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WA .-M - l,LEN COUNTY PyBLlC LIBRARY 3 1 HIM II 833 01881 7582 ' ' THE CREST ' 1971 North Liberty High School North Liberty y Indiana Volume IV SPONSOR: Robert Gowin EDITOR: Jessica Hickman ASS ' T. EDITORS: Joyce Si Tnandci and Janet Anderson BUS. MANAGER: Gary Halt From the beginning of the year to the long-awaited end, At N.L.H.S. we proceed around the bend, The bend of life which separates the past from the future years. As we who have known and loved it here shed away our tears. We remember all the fun we shared in cheering for our teams. Or watching a member of our class while he planned his little schemes. Preparing a term paper as a last- minute thing, Hoping that before you have to give your book report the bell will ring. Wondering if you will get time for all the things you have planned Trying to remember that you are supposed to raise your hand. With all these fond memories, we shall always cherish the lucky days at N.L.H.S. Contents Activities 20 Athletics 35 Organizations . 55 Classes 67 Advertising . . . 92 School Life Taken From All Angles 1 NLHS Students At Work? ly- H TTlj I A 1 - M v B 1 i B W ' • «! F . ' 4 9| «. . 1 H K JJ fca ■■. Here are some of the N. L.H.S. students who were lucky enough to be members of the 1970-71 " Mock " Foot- ball Homecoming Queen and Court. Do you recognize anyone? As the bon-fire blazes, the cheerleaders lead the students in singing the school song. As the SHAMROCKS make a touchdown, the crowd waits in suspense to see if the extra point is achieved. Pam Stewart Crowned 1970-71 Homecoming Queen Hard work and a lot of fun was the atmosphere around the halls at N.L.H.S. as the night of Homecoming drew near. Windows were painted and murals were hung on the walls to try and raise the school spirit. The night of October 10 finally arrived as the Shamrocks met the South Central Satellites. Even with the hard work and effort of our team, the Shamrocks were defeated; 8-6. The 1970-71 Football Homecoming queen and her court are: L. TO R. Freshmen Rep. , Kathy Martens; Junior Rep. , Darla Naragon; Queen, Pam Stewart; Senior Rep. , Darlene DeLanghe; and Sophomore Rep. , Debbie O ' Connor. Scholarship Awards were earned by: Scott Emmerick, Debra Davis, Susan Halt, Freshman; Becky Miller, Phil Whitmer, Sophomores; Mary Clark, Mike Hart- sough, Juniors; Christine Hartsough, Rita Boatman, Craig Anderson, Seniors. Valedictorians James Donathen, Craig Anderson, Rita Boarman, and Christine Hatrsough receive certificates from Mrs. Finley. Edward Sherewood, Pamela Stewart, and Joyce Szy- manski are awarded scholarships from the local Tri Kappa . Marilyn Kane receives from Ivlrs. Andreae the Home Economist in Business Award. Gary Halt receives the Alan Wenger Memorial Award from Mr. Johnson. D.A.R. American Mstory was awarded by Mr. Gray to Tony Johnson . Mr. Campbell presents Gary. Halt with the Science Award. Foreign Language Award was given to James Dona- then by Mrs. Finley. Citizenship Winners were; Ten-y Johnson; Beverly Szymanski; Freshmen, Janice Ivankovig; David Franklin; Sophomores, Darla Naragon; Tony Johnson; Juniors, and Mr. Worster presents Joyce Srymanski and Gar - Halt with the American Legion Citizenship Awards. 11 1971 PROM COURT: Gary Halt and Sandy Ogle, fourth rmmers-up; Brian Henry and Pam Stewart, third runners-up; Alan Limerick and Darlene DeLanghe, second ninners-up; Rick Howell and Sharon Shaffer, first runners-up; John Houser, prom king; Bimnie Cisney, prom queen. The beautiful North Liberty High School Auditorium was the setting for this year ' s prom on May 22. The theme, " Blue Hawaii " , was typlified by the sophomore servers who were dressed in Hawaiian prints and costumes. At the climax of the evening, Tony Johnson crowned Bunnie Cisney as Queen and Mary Clark crowned " King John " Houser. Music was provided by the New Prairie Stage Band who, along with the elaborate decorations, created an atmosphere suitable for such a beautiful occasion. Atmosphere Df ' ' Blue Hawaii ' ' Is Climaxed By Crowning Of King And Queen 13 t K X n m k j y y , i;; Juniors Hard Work Proved To Be Well Worth While Colorful mural is erected by: Janet Anderson, Mary Clark, and Tony Johnson . Push that broom , Tony ! Tables set up as prom draws near. Disaster strikes — prom morning! Decorations accent prom ' s theme. 14 After Prom Brings Long-Awaited Evening To An End B " ♦ m B » ' n2j»J 1 r.l 1 niMfl H After- Prom entertainment held at the bowling alley, with hypnotist, Qlis Swihart as the highlight of the evening. " Fish " provide bve music. Too bad, Darlene! What ' s that smiik for Ross? Teens listen attentively to Fish. 15 M We ' ve Only Just Begun Jan Anderson and Mike Hartsough lead the senior processional to the last pro- gram they participate in. Seniors, relatives, and friends listen attentively to Craig Anderson, one of the four vale- dictorians, who is making the one and only address during commencement exercises. Brian Henry receives congratulations from Mr. Ivankovig along with his diploma. 16 Debbie Franklin is assisted by Mike as she re- ceives the class flower, the Aster, from Jan Anderson. ' " We ' ve only just begun " with our diplomas. Senior class member entertain with theme song. UPPER LEFT: Connie H arbaugh was determined to get her diploma. ABOVX: The last step of commencement is the moving of the tassels from left to right. BELOW: Parents greeting graduates after commencement. Things Happening Guidance Attributed To 1970-71 Administration Mr. Dake v as present at N. L. H. S. one time this year for the National Honor Society Induction. He has many duties concerning schools in South Bend, but seems to find time for us during his busy schedule. We wish to extend our thanks to him for his fine work. MR. DAKE — Superintendent of South Bend School Corporation. MR. DAVIS— N.L.H.S. Principal At the end of the 1970-71 school year, Mr. Davis will have spent thirteen years as principal. He has tried to improve the situation as much as can be expected for someone wth his responsibilities. How- ever, he could not have done it without his valuable office assistants. Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Nelson who should also be commended. MRS. NELSON--Attendance Recorder, Assistant Comptroller. MRS. WALSH— Head Secretary. MR. HOSINKSl--Counselor. This year marks Mr. Hosinski ' s second year as our guidance coun- selor. He is responsible for helping each student to select the proper college, prepare their class sche- dules, and- suggest new ideas for a prospective job. Assistants Maintain Smooth Operation OfKL.H.S, BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS: Linda Knepp; Sharon Shaffer. OFFICE GIRLS: SITTING: Penny Geddes. STANDING: Darla Naragon; Chris Hartsough; Sharon Shaffer; Sandy Perkins. Wi MRS, HEIM, School Nurse . MR. HUNT: VICA, sponsor; ICT, Instructor. I CAFETERLA HELP: Mrs. German; Mrs. Bergland; Mrs. O ' Connor; Mrs. Shaffer; Mrs. Albright; Mrs. Bauman; Mrs. Roush; Mrs. Albright; Mrs. Stevens. MRS. ZOOK: School Librarian. MR. GOWIN- -Business Education, Comptroller, Bookstore, Yearbook, Baseball Coach. Diana Futa, Sue Meert, and Pam O ' Connor apply their skill in timed writings . Bunnie Cisney and Cathy Gaut are developing dictorial speed. MRS. BRUNSON — Business Education, Paper. Courses Provide Development Of Business Skills Business courses are .an asset to a student wishing to have skills in typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and filing. Not only are these skills important to the students who desire to enter into the business world, but they are also important throughout everyone ' s entire life. Susie Wilcox and Pat Kotal axe running off valuable statistics. Language — Stepping Stone To Understanding MISS NEMETH: English and Spanish. MRS. BURKE: English, Speech, and Drama. SPANISH II STUDENTS: B. Blosser, J. Schelling, and K. Schlarb look over new language lab equipment. As world communications increase and countries are making greater efforts to understand other ' s customs, religions, and societies, language is a basic stepping stone to understanding. Students at N. L. H. S. may take four years of Spanish and French. MRS. FINLEY: French and English. G. Halt and M. Bueher look over map of France in French class. English is the medium through which nearly every other subject is taught. It is therefore one of the most important courses offered at N. L. Available is a four year course covering everything from punctuation and sentence struc- ture to research papers, English literature, and contemporary poems. MR. DERUE: English and Developmental Reading. 24 jsm Social Studies Prepares For The Challenge Of The Future MR. MILLER— Social Studies, Golf Coach. A complete understanding of the past and pre- sent is necessary if we are to be prepared for the challange of the future. A complete understanding of the entire area of social studies is important to the high school graduate in order to assure his success as a qualified and useful citizen. Mr. Mill- er, in Introducation to Social Studies, lays the basic foundation for later social studies courses. He, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Gray attempt to teach the ideals and dreams of present and past America in the U. S. History Class. Mr. Gray gives final instructions to the Seniors in the Govemment-Econ Class, giving them practical knowledge about financial problems and civil responsibilities. MR. CLARKE— Health, P. E. , Ass ' t Football and Wrest- ling Coach. Mr. Gray gives one of his never-failing tests. Rick Holderbaum, Pam O ' Connor, Alan StuU and Sandy Ogle discuss current topics with the class. 25 MR. GRAY— Government, Economics, U. S. Wstor ' . Home Economics Courses Most Practical MRS. GREENHALGH- Home Economics. Mrs. Greenhalgh instructs Sandi Perkins, Darlene DeLanghe, and Vickie O ' Connor in the preparation of a delicious meal. MRS. ANDREAE— Home Economics, Family Living. These girls learn the fimdamentals of sewing. The study of Home Ec. is the most practical course offered to girls. Through the department they learn to become cap- able and efficient Homemakers. The fund- amentals of cooking, sewing, and maintain- ing a household are taught in Foods, Cloth- ing, and Family Living Classes. Pam O ' Connor demonstrates her avid skill in knitting to Sue Snyder and Debbie Litteral. Math And Science Challenge MRS. RUSS, Mathematics. MR. JOHNSON, Biology, Football Coach, Athletic Director. MR. TAYLOR, Mathematics, Social Studies. BIOLOGY STUDENTS-J. Ivankovig, Henry, D. Kaiser, and P. Whitmer observe microrganisms under the microscope. D. Trig, students attempt to solve seemingly un- solvable problems. Pictured RIGHT TO LEFT: L. Platz; M. Clark; T. Lawson; M. Hartsough; J. Osier. With the increased role of technology in our society, the science and math department have gained new importance in our school. Not only are these courses essential to the college bound student, but also to those who wish to enter computer training, medical, dental, or lab assistance positions. Mr. Campbell instructs H. Polman, J. Donathen, and C. Ander- son on the procedures of a Physics experiment. MR. CAMPBELL, Science and Mathematics. MR. HERTER- -Industrial Arts, Basketball, Track and Cross-Country Coach. These are the finished projects from our " Industrial " students. Indiostrial Arts as a subject takes its curriculum content from industry-a basic element of our culture. The I. A. program exposed students to industry through first hand experiences with industrial materials, tools, processes, and organization. Through the relation of the subject matter to the production of goods and services, the stu- dent gaim valuable experience. MR. HILLE— Industrial Arts, Audio-Visual Sponsor, Usher ' s Club Sponsor. Mr. Verhaeghe points out a part of an internal combus- tion engine to his class. Mr. Hille demonstrates the use of the metal lathe as his class looks on. Industrial Arts Learned Through Applying Skills MR. VERHAEGHE- Agriculture. Mr. Hillie instructs Keith Fassett on the proper welding techniques while Jim Lynch, Jim Adams and Bruce Weber look on. Mr. Verhaeghe stresses the importance of proper maintenance of farm equipment. II New Equipment Aids In Dexterity Mr. Keel ' s Phys. stabilization. Ed. Class shows their ability in Due to the emphasis placed on physical fitness, the P. E. Department at N. L. H. S. tries to provide a program which promotes physical growth and dexterity at physical skills. This year N. L. H. S. was supplied with new and different equipment every six weeks which included the tramp, parallel bars, and balance beam to acquaint the students with them. MR. KEEL— Health Education, Boy ' s P. E. Ass ' t Football and Basketball Coach. Miss Lincoln ' s Phys. Ed. Class attempts to out-do Mr. Keel ' s class. MISS LINCOLN— Girl ' s P. E. , Volley- ball Coach, Cheer- leader Sponsor, GAA Sponsor. Art Class Opportunity For Creativity And Self-Expression MRS. ARDYCE KREIDER— B.S., Valley City State Col- lege. Art Teacher. Developing the growth of a student ' s social, mental, and emotional growth is the goal of the art classes. Students strive to show talent and re- lease their emotions in the work they create. Imagination and creativity are the keys to succuss and appreciation of their work. Release of talent is vital in this class. On Honor ' s Day Mrs. Rreiaer presented the Art award to Phil Whitmer . Hm s .--; u c i " 3 " .S .--=! ■«£ =■ J) 2 3 C c V = 1=0 . C O .-pi_ " " § . -U „ «J " o .2 j3 X o ;,; .PH ,u ri u u) 3 ' tS K «o • = Pi •So l-H - - u C ° Q H tH u . a a) g . c U ni I— t ■ -wl o ' is ■ i ■ r, t. S ui 3 r ■ V) o 2 — - ■s « i . S W2 at rt . i) c • »— XT -t- QJ • Mm C » JS Q - ! . rt O f-U bO . BQ ;0 • o S J) S U ( o -c ' .£? 6 a d £ 6 . H-l • " - .S S S c Q § -g ' o 4-1 l-l at 0) •iH , ,„ ., ._ G " : o J C • o O j3 ?; J3 ■ : B S - .-- 6 .« •- o — ' - „ • jr jT - S o if CQ on X pq U 1 t 3 32 [ Practice Makes Better Performers MR. VANDER HAGEN— Band Director (High School and Jr. High). The main objective of the music department is to instill within the individual student appreciation through participation. Through music, the student finds an outlet for self-expression. Pom-poms put on a show. (Think about it! ) I LI LI J ! IIJC POMPOMS: FRONT ROW: K. Blosser, C. Schrader, P. Liggett, D. Franklin, S. Ogle, D. Shirley. D. O ' Connor, and S. Wilcox. ROW 2: D. Ginzer, S. Shaffer, A- Stevens, J. Kane, J. Stone, D. Goad, J. Campbell, and G. Clingenpeel. J Chorus Entertains Captive Audience With ' ' This Is My Country ' ' The main objective of the music department is to instill within the individual student appreciation through participation. Through music, both vocal and instrumental, the student finds an outlet for self-expression. MRS. F. SPELLMAN- Chorus, Glee Club, (Elementary Vocal Music ) Kent Shoemaker and Mary Clark practice for the program " Motion and Commotion " . Chorus class joins in unison in preparation for Spring Concert. Kent Bergland, Bill Brown, and Phil Whitmer ap- ply make-up for school operetta. Two scenes from the chorus ' s operetta " This is My Country. " 34 Experience Is Gained o a . to C Oli . o d S -— , fi £! .-a U IH fi Oh (U HI . SO .! " „ a) 3 M OJ ° -fi . M m — 3 pd ' -I PC • Ph I ° " «:« S - o " i! J3 -M . T3 3 S (-• M m - .. i; 00 « o ■ " • s - ' 5 - k " o ,::r 00 ■ bO O -PQ J3 - « O " Q V " " " " fi • S -U o , o i— E U " ft 2 Pi • pH , ON fN - .O w„ SO ' O ■ " c ) ' o ■ " u, 2 Q Q ° ° 3 Ph to M 3l o Pi fi o Q 36 Mark Shearer charges gallantly through South Central ' s line. Mark Shearer- Top Defense. Devon Ross-Top Offense, Hon. Co-Captain, Most Valuable Player. BiU Snyder-Hon. Co-Captain, All-Conference Defensive End. Mike Wesolek-AU Conference Defensive Back. 1970-71 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE N.L. 6 Jimtown 62 N.L. 6 Triton 13 N.L. 6 Knox 28 N.L. 12 John Glenn 12 N.L. 6 South Central 8 N.L. 24 Fairfield 7 N.L. 13 New Prairie 26 N.L. LaVille 38 N.L. 6 Jackson 26 Coach Johnson sbouts assistance from the side. North Liberty ' s defense smeare South Central ' s offense. Mike Wesolek David Franklin Randy Reeder Doug Boomhower 1970-71 Football Squad Dennis Vergon John Neidlinger Mike Petz Jeff Wesolek Mark Shearer Jack Knepp Kent Bergland Tom Armis Shane Hosteller Jim Houser Tries Hard! Roger Stull Bill Whitmer Keith Schlarb Greg Gensinger Max Edison Charlie Shearer Alan Nichols Darla Naragon Darlene DeLanghe, Captain Pam Stewart Marsha Liggett Cheerleaders Spark Spirit! Jann Wesolek B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS: FRONT; J. Ivankovig, LEFT; M. Edison, BACK; S. Edison, RIGHT; K. Martens. FROSH CHEEFILEADERS: FRONT; C. Wilcox, J. Nelson, BACK TOP; C. Norris, BOTTOM; G. Hosteller. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Dan Sprunger, Tony Johnson; Managers. BACK ROW: Glen Keel, Ass ' t Coach; Mike Wesolek, Co-Captain; Craig Anderson, Ernie Walls, Kevin Hunt, Marty Dittmar, Co-Captain; Herman Brinkhoff, Gary Halt, Jim Boatman, James Herter, Head Coach. VARSITY RESERVE: FRONT ROW: Dan Sprunger; Manager, Glen Keel; Coach. ROW 2: Kirk Clark, Mike Petz, Rocky Reeder. ROW 2: David Rextrew, Dean Kaser, Dave Franklin, Mark Elliott, Keith Schlarb. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Terry Johnson, Gary Zimmerlie, Jay Scott, Randy Reeder, Randy Sheaks. ROW 2: Lloyd Miller; Coach, Chris Gensinger, Jack Knepp, Gerry Boatman, Mike Walls, Tom Fisher, Alan Kaser. 1970-71 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE N.L. 64 Marian 76 N.L. 48 Knox 80 N.L. 54 Jimtown 86 N.L. 51 Akron 81 N.L. 62 Clay 69 N.L. 57 Westville 55 N.L. 59 Argos 53 N.L. 54 John Glenn 52 N.L. 48 Triton 73 N.L. 67 New Prairie 78 N.L. 60 Jackson 73 N.L. 69 Oregon- Davis 64 N.L. 56 Fairfield 89 N.L. 66 Northridge 65 N.L. 60 Bremen 74 N.L. 52 LaVille 69 N.L. 70 South Central HOLIDAY TOURNEY 59 N.L. 52 Riley BI-COUNTY 68 N.L. .50 New Prairie SECTIONAL 51 N.L. 46 LaVille 69 The crowd cheers wildly as Ernie Walls makes a perfect lay-up to raise the score two notches. UPPER RIGHT: Jim Boarman grabs a rebound away from the Fairfield Falcons. ABOVE: Gary Halt slioots for two as Marty Dittmar looks on. RIGHT; Marty Dittmar tries desperately to make a lay-up as a Falcon tries to stop him. Jim Boarman Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. 287 110 73 237 Ernie Walls Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. 165 61 42 90 Herman Brinkhoff Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. 16 5 6 24 Gary Halt Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. 89 30 28 71 Shamrocks Have Improved Season! Marty Dittmar Kevin Hunt Mike Wesolek Craig Anderson Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb. Pts. F.G. F.T. Reb 219 75 73 128 32 15 2 24 188 74 37 57 133 52 37 48 44 Victory Of Shamrocks Highlighted By Crowning Of Sharon Shaffer The night of February 20 marked the first success- ful Basketball Homecoming for the Shamrocks. At the beginning of the game, the cheerleaders presented the mothers of the senior members of the team with corsages and, also, the coaches wives. The half-time show consisted of a pom-pon routine and the crowning of the Queen. As Mr. Johnson announced Sharon Shaffer ' s name, Marty Dittmar presented her with her crown and roses. Everyone seemed to agree that this Homecoming was a success after the Sham- rocks defeated the South Central Satellites 70-59. Senior, Sharon Shaffer is being crowned 1971 Basketball Homecoming Queen by Senior Co-Captain, Mary Dittmar. The 1971 Basketball Homecoming Queen and her court are: L. TO R. : Sophomore Rep. and cort, Darla Henry and Charlie Shearer; Senior Rep. and Escort, Bunnie Cisney and Jim Lynch; Queen and Escort, Sharon Shaffer and John Houser; Junior Rep. and Escort, Mary Clark and Kent Bcrgland, and Freshman Rep. and Escort, Marlene Edison and Randy Reeder. VARSITY BASKETBALL AWARDS: FRONT ROW: Ernie Walls; Mike Wesolek, Co-Captain; Kevin Hunt; Craig Anderson, Kiwanis. ROW 2: Herman Brinkhoff; Marty Dittmar, Co-Captain Most Valuable Player; Jim Boarman, All Conference Team; Gary Halt, Most Free Throws. ABOVE: VARSITY WRESTLING AWARDS: FRONT ROW: Charlie Shearer; Mike Megyeri, Co-Captain Most Valuable Player; Jon Schel- ling; Richard Smith; Brad Krol. ROW 2: Devon Ross, Co-Captain; John Houser, Kiwanis; Mark Shearer; Hank Polman; Jim Lynch; David Futa. RIGHT: John Houser receives Kiwanis Award from Mr. Taylor. V Wrestlers Have Rewarding Season WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: D. Futa; M. Shearer; D. Ross, Co-Captain; J. Myers; J. Houser. ROW 2: B. Brown; M. Megyeri, Co-Captain; P. Whitmer; J. Schelling; B. Krol; R. Smith. ROW 3: Mr. Clarke, Coach; C. Shearer; H. Polman; J. Houser; J. Lynch; B. Payne; G. Zellers; R. Clark, Manager; J. Lappin. Mike Megyeri receives from Mr. Clarke the Most Valuable Wrestler Award. 1970-71 WRESTLING SCHEDULE KNEELING: R. Smith, 98 lb. N. L. INVITATIONAL CHAMP: J. Schelling, 119 1b. N. L. INVITATIONAL G CONFERENCE CHAMP. STANDING: J. Lynch, 112 lb. CONFERENCE CHAMP: M. Magyeri, 126 1b. N. L. INVITATIONAL G CONFERENCE CHAMP, 4th in Sec- tional; D. Ross, 185 lb. John Glenn New Prairie Fairfield Bremen Knox LaLumiere LaVille CUy Culver Jimtown Invitational- 13 N.L 31 N. L 21 N.L 28 N.L 29 N.L 20 N.L 31 N.L 30 N.L 36 N.L 10 N.L 1st 40 19 24 22 23 29 19 16 17 43 NSC Meet-4th VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Miss Lincoln, Sponsor. ROW 2: D. Ginzer; J. Stone, Captain; J. Eberly. ROW 3: L. DeSloover; A. Stevens; J. Ivan- kovig; J. Edison. Volleyball — Only Girls ' Sport At N.L.H.S. B-TEAM VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: ?vliss Lincoln, Sponsor. ROW 2: J. Ruggles; D. Henry, Co-Captain; S. Edison, Co-Captain. ROW 3: J. Kane; G. Hosteller; M. Edison; J. Kane. CROSS COUNTRY AWARDS: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lynch; B. Payne; L. Shuppert; C. WiUe; R. Lappin; K. Clark; ]. Lappin; J. Schelling; M. Megyeri, Captain. Run Boys Run! Warmin in . CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM: FRONT ROW: J. Uppin; K. Clark; J. Schelling; L. Shuppert; M. Megyeri, Captain. ROW 2: Mr. Herter, Coach; B. Payne; C. Wille; R. Lappin; J. L -nch. Mr. Herter presents a well- deserved award to Mike Megyeri . Get off to a good start, Greg! Coach Drills New Methods Into Boy ' s Bodies And Minds Jump, Gary, jump! Pour it on, Gary! TRACK TEAM: SITTING: D. Spranger. KNEELING: Mr. Keel, coach; D. Franklin; R. Reeder, J. Lappin; S. Bunch; G. Halt; Mr. Herter, coach. STANDING: G. Mauk; G. Gensinger; D. Boomhower, B. Payne; J. Geddes; K. Clark; and C. Wille. Runners Awarded For Their Determination Mr. Taylor presents Gary Halt with the Kiwanis award for track. Jim Lappin receives two trophies from the coach for top point man in track. Greg Mauk was awarded the worker " in track. ' hardest Mr. Keel presents Greg Gensinger with the most valuable player award in track. 51 Baseball Action Gives I if Wit ' ' ' ■ A fm - • ' - IT- - ., BASEBALL TEAM: KNEELING: M. Craft; T. Annis; R. Lappin; J. Scott. STANDING: Mr. Gowin, coach; J. Knepp, C. Gensinger; G. Sokol; T. Kish; Mr. Clark, coach. ROW 2: T. Johnson; R. Reeder; M. Wesolek; D. Sheaks; M. Petz; and R. Reeder. WE 12 8 1 9 5 2 8 2 3 9 6 10 1 Oregon Davis S. Central Divine Heart Jackson LaLumiere LaVille John Glenn Westville Westville Divine Heart Fairfield Jackson John Glenn Oregon Davis Jimtown LaVille LaLumiere New Prarie S. Central Fairfield Culver John Glenn (Sectional) THEY 1 6 6 5 9 12 10 14 4 12 12 17 4 3 5 10 9 5 20 14 4 10 52 Boys Satisfaction Mr. Clarke presents David Sheaks with the Leading Hitter Award for die 1971 Baseball Season. 53 GOLF TEAM: C. Anderson; J. Donathen; K. Hunt; Mr. Miller, coach; A. Kaser; G. Zimmerle; and C. Springman. Jim Donathen receives the Kiwanis award for Golf from Mr. Taylor. The three top point getter of 1971: C. Anderson; K. Hunt; and J. Donathen. 1971 Golf N.L. 176 Oregon-Davis 208 N.L. 176 Argos 198 N.L. 176 J. Glen n 162 N.L. 178 New Prarie 159 N.L. 194 Culver 169 N.L. 190 Jimtown 175 N.L. 374 Knox 378 N.L. 185 Oregon- Davis 207 N.L. 191 LaVille 175 N.L. 183 St. Joseph 179 N.L. 184 Fairfield 165 N.L. 161 S. Central 241 N.L. 190 Jimtown 168 N.L. 173 Knox 182 N.L. 176 S. Central 213 N.L. 362 Jimtown 331 N.S.C. Conference Meet Craig And erson receives the Athlete of the Year Award from Mr. Johnson, Athletic Director. 54 Honor Society Now Twenty- One Mem hers Gary Halt lights candle to open N. H. S. meeting. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTEES: FRONT ROW: A. Stevens; B. Hart- sough; B. Miller; M. Petz. ROW 2: H. Polman; M. Morris; M. Clark; J. Anderson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Mr. Taylor, Sponsor; D. Franklin, Treasurer; S. Ogle, Secretary; G. Halt, President; B. Henry, Vice-President; Mr. Gray, Sponsor. ROW 2: J. Szymanski; R. Boarman; C. Hartsough; J. Eberly; Mrs. Russ, Sponsor. ROW 3: J. Donathen; M. Hartsough; C. Anderson; T. Johnson. Student Council Provides New Dress Code STUDENT COUNCIL: SITTING: C. Wicks, Treasurer; Mr. Taylor, Sponsor; J. Houser, President; T. Fair, Vice-President; J. Wesolek, Secretary. STANDING: R. Lappin; J. Fair; P. Whitmer; S. Halt; D. Hurt; M. Clark; A. Kaser; C. Schelling; P. Stewart; J. Boarman; L. Hocker; M. Dittmar. Due to the Student Council ' s efforts, we had an unwritten dress code through- out the school year. Modeling the mini is Cindy Norris, modeling the maxi is Kathy Wilcox, modeling the hot pants is Diane Smith, and modeling the midi is Pam Stewart. CREST STAFF: FRONT ROW: J. Anderson, Ass ' t Editor; J. Hickman, Editor; A. Stevens; J. Szymanski, Business Manager; B. Blosser. ROW 2: M. Liggett; D. Ginzer; P. Kotal; D. Franklin; C. Hartsough; S. Shaffer; L. Knepp; S. Wilcox; C. Schlarb. ROW 3: K. Hunt; J. Boarman; T. Johnson; and G. Halt, Business Manager. 71 Crest And Link Staffs Gain Through Experience The 1970-71 editions of the school paper and yearbook have re- quired hard work for those involved. These people have given of their time and effort to write articles, set up pages, meet deadlines, and other things that make up a well-done paper and yearbook for the entire school. Relating current and future events, sports activities, and feature stories the school paper provides the students with an interesting publication. The yearbook reviews of all the happenings throughout the school year and the excitement of the different activities. Both paper and yearbook have contributed a lot to the school year. LINK STAFF: FRONT ROW: D. Franklin, Co-Editor; C. Hartsough, Co-Editor; J. Singleton. ROW 2: J. Szymanski, Business Manager; P. Stewart; S. Perkins; S. Meert; M. Clark; B. Cisney; P. Kotal; J. Wesolek. ROW 3: M. Liggett; R. Boarman; C. Anderson; K. Hunt; T. Johnson; J. Boarman; G. Halt, Business Manager; D. Franklin; and M. Hartsough. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB: FRONT ROW: J. Wesolek, Treasurer; M. Dittmar, Presi- dent; J. Boarman, Vice-President; C. Wicks, Secretary; Miss Nemeth, Sponsor. ROW 2: T. Clark; M. Liggett; M. Clark; D. Eraser; M. O ' Blenis; B. Blosser; C. Harbaugh; Nfrs. Finley, Sponsor. ROW 3: D. Franklin; R. Boarman; J. Harding; P. Stewart; D. Naragon; L. Clark; M. Haynes; L. Collings; L. Sumpter. ROW 4: C. Hartsough; S. Ogle; J. Shu- pert; J. Singleton; B. Donathen; B. Hahn; W. Haynes; B. Hartsough; J. Campbell. ROWS: J. Anderson; S. Edison; A. Stevens; J. Kane; D. Ginzer; P. Holmes; C. Sum- mers; B. Miller; M. Petz. ROW 6: J. Donathen; B. Henry; K. Hunt; M. Hartsough; T. Johnson; C. Anderson; G. Halt. ROW 7: D. Sprunger; J. Schelling; K. Schlarb; D. Franklin; C. Shearer; R. Lappin; J. Geddes. Language Club Displays Native Costumes Working Hard? What are you two doirr Hi there " Frenchy " ! 59 ■ l 1 VICA: FRONT ROW: P. Geddes, Reporter; G. Shoemaker; B. Sieracki, Treasurer; D. Smith, Secretary; J. Shreve, Vice-President; R. Howell, President. ROW 2: P. Fair, Parliamentarian; L. Cooper; M. Yeakey; P. Wharton; H. Brinkhoff. ROW 3: R. Holderbaum; D. Lappin; C. Schlarb; L. Good; D. Hooten. ROW 4: B. Henry; A. Limerick; G. Gouker; E. Sherwood; J. Kurzhal. ROW 5: D. Wyant; R. Ogle; J. Sapp; D. Nemeth. ROW 6: Mr. Hunt, Sponsor; R. Clark; D. Shirley; D. Trobaugh; D. Elwell. FFA: H. Polman, Treasurer; rl. Brinkhoff, Sentinel; B. Krol, Secretary; J. Kurzhal, Presi- dent; M. Shearer, Vice-President; B. Whitmer, Reporter. ROW 2: K. Fasset; B. Sieracki; J. Neidlinger; D. Kaser; M. Easterday; J. Kuharic. ROW 3: G. Brinkhoff; D. Boomhower; M. Edison; B. Cole; G. Shaw; R. Lambert. ROW 4: Mr. Verhaeghe, Sponsor; B. Moyer; W. Salyer; K. Glon; K. Wroblewski, S. Emerick. Lettermen ' s Club — Recognition Of Ability In Athletics LETTERMEN ' S CLUB: KNEELING: R. Reeder; K. Clark; R. Smith; M. Petz; R. Recder; J. Schelling; C. Shearer; D. Sprunger; M. Shearer, Vice-President; M. Collings; K. Bergland; S. Hostetler; C. Gensinger. ROW 2: J. Houser; J. Lynch; H. Polman; R. Clark; G. Halt; J. Donathen; D. Ross, Presi- dent; C. Anderson; J. Heim, Secretary; M. Dittmar; M. Megyeri; E. Sherwood, Treasurer; K. Hunt; L. Shuppert; R. Stull; N4r. Johnson, Sponsor. ROW 3: K. Shoemaker; B. Krol; J. Neidlinger; J. Wesolek; B. Whitmer; M. Wesolke; H. Brinkhoff; J. Lappin; G. Zelleis; D. Franklin; J. Boarman; D. Kaser; M. Edison; T. Annis; K. Schlarb; T. Johnson; D. Futa; C. Wille. LIBRARY CLUB: FRONT ROW: J. Stone; B. Cisney; D. Cisney; J. Singleton; B. Szyman- ski; L. Collings; B. Griffey, Vice-President. ROW 2: C. Schrader; K. Ives, President; M. Bucher; Mrs. Zook, Sponsor; C. O ' Cormor, Secretary-Treasurer; J. Platz; B. Clark; K. Payne. ROW 3: D. McCallum; C. Harbaugh; S. Shearer; M. Bucher; P. Nioyer; S. Holderbaum. 61 USHER ' S CLUB: FRONT ROW: W. Yeakey; D. Hurt; R. Racine; B. Morris; L. Neland; D. Malkowski; D. Nemeth. ROW 2: D. Hooten, Vice-President; M. Beebe; C. Neland; Mr. Hille, Sponsor; J. Szymanski, President; B. Szymanski, Secretary; R. Savoie. Service Clubs Aid N,L, Activities AUDIO-VISUAL: Mr. Hille, Sponsor; R. Holderbaum; D. Holmes; R. Alward; D. Tener; E. Sher- wood; G. Gouker; J. Burkios. Not pictured: J. Adams, President; W. Yeakey, Vice-President; S. Bone, Secretary; and B. Weber, Treasurer. GAA: FRONT ROW: J. El erly, Vice-President; J. Stone, President; J. Edison, Secretary- Treasurer. ROW 2: D. Gouker; D. Ginzer; M. Liggett; J. Anderson; L. Clark; B. Blosser; J. Ka ne. ROW 3: B. Hahn; J. Campbell; N. Flory; D. Fraser; M. O ' Blenis, C. Kime; K. Donathen; G. Hostetler. ROW 4: S. Evans; L. DeSloover; J. Wesolek; S. Edison; J. Ivan- kovig; J. Ruggles; A. Stevens; D. Henry; B. Eraser; C. Wilcox. ROW 5: K. Payne; S. Dickey; B. Szymanski; J. Meert; P. Kinner; C. Stull; I. Jobe; J. Nelson; M. Edison. ROW 6: G. Clingenpeel; P. Kring; T. Allsop; C. Solmos; D. Sims; C. Rose; C. Norris; L. Vergon; D. Martens; J. Lynch. PEP CLUB: FRONT ROW: D. Naragon; P. Stewart; D. Delanghe; J. Wesolek; M. Uggett. ROW 2: C. Harbaugh; C. Hartsough; D. Franklin; C. Wicks; J. Harding; J. Szymanski; M. Kane; M. Morris; S. Ogle; S. Wilcox. ROW 3: B. Szymanski; M. Clark; L. Clark; C. Kime; J. Shupert; B. Donathen; J. Stone; J. Singleton; D. Ginzer; J. Eberly; J. Kane. ROW 4: D. Boomhower; D. Gouker; J. Anderson; D. Eraser; M. O ' Blenis; B. Blosser; G. Futa; C. Beaver; C. Allsop; K. Walls. ROW 5: J. Lynch; S. Snyder; S. Shaffer; L. Wolfram; K. Blosser; S. Evans; L. Stewart; C. Summers; J. Edison; J. Campbell; L. DeSloover. ROW 6: I. Jobe; P. Kring; P. Kinner; D. Dreibelbis; V. O ' Connor; N. Zahn; J. Ivankovig; S. Edison; D. Henry; B. Hahn; S. Dickey. ROW 7: K. Martens; J. Nelson; G. Hostetler; L. Vergon; J. Kane; K. Payne; G. Clingenpeel; J. Fair; M. Edison; K. Donather. ROW 8: C. Norris; B. Franklin; C. Wilcox; R. Lappin; K. Clark; M. Collings; B. Brown; C. Carbeiner; J. Meert. Mrs. Burke Re-Establishes The Drama •fnoi t " m DRAMA CLUB: FRONT ROW: S. Shaffer; S. Wilcox; Vice-Pres., R. Morris; Secretary, D. Franklin; Treasurer, C. Hartsough; C. Brown; J. Platz; C. Neland; M. WilbaiJcs. SECOND ROW: C. Schlarb; M. Morris; S. Ogle; J. Szymanski; R. Boarman; C. Harbaugh; S. Shearer; S. Carr; J. Campbell. THIRD ROW: J. Harding; M. Kane; P. Stewart; D. Fraser; J. Heim; S. Halt; D. Davis; J. Kane; T. Allsop. FOURTH ROW: J. Hickman; M. Clark; S. Meert; J. Kurzhal; D. Ginzer; B. Cisney; J. Sing- leton; S. Dickey; D. Boomhower; Mrs. Burke, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: D. Naragon; J. Wesolek; M. Liggett; J. Anderson; L. Clark; P. O ' Connor; B. Whitmer; J. Ruggles; C. Summers; A. Stevens; L. Stewart. SIXTH ROW: J. Boarman; M. Hartsough; K. Hunt; C. Anderson; G. Halt; R. Clark; B. Brown; K. Bergland; J. Geddes; R. Lappin. SEVENTH ROW: L. Knepp; C. Wicks; R. Lambert; W. Yeakey; T. Johnson; S. Perkins; D. Futa; S. Edison; L. Hocker; D. Clark. The cast presented Mrs. Burke roses in appreciation of her hard work to make the play a success. The North liberty High School Drama Club performed the comedy-mystery " REST ASSURED, " on April 1st and 2nd in the high school gym. The play was about a big time Wall Street Tycoon who refuses permission for his daughter to marry a meatcutter ' s son, a small Italian, who has a flaring temper. As tempers flare, the Italian dies of a heart attack and all seems lost. The Italian ' s ghost comes back to haunt the grouchy father. Just when the old grouch thinks he has won all, he too, dies and comes back as a ghost to see his plans go up in smoke. He awakens from a nap realizing the whole tragedy was only a dream and gladly consents to the marriage of his daughter. 64 Club For Presentation Of ' ' Rest Assured ' ' CAST OF REST ASSURED Jessica Morlock Darla Naragon Mildred, the maid Kristine Brown Mr. Morlock Tony Johnson Miss Akers Carol Wicks George Plew James Donathen Luigi Lanconi Marty Dittmar Mrs. Morlock Sheryl Shearer Mary Morlock Mary Clark Joe Lanconi Joe Ceddes Dr. Brown Ralph Morris Lucifer William Brown Mr. Black, the mortician Kevin Hunt Martha Lanconi Lee Clark Mrs. Schmaltz Pamela Stewart Mrs. Frinck, the washerwoman . . Mary Willbanks Jake, the news boy June Platz Luigi and Mr. Morlock battle it out! Lucifer and Mrs. Sch- maltz depart to take a tour among the mortals. We like those shorts! What ' s with him? But, I ' m not dead! Down on your knees! 65 Chris Hartsough And Gary Halt Learn Fundamentals Of Government The Girl ' s and Boy ' s State Representatives during the 1970-71 school year were Christine Hartsough and Gary Halt respectively. This one-week annual experience sponsored by the Women ' s Auxilaiy and the American Legion, was held at the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, The main purpose of this program is to acquaint to- day ' s students with the operation and many different offices of our local and state governments; but this program, also enhances the opportunities of meeting and learning from new people. Hard Workers For Good Cause Tlie Senior and Junior members, Jim Donathen and Janet Shupert respec- tively, of the Junior Board of the St. Joseph County Tuberculosis League did much " to promote good health and to stimulate interest in the work of the Tuberculosis League " which is their main purpose. Among the many projects sponsored by the Junior Board were: the Christmas Seal Speech Contest, the 1970 Christ- mas Seal Campaign in the schools, and the annual drive for funds at Notre Dame ' s football games. The speech was to be entitled " It ' s a Matter of Life and Breath " and could be entered simply by participating in a Speech, English, or Health class. The winners from our school Carol Wicks and Christine Hartsough, presented their speeches to the judges from the T.B. League on Nov. 18. Chris Hartsough ' s speech was recorded at Notre Dame on Nov. 23 for the radio. The 1970 Christmas Seal Campaign put N. L. into existance as far as the T.B. League is concerned. We were second in the amount of contributions per capita student, which was 384, be- ing only surpassed by Clay High School with 46 t: per student. 66 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Brian Henry, Vice-President; Sandy Ogle, Treasurer; Chris Hartsough, Secretary; Fred Marek, President. Seniors Of 71 Set Out To Change The World! FRED FRANKLIN MAREK— Football 9; Drama Club 12; Class Officer 12 (President). CRAIG ALAN ANDERSON— Basket- ball 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10; Golf 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 11, 12; Drama Club 12; Letterman ' s Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language Club 12; Paper Staff 12; Scholarship 9, 11; Junior Kiwanis; Junior Rotar- ian: Valedictorian. FRANK THOMAS ARNETT— Foot- ball 9,10; VICA 12. HAROLD GREGORY BARE- -Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12. JANES ANDREW BURKUS— 4-H 9, 10 BUNNIE LOU CISNEY--Ubrary Club 12; " Unk " Staff 12; Chorus 9,11. DANNY OWEN BEAN—Spanish Club 11,12; Science Club 9, 10; F.F.A. 9,10,11; 4-H 9,10,11, 12. RITA JEAN BOAR?vlAN- -Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 12; " Unk " Staff 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; DAR Award; Art Award; Scholastic Award 9, 10, 11; For- eign Language Award; FVW Speech Contest Winner; Valedictorian. LAURA JEAN COOPER— VICA 12. DARLENE MARIE DELANGHE— Cheer- leader 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Spanish 9, 10; CAA 10 (Secretar ' ); Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12. NEVIN BRADLEY CLARK--Golf 11; Band 9, 10. 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11,12; Lettermens Club 11; Treasurer 9, Junior Rotary, Junior Kiwanis. ROGER DALE CLARK— Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Baseball 9, 11; Lettermens Club 11, 12; 4-H 9, 10, 11 (Treasurer), 12 (Vice-Pres.). MARTIN BRYCE DITTMAR— Baskb. 9,10,11,12 (Co-Cpt. ); Cross Country 11; Golf 10; Stu. Co. 9,10, 11 (Treas.), 12; Lang. Cb. 12 (Pres. ); Letts. Cb. 11,12; Band 9,10, 11,12. JAMES DALE DONATHEN— Ftbl. 9, 10; Baskb. 9,10; Golf 10, 11, 12; Honor Soc. 10, 11, 12; Letts. Cb. 12; Chor. 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12 (Public. Chmn. ); T.B. Leag. Repr. (Pres.); D.A.R. Aw.; Valedictorian. LEONARD DOUGLAS ELWELL— Art Ass ' t Award 11; VICA Club 12. MICHAEL STEVEN EVANS— Football 9, 10, 11; Basketball 10, 11; Track 11; Baseball 10; Lettermans Club 11. PHILIP EARL FAIR— VICA 12 (Pari). KEITH EDWIN FASSETT— F. F. A. 11,12. DEBORAH LYNN FRANKLIN— Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11 (Vice-President); Foreign Language Club 12; Drama Club 12 (Secretary); Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Office Assistant 11,12; " Crest " staff 11,12; " Link " staff 11, 12 (Co-editor); Pom Poms 11, 12; Citizenship 10. DIANE MARIE FUTA— Drama Club 12; G.A.A. 9, 10; Pep Club; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Cookie Contest Queen. V. ' % CATHY ANN GAUT— " Unk " Staff 12; Student Librarian 12. PENNY ANN CEDDES— Spanish Club 9; Drama Club 12; VICA 12; Office Ass ' t. 12; Yearbook Staff 12; " Unk " Staff 11. LOIS JEAN GOOD--Spanish Club 9; Drama Club 12; G.A.A. 9; Pep Club 9, 10; VICA 12; Ushers Club 9; " Crest " Staff 12; " Link " Staff 11; 4-H 9, 10, 11,12. GARY ELMER HALT --Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 11; Honor Society 10, 11, 12 (President); Drama Club 12; Letterman ' s Club 11, 12; Foreign Language Club 12; Class Officer 11 (President); " Crest " staff 12; " Link " Staff 12; Band 9, 10; Boy ' s State; Junior Kiwanis; Junior Rotarian; Citizenship 11; Salutatorian. CONNIE JEANETTE HARBAUCH-- Spanish Club 11; Foreign Langu- age Club 12; Drama Club 12; Y- Teens 9, 10, 11; G.A.A. 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Student Librarian 12; Chorus 11, 12; Band 9,10; 4-H 9, 10, 11, 12. JACQUELIN ANN RARDING-- Foreign Language Club 12; Drama Club 12; G.A.A. 10, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; " Unk " staff 12; Pom Poms 11. CHRISTINE ANN HARTSOUGH-- Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Foreign Language Club 12; Drama Club 12 (Treasurer); Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 10 (Vice- President), 11 (Treasurer), 12 (Secre- tary); Office Assistants 11, 12; " Crest " Staff 11,12; " Unk " Staff 11, 12 (Co- Editor); Citizensliip 9; Girl ' s State; Scholarsliip 10; Valedictorian. JAMES ROY HEIM— Football 9, 11, 12; Drama Club 12; Lcttcrmens Club 11, 12 (Secretary); Class Officer 11 (Sec- retary); Chorus 9, 10, 11. BRIAN GEORGE HENRY— Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Officer (Vice- President) 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12 (Vice-President 11); Citizen- ship 10; Tri Kappa Award 12. JESSICA KAY HICKMAN— Drama Club 12; " Crest " 10, 11, 12 (Ass ' t. Editor 11, Editor 12); Pom Poms 11. RICKEY LEE HOLDERBAUM— Football 10, Track 10; Wrestling 10; Ushers Club 9,10,11,12. SUE ANN MYRA HOLDERBAUM— Home Ec. Club 9, 11, 12; F. F. A. 9, 10, 11; Student Librarian 11, 12; Chorus 11. DANIEL LAMAR HOLMES— Football 9. DAVID LEE HOLMES --Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Baseball 10. DOUGLAS LYNN HOOTEN--Ushers Club 9,10,11,12; Baiid9, 10, 11. JOHN CRAIG HOUSER— Football 9, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Cross Coun- try 10; Track 9, 10, 11; Wrestling 11; Student Council (Vice-President 11, President 12); Spanish 11; Band 9, 10,11. RICKY DALE HOWELL— GoU 10; VICA 12, (President). IvlARILYN KATHLEEN KANE- Drama Club 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 10 (Treasurer); 4-H 9. LINDA CHARLAINE KNEPP--Cheer- leader 9; Spanish Club 10; Drama Club 12; G.A.A. 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10; Yearbook Staff 12; Chorus 9, 10. PATRICIA ANN MARIE KOTAL— Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 12; " Link " staff 12; 4-H 9. MONICA FRANCES KROL— Chorus 10, 11,12. ALAN DE LANE LIMERICK— Football 9; Basketball 9, 10; Band 9, 10, 11, 12, (President); Phys. Ed. Award 9. JAIVlES VINCF IT LYNCH, JR. —Cross Country 12; Baseball 9, 11, 12; Wrest- ling 9, 10, 11, 12; Letterman ' s Club 10, 11, 12. SUSAN MARIE MEERT— Drama Club 12; Home Ec Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9; Volley Ball 12; " Unk " staff 12; Student Librarian 11, 12. MICHEALP. MEGYERI— Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12 (Co-Captain); Letter- mens Club 9, 10, 11, 12. MARY FRANCES MORRIS— Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 9, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 12. RALPH PHILLIP MORRIS— Spanish Club 10, 11; Drama Clubl2 (Vice- Pres. ); Chorus 9, Band 9, 10, 11, 12. PATRICIA MAY MOYER— Home Ec. Club 10, 11; Pep Club 10; " Crest " Staff 12; " Unk " Staff 11, 12; Library Club 10, 12; Chorus 10. DAVID CAMIEL NEMETH Ushers Club 9, 12. ROSE MARIE NEMETH HENRY BERNARD POLMAN— Drama Club 12; F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12 (Treasurer); 4-H 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Pawanis. SHARON LEE POMMERT SANDRA JEAN PERKINS— Drama Club 12; Office Assis- tant 12; " Link " staff 12; Pom Poms 11; 4-H 9. JUNE ANN PLATZ- -Spanish Club 9; Drama Club 9, 12; Pep Club 10; " Link " Staff 11, 12; Student Librarian 12; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; 4-H 9, 10; Art Award. SHARON MARIE SHAFFER--Language Club 9, 10, 11; Drama Club 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Office Assistant 12; " Crest " Staff 12; Band 9, 10; Basketball Home- coming Queen. SHERYL LEE SHEARER--Pcp Club 9, 10; " Crest " Staff 10, 11, Student Ub- rarian 12; 4-H 9, 10, 11, 12. STANLEY DEVON ROSS— Foot- baU 9,10,11,12 (Co-Capt. ); Baseball 9, 11; Wrestling 9, 10, 11,12 (Co-Capt. ); Lettermens Club 9,10,11, 12 (Pres, ). CHRISTINE SUE SCHLARB— Drama Club 12; " Crest " Staff 12; Chorus 9,10; Band 9. JACK LEROY SHREVE— GoH 10; Vica (Vice-President). BRADLEY JOHN SIERACKI— F.F. A. 11, 12; Vica 12 (Treasurer). JUANA MARIA SILVA — DIANE SUSAN SMITH— VICA 12 (Secretary) Link 11; Pom Poms 11; 4-H9, 10, 11,12. WILLIAM PALMER SNYDER— Foot- ball 9, 10, 11,12; (Co-captain) North em State Conference; F.F. A. 10, 11; Lettermens Club 9, 10, 11, 12; VICA 12. GARY STEVEN SOKOL— Baseball 9; Spanish 11; Band 9, 10. PAMELA JEAN STEWART— Cheerleader 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Football Homecoming Queen; Class Officer 9 (Secretary); Band 9, 10; School Paper Staff 12. ALAN DALE STULL— Football 9 (Manager). PATRICIA LYNN SPRINGMAN —Home Ec. Club 9,10,11, 12; G.A.A. 9,10; Pep Club 9,10; Student Lib. 10, 11; Chorus 9, 10, 11,12. RICHARD MAX STEELE— Basketball 9; Spanish Club 9, 10,11, 12; Band 9,10,11,12. ERNEST WALLS--Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9; F.F.A. 11; Letter mans Club 10, 11, 12. BRUCE OWEN WEBER— Basketball 9, 10, 11; Golf 10, 11; Spanish 9, 10, 11; Unk Staff 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12. JOYCE JOAN SZYMANSKI — Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; Drama Club 12; G.A.A. 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Ushere Club 9, 10, 11, (Sec. -Treas. ), 12 (President); Yearbook staff 10, 11, 12 (Business NIanager); School Paper Staff 11, 12; 4-H 9, 10; Citizenship 11. DAVID KAY TROBAUGH BENEDICTE CAROL WICKS — Student Council 9, 10, 11 (Sec. ), 12 (Treas. ); Drama Club 12 (Sec); Y-Teens 9; G.A.A. 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10. SUSAN LEIGH WILCOX— Drama Club 9, 12; Y-Teens 9; G.A.A. 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; " Crest Staff 11, 12; " Link " Staff 11; Chorus 9; Band 10, 11, 12; Pom pom 11,12; 4-H9, 10,11, 12. ROSEANN MARIE WOOD— Student Librarian 12; Pep Club 9. MARY LOU YEAKEY— V. I. C. A. Club 12; Student Librarian 10. 1 - ' ' We ' ve Only Just Begun We ' ve only just begun to live. New promises and prospects await us. The times of trial they had to give; But then the good came through to save us. The dawn awakens a whole new way Of making all our dreams come true. " So much of life to see, " they say. Our guiding light is shining through. We ' ll miss this grand old school some day, When we ' re the old and not the new. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Fair, Vice-President; Darla Naragon, Secretary; Denny Wyant, President; and Jim Boarman, Treasurer. Juniors Strive For Perfect Prom Denny Wyant, President James Adams Colleen Allsop Janet Anderson Thomas Annis Cathy Beaver Mary Beebe Kent Bergland Brenda Blosser John Blosser James Boarman Solomon Bone Herman Brinkhoff Kristine Brown Michael Carr 79 Jolly Juniors Work Hard Diana Cisney Bienua Clark Lee Clark Mary Clark Rudy Clark Donna Clay Lynn Collings Joseph Cox Beth Donathen Julie Eberly Max Edison Thomas Fair Debra Fraser Gale Futa Gregory Gensinger Debra Ginzer Debra Goad Darlene Gouker Gregory Gouker Michael Hartsough Theresa High Shane Hostetler Mary Hughes Kevin Hunt 80 But Still Have Fun Kathryn Ives Anthony Johnson Christine Juday jane Kane Dale Kaser Cinda Kime Bradley Krol John Kurzhal Richard Lambert James Lappin Judy Lewis Marsha Liggett Diana Mc Galium Norman McGwin John Merritt William Moyer Darla Naragon John Noidlinger Colecn Neland Carolyn O ' Blenis Cheryl O ' Conner Jeffrey Osier Larr - Placi Larry Ramsbey 81 Juniors Win Spirit Contest Karen Roush William Roush Ted Rudynski John Sapp Carol Schelling Claudia Schrader Joan Shafer Geary Shaw Mark Shearer Debra Shirley Kent Shoemaker Janet Shupert Leon Shupert Lemar Shuppert Jackie Singleton Judy Stone Deborah StuU Roger Stull David Tener Kathy Walls Mike Wesolek Bill Whitmer Charles Wille Wayne Yeakey 82 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Anita Stevens, Secretary; Philip Whitmer, Presi- dent; Charles Shearer, Vice-President; and Keith Schlarb, Treasurer. Philip Whitmer, President Roger Albert Robert Alward Kay Blosser WfJ W Debra Boomhower Melanie Bucher Melisa Bucher Jane Campbell Cheryl Carbiner Susan Carr Kirk Clark Teresa Clark Robert Cole Tim Coleman Mark Collings Logan Correll Linda DeSloover Sharon Dickey Judy Duncan Mark Eastcrday 83 Sophomores Attain Prestige Joan Edison Suzanne Edison Mark Elliott William Emerick Shelley Evans Noralyn Flory David Franklin David Futa Joseph Geddes Rebecca Griffey Betty Hahn Joseph Harber Beverly Hartsough Darla Henry Paula Holmes Paul Hiatt LeAnn Hocker Dennis Hooten Debra Hostetler Janice Ivankovig Marie Johnson Dean Kaser Thomas Kish Ronald Lappin 84 Of Being An Upperclassman Linda Lawson Janice Lawton Orra Lemert Patricia Liggett Debra Litteral Linda Malkowski Gregory Mauk Rebecca Miller Jack Myers Danny Newcomer Deborah O ' Connor Vickie O ' Connor Pearl Odle Tom Odle Randy Ogle Karen Osier Robert Payne Janice Perkins Michael Pet2 Dorothy Reece Rocky Reeder Mark Renbarger David Rexstrew Julie Ruggles 85 Jonathan Schelling Keith Schlarb Sandra Shaffer Randy Sheaks Charles Shearer Mary Sherwood Debra Smith Susan Snyder Daniel Sprunger Anita Stevens Laura Stewart Colby Summers Lori Sumpter Lynette Sumpter Debra Tadlock Dennis Vergon John Vida Jann Wesolek Jeffrey Wesolek Peter Wicks Lora Wolfram James Wroblewski Nancy Zahn Gary Zellers 86 HI n FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Gerald Boarman, President; Ginger Hostetler, Secre- tary-Treasurer; and Jay Scott, Vice-President. Gerald Boarman, President Edward Aldiich TTieresa AUsop Steven Bunch Doug Boomhower Mike Borton Gerrit Brinkhoff William Brown Bruce Clark Ronald Clark Stanley Clark Gina Clingenpeel Marvin Dickey Karen Donathen Marlene Edison Scott Emerick Christine Elliott Michael Craft Debra Davis Jane Fair We ' re Little Kerry Finch Diana Firestone Thomas Fisher Scott Flora Beverly Franklin Barbara Fraser Dianna Granger Chris Gensinger Kenneth Glon Robert Gowin Ruth Griffin Susan Halt Michael Haney Terry Hans Craig Hartsough Race Hickman Sheila Hille Harold Hinchy Annette Holstead Ginger Hostetler James Houser David Hurt Ina Jobe Terry Jonson 88 But We ' re Here ' M ' 0 ' T 89 JUl Kane Alan Kaser Christine Kime Patricia Kinner Jack Knepp Christine Kring Penney Kring Noreen Krol Cheryl Lancaster Robert Lineral John Kuharic Jacqueline Lynch Daniel Malkowski Kathleen Martens Maureen McCallum David McCubbins Jane Meert Brian Morris Doris Moyer Larry Neland Joy Nelson Ruth Newcomer Cynthia Norris Karen Payne Richard Racine Roger Racine Randy Reeder Retta Rose Wade Salyer Ronald Savoie Jay Scott David Sheaks Deborah Sims Sharon Six Richard Smith Cynthia Solmos Craig Springman Diana Springman Carolyn Stull Beverly Szymanski Louanne Vergon Michael Walls Daniel Wasserman Gregory Wegenka Catherine Wilcox Mary Willbanks Kenneth Wrobleski Gary Zimmerle 90 Sports Activities Provide Enjoyment For All I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to each of the people that made this yearbook. " The Crest " , possible. I realize I was hard to get along with at times and even down right mean, but I am hoping it will all turn out in the end, which I think it will. 1 hope you realize 1 was not alone in the production of " The Crest. " There was a small group of people who did as much if not more than I did. including Mr. " G " who had to put up with a lot. A yearbook is quite a bit of hard work, and I hope before you start cutting it down you ' d stop to think how you would do it and who you should please, if you would have had the chance?! Sincerely, Editor DAVE RAY ' S SUPER MARKET Walkerton — Koontz Lake — Plymouth DEAN ' S SERVICE Tune Up and Tire Repairs Lubrication — Batteries — Tires Mayflower and State Rd. 23 Phone:289-0019 MOONEY ' S MARKET Corner of Mayflower Rd. Ind. 23 COMMUNITY " IGA " GROCERY Fresh fruits and vegetables STONER ' S Family Dining Complete Banquet Facilities HANS HAUS German Food Our Specialty Open 10:30 am.m to 10:30 p.m. Closed Sundays and Holiday 2803 So. Michigan St. Phone:291-5522 GRAFFIS FURNITURE FLOWERS BY STEPHEN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1971 WELLS LOCAL 194UAW ' BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE ' WELUS ALUMINUM CORPORATION GROWING IN NORTH LIBERTY LANE ' S CAFE 603 South State St. North Liberty, Indiana 10 AMF Bowling Lanes Snack Bar Pizza Cocktail Lounge Restaurant Steaks our Speciality Try Us You ' ll Come Back LIECHTY HATCHERY 1326 S.Michigan St. Chicks — Started Pullets, Poultry Equipment Cage Houses Purina Feeds for Poultry Horses Livestock WHITMER ' S GREENHOUSE Flowers for all Occasions Proms, Birthdays, Weddings Flowers by Wire St. Rd. 4 — North Liberty, Indiana Phone: 656-8333 Compliments of UNITED TELEPHONE CO. INC. For The Finest In Furniture, Carpet Appliances, TV ' s J. E. WALZ 3423 S. Michigan So. Bend, Ind. HAROLD GENE ' S STANDARD SERVICE Lubrication — Oil Change — Car Wash Atlas Tires Batteries 300 N. Main, North Liberty, Indiana Phone: 656-8945 A. M. MANUEL FUNERAL HOME " Devotion to Service " MERRICK ' S LIBERTY PHARMACY " Prescriptions Are Our Business " . » " I JIM ' S SERVICE STATION Lonzo Oil Products Tires and Batteries " For Good Health Eat Apples " EBERLYS ORCHARD North Liberty, Indiana EHUi ISENBERG TV 6- APPLIANCE REPAIR JACKIE ' S CHALK AND CLE 121 North Main Street North Liberty Indiana PHONE: LAPAZ 784-2841 23045 TYLER ROAD lAKEVILlE, INDIANA Congratulations to the Graduates! COMMUNITY STATE BANK North Liberty, Indiana GUYRIZEK PLUMBING, HEATING, AND COOLING Phone: 656-4524 66466 State Road 23 GENE ' S SUNOCO Phone: 656-8956 101 North Main Street North Liberty, Indiana WILCOX SUPERMARKET ' Where Good Meals Begin " North Liberty, Indiana Walkerton, Indiana Compliments of LONZO OIL COMPANY North Liberty, Indiana Phone:656-8121 THE T.V.MAN 204 E. Harrison Street North Liberty, Indiana 46554 Phone:656-8715 COLOR TV SPECIALIST LIBERTY HEALTH CENTER 100 South Main Street North Liberty, Indiana Phone:656-8144 Zip Code 46554 INWOOD ' S 425 South Michigan Street Phone: 289-2487 South Bend ' s Most Interesting Store Beautiful Corsages for All Occasions Congratulations to the Graduates CLARK ' S " 66 " 203 N. Main North Liberty, Ind. 46554 TROBAUGH AUTO PARTS Congratulations 197! Graduates BIG " C " LUMBER COMPANY North Liberty, Ind. Congratulations to the Class of 1971 CLYDE ' S STEERING SERVICE 66778 State Rd. 23 North Liberty. Indiana MERRY-L-SALON Open Tues. — Sat. CallforAppt. 649-3171. Owner: Merry Houser Operators- Dixie Hamilton and Merita Bergland 11 5 S. Michigan St. Lakeville. Ind. Congratulations to the 1971 Graduates Compliments of WHITMER LUMBER COMPANY Road 23 — North Libertv. Indiana CENTRAL STATE BANK OF LAKEVILLE LAKEVILLE, INDIANA 46536 DeWayne Pavey, Agent Walkerton 586-3156 Life — Auto — Fire — Health I f

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