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K,.,',1fw-v.- ,1f-,-g-.- - -, .-wx.-wr. - H.--..f..,,-F-,, q...,.,, ,-. . - -.l-aga.,+.--QQ-Q-,,w-.v'---..-U,:..-iygwy'-S-gr N Q T NX Q - SN? PUBLISHED BY THF SENIOR CLASS Uf NORTH LIM,-X HIGH SCHOOI Dedication MR. HIMES "Thou weft our guide philosopher, and friend. BOARD OF EDUCATION HAZ XVlil.I,NI.XN PAUL SXVOPIC IAURICN SIIXNK DR. ll. P. NlCfQRl'1fQfJR DONALD ICLSICR ROliliR'l' IIINIICS l'1'cxiclcl1l Vim'c-lncsiclenl Clerk RUSSELL H. VVARD JOHN BURKHOLDER SllPCl'illlClldCl1L ol' Schools i'1'il1cipz1l olf High Scllrml x X S six ,,. FACULTY ' 5 . Viola Mentzer Helen Wetter Martha Laughlin Florence Harley lfirsl Clrzulc lfirst :incl Second Grades Second Grade 'lliircl Grande Lillian Heinl Catherine Kulik Margaret Griffiths 'lllircl and Fourth Crude lfillli Crude lfourtli Clruclvs l aw Wu Corene Brady James Steiner Joseph T. Sherick Ruth Cottom ,, , Fifth and W . . SIXlll C-male Sixth Grades Art l,llJl'2ll'l21ll PAGE FIVE arm was -,A,4.Av..Av+,...'AvAv+.A,AvA.AvA.A,AvAv W .AM l.AvAvAv AvA.AvAvAvAv+v+ Y ., .,.,,,,,,x Q BUS DRIVERS Pictured above are Mr. Heindel, Mr. Basinger, Mr. Paulin, and Mr. Wolfgang--our trusty bus drivers. Their conscientious efforts to bring us safely to and from school have been greatly appreciated by the student body. The North Lima busses have a record of nearly thirty years without a collision. NORTH LIMA SAFETY PATROL The purpose of the Safety Patrol, under the guidance of Mr. Himes, is to encourage and promote safety in the school area. Regardless of weather conditions, the boys are on duty in the morning and evening supervising the street crossing for boys and girls, This year the Patrol elected James Wetter as Captain, Norman Parish as Lieutenantg and the following five patrolmen: Roy Mauch, Roger Schlosser, Jack Jones, Richard Mellott, Gerald Steiner, and Carl Bregar. PAGE SIX CAFETERIA It is eleven fifteen, the bell rings, and the crowd of hungry children start toward the most popular room in the building-the cafeteria. Miss Mildred Heck, Mrs. Mabel Svvope, cmd Mrs. Ada Weaver are kept busy trying to satisfy the hunger of three hundred and sixty children. lt takes hours of hard work to provide the hot, well balanced meals that are so essential to the glowing mincls and bodies of our school children, MWqWtrw..w,W,Ntf4, W .,r-v'f M CUSTODIANS The custodians of any institution are confronted with many and diversified tasks, This holds true especially for a school, and even more so for one such as North Lima, where they come in close contact with many of the students. Mr. Swope and Mr. Good keep the utilitarian phase of our building running at maximum efficiency, and in addition to this their friendliness and wholehearted co-operation are qualities which merit the appreciation and reciprocal effort of all of us. PAGE SEVEN The QEtIjn L x , . ,,.,,,.. SCHOLARSHIP 'l'he prime aim ol' any high school is educating young men and women in as many facts, fallacies, theories, axioms and ideas as possible in four short years. 'l'o those students who have a genuine desire to learn, so that they might be pre- pared for either college or a job upon graduation, there are many things to work for, many things to be done. One of the first of these is being classified with others who have similar objectives. The honor roll is such a classification. A "B" average or better is necessary to be placed on this list, but the number in the picture above proves that this is not unreasonable. A Perhaps the second step is placing high in the State tests given each Spring. By a process of elimination, one student in each class is selected in each subject to represent the school at the District-'State Scholarship Tests at Mount Union College. ln 1951 Betty Brown, Thomas Griffiths, Albert Steiner, and Elizabeth Koch placed very high in the State of Ohio. The top honor any graduate of North Lima. High School can win is the Detwiler Award. At Commencement each year lX1r. Fred B. Detwiler graciously presents the winner with a medal and a cash award. Competition is based on scholarship, citizenship and character and the student is chosen by the faculty to- gether with the class leaders. Since its inception in 1946, the Award has gone to Melvin Schwartz, Stephen Kayati, Frances hlanosik, Esther Heindel, Dick Ward and Lowell Wellman. PAGE EIGHT .Arxfuzyfxfxfvxfsfv v Q9f 195 Si M5935 SENIOR OFFICERS JOHN BURKHQLDER A tall, dark president of our class, In looks and books he is sure to pass. Class President 2, 4 Prince of Peace 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 3, 4' Echo Staff 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice-President 4 Basketball l Baseball 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM COLLINS A seeming genius in every line, The future for him is sure to shine. Class President 1 Class Vice-President 4 Class Secretary 2 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Prince of Peace, Winner 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Class Play 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff, Business Manager, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, President 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 CAROLE ROLLER A quiet charm that's very rare: Lovely and efficient with tidy hair. Class Treasurer l, 2 Class Secretary 3, 4 Prince of Peace 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 3, 4 - Operetla 2 Class Play 3, 4 Echo Staff, Co-Editor, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 4 Majorette 1, 3 LAURA SPENCER A tinkling laugh that can't be marred, To find one busier would be hard. Class Treasurer 4 Prince of Peace 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Class Play 3 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Vice-Pres., 3, Pres., 4 Cheerleader, Football, 4 PAGE TEN BEVERLY BARGER dBi 1952 .4 zvllirl of Iullnns and Il1i.y linlv Illlllll ffun rlrfm' ilu' 1l'lli.x'Ilf'.S Ivillmul nm' 11111. Class lI'I'C2lSlll'Cl' 3 I'rim'v of l'czu'c, fl Ulu' Illulm I, 2, EI, 4 Mixccl Clllorus 3. -l linsclxllwlc fl, -I Opurclln 2 Class Play 3. -I liclm Slulf -l 'l'ri-Hi-Y l. 2, 3, 4 lllzljorcllc l, 2. 4 THAYER ISROWN A quirl prvzwrl, and olljrri of Ilvlxr: .4 .xmzxe of llunmr lllIll'A' .surf Io jllwlsv, GICC Club l, 2. 3. 4 Mixed Cllorus 4 Class Play 3 I,iln:1 Lite Staff -I Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 lluskcllwall l. 2 Baseball 1, 2, -1 VIRGINIA CARR l"rir'mlly, rl1f'f'rful all ilu' flax Sn' fulkx XIllllllIgf,Ylll' zrwll this wav. - - I . bleu Llulm l, 2, 3, 4 Mixccl Kllmrus l 'l'ri-HifY l 9 DORIS CLINGERMAN A jwlllr' Irlnmlf' lzmx will: qzuel 1l'llY.Y.' .fl fuillllul jrirnrl rluring' clisrlml rlrlys. Nlixcml Clmrus l Glcc Clulr l. 3 Class Play, l'mu1plcr, 3 lirlm Staff 4 PAGE ELEVEN The chu WWWW NANCY CRUMP To have her around ix hound tn hz' fun She wenrs Il smile for t'1'l"7iYO7lI'. Scholarship l, 2 Clee Club l, 2, 4 Mixcd Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 lflnsemlglc 4 Operella 2 Class Play 3 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 NE'I"l'1E DAVIS A .voulhful artist prmwssirlg looks: She gets A's on both lloys und hooks, Cilee Club 1, 2. 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I Class Play 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 'l'ri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader, Football 4 DOROTHY GOOD A .sweet and win-some lass is she: A true' frirnzl and writer of poetry. Scholarship l, 2 Glee Club 1.2, 3 Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3, 4 Ensemble l Baud 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y l, 3 DANNY GROOM In llwrfrrl zitlerzdfllzfe he might rxfrfl, 1311! lllllllillg .fvusrnz lweaks Ihr spf'l'. Clec Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball l. 2, 3. 4 PAGE TWELVE of 1952 HUGH HASNESS, JR. A squeal of tires: and a rush of air, We turn around and his Chevy is there, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 4 Operetta 2 Hi-Y 4 RODERICK HUEBERT Quiet-yes! But full of learning To be an athlete, he has a yearning. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 CHARLES JANOSIK In government class for better or for worse, Chuek's the boy who created Truman's horse, Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 5, 4 Class Play 4 WALTER KELLNER Tall and lank shirts uite loud Y, fl I The colors .stand out in any crowd. Glee Club l, 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball l PAGE THI RTEEN 1 GERTRUDE KREIDLER Her playful pranks in her mind she'll store, Al golden chances-need we say more? Mixed Chorus 1 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 BETTIE MAUCH A giggle or two and maybe a laugh While she cranks the mimeograph. Scholarship 2 Glee Club 1, 2 ' Mixed Chorus 1 Class Play 4, Prompter, 3 Lima Lite Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y l JOHN MILLER This dignified soul, when giving a rendition Will peer out the window at the weather condition. Class President 3 Class Vice-President 2 Boy's Glee Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Class Play 3 Echo Staff 4 l-Ii-Y 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 JOHN MOREY Full of wit and full of fun, He livens the class for everyone. , Glee Club 1 5 Class Play 3, 4 ' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 . Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 S i PAGE FQU RTEEN ESTHER OSTERLING Dark hair and eyes that came from F rancej She uses long words at every chance. Princeton jr, High l Phoenix Union High l South High 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Class Play 3 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 JANET POWELL A talented witty busy girlg In looks we think that she's a pearl. Stholarship 2, 3 Prince of Peace 4 Glce Club I Mixed Chorus l Class Play 3 Lima Lite Staff 3, Editor, 4 Echo Staff, Co-Editor, 4 EILEEN RILEY A slim and witty girl is she: Always laughing merrily. Princeton jr. High l South High 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Tri'Hi-Y 4 LESTER SEIDNER 1 My father's hair would all fall out To see me peel my auto about. Class Vice-President 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Class Play 3 Football 4 Basketball 1, Manager 2 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Manager 2 Hi-Y S, 4 PAGE FIFTEEN JOAN SHANK A quiet, friendly, studious lassg One that we're proud to have in our class. Prince of Peace 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 3 Lima Lite Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 MARJORIE SPIRES A quiet little miss is sheg With a pleasing personality. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Class Play 4 ARLIE WEIKART A basketball star with yellow hair, A redhead around and he's sure to be there Glee Club 1. 2, 4 Lima Lite Staff 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 RUTH YODER Always seen, but never heard, She'll lend an ear, but never a word. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1 PAGE SIXTEEN Avivivi'I'Z'BLANCviviviviviiviviviivbivivivivivivivivbivivlivivivivivi QBI 1952 CLASS MOTTO: "So little done, so much to do." f:LAss COLORS: Red and White. CLASS FLOXVER: White and red carnation. CLASS POEM Now we the class of '52 Want to introduce to you The members of our intelligent class, Individually, each boy and lass. To start with, now, there's Bob Arkwright, Who's busy keeping his pranks Olll of sight. Next is Beverly, vivacious with dash, Who'd cut up a rug at the bat of an eyelash. Our tall, dark hero, john, is meek, But when passing by the girls go weak. joan is our quiet studious lass, But we can't disturb Arlin, who's sleeping in Now Bettie Mauch, although it's no crime, ls laughing almost all the time, A swish in the halls and janet is past. To get all the work done she has to be fast. With janet and Bettie, Esther is there. The trio is together everywhere. Carole is possessor of all the fine traits, Intelligence, prettiness, poise, and dates. Bill to be a radio announcer has made his choice. So while sipping your coffee, you'll hear his voice. Nancy, in shorthand, was really a brain. "What's Nancy have down?" was Mrs, Burge's refrain. Nettie's artistic ability is sure to please: So are her letters to the fellows overseas. Virginia and Ruth are two chums, who are quiet, But when Gertrude's around. there's really a riot. For leadership, to jack we often resort, class. When he's not looking out the window at the weather report. Eileen is a carnival, as carefree as a breeze, Mid jokes and laughs peace comes when she leaves. Hunter Dan Groom, dead shot with a gun, Once shot at some crows: missed everyone. A likeable soul, a sunny gring Walter has friendliness that glows from within. Chuck was popular, but filled with remorse, When he started that joke about "poor Truman's horse" A class is in session, with silence about: Till one of john Morey's laughs roar out. That Laura is pretty would bring some comment, Oh! Yes! But she's also full of devilment, Roderick is quietg and that's a truthful fact. But he's the only boy around. who owns a Cadillac. To tease poor Thayer we were surely bound. We had so much fun twisting his words around. Doris is studious, a trite friend indeed: Through thick and through thin she could supply every Although Marjorie isn't a bookworm in looks, She worked in the library among the books. juniors father would turn gray To see him peel his Chevrolet. If you think mischief is Lester's chief delight Along with farming, you're absolutely right. Now Dorothy is a dreamer. her mind miles away, And where she is going she couldn't say. But now we are leaving, we've done our best, Some to go East, South, North, or West. They say that all nice things in a lifetime ends, So good-bye to the high school and to our friends. PAGE SEVENTEEN need. Dorothy Good The Qlifijn FROM TOTS TO TEENS . CLASS HISTORY Our first day of school-a big day in anyone's life. The school building was so big, the halls so noisy, and the teachers so much to be feared. As we entered the room and our hearts finally began to thaw, we became accustomed to the routine which was to become so familiar to us through our twelve years of school. We did not enter the first grade with our full crew aboardg however, there are several classmates who have been together for twelve years. In the first grade, our class had a merry-go4round. Everyone had a lot of fun on it, even the ones who received torn dresses or trousers. In the second grade we were favored with a little house, which we built with some outside help. The girls made original wallpaper and did other decorating. The boys did the more strenuous work. It was during this year that we were honored with the appearance of john Burkholder, who was to stick with us, and lead us through our last year. One of the most outstanding events in the third grade, was our pet show. Almost everyone brought an animal, and the pupils from other grades enjoyed it nearly as much as we did. After three years of school, things began to seein routine, and we didn't notice much difference until we reached Junior High. During this time, however, we made several additions to our class. ln the fourth year, Laura Spencer and Charles janosik joined us. ln the fifth grade Doris Clingerman became a part of our family, and Nettie Davis in the sixth. Our class was no exception to the rule when it came to being awed by the idea of changing classes. lt was a novel idea and we enjoyed it. jack Miller and Bill Collins both came to Lima to help fill in the empty spaces. lt was in the eighth grade that we really began to look forward to high school, lt was nearly our turn to make our school famous. Thayer Bro-wn came this year: decided he liked itg and stayed on to the finish. Finally we were in high school. Will wonders never cease? This was our first year to join the musical groups and the various activities. Our So homore ea.r was the one durin 'which we sold ma azines. How could P Y . 3 . . . 3 anybody forget that! We were really in the swing of things now, and were mak- ing our places permanent. We entered our unior ear full of lans and activities. After buildin u . . . V P . g . P our Ireasury with several successful paper drives, a class play, and a skating party, we decided to spend a little of it. We sponsored a banquet for the Seniors. Our ex Jenses were realized man times over in en'o ment. Y J Y We were really moving up now. The cafeteria line wasn't so far ahead any IIIOYC. . Eileen Riley and Esther Osterling made their last minute appearances at this tlllle. Our class would have been complete in our last year had not Maxine Smith and Richard Bartholomew left us to be married. Although we miss them, we are filling in the gap nicely. At last our school days were at an end, and for the first time since we entered the first grade, we felt lost in North Lima High School. We had learned what there was to learn, and were setting out to complete our lives. Our school has made a deep impression on us and we shall not soon forget it. Carole june Roller PAGE NINETEEN Qljbg djg .,.,.,. I .,.,., 2 .,.,.:.,.,.,.:.:.:.,.,. SHOTS AROUND N.L.H.S. .. 'Z ,ref Jw Afmamvw- fm, Svfy-2f'1'.s-ea' fp "..ll.f"Efi: 'ffvmw W Q 2' fi 3 V.3"'Q1 -K. fm 'M . fffgf ii vi 'X-GQ 'S .. f s5v '?f" .A -1,41 Y L M AV, .,.:. :.L,, 5 gl Xl :wg -,:":'?2 - :IM '.-....,.., A Q ff' fs if ua f-A 7 V NE kdiflds 114, Z PAGE TWENTY H0 FL-Sgvar-gf CLASS PROPHECY For over ten years I had been struggling along as a reporter on a growing newspaper in an Eastern-seaboard city. I had arrived at the point where the old routine of chasing fire and police sirens was montonous, when my editor called me to his desk and said, "janet, here's your big chance. There's some fellow-name slipped my mind-touring towns, campaigning for the candidacy for President, Catch the first train and follow him around awhile-make a story out of it." I clutched the ticket he gave me and whizzed off on the first train. Much to my surprise. I found I was bound for my old home town of North Lima. This rather worried me because I couldn't recall any passenger train ever stopping in North Lima. Fortunately, this one did. For a minute when I gol off the train I felt lost: surely this booming little city was not thc same quiet country townl had left fifteen years ago! Bringing to mind the fact that I was llol being paid for reminiscing, I began seeking for a glimpse of this man with Presidential aspirations. I directed tny footsteps towards what I supposed to be the square-only it wasn't the square anymore-it was a busy intersection. As I strolled clown the avenue, I noticed a crew of men and a fleet of bulldozers grovelling arotlnd in what was once Miley Road. Apparently a new modern highway was under construct- ion, Standing near by was an ilnpressive looking man holding a huge blueprint. This I took to be the civil engineer. However, as he was gazing steadfastly at the blue horizon, immediately I recognized jack Miller, still checking the weather report, as had been his habit in school. Further down the street, off to one side in a pleasant green, I saw a crowd of people gathered around a flag-draped platform. For a minute I could not see the speaker, but it was not necessary, only one person had such a voice, it was none other than Bill Collins. As I edged my way through the crowd I discerned another familiar face in the background. Who else but Roderick Huebert, Bill's campaign manager. I was so stunned I forgot to take notes on his speech. Like Alice in Wonderland, I meandered down Main Street, gazing curiously about. A sign on a small, neat office building proclaimed to my widening eyes, that within resided Miss Beverly Barger, Commercial Artist, Across the street I saw a cozy looking diner called the "Chuck-Wagon", and decided to get something to eat. Seated in a booth, who should I see, in a white uniform, stirring a kettle of steaming soup, but Chuck janosik. Remembering that cooking had always been his hobby in school, I was eager to taste his culinary achievements. The waitress turned out to be a trim, blond miss, whom I immediately recognized as Eileen Riley. Talking over "old-times", she informed me that Doris Clingerman was Superintendent of Nurses at South Side Hospital. Afterwards I went to Brown's Hotel, owned and managed by Thayer Brown, and registered for a room. The entire building was a buzz of activity. It wasn't every day North Lima had a future Presidential Candidate in her midst. That evening there was special entertainment in honor of the guest, Sitting near me was a pleasant young lady, the hotel nurse, better known to us as Ruth Yoder. Nancy Crump, renowned vocalist, rendered a classical selection, accompanied by the widely- known concert pianist, joan Shank. An interesting speech on Wildlife was given by that famed hunter, known to many as "The Frank Buck of Canada," "Dangerous Dan" Groom. His assistant, Walter Kellner, showed some movies on the modern methods of catching gophers. There was an intermission and I decided to look the hotel over. Peeking in various office rooms, I saw a figure vigorously applying ink, ink remover, and blotter, alternately to a large ledger. "Hello," I said, "Long time no see," She was so aggravated by her mistakes, she didn't glance up, but muttered, "Now, I have to add that whole coltunn again!" I was positive, then, that the bookkeeper was Bettie Mauch. Smiling to myself, I entered a small office where Mr. Brown's private secretary sat wor-king late, For a second I watched her silently: tap, tap, went the typewriter keys, then a soft groan, rip-out came the paper and into the waste basket. "Laura Spencer." I said, "you haven't changed a bit!" I wandered into the spacious lobby and recognized the night desk clerk to be Marjorie Spires. When I spoke to her she was in the midst of trying to decipher a name she had hastily scrawled in the register. Seated near Marjorie. at the switchboard, and asking, "Number please?" was Carole Roller. She had realized her ambition. In a small business-like room sat a lone figure squinting into a microscope. As I came closer, it was apparent that she was studying some very minute bacteria. Not wishing to disturb her, I tiptoed back to Marjorie and asked who she was, "Don't you remember her? 'I'hat's the eminent bacteriologist, Dorothy Good, our old classmate." lConcIuded on Page Sixtyl PAGE TWENTY-ONE 05132 QEfI3n v.,. .,., - .:.,::::: is CANDID CAMERA ffrevsfvmafn la'1ff"fff 55" Q 'ff Vg J 1 fra pf Un ' ei af' aan' , , Ch o I PAGE TWENTY-TWO LM ,., Jo fail! -' fffcfciifzf iff vgsfyaff ,fs f "w fiiwyf fm. dan 1" SENIOR CLASS WILL Being of sound mind and body, as our hot little hands clutch our passports Qdiplomasj to the big wide world, we the graduating class of l952, having died of mental exhaustion on the premises of our dear Alma Mater, do bequeath the following to our beloved underclassmen: Beverly Barger leaves many exhausting, informative Qj, and laughing major- ette practices. Thayer Brown wishes to donate the use of his little red truck to anyone having a paper drive-and what do those gleeful smiles of the junk Man mean? john Burkholder gladly gives the headaches of being Senior Class President to the lucky fellow who follows him. Virginia Carr is willing to give a few inches of her height to jim Anderson. Doris Clingerman leaves her tiny features to anyone who wants to be smaller. Bill Collins wills his physique to all future football players. 'Nancy Crump leaves to have more time for roller skating. Nettie Davis bestows her artistic ability upon Lois jean Pfau. Dorothy Good wishes to leave her poetic ability to all future poets of North Lima School. Danny Groom leaves his constant supply of jokes to Ronnie Rapp. Mr. I-limes may have his pick of a few of these choice sayings. .junior Hasness unwillingly gives Butch Webster his little black book of "cute facts and figures." Roddy Huebert gives his unlimited supply of snappy party games to future recreation conmlittees. To the dismay of the Bell Telephone Company, Chuck janosik refuses to leave his ability of holding long telephone conversations. Walt Kellner leaves his quiet reserved manners to Ray Hitchcock. Gertrude Kreidler leaves with fond memories of notes, noons, and of teachers who pick on her. Betty Mauch presents to any "gloomy gus" her sunny disposition. jack Miller decided to keep his blonde hair and not give it to anyone. johnny Morey leaves his ability for good basketball playing, and especially long shots, to future basketball teams. Esther Osterling leaves happy days in the"'old office" to someone who will promise to have as much fun as she did. janet Powell happily leaves good old "gutenberg" to some unsuspecting new- comer to the "old office." Eileen Riley bequeaths her ever present giggle to Sandra Crouse. Carole Roller leaves her graceful cheerleading to lla Mae Mains. Lester Seidner unwillingly leaves the girls in old Lima High, but he'll still be around in his flashy new car. .Ioan Shank presents to Bonnie Evans the pleasure of accompanying the mus- ical groups in future years. Laura Spencer leaves the Tri-Hi-Y Club better, for having been its president. Marjorie Spires gladly gives joan Back the pleasure of walking to school in rain, snow, and sleet. Arlie Weikart leaves to any timid soul the secret of snapping out of shy ways. Ruth Yoder bequeaths her long hair to a worthy cause, Pete Wellman. We, the above, appoint Mr. Ward. guardian of our prized possessions until such a time as they may be delivered. Beverly Barger PAGE TWENTY-TH REE J . E b R K D U !2:1!2? ':f:i:2:i:2:'25:2:f:i:95:f:2:2:i Iziziziziflizizitizii SENIOR BABY PICTURES . . JI11 Q f" Lff-affix: IW? ' f v Y 5, 543 1 F "': ,N . J ,f ' L-nl """"' xi., , XXXX, :,Z ,V,, ?,-wg, .,..2 if ' 'A z A"A':' i f ' 'zz' ' -""" ' 2 3 4 zzz zz.. 1. X , WQ5 5, . 11+:- H - x . f ii? 4?gwE5Qff ikfhmf f fad - W 113:-1 --., ' ' :,, V. , N ,j nf gg 'ff :11 ii ':""', V 5 y V - W -4 J. , + .----: y :r .bit ,fi i f Vx t Q 11' 4 . ..,.. E V- ,,.,,.:,::: E zzz K Kwx, 5 ...: , ':,. ,, w 21 , 'M 5 " ': i f Q 55 V . A .. 1 ,.....:,.. :. .,:-k 55,55 ...,:,:,.,., ,., :.,. .,,:,.,, I , v.-- . 'X A'JJ F'f'1ck ff ' X 1 1 X 3 Jo rx Aj I f,MW, y1MA QawHv if ,4M.A,,,?ffff1i.ii.l PAGE TWENTY-FOUR .fxfxfxfxfxfxfxfxfxfvx xfvxfxfvxfxfxfxfxfvx SENIOR BABY PICTURES +v-.-w-v-v+v-v-vw-v-..-.Av-v-.xzxfv-.-v-vAvAv-vA.-.-.-. GM 1952 ' 1 2 15-Si' s.f fffgv, lj i n S fl at Mc I 7' lf, PAGE TWENTY-FIVE 1 1 Qff f- .J fimzfgff Lf Favorite Song kness Wea C tim Pas 011 Exp IC Favori I UIC Fu I'aI1CC Appea E n Z :eu G 5 '-5 Hd O .rs E o 2 Zo E a v-I O O -C u V? vi 5-1 S c o an .E .z 51 5 fx: cu an P' .Cf Q ic. Meehan U U L-4 W-A-1 U 5 right. W rk Bob A r.. -C7 U cd E .20 UD '-0-I o 4-I 5-1 ZS? w.:: is 3? Fw :bb QE ri 'Dax -is-. 8? MEL'-? EE IO ,Ln ,U z'S mon is 3.5 D455 58? .2015 .EEA 40 SCU QU gi' 15 fs: EC! Q34 550.9 IU OCC Q4 EE Ecu 0.20 82 :B cs: "'1"'! Q. 'uf E. 55. born QE EE .EU S2 li QM ds!! nfiel OI' C he I ber CII1 CII1 R HI 'CS O O '11 .-. 3-1 as -Q ev VJ as FQ 'E o o CJ 5 ff! 6 U cv E -G D.. ele ..F bb CI ..Easygo1 anny Gro D E.. S-4 C!! GJ OE To b0- CU 'I-llii OO S99 Q. Q. U. ,. U2 49.5. ifl-'2 :iz S5 Q55 Q. U. 5.4 E02 .58 3 .-Eu nclavf-, SS -S-as -4-1 2355 EE Om Q91 ii: ,.S, up EE CU Q..-E UC!! QQ hi! 5-4. O -Si D8 mi 3'-: -Es Uv-4 'OS 0.21 MO .E 99 .E -cs -1: o D4 bl o 3 ps. Stam cting 2 T5 Q '55 U .ac CU :n .c rl! o U 54 U U .E an : LY-I 'Tl N 'F1 3-4 +.a cn 5 'U C "? E Q-4 cv: E Q-4 .Lx U? 5-Q U C 1-1 -1 U M 3-4 S --1 CU 3 Zu.. :vu E. CQ .Ez ,xii -UO 21: D-1: CYS -'13 9420 fd as -cs 35 52 Q. Iif P2 -93 Bi me .Em 'SE gg: ,XO SE-1 7,5213 3.5 JJ' is op Q4 fi: U tv. .E: ws: :KB I-1-Irs -2 .Zo QQ is .::': Si' 5-S 11 53 523 Fd me 22 S: ii.: NO 'TT ll! 5 O CD 'U I CU fl-0 5-4 55 OJ I: ,xo 2.5 :TJ ffm U if: 3? QE .55 E2 gi me .2- M. 'ga -M 4:8 will vii .C,. I-4. O. U. UE has 20.5 ngxlc ,258 Q-194 :il C. 9, V N. U. me -UC Q.. O-I-1 OO BE Ei 3: -Ux- G3 Qfw -51 U. 'io 52? E45 CI SQ bbs ::. 2. x-'IZ go 55 Q. B..- Q2 is mf-Q e Year" 'Lovliest Night of th s C1 OJ 2 CD C ---1 4-I N P4 E o ....Oh, my c .Housewife SN aa 4.4 N -S U al cv Riley. Eileen 'ou P O .1 H-1 O S-4 S ': 9- U .- cn 5 ?' 4 bb C1 'Fi 'U cvs cu F11 S- ru cu -E1 U 75 C CI css E -5 su 72 U U 'CS E D ai 4-I --4 4.1 U Q-1 8-Q U -4 v-1 O Q4 U I-4 O 5-4 N U CU .aa o Q- 3 o '11 S0 us 3 O O Q9 bb CI .-4 4-a CV -'24 cr: 5-1 .2 F5 '34 en!!... . List Y ow Z Secretary, 4-w QJ .-4 5 Q' ui :O',,, ai 51.9. as Q46-I SE Fish vi-6 E8 QPF ibb 3.5. s-'U as vena ,W do!! ie Spire Ol' La Marj EU I-'44 'rs CID hm U E3 go.. 3-1 O W3 Q: .-, gs -C12 gs.. ,D 42 -cs. C. O. M, Q, -ci gf NYE ll-1 QE HP? Q: 5.4: G35-J 53 'vo 3:- CI-E :E 5-4 111124 QBf 1952 A i Qing? 3? 1!m 1, gl!,Z! mmmngi f' CHS' A555265 JUNIOR CLASS-Mr. DiGregorio, Sponsor First Row lleft to rightl-Mortha Cearns, Shirley Hiney, Nancy Moore, Carol Good, lla Mae Mains, Marilouise McGinnis, Alice Mellinger, Thelma Kerr. Second Row-Mr. DiGregorio, Doris Arkwright, Doris Whitfield, Dolores Holz, Betty Lou Brown, Charlotte Kugler. Third Row-Ronald Rapp, Raymond Yoder, Peter Wellman, Carl Webster, Aubrey Shenefiel, Raymond Hitchcock, David Anderson. Fourth Row-Tom Whitfield, Richard Ellison, Richard Yoder, Richard Arkwright, l-lanspeter Merkel, Bill Yoho, Tom Griffiths, Albert Steiner, Jim Thompson. Not Pictured-Ann Frye, Lamar Shoemaker, Leland Blose, Evelyn Macklin. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY During the iirst week oi' school the junior Class elected the following officers: president, Tom Griffiths: Vice-president, Lamar Shoemaker: secretary, lXlartha Cearns: and treasurer, Betty Brown. ln addition to these ol'l'icers Mr. Diflreg- orio, our class sponsor, has been very helplul to us in the carrying out of our plans and projects. One ol' the first events of the year was the arrival of our class rings which we had ordered the year before. As money-making projects we held a skating party, sold l'Ci.I'CSl1lllCllIS at some ol' the basketball games, produced our class play, "Clementine," sold candy at noon during the second semester, and sponsored a jamboree. Our class was well represented in extra-curricular activities. The majority oi our class joined the 'l'ri-Hi-Y, or Hi-Y, and Glee Clubs. Football, basketball teams, the band, and the Lima Lite Stall' also called many of our class members. and baseball teams, the band, and the Lima Lite Stall' also called many of our class members. Five cheerleaders and three majorettes from our class also dis- played talents. The outstanding event ol' our year was the junior-Senior Banquet which we held for the Seniors at the Mahoning Country Club in May. This event will be long remenibered by all who attended it. During this year we have learned to work together in a co-operative spirit and we sincerely hope that this Co-operation will continue and improve through- out our next and last year. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT of 1952 SOPHOMORE CLASS-Miss Warrick, Sponsor First Row lleft to rightl---Susan Dalrymple, Shirley Arkwright, Sandra Crouse, Charlotte McCormick, Marilyn Plummer, Lois Pfau, Barbara Clingerman, Viola Riehl. Second Row--Miss Warrick, Elizabeth Koch, Shirley Honey, Bonita Evans, Edith Spencer, Connie Plasket, Carol Splitsfone, Zella Moore, Arlene Schaal, Third Row-James Anderson, Jaion Shaurn, Donald Roller, Nick Shirilla, Willard Vanpelt, David Culp, Roy Vanpelt, Harry Swank, Dick Howell, Bill Collette, Jack Barber, Charles Ginn. Not Pictured-Eugene Williams, Hazel Bloce, Richard Brown, Loretta McCombs. FRESHMAN CLASS-Mr. Popelka, Sponsor First Row llefi to rightl-Jean Stouffer, Carole Early, Norma Wright, JoAnn Weaver, Carolyn Harris, Ruth Anderson, Noreen Szewc, Verna Swope, Shirley Prater. Second Row-Palma Dansio, Rachel Blokeman, Shirley Henderson, Geneva Steiner, JoAnn Vitko, Joan Back, Barbara Wellendorf, Rosemarie Witherstine, Mr. Popelka. Third Row--Craig Wince, Dick Enney, Joanna Steiner, Alice Work, Barbara Codner, Connie Maxgay, Alice Vanpelt, Treasure Lower, Daryl Sheneflel, Nelson Shaum. Fourth Row- Howard Arkwright, Amil Dinsio, Lewis Davis, Thomas Lawless, Thomas Wise, Dale Mauch, Chris Cason, Ronald Heaven, Edwin Weisenberger, Robert Dillon, Donald Barber. Not Pictured--Thomas Weisen- berger, Russel Calvin, Melvin Kyle. PAGE TWENTY-NINE EIGHTH GRADE-Mr. Nespeca, Sponsor In Front lleft to rightjgThomas Mellott, Robert Hall, David Vanpelt, Lester Martin. First Row4Mary Huebert, Judy Roller, Phyllis Barger, Karen Close, Patty Lawless, Patricia Nelson, Joan Shoup, Carolyn Bauman, Mary Brunk. Second Row--Jacob Vanpelt, Larry Houck, Nancy Garrett, Yvonne Harte, Leah Culp, Alice Weisenberger, Barbara Stokes, Janet Wise. Third Row-William Kreidler, Raymond Bauman, James Francis, Leonard McGinnis, Loren Coler, Henry Nemenz, William Mack, Donald Ackerman, Jacob Witmer, David Clingerman, Lee Brooks, John Bauman. Fourth Row--James Shank, Jack Hampton, Jerry Morey, Kevan Crouse, Robert Yoho, Harold Casity, Harold Kasza, Richard Mentzer, Bruce Plasket, Thomas Stokes, William Piriczky, Larry Freer, Ronald Smith. SEVENTH GRADEAMI. Himes, Sponsor First Row lleft to rightl-Carl Bregar, Norman Parish, Richard Mellott, Jerry Steiner, Jack Jones. Second Row-Margie Lenz, Marilyn Dillon, Delores McCave, Polly Ptau, Dawn Shoemaker, Edith Shaum, Betty Coler, Edith Kugler, Kay Rapp. Third Rowe-Sylvia Boardman, Esther Yoder, Peggy Cason, Helen Horst, Karen Hasness, Judy Morey, Nancy Weber, Nancy Stock, Barbara Garrett, Rachel Wenger. Fourth Row-'Roger Schlosser, Richard Brintzenhofe, Beverly Dickey, Loretta Vanpelt, Betty Connaughton, Kathryn Weaver, Lenora Mellinger, Carol Martin, Jean Bartholomew, Fillmore Crump. Fifth Row-- John Witmer, Roy Mauch, James Wetter, Kenneth Brown, Charles Firestone, Buster Prater, Floyd Van- pelt, Lloyd Vanpelt, Richard Crouse, Donald Harshbarger, Robert Blake, Jerry Shenetiel. Not Pictured- Robert Tovarnak. Q9f 1952 13155 Qbf 1952 FIFTH GRADE-Mrs. Griffiths, Teacher First Row ileft to rightl-Barbara Lawless, Carol McGinnis, Beverly Francis, Marcia MacFarland, Thelma Coler, Judith Mack, Mary Belle Mills, Julia Datson, Deanna Mellott. Second Row-Ruth Van- pelt, Hazel Rhodes, Darlene Arkwright, Nancy Firestone, Virginia Back, Laura Reed, LaUna Richards, Catherine Marion, Luella Falb, Mrs. Griffiths. Third Row-Ward Brooke, James Kurtz, Melvin Bowen, John McGregor, William Gasser, Richard Hersman, Allan Rankin, Donald Seidner. Fourth Row- Edwin Harshman, James Connaughton, William Jones, Lee Moore, Blaine Heaven, Richard Dillon, James Blake, Edward James. Not Pictured-Frederick Halt, Jean Orr, Ruthann Sigle. FIFTH 8: SIXTH GRADES-Mr. Steiner, Teacher First Row ileft to rightl-Carol Underwood, Mary Vanpelt, Carol Stokes, Eileen Work, Shirley Vitko, Virginia Weber, Carol Wehr, Darla Smith. Second Row-Mr. Steiner, Lydia Boardman, Judith Cooley, Valera Weaver, Bonita Wilhelm, Janet Thornton, Emma Ruth Vanpelt, Dawn Whitfield. Third Row- Margaret Griffiths, Patricia Day, Lois Martin, Rachel Culp, Ardell Cook, Joanne Snyder. Fourth Row- Donald Beard, Edward Arkwright, Harry Arkwright, Dennis Ackerman, Eugene Smith, Eugene Slagle, Roger Schindler, Merle Bowen. Not Pictured-Samuel McGinnis, David Bauman. SIXTH GRADE-Mrs. Brady, Teacher First Row lleft to rightl-Laura Martin, June Morey, Mary Enney, Barbara Schneider, Judy Flickinger, Frances Frye, Sandra Noble, Naomi Riehl. Second Row-Byron Eichorn, Frank Lower, Sandra MacFar- land, Carolyn Weisenberger, Norma Marion, Lonnie Wellman, Tom Wince, Mrs. Brady. Third Row- Harvey Hartley, Myron Wehr, Joe Kugler, Leonard Hiney, Maynard Falb, David Lawless, Jack Roy, Daniel Steiner. Fourth Row-John Francis, Robert Szewc, John Davis, David McClain, James Orr, Robert Good, Richard Good, Richard Evans, Pat Morris. Not Pictured-Ruth Swope, Mary Lou Jones, Gary Houck. PAGE TH! RTY-THREE i 1 1 THIRD GRADE-Mrs. Haney, Teacher First Row lleft to rightl-Susan Lawless, Kay Close, Joann Beard, Patricia Elser, Sandra Phipps, Eleanor McGinnis, Pearle Hartley, Carolyn Shaffer, Billie Leigh Parker. Second Row-Mrs. Haney Wanda Moore, Karen Ackerman, Barbara Moore, Joyce Peters, Connie Samsall, Judy Moore, Earlene Anderson, Kay Brooke, Betty Orr. Third Row-Edward Garrett, Louis Day, Kenneth Gorman, Sammy Harshmqn, Billy Roy, Richard McGregor, Gary Richards, Billy Howard, Paul Rankin, Elmer LaFleme. Fourth Row-Kenneth Eichorn, David Connaughton, John Henley, Steve Ewankowich, Ralph Ruffner, Donald Cannon, Donald Hiney, Albert Gifford, Gerald Martin, Robert Crouse. THIRD 8: FOURTH GRADES-Mrs. Heinl, Teacher First Row ileft to righti-Betty Blakeman, Patricia Burge, Barbara Wehr, Carol Bregar, Jacqueline Hersman, Janice Brown, Judith Smith, Elaine Smith. Second Row-Patricia Cason, Virgil Schaurn, Harley Showalter, Shelia Harshman, Martha Caddes, Deanna Wadding, Larry Weaver, Webster Rhodes, Mrs. Heinl. Third Row-Albert Vanpelt, Wayne Vanpelt, Douglas Harshbarger, Glen Wenger, Richard Frye, John James, James Brown, James Coler. Fourth Row--George Kugler, Walter Best, Leroy Martin, Albert Blakeman, DeVere Beach, Harry Crump, Jon Culp, James Hetric, Thomas Hall, Roger Alcorn, Arnold Dickey. FOURTH GRADE-Mrs. Kulik, Teacher First Row lleft to rightl-Donna Quinn, Carol Ann Stanish, Barbara Quinby, Carolyn White, Janet Nichols, Wilda Rhodes, Phyllis Plummer, Dorothy Veres, Kathryn Shaum. Second Row-Mrs. Kulik, Beverly Koonse, Judith McCarthy, Betty Szewc, Barbara Robertson, Carol Price, Joy Prater, Rhoda Zook, Peggy Wagner, Billie Lou Weber. Third Row-Dick Slagle, William Robertson, Joseph Vanpelt, Gary Martin, John Maxgay, Eddie Perry, Donald Swope, Vincent Mellott, Eddie Pfau. Fourth Row--Mary Ann Reed, Jack Frye, Jimmy Morey, Ronald Peters, Richard Robertson, Bobby Martin, Billy Lawfielcl, David Tilton, Maurice Boardman, Donna Unger. PAGE THI RTY-FIVE V E Q- E FIRST GRADE-Mrs. Mentzer, Teacher First Row lleft to right!-Karen Fowler, Joann Brown, Kathleen Jones, Beth Bauman, Pamela lrons, Sandra Frye, Rachel Caddes, Sandra Ritchey. Second Row-Kathleen Connaughton, Naomi Martin, Genevieve Bauman, Wanda Evans, Barbara Lehman, Helen Moore, Juanita Brown, Betty Ewankowich. Thlrd Row-Donald Quinn, Lee Rhodes, David Martin, James Martin, William Miller, Stephen Harsh- man, Raymond Ackerman, Neal Eichorn. Fourth Row-Joseph Maxgay, Wayne Rohrer, James Huebert, John Huebert, Patricia Ruffner, Marilyn Best, Ruth Coler, Norman Francis, Robert Frost, Frank Bort. Not Pictured-Charles Gourley. FIRST 8: SECOND GRADES-Mrs. Wetter, Teacher First Row lleft to rightl-Gloria Billet, Mary Ellen Harshman, Norma Weaver, Arlene Schneider, Sally Gasser, Edwynna Swank, Karen Wilhelm, Susan Shank. Second Row-Mrs. Wetter, John Willis, Dale Wenger, Aaron Arkwright, John Kugler, Lynn Clingerman, Dennis Weaver. Third Row--Alan Thornton, Roger Stackhouse, Billy Brown, Lloyd Griffith, John Quinlin, Orval Foster, George Smith. Fourth Row-James Shirilla, Kenneth Coler, Bobby Blakeman, Paul Swope, Roger Cooley, Robert Ackerman, Stephen Harmon, Myron Bort. Not Pictured-Evelyn Codner, Judy Stilson. SECOND GRADE-Mrs. Laughlin, Teacher First Row lLeft to rightl-Eleanor Steiner, Patty White, Janet Horst, Bettie McGinnis, Marlene Davis, Beverly Mills, Barbara Seidner, Gayle Swope. Second Row-Patty Rankin, Helen Martin, Patty Sullivan, Agnes Vitko, Julie Tilton, Diane Moore, Sharon Rickert. Third Row-Eddie Smith, Robert Boardman, Lawrence Horst, Neil Mentzer, Ricky McDonald, Donald Work, Ronald Weaver, Frank Showalter, Mrs. Laughlin. Fourth Row-Ivan Vanpelt, James Reed, Antony Lamancusa, Theodore Slagle, Marilyn MacFarland, Joan Marion, Darwin Peters, Thomas Prater, Lowell Martin, James Jones. Not Pictured- Barbara Frye. PAGE THI RTY-SEVEN arm emu LOOK HERE .... r Goin, 5l'22c9-'fgff Look Aeraf 7':g"'7W"'3f ZQ ffl wily P2ef.f' Dovbie f Mlfddg Clglara 3 H W fm" Uanf wzzf ??'?!2f1l,A fff7f1fj:fz,, M02 A, A 9 m'1'1,., f fffff' PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT .vA: 1 ,,2,:,2,2, 2 ..... .,:,: 5 QBf 1952 - 01 " 3 2 J NHS E51 .135 M15 arm fun v1,A,1.+ M BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club, a group open to all boys in the high school, sang for the Community Institute and the Spring Program. Although this group was not too large, their music was strong and melodious. Some of their selections were "Daniel, the Spaniel," "The Road to Mandalay," "Stout-Hearted Men," and "Winters Song." Their work was clone under the guidance and supervision ot Miss Stevenson. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB One program open to all girls in the high school was the Girls' Glee Club, which met once a week under the able direction of Miss Stevenson. The group participated in the annual Community Institute and the Music Festival which was held in the spring. At these different events, the girls sang "ln Bethlehems Lowly Manger," 'Alleluiaf' 'Younger Than Springtime," and "The Last Chord." PAGE FO RTY dBi 1952 MIXED CHORUS llie Mixed Chorus, directed by Miss Stevenson, sang at the various functions of the school year. Some of these were the Prince of Peace Contest, County Chorus, Community Institute, Community Night at Good Hope Lutheran Church, The Spring Musical Festival, and Commencement. This group, one of the favorites of the school and community, was hand-picked from the two glee clubs. Some of the numbers performed were "Softly and Tenderly," "God of Our Fathers," "My God and l," "Your Land and My Land," "Madame Jeanette," "Youll Never Walk Alone," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." BAND DIRECTOR: Mr. Edwin Marini. TRUMPETS: John Burkholder, Dorothy Good, Jack Hampton, Richard Crouse, Kenneth Brown. CLARINETS: Tom Griffiths, Bonita Evans, Richard Howell, Tom Wince, Tom Wise. DRUMS: Dale Mauch, Donald Roller. TROME-ONES: Norma Wright, James Wetter, Pete Wellman, Lenora Mellinqer. SAXAPHONE1 Henry Nemenz. MAJORETTES: Shirley Arkwright, Thelma Kerr, Beverly Barger, lla Mae Mains, Joan Back, Carole Roller, Joan Vitko, Marilouise McGinnis. PAGE FORTY-ONE m t B U lfrilflilflflilirfliriI2Iixixiikiriitiriritizizi5:25-121212:T:2:f:f5c2:2:2:1N',,-Z,'l:2:2:f!2: CLASS LEADERS SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN President-John Burkholder Tom Griffiths Donald Roller Carolyn Harris Vice Pres.--Bill Collins Lamar Shoemaker Charles Ginn Pete Davis Secretary-Carole Roller Martha Cearns Shirley Arkwright Joan Back Treasurer-Laura Spencer Betty Lou Brown James Anderson Palma Dinsio MARCHING MAJORETTES The seven attractive young ladies pictured above will immediately be recognized by even the casual North Lima basketball fans as the moiorettes who provided entertainment between halves at the home games, With a rhythmic drum cadence in the background, captain Beverly Barger would lead them out onto the gym floor where they proceeded to amaze and delight the crowd with difficult maneuvers of the baton and intricate strutting, all in perfect time. This was also true earlier in the year, when the football maiorettes marched during halftime at the home games. Accompanied by the band, the pert charm of these girls effectively filled in the time taken by the teams as they rested. The football maiorettes, four of whom later became basketball cheerleaders, marched at the band concert at the Canfield Fair. PAGE FO RTY- TWO -- .Mg E TRI-HI-Y ln the school year of 1952, the Tri-Hi-Y, under the guidance of Mrs. Vyvyan Burge, and the leader- ship of our co-operative officers: President-Laura Spencer, Vice President-elvlarilouise McGinnis, Secretary--The-Irna Kerr, Treasurer7Shirley Haney, carried out the Purpose7To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character and the Platform-- clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship and clean living, The club provided a Christmas basket for a deserving family, along with felling "donuts" and having bake sales, All of our projects were very successful. On December QO, the Induction Service was held in the proiection room, at which time the new members were formally inducted into the North Lima Tri-Hi-Y Club by receiving their member' ship pins. We sincerely hope that the North Lima Tri-l-li-Y Club of l953 will be successful and the girls will be willing to work together as they have this year. HI-Y This year the Hi-Y club was under the guidance of our advisor, Mr. Popelka, and the capable leadership of our officers-Bill Collins, John Burkholcler, Thayer Brown, and John Morey. ln carrying out the Hi-Y promise we have done all in our power to "Create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." Among other things, the club sponsored ii weekly devotional period over the public address system for the entire school, and once every six weeks we invited a local minister in to speak to the upper six grades. The members patrolled the gym at noon and engaged in YMCA activities on Civic Day, As to entertainment, the club participated in a recreational period every other Wednesday. We held swimming parties at the YMCA and toured the United States Naval Reserve Training center. We held a successful bake sale and sold license plate holders to raise money. PAGE FORTY-TH REE Qljbz zijn ECHO STAFF Publishing a year-book such as The Echo-1952 requires many hours of long, hard work. The group pictured aboye worked dilligently and faithfully at this task, and were efficiently supervised by the Senior Class sponsor, Miss Stackhouse. The staff hopes it has accomplished its purpose by incorporating into the articles and write-ups, a true representation of North Lima School. LIMA LITE STAFF Under the capable supervision of Mrs. Burge, sponsor, Janet Powell, the editor, and Betty Lou Brown, the assistant editor, the Lima Lite Staff published six interesting issues of the paper. On each issue there appeared a colorful and appropriate cover corresponding with the different seasons of the year. Although the collecting, writing and typing of the material was hard work we enioyed it very much. PAGE FORTY-FOU R We 1,A,A M. .M Av.v21::: . QBf 1952 WE DID IT Time to cast aside vacation joys. little to get back to the old routine again. joan Back and Shirley Arkwright were taken into the "fold" of majorettes today. Congratulations, girls. Election Day-the big issue--football cheerleaders, The lucky but deserving girls were Laura Spencer, Nettie Davis, Alice Mellinger, and Doris Arkwright. Don't get excited, the juniors haven't contracted a mysterious phobia, they're just adtniring those shiny new class rings, First football game of the season opposite McDonald. The score-32-0-sad but true. Another football game at Canfield, The Cardinals were certainly in the groove. They chalked up 27 points for themselves against our 0. What luck! Afternoon classes are shortened. The occasion? An assembly. Mr. Ken Smith displayed his art of drawing pictures in smoke and chalk. Speaking of glamour. the lovely, fashionable apparel worn by members of the Mothers' Club and two students qCarole Roller and lla Mae Mainsj at the style show sponsored by that club, was something to behold. The Lima Lite went on sale for the first time this- year-ah-now for three weeks of rest and normal living. The Zippers ventured onto the football field again, this time in Columbiana. Things are improving. we lost-Sl-7-but we lost only in the sense that we were not victorious. SH l EMBER Of IOBER Everybody smile pretty, now, a lot of people are going to see these group pictures. The first Hi-Y Wednesday morning devotional presented today by President Bill Collins, A serious and beautiful ceremony, the formal Hi-Y induction services at the Evangelical Church. A beaming coach, a beaming team, the lippers met North jackson and were victorious, 31-H! The first Hi-Y Devotional represented by a minister. Reverend li. O. Zechiel of Motmt Olivet Reformed Church. Spirits are high, North Lima scored 48 over Sebring's ti! "Try this pose now." These words were spoken to the individual members of the Senior Class who donned their best "bibs and tuckers", and motored to the Dimit Studios in Alliance to have their pictures taken. Another big game under the lights of Firestone Park. The Zippers took a victory of 25 over l9 from New Springfield. ln again, out again plunged the needle, on went the patch. 'Those patch tests given grades seven to ten are quite clever. North Lima Zippers try their skill with Struthers Reserves-we lost-20-6. Oh, well, we can't win EVERY game. Our group took part in the County Chorus at Stambaugh Auditorium. The students had been practicing diligently for this event for some time, they found it to be well worth their time and effort. "Can that be me!" Chorused the Seniors as they viewed their proofs. "Which to choose, eeny, meenie, minie, mo-" Bump! thud! You're going to have to learn how to take those falls, Mr. Himesl The Senior Skating Party at Brookwood turned into a rather "sorey" affair. didn't it? NOVEMBER Lima scores again! We played Lowellville, won I3-Ol That night, the victors "stepped off" to the tune of "Golden Slippers," and "Turkey in the Straw" at Fun Night. That all-important election day, and the school levy and bond issue passed. X-rays were taken of the students. "Remember the days when we were on the stage?" members of the junior Class will ask each other in later years. Their presentation of the comedy, "Clementine," was certainly well done, Time for King Football to take a "back seat," for basketball season is here with all its glory. New cheerleaders-Thelma Kerr, Marilouise McGinnis, Carole Roller, and Ila Mae Mains-were elected. Another majorette election. We keep losing majorettes to the cheering section! joan Vitko, Alice Mellinger, Ruth Anderson, and Palma Dinsio filled the vacancies. That night the Prince of Peace Contest was held. The deserving winner-Bill Collins. School closed early-Thanksgiving vacation. Vacation's over, time to start back to school. Those participating in the Conservation essay contest went on a field trip. Game with Bessemer on our floor, we won again. 53-45. DH RMBER Two conflicting activities, Fun Night and a game at East Fairfield: we racked up another victory, 76-45. A long-desired dream came true, we played Lowellville and won 37-26. Another game and again we were the victors, this time it was New Springfield-62-48. We got brought up to date on current events. Mr. Charles Ramsey related the conditions PAGE FORTY-FIVE 05132 nba 1-2-2-2-2-Qi-rzvz-:-1-2-2-2vvwxgvqgvzvszvzz HOLD IT . . - , We 1 ..:, E:, yum K Gwfviayy f+g,?,.79 ---A ww b . . 55 S-'ff fdff ws Shui, 221: ,gf ,.f50f':3f'5 r N595 S rec wwvffp Dafpce A0656 6Q?7SVf?QZ'n fig-fo 7201-'wwf'-3 Jgge PAGE FORTY-SIX it 5 '11 "THE WILLOW AND I" The Senior Play, "The Willow and I," was an extensive undertaking, excitingly different from the light comedies of other years. Splendid direction by Miss Ruth Warrick, skillful acting by the cast, and complete co-operation from the special effects committee produced a very successful play when it was staged on April eighteenth. The story concerned two sisters, both in love with a young doctor. One of the girls having become engaged to him, a quarrel arose between her and her jealous sister just before the wedding, During the argumnt, a gun was produced and discharged, throwing the bride-to-be into a state of complete amnesia, which continued tor forty years. At the end of that time, a thunderstorm caused her to regain her memory and she discovered that in the interim her sister had married the doctor and had borne him a son who strikingly resembled his dead father. The son then became the means of assuaging her bitterness and bewilderment. The played drama-was written by John Patrick, author of "The Hasty Heart." We are sure that it was well-recieved and will be remembered I-y the audience for a long time. CLEMENTIN E When Clementine Kelly, the tomboy daughter of l-looterville's mayor, kicks a football through a window of the home of a prominent civic leader, Miss Pringle, and then is later mistakenly accused by Miss Pringle of insulting her at an oratorical contest, a political crisis results. While straightening out this affair Clementine discovers boys, and as a result, finally grows up. All ends happily, Clemen- tine with her man and Mr. Kelly sure of Miss Pringle's support in the coming election. This, in brief, is the plot of the successful three-act comedy produced by the Junior Class November 9, T951 under the direction of Miss Warrick. The cast especially appreciated its opportunity to present the play to the grade school in a matinee performance. This experience helped the actors to accustom them- selves to the furniture, the costumes, and most important of all, to an audience. Zlfljg zijn lContinuedl of foreign countries. 11. A huge audience witnessed the game here with Columbiana. The score was close, our boys lost 52-57. 14, Our winning streak seemed to have disappeared temporarily, we lost to Poland, 50-42. 20. A candle-lighted Tri-Hi-Y Induction Service for new members. 21. This day marked the beginning of our Christmas vacation, the week was topped off with a gala Christmas program presented by the first and second grades. That night we won when we played McDonald, 56-32. JANUARY 2. The Hi-Y boys were pleased to have a visitor, Dick Warrick of Annapolis Naval Academy, speak at their meeting, 4. We played North jackson and were jubilant at our 56-52 victory. 5. Seems like things were too good to be true, once again we won over Warren St. Mary, 70-28. 8. Score was a little closer this time, with Lisbon's 40 and our 50. 10-ll. Woe is mel These semester tests were anything but easyl The last day of these tests was rounded off nicely with a 55-36 victory over New Springfield, 14. Time to pose before the catnera again. Only this time it was just the various activity group pictures that were taken. Another game with Polandg we were again victorious, 56- 45, although the opposition was in excellent form. 18. One more overwhelming victory to add to our evergrowing list, our 91 over Berlin Center's 36. 19. The Tri-Hi-Y held a successful bake sale at the Locker Plant. 21, A truly gala affair! Tonight was the Leap Year Party-ladies' choice! 22. Lima scores again, 46-40, when we played New Waterford. 23-24. It's Community Institute time again-two very pleasant days. As usual the high school music groups took part in the program. 25. The Zippers took Goshen, 71-48. 28. Another money-making hit for the juniors, The WHKK Jamboree certainly proved popular. FEBRUARY 1. Good news! We played Canfield and won, 63-50. 3. Another win for Limag our 46 over Ursuline's 43. 4. The seniors and community took time out from basketball games to partake of steak dinne1', sponsored by the seniors. 5, Our tide turned temporarily, we lost to Greenford, 54-43. 6. Big day for the Economics class. Mr. Shively, of the Board of Elections, explained the intricacies of the voting machine, and while he was doing so, photographer Lloyd Jones and political editor Clingan jackson, both of the Youngstown Vindicator, dropped in to take a few pictures and polls. Result: the Economics class got their picture in the paper. ll. Our first tournament game at the Struthers' Field House with North jackson netted us 52 points and they, 33. 12, The game with Lowellville, which should have been played on the seventh, but had to be fgostponed due to an electrical storm, pronounced us winners again, by a good margin, 51- 3. 13. The upper six grades were visited by Detective Ted 0'Connor, courtesy of the Hi-Y, who spoke on present day problems of juvenile delinquency. 141. The dedication of the new Lutheran Church brought the Mixed Chorus out to sing a few songs in honor of the occasion. 15 The Economics class had another visitor, Richard Holt, teacher of Economics at the Republic Steel Corporation. 16. Everyone is excited. These tournament games keep us all in a fervor, Relief! We outdid Berlin Center at Struthers' Field I-louse, 53-37. 18. We went after Springfield Township and brought back our winning score of 53 to their 35. 22. Another woebegone story for these chronicles, we lost our champonship game with Canfield, 61-56. 28. Undaunted, we go on to South High and the Sectional Tourney, where we took on Cort- land and got back to our normal selves, the score being 56-44, our favor, MARCH 1. The sectional tourney at South High, with New Waterford, again made us winners by ten points, 46-36. 5. A game with 1-'airport Harbor on March 5th, at Kent, pronounced us the victors with a score of 56-49. 8. Everyone was tense and excited, for this was the big game with Olmstead Falls, also at Kent. This event determined whether or not we went to Canton. We wonl 46-38, 10. To try their luck in the business world, the seniors in Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y participated in the annual Civics Day. 14. What a memorable night! The Zippers defeated Canfield in the district tournament at Canton. The State Finals at Columbus was the next event. 18 A representative, from Youngstown College talked to the seniors about their future education, lConcIudecl on Page Sixtyl PAGE FORTY-EIGHT LWWWMWWWVVVMMM Av-VAVAVAVAVAVA'A'4'A'+'+,+'1'-'+ NAM '+'+'+'+vA'+vA'+vA'+'+v+'+'+'+'+'A,A,- N wt 1952 CANDID CAMERA fs ? ,JW dafkJ Q,-2 ,400 Q, 1 kfdc' 6 f ff' f f f 3 Une, Qwgf ,5'7'.f. Q17 fyfyfj ,I ref? iv JM, + rD'.i1I.S Xl-11c,fQL yVV'g lfdldffev PAGE FORTY-NINE F' be QEcbn LOOK PRETTY, PLEASE S' gf . 1,44 g ? 7154 Lfueciaff .ffm C7f1f:n4f'sf?" 51.53 9 ff Qfamflfy' ,ff'JJ'7.2Y:f D af 1 J PAGE FIFTY Y ,,,,,,,,,,,.,W...nwm V913 Q9il N x 5615931 E5 FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS These four girls, Laura Spencer, Nettie Davis, Doris Arkwright, and Alice Mellinger, were chosen by the student body to lead the cheers and songs at the football games. They braved the freezing nights and blustering afternoons, to help the crowd root for their team. All the spirit, drive, and determination of o team was repreiented to the spectators by the cheerleaders, and the girls did a fine job. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS At a basketball game the cheerleaders are an integral part of the evenings contest, The actual influence of the crowd upon a team and its play is tremendous, but the spirit of the crowd is controlled by the cheerleaders. These leaders-Carole Roller, Thelma Kerr, lla Mains, and Mary McGinni:falso conduct the pre-game pep rallies. PAGE FIFTY-TWO of 1952 THE FOOTBALL SQUAD Our 1951 football squad, although not exceptional, won their share of games. Under the careful guidance of coach Marshall Popelka, and assistant coach Ed DiGregorio, they won four out of eight games, most of them coming later in the placed second in county standings, This is ot essential and rigorous calisthentics the Coach Popelka chose to continue using the ' season. Winning tour out of five games in the county, they the best record they have ever had in the county. Because team did not have any iniuries from football this season, 'T" formation this year, There is some good material coming up next year and Coach Popelka is looking forward to a very successful season. SEASON'S RECORD McDonald .. 32 North Lima: ll llzmlield . 27 North Limzi 0 llolumhizmzt . .. 31 North Lima: 7 North -jackson .. I4 North Lima Ill Goshen . . 6 North Lima: -17 Springfield . 19 North Lima 25 Struthcrs Reserve , 20 North Limit ti Lowellville 0 North Lima lfl PAGE FIFTY-THREE FOOTBALL PERSONALS WILLIAM lBILLJ COLLINS Bill, our defensive line-backer, offensive right guard, and team captain always seemed to be where the action was thickest. Bill's smashing tackles, steady blocking, and team spirit will be greatly missed next year. JOHN KJOHNNYJ MOREY Johnny, our Quarterback for the last three years, was always hitting our ends on short passes, or calling a play that fouled the opposition. Johnny's expert ball-handling will be greatly missed next year. WALTER QWALTJ KELLNER Walt, our right tackle, kept his opponent worried all the time with his hard blocking and tackling. Walt always seemed to be in there throwing the opponent for a loss. It will be hard to replace Walt next year. JOHN QACKD MILLER Jack was a left guard and extra point kicker. He was always breaking through, stopping the runner, or throwing crushing blocks. Then after the touchdown was made his faithful toe was ready to put the ball through the uprights. ARLIN QARLIEJ WEIKART Arlie, a top notch end, gave his all in every play. He was always pulling down a pass for a first down, or making a key block or tackle. His spirit and humor did much for the team's morale. CHARLES CCHUCKJ JANOSIK Chuck was our nimble-footed scatback. He also played center on defense and was always knifing through and spilling the opposing quarterback. RODERICK CRODDYJ HUEBERT Roddy was our "T" formation center and defensive guard. His steady blocking and tackling was a valuable asset to the team. He stopped up the center of the line nicely on defense and could be counted on to make his block when it really counted. RICHARD QBOBJ ARKWRIGHT Although light, Bob, as an end, was a package of dynamite. He was always ready to give the opposing team a shellacking. LESTER QLESTERJ SEIDNER This was Lester's first year out for football and he did very well. Lester played defensive halfback and was always counted on to be there to make key tackles and knock down passes. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR QW 1952 Ula!! K. Bob '4- ck M Leskf- 5' B.H C P oJJic IVE Ch volt J? A Hrl,'C.., The QEfIjn SHOTS AROUND N.L.H.S. 4 Shu' 5 i I Q S ff' , 0 ffl? JJ eff gafdffcf' A A , .QA . fj Udhdff PAGE FIFTY-SIX 0514? in THE NORTH LIMA ZIPPERS This year's edition of the basketball squad was the best ever to pound the hardwood of North Lima's gym. The boys had an abundance of talent, experience, and height, as their record of 24 victories against only 5 losses shows. Under the watchful eye of Coach DiGregorio the Zippers piled up a 19-3 mark in the regular season, and then, breaking all North Lima records, went through the County, Sectional, District, and Regional Tournaments, to be stopped only at Columbus in the State quarterfinals. Having lost to Canfield for the Mahoning County Championship, the Zippers came roaring back in the Regional to defeat that same Canfield team in the peak game of the year. The team deserves even more credit for the fact that all this was achieved despite the handicap of a small squad. Three Zippers graduate this year. However, with four lettermen returning to provide a nucleus for next year's team, and a promising eighth grade for future insurance, North Lima's basketball reputation is in good hands. REGULAR SEASON, 1951 - 1952 N0flh North Lima Opp. Lima Opp. 53 Bessemer .45 55 Springfield . .... . 36 75 1"ziirl'ie1d .. ...45 -16 New Wziterforcl . .. ..-10 F57 Lowellville . 26 71 Goshen Union . . .-18 62 Springfield ...AIS 56 Poland .... . ...:15 52 Colninlmizinzi ....57 91 Berlin Center . ...36 '12 1'0l2l1lf1 .. 50 63 Czinlield .. . ........ ......50 56 Mcllonzilcl .. M52 -16 Youngstown Ursuline .. .43 56 .Izicksoii-Miltmi . .52 A13 Greenlord .. .... . ...H54 70 XVzn'ren St. Mziry's . 51 Lowellville .. 50 Lisbon ., . .. .. . ........f10 MAHONING COUNTY TOURNAMENT 52 -l:u'kson-Nlilton .. .. 5Ll Springlielcl . 53 Berlin Center . . . 37 56 Czinlield . ....61 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 56 Cortlznid .... .. ..-14 -16 New VVz1terford . ...36 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 56 lfziirpurt Hzirlmor . .... .. ..... 44 116 Oltnstezicl Falls ..... ..... . REGIONAL TOURNAMENT STATE QUARTERFINALS 51 Cunlicld . . . .. ...36 32 XVz1ynesbnrg . . PAGE Fl FTY-SEVEN The QEgI3g VARSITY PERSONALS JOHN MOREY Playing his third year of varsity ball, Johnny lived up to all expectations. Something seemed to be missing in the Zippers' attack unless this fellow was out there dropping them in with his deadly set shot. John also set up most of the plays. His absence will be greatly noticed next year. ARLIN WEIKART Although not a high scorer, this well-liked boy was a very important cog in North Lima's offense. Arlie followed every shot, went far up off the floor, and usually came down with the ball. The vacancy created by Arlin's graduation will be hard to fill next season. CHUCK JANOSIK Chuck another Senior, was noted mostly for his undying determination, speed, and endurance. He seemed to be all over the floor, and was an expert in breaking up the opponent's offense. Chuck truly made up for his lack of height with spirit. BILL YOHO One of the most widely discussed players in the county, Bill combined his six feet four inches with a natural basketball savvy, and threw in a machine-like foul shooting ability for good measure. Consistently a high scorer, Bill's talents will be the foundation for next year's team. CARL WEBSTER This Junior was one of the smoothest ball-handlers on the squad. He fooled the spectators and opposing teams alike with behind-the-back passes and fake shots. Butch could hit from out back, or he could drive in and lay it up. This boy was this year, and will again be next year, a mainstay on the first string. WILL VANPELT ln only his second year of high school, Will proved himself to be of varsity calibre beyond a doubt. Perhaps the most versatile player on the team, he could "sink it" from anywhere on the court, and got more than his share of the rebounds. AUBREY SHENEFIEL Featuring an unusual overhead shot, Aubrey this year became a very reliable substitute. He had almost uncanny accuracy from the free-throw line with this shot, and his Senior year will probably see him a'member of the starting five. RICHARD YODER Rich, a iunior, developed rapidly as the season progressed. His work under the basket and tip-in ability in the reserve games were greatly noticeable, and his varsity experience will be of high value next yea-r. JIM ANDERSON This diminutive cager is probably the shortest boy ever to play varsity ball at North Lima. However, Jim is one of those "naturals," that is, he is all ability, as he has shown in his appearances in two years of high school. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT vvvvvvvv-vxfxfyvvvsfvvvvvvvvv 3.:.:.:.f2?f25:-:-,-,A.-.-.-v-v-vxA,,-v-vx.Av-v-v-v-v-vxAf.+.-v-v-v QW 1952 flkffe 6472 6 Hfff Qi J , Jlb, ,., :.. t ,fwf PAGE FIFTY NINE s ..:,: . mhz djg CALENDAR OF EVENTS lConcluded from Page Forty-Eightl 20 North Lima declared a holiday. Nearly all the stores closed, men "took off" work, school closed, Everyone went to Columbus to see the team play Waynesburg. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but it was a fine experience and something for the team, coaches, students, and community to be proud of. 26. Reverend Gortner spoke to the high school students on the topic, "Pride Goeth Before A Fall." In the afternoon the third and fourth grades presented an assembly, a Dutch operetta. 27-28, Trying time, once more-Every Pupil Tests spread their dismal shadows over NLHS. APRIL l. A gala time was had by all at the sophomore-sponsored skating party at Brookwood roller rink. 4. Ouch! Oh, those painful pre-school clinic days! 5. Now that the basketball games were over students could relax and enjoy themselves at such pastimes as dancing. This brings to mind Ftln Night, sponsored by the Mothers' Club. 15. The coaches, various teams, and cheerleaders were honored at the Athletic Banquet, 18. A big day. First the eighth grade tests, and then that night the senior class presented the Broadway drama, "The Willow and I," 23. Another county teachers' meeting which meant only half a day of school. 26. The Tri-Hi-Y Club got busy and sponsored a Spring Hoedown dance. MAY I5-16. Two very trying days-lfinal Exams, On the evening of the sixteenth a pleasant event for the seniors, the junior-Senior Banquet at the Mahoning Country Clubt l8, The solemn ceremony in preparation for sending the seniors out into the big, wide world -Baccalaureate. l9. At last, the big day arrived, Commencement exercise, all the seniors felt a bit nostalgic. After all, twelve years is a long times. . . . 21, The doors of NLHS opened wide and students poured out for the last time till September. It's also the grand finale for the seniors. They left for their trip to Washington D. C. CLASS PROPHECY lConcludecI from Page Twenty-Onel Hearing gales of laughter issuing from the entertainment room, I hurried in to see the cause of all the hilarity. What I saw caused me to stand, gaping, for a minute. The center of interest was delivering a monologue in melodramatic tones. johnny Morey, well-known'for the quips he so graciously donated in school, was now a paid comedian. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at seeing the chums of my schooldays in such wondrous roles, I retired to a quiet sitting room to get my thoughts collected. Leafing through a magazine, I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but no, it was true. There was an article on better methods of fartning by Lester Seidner. These superb methods had been tried on the Hasness Experimental Farms, and proven quite successful. Then I noticed that the television set was on. Appearing before me, on the screen, was a young lady stating the advantages of a new shampoo, formulated by a chemical engineer, john Burkholder. A teen-age girl entered and prepared to do her homework. Seeing that she was drawing a poster exceptionally well, I asked her who had taught her to draw like that. She replied that Miss Nettie Davis was her teacher. It seems that Nettie not only taught at school, but gave private lessons as well. Outside I heard a car back-fire, then the motor sputtered-klunk-the engine was dead. The sound of chains informed me that someone was about to be pulled. Peering out the window I recognized the familiar, lanky figure of North Lima's ace mechanic, Arlin Weikart, Also on the spot to welcome back our old classmate, Bill, was Gertrude Kriedler, who was managing a day nursery for the children of the working mothers of the community. Several ladies entered the room and proceeded to discuss the latest fashions of the day. One of these ladies, Virginia Carr, was an agent for the "Osterling Originals", created by Esther. Noting the tasteful lines of the garments, I was positive they were the product of Esther's brain. The next morning I returned to my newspaper office and faced my dubious editor minus notes on the prospective candidate. Grabbing my typewriter, I inserted a sheet of paper, and typed the title for a success story: "Only the Prophets Could Have Prophecized This." janet Powell PAGE SIXTY v - v v v v v-xzxzxzxzv v v v v vlxzv v v-v-.xx-v-v-v-v-v-v ,......,. . ., , , , ..-, ACTION SHOTS QEE 1952 774 A544 -'1Ar'T X . !f,n.1n,41'na fn x fr! , .,.. .. 'CQ f ,,,,,,,,W lf V 3 i 7".ll, ...- . - of 2.1-eg, vffgflhdlova gf Sober-1 3"mI dreamy, Sfeerv 1 fx, . 33 35 5 3 W A 4' 5. Q ,Ibis fn. PAGE SIXTY-ONE 5 s 04' , . ml Qiljz thu N.L.H.S. ALUMNI ALUMNI OF 1951 john Bartholomew ....,...,........ Columbiana Boiler Works Dick Bregar ,......,............,.. Henderson Chevrolet Company Dorothy Cearns ...,............................ Mrs. Raymond jolmson Dorothy Duganne ..........,........,. New York Life Insurance David Hall .......,................... .....,...., S heet Sc Tube Company Edith Harnevxous ......,.........,.,. Mrs. William McMurray A rlene Hough ton ..,.... Gerald janosik .4,,....... . .......... Sheet Sc Tube Company .............Youngstown College Grace Kayati ...,.,.,....t.,.. .........,.,..... N uxse's Training Luster Mellinger .......... .......,...., W ilson's Pontiac Clarence Musselman ............ ,...,....,......... U , S. Air Force Elizabeth Nemenz ..,............................,.., Youngstown College Alice Pfiester., .,...,.,.,........,.,.,....,.,........,.,... Youngstown College jean Plummer ......,......., john Prosser ,.. Marilyn Riley ,..,.,.....,........, Ronald Rodenbaugh ........... Kenneth Roller .,........ National Rubber Company Aid ..,..........,Ohio Edison Arthur Spencer ......,.,.,.,....,. ., ,........, Coulbourn Motors Inc. jane Stock ,.,........,.,.,.,, ,. Henderson Chevrolet Company Dwight Unger .......,.,,.......,.,.,...,....,.,..,..........,.,..........,........,.. U. S. Army Marcella Walczesky .......... .... .,..........,.........,.... P a lace Theater Roy Weaver ....,.......,....... .......... S heet 84 Tube Company Lowell VVellman ..,......... ..........,.North Central College Gene Welsenberger .......,........,.,.......,.. Mellinger Feed Store Robert Work ......,......,.,..,............. Paulin Roofing Company ALUMNI OF 1949 Bob Mulligan ............. ............. Y oungstown College Nelson Mentzer .......,......, ...........,.. T rim Edge Company jean Bieber .,........,.......... ..........,.... M rs, Robert Carr Gerald Paulin ................. .......................,,,...,......... A rmy Richard Anderson ,.....................,.......................,..........,.,..........,...... Navy Robert Cottom ,....,.,...,......,.,.,........,,,......,.,.,.,..........,.,............ Air Force Miriam Crouse ,........ ..... . .. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Ardith Cullar ,......... ..,..........,............,,., , ,.....,......,...,.. At Home Melvin Culp .,........,..,., ...............,......,........,...,....,...,.,.,....,,..... A rmy Richard Gaither ..,.,...,.... ........,.,.. O hio Edison Company Leon Griffith ..,...... ...,..............,.,.......,....,......,. A ir Force Esther Heindel ......,.,.. ,.,.,.,....,.,Mount Union College ALUMNI OF 1950 Peggy Arkwright ,......... ,,... .....,...... N u rse's Training Betty Boyer .......,.,..........,........,...............,..,......,...,.....,...,. Mrs. Ray Case Quentin Clingerman ...,,,.......,. Eastern Nazarene College Esther Conrad .,...............,., Ben Franklin Federated Store George Creelman , .,.,,.......,,.,..,....,...,..............,., Peterson-Webster Thomas Crump ,,...,...,.., ....,.,.,. Y oungstown Steel Door Barbara Culp ,.,........ .....,.,.,......,.,.... N urse's Training Ada Dinsio .........,.... ................,.,............,.......,.. M rs Albert Billet Lois Hitchcock .....................,,........,..... Mrs. Robert Lansdown Charles Horst ,.,.,...,,.... Henderson Chevrolet Company joseph Lamancusa ........,.,.,..............,,..,.............,......,,..... U, S. Army Santino Lamancusa ...,.,.,.... ...........,,. F arming at Home Rae Lamb .,.,.,.............,...,....... ......,.,...,. Y oungstown College Marilyn Lenz .....................,,.,...,....,,.............,.,... Mrs. Bob Roberts Barbara Leonhart ............ Metropolitan Insurance Co. Eunice Mellinger ........,........ Mellinger Seed Company Marion Setley ...........,.......,.......,.,,....,......,,.,... God's Bible School Richard Shank . ........ . Hesston Manufacturing: Kansas Lowell Sitler ..,...... , .,......,. Coca Cola Bottling Company Phyllis Staines ...,. Hypeco Hydraulic Equipment Co. Mary jean Stonerook .,....,.......................... Nurse's Training Sally Wallace ..,......................... ....,.,.,,.....,,...,, M rs. Robert Hall Dick Ward ,.,....,...,.,.... ........,. Ohio State University Donald Weikart ..,......,, ..,.,........ K opp Clay Company Wilbur Yoder ..........,. ..,,......,...............,........... F arming Harold Horst .,........................ Working for Ross Hitchcock Marilyn Houghton .......,.,...... Margaret Kerr .....,......,... Martha Kurtz ......,......, Donna Lindquist ..,.,..,,. , Charlotte Mellinger jean Mellinger ,.,..........,... ..., Frederick Mentzer john Mentzer . ,.,.. . Martha jean Parson , .,,,..,... .. Anna Mae Sahli ..,..,.. ,...., james Schmidt ,. Wilma Stock .....,., Ray Summer .,.,...,......, Perry VanPelt .,...,...... PAGE SIXTY-TWO ..,..,Mrs. Charles Hendricks ...........,.......North Lima Isaly's Aid .. Mrs. Gerald Rickertt Mrs. William Evankovish Mrs. Paul Steiner Air Force Navy Nurses' Aid .. ..,. . Mrs. William Dickey Y Sc S Railroad Company Mrs. Robert Kramer . ,..... . ..,....,..,......,....................,....., Navy Farming at Home v - .... : A,oy,,NQQf:,:,:,Qg:,1,1,,M,g2,,1,1,:,::::f:rQx1:2:f:::: 1 9 5 2 1 ,f ' A :: 'FE gif' ,.... 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EXTENSION, NORTH LIMA + 111+ HUGHES JEWELRY fiziziz2:25222:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:f:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2: FITZPATRICK BROS. "GOOD CLOTHES for MEN" Columbiana, Ohio 4? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Azxl- AAAAAAA A l9:A:A:A:A:A:A:A:A:A1A:A:A:A:A:A:A:A:AvAv-:AlA1A:A:A5 5A:': 4212-2-:vi+1-1-1-2-2-zv:-:yt-2-1-gg-1-52-2-:-:vz-2-24211212325 Women con keep c secret lust as well pfvxzszvvfvev-.A,A,+.+-Azw-.-.-.-v-v-.-v-.-v-v-VA.-.AvAv fT'lEI"l but if takes more of them To do if. 4 5vAvAvAw4vAwAvAvAvAv4vAv4v4vAv'vAv4v'v4vAvAv f'vAv v4v ii + + 4 4 4:4: 4 4 di +1+ 4+ 5 BOARDMAN P P 14' M 4 4 H SJIHRMARKET 4:42 P 4+'+ :+4+ 1+ P 4:'+ 4+'+ 4 4, 12+ 6315 Market St. P P 14' 54? 'I BOARDMAN 4 11 P 1:4 Boardman's Most Modern 5:31 4:4: Super Market 44 +I 4 3 K':2:2ivRi:2:i:2:2:i:f: Best Wishes, Class of '52.' E1cHoRNjs SERVKHECENTER NORTH LIMA, on-no GULF PRODUCTS vwev-vs!-v-vszxrv-v-v-v-v-v-'Av-v-v-v+-Any-v4v-v-.Av-v-v-. v-v-v-vAvAvvv-v-v-'Av-'Av-'Arv+vAv+v+v-v-v-v-v-v-.-.- Knhnb- -inln -In ln-l-K-l-i-Isl-K-l-K-K-K-K-K-K-ls-Cul-lu - - l-!s- -l- -K- -In K ' L L I I C'omplzment5 Of MAX F HEI L Assoczale General Agent MIDLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Youngstown D1str1ct Off1Ce 2920 Market Street YOUNC SFI OWN PHONES 18109 28100 North Luna Phone 92091 Q I T A I A 2 L L L L I P ' I I' L L . .- - ,I L ' f ' L L L L L L I' L L L L L ,L L A- t Q I wa i' i' ,-J, Q T -2 I : L 3, gg +5 I 'Ol 1' I- H ,. ' gk I L L L L I' 0 I F L I 1 L L L L L N L .' 4 I 1 . - - L L L - . L - L I fi L L L L -x- -w-m -x-x-s-x- - -5-x-x-x-x-x-s-A-x-s-x-w - -x- -x-x- - - -m-x-x- -x Ghz QEfIjg 1 .:.2 Q gv.,.,.v.v.v.v.vvv.v.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v:::::::3:iGI '2:23:32-53:zzggqzgzgz-5-::::::'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.,.v.v.v.,. P E When shopping for quality- 4, wut the 41 THE H. D. KURTZ 1, 4141 '1 4'4' 5C 25C 1.00 STORE 4,51 CANFIELD if 1 15 31 South Main Street 45: 4 4 :SE COLUMBIANA, oruo 1:1: The BEST 1n PHSITICS 41 1513 Canfield, Ohio 4: "Shop Kurtz First And Last" 1111 '4 1, 41 1' 1 -.2Ziitli-:2:2:f:i:f:2tf:2.i"'"":2:f:i:i:f:2:f""V'""' IV """AAAAN""""""'"'A'VN"""""""""'N4, i:2:2:2:2:1:2:2:ivi''A'iziziziziziziziiizizizizizi:izfzizitizij14 1111 1: 1:1: 4 4 11 P4 Compliments of The 1 Bossone's Restaurant 1 1 11 441: 1' 6989 Market St. Ext., Boardman 1' N I C H O L 1 S 5 120 S. Chestnut St., Youngstown 43 11 4' . . . . 11 sc to 31.00 :E Siwfwlzzmg H1 :HE 4 , , 11 311 +I Italzan dv' Arnerzcan Food :QI 1:1: , , 1:1: EE: Canfleld' 01110 PHONE 25111 PHONE 69847 1121 4:1 11 U-ZitiziziIQ!!itititifliZ2'?? 2Z2!2Z2:2:4!2!i'??5:i:-R -12:2:2:2:2:1:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:1:2?53:2:2:2:2:2:2:211 Classical Music: Music that is better than if sounds. g 4CVCNC.,.,.,.v.,.v.v.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,. A A 113: 45: Compliments Of 4:44 P 41 4141 H 4' 4'4' Bund 's Restaurant ' GORANT CANDIES 4: 4: Y 141: g 4' Hue room 4 5131 6999 Market Street 14 COLUMMANAI OHIO 1141 1:1: ,1 1111 15 Mar-H111 shopping center Ig 13 4 211 11 11,1 Complzments Of 441 1,1: Phone 83640 4: 4,41 1:1: 1111 Ig 44: A FRIEND 1313 11 1 1:1: 41 4,41 1111 , :Z:I:Ii!2:2Z I:Z:Z:Z2Z1Z Z:1:Z:T2fC L 1:1 11 :IS :E H 1515 MAY CHEVROLET Co. 4 4111 1 11 4 4:1 CARS - TRUCKS 41 P Ig New and Used 2: 1 11 1 1 1111 4 4 4'4' 4141 4141 1:1: 1 1, PHONE 92053 New Springfield, ohio 41 41 1vsAAfv+vAv-v-v-v-v-v-Qv-.Av-.A.-v-.-v-vAv-.Av-v-.-vsfv-v-v-.A.A.-.Av-.-.-.-v+v+vAv+v-vs-v-v-vgvgvgvgvgvgvgviv-.A.+.gv:v:5 44vAvA-il?v'vAvAvAv'v5lSINlRvAvAvAvAv4vAvAvAvAv'Nl'vAv'NIVvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv'vAvAvAvAv4vAv v v v v v v v v?lS v v AAAA-A-A-'A'Av-vA,vvev+fv+v-v-v-'AAAAAAAA-A-va AAAAA'Av-A-.Av-A-.A-'AAA.-xA,-v+.1xzx1vv-v-vAvAv-A-x1-v-A-rvv-A-A-vAvAv+vAvAvAv+A-v-AAAAAA A.AvAv+vA.+vs+vAvvvv-v-vAv-vAv-v-v-J'A-v-v-vAvNq P HALL BROKERAGE REAL ESTATE 27 South Main Street Phone 4512 Where dealing is a mutu pleasure WE: Invite Your Patronage Respect Your Wishes Serve Your Interests AvAvAv+v-v-'xr' P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P go-n P :pb P ,LQ P PN 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A 4 Compliments Of ROSE AND -v-vw PP P4 4 P ,4 4 P4 P4 P4 4 4 4 4 4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P4 P P P P A-J JOHNSON CO. Q P QQ , My P :xAAzvvxAzv+v+v+v+v+,Av-v-'Av-v-'Av'-AvAvAvAv'vAvAv'v'v' v-vA.Av-v-v-.-vAv-.-v-.-A-v-v-va,-,AAAAAAA-rx!-A .Alw-.+.-v-.A,-.-.-.-.-.-vlvxfv-.-.-.-A-.Av-vv-.-.44 One good turn gets most of the blanket. v:v:v:v:v:v:v:v:v:v:v:-:-2-zvzvz-2-2-zv:-:vt-:::::::::::::::::::::3:::::::::::::::5:13:32::::::::::::Zzzzzzzzzzztriligifia 4,4, Compliments Of NEMENZ FOOD MARKET QUALITY MEA TS, GROCERIES FROSTED FOODS AND ICE CREAM PRODUCTS Phone North Lima 9-2103 A,AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvA '!i:2:2:2:i:2:2:2:2:f:f:2zizil 4 4 151 4 P PPP 4 4 :IP 4P4P 4P4P 4P4P P4P P4P 4 4 PP P 4,4, 4,4, 4 4 4P4P 4P4P P P 1:4 4 4 4:41 4 4 P P PPPP PPPP 4,4, 4,4, 4,2 3:4 P P 4 4 jgi 'PP 'PI 4,4 4,4, 4,4 PP PP 14 4:41 4 4 4P4P P4P 4 P4P A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AvAvA-QCvAv24VAvAvAvAvA-Dcvivivtvivivivivivivivi T''''iiiiiiiiririri'2'2'i?i'2'2'i-if2'2'2'2Yiiivi?5?iii?i'ii2iiii'iv2'i'ii2vi?iriFiwivi?i'i'2ri?i?i'i3ii2iEiiriwi-iri?i?i'ir : vvvvvvv -av vHv v v...-rv -av vrvav v-v---Mvav vvvv --va-Mv vm' vvvvv -rv vmvfv v v va' va'-v v -a-a.,- 4 44 CONGATULATIONS and a Full Measure of Success To the Class of 1952 4 1:4: 1414 4 4: 1:14 4:1 'FI 1414 1:1: 1414 4:2 '4'4 4 P 4 HOWARD WILSON PONTIAC 3 4 4 1:1: 4 4 1444 1:1: 1414 1414 1414 4 4: 1:14 4 4 4:4: 4 4 111: 1444 111: 4444 4:4: 1 1 1444 4444 4444 4 4 11 4 1414 NORTH LIMA 1444 4:4: 1 1 4:4: lk' ,iAv,v.J.Q.Q,a,Q,Q,5,Z,2,Q,Q,i.Q,i.i,5,5A-,54:.5.:.:.:.:.:.5.:,:,:.:,:,5,5,:.:,:.:,:,5.:,5.:,g9:9:.:.:9g?5.5,5,545,5.54545,g Lady traveling with friend to airline pilot: "Now don't start going faster than sound-we want to talk qE,.,.',z,Q,v. 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NA'N'N'x'x'yfxf5Zfrfrflitititiirilititi:f:f:1553bN??5Z2I2lQ:2Zi fr 4 E PETE BROWN SPORT SHOP, INC. 1: 2810 Markem Street :I ' 4 4' Complete Line of SPORTING GOODS t r 'r 4+ r 'r 1 v 'v 4 Telephone 24398 3 IE 4+ P P v-v-v-.'xfv-.A.A.-.Av-v-.-4xAAAAfv-v+v-v'xr.-.- The gbg 5,25,Q,:,1,A,:,:,::i,:,:,1,1,1,:,:,:,:,:,:A1A,AA,:,:,,,,,:,:,,,:,:,:,Z,1,:,2,2,2,A:,:::,A :-:A:-:-:-:-:-:Az-:-:-:-:-:-1-1-9:A:Az-I-:Ae:-:Az-1-:-:-I-:-:-9:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:A:-:-:Azezfzizizizitiz-:A:-z-:Az-:-:-:-:4' 4'4' Compliments Of THE EAST FAIRFIELD COAL CO. Location: FIVE POINTS, NORTH LIMA, OHIO A11 Sizes of Domestic And Industrial Coal PHONE NORTH LIMA - 93522 4'1' 4:1: 4 4 4'4' I I 'fr 4,4, 4 4'b 1'4' 4'4' P P PI' 21' 4'4' I I 44, 44, 'fr 143 6 PI' I I III' 4'4' 4'4' r I 14' 4'4' N 4'4' 4? 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E555 :IIE COLUMBIANA, OHIO PHONE 4235 1+ 1E 1: jr L:3:2:f:3:2:2:2:i:i: "" : izizizizizizizizizfzffvizizizizizizizizi5:izizizizizizf61213:itizftfzfzfrfrilirilfliliii A A A A A A A A A A AvAvAvAvAvAvAv AvA AvAvAvAvAvAvAv fvvvvvv vvvvx,-A-.fvv-' ' I-Zi-1-vvvw' ' ' '+:+vAv-A-.-.-A-'29A-fb.-.Av-rvxff.+vA.A.fvA-vA.-A-. A A - - TAKE IT FROM YOU'LL BE PLEASED i M, EE W A A i One of the biggest drawbacks to a foreign army invading the United States would be to find enough parking space. VVN'N5s6':i:2:f:i:i:i:i:2:i5:f:f:f:f:3 iii :IzfzfziI2Ziriri:1!2'5:i:2:2:2:2:2:i?Stizi:fc2:2:21i:2:i:2:i6:i'.f12:-.- BOARDMAN SHOPPING CENTER 6426 - 6412 Market Street 'Xi BOARDMAN DRUGS 'K DAWN CLEANERS "For people who can' ii LITTLE FASHION SHOP it THE TIME SHOP Clzilrlrenff Wear Boaerdmzm Alezvelerx ii SALLIE TRUE W' SIDNEY'S FURNITURE W0men's Apparel Quality at Low Cos! ,e,,,N,N,N,.vAv,VvAv.v,N,x,.vA'AvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA,vA,,N,.vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA,,N,.vAvAv .v.v.v.v.v.v.v. .v. .,, v.,. .v.v. ....... - - A - fvvvNAA,vvvvA.+.-.A.-.,-v-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-fb-.Afbv -'V A ' v ' v v ' v v v - v v v THE STAMBAUGH THOMPSON CO. Youngstown's Complete 1 Hardware Store PYRAMID MOTORS DODGE-PL YMO UTH SALES . .. senvice With S1501-gg aff ll4 W. Federal St. 2625 Market St. 1652 Mahoning Ave. 1823 Belmont And the Struthers- Poland Shopping Center Dodge job-Rated Trucks Phone 52158 - Poland, Ohio fsf.A.AvA.1x1vvx1-.Av vAvAvAvA.AvAvA.AvA.A.A.aAvA.AvA4 I vA.AvAvA.A.AvAvAviv2vA. vAvAvAvAvA .A1vvvAvAvA.AvAJxAA'N'AN?lAvAvAvAvAvAA1x1vvAvAvAvAvArxzx vAvAv'xA-A A A A A lt was the kind of Q movie that helps sell Television t vAvAvAvAvAvA.A.A.szxfxzxz-.AvA.A.A.AvAvAvAvA-A1vAvAvA CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF l?52 I'f:f:2:f:2:1:i:fvivizfvfzizfzifv-il-:i5.2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:+Iivitizff:i:2:iff:2:?ci:f:i:1: ..... 2 izizizifblizizizizi P lr 11.1 . . . . :I 4:4: If yours were the choice of naming the date in history when you .1 44 . . , . , . 4 'Il would most like to live, we re bettin ou d choose tomorrow, w1th 'rl . . g Y . 1 ' all of its challen e and romisel And so would we - because histor 4, 8 P . never knew a more interesting era! 'Il lg Wondering what waits to be discovered just outside the classroom if 15: door? Well, we're pretty sure that the degree in which your dreams jl , P will all come true depends almost completely upon YOUR own if determination! First you'd better BUILD your ladder to the stars 4 4? . . . then, with all the faith and hope and trust that true success 1 P . . . . . D It.: requires . . . climb to the very top! And our best wishes will go with It ll: you all the way! 1' ll +I 15: , 1: 1 4 gi: MCKELVEY S 5 'lil r 'il lr lf, 2 lgtfrfr' :2:2:f:f:f:i:2:2:f:2 fzfzizfzfzizizizizi ""':2:f:f:2:2i v - - - v v v v v v ,Afvxfv-v v AN v v v v vlvvvv - vA.AvAvA,A.AvAvAvA.AvA.A.A., :-:A:-:-:-,-v-,-,-.-Nf.+.-.-.-v-,-vxAAAAfv-.xr-v-:V-vv.-.-v-v-v - v v v - v v v v v v v v . GBE 1952 1-0. L-Q-Q-K-l-I Gmini- -1-l-fs-l-l-l-l-K-K-lnK-WII-KI-K-l-l-K-lsluln -KGKIIKG -Cn 1 Compliments Of f L L L L I L L L L L L I I' L I I L L I U ERAL HOME I I I I I I I I I I - I I I 9 I 'I AMBULANCE AND INVALID CAR L SERVICE PHONE 621 COLUMBIANA, OHIO 3-I-3-3 -3-3-1-3-3' 'ii-3-1-3-I"'3"1"3"i"3"3-3"'3- - -5 L I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f' Ghz Qhijn .AvA , I 3:1 if Compliments of I: I 4,4, I 355 KURTZ THE 'II 4,4, I 5:3 SERVICE STATION I, COLUMBIANA PI 44 II II MOTOR Co. 44 H IIE LIIBRICATION SERVICE 41 1511 I II 455 gl, II' U , , , u II LE IH 011 Rlghf If SALES Sc SERVICE :II you Gas With Us" III: IIE I IE 41 140 East Park Avenue 4 I :gf ATLAS TIRES sf BATTERIES II If: 11:1 Columbiana, Ohio II IIE 44' I ILfzizfziicfzizfzfzizizlvizifbfizizkizizizizizizizixi'3:2532 .ii:2:iid-tiZititi:2:2:2:2:2:2:1'.i6c2:2:i:-:A:AIA SPECTATOR1 "Hove on accident?" VICTIM: "No thanks, I iusf had one." II 44, 44 II Pt! I GNEW 'ARM Iii EQUIPMENT 4 7700 Market Street, Youngstown - Ph. 2-3461 It FARMALL TRACTORS - FARM MACHINES 44, GARDEN TRACT ORS - REO LAWN MOWERS I HARDWARE - TIRES II "I PARTS AND SERVICE II H II . II Producers of Applzes and Potatoes II 44' 34' 4IQv:v:v-v--v:-:v:-:- :-:v:-:wx-:vi-1-1 v A -A A NAvAv,AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvAvA,.vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvA,,,,,,,.vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAN,N,x,q -'N'f'T'?'T'2'2v2-2 Ivtvivivid'v2v2v2v2v2v2'2' v2vivivivivbdxiivivivi A 2'21'2'A A A A-,LA A A A A A A A A A A A CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '52.' FROZEN FOOD CENTER Meats - Groceries - Produce Eg FROZEN FOODS AND STORAGE LOCKER SPACE A 'I :EI James W. Swope, Prop. :If 4:41 'I Phone N. L. 9-2160 North Lima, Ohio 3 3 iii v4v4vA-4vAvAv'Nf'vAvAv5!'vAv4vAv4vAvAvAv'?IN!vAvAvAvAv4vAvAv PROF.: "What ore the Phoenicicms noted for?" STUDENT: "Blinds," Zililzlzlilililifififbfflififtlililifili1211125353212I:li Z:Z9L':::!:Z:Z32fNJ:::5Z:Z:Z:I:::':':':'2'4':':':':7 vvvvv- -vv-4, EEE CROUSE'S FEED MILL 33 FEED - FARM SEEDS FERTILIZER - PAINTS BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - POULTRY SUPPLIES ii North Lima, Ohio Phone 9-2144 E 4 zizizi -:i:2:2:2:2?5N5:2:2:2:2: iritititxfvxf-"""':2:-df Qlijg 61551354 .A.Av-v-v v vAv+vAvA.AvAvAv-.Av-v-v-v t ji 'i p WHITE'S BIEBER'S GARAGE if DRUG STORE 1 w Repairing on All Cars, Trucks, 3128 MARKET S1 REET and Tractors :P Dependable Prescription ji Druggists for Over 50 Years East Lewistown, Ohio '+ Come in and see Bob, Charlie, Francee, or Phone Norm Lima 9-2997 Pearl for Your Drug Needs tr , , . ,. ,. , , ,. , ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. AZ2:2:3c254t2iiiicfzizfrizizitiiiitizizizizizitiziE . n S 4 Compliments of C mp' et of i S I T L E R ' S COLUMBIANA F L O W E R S BUICK CO. For All Occasions 4 "Smart Buys Buick" jf coLuMmANA, onlo ,I 2 A'A'A'IL2IZI,Tf'IQf G 'WWMMW P if 4+ KOCH MOTOR OO. Z IRVIN E. RUHLMAN 4 41 Q GROCERIES if MEA TS :if 4: ii? 4, ' Phone 4616 it Woodworth, Ohio 14-18 East Park Avenue 3 COLUMBIANAI OHIO Phone: Yaungslown 2-3512 ,Av-vA,A,A,-,-,Av-,,,,,,x,,,,,.v.,.,.v.v.,.v.i,N,x,,,,,N Compliments Of KELLER HARDWARE C EIN ERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES W 1 Y MAYTAG WASHERS Phone Columbiana 4628 4 P Compliments Of Z 3E NORTH LIMA 1' BARBER SHOP +I lr iv lr 'r 'r 'r lr 'r 4+ 4+ QBI 1 952 4 2:25:21iziziririririzizizfzfzizizizizizizbffzizaP Sgf?'N"':i:f:2:2:f:i:i:f:12VVV1Q6':2:2:2:f:2:f:29fl 4+4+ 4+4+ 444, H PP 44 '+4+ 11+ 4:41 '+4+ 4+ 44, Ii' 4' '+ 4'4' 4'4' '+ 4+4+ 4++ 4,44 4 434 5 , WW LEHMAN SMITH S 4+4+ 4+4+ 4,44 +4+ 4+4+ 1,44 4:4 14+ HARDWARE CO. 4 ++ FINE FURNITURE 4 :'4' 24: 666177 '+ 44 H 44 441 Pratt ci' Lambert 44' 4+4+ 56619, 4 + 4 4 'PT 1 1 4'4' 4'4' 4:4: 444, 4 4, 4:44 4 4 4'4' + 4" 4+4+ 4'4' 4'4' 4'4' +4+ 4+ 'I 4,44 4+'+ 4:2 444, :+4+ P P :+4+ 4'4' 4345 + PHONE 4621 ++ PI' 4'4' 4'4' ++ 14' +4+ 4+ 4+ 14, '+ 415 4,44 15+ PAINT - VARNISH It Columbiana, Ohio 1:2 4 GE 4 44+ ENAMEL 4+:+ 44+ 4f4f 4+4+ 4+4+ 4,44 4:1 :Pi ki: +4+ 4+j 144, +4+ 4+4+ 441, AT9121212121231-viizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizfzfzfzizizg 1L""VV'"'i!i:2:2:2:i:2:'VVV?i:i:i:2:irizizirfvli Diner: A chew-chew cor. bv: I I I I I I :AZAZAZA1':AZ'ZAl'2'IAIAZAIAIAZAZAIA?IA1'l':':A:':A!A:Al':AIAZAZ':':A1A:A:A:A:'1':A:':'1'1'!A:':':AZA:A:AI' +4+ 4'4' 4'4' +4+ 4+4+ 4+4+ 4'4' 43 P :'4' P P :+4+ 4'4' 4'4' + + 4+4+ 4+ + +5 ii' 4F45 4+4+ 4'4' 45 P 4? +4+ 54' + + 14' +4+ GI +4+ +4+ FI +4+ +:+ +4+ P4P 54 +4+ +4+ +4+ + + +'+ +'+ FRY FUNERAL HOME Fred B. Detwiler, Manager Courteous and Efficient Service Within the Means of Every Family AMBULANCE INVALID CAR Phone: Columbiana 4500 I2v.v2v2'ivivivivivivi'2vivivivivivivivivivivivi-Cviviviviviv2v2v2v2v2"v'v'v'-A'Avivivtvivtvivtvtvfvtlivivivivivi-Ivtvtvi-2 22222 5353555553223 L. F. PARKS v-v-v-v-.AJAA.-v-rv-v-v-vAvAvAvAvAvAvAz-.Av+vAvAvevvef Compliments Of MOWEN CLEANERS Phone 370 4, COMPLETE PLUMBING if N Columbiana, Ohio SUPPLIES, INSTALLATIONS, AND REPAIRS " School Supplies - Toys TFFFI AFFFI . . ll Noveltzes and Gzfts MAR-HILL 41 g BOWLING CENTER 'll 4: NORTH LIMA 3 3600 Market Street 44, 1+ Phone 9-2115 Ill 2 I6 Alleys - 9 Tables - Snack Bar 15: ii - ...........e. ........ - WLNTQLETTOFO keebsvlhs guests'vgIcLl:s filled.vEUNl?LE:v'TYeZvbIJF Lhovjugrgg gloss filled from u well?" 4' vAvAvAvAv v'v'v'vAvAvAvAvAviAvAwlNlNlYAvAvAvAvAv"vAv'NfNl'vAv5fNf'vA IE MAPLE DAIRY Il The House of Famous Banana 1: Splits, Milk Shakes, Hamburgers, 4 . :I and French Fries P HELEN AND BILL SAKAS, PROPS. SPRINGFIELD ROAD Compliments and Best Wishes Of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE P 4 AAAAAA ,A AAAAAAA lla if l ,,v--.fN-.AAA,C--v--vvA,A4k 1, 1: 15 '+ I' CLYDE M. HELSEL ADAMS Q YOUR JEWELER 4, E: l Columbiana, Ohio 4: wmcuss - ouAMoNos - Jeweuzv 11 ' sxrsnr wmcn Remus 1+ PHONE 2166 Phone 4342 jl 1 1 1 South Main Street 4: 4: 4 COLUMBIANA, ol-no l jl r 1' A A A A A A A A A A A A A A livfzlxixfkizitfzfziz :iZ2Zf:'26N6x5x22Z2!2!2fl3 :2:2:2:2zizizizizirizizizi:2:21256zizizizi5:21236:fri12:2zizizizizizizizizirzllii:iii 419i 1952 I-.v' ' 2-2-2-Zvivi-:vi-Iv:-2 A 2 iv!-2-2-Zvi-2-Zvi-2-iv?-I-ivivivivfvi-ivivI-2-2-:vii-2-2-iv?-2-2vivivivivivivivivi-I-2-Zvi CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1252 So near is grandeur to our dust, So near to God is man,- When duty whispers low, "Thou must," The youth replies, "I can." Ralph Waldo Emerson. STROUSS - HIRSHBERGfS Youngstown - Warren - Salem, Ohio New Castle, Pa. 4 v 'ri 'ri 4,4, 4 4, 'r 'r 4 2 :Qi N N N P P 4,4, 4,4 4,4, 4,4 'r 'r In 4:4: 4,4, 4,4, im 4 4 its r 4 4 3 tr 4: 15: 'ri 4 4 N P P 4,4, '+'+'+'+'-'-'-'-'-'A'-'-'-'-'A'-'A'-H'I-H'-'+'+'-'-'-'-'A:-:-:-:-I+:-I-:+?:+:+:-:-:-1-:-:Az-2If:-1-:Av:Az-:-:A:A:A:A:-53 Accordion music: Noise that comes from playing both ends against The middle. AAL""""izitizizizi:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:izitfzfzfititizii ?'N"'N6:2:f:f:i.v2f:i5cf:2izizfzfziziziziziziziizizizfzf' . 4 ' Complzments Of 1' 41, ig CLOVER FARM :gig CRAWFORD'S 21 STORE ji' 4: MARKET 3 North Lima, Ohio 4 GROCERIES Sc MEATS 1' .gf 1: " Where Your Patronage :qi ' ' n H Pi-ions 315 COLUMBIANA, onlo 3 15 A 17177604056 d IQ: 4:4: in :PIP 4,4 KAAAAAAA AAA AAAAAAA g 2ZilititifljtiriziziziziziziziyizizizizizizizizititiiiQ "" A 1-1-Zfilel-3-7f5?1sV5x7-Z+ZAZAvAv-vAvev-v-V-vevv :Ii5-Izitiizlilililizifiii?5Y:1212!:1:Z:Z:Z: 'vxfvv-v-v-Av-vefvv-'-A-v'-Av-vev-vevevv-v-v-v-'Ave-fl4 i:4: N Compliments Of rr c af D SEWING gg W1 I f. d 354: MA 4' LETK yOU Cl 'l,UllyS ZH b C S fl: Fresh Home Dressed Meats -3f1d- 15: at Reasonable Prices . . . 'ri 4 Just North of the Traffic Light in North Lima, Roule 7 In Phone 92105 IQ mon: 9-2262 2 -2-2-iv:-1-1-zvzvzvz-2-zvzvz-:-2-:v:v:v:v:-:-2-:vt-:-:vi-'AE 2'A-'vivzvz:Qv:vzvzv:v:::::::::::::::::::::v:v:v:::::v'-cvzvgg 2151313 Qlfdjg wv v-'Ave -v-v-vvv-vAvA.QvvA.-v-v BEEDE APPLIANCE Philco Radios - Refrigerators Maytag Washers Hoover Sweepers Westinghouse Appliances NORTH LIMA 9-2154 Dodge Passenger Cars Plymouth Passenger Cars MARKET MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Dealer SALES, SERVICE, PARTS 3939 Market Sl., Youngstown 5, Ohio W. H. Slater, Mgr., Phone 86551 5 DODGE job-Rated TRUCKS .Av-v4vAv-vvvxfvAv-v-vAv-vAvAvAv-vfxzvxfv-ve -v-v-v+v+v-lvvx,AvAv+-rx!-vA.-vAvA4xA1xAr.-.-.A.A.A.-v-r HOOVER TIRE EXCHANGE "ON THE SQUARE" GALEN T. BURT Firestone, Goodyear U. S. Royal Tires and lil Recapping mon: 626 coLuMmANA, orno 44:2IitiriziziziZiziZizizi.iei-:2:i:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2zizizg A ,...v,..,,....... ..,, v ,.,, v.,.. Nowadays one reads the menu from right to left. s f' REA'S PHARMACY 54, 'li u 34, , 4 4230 Market st. EE WULFGANG S 4 4 PHONE 2-3734 'I 'I . 1:21 ISALY DAIRY 1: Youngstown, Ohio 31+ Q li: 15: ' North Lima 13: Ili sTAcKHoUsE 53 N GARDENS 3 "IsaIy's Ends the Quest H 4: ll VEGETABLE AND it for the Bestu 5 FLOWER PLANTS If ft.. li iii vAvAvA-ISA?v'vAw!'vAv'Nl'vAvAvAvAv'v'vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA-lj: LA vAvAvAvA vAv'v'vAvfv:v'vA :-:-I-:-I-Z-:-I-:-.Av-.-.A.+.Av-'Av-.-vAv+vA-v-v-v-fiI AvAv'N!Nl'v4v4v4vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv5INf'4 ---------n,,-,,,,vv-W,v--J.4, vAvAv4v'v4vi!v'v4v'v4v4vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvk eeeee .:.2.2 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee4EW 195 2 - - A ...... v .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.v.v 4:4, 4,4, 4 4 I 4 4 EARL E. 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