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if ini as in 3, Q ,wiv W ' JI gk we w New W -, .Am Q f , f ag 2 qw! lf: LIE J if 7 N ,iv 'Q ' mW Q w 4 ' 1 . K . 54 ii I .W 1 J' Q Rl g. 'fn 5 e 9 , ps, .v 5 15' X . N11 Qss Q w 1 v 1 4 a s J If . T r i p la A H rx ,, -Q . 5 -2 x r, 5? A N37 Auld Lang Syne r x Future seniors place orders for senior cards. How much is that doggie in the Window? Then Come the Bonny, Bonny Spring Yes- Spring did come: and wilh ir came +he las'r minuie faslcs for all. For +he seniors if brough+ all ihe happy and long-awaifed senior ac+ivi+ies, +ha+ one lasl' annual, and ihaf one big momen'r- gradua'rion. For sophomores and juniors spring heralded fhe exci+emen+ of cheerleader elec+ions and seleciion of nexi' year's sfudenf body officers, classifica+ion for ihe coming year, and a big sigh for fhe year iusi' pas'r. Spring le'H' many wi+h happy memories and 1'he an+icipa+ion of fhe evenis +o come when school rolls around again in 'rhe fall. ,Q :il Rock-cr-by baby, in the auditorium. Liberuce? ll li www M S NV if Q xiihikssfg saga j. f fe 'J , .Q X I it , I X4 Ag ' . gm? 7 X x Q gg l x K -5 ' e v 5 iii ,. Ax K N A 1 g . Q .Qv 'fi-gk A X gi X gi' - 99,154 fi S3151 ' -Q X ..i' Q..,, 3 SS BSN: S, 4 535 X ' X ' Q - XX ' 3" x x fi xxtx K figs X ." si L ' -' A 1 x i Qm " zq' ' if -f - 5 M I 5 f X X Q xi A5 5 . x . GSQQY'-ix' K MK A Wm -"' V 'F i . A N N is A X if ',,x. hi, 'ig' 5' fd? i Q ai an Q QS . V, .Q 9 Q A Q igxsggg Aviva f .ms ,Q-.Q J Q, b x k f ' S XSYTYS rx SEi"fW'iT'Rfa'S "' N' ,. if .gk x is ,ii -'93 'S . I SFR V 'E' A F384 S'-f A xx x X Q W.. NAR ., ,,dk W LY 5 L. N A. LM 1 Q 3 fry my Mega-9 .X Y N .sw F Q "ff , -.f S X ,, .- 3515 3 .5 ,gt au.. i Q. APS Q I W: K i. K R X X X xx. X x... 1 X , X S3 X X N S551 X Y X 6 . ' . 1' X fs 5. . ',, ,.. X , ,. - . , ,r' 'xg Q I' 'L Y . Q N Q' hx, 1 -'51, In . , 1 ' if Ai' K Q f f 3-gf-Q f 34 H ,' it , Q ' Q X , X ,A , sk Best deal I 1 1 Z' 'W o M 1, if. , fi in V. 11 5 ? ff il 1:53 . ,. .llq N' ,J .A"' 'Y W.-2-2f.7E.T""" l Xl 4 W, 1 i. 2 'O -P.. E -..,. 4 " -,av gg. wx a .gif " .x s - X ' N W Q ' ' tg' ns fl Megs 2 Ei' X If. M I is fi X wx f X4 QJA K xv' A if, ' W -N I I if ,il Y .4 unw- w n 5 X S X S fmk X- 1 2'XfXffjQXX:XX ' ' '!.,' 1 'S Y.-' Q fby A F: wg V -' X I XX wi MQ.X5:g-Q xQFQ'? Xix 3 - ' ' ww J X, E , .HXXXXM X g' wx X A Q ,S M. as y A 1 r 3 1 , 1 vnu maj XM ' . f ' f-xfaf N ' X Q4 X X ww ww Q X A I X, XXXX, wig.. X - Q XT- ,X X XXL X X K X X XXXXX X XX XX 'W""3"""N"5mS .XX X X XX XX X ,xsximwwww xrxasgifwXXXXQw1sx XX K X2 L X 1 X X M gf -X59 XXX X XXXXwvXXX, XX X X 1. Ji if XL fl 4 : X ffm if X Ax! 4 x XR' .Q 1 ' 4 ffl XJ 5 ,Psy . S X RX X Z3 I . 1 Q Q l . Y 'ya M m i 3 fg fi? "ffl X M .XXQXXX XXX Af? Www 'SIM is ge 9 ,-Ns: QQ viz.. S .TA 1352 ......LfjX: Mk 3 1 X .w.a.v.m...n-5... y- 1 ? From L E. dining to dancing--the wonderful banquet and prom. Senior class officers dine in style at the speaker's table it .arm 5 2 Enter all ye lads and lassies in gala apparel-in other Words, bop it out! ef-r,,, PQ a Their Maiesfies King David lBevansl'and Queen Peggy lYielding . . . All Wildcai Ladies are preHy like 1' ese . . . We pro- menade +he hall. We Banquet and Prom 9 I ,X y K . ewmm. .we ii N ge we l 3 sw ! TS Y 'I fi. e 'mf li Ng., 1 7 -g. 'i --vf, 4, 9 'Y W .44 "- 1- 3: ' LQ A L v ,J bu- , ...,,.. , 'wa ,A , Y fl ,K Ti . sw-f 'P--' -' sg- M vuxf, F Bw is ag . 0 ,A in SN N ic. c ,Xk. N . X . X N wi K A sg as Xi Q s x is 5 WA , Q A X A fr- cs Q W - 'G 1 a 5' s 1 L.-f s is K. wt of A U ,cs Sa' x , c 935 sv li? N xg' . , ,sq s .f ills , X is X r gifif' X vu, 7 -142,3 Gym- , . ,J Kid. X Climoxing Class Doy- The Senior Picnic Lunches were packed and beach bags full as fhe mighiy seniors wen'r +o Willow Springs for fheir picnic. Leaving school al' noon, we spenl' +he alfernoon in gay confusion on land and in ihe wafer-splashing, ducking. ialking and dancing. Our firsl' and las'r senior picnic was here foday and gone +omorrow--buf never +o be re- moved from our book of "By-gones". ., L Inland! ww AN 1 X f . , 1 2 f gi? Q l if 1, cr ' 'Y N. , , X if ll -i ifQvf 'Q f A V- X ' -' I-1. 5. X 2 il. R PP' - ,',. Xl Q. I W .I c X s Y Q an . 'N X its ff X XXX ' , fmfw' Q"f'T"h.,s, M 1325 6 35. ' ' Siam srl' Xi' -- .A ,wx . ... X js.. Ng ws. fr - . .6 . i 35:1 s 1 k '40-,M A ' 'Wx s mc 3 . - 5 , , fx' if gi if-Y 2 lx "T ,W '- f f,.,1f' - fi' "' I J xxx J 'NRE' A"'i1ii 5 , ' Y' X Q af ' LV " 1 1 g Q ss ww f " 'fffff f iii ' -'jx is ' jf' f X 5' S " f 'Q X! ' is 0 4 ' K . T " Q ' N' s"' R Sw M - ' Q Q ga W, 1 3 0 1, Ui.. iliiyib AQQJQK Q'?:F .ix R 5 f X? .Q gs 5' ig fi ' ft M1 K ' Q-silk 3j ..A4i4 ,l fgi.Laif'4 q,3.i,ffJ 3 ?.m,gf2i2- 'Mi g'ff,,'p . f M if -... 9 51119. 'Jalan 4 S' Lt 1 'ui-'df' 1 f'y'V'5Lg1Q' 'ff N 'Q Ju n, . N, em mu f1Qbig'.mM, X 0 v ' 5 v d 1 t u 7,,.Q,,w.: ,f all 'N ii ' . N Azad f W ' ' F . If IQ? Remembering-H Hansel Bennett Marshall "Hank" "For we lmow fhaf if our earfhly house of fhis fabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house no+ made wil'h hands, efernal in 'I'he heavens." Hank would have gradualed wifh us. I+ will lake a long +ime for us 'lo gel' adiusfed fo life wifhoui him. Buf his unfimely dea+h has +augh+ us, no doub+, 'rhe full meaning of fhe lines: "Oh, beH'er fhan +he min+ing of a golden ring Is fhe safe-kepl' memory of a lovely +hing." ---Remembering Mrs,Irmo Bryant Wilson "Tell me no+, in mournful numbers, " "' ak 'l' All +ha+ is, a+ all, Life is bul' an emply dream! Lasls ever, pasl recall: Life is reall Life is earnesfl Earfh changes, bul' l'hy soul and God And fhe grave is noi' Hs goal: slancl sure: Dusf fhou ar1', lo clusl' refurnesf, Whal' enferecl info fhee, Was noi' spoken of +he soul." THAT was, is, and shall bex" Now we know, Mrs. Wilson, beloved English feacher, iusl' exaclly whal' fhose lines mean. Special Honors Billy Ioe Moody Iohn Hilliard Memorial Athletic A- ward as most outstanding senior athlete. H a n s e n 's Home ol The Wlwoppa Burger .1800 Main North Little Rock ,Q K A' 2" 51. xg . SQ s 1 RJ: 'Q ' 1: .. iv he 5 A lg e, X Vg va I V' Q 1 hx - I Q y KN y 3 5 Sandra Blcme Ashley Miss North Little Rock Phone FR 4-3074 Dependable Service LINDY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL WIRING APPLIANCE REPAIR LINDY W. BEAVER 2403 RAILROAD RES. SK 3 2541 NORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARK. XX XX s X xx' N X4 xx WNY -:X J A .4 X g RK! . Y ,,, ' vw- ? A K' 4 x- -E3 1, ' .V 1 .J J I V ' r lb . . AN I . .x -, K M xx Mx X N. v 4 X N AN ,X N X MXN N X .X K H-X -.K ,M A , "L, xx 'QV ww 01 N' GJWM M M MW ND.Qm.c9dmsm,, 'LQUMx5mx1Hi.pnniiwwDQ?n4D 2.-.M-f.pw9w.uLQL.QQ1 QaQ'm19-Y'-'f'Wj0- Qgqwwmimimwmmvawa '-'J-'ju' 7.1.3-0flL0.u..QJ251 k8.Q,,UQ9,cQ.n.b.,v.m'CG.a.'Q9-Q'-F-is Qw..b m-0.m.o.Q9MQ,,. c9fuwQJ0u.m'N9-Q 8,491 x9m,mmNSQ5.Qoj.'Q ahwmmgna, 3f-'Nw'-f 301-1xhLsm.9.fqmud,QQQ,Qmi guadww of-+,9u-,,,w.,1.gk9,1Q, -Hnppmwto gnu.. VHQWQAu,5.ganLm.Q5Lf 551-53'5q I Senses A'.S'lZD,'2s 'Qs The 1959 Wildcat Senior High School LfWe1iJmh3l6iI9s1, We North Little Rock, Arkansas . l. 59 lmfiwgiffjig Mm iw! LJ .ff7'rfw4wf 'L1e4 ,4ff4fif fi I M . M MMM A 5457 1?f 5 642' f'Q?fffif fQ,yf3 Zylakkf, A ,af zkaciff ffAY'f 75554 .MZZ,fNf' if20f2f of ciA?1QffKfi 5200 7' fa? sf' I ff 'Qs Ki 1.1 W1 iffy , M!QQ A' yr-azygfj . fiffzgf f. QVGA, 4'iZ7iQfa?c', , , A X' L' ,ghffipa ga' 222844 i V :w2Q23i'4lQ Colorpress, lncorporat Austin, Texas Mr. Healy "A prince can mcrk cr belted knight, For cr' that, cm' cz' that A marquis, duke, and cr' that, It's coming yet, tor a' that But an honest mcrn's aboon his might, That man to man, the warld o'er Shall brothers be tor cr' that." , 49+ Q... x , s is i y im E s .1 N ALL ARTIST and entertainer, Scotty plays his violin for his fans. NOW AN AMERICAN, Scotty signs his na- turalization papers-and receives con- gratulations from Mrs. Healy. Dedicated to Mr. Balfor Healy 'iScotty" Who is one ot the most popular and well-known people anywhere on "Wildcat Hill". And as our student body grows yearly more cos- mopolitan, this fascinating personality originally trom Helnsburg, Scotland, in the Scottish Lowlands, tits into its pattern even more certainly. For, whether he is telling about climate, people, and occupations ot England to the World Geo- graphy classes: quoting Robbie Burns to the Eng- lish Literature seniors: playing his thirty-year-old one string violin tor the choirs: contrasting English and American government tor American History classes: or entertaining his many tans with his in- imitable clowning, "Scotty" makes campus activity complete tor all Wildcats. So Wildcats can be especially grateful that a kindly tate let Scotty's daughter marry an Arkansas Gul. and that he was persuaded to live here and become an American citizen. And as you look back through this annual years from now, and read this page, you will, with all gratitude, think ot Scotty-Maybe we could have gotten along without him, but we're glad we didn't have to. QU Tm 'ff f:IEfif7?Qf iifgfif all 1Lf,,il7fff' 3 '?"v.svs fir 5:11, xii y? gf? "'Qi'1w:z:4se'L is 5 'Ziff 1 ii' , ,, W, 4 ., , , , W aM-f--M-wwww-'fr-f .V ,..,,5-MW, " HW W- VMS 5 , ,MS we M. V,-wwf .1 ,' V' xiii V ' 71, 9 H y. i Q X wing Wiflfu warp of royal blue for loyal+y and woof of prisline wl1i+e for honor are woven crimson for courage and gold for oppor'runi+y fo make flue WILDCAT TARTAN. Proudly worn by con+emporaries and alumni, fhis beau+iful "plaid" now cloflwes warm l1ear+s and +rue around i'l'l6 globe who will always 'fondly remember fheir days on old Ben Wildcat .N I 4 ' . Q . r N , 3 I . sw iw! ,M 4: , J-. 'Q LXR fix'- X5 ,,XW,S5x 41 .W 1 yall' lay E 1 A K .M 3 Y . , x., ,A , 1, ,,,.,.......q,,, . .. , 1 In 4 MA .f 5E', 'xgig' K W' '1 an 'I' C. ,, in ww if V' V -Sis Gi 4 'Q ? 'r,g,,., 'aff W 11 5.3K 5 Six . S 4 N 1. QE... Ri! 'Q fd M : 1 iwmh an A i.x -5' 5 X ' , ,'.A M Q . g., " M3 I gl gg: . 4 t if -Uv ., ,.' - 1, ,Q W 4 3 J' lg?- ' 11 1? 1121 " 1'2.-22251 Q' an I "' 5? , 1 N uf . 'Q .fo-Q Pibroch Dear Old Alma Mater, We honor Thee today, With hearts ot love and loyalty, With colors bright and gay, Yes, We are ready to iight for Thee, To give ot our very best, For the school We love and cherish Dear',N L R H S. .xgilhui STUDENTS HURRY to avoid the tardy bell early in the morning. -...NN L55 NOLAN WOMBLE, Ierry Matchett, and Ioe Lewis Work on cars SOPHOMORE Tommy Dalton receives direc in Auto Mechanics. IACKIE TILLEY, Celinda Shirley, and Miki Bailey Work on American History. STUDENTS FOUND the library a place to study. QR if Fu. IUST LOAFING: Donnie Caple. Day by Day Life Moved Along on Ben Wildcal Twas lhe sixlh ol Seplember, and Ben Wildcal was greeled wilh smiles lrom bolh new and old sludenls. For lhe lirsl lew weelcs, many direclions were given, many queslions answered, somelimes correclly, bul more lhan once incorreclly. Some ol lhe lime we sludied, bul more ol lhe lime, we loaled. Ol course lhere were a lew, and lhey were lew, lhal even sludied oulside ol class. We really enioyed our assemblies, especially when lhey were like lhese. Showing our school spiril, we allended bonlires: and clubs lried lo "drum up" new' members. ' Www IELPING EACH OTHER are Iimmy Finch, Frank Naka- mura and Dick Carroll. We relaxed al lhe Youlh cenler, bul were lense in some ol lhe more dramalic momenls ol our plays. We "primped" lo have our piclures made-Bul mosl ol lhe lime, we iusl "gooled". WATCHING THE ASSENBLY Henry Ketcher, Blanchard Cau sey, Iimmy Gibbs, Steve Stevenson, Winston Futrell, and Bruce Dobbs. The pretty performers are Celinda Shirley and Miki Bailey. AT THE BONFIRE Larry Swaim M.C.'s. AFTER THE GAME, dancers hold forth on the floor of the Youth Center. X x BOOKING STUDENTS FOR PICTURES, Margaret Whitting, Mary Iane Tediord, lean Evans, and Iudy Goode. ' QM 52 . fl t WHOOPING IT UP on assemblyp C. A. Eckel, Carol Merritt, Rita Fisher, Tomilea Harvey, and Heather Dodson. WHAT'S IN THE HATBOX? Steve Steven son and Peggy Yielding in a tense scene from "NIGHT MUST FALL". "HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT ----- ?" Berth: Smith and Velma Price take time to talk be tween classes. my ltfzisitg fi ll 1 Moil ZLQW 5,644 f Jgaff ?'f 465' Wwzhw ,W' ff4f,,J Zffwwhfffffway 1 f mu, My Zfgvcd .f QWJWQMW Lffzggagff 02 Wm!! wp gj,,,m4W,wf Q16 X Q .QL-WL .. g 7 ze My an l "J qf f I , P J' Af as " ff 'If 1 .. f Xx KN s X - ' , 54 1 ,x ,,. V 2 5 ,X Y wg. 1, F fl his l ,gy lf 4,, if Q SHOWING THE EFFECTS of released atmospheric pressure, Marion Monk operates me vacuum pump while Ierry Rogers, Iames Riviere, Bobby Moore, Fred Holland, Toshio Oishi, Iohn Ault, Jimmy Goff, and Iohn Greenert kibitz. 'lWhat's a' your jargon o' your schools, Some fire the soldier on to dare, Your Latin names tor horns an' stools? Some rouse the patriot up to bare It honest Nature made you tools, Corruption's heart: What sairs your grammars? Some teach the bard-a darling care- Ye'd better ta'en up spades and shools, The tunetul art." Or knappin-hammers. E I',l'llQ , ,A The maioriiy of our school hours are speni' in a classroom under 1'he experl' guidance of a 'reacher. Here, we 'Fal+er along and fhen gradually gain speed in +he process of learning. The 'reacher is our guardian, guide, and sfay who helps us +o gain ihe knowledge and experience we will need for fhe resl' of our lives. There are 'rhe praciical 'rhings such as English, mafh, and home eco- nomics. Then, many professions require more 'rechnical knowledge such as higher malh, sciences, and languages. A lol' of us 'rake subiecfs for our own pleasure, like arf, music, or speech. For 'rhese many reasons a classroom becomes a valuable parl' of e our lives. 7' Qin L SQL vxgyfigv K . Nd, ' x k Q ' K ek ,isgk Ukggf CL, Lckikgl- Q f .-,iQQd kxkklfz. CKSKLQ QLUXQAX Qc QLKLQ ,I 3.1J,w?Ll. SKETCHING WITH CRAYON is Senior Art Student Ioyce McElroy. hx cm KL. vx ec Ju Bdsm,-M, LLLJTK vyfvee- iskskul- r . 13-22 23-26 27-30 31-34 35-38 39-42 43-46 47-60 61-64 Language Arts Social Studies Mathematics Sciences if Commercial Subiects Homemaking 'L Vocational Arts Fine Arts Physical Education Mrs. Reyburn Fearnside Head of The English Depar+men+ Bachelor of Arls and .Mas+er of Aris, Universi+y of Oklahoma, Norman 1 .'-me --1 r-- as- x 3' Mrs. Sarah Helms ss. Man Communicafes Through The Language Arts Many of us here on Wildcal' Hill, because we use +he English language and because +ha+ language is rapidly becoming one of +he mos'r widely used, fhink liH'le of fhe beauliful, flowery languages of our friends sou+h of fhe border who speak French, Spanish, and Lafin. ln French, 'raugh+ by Mrs. Sarah Helms, La+in +augh+ by Mrs. Helms and Mrs. Ni+a Allbrighf, and Spanish faughl' by Miss Bernice Blankenship, sfudenls learn +he paris of speech, and +he devialions of +he language as well as +he cusioms, dress, and food of 1'he peoples of lhese counfries. These sfudenls have a club for 'rheir parficular language. They are La+in- Quo Vadis, Spanish-Espanole, and French, Le Cercle Francais. They are responsible for a+ leas+ one as- sembly a year. This assembly usually +ells 'rhe acliviiies of 1'he club. The prinfed word is said fo be second besl only +o fhe spoken word in power. BeHer iournalis'rs who have, along wifh lhe abilily +o wri+e, a sense of l'ru'lh and honesfy +ha+ has come from Freedom of fhe Press, are being furned oul' by 'rhe High Schools each year. These s+uden+s and o+hers like lhem are slowly bul' surely doing away wiih +he "yellow iournalis1's" of fhe day and are replacing 'rhem wifh frue public reporl- ing. Head of rhe Deparfmenf of Languages Bachelor of Ar+s, S+al'e Teachers College, Conway A .a wa v x K ' x. 1 N x is N ll X Pcxrlez-vous, Francais, Mademoiselle? Miss Kafye Lou Russell Head of +he Depar+men+ of Journalism Bachelor of Arls, Ouachifa College, Arkadelphia Mas+er of Ar+s, Universify of Arkansas, Fayelfeville LQ'-pfciz.. F -, ' 'U ei .F ,Z --1.-, ? LKJ , ,, ,,,, , 9 jfw' G41 ...,.,,,,,J , . X, ff f R " Q H N . ,, V W,g..w..,.gm..,MX, 'x 2 X. QQELM. Gu QLQQMXJA-Q f Q w,e:g,,,.,3 I F. x Y .A .. I :' 4 - , S. , . x 4354- ,. ,V .I . xi V Q- 'ab - 'Q w 'Sf F: , . ,gg W 38 E 'f A v ig . z -mx s A ' 'gf 53 A 'Lsiixgfbla X' 'RY YW-g?..,r K F' , ii? x I :ii ' P ., ... . - .w-.Q-.,--.4-ww, ,.. vlrs. Jeanneffe McCormack, Mrs. Irma B. Wilson, English English Bachelor of Arfs, Sfafe Teachers Bachelor of Arfs, Sfafe Teachers College, Conway College, Conway Masfer of Science, Universify of Masfer of Arfs, Universify of Arkansas, Fayeffeville Arkansas 4f,...I.,J 771.6 e 4' lv Mrs. Marian Phillips, English Bachelor of Arfs, Cenfral Sfafe College, Edmond, Okla. Mrs. Vada Cowan, English Bachelor of Arfs, Henderson Teachers College, Arkadelphia Masfer of Arfs, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. Q ... 's is 4 .Wil ,,,.. -M. 31 , Helpless Is The Student Who Lacks Command of English To diagram or nof fo diagram, is if an adverb or an adiecfive, was if Boswell or Bunyan: fhese are fhe quesfions. Yes, fhese quesfions asked frequenf- ly by various sfuclenfs sfress fhe fhree phases of English: diagramming, grammar, and liferafure. No Sophomore could possibly go fhrough his firsf year of high school wifhouf firsf becoming ac- quainfed wifh "Silas Marner", "Julius Caesar", and "Tale of Two Cifies". ln lhis grade, much of fhe fime is spenf on fechnical grammar in an efforf fo consolidafe whaf has been given fo him earlier in order for him fo have fhe essenfial fools of spelling, puncfuafion, correcf usage and senfence sfrucfure fhaf will be necessary during his Junior and Senior years. ln his Junior year, a sfudenf may choose eifher ferminal igenerall or college preparafory lspeciall English. These courses are primarily fhe same and differ only in fhe amounf of work required and fhe mefhod of approach. Senior English offers advanced courses in wrif- fen and oral English. The dreaded Senior Theme appears on fhe scene abouf fhis fime. This fheme, usually from l500 fo 2000 words, may be wriffen on any subiecf. Seniors also sfudy "Macbefh" wrif- fen by "Whirling Willie". You don"r know who fhaf is? Why fhal"s N.L.R.H.S. sfudenfs' pef name for William Shakespeare. Mr. G. A. Jones, English Mrs. Anne W. Browder, English Miss Dee Blasengame, English Miss Linda Worden, English Bachelor of Science, Sfafe Bachelor of Science, Alabama Bachelor of Arfs, Winfhrop Bachelor of Science in Educafu Teachers College, Conway Polyfechnic College, Auburn College, Rock Hill, Soufh Carolina Sfafe Teachers College, Conw Masfer of Science, Iowa Sfafe Masfer of Arfs, Universify of College, Ames Florida, Gainesville LITERATURE is one of the most important phases of English. Virginia Wilkins stud- ies Burns. I,-,X M,ikN'S fx MAN wine A' THAT M, ,,,,, ivy- ' .im ' 1' ' L., Magna TW-Q1"Qf m.,:'ig 1,,,:s N ff-39" umm it Wwxm an H 'UQ ' ' M A hx l 1..,. s MJ Q me V ' 'Nix in H . .f,,, BOOK REPORTS are cr very important part of English. Richard Yada reports to Miss Worden. ,E WMM A hw CAN YOU IMAGINE . . . Ruth Woodcock practices public speaking in English class. View ssh flfwf 18.5, u j g-f' .L , .--as-if DRAWING TRIPLICATES for the Wildcat is editor Mary Fortenbury. READING VAN DYKE PROOFS is Wildcat editor Becky Hawkins. School Publications Are Produced in Journalism Newspaper jargon, silk screen paint, pictures, and mounting boards are all permanent tixtures in the NLRHS journalism department. To "laymen" the job ot turning out the Hi Comet every two weeks, three Satellites a year, and the 276-page 9xI2 Wildcat annual may appear to be a simple one. But the appearance is all that is simple. Many long hard hours are spent in writing l75,000 words and headlines. And along with the writing are the pictures that complete the Hi Com- et and "make" the annual. The photographers ot the Publications Depart- ment remind one ot perpetual motion. It is up to them to see that pictures are taken ot every school activity, club, and taculty member, and that is just the beginning. The annual alone uses l,800 pictures. Advertising is indispensable. It helps deter the expenses ot the Hi Comet and the Wildcat. lt is the responsibility ot the journalism classes to sell this advertising and draw up the ad copy. Ap- roximately 2,000 column inches ot advertising have been sold this year tor the Hi Comet, and al- most S3,000 tor the Wildcat. Hi-Comet editor Tucker Steinmetz pounds a st ary, George Bartsch, re-Write editor scans lead, Wildcat literary editor and Hi-Comet news editor Carolyn Weise types and Robert Shaw, Hi-Comet editor reads notes on 'ihot story." i 1 A X Y .lr by-Q l I' Staff Artist Carolyn Terry cuts silk-screen stencil and Linda Reed learns technique. Finishing touches are put on the Satellite by Carolyn Terry, "chief squeeger", while Mary Io Corzine, Carolyn Hampton, and Kay Knickerbocker admire the finished product. N New ." SMILE AND SAY CHEESE . . . Usually on the other end of the camera are Staff Photographers Ion McSpadden, Dean Head, Ogden Mayhue, Billy Kiehl, and Crystal Huie. Sri im rl A J it M ,- ,fs My in Iackson reads the Hi-Cornet-and all our work proved Worthwhile. gf -if' . , . 1 so , ,, ,,, wedge, Conway lasfer of Educafion, Universily of Arkansas, :ye+feville 2 fr Students Enioy Learning To Speak Spanish Spanish sfudenls sfudy +he firsf year fhe five jlffya Cf qvfbrmw 5--7-,, simple lenses of fhe fhree coniugafions of verbs, K is ., rf' 7-'ff' 'Y fb- L fickey Clcxmpit tells of his visit to Mexico. He :ought some heads bcxck prove it. lBe1owl l xn't believe my eyes cxrdotiis sitting at that ible. f X fm ' lfx X. Ky is .X rf' .1 wwf Off-Q S .N -Q Nail 7 as well as pronouns, sublecls, oblecls, and reflexive. B'o'rh oral and wriHen vocabulary +es1's and dicfa- fion are scheduled for every fifrh lesson or al' lhe end of each unil. Adding in'reres'r are lhe +ex+boolc's Spanish songs and dialogues presenled in class and club sessions. Enlhusiaslic spelling malches are conducled affer fhe Spanish alphabel' has been memorized. Insfruclions are always sfaled in Spanish ac- quainring fhe sfudenls wi'rh +he beaufiful word sounds. All parfs of speech are inlroduced as lhe year progresses. Second-year sfudenls conlinue +he s+udy of verbs in lhe indicafive and subiuncfive moods and also learn The five compound lenses of fhe indicalive. Memorizing and presenling dialogues is a parl' of 'rheir daily assignmenfsg in facl, +hey are encour- aged lo discuss currenl 'ropics wi+h one anofher enfirely in Spanish during class. Each compleled uni+ culminafed in bo'rh oral and wriHen vocabulary fesfs. Reporls are made on books wi'rh La+in-American seH'ings by illusfrafing characlers and places. Pen pals wrife in Spanish 'ro many of 'rhe sludenls, giv- ing fhem a golden opporfunily fo learn how 'rhe indigenous people speak. Bullefin boards and posfers designed by fhe slu- denls are confinually drawing fheir aH'en'rion +o fhe numerous "fies+as" of fhe Lafin Americans. si ,f Q J will , l .N l rsr- 'Wir .. 4- a A . 'gpg A. f! rl ff ' X I--f .. NH 'N nfs gm Ns-,-W, ,495 .v NSS ONCE IT KILLED THE ROM- ANS, NOW IT'S KILLING ME -Paul Dickey, Cheryl Wcxlthczll, Lczrry Lybarger, C. A. Eckel, Benny Kail, Ierry Sisk. CORRESPONDENCE from Paris, France-Marian Alford, Robbie Shelton, Mrs. Helms. NYU' S- L. Mrs. B. F. Allbright, Latin Bachelor of Arts, Hendrix College, Conway Top-Flight Brains Still Study Latin Believing that the study ot Latin is valuable even in a world ot satellites and missiles and anti-missiles, North Little Rock High ot- ters two years ot this classical language. While Latin is regarded as one ot the disciplinary subiects that make tor caretul and precise study habits, it is recognized as the basis tor the study ot many other subjects. It is extremely valuable in learning other languages. lt can give the student new insight into English grammar and can aid ma- terially in increasing his vocabulary. A study ot Latin can help the student to understand cultural ditterences and relationships. By the use ot illustrations and reading selections the student is exposed to the ancient Roman civilization which was the tounda- tion tor much ot our Western civilization. First year Latin consists largely ot drill and memory worlc- rules to be learned and applied, torms to be memorized accurately and English derivations to be recognized and used. There is no sugarcoating the worlc laid out tor this tirst year. In the second year there is more drill and memory worlc and fl more complicated constructions to be learned and understood and used. ln this year the reading selections serve to introduce the student to Latin literature with special emphasis on the Gallic Wars as reported by Julius Caesar. The Latin Club "Quo Vadis" has been active this year and their work has been interesting. lt has helped materially to malce the Latin courses attractive to students with the result that more and more students are electing the course. Tyler trcmslcxtes-but Sisk sweats it over the third declension, even with tec1cher's help Most Interesting Is the Study of French ln the French department students have two years ot study with about seventy students enrolled. They start the study by learning phonetic symbols in order to learn pronunciation. They learn to carry on short conversations in the language. Since French is composed ot many irregular verbs, the students learn to coniugate many verbs. They learn to translate from French into English and trom English into French. Students also try to read and understand the toreign language. At the end ot the two years ot study, they have learned ten ditterent tenses and many ot the idio- matic expressions used in French. ln second year the students read a French reader which tells many things about the lite and customs ot the people. Also learned is the singing ot many French songs. Several French tilms are shown. BARTSCH AND EMMONS-Well, suppose cr pretty girl said "Ie t'c1ime" to you! This year students have started correspondence with French students. This has been an interesting project as each one is learning to read French as they use it. Some ot the French students write in English, and this is certainly interesting, because otten it is easier to get the meaning ot their French than it is to get the meaning ot their English. 'gif TRANSLATING-Monte Morit- gomery, Robert Lczmcm, Vondci Iones. CONIUGATING-Bcxrbcxrci Akin cmd Lcmce Sullenberger Mrs Garland Beavers, Human Relafions Bachelor of Music, and Special Sfudies in Guidance Counseling, Umversify of Arkansas, Fayeffeville Mrs. Hazel Ragland, American Governmenf and Economics Bachelor of Arfs, Sfafe Teachers College, Conway Head of Deparfmenf of Social Sfudies The Record of Man's Relation 'ro Man ls Social Studies Af a fime when fhe challenge of fofalifarianism calls for greafer emphasis on mafhemafics and science, feachers and pupils in fhe social sfudies realize fhaf fhere are plenfy of problems in making Democracy work. lf is our fask fo fhink crifically, sfudy carefully, discuss sincerely fhe problems of living freely fogefher-and fo work af fhem wifh courage, undersfanding, and everlasfing vigilance. There is excifemenf in fhe sfory of America, fhe land which sfands af fhe greafesf force for freedom in fhe world. A generafion fhaf inherifs fhe highesf sfandard of living ever affained should sfrive fo un- dersfand and improve fhis herifage. The purpose of fhe course in American Hisfory is fo develop fhe background of fhe democrafic ideal in America in order fhaf we may have an abiding faifh in fhe values of democracy and a resolufion fo add fo fhe realifies of fhese values. The purpose of world hisfory is fo enable fhe sfu- denf fo undersfand fhe world sociefy of foday by seeing how if has developed. If seeks fo give a sense of fhe realify of fhe pasf, fhe confinuify of fhe sfream of hisfory, and fhe debf of fhe presenf generafion fo fhe pasf. He's got the whole world in his hcmds. 'Wx lx wild'-fu 6 I nb ff' Quf .. 7 LHIFF FKUNI, 'V ffvy r O L WN U ,Z j QE. lj' - A KVI W-,Q Q ul - ' . C, . XJ 6 lik 5 y I X Q QNX? xii QAXQK sa i W Q' A ,F ,. qu ftzzkfj The Civil War is a major topic of discussion and explan- ation in history classes. The course in American government teaches the functions of the various departments of government and the interaction of its agencies. Students learn +he importance of a free ballot and an appreciation of a democratic form of government. Former president Herbert Hoover has said: "l have but one suggestion: that you survey its scene today, that you debate every phase of this government, that you carry this debate to every street corner, every schoolhouse, every shop and every counting room. What you decide will be final for your country, for you have many votes. You will have the burdens." History is made by the ever familiar "Congressional Record." 'll 0' Irs. Paul Mosley, World History 1d Current Events achelor of Arts, Ouachita allege, Arkadelphia lr. C. W. McFall, World History achelor of Arts, University ot Iew Mexico, Albuquerque Ierry Iones tries to understand cz fine point in his- tory class as Mrs. Fleming explains. Mr. A. F. Aldridge, American History Bachelor of Science in Education, State Teachers College, Conway: Master of Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Mrs. William G. Fleming, American History Most Interesting Are Studies of Peoples and Government The attempt to understand current events in the light ot geographic backgrounds is a never-ending task. The student 'Finds himselt with a new textbook every morning-the daily newspaper. Everything that happens everywhere in the world in his con- cern. All available aids are used-reterence books, maps, globes, charts, periodicals, audio-visual aids -in the hope that a small amount ot learning will result in a large measure ot tolerance as the world becomes smaller and man is torced to live closer to his neighbor. Understanding how peoples must adiust living standards to natural resources brings greater ap- preciation ot under-developed areas. A well-informed American citizen understands in- surance plans, social security, taxation, investments, and budgeting. In the consumer economics course, he learns how to spend his money in order to secure tor himselt and his tamily the highest possible stand- ard ot living. we f 7.7m ,LMJ!c,gAJ,A,,eg-J1",? !L,,,,4,.,QA,fiv-P12-'75, J Bachelor ot Liberal Law, of Arkansas, Fayetteville als, enwd' If 'ww' f ,nn Q-, f .M Mrs. Louise Schmidt, Human Relations Bachelor of Science, Howard Payne College, Brownwood, Texas XX, ,qt Human relations students study psychology. Human Relations is the course designed to help tenth graders understand themselves and to appreci- ate their fellows so that living together in the world may be a ioyful experience. As Robert Burns put it: "Then let us pray that come it may, As come it will tor a' that, That sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth, May hear the gree tor a' that. For a' that, an' a' that, 1t's coming yet, tor a' that, That man to man the world o'er, Shall brothers be, for a' that." Miss Bess Johnston Head of the De artment of Mathematics P Bachelor of Arts, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville xx. Well, what do you know about that? It does come out right! The Future Depends on Mathematics The mathematics program in Senior High School seeks to meet the needs of students by offering ad- vanced algebra, trigonometry, and solid geometry. The student in algebra learns to organize, inter- pret, and graph statistical data, to appreciate the methods of viewing and dealing with quantitative relations: to acquire the ability to solve simultaneous and quadratic equations, to extract roots: to handle ratio, proportions, variation, progression, binomial formula, and determinants, all of which are neces- sary to understand atomic energy, space travel, rockets, etc. Permutation, combinations, and prob- ability are needed in the study of medicine and in medical research. Most branches of higher mathematics depend on fundamental trigonometric laws and properties. Physics, astronomy, engineering, and mechanics could not have developed without trigonometry. The construction and operation of an airplane would be impossible without the techniques of trigonome- try. Obiectives to be attained by the study of solid geometry will help one to discover and organize valuable information about three-dimensional space- information that will be helpful to those who plan to become engineers, architects, draftsmen, tool designers, machinists, and also those who merely wish to be able to read with understanding, and to converse intelligently about the world's great en- gineering and scientific feats. Never in history has mathematics faced greater challenges than those it faces today. One of the cries of these times is for more and better trained mathematicians. In many ways the world's scientific and engineering progress in the years ahead de- pends upon the ability of today's students to meet this challenge. Whisencmt plots a graph. ,+- J n ni-A, WORKING?? . . . Donna Wellhausen, Lin Phelps, and Phyliss Thompson work in algebra class. Marilyn Medlock works a solid geometry problem. PRIZE WINNING PROIECTS: Iames McGinnis and David Deaton display prize-winning projects entered in the math-science fair. Both were in the plane geometry division. F. CEDUETF ffl ' lrs. O. D. Lawless, Plane ieometry achelor of Science in Education, tate Teachers College, Conway hiv Irs. Fred Croom, Plane Geometry ld General Mathematics lchelor of Arts, University of rlxansas, Fayetteville 5 S8452-c A Mrs. Henry C. Whitting, Algebra and General Mathematics Bachelor of Science, Alabama Polytechnic College, Auburn PREPARING AN EXHIBIT: Carl Wright cmd Gary Whisencmt. Younger Cats Study Plane Geometry and General Mathematics North Little Roclc High School offers mathematics courses to fit the needs of all students. For tenth grad- ers, Algebra l, General Mathematics and Plane Geome- trv are offered. Algebra ll is offered to the eleventh grade students, and solid geometry, trigonometry, and general mathe- matics are offered for the seniors. Algebra l is offered for those students who neglected to talce it in the ninth grade and have since decided to study advanced mathematics. General mathematics is offered for those students who do not wish to talce advanced mathematics but feel they do need some math to prepare them for adult life. Plane geometry, Algebra ll, Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry are the advanced courses which are avail- able to the college-bound student. s g DULID 1 EUMYTKY "wr" Marion Monk and David Goss mount the colorful solid geometry posters. "UMR ,SI Dewey johnson finally learned to add!!! Is he really working? No, Iimmy Ioe Paul is just listening to Ieanette Duncan. After all, ct woman does know best I . 4.5 4' t. """'4's. Q up t Mrs. James Taylor, Physics. Head of Science Department Bachelor of Arts, Erskine College, Due West, S. C. Master of Education, University of Ark. iThere's Great Challenge in The Sciences Physics is the story of energy. The true nature of energy, what it really is, is one of the great un- knowns. One of the most' important' concerns of physics is with transformations of energy-with their controls, with their applications, and with the natural laws which govern them. We go exploring into the mysteries of motion, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, gravity, heat, and the atoms themselves. We learn about the na- ture and behavior of all the 'Forces of the cosmos which follows very simple rules. We learn how great scientists probed into the unknown and brought' forth some degree of understanding of the physical phenomena which govern our universe. We are able to see the scientific possibilities for the new age ahead which really stimulates the imagination. WATCHED POT . . . Bobby Remel seeks the specific heat of metals. 1 PEEK-A-BOO! Robert Loman studies protozoa. in I . 'nm .X R522 1 F Ez? ' W W Q., 2 5-ww -""'t,w. ,ff 'lOscar" is taken apart by Mrs. Blevins as interested biology students watch. Adjusting a fractional distillation column are Mau- rene Cohen and Danny Cook. X . X s rs. Eula Blevins, Biology ichelor of Science, Slale rachers College, Conway asfer of Arls, Peabody College, ashville, Tenn. Mr. William Ripley, Chemislry Bachelor of Arls and Masler of Arls, Universily of Ark., Fayelleville r. David H. Manson, Biology lchelor of Science and Masler Science, Universily of Ark., yelleville Somebody had frog legs for dinner! Bill Bald- ridge cmd Billy Ioe Moody tcxlk to Mrs. Blevins about skeleton. Biology Gives a New Idea Of Living Things A whole new conceplion of living lhings is whal mosl sludenls receive from sludying Biology. This field of science is divided inlo lwo seclions of sludy: Bolany and Zoology. Bolany is lhe sludy of planls and Zoology, lhe sludy of animals. Each year in lhe early fall, sludenls are encour- aged lo bring live specimens lo class for observa- lion. This colleclion usually conlains anylhing from frogs lo snakes and from mice lo bullerflies. A while mouse lSnow Whilel was conlribuled lhis year. ll was used for a sludy of heredily. Spring lime, lhe lime for flowers and planls, produces specimens for lhe parl of Biology, especi- ally favored by "budding" Biologisl, called Bolan . Planls in various forms and slages and occasionallly waler conlaining fungus or algae are pul under lhe miscrosope for closer observalion. Winler, lhe lime of year when animals go inlo hibernalion and planls die, lhe human body is slud- ied. Respiralion, reproduclion, nulrilion, and melabolism are branches of lhis sludy. No lour of lhe lab would be complele wilhoul having mel Oscar, lhe Body, and Boney Maroney lhe Skelelon. Oscar is made of paper mache and his moveable parls are frequenlly laken oul for observalion, and Boney Maroney, our lovable skele- lon, who recenlly look up lhe habil of pipe smok- ing, is a male skelelon valued al S270. L. X w f . 1Pwr.."5rx Mrs. W. W. Miller, Head ot the Commercial Department Bachelor ot Sc'ence, Arkansas State College, Jonesboro Master ot Education, University ot Arkansas, Fayetteville .K .V '- , ..,. 2 Future Business Tycoons Train in the Commercial Department The Business Department ot North Little Rock Senior High School is comprised ot six business teachers and 750 students from the tenth, eleventh and tweltth grades. The subiects taught are Business Training, Bookkeep- ing l, Shorthand I, Typewriting l, Advanced Shorthand, and Ottice Practice. The ottice practice course is three years old and is proving to be one ot the most sought-atter senior cour- ses. Thirteen business machines are in the de artment and at least one is added each year or an clad one is replaced with a new electric machine. The students in the class rotate on the machines. They also do mimeo- graphing tor teachers on their machines days. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are devoted to the machines -Tuesdays and Thursdays to text book materials. The Business Department ot our school is recognized by businessmen ot Greater Little Rock as outstanding. Our students go directly from high school into the busi- ness work as typists, stenographers, and secretaries. The department has 68 typewriters to train typists. Students taking typewriting realize it is an elective sub- iect and the majority ot these students do a tine iob ot learning the subiect. Typewriting teaches the setting up ot business letters and other business torms, advanced ottice typing, manuscripts, contracts, telegrams and tabulation. This year records have been bought and used in the shorthand classes tor giving dictation. The students have X-'-""' la. How in the heck do you work this thing? Charlie Holloway ponders the problem ot pounding the keys. loved the diversion ot not having their teachers dictate every day. Beginning shorthand is devoted to theories that tirst semester but actual dictation takes place almost trom the tirst day to the end ot school. The advanced shorthand class takes dictation beginning at 60 words a minute up to I20 words per minute or more. TAKING DICTATION-Tomilea Harvey and Veletta Smlth work in Shorthand I. Tom orrow's Expert Sfeno's Take Gffice Practice Office Pracfice is fhe ferminal course for fhe sfu- denfs inferesfed in fhe field of business. lf is offered in fhe fwelffh year fo inferesfed sfudenfs wifh one 4' -fs. 'X year of fypewrifing as fhe only prerequisife neces- sary. lfs prime purpose is fo malce fhe fransifion from high school fo fhe office job easier and more success- ful for our graduafes. Obiecfives include an operafing knowledge on a semi-slcill level for adding, calculafing, posfing, and dicfafion-franscripfion machines. During fhe year proficiency in fhe basic slcills of fypewrifing office forms, preparing and duplicafing maferials for a fluid and inlc duplicafor is developed. Alphabefic, geographic, subiecf and numeral filing, handling of office mail, worlcing wifh payrolls, and fransporfafion problems are sfudied. lncluded, also, are unifs in communicafions includ- ing effecfive felephone fechniques, desirable qualifies in office personnel, and a general sfudy of office pro- cedures. gr N- SNCIY lrs. Verfie Baxley, Bookkeeping achelor of Arfs, Harding College, earcy lk TR K . Q wg, 132 sr . . 5 Vx! M u .fl .4 lr. Doyle F. Slafen, Business Law achelor of Science in Educafion, lafe Teachers College, Conway Q wxixs s Ml- Mrs. Phyllis Duce, Shorfhand Bachelor of Science in Educafion Henderson Teachers College, Arkadelphia Mrs. Shirley McCall, Office Pracfice Bachelor of Science in Educafion, Henderson Teachers College, Bookkeeping and Specialties Include Business Law Every good Scoffish lad and lassie knows fhe real value of keeping up wifh his or her money. In book- keeping fhe mefhod of accounfing for each wee bonnie penny is faughf. The loss of one cenf will bring ouf fhe frue Scofch in bookkeepers who seek diligenfly unfil fhe losf penny is found and resfored fo ifs proper place. ln one year Bookkeeping Course sfudenfs are laughf 'rhe principles of debifs and credifs fhrough 'rhe use of problems and proiecfs. Mosf of proiecfs and Pracfice sefs are laborafory proiecfs being complefed in fhe classroom. This includes fwo com- plefe sefs of books, work sheefs, profif and loss sfafemenfs, and balance sheefs. Business Law sfudenfs fake firsf a brief look af law in general. The forms, origin and purposes are reviewed. From fhen on, fhe concern is kepf 'ro business law, which is law as if applies fo 'rhe operafion of business. Alfhough fhe main emphasis is from fhe sfand- poinf of fhe merchanf, fhere is much informafion useful fo fhe consumer. Confracfs and ownership fake lheir place along wifh employmenf and insurance as parf of fhe legal knowledge needed in foday's business world. Agencies, negofiable insfrumenfs, and carriers along wifh many facefs of fhe business world com- plefe fhe course in Business Law. A"kadelPl"la First-year shorthand girls lake cz spelling test. Mrs. Maxine Har+, Typing Bachelor of Business Adminisfrafion Baylor Universify, Waco, Texas. WORKING ON FIXED ASSETS: Virginia Wilkins cmd Pcxt Blythe 'Q' FIGURING DEPRECIATION EXPENSES: Linda Strother, Pat Smith, Suzy Dempster, Anita Smith, Linda Lou Reed. Mrs. Frances Smilh, Head of lhe Homemaking Deparfmenl' Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Universify of Arkansas, Fayel'-leville . Ax s,.f. . 'X X Q- X N S ' Two of the major parts of homerncxking here at NLRHS are the Mother-Daughter tecx and bcmquet. Of Major Impor'rance Are Courses ln Homemaking This scienlific age we are in makes fhe role of The homemaker more imporfanl' lhan ever. Our homemaking program covers many areas of learning. We no longer fhink of l'he program as cooking and sewing only, bu'r +ry +o 'leach girls +o be homemakers. The girls learn how fo make +heir rooms more aHrac+ive and how 'ro keep 'rhem neal' and orderly wil'h a minimum of lime. On second year level, rhey learn more aboul color schemes, selec+ion of furnilure, and accessories for lhe home. In child care lhey learn +o be a successful baby siHer, learn 'ro undersfand children, and care of 'rhe baby. Home nursing and care of lhe sick is slressed on second year level. We louch on per- sonal and family finance. Each girl is required +o complele +wo home pro- iec+s a year, which gives her an opporlunily +o praclice rhose ihings she has learned in class. Our adull' program has received good res- ponse. This year we have had classes in 'railoring and dressmaking. Our spring classes will be in in- +erior decoralion and foods. These classes are +augh+ for a period of one and one-half hours 'For six classes. Our deparfmenl sponsors Junior and Senior chapfers of Fufure Homemakers. The highlighls of fheir year are l'he Valenline Molher and Daughier 'rea and +he Mofher and Daughler Ban- quel' in l'he Spring. -'N-Aw :F ' 'tw fig, mul? 'ir- fir' bill'-S I mffx FIRST YOU CUT BY THE PATTERN: Caroline Glenn Tomllea Harvey Ian Skipper, THEN YOU STITCH, STITCH, STITCH: Ianice Fithen, Deanna Querner, Paulette Langley, Dorothy Dare. "v Ars. Martha Davis, Homemalring Pachelor of Science in Educafion, Lfafe Teachers College, Conway Mrs. Melba Pefersen, Homemalring Bachelor of Science in Homemalcing, Sfafe Teachers College, Conway Q :rvelyn Huddleston learns about cooking from rs. Davis, Homemaking Concerns Foods and Clothing Foods and nufrifion are faughf as an infegrafed parf of our program, based on a fwo-year curriculum. During 'lhe firsf years of sfudy fhe girls begin wifh a sfudy of ihe Basic Seven and fhe essenfial food nufrienfs. They learn abouf meal planning, meal preparafion, and meal service from class sfudies, films, and laborafories. During fhis sfudy, fhey plan, pre are, and serve five complefe family lunches in family groups of four. Experiences are similar io a family meal af home wifh a fafher, mofher, and family members performing fheir various dufies and responsibilifies. The final meal during fhe firsf year is a buffef meal served in fhe home economics living room wiih fwo 'ieachers as guesis of fhe class. The second year course reviews many of fhe essenfials sfudied during fhe firsf year fhen confinues wifh fhe preparafion of family dinners. Highlighf of fhis year's work is 'lheir sfudy and preparafion of pasfries and yeasf breads. Also during fhe second year unifs fhe girls learn a greaf deal abouf parfies and enferfaining. ln fheir enferfainmenf unifs, fhe various classes enferfained fhe en+ire faculfy wifh pre-Chrisfmas feas given in fhe home economics living room. The lasf unif covers fhe many forms of food preservafion. i l -as., MINDING CHORES: Patricia Myers, Glenda Harvey, Shirley Renfrow, Linda Easley-Annette Acord, Iudy Sparks. Q6-JG, GJ Q G36-Jw li 4 Planning to Clothing construction is only one of the fine basic areas of homemaking. The purposes of teaching cloth- ing construction are many. Some of these are, to have better quality clothing for money invested, creative- ness, and better selections of fabrics and designs. The girls construct two complete garments during the year. ln these garments, which may be dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, pajamas, housecoats, certain construction techniques are learned. A homemaking student must learn to tit patterns, make alterations, proper construction ot gathers, darts, tucks, pleats, different seam finishes, to make worked and machine buttonholes, and to put in tacings, sleeves, plackets, and hems. As a conclusion to clothing construction, the girl learns proper care of the many new and won- derful fabrics. Only this way can the garment be of lasting value to the girl and future homemakers. i 1215 have lett overs for dinner, Carolyn Asquith puts remains of lunch in refrigerator. D h T , Ethel Lee entertains wxth punch and cake Home Ec girls have annual Mother- aug ter ea Mr. Virgil E. Tyler Director for the Vocational Department Bachelor of Science in Education, State Teachers College, Conway: Master of Science in Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Tomorrow's lndustrialists Train in the Vocational Department Machine Shop I and ll are part of the trades and industries programs of the State of Arkansas and more particularly the North Little Rock district. The program is designed primarily for students who are I6 years of age or more, have completed the ninth grade, are mentally and physically capable of benefitting by machine shop instruction, have a definite interest in learning the trades ma- chine shop or tool and die making, and who plans to enter em- ployment upon completion of high school. One of the services that is included in our program at NLR High is our placement program through the cooperative ef- forts of our Department Officials: the school counseling service, the United States Employment Service, Personnel Manager of Local industries, and organized labor. We are able to place most of our graduates in local apprenticeship programs. Mechanical Drawing is the studv of and practice in the lang- uage of industry. All manufactured articles, and construction iobs such as houses, office buildings, boats, cars, airplanes, bridges, etc., are first drawn, blueprinted, and placed in the hands of the workmen as a guide for his work. The wood shop is well equipped with hand tools, power ma- cines, work facilities, and space. "Do it this way, Steve," instructs Conway Wil- son in machine shop. The course is based on general education. Students learn the different woods and where they are used. Problem sketching, nomenclature of shop equipment, use and care of hand tools, and construction of proiects. The study of finish materials, such as abrasives, fillers, sealers, shellac, varnish, and paints are emphasized. A car is born! Only halt of one so far, though. 1'-u-.,,,. Xen wi FIND A WHEEL . . . Patrick Moody works in Machine Shop on the steel lathe 4r. Wm. Conway Wilson, 'lachine Shop and lnduslrial Arls achelor ol Science in Educalion, lniversily ol Arkansas, ayelleville. S, I .. as X Mr. Eugene A. Parker, Aulo Mechanics Universily ol Arkansas, Fayellevilleg Sweeney School ol Aulo Mechanics, Kansas Cily, Mo. r. Merrill Ollar, ,Mechanical awing chelor ol Science, Arkansas . 3 T Q . i Mr. Charles B. Newlon, Woodwork Bachelor ol Science in Educalion Wonderfully Praclical ls lhe Course in Auto Mechanics The aulomobile mechanic lraining shop here al NLRHS deserves dubious dislinclion, lor il is one ol lhe mosl complele and up-lo-dale high school shops lo be lound in lhe slale ol Arkansas. Besides being spacious, well healed, and well lighled, lo eliminale lhe danger ol poisonous car- bon dioxide gases, exhausl lumes are piped inlo a ducl buill inlo lhe lloor. This is accomplished by using llexible lube connecled lo lhe exhausl pipes. Some ol lhe many varied lypes ol equipmenl 'Found in lhe shop are cylinder reboring machines, brake drum lalhes, valve and valve seal recondilion- ing machines, lune up equipmenl, machines lor lesl- ing and repairing aulomolive generalors and slarl- ing molors, and porlable unils lor making eleclrical lesls. Big equipmenl includes hydraulic jacks lhal will lill a weighl ol len lons, slands lor salely sup- porling a car aller il has been jacked up, a lwenly lon press lor slraighlening or bending or lo remove and replace bushings, a porlable hoisl lor removing engines lrom cars, and lronl end aligning equip- menl. Olher necessilies are air compressors, elec- lric grinders, and various wheel and gear pullers. Bolh a lirsl-year course and a second-year course are ollered. The beginners are pul lo work on lrain- ing unils. The second-year sludenls do general aulomolive repair work, including lhe use ol pre- cision equipmenl and lune-up and lesling unils. and M College, Monlicello o"N A' ll lf., Q Slale Teachers College, Conway: GCS if "' - 5 'U www A . M ..-v-es" fwi k X 6 LQ, ui Q5 5 Sk. ss S is Mr. Raymond Brandon, Head ot the Department ot Music Bachelor ot Music, Vandercoolc School ot Music, Chicago Master ot Arts, Western State College, Colorado V Q 'C sf 'Wx 1 3.544- Mr. Clarence S. White, Vocal Bachelor ot Arts, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, Texas For Aesthete Students There Are T The Fine Arts Things that malxe lite more enioyable, more beau- titul, and a better thing to live, these are the tine arts. Our tine arts department carries various courses in this tield: speech, drama, art, band, and choir. Poise, a better vocabulary, and the ability to spealc to groups-these are the aims ot the speech department. Students in the drama department worlc in all phases ot the entertainment tield trom presenting stage, radio, and television, to scenery, malce-up, and costumes. Art is a source ot relaxation and enioyment tor many talented art students. Each year the art de- partment paints the stage scenery tor the Musical Variety Show and the Senior Play. It you were to visit the band department, you would likely hear anything from Tschailxowslcy to a cymbal solo. All these are played under the able and amiable baton ot Mr. Raymond Brandon, Direc- tor. Singing tor the Womens City Club, and the clos- ing ot the Senate have been only a tew ot many honors given the Senior Choir this year. A student, starting out in Sophomore Glee Club then going to Junior Choir, it selected, receives one ot the honors ot the choral department by being in the Senior Choir. Students learn tundamentals that pave the way to more advanced music. Missy ". i ' '- Bachelor ot Music and Master ot Religious Education, Southwestern iwi ses . . New . it K . ...Nw Sw 'N X if wk xx N QNX X Q Y. at X ts' is as X aj' Mrs Searcy Thom son Bachelor of Science Murray State College Mrs Jim Grimmett Head ot the De artment ot - . . . - ' ' . p Kentucky. Head ofthe Art Department. Speech and Drama, Bachelor ot Science in Educa- tion, State Teachers College, Conway. msg .."L'.'.""--f A 'iff uf' 'I 5 4 .ai- Z 3 . . 4 5 4 Ljxx x 404 ' 5 M? f--1i.x2f-wJf:ff 2f' :-Mfg-sian? 1-.1 1125? .5914-3LsH1!1'f ff QS, 5 -vqfrzqfr f -irq' 'S 4- -Q'-!y",a..'q ' ?'?ff3l'f"' :ij 3g1igi fr? , iTgg ,awL?f Q, i5',-f"-1:-1 n 'ff 'g'QwQ w ? Qrv Ff',:fi 'Ev' sl ' 12 IQW '-fail-'i "' ' 0 5 g 1 Fabulous Was ' " t t,, The Wildcat Band A S X. 3 X X 50 S-- U Q WN Row 1-Iames Sanders, Gordon Green, Mark McCune, Gail Russell, Douglas Cook, loe Ball, Raymond Tilley, Iohnny McClain, Ierry Hanchey, Ray Carter. Row 2-Iohn Gray, Billy Kiehl, Lee Buxton, Linda Blassingame, Roger Weber, Roy Worley, Charlotte Gross, Iva Lowery, Laura Price. Row 3--Danny Bar- tell, Ierry Grubbs, Billy Browder, Terry Mahan, Dennis Hartwick, Stuart Dornblaser, Danny Evans, Sue Harris, Dorothy Spencer, Donna Tanner. Row 4-Kenneth Bray, Donny McDaniels, Missy Goodloe, Sandra Ashley, Sharon Iennings, Shirley Morris, Harry King, Iames McGinness. Row 5- limmy McClain, Charles Harper, Wayne McGraw, Bill Harper, Eddie Doug- las, Ogden Mayhugh, Ion McSpadden, Phillip Porter, Bruce Dobbs, Ellis Blevins, Row 6-Dicky Schartenberg, Bobby Iones, Edgar Pilkington, Eugene Elmore, Iohn Tyler, Freddy Dollar, Iarnes Riviere, Richard Shelton, lohnny Noland. Drum Major Ray Iackson and Mr. Brandon at front. c--l'i"i "" ' BAND LIBRARIANS: Laura Price Helen David son, Dorothy Spencer, Donna Tanner S . Q ,.. r E in M BAND STAGE CREW: Eddie Pilkington, Darrell Whisen ant, Eugene Elmore, Ioe G, Bickford, Freddie Dollar. , , 1 P Q - 4 Praia 'PJD UQ!! W ff A 2 f ax ' I ll E' iA'Qi'? A wp , 1 v 1 It W K lx A 11-un--N N A Miidw-31fl'i,.q,.:iQ'M.ff'S. Y' 4,41 Lu, f X , -v' J 4 4 , 1- J ' ' -f ' w-' ' Sgr 5 gfgiigewiiges - E1 Q ' "' f E 'E Q " . Ji: e,'55'++'95' '-,Jin is lglwwn "H .I I 1 E Only Superlative Adiectives Describe The Wildcat Choir Students interested in vocal music developed their talents through x the various choir groups. For the Sophomores there was the Glee Club which studied fundamentals. Juniors were a Choir of their own which , served as a preparatory for the Third Year: and the Senior Choir was a highly skilled, well-trained band of singers much in demand for programs. Within these were the special groups such as the Boys Chorus, Senior Girls Ensemble, Girls Trio and Quartet. High point of the year was the Spring production called Musical Varieties. ' v Left-GIRLS TRIO: Linda Sipes, Iackie Tilley, Ann Hilton. Below-GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Row l-Maureen Cohen, Nancy Dean, Carolyn Cotton, Iamie Stroud, Linda Kay Parkhillg Row 2-Doris Middlebrooks, Virginia Shock, Mary Iane Tedford, Linda Sipes, Kathy Bryant, Edna Ruth Fielding, Ethyl Lee, Iackie Tilley, Ianice Patrick, Margaret Davenport, Nita Brooks, Iudy Goode. Q ' gmyls3gij'+Ggitfsm.,,ss1gy -Q s x A W, . s.r. ef , . -...s . R:ss.',s::.rZ ' 3' f5f'a'fw?1' i,Xjjg "5Z'3,:'- ,.:t:-,- s N -vw s M is 5 ' . 6 , , T' K' BOYS CHORUS: Row 1-Bill Akin, William Cypert, Henry DeCuir, Iames Riviere, Iohn Tyler, Winston Futrell, Steve Stephenson, Ogden Mayhugh, George Bartsch, lohnny McClain, Ioe Henry, Iewell Belew, Charles Dodson. Row 2-Ion McSpadden, Dicky Scharfenberg, Ierry Sims, George links, Ierry Plummer, Bobby Iohnson, Blanchard Causey, Danny Evans, Don Edgin, lames Stewart, loe Bickford, Benny Fletcher, Sonny Thornton, Ray Carter. Q . , sw if , A SENIOR CHOIR OFFICERS: Winston Futrell-President, Iackie Tilley -Secretary, Dewey Iohnson-Vice-Presi- dent, Sandra Ashley, Billy Lee Ietton- Student Directors. SENIOR CHOIR: First Row: Anne Wiegand, Ioyce May, Ianet Kail, Nancy Wilkerson, Nancy Nations, De De Scott, Sandra Ashley, Pat Abernathy. Second Row: Iamie May, Iudy Wingfield. Iamie Stroud, Maureen Cohen, Sara Caple, Nita Brooks, Sandy Shock, Mary Tedtord, Io Ann Venetta. Third Row: Patsy Flanagan, Susie Campbell, Io Ann Holrnes, Pat Murphy, Mari- lyn Henderson, Virginia Wilkins, lean Evans, Delores Sherry, Linda Sipes, Don Edgin. Fourth Row: Patsy Ward, Laverne ayne, renetta Schmidt, Ray Dean Hooper, Linda Moore, Io Ann Fielding, Iudy Cox, Dewey Iohnson, Winston Fu- trell. Fifth Row: Linda Hendrickson, Anita Smith, Io Ann Bise, Ethel Lee, Elizabeth Guess, Harriet Smith, Henry De Cuir, Iames Myrick, Steve Stevenson. , -if W QC ,C 0-1 Qsux 52 Music has been called fhe universal language. This doesn'f acfually mean fhaf music can express fhoughfs in word value fo all peoples of fhe world, buf in fhe emofional sense, anybody anywhere can feel any fype of experience fhrough flue happy mediafion music. ln fhe Choral Deparfmenf of our school all grade levels have fhe opporfunify fo gain a lceener insighf info fhe realm of fhe musical fhoughf. In fhe Sophomore Glee Club sfudenfs learn fhe fechniques of harmony, musical ferms, and fhe abilify fo sighf read. For fhe Juniors fhere is Junior Choir mosf of fhese sfudenfs have been in Glee Club and have learned A Universal Language ls Spoken By The Choir Groups largely in perfecfing fheir abilifies and masfeling more difficulf music. Senior Choir sfudenfs clad fhemselves in blue and become fhe proud Senior Choir. The Senior Choir is consfanflv working on some program eifher for school or outside group. Among fluese performances are fhe Chrisfmas Pro- gram, Musical Variefy Show, Graduafion, and Bac- fhe fundamenfals fo a large exfenf. Their fime is spenf calaureafe Services, and fhe Sfafe Choir Fesfival. First Row: Gayle Hankins, Francis Willard, Margaret Moore, Iudy Gleason, Nancy Dean, Georgia Butler, Tommie Thomp- son. Second Row: Celeste Bowman, Doris Middlebrooks, Susan Scott, Susie Campbell, Margaret Davenport, Linda Kay Parkhill, Iudy Goode, Ann Hilton. Third Row: Crystal Huie, William Cypert, Edna Fielding, Ian Skipper, Susie Draper. S Bl dsoe, Laverne King, Ieanette Anderson, Shirley Helton. Fourth Row: Benny Fletcher, Kenny Bray, Rosetta Lump- ue e kin, Billie Lee Ietton, Ianice Patrick. Pauline Watson, lane Martin, Mary Seats. Fifth Row: David Kaufman, Bill Akins, . . . . k. T.u Henry Ketcher, Carolyn Cook, Danneille Conway, Kay Hinson, Linda Carter, Linda Io Utley, Iac ie 1 ey, SC' The choir does songs from South Pacific on 'Musical Varieties' Show. kg W A,,L f -Sh - iemi- .. fs: , f fa X X JQ39'5f'f'+ Ki xx X wh QQAAQQ 'X t - 1 , ' K :N 1 'fi 'sf -,'5,y 'ft 14- Q 'ii ff! - 'lmffl ii A.. Bit A ,1 x.: 1- "There's Nothing Like A Dame' '.......' 'Some Enchanted Evening" . lm' ri as I , if Y ' Q 'O'-fg .. Jil N' .gap V! 5 ",.,--79' -P 'Lai' H Q. WT X .wwk q x wf R- X 'S 'QSM fbgey X '8'.QsSxS,g 's:5Q:s:s, 1" O 'ti .5 . Q 5'gxsO:QN X! Q v-N 0 O 0 " f-":9'.'8 l.Q Q'.2z-'QA .. .1 ' -::-:-.fs .nag C 5 0" c o Q s QXQ' 4 'Q gxi S 55. 4 3 5 1 Q f' x' C Qt""""'3W"M ""- I S R X ix hr, warms . 3 K Mx 'ff CONFESSIONS: Billy Simmons confesses to Peggy Yield- ing in drama "Night Must Fall." ' 1 L Aa , , E 4f.ri"""'!1. .X-:wi war age boy Bill Simmons reads the Bible on Sunday after- noon to Mrs. Bramson, played by Becky Hawkins. uncut-Y -.s V V . 5 QW.. Inspector Belside handcuffs Dan for murder as Marie Moore as Dora the maid watches. 56 Marie Moore tells of fate as Becky Hawkins and Pegg Yielding listen unbelievingly. The climax of the play is when Dan kills Mrs. Bramson. Dan iaints, and nurse Edwina Fuqua and Mrs. Terrence played by Vivian Watson revive him. I x T s lr f,..g ""'! SAVED BY THE HERO: lean Evans is terrified as the villain and the hero have a duel. They assaulted each other. TEEN QUEEN: Alma Io Reemes gives reading on Christmas programs ' 'hm -sg-N SCANNING THE HORIZON: Thespians present annual assembly. BELIEVE IT OR NOT: There is a head in that box-and not a shrunken head, either. in I I M Dan and his monkey suit-Mr. Laurie, Dora, Mrs. Bramson, GET IT FIRST-BUT FIRST GET IT RIGHT and Olivia meet Dan for the first time. Reporters get the last word from the boss. 57 AMERICAN LEGION Oratorical Contest winning speakers were Tucker Steinrnetz, Delores Sherry, and Larry Swaim. 'ff , ,W but it , Q, - 5- 'ig . A Y mush- 4' I STUDENT DIRECTORS Marilyn Phillips, Kay Knickerbocker, ludy Mills, and Kathy Bryant demonstrate stage make-up .... DEBATORS CROW ll Steve Stephenson, Marilyn Phillips, Larry Swaim, lRow 27 Delores Sherry, Tucker Steinmetz, Peggy Yielcling, and Edwina Fuqua discuss strategy. ""."5' 4, if , W 1'5" Pat Murphy puts the tinishing touches on an abstract. PAINTING TROPHY CASE: Iudy Wingfield, Donna Tan- ner, Iackie Woods, and Cecile Shoptaw paint Nativity scene. Students With Creative Talent Study Art The North Little Rock Senior Art Department must meet the needs of those who wish to make art a career or hobby, and those who only wish to have creative experience now and who will not use it in later lite. To suit different tastes and creative abilities, Mrs. Thomp- son has worked out a program which all may tollow. Those who would like to be engineers, architects, interior decora- tors, dress designers, illustrators, or commercial artists need and must have a basic skill of techniques in lettering, sketch- ing, designing, and painting. They must not neglect their creative imagination. Just as industry desires creative imag- ination in their executives, students must have the same goal. Therefore, subiects are studied, drawn, and painted as no one has seen them before. This gives the students what is called a balanced program,They start with pencil and india ink in the fall and go through some phases of sketching, oil painting, tempra coloring, drawing of the human body and andicraft. Second year students have had enough basic technique experiences and have used their imagination in creating the unreal enough that they are ready to decide what they would like to specialize in. ln this way they more or less plan their own courses of study. The art department has various school contests. Such as crowns for the queens, musical variety backdrops, football posters, and scenery for assemblies and stage productions. Above: Laurence Pe- grim shows some de- signs tor interior decor- ations. Right: does magnificent sculp- ture work. Julia Garrett t 1 :fn i A A' f- m 'ia-... 60 ,iw " 517' ,f K Keith Miller, an artist? X, -O X . W .S ., Y iii k xxx QUIET: Artist at work! V "vu-.. -rf hug, -tal-1 FOR MUSIC SHOW: Art students devoted time to the making ot a backdrop for the Musical Varieties S rf'-Sf,i' ,, . Nfiwx how, ill! asm A-L.i4 ln-N--Q Mr. James Allbrighf, Head of fhe Deparfmenf of Physical Educafion Bachelor of Science, Arlcansas Tech, Russellville Q - Rm , Q X X X. - Y s wav? ,gs if X X XSS . fi s X i s ,Q N H is Yaesu in iii - -- M . X x as , sg S N84 s . 'Sf N N K 4' X Ns 5, ASL . , g - lf .lik . . V 5 a.x, ,o ,X o - 3 A up S i . .aa, , o 5 X ' Us--is-c ' K - I'M NOT TOM DOOLEY! Milton Becxlle climbs the rope Physical Education Builds Sound Minds In Sound Bodies To build sfronger bodies and promofe beffer healfh is fhe primary purpose of fhe Physical Educa- fion Deparfmenf. Since fhe complefion of fhe field house, classes have been beffer fhan ever. In 'rhe spring and early fall, classes meef oufside for foofball, soffball, and archery acfivifies. Then during fhe colder monfhs, classes meef inside for parficipafion in volley ball, baslcefball, fennis, fumbling, pyramid building and for fhe girls, square dancing. These acfivifies help fo develop sfudenfs in leadership, fellowship, sporfsmanship, and co- operafion. Responsibilify for fheir own possessions is also faughf. Manv of fhe so-called "boy's" acfivifies such as foofball, are parficipafed in by girls. Mosf of fhe fime, however, fhe rules are changed somewhaf so fhaf fhe sporf will nof be as rough as usual. To be eligible for foofball, a sfudenf musf meef requiremenfs sef up by 'rhe Arkansas Afhlefic As- sociafion. To leffer in 'rhis sporf, a player musf have played in a reasonable number of quarfers during fhe season. A+ fhe end of fhe season, possible can- didafes for leffers are carefully screened by fhe coaches in order fo selecf fhe players worfhy of fhe leffers. Requiremenfs for a leffer in baslcefball are very similar fo fhose of foofball, alfhough a player doesn'f have fo play in a fournamenf or game fo leffer. GORY GLOR! . . . bmnnwwx sweats xt. is mm Mix DARING YOUNG MAN . . . Hank Marshall struts his stuff on mats and trampoline. .al M 5,3 A -M MN . --. if Mr. Eugene Blenden, Physical Educalion Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion and Masfer of Science in Educalion, S+a+e Teachers Col- lege, Conway in i xg A., K, "ifBk , . K, A 3 gg R.. 5. s V Ys ,La xT N' . ya .sw Ag Q . ,. v X so ,wg - s an six, KAN fe ' Mr. James Bohannon, Physical Educafion Bachelor of Science in Educa- fion, Arkansas Tech, Russellville I Lads develop slronger bodies as lhe lassies develop grace and skill in fhe Physical Educalion Deparlmenl on Ben Wildcal. lnsl'ruc+ors for boys, James Albrighl, James Bohannon and Gene Blenden, and girl insl'ruc+ors Miss Margarel' Downing, and Miss Pal Bane are largely responsible for l'he club for girls who are in- leresled in sporls, fhe Girl's Recrealion Associa- lion. This newly organized club now sporls members. ll' sponsors infra-mural aclivilies and recenlly had a calcesale in order lo supply sufficienl funds for lheir planned acl'ivil'ies. f 7277! Ar. Vernon Hulchins, Physical iducafion lachelor of Science in Educa- ion, Henderson Teachers Col- zge, Arlcadelphia '-Q 'Z' S: if , J X Kgflv AM ,LX o' yy- W l l l i Cjfflli XY.,-+5 he vliss Margare+ Downing, Phy- Miss Palricia Bane, Physical :ical Educafion Educe+ion Bachelor of Science in Educa- Bachelor of Science in Educa- 'ion, Slafe Teachers College, fion, Slafe Teachers College, 5 -onway Conway THIS is cz basketball team? Guess again v V , f S K Q f ,S i .K " , 4 V. .g . X 1 I L UL .Q Q V 1 1 ' ' .cs 1 , i ,I 5, 3. WELL IT WAS ALMOST A Dale Weller shows archery skill. ,JW ROBIN HOOD NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD! 1 Jvr :N-E. 'Winn 1 'l2'a.'l S A Q ,r f- , I ' . ,..,,,-Q. ' an 4 - -1 ,,. .ggiw E6 ONE, TWO AND THEN ROCK! Girl's gym classes qet Q workout. 1 .......,xxA NA 'Wan-an-n.-., "is, 1 if f N. - 5 tw, X RX-N ' will 1, .ff Games I, A I Y J A L 1 Y J K . L'l4 1 f . J Z L if N Af , i ! fl If ! A f ,X ffgfl 'fl J, YA! f I :ILM X, f , f f X I L M X,Li?7 f fi rv-K I, , Q 1' 1 - " 'v 1 X f x f i f A,"! I ff I L V ffl! ff fl! ffllfl J! Y X! 1. 57 fm fl A "ff ' X I ff' 1 I J j f 1 7 V I' K I b f , A- ki - 1 1 7 . ff If "! 1 "I C 1 I Ll Lf X 'V rf' A Q I VV W jf ly 1' f " L L X fx M? '- QV I X ' f fi A '4 ' X ' 1 I Z K , 1 ., My I N x L f A , 1 ,fx E f RL .L I ff fl if I f 'Q ,, .N 6 'l,':7 KL 1 ff X I L. x ,f , I f K , f If 'rin Aff!! z ' f 1 ' r I . f' 1 ff ff X L 1 X ff ' f Ai rf LM'u I f. g', Kf L f .f 4456! Jw A f 0 I TROIAN LINEMEN make it rough for Wildcat stalwart Don Stephens. But the Wildcats won 12-0 The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men I saw the battle, sair and teugh, Gang aft agley. And reekin-red ran mony a sheughg An' 1ea'e us nought but grief an' pain My heart, for fear, gaed sough for sough. ar the thuds, and see the cluds. For promis'd joy! To he ci , 1' .UV r . f J G , 1 I, Every person possesses 'rhe drive for compefiiion. In classworlc, home- life, social aclivilies, or sporls. A person has a chance fo excel in fhe +hings he likes and can do +he besf. He has fhe chance +o "ge1' hold" or "le+ go" of himself. He knows his goal, whal' is expecfed of him, and how lo achieve il'. This is nol always an easy iob. Learning self confrol is a big problem 'lor mosl' leenagers. Sporls help lo develop muscular coordinalion along wilh splil'-second fhinlcing. Willingness +o win, playing an honesl game, and accepling defeal are some of fhe mosf imporianl faclors conlained in good sporl'smanship- a lesson lo carry wifh us +he resl of our lives. Though our feam wasn'+ fhe besl' fhis year, we have fhe willingness fo win, 'ro play an honesl game, and an acceplance of defeat 1 fr i. f V We i , WM AW 'ff ,v .4 l I Avy, I ,rf I l 4 , ,J f I -' , lf, J lam f W J lm Muni ljyw ,fM,CM,Jl A , h L ll 1 lf!! .Ll ll! if 1 flfnlffjyyf f lf? fi I . ,K QM A 1 ffl' ,ffl f, K! ll r f ,,,r ,, l ,ffl 'lil X fi 'ggi j 1l'QQfL"' iii' l ly iff Z H 4 lv! X 1 U X A ,ff 1 1, Vx if fl, . f f I l flue fx .V 1 ,, ,. Xl f , f " ' f .sf X, y 1 ,f , flfi in IL uk: my ii wif" in AY! F QU N ill If rf! V l ,4 1 A , ill! F I-, -, ,U ' W i .4 V ii ii, l Vyll' x ij in ,JU 'x i " IJ! A I Q3 xi, XV xii! IN TYPICAL XA ION! All-Stater Bill Moody i totes the bull to cm touchdown. 'D . ,Q 1 x X , ,L H-ff . I ff M0767-7..E,,,,,,,M,4wzZaQZU2f Wag! l!c4L,ff2?1-4'-f7lf,f72vfwLaLa7! W'-ldvfwfwwvfwf JAMAZMZW geoywff, -w--fw-wfvlfwvfzfbdfff-J Zara- L50 Emma egg-ya, Z9 ' AJ Jffgy 65-72 Football 73-78 Basketball 79-84 Track KA Valiant Wildcats I Squeeze by With 6-6 Record cafs, picked by some fo finish no worse fhan second in fhe Big Nine race, dropped fo a 6-6 record and a fourfh place finish. lniuries and bad breaks played havoc wifh the Wildcats affer fhey gof off fo a good sfarf. The Wildcats scored I I4 poinfs fo their opponents' six in fhe firsf .fhree games. Af fhaf point, the Cafs were rated No. I in the sfafe. El Dorado, the eventual winner of the Big Nine race and No. I in fhe sfafe, beaf Norfh Lif- fle Rock the following week, 7-2, when bofh feams gof bad breaks. Coach Jim Albrighf had I4 leffermen refurning from fhe feam fhaf compiled a 6-4-l record in l957. However, fhe race fhe I958 team com- pefed in w a s decidedly fougher and beffer balanced. KNAGERS: Max Cotrell, Bob -Cgwulletg Phil Cullum, Phil Wright. Row I Dickey Pyle, Mickey Roberts, Mike Hczden, Ierryf' McVc1yg w 2-Mike West, Iohn Gillespie, lack Parker, Ronnie Orsinig Row 3-Monnie Montgomery a Zcxger, Gerald Brcishecir, Iimmy Rowell, IeffiFlc1ke, Iimmy Brown, Ierry Plummer, Iimmy nn. , , , .hm H ' ii 'L 5 -i ' new Q- war wilson, sem ummm, Tommy Adm. Robbie Butler, Ierry sisk shady Po51'i1i1Eh8EiInii1IJii2i 'ESQ ict, David Nichocxldsg Row 4 lenn McVcxy, Bill Bcxldridge, Herby Ycrtes, Ioe Luiker, Kenny Frizzell, Dudley Blcdr,'Brece ig, Iimmie Nichols, Dickey Bendrum, ary Parker, Bobby Remel. Norfh Liffle Rock's experienced football Wild- es J BOBBY REMEL HUGS the ball after taking a pass for a gain against Hot Springs. 1,1-In F as "' RS bf 14 ' -Quang, fps' f Wayne Henson-guard Glenn McVay-end Buddy Pool--back 2-year Ietterman 2-year Ietterman 1-year lettetman V' 5 Billy Ioe Moody-back 3-year letterman Season Opens WiTh 38-0 Win The WildcaTs sTampeded for Tour Touchdowns for a 38-0 seasons opening win over The Subiaco in The TirsT quarTer and resTed on defensive eTTorT Troians aT WildcaT STadium. Three of The TirsT quarTer Touchdowns were seT up on recovered Troian fumbles. The firsT came aT The Troian 37 where CaT defender Richard SmiThwick grabbed iT up. Billy Joe Moody, a big Tull- back who picked up 52 yards in only Three carri es, carried To The eighT and The Tour and on The nexT pla m Mumme Threw To Don STephens for The Touchdown. STephens missed The exTra poinT. o oT The second WildcaT on a 92- yard punT reTurn. STephens kicked The exTra poinT. STephens goT The nexT Tally from six yards ouT. MomenTs laTer STephens passed To Bobby Remel for anoTher. The CaTs recovered a Tumble on The Subiaco 42 To seT up Their nexT Touchdown. Six plays laTer quarTerback Jerry Jones Tossed a quickie pass To Dudley Blair who laTeraled To Donnie Caple Tor The score. NelTher Rain, Nor Mud, Nor . . . NeiTher rain, nor mud, nor The BlyTheville Chicks prevenTed The WildcaTs from Taking Their second sTraighT win, a 26-0 Big Nine win over The Chicks. Billy Joe Moody ground ouT l2B yards rush Tally on an I8-yard skirT of end buf iT was nullifie ing and neTTed Two Touchdowns. He had anoTher d by a penalTy. Moody seT up his own Touchdown wiTh a romp from his 39 To The Chick nine. Don STephens Iosf To The I4 and Moody scored on The nexT play. Gem Mumme converTed. NorTh LiTTle Rock recovered a Tumble on The Chick Tive where Moody spun over leTT Tackle Tor The Touchdown. V ln'ThelThird period MummebooTlegged To his lef Ioe Luker-end 2-year letterman 'X Bill Baldridge-tackle 2-year letterman is Tend hiT end'Glenn,McVa in he end zone for The nexT CeT Touchdown. y Es er, aided by a lasT second block by Bobby Remel, accounTed Tor The lasT Touchdown on a 28-yard ramble. Jerry Jones ran The exTra poinT. More Rain . . . PanThers Fall For The second sTraighT week The WildcaTs play- ed in The rain, and for The Third sTraighT week, They won handily. The Camden PanThers Tell under The CaTs' power, 50-6. Gem Mumme Threw a 28-yard pass To end Bobby Remel Tor The opening Touchdown, only one of Three Touchdown compleTions by The iunior quar- Terback. Mumme hiT Roy Fishe laTel in The second period Tor a Touchdown and To Gary Parker Tor anoTher. Don STephens sped 23 yards for a score and Luker recovered a Tumble and rambled I5 yards Tor anoTher. fl rl Bobby Remel-end 2-year letterman Don Buel Worthcxm-guard 2-year Ietterman 44. 'EB' Herbie Yates-center 2-yiear Ietterman 0'9- ,us 1 Kenny Frizzell-tackle 2-year Ietterman ykfdr B-Q57 N... Ierry Iones-back 1-year Ietterman Hall Mangles Cals ' Lillle Roclr HalI's hepped-up Warriors pinned a 26-6 loss on Norlh'lle Rocl's iniury-ridden Wildcals in lhe leams' lirsl meeling ever al Quigley Sladium. Several Wildcal linemen were missing from lhe game nolably laclnle Bill Baldridge and guard Hanlr Marshall, hurl during lhe course ol lhe fray. Also lhe Cals were penalized IIO yards, mosl of il coming in I5-yard bundles. Hall gol ils lirsl score aller lhe Wildcats were baclred up lo lheir 20' on ia beaulilul punl by Jerry Jones. On lhe firsl play Don Caple fumbled and speedy Hall hallback Jim Holley piclred il up and carried for lhe louchdown. Quarlerbaclr Jim Rowland made il I3-0 al lhe hall wilh a pass lo Bill Diclrey. The Wildcals gol lheir louchdown in lhe fourlh quarler on Gem Mumme's shorl screen passes lo Billy Joe Moody. Moody plunged over from lhe lwo. Holley gave Hall anolher louchdown on a 46-yard sprinl and Jones scored lhe lasl louchdown. El Dorado Wins 7-2 El Dorado's Wildcals, raled No. Z in lhe slale, and Norlh Lillle Rocl's Wildcals, raled- No. I in lhe slale, mel in Wildcal Sladium in an early showdown Big Nine malch and bolh gol lhe brealrs, bul El Dorado's counled more lor a 7-2 win. The 'firsl break came lo lhe Wildcals. Bobby Remel and Hank Marshall caughl an E1 Dorado man in his end zone lor a safely, and a 2-0 lead. Jimmy Nichols' 5l yard punl sel lhe score up. Norlh Lillle Rocl gel a drive going in lhe second period lhal carried lo lhe El Dorado 27. Wilh a firsl down Mumme fried a lefl flal pass lo Don Slephens lhal Brasher inlercepled on lhe 20 and sca-mpered 57 yards lo lhe Cals' 23. From lhal poinl il look live plays for lhe Oilers lo go over wilh Herberl Marlin lugging lhe Iasl six yards lor lhe louchdown. The game was billed as somelhing of a ballle of lullbacks. Norlh Lillle Roclr's Billy Joe Moody gained 8l yards on I7 carries and EI Dorado's Brasher had I9 yards on I2 carries. Cals Win Homecoming, 12-O The Wildcals, riding a lwo-game losing slreah. scored lwo lasl louchdowns and celebraled home- coming wilh a I2-0 viclory over lhe Hol Springs Troians. Queens Jan Skipper and Marilyn Henderson saw we lhe Cals slrilre once in lhe lirsl and second periods and hold on lhe resl of lhe game wilh aggressive line play. Il was lhe play of laclrles Bill Baldridge, Kenny Frizzell and Jimmy Nichols lhal was lhe big laclor in lhe game. The lhrae big men complelely slopped lhe Trojans' ground game. Gem Mumme gol lhe Wildcals' lheir lirsl louch- down, lhrowing a 25-yard aerial lo end Bobby Remel who gobbled il up for lhe louchdown. Beld- ridge lried lo run lhe exlra poinl eller a bad snap from cenler bul he was swamped. In lhe second period fullback Billy Joe Moody ground oul lhe lasl lhree yards ol a 45 yard drive for lhe lasl louchdown. BaIdridge's peinl eller 1-year Ietlerman wenl awry. -dull' id' Hansel Marshall-guard 'QRS pus.. X- Iirn Nichols-tackle Don Caple-back 2-year Ietterman 1-year Ietterman 0 U V ' - f R mr I 7.51 X11 N -WX X. , ,,f:A,x 1 xx, H wg i . f I K f r vw.-A I Q I 5 f Q C I 9 " 'X Q xxx . X "f 1 -J 'Yif' ..'5,. k ". ,1",'.l.4 .- l i -NQVQQ. kg z :awl, t.lQ 5.8, rf -4 - n JDJ. ' I . sp U I, 'us 0,1 bf Af I-Aff?-x,L 1 ' ' , .1 ' XR- '-' v' , f , jr I . Wil. , N ."'c1'i,,fl.1'f,.'.j. . . '+- , -. I ww ' ' Za ' ' 'xv s ' wtf : lvl: 'C H ' a X A .V , , ,-. ,fl , K. wh L 1 1 V- nn- . -M: wx. 4 9 -X 1-.K 54 -f,- 'Gxlx' xx.-S-i I i . , ,. ,.-. wi., -,l. x4-fa.Vw, I ,L x . . Q V 0 'W .-Q. '...- f i'.,,.f"L..: Yl'7.r Dudley Blair-end 1-year Ietterman Safety Beats Wildcats 16-14' V I Conway's Wampus Cats scored a last-minute safety to give them a lb-I4 victory over North Little Rock in a non-conference game at Conway. Conway also scored its last touchdown in the fading moments. With 35 seconds left in the game, Jackie Ward threw to Jimmy Simmons for the touchdown and the tying extra point was kicked. Then the Cats tried to work the ball out of their end and quarterback Gem Mumme was caught in the end zone for the safety. North Little Rock took an early 7-0 lead when fullback Billy Joe Moody picked up a Conway fumble and rambled 43 yards for a touchdown. Mumme kicked the extra point. Conway retaliated in the closing seconds of the first half. The first halt buzzer sounded but the Wildcats drew a maior penalty and Conway had another chance. This happened three straight times and Conway made it pay off on five-yard pass from Ward to Simmons. Moody picked up the last Wildcat touchdown after the second half kickoff. He scampered ten yards for the score and Mumme converted. I ' f Cats Seize Z s, 13-O North Little Rock struck quickly and effectively to take a I3-0 win from the Pine Bluff Zebras in a Big Nine game on Halloween. The Wildcats took control of the ball in the opening minutes of the game and forged tothe Zebras' five-yard line where Billy Joe Moody galloped over for the touchdown. Gem Mumme kicked the extra point. Later' but still in the first period, Buddy Pool, a fleet halfback, took the ball from his own 24 and galloped 76 yards for the Cats' last touchdown. Then the game settled into a defensive battle with Pine Bluff threatening several times but the i 'hr Skippy Iohnston-tackle Iimmy Rowell-end Squadman S quadman -df Breece Young-tackle Squadman Xe Cats' arising to the occasion. The Wildcats com- pletely stopped the antics of Z quarterback Gor- don Guest. Central Cuts Cats 13-6 I Little Rock Central's bruising Bengals tore into the North Little Rock line with the fury. savageness and ease that they have done in the past and knocked the Cats from a second place tie in the Big Nine, I3-6, before 5,000 fans. lt was the first time the two teams had met at Wildcat Stadium and the first time that the teams had not played on Thanksgiving. Central completely dominated play although the score didn't show it. Good defensive play by Billy Joe Moody, Hank Marshall, Jerry Jones, Bill Bald- riclge and Kenny Frizzell kept the score down. Central scored from I6 yards out on soph quar- terback Claude Fulton's pass to Ronnie Spahnn. Steve Hathcote kicked the extra point. Fulton's short passes got Central its last touch- down iust before the third quarter ended. His six- yarder to Bill Collier was the payoff. North Little Rock scored with three minutes re- maining when defensive back Gary Parker gathered in a punt on his 23 and sped 49 yards. Gem Mum- me hit Glenn McVay for the Wildcats' touchdown at thafl iw """"1'-Cr Gary Parker-end Richard Smithwick-back Buddy Bleidt-back 1-year letterman Z-year letterman 1-year letterman Q8 f """"Q, , it Randy Yeargin-guard Mickey Roberts-back Squadman Squadman lain, lniuries And Bruins, 31-O The Fort Smith Grizzlies slapped back the Wildcats in the rain, 3l-0, in a Big Nine game at Fort mith. It was North Little Rock's first shut out of the year. A rash of iniuries plagued the Wildcats before the Grizzlie encounter and that was one of the aior factors in the game. North Little Rock could penetrate no farther than Fort Smith's I7-yard line. Fullback Van Lee passed 38-yards to Robert Parker, Van Lee dived over from the one, Gary ickly raced lb yards and five yards and Bob Weir galloped 62 yards for Grizzlie touchdowns. Razorbacks Fall, 33-14 Billy Joe Moody led the Wildcats to a 33-I4 comeback win over the Texarkana Razorbacks in a ig Nine game at Wildcat stadium. The big fullback picked up I5I yards and four touchdowns. His running mate Don Stephens ained IOI yards. Moody got the first Cat touchdown from nine yards out. Gem Mumme passed to Bobby Remel Ir the extra point. David Potter sneaked over for a Hog touchdown later and Charles Jacob kicked we extra point. ln the second period Buddy Bleidt intercepted a Potter pass and returned it 40 yards to the :rker I0 where Moody busted over in two plays. Mumme's kick was wide. Speedy halfback Gary Brown tied it up iust before the half ended with a run from six yards out ld Jacobs gave the Hogs a I4-I3 halftime lead with his point after. Jerry Jones put the Wildcats back into the lead in the third period with a four-yard run to the td zone for a touchdown. Mumme converted. Minutes later Moody broke over tackle and outran ' 1 V fe' arf 2 QQ 42' ' l sf 'ir WQ gunmen Gary Whisnat-back Iimmy Tester-guard Dickie Benderim-end Squadman Squadman Squqdmqn the speedy Razorback secondary 59 yards for a touchdown. He was helped by Don Stephens' block. Moody got the last touchdown from the six-yard line. Rough Rockets Rout Cats, '26-O Catholic High's up and coming Rockets, a 3AA football team taking the Central Tigers' place in the annual Thanksgiving Day classic with the Wild- cats' repelled the Cats in their first meeting. 26-0. The Catholics had an eight-game winning streak going into the fray. Their line and deceptive of- fense paved the way for the ninth straight. The Cats' miscues hurt, too. They bobbled tha ball eight times and lost five of them. North Little Rock captured some honors though in having the leading ground gainer in Billy Joe Moody who had 83 yards in l4 carries. Moody and Jerry Jones were also the most effective for the Cats on defense. Quarterback Larry Hoyt and fullback Charles Daniel scored two touchdowns apiece. Hoyt got one of his on a 96-yard punt return and the other on a nine-yard sweep of end. Daniel banged over from the one-yard line for the Rockets' 'first touchdown in the first quarter after it was set up by a Cat tumble. Daniel got his and the Rockets' last touchdown on a four- yard scamper. l Larry Burke-back Squadman Ierry Rogers All Big Nine-Two Years Two-year letterman Scrappy Wildcats Finish Third in Big 93 Win Trip to State Meet "l'll tell you one thing," coach Jim Bohannon was saying atter the basketball season, "They were the scrappiest boys l've ever coached. They really hustled." Thus, Coach Bohannon summed up his l958-59 North Little Rock Wildcat cagers who tinished third in the Big Nine race and won a trip to the Class AA-AAA tournament at Fort Smith. They might not have been champions, but they played like they thought they were. The Wildcats tinished with an 8-4 Big Nine record and had a I4-5 overall mark, including the one win and one loss in the AA-AAA tournament at the season's end. And so, Coach Bohannon wrapped up another successtul season as head man on Wildcat Hill. The trip to the state tournament was the third tor Coach Bohannon's teams. From the outset, the Big Nine race was touted as one between North Little Rock and Fort Smith. Only one team was able to beat Fort Smith, that being Pine Blutt. The northwest Arkansas team eventually won the title, beating the Wildcats three times in the course ot the season. North Little Rock had tour lettermen returning trom the iuniorTE" loaded l957-58 team. They were Wayne Davenport, a slick driver:A1l Jerry Rogers, a 6-l detensive hand who was selected to the All- Big Nine team his last two years, Herbie Yates 6-l terroi' gave away several inches in height but not in tg an oe Luker, a sharpshooting dependable. Davenport, the team's leading scorer and one ot the top scorers in the conterence, won a berth on the Big Nine team along with Rogers his last year. Coach Bohannon usually started Rogers and Davenport along with iuniors Tommy Sherrill, a 5-I0 guard, Larry Hogue, a 6-4 rebounder, and George Ponder, a 6-5 transfer trom Fayetteville. However, the men on the bench was one ot Coach Bohannon's assetls. He substituted treely and wore many opponents down wit dept . Q5 he t5 DNC Herbie Yates Y J Te Three-year Ietferman bell oF It VARSITY WILDCATS: From left-Tommy Sherrill, Wayne Davenport, Herbie Yates, Dub Wilson, Ioe Luker, George Pon- der Larry Hogue, Don Zimmerman, Iim Perry, Ierry Rogers, Gary Parker. flaw' -af' LARRY LEAPS FOR REBOUND: 6' 5" Larry Hogue jumps high above team opponent from Blytheville. 74 Wayne Davenport All Big Nine--One Year Three-year Ietterman Ioe Luker Three- year Ietterman Because of 'I'his, many players, including a hosf of iuniors, saw acfion, fhus assuring +he Wildcais of valuable experienced players for ihe forlhcoming year. The Wildcais opened fhe season wiih 'Four sfraighl' wins, ihree coming over non-conference foes and one over a Big Nine feam. Afler losing fheir firsl' +o Forl Smifh, lhe Cals mowed down five more 'reams in succession and moved fo ihe lop spol' in 'I'he league because Forl' Smiih was losing ifs only 'time of fhe season while noi' playing as many league games. Then, riding a 6-I record and 'fied wiih Forl' Smiih for +he Big Nine 'rop spo+, Norfh Li++le Rock lraveled +o +he border ci+y for a showdown mafch. Fori' Smilh furned back lhe WiIdca+s 'For +he second fime and grasped 'rhe +op spo'r alone and never was derailed aHer +hal'. The Grizzlies repelld +he Cais in +he quarlerfinals of +he s+a+e iourna- meni, also. Affer fhe second defeal' al' +he hands of Forl Smiih, Norih LiH'le Rock hir bad luck in 'l'wo consecuiive games and fell +o +hird place al' 1'he end of ihe season. ln +hose fwo hard luck games, +he Cals losl' in 'lhe closing seconds. Red Cobb's pi+ch from almosi ihe half courl' line wi+h abou+ one sec- ond lefi' beal' 'rhe Wildcais for Blyiheville, 52-SI, and El Dorado, an oil-beafen ieam which +he Wildca'I's siunned by 36 poinfs in an earl- ier meefing, 'rurned back Norih Lillie Rock by 'l'wo poinfs in 1'he clos- ing minuies of a game a+ EI Dorado. The Wildcais had 'rhe po'l'en+ial +o beai' every o+her ream in 'l'he conference, and did, wi+h 'rhe exceplion of Fori' Smilh. And, save fgr +he +wo hard-luck nigh+s,+he Wildcais would have been in second p ace. The second place finisher, Pine Bluff, was beaien 'rwice by 'l'he Wildcais, bolh 'limes very decisively. Bu'r, since Norlh LiHle Rock, labeled as 'ihe only feam +0 have +he chance of beafing Forl' Smilh in +he s+a+e fournameni, finished +hird, ii' was pui' in +he same brackel' as Forl' Smi+h in +he AA-AAA gel'-+oge+her. Consequen+ly, a'H'er 'rhe Wildcais hurdled Cafholic High easily, fhey mei in an early showdown march in 'rhe quarlerfinals, noi in l'he finale of +he meer as could have been possible. Bu+ +ha+'s baskeiball, as Coach Bohannon would say. "Any +ime you walk on fhe cour'r you're liable 'ro gel' beai in +his league," Coach Bohannon said 'lhroughoul' +he season. Here is a game by game rehash of +he Wildca+'s season: The Wildcals, somewhaf cold from fhe Field' bul' fenacious on defense, furned back Conway's Wampus Cafs in +he opening game of fhe season, 49-32. Tommy Sherrill One-year Ietterman George Ponder Don Zimmerman One-year letterman One-year Ietterman MW f XY N -5533 M N Dickie Red One-year Iettermcm Iim Perry One-year Ietterman Gary Parker One- year Ietterman The Wildcafs fook fheir fhird sfraighf from fhe Sheridan Yellow Jackefs, only affer being behind af fhe half, 26-25. The Cafs moved in fhe fhird period, oufscoring Sheridan 20-I0. The Ii++Ie Yellow Jackefs gave Norfh Liffle Rock some frusfrafing momenfs buf Dav- enporf's sfeadying hand and I4 poinfs led fhe Cafs ouf of if. Norfh Li++Ie Rock squeezed by lowly Texarkana in ifs firsf Big Nine game, 37-36. The Wildcafs held all fhe leads, buf had a very cold nighf and were ahead by only fwo poinfs af fhe half. Davenporf led fhe Wildcaf scorers wifh I0 poinfs. Forf Smifh, wifh a carload of heighf, knocked fhe props from under fhe Wildcafs, 40-27, in fhe field house. The Grizzlies jumped on every WiIdca+ misfake and were leading I7-5 af fhe half. If was a slow defensive game and fhe Wildcafs came back in fhe fhird quarfer in a press, buf Forf Smifh led, 3I-I6. Forf Smifh's 6-6 Tommy Boyer had I2 and 6-5 Larry Wofford had I0. Rogers had seven for fhe Wildcafs along wifh Sherrill. The Wildcafs puf fhe bee on spirif and long range shoofing fo furn back Blyfheville, 65-54, in a Big Nine confesf. ? Led by Sherrill and Rogers, who combined fo score 33 poinfs and make successful daring sfeals and blocks of fhe Chick's affack, fhe Wildcafs were able fo recover from fhe shorf end of a 33-29 half- fime score. The Wildcafs gof off fo a good sfarf and led, I6-I3, before Whife and Red Cobb sfarfed hiffing fo shoof Blyfheville ahead af halffime. Sherrill popped in fwo free fhrows in fhe fading seconds fo push fhe Wildcafs pasf Texarkana in fhe fwo feams' second meefing, 42-40. The win enabled fhe Cafs fo move info femporary possession of fhe Big Nine lead. The game was as close fhroughouf ifs enfirefy as fhe final score was. Texarkana, one of fhe Big Nine's poorer feams, held a 20-I9 lead af halffime buf Davenporf opened fhe fhird quarfer wifh six sfraighf poinfs fo shoof fhe Cafs info a lead fhey never relinquished. Davenporf paced fhe Cafs fo a 54-38 vicfory over Pine Bluff af Pine Bluff. The senior guard poured in I9 poinfs. Thaf plus a calm defense, a deliberafe offense and fhe rebounding of Ponder and Hogue puf Pine Bluff way ouf of if. T Norfh Liffle Rock poured red hof and furious pasf EI Dorado, 85-49, in a Big Nine fussle in fhe field house. The Wildcafs, paced by Davenporf's 24 poinfs, never were headed in fhe lop-sided mafch. If fook fhe Wildcafs iusf under fwo minufes fo grab a I0-0 lead and fhey sfayed hof fhe resf of fhe nighf. In addifionufgjgg, Ponder and Hogue kepf fhe backboard issue in favor of fhe Cafs as Sherrill and Rogers confribufed heavily fo fhe defensive load. Norfh Liffle Rock shoved ifs season's record fo I0-I wifh a non- conference 59-42 drubbing of Sheridan. Ponder and Hogue grabbed Dub Wilson Larry Hogue One-vear Ietterman One-vam laffprmfm 22 rebounds between them and lates got eight. Ponder led the scorers with I0 poifns. Fort Smith 'toolr advantage of numerous foul calls against the Wildcats to take a 5 I -35 win and the Big Nine lead before a capacity crowd at Fort Smith. The Wildcats trailed after the first' quarter, I I-6, but Davenport fired them to a I4-I4 tie in the second quarter. The closest the Cats got after that was I6-I5. Fort Smith pushed in I7 points from the foul Iine while the Cats counted on only two. North Little Rock, weary and just going through fhe motion, quelled a Iasf-quarter rally by Hot Springs to pound home a 52-45 win. The Cats, who held all the leads, found themselves tied, 4I-4I, with about five minutes to go. But then Davenport, Rogers and Sherrill hit in succession to puII the Cats away. The Wildcats pushed their season record to II-2 wif a 70-45 licking of the Class A Searcy Lions. The Lions, a team with height and talent, were very much in the game for awhile, but soon fell to the Cats' power. Rogers had I3 points for the Cats, Davenport had I0 and Sherrill and Dub Wilson had II each. Then came the succession of hard-Iuclr games. Cobb's shot from the halfcourt Iine turned back the Cats, 52-5I, for Blytheville. North Little Rock Ied EI Dorado in a close game and moved ahead by eight points late in the Iast quarter. But El Dorado, Ied by Pat Millican, drove baclc fo tie it up, 5l-5l. EI Dorado went ahead, but Little Rock tied it, 54-54, on DavenporI"s shot. Millican banged one in with seven seconds left to give EI Dorado the margin. The Wildcats won their last Big Nine game of the season over Pine Bluff, 59-47, behind Hogue, who scored I4 points. The Wildcats won their opening game of 'rhe AA-AAA Sfate Tournament downing the Catholic High Rockets 62-38, and moved into the quarterfinals against Fort Smith. Larry Hogue led the Wildcats with I5 points and Irept the boards swept clean. Davenport and Rogers guarded the outside and Icept the Rocket aces under hand aII night. In the quarterfinals fhe Wildcats met the Fort Smith Grizzlies and played heads up ball for the firsf 'Iwo quarters and led 2I-I8 af the half. The third quarter spelled the downfall of a determined team. The Wildcats were outscored I8-2 and entered the fourth period 'trailing 36-23. The Iasf quarter was evenly fought and the Cafs bowed out, 52-38. W MJ. , y N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R. N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R. N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R. N.L.R N.L.R N.L.R. N.L.R. won won won won lost to won won won WOU won won lost to won won lost to lost to won won lost to Catholic high Conway Sheridan Texarkana Fort Smith Hot Springs Blytheville Pine Bluff Texarkana El Dorado Sheridan Fort Smith Hot Springs Searcy Blytheville El Dorado Pine Bluff Catholic High Fort Smith .4 4 we .rw 64.5 49-3 56-4 37-3 27-4 45-3 65-5 54-3 42-4 85-4 59-4 35-5 52-4 70-4 51-5 54-5 59-4 66-3 38-5 sl I TUNIOR VARSITY: F rom Iett-Terry McVay, Ronnie Campbell, Fred Stansberry, Larry Crownover, Dudley Blair, Tim Mills. Gary Whisenant, Mickey Roberts, Iimmy Ralph. HI BOYS: Billy Ioe Moody discus thrower. Potential-Laden Cats Vie For Big 9 Track Honors Enthusiasm for the North Little Rock track team ranked the highest that it has in sometime as the Wildcat thinlies prepared for the state meet at Cuachita Baptist Collge. At the time the annual went 'ro press, the Wildcats had won their own invitational by a sizeable margin over Raney High of Little Rock and Sylvan Hills. North Little Rock 'Finished second to Conway in a tive-team meet at Arkansas State Teachers College. Coach Gene Blenden had six lettermen returning and he plan- ned to make trips to the Arkansas Invitational at Fayetteville and the Ouachita Relays. The team depended heavily on weight men Bill Baldridge and Billy Joe Moody. Baldridge was a threat toward breaking the state discus record of l58 feet, four inches as he had thrown farther than that distance in practice. Moody also threw the dis ' ' ' n to competing in the shot put. The Cats were o strong in the hurdles and relays and dis- tances, but were ha pered in the dashes because of the lack of blinding speed, so ething that Wildcat cin er squads have lacked 'For several ye Q M. ? Q FIELD AND CINDERMEN: Front-B. Poole, D. Stephens, T. Sherrill, W. Davenport, C. Norman, I. Iones, C. Hall, I. Mc- Spadden, M. Montgomery, O. Mayhugh. Second-R. Schultz, M. Beale, B. Atherton, C. D. Haver, L. Thomas, L. Burks, M. Munnerlyn, W. Haver. Back-B. Perry, R. Huff, R. Plummer, B. Moody, B. Baldridge, Coach Blenden. lk .NV . WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN: Billy Don Atherton pole vaults. W 1 Sfliilff ' ' 'X if .3 ' If HAPPY LANDING: c. D. Hqvef broad jumps. LET'S GO, MARILYN IS IN TOWN: Billy Don Atherlon, C. D. Haver, Ierry Sisk, Larry Thomas run the high hurdles. 11 X 1 BAREFOOT CONTESSA: Shot ty' www S- Bill Baldndge L Q . tw aww' .-. are 'L E' 'QS-QQ ' M M-'qlggmnaffl T SSW' . """" o' 3 ,f.,f..s.i'-5,37 . P O HEAD FOR THE HILLS! THE DAM BROKE: Wayne Haver. Rickie Plummer, Richard Schultz, Milton Beall. 'gt C KX X f , , L xg? Nm X x".f+-'- "-:WAS .- Xi Q 'ix .ix X Q , . , .gk ,C we X X Nw N ix N at tt Q 1...W-N543 T-fax " T it t a-eS'?'+f . f LET ME AT 'EM: 880 relay men Buddy Pool and Don Stephens. -.Q Qt' .Q 1 xg -it UP AND OVER: Don Stephens pole vaulter. 'IU et... THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES: High jump man C. D. Haver. Right: EVERYBODY LOVES TO CHA CHA: Broad jump man Tommy Sherrill, CHA KILL IT BEFORE IT MULTIPLIES: Don Stephens jumps. x "A' .. . an OC' HE WEARS TAN SHOES AND PINK SHOE LACES: -0- Richard Huff high jumps. 'S Q. if 1 WHAT'S THAT IN THE ROAD, AHEAD? Charles Norman, Og- H denylayhugh, Ierry Iones, Ion lVIcSpadden run 880. ,. . .I , all .1 vw.. ' P ' '22 4 f gn Q 5,05 Q k q 3 ' I 41 ' 2 .1 H .4 511 - wx 5.1 I ir. " x 1 ga' ,- 'Q U X Q? ." I, , it - I . A I Q ' j f I 0 '21, L 1 I . ' 'KT' il f f - I7 w 2 S - ' . . 'ff . LA I A ,s-3""""1' 2 " r.:1f.....'- 'J I 'igtgnuf an - 5 -A J 1 W .J rf :J 2' ' 5. Wi -Q . ' . gg A IA , m m ' sims. JT jr - -' A I . A .. 7 . . fsln-2 fi yi . r f, 'I' ' p . - 1. I 'HIC 0: ' . .--------' - ' Y " N iight- . I . . fm :-I. to A an f ' I ntxlicgs 'V . s " I . jp. .. '. Q, 4' l " ., -4-mf ,V 'lS."" 82,5 , ' , A Lm','le'Q l7""n.. Q - A j"7'?.'f1:' Y Q -- .ri .ea 9.1 . ?.,,cvlM,. -.I . 5' .,fg7Q4f,? I SCRATCHED: Richard Shultz jumps. Left: North Little Rock won the invi- tational track meet. Raney and Sylvan Hills were participants in the meet. Here the boys take time out to rest a minute. A 'Was' THE REASON BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCER REPORTS: Discus thrower Bill Perry. THERE YOU ARE LITTLE STAR: Bill Baldridge throws discus 4: -X . LL RIGHT, I'M COMING: Running mile relay are Mil- in Beall and Billy Don Atherton. Below: THEY'RE OFF: uddy Pool, Wayne Davenport, Tommy Sherrill, Don SEVEN, COME ELEVEN! Buddy Pool and Don Stephens sei io run 100 yard dash. Below: I'M ALMOST GROWN: Larry Thomas hurdles. iephens. . fi? -S: wliwiil Cn the Green Some Cafs Shone af Golf The I958-59 Golf Team, coached by Mr. James Albrighf, parficipafes in approximafely four in- vifafional golf fournamenfs before enfering fhe sfafe meef held annually on fhe War Memorial Parlc golf course. Unlike fhe parficipanfs of fhe more emphasized sEorfs of baslcefball and foofball, fhe members of f e golf feam musf pracfice on fheir own fime affer school and under fheir own inifiafive and volifion. Members of fhe golf feam are selecfed from fhose frying ouf during fhe spring of fhe year. Selecfion is based on demonsfrafed abilify on fhe linlcs. , 'ii . , 4 , , . vs, lx 1 wvv,i.14"",, Y ,A se. PUTTING: Neighbors TEAM MEMBERS: Carl Wright, Danny Bcrtell, Bobby Neighbors, Harry King. SAND TRAP: Bcxrtell DRIVING: King PUTTING: Wright Guilds 0 A Mafia, M ZZKQWZAWU Ma Wd ja img! if Z! WWW M755 M4 Jywf f ff !Wfff4! 4 wfwwgff ff f ff df 5 447 J nw I , 5517! JWMJ flffZ!WfZZZfgZMmw X S, 3 F? .V gf my "fm I 53,2 yu, ffm!! 1 up D S 51, Q , ' 4 an f "W sv' ,Q A,.VA Y- Q f " Q' W an - ' -wt!! SIQL, qw V' gg I . it H A , g :RL M if-'3 K In 1' -, If V - gl Il- , 8 it J 13 k 2 i',g, fhslg '- 1 fky. I , Ay Wgfir xg , Q k I , My I fi Q 1 '., 41 CRYSTAL THE INCOMPARABLE-Confucius in cr Roman togcx, yet! Service, educaiion, and recreafion are +he goals which every club in NLRHS has achieved. Many are +hey in number and membership and equally so in fhe services +hey perform for fhe good' of The school. Each and every person has an opporfuniiy +o ioin one or more clubs and +alce an ac+ive parl in ifs program. This year we have had some new clubs organized on Wildcai' Hill. Being a member of a club of high sfanding can offer you opporruni- lies unlimifed in experience afier you finish school. ,. .. w N ' 85-87 88-89 90-91 92 93 94 95 96 ' 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104-105 106 107 108 109 110 MLK AMW M, it w2LM it L Student Counc 5 M PepCats XD M im Y-Teens, Hi-Y mil' Mug Junior Red Cross 7 1 i D Future Nurses W .,xl X Q? - Future Teachers Q f I Future Business Leaders ,Z , Art Club Bookworms Key Club Future Tradesmen Future Homemakers OfficeiMonitors School Proiectionists Stage Crew Theta Science Spanish Club F Latin Club N 6. .lunior Forensic League Rocket Society . -.5169 1 Ni Girls Recreation Association Student Body Officers President Vice-President Don Stephens Larry Swcxim Secretary Georgia K. Butler Treasurer lean Evans Sfudenf Affairs Were Governed By The Student Council To promote the general welfare of the sfudenfs and creafe beffer pupil-teacher relations are the primary aims of the Sfudenf Council. Student Council, the governing body of the school, is a miniafure House of Representatives. lf is composed of 49 representatives elecfed from each home room and the four officers elecfed by the sfudenf body. Direcfed by Mrs. Eva Fearnside, the Student Council has engaged in many new acfivifies this year: exchange assemblies, sponsoring fwo bon- fires, carrying out Wildcat spirif by promoting Thanksgiving assemblies, Wildcat Follies, Senior, Junior, and Sophomore talent shows, Friendly Weelr, Club of fhe Month, Awards Assembly, Gab Weelc, sfudenf council elections and homecoming acfivifies. Along with Chaplain George F, Bausch all this they sfress good sportsmanship af all the games. i The Sfudenf Council creates an acfive inferesf in scholarship, leadership, service, and cifizenship essenfial for the successful sfudenf council members. Represenfafives from our council parficipafed in Southern, Sfafe and Disfricf Conventions dur- ing fhe past year. Norfh Liffle Roclc High School now holds the honor of being President of fhe District. .al Parliamentarians Betty Bryles and Raymond Grandon COUNCIL MEMBERS-Row l-Alice Sweatman, Drucilla Kelly, Iephrey Phipgii A. Eckel, Rita Fisher, Bettye Bryles, Iamie Mays, Nancy Nations, Claudette Caple, Carol Kerby, lane Scroggin, N ril nhlilen e nne Wiegand, Marcia Deloy, Marion Alford, Harriet Holloway. How 2-Dianne Gordon, Sand H s in orgia ay utler, lean Bostain, Lee Bell, Sally Wallace, Brenda Simpson, Cecelia Swaim, Susan Rogers aren Io Nowell, Georgia Grittin,LCaro1yn.Burketif' Rose Carol Williams, Linda Lauck, Gretchen Van Tuyle. Row ean' , ry Fithen, Rusty Cain, Freddie Rob- erts, David Orsini, D hens, Mickey McBride, Iohn Ma er, Mark McCune, Crystal Huie, Ian Skipper, Trudy Tabor. Row 4-Iimmy Lance, 1 " ullum, Buddy Poole, Geor rtsch, Gary Corpier, Larry Swaim, Rusty Wilkes. 'XF 5 XII' r Y s 1 George Bartsch star of Wild cat Wilhe Carves The Turkey shows how he plans to cut the meat on that nice yuicy turkey We fel 141 If the part of an old lady in the play for Thanksgiving. Poor Children Don Stephens and lane Scroggin come for the laundry and by mistake take the turkey that is Wrap- ped in cloth. U if AND WE SHARE OUR BLESSINGS: rr' ' 51.31 Ni, Am R xii v s I l v Home rooms give generously to needy iamilieson Thanksgiving. 87 n 1 F K L I 5 r l Rose Carol Williams plays 3 ii .-, - -f '33 459. 9 gi-My -.s ig ' ' " ' ' R www . -i w -.qw ...-Q.-. ,...... 4... M-M HI! ' 5 5 f 5 3 .mu A 4 I gf an u- , ' f 'F lrm- vi -mv tw 3 ' W 53. -eg v 'Mn uf if , 'mfg' if ,J '1.x'j. ' 1' ' ' M1 v 'uf 2 ' ' . ' A , af g' ' X - ,gf ,-we Q .fggxg fn ol is fufyjv 3 ,. 'Q' J fl. ef wi, A J mi .ar A H ' ' f' KW fir" 1 x af 1, , 4. k. ,, wo by 3 ,V N' if W fm., ,www gs , 'f MwE'fw gm, 9WwqggQw.,4 5: w A ww' , X in W- , ' ' Y 'M ' amwm f V ' . xx, Si ' M ' HSMSJ ?-QYMWW 'WL H xg wi-5 ,W ,,WWf,,w.,,m, A 1 Wg .... W QTLI-fwfj., X? .wifgfm I ' V X' Q ., M 'A QQQA-Sf' K1 A Q 1 ' :tfs.w5'?Y x , ' I .J I A Y if Y , 4, 1 , f r X W 'if W ' Y if X sg " ' . ff" ' V It 8 t 1 S x 1 K his J , V X . K V A " mrfzxa- ' . ' 'Y' ilk A .- f ' V ' ' K Q L .Q-fl : S M' , A-!1S'44jZwf , -'N -.1fM-A riff? - 0 .E f .H Y " 1- wwwwawwmf ,,, P 4 ww: Q L A J, X f. ,Q M-1 f 71, .X bv, :3 uw, , X m Z' W ig? ig, 1-y N 'Ymf.??Q s g 2 L .. ,gwi W' K ,N A if N , k 3 If g .Q .A ,sz Q K. kk H . i ina! Uf:,'i? ,,X, . f f , ' . , ' ww :ef 'f hzi I f W M4 V L4 , V A- -, , ,bg Q T iff! . , VK Q S wi . X E x .Q-.... M ..........- J nw'- W,,,,k54 " ,afhlul ik .K 3- THE WILDCATS GONNA RISE AGAIWIH' Q tx. 1: X 'N ' x ' , ' -,. . , A ymj - - f' -.wif 'ENN Q T gggxifws .x X K Q 2 Nw ,W- Xs fx - F vi 1 N 1 f- A Q: x 1 , 51,3 N' -Q Tl A 'CQ 'QF QS? .X " ,Qg'Yx'fr,'.i - Nr ' .-1 3,5 f rv? 'xigagufk 4. V k k ,fl 3. f- -A -vf' , f"1we'-.iii 'ek . f -s .-FTA ? x 'va-s.+1",l'fff Q' W5 i i x, sf -gg .. X f 'X Q-,,x...g.'-fp. J . X M Mevw -M Ms ,. -xf pwwmrx Q is - x ,X " M, A N31 k mfif' f vs , A 'ievwiz A35 X A ,Q ,Q L-5, ,. ,NA-m:,.'i' . t ., .sf-, 'f .gd 1 X mg Ki 5 'ggi X .++Xsf'4f1Q',,x 5- Nez x 1. '3,gW.X. ,Q gxygi. Q x e x. P' s .. ,Vx 5 Membership in Y-TGGHS Stressed Spiritual Values To promote an understanding and friendship for people of all races, beliefs, and nationalities may easily be called the moffo of the Y-Teens. Each year, Y-Teens help out in various drives such as the Polio and Veterans Drives. They help children af the or- phanage, malte up, and send basltefs fo needy families af Thanksgiving and Christmas, and serve their school and community in various activities. Valentine and Christmas, formal dances, hayrides, bunlt- ing parties and banquets are among a few of the acfivifies planned for the club. To become a member of this club, a girl must first affend all meetings, and pay dues of SI.0O. Then to sfay in the club, she musf affend all meetings, conduct herself in an orderly manner, and be willing fo help out in any way she can. Meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of the month. ln order that our Y-Teens may learn more about what other girls are doing, they attend city, sfafe, and summer conferences each year. All girls who join this club automatically become a mem- ber of the YWCA and are entitled fo use all of its facilities. 'v---uv:-f' Top-Y-TEEN OFFICERS: Molly French, Iudy Cox, Dee Lister, cmd Charlotte Morris . . . Bottom-Representing a service club Donna Wellhausen, Anne Stephens and Heather Dodson. XA tlfi N. Cecelia Swairn State Y-Teen President Charlotte Morris A BUNKING PARTY: Y-Teeners re-live slumber party on annual assembly. b f ff Q15 Mf' 1 ff' - 1- as as - Y . Lens Hounds Formed the Camera Club As a clan fhe Camera Club isn'f hard fo spof, fhe farfan colors being black and whife-usually under- developed or overexposed. And any club member is cerfain fo be carrying a collecfion of flash bulbs, lighf meters, and photo plates in his poclcefs. lnfense loolcs and shambling gaifs furfher characferize fhe Camera- voons. These fraifs are derived from their concenfra- fion on picfure composifion, angles, and in some cases, curves. Camera enfhusiasfs meet on fhe ground floor fo discuss picfures and fechnical problems every second and fourfh Monday. The main proiecfs each year are fhe phofo confesfs-both nafional and cify-wide. Ofher proiecfs include field frips, films, and speakers. Canny Scots enioy squeezing life hard, and whaf's a beffer way of proving fheir fenaciousness fhan with candid shots? OFFICERS: Billy Kiehl, Crystal Huie, Pat Stephenson . . . PUBLICATIONS CAMERAMEN Huie, Ion McSpadden, Dean Head, Ogden Mayhugh, Kiehl. CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS: Front-Billy Kiehl, David Deaton, Scott Hamilton, Crystal Huie, Warren Crow. Back-Edgar Lee Pilkington, Sharon Lenderrnan. Aletha Lipscomb, Sandra Wheat, Bill Akins. Cats Who Liked To Help Others .loined .lunior Red Cross There is no greater feeling than that of knowing you have helped others, and that is the chief objective of the Junior Red Cross. The Junior Red Cross is a branch of the American Red Cross, which is on a national basis, buf the main purpose of our chapter is to aid our community. Representatives of our chapter are selected at the beginning of each school year by each home room. There are only two qualifications for membership and they are: fo be interested in Red Cross work, and to have a desire fo serve. Among our chapfer's many worth-while activities is the annual magazine drive for various hospitals, the filling of gift boxes to be sent abroad, and special services are rendered at the Christmas and Thanks- giving seasons. Our chapter is composed of several girls who give of their time and effort to the Junior Red Cross Vol- unfeen Program. These girls perform a number of duties af Our Lady of Nazareth Home. Another important phase of our chapters work is the programs that are presented at the Veferans Ad- ministration Hospital once a month. These are just a few of the plans that have been made and carried out by our chapter of the Junior Red Cross, which is sponsored by Mrs. Shirley McCall. .....,....-.- B IUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS: VOLUNTEENS: Iudy Evans, Nedra Dumas, Linda Utley, Darlene Smeeby. is 4 -" Q--, A f rf 1 '--ff 'j 1 i 5 crry if X i E A . O ii Q' Y X s 5 T H s A , ,if s ' J 2 5 . fi 5 1 i . intl- 33115, i T X - E . I -A Q51 MARILYN MEDLOCK. above, is an outstanding worker in Red Crossg holds or has held the tol- lowing offices: president of Pulaski County Iunior Red Cross, vice-president of Pulaski County Iunior Red Cross, delegate to the Iunior Red Cross training center in Wichita Kansas, home room repre- sentative for three years, Pulaski County represen- tative for three years. FUTURE NURSES OFFICERS: Linda Digby, Helen David- son Mary Gentry, Linda Carter, Dee Dee Scott, and sponsor Mrs. Blevins. TAKING TEMPERATURE .dill Charlotte Clements, Pat Ballard, Ann Davis check equipment. Margaret Walters and Gwen Foster pre- pare for injection. A Real Service To the Community Are The Future Nurses Experience is the keynote tor the timely organization, Future Nurses ot America. Through visual aids, guest speakers, and tield trips, the girls' interest in nursing is proved or disproved. Actual nursing experiences become tamiliar to the girls as they aid in various local hospitals. As members ot this organization, girls with a common interest strive together toward a mutual goal: a better and more complete understanding ot this highly respected medical profession. The Future Nurses who worked at hospitals, the hospi- tals at which they worked, and the number ot hours they worked are as tollows: Carolyn Baker Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Marilyn Baker Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Pat Ballard Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Paulette Crowder Little Rock Univ Medical Center hrs Ann Davis Little Rock Univ Medical Center hrs Linda Digby Arkansas Baptist Hospital hrs Gwen Foster Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Joan Ligon Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs DeDe Scott Little Rock Univ Medical Center hrs Doris Stephens Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Alice Sweatman Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs Margaret Walters Little Rock Univ. Medical Center hrs 93 Cultivation of Good Teachers ls Goal of Future Teachers Character, scholarship, and leadership: these are the necessary qualifications of a Future Teacher. These students learn the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate qualities essential in good teachers, to study lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. The club, affiliated with the Arkansas Education Associa- tion and the National Education Association, worlcs with various teachers before and after school to receive what could be called "practice teaching." March I6 marlted the Future Teachers' l8+h year as an active club at NLRHS. An annual F.T.A. convention is held annually. Here, students meet others who wish to pursue the vocation of teaching. STUDYING CONVENTION MATERIAL: Nancy Lybarger, Bar- bara Green, Kay Knickerbocker, Marilyn Phillips. FUTURE TEACHERS OFFICERS: Marilyn Medlock, Nancy Dean, Marilyn Phillips, Kathy Bryant, Kay Knickerbocker. l President Bryant explains some teaching techniques to Ian? Butford, Becky Hawkins and Nancy Dean. SCENE FROM ASSEMBLY: Nancy Lybarger, Dee Lister. Nancy Dean. DC '4 12.1. 'SX F.B.L.A. OFFICERS: Harriett Smith, Mary Fortenburh Lynda Strother, and seated, Patsy Merritt. Commercial Maiors Were Members of Future Business Leaders The Future Business Leaders ot America is a business organization created primarily tor com- mercial students to help them to better under- stand the business world in which they live. To become a member ot the club, a student must have talcen or betalcing at least three busi- ness subiects and have a B average in each. This year Mr. Weldon Gibson, executive sec- retary ot the North Little Rock Chamber ot Com- merce, obtained a spealcer each month tor the club. Speakers represented ditterent businesses in the community and told ot the advantages ot entering this tield. The club sponsored several parties and dinners during the year, one ot which was an induction tor new members. One ot the highlights ot the club is the annual state convention which was held at Conway. Sponsors Mrs. W. W. Miller and Mrs. Clyde Hart accompanied the seven delegates to the meet. The club competed in several contests and wallced ott with tirst place in the state Typing ll and Shorthand II contests. 6' DELEGATES' Mar aret Moore Pats Merritt Carol n Weaver . g , y . y , Lynda Strother, and Linda Moore attended state-wide con- vention in Conway. STATE WINNER: Margaret Moore shows achievement award for Winning the state shorthand contest. FAST TYPER: Pat Smith won the state typing contest at State Teachers College in the con- vention. NLRHS Artists Belonged To The Arr Club The youngest art club sponsored by the Arts and Letters llub ot America is here on Wildcat Hill. Born in the highlands ot Ben Wildcat in I952, this clan as progressed, under the leadership of its sponsor, Mrs. earcy Thompson, to a thriving membership of fifty mem- ers annually. The clansmen not only participate and enioy drawing nd painting, but all phases of the fine art, including crea- ve writing, sculpture, dancing and composing music as ell. This year, the Wildcat Art Club was privileged to old the Arlransas state art exhibit at NLRHS. The na- onal and state chairmen ot the Arts and Letters Club ot imerica attended. ln her address to the club Mrs. Hemmingway, the state resident, pointed outthe idea that industrial leaders across te nation are stressing appreciation ot the fine arts as a ounterbalance ot American interest since the field ot cience is booming. The Wildcat Art Club does its part in developing an ppreciation for the fine arts. :ll-""' 3575 q 0 if., Q ff, Lyndel Dean enters a painting of his dog in the art exhibit. OFFICERS: Iudy Garrett, Dorothy Hudson, Ianice i QQ? Ianice Haugh, and lane Martin. XM P6 'S M Q N-,M ' ' "". A fp CLUB PRESIDENT Dorothy Hudson examines a ..... very pretty, isn't it? ..... Mrs. Donovan A. Turk. National Society of Arts and Letters president, admires modern art shown by NLRHS Art Club president Dorothy Hudson. Q-1 m E fm E. gi ff Q S MESH E Q , f Tk, . huh, , I -ll nf-" f'V:Qm 1 ' x xx f 5 Yf Rf - is - f X . 4 ' 5532 iii ' M K X, L, A ,S 3' X 'va-. xx" ,xxx , X cf-u.,,, 'Na 1 Q 'P-9 Little Brothers To Kiwanis are Key Clubbers To serve his school and community, to develop his leader- ship, and to encourage spiritual participation is the goal ot a Key Clubber. The Kev Club is an honor club tor boys sponsored by Kiwanis International. To be eligible tor membership, a boy must have at least a "B" average scholastically, demon- strate his leadership ability, show his trustworthiness, and live up to the goals ot the club. Key Clubbers sold score cards at tootball games, ushered at the Little Roclc-North Little Rock 'Football game, ran the concession stand in the tield house, and helped maintain the Youth Center. KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Ierry Grubb, Crystal Huie, David Be- vans, Ellisf Blevins, Raymond Grandon, Billy Haller. ,Ak FUTURE TRADESMEN OFFICERS: Billy Bone, Bill Perry, Pat Moody. Future lndustry Depends on Future Tradesmen The Future Tradesmen Club has established itself this year with the more active clubs around NLRHS. The aim of the club is to create interest in vocational occupations. Students studying vocational work such as machine shop, auto mechanics, business subjects, nursing or tailoring, or similiar subiects are eligible for membership. From the beginning of school, club members work dili- gently each preparing his project for the annual state con- vention. This year the convention was held in March in Little Rock. Several members took first place awards in the various 'fields of trade at the convention. SHOP OFFICERS: Ed Cook, Mike Davenport, Coy Rob- erts, Robert Hightower, Mike Cullum. Bill Perry runs the lathe. Bill Perry and Pat Moody show winning display presented at Future Tradesmen convention. Both boys won a watch. Ed Cook won in the auto mechanics division of the convention. gf Experience Teachers Future Homemakers "Experience is The best Teacher," is a sTaTemenT applied To The FuTure Homemalcers oT America. This cub applies what They learn in Home Economics To Their social club in The Torm ot Banquets, Teas, Tele- vision programs and various other activities Qualifications Tor becoming a FuTure Homemak- er is only ThaT you are enrolled in Home Economics aT The presenT Time or have aT least one year in ThaT department, The club is divided into Two main parts, The Junior FHA and The Senior FHA. One oT The ouTsTanding activities oT The Senior FHA is The annual Mother and DaughTer ValenTine Tea and Banquet. The Junior ouTsTanding acTiviTies have been a Trip To Fort RooTs, a Mother and Daugh- Ter Tea, and various service proiects. AT each oT These acTiviTies, The members ot The club prepare and serve The Tood and make The decoraTions and cenTerpieces Tor The Tables. An impressive candle-lighTing service Tor The iniTa- Tion oT new oTTicers is held each year also. The FHA colors oT red and white are predominate in The color scheme aT This service. The most ouTsTanding evenT oT The year is The sTaTe- wide Future Homemalcers convenTion held aT The Qobinson Auditorium in LiTTle Roclc. This annual con- venTion is aTTended by girls Trom all over The sTaTe as They come To Tind out what other FuTure Home- nalcers are doing in Their clubs Tor enTerTainmenT, aervice projects, and other activities. OFFICERS Caroline Glenn, Barbara Godsey, Tomilea Harvey, Pat Smith, Ian Haugh, Harriet Smith, Dorothy Hudson. LUNCHEON GUESTS Barbara Godsey, Mrs. Marian Phillips, Ieanie Howard. MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEA: Pat Smith serves Mrs. Q. S. CORSAGES: Pat Youngblood and Mrs. Margie Youngblood, Godsey, Barbara Godsey, Mrs. H, I. Wilkerson. 100 Pat Smith and Mrs. Harry Smith. Ind i spensable Helpers Were The Monitors "What would we do without them?" is the sentiment expressed among the students and faculty when spealcing of the monitors in the various departments on Ben Wildcat. A-5-F' These students are invaluable in lceeping North Little Rock Senior High School running good like a high school should! Marlene Tarwater goes over supplies available in bookstore. ilu'-'aw p.l,l A M WWA. I AJ ,un BOOKSTORE MONITORS: Clara Bess Matson, Mary Gentry, Mary Allice Grimes, Sally Chisam, Dale Weller, Donna Wirt, Carolyn Byrd, Mary White, Marlene Tarwater, Tommie Spoon, Linda Petros. OFFICE MONITORS: Rose Mary Rainey, Paulette Ioslin, Marianne Bailey, Bobby Iohnson, Peggy Hay, Ierry Hale, Eddie Orsini, Edwin Ray, Ierrel Field- er, Harold Lierly, Celeste Bowman, Pat Smith. 101 v. Members Join Film Crew Proiectionists Club The proiecfionisf is an imporfanf linlr in fhe feaching and learning process. Upon him depends how well fhe aid is shown. The Norfh Liffle Rock Proiecfionisf Club, founded fhis vear by Mrs. Garland Beavers, is affiliafed wifh fhe Proiecfionisfs Club of America and ifs service is invaluable in helping 'reach subiecfs fhrough audio- visual aids. No maffer how good fhe phofography, or how valu- able fhe aid is educafionally, a good deal of ifs value may be losf if if is given poor handling in proiecfion. To help fhe film crew affain beffer fechniques in showing films, fhe Proiecfionisf Club made a hand- bool: fo explain fhe fundamenfals of being a good proiecfionisf. Any boy or girl in fhe film crew may become a member of fhe Proiecfionisf Club. Consfanf sfudy and pracfice is encouraged by fhe club so Norfh Liffle Roclc High School can boasf an efficienf crew fhaf helps fhe sfudenfs undersfand fheir sfudies beffer fhrough fhe magic of audio-visual aids. PROIECTIONISTS CLUB OFFICERS: Mary Pearl Haynes, Wayne Henson, Bill Akin, Ierry Strayhorn. Preparing to hand out the projectionists handbook are Carolyn Terry, Laurence Pegrim, and Mary Pearl Haynes. Film crew members display some of the equipment available in ihe Audio-Visual Department. fl fr tl- o Lf Q 1 Norking switchboard are Iames Kessler, Chesley Iones, 1 D. Haver. 5 R fvg a 1- l NX . Y? P N.- Behind Every Successful Performance: The Stage Crew The unsung heroes of Ben Wildcat are undoubtedly the stage crew. Working many laborious hours raising and lower- ing curfains, connecting microphones, ligh+ switches, extension cords, arranging and rearranging flats, moving scenery and furniture, their work has only begun. Before every assembly, the stage crew is responsible for everything that is needed for that assembly. After the assem- bly everything has fo be checked and put back in its proper place. Much of their own time is devoted to coming to rehearsals of programs, seffing up the stage for night practices, and being on the set of a program for hours before anyone else arrives to have everything ready for the cast when they arrive. The success of a program depends on the stage crew and Iohn Royer and Iohn Greenert set up microphones. their never tiring efforts. I S Y? 4 -r iii? .grzzrzrgr-fc" 51, X f x N X . x ,xv Davis and Owens adjust the new spot- light. Checking electrical outlets are Rodney Carlisle STATE CREW MEMBERS: Front row: Iohn Royer, Iohn Green- and Keith Miller. irt, Chesley Iones, Iames Kessler, Bill Owen, Charles Davis. Back row: C. D. Haver, Keith Miller, Rodney Carlisle, Danny Cook, Ray Carter, Ellis Melton. ' 103 Cat Scientists .loined the Theta Science Club The Theta Science Club meets on the second and tourth Fridays ot the month in the physics lab. lt is open tor nembership to all students in high school who are interested n gaining scientitic knowledge by experience. There is a :ouncil ot three representatives trom each grade, this includes otticers as well. lt is the duty ot the council to arrange all activities ot the club and it meets on the tirst and third Fridays ot the month. To acquaint the students with all the scientitic activities at the building, an open house was held in conjunction with National Science Week in October wherein the labs were opened betore school and members ot Theta Science ex- plained the work carried on in lab. The club sponsors outside speakers, a tield trip each year, the local math and science tair, and a picnic. The regular program consists ot lectures, demonstrations, tilms, records, and student proiects. Usually the programs are rotated among the various sciences taught. The chiet aim ot the club is to provide an outlet tor scientitic projects, to encourage and help other members in carrying them out, and to enable the students to under- stand the basic scientitic principles in their daily lives. MATH-SCIENCE BLUE RIBBON: Barry Boswell dis- plays one of the first place projects in the fair. THETA SCIENCE COUNCIL: Doris Corpier, Marilyn Medlock, Rachael Walthal, Cheryl Walthal, Sharon Lenderman, Mickey Clarnpit, Barry Boswell. THETA SCIENCE OFFICERS: Doris Corpier, Barry Boswell Rachael Walthal, Marilyn Medlock, Mickey Clampit. "-'LTDAV MW Yulfftfrsi -N., tfilmu-.L f. . ,T T Q ' ' ., -- fr, , SL3A..,,vi, 4, ""'fi,'. .J 3-.J f INTERESTED PUBLIC: People came from far and necxr to visit the Math- Science Fair and see the inventions and demonstrations presented by the students of NLRHS. Spanish Students Called Themselves Los Gatos Espanoles The Spanish Club sponsored three worthwhile pro- jects this year, tirst, the purchase ot a pig tor a little Indian boy in Cuevra, Ecuador, where some members have pen pals: second, the preparation ot baslcets ot tood tor the Salvation Army at Thanksgiving, and third an active part in earning the quota tor the March ot Dimes. Mexico Chiquito is the delightful setting tor a fiesta which the club enioys several times during the year. On April 7 the club members presented an assembly program in celebration ot Pan-Americanday. OFFICERS Lynda Dailey, Shirley Thomas, Iackie Tilley, Donna Wellhausen, and Lee Bell enjoy models of el toro cmd the toreadore. 7 yr-all J 2 .ff ' HL All .r""' ' ,ay nfl si -G , -Q 1 ENIOYING FIESTA: Senorita Blank- enship, Ierry Washburn, Norman Pricldy, Amy Bell, Lee Bell .... And from a different angle, Miss Blank- enship, Ierry Washburn, Norman Priddy, Amy Bell, Lee Bell, Karen Thomas, lack Hill, Iephrey Phipps, Elizabeth Tilbur im- N .SM RENCH CLUB OFFICERS: George Bartsch, Edwin Ray, Rose arol Williams, Marianne Bailey, Susan Rogers, Iane McRea, avid Kirk. surf! KTIN CLUB OFFICERS: Cecelia Swaim, Io Ann Fielding, .dy Blucker, Crystal Huie. t Language Majors Belong to French and Latin Clubs French, long the accepted language of culture and society, and official language of the League of Na- tions, is elected by many NLRHS students because they find it-and the people who speak it-very in- teresting. The students talting this subiect belong to the French Club. Sponsoring an assembly and having a banquet are two of the activities of the club. Students with an interest in the remote past, or college preparatory students planning to enter such professions as medicine, law, or the ministry make up the rolls of the Latin classes and belong to Latin Club. Both Latin and French clubs study current events, write to pen pals, and learn about the customs of the French and Latin people. THE FIT OF A TOGA: Barbara Smith, Ann Smith, Donna Wirt. "Et tu, Brute?" For The Firsf Time NLRHS Has a Forensic League Siudenis inieresied in public speaking, especially debaie, were given +he opporiunify +o furiher iheir ambiiions along fhese lines when Norrh LiHle Roclc l'ligh's firsi' debaie class was organized 'rhis year. Eighi sfudenis, five girls and ihree boys, regisiered for fhe class, which includes noi' only iraining in debaie iech- nique, bui' also insiruciion in poeiry and prose reading and original oraiory. Mrs. Jim Grimmeii is debaie coach. ln Sepiember members of 'rhe class, along wirh Mrs. Grimmeii, decided rhai 'rhe squad should be organized as a club. Officers were elecred and aciiviiies for fhe year planned. These included frips, debaies wiih oiher reams, a TV debaie, and a candy sale. H' was decided rhai' ihe name of ihe club should be 'rhe Forsenic League. The aim of ihe organizaiion is io fosier inieresi' in all forms of public speaking by promoiing aciiviiies which in- volve +he speech arrs. H' is 'lhe desire of every member of ihe Forensic League 'rhal' 'lhe ancieni ari of oralory should noi' die bui' become a viral par+ of +he curriculum of all schools. The club wroie iis consiiiuiion in April 'For ihe benefii of fuiure debaiors in order for ihem io iuriher 'rhe aims of ihe Norih Liiile Rock High Forensic League. Steinmetz persuades Swaim. yi , FORSENIC LEAGUE OFFICERS: Vivian Watson, Dolores Sherry, Marilyn Phillips. Tucker Steinmetz. Marilyn Phillips presents the affirmative side of the question at hand. Dolores Sherry illustrates her point of view. .sl 1 -,..i.1 . i.s l.s1....1 k - 5 E Q Ambitious Scientists Organized The Amateur Rocket Society The Arkansas Amateur Rocket Society in its second year has made great strides in student rocketry. A concrete blockhouse has been completed at Redtield, Arkansas, with satety glass windows and railroad tie root. A remote con- trol tiring system and steel launching tower have been installed. Many tests have been run including several suc- cessful ones with new tuels. Also Mr. William Ripley, the sponsor, and several AARS members presented a panel discussion on television at the tirst ot the school year. The Rocket Society inspires interest in a variety ot tields: carpentry, masonry, metal working, wood working, chemistry, math and road building-eall ot which provide valuable experience to its members. Firing panel in the blockhouse .... Looking through transit to track rocket: Diane Drye, Dick Vaughan, Doris Corpier, Iames Kessler, Marilyn Medlock, Stuart Dornblaser .... Examining damaged tower after test blast: Mr. Ripley, Mickey Clarnpit, Doris Corpier, Stuart Dornblaser, Diane Drye ..., Barry Boswell loading rocket in launching tower. QAQQAR me Ax,f "ff wlgsiunuw www A 4 T ff Q s af. X ff-,AQ I U r 'AFX il "'-T. Q ima, Q nn. 1- . lf V Q U t I 3 ., X Q Q 2 x K g ,bw- 5 L. 5 I I fpcfkfx vw - X f ' ,. , 'l Q- Uk 'K J cs-fC f 4 C' lA , wi- ,D J-, 55 C. iAHx.NxQgi-Q-,xj- pak LL 6 F i ,A wk, YM LJAQUZ 1 52 L X 3 ,X,,C-f' at 7 'Nj Ca-" A fO ' NL J Q WLM 'WL' 1f7w? '35 xkwfx CLJJ1 ' RISE CLwfQ,r9'Tx 9,49- f,of,6Z..,x I 0 fv?!7L" ,426 cfL,,,,,,,,w W6 M J Q2 gjgjjg 551T25 533 63932 "Sd QQQXQWEJQ 5 15355, fi rf Q59 5 253 O4 5 vm 55 i MAWIL.Y m it 31 'W x 57 ' , ' T A N XKJL1' REIGNING IN REGAL STYLE, Their Majesties and Court-Maids Lee Bell, Rita Fisher, lean Evans, Queen Marilyn Henderson, Queen Ian Skipper, Maids Mary Fortenbury, Charlotte Morris, Teddy Blakeney. . v "Her smi1e's gift frae 'boon the lift, Is in her darting glances, That makes us mair than princes, The man in arms, 'gainst female charms A sceptred hand, cz king's command: Even'he her willing slave is." 5 , X QQ 1 ,, 5. ...,,..g.2, cf-.Q '."'ge,'- M -Q' X .-,,3N,w,3, A fiiiii 'Mii"?P13:f mig- ,T-A, ., . ,ggwi 5 xv--, . ,', ,,. 'i g sf an 5235?-ijwlif. ' " i fu ' 1 if M Q5 Y fi:,.Q,,3 5 ., , . AT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY initiation: Ianice Patrick, Linda Moore, Nancy Nations, Lynda Strother. Among all people, 'I'here are +hose who, by fheir words and d'eeds, receive praise from ofhers. Some are recognized for +heir words of wif, some for fheir keen in+elligence, ofhers for 'lheir beaufy, and some for 'lheir ou+s+anding characfer. Ben Wildcaf is made up of many people, some oufsfanding in all fields, some in only one field, buf all are examples of fhe sfudenfs on Ben Wildcat They all possess The characferisfics of The Wildcai' Tar+an: loyalfy, honor, courage, and opporfunify. wakwe ELLWJWZ-aww 7CQf5d'Q1,Qf-J J-WW HJMUWWJWW QWQOM--2 Owl-4 lwlwyflww-JJ WW 111 DAR and Bausch-Lomb 112-113 Color Day Royalty 114 Drum Maiors 115 Student Directors 116 ' Trio 117 Quartet 118-119 Cheerleaders 120-121 All State in Sports 122 All State in Band 123 All State in Choir 124-125 Boys' and Girls' State 126 Misses-Messrs. Wildcat 127 Friendliest 128 Y-Teen Royalty ndqivsil 129 American Legion State Champs uns? 130 Tri-Chem 131 Quill and Scroll Q 132-133 Thespians 4 O 134-136 National Honor Society f Ierry Rogers Winner of Bausch-Lomb Science Award Honors Mcxrilvn Phillins Winner of DAR Good Citizen Award Trojan RoYaItY E IEAN EVANS Senior Trojan Maid RITA FISHER junior Trojan Maid .14 LEE BELL MARILYN HENDERSON Sophomore Trojan Maid Trojan Queen Q R -5 l Royalty MARY FORTENBURY I.- Senior Wildcat Maid CHARLOTTE MORRIS Iunior Wildcat Maid Yyt is gf IAN SKIPPER TEDDY BLAKNEY Wildcat Queen Sophomore Wildcat Maid Drum Maiors Iulicr Garrett - Ray Ictckson Q I -nl, ws it X? ax 'X Icrmes McGinness - Iohn Tvler sm Nu R t t S if 'Q' 'Se-N-avi". Wi' Student Directors A f. -e.-.L-ff Qs f Senior Girls Trio Lindo Sipes Anne Hilton Ictckie Tilley nr- ix ar-N Q fits Senior Boys Quartet jrystul Huie - Ictmes Riviere -Ioe Bickford - Henry Decuir ff A 54 GAO I if M J if X . H7 VQ' BARBARA GODSEY CELINDA SHIRLEY Captain 47 Captain That spirit was coming out at her seams .... Charlotte tries to pin skirt as Tomilea, Ig-dy, and Iohnny assist. tRightJ Hope her pants don't split !!!!! Barbara, does the splits while Tomi- lea, Celinda, and Eddie form a pyramid. i ,f EDDIE FUQUA 1958-59 Wildcat Cheeycleade JM M u If 'IW f, ylfjfggf , ' ,ff uf' M'4!,cf' 1, L-fjipfl K, ,R l, 7 +11 ff! - Mgfdxkj -wi V ,- t .M ,X , 4 PEGGY YIELDING QM FCHEE CHEE CUMMINGS ,- Q X u , 1 ., ,Y ," ' JT!! 'nfl A 5 XR 3 A J V Qian!! M My ,M Miz ' fu ' m cLf 1 up Ill! BECKY COKER I IOYCE BUCKNER IUDY WOODS Yffbyv Lwsyx fy' 9965" Y Vw c+"'X .8 gb yy 'E9 TOMILEA HARVEY MIKI BAILEY CHARLOTTE MORRIS H9 Honors In Athletics , I 3 BILLY IOE MOODY All State in Football l WAYNE DAVENPORT All State in Basketball fix fy 1813. .1 ..' ' rf. -'W' ' .' 3 'll' F fo V gig-'qw m , fe' ': 'A " N 1 .,- k 4 ., 5 . , y : ,H-,jj if -.',..:,.!?,, ss: I if' 1' .' .' "- 6 . uvf fig," .X fy, . 'J-Ya -, A pf ,sf ' 43" .Msg ff.-'Q fl IOE LUKER All State in Football Q x it S IERRY ROGERS All State in Basketball . W' -69.5.4 ij -'gy'-s I SUZAN N E ODUM Cther Honors State Winner and State Representative at National "Voice ol Democracy" Oratorical Contest t so ' t it tifii Ellis Blevins and Marilyn Medlock National Merit Scholarship Finalists S .and National Honor Society Semi-Finalists QR XX 3 WK' it Q National Merit Semi-Finalists Stuart Dornblaser, Martha Wright, Ianice Bufford, and Mickey Clarnpit. ft? 1 yg Qu- All Stare Band Members Front: Meredith Gregory, Peggy Whitting, Ellis Blevins, Stuart Dornblaser Iohn Knight Second: Nancy Faulkner Sandra Wheat, Ierry Hanchey, Phillip Porter, Leroy Curtis, Third: Iames MACGlHH9SS, Ray Iackson, Ray Carter, Ray- mond Griebel. N1 V in-' -iQ -, "' o -Q .A .M H' . ' 9 A V , . 'I r All-State Choir Members Front: Sandra Ashley, Shirley Thomas, Nancy Lybarger, Rita Kelly, Don Edgin, William Cypert. Second: Margaret Moore, Bobby Iohnson, Ioan Fielding, Ioan Owens, Iohnny McClain, Winston Futrell. Third: Donna Wellhausen, Dewey Iohnson, Steve Stephenson, Henry DeCuir, George links, Iackie Tilley. is b 4 N Q 'Q fi ii Si ig? 10 31' W1 'gifs Boys State and Girls State IERRY ROGERS 1 vu' NANCY NATIONS if I ij' 1-Wy IO ANN FIELDIN G 13,52 'fx ?' as F PAT SMITH psi... ' 1- '. IERRY HALE IERRY GRUBBS HENRY DECUIR IAN SKIPPER BILLY HALLER MARILYN PHILLIPS CECILE SHCPTAW Boys State and Girls State Vx '23 if 4 U- I I C D g Ea ELLIS BLEVINS I '3' 'J' X r'-:I-'V DAVID BEVANS STUART DORNBLASER SANDRA ASHLEY IOE LUKER MARY FORTENBURY EDDIE GRSINI E3 Misses and Messrs. Wildcat and Hi-Comet DOROTHY HUDSON MARY FORTENBURY GENE STANE 723 ENT BUEL WORTHAM I EAN EVANS TOMMY STUCKY MARGARET WHITTING 126 NANCY DEAN LENORA BRILEY JUDY LEE Frienclliest Wildcats JDIE FUQUA iendliesi anior Girl GEORGE BARTSCH Friendliest G"9' Senior Boy riendliest A. ECKEL Girl RONNIE HILL Friendliest Iunior Boy CHARLOTTE MORRIS Friendliest Iunior Girl HARVEY HALL Friendliest Sophomore Boy Y-Teen Valentine n mi 71, . ,, 6,g,vu,f 7M 'EK Royaltyf fks XX xlfm A f Edd Pq Y an QSM Biff YU Q55 Timm jf KING DONNIE QUEEN MOLLY Teddy Wrxght .56 Q,-0 Q' fyyye Qygf Wxxbgf CV If yy Gro e N. orris E375 if f+5fM C. I' ,E -ex. wa' K thy Blk y B 4 G American Legion State Champions Front row: Harold Garvin, Larry Gershner, Don Stephens, Ierry Grubbs, Iimmy Herring, Donnie Caple, and batboy Nicky Hines. Back row: Iohn Campbell, Gordon Gale Post 99 athletic director, coach Iimmy Williams, manager Herbie Cothran, Billy Ioe Moody, M, I. Probst, Wayne Davenport, Iimmy Sayles, Tommy WestorLBill Thompson, Eddie Darter, Don Adams, Iohnny Gott, C ar ie o oway. Outstanding Scientists Received Membership in Tri Chem Tri Chem is an honor club chartered with the Eurpose ot stimulating scientitic interest. Mem- ership in this club is highly competitive because it can only include the top ten per cent ot the students in the Science Department. Members must have a B average and are eligi- ble only atter at least two years ot scientitic study. ann umm H 4955. 5-.L The sponsors ot this club spent many hours outside ot class helping members with proiects, problems and such things. The members also prepare projects tor PCYU1 the Math-Science Fair. The highlight ot the club is the annual banquet when the outstand- ing science student ot the year re- ceives the Bausch-Lomb Science Award. Winner ot the award this year was Jerry Rogers, a math- science major and an A student. He is also a member ot the Na- ' 5 tional Honor Society, All-State in basketball tor two years, delegate to Boys State, and a very active member ot Tri Chem and many other clubs. TRI-CHEM COUNCIL: Ronnie Hill, PROIECT: Marilyn Medlock explains the Iimmy Dobbs, Randy Yeargin, Iudy Bluck- er, Richard Smithwick, Rachael Walthal, Douglas Corvey, Iohn Tyler, Eddie Orsini, Gem Mumme. MEMBERS: Row l-Richard Yada, Bobby Duvall, Doris Corp ier, Marilyn Medlock, Rachel Walthall, Iudy Blucker, Ierry Grubbs, Frank Nakamura, Ellis Blevins. Row 2-Billy Georg e, Raymond Grandon, Iimmy Dobbs, Iohn Tyler, Leroy Curtis, George Wallace, Ronnie Hill, Gem Mumme. Row 3-Mickey Clampit, Eddie Orsini, Doug Corvey, Bill Haller, Larry Hogue, Bobby Neighbors, Alden Iohnson, Henry DeCuir. Row 4-Ierry Rogers, Roger Webber, Richard Smithwick, Iimmy Golf, Pau . Iimmy l Rorex usifz xr? RN 1- -v.-i ..,, l Top Journalists Are Invited into Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized April IO, l926, by a group ol high school advisers tor the pur- pose ol encouraging and rewarding individual achieve- ment in journalism and allied fields. QUILL AND SCRGLL OFFICERS: Carolyn Weise, lyiggryfgg- To the student iournalist serving on school publica- l5i!ll1Ui1jf lean Evans' B9CkY Hawkins- tions here on Ben Wildcat, high school iournalism is no "fad or frill." lt is a highly fascinating intellectual T adventure and a challenge to the mind and a discipline to the hand. Any member must meet the following requirements: lll They must be of at least iunior standing. l2l They musl' be in the upper third ot their class in general scholastic standing at the time of their election. l3l They must have done superior worlc in some phase ot journalistic or creative endeavor. l4l They must be recommended by the adviser or by the committee governing publications. l5l They must be approved by the executive secretary. Sponsor for the Wildcat Quill and Scroll club is Miss Katye Lou Russell, director of publications for NLRHS. FRIENDLY PERSUASION: Bill Baldridge tries persuasive ap- proach on Mr. Miller at annual banquet. First row: Iudy Goode, Warren Crow, Chee Chee Cummings, Anne Wiegand, lean Evans, Buel Wortham, Iohn Mark Walters, Gene Stane, Dean Head, Billy Simmons, Iames Rivrere. Second row: Ianet Iohnson, Ioe Zagar, Patsy Merritt, Ianice Anthony, Ginger Salyer, Mary Fortenbury, Steve Stephen- son, Dewey Iohnson, Ion McSpadden, Tucker Steinmetz, Crystal Huie. Third row: Linda I--Q Carolyn Hampton, Maxine Burke, Kay Knickerbocker, Carol Furr, Susie Draper, Susie Campbell, Reed Cam b , onna Scrog ' Carolyn Sparks, Billie Stricklin. Fourt row: Dean Sf -:A inda Digby, Clara Bess Matson, Sally Chisam, Ioyce Adams, Brenda Nichols, Nancy B h l, Sue Bledsoe, N . ncy Dean, Margaret Whitting Rayedeen Hooper G 1 B L S th B verl Utle , Carol Swann, Nancy Wilkerson, Filth row: Alma Reevesgarolyn Weise, Garlene lettis, orna mi ,i e y y Mary lane Tedford, Dorothy ' no : , , Sixth row: Dickie Red, Wayne Davenport, Billy Moody, Bill Baldridge. Leading Dramatisfs Became Members of Thespians The National Thespian Society is an educational organi- ration of teachers and students established for the ad- vancement of dramatic arts in the secondary schools. The aims of the societ are two fold: to establish and advance standards of excellence in all phases of dramatic arts, and 'o create an active and intelligent interest in dramatic arts among boys and girls in the high schools. lt is an 'honor" or "Recognition" society in the sense 'hat students are granted membership for having perform- ed meritorious worlc in dramatic arts and have met the nembeship qualifications and standards of their respect- ve troupes. Thespians is in the truest sense, a science organization. 'hese services include: expert advisory services without :harge to its members on all phases of play production, arovides services desi ned 'ro effect savings in the pro- luction budget, proviges strong, wholesome incentives for he maintenance of high standards in all phases of the lramatic arts production. andrequireentsmfields When a Thespian takes the pledge of membership, he L obligated to assume greater taslcs and responsibilities f carrying on the dramatic arts program in his school, nd furthering his own 'rrainin as a participant in that pro- ram. Thespian membership is accepted as the beginning t serious worlc in dramatic arts, and signifies that the tudent is qualified to accept and discharge whatever task assigned to him. A point system is maintained within the society. When member 'ralces part in the production of a play, in any 'ay, he receives a number of points according to the mount of worlc involved. A person who receives 'Fifty more oints than his oriqinal ten necessary for membership, he eligible for the title ot honor Thespian. For those who take it seriously, Thespian membership an be very rewarding and a great deal of fun. 7-' fib'o'oW 'O' ' ' Os THESPIAN OFFICERS: Eddie Fuqua, Becky Hawkins, Ginger Salyer, Nancy Dean, Bettye Bryles . . . Below: Becky Hawkins and Vivian Watson in "Night Must Fall." l rst Row: Anne Wiegand, Marie Moore, Kay Knickerbocker, Phyllis Thompson, Pat Younglood, Barbara Akin, Celeste awman, Maxine McConnell, Barbara Cullins, Carolyn Terry, Ierry Strayhorn, Bobby Iohnson, Bill Hunt. acond How: Delores Sherry, Carol Kerby, Donna Wellhausen, Lynn Martin, Diane Wingfield, Darlene Smeeby, Anne aphens, Margaret Whitting, Cecelia Swaim, Iackie Kinert, Marianne Bailey, Dee Lister, Marion Alford, Rose Carol illiams, Elizabeth Wright, Charlotte Morris, Carolyn Pairett. 80 s .Q X .A Q panel X E 'bb First row: Susan McClendon Carolyn Sparks. ACTIVITIES: A ct i n g speech making, and de- bating are all a part in becoming a Thespian. Each activity is Worth a certain number ot points toward becom- ing a member of the National Thespian So- ciety. , Nancy Dean, Marilyn Phillips, Kathy Bryant Sandra Ashley Iean Evans Carol Swann Second row: Ian Preston, Marilyn Medlock, Carolyn Cook, Ginger Salyer Howard Martin Steve Stephenson Tucker Steinmetz, Brenda Nichols, Doris Middlebrooks. Third row: Ieanie Howard, C. D. Haver, Susan Rogers, Billy Simmons Iames Mynck Peggy Yielding Eddie Fuqua Iudy Mills. 134 The National Honor Society Rewarded Scholarship Scholarship, leadership, characfer, and service are 'lhe four cardinal principles on which membership is based in ihe Na- 'rional Honor Sociery. Each of 'rhese qualifi- cafions is as imporianr as fhe orher, for a person musl' have all of ihese +o have a well-rounded personalify and 'ro be a leader in fhe school. The Sociely underralces +he iob of spon- soring fhe March of Dimes each year. Con- l'esl's are held beiween home rooms fo see who can raise +he highesi' amounl' of money and rhe winning home room ge+s a box of home-made Nalional Honor Sociery Candy. The drive is climaxed wi+h an assembly +o con+es+ +he classes, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. NeHed +his year for 'rhe drive was 52,649.41 Winning +he home room drive was Miss Bess Johns+on's room wi'rh SIOO and following her wil'h a close second was Mrs. Anne Browder's room wifh S92.45. The seniors won 'rhe assembly march wirh SV2 iars of money con'rribu+ed. Norih Li+'lle Rock Senior High School was fhe iop high school conrribuior in boih counfy and sl'a'l'e. Two candy sales are launched' 'ro raise money 'lo use for 'rhe befrermenl of +he school. Two iniiiafions are held each year, a fall iniliarion 'ro 'rake in seniors, and a spring inducfion fo ialce in seniors and juniors. These iuniors carry on ihe worlc for 'lhe nex'r year. Our Sociely was organized in I929 by Miss Bess ..lohns+on and +o daie she is srill +he sponsor. This year, we cele raie our 30ih birfhday in a candlelighi cer mony a+ 'rhe spring induc+ion. ri -- V OFFICERS: David Bevans, Ioe Luker, Nancy Nations. Peggy Yielding. Ala Members Ianice Bu ford, Sandra Ashley Pat Smith, Doris Co pier, Carolyn Wea' er sack candy lc sale. SPRING 1958 INITIATES: front-Anita Brooks, Sara Caple, Barbara Godsey, Ianice Patrick, Margaret Moore, Doris Corpier, Marilyn Medlock,i,Ianice Bulford, Linda Moore, Nancy Nations. Row 2-Miss Bess Iohnslon, Ellis Blevins, David Bevans, Ioe Luker, Terry Rogers, Iimmy Bush,kMickey Clampit, Raymond Grandon, Peggy Yielding, Billy lpn Teflon, - ., .Wm was fill? vi UQ lt f i l INITIATES: Row l: Stuart Dornblaser, Molly French, Maureen Cohen, Sandra Ashley, Io Ann Fielding, Carolyn Weaver, Ierry Grubb. How 2: Marilyn Phillips, Ioan Ligon, Ian Skipper, Lynda Strother, Vivian Watson, Ruth Merritt, Henry DeCuir. Row 3: Billy Haller, Cecile Shoptaw, Roger Weber, Eddie Orsini, Iackie Tilley, Mucrry Fortelbury, Robert Shaw. SPRING 1959 INITIATES: Row 1: Cecilia Swaim, Charlotte Morris, Carolyn Pairett, Marian Alford, Ioan Owens, Nancy Lybarger, Becky Coker, Iudy Moore, Pat Smith. Row 2: Paulette Ioslin, Iudy Bluker, Iudy Matthews, Linda Tracy, Rachel Walthal, Nedra Dumas, Kathy Bryant, Ierry Hale, Louis Strasner. Row 3: Ron E. Hill, Alma Reemes, Donna Wellhausen, Ian Preston, Eddie Fuqua, Suzie Draper, Tucker Steinmetz. Row 4: Gem Mumme, Larry Hogue, Ierry Hancy, Alden Iohnson, Ralph Donaldson. r- 'Nv- F . - R Nu ,. "s-' - - iii - it I t 'Q ,il -5 X5 it 1:31 gf IIIWIZ' BIG PROIECTS . . . The National Honor Society was in charge ol the March of Dimes Drive and netted al- most 52,700 In observance of thirty years as a club here on Wildcat Hill, the Society lighted the candles so that "Their light may ever shine." ,Q 5.4 ff? -muy. SPECIAL FEATURE . . . Sandra Ashley sang "This Day Is Mine" by Harriet Wares at the an- nual spring induction. WWI: jwlf-lflm omgllans 3 O go H ,CQJULMADM vCQJ7,Q0fwx Qzxgfilww Kdgjlwwy, 12531213 ...J wwmvgmjmmfix' ' IDU jam! CsLJq,JUm,gg11QLy5,M,l?M1A,yQQgZ-ZZMQQY gm 0 vFvALMfmJZg6-UI MMJMQEHM fpieixgmmw M Mm cQ3cf6Jll"2flZ5J2xa0QoL Eflimwmw alMywmajf jfwmkfgg culem CQOVCUJM fi ,E+ M OL CQ QLJQQWCSP 0 asf ' mmf gs GETTING A FIRST LOOK AT ANNUAL PROOFS-Billy Esch scratches his head. Ierry Simmons, Iirnmy Ralph. and Kathy Deese stare in disbelief. "O wad some Power the giftie gie us Should auld acquaintance be forgot, To see oursels as ithers see us! And never brought to min'? It Wad frae mony a blunder tree us, Should auld acquaintance be forgot, An' foolish notions: u And auld lang syne?" What airs in dress an' gait wad lcze'e us, An' ev'n devotion! HOLD THIS POSE: Wildcat photographer Ben Red poses Bobby Iohnson. Our Wildca+ Clan of sophomores, juniors, and seniors is one happy family. The sophomores have one year of NLRHS behind lhem, l'he iuniors have +wo, fhe seniors have speni' fhree glorious years of fheir lives here. The lower classmen have so much +o look forward fo in fhe oncoming years. The fhoughf of leaving our Alma Maier brings fears +o our hearl'. Seniors, we mus+ leave, bul' never will our love die for Ben Wildcar, 'l'o us +he greafesl' school of all. Any lad or lassie is proud +o say "l'm a Wildca+". Mtxisfmffim M IW-W5 M www? 41iQQ9Ql2iJZfbQwJ,,Hm WM MW QmLmQxS'JAQw1-3tEQiQdL.QlUnMv't mud lm ' , QI Qwpw c,-MU Ji ww 1 M df-09 137 Board of Education 138 Superintendent - 139 Principal 140-141 Supervisors 142 Secretaries ' Q J 143-184 Seniors 185-198 Juniors ' 199-208 Sophomores w f Q i President Brady Deese Board of Education Vice-President Dr. W. E. Phipps, Ir. Secretary Robert Means Member .J Brcmc hT. 2 Fields Member A. O. Meredith Member Byron R. Bogctrd 137 Superintendent of North Little Rock Schools Contagious is the word for Mr. Wright's friendly smile . . . He confers with busi- ness managers Io Ann Smith, Bill Bald- ridge, and Billy Ioe Moody. JW i MR. F. BRUCE WRIGHT Bachelor of Arts, Henderson-Brown College, Arkadelphiag Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. if KX , X E in-5, ' ua Mr. Wright dictates a letter to his secretary, Mrs. McAlister. f Q li a MR. GEORGE E. MILLER Bachelor of Science, Pennsylvania State Teachers Col- lege. Bloomburgg Master of Arts, New York University, New York City. Principal Senior High Mr. Miller announces over the inter-com for Dorothy Hudson . . . leaves a note in a teach- er's box. swsw' X l6'Q'll:o,i-if, L Beverly Utley and Billy Farmer get some information t from the Principal's Bulletin. Many Teachers Have Special Duties Many faculty members have additional or special duties. This is +rue of the faculty advisers and super- visorsg the Librarian, Dean of Girls, Dean of Boys, Audio Visual Supervisor, the Sludenl' Council and Publications advisers, and 'rhe Guidance Counselor. The Guidance Counselor may be called on for anylhing from helping arrange a s+uden+'s schedule, lo furnishing scholarship data and arranging in+er- views with representatives to the various colleges. These and countless other iobs are competently done by our Guidance Counselor. The Librarian has charge of the school's 5000 volume library, lceeps, along with her assislanfs, these boolcs in good reading order, checks them in and out, and collects lines on over due books. The Deans are responsible for counseling with the students and checking with lhem when +hey are absent from school. Film proiec+ors, screens, films, recording players, tape recrders and olher material are fhe responsi- bility of the Audio Visual supervisor. The bool: store with ils school supplies is anolher phase of super- vision in our school program. Student Council, the governing group of fhe slu- dent body, requires a facul+y adviser. A special faculty adviser is also needed in the publications department. She advises For all three publications: the "Hi Comet", "Wildcat" and the "Sa'relli+e". These members of +he faculty perform above and beyond iheir call of duly and could not easily be replaced or done wilhoul even one day on our Ben Wildcat. n . dxf.:-"Q Y ' '. 1 .....,.. 2 5636 Q mini. f?'rfrf2'f'l Mrs. Vada Cowan, Dean ol Girls Bachelor ol Arts, Henderson Teachers College, Arkadelphia Master ol Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. Miss Merdith Landers, Guidance Counselor Bachelor of Science, Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway Master ot Science, University ot Arkansas, Fayetteville Mr. Raymond Burnett, Dean of Boys Bachelor ol Arts, Arkansas State Teachers College, Conv Master of Arts, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. These Are Advisers and Supervisors Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Librarian Bachelor ol Arts, Texas Women's University, Denton 7 .ra f.-'Q .if 0 X ,X 'T nf .fi s x- K ,i..I-J 1 Mrs. Lester Bickford, Supervisor tor Bookstore and Study Hall Miss Katye Lou Russell, Faculty Adviser for Student Publica Bachelor ol Arts and Bachelor ot Music, Phillips University, tionsg Bachelor ol Arts, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia Enid, Oklahoma Master ot Arts, University ot Arkansas, Fayetteville ,.... t 1 . XD , is 1-is A A sa hi G Mrs. Garland Beavers, Supervisor ot Audio-Visual Instructional Mrs, Reyburn Fearnside, Faculty Adviser for Student Council SUPPUGS, Bachelor Of Music, University ot AFICCUISCYS, Bachelor ol Arts and Master ot Arts, University of Oklahoma, Fayetteville Normgn, l4l These are School Secretaries Keeping school affairs running smoofhly is easily one of fhe urgesf iobs af N.L.R.H.S. This iob involves, among ofher fhings, iousands of clerical jobs and accounf boolcs for our 52,335,- O4.36 school lS2,l58,000. for buildings, S27,769.5l for opera- :or insfrucfionl is a job in ifself. Helping l,500 sfudenfs and 52 or insfrucfionl is a ob in ifself. Helping l,500 sfudenfs and 52 aculfy members wifh anyfhing and everyfhing from foofball iclcefs fo scholarships dafa is iusf anofher of many acfivifies. There are schedules, records, fhe losf and found deparfmenf, he felephone swifchboard, which handles calls in and ouf from ny of fhe sevenfeen felephones in fhe building franscripfs a wounfain of correspondence received each day which is placed 1 fhe separafe feachers boxes and iusf good ole advice make he secrefaries af Senior High fhe "besf wifh fhe biggesf iob." l Mrs. Dorothy Baker Secretary to the Guidance Counselor I42 -we 'T The Clans Gather On Ben Wildcat As each member of fhe N.L.R.H.S. Clan, fhe Sophomore, Junior, and Senior looks back, he can remember fhaf some of fhe happiesf momenfs of his life were cenfered around high school evenfs. And yef, when remembering fhese happenings, fhere is a bif of sadness, for fhose days are gone, never again fo be recalled. To fhe member of fhe Sophomore Clan, Ben Wildcaf holds many new advenfures, many new people fo meef and many happy momenfs fo live. The Junior Clan, if has been said, runs fhe schoolffhe Soph- omore isn'f really sure whaf is faking place, and fhe Senior is pre- paring fo leave. The member of fhe Senior Clan, coming each day nearer fo his deparfure from his Alma Mafer, experiences a feeling fhaf is almosf indescribable. He wanfs fo graduafe, buf doesn'+ wish fo leave fhe school and fhe many friends he has acquired dur- ing fhe previous fhree years. Yes, each clan has somefhing fo look forward fo: The soph- omore, many happy momenfs fo be lived during fhe proceeding years,--The junior, his Senior year and graduafion-fhe senior, many happy memories and fhe remark from a friend eifher far from home or on Main Sfreef in N.L.R., "Remember when we were Seniors fogefher back in '59? Those were fhe days!" BEVANS, DAVID . . . Senior Class Presidenf, Key Club Presidenf, Home Room Presidenf, Nafional Honor Sociefy Vice-presidenf, Junior Rofarian, Boys Sfafe, Hi-Y, Tri Chem, Thefa Science, Boys' Chorus, Lafin Club, Wildcaf Follies, Monifor, Senior Play Casf . . . BARTSCH, GEORGE . . . Senior Class Vice-presidenf, Sfudenf Council, French Club Presidenf, Chapel Presidenf, Key Club, Band, Boys' Chorus Vice-Presidenf,The+a Science Club, Librarian, Associafe Thespian, Fufure Teachers, Friendliesf Wildcaf, Wild- caf Follies, Senior Play Casf, Sfudenf Council Chaplain, Hi Comef Re-Wrife Edifor, Home Room Vice-presidenf . . . WEAVER, CAROLYN . . . Senior Class Secrefary, Monifor, Y-Teens, Fufure Business Leaders, Home Room Presidenf and Vice-presidenf, Nafional Honor Sociefy, Decorafion Com- miffee for Prom . . . STROTHER, LYNDA . . . Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Cabinef, PepCafs, Y-Teens, Lafin Club, Fufure Business Leaders Vice-presidenf, Fufure Teachers, Monifor, Sfudenf Council, Nafional Honor Sociefy . . . Senior Activities Were Governed By The Senior Cabinet Governing the activities ot the senior class is in the hands ot the senior cabinet. Two representatives trom each home room are chosen by the members ot the homeroom to represent them in the meetings. The tirst activity on the agenda is the tall senior break- tast . . . tickets must be made and distributed, decora- tions made, programs designed and made, entertain- ment provided tor, and a date suitable to the majority is a part ot the preparations tor this one activity. The same work is put into the spring breakfast. Choosing the senior play, the play cast, a date, pro- grams, and tickets, is entirely in the hands ot the cabinet. This is the chiet money-making project tor the senior class and is presented in order to tinance the senior prom and banquet. Committees are appointed to each ot these areas, and the job is up to them to get the ideas and have them approved by the cabinet members. All senior students sell ads to tinance the printing ot the programs and pay tor any other expenses that may arise. Senior home room 2I3 won the ad sales selling SI6. The biggest night ot the year to most seniors is the date ot the prom----this too is lett up to the cabinet. Problems ot decorating the gym, getting an orchestra, providing retreshments, and tickets must be ironed out by the cabinet. Class day, the senior picnic and preview are other important senior activities tor which the senior cabinet is responsible. SENIOR CABINET: HIGH AD SALESMEN Mary Forte and lean Evans di cuss Senior Play programs wit Mrs. Lawless. COMPLETING BREAKFAST PROGRAMS are Pat Smith Linda, Strother. Row l: Ioan Ligon, Pat Smith, Dee Dee Scott, Georgia Kay Butler, Carolyn Weaver, Ieanie Howard, Linda Kay Parkhill Patsy Merritt, l..inda Strother. Row 2: Ianice Anthony, Iudy Cox, Iackie Tilley, Mary Fortenbury, Iimmie Lea Wright, Susie Draper, Peggy Yielding Billy Ioe Moody. Row 3: Ellis Blevins, Bill Halter, Gary Corpier, Henry Ketch Row 4: Iohnny Tolliver, Louis Stracer, Ioe Luker, George er, David Beavens, Bobby Hemel. ' ' mons Billy Sim . -C I I I ' ' ' " " H' Annefle Acord Adams Adcoclc W! Bill Alcins Alberl' Alexander Seniors ABERNATHY, PATRICIA . . . Choir, Fu+ure Homemakers, Publica+ions Slafl, Musical Varielies . . . ACORD, ANNETTE . . . Transfer from Hall High . . . ADAMS, JOYCE . . . Quill and Scroll, PepCa+ Drill Team, Spanish Club, Publica- fions Slalf, Musical Varielies . . . ADCOCK, LARRY . . . Sludenl Council, Choir . . . AKINS, WILLIAM, PAGE . . . Head Monilor For Film Crew, Junior Red Cross, Musical Varieties, Movie Camerman for Varsify Football . . . AL- EXANDER, ALBERT . . . ANDERSON, JEANETTE . . . Cl'1OII', Musical Varielies . . . ANDERSON, RALPH EDWIN . . . Marching and Concerl Bands . . . ANTHONY, JANICE . . . Senior Cabinel, PepCal Drill Team, Quill and Scroll, Y- Teens, Publicalions Slaff, Fulure Business Leaders, Home Room Secrelary-Treasurer, Usher for Baccalaureale . . . ASHLEY, SANDRA BLANE . . . Girl's Slale, Sludenl Direc- lor for Choir, Concerl and Marching Bands, All S+a+e Choir, Y-Teens, lnferclub Council, Thespians, Nalional Honor Sociely . . . 2' an f'sR A f Nil' Wrrrv-V JeaneHe Anderson Ralph Anderson Janice Anlhony Sandra Ashley "Hail, hail, the gang's all here!" Seniors AULT, JOHN . . . Sfudeni' Council, Thefa Science Club, Key Club, Track, Monifor . . . BAHIL, NANCY . . . Fufure Business Leaders of America, Publicafions Sfaff, Fufure Homemakers, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Moni+or . . . BALD- RIDGE, BILL . . . Quill and Scroll, Foo+baII, Track, Mr. Wild- ca'I', Junior His+oricaI Socie+y, Home Room Vice-presideni' and Secrefary, Publica+ions Business Manager, Library Moni- for . . . BARNES, JIM . . . Transfer from Hall High . . . BARNETT, COMALETTA . . . Publicalions Sfaff, Ari' Club, Fuiure Homemakers . . . BATES, LORETTA SUE . . . Ar+ Club, Fu+ure Business Leaders of America, Fufure Home- makers . . . BAUGHMAN, THOMAS . . . BEALL, MILTON . . . Sfudenl' Council, Home Room Vice-president Track, Key Club . . . BEAM, TOMMY . . . BECK, DEREL . . . Comaletfa Barnett Sue Bafes L- Simi John Auli' W' gl aan Baldridge wr? Thomas Baugliman Qs 'Q was I tssssffg k 1 Q .9-2-:1 vo T Tommy Beam "Dear old Alma Mater," Nancy Bahil Jim Barnes f 'Z 41? Milfon Beall Derel Beck E ? Seniors BICKFORD, JOE GUY . . . Concerl' and Marching Bands, Junior Red Cross, Fufure Teachers, S anish Club, Boys' Chorus, Senior Boys' Ouar+e+, Hi-Y, Band:SIage Crew, Musi- cal Varielies, Sfafe Choir Feslival, Publicafions S'I'aff . . . BISE, JO ANN . . . Fulure Homemalcers, Choir, Monilor . . . BLACKLOCK, OWEN . . . Transfer from LiHle Rock Cenlral High . . . BLANTON, OLIN MAXIE . . . BLASINGAME, LINDA LOU . . . Arr Club Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Con- cerl and .Marching Bands, Y-Teens, PepCa+s . . . BLEDSOE, SUE . . . Fulure Homemalcers, Y-Teens, Choir, Fulure Busi- ness Leaders, Quill and Scroll PubIica+ions Sraff, Musical Varielies, Moni+or . . . BLEVINS, ELLIS . . . Boys' Slale, Na- +ionaI Honor Sociely, Tri Chem, Key Club, Lalin Club, Hi-Y, Junior Hislorical Sociely, All Slale Band, Lab Assis+an'I', Thela Science Club, Junior Rolarian, lnler Club Council . . . Senior Cabinel . . . BLUCKER, JIMMY . . . Key Club, Hi-Y, Boys' Chorus, Usher for Gradualion . . BLYTHE, PAT . . . Spanish Club Secrelary, PepCa+s Junior Drill Leacler, Tri Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Fu'I'ure Teachers, Ouill and Scroll, Fufure Business Leaders, Quill and Scroll . . . BOSTIC, GERALD WILLIAM . . . -0-PU! .W ,fs x Ellis Blevins Jimmy Bluclxer Seniors BOWMAN, CELESTE . . . Future Homemalcers Vice-Presi dent, PepCats, Student Council, Glee Club, Choir, Thes- pians, Future Nurses, Future Teachers . . . BRICKELL, BAR- BARA . . . Future Homemalrers, Choir, Musical Varieties . . . BROOKS, NITA . . . National Honor Society, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Latin Club, Future Homemakers, Musical Varieties, Home Room Treasurer . . . BROWN, KENNETH DEAN . . . Film Crew, Stage Crew, Publications Staff . . . BRYANT, KATHY . . . Director for Senior Play, Future Teach- ers, Boolcworms, Y-Teens, Musical Varieties, Glee Club, Pep- Cats, Future Teachers Secretary, National Honor Society, Choir, Latin Club, All Slate Choir, Thespians, Girls Ensemble, Student Director for "Night Must Fall", Inter Club Council . . . BRYLES, BETTYE . . . Wildcat Mascot, Thespian Presi- dent, Student Council Parliamentarian, PepCats, Drill Team, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Future Business Leaders, French Club, Future Homemalcers, Inter Club Council, Wildcat Follies, Senior Play Cast . . . BUBBUS, DANIEL . . . Football . . . BUFFORD, JANICE . . . National Honor Society, Junior Historical Society Historian, Future Teachers of America Historian, Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, National Merit Semi-finalist, Y-Teens . . . BURNS, BILL . . . BURNS, JIM . . . me Kathy Bryant Bettye Bryles Celeste Bowman Nita Brooks 'Q' Daniel Bubbus . .. vi P vi . I, fig 'U 0 if P BRIS' Bill Burns TT Barbara Briclcell W few S . Kenneth Brown X' 'V' 'lr I . pf .rfivr f s,,, Janice Bufford 'RQ f' 9 I s1.,.Xia. I , . Jim Burns Iulia Garrett, Io Ann Smith and lean Eubanks portray three phases of art. -an Sidney Burlon James Bush ig-he Michael Busick Georgia Kay Builer Carolyn Byrd Reed Campbell if Rodney Carlisle Linda Carler Larry Swaim, Buddy Pool and George Bartsch star in Thanks- giving play "Wildcat Willie Carves the Turkey." Seniors BURTON, SIDNEY . . . Film Crew . . . BUSH, JIMMY . . . Home Room Presiden+, Nafional Honor Socieiy, Tri Chem, Thefa Science Club, Lalin Club, Junior Hisiorical Socieiy, Film Crew, Key Club, Moniior . . . BUSICK, MICHAEL FERRELL . . . Concerf and Marching Bands . . . BUTLER, GEORGIA KAY . . . Secrelary of S+uden+ Body, Delegaie 'Io Sourhern and S+a'I'e Sfudeni Council Conveniions, Home Room Secrefary, Senior Cabiner, Infer Club Council, PepCaI' Drill Team, Y-Teens, Fu+ure Homemalcers, Fuiure Teachers, LaI'in Club, Senior Play Cas+, Choir, Musical Varieiies, Secre- Iary for Disiricl Sfudeni Council Conveniion . . . BYRD, CAROLYN . . . Fufure Homemalrers . . . CAMPBELL, MAHLON REED . . . Quill and Scroll, Monilor, HiComeI Aclveriising Manager, Slaff Arfisf for Wildcai, Silk Screen Ar+is+, Key Club, Hi-Y, Home Room Vice-presidenl . . . CAMPBELL, SUSIE . . . Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Senior Choir, Junior Hisiorical Socieiy, Glee Club, Choir, Quill and Scroll, Fufure Business Leaders, Musical Varieiies, Home Room Re- porler . . . CAPLE, SARA RUTH . . . Nalional Honor Sociefy, Choir, La+in Club, Fu+ure Homemalxers . . . CARLISLE, RODNEY . . . Senior Cabinei, Key Club, Tri Chem, Spanish Club, Home Room Vice-Presidenl' . . . CARTER, LINDA . . . Junior Red Cross Secrefary, Choir, La+in Club, Fu'I'ure Nurses Corresponding Secreiary, Choir, Musical Varieiies . . . '38 foo y Susie Campbell Sara Caple 1 , Seniors CASEY, JAMES . . . CATHEY GARY . . . Hi-Y, Boys' Chorus . . . CATHEY, NORMA . . . CAUSEY, BLANCHARD . . . Key Club, Spanish Club, Boys' Chorus, Home Room Presideni, Hi-Y, lnier Club Council, Baccalaureaie Usher . . . CAUSEY, DELOIN . . . CHISAM, SALLY . . . Fufure Teach- ers, Fufure Homemakers, Boolcsiore Moniior, Publicafions Siaff, Junior His+orical Sociefy, Quill and Scroll, Musical Varieiies . . . CLAMPIT, MICKEY . . . Nafional Honor Sociefy, Key Club, Naiional Merii Semi-finalisf, Tri Chem, Library Monifor, Boolisiore Moniior, The'I'a Science Club Presideni, Science Fair Delegare, Spanish Club, Bookworms, infer Club Council . . . COHEN, MAUREEN YVETTE . . . Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Junior Red Cross, Fuiure Teachers, Fufure Homernalcers, Y-Teens, Thespians, Couniy Red Cross Gifl' Box Chairman, Na+ional Honor Sociery, Elks Club You+h Leadership Award, Musical Varieiies . . . CONWAY, DAN- NIELLE . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Drill Team, Fuiure Nurses, Thespians, Furure Homemalcers, Choir . . . COOK, CARO- LYN . . . Choir, French Club, Thespians, Y-Teens, Fuiure Nurses . . . James D. Casey Gary Caihey Norma Cafhey Blanchard Causey 3 3 , Sally Chisam i 1 .mf M . - -- -1453 ZEYX ' 12 ' s fs sew fi as ' 'S -' ' fa ,Qy i -- vm 131 'ur i M r 'Lf Q ,V Q Mickey Clampii Maureen Cohen I ,,, Twinkle toes Sky Smith, Cecelia Swaim, Gary Corpier and Nedra Dumas minuet on Color Day assembly. E E Z , E 1831 Q Q S Z TX wx .. ' X .lx Danny Cool: i kk'S E Freddie Cook Ns xx 'ax Q X ss R X i sf as XX XM s"r-an-QA X X S. X , s A x Ed Cook If-IK Q wk Marfha Cooper Doris Corpier s H? s. ' qv- 'W' X W P V s Q' DAQ s -5 .puodf , ,, :- if - ii K Q X f 0 9 1 ' S' a V Warren Crow .sg f cg N 'Q-v""f"' wif 19 1 N , w if :ill .. if will l::Q.j.j.- 35, 3,3 Q ,R 's Ur- iff: :.'Qi'I lx' 'F' N" Gary Corpier ,AS- QRS Michael Cullum Ann Wiegcmd cmd George Bcxrtsch entertain Homecoming Royalty with the "Old Soft Shoe" Seniors COOK, DANNY REMEL . . . La+in Club, Thespians, Key Club . . . COOK, ED . . . Fufure Tradesmen Presidenf . . . COOK, FREDDY . . COOPER, MARTHA RHODES . . . Publicafions Sfaff, PepCa+s, Fufure Teachers, Fufure Home- malrers, Y-Teens, Choir, Boolrsfore ,Moni+or, Ouill and Scroll Musical Varie+ies . . . CORPIER, DORIS . . . Nalional Honor Sociefy, Tri Chem, Theia Science Club Corresrponding Sec- relary and Vice-presidenf, Lalin Club, Fu+ure eachers, Lib- rary Monifor, Bookworms, Books+ore Moni+or, Home Room Secrelary, Y-Teens, Delegaie +o Slafe Science Fair . . . CORPIER, GARY . . . Home Room Presidenl, Sfudenl Coun- cil, Film Crew, Laiin Club, Senior Cabinel, Senior Play Cas+, Wildca+ Follies, Junior Red Cross, Usher for Baccalaureale and Graduafion . . . COTTON, CAROLYN . . . Girls En- semble, Y-Teens, Fu+ure Homemakers, Arr Club . . . COX, JUDY . . . Junior Red Cross Represenlarive, Sludeni' Coun- cil, Senior Cabinef, Home Room Treasurer, Drill Team, Fu- fure Business Leaders, Y-Teens, Secreiary, PepCa+s, Soph- omore Talenl Assembly, Spanish Club . . . CROW, WAR- REN . . . Concerf and Marchinq Bands, Band Ouarfermasler, Publicalions Sfaff Assis+an+ Pholographer . . . CULLUM MICHAEL ROY.. . A :ii 'Q 'Q' 1' all' 1 f Carolyn CoHon Judy Cox Seniors CUMMINGS, BUDDY . . . Home Room Vice-presidenf . . CUMMINGS, CECELIA ETTA . . . PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Cheer- leader, Homecoming Maid, Friendlies+ Wildcal, Drill Team, Fulure Homemakers, Home Room Secrefary, Usher for Bac- calaureale and Gradualion . . . CYPERT, WAYNE KEN- NETH . . . Ari Club, S'l'age Crew, Band . . . CYPERT, WIL- LIAM ALBERT . . . Key Club, Lalin Club, Musical Varielies, Boys' Chorus, Choir, All S+a+e Choir, Wildcaf Follies . . . DAVENPORT MARGARET . . . Thes ians Senior Girls' u P I Ensemble, Choir . . . DAVENPORT, MIKE . . . Fulure Trades- men Vice- residenl' . . . DAVENPORT, WAYNE . . . Basliel- ball, Traclza, Choir, Home Room Presidenf, Homecoming Escorl . . . DAVIDSON, HELEN . . . Fufure Teachers, March- ing and Concer+ Bands, Fulure Nurses Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Band Librarian, Publicafions S+aH, Quill and Scroll Junior Hislorical Socie+y, Ari Club . . . DAVIDSON, NOR- MA JEAN . . . Transfer from Sfar Cily High School . . . DA1VlS, ANN . . . Transfer from Li'l'+le Roclc Cenfral High Sc ool . . . VXI- .fwx as I jf! N i yl Buddy Cummings Cecelia E. Cummings Kennelh Cyperl' William A. C rl' YPe ,Q I ,,, Margarel' Davenpor+ Milce Davenporl' Wayne Davenporf Helen Davidson '36 ,,..,.-nf! 1 Norma J. Davidson Ann Davis fy I "You cheated, you lied, you said that you loved me," sings T554 Wayne Davenport with George Bartsch, David Bevans, Larry id' Qufrvivn rn-url ninbnxr 'Ran-I in fl-an Inrwf-'lrn-v-nun.-I -dv' James Davis Charles Dawson ,, WV me S 8 1 Norma Dawson Lyndel Dean RG -if Nancy Dean Lily Decker S'yfs.."!,. Suzy Dem psfer to your left, your right, your left," Boys Stcxters Bevcxns I id Haller lecxd ranks. If I fi Seniors DAVIS, JAMES . . . DAWSON, CHARLES . . . DAWSON, NORMA JEAN . . . Fu+ure Business Leaders . . . DEAN, LYNDEL . . . Ar+ Club . . . DEAN, NANCY . . . Girls' En- semble, Choir, All Sfale Choir, Fufure Teachers Club Trea- surer, Thespians Treasurer, 'Fufure Teachers Secrefary, Boolz- worms Secrelary-Treasurer, Fulure Homemalcers, Quill and Scroll Publicalions Siaff, Musical Variefies, Wildcal' Follies, Home Room Treasurer, Home Room Secrelary, Y-Teens, French Club, Honorable Meniion Mafh-Science Fair Exhibif . . . DECKER, LILY . . . DE CUIR, WILLIAM HENRY . . . Boys' Sfale, All S+a+e Choir, Musical Varielies, Boys' Chorus, Key Club, Laiin Club, Senior Boys' QuarIe+, Tri Chem, Moni- for . . . DEES, PATRICIA . . . PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Fu+ure Nurses, Publicalions Slaff, Moniior . . . DE JOY, MARCIA . . . S+uden+ Council . . . DEMPSTER, SUZY ELIZABETH . . . Henry De Cuir Parfy Dees Seniors DOBBS, BRUCE . . . Key Club, Boys' Chorus . . . DONALD- SON, RALPH W .... Nafional Honor Sociefy . . . DORN BLASER, JOHN STUART . . . Home Room Presidenl, Band Capfain, Boys' Sfale, Nafional Honor Sociely, Naiional Meri? Scholarship Semi-finalist Senior Play Casf, Junior Rolarian , . . DOUGLAS, EDDY . . . Band . . . DRAPER, SUSIE . . . PepCafs Drill Assislanf, Y-Teens, Fufure Business Lead- ers, Choir, Nafional Honor Sociely, Senior Play Cas'l', Pub- licafions Staff, Quill and Scroll, Senior Cabinef, Eulure Homemalrers, Musical Varie+ies, Monilor . . . DRENNAN, LARRY . . . Quill and Scroll, Publicafions Sl'af'F Arlisl, Arr Club . . . DUKE, JEANETTE . . . Fulure Homemakers, Pub- licafions S+aff, Ar+ Club, Monilor, Musical Varieiies . . . DUNCAN, JANETTE . . . Fufure Homemalcers . . . EDGIN, DONALD LEE . . . Band, Lalin Club, Choir, All S+a'l'e Choir, Boys' Chorus, Proiec+ionis+s Club, Transfer from Hoi Springs . . . ELMORE, JACK . . . "W", -...nv Bruce Dobbs Ralph Donaldson f 'ge' 32181 Sluarf Dornblaser Eddy Douglas ii S Susie Draper Larry Drennan JeaneHe Duke Jeane'He Duncan fu 7 ,lv 3 Donald Lee Edgin Jacky Elmorb A Q A 'il-ind to our old Girls State, we proudly sing our song," Sand Ashley. Cecile Shoptaw, Pat Smith, Io Ann Fielding. Ian Ski Der. and Marv Fortenburv. Seniors EVANS, CLARA JANE . . . EVANS, JEAN . . . Sfudeni' Body Treasurer, Homecoming Ro alfy, Delegare fo Soufhern and Sfafe Associafions for Sfudleni Councils, Delega+e 'lo Ci+y and S+a+e Y-Teens Convenfions, Worship Chairman for Y-Teens, Adverfising Manager for S+uden+ Publicafions, Sen- ior Play Cas+, Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Glee Club, Choir, PepCa+s, Miss Wildcaf, Musical Varieiies, Home Room Secrefary . . . FAULKNER, CLAUD EDWARD . . . FIELDING, EDNA . . . Fufure Business Leaders, Choir, Girls' Ensemble . . . FIELDING, JO ANN . . Girls' Sfafe, Choir, Lafin Club Secreiar and Treasurer, Y-Teens, All Sfafe Choir, Thera Science Club, Nafional Honor Socief . . . FISHER, ROY . . . Foofball, Junior Red Cross . . . FHHEN, JANIS . . . FLANAGAN, PATSY . . . Y-Teens, Fu+ure Home- malcers, Fu+ure Nurses, Choir, Musical Variefies, La'l'in Club . . . FLETCHER, BENNY RAYMOND . . . Choir, Boys' Chorus . . . FLOWERS, BILL . . . Key Club . . . I F' . f A ' , ' l 'lT4LFl'l!q'i' C g an , 1 is 'MJ if if 'sf M Bk- NSI X akx KF, V' ykr, ,lx up Ll, NJ K1 xi X I q X ' 'f 'I Janis Fifhen -W ' Pa+sy Sue Flanagan is s -fe . Seniors FORTENBURY, MARY . . . Homecoming Royaliy, Wildcai Edilor, Miss Wildcaf, PepCa+ Drill Team, Fulure Business Leaders Treasurer, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Girls' Srafe, Junior Red Cross, Siudenl Council, Home Room Secrefary, Safellife Ediior, Girls Recreaiional Associaiion Reporier, Senior Play Casr, Nafional Honor Sociely, Usher for Bac- calaureafe and Graduaiion . . . FOSTER, GWEN . . . Junior Hisrorical Sociery Presiden+, Furure Teachers, Fuiure Home- malcers, Fulure Business Leaders, Choir, Musical Varielies, Y- Teens, Pep Cafs, Drill Team, Fulure Nurses . . . FOWLER, JANE . . . Transfer from Vilonia . . . FRENCH, MOLLY ANNE . . . Presidenf of Y-Teens, Treasurer of Spanish Club, PepCa'l's, Vice-Presiden+ of Boolrworms, Home Room Vice- residenf, Homecoming Royally, Delegale +o Ciiy and S+a+e Q-Teens Convenrions, Vice-presidenl' of bolh Siaie and Cify Y-Teens, Nafional Honor Sociefy, Vice-presidenr of Chapel Service, Y-Teen Valenline Queen . . . FUQUA, EDWINA . . . Cheerleader, Thes ians Vice-presidenr, Home Room Treasure, Friendliesr Wildpcah Nafional Honor Sociefy, Moni- for, Valen+ine Maid, Casl of "Nigh+ Musi Fall", Delegaie fo Cify and Siaie Y-Teen Conveniion . . . FURR, CAROL . . . Arr Club, Fufure Nurses, Publicalions Siaff Ar'l'is+, Quill and Scroll . . . FUTRELL, WINSTON . . . Senior Choir Presi- denl, Home Room Presideni, Senior Cabiner, Musical Varie- iies, Wildca+ Follies, Baccalaureale and Graduafion Usher, Boys' Chorus, Laiin Club, All S+a+e Choir, Caralinas, Decora- 'lion Commi'Hee for Senior Prom . . . GARDNER, AUBREY . . . GARNER, CHARLES . . . Transfer from LiHle Rock Ceniral High . . . GASSMAN, JOHN . . . -ev' ill' ,Ml A2 e,- vis' Mary Forfenbury Jane Fowler Q1 ll' 'WP ,..,,ii"'.' if x yi, ummm """'b- Gwen Fosier . ,-, Q - E S 'Y' ' Molly French ,eq al Q . 6 X X--fr Edwina Fuqua Carol Furr Q f Q5 x aww-iq ' Winsion Fuirell v : K 1 'QNX ii Q s I Charles Garner Eat-drink-and be merry. ri, :fn .Q . Age ' r Aubrey Gardner 1. . 64 John Gassman -K 'S X QQg? s N X X . wx P 404 XX is g A N Q Q ., yan:-:af a s asm: X 5 2 sk X Q R s sux K Ex X SKS if V f ts iw si ' we A 'S is .M X s fem X- 1,3 u Q X W X x'k ' -P' s . ,F tx K fs x 'i Lqgk 2 gh il jssig xX x t S . -s - .J , Glenn Gateley .Mary Gentry SRF Phyllis Gentry Billy George Jimmy Judy Gleason x", P - - Q .- , . iw . . , ., . , - 4 , 4i,ig'N s,f a ,gr GMS ' . it F I fi , I : rss if ' A V ., V - az l-l-ll if r gifts: ' ,, ri .'., i g fi .kg -as if f5f,,apg5Nf.g35, . ss, ,, . s-.1-t Johnny Gott Cats on cr cool night-that old Wildcat Spirit nearly swept :ff our feet. Seniors GATELEY, GLENN . . . Publications Statt, Future Tradesmen . . . GENTRY, MARY . . . Future Nurses Vice-president, Fu- ture Teachers, Future Homemalcers, Junior Red Cross, Jun- ior Historical Society, Publications Statt, Boolcstore Moni- tor . . . GENTRY, PHYLLIS . . . PepCats, Glee Club, Fu- ture Homemalcers, Future Business Leaders, Y-Teens . . . GEORGE, BlLLY . . . GIBBS, JIMMY . . . Latin Club, lnter Club Council, Home Room President, Publications Statt, Hi- Y, Boys' Chorus, Future Business Leaders, Usher at Bac- calaureate . . . GLEASON, JUDY . . . Choir, Junior Red Cross Treasurer, Y-Teens, Thespians, Publications Staff, Mus- ical Varieties, Quill and Scroll, Student Director for "Pamp- ered Darling" . . . GLENN, CAROLINE . . . Secretary-Trea- surer ot Home Room, Treasurer tor Girls Recreational As- sociation, Future Homemalcers Treasurer, Y-Teens, Transter from EI Dorado High School . . . GODSEY, BARBARA . . . Homecoming Royalty, Cheerleader Co-captain, Home Room Secretary, Inter Club Council, Future Homemalcers, Y-Teens, PepCats, Drill Team, National Honor Society . . . GOFF, JIMMY . . . Key Club, National Honor Society, Theta Sci- ence, Tri Chem, Transfer from Little Rock Central High School . . . GOFF, JOHNNY . . . Home Room President, Homecoming Escort . . . ,I if KN Y J N . Caroline Glenn Barbara Goaseyx X . , x , ,' 5 Xi-' ki! X X Q tl ' x Seniors GOFORTH, REBA . . . GOODE, JUDY . . . Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Glee Club, Musical Varieiies, Publicafions Siaff, Pep- Cais, Fufure Homemakers . . . GOSS, DAVID . . . Laiin Club, Home Room Vice-presiden+, Boys' Chorus, Usher af Grad- uafion . . . GRADDY, MARGARET JO ANN . . . GRAN- DON, RAYMOND A .... Tri Chem, Key Club Vice-presi- den+, Nafional Honor Socieiy, Three Firs+ Place Proiec+s a+ Mafh-Science Fair, Rocke+ Socie+y, S+uden+ Council, Lab Assislani' . . . GREEN, GORDON . . . Thefa Science, Concerl' and Marching Bands, Spanish Club . . . GREEN, LYNN . . . Y-Teens, PepCais, Spanish Club, Fuiure Business Leaders, Home Room Treasurer . . . GREENERT, JOHN . . . S+age Crew, Theia Science Club, Moniior . . . GRIEBEL, RAY- MOND . . . GRINNIS. STANLEY. . . NO' "".2" K P Raymond Grandon Gordon Green Reba Goforfh Judy Goode dl: . W "xi i la f It I E 3 gi., , I' Qzyb I I Q, David Goss Jo Ann Grady wi' ilu. 11" N. -9' 'efzg ir' -E-1 1 Lynn Green John Greenerl' ff-mig5!"5 i ' Raymond Griebel S'I'anlev Grinnis Have team, will Win-and we did! Ion McSpcrdden dm banner in deserted halls. QR , 'S "-czrllf' L.-Fi x X f I 'X' 4 Charloffe Gross Jerry Grubbs Eliza belh Guess Doris Hale A sm 3 Q- a-in-. -ii .Q Jerry Hale Alvin Halford Seniors GROSS,CHARLOTTE. . . Bancl, Y-Teens, Fu+ure Homemakers . . . GRUBBS, JERRY LEE . . . Boys' Slale, Concerl' and Marching Band Lieufenanf, Key Club Secrelary, Home Room Vice-presidenf, Tri-Chem, Na+ional Honor Sociely . . . GUESS, ELIZABETH . . . Lalin Club, Choir, Fulure Home- malcers, Musical Variefies, PepCals, Y-Teens, Girls Chorus . . . HALE, DORIS . . . Choir . . . HALE, JERRY . . : Boys' Slale, Key Club, Monilor, Hi-Y, Nalional Honor Sociefy, Lab Assisfanl, Thefa Science Club, Tri Chem . . . HAL- FORD, ALVIN . . . Home Room Presiclenf and Vice-presi- clenl, Spanish Club, Firsl' Prize a+ Malh-Science Fair . . . HALLER, BILL . . . Nalional Honor Sociely, Boys' Slale, Key Club Treasurer, Tri Chem, Senior Cabine-I, Thela Sci- ence Club, Junior Rolarian, Monilor . . . HAMILTON, DE WAYNE . . . HANKINS, GAYLE . . . Home Room Vice- presidenl, PepCa+s, Drill Team, Y-Teens, Senior Cabinef, Sluclenl Council, Choir, Spanish Club . . . HARDEMAN, PAT... . . s A A I I 1 - , , , , I' , U , ,,1 - Bill Haller De Wayne Hamillon Gayle Hanlrins Pal Harcleman aybe its not on cx hot tin roof, but I did it all by myself. -- -:.......n-.- Seniors HARPER, BILL . . . Concerl' and .Marching Band, Proiecfion- isis Club . . . HARPER, MORRIS . . . Key Club, Exchange Sfuclenf lo Germany, Masler of Ceremonies for Wilclcai Follies, Transfer from Li++le Rock Cenlral High School . . . HART, JAMES PAUL . . . Publicalions Slafl . . . HART- WICK, DENNIS . . . Publicalions Slafl, Band . . . HAUGH, JANICE . . . Fulure Homemalcers Hislorian and Vice-presi- denr, PepCa+s, Drill Team, Bookslore Monilor, Arl Club Vice- presiclenf, Home Ec Monifor . . . HAVER, C. D .... Thes- ians, Slage Crew . . . HAWKINS, BECKY . . . Quill and gcroll, Delegale fo High School Press Associalion, Fulure Teachers, PepCa+s, Thespians Presiden+, Co-Edilor for Wild- ca'l', Junior Hisforlcal Socie+y Vice-presidenl, Senior Play Cas'l', Casfs of "Pampered Darling", "Perfec+ Da+e", "Nighf Mus? Fall", "Thankful Hear+", "Rebel Chrisl'mas" . . . HAY, BARBARA . . . Furure Business Leaders . . . HEAD, DEAN . . . Publicalions Sfaff Pholographer, Camera Club, gluiu and Scroll . . . HEFFINGTON, KARL . . . Spanish u . . . James Paul Har+ lr I Janice Haugh C. D. Haver ,Q an D,,l Ll I', Dean Head Cool School .... if "ET:- Morris Harper Dennis Harlwiclr 4 Barbara Hay Karl Heffinglon 16-I 'Q' Shirley Helion Marilyn Henderson Diclr Henderson Linda Hendrickson Joe Henry Reba Henson in ,e . - ff i i. I r ,Q . gs I Q Roberl' Highiower ll lit up with the Christmas spirit-Ianice Patrick, Barbara rodsey, Dotty Spencer, and Charlotte Gross. Seniors HELTON, SHIRLEY . . . Glee Club, Choir, Fufure Home- malcers . . . HENDERSON, MARILYN . . . Home Room Vice- Uesident Secreiary, and Treasurer, Siudeni Council, Choir, usical Varieiies, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, PepCa+s, Fufure Homemalcers, Drill Team Capiain, Homecoming Queen . . . HENDERSON, RICHARD ANDREW . . . HENDRICKSON, LINDA ANN . . . Y-Teens, Fu+ure Business Leaders, Fuiure Homemalxers, PepCa+s, Choir, Musical Varieiies, Junior Red Cross . . . HENRY, JOE D .... Boys' Chorus, Concerl and Marching Bands, Lafin Club . . . HENSON, REBA . . . HENSON, WAYNE . . . Home Room Presidenl, Fooiball, Publica+ions S+af'F . . . HERRING, JIMMY . . . HIGHTOW- ER, ROBERT . . . Fuiure Tradesmen Treasurer . . . HILTON, ANNE . . . Fufure Homemalcers, Siudeni Council, Fuiure Business Leaders, Girls Ensemble, Girls Trio, PepCa+s Trea- surer, Drill Team, Choir, Musical Varieries, Home Room Secreiary and Treasurer, Wildcai Follies . . . Walk. Ai . 1 Wayne Henson Jim Herring 1 ,fwiic Seniors HINSON, KAY . . . President Junior Red Cross . . . HOL- LAND, PRISCILLA DEAN . . . PepCa'l's, Thespians, Latin Club, Transfer from Li'Hle Roclr Central High School . . . HOLLOWAY, CHARLEY . . . Publications Staff . . . HOL- MES, CAROLYN JOANN . . . Future Homemalcers, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Choir, Variety Show, Publications Staff Assistant Business Manager . . . HOLMES, MARY LOIS . . . Band, Future Nurses . . . HOWARD, JEANIE . . . Thes- pians . . . HOWARD, JIMMY . . . Band . . . HUDSON, DOROTHY . . . Miss Wildcat, Ouill and Scroll, PepCats, Y-Teens, President of Art Club, Inter Club Council, Junior Red Cross, Future Nurses, Future Homemalrers Historian . . . HUIE, CRYSTAL . . . Key Club Corresponding Secretary, Latin Club President, Choir, All State Choir, Boys' Chorus, Bo s' Quartet, Musical Varieiies, Student Council, Wildcat Follies Chairman, Photographer for Student Publications, Camera Club Vice-president, Ouill and Scroll . . . HUNT, BILL . . . Band, Latin Club, Thespians . . . Mary Lois Holmes T Jeanne Howard Kay Hinson Priscilla Holland A , Ex Charley Holloway Carolyn Holmes fi K5 10" . dy Jimmy Howard Dorothy Hudson at fmt l l la, 'B 'CT'1'..'5' ful' Crystal Hure Bill Hunt Future Homemcikers initiate new members. President Pat Smit pins Sara Ccrple. R -3 4 -, . fbi. Ti , Kay lrvin Kay Jackson Oi' li..---vgr'5f Larry Ray Jackson Seniors IRVIN, KAY . . . Fulure Teachers Reporler, Spanish Club Reporler, Choir, Musical Varielies, Junior Hislorical Sociefy, Spanish Club, Thespians, Publicalions Slaff . . . JACKSON KAY . . . Monilor, Fu'lure Business Leaders, Y-Teens, French Club, Choir, Home Room Treasurer . . . JACKSON, LAR- RY RAY . . . Home Room Presidenl, Drum Major for Wild- ca'l Band, Boys' Chorus . . . JAMES, LARETA SUE . . . Fu- l'ure Homemalcers, Arl Club, Choir, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Secrelary . . . JETTON, BILLY LEE . . . Boolcworms Vice-presidenl, Lalin Club, All Slale Chorus, Nalional Honor Sociely, Fufure Business Leaders, F-ulure Homemalxers, Girls' Ensemble, Musical Varielies, Sludenl Direc'l'or for Choir . . . JEWETT, SHARON . . . Fulure Homemalcers, Arl Club, Ouill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Publica+ions Slaff . . . JOHNSON, DEWEY . . . Home Room Presidenf, Vice-presidenl, Spanish Club Presidenl, Vice-presidenl, Senior Choir Vice-presidenl, Band, Boys' Chorus, Quill and Scroll, Wildcat Follies, Musical Varieties . . . JOHNSON, JANET . . . Home Room Secrelary, Y-Teens, lransfer Sfudenl' from California . . . JONES, JOHN CHESLEY . . . Slage Crew, Monifor, Publica+ions Slaff, Arl Club . . . JONES, ,MARY NELL . . . Y-Teens, Fulure Homemalxers, Ari Club . . . J 'WK "r"""'r 3 'X "id" Billy Lee Jellon Sharon Jewe'H' Dewey Johnson Janel' Johnson ,Jani QT? 'x John Chesley Jones Mary Nell Jones Alvin Halford, Louis Strcisner, Rodney Carlisle, and Billy Hal- ler--Quiet! Geniuses cxt work. 'W' A Seniors JONES, WAYNE . . . Publicafions Siaff . . . KAIL, JANET ANN . . . Glee Club, Choir, Fufure Teachers . . . KAUF- MAN, DAVID . . . KEENE, CAROLYN . . . KELLY, ANN . . . KESSLER, JAMES WILLIAM . . . Siege Crew Manager, Thefa Science Club, Spanish Club, Rocker Club, Tri Chem . . . KETCHER, HENRY . . . Senior Cabinei, Home Room Vice-presideni, Boys' Chorus, Choir, Honorable Meniion Mafh-Science Fair, Usher for Baccalaureaie and Gradua- lion Services . . . KING, LAVERNE . . . Glee Club, Fulure Homemalrers, Choir, Fufure Business Leaders . . . KIRKLIN, TONI . . . Transfer from Li++le Rock Ceniral High School . . . KNICKERBOCKER, KAY . . . Fulure Teachers Vice-presi- deni, Ari Club, Lalin Club, Thefa Science Club, Fulure Nurses, Quill and Scroll Publica+ions Siaff Ar+is'I', Thes- pians . . . Wayne Jones Janef Kail David Kaufman Carolyn Keene rx I2 W ,f'uP's, 1 J' 'girl-a K """w'f.,' Shui Ann Kelley James Kessler Henry Kefcher Laverne King Y .-AS' Toni Kirlrlin Kay Kniclrerboclrer Preparing physics laboratory experiment are Iames Howard Gordon Green. Bobby Remel. 40 Sandra Koger Carolyn Kuykendall Sharon Lampley Bellinda Sue Laneer Seniors KOGER, SANDRA . . . Fuiure Homemakers, PepCa+s, Drill Team, Home Room Secrefary, Y-Teens, Fulure Business Lead- ers, Moni+or . . . KUYKENDALL, CAROLYN . . . Fufure Business Leaders, Publicafions Sfaff, Monilor . . . LAMP- LEY, SHARON . . . Publicalions Slaif, Monilor, Fufure Nurses . . . LANEER, BELINDA . . . LASITER, MANNIE . . . Home Room Presidenf . . . LEE, ETHEL MAE . . . Slu- den+ Council, Fufure Homemalcers, Fufure Business Leaders, Monifor, Choir, Girls' Ensemble . . . LIGON, JOAN . . . Fulure Homemalcers Presidenl, Drill Team, Fu+ure Teachers, Fu+ure Business Leaders, Spanish Club, Senior Cabinef, Y- Teens, Boolrworms, Nafional Honor Sociely . . . LOVELL, JOHNNY . . . Home Room Vice-president Hi-Y, Lafin Club, Boys' Chorus, Wildcal' Follies . . . LOWERY, IVA . . . Pub- licalions Sfaff, Quill and Scroll . . . LUKER, JOE . . . Fool- ball, Baslzelball, S'l'uden'l Council, Key Club, Nafional Honor Sociefy President Tri Chem, Home Room Presidenf, Har- vard Boolc Award, Junior Rofarian, Usher for Baccalau- rea+e . . . I ! 'ai 5 , r 'fx -M--ff ,lv cw 1 if Mannie Lasiler as 5' i 1' 4'A"V N lva Jean Lowery -lee l 'Jlrer Icxtcxlinas Croon . . . Tyler, Iohnson, Futrell, McClain, and ltephens. i X x , x ii i N xxs I Efhel Mae Lee T Joan Ligon Johnny Lovell :..-- , Seniors LUMPKIN, ROSETTA . . . Future Homemalcers, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Secretary, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Musical Varieties . . . MAGLOTHIN, JIMMY . . . MONASCO, BON- NIE . . . Spanish Club, Home Room Secretary and Treasurer, Glee Club, Choir, Musical Varieties . . . MARSHALL, HANK . . . Football, Publications Staff . . . MARTIN, HOWARD . . . Latin Club, Boys' Chorus, Track, Thespians . . . MAR- TIN, JANE . . . Boolcworms, Art Club Treasurer, Choir . . . MARTIN, LYNDA . . . PepCa'ts Drill Team, Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Girls' Recreation Association, Usher for Gradua- tion . . . MARTINESS, SUE . . . Art Club . . . MASON. DON . . . Ar+ Club . . . MATHIS, HELEN . . . J' 'U' A -'T-f" '3' Howard Martin Jane Martin L .. v Il 1 1-A Rosetta Lumpkin Jimmy Maglothin ani' 'sv 17 Bonnie Monasco Hanlr Marshall Lynda Martin Sue Martiness I 'fixes WWW' rdf Deck the halls and the trophy case. Donna Tonner, Sue Iames and Ronny Tribell put finishing touches on Christmas decor ations. ,, Joyce Zell May Jamie Mays miiii' N F X rf!! Qs, Lihue M. Mayhan Ogden Mayhugh pin i lil X Suzie McClendon Joyce McElroy ,pm mei Sarah .McKenzie Jon McSpadden lnnual antics is with Io Ann Smith, Barbara Cullins, Ginger alyer Billy Ioe Moody, Bill Baldridge and Bill Perry. 5 Seniors MAY, JOYCE ZELL . . . Girls' Ensemble, Bookworms, Fu- fure Homemakers . . . MAYS, JAMIE . . . Home Room Presidenl, S+uclen+ Council, Ari Club, Choir, Boolcslore Moni- 1'or, Musical Varielies, Wildcal Follies Commillee, Publica- 'lions Slaff . . . MAYHAN, LIHUE . . . MAYHUGH, OG- DEN . . . Ouill and Scroll, Publicalions Slaff Phofographer, La'lin Club, Camera Club, Boys' Chorus, Wildcai Follies, Junior Red Cross, Conceri' ancl Marching Bands, Musical Varie+ies . . . McCLENDON, SUZIE . . . PepCal's Drill Team, French Club, Wildcaf Follies, Musical Varielies, Fulure Busi- ness Leaclers, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Thespians, Y-Teens, Moni- +or . . . McELROY, JOYCE . . . Sfuclenl Direclor for Senior Play, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Arl Club, Fulure Homemalxers, Thes- pians, Boolxworms, Spanish Club . . . McGlNNESS, JAMES SHERRILL . . . Band S+uclen+ Direclor, Home Room Reporfer, Concerl' and Marching Bands, Publicalions Slaff Ar+is+, All S+a+e Band, Ouill and Scroll, Wildcaf Follies Commillee . . . MCGRAW, WAYNE . . . Concerl' and Marching Bands, Key Club . . . MCKENZIE, SARAH . . . Choir, Fufure Home- malrers, Musical Variefies Publicalions Slaff . . . McSPAD- DEN, JON . . . Quill ancl Scroll, Publicafions Slaff Phofo- grapher, Lalin Club, Boys' Chorus, Wildcal Follies, Con- cerl' and Marching Bands . . . in 6'-S -- we '-df" I Qvxx ---is-noi -"' 'ig iz X I Q M Q ali 'SSX ik was James S. McGinness Wayne McGraw 'Q 0 iff. Seniors McVAY, GLENN M .... Home Room Vice-presidenr, Treas- urer, Quill and Scroll, Fooiball, Track, Baslielball, Publica- Iions Sfaff . . . MEDLOCK, MARILYN HAYS . . . Narional Honor Socie+y, Thela Science Secre+ary, Furure Teachers Treasurer, Junior Red Cross Counly Presidenf, Spanish Club, PepCa+s, Y-Teens, Thespians, Tri Chem, Narional Merir Schol- arship Finalisi, Na+ionaI Honor Sociefy Scholarship Finalisf, Sfaie Science Fair Delegale . . . MERRITT, PATSY ANN . . . Senior Cabine+, PepCa'r Hand Drill Leader, Y-Teens, Siu- denr Council, Fufure Business Leaders Presidenr, Home Room Reporier, Quill and Scroll, Publicalions Sfaff Wildca-I Pic- fure Ediror, Junior Hislorical Socieiy, Fulure Nurses, Usher for Gradualion . . . MERRITT, RUTH LYNN . . . Fuiure Teachers, PepCa+s Drill Team, Spanish Club Secrerary, Y- Teens Program Chairman, Bookworms Presideni, Na+ional Honor Sociely, Usher af Baccalaureale . . . MIDDLE- BROOKS, DORIS . . . Pe Cars Drill Team, Y-Teens, Lalin Club, Choir, Fufure Teachers, Fuiure Homemalcers, Thes- pians, Boolcworms, Musical Varieries, Girls' Ensemble . . . MILLER, KEITH PHILLIP . . . Ar+ Club, Spanish Club, Sfage Crew, Conceri and Marching Bands . . . MILLER, ROBERT A. . . . Band . . . MILLS, JUDY . . . Choir, PepCa+s, Thes- pians, Fulure Homemalrers, Fuiure Teachers, Y-Teens, Musi- cal Varielies, BeH'y Croclcer Homemalcer of Tomorrow A- ward for NLRHS, Siudenr Direcror for Senior Play, Casi of "An+ic Spring" . . . MITCHELL, TOM . . . Band . MONK, MARION . . . Home Room Vice-presidenr, Key Club . . . Doris Middlebroolrs Keifh .Miller Um-4 Glenn McVay Marilyn Medloclr Paisy Merrill' Ru+h Lynne MerriH eir- A T3 9 59' 'iii' L ,I 1 '- A I' I 5 - 3 2.5 2 . 53 iii -I 'Vs' 'f gif My H .,,- ff- X 'x Exif! ii 1 1 Roberl' Miller Judy Mills ws... 41. dl" I rl' Tom Milchell Marlon Monlc "And Hank flies through the crir with the greatest of ease X Seniors y MOODY, BILLY JOE . . . Foofball, Team Capiain, All Big Eighl First Team, Baskefball, Track, Quill and Scroll, Home 5 Room Presidenf, Senior Cabinel' . . . MOODY, ROBERT . . . MOORE, BOBBY BOOTH . . . Lab Assis+an+, Thefa "'---gl' NS' Science Club . . . MOORE, LlNDA . . Fu+ure Homemalcers, '--nv" A Fulure Business Leaders, Na+ional Honor Socie+y, Girls' En- semble, Choir, Musical Varie+ies . . MOORE, MARGARET L .... Monilor, Home Room Secrelary, Nafional Honor Socie+y, All S+a+e Choir, Fu+ure Business Leaders, Musical Varie'l'ies . . . -MOORE, MARIE LUCILLE . . . PepCa'ls, Tl1es- pians, Fulure Homemalcers, Cas+ of "Nigl1+ Mus'r Fall", Pub- lica+ions Slaff . . . MORGAN, RAY DONALD . . . MOR- GAN, JOHN . . . Lafin Club, Thela Science Club, Monilor . . . MORRIS, MARSHALL . . . TMUNFORD, LEO . . . Pub- licalions Siaff . . . Q3 Qxsfvgg , we F: in YES'-.S-'EQAS QW s X . S f za Q 3 X ' J X -C' x l' . , 3 i A S' 3 , ,ff -' V ,diff Billy Joe Moody Roberl' Moody 11 3, 739 cp., ,,....i Q 4? xx Bobby Moore Linda Moore Sn I sd' QW: , -Q """""9' 5 L Margare+ ,Moore Marie Moore Donald Morgan Jol-in Morgan A Q5 Q KX, NIV All 'ww-dll' T Marshall Morris Leo Munford "Their Masters Voice" km E Seniors MUNNERLYN, JAMES EDWARD . . . MURPHY, PAT . . . Fufure Homemalcers, Choir, Y-Teens, Musical Varieries, Jun- ior Recl Cross, Ar+ Club, PepCa+s Drill Team . . . MYRICK, JAMES . . . Musical Variefies, Choir, Boys' Chorus, Thespi- ans, Proiecfionisfs Club . . . NATIONS, NANCY . . . Choir, PepCa+s Drill Team, Spanish Club, Sludenl Council, Home Room Vice-presidenf, Nafional Honor Sociefy, Secrefary, Girls' Sfafe, Y-Teens Delega+e fo Sfale and Ci+y Confer- ences . . . NEAL, DON . . . NICHOLS, BRENDA . . . Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Y-Teens, PepCa+s Drill Team, Ar+ Club Reporfer, Publica+ions Sfaff, Junior His+orical Socie+y, Sen- ior Play Casl, Cas? of "Rebel Chrisl'mas" and "Too Much Misfle+oe" . . . O'BRlEN, BARBARA . . . Fufure Homemalc- ers . . . ODUM, JERRY . . . OISHI, TOSHIO . . . Tri Chem, Transfer from Li'Hle Rock Cen+ral High School . . . OLSEN, LARRY . . . Ly!! H ,yig-Qt K X ff, h f ,f"!, 1 -f X I -., 1 , , Lfxfqgig 1 James Munnerlyn 7 T W Pal' Murphy L 4. A 3 J 'l All ,A James Myriclc Nancy Na+ions If Don Neal B Brenda Nichols r Barbara O'Brien Jerry Odum QW fqqxf, T , Larry Olsen Now we know why satellites are top secret. Eddie Orsini Linda Kay Parlrhill I Janice Palriclx Laverne Payne Laurence Pegrim Ginger Phelps Kalherine Phillips But I cc1n't pay the rent-But you must pay the rent. Seniors ORSINI, EDDIE . . . Tri Chem, Boys' Sfale, Monifor, Key Club, Lafin Club, The+a Science Club, Lab Assis+an+ . . . PARKHILL LINDA KAY . . . PepCa+s Secreiary and PepCa'I's Drill Team, Fufure Homemakers Vice-presidenf, Fufure Business Leaders, Y-Teens, Choir, Girls' Ensemble, S'I'uden+ Council, Senior Cabinet Musical Varielies, Head of Prom Decoralion Com- mi'H'ee . . . PATRICK, JANICE . . . Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Naiional Honor Sociely, Ari Club Secrel , u ure FEFGT makers, Y-Teens, Musical Varielies . . . UL, JIMMY JO . . . Home Room Presiclenl and Vice-pres: n , as el' al, Transfer from Lonolxe . . . PAYNE, LA VERNE . . . Choir, Glee Club, Fuiure Homemalrers, Musical Varielies . . . PEG- RIM, WILLIAM LAURENCE . . . Ari Club, Fufure Business Leaders . . . PERKINS, LYNDA GAIL . . . PepCaIs, Y-Teens, Home Room Secrefary, Transfer from Forf Smifh . . . PERRY, JIMMY . . . Baslrelball, Publicaiions Slaff . . . PHELPS, GINGER . . . PHILLIPS, KATHRYN . . . 41,04 imdb ,W LW 10 ' 154Jg'i5Mf4 WKVZIULZN iwgjffj Lynda Perkins Jimmy Perry "'N..ff-L Seniors PHILLIPS, MARILYN . . . DAR Good Cilizen Award, Na- fional Honor Sociefy, Girls' Sfafe, Thes ians, Fufure Teach- ers Vice-presiden+, PepCa+s, Treasurer liar Forensic League, Drill Team, Boolcworms, Spanish Club, Assis+an+ Direcfor for Senior Play, and "Nigh+ Musf Fall" . . . PIKER, RA.MONA . . . Fufure Teachers, Fufure Homemalcers, Choir, Laiin Club, PepCais, Y-Teens . . . PINKERTON, DAVID . . . Boys' Chorus . . . POOL, BUDDY . . . Foofball, Track, Sfudenl' Council, Thela Science Club, French Club, Tumbling Team, Home Room Vice-presiden+, Usher for Graduaiion . . PORTER, PHILLIP . . . Band . . . PRESTON, JAN . . . PepCafs, Home Room Vice-presidenl, Nafional Honor Sociefy, Arf Club, Thes ians, Y-Teens, Boolcworms . . . PRICE, LAURA . . . BancrLibrarian . . . QUERNER, DEANNA . . . Girls' Recrea- fional Associalion, Quill and Scroll, Transfer from California . . . RAGAN, PATRICIA ANN . . . Glee Club . . . RAINEY, JIMMY . . . The+a Science Club, Lafin Club . . . F Marilyn Phillips P Ramona Piker . 'V' , -ur' ,-sr-fx "cz:-1' if-we 'Ki David Pinlcerlon Buddy Pool 'W' ill WWF Phillip Porler Jan Pres'I'on ,,r-.uf 'T Laura Price Deanna Querner sl' si -Q' ,sw 9 1 1 Pairicia A. Ragan Jimmy Rainey Senior girls trio Linda Sipes, Icrckie Tilley, cmd Anne Hilton sing Oriental song "You Are Beautiful". Dickey Red Linda Lou Reed 39 Thomas Reed Alma Reemes Seniors RED, DICKY . . . Hi Comef Sporfs Edifor, Baskefball, Key Club, Quill and Scroll, Boys' Chorus, Home Room Presidenl . . . REED, LINDA LOU . . . Fufure Business Leaders, Pep- Cais, Ediior for Safellife, Quill and Scroll, Hi Come+ Head Typis+ . . . REED, THOMAS . . . REEMES, ALMA . . . Fu- 'I'ure Business Leaders, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Wildcai' Follies, Monilor, Publicalions Slaff, Quill and Scroll, Na- fional Honor Sociefy, In+er Club Council . . . REMEL, ROB- ERT W .... Foofball, Home Room Vice-presideni, Senior Cabiner . . . RIVIERE, JAMES . . . Publicafions S'ra'f'f, Boys' Chorus, Wildcal Follies, Concerl Band, Boys' Quariel, Quill and Scroll, Transfer from Sylvan Hills High School . . . ROBERTS, COY . . . Fufure Tradesmen . . . ROBERTS, RAY- MOND . . . ROGERS, JERRY . . . Baske+ball All Big Eighi, Home Room Presidenf and Vice-presidenl, Boys' S1'a+e, Na- 'lional Honor Socieiy, Tri Chem, The+a Science Club, Key Club, Second Place Winner Mafh-Science Fair . . . ROREX, PAUL DALE . . . Spanish Club, Bookslore Monilor, Choir, Transfer from Ausfin E. La+hrop High, Fairbanks, Alaska . . . . gil: L ,gferg is 'V in Q fly'-if Q Q is as ,w.:?.f, .- wx s s,,- s s-' fiisxlvsf- wwf: is 'wait sa 4 if ' ---.. wmsr, " "' he sxfxsiffi X .sim " ' six' "fra A-malt.:- Bobby Remel James Riviere Coy Roberls Raymond Roberh Y' T Q5 I il lm nv - X S5 K ' Jerry Rogers Paul Dale Rorex n't take us to your leader-we're real gone . . . Herbie tes, Glenn McVc1y and Bill Perry. Seniors ROYER, JOHN WAYNE . . . Proiecfionisfs Club . . . RUN- DELL, MYRNA JOY . . . Y-Teens, Fuiure Business Leaders, Junior Hisforical Socie+y . . . RUSSELL, MICHAEL . . . SALYER, GINGER JANE . . . Home Room Vice-presidenr and Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Thespians Secrefary, Pub- licafions Business Manager, Y-Teens, Delegare +o Mid-Win- fer Conference, Quill and Scroll, PepCa+s, Furure Business Leaders, Fufure Homemalcers, Usher for Baccalaureaie and Graduafion . . . SALYER, ROGER . . . SCARBOROUGH, THOMAS . . . SCHMIDT, WRENETTA SUE . . . Fufure Homemalcers, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Choir, Musical Variefies . . . SCHULTZ, AL, JR .... Proiecrionisrs Club, Ari' Club, Fooiball . . . SCOTT, DEE DEE . . . PepCa+s Drill Team, Choir, Y-Teens Senior Cabinef, Home Room Treasurer, Fu- +ure Nurses Presidenf, S+uden+ Council, La+in Club . . . SCOTT, STEVEN . . . Furure Tradesmen . . . -is s fo Cru John Wayne Royer Myrna Joy Rundell 36 :sf Michael Russell Ginger Salyer 1 ' esr- Q Wx. x L ":i 1 ful? 5 Roger Salyer Thomas Scarborough T 'J-'il' if WreneH'a Sue Schmidf AI Schulh s. 1 :Qs lf T -runs- -rv l Dee Dee ScoH' Sieven Sco'H' Chop! Chop! Watch the fingers, Lotus Blossom. Qi Susan Scoff Donna Scroggin A 'df N., X """S i Mary Seafs Gary Shaw la-R -wr- T x"'Q" 1 X -. Y X Roberf Shaw Dolores Sherry A M' Sahdy ot air for charity . . . Ice Luker, Raymond Grandon, Miss Iohn- on, and David Bevans tie balloons for the March of Dimes ' Ile, Seniors SCOTT, SUSAN . ,f.rJTin'iorMRed'iCross. Spanish Club, Pep- Cafs, Y-Teens +ure Business Leaders, Choir, nifor, Mu- sical Varie+' s . . . SCROGGIN, DONNA . . . Y-Tee s, Choir, PepCa+s ' -Team, ' ' Repor+- er, Musical ' lies, Girls Recrealional Associaiion . . . SEATS, MARY . . . , ?T'.A'Concer+ and March- ing Bands, Siage Crew, Proiec+ionis+s Club . . . SHAW, ROBERT . . . Hi Comei Edifor, Wildcai Sporis Edilor, Na- 'lional Honor Sociely, Junior Rofarian, Quill and Scroll, Key Club, Nafional Ouill and Scroll Creafive Wrifing Award, Delegafe 'ro Arkansas High School Press Associalion, Dele- gale +o Yearbook Workshop, Boys' Chorus, Track, Laiin Club, Home Room Presideni and Secre+ary, Usher a+ Baccalaure- tions Staff Bus. Mor. SHERRY, DOLORES . . . Home Room Secreiary, Thespians, Forensic League Secreiary, Voice oi Democracy Winner, Choir, Senior Play Casi' . . . SHINN, CAROLYN . . . Y-Teens, PepCa+s . . . SHIRLEY, CELINDA . . . Cheerleader Capiain, PepCa'I's Drill Team, Monifor, Y- Teens, S+a+e Y-Teen Delega+e, Y-Teen Valen+ine Maid, ln- ier Club Council, Siudenf Council, Home Room Treasurer, Musical Varieiies, Wildca+ Follies CommiH'ee, Fuiure Busi- ness Leaders, Junior Red Cross, Friendliesf Wildcaf, ln+er Club Council . . . SHOCK, SANDY . . . Y-Teens, Theia Science Club, Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Laiin Club, Fufure Nurses, Musical Varieiies . . . SHOPTAW, CECILE . . . Thefa Science Club, Girls' S+a+e, Fufure Nurses, Ari Club, Junior Hisforical Socieiy, Naiional Honor Socieiy, Moni- for . . . -A rj Carolyn Shinn Celinda Shirley Seniors SIMMONS, BILLY . . . Senior Cabine+, Bookworms, Quill and Scroll, Delegafe +o Arkansas High School Press Associa- Iion, Key Club, Thespians, Hi Comel' Spor+s Edilor, Hi-Y, Publicalions Slaff ArIis+, Usher al Baccalaureafe . . . SIN- KEY, VIRGIL . . . Publicaiions Sfaff . . . SIPES, LINDA SUE . . . Girls' Trio, PepCa+s Drill Team, Girls' Ensemble, Fu+ure Nurses, Latin Club, Junior Hisforical Socie+y . . . SKINNER, RONALD . . . Ari Club, Hi-Y . . . SKIPPER, JAN . . . Junior Red Cross, S+uden+ Council, Inier Club Council, Choir, Fu- fure Homemakers Presideni, PepCa+s Presideni, Y-Teens, Drill Team, French Club, Y-Teen Valeniine Maid, Girls' Sfafe Homecoming Queen . . . SMITH, ANITA . . . Y-Teens, Pep- Ca'I's Drill Team, Fufure Business Leaders, Fufure Homemak- ers, Home Room Secrefary-Treasurer, S+uden+ Council, Choir, Musical Varielies . . . SMITH, ARTHUR THOMAS . . . Transfer from Casile Heighfs ,MiIi+ary Academy . . . SMITH, CHARLES H .... Baske+ball . . . SMITH, HAR- RIETT ANN . . . Fuiure Business Leaders Secrefary, Fu+ure Homemakers Secre+ary, Choir, Y-Teens, PepCa+s, Junior Red Cross . . . SMITH, JO ANN . . . Quill and Scroll, Publica- +ions Sfaff Business Manager, Miss Wildcat Home Room Reporier, Ar? Club, Home Room Secrerary-Treasurer, Gym Assisfani . . . Bill Simmons 'O' Linda Sue Sipes 'Y X Jan Skipper Aniia Smilh 'HV' 1 ., 0 .K 'Qt .fi -vm, ' ' p if -. ,wrin I , ,Oar 1 A :M'..:af,z:w Arlhur Thomas Smiih 'if' LNIOIIS Harrielie Smiih .a-We six - wi Virgil Sinkey if Ronald Skinner I . if N avr -X 1 Q,-endif I is f -5 -2-2 kms' -71 sl-"ti"-ii 'Ni , 5-'EF-A .ali 1.33 f ' L C' I 41", -i :gl f . ,. as ..,,. Charles H. Smiih QQK. 'gf Jo Ann Smiih President Swotim speaks for the Mcrrch. .-ii:-. Marvin Smilh Marrha Smifh I xg- Seniors SMITH, MARVIN . . . Publicarions S+aff . . . SMITH, MAR- THA . . . Choir, Arr Club Treasurer . . . SMITH, PATRICIA ANN . . . Y-Teens, Fulure Nurses, Furure Homemalcers Vice- presiden+, Fulure Business Leaders Vice-presidenr, Fufure Teachers, Naiional Honor Sociely, Senior Cabiner, PepCaIs Drill Team, Junior Red Cross, Monilor, Fuiure Homemalcers Presidenl, Girls' Slale . . . SMITH, SCHUYLER . . . Quill and Scroll, Lab Assisranl, Larin Club, Tri Chem . . . SNY- DER, BARBARA JAYNE . . . Spanish Club, Transfer from Lillle Rock Cenfral High School . . . SPARKS, CAROLYN . . . Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Publicalions Slaff, Transfer from HallHigh SchooI,SeniorPlayCasI' . . . SPEARS,CARO- LYN . . . Furure Business Leaders . . . SPENCER, DOROTHY . . . Concerl' and Marching Bands, Band Librarian, Fulure Homemalxers, Fulure Teachers . . . STAGGS, PAUL . . . STANE. GENE . . . Home Room Presidenf and Vice-presi- denl, Mr. WiIdca+, Quill and Scroll, Publicalions Adverfis- ing Manager . . . I MMEQ, gay, fu, 4 4'l"i5h1s sw in Wikia! II-if L.. My 'V' ' N C ,......-..., 4 . N XJ 'YP i My 3 1- in ri I 3 . ,Q 'Q Tr ,, X . me Q" - br'-lv 4 1 , is it ,, N-I in 6 Haw! J wiki.. . ff . 5 Mi! ""' " if -N. Pa+ricia Ann Smilh Schuyler . sm sz-. k 1 49 N 9 af! A .ss xs- J, t C Il nc .lx 'Y' Barbara J. Snyder Carolyn Sparks Billie Sue Spears vm sax Dorolhy Spencer A. -3' 'er up Cats . . . iI's only money . . . the day we didn't ecxl h Seniors STARKS, TOMMY DALE . . . Ke Club, Hi-Y . . . STEIN- METZ, TUCKER . . . Hi Comer Edilor, Boys' Chorus, Junior Rofarian, Thespians, Forensic League, Quill and Scroll, Casl' of "Nigh+ Musl Fall", Nafional Honor Sociefy, Delegale 'lo Yearbook Workshop . . . STEPHENS, W. DON . . . Sludenr Body Vice-president Home Room Presidenf, Foofball, Track . . . STEPHENSON, STEVE . . . Choir, Thespians, All S+a+e Choir, Senior Play Casr, Junior Choir Presidenr, Musical Variefies, Wilclcai Follies, Home Room Vice-presiden+, Boys' Chorus Presideni, Quill and Scroll Publicalions Sfaff, Spanish Club, Casl of "Nigh+ Musf Fall", Glee Club . . . STONE, JIMMY . . . STRASNER, LOUIS . . . French Club, Hi-Y, Senior Cabinel, Home Room Vice-presiden+, Nalional Honor Sociefy, Key Club . . . STRAYHORN, JERRY . . . Projec- fionisls Club, Presiclenf and Head Monifor, Thespians . . . STROUD, JAMIE LOUISE . . . PepCa+s, Girls' Ensemble, Drill Team, Choir, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Fufure Homemak- ers, All Sfafe Choir, Bookworms . . . STUCKEY, TOMMY 1 . . Publicafions Sfaff, Arf Club . . . SWAIM, LARRY . . . Sludenl' Body President Publicafions Slaff, Junior Ro- farian, Key Club, Thespians, Junior Red Cross, Forensic League, Mas+er of Ceremonies for Wildcal' Follies, Cas? of "Nigh+ Mus+ Fall", American Legion Speech Confesl' A- ward, Proiec+ionis+s Club, Superior Raring af Slafe Speech Fesfival, Boys' Chorus . . . Jimmy S+one Louis Sl'rasner Jerry Sfrayhorn Jamie Sfroud ASG' -4-aff' at Frances Swaim Carol Swann 4315. Trudye Tabor Donna Tanner QQ MQ 6- Marlene Tarwater Mary Jane Tedtord -s ' ?0Q gl' Sharon Thomas Billy Thomason ound and round and round they go and Where they stop no ne knows. Football players feast at annual banquet. Seniors SWAIM, FRANCES . . . Spanish Club, Future Nurses, Y- Teens . . . SWANN, CAROL LEE . . . Satellite Editor, Pub- lications Circulation Manager, Y-Teens, Thespians, Home Room Re orter, Quill and Scroll . . . TABOR, TRUDY . . . Student Council, Delegate to Southern Association ot Stu- dent Councils, Home Room Secretary and Treasurer, Pep- Cats Drill Team, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders, Junior Historical Society, Usher for Baccalaureate and Graduation . . . TANNER, DONNA . . . Art Club, Band Librarian, Y- Teens, Concert and Marching Bands . . . TARWATER, MAR- LENE . . . Future Homemalcers, TEDFORD, ,MARY JANE . . . Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Pep- Cats Drill Team, Publications Statt, Home Room Secretary, Future Homemalrers Vice-president, Future Nurses, Musical Varieties . . . TERRY, CAROLYN . . . Ouill and Scroll, Pub- lications Statt Artist and Statt Writer, Assistant Literar Editor tor Wildcat, Thespians, Proiectionists Club, French Club, Junior Red Cross, Art Club, Student Director tor "Night Must Fall" . . . THOMAS, LARRY . . . Track . . . THOMAS, SHARON . . . Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders, Transter trom Arlington, Virginia . . . THOMASON, BILLY . . . Future Business Leaders, Hi-Y, Usher for Baccalaureate Las.. 99" 00' 5 'N-n-an-fx Carolyn Terry Larry Thomas Seniors THOMPSON, AUDREY . . . Transfer from Bermuda Island , . . THORNTON, SONNY . . . Concert and Marching Bands, Boys' Chorus, Home Room Secretary, Hi-Y, Book- worms, Theta Science Club, Wildcat Follies, Cast for Sen- ior Play, Musical Varieties, Proiectionists Club . . . TILBURY, ELIZABETH . . . PepCats, Y-Teens, Future Business Leaders, Spanish Club . . . TILLEY, JACQUELYN FAYE . . . Girls' Trio, Girls' Ensemble, Choir, Secretary, Musical Vareties, Future Teachers, Senior Cabinet, All State Choir, Spanish Club Vice-president, National Honor Society, Junior Choir President, Glee Club, Y-Teens . . . TOLLIVER, JOHNNY RAY . . . Home Room President, Senior Cabinet . . . TOWN- SEND, DANNY . . . Boys' Chorus, Choir, Thespians, Wild- Cat Follies . . . TURNER, BILL . . . Key Club, Publications Staff, Quill and Scroll . . . TWIDWELL, JIMMY . . . UTLEY, LINDA . . . Lafin Club, Future Homemalcers, Glee Club, Future Nurses, Musical Varieties, Choir, Junior Red Cross Choirmaster . . . VENETTA, JO ANN . . . Future Homemak- ers, PepCats Drill Team, Y-Teens, Inter Club Council, Choir Audry Thompson S ' " T" ' F Elizabeth Tilbury Jacquelyn Tilley Johnny Tolliver Danny Townsend - is Xu it Bill Turner Jimmy Twidwell 'll Linda Uiley Jo Ann Venetta 1958-59 football captain Billy Ioe Moody is presented blanke by Coaches Albright and Blendon. I v S A Kenne+l1 Vick Jonny Waddle l .ti . ' A A jf QV "-nn-A . '-' J v T li Seniors VICK, KENNETH . . . WADDLE, JONNY . . . Publicalions Slaff . . . WALKER, BOBBY . . . WALLACE, STEVE . . . Fulure Tradesmen . . . WALTER, JOHN MARK . . . Quill and Scroll, Bookworms, Lalin Club, Sludenl' Council, Pub- licalions S'l'a'lf, Wildcal ,Make-up Eclilor . . . WARD, PATSY . . . Choir, Musical Variefies, WARNER, SHARLOTTIE . . . Monilor . . . WATSON, VIVIAN . . . Nafional Honor Sociely, Forensic League Presiclenl, Tliespians, Casi' of "Nigl1+ Musl' Fall", Moni+or, Junior Red Cross, Fufure Teachers, PepCa+s, Fufure Nurses His+orian . . . WEATHERFORD, DAVID . . . Baskefball, Ari Club, Publicalions Slaff, Track, Library Moni- +or . . . WEBB, DAVID . . . Band, Home Room Repor'l'er . ,ul JQWS YS" Bobby Walker Sleve Wallace T ,fx l flhwif 'll' 1' -f John Mark Waller Pa+sy Ward Sl'1arlo'Hie Warner Vivian Walson 952' ...Q T 'Sui' ,..J-95. Bill Bcxlclridge tries to persuade Mr. Wright, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Nright, and Mrs. Miller at Quill cmd Scroll dinner during Truth ar Consequences. -,- --me C - 1 iimu -in Seniors WEBER, ROGER . . . Key Club, Tri Chem . . . WEISE, CAR- OLYN . . . Wildcaf Liferary Ediror, Hi Comer News Edifor, Fufure Nurses, Fu+ure Homemalcers, Quill and Scroll . . . WELLER, JANICE DALE . . . PepCa+s Drill Team, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross . . . WELLS, HOWARD ODIS . . . WELLS, SHIRLEY . . . WETZLER, BOB . . . WHEELER, BARBARA ELLEN . . . WHISENANT, DARRELL . . . Concer+ and Marching Bands, Band Sfage Crew . . . WIEGAND, ANNE . . . Sfudenr Council, Monifor, ln+er Club Council, Pe Cars Drill Team, Y-Teens, Thespians, Fu- +ure Teachers, Chioir, Arf Club, French Club, Publica+ions Sraff, Wildca+ Follies, Musical Varie+ies, Quill and Scroll, Senior Play Cast Cas+ of "Geraldine and +he Whi+e Robe" . . . WIGGINS, RALPH . . . Publicafions Sraff, Foofball . . . A 0' Roger Weber Carolyn Weise fu' JL L Dale Weller Howard Wells Shirley Wells Bob Weheler WN ' Yr dw! P3 "Nei T Y ...f Barbara Wheeler Darrell Whisenani 5 f ff n'?"'?ig?S xv ,,, Anne Wregand Ralph Wiggins . Eager doners-Bill Buldridge, Billy Ioe Moody and Wcryne Henson. Wilkerson Virginia Willcins 1 Frances Willard Judy Wingfield Recy Winfer Georgia Wiilcowslri Seniors WILKERSON, NANCY . . . PepCa+s, Choir, Y-Teens, Fu- fure Homemalcers, Fulure Nurses, Musical Varie'l'ies, Publica- +ions Sfaff, Quill and Scroll . . . WILKINS, VIRGINIA LEE . . . S+uden+ Council, PepCa+s Drill Team, Y-Teens, Choir, Musical Variefies, Spanish Club . . . WILLARD, MARY FRANCES . . . Glee Club, Lafin Club, Musical Variefies, Furure Nurses, Choir, Moni+or, Publicalions S+aff . . . WING- FIELD, JUDY . . . Ar+ Club, Choir, Fufure Nurses, Girls' Recrea+ional Associalion . . . WINTER, RECY . . . Glee Club, Choir . . . WITKOWSKI, GEORGIA ELAINE . . . Junior Red Cross . . . WOIMBLE, NOLAN . . . lnfer Club Council, Fufure Teachers . . . WOMBLE, RAYMOND . . . WOODS, JACOUELYN ANN . . . Ar+ Club, Lafin Club, Y-Teens . . . WOOLDRIDGE, LOUISE . . . Fu+ure Home- makers . . . ,mullin- Nolan Womble Raymond Womble 1 goss- Jaclrie Woods Louise Wooldridge "Big Bill" gave Q pint in twenty seconds. iff Seniors WOOTEN, JIMMY . . . Monifor for Phys Ed and Library . . . WORTHAM, BUEL RAY . . . Mr. Wildcaf, Ouill and Scroll, Bookworms, Library Monifor, Home Room Vice-presi- denf, Foofball, Tumbling Team, Publicafions Adverfising Sfaff . . . WRIGHT, JIMMIE LEA . . . PepCafs Vice-presi- w-.-51' denf, Home Room Secrefary, Y-Teens, PepCa+s Drill Team, ,,,,,.---' Lafin Club, Home Room Presiclenf, Fufure Nurses . . . WRIGHT, MARTHA . . . Transfer from Liffle Rock Cenfral High School . . . WRIGHT, ROBERT MORRIS, JR. . . . WYNNS, EDDIE . . . Lafin Club . . . YATES, HERBERT . . . Foofball, Baslcefball, Traclc, Home Room Treasurer, Library Monifor, Home Room Presidenf, Publicafions Sfaff Aclverfis- ing Manager, Baslrefball Team Capfain, Honorable Menfion All Big 8 in Foofball . . . YIELDING, PEGGY . . . Cheer- i leader, Nafional Honor Sociefy Treasurer, All Sfafe Choir, J'mmY Woolen Buel RBY Worlllam Thespians, PepCa+s Drill Team, Senior Cabinef, Fufure Teach- ers, Home Room Secrefary, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Choir, Musical Variefies, Monifor, Casf of "Nigh+ Musf FaII", Delegafe fo Y-Teen Sfafe and Cify Conferences . . . YORK, CLIFFORD . . . YOUNG, MARILYN . . . Sfudenf Council, Pe Cafs, Lafin Club, Fufure Business Leaders, Y-Teens . . . YCSUNTS, PRISCILLA . . . Choir, PepCafs, Y-Teens, Fufure an Homemalrers, Monifor . . . ZAGAR, JOE . . . Foofball, Quill and Scroll Publicafions Sfaff Exchange Eclifor . . . 1 .4-fs I My , ir' Jimmy Lea Wrighf Marfha Wrighf 'Y 1---ev 2 ,.,,,,, sl ,J '-' s Yusuf? Roberf M. Wrighf Eddie Wynns Herberf Yafes Peggy Yielding :em HQ Q 6' Y QI W Q gg Clifford York Marilyn Young Priscilla Younfs Joe Zagar 84 A 6' Y -in Abboii, Doris l I 1+ Akins, Marfha -msg Andrews, Gene Baker, Cliffon F 1 F 5 sv L Beard, Sparky Zara 1:12 Bice, Glenda me fa-fb Adams, Diane 'fi Alford, Marian ,A -L .yu 'ln F Qi Armstrong, Susan ,lg Gi' Q ' 4' ff' 'Qi-Af we i .-N Ju., ,f ' Bealfy, Linda ,'. ru Blades, Mike Wild child smiled, Cats beguiled. Akin, Barbara 366 xl- Allen, Jo Carolyn Allen, Margaref A ... Allierion, Billy Don Bailey, Marianne Y . A - Q 'F"' N Je., , Y . nw Mx -.f , , T 5 . . 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Bowman, Lynda Gayle 'JR Buclrels, Sherrie Burns, Mary Carolyn Carr, Lyle Bleidl, Buddy Blomenlremp, Pele Blucker, Judy 'G Borden, Roberf Boslic, Mary Boswell, Barry C , gina Qi-1, , Sw - K3 wi? wr , L , vi B 'Writ I is Brashear. Jerrel Briley, Lenora Br-ooh, Delores Buclrner, Joyce Bufford, Anifa Bures, Peggy Q 1 rfk cr ur . , Q Q- j Busam, Roberl Canard, Rayma Lou Canirell, Fred 23 1 , Carroll, Bob Carier, Dianne Carfer, Ray in Pix X Q' 'ai .E QC' is v' L il 'J Q Caio, Danny Caihey, Ann Chapman, Donald C cafe, Wanneiie Clemenfs, Charleiie Clemenis, Linda Clifion, Norman 6 Wwe."- N, as -X.. ,Q fl Cook, Douglas Cool, Kaiie Coolr, William Lee ,vt 40? .A-F453 1-fv""" -1-an Cofirell, Max Cowan, Freda 'CNW Rfmhii 1 -0' - vb iv ,QQ :F , 'cr 'S Colrer, Becky ii N ,W wax -0' N U -qi ' -.nv Cordell, Bufch Craig, Marsha bil! N 3f'!'+q,,. v Cupii, Judy Curfis, Leroy Dailey, 'Lynda ' 1 YZ S Dare, Dorofhy V. Y K Collins, Violei N wa 7' ,si 14.55 f1f,,. S f Q. -f Corvay, Doug af 6,2 Barbara W A Davenpor+, David .IU- f' a '12 ii!! Juniors I Conley, Melody Bad Corzine, Mary Jo iii Ja , 1 1 R S Cummings, Doris W, L 19' ,nn Davis, Phyllis A. A-0 L i,,.4-5 S uxx Day, Virginia Deese, Anne Elizabefh DeMonbrun, Joyce You Tcxrzcxn . . . Me Icme! X ,,,,-'K N Hal wa, 8 x 5 Juniors 13. fu? 1-" k-var' 5 1 Dixon, XXX l Duclxworfh, Barbara www, , .J ,f gr ifwb J 1 ,A rv Q 1.2 ' Ill. 'a s Q ' if '- ' .. ,Mg Q , ,ii 5353 rf A Edwards, Dell Leo 2- 3 2 5. fi A S? J 'g i ff? gi W -ffe e ! ,V ., as 4 ' M A Lf? I ,if . Elswiclr, Carolyn Evans, Kenneih 188 oqs 5 il 41 f 'W' I, 1 lj, Dobbs, Jimmy 'JJ Yi Dumas, Nedra Deresaw, Wallace Missy Dodson, Charles i liiilsffr ' 5. fig., .. K5 "TJ ' EYES flsf f 4' y , --owl I .V . DuHon, George A., Q , M fa .. Q .4 ,. '3 , v 5 3 . ' Q-52 4 1 it I fox' H EQHH. Linda Egglesfon, Nan D me PM r -'W 'fm A, v -or S .,,,, 5 'G' Emmons, Mary Jo ani-N """9rg -an-if mv X Esch, Ronnie - - ..,.. 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Q Tlx X 'L Johnson Donna .NN Qfqs e ' Jones X3 Y Q VT x ex Skill ' New x.Lk A V ,g Q N -6 -J ,sill "' Junlin, Bruce Kaye, Jan Kelley, Carl Kelley, Rila Kenf Jimmy we xy , .arf . 'F is 9 X X wb' 'J' Kiehl, Billy Kinard, Jackie King, Harry King, 'Rene .e .e,i.,,y-- r e i X Kuylrenclall, Delores Langley, Paulelle Hello! Will I Wwwhhhcxt? Will I Wwhhat? 1 lfr..5,l Kirby X 16' fx eb Rs 1 3. J", Juniors 1. K N fl i i Lewis, Jamie Lewis, Jan l Lauck, Linda sw. Ugg- Kg: alma ew, li-urw., , kyfifgi , QF? 5 ' - L4 new W' fr Lewis, Johnny i ' ' K M1 2 - uf 3:52 ff.-qs, L' If 'QW I -ii? 'X 'W 3 Eg .7 ,N y ad Lybarqer, Nancy Mahnken, Edwin Maslwburn, Jimmy F! Malfhaws, Judy McCall, Pairicia 4, , ..- . . , .M , ,f McClain, Jolwnny if' at if I 1 , . eg J ' ' , X Q' 9 if . i V ' L' A f -, Q2 .513 . I McConnell, Mickey McCune, Marlr James ' .A f Y McRaven, Tooler McRoberis, Jackie Medley, Kay 192 E' Ledriclr, Melvin Lisfer. 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K M vs l, Y w 'S' x 1 N., ' J Nr Fairell, Carolyn Paladino, Mary Joyce You should have seen the o Morris, Charlofle -r X. 1-'uni S . ag: -av Y' 4, Tx Murray, Lavernia 'pw- , -0 sz ,av Nichoalcls, David 33 '15 O'Cain, Jean . K ,,., r ,fflfff '11 ,f fxfigfffrifigsflei Parlrer, Gary ne that got c1wc1y!!!! Morris, Harold Mosley, James QKJ -2 JI Neal, Vonne Neighbors, Bobby 1,15 is J-fx v-"7 .K Nolan, Johnny HQ 'fr' Odom, Suzanne Owen, Joan Juniors X M'ullen, Margaref iw N as s 0 T E, Q as f fi E 1 l Neighbors, Johnny .,.x Fw 'wif S ap el ...qv Zi, s ...ff 'ii Norman, Charles W. Pace, Sara - '1 a r Juniors Perry, Marlha A. jf x L an 'nge we , if wus Q , x 1 . "lf gif A as V V ,,p 4, .VMS Pilhinglon, Eddie 'J' ---4 Powell Malcolm J Randolph, Jessie Nell f X I Rhodes, Beclry X I94 .J Parlrer, Jo Payne, Laverne Qeixsa Q as Q 4 , ,xy Q Pelers, Johnny Perrose, Linda Phifer, John 4, an 4' Pills, Jimmy Pills, Judy Plummer, Jerry me .Eh 2 H' Z 33 Y, r 5 Q, if We al 3 5 gi 3 f 1: ,. 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'Qi A S C515 Hd' 9, S ""' 4 . .f ,A Smifh, Gail Campfire Girls? xi X X Q . in V NSN I si sl X Juniors Lf WL., 'W O SN-x 11" ' ' r Q Oaf' fix X' Ruperf, Sandy pf: 'fi' E T gs ' x tv-"'V 41:5 me Sanders, James Sawrie, Nora Scales, Sharon 'af-1' ,Q ,qs- -r ni I eb' ..,..-- , .,,,,,. Sharp, Lonnie Shellon, Robbie Sherrill, Monfy Q p"SiX 33 Y J v9 .gf-vg ,j -wise' .,,- Silres, Jimmy Simmons, Linda Simpson, Shirley Smalling, Ray Smeby, Darleen Smifh, Anng s Juniors - :L s Smlfll. George Smifh, Lorna I. 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Q ,f A vial Wells, JOS9Pl1 B6l'l'Ofl Whifg' Dgangx .3 jr rQ'K R .Avy ffm -ui' 3 and Williams, Rose Carol Wilson, Dale Juniors f-OF' Wirf, Donna Wood cock SZ tub ' , Ru+h nl ! H Woods, Judy Worley, Roy -0 u-.. 'ill ...4-of I rx i 'X 1 Rf.. X 1 , ,. v x S Q at . My N 4, , A, f 1 .f - X. ' V fu, N .f w. ,fy , V1 4 an af we A A-Q km! , . if ' wfigllf, Carl Wrighf, Elizabeih Wrighf, Freddy Joe Yarbrough, Marilyn Yeargin, Randy Yelvingfon, Jewell vi 'Q' 1 M ,.f W , 'S' X J Young, Breece Young, Carolyn Youngblood, Pafricia Zermaffen, Marlin Zimmerman, Don THE SCORE WAS TIED 40-40 . . . We won that game 42-40 . . . 198 ' E., X - .,. 1 X Aggie , nr . Q, 4v'N -.f r S J ,J 5' , ge' , , nf , .X .. i . X Aaron, Marilyn .AK '? Ad coclc, Caroline Beeson, Nancy Carolyn Lee Abbot, Judith Allen, Larry Atlzins, Mary Faye , rf- 'ff-Q , i fi 'M . .dy i 5 ' ' Q --,avr ' will JA Belew, Jewell fit' ' - - K dum -, , L .. -s a ,Q .. ,ga X -f fe "' A A -' it ' :-- g ss- wg, N 5 W A L, he Besancon, Julia Gayle --4" Bledsoe, Leslie A 1 Bowen, Martha Best, Lewis Jerry . st erases Q M, f"'X l ' f was .- O Blevins, Lana s X 0 . . 'P is s t N! 'VX Boyd, Johnny Adams, Susan X R. K .49 .-4-A L N -nf Alton, Sammy WK 3 ian Ava nce, Willa Sue O :. nO!! N B NYXN . t i W .. X X ,SX NES ,.- mg s , A 'Sy d,,' is Bell, Amy 4, an .pf K ff.,-gr md' .J i' 4 .X Bevans, Kathy A J V 1 i Bolinger, Rite Ann my .M 5,3 11,49 Boydston, Robert M. Spanish students try to break pinata as eager beavers stoop below to get first chance at candy. ,gear L . Adamson, Joyce 5 . f , 1 --- 40 ,ya . 1:5-vi i' xv, , 'QT 1 F Amos, Barbara Baller, Carolyn Bell, Lee . . s f ., ...ll .ii ' PM K 5 x if . H A - Blair, Dudley W et X Bosti n Jean a-QQ' Sophomores Iwi' A if' F "'t A f-r 'E-f Q S9 'iili , ty lell e e Q " Ard, William i 'wr , X , Baker, Marilyn ' X H . ,A , I 'ix is 5' Bell, Robert Blaleney, Teddy F' Boyles, Ronald Armstrong, Linda Armstrong, Margaret Xi 'tif-ill Zur-S ,JK , : A ' Q 5 A .l Ballard, Patricia Barber, Charlene eg in av-L, is voihfz s If 'av 'B xt 'I' p Benderim, Diclrie Bennett, Virgil 0 A Blenn, Lequeweeda Blesingeme, Billy ,yum E r Brickell, Carleffa Brown Burke, Wayne Carier, Brenda Choare, Mirrie Mae Cofield, Clare Rufh Bradford, Larry Brady, Mary Alyce Bridenrhal, Robbie A.. W B gm:-,A rf Q, A 6 1 J Brown, Merfin lg M 5 fe a 5 - ra,-if I if X, ' a -eff 252:71 'X if V . 5!3"ff ,1 I . 4 L x" We X -Q ' nf fff, ge ff Il ff' X R A 1 Burlrs, Lerry Brady, Phyllis Browder, William R. I . x, ' Brown, Ronnie Camp, Dorofhy May 1 3 Cash, Barbara Cafhey, Nancy Chance, Pafsy Ann Chandler, Jessie Church, Margarei' ,349 0 ' '9 ii yr af. I S : . ,as Y, fe Sf A ,L 1 - x 1 ri F ' , 3. " S Clarlr, Faril Cohen, Elaine Coker, Danny Cole, Margarei Cooper, Cynihia Cooper, Tommy Corpior, Dorothy fi Cox, Alva Cox, Joyce 1 T fr . ':V S ff Dailey, Roger Dalfon, Tommy ' f X 5, x 45. 3 -Q N ga r ' . '7 . X iii Q Davidson, Janie Davis, Charles 'Q' Dodson, Mary F. Douglass, Barbara fr:-f' Q. D. . Eason, Wanda Epperson, Rosemary Egqh, Bill Coffon, JeaneH'e Crowder, Paulerfe Darden, Jerry - xfsffw x k .emi r C HX 1 4 " ,. S33 5312121 S , X-ff we Ye? rosi e. i f K 5 Doyle, Kay Faullmer, Mary Wonder where the yellow went? Sophomores 'M' Fielding, Linda ,4 V: ..,. I ,Q W, f .a ,sf ' E5 'K Q 2, .. , ,,, if 'r s 'ig K ,gi vi" 4' ,.f '1 ' Ford, Dale R. 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K ' X f Gadberry, Mary Ann if w e in :F A Giasco, Maelene Gore, Carolyn Grimes, Eliza befh Hall, Douglas Hall, Jimmy Hall, Kenneih Hall, Mae Foley, Signa Garner, Tommy om.. I 5 Glass, Tana Golchar, Barbara Ann Grimm, Mary Alice Heller, Paisy Sl T My Hardy, Larry Harpending, Sieve Harper. Gary Harper, Charles ,pic-'X ae i ix Harrell, Charles Harris, Mary C. Harris, Pai Hayden, Michael Haynes, Judy Q, , SN . X5 Q Q ry X is x S X . Healy, Pai Ho an, Mac Ho an, Jerr Ho an, Palfi Y .ep -cf-I ,. i - , . -L HM 'Si' ' '. X X X , 9 X , 'P' ' A 5-he 2. 933 k. iii, .x e P r ir , is ay X I L ,Q S ' ,S - Sf:-1? Howard, John Huddlesfon, Jerry Hudelson, Davalyn Jennings, Sharon Jellon, La Von Johnson, Freddie Harvey, Glenda Sue Harwell, Sherrie Herring, Edna Hicks, Wanda Qrafgy ' -K - is Suzi' -2' if i s iiufk , Q J Hooks, Linda Horner, Johnny Ingram, Charles James, Charles Sophomores X 215 . 1? .... - fi Q5-.fl r " , ,lx - 3 . " . X Q Q X of fe X 2 , ,I Halhcole, Larry . -4 '-::,s,:'1- , 5 I-if K 'ii Highlower, Charles House, Carolyn Sue James, Freddy R K Ka Hauslein, Sandy i Wi R, of er .. Hill, Jack Wayne , , Xi 4 ,a T 1 15 is f-QPR H-ouse, Charles D James, Sharon Johnson, Kennelh Ray J-ohnslon, SUPPY Jones, Selma Jones, Vonda Jordan, Chris s Sophomores contribute to lhe Mcxrch of Dimes. They lost the contest. X D A Q F .ir ,Mia Q if A -di Q 5 , Keller, Sally l KluHs, Henry Jordan, Pai Kail, Benny Keese, Joe if UA- X E 3 N' iii-gg A2 Aa, an , J -We ga- Fl Yi W , - if ' f 'fi 'J' gh gn V 1 2, Q55 'i 1 5 5 Kelley, Ora Befh Kelly, Drucilla Kefzscher, A. C. Killingsworfh, Linda King, Clayfon , be x ,281 , gi oo' - 1-'J' H -- ki X411 N , 3 KluHs, Paulefie Krefz, Teddy Lance, Jim Landers, Maurice Lasifer. Tommy M ii: ' in f L QV i L A. ,..., , ,,. is KX, Lenderman, Anne'He Lenderman, Sharon Lierly, Harold Lindbergh, Jeanie Linz, Elaine Lipscomb, Alefha Ann Loffix, Carroll Mastery, Kenny I 1 ren' I ' ,g t W,-gy J, K 'L N ' "" Long, Ray Love, Linda Lyons, Virgle Mahan, Terry Lee Maliclr, Roberi' Qin Mefhis, Bill Maxwell, Margarei' May, Jackie McAfee, Marfha I McBride, Mike ,,. Ji it : L A V I, ' 2 . A ' ' f 1 My fi McClendon, Cleve McClendon, Henry McConnell, Richard McDaniel, Don McFarlin, Jim McGuire, Jimmy 204 Keefon, James Kinsley, Emma l Lawler, Herman l 4 Lloyd, R. M. . Q -7 age . . N X ,vig i iii 'W Q -0' I, ,ll Q I ,X I z' Manning. Larry McCar1'y, Mary Mc Knighf, Sandra W A McVay, Jerry Miller, Callierine ,aa eye .Q ' "NU x Monlgomery, Buddy .a so J S N S 5xi New Muncy, Donna ,e A .ia '49 . ... X. X 11 ., ff. S X 1 Newlon, Carolyn L. ee M 3 ' 0 'Q--if I Orsini, Ronnie Parsons, Phyllis Means, Jay Miller, Ralph . - Q fi. X X :QRS X xx Ni X X X N9 X X X -vi .,. K 'qw' 525' Monlg-omery, Monle sl .41 Munnerlyn, Myers Noble, Doris ...- Owen, Bill ox. . X ' ' X .lk... , s - - 5 ix . l , S X if se. S , -" S X , I I Pale, JoAnn Mellon, Ellis Millsapps, Jo Carol Mooney, Rose Anne Murphy, Sally Nolen, Penny Paladino, Emily :iii M X QQS K SSXQ X -e ix X ' fa-W1 .lr ., A 5555 Palriclc, Myron Merrill, Carole ns-fl ...f Millwood, Barbara f ,L ,wa - ...Q g . " T5 WX. Moore, Wayne ' I Murphy, William Norman, Kalliy Q' X' 5 jx Q 'E' X ? Parker, Jack o,,., .,r,.,:,, 'iii .. . 5 W M- are X wow. Q A, A JF , r fox, amiga- n ,. ' K - Q fg- --r- . MN ,-- - TAY E .,.. , l ffi-1 ' 1 ' ,e Perry, James Danger! Curves ahead . . Minor, Raymond f M pl fl- ' El. . 9 P 1 Moore, Tommy Sophomores Minor, Terry '., ,vs ., 15' 'iw 11 Morris, Marilyn iw ' gg- A 5? f It X "" . ,rss , ...Q X . ' --r X 4' I ,J ' is EEK V, F . o n X I 1' ' . I Musgrave, Jimmy Myers, Palricia Ann Rr , K , 'its-. x Odum, Palsy Oholendl, Grove Milchell, Belly Sue r- 4 9 Morris, Thomas be -af S .Lv " fx 5: .- ,. ,.. 7,4 .sq 12:12 X X Y is , ,,'. Nelson, Kennelh - Orsini, David Sophomores '. ,. A' ,U - 22 f fy, inherlon, Nancy Prince, Curlis Randle, Verde Ready, Toni Roberson, Gloria Roemer, Jennie 206 -ev Plummer, Mary Carol .aiu :CTM Prince, John E. Ra nnay, Rosemarie Reese, Edilh is .5 A N fa ag' 5 ,. . z u , R , 7 Q.,- A A M! L 1 Roberfs, Freddie Rogers, Dennis Pollard, June new 1 ,f ' TT R 4 W W pfiggg Nga P ' "".- H' 4, 5, , c , W, V ,Qi l I Pyle, Dickie fivsf . P 5 .33 :Wil -ol .5 ' . , , ,, , 5.155 ,gay fi. I. A ' 55,11 Ray, Gerald dm .E fn 1 it Q . X .' Q 'Y , .1 Q 3 . Reflig, William Roberfs, Jimmy W. Rogers, Donna Phillips, Kennelh ,..::saE5z:,. fa- ,L J A K V11 . ll ,mi .,.. :Iliff Polk, Laverne JSM'-.Z " w wf 5 Jw! ' y ' W L Wm-.Q ilff Mggxgi 55125. . .N-., ss? 3 I : V e Yagi' , ...rf 2 ,f 1 'J Quinney, Ben H. A if , .9 - , Y . Rea, Belly xiii ' Y if5iSv,"" 'hr T 3 5 3 ig ffiiii ,Q 1 :2 3 , X - Rhodes, Jimmie ,awmi - . A V-4' I3 if .Q 5 4 Q, 9 ., ..,. 5 A . . Roberls, Larry M. Roper, Helen Phillips, Ronald P. 'fi ,eff mf". 4-ov if l, I. Porlerfield, Guy Regan, Wanda J. . A if ig, 5 J QQ X ' 1 Rea, C. Larry ff n , ' 'V' s- W "J... is i .,..,, 1 H J' may v., ' Rhodes, John Roberls, Sylvia Russell, Jo Ann 6 V-Q if ,., Phipps, Jephrey Piher, Charles . Powell, Ani+a Priddy, Norman -. GF f V ii'-.1 I 'P' ,. . Ralph Jimmy Rand Jean Reeves, Brenda Read, Linda S' ,Q-rim ve-7 L Rice, Billy Rice, Larry Robinson, Belly Robinson, Lucinda 46. C3 Sanders, Lynda Sanders, James . as , E . 22 if Y 7' S. W' "' A -'SI W' ' ' if W 3 Y . Sayles, Tommy lv- P1 .p an q 5 Simmons, Jerry I A. .A Smilh, Linda 1 si Spann, Linda :gi ,f 1 Y 'l Sfarls, Billy finson, Georgia A. Siroud, Shirley Scruggs, Agge we .Q , .4-. Q Simons, Dub lTommyl ...a 'Y Smilh. Lvnn X . Sparks, Judi Q-:PN -. ' gf ll i , . x RSX X S3 kg an G-2' is x A ' x W . Sfephens, Doris fr I' Sfocks, Janie i 11 . U' X""".. Sfuddard, Howard Scruggs, Danny QQ 2- . --an f i i ,ff , X X Sim XX .3 Q no ya 5 Q f" Simpson, Roberi i X -,gi xxx xX Ns X A iii if .Q ar 'if' N f of Smiih, Margie . . X K ., . 5 , s- , .9-N av- . v. XXX.. in Spencer, Ausiin Stephenson, Pai xx , . W W as f -rw ' an in ' ' .2352 Sfolres, Sandra Summers, Judy ,X X , Shelfon, Richard I Simpson, Brenda Smilh, Mary 1 'I Spoon, Beclry ' ma, X :... 5, ,,, or X ,J Sfepier, Louis W. :K Slocum, Margie if l"i we -'lx 4' g. le ' Q.- f S I , l-,N ' .4-v-vw 1. Sorey, Hazel ,. 9 A V' .5 121 -- , y S , l fr . 14 fl 1 .-3' Slanley, Maurice E. 4-sr x Rad' Sfeward, William R. Sophomores J- 1 l. 51. S X, S. mu-fi .pix X Smith, Barbara XX iii 'O X s I- rug x T ' vdl'x .- iv f Sorrels, Wayne 1 E, 1 4 . o 4e',2 Sfanley, James ". -' S" .9 1-of 'Q-11' fs, 5.3 Sfewa rf, James ...nun .A Sfroud, Jimmy W. SuHle, Jackie Iunior Varsity scores crgcrin. ff Q '3 xg -:A e s, Smifh, John ,Y Y 0 W Spann, Franlrlin D. J, X .J 1-9 S Sfansberry, Fred -af ' A 1' 'G ,z l .1 . Q, l ,f'gffg.39,, Sfewarf, James R. l Sophomores Teague, Loyce H Tracy, Barbara Vogel, Don Wallers, Margarel Walson, Kennelh Whisnanl, Gary 298 Terrell, Charlene Thalcher, Vicki ET' 0' Q :L 1.- , ,f ' i ik' U Turnage, Peggy Voss, Elaine gi Wallers, Nina ' rr' M x Twidwell, Wanda X . I 1 'Q :-' 6 J' Q K I. Swealman, Alice if it W QHQX' g ilu--ff Thomas, Karin ju? , Q.. r ..f it QQ? f.. Valenline, Doris W if 1, A134 2- , :.,.E f r :H -a Wallrer, Jerry . . Q ., .. JH- ' Q. , ' - 2 Q Q. 4 ww. J Wallhall, Cheryl xi 5' ,ali A nk f f, Wallace, James 'W . SI.. r V. jf? Washburn, Bill ' AQ ' A ' ' 5, '17 www ,C 1 X is ,' X' Walls, Jimmy C. Webb, Freddie G. Wenzel, Carol r n f r eV V V , ,::' " ' :f fl Glu Gi - F' 5? I vb , EAW J "QQ .H , V Q Whisenanl, Phayon Whilalrer, Judy While, Palsy Sweeney, Ann at iv? -I -42,0 Thomason, Glenda A - :yi ...,.. , has j Q Vaughan, Richard S. nl" 1. 1'-,,' -f Wallace, Sallye sf:-. 2' :Q ' - 5 'O' Washbum, Jerry Wesl, Mille N 4 V Willard, Ann , assi ov ri N ,....., Tarvin, oe .,.... J f I J ,lima X V Pi , Tiney, Raymond .9 L12 Venable, Larry g as .. 'X w 4 Ky U ' X ww X 2 ,Al Waller, Sherry Mx . N ,AQ .X . 'Q X X: , Q Tarwaler, Grela Terrence, Marsha Vick, Kay :. . w Neg, N Walsh, Jimmy par, wp, r Wasson, Sandra 5- ' ,, glass 'di ...av nr 4 Weslon, Slave Williams, Marilyn if x Yi Q ,S Walson, Dwighl Wheal, Sandra .,, jj 3, f y F .X Williams, Jerry D. Sophomores X s Q .. X ., X 3, sf- V R , .a . ' '- 5 QQ ' "' i hrs fees I 35' R Williams, Reid Wills, Joseph N. 'Wilson, Gloria Wilson, Johnny ig i i fx 3 H A f... ff A 'L Q 'f " ' a 1 -,Q ,K I .4- 1 X ,. """i R 'I' . b. T X iss: jf sl 5 .i'. s lil, . i K-fi. 'fti 'V' f ilrler, Sheila Wiflzowslri, Tommy Wood, Ronnie Worsfell, Lou Wrighi, Phil Wrigl1f,Trenia Yada, Richard " .ti e '-+ If T "i ss x . XM A gf.. Y, H V. Ig I X, :F f g I lr, Allan W. Young, Gloria Younis, Don Zorn, Freddie f CQOLQQWIK wk-9, If lane Scroggin, Rita Fisher and Nancy lion get with it real country style. Qi -...N . "1-ind that reminds me of . . . " says Morris Harper with a continuous flow of jokes. 209 To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind if 5' Ierry Simmons Deafh +oolc fime fo +each us immor+ali+y on January 24. ,SES ' Is Not To Die Bu+ even fhough fhe passing in+o fhe misls of one iusl' beginning +he iourney of lifeposed many ques+ions for us, we learned +he blessedness wifhin 'rhe gi'F+ of memory. The years will make us old: buf never Jerry. Somewhere he is forever young-forever +he gay liH'le Sophomore we had come +o love. 'T 5"3""' mm Neebors ' ' :K ix4,5a, ww-SSL: ,,.:, ':-'B X wlvv Awww -My N Q' xxx" S-ixixhg ,,. . N15-xx mx. AXQRBQ j . I 'J K-Nix .,,,xxX,N,,b,V QNNQF- M-' ' ,,,-1' f 2 UL I ,XXX I , hh-QNQ4 xv, X . I ' ,f vfQLX LCV 1 0 ' ! X V- kfx, .M ,.M -Lxvpllfvl J ,,JkJQ.,'Kf4!c,k' -EE! ,- , .g -V A 4' " -sn" 'v i ",:,,p. 'f t ,Q l be ,Y 1 ' 3 .. V Q - . y Q2 f " ,gx-.3 ' U , - - 5, Y '-"it l4y1..,,, -.-,,- f"""' frlf' " x v , x Ymsazsbq 'Q-'P' 3-2: Q, .f:'l'-'Gnu pas! ' 'U sw.. V91 "North Little Rock! Our dear, our own home Then, howe'er crowns and coronets be rent, town! For whom our warmest wish to Heaven is sent! Long may thy hardy sons ot honest toil Be blest with health, and peace, and sweet con- tent! A virtuous populace may rise the while, And stand a wall ot fire around their much loved isle." No growing city can survive without' businesses of many kinds. The following pages contain the advertisements of many of these people. They not only represent a way to contact people about their services, but a show of faith in the students of today, the citizens of tomorrow. Read and heed this section well, Wildcats, for here are the people you can depend upon. I 1' ' 0 A, Lam VMJQ I . A 3 ' - 'f - .- , l 0 if " if .17 ff-af - I L 1 -'lib ,flgfglifdil M1147 'ffflo 'N 11?-?!1z,Lf7. f Zip? 4611! ' 644 4 I 5 ,y,1,u-lil. fwwaetputzg ,QTQQI ,fzyiifef 5Jf147f'7r0ff4'? Zak? jf" 4110 fi nd .Zi V424 --lVa4:ec'7ff 'faff'L4'Wif's 'QHLLJS f34il4,zL.L? Zu fu L5 f' flfrf Aff as 745' , N wel 7, fu'u1.C6lC 0! 47L.,4 ,f4-Gffywvwzq fH.dL:9Lfli"'f L' it 042-ffvrzg, " 1'-' it xg yy !?4'fue A0 V it s ag 2 Q SIGNING A CONTRACT tor an ad in NLRHS publications is Mr. Doyle Quillen of Martin Quillen Agency. Carol Swann and Buel Worth- am beam approval. ' 25 S. K . .L . hmm, Qg2Z,f5 . Vw Q QUZWZMMWLQMMMJC' wfwdavffeafcc QijWd w, dm0w 7!WfWmQ WW fvwi mmm. QJWZWUV07 VQULMMWWMW W gf WM7Qqyc5fJM,w07,Q V201 Vfdwml , CZQQMJ fjqlf GZZZZW 069070 514140 vgumwua MMU Jawaemgwww QW, Wwqdwmww dw' ffQf0J0'L6JQwV7ow Q Q 211-249 Community Friends 5 W ew W5 327000 z7'MwL Lwf,ULw4dw064V,M,gw rf. It l K Xxx f W ' JN 1' '4 I o f y i Z, I . 9 " A X :" rrJf' A vi Center: Mayor Lcxrncxn. Center front: Mrs. Iac ueline N 'l, C't Cl k q 91 1 y er Percy Mcrchin. Clockwise: Third Ward Aldermen Paul Duke cmd F rank Huggins, Fourth Ward Aldermen Robert Kirspel cxnd Dr. W. E. Phipps, Ir.. cmd First Ward Alderman Iomes D. Bobbitt. Second Ward Aldermen E. C. Shelby cmd Charles A. Bczhil, and First Ward Alderman Ed McCulloch were not present when this picture was made. C , CITY OFFICIALS William F. "Casey" Laman .... ............,... Mayor Percy Machin ........... . . City Clerlr and Collector Milton McLees . . ...... Municipal Judge Reed Thompson . . . . , . City Attorney Mrs. R. M. S. Butner , . . .,............ . . , City Treasurer ALDERMEN First Warcl ,.., ............. . . . James D. Bobbitt and Ed McCulloch Second Ward .... .... E . C. Shelby and Charles A. Bahil Third Ward . . , .......... Paul Dulce and Franlr Huggins Fourth Ward . . . . . . Robert Kirspel and Dr. W. E. Phipps, Jr. 2ll ss Q I ,e 77 6 Congratulations to each of you for a successful year "Bank The American Way" merican ational Bank of NORTH LITTLE ROCK MRS. JACK FINE'S 116 West 4th Little Rock CLASSIC ANNEX 107 E. 7th little Rock FR 5 1229 -REALTORS- 715 Main St THOMAS COX Insurance 81. Realty Co. "A Complete Service" North Little Rock Bob's Bait Market 2119 Pike Ave. North Little Rock RESIDENTIAL 8. COMMERCIAL WIRING FREE ESTIMATES W. H. SHIRLEY Electrical Service ALL woRK GUARANTEED PHONE SK 3 4072 3018 KELLOGG ROAD ROUTE 3 NhLIRkAk by Economy Furn. 8m Apl. Stores, Inc. 00 ff JIM 3405 Pike Ave -:- skyline 3-9587 YM p North little Rock, Arkansas jg , "ecONOMizE with ECONOMY" Congratulations levy FABRIC CENTER Students of North little Rock High and , t "Quallty Fabrics for Less" Best Wishes for your Continued Success 3421 pike Ave.-In Levy FR 3-5633 TTOTTT -lu-n-i -I 1-1-ll COMMUNITY BAKERY ' 'sol Made l3l8 Main Little Rock U and T. V. Lake Hill Shopping Center North I-lffle Rock Kay, Phil and Carolyn Hinson L., ...-. -. e-1-1--1---- I "Quality Meats" MAIN STREET MARKET 2712 Main Street' North Little Rock ARKANSAS' FINEST SWIMMING BEACH 'O A 1 I A f 1 1 ij 1 wif- if We . ' Qi V ,A K E - ' Q - r' SAMS? el-2 ,, ee Y A, A, K ts' swf? C -ef11'..l .yf M 'Til -. Y issw- G i., I X- e Ji A S .. if-551 xx I X I , ' - 3' .. . see. ex .. W, W , se , . Q i x Xgwxiv 1 l X5-S - is we SS 9 , :es :,: . Q., 1-2, . . G X- - me -. . ee I 'f ... 1 li A , Q 5 'O - Y, js' ' gf y S' A e xmw .. S, S :C . H ,,, ,. S A C. ,Y .f"'.E- so I- Q f C. S 5. iss sei? X i: A XS' Q Q "K " ' 1 H I Q i..t1,W 5, ew Q f N: O 3, -ei -: e I I '- skis - S N LAKE NIXON Six Miles West ot Little Rock on Upper Hot Springs Roacl Phone ROsedaIe I95-03 O M mise LITTLE Q59 'io +0 I7I4 Main S+. 04' HANKiS DOG HOUSE Live Maine Lobsters STEAKS - SEA FOODS Open 4:30 Til I2-Closed Sunday Gene R. Kregel Warren E. O'Rorke CONGRATULATIONS! O'RORKE'S INCORPORATED Insurance of all Forms I I I2 W. 9th St. North Little Rock COMPLIMENTS of a F R I E N D WESTMORELANUS 1324 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas 1 ' 1 i Korte Tire and Service Co. 1300 Main Street North little Rock Complete rx' Home Furnishings Furniture Company 823 WEST SEVENTH STREET LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS TELEPHONE FR 4-2960 is " +1 1 'A' f SINATIEUIIQL um ti qt ,A,'kFIti1ulficAi'IBmelJiauTwu H0 GH I4 SOUTHERN MAID DONUT CO. 'I0'l0 Main Street Little Rock Q-55? 39092 '71eZZ1zi'a74'IW ". . . to keep always in mind our original pur- poses-to roduce milk that meets, first of all, the heaTth needs of tiny children. By so doing, to offer to le of all ages milk that lzlzlils these high- est standards of wholesome- richness and purity. I 9-QNX AWN GN 'MQ ibm AQMUXKxD QQIEK ww SDMWWQJQ QGXQQQLQQRPSQ. WSQQMSQQXQ QQQMQ ii Sw QQQQ Quin, T All EE-Q5 a wjo GL Vxuqkp Qcjlb 24,0 sw-fee ev- -AQ'-Q 'ffCL'g'e .IJQQQ 'Lk'f2fl4"""-fflfoz D Ca,1.x..,,-, ,,Q bg.-C IQ, 4d,.g,v9. :Ak-I M A E3 r ck 4 4 K3 si, SQAA4 1 K ca. 1-Qwlk 51, rv - 51 The First Phuslciah The first recorded phqsician of historq 'Lf was Imhotep, who A Q- P practiced medicine 'N ' under Zoser. king of 0 it the Third Egqptian Dqnastq. in the qear ' K 2900 B.C. As the Ebers 19' ' f , and other Egqptian 'D' , I .5 ' papqri prove. materia R Q medica and thera- -' - Ps - E' - 4 A peutlcs were remarkablq -15V,q,-.S 5 11 well developed bu the QQ, earlq inhabitants of the Nile River Valleq. 6' ggi I S ' Great medical prog- ress has been made " 'f"ff5gf I over the centuries. i .5 We are proud of our n so s part in modern health gl service. and com- 1 gal 3? pounding and dis- T P13 1 pensing medication .-- Z -- X are our contribution H to qour good health. .,..,.,,,,.-l....- s ' LEON HOLSTED DRUGS 46I0 East Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. Phone Wlndsor 5-2520 215 PROGRESS ..... is made through I, imaginative management. Our imag- inative personnel have made Union Life one of Arkansas' most progressive Life Insurance Companies. UNIUN LIFE rliliil Us p H l hm mEhU is U yum lglflf it U W .Hg fix X T25 .u UH :if i' ll liltfz HU " n I' 'fu 314555 551911, -UD f MTM FEL I-11' alll H94 HDMI OFFICE: LITTLI ROCK SK 3-6404 WI 5-1212 M I LLER We're For Ya' Cats! TRAILER SALE 8. PARK I 2411 E. Broadway North Little Rock, L G Y S 5001 E. Broadway Arkansas sus. Ph. FR 2-8808 - FR 4-4431 T o L L I v E R Body Shop 81. Salvage Yard 23rd and Pike Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas BAKERY North Little Rock e Rock 711 Main Street 5718 Kavanaugh 1716 Pike Ave. 5412 W. 12th Street 216 BARBER si-lop LOY, HAROLD, AND DOYLE I I2 East H North Little Rock r y Q 5 Q XL f J . IV Q. P '."-67 .. 3,4 l A IPEXQW' I liz ' 5 I"-We. D E fxx FAX ' - x Q WX A ? , Q k t Ni ' The Bank That Likes To Say "YES" 1 X , S ,,"' Welcomes The Opportunity to Serve You! A - ' 'X ' ff - 0 -,,k . .. ,,., 1 .. ..,, . U M b Fd ID le 1 corp. A jk 'ff lxbn 3'-3-l..."IQ............m..... x........ - ,Le...W.W...,,..,,...w..M. at F a 1 R s c F mann LtttlRkAks 1 Y , ARKANSAS' LARGEST , Sunnyside Grocery' CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 'I6'l0 Main Street National Old Line Insurange Co. N""" lime Rock 50I Woodlane LITTLE ROCK W. E. DARBY President CAFE 1I.T.Y.L.iL" ,goucgip ,vhs-OLO..JJ ' t ' Zum. bww Jtfvw-'-MQ ' I fm GLAD . Jw-Y, f'5'MjMG7 LAM 161.11-N ,Cad ' JA bw 5.L,efQef-ff'-'Q -WQMS d,.WQ?vMA3m HMG " ff MVVW ' Am? I.. NAT ONALLY ADVERTISED INE " dbwwf ' A4 E NIJ L tu.: MJ 0 6142- A - , 1 A 'C-'VZ-IATVTT7 T QMZM PAULDING fqw, t ,, WLM , HLETIC GOODS CO. INC. f '- ," r Pao s XM N ,At '5 f '57 6x 513 CENTER smear E6 um: ROCK, ARKANSAS U I fmt? P ISN I ff! X ' LA CK Provisionf omfany and Locker Plant -. fp N . X I A LESl64 DEALERS jfsn " f I 7119 East insghrb o Phone FR 5-7326 -'xjj I X I North Litt1efRock, Ark. Ly in .I X f I REATORS OF - X V f f If LA O O90 PLAN CLUB I . y J . U X IDINOLEETTER EOOD FOR LESS ' ATH LITTLE ROCK A I I X AINT 8. WALLPAPER I I 915 W. 22nd North little Rock CONGRATULATIONS, SEN IO RS RIALTO BARBER SHOP 207 Main Street North little Rock 1 ll Commercial National Bank 200 Main Street little Rock W BLEDSOE SERVICE 321 Ark.-Mo. Highway North little Rock, Arkansas The Best In Everything" RAYMOND'S GROCERY 8. MARKET 822 Locust North Little Rock "1 CONGRATULATIONS. SENIORS From Your Friendly YOUNGIS DEPARTMENT STORE 202-204 Main FR 5-7549 North Little Roclr IYIUI IIIIUKNC SK 3-1331 I-'R 4-2136 F. at S. PLUMBING COMPANY ND. 53 FREEMAN ADDITION NORTH LITTLE RDCK, ARKANSAS M. D. STABBS L. E. FDDI FR 5-1836 609 W. 8th CAPITAL MOTORS "T he Soulh's Cleanest Cars" New 8. Used Cars Best iii WWW Your Car S E R V I C E COMPANY, INC. - ,L IROADWA J. E. WRIGHT, President U. S. RQ YAL J. 0. MAYHUGH, Soc. -Gan. Mgr. I : TIRES 1: I 'a-Q. A - ' f- 4 MLP, I 1 U K. I ICAPKUNQ Y AT SECOND 0 PHONE F R2-6143 0 LITTLE ROCILARKANSAS 4WV5Ww' BEST WISH TUTHE QQ' CLASS UF '59 FRU YU H "Hn E Tnw '1 X , 'N Q14 s J ,P qy! fiV!,'Q K 41 if 'ZF u l I Q XKQJX '. ,X Jf N 01' I' 'J' E31 2 ' , ,f E 1 V ' :I . .x1 1 1 1 , 'T u , .' 1. 1 - ' , 1 fa qi. 'X' YI 'G'!Q1"" Jr f!-Eg, W ER. NG! NOQTH LITTLE RocK ' Sp FQR 54 YEARS! . I 1 . , V - ' 1 E N 1 . X 1 . W ' xxx . E F f x . ' V 1 1 ' nn y , , A 1 1 . X fx ' 1 -' w. - 'x 'E N 'E E ,, , 1 xx X -1 ' K' k L N H E W 1 f II y 8 xy ug X ,J I I A JB ml JJ fi . Ny N yy wf KI +' DL QQ- V fl 3-1 ii 7 Q Ps l 1 W Vu r' P' N3 37 X J D Xl X AJR ,W 'JJ J I XJ X IN? S' 4 X UN V , K' Ik LY fl JN X W J if I 1 KJN 9 lgjs NY? J if w Y? N7 ,J gin kg g ,X U . YJ X gkggil N X gb X N K mx X Q x Rx Nw Nz-EN NN ilg,-Bs?-XXX N N X WI CIT Q r ' W . . .. V.. .v.. , .... .. ,,,.. . - 4 - 'f1W'N'-'f- -:Eff-'31:5iC32822:252515455:ISSSP?:SIEISEESIEi11'11sE'W2EiE'3f592:5 N'fI'W1'W NPSA -'VV VF' '3 "' N Q Q N1:RQa5kQsQ:Q?'s:2Q.A-:QM'Nr '12-Q, . J wax +--5"a,LfR'.-'Q'-N-.'-E:-Q.QE241--kQE2bE1:E:k1:rE:K'it,gEqrgqr:-2rr:1:" N: ?N:-.'AEErs- "5ELWk.'fm+1Ekg:s:1x R Qissgws-mQ?Ef::r-.3 fa ' . ,- 1m.'EQ.1-,Q '-52 V x'-f':'k151i3:N Y" ' XP " XS:-SY:-.1jfei4E2:f.1E35?E52-5 Q-iz:-.-Qy,.,:gg5535,5'i. - a K1.3:-...l -S:Q.A-- ' , f E::::5:35:: .N .C'N'-9:2- 2' an 'RSEIEP5 :-mv -:gm gm. gl . "vigil MAIN AND SECOND STREETS ESS: - z-:-415 I:2:XEN ,Y - Y ' clara? --E " . -M - . km 'girl - .,. W- 1" U' " V ""' -" nn.: .gg::2g:3 , W. li I , . N. r H H WS. - 5 . V I I -A n ---M W.-.+ . K 1 5 - W. ,, -4-.Nj , , , - .Ez-1--. . . , .. . . . . , - E--. , ' ' ' ' I ' v '2-2-wx, '- -,-. ',1!,'-'J-.' -. ,---. .- ,-.,-:g.:-.1,g-1g.:-.g-. . I I I i 4 . u u UI! 1 w . I 15:32-:A -1-:e'.1arf:'r,g-1-'f:,-2 1'-ke-'-114-.-1:-1-P251-1:-1-115:N i ' 5 "' :I E' ' ' ' ' " g .-f x 'S Q' TI" 'QQN-E E . -Nw. ' --.'G:+kwa'-:r:r?11EfNw:-r'EEE . H -- .. ww-'-NKi5r1:f:1?2Q2:1:1:f:w U wx Y. 1..':+. ,, ' hkrbkeg E'-:K .. Jaw.Exit:-:-.trim-zarzszz-5ia31.Q:4xs. . zr:-:m::rsv::fb::E:-: , "rf-Q X X -Xxx R xfXQQf,iN is X 12-SX Wx? SQNXN X NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Member F.D.I.f'. and Federal Reserve System Yea WILDCATS! Go! Go! Go! YVildcats Keep Fighting ,Ein - And Drink Plenty Ili Coleman Pure Dlilk - - Best Dlilk You Ever Tasted Signed gal! .ibauia ARKANSAS' OWN AND TV's ANNIE OAKLEY ALDRIDGE MARKET R FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ERESI-I AND CURED MEATS WHITE RIVER FISH , "EIsI-IING SUPPLIES" ZQ I 2700 E. Broadway - L Cky License ' Phone WI 5-3125 Numbef 1 25 I pies of Th DJ Pick 12 Moore Ford PRIZES- J R ac pots Moore , 5 Ford I , . 5 H150 ON EVERY RADIO DIAII 4l0 fl. 'l " North FA - . I Broadway ' ' LI'Hle Rock NORTH LITTLE ROCK N' "YOU CAN HEAR THE DlFFERENCE" f Worthen Bank 8: Trust Co Member Federal Reserve System Member F.D.I.C. The Bank Ilwaf Pufs The Accem' on Service CLYDE LITTLE'S LION SERVICE 4608 E. Broadway North little Rock GRADY MATHIS PAINTING CO. 201 E.G. Street SK 3-9051 North Little Rock, Arkansas 'CRITZ HEVROLE AMIYN X , Y - Roy Glover Esso Service 100 Jacksonville Highway Protho Junction North Little PHILLIPS HARDWARE nu PoNr PAINT AND VARNISH 2300 E1 Broadway --- WI 5-2650 North Little Rock, Arkansas Serving Churches, Schools and Industries throughout Arkansas Stanley Sound Service North Little Roclr SAM STEPHENS CAFE 5007 E. Broadway Rock WI 5-9032 OULETTA CONSTRUCTION 81 ENTERPRIZE CO. 800 E. Washington Avenue North Little Rock, Arkansas "When You Are IN And Want OUT" ,wt TED HOOD BoNDlNG co. FR 2-7164 I I Leo Sherrill We Sell Direct To You TWIN CITY MATTRESS C "A Hood Bond Is A Good Bondi' 8K FR 5-7489 107 1-2 Spring Street UPHOLSTERY SHOP We Rock' Afkansas zaoo Railroad Ave. North Little Rock CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS I050 on your Radio dial K V L C Your Music Station Congratulations, Seniors BENSKY'S FU RRIERS Yea, Wildcats Inter City Transit Company FTWX A xx . lov SOUTH POPLAR, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, I. 1 rff fd - :- ARKANSAS, FR 4-7451 J -- .3-5 f A- - FRIENDLY BUS SERVICE Charter or Passenger Conway, Russellville, Fort Smith You Pay for a Business Education Whether You Get lt or Not fThese facts are based on a study made by Dean Everett W. Lord of Boston University. nationally recognized authority on the relation of education to salary., The original data have been evaluated hy the Equitable Life Insurance Company ol Iowa to conform to the changed index of the purchasing power of the current dollar. I. THE UN1'rtArNttu AIANZ He goes to work al I4 and reaches his rnaximtun income at -I0 with his life average of less than 52,400 a year. Since his income is largely dependent on physical strength and manual dexterity, it falls off at 50 or earlier, often to a point below the level of self-support. More than 50 Otll of every l00 untrain- ed workers are dependent upon others after the age of 60. TOTAL EARNINGS FROM I4 TO 60 ABOUT Sll0,400. 2. Tm: HIGH St:HoOL GRADUATE: He goes to work at l8, passes the maximum of the untrained man wi.hin ten years, rises steadily to his own maximum at 50 with a life average of 54,000 annually and deglines but little thereafter. TOTAL EARNINGS FROM I8 T0 60, ABOUT 5l68,000. 3. Tm: Business Scnoot. GRADUATE: His permanent earnings begin at 22. By the time he is 30 his income equals that of the high school graduate at 40, and continues to rise. Since his income is dependent upon his mental ability and training and is constantlv improved by practice, it increases rather than diminishes. The graduate in business administrauon reaches his maximum at 60 and has a life average income of Sl 1,000 annuallv. TOTAL EARNINGS FROM 22 TO 60, S300,000 TO S4I8,000. I i LIFE INCOMES At Educational Group Levels i llolllitlllol flilvldid Thlill itll!!! Lllillkl alll For fifty-eight years Draughons School of Business, Lit- tle Rock, Arkansas, has accepted the responsibility of sup- plying business and industry within ottr area with properly trained office personnel. For more than ten years our Free Employment De- partment has received many, many more calls for trained personnel than we could possibly fill because we could not train them fast enough. Not having the words to ex- press to you the possibilities Ol' thorough business educa- tion, we submit to you the above report entitled "You Pay For A Business Education Whether You Get It Or Not." Won't you read and study this report and ask yourself this question: "May I also receive profits anti benefits by at- tending Draughon School of Business, Little Rock?" I-'or full information about courses offered, write us lor our free book, TRAIN FOR BUSINESS. DRAUGHO 223321 31 3,'13.'3Ess BOX ll 2Ib West Sixth St. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 992 BEST WISHES from e FISI-IERS 1919 East FRankIin Broadway 2-9194 Pete Clowers Service Station 4120 Ark.-Mo. Highway North Little Rock, Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS Students ot North Little Rock I-Iigh ARKANSAS MOTOR CLUB and I N C . 209 Stephens Bldg. Lime Rock, Arkansas Best Wishes tor your Continued Success from Your Insurance Friends Hodgesound HiFi Studio mam. mmm MARTIN-OUILLEN am - AGENCY PHONOGRAPH RECORDS -- 45's 8. l.P'S RADIO 8. Tv I52I MAIN -NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. SALES and SERVICE North Little Rock, Arkansas 224 1' Almfr, f , ""'-' , '- '- ' '-": CZ? alba' Biuil T ' ': A:: nan oooss suoes 6 I 17 Jai for Children ' 4 ,L uf, 44- Ci GRACE wAl.KEn snoss fl ,,..,., .1.,. for women . QA , . f' -- 160 r f .noun c. nossnrs SHOES '- by ' "L' for Men and Boys n I O r ny Johnson A Aa! at 01 PAPPY's SHOE sToRE .L 'T f O ITI - J, 206 Main North Little Rock GNGL FR 2-4140 I-ZLE BR 5-5,57 .. TIRE 8m WHEEL SE ICE ' I LYON DRUG CO. 314 East Broadway Phone FR 2-5661 HQUAUTY SERVICE' North Little Rock, Arkansas SK 3-6161 4214 Conway Pike Distributors of North Little Rock, Arkansas ' L l GATES TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES MOSERS CAFE for Pulaski and Jefferson Counties 208 Main Street North Little Rock Seeks 5 chicken - Lunches -I xt I r o . Sy QL Ag T LIFE Q ,ga Q QQ E Co RE RVE LIFE INSURANCE C0. of QUNOR LITTLE ROCK'S only LEGAL W L. R. Luker President J. R. Reeves Secretary I9I8 Main YEA WILDCATS FR 2-2084 MOSELEY'S DRESS SHOP , JEWELRY . gigg ff A 95 1'-gil? V 3:32 ' sm.: and ssnvice I 905'-4, FREE Home nsMoNsmAnoN Dresses - Sportswear - Suits -- Lingerie "Best Terms in Town" S t NORTH LITTLE ROCK SIr'r'l's wee an I HI-FI - STEREOPHONICS 2324 E. Broadway North little Rock WI 5-1442 PEERLESS ENGRAVERS HEADQUARTERS 4th and la. FR 5-8266 SCHOOL BOOKS and McCollum - Kelly SUPPLIES Lumber 81 Supply Co. Lumber, Millwork, Glass, Builders Hardware Treated Fence Work 2522 E. Broadway WI 5-1486 North Little Rock, Arkansas 1301 W. Congratulations, Seniors Underwood Agency Capitol Congratulations, Seniors FELTONS CAFE ELLIS JEWELRY "Fine and Exclusive Gifts" 1601 Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas little Rock CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or 1959 A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from J. C. PENNEY CO. 304-I0 Main North Little Rock. Arkansas ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY MERCHANDISE North Llttlo Rocl's Complete Department Store Bill Starkey's Barber Shop 917 W. 18th North Little Rock Bugs Eiilvlui Emmiuul I Qeale, ,,, ?0ze41!one plddlldfd TIRES TUBE. BATTERIES D-X PRODUCTS. ETC. Your Authorized OLDSMOBILE DEALER BALCH MOTOR COMPANY 600 Broadway FR 2-7273 Little Rock, Arkansas MODEL FOOD MARKET CHRONISTER 8 WRIGHT . The Complete Food Market 624 W. 16th Street FR 2-3243 'Ar Quality Shoe Repairing sk Ph. SK 3-0073 WONDER STATE SHOE SERVICE F. E. NUTT, Owner 804 Ark.-Mo. Highway Park Hill North Little Rock, Arkansas 111 Keys Made While You Wait Save a Trip to Town Corbet's Variety 8: Hardware Store 418 Ark.-Mo. Highway SK 3-3707 Ph. FR 2-2991 DU NCANS PHARMACY FRED DUNCAN-Owner 311 Maple Street North Little Rock, Arkansas , L CONGRATULATIONS. SENIORS CELESTE CLEANERS C. E. Climer 9 I 9 wee I8th FR 2-4448 JOY'S BEAUTY SHOP sos w. sara sic 3-4766 North Little Rock ik' David White Electronic Wholesale Company Radio and TV Parts l222 Main FR 6-I39I FR2-9687 POCH'S ESSO SERVICE 523 West Third,' North Little Rock, Arkansas ECONOMY DRUG 323 Main North little Rock PALADINO'S CAFE 30I Main North Little Rock "Long Famous for Our Italian Dishes and Barbecues" ' ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING MOTOR REBUILDING AIR CONDITIONING Happy Motoring Starts At Our Esso Sign .k t .k Automatic Trans. - Engine Overhauled A N General Repairing . HEAVY TRUCK WORK . Electrical Co., Inc. 0 All WORK GUARANTEED 0 Air Conditioning Co. al BILL 90I Spring Street Little Rock M Mile from Protho Jt. on 67 E. L' I R k, Ph LO 5-9943 ' . Plilcgnsajsiz one flycdfx 'Kodak diary Z six 1,7-A dt' . 1- I A 57 f- I A ff , 1' pi' to if ,fry MAJ ,L MEXICAN FOODS 1 , L, I ft 73 1 Z 9522 New Benton 66:2 ,,41,f'ff4f Lf - 'uf N Highway M 1 1 ui ull Sf, 1 : A , I ZQll"A'e J, f, pf Wgiffvdm A i.iW"'51'E fa' HUDSON BROS. MOBILE SERVICE I. ,g 54,51 M4 313 East Broadway North Little Rock COMPLIMENTS 84 BEST WISHES A Friend 15 fffs STEPHENS INC. yew Stephens Building 114 East Capitol Avenue um: ROCK, ARKANSAS YEA WILDCATI Fine Nest Trailer Colony Inc. 1 "A HOME FOR MOBILE HOMES" 2502 E t Br adway N th Lttle R k A kansas A. O. MEREDITH Lock 81 Key Shop l.OCkSlT1l'l'l'1S - MaSl'el'keYll'1g Aro trmP rlcl'lillSh l 413 A Main North Little Rock J I3 I C SS O a C oo FR 2-3078 4 f ,J ' I 722 Arlc-Mo Highway f V AA f F' sic 3 o1on North Lame Rock 1 jj,-I fi , ff f ' i I I0 Q V w , f ,M STANDARD Auto SALES 1 1, j F ul, E A ' 1501 E. Broadway fi ,IQ Nfhlnl RkAk U F Qi il with 699235 'yy' P299 A UVA "EVERY BUILDIN N " I W yy G EED QQ Kg W Q . Oyrygw an 9590! W ,O Ki? of Cifi PLANTERS gamwgfgi LUMBER U04 Q9 .P COMPANY New 410 E. Washington Ave. Phone FR 4-1288 North Little Rock, Arkansas Sylvan Hills I QL':'V"LJI ' M7 nw A W -ff' yffwzgfg A Q, 'M """ if roNrlAc , W, A, JLWMAOALL 'L' EMERGENCY cAns Q. we V Sf. ,sgpltinxc OXYGEN of . ,lX,1,. I affix L un Aci-:Es nEsusclrA1on f f 5- lic I3 'QCPERIENC ,Lb ' I' I: X '1 cv X! ,. .sts , , Q E - ,, ' , , -E I is J ' i s l cgi' ,HQQW L Little Rock Office 'Li I E' Sylvan Hills Office FR48027 AMBULANCE SERVICE SK3'9I47 307 Orange FR 4-2293 North Little Rock, Arkansas ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Arkansas State 311 East Broadway North Little Rock ll THE BEST IN ELECTRIC SERVlCE" YEA wimcmsi DIXIE JOY ICE CREAM CO. 110 E. 13th North Littl e Rock Greater Little Rock's Original "Dog Haberdasheryu Fin 81. Feather Pet It Pet Supplies AQUARIA, TROPICAL FISH 8. BIRDS 303 Center Little Rock, Arkansas JAMES BROTHERS 217 MAIN NORTH LITTLE ROCK "MANY KINDS OF SCHOOL SUPPLlES" W. H. Rhodes 81 Sons, Inc. BUILDING SUPPLIES 500 Locust FR 4-1 Sash, Door and Special Millwork HARRY'S SHOE STORE 34I 5 Pilre Avenue SK 3-6001 "We Give Gold Bond Stamps" Ketcher and Co. ,Inc. Established I885 Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors POURED GYPSUM DECKS 400 Locust Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK FR 4-2678 394 FARMERS UNION MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. ' 1920 wright Ave. Little Rock, Arkansas BLACKWOOD BEAUTY SCHOOL 81. SALON I 'I09 West Broadway Go CATS Gol l70O Main North Little R MERLE NORMAN cosmetics A ,nd G FR 5-2738 North Little Rock Hardware 81 paint Co' Gertrude Blackwood, Owner FR 4-3592 . "Service With A Big Smilei' ln n nu-1 Congratulations, Seniors Dr. Walter E. Ward 3411 Pike Ave. North Little Rock North Little Rock Typewriter Co. asoa Pike Ave. I Ph0l18 F. Eads GfUbbS I PHOTO-ENGRAVING C B. Mompsonfs' Super Marker , , PHONE WI 5-2329 Ross crrv 2l7V2 l-oulslana Sl'- TWO DELIVERIES DAJLY SIX DAYS A WEEK "SERVICE SINCE 1931" 1- 1.-.' aj lfj s Q -',, Tuzdwaqd End eealm LITTLE ROCK Markham and Main FR-22178 ock The Nation's Finest Building Materials You Will Always Find Them at the ARKANSAS FOUNDRY COMPANY For over 49 years, we have served the Great Southwest . . . supplying the nation's finest building materials that have stood the test of time . . . are tops in quality and value. Take the guess work out of building materials. You can depend on "AFCO" for complete satisfaction. ARKANSAS FOUNDRY COMPANY IRON -1 STEEL - BUILDING MATERI 1432 East 6th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas ALS BY ADAMS Dial FR 5-2795 for FREE estimates satisfaction guaranteed OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE HOMER'S SHOE SHOP l 320 Main Street North Little Rock STANLEY HARDWARE CO. 3216 Pike Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas 1 l CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSH Venable Lumber Company I IO9 West 34th Street N.L.R. PARK HILL CLEANERS THRIF-WASH LAUNDROMAT Bailey- Roberts Motors Inc. 322 W. BROADWAY NORTH LITTLE ROCK Self Service ---- Coin Operated 24th 81 Main FR 6-2534 D'X PRODUCTS s AND s AUTO PARTS co. LUBRICATING Complete Outfitters for Your Car GASOUNES 309 Main Street SUPERIOR North Little Rock, Arkansas MOTOR OILS WHOLESALE Phone FRanklin 5-9754 RETAIL D'X OIL Tyler welded-steel U.ES. lofh 8' Woodrow sts- Mo 6-5464 refrigerators food machines Little Rock No. me M office PAUL ALLEN REFRIGERATION co. 3905 E. Broadway WI 5-1464 1107 Main Street Little Rock Paul Allen tions, Seniors FRANCES FLOWER SHOP 1222 MAIN FR 2-2203 Congmlula LITTLE Rock ARTS SPORT SHOP Gordon Hunt A. A. Ritchie e , Reliable Prescription Service 4008 ConwaY P'ke I-IuNT-RITcI-IIE h ,I k Ak Free Delivery Fountain Service Non mee Roc ' r ansas Park I-IIII 40 5- rk.-Mo. Hwy. Sk 3.I I67 X N 9' ee I se 5 l . , e 'e' EV' QT U15-NV U ' y , Opin 6' " f .1 Phone FR 2-3674 " - 'Q ' ii E' ' ' 1 l 0, Stanley Jewelry 81 Gifts I ' e Hg le zioiviam sf. 1 . X 5 e . I Charles B. Stanley North Little Rock ' I 'A i 'fx' I . xv.. SRVICE .-,.- t -,, SPEC LIZING IN FLIGHT INSTRUCTION Congrafuiafionsl Seniors "WE FLY ANYWHERE THERE IS AlR" DIFFEE LUMBER COMPANY 1901 E. 3rd FR 5-4616 DEESE HARDWARE 4132 E. Washington North little Rock Congrelulellone' ee'e'e'e R C' - ' eee 'ly wleeeee Greater Little Rock Stock ards WESTERN Auto sToREs Y 221-223 Main Street I PAT HOGAN - Owner 200 E. llth North Little Rock Box 192 North little Rock, Arkansas DAVIS TIRES WIZARD BATERIES Congratulations Seniors! Visit Us Often! O deklns The eeee' Seed And Garden Spots ' Of Greater Little Rock Purina Headquarters 4th 8. Magnolia Stree 6th 8. Center Street Asher Ave. 8. Fr. Park Blvd., Little Rock t-s, North Little Rock s Little Rock CMD PRODUCE COMPANY Fresh Fru its 8. Vegetables Canned Fruits 8. Institutions CABOT Fl.ORlST THE FINEST COST NO MORE .ll-i-in-n-11 Phones WI 5-1461 0 Wl 5-1462 3022 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Arkansas "Bonded Telegraph Service" "ARKANSAS' LARGEST RETAIL DISPlAY" Milam's Barber Shop 301 Sherman Sf. FR 2-7181 4200 Conway Pike L'1tle Rock, A kansas I r North Little Rock, Arkansas FR 2-2267 I "Distinctive Funeral Service Since 19109 DAVIDS DRUG I sth a. Main North Little Rock Gwens Funeral Home FRanklin 4-0312 li "Funeral Insurance for Your Whole Family, l 1o,ooo wares at 1010 90 Days to 90 Yew, P. O. Box 550 RA Lime Rock Arkansas 500 Main North Little Rock SID BROWN WHIT 81 SONS GULF SERVICE Rt. 'l BOX 555 "Courteous One-Stop Service" A W X North little Rock 14th and Broadway Lime Rock .li ' 1 YEA wnocA1 A :IQ I Y I' v 1 rx, ' I A9 f 1 I ' wALTERs T.v. sERvlcE ,J I . I Lyylhr lnsu ce gency 1000 West 46th LB 54' Box 503 1409, ain Street 1 North Little Rock f . J No h li e Rock f l f 1 1 V I W rf "eo Luc: AND as Xyyns " O, jf 9 Y jf Ti! My l J f - to utr urcr r.wh'h ta Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ' J jftjlivigpiiinedafj youisfyug Y 1, ,v X. 1500 E. Washington 2 J AV ememberu 1 Q North Little Rock JXGQQDSEY Arkansas 0ne Day Cleaners YEA WILDCAT ! ! 1412 man FR 29469 North Little Rock, Ark. Belwood Beauty Salon 4202 New Conway Highway North Little Rock, Arkansas "Will Pick Up and Deliver" W. T. GARRICK Esso Service Station 4605 E. Broadway WI 5-9059 North Little Rock, Arkansas MOVING PACKING STORAGE Pool Car Distribution - Heavy Hauling Baker Van 81 Storage Co. 200 West Washington Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas Agent - Airline Vans Phones: Carl I-laustein Business-FR 5-7126 Manager Night-FR 6-I O76 Arkansas Theater Supply "CUSTOM DRAPERlES" 1015 Division Sr. FR 2-2632 North Little Rock, Arkansas Rephan's Department Store Main 8. Washington North Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulations, Seniors ' H I L L AMUSEMENT co. 1020 Main St. little Rock Phone FR 6-0863 .lohnnie Mack Sales Co. 5229 E. Broadway North Little Rock Protho Junction Gulf Station 52l'l E. Broadway North Little Rock BINSWANGER 81 COMPANY "Home of Tru-Flex Mirrors" 1510 Main Little Rock Kirspel-Hollenberg Music Co. 304 Washington Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas "A Satisfied Customer ls Our First Consideration" Kendrick Construction Co. 707 West 22nd Street North Little Rock, Arkansas FR 2-2516 , FR 4-0606 -kmaster turner 0 RESTYLING 0 REPAIRING 0 CLEANING INSURED FUR COLD STORAGE 3'I'l Main North little Rock G 0Jpf0JuCf5 C0l'l'l,06ll'ly, HC. IOO1 WEST SECOND STREET P O BOX 209 TELEPHONE FRANKLIN 4-6263 NORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS l 1 ,11 1 ,W L Hartwick Barber Shop HUNT'S GROCERY 4704 E. Broadway 4801 Gum North Little Rock North Little Rock JOBFS WONDER GRN-L TWIN CITY fgrinling E? .li-141, 13th 8' Main Sheets East Second at Magnolia FR 2-0251 North Little Rock Nonh linle Rock CARRIER 1 SCOTT STORE 47 JOE DeWITT CO. HEATING 8. AIR CONDITIONING SALES 81 SERVICE Office FR 2-3478 721 Main Street Res. SK 3-1236 North Little Rock, Ark. 314 Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas , T 66I've get Blue Cross-Blue Shield too" "When I am 18, like big brother, I'l1 either take out my own membership or be a sponsored. member on my family's membership. 'Wi Wwuwfv ' www' Q" ,,r': rev' Automatic Coverage Extended Benefits Ease of Use Blue Cross-Blue Shield 6th and Gaines, Little Rock ,, I All Work Guaranteed Phone FR 2-8750 MORTON 81 HOLLEY GENERAL Auto REPAIR Walter B. Goodwin C O O K I E S "They're ' Delicious" Made in North Little Rock Front End Alignment - Wheel Balancing Sold in 1926 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. -l - 10 States and Texas H. D. ATKINS LA FRANCE BEAUTY SHOP SERVICE STATION no W. 3rd FR 2.6611 HIGH GRADE GAS AND OIL 2911 E. Broadway Little Rock North LH tle Rock, Arkansas LA N E15 Standard Furniture Co. READY-To.wEAR 209 Main Street 218 Main North Little Rock N""' Lime Rock NORTH LITTLE ROCK THEATRES INC. Ann's Flower 81. Gift Shop 205 MAIN STREET N. L. R. 1808 Main Street FR 5-4897 F J . e5 J ' ' F 'M' 5 f' fl-ill l' LILES BROS. MOTOR co. .Q , ,,,,, Fl. 719 E. Broadway North Little Rock REGISTERED PHARMACISTS There is more North Little Rock news in the TIMES than there is in all the other newspapers SPRIGGS DRUG STORE l 'H 'he W""d Combined' FR 2-9111 711 Pike Ave. E North Little Rock, Arkansas General Air Conditioning Co. 9 821 East 6th Street THE 1 Q S A annular I r unxrnn lOl noun nun I Little Rock, Arkansas FR 4-1616 A CED .,B,.l.l3f-32 ite 0. WI 5-1451 3004 E. Washington North Little Rock FR 5-7543 YEA CAT!! Moody's Recapping Service All Work Guaranteed - Anything in Tires 816 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. Glenn Moody TARVlN'S GROCERY 4705 Camp Robinson Road North little Rock, Arkansas K o o L v E N 1 ALUMINUM AWNING CO. 3408 E. Broadway North Little Rock, Arkansas C. R. "Bob" HUBBARD FLOOR SANDING, LINOLEUM 8. TILE 413 W. 7th FR 4-6389 Congratulations Seniors of "59" Thomason Appliance Company SALES AND SERVICE 308 E. Washington Ave. FR 4-2560 North Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulations and BEST WISHES ARK-LA-TEX OIL COMPANY so . Broadway No 'nie Rack charm a. iz d Bingham X X R l X . ii A an ' 1 Ducs co G od Lu Seniors N V X WILL . . . M fha Little Rock, Arkansas I X , X sw X , 0 H 'l Y and ROTH lnc. 6 f sis Main sneer til A FUNERAL omecrons zaa X North Little Rock Electric Dept 8th 81 Main North Little Rock, Arkansas ALVIN SIMPSON Distributor of ESSO Products 506 Water Street WI5-1549 North Little Rock, Arkansas Baptist Bible 81 Book House . T. O. TOLLETT, Mgr. 716 Main Street FR 4-2329 "Your Religious Supply House" GEORGE E. BROWN NEW AND useo cms "Buy With Confidence" Phone FR 5-7567 612 East Third Street North little Rock, Arkansas WI 5-2555 WI 5-2061 Late Model Motors, Transmissions 8. Parts Temple 81 McCarroll REMEMBER US - WE DO YOU AUTO SALVAGE 2901 E. Washington No. Little Rock, Ark. y , - Congratulations, Seniors -1--I D r e S S S h O p my Ned, Irma, Sandra, Nedra uadvenising consuhanyf 402 Ark.-Mo. Highway Park Hill lll2 North Harrison SKYIIUS 3-2255 Little Rock, Arkansas -- -I -I - -1 1 HOWARD'S CONOCO TWIN CITY TIRE COMPANY CUNWO SERVICE STATION Ph. WI 5-9906 300 East Broadway North Little Rock 4414 E. Broadway A sweet reminder: LAKE HILL DRUG STORE your grocery has LAKE Hill SHOPPING CENTER HSCHERIS HONEY 4100 Ark.-Mo. Highway , 2008 Main Street , l 1, 2 l , FlSCHER'S HONEY COMPANY North Little Rock, Arkansas QL-Lwillso A 5z'Q,i4 ,LMI-ll,-Q-H E001-W1 llloowx OU l ""6o"" . IJG , LLL XX is-ZW aw-all-A f wAcNlEfT'EfhMiTE CONTROL A xv K ,I Jivikrffy sax-1 wesr 12TH -'Sl-K sjixlhvxxw- is mm- 'N V hi ft,-X - 'N Moi- Lime Rock, ARKANSAS lx f ,4'y,,-'N"xJx3'x If illi ,Qi 'JIS-'fm-'XSL Free Inspection 4 ,-- "T "" ,. 5 if Acme means perfection FOR THE BEST JOB IN TOWN, CALL MO 3-9133 or FR 2-6780 Jim Yount, manager ss-57 l il Brake and Wheel Alignment ' WAGNER AIR BRAKES SUPERIOR SPRINGS CO. 219-221 W. Washington FR 4-0288 North little Rock Colaianni Piano 81 Organ Co. 8th and Main little Rock, Arkansas Guenter's Tires Batteries Seat Covers 223 West Broadway SPARKS AGENCY 301 West Capitol D. A. 1 Little Rock, Arkansas GRUENY'S ber Stamps Works Rub 122 W. Markham FR 2-0393 Little Rock, Arkansas KEMPN ERS 418 Main Little Rock, Arkansas ANDY'S DAIRY FREEZE ssoi New Conway Highway North Lame Rock, Ark ansas lllLl.'S DRUG S'l'0llE 3300 Pike Avenue - North Little Rock Your L. G. BALFOUR CO. Congratulations, Seniors L. G. BALFOUR CO. by Doc WRIGHT WALLACE 81 HENRY FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture liberal Discounts for Cash 125-127 E. Washington FR 4-6175 North Little Rock, Arkansas MAY SUPPLY CO. 1115 E. 2nd little Rock THOMAS 81 SPLAWN OUTBOARD MOTOR Mercury Outboard Sales 81 Service 3128 Pike SK 3-6721 l2l5 MAIN STREET I IVIADI 0 CADILLAC CII LITTLE ROCK Bo-Bird Sandwich Shop 1733 Pike Ave. FR 2-9697 North Little Rock "best sandwiches in town" Levy Beauty Salon "nights by appointment" 706 W. 36th North Little Rock Lois Wright-owner and operator RET! CO INC? I A Manufacturers of CONCRETE AND LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCKS STEAM CURED - LABORATORY TESTED Q All Popular Sizes Q Concrete Brick Q Patio Blocks Q Roman Tile Q Dur-O-Wall Q Masonry Cement Dial FRanIclin 5-2811 Nights, Sundays 8. Holidays Dial WI 5-2811 5th and Cornish Streets North Little Rock RAMBLER - HILLMAN1 - FIAT SALES SPECIALISTS IN LINCOLN - MERCURY - RAMBLER - IMPORT CAR SERVICE COME IN SOON. . .WE WANT TO SERVE YOUI QQWHM 961721: MW HERBERT JONES MOTORS Fourth and Cross FR LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 4-2241 241 'IA VI Q , . if Xlfx X AN ITXX :X m mhQ,' cl Q N 'Q QU cf ijtl R wi I W I Ny . T xr N3 V T are il iii. Q N M iw 'WL f55RlQ,iX ' W v 4029 XRIQINMOIX I Q I Q XQX, Y ll I I' il , L Y h lttIex,ocmXArkfansNsr 5 , '- fi iw EX i To W it ii I ' . , .LW MarshaII's Beauty Shop 914 Division Street North little Rock "We Buy 81 Sell Used Cars 81 Parts" CLIFTON'S Auto PARTS North Little Rock Route 1, Box 52 on Memphis Highway WI 5-1643 . -A 'W. A 'NBUUQI Rl,':l,.E...fl.7.Z2i fC2,c,u4, 20 1 O n ELECTRICOQ.gmfzx, CLLJL, Qgim G31-rbi, sos E. 13th 5' " N. L. R., Ark. Grady Morgan Glenn Rull owners 242 911, . 5 BIG ROCK Stone 81 Material Co. FOOT OF ASHLEY STREET Little Rock, Arkansas READY MIXED CONCRETE WASHED CHANNEL SAND CRUSHED STONE PORTLAND CEMENT Each Order Given Prompt Individual Attention Phone FRankIin 4-0381-little Rock Phone Liberty 4-3341 -Jacksonville Complete Radiator Service FR 2-3168 OK RADIATOR SHOP Same Location Since 1919 815 West 14th Street Little Rock, Arkansas P one FR 4-5046 TODD APPLIANCE CO. RADIOS REFRIGERATORS DEEP FREEZES AIR CONDITIONERS AUTOMATIC WASHERS T E l E V I S I O N 113 Main Street North Little Rock Arkansas ROGERS EQUIPMENT CO. 5033 E. Broadway North little Rock, Arkansas Dorsey Electric Supply Co. WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPLIES 1304 East 13th St. - P. O. Box 246 North Little Rock, Arkansas Phone FR 5-5378 CAMPBELL'S BEAUTY SHOP 406 wear 47th SK 3-1792 PAT S School of D A N C E 2900 Main Street North Little Rock PHONE FR. 2-9844 STARICEY'S ESSO SERVICE WNIIL IALANCING, WASHING, POLIIHING. LUBRICATION, FLAT! FIXID, IATTIIY IIRVICI. GIIAIING 901 PIKE AVENUE JOHNNY W. STARKEY N lun Lrr'n.z Rocx, Alex. ' W 1f ' Congratulations. Seniors PARK HILL FLORIST Corsages and Gifts for All Occasions 7 I 8 Ark-Mo Highway North Little Rock Geese, 'E' up ""iWkT1N'es'l'QxK'iaiaiTN'i17iii'KgJ'D CANVZSVYJNDU'-I 1.3. L, , 5'-3-' A - Q l -ALNJ-4 ' Iii A: y UM HTIAN aLljriD5s-A'i7ERiiLLE DRAW Dm? , 9 ' lyxgqftgyxlrxgm sckfsflfi DOW SHADES U' I SJB- SL ,5iJddQh,IbsJ .D r'-1 IKALIL - V U3-uw-cn J LITTLE ROCK TE.. AND KL 1 Qc HJ AWNING com ANY of i td. ' o-A-A X XJ 219 West10th Y 1 U3 .vt V- f-7-v 'I Arkansas School of Horology 1603 Main Street North Little Rock CARROLL'S AMOCO 1436 Pike Avenue, N. L. R. Phone FRanklin 2-9813 Road Service "We Cater To The Particular" MECHANIC Phone For Service ON DUTY O skyline a-oosa BOB'S ESSO SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCTS EXPERT SERVICE "Satisfaction Guaranteed" B. E. DAUGHERTY 320 Ark.-Mo. Highway, Park Hill ' North Little Rock, Arkansas L14 Rgmmg-1--I Phone Fleming's Television Service 45'-"fy QDPLEUS FR 2-5511 1306 w 26th street rn 4-9683 .Fe-A..Q ww W, as ' CORA'S BEAUTY SERVICE CORA MARIE BLEDSOE, Owner 121 East 21 Street North, Little Rock, Ark. North little Rock JESSE'S SHOE, SHOP 1104 W. 18th North Little Rock 243 If We Can Talk With You- We Can Trade With Youl LEE VAUGHAN Authorized Buick Sales - Service 1815 E. Broadway 3rd and Broadway N. Little Rock Little Rock E. M. Wetzler Sheet Metal Works 3222 Railroad Avenue North Little Rock Congratulations Seniors DONAHEY BEAUTY SALON 12l9Vz Pike Ave. FR 2-8933 Across Pike From Kroger Owner - GLADYS DONAHEY V 42? il 2 in 124 fp From "Poor" Puckett's Grocery 718 Parker North Little Rock, Arkansas GOOD LUCK SENIORSI REAL ESTATE - RENTS - LOANS - INSURANCE -"vryr-I-gl'-'!i""u,'. -'t"."' 1'5" xg-Q 5, f":'.'i-gal f54'2gll?r,- -"ff-y.. 'a:.fl5orIrQ'.:r,ffEwrI-5 lf '-1i'.1' ' Phone FR 5-9151 212 Spring Street Little Rock, Ark. EIDEN REXALL DRUG 18th Pike FR 5-4447 North Little Rock North Little Rock Tin Press Co. 1100 W. 3rd Street North Little Rock, Arkansas O' VJ O9 rf xg- - In 3 E 5 f ani I ER' 3 ES URANT 5 il A 0 I ' 5 X 2 5 3 nd M . Fisher, R a, and Phyllis s if ' 3634 lrlgigil 3 6 3 3 IQCONWAY HIEIQWAY od. L5,ggLL, avg L.C.,s.L.-.,,l WI . jj, V ,th .. RSX-. -ORAC, 'LLL L, I 5 xi: I A . ' MW N.N+'P'N 'A -'k. LXR, XL. Aj..-L., ...J .X.'xL'lLi'-...gxo LPS ll V Ag f Liga z,'...,,1.'h.1CL'-t.xL,+, , I 6831 M ,M .ogy Z Lain-.g.i.kJ . .x .dif f X gulf 701' .NL-L1 lwkmkxx lkwfklx . , N -CA! Qgqbt 0 RR ,L L LLL., LL C Associated Wholesale , b LLL.. rocery of Arkansas, A .txkiiwviit-LIUU Q, .3 NU -5 ,- :filly Inc V Serving All- Star Stores - Model Markets and A. G. Stores Throughout Arkansas 1801 East 23rd Little Rock Ark. Congratulations, Seniors ARKANSAS TOOL 81 DIE 1317 Orange Street Phone FR 4-6972 P. O. Box 62 North little Rock NORTH Ll'l"l'Ll'1 ROCK I-'LORIST MRS. CLYDE GALLOWAY 3Ol E. Broadway North Little Rock FR 4-8435 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Dr. and Mrs. John E. Laman MEANS GARAGE H. N. Means, Jr. I09 Maple St. - Phone FR 5-23l0 NORTH LITTLE ROCK f .IEWELERS 619 Main 0 Little oc Extend Best Wishes to the '59 NORTH LITTLE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL Graduating Class! CAVE'S . . . famous for the finer, more exclusive gifts in: Aw o D'AMONDS Inunlllllllnl Q WATCHES as-.R "" ' o JEWELRY fly fs.. Q SILVERWARE 1- iF' o CHINA '-T' 'J a CRYSTAL ,L X 800 E Washlngton I Q 1010 W , t ,A S N George Garrison Company, Inc. Roofing and Sheet Melal Contractors 204 ARKANSAS AVE. NORTH LTTTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS School Art Supplies IB ern KODAKS PHOTO MATERIALS 'co ICE STATION ' . 9 6 ain Sire LL 0 Not Litt 3 oc fab t ' ' 5 . ' I 5 ." . '. E'S q BEA K . P ll? an RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN No. 3 2700 Pike Avenue North Little Rock, Arkansas A Good Place to Eat! BAR-B-Q OUR SPECIALTY Congratulations! SHAW Gas and Plumbing COMPANY l40l West Third Street Little Rock, Arkansas HENNEBE RGER'S CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY FR 2-8867 wh s. Main North Little Rock Western Auto Stores 221-223 Main Street FR 2-6101 North Little Rock, Arkansas Lift Truck 8m Service Co. FR 4-1252 l 110 West 9th Street North Little Rock, Arkansas Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. I500 E. Washington North Little Rock Arkansas Congratulations, Seniors' RAND WHOLESALE GRO. 1014 East 2nd Little Rock, Arkansas E. G. MOORE GROCERIES 81 MEATS FR 4-1579 ' 823 Parker St. North Little Rock Congraulations, Seniors KARCHER CANDY CO. 'Tfhopt Kernels" Emmett Hoffman Alvin Bell LAKEHILL SHOPPING CENTER 4100 Ark.-Mo. Highway North Little Rock, Arkansas PINKEYS PHOTO SERVICE 108 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas Artistic Memorial Co. 519 E. Broadway FR 2-4444 North Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas' Largest 'Everything In Music' 'QESU , 112-114 I. 7th St. Lille lock, All CLEMENT'S Model Market 1018 West 18th FR 2-3174 - FR 2-3175 North Little Rock Dutch Maid Do - Nut Shop OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Coffee - Hot Do-Nuts' - Hushpuppys' 3907 W. 13th - Little Rock - MO 6-9860 Reliable Life Insurance Co. 326 Donaghey Bldg. FR 5-8468 Little Rock, Arkansas I f Williamson Drug Store I fa? 11 f X nfl "The Rexall Storei' f if A 128 Main FR 5-8259 . 1 N0l'll1 Little ROCR THE FAMILY LAUNDRY Wh and Ringo 36I7Can+reH Skyline Furniture 81 Appliance, lnc. FR 2-5II2 MO 6-8670 702 Ark.-Mo. Highway, Parkhill NOYNI llffle ROClK, Al'lKal1S8S . . Congratulations Charley Dilfee Moving Company R READ BAKERY 620 E. Washington North Little, Rock B Agent for DEAN VAN LINES, Inc. A N D FR4-6311 HOSTESS CAKES "Serving Greater Little Rock for 22 Y:rs,' paint 81 Body S op Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables All WORK GUARANTEED FRankIin 2-8808 123 Magnolia FR 5-4734 Herman Harris 2223 Pike Avenue North Little Rock Service Manager North Little Rock, Ark. 15124, MJ 4 . . ' f " W' Congm tu la tzons WJ I, ljyie Qfswlfffwfg 'fc and Best Wzshes to E . 1, Graduates 0 f '5 KM' ' JW7464 Our congratulations to you upon your finishing your High School Year. We know U D , it has been hard work and a lot of effort on your part. May each succeeding year 0 0' m1'ajMA'c? I of your life be as interesting and successful as your school year of 1959. 'df -24474 Ge L R. A. Maior M' limb X LV Lb l X x l Vice-Pres. and Manager CNN ,Mguf grouse waz- ,un . " ' v in 4 V like-0 1" i1f,i7X Q Qlaaaets iifuw Milf" wi J' M1511 '- fu-jeg Zidyoc, u-is fi Near J HHH? LU C' Wi Cl47iA!l QL' KLQ L,q"i!e7T,, xiii fy LQ gl. Q sldc'-CCC Cac Cl? f X A , 'i U 4 4' y- H KX v W rl,fCVLii f 'V 248 ,ws K ful! I , wfyfijwril this RQ TSE iii !Mffl!ff!UiLMZ!jI9Mj17I'Wfv2!!IlIKL!Lf'3Il if is yiy 71 JJ pu gy e REX 'b ex ILULLIL ag LZTWUSQ by GRAPHER Ek Xi RX MQW 'dv IM Zi . SKS MQ! if ML W B n e Stlldlofm SSR , U 'N y A - we 5 fin W5 fi PSRR I OU? tiff' fl, TLE ROCK, ARKANSAS S 1 fi Iii I I ki ri. :Rm X 'I A fl' If lttfjr' , 5 it A !IIfw1.,' dL,t i Uhr. 5I'SEE You IN THE WILDCAT' I I -f 1 I V I L ur a ' . vi re Always On File H If " I'jiI!,IWw I' IIiIt"I'Ipl!IL1iI I I 2 Ihgl Q JI! I fl II t , 1 I 1 I I , . X I i I . " - I at In I I , I X K. f X - J ' I X xl X . .uk X I AJ O REPUTATION IS BEING BUILT ON SERVICE ' CHUSHED STONE By Truck RIP RAP SAND Or Rail STONE JEFFREY SAND CO. SK 3-6101 P. O. Box I85 North Little Rock tif WILKES Phone FR CONOCO , , 132 Conoco Service Station WHEEL BALANCING WASH AND GREASE The Home of National Trailer Service OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU 1523 Pike Ave. North Little Rock, Ark. THE CAMERA CENTER "Everything Photographic" See Our Special KODAK FLASH Outfit only 57.95 108 Main St. Little Rock FR 5-6455 BRAY'S DAIRY CASTLE 210 West Fourth North little Rock 2-8600 You May Order From Them At Any Time Marks Sheet Metal Works "Heating and Air Conditioning" 3706 Allen SK 3-1927 North little Rock, Arkansas HILLS DRUG STORE 3300 Pike Avenue North Little Rock "Your Health Is Our Business" ECONO'MY TILE CO. EXCELLENT Floor, Cabinet Tops, and Wall Tile Phone SK 3-6712 1506 West 35th Street North Little Rock JW ' of-Q, zfhgiiif? Qfffi? Q WW? ,f'fPf,w'M'jm qajjgp cfi-gf-' Jwfi Wyfvyfj 'NW' .3-Q2 'K-flij?-5269? , WM' ,,,l eb xiii? 'I ,ZW Q 'agxgiffx f'00!'1 2436? Mgy0i'N Jff JVJM fvitaffeg Q9 DM ,2f?gfQZgfag,g bsf 'f"N D? '67 , WJWW' ,J M W W f V W ',A,,Jfgiw,M 5234! 4 Djgfflfldjfgftffjd i QV? qw ,f ,ff 5 b'Tn?3lf'Qw'ffiT My QMQVMWM QA? ,QW ,f,,:.,4f..' W W MWEEQQX' i."2Scribb1e Page" can rfes y your ye arboo 1: publisher JAWM' Colorp Inc. 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C orolyn Woigo Hi Comet News Editor ............. Corolyn Woiso Hi Comet Re-Write Editor ........., Gegrge Boi-igoh Hi Comet Circulation Manager ..... Cqrol Swonn APPWUUC9 Edifofs --------------'- Anne Stephens, Billy , - Q J - - Di by, Clara Bess Matson. Charlene God- frey, Harriette Fiske, .H - - S Q 51611911995 --------- ---- I oe Zagar, Billy Iack arrner, Chesley Iones, Lyndel Dean, Iim Perry, Raye- Stalt Writers and General Statt: I Jill: dill' :ff deen Hooper, Iudy Lee, Margaret Whitting, Lorna Smith, Marie Moore. Sharon Iewett, Iamie Mays oyce Adams, Ianice Anthony, Cecilia Cummings, Glenn Gateley, Leo Mun- iord, Ionny Waddle, Herby Yates, Iane McRae, Donna Scroggins, Iudy Goode. Carolyn Holmes, Ian Johnson, Brenda Nichols, Larry Swaim, Mary Iane Tedford, Nancy Wilkerson, Iames Riviere, Carolyn Sparks, Patricia Abernathy, Mary Nell Allen, Iames Brassfield, Kenneth Bray, Lenora Briley, Nancy Dean, Lily Decker, Suzy Draper, Charley Holloway, Dewey Iohnson, Wayne Iones, Iackie Kinard, Carolyn Kuykendall, Iva Lowery. Hank Marshall, Donald Neal, David Nichoalds, Iuanita Pohnka, Deanna Querner, Alma Io Reemes, Virgil Sinkey, Tommy Stuckey, Ralph Wiggins, Margaret Allen, Garlene Bettis. Maxine Burke, Katie Cook, Mary Io Corzine, Barbara Sue Cullins, Virginia Day, Carolyn Hampton, Wayne Henson, Rena King. David Kirk, Melvin Ledrick, Ierry Mateer, Iackie McRoberts, Iim Nichols, Shirley Pack, Lonnie Sharp. Tommy Sherrill, Shirley Simpson, Sky Smith, Ruth Woodcock, Carolyn Grant, Iamie Lewis, Larry Adcock, Lynda Gayle Bowman, Kenneth Brown, Suzy Campbell, Billy Carter, Helen Davidson, Lyndel Dean, Billy Iack Famer, Mary Gentry, Iames Paul Hart, Chesley Iones, Iohnnie Fay Iones, Iim Perry, Billy Stricklin, Beverly Utley, David Weatherford, Frances Willard, Ioe Zagar, Rayedeen Hooper, Nancy Bahil, Tressie Be s, Ioe Guy Bicktord, Sue Bledsoe, Sally Chisam, Martha Cooper. , Eddie Faulk- ner, Iudy Gleason, Roger Gross, Dennis Ha wick, Shirley Melton, Sharon Iewett, Sharon Lampley, Iudy Lee, Iamie Mays, Sarah McKenzie, Marvin Smith, Steve Stephenson, Bill Turner, Margaret Whitting, Anne Wiegand. 5, 1 ,Q 'l't?' ' nl, U we-.4 6 Ly, ,id 'F' , 4, 'L f ' JM 'nr ,wr t, ui ri 3 wg 4, 5 , :N XXTY . '-in 5 gi J I I .X X 3 XJ vi M 1 , Q ,X Q 3 If K if S 3 E' Baie t it I this f A X ff. ii 'L :J . tl rl ' ' "" I - 1, gug? x O .4 ' 1 I fl!-4 - ,-pe xQS' ,..,2. Y 45, - Y' i f' Q d f W K . 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Suggestions in the North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) collection:

North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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