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vi PL -as 5 i ! 3 a Q8 ooffyf Z3 gg j- . ,I 5' -Tris?-: 5. . 'N 'X 0,-, f' ' I fzj In N. I '3 :N N Lapin' Ex si? .Jig r f PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF NORTH LIMA HIGH SCHOOL 74a Soda l Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1950, are happy to dedicate this annual to Miss Stackhouse, our sponsor, in sincere appreciation of her un- derstanding guidance and helpful attitude. Of 7950 BOARD OF EDUCATION Donald Elscr, Dr. H. P. McGregor, A. Hcrdlc, Lauren Shank. Baz xvlllllllllll. RUSSELL H. WARD JOHN BURKHOLDIZR Supcrintvnclvnt of Schools Principal of lhv: High School Page 3 746 Sain RUTH WARRICK Mount Union College, A.B. English. Biology VYVYAN BURGE Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. U. of Pittsburgh, M.A. Commercial JESSIE DYER School Secretary Page 4 T RUTH STEVENSON Capital University MARSHALL POPELKA Albright College, B.S. B. of P. S. M. Mathematics, Coach junior High, Vocal Music ROBERT HIMES ELEANOR JENKINS Youngstown College, Ohio Wesleyan University B.S. in B.A. A.B. General Science Home Economics Social Science EARL MORT EDWIN MARINI Bowling Green State Mount Union College University, B.S. B. of P.S.M. History, Science, Coach Instrumental Music MARTHA LAUGHLIN Youngstown College Second Grade 0,4 7950 JAMES STEINER Goshen College, B.A. Fifth and Sixth Grades f , ' Q ww-0, CORENE BRADY Wooster College Sixth Grade VIOLA MENTZER MARGARET GRIFFITHS WILMA LEHMAN Youngstown College Ohio University Goshen College First Grade Fifth Grade B. S. Ed. Fourth Grade HELEN WETTER FLORENCE HANEY BERNICE CHAIN Kent State University Kent State University Kent State University Third and Fourth Grades Third Grade First and Second Grades Page 5 So CAFETERIA Our first cafeteria opened November 1, 1939 as a result of a project of the Com- munity Council. Funds were raised by donations from the various organizations of the community. In charge of this project was Miss Kathryn Keys, home economics teacher, who with twenty uniformed girls as helpers, served 70 to 135 students daily. During the first twenty days S171 was taken in, with a net profit of 852. The following year the cafeteria was transferred from the home economics room to its present location. Miss Evelyn Rees was now in charge with Miss Ruth Ackerman as cook. The average number served was about 150, the highest being 177. The next year Miss Jane Werden replaced Miss Rees. Then in 1943, Mrs. Eleanor Jenkins became home economics teacher and manager of the cafeteria. To her, much credit is due for the building up of this important school and community project. For a time WPA women were the cooks and served about 200. After the fire, caused by faulty wiring, the cafeteria was redecorated and refurnished with modern equipment in- cluding new dishes, trays, chairs, and tables. For the past eight years the cafeteria has been under a government plan whereby federal aid is given if a "Type A" lunch is served. A "Type A" lunch must include W pint milk, protein food, fruit or vegetable, and bread and butter. This is a com- plete lunch providing 1f3 to 112 of the day's nutritive requirements. The cafeteria is self-supporting, and with the help of this government program, we have been able to buy new equipment-a potato peeler, a stove, a dish washer, a deep freeze, and a large refrigerator. The growing popularity of the cafeteria is shown by the increase in the number served, which is now 320 to 335 daily. Because of the well-planned and well-prepared meals, the head cook, Miss Mildred Heck, together with her assistants-Mrs. Mabel Swope and Mrs. Ada WeaverAhas earned the appreciation of those served. Page 6 Of 1950 CUSTODIANS Our two janitors, Mr. John Swope and Mr. Eber Martin, are familiar figures around our school. They are well-liked because of their cheerful and friendly personalities and their Willingness to help whenever they can. Our health and comfort are safe- guarded by the janitors' efforts to keep all the 'rooms at the right temperature and to keep the floors clean and tidy. Mr. Swope, excepting one year, has been employed at North Lima since 19285 and Mr. Martin, since 1947. We believe that We are indeed fortunate to have such faithful and cooperative custodians in our school. BUS DRIVERS The bus drivers, Mr. Paulin, Mr. Powell, Mr. Seidner, and Mr. Blosser, also help to keep the "wheels of the school" going around smoothly as they transport the pupils safely to and from school. Their conscientious efforts of regularly bringing the students safely to school in good or bad weather are greatly appreciated. All of the buses are new this year. They were purchased by and are owned by the Board of Education. Page 7 'Mega SCHOLARSHIP One of the most important factors in any school system is scholarship. Being on the honor roll is a coveted achievement which requires work and determination. However, the satisfaction derived from attaining this goal is well worth the effort. In our school students may be on the honor roll if they have achieved a "B" average or better. This average may seem low, but many good students who work very hard would find it impossible to maintain an "A" average. Therefore this system enables hard working students to feel they have accomplished something, and encourages more students to work for high scholarship, since the honor roll is within their reach. Another very worthwhile incentive for scholarship is the Detwiler Award. Each year Mr. Fred B. Detwiler of Columbiana presents this award to the graduating senior who has fulfilled the necessary requirements of scholarship, character, and school citizenship. The award consists of a metal plaque with the winner's name engraved on it, a cash prize of fifty dollars, and a trophy medal. Mr, Detwiler presented the first award in 1946 to Melvin Schwartz, in 1947, to Stephen Kayatig in 1948, to Francis Janosik, and last year, 1949, to Esther Heindel. At the commencement ex- ercises this year, a senior of 1950 will join this group of winners. As students strive to attain creditable achievements in scholarship, to develop com- mendable traits of character, and to practice good citizenship, they prepare them- selves for future happiness and usefulness. Page 8 gf l?50 EMM 'X PN - i 4 vzfa-,,, ' - I ig A -fl A' WWA! ff: ?"'I I 4: , . AWQINM -. 455: ...., vu.. ..,,...,,,,'...n' 5055. 'vw--: '044 1 will fs-un na.: ivruggh, Ann fun' 141,-l.. , ff'- .f I.-ff..-14, ff. 4. ,,,.,n',. I M' rdf..-.... ' 51" -nun. ., .-...HHN hui, 33:1 .. . IQ- -suv ,, -...Inu .'nH'N yu Wifi! 331' no--... '4-qu.. ann.: 4n'.r,,, Ve' .,,. """"-" H---,.. .,.,.,..,..,. 3543? I ufnu rn I 'rffvrnn ,Q u :lun HJ! fir-J 1 nu' fl" our nf,f.',.,ffff -yin 1,1 ff :Ulla f,,,,.1 nu: .nn-1.1 Q ff, "I YH Aix - gag! H 1 , Q21 if K L: N x X f QW 1 " ' ff ' ff ,f 45S Q '0 it X If Y, . V ': NX ' Q X, V' ' Kd XJ I X. if X I ,' '., 'l, x' I na ' x " X 'g-, ' x I' f 9'x, 'Q U x fl Puge 9 de eu6oft0ffe'ea4 DICK WARD "Dick" Athletic, friendly, scholarly too, There aren't many things he cannot do. Berlin Center High School 1,2 Class President 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Track 3,4 Glee Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, Vice President 4 Prince of Peace, Winner 4 Lima Lite Staff 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 Perfect Attendance 1, 3 Class Play 3, 4 BARBARA ANN LEONHART "Barb" Sweet as a rosebud, and just as smart, Plus talent and charm and a tender heart. Class Vice President 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Prince of Peace 4 Lima Lite Staff, Asst. Editor 3, Editor 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Valedictorian RAE LAMB "Lambie" Nothing suits her as well as this line: "She's just a little 'rae' of sunshine." Class Vice President 1, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 23 Treasurer 3, President 4 Lima Lite Staff 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Perfect Attendance 1 Class Play 3, 4 QUENTIN CLINGERMAN "Denny" Intelligent, joking, friendly, tall,' A well-known figure around the hall. Class Treasurer 1, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 Prince of Peace 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Perfect Attendance 4 Sendou PEGGY ANN ARKWRIGHT "Peg" A bundle of activity with personality tied in,- Combined with a charm that will always win. Goshen High School 1 Canfield High School 2, 3 Glee Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Band 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Echo Staii 4 Cheerleader 4 Class Play 4 BETTY BOYER "Betz" Light of hair, light of heartg Always ready to do her part. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Perfect Attendance 2, 3 Class Play 3 ESTHER MAE CONRAD "Connie" Though she 'is the shortest lass in the class, Her fun-loving spirit is hard to surpass. Columbiana High School 1, 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 GEORGE GREELMAN "George" Lively fingers on the "88" With girls and art he'll always rate. Rayen High School 1 Football 3, 4 Basketball 3, Manager 4 Baseball 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, Secretary 4 Hi-Y Basketball 4 Lima Lite Stad' 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 0,4 1950 3 V l 74a Sedo E9 ..: is fifggh' " N.: . I ,L--.,54,X:.i-M- .-leer -Ni 1 ,.,, , endow THGMAS CRUMP "Tom" Tall, carefree, full of fun, Never gets his work quite done. Football 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 1, 2 BARBARA CULP "Babs" Though a studious gal is she, She's full of fun and fancy-free. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Program Chairman 4 Scholarship 2, 3 Prince of Peace 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 4 ADA DINSIO "Ada" Many fine qualities has this lassg But her lovely voice is the best in the class. Goshen High School 1 Springfield High School 1 Class Secretary 2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Girls' Octette 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Majorette 2 Cheerleader 3 Class Play 3, 4 LOIS HITCHCOCK "Lois" Sharp as a tack and twice as witty, Great to be with and just as pretty. Chemawa Junior High 1 Polytechnic High School 2 Class Secretary 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Secretary 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 endow CHARLES HORST "Chuck" Never worry, never eare,' It doesnit get you anywhere. Class Treasurer 2 Football 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 JOSEPH LAMANCUSA "joe" A catchy smile, not much to say, Give him a ear and he's on his way. Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Basketball 4 SANTINO LAMANCUSA "San" Happy-go-lucky all the day long, If he isnit jolly something is wrong. Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Basketball 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 MARILYN LENZ "Marilyn" First in beauty, first in books, Now we wonder how she cooks. Class President 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Girls' Octette 2 Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, Treasurer 2, Program Chair- man 3, Vice President 4 Scholarship 1, 2 Prince of Peace 4 Lima Lite Staif 1, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff Editor 4 Class Play 3, 4 Perfect Attendance 4 Salutatorian 0,4 1750 de Zahn , , Seneoaa EUNICE MELLINGER "Eunice" Always a twinkle in her dark, dark eyes. Always a smile for all gals and guys. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3 Cheerleader 4 Class Play Prompter 3, 4 Perfect Attendance 4 MARIAN SETLEY "Marian" A quiet gal, and quite a gal,' She'll always be a steadfast pal. God's Bible School 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 RICHARD SHANK "Rich" They say that life is what you make it, So Illl have my fun while I can take it. Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 1 Echo Staff 4 Perfect Attendance 2 Class Play 3, 4 LOWELL SITLER "John" He has his fun in his school relation, And does his work at a gas station. Basketball 1 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Basketball 4 Class Play 3 u ' ,, M- I4 - A --M I --CA f----L-r-5-r --AAniQ.uu1'--L-- -1:--l1e:L.Hl if-ilw 2-3 endow P1-1YLL1s STAINES Always happy, always gayg And on the piano she does play. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Lima Lite Staif 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4 S Gphyli 3 MARY JEAN STONEROOK "Pinky" A maiden modest and self-possessed, At the nursing profession she'll do her best. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 2 Echo Staff 4 SALLY WALLACE Short and thin, gay and snappy, It doesn't take much to make Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Lima Lite Staff 3, 4 Echo Staif 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Perfect Attendance 1, 4 Class Play Prompter 3, 4 DONALD WEIKART In athletics he does star, And we know he'll go quite far. Class Vice President 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, President 4 Lima Lite Staff 3, 4 Echo Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Gisalii her happy. "Donnie" 01 l?50 ,U .1-, 'a . I . 2444 S WILBUR YODER "Wilbur" If silence is golden as they say, Wilbur? getting richer every day. Track 3 Scholarship 3 Respect for the past-progress for the present-vision for the future. CLASS FLOWER: Red rose. CLASS COLORS: Green and white. THE CLASS OF 1950 Pardon us if we brag a little, But we think we're really nifty. Therefore, let us tell you about The class of 1950. Our class is very versatile. Our members take their part In such things as: music, sports, Scholarship, and art. Our class president, Dick Ward, Is also a fine athlete. He and Donnie Weikart make A sports team hard to beat. Barbara Leonhart, a whiz in lessons, Is always a busy lass. Our other Barbara, Barbara Is the gayest girl in the class. Culp, Rae and Sally, our majorettes, Can really strut their stuif. Cheerleaders, Eunice and Peggy, encourage The team when the going's rough. Quentin is gay, smart, and friendly And say, he sure is tall. Richard Shank loves to have fun, But he's always a friend to all. Lois Hitchcock keeps us laughing With her witty quips. While Mary Jean is a quiet girl With lots of useful tips. Page I6 George is a very artistic fellow, His pictures make you look twice. Wilbur Yoder is a quiet lad. But we all think he's nice. Ada is the songbird in our class. She's really a lovely soprano. Phyllis is jolly, and we like to listen When she plays the piano. Esther is a whiz in typing class, On that we all agree. Betty Boyer's a pert little blonde, As peppy as she can be. Charley Horst and Tommy Crump Are really likeable chaps. We're glad that they are in our class, And we don't mean perhaps. Marian Setley is a shy little miss. But she's a friend true-blue. Lowell Sitler is just the opposite, But he's a staunch pal, too. San is quite an athlete. In track he is a star. Joe is also a demon in track. We're sure he'll go quite far. It's been said that I'm a poet. I doubt if that is true. You've read this poem and so I'l1 leave That question up to you. -Marilyn Lenz. 0,4 1950 CLASS HISTGRY As the seniors march to their places on commencement night, many thoughts occupy their minds. Among these, reminiscences have their place. Some will recall tears the first day of school: others, only curiosity. It's good that Miss Swope knew how to handle these various emotions. Among these first graders were Marilyn Lenz, capable editor of the Echo, and Barbara Culp, also a journalist, who soon took their places on the honor roll. Charles Horst and Lowell Sitler, with their happy-go-lucky ways, added a carefree note to the future class of '50. Betty Boyer, our favorite blonde, and Lois Hitchcock met and decided to be chums for the next twelve years. They have done much to keep the spirit of fun alive. Donny Weikart, of football fame, also started the educational journey here. Eunice Mellinger, destined to be both a majorette and a cheerleader, and Phyllis Staines, chief ink pourer for the Lima Lite, also took part in the varied activities. Tom Crump, another football player, and Richard Shank, always ready with a prank, rounded out the class then. The next year brought this group together again and added Sally Wallace, pepipy leader of our majorettes, and Marian Setley, with a quiet touch, for balance. Miss Lawn succeeded in teaching us enough to send us on to third grade. Miss Horst patiently tutored us in both the third and fourth grades, during which time we grew quite fond of her. Then again in the fifth grade, we met not only Miss Lehman, but Rae Lamb, whose artistic ability has proved well that good things come in small packages. Barbara Leonhart, editor of the Lima Lite, also joined the class of '50. Two more athletes, Joe and Santino Lamancusa, decided to make North Lima their home, and so took their places with us in the sixth grade. Upstairs in Mrs. Brady's room, we felt quite grown-up, but found there was still much to learn. Having study hall for home room and changing classes in our first year of junior high was really thrilling. Mr. Stover, our home room teacher, seemed to understand and helped us over the rough spots in this transition. Quentin Clingerman, known for many achievements, but especially fine scholarship, became a classmate then. Achievement of achievements! We had reached the eighth grade, just one step away from high school! With Mrs. Perry's kind supervision and our new friend, Mary Jean Stonerook's unassuming charm, to add a lift, we soon took this step. The summer was spent dreaming of the beginning of our last four years of school. Undreamed of, though, was the horror of initiation. Thank goodness, we all sur- vived to enjoy the marvelous success of our first skating party and the several class parties held that year. Three new students joined us when we were sophomores. They were Ada Dinsio, a vocal asset in the music department, George Creelman, a whiz at both the piano keyboard and the drawing board, and Wilbur Yoder, "seen, but not heard." With Mr. Burkholder as advisor, our first try at salesmanship came in the form of a very successful magazine subscription drive. We held another skating party at Kelly's and, with the freshmen, had a hayride and a Weiner roast. The much anticipated junior year proved just as busy and exciting as we had ex- pected. With two new arrivals, Esther Conrad, a friendly missg and Dick Ward, im- mediately elected as class president, we began our studies. As money-making projects we sold fountain pens and sweatshirts, and sponsored another skating party. Also, at some of the games, and during the noon-hour, we sold popcorn, candy, and potato chips. On April 1, 1949, a cast of twelve, directed by Miss Ruth Warrick, presented "The Big Help," our junior play. Producing it was the most enjoyed event of the year. The junior-senior banquet committee planned an interesting program for the big night and followed up with a theater party, to add pleasant memories for the seniors of '49. We were glad to have Mr. Popelka to help us through our troubles and triumphs. At last we were seniors. Yes, busy, happy seniors. The last new member of our class was Peggy Arkwright, vivacious cheerleader. Our sponsor was Miss Stackhouse, who did much to help us achieve our many hopes and plans. Our many activities were getting our pictures taken, sponsoring a skating party, ordering our invitations, planning a public dinner, planning for our trip, editing the Lima Lite, publishing the Echo, and presenting the senior play, "Ananias Bill." The last big event, the junior- senior banquet, brought us very close to commencement, and now as we march down, with diplomas in hand, these memories rest in a special place in our hearts, to be looked over again and again in future years. -Barbara Ann Leonhart. Page 'I 7 'Me Sade .lima 7694 at Wand , , J Page I8 BANQUET 1949 NQUFT I9 +9 0,4 1950 PROPHECY On New Year's Day, 1960, a happy reunion of the Senior Class of 1950 is taking place in the beautiful home of Dr. Barbara Culp, nationally known surgeon and heart specialist. Marilyn Lenz, Literary Editor of the "Saturday Review of Literature," who has written poetry for the most widely published magazines, is helping the hostess pass out canapes. Artist and Art Critic, Rae Lamb, is discussing her painting, "Stream of Life," with Professor Lois Hitchcock, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Life's Glim- mer." Approaching them is Representative Quentin Clingerman, who is under Con- gressional fire because of his bill to cut governmental expenditures by ten billion dollars. Helping themselves to the canapes are, Charles Horst, inventor of a "steel bath" in which iron ore is very quickly smelted, and Esther Conrad, his private secretary, who holds the nation's typing record. Phyllis Staines, Emily Post of today, and Ada Dinsio, opera singer and restaurant owner, are talking over some of the points in Phyllis's newest book, "Etiquette for Youth." Modeler of the EuNice Majorette Costume is Sally Wallace, famous for the major- ette schools established throughout the country. Sally is commenting on the costume to Eunice Mellinger, who owns the Mellinger Dress Shoppes, and Mary Jean Stone- rook, who has developed a new and very effective method for treating cancer. Lowell Sitler, president of the Sitler Oil Company, and Dr. Dick Ward, dentist, and inventor of a tooth cleaning mouth wash, are listening to an explanation of a new square dance created by Peggy Arkwright. Peggy, president of the Arkwright Square Dancing Studios, has contributed much toward developing better recreational benefits for the Americans. Pine Tree Grower Richard Shank and hotel-owner Marian Setley are discussing fire prevention. Richard is the author of that well-known book, "Forest Conservation for Today." Marian is the owner of a chain of safe, comfortable hotels. Thomas Crump, president of the North Lima Trucking Company, which hauls building materials to all parts of the United States, and his pert, blonde secretary, Betty Boyer, originator of a dictaphone, is posing for a picture. Taking the picture is famous news photographer, George Creelman, who has won first place in the National Photographers' Contest for the second time in succession. Sitting at the plano is Barbara Ann Leo-nhart, concert pianist, who, having been under the instruction of Jose Iturbi, has held concerts in many large cities in the United States and Canada. Standing by the piano are Joseph and Santino Lamancusa and Wilbur Yoder. Joe and San, expert agriculturalists, own a chain of farms throughout Ohio, Wilbur, owner of a large fruit farm, is the president of the National Horticultural Association of America. Now, all gather around the piano to sing "Auld Lang Sync." As they leave for their various homes they encourage each other to keep on being good American citizens, who try to make our country more democratic and more prosperous, and our world more peaceful. Quentin Clingerman. Page 19 746 Zeke Weil. 1442 Wwe I I YOU Page 20 ron D C THE PAUSf THAT NANEY nw:- CHEER UP REFRESHES 0,4 7950 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Graduating Class of 1950, being of a well-balanced mind, healthy physique, and in much better temper than usual, do hereby bequeath the following possessions: ARTICLE I. To our teachers, we extend our gratitude for their interest and other aid we received from them during the twelve years of our education. To Mr. Himes, we leave the task of figuring up the inheritance tax on this will. ARTICLE II. To the seniors in the oncoming year, we bequeath our places on the Honor Roll, our skill in all sports, any unfinished lollypops or unfinished money business, our ways of bluffing the teachers, and any other possessions. ARTICLE III. We also leave the following talents and peculiarities that made the Class of "5O" so distinct and different: u Dick Ward leaves his excellent ability of class leadership to Lowell Wellman. Barbara Ann Leonhart leaves her sympathy and any tricks that she has learned with regard to getting the Lima Lite material in on time to Dorothy Cearns. Lois Hitchcock bequeaths her ability of getting along with the male population of the school to Nanette Lingo. To Kenny Roller, George Creelman leaves both his management of the basketball team and his roving eye. Betty Boyer leaves her cute grin and winning personality to Marcella Walczesky. Donald Weikart leaves his Ford Coupe to the Smithsonian Institute. .Ada Dinsio bequeaths her musical voice to anyone who promises to attend Glee Club faithfully. Wilbur Yoder leaves his quiet, dignified manner to Johnny Prosser, with the wistful hope that it will be used. Phyllis Staines bequeaths her ability to think up excuses for getting out of fourth period to Johnny Bartholomew. Santino and Joe Lamancusa will their ability to have cinder bruises, and "charlie horses" to Fred Nemenz and Gene Weisenberger, who are also on the track team. Sally Wallace leaves her leadership of the majorettes to Beverly Barger. Marilyn Lenz leaves all her headaches and sleepless nights to next year's editor of the Echo. 'Eunice Mellinger leaves here, very thankful to be going. Mary Jean Stonerook leaves with a lot of knowledge in, her head. 'Esther Conrad leaves her curly locks to Delight Arkwright. Richard Shank leaves his beautiful curly eyelashes to any girl who would be very proud to own them. Lowell Sitler bequeaths his love of school fat vacation timel to Dwight Unger. Peggy Arkwright hates to leave anything since she is making good use of all her talents, but perhaps some melancholy junior can make use of her sunny disposition. Tom Crump bequeaths his ability to fall asleep and get away with it in government class to anyone who thinks he can use it. Quentin Clingerman insists on leaving his public speaking ability to Bill Sauerwein. Rae Lamb leaves her ability to design attractive Lima Lite covers to Art Spencer. Marian Setley leaves, taking her silent charm with her. Barbara Culp leaves hoping to acquire soon a nurse's cap. Charles Horst bequeaths his teasing ways to Bill Collins. We nominate and appoint Mr. Ward, our superintendent, to be executor of this, our lost will and testament. S Signed, sealed and witnessed by the Senior Class of 1950 of North Lima High choo . -Barbara Culp. Page 2l 74a Sade Wien We Weze Wee . . , am SARA ' Lowsu. S. . if SAN L. ', xs..,,,,,,.g PHY Eunnce N Q, K-:gg my '--e-2 ' i VVILBUH Y. DONALD WA ' MARY ITFANS Page 22 R, F1188 Wien We Weze Wee Gf 7950 CHARLES H. Page 23 SQ? aga- C.-. -1602 E555 o.Q.Q' CDW' 'fm '1 FY "U"U Eel-j'.21"rn :veg 052.9 H.-O5 CN 0:1 FV '4 959 502 nr... -QWEQ E. n ,gvcno moi ' 7T"I"" 0-153- 508 S159 " E ro 255 gsm FP F'-4 .om VIC r-QTQEL :1-rn, who 2353 OW-Q CDV' 503 T553 1:2294 S-33' omg Q -avi E790 cn run mgon 5018 9977-3 T94 D- O at ,-, UQ O- E' U1 : C C3 -4 4 O 9 -. v N. -4 -4 n w as Q Q 9ss151 9H 9s9ne99q HVN Suploog Hg go Sugwoo sc1eqM,, ' 3u1doH A1e19199g uoqg 9913112 M Aung u19Ag pun 1911910 in 3ugSE19 ngmouq noA Cqgv Sug19q9o1D 9s1nN uo1x9Idu1oD :1oo19uo1S ue9 1' Mew ' I 13123 '1ue91q ue-3 In ogsnw C g19q1o1q 'qO,, Su1u1e91p Aeq A1e19199S 1e9N s9u1e1S sgufiqd c191q5gdu1'e'1 p10 9qLL,, s9puoIg u9Iqmu11duf1,, sung 19uMo uopms seg Sugqsnlg 191113 H9MofI H9sma99g sill 9qAeW,, 1112919 991 'ooqg ng zgqm 999,, 3u1A11Q umus9Ies 5u1I9Ae1LL s9qs1zl9A9 Buoq :lueqg pnaqogg GGSAUMIVH Supuel C Queo1Sj gq0,, Bugpmg 19q9e91 ouegd 191nfj A9p9g uegmw 6sAeM1V,, s11zqo19V A g91ooqd q0,, Su1199qD 19u31s9q s9A9 uMo1g 19SugH9W 99111113 uegmw eAV,, Bugoueq ui 3su9Ae q poogv Bugpmg 399s pue 112 M Ie1u9u1e19du19l 11equo9'1 e1eq1eg u9Ao'1 jo 19uos11d, qog A 39:les sc919d 10 in Bugoueq 93gM9snoH q1991 1411915 zu9f1 uA1g1eW .POA PHH 1 JL, Survuvcl .e3u!PPPi HOA Q1v,, HUGHES 1S!11v Slwuwfiula qwvfl 9221 u9gs1oo-L 1001, 10010, smog H 1 eq919q H51 511129 Au spgg s91dLuA10 99159123 esnoueumq ueg ul92uV uv 9Ao'1 1, e1eq1eg ngmouzq lguogn punouz 3ugAg1Q Appeq 2 3ug9g 1u9l1s 'Huong esnoueumfl 901' ufiog AW '91I1eqQ,, spnzg u,5noA 1gq Su1q19u1oS,, sI9Aou 1911enEj ue1p9LuoD 9q9msnoW 1s1oH s9l1eqQ u1noH 9q1 sl MoN,, ogsnw ug s1e1s ANU 03 9q1 ug 951m Sup11oM 991N 1190911911111 sgofl .PAUMIVH SUFSUES ..i9!d1U'IS !H,, SUISUFS UUFUWWQEI AI9dmIS OISUFCI HPV 19qlL 9g ILIIOA 9qA1zN,, suoguo ag dnsleg ugsno19'e1H ss9upo09,, Suqmog 9s1nN Hel ding e1eq1eg 66112911911 sg9111adeuog,, s91H1qH1H Hg ABM sc9W,, s91Aou1 u191s9M9u1p poo3 12 Su1A'eH sn A91q9s1W duurug 111014 Hp91gLL ogn s9Iq1119AuoD 4 gguo1e9eW,, 3Auun1 Supg '1dng A1919Lu9Q 9u1ospu1eH umuI991Q 931099 uliog 91n1eN,, p1euo9fI uplugqx lcuegn ouegd Supield 9s1nN 11211 Almg pmuog 19q1sg H9sne99g,, 3u1nS1V ui sqooz pegv Sugunugmg uegopgod snogpmg ueu1195uqD upuanb A9uoH 'nok qlgm 9Ao'1,, Bupmlg ug s195mgM 99Q,, Sugnag A1eJ,9199S 9puoIg 1914051 1411951 6 5110A 91V 919qM,, suodg 4:19111 H91 no Au Su1p129g 91q1z191p91duf1 p9A9 A11mg 1qS11Mq1V AS59d v u u P UC C 4 9 SIIIUN uo1ss9.1du1I 1s.I1 J 91n1nJ ffwvsva s91dxgI fc 3 2 no N E' na 3 55' 5 UQ 0,1211 9191 !.IOAU:I 91 056! 555553255 XX .J 5 -ii 25 E' 5.. if I L ' A f a, f fri Of 1950 Ea JUNIOR CLASS-Mr. Mort, Sponsor First row fleft to rightj-Jean Plummer, Arlene Houghton, Marcella Walczesky, Jane Stock, Betty Beauchamp, Dorothy Duganne, Mary Louise Hetherington, Eleanor Greasel. Second row-Opal Beauchamp, Dorothy Cearns, Alice Pfeister, Elsie Van- pelt, Grace Kayati, Edith Harnevious, Delight Arkwright, Elizabeth Nemenz, Mr. Mort. Third row-Ronnie Rodenbaugh, Luster Mellinger, Kenneth Roller, Lowell Wellman, Gerald Janosik, Dick Bregar, Richard Gnosa, John Prosser. Fourth row- Roy Weaver, Gene Weisenberger, Art Spencer, Fred Nemenz, David Hall, Dwight Unger, Robert Work, John Bartholomew. Not pictured: Clarence Musselman, Bill Sauerwein. In Memoriam The untimely death of Arthur Bauman has greatly saddened us all. We shall always remember his happy smile, friendly manner, and cheerful attitude. His participation in many of the school activ- ities and his studious habits are missed by both the teachers and the student body. Thus we feel as Fitz-Green Halleck did when he said: "None knew thee but to love thee, Nor named thcc but to praise." Page 26 0,4 1950 SOPHOMORE CLASS-Miss Warrick, Sponsor First Row fleft to rightj-Ruth Yoder, Dorothy Good, Betty Mauch, Gertrude Kreidler, Beverly Barger, Laura Spencer, Nancy Crump, Doris Clingerman. Second row-Carole Roller, Marjorie Spires, Virginia Carr, Joan Shank, Janet Powell, Maxine Smith, Nettie Davis, Miss Warrick. Third row-Lester Seidner, Maurice Calvin, Danny Groom, John Burkholder, Jack Miller, Thayer Brown, Charles Janosik, Bob Arkwright. Fourth row-Walter Kellner, Roderick Huebert, Arlin Weikarl, Ward Moore, Richard Bartholomew, Bill Collins, John Morey, Junior Hasness. Not pictured: Richard Franklin, William Francis. FRESHMAN CLASS-Mr. Burkholder, Sponsor First row fleft to right!-Dorothy Cearns, Betty Brown, Alice Mellinger, Ila Mae Mains, Mary McGinnis, Nancy Moore, Charlotte Kugler, Carol Good. Sec-ond row- Raymond Yoder, John Vanpelt, Lamar Shoemaker, Ronnie Rapp, Walter Allen, David Anderson, Mr. Burkholder. Third row-Tom Whitlield, Ray Hitchcock, John Wellman, Doris Whitfield, Doris Arkwright, Albert Steiner, Leon Casity. Fourth rowfRichard Arkwright, Thomas Griffiths, Samuel Harnevious, William Yoho, Jerry Schaeffer, Robert Cox, Carl Webster, David Parish, Richard Yoder. Not pictured: Thelma Kerr, Dolores Thompson, James Thompson, Nannette Lingo. kia EIGHTH GRADE-Mr. Popclka, Sponsor First row tleft to rightj -Barbara Clingerman, Florence Coleman, Charlotte Mc- Cormick, Mildred Winsper, Marilyn Plummer, Shirley Arkwright, Sandra Crouse, Viola Riehl, Lois Pfau. Second row-Mr. Popelka, Shirley Haney, Treasure Lower, Constance Plasket, Helen Stock, Bonita Evans, Patricia Wertz, Arlene Schaal, Susan Dalrymple, Edith Spencer, Zella Moore. Third row-Charles Ginn, James Anderson, .Iumes Kyscr, David Culp, Edward Billet, Donald Roller, David Witmer, Richard Brown, Richard Howell, Harry Swank, Jason Shaum. Fourth row-Thomas Weisen- berger, Willard Vanpelt, Earl Winsper, James McGinnis, James Codner, Shirley Law- rence, Elizabeth Koch, Richard Kugler, William Robertson, Dale Mauch, Roy Van- pelt, Robert Ackerman, Nicholas Shirilla. Not pictured: Glenn Sauerwein. SEVENTH GRADE-Mr. Himes, Sponsor First Row tleft to rightj-Shirley Martin, Jean Stouffer, Joan Weaver, Alice Work, Ruth Anderson, Noreen Szewc, Gail Smith, Valerie Ward, Verna Swope. Second row-Mr, Himes, Yvonne Harte, Rachel Blakeman, Ruth Lawrence, Joan Back, Jo- anna Steiner, Barbara Codner, Rosemarie Witherstine, Palma Dinsio, Norma Wright. Third row-Bobby Hall, Nelson Shaum, Howard Arkwright, Tom Lawless, Tom Wise, Amil Dinsio, Bob Dillon, Dick Enney, Bobby Roy. Fourth row-Lewis Davis, Kenneth Weaver, Chris Cason, Alice Vanpelt, Constance Maxgay, Jo Ann Vitko, Geneva Steiner, Harold Casity, Ronald Heaven, Edward Weisenberger. 0,4 1950 EPQAEJESS 453 f-:Q Q I QI: Y :'i:.- Y V 'YI4WILXYAVllRYIlELYliYlAXYlAX1 WIAYP lllllIllIllllllllllI'I'lIlllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll N W Y 0,4 7950 SIXTH GRADE-Mrs. Brady, Teacher First row fleft to rightj-Betty Robertson, Alice Weisenberger, Janet Wise, Pa- tricia Nelson, Patty Lawless, Joan Shoup, Mary Huebert, Judy Roller, Arlene Cumberledge. Second rowiJacob Vanpelt, Thomas Mellott, David Vanpelt, Lester Martin, Arden Sauerwein, Edwin Kyser, Mrs. Brady. Third row-Larry Houck, James Francis, Jerry Morey, Jack Hampton, James Shank, Henry Nemenz, Leonard McGinnis. Fourth row-William Mack, Larry Freer, Robert Yoho, Harold Kasza, Richard Mentzer, Bruce Plasket, Ronald Smith. Not pictured: William Kreidler. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES-Mr. Steiner, Teacher First row fleft to right!-Carol Underwood, Nancy Weber, Nancy Stock, Esther Yoder, Raenel Wenger, Loretta Vanpelt, Mary Brunk, Phyllis Barger, Karen Close. Second row-Richard Ulrich, David Wolfgang, Lee Brooke, James Cearns, David Clingerman, John Bauman, James Burkholder, Donald Ackerman, Eugene Smith, Mr, Steiner. Third row-John Witmer, James Wettcr, Floyd Vanpelt, Dean Conrad, Kathryn Weaver, Leah Culp, Kevan Crouse, Lloyd Vanpelt, Robert Tovarnak. 'Not pictured: Loren Coler. FIFTH GRADE-Mrs. Griffiths, Teacher First row fleft to right!-Judy Morey, Margery Lenz, Sandra MacFarland, Edith Shaum, Delores McCave, Polly Pfau, Barbara Smith, Kay Rapp. Second row-Karen Hasness, Dawn Shoemaker, Peggy Cason, Carol Martin, Ethel Kugler, Marilyn Dillon, Helen Horst, Mrs. Griffiths. Third row-John Jones, Carl Bregar, Jean Bartholomew, Beverly Dickey, Lenora Mellinger, Norman Parish, Richard Mellott. Fourth row-Gerald Steiner, Allen Herdle, Robert Blake, Richard Crouse, Donald Harshbarger, Kenneth Brown, Roy Mauch, Fillmore Crump. Page 31 Of 1950 FOURTH GRADE-Miss Lehman, Teacher First row qleft to rightJiBarbar:1 Schneider, Naomi Riehl, June Morey, Peggy Prosser, Judy Flickinger, Wilma Saucrwein, Sandra Noble, Ruth Ann Swope. Seconzl row-Miss Lehman, Buddy Lower, Carolyn Weisenberger, Lois Martin, Ruth Vanpelt, Mary Lou Jones, Laura Martin, Lonnie Wellman. Third row-Jackie Roy, Gary Houck, Samuel McGinnis, David Lawless, Harvey Hartley, James Greasel, Myron Wehr, Daniel Steiner. Fourth row-Joe Kugler, John Francis, Patrick Morris, James Orr, Robert Good, Bobby Szewc, David McLain, Maynard Falb, THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES-Mrs. Wetter, Teacher First Row fleft to rightj-Betty Szewc, Emma Vanpelt, Carol Wehr, Janet Thorn- ton, Virginia Weber, Eileen Work, Dawn Whitfield, Darla Smith, Kathryn Shaum. Second Row-Mrs, Wetter, Rachel, Culp, Ardell Cook, Mary Enney, Patty Day, Joanne Snyder, Mary Vanpelt, Valera Weaver, Judy Cooley, Shirley Vitko, Lydia Boardman. Third Row-Roger Schindler, Eugene Slagle, Edward Arkwright, Dennis Ackerman, Richard Evans, John Davis, Harry Arkwright, Donald Beard, Byron Eichorn, Donald Seidner. THIRD GRADE-Mrs. Haney, Teacher First Row fleft to rightjsMarcia MacFarland, Carol McGinnis,,Beverly Francis, Judy Mack, Alice Patton, MaryBelle Mills, Julia Datson, Jean Orr. Second Row- Merle Bowen, Melvin Bowen, Allan Rankin, Richard Hersman, Billy Jones, Edward James, Norman Barr, John McGregor, Mrs. Haney. Third Row-Barbara Lawless, LaUna Richards, Laura Reed, Margaret Griffiths, Luella Falb, Deanna Mellott. Fourth Row-James Kurtz, Dick Dillon, Bobby Martin, Blaine Heaven, Richard Robertson, Edwin Harshman, James Blake, Ward Brooke. Not pictured: Betty Coler. Page 33 E i of 7950 SECOND GRADE-Mrs. Laughlin, Teacher First Row fleft to rightl -Wilda Rhodes, Carolynn White, Rhoda Zook, Barbara Quinby, Janet Nichols, Wanda Moore, Jackie Hersman, Phyllis Plummer. Secondl Row-Mrs. Laughlin, Edward Pfau, Beverly Koonse, Mary Ann Reed, Peggy Wagner, Donna Unger, Billie Lou Weber, Barbara Robertson, John James. Third Row- Donald Swope, John Kyle, Vincent Mellott, Douglas Harshbarger, Arthur Sauer- wein, Gary Martin, John Maxgay, Edward Perry, Thomas Hall. Fourth Row-James Hetric, Richard Slagle, Franklin Powell, Joseph Vanpelt, Ronald Peters, George Kugler, William Robertson, James Morey, George Heindel. Not pictured: James Coler. A FIRST AND SECOND GRADES-Mrs. Chain, Teacher First Row fleft to rightj-Carol Bregar, Janice Brown, Barbara Wehr, Joyce Bieber, Rebecca Spotts, Patty Ann Ulrich, Judy Smith, Elaine Smith. Second Row- Mrs. Chain, Glen Wenger, Martha Caddes, Wanda Davis, Patricia Cason, Ruth Vin- akalns, Betty Blakeman, Patricia Creelman. Third Row-Raymond Somogy, George Stacy, Teddy Slagle, James Brown, Wayne Vanpelt, Albert Vanpelt, Larry Weaver, Virgil Shaum. Fourth Row-Donald Cannon, Jon Culp, Ronald Edwards, Albert Blakeman, Harry Crump, DeVere Beach, Walter Best, Roger Alcorn, Arnold Dickey. FIRST GRADE-Mrs. Mcntzer, Teacher First Row fleft to rightj-Janice Doll, Kay Brooke, Patty Elser, Eleanor McGinnis, Susan Lawless, Pearle Hartley, Carolyn Shafer, Billie Leigh Parker. Second Row- Kay Ann Close, Betty Orr, Barbara Moore, Joyce Peters, Karen Ackerman, Earlene Anderson, Joann Beard. Third Row-Lawrence Horst, Gary Richards, Webster, Rhodes, Richard McGregor, Louis Day, Anthony Lamancusa, Paul Rankin, Sammy Harshman, Billy Roy. Fourth Row-Kenneth Gorman, Robert Crouse, John Henley, Gerald Martin, Jimmy Jones, Leroy Martin, Albert Gifford, Kenneth Eichorn, Steve Ewankowich. Page 35 ie Zola Page 36 Gfl-IT HAROLD Ano afhrl 049 746 Edo Fame PWM, . NEAR YOU A G01 N'STEADY I 4 SWEET SNILES SHG RTS sconce BABY-swrea L E G- S 1 SIGHT-serine b panning, cumaiu ujeygn Page 38 Of 1950 FOOTBALL TEAM First Row tleft to rightj-Charles Horst, Joe Lamancusa, Thomas Crump, Donald Weikart, Dick Ward, George Creelman, San Lamancusa. Second Row-Mr. Mort, Arthur Spencer, Fred Nemenz, Roy Weaver, Luster Mellinger, Gene Weisenberger, Robert Work, Mr. Popelka. Third Row-Carl Webster, Arlin Weikart, Dwight Unger, Ward Moore, William Yoho, Roderick Huebert, Gerald Janosik. Fourth Row-John Prosser, John Wellman, John Morey, Kenneth Roller, William Collins, Jack Miller, Lester Seidner. THE SECOND SEASON of North Lima's eleven-man football team was a re- markable advancement over the first. The team completed the year with a .500 average, winning three and losing the same. Coach Popelka switched the team from the "single wing" of the previous year, to a "T" formation. As a result this made possible the "quick opening" plays which proved to be a great success in gaining yardage. Another new device was put into use by North Lima for the first time fa modified "platoon system" which is very popular with college teams. Some of the team's success was due to the assistance of a second coach, Mr. Mort, who in- structed the linemen, giving Popelka more time with the backfield. Rigorous calis- thenics and training showed their merit to the squad, as no serious casualties were received during the entire season. The team loses seven members with the 1950 graduating class, but the prospect for future teams is very bright. North Lima Springiield 0 North Lima Malvern ...................,..... .....l... 6 North Lima Struthers' Reserves ......... 25 North Lima Canfield ..........,........... . ,,....... 52 North Lima Goshen .................. ...,..... 1 3 North Lima Jackson-Milton ..... ...... 7 Page 39 74a Sedo FOOTBALL PERSONALITIES George CBradfordi Creelman-End George was our trusty end who could be seen iioating down the field in conquest of a pass from one of our backs. He could be counted on to pull in that pass and head for a touchdown when we needed it most. joseph fjoel Lamancusa-Tackle Joe was our man who was in on every play fighting his heart out for that tackle. He often caught the man in the backfield and threw him for a loss. Joe's ability to get in and break up the plays sent many a team to the showers unhappy. Santino QSanl Lamancusa-End San was our defensive end who stopped the opposition cold when they attempted to run around his end. The opposing passer found it hard to get his passes away with San ploughing into him. Donald 1Donl Weikart-Tackle Don was a tackle and line backer. His bone-crushing tackles saved the day more than once for "Old Lima Hi." His talent will be sorely missed behind the line next year. Dick fliichardl Ward-Halfback Dick's brilliant running and passing spearheaded our drive to a successful season. He set an example for his successors at the halfback spot with his never-die spirit which will be very hard to equal. Charles fChucl-nl Horst-Guard Chuck, although not so tall, could pack power in his position at guard. His humor and lively spirit kept the team sharp and ready to go all the time. Chuck's fighting spirit will be missed in next year's team. Thomas fToml Crump-Tackle Tom plugged the gap at defensive tackle very well with his bulk and skill. He played a hard game from beginning to end, never quitting until the final whistle blew. Next year's football team will miss him very much. Page 40 SAN L. SENIOR GRIDDERS CHARLES DIC K' W. loom-nz vv. :ron L. V 0,4 7750 GEORGE C. TOM G.- Pg 41 CHEERLEADERS Our pcppy cheerleaders, Carole Roller, Peggy Arkwright, Ila Mae Mains and Eunice Mellinger did much to spur the team on to victory and to promote school spirit and sportsmanship. They conducted pep meetings to teach the students new cheers, and to arouse their enthusiasm. The snappy outfits which the girls wore created a bright spot at every game. We all felt that the cheerleaders did a good job and we were proud of them for their untiring efforts. MAJORETTES Our graceful majorettes-Beverly Barger, Rae Lamb, Maxine Smith, Mary Louise McGinnis, and Sally Wallacef-with their bright uniforms, provided many entertain- ing interludes at our home basketball games. Their combined acrobatic skill and baton-twirling ability made them an outstanding feature of our school. We believe that our majorettes gave other schools a good impression of us, and we appreciate the efforts they put forth. of msn VARSITY CAGERS With only two of eleven lettermen returning this season, the 49-50 Zippers, led by Co-captains Dick Ward and Don Weikart, steadily improved throughout the year and finished with a rush, capturing runner-up honors in Mahoning County. The boys possessed a fighting spirit which more than made up for their lack of experience and made them a worthy foe for any team. Next year's prospects are bright with: a more veteran team in the offing, many promising reserves moving up, and help from our 1950 County Junior High Champs. This year's reserve team won 9 games out of 19. Two Zippers were again selected on the coaches' All-County Team: Dick Ward, a senior, and Roy Weaver, a junior. VARSITY BASKETBALL-1949-50 North North Lima Opp. Lima Opp. 31 New Springdeld ..... ........ 2 7 41 Alumni .................... .......... 5 6 50 Goshen ..........,........ ........ 3 4 49 North Jackson ....., ....... 3 6 45 Bessemer ............ ........ 2 6 36 Lisbon ......................., ....... 4 3 39 Fairlield ............... ........ 4 2 31 New Springfield ...... ....... 64 29 Lowellville ............... ........ 3 5 40 Poland ...............l.... ....... 3 2 46 New Waterford ...,... ........ 2 9 40 Berlin Center ..,.. ....,.. 4 4 35 Columbiana ,.......,, ..,..... 6 8 39 Wellsville ........ ....,.. 5 5 34 Poland ................ ........ 3 1 35 Cantield ........ ....... 3 7 38 Sebring ........ ........ 4 8 40 Greenford ........ ....,,. 4 5 46 Fitch ........ ............................... 3 4 34 Lowellville ...... ....... 4 2 MAHONING COUNTY TOURNAMENT 54 Goshen .....................,..........,........... 42 35 Lowellville ...... ....... 5 2 39 Greenford ....... ..........,............. 2 9 54 Goshen .,,....... ....... 3 1 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 39 Leetonia ...... ..................... 4 7 Page 43 720 BASKETBALL PERSONALITIES Dick Ward Finishing his last two years of varsity basketball for North Lima, Dick was one of our constant scoring threats. Although Dick isn't exceptionally tall, he showed up brilliantly at both backboards. Donald CDonniel Weikart Donnie, also closing his varsity years, has shown great fight both in spirit and in rebounding. Although Donnie had a hard time breaking the fouling habit at tirst of the year, when he did break it, he was a deciding factor in many of Lima's games. Roy Weaver Here is a boy who shines equally on both defense and offense. His ball-handling ability not only dumfounded his opponents but usually made Roy a high scorer. Roy will be a valuable asset to the varsity squad next year. Fred QGusl Nemenz Being one of the taller boys on the team this year, Gus used his height to snag the rebounds. His push shot from the side hardly ever missed. Gus was a val- uable player and was a constant point maker. John fjohnnyl Morey Johnny is a boy with a great deal of talent in every phase of basketball. His long shot and his one hand shot broke the heart of many of his opponents this year. Since Johny is only a sophomore, he will be a sparkplug on the varsity during the coming years. Dwight fOgiel Unger Dwight is a good player to have around when the scores are close or when time is running out. Ogie has that spark of humor that keeps up the team's morale. In the coming year Ogie promises to be a very active player. Richard Shank Although not having seen too much action this year, Richard was always a trusty substitute. At his guard position Richard used his long shot ability to a great advantage. He is one of the graduating seniors and will be missed next year. Carl fButchl Webster As the only freshman on the squad this year Butch was a familiar figure on the hardwoods. Butch played his first year of basketball in a respectable manner and will be a very valuable player in the coming years. Page 44 GXJS Q 'V Burcs-1 w. ! Page 45 0,4 7950 74a 5644 Wwe and 74e'ze . . pa nofuco un WE TWO , 1 I roa Muon sum? ' wuArcuA'co1'.? V Bakifopf Page 46 0,4 7950 AQEMMQWE5 GX Lf? :5 5 99. 7 f K? F cz A AE CLASS LEADERS Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Pres. . ,, ,,...,, Dick Ward Lowell Wellman John Burkholder Thomas Griffiths V, Pres., , ,,,,,, ,, Barbara Ann Leonhart Gerald Janosik Jack Miller Lamar Shoemaker Secs, ,,,,,,l ...,.,., R ae Lamb Elizabeth Nemenz William Collins Ila Mac Mains Trezis. , , . Quentin Clingerman Dorothy Cearns Carole Roller Carol Good BAND Clarinets: David Kaiser, Tom Griffiths, David Hall, Elizabeth Nemenz, Peggy Ark- wright, Tom Wise. Horns: Bonita Evans, Eugene Smith, Rose Marie Witherstine. Saxophones: Henry Nemenz, Jerry Schaeffer. Trumpets: John Burkholder, Jack Hampton, Ronald Smith, Shirley Arkwright, Richard Kasza, Shirley Lawrence, Dick Bregar, Allan Herdle. Trombones: Jim Wetter, Constance Plasket, Norma Wright, Dick Ward Knot. pic- tured. Drums: Donald Roller, Robert Cox, Jim McGinnis, Leon Casity. Majorcttes: Sally Wallace, Rae Lamb, Maxine Smith, Mary Louise McGinnis, Beverly Barger. Of 7950 BOYS' GLEE CLUB Male voices blended in song under the direction of Miss Ruth Stevenson as the Boys' Glee Club sang, "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," "The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers," and many other favorite songs, both old and new. At the Com- munity Institute the boys sang "Erie Canal." In the spring the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented the operetta "Gypsy Rover." GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Once a week the Girls' Glee Club met for instruction in vocal music. This girls' chorus contributed its services to the community as Well as to the school. At the Prince of Peace Contest the club sang "Whispering Hope" and "Green Cathedralsf' at the Community Christmas Program, "White Christmas" and "Toylandg" at the Community Institute, "The Big Brown Bear" and the "Italian Street Song." The Girls also participated in the high school operetta, directed by Miss Stevenson. 750 TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y, formerly the Keen Tetris, under the able direction of its sponsor, Mrs, Vyvyan Burge, and its officers, Rae Lamb, Marilyn Lenz, Lois Hitchcock, and Elizabeth Nemenz, carried out its purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character. For the good of the community, the Tri-Hi-Y gave Thanksgiving baskets to the needy and made various articles for the Junior Red Cross. For the good of the school, the Tri-Hi-Y endeavored to promote clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. Parties, swim night, and civic day were other activities of the club. HI-Y To create, extend, and maintain throughout the school and community a high standard of Christian character has been the objective of the North Lima Hi-Y Club. The club has accomplished this by having its members participate in "gym patrol" and by arranging for ministers to speak to the high school. The Hi-Y Club, under the guidance of Mr. Popelka and its officers 4-fDonald Wei- kart, Dick Ward, George Creelman, and Joseph Lamancusa-carried out a six-Weeks' civic program ending wit.h Civic Day. The boys also attended "swim nights" and held parties with the Tri-Hi-Y. of 1750 THE ECHO In this twelfth volume of the Echo, the annual staff has endeavored to record the hopes, the joys, the enthusiasms and the achievements of the students of North Lima High. With our editor, Marilyn Lenz, assistant editor, Quentin Clingerman, and Manager Dick Ward, we have worked together to achieve this purpose under the guidance of Miss Stackhouse. The many pages of group pictures and of vivid snaps, incorporate the memories of cordial friendships and happy school days. We wish to express our appreciation to the advertisers who, by their contribu- tions, have made it possible for us to publish this Echo of 1950. LIMA LITE STAFF This year's staff has attempted to present, clear and unbiased, reports of the year's events as they happened. The feature articles and the student opinion polls Were included for added interest. Many fine poems were contributed for literary work. Our exchange news from other school papers has added much to round out the Lima Lite. The editor, Barbara Leonhart, Wishes to express her appreciation for the fine cooperation received in the publishing of the paper and to Mrs. Burge, our advisor, for her help. 74a 5444 ARCUND SCHOOL Wait! Here comes Barbara C. with her hair up .,,. Almost missed the bus! .... Powell's bus late again .... Richard S. taking a girl to school .... QA loud clat- , terl the second bus loads stamping through the halls .... All the girls combing their hair .... Much loud talking going on to catch up on gossip .... Locker doors banging .... Mr Ward saying, "Clear the hall!" .... Quiet, please! Time for announcements .... All high school meet for morning devotions in study hall . . . . Gertrude K. parading in study halls . . . . Hey, Donnie, San, and Mr. Mort, how did you get your shiners? . . . Eunice's giggle going up the scale . . . Mr. Hime's mustache coming and going . . . Lima Lite work in Typing II . . . "How many stencils did you do?" . . . Girls doing their bookkeeping in ink . . . Rae L. flirting with the freshman boys in algebra class . . . Richard S. having his seat changed . . . Dick and Peggy gazing into each other's eyes . . . Seniors grabbing snapshots for the annual . . . Undergraduate to senior, "May I have your picture?" . . . Marilyn L. dreaming of Bob . . . Charles H.'s mustache . . . Johnny P. almost breaking someone's arm . . . There's Donnie W. with his butch haircut and two- dollar pink shirt . . . Lowell, wake up! . . . Mrs. Burge patiently answering ques tions . . . Miss Warrick giggling . . . That's Jerry J. flirting . . . Oh, oh, they're arguing in sociology class again . . . Nice discussion we had in shorthand class, huh? . . . Gee! I'm hungry! . . . Noon, at last . . . Oh boy! spaghetti! . . . Yes, that's the senior girls hitting their plates with their spoons . . . "Going downtown?" . . . "Let's go downstairs to see the movie" . . . Look at all the cars driving in and out tPic S. to see Pat W., Bob M, with Liz NJ . . . There are the junior boys in a huddle in front of the school . . . Gus N. and Delight A. smiling and talking. . . . Kids buying ice cream, candy, and potato chips . . . a game's going on in the gym ino eating in therel . . . Phyllis S. collecting grade news for Lima Lite . . . Bob W. walking with Charlotte M. . . George C. talking to Thelma K. by the lock- ers . . . Bell rings! . . . Ah, just made it!! . . . Dorothy D.'s got another high in typing fspeed demonl . . . Alice M., don't you get tired of writing notes? . . . Get- ting library slips . . . Boys walking over to the shop . . . Eighth graders, "Is it girls' or boys' gym?" . . . Senior girls giggling in home ec. class . . . Lois H. draw- ing pictures . . . Mrs. Dyer running errands . . . Mary S. nearly getting blown up by Mr. Ward in chemistry . . . Joe L. helping Barbara L. in the old office . . . School's out! . . . Don't miss the bus . . . Ray C. coming for Betty B. right after school . . . Richard Gnosa eating ice cream while waiting for second bus . . . Mr. Burkholder at his post by the school to watch over everything . . . Majorettes or cheerleaders staying for practice . . . Clarence M. driving around the school . . . Good-byes said and all is quiet until another day. Page 52 fcuwlam Siam ag msc 5444 The Junior play "The Big Help," presented by the Class of 1950. The Senior play "Ananias Bill," presented by the Class of 1950. The Junior play "We Shook the Family Tree," presented by the Class of 1951 Of 1950 EVENTS OF THE YEAR SEPTEMBER 6. The first day of school and the first assembly. All right now, not everyone can have a back row seat! 8. Assignment of lockers. O.K. Juniors, move over. Seniors first, you know! 9. Election of cheerleaders. Eunice Mellinger, Peggy Arkwright, Carole Roller, and Ila Mae Mains are our pretty foursome for this year. 14. Freshman Initiation. Paddling line, food, snake dance. More fun! 16. First Tri-Hi-Y meeting. Also first football game of the season. A wonderful victory over Springfield. 16. Congratulations! Mr. Mort became the proud papa of a baby girl. 23. Hi-Y meets for the first time this year. 24. Another game, another victory. We took Malvern. 25. "Take a deep breath. Hold it! That's all." Yes, we had X-rays taken today. 30. First issue of the Lima Lite. Good issue. Nice going, staff. OCTOBER I. Woe is me! Our first loss of the season. It was .to Struthers. 5. Lucky agriculture class went on a tour at the Canfield Experimental Farm this morning. 7. The high school had an assembly today. Mr, Ramsey-a reporter, world trav- eler, and lecturer-spoke to us. Quite interesting. 8. A beautiful day for a football game, but we lost to Canfield. 11. Group pictures taken today. My, my, how nice everyone looked! 12. The Lima Lite staff went to a journalism meeting at Sebring High School. 15. North Lima met Goshen in a football game, but bad luck. We lost. 17. The Hi-Y sponsored a devotional service this morning. Reverend Zechial spoke. 19. Hear all the groans? That's right. Report card time. 20. Three cheers for the teachers! Only a half-day of school because of a teachers' meeting. 21. Senior skating party. Nice crowd, lots of fun! 27. Football game with Jackson. We came through with fiying colors. 28. Whole day off. Another teachers' meeting. Second issue of the Lima Lite. 29. Community Hallowe'en party at the school. The guests certainly enjoyed them- selves. 31. Both the Juniors and Seniors had Hallowe'en parties. NOVEMBER 1. The Seniors traveled to Alliance to have their graduation pictures taken. Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y officers went to a meeting at Columbiana. 4. The "Melody Four," Swiss bell-ringers, entertained the students. Their music was quite unique and lovely. 4. The Juniors presented their play, "We Shook the Family Tree." Good acting. 5. Teachers and Board members enjoyed an evening of fun with the McGregors and Wards. 8. Basketball Preview at Berlin Center. 9. Spectators witnessed a hilarious game of Donkey Basketball at the school auditorium. 10. The annual Prince of Peace Contest was held, Dick Ward was the winner. 11. Armistice Day. No school. 11. A nice crowd attended the Junior Skating Party. Everyone had a good time. 14. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y initiation party and Sadie Hawkins Day square dance. Mock marriage, laughs, and fun! 18. The Junior Carnival went over with a bang. 21. The football players and cheerleaders were the honored guests at a spaghetti dinner at the school. 22. The first basketball game turned out to be quite a thriller, but we finally emerged victorious over Springfield. 23. The fifth and sixth graders presented a very good Thanksgiving Operetta, "The Inn of the Golden Cheese," 25. Lima Lite was on sale today. It's bigger and better every time. 25. 8: 26. The Men's Club presented a play, "Friday the 13th." Quite a hit. 29. We beat Goshen in an exciting basketball game. 30. Report card time again. Dear me! DECEMBER 2. Yea Lima! We won again. Over Bessemer this time. 3. Oh, oh! We got set back in a basketball game with Fairfield. 6. Another loss. Too bad, but then Lowellville is pretty tough. 7. The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y went to a joint swim night at the Y.M.C.A. 9. Hurray, back on the win trail again. We took Waterford this time. Page 55 74a 5640 zcuwiam S , 1, X, 54 wiki Lvouhe Love ? +3 , ' Z v 2 no MARLENE COMPANY PLEASE suv A PENCIL., Goins- oown ? - IAM E - ,g ., . . ,.. . ., , . ., ...Q Page 56 0,4 1950 10. The Mothers' Club sponsored a fun night at school. It really was fun. Square dancing and all. 13. We met Columbiana in a basketball game. We lost. 14. The Lima Lite staff attended another journalism meeting at Hayes Junior High. 15. Another Senior highlight. Name cards and invitations were ordered. 19. The school, churches, Mothers' Club, and Men's Club sponsored a Community Christmas program. It was a very worthwhile evening. 20. Sebring took us in a game here. Too bad, fellows. 22. The tirst and second grades presented a very Haute" Christmas assembly, "The Toys That Had to Wait." 23. We beat Fitch in a game. Beginning of our Christmas vacation. 25. My, wasn't Santa good to everyone? This was really a nice Christmas. 27. The Alumni conquered the Varsity at the alumni game. There was a lively square dance afterwards. JANUARY 2. First day of school in 1950. 6. We started out the New Year right by defeating North Jackson in a game. 10. Oops. Lost a game to Lisbon. 10. Oh, that final day is getting close. Seniors were measured for caps and gowns. 13. Our cagers dropped a game to Springfield. 16. Our team certainly is unpredictable. We won over Poland. 18 Sz 19. These two days were Hlled with very enjoyable sessions of the Community Institute. 19. The Government class added to their store of knowledge by witnessing a court trial. 20. The words on everyone's lips are, "May I have a picture?" Senior pictures arrived. 20. The Zippers bowed to Berlin Center. 24. The Hi-Y Basketball team beat Canfield. 25. Hi-Y teams' luck changed. They lost to Lisbon. 27. We dropped another game. This time to Wellsville. 28. The high school presented a radio program over WFMJ. It was very good! 28. Fun night sponsored by the Mothers' Club. Wonderful crowd and a wonderful time. FEBRUARY 1. The entire school assembled to see a magic show. It certainly was bewildering. 3. Lima bowed to Canfield in a close, exciting game. 6. The seniors sponsored a steak dinner at the school. It went over very well. 8. North Lima and Greenford tangled in a hard-fought basketball game. 10. The Zippers met Lowellville for the last home basketball game of the season. 11. Alnother Fun Night was sponsored by the Mothers' Club. A good time was had y all. 15. First tournament game at South Field House. 22. Washington's Birthday. We celebrated by having no school. MARCH 3. The sophomores sponsored a Skating Party at Kelly's. Lots of fun! 13. The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y sent several of their members to participate in the annual Civic Day program. 31. The play "Ananias Bill" was presented by the senior class. It was given a hearty response. APRIL 1. April Fool's Day. It paid to be on your toes so that you wouldn't fall prey to some prankster. 14. The freshmen sponsored their first Skating Party. It was a big success. 17. The Mount Olivet Church presented a play in the school auditorium. 28. The annual Athletic Banquet was held to honor our school athletes and to pre- sent award letters. , MAY 5. The Glee Clubs and Mixed Chorus merged to present a spring operetta, "Gypsy Rover." . The student body attended an assembly in which trained collies performed. . One of the highlights of the year. The Junior-Senior Banquet was held at the Mahoning Country Club. 21. Baccalaureate services were held and the remoteness of graduation became closer to a reality. 22. At last! The long awaited night of commencement! And as the graduates took their places, all the memories and activities of the year culminated in this, the last of all their school events. 14 19 Page 57 'ide S640 ALUMNI OF N.L.H.S. CLASS OF 1947 Kathryn Blosser ................ Mrs. Marlin Heindel Harold Brewer ......,... ......,...................... A t home John Cottom .......... ........... Y oungstown College Richard Crump ................,. General Fireproofing Albert Spencer ....... ......... W ilson Pontiac Co. Paul Steiner ......... ..................... C rouse Mill Yvonne Swank ........................,. Dental Assistant Melvm Taylor ................. .Ohio State University Anna Wellman .................... Mrs. Merle Detwiler Glenn Whan .,.................................. Indiana Tech. Robert Davis ......... ....... O hio State University Lucile Horst ...................... Mrs. Edward Wright Theodore Horst ........ Stephen Kayati ........ Charles Lenz .....,.... ...........Merchant Seaman .........Otterbein College ....................Truscon Steel Alice Laughlin ...................... Heidelberg College Jack Marshall .................................. Truscon Steel Anna Mae Mellinger... .Teacher at Columbiana Jeanette Mellinger ............ Mrs. Charles Detrick Ruby McDorman .............. Youngstown Building Material 8: Fuel Co. Grace Schmidt ...i........,... Mrs. Glen McCormick Norma Seidner ......... Fisher Printing Co. James Steer ...................... Ohio State University Robert Schwartz ............ Ohio State University Martha Swope .......... ............. M rs. Jack Graft Jean Williams .................... Mrs. Howard Newton CLASS OF 1948 Donald Anderson .... Youngstown Sheet 8: Tube Ernest Brewer ........................................ At Home Thomas Buchanan .................. Otterbein College Robert Carr .......,.... Youngstown Sheet 8: Tube Twyla Casity ..................i. Ranson and Randolph Christy Cipriano .................... Cross Drug Store Ruth Culp .........i.............. Mrs. Clarence Rummel Jane Dalrymple .................... Mrs. Fred Bauman James Dinsio A... Hauling Steel for White Star William Frank .................... University of Toledo Bruce Geiger ......... .......... K enmar Corporation Jack Hall ............... ......... S unshine Biscuit Co. Frances Janosik ....... ........ Y oungstown Fuel 8: Building Material Co. Virginia Kreidler .............,.. Youngstown College Jacqueline Lamb ............................ People's Bank William McDorman .......... Linoleum Apprentice William Musselman ...... Carpenter's Apprentice Otis Rowe ...................... Machinist's Apprentice, Sheet 8: Tube Glenn Scattergood ......... ........... A t Home Page 58 Nancy Ziegler .... Working for Mrs, Roy Rupert CLASS OF 1949 Richard Anderson .............. Youngstown College Jean Bieber ............ Mahoning Valley 8: Supply Robert Cottom .................... Youngstown College Miriam Crouse ........ ......... Y oungstown College Ardith Cullar ....... ............................. A t Home Melvin Culp .....................,..........................,... Army Dorothy Dickey ............ Century Super Market James Frank .................... Cavanaugh Hardware Richard Gaither ....................., Beede's Appliance Leon Griffith ........... ........... D eLauter Coal Co. Esther Heindel .................... National College of Education Harold Horst .............. Roofing and Sheet Metal Marilyn Houghton ........ Mrs. Charles Hendricks Peggy Kerr .............................,..,............. At Home Martha Kurtz .......................................... At Home Donna Lindquist ................ Youngstown College Charlotte Mellinger .......... General Fireproofing Jean Mellinger ........ Youngstown Paint 8: Glass Frederick Mentzer.. Mahoning County Garage John Mentzer ................... .Gwenn-Gary Nursery Nelson Mentzer .......... ........ Y oungstown College Robert Mulligan .................. Youngstown College Martha Parson ....... .................. N urses' Aide Gerald Paulin ........................................ Carpenter Anna Mae Sahli ................................ Nurses' Aide James Schmidt.. Wilma Stock ...... ......Youngstown Bag 8: Burlap Home Ray Summers ......,............. Marshall Mining Co. Perry Vanpelt... ..........................,..........Carpenter Victoria Walczesky .,.............................. Murphy's Gladys Webster ........ Lease Drug Store, Salem Leroy Weikart .............................. Kopp Clay Co. Evelyn Weisenberger .................... Super Market Richard Wertz .... L. D. Cochran Machine Shop Rand Williams ................ Machinist's Apprentice 0,4 msn M EEEQMSMNQ xMM,..., xj 1 ' 9 Go Q 1 L 9 . 'Me 5444 'pw 7 Www Fred B. Detwiler, Manager Courteous and Efficient Service Within the Means of Every Family Fa.-vc e lm p '1 i-H-1 -s b AMBULANCE :: INVALID CAR Phone: Cohunbiana 4500 Compliments of BUSH ELECTRIC Compliments of WOCDWORTH G.E. Appliances - Refrigerators Hot Water Heaters - Ranges li PHONE 9-2157 North Lima, Ohio Kenneth Stewart Page 60 Of msc Congratulations to the Class of 1950! J. Walter Cottom ERUITS - VEGETABLES Moving - General Hauling Coal - Ashes - Slag PHONE 9-2148 DlNSIO'S Lake View Inn FOUNTAIN SERVICE Light Lunches Sandwiches Variety of Dinners Ordered in Advance BOOTH SL TABLE SERVICE FOR COUPLES Phone 9-2424 South Ave. Sc Calla St. Rd. North Lima, Ohio "It matters not how straight the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll, I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul !" fWilliam Ernest Henleyj CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '50 ST ROUSS-HlRSHBERG'S Youngstown, Warren, Salem, Ohiog New Castle, Pa. Page 61 'Me S444 WELLMAN'S GREENHOUSE Cut Flowers Flowers for All Occasions Box 245 North Lima, Ohio Youngstown 5-4523 Compliments of HORTON'S BEN FRANKLIN Pump Service Sz Sz Well Drilling FEDERATED PUMP SALES st STORE SERVICE O Phone 645 Phone 521 Columbiana, Ohio Columbiana, Ohio 2 Of 7950 john Cullar Sz Sons FLOWER si VEGETABLE PLANTS IN SEASON Columbiana-New Buffalo Rd. Ph. 9-2029 North Lima, O. Candy ls Delicious Fooclg Enjoy Some Every Day. BIEBER'S GARAGE Repairing on All Cars, Trucks, and Tractors East Lewistown, Ohio Phone North Lima 9-2843 Fitzpatrick Bros. "Good Clothes For Men" Columbiana, Ohio THE PEOPLES LUMBER CO. Glass - Sash - Doors Mill Work - Roofing - lnsulation Columbiana, Ohio Phone 4235 Page 63 'ide E444 COMPLIMENTS OF D1 C0 LCO f SJ: I-,,g,5Am,3fz,Ef' Y-gnQ,fs.2i:fgL ,U -9 Inm- Q 1: .. ' ' " ' ' " --- HB Q Liz F. ",H ?TJ.y PHONE 9-2886 NORTH LIMA, OHIO Page 64 of M50 CROUSE'S FEED MILL FEED - FARM SEEDS FERTILIZER - - PAINTS BUILDER'S SUPPLIES - POULTRY SUPPLIES HARDWARE North Lima, Ohio Phone 9-2144 STACKHOUSE GARDENS DRINK Grower Of VEGETABLE AND FLOWER PLANTS North Lima, Ohio P 65 'Me S444 COMPLIMENTS OF FISHER PRINTING COMPANY LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET EXPERTS We Specialize in Wedding Stationery COLUMBIANA, OHIO C0mPlimCntS of Klaus Hardware Sl AppI13IlCC H Sales 8a Service . New Springfield, Ohio Columbma ' Phone 4628 Phone: North Lima 9-2771 Compliments of H. W. SAHLI COLUMBIANA GENERAL HAULING Coal, Limestone, Ashes Phone 9-2179 P g 66 of 1950 The Koch WELLS' DRUGS Motor CO' PREsoR1PT1oNs F 0 R D Phone 4616 A SPECIALTY 14-18 East Park Ave. Columbiana, Ohio Compliments of SlTLER'S FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Columbiana, Ohio Tire Exchange Hoover "On the Square" V. H. Hoover, Galen T. Burt Firestone, General, Goodyear, U. S. Royal Tires and Recapping Phone 626, Columbiana, Ohio BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 PFAU'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS Phone 9-9201, North Lima, O. Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Pfau Compliments of L. F. PARKS COMPLETE PLUMBING SUPPLIES Installation and Repairs IP North Lima, Ohio Phone 9-2115 Page 67 'Me E444 Congratulations And Success, Class of 1950! HOWARD WILSON PONTIAC CO. NORTH LIMA, OHIO Compliments of COLUMBIANA CLEANERS PHONE 518 C Sz D Sewing Machine Shop Expert repairing on any make of ' ' d built machine, new, used, an re machines for sale. We will con- vert your old machine in a mod- ern electric portable or console. Phone North Lima 9-2105 Sporting Goods Co. 29 N. Champion St. CARL GENKINGER BEN SCHARSHN PETE MCBRIDE See us for your athletic needs b eball, football, basketball as tennis, softball, golf, fishing Compliments of North Lima Dry Cleaners WE CALL AND DELIVER Phone: 9-2105 Page 68 0,4 7950 Compliments of NEMENZ FOOD MARKET MEAT - GROCERIES BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Phone 9-2103 BEEDE APPLIANCE Philco Radio - Refrigerator Maytag Washers Hoover Sweepers Westinghouse Appliances NORTH LIMA 9-2154 WOLFGANG,S ARTHUR SHOEMAKER Representing ISALY DAIRY PETERSBURG Creamery Company N o R T H L I M A Phone 9-2206 Pasteurized Milk CREAM IP ISALY ENDS THE QUEST FOR THE BEST Homogenized Vitamin D Phone North Lima 9-2250 Page 69 741: S444 L, F. DONNELL FORD-MERCURY 1811 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Dodge Passenger Cars Plymouth Passenger Cars Market Motor Co. Your Friendly Dealer Sales - Service - Parts 3939 Mkt. St. - Youngstown 5 W. H. Slater, Mgr. Phone 86551 The Fithian Cement Products Co. BURIAL VAULTS 6234 hAurket SL YOUNGSTOWN, O. Irvin E. Ruhlman GROCERIES 8: MEATS Woodworth, Ohio Phone Yst. 2-3512 COMPLIMENTS OF KELLY'S PARK ROLLER RINK LEETONIA, OHIO PHONE 2838 Page 70 Off 950 Congratulations to The Class of '50 STEEL CITY CHEVROLET CO. 2519 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of the SEEDERLY Funeral Home INVALID CAR SERVICE Columbiana, Ohio M I L L E R ' S "On the Square" FLOOR COVERINGS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Phone 334 Columbiana, Ohio Page 71 746 Solo COMPLIMENTS OF I I Coal Mines in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Main Office: 812 Union Bank Building YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Youngstown Phone: 3-6614 North Lima Phone: 9-2137 OWNERS: R. B. MARSHALL, L. E. BRAUNINGER Page 72 Of 7950 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 ESTABLISHED 1867 The Medbury-Wilson Company 1203 Realty Bldg., Youngstown GENERAL INSURANCE Call Philip Prosser, N. L. Office Phone: 35107 9-2926 VIMCO BRAND FANCY MACARONI - SPAGHETTI NOODLE PRODUCTS The Rose And Johnson Co. Wholesale Distributors F O R D PYRAMID GENUINE PARTS DODGE Sales - - Service PLYMOUTH WELSH MoToRs New Springfield, Ohio Phone: North Lima 9-2047 Sales And Service Dodge job-Rated Trucks Phone 5-2158 - Poland, Ohio Page 73 74a Soda COMPLIMENTS OF 405562 qfame wi 4 19 'Wazff' S. 79502 fLfi.Ef-4133 4 S52-z lfklmllfl A f' 4443 ' 2? 7.1.5 41 A ' J LA F S AMBULAN CE SERVICE Phone 621 - Columbiana, Ohio Page 74 ag M50 Cipriano Sz Sons soHIo SERVICE Phone North Lima 9-2907 Atlas Tires, Batteries, , Accessories and Groceries Battery Service Co. WESTINGHOUSE Refrigerators-Washers Ranges-Radios-Ironers NU-ENAMEL PAINTS Phone 4225 - Columbiana, O. Compliments of a Friend "Only a. Blind Man" would not see "THE NATIONAL VENETIAN BLIND CO." Venetian Blinds with the New Look- Flexalum Slats and Plastic Tape. Your Cleaning Troubles are Over. WASHABLE CLOTH SHADES Drape Material by Joanna Mills We specialize in Cleaning Sz Repairing All Makes of Venetian Blinds. All esti- mates are free. PHONE: NORTH LIMA 9-2275 IRA G. DALRYMPLE Compliments of THE COLUMBIANA MOTOR CO. SUPER CHEVROLET SERVICE 140 E. Park Ave. Columbiana, O. - Phone 4123 COMPLIMENTS OF Bakers Of Slo-Baked WONDER BREAD Page 75 'Me Sm HALL S M I T H ' S BROKERAGE REAL ESTATE Flne Furnlture 27 South Main Street Columbiana, Ohio . Phone: 4512 "WHERE DEALING IS A PHQNE 4521 MUTUAL PLEASURE" Columbiana, Ohio We: Invite Your Patronage Respect Your Wishes Serve Your Interests Compliments of Mowen Cleaners Columbiana, Ohio Compliments to The Class Of 1950 Earl E. Mort GENERAL STORE East Lewistown Phone: N. Lima 9-2789 Ennev's Sohio THE HOME or Service Gooo SHOES Phone 9-2207 ATLAS TIRES Staley Sz Glenn Batteries - Accessories -Lubrication Service- We Are Proud of Our Service" Columbiana, Ohio Page 76 ag 1950 Bafzcfeni ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS If It's Bo'rden's It's Got to be Good YoUNGsTowN. oH1o Mllk .................................................... Phone 2-1177 Ice C m .,.,,,.....,..., Phone 3-4179 'Me E440 THIRST, TOO, SEEKS QUALITY Months of study -- Months of pleasant companionship- All of them summarized in this yearbook, a memento to the effort you have put forth to make a success of your school work. It is our hope that Coca-Cola has in some small way made your task easier- contributed a friendly pause for refreshment to your work or play. Anywhere, anytime, you will find a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola near by to help you make any pause "The Pause That Refreshesf' Relax . . . have a Coke COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Page 78 ag 1950 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY COLUMBIANA, OHIO The Stambaugh- Thompson Co. YOUNGSTOWN'S COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE 114 W. Federal St. 2625 Market St. 1652 Mahoning Ave. DIMIT BROTHERS PHOTOGRAPHERS 214 City Savings Building Alliance, Ohio Pc ge 79 'Me 5444 CLASS OF 1950 Congratulations . . . My! How You'fve Grown! Here you are, Ready to Shoulder Tomorrow! McKELVEY'S 1883 f01950 BOARDMAN'S MOST MODERN SUPER MARKET THE CITIZENS BGARDMAN SAVINGS BANK Super Market Columbiana - Leetonia Ohio 6315 Market St. "A HOME BANK FOR Boardman HOME PEOPLE" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 80 Of 7750 Williams Coal Co. Phones: North Lima: Office 9-2587, Res. 9-2156 North Lima, Ohio DOMESTIC 81 STEAM COAL Hughes Jewelry WATCH REPAIRING Watches - Rings - Jewelry Market St. Ext., North Lima, O Loveland Farm Equipment Co. 8L SEED DEPT. 25-33 E. Front St., Youngstown E'Everything for the Farmeru Phone 45279 Farm Machinery, Water Systems Poultry Equipment N o R T H L 1 M A Frozen Custard HAMBURGS - HOT DOGS NORTH LIMA LUMBER COMPANY ROOFING - INSULATION - GLASS BUILDERS, HARDWARE STORM SASH - PAINT - VARNISH ROCK WOOL BATS WALLBOARDS OF ALL KINDS North Lima Phone 9-2113 Page 81 74a 5640 COMPLIMENTS OF EAST FAIRFIELD COAL COMPANY PHONE: NORTH LIMA 9-2377 Compliments of North Lima Auto Serfvice li Tires - Batteries - Brake Service Motor Tuneup - Wheel Balanc- ing - Gas - Freedom Oil SAHLPS For that Good Home Dressed Meat at Reasonable Prices, Try our Famous Country Brand Bologna and Sausage. just North of Light on Rte. 7 Phone 9-2262 Page 82 0,4 7950 SCHAEFER BOARDMAN Music Shoppe SUPPLY CO 409-10-ll-12 Keith Albee Bldg. . Youngstown Phone: 3-4605 Residence Phone: 3-2803 COAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES GUARANTEED REPAIRING SHEET MUSIC - SUPPLIES Music . . . The Universal Language. BUILDING MATERIAL READY MIX CONCRETE 7357 Southern Boulevard Youngstown, Ohio Phone 2-8131 COMPLIMENTS OF SHEBAN MINING COMPANY PHONE 9-2212 Page 83 74a S444 COMPLIMENTS OF W. M. KYSER SALES COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Janitorial, Sanitary ancl School Supplies OFFICE FURNITURE, SCHOOL FURNITURE PUBLIC EQUIPMENT Telephone 4563-1 Warren, Ohio Roller's Book Store "THE scHooL sroiuae Columbiana, Ohio Compliments of Flo's Beauty Shop North Lima, Ohio Phone 9-3520 Kurtz Service Sta. LUBRICATION SERVICE CAR ACCESSORIES Atlas Tires and Bateries MAPLE DAIRY The House of Famous Banana Splits, Milk Shakes, Hamburgers and French Fries Helen and Bill Sakas, Prop. Springfield Road Page 84 of M50 5- Wffffwee NORTH LIMA, OHIO HUDSON SALES AND SERVICE Millions Asked for it -1 Here it is! The Lower Priced New Hudson Pacemaker with Famous "Step-Down" Design SUNOCO PRODUCTS - SALSBURY SCOOTERS THE NEW GOODRICH TUBELESS TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Including . . . BURTON,S PAINT AND BODY SHOP Auto Painting 8: Fender Work Waxing SL Welding I Page 85 'Me S444 veemggawga, HOTEL 6? RESTAURANT SUPPLIES 223 E. Federal Street Phone 44375 YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO 8 Uf 7750 mm ' 7700 Market St., Youngstown, O. Phone 23461 "'L'Z'Z'ffE2i'2'.fL Farmall Tractors - Farm Machines Garden Tractors - Spray Materials Lawn Mowers PARTS AND SERVICE Producers of Apples and Potatoes Compliments of The Vogue Rupert's Bakery MILLINERY LADIES' APPAREL Phone 515 Phone 332 Columbiana, Ohio Columbiana, Ohio Compliments of the Columbiana Buick Co. ogq0 'lzulzgqtunlog 'JS UEUW 'S I2 EIIIOLS 00192 'Usa '90I 'vs ZLHHH 'Cl 'H 0961 10 S8210 9111 01 11001 P009 Page 87 744: Em COMPLIMENTS OF 'ir' l' C . 2 fi 0 v2iEE2fjqwHfE?QieNnemkmwziwiw , ulJ,w19F qLWf,qk1M,,,!Eb 715 u!Zf:fE'?i29 wif -3'fg,Q:jQ'?jE5'5 0' ' " To +I: 'f' Evergreens and Fruit Trees Chicks, Seeds, Feeds, Supplies 622 MARKET STREET PHONE 39732 YOUNGSTOWN 2, OHIO Page 88 A if -K-1, T" 'S 11 A. f, F 1 d r. 7 r I F I Q' . HJ s. 5 lk, fl , F E? E 5 . 2-.2 n Q, 1,7 ' x i 4. -.4,,..:.: L ,y - -K" nv-HA O w'r:us.,f,4s-HwsQf.ufv A M, J Q: - P--f .. -- -.-'-W 5 ,V ,, ., K , - x,...,. - 1 Q v , . x .ga-.4 .. N v X7 r I , , , ' . H x . . .7 ,. R' 7 ' '1'l' : . ' -11. ' .f:: - , ' 111+-"iw, -, , - . -:Effff ,, ., A F ngfqf vw-1 , "Q, rv... 2-X . - Jfifgv- I-rp . 'fx'+'fQQ1, , 'F x 'A un rv 2

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North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Lima High School - Echo Yearbook (North Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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