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 - Class of 1960

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1 M. Q , . 4 .QQ if ' , 6 K LF, W YL Q fa?',ii' fp M . 5? if-j 3' 'V N Q I ' k , cf 4- K. Y .A "Xl ' 4? . sf ' . V' ' gil: lynx, ',, SK- ? if if , 7,15 7, rs 'W 6711 5 ' 1,5 tx' ,- AE., 'EZ3. is k 4 ,gy A ., Sf, M if sr .2 S323 UL ., ,H-. imk-L' 'QM x . twig , A "F 'aw 'W ' - A lywfgf ix SQ, . A Y U A M , .... , , Ugg Q f 25,-H2151 f N M N 'I X , , A Q amy, if Ter ffw, 5 V 195 X ., 115:42-3: V wx X 2. S21 Q 52 ' " 'av ff! 1' wi JL .1 F 3 , T? 'A 4, , Wi? 3121-raiw -511 5 Q ' 4.11 ,, .g-f2Mf2:rz. .1:,... X Z - L::- wg: T32 - ' uv T ' W A V " tif: l jfw, Qld' '9 ' . :Q -v .y3f-- 55 QW X-1-'-' vz,-Q. 1- . -': I ' -W .3, 'Q Q 5 an ,Qu 1 3, . - "iff 3- X 1 , X :J HM f X 1 ,F .4 ' ' ff R, , Q wMA as 1 if" 1 92 i - M . 1, lx ' 5 V Winiw :meal " ' ahh ff Mwzxiiidfffi ' .AQ N K5 ,Ah m mxfgeiwv wg,-. Q -M, N. -Q, . Www-2551, I Wg? Mg Wi J Q N ww ws iw 3? R R, EQQQEYQSL X T P 1 ' JWWMWQMJ WWW hwvwf Agwymwwfj ,WM WW pf? JAM? t, .- 4 A, f I X' -A ,, . 5. ,K . ,I ' i VW ff " 'r ' J, 1 , - I .. I Y The Domfx, h i l96O Wefefewwiwfeefefe-e Wildeat .dlfrexldf -wffizk , ,ec ' i MM! 4amM1KM4ff4sM4-MJ. .,z..,W,J. ru-Z 7 J f w J W s- , Wir 412 i ff wwe WD? , ef , ,i if i ! Q flff i im 1 , fwfr 5,i4ierVyQ MZ X K, 3 L Senior High School North Little Rock, Arkansas Colorpress, Incorporated -------- Austin, Texas Dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth H. Goss To one whose life has louched 'lhal of every one of us, we wish 'ro dedicale our record of anolher year in lhe hislory of Norlh Li'H'le Rock High School. All of us on Wildcal Hill have had 'lhe oppor- 'lunil'y 'ro become acquainled wilh Mrs. Elizabelh Hively Goss: and all of us have enioyed every momenl spenl in a classroom presided over by This charming woman. She is, wilhoul' a doubl', 'lhe besl'-lcnown sub- sli+u+e leacher in lhe Norlh Lil'l'le Rock public school syslemg for she has, a'r somelime, 'laughl every grade in every school in This sysl'em. Endowed wil'h a warm smile, soil voice, and engaging manner, Mrs. Goss leaves each of us al +he end of a class wil'h lhe warm 'feeling lhal' she has laughl us much more l'han 'lhe mere conlenls of a 'lexl'boolc. ln her own quiel way she has revealed 'lo all who know her l'he secrel of a happy life-'rhrough service 'lo olhers. The sl'uden+s on Wildcal Hill will always re- member Mrs. Goss, whe'lher lhey mel her in S'ruden+ Council, Sludy Hall, Typing, American Hislory, or English, or whefher lhey were Sopho- mores, Juniors, or Seniors. They will be graleful lhal lhey had 'lhe oppor+uni'l'y lo meel her and be her pupil, if only for a shorl while. ll is said lhal' everyone's life is influenced by 'lhose he comes in conlacl' wilh, and we realize 'lhal' Mrs. Goss is l'he besl' influence anyone' could meef. Mrs. Elizabe+h Hively Goss This is An Arkansas Story ln lhe hearlland of America lies lhe na+ion's mosl beauliful slrelch of counlryside named for 'lhe Quapaw Indians and spelled Arkansas by explorer Bernard de la Harpe. H' is fillingly called The Wonder Slale, nor alone for lhe marvels of i'I's unbelievable lopography and fab- ulous minerals, buf for il's agricullural and induslrial pro- ducls and 'lhe characler and s'l'amina of ils people. ln lhe cenler of 'lhis slale, on 'lhe norlh bank of lhe river iusl' across from 'lhe capilal cily, is localed Norlh Li'Hle Rock, selling for our srory of one year in +he lives of lhe sludenls who allended one of The nal'ion's greal- esl high schools. Many people helped us lell lhis slory in piclure and phrase, and +o lhem we express aavery deep gralilude. Besides our pholographer and publisher, 'rhese included Governor Orval Faubus, Secrelary of Slale C. G. Hall, 'lhe Arkansas Parks and Publicily Commission, 'rhe Ar- kansas Hislory Commission, The Commission for lhe Terri'l'orial Resloralion, lhe personnel of +he Norlh LiHIe Rock Public Schools Adminislralive Offices, and lhe Ar- kansas Chamber of Commerce. MR D EON PRIEST fo C l p ess, our long-suffering publisher, helps THE MAN WHO WROTE THE' BOOK . . . Prof. C. J. Mecllin, aurho 0 a a p the Wildcat. Yearbook Editing and Management and Yearbook Layout helps editors a business managers with master plans at the workshop. Work on lhis slory began more 'lhan a year ago, progressed during lhe summer of i959 af l'he yearbook workshop held al Arkansas Slale Teachers College under lhe experr guidance of Professor C. J. Medlin and Mr. Deon Pries'l', and now is before your eyes in wonderful reali'l'y. I+ is a ioy 'ro lell you lhis slory. May you long enjoy 'lhe reading of il: Mosr sincerely, Anne Slephens Billy Kiehl Co-Edilors 2 Dedication 4 Presentation 6 Setting II Characters 89 Plot II9 Decisive Action GEE, I'D SURE HATE TO LICK ALL THESE! HOLD IT! . I35 Special Episodes I59 Great Moments I83 Backers Arkansas Has Always Revolved Around Its Three Capitols Lillle Rock, ollen called lhe cily ol lhree cap- ilols conlribules ils own bil ol romance lo lhe slory ol Arkansas, lhe Wonder Slale. The cily, localed on lhe soulh side ol lhe Arkansas River because il was chosen as a "proper place for lhe seal ol governmenl," is lhe only permanenl capilal Arkansas has ever had. The lhree capilols represenl lhree dillerenl and very dislincl eras in lhe hislory ol lhe nalion as well as lhe slale -lhe selllemenl ol our nalion, lhe period ol civil slrile during which brolher waged war againsl brolher, and lhe world in which we live. ln lhe beginning lhe Terrilorial Capilol was buill which, now reslored, recalls lhe spiriled days ol Arkansas' pre-slalehood era when courageous pioneers were slruggling lo open lhe new Soulh. The Resloralion, conlaining I3 brick and lrame slruclures, has been carefully reslored lo resemble lhe lown when il was only a rural counly seal in lhe early l820's. Classified wilh such hisloric na- lional shrines as Ml. Vernon and Colonial Wil- liamsburg in Virginia, lhe Terrilorial Capilal Res- loralion in Li++le Rock represenl lhe Jacksonian Era in hislory--lhe beginning ol expansion. The Terrilorial Capilol Building conslrucled ol large hand-hewn oak logs and cypress sidings, conlains hand-carved manlels and exquisile and l VETERAN STATESMAN Secretary of State C. G. Hall talks with Business Managers Barbara Cullins and jackie McRoberts. 6 INTERNATIONAL PERSONALITY Governor Orval Faubus discu the Wildcat with Editors Billy Kiehl and Anne Stephens. aulhenlic lurnishings lhal radiale lhe charm and comlorl ol lhe period. Upon enlering lhe reslora- lion, one leaves lhe lwenlielh cenlury behind and becomes a parl ol lhis delighllul world. The Old Slale House, one ol lhe linesl exam- ples ol anlebellum archileclure in lhe Soulh, lills ils experienced voice lo lell ol lhe lime il was lhe cenler ol colorlul Arkansas hislory. Wilhin lhe inlerior ol lhis building-wilh all ils beauly and dignily-are wide arched hallways leading lo lhe lamed "horse-collar" slairs. These slairs spiral upward lo second and lhird lloors where 4 T Plt 11 PII: ARKANSAS' STATE CAPITOL 1sU1LD1NG A32 0 Y P 719' lb, Y fwo lighf wells, fhrow a genfle glow from oufside info halls, down winding sfairways, and on delicafe hand-furned balusfrades. One mighf find if hard fo believe fhaf wifhin fhese dignified walls a pioneer speaker once sfabbed fo deafh a fellow- legislafor in an argumenf over bounfy on wolf- scalps, and half a dozen men fried fo ride horses up fhe inside spiral sfairs. Progress and growfh broughf abouf changes buf fhe Sfafe House sfands as a reminder of sfages in Arlcansas his- fory never fo be replaced. Pafferned affer fhe Nafional Capifol in Wash- ingfon and recognized as one of fhe mosf beau- fiful in fhe counfry, is fhe presenf Arkansas Sfafe Capifol building. Ideally sifuafed on a lcnoll fac- ing Capifol Avenue, only fhe fruly crifical eye can fully appreciafe fhe fine classical lines of fhis superb archifecfural masferpiece, accenfed by fhe beaufifully landscaped grounds. Alfhough fhe cornersfone of fhe building was laid in I900, fhe building, composed largely of 1' anmy ar s and P1 idly Commi. "Bafesville Marble," was nof finally complefed un- fil fhe end of fhe year I9I5. As our governmenf expands, buildings of mod- ern buf harmonious archifecfure are erecfed on Capifol Hill fo house fhese new and needed sfafe deparfmenfs. Housed inside fhis and six ofher sfafe buildings locafed on fhe capifol grounds are magnificenf displays of fhe sfafe's nafural resources fhaf offen capfure fhe wonder of nafive visifors as well as fourisfs. This is fhe seaf of our presenf sfafe gov- ernmenf. A ' The people of "The Land of Opporfunifyn are iusfly proud of fhese fhree impressive capifol buildings which exemplify fhe pasf hisfory of fhe growfh and developmenf of a democrafic sfafe born of a democrafic nafion. The complefe and frue sfory of our "Wonder Sfafe" cannof be relafed by fhe buildings fhem- selves, each wifh ifs own sfory fo be fold in ifs own colorful and impressive way. We musf see fhese wonders in order fo believe. Doorways and Corner stones to Learning Locafed approximafely in fhe cenfer of our wonderful sfafe is fhe campus of our beaufiful high school, whose memory is held dear in our hearfs, our alma mafer, Norfh Li'H'le Rock Senior High School. This school is one of fhe mosf sfriking build- ings in fhe sfafe. However, if is nof jusf a build- ing fo fhose who have been privileged enough fo aHend if. To fhem if is an immorfal spirif and a personalify in ifs own righf. Wildcaf Hill is alive wifh fhe spirifs and memories of fhrongs of sfudenfs who have climbed ifs marble sfeps, flocked info ifs large audiforium, rushed fhrough ifs locker lined halls, or grasped fheir educafion in one of NLRHS's friendly classrooms. Maiesfically, fhe main building sfands fall above fhe ofhers, like a king amid his royal sub- jecfs. Hs rich buff brick finish is in clirecf con- frasf wifh fhe beaufiful campus adorned wifh luxurianf shrubbery which surrounds if like a rich carpef. , 1 'A--N' MTH T Sir iiiii 'T . I , ,W ' . , . ,-Y 'W ,iiiifilqi-i 3.51, ',, ,., .3 . ' 1 s 2 ,swim-55.5 ,r f, i sf 1, 1 , ,ff :f,,w, ,, is 'V J is f-w4,...,i,. wwuf Half ,G-m,ai.sw W., W f 'H y' Q ff , . A ff-i'ifw"' N WWF M 4 H N ,M iafmyialvw 'ff Ng,m,,,,,,g,,,,,,,,,,ig y,Qs,'l X .. W Y .N A " " C-' 1, A .: 1 ' sfiei-'le ff' A cl' si' 4 .tu pp ,, J 1 ,, ,frgwh ,. T. ,jg ,M W ,my 4, ,V VP. ,,,p-w-h-f,,..1,.:.n- I-f-fs-, i rv' iq: ,"?.-g,.,- M M, pl T- - V' W' , , M J' "' 4' he 1' M,Qwl'l'ii'. ,6.iEff?,,s:k3J,,,,..j,1Atl I 334 auf- ,WQ - Kiiiab-Vanlmimgfmmyii' TW ,, .,, 0. .il g M., up, ., ' - ,V 'L 'l.k'q,." A 'QV I , f5j'?"J'3"e .,, 1' 1"'i,"a?9'ff"' gewfzifffli , 3' 1"'3"4'5"S,'il" 'L ' '95-Fifi-"J ' 4 5' Q. ,,, ,,,- 4 SP ,Q-!d'+4l',,w ' M M? 'gli i if As 'rhe frosling is +0 a calce, so is 'rhe graceful music uilding lo Wildca'r Hill. Hs beauliful exlerior is de- ghlfully complimenled by ils wonderfully planned in- erior. Equipped wi'lh sound proof rehearsal rooms and lorage rooms for bo'rh band and choir, +his building Hers sen+imen'r plus modern facililies, as is lradilional n Wildcal Hill. as :if 4: wk wr Tread soHly and you can almosl' hear rhem. Yes, you can hear The spirils of lhe fans al The las? lhanlcsgiving or homecoming game. The sladium echos 'i'rh cheers as The queen is crowned, or 'the game is won. Remember how 'rhe unruffled green made a perfecl effing when +he Cal-eHs marched in pre-game cere- monies, and how 'rhe no+ so unruffled green loolced grand 'hen +he band marched during 'rhe half? Wildcar Sfadium, localed Norlh of 'rhe high school , full ol such memories ol The many games, ouldoor accalaurea+e services, and gradualion ceremonies Thai has wilnessed. ..aI"'v fjvf, ,Q 1- M ri V, A rf' ,Z .. fa,,,j,f .A -T: A 'Mfr' ..vV in ,' ' J gn 5'-A T s W 5 A shrine of physical fifness, 'rhe Physical Educafion Building symbolizes +he happy, heallhy, and lun filled good limes had by all of Wilclca'r Hill. This building houses 'rwo gyms and dressing rooms for bol'h girls and boys phys ed classes. During baslcel- ball season i+ amazingly converfs i+self in'ro a 'Field house of which all Norfh LiHle Roclc is proud. af lk Ik A: 4: A hub of ac'rivi'ries ranging from aulo mechanics To mechanical drawing is our Vocalional Ar'rs Building. In +his building lhe mechanics, draffsmen, eleclronical en- gineers, and slcilled craffsmen of 'romorrow are lrained for fhe purpose of making 'romorrow's world a beHer place in which +0 live. Housed in 'This building along wilh five special shops, are fhe shop offices, s'rorage rooms, resl' rooms, a finishing room, loclcer room, and an office for 'lhe vocalional supervisor. 9 M.: ,uw M iw' ,wif . .1 i"', c ffiyyl I, ...H 5 E B E 5 3 2 i 1 IO 3160-61 CH ARAQTE RS W J f QWJYY' AQ iff' If-,!9fMf 77,fP'f.bfl'j,i' .J j',,,.f',p-'fig W2'3Mgy'J". Levy!! 5 f'fff,jg!?p,jXfL"5f'2jjf'Q, ' ,JL Wf' ,ff Q M W , 1, 1 AJ!-K' JVM! jx it XV ff 'ff' iff gf ,af Y MW y 0"ZffV I df pf ' CL W Q fQf5?w H -'V J J,xr9'gyVX 4 ,fAV' 1, - fx-"y ' .J W ' ,hiyy M0 A, Jo' WNZW ' OQTHE STA, Yf'WWjW,g,,wf M fw4,f,f5.i3 Cf 2 m0ff?mN A My 6 Q0 VY 71: 6 YQ Ox' in W T if gl fr Tiff in Q v LIJ v J 1 M 1 Y f I X I 5 O I' ,X 1 . fo .f,A0b A 'Y S S 1 Phofo by Phelps, Courfesy Arkansas Publicily and Parks Commission One of the ponds at the world's largest warm water fish hatchery, Lonoke. Pho Lake Norfork fo by Phelps, Courlesy Arkansas Publicify and Parks Commission Essenfial 'ro any job +ha'r is fo be well done are 'rhe correcf nafural resources. The poffer mus'l' have his clay, The arfisf his painf and pallef, in- dusfries fheir raw maferials. And fhe i960 Wild? caf has 'I'he enfhusiasfic and loyal sfudenfs on Wildcaf Hill as ifs nafural resources. Our Wonder Sfafe has ifs resources of pe- froleum, nafural gas, nafural gas liquids, coal, foresfs, bauxife, and manganese-nof fo menfion fhe numerous ofher nafural resources fhaf can be found here. Arkansas lead fhe nafion in fhe producfion of bauxife, and ranks high as a producer of man- ganese. Mosf of fhe bauxife found in our won- derful sfafe is mined from open pil' mines near Bauxife, Arkansas, and in surrounding areas. Manganese, fo be used in fhe manufacfure of hard sfeel, is found in Independence Counfy. Second only fo soil and wafer in value are 'fhe abundanf and luxurianf foresfs fhaf cover nearly fhree-fiffhs of fhis "Land of Opporfun- i'l'y." Confained in fhese foresfs are more fhan fwo hundred kinds of frees, sixfy of which are presenfly used in fimber indusfries in 'fhe sfafe. Alfhough shorfleaf and loblolly pines furnish aboul' half of fhe lumber furnished in our sfafe, sweef gum and red and whife oak are fhe mosf valuable hardwood frees in fhe foresfs. lf has been claimed, and seems fo be frue, fhaf Arkansas has a greafer variefy of minerals 'lhan any ofher sfafe in fhe nafion. ln Magnef Cove alone fhere are abouf eighfy known min- erals. No where else has such a variefy of min- erals been found in such a small area. Ofher minerals found in our marvelous sfafe are oil and nafural gas. These minerals are found in fhe Soufhern parf of fhe sfafe, while coal beds can be found in The Arkansas valley. Because of ifs numerous and varied minerals, Arkansas has fruly won fhe fifle "Wonder S'I'afe" and in fhe same way Norfh Liffle Rock High has earned fhe righf fo be called one of fhe oufsfanding schools in 'rhe sfafe. Hs sfudenfs are friendly, falenfed, loyal, enfhusiasfic, and civic- minded. Thus our sfudenfs are among 'rhe finesf of Arkansas' nafural resources. Arkansas is a sfafe where, as fhe sfafe seal says, "The People Rule." Bit. Ncbo State Park Ofc by PHe5ps Courfesy Arlanzas Pubflcify and Parks Comm , Awvowvfsf X A an Q . BARITE uuxfrs rfuwlum --:GPETIEQQJ :griQ:fj,f?,,,:iw..Z.:gIA'::::5f,,""K . L A Y O l L G' 3 : T I s em 9 i ci Ls-f' v 91 Board of Education , ' Superintendent D. ' ' I f 1 1 - . . I Prrnclpal Counselors and Advisors ' A Secretaries SI, M GMU' Qm' mm sn'?F'oSWi'3:,f,. Q"""" 11" W' .,,.,, M" gjggg-'dv ov- ---H W- LVX mmm W-:nun .al mu Seniors ff-1.0-1 ,,,,A, mm. ,M ,.. ,,,,, enmnlf mn uw Y """ Un... Q n ww- - Qcummn. if N W- QAM.. Junlors y!.K?2"' Qt.. ' -uw- Qnm ' """' Qswfy Qlynnc H. ,I Qlovrnlghnu umm mann-pm SOP!-lornol-es 1+ ... Y mn ohrrul cl jfzwr Mm 0 rmtle M 1 ra mlm lm 'mn L Y Qu.: Q hi mmm t-.-1 K 'LINII mn R :JQgt,,,,:,,, mm 1 'Quan-n Q mlm NM nu X I-Y M RM 'mf sniff Q00 Glen qrndslphhrm Qmff: .-r S rmxvl QTQJSJL QM N Q Xi A -9- Locnlou or 1 .... W rf' .W-U L. .. om' ww. Nm ,.. ig CITIES 8. TOWNS I , , o Mba ' M' K f f f v e ru f--1 LEGEND Quinn. O I an tm... .1-W . 'O' Q :mn mv no,ooo I D 1 do 6003" Q Cmu Nunn 5,000 6 lo,ooo Q hun mum moo s sooo 1 1 12 15 14-15 16 17-88 18-64 65-78 79-88 Board of Education Serving wi+l1ou+ financial remuneraiion of any lrind, ihese six business and professional men. wiih +l1e superiniendenl' who serves as +l'ieir ireasurer, yearly provide a greaily enlarged and enriched curriculum fo meei' +l1e needs and abiliiies of all siudenis, selec+ a well-qualified faculiy of insfrucfors, and sei' all policies for ine school sysiem. President Brady Deese . I Vice-President Branch T, Fields Secretary A. O, Mercclilhl lj D xj0s., X. ,sar 7 A 0.6 Member Hurshell Ball Member Milton Rhodes Member Leon Holsted Superintendent of North Little Rock Public Schools Mr. Wright is in his tourth year as Superinten- dent ot the North Little Rock Public School System with its ll,348 pupils. He has also served as Assistant Superintendent, and as Principal ot Senior High School. Betore coming to North Little Rock, Mr. Wright had been Superintendent ot Schools at Foreman, Arltansas, and had been a science teacher and tootball coach at several other Arlcansas schools. He holds the Master ot Arts Degree trom George Peabody College tor Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee. Superintendent F. Bruce XVright Jliiiiif 'ov' ""'::,:' , -H Wildcat Business Managers Barbara Cullins and Joyce De Mtxnbrun Mr. Wright inspects the Hi Comet with Editor Linda Digby, and Literary Editor Harriette Fiske discuss the annual with Mr. Editor Billy Farmer, Editor Clara Bess Matson, and Assistant Wright. tising Manager jerry Mateer. l2 Principal of Senior High Highly respecled by bolh facully and sluclenl body, Mr. Miller is serving his eighlh year as Principal 'For Norlh Lillle Roclc Senior High. He holds a Masler of Aris Degree from New Yorlc Universily. Mr. George Ii. Miller Mr. Miller greets parems at Open House. Publications Staffers Mary Nell Allen and Bill Mclfarland discu an issue of the Hi Comet with him. Supervisors and Faculty Advisers Many faculty members have addilional or spe- cial clulies. This is lrue of llie facully advisers and supervisors, 'lhe librarian, dean of boys, dean of girls, the supervisor of inslruclional supplies for +l1e audio-visual deparlmenl, lhe sludenl council and publications lacully advisers, ancl 'lhe guidance counselors. is M lsriflrllill rf if ,ts ,gf Miss Merdith Landers Guidance Counselor Bachelor of Science, State Teachers College, Conway Master of Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Mrs. Charles Carpenter Librarian Bachelor of Arts, Texas XVo1nen's University, Denton Mrs. T. I.. Bledsoe Assistant Guidunre Comzxelor Bachelor of Arts, Keuka College, Penn Yan, New York 6 si... ' K"-or-Q1 , 5 2 3 Q ,ff 5 s - 'ww-.- s. Reyburn Fearnside Mr. Raymond Burnett Mrs. Vada Cowan ully Advisor for Slndeflt C0lHIt'il Dean of HON Dean of Girls helor of Arts and Master of Arts, University Bachelor of Arts, State Teachers College, Bachelor of Arts, Henderson Teachers College f Oklahoma, Norman Conway Arkadelphia Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. x i -iw x i 5 ss Katye Lou Russell Mrs. Lester Bickford Mrs. Garland Beavers ulty Adviser for Slmlent Puhlimlionr Szzperrixor for Bookstore and Study Hall Supervisor for Audio-Visual I7IXf7'lH'fi01I:ll 1elor of Arts, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music, Supplies ter of Arts, University of Arkansas Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma Bachelor of Music, University of Arkansas, ayetteville Fayetteville I5 Secretaries lndispensable +o lhe smoolh-running of affairs a+ Senior High are +he secrelaries whose worlr involves lhousands of clerical dulies and l'he lreep- ing of a number of accouni' books. There are records, schedules, +iclre'rs, 'l'he 'I'ele- phone swi+chboard, franscripls, scholarship dala, even a los'l'-and-found, and a whole mounlain range of correspondence +o be seen lo. Some- body or someihing is always needing alfenfion. Mrs. Margaret McCloskey Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Dorothy Baker Mrs. Madge Millsapps Mrs, Geraldine Golden Secretary ro IhC CKDUHSCll1f Secrerary-Clerk Secretary-Clerk lf 1 6 if L bf' 1 mi As our Arkansas Travelers move sfeadily down 'l'he pafh of life 'rhey offen pause 'lo remember 'lhe pleasanf days of fhe pasf. Many fimes fhe favorife of fhese memories is 'rhe wonderful days spenf in high school. The joys experienced, lhe knowledge gained, and l'he friends made during high school days are remembered and 'lreasured fhroughouf lafer years. Perhaps fhey remember fhe year fhey spenf as a Sophomore. They can almosf feel fhe bewil- dermenl' experienced on fhe firsl' advenfurous day on Wildcal' Hill. Buf soon fhe bewildermenf was gone and 'lhey became accusfomed +o 'rheir new "Alma Mafer." They mef new people, expe- rienced new acfivifiesg and, before fhe year was complefed, became a necessary parl' of fhis high school. Then 'rhey remember fheir Junior year. Well esfablished as Wildcafs, fhey enioyed fheir friends and sfudies and made fhe mos'l' of wonderful ex- periences. Probably fhe mosl' prominenf memory of high school days is of fhaf wonderful year, 'rhe Senior year. Realizing how priceless every day was as These Are the People Appearing in This Story BACK IN THE CLASSROOM, OPEN YOUR BOOKS . . . fhe end of 'lheir school career approached, fhey filled 'lheir Senior year wifh precious memories and happy fimes. As fhey remember fhe Senior acfivifies, fhe friends fhey leff, and graduafion day, a fear may fall. These ne'er-fo-be-forgoffen years in high school will be freasurecl by each of us whefher we be businessman, civic leader, house wife, docfor. lawyer, or feacher, or wherever in life we may encounfer a friend, a fellow Wildcaf. Then we will probably say, "Remember when we were in high school fogefher baclc in '60? Those were fhe days!" 5 . Q W -1. SOON AS THREE O'CLOCK ROLLS AROUND . . . CLASS OF I96O Plummer, Jerry... Senior Class President Le Cercle Francais President Boys' Chorus President Home Room President Foolball, Senior Cabinei Member ol Key Club Board, Escorl for Color Day, Usher for Baccalaureale, Sen- ior Play, and Gradualion . . . Barfell, Danny . . . Senior Class Vice-president Concerl Marching -Bands, Pep Band, Junior Red Cross, Golt Los Galos Espanoles, Friendliesr Senior, Boys' Chorus . . . Dumas, Nedra . . . Senior Class Secrelary, Caleile Drill Leader, Girls' Recrealion Associarion Treasurer, Sludenl Council, Home Room Presidenl and Viceepresident Publif carions Slall Arrist Homecoming Queen, Y-Teens, Deleqaie Jro Y-Teen Conference, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Girls' Slale Slale Treasurer . . . Joslin, Paule'H'e . . . Senior Class Treasurer, Girls' Srale, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, lnler-Club Council, Nalional Merii Semi-Finalist Qfiice Moniior, The-Ta Science Club Secelary- Treasurer, PepCa+s, Senior Choir, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Tri Chem, Musical Varielies, Home Room Viceepresidenl and Reporrer, Deleqaie lo Siale Science Fair . . . AbboH', Doris . . . llulure ,l-lomemalcers ol America, Y- leens, Spanislri Club . . . Adams, Diane . . . liulure Busi- ness Leaders ol America, Quo Vaolis, Y-Teens . . . Adams, Tommy Ray . . . Key Club, Home Room Presideni, Tri Clwem, lloolball, Senior Cabinel, Junior Rolarian . . . Akin, Barbara Lee . . . Forensic League, Tnespians, PepCa'rs, Y- leens . . . Alcins, Mdflhd . . . PepCals, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Cale- ieria Casliier Alford, Marian Carole .. . Y-Teen Presidenl, Tliespians, Calelles, l-li Comei Slall Wriler, As- sisiaril Lirerary Ediior lor Wildcai, Le Cercle Francais, Quill and Scroll, l-lome Room Secreiary and Treasurer, Sludeni Council, Wildcal Follies, Nalional lvleril Finalisl, Honorable Menfion al Main-Science Fair . . . Allen, Jo Carolyn . . . Girls Recreaiion Associaiion . . . Allen, Margaref . . . Fu- 'rure Homemakers, PepCa+s . . . A FINE XVAY TO START HER SFNIOIQ YEARl!lllgPhyllis Thompson falls UP the steps on the first day of school. ,qw 01-'Q AbboH', Doris Adams, Leila Diane Adams, Tommy Akin, Barbara 5 Alcins, Marflwa Alford, Marian Allen, Jo Carolyn Allen, Margarel' 19 Allen, Mary Nell Alfon, Nancy Andrews, Gene Archer, Shelby Allen, Mary Nell . . . PepCals, Quill and Scroll, Quo Vadis, Thespians, Y-Teens, Make-Up Eclilor Tor Publicarions, Forens- ic League, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Delegale +o Year Book Worlcship . . . Allon, Nancy . . . Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir, Y-Teens, Fulure Teachers of America, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Junior Choir, Glee Club, Wildcal Follies, Musical Varielies, Senior Play, Senior Choir Secrelary . . . Andrews, Gene Archer, Shelby Jean . .. Fulure Homemalcers ol America . . . Armsirong, Susan Anne . . . Y-Teens, Arr Club . . . A+her- fon, Bill . . . Traclc . . . Aufrey, Max . . . lnler-Club Coun- cil Represenlalive, Los Galos Espanoles, Projecrionisls Club . . . Bailey, Marianne . . .Y-Tens, PepCa+s, Ca+eHes Pep- Cal Treasurer, Le Cercle Francais Treasurer, Sludenl Coun- cil, l-lome Room Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Usher for Baccalaureale, Usher for Wildcal' Follies, Senor Girls' Cho- rus Librarian, Thespians, Office Monilor, Senior Talenr As- sembly, Thela Science Club . . . Balmer, Barbara . . . Girls Recrealion Associalion . . . Ball, Joseph Edward . . . Key Club, Thela Science, Band . . . Baxley, Donald R .... Boys' Slale, Junior Rolarian, Thela Science, Fulure Traclesmen of Arkansas Presiolenl. . . Beam, Jerry . . . Proieclionisl Club, Thespians . . . Armslrong, Susan Afherion, Bill gnu Baker, Barbara Ball, Joe f G if !f Aufry, Max Bailey, Marianne J ', is 4: sexism: ie pm sy 2, fs- V sf? is f-ffm ' -Q V if ' R , 1 Baxley, Don Beam, Jerry is BeaH'y, Linda Yfleens, PepCa+s, Calelles, Home E- Room Secrefary, Los Gales Espanoles, Girls Recrealion if Associalion, Junior Red Cross, Publicalions Slalf Beavers, Don . . . Home Room Vice-president Usher lor Senior Play . . . BeH'is, Daisy Garlene . . . Glee Club, Junior and Senior Clwoirs, Quill and Scroll, Assislanl Circula- lion Manager lor l-li Comel, Reporler lor Clioir and l-lome Room, Musical Varielies, Associale Tliespian, Boolcworms, Fulure l-lomemakers ol America, PepCals, Wildcal Slall . . . Bice, Glenda . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Girls' Ensemble, Calelles, Fulure Nurses, Senior Clioir, Musical Varielies, Tlwela Science Club . . . w Black, Jim . . . Fulure Tradesmen of Arkansas Secrelary . . . Blades, Mike . . . Film Crew . . . Blake, Tommy Dean gi . . . Key Club, Film Crew . . . Blakey, Pafricia . Film E Crew, Girls Recrealion Associalion . . J HATTACH THE WHATCHA-MA-C'ALL-IT TO THE THING-A-NIA-BOB AND THEN PULL THE LITTLE IDO-MA-WA-CHlE," explains Scott Hamilton to the parents of students on Wilclcat Hill during Open House. Bea'H'y, Linda Beavers, Don BeHis, Garlene Bice, Glenda Black, Jim Blades, Mike Blake, Tommy Dean Blakey, Palricia 21 Bleidf, Buddy Blomenkamp, Pele Blucker, Judy Bolinger, Louise Bleid'l', Buddy . . . Foolball, Track, l-lome Room Presidenl . . . Blomenkamp, Pele . . . Reporler for Fulure Tradesmen ol Arkansas . . . Blucker, Judy . . . Sludenl Council, Home Room Secrelary, Nalional Honor Sociely, Girls' Slale, Girls Recrealion Associalrion Presidenl, PepCals, Quo Vadis, Tri-Chem, Y-Teens, Thela Science Club, Senior Cabinel Bolinger, Louise . . . Y-Teens, Los Galos Espanoles, Fulure Business Leaders, Girls Recrealional Associalion, Bookworms Secrelary-Treasurer, Library Monilor . . . Bone, Billy . . . Fulure Traolesmen ol Arkansas Vice-presi- olenl . . .Bordon, Roberf. . .Track. . . Boslic, Mary . . Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Fulure l-lomemakers ol America, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Publicalions Slaii, Emcee lor Thespian Chrislmas program . . . Boswell, Barry B. . . . Home Room Presidenl and Vice-presidenl, Film Monilor, Film Crew, Science Fair Winner, Quo Vadis, Thela Science Club, Senior Cabiner, Proieclionisls Club . . . Bowlin, Donald K .... Track, Thela Science Club . .. Bowman, Earl . . . Fulure Tradesmen of Arkansas . . . Bow- man, Lynda Gayle . . . Home Room Secrelary, Publicalions Slall Wriler, Fulure l-lomemakers of America, Y-Teens, Junior Choir, Presidenr of Senior Girls Chorus, Usher Tor Senior Play . . . Boyd, Mildred . . . Transfer from T. J. Raney High, Y-Teens Secrelary, l-lome Room Ad Salesman Bone, Billy Borden, Roberf Bos'l'ic, Mary Boswell, Barry B. B0WllI'1. DOH K- Bowman. Earl Bowman, Lynda Gayle Boyd Mildred Bradford, Brenda . . , Los Galos Esparioles, Fulure Teachers of America . . . Brand, Gene Larry . . . Branf, Dennis . . . Theia Science Club, Band . . . Brewer, Sheila . . . Thela Science Club, Yfleens, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Arr Club Treas- urer, Transfer from Kansas Ciry . . . Briley, Lenora . . . Quill and Scroll, Hi Corner Slall Wriier. Carelles, PepCals, Fulure hlomemalcers, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Fulure Nurses, Girls Recrearion Associarion . , . Brooks, Delores Ann . . . Boolrsrore Monilor, Furure Home- malcers, l-lorne Room Secrerary, Furure Business Leaders ol America . . . Brown, Charlolle . .. Pepcals, Calerles, Wildcal Feaiure Edilor, Fulure l-lomemalrers Reporler, Y- leens, Junior Red Cross, l-li Corner Re-Wrile Edilor, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Forensic League Brown, Joe David . . . Band . .. "JUST A LITTLE MORE TO THF LEFT," . . . encourages Cecelia Swaim as Becky Coker plays Russian Roulette during the Cheerleaders' Assembly. 5 Bradford, Brenda Brand, Gene Larry Branf, Dennis Brewer, Sheila Kay i Briley, Lenora Broolcs, Delores Ann Brown, CharloH'e Ann Brown, Joe David 23 Buckles, Sherrie Cafherine Buckner, Joyce Buehrle, Joe Bufforcl, Anira Buckels, Sherrie Ca+herine . . . Junior and Senior Choirs Glee Club, Quill and Scroll, Publicalions Slaff . . . Buckner Joyce . . . PepCa+s, Calelles, Y-Teens, Sophomore Color Day Maid, Home Room Treasurer, Cheerleader, Fufure Business Leaders of America, Y-Teen Mid-winler Confer- ence . . . Buehrle, Joe . . . Bufforcl, Ani+a . . . PepCa+s, Fulure Teachers Treasurer, Los Galos Espanoles, Y-Teens, Junior l-lislorical Sociely " ' ' Bullock, Bob . . . American Legion Qraior, Key Club, All Slale Qrcheslra, Concerl and Marching Bands . . . Bures, Peggy . . . Fulure Teachers of America, Quill and Scroll, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Thela Science Club. Publicalions Srail . . . Burke, Jerre Maxine . . . Y-Teens, Senior Choir, Calerles, PepCa'rs, Ensemble Al+erna+e, Fu- lure l-lomemakers, Quill and Scroll, Wildcar Follies, Musical Varie+ies, Junior Red Cross, l-lome Room Reporler, l-li Comer Slafi Wriler, Wildcal Siahc . . . BurkeH, Carolyn Y-Teens Secrelary, Calelles, PepCa+s, lnler-Club Council Reporler, Sludenl Council, Senior Girls Chorus Secrelary, Musical Varielies, Fuiure Business Leaders ol America, Los Galos Espanoles, Usher for Baccalaureale and Wildcal Follies . . . Burnerl, Mary Ru'l'h Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Glee Club. Transfer from Sylvan Hills . . . Burns, Mary Carolyn . , . Furure l-lomemakers, PepCa+s, Y-Teens . . . Bufler, Robbie . . . l-lome Room Presidenl and Vice-presidenl, Foolball, Baskeiball, Track . . . Buxfon, Lee Earl . . . Concerf and Marching Bands . . . Bullock, Bob Bures, Peggy Burke, Jerre Maxine BurkeH, Carolyn BurneH', Mary Ruih Burns, Mary Carolyn Buller, Robbie Buxron, Lee Earl Calhoun, Raymond . .. Publicalions Sfall . . . Canard, Rayma Lou . . . Publicarions Slalf . . . Canfrell, Fred . . . Arr Club, Home Room Salesman . . . Caple, Claudelle . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s Vice-president Girls Recrealion As- sociarion Secrelary, Sludenl Council, Home Room Secre- Jrary, Calelles . . . Caple, Don . , . Foolball, Home Room Presidenl and Vice- presidenl, Senior Cabinel, Sluclenl Council, Hi-Y, Baslcelball. Track, Junior Red Cross . . . Carroll, Kennelh . . . Carroll, Joel . . . Carroll, Richard . . . l TARZAN! TARZAN! HELP! CHEETA'S LOOSE AGAIN! . .. Cecelia Swaim and Charlotte Morris perform in the Cheerleaders' Assembly. l Calhoun, Raymond Canard, Rayma Lou Canlrell, Fred Caple, ClaudeH'e S., Caple, Don Carroll, Kennelh Carroll, Joel Carroll, Richard 25 Carroll, Rober+ . . . Foolloall, Track, Boys' Chorus, Quill and Scroll, EI lvloroccos, Arr Edilor lor Wildcal, Carloonisl lor l-li Comel . . .Car+er, Dianne . . . Los Galos Espanoles Carier, Ray . . . Band Lieulenanl, Concerl and Marching Sands, Sludenl Direclor lor Senior Choir, Musical Varielies Chairman, Senior Boys' Quarlel, Boys' Chorus, Fulure Tradesmen ol Arkansas, Slaqe Crew, All Slale Band, All Slale Orcheslra, All Slale Choir, Wildcal Follies, Publica- lions Slall . . . Cafhey, Anne . . . Junior Red Cross, Fu- lure l-lornemalcers, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Publica- lions Slall . . . Jenelle . . . Chapman, Donald . . . Publicalions Slall . . . . . Choa+e, WanneH'e . . . Carroll, Bob Carler, Dianne Q Clemenls, Charlo'H'e . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Girls Recrea- lion Associarion . . . Clem, Richard . . , CliH'on, Norman . . . Coker, Becky . . . Cheerleader Caplain, Homecoming Maid, Girls' Slale, Sludenl Council, Fulure Business Lead- ers, Nafional l-lonor Sociely, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Calelles, Home Room Secrelary, Senior Play Usher . . . Carler, Ray Calhey, Anne wswssf-:Q 1 ,, g 1 4, J , ,ZLQFSXZSIQZL ,QQ L- uggfggefi .. is A 5? :ii ' 5 f Jifwiiai h p x - A Libxsg-:?:'2gi' I' 'V ..!. f ' - , wwaaaia-m by , K ' , -H1-two. m ,, if 2 is 'NE gl f ii ins? ji., 35. Calo, Danny Causey, Jenell Chapman, Donald Choa+e, WanneH'e asiiiiii a R R UQ, Q f 1 :Z 'Iii WT 1: lm ii i r il sri , a? l 3 ' 0 45 if TiQaQ:-QQ , M 5 QIE 'iiiiiiia 'Y 1 ',',s1 issf Iii- .g ,lf V Clemenfs, Charlo++e Clem, Richard Cliffonl No,-man Coker, Becky Ca+o, Danny. . . Film Crew, Publicalions Slall . . . Causey, Collins, VioIe+ . . . Girls Recreafion Associalion . . . Cook, Frederick Carl . . . Fulure Tradesmen of Arkansas, Foolball Manager . . . Cook, Kaly . . . l-lome Room Treasurer, Senior Cabinet Fulure Hornemakers, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Publicalions Slaif, Calelle Allernale, Home Room Reporl- er, Uslwer for Baccalaureaie . . . Cook, Douglas F. . . . Cowan, Freda . . . Transfer from Lonoke, Girls' Ensemble . . . Cox, Ronnie . . . Cox, Pa+ R. . . . Transfer from Brink- ley, Foolball, Baskelball, Track . . . Crace, lvol . . . Home Room Presiclenl . . LIKE, WAY OUT, MAN, WAY OUT!! Cars enjoy the Beatnik Ball at the youth center. C0llif1S. Violel' Cook, Frederick Carl Cook, Kafy Cook, Douglas F. l Cowan, Freda Cox, Ronnie Cox, Pal' R. Crace, lvol 27 Craig, Marsha Cullins, Barbara Cupii, Judy Cur+is, Jimmy Craig, Marsha . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Junior Red Cross Presidenl, Fuiure l-lomemalcers of America, Puiure Business Leaders ol America, Theia Science Club, Senior Cabinel . . . Cullins, Barbara . . . Y-Teens, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Publicalions Business Manager . . . Cupi+, Judy . . . Glee Club, Junior Choir, Senior Girls Chorus, Puiure Home- malqers . . . Curiis, Jimmy . . . Dailey, Lynda . . . PepCals, Calelles, Siudenl Council, Y-Teens, Thela Science Club, Thespians, Ensemble, Senior Choir, Presideni oi Junior Girls' Chorus, l-lome Room Sec- relary Treasurer . . . Dare, Doro+hy . . . PepCals, Y-Teens, Pulure l-lomemalqers oi America, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . Davenpori, James David . . . Boys' Slale, Boys' Chorus, l-lome Room Vice-presidenl, l-li-Y, lheia Science Club . . . Davidson, Pamela . . . lransler from lllinois, PepCais, Los Galos Espanoles, Monilor, Senior Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, Wildcal Follies, ilhespians, Musical Varielies . . . Davis, Phyllis . . . l-lome Room Secrelary, Girls Recrealion Pxssocialion, Pulure Business Leaders oi America, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, PepCals, Pulure l-lomemalcers Day, Virginia . . . Pulure Plomemalcers, Puiure Nurses, PepCa'is, Y-Teens, Publicaiions Siaii . . . Deese, Anne . . . Thejra Science, Pulure l-lomemalcers of America, Girls' Slale, Con- cerl and Marching Bands, Y-Teens, Biology Lab Moniior . . . De Monbrun, Joyce Kay . . . PepCa+s, Calelies, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Publicalions Business Manager, Girls Recrealion Associa+ion . . . Dailey, Lynda Dare Doroihy Davenporf, James David Davidson, Pamela Davis, Phyllis Day, Virginia Deese, Anne DeMonbrun, Joyce Kay Derriclc, Harley . . . Physical Educaiion Monilor . . . Des- lauriers, Shirley . . . Tri Chem, Band, Diffee, Samuel A. . .. Band, Le Cercle Francais, Wildcar Follies Emcee, Boysl Chorus, Publicarions Slaii . . . Digby, Linda K .... Hi Comer Edilor, Quill and Scroll, Junior l-lisiorical Sociely Presidenl, Fulure Nurses' Club Recording Secrelary, l-lome Room Reporler, lhela Science, Los Galos Espanoles, Quo Vadis, Le Cercle Francais, Girls' Slale Delegale, Musical Varielies, Narional l-lonor Sociely . . . Dixon, Virginia . . . Junior and Senior Furure l-lomc:wwal4ers of America . . . Dobbs, Jimmy . . . TrifChem Treasurer, Office lvlonilor, 'lhela Science, Home Room Presidenf, Senior Cabiner, Hi-Y, lnlerfClub Council Presidenl . . . Dodson, Charles . , . Boys' Chorus . . . Dodson, Heafher . . . Home Room Presidenl, Sludenl Council, PepCals, Cal- elles, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Y-Teens, Usher for Bacca- laureale, lhela Science Club, Lalin Club, Usher lor Wild- car Follies . . . I DONT KNOW. I c:m'l read either!!! V Derrick, Harley Deslauriers, Shirley Diffee, Samuel A. Digby, Linda K. i Dixon, Virginia Dobbs, Jimmy Dodson, Charles Dodson, Healher Dorsey, Mariorie Gail . . . Fulure Teachers of America, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Concerl and Marching Bands, Los Galos Espanoles . . . Drye, Diane Elaine . . . Y-Teens, Pro- ieclionisls Club, Thela Science Club, Junior Red Cross. Arkansas Arnaieur Rocker Sociely, Girls Recrealion Asso- cialion . . . Du Bose, Jimmy . . . Fulure Tradesmen of Ar- kansas, Key Club . . . Duckworfh, Barbara . . . Y-Teens, Girls Recrealion Associaiion . . . Dunn, Jimmy. . . Foolball . . . DuHon, George Allan . . . Physical Educalrion Moniror . . . Dyer, Larry . . . Fulure Tradesrnen . . . Dyson, John C .... Band, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Senior Choir . . . Easl, David . . . Head lvlonilor, Proieclionisls Club Presi- denr . . . Eddleman, Louis Johnnie . . . Arkansas Amaleur . . . Arr Club . . . Egan, Linda . . . Home Room Secre- rary, Calerlres, Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, PepCals, Fulure l-lornemalcers of America . . . Dorsey, Mariorie Gail Drye, Diane Elaine Du Bose, Jimmy Duclcworlh, Barbara Dunn, Jimmy DuH'on, George Allan Dyer, Larry Dyson, John C. Easf, David Eddlemon, Johnnie Louis Edwards, Dell Leo Egan, Linda Rocker Sociely, Thela Science Club . . . Edwards, Dell Leo Eggleslon, Nan . . . Boolwvorms, Home Room Treasurer . . . Elmore, Eugene . . , Track, Band, Fulure lraclesmen of Ar- lansas, Boys Chorui, Radio Qperalor S Club, Tri Chem. . . Elswiclc, Carolyn , . . Fulure Nurses, Y-Teens . . . Emmons, Mary Jo . . . PepCals, Y-Teens, ihespians, Fulure Business Leaclerz, Fulure llomemal4ers, le Cercle Francais . . . Esch, Ronald . . . Key Club, Quo Vaclis, Quill and Scroll, Senior Cabinel, Home Room President Boys Chorus, Ole lice lvlonilor, lab Assislanl, Usher lor Senior Play, Uaher lor Bacruleureale . . , Eubanlcs, Jeannie . . . Dean ol Girls! lvlonilor, Eurure lfomemal4er: . . . Eubanlrs, John . . . Band Boyz' Chorus . . . Evans, Jucli . . . Presidenl oi PepCals, Calelles, Qirlfg Rerrealion fxagocialion, Y-Teens, Home Room Vice-pre-Jidenl, Sludenl Council, Home Room Sec- relary, Usher lor Cradualion, l-lomecominq Royalry, Delee :gale lo Slale Yfleen Conference, Color Day Assembly Chairman, Publicalions Sfall, hlialorical Sociely . . . RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE PROBABLY ASKING YOURSELF . . . Wlmmm is going to win tonight? THIS XVILDCATS, of course! , Eggleslon, Nan Elmore, Eugene Elswiclc, Carolyn Emmons, Mary Jo -Q .eww Esch, Ronal'-l Eubanlcs, John Eubanlcs, Jeannie Evans, Judi 31 Evans, Kennelh . . . Evers, Mary Alice . . . Farmer, Billy Jack . . . l-li Comei Exchange Edilor, Senior Cabinei, Quill and Scroll . . . Farra, Jim . . . Fulure Tradesmen ol Arkan- sas, Film Crew . . . Faulkner, Nancy . . . Conceri and Marching Bands, Y-Teens All Siale Band, Los Galos Espanoles . . . Fewell, Ronnie . . . Los Gales Espanoles, l-lome Room Vice-president Bac- calaureale and Graduaiion Usher . . . Finch, Jim . . . l-lome Room Presidenl, Key Club . . . Fisher, Lela Ann . . . l-lome Room Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Los Galos Es- yoanoles, Moniior for Mr. Tyler, Wildcal Follies, Fulure Teachers of America, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Calelles, Senior Choir Secrelary, Musical Varielies, Nalional l-lonor So- ciely, lnler-Club Council, Fulure Business Leaders oi Amer- ica, Deleqale To Y-Teen Mid-Winier Conference, Usher for Baccalaureale . . . Evans, Kennefh Evers, Mary Fisher, Rila . . . Cheerleader, Homecoming Royally, Siu- denl Council, Senior Cabinel, Wildcal Follies, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Calelles, Thespians, Fuiure l-lomemakers oi Amer- ica Secrelary, Quill and Scroll, Fuiure Business Leaders oi America, Quo Vadis, Deleqale 'lo Cily Y-Teen Conference, Usher for Baccalaureale, Publicalions Slaii . . . Fiske, Har- rie'r+e . . . l-lome Room Treasurer, Lilerary Edilor for i960 Wildcal, Fealure Ediior for l-li Comel, Quill and Scroll, Sludenl Council, Y-Teens, Fulure l-lomemakers Reporier, Los Gaios Espanoles, Delegaie lo Siale Yearbook Work- shop, PepCai's, Wildcal Follies . . . Filzgerald, Gerald . . . Fleming, Rod . . . Home Room Secrelary, Physical Educa- 'lion Monilor, Boys' Chorus, Publicalions Slaii, Quill and Scroll . . . Farmer, Billy Jack Farra, Jim i ai 3 1, 5 2 3 5 i 1 M m Faulkner, Nancy Fewell, Ronnie Finch, Jim Fisher, Lela Ann 'g -in Fisher, Rila Fiske, Harrielie Fiizgerald, Gerald Fleming, Rod ll Fleming, Bill . . . Fosler, Roberl lBobl . . . Fulure Trades- men of Arkansas Vice-presidenl . . . Free, lrma . . . Fulure l-lomemalcers ol America, Girls Recrealion Associalion, YA Teens, Ari Clulo . . . Fulmer, Joy . . . l-lorne Room Reporl- er and Treasurer, Y-Teens, Fulure l-lomernalcers ol America Se-Crelary-Treasurer, Fulure Teachers ol America, Arl Club Funk, Gayle . . . Junior l-lislorical Sociely, Quo Vadis, Fu- lure Flornemalcers ol America, lnlerfClub Council Fuqua, Bill . . . Gaban, Roclcwell . . . Pxrl Club ViCe-presi- denlr . . . Gann, Charles . . . XVHEN THE HEAT WAS ON . . . the XVildcaLs played it cool Fleming, Bill Fosler, Bob Free, lrma Fulmer, Joy T3 Funlc, Gayle Fuqua, Bill Gaban, Roclcwell Gann, Clwarles Gardner, Aubrey L .... Fulure Tradesmen, Film Crew, ln- duslrial Arrs Shop Foreman, Ari Monilor . . . Garre++, Julia . . . Band Maiorelle, Thespians . . . Garrison, Ginger Sue . . . Fuiure Teachers of America, Junior l-lislorical Sociefy, Y-Teens, Thespians . . . Gibbs, Jimmy . . . Siaqe Crew, Escorr for Color Day Royally, El Moroccos, Home Room Vice-presidenl . . . Ginicchio, Alan . . . Glass, E. C .... Glover, Bobby . . . Ari Club, l-lome Room Presidenl and Vice-president l-li-Y, Sludenl Manager for Foolball . . . Glover, Marion Frances . . . Y-Teens, PepCaTs, Cafelies, Girls Recrealion Associa- fion, Boolcworlcs, Home Room Presidenl and Vice-presidenl Glover, Jean . . . Home Room Secrerary, Girls Recrealion Associarion, Los Garos Espanoles . . . Godfrey, Charlene . . . Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, l-li Come? News Eolilor, Girls Recrea+ion Associalion . . . Goodloe, Missy . . . Y-Teens, Junior l-lislorical Sociely, Fulure Teachers of America, PepCals, Marching and Concerl Bands . . . Granf, Carolyn . . . Publicalions Slalf . . . Gardner, Aubrey Lynn GarreH, Julia Garrison, Ginger Sue Gibbs, Jimmy Ginocchio, Alan Glass, E. C. Glover, Bobby Glover, Marion , AWS: Glover, Jean Godfrey, Charlene Goodloe, Missy Gran+, Carolyn Gray, John L .... Concerl and Marching Bands, Thela Science Club, Pep band . . .Green, Birdie Mae . . . Green, Barbara Leigh . . . Fulure Teachers of America, lnfer-Club Council, Quo Vadis, Los Galos Espanoles, Junior l-lislorical Sociely Vicefpresidenl . . . Green, Jim . . . Fulure Trades- rnen ol Arkansas Treasurer . . . Griffin, Georgia Ann . . . Sludenl Council Secrelary, Wild- cal lvlascol, PepCals, YfTeens, Fulure Homemakers, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Junior Choir, Chairman of Cenlral Dislricl for Sludenl' Council, Delegale lo Slale and Dislricl Workshop Tor Sludenl Council . . . Gross, Roger . GulleH, Bob .. . l-lead Manager Tor Foolball, Baslceiball, and Traclq, Boys' Slale, Home Room Vice-presidenl, Junior Rolarian, Senior Cabinel, Boolcworrns, Usher Tor Baccalaureale, Grad- ualion, and Senior Play . . . Hagar, Be'H'y . . . Transfer Trom Baplisl l-liqh, Girls' Ensemble, Monilor, Boolcworms, Fuiure l-lomernalcers oT America, PepCals, Fulure Business Leaders ol America, YeTeens A MOMENT OF PRAYER . . . for the foes of the Cats Gray, John L. Green, Birdie Mae Green, Barbara Leigh Green, Jim 923-f W, , Griffin, Georgia Ann Gross, Roger Gullell, Bob Hagar, BeH'y Halcumb, Darlis Halcumb, Sue Halford, Millon Hale, Rebecca Halcumb, Darlis, Glee Club, Junior Choir, Senior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varielies . . . Halcumb, Sue . . . Glee Club, Junior Choir, Senior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varielies. Moniior, Fulure Business Leaders . . . Halford, Milfon . . . Hall, Rebecca . . . Senior Cabinet PepCaJrs, Fulure Home- malcers of America, Y-Teens . . . Hamillon, Barbara Ann . . . Y-Teens . . . Hamil+on, ScoH . . . Thela Science Club, Marching and Concerr Bands, In- ler-Club Council, Camera Club, Chairman ol Jrhe Aerody- namics Comrniiiee for The Arkansas Arnaleur Roclcei So- ciely . .. Hamplon, Carolyn Publicalions Business Manager, Hi Comel Slall Wriler, Quill and Scroll, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Fulure Homemakers of America, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Home Room Vice-pres- idenl, Secrelary, and Treasurer, Y-Teens, Usher af Grad- ualion . . . Hanchey, Jerry . . . Na+ional Honor Sociely Vice-presidenl, Sludenl Council Chaplain, Band Caplain, Concerl and Marching Bands, Junior Rolarian, Quo Vadis, Youlh Cenler Cabinel, Key Club Treasurer, Boys' Chorus President All Slale Choir, Wildcal Follies, Musical Va- rielies . . . Harper, Arfhur . . . Traclc . . . Harral, Charles . . . Harris, Danny . . . Le Cercle Francais, Slage Crew, Film Crew, Wildcai Band . . . Harris, Sue . . . Quo Vadis, Concerl and Marching Bands, Girls Recrealion Associalion . . . Hamillon, Barbara Ann Hamilfon, Sco'H Hamplon, Carolyn Hanchey, Jerry T 5 Harper, Arfhur Harral, Charles Harris, Danny Harris, Sue Harvey, Tomilea . . . Clweerleader Caplain, Home Room Secrelary, Presidenl of Grealer Lillle Rock Y-Teen Clubs, Tlwela Science Club, Pepflals, Pulure Homemalcers of Amen ica Vice-presidenl, Home Room Secrelary, Calelles. Sluf denl Council, Dele-gale lo Nalional and Mid-Soulli Yfeen Conlerences . . . Haver, Wayne . . . Traclc, Home Room Vicefpresideml . . . Hay, Peggy Sue . . . Qilice Monilor, Fulure Business Leaders . . . Haynes, Mary Pearl . 4 . Le Cercle Francais, Film Crew Head Monilor, Fulure Business Leaders oi America, Nalional Honor Sociery . . . Helms, Yvonne . . . Pulure Business Leaders ol America . . . Helfon, Alice . . . Fulure Homemalqers oi America, Y-Teens, Publicalions Sfaii, Pulure Business Leaders ol America . . . Hel+on, Barbara . . . Senior Clwoir . . . Helfon, Sheila Ann . . . Quo Vadis, Girls Recrealion Assoe cialion, Home Room Reporler, Junior Hislorical Sociely . . AND, BY GOLLY, WE MAY NOT H12 THF BICLCEIEST, BUT WE'llI3 THIS FIGH'I'liN'EST CATS ALIVE!" cxcluim fomlmll co-captains jones and Sisk. Harvey, Tomilea Haver, Wayne Hay, Peggy Sue Haynes, Mary Pearl -1 l l all lr 3 'fks 32 , , , f 1 Jw-3,41 we . ff: T- .fiiff ' Helms, Yvonne HeH'on, Alice Helfon, Barbara Helfon, Sheila 37 w weswwuqp, i f sg:5.:E:12:2I:23E'::a:'' 3 Is-'als v ' -I as Maggy? :S:::,:::s fri: 5 :E . ' ,Jr f. .Q Liege-1311 4, 3. g,z:mss..,asgm,wzwwg wggggg, ii We f . 1 J - - V V ' ' fi'?5if3f95?iEs?25?55 ' ir e? gzimasxsznmeewsfzf. , X , rfwfsswzeeih Wwwrrrfm w,,,'z,,s2'.U ' . ' , 'M :ssa:aa.2:4z:. ::3:r:: :ffez:.:::. 3212222 iirffirifri Zan: irrigiggfi ,, 4' Q14 :"g T QS75.Z'ZseqaZQ5' S ' f - 'ssnweszaz ' K i, learns sw LQ, 1 1 fagzgggigfkmgg .,: ,L Q. sf . sz gig . rf? 234124251 at iw 2 .::::f-:,:.: fi Siyiliffsis -. were s WWW , eizzsfzriff 7 X A 1?2EZf'w:fsga I 2- - -1 , f'ZS'E3iL,g3ZiT i - - . Qi g flwjgrgggfgi, " . ::. ' s mwmwe any - Y ' I"' W, sig Q J K , W T-'-'bf , f' si' Z figs ir as sim, EEK? 1 Y , f Q Herring, Freddie Herringfon, Janei' Hickey, Linda Hicks, Bobby Herring, Freddie . . . Baskeiball, Home Room Vice-presi- dent President of Law Class . . . Herringfon, Janef . . . Concerr and Marching Bands, Y-Teens, Fuiure Nurses of America, Camera Club, Los Gaios Espanoles . . . Hickey, Linda . . . PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Theia Science Club, Furure Teachers of America, Girls Recrearion Associaiion Vice- president Girls' Ensemble, Senior Choir Treasurer, Fulure Homemakers of America, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Vice-president Junior Choir, All Sraie Choir . . . Hicks, Roberi' . . . Hill, Glenda . . . PepCal's, Fulure l-lomemakers of America, Fulure Nurses Club, Fuiure Business Leaders oi America, Girls Recrearion Association, Thespians, Y-Teens . . . Hill, Ron E. . Narional Honor Sociely President Key Club President Cenlral Planning Commillee for Tri Chem, Home Room President Le Cercle Francais, Boys' Chorus, Friendli- esr Junior Boy, Color Day Escort Junior Rolrarian, Usher for Open House, Senior Play, Baccalaureale and Gradua- Jrion , . . Hinson, Phillip . . . Hodge, Helen . . . Arr Club, Furure Homemakers, Los Galos Espanoles, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, PepCaJrs . . . Hogan, Charles Nelse . . . Fuiure Tradesmen of Arkansas Hogan, Jimmy . .. Hogue, Larry . . . Baskeiball, Naiional Honor Sociely, Tri Chem, Thera Science, Quo Vadis, Boys' S+a're, Home Room Vice-president Junior Ro- Jrarian, Key Club, Senior Cabinet Usher for Baccalaureale . . . Holloway, Harrier Sue . . . Srudenr Council, lmter-Club Council, PepCa+s, YfTeens, Fuiure Homemakers of America, Senior Girls Chorus Librarian, Associaie Thespian, Junior Choir, Wildcal Follies, Delegaie lo Ceniral Dislricr for Slu- denr Councils, Siudenl Council Awards Commitree Chair- man, Usher for Baccalaureare . . . ,Q 2.762 ,d,,.wa0l' Hill, Glenda Hill, Ron E. Hinson, Phil Hodge, Helen Hogan, Charles Hogan, Jim Hogue, Larry Holloway, Harrier Holi, Phyllis . . . Fuiure Homemakers oi America, Girls Recreaiion Associarion, PepCais, Y-Teens Hooper, Nikki . . . Fuiure Nurses Club, Tri Chem, Fuiure Business Leaders oi America . . . Hopkins, Ronald Wade . . . Fuf lure Tradesmen of Arkansas Presidenr . . . Hopkins, Tommy Baskelball, Home Room Secreiary, Los Cares Es- panoles . . . Hollon, Barbara . . . Girls' Ensemble, Junior and Senior Choirs, Arr Club Presideni, Fuiure Homemakers oi Amer- ica, Y-Teens, Thela Science Club, Musical Varieiies . . . Houslon, Bobby . . . Bookkeeping Moniior, Key Club . . . Howard, Rober+. . . Baskeiball, Track . . . Howard, Wanda Kay. . . Senior Girls' Chorus, Glee Club . . . LITTLE BO AND YOUNG ALBRIGHT . . . show Bobby johnson how to receive homecoming royalty. Holi, Phyllis Hooper, Nikki Hopkins, Ron Hopkins, Tommy s sn: fi as , si i W, Horion, Barbara Housion, Bobby Howard, Roberl' Howard, Wanda y 39 Hubbell, Sharon Elaine . . . Senior Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Caieiies, Y-Teens, Junior Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, Le Cercle Francais Secrelary, Wildcai Follies, Musical Varier- lies, Junior Reel Cross . . . Huff, Richard . . . Traclc . . . Hughes, Don . . . lnmon, Diane . . . Home Room Presideni, Vice-presideni, and Secreiary, PepCals, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Y-Teens, Fuiure Nurses Club, Los Gaios Es- panoles, Senior Cabinei, Publicaiions Siaii . . . Jackson, Eric . . . Jaclcson, William . . . lvioniior for Dean oi Boys, Key Club . . .Jaclcson, Bill Levi . . . Wildcal Band, Slage Crew, Wildcal Follies, EI lvlorroccos . . . Jellcs, Bill . . . Vice-presideni oi Elecironics Club, Tri Chem, Fuiure Tradesmen oi Arlcansas . . . Jennings, Palricia . . . PepCais, Caielles, Y-Teens, Home l Room Vice-presidenl, Senior Cabinei, Le Cercle Francais, Thespians, Library lvlonilor, Junior Red Cross, Boolcworms, Fuiure l-lomemakers of America, Forensic League Treasur- er, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Senior Cabinei, Sludenl Coun- cil . . .Jernigan, George . . . Publicalions Siaii . . . Jinlcs, George, Jr .... All Siaie Choir, Boys' Quariel, Hi Comel Sporis Ediior, Senior Choir, Film Crew, Boys' Chorus . . . Johnson, Alden Barry . . . Thefa Science Club Presideni Tri Chem, Nalional Honor Sociely, Fulure Teachers oi America, Key Club . . . Hubbell, Sharon Huff, Richard Hughes, Don lnmon, Diane i l Jaclcson, Eric Jaclrson, William Jackson, William Levi Jellcs, Bill Jennings, Palsy Jernigan, George Jinlcs, George Johnson, Alden Johnson, Bobby . . . Sludenlr Body Viceforesidenl, Forensic League Presidenl, Senior Choir Vicefpresidenl, Senior Cab- inel, Thespians, Boysl Chorus, Qllice lvlonilor, Nalional Honor Sociely, Key Club, Forensic League, All Slale Choir, Film Crew, Musical Varielies, Wildcal Follies, Usher lor Baccalaureale . . . Johnson, Charles . . . Jones, Cynfhia . . . PepCals, Y-Teens, Publicalions Slall, l-lonne Room Sec- relaryflreasurer, Fulure l-lornernalcers ol America, Quill and Scroll, Glee Club, Transfer from Fnqland l-liqh School . . . Jones, Donna . . . Publicalions Slaii . . . ones, Jerry . . . Foolball, Traclc, Foolball Caplain, Publica- ions Slall . . . Jones, Johnny Frances . . . Secrelary ro Band Direclor, Junior Red Cross, lnierfClub Council, Fuf lure Business Leaders oi America, Fublicalions Slall, Y-Teens, Fulure Honnenfiakers ol America, Usher lor Baccalaure-ale , . .Jones, Bobby. . .Concerl and Marching Bands, Fulure Tradesrnen ol Arkansas . . . Junlcin, Bruce . . . Key Club, l-lonne Roonn Presidenl, Sludenl Council, Delegale lo Soulh- ern Associalion lor Sludenl' Councils, Boys' Slale, Boys Chorus . CHOP CHOP . . . oh, than Huic were only here. Harris-tte Fisk was the houseboy for the Follies. Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Charles Jones, Cynrhia Jones, Donna Lou Jones, Jerry Jones, Johnnie Jones, Bobby Junkin, Bruce 41 Kelley, Carl A., Jr. . . . Kelley, Rifa . . . Transfer from l-lall High, Senior Choir Librarian, Girls' Ensemble, Junior Choir . . . Ken+, L. Jimmy . . . Kerby Carol . . . Cheerleader, Presiolenl of Los Galos Espanoles, Girls Recrealion Associa- lion, Y-Teen Cily Secrelary, PepCa+s, Calellres, Fulure Homemalers, Publicalions Slaii, Quill and Scroll, Sludenl Council, Thespians, ln+er'Club Council, Mid-Soulh Y-Teen Delegale, Usher al Baccalaureale anol Senior Play . . . Kiehl, Billy . . . Wildcai Co-Eolilor and Pholographer, Quill and Scroll, Camera Club Presidenl, Film Crew, Pep Band, Conceri and Marching Bands, l-lome Room Presidenl . . . Kinarcl, Don Jackie . . . Film Crew l-lead lvlonilor, Thes- pians . . . King, Harry . . . Key Club, Wildcal Band, Home Room Vice-presidenr . . . King, Marie Rena . . . l-lome Room Secrelary . . . T Kirby, Bob . , . Los Galos Espanoles, Key Club . . . Kirlc, Davicl B. . . . Le Cercle Francais, Pulure Teachers of Amer- ica, Marching and Pep Bands, Arlcansas Amaleur Rockel Sociely, Wildcal Pollies, Thela Science Club . . . Knighl, Wayne Philip . . . Reporler Tor Pulure Traclesmen ol Ar- lcansas . . . Kuylcendall, Delores . . . Puiure l-lomemalcers of America, Y-Teens, PepCa+s . . . Kelley, Carl Kelley, Rifa Ken'l', Jimmy Kerby, Carol like - Y ,,5-,Z fifiiia' ,,. . .,.... ,..,...,., , , J K gf... .... . sl li. ,341 .f ' , ,,,.,, ' T iw:-ru , ,. ' '-" - WS25?iiail1f::.31 V f s iliviiizip-ff , Eq'2gz:s1riz1wzw,a , , , ,.. V k .. .,.,..,. 1 i s if Kiehl, Billy Kinard, Jackie King, Harry King, Rena , 3 lg l i Kirby, Bobby Kirlc, David Knigh+, Philip Kuykendall, Delores Langley, PauleHe. . . Furure I-lomemalners oi America, Fu- iure Business Leaders oi America, Y-Teens, Ari Club . . . Lauck, Linda . . . Y-Teens Secrerary, Siudenr Council Re- porier, Careries, Pepcais, Quill and Scroll, Los Gales Es- panoles, Nalionai Honor Socieiy, Pubiicaiions Siaii Arrisi, Usher for Graduaiion . . . Leciriclc, Melvin . . . Lee, Judi . . . Los Gaios Espanoies, Quill and Scroll, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Circuialion Manaqer for rhe Hi Camel, Camera Club, Furure Nurses Ciub, Fulure Homemakers. . . Leigh, Mary Ann . . . Pepcais, Wildcai Choir . . . Lewis, Jamie . . . Transfer from i-iaii High, Senior Cabiner, Pub- licarions Siaii . . . Lewis, Joe . . . Lewis, Johnny . . . Pub- iicaiions Siaii . . . SXVINGING ALONG WITH THE SIVING TEENS Seniors Lela Fisher, juan Owens, and Beverly Utley entertain at the XY'ildcaL Follies. Langley, Pauie++e Lauclc, Linda Ledrich, Melvin Lee, Judi Leigh, Mary Ann Lewis, Jamie Lewis, Joe Lewis, Johnny 43 Lisier, Dee . . . Y-Teens President Thespians Secreiary, Home Room Vice-president Y-Teens Treasurer, Fuiure hlomemalcers Vice-presideni, Euiure Teachers Reporier, PepCais, Bookworms, Quill and Scroll, Library Moniior, Girls Recreaiion Associaiion, Los Galos Espanoles, Y-Teen Mid-Souih Delegaie and Siaie Delegaie, Delegaie To Micl- Winier Y-Teen Conference, Publicaiions Siaii . . . Lloyd, Curiis . . . Quo Vaalis, Arlcansas fxmaieur Roclcei Socieiy . . . Lloycl, Pairicia Ann . . . PepCa+s, Fuiure l-lomemakers Y-Teens . . . Long, Jim . . . Lowe, Wilma Lou . . . Fuiure l-lomemalcers of America, Associale Thespian . . . Lulcer, James Charles . . . Key Club, Naiional Merii Semi-Finalisi , . . Lybarger, Nancy . . . Girls' Slaie, Arlcansas Presicleni oi Eecleraiion I3 in l Euiure l-lomemalcers of America, Euiure Teachers Vice- presioleni, Euiure I-lomemalcers Vice-presideni, Caieiies, Lisier, Dee Lloyd, Curiis PepCais, Theia Science Club, Junior Girls Chorus, Senior Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Wildcai Follies, Y-Teens, Naiional l-lonor Socieiy, Girls Recrealion Associaiion, Home Room Presideni ancl Treasurer, Thespians, Musical Varielies, All Siaie Choir . . . Mahnlcen, Edwin . . . Marlin, Mischa . . .Transier from Lillie Rock Ceniral High, Quo Vadis, Y-Teens, Tri Chem, Eulure Nurses Club, Thes- pians . . . Mashburn, Jimmy . . . Film Crew, Physical Ed- ucaiion Moniior, Quill and Scroll, Publicaiions Siafi . . . Ma'rcheH', Jerry . . . Fuiure Traolesmen of Arkansas . . . Maieer, Jerry . . . Aolveriisinq Manager Tor Publicaiions, Quill anol Scroll, iii Comei' Slaii Wriler . . . Lloyd, Pai Long, Jim E S i Lowe, Wilma Lou Luker, James C. Lybarger, Nancy Mahnicen, Edwin 5 i Marlin, Mischa Mashburn, Jimmy Ma+che'H, Jerry Maieer, Jerry Maison, Clara Bess . . . lnli Comel Edilor, Quill and Sf roll. lliespians, Y-Teens, Fulure leacliers ol America, Boolslore Monilor, Fulure l-lomemalers ol America . . . Mafllnews, Judy . . . Home Room Secrelary, Quo Varlis Secrelary, Nalional Honor Sociely lreasurer, Y-Teens, PepCals, Cul' elles, Senior Choir, Ensemble, Senior Trio, lliespians, lfue lure leacliers, Musical Varielies, llwela Science Club, Junior Girls' Chorus, All Slale Clwoir . . . McClain, Johnny . . . Key Club Vicefpresidenl, Caplain ol Band Properly Crew, Concerl anfl Murclwinq BunfJs, Clioir, Wildrfil Follies, Musi- cal Varielies, Sluclenl Council, Sonior Caloinel, Calalinaan, Home Room Prosiclenlr .. . McClain, Yvonne ...Qloe Club, Junior Clioir, Musical Varieliei, Monilor . . . McConnell, Maxine . . .Junior Roil C-oss, Quill and Sf roll, llnespians, Fulure Nurses Club, Fulure Homemalers, Senior Girls' Cliorui, Pulnlicalions Slail . . . McCune, Mark . . . Drum Maior lor Wil:1lr.f1r Banol, Concerl and Marclwinq Bands, Key Club Recorclinq Secrelary and Junior Board Member, Quo Vadis, Sluclenl Council, Home Room Presi- clenl and Vice presidenl . . . McDonald, James Jay . . . Vlfilfifal Banrl . . . McFarland, Bill, Jr ..., Senior Clwoir, Publicaiions Slali, Musical Varielies, Quill and Scroll . . . UGOOIJNIGHT SXVIiETI'II2ART" . . . Senior Buys' Quarter, Dickie Shin' fcnberg, Gail Russell, George jinks, and Ray Carter, sing al XYildiiu Follies Malson, Clara Bess Ma++l1ews, Judy McClain, Johnny McClain, Yvonne Q 2 J E Z b, 1 . s .,,.,.. .J .. . .. xy. viNfiiL" man if , 9 ,L , M as l XM? ,Li Q if iiiui o r 339455 X iiifqsvgs-1 sg ' 7 . 5 i ess A . . -S i l 1 Q ' , H 3 Q rr, 5 V X QE E Q fp X + iiii?923'f5ifZ?Q ' f' YS gif Eg g . W ,gf,imQm,54g3g3g .if: .., .- all 225352 Elfifffzfililii Q A if rl ,i - ffiigll r -Yr wife 5 il 9' - " .V .gs Q. .H .,.,,,,N.:+gr A sgk, W am 1.,.. i if . fs sukmg 1 lil i 5 H55 1 2:5 z z- fi I D W y' XM! lf gm R ? i I .ff '. ' of-WIP' J , R J A lgswg McConnell, Maxine McCune, Mark McDonald, James Jay McFarland, Bill 45 McKown, Joe McMillan, Shirley McNaH', Carol McRae, Jane McKown, Joe . . . McMillan, Shirley . . . Carelles, Pep- Cals, Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, Ari Club, Senior Cabi- nel . . . McNaH', Carole . . . Wildcai Banol, Los Gales Espanoles . . . McRae, Jane . . . Thera Science Club, Slu- denlr Council, Delegalre lo Soulhern Associalrion ol Siuclenl Councils, Le Cercle Francais, Tri Chem, l-lome Room Sec- relary-lreasurer, Publicaiions Slall, Transler from Lilrfle Roclf Cenlral l-liqh . . . McRober+s, Jaclcie . . . Senior Choir, Adverlising Manager ancl Pholographer lor Publicalions, Film Crew, Boys' Chorus, Quill and Scroll, Wildcal Follies, Musical Varielies, Fulure Proieclrionisls Club Reporler, Junior Choir, l-li Comel Slall Wriler . . . Medley, Kay . . . Fulrure l-lomemalsers Vice- presiolenl, Los Gales Espanoles, l-lome Economics Monilor . . . Merecli+h, Janice . . . lzulure Teachers ol America, PepCa+s, Thespians, Thela Science Club, Ari Club Presi- olenl, Junior Red Cross, Musical Varielies, Senior ancl Jun- ior Choirs, Y-Teens . . . MerriH', Don . . . MerriH', Wancla Lynn . . . Fuiure Business Leaders ol Amer- ica, Choir . . . Midcllelon, Tommie . . . Fulure Traclesmen ol Arkansas Reporrer . . . Miller, Darlos . . . Fulrure Home- malcers ol America, Vice-loresiolenl ol Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, Monilor lor Band Direclor . . . Mills, Jim . . . Baslcelball, Home Room Vice-presidenl, Senior Cabinel . . . McRober+s, Jaclcie Meclley, Kay Meredilh, Janice Merri'H', Don Merri'H', Wa ncla Lynn Micldlelon, Tommie Miller, Darlos Mills, Jim Mills, Raymond . . . Monlgomery, Lynda . . . Girls Recrea- lion Associalion, Fulure Homemalcers ol America Reporler, Fulure Business Leaders ol America, Sporlsmanslwip Club . . . Moody, Pal . . . Fulure Tradesmen ol Arkansas Presi- denl, Slale Board Member ol Fulure Tradesmen Moore, Judi+l1 . . . Home Room Secrerary, Fulure Home- malers ol America l-lislorian, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Guidance Gllice Monilor, Vocalional Gllice Monilor, Fu- lure Business Leaders ol America . . . Moore, Palricia . . . Los Galos Espanoles, Monilor in Com- mercial Club . . . Morgan, Don . . . Morris, Cl1arloH'e . . . Friendliesl Soplwomore and Junior Wildcal, Valenline Royal- ly, Color Day Wildcal Junior Maid, Clweerleader, Presidenl ol Quo Vadis, Y-Teens Vice-presidenl Slale and Local, Mid- Soulh Y-Teen l-losless, Sludenl Council, Cily Y-Teen Presi- denl, Nalional Y.W.C,A. Convenlion, Nalional l-lonor So- ciely, Tliespians, PeoCals, Calelles, Home Room Presidenr, Wildcal Follies, DAR Good Cilizenslnio Award, Deleqale lo Slale and Mid-Soulli Y-Teens Conferences Morris, Edward Harold . . . Mills, Raymond Monfgomery, Linda "l'lNI FLOISE . . . l'M SIX . . . l'M A CITY GIRL . . .' Anne Stephens docs a monologue for the W'ilLlcat Follies. ...,... . , ,--. V , - 51--fm : HSEQQHQQE? ' fs':s::,:zk',sVf: of , 1 5 fi' Ziiiigiiiiisii A iS'?H6?illE5?T2 5' 1 s 3553225251115 A - s .U "" - Q. . i . ,- - I 3 .- A 1 , - . . Moody, Pal Moore, Judi'l'l1 xx M H K 5 ..,., - , Moore, Pa'l'ricia Ann Morgan, Don Morris, Cl1arlo'H'e Morris, Edward .,.,, ..,.,..., .,,,,., . . , Mosley, James W .... Conceri anol Marching Bands, Quo Vadis, Theia Science Club . . . Mullen, Margarel' . . . Film Crew, Senior Choir . . . Mumme, Gem . . . Presideni of Jrhe Sludeni Booly, Tri Chem Socieiy, Naiional Honor So- cielv, Fooiball, Boys' Siaie, Frienclliesl Sophomore Boy, Quo Vadis . . . Murray, Douglas . . . Murrav, Lavernia . . . Neal, Vonne . . . Publicaiions Siaif . . . Neighbors, Johnny . . . Neighbors, Bobby . . . Key Club, Tri Chem Socieiy, Theia Science Club, Quo Vadis, Golf Team . . . Newsome, Kaye . . . Girls Recrealion Associaiion, Yeieens, PepCa+s, Quo Vadis, lzuiure Nurses Club, Fuiure Homemalc- ers of America . . . Nichoalds, David . . . Fooiball, Publi- calions . . . Niclcerl, Marchelle . . . Los Gaios Espanoles, Junior Choir, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Home Room Secreiary, Mosley' James Wayne Mullen' Ma,-garef Kay Junior Reel Cross, Library Moniior, Boolcworms . . . Nichols, Jim . . . Fooiball, Publicaiions Slahf . . . Mumme, Gem Murray, Douglas i 5 1 5 s s s S 2 E Murray, Lavernia Neal, Vonne Neighbors, Johnny Neighbors, Bobby Newsome, Kaye Nichoalds, David Niclcerl, Marchelle Nichols, Jim C 4 4 Nolen, Johnny T . . Norman, Charles H. . . . Norman, Sally . . . lransler lrorn l'lonolulu, Hawaii, Y leens lreasurer and Chaplain, Reoenls, l3ernCals, l-lome Room Sefrelary, Calelles, Sludenl Council, Wildnal Follies Commillee . . . Norris, Mary Nell . . . Junior Choir, Senior Girls Chorus, Arr Club, Fulure Nurses, Y-Teens, Quo Vaclis , . . Nowell, Karen Jo . . . Vv'ildcal l-lomecominq Queen, Firsl' Allernale Cheerleader, lnefzpians, PepCals, Yfleen lnler- Club Council Represenlaliye, Los Galos Espanoles, Wilclciril' Follies, Usher lor Senior Play, Sludenl Council, Casl ol "Dark Eyes" . .. O'Cain, Wilma Jean . . . Red Cross Represenlalive . . . Odom, Suzanne . . , Senior Calninel, Senior Choir, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Senior Girls' Trio . . . Owens, Joan . . . Nalional l-lonor Sociely, PepCal',, Cal- elles, All Slale Choir, Yfleens, Wildcal Follies, Fulure Business Leaders, Typing Monilor, Quo Viirlis, lvlusiifal Va- rielies . . . l i imif I 'l "I TAITT l TAXV A PUDDY TAT . . ." sings Shirley "Sylvester" Thmnus hx and Suzanne "Tweedy" odum. , J 1 l ill i lf Il . x A f 0-wwnawuuv MIQW i V Nolen, .Lohnny Norman, Charles Norman, Sally Norris, Mary Nell Nowell, Karen Jo O'Cain, Wilma Jean Odom, Suzanne Owens, Joan 49 Pace, Sara Los Galos Espanoles, Glee Club Pairefl, Carolyn Sue . . . Pulure Business Leaders Treasurer, Calelles, PepCals, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Junior Forensic League, Girls' Slale, 'lhespians Vice-presidenl, Y-Teens Chaplain, l-lome Room Secrelary . . . Paladino, Mary Joyce . . . Pulure l-lomemakers ol America Presidenl, Y-Teens, PepCals, Ari Club, Los Galos Espanoles, Represenlalive lo Pulure Leadership Conference . . . Parker, Gary D. . . . Poolball, Baskelball, Sludenl Council, l-lome Room Pres- idenl, Boys' Slale, Quo Vadis, Key Club . . . Parker, Jo . . . Calelles, PepCa+s, Pulure Nurses Club. Girls Recrealion Associalion, Y-Teens, Los Galos Espanoles . . . Penlon, Vicki . . . Wildcal Follies, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Home Room Vice-presidenl, Musical Varielies. Los Galos Espanoles, Senior Choir, Monilor . . . Perry, Marlha Allen . . . . Junior and Senior Choirs, Glee Club, Le Cercle Pran- Pace, Sara Paire++I Carolyn cais, l-lome Room Treasurer, Senior Choir l-lislorian, Musi- cal Varielies, Fulure l-lomemakers, Publicalions Slall, Thela Science Club, Transfer from Lillle Rock Cenlral . . . Perry, Marlha Ann . . . Calelles, Le Cercle Francais, PepCals, Y-Teens, Senior Choir, Wildcal Follies, Musical Varielies, Junior Choir, Thela Science Club . . . Pelers, Johnny Cale . . . Pefross, Linda . . . Pulure Home- malcers, Y-Teens, Bookslore Monilor . . . Phifer, John . . . Pulure Tradesmen ol Arkansas, Presidenl ol Pourlh Period Eleclronics . . . Phillips, Carolyn . . . l-lorne Room Secre- lary, Y-Teens, Pulure Nurses, Fulure l-lomemakers, Girls Recrealion Associalion, PepCals . . . Paladino, Mary Joyce Parker, Gary Parker, Jo Penlon, Vicki Perry, Marlha Allen Perry, Marlha Ann x il Pelers, Johnny Pelross, Linda Philer, John Phillips, Carolyn Phillips, Jerry James . . . Plwolograplier, Fulure lradesmen lol Arkansas Serqeanl al Arms, Camera Club Vice-presidenl, 3Quill and Scroll, l-lam Operalors Club . . . Pillninglon, Eddie . . . Senior Clwoir, Boys' Clnorus, Camera Club, Quo Vaclis, :Deleqale lo Clworal Siqlwlreading Clinic, Marching and Con- Qerl Bands, Musical Varielies, Wildcal Follies, Band Quar- lermasler, All-Slale Clwoir . . . Pills, Jimmy K .... Pliysi- cal Educalion Monilor, l-lall Monilor, Senior Play . . . Pills, Judy . . . Fulure leacliers Vicefpresiclenl, Fulure l-lomee malcers, Y-Teens, Junior Hislorical Sociely, Fulure Business Leaders, PepCals, Red Cross Represenlaliye . . . Plummer, Joy . . . Delegale lo slale and cily Y-Teen Con- lerences, Wildcal Follies, Quill and Scroll, Senior lalenl Assembly, Dean ol Girls' Monilor, Youlln Cenler Cabinel, Calelles, PepCals, Pulure l-lomemalcers Treasurer, Y-Teens, Red Cross Represenlaliye . . . Ponder, George . . . l-lome Room Presidenl, Baslcelball, Senior Play Uslier, Boys' Slale . . . Powell, Malcolm, Jr .... Camera Club . . . Price, Velma . . . Los Galos Espanoles . . . l l l YOU SHOULD HAVE SIZIEN THE ONE THAT GOT AXVAN Sally Norman dues the hula for ilxe Xvilcluu Follies. l fn l Plwillips, Jerry Pillcinglon, Eddie Pills, Jimmy Pills, Judy is Plummer, Joy Ponder, George Powell, Malcolm Price, Velma Querner, David . . . Raley, Douglas . . . Raney, Carolyn . . . Fuiure Nurses Club, Fuiure l-lomemakers, Girls Recrea- lion Associaiion . . . Ramey, Donna . . . Fulure Home- mal4ers ol America, lnier-Club Council, Ari' Club, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll . . . Randolph, Jessie Nell . . . Home Room Treasurer, Fulure Business Leaders oi America, Los Gaios Espanoles, Secre- lary lor F.B.L.A .... Rauschenberger, Lee . . . Junior Red Cross, Fuiure l-lomemalcers ol America, lnier-Club Council, Home Room Secreiary-Treasurer, Y-Teens . . . Rawlings, Corinne . . . Fuiure Teachers, Fulure Business Leaders, Jun- ior Choir, Glee Club, Musical Varieiies . . . Ray, Edwin . . . Le Cercle Francais, Thela Science Club, Fuiure Teach- ers ol America, Arkansas Amaleur Roclcei Sociely, Senior Cabinel, Tri Chem, Nalional lvleril' Scholarship Semi-Final- isl, Chairman for Ociober Science Youlh Monih Proiecls, Querher. David R'3leY- D0U9laS Nalional Honor Sociely . . . Reader, Charles Bruce . . . Wildcal Follies, Musical Va- rielies, Film Crew, Proieclionisls Club, l-lome Room Vice- presidenlj Senior Choir, Boys' Chorus, Rublicalions Slail Renfrew, Shirley Fuiure Nurses Club, Fulure i-lomemalcers of America, Monilor lor Dean ol Girls . . . Rhodes, Rebecca Ann . . . Girls Recrealion Associalion, Q Y-Teens, Calrelles, PepCais l-land Drill Leaders, Quill and 4 r 1 ' Scroll, Le Cercle Francais, Sludenl Council, Nalional lvleril Semi-Finalisl, Nalional Honor Sociely, Publicalions Slaii, Usher lor Senior Play . . . Richardson, Belh . . . Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, PepCals, llulure l-lomemakers ol Amer- ica, Fulure Business Leaders ol America . . . Raney, Carolyn Ramey, Donna Randolph, Jessie Nell Rauschenberger, Lee Rawlings, Corrine Ray, Edwin Reader, Bruce Renfrow, Shirley Rhodes, Becky Richardson, Beih Richardson, Gail . . . Transfer from Norlh Carolina, Pep- Cals, Senior Girls' Chorus, Thela Science Club, Senior Cabiner, Y-Teens, Wildcal Follies, Quill and Scroll, Senior Girls' l-lisrorian . . . Roberls, Jane . . .Transfer from Cen- Tral l-ligh, Theia Science . . . Robinson, VonneH'e Carolyn . . . Fulure l-lomemalcers, Fulure Teachers, ihela Science Club, lvlonilor, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Thespians, Girls' Recrealion Associaiion . . . Rogers, Joyce . . . PepCals, Girls Recreaiion Associalion . . . Rogers, Susan . . . Sludenl Council, Le Cercle Francais, lnler-Club Council, Thespians, PepCals, Y-Teens, Home Room Secrerary, Fuiure Business Leaders, Glee Club, Junior Choir, Senior Choir . . . Roland, Sharon . . . PepCais, Fu- lure l-lomernalqers, Fulure Business Leaders, Girls Recrealion Associalion, Fulure Teachers . . . Roper, Doyne . . . Rowell, Jimmy . . . Foolball, 'ihela Science, Junior Hislorical So- ciery, Traclc, All Big Nine . . . THEY WENT THAT-A-XVAY . . . jackie Vcnablc dances on thc XVildcn Follies. Richardson, Gail Roberls, Jane Robinson, Carolyn Rogers, Joyce Rogers, Susan Roland, Sharon Roper, Doyne Rowell, Jimmy 53 Ruperf, Sandy Ruple, Tommy Russell, Gail Sanders, Elizabeih Ruperf, Sandy . . . Caielies, PepCals, Senior Choir, Siu- deni Council, Y-Teens, Los Gaios Espanoles . . . Ruple, Tommy . . . Russell, Gail . . . Senior Choir Siudenl Direci- or, Boys Chorus, Senior Boys' Quarlel, Concerl and March- ing Bands, Thespians, Wildcal Follies, Musical Varieiies, All Srale Choir . . . Sanders, Elizabe'rh . . . Fuiure Business Leaders of America, Moniior for Commercial Subiecls . . . Sanders, James . . . Conceri and Marching Bands, Publica- Jrions Slafi . . . Sanders, Wanda . . .Junior Red Cross . . . Sawrie, Nora . . .iheia Science Club, Senior Girls' Chorus, Fuiure Nurses Club, Junior l-lislorical Socieiy, Glee Club, Junior Choir, Musical Varieiies, Nalional Honor Socieiy . . . Scales, Sharon . . . PepCa+s, Caleiies Choreographer, Y-Teens, lnier-Club Council, Associaie Thespian, Los Galos Espanoles Secreiary, Treasurer, and Reporier, Wildcai Fol- lies, Musical Varieiies Choreoqrapher, Senior Choir, Senior Cabinet Home Room Secreiary-Treasurer, Mid-Ciiy Y-Teen Conference Delegaie . . . Scharfenberg, Richard Thomas . . . Boys Chorus, Senior Boys' Quarier, Concerl and Marching Bands, Quo Vadis, Senior Choir, Wildcai Follies, All Siaie Choir . . . Schul+z, Richard Allen . . . Theia Science Club, Traclc, Chemisiry Lab Assisiani' . . . Schusler, Marshall . . . Baslcelball . . . Scroggin, Jane Caleiies, PepCais, Fuiure Business Leaders oi America, Fulure Homemalfers of America Vice- presideni, Y-Teens, lnier-Club Council, Wildcal Follies, Siu- deni' Council, l-lome Room Presideni, Senior Girls Ensemble, Musical Varielies, Senior Choir Librarian, Thespians, Dele- gaie io Mid-Winler Conference for Y-Teens . . . l Sanders, James Sanders, Wanda lili - E 2 Scharfenberg, Richard Schulfz, Richard Sawrie, Nora Scafes, Sharon Schusfer, Marshall Scroggin, Jane Sharp, Lonnie . . . Publicaiions Siaii, Film Crew, Camera Club, Proieclionisis Club . . .Shel+on, Robbie . . . Siucleni Council, Assemblies Commiiiee Chairman, Thespians, For- ensic League Reporler, Home Room Vice-presidenl, Pep- Cais, Y-Teens, Fulure l-lomemalcers oi America, Quill and Scroll, Publicaiions Slaii, Le Cercle Francais, Wildcal Pol- lies, Assisianl Lilerary Ecliior, I96O Wildcai, Usher for Graduaiion . . . Sherrill, Monly . . . Sherrill, Tommy Lee . . . Home Room Presideni, Publicaiions Slaii, Baslceiball, lraclc, Boys' Slale, l-lieY . . . Shipman, Harold . . . Publicaiions Siaii . . . Siltes, Jimmy . . . Key Club, Monilor lor Physical Educalion, Baslceiball Siaiisiician . . . Simmons, Lincla . . . Simpson, Jimmy . . . WHAT, US LOlTliRlNC?? .. . Kay Durbin, Judi Garrett, Carolyn Atlcock and wait in the hall for their turn of the Christma. Sharp, Lonnie Shellon, Robbie Sherrill, Mon+y Sherrill, Tommy Shipman, Harold Siltes, Jimmy Simmons, Linda Simpson, Jimmy 55 S Simpson, Shirley Sims, Jerry Sislc, Jerry Sliler, Joe Simpson, Shirley . . . Fulure Flomemalcers, l-lome Room Secrelary-Treasurer, Y-Teens, Ari Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Girls Chorus, Glee Club, Pep- Cals, Publicalions Slall Wriler, Musical Varielies . .. Sims, Jerry . . . Senior and Junior Choirs, Boys' Chorus, Film Crew, Proieclionisls Club, Musical Varielies, Wildcal Follies . . . Sislc, Gerald H .... Fooiball Capiain, Traclc, Senior Cabinel, Quill and Scroll, Usher for Baccalaureale and Gradualion . . . Sliler, Joe . . . Smeby, Darlene . . . Junior Red Cross, PepCals, Y-Teens, Junior Choir Secrelary, Quo Vadis, Thespians, Glee Club, Senior Girls' Chorus . . . Smilh, Anne . . . Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Girls' Slrale, Sludenl Council, Home Room Vice- presidenl, PepCa'rs, Cale-Hes, Wildcal Follies, Musical Va- rielies, Junior Red Cross, Senior and Junior Choirs, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, Theia Science Club, Fulure Busines Leaders, Monilor for Biology Lab . . . Smi+h, Gayle . . . PepCa+s, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Y-Teens, Fuiure Nurses Club, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Girls' Chorus . . . Smifh, George Fulure Tradesmen of Arkansas, lnler-Club Council . . . Smi+h, Billy . . . Smilh, Lorna . . . Quill and Scroll, Publica- 'lions l-lead lypisl, Fulure Business Leaders,ol America, Y- leens, Los Galos Espanoles . . . Smiih, Paule'H'e . . . Ari' Club, Los Galos Espanoles, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Boolnworms Presidenl, l-lead Monilor in Library, Los Galos Espanoles, Y-Teens . . . Smi+h,'VeleHa . . . Senior Cabiner, Y-Teens, PepCals, Fulure l-lomemalcers, Fulure Busines Leaders Re- porler, Quill and Scroll, Nalional l-lonor Socieiy, Publica- lions Slaii . . . Smeby, Darleen Smilh, Anne Smirh, Gayle Smi+h, George Smi+h, Billy Smilh, Lorna Smilh, PauleH'e Smifh, VeleH'a Smifh, Virginia . . . Transfer from Ml, Sainl Mary's . . . Snow, JeaneH'e . . . PepCa+s, Thela Science Club, Thes- pians, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Choir, Musical Varielies, Fufure Teachers of America, Y-Teens, Publicaiions Slall Spears, Pafricia Ann . . .Thespians, Fuiure Business Leaders of America, Thela Science Club, Senior Choir, Junior His- lorical Sociely, Nalrional Honor Sociely . . . Spoon, Tommie . . . Junior Red Sross, Y-Teens, PepCals, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Fufure Nurses Club . . . Squires, Ernesiine . . . S+anley, Barbara Jean . . . Calrelies, Monilor for Commercial Classes, Y-Teens, PepCals, Fulure Homemalcers of America . . .S+an+on, Barbara . . . Fufure Hornemakers of America . . . Sfephens, Anne . . . Edifor lor i960 Wildcai, Fulure Teachers of America President Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Quo Vadis, Y-Teens, PepCals, Forensic League Parliamenlarian, Home Room Vice-presif denl, Junior Red Cross, Hi Come? Slafi Wriler, Wildcal Follies, Usher lor Graolualion, Deleqale To Slale Yearbook Worlcshop .. ONE, TWO, THREE - CTLFARY . . . Claudette Caplc and Marion Glover learn the art of dribbling. ff? ' 'I i'i' iz' L ZAQI ' ir'.: i.,,i i-1. ,,-Q 53 :': 1 .,,, --',-' 'N , -'-: '- is - J N H ,... 1.55: 5 SCM Bill W? 'Ta A 'N- 'Q' I 4 Smi+h, Virginia Snow, JeaneHe Spears, Par Spoon, Tommie l Squires, Ernesfine Sfanley, Barbara Sfanion, Barbara Sfephens, Anne 57 Slephens, Olela S+ewar'l', Glenda Slrasner, Be++y Slriclclin, Ann Slephens, Ofela . . . Sfewarl, Glenda . . . Fulure Home- malqers ol America, Thespians, Glee Club, Musical Varielies Lobby Monilor . . . Sfrasner, Belly . . . PepCa'rs, Y-Teens Fulure l-lomemalcers of America, Girls Recrealion Associa- lion, Proieclionisls Club . . . Sfriclclin, Ann . . , PepCa+s Y-Teens, Senior Choir, Fulure Business Leaders of America Fulure l-lomemalcers of America, l-lome Room Vice-presi- denr, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, All Slale Choir . . . Slriclclin, Billie Joyce . . . Home Room Presidenl and Vice- presidenl, Sludenl Council, Ari Club Reporler, Y-Teens PepCa+s, Calelles, Thespians, Quill and Scroll . . . Sluclcey Donna . . . Home Room Secrelary, Arr Club Secrelary, PepCa+s, Fulure l-lomemalcers of America, Y-Teens, Cal- elles . . . Sullenberger, Lance . . . Key Club, Le Cercle Francais, Home Room Presidenl, Fulure Tradesmen of Ar- lcansas . . . Sumrall, Roberl' . . . Senior Cabinel, Publica- lions Slall, Physical Educalion Monilor . . . Swaim, Carole . . . Thespians, Sludenl Council, Delegale lo Sludenl Council Convenlion, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Quill and Scroll, Fulure l-lomemalcers ol America, Chairman lor Wildcal Follies, Le Cercle Francais . . . Swaim, Cecelia . . . Sludenl Council, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Cheerleader, Delegale lo Slale l'-lonor Sociely Convenlion, Tri Chem, Delegale To Nalional Y-Teen Convenlion, Slale Y-Teen Presidenl, Maid in Y-Teen Valenline Royally, Quo Vadis Vice-president PepCa+s, Calelles, Thespians, Delegale 'ro Mid-Soulh, Slale, and Cily Y-Teen Conferences . . . Syl- vesler, Judy . . . Library Monilor, Boolcworms, Arl Club, Fulure Nurses . . . Talley, Frances . . . Cafelles, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Los Galos Espanoles, Home Room Presidenl and Secrelary, Senior Girls' Chorus, Musical Varielies, Usher for Senior Play . . . Slriclclin, Billie Joyce Sluclcey, Donna Sullenberger, Lance Sumrall, Roberl' Swaim, Carole Swaim, Cecelia Sylvesfer, Judy Talley, Frances lTes+er, Jimmy . . . Srudeni Council, Quo Vadis, Associale fThespian, Usher for Baccalaureare, Gradualion, and Senior , y . . . , y . . . lfkmerica, PepCals, Y-Teens, Fulure l-lomemalcers ol Amer- Pla Thomas Carol n Furure Business Leaders ol ica, Monilor . . . Thomas, Marfha . . . lzulure l-lomemalcers ol America, Monilor for Commercial Subiecls, Fulure Busif hess Leaders of America Vice-presidenl . . . Thomas, Shirley . . . Cheerleader, Senior Girls' Trio, Girls! Ensemble, Friend- liesl Senior, All Slale Choir, Thespian Presidenl, Senior Cabinel, l-lome Room Presidenl, Los Gales lfspanoles Rel porler, l-lome Room Vice-presidenl, Deleqalre lo Slale Y-Teen Convenlion, Y-Teens, PepCals, Wildcal Follies, Jun- ior Choir Vicefpresidenl, Nalional l-lonor Socieiy, Voice oi Democracy Cralor, Usher lor Senior Play . . . Thompson, Phyllis Lynn . . . Y-Teens, Arkansas Amaleur Roclcel Sociely, PepCals, Thespians, Blue Ribbon Winner in Eleclronics al Science Show, Tri Chem, Thela Science Club, Los Gales Espanoles, Chemislry Lab Assislanl . . . Thomp- son, Randall . . . The-ra Science Club, Fulure Teachers ol America, Tri Chem, All Slale Band, All Slale Qrcheslra . . . Thresher, Par . . . Y-Teens, PepCals, Fulure Business Leaders ol America . . . Townsley, Neva Jo . . . Fulure Business Leaders ol America . . . GINCIIIEST - GINCHIEST-W-CilNCHIEST4lT'S NOT IN XX!FBSTER'S!l l Tesrer, Jimmy Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Marlha Thomas, Shirley -new 2 awww ' Thompson, Phyllis Lynn Thompson, Randall Thresher, Pal' Townsley, Neva Jo 59 -iz. Trac , Lincla Louise Treasfer, Ronald Y -as .E-:.. --.,z :fees l .,.,., , MW -"A W l l . - 1'?5i'?" ' F ---' - , i Q .yi 7 T T f , f s 5 x -sf' 5 s Ji ' 'f,1'xgf Tribell, Ronnie Tuior, Larry Tracy, Linda Louise Fuiure Homemakers, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Quo Vadis, Senior Choir, Senior Girls' En- semble, Musical Varieiies, All-Siaie Choir . . . Treasier, Ronalclf . . Senior Choir, Boys' Chorus, Camera Club, Del- egaie lo Choral Sighireading Clinic, Wildcal Follies, Musi- cal Variefies . . . Tribell, Ronnie . . . Arr Club, Fuiure Traclesmen of Arkansas, Library Monilor . . . Tuior, Larry . . . Home Room Vice-presidenr . . . Tyler, John Roberi . . . lnier-Club Council Represenialive, Tri-Chem, Key Club Secreiary, Junior Roiarian, Caialinas, Siudenr Direcior of Band, Quo Vadis, Conceri and March- ing Bands, Senior Cabinei, Boys' Siaie, Naiional Honor Socieiy . . . Ufley, Beverly . . . All-Siaie Choir, Caieiies, Senior Choir Reporler, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Publi- caiions Business Manager, Usher for Commencemenl, Fu- iure Teachers, Publicaiions Siail Wriier, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Los Gales Espanoles, Wildcai Follies, Musical Varieiies, i-lomeroom Treasurer, Delegaie +o Yearbook Workshop Vanclergriff, Carol . . . PepCa+s, Caieiies, Girls' Recrea- tion Associaiion . . .Van Meier, Ronny . . . Home Room Presideni. . . Van Tuyle, Greichen . . . Y-Teens, Siucleni Council, Theia Science . . . Varner, Marlo . . . Fuiure Flomemakers Re- porier, Bookworms, Y-Teens, Le Cercle Francais, PepCais . . .Venable, Jackie . . .Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Caielies, Pep- Cais Secreiary, Quill and Scroll, Le Cercle Francais, Thes- pians, Red Cross Represeniaiive, Forensic League, Home Room Treasurer, Wildcai Follies, Senior Choir . . . Vini, Phyllis . . . Quo Vadis, Y-Teens, Furure Teachers, Girls' Recreaiion Associaiion, Fuiure Business Leaders . Tyler, John Roberi' Uiley, Beverly Vandergriff, Carol Van Meier, Ronnie Van Tuyle, Greichen Varner, Marlo L Venable, Jackie Vin+, Phyllis l Voegele, Carolyn . . . Transfer from Provo, Ulah, Y-Teens, Pulure, Business Leaders . . .Voss, Judy . . . Theia Science Pulure Business Leaders, Purure l-lomemalcers, YfTeens,' Pu- Ture Teachers, PepCa+s, Caieiles. Home Room Secrelary . . . Wallace, Boni+a . . . Los Galos Espanoles, Fulure Business Leaders . . . Wallace, George . . . Tri Chem, Key Club, Quo Vadis . . . Walfers, Lela Marie . . . Glee Club, Senior Choir, Musical Variefies, Senior Girls' Ensemble . . .Wal1'hall, Rachel . . . Tri Chem, Nalional Honor Sociely, Thela Science Vicef presidenr, Arkansas Amaleur Rockel Sociely, Quo Vadis . . . Weeks, Barbara Ann . . . PepCals, Calelles, Y-Teen Program Chairman, l-lomeroom President Los Galos Es- panoles Presidenl, Thela Science, Y-Teens, Thespians, Typing lvlonilor . .. Wellhausen, Donna .. . Nalional Honor Sociefy Secrelary, Girls' Slale, Senior Choir Presi- denl, Senior Girls' Ensemble, All-Siale Choir, All-Shale Or- cheslra, Los Gaios Espanoles Treasurer and Reporrer, Home Room Vice-president PepCais, Caleiies, YfTeens, Thes- pians, Thela Science Club . . . YOU HEARD XVHAT THE MAN SAIDH!!! Voegele, Carolyn Voss, Judy Wallace, Boni+a Wallace, George sw 'NNY Walfers, Lela Marie Wallhall, Rachel Weelcs, Barbara Ann Wellhausen, Donna Wells, Joe . . . Publicalions Slalf Monilor . . . Wl'1i+e, Mary . . . Bookslore Monilor, Musical Varielies . . . Whil- 'l'ing, Margarel Louise . . . Concerl and Marching Bands, Pep Band, All Slale and All Region Bands, Tliespians, Quill and Scroll, l-li Comer Slall Wriler, Seclion Eclilor lor l96O Wildcal, Girls' Slale, Wildcar Follies, l-li Comer Special Fealures Fclilor, Senior Clioir, Musical Varielies . . . Wilcox, Adrianne . . . PepCa+s, Calelles, Home Room Secrelary, Y-Teens, Los Galos Espanoles, Boolcworms, Library Monilor, Furure l-lomemalcers of America Secrelary . . . Wilkins, Ann Ella . . . Fulure l-lomemalcers of America . . . Williams, Billie Jean . . . Transfer from Sylvan I-lills Fliqlw, Fulure Homemalcers of America . . . Williams, Judy . . . Y-Teens, Girls Recreaiion Associalion, Boolfworms, Monilor in Library ancl Pliysical Educalion, PepCals, Calelles, Jun- ior Red Cross, Fulure l-lomemalcers of America, Home Wells, Joe Wl1i+e, Mary Room Secrerary, Publicalions Srali . . . Williams, Rose Carole . . . Treasurer for Sludenl Council, Le Cercle Fran- cais Secrelary, Tliespians, Inler-Club Council, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Calelles, Wildcal Follies, Senior Cabinet Dele- gafe lo Mid-Cily Conference, Usher for Baccalaureaie and Senior Play . . . Williams, Tommy . . . Home Room Vice-president Fulure lraclesmen Treasurer . . . Wilson, Dale . . . Wilson, Pafsy Ann . . . Ari Club, Fulure l-lomemalcers of America, Moni- lor. . . Wilson, Diclc . . . Film Crew Head Monilor, Fool- ball . . . Wliilling, Margarel' Louise Wilcox, Adrianne Willcins, Ann EH'a Williams, Billie Jean Williams, Judy Williams, Rose Carole , , Em , ' E is . ,, gas 4 Elia i ggi E Q. Williams. T0mmY Wilson, Dale Wilson, Palsy Ann Wilson, Diclc Wingfield, Dianna . . .Girls Slale, PepCals, Calelles, Slu- denl Council, Thespians Treasurer, Quo Vadis, Boolcworms, Wildcai Follies, Usher for Gradualion . . .Wir+, Donna . . . PepCals, Carelies, Fulure Nurses Club, Ensemble, Senior Choir, Quo Vadis, Musical Varielies, Junior Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, Boolcslore Monilor . . . Woodcoclc, Eda Rulh . , . Fuiure l-lomemalcers oi America, Assisianl Secreiary for Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Choir Secreiary, Girls Re- crealion Associalion, Hi Comer Slaii Wriler, Quill and Scroll, Senior Girls' Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Musical Va- rielies . . . Woods, Judy . . . Cheerleader, Senior and Junior Choirs, Wildcal Follies, Musical Varielies, Sludenl Council, PepCals, Calelles, l-lome Room Presidenl, Fulure I-lomemalcers, Yeieens, Los Galos Espanoles, Musical Va- rielies Chairman . . . Worlcs, Bobbie . . . lzulure l-lomemalcers oi America, Fu- 'rure Teachers ol' America, Sludenl' Librarian, Transfer from Walson Chapel l-liqh . . . Worley, Roy . . . Theia Science Club, Tri Chem, Quo Vadis, Boolrworms, Quariermasler for Wildcai Concerl and Marching Bands . . . Wright Carl Miller . . . Cvoli . . . Wrigl1+, Elizabelh Anne . . . Y-Teens, Quo Vadis, PepCais, Thespians . . . AFTER ll YEARS OF XVAITING . . . the Senior rings finally arrive and Lynda Dailey is among the first to receive hers from Mr, Doc Wriglit. Wingfield, Dianna Wir'l', Donna Rae Woodcoclc, Eda Ru+l1 Woods. Judy Worlcs, Bobbie Worley, Roy Wrighl, Carl Miller Wrighi, Elizabelh Anne l 63 Wrighf, Freddy Yarbrough, Marilyn Yales, Cookie Yeargin, Randy Wrighl, Freddy . . . Monilor, l-lome Room Vice-president Junior Red Cross, Home Room Reporler, Machine Shop Safely Engineer . . . Yarbrough, Marilyn . . . Glee Club, Junior and Senior Choirs, Monilor for Dean of Girls, Fulure l-lomemakers of America, Musical Varielies Ya'I'es, Cookie . . . Thela Science Club . . . Yeargin, Randy . . . Foofball, Traclc, Tri Chem, Key Club, Thela Science Club . .. Young, Breece . . . Young, Carolyn . . . Senior Girls' En- semble, Senior Choir, Le Cercle Francais, PepCals, Wildcal Follies, Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Musical Varielies Youngblood, Palricia Ann . . . Junior Red Cross, Fulure l-lomemalcers oi America, Y-Teens, Thespians, Monilor lor Commercial Subiecls, Publicalions Slall . . . Zimmerman, Don . . . Baskelball, Senior Cabinel, Boys' Slale, l-lome Room Treasurer, Junior Rolarian, l-li-Y . . . iii l s Young, Breece Young, Carolyn Youngblood, Pafricia Ann Zimmerman, Don 10065, WilliHU1S, and Sisk Whvop it up at Dodge House as Chorines Linda Lauck, Marion Alford, Rose Carole Willianis, and Becky Rhodes lament the fate of "Poor Willian1." Aaron, Marilyn Adams, Susan' Adamson, Joyce if kwin., ey -4' ,, . Adcoclc, Carolyn Allen, Larry Allon, Sammy "BUT, THIS IS THE LADIES' ROOM!" . . . Talent furnished by the royal ty gl0Q5n'f 590111 I0 please king Dicky Pyle. Amos, Barbara Armslrong, Linda Armslrong, Margarei' Asquillm, Carolyn Afkins, Mary Faye Avance, Willa Sue CLASS OF I96I Balmer, Carolyn Balmer, Marilyn Ballard, Palricia Belew, Jewell , . .55 f- ...iv ----- - 1, ,. A ,E 3.5-'H - V ,,.,, , . , 5 ,, ,- 575, e5A1FT"?3f,1 ggi, .gi . 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Q' ' ' ' V-:I '11 'I' 11-' ' Bolinger, Rifa Ann Bosfain, Jean Geral Bowen, Marfha Carolyn Boyd, Johnny Wayne Boydsfon, Roberi Milne Boyles, Ronald Franlc 3 g Q-if ,ehief -::.: Qs: is Bradford, Larry Eugene Brady, Mary Alyce Brady, Palsy Dean Brady, Phyllis Bernice Brannon, Barbara Frances Brenfon, Gene Thor 3 i Q Brickell, Carleffa Jane Bridenlhal, Robbie Jean Brimbury, Neil Brisby, Judy Broolcs, Donna Sue Browder, Billy 'E 5 3'. B . am Ame new 1, :.- .... WM. ,,.,.., :Ea-::,. -., ..-. .,..,..,.,,.,.,.. , , ,,., .. ,M ,,,,,,,,,. L ...,.w..z.:..:. , V1 :. ,x... v .g ' ' .2325 'Z --V- ..... aww ffiilii 5-.:.:.. ,W .,,:, N Vw, ,W 2 2 ? in .f ww W .w.,m,,, 4, ag ,yi-+ firm gig s if m u 1-Q gang? a my Spf? Y ,,f 1 5.2 '24 J, .A ,A . 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'Wife K " 'JSSLESHSESZE ' ' W , 'T' 4 'iff f Cole, Margarel Cooper, Cynfhia Cooper, Tommy Corpier, Dorofhy Corwin, Merl Cox, Alva wma .,.,, ,wr Q We W , ,,, V , ....,. . .,.. .. 0 4, , B Vwmgls? W5 M i , ' Q Ia- Kwik? ' H . ,,,, ,..,..,... ,. f, M' , if M2 Q ...., Q f... 5? , , , .,?.. , ei Nik .. . .Long 5 ,. ., , if f Q ft' Z'2i'5 Cox, Joyce Craf+, Lynn Creasy, David Crowder, Dianne Crowder, Paulelfe Cullum, Phil Cummings, Be'r+y Dailey, Roger Daniels, Barbara Darden, Jerry Darfer, Eddie Dashiell, Beffie Davenporl, Marflma Davidson, Freddy Davidson, Janie Davis, Calvin Dean, Gary Deese, Ka+hy Delaney, Marina Derryberry, Mavis Diclcey, Paul Dickinson, Phyllis Douglas, Barbara Dover, Bobby .,,.,.,,,,, ,i,-1 l ,,,.., r ,,,. if 2 ,' I f A -rm +17 31 H +C J .r WWW in fx "' Y' K wiv-31-l 556 pl 3 JSM QW E' V , " 1 , -W ..,.,,,::::-imf f 2 1- ' VV- mfwm.-.seem yr sa - gww fjji ..., 51 E . , V , E ,xi :sms ' wg. ' :'-1552:-':':f: r' ,::,i::3r.E wwf. 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Pat Stephenson pan tomimes at the junior Talcm Assembly. sm E Gacllverry, Mary Ann Garner, Tommy Garrell, John Galewood, Ronnie Gilberf, Janice Glasco, Marlene Glass, Tena Gleason, Jeannie Glover, Pal Goodwin, Carol ..., A . Gore, Carolyn Golherman, Sammy Greenwood, Gary Griffin, Yvonne Grimes, Belh IX W l l , ,N 6. if rg 2 ,,, 1' 1 1? W ' if 4' iiff mm 5 ff: egg . V .1 M55 Q :U 121- 21 ::,2- if as Gillespie, Melvin jffiigmsg ' if - "'??2??S?i?3Sg3 ?57: 52322355 ,l::.1i. .: -r gifiiixh fezsgfgzv ' 25, zqzfiiirfzggi IES? - 'KM' 5, Y in W? 'QK""' g iziffu' 553334 'ilf w"""'f"fz.:a i- U M253 fi ?' .,lLfi.'. ' 25' ' 1: X. E, ,.,. , -' 9-5 1g,1q5.:.4.41-v-,.-.-41'fa?J5'7,,, . . Y' : Gorclon, Chuclc ---- I Ja M ip -LI. . .,,.., , Z , 4 of 9 , - - -,-- ,,,.,. 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Z 3 in Johnslon, Skippy Jones, BeH'ye Raye Jones, Voncla Jordan, Chris Jordan, Pal' Kail, Ben Keefon, Jim Keller, Sally Q ...qq wr -A o,"i King, Claylon Kinley, Emma Lance, Jim Lanier, Tom Kelly, Ora Belh Kelly, Drucilla Kefzscher, A. C. Killingsworlh, Linda Kluffs, 'James Henry Klulfs, Paulelfe Laman, Roberl' Lamb, Carolyn semi? .I ,Q-I+, 'QQ' 4: 5 fp gs ' " " T , l ---- ' U A - Q.. -I-.jeg : Q lf' - ..,,. Q fr 5, ,,::.,:5q :,,-.: I .,:l.:, , gg 'X ,Q 'W 'F f Lasiler, Tommy Lasler, Tena Lawles, Herman Leffwich, Bobby Rayburn Lefiwich, Richard Lenderman, Annelfe Lenclerman, Sharon Lierly, Harold Lindbergh, Jeanie Linz, Elaine as im, Lipscomb, Alefha Ann Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, Ruperf Marlin Lindsay, Carlene Loffis, Carroll Love, Linda B H. K., Lybarger, Larry Lyons, Virgle Edward Maliclc, Roberf Manning, Larry Maihis, Marfha Mafhis, Bill 361 Wi' V " 'W'-M-04-1 seidiili 55.1.2 'I I'i::e'E5'E'Ei :EE 2: "- glggf 4 Z L 2 S Q if 2, 2 SQ' 'die G ,J-M - .:.551152535f5:Ef'EfE'-iii if' C525 252: ' if 5. - V W Hzweii 'If . . . - g2I:?5I'531?25i:I.g:24I'Z,:I: new - . A .: 5221: A l 731i if I ff . ' :l-1 -i??'?.I1'I:7IE?'Ii''iliffiliill 2' 7, Baja s , ff , L 21 2. ,.rfrm.v i:,gf1-' ff -ff 2 4 MaHhews,, Buck McAfee, Marfha Raye McBride, Milce McCar+hey, Mary McClendon, Cleve McClendon, Henry Ma -W, 'WSW " J PEI Ii?I5I5?I5IfIC5I5.:5Ei3::5'E'I:I'bfi 15:5 :.: ::- :'-g: .: ::.:' ' :-': - -:-:- . , -f-:- w i? -f 4. ,X QE ffifff 'fixes ,. ff Q W A W Q ia M? M a H Z f fs W 33 Q f 5 -gf My x W wigs' M : w we f .. . -If i ' l,. L ,-n1.!f,:,,:..-ima,p+:,f, gi::e::e2:a5gaga3agf':'..,:.:.-1 ,531 . :3g::f:g,:g::g:gg:g2:-5,V- sn.-e ,.w'.f,4rg.m :,f:1::f:11:s,::e". 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'wr l Oliolendf, Grove O'Neal, Peggy Ann Orsini, David OuleHa, Wanda Paladino, Emily Parlrer, Jaclr .... :. rx :QQ '55 if- f:-':if'2E'E " 5:F::-E-I,-5IiE:IiIif2IiZf,I2 l55"liwWW'3 "' f ..., . , B, . ' , HMM Q at 2 , r .. 3 ,, g . 'Q W W4 .... 55 ""' 5 i" I ig.. ,:ffEE::i'-" " 2'-'ii'-'-E:i'if"E 1 'P' 21 arise 22 5525 .,... , W' ,ff ,,Af,,,,,,,l, , - ., ,. iw, H255 f?"'EelXwwfU - ..... , '.,..,r.,:.f:-z 'l-g:5gs":f:2- :1?i2l:v'- U N .fiwelg Liiiwgdwgiiii E51:giggig5ig::Es1:ZZ5EE5!i2E2I " ' 2 "'W1 Q izgggieiiwi , , E 1 ri R if f5v35 '5525 E f:55:2f 2:52 ' ' ' QwhQ , ::,-:f,::5,.,5:,EV::E Egi r W, i :f:22f2sf,f2f22e'f51' , ' g f Sex will ,J is Sig M W s ,L gfiw iw S, Ag fx 1 R 3 'vii ::E, ,. ,. 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Cameron Feed Mills, North Little Rock Phofo Couriesy Cameron Feed Mills Olin Mathieson's sulphuric acid plant, North Little Rock. Phofo by Rofkin, New York Though we were given falenfs, fhe use of 'these falenfs was leff fo our iudgmenf and discrefion. We were also given nafural resources and fhe decision of whefher or nof fo use fhem was also leff up fo us. Appalled by fhe idea of wasfe and faced by fhe necessifies of life, men became indusfrious and began fo use fhese nafural re- sources in ways fhaf mighf be beneficial fo al mankind. ' Arkansas, wifh ifs abundance of raw maferials and vasf supply of cheap fuel, soon began fo furn ifs resources info manufacfured goods. One mighf say fhe king of fhe manufacfuring indusfries in our sfafe comes fo fhe facfories clad in rich green-fimber producfs rule. Some lumber and wood producfs are produced in every counfy in Arkansas, even 'though fhe in- dusfry is mainly locafed in fhe Gulf Coasfal Plain near Crosseff and Warren. Because of fhe greaf value of Arkansas foresfs, fhe pine, Arkan- sas' mosf valuable free, was chosen as fhe sfafe free. The mineral resources of our "Wonder Sfafe" also make possible a number of imporfanf in- dusfries. Scaffered over fhe sfafe are fhe im- pressive sighfs of pefroleum refineries, chemical planfs, and planfs producing numerous and ne- cessary mefals. A I To be offered as an example of Arkansans making fhe mosf of maferials fhe sfafe produces is fhe rapidly growing coffonseed indusfry. More fhan a hundred producfs are made from linfers, hulls, and meafs of coffonseed affer fhe coffon is ginned. Among fhese producfs are explosives, building maferials, painfs, ferfilizers, bloffing paper, pipe sfems, cooking oils, mofion picfure film, and sfeering wheels. Elecfricify is a magical word and fhe produc- fion of elecfricify is one of fhe mosf imporfanf indusfries in fhe sfafe. Because of her many sfreams, Arkansas is an excellenf place for fhe building of elecfrical planfs. This elecfricify is, in furn, supplied fo cifies, farms, and facfories fhroughouf fhe sfafe. As fhe sfafe furns ifs nafural resources fo in- dusfry, fhe sfudenfs on Wildcaf Hill indusfriously furn ouf Classwork, fhus seffing fhe wheels of learning in mofion. Year by year fhe plof fhick- ens as more classwork is furned ouf and more of fhe producf, knowledge, is made available 'lo fhe people of Arkansas. Arkansas Power and Light Company's Lynch Plant, North Little Rock rphofo by BEM K X wk f xx fxxgf N ii as X wx Q LEGEND Poon - Avian sooo I poufer al? gas mfE kXxii,i N 77 jf X, ff GAS I, V f PIPE Llflf ,-., KX Xjf f f C, Q: ' A 7 POWER TRANSMISSION LINES f zu ff 9 Q X ff X, Af' -M an Wt Language Arts Social Studies Mathematics Natural Sciences Commercial Subjects Homemaking Vocational Arts Fine Arts Physical Education 89-95 96-97 98-99 100-101 102-105 104-105 106- 107 108-116 1 17- 118 The shrinking world of 'loday is made even smaller by 'the s'l'uden+ who has al' his command lhe abiliiy no'l only lo express his 'lhoughls bu'l lo undersland l'hough'rs expressed by olhers. Siudenls of NLRHS receive lraining in all phases of boih English and American Liferaiure and grammar. Along wirh 'lhe modern idea ol: preparedness, Jrhere is offered in addilion lo lhe regular English courses a special, more advanced course for lhei college-bound sludenlu Here on Wildcai Hill siudenis are noi' only schooled in lhe English Language Arls bul' are encouraged 'ro' selecl a foreign language course in which ihey become acquainied wi'rh olher cul- lures. During ihis course of s'ludy +he siudenl' may lose any prejudice or disillusionmenl he may have had, lo a beller and more realis+ic under- slanding of his foreign neighbors. 'fm g i E 5 im The Language Arts Communication Leads To Understanding 14 v 'I' J f 1 ,nf I f I i s , fa , afaa:1 , ,.'. T . 's. Reyburn Fearnsidc Miss Katye Lou Russell Mrs. Sarah Helms ad ol lbe D0f1IH'f!II6"7If of Ijugfisb Head of the Dejmrlmentoffo1n' Head of tbe Depmtr I zf L IL g 'helor of Arts and Master of Arts, Univcr is Bachelor of Arts, Ouachita College, Arkatlclphia Bflfhelvf of ANS, SIR! Twill? C llegf' f Oklahoma, Norman Master of Arts, University of Arkansas, Conway Fayetteville. ln lhe courses offered-French, La'l'in, and Spanish-lhe s+uden+ learns noi' only lo speak 'l'he language bul becomes familiar wilh +he cus- ioms, dress, and daily life of 'the naiives of ihese counlries. To furlher This chain of undersianding, lhe Journalism sludenl' slrives 'ro creale a beHer in- formed public by upholding +he Journalisiic ideals and perfecling l'he Journalisiic slyle. Wifh our cilizens of lomorrow well versed in lhese language ar+s so essenlial lo lhe survival of our Democracy, is no'r a world of real under- sianding +ruly in sighi? English An Indispensable Possession This ls Leader of l'he languages of ihe world, basis for modern educaiion, l'ool of communicaiion, and iune +o which is sei ihe liierary masl'er- pieces of our ceniury-ihese and many more phrases describe a precious and qui+e indispens- able possession-ihe English language. Here on Wildcai l-lill ihe English language is siudied in every phase-from ihe parls of speech l'o 'rhe diagraming of seniences and back 'ro ihe greai liieraiure which puis English io worlt sobeauiifully. ln order +o accomplish 'this 'the sl'udy oi English is divided inl'o lwo classi- ficalrionsg general English, which is an over all siudy of all phases of Englishg and special or college preparaiory English--which concenl'ra'res on developing 'lhose slcills needed by a college s'ruden+. Ziff 'K 'ii-fm :QW "T'5'f"7""" Mrs. John Purtle English Bachelor of Arts, Hfzrdin-Sinznlonv L'ni1'e1'vily, Ahilene, Texas Master of Arts, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Mr. Ray Poindexter English Bachelor of Science in Education, Southwest Missouri State College, Springfield, Missouri. Mrs. Marian Phillips English Bachelor of Arts, Central State College, Edmond, Oflilcl. Miss Bette Wright English Bachelor of Science, State Teachers College, Conway, Arch. Mrs. Lynn Tarkington English Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Arkrnzsus, Fayetteville The Sophomore, upon eniering English class, may open his mind +o spelling. senlence con- siruclion, poel'ry or l'he siudy of Julius Caesar. The Junior English class nexi door may be siudying senience diagraming or anoiher 'rech- nique used in feaching ihe mechanics of 'lhe English language. And 'rhe Senior English class down l'he hall may be wri'ring Jrhemes, analyzing boolcs or simply consiruciing inielligenl' senlences. English classes on Wildcaf Hill prepare us 1. be pleasani, successful, and informed individuals by pul'l'ing in our hand ihe l'ool on which our success and happiness will someday depend- lhe lcnowledge of ihe English language. we :UN X Hg kfw' ' ik , ggi Sian ' an 2,5 H wi A wffg we 'Q A - 355 i , .,..,., M VA ' 155 55? 5, I., , .. Fwxggy , A M fm, , Q if ,Q iss 554 5: 534 '?5 K ez. ax. Journalism These Record The Heartbeat of NLRHS As lhe me'l'ropoli'l'an iournalisls reporl l'he hearl'bea'l's of lhe cily so do Wildcai iournalisls reporl and record 'rhe happenings al Norlh Lillle Rock High School. Sludenls spend many long hours of hard worlc preparing lfhe Hi Comel, which is a bi-weelcly paper, and lhe 244-page 9xl2 Wildcal Annual. An oulsider mighl regard lhe Journalism De- parlmenl as a conlinuous slale of mass confus- ion-lhe pholographers remind one of perpel- ual molion while busy lalcing piclures of school aclivilies, edilors seem lo be doing a dozen im- porlanl lhings al once, business and adverlising managers 'lranlically malce conlacls over lhe phone and a+ lhe same lime prepare ad copy, 'lypisls lype as if lhey hadn'l' a momeni' lo lose, and l'he poor slafl reporlers are every- where al once. Deadlines musl' be mel! HI COMET MAKE-UP . . . Editors Clara Bess Matson and Linda Digby struggle with the dummy. Here sl'udenl's receive a glimpse of l'he good life of iournalism, whelher busily worlcing lo lceep lhe sludenl body informed 'lhrough 'l'he paper, or dedicaling lhemselves lo recording anolher year of Wildcal Hislory in lhe annual. WILLIE XVILDCAT IS BORN . . . Staff Cartoonist and Artist Carroll works at his drawing board. MAIL OUT TIME . .. Alice Sweatnmn, Caml Kcrby, jack and Jeanie Lindberg sweat it out, FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS . . . Gayle Ile- sanwn, Martha Perry, and jerry Plummer. French Les Eleves Study Language of Love and Beauty NCH IS FUN, BUT NOT FUNNY-Martha Bowen experiments with I TAKE, YOU TAKE, XVE ALI. TAKE-FRENCH-Sue XVynns conjubat translations. Alfhough French is lcnown as lhe language of love and beaury lhe N. L. R. H. S. French srudeni' is soon +o learn 'lhaf There is much more ro rhe s'rudy +han +ha+. "Les Eleves" are firsl inrroduced Io French by a sludy of phonefic symbols which are ne- cessary ro learn pronouncialion. During fhe firsl year of his +wo year course 'rhe s+uden'I' will pick up a working vocabulary. ln addifion +o learn- ing five differeni' 'lenses he will become familiar wirh many of rhe idiomalic expressions which are used in French. Since French is composed of many irregular verbs, lhe sludenl will learn +o coniugale many verbs. Second year sludenis begin wi'I'h a sfiff re- the verh. view +hen go in +o siudy 5 addifional renses, many more verbs and vocabulary words and 'l'he subiunclive mood. Also included in fhe sec- ond year s+udy is a charming liHle French read- er which Iells a greai' deal abou? lhe people, iheir habils and lheir way of life. Sfudenfs are encouraged lo correspond wifh French Sludenls who are sfudying English. Be- ginning +he correspondence wi+h a leHer in Eng- lish lhe sludem' is 'lhen answered by fhe French sfudenf in his narive language. A greaf deal of profil' is derived from +his correspondence and lhe sludeni' soon realizes 1'ha+ he is having fun as well as learning. Spanish We Learn To Speak With Our Neighbors Miss Bernice Blankenship Spanish Bachelor of Arts, Hendrix College, Conway, Master of Education, University of Arkmzxax, Ffiyetrerille All lhe 'lun ol knowing our colorful neighbors soulh ol our border of lhe Uniled Slales, a golden opporlunily lo learn how our indigenous friends speak, and a marvelous chance lo broad en our oullook on 'rhe world around us is pro vided by lhe Spanish classes al N. L. R. H. S. The sludy of Spanish on Wildcal Hill is di vided inlo a lwo year course. Firsl' year slu denls learn lense and coniugalions of verbs, pronouns, subiecls, obiecls, and reflexives. To spice lheir sludy of Spanish, sludenls sing Span- ish songs, presenl' dialogues in class, and par- licipale eagerly in Spelling marches using only lhe Spanish alphabel. As final polish lo lhis golden language, lhe second year sludenls sludy lhe indicalive and subiunclive moods ol verbs, presenl by memory oral dialogues in Spanish, and carry on conver- salions enlirely in lhe language of Lalin Amer- ica. Spanish speaking pen pals, book reporls, gaily decoraled bullelin boards, and celebralions commemoraling Mexican lieslas 'lurlher slimu- lale inleresl in lhis soil-spoken language. CROSSXVORD PUZZLIES always present problems in any language-especially on a Spanish turkey. Of course the Spanish classes believe in Santa Claus! Believing fhaf Lafin is valuable even in a world of roclcefs, missiles, and anfi-missiles, Norfh Liffle Rock High offers 'l'wo years of fhis classi- cal language. Lafin develops in fhe sfudenf care- ful and precise sfudy halaifs and forms fhe foun- dafion for fhe sfudy of many ofher suloiecfs. Nof only does Lafin prove exfremely valuable in learning ofher languages buf also in increas- ing one's vocabulary and offering a new oufloolt info English grammar. By Lafin franslafions fhe sfudenfs become acquainfed wifh ancienf Rom- an civilizafion which became fhe foundafion of our Wesfern Civilizafion. Firsf year Lafin depends much upon drill and memory work. Second year Lafin consisfs of more drill and memory worlt, buf if also includes franslafions of fhe Gallic Wars of Julius Caesar. Latin The Famous Classic Language Still Has Charm imma! Mrs. B. F. Allbright AESAR'S LEGIONNAIRE . . . Mrs. Allbright and Paul Petty acl- Ldfifl nire the model of a Centurion. TS ALL GREEK TO ME! . . . Josephine Egner declines "libcr" for flike Vaughn. Bachelor of Arts, Hendrix College Co zu ry Social Studies For Better Citizens As The World Turns As the world turns social studies are elevated to a position ot utmost importance in student lite on Wildcat Hill. Designated with the pur- pose ot making better citizens tor the world ot tomorrow, a social studies program varying trom the study ot ancient history to tamily relation- ships and constituted ot American and World Histories, World Geography, American Govern- ment and Economics, and Human Relations is ottered to each and every N. L. R. H. S. student. Records ot the past and tull ot clues to the tuture are the American and World History courses. Here students obtain the lcnowledge necessary to help them appreciate their great heritage. Secrets ot physical, regional, economic, and political geography are unveiled in their many torms to the student ot World Geography. For the student who wishes to be well-intorm- ed there is the study ot American Government and Economics. ln this class students are taught the tunctions ot various government depart- ments, the importance ot tree ballots, and to Mrs. Hazel Ragland Head of IJ?lllI17'f7l7671f of Social Studies Barhelor of Arts, State Tern-faery Collage, Clllllfzljl, Al'l'm1sr1.l WW Mrs. Garland Beavers Head of Ilunmn Relrzlionx IJl.'11l1'l7lIL'l1f I Bnrlaelm- of Mnsir, mul Sjzerirzl Stmlics in Gllllldlifk Conuxcling Urzircrsily of Arlaarmlx, lfuycfllwille understand and appreciate the democratic torm ot government that so many people talce tor granted. That "tinishing touch" is admirably added by the Human Relations course ottered on Wildcat Hill. Directed at helping students become in- telligent and understanding individuals, it teaches the social graces, and presents them with the magical lcey that will enable Wildcats to live successtully among their tellow men. t Q-x.f"'-. fl. wmnffa Mm, 'E:. 5' fi L ' . f' Emixllll Liflh xwhwkx v If W ' ij.. , , W V H Miija 2 .,, ff 1 R . Q-- Q-VvQ W . , . f . f 55133. A' ll V i ki ,,V,i l my , - llb Viv i K 3 A-"-', if-Ei li?-f.Q.5Q:i:-E?Z,,.2f2ngZg'a.'d,, i rl f ...Q -AQ" . ASA- it .,,,' 1 ',A,. 2 '?"' ' dn-, E 5 Q ' ""-W-.-. 'W if 5 xi rf-M...,KMM....1 1 THIS ART will make history! Grove Ohnlcnclt, Linda Fielding, and lsan Oishi mount their posters in American liistnry. if? J, i li :M Q ., .- .2 . A n 'EE' "' I. H gf sqm Qi , 5 I .. ,. :fy 3 WW, ...W f :H sf Q , x i l H f"" 1, iv H Paul Mosley Mrs. Willizitli G. Fleming Mr. C. W. McFall Geography and Amerimn Ilixtory Uvorld Iliilory Iilfflff Bachelor of Libeml L.1u', Barlaelar of Arlx, lfrzirerxily I " 'J' Mrs. Louise Schmidt Hzmmn Relations Baflyelor of SClt'lll'6', Homnvl Artx, 0N.1p!Jjf,1 Unirersily of Arkmlsux, of New Mexiro, Allmquerque Payne College, Bf0ll'l1ll'00ll, , Arkizzlelplfiu, Ark. Fflyeltcwille Texas lN'lr. A. lf. Aldridge Anlerium Histo ry Barlwlor of Sl'lt'I1l'L' in lfzlu- fatiou, Stale Teuzflwrx Callegv. Cwzzmy. A1'Lm1.m,f.' lllaxler of Ijdumliorl, l'f1iz'cr'- sity of Ariarzms, Iifycltezillt Mathematics Fascinating Is The Word For Math so that the student may be able to tollow the progress ot any later venture with comprehensive understanding ot its success. These courses teact the handling ot ratios, proportions, and variations and the extractions ot roots. Students who plar to enter the protession ot engineering, architec ture, and other similar protessions tind the stud' ot solid geometry a necessity. An understanding ot the properties, measurements, and relations o solids is thoroughly explored. Those entering the tield ot aviation, astronomy mechanics, and engineering become tascinated witl trigonometry. This course is a mathematical science which deals with the relations ot the angles ana sides ot triangles. General Math is the basis ot all math. lt is im portant, theretore, that the course include simplt principles ot math as well as principles enlarge? upon in higher math courses. The general mat bliss Bess 101105011 "WHAT, ANOTHER TlfST??" Cl'l1 rave you to the sick roomlj 1l1fflD1t1tofMtlt tr mn 0 .ve emi' neu n rum 1 5 linclvelor' of Arty. I.iiIi1't'7'.Yi1-j' of Arkmzmx, Fayetterille North Little Roclc Senior High is tortunate enough to possess an excellent Mathematics de- partment. ln the age ot strenuous competition with other countries in the areas ot math and science, North Little Rock students are just beginning to compete as they study all phases ot mathematics, algebra l, ll, plane geometry, solid geometry, trig- onometry, and general math. The obiectives ot algebra l, II are to give the student a basic understanding ot solving equations with unlcnowns. The study ot graphs is explored course at North Little Rock Senior High review the principles ot adding, subtracting, multiplying dividing, and problems in business arithmetic. Plane Geometry not only adds a knowledge o mathematic principles, bu+ also trains its student to thinlc more logically. It is a must tor the college bound student. The tield ot math is wide open to anyone whcl is thoroughly trained and in the near tuture i will welcome many of the graduates ot Nortt Little Rock Senior High. Wgf fx V ,if ' 4 ' ....,. , J , W 57:FfwqwwvQf2m M ,W Q X . 1. x W , X . ,... :T wig ,, ,gl A Q f. X Q., ' S N ,A Vx Q sl ,Y 'Q H H? X as . ff? 4,L. V '-MQ W 0. ' gggj hp my glmxjg BM :QM A ge -...P A W V-'36 TQQHQ: , A K 'w5Cf'f",5- ' 1 4, Q J if i- ff N FX' 'Fm if iff "gf E lv Q 'W +2 y x ,Q A W 5 ' V, R1 1 Ev!-w'LsJw32"'w31wv,5 ff W f ,, , w gjx5WMbMb mx ,HA 5 ii 3 M ,M ,W 3-'vn...f' Q 2 f 1 XX N M 5' ' xv, W W--' f W V WM- 4-ll W: ,M ' iff! Wf Aww f vi! ,ff ,,,A 3 5 Lg Z, ,i 5 S-.M ,J fx., WJ Y, Mrnfxgju 4 Q W,,,,.,m...,,.,'M X , wbfl,-'i5..-na..pf2wi,,, CA.. Wi! fx,E'?WMi ' jvfww WNMM X A .W QE, wi ff' ,X if iq J .3 N V fi xg g 1223-45, ,li 5 , W X 5 ,V ,, 5 4 3 f si-Qi ff W W X EMM:-. ig: 5,3 Q X-1..,.N. Mfr N LM af w 4-W jk fi ml' ij if 5" 5 ' M5 wg! X .:g,:wwx"' M ' .Q ,,,,,,.---'W' Mw,x VW, iZE:Z:A3m,5,?,?,Q,,,wyw-vw nmwwww ,. " W, Q i n,N,..---f'jj,,,.M-M'f'M"M"x 'W ,mf x .M Mwwm. , Mm 5 sf ff Natural Sciences Existence Depends Upon Them ln this eve ot a gravity-defying, barrier- breaking, heavens-grasping age in which we live, emphasis turns to the tield that is perhaps now receiving its greatest recognition since the Mid- dle Ages: the tield ot science. Missile corporations cry out tor new scien- tistsg thinlcing citizens hope tor them, the public taltes them tor granted, and governments de- pend upon them. Otten a student discovers while talcing a sci- ence course abilities and spontaneous interests never betore suspected, tor never betore were these hidden talents given the opportunity ot uncovering and developing themselves. Stripping science ot its enormous vocabulary brings it to tairly simple basic ideas. The toun- dation ot the natural sciences is that the laws ot nature can be understood by the human mind, when one applies himselt. ln North Little Rock High, students may elect to take three major laboratory sciences. These Mrs. james Taylor Head of Sfienre Department Bachelor of A-fix, Erskine College, Due We.vl, S. C.,' Mastei' of Education, Uni1'er.vity of Arkansas, Fayetteville X .-r 1 HOPE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING M Maria Alford, Gretchen Van Tuyle, and jane Roberts are attempting an experiment on Heat of Vaporation. are biology, chemistry, and physics. The scien- titic experiments triecl and studied are inter- esting, the lab equipment, excellentg the sub- jects, tascinating. High school is an opportune time to experiment with the ditterent sciences and to decide whether one's tuture career may lie somewhere in the many-sided tield ot science. Although the scientitic subjects are generally thought ot as being exclusively tor the brightest pupil, this impression is distorted. The study ot science can prove to be interesting to anyone, rewarding to those who master it, and to the true student-tunl ifm W'-up v-W9 an if IN TIME IIONORLIJ 'l'R.XDl'l'lON, soplmmmwre binlugy students dissect the granhnppur. 4 Sf? 'K we Q ink Y if 5 av-v' 'n E Irs. lfulu Blcxim Mr. David Il. Blglllbllll Elf. 1.111108 I.. :Mncif ofoxqv liinloyy 1 fu lllfKH'1' lflwlrfr' of S1'it'llt't', Smlu 'lluzffmn Lnflwgu liurfwlor' of SLiL'Il1'C 111141 Jhulw' of SL'i1'II11'. limfwfrn' 'lf S4i1'UlL4'. I lIf1'H'flJ' of Alllllfl-HH f.UIlll'aly, pIr'lm1.ulx,' l flllwixily of .'Ir,'f.H1ulx, l'llwllu1'iffn' l'Ll1L'IlL'1iff4 , fmxlur' of flrlw, lfuzfzmfy Cffffvgv.!7liI,L' Commercial Subjects We Train For the World Of Business Mrs. W. Miller Head of tbe Commerfinl Depizrlmevzt Arkamax Slate College, !0716"5b0V'0,' Alarter of Edurrzliou, Uvzirersity of A7'kIIIlS1IS, Fayetteville The Commercial Deparfmenf of Norfh Liffle Rock Senior High School is widely acclaimed by businessmen fo be among fhe finesf in fhe sfafe. The sfudenfs also realize ifs worfh as fhe business subiecfs fake fheir place among l'he mosl' soughl'-af'l'er courses 'l'ha'l are offered. Typing, fwo years of Shorfhand, Office Prac- fice, Bookkeeping, Business Law and Business Mafh are fhe subiecfs which make up 'rhe Busi- ness Deparfmenf. Alfhough fhese are all elecfive subiecfs, fhe alerl' sfudenf choosing fhem recognizes fhaf wifh 'rhe knowledge obfained from fhese courses he will be equipped 'ro earn his own way in fhe world and really applies himself +o acquire all fhe knowledge and skill fhaf he can. Despife fhe facl' fhaf our world is offen ferm- ed a "World of Aufomafionu fhere is sfill a greaf demand for high qualify, efficienf busi- Mrs. Vertie Baxlcy Bookkeeping Bnfbelor of Arts, Harding College, Searry. flrkmzsax ness personnel-fhe kind 'rhal' is graduafed from fhe Commercial Deparfmenl' of Wildcaf Hill. Greafer LiH'le Rock Businessmen are also ap- preciafive of fhe facl' fhal' our graduafes are nol' only skilled in machine usage buf fhey have also picked up many helpful hin'l's concerning office procedure, business puncruafion, spelling, business jargon and ofher such desirable ex'l'ras which combine fo produce fhe capable worker so essenfial fo fhe efficienfly run business of- fice. My my 'iw ., V AWMYWX Homemaking Priceless ls the word For Homemaking Skills he , 'lll "Home is where lhe hearl' is". Home is where we go l'o resl, lo find com- lorl, companionship, underslanding, and love. Based on 'lhese beliefs l'he Homemalcing Deparl- menl on Wildcal Hill slrives lo produce home- malcers who can malce 'rhese qualifies inherenl in lomorrow's homes. Girls nol' only learn lhe basic mechanics of homemalcing bul' how +o malce l'he besl' of all possible opporlunilies by applicalion of inl'er- ior decoralion inspired by imaginalion and needs, child care, home nursing, enlerlaining in lhe home, and mainlaining a cheerful, friendly almosphere in lhe home. Learning by experience is 'lhe melhod of leaching applied in lhis course. Thus l'he abilily lo sew is developed 'lhrough lhe malcing of gar- menl's for personal use. The garmenls are made during class periods wi+h lhe help of sewing parlners and under lhe shrewd eyes of lhe class inslruclor. he G' . C1 Mrs. FIZIUCCS Smith ALL WRAPPEID UP IN CHRISTMAS SPIRIT-Dee Lister and Becky I HEMI of the H0mem!,,1?i,,g Dc.ym,.,,,,e,Z, experience one phase of Home Economics. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Ijnirersiiy of A7'k!I715d5, Fayetteville "Man shall no'l live by bread alone," and in accordance wilh l'his, homemalcing s'l'udenl's al' NLRHS learn lo prepare various meals, breads, vegelables, salads, desserls, and dainly goodies lo use in home en+er+aining! To encourage 'rhe use of lheir lraining oulside of school, lhe girls are required lo l'urn in 'lhree home proiecls-each represenling a separalc phase of homemalcing. The sludy of homemalcing here al' NLRHS is divided inlo lwo eleclive courses-firsl and sec- ond year Homemalcing. llrdiuwuwaa IF I KNEW YOU WERIQ COINIING I'D HAVE BAKED A CAKE! Barbara Horton and Barbara Higgons learn the art of umkrng r Bits. Janive Blanchard Homenmbiug I Bachelor of Sfieufv in Ilnmv Iit'0ll01I1it'.Y, L'11iz'er,vity of Arvhlllxtzsl, I:rIJ'L'ff0I'il16 Mrs. Anne XV. Browder Home Ifmfzomirx Barlaelor of Scierlfc, Alulmnla Polytcrfmic Coll AIlbll1'Il .Master of Sfi0l1CL', Iouuz Slate Collegv. Ames L, Vocational Arts Here Tomorrow's World ls A-borning Never were lwo words more inclusive lhan lhe worcls "Vocal'ional Depar+menl'," for wilhin lhe 'four walls of our vocalional building are educaled lomorrow's draflsmen, mechanics, elec- lrical engineers, machinisls and craflsmen. The vocalional deparfmenl a+ NLRHS is nol only an exlension of 'rhe high school bul a school in i'ls own righl where sl'uden'ls learn no'l only by reading and 'lhinlcing bu+ by aclual experi- ence. Here 'lhey develop lhe skill and knowledge 'lhal' may be lheir very exislence in laler life. Everylhing is born of an idea: all ideas musl be drawn up inl'o blue prinls before an aclual producl can be produced: l'his is our Mechan- ical Drawing Deparlmenl. Here sludenls mee'l requiremenls of exaclness and precision as lhey malce 'lhe map lo guide a worlcman in his job. Mrs V1r 11 F Tyler Dzrertor or tle Vocalional Department Mr. Chester L. Gates Electronics, Related Sciewc' and Mfzflw Burloelor of Srzence in Education, State Tearbem College, Conwnyf Bnrhelor of Stienfe in Erlnfaliozz mul Zllfzxler of Sfieuce, .vle1 0 S me 111 Ezluration, Ufzircrsity of Arkfuzsns, Ihzyelterillc University of Arkansas, l"ayet!ez'1lle Our producl would lhen lravel 'ro lhe wood- worlc deparlmenl or perhaps inlo l'he hand of a machinisl whose slcill would begin l'he lranslorm- alion ol a dream on paper inl'o a realily. Meanwhile in 'lhe aulo shop junior and senior boys are repairing and overhauling cars for l'he facully members, sludenls, and oulsidersg per- haps using some parl lhal anolher sludenl has learned lo malce in his course of s'l'udy. As ils small parl' in lrying lo fill lhe quola of eleclrical engineers lhe scienlilic world is clam- oring lor, l'he eleclrical engineering course on Wildcal' Hill inlroduces eleclronics and heads 'lhem 'foward lhis field of worlc. The Vocalional Deparlmenl' of lhe Wildcal Hill lruly plays an imporlanl parl in l'he world of lomorrow. Vlr. Merrill Ollar llefbauical Drawing arbelor of Sciente, Arkansas and M College, Moulifello J eww r BOX DIACQRAM of a radio is shown to electronics students by Mr. Gates. xuNlCS classes in N. L. R. H. S. study radio, waves with the use of an oscillascope. 3 W 53? A xx ,F Q an elf r r J5Yiw,.,,m www-N K. ' Mr. Eugene A. Parker Aulo Mecbanirs lfnizfersily of Arkansas, Fayetlez'i1lr:,' Sweeney School of Auto Mechanics, Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Charles B. Newton Mr. Wm. Conway Wilson ll"'oodu'ork Mafbine Shop and Imlusirial AVIS Bafbelor of Sriente in Edufation, Bafbelor of Srienfe in Erlucafiou, Slate Tearbers College, Conway Unirersity of Arkansas, Fayetierille' 107 8 Knowledge ot drama, music, and art all go into the shaping ot a well rounded outlook on cultural side ot lite. The Fine Arts Department on Wildcat Hill is amply qualitied to provide the Fine Arts Man Need Not Live For Bread N.L.R.H.S. student with this cultural background. Carrying a large load on it's capable shoulders Algne is our small but etticient art department. ln addi- tion to providing the scenery that sets the moods tor annual school presentation and various holi- days, our art department helps to develop and encourage those students who show promise in various fields ot art. A more than admirable success in their aims are the Speech and Drama departments. To- gether they help students develop poise, large Mr. Raymond Brandon Mr. Clarence S. White Head of the Department of Mllsic Vocal Muxic Bnehelor ofM11sir, Vandercook School of Mzzsic, Chieago, Illinois Bnfhelor of Arts, Ouafhita College, Arknrlelplmz, Arkmlsax: Master of Arts, Western State College, Colorado Bachelor of Mzzsic and Matter of Religious Edumliorl, South- western Theologieal Seminary, Ft. lVorth, Texas and varied vocabularies, and the ability to speak and act well. A special teature ot this depart- ment is the outstanding debate class, which holds an attraction tor us all. Proot ot the adage, "music has charms to sooth the savage beast," are the students in our band. Schooled in music ot all types, the band has outdone itselt in producing the tinest marching band in the state. Not to be overshadowed by other members ot the Fine Arts Department is our Choral Dep- artment. Divided into the Sophomore Glee Club, and Junior and Senior Choirs, this department turnishes delighttul entertainment tor the people in our city as well as N.L.R.H.S. students. X 'Q' xiii ,wkigf 2, 53 "ii 'L .LV fmq ffagfriffn ffl ask 5 I -iff! xx A if J y' gt Eigixfvf-52.1.53 . 3, E. 'r"g-if M -..,:,mmn,w,,.,, -1 vain - W, .,, . ,Q 'nf v-Ill" 'M THIS IS DANCING? . . . A mmlurn impression of il group of ICCIIS dancing painful by Second year art students anal is shown by -Indy NKIIIIHISFS and A. C. Rauscher. if-f"-M, Mrs. Searcy Thompson Hemi of the Ari IJBIIAIVHIIUPII Bachelor of St'iL'7ll'6",, Murray Stale College, Kwllurky A ,sim .1 M, 3 2, 3 Birs. Jim Grimmett Hcfuzl of the IJL'fhIf!77Il'I1f of 51741111 ami Drum!! Bafflelor of Sl'il'I1l'6 in EIIIIFKIUOPIA, 511110 Tf'zILgl7C'7'.V "' ...., X 'PJ QU 32-JE. M. Collcgv. CJUIIIIYYJ The Wildcat Band Widely Famous ls This Group of Musicians When Mr. J. R. Brandon loolc over The Wild- ca'l' Bands in I949, lhere were only a scanl 28 people in lhe deparlmenl. Today, in l960, lhere are over l60 sluclenls enrolled in inslrumenlal music. The Wildcal' Band is divided inlo lhree sec- lions, lhe Marching Band, 'rhe Concerl' Band, and lhe Varsily Band, which is composed of 'lhose sludenls who are nol' in The Concerl' Band. For lwelve weelcs, 'rhe Wildcal Marching Band is a colorful speclacle al' foolball games. Bul wilh The close of foolball season, lhe Band gels down lo serious business and 'rhe Concerl Band, composed of l'he Marching Band, begins lo prepare for ils 'lwo annual concerls, and il's varied program lhroughoul 'lhe year. and Captain R Carter and Band Lic tenant jcrrv Hanchev I , .H i wi' -P 5 5 f:f?gQ5'ft?3 in concerf, in rehearsal, af pep assemblies, in novelfies-whafever ihe Band is doing, H"s doing superlafiveiy. Choir Masters the Art Of Making Lovely Sounds The arl of malcing sounds lhal' are lovely and pulling lhem l'oge'lher inlo beauliful arrange- menls is l'he arl' of music 'rha'l is developed by lhe Choral Deparlmenl al NLRHS.. As everylhing musl have a lioundalion so mus'l musical abilily. The Sophomores of Wildcar Hill receive 'l'his basic fundamenial lraining lhrough an elecl'ive course lcnown as Glee Club. During 'lhis year of lraining, 'lhe sludenl' nol only learns lhe principles ol: music bul is laughl lo apply 'lhem 'rhrough aclual parlicipalion in singing. During l'he Junior year 'rhe advanced essen- 'lials of music are maslered, and our Junior class- men become more and more apprecialive of lhe music ar'l'. if Q C 1. -fa ' , V QYQAKR-"4 SENIOR CHOIR OFHCFRS . . . Lela Fisher, Donna Walhausen, Student director Ray Carter, Bobby johnson, and Linda Hickey. ll2 XVI? COULD MAKE BIELIIZVE . . , but, that wouldn't be hall: much fun , . . Shirley Thunms and Danny Bartell, surrounded by music department doing Show Boat Ill the annual Musical Varin e. Finally as accomplished musicians lhe Senior Choir is ready 'lo perform. One of l'he benefiis derived from l'he previous years of 'lraining is l'he opporiunily lo perform for various groups 'rhroughoul 'rhe school, cily, and sl'a+e, such as l'he annual Chrislmas program, Musical Varielies and l'he Slale Choir Feslival. Special honors are given some s'rudenl's as lhey lalce lheir place in ei'l'her 'lhe Boys Quar- lel, 'lhe Girls Trio or The Girls Ensemble. "SIiMMliRTIMIZfANIJ 'IIIIE LIVING IS IUXSY . . . Glee Club sings on the A Christmas Assembly. S, iw XVAIT, I 'I'lIlNK IDICICS GOING TO SNIEEZE . . . All-CHOOIYI . . . Senior Buys Quartet. Dicky' Sliafenbergcr. Gail Russell, George -links. and Ray Carter , . . ALI. DRISSSIZID I'I' AND NO PIACIZ TO GO . . . Ifnsemlwle sings again , . . MOVE OYVR, XVIII. YAI -Iurly , . . they are Illlillljl A picunrelf . . . Seniur Girls Trio, Suzanne Oclum, Shirley 'I'l1omzxs, and Alumly Mathews, perform again. fleflj "AND, Sllli TOLD Nlf 'IIIAT TIIIS DRESS XYAS .-KN ORlGlN.Xl.!ll" . . . Senior Girls Iinsemlwle entertain III ilie fzlll Seniur llFCkllxliiISl, SKIP TO MY LOU, MY DARLIN' . . . Senior Choir wuws them agam . . . ALL STATERS STRUT THEIR STUFF . . . frightj GET PAID? . . . ARE YOU KIDDIN'????? . . . Art students paint backdrop for the Musical Varieties. GATHER AT THE RIVER?" . . . The 1960 Musical Varieties were a big success W5 is VT CONTACT . . . At the hands of Carole Swaim, Gail Russell for the first time in his life is "really clean." We Stud Histrionics Many sludenls will recall lhe long walk from 'lhe Speech Deparlmenl. They will recall lheir iirsl hard year in +he class, where +hey learned how lo speak in public, lo speak correclly, and lo speak wilhoul speech defecls. ln lhe second year l'hey were laughl l'he es- senlials of make-up, cosluming, acling and play produc'rion. In l959 a lhird year course of speech was opened lo s+uden+s a+ Wildcal Hill. This course was lhe Debale Class. Sludenls who are on a deba'I'e leam may debale wilh sludenls from IF IM IILECTFD . . . Speaker Emmons charms her audience THE CIRCUS INICST BIZ IN TOXVIXI CAUSE HERITS A CLOWN "Ili IVIARLON BRANDO CAN DO IT, SO CAN NVE!" exclaims -A-jackie Vcnable denxunsrrates Lhc application of makeup. Gail Russell and jackie Kinarcl. H5 o+her schools in lhe slale and, a+ limes, on lelevision. When a person studies debate, he will discover 'lhe imporfance of learning about bofh sides of a problem before malcing a 'final decision. Many plays are presenled by 'lhe Speech Classes in assemblies. The classes are well-lmown for high ralings a+ +he Arkansas Speech Fesli- val, and 'they have walked off wi+h several awards in city The pride and joy of fhe Speech Deparlmenl' is the production of 'lhe Senior Play, in which any Senior may lalce parlz and sl'a'le con+es+s. ,sn for ING AROUND FOR AN "A" . . . Sandy Haustein pantomimes FISH the speech class. I THINK THEY ARE SUEEERING FROM POST-NASAL DRIP . . . Margaret Whitting, Gail Russell, Charlotte Morris, and Carole Swaim portray characters in "Eliznbetb's Young Manf' if Members of the Cast from The Darla at fbe Top of the Slfzirg vigirg the NLRHS Speech Charlotte Morris. Department and pose with Ginger Garrison and NOW WHERE DID I LEAVE MY PESKY SKEETERS . . . Doris Noble pan- GLASSES . . . Karen jo Nowell and Shirley tomimes tluring speech class. Thomas act the play Dark Eyes. DON'T SAY THAT, I TAKE DARES Mrs. Grimmett demonstrates how NOT to apply makeup on Margaret Wlxitting. Some sfudenfs falce courses in hisfory fo bef- fer fhemselves in fhe knowledge of fhe hisfory of our counfry and world. Some 'lalce courses in mafh fo learn more aboul' 'rhe world of figures. Girls falce courses in home-making fo beffer prepare fhemselves for fhe fime when fhey will be managing a home and family of fheir own. Boys fake courses in mechanics and woodwork fo learn more abouf fhe fascinafing world of mechanism. Sfudenfs falce many differenf business courses so fhaf fhey will be able fo meel' fhe challenge of fhe business world. There are so many courses for a sfudenl' fo choose from foday fo prepare himself for fhe fime when he will soon sfep oul' info fhe arms of fhe adulf world, buf iusl' whaf sorf of course does a sfudenl' fake fo prepare for fhe world of physical fifness? Physical Education The All-Important Course Of Study Mr. James Albright Head of the Department of Physiml lfelunrtiou Bafbelor of Sfienre, Arknmas Tech, Rlrsxellville This is where fhaf all-imporfanf course, Phy- sical Educafion, comes in. Physical Educafion al' Norfh Liffle Rock High School will be re- membered as a pleasanf, fun-filled experience by sfudenfs who fook fhe course. Nof only do fhe sfudenfs have a large variefy of excifing games fo parficipafe in, buf fhey also have a big new gymnasium. Girls physical educafion classes parficipafe in Volley Ball, Badminfon, Charge, Flag Foofball, Soffball, Baslcefball, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong, Ar- chery, and ofher various acfivifies. Miss Patricia Bane Physical Education Bnrbelor of Srienre in Education, Stale Teacbers College, C0nu'ay, Arkansas Flag Foofball is perhaps fhe mosl' inferesfing game for a girl fo learn. By parficipafing in fhis game, nof only does she learn all fhe rules and fechniques of foofball, buf she is able fo acfually play fhe game! Flag foofball is fhe same as boys' foofball excepf for a shorfer fime limif and fhe wearing of differenf colored flags which are pulled insfead of fhe girl being faclcled. Boys' physical educafion sfudenf parficipafe in baslcefball, soffball, fraclc, calisfhenics, and ofher various acfivifies. twef' ,i ITS A HIT!!!-Umpire joe favorite pastime 2 , K 'YW rm! Rehn . Lee Rotton, Catcher Penny Nolen, Batter Vikki Thatcher, Pitcher Margie Slocum, and outfielders enjoy the natio Miss Frances Lewis Girls Physical Education Bachelor of Science in Education, Arhanxas Slate Teachers College, Conway, Arkansax H8 -' Q V i f: of , Mr. James Bohunnon NIL Vernon Hutchins hir. Don Jolly Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Bachelor of Science in Ezlncaiion, Bachelor of Science in Educalion, Bachelor of Science in Ifrlucalion, Arkansas Tech, Rnssellrille Henderxon Teacherx College Arkanxax Tech, Ruxsellville Arhadelphia DECISIVE ACTION Awaanfaaa Stare 7' Pl l by Ph ps, Courf P bl ly d P li Commission esy Arkansas u ici an ars Daisy State Park Ph l by Pl lps, Courfesy Arkansas Pcblicify and Parks Commission Mt. Nebo State Park Info all decisive acfions go ingredienfs such as suspense, hearf, sfrong beliefs, and fhe de- sire fo reach a cerfain goal. A worfhy goal is firsf found and fhen fhe baffle fo reach fhe goal and conquer all opposifion begins. Perhaps fhe besf-known baffle foughf on Ar- kansas soil was fhe Baffle of Pea Ridge or Elk Horn Tavern, fhe firsf baffle foughf in Arkansas. Here fhe Soufh foughf and conquered fhe Norfh, even fhough fhe vicfory proved fo be a cosfly one for fhe Confederafes, wifh fhe deafhs of fwo generals as fhe price. If is said +ha+ fhe Baf- fle of Pea Ridge was fhe mosf imporfanf Civil War engagemenf wesf of fhe Mississippi River. Anofher Civil War Conflicf fook place in Arkansas af Prairie Grove. Here again fhe Con- federafes won fhe baffle, forcing fhe Union forces fo refire from fhe field. Cries of "Hold fhe Posf unfil help arrives or all are dead," musf have resounded fhrough Arkansas Posf when if was under Federal affack. The small Confederafe force defending fhe posf was forced fo surren- der fhree days affer fhe affack because of a lack of reinforcemenfs, and fhus fhe brave Con- federafes relucfanfly gave up fhe baffle. The Baffle of Helena was bravely foughf wifh greaf loss fo fhe high-spirifed buf weary Con- federafes. While Helena was held by Federal forces, a Confederafe army marched fo Helena and affacked fhe forfificafions in an unsuccess- ful affempf fo capfure and fake possession. Upon meefing wifh heavy fire, fhey were driven back wifh greaf losses. Overwhelmed by numbers and fires, fhe heroic Confederafe fighfers were forc- ed fo give up fhe baffle and refreaf. ln connecfion wifh baffles we offen fhink of flags and alfhough our presenf sfafe flag was nof in exisfence during fhe Civil War, Arkansas Confederafes would have been iusf as proud fo display if af fheir baffles as we are foday. Wildcaf Hill has also seen ifs decisive acfion --on ifs foofball field, ifs baskefball courfs, and frack fields. Our players, like fhe brave Con- federafes, march forward info baffle wifh high ideals, fhe desire fo win, and fhe desire fo up- hold fhe fradifions fhaf enable us fo fly our sporfsmanship flag. K f ' Jw' wwf? . as if ff k L .J .1 x., .tx "ff"g,1ft . ,, Pitch by Pfvdps, Ccwtesy Arkrmsaf Publlclny and Parks Cf7VUVWtFf-CH One of the most beautiful ways to bent the heat and relax tension in Arkansas ,. ...3 ff tx l Z' H , Il 1 N! " X N K., f U 5 f - .1 " lf 4A 115 t W Q N ' 11 Pl Y l ll h. L f ' 1 l ll 1 'ig QQ ' 1 M W M , , 1 1 Q Ti l 1 mgbfl 5:21 1 1, 5-mf V, . , ,., lk ll lx Q., I' llllll 1 1 jig? X? f 'Q' M 1 6 ffl 4-. 125' 7 ' ., if I I jf W ,ffijeu-1 Q' 5934 gif! ' ., 5512! 521 K I I A' ,QU ,ll II 1 cll ' I f W W if W f f Football 119 128 Basketball 129 134 Coach Jim Albrighl slarled his lhird year al 'lhe helm of The Norlh LiHle Rock Wildcals wilh grave difficulfies slaring him in The lace. His line was small and green, buf his new aid, Coach Don Jolly, look lhings info slride and developed one of +he slronger s+alwar+ walls in 'rhe sl'al'e. The Wildcals were blessed wifh nine one year lellermen and 'rwo lwo-year re- furnees. Bul' +he fales were againsl 'rhe Cars and 'rhey losl bolh +wo-year lelfermen. As if 'lhal' wasn'+ enough, iniuries plagued lhe Wildcal camp all year long. All 'rhe pre-season polls piclced lhe Cals lo 'finish nol' higher 'rhan eighfh in lhe Big Nine. Buf +hey rose up +o meel 'rhe challenge and landed a fourlh place spol, and wilh a few LANNING MAJOR STRATEGY . . . Coaches jolly, Bohannon, right, and Hutchins. brealcs could have won 'rhe crown. The Cals 'fied fhree feams who al one lime or lhe ofher were picked number one in 'fhe slafe. The Valianl' Cafs rolled on, againsl odds, lo beal' lheir arch rival, lhe LiHle Rock Tigers, and l'hen on Thanksgiving Day became +he liirsl Norlh LiH'le Rock leam +o beal l'he Cafholic High Roclcels. This wound up one of lhe besl seasons in years, wifh a 5-3-3 record. Youthful Wildcats Gain Experience In 5-3-3 Season .J-N Qlwfif ef if iifsgw, wfysf B JS 0 iwfllsl ,L 5050 Wie W PUTTING AWAY EQUIPMENT . . . Managers Tommy B shaw, Tommy Witkowski, jim Campbell, and Bob Gullett. First Game Jittery: But Cats Win 20-7 Two 'rallies by leff halfback Gary Parker and one by righf half Buddy Bleidf, gave 'lhe Ca+s a 20-7 vic+ory over a much improved Subiaco leam. The Cais 'iirsl 'Touchdown came in +he firsl quar+er of a 30 yard romp by Gary Parker. Subiaco held +he ball 22 plays in The lhird quar+er and allowed +he Cals lo run lhe ball only four +imes, ye'I' ihe Trojans did noi' cross +he goal line. The second TD was se+ up by a blocked punl which 'rackle Tommy Adams re- covered on Subiaco's 29 yard line. On ihe nexl' play, Bleidi' +ook a pifch ou+ around end and scampered 'For +he rouchdown. Jones, Bleidf, Flake, and Caple carried +he ball down 'fo +he Subiaco 'iwo in The 'fourfh quarler. From here Jones dived over for 1'he final TD. Parker kicked bo'I'h PAT. Subiaco's only score came in 'rhe 'Four+h pe- riod by righ'r end Wewers, wiih ihe PAT by righf half Sorrell. Q 1 !A,,f"NXX qi N X f 1 . Q U ' . X . zxxni ' . ,xt XXX , 5, Wy " , Wx J' x N X -N -QR ,kr X xsa ' XX STRAIGHT FROM THE CAT'S MOUTH!!! C0-Captain jerry jones Co-Captain jerry Sisk 2-year letterman-back 2-year lerterman-cemer Cats Surprise Chicks 34-0 The Norlh LiHle Rock feam lurned loose a delermined pack of Wildca+s on a much im- proved Blylheville Chickasaw i'ribe. The Cais were one poinr underdogs buf pulled a surprising 34-0 vicfory our of +he bag. The iniiial score came in +he firs+ quarier as l90 pound Jerry Jones scampered nine yards info i'he end zone. Wiih ius+ +wo minuies gone in rhe second period, Don Caple +ossed +o Jerry Jones 'For +he second 'l'ally. Caple, Bleidf, and Flake moved ihe ball 'io +he Blyiheville 40, where Mumme spoH'ed Monlgomery open and connecled for +he 'Third score. Parker was suc- cessful on 1'wo PAT, and ihe halflended 20-0. The 'firsi' score in lhe second came as Jones +ook a puni on 'rhe 38 and moved if +o +he Chicks I2 yard line. From here, Mumme spoi- 'l'ed Jones open and connecled for 'Phe TD. The 'Final TD came as Jack Parker hii' Rob- er+s inside 1'he five for The TD. ,Mi ai A-uf snag! if f if sm .... : Hall Wins Heartbreaker I4-I2 North Little Rock's green line came into its own and put out a great ettort only to loose a heartbreaker to Hall ot Little Rock. The tirst score came as Alex Dietz ot Hall tumbled the opening kick-ott and the Cats re- covered on the Hall 2l. Jones, Parker, Flake, and Caple picked up tour tirst downs and mov- ed the ball to the Hall two. From this point Jones plunged over tor the TD. Eight seconds later Dietz returned the Cats kickott up the side line to tie the score. Mc- Knelly's kick was good and Hall went ahead 7-6. The next score came as Mumme had to punt, but the kick was blocked and David Byrd scoop- ed up the ball and stumbled over tor the TD. This ended the halt with Hall l4, North Little Rock l2. The final score was set up by Mumme as he recovered a Hall 'Fumble on the Hall I6. Jones, Mumme, and Caple moved to the two. From here Caple barreled over tor the score. The PAT was no good. Llnderdoged Cats Upset Oilers O-O A tired up pack ot Wildcats pulled oft what most people termed the upset ot the year. By battling number one ranked El Dorado to a 0-0 tie. The Cats outshined the oilers on ottense by I49 yards to l42. The North Siders line consist- ing .ot .Blair, .Butler, ,Montgomery, .Adams, Vaughn, Johnston, Tester, Darter, Hankins and Sisk pushed the giant El-Dorado linemen around like bulldozers. Parker, Jones, Bleidt, Flake and Mumme mov- ed ball well and several times moved down to the oilers tive yard line but never could cross into pay dirt. The Cats detense felled together and be- came one hard tighting unit. ln the fourth quarter Parker tried a tield goal from the two but the ball went astray about an inch to the right. This ended the game 0-0. Jeff Fluke-luatk Dudlev Blair---anal jimmy Rowell---end Gary Parker-lmclc 1 l t 2 1 rr 1 l 2 I r -ytili' et CFIHIIH 'YCHI' 13 lfflllilll -YCHI' CIKCFIUZIII -YCZII' ,C Teffllilfl Wildcats Tough On Trojans 27-O Tallies by Jones, Caple, Flake, and Rowell gave the Cats a 27-0 win over Hot Springs. The first score came in the 'First period as Mumme spotted Jones open in the end zone and passed tor the six pointer. Mumme's PAT was wide. ' Caple romped into the end zone in the sec- ond period atter having carried the ball 28 yards to set up the TD play. Mumme converted to make the halttime score I3-0. The Trojans were unable to penetrate inside the Cats 24 yard line during the whole contest. The third score came atter Bleidt, Jones, Caple, Flake and Mumme had moved the ball to the Troian two. From here Flake bulled his way over tor the TD. Mumme's PAT was good. The tinal score came as defensive end Rowell picked up a Troian tumble and galloped 82 yards tor the score. Mumme's PAT was good. 'E ,gf ' y' X at i ' Ilullizg in ex aff? MA ff , SEQ -v 2 qi .Q ,WQ3 V H am: : - . 9 W g Q 6127 V' W " wi . bv -.-. A , V A A ,,, A W 1 .., , - ,L ,, S3 'ik ? -2 4,3 1 , :L Eg -' ' 'W , 5A ., ":' 1' 'A" I V2""" ,A is 4 x V f.. - ' i fdibgvw ,f . I ,..A. 2. fig' M f L3 A ' l Q4 R' W ' ' ' 5 2 K gs? A 'A' A I: ,Q Q ,S f M' ,ig Q V ,QM g. 4 Q g Q is Q m K4 ab X H A S ' 4 'Y gc x V ' Twzfigg if lr " fig., if L Fast Conway Baffles Cats 20-I3 The North Little Rock Wildcats were com- pletely battled by a very tast Conway team. The Cats were not ready mentally and be- tore they could catch their breath James Tur- ner and John Simmons had put I3 tast points on the score board. The North Siders dug in hard and countered back on a three-yard plunge by Caple. Parker's PAT was good. Again the eager Cats took over the ball on the Conway 35 yard line and with some tine passing by Mumme and hard running by Jones, Parker, Flake, and Bleidt moved the ball down to the one yard line where Caple bulled his way into pay dirt. The PAT was unsuccesstul. With iust eight second lett in the tirst halt, Turner returned a kick-oft all the way to put Conway out in tront 20-I3. The second halt saw no scoring and Conway went home as winners. After Eight Long Years- Wildcats I4 - Tigers I2 The North Siders iourneyed across the bridge to return with a victory tor the tirst time in eight years. , The Tigers scored tirst, late in the tirst quar- ter on three passes by Fulton. The last pass tound Jim Kinderman on the receiving end and was good tor six points. The PAT was no good. The Cats took the lead tor good early in the second period as Jones, Mumme, Flake, Caple and Bleidt moved the ball to the eight yard line where Caple, behind strong blocking ot Sisk, Tester and Parter, drove over for the TD. Mumme's PAT was good. The Cats next seven points came as Mumme's only pass ot the evening which tound Jones in the end zone and put another six points on the score board. Parker's PAT made it I4. The Tigers tinal TD came as Larry Dunn pick- ed up a Wildcat tumble and rumbled 50 yards to make it I2 tor the Tigers. X as Monte Montgomery-end Stuart Hankins-guard Gary XVisnam-back Ed "Blue" Darrel:-guard 1-year leuerman 1-veat letterman 1-year letterman 1-year lcuerman Zebras Trip North Siders I9-I3 The Pine Blutt Zebras took revenge tor a pre- vious beating in the I958 season, in the way ot a I9-I3 victory. The tirst score came when Phillips ot Pine Blutt took a Wildcat punt on the 49 yard line and returned it to the nine, then minutes later crashed over tor the initial score. The next score came as Jones ot Pine Blutt blocked a Mumme punt and scampered into the end zone to make the score I3-0. The tirst North Side score came as Mumme, Jones, Caple, Flake and Bleidt moved the ball to the tour where Caple dove in tor the TD. The next score came in the tourth period when Zebra Richard Smithwick caught a I3- yard pass and advanced to the one. Two plays later Smithwick drove tor the TD. The tinal six pointer came as Mumme, on some tine running and passing plays, moved the ball to the one where Parker dived over tor the points. THIS ROCKET ALMOST GOT INTO ORBIT but his first stage was a dual!! David Nichoalds-center Bob Carrollgback Randy Yeargin-guard Larry Burks-back Squadman Squadman Squadman Squadman Cats Battle Hogs To I4-I4 Draw The Wildcais wenl' in'I'o +heir lasl' Big Nine game as underdogs and 'Facing The pofenfial bes+ feam in 'The si'a'ie. The inirial score came in l'he firsf period on a 26 yard scamper by PoHer, Texarkana's fine quar+erback. . .A'F+er The kickoff 'ihe Cafs drove 73 yards on +he hard running of Jones, Flake, Caple and Bleidl' and 'Fine passing on +he par? of quar'rer- back Gem Mumme. The drive was climaxed on a Mumme pass io Caple who was slanding in +he end zone. The nex+ score came as Parker in+ercep+ed a pass and re+urned i'r fo +he Hog 22. Minufes larer he was on fhe receiving end of a louch- down pass. Mumme kicked bofh PAT. The Razorbacks final score, and rying one, came in The final seconds of 'ihe second period on a fwo yard plunge by Pofrer. The second half saw no scoring and The game ended I4-I4. Mike Vaughan-back Danny Monroegback Squadman Squadman jimmy Brown-end jack Parker-back Squadman Squadman Mickey Roberts!-back jerry Campbell-back Cleve McClcnclon-center joe jones Squadman Squadman Squadmfm Squaclman Cats, Grizzlies ln 7-7 Deadlock The Wildcals wenl' inlo lhe Friday l3+h game wilh 'lhe number one ranlced Forl Smilh Grizzlies as underdogs, bul' held fhe over-sized Bruins lo a 7-7 deadlock. The Norlh Siders con'l'rolled l'he firsl' half wilh nine firsl' down and a 'lally. The scores came as l'he Cals marched from 'lheir 44 l'o +he Bruins one where Jeff Flake dived in for +he louchdown. Parlcer's PAT was good and l'he Ca+s wenl' ahead 7-0. The second half was all Grizzlies. The Bruins made nine 'lirsl downs and one 'l'ally. Their score coming on a +wo-yard plunge by Jim Wier. Grizzlies' PAT was good. The game was played on a muddy Wildcal sladium. The Nor'l'h Side line consisling of Rowell, Adams, Darler, Hanlcins, Sislc, Tesler, Johnsion, Vaughn, Blair and Buller played a fine game, opening up fine holes in lhe Grizzlies line so +he heavy Norlh Side baclcs could malce 'rhal all imporlanl yardage. Wesley' Byrd---end Doug Oclom--end Mike "Bongo" Barkley-tackle Glenn Nlontgomcry-guard Squadman Squadman Squaglman Squaclmzm Wimcwdy' Armorgiackle Alzunes Saunders-emi Nfelvin Gillespicgtacklc Blfflfllf Sfl1iIl17b211'k Squadman Squaulman Squadman Squadmzm Cats Close '59' Season With 6-O Turkey Win The Norlh LiHle Rock Wildcals look +he field for rhe lasl' +ime in I959 againsl' a slrong Ca+h- olic High +eam, which had won 'lheir conference championship. The only score 'look place on 'lhe opening kickoff. The Rockel' back 'fumbled +he ball on his own one yard line, and Wildcal Sfuarl' Han- kins recovered +he fumble. From 'This poin'r Caple rambled over for 'rhe TD. The PAT was no good. Seniors: Mumme, Parker, Adams, Sisk, Caple, Jones, Bleidr, Tesler, Buller, Rowell, Nichols, Dunn, Carroll and Yeargin played Their laSl' lime as a Wildcat The '59' season was very successful and il' ended for 'rhe 'firsl lime in nine years in vic- rory, by defeafing Calholic High 6-0 on Thanks- giving, H9592 5 , Hayes LeMay-back Arlen McDonald-center john Hrashear-back Gary Molholr- 'tackle Squadman Squadman Squadman Squadman David May-back jimmy Holstedgcnd Leroy Shumate-tackle john David Young-back Squadman Squadman Squaclman Squaclman When 'I'he cal' roundballers firsl sI'ar'Ied praclic- ing coach Jim Bohannon would laugh al Ihem and say Ihey would be lucky Io win any games. Well I'hey did. They came oul wi'rh a 25-I record for Ihe season and a hislory making I6-0 record in Ihe Big 9. The ca'rs were led by seniors Larry I-Iogue, Dub Wilson, Marshall Schusler, a 'Iransfer 'From Forl Smi'I'h, Tommy Sherrill, George Ponder, Don Zimmerman, and Gary Parker: and backed up Jim Mills and Tommy Hopkins on 'Ihe bench. Wi+h Hogue's Iip-ins and clunks, Wilson's mix- ing-il'-up, SchusI'er's 'fancy dribbling, SheriII's dead-eye shoI's from any place on Ihe floor, Pon- der's 'lip-ins and Parker's lay-ups I'he Cars were sure Io win. Bul' in 'Iheir 'Firs+ game in 'Ihe AA-AAA slale baskelball Iournamenl 'I'he Cals Iosl' 55-53 Io Foresl Cily. H-HOUR . . . Last minute briefing from the mentor while the cheerleaders whoop it up. For The First Time In History WILDCATS SCORE CLEAN SWEEP IN BIG NINE DUB HAS DIBS ON THE BALL . . . Hall was on the losing end. Cats Start By Taking City Title Jonesboro's Golden Hurricanes was a 'lough game fo sfarf ouf fhe season wifh, buf fhe Cafs came fhrough and ouf-classed fhem wifh a 59-53 vicfory. The Cafs led by 6-5 Larry Hogue wifh 22 poinfs, andfclosely followed by Dub Wilson wifh I9, were supposed fo be fhe underdogs: buf fhey gave a sample of fheir playing fhaf was fo resume fhrough fhe enfire season. Affer spending a rough nighf in Jonesboro, fhe nexl' morning fhe Cafs journeyed fo nearby Leachville. The weary Cafs dropped fhe game 'lo fhe Lions by a mere 37-34. Buf fhe Cafs held fhe Lions' sfar Don Shafley fo IO poinfs fo knock down his average of 28 poinfs a game in 'rhe 7 games played before facing fhe Cafs. The Cafs were led by Hogue and Ponder wifh I3 and ll poinfs respecfively. The Wildcafs became hosf fo Cafholic High, Cenfral, and Hall for an infer-cify fournamenf. The inexperienced Hall High Warriors were no mafch for fhe Cafs during a holiday filf. The Cafs led fhe Warriors fhe whole game and came ouf wifh a 64-28 smashing vicfory. Schusfer led fhe Cafs wifh I6 poinfs. The Cafs wenf 'lo Texarkana on New Year's Day sfarfing fhe New Year off righf wifh a 49-33 defeaf over Texarkana. According fo Coach Bohannon fhe Cafs defense won fhe game buf rebounding was also a big facfor wifh Hogue's I4 and Ponder's I3 poinfs from rebounds. The Cafs journeyed up fo Ff. Smifh winning a fighf game 39-33. The Grizzlies were Big 9 champs lasf year, so fhis was a big win for fhe Cafs. Wifh George Ponder's and Larry Hogue's fip-ins fhe Cafs were able fo pull away from a 23-23 fie in fhe fhird quarfer. Wilson's high poinfs of ll also helped fhe Cafs. The nexl' week fhe Cafs were sfill on fhe 1 we-:r:'2. .iiiffiiiiig 1 .isrzi -'H 463231- 90:55 'QQ C1 rge Ponder, center, 2 year letterman Larry Hoguc, center, 2 y The Cafs won fhe firsf game by beafing Cen- fral 59-49. Larry Hogue led fhe Cafs wifh I9 poinfs. The nexf nighf fhe Cafs dumped Cafh- olic High 59-45. Af fhe end, of fhe week fhe Cafs were up againsf f h e Rockefs again. This fime fhe Cafholics were ready for fhe Cafs and really fhrew a scare info fhem and fhe fans wifh a half fime score of I6-I2 in 'lheir favor. Buf fhe Cafs came back affer' a good pep falk and skunked fhe Roclrefs 38-33. L A 'ear leuerman Tommy Sherrill, guard, 2 year lette road. They were up againsf fhe Blyfheville Chicks, a sfrong confender for fhe Big 9 crown The Cafs were behind 33-24 af 'fhe half, buf came back fo life and walloped 'rhe Chicks 63-53. Wifh fhe win over fhe Pine Bluff Zebras if made a 5 wins, no losses in Big 9 play. Gary Parker made one of fhose spine fingler Ias'l' second shofs af fhe end of fhe game and made fhe final score 34-28. Q ' -5' 551-2h:- g z J Q ' 6 :- , ' ,ff 2:2 w--:r:.:,:, an 2E.,,gfQ ' wg sf-1-ss, U 12- H' . -"f:?E:5-2'--:z::a: 5i:z::1fs3a1f :- if ' 'K z ' , . , an , ' F-awe: 1. 4. W V fem . . :J .,,-sms -- AF U . I K. A M ,,,,, ,9.,..1s..,:-.- s sz WWF :wsgrzf-3-:RF -sf' "" - ':.:,,s-:-:I-fff.-3:22225-,z::a.5gfas:say dugg .Q wx" gay f' -2fi'ff- W f w ,Jw W xii , H xiigmm -N -un few G- H we wwf ! Cats Well Cn Way As Central Falls Over I400 people were on hand fo see fhe Cafs whip fhe Liffle Rock Tigers 43-28. The Cafs kepf fhe game one-sided unfil fhe final quarfer buf Coach Bohannon's defense gof fo work and shul' ouf fhe Tigers from scoring. This was win number I2 for fhe Cafs. The Cafs defeafed Jonesboro 7l-57, buf fhe score was nofhing compared fo fhe game. The Hurricanes were ahead by one poinf af fhe half buf fhe Cafs came back fighfing in fhe fhird and fourfh quarfer. Larry Hogue's 26 poinfs helped fhe Cafs ouf buf if was Sherrill's and Schus'rer's quick poinfs in fhe fhird quarfer fhaf puf fhe Cafs ahead and on fo vicfory number I3. Texarkana was no sweaf for fhe Cafs here af home. Sherrill and Hogue led fhe Cafs wifh I6 poinfs each. In fhe end of fhe fourfh quar- fer Coach Bohannon senf his B-Teamers in. Jim Holsfed closed up fhe game wifh a free-fhrow making fhe final score 74-50. I5 consecufive wins for fhe Cafs. Hogue led fhe Cafs wifh 24 poinfs hiffing I0 ouf of I4 shofs. The Wildcafs as a whole hif 22 oul' of 46 shofs for an oufsfanding nighf. The Wildcafs held fheir lead of number I in fhe Big Nine wifh a 80-28 smashing win over Hall High. Hogue led fhe Cafs wifh I8 poinfs followed by Sherrill and Parker wifh I3 poinfs each. All in all fhe Cafs iusf wouldn'f lel' Hall score or keep fhe ball. Big Nine champs of 59, Forf Smifh, were fhe vicfims of a second loss fhrown fo fhem by fhe Cafs. The game gol' off fo a slow sfarl' and remained 2-2 unfil fhe lasf minufes of fhe firsf quarfer when Hogue made a free fhrow and made if 3-2. Buf fhe Grizzlies came back and made if 6-3 over fhe Cafs. Then fhe Cafs wenf ouf ahead IO poinfs and remained fhere unfil fhe end of fhe game wifh a final score of 47-37. Tommy Sherrill led fhe Cafs af Hof Springs wifh 23 of fhe 59 poinfs scored againsf 'rhe D n Zimmerman, Forward, 2 year letterman Gary Parker, Guarcl letterman jim Mills, Forward, 1 year letlerman Beafing fhe Eldorado Wildcafs 47-33 made win I5 for fhe Cafs. Hogue and Wilson led fhe Cafs wifh I2 and I0 poinfs respecfively. The game gol' off fo a slow sfarf buf our Cafs gof seffled down and ran off from fhe Oilers. The game wifh Hof Springs was one fhaf had been posfponed a few weeks before be- cause of snow. Dub Wilson led fhe Cafs all fhe way in fhis game. In facf he was a big menace fo fhe Troians fhe whole game. Dub made 23 of fhe 6l poinfs helping beal' fhe Trojans 6I-45. The 62-5l win over Cafholic High made if Troians. This win made fhe Cafs record I2-0 in fhe Big Nine and I8-I for fhe season. The 59-45 win was helped by frequenf frips fo fhe "char- ify sfripe" faken by fhe Cafs. 27 poinfs were collecfed fhere. Cenfral was fhe firsf feam fo really pu'I' fhe Cafs under pressure here on fheir home courf. The Tigers never gof ahead buf lafe in fhe fhird quarfer fhey gof as close as 25-22. Buf fhe Cafs gof a run on poinfs making fhe final score 37-32. , MIGHTY TNVISTER .... f Ks the NVildcats maimed the jmmcslmrn Golden Hurriumcs to n more ycplmy r, ,wwk 1 vin, 'Km' Tommy Hopkins, Guard, 1 year ln-ttcrnmn jim I.z1ncC, Ifnrwarcl, Squsulnmn Cats Take Big 9 Crown This was The deciding game Tor The CaTs, To win This one would mean The Big Nine crown. And ThaT is iusT whaT The CaTs did. They whipped BlyTheville 6l-42. Larry Hogue was high poinT man wiTh I5 poinTs. BuT wiThouT The doings oT Wilson, Sherrill, SchusTer, Parker and Ponder The CaTs would have been noThing. The CaTs were behind aT The half buT came back so Tired-up They looked like a new Team. From Then on The Chicks never goT near The CaTs. 72-6I was The score oT The win over El Dorado To make number I5 sTraighT in The Big Nine. Dub Wilson made a specTacular shoT aT The end oT The Third quarTer. WiTh iusT 3 seconds leTT on The clock he shoT The ball Trom behind The half courT line and made a swisher. Larry Hogue The win over Pine BluTT made hisTory in The Big Nine. The CaTs were The TirsT Team in Big Nine hisTory To go undeTeaTed. Larry Hogue was high poinT man wiTh 20 poinTs and closely Tollowed by SchusTer wiTh I9 poinTs. The score was close during The TirsT half buT in The Ias+ minuTes Hogue's and Wilson's Tip-ins made iT 34-25. ATTer ThaT The Zebras never goT close. Revenge was in The air when The CaTs goT Their second chance aT Leachville. The Lions were The only Team To beaT The CaTs. BuT The CaTs were ready and whipped The Lions 68-54. The 73-59 win over Conway made a 25-l sea- son record Tor The CaTs. Sherrill led The CaTs wiTh 20 poinTs and pulled Them ouT oT hoT waTer wiTh his dead-eye shoTs in The TirsT half. was high poinT man wiTh 30 poinTs. NLR Won Jonesboro 59-53 NLR LosT Leachville 34-37 NLR Won LiTTle Rock CenTral 59-49 NLR Won CaTholic High 59-45 NLR Won CaTholic High 38-33 NLR Won Hall High 64-28 NLR Won Texarkana 49-33 NLR Won ForT SmiTh 39-33 NLR Won BlyTheville 63-53 NLR Won Pine BluTT 7l-50 NLR Won Jonesboro 7l-57 NLR Won Texarkana 74-50 NLR Won EI Dorado 47-33 NLR Won HOT Spring 6l-45 NLR Won CaTholic 62-5 l NLR Won Hall High 80-28 NLR Won ForT SmiTh 47-37 NLR Won HoT Springs 59-45 NLR Won LiTTle Rock CenTral 25-22 NLR Won BlyTheville 6I-42 NLR Won El Dorado 72-6l NLR Won Pine BluTT 34-25 NLR Won Leachville 68-54 NLR Won Conway 73-59 ToTal- Nor+h LiTTle Rock ..... l4l2 OpponenTs ........., IO49 . ai'-f T34 Larry Crownover, Clavin Isab UC QTL? LDEHT Tae 2:52. WBETTTS 55 FRONT ROXV-Tommy Skipper, Burch Burnett, Hays LeMay, john David Young, Glenn Montgomery, Billy Bullock. BACK ROW- ell, Myron Patrick, Basil Hicks, jimmy Holsted, Louis Stepter. llfmgh 33 211557 Z' 12,217 , SPECIAL M496 44-Z, ' . AZ' EPISODE t Z-gay! kj kj . , A j 0 pw? W J z XZ! JMZJLQQQZ' fav-? J ' QQ. ,Q . ' . I ,947 ' j 4142 5 Qadffg ' 44 ' W Zl4? J . Away ' ,lf My " j f t. . .1 fwffdfj ' f LZ? O tl' ' -X '2 .1 j- 4 ' , 4-df "' . . ,V ,f ,z W f n X 1' "ff F!" v an , f in f MQ. .gi figs J V 'Y ' 4 ' ' T E - te- ' 'rf .f JQL. V saw .f t 1 '11 1167K if ' u, , Q '-5-511 , , 1. 56:43 .,,'LZ.,.:s1 ,111 gggg-"53s,3 , ' '1'Zg,fg, , gqym. . 5 i'3'g'J'i fi' j " f-LS f ' fi? 3'5Wii5S4l2.ifa 5f-' F' ' .1 - ' J' ", " 7 Af " ,W ,Y C1-' ,h.-'I . U is Q Q . ..,,,V gr -L 1 Q, 8,33 54:2-big!-1.Js,f.MxwL':r:-.- 1- -: ,3,.,.3 L-EjL:,W7V,:xLX A 4 3 :yin 5:u5I,5,. ' v . at A.. 251 EGM sw., ' "N" ft'-'r "f'-'H- . . I U ' "15"'1yi-iZf?.- "-iff ' "fo:'.f4.'-,.'-.1-. F4154- - , -f .fftmsag.532's5mx2+ -+ v .1 f' " X n' 1, R H ! ff -,vm .bf ' iff? Lawn-0 '-:ini . J- 'QgW:,aa2r':fs'g:+:v15.12Q W-'ft . ,ft ' fu W gag- , Y? ggfih, A Mt K - . - ',.veag4f,g4 ' . ,gal ,I 413' State Bird - th e mockingbird U is .aaa Mt. Nebo State Park Photo by Phelps, Courtesy Arkansas Publ ty cl P k C Lake Catherine State Park Photo by Phelps, Courtesy Arkansas Publicity and Part fx It must never be thought that being an Ar- kansan is all work and no play: tor our Wonder State is widely known as a land ot playgrounds and parks. People trom all parts ot the United States, in addition to many Arkansans, visit the state's resorts each year. Never was a state more bountitully blessed with pleasure-giving scenery than Arkansas with its green mountains and tertile plains: clear, cool streams: sleepy, mysterious bayousq intrigu- ing torests and heart-warming grasslands. To help us enjoy this priceless gitt ot nature to man, parks and playgrounds have been set up in Mother Nature's tairyland. The oldest park in Arkansas is the Hot Springs National Park, world-renowned because ot the health-giving waters sought by sick trom over the world. While in the park, one might ride along the bridle paths or tollow trails over the majestic wooded hills and towering mountains, swim, or camp and tish on grounds that draw thousands ot visitors to the "great outdoors" each year. One ot the most beautitul state parks to be tound in Arkansas is Petit Jean Mountain Park. Points ot interest such as Cedar Falls, about seventy teet high, Terrapin Rocks, The Natural Bridge, and Bear Cave Rocks are only made doubly beguiling by the tragic but romantic story ot Petit Jean. In Devil's Den State Park visitors can liberally explore such engaging rock tormations as the Devil's Den, the Devil's Race Track, and the Devil's Ice Box where the air blows mysteriously cold. Ottering splendid scenery, a spirit ot caretree gaiety, and an awakening to the wonders ot nature is Mount Magazine Park. Some people say that nearly a tourth ot the state can be seen trom the top ot the mountain on a clear day. As versatile as the state bird, the mockingbird, is the countryside ot Arkansas. Not to be overshadowed by the happy mock- bird or beautitul state parks, Wildcat Hill ex- hibits a charm, composure, and brand ot beauty all its own. The building rests gracetully on its rich green carpet, proudly holding its gracious tower ot Aztec design upward, toward the heav- ens. M, 4 5 Photo by Pheips, Courfesy Arkansas Publicliy and Parks Commussuon Coin Harvcfs Pyramids at Monte Ne near Rogers. O d B Y xfxfffwx I X I 4 A X x X f EX X 'J X QQ' 0, I E: xwXv,x3xb?NxX E A 5 cuZ.,A 7 ,, 4 W A N X '31 , 250 r Q IIN' r soo ixxdfgxx X0 SWXXXX KX f , B wzso m E, NSY XX? , Z 1 SX , xx xx X I n lb 1,1 ,-. M21 I A 4 I I :Q " ' " U X x I I V1 1 U 1 I xx I xx If X XX U xx , ' u I N x X I xg X X I N x Q X I I x NNN XX ll I NNNX K II -r- Q Anza? x ' pf, A N N ll D-:Z""' '21 llixqx 1 N, X I , -'A' " its l urutuocz, 0 ff A f", 1 X 1 , 1' XX X I X I 1 l l I' 1 l I , 'f fl 1 X if . I 1 1 I I ' f QW: Student Council PepCats Y-Teens junior Red Cross Future Teachers Future Nurses Future Business Leaders Art Club Bookworms Key Club Future Tradesmen Future Homcmakers Monitors Film Crew Stage Crew Theta Science Club Los Gatos Espanoles Quo Vadis-Le Cercle Francais Forensic League Girls Recreation Association Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society Camera Club 135-137 138 139 140 141 142 145 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 155 154 155 156 157 158 Gem Mumme Student Body President NLRHS Students Lead A Busy Life Come Spring, +here is a sl'ir around lhe halls and campus as lhe Wilcals begin lhe poli+ical whirl +ha+ resulfs in 'lhe elec+ion of +heir S+udenl Body Officers for fhe ensuing year. There are pe+i'rions-according +o 'rhe school cons+i'ru+ion-- lhen 'the "smoke 'Filled room" ma- neuvers, 'rhe passing ou+ of cards and smiles, handshalces and campaign promises. Finally. +here is 'rhe big nominalion assembly which even 'rhe Democralic Nominafing Convenlion can'+ +op. Then 'there are 'lhe ballol' boxes, 'lhe swealing oul' of +he vote counl, +he announcemenl' of re- sulfs. And +he Wildcals do as well as lheir elders in selecting 'their leaders. B lly johnson Georgia Griffin R050 Cflrvlc NVi1liHI11S Stu lent B dy Vice-president Student Body Secretary Student Body Treasurer The Student Council At NLRHS The Council Coordinates All Activities Sounds ot "aye's" and "nay's" tloat outward into the corridor trom Room I36 as the Student Council, a miniature House ot Representatives, pursues its primary aims ot promoting general weltare ot the students and creating better pupil-teacher relations on Wildcat Hill. Each home room elects one student to serve as their representative and voice their opinions to the Council. Any student who maintains a C average in scholarship and satistactory citizen- ship is eligible to be a representative. These stu- dents plus tour otticers malce up the Student Council at NLRHS. To create active interest in scholarship, lead- ership, service, sportsmanship, and citizenship, the Student Council promotes talent and Thanlcs- giving assemblies, Friendly Weelc, Wildcat Fol- lies, Club ot the Month Awards, Color Day Ac- tivities, GAB Weelc, a non-denominational chapel service, and the election ot Student Body otticers tor the next year. They also sponsor a school Sportsmanship Flag, and stress good sportsmanship at all school games. The North Little Rock High School Student Council has participated in Southern, state, and district conventions during the past years, and is now District Vice-President. At Thanksgiving, XVilclcats share their blessings with the less fortunate of thc city. im tF""'x yan iff? Harriet Holloway, Inter-Club Freddie Ruherts, Parliamentarian Claudette Caple, Parliamentarian jerry llanfhey, Chaplain Council Representative Councilmen tally votes. President Gem Mumme presents the haskets to the Salvation Army Commander, sv is it ws -Et we!! Dee l.ister and Harriet Holloway admire prize haskets while Presi- dent Mumme expresses thanks to the heme rntmrns. I3 The Spirit of WildCat Hill Moves in Form and Beauty Pom-poms waving, lhe Pep Cals cheer lhe Wildcal' a'l'hle+ic squads in viclory or defeat This organiza'lion's main purpose is lo promole school spiril and 'ro provide a proving ground for all prospeclive cheerleaders. To mainlain mem- bership a girl musl' have a C average, no un- salislaclory cilizenship grades, and allend all praclices, meelings, and games regularly. The Pep Cals have displayed 'their school loyall'y and en'l'husiasm by malcing oul'-of-+own bus lrips l'o allend games and by selling baslcelf- ball pennanfs. The Ca+el"res, a division of l'he Pep Cals, march al' all home foolball games. ln pasl years lheir marching has been sl'ricl'ly precision drill, bul 'rhis year 'lhe Ca'l'eHes added dances and pom-pom roulines 'lo lheir repeloire. J CATETTE leader Nedra Dumas commands her charges. STRATEGY is designed by Nedra, Miss Worden, and Miss PEPCAT OFFICERS are Judi Evans, Claudette Caple, jackie Venable, Marianne Bailey, Becky Rhodes. 39 COND SEMESTER Y-TEEN OFFICERS . . . Marian Alford, Carolyn rkett, Lee Bell, and Josephine Egner. Y-Teens Grow In Wisdom And Stature To grow as a person, fo grow in friendship wifh all people, and fo grow in fhe love and lcnowl- edge of God-fhese are fhe goals fhe y-feens sfrive for. "To grow as a person" The y-feens sponsor informal dances, a New Years dance, a Valenfine formal and picnics and ofher fypes of acfivifies which shape a frue y- feen personalifies. "To Grow in Friendship wifh all people." A cify conference, a sfafe conference, a Mid- Soufh conference and a Nafional conference help fhe y-feens who are senf as delegafes fo make friends as well as lceep fhem. 17 l -A I A Y li' CHEESE IT, BOYS! IT'S A RAID!!! . . . Y-Teens present their annual assembly. DON'T LOOK NOW, CECELIA. BUT HERE COMES THE CAMERA!! Cecelia Swaim and Tomilea Harvey represent NLRHS at the National Y-Teen Convention. "To grow in fhe love and lcnowleclge of God." "The happiness of love is in acfion, ifs fesfs is whaf one is willing fo do for ofhers." This quofa- fion from Lew Wallace expresses fhe feelings of our y-feen club. The y-feens aclopfed a family, gave a valenfine parfy and a Easfer Egg hunf for an orphange, donafed records fo fhe youfh cenfer and fool: parf in various communify drives, including fhe Rainbow crufch, and Mofher's March for polio. A devofional begins each y-feen meefing. You'll lcnow a y-feen girl when you meef her- she's fhe one wifh a smile and a friendly "Hi!" in FIRST SEMESTER Y-TEEN OFFICERS . . . Linda Lauck, jeffrey Phipps Donna XX"ellhausen, Barbara XVeeks, Dee Lister, Karin Thomas. The Junior Red Cross Is Service-Minded One of fhe mosf acfive and useful organiza- fions fo be found on Wildcaf Hill is fhe Norfh Liffle Rock High School Junior Red Cross. The chief aim of fhis service-minded group. which is a branch of fhe American Red Cross, is fo lend a helping hand fo our communify. Our chapfer of fhe Junior Red Cross is made up of one represenfafive elecfed af fhe beginn- ing of fhe year from each homeroom. Several of our chapfer members fake parf in fhe Junior Red Cross Volunfeen Program. These girls devofe much of fheir fime and energies fo performing various faslcs af Our Lady of Na- zarefh Home. RFD CROSS BACKERS TURN BOX PACKIERS . . . junior Red Cross BUT IF 1 GIVE THEINI My SOAP, PLL GET B,0,!!1 , , , Pegg,- represematives pack gift boxes for overseas relief. Maxine McConnell, and Doris Noble prepare io distribute gift Our group has included in ifs many acfivifies fhe annual magazine drive for various hospifals, fhe boxes which are filled and senf abroad, fhe special Chrisfmas and Thanksgiving services which are rendered and exfra dufies which are performed for fhe Childrens Hospifals and shuf- ins wifhin our communify. Anofher valuable service rendered by our chapfer is fhe program which fhey presenf once a monfh af fhe Veferans Adminisfrafion Hos- pifal. These girls have found fhaf fhe greafesf joys in life come from helping ofhers. JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS . . . Marsha Craig, Peggy Margie Smith and Mary Chisam. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFI- CERS . . . President Anne Stephens, Secretary Mary McCarthy, and Vice-President Nancy Ly- barger . . - Future Teachers Look to Tomorrow's Classrooms ". . . AND COKE MACHINES ON EVERY ELOOR . . .H Ronnie CHITI- HONV'S THIS FOR A REAL COOL SESSION? Euture Teachers panel tries paigns for state office. to encourage membership with assembly. If one were asked lhe queslion "Whal is 'lhe nalural resource mosl necessary lo lhe progress and developmenl' of 'rhe Uniled S+a+es:" one mighl gel various answers. Probably, lhough, few of us would answer lhe queslion wilh "'rhe you'l'h of America," ye'r 'l'his is cerlainly lhe mosl imporlanl' and mosl' necessar resource for lhe growlh of our coun'l'ry. And lie 'lulure leachers of 'rhe youlh of America will be enlrusled wi'rh lhis imporlanl resource. ln lraining for lhis greal' responsibilily, 'lhe Fulure Teachers Club, here on Wildcal' Hill, lake on various ac'l'ivil'ies including working wilh various leachers afler school lo recieve "prac+ice leaching." Requiremenls for membership are characler, scholarship, leadership, and l'he sincere desire lo become a leacher. Future Ntuees Learn Through Experience MPH. Through experience by working a+ 'I'he Arkan- sas Bapfisi' Hospifal, +he Fuiure Nurses learn +he 'Fine poinfs of nursing as a career. The Fu+ure Nurses, be'Her known +o +he hos- pi+al sfaff as i'he Candysfripers, work as junior volunfeers +o become be'Her acquainfed wi+h 'I'he do's and don'+'s of nursing. The main purpose is +o gel' 'lheir 'firsf-hand experience by working in 'l'he hospi'I'al and +o have a betfer understanding of +he nursing pro- fession. By films, field Trips, guesl' speakers, and experi- ence fhese girls learn +ha+ The career may noi' be an easy one, but if can be one of +he besl' careers one may en+er. Among their many ac1'ivi+ies each year, +hey sponsor an assembly and have an annual banquei' iniihe spring. The name of ihe girls and +he hours they worked are as follows: T r,,,t,,,,,,,,Mmw . flr1 1 I freai A A "1" r-" , 1 , T I r 'i',-: z f 1-a ::':i"Ei ,r-., 'rl' If I I f ,,. ..,,,. 1 , - , , , X,-gy, QE: :,, ,,,, . . ' I'M JUST GLAD THAT I DONT IIAVE TO HAVE A DRINK . . . Aletha Lipscomb and IS THIS A BAR-B-Q-er OR IS THIS NO SLEEP IN IT . . . Pat Ballard and Doris Ste- Alice Sweatman pass the bottle. BAR-B-Q-er?? . . . Alice jo Beggs, P phens make up hospital beds. Eulmer, and Donna Demicis inspect h tl CGUIDIIICHI. Alice Jo Beggs 80 Carline Juarez Pairicia Ballard 87 Miriam Kayser Marilyn Cook I9 Alefha Lipscomb Donna De Amicis l08 Carolyn Lawson Brenda Freeman 28 Virginia Lenderman Judy Ferguson I0 Emily Paladino Pai' Cook 43 Mary Jo Parker Joan Gross 34 June Pollard Mary Gilliam 4 Doris S+ephens Judy Haynes 73 Janie S+ocks Wanda Hicks 24 Alice Swea'rman Diane lnnmon 25 Sandra Wasson Margaret Walfers 30 Gloria Wilson 37 Judiih Willimas Donna Wirf HE WAS JUST STANDING THERE AT THE END OE THE LUNCH LINE Future T42 phens, and Pat Ba Nurses off cers M llar argaret Walters, Doris Ste- d study bone structure. "IF THIS IS WHAT SECRETARIES DO, I'VE CHANGED MY MIND!" . . . Elizabeth San- ders, Marsha Craig, and Carolyn Vogel polish school trophies as a FBLA project. Future Business Leaders Trains Secretaries nd Executives FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OE AMERICA OFITI- CERS . . . Martha Thomas, Jessie Nell Randolph, Carolyn Parritt, and Marsha Craig . . . The Future Business Leaders ot America is a club which not only trains individuals tor the iobs they hope to secure atter graduating: but helps its members to better understand the busi- ness world they hope to enter. ln order to ac- complish this two-told purpose the Future Busi- ness Leaders Club has intormal meetings where discussions are predominant, and otten invites guest speaiters to elaborate on their particular "I THINK THOSE DARN ATHLETES SHOULD CLEAN THEIR OWN TROPHIESV' Elizabeth Sanders, Marsha Craig, Carolyn Vogel, Barbara Stanley, Susan Rogers, and an unidentified friend . . . tield in the world ot business and commerce. The requirement tor membership include taking ot three business subjects, maintaining a "B" average in each ot them and posessing a sincere interest in entering some tield in the busi- ness world. One ot the high-lights ot the year is a state- wide convention where contests in various busi- ness skills take place. Artists Develop Skill And Appreciation So they might learn to turther appreciate the tine heritage handed down through the cen- turies by the great and sensitive men ot art, and to tind opportunities to participate in all phases ot the 'line arts, students on Wildcat Hill join the Art Club. Students are urged to branch out and partici- pate in creative writing, sculpture, dancing, and music composition, as well as painting and draw- ing. ln this manner Wildcats develop apprecia- tion, taste, understanding, and talent in all phases ot the tine arts. Among the projects ot this outstanding club is the painting ot the beautitul scenery used each year as a background tor the Musical Va- riety Show, and some ot the assemblies. Without the Art Club and it's devoted mem- bers, Wildcat Hill might seem a little less color- tul and a little less testive during holiday seasons. I AM NOT PAINTING, I'M DOING MY HOME VUORK . . . First Veal' ART CLUB OFFICERS . . . ' ' Beverly Xveathersby, L Art students clabble in the fine arts. Spann, and Barbara Thompson. WELL, YOU'RE NO DaVINCI YOURSELF . . . Elane Voss and Carletra Brickell sketch a still life in pastels. I44 The Bookworms Run The Library Of l5,000 Volumes OFFICERS-Louise Bolinger, Anita Powell, Paulette Smith, Edith Reese, and Doris Fisher. Allin-At. A- 1 .., , ' S' wasnt , W ' 'ilu L ,,,. M , A OW THE BOOKWOIKMS HOXV7lN1rS. Carpenter checks a book to Nan BOOKS, BOOKS, AND BIORF BOOKS-Judy Sylvester and Dee Lister leston. doing the never-ending chore of checking books. Hs hard 'lo imagine l'he library on Wildcal Hill wilhoul' lhinlcing of +he Sl'uden+ Librarian Club, lhe Boolcworms. These sludenls perform lhe du- 'lies which are so essenlial l'o an effecienlly operaled library-checking boolcs in and oul, mending boolcs, arranging lhe bullelin board: and, in general, assisling sludenls and 'reachers in any way +hey can. ln order 'ro qualify for membership in 'rhe Boolcworms, one musl mainlain a "C" average in each subjecl' wilh no unsalislaclory cilizen- ship grades. The NLRHS Boolcworms parlicipale in 'rhe An- nual Sludenl' Librarians Associalion Convenlion, along wilh approximalely l200 olher sludenl librarians and 'rheir sponsors. Their aclivilies also include several Bookworm parlies each year. gkcffefaf fffafzf fa4fu5Z"L W - ,liek 07543127 L?L744! 274444, -JZXQ Zfccn. Qaaca ,QJ4f Lydia - y,4Q ,ZQQJEJLQ 6255667524767 I if . gnu, 1?-22- ,- flies ern l45 Key Clubbers Are Ambitious Young Men Many of 'lhe mosl' ambilious young men 'lo be 'Found on Wildcal' Hill are members of lhe Key Club. The Key Club, an honor organizalion for boys sponsored by fhe Kiwanis lnlernafional, slrives +o serve lhe school and communify, +0 develop leadership and lo encourage spirifual parlicipa- lion. To qualify for membership a boy musl main- +ain al' leasl a "B" average scholaslically, demon- slra+e his leadership abiliiies, show his +rus+wor+h- iness, and live up lo cerlain goals which have been sel' by +he club. This year's Key Clubbers ran l'he 'field house concession sland, sold Wildcal boosler buH'ons and scorecards, marked parking spaces around +he school, made pos'I'ers for lhe Hearl Fund Drive, and numerous olher worfh-while ac+ivi+ies. GENTLEMEN OE THE KEY CLUB BOARD-Tommy Adams, Ronnie YOU CAN TRY IT BUT, SHE SLAPPED DIE!! . . . Beatnik Ball Esch, Paul Dickey, jerry Plummer, and Ted Nakamura. Sponsored by the Key Club. OFFICERS OF THE NLRHS KEY CLUB . . . Johnny McClain, Ron E. Hill, john Tyler, Mark McCune, and jerry Hanchey. 146 imp, 'DEAR JOHN, OH HOW I HATE TO WRITE" . . . jerry Phillips nakes plates in Mechanical Drawing. Future Tradesmen Are Interested In Vocations ts which won state awards in Machine Shop. Hitching their wagons to a star, the members ot the Future Tradesmen Club worlc diligently to promote and create interest in vocational oc- cupations. Membership in this club is eligible to students studying vactional subiects such as machine shop, nursing, tailoring or auto mechanics and similar subjects. ln preparation tor the annual state Future Tradesmen convention held in the latter part ot February this year, club members work taithtully and patiently trom the beginning ot school to malce their proiects the best yet. Wildcat Hill is exceedingly proud ot this club and the Future Tradesmen from our school who have held high ottices in the State Chapter, as well as those who have won awards. l.lKEvWE RACKED UP! . . . Officers Pete Blomcn- Billy Bone, Pat Nloody, and Wayne Chance display their pro- "WELL, SHE'S BEEN ASKING FOR A NEW PENCIL SHARP- ENERV' Officers jerry Marchett, Ronnie Hopkins, and Bob lfostcr examine a carburetor in Auto Shop. 147 Future Homemakers Take Their Role Seriously bers musl probe inlo each of lhese fields in lhe alfempl' lo make her home a happier one. Any girl who is enrolled in Home Ec., or any- one who has already completed one year of l'his course is eligible for membership. Our chaplfer of 'rhe F.H.A. is divided inlo 'l'wo branches. The Jr. F.H.A. is made up of firsl year slu- denls. The Senior F.H.A. is +he girls who are enrolled in +heir second year of homemaking. Among 'rhe many aclivilies of lhe F.H.A. is 'rheir Molher-Daughter Banquel, their Molher- Daughler 'l'ea, 'lheir annual show a+ Forl Rools, visils lo various hospifals and orphan's homes, 'rhe filling of Thanksgiving baskefs and visils 'From guesls speakers who are considered oul'- slanding in some phase of homemaking. SFNIORS SHOW THEM HOW . . . Mary Joyce Puladino, President of SENIOR FHA OFFICERS . . . Harriette Fiske, Trena Wright, r FHA initiates junior FHA President Charlene Banks. Kay Medley, Mary Joyce Paladino, Hazel Sorey, and jo Carol "Home is where l'he hear'l is" has become a saying beloved and believed by 'l'he many girls who are inleresled in homemaking. The girls on Wildcal Hill who share lhese inferesl' make up lhe membership of l'he Future Homemakers of America. Modern homemaking is more lhan iusl cooking and sewing. Tomorrow's homemaker musl' know child care, decoraling, enlerlaining, budgeling and lhe planning of nulrilious meals. The F. H. A., mem TEA FOR TWO CCHA-CHA-CHAD . . . The tables are turned as FHA members Judy French and Rebecca Hall serve Mrs. Hall refreshments at the FHA Mother and Daughter Tea. NI M 5 i r 21'12 L l E MORE BOMB-SCARE, BOY, AND YOITVI? HAD IT!!! . . . Office nitor Lynn Sprigg operates the switchboard. Monitors: Invaluable Aid To Staff And Students DON'T BOTHER ME NOXV, I'lNl IN THE INIIIDDLF XVATCH THAT BILLY KIEHI. . . . HE USES CONFEDERATE BIONFX OF THE CHAPTER . . . Mary Joyce Rogers takes up . . . Delores Brooks and Patricia Baller tend the book store. monitor's position in from hall. Worlting quiefly and efficienfly, fhe monifors in all fhe deparfmenfs of NLRHS are an in- valuable aid fo fhe sfaff and fo ofher sfurenfs. Office monifors worlc fhe swifchboard, check absenfee lisfs, and run errands. They are chosen on recommendafion of fheir sfudy hall feacher. Door anonifors check people in and ouf and assisf fhe Deans. Monifors for fhe guidance counselor and deans are chosen from applicafions of fhe previous year and are general assisfanfs in fhese deparf- menfs. Physical Educafion monifors are chosen by fhe P.E. feacher and use fheir sfudyhall fo answer fhe felephone and acf as a mainsfay in fhe P.E. building. Vocafional monifors assisf fhe feacher by fyp- ing and faking phone calls for fhe vocafional deparfmenf. Library monifors checlc boolcs in and ouf, re- cord and collecf fines, and lteep boolts in repair. Typing and shorfhand assisfanfs assisf feachers in fhose fields and help firsf year sfudenfs. Lab monifors for chemisfry and biology sef up experimenfs and lteep fhe lab in order. Monifors wifh fheir dependabilify, infegrify, and willingness represenf fhe fop qualify sfudenfs af NRLSH. Film Crew: Man Friday To The Faculty Playing fheir parf fo aid feachers in feaching by films is our Film Crew. Operafing six hours a day, our Film Crew shows film in classrooms, and cleans and cares for all equipmenf in fhe Audio Visual Deparf- menf. The Film Crew on Wildcaf Hill consisfs of fiffy-four volunfeer members frained by fhe head monifor or sponsor of fhe Audio Visual Aids De- parfmenf, and is divided info six crews of ap- proximafely nine members each. One member is picked from each crew fo serve as a head monifor for his group. He is in charge of wrifing passes, malting crew assign- menfs, and checking all equipmenf fo see fhaf if is ltepl' in good condifion. Equipmenf in use by fhe Film Crew consisfs of several lbmm proiecfors, record players, fape recorders, film sfrip machines, opaque proiecfors, a sef of felephones, and school maps. Thus our Film Crew is helping fo pave lhe road 'l'o learning fhrough sighf and sound. WHAT? ME GET 'N THERE? . . . john Prince and Marc Wlmipperniati "WHO SAYS THIS PLATTER WON'T BE A HITlll'7 demonstrate the Opaque projector. Mary Pearl Haynes and David East erasing the rernrcler. l5C "IT SAYS RIGHT HERE 'CENSOREITV' . . . says George jinks as he shows Clarence Vaughan and Dick Wilson how to thread a, film projector. EY AREN'T MAKING LAMPS LIKE THEY USED TO!! . . . Stage W members Raymond Mecllock, Larry Shillcut, and Paul Brown inspect of the flood lights. Successful Productions Result From Good Stage Crew I at 1,35-z L THE DIRECTIONS SAY NOT TO USE HARSH DETERGENTS HOLD-IT, HE'S GOT 10 MORE SECONDS . . . Ellis Melton' and Dennis . . . Dennis Rogers and Ellis Melton inspect a spotlight. ' Rogers adjust light during assembly. Stage crew boys can truly be called "Jacks ot all trades." It seems in most schools these boys are most deserving ot honor but the least recognized. Stage crew boys worlc many hard hours leaving out much ot their social lite iust to help school and community to enioy many ot the wonder- tul productions we have on stage. The many jobs the stage crew handles are jobs that only a tew people could do with such ease and cooperation. Their jobs consists ot raising curtains, worlcing spot lights, being sound-effects men, manning the tootlights and overheads, and in general being slcilled' electricians. Theta Science Club Promotes Scientific Interest To promote scientific interest, selt-expression in science, and a definite channeling ot scienti- 'Fic aptitude . . . these are the goals ot the club' on Wildcat Hill especially geared to the scienti- tically minded-the Theta Science Club. Among other activities such as tield trips, picnics, experiments, and bi-weeltly meetings, the Theta Science Club puts torth special ettort to complete a proiect tor the Math-Science tair held annually at the high school. U. . . AND I CALL THIS INVENTION C. O. VU." . . . Theta Science Officers are jean Bostain, Anita Powell, Alden johnson, and Rachel Walthall. is igyi f if IW? "THIS HERE'S CARDBOARD . . . THIS HERE'S METAL" . . . johnny Ecldleman displays his prize-w1n- ning project at the Math-Science Fair. The Theta Science Club is open tor member- ship to all the students on Wildcat Hill who are genuinely interested in Science. The club not only uses proceedures and charts in order to learn but most ot the lcnowledge gained isaob- tained by applying the "learning by doing" pro- cess. The programs presented by the club on regu- lar club meetings consists ot lectures, demon- strations, tilms, records, and student projects. The programs rotate around the various sciences and include all the sciences taught on Wildcat Hill. Because ot the intluence ot science on the daily lite ot the modern individual, the Theta Science Club is especially interesting and makes clear the modern "mysteries ot lite." THEY CAME, THEY SAW, THEY LIKED IT . . . The community t r out for the Math-Science Fair. 'ATTY-CAKE, PATTY-CAKE, BAKE A TORTlLLIA!l" . . . sings the anish Club as they learn Latin American dances. Los Gatos Espanoles Are Colorful Latin Americans awed DON'T JUST STAND THERE, PASS THE TEQUILA! . . . Spanish Club MEXICAN 4TH OF JULY . . . Scnorixa Blankenship explains about the officers are Karen Thomas, Anniebelle Fields, john Thocles, Dennis Rogers, Mexican clay of independence. and Bill Stewart. As colorful as our neighbors in Mexico are fhe acfivifies of fhe Spanish Club, Los Gafos Es- panoles. Cenfering ifs affenfion on Pan Ameri- can Day, fhe club presenfed a play in commemo- rafion of fhe excifing fesfivifies and celebrafions observed by our fiery Lafin American friends. To help fhe sfudenf body don a fesfive spirif, club members dress in colorful cosfumes, fhe cafeferia serves delighfful Lafin American dishes, and fhe halls are gaily decorafed wifh posfers. Delicious fiesfas af fhe Mexico Chiquifo and friendships, culfiviafed fhrough correspondence wifh people in Spanish speaking counfries, add spice fo an enioyable club. This year Los Gafos Espanoles purchased fiffy song boolcs and a record player fo be used for sfudies, and games and dances al' fheir meefings. 'Quo Vadis' Recreates Qld Rome Any sludenl' who is lalcing or has lalcen Lalin is eligible lo ioin Quo Vadis. The Lalin Club in- 'lroduces l'he sludenl lo l'he more lively aspecls of sludying lhe supposedly dead language. ll is lhrough Quo Vadis lhal one may firsl' realize lhal' lhe sludy of Lalin can prove inleresling and ex- ciling, as well as beneficial. Among lhe many aclivilies of l'he Lalin Club are The annual Quo Vadis Assembly, lhe order- ing of Lalin Club Pins, and several banquels held during l'he year. Le Cercle Francais is 'lhe club provided for lhose who are sludying French. Here lhe French sludenl has a opporlunily 'lo pul lo praclice lhe lhings he has learned in class. sl . . f -arf" x H fi SXTURDAY NIGHT IN OLE ROME!! . . . "Caesar" Esch is stabbed JUPITER . . . XVITII DIRTY FElfTll?ll . . . Latin Club entertains st l aga body with their annual assembly. . , ff ' l-le reads newspapers from France and corre- sponds wil'h sludenls in France who are lalcing English, lhus enabling him lo undersland French as il is spoken. During lhe year Les Eleves also sponsors a French banquel and orders French Club pins. The romance and beauly of lhe French lang- uage becomes an apprecialed realil'y lo lhe slu- denls of 'rhe long accepled languages of cullure and sociely. When one combines lhe r o m a n c e of lhe French language and lhe excilemenl of Lalin i'r is easy 'lo undersland why lhese clubs, as well as lhe subiecls from which 'rhey slem, have become so popular on Wildcal Hill. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Charlotte Morris, Anita Powell, Sally Keller, and judy Mathews. PORISNSIC LEAGUE OFFICITRS . . . Vice-President, jackie Kinarnlg Secretary, Carol Swaimg anal President Bobby johnson. ,Q 3595121 i 1 -V - Debaters Join The Forensic League E DEMAND A RFCFSSU . . . Debaters Carole Swaim and Anne Stephens "AND OUR XVORTHY UD OPPONENTS" . . . Blary Nell A1le1 1nl re enting North Little Rock High, find themselves in a tight spot while Barbara Akin in debate with students from jacksonville. rating 112111 High-but manage to win anyway! Resolved lhal' The Federal Governmenl Should Subsl'an'I'ially Increase Hs Regulalion of Labor Unions-This was lhe proposi+ion repealedly de- baled by lhe members of +he Norlh LiHle Rock Forensic League. Las'l year 'lhe members of the debale class decided +ha+ 'the debale squad should be organized as a club and +hus was born 'lhe Forensic League. Soon afler Hs birfh, +he club members ser up a conslilulion and lhe exis+- ence of fulure Forensic Leagues was guaranleed. The aim of lhe organizalion, besides l'ha+ of 'friendly compelilion wilh fellow debalors, is lo fosler inleresl in all forms of public speaking by promoling aclivilies which involve lhe speech ar'rs. ln order 'lo do lhis. 'I'he debale class nol' only par+icipal'es in all local con+es'I's which in- volve 'rhe speaking ar+s, buf i+ challenges l'he de- bale classes from olher Arkansas schools lo an infer-school debale. The Norlh Li'Hle Rock Forensic League has compleled six infer-school debales and has won five of lhese debales. ll' is lhe desire of every member of the For- ensic League lhar lhe ancienl' arl' of oralory should noi die buf should become a viral parl' of 'lhe curriculum of all schools and all pupils. Girls Recreation Association ls Composed Of Feminine Athletes Offering organized recreafional acfivifies fo 'rhe feminine gender on Wildcaf Hill is fhe Girls Recreafional Associafion. Sporfs ranging from such fhings as charge, volleyball, flag foofball, and soffball fo fable- fennis, shuffleboard, and horseshoes are pro- vided for fhe members of this acfive club. A+ fhe conclusion of each year awards are given fo members based on fhe number of poinfs are gained by parficipafion, scoring, fiming and officiafing games and acfivifies and affending meefings. ln order fo raise 'lhe money fo buy 'lhese a- wards, the G. R. A. members held calce sales, car washes, and rummage sales. vt I CAN'T EVEN PLAY POSSUMH . . . says Georgia Stinson as the GRA XVRONG BASKETsBUT IT'S GOOD FOR TWO POINTS . . presents its assembly to the students of NLRHS. Newsome shoots for goal. . "BUT, I LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! . . ." OFFICERS FOR THE NLRHS-GRA . . . President Doris Noble, Treasurer Nedra Dumas and Vice-President Linda Hickey. HE THINKS HFS A CANARYI . . . President Scott Hztrnilmn strings electric wiring from the block house and the launching site assisted by Mickey McBride. Z Geniuses Dared Join Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society Ilx Tip INTO THF SKY! IT'S GOING TO LAND! XVHO PUT THAT NO SPARKING SIGN THlfRE?4Tl'le rocket blasts Qff-Yliglltiflg up the lafu C ding back a shower of sparks Alfhough if was fhe belief of many people fhaf fhe Arkansas Amafeur Rockef Sociefy would live a relafively shorf life, fhe sociefy is now in ifs fhird year and greaf sfrides have been made in fhe field of sfudenf rockefry. The Arkansas sociefy af presenf ranks among fhe besf of fhe amafeur sociefies. The AARS now has befween I5 and 20 members, mosf of whom hail from Wildcaf Hill. The excellenf launching sife and facilifies af Redfield, Arkansas have been a principal assef of fhe sociefy and if has helped fhem consider- ably in mainfaining fheir presenl' sfanding. ln addifion fo several successful firings which were conducfed fhis year, fhe sociefy has also devofed much fime and energy fo research on a parachufe recovery sysfem. AARS has been working on a movie which is fo be disfribufed fo ofher socifies as a possible fund raising means for fhe sociefy. Camera Club For Victims Of The Camera Bug Armed with flash blubs, ligl1+ melers, pholo plafes, cameras of all malces and models, inlen- sive loolis of concenlralion, and dangerously in- fecfed wifh an insecl commonly lcnown as 'lhe camera bug, +he members of l'he Camera Club concenlrale on learning piclure composilion and yapgles so 'lhey may immorlalize Wildcat Hill on im. The camera enlhusiasls meer ollen al NLRHS in order +o discuss piclures and lechnical prob- lems mel by 'lhe differenl members of the club. The club lakes parl' in bolh nalional and cily- wide pholo conlesfs as il's main proiecl each year. The members also lalce field +rips 'lo find subiecls for lheir one-eyed machines, see films, and hear spealcers from lhe world of phologra- h . P Thus Wildcal camera bugs learn lo record on 'Film happenings in l'heir everyday life-happen- ings lhal may soon be hislory. """'hm.,,,,mq E wt its AND THIS MY FRIENDS" . . . is a camera, I think! . . . President Billy Kiehl explains the camera lens to his fellow officers, Mary McCarty and Jerry Phillips. OBVIOUSLY THE XVORK OF SOME CRANK!!! . . . Kiehl exhibits his project for the Math-Science Fair . . . flower rightj LOOKS LIKE THE USA HAS FOUND A BIGGER MONKEY THAINI RUSSIAS . . , thrwugh trick photography Scott Hamilton is the first man to take a ride to the I'I1O0I'l. n . fl jd, .-AA" W K? f Y M A is ig .A,, M Q GRE T MOMENTS 89.050 ,-S . - V xx ' 4 f r .J - . I 5 A W X X QVXQ N JW J' Q' l' NC . xx XV XCR y M ' 1 f , Q , fx. -X ' 'A f"X fl x 4 by FN . A , , .1 Q AKA-52-4 3 Xujabi' . If RQ jx.-33 . Wuxi lx, lx." N: K k r lf' x A536 R79 iw' Q fx .Qs ,W , , 3 b 1 . H, A X .Vfux , I, ""' Q XX-.lx,xX- A in VJ Uxfg-'Of QX kbil' . 'x-X"-'wAN:" lf 1 1 I K X fxx. ., 'P LM- 3 NN Q, ii "vu Q f M . ' -Q ' ' - 1-1 -- lx . "a . ' '- . ' 'lll--if-vw "K-'S' X9 XXX NN? A-val.. x,kwJixL.xN X N -I T, 5 l 3 Simi ' ' ' A .W ,wg xkj-L V 'VSyLM. RJ-lkk "XY-Vu, ,,XZ.k X, , f , .X L,QQ,-,Qk, vvlgmkk. Qkrxi. K, h XX X ix-QXQ S ,ij . I X 'r-'T 1 X Xl A 4 K 'ak ' XWXJ S' 1 Q-'X-1 Q 'Q' ax f 1 CL., x"'x3.Jx9x9N X - . ,K X Q lm li ff ,N N-,, X X -- A BN Q LQ . N43 S-.,,k,,.A.fNN NX N SKA., l X 1 . X . ' Q. , . X -N ' x m +L, , - 'x K-fwyxi QNX-JQ . ,J ki V : l I Q 2 A I , 'Z N fx " ' . 'N J Lk Ig, M .-x 1 Wvlffy H , - .4-.A pg xx-9,-wx.-MXQALQL P0 J 4.3 3 X 4, fx Xpqg x, 'S . - fx - ' f ' ' X fx A - XXJSY N . Hs 'N E Yam 5--wx xlxmw JAN, 45' ' hx' X ' - 4 +-- X T3 ' x - X, QQ? VTX':X4gbL"" 'Avi--1 -N xfxf- A " T5 si X, 'N 5 Q M, l -Q 'Ng ,, ., .L 4 QMAA CQ . L, -f 1 X .,,k,x. ' S' ,JJ x., XXX 'Tv'- ll xxj , ' X ,-. - Q,..,h v, . V 'Y sf V Q A-SX fl 1 l X X, . K . :ai-R., . EPM. Iv' N fx ' e w . : 'W-f 11- - ,f ' , . ' .. ' - . WN- ' L-'Wk' '51 Ev':'1':. -L ..2f:'s- A WN -X Q Ml,,Q-wffm,:,. R-U 111 xhibml- X 1 , ' -. I , A "'Y'F, , T 54"'f'eg4,. PS -3 1 ,'f5f1,?f!'51lf:F355w R x. 2 'QNX - . L, - ww V, wg , i n b imat.. , ' -- ' 7 iz 1- .J vw. l' -. l"'f.-l,k M , 1:54 X kk--. K . if 4: ,rf x 4- X W f5'5?h" HA r .X 'H -X 5,-.,, 93 .359 , Y Q A Q A . A K. . .X-X CW ff, U V, 'off if 'XX-Q-N he-363, -5 ylwg'-mtv Nm, .' Hfxxsn ,L , .X yskffu-,h-J ,N lgxfkflf x 1 N x X ri, ' -, X N 1 9 ' EA-2 'Y ' 4,,,g",-2g,Q5LEil .XV A x, W f l Ax' grffli-2,143 K- l -v -1--va-.gfj H A NA 2 2' N N- l-' Q1?qf2e???Sg:9s:. gpgfgjligtkii-gfqi' l. l-l jg,-'Qf':Z:"'::v,l,5g22' .fi EEE? . Q- ' ' wv cxvkhi y N-ml W Rx :mp K up my ' ' N X ' WWA mx' NN-N "1-MH 3 'fqufg l ,gm-nffaifaisf -df fm, mia sqwx, ff 1 ' ' -.fair i7 'ifllkif Milli" LS-. .5 11:-56 Q i 1-1 'Ei' 'wfvfiflii -ix . 'NN Q ' 5 Jw? M3513 111-fill:-" W3 J AJ-,43ffx ,xv-J, f u-kj? r':'J-'fl-M.. 'ig-Magna X 'lx . X Q. ww X., ' 'X ,X X A M I lc f H 'wg pm- ' 'R 1 I ' if .,,,2xk.3-' L, gl NNY ' i V - - N L - .KN K X. 'X ' Q52 N 'Y - ' 'Q ' 'Y L2 YY--JY ff N fl QXQLQ KJ 5 ' ykl ,I - Q -7- .X-ll if? 754 -lx fx 1--5LAk,x.,? 'f '--L- 'fi - ,N l X' .""Z N Y X' ' A 'X Xml:-3422 xx State Flower - the apple blossom r, . X Photo by Phelps, Courtesy Arkansas P bl fy d P k C Wor1d's Largest Spring, Mamoth Spring on U.S. Highway 63 in North Arkansas. Photo by Phelps, Courlesy Arkansas Pub Buffalo River State Park licify and Parks Comnnifsrn Diamonds, fhose exquisife sfones soughf by , who have a love of fhe beaufiful, can be four in Arkansas. The only diamond field in Nor' America is locafed in our Wonder Sfafe ner Murfreesboro. This diamond field, covering around eigh' acres in Pike Counfy, has been available as fourisf affracfion since I947. For a small f anyone is granfed fhe freedom of roving +P eighfy acres and searching for diamonds. Fa lowing fhe policy of "finders, keepers," a persj finding one of fhe valuable sfones is allowed i keep if. Nearly fiffy fhousand diamonds ha' been found, cuf and made info valuable gen' Arkansas diamonds are fwenfy-seven per ce harder fhan any ofher known diamonds. Equally as exquisife as fhe diamonds is fhe A kansas Sfafe Flower. fhe apple blossom. Nofhirr can surpass fhe delicafe beaufy of a clusfer fragranf and colorful apple blossoms in fll spring. ln finfs of pink, lavender, and whife, radiafes a fhrill of beaufy and ioy unlike ar ofher. The diamonds and fhe apple blossom repri senf rare and greaf momenfs in fhe sfory of o sfafe. They add fhaf "somefhing special" nee ed fo give our sfafe an oufsfanding finishi fouch and a special glow of radiance. Symbolized by fhe magnificenfly cuf, gleamir diamond and fhe dainfy and beaufiful ap blossom in full bloom aregfhose sfudenfs who a fhaf "somefhing special" fo Wildcaf Hill. Th are fhe sfudenfs who make excepfional use fheir nafural resources by an excellenf mefhod applying indusfryg and who are fhen reward wifh honors as a mefhod of recognifion for fh oufsfanding confribufions fo Norfh Liffle Ro High School. The boys wifh fheir diamond-'lough finish m be fhe oufsfanding leaders in fhe world of f morrow, while fhe girls wifh fheir delicafe gra and beaufy may be fhe beaufy queens or mofh and homemakers of fhe fufure. Jusf as Arkansa are proud of fheir diamonds and apple blosso Wildcaf Hill is proud of ifs diamonds and app blossoms-ifs oufsfanding sfudenfs and fheir complishmenfs. A if Q x Q NRM A M ,A 1 - 3JDV ' " fl wlg , 5 X QW L My If N9 Y W W WW 3 ,N XD L 0 S D90 ,121 W' A W gf' APR? QQ QW V 69, X, D I .mlq Q ,Wbt g f I f V fi M U 'I Q i, f QAM J? ff f 9 'lf n'fl Il I I 'X K S ME? it 15 1 F 1 x .x. .1 ' . -asf I R . -he , , "' ' " ' v K..-.mi 1 ma , W. ww. Y 1 --ww . gs! " Qs., X ' X - .af N 9, 1- - S 1 ,. -1- ,S j ,t Q21 1' ' A in , ' ,I ,nib-ilkg Hx' ,M ' Q S M 00 Kp-fwvvhxgfgwibeiifv' - goo E. :- , , Y Q . . -. 1 Nt: ,--Q, - Y .W , . Y offs - ...Ni N I im..-1... X we-,.,,. 1 1..m1:a, Emma 1 ...wwr x X . . 7 'U X 'O i w. 1 , W. Sf- ww- ,X Etsy: 'S' 1 1 2. N u 1 it -., gm: , .: A ,f vm h V, I X Ng' ks XX G h x xc if """ f.... fn... -3591 Xt, i5ssx5js?""'F?5Xs 4 5: - .x X -Ne w 1-six? . , 5 -XX 4, ' ' V, may pw., 43 Y , xkt S' It K-an ky as K . f., tt . 1 txt. . 1, T71 A ' , if V . 1 ,L 1 1 -- --f - -N. ' . H21 , ,MM L i rf .0,.m..... f ' N 'f .'k' Q 'yy X'-'Aff :XS-f?S4NX3953H ' ' X ' 552 .'.x X' 7851-ith' M rl Xq,,..f"r , xxx 1 tg i Y .1 ff 1' 4 no M ' my W Y R 1 - .f5ti1Q.gXx fi.' 1 -.Q t. , ...D N. . , 'r - , 1. - . -Q '- , . 1 aj. i g, 15 5 A n g ? x 1-r " - - + E V t 1 G5 .C M 1- U 1.1.1 NN x If i--,xg K.-- :A ty it "' ' X.. 1' ti f--D Q f' 5-1f7gc. , 5f ' , gf' mi? , X ik X X x , T ri xkhh- Qffnf N.1 .5 lf P' " As' ft - K X3 lj nmrsn me sf-. sf Yi -. N 1 mm, , , 1 - . 1 - 1 , ' - as s Q - K X- ,tg 'X -f ' 'S - ' 'KH ' g , H ' . V is -. . , nm wuts fin. iw 5, X .5 ' X W S3 mmm "N - 7 -' Q' -1 ?-fi.QQ A H-- T t ,. X . . - 5 ti-x 3 :K .. X Q . . . ,s ia:i:i:i'ntr ww w - X- , 1 .......t.. U 1 gm f X A' tif' 1 " it I Wi l"U' mtuu s c Q iii . xx Q u,,.N ' 7 - - E x iff f f 5,0k ,Lf, , , f X f U1 P HARDWOODSX 70 N LFORE57 I If ff I , X ' ' V 4 , ,7 fr I U5 .'.A ," - X 22:13:10 N A X 1 XXS v LOBLOLLY E X FOPES7 X4 'P 0 ffl? will Qyyfy YJ Y-Teen Valentine Royalty Color Day Royalty Cheerleaders Boys and Girls State Friendliest Wildcats Publications Honors Special Honors 159 160-161 162-163 164-165 166 167 168 DAR and Bausch-Lomb Award Winners 169 Drum Majors and Student Directors Trio and Quartet All State Band All State Choir National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Society Thespians Tri Chem All State Football All State Basketball FTA Sweethearts 170 171 172 173 174-176 177 178-179 180 181 182 182 ' Y-Teen Maid DEE LISTER Maid ANNIEBELLE FIELDS fa Valentine Maid Royalty CHERRY FISHER A111111 PAM XVARRICK Maid CECELIA SWAIM Maid JEPHREY PHIPPS Color Day Royalty KAREN jo NOWELL Wildcat Queen NEDRA DUMAS lVan1l1mt Cat Queen -i Wildcal' beaulies, on l'he basis of charm, wil, and poise, are chosen as Color Day Queens and Maids. Jusl' before homecoming, each home room selecls 'rwo girls and each class elecls ils repre- senlalive from among lhem. The sophomore and junior classes each selecl' lwo maids. The girl who receives 'lhe highesl number of voles among 'rhese is named Wildcal' Maid and lhe girl wi'rl1 lhe second highesl number of voles is lhe Visil'or's Maid. The Senior Home Rooms choose 'lwo girls each. The Senior girl winning lhe highesl num- ber of voles from among lhese is named Wild- cal Queen. The second highesl is lhe Visil'or's Queen and lhird and fourlh highesl are Maids. The Queens are crowned immedialely preced- ing 'lhe lciclc-off of lhe homecoming game. MARIAN ALFORD Wildffzl Senior Maid LEE BELL Wildcat fmzior hlaid JUDI EVANS Wl177lpIl5 Cat Senior Maid 2 A CAROLYN BANEY Wjildfdl Sophomore Alaid DRUCILLA KELLY Wafnpus Cat junior Maid WWF ,H-Q . X f,.3, 5 if .ff gf A L QSM' Www affix Q Qgrowgiw ' -2 2 Q:'w2f:rf2 wi if JEANNE SHIELDS X ,1 g ,gw:'?:Iw. M Sophomore Maid VV'V"' V'. ":' ' if N935 A wifi !',.,,M3,, ., . . . y Qt lg E Q ' M .,.. 1 ,. 7 " ' M or 4 ' ' .o.. 5 ., +1 161 Ji or The girls +ha'I' are chosen 'lo be Wildcal Cheer- leaders musl' pass a rigid 'l'es'I'. Each spring all lhe candidales 'I'ry fhe audiforium before 'Phe enfire sludenf body. Ten are elec+ed on 'lhe basis of 'rheir slcill in acrobafics, fheir poise and spiri+, and fhe general appearance of +heir demonslrafion yells. Cecilia Swaim Shirley Thomas Charlotte Morris Rita Fisher Teddy Blakney Carol Kerby Joyce Buckner Judy Woods Q E E mw.,,.W is W, gf y 4 Q gk , , .,:, I:::: x K ..,..h b : -,-f- - ag :Ag Q, W ,, Sb f , ,M gg WH .Qi , gQiw ,!. is si 5 7 3 ' .: ' . ' , 15- if X ' -2521 ,L 'SWL fm Q, N lm X E Www gf 1 E? gf K .9 WS A w al is N if B 3 i Boys' and Girls' Staters Each spring lhe facully selecls oulslancling members of 'rhe iunior class lo represenl Norlh Lillle Roclc al' Arkansas Girls' Slale and Boys' Sl'al'e for a weelc during lhe coming summer. Seleclion is made on 'lhe basis of characler. sporlsmanship, gracles, and previously demon- slralecl qualilies of leadership. These lwenly-five sludenls, selecled lasl spring, have relurnecl from Girls' Slale and Boys' Slale lo be lhe leaders of lhe Senior Class of l960. 'iff f K il ,"' rrl' irsili E WWE .xv 5 .B " Don Baxley MK.-.--"""""'i'W' was fa Q55 Nancy Lybarger Donna Wellhausen HW'- 5 i. X Bruce Junkin Ann Smith john Tyler 1 . aaagnszss? Larry Hogue Margaret Whitting Don Zimmerman ffaal If Shake H .GLB Nedra Dumas ': 1: .,, ., , New -535 aff: :. ,. .:.....-.v-- i L 4- 'f W :,1 9 F35 K EEF 5:ss:f. "': 5551+255 may .ss -: r-2-:15f.:vf.a:. - - ,gb ,. .. .ww ima. M, .,,, ..:..:.: ,.... I . -.,.,. W if Q? ag' H3 -W - ww if g: as m .. ..,. 2 .-: mf :. : if ,ff QA Qdfiffiillf 1 l Bob Gullett Becky Coker X ,Q m, WV Wi 4 ., 5 km ww' 3- fs AQKRN SAF Judy Blucker 7 f 12 :2 F Mxiiwkgi V. 5,.,a,wsE ff ii Q' Gem Mumme Carol 'n Pairett lawn? Paulette Joslin George Ponder , nf 11, ' Y S ig Y awe 6, W ' 'M W Y W gg f , 4 , Z i., 'fr 1 wliiziizizfl Dianna Wingfield Gary Parker ,,wwM.,5,, ,lIL1illf1fLIZ,f5 E W 5 f 1 5 r . 1 v, if' gb? few X Anne Deese ,wMQ e In .A ,,.,,,,.,.,. buubbzb ,.,. .V D 5,,. . --" X Q W i ' F " dave H f ' iii? Um wx-view .manage f A5r Q? Linda Digby r,,,,wW'W"'wwfwm.,.,..,,M' jerry Hanchey f2,.QQg5TmT:Q?QW N l David Davenport egliii 1 . 'K s Tommy Adams :,. Q, W EM .,,, WM a ad Tommy Sherrill 66 Friendliest Wildcats Being chosen lhe friendliesl boy or girl by 'l'he sludenl body is cer'l'ainly a greal' honor. To be eligible for lhis honor, one musl' be nominalecl b his homeroom cluring Friencll Y Y Week, and from 'lhere be vofed upon by his fel- low sluclenls. One girl and one boy is chosen from lhe Senior, Junior, ancl Sophomore classes. This even+ climaxes Friendly Week, sponsored by lhe Sluclenl' Council. HARVEY HALL Friemlliest funior Boy LEE BELL F riemlliest junior Girl DANNY BARTELL F riemlliest Senior Boy SHIRLEY THOMAS F rienclliest Senior Girl TOMMY SKIPPER F rieudliest Sophomore Boy JEANNE SHIELDS F riemlliest Sophomore Girl H' is necessary +o help finance fhe cosls of 'lhe M IS S e S a n d M e S S r S ' school's publicalions lhrough +he sale of adver- ' lising by members of 'rhe s'I'a'ff. X W I I d C a t a n d For lhe I96O Wildcal and Hi Comel, lhe I55 ' slaff members sold 55,675 worlh of adverlising H I C 0 m and ihese eighf people were +he highesi' in in- dividual sales:-Jaclcie McRoberl's, Jerry Maieer, Jimmy Mashburn, Shirley Simpson. Jimmy Rowell, Marian Alford, Becky Rhodes, and Rila Fisher. As a reward, lhey are given lhe lille "Misses and Messrs. Wildcai and Hi Comer." Iackie McRoberts jerry Mateer jimmy Mashburn Shirley Simpson Jimmy Rowell Marian Alford Becky Rhodes Rita Fisher I67 S p e C I a I Some Wildcals disiinguished 'lhemselves and broughl' honor 'ro 'rhe school +hrough 'rheir scholar- H Q n Q I' S ship or prowess in slate conlesis. Among +hese are Bob Bullock who won +he American Legion's Oraforical coniesl and 'rhe seven s'I'uden+s-Marian Alford, PauleH'e Joslin, James Lulcer, Edwin Ray, Becky Rhodes, Frances Jane Roberts, Randall Thompson-who were 'linalisis in rhe National Meril' ,Scholarships Awards. Bob Bullock Marian Alford Paulette Joslin james C. Luker American Legion Orator National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist Edwin Ray Becky Rhodes Frances Jane Roberts Randall Thompson National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist National Merit Finalist SEU V ' -::.:Ea::i e5?'Z?g,Zi 5 ' ' . -::::-:-::e-.s,..- . - iw in in H Q ge as 1 N32 H. Wife Q '32 W 22 ,iii A M' X 'Z - I' .F-. 527' . g :":Z.:.':3':v- rc 'g "W f .iw 52:1 ,B is 'X Alden Johnson izlusch-Lomb Science Award he Bausch-Lomb Science Award is given lo 'rhe enior sludenl' whom 'lhe science 'leachers con- ider lhe school's mos'l oulslanding science slu- enl'. Special Awards Charlotte Morris DAR Good Citizenship Award The DAR Good Cilizen Award is given by l'he 'lacully lo 'lhe girl whom lhey consider mosl' oulslanding in lhe cilizenship, characler, leader- ship and lcnowledge of American Hislory. Drum Majors julia Garrett - Mark McCune Because the Wildcat Marching Band is a mili- tary type band, there are no maiorettes strutting before it. Instead. the band is led by the com- petent drum major and his feminine assistant. Each spring the stadium resounds to the sounds of shrill whistles and loud commands as the can- didates for drum major audition for the members of the band. The pair chosen must be the very best of the best, for it is they who must lead the Wildcat Band through all its exhibitions dur- ing the school year. Student Directors John Tyler - Danny Evans A fundamental knowledge of all phases L music, a high degree of interest in the band an the wholehearted respect of his fellow bandsm -it talces all these to make a successful stude director in the Wildcat Band. Each year two outstanding Band members a elected on the basis of tryouts to serve in t absence of the director and to assist him in t direction of the band at football and baslcetb games and pep assemblies. ,YW Boys' Quartet Gail Russell Ray Carter George -links Dick Scharfenberg "The sweelesl sounds 'lhis side of heaven" nply sums up lhe vocalizing of 'rhe Senior Boys -uarlel. Eligible for lhe Boys Quarlel, which +rforms 'lor various groups in 'lhe slale, are Eior boys in l'he Boys Chorus and l'he Senior our. Abililies l'o loolc al' 'rhe noles, sing 'rhe music, cl make harmony come forlh are 'ralcen inl'o nsideralion al Boys Quarlel' lryouls. Girls' Trio Suzanne Odom Judy Matthews Shirley Thomas "The cream of lhe crop" is lhe Senior Girls Trio. Chosen from lhe Senior Girls Ensemble on lhe basis of l'heir abilily lo harmonize, read music, and iusl plain sing, lhese girls are con- slanlly in demand 'l'o perform before social, civic, and cullural groups 'lhroughoul lhe cily and s'l'a're. II State Band Members Band Members who are rafed "Firs+ Band" a+ l'l1e Regional Clinic are eligible To 'fry oul for All Slale Band. These play before a panel of 'rlwree iuclges, and +l1ose who achieve "Firs+ Band" raling are declared All Sfale Band. Randall Thompson - Clarinet Bill Nichols - Clarinet Danny Barrell - Bassoon Ronny Jeffery - Bass Saxaph Danny Evans - Cornet David Coles - Bass II State Choir i The goal for every NLRHS music siucleni is Li da Hi Li la T A 5 kl fhe All S'I'a+e Choir. The choir is chosen 'From fhe Choral Music Deparimenf. Each school is allow- ecl to seleci' 'ren per cenl' of Hs choral enroll- menf for 'I'he honor. Oufsfanding musical abiliiy, being able 'ro sighi'-read, and a voice +ha+ blends well are es- senrial for being chosen. The classroom aHi+ucle is also 'lalcen info consiclerarion. n ckcy nc racy nn tric in Beverly Utley Judy Matthews Adrianne Wilcox Donna Wcllhausen Dick Scharfenbcrg Gail Russell is ' ,r,,,,.,,. is ff : '2"2f- '- ----- A .. , 31,,,,.fih if ' -S' 5: - 241.1 Wffzzzgw gi:-imgg A -' ' - 'lxfwwzzzs ieasafizaay Fi, W Ears? i ,: .?5f" 3,645 'W' .,.,,.. ' -an j 2 4,3 Z1 zz " i : 2 1: 2 , l. . ' " ' John Eubanks l A Eddie Pilkington Smith Judy Whitaker ,f "' ' , ..,. ' ef-pf' HP gil at i ' SETS gif W 14:1-'5'.ff?'-2 me ' , 'sy ' if gn? if T Q i ,, 4 A-if A ,Q t ,i':rf' WWQ :E H iid' y T My I as-it I Anita Powell Dee Spann Freddie Roberts K Becky Holt Phy11iS Darden Frances Tllfkef .aw Jw wi -- . - -im.. S3 ,W WV 9 Fm ., , . if 4.,..i. ..., ....5 . -1 .... M F ,, ,, 'GE f""t 'S iiiiliii' ' ai: 4 e A ,V James Tyler Tommy Bjorkman Linda Killingsworth Benny Blakney National Honor Society Rewards Scholarship Each year lhese Honor Sludenls sponsor 'rhe March of Dimes drive wilhin fhe school. This drive lakes place in an assembly in which lhe classes-Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors- march in compelilion wilh each olher. Again +his year, as has become an eslablished Wildca+ lradilion, lhe Seniors led lhe group wilh S7I0. The Sophomore class placed second wilh 5520. And finally 'rhe Junior class conlribuled S240 bringing lhe grand lolal lo l'he l96O March Of Dimes of SI,470. During +he year NHS also sponsors 'l'wo candy sales lo help finance l'heir proiecls. Our Sociely, which received ils charler in l929, holds l'wo inilialions each year. The fall inilialion is held 'lo lalce in Seniors. The spring induclion 'ralces in addilional Seniors as well as Juniors who will be laced wi'l'h l'he responsibilily of carrying on lhe worlc for lhe following year. CANDIDATES FOR THE NLRHS HONOR SOCIETY LIGHT THEIR CANDLES AND TAKE THEIR PLEDGE . . . Scholarship, leadership, characler and service are lhe imperalive +rai+s which lhe Nalional l-lonor Sociely member musl' possess. Before a sludenl' can become a l'ruly well-rounded indi- vidual il' is necessary lhal' he develop nol' iusl' one, bul' a combinalion of lhese four basic principles. Officers for the 1959-1960 Honor err Hanchey, jucly Matthews, Donna Wellhausen, and Ron fl' H'11 16 1. Society are j y S . Q., s SQ .2 35 9 'W M' A K X Sfmt :'1 . 'ig we :.,.. l :REEL 1' ,, 'C .3351 ' M - 5 - -,.- V I , 9 QB A as iz- Q 1 - X an f 5 . l 252 55 7 ' ' A 4- lv 53 '7 "Sl Q - ZA' s 3 Ji .,.. E ,, W Q Q 5' 2 2 2 42 - - 5. 5 . :Q 1 W ' 'Z i il " ,W .-G' , bf- -..- : :,.:, 3: Q, :.,..f::::5 if 3? ei 4 1 Q at J A W ,,,A',. 3 ,.:, ' gg ,Q ' - .snr A 4 Q L . S W 1 lv: Q.: b V . ,. Z :., ,V ,saw A .. ' 'Q ' A T ' W K 5 ' "' I V 22 'E ' nz? " ' M ., ' - 5' is 1 1 5. Ziwi 3' X hm." ' . + . :fggfE 9 W 4 4 i ' fi W , . 354, Eg . r ' - A EE: , e 1'-2 'xii' I Sl .5019 in E. 3 . ga k x MM Q "WELL, IF I HADN'T CI-IOPPED "YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T GETTYS- UANYIIODY GOT CHANGE FOR A THOU- IT DOXVN, THE DARN TERMITES IKURG ?" . . . Bobby "Abe" Johnson SAND DOLLAR BILL?" , , , Junior Tommy WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT" . . . speaks on behalf of "character" during Clemgntg contributes during the annual school- Jerry Hanchey portrays George XVasl1- the National Honor Society initiation wide march for the Ixlafqh of Ijitneg, ington in the National Honor Society assembly. assembly. X SPRING 1960 INITIATES . . . Left to Right First: Rose Carole Williams, Heather Dodson, Emma Kinley, Glenda Bice, Mary Smith, Karen Jo Nowell, Carol Kerby, Kathy Bevans, Josephine Egner, Anita Powell, Gloria Roberggm, Mary McCarty. Second: Jessie Nell Randolph, Carolyn House, Rita Bolinger, Lintla Hickey, Anita Bufford, Judy Pitts, Missy Gootlloe, Barbara Green, Gayle Funk, Aletha Lipscomb, Jeffrey Phipps, Jean Bostain, Claro Ruth Cofieltl, Peggy Hay, Margaret Whitting. Third: Bobby Neighbors, Jim Lance, Larry Burke, Robbie Bridenthal, Sally Keller, Donna Munsey, Rebecca Hall, Judi Evans, Norman Pritltly, Tommy Adams, Joe Ball, Gail Russell. Fourth: Dee Spann, Johnny McClain, Mark McCune, Pat Jordan, Ed Nokumura, Don Vogel, Virgil Lyons, Carl Halford. W BETTER BEAR! l l banquet. if Quill And Scroll Honors Top-Flight Journalists Symbolizing a worlhy goal, desired honor, and inlriguing challenge, Quill and Scroll, l'he lnler- nalional Honorary Sociely for High School Journalisls, represenls l'he ul'mos'r dreams of all high school iournalisls. WATCH THAT FLAME, GANG, HERE COMES SMOKEY THE . . . 1960 Quill and Scroll candidates are initiated at annual LL AND SCROLL OFFICERS . . . Treasurer Ruth Wcuodcock, President I WISH THEY WOULD HURRY UP AND PLUCK THOSE CHICKENS e Stephens, Vice-President Clara Bess Matson, Secretary Carolyn Hamp- I'M HUNGRY . . . Candlelighters await main course. To become a member of lhis club, one musl meel' l'he following requiremenlsz lll They musl' be of iunior or senior slanding. l2l They musl be in lhe upper lhird of lheir class al' l'he lime of elecfion. l3l They musl' have done superior work in some phase of iournalislic or crealive endea- vor. l4l They musl be recommended by lhe ad- viser of publicalions and l5l They musl' be ap- proved by lhe infernalional execulive secrelary. The Quill and Scroll is 'ro The high school journ- alism sludenls whal' lhe Nalional Honor Sociely is lo all sl'udenl's, and membership in Quill and Scroll is a covered 'rhing among siudenls. Each year new members are granled a life long membership in Quill and Scroll. Thus lhey are permil'+ed +o wear wifh pride lhe symbol of l'his club which slrives lo uphold l'he high ideals of lrue journalism. YOU MEAN YOU GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS, TOO??? . . . Initiates receive pins and membership cards. A Q TT '- l77 ik , ..1, I Thespian Club Recognizes Dramatic Talent lx.. Thespian membership has many benefils-l'he experiences gained by l'he aclivilies of lhe club, lhe feeling of gralificalion gained by 'lhe lcnowl- edge lhal you have served olhers. 'lhe enioymenl' gained during lhe lun filled aclivilies, and 'rhe 'fellowship gained by associalion wilh l'he olher club members. These and olher benefils, com- pose 'lhe advanlages of Thespian membership. Allhough 'lhe club was organized chiefly for member benefils, il does nol offer benefils a- long, 'lor when a sludenl' 'lalces lhe Thespian pledge of membership, he is obilgaled l'o as- sume grealer 'laslrs and responsibililies in lhe carrying on of lhe dramalic arls program in his school and by doing lhis, furlhering his personal N. X Na l XXI, K fi gl ru IOOK HANDSOME DO YOU WANT TO GO TO C'RANDMA'S WI i5eT?gatigDNlT HAVE THAT GUN' BUSTER ' ' ' Thespian candidates ME oiz NOT??? . .,. Bobby johnson and Dianna Wingfield perform ' skit during the annual Thespian assembly. 'lraining as a par'l'icipan'l in l'he serious worlcs of lhe dramalic ar'l's program. Because Thespians membership is based on lhe "honor" or "recogni+ion" scale, 'lhe would-be Thespian musl accumulale a number of poinls before he is eligible 'For membership. The poinl syslem which is uniform lhroughoul l'he nalion, is based on parlicipalion of l'he sfudenl' in slage produclions. The highesl honor one can achieve is honor Thespian, a 'lille which requires 50 poinls over his original len necessary for membership. For lhose who are willing lo apply lheir lalenls and a good deal of "good, old-'Fashioned elbow grease" Thespian membership can be very re- warding as well as inleresling and fun. W A THESPIAN OFFICERS . . . Dee Lister, Carolyn. Pairett, and Shirley Thomas. ,,.,,., Wil lil foe' W I7ON'T LET HIM FOOL YOU, HE'S NOT REAL- LY MODEST . . . Pac Thresher, Dee Lister, and johnny Gray rehearse for the Senior Play. 5 Af AN ANGEL??? . . , Karen jo Nuwell enter- tains studyhalls during the Chrismma season. BUT SANTA, I DIDN'T ASK EOR A MICROPHONE STUDENT DIRECTORS EOR THE 1960 SENIOR PLAY . . . lvlary Nell Allen, Carolyn Paireu, Ginger Garrison, and Barbara Akin. ROMEO, ROMEOfXVHERE ART THOU, ROMEO?? . . . Bob Bullnck and Carole Swaim learn their lines. Ace Scientists Are Invited Into Tri Chem Tri Chem, an honor society tor science stu- dents, has become highly competitive as only the top ten per cent ot the students in the science department are eligible tor membership. Also among the qualitications is a "B" average and at least two previous years ot scientitic study. This honor club was chartered tor the purpose ot promoting and strengthening scientitic inter- est on Wildcat Hill. During the year, Tri Chem members prepare various projects tor the Math-Science Fair, which they enthusiastically support. The annual Tri Chem banquet could easily be called the highlight ot the year since it is on this occasion that the outstanding science student ot the year receives the Bausch-Lomb Science Award. TRI CHEM OFFICERS . . . Dru Kelly, Mischa Martin, Jay HEY IVF GOT NFWS EOR YOU CUSS MR BELI Means, and Tommy Adams. INVENTED THAT THING A LONG TIME AGO TO INIAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, FLIP THIS AND THE LIGHT COMES ON . . . Aldon johnson gets first prize on his Science Fair project having to do with poloroid lenses, refrac- tion, etc. WHICH END HAS THE FILTER??? . . . Don McDanieIs holds up a neon tube to a tesla coil in order to make the tube light up by magnetic waves at the Science Fair. T y Adams F t Team Tackle l N X jerry jones First Team Lineback y Par er l Nix Five Achieve All Big Nine Football Honors The Fighling '59 Wildcals of Norlh LiH'le Rock placed five men on l'he All Big Nine. All Slale firsl' and second leam selecfions. Tommy Adams landed a firsl leam lackle berlh: Jerry Jones, firsl leam line backer: and Jimmy Rowell, firsl 'leam end. Jerry Sisk, second 'ream cenlerg and Gary Parker, second l'eam half- back. Eighl' players received an honorable menlion: Donnie Caple, Gem Mumme, Buddy Bliedl, Jeff Flake, Gene Vaughn, Gary Whisnaf, and Skippy Johnslon. Five posilions on 'lhe All S'l'a'le Team is lhe mosl +ha+ Norlh Lillie Rock has earned since IFSI, They placed five on 'lhe leam 'rhaf year aso. l A 1 A ' :AVN l4r'l,,, immv owe k J V s k J , R ll S d Team Half-Back Second Team Center First Team End Oil Basketball Honors B FTA Sweethearts Larry Hogue All State A11 Big 9 North Little Roclc had one Wildcat to gain the honor ot All State is basketball and two who made All Big Nine after winning the Big Nine Championship . . . The Future Tradesmen of America had two Sweethearts from Wildcat Hill at their annual convention-Sheila Brewer A11 Big 9 and Linlda Lauclc. Dub Wilstmn Sheila Brewer Linda Lauck FTA Sweetheart FTA Sweetheart k.-fVQ Q LIS, -"' -2 ,. 4 ff' f if 37 -'fj.7',f l f""'3 lf:?f.f'k7.'ffA 1 If V7Q.z?!f?l414fQMf B A C K E R U ' I ,., , If ,,N' 7,17 JJQJKZQQ f ?f ,,j7,' . , 1 SA I, - 4, - -' V A zfifjlvf QQVZAQAZZV44 , ZW if Zgfgjffdcj X, A - ,f f .ffl A , 1 A f ,jx A " rj I my gwwyyzafffgfzf V nvv V, '7 , J 4 MZ! of 77ie A ll K AN SA S A TRAVELER llllllllglllm quick -ly sensed the mag - ic and the beau - ty of the land. en-h - nes from the mnun-tains to the fields of grow-ing grain. OFFICIAL ARKAN-SAS STATE soNG I 3- J-T E J V 3 J 3 , V V 5 V V V Zi an . 9 me ,,:::2,,, VPS? 5:55- ae. V ' l' 1 REFRAIN f3J'4fJ fi 5',f-5 :Jil T' V g T T T Fi- nge Won .N an slate we'll fig a song, A151 fFFF5'Vifg :f"3'55ilggiw I A sv: P if I i -l 4 5' 5 if-43 5 .,,,.. fb .5 ' J l I ' f f trav' - l:l' frud with lfid - idle: alxdh a buiylg Yllgle F peat I e une a - ong ne mg - wa 5 n 5 5 5 Jadgifffwwfffl I F F ? F 4 F J lm our v0w.w ma am: long. Fur me w0n.aer star we'll V F! : - . 4 . ' fffff nfl VVHFV V112 Hi I I I I f 9 .P A I fl l' e V 45 P j J E I J 'P il I , I I K K Q ::": ,trzzzl .:.'::: 52,11 A :zz gli: 5:3515 Sz. V J ' 5 H -U97 W be 'LJ H shout Hur-ruhl And praise the op-por-tu-nl-tres we flnd xn AR-KAN-SAS. r I J l J - : ,B l - l- Yi 'E ' F-. 'V F fl VV? " + 'FPEJV 'VV NVVV ffl ffl VVVVV "The Land of Opportunity" Pholo courlesy Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission Ouachita National Forest Phoio courtesy Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission Chimney Rocks, Clinton Like a proud lady showing off her besi finery are The 'ren ihousand miles of paved highways running 'Through 'lhe scenic wonderlands of Ark- ansas. H' mighi' be said 'l'ha+ one of 'rhe 'Favori+e pasiimes of Arkansans is "ius'l' lookin' " while driv- ing 'Through ihe Wonder S+a+e. Arkansans are filled wiih pride 'For iheir s'l'a'l'e as +hey 'Follow +he unwinding ribbon of highway 'l'hrough +he brealh-iakingly beauiiful Ozark Mouniains in auiumn when 'rhe leaves are dress- ed in hues of gold and red. Riding in +he lower regions of The s'la+e one begins +0 realize +he splendor of nalure as lhe numerous lakes come info sighl' and lhen disappear one by one. The highways lead on ihrough +his "Land of Oppor'runi'ry" 'Through The many small fowns like Magazine, Lonoke, and Benion io lhe larger cities like Texarkana, Fi. Smiih. LiH'le Rock, and To our +own, Norih LiHle Rock. ln 'These 'Towns we see progress in moiion as ihe people go abouf 'I'heir daily 'rasks. Arkansas is called The "Land of Opporl'uni+y" because ii' was poinied oui' by greal' leaders in business and induslry +o be one of ihe brigh+es+ spols on 'The Uniied Slaies map for grow+h and developmenf for business and indusfry. As 'l'he people of +he siaie became inieresied in fhe 'Fu'I'ure of Arkansas and made an efforl' 'ro ac- quainf lhemselves with 'rhe kinds of indusiries bes'r suiied +o our si'ai'e, soon l'he 'rheme "Ark- ansas, ihe Land of Opporl'uni'ry" became so popular among The people il' was placed on au- 'l'omobile license plafes. As highways lead us on 'ro bigger and beHer ihings, we meei +he backers of our s+a'I'e, 'l'he businessmen. Wi'I'hou'I' ihe civic-minded business- men of Arkansas ihere would be no "Arkansas S+ory." They are The men who are inferesled enough in our s'l'a+e 'lo inves'I' iheir 'lime and money in ii's fuiure 'rhal' lhe srory of Arkansas will always be a glorious one, more enchanting wil'h each felling. 1 Phoio courfesy Arkansas Publicify and Parks Commission Swinging highway bridge, Big Flat, Arkansas lt' :Mural 1000 mi. C y F d 183 221 A g ph 222 223 S ff 224 00.10-A1 FUI-awk, bdllu-L, ,2fCA,Q,,aH ,L!g,6L, MM, ,Q2Wif2i,b?,jw.fL7gZ2 ZQQQQQQ if Eff? DSQMQ ' O iw QQ fig, W Wiejx Sm Q Qgiwk- YK 40, 2 cu , 2 T, , K? , 05.4 ff SD ffffifff- wg, v ji -QQLQ 555 1? -A Qqwf, inn - Q? ? 1.2 me N ' X.: W A Il fs, -' G1 G ,TAV I 122525: lzfzizizi":f:f:1:1:I:1-'-'-"':1''iizliiiiiiiiiiii'EE5'E2223:'3E15E13E1E2E1ZEIEIEIEIEIEIESE2iiRiiiiliikililizkizii353322225333Zki5:2:1:EF:E:E:21:5-:-:- ' ' ' ' 'fifiiifif' ' ' ' ' A fool for a patient 1 9 3 1 Y 0 s K' 4 - 4:32-35 9 5 1 -pot-iqpg F WWW' -L an MNWV f s. f,'xw. It has been said that he who treats his own illness has a fool for a patient. The wisdom is obvious. What may seem to be an insignificant ailment actu- ally may be a warning of serious illness, especially if symptoms persist or recur. Only a physician has the ability and knowledge required to diagnose and prescribe medical treatment. Seek his attention at the first warning signal. A prolonged and serious illness may be thwarted. If medication is needed, bring your prescription to us. Lean llolstcd Drug Store Prescrigbtions Our Specialty Post Office Box 3007 North Little Rock, Arkansas 183 IN THE FIELD 3 il I I A 1 f 1 A . if Ai Q,C,L.fg, F x ' QQTQJBJLNQ QvQ,wfeOLQJ9CLei X . -Q. - I ML ,LJv"x'J"L9xA, Quai 4,0 Wm MOORE FOOD Nom BROADWAY "The Big Ford Supermarket" LITTLE ROCK ' " R572 I YEA! sENloRs eg 5 YEA! WILDCATS L I D O I N N 103 E. ROOSEVELT ROAD Manufacturers of LITTLE ROCK CONCRETE AND LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCKS 'i-' ' Q' 111- .fSXX STEAM CURED - LABORATORY TESTED If A Tl ,. ,11, , h jk All Popular Sizes 7113 Concrete Brick ' ik Patio Blocks 725 Roman Tile I The Bank That Likes To Say "YES" Welcomes The Opportunity to Serve You! 12' Dur-O-Wall iff Masonry Cement Dial FRanklin 5-2811 Nights, Sundays 81 Holidays Dial WI 5-2811 ' M Sth and Cornish Sfreels Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 6x F deral Reserve System I84 North Little Rock Fourth az Louisiana Little Rock A1-ka n A 7 A K I sm mise KEMPNERS I 418 Main Little Rock, Arkansas l T T ,, -,, 0159 L L E Roo xl 1714 Main S+. 4' S C O T T PLUMBING CO. CONTRACTORS HANK'S DOG HOUSE 41' W- 52"" North Little Rock Live Maine Lobsters STEAKS - SEA FOODS EVANS ESSO STATICN Open 4:30 Til I2-Closed Sunday . SK 3-9165 LEVY X SAN CEME! Venahle Lulnber Co. 1109 W. 34th St., N. L. R. HOUSE OF FABRICS I9I8 Main YEA WILDCATS FR 2-2084 Village Shopping Cenfer MOSELEY'S DRESS SHOP We Rock JEWELRY ' I Dresses - Sporfswear -- Suifs - Lingerie O sweaim NORTH LITTLE ROCK ska.-is VILLAGE HQBBY 3, ART 3901 New Benfon Highway The Besf for Your Car J Z I oi' s E R v IC E COMPANY, INC. .R J. E. WRIGHT, Presideni U. S, J. Q. MAYHUGH, Sec. - Gen. Mg I 2 TIRES : s I Y fig, .2 N ,. . ei.Q,. . "I BROADWAY AT SECOND O PHONE FR 2-6143 C LITTLE ROCK,ARKANSAS 1 i .4' "" Ci, '- , I ,. L ,,I, I X T,RE,, QS meaiifsxe we X F I ' R ' "' IA"I I Oxji We ei Owiv We Lido Cafetericz g O O' 615 Main Little Rock jf-QQ ,fjiiggigx in A32 OLQJX WQIM MC MQA5' iw CC C I fiom! i-- I Yxlgbjggb Nkxfg' AJJKJNSL C5XSLzCp KLQQD A To The laborers That Made ii -Z Possible for this Wonderful I Q.,-w X y K Tx r and Beautiful Yearbook to Come .A ,AJR IYTUJHST IVQMJ' NIM our. BEST OF LUCK! in R1 Lv ik VKJXQQXA .X CL !k,v,pC.SL .- T-5 Gas Engine Paris 81 Service . Q QIJMSQKQQ .3 im 'L-VFNH. I S R . . Come' epam? , ROBERT L. DORTCH SEED FARMS .ff A KJ . Lock Smith 'U SCOTT, Arkansas I86 200 East I3Th FR 2-OOOI amaaw. wif' Sq? O Dorfch's Pedigreed Seeds Rex Cotton Seed Seed Rice - Soy Beans YEA! WILDCATS CORBET'S Variety 81 Hiardware N' 804 Ark. Mo. Highway North Little Rock, Ark. L. R. TIRE 81 SUPPLY 3rd 8. Broadway little Rock, Ark. Yea! Seniors DR. WALTER E. WARD 3423 B Pike Ave. North Little Rock The Wildca The ts Are B-E-S-T I Q' f ,f 4 Ma' fa? 2112 ,f N ' , x . - X . ,X 4 X 1, i . mv, X X 1 1 sh .v U Q Qt L fix 'Q lx if v X C -K D xv gi A .M M 'xx 2 A, L .Rf in Ni LL i - .1 .X tty' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES N , 'xxwfifgyy bfi L 1. 4 W :dk YUM? L - K. Wd oNsTR TION L '19, .L Ch, x XR mf y .4 . N05 ug C Z X ' X ix '4 Q XWX . kAY N L. N. DUNN tgx Vw X39 INK ' XA Cvlikf SL Mmpthii LI LE ock, RK. Qt Cir Q. it , Howard's Conoco Service Station pepsi - Cola 4414 E. Broadway WI 5-9906 North Little Rock Bottling Company 6200 Pattersqn deese hardware , .iff 4132 E. Washington ' Little Rock, Ark. North Little Rock J' WI 52256 nt" EIDEN REXALL DRUG 18th Pike FR 5-4447 North Little Rock ARKANSAS EGG CO. . - -1 --11-. 608 E. Roosevelt Rd. Lifrle Rock, Arkansas fgrinzfing CK? ofllla Bus. PHONE: FR 5-9196 JOE CLEMENTS Rss. PHONE: sx 3-1721 East Second at Magnolia FR 2-0251 North Little Rock . muon: FR. 2-sau STARKEY'S ESSO SERVICE . F H U I 'll Wmffff,,".fIl'f,L,"I,1f-'IL'l'i',1T.Tl'I,Nf.LlTIf"'oN 1 H soi PIKE AVENUE U 0 M P A N Y JOHNNY W. STARKEY Nonrn LITTLE Rock, ARK. mam ZW! mf WMM ' K Q 1 I 300 EAST MARKHAM ST. ffl!! N F R . 4 e 2 a 6 , "F ine and Exclusiv G'ft ,' L ,,.M, 2 VAI fi If Congratulations Seniors of "6O" Thomason Appliance Company SALES AND SERVICE ACETYLENE - CARBIDE - OXYGEN WELDING SUPPLIES 308 E- WBSWWQTOU AVS- Fl? 4-2560 PUROX EQUIPMENT LINCOLN ELECTRIC wsunens North Lime Rock Arkansas oxvvelo Roo, suppues rlserwem elecrnooss Capitol Welding Supply Company U REPHANS DEPT. STORE H01 North Street lOl S. Washington Telephone FR 2-5003 Little Rock, Arkansas North Little Rock "more for less" l88 LAUCK Provision Company and Locker Plant WHOLESALE DEALERS 717 East Washington o Phone FR 5-7326 North Liiile Rock, Ark. - CREATORS OF - LAUCK FOOD PLAN CLUB PROVIDING BETTER FOOD FOR LESS T Yea, Wildcats , Inter City Transit Company 107 soUTH POPLAR, NORTH LITTLE RocK, A I :Q ARKANSAS, FR 4-7451 41? FRIENDLY BUS SERVICE 1 Charter or Passenger Conway, Russellville, Fort Smith i CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS T JAemoN'f CELESTE CLEANERS VANILLA WAFERS c. E. cnmef 9I9 Wes'I' I8+I1 FR 2-4448 "They're Delicious" d I N nh L-HI R k CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Ma e n o I e oc Sold in I050 on your Radio dial 10 States and Texas Your Music Slalion Congratulations WONDER BREAD BAKERY A N D HosTEss CAKES JAMES BROS- L -, ,, , ,. 217 MAIN 5-5389 "Thousands of Books!" NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS A SCHOOL if GENERAL SCHOOL BOOK 81 SUPPLIES 13 TECHNICAL 809 Main : P HSPECIALIZING IN BANDS" DUNCAN MQTQR5 I Bean Music Co., Inc. SOUTHS LARGEST 205-207 W. 6TH LITTLE ROCK QUALITY CARS 81 TRUCKS WE BUY, SELL 8. TRADE YEA! wlmcms I8I8 E. Broadway FR 5-91 II H0b'N0b 'EMM Jn 3805 CONWAY PIKE N. L. R. I THE CAMERA CENTER "Everything Photographic" 'I08 Main St.. Little Rock FR 5-6455 WILLIAMSON DRUG THE REXALL STORE PHONE FR 5-8259 0 I28 MAIN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS , -1 MEANS GARAGE H. N. Means. Jr. IO9 Maple St. - Phono FR 5-23I0 NORTH LITTLE ROCK DOLLAR'S UPHOLSTERY Automobile 8g Furniture 51 IO Nannette SK 3-6633 North Little Rock CONGRATULATIONS, SENLORS MERCHLANTS 8g PLANTERS Lite Insurance Company LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS MECSISNIC PHONE FOR SERVICE DUTY SK 3-0033 Bob's Esso Service Quality Products O Expert Service "Satisfaction Guaranteed" RED GOOSE SHOES for Children GRACE WALKER SHOES for Women JOHN C. ROBERTS SHOES for Men and Boys PBPPY Johnson PAPPY'S SHOE STORE 206 Main North Little Rock FR 2-4140 CGLAIA NNI Ferns Style Shop mmo AND ORGAN co. '05 W' MAN Corner Sth 6 Main pg 5.3142 PHONE LI 4-3022 'WWI' 'uunzn JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS +1 'A' -if fi -if f ff NATIHNAI. BANK t .k LITTLE ROCK ,k ,k 'A' Amboy Plumbing 8. Heating Co. 815 Sl-IAMROCK DRIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK Congratulations, Seniors ART'S SPORT SHOP 4008 Conway Pike North Little Rock, Arkansas MlLAM'S Barber Shop 4200 Conway Pike Al Milam George Burton ACME MOBILE HOME CO. 800 E. BROADWAY FR 6-1103 NORTH LITTLE ROCK -ll Greater Little Rock's Original "Dog Haberdashery" Fin 81. Feather Pet 8. Pet Supplies AQUARIA, TROPICAL FISH 8- BIRDS 303 Center Little Rock, Arkansas STANLEY HARDWARE CO. 3216 Pike Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas CARROLL'S MODEL MARKET NO. Fresh Meats 8. Vegetables FR 2-9520 1413 W. I6th N. L. R. WESTERN AUTO SALES Yea wiiacais 221-223 Main sneer North Little Rack S No ll mi iorwif55a?f.... Mechanics Lumber Co. "Human Service" 600 Main St l0th 84 Spring North Little Rock Little Rock SCHNEIDER'S GULF STATION Wheel Alignment 8. Balancing Road Service Pick-Up 8. Delivery Service Phone FR 2-8885 1900 Pike Worthen Bank 8: Trust Co. Member Federal Reserve System Member F.D.l.C. The Bank that Puts the Accent on Service Service Work Order BROWN PLUMBING COMPANY We Specialize in Repair Work Hot Water Heaters Lee Brown 1615 Augusta St. Phone FR 4-0129 SAM STEPHENS CAFE 5007 E. Broadway WI 5-9032 we cjagrfc SSZUP Q Burns Park ly Lakehill Shopping Center r , - 1 Maureen Flynn, Owner t y . . X North Little Rock SK 3-4080 M I N I A T U R E mfiiggx If Dx Goir couiese fy r x l WiIson's Garage J Paint Ancl Body Work 42 North Little Rock City Park F-gli 'ii 407 Pike Ave. North Little Rock Bus. Phone FR 4-8909 0 Res. Phone FR 2-3235 "Come Dance With Me" at PAT'S SCHOOL OF DANCE 2900 Main North Little Rock, Ark. E PUTT - PUTT GOLF COURSE 6200 Asher Ave. Little Rock, Ark. "Putt Your Troubles Away At Putt4Putt" Mc Spaclden Rexall Drug 2314 East Broadway N. L. R. WI 5-2592 Prescription Service 0 Free Delivery BUY! SELL! TRADE! TULLOS AUTO SALES 1422 E. Broadway - North Little Rock H d Tullos Wesley Tullo C. C. PUCKETT'S GROCERY "Have Groceries, Do Buy." Tie Plant North Little Rock COMPLETE lm, ,QQ X533 BEAUTY ER YEA! SENIORS S i H gg Qvl Ph- SK 3-2391 From A Friend MILADY BEAUTY SALON ' WW I f 'Lucille Nahlen I PROGRESS ..... is made through imaginative management. Our imag- inative personnel have made Union Life one of Arkansas' most progressive Life Insurance Companies. llNION'IlFE J. WYTHE WALKER, PRESIDENT HOME OFFICE: LITTLE ROCK l92 i .-L' L, 1 ug' Li im. -' . . r .l L I. ,al i : A xt lil! Lffifin in 3 E -mgilgf-fiat - Y EQ? Hausa? HHH U HH 1' U :J , lH!H!I!?f ullllllwil' El- l l '!4ll gm la- lf I ll E. I . li I I I Q I I I , V: KV I . I-, ,ll , l "WE CARRY ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LlNES" . , it 1 ,, l I I ,I SPAULDING ,, I ATHLETIC Goons co. INC. .fl .V NM M PHONE FR 2-2218 513 CENTER STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS COMMUNITY BARBER SHOP 1602 W. I6th Street HUDSON'S OUTBOARD North Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN D. SIMPSON Proprietor 3821 Asher Little Rock FR 5-8319 Hours: 4:I5-7 p.m. HERB'S 4720 E. Broadway WI 5-I 275 North Little Rock DAIRY FREEZE NORTH LITTLE ROCK PAINT 8m WALLPAPER 915 W. 22nd North Little Rock l REID CLEANERS 4l9 E. Washington North Little Rock, Ark. Buddy Love's Esso Service Park Hill North Little Rock BURTON FURNITURE CO. "You Save More at Burton's" 400 E. Washington Phone FRankIin 5-7309 North Little Rock, Ark. You Pay for a Business Education Whether You Get It or Not Cfhese facts are based on a study made by Dean Everett W. Lord of Boston University nationally recognized authority on the relation of education to salaryxj The original data have been evaluated by the Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa to conform to the changed index of the purchasing power of the current dollar. l. THE LiNTRAlNED NIANZ He goes to work al l-Land reaches his maximttm income at 40 with his life average of less than 32,400 a year. Since his income is largely dependent on physical strength and manual dexterity, it falls off at 50 or earlier, often to a point below the level of self-support. More than 50 out of every l00 untrain- ed workers are dependent upon others after the age of 60. TOTAL EARNINGS FROM 14 TO 60 ABOUT Jill0,400. 2. Tmi HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! He goes to work at l8, passes the maximum of the untrained man wi.hin ten years, rises steadily to his own maximum at 50 with a life average of 34,000 annually and declines but little thereafter. TOTAL EAttN1Nos FROM I8 TO 60, Arsour 5l68,000. 35. Tm: Business Sci-toot. GRAnuATE: His permanent earnings begin at 22. By the time he is 30 his income equals that of the high school graduate at 40, and continues to rise. Since his income is dependent upon his mental ability and training and is constantlv improved by practice, it increases rather than diminishes. The graduate in business administra-ton reaches his maximum at 60 and has a life average income of Sl l,000 annually. TOTAL EARNtNGs FROM 22 T0 60, S300,000 TO S4l8,000. For fifty--nine years Draughons School of Business, Lit- tle Rock, Arkansas, has accepted the responsibility of sup- At Educational Group plying business and industry within ottr area with properly trained office personnel. LIFE INCOMES Levels For more than ten years our Free Employment De- partment has received many, many more calls for trained personnel than we could possibly fill because we could not train them fast enough. Not having the words to ex- press to you the possibilities of thorottgh business educa- tion, we submit to ,you the above report entitled "You Pay For A Business Education Whether You Get lt Or Not." X'Von't you read and study this report and ask yourself this question: "May l also receive profits and benefits by at- tending Draughon School of Business, Little Rock?" For full information about courses offered, write us for ottr free book, TRAIN FOR BUSINESS. SCHOOL of BUSINESS SCHOOL of RADIO sox ti zu, w..+ sian s+. urns Rock. ARKANsAs 'IIOUIOIIIIOC fhllalitd llilli ltlllit LlI2l Hifi ' X 'siiff 2: if 1. E 0 Q 1 T l X 1" ': - 'Y ' ' ,rf X :janv Y-,L 9 f' 4 viuf" CENTER: Mayor William F. Laman. CENTER FRONT: Mrs. Jacoueline Neil, City Clerk Percy Machin. CLOCK- WISE: THlRD WARD ALDERMEN Frank Huggins and Paul O. Duke, FOURTH WARD ALDERMEN Dr. W. E. Philips, Jr. and Robert Kirspel, FIRST WARD ALDERMEN Ed McCulloch and James D. Bobbiff, and SECOND WARD ALDER- MEN Charles A. Bahil and E. C. Shelby. CITY OFFICIALS William F. "Casey" Laman . . . .................. ,..............,. M ayor Percy Machin .......... Milfon McLees . . . Reed Thompson ..... Mrs. R. M. S. Bu+ner .... Firsl' Ward .... Second Ward .... Third Ward . . . Fourfh Ward . . . ALDERMEN . . . Cify Clerk and Collecfor . . . . . . . Municipal Judge . . . Ci'I'y Afforney . . . Cify Treasurer . . . James D. Bobbifi' and Ed McCulloch . . . E. C. Shelby an-d Charles A. Bahil . . . . . . . . . . Paul Dulce and Frank Huggins Roberf Kirspel and Dr. W. E. Phipps, Jr. r-l ' CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS . 1' . f ' 22. A Eff., ' 13.12 I , 'Z . -I. , , , , ,, . . , I 'i,,.v . ' I . r'-325 ' ,1 .1 'I A 4 . W . , .. .., .... I A - ff ,W H M: , , . ., . . .. ., ...,,.., , H V '!" 'M"'m' " A ' I I ARKANSAS' LARGEST National Old Line Insurance Co. 50l Woodlane LITTLE ROCK VOUK TRUCK BROKERAGE CO. J. A. Vouk 0 3302 E. Broadway North Little Rock WI 5-3288 -- Res. SK 3-9344 Mercury Dealers LITTLE ROCK MARINE SUPPLY 4121 Asher Ave. MO 3-6388 Clint Sr., Catherine, Clint Jr., Ernest Cavin STANDARD AUTO SALES IIOO E. Broadway North Little Rock CANTON TEA GARDEN 2ll Main FR 2-9874 W. E. DARBY, Chairman of the board American 8. Chinese Restaurant I Chu Yan Gee lx Itffl..-L-, I I I , W Gus Caple Tractor, Inc. Xiii A A I Q 3908 E. Broadway - WI5-3216 'IS KL Il I' II MI I I' I' I' North Little Rock Ford Farming M4 you CAN suv IT ron LESS A7 BARGAIN mv! I Q, Arkansas' Most Honored Name " 5' A . 'I ., ' 3 r .R QI A, .VI III U -is. :If'I,fx .avril If K Jn A Jewelry fi .L I 'J 1' , It 'T y y "Since 1880" f' S31 S ,. ' . . I 1 W ' K ' K K I ASI-IER AT UNIVERSITY - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I I 'I I I I If -E ' gtg L JOSH. HALE SERVICE STATION 3208 Pike Ave. I North Little Rock, Ark. C O S S 5II MAIN LITTLE ROCK Xl!!! W yqzff ,tty ITIVY 196 403 Magnolia North Little Rock gli RO Slawn 3128 PIKE No rth Little Rock NEW 8m USED B A K E R Y FURNITURE' North Little Rock Little Rock E. WASLQEIGTON 711 Main Street 5718 Kavanaugh . . e n t 0 fn 1716 Pike Ave. 5412 W. 12th Street N- L R. s Wooni North Little Rock Typewriter Co. 5 Q aaoa Pike Ave. hone SK 3-2159 F. Eads Grubbs qi ' T ff N V11 I -- so in -"" BUSH CALDWELL Pitman 5 R114 LITTLE . . 123 MAIN ST. Specializing in Catering Seruic LITTLE ROCK "Your Tummy Never Had It So Good" Ecwoibqlw i 3 tP..c...ur, c..,,,,.y-QVQAQ QYJQAI-.ek .MN H,.,l,LAn-2 will -:nj-ia 1.xvo..,.,- S-lgrpc .JCL-J- YXUl5Q1QreAf.L.,o: t...,,.l.J1.Q -QQAL Iggy-sfd-A119-JQA.,.9v,Qjf W4 8,145-QL 943, 14144 1 ' Teen Best Wishes to the Class of '60 Yau'-gmow-My METROPOLITAN TRUST CC. North Little Rock's Leading Subdividers 197 My iw , 1 W Q BESAFE. VI, all Qijlb CM if . A - It TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS TO r I gay W I OJ Q LR GlI?lillAM DRUG 1724 PIKE AVE, 'NORTH LITTLE ROCK FOR PERSONAL ATTENTION TO YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS CALL US AT FRANKLIN 2-7534 SUNDRIES - GIFTS - FORTUNE'S ICE CREAM MEDICAL NEEDS-PANGBURN'S CANDY FREE GIFT - WRAPPING SERVICE -F FOUNTAIN SERVICE Prompt FREE Delivery Open 8 a.m. - OPEN SUNDAYS - Close 'IO p.m. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 8K Mr. 81 Mrs. H. L. Corn, Owners 8. Operators BLACKWOOD BEAUTY SALON , U.S. Highway 65 81 64 North l3I0 Main 0 FR 2-QI89 North Little Rock SK 3-I I74 BLACKWOOD BEAUTY SCHOOL --- A J- IO9 W. Broadway FR 5-2738 Q North Little Rock KOOL ' VENT Aluminum Awning Co. GIEAREIRN-ED?3llEQxA6AKlKlfVCC3Cg?DAfllgl-NIEITGI' 3408 E' Bfoadwav North Little Rock SMlTH'S GULF SERVICE 4I23 Conway Pike V "Come in and see us" N ' lg H. F. Smith, Owner Thomas National, Mgr. H .Ioe De Witt Co. 72l Main North Little Rock I I222 E. Broadway North 'Little Rock G W' Get Your Seat Covers qi y At I Ph. FR 2-2991 DUNCANS , F R E D S PHARMACY QU 2421 Pike Ave. N L R w - S S FRED DUNCAN-owner 311 Maple Street at BACHUS 81 POUNDER S North little Rock, Arkansas ' 9? Service Station X66 3rd 8. Maple N L. R. George E. Brown New 8. Used Cars 612 E. Broadway N. L. R. Tarvin's Grocery 4705 Camp Robinson Rd. North Littlle Rock Equipment Co. 3204 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Ark 7ZeZ'oraQ117Wdqe ". . . to keep always in mind our original pur- poses - to produce milk that meets, first of all, the health needs of tiny children. By so doing, to offer to people of all ages 4 im: X XX I V, milk that fulfills these high- ! P X est standards of wholesome- richness and purity. With Borden's Ice Cream iii easg to alce a homemade S KX f F fa1l. rf wi ,Q x-If-wiffw iL,' , I -gif! .tic D . 1' r- 4..,,l i. ,-X. 4. -3 ..Z?f,?sL-5: 3' :N , 21' is . 1. . 'v ' . , gre P. 'H . ' .. iz 5 --xslt? , 'SN-L:-". 'TQ o .3 Q K, - r ,ff B i "fit:-'.. ""f"'--1v.... . i mi are-v ' . Q-gvhp 1 .gil-,,A1l "'-, .-1.-... .... . . . r .':,QE 'f" 5,:.Q'1g"p?:gl,1- .V-1. .-L . -. p . :pl - be . 1 ' I I L, Il I I We mmgfwd ' Jw 64.1474 '60 fa -4 56.4 f?',.--5".."Z! Akins, Marfha Allen, Mary Nell Armsfrong, Susan Blake, Tommy Blucker, Judy Borden, Roberf Brewer, Shelia Burke, Maxine Burkeff, Carolyn Carroll, Bob Cook, Kafie Craig, Marsha Cupif, Judy Daily, Lynda Davenporf, David Davidson, Pam Davis, Phyllis Diffee, Sammy ,-,,. .8 ii-1-1 - , ,, ,.- W ---t 3.- Dobbs, Jimmy Dodson, Heafher Dumas, Nedra "Dunkin" Esch, Ronnie Evans, Judy Farmer, Billy Fisher, Lela Fisher, Rifa Fiske, HarrieH'e Fulmer, Joy Goodloe, Missy Griffin, Georgia Halcomb, Darlis Halcomb, Sue Halford, Milfon Hall, Becky Hampfon, Red -D , Hanchey, Jerry Haver, Wayne Helfon. Alice Hill, Ron E. Hodge, Helen Hopkins, Tommy Holloway, Harriel' lnmon, Diane Jennings, Palsy Jones, Bobby Jones, Cynlhia Joslin, Paulelle Kerby, Carol Kuykendall, Dolores Lauck, Linda Ledrick, Melvin Lisler, Dee Lybarger. Nancy Marlin, Mischa Mashburn, Jimmy Malson, Clara Bess McClain, Johnny McCune, Mark McRober'rs, Jackie Mills, Jim Morris, Charlolle Mumme, Gem Norman, Sally Odom, Suzie Pairefl, Carolyn Perry, Marlha Penlon, Vicki Pills, Judy Plummer, Jerry Plummer, Joy y Ponder, Georgegj-if 7 CRN L Powell, Malcolm, Jr. Ramey, Donna Randolph, Jessie Nell Raney, Carolyn Rauschenberger, Lee Ray, Edwin Reader, Bruce Renfrow, Shirley Richardson, Belh Richardson, Gail Roberls, Joyce Robinson, Carolyn Rogers, Joyce Rogers, Susan Roper, Doyne Salyer, Ann Scharfenburg, Dicky Schusler, Marshall Scroggin, Jane Smith, Anne 55 M Smilh, Lorna Slanley, Barbara Slephens, Anne Swaim, Cecilia Talley, Frances Tesler, Jimmy Thomas, Shirley Thresher, Pal' Thompson, Phyllis Ulley, Beverly Venalale, Jackie Voss, Judy Wallace, George Weeks, Barbara Wilcox, Adrianne Tomblood, Pal Opening Soon 'x 3. T. THE JBILL6 T ISHERS RESTAURANT Q3-1---'...':.' NORTH LITTLE 158 J?-J T'-'I L1 WN lx J J ' !0y6g LJAZZ 4 520 WGSI' 3rd Cdge Norfh LiH'Ie Rock Over 16,000 Satisfied Customers CURTIS FINCH TV U FURNITURE 0 APPLIANCES 3Ol E. Wash. Norfh LiI+Ie Rock R' L M LJ4Lf-'IN' C We. wish to extend our best wishes fs W T U., 1 for a bright and happy future to all boys . j and girls graduating from NLRHS this e " year. We hope, in the years ahead, you ji- W 4' 'll tl' le fl 1' le I E - 1 ' jtiizest niie Zinilityu E?a1iiZli1dts?l'lWZlfli!scj as l 'r Il i b W WL I jewelry, Silver, China, Crystal and Gifts! 41 X V P' f .fbffi X- , f-f f RAN E . " , I :NSU C Q! ,af NORTH LITTLE ROC n ' r I JEWELERS ,lfw 619 Main Q Little Rock Te, ya . 8 ... .J H xp w tar al ' , I3 , 5' , "-, K fu fQp L4 ez 4 I. f -. M RRS' I 1 F I ,L f J IX MN DVVW Nl Sfeah ,Noun ' . , '12 XXV , . ,Y rv 1 , ! I 1 x, 2 9' 4 x, C I 'A v J I I, X SMI I 0-'xl ll NIH' M ah' XA l E L i' CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS 'A' SEAFOODS ul' CUSTOM BARBECUING DRPRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PARTIES FRankIin 4-5 203 IW me 1 QfIfI1Igjg III A 'VIZ town ! if by 93 OX The helpingest bank I IIIORTHEN BANK Sr- TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT FOURTH MEMBER FEDERAL DEP T INSURANCE CORPORATION McC'orkIe Sn Halter R RAL R FIVE SYST M Bob's Bait Market 2119 Pike Ave. North Little Rock YEA WILDCATS! I DIXIE JOY I920 NORTH Railroad Ave. LITTLE ROCK TT 110 E. 13th North Little Rock "The Best In Everything" RAYMOND'S C f pf 6137 OJQZ 6llfL GROCERY 8. MARKET 822 Locust North Little Rock - l FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP Korte Tire and Service Co. 1300 Main Street North Little Rock 204 I808 Main Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK YEA SENIORS M . O. L. Cedar Street r Evans 1 1 Beauty Shop 2222 Sou+l1 Cedar Sfreel' LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Pl1One MO 3-6246 W. R. Rhodes and Sons, Inc. "Manufac+ures Sash Doors and Millwork" NORTH LITTLE ROCK Houston-Bigelow Bus Lines 27I5 Wesl' l0+l1 BEST WISHES Dial Mollawli 6-989l +0 .Hqe SCHOOL CONTRACT SERVICE CLASS OF '60 . D014-T v.,xrwTV ALL fi-:E BUSINESS JUS1 . - from lille - -. - B PHONE W' T358 Colonial Bakery :TTJQ A U J 2II Norlh Cross Li++le R'-Wlf STEWART MOTOR SALES laos Main WE suv H SELL on TRADE I 5. 606 4? Q in X59 F Aff 4495! U24 Q, EM, ff fee S 2 1,7 I7 X XP! X560 ffqy 25 fly! J j JCC '97 9 C T fff 4, OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK f'-00 ICQ NURTH LITTLE ITUCK, ARKANSAS J. C. BARN ETT PRESIDENT 205 206 . 35 Us WLM TMJ STHAWN FURNITURE RRMRANY in Usfenl filwlhwfqggm A EN,H , Listen! wp A LITTLE Roch. ARKANSAS To: vb M ""' 0 iw "YEA SENIORS" RADIO STATION PO 666 NORTH LITTLE ROCK I James Hair Fashions 34l2 Roosevelt Rd. Little Rock, Arlc. Phone: Mo 6-ssio CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS .lones Truck Lines, Inc. 822 East 6th LITTLE ROCK TWIN CITY TIRE COMPANY 300 East Broadway North Little Roclr FR 2-9687 POCH'S ESSO SERVICE 523 West Third, North Little Rock, Arkansas Happy Motoring Starts At Our Esso Sign "CONGRATULATIONS SENlORS" We Are Proud ot You and your Accomplishments We are also Proud ot Willie Wiredhand and Our Part in the PAST . . . PRESENT . . . AND FUTURE . . . - A0 mMM OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK AND ITS INSTITUTIONS ARKANSAS STA TE ELECTRIC COOPERA TI VE, INC. The Service Organization tor Arlcansas' I8 Locally- Owned and Locally-Controlled ELECTRIC COOPERATIVES Ottices at 3l Il East Boardway, North Little Rock Harry L. Oswald, General Manager RAGLAND GULF 4OI7 Eas'I' Broadway NORTH LITTLE ROCK njaeewzw 13335 ESVVJ: 33353943 -T Around Thi? Corner 'X awww' From Anywhere K " IUIIIDIIIGHSMIIIIIIIIIUII GIFTS ' f S. J. 'IFIHIOIRNIE .TIEWIELIER WATCH REPAIRS - ALL WEIRK ELIARANTEED D9 LYNCH DRIVE NCIRTH LITTLE RCIEK ARK MEN AND BOYS' STORE LaIceI1iII Shopping CenI'er NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKAN AS xl I 1 TX x colulh vuoll Avlnolnv Ol ln! COELCOLA Cfhnuuv lv se K X' U5 ' J? 0J'2AIfI359I Pike Plaza Cafeteria 5 A MXN! D Aj We Have M CATERINC-aid SERVICE e W PRIVATE PARTIES No Parfies 'Ioo Iarge or I'oo smaII 3 Stephens Building 114 East Capitol Avenue I uma Rocic, I ARKANSAS For Reservaiions call FR 4-939I DAVIDSON FURNITURE 7I7 Wesi' 7+I1 LITTLE ROCK TWIN CITY MOTORS 8I5 Easi' TI-iird NORTH LITTLE ROCK L- F ls -L ' I Associated Wholesale 7 Twin City Bank Grocery of Arkansas, Member Federal Reserve System Member FDIC Inc. Serving North Little Roclc tor 55 YEARS Serving All- Star Stores - Model Markets and A. G. Stores I Throughout Arkansas Congratulations, Seniors PARK HILL FLORIST East Corsages and Gifts for All Occasio 7I8 Ark-Mo Highway North Little Roclc Little Rock Ark. 0 :2::: ::: 1:1:1: ::: fz: zrze 1:1'1 ::: :::: r:f:1: ---:,:::: :2:24f'14 Plttsburgh Plate Glass Co. IE CONTRACTING W 81 I500 E. Washington REPAIRS 'Q North Little Rock J. C. tiiiff PLB6 8. HEATING U0 :zzz Q :rr if? --rfrll 2 A fka DSBS -:1.:.... iiizsim :.,.:,:..,.,,....,...,,:,:,,,...,,,. .. , ,,:,:,: , . . . .,,.., , . ,,1.,...:.,.,.,,.,,.,. ,,-f- Q ---X 4 " . Q., . ,. in .Uv ,X . A M -f ' 5 4: i s-v 9 1 in Y 'WT '7wdwaq4 Baa Gwtm LITTLE ROCK Markham and Main FR-22178 208 f V . INDUSTRIAL 308E.13thSf. E L ECT R I C N. L. R., Ark. Grady Morgan CQ. Glenn Ruff A QA L owners M TWIN I f f"'3xTHOMAS 8. SPLAWN 2300 CITY a MATTRESS 4,4 RAILROAD AVE. OUTBOARD MOTOR Mercury Outboard Sales 81 Service NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 3128 Pk SK 34721 FR afvfwf .IUNGKIND COMPANY I 208 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK S h I Ar? Supplies KODAKS PHOTO MATERIALS G u e I1 t e 1' ' s Tires Batteries Seal' Covers 223 Wesf Broadway I CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from J. C. PENNEY CO. 304-I0 Main North LIHIQ Rock. Arkansas ALWAYS FIRST OUALITY MERCHANDISE Norih UHIQ Ilock's Compleh Deparhneni Sion OUR REPUTATION IS BEING BUILT ON SERVICE CHUSHED STONE Phone WI 5-9065 G E By Truck RIP RAP SAND Or Rail H. D. ATKINS STONE SERVICE STATION -v JEFFREY sANn CO. HIGH GRADE GAS AND OIL SK 3-6101 2911 EM' B'0'1d""'aY P. O. Box 185 North Little Rock LAKE HILL HARDWARE sammy P. o. sox 126 LAKE HILL SHOPPING CENTER DAVID'S DRUG 410235 ARK.-MO. HIGHWAY TELEPHONE SK 3-6156 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 5th 8. Main North Little Rock 'I3OI Maple OULETTA CONSTRUCTION 8. ENTERPRIZE co. T R U E T T 800 E. Washington Avenue T V North Little Rock, Arkansas North Lime Rock oqoanfi guznituza Company 31D-1312 EAST WASHINGTDN AVE. P1-IDNE FR. 5-224D I NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Charley Diffee Moving Company 620 E. Washington North little, Rock Agent for DEAN VAN LINES, Inc. FR 4-631 'I my I ADAMS ELECTRIC HONE FR. 5-773O ' 'HO EAST 13TH ST NORTH LITTLE ROCK: ARK. IF NO ANSWER CALLSK. 3-3195 REET "CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS" from your friendly Young's Deparfmeni' Sfore 202-204 MAIN FR 5-7549 NORTH LITTLE ROCK , EE A .. KATTERJOI- Sadler S Restaurant 'I CONCRETE PRODUCTS' , X Sales Office 8: Plan '806 We Ave- I II24 Willow N L I' 2'-Ng NORTH LITTLE ROCK ' ' I . J WE BUY AND SELL USED CAI-'Is AND PARTS ROY E. BARKER PRODUCE CQHETPQEF I23 Magnolia NORTH LITTLE ROCK ROUTE 1, BOX 52 NORTH LITTLE ROCK PHONES: WI 5-1643 ON MEMPHIS HIGHWAY WI 5-3304 Bob Shugart y Radio and TV IIO7 Easl' Broadway 210 NORTH LITTLE ROCK R. A. Holt GROCERIES AND MEATS FR 2-4887 I7I7 West I7tI'I NORTH LITTLE ROCK Yea WILDCATS! Go! Go! Go! lvildeats Keep Fighting 'Ein - And Drink Plenty 0f Coleman Pure Dlilk -- Best Dlilk You Ever Tasted Signed gm! .ibauh ARKANSAS' OWN AND TV's ANNIE OAKLEY Zu' QDMMEHBQQIAMSX EMM" N B wa ggvs!-' E f SEM 'pmeewvgb lm W wQMCpJggJ W QD "EVERY BUILDING NEED" W J ko wx NX V Qijfffoiw LANTERS X LUMBER CQMPANY North Little Rock, Arkansas I THE SHOE CENTER Trim Tred ......... Ladies Rand ....... 4... M en Smash HT1' ,........ GlrIs PoII Parro+ ...... Children LAKEHILL SHOPPING CENTER SK 3-4200 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS izzggcggq, N QYIPPLY ' WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ' ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES + POLE LINE EQUIPMENT M6-420 WEST 7TH ST. TEL. FR. 5-7344 BOX 2979 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ll sy I We're For Ya' Cats! LOY'S BARBER SHOP LOY, HAROLD, AND DOYLE I I2 Easf H Norfh Li'HIe RocIT rx 'Q A . TL, .E -- N L. Q I X A 3 F Wiyg' ANI-I J yl Q IVA WT' Chicken Shack Ig 0' app, 75,12 may My V ZA A A V ' nv' ZQJ A! V kb: I T dw. . 2 V ix TIT, ov II If 7II,J. 1f KP LEWIS' RIIIII EWJIRJY, Q I ' a, , TI "-IIII 'J J 5 6? IIJIAIU T 7oo EAST BROADWAY cy -4 NNY' Ap jk X QI fx I - I - 1- A JR' 4,1 Klvilledfa d Cofiflngt. I ,Egg-I ' Q , f ' W I Ps-VY I 3',1g,235ugIL?5ii'2Qfgp,I- ug' Karlyn s UI! , T' ITIS J I Iv I TID' PDI DRESS SHCI: ,QTIEI gyheef-juli-T laijiarn aq9eI'!s . Tboo Pike Norih LiHIe R k IA ii I if A T4 POYURE-TQSGYPQJM DEQRS 'J , I I WH Rfiif EXIT ' XII TJ .1 A , J' I .f I ' C1971 QMILOCQ fpeef QV 1,0-X' Il Ay . ii . V3 NORTH LITTLE Rock R II- COII1paI1y I TU. H TELEPHON F FR +2678 B23 WEST SEVENT SSETEE ROCK. ARKANSAS FOR sEAuTY's SAKE . . . Go To Nu-Look Beauty Shop 4920 Camp Robinson Rd. 212 NORTH LITTLE ROCK Q'f?gI ,tffzffegwlfjizfzft gum 7yJa.2wLMJI HANSEN'S Drive-In "HOME OF THE WHOPPA-BURGER" No. I - I800 Main No. 2 - Ark.-Mo. Hwy. at McCain wma 41 NORTH LITTLE ROCK LADIES APPAREL I 5 I ' S ' Ialannl 402 Afk.-M0. Highway S Q"Lg'u"tJL NORTH LITTLE ROCK . Ia SK 3-lI26 CI - , O I I GA' n CIOUJ1-9X-J 2727 w. I2+h wh d ' VQWX LITTLE ROCK KXITQJUQ E I 6 LITTLE ROCI4 Alfm NSAS MQ 6-8' I6 GS -... . .1 JR I X ' iS-Lu VL "YEA SENIORS!" CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Dumas Milner Pontiac Co. 806 W. Capitol LITTLE ROCK SCALES O SLICERS O GRINDERB G. W. JERNIGAN STORE FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES I PHONE FR 4 7776 801 E. WASHINGTON AVE. ' G. W. JERNIGAN. OWNER NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK GEORGE NIX SERVICE CO. Refrigeration -- Air Conditioning CARBONIC GAS PHONE FR. 5-3556 5021 WEST IITH ST LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS BIG ROCK Stone 81 Material Co. FOOT OF ASHLEY STREET Little Rock, Arkansas READY MIXED CONCRETE WASI-IED CHANNEL SAND CRUSHED STONE PORTLAND CEMENT Each Order Given Prompt Individual Attention Phone FRankIin 4-0381-Little Rock Phone Llberty 4-3341-Jacksonville 2I 'P J me I FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE. INC, PHONE SK 3-4375 M H L. D BOY WAR A Om 702 ARK, O, WY PARK HILL NORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS Greater Little Rock's Original "Dog Haberdashery" Fin 8: Feather Pet In Pet Supplies AQUARIA, TROPICAL FISH 81 BIRDS 303 Center Little Rock, Arkansas ' 6 6 SERVICE STATION o 3907 EAST BROADWAY o 6 tx f a we SERVICE STATION 9 Roacl Service 0 3rcI 81 Washington 0 North Little Rock B. V. JONES GROCERY I800 East Broadway Phone FR 2-9I40 NORTH LITTLE ROCK M c P H E R S O N ' S FURNITURE Sz APPLIANCES 215-217-219 EAST WASHINGTON AVE. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS PHONE FR 4-6783 LANE CEDAR CHESTS "THE GIFT THAT STARTS THE HOME" NORTH LITTLE ROCK 'Tir Quality Shoe Repairing T 717 Ph. SK 3-0073 WONDER STATE SHOE SERVICE F. E. NUTT, Owner 804 Ark.-Mo. Highway Park Hill North Little Rock, Arkansas if Keys Made While You Wait ik 4 GENERAL BODY REPAIRS AND REFINTSHTNG - BENNETT'S BODY SHOP WHlT'S RESTAURANT I I I4 West 7th LITTLE ROCK HENNEBERGER'S CLEANERS 8. LAUNII mn curry, , S 'Q T522 MAIN STREET Am 3 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. PHONE WINDSOR 5-2136 is 5, vt' EARL BENNETT NO!!-ljl'Tl 222261512 qmftfflflttw u T 5 I T I - Broadway Nlotel SL Restaurant AIR ECINDITIUNED - VENTED HEAT TELEVISIDN - PHIJNEE IN RIIIDM5 PHDNEWI. 5-3231 25D'l E EREIADWAY Hunt's bg , Grocery 480l Gum Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Congratulations, Seniors . . BENSKY'S FURRI ERS II02 EAST WASHINGTON N. L. R. YEA SENIORS! North Little Rock Florist MRS. CLYDE GALLOWAY SPRIGGS DRUG STORE REGISTERED PHARMACISTS FR 2-9ll'I 7'I'l Pike Ave. North little Rock, Arkansas SAIDILIEIR CILIEANIING CO. TEEI4 PIKE AVE., NDRTH LITTLE RUEK HAND ELEANED :gk fo T WITH I DRI-EBI-IEE' I: 7 KELLY EADLER ' " P FR 5 423I:I Scott Store No. 7 51 Ioc STORE 3I4 Main St. There is always something new at Scott North Little Rock Ray Buxton. Manager Elrod Ornamental Iron soo W. 22nd FRankIIn 4-7385 NORTH LITTLE ROCK CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! LOU'S BEAUTY SALON II7 Lynch Dr. NORTH LITTLE ROCK WI 5-3I56 'I e I f r X .L N 'if' GLM 4 E'.,f""yUP P ' , 3 I 0- iii , p f-I I PL . . 0 0 Pee In saw ,A Q Q ilgsoe img. I 6 .I , - S, QSC, q i I Sf an sit :: EX le -'::. . ld . . Si c compe selection ot au io visual supplies and an experience service department Stanley Sound Service North Little Rock .lernigan's DEEP FRA-ococ In-II spvrlor 5000 E- Broadway tMASTEP FURRIER Q REBTYLING l l 0 REPAIRING ' CLE""""'G OTTENHEIMER BROS. MFG. CO. Iusunzp Fun COLD STORAGI an Mun NORTH LITTLE Rock Shirt Division IOOO Spring Street LITTLE ROCK I CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 'From DIFFEE LUMBER CO Sterling 1 PAINTS I90I E. BROADWAY FR 5-46I6 NORTH FR 5-46I7 0 LITTLE ROCK Village Nursery SL Garden Center VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Asher 8: New Benton Highway LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Telephone LO 5-40I3 Dainty Made Sandwich Co. 224 N. Chester LITTLE ROCK 2l5 Charles House of Beauty I600 MAIN 0 FR 2-0l83 I O - And loca+ed al' The 'Following Shopping Cen'lers - J Town 8: Counfry-LO 5-6365 Broaclmoor-MO 3-0564 S' a 'lr Park Plaza 'k H6 W. 4-H1 Jacksonville-Ll 4-6l56 i' Village-LO 5-5973 K LITTLE ROCK . X W ,nun li , , ,Jul ,En i :nun-nil va wkls u n :' 2 if:5:5f : 3 ' . 'I i I We ellen! gow Cggnr can -Z -lo l - "Home Of , ffl P A R K H I L L F U R N I T U R E 55555 :f1gf,:f,ffg5 f , ji Your , , . --,T-55 f TELEPHONE FR 2-2201...FR 2-zzoz N J , 411 MAIN STREET a NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 1 vorlfe if T If 55 ,6 -.:-5257: 25: 55 if iff? iw: T R , L U - .1 2 ...,. 523 West Thirdj NorTh Little Rock, Arkansas I 35 ,X ,.,.,.,.. .,,, . .. .T.... ,.... Inq, A I nhnn Happy Motoring Starts At Our Esso Sign 4' . Y' x ?f 9 SGUTHWESTER TRUCK LINES .!4I'L6tl'1-564-5, cl,6l-fgezit 317164 MRL! jfdiil' :med-Al' 3815 Easf Broadwa y Phone Wlndsor 5-3234 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS l 01' air Taiwan iff' fri? Critz Chevrolet Co. 300 Broadway NORTH LITTLE ROCK 6 for trucks, tractors or the tamily automobile." Call us today about our Com- ,,fg2g gzigg:g:g:.:g:,:,:,:g:,::g, '1:::.:.:,:4:,:,:,:: :':j:,. . 1 plete serxfce to farmers and 4 P ""?1 industries. Immediate delivery. 1, Q ':r1r:r:r:r:-1-1.1-1-1 1-Q 1 lilemaster Gasoline Multi-purpose Troian H. Grease 4ilemaster Tires Diesel Fuel C-300 Motor Oil parlc Plugs Tractor Fuel Anti-Corrocles iccessories Kerosene Tri-Fill Batteries DRIVE IN AT THE BIG GREEN AND WHITE SIGN OF CITIES SERVICE FOR THE FRIENDLIEST SERVICE IN IN TOWN. YOU'RE MIGHTY WELCOME! FINE QUALITY PRODUCTS EAGER BEAVER SERVICE J. H. Green and C. A. Chapman X WARDEN SERVICE 81 WARDEN OIL SERVICE' as roa way Ulf M 4027 E t B cl K X .Q 2 fi' N Q., L 1 -,yr ' "You'Il lilce our new Milemaster Gasoline. QVEL' Vg!vf'j. l'I's higher in octane and power, burns clean Qf' ' i1,,JvL:" J, as a whistle and gives top performance and ,V IMLQJ Md? A l-'Kofi' 'O satisfaction under all conditions. It's perfect I CLLAAJI Jw' W'-'Aan ".. I XL .J I is yi, DWFISHER A U QSUQW WHOLESALE MEATS I06 E. Washington NORTH LITTLE ROCK CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS RIALTO BARBER SHOP 207 Main Street North Little Rock PIKE AVENUE ESSO SERVICE CENTER 23rd and Pilre Avenue NORTH LITTLE ROCK NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 2I7 Economy Drug 323 Main NORTH LITTLE ROCK HAPPY'S 66 SERVICE STATION 923 Broadway NORTH LITTLE ROCK LAKEHILL SHOPPING CENTER 4100 Ark.-Mo. Highway North Little Rock, Arkansas WALLOCH TV a.EAPPLIANC'Es -' Gordon Hunt A. A. Ritchie ReIiabIe PresCripTiOn ServiCe HUNT - RITCHIE Free Delivery Fountain Service Park Hill 400 Ark.-Mo. Hwy. Sk 3-I I67 SALES 0 SERVICE ' INSTALLATION FREDDY J. WALLOCH, Pres. "If If ISIIII from llyfzlloflys, Yau Paid Too lTIuz'lJ." RCA if 5003 Asher 0 LO 5-7SlI OPEN ADMIRAL i 22nd 81 Pike, NLR 0 FR 4-7495 TILL 9:00 P.M. MOTOROLA -pf ' I S AND S AUTO PARTS CO. Complete Outfitters for Your Car 309 Main Street Norfh Little Rock, Arkansas WHOLESALE Phone FRankIin 5-9754 RETAIL I JACICS BELWOOD ESSO SERVICE CENTER 42I8 New Conway Highway AIIsopp 81 Chapple 307 Main Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS BRYANT BROTHERS 'A SERVICE STATION G GARAGE TEL. SK. 3-0015 SKELLY PRODUCTS 802 Amr.-Mo. HIGHWAY IQHEN I comes 'ff I Lim ACROSS ARKANSAS IX LAPIIAM-HICKEY STEEI. 3333 W. 47th PLACE - CHICAGO 32, ILLINOIS S Xxf PHONE VIRGINIA 7-0822 JACK RANKIN IIIO Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis I7, Missouri Phone: Parkview I-8905 , I DESEITCI I PLYMOUTH I SID HAYDON, Inc. EIJD SPRING ST. Simca. SALES Man. PI-In r: FR. 2-' A. F. WILLIAMEDN LITTLE REICK, -x9""'o R. K. MILLER T1Z2R'3i1TZZTREET LITTLE ROCK. ARK 5 TOLEDO SCAI. TOLEDO SCALE CORPORATIOPX FR 5-1229 -REALTORS- 715 Main Street I THOMAS Cox I Insurance 84 Realty Co. HA Complete Service" North Little Rock aim... "Perpetual Care" MEMORIAL CEMETERY MODEL FOOD MARKET ci-IRONISTER 3. WIRGHT "The Complete Food Market" 4200 Division SK 3-3930 FR 2-3243 W. H, Smifhl Mgr, 624 W. I6th Street 0 North Little Rock GOFF'S I I ff A-I SUPER MARKET 200 E. Washington North Little Rock I I I Pike Plaza Shopping HOME or amen VALUES Center For Over 41 Years KENNEDY BARTON CLINIC II5 Ark-Mo Highway NORTH LITTLE ROCK FREEMAN BODY SHOP PALADINO'S CAFE BAKED ENAMEL -- AUTO PAINTING WRECK REBUILD NG Main S+. I5 81 MAIN STS. NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARK YEA ssmoizs General Air Conditioning Acme Glass gl Mirmw Co. COMPANY 82I E. 6+h 8I2 Broadway NORTH LITTLE ROCK LIT-I-LE ROCK "CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS" CASH LUNIBER COMPANY 924 W. l5+h 9 North Little Rock "Where Everyone Pays Cash and Saves." HUGHES PACKING CO. MEAT PACKERS THE ORIGINAL HUGHES OLD FASHION WHOLE HOG SAUSAGE Phone WI 5-2304 P. O. Box 3244, Rose City Station "YEA SENIORS" Capital Motors 400-404 West Broadway North Little Rock 0 Phone FR 5-9IOI "Specializing in Quality Cars" Park Hull Pharmacy, Inc. Across From Park Hill School 722 ARK.-MO. HIGHWAY Phone SK 3-0701 North Little Rock, Ark. Standard Ice Company II4 Main Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK 2I9 .T 4' Qi Qf. f 302 I MEN'S y SHOP MAIN I . iLIiT'iTI.iE" ROCK Piiunuciiis O M SIIIIIKYIIRIIS, INT. iioiil J. D. COBB, Pres. Keo RICHARD COLE, Vice Pre Cotton Plant BOB BECK, Secreiary Carlisle HOWARD STEBBINS, Treasur NO. Little Rock JIM BLUCKER BOX 3096, STOCKYARDS STATION K NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Buster Phifer Conoco Service - 622 Main I 5, NORTH LITTLE ROCK mmtpeleokdi : ' HEIM BROTHER Arfisfic Memorial Co. PACKING COMPANY SINCE 1893 5503 SCOTT HAMILTON DRIVE LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS 519 E. Broadway FR 2.4444 P. o. sox :-14a PHONE LOCUST 5 in North Little Rock, Arkansas Every I5If2 l'Tours sorne luclry iamily moves inio a new Winrock Home . . LeT us lielp YOU secure YOUR Dream Horne WINROCK E T ERPRISES INC. 220 Construction Division 207 W. Zncl SI. LiH'le Roclc FR 5-OIOS Developers and Builders OI Lynnwood, Ivleadow Parlc and Iviaryion Parlc Subdivisions, also Cuslom BuilT Hornes Tlirouqli- OuT LiTIle ROCIQ and NOTIIT Liiile Roclc. Cons+ruc+ion To s+ar+ on I500 UNITS SHOPPING CENTER LAKES I Bus. Phone Res. Phone Levy Lumber Co' FR 4-I42I MO 6-6434 929 W- 33'd NORTH LITTLE ROCK Capitol Palnf Co. ,...... I - L , ........ 7+I-I 8: S ' P""g DYSON FURNITURE MFG. co. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I H- H- IHe1Yl Hlghfllll Manage' ' 910-1010 BEECI-I PHONE: FR 5-993s NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Iakehill gulf service Canada Dry 5, Tm-Aid 4l20 Arla-Mo Highway NORTH LITTLE ROCK l325 Easf 9+h LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS IIA Meal In A Minute" No. 1-407 Broadway, Little Rock pldddid 206022 40:4 ww- Phone FR 5i0392. - FREE ESTIMATES - U M' 2-:ES Sfgagiggggiizrixvenue -IONES SK 3 0301 --SK 3-9484 3127 PIKE AVE. I . l I CHARCUAL BROHED HAMBURGERS C OFFICIAL RAILROAD TIME INSPI-:crons Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 6200 PaHerson it LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS EWG ETA Adams Lumber Co. Ark-Mo NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Park Hill 1 P NORTH LITTLE ROCK I FR 44706 "Same Locafion Since I934" YEA, WILDCATSI 0mVmnnLf alex Paul King I Bgrber Shop nlOn O 3305 PIKE, BI8 Main S+. NORTH LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK rn L ..- ' I "CONGRATULATIONS, SENlORS" LAKEHILL SHOPPING CENTER Park Hill PERRY SPENCE GULF SERVICE NORTH LITTLE ROCK 3320 PIKE AVE. SK 3-0092 NorI'h Li+'fle Rock 221 Autographs W ,1 4 A . ff ' wx 'A V f fo f,l4'fLA EWFV-W. pk 17.411, ,wfljjfj ,KJV V? Jnf Sw, Mfg: mv WW ,Q Ja 56,,w" WL , vw W W' 'M uf'w'JWw5 MQ Jxqgif' -Zbu K 1 , fy '-W Afie C, Z, 4, ' Q 'JN' ,2,,,,.. pf W' mm MV! C2173 '. Jfdmf. of 96 ., TTX , -47624 ! 6, ,ffy ,- M! A Af - U AL' Q r gf! K 49,1 V ,,,. iff f V, ,u.,,.,??- 72265 Q , M .3 , - V U-gs! 1172 'ljfjf JW 712 590 ,ff f , Jfff' ff ' ' QZM ' Aid 172 x WH - f3L" 'U, yyfylji ,Qffd 'dffffc Ge. ,v0V4 ,Qf , ff" "U, ,"' V . ' "f'L ,.,f'f'f' X zf"'V , LW, , ' Qi!-"0 af U! ' ' - luatjjdj, If , Qgzuj QWQZW-Q il' AfQp2f5!,,,,yi yd!!! W ' WT N M 1 ff 1 W gy' -P , if 9 . if I 1: 1 Lf' If wif ' OI, 0, if M If O? r x 55 v , 'O 669355 fi? if yjfhjlk QBQWBDQQ 65, do -aria-Pa ,+fo09lO9, X V Sowymuq 5,5 bp: Q-'oJ.45ff Vqv, I D, ,uvq ig ff 55,,3:'jq,b X f N , N If 4 fs gk BN :S 5 l XX SSX' fy ,I L x3 M! Lp X S5 N - 5 Av w ya wi gf-Aix RQ 3 X tr f M xi? 541 KU f Autographs fr "x Y , ' 1 ff Ex, ZW , it I ' Q 2- W! ff, I-'PZ + r A .45 fm .ffif , . f 1 me ' ,f V 'xv ' " it v-5' Y' H 1 49'-1. M ,Ana 'TJ' 'ff' - ,,ifi l ",f'i',,lf'h A ,f A , .nfl ,J ,IL ' lf", IQ "Y z'A!fw"b I f . I' 1 ' V X. ff 1' :gi ' x ,J-A j' ' 1 M W A4 gif, In I, I 0 1' X f If I ff gy" , F, W ' 35 f' , H 'LAX f' hr Illvf' 51.1 51? ,,1lJ,i " X f 'll 3. I - wx " 5 1, li' Q f 51 ,,.I X7 X7 '-'l no . QF N U : ' 4, V idlf lg , ' 5 W . Z .Ak' 5,1 W - A ' lf" Q ,jlh,, . Aytfzf Q 'gf f l If, N ' ' il wg- -Q Af li, H- , , 'ff J.. i auf ' Q ,.l,,.f' 1 If if . Q t I V! ' ' 5. !' if Xl 3 K, yygyffwfaff. f J 1 if f' 13,15 i ij I 'L ,lA r J YL , ff 2 X x f JJ K lj, A 4 ,. gy. 1 ' PM iffy, Y ,' " Q ff 1' M . pf U my uf 'lip .g . . ,Q if JM, 1 ' U I jy,,P, 5,q, I . z , ,W f f af 111- , Award I My of Vg V fb. SYQTL5 8 w 9 9 7' I . Q aff- Mu WM Q 'VnAf?ffQf' dfffffff +200-1fff0'fA' 4! Qx MM M MW Www WMI, WMM f, W ,iff f 'f fiwj My fgfyl 223 J ill EWU? all Wiiwliifilliillir if Hi Comef Edifors .,......,......... Phofographers ........,,.,.....,... Arf Edifor ....,..,...... .... Business Managers .... .... Adverfising Managers . . . . . Make-up Edifors ........ ,.., Wildcaf Sporfs Edifors . . . . . . Hi Comef Sporfs Edifors .,... .... Wildcaf Liferary Edifors ............ Assisfanf Wildcaf Liferary Edifors .... Apprenfice Wildcai' Edifors , . . . . . . Exchange Edifors ......,,.. .... Assisfanf Exchange Edifors .... .... Head Typisf .............. .... Assisfanf Typisfs ......... .,,, Special Feafures Eclifor . . . . . . Managing Edifors ..,.. .,.,.,.. Circulafion Manager .. ..,,.,.. ,. Qi H552 82.271,- iiigel aggjga Jiri? General Sfaff ,..... ,........ 2 Clara Bess Mafson, Linda Digby Billy Kiehl, Paul Peffy. Jerry Phillips, Jackie McRoberfs Bob Carroll Carolyn Hampfon, Rufh Woodcock, Barbara Cullins Jackie McRober+s, Jerry Mafeer, Jimmy Mashburn, Nedra Dumas, Jimmy Rowell, Shirley Simpson Mary Nell Allen, Myers Munnerlyn, Linda Lauch, Linda Fielding Jerry Sisk, Jimmy Tesfer George Jinks, Rus'l'y Wills Harrieffe Fiske, Charloffe Brown Robbie Shelfon, Marian Alford. Becky Rhodes, Beffy Rae Jones, Doris Noble, David Nichoalds Marfha Bowen, Doris Noble Billy Farmer, Edifh Reese Donald Chapman, Larry Tudor Lorna Smifh Veleffa Smifh, Linda Lauck, Carole Kerby, Maxine Burke, Diane lnmon, Nancy Cafhey, Paf Youngblood Margaref Whiffing, Charloffe Brown Jerry Jones, Dub Wilson, Jerry McVay, Bill McFarland Judi Lee Garlene Beffis, Lynda Gayle Bowman. Lenora Briley, Charlene Godfrey, Jim Nichols, Kafie Cook, Johnnie Frances Jones, Beverly Ufley, Nancy Alfon, Linda Beaffy, Ray Carfer, Jerry Darden, Linda Egan, Judi Evans. Rifa Fisher, Gary Greenwood, Bob Gulleff, Dwighf Harned, Jim Haynie, Jack Hill. Davelyn Hudelson, Cynfhia Jones, Jim Long, Jimmy Mashburn, Mary Nell Norris, Marfha Perry, Befh Richardson, Alice Sweafman, Dub Wilson, Marilyn Yarbrough, Joyce Adamson, Willa Sue Avance, Dudley Blair, Peggy Bures, Raymond Calhoun. Anne Cafhy, Judy Chaney, Tommy Clemens, Kafhy Deese, Mavis Derryberry, Joy Fulmer, Don Hughes, George Jerni- gan, Ora Befh Kelly, Johnny B. Lewis, Maxine McConnell, Barbara Millwood, Caro- lvn Newfon, Joy Plummer, BeH'y Gail Rea, Joan Russell. James Sanders, Harold Shipman, .Jeaneffee Snow, Paf Sfephenson, Elaine Voss, Sandra Wasson, Judy Wil- liams, Jerry Besf, Sammy Diffee, Signa Foley, Jeannie Gleason, Ronny Gafewood, Judy Haynes, Alice Helfon. Donna Jones, Donna Ramey, Bruce Reader, Gail Rich- ardson, Linda Simmons, Phyllis Sfanley, Janice Sfocks, Roberf Sumrall, Joe Wells, Billie Williams, Judy Woods, Bobby Works, Freddie Joe Wrighf, Sherrie Buckels, Danny Cafo, Linda Clemenfs, Phyllis Davis, Ronnie Esch. Billy Esch, Rod Fleming, Yvonne Griffin, Pal' Healy, - an, icks, Sandra Hinson, Ken Johnson, Chris Jordan. Dee Lisfer, Marilyn Morris, ,ohnny Q : , Becky Jo Spoon, Barbara Sfanfon, Carole Swaim, Jackie Venable. Vonin ' -- . M. Lloyd, Charles Dodson, Rayma Canard 23 .seem 3545 3035? ?i7iE -igxi rfniffjigi Qiiigijfiiisi 55? if ,rm nfffwwff'fQfw7 QLMQ XL3AU, N,wx dvdwyv lxem Xewwu Ugg? Wx,L94AJ3jX,vk,Xjg- QNML vkkD,V,JXJ,-LvRiJW5Nh,gXJWCAO4 XNXmmM . DQNOL! tlwxwqs, QNJNJXQX Wi.M5wK Jwv-'kkwvwpefwvxkgk xbXNQx.Ns-L MA, QNMUPV MASQ' QAM' dxf Qwm A'i5vX,QA,,hSCixwiTE3mQ. aww Wxxww QB we Qui Q, Efmwx ' QMKQ Xdkq slim 5 QM' Q Aww hw? JEVUXJQJLSLJAJE' vXNIxQ,XQXxXLSNkLfV ,3 Ov QMSXQX,-f . MSM UXALQAMUQ' M W Q5 Kilim M ww W W if Mgvmm il ' cgi Colorpress. Inc. Q OJ-AKA OVUL-UC! 6721 Nom-I LAMAR Ausrm, vsxAs 4

Suggestions in the North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) collection:

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North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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