North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1937

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North Little Rock High School - Wildcat Yearbook (North Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 114 of the 1937 volume:

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It is the sincere desire of the editors to present a book that will bring happy mem- ories of the past, a faithful record of the present, and an inspiration for the future. X31 EDICATION As a token of appreciation we, the Seniors of 1937 dedicate thls edition of the Wildcat to our true friends the faculty As our teachers they have shared our prob- lems and assisted us in overcoming many obstacles in our school lives. 2 - ' l il -i - il l I - li. -' -il - . x , -l-gg 5 '. iL . i -. a I i .1-1 Q I " ' .li fi: , . .i Nl I " 5. ' l .. .- - , .. - Ill llllllll .i - i, iii., - i . - -if -ll... - -1-,- -il- -11 . Q 9 Q . . 0 . 7 u Q , a vh A: ' me ' N , , 4 , IQPAS -. U , A ' I In 241- ' . . . Q. af ' 1 In ' ff' -, ,f M4 . H 335-, ' u -..- 1,- I.. 4 I. u , 1-,ri 5' 14 V 'K 1' A Ju 9, '- 1 I 'gi' :fx ,El BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK I dministration and Facult II Features I 1-"if III Classes I ctivities BOOK V thletics BOOK Advertisements '.1'-'I-'4-We -'N7-"H'v1f-X-td-Zvi ' 5 -'44-5'5" 'Cf."f 1L-'Zl'V- .SK - .- - -L-5-. '-- 'L".' .w 9T'I-'-.- - , : "P-:ar of 1 -- A --.f'- V .'- .nu - .- .. .1 .4 .,,, , , -N, -aw 4,-f-,, A, , . wwf.. -bn ,- -.. 4, 3.52-sv., -9,9 . N- I,,.,...,. .. ., iq. M, . -54, ,A V, ::.1fL?f-1'-'jgAiTv,'.T"'T,Tngv'5-H15 'N"'1:L9t.,2Q21:",E,i1' 4795 EI: X, 5 w.-5239-f1,:,x:x.w A-6.-fmt? :E-,,'Qv6..vff2N'E'-.f.4 5,134-lf:-af ., -.. . f- Q -x-- ,-f's-. w. 'W Ask .wav - .1 S- 5 --Am --3,.w-- . .. - . ,N , .xv-A-.-mf. il.-1 ,- f 4 ,y . ... ,ff-.4 .- .5 -- ,-avr .N -,- N-eg-1. V .QQ -,f:,w.-I-mg-,,--Q. 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V, --ff --.f,., 14 45g. ,1eq:v:.-:azz-'I-.2-:9Q" ,.f ,:,:x:'-.asfg r-.X - .-f gg',:1w-,mgfrf-'-.,q-:abr f1N1 :-::,?:-:.'.'fg:-eg,-:4v..:mmf,-3g.e4Q-35.1-:-S,E1vL-:xref .V g-,-1. -I. ,.,. a - f,,gA,,5v'v. 4, S- ,-1 ,, -L. 1 -- 1 -f -vie "-.-,--- - ,,-,.. x 3 Q, , '17, ,--Jig - 1:33-,fiyexzrf-:S1-?5bS'Z!3x.5ies4,f:j??12-QE-'g?3".3 - , k'-2f:512-"ix-wa' -:pa!34-'?5f-3:2c:r.:.L2Q5::- 'er'-'1-A 'Qs1"1'-::M-'f'f'fa- I: -':: "A 1: A .:2-'-' - -P11 4 " 'hfiwnfi n. , . -f ' '7 G, 'i' ---IQ' .-'zlvri '.3t'?lf1?'f-1t'15'i-fx' I33221152,iiim-zezwfikg.-22':EgE:-9:.w.-QS:-Em:-asia' qaftcswfw- U 1-ffgw-,5f4xf,e1-:es-14:-.1mvf:fgs:j:,eaQQQ- -.1--s,1K5-f:-:-V:-2:,66-,X -'f.,..':?,gg-3.fcv.5,'Sf-!"-:f1-.Q4'fEw,-gx3gr,g,-:-...,9W:,-.,g2.L- -Q'-Q' f A.q?-.,:::.w2s:1s'1Sff,:3:3c: 4,-z, .f:,:g,, I -C4 '-.1 ,-,591-' ,,w -Lfzf-gif:-"wf:,,e, if - -. .425, Aqiaf' Q, rv' '-: ' . rw.. 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'-.ze sr , -..f . , . . -9'0:Qeim2 -:E-?f:v::'-ua--" w?f3e:f:Q'1? , K '. :H - X ,J , . - - , , , -, ,.fI-,- ,, fagefr-:N WY, , A My 4 Z.,- AID IVII Il N IlSTVIli2A1Tli 1D N AN ID IFAIEIU IIJVNY T- H. ALFORD Superintendent North Little Rock Schools B, A., State Teachers College M. A., George Peabody College The work of T. H. Alford in the educational field has brought not only state but also national recognition Among the honors that have been bestowed up- on Mr. Alford are: Secretary Sixth District Arkansas Athletic Association, Con- sultant Memher of the National Educational Association, and President of the Ar- kansas Education Association. Before coming to North Little Rock, Mr. Alford was superintendent of the Junior Agricultural College, Beebe, Arkansas. He had also been a faculty member of the A. and M. College, Jonesboro, and superintendent of schools at Rector. TV' Boa roi of Eclucaiion J. L. ATKINS, President Term Expires March, 1938 J. E. SCOTT, Vice President Term Expires March, 1939 T. F. DIGBY Term Expires March, 1939 T. H. ALFORD, Secretary-Treasurer Superintendent of Schools HOWELL VESTAL Term Expires March, 1938 DR. W. M. BURNS Term Expires March, 1940 B. H. GUENTHER Term Expires Marclu, 1940 W. F. STANLEY Term Expires March, 1939 D. E. WOOTEN Term Expires March, 1937 R. A. COX, Principal B. A., State Teachers College M. A., George Peabody College R. A. Cox, principal of North Little Rock High School came here in Septem- ber from Jonesboro where he had been principal of the high school for the past one year. Prior to that time he was chairman of social studies at Fort Smith Junior College and Senior High School. During his time here Mr. Cox has contributed much toward the progress of the school and has become very popular with students, parents, and faculty members. 413' in ' fo .. ff FACULTY MR. E. E. I-IARTNETT ...... Industrial Artf B. Pd., Missouri State Teachers College, State University, Seattle, Washingtong B. S., M. A., Columbia University. MRS. W. E. PI-IIPPS .... ..... E ngiisb A. B., Westminister College M. A., Peabody College MISS LOUISE PORTER . . . . Social Science A. B., Henderson-Brown MISS ELLEN MCCAUL . . . Commercial Department A. B., Galloway College MRS. EUGENE MATTHEWS . . . French A. B., Arkansas State Teachers College IVIISS BESS JOHNSTON . . . . Matl7emdtiC5 A. B., Peabody College MRS. AGNES NEILL . . . Home Economics B. S., University of Tennessee MISS BERTIE JOHNSTON . . . Latin A. B., Peabody College MISS ORA PARK .... . . Chemistry B. S. E., University of Arkansas MISS CLARA WHITE .... . . Ari' Student Art Institution, Chicago University of Colorado FACULTY MISS LORANE ADAMSON . . A. B., Galloway College MR. GARLAND BEAVERS . B. S. E., University of Arkansas MRS. TERRELL POWELL . A. B., State Teachers College IVIISS LEONA SCOTT . . A. B., State Teachers College . . Mathematics Athletic Director . Commercial . Social Science MRS. CORINNE PIERCE . Secretary to Superintendent Draughonfs Business College Private Secretarial Training MR. MIKE TONEY . . Master Mechanic MISS EFFIE PARK . . . B. S. E., University of Arkansas MR. NOLAN MINTON . . B. S., State Teachers College IVIRS. F. B. NICHOLSON . . State Teachers College MISS PAULINE McCAIN . . B. A., Texas Christian University Industrial A rt: . Biology Industrial Arty . . Librarian . Social Science F A C U L T Y MISS VIRGINIA ATKINS . . . Secretary to Principal Little Rock junior College MR. RALPH HAIZLIP . . . B. S. E., University of Arkansas MISS ELAINE DIGBY . . A. A., Central College A. B., Ouachita College MRS. GRACE E. MARTIN . . B. A. Iowa State University MISS EVA GAMMILL . A. B. University of Arkansas MRS. VIVIAN MOSELY CHURCH . . B. O., Henderson-Brown A. B., Southern Methodist University MISS BEULAH WAYLAND . B. M., University of Arkansas MISS FANNIE CALHOUN . . . Columbia Institute, Columbia, Tennessee A. B., Arkansas State Teachers College MISS LELA LOOMIS . Galloway College . Sturly Hall Supervisor . . Art . . English . . English Dramatic Arts L . M uric . . English . Dietitian MR. G. C. MARTIN ..... Band and Orchestra Mus. IW. Conservatory of Musi:, Dayton, Ohio Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio IF IE A jim Qfee ,Steeley Topularity Queen Lame 730611, eibfaid of Cgfonor w Cghelma 2Bleidc Topularity Gyffaidsw ' v ,riff X eiffildred cfldliins N qlorence Gibfargaret 'Powell Topularity efbfaidsw cibflcwy virginia eibfabrey Cgootball Queen 71712, gig KPCLTCLCZQ, II 22' hifi' Un! 1.2M-I' 'E-NTT . J" '-.Q ' . 7 gpgff .3 ,.,, 551 12.55 'LL in WLQ ml- f , .. 1 '55 , i357 N, 3. .A , ' Y Q i w. .5 1, gf -1 fi- N -'Tk ' :,: L A " 'jg-I'i?Q Q fi. V' 3:15 'V 'W' S " -"g ,1 ' , N j e P .1 I Q 'JN x H1 X, ,, I X xwf L, ,,. M N 'VKX ' ? N x., , "X A, f 'Ag AM, aflwu w? pnuwvaf Ld4.6vQLlu V H? T J ,l an LA", . M., Qaww I L: L gaauwalgommf 'J 1 v ww 11 .u 4-n. ' 1 13' .13 lx Q .,v .Q 1,.w 'UUhen 'Udo CZ0,7e1feJ young nil? I he I? is- PERRY HOLLOWAY "A football player, and lrowfl President of Senior Class, Captain of Football Team, President of Club. HARRY DALE CLARK "His joys are as deep as the oceang lvis troubles as Ziglar as tlre foam." Football, Track. VIRGINIA SCHNEIDER "Lo al lvearled stron o mind and a truer 3' 1 g J friend yozfll never find." Senior Play, Vice-President of Senio r Class. LA VERNE NORTON "Eat, sleep, and be merry for tomorrow you may fall in lovef' Secretary of Senior Clss, Honor Study Hall. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 5 MRS. E. A. MATTHEWS MISS LORANE ADAMSON Class Sponsors , 1 l 3 7 It it A H A Q EMOGENE CLAYTOR "Friendly, modext, :incereg the rest of her ix hard work." Senior Play, Editor of Hi Comet, Vice-President of Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Commencement Speaker. WAYNE PILKINGTON "l'll get by xomehowf' Honor Study Hall, Art Club. MAURICE MITCHELL "Common sense among men is a fortune J, rare. National Honor Society, Honor Study Hall, Stage Manager, Letter in Track. JANICE HUEY "She'x little, yet she 'ain'!.' U Hall monitor, Honor Study Hall. HELEN FOSTER "Nuts, they say she is, but is .vhe?,' Hall Monitor, Senior Play. JOHN MOORE "Speak when xpoken to, never before." Hi-Y Club. IdOWARD SPINKS "Rall on old World ana' l'Il roll with youf' Senior Play. ELBA MULLINS "Full of brain: from the top of the head up-J! Office Monitor. ARTHUR WILCOX "It is a wise heaa' that keeps a still tongue." Student Council, Club Officer. HOWARD SNOW "Be up to date with your opinion, hut ahead of times with your idcasf' Honor Study Hall, Know your State Club. 1 9 I fall .f 'iv AE, - -dtgw 53,1 HUGH TOLAND , "lt is had farm to think, feel, or even have an ideaf' Booster Club. DOROTHY BAKER "Nothing hardly, if ever troubles me Office Monitor, Library Monitor. ANNA MAY KOLIS "A happy las: with a winning way." Study Hall Monitor. LOUISE WOOD "Her thoughts :he hide: Within herself Hall Monitor. ' ELLA LOUISE BELLVILLE "Small in stature only." Salutatorian, Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Secretary of Home Room, Vice-President of National Honor Society. WILLIAM RADNEDGE will?" "lf I alorft think Well of myrelf, who Hall Monitor, Booster Club. SELMA HOGGARD "She says little but thinks much." Study Hall Monitor, Honor Study Hall. EVELYN JENNINGS "Loyal and true, an all-round student' Office Monitor. HAROD MAYES "l'a' rather be a fly and get :waited than he a worm and get hooked." Athletic Club, Office Monitor. FREDA LLEWELYN "She'll never be lonesome." Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. 1 .ioi H VAUGHN TATOM "Handsome and tall, lJe'f liked by all." AA! Senior Play, Honor Study Hall Mon- itor, Home Room Salesman, College Club. JOHNE THOMAS "Guardian of the 'Four Illuskaleersiln Office Monitor, Booster Clula. AUDREY WISEMAN "She is llae same nflvenever you mee! herf, Honor Stucly Hall. JUANITA SCOTT "Life is what we make it." Honor Study Hall, College Club. KATIE MEANS "M0a'e:ty in Women-'tix an exrellent thing." National Honor Society, Secretary of Radio Council, Leal in Operetta, President of Home Room. GENE BURKS "lfVns11,t Napoleon also small?" Valeclictorian, National Honor Society Club Reporter, Ticket Salesman. RUTH SCHWEIG "A pretly lax.: with a winning nfayf, Typing Club. MELBA HARRELL Hfverybodyis friendf' Honor Study Hall, National Honor So- ciety, Club Reporter. WILLARD HOWELL "A little more .fleepg a little more slumber." MARTHA LEE CLARK "Did goodness and fun ever blend so well in anyone?" Senior Play, Office Monitor, Hall Mon- itor. - F T NELL EUBANKS "A joy to talk to and pleasant to think of." Secretary of Club, Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. EDGAR LINZ HA true gE1lflC77lr171.D Honor Study Hall. EDN A FOSTER "Quietness is her loudest feature." Library Monitor, Office M o n i t o r Honor Study Hall. GERALDINE STANE "She loved life and all its joys." Senior Play, Hall Monitor. WOODROW LITTLE "Not as little as his name implies." Track Team. DORIS LEACI-I "Quiet sometimes-wlaeu she is too as tonished to talk." Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. MARY JANE WINTER "Short and sweet and hard to beat." Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. GERALDINE SI-IAMI-IART "She says little, but takes in everything. Hall Monitor. MAXINE CLARK "I would study to live, not live to study." Honor Study Hall. THOMAS FARRER "You seldom see such a studious boy." Head Monitor, Student Council, Secre- tary of National Honor Society, Office Monitor. la .e .I 9 51 1. BILLIE VIRGINIA MASON "Man delights not mef, College Club, Monitor in Superinten- dant's Office. LYNN PRIEST ",loy.' joy! He cried, "my task is done, ' JP exams passed, and graduation won. Cafeteria Monitor, French Club, Hall Monitor. MARGARET FARRIS "A lovable girlfj Hall Monitor, Honor Study Hall. THELMA HUMPHREY "A good student and a better friend." Hall Monitor, Honor Study Hall, Vice- President of Club. FRANK BERDIKOSKI "Smal ou can see that school is not the y y place for me.', Office Monitor, Hall Monitor. rf MARY LEE WARREN I wander if anyone else hates to study" Honor Study Hall, Yell Leader, Hall Monitor. MARY LOUISE STANLEY "jolly, gay and full of fun. Honor Study Hall. an AILENE STEWART "May be seen but seldom heard." Honor Study Hall. MARY LOU WHITE "Gentle, sweet, and kind." Honor Study Hall. LEE ROY GRIBBLE "A friend, a gentleman, what more could we ask?', Honor Study Hall. fiifii JACK COHEN 'Could he have grown to be a man like this, were he no gentlenzan?" Hi.Y Club, Golf. T. L. COLE "Though he warn? fond of school he had hi: frm." Stage Crew. WALTON HUMPHREY Let'.v have mirth and laughter, sermon: ana' soda water the day afterf' CHESTER DILLAHUNTY "A pleasing manner-a rvinning wayf: President of Home Room, Hall Moni- tor, National Honor So:iety, Student Council, President of Domino Club. WAYMON MILLER "An artist of rare ability? Art Club. JEROME WHEELER "Blondie" Hi-Y Club BERNICE I-IUGGS "Worry kill: meng why worry." Glee Club. JAMES MILLARD WALTERS "The less there is learned, the les: there is to forget." Band and Orchestra. I . - QVLO tt--. S ,LLL lze-E E nA T FRANK MATTHEWS "Ok that this loo solid flesh would melt" Senior Play, Band and Orchestra. MAY BELLE HAMLETT "A gentle dispositioni' Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. KITI I JANZEN "Common sense is not a common tlvingf' Hall Monitor, Honor Crucly Hall. DOYNE WILLIAMS "A more pleasing voice you never heard ANDY CAMPB "E pluribus unum-One Senior Play, Band and Orchestra. ELL of 1nany.,' Senior Play, Home Room Treasurer Home Room Salesman. FANNIE STILLIVIAN "Silence is one great art of con-versalion Honor Study Hall, ROY CULLUM "Not a bit afarid of Work, merely not in sympathy with it." Hi-Y Club, Football. HAROLD BRADLEY "Noisy at times but a jolly good fellow. l,,- ' -CARTHEL MORRIS "A favorite among us alli' President of Senior Class, Golf Club, Boos- ter Club, President of Home Room, Etiquette Club, Travel Club. MARTHA JEANNE ATKINSON "Taken all and all her equal is hard to find" Editor of Annual, Vice-President of Senior Class, Head Monitor, National Honor Society, Student Council, President of Home Room. JOHNNY STARKEY "He cared a 'whit' about school activities, especially athletics." Football, Basketball, Track, Honor Study I-Iall, National Honor Society. VIRGINIA WALKER "Teach me half the gladness that thy brain must know." Head Monitor, National Honor Society, Member of Student Council, Annual Staff, Associate and Feature Editor of the Hi Comet, Make-up Editor of 36 Annual. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MISS LOUISE PORTER MISS ORA PARK Class Sponsors 19-f3 7 W I L D EVA EDWARDS nlfaferylzorly likes her. and she is Worlhy of their liking." College Club, Glee Club, Nlonitot in Office. ERNEST. BROWN "1 never fell the kiss 0' love, nor rrzaideifs hmm' iirvninef' Stage Crew, French Club, Band and Orchestra, Vice-President of Home Room, Instrumental Mtisic Club, Treasurer of Home Room. LA RUE POCH "Can do ri lilllc hi! of e1'erylhir1g well- and howf' Business manager of Annual, Advertis- ing Manager of Hi Comet, Vicefpresident and Charter Member of Quill and S:toll, Vice-President of Home Room, National Honor Society, Chairman of Class Day Program, Popularity Maid, ALBERTA BOULLIE "A girl who is ever loyal and true.: A girl who is a friend to you." National Honor' Society, Head Moni- tor, Secretary of Home Room, Vice- President of Home Room, Honor Study Hall, Student Council. GEORGE MOORE "lim an Olrl Conflmiillf, Hi-Y Club. GRACE CALDWELL "There is none truer-hearleum I-Ionor Study Hall, Home Economics Club. JIM O'LEE STEELE vlimmie thinks heaven is pmfcrl with a dance floor." Popularity Queen, President of Physical Culture Club, Hall Nlonitor, President of Glee Club, "Operetta, Feature Editor of Hi Comet. DOROTHY MAE WILKINS "Loved by all-but by one in particular" National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Secretary of Home Room, Glee Club, Booster Club, Yell Leader. JAMES SPEER "In one thing docs he :rand alone, he has a grin lhnllr all his own." Activity Period Monitor, Vice-President of Home Room, President of Radio Council. HIAWATHA DANIEL "I wonder what if: all about." Glee Club, Honor Study Hall, College Club, French Club, Movie Club. Qi C 'P BILLY WALKER "If it is gentlemen who prefer blondes, Billy must be a true gentleman." President of Home Room, Treasurer of Junior Class, Honor Study Hall, Read Show. WYNET'TE GARRETT "Chatter, clutter, it's Wyrzelle's way." Student Council, College Club, Hi Comet Club, Associate Editor of Hi Comet, Wildcat Staff of '35, Secretary of Home Room. MILDRED MILLER "She is light hearted and gayf' President of Dramatic Club, College Club, Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. RACHEL CI-IORMLEY "Live While you live, I would say. And seize the pleasures of the present day." President of Home Room, President of Club, Secretary of Home Room, Treas- urer of Glee Club, Hall Monitor. MARION GENTRY "A pot full of good sound tlvouglvtu National Honor Society, Monitor, Stud- ent Council, Honor Study Hall, r 1. C. DYSON "Au equal mixture of good humor and good sensef' President Band and Orchestra, Radio Council, Stage Crew Manager, Student Council. HELEN KRUSE "lfVorry is suclv 4 strain, so, why 1vo1ry?'I Glee Club, Music Club, Honor Study Hall. JEAN CCX "Here's to the girls of the American Shore, I love but one, I love no more," Band Drum Major, College Club, Ten- nis Club, Vice-President of Home Room, Orchestra, Track. BILLY WILHITE "Outwara'ly indifferent he seems, yet Way down deep he dreams his dreamsf, Glee Club, Quarter, Honor Study Hall. MILDRED WRIGHT "If you have not met her you are missing a lotf, EMUEL LEE PENCE "Swett peryomzlity, full of rascalityf' National Honor Society, Hall Monitor, Health Club, Music Club, Girl Reserve Club. J. C. SHUMATE "Yuu'Il always find him true and just, A man nflvom all will love amz' trust." President of Travel Club, Debating Club, Hi Y Club, Bancl and Orchestra, Monitor. FLOYDEAN DAWSON "Her hair clazzles me." National Honor Society, Captain of Basketball Team, Monitor of Senior Study Hall, Secretary of Home Economics Club, Honor Study Hall. BERNICE RUSSELL "A happy dispoxiliorz ana' a ,funny smile, llvese make, indeed, her life worth wlvilefl Charter Member of Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Hi Comet Staff, Annual Staff, Student Council, Head Monitor. G. B. MARTIN "Quiet mos! off We ligne, bu! a good e ow. President of Checker Club, Honor Study Hall, Hi-Y Club, Movie Club. LUCILE JOBE "Her smile brightens the Way." Hcnor Study Hall. MARJORIE ROBINSON "Liked by Ilzase 'nflw IUIOW l7er.', Honor Study Hall Monitor. ANNA GRACE GARNER "Who cares if life is just a lnulalvlefi Honor Study Hall, Hi Comet Club, Vi:e-President of Home Room, Hall and Lobby Monitor, Monitor in Superinten- clent's Office. NELL MARRE HARRELL "Quiet, referral, ana' a good stua'e11t." Basketball, College Club, Typing Club, Art Club, Honor Study Hall. J. B. SKINNER "One of the twins" President of Checker Club, Honor Study Hall. CHARLES MARTIN "Every man is the arclaitect of luis own fortzmef' Librarian and Student Director of Band and Orchestra, Student Council, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Hi Comet Staff. DORIS JENKINS "Dcliglvtf1ll to know." Glee Club, Music Club, Library Moni- tor, Study Hall Monitor. FRANCES WILKERSON "Her career is a mirror in which we can sec the traits of cz lypical stutlent, and an ideal compaio1z.', President of Home Room, Vice-Presi- dent of Home Room, Library Monitor, Booster Club, Knitting Club. CARL WALLACE "Life-1vlmt's it all almul?', Reporter of Ho111e Room. DOROTHY I-IU GGINS "Experience means n lol in life." President of College Club, Girl's Trio, Glee Club, Honor Study Hall. MARTHA JO BRILEY "I call 110 time lost that I give to pleasure., Honor Study Hall, Operetta, Music Club, Movie Club, C-ilee Club. HELEN ZINI "The better you know ber, llvc better you like her." Secretary of Home Room, President of Home Room, Hall Monitor, National Honor Sofiety, Student Counril, Honor Study Hall. HELEN GRAY "lfVe love her for her smile, lver looks, and Way of speaking genllyfl Typing Club, Honor Study Hall, Mon- itor, Tourist Club. NED BAIRD "Quite a Public Speaker." National Honor Society, French Club, Fencing Team, Home Room Salesman, Debating Team. FRANCES ELEANOR BELL "fl disposition of love and frienrlliness, comlvinerl Willa irztelligencef' President of Home Room, Secretary of I-Iorne Room, Student Council, Annual Staff, Placed in Tuberculosis Speech Con- test, National Honor Society. +1 I 1, x FRANCES OTEY "Mozlr.r1y graces lvcr simple rnamrers unfurlf' Glce Club, Booster Club, Monitor' in Office, President of Club, Monitor in Library, Girl Reserve Club. FRED STUKEY "I am weary of days ana' lmurs and cvrryllving but sleep." Glee Club, Treasurer of Golf Club, Opcretta, Minstrel. NELLIE MAE GRANT "Ta know lvcr bcllcr is ones Jcsiref' Booster Club, Honor Study Hall, Vice- Presiclent of Girl Reserve, Secretary of Girl Reserve, Reporter of Art' Club. JUANITA ANDERSON "My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope." Hall Monitor, Chairman of Social Committee in Girl Reserve Club, College Club, Hall Monitor. PAUL SPEAR "Always there with fl helping lmudu Booster Club, Movie Club, Monitor in Office, Monitor in Hall, National Honor Society. TERRY ELLEN PRATT "Such eyes lv-we nfretkca' cmpircsu National Honor Society, Radio Coun- cil, Bancl ancl Orchestra, Honor Stucly Hall. MATILDA HARBOUR "The Iwo noblest llvingss sweclm-ss ana' ' bcaulyf' Vice President of Home Room, Honor Study Hall, Hi Comet Club, Booster Club, Glec Club. KATHLEEN DAWSON "Slow tlvinleiug, easy gaiugf, Hall Monitor. MARY AGNES ROBERTS "Her ways are ways of pleasanmess, mia' luv paths are of peace." Honor Study Hall. ANGELO ORSINI "He's afraid of girls." Honor Study Hall, Champion of Dom- ino Club. ALBINA ZINI "ln Iver arc lmllv lovelinefs and soul"s trur excellence" National Honor Society, Vice-President of Home Room, Honor Study Hall, Sec- retary of Girl Reserve, Domino Club, I-ki - 6 1M:ie 'SY H H CATHERINE MITCHELL "Not as dignified as being tl senior might imply' JUNIOR TENNY "A little fun is needed by every one." President of Hi Y Club, Honor Study Hal, Basketball, Movie Club. MABEL STEED "She is quiet, composed, and sweet." Activity Monitor, Vice-President in Girl Reserve Club, Hall Monitor, Home Economics Club, Style Club. ROBERTA SMITH "Let me live and be lwppyf, Monitor, Honor Study Hall. THURMAN RIGGS rfMdidEI!! are his smallest care. Hall Monitor, Checker Club. L. J. LEE DOROTHY PHILLIPS "A ready :mile ana' winning Wayff' "A fellow everyone admides for bi: gamenesf, nfit and good nature." Monitor, Booster Club, Operetta, Radio Council. TI-IELMA BRADLEY "Size see: only what is fair." Monitor, Honor Ctucly Hall, Glee Club, College Club, Girl Reserve, Movie Club. CAROLI. SULLIVAN "Hi: word is his bond." Hi-Y Club, Study Club, Typing Club. JAUNITA HENDRICKS "A type all her own." C194 E-+1 f BYRON SMITH "He har one habit-Pauline is her name." President of Student Body, National Honor Society, Co-Manager of the Stage Crew, President of the Radio Council. FLOSSIE PRICE "A merr hear! maketh a cheer ul 7 counlerzarzref' Honor Study Hall. Hall Monitor. INA MCCARTY "She holds him as the apple of her eyef, Girl Reserve Club, Booster Club, Dom- ino Club, Glee Club, Knitting Club, Caf- eteria Monitor. NELL SUE DRAPER "The rrzildest manner and genllest heartfy Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor, Glee Club. XVYNONA BEARD "I am as I am and so will I ben Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Monitor, Honor Study Hall. ED GARRETT "He is rtill in the age of his romantic tendencies." CATI-ILEEN BLACK "Her stature ir small. lm! her heart is exceedingly bigf' College Club, Hall Monitor, Informa- tion Monitor. MELBA JANE PRUNISKI "A mixture of brains' and personality so well proportioned as to make a most likable personf' HERMAN RACZKOWSKI "More noise than the late War." Hi Y Club, Checker Club. MARILYNN LUI-IRSEN "The mildesl manners and the gentler! heart." Reporter of Movie Club, Treasurer of Know Your State Club, Student Council, Head Monitor. CHARLES SKIPPER "His speech flows on and on and onf' Honor Study Hall, Working Club, President of Home Room. RUTH CLAUSSEN "Genlle in personage, ronduct, and mannerf' College Club, Glee Club, Monitor. MYRTLE HARRIS "Large of frame, broad of mind, big of bearl, and always kind." Vice-President of Girl Reserve Club, President of Art Club, Treasurer of Girl Reserve Club, Sales Lady of Home Room, Honor Study Hall, Booster Club. ELIZABETH BAREFIELD "Silence is ber virtue." Hall Monitor, Honor Study Hall, Col- lege Club. RUTH HARPER "Capable at any task, but ob! just let ber prove it!" Monitor in the Library, Knitting Club, Arr Club, Typing Club, Honor Study Hall. ' CHARLES YATES "He is indesrribableg you must see him for yourself." President of Home Room, Treasurer of Home Room, Treasurer of French Club, Honor Study Hall. URBADELL MCLENDON "She always bas a song for the dark days" Glee Club, Booster Club, Hall Moni- IOF. AUDREY STOUT "From lbe depth of ber dark blue eyes, Tlvereis always something that mystifiesf' Glee Club, Booster Club, Girl's Reserve Club, College Club. BILL GHORMLEY "As a regular fellow he won fame, Basketball was his middle namef, Basketball, Football, President of Senior Home Room, Vice-President of Baseball club, President of Hi Comet Club. JEWEL MARIE WALKER "Sedate and modest and full of fun, ap- pears like an angel and yet im't one." Honor Study Hall, Travel Club, Booster Club, Program Chairman of Girl Reserve, Program Chairman of Home Room. 1 . .4 sw si orc Ar T so , JACKSIE MABRY 5, or "I love lo dance, I love to playg 'Ns- Let nollving else get in my rvayf' Secretary of Home Room, Sezretaty of Junior Class, Secretary of Glee Club, Re- porter of Home Room, Operetta, Booster Club. ROBBIE BARHAM "He is honest, Willing, and eagerf, Glee Club, Library Monitor. RAY VANN "You can leaa' a man to srlvool, bu: you ca11't make lsim Ilvinlzf' Hi Y Club, Athletic Club. ADELINE KETZSCI-IER "She makes friends easily because she is energetic, careful and sociable." Secretary of Checker Club, Art Club, Booster Club, Honor Study Hall, Girl Re- serve Club. ERN ESTINE KELLEY "So with her eyes ana' a gay smile Slvc always varripea' ber way." Secretary of Home Room, President of Home Room, Booster Club, Glee Club. JJ.. ATKINS "Common sense is not a common thing" Football, President of Domino Club, Hi- Y Club. FLORINE WILLIAMS "Her smile is Slllllly, lver laugh in gay, Slne's happy all the live long day." Hall Monitor, Yell Leader, Honor Study Hall, French Club, Booster Club, Office Monitor. ELOISE DUKE "Fm glad l'm living." Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor, Glee Club. NADINE PAUL "She is small but full of pep" Glce Club, Music Club. DAVID IVES "Bad language I never use." Know Your State Club, Szience Club. 1 T""'l 1 3 iii? ilglfeiffa A 1' JULIA COBURN "One never knows, does one? I am the sunshine girl." Honor Study Hall, Monitor in Super- intendent's Office, Booster Club, Dramatic Club, Annual Staff, Senior Play. JACK PRATT "l1Vhere I stray, my thoughts must gof' National Honor Society, Student Di- rector of Band and Orchestra, Master of Ceremonies on Wildcat Quarter Hour, Member of Debating Team, Member of Radio Council, Lettered in Band and Or- ch-astra. FRANK PRYOR "Be good and you will he happy, but yozfll miss a lot of fun." National Honor Society, President of Home Room, Radio Commentator, Radio Council, Treasurer of Booster Club, Vice- president of Junior Class. TILLIE KIEI-IL "All things come to those who wait, Therefore 'rvhy should I hurryf, Dramatic Club, Vice-President of Dra- matic Club, Popularity Contestant. VIRGINIA THOMPSON "Sometimes wise, but usally otherwisef, Secretary of Science Club, Honor Study Hall, College Club, Booster Club, Re- porter of Home Room, Student Council. MINNIE MAE ANDERSON "Who knows but her rea' hair is an em- blem of shining brilliance." Etiquette and Style Club, Program Chairman, Social Service Club, Activity Nlonitor, Glee Club, College Club, TI-IELMA SPANN "Her smile, her humor, all enfold, A heart thafs lined with purest gold." Honor Study Hall, Not Absent, Not Tardy, Booster Club. MARY FRANCES BOMER " 'Dolly'-a well deserved nickname." Glee Club, Honor Study Hall. MINN IE LAUGHLIN "Slow to speak and slow to Wrath." Girl Reserve Club, College Club, Honor Study Hall. CLOVIS FLEMING "While we live, let's live in clover, For when W6,f6 dead, nfe're dead all overf, Hi Y Club, Monitor, Merrit Club, Honor Study Hall. GERALDINE SHAW "A friend to all her friendv Honor Study Hall. HUGH CAMPBELL "A man devoted to his cause." Honor Study Hall. I l. D C A AUDREY CUNNINGI-IAM "just out for a frolicf, Glee Club, President of Glee Club, Operetta. LEONARD I-IEILMAN "TI7i:zg: will come to those who Wait, why all tlve rush." Hi-Y Club, Checker Club, Monitor, Movie Club, Glee Club. I-IERMAN GALLOWAY "Honest ana' sincere in every task Ive a'oesJi Wfinner in Checker Club. MARIE PYSKLO "To see her is to aalmire her and to know Iver is to like her." Dramatic Club, Girl Reserve Club, Movie Club, Honor Study Hall. MILDRED I-IUFFMAN "Stand up for yourselff' Yell Leader, Office Monitor, Operetta, Hall Monitor, Booster Club. MAX KOEI-ILER ff , Tomorrow may never come, lets have our fun while we may." Reporter of Home Room, Secretary of Bcoter Club, Checker Club, Honor Study Hall, College Club, Hi-Y Club. THOMAS WINKLER "If silence is golden. he if a gold minef, Assistant Business Manager of Football Team, Baseball Club, Typing Club. POLLY CURTIS "She is so sweet, so lovely and petitei' Secretary of Home Room, Monitor in Office, Hall Monitor, Honor Stucly Hall, Booster Club, Cafeteria Monitor. FRANCES LOUISE ROBERTS "Till nflvat I low a'eterniine.f how I live." Hall Monitor, Monitor of Study Hall, Glee Club, Booster Club, Knitting Club. ROBERT I-IOLBEN In lixtlexs quielitude of mind, I yield to all." Al?" ive Z'-, ii'- LEONA LAMB "Some people grow um1'er respoirsibiiilyf' National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Pianist of Boys, Glee Club, Secretary of Home Room, Girls' Glee Club, Moni- tor of Honor Study Hall. D. TRICKEY "How good he is, how just, "How fit for highest trust." Know Your State Club, Checker Club, Track. TOMMY WALKER "To argue was his Jeiight Whether he was wrong or rightf, Band and Orchestra, Vice-President of Home Room, Operetta, Road Showg Win- ner, Boys, Voice, District Meet. MILDRED ADKINS "l'Vhy Worry, things are going to happen anyway." Band and Orchestra, College Club, Treasurer of Band, Treasurer of French Club. DOROTHY WETZLER "'I-Ier care was never to offend, And every creature was her frienalf' Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor, Know Your State Club. MARGIE SKINNER "The other Skinner fWi1'L.n First Team, Basketball, Library Nloni- tor, Honor Study Hall, Girl Reserve Club. RAYMOND MCHUGHES "Love is queer, love is dizziness, Love keeps a man away from his business. Hall Monitor, Checker Club, Booster Club. JUANITA DOLLAR "Appears quiet ana' studious, but appear- ances are often decitfulfl Vice-President of Glee Club, President of Music Club, Operetta, M.rnber of Glee Club. MARIE DAWSON "I pin my fate to no man's sleeve: have I not tivo eyes of my own?" Art Club, Home Economics Club, Health Club, Business Girls' Club, Typ- ing Club, Monitor in Honor Study Hall. JACK SULLIVAN "He has a bright thought now ana' then, moslly then." Secretary of Typing Club, French Club. t it I L ,rfgfc fiffiege 5 I-IATTIE BILES "Honor lies in honest toilf' Student Council, Head Monitor, An- nual Staff, National Honor Society. ROBERT HARRIELL "In school or out, l1e'll be a good scout" President of National Honor Society, President of Band, Student Council, Sales Manager, Baseball Board of Directors, President of Home Room. OPAL SIMPSON "All knew her wortlf' Basketball, Treasurer of Home Econom- ics Club, Honor Study Hall, Glee Club. RUSSELL I-IIRSCI-IEY "Men, some for please others for businessi' Debating Club, Typing Club, Hall Monitor, Monitor in Superintendent's Of- fice. BUDDY RAY "lust to look at him you'd never believe he is a senior." Hi-Y Club. ZULA STANLEY "A still tongue maketh a wise head." Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor, Girl Reserve Club, College Club, Travel Club, MARGARET MELTON "And still the Wonder grew, That one small bead could carry all she knewf' President of Student Body, Head Mon- itor, National Honor Society, Treasurer and Charter Member of Quill and Scroll, District Wiiiner of D. A. R. Contest, Hi Comet Staff. MARY VIRGINIA MABREY "May Iver smile ana' beauty grow ana' growf, National Honor Society, Lead in Oper- etta, Vice President of Radio Council, Football Queen, Secretary of Home Room, Editor of Hi Comet. EUGENE ROWDEN "fm a runt--but so was Napoleon." Vice-President of Home Room, Presi- dent of Home Room, Secretary of Eti- quette Club, Magazine Room Monitor, Secretary of Home Room, Office Moni- tor. VIOLA CARVER "Success is sure to come to one as faith- ful as she" Typing Club, Honor Study Hall, Hall Monitor. IN MEMORIAM The Faculty and Students of the North Little Rock High School pay loving tribute to the memory of ELMER GRAHAM THOMPSON Member of the' 1937 Senior Class upon Whose life the eternal morn- ing broke December 8, 1936. -1- ,r' T , Pl' TVI1V First row: Charles Joe Martin, Virginia Walker, Patricia Weny, Martha Jeanne Atkinson, Hattie Biles, Frames Bell, Florence Margaret Powell, Blanche Schlosberg, Byron Smith. Second row: Mr. R. A. Cox, james Brashears, Thelma Bleidt, Dorcthv Kelley, Dlcrothy Bumcrots, Leona Lamb, Carcline aylor, Rose Malnik, Emogene Clayton, Vane Wilson. Third row: C. Dyson, Charles Ratcliff, Clarence Hornecker, Robert Harriell, Margaret Melton, Ber- nice Russcll, Reba Sullivan, Hortense Warden, Roy Nichols, Mary Betty Gault, Melba Jane Pru- niski, Mohica Landenbcrgc r. Student Gouncil The Student Counil which is composed of head monitors and a representative from each home room, has student leadership and the development of a better student government as its objectives. During the year council members have sponsored numerous projects which were beneficial to both students and faculty members. Delegates attended the Southern Association of Student Government in Lexing- ton, Kentucky, and the Arkansas Association of Student Government in Hot Springs. First row: Byrcn Smith, Dorothy Mae Wilkens, Martha Jeanne Atkinson, Hattie Biles, Effie Sue Douglas, Lynette Banlco, Frances Bell, Virginia Walker, Emuel Lee Pence, Jack Pratt. Second row: Hugh Campbell, Helen Zini, Marion Gentry, Alberta Boullie, Floydean Dawson, Nell Marre Harrell, Virginia McDaniel, Betty Hartnett, Dorothy Kelley, La Rue Poch, Frank Pryor. Third row: Robert Harriell, Margaret Melton, Leona Lamb, Bernice Russell, Charles Joe Martin, Johnny Starkey, Ned Baird, Miss Clara White, Mary Virginia Mahrey, Blanche Schlosberg, Alhina Zini. National 631501101 ociety To be a candidate for membership in this society, a student must be outstanding in character, leadership, service, and scholarship. To remain a member he must up- hold these ideals of the organization. By sponsoring special assembly programs and by awarding a scholarship banner to the home room that has the highest scholastic average for each grade, the National Honor Society has done much toward fostering the ideals for which it stands. ' HUHUR First row: Virginia Walker, Miss Leona Scott, Kathryn Garrett, Margie Thompson, Wynette Garrett, Sonny Olhendt, Jack Pratt. Second row: Frank Pryor, Ned Baird, James Brashears, Bob Turner, Nell Irby, Dorothy Kelley, Melba jane Prunislci, Lila Church, Frances Bell. Gdorensic League The Forsenic League is a National honorary society for high school debators. The North Little Roclc chapter, one of four in Arkansas, was organized in 1934. Students belonging to this society have participated in sixty three debates. Of this number they Won thirty-six and lost sixteen. Eleven were non-decisional. Two debate teams have qualified for the National Tournament at Jacksonville, Illinois. They are: Frances Bell and Melba Prunislci, and Frank Pryor and Dick Tilden. First rcw: Virginia Walker, Blanche Schlosberg, Mary Virginia Mabrey, La Rue Poch, Bernice Russell, Margaret Melton. Second row: Charles joe Martin, Emogene Clayton, Nliss Eva Gammill, Dorothy Kelley, Mary Sue Clark. Third row: Jesse Bryant, Vane Wilson, Martha Jeanne Atkinson, Effie Sue Douglas. will and Scroll A chapter of Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high school journalists, was organized this year. Selection for membership is based upon high scholastic standing and journalistic ability. Tllo following oloooooo members woo formally initiated oo tho High School poooo Mooo llolol in Lloolo Rock: Blanche Schlosherg, Emogene Claytor, Bernice Russell, Margaret lvlolooo, Dick Tilden, Mary soo Clark, La Rue Poch, Mary Virginia Mabrey, ooo Effie soo Douglas. Wildcat ,Staff MARTHA JEAN ATKINSON Editor Miss EVA GAMMILL . Sponsor LARUE Pocz-1 Business Manager The staff of the 1937 Wildcat have endeavored to edit an annnul which meets student approval and gives a representative picture of school life as it is today. The cooperation of students, teachers, and advertisers has clone much toward making their task a pleasant one, and they wish to express their gratitude and ap- preciation for the assistance given them. First row: Virginia Walker, Bernice Russell, Hattie Biles, Frances Bell. Second Row: Charles Joe Martin, Dorothy Kelley, Emogene Claytor, Julia Lee Coburn, Albert Bouille. First rcw: Mary Sue Clark, Jeanne Lesem, Mary Virginia Mabrey, Roy Nichols, La Rue Posh, Dorothy Kelley, Effie Sue Douglas. Second row: Charles Joe Martin, jesse Bryant, Blanche Schlosbcrg, Jim O'Lee Steele, Emogene Claytor Elmer George Backstrom. 'Wi Gomez? ,Staff The staff members of the Hi Comet, official school paper have attempted through the pages of this publication to foster a spirit of cooperation and to pro- mote school activities. Representatives attended the High School Press Meet held in Little Rock, and the Arkansas Press Meet held in Fayetteville. The departmental heads are Mary Virginia Mabrey, editorg Blanche Schlosberg, assistant editorg Effie Sue Douglas, business managerg and Dick Tilden, sports editor. v First row: Ann jackson, Effie Sue Douglas, Margie Thompson, Lynette Banko, Mary Virginia Mabrey, La Rue Poch, june McBride, Nell Irby. Second row: Louise Smith, june johnson, Terry Ellen Pratt, Miss Eva Gammill, M'Lean Crossman, Gwendolyn Daniel, Helen Nelson, Mellie Kate Meclearis. Third row: J. C, Dyson, Byron Smith, Frank Pryor, L. J. Lee, J. B. Dishongh, Jaclc Pratt, Elmer George Beckstrom. fkzclio Council The Radio Council was organized in October, 1936. This organization has assisted in preparing and presenting the weelcly Wildcat Quarter Hour program over station KARK each Friday evening. These programs have consisted of general school news, sports news, and special numbers pertaining to class room and school activities. The council was selected by the faculty sponsors because of their journalistic, musical, and dramatic abilities, HIGH scimor fBclncl Director: G. C. Martin. Student Directors: Charles Martin and Jack Pratt. Drum Major: Jean Cox. Tromlvones: Byron Smith, Cline Atlcins, Howard Rice, Kinard Thomplcins, Charles Richards. Bass Horns: Ben Sperry, Tommy Walker. Alto Horns: C. Dyson, Tommy Herrod, Charles Ratcliff, Wilhurn Head, James Stanley. French Horn: Mellie Kate Medearis. Baritone: Bill Spearman. Snare Drums: Gene Oholendt, Grady Ratcliff, Jean Rush, Edward Sheffield. Tympany: Gene Oholendt. Bas: Drum: A. Gruner. Clarinets: Jaclc Pratt, Robert Harriell, Jack Riden, C. Shumate, Jean Cox, Lila Church, Terry Ellen Pratt, James Bra- shears, Laura Frances Pryor, Frances Cruse, Dorothy Bumcrots, Billy S p a n n, Archie Williams. Piccolo and Flute: Judson Bryan. Oboe: Jaslc Pratt. Alto Saxapluonez Gene Haynes. Tenor Saxaplvonez Mildred Adkins. Comets: Charles Martin, Robert Turner. Trumpets: Jimmie Lauclc, Ernest Brown, El- mer Beckstrom, John Lemur, C h e s t e r Phillips, Bert Denham, David Ross. Bass Violin: Rolfe Corbet. Cello: Rejinah Reynalds. Bell Lyre: Mildred Kitts, Dorothy Kelley. Coach Horns: Da Lee Beclcstrom, Phillys Beclcstrom. Color Guards: Geraldine May, Thelma Mc- Culloch. Qrclmestm Violins: Lila Church, C. Dyson, Terry Ellen Pratt, Laura Frances Pryor, Charles Richards, Virginia Garrett. Cello: Rejinal: Reynalds. Bass Violin: Rolfe Corlnet. Clarinels: Robert Harriell, -laclc Riclen, C. Sliumate, Jean Cox. Alfo Saxaplaone: Gene Haynes, Rebecca Mel- E011. Tenor Saxapluone: Mildred Adkins. Baritone: Bill Spearman. Bass Horn: Ben Sperry. Alto I-Iorn: Tommy Herrod, Charles Rat cliff. Trombone: Cline Atkins. Flute: Judson Bryant. Oboe: Jack Pratt. Piano: Margaret Melton. Trumpets: Charles Martin, Bob Turner, Er- nest Brown. Timpini: Gene Oholendt. Top row: Mrs. Cecil Smith, Pr:sidentg Mrs. F, W. Dyson, Vice Presidentg Mrs. R, Brashears, Secre- taryg Mr. G. C. Martin, Director. Bottom Row: Mrs. W. W. Walkrr, First Presidentg Mrs. W. E. Oholent, Treasurerg Mrs. W. W. Beckstrom, Historiang Mr. J. K. Poch, Business Manager. iBcmci and Qfrchestfra 'Parent Qlulv The High School Band and Orchestra Parent Club is the direct outgrowth of the Band Motliersi Auxiliary, which was organized in April, 1935. In February, 1936, the name was changed as both fathers and mothers were included in the membership. The aims of this organization are: flj To maintain a band and orchestra in the high school. fl, To intelligently support the school administration in promotion of band and or- chestra music. f3j To find ways and means for purchasing more and better instruments, and to provide the school with a better music library. Left to right: Mrs. Marshall Powell, Mr. T. H. Alford, Mrs. Howell Atkinson, Mrs. H. H. Tucker, Mrs. Gecrge Hale, Mrs. Nolen Irby. Tarent Cfffeacher Qfzlssociation The High School Parent Teacher Association continued the general topic of last year, "Education is for Living." At the monthly meetings, such needs of life as the home, school, business, and religion were discussed. This organization has worked with, as well as for the students. Among the projects of this organization was the planting of a magnolia tree and dedi- cating it to the youth of the community. The P. T. A., with cooperation of the students, also presented a beautiful operetta in order to meet the needs of their budget. THE OPERETTA CAST First Row Minnie Mae Anderson Pauline Ward Matilda Harbour Esther Smith Elizabeth Smith Audrey Stout Rebecca Melton Marcel Melton Ina McCarty Hazel Bergert Mildred Thomas Helen Tweclelle Martha Nell Russell Junaita Jaronislcy Girls' Qlee Huh Second Row Corrine Hale Margaret Anne Jackson Louise Smith I-Iilda Rainer Catherine Dye Martha Jo Briley Helen Kruse Nell Sue Draper Mary Frances Bomer Francis Otey Lena Mae Bergert Rebecca Murms Margaret Nell Vines Cornelia Price Mildred Lamb Third Row Anna Mae Bosley June McBride Freda Davis Floydean Dawson Eva Edwards Eloise Landers Dorothy Mae Wilkins Miss Beulah Wayland Ernestine Kelly Jim O,Lee Steele Martha Jane Coleman Jane Morris Helen Nelson M. iBoys' Cylee Climb First Row Eugene Surcle L. Lee George Moore Tommy Willianns J. B. Dislmonglm Billy Williire David Wood Donald Goss Second' Row Dewy Acuff Leonard I-Ieilman Robert Goss Joe Goss Miss Beulah Wayland Herbert Marsli Larry Ranney Bill Spearman Calvin Bryant Rolfe Corber Front row: Melha Jane Prunislci, Margaret Melton, Virginia Walker, and Myrtle Harris. Second row: jack Pratt, L. Lee, Ned Baird, Julia Lee Coburn, and Fred Stukey. Members not present: Wynette Garrett, L. Atkins, Ernest Brown. enior Kljlay "I Like your Ulerqfev .,N,CA.A.. .-,-V-av e7b'Cid-Dfear Senior inlay 'cQ9ldam'5 8fU3TliT1Q,, First row: Geraldine Stane, Andy Campbell, Martlma Lee Clark. Second row: Virginia Schneider, Helen Foster, Emogene Claytor, Vaughn Tatom. Mcmbers not present when pizture was made: Frank Matthews, Howard Spinlcs, :md Doyne Williams. l 19.2 First row: Doris Jenkins, Eloise Duke, Eva Edwards, Nell Marte Harrell, Wynette Garrett, Dorothy Huggins, Miss Lorane Adamson. Second row: James Speer, Margueritte Menton, Lucille -lobe, Mary Virginia Priest, Margaret Allison, Hiawatha Daniel, Max Koehler. Qollege Gull? The College Club, the first of its kind in the state, attempts to interest students in in- stitutions of higher learning. During the year problems of college life are discussed. Repre- sentatives from these institutions address this club, and club members visited nearby colleges. Nlembership is limited to seniors. This organization, sponsored by Miss Lorane Adamson, has as its officers: president, Dorothy Huggins, vice-president, Ruth Clausseng secretary, Eva Edwards, corresponding secretary, Wy'11ECfC Garrettg treasurer, Max Koehler. Stage grew The members of the stage crew might well be called the unsung heroes of the school's numerous public performances, for under their co-managers, Byron Smith and C. Dyson, they have been faithful and efficient. First row: C. Dyson, Byron Smith, Vane Wilson, Second row: Thomas Faullc, Vernon Gatewcocl, Paul Hall. First row: Nadine Paul, Pauline Fisher, Frances Otey, Clara Wise, Adeline Kctzszher, Kathryn Bauman, Emuel Lee Pence, Cornelia Price, Julia Baker. Second row: Marilyn Luhrsen, Mary Agnes Roberts, Mrs. Grace E. Martin, Anna V. Perciful, Eliza- beth Green, Thetis Mae Hammond, Faye Summers, Charlene Guenter, Dorothea Botadstriclc, Mary Aday. Girl 'Resemw The Girl Reserves, an affiliation of the Y. VV. C. A., has as its objective the promotion of Christian character and wholesome recreation. During the year this organization has sponsored numerous social activities, and plans for a summer camp to be held at Petit Jean are underway. The poularity of these Girl Reserves has made the organization of two units necessary. Mrs. Grace Martin and Mrs. Agnes Neil are sponsors of these organizations. .Nasa-vu, ....,N,-.,N., Cgrench Gluh The French Club was organized in order to promote a further study of French customs and manners than the regular class room period affords. This year a special study of the 1937 exposition has been made hy the club. Membership is open to all French students. Officers are: president, Charles Yates, vice-president, Evelyn Jones, secretary, Dexter Yarboroughg treasurer, Jane Annette Webster. First row: Ned Baird, Reba Barrett, Dexter Yarborough, Mrs. E. A. Matthews, Iva Carmack. Second row: Nlargaret Bryant, jerry Thompson, Aileen Burns, Evelyn Jones, and Charles Yates. E '91 1 2 4 , First row: Matilda Harbour, Urlnedell McLc11don, Ernestine Kelly, V. C. Thompson, and Carthcl Nlcrris. Second row: Hilda Ramcr, Martha Jo Briley, Minnie Laughlin, Maricn Gentry, and G. B. Martin. Qfbffovie Cylub Gafeteria f A C . r.:.1- b ,,..k4k' ,416 - rf- - v.A.r Silver ubilee VIH IL POWELL BEAVERS I-IAIZLIP Wildcat Goaches The Coaching staff for this year are Head Coach Garland Beavers, University of Arkansasg Line Coach, Ralph Haiziip, University of Arkansasg and Terrell Powell, Arkansas State Teachers College, Backfield Coach. , gi Yxvq - 5 ...X lift i fl? L V 1 Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats Wildcats WILDCAT SQUAD Golootball Record hc- 0 Benton -Acc cc, 27 Beelne -W H-- 6 Searcy hc- -Ac 7 Forrest City uc- H-- 6 Fort Smith ---- -,- 19 Stuttgart tk- ,,,,, 6 Conway -,- W-, O Pine Bluff un. --. 32 Newport --,.., W-, 0 Clarksville --- nc, 0 Little Rock nn Ggoothall Lettermen PERRY HOLLOWAY-Was backfield captain of the '36 team and a marvelous halfhack too. Perry graduates this year. JOE VENETTA-Wlien it was passing that was needed, Joe never failed. He graduates this year. HARRY DALE CLARK-Another wing-man that made history for N. L. R. CLARENCE HORNECKER-Was line captain, and a 'powerhouse' when it came to breaking through the opposing line. He will he with us again next year to resume his good playing. qootball Lettermen E. W. GOELZER-A little young but great things are expected of him next year. THOMAS FISHER-A tackle that will go far next year. BGBBY YOUNG-The center post was never lacking in power when Bob was in there. We expect great things of him next year. VANE WILSON-An all-state man-'nuff said. Cgootball Lettefrmen BILL GHORMLEY-Bill IS a defensive man to be remembered. When it comes to diagnosing a play, Bill is the tops. GEORGE ZAVISLAK-George resembles an army tank when it comes to hitting the line. The opposition found it very hard to prevent his gaining from five yards to a touchdown every time he carried the ball. ROY CULLUM-Buddy's wing mate and a great player. SAM MORGAN-Sammy liked to fool his team mates as well as the opposing team. Cgootball Lettermen TOMMY BASS-A great little manager. BUDDY FEWELL-A greater end never trod on the gridiron. JOHNNY STARKEY-A tackle with a lion heart cannot be beaten. Johnny never knows what defeat means. STANLEY PASIERB-A little man, but when it comes to football his brain makes up for his brawn. Next year should find 'Stosh, at his best. Front row: Sterling Williams, Bob Young, Roy Nichols Jr., Clarence Hornecket Back row: Lester Stinson, Bill Ghormley, J. T. Goss, Stanley Pasierb johnny Starkey iBa5ketl2all ecard Wildcats .... ..s, 3 4 Wildcats .... ---. 31 Xxfildcats ,... ---- 34 Wildcats ..s, -- -- 32 Wildcats ,.,. .... 4 1 Wildcats--.-- ---.21 Vifildcats - -... - -- - 26 Wildcats .... ..., 3 7 Wildcats.-V ----19 Wildcats.--- ----10 Wildcats .--- ----20 Wildcats ..s, s,.. 5 3 Wildcats---- ----38 Wildcats ..s. ..,. 3 5 Wildcats cc.. ---- 37 Wildcats ,.s. ---. 23 Wildcats ---- ---, 25 Wildcats---- ---. 28 Wildcats ---. --- . 35 Wildcats ---- ---- 4 6 Wildcats ---- ---- 4 7 Wildcats ---- --- . 45 Wildcats--H ---, 45 Wildcats---- ---. 46 Wildcats .--- --- 25 Wildcats ---- ---. 33 Wildcats.--- ---, 31 Total 836 Fuller - .--- Jacksonville Bauxite ---- Scott ------ Stuttgart -- Bauxite ---- Deaf School Benton ---- Little Rock - Pine Bluff ,- Malvern --- Sheridan --- Hot Springs Hot Springs Deaf School Stuttgart --- Little Rock Sheridan - - - Conway - - - M alvern - - - Benton ---- Conway ---- Hot Springs Hot Springs Scott --.--- Cabot ----- Pine Bluff - HW? first rcw J D Trlclxey E W Goelzer ohnny Starkey Donald Flemmg John ohnson Carroll Olxelley Carl Lafferty Second row Thorual Thorne Claren e Hornecker Luthur King Alvxn Hayes Tom Flsher Arthur Penny Carroll Jolly Vane Wllson Thnrd row Walter Bolling r Ned Sho k Lester Stmson Herman Luker Jack McLendon Edmund Green Robert Taylor Eugene Haynes Guy Woodward Tommy Bass Cgrack Team The Wildcat thlnclads, under the coachlng of Ralph H81Zl1p and Terrell Powell, have had a rather hard season The Wrldcats have partrcrpated rn three track meets besxcles the dlstrlct meet that was held here March 23 'P Y' if i .1 , im fix ,M ,, E' ' f It ,L raw' .' . ' . J ' J - - - a - - a 7 s s yr I 7 ' - : 1. 1 y s v 1 ' v f . H . n v Y . - - 9 - y 1 : x 1 a v l 2 - Mr. Noien Minton, Luther King, Charles Ratciiff, Alvin Hayes Gennis Gluio First Row: Reynard Spence, joe Goss, Thomas Risher. Second Row: Fred Stukey, L. Vick. F? - g-me-:M , Effie Sue Douglas, Martha Jeanne Atkinson, Florence Margaret Powell, Evelyn Laughlin, Blanche Schlosberg, and June johnson. John Furhop-Instructor Girls' Ggencing Geam vsfs-.Af .A.,-.,-.,N, .,..,N,-.,N., Toys' Cgencing Team First row: Jack Priest, Lloyd Gossett, Isaac Miller, Wilton Toombs, Melvyn Means, Kinard Thomplcins. Second row: Bob Turner, John Furhop, Instructor. :'r'1:r': .. .. ... Y . :"'t'J- G7?fCy Sport fgfriends cyflutogmphs - AIDVlElR1VIISIliWIl IENFS 1912 1937 FORWARD A quarter of a century ago ACKERS outfuted che men of Greater Llrtle Rock After Z5 years of sausfactory SCFVICC they contmue to merlt the confmlence of these customers XII llu Ll these xeus lhcsr famous Bxfmds h 111 rn lbled us to hoc omr one oi A111 msxs fmesl Men S SIOICS HART SHAFFNER 66 MARK CLOTHES CURLEE CLOTHES DOBBS AND BERG HATS ARROW AND SHIRTCRAFT SHIRTS FLORSHEIM FREEMAN AND FORTUNE SHOES INTERWOVEN SOCKS ALLEN A AND COOPER S UNDERWEAR HICKOK AND PIONEER BELTS AND BRACES 203 Maln 203 Maln Street Street NORTH LITTLE ROCK 1 1 1 , I x L 1 1 A-1,1 v,f11 -11, 1 1 fygll A 1 'c 1 1 c 1 c . c 1 c. Y 1 A --I, 111 1, 1,-U 1- 4, , -- 1 1 - - c .L 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 , 1 . . A a v . 1 1 . I PULASKI LUMBER CO. BOB SMITH, Mgr. Distributors of RUBEROID ROOFING We appreciate the privilege of serving the Senior Class as their pliotographer. Bon-Art Studios, Inc. flrtsists in Color Plvotograplvy PHONE 2-1907 Wallace Building, Lirrle Rock, Ark. Watson' s Grocery 8: Market W. H. Watson, Prop. "The Home of Good Things to Eat" Phone 9234 GRADUATION Is "A Process of Elimination" SOCIETY Shall continue to eliminate those who do not train for a definite position. FINISH YOUR TRAINING IN CAPITAL CITY Business College Little Rock, Ark. NORMAN E. LISK Manager Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1002 Boyle Bldg. The habit ol' saving is a habit worth cultivating. SAVE by paying cash and paying less at STERLING DEPARTMENT STORE 5th and Center Sts. Phone 8181 EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY FINE FOODS, DELICIOUS COFFEE PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS We Specialize In Kansas City Steaks WHITE EAGLE CAFE 219 MAIN STREET Phone 5389 NORTH LITTLE ROCK BEST PLACE IN TOIFVN Compliments of us lass Company 4th 8: Maln Sts Llttle Rock Nolan Blass, Mgr Phone 4 700 - - v.v..--..--- .-..----.- vvvvv.. - 1 1 1 1:1:1 1 1 1 1111 1l1I 11 11 1:1 1 Palmer s New Beauty Shoppe 114 MAIN sr You Look Your Best We Wxll Do che Rest For better pernnncnts or lmes of beauty work come to see us We wlll guarantee t please We have enlarged our Shoppe and have all the latest modern equlpment Only Lxccnsed Operators to Serve You MRS FAY PALMER For Too Much Clgarette Smoklng TAKE ANTIC NIC 1l..ohehne1 It stops the cravmg for them Try one bottle of Ant1cN1c nf you find your heart and pulse abnormal Too much smolcmg wlll destroy natural energy and make you short wmded and nervous Ant1cN1c wxll help you quxt them PRICE 100 Snodgrass 8 Bracy Drug Co COMPLIMENTS OF Mayflower Dalry Co 124 Maple Street Phone 7525 F G Breltzke, Pres North Llttle Rock AL JACOBS 8: SONS Better Known for Better Meats We Retall Meats at Wholesale Prlces Phone 4 2456 105 W Wash Ave No L R 1 1:1 1:1 11 1:1 1:1 1 1. 1:1 1 1 111 1 11 1:1 1 1 1:1 11 1:1 11 1:1 1:1 n s 1:1 . 1:1 I1 1:1 1:1 1 1 111 1:1 1 1 1:1 . I 11 1:1 11 1:1 1:1 .,.,,,,.,.,.v.r.,,.v.,E-,E.....-..2...f.:.:.:.1...t -....v,...,.,.,.,...en.,.,L,.,.,.,.,.,.........,.,.,..n,,.,A,.,.,-,.,.111 iqizfzfzl11:1:1:1:i:2:Z:2:i:i:I:2:2:I:?:Tt-ii:AI-I-I-I-:i:i:i:i:?I I2:i:i:Z:1:1:iziz2:11112:llI:I12:1:212:2:izitlzi:1:1:i:2:2:i:2:i:1:111 1111 1 11 1:1:1: 1 9 1 1 1 11 :1:1:1 1 11 1 1 1:1:1: 1 1 11 '11 . :1 1 1:1 1' 1:1 I I 1 1 . 11 111 0 :1: 9 111111 1 1 1:1: '1' 1 1:1:1: '11 K l 111111 ' 111 . 1:1:1: , -- '1' 111 '11 ' 111111 '1 - 0 . 111 111 . 1:1:1: . 1 1 ' 1:1:1: . . , 11' , 1:1:1: 11: 11:1 :1:l:l ' 111 - :1:1:1 111 1l1 111 1:1:1: :1 3-1vi-141-1-3414:-3-2-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-if:-1-2-2-2-1-1-Z-:-3-:-141-1 1 1 ,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.4-4-24.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. 11 -:-:-:-:-:-:A:-:f:-:-:-:-i-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-LA:4:Ate:-1 1 1 1-1-33:31:13 1:1:2323:3:31323:::3:::::::313::1::::::::::::3:::::::l 11 :1:1:1' ' 111 111'1' 111 ' 1 11 111 1:11: :1: ' 11 111 11 111 111111 111 u as - 111111 11 ' 111111 111 1 1 1 . A 1:::: 11 1 11 - V ,- . , 111 ' 11 . 1:1:1: J : :1: - - 1:1:1: 1 . ' 111111 . 11 . . 1:1 ' - :l:l:1 111 xr - - yu - - 1 S :1:1:1 1:1 ' ' 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 111 11 1 11 1'1 1 1 1 Q - Q . n o 1 I 1 1 1 1I111 111 212121553121232:EiSEIEYEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE13EIEIEIEIEIEQQQEIEESEEEE222222222222EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE2232123215259 Argenta Drug Co. PRESCRIPTIONS "Truth and Honor" "Knowledge and Purity" MAIN AT FOURTH J. R. POCH JR., Owner Buy Your CONGRATULATIQNSI SPORT EQUIPMENT TO THE SENIOR CLASS from OF 1937 Arkansas' Most Complete Sporting Goods Store BUSH-CALDWELL 121 Main St. ROSS L. LAWI-ION Mayor of North Little Rock Q sg: 2223222323232EEEEEEEZEEEEA ' ""' ' "'A""o""'s A ' ' Eggigf J Congratulations to the 1937 SENIORS GENE BURKS, Druggist Always Boosting For N. L. H. High Levy, Arkansas Phone 2-0476 STANDARD G' sl J' iiiggs Gas sf ou ECONOMY TIRE CO. zoo EAST BROADWAY North Little Rock Road Phone Service 8373 III III IIII I III II III II I:I II -------------------A-A----------...11 Congratulations, Seniors! Korte's Tire 8z Service Co. PHONE 6676 1300 Main Street Nortli Little Rock, Arlc. We swiped this one from the L. R. I-I. S. Tiger: Lover Lost. We is went. I-Ie are gone. I'ie are left I all alone. I can never go to he. I-le can never go to I. Ir could never was, donit it awful? My fella him did I dirt, My did not know him were a flirt. To those in love, I have forbid, To be did like I been did. Now he I hate, I wish him were die. I-Iim told I, he loved I, Bur him he lie. 1 1-1-3-1-I-I-1-1-:A:AiAi-1-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-1-1-:-.-.-.--- 1 II 1:I 1,1 11 1 II: 1 I I I 1 I I .31 IVI I I I 1IlI'I I I I I I I I I I I II 1'I 1 11I Ill 1' ,1 I '1 '1 II' II 1 1': III :1 I 1 '1 111 11 I II I 11 1 I I Y - .... ......... A A. ..... A A ...... - .A'1-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-A-.-.-.-.A.-Af -.-.-.-1. ussellville Printing Co. -2221 IEEE CATALOG AND com- lill MERCIAI. PRINTERS -rar, Russellville, Arkansas. ----- ---1.1, --- --- -Y--'J 11 1 II I III III I II 1 1' '1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 1 '1 If - - v v .......-... - Y-Y-Y-Y-.-,-,-Y-Y-.-.Y-Y-Y-Y-O-.-.A.A.-.---.-----.-.-.-.-.-I-I-I-Z-:A :-: Q QEIEIT ITIHIE IVIHDSIV CIUIV IDIF XYIDIUIR ID-MI32 LION KNIX-KNOX LION NATURALUBE GASOLINE MOTOR OIL PENNZOIL KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES 7 N I 'v n , 1 'A 'X u yf 2X NXQz 7, fmlonxxss PETROLEUM 'PRODUCTS LION OIL REFINING COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas T. H. Barton, Pres "An All-Arkansas Institution" G-.-,1 ' YOUR STORE ' 5 RUBE sl scOTT,1nc. J, 417-419 Main Little Rock School Books and C School Supplies ALLSOPP 8 Cl-IAPPLE Book Store 1 rl I H T. LLOYD COMPANY 309-311 Louisiana St. Little Rock :SPORTING GOODS FOR GOOD SPORTS" 307 Main sf. Lirrle Rock ',52325335353333553533: svsv ,-,-,',-,- A vs,ggggggggggggggggr 'f'2'f ieiiiiisisisisiziz :EI We are Headquarters for Kodaks and Photo Supplies Congratulations Seniors! I Art Materials of All Kinds ilifif Engineer's and Architect's Banko Gro' gz Market Supplies b Levy, Ark. Stamp Packets and Stamp 4 :1:Z:l:Z:::ii:i:::f:Zii:l:l:1:::l:i:::::Z:Z:Z:o:o:o:A:-ZA:-ZA: " Albums wi' A"'-"'A SA'A' A 'A 'A'-'A'-'-'A'-'-S-SASASA'A'A' A 'S' '-'-"' n 'A' Dennison Gootls SCOTT HARDWARE CO. ..-.- i hqiq E Sporting Goods :Ik 3 Paints and Varnishes Jungkind Photo Supply Co' Phone 4-7068 223 Main Sf 114 West 4th st. Phone 8312 NoRTH LITTLE ROCK 'Qlgzgzgzglgilizgfgegzgrgzgegzgzgzz -:-fffeg:ge 5 ggzgeggzgegegeief eiegegeggzgzg133335353535g5g3ggg3g3g3g3g55:5e3353- 9 "We Nlake 'em the Way You l'Vant 'enf GRAFFTEY CLOTHES Made to Order E. E. GRAFFTEY 112 Loulsiana Street Phone 4-4792 Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of the . . Greater Little Rock Automobile Dealers BALE CHEVROLET COMPANY CRITZ CHEVROLET COMPANY COOK AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LITTLE ROCK MOTOR COMPANY LASKER MOTORS, Inc. MADISON CADILLAC COMPANY OWENS MOTORS WHITNEY HARB, Inc. COMMUNITY MOTORS RAYMOND REBSAMEN SI-IOEMAKER NASI-I, Inc. S. R. THOMAS AUTO COMPANY GOWAN MOTORS SADLER ROSS COMPANY Shoes - Hosiery Ready-to-Wear Handbags - Millinery Mens' Furnishings KEMPNER'S C OMPLIMENTS WHITNEY HARB INC. FORD CARS AND TRUCKS Always Welcome at . DUNDEES Where the "latest" in Young Men's Clothes prevail "Quality at Moderate Prices" No Charge for Alterations Free Pressing Service 4 .- is ,, I I I ' SMART CLOTHES ' 212 Main St. - Little Rock, Ar k COMPLIMENTS OF: VESTAL at SON Florists Phone 4-4720 TOM. L, SPAULDING M. T. THOMPSON M. T. SPAULDING President and Manager Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer TOM L. SPAULDING Athletic Goods Co., Inc. WHOLESALE REATAIL All nationally advertised lines 409 MAIN STREET PHONE 2-2218 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS "WE PRINT TO PLEASE YOU" and "BETTER PRINTING COSTS NO MORE" TIMES PRINTING CO. 217 Main Street North Little Rock BUSINESS, THE TRAINING EGR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP IS GET A BUSINESS DEGREE Draughon School of Business advanced training courses are making a material contribution to the executive and administra- tive manpower of business. They are making similar contribu- tions to the social, the cultural, and the economical progress of young people by developing their efficiency, increasing their earning capacity, and quickening their progress. It is increas- ingly evident, therefore, that many business leaders of the fu- ture will be today's graduates of advanced courses in commer- cial work whose efficiency, business scholarship, and cultural training have been attested by a business degree which sym- bolizes specific preparation of advanced order. FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE STATE High School, Junior College, and College Graduates who who Appreciates the Advantage of Specialized DRAIUG CUINIS Liariricia Roca EW SCIENCE I W An Accepted EDUCATIONAL PROCESS THE DEMANDS GE BUSINESS The changed seope, ellaraeter, and methods of IIIEIIDIZIIDIHQ business unified lo In lkc men 'md women oi SLIPGIIOI tminlna, lo do lhc m nnx lh1n.,s lh ll vue nuu needed ELIOIL DIHU-QIIOH School ol bllslmbs Illllc Rod X11 rnszs lb IIILGIIIIQ thls de III md ol huslmss ln QINIHQ xoung men find women fxdmneed l1 lllllll., III OICILI thll lhu nnghl mul lhe dunflnds ol exeeu Inu Ill IINIUSIIX D1 lll.,l10I1 School oi BLISIIILSS Illlle Rod X1 lx lnsxs IS fm IIIOIIILKI hx lhe Sim lo LOIIICI the huslnnss, dL-QILLS ol B LXCHI IOR OI XLC OUNTS CB Xuls J md IJALHFI OR OI SFCRL IXIIXI Sill NCIS flu S S EPARTMENT OF EDUCATION wlll Seek Employment and Opportumtles ln BUSINESS and Tralmng are Invlted to Send for Informatlon CC C010 CO IUISIUIIICGSS ARKANSAS O L . . . 1 - . 1 1 - , 1 7 Q y A 1 1 e . ,. c X c , . I c my x 1 v ' gym- 2 v,x'x 475- xg .IJ 'Q v 1 . x ' 1. '. '1 .' ,.. 'V V, .Y .. . '- , ' C -A- n, . ., J X,4 Kc -Lk, - s. . 4 ' 1' 1 1 ' "' ' f A ,r 4 71 1 1. I ., L .L K K L 1. . . . . - . . " 0' ' J' I XT I ' AJ A A ' " ,x'1' - 1. ti c t g - C I . I .YJ4. I 1 iy 5 I 'Q . -a U' ' s x '. x - 1 ' ,1 - v W .Q v1 -1 1 ' 1 L K x , I II, 4 X74 K. .C , . C " . . . . w -V, v 1 4 - W- 1 i. e - - 4 A K C . 1. 1 H. I I ,- 1 1 1 3 w -1 1 4 -.--- , 4 4 J 1' 4 f .I I. 2 41 4 JJ " rug A B w w P w-' y w I 4 J A 4 ,44 1 . x. . . , 'I . .. . - 9 . . . . 7 I . n S HD. H If O M. J. CAP AND GOWN COMPANY North Little Rock -N,,,.,, -.AAA A Home State Concern Serving the Schools Of Arkansas -N,-V-vs -V-.,-.,-. ELDOR JOHNSON PAUL MEERS Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1937 GUNTER'S SERVICE STATION ,, Phone 7766, Zncl and Orange St., N. L. R. H. C. Smith, Distributor Gulf Refining Products CONGRATULATIONS , , t I A -A 67 , I, 0 3 .35 5 It NI 1 I 'Y' I: Q 'Inv ,I 'N QQ -I. I. .- , .- 5 I 2 is -4:6 Y' Q iv x 3' X32 "i- -. is -. I Z? K N N I ' N cw 4.-:-:-. :f:Ec::E!g "IQ-'3'5:1:5QIE"'1:1-I4 -'T:9.'f:'3I 1 "'k1:3:':5:f:5:i'4 "7:f:5: :-:-:-:-:e :-:-:-:1:1:- "A, ' 'R' i:2:1:1: ':1:2:- "2:7' .... . , I ' N 5. 5, I ,, f 35 ' ei X I 1 X ' A I r ? I , I .. 1 'L 4' -. x I I ,f 'va -., 4 , ,Q 1 z f fx X-. A, .-lc A 5 " ,I X .-"' ' 3' 3-Q Seniors I . CRITZ CHEVROLET CO. 300 W. Third North Little Rock Phone 9204 I I I I'I I'I II I I III I I I I 'III III I I II I II II I SEN IORS We Sincerely Congratulate You Winston Austin Sam Metcalf I n,..., I Z .5E,:i:jZfE5. Ervac Treatments 1:1'- 142 I L. at Skinner .fi I' " i"' Barber Shop I . 'AWL Phone 4.3483 I 115 E. 3rd HEGARTY DRUG CO. Fourth and Main Sts. Little Rock, Ark. I IIJI I I I I'I' I'I' III' l'I' .Ig I II I II I'I II III II II I I II I'I'I II IIII III III Il I:l II II III IIII I IIII II 'I'I II II II: II J II ij 'I :I I II I I I I I II II Il III I I I I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I'I Ig. III III III III III I I I I I I'I II II II I II III III III III III III I I I I I II I II I II I I I II fIfIII 2' BEAN MUSIC COMPANY "Music Ways Are Happy Ways" Sheet Music BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS Join Our Accordion Band INSTRUMENT REPAIRING Phone 9865 Compliments of TWIN CITY BANK North Little Rock ID 11 '1 '1 'II I I 111 IIIIII I II II I I1 I'1 I41 I,I:Il II I II I II I If I II III 1l J OSTEN' S Class Jewelry and Stationery General Offices: Owatonna, Minn. FOR GOOD ICE CREAM Try Summerfield's HALL DRUG CO. North Little Rock I II II I Il Il I,I I1 II II 1 1 I I 1 '1 1 III'Il 'Ill IIIIW1 II1 1 .51 Ill 1!I II 1'I 1:I 1 1 11 141 II1 I:I:1: III IIIIII 'I4III 111 II I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II: III I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,1 ,1 III .g. II 1 11 III 1 11 11 11' II 1 I I I I 1 MUSIC Headquarters for Arkansas Here at I-IOUCK'S you'll find not only the worlcl's foremost makes of fine Pianos ancl the Hammond Organ, but comprehensive stocks of Music Teachers study books and sup- plies, Sheet Music and even Band Instruments. I-IOUCK'S has catered to everything musical for more than a quarter cen- tury. HOUCK MUSIC COMPANY 113 East Fourth St. 1 ll ill ll 1'1 1:1 1,1 ll l1 ll l I I l 1 l l:1 1 l 1 1 fl Il H, Seniors ! 111 Ill I!! Ixl VII lg' 11 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 11 They Helped Make This Book Possible. 1 ll I:I Ill Ill Ill II H ,1 11 1 Who Is? 1. "Tootsie". 2. "Slals". 3. "Lovel'teJoshua". 4. "Dol", rf o, "Fannie", 6 "Massingale." 7. "Queenie." 8. "Dollie". 9. "Pop". 10. "Ltille Eva". 11. "Tools", 12. "Sweet VVilliam". 13. "Bud", Can You Imagine? Mary Virginia without gum. Paul Spear being on time. Miss McCain without Melba Jane Margaret without Robert Bernice without a history book La Rue not chattering. Miss Calhoun wearing lipsticks. Miss Gamill talking without using her hands. Tommy Walker without a bow tie. J. L. Atkins without something to eat. Mildred without Dick. P I Your Hat Search , If CCNGRATULATIONS Always Ends Happily at .553 I , GRADUATES Pi's 4 As you go to college or go D Iflflf into the business world, re- 406 Main St. Little Rock fgfi' A M1 member you can depend on EE323225222523E3E5E5E3E5E5E5E5E3E --,25is232f2z2f232s2s2z2f Em COhn,S for the best in ap- Congratulations Seniors flglgl parel, whatever you do or . "Iii wherever you go. ' M. J. Siesel Sz Co. jj' Sullivan's Hemstitching "H C. S. Hurt Gro. The Style Center of Arkansas 1 J' C' Penny CO' The M. M. Cohn Company Solon Humphreys 'Ig ' HJ- -V' UC- A-H IEEIIE Louis Kiehl Food Store 1 HEAI-'EY 85 RUTH Fancy Groceries . K. C. Meats Funeral Directors if. Dry Goods . Shoes 1 Ambulance Service Phone 4-0549 229 W, 22nd St, Phone 46155 5 HAND PRINTING COMPANY : Phone 8487 3 "FOR BETTER PRINTING" l 617 MAIN NORTH LITTLE ROCK E , ...z ll II ll I 4 II ll ll ll I THE MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES Paid in Taxes to the State of Arkansas in 1936 . . . 51,108,846 THAT IS S652 ON EACH MILE OF ITS 1,699 MILES OF RAILROAD IN THE STATE 892,403 EACH MONTH OF THE YEAR 3,307 EACH DAY OF THE MONTH 126 EACH HOUR OF THE DAY OF THIS AMOUNT 35999 484 WERE GENERAL TAXES OF WHICH S472 100 WENT INTO THE SCHOOL FUND THE LARGEST AMOUNT PAID ANY ONE COUNTY WAS S108 469 TO PULASKI COUNTY MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES PAY TAXES IN 51 OF THE 75 COUNTIES OF THE STATE IN MORE THAN HALF THE COUNTIES OF THE STATE THE MISSOURI PACIFIC IS THE LARGEST SINGLE TAXPAYER Thls Space Pald For By THE NORTH LITTLE ROCK SI-IOP BOOSTER CLUB MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES n 9 9 , n 9 9 ' a 9 . f McPherson Furniture OUR MOTTO: "Right Price: . . Good Service" 411 Main St. Phone 46347 NORTH LITTLE ROCK 1 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 111 111 111 111 1,1!1i 11 111 l1,l' 111 Compliments of OWENS 8: COMPANY Funeral Directors NORTH LITTLE ROCK 500 Main Sr. Phone 4-1113 PFEIFER ERUS0 DEPARTMENT STORE The best place for High School Students to buy 6th Sz Main St. Phone 7281 Little Rock UH!! 3 C'- U1 nu. G PIANOS . ORGANS . SHEET MUSIC 719 Main Street Phone 6585 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Compliments of : RIALTO THEATER M. J. Pruninski, Mgr. NORTH LITTLE ROCK Y ........ - A - - A ---- Y -,-,-L-L-.-.--,-.-,A.A. .-,--- .,,,,, L , , , , , , , , , , - - A L' i 1 AUQEDGHRAMDHS AUQKDGBHRAHDHS AUGTIFGDGBJIRAIIIDHS AUQEQGRAHDHS --x,

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