North Lamar High School - Yacht Yearbook (Paris, TX)

 - Class of 1976

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North Lamar High School - Yacht Yearbook (Paris, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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W' i 1, I ,F l I, I 9 A .." S!" 'H A g -r,,taA D x Hi 39 ' 1, Q 1 f 1-4 g if? i .. ' W, V , H A -5 . ',......- 1 - fn flu -vw . . P wif? 13,13 4, f: .. gy M If -Y ' -'e I: ' gi IN K UN L! R155 len 1, 1--41, xfdic mmm !1Wll?TaCx'14x1I1!llC11 --. ,.-. 'Blum m'Q1m,-rim ' 'L - -- A K xf- ,- --. .. , ,., X U. .I , 1 1 'S' f - T 1 uw- ' T , . - jzff ,J 'I-Mil .A I .V ,,m'miffv A r'..'j'f5. N ' Lv- V , "jiri , f 'A f xii" T4-X.:-Ar'.1,"f'i'.5k1d 1-i,X.'r.?-Q..,5'f, 3 f ' Pj , , , J, xv: . 1 Xa. ,Q Baa... ,...J 1' NJ gq, . 3 ' Q , 1 1 , gig! -'f 1 i s, M . . , .. V .5 4 vg 5 ve 1 , N, . . ' . . 9' K ., J v. -:.,w.f, I -wvk, H SC Wderly olume XXIX Introductions . Favorites ..... Athletics ..... Organizations Administration Page 1 Page 11 Page 23 Page 59 Page 93 Faculty ---- High School ---- ---- Junior High --- ---- Advertisement Closing ------ ---- -Page 97 -Page 103 -Page 139 Page 177 -Page 223 .Rx H ff' Faggi W - V K J A ,,, fn,-ff s5,F:ff5'fa ,J ,W, fm F K 2,7 ff J 1 XJ 0 Dedication She is, undoubtedly, a very accomplished lady in many ways. This past year sh., has given us her loyalty, dedication, time, and wis- dom. lf you have a problem she is there to listen. To know her is to love and respect her both as a friend and a teacher. We, the Senior Class of North Lamar High School, are proud to dedicate the 1975-'76 Yacht to Miss Ruth Milford . 1. She is always willing to take time to help her students. 2. Miss Milford is all' wrapped in preparing for Homecoming. 3. She leads the Senior Class through the wonders of English. 4. With her coke a day, she teaches "Mama Mi1ford's Magic Method" of Latin. ,. MW'-,:,g 1,-1-, VJ' b ,,l..,,,, 5 is "sn 1 5,1 W ,,. y t.: Y h .-. . I ,I ff, 141 1-x i. .A V - '.,-jmp A . cs, . ff..-fv . 3' 'fi' ' 4'-QHLEEFQ V I3 1 . ::.f'i'.+:. -1 - ,ii , V .W . --,....a,,,.W .. , 'Z I a in il ftp - K , N, 4 A N n X 54 ,Qi Q Mr . Joe Clayton . Sponsor 5 Debra Hatcher Business Man. -e-...NL I Linda O'Brien 3 Co . -Editor Brenda Sharrock Organization Man . A 2 f Q ,ta , .s , , 2 - Chuck Od gen Photographer ., Y f 1 rs V , I ,- V- , ' Mi' lily I 1 V A 1- ' In 'if A1 Joyce Scott Typist ,f Jean Tucker Co . -Editor Cheri Hicks Class Editor Sai t ...JF , L 1 1.5 1. Glenn Bolyard Head Photographer Lover Boy N , 1 Wallace Nelson Photographer Krystal Wright Assistant Victor Williams Photographer " gg? li Xmmfsinss' 'liiixnf I 1. Primping. 2. Is it really me, how interesting. 3. Is this really the future camera? 4. I think , that the background is more interesting than what is in the I picture itself. I 5. I don't believe it. Working and singing at the same time . IMPOSSI- BLE . 6 . Mr. Clayton really knows how to get his staff on the ball. Ha . 7 . Kim and Cherie really think that they know something about Cam- eras. Just look at all of the atten- tion. fi- ami IN DEDICATION OF MISS STELLA AFTER 41 YEARS "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly which thou shalt go: "I will guide thee with mine dividing the Word of Truth." eye." 2 Timothy 2:15 Psalms 32:8 The faculty of North Lamar A ' y t. honors Miss Stella with a g T luncheon. V WIAA r gm A 'il. 312 E 995 Miss Stella admires a silver platter given to her in recog- nition of 41 years of dedicated service by the faculty and administration of North Lamar High School. Miss Stella receives a gift from Mr. White. The faculty brings back old memories . I .. I -.?.... ,-:-:ask ' ' ' ' -f-5-11:12-gs-'.1' -2:13 3,.Kgfe-Qt W 'M' gs,,y,4,, 5::gg.a1A-1fk-:- -. ,1f4i'1SfF?Tn ',Z:Eii?"6 '- 4 e.5:gf,'-5. ,fi'-gi'nQQ,,.' 5' Uffffg -1 R , .. mf: --sf -few 65xffSL11f'-m-fsaabirfff iff?-an . -ei: g1':'57fb' :Q - f igiavqflx-"1f4?:"A15?QgW? ., .. ,- J-fi MS':Q':- ' af if- ' ,fiflzal , :.- .gy .--155, ,,.A P,, Qgz43--' 74,3.g5"' 1, 1351 . K - .Ly 1 '- -- Hcwghug:?Nz,Sv,..:i?iI'.sfn:,a3U. I uf:-:fm-ew-.".3::, .,::-'. f,-,fn ,- -QQ ' 2- L.. 41' :Lf Q .f f 'M 1-1, yf..,: 3 -11..Q:-J,-,ya.::g,s.1:,f::3':.y,,g4j.,5q-, -- ttf- if " ff, 4- :ii'5, ' ,4. ah' -2 .-'aj " ',,,,-an55:1-,-5-.gI'-3-f3:. ',,E .,-5 ,:' 5 L A ' w -I Q-xiziiz-pg,-4":rL1-:?',i, Q 'qM.,g.,,,i5j:if-.q.gzg.'3E,5., -h' , h1' efa 5:4932 ',.-2.15 f-'fe , . , . , .. . ,.,v..--fmwmlllw q.-ff..2m.n-W1-.My-JL-HW f , - A4'Q ' ' " 19.-."-I-'l1'?Q1'!,k:'- "fE',s,'L, - . ' .- fu V sv! EC?-'5g'E'5Sf:'f:!'."255"'fqQ19v3Zf 'J"fi11Jf553f..nx:5w. 1-1, A E4 K .Q-A ,- 'wp-,':. fr-J ,Z 3-gs: N,-smfgh gwyr-guyfgzzfiiwk-2-mfpfam-nnf-fhafmwb.. S1 1 vw,-.--.--,fy-.v , -.'-::f2'ff:-ewes: Buff-gf, u x, wfggqwg-J-,g , f :fm-:,.:i:g ' ' ' . - 11 ' -' .1-Q. .,f- mg, 1- 1- .- -, .L--M AR . MM-xvxgGvff.-ww.nm.-:aw 4- ,Q , : 'fe-.1 .- -, ,f . .f N my 1, N,i,Qg,q1u5,,.-Qwday5,?Qg',H-.Q1Gm.-Q53 3,-ci1H.gpu,,.aifL-.1:qsQgf.,a..Q, I, fa: M,g,:'-,., ,, FY.1,.,kQ,., L-7:-.1zr,.--5-1' ,515 , .. df. -: 4. .-Qs.Q.i1a1"'1'1w :JL wg:-:ng-5.4, 'gg--:Qj -f-V ly, gr. , ,V-1-Q55-, E41,.1f:1g:'Qa55:j5.::2f - 5, wrzz-3551:,Vin5,,-:gg-:13wW1-1M:a:::9'e5aEftQa-.4e??:a5'??E?Pvz5n afxiii... Ha:,:1g2.H.1:.f:2h Q-5:11-S' 42 -2.-,qw r::..'::+f- fu: -A Fil:-:-rg...-:JL - Q ' - -1221-ffhv'-.fry'-iff:is , :Tir 'rw '- 'h,fI1.'2 '- J 1 1: ,L ' 1 - 1 -gf . 5. .- wgnfn-f:p2?b:1p511:.,1aN5f1,-,guy 2-5: 1rf22Qi-?s:1gf..- ,- ., ri ,,1:?".1s5:4,.+1Q. 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'15, ., , -Q. ,, ,..,,,,,... ,,.:,,,5.QA,.., 5? - E. -rf px, aff ,W-gan, Fa orites aw Q, f gfh 49 , if A MV W5 JY? ,...., MWTJCZQT A PY' W Wh .ffgpjifffk . k w s "'Y F ff 11 , , mg f,.,,. . ,, 19 fer 7 Sz:-Q 1 is f ,fe ki 31 1 , it www. if JK' ef M ,-if 'hw is fx-iv' -.,,-5 1nV rl" He was a . for three and Student for ,que year. awarded e hrs Iunror ear year, ost Ve year, a d Powder . e was also Award asr year for Q C M... J. up SSE, V O YACHT SWEETHEART lean Tubker Chuck OgdGH w i 1 f if 'NDS W A D MUST BEAUTIFUL Miss Darla Lagglberson MF- Billy . f 1 fa f R . A, WP W J Quai! Vltf h t . 5, . aff ' ' s ix Q 557 ff' P at ally ' 1 za: f, I wifi., lf, 0 a- x . K ,.. 'Q 4 . at 5 9 lv ,ks il' K ,wan ,4,...-in X , 5 ' W' J .-in I ,v w J v,-,A ., J, 1, W MP 315 ff . L 5, F an W? I ,fa .f kkk.g , J 1 ix' if '51, 1 1 "" N' f-Wmff-K, . 4.2 L Q? ,,. is 3? f in 2:45, 52 , j R1 - A ,, , J .. , K M1 fx kizxf SHERRI FRENZEL ,' A .. , R :L A MARSHA ARMSTRONG CUTEST CLARK SAIN BEST PERSONALITY 'JOE PARKER GEORGIA THOMPSON , L N if Nm C MOST VERSATILE '4 Sm DALE URCHURCH J SANDRA LAMB WITTIEST DAVID BEARD I7 11 ., 1 . .' ff, l ' I 5 ' Q, Q Q Q ' 1 if CINDY COOPER MOST CO-OPERATIVE MMU RUSSELL GRAVES ,N Ulf. 14, ,- .lm CATHY GRIBBLE MOST, LIKELY TO SUCCEED KEN ADAMS SN . LM, 1. KEY CLUB SWEETHEART: Miss Rene Parish. 2. VICA SWEET- HEART: Miss Jeri Graves. 3. F.H.A. BEAUS: Mr. Clark Sain and Terry Hawkins. Not pictured is ,1-1.E.C.E. Beau Doyle Dancer. 1. KEY CLUB SWEETHEART: Miss Rene Parish. 2. VICA SWEET- HEART: Miss Jeri Graves. 3. F.H.A. BEAUS: Mr. Clark Sain and Terry Hawkins. Not pictured is ,I-I.E.C.E. Beau Doyle Dancer. La .,,.f-' M... - u x R' lf 6 my TQ' 1. I ,i 4 1 Ai Q '., 1 gg. L P ,' 1 r x S Y 1 1 , 1 J P 1 -r f an Ar nf k V- '- I 1 A A K f I 1 1 rv .I A Q. 1' 1. BASKETBALL BEAU: Mr. - 1' -' ap-gli? Russell Graves. BASKETBALL SWEETHEART: Miss Zena Twitty. 2. TRI-HI-Y HERO: Mr. Willard Allen. 3. F.F.A SWEETHEART: Miss Darla Lamberson. IRQ ?S - 4- - N D. K '1 l B H., 1 jk' ' , 1 S , L xv ' ws V 1 f I - ' E 1 - F Eyiffflnf J f ' 1 . Alisa Bradshaw is bored of home- work Caren't we a1l?J. 2. Benny, Joel, Bob and Glenn have gotten together to talk about their girl- friends! ! ! 3. Danny just can't keep his hands off of Shirley! 4. R. G01- den just doesn't want his picture taken. 5. Scott Starks thinks it's funny, and who knows , maybe it is! ! ! 6. Debbie Carrol has a thing about bells! I - ' - ,, ,, ,,.. .VV.HiZafQf::pV..,v,xv--..-1V. .. . ,. .1.:-s-..V7L'+.-...W fm-J. -ff -5-1: 1 .,. ,V.,.-V, Q.,.- .. 1 , v.. 2. '.-'silf-935. V-,wa ki 15,1 wgnrfvss ' .4 -,7 . D -. ..,.,..f. 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Maaaaakifwifi Miss Felicia 'Miss Darla Lamberson Miss Paula Marshall White HUMECOMI G OF 1975 1 . Miss Paula Marshall is being escorted onto the field by her Father, Mr. Marshall. 2. Miss Darla Lamberson receives a kiss on the hand by way of congratulations from her escort, Sheriff L. Noles. 3. The Nominees are presented at the Homecoming Pep Rally. tt ,..,.,,.. gil. 'M X5 ff M iii .T L. w Rv 1 l tl Q Q is fi , , 1 5 I ' f ' t Q ntttl ts, Q 1 fa 1.g:t,,-e '-- N., f is , nv l ,s ' 4 Mt. 'Vw .. fwfr. if EE 35 gi 5 :ii sz as 1 'fy' .SF Zigi af Q 4 , will Ig . g A . -r V -Q he "9 H 5- X f . ,-,, K. QE 4 PN . ,, 1 as j AI I 'u l V A g,,.i,,,,g ' Qt T ll . " ' fe1Mfw , M, t h e ew s .et swf tstt sf " ttTil'f'QlfQffM 1 . Miss Lamberson is being crowned the 1975 Homecom- ing Queen by Miss Connie Howard, the 1974 Queen, and Mr. Chadwick gives Miss Lamberson the Queen's bou- quet. 2. Miss Felicia White smiles sweetly at the game that night. 3. The Homecom- ing Court as presented at the Pep Rally is: Left to Right: Felicia White escorted by Ken Robinson, Darla Larnberson escorted by Chris Caldwell, and Paula Marshal escorted by Billy Steed. Q QW . Q , Varsity heerleaders HEAD CHEERLEADER Paula Marshall Marsha Armstrong Kanita Hill Sherri Frenze Charlotte Morton Rusty Walker Cheerleaders HEAD CHEERLEADER Laura Nelson Cheryl Carlow V1Ck16 Flynn Rita Stewart Bonnie Thompson Marita Twitty The First Pep Rally The first Pep Rally started off with a roar from our very spirited students. The Varsity and B Team Cheerleaders led the crowd in new yells which they learned at the E.T.S.U. camp this year. The Varsity Cheerleaders received the following awards at camp: Four Excellent, One Outstanding and The Spirit Stick. We are very proud of our cheer- leaders for their success this year: and we're sure that we speak for everyone when we say, "GO , PAN THERS ! " -qu: 1. Hai! Karate! Yells Cheryl. 2. Katie Williams, our mascot, sits on our Panther during the first Pep rally. 3. MEMBERS OF THE PEP SQUAD: lst, Left to Right: D. Berry, R. Nut, D. Tramble, L. Anderson, T. Sherwood, E. Roth. Znd: I. Scott, K. Tomblin, S. Tucker, S. Clark, L. Anderson, C. Mitchel. 3rd: K. Wright, C. Sain, M. Gordon, B. Parker, K. Sanders, Miss Hiner. 4th: C. Kee, K. Hosenbeck, I. Horton, D. White, L. Scott. 5th: G. Thompson, F. White, T. Webb, I. Henderson, C. Dangerfield, L. Henderson. 4. Varsity Cheerleaders perform at one of our football games here athome. 5. Varsity cheerleaders perform: "Getting on the Good Foot." 6. Panthers, our mascot. 7. Charlotte smashes a pie in Mr. Clayton's face. 8. THE PEP SQUAD CAPTAIN: lst ROW: Debbie Berry, Georgie Thompson. Znd: Joyce Scott, Kristy Wright, Marsha Burks. 9. B Team Cheerleaders perform a yell at one of our spirited pep rallies. 65 Varsity Football Team 5 PANTHERS O North Lamar Fighting Panthers did a fantastic job lthis year. They really showed everyone what they y ycould do. They made a name for the Panthers this year by winning and gaining more yards in North lLamar history. It would not have been possible with- ,out the hard work and support of the whole team and coaching staff. lst ROW, Left to Right: R. McAllister, D. Birdsong, C. Sawyer, D. Upchurch, W. Allen, R. Sharrock, R. Smallwood, D. Robbins, R. Wilkerson, B. Starks. A2nd ROW, Left to Right: W. Adamson, J. Parker, A. fChamb1iss, G. Woods, V. Bills, S. Dangerfield, I. FTodd, S. Starks, M. Black, V. Williams, R. Mor- gan, S. Gordan. 3rd ROW, Left to Right: T. Vaughan, M. Springer, K. Springer, D. Stricklin, R. Webb, K. Robinson, G. Dirks, D. Jensen, K. Stevens, E. Carroll, R. Neal, P. Butler. They worked very hard every day afte on week-ends. This hard work and long off this year. Although it took the whole make this year successful, there are a few Lshould be recognized as outstanding. THE MOVE!! DEFENSE lst TEAM: Mike Springer - Linebacker 2nd' TEAM: Victor Bills - Lineman Ray Webb - End Dale Robbins - Secondary HONORABLE MENTION: Joe Parker - Lineman Bobby Morgan - Secondary OFFENSE lst TEAM: Gary Dirks - Back 2nd TEAM: Daniel Jensen - Center Kenneth Springer - Guard James Elrod - Tackle HONORABLE MENTION: Jerry Allen - Guard Dale Upchurch - Back - Edwgrdg - Back along with the whole ssen for the 15AA All District Team.f Olll' 2 1 w N w f -. 'B 'M such an outstanding shall never forget the Dickie Birdsong O.G. - Fresh Mike Black D.E. - Soph. Asa Charnbless L.B. - Fresh. Jerry Allen O.G. - Sr. Willard Allen D.E. - Sr. Victor Bills N.G. - Sr. , ,.,l',,: .. ,,,..., lj, an r.,,:f"': -1 M1 1- .,.r.1v' ,.-Q ,,,, aa.-' la? -,ls.4 :sq A---Al, .- .V .Sa Elmer Carroll D.T. - Sr. Stan Dangerfield R.B. - Ir. Gary Dirks S.B. - Sr. James Elrod O.T. - Jr. Daniel Jenson C. - Ir. Randy McAlisLer D.B. - Soph. L., - uh .L . if if ,bm , ' -42-ui.-J is , , . "-.Rza-" 1' I is-'1 Ronnie Neal D.E. - Ir. Joe Parker D.T. - Soph. Dale Robbins D.B. - Ir. James Todd T.E. -Soph. Dale Upchurch F.B. - Soph. Ray Webb D.E. -Ir. Ray Wilkinson D.B. - Fresh. Victor Williams L.B. - lr. Greg Woods O.T. - Soph. 1 Chesler Sawyer O.T, - Soph. Richard Sharrock D. B. - lr. Ricky Smallwood Q.B. - soph. Kennirh Springer O.G. - lr. Mile Springer L.B. - Sr. Barry Starks D.B. - Sr. Scott Srarks R. B. - Jr. Kyle Stephens O.T.-Fresh. kk ' Don Stricklin r.,,,.k , , Iunior Varsit Football Tea 1 if ivtz' -S1,i:Rremmf2,:w::"." .w nf 1. The coaching staff of North Lamar consist of P. Glover. I . Wil- liams, P. Trull, A. George, R. Fri- erson, D. Duren, and R. Stone. 2. Coach George instructs the boys during their game. 3. Coach Glover sits and watchs as his team is behind in the third quarter of the game. 4. Coach Frierson tells his manager what he needs during halftime . 5 . Coach Williams talks to his guys at a workout. lst ROW, Left to Right: D. Wag- goner, C. Norman, D. Elrod, T. Broadway, R. Dollins, D. Dunmon, R. Graves, C. Brooks, C. Fleming, C. Draper. 2nd ROW, Left to Right: F. Thompson, K. Gunter, J. Moore, G. Beshires, L. C. Price, L. Fendley, W. Armstrong, D. Chrietzberg, D. Routon, M. Ben- ites, J. Ellis, P. Bulter. 3rd ROW, Left to Right: T. O'Brian, B. Dusenberry, G. Rook, M. Bailey, G. Faulkner, W. Sisson, T. Nor- man, D. Townsend, S. Ingram, R. Morris and T. Webb. 1. The ball is got and away he goes! 2. Coaches are always advising the guys! 3. Touch- down! ! ! 4. Senior girls won the Powder Puff game to graduate with a 2-0 record. 5 . Panther fans go wild! ' ' N 1 . The steps are weird but our guys know how to make them! 2. Things seem to be piling up! 3 . Running into the sun- set! 4. Junior girls lost the Powder Puff game, but they still say they're H12! ! 5 1 3 6 W Haiku' " ' QM ' 'W' ' ' """"6"""A w1,:-W ,,,,M..,....n..... - N ,sf . , , . 3 - 3 maya I of +R At... , 249 5 A P -' -as 'P ' if JA v .--"'b"F , GINGER BALL PATTY DUNMAN JANE ESSARY JERI GRAVES Guard. Sr. Guard, Sr. Forward, Jr. Forward, Jr. , ily' gs. fr 4 ,, V , ii-1 2 X' fs! I I as , ,sd IV . V Q ROSE JENKINS DARLA LAMBERSON RENE PARISH SHANNA PARISH Forward. Jr. Guard, Sr. Forward, Sr. Forward, Jr. nu..-1 in iii LeANNE ROBERSON GEORGIE THOMPSON ZENA TWITTY COACH DON DUREN Guard, Fresh. Guard, Sr. Forward, Soph. "I got it, I-Ia, Ha, Ha! J I " OPPOSITE PAGE, Left to Right: Rose Jenkins, Zena Twitty, Georgie Thompson, Jeri Graves, Darla Lamberson, Ginger Ball, Shanna Par- ish, Jane Essary, Rene Parish, Patty Dunman, and LeAnne Roberson. a 3 1 5 E 5 2 S , 4 3 i H 3 E 3: . E E i fi ,WNW , . M , Y, ww 1 i Q Y Y T 2-Z STANLEY DANGERFIELD GRAY DIRKS RONNIE NEAL I. C. JOHNSON Guard, Jr. Forward, Sr. Guard, Ir. Forward. Sr. will ' il,-' KENNETH ROBINSON RICKY SMALLWOOD BARRY STARKS Center, Sr. Guard, Soph. Guard, Sr. ss.. SCOTT STARKS BILLY STEED RAY WEBB PAUL TRULL Guard, Ir. Forward, Sr. Forward, Sr. Coach TO THE LEFT: R. Neal, R. Smallwood, B. Starks, J. C. Johnson, G. Dirks, K. Robinson, R. Webb, B. Steed, S. Starks 5. Dangerfield, Coach Trull. 1 . Tip-toe through the tulips. 2 For once they got the ball. 3. What a jump. 4. Back up. You car1't take that ball away from me. 5. Come on ball, you'Ie slow . 1. .Teri says, "Come on, jump want some action. " 2. These North Lamar boys know that we're 411. 3. Winning had its rewards! 4. These girls really show Fanning Del how to win a game . Boy's Iunior Varsity Basketball Left to Right, lst ROW: Johnny Ellis, Russell Graves, Larry Webb, Shawn Jordon, Johnny Johnson, Donny John son, Frankie Thompson, and Robert Young. 2nd ROW: Bob Burris, Steve Raper, Mike Lenore, Mike Bailey, Kyle Stephens, Charles Young, Terry Webb, and Tommy Vaughan. X .4-nu an M315 ,f 4 1:1 gr' .ff74'3, ,Es We are terribly sorry, but the picture Cgroupj of the "B" Team Basketball Girls did not develop. There was not enough time to retake the picture, and in order to get the annual in on schedule we had to impro- vise. We promise that this will NOT happen next year. Our sincerest apologies to the team and Coach Duren. ll 1 ,75 GIRLS TRACK 440 YD . RELAY Rose Jenkins, Jeannie Moore, Darla Lamberson, and Pam Ernst, Tina Ivy, Zena Twitty. 440 YD. DASH Georgie Thompson, Jeri Graves, and Rene Parish. 220 YD . DASH , Jeannie Moore, and Darla 60 YD ' DASH , .,,. Zene Twitty, Rose Jenkins, and Jeanni?e'iMoore. 80 YD. HURDLES Nita Dockray, Kim Ramsey, and Teri Darnell. 880 YD. RELAY a ' , Jeri Graves, Rene Parish, Georgiedgfg, , Thompson . , 1oo YD. DASH I ' , Zene,Twitty, Rose Jenkins, and Jeannie Moore. 880 YD. DASH Janice Smith, Ginger Ball, Laura Short. MILE RELAY ,J ,, ,,, ' Paula Hill, Rene Parish, Jeri Graves., Georgie ...,, V- ' , '.,. ",' .,, . 'f'f',g..,aw. -' " , ,..,...,...., . W I Eff., , A.. ., 1, ,., ,,., .,., .,f:sgsE.a,.,,g..1w.mI.s DISCUS Y Pam Ernst, Tina Ivy, and Patty Dunman. HIGH JUMP 1 . .,.., ii,,,, ,Q -...,.. Paula Hill Kim , , , , , . , .Rail ,.,: f ' t -"' .x I... If . K K nfjegjgggwgi LONG JUMP Y Rene Parish, Rose lenkinsi, 1. 72- 'l Jfi.s 5f4 D T VETFJPLE JUMP Rlii Rene Parish, Teri M North Lamar won the Riv-4 ercrest Meet, District and the I Regional Meet at 4 GUI ofthe e mem in which 880- and Mile Relays GE W GIE A DASH, , ,V in the 220 TwITTY,Iag1d ROSE JENKINS in the NITA DOCKRAY in me so YD. ,A,. I TWITTY and ROSE JENKINS in .V - . Msisifzffcsly 'f-2s 5 I.,,,JANIoE SMITH ing the sso YD. DISH in me TRIPLE JUMP and the STATE coMPETITIoN . s I , A ms, Arhy Fifi, M XAV, XA., I ,,.. .. if .,.., R is N., ,,.. Y .., ..,, WY.. ,,.., .,,.,U,. "" ' "S' R ' mf N N- Qs,Q?fg?,b:?i5 X I J' HK Mika 1 2 XC- aj if 9 1' - QPR - sill ':P?.'?Zs2r1f:-rm .iYb5?3f1s,2.s? 2 Tifilsiisisiusfi I 35' rf-?ErT11s:Y-.E'ki"!?. 'SWafftfIA?wz'ss1:5:z'2 Y wx f1,I.a..e1J ,..,,, ,,.. . ,. Y EEX2?f.'3 R... ,,,-. X , I .x I 315. W K, 4 .,.,..y. Y ' isffzzefzsazs, ,Safe -Isgzfgexwigssfgnzc..srsszssgzizzg.zggIse.:sfgz:aL -- s--s fl f--f ,.,f,.-Q.....Q..f- .1'Ifs,fr assi- UsIfffmff:s!1QQi,sQwfm5E,..habit--Rfsq- -I ,lx Q. f-f-in :I 4... ........ I -...,. . ..,. . .r .ifggrfgfsmi1-.,...,f1 - 3 , .gxssn A XJ .f 1 R' leg: .-gg 1- x nfl? 2 fl? H Jilfiffslii' fm w .Q ,.,.. , 4 if W 1,1 3 , ...,.. ,...,,. , .,,.......... . sf .,.. ...,..,., .. ..... MffIf:-f.1.ff.s.sssRffsffffsffllfwfs ..,. --f,.-. ..., ,.., D X Y f--f, M,..,,, J M' f as Y zsfesggpEgv:.ef,s....f1.:1msI 1. I can't even look. 2. Coach Stone said, "Come on Panthers. " 3. What a breeze. 4. I just love that dirt. 5 . The crowd roots for our girls. 6 . N. L. Bus goes to State. 7. Come on Georgie, shake a leg. 440 DASH Gary The '75 North Lamar High Boys track includes Edward Wilson, .hV QQ irks, son, Bobby Mor ff? Dale Robbins, F 12 ock Girl really :Q 1 'E xciting t the Quitm , eet the 440 YD . MILE Kenneth Bobby 3I1 Russell o City .,. :g, 3 W. 5 F H TENNIS R Q Q, 1243 L av -1 XX, I 'U Ei' "z, 'Q ,F Q kk ri X " I Q it I 3 O le ix Ka ' n Phipps , Celia Frierso 5? ' e rg B k Sla e, Jane Essar - Y s Y :Ai ri .Q Q . ?' C chO Larry W bb, Ran -if-..,. H Ch Ch dwell, is .1 f A oa rr, e ik' 1 fs ' e .30 Av dell yes, ris a YF' X X 5 Y X , Pat DeV ss, Jerry Ivins. I .0 ' 4 O' v , xx r x F YK1 fe 1 ,T lv' I e Mk 'Q ul ,xs Ns. 1 . Bombs away goes the ball. 2. Key Club plays ball. 3. Tammy let go of that volleyball. 4. Mr. Clayton keeps the scores of the games faithfully. 'Q'-'W ma: ,W .-f""fr .- .ff .....,-.unsure-f-..........., 27 """""0'l4l-nur nu X 1. Up for a shot. 2. Wait- ing patiently for the ball. 3. Over again. 4. Battle to the end . I9 Rirgsbgro Nort North Paris VARSITY FOOTBALL Honey Grove - - North Lamar -' Dekailib ------- Nor1gtfLamar -- C kmercw Mr-- h La I . - rth La -,F cr - 3 North Lamar IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar Nortl1'Lamar1 North Lamar I '-"' 96 N h - 8 pn '11 North North t ---4 a LamK:x+2 ---- Lamar BOY'S 'V Q Sulpher K 2 Co 1 W, t CSI North North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar Lamar ITY Commerce Celeste -- 5 North Lamiit North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar Lamar Lamar Lamar ,North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar North Lamar Prairiland 4? BOY S IUNIQR VARS 2 North 1 North North North Lamar North Lamar Lamar Lamar ,L ,K if 1? SIL -L.. 1. These tough men really knew that they could win without a doubt . 2. Hi there. We were so happy that we really flipped. Just look. 3. Well, now. These guys had no trouble . Just look at those calm faces. 4. Here I am having to work and I am starving. Organizations 5 Z Q 3 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right, BACK ROW: M. Springer, K. Stevens, B. Dusenberry. R. McAlister, M. Lenore, and C. Sain. 3rd ROW: L. Sherrer, I . Branch, R. Parish, and D. Lamberson. 2nd ROW: T. Ivy, C. Gribble, B. Steed, J. Graves, T. O'Brien, and K. White. lst ROW: E. Bell, S. Frenzel, A. Dunn, T. Darnell, L. Short, L. O'Brien, L. Henderson, J. Moore, C. Dangerfield, and P. Marshall. 1. Student Council Members walking down the hall. 2 . President smiling face , Debra Hatcher. 8. Miss Hatcher talking at the Homecoming pep rally . OPPOSITE PAGE: STUDENT COUNCIL OFFI- CERS: Left to Right, lst ROW: M. Armstrong - Corr. Sec.: K. Ramsey - Rep.: D. Hatcher - Pres.: K. Chappel - Parl. and C. Morton - Sec. Left to Right. BACK ROW: D. Jenson - V. Pres.: D. Loughmiller - Chap.: and T. Vanderburg - Treas. BAN ... ,wanna X-, -J w TO YOUR LEFT: BAND MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: L. Winters, M. Spencer, M. Bowers, T. Hol- senbeck, T. Streety, M. Truan, S. Holsenbeck, R. Stewart, E. Bell. 2nd ROW: D. McCloud, C. Jensen, B. Jensen, T. Weddle, Kathy Allen, L. Cox, S. Juhlin, D. Story, K. Phipps, L. Helm, B. McKinney, C. Chrietz- burg, D. Armstrong. 3rd ROW: J. Graves, T. Glover, T. Miller, L. Carlow, K. Dozier, E. Lawson, E. Allen T. Moree, W. Nelson, L. Truan, M. Harris, G. Davis, A. Bradshaw, D. Stephens, M. Whitener, B. Rosson, S. !Hurst, I. Tucker, B. Coe. 4th ROW: Mr. Hammer, D. EuBanks, F. Brown, D. Lind- ysey, T. Hines, Billy Joplin, and S. Wilkins. 1. BAND OFFICERS: L to R: Lawrence Truan - Student Council Rep. , Laura Winters - Pres. , Elizabeth Bell - Stu- ldent Council Rep. and Wal- ,lace Nelson - Sec. and Treas. 52. Lawrence said "Would you like a blindfold, Sir?" 3. Mr. Hammer said, "It's just another one of those days. " 4 Karen said , "Wou1d you like to try it?" 5. Mark said, "Am TI late?" Band Coming On. . . We are so proud of the progress the Band has made this year and wish them the best of luck in the future. BOTTOM LEFT: Major- SIIG Karen Phipps. TOP LEFT: Majorettes perform at the game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Band performs for spring concert. TOP RIGHT: Drum major Laura Winters. hiv ' UAW BOTTOM RIGHT: Band members go wild out at the Powder Puff games. TOP RIGHT: Majorette Tonaya Streety. LEFT: Drum Major Laura Winters conducts the band at one of our first pep ral- lies. VQHKHS' V'-'M'vS"m9!29bfv' 9Q"l! 'E9:9I93.?.4'a' -rg-vp v,,v+v,vev,yt9Q 4Hv,f1-I .'r'r:v+-S-1',a 3'5'+4'+++"+++'+++v+v+m-v,-+ -fav. .w,a,+.+,+,+,Qe BETA FO YOUR LEFT: .. to R. , TOP ROW: G. Mood, S. Hamm, C. Cooper, Parish, P. Dunmon, D. .amberson, I. Graves, C. iain, S. Sain, M. Lenior. 4th lOW: L. Truan, K. Phipps, L. Minters, K. Ramsey, D. iatcher, C. Gribble, M. .enior, Westbrooks, D. Jen- en. 3rd ROW: B. Jensen, B. 'arson, S. McGee, C. Grib- ple, C. Frierson, S. Lamb, vi. Hicks, L. Short, S. Stew- trt, W. Nelson. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Johnson, G. Ball, S. lamb, T. Darnell, T. Garri- on, L. Roberson, M. Vander- vurg, D. Loughmiller, C. Draper, P. Marshall. lst lOW: L. O'Brien, L. Cox, T. Coward, L. Sherrer, B. Steed, L Cary, C. Chapman, C. viorton, and D. Evens. .. BETA OFFICERS: D. Lough- niller - Chaplain, P. Dunmon -S.C. Rep. , D. Lamberson - iec. , C. Saine - Treas. , M. penoir - S.C. Rep. , Mrs. 'ohnson - Sponsor, B. Steed - leporter, L. Sherr - V. Pres. , C. Ramsey - Pres. 2. Sherry said, "Dessert anyone?" 3. Mrs. Johnson just loves help- lng her Beta Children Serve he public. 4. These Beta girls pre real show-offs. 5. Miss Lenoir said, "Is it Onions?" . , it U at n Q 32 1, ff t. .,.. ... . B , , , ,.,, V 'K 4 ' LL - I K 'WL 5 'S R Vg ' P SM 3153 Q R ' lst ROW, Left to Right: J. Buster, M. Burks, K. Meredith, I. Scott, M. Hicks, T. Barber, L. Sherrer, K. McDowell. 2nd ROW: J. Craig, R. Eastman, D. Golden, S. LaRue, S. Simms, D. Beard, R. Cunning- ham, G. Vaughn, A. Carlow, S. Hurst. 3rd ROW: G. Hood, K. Adams, I. Ashley, D. Doyle, and M. Dibble. D.E.C.A. 1 Right, Sponsor Mr. McGuire. Left, Lamoine Sherrer with Manage of Gibsons, where these pictures were taken. Our thanks to Gibsons for their cooperation with us in tak- ing these pictures. Judy Buster shows some D.E.C.A. members a clock. ,David Beard shows a can of oil. Gerald Hood doesn'r want to look. Sammy is holding a pineap- ple. Can we make "you an offer you can't resist?"! ! h WMU? YNY? WWW' ' eww X Xl l 5.-3' P 56 l AG.-1 4th ROW: J. Moore, D. Atnip, C. Pasteka, D. Birdsong, A. f Chambless, K. Stephens, C. A Young, D. Townsend, B. Ramsey, R. Wilson, C. l Myres. 3rd ROW: M. Cahill, J. Thompson, J. Robinson, T. Norman, D. Routon, P Fos- ter, D. Dunman, M. Wilson, , T. Webb, J. Johston, I. Pen- h ton, I. Bolton. 2nd ROW: F. Thompson, B. Atnip, C. Story, B. Thompson, S. Jor- dan, T. Moree, B. Vander- burg, L. McQueen, D. Arnold. lst ROW: G. Rucker, D. Chrietzberg, L. C. Price, B. Coe, S. Spencer, R. Young, S. Sander, T. Yates, M. Shew, R. Penn, C. Kelly, L. Fodge, K. White. AG.-2 3rd ROW: G. Rook, S. Carter, D. Shelton, M. Darper, H. Myers, D. Upchurch, I. Todd, S. Raper, J. Pollard, R. Morris, L. Ramsey, B. Morgan, M. Yates. 2nd ROW: R. Graves, W. Allison, G. Parks, C. Brooks, T. Broad- way, D. Waggoner, J. Howell, S. Widernan, W. Adamson, L. Webb. lst ROW: B. Brown, K. Gunter, I. A11- red, D. Crawford, G. Beshires, T. Ashley, R. Lat- ham, T. Robinson, S. Neal, R. Morgan, E. Allen, B. Goforth, R. Todd. G.-3 G. Bolyard, W. Sawyer, D. Dangerfield, D. Robbins, K. Springer, D. Moody, D. Strickland, M . Springer, K. Westbrooks, I. Waston, R. Stevens. CO-OP lst ROW: L. Coward, K. Cooke. I. Risinger, R. Tyson, L. McQueen, T. Barber. 2nd ROW: R. Upchurch, R. Stan- difer, B. Moats, M. Slage, D. Dowdy, J. Clark, M. Johnson. Fleming, K. Risinger, D. l 1 1. OFFICERS: Left to Right: V. President, Don Strictlandg President, Danny Moody: Treasurer, Russell Graves: Secretary , Ricky Smallwoodg Sentinel, Wesly Allison: Rep- resentative, Willie Sawyerg Advisor, Danny Dangerfield. 2. The Ag. Boys butcher calf for their barbeque. 3. 1, 2, 3, Come and Get it. 4. The food was great. 5. Let me make this perfectly clear! XXII Dil 54515555 0? g is Sr. Chapter FHA Ir. Chapter fi. SENIOR OFFICERS: D. Cary, T. Ivy, S. Helms, D. Humphrey, and B. Packer. 2. Miss Hiner, Sponsor. 3. Mrs. Williams, Sponsor. 4. Girls, travel every day to the Home- lmaking building ON OTHER PAGE: SENIOR CHAPTER lst ROW, Left to Right: K. Phipps, G. Cooper, S. Helm, J. Scott, . Spann, S. Owens, K. Fren- el. 2nd ROW: D. Evens, D. Ienson, T. Ivy, J. Allred, D. Armstrong, S. Kelly, D. Hatcher, I. Stevens. 3rd ROW: D. Humphrey, B. Par- ker, D. Cary, D. Culligan, lr. Mctaughrin, B. Wadford, XG. Dickerson. 4th ROW: P. Ashley, C. Carlow, S. Hearst, C. Keeton, J. McCabe, V. Hardy. UUNIOR CHAPTER: lst ROW: 1E. Briggle, R. Stewart, C. Kays, T. Sherwood, D. Trammell. 2nd ROW: L. Asford, S. Tucker, K. Moore, B. Slagle, L. Bivens, K. Hol- senbeck, L. Cody, S. Shan- non. 3rd ROW: T. Garrison, C. Boyd, S. Rossan, C. Hodges, C. Cunningham, D. Moody, M. Arnold. 1 5.2. .1 A ,P A ON OPPOSITE PAGE: Left to Right, lst ROW: D. Hum- phrey, C. Sain, T. Delaney, C. Caldwell, Mrs. Brown, B. Parker 2nd ROW: E. Bell, D. Lamberson K. Ramsey, L. Short, L. Sherrer, R. Carry, I. Graves. 3rd ROW: J. Essary, B. Steed, P. Dunman, K. Chappel, S. Sain. 4th ROW: D. Loughmiller, M. Nunn. ON THIS PAGE: 1. OFFICERS: lst ROW: J. Graves B. Steed, P. Dunman, A. Dockary Mrs. Brown. 2nd ROW: E. Bell, K Lemsey, J. Buster, and M. Nunn. 2. F.T.A. Sponsor Mrs. Brown jokes with some of her fellow teachers. 3. Kerry Chappel, F.T.A. member, comes from a meeting. rg. NSY.. t f . . l . F5 . Y Y ,em lst ROW, L to R: Mrs. Long, shall, D. Skeen, S. McGee, ROW: L. Short, L. Hale, C. Ross, K. Franzel, J. Kellis, Daughtry, D. McKenny, B. Kelly, C. Grace, D. Berry. R. Walker, R. Wheeler, L. Nelson, P. Mar- V. Flynn, D. Armstrong, P. Ashley. 2nd Tyson, K. Moore, J. Alred, D. Bradshaw, B. I. Horton. 3rd ROW: R. Jackson, J. Scott, I. Slagle, D. Cary, B. Thompson, S. Owens, S. 4th ROW: T. Dollins, D. Freeman, S. Kohorst, L. Roberson, L. Shannon, S. Dangerfield, J. McDow, M. Spencer , M . Armstrong . Right, Mrs. Long, Sponsor, shows Marsha Armstrong how to walk like a lady . PN XR lst ROW, L to R: L. Hicks: E. Flynng T. Walmockg L. Skeeng D. Rosseng L. Mooreg C. Boydg J. Tucker. N. V, . I ,f ., A ill if f ' ' 9 , .' ig-.gk . ' 2nd ROW, L to R: C. Dowdyg P. Williamsg D. Suggg D. Skinnerg S. Evensg L. Winter: B. Smithg K. McGi11g D. Story: S. Mahan. 3rd ROW, L to R: M. Hotteng L. Browng E. Kennisong P. Wilkersong V. Boardwayg M. song G. Morrisg K. Wrightg S. Gordeng G. Todd: Mrs. Mahan. ...uw 1-Qf, M - A X ,--- - ' Wm... . . 'ww 5: 4 Mrs. T. Mahan, sponsor HECE Robin -. i 'ffl W 1 1 ii -.,, Qflf ' 1 FFICERS: if. Delaney - Editor . Flynn - Asst. Editor . Nunn - Asst. Editor . Journalism students enjoy selling he paper. 2. Journalism students uard the money. Left to Right are: Elaine Flynn: Dean Loughmillerg Cathy Gribbleg Mark Nunn: Debra Hatcher: Tim Delaney. Sponsor, Mr. Jerry DFFICERS: Mark Nunn, Elaine Flynng Tim Delaney. OOIS . 'VIEW -nm 3 1 ,Q QA . Q -H' -KQV ff' KEY CLUB Left to Right, lst ROW: P. DeVoss, W. Sawyer, R. Hayes, D. Jenson, and R. Sharrock. 2nd ROW: C. Caldwell L. Webb, R. Davidson, D. Moody, T. Vaughan, R. Graves, and S. Sims. 1. Key Club officers are: Left to Right: Pat DeVoss - Treas.g Willie Sawyer - V. Pres.g Randall Hayes - Pres.g Daniel Jenson - Sec.: and Don Strickland - Sgt. at Arms. 2. Key Club works throughout the school as well as the community. 3 . Key Club members in class Cbackl . IN FRONT: Future Key Club mem- bers? I .4 wx , k - , - , J. n-'UF' '? ' W5 'H' ., :::::::.eygLg 1: , . 3 . V .., , . . .. , , ,M ,, , . ,, K xz,f...vy.asK . .,,L.,,. . V , ,LA W , , . -an 2, , H , - K l TO THE LEFT: L.. to R. , lst ROW: L. Truang T. Vanderburgg D. Loughmillerg C. Saing D. Hatcher: C. Gribbleg D. Fensong Sponsor Mr. McMonigle. L. go R. , BACK ROW: T. Delaneyg M. Vanderburg, M. Nunn. l. OFFICERS: L. to R.: Sponsor Mr. vIcMonigleg D. Loughmillerg D. Flatcherg C. Gribbleg M. Vander- Jurgg W. Nelson. 2. Daniel slowly :urns on the juice! 3 . Cathy Matches her experiment carefully. L. Yvonne and Ann work diligently .n the lab . 5. Debra carefully pours :hemicals into a funnel as Cathy .ooks on. -all-4-w........'X......,... ....5, A .....,. , ,Y ,,,A. ,, . .,.. ,,,,, ,,.,,. :L ,,.L,,i fQ9gffgq, v I -n--5' PM E fkX Q ,-.- J 1 . 1 N ,g -...,NN.wK xr 'Wiiidkh wwf A , 1 WE f 1 A - 2 YOUTH FOR CHRIST ' ': . M .E W ,v ' ' f ' f . Y OFFICERS: M. Vanderburg - ,ar1. , D. Loughmiller - Pres. , D. Hatcher - Pro. Chair. , M. Spencer V. Pres., S. Hurst - Sec. NOT ICTURED: K. Rose, Treas. . Youth For Christ cheerful Spon- tors are Mrs. L. Ochoa and Mr. I . Clayton. . Youth For Christ member Sheri oster enjoying a snack. . STUDENT COUNCIL REPRE- ENTATIVES: T. Ivy and W. Sis- 11 . w 4 Q5 5 l lst ROW, Left to Right: T. O'Brien, R. Walker, K. Ramsey, I. Graves, S. Frenzel, E. Bell, D. Hatcher. 2nd ROW: A. Dunn, K. Phipps, L. Short, P. Marshall, K. Lindsey, B. Parker, M. Spencer. 3rd ROW: L. Davidson,i C. Stewart, C. Gribble, Mrs. Harrison, Sponsor, K. Chappel, J. Moore, T. Coward, K. Heron, S. Parish. 4th, ROW: L. Westbrooks, Cannot Identify, Cannot Identify, S. Stewart, Y. Tucker, B. Steed, R. Parish, P. Wil- l liams, W. Sawyer, B. Alsobrook. B. Steed. 5th ROW: T. Dollians, L. Turman, J. Watson, T. Delaney. OFFICERS: lst ROW , Left to Right: Brenda Steed, Willie Sawyer, Rene Parish, Paula Marshall. 2nd ROW: Debra Hatcher, Cathy Grib- ble and Mrs. Harrison, Sponsor. 1 Wh' 2 ' '51 ' - 1 ,i 'ze 2 ' f '-..f , n." 'fi X 1 S A gl ' f . rv I 1 p ,. A . .arf it A ,r A ba'-R , P ff' ' .jf-L NLM? A' Spanish Club Activities 1. Kim is either daydreaming or real attentive. 2. President Paula. 3 Are Cind and Ton REALLY - Y Y i contributing??? 4. Cindy is powder- tized during initiation. 5. At the initiation, Tammy cries "mrnmmmmgood'." 6. "La Cucaracha . " .-:uv-vw'- S, . V H' H -361 VICA 'he VICA officers are: 1. fiilton Pasteka - President. 2 gt. at Arms - James Elrod. . Parliamentarian - Tommy 11is. 4. Carl Chamber - 'ice-President . 5. Treasurer- ,eporter - Dennis Smith. 6. .andy Ernst - Secretary, and Ihaplain - Chuck Ogden. in the right hand page the 1embers are: G. Bills, T. 11is, T. Spencer, R. Ernst, fl. Pasteka, A. Ellis, M. mith, I. Elrod, D. Smith, Linnabry, M. Suggs, C. Zhambers, C. Morris, R. aniels, E. Ceker, C. dgen, and F. Reed. fir. Weaver is the VICA Spon pr and with him is VICA's fiascot. Below, Mr. Streety 'ur Bus Mechanic. Right hand ide of the page, VICA mem- lers doing what they do best, v' ORKING. L 'N'-...R I l T'-:X . Office V Assistants BACK ROW: G. Thompson, I. Hen-' derson, R. Jenkins, J. Moore, D. Hatcher, K. Phipps, M. Armstrong, R. Walker. FRONT ROW: S. Fren- zel, K. Chappell, and B. Steed. h-uw-.."S'A+-N-, ' wr ."""N PM OWT't"" ll Latin Club A BACK ROW: President - M. vandeii burg, Reporter - P. DeVoss, L. Wili liamson, Student Co. Rep. - W. Nelson, Student Co. Rep. - J. Wat- son, Parl. - T. Vanderburg. FRONT ROW: Gov. - A. Dunn, Sponsor - Miss R. Milford, Treas. - K. Tom- blin, and Sec. - L. O'Brien. ,. my ft.f,,W.,,,.fifn.:-ff. Kiwannettes OFFICERS: BACK ROW: L. BACK Row, Left to Right: S. Julian, B. siagie, T. Garrison, D. Evans, D. McKinley, M. O Bnen' Ir' RSP-P K' MODIS' Spencer, D. Hatcher, M. Arnold. 2nd ROW: Sponsor Miss R. Milford, K. Moore, K. Fren- Treas- 1 R- STU-9-Il, Soph. Rep- - zel, B. Jenson, S. Lamb, J. Alred, D. Cary, K. Hearn, B. Black, R. Stewart, and T. Ivy. FRONT ROW: S. Lamb, Pres.: T lst ROW: S. Holsenbeck, A. Bradshaw, S. Owens, S. Hurst, B. Parson, B. Parker, D. . ' d Humphrey, L. O'Brien, and C. Frierson. Garrison' V' Pres' ' an B' -Ten' son , Sec . Tri-Hi-Y OFFICERS: Sponsor, Mrs. P. Mur- pheyg L. Sherrer, Pres.g R. Parish, Rep., D. Lamberson, V. Pres.g P. Dunman, Rep.g M. Armstrong, Corr. Sec.g K. Ramsey, Treas.g S. Frenzel, Sec.g P. Marshall. BACK ROW: C. Chappel, D. Car- rol, P. Marshall, S. Parish, P. Dunman, K. Meredith, M. Arm- strong, D. Lamberson, C. Morton, M. Bowers, and B. Steed. 2nd ROW: C. Boyd, K. Ramsey, R. Parish, J. Moore, K. Roden, C. Sain, S. Stuart, S. Sain, L. Westbrooks, V. Broadway, I. Graves, and K. Jones. lst ROW: L. O'Brien, I. Essary, L. Sherrer, S. Frenzel, L. Short, K. Wright, and M. Burkes. Care OFFICERS: L. Westbrooks, Treas.g S. Stuart, Sec.g T. Delany, Pres.g M. Spencer, Rep., C. Gribble, V. Pres. BACK ROW: L. Westbrooks, E. Flynn, S. Stuart, M. Spencer, C. Cooper, S. Hamm, T. Streety, D. Carrol, B. Parson, and Sponsor Mis S R. Milford. FRONT ROW: M. Nunn, L. Spann, T. Delany, and S. Grib- ble . 91 f' Eg , 1'-KLA. f .i tl 1 .. H.. ,,f.,. .. 55 2 7 "T B we ..,3,,. if f ' ' W . 'ing i Q2 1 5 'K Building Trades 1. Students are: J. Allen, and L. Williamson from North Lamar and three Paris High students. 2. This is part of Building Trades afternoon class. This class includes: R. Bender, D. Dancer, R. Garrison, G. Hicks, D. Roberts, V. Saylor, and G. Berry. 3. Jerry and Leldon working at P.J. C . Chess 4. Miss Ochoa and Charles play checkers at a Chess meeting. 5. Officers are: Miss Ochoa, Sponsor: C. Stellpflug, Presidentg C. Saw- yer, V. Pres.: C. Draper, Secretary and Treasurer, B. Biggs, St. Coun. Rep. 6 . Chess members are: Left to Right, lst ROW: C. Chambers, P. Butler, W. Nelson, R. Penn, J. Penton, B. Brown, W. Sisson, and J. Bulton. 2nd ROW: Miss Ochoa, C. Stellpflug, C. Sawyer, M. Bow- ers, G. Sisson, R. Wilson, C. Dra- per, and B. Biggs. Administration 'Wm-... hw. Q v iw mis ,I 'ii my ,. N.. 'wo Nvwmmtvwmrm , I K 4vrr""L2'.A",M M NW A-1 ummm. ff' NWN M'W"'w.M Xf""'NO KW'-M. K wwf vo. k.w"Q ' " mm. +V. , K nvxkwmwv -N wwm ',,9-f""'iM MW-"' W . .M My o o o .. . V ., 'kxkiifss--W ' . ago A , 'Mp A H fm. , 5,4 fe K I Vx Nlxqmmkm, A , 1 Q. , .. +"'+1?"a School Board SUPERINTENDENT Mr . Roy Chadwick O YOUR LEFT: CHOOL BOARD: STANDING: Roy hadwick, Leslie Howe, Bobby mallwood , Lloyd Thompson , Mayne Beard. SEATED: Bill Beard, 'Leve Bybee, Eldon Holcomb and en Henson. 1. The Ghost? 2. Rolling along. B. Hard at work. l r as X 1' . 'K j ' ' I. '.M1 -"X W, .,., . 29.55 PRINCIPAL 1 . Darrell White 2. MI. White tells Jackie Babb how it is. Y ASST. PRINCIPAL 3 . Paul Glover 4. Mr. Glover checks someone's excuse. Faculty GENEVA BAILY - teaches Math DR. R. L. BROWN - is Director of Plan A RHEA BROWN - teaches English Nr - .Aww-MMV "Ar, 1 dis 4-. Q. , RICHARD BYRD - teaches Government and Sociology JOE CLAYTON - teaches General Business, Shorthand and is Yacht Sponsor DON DUREN - teaches English and Coach .ya , I .fs - fa.f tg, DICK FRIERSON - teaches History and Coach JACK FRIERSON - teaches History and Science ALDEN GEORGE - teaches Science and Coach I . A JAMES GRAVES - teaches Agriculture DAVID HAMMAR - teaches Band and Music History and Literature ARLENE HARRISON - teaches History and Spanish iii -? ,f 4 ap at ' v if " ' 1? 3 1 Q . K I 5 .C S 'tl ar I 'z':SL-'ff' . , ' . - ' ' LILLIAN HICKMAN - teaches History CAROLYN HINER - teaches Homemaking and Cheerleader JOYCE JOHNSON - teaches Math , ' afa 0,4 s , I R f I' Y ifabwkv I X Y C , Z ha Y' 2 f I- .,.,.nf-afigwwg'-Q-gapt:ag.,,ys.7fw A ., k f '- lst,-w g We - - - is-1 Q ws - ss h 'C- , 1 .., I K V eeae 6 E ., ' J' V lu ' - 12 ' JF- vi e "- O n. Q, n 5 91 . 1 , s 'fi-X . 6 :J P w 1 it C l l I 3 x lx r MIKE JONHSON - teaches Plan A LATANAE LONG - teaches Chorus R. L. MADDOX - Librarian TREVE MAHAN - Homemaking RUTH MIFORD - teaches Latin and English JERRY MOORE - teaches Journalism and is our Counselor Q X L- liv R. qa., A 1 CAROLYN MURPHY - teaches Typing COURTIS McGUIRE - teaches Distributive Ed . BOBBY MCLEMORE - teaches Agriculture ...Y me or -H E as 5 T, .. Q Q , sf If fi M, ' S A ein: QM- tus nf, T. J. McMONIGLE - teaches Science LEE OCHOA - teaches English I ACK ORR - teaches Biology and Tennis v SANDRA ORR - teaches Phys. Ed. and English KENNY SANDERS - teaches Science ELAINE TOWNSEND - teaches Phys. Ed . f bt ty. I ,Jf Mffwm E' trmi. S I A . A-5....w. PAUL TRULL - teaches Health and Coach E. L. WEAVER - teaches Auto Mech. KATHLEEN WILLIAMS - teaches Homemaking W 1 1 WAYNE BEARD - is our Lunch Room Supervisor GAIL COCHRELL - is a Secretary HENRY DAVIS - is our Ground Director , if 3. E 4 N 1 w,, NX 4' . fx I" ,, 'QI 5 X, THERESA EMERSON - is our School Nurse GWENDOLYN FORMAN is a Cook SHARON GREEN - is a Secretary , ix' Q ' X x I 'I DARNELL MALONE - is a Cook CATHERINE MOORE - is a Cook LAWRENCE McFRAZIERI - is our Custodian 5 .- ,, K K .sA,1s L V gd A,- . E V, -ss ni l A H 1 . ' L' W . 'sv . if E Saul' 4. . 1 6 - ,--. - A 9.5 f V A if , 8 KATHERINE REESE - is a Cook BETTY SWINDLE - is a Secretary KATHY SWINDLE - is the Lunch Room Cashier 'Q QQ ,M 5 Q I gg . I Q Q 4 X Q 5 ns.. WOODROW THOMPSON is our Custodian FREDA VANDERBURG - is a Secretary Our new addition to the staff is Betty Swasko. 1. Coach Duren is hard at work reading a book in his classroom. 2. Miss Baily is grading papers for her stu- dents. 3. Mr. Clayton is trying to catch up on his Bookkeeping. 4. It looks like our photographer caught Mr. Graves una- ware. 5. Wonder why Mrs. Brown is smiling? High School 1 . Debbie Essman, Sherina Smith and Cindy Handley enjoy their lunch break? 2. Richard Sharrock and Daniel Jenson wait in line to have their pictures taken for the yearbook. 3. Ricky Golden and James Elrod seem to be having a disagreement in class. 4. Some seniors like Shelia Sain will do anything to get their picture in the "Yacht. " Look Sexy Shelial 5. Mrs. Harrison guards the money at the 1975 Homecom ing Dance . Seniors ,.-Y , fi ww kg in SA an x wa 5 My 3' x A f ig , ' f A X W e . Q 5 .., f .A if N 4 1 .:.. Q., x ff, f . .EP lv- KEN ADAMS i e link L KJ, -1 9' , .4 1 ff:, e . L . ff w,.' ' L J' - Qffi , WW! N '3 A ' e e- h e 'f 'f ' ' e ' - if ,Lk, . W' 5 K Q1 P' In the hfe of a young gg. 1 N Q f M R , ' 2 ,f 1.v e , e , , 'X most essential thing for hapg 'Of ,. 3 Q F S efwk wx B ' QQXT J iii x X 'Q gi 12 SSS 1 mf 13 kk S X a Q an S ex S P 3 M P 3 Q A ww , N Ski' ,f v 1:1351 H Sw Q5 5 if 675:-x r , X 2 Q Q sw in wg Q 'X , . e ee f - , e 1 is the gift of friendship. , , TLQ R ?, Q " 1 Q' , if eex, L , Ibid Q 1 KENNETH WILLARD ADAMS ALLEN MARSHA ROGER JEFFREY GINGER ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG ASHLEY BALL RICHARD TOMMY A BARBER BARBER '76 Y , THOMAS RALPH ALL 3 SENIOR BARNES BENDER ELMER CARROLL KANITA HILL 'Ib BILLY VICTOR IEFFERY BARBARA BESHIRES BILLS BOOTH BOWMAN VICKIE ROBBY LANITA VICKIE BROADWAY BROCKWAY BROWN BROWN STEVE JUDY CYNDY ELMER BUSSELL BUSTER CARROLL CARROLL K' ff' un A LX W RUBYLEA RANDALL DOYLE RICKY CHILDRESS CUNNINGHAM DANCER DAWES '7 MIKE SHERRI RUSSELL CATHY FREEMAN FRENZEL GARRISON GRIBBLE GLNDA CINDY DEBRA IRENE GROOMS HANDLEY HATCHER HENDERSON CHERI GUY LAURA MYRA HICKS HICKS HICKS HICKS KANITA GERALD MARY RAMONA HILL HOOD HOOTEN JACKSON .JL 'Wi' 'al ., if 1n I' '3' ,Wg 'S we 2 E ww L f 1: , E ,. Lf 4 Q Q ta , l ff? 'Z 1:51. w , ai Q X W 1 , v 6534, 1' ,fx W, 8 -f i 1 j ff ff . f 4 Z A ' L 'W M:-14. ' 5 SHEILA VIRGIL JOYCE BRENDA SAIN SAYLOR SCOTT SHARROCK DARLIA DONNA DEBBIE MIKE SHELTON SKINNER SMIRES SPRINGER BARRY BILLY STARKS STEED A ,,z I ag-D 5 943.2 . T' Y 1 4. V I Q I B' 1 l .'f"M I I ,IVY SHARON DEBBIE Elmor Carroll enjoys the dance. STEWART STORY in 'N v vw :gf gk s 'WR LF Q tvs' i v y M -3 .- x w 1 fa , 1 ,, ': . 'iflfeiii y WILLIE N LESLEY FELICIA PAMELA WEBB WESTBROOKS WHITE WILLIAMS " "le LELDON ROBERT LINDA ANDY WILLIAMSON WILSON WOFFORD WOODARD 15 KRYSTAL DEBRA WRIGHT WYATT Ou .IANICE YOUNG 6 ni" ' . , " A . W Q '-of-'W ' . ,' 1 Yeah, I'm a senior, so what about it-2 So there's only two weeks left of school, and then I'm out in the big world. Can't wait until graduation night . . . itfs gonna be great. I'll cruise up front, grab that diploma, say, "thanks buddy," and run. S' pose I don't know where I'm running to, though. Before, all I did was follow the rest of those darn rowdies. I knew I could always find someone at a game, a party, Champs, or chowing down at the Sonic after school. But now it's gonna be different. We're all going totake off and try to make it on our own. Listen to this joke - letting graduation, get to him after twelve years of being, ahard guy, Oh, geez . . . Yea, it's time to make the scene in class . . . guess I might even miss that when it's over. Check ya later, buddy! Thanks, see ya, bye. I .M v 4, , .,,n.4 3 ',gg?-... - ,, . Q . 1 fv-uf ,M 'V fgisws-.TT ..V. "Rf-" 'ff an WY. Ag., M . x, ,Nl 'r ug' . :lf ' Q. J, X Q N. -U.. X I S I , S. X - 4! I t It's graduation and it's unbelievable that I'm here. They'll call my name in a few minutes, and I'll walk up ,A to receiverny diploma . . . where do I go from there? I've always had the security of the school routine and its Q activities, surrounded by the friends ' I was so familiar with. Now we'll all be going in different directions, and I wonder how long it will be before the memories that meant so much start to fade. After twelve years of this you would think I would be ready to move on, but I feel like I'm leaving a part of me behind. Maybe that's good though. because I really have changed in the three years that I've been here. Well, pretty soon they'll get to my name. Then I'll be up there, and it'l1 be all over. In a way. I guess everything's really just beginning. F vlng w C . H. wills North Lamar more spirit and freedom. - wills Miss Milford a room full of quiet "sweeties. " B . M. wills Mr. Clayton the film "Jaws" for his entertainment. F. W. wills G. T. good luck at E.T.S.U. - wills Mr. McGuire a comb. K . A . wills his outstanding ability to mix up books in the library to S . L. D . L. wants to will Mr. Byrd a new briefcase, one that is easier to open. fHe has last one worn out because he opens and shuts it so much.J W. A. wills J. B. a new car. I will Mr. Byrd some sleeping pills, so he won't talk so much in class. P. W. and C. C. will Miss Milford enough Cokes to last her every day. I will Mrs. Long a class of girls next year that can't carry a tune in choir. I. H . wills Mrs. Hickman a pair of shoes that aren't pointed and the latest style in dresses. I . T. wills Mr. Clayton a class that understands shorthand. I will North Lamar some of Chicota's school spirit. P. D. wills Mr. White a case of chapstick. - wills Mr. White a rubber ducky with long hair. I would like to will North Lamar enough gravel to cover the parking lot after the seniors leave. D . W. wills the high school my little brother and a BIG bottle of aspirin. Y . T. wills A . D. a new handwriting, one that I can read. - wills the Yacht Staff a new set of commercials. - wills Mr. lfyrd at least one exciting class period. K . W. wills Mr. Clayton a Jaws tee-shirt to match his paddle. L. H . wills Mrs. Baily a new pair of legs. D. R. wills Mrs. Ochoa a year's supply of elephant food. - wills Mr. White the biggest hair clippers in the world . K. T. wills Mr. T. D. wills Mrs. M. N. wills Mr G. G. wills Mr. D. S. wills Mrs White a better relationship with his students. Ochoa a case of sucrets for her broken voice White a tape recorder that says "What are you doing in the hall?" . Davis my Alice Cooper tee-shirt. Mahan a whole class of unemployed students. G. B. wills Mr. White a private detective Cannon to help him during lunch. G. M. willsl. Y. abrewery. A. D. wills E. C. a new tricycle. L. R. wills Mr. McGuire a dozen donuts a day for a year from Philpot's Donut Shop. S . S. wills North Lamar some school spirit. V B. wills Mr. Byrd some pop pills to keep his students awake in his classes. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 7?W,vf, X.. 'S X ' T ,fo yr w If , fi-if. F, J.,q:,.-5.: .L 4. . 'iii . A 13. W' - ' an-"5"Fk?,g r. ., ' 'iv 95? A ., '- . 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A - 3-Ti?-. f ' Q '.:x-Vrwfffpif - A 4 e, 2 4 .. 5219? - . --f-4 :Q . , nf: .1.rearL":'W2' .1 :f .., ' f. ' .n . -2 k.,::?i?5 .""Q?-.E-,Ay-F55'Y"if:'v4'l: ' .1-UE? "w'524lrY .ETF-5241?-I Ji? .. . ti si' Aff - v- 5Q-fwrfefz-AF?'5l"'? '-114 fiiwiff-252 f?'1':1'52?Q'f-'fP-1'? 'v 56159-. ggsw- ag if , ,gw-,-g.gQzggsP5w5'1m.,4g,-,gliy - wk, faygg ,M Mfg:.1-::,.,kmg.,,5xfqg.. 5,9 N., w nn- M ? f V , iz' Lg, A fm - swsf- ,. .nf-, .2-:M was A 'fw5zr1ww:':sww:sw?1vzaRE1.sxZSmu:q2:f25- SP1-' kr" - W f Q ,aqez-ga-a,vi:1,Q:a-'rsf:mf-.Q,3AgQ-- .-.fn:,w,v.1f-.afq.-xyfmygx. -',w..:nw.,m,- tw, , ,--. r-'a fav 221'-52? QQ- SFNLQSQS51-22-. Eg.13Hevm'fS3lt?wa,2fgqf .:-Qw'i.- vm , 15- ' :ic - , 1... ., 1i?e"f??2gE-liLfM75l?4v.x:-5H4S3Lf5??,2:?.6??f?Y-552 f iiafigf " ' 14--r"f:H .- " fn '- sz-1.1-.M2seg'r::z.nx.ywsafvm. 'gfmamawfgmufzytf,-ye.,-Mwegqhu ,'s,4.-:kqw-"'-'.,- - ,Wy .ATQ?fN:'f:i -. 3433? 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U - - md.. :fi f -fin ny -1 ,. f-.L 'tif 9322-'7Z'1A "- '5?mbvf - -.. . My-,5-1,nf 1 ffl! fi,-T 2- -H9135 5:1551 r.'-in A .31 9 'T ,. , . -1 .fi E: f w1gQ5y5'?f,:ff5f1z,fS5-ffm V W fm, " 'AE32-.mmmxmg4-'v'hm:rcEmyAAv,.ft114.:if-ifkfwsg'.:,.qrmf..yQgg, " zum!-LK X' L "nc: iilffi? 1:- if Iuniors ., J, .. I I I I F M E I ' I FAVORITE LaMoir1e Sherrer FAVORITE I Don Stricklin If Tx ALL-JUNIOR ZR R 'R' I I Scott Starks OVW V , I ' xg NVQ - ', QF 'W " f"' TW . I R, ft? A Uh- ,A.L ix 'V K I M ,KAK Mft w Tv.,-lww-n 1 X SIMTQP I 'NES Fewvff-,ti I I Iii ' Ainsl- ,,......,4 , . . OFFICERS: Left to Right, lst ROW: S.C. Rep. - Brenda Steedg V. President - Rhonda Cary. 2nd ROW: Secretary - Laura Short: S.C. Rep. - Cherita Dangerfieldg Treasurer - Carmen Sain. 3rd ROW: S.C. Rep. - Clark Sain: Reporter 1 Ray Webby Presi- dent - Tony O'Brien. ALL-I UN IOR Jeri Graves Jerry Allen Danny Atnip Terri Barber Toni Barber David Beard Carlos Benites Gaylon Berry Elizabeth Bell Glynis Bills Glenn Bolyard Melinda Bowers Claudette Boyd Janice Branch Gregory Brown Marsha Burks Debbie Bybee Chris Caldwell Alan Carlow Debbie Carroll Rhonda Cary Kerry Chappell Jimmy Clark Kenneth Cooks Adrian Cooper Lawrence Coward Gary Craig Charita Dangerfield Danny Dangerfield Stanley Dangerfield Pat De Voss Dale Dowdy David Doyal Tommy Ellis James Elrod Jane Essary Shelia Evans Bruce Ford Sherrie Foster Claudia Grace Jeri Graves Ricky Golden Randall Hayes Kathy Horton Sammy Hurst Rosemary Jenkins David Jenson Mark Johnson Cathy Jones Shirley Jordon 121 ,f 1, . .f -Y: , JE A 5. Linda Moore Says "Howdy. " Cindy Keeton Randall Keller Cindy Kimball Sonya Kitchens Shelia Kohorst Carol Landrum Sammy LaRue Mickell Lenoir Karen Lindsey Jeanette McCabe Jeanine McDowell Brenda Melton Kathy Meredith Jeff Miller Danny Moody Jennie Moore Linda Moore Chuck Morris Ronnie Neal Cindy Neher Carry Norman Linda O'Brien Tony O'Brien Shanna Parish Sherry Parker Karen Phipps Kim Ramsey Dale Robbins Kim Roden Johnny Risinger Carmen Sain Clark Sain Willie Sawyer Sheila Scott Laura Shannon Richard Sharrock LaMoine Sherrer Laura Short Wesley Sisson Latricia Skeen Lisa Slagle Mark Slagle Brenda Smith Dennis Smith Kenneth Springer Ricky Standifer Scott Starks Brenda Steed Rusty Stephens Don Stricklin Marty Suggs Randell Tyson Joey Watson Johnny Watson Rusty Walker Ray Webb Kaiwa Westbrooks Jean Ann Wilderson Penny Wilkerson Rosella Willingham Phillip Williams Victor Williams Edward Wilson Laura Winters Tammy Womack Debbie Wood Keven Woods Students not pictured are Danny Arnold Ray Dillard Mary Gorden Pamela Jettony Joey Neals Freeman Reed Barry Thompson 123 Q- -4. 2:,,,,f .ff ' www. ' , ,.,, ,sg A tl I 94. is . I .,.,. I I Sophornores Wes Adams , Joel Stevens, James Howe. Scotty Wideman, and James Todd work on their grass collection, I 2. We DID kill the Rebels, 32-12. 3. I wonder if the pho- tographer IS more interesting than that film. l I 1 4. Dale Upchurch and Marsha I Armstrong pose for a Prom I picture . Sophomores OFFICERS: Left to Right, lst ROW: Reporter - Lisa Spanng S.C. Rep. - Terry Hudgens, Tderson. 2nd ROW: S.C. Rep - Brad Dusenberryg V. -Presi- dent - Tommy Vaughng Presi- dent - Tommy Vaughng Presi- dent - Randy McA1ister. 3rd ROW: Secretary - Cindy Cooperg Treasurer - Sandra Lamb. RIGHT: FAVORITES Kathy Frenzel Larry Webb LEFT: ALL-SOPHOMORE Terri Darnell Russell Graves 126 W I' ik 2' J"' a- Wes Adamson Everett Aker Eddie Allen Teresa Allen Wesley Allison Ian Allred Joe Allred Bruce Alsobrook Kelly Anderton Dani Armstrong Susan Armstrong Paula Ashley Tim Ashley Moses Benities Debbie Berry Clynn Boshirs Mike Black Alanca Bradshaw Alisa Bradshaw Thomas Broadway Carl Brooks Alfreda Brown Ben Brown Ricky Brown Beverly Burdwell Bob Burris Paul Butler Cheryl Carlow lolinda Carmon Steven Carter Deborah Cary Carl Chambers Cindy Cooper Tammy Coward Dan Crawford Debra Culligan Randy Daniels Teri Damell Donna Davidson Rocky Davidson Peggy Dawes Monica DeCisco James Dibble Gail Dicksoson Wesley Dollins Kathy Draper Jaunita Dunn Brad Dusenberry Johnny Ellis 127 Ri Junior Ricky Standifer and Sophomore Debra Foster enjoy lunch together. Debra Essman Donna Evans Gary Faulkner Elvera Finch Vickie Flynn Debbie Fosterr Madonna Freeman Kathy Frenzel Steve Garrison Benny Goforth Marjorie Gorden Russell Graves Linda Hale Sherry Hamm Dianna Hatcher Kathy Hearne Luvella Henderson Roger Hicks Virgina Hicks Sheri Holsenback Debbie Hornback James Howell Terri Hudgens Donna Humphrey Shawn Hurst Tina Ivy Becky Jenson Jayme Jetton Donnie Johnson Libby Jones Sandra Kelley Terry Kelly Janet Kellis Byron Klint Vickie Kyle Sandra Lamb Brenda Landers Jeffery Larue Rocky Latham Earl Lawson John Ledbetter Darrel Lindsey Ronald Marcum Abby Marshall Steve Matney Randy McAllister Keith McDowell Bill McGill Billy McKoin Terri McLaughlin Jerry Miller Cheryl Mitchell Bobby Morgan Richard Morgan Ricky Morris Scott Neal Laura Nelson Sharon Owens Bunny Parker Joe Parker Greg Parks Clint Pasteka Jeff Pollard Lynn Ramsey Steve Raper Pattie Reed Marilyn Ridens Tommy Robinson Greg Rook Evelyn Roth Mike Sale Kathy Sanders Sammy Sanders Chester Sawyer Daryl Shelton Debra Simpson Debra Skeen Ricky Smallwood Janice Smith Sherina Smith Lisa Span Marilee Spencer Tim Spencer Craig Stellpflug Jacky Stephens Joel Stephens Debra Skeen inspects a rat in Biology Sophomores seem to be enjoying class. ,dm if s rm V l30 Students Not Pictured: Sandre Allen Ginger Hall Terri Hudgens Gary Sisson Larry Sisson Penny Wilderson Sarah Yarbrough Louis Yates Keithen Brown Kathy Stewert Ernest Stovall Tanya Streety Sheila Thomas Bonnie Thompson James Todd Robert Todd Lawrence Truel Zena Twitty Dale Upchurch Jimmy Upchurch Monya Vanderburg Terry Vanderburg Tommy Vaughan Charles Walker Beverly Wadford David Waggoner Larry Webb Ruth Ann Wheeler Doris White Shane White Scotty Wideman Tori Wilkerson Greg Wood Ken Wood Charles Young Marcus Yates Keith Grayson Ken Gunter Ken Hood V f . .u..+w,. ., V-.V-.Vw f .. -.-U., . cw- . .. aw., .- - .,,,,..R. , .A Q, 5- A Ar, x I M 1 4525-J., , f. . 4111? 1-t'fr3.VV fe-:f' .. . , , EV ff h 1 YQ 1 , L-FJ 1 gp ,V ., . ,- V'.4vfs"1'i V P+ 1' . -' V- V ' ' -iff" U , LM- 24- . 4' eng .1 5 5 if-4-. ' V .V , y flxsgfg -2-' mgqa Q13-.:i'!vfg2'f'5--f,--215.515 f' 11.-li Q- ' ' 1' "1 Biff'-' .. , V, - -1-1-.VVnvh:"Qf,,q.,,f5.,,..:, V- 1 1 , ,a",.E,,. .1,: V, 1V,,,VS.-af .- . JV.-W qfm Y,l.4,.-, 3.y4,..::mV- Hg: .1 -f.1Q.n-,:'fv1. , 1-'.L-Ha. -- A , A-A24 -1:4 . .-ff x ww- , , fVJ,f144m-1w- kg.: ,M-f., vga.-V Ma: 4-,V . A-k3'g1-vu-4 1- '-.F - Q - ,'fff?-"s--saV'wa:.-:.,'-miie-V-i9x.V,1V:'wf.:A'V::-:1x:.451. Vzlgzf.-V --Vfp:V.:q.f1,74f: 5.1 V in . ' - , fp. , -v..:-eL5g3V.,3.Vg1'V. . ,V,::g.A,f -1,-,V1LQwAv--V,.. Kwai V,-W-'fu.Vo:sf,,- --fx. ,, -4 . , '- u kqg ,.,g,,,f-. V,,,.ff3s,,,1?51 -Mi.,-V.,.--,L4L1j,.VV,f.,V,:VY,- Vwzfsfil' 4- .. - -A .V?1"zr: 1 : . . ,A Q-at-5.1313 ..4,q.'2g:,aV.V,., V -121. , V':-a-:-1.gV'V,- V -,,g5..g:,V - -.rf Va, ,',,-:iz -,V,V V E, R xq,rig1V.L.x. Vw, - "si-Q-'f:Vf:'4 ' -V . T -, V, . ' ..'f'ff' Vu:V',"- :- ,rlfrff-"-iiwf. 'f 'V'?- R Q ,,.-wg,-A ' Q .. V :f.,V:j,qhQ123g::,2, S. V-,Y 2'52-:2gy1:,I'7vs7f"fgg:g.3gt1g'Qf. Rm'.,gh -eww, -- 'f H21-.'f'-' ., J ,V '.:,5f::: -1 1 ' 3.3a:.V 5"'v.15'.- 1 " ff-f - ,V . , -+:1f:aV.V-V 2 -JM -. if ' ,gn 1 - f15,,f: wqyfagyavgy mn. .. V 'V- - :' feffa-in,54.m -fg5g-gfv:- ' - 'e.,'1?f'JM1"",cVE1:1Vb.f1-V-t1 -' :- ' 1 1 "1 Mr' :Q 1" "':'V '?1t?. E.:-if 'f3,'vg4-'Zi-'1'iE:f Lf - if f uf I' . "nite: ..,5:qJg:QLi'l:4L '-AF: VERSE' 313:311I"f:1E:,'I.'ig,,1,.mi V36 :3-GL. V1".'5f , ,- t ha,-uf. 11,2-fir.: :WH K -fa:Pi."VV.y1i-UF? v'frw'-ixkfsx-f',Vf:,f' ' 0565 -V:'.-fWir:.'-".:: " 1 -' 1, "ff 1 3 V . 571-.,,f?.' 1 Vv , , Qwf if .. -Q: :.V'.1.1.vVy -7f,:'3 1V':' ,Vx wi,-1" an -- 5 -' VV, V -- - 3 V V2.4 : V,4,f-7.--.f,.f,-., . ,VV,f. r . ref' ,., --:V V ,M wg -, sv V' V - 1gw'.-11-f1::ff,:1 ,V,.,::,.V.:-.W V"- -- f - i ,V 554. .1VamV:r'., Vz:V.'.1:2:Va-'ff 1gs2g:.,.f,' Vfw fffgf-11' ,Vf':- weak f-w e' V VV nf' V 1 pp .-ff,14:.1i,.,V . .,gfV 2' V, 1 .:,.,fex::k,f.fn..'q.u-,-qw ,V+ ':-'-:v4sf1'1::, , K i:-F ' Law nf. -hqgf. '- ' -- '- V WG 2 f-flip-,573-."V1:.ralilr..'::Q,32,V5ii:'q:,.,1" '-5 f!1?LJfVFp5-Ef,:-11ei:Vg-Tim , "ZF -!iE.9?-'FEQCQQGFQ52.2-2:?'3fn V, ,,,5.6x - . ,,.-- -115, in me N,,55,-1 ' F ' 5.1-Vw afzfqgg .. 1.-41:3-:,1'Xf .2 gf 1. f.',-125,113-2' si '- ' 51.-w,':V.Vg.1:VfV- r : AVN fk,. m:,,1 , EI I? A L 8,71 1 S. -1356 at-,lui ii-',Tg.,E fha VV, :Vs an ' we . 34 '- ' 11-L. vii: - ."'L"'."..'25-ff-' -'ff '-, Vs" ff'1E"fe3 -V-.Vnifi fa: ."'1:1. 'J :L-' 'Emi '-7-EV 1 - FEE-' V if IN 435113 f fhbi 952' V I f in VV -.-.1 -Vw . :gas ,f:1.rpV,-:W-,121 gf' -'VWWA-VV J'fP'I-G wliiil' 1 ' V f - V " z V' ' Q1-fiiwff if Vfifir ' - Hwl , , '-Q'V:rf .f if , V "5Y":.'?45ii:m - ,bf-" ... . 1 :T V1 , IT: fff 'El 92 ff. --I Fi 'lj' w3LX,'.,- A1 J ,, Q f . . ' ' '2",'7 .':V,,V?V ' ff Wi? 1' 5 5521? fifvffi fy, Q. ' ras, 3? 1' , F1 ef: , fix' ,': 'r, V -ip ' mis -Q .VM V 'f . fx - ., -. V qw, , L -wg, 4 A-1.-ef.mQ-VV MV ,-..-9 ,5 .fr V V, - 1 ,W,,e-.,,sf--- V . .V ,, , .,, ...,- ..., V. 4-,Vw .W , .VNV W V V..,.if-'lfxfxfa--11-VV,,.1...,1,...': .AV " V 1 ' V- 5: ' ,- , ,ms- -, , 91 V V 2' P Q Q A ' . 55' +1 fm K X Y V ,V V f f ' 2? as ww' " M' ge-,VV lc .1 M M if V , zf , s I M A 7 5 , - . liiafgxz-. LF if ' K "' P- 'iff hi 5: . 'V XV "'.:,::J3, qslslraz- J 14. '- 'Q V.,-,-Lv ' f- -, MV . r.v,3.,,3J1 -1 . A. . ,P 44 yi ,Jn x ' ' 'Il ' ME-': :f Hifi. "' -GV V. V -MV -1 V,,:x,.M.A-V.-W1-.-,., 4,11 -. ,ref Freshmen agysl .WH if W RIGHT: FAVORITE Kelly Moore Terry Webb LEFT: ALL-FRESHMAN Susan McGee Kevin White OFFICERS: Left to Right, lst ROW: Secretary - Bridget Par- sons: Treasurer - Rita Stewart V. President - Kyle Stephens: President - Chip Jenkinsg Reporter - Susan McGee: S .C Rep. - Iuajena Webb. 2nd ROW: S.C. Rep. - Kevin White, Linda Short. -ay pq l aaa, LE' Elgie Anderson Lisa Anderson Will Armstrong David Arnold Mary Arnold Lisa Ashford Mike Bailey Larry Bills Dickie Birdsong Lisa Bivens Beckie Black Jeff Bolton Cindy Boyd Denise Bradshaw Lang Branch Bryan Briggs Elesha Briggle Linda Broyles Norvan Brown Dale Burton Mark Cahill Lisa Carlow Deborah Carpenter Asa Lee Chambless Sherry Clark Leslie Cody Billy Coe Laura Cox Cheryl Craig David Chrietzbeig Charlotte Cunningham Jana Daughtrey Vanessa Dirks Ricky Dollins Charles Draper David Dunmon Joe Dunn Charlotte Ellis Douglas Elrod Debbie Eudy Shirley Farmer Lynn Fendley Debra Finley Carey Fleming Larry Fodge Ronald Foster Celia Frierson Twylla Garrison Sherry Gates 133 1'-fy, Susan Grace Sheryl Gribble Billy Hicks Phyllis Hill Jonna Hall Mark Harris Terry Hawkins Cathy Hodges Ricky Hodges Johnny Holland Laura Holland Ruth Ann Holland Kim Holsenbeck Janet Horton Sam Ingram Carol Jenson Keith Jones Eddie Jones John Johnston Leslie Jorden Shawn Jorden Sandra Juhlin Charlotte Kays Charles Kelly Howard Kelley Pam Kelley James Lawler Cheryl Lindsey Tracy Marshall Alma Martin David Maynard Lisa McDonald Lillie McDowell Susan McFatridge Susan McGee Donna McKinney Larry McQueen Lois Mitchell Lynn Mitchell Debra Moody James Moore Kelly Moore Shelia Moore Coach Trull's class enjoys a game of hockey. Kathy Moran Tim Moree Tim Morton Travis Norman Jimmy Nowell Renee Nut Bridget Parson Randy Penn John Penton L. C. Price Ben Ramsey Julie Rater Robin Ridenhour Kenny Risinger Leanne Roberson Jack Robinson Bonnie Ross Susan Rosson George Rucker Loyce Scott Stacey Shannon Teresa Sherwood Mark Shew Linda Short Becky Slagle Mike Smith Annette Sparks Stanley Spencer Kyle Stephens Rita Stewart Clavin Stogsdill David Story Ricky Stuart Cindy Taylor Tammy Taylor Brandon Thompson Frankie Thompson Johnny Thompson David Townsend Dewana Trammell Jimmie Tucker Stacy Tucker Wayne Turner John Johnson wonders , "Should I cheat this time?" 135 Terry Webb Kevin White Tim Yates Robert Young ' Ray Wilkerson Michael Willingham Mike Wilson Rodney Wilson Maritta Twitty Cheryl Tyson Burnie Vanderburg Larry Wadford Gail Washington Paul Watson Iua Jena Webb Not Pictured are the following students: Danny Dollins Carl Ellis Danny Mcliatridge Dale Routon Janice Shehan The biggest part of school is spent Chang ing class . Every student e Bon Fire. njoys the Homecoming X X ,L ..,,L- ' 3 0" ix.- .sff ' , W 1"-1 "ff-f few. K, '-n1uuna.a.g,.,,.-Lf L.L,,MW Vw- V ' '-f-W.if7 i4gl , i i 1 ,K 4 U KW M"--,gk-,fffbyl5,,:2x,3glWlb-Zf:.'. if V VJQTL' " :i-7.1" 'ffm mg f ' 7F. 1 11+-P A - 4.3 ggi-.Y-:A ,fT,Tw:y, Ass "W'..""'m1fff Ji. A - ' mu 1 ,A ..-f..1fA..-.vw-W""""' 1-35- mm 3. "'- 1 ,, 4' 'lr i ' X l l . C f l , , , Q i1? l a g MTM k 'k" . , K 1 P A94--gig 1. Majorettes Karen Phipps, Tonya Streety, Laura Winters Drum Major perform at the pep rally. 2. Ken Robinson talks to friends at school lunch period 3. Elena Kennison, Lisa Reed and Richard Eastman wait in line to have their picture taken. 4. Andy Woodard is taken by surprise by our photo . 5. Gary Dirks, Willie Webb, and Barry Starks pose for pic- ture . Jl1I11OI' hlgh ummm V"' ' M" 11'1 v MI 11"' 1 WWW Hx NY N y ,,,, il ill 'X M" QW I QI ,ln N 1?l1!'aill " We A u 'N. . MyQ QQ Yiwu ' f, I ,.,, W, ., ..,,,.. I W '11, lf' - X W qzxi "aiiEiU59i '1ufm1Vi1E!m"'TfW l 1lEl f w 'mu' MmwnMW W MMMgJ1vHHI HI alinunuwbi 1 111 Q'ff'l4 1 1 u mM4 'E U' ll Nt , ' v W +1 w Iwi? my 1 N" V! 1fll ' W M V l WH- Kilim ml Q M v 1 'WN ww MI 1 lv! 1 1 WM' W I W Mm 1 WNNM 4 U My I W 1 lu w 1 I 1 HHH Y NH K .M I u I M WN1':1E'M'I" V X + vw + H V .W W IH K .un , IIIII . U I smsamanummunuwmuw was Nw mx iw. pa nmwrnauan rn +"'WklWll!lllli714llbllNjM MW W N mamma M mm nu IR. YACHT STAFF Our Junior High Yacht Members have helped us a lot during the past year. This they have done by draw- ing up the Junior High pages, get- ting names for the pages, fwhich is a full course job by itselfj and by taking quite a few of the pictures needed to put our book together. Our only complaint against them is that they will not be able to be on the staff next year. However, we do sincerely hope that they will join the High School Yacht when they become Juniors. Our best wishes to right: Thomas McMonig1e and left: James Caroll . Right: James working?! ! ! Left: Thomas's shining counte- nance! Isn't he brilliant??? Thomas and James REALLY working fand caught in the act! lj SAM PARKS CHICKEN CITY , X ' X .' 7 Z Aff f gs, f 5 1 LU in 4 ft ,, ,el fl., . .,. ETSO 'I NLI H SWEETHEART Miss Brenda Skeen W NLIH MALE PERSONALITY MI. Ronald Hayes M f x .ff I :ji .J jk: if S ? if 44 , www!! 3 heehh 1 I 1. Chips Ahoy? 2. It's all MINE. 3. OH, What a relief it is. 4. Rah, Rah, Rah, Kick'em in the Knee, Rah, Rah, Ras, Kick 'em in the . . . 5. Get Down. 6. Two points. 1 ,.- , V-4 1. John McGee stands on Thomas Crouch's shoulders. 2. Rickey Par wker is caught by surprise . 3. Jana Graves goes up for a hook shot. 4. SCRAMBLE . . GI-uh., North Lamar Iunior High Faculty 1975-76 PRINCIPAL Mr. B. N. Brown FAR LEFT: Mrs. Suggs seems to want a rest from her class. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Norrell guides his His- tory Class. Mrs. Gean McGee Teacher Aide 174, ,D f f .0 QW' L fl - , "f UW 5, sf Mrs. Virginia Bolton Mrs. Arnelle Camster Science, History, and P.E. Math I ,... rf 9 ICN , N6 54,9 Mrs. Latanae Long Mr. James Norrell Texas History and Choir U.S. History and P.E. Mr. Kenneth Sanders Mr. Jesse U. Swindle Science and U. S. History Math ills ' ' ,'.Sf' ea' Mrs. Ella Sugg Miss Sharon Wheeler English and Lang. Arts Language Arts A!!!- rg, f' ,wil ,' X JW 4 1 A 'pq-Q Mr. Daniel N . Science Mrs. Gene Robison English and Lang . Arts Mr. Roy Tom Stone Science and Coaching Mr. James D. Williams Texas History and Coaching .f 1. Coach Stone has a look of con cern on his face due to the game 2. Judy Hill goes up for a shot. 3. David Stephens . . . ALL ALONE. 4. Sandy Springer goes down the court. 5 . Van Wilson jumps for the shot. 151 As B , X an , Q of V B B iff ' MQ " 'V X -. jf, I :tj .5 4 8th Grade Officers are: Jana Graves, V. Pres.: Sandy Springer, Sec.: Paul Howie, Treas.: Tony Allen, I-list.: and Bryant Robbins. Pres. Andrew Aker Tony Allen Kathy Allen Holly Armstrong Debra Ausmus Kriss Ballard Paul Banks Tammie Barber Sandra Berry Kay Bills Sheila Broadway Lisa Brown Micky Brown Philip Brown Ronald Brown LouAnn Burris Mark Cantrell Natalie Capell James Carroll Judy Carroll Katrina Chambliss Cindy Chritzberg Rickey Cochrum Janet Conrad Jeff Cooper Karen Cooper Loretta Cooper Rita Coward Greg Coursey Thomas Crouch Lisa Dangerfield Shane Dangerfield Glenn Davis Shelby Daves Marsha Dennis Kenneth Dickerson Darrell Dirks Teresa Dixon Pam Dooley Rita Dorough Kim Dozier Judy Draper Donna Eubanks Glenn Evans Johnny Farmer Micheal Feith Joseph Finch Darlyon Finley Jami Ford Jimmy Glenn Tommy Glover Jana Graves Steve Grenn Charles Grimes Rhonda Hale Charla Harper Debbie Harris David Hawkins Lana Helm Harvey Hicks Judy Hill Teresa Holmes Cassie Horton Paul Howie Cheryl Hyatt Frank Ingram Ernest Jenkins Carl Johnson Debra Johnson Dennis Johnson Mike Junlin Ricky Kellis Andrew Kilpatrick Patricia Kilpatrick Bradley King Pat Kimball Kim Kinslow Mary Kohorst Peggy Kohorst Willie LaRue Teresa Landrum Stanley Maggard Keith Matney Ingrid Miller Terri Miller Kellie Moore Danna McCloud Scott McClare Margaret McCool Billy Mclratridge Brenda McKinney Bob McKnight Eddie McLaughlen Thomas McMonigle Janice Neil Phillip Neal Alan Norton Sheri O'Brien Johnnie Parker Rickey Parker Wesley Parker Greg Parson Darlene Penn Gains Price Rickey Puetz Kurt Ramsey Theresa Reed Liz Renf ro Patty Rhodes Bryant Robbins Billy Rossen Sharon Sanders Carol Scott Joe Slagle Norman Smalley Evelyn Smith Gordon Smith Jimmie Smith Rhonda Smith Phyllis Smith Cindy Spann Becky Spencer Sandy Springer Jijuana Starks David Stephens Keith Sugg Clyde Taylor Debbie Taylor Nathan Taylor Ronnie Teer Melanie Truan Rhonda Turner Rane Vanderburg Cindy Baughn Paul Walker Harold Washington Sharon Washington Tracie Weddle Tawana Westbrooks Mark Whitener Richard Willingham Stephen Wilkins Van Wilson Predda Womack Robin Wood Donald Woods Learesa Woods Alice Wright Kim Wright Eddie Wyatt Jolene Young 1 . A fiht for the ball. 2. Ernest Jenkins shoots a free shot. 3 . Tony Allen drives in for a shot. 4. Rita Dorough, Debra Ausmus, Judy Carroll, Jimmie Smith, Carol Scott are dancing right through school. if 'Q X I f . 5 Ev' .W 4 A- 5 . Q .W,fa 1 7th Grade Officers are: Rodney Green, Pres.: Derwin Starks, V. Pres.g Cliff Chadwick, Sec.g Ronald Hayes, Treas.g and David Birdsong, His. -o Steve Allen Lisa Allison Rose Anderson Tony Anderson Laura Armstrong Shannon Armstrong Sharon Arnold Billy Ashford Jack Avance Tammy Basinger Scott Bell David Birdsong Denise Black Carl Brown Pamela Brown Tammie Brown Bobby Broyles Kim Bullard Stacie Bush Natalie Carpenter Allen Carter Cliff Chadwick Jerry Chaney Charles Cockrum John Cody Bobby Crawford Duanne Cuurell Mark Dangerfield Michelle Darnell Tommy Davidson Cathy Davis John Davis William Dickerson Rickey Dirks Jerry Dowell Melanie Draper Patricia Dunn Donna Ellis Richard Estes Johnny Exum Brenda Fierh Richard Ford Bobby Former Hayden Foster Ronald Fults Doug Fouse Rodney Green Gail Griffith Ronald Hayes Greg Heltenbein Bryan Herrick Brad Hearne Charles Hicks Yueua Hicks Todd Hines Paula Hodges Jimmy Holcomb Tammy Hosenbeck Tammy Holland Donna Horton Rhonda Hosteller Sherri Hudgons Jimmy Hyau Tammy Ivy Mitzi Jackson Geneva Jenkins Scou Jenson Frank Johnson Sheila Johnson Joh.n Jones Billy Joplin Teneka Kee Donna Kellis Lorie Kennedy Norma Lamb Shirley Lamb Scott Leonard Kelly McAllister Lisa McAllister Jerry McDonald Lee McDonald Scott McDonald johnny McDowell Richard McFatrid Johnny McGee Sherrie McLeroy Phillip Melton Ronny Melton Sherri Micheal Richard Miller Patricia Momperear Tracy Moore Scott Moree Wayne Morris Merwin Moss Wanda Nations Stacy Neal Mark Nelson Carrie Parker Duane Parson Rhonda Parsons Jeu Ann Penton Jo Lee Powell Mark Price Janet Pryor Pearl Puetz Paul Roper Randy Reeves Lynn Roberts Charlie Roden lao y ,SKTJ . - X! l' 5 ,, we L Kurt Routon Joe Shannon Marty Sharrock Barbera Shehan Marty Sharrock Barbera Shehan Roy Shehan Sandra Sherron Lori Shew Rickey Simpson Sharon Simpson Terry Sisson Brenda Skeen Donna Skeen Robert Skinner Jeff Slagle Danny Smith Deborah Smith Fred Smith Kim Smith Lea Ann Smith Phillip Smith Rickey Smith Laura Sparks Anita Staky Derwin Starks Lisa Stewart Greg Stogsdill Tommy Stripland Johnny Sullivan Rodgen Thompson Larry Todd Jodi Turner Brad Threadgill Mike Twitty Breana Vanderburg r Paula looks to see class. Look at those legs! ! ! X 3 s as .,-. her in Mr. Norell's wwf? . ix 'fi Patricia Woriham Regina Yates Billy Young Larry Young Terry Young Y? Cary Vanderburg Deanne Wall Jimmy Washington Lorrie Waston Kenneth Webb Rochelle Webb Kelly Weddle Donna Williamson Chris Williams Debra Williams Rene Willingham Kelly Wood CHOIR lst ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Long, P. Limball, B. Spemcer, S. Washington, L. Burris, J. Smith, C. Scott, C Vaughn, K. Kinslow, J. Carroll, A. Dangerfield. 2nd ROW: K. Bills, L. Brown, I. Neal, T. Dixon, J. Parker R. Hale, D. Penn, L. Woods. 3rd ROW: S. Broadway, D. Ausmus, M. Dennis, H. Armstrong, T. Holmus, S. Hyatt, T. Waddle, M. Truan. 4th ROW: J. Ford, R. Dorough, K. Dosier, D. Harris, L. Renfro, I. Draper, T. Strarks, F. Womack, J. Hill, M. Kohort. X X 3 SW 1 4 2 Wa 29 K K 1 If 157. -'G N di, , :Q L' V ai-3. .-, 1 , N, ' EX 'K '.3.4..Q,.. f 1 ek 6 Z 1 21 ' , fwwfif' ' -ff2g 4 M1 .gy , 'lv-"""' 'lm 1 'QQ 1 . Choir practicing for the big night. 2. I've heard of dancing, but this is ridiculous! ! ! 3. Everyone enjoyed the show. 4. Mr. Hammer says, "At ease, Men. " fs 914 1. Sleeping? 2. Going my way?3 What's that on his head? 4 . Keep that spirit up. 5 . "and he said . . 6. Big mouth? 166 , P P P I f i Kay Bills Pam Dooley Tammy Glover Rhonda Hale Brenda McK1nney Cindy Spann f MASCOT - Rita Coward 1 Sharon Arnold - s 1 . Q .h S, Lisa McAlister M Sandra Sherrer N r , , f -V x. f ll f--J "f" . .yn X if f '-A r ,Y . , . w Sharon Simpson Deanna Wall Kelly Weddle bbw Mai 4. VJ f3,, ,,.,. . .. xv - - M Y .x... , f 7th White 7th Blue ' A . - MW "ff ," 'Q , I if .. Jffwpiuiiwif ktf N, gf, "w?K'f tx w""- , N, li. - 1 'Y .f 8th A and B Teams fXTEANl BASKET- BALL Coach Stone, Kay Bills, S. Broadway, T. Glarel, T. Westbrooks, B. Skeen, H. Armstrong, S. Springer, I. Minter, T. Starks, I . Hill. FRONT ROW: I. Draper, D. Asmes, R. Cauared, A. Dan- gerfield, P. Paism, R. Smith T. Cooper, I. Graves, D. Taylor, and Kathy Allen. l TEAbl BASKET- LL TOP, Left to Right: Mitz Jack son, Geneva Jenkins, Tene- kakee Sharon, Rabbin New- berry, Stacie Bush, Kelly Weddle , Breana Vanderburg , Brenda Skeen, Dlorah Smith, Tammy Ivy, Denise Black, Lisa McAllister, Rhanda Par- son, Laura Armstrong, Sherry Lamb, Sheryl Rabison, Coach Williams. BOTTOM, Left to Right: Sharon Simpson, Roc- helle Webb, Kelly McAllister, Danna Ellis, Lisa Stewart, Brenda Feith, Rhonda Hostetler, Carrie Parker, Lee Ann Smith, Sherrie Hodgen, Michell Darnell, Debra Wil- liams, Tammy Basinger, Kelly Wood, Lynn Roberts, Kim Budlard. P., .M iw J' IXTEANI BASKET- BALL Coach Stone, B. Robbins, H. Washington, J. Glenn, V. Wilson, M. Cantrels, E. Jen- kins, and T. Allen. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Slagle, P. Brown, C. Johnson, R. Green, P. Howie, R. Hayse, and C. Chadwick. I TEANI BASKET- BALL BOTTOM, Left to Right: 1. McDon1d, R. Thompson, R. Green, C. Chadwick, M. Dangerfield, T. Young, F . Smith, S. Jenson, B. Hem, B Hayes. TOP,Left to Right: J. Shannon, W. Dickerson, B. Joplin, R. Dirks, L. Young, P. Raper, P. Melton, D. Bird son, M. Mass, M. Mass, Coach Williams. fi 44 .ia-V School is made up of 1. Basketball 2 . Track 3 . Football Q . I 4 w 5 lm V Q A ww - QL Q s .f KX.: 1' V I k,A.r, ,V "' , 'fl ' Q-naffwu' 1' , ,, law n- - , 1 ' . 1 - , .NN ,, , , K M . In I K Qi ' :5,,. , nz. - "ll 19 Q ,Ji eg " A '35 4, ,yalwnwf . . ' . .rl , " ,L"'f: fl, ,L ' ' ' 'wr ' unzip , i.fh251zt?gf7'zsz9f 5 ' ,M ,, -f-fy Q ' N4,.g fl- .. ,f LQM' , ig .W QW .Q , 'fffl,1gl, go Swv' ,xi 1 I , lil ' ' -- . A Q 1 N, 'LAM 74 l J, "tuf- -QL-. vg 4.5 And more: 1 . Football 2 . Cheerleader 1. A pat on the head? 2. Up for two. 3. Natalie Capel lookin' good. 4. Coach Stone gives a word of advice. 5. Cricket Clara Gravesj goes for the ball. k Advertisers X nf- , 'sean " A f' A W wwe .5 , g 11 ,,..: ..,, a .X ..,, ,L Z , . A 1' .Wa Wv K w 1 , , EXUM PLUMBJNG 1 I N ,W . .. 5 M , , ,,,., 1 ,, , Q ----.Q A 5 L I ---l'lllnunq.- ' 1 BLAKE MOORE ASSOCIATE AUCTIONEERS 446 Fitzhugh Paris , Texas ,IW For four years Mr. Moore has conducted the auc- tion sale of 4-H and FFA calves. LOLLY POP KID STOP 3030 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas 134, wi' V wwe . P M ' Vw is S-......,,, Vicki Broadway, Home Economics Co-Operative Education student, working with children. l I leal 1.9" ,4 1 5' , J REED 81 STONE Ranger Boats, Monarn, Phantom, Renegade, Invader, Dilly Trailers, all Machine Accessories, C.B. Radios and Mobile and Marine ,L .Jn- J - I ,XS .MV Fresh Catfish Served Daily Complete Menu Other Foods Open 6 a.m. -9 p.m. Monday thru Thursday 6 a.m. -10 p.m. Friday and Saturday 12:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Sunday C5RAY'S CAFE Owned and Operated by Ruth and Joe Gray Phone: 785-6573 Located on Hwy. 271 North, One Fourth Mile From Pat Mayse Lake Turnoff, Powderly, Texas 1 PARIS FLORIST Compliments of SUPERIOR SWITCH BOARD 81 DEVICES BOBBY W D FRlERSON'S GROCERY AND STATION wxtw EQUIPMENT Hwy. 271 East i I Long Tractors and Equipment 'G ' Grain Equipment Nature Fertilizer I - S I E5 MOREE'S GROCERY AND STATION Highway 271 Pat Mayse Cut Off Phone 784-2032 Powderly, T xas HIGHLANDS BUILDING MATERIALS Wholesales Building Materials Box 775 Phone 784-6737 E A I Paris, Texas 75460 I84 I Telephone 214-785-4387 BART5 USED CARS Henry Gann, Prop. 900 N. Main 784-4552 GANNIS GARAGE ' Paris, Texas Norrls McDowell Bart McDowell Mechanical and Electrical Repairs Auto Air Conditioning Owners 785-1771 840 N. Main Paris, Texas ' :Q ' 'I'he Marine Corps builds men. MR. CHICK Ask 3Marine 140 Grand Ave. P.O. Box 855 Paris, Texas 74560 970 N. Main Paris, Texas Phone: 785 - 1234 GIFFORDS ARMY SU RPLU 10 ,000 Items We sell, swap, or trade. 1508 N. Main, Paris, Texas Phone 784 4628 'Q 5 .Q Q 3 . 1 if - . Q ! ' 1 ' Q In X 0 K ' Q. 'Q' ro . . ,', or Q 'Q tip 0 . ', Q 0 ,fm kv ' s 0 ' no P vi 3' 0 j Q -f kv i' - 3 C M s ' Q 5 S as 1 9 es 5' ' 4 4, u C is 'Y' 0 6 , B xr Ur' Q gf 'c .Q , f a Q ' 'no-.,,,,, R s fb Q K ff s CHICTA GROCERY WONDER DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Bait and Tackle Route 1 Powderly, Texas 75473 Near Pat Mayse Lake ,785-3046 CATO CAMPER SALES East on Highway 82 Paris, Texas 75460 Office: 785-4677 Home: 784-4611 Travel Trailers - Pick-Up Campers and Covers Trailers and Camper Rentals - Accessories CLOSED ON TUESDAYS DAIRY ou EEN 1 Two Convenient Locations No. 1 NP. 2 3101 N. Main 2505 Lamar 784-2418 785-3402 1 WILLIAMSBURG DRUG STCRE 1585 Clarksville Paris, Texas 784-4308 - BEST IN USED CARS - SLAGLE BROS. USED CARS ADELL AND W. P. 206 North Main - Paris, Texas Day Phone: 784-6371 Night Phone Ade11785-3534 W.P. 785-5050 .,.V 'W , A 1 -4 .Q , .11 , - . Q.,,Nf. .f., RAMSEUR BAPTIST CHURCH 6 S 1 l V The Church That Cares for YOUTH The Reachout Singers S-I-cz lllwlllumll. 'IL l"t I ls E U4.11lbygfguumygyzmmll Ml.l1Mgmjxwxl ww Y 'V lv .Ill v lx' xv tl' it ef f.-vw. ' 2 J H ,ml Wwfwfmfwizixiaiiixxlxxlnixxxwi This Emblem Created and Designed by Melody Can' :ri - Souls xo Chxist 44:2 - Let Your Ligln Shine, na I Bible Siudy 334 - Be Fishers of Me 86 - Reachoul Singei' 86 - Fruit of Spirit Anchor - Hope Cross M Faixh Heart Q Charity 1 ,, I An Activity for You: BIBLE STUDY, Teen Choirs, Karate Team, SOUL-WINNING VISITATION, and many other activities through zhe year. Compliments of B.N.C. DISCOUNT SHOE AND WESTERN WEAR CENTER "Helping Build a Greater Paris" N.W. CORNER PLAZA, DOWNTOWN PARIS 784-3386 THE FIR T M ancorpora zon Member T10 ALB Fi? of Punk T P 3, M, CITY CABINET SHCJP 2220 19th N.W. Paris, Texas Ph. 784-6213 3 A m Q Vlvi 12 3 I I ' i Y! 2 WMM'- ' 7' ,w W ' '+ , . PALACE CUT RATE DRUGS 605 Bonham Paris, Texas Phone 784-7434 E if , , g V SF? AB QNANZA+ 7,-ftff'11f'?.ft:f"iv"',' 2455 N. Main St. ' " ' "'A Z' Paris, Texas 1 I 'a5A 1 ' , o ,Aa Q A ,e,a , 5 ig A Good Wholesome Food at Right Neighborly Prices LOOP CABINET SHOP 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Custom Built Cabinets - Roper Appliances - Carpet and Vinyl All Types of Millwork PARIS PAIRING COMPANY Route 1 Loop 286 N.W. Paris, Texas 75486 Number to Call: 785-1305 McDonald's I lo "You, you're the one" "We do it all for you." 1215 Lamar Paris, Texas AUTHUR CITY TEXACO Authur City, Texas BROOKS ARMSTRONGS WHLSE. MTRS 1260 N. Main Phone 785-4218 ! If 1' 1 1 ! I' r f W, , ,P it I. IszsrF5.?'. Ebftif 5' 'I IKIQ4 I ., I , .J , s A , .. Y, T! I "The Best in Sharp Late Motel Automobiles" 6 HELEN 81 TAY'-OR'S cAFFEY's TI-IRIFXTEE OZARI4 FRIED CHICKEN HWY 271 North Paris, Texas Open 8 AM-8PM Mon-Sat Closed Sun HELEN AND TAYLOR BENJAMIN - Owners 1455 Clarksville Paris , Texas CAVENDER'5 DAVID BUSTER WESTERN STORE CONSTRUCTION CO. 2215 Clarksville Paris, Texas Geneml Contractor TOUY Lama ' N-300113 and Couetouen Rt. iil Loop 286 N.W. Paris, Texas Boots - Wranglers - Levis - Phone: -735-1305 Lee Jeans. Phone: 7854201 I - lgl ' Rv ! 4. l Frigidaire Appliance - Maytag AUTCJMATIC GAS SIMPSON WHOLE SALES 8 122 Bonham Paris, Texas Appliance - Propane Gas - Systems Zenith Radio and Television 37 Clarksville St. Paris, Texas P.O. Box 778 Phone: 785-1686 ma IZ? ""'1 ' IU 912' Q me is ,.-s 1pf'f7N ax' mari A closer look. N PWC' E ,QQ EES! l ng IS VVS S li? THE CLOTHES TREE CHAMPS Best Selection and Best Prices I NC. on Junior Apparel in Lamar County. 2655 Clarksville St. 4 Clarksville Paris, Texas Paris' Texas 75460 Phone: 785-6922 Take Out or lust Drop in. X , .., N ' , ' ' Q., A :fi f A nge- s w GUEST PAPER COMPANY 1110 W. Washington St. Dial 784-3377 Paris, Texas 75460 BEAUTY CHALET KENNEM ER INSURANCE 2827 Bonham 784-5921 Western Oaks Shopping Center .,,v A W 2 f1ealQw1e'fm:' 1850 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas Phone: 784-2544 HICKS PHILLIPS 66 ' li 1875 Bonham Paris , Texas U-Haul Rentals, Trucks and Trailers Complete Service 785-9120 Jo Lynn Exum, Operator: Marilyn Bolton, Owner: Alice Hearn, Shampoo girl: Rena Bolton, Opera- tor. BUILDERS CLUB JOHN H. FARMER Representing MUTUAL OF OMAHA UNITED OF OMAHA 311-13 First National Bank Bldg. Paris, Tex. 74560 Off. 784-6450, Res. 785-1553 00 "Compliments of" STRI PLAN D REFRIGERATION SERVICE 2360 North Main Paris, Texas 75460 784-3456 W HW 5 X s. mmf I STDKIH YOU NGS WESTERN WEAR "Open Thursday Nite Till 9:00 All Nite if Necessary" 138 S. Main Paris, Texas "Compliments of SPANGLERS" Y-gig A ii- "Where the bride gets her china" FAMOUS SHOE STORE Florsheim - Roblee - Naturalizer Lifestride - Buster Brown Sebago - Miss America Daniel Green Footwear 9 E . Plaza 784-2450 BUILT BY HARRISON 85 WALKER CONST. CO. 222 Hickory Paris, Texas 785-1653 ,?'fA"" CULLUM AUTO PARTS I 1402 North Main DENNY S STUDIO Paris, Texas 75460 , , Portraits and Commercial Professional Service Photography Black and White or Living Color Joe Denny, Owner 2153 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas T Phone 784-6570 STONE TITLE COMPANY, tumm I N C. Complete Abstract and Title Insurance Service GLASS IMPLEMENT KIMBELL FEEDS 2105 North Main Paris, Texas For A11 Your Livestock Needs CRAWFORD FARM STORE C 1617 N. Main ? p M WWNM-WW 784-7291 JAMES AND MAE CRAWFORD A G L A S 'T Paris, Texas Home Ph. 982-5588 I M P L E M E 'Wil "Complete Sales and Service , A of Massey-Ferguson - Hesson i 4 1 5 Farm Equipment "Complimen+s of" PAINT CO. KGSTERMAN 803 24th S.E.. Paris, Texas Paint, Wallpaper and Carpet 8:00 - 5:00 Mon. Thru Fri. Ph. 784-5253 E 3 8... 3., FINE TRUCK LINE Serving Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana DAILY OVERNIGHT SERVICE BETWEEN Texarkana, Paris, Dallas, Houston, Fort Smith and Shreveport 4i'4P-F w4v'V" ROBO CARWASH 1980 North Main Hand Wash and Automatic O' i 7,,,.,- FIM? max HN .--""' METRO HAIR STYLES 3430 Pine Mill Rd. Phone 785-5985 Full Service Salon Individualized Hair Styling Precision Cuts We Offer You the Best in Salon Service Through Redken Products OWNER - Jimmie Sharrock and Stylist 4 Dinah Border Marie Wally Peggy Locks Billie Wrenn 4 PHILLIPS 66 2601 North Main Phone 785-4762 U K ' x 1732 'Yihggi' N? I viii,-,n 1 Q: Vif? ' B Q - V ' M , . , K 'ring'-X simmag , .fx V W' . .r V mx Y x,,sl.,, ,Q :E . ..- , m Q -.... hu., f.....,,,, I NWNA .JL- MACKEY 81 PEERSON "Insure in Sure Insurance 1705 Lamar Ave Paris, Texas '35--M. CHESTER OAKS Jusiice of fhe Peace Precinct 5, Lamar County, Texas Court House 785-5912 Res. 326 3rd S.W. 785-1423 Marriages: Day or Night SAFEWAY FOOD STORE "Compare Low Everyday Prices and Specials" 520 Clarksville Street Paris, Texas 75460 "Compliments of" WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION 3010 Clarksville Paris, Texas Lamp Division ARTHUR CITY SU PERETTE I9 MARGRAVES DRUG I '777 Bonham Street 8 536 PAVILION EAST PARIS PHARMACY PHARMACY 725 D hong Drive 784 2262 801 C1 ksvill St. 78 6685 -1.-1.- D ig 1 T '- thmgs gg beggfth Drink OT L R AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY FRANK WOppLE,EyIWHSE. Moving and Storage We Move Across Street, State and Nation Hwy. 24 South 784-3253 "We Service the Best Looking Cars in Town" WMAIN BODY SHOP Vi ,y 2965 South Church 4 Paris, Texas Iffollis Topping, Owner tte 785-3611 I I PICK ANDI AY Phone: 785-9209 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables HANDY SPOT GROCERY 1 Block East of Loop 286 on Pine Mill Road 785-4360 Groceries, Mobile Court and Overnight Camping ARTH ER CITY APCO Arther City, Texas 785-2088 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Day and Night Service FLIP'S GARAGE Starter - Generator - Alternator Specializes in Heavy Duty and Farm Equipment 500 13th N.W. Paris, Texas Phone 784-2681 Highway 82 West Phone: 784-4462 TRANSMISSION SERVICE Phone: 785-2232 Highway 24 South PHILPOT'S DONUTS 1528 Lamar Paris, Texas Phone: 784-2623 T A W - . 5 , I . 5.1: .. M gf ,,tgr'ifLi,1Q if ?? "1" -I H 121.5-' 2' 1-, -ff S X a,-a2 'aaa aaaaa 5:4 SE I Q Y sa Oa Shopping Center aoaoitram st is K ag 'r LARINCE JUSTICE 1 THE IDEAL LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS 105 N.E. 19th Paris, Texas Phone: 784-2596 it 4 M ta is 5 ? . I , 5' ,. 1 . A 5 .. 1.1 M S , 5. It ,L:L, LlL,.L,,L, . . p L " It "k' :ga si , ' " V 'I ,I K 4 iMwi..t:.1, gms j K . I 3 - P 4. ' A -f 4 , - 3 .K V A I, v . , V . y ,ww f X H X m y j 1185 ., , fi' , 25.0 .2 219 Bonham St. 785-1140 Paris , Texas Sheet Music - Band Instruments Pianos - Organs - Guitars Stereo - Amplifiers - Drums SOUTHERN ICE 81 COLD STORAGE COMPANY 305 11th N.W. Ph. 784-2293 Paris, Texas CHARLIE APKINS FIRESTONE Largest Firestone Dealer in Northeast Texas 204 Lamar Paris, Texas LAHOIv1A'S SWEETE SHOP Wedding Cakes and Catering Birthday , Anniversary Cakes Homemade Pies and Cookies Paris, Texas 785-2801 Western Oaks Shopping Center S UTO "Compliments of" PARIS LOWRY CHEVROLET TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 1915 North Main Paris, Texas Busine 202 Bonham St. ss Machines Office Equip. Phone 784 3332 Paris, Texas W. M. HOUSE JEWELRY INC. "Gives Us an Opportunity to Be of Service" 29 East Plaza Paris , Texas 75460 "Compliments of" JEAN BROWN County Clerk AYRES Paris Home Owned Department Store North Side Plaza Paris , Texas 784-4346 fA1ert Bill Boswell 85 Sons Construction Co. Housej B 'ld f B' d B TEXAS FU RN ITU RE ulafffezpfoigfli Eiffongm OM For Free Estimate Call 785-3852 134 First st. s,w. 784-6370 up ' -f ' IM II W ...,.. Paris, Texas 75460 2,7 :Il H iI'fI.I IZ gf1l 'f":, fEE an d .341 I rl I f 52. 5' WILLIAMS BROS. 2281 N. Main Paris, Texas For All Your Auto Parts Needs Call 784-2534 PIGGLE WIGGLE No. 2 630 Bonham No. 6 Lamar at 28th S.E. Paris, Texas LOGGINS OUICK MART 2450 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas B 81 J WELDING SUPPLY CO. 1615 N. Main Phone 785-4466 Joe Tow salesman Ph. 785-1434 Jerry Gaither salesman Ph. 785-2231 Paris, Texas 75460 Ben Tow Owners James Crawford 785-1434 982-5588 WILKERSON EXXON WHITSELL PRINTING COMPANY 445 North Main Paris, Texas Hlnstam Printing.. Owner L. K. fPeteJ Wilkerson Phone: 785-2420 Telephone 785-4444 Complete Printing Service 1037 North Main Paris, Texas ps furniture ISIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI PHIL'S 785-1651 115 Clarksville Paris , Texas Carpet - Drapery Interior Decorating M' Raw HOUSE 35 Graham Paris , Texas LAMAR AVEN U E GULF 1626 Lamar Ave. Owner - Coyle Hay . X Dedicated to Perfect Service at Modest Cost LEVERETT 84 STEELE FUNERAL HOME INCORPORATED D 1214 784 6623 Paris, Texas 75460 2601 L mar Ave Home Phone 785-3223 Bus. Phone '785-9033 MDTEL CITY GULF SERVICE STATION 2510 North Main Street Paris, Texas Pick-up and Delivery Service Complete Motor Tune-up SAM BOLTON, Manager BURRELL ASHFORD, Service Manager ..X. f P- aw, . , ' - no 4: ,jwff Ji 3, Ewa V. an Phone: '78 I-4,7 , iwezf sf- , . 5-1730 -BEST FOR LESS- JOE ADAMS USED CARS " f,4a.',"Qf. 4, A W, 610 N. Main, Paris, Texas 75460 Joe Adams Res.: 784-3659 Harold Adams Res.: 785-6729 CDavidJ Fw A 2 f s BRANNAN'S A .- A 81 A DISCOUNT AUTO 81 HARDWARE SUPPLY 1128 Clarksville In Brookshire Center Across From Sears Serving the Greater Paris Area With a Complete Line of Auto Parts. DELIVERY SERVICE .5355 IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH .1 ax ! 1 tr... Music and Pastor Youth Director H. G. Rhea Jack Butler "A Going Church for a Coming Lord" P , 1 ,W BRIDAL CHATEAN 120 Clarksville Paris, Texas PO NT I AC 2425 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas "Comp1ete Sales and Service" Your Happy Shopping Store fat' GIBSON'S "Where You Get the Best for Less" 2505 Clarksville Street Paris, Texas hir 9 T ..s W J--32.121 if f -"' MID CITY WASHERTERIA - CAR WASH Pat Mayse Turn Off and Air Line Road Phone: 785-3077 Owner: G. A. Dowdy We Rent Most Everything AAA RENTALS 1411 19th N.W. Paris, Texas 75460 Rex Adams Business Home 214-785-9452 214-784-8441 CLEVELAND TRADING POST Evergreen Feeds Phone 785-4128 Hwy. 82 East "Compliments of" BOB SINGER INC. 2675 North Main 785-4378 COCPER BUTANE Box 1153, Hwy. 24 Phone: 785-6461 Butane and Propane Gas Specializes in Carburations FARLEY'S USED CARS Powderly , Texas Some Volkswagen Repair Will Buy Wrecked VW's JAMES FARLEY Phone 785-4844 0 101 Grand Sureet LA BOUTIQUE DRESS SHOP Paris Texas 9 Phone: 785-4711 ER8f HTSCO. DCDCTORS Dr. and Mrs. I. Miles Dr. William C. Ragen Dr. and Mrs. Joe L. Deupree Dr. and Mrs. E. D.-Bellamy Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Kerbow Dr. and Mrs. I . L. Jopling Dr and,Mrs. Haslam Faulkner Structural Chicora Grocery Grady Hood Tina Hood Gerald STERS Basham Store Estate Assn Ronnis Lannie Hicks - Hay Charles T Mike T Ford Lott 5Truck1ng Freedom of Choice We asked our Seniors what their favorite food was and this was their reply: 07 07 07 U7 07 FRENCH FRIES PIZZA HAMBURGERS STEAK MEXICAN FOOD 180 310 260 270 250 We asked our Seniors what they like to do on a date and this is rhe reply we got: PARKING 33070 DANCING 17070 MOVIES 19070 RUNNING AROUND 24070 OTHER 36070 Freedom of Pleasure My Nfl 69,09 J Q66 QS KS, Q0 C iv! ,Qfgifuzg A 1 MQW ww 1 .V 4 1"1 A' A QQ mm , .Af' TW uw up W A Qlyg-Q2 X NL 15 f M Qfwifgmphs QW Q mm ' 14 ' fx QQ . we X L F ' J -QQi,f?iQ34 Qffwm my PQ of LGQM UW my Lf ggi KQJCLXTS ' A E3 WW QgwlQQQ9x925 X 290 aww ' X353 L JUL, QQTN5 941-,Z .0 have QWU 1 A AQ U h ximgzwh ami!! 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