANET . . . PepCats, Catette Hand Drill Leader, Home Room president, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, monitor for Dean of Girls, Senior Choir, Quill and Scroll, Publications Staff, Junior Talent assembly . . . WAYNE MAHNKER LINDA MARKS SARA BETH MARTIN BOBBY MAULDIN 5 W W 1 2 . 148 RUTH MAXWELL DAVID MAY ANN MCARTHUR , JANET MCCLAIN 'F MCCLENDON, JUDI ANN . . . McDONALD, ARLEN . . . Senior Choir, Thespians, Boys' Chorus, Home Room vice-president, cast of "The Matchmaker," Senior Boys' Quartet, Madrigal Singers . . . MCMILLAN, ALTON. . .Senior Cabinet, Publications Staff, Film Crew . . . MCMURTRY, SANDI . . . PepCats, Los Gatos Espanoles, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Musical Varieties cast, Thespians, transfer from Mount St. Mary's . . . MCPHERSON, ROBERT E. . . . Football, Track . . . MCRAE, ANNE . . . Senior Cabinet, Y-Teen, PepCats, Home Room secretary-treasurer, Thespians, Le Cercle Francais, Future Nurses, cast of "The Matchmaker" . . . MEDLOCK, RAYMOND C. . . . National Merit Finalist. Home Room president, Key Club, Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society, Stage Crew, Los Gatos Espanoles, Library monitor, Thespians, cast of "The Matchmaker" . . . MERRITT, JANELIE . . . Glee Club, Choir, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders, All Stage Choir, National Honor Society . . MICHAEL, JAMES . . . Glee Club, Junior Choir . . . MIDDLEBROOKS, KATHY . . . Art Club, Home Room reporter, Y-Teens, PepCats . . . ALTON MCMILLAN SANDI MCMURTRY RAYMOND MEDLOCK JANELLE MERRITT ,,., The last one through has to wash thc dishes. The Color Day Royalty is announced at the football banquet. , at all ei Q' A E af A JUDI ANN MCCLENDON ARLEN MCDONALD 'Q , ' If 11, ',u,25,.pf:,5a::zs?'a ROBERT E. MCPHERSON ANNE MCRAE j1f't'-5.62151 ' we A I My if .v-1' I ,. ..,, . C. V .I ,A Lli- . I . 1 up , if C T JAMES MICHAEL KATHY MIDDLEBROOK 149 MILLER, DAVID C. . . . Red Cross, Quo Vadis, Future Teachers, Theta Science Club, Key Club . . . MILLER, GLORIA JEAN . . . Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Future Homemakers, Senior Choir . . . MITCHELL, PAUL . . . Inter-club Council, Future Tradesmen, First Place Award in Craftsmen's Fair . . . MONROE, JAMES DANIEL . . . Wildcat Editor, Hi Comet Sports Editor, Football, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Track, Wildcat Follies cast, Letter- men's Club, Senior Talent assembly, Class Day h committee . . . MONTGOMERY, GLENN . . . Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Home Room president and vice-president . . . MONTGOMERY, JOAN , . , Cheerleader, PepCats,Y-Teens, Future Homemakers, Senior Cabinet. . . MONTGOMERY, LARRY DON . . .Future Tradesmen sergeant-at-arms . . . MOORE, CHARLES , , . . . . Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers PAUL MITCHELL JAMES D. MONROE C? laoo 0 1962 GLENN MONTGOMERY JOAN MONTGOMERY 150 S Ji "-1 A A it 3' is EE an if Raya? mfg, xg -"' W N t, gg A age ? , , . 1,1 f -if lllt' A ff --., jg, is ,-.., A f 'W A 4 . Ex: , , . -5,45 . .,, , S. 'Z Risky may ..k, filfh d 'Q G A N .: -V L.: VV , LARRY D. MONTGOMERY CHARLES MOORE GEORGE MORGAN MARTHA JANE MORGAN ff 'haf 5, E MORROW, DENNIS . . .Track, Football. . .MOYER, BRUCE , , . Tri-Chem, Junior Historians, Thespians MURPHY, LYNDA . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Future Teachers . .. MURRAY, RAYMOND, K. . . , National Honor Society, Key Club, Quo Vadis, Office monitor . . . MURRAY, SHIRLEY , , , Girls' Recreation Associ- ation, Future Homemakers . . . MYERS, HERSHEL NAIL, FRANCES , . , National Honor Society, Forensic League treasurer, Art Club secretary and vice-president, Future Teachers vice-president . . . NAIL, JIM . . . Home Room president, Band Captain, Tri-Chem, Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band NAKAMURA, MERI . . . National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders, Y-Teens, Award in State Future Business Leaders Convention, Office monitor, Shorthand monitor . . . NELSON, CHERYL DEE ANN . . . Quill and Scroll, Wildcat Assistant Make- up Editor, Hi Comet Feature Editor, Future Teachers, Le Cercle Francais, Future Business Leaders, Art Club. Home Room secretary, Future Nurses reporter, Wildcat Follies cast, PepCats, Y-Teens publicity chairman, Girls' Recreation Association, Candy- striper, Junior and Senior Talent assemblies, delegate to AHSPA and to FBLA State Conventions . . . "If you guys don't win this game you'll have to walk back I" John Brashear informs the varsity football team. DENNIS MORROW BRUCE IVIOYER W-sw. ,,.. . ,. ,,.- W ,-'.-, ,iV,fWm:V,V. , W,,,,,,,, ,t,,l,,,,,,,, , A , , V .1,,,,,.v,-Wi. Q .ii-,,,m,n. ,W K, A A V1 'fel A H W I , v ag ' 5,1 .f We 2 1 ' ke , 1 i'-' x 1 'QQ 4 4 if-1 s ,sffsaxgl LYNDA MURPHY RAYMOND K. MURRAY SHIRLEY MURRAY WV V -V - V WSE, tt- .L ., . V ''ssigsffzzitfiiieifigiiiitf X- g ig, wa 5 Q ,,,,,,,,,,,,., , .N.,X,..f.,..,-. -V V ' i'f'?f,1s f 'P x iw MV 1 V - A if "' 51, Wgm 5 ,. .J-Vf, 1,,V1 fx- 12 25551 HERSHEL MYERS FRANCES NAIL JIM NAIL MERI NAKAIVIURA CHERYL D. NELSON 1 51 1 JANE ANN NEWBERY BILL NICHOLS WANDA JEAN NORMAN PAT NOWELL Qlaoo o 1962 NEWBERRY, JANE ANN . . . National Honor Society, Future Homemakers vice-president and historian, Catettes, PepCats, Tri-Chem, Home Room secretary- treasurer, Red Cross . . . NICHOLS, BILL . . . Key Club Board Member, Concert and Marching Bands, Band Student Director, Boys' Chorus president and pianist, All State Band, Senior Cabinet, Quo Vadis, Wildcat Follies cast . . . NORMAN, WANDA JEAN , , , Junior Girls' Chorus, Future Homemakers, Los Gatos Espanoles NOWELL, PAT . . . Track, Le Cercle Francais, Thespians, Publications Staff, cast of "The Match- maker", , , O'CAIN, LARRY . . . Publications photographer, Film Crew . . . ODOM, DOUG . . Football Captain, Los Gatos Espanoles, Boys' State, Home Room president, Thespians, Lettermen's Club secretary . . . OISHI, EMIKO , , , Y-Teens treasurer, PepCats, Future Homemakers, Tri-Chem, Projectionists Club, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll . . . OWENS, MARY ELIZABETH , , , Student Council, Y-Teens, Junior Girls' Chorus, PepCats, Future Business Leaders, Quo Vadis, Typing monitor, Musical Varieties cast . . . PACK, LYNDA JOYCE . . . PAPAGEORGE, MARIA . . . National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Wild- cat Make-up Editor, Hi Comet re-write Editor, Home Room secretary and reporter, PepCats, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Office monitor, Quill and Scroll secretary LARRY O'CAIN DOUG ODOM EMIKO OISHI MARY E. OWENS LYNDA JOYCE PACK MARIA PAPAGEORGE 52 PARKINSON, DARRYL . . . PepC ats, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders . . . PARSONS, CAROLYN . . . Senior Choir, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Future Home- makers, Junior Choir. Art Club . . . PARTIN, JUDY . . . National Honor Society, Student Council, PepCats, Future Homemakers, Future Busi- ness Leaders. Quo Vadis, Red Cross . . . PEMBERTON, JOHN WILLIAM . . . Golf Team, Tri-Chem. Marching Band, Quo Vadis . . . PENNEY, BETTY RUTH . . . PERKINS, RICHARD K E. . . . ... A t , , , 4 ,, "Boy, has Debbie Drake got something started!" complain the back- PETERS' FAYE ' ' ' PETERS' VIILLIANI 'DUKE bending cheerleaders as they perform for the Color D21yRoyaIt3'. PHILLIBER, BILL . . . Key Club, Forensic League, Los Gatos Espanoles, Thespians, Wildcat Band, National Honor Society. . . PHILLIPS, HAROLD, , . Los Gatos Espanoles, Art Club . . . DARRYL PARKINSON CAROLYN PARSONS - I 2 F 'S f 2 JUDY PARTIN JOHN PEIVIBERTON BETTY RUTH PENNY RICHARD PERKINS QV' FAYE PETERS DUKE PETERS BILL PHILLIBER HAROLD PHILLIPS 53 1 1 I I JOE PHILLIPS JOY PHILLIPS JOYCE PHILLIPS TOMMY PIERCY elaoo o 1962 - A -1' .. E51,ffE'?fLf:E-5g5?ig.,f:!YLivQ-::f7?,5ri. 1,1 I. , .- : . , t, , I,QI - H 2 , elif' 1 A 1 ' 'f -ffhfzi . k,,- , - . , -L N ,- ,.,,gg11gf.,a,g - -I :-f so V F .ggzgg - I J ' A . 'L - 'f 1 1 -,-- ,ff test' V. 1 . . f, , -,53g,e?,, -1 .53 'Q , 'iff ff' asm ,. 154 PEGGY SUE POHNKA LARRY POLITE . PHILLIPS, JOE . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Publications Staff photographer, Track team, Camera Club, Radio Club . . . PHILLIPS, JOY . . .Cheer- leader Captain, National Honor Society, Home Room president, Tri-Chem, PepCats, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers vice-president. . . PHILLIPS, JOYCE , , , Cheerleader Captain, Pep- Cats, Y-Teens, Students Council, Senior Cabinet, Home Room secretary, Future Homemakers vice- president . . . PIERCY, TOMMY . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Senior Choir, Tri- Chem, OCMA, Boys' Chorus . . . PINKERTON, LOIS . . . Cheerleader, Home Room president, PepCats, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Future Homemakers, Thespians . . . PLUMMER, JACKIE . . . Head Manager for football, basketball, andtrack, Home Room president, Lettermen's Club, Quo Vadis, Stage Crew. . . POHNKA, PEGGY SUE . . . National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Choir, Tri-Chem, PepCats, Home Room vice-president, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . POLITE, LARRY . . . POOL, MURIELEN-E . , , PepCats, Quo Vadis, Future Homemakers . . . POTTER, MARY . . . PepCats, Le Cercle Francais, Red Cross, Senior Girls' Choir LOIS PINKERTON JACKIE PLUMMER MURIELENE POOL MARY POTTER PRICE, WILLIS E. . . . Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Mr. Wildcat . . . PRINCE, ANDY , , , Marching Band, Home Room vice-president, Senior Cabinet, Boys' Chorus . . . RANEY, CARL L. . . . RAY, CARY . . . Future Tradesmen vice-president . . . REAVES, BILLIE JEAN . . . Future Homemakers . . . REEMES, SUE . . . Thespians, Properties Committee for "The Matchmaker" , , , RICE, AUBREY . . . RICHARDSON, BRENDA . . . Varsity and Marching Bands, Future Homemakers RIGGS, TOM PEYTON , , , Thespians, cast of "The Matchmaker," Publications Staff, Senior Quartet, Senior Choir, The Pastels, The Crimsons, "Tom Peyton" of KXLR, transfer from Baton Rouge High . . . ROBERTS, DORIS ANNE . . . Future Home- Grizzle, and Connie Kirby look on. "No, you fool, it's 'hail, Caesar' and not 'hail, Nero,"' roars John Ketcher as Frances Shepherd, Alice Cummings, Susan Brown, Pam makers, Future Teachers, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, transfer from Jacksonville High . . . WILLIS E. PRICE ANDY PRINCE i CARL RANEY CARY RAY BILLIE JEAN REAVES SUE REEMES AUBREY RICE BRENDA RICHARDSON ToM PEYTON RIGGS DoR1s ANNE ROBERTS 155 ROBERTS, JUDITH . . . PepCats, Student Council, Catettes, Senior Cabinet, Quo Vadis, Girls' Recre- ation Association, Y-Teens, Sophomore and Junior 7 Talent assemblies. Publications Staff . . .ROBERTS, POLLY ANN , , , Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Quo Vadis, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. . . ROBERSON, DANNY , , , Home Room president, J Thespians . . . ROEHRENBECK, RICK . . . Senior Cabinet, transfer from Catholic High . . . ROGERS, R. E. . . .ROGERS, GINGER. . .Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers, Los Gatos ,. Espanoles, Home Room Secretary, Monitor for the Dean of Girls . . . ROTTON, JO LEE . . . Catettes, Pepcats, All State Choir, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Y-Teens, Future - Homemakers, Bookworms, Quo Vadis, Library monitor, Musical Varieties cast, National Honor JUDITH ROBERTS POLLY ANN RQBERTS Society . . . RUSH, KATY . . . C3tGtfeS, P6pCatS, Y-Teens, Los Gatos Espanoles . . . RUSSELL, ALLEN R. . . . Transfer from Ozark High . . . SANDERS, JAMES ALLEN . . . Football, Basketball, Manager for football and track . . . DANNY ROBERSON RICK ROEHRENBECK Qlaoo o 1962 R. E. ROGERS GINGER ROGERS 156 JO LEE ROTTON KATY RUSH ALLAN RUSSELL JAMES A. SANDERS SANDERS, MURIEL . . . Transfer from Vilonia High . . . SANTORUFO, LINDA , , , Red Cross, Quo Vadis, Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Home Room vice-president, Future Teachers, Bookstore monitor, Future Nurses, Y-Teens . . . SCARBOROUGH, LELIA . . . SCHIFFER, DANIEL KENNETH . . . National Honor Society, Theta Science Club, Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society president, Tri-Chem, Stage Crew , , , SCHUCK, PAM . , , National Honor Society, Junior Talent assembly, Tri-Chem, Quo Vadis, Los Gatos Espanoles, PepCats, Future Homemakers, Red Cross . . . SCHULTZ, ROBERT K, , , , Home Room president. Key Club, Theta Science, Tri-Chem, Concert and Marching Bands, Chemistry lab monitor, Quo Vadis, Projectionists Club . . . SCHUSTER, BILLIE JO , , . Junior Choir vice- president, Y-Teens, Publications Staff . . .SCOTT, PATRICIA LEE , , , Senior Girls' Chorus, Future Business Leaders, Junior Choir, Musical Varieties cast, Glee Club, Future Homemakers . . . SHARP, KENNETH D. . . . SHAW, BETTY ANN . . . PepCats. Future Business Leaders, Quo Vadis, Future Homemakers, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . "Gee. I wish we could afford a two-room house," muses Pat Weed. Christmas play cast dresses back stage. MURIEL SANDERS LINDA SANTORUFO LELIA SCARBOROUGI-I DANIEL K. SCHIFFER PAM SCI-IUCK ROBERT SCHULTZ - 1. BILLIE JO SCHUSTER PATRICIA LEE SCOTT KENNETH D. SHARP BETTY ANN SHAW 157 LAWRENCE SHEETS FRANCES SHEPHERD JOHNNY SHEPHERD JEANNE SHIELDS elaoo o 1962 SHEETS, LAWRENCE S. . . .SHEPHERD, FRANCES . . . Thespians secretary-treasurer, Home Room secretary-treasurer, PepCats, Catettes, Y-Teens, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Miss Wildcat, Girls' Recreation Association, Le Cercle Francais, Chairman for the Properties Committee for "The Matchmaker". . . SHEPHERD, JOHNNY , , , Hi Comet Editor, Boys' State, Boys' Nation Alternate, Student Council, Thespians reporter, Quill and Scroll President, Color Day Escort, Football and Track manager, Secretary for AHSPA, Wildcat Follies Master of Ceremonies, Home Room president, cast of "The Matchmaker," Sophomore and Junior Talent assemblies . . . SHIELDS, JEANNIE , , , Cheerleader, Girls' State, Homecoming Royalty, Junior 'Valentine Maid, Friendliest Girl, Student Council, PepCats, Catettes, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Sophomore Talent assembly SHILLICUTT, LARRY , , , Concert and Marching Bands, Tri-Chem . . . SHUGART,' ANNE . . . Catettes, PepCats secretary, Senior Cabinet, Y-Teens, City Y-Teen secretary, State Y-Teen Conference delegate, Mid-South Y-Teen delegate, Thespians, Future Homemakers, Home Room secretary, Thespians . . . SHUMATE, LEE ROY, , ,Home Roomvice-president, Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Los Gatos Espanoles . . . SIMPSON, LINDA . . . Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Future Business Leaders, Glee Club, Future Homemakers . . . SIMPSON, BILL . . . Track . . . SINGLETON, ANNE Future Nurses, Thespians, Wildcat Band, PepCats, Red Cross, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Los Gatos Espanoles, Inter-club Council LARRY SHILLCUTT ANNE SHUGART 158 I LEE ROY SHUMATE LINDA SIMPSON BILL SIMPSON ANNE SINGLETON SINKEY, LARRY BURT . . . Home Room vice- president, Film Crew, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll . . . SMITH, BARBARA ANN . . . Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Film Crew, Band Publicity Committee . . . SMITH, BARBARA J. . . . Home Room president, Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens. Future Homeniukers, Home Room secretary-treasurer. Senior Choir, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . SMITH, DALIQ L, , , , SMITH, IEDXXARD . . . Senior Choir. Boys' Chorus, Theta Science Club. Marching Band. Varsity Band. OCMA . , , SMITH, JIMMY , , , National Honor Society, Key Club, Tri-Chem, Theta Science Club, Home Room president, Chemistry lab monitor, Amateur Rocket Society, transfer from Decatur High, DGCZHLIF. Alabzlfha . . . Just call me Lawrence Welk. Bobby Bankowski plays for the Senior Talent Assembly. SMITH, RONNY , , , SNIDER, THOMAS , I l Kgy Club, Tri-Chem, Los Gatos Espanoles, Lab monitor, National Honor Society . . . SNYDER, BARBARA , , , Transfer from Mount St. Mary's . . . SPAIN, ELIZABETH , , , LARRY B. SINKEY BARBARA A. SMITH audit BARBARA J. SMITH DALE SMITH EDWARD SMITH JIMMY SMITH an , 9' ,iw RW? RONNY SMITH THOMAS SNIDER BARBARA SNYDER ELIZABETH SPAIN 159 BEVERLY SPARKS MARIBETH SPEARMON THOMAS A. SPENCER, III LYNNE SPRIGG elaoo o 1962 SPARKS, BEVERLYANN. . .SeniorGirls'Ensemble, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, PepCats, Musical Varieties cast . . . SPEARMON, MARIBETH . . . Catettes, Senior Cabinet, PepCats, Mid-South Y- Teen Conference, Y-Teens secretary, Y-Teens City Conference, Quo Vadis, Quill and Scroll, Future Homemakers. . . SPENCER, THOMAS AUSTIN . . . Concert Band . . . SPRIGG, LYNNE PRITCHARD . . . Tri-Chem secretary. Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society secretary, Theta Science Club, Future Nurses, National Honor Society, Office monitor, Inter-club Council. . . STACKS, LARRY . . . Future Tradesmen secretary, Film Crew. Art Club, Porjectionists Club ., , STAFFORD, JERRY L. . . . STAGGS, MARILYN . . . Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Glee Club, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders . . . STAKEMILLER, JUDY . . . Home Room treasurer, Future Homemakers treasurer, Pep- Cats, Library monitor, Quo Vadis, Bookworms, National Honor Society . . . STANE, LINDA . . . Senior Girls' Chorus vice- president . . . STEPTER, SHARON . . . Quo Vadis, Senior Choir librarian, Red Cross, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Junior Girls' Trio, Glee Club, Girls' Recreation Association, All State Chorus . . . LARRY STACKS JERRY STAFFORD 160 MARILYN STAGGS JUDY STAKEMILLER .,.,, "" .' I 45 K 'V I, ,Q gait ., V:.k , 5 LINDA STANE SHARON STEPTER STEPTER, SHERRILL . . . National Honor Society, Tri-Chem, Key Club, Theta Science Club. Quo Vadis Office monitor . . . STEWART, KONI JEAN . . 9 STEWART, MARIBETH .. . PepCats, Y-Teens, delegate to Mid-Winter Conference, Future Home- makers, Future Business Leaders, Red Cross, Los Gatos Espanoles, Bookworms, Library monitor. . . STONE, CAROLYN ANN . . . Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Girls' Chorus, Future Homemakers, Glee Club, Musical Varieties cast . . . STOUT, CAROLYN . .. National Honor Society bulletin board chairman, Future Teachers. Senior Cabinet, Le Cercle Francais, Y-Teens, Art Club treasurer, Home Room secretary, PepCats, Inter- club Council . . . STRICKLIN, JAMES . . . Transfer from Bell Gardens Senior High, Bell Gardens, Cali- fornia. . . STROUD, BETTY . . . Senior Choir, Home Room vice-president, Home Room treasurer, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Junior Choir . . . TALLEY, DORIS ANN . . . Future Homemakers. PepCats . . . TARVIN, JOYCE ANN , , , Student Council, Future Homemakers vice-president, Future Business Leaders. PepCats, Le Cercle Francais reporter, Y-Teens, Glee Club . . . TATE, CAROLYN JANE "Well done, boy, you made the block in twenty minutes Tommy Riggs to Pat Nowell. K .. fs' me . Y,- ,M as at u. a SHERRILL STEPTER KONI JEAN STEWART MARIBETH STEWART CAROLYN STONE CAROLYN STOUT JAMES STRICKLIN BETTY STROUD DORIS TALLEY JOYCE TARVIN CAROLYN TATE 161 says LARRY TATOM JOE DAVID TAYLOR GEORGE TENNEY LAWRENCE TESTERMAN Qlaoo o 1962 2 JACK A. THURMAN CLAUDIA TOLAND i6 TATOM, LARRY . . . TAYLOR, JOE DAVID , , , TENNEY, GEORGE EDWARD , , , Quartermaster for Concert and Marching Bands, Home Room president, Boys' Chorus, Quo Vadis, Pep Band . . . TESTERMAN, LAWRENCE . . . Office monitor . . . THOMPSON, BARBARA GAIL . . . Girls' State, Home Room vice-president, Art Club president, Senior Girls' Ensemble, All State Choir, Le Cercle Francais, Ensemble historian . . . THOMPSON, JAMES L. . . . Los Gatos Espanoles . . . THURMAN, JACK A. . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Film Crew head monitor, Amateur Radio Club president, vice-president, Stage Crew, Tri- Chem, Theta Science Club, Key Club, Projectionists Club . . . TOLAND, CLAUDA . . . Senior Choir, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Junior Girls' Choir treasurer, PepCats . . . TUCKER, FRANCES , , , National Honor Society, Senior Girls' Trio, Senior Girls' Ensemble, All State Choir, Senior Choir treasurer, Junior Choir, Glee Club, Future Homemakers . . . TYLER, JAMES . . . National Merit Finalist, Bausch-Lomb Science Award, National Science Foundation Student, First, second, and third place prizes in Mathematics at the Math-Science Fair, All State Choir, National Honor Society project chairman, Theta Science Club vice-president, Key Club corresponding secretary, Concert and Marching Bands, Boys' Chorus, Le Cercle Francais, Junior Rotarian, Musical Varieties cast, Wildcat Follies cast, Inter-club Council . . . BARBARA THOMPSON JAMES THOMPSON FRANCES TUCKER JAMES TYLER VANDERPOOL, BARBARA JOAN . . . Red Cross, I Future Business Leaders . . . VAUGHAN, MIKE . . . Football Captain, Boys' State, Lettermen's Club president. Home Room president, Junior Talent I assembly, Track. . . VINT, CAROLYN . . . Future Business Leaders, Girls' Recreation Association, PepCats, Y-Teens . . . WALLACE, JEANE . . . Student Council, Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Home Room vice- president. Future Teachers, Future Nurses, Future Business Leaders, Red Cross, Art Club, Girls' Recreation Association. . . WARD, MARY FRANCES . . , Los Gatos Espanoles, Y-Teens Future Homemakers, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . WARRICK, PAM. . . PepCats president, National Thespiansy yyildcat Follies Cast, 31id-SOuth Y-TeenS "Let's see . . . Dear Ann Landers . . . " James Michael avoids Conference, All State Chorus, cast of "The Matmakeru . . . doing classwork. WASHBURN, JERRY D. . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band WAYMIRE, JIMMY .. . Band, Stage Crew, Film Crew . . . BARBARA VANDERPOOL MIKE VAUGHAN CAROLYN VINT JEANE WALLACE RICHARD WALLACE JA-NIE WALTERS nl., MARY FRANCES WARD PAM WARRICK JERRY WASHBURN JIMMY WAYMIRE 163 BEVERLY WEATHERSBY JAMES L. WEBB PAT WEED C. LARRY WEIR elaoo o 1962 WEATHERSBY, BEVERLY. . .WildcatEditor, Publi- cations Staff Artist and Make-up Editor, Quill and Scroll, Art Club vice-president, Junior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varieties cast, Red Cross County Council representative, Quo Vadis, Girls' Recreational Association, Thespians, Inter-club Council . . . WEBB, JAMES LUTHER, JR. . . . Future Trades- l'I1Gl'1.. . WEED, PAT , , , Catettes, National Honor Society, Homecoming Royalty, Quo Vadis, Thespians, Pep- Cats, Forensic League Co-chairman, Y-Teens . . . WEIR, C. LARRY . . . National Honor Society, Key Club, Tri-Chem, Boys' Chorus, Senior Cabinet, Con- cert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Quo Vadis . . . WEST, BETTY ANN . . . Future Homemakers, Los Gatos Espanoles . . . WHITAKER, GARY , , , Publi- cations Staff. . . WHITE, PEGGY , , , Le Cercle Francais, Monitor for the Dean of Girls, Publications Staff, Girls' Recreation Association, Phys Ed assistant . . . WHITSON, EMILY . . . Assistant Drum Major for the Marching Band, Future Teachers President, Red Cross president, National Honor Society, Secretary for Chapel, Girls' Recreation Association secretary, Red Cross County Council representative, PepCats, Office monitor, Home Room president, Quo Vadis, Art Club, Theta Science Club, Volunteen Staff Aide WIGGS, ROY . . . Publications Staff . . . WILKINS, ALLEN . . . l BETTY A. WEST GARY WHITAKER 164 PEGGY WHITE EMILY WHITSON ROY WIGGS ALLEN WILKINS WILKINS, DENNIS . . . Student Council, Football, Track, Lettermen's Club vice-president, Fire Mar- shal, Home Room president . . . WILLIAMS, BILL WILLIAMS, SANFORD . . . WILSON, BEKI , , , Y-Teens, Thespians, PepCats, Catettes. Los Gatos Espanoles, Wildcat Follies cast, Sophomore Talent assembly. . . WINGET, RICHARD OWENS Transfer from Clarksville High, Clarksville, Tennessee . . . WIRT, BETTY . . . Catettes, PepCats, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders. Future Homemakers, Home Room secretary and treasurer . . . WITKOWSKI, MARLYN. . .Catettes,PepCats,Girls' Recreation Association, Le Cercle Francais, Y-Teens, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll, Home Room secretary and treasurer. Phys Ed assistant, Sophomore andJunior Talentassemblies. . .WOLFE, HARVEY . . . Key Club, Tri-Chem, Boys' Chorus, National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Concert and Marching Bands, Pep Band, Home Room president, Quo Vadis . . . WOOD, BOB . . . WOOD, CYNTHIA JANE , . Thespians, transfer from Fuller High . . . 'MJF' SANFORD WILLIAMS BECKI WILSON mr' 'Q --a...uu-un MARILYN WITKOWSKI HARVEY WOLFE And remember, girls, never have your buck to the camera. The Cheerleaders lead fifteen rahs for the Wildcats. if "-- W 5 I Q k 3 sy, .. V ,P 1 ,itlgigy W- fi ji' pp bf DENNIS WILKINS BILL WILIJIAIVIS Uri' RICHARD VVINGET BETTY WIRT . ,, aall f f irsi I if ' ' 554 N 5 ' 9,4 4, BOB WOOD CYNTHIA WOOD 165 BILL WOODY BETTY WOOLVERTON .dl ROYCE WORKS CYNTHIA WORRELL Qlaoo o 1962 WOODY, BILL ... Senior Cabinet . .. WOOLVERTON, BETTY ALICE . . . PepCats, Y- Teens, Future Homemakers, Quo Vadis . . . WORKS, ROYCE . . . Bookworms secretary and treasurer, Future Teachers, -Art Club reporter, Future Homemakers . . . WORRELL, CYNTHIA . . . National Honor Society, Tri-Chem, Theta Science Club, Red Cross County Council representative, Future Teachers, Prize in the Medical Science division of Math-Science Fair, Quo Vadis, Y-Teens, Thespians WRIGHT, RONNIE . . . WRIGHT, TOMMY , . . WYNNE, CAROLE LORANE , , , Catettes, PepCats historian, Choir librarian, Y-Teens, Color Day as- sembly, cast of "The Matchmaker" . . . WYNNS, SUE . . . PepCats, Catettes, Y-Teens, Home Room secretary, Le Cercle Francais . . . YELLE, RUTH ELIZABETH . . . ASLA District Secretary, Theta Science Club, Bookworms, Library monitor, Tri-Chem, Red Cross, Quo Vadis, Art Club, National Honor Society . . . YOUNG, JOHN DAVID . , , Basketball, Boys' State, Student Council, Home Room president, Tennis, Lettermen's Club RONNIE WRIGHT TOMMY WRIGHT 166 CAROLE L. WYNNE SUE WYN JS RUTH YELLE JOHN D. YOUNG YOUNG, SHIRLEY . . . Transfer from Central High - - - YOUNTS, BETH . . . Girls' Recreation As- sociation, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers, Art Club, Glee Club, PepCats, Monitor for shorthand . . . ZAWISLAK, FREDERICK JOSEPH , , Boys' Chorus, transfer from Catholic High . . . "'Ehm-Q. "' ,,. r"'1Wmw.,.t ,- SHIRLEY YOUNG BETH YOUNTS 5 fi ff V. -f lg, W5 "Aw why did you have to tell her there is no Santa Claus," explodes Arlan McDonald while Pat Garrett cries. Watching are Wayne Linder, Janelle Merritt, Mickey Cupp and David Lewis. "Place your bets here," announces Nancy Burt. Cheryl Nelson, Nancy, Beverly Weathersby, Charlene Banks, Vicki Lafferty and Maria Papageorge place orders for Journalism pins. FREDERICK ZAWISLAK "And this was supposed to be a solo," complains Pam Warrick. Pam, Carolyn Dornblaser, Bev Brockert, and Barbara Thompson sing for the Follies. 167 4 W. A LQ M ? a.aWV l. f Q?'FWHfEQ! aiwwwwwwe 3 . ,A.,,.,q , ani, , M -, A -. imze ' elaoo o 'WWWQ f,Me J ' . iiafg . 5 ,. h 5 L . A y gr, - A , -f-, if Q ' ' . - .f V- ug-113 'Q ISI T M . 5, A 0 Q an W . A "" an f Gary Adams aa gf al .. :.' Q , , Judith Anderson Kenneth Anderson MiChael Anderson ,ZA ,XE , . 51, 1... . Q., g Y '?1f7? . 1 uv " Taleigh Austin Jimmy Autry Carolyn Avance Mike Bakelakos :W in A Lynda Banning Douglas Barclay Tom Barnett 168 A , g 1. 1 I . V' ., VM J A .', I fffwv """' 'fi n rr,a . 1. , ' . . L901'13I'd Bauman Tommie Jean Beason Barbara Bell Jim Adams Sarah Adams Linda Carolyn Adcock Cameron i. Wifi 5.5 F' x A " ' 3:i'J 'i5f'i' J 5,35 fx 1 96 ff? 1 1 V f' 435' ' Kia- . . K is gm . K. .k,. .332 -2 If , 1' . I ' ffk ia .,w?.g 4? 5? nts' N "' . . . ' i"4' ' . 4.1-A - ff -H -' ' -- ,, -". Nil s ." xii Q wi' A , 4,- .. ii-,NEI i ' '-.-1-,, 1 X df Rita Andrews Billie Jean Apple Alexander Barbara J. Ayers Donna Bahil , fm , Eddie Baker Hay Ball ' .W . . rilr 14:55-? -- sr J ' i A 35 jigs. 'Q' 1 AZ-QV K i -r .1 isss Buddy Barrett Ronny Baty -er- Seaborn Bell Gloria Benetz if, - , .LL V7 'Pi 25',,f Delores J. Alexander Pam Armstrong . 'W 1 1455? u'.E-'1f'. I 25? . Q' in ham? Ya .aus xy, K K fa, iv. 1. Linda Bailey Ya .4-Qt--'. ' 'gym . - -ff . fl John T. Ballard Ralph Bauer J: .....'5' Cheryl Benoit ,x , Q .N QUQ 6. :, ' Q ff? ,, so Mike Bentley Gloria Berry fx x - f K, ...., I 3-,Q Qs "' M W --I h K -nr' 'JJ-I-ffl B I Elizabeth Rae Biekford Nancy Ka Biery . f 1- -wil, Danny Bishop ,-st 'CW X1 V if-av ,F Jimmy Blythe ,., nal 55 V B 2' dll Jack Bookout , ,my gy ' fsff in K.. A! Q .wk fl' Judi Bland Hank Boardman Y be L ' " 4 Gigi? Q , -av' John Bostie .40 he sf, . 'Q .Qi 'if Q 4 f 'T' 3 'S ure ,A 9 fy X 12. y is iJ4,1p7m QW' , f. at :aim ig gm' .WH.,,,X XM , lk W? 'abs Heidi Bickel QQ -aw X if Mary Beth Biggs ,,f,,,5Ej F , W " .115 ,-St A .., 5 " 2 Q if Barbara Blankenship Eddie Boerner -a ,,. ,, 'A "L '7f???jL'?f B Q Anita Boswell ' L' ve' ,.-...A Edwin Brirnmage Gary Brinkley Jerry Brockington "Just ezill me Fred Astaire," Tommy Dodson tells Lee Davenport as Mark Linder and Mike Hogue watch. Nag. ww it 2 2 Bobby Blanz Susie Bledsoe Linda Blevins 'vw :UL wk vfef H Barbara Bolinger Bill Bolinger Dennis Bonge Ailri , ,M - is B X V v H ' di W Wm an i Hifi' "" wr' 'sv I' K 'F ibii fs' D' 13'-5 it B its i 'xii' if 555 5 A if-. . W 'I 115227 K F 2 ' ' ' ,gin ' ' Q , Q fi,"-f' 'B Q72 pi E5 Charlene Bray Keith Bright Billy BI'llCy Biii ff 77 X i 2 Lee Browder Linda Browder Carolyn Brown Ai 4 a,:.,,t,.-is.-.i'g, UM. J ,gala ,S ..,-f Diane Brown Rita Bryant Q1 ' , Marilyn Butler elaoo o Brenda Cofield Barbara Cook 170 is .,,i.,,. ,, if:-av mg a Q ... Duane Brown Tommy Brown Bobby Browning yfffi C -If -if - B Q... i '11--Q... li' arar 1 K, ml 'wt C-.ww-av figs 9 , . 3 1 1 iff, F X L ' L Q in Michael Buchanan David Bunch James Burnett Barbara Camp Richard Carr Leon Carter jx ik, , P 4v X is M 918 at Q A X QQ' ...- ,,. we 'is an f b , , J l af t ri iaixrs.fl?Z9r 4 Toni Clements Freddy Clendenin in t ie r I 'Y ffl A Wilma Coker Jerry Colburn Tommy Collier 'L ' ' 1.- I , an 2 -an Q! 45325 l 1 : If James Cook Betty Corpier David Coulson Y i Zf1'1If .. .V , 3, Q 1 .. J 6 in Q , :ex 13: is 9, I 2 J J , . X Paula Brummitt Carroll Bryant V ,., -I ,A . 5 2. "',, 7 ' J 'ffl t g'V'3"" . p fx -101g Lgiffeffii , " S I V i n-rag gg 1,1143 I. .C 56-S, -ff-"',Q',i-'fy 'lr 4' 1, if ' ' 1- 5-,ei y',f,ff' Carol Ann Burns Larry Burns Peggy Cauley Jean Chilton Robyn Clough Connie Cochrum David Collins Sandra Conrad . , 'Q 1- :ily ' kj f L'.," ld' - W . Carol Dean Cox James Crafton , ,W . '41 AN 'i ai za 4, -ve 39 . ey, NV If QQ,A D Connie Creed 'ff ff, 1, Af' Alice Cummings Janice Cunningham - - fa i ' . V , H., L EFL' 9415- 8 ,. Ax V , . . 52. 3 'L ag 5' '1 . Wa. lxlw 'E 5 f Susan Davidson Q9 1-f-' 3 Judy DeWeese Loretta Donaldson Louise Crowder Judy Cummings .x:,,, ,.,, W e ,,:,... bi... J uf,'k'2 anim-D, . S i f up 'W h' I uv- Ruth Daniel E 2" 2 F qilfi ,N by A "'N 5i!if5,3,5i5g, T2 f ,EQ Aiffifigfw I Q Glenda Davis f.,,i if f, . , if .6- JX Q w Nu 'N ,X Bill Diedrieh ...M Pat Donaldson vi -iii Q 2 'O C arolyn Cude ffscgsgsmgw 'Rb Glenn Cunningham I-1,4 ' 'uv Joyce Darden Mary Betty Darty I, , i 2 f ag 1 -: ', 735 VV V E M' 2 . es, JoAnn Davis Vicky Davis 'ia-:rx , -04'i"" ffl? Tom Digby Peggy Marie Dodd , J Q 5 y is 1 , Iygvhm- f , I yr f-arfk s My .14 7 , ha ff ' I Hevgi, .f:' ' Pat Dornblaser Barbara Anne Duke "And when he said, 'My what ai big mouth you hz1ve,' I let him have it right in the chops," Sarah Adams performs for the Follies. 'FQ Brenda Davenport Lee Davenport -.M-4,, f f A fssnwfiai aiu-,:., w W ,:,,,. J ,Q -H - K . . .,,, 975, - ..Z'1:- 35, .a .. I , V f'Y" ' ' ,v' - 'ia f 'fi 'Q s ,k X JK k fi: +1 f Z Linda Day Jayne Deese A K ,.,i, F , -se i za- W- C-3 , 553 Ne .V 1 K -as 7,4 X .. ' Tommy Dodson Geary Donaldson f f , -,W , ,- Q v 'K X f , . f ,M L, vi, - as 'ff -uf , Z: " iyii in y Michael Durbin Louann Dyson 171 F Tommy E dgin fi Jim Finley Roberta Edmunds Norman Elliott Jim Elmore Us Wiuiam C31-1 Fife Kathryn Flake Jack N. Fleming .:1'.:Rf!s'H ,iw sl- ,ug-" i 'V M , f-:.:E:1,,.' ,, 5lfVLfE.lP1-rf 13 F " ' ' -"1'i'ff'5f'E,T753 f aann F E 1 ' xr if . .f S lie., s PW' 1 H , 5 in i i 5-',,., F .A R is ' f fi F 1' 3 'z ' t'-1 - no ' ' , Thomas Fraley Ronnie Franks Shirley Ann Free Ralph Wayne Fulmer aww- - - , ' V lawn o L Butch Gaines Richard Gardner "i' ...,. 1 It 'L .. -1 " - My 1 414 1 " , 'fi " .J 1' " 'G t gp .9' 5?-. L, , 'xi fl Sgzgg - i F' ip? ' - " V K ,X . V :QR if 'A 3 'FY ' d' seq i iil F Sandy Garner fha. Jerry Garrison Carol L. Gilliland Joan Gleason 172 -af- Edwin Goff ' ' ff-1223 3 ?iQfgfif'22 4951 '1 vfeiiiw. -,ffffif - ww Marie Goins Dwight Goodwin Larry Graham ge Larry Faulkner Q, ,,kf- i . .1 . .r.,,:f,a,,- 'QV 4, fag? ,, D. . , A I 1, 13- ,,,yyf ,:.,,. X G , Carolyn Ford L '-W f""' 9 A L , Danny Funderburg lm " 31'-1i1.fZ ' :' ,, ' ' f i 7 ' H H , ' 1 Dianne Garner '14 Larry J. Glover iiiy i'if'f.ifQ:kQ' if an 3 Vi" V N Loretta Fesler ., ,KL 2 1:2g?g f , .5 N vi "sax Q K is Q Q 55 r , sf -, inf? K .1 Hr-1.1 7 l 4 Gian-fs ,f- wg, ww. Q3 l Joan Foster YX,p'm'v .0 ...wa- Don Gaddie :Judi fx! 55 ,iw , ami Tlfiasw ,ffiwfi 1351552555731 2, . G 'S' i 5 A f if fi 'ffiibff-1 V, 2 f'f?i,xE'?-Q R Roger Garner if .,r., . K fif,: , Jerry Godfrey ,J S f war! ,.f-- T yy-f ,1 William Grandon Eugene Graves Addie Green Q ' ff? ' ' ' f ' at H 3 i 'D if 1 an 'W' iz r ,N ee,Ae', ' ' f,' Twfig' 5525 Judy Guenther 'V " Q., lf 35 Edits - 'I ,. 4 ' " viii? 33 R 1? QNX , ,,,W 7 ' re in Linda Harbour 49' Robert Hart :5?Z!'5f35?F5t'SfifJ N -71' . af" .' " 'Q -.2-. -- , 1: ' r, i ii- - lim ' ai.""'..ia 3 ,Q af - ahaf Wanda Hay Z ' 10" 2, fl- Q , 5, -fA7, , fi ,f d eduddd gy 4 ddel de,d edde Joe Hicks I if I Y 'ry N k'l""4 . 5' V31 3 W' auf? f y , i ,, K..,,. tr .,.,, .. . Q Jimmy Greene Sharon Griffin fs! W Barbara Gunderman Barbara Hall 3 '- ' 75 f "' R ' WN ' ,,. , M! Lil- Gini, Je annie Hardcastlc Diana Harden .t-J 2:- Phil Hastie ' Michael Hatch 1' why I ,W Virginia Hayes John Heard me 2'lF's'S.,P Barbara J. Griffith Jfiwi K, , 3 1 B X was tk ri M t lags? Kgs 'Q 35 05'-ff , W Z K --1" I Sharon Hamilton ,-L,,. 5- ' ' K -f :Q v,,.,. . ,. George Harper we ' i V. Sq Y a ,wut , 5 rp A gm . 1, , e at lair . 4 . iiii.. ' L .fail ,eie A ' Bruno Haustein C arolyn Hearne ki?57fL7l'4771 V- ' '-". 7 , . . I .wit fig ,, Pam Grizzlg Mary Ann Grubbs 3' - ' ' V 'milf' 2 A 5' I, A. ,1 A: , ,iff :fi-7' Betty Hannah Larry W. Hanry Lynn Harper Raymond Harriell elaoo o 1963 ' :ii-.:',Zy , m fgif' '- V ,- kv . , , . i : Y ' fad, - , la ' vm. 1' ' .V '-Q' fi- , ' llfiiify ' ' If Glendle Helton Jean Hicks Jimmy Higham Michael Hogue Arthur L. Hornick Tootie Hudelson Diana Hudgens 173 - . ip , ,. , i 5it::.,': ' " 4 Ju ,Ewa 1153 4, W- N0--vi-' '- " Z7 I .L . ,W K an Tommy Hudson Charles Humphries Linda Humphries Ruth Ann Hunt John Ingr am Eddie lnmon iw-if isziifimfff M' " T' iii 1. is " iii 5: "h 1 if ffigi fs3:s,uwer" is-f , K ,Pia I , - 'L , - aSf? 'EiiI?:'? gg : Harold Janski Becky Jenkins Michael Jennison Gary Johnson Mary Jo Johnson .. ..... M ,im , . Ryman Johnson ,.g25Z"f::'3--' ' in Nt. Imziq 125' - ' szff25flfegarz5 5 " i,,:,,, , C .1 :sv ---Lwfmsiellsf ,,,,,,,.f.f,W,, .- - , fi-fs:-fismeskfsm wmsvfwfPu20E'f'2Wff? mwmw ,k,,oL , W,,.. , D.,Ur. 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I' f...':'.a 1' x f? v f' 1? fig 1 Janet Krum Linda LaGrossa Zi .,., '35 5 7 ' ,fir S? ,-sal A", ,., .'..., 1 1, .. Sandra Lasiter Sandy Laster AIR. Cl'-ffm Pat Lawman Billy Laywell ns' ,- Wm "lt is better to give than to receive." Students from homeroom 2 fill Thanksgiving baskets. Q , , L ,t if gif Q' ' Carol Leatherman I ', g'iEgjf't95'1fi'15f'KIA 3fL53iQ?Qfffifxfim?'7 , K -Qs, , ,iasiim -- wifi if X 'Sh gy , ig Q3 Carol Lewis Mark Linder Wayne Linder tty ttt L t ,W 'CZ 219 al S W! Z Sherry Lowrance Bill H. Lukas Sharon Lyle Pat Maddox xf..f-1 'MSR 7- -an . iz- Danny Lee if xiii HQ' frgb ef M , M f" Linda Lindsey Barbara Mansfield David Lee nj? V at-X 'I-"' we Barry Love ,nr .1 19X 4 f V N. 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M5 A:- V K 'WW kg., ' :Y ,Q Q gg gli A u ' J fp . 11+- VH Q Mg V Q 13 L5 ,ha fl 1 If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the wor1d...Francis Bacon N 4 SUSAN RHODES anne ro-cup or woeo and gmeoorc i eomet and cwilclcat 194 PENNY HUGHES 'IW f--,,,,,,.,w ROY WIGGS JERRY SANGSTER : " -. -.if -, 3-if , V '- ' if 5, qv YFQQS 95 1 LARRY SINKEY BILL VOWELL JOHN KETCHER BILL LAFFERTY : ww gg: fw: ::Avf S f -,ssinm gsgifif ,gig Ng .1-Qqvq-F.--v .., fn-w.m--,.x,,,T,.. f'Qnvvi f he haqs returnedf fade of ut thewlamp remaino. fa rniohkeol, 2 ' Q4 beckoning mu w c.-4U who wich to poli.oh canal oearck for her trgabure. - W . 'LN' ' ,A 'UM ,A ,.I,.-, -,fs-'-Zqia..-.fQ.' ' gg yfQ..,,,gM, " " , -A ii Music and Lyrics by Nancy Burt 'Q' ! 4 P i , elaoo Song Jiang Ai ' n 4' WILD LW1' H111 """'S . i -1 fggx-5 'Kg-1 - Y I vi' ' Y 1 1 ' ' L X i, I ,I XX", 55? XJ Eg X 5 Q I wiv 4 TY .t 1 I ur ' I lu: fa I E YS is l ,-77....7f.r7 12- . Y y . 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EK T555-gsy, ,li S' E mlwlkiy , , .4, ' "' I ll Q Q V 'S 5 I gwmxxx 4 ' N1 -, Q4 Q l 'Y ff ' U' - lv i E - I X lx P - 'Q' 'Nw 5 -Q ' if A. Q, 'W 'Je I 1 5. ll, N l :+ Q 'Lg A S ! gl I 3 .- 5 I . NJ , , . ' Q 'I 'P-ML E I Q ' 1119" n- y Q .H nu 1 ,S Ii, H ' 5 -B:-' X: illw 1 5- -'QT 1 . I Qbqbx y lg X F M nw!! E v ,-S q as I I n lu jg- N 'Y'- E + Fred Smith, Danny Lee, James Evans, Mike Bentley, and Jim Higham proudly present their Ouachitatrophies to Coach Hutchins. Starting with an inexperienced team. the North Little Rock Wildcats finished a very rewarding year by having Mike Bentley and Calvin Isbell along with three relay teams qualify for the Meet of Champions. Bently, who finished third in the Big Nine in the 440-yard dash showed his speed in the "champions meet" and won the event in 50.5. The Cats relay teams consisting of Bently, Danny Lee, James Evans and Fred Smith finished third in the 440-yard relay and fourth in the 880-yard behind the record breaking time of Little Rock Central. In the Ouachita Relays, the relay teams again provided the fans something to yell about as they won the 880-yard relay and the 440-yard relay. The Cats didn't fare so well in the First Annual Wildcat Relays in Wildcat Stadium April 4 and 5. Little Rock Central won the meet, but pole vaulter Corky Wilkins broke his own school record with a leap of 12' G". Wilkins didn't stand alone in the record breaking circle as the trackers broke seven school records during the year. DENNIS WILKINS 2 year letterman JAMES EVANS 2 year letterman I ' ' fe-' A ifE4??L1+1 ' 'sfzgszffw - Coach Vernon Hutchins I'C4Ck cbecordo Sell grequently JOE SMELSER 1 year letterman CALVIN ISBELL 2 year letterman 3, MK f I. W ., : f l? I . tivy If c , ". f l .Jil 2 Wg 1 9 - , ..:-,fu , Q 1-...z-:Ms-V ,. , ,,. ,,, ,,.,,. ,Iv ,, , A J ' . 5. 'jf' Q-in P , if y , .:.- 1 .fm - f :swfmw ,,ff:,.,,-.,, ,, - - - ini: fm-fs . V. -ii Q, my . 'R as, 'I I 1 www -4, A 513,911 Q f H I Wg A DANNY LEE 1 year letterman MIKE BENTLY 2 year letterman JIM HIGHAM LANE STROTHER 2 year lettermnn 2 year letter-man JOE MARSHALL JOE PRINCE 1 year letterman Squadman WAYNE RIDING JIM KITTLE Squadman Squadman Senior James Evans clicked off a 10.2 in the 100-yard dash to tie the oldest school record set by Bill Fortner in 1939. Evans also broke the 220-yard dash record with a time of 22.6 breaking Monty Montgomery's record set in 1961. Evans, Bentley, Lee and Smith set new standards in the 440 and 880-yard relays with times of 43.9 and 1:31.8. Junior James Prince also got in on the record breaking by running 4:45.6. Junior Danny Lee was the first to break a school record this year by knocking off a 7:51 in the cross country. TETSUMI OISHI NORMAN ELLIOT Squadmfm 1 year lettermnn DANNY FUNDQENBURG JERRY BROCKINGTON Squadmun l year lettermzln Right -- Sprinter Mike Bentley pours on the steam to Catch the sprinter from Central and Hall as they near the finish line. JOHNNY MRSNY Squadman ,:'- ' I ::,Z V , ,, vin.. ARTHUR HORNICK Squadman gf we A it 3. 'Q wfm V J Z 6 wifi? Left -- Junior Norman Elliott clears first hurdle after slow start in the meet with Hall and Central. , I .W V,- I .I :W - V: ,P I H, . Y' ff gi f 4, 1155 f 2 ' ' 5 I t,nnn I I Rah. W JIM SANDERS TOM RICE ROBERT MORGAN Squaidman Squudman 1 year letterrnan BILL KETCHER BILI, LYONS EARNIE BERRY Squadmun Squndman Squadrnan . - f 5' , I .f .,, w 2'n:,"'-- ' Hszf' K R FRED SMITH 1 year Ietterman I f , if mow I E5 ' BOBBY FAULKNER Squadman PAUL GROCE Squadman f. - - - -f- - " Y I ' , ,.. ,-5 Q5 I M' HERBERT HEAD 1 year letterman nfl -f STEVE PRIC HARD Squadrnan JIM WALKER Squadman 1 jf. STE VE LOIBNER Squadman gn wr . . few -' K :.. ED EWING NEAL SPEARMON 1 year letterman Squadman , e A f QW! if 'Q ,P E wif' v 8 TOMMY MA LONE BILL BALDWIN Squadman Squadrnan JOE PIERSON BRYAN HENDERSON 1 year letterrnan Squadman TERRY MERCING 1 year Ietterman 1 Track jumped to what it was expected to be on Wildcat Hill as the Cats brought home two first place wins in the Ouachita Relays. Here Cats show form in a home . x x,- K K i fw f ini ---3-, L., E K -- 117, K 41 2 5 i xy' f t , ' 1,2 C 53554492 S 5 "" ' A 1 , ' I 5 , - Kwai 4, ,Lili- S M. M 3 V Q S . X wr K pf " .t tk gm wmv Q -. ik i :E-we ."'?fI":'f"'. "1 f' ' f- :I 1: 'Q:7'5I?iZ!'iL., ' QZ VSVVL, , ,, , A , ,, ,. t,t A, , , ,ep ,V p,,..p, W It . u i, Ea: klti t ..,Lms, ,. vV,V , I , N -i i , I W 'P' .P ' . L V. M '- - I H .. ,, I ,A 5: lf, xi ,v!,,. :.,,:?5,LE,.u " . V I ,, . A xflwaw , , In . . W, -P 1 ' - if .... , L V . ,, . .V A - ,Li ,gr V A ., i ..,:, fr - 7'--' time -, i. l A. ,.Q, .-,. . -.,1,, . .. . K, A A" - ln- ' .igzi ky - " 1- 1- " ' " ' it E ,,., A. V, .,. ,l:., , .:, , p ., ,.,E ,. , H-1 z.- 5 v Q -W ' " ' -Y K W, . , I H . H W " .nw-H" ' '- 'H I ' 1 F A i .. A A zwsz1,,,,1,-Z, fi. DAVID BUNCH ROBERT BEAXLL Squuclman Squadman W e il l zz if ' 4.5 amiga? , ,.-- it . MSHA? in 325 1 1: ' E' 3 ' 3 " . 'i i f i g PAUL XYA RRIC K SqUL1d!'l1Lill '96 0 V 0' f 'A 7 ,,,. "" ' f .2 , f,,. ww li: 'E if ,,,,,, Li, Til- ,,l, P d , 2: M, ,Y,4 ..,,,. Q : L uae jo State Singleo ehampion Although the golf and tennis teams are not as well-known as football and basketball, they fared exceptionally well in the Big 9 battles this year. Senior Steve Guse, a transfer, proved superior to the rest of the field as he Walked off with the singles Championship defeating Bill Hayes of Hall in the finals. Richard Winget and John David Youngwere beaten in the doubles by Billy Campbell and Bill Hudson of Hall. Bill Vowell and Billy Kerby qualified to represent the Cats in golf by defeating the rest of the squad. The Cats fell behind quickly and never re- covered, finishing fifth. Gary Gibbs and David Lee of Hot Springs combined to Win the tourney. '-ff . ,Pr 'md Someflmes lf W 15 You 11 as Bobbi HHH11 1911115 Q XT GOLFERS Row ONE: Butch Burnett, Tommy Skipper, Bobby Harrell Bill X owcll, Clark Morgan. ROW TWO: Hank Boardman, John Pemberton Billy Kerby, Tommy Dodson, Seaborn Bell, Jackie Plummer, Larry Shillcutt STLX L GLSE GORDON NORREI L JACK DAN CREWS DUANE WEINDORF is , I 5 K f a 3 2 ! 3 Woe is me --- Oh, oh, Woe The lonely gypsy never gives up . . . J "I think you should definitely marry the young man . . . "Don't you agree that it's lovely? And 1 3 L Q f f F we 3 H+ "Give me seven orders of corned beef and cabb xge ' fi 1 .bemoro recent The cctchmalzer so-o-0-o-o becoming!" "CursesI Foilcd again!" Johnny was his own natural self. "Methinks the butter is slightly thick." Scherning, conniving, young whoopersnuppers. "lt 'twere done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly" -'E Er The annual Class Day Assembly was given May 23 as the "Greatest Show on Ezirth" was, too, at least on Wildcat Hill. It began with a brief resume of school life beginning with the first grade and then on through senior high school as the lVIC's as bums, did some reminiscing. flue Qreateot Show 1 t Q 9 2 5 C Sat, rink canal ge cme ffy Smiling and happy many members of the 1962 Senior Class turned out on a Thursday morning in April to enjoy the second Senior Breakfast. The menu was filling and the atmosphere was merry as the seniors finallybegan to feel the pangs of being a real senior .... . and the time for all the fun that being a senior brings was going very quickly. The faculty turned out, too. The decorations were of white lilies and green grass tlike that in an Easter basket, of courselj with easter eggs 'hidden' all through it. Among the decorations, probably the most outstanding feature was the painting of Christ on the Cross of Calvary which was mounted just behind the main table. Senior Picnic time came along about May 25. On that fateful day the merry Seniors experienced that refreshing new feeling of walking right out of school in the middle of the day without a pass, at that! The annual picnic was held at Willow Springs although the traditional preview did not follow until Wednesday evening at 11:15 when the Class of '62 and their dates were treated to a showing of "Moon Pilot." The annual reaction was stillcarried on --every- one had fun! W-mwmgggm . lllmpeifor "Corky" looks Ll little lnallfled alt the wziy the crown lor the Imperizll Maijesty fitted. Empress Cherry wzis her lovely sell' :luring the whole evening. enioro Say ayona ra The Grand Mzireh wzls, :ls usual, ll llC2'lLlllllLll zirraiy Ol gowns und smiles ..... here the Emperor :ind liinnress L'2llllllCliltL'S zmuiit the other guests' entrance after which the liniperor und ltlnipress will he iinnounc-ed. YL 14 .,..l ' Y f 1 "Sziyo1iurz1," Japanese goodbye, ereaited El beautiful theme lor the 1962 Senior Prom along with elaborate deeorntions of Japanese lanterns, scrolls, und ai brilliantly decorated grate where the Empress and lfmperor reigned. Highlighting the long nwaiited night wus the Grand Mureh, where the young: ladies showed their rndizint gowns and the gentlemen showed their first tuwedoes. Betty Fowler and her Combo were on hand pro- viding the appropriate musie for the gala nlftiir. , . s -,.,.... J-1-.. , if W ,v""'d z 2 l 2 E Y 5 E l E l 3 K l cveopero . . . Although it is an old feeling, every Senior Class experiences the anxiety felt during the annual Vesper Service, and then at the Commencement Service, p ' itself. l Rev. Worth Gibson of the Lakewood Methodist Church delivered the Vesper Sermon to the class, reminding them that graduation is only the beginning of a l potentially wonderful life which could be built on this foundation. Speake ro 5 l lf S- 5 ' 'Q J si-iii? I l I I 5 The Invocation . . . Cynthia Worrell . . . Speakers present "Our In Individual Achievement Don Goss . . . In Moral Maturity! Vicki Goals in the New Frontier" . . . In Education Pam Warrick . . . Lafferty . . . In Political Responsibility! Mary Frances Whalen. Photographers Joe Phillips ftopy and Bill Anderson Qbottomj, and Editors Beverly Weathersby qlefty and Nancy Burt qrightl received their diplomas on June 1 as 443 NLR graduates smiled and "turned their rings." School Board President A.O. Meredith handed out the diplomas. JAYNE DEESE MARY BETH BIGGS Basketball Queen Track Queen OU? UBGKO . .tw .gs JEANNE SHIELDS PAM JACKSON Pulaski County Forestry Queen Miss City Beautiful "I can't believe it's all over .... " This was not an uncommon remark along about May 30 when the student body, especially the seniors of the year 1961-62 had to say goodbye to Wildcat Hill and a year of fun and learning for another year. To the seniors it was a very special goodbye, as they will finally realize, because once a student passes through the graduation line he cannot return as a real member of the student body ever again. The seniors will remember the part of the Class Song that reminds them ..... "We've had our parties and we've had our share of tears ..... " "Oh me!" sighs Joe Phillips as the photographer snnps the shutter just as he shovels in another fork iull of the Senior Breakfast Menu oreuer and ever cwonale rful Spring '5 The Minuet Twist is demonstrated here by Sharon Reeves and Cricket Rhodes on the Sophomore talent show. Well, just leave it to the soph to think of some- thing like that! Some people never out-grow playing dolls and building doll houses! Ilere Jovi-e Phillips and Joe Phillips work on the plnns lor rievoruting the Senior Prom. "XK'heeel" What else could be said about the annual Wildcat Cheerleader election here Jenny Wingiield and Judy Andersen cheer for the student body. Awards and surprises were not uncommon during these last days on Wildcat Hill in the spring of 1962. Band awards were given to outstanding members, Following the dedication of the annual were hours outstanding members of various organizations were honored and the annual was dedicated to the spirit of Wildcat Hill and accepted by the Student Body president and the Wildcat mascot. of annual signing parties. If you think that wasn't fun just you put it in your pipe and smoke it! But then it came .... school ended with smiles and sighs, with laughter and tears...but it was over. O . .:?1T55l'5?C', E5 ' .. '1" , ."A' , ' L,.f l,,11 E we A - I a rrl K 1 K l.fVk vm' ww f A QQ I J 5 3 if Q fr i 'B js f M MIKE VAUGHAN STUART HANKINS JIM HOLSTED LANE STROTHER All Stars All Stars All Stars Harvard Book Award k,,.,.n-uudilllilllsvv MIKE BARKLEY CHARLENE BANKS Danforth Award Danforth Award Outstanding Senior Boy Outstanding Senior Girl Outstanding Junior Boy Special onoro AX? 'Q-QW' 'ow'-W"f7' 5194 150 VICKI LAFFERTY MARIA PAPAGEORGE ARTHUR HORNICK MAC CLEM AHSPA Editor of the Outstanding Publications Staff Outstanding Student Council All State Machinist Year Member Member v DAVID COLES CAROLYN DORNBLASER BILLY NICHOLS J Phi Beta Mu Band Award Arion Band Award John Philip Sousa Band Award 5 . Specaal enero I I BARBARA THOMPSON BARRY HALL Outstanding Choir Member Outstanding Choir Memlger CURTIS HESTER EMILY WHITSON JOHNNY SHEPHERD WANDA BLACKSTOCK Outstanding Theta Outstanding Future Teacher Outstanding Thespian Outstanding Bookworm Science Member . I I , l w ig. h gfaifri Cerri 0I20l" Q'6l!Al,ClllQ5 Carol Alexander Marian Gayle Bangert Jerry Charlene Banks Thomas Blorkman Mary Lee Chisam Jane Ray Clifton Carolyn Croom Phyllis Earle Darden Dorothy Elizabeth Dortch Donna Suellen Douglas Cheryl Darlene Friday Aubrey Johnston Hough Martha Anne Johnson Victra Ann Latferty Gary Owen Lee Janelle Carolyn Merritt Meri Nakamura Jane Ann Newberry Maria Irene Papageorge Daniel Kenneth Schiffer Walter Thomas Skipper James Dumont Smith Carolyn Stout James Virgil Tyler Pamela Warrick Cynthia Lucille Worrell . V ,. ., - 7 u,u,. 7 President Vice-President N Secretary Treasurer To be an Honor Graduate a student must maintain a 3.5 scholastic average or higher while in high school. CA-4, B-3 C-2, D-lj IA M U N, , x, , I M W P 1, 5. rr, ,. ,.,,,,,. f, A .xv 2 "ZW" ' 'A ' , .Y , ,412 ,fs'4-ww , ' ,fr i 1 '- f X A , 5 I 1 , ff 1" ' 1 - A3 W L L' 4 -' , - x I ! . , ,P,,,L,,,:-, Q ' ""5r 4-13 "Q-1 af I 'r Rf C ,,., 44,, C67 1 ,.,,. . if 4,63 , ,.Q , 1f 52iE1f45.f?1Z. 5eff5Q55'4f 'yfy: f 553,16 L53 A 1" I, . ' A ""' ' MA If , rr' - ff Aff V' fr, .AX .LQ 3 Q ,,v ,f -af' 'Q ' ' "A4 J ,fi 4 f' ' ""A "iv , ff eg f - , , 21? in 'T V , X! " fg.f7Wf t f52'f'4"V T M' F Y' ,T 1, ffxi ,-" '7 ,. .'?' FX, ff' ff . fi .-fl? - . -1 ff! ' ,I KJ xv ,Aff tykifjfflfy 0C.,.,rZV ,f1 y 7 vI'f ll! H? it Lf 'WLT lf' If ff" ,:" X3 "M,-1 .-.v V7 ff, ,ff '7 iq" f-A A . 1 A A. ,1 f 1A"' - , 4 4 4. V, , E ,ff- y , fa. y. , . f?5?5?5555f55?95f5555?5f A L. 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We are proud to supplement the skill of your up E Lf j physician by compounding your prescription with pro- L47 i' fesslonal care and fine pharmaceuticals. 1 -' N " ,rf f 3552 T f , uso N H 0 LSTE D . "3" ' "" " NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS T, ,f fA sn 01' JK? C! f. gli 't'i7 ii WI 5-1491 LL lib 3:2:Zz55:2z2:Q:2:Ez212:2125:Q:EzQ:fzfz2:2:2:Ez2:Q:izQ:2:2:2:2:Q:2:Q:f:3:3:::3:: 1'1'?'?'1:f AQ A, f ,Ly " ----': tow- .Juli k 222222sisiziizisfzizi522555sis?25532E222555532552si2E2isS522S2132"71'EEE255525SESSSiiiiisizisisg:.,:,..:.1,:.1,.. sis5255525255555252555252525255525525sis5555552sis225.,I.Z...2...........,:.....,..... .,,.:..., ,.,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,.,...,.,.,., 15 it J! I 1 1. F X "V,p 1, if 1 ill, I Q ' ff U , I ,cf Lf ,f 1 it 'f' ' -1, f Cf . V . TN . yt Za. zzz. 44444142 . ..a T ft . 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ROBERTS SHOES for Men and Boys Pavvv Johnson PAPPY'S SHOE STORE 206 Main North Little Rock FR 2-4140 BALL CLEAN ERS "Tops In Dry Cleaning" ONE DAY SERVICE JIM SATTERFIELD 717 Main Street Manager North Little Rock, Ark. CASH LUMBER CO. Two Locations 8100 Asher, Little Rock 920 West 15th St. North Little Rock "Better Material Better Prices" TELEPHONE A NORTH FR44675 wncmi, LITTLE nocx, nnus cu. Ann. FREDDIE 'S JIFFY BOY Hickory Smoked Barbecue Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers Delicious Hot Pies 3rd Sz Maple - North Little Rock l EU C0 Qefdlft FLORIST AND e-:FT sHoP l808 Main Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK LLOYD HALL PHONE FR 2 1262 I - MINS 224 MAIN ST. NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARK S n Q Y Q Jn.- H ' 'T L it UITI' S A V- ... Grocery A 480I Gum Street NORTH uma ROCK, ARKANSAS ROSEN MUSIC CO. Arkansas' Most Complete Music Instrument Repair Department "Our compliments and best wishes . . . to the Seniorsl " ALLEN MONUMENT WORKS INC. Wholesale Manufacturers 1800 E. 5th North Little Rock THE SHOE CENTER Lakehill Shopping Center SK 3-4200 North Little Rock, Arkansas A ' M- T. Congratulations, Seniors! i ITP A ' P CLEANERS 1. TI TON 107 Lynch Drive-NLR 5--L T WI 5-2837 Congratulations, Seniors KE MPNER'S Little Rock - Hot Springs Telephone FR 4-1216 MAIN STREET CONOCO 622 Main Street V North Little Rock, Arkansas ' Falcon - Thunderbird Lincoln - Mercury Rebsamen Motors 321 West Third Little Rock, Ark. We're For Ya', Cats! ,Cs W ,Wx drdx ,I T loy's Barber Shop 112 East "H" - Park Hill SK 3-0968 Harold, Blane And Loy 197 l 198 , OUILIYY FARM IOUIPMINT X OPEN mo A. M. - 11:00 P. M. ARKANSAS DIESEL SERVICE Authorized Mack, Cummins and Diamond T Service PHONE WI 5-3221 3204 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. If , I ' . Ir' f 1:4-,O 1 I If 'gffyl K gf 54, l ' I I I A 'silk . It 1 E Ji 1 ' Mfg Ie ', 'Qt 1" ' X- I It .til . If' ' J - R' f "f "'?..5jg ?.,"f,' Wholesale Produce 121 Magnolia Street North Little Rock, Ark. AMERICAN BEAUTY SALON 1124 S. Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas Specializing In Tinting, Permanent Waving Facial And Scalp Treatments FRanklin 5-8632 DIFFEE LUMBER CO. 44313554 525.55159 fgkkgi Phone FRanklin 5-4616 1901 E. 3rd St. N. Little Rock, Ark. Pulaski Implement Co. w" "'Hr Phone: Faankun 4-9274 4 Post Office Box 352 V'. E. POSEY GARAGE 118 East Washington n Auto A d Lawn Mower Repairing FR 4-2415 STERLING 5-10? STORE 1310 Pike Ave. North Little Rock GE NE GRIME S MOBIL SERVICE Mgbllgas 524 Main North Little Rock HANEY AUTO SUPPLY WI 5-1960 4505 East Broadway North Little Rock .fi lmdsey's Frosty Creme 200 West 13th North Little Rock Chronister and Wright Model Market No. 27 X - 1224 East Washington Ave. I .. Rock, Ark. West CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS X tx North RIALTO BARBER SHOP X 1 Little Rock 207 Main Street K I North Little Rock A Artistic Memorial Company 1209 Maple North Little Rock You're Always Welcome At First Assembly of God Church 22nd And Franklin North Little Rock "Where Religion Is Enjoyed, Not Endured" D. A. Hastie - Pastor T. J. Gotcher - Pastor Emeritus C ongratul ations Seniors Of '62 PARK HILL FLORIST 81 GIFT SHOP 718 Ark. Mo. Hwy. SK 3-1128 HOWARD RETZLOFF Commercial Art Commercial Photography IRIS' LA FRANCE BEAUTY SALONS Congratulations Seniors Tower Building - Suite 260 FR 5-7763 110 W. 3rd St. - FR 2-6611 Little Rock Prescription Specialist HILL DRUG COMPANY 3300 Pike Ave. lLevyJ North Little Rock, Ark. Telephone SKyline 3-2476 ELLIS JEWELRY .13 5' 1601 Main N Yfgagd Q 11 11 'I-Fang' X JJ If North Little Rock H 1 113.1111 A li og .sv g I ' -. 1. .fix dk-, it-HMMERCIAL .Sgz2'.:.,-mfg or LITTLE noel! -..W ip.: Fire - Auto Workman's Compensation - Life S. W. BOWKER 1519 Main - North Little Rock FR 6-1155 - FR 5-4676 Catering Service Private Party Rooms ...No Parties Too Large Or Too Small... PIKE PLAZA CAFETERIA 2700 Pike Ave. - N.L.R. For Reservations Call....FR 4-9391 Sales - Rents - Loans - Insurance EEmI?EI.l1'YC0lMllYn 212 spring Little Rock FR 5-9151 "Be Proud of Your Rugs" Ball 81 Hill Rug Cleaners Arkansas' Most Modern Rug Cleaning Plant 1715 Scott Street Little Rock, Arkansas 199 .mt " 4- Q Vg . Q.,- . l" 'ISA-J X , o wxknfiwnx Ll' M - f , W N Congratulatzons A tat and Best Wzshes to A rhlq Graduates of 6 1 K N' Qfflisssafif A tif: effftf ly' Our congratulations to you upon your finishing your High School Year. We know V1.5 YQ flaw it has been hard work and a lot of effort on your part. May each succeeding year itii iff of your life be as interesting and successful as your school year of 19 62. A R. A. Major Vice-Pres. and Manager , 7 Bus. Phone FR: 4-5569 0? LA et 4 Res. Phone MO 6-8685 THE FLOWER BOX 3 A SN Complete Floral Service fea 01150 Edythe Sz Elgie Scruggs 708 Broadway - Little Rock, Arkansas 'k CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS if SEAFOODS W ' if cusToM BARBECUING 1 W1 ff' ' 1 - A - ,. HB1 i 11 'N Q,- i -kPRivArE DINING Room Fon PARTIES ,ANIERS jk D Faanklin 4-5661 - W9 E- BROADWAY N'-R 401 E. Vlfashi gtorl - North Little Rock HARTWICICS gi lil!!! "Buy Lots at Scotts" BARBER SHOP X SCOTTS sf 10 STORE 4704 E. Broadway ' North Little Rock if-all 3l4 Main N.L.R. SERVICE STATION S J THORNE JEWELER ' -A W k G t d 1300 Maw Street Watch Repairs ll or uaran ee 109 Lynch Drive North Little Rock North Little Rock, Ark. Box Ph WI . . 5-3593 -Res.Ph. WI 5-9134 200 HIVELY'S DX f WONDER GRILL it A I 5.545 UNITED WHOLESALE I00 E sf I3th - FR 2-9440 -EMR U 'r E! No. Little Rock 7? . I 808 Cross 'S If ix, FLORIST, INC. Home of Broasted Chicken 'fx ', - Congratulations And f Best Wishes v T? PMQNE FR GODSEY CLEANERS 1 ' NORTH LIT V A ' or h L ttle R ock LAKEHILL BARBER SHOP 5 My Lakehill Shopping Center ' l North Little Rock fgx I L., F ' GUENTER'S SERVICE STATION 223 West Broadway North Little Rock Mobasqas Telephone FR 2-5208 Little Rock EXPERT TUNEUP AND REPAIR SERVICE ON ALL TYPES OF OUTBOARD MOTORS, LAWNMOWER MOTORS MOTOR SCOOTERS, GARDEN TRACTORS, ETC. 700 MAIN ST 4 8692 I WHITE'S OUTBOARD MOTOR AND LAWNMOWER MOTOR TLE ROCK, REPAIR SERVICE ARK. BROWN PLUMBING COMPANY We Specialize In Repair Work Hot Water Heaters 1615 Augusta Street Lee Brown Phone FR 4-0129 North Little Rock, Ark. Coleman JW Quality Chekcl Www QQQA1 QMS A xy xf ,Av ,H f ,Qu N x I X Xa K, L w X! X' X IM , 18 N. -.,..f'!,f' I, N -TJ g, Imax -S IVIILK -ICE CREAIVI nL 201 A A COMPLETE STOCK Q Funs FOR YOUR SELECTION Fun REPAIRING su MAIN 0 FR 4-0606 LAKE FUR RESTYLTNG NORTH LITTLE Rock North, Little Rack Printing Is Our Middle Name Times Printing Company 515 Main Street - NLR THE TWIN CITY BANK Serving North Little Rock MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM For 57 Years MEMBER FDIC Main and Second Streets North Little Kock ARKANSAS BUTANE QOMPANY' L 904 West Markham Street FR 4-2678 FR 4-9619 Little Rock, Arkansas E DIT H BARKE R ' S f. , " BE AUTY SALON 1735 Pike 8' lll All North Little Rock DIXIE JOY ICE CREAM COMPANY 110 East 13th Street Rock Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Congratulations Wildcats 72l Poplar No. Little Rock, Ark. NJA Quinta HAPPY's 66 m9 923 E. Broadway N.L.R. LAKE HILL DRUG STORE ' Complete Drug St ore Registered Pharmacists We Deliver Lake Hill Center North Little Rock Arkansas' Mos t gHonored Name - SK 3-0787 V 51 MECHANICS LUMBER co. i7if6 Hssrrsn MATERIAL BETTER rn1c5s'- Sm 'Haan 600 Main - North Little ROCk . , I ,fix fe I-I ERB s gm DAIRY FREEZE ' 4720 E. Broadway it North Little Rock Go Cats Go! 511 MAIN LITTLE ROCK ,ff f 11,7 BU Z Z N2-E diff - J .I lamar-Mamn-Mabrey, Inc. rf' 3515 A ff '-I Q Deese Hardware-2815 23" "i 4132 East Washin rk. - Mo. Highway portingGoods North Little Rock Phone FR 5-9101 'gilt' lx! -K lfllllt ll 'I I 'I .1 X :, lx ji CHI' Xillvfa Q, Q ... Fl CapItaI Motors lot No. 1 Sewing Store Specializing In Quality Cars 6th And Main A 400-04 W. Broadway North Little Rock Your Tire, Brake Alignment Bri-E117 an . North Llttle Rock Muffler, Tailpipe, Shock Absorber And Appliance Headquarters 203 204 Thickest Jumbo Malts In Town! KE MP'S DAIRY BAR 923 Pike Ave., N.L.R. We Specialize In...Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q Sa Foot Long Hot Dogs LAKEWOOD TEXACO SERVICE Highway 5 And McCain TE co North Little Rock ... AVANT'S New And Used Furniture 310 E. Washington North L'ittle Rock Congratulations, Seniors From J. C. PENNEY CO. North Little Rock's Complete Department Store Always First Quality Merchandise ARKANSAS TOOL 8z DIE 1317 Orange "Builders Of Precision Tools, Dies Jigs, Fixtures And Special Delivery 'XA Meal In A Minute" No. 1-407 Broadway, Little Rock i M, Phone FR 5-0392 4. No. 2-1608 So. University Avenue ,IU n Ph CHayes Streetj "f MO 4-3 A IN one 609 'BIG . . . GENUINE CHARCOAL BROILED HAMBUR6l:'l?.S' CELESTE It My CLEANERS A 919 West 18th street North Little Rock MARSH HARDWARE 1700 Main FR 4-8692 North Little Rock NORTH HILLS VARIETY STORE Entrance Hwy 5 8: Sherwood North Little Rock, Ark. Raymond Sz Joyce Jones BUTANE CENTRAH N GAS-Q-0. P. 0. BOX 166 FIFTH AND SMOTHERS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Congratulations Seniors I PRICE-FEWE LL H24 W. Short 17th N.L.R. O lakehill Shopping Center Coleman Carrier JOE DevvITT CO. Heating Sz Air Conditioning Sales And Service Off. FR 2-3478 - Res. SK 3-1236 Art - Photo - Drafting Materials JUNGKIND COMPANY 206 Main Little Rock, Ark sIssON GRO. .Q ' Y 1900 Railroad Ave. FR 2-9883 ...g 2:,.g 1: FLEMING SERVICE STATION 2100 E. Washington f 721 Main st. WI 5-2788 N th L'ttl R k or 1 e OC North Little Rock Ark. ittcinl Hansen sDrlve Ins I- N, fm A Mme Of The "Whoppa Burger" 5, g'7'5"C'fJ'LA it ' Nevin f ite C, Q95 i . U North Little Rock yy gif, Y if-"lg , 54,2 ggjggg gi' iefizg ,,,.. an . ' --7 . . 'f . ,., 57:1 ear If-,,!' feq'4f'f, 'eefi 3 ,tk I to , N b 1-l800M' t M , um er am to., 52 t.f!Zfe,.1 f .tgltt tero i FE 7 Number 2 - 4900 Ark. - Mo. Hwy. .f5fZQffff'V . fgfngfiei -Ely tiiQAfLfgQL than F-Wmmmi ' 1j,3Lf"i:,ggg. Q3.Rg,f' V W DO,C'S BARBER SHOP " L5,f4:'i'-ei:-jg '- f PIKE AVENUE PAINT 5i.MtfH?gfZ5, 3 3418' Camp at BODY sHOP .fig f ,,5f,t j., Robinson , 'J 'MQ 3921 Mddlfiie if-j i-'gt ll Road H ,gf Q ' I 59 Pike Avenue " North Little Rock 'fs U mu i I if SOHAER-NORVELL 5 I I " 21 TIRE CO. E' Congratulations, Seniors 1 iii li i i i ' 401 Broadway QUILLEN 3 I R ' Littl R k E INSURANCE AGENCY e Oc I d d f ' " 'Pen 'n UF' B""d""9 SINGER SEWING CENTER FR 5 1299 Headquarters For All Your Sewing Needs And Floor Care Equipment FR 2-0545 - 417 Main St. No. Little Rock 205 STEPHENS INC. 114 East Capitol Avenue Stephens Building V Little Rock, Arkansas KNX , A. i WM M Frostop Drive Ins I I 8 e L 00 Markham At Cedar .r n I d H I ' WV '0 Il er Capitol At N I Bro adway l fb uigggigz I L3Td Sz Broadway "7 - L I V M.. FR 4-5551 Little Rock ID SPLAWN OUTBOARD SERVICE o " " 3132 Pike Avenue Roy D. Splawn N. Little Rock, Arkansas Owner Bus. SK 3-6721 AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE RUSSELL'S BARBER SHOP COMPANY Suite 509, Waldron Bldg. 215 North Laurel Little Rock, Ark. EAST SIDE MEAT MARKET TURNER-MCCOY MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS . 506 Locust 1102 East Washington North Little Rock North Little Reek FR 4'9208 I IE 5. GIBBONS And ENGLISH 1... OIL CO. TWIN CITY Xx . N X. YQ 309 Dixie SS ..,. E I MATTRESS i Vi I I PALADINO S CAFE VAN-DEE FOODS 30" Main S+- 3303 Pike Ave. 206 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. North Little Rock WESTERN AUTO SALES Yea Wildcats 221-223 Main Street North Little Rock WHITE BAG COMPANY 712 East Washington North Little Rock Student Training And Aircraft Sales ARMISTEN AVIATION, ASSOCIATES. INC. North Little Rock Municipal Airport North Little Rock, Arkansas Kenneth G. Jones, President Cliff Plegge, Mgr. - SK 3-3444 McPHERSON'S FURNITURE CO. 217 East Washington North Little Rock lx Funoculi Wholesale Fruit And Vegetables 300 East Markham St. FR 4-8286 Congratulations Seniors HAZEL gl MARGURITE'S DEPT. STORE 3323 Pike - SK 3-3767 Sportswear - Toys Popular Brands A. FINA SERVICE CENTER 4900 Conway Pike H. North Little Rock FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS gl LOAN 611 Main North Little Rock I pl TWIN CITY PRINTING AND LITHO I ' East Second At Magnolia 1' HO 7 Call FRanklin 2-0251 ' Alf I xx gf 0 iv ' I ' I I "'o "'s .. 1 . . 4 64Rsnc0' Telephone SKyline 3-3442 3815 Conway Highway North Little Rock, Ark. Jess Woods, Owner When You Want A Low Cost Paper Back For Your School Work Think of READMORE We Have The Largest Selection In The Southwest 207 Stanley Sound Service complete selection of audio visual supplies and an experienced service department Stanley Sound Service North Little Rock Phone FR 4-8851 Hamburgers Hot Dogs Res. Phone SK 3-1794 Bar B-Q's A11 Work Done According To Hoyle SWEDEN CREME NO- 2 60l E. Broadway E 8 Malts N.L.R. Shakes pp FR 2-3826 House Moving Raising 8: Leveling , No Job Too Large Or Too Small TULIJS GULF STATION at CAFE' 419 E. 13th Street Phone WI 5'9781 North Little Rock, Ark. scoff' Arkansas Boating And Fishing lPLUMl UNG , CONTRACTING Q S at i rf REPNRS Ping. 559,55 -ey omprw Il SKYLINE 3"8l Bl nemcaistvvooo - NLR 1 , I Q I , V f . , I I IO' L! Wifi XIQOIILMM ff , l 4 f- f ,, v if 4' 4 ,, I . ,, ay "" I I! I Q if I I Q .x L ...- f "WE CARRY ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES" SPAULDING f'1afLf45! ATHLETIC GOODS CO. INC. PHONE FR 2-2218 513 CENTER STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Ci LEVY FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Wou1dn't You Rather 4526 C Own A Buick? amp Robinson Road Pastor - Rev. Raymond A. Sanders Services - Sunday 9:45 Wednesday 7:45 "Fight 'em-Wi1dcats!" Phone SK 3-2485 I-ee Congratulations Seniors ' Your Friendly BUICIC COIIIDHIIY PARK a. RIALTO THEATERS 301 Broadway-Little Rock Movies are Your Best Entertainment W. E. Clark 84 Sons, Inc. MASONRY CONTRACTORS 45 YEARS RELIABLE SERVICE IN THE ARKANSAS AREA 318 Exchange Bldg. Little Rook, Arkansas - Phon e SKy1ine 3-6259 209 Scales - Slicers - Grinders G. W. JERNIGAN Store Fixtures And Supplies Phone FR 4-7776 - 801 E. Washington Ave. G. W. Jernigan, Owner North Little Rock, Ark. LEVY FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 4526 Camp Robinson Road North Little Rock SEVENTH AND MAIN ECONOMY DRUG STORE, INC. 700 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas Colin's geauly Salon 3124 PIKE AVE. NORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARK- ILEVYY TEL. SK 3-9261 If Your Hair Isn't Becoming To You You Should Be Coming To Us STANLEY HARDWARE 3216 Pike Avenue, North Little Rock Lawn Mowers Sales - Service - Parts Navaco Awnings Carports - Patios Co. 200 East 13th - No. Little Rock FRank1in 5-4463 Winter Seal Aluminum Storm Doors Windows Aluminum Window Screens Doors BALCH Moron co., Inc. 600 Broadway FRanklin 2-7273 Little Rock, Arkansas McMORRIS-HOLMAN PRODUCE 201 Magnolia QZLQMJ KM! LQ! 6 W North Little Rock E+! f A I 1 nm l'fnfrfffre1iwx 0 0 10.5 8 A X v' 3ueDe1lHow ' 1 ' Q," SPOON'S 1 ...,...,...,. ..,. ......,.,.. ....... ..,.,,i. - .:.I.1.1.:.:.,.:...::11.:.- A . . . ., ...,.,.. ' 3 DAIRY FREEZE EL'C'OUS" ..5'A"' 2000 Pike Avenue North Little Rock Issisaf .fgffe lizilz' Sold in BOB'S BAIT MARKET ll Sfsfes 8- Texas R. H. Houston p V 0 ' ' FR 2-8787 + Vamlla Wafers Q . 2119 Pike Ave. - Ne. Little Reek, Ark Rent Your Form als At Xyglu PHILLIPS MEN STORE K 125 Main I Little- Rock FARMER'S MOTORS The Friendly Place To Trade 2600 East Broadway N. L.R. WI 5-2286 H, B. MATTHEWS Fru1ts Market Meats 1916 E. Broadway NLR Closed Saturdays Phone FR 2-9756 SELF SERVICE SHOE MARKET "Shoes For The Entire Family" l05 East Washington North Little Rock, Ark. Congratulations Seniors of '61 We're Proud of You I We're also looking forward to Sharing with You A part in The Bright Future of North Little Rock and Its Institutions Arkansas State Electric Co-op., Inc UTITIQ QQ Q S 3111 East Broadway, North Little Rock Harry L. Oswald, General Manager "The Service Association For The 18 Electric Cooperatives Of Arkansas" COLAIANNI PIANO AND ORGAN CO. Corner Sth 6 Main fl 5,3142 IALDYII 'URI-lflll BAKERY Little Rock Sz North Little Rock There Is One Near You! Charm Headquarters! STANLEY JEWELERS 422 Ark-Mo Hy.-Sk 3-1081 No. Little Rock, Arkansas REPHAN'S DEPT. STORE Main 8z Washington North Little Rock Headquarters For Levis VC U K Truck Brockerage Company WI 5-3288 3302 E. Broadway North Little Rock "SKIPPER" RAY USED CARS AND USED PARTS PHDNEWI. 5-ZD72 - 4701 EAST BROADWAY NnR'rH Lrrrl..e: Rnclc. AnKANsAs 211 in 212 X I q,,.,. , A Vq.,i ,.... -..,.- Q if ,,'.: qqb, Zb: Num 4 I ,Q " SERVICE - OUR GREATEST ASSET" N 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS X . f I ' f 55 T MAIN oFF1ce I ' ' 52nd and Maple Streets WSURAQQ- We X I - A - I ff fy PROTHO JUNCTION 7 in-no Q i I X A I k g XL, LAKEHI LL sHoPPl NG CENTER '1'E'3's5'2'.i."f" I J BE SAFE . . . BE SURE . . . TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS TO GILLIAM DRUG 1724 plK5 AVE, NORTH LITTLE ROCK FOR PERSONAL ATTENTION TO YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS CALL US AT FRANKLIN 2-7534 SUNDRIES - GIFTS - FORTUNE'S ICE CREAM MEDICAL NEEDS-PANGBURN'S CANDY FREE GIFT - WRAPPING SERVICE - FOUNTAIN SERVICE Prompt FREE Delivery Open 8 a.m. - OPEN SUNDAYS - Close 10 p.m. You Pay for a Business Education Whether You Get It or Not fComparative Life Earnings: - - Institute of Life Insurancel It is estimated that the untrained man goes to work at 14 and reaches his maximum at 40, with a life earning of S178,000. It is thought that more than 50 per cent of the untrained workers are dependent upon others after the age of 60. The high school graduate rises steadily to his own maximum at 50, with a life earning of S243,000. The business school graduate, since his income' depends upon his"mental ability and training, is con- stantly improved by practiceg his income increases rather than diminishes. The graduate in business admin- istration reaches his maximum at 60, and has a life earning of S347,000. These estimates and figures are conservative, but the equivalent between each bracket would be in pro- portion to the dollar value in difference-'mentioned abovet ACCREDITATION OF SCHOOLS The accreditation of a school is universally accepted as a guarantee of educational respectability. lt means that some recognized agency has 'investigated the institution and found that it has at least the minimum physical facilities, financial stability, and faculty personnel necessary to offer in a satisfac- t0Ey manner the educational program or programs it claims to of er. ' MEASURE YOUR ABILITY LIFE INCOMES At Educational Group 2 Levels The Untrained The High School Graduate 1. What does unemployment mean to you? . Does your present effort represent the best that you can do for yourself? 3. Would an extra skill, or additional knowledge, give you a better chance to get ahead? 4. Are you contented to keep on, year after year, doing the work you are now qualified to do? 5. Have you any assurance of advancing to a larger income and greater opportunities without additional specialized train- ing? 6. Will you ever have a better chance to prepare for a business career than you have right now? 7. Don't you believe proper training will give you confidence and enlarge you to an outstanding job when competition is greatest? 8. Don't you think what you do in the months immediately ahead will largely determine the kind of life you are going to lead during the next 40 years? 9. D0n't you think an office position provides a steady income, pleasant surroundings, paid vacations, regular hours, and un- equalled opportunities for advancement? 10. Don't you think business training at Draughon School of Business would increase your ability to select your position The. Business Ad I' tl instead of taking a Job? mm s ra on Graduate DRA GHO 22333 21 Z23.'3'sS BOX II 2l6 West Sixth S+. LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS 213 . XL., 2 N 1 H x x .NN 1 . , x x xx X, -.X -. gm M N , ff N Y? N N in N I wx, XJ in 1 N N bt'A J- ' YXEX.-.13 XX: N N, ,W N. .. Qw- L 4 NN XN Yf"y.,. ,' ax Qs A pg -Q X , ., .5 VX X - k 3 K X -X b X , 1 F V7 I ,, .X fb 'X Yke NA sg Xi W , 4 if 1 vw NMC C af wp X 1, L11 4 2 if J . 'WQQ 51 ki HJ K , -ii , l'l?"'iJx?f X3 ,I 'XJ RN Q 'R . . ? ' '." ' YN x I YF A + ' ,-J f k Q 'X V Xb ,Lf ffl! - X3 xx? 5 iw x NQK73 W X CONGRATULATI6 u N xx f . A5i,y+'Q z ' kg X U 'ximf , N xgxxfxh A iff!! f, - YQ, 'V ' - , Q' . mx" XJ xx X .f., ,,.. ? , H X Q VXERX, XM XS 'XB NCLASSAQR W 7 fm' H. X3 , X Ksg QQ , Y X, X X x 3 51 Q , V Nia XS Q 'RQ xi kwa !J,,lfrif,A A K J Kr- E N . KX 1 . gig' 4, :2.' I IA! X N xx. FN I TREK? xx X5 XX? ,,- RQ 1 I J" . ,. rs fb, 1 . F vxx 'R X SX -1 X QD 'NX 1 ,. 5 4' - .L Q up X N? PQ N ' S Q X23 A x A V K, X If 'lffi -JZ m, XX xi X r XJ N mr as 3 X Q Q Q N3 ,xx Q. gig hm xv X Q - - x Q. lm r 0 2 A X ' 1 X ' v 1 ' . f , S Yi? My Q N59 kv .QQ Q -Sf J ix Xa - . if ww: K QQ . -. A 'IX A fm X w Q H if X w QQ . xx 'Q XS? V 3 SQ Q i N W SQ r '- -. S 'ix K ww. A xx xhuk N NX X X? Q39 4 VRL, fx N U - M? is EQ A Qfwb, , " X tx TE: T MJ IXXI3 RN N vknl J r KJ X dw! You cu suv IT ron -ss A1 umm clrvl . XX ,H ff! M X" 'f x 1. WUAGE ,, Q f X ln, L. ARgAlN+Cl Z x , A- ,x h - 5 F TV- FURNITURE -APPLIANCES f1"'--"M Q, QFXQASHIWABQINIVERSHY - gums ROCK, EQKANS 1 W ,Q gf 5 N N L Q X -X: A A ,X Om . MN if--.Ki X ng -,., VAAII Kit , ,, X X A . X3 ,Nh if 1 S3 km , L 9 , N mxwm R3 X Q. N gg-J -.,x Y. A X Ay P Q xg, X3 XXQB QQ wks if , N sw X Y ' , R 'Q Q A , . Q . X X q 'Q, . ' x W Q N Lb f sg E' Q49 "1 X ff ..,,X X N N' ' 5 'N X' X- -xx wg K- if as A X X M M 5 TX xx xc- XB X3 6- Q N Q . 1., Q 'Q J N A -X XXJ px X xkfxg x KX, K ..h, , gf-Q Q X ' XBXWJN X WRST if 'XEYN ' Eg Q + N X "Tri ' W V. X HH ' in - . W ' . ' .Q X, w 5 X N fi M :wi si N N' x ssl EY-Q ff?--X3 X XM X' NYXX V' X X ,X wg bifki Qt N ' SQL Pirflfx r Rx , . -- 5 A-'x-. W KX X13 EX: . X x'1-fx M ' ' Yip. ' , S' Y N Nb 'X K, . , N3 'f N Q 4 'xg " f X3 X E N NXYS4 Wx, 'N ' Y1 N5 N 'Y .1 , ' dl FQ ' u QR ESX i XA wax I K. L , as xxx 2 X51 X , N X Vx .XR t X 3 Q N 5 ff EY MH SN N X I . f 1, f V4 ' eh r 2 VQINEOCK ENTERPRISES , I E 1 f , 'v E. ,fg..f' , 1 , ,. 'x. CONSTRUCTION DIVISION 207 WEST 2nd STREET NWLITTJILWOCK fl Ja my If My E ,ff Q QW I Mfgyafv' My ,Wy ff fb I FUTURE GRADUATING CLASSE Q 5 NEWS Sz WEATHER ADDRESS Box 3014 MUSIC X SPORTS We Famer: Win W ith ". . . to keep always in mind our original pur- poses -to produce milk that meets, Hrst of all, the health needs of tiny children. By so doing, to offer to people of all ages ,milk that fulfills these high- ' est standards of wholesome- Borden's Ice Cream ' hn d 't . ' nc ess an PHHY to a Illipinq lpb - .l--l homemade , ng 0-Q-' A .EQ S arestls , .H 1:54-.g'.,,.,g.., - 4' LJ .. , BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '62 Kittle's Garage 217 W. R. RHODES dc SON, INC. gang ancf Econo - csslbscial Jlfliuwoff MANUFACTURE. S O NO T LTT E ROCK ARK P FR 5 0235 500 LOCUST ST SOUT 2 401 West 22nd S il 6 FR 2-2267 DAVID'S DRUG HERN AUTO PARTS North Little Rock NLR 5th 8i Main After Graduation e In And Talk To Us Com Twin City . Employment Agency nys 'TBIC PS M 403 Magnolia 401 1X2 Mam NLR Room 202 UBB TRAILER 28 SCJUT WEST ER TRUCK ALE .xdf-Lanaaa' Iargeal SHLCL am! .2-ailtr .meager Phone Windsor 5-3234 3815 East Broadway NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Tl 'N R WN X TUXOXM www N Ggvvbsyq itlliilltitlli iw Xl Wg? QQ? Best Wishes to The Class of '62 ,N V T tl METROPCLITAN TRUST C0. North Little Rock's Leading Subdividers fl? ewnzfs - -CONGRATULATIONS- , I f To The Graduating Class SERWCS of T962 We Wish You The 5 U Very Be t f L k. REALTY CQ 5 0 UC 2222 mm N.L.R, 'fill' -VV 5QU,,f,EQDR22g2 sYLvAN HILLS PHARMACY 91 ALL KlND5 OF INSURANCE 23: 'xl r T 9 4 7124 Sylvan Hills Rd. N.L.R. SK 3-3945 HILL BROTHERS july ,J .jJair Sfyfing Safon Self Service Shoes i "Shoes For The Entire Family" IKE PLAZA-NORTH LITTLE Rocrc, ARKA s s 1418 Mam ' North Llttle Rock 1815 Wright Ave. - Little Rock hm f 4212 Conway s N U T Highway North Little Rock 219 S img CITY OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS , ? 4 .V Q 1 " 'Vi . .L ' "Pledged To Progress" 220 I CITY OFFICIALS Mayor ........... . William F. "Casey" Laman City Clerk and Collector . ........ Percy Machin Municipal Judge ..... ...... M ilton McLees City Attorney . . . . Reed W. Thompson City Treasurer . ....... . . Mrs. R.M,S. Butner ALDERMEN First Ward . . . . . Edward L.McCullock and Don Garrison Second Ward . , . Charles A. Bahil and E. E. Springer Third Ward . .... . A, D. Rea and Paul O. Duke Fourth Ward , . Dr.W. E. Phipps and Robert J. Kirspel P. O. B O X 4 9 3 I-'II-'TH AND VINE STREETS Qwanwgfzclfuring ompany CHURCH FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT NORTH LITTLE ROCKJLRK G Q BOB sM1TH's PAINT at Q HARDWARE sToRE 223 East Washington-North Llttle Rock Compliments To The Class Of 1962 From A 'QRETE TIITIAII-2..fL. A3251-JIND I A 27I7 WEST I2th STREET ..... PHONE M0. 3-8354 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS BROADWAY MOTEL Sz RESTAURANT The Best Place In Town To Eat And Sleep 2501 E Broadway N.L.R. Dewey 5 ' 0. 5th Kr Cornish Sts. North Little Rook, Ark. FR 6-2321 -'5ERvINI:I GREATER LITTLE R 22 Y TOLLIVERS BODY SHOP 8: SALVAGE YARD TELEPHQNE FRANKLIN 2-BBGE S: FR 4-4431 Used Cars Kr Trucks 1f1r- 'W TUU-'VER 2223 PIKE AVENUE SERWGE MANAGE NEI LITTLE RI:Ic:Ic, ARK. C. L. HOUSE SHEET METAL WORKS General Sheet Metal Work Phone WI5-1238 3303 Ea st Broadway WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPLIES MS RADIO 8a TV 1304 EAST 13TH ST. 1 P. O. BOX 246 NORTH urns ROCK, ARKANSAS PHONE FR 5-5378 C. L. WILLIA 508 Cordon - WI 5-2674 North Little Rook, Ark. 'A' Hoo DRIVE IN ir 3400 E. Broadway N.L.R. North Little Rock, Ark. 221 , 4, X 7' .an .. 7 X 1 Y f' A 'Tiff- .i V 1 1, MQW . . ,zn- fy in pw L ' Y ' 'x .S 1 f 2 4- UJJ Yi i Jin , 1.. kr l"' U' ""'9W I' ' VJ 'gb .1 , 'J ' y f' A. ' - ff' R ,, Li' ' X' ,W 2 :Liv JJ 53.3 v. .5 if-,J 2u,,19' ,r?fp,Q1EQk3j,J L L . 1.11032 '- '-f L 'Z 5.9 PEE", s pdl? if L' :C7 me W X -Jig' Mill 84 Mine Supply Company GJ Y -TL? 222 n fl! "ol 920 Aiien street Power Transmission - Industrial Supplies FR 5-0224 PRICE'S FINA TRUCK STOP 5010 E. Broadway FR 5-9905 North Little Rock, Ark. 418 Olive St. N.L.R. A 3? jf coNcRETE PRODUCTS, INC , B 0 Sales Office 8: Plant ll24 Willow N L R KATTERJOH N FRanklin 4-6435 SPRIGGS DRUG STORE Registered Pharmacists FR 2-9111 - 711 Pike Ave. North Little Rock, Ark. GEORGE'S CLEANERS 2802 Railroad Ave. Drive-In Service We Are Dependent RAZORBACK PLUMBING CO. Not Independent psnm li' gi 2410 Pike Avenue North Little Rock W. .Home of Your Mrs. Jaffk ll6 W. 4th Favorite Formals" LITTLE ROCK IIDVELESS EQUIPMENT C0., INC. FARM MACIIINERY - INDUSTIIIBII EQUIPMENT n. n. nru., Mgr. Phone WI 5-2316 3908 East Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. Musical Memo: Almost everything you need -- musically ,. , , . 1, speaking, is at Moses Melody Shop. Hi-fi's, stereos, television, recorders, recordings---and a complete service department. 3ll MMN STREET ' 5623 KAVANAUGH B. E. Glover ' Clean Used Cars Complete Auto Service Expert Lubrication, Repairs, Air Cond. Service 719 E. Broadway NLR Broadway 83 Cypress - NLR - FR 2-8893 ar--119-5l,fJ. JOHN D. TOLAND CONSTRUCTION CO. S' k Builders And Developers Of Ranch Estates ' if High Sierra Ei! 5: :il 3 . :5 .2 515 TRAVEL UNLIMITED INC. Blmd Co' E 718A Ark-Mo Highway E --- E Park Hill 2014 Pike Ave- E rs: E North Little Rock, Ark. SKyline 3-7653 - siqyiine 3-7321 North Little ROCK S PE Ph. FR 2-2991 U RIOR DIESEL TRUCK DU NCANS PHARMACY SALES Sz SERVICE 3131 East Fourth - North Little Rock FRED DUNCAN-Owner ' "Arkansas' Leading Music Store Since 1833" 311 Marble Street Phone FR 2-2259 North little Rock, Arkansas HOUCKZWZW 313 West 3rd Street, Little Rock Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1962 ationaloldffinulnsurancc Company Little Rock 3:f.1g 5: gl,:3 'fi' iftlff 'f2i'-' "t,i5tV, ft' Arkansas Serving Policyholders Coast To Coast 223 oautog rapha a NkQ, wfv W W fwfif S QW! wif! . Wu . fig' . , WIJMWQ? WTWZW Wai WMKW M GDWQWZMJMQCJU W flf W W WW ' x.,. ' ' ,J ii .s. ,. , . G, x -, . ' 1-I. U ,Q 2 5- 'Q Danco Construction Company Qgettpf' gg LE NARD DUNN 1 tgiwiie ei it ot 10 , 3 A J 226 GEORGE'S AUTO SERVICE 7 .:GABBY'SFRUIT MARKET General Repairing-Motor Tune Up Brake Service-Wheel Alignment -ig - A s, . 6 K I 1 0 4300 E. Broadway N.L.R. 911 Division North Little Rock, Ark. HUGGINS DRUG co. RALPWS SHOE SHOP if 3401 Pike Ave. 3411 Pike Avenue ' North Little Rook N.L.R. . 1 FIFER'S BARBER SHOP Best Wishes To The Student Body it W, 3400 Pike Avenue ' Q h TRU-ADE BOTTLING oo. North Little Reek ,X 1325 E. 9th st. Little Reek 4,3 ,t 1 . , MAGIC CARPET at RUG CLEANERS f-9 A A I-A X- , ,.,1 5 1-' at -.-.-,4. ..........,, ...:. 1 . 5155: ztt: ::" A hip '-1 A 'tt ""'1 4036 E. Washington N.L.R. WT 5-4372 Fabrics of Distinction Complete Line Of Notions Pike Plaza Fabrics Mr. And Mrs Collins Starnes - Owners FR 5-6504 Pike Plaza Shopping Center STIQAVHOIQN JEWELIQY VVATCHES . . DIAMONDS . . JEVVELRY ALL. KINDS NNATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING .QW ..,... ,,,,. , , 4.- 2 ""-.. AWNING COMPANY 3408 E. Broadway Manufacturers Of Aluminum Awnings Since 1947 ALUMINUM LEVY - SK 3-3615 FREALEN STRAYHORN 3413 PIKE AVENUE OWNER - MANAGER NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. BRAKE RELINING PRIMM wl-usel. BALANCING TIRE 84 RETREAD SERVICE NEW ' USED ' RETREADING 0 FRONT END ALIGNMENT 0 JIM'S ROLLER RINK Res. SK 3-9270 Bus. S-K 3-ODA-5 I 'I00 West Capitol Phone FR 4-1696 Parties - Lessons LITTLE RQCK, ARK. Joy Joyce Congratulations, Seniors Janiece A Lois 333336 cf goagglyn , BENsKY's FURRIERS Suzie S Janice xh. PUBLICATION STAFFERS ADMIRE THE 1962 CORVAIR AND CHEVY II Cri Chevrolet Co. 300 B,o,,d,,,,y Norm-I LITTLE Rocic Tz 227 228 OFFICE FURNITURE . , HOME FURNITURE SCHOOL FURNITURE DECORATORS CONTRACT FURNITURE FINER GIFTS REFINISHING AND UPHOLSTERING DRAPERIES AND CARPETS UNITED SUPPLY CO. 301 East Markham Street .3 ' LITTLE ROCK' ARKANSAS TeI. FR 6-2361 NORMAN I "HPS I RADIO - TV s. APPLIANCES IFVISIII Ynun ABBURANCE or BETTER RADIO - TV SERVICI EXPERT Aura RA I R PAIR 4105 I: I-I N L Rumi, ARR. Since 1880 . H e a dqu arte r s . Q, ':" For A11 School Books And Su lies Y c E D ff-F pp vIII:rmIhu'Andng3rIImeIII:00IIfg Ask About Our Teenage Credit Cards ThrougIaARSingIe Sys-tem 05 lk Pk Pk D I 'st - e ..:.' , Jiihs Youre2a?rsFurni1acII:I -- I I"': 4th AHCI Maln Streets Quiet 8. InconspIcuous- W N01-th Little Rock FR 4-4851 Even Temperuture Floor To CeiIing,- Furniture Placement No Longer e Ni hts 81 A Pmmem I Hoaidays C au clzlfy jagric Cenfer gaopcubed .fdlaparef FR 5-7213 SK 3-6538 'AQUALITY FABRICS FOR LESS" C. W. PLUNIMER HEATING XI MII IIIIII ITIIIIIINII BU. 2410 PIKE NLR CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES FREE ESTIMATES EVELYN MELTON PHONE SK 3-23926. 3421 PIKE LEVY OWNER NO LITTLE ROCK ARK BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENT BODY E. E. Sprlnger ALDERMAN WARD II E .. : 5. 1 E '-Li-1 if AUTO : E .i Amo GLASS E E :S F Installed E : ,L Z While You : .1 ... ..-'E GLASS Wait E E : : :-- ' y - .t-ai: 11 DRIVE INTO PITTSBURG "PITTSBURGH" GLASS PRODUCTS SAFETY GLASS AND AUTO BODY HARDWARE FOR ALL MAKES AND MODELS FOR EVERY PURPOSE STORE FRONT REMODELING SHOWER DOORS Sz ENCLOSURES ALUMINUM SLIDING DOORS JALOUSIE WINDOWS Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. 1500 E. WASHINGTON N.L.R. 410 W. CAPITOL DIAL FRanklin 2-4164 DIAL FRanklin 4-1661 JAMES NORMAN CLIFTON 'S USED CARS 81 AUTO PARTS Major Appliances - Remodeling Sr Repairing "We Buy and Sell Used Cars and Parts" Mew. ,fZJ,EE'.,t2"',5.'3iE?1Z1. Ouletta Enterprlses BOO EAST WASHINGTON AVE. - PHONE FR- 5-5525 . 1 N L R .A LAUCK Provlslon Company 'ETH 'TZ1EC:3traf'x5iAs ener ' "Better Homes For Better Living" and Locker Plant CHARLES P. OULETTA Wholesale De alers 717 East Washington Phone FR 5-7326 North Little Rook, Arkansas MARION STREET LAUNDRETTE -Creators Of- 3416 Marion N.L.R. Lauok Food Plan Club, Providing Better Food For Less rf if I Arkansas' Original ' ' " Sportsman's One Stop ' '1" ,. f 3304 E. Broadway North Little Rock 229 1808 Pike Ave. Telephone FR 5-4230 Congratulations Seniors SADLER'S CLEANER 81 LAUNDRY KELLY SADLER, Owner Congratulations Wildcats E. M. WETZLER SHEET METAL 3322 Railroad Avenue - NLR si OZARK OIL COMPANY B. Bruce Cook Skelly Wholesale Distributor I24 East 7th N. L.R. TIRE 8. SUPPLY CO., INC I NORTH LITTLE ROCK 405 Main Phone FR 4-9238 U.S. Royal Tires I 'Roll With Royce And Don" RALPH STANLEY Groceries, Fresh Meats and Feed 3623 CAMP ROBINSON ROAD North Little Rock. Arkansas GORDON'S SERVICE CENTER 401 Pike - NLR 4200 Conway Pike 5 l Z: B.D. Ford, Owner-Manager North Little Rock, Arkansas ,ij Ba2Ilje:TlX:m?nls i usic George Benton ' A1 Mllam ig' A 'l 6I7 Spring Street Instrument Repairing Little Rock, Ark. FR 4-3206 P SK 3'f'2'3 Haunt rn A... ADAMS MOTOR EALEC. R P SK 3 E736 S 1222 EAST BROADWAY' Q wa :suv - sau. DR TRADE SNOWDEWS GAIQAGE SPECIALIZING IN TUNE up fs. BRAKES AND AUTOMATIC TRANEMISSIDNS l Bus. P DNE FR. 4-D147 N. LITTLE RDLMC, ARK. WE DEIN'T WANT ALL THE BLQSINEEE IJUSTYDIJRS Congratulations From The 1962 Wildcat Staff Mirrors Glass Sliding Doors DYKE BROS. GLASS DEPT. 113 S. Magnolia No. Little Rock Phone FR 4-3719 f "anna MA'rfmAL BETTER PRICES" VE NAB LE A JF ii as -.-- CFOMPANY ' ' LUMBER Q 0 , N 'O Z.. NF W I , ' ' il L -1100 West 34th Street X7 2 J! ' If Y ' I kQ,.3r 'flW,f' r J I--ff--vp SKyl1ne 3 3411 g. y 5" I 5 '- . sr . Of Z I, 1 Ng Xx,1 230 4, North Little Rock 4 Ready Mix Concrete - River Washed Sand Crush Stone Big Rock Stone 81 Material Co. FR 4-0381 Foot Of Ashley Street - Little Rock Arkansas NASH STATION 4123 Conway Pike NLR xgv ' 5-LwfWpW'0 as Q ARKANSAS: 2 i f Nurseries KL Florists - Corsages 1. Q SY: as ,A 210 Ark-Mo. Highway NLR 415' Paint Wallpaper Building Materials H.V. BUILDING SUPPLIES 3306 Pike No- I-lllle Rvck 1Lilri'i':E1hI:IE NDRTH1 Lll?rTlT.Ai::Pi:l:icSl2ll1EREl:ANsAs HARRY'S SHOE STORE 3415 Pike Avenue - NLR Congratulations Seniors! MR. Sz MRS. C. B. GREENE FLOYD JACKSON Q Congratulations Seniors! THE BURGERBASKET 3700 Ark-Mo. Highway Ezra Spradling, Owner SPECIALIZED BEAUTY CARE MARlETTA.S BEAUTY SALON Phone, SK 3-0064 4202 CONWAY PIKE, NORTH LITTLE Rocx, ARK. :limp QEtta Brown Bruhilla Bremer Owuzn Br OPIRATCR Orsnrron X 7 Nutrena Feed - Bulk Or Bag GROCERY 1 ,, fix "A BRUMMITT'S STOCKYARD FEED A X AND SUPPLY COMPANY 3524 Camp Robinson Road 'Q 403 Vine - NLR - P.O. BOX 306 'Q INN L NORTH SIDE ggi? 11' if GARAGE :Sig Wi: 'LF' P 'Eest n'isheEtT?fn ' "1 - J- u :ca ons a 116 E. Washington Ave. NLR DX SUNRAY O IL CO. YEA! WILDCATS I - P.O. Box 268 CORBETS Variety 81 Hlarclware NOINR. 804 Ark. Mo. Highway North Little Rock, Ark. 23l Marks Sheet Metal Works Venilating He ating C ontr actor L81 H. Fina Service Station G h M W k 5010 East Broadway enera1S eet etal or North Little Rock Tune-Up - Brake Service - Wash-Lube WI 5-9061 3706 Allen NLR SK ,f TWIN CITY MOBILE HOMES New St Used Best Deals In Town 1401 East Bwyd - NLR 3-1927 HOME AND ELLISAUTO B 24 Hour Service D PHONE FRANKLIN 5-4481 F T.V,STAMPS am at MAIN STREETS NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARK M A Ilffi coNGRATULAT1oNs SENIORS AF 1 V jWN aa J ' gawiit Ji A + 4Qw 1 P' I VL V t ofsTEBI3INs 8. ROBERTS, INc:. 3 MANUFACTURERS it LITTLE ROCK - FD RT WORTH 232 4 4 I 'V FG K M .K 'Y wi S as QQ X4 N. TG i 2- A- ..,. 2 'Y if Xe f--.N X5 T w at TY' 22,9 'fb L Une Moorettliorcl SAFEWAY 22nd Sr Pike NLR Dave Massanelli - Manage Mozley Motors PHONE FR 5,3257 j ' 1 1 1801 EAST BROADWAY ' ' igg NORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARK. , . . ,gm .1 1- ,M A 5 V ' - ...,, 53,5 Eeafdire QM frigu ford, .yn c. E I sive Supplier for Bel-Aire Producfs in Ark., Okla. 8 T Tyler 81 Davis Garage H. W. Tucker Co. Concrete Contractors 1301 East 13th Street NLR Specializing In FR 4-9269 Automatic Transmissions 8416 Sylvan Hills Hi Way Concrete Work Of A11 Kind fe. 'N ...j- v 59? X 'B SX N PJ S 5 'Ti-wzfw G 3 1 xi 1 TN! 283 f, 0 52' 17 h 1,17 Y .. 3 ff' .A 'I LK oz oz cf I 2f4r'1Vf" jf Ztbj I JC - - ' . 'EMQQJ if ,JW 0 if 0, f. ': yi 0 S S 5' x O 9 ' C O 3 'Q 5 x In exchange for Pepsi caps 5. al E' with the white star 4' I ? , Q' ss 1 I O Q ' Each cap Worth one stamp. W ite star caps will x Q be exchanged at West, Ille artment Stores ,Eau ,Locale Aim! H every Wednesday. Pick ip an extra ca ton of . xv t!day 'tour fgofite stor j 2 S-Q4u'04-'41 1 ! l 'l Xi j A, Q fi OUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER ' I 1 9 h , , M, e e e Studio , ' 1 QA' LW A LITTLE Roclc, ARKANSAS O 284 lb "SEE YOU IN THE W1LDCAT" Your Negatives Are Always On File Here You May Order From Them Af Any Time ls I i ' " 'Sf' W , rm, -M ,,,.,.g1-un 17? I ,I ,fi ,117 C l 13 N XMLJ I .1532 I , if tv , ,f---,V ,J A L ' K fi - , - iii If!! V nz I F73 I 71 3 Ivy! I I ' ,V , f ' f ,f 'w I I r , v A 'J U Y 'I QI HL MJ fh we i f iw f A Q V I Q " A' f - 1 1 I A X, if I , t ' it N tb' A 7" " "' , 4 5 , ' x I ' . ' J 'W ' I ' -if ."i I In-I ji , x , I fl!!! Iv! 'K V VJ r I P' XA f' X .if U' if 42 lf K IJ 4 " A X 1 - 'J ' . ' ,qv V I. ,X 1 - f ff - .ff I gif . 18 ' CNA, ap' Ju 5 V JI -vii I X V. , , i. I ,,, f 1 Y! f vi? L JT IL? ' 5 ix' 534 3 V VJ- who ft .X I5 1 . , zgggq. , ', I, K ' V, by 1 .-2"""?f . f J ,N XCV 'L 555232, +'- . fb' X NX 4 . I 5351515112: Iv, QM 1 ' W f I 23:7:3f3U775i-?:':5:- I I ' figzzfiilffglzlziiiii ' r f'6'2ff:2z1:fr2:1:1: I ,.o0,10:4,:.g.g.1 ' ' , W 2fQ22:',1f f :Efr?252, r 1 v 'ff ?gffZ'h. PUBLISHING CO., INC. MARCELINE, MO., U. S. A. ' -115-g?' "' gif bij. X I, 1 ,QP a of f. U C gd ' ,ff , .L fy? A 1-W' CH' - I 1 ,Wm I tw kg. V' , se- .-F' f .ir ' 0 , Ii., Q pf O . I ' 5 'I 5 - K' 1. gy, X 417,65 LJMP Qi X XR yy ky, x A for I Xxx, I W W It iff H23 I I , in . V , , ,L ,bf -'Ii' A il ,xwkfx WL, il '- DV or yi I ,P 1 9' , , 5 I I I 1 '- Y-if x lf'-n.yL, XIV R RNA Q It J, ' , " ' Y IX Q 5.1 Lx! ia, vf.-. V, .4 u. -7, ml -' Best Wishes Seniors From 6th Rifle Compan United State Marine Corps Reserve EWFXDEL5 W x Q l ul 149 'M Q Qlhwxmaw 9 o MAN 9 an , 4151? gh Journalists Observe 0 Q I 9 National News a er Week ' A W P P -1.44,g., ,Q rv Mia 4 "l . - 'tn ,. I 321: ':-". x L ,'.1'1:.5f uv A B 0, . .ba 36- . t 5 YZ Q, , J Q x ' 4 0. - X 8 1 Be A Real Citizen Be A Citizen Marine Phone MO 3-3828 718 W. Jonesboro Drive Little Rock, Arkansas 235 ,J , lj itll? -1? K iinfg '4 ,,,, C fl 6 J ill l ,fs Q , ff uf I -+ r ,V . , f M3 aff, I cpulslicationo Staff i I' 4.9 Wildcat Editors - Beverly Weathersby, Nancy Burt, Danny Monroe L l .fc , 3 Q h Hi Cornet Editors - Vicki Lafferty, Johnny Shepherd uk f 1 5 5 , Business Manager - Charlene Banks -f , ' x . . ' ff, i is Photographers - Bill Anderson, Joe Phillips, Robert Hawkins , ,J ,SSN ,JJ f x 5 L l V ll A ' Make-Up Editors - Maria Papageorge, Martha DeViney K ,QL 1 4 X i Managing Editor - Carl Chapman gl Ll' X X ix V S Picture Editors - Janet Lovell, Donna Douglas, Emiko Oishi, MarimAWmYs:Rli ffm . V sy I ,H ' ' N Sports Editors - Jim Holley, Bill Vowell f' XJ K9 N 'ffl 5 X N XXQ N il A iv L' if l N Q R 5 Staff Artists - John Ketcher, Beverly Weathersby X M, X ,K ' J Yu X 41 , , V 'X f X X ,fi . -ll 5 Feature Editor - Cheryl Nelson -J fl-mg r- g K Q' J ' ' x, A Q 92 " r sa Club News Editor - Toni Lister X i 5 xv X f N J fl "V X S SIX N l Advertising Managers - Linda Celarier, Willis Price J K , A l N ivil l Head Typist - Wanda Huffman NJ fm, , X ' ,A Assistants - Doris Roberts, Janet McClain, Linda Caple, Barbara Glinderman, Beverly -N 3 Burnett, Mary F. Gilliam RX KX Apprentice Editors - Wildcat - Susan Rhodes, Connie Kirby, David Petty 3 A Apprentice Editors - Hi Cornet - Linda Lou Powell, Tom Digby il -, Staff Writers - Dianne House, Linda Humphries, Robert Joslin, Tommy Riggs, Vickie X Smith, Maribeth Spearmon, Suzanne Sanders, Mary Ellen Setzler, Susan Brown, Alice ' XX Cummings, Mickey Cupp, Charlene Furr, Pam Grizzle, Frances Shepherd, Peggy White, , Q ' Wayne Linder, Beverly Brockert, Carol Ott, Linda- Brown, Ann Bacon, Becky Gifford, X N Penny Hughes l x X' X w General Staff - Jim Adams, Walter Cox, Garland Ferguson, Sandra Garner, Larry Goff, ' ' ' X Jimmy Lyons, Mike Vaughn, Gary Whitaker, Darrell Barker, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Judith . X Roberts, Pat Nowell, Ira Jernigan, Calvin Isbell, Lynette Cook, Marilyn Moore, Jerry ll if 'X w l ' l il 3 fill Sangster, Larry Sinkey, Peggy White, Katy Balentine, Cecil Barron, Gary Don Berry, Lynne Duckworth, Tootie Hudelson, Ronnie Kackley, Bill Lafferty, Leon Massey, Alton McMillan, Roy Wiggs ,. .fi . 5 E 3 . 1 V, j A I I jf' if ' fl! ff" ,ff ,V . ' .- 5 M' gy l' if If' 1 ' w F 5 r . 4. 1+ E . ily r 1 -- -. i I 2 5 :ral K : l , 'I t I 'i' '- z R - A f if ,J 1 I F! I if f - I f' Tl J ii S- ? U w-,Q if 3 A -I Y ' ,F .- ' 1 H if 5 " ' it F i : , -W' . ,fl , gf tl, Wen, , ":6,i""k"""'MlQ?' N 551'-lik ' X gf'fi, fOi if XP CSV 5- ff s,QQ ,QQ-X4 FQ, - W .WJ View iff N, mmm. HULL UU ff A C nf-Q,f' YVVIW I o ' , M M , QgyvX9v M Q 0 f 5 6103925 WOHWL auf W4 W7 SNUQWN 0 f kv kick Kg3CPv-af ff, Aff? " '- Mfffff Sow-QA P ,fgw , Ei ng! 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Suggestions in the North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) collection:

North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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