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Q 64,15 ' MMM .f W M- 'iigg My ! x . I -N 7.1 1 4 M 57' . . N' 1 fr f' . L xx x. '- x f ' qw, Aijfgbvff . l -. 1 A ' v' -.E ' i XY.. ' 5 xpM!j'?Sb W v FT ,bl-r-5 . 7 7 E S Q S m i 1 E r F 1 r Y E r ? ? v S . l i949 VIKING QQJWTIW ,X L , , , 2 V, K ' x. K x X w. ,f' , I XA 1 ' L ' i' 1 1 , 1 K , S- . Q . - a sl W . ' - S f X s -A V iv x V f : 1 'K - Q ' A if 3 2 L fi K ,xx 2 : : I' i ' W ' ' J i VH, f 6 - f, -. , , 1 fy , f xg V q f Q ' 5 i S M V Pubxlished by the A Associated Student Body , of the North Kitsap High School Poulsbo, Washington FOREWORD May this, the I949 Viking, help you to realize the many outstanding qualities our North Kitsap has, and may it help you to hold a greater appreciation for your teachers, friends, and school in general. b ' N. DEDICATION We dedicate the 1949 Viking to you, the students of North Kitsap High School, with the hope that in the future years, as you thumb through its pages, you will re-live again the all-important high school years, MISS ELLIS BARBARA BLACK Advisor Editor EMERY FULLERTON Advertising Manager "'!x,,"f'L-ls. BRUCE SALO Assistant Advertising Manager VIKING STAFF CLARICE GUNDERSON Business Manager 1 1 BURNELLE FJERAN Assistant Business Manager X- YVell, the Vikings are out Lwe hopeb, despite all the snow and broken roads with which we had to cope. VVe hope you'll get loads of en- joyment from your Viking. Spevial thanks to Pat Mer- lich, who designed the cover, and to Miss Sechel and miss Ellis for all their help. JEAN CAROL MCDONALD Assistant Editor MISS SECH EL Art Advisor ADMINISTRATION MR. DOUGLAS HENDEL MR. MILTON MEEK Superintendent Principal School District 400 North Kitsap Junior-Senior High School MISS LEE ELLIS MRS. RUBY NYHOLM Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Senior High School Junior High School Pi mcuuv ROB ERT ARPKE Dramatics English JOE GNOS Agriculture ALICE JOHNSON Chorus, Speech, Music HELEN BELCHER Jr. High Subjects VINCE HANSON Jr. High, Biology, Coach ERIC JOHNSON Commercial, Journalism HENRY BLOWNEY Jr. High, Economics FERN HARRIS Home Ec. RANGVALD KV ELSTAD Washington History BERNICE BORGEN ELLEN FORSBERG Arithmetic, English Typing HAROLD HENRICHSEN GENEVIEVE JENKINS Wood Shop English, Spanish, Latin FRANK LONDOS VERA McDOWELL P. E., Science, Library Coach q FACULTY ELM ER WEBSTER Truant Officer TOP ROW fLeft to rightl- ARNE MAKI HAROLD MELLEY Arithmetic, Agriculture Algebra SECOND ROW !Left to rightl- FLORENCE RATTRAY HANS ROSVOLD P. E. Sciences Science Adv. Math THIRD ROW ILeft to rightl- ALICE VAA CEIL WARD Jr. High Mechanical Drawing Subjects Machine Shop ELMER NICHOLS Band Boys' Chorus MARGARET SECHEL Art Geometry FLORENCE ZMAEFF Home Economics I I 2 I 1 5 I RUFUS OLIVER ARNT OYEN Jr. High U. S. History Subjects Civics-Typing JOSEPHINE STONE HARLEY SUTPHIN Jr. High Drivers' Training Subjects Science, Geography LORETTA OLSEN EDITH DANIELSON Secretary Secretary to Clerk Mr. Meek STUDENT COUNCIL The governing body of North Kitsap is the Student Council. It consists of the president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and a boy and girl representative from each class who are with the exception of the treasurer, elected each semester. Mr. Meek is the advisor of this group. Besides coping with the various student problems as- they arise, the Council has many duties to perform, such as, sponsoring assemblies and dances. figuring out the school budget, and supervising student body elections. OFFICERS' First semester Second semester Richard Johnson ........... .......... P resident ........... ....... R ichard Johnson Vernon Abrahamson ..... ...... V ice-President ...... ...... F orrest Chaffee Janet Brooke ............,. .......... S ecretary ........... ........ J anet Brooke Marcia Lund ........ ............ Treasurer ............. ......... lv Iarcia Lund Imogene Matthes. ........ ..... S enior Representative ....... ..... N ornia Anderson Bill Longmate .............i. ...... S enior Representative ...... ...... B ill Longmate Margaret Dahlguist ...... ..... J unior Representative ...... ..... J ean Cadwell Burrell Jull. .............. ........ J unior Representative ...... .... B ill Gordon Lois Georgel .......... ...... S ophomore Representativev.. ....... Joann Krall Lloyd Crovrston ..... ....... S ophomore Representative ...... Howard Blake -nf? .M-W' vv"""F ,psf My ,gf SENIORS DONNA BRANNOCK FRANCIS BROCK JAMES BROWN BARBARA BLACK JANET BROOKE EUGENE CALLOWAY N, Qs? MARSHALL BRENNER STEFANI BROOKS JAMES CARLSON E VERNON ABRAHAMSON ALLEN ANDERSON ROBERT APELAND OLIVE ALLDREDGE NORMA ANDERSON ILENE BANNING MARLENE AMUNDSEN MARGARET APELAND MAUREEN BENSON ELIZABETH CHASTAIN LOYAL EDGREN BARBARA FORKEY HAROLD CROW ELL JANICE ESTES EMERY FULLERTON D CU TSON MAUREEN FALKNER ESTHER GENEST CORIENNE GEORGE WAYNE HAFFORD ROBERT HANSEN SENIORS CLARICE GUNDERSON LOIS HALVORSON RICHARD HENDERSON DONA HAGGLUND JAMES HANSEN ROBERT HOAGLAND SENIORS JANET LATHROP PAULINE LATHROP JUNE LEHRMAN GLENN LOFALL JOY LYLE WILLIAM LONGMATE AGNES MACKIE DONALD LUND MARY MADDOX LAUREN HOWE EVELYN HULSEBUS COLLEEN JENSEN NAOMI HUBBARD DELORES IVERSON RICHARD JOHNSON K JOAN HUGHES CURTIS JACOBS ROBERT J ORGENSON 'N THOMAS MARINER ROBERT MCCLELLAND SHIRLEY MORRISON IMOGENE MATTHES DOROTHY MELTVEDT LOUISE MUNOZ SHIRLEY MAUS MARY MORGAN JEANNE NELSON I MAXINE NEMAC EUGENE PIERCE GLENN SCHECHERT SENIORS RODNEY NYSTROM RICHARD ROBERTS JOANN SERWOLD ALTA OHMAN HELEN RUDE BEATRICE SHELLENBARGER SENIDRS SUZANNE SHERIDAN ALICE SKEATE VERNON STEVENS DUANE SHIPMAN PAULINE SMITH GLORIA STORHOFF CHARLOTTE SHULL NANCY SOVEREIGN ROBERT SUNDQUIST HARLAND SVARE LORENE TRAVIS WALTER WEBSTER JAMES TAYLOR MARION VANDERHALF SJLVE WHEELER BERNADINE TOPOLINSKI WALTER WASELL HOMER WHITFORD SENIORS JANE JOAN WHITFORD WILKINS CECIL MURPHY WALLACE NASLUND CLASS POLL Best Looking Girl .....,,. ...,., C olleen Jensen Boy ........... ............,.. B ob Hensen Most Popular Girl .........,. ..... C larice Gunderson Boy .............. ,... M arshall Brenner Most Intelligent Girl ............. .....,,. J anet Brooke Boy ......,,.,. .... R ichard Johnson Best Athlete Girl ..................... ..,, J ane Whitford Boy ....,................... ...,, T om Mariner Most Likely to Succeed Girl .................,...,... .....,,,,.,..... B arbara Black Boy ..................... .... V ernon Abrahamson VALEDICTORIANS, SALUTATORIANS For the first time in its history, North Kitsap found itself with two valedictorians' plus a salutatorian. Sharing the highest honors of the class are Janet Brooke and Richard Johnson, both of whom have maintained an average of 4.00 during their high school years. The salutatorian, with an average of 3.85, is Barbara Black. All three students have been very active in school affairs throughout their years at North Kitsap. Richard served two terms as President of the student body and was also active in baseball and other extra-curricular work. In addition to many club member- ships, Janet served as editor of the Compass and secretary of the student body, and Barbara was editor of the 1949 Viking and President of the Golden Spear. Others in the top ten were Vernon Abrahainson, Clarice Gunderson, Homer Whitford, Jane Whitford, June Lehrman, Maureen Falkner, and Bea Shellenbarger. IN MEMORY VERNON BONDS SENIOR Wlll We, the class of 1949, being of sound mind and unfailing memory, do declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To the student body in general we don't leave much, because now that we are gone there is not much left. However, we do leave our beautiful pictures on the wall for you to gaze upon when you need inspiration. ARTICLE II To the Juniors we leave a large box of Kleenex to weep with now that we are leaving. To the Sophomores we leave a good supply of vitamin pills to keep your pep going strong. To the Freshmen we leave this pleasant little thought: "Don't worry, we got through, you can, toof' To the eighth grade we leave all the nobility and honor that comes with being a freshman. To the seventh grade we leave the will to lead clean, wholesome, upright lives as the class' of '49 has done. ARTICLE III To the faculty in general we leave the recommendation that a law be passed requiring that seniors must attend class at least once a month. tNow that we are gone it is all right.J To Mr. Hendel, another successful year as superintendent of district 400. To Mr. Meek, a UMONI-QUIK" counterfeting set-just to help out a bit. To Miss Ellis, some salt and pepper for a good egg. To Mrs. Nyholm, a good summer's rest before she has to greet next year's boisterous batch of seventh graders. To Mr. Arpke, the hope that he will not forget North Kitsap and the class of '49 now that he's leaving us. To Mrs. Belcher, more Junior High Students to admire her charm. To Mr. Blowney, a host of husky athletes for next year's Junior High teams. To Miss Borgen, lots of gas and sunshine to go with her convertible. To Miss Forsberg, a new tropical plant for her "hot house" froom 104, that isl. To Mr. Gnos, a large fleet of tractors to carry on the work of the F. F. A. To Mr. Hanson, a pair of platform shoes to add that much needed heighth. To Miss Harris, many little seamstresses who can sew to meet her approval. To Mr. Henrichson, a set of ear plugs to help him through another year of buzzing saws, machines, etc. To Mrs. Jenkins, a class full of Romans and Spaniards so she won't have to work so hard teaching Latin and Spanish. To Mrs. Johnson, a supply of energy for another year of debate, chorus, school programs, etc. To Mr. Johnson, a group of well mannered students who know the meaning of the Word "insubordination." To Mr. Kvelstad, the strength to stay out of the clutches of the old maids of the N. K. teaching staff. We leave Mr. Londos hoping that he can find some outstanding athletes that can measure up to the outstanding ones the class of '49 produced. To Miss McDowell, a really private back room, one not used as the meeting place of the "Ladies Aid Society." To Mr. Maki, students who will believe all his "fish" stories. To Mr. Melley, just a long, loud sigh from us girls. To Mr. Nichols-, a school system that meets with his whole-hearted approval. To Mr. Oliver, some new desks to replace the well used ones in 211. To Mr. Oyen, a huge supply of Fudgsicles to satisfy the hungry mobs. Also, a supply of students who occasionally have a tax token. To Mr. Rosvold, a group of students who leave at the end of the year with a complete knowledge of such matters as C H COONa, ferro ferricyanide, molyb- 17 35 denum, etc. A To Miss Rattray, a two-inch Blieking record to take the place of the monstrosity she has now. SENIDR Wlll To Miss Sechel, art supplies that are not community property but her's alone! To Mrs. Stone ,a job that is either in one place or the other-elementary school or junior high. To Mr. Sutphin, a complete overhaul on the Ford after all it's been through this year. To Mrs. Vaa, a tube of Pepsodent to keep her sparkling smile. To Mr. Ward, a bunch of little nuts, imaybe a few bolts, too!J. To Mrs. Zmaeff, some new recipes for her students to murder. To Mrs. Olsen, a really efficient office assistant to help her in her many tasks. To Mrs. Danielson, we leave with the hope that she won't have to listen to as many tall, sad stories now that we've departed. To Mr. Vvebster, a sigh of relief because he never caught us. ARTICLE IV Vernon Abrahamson leaves his position in the band to James Winn and leaves his broken test tubes to anyone brave enough to take Chemistry. Olive Alldredge leave brother Bill to all the Junior girls. Marlene Amundsen leaves Miss McDowell and the girls' club presidency to Lil Birkland. Allen Anderson leaves his many hours in machine shop to Tom Champagne. Norma Anderson and Colleen Jensen leave wishing they were going with Mr. Arpke but glad that he'll be out of the clutches of next year's N. K. girls. Margaret Apeland leaves her quiet and demure way to Joanne and Shirley Noble. Robert Apeland bequeaths his career as a bus driver to Slim Jull. Ilene Banning and Nancy Sovereign QSoderbergJ leave their ability to skip class without getting caught to Lila Stevens. She'll need it! The two Maureens, Benson and Falkner, along with the other "Brains," Harold Crowell, Lois Halvorsen, Naomi Hubbard, Evelyn Hulsebus, Joy Lyle, Bea Shelelnbarger, Charlotte Shull, and Joan Wilkins, got tired and left Cgraduated, that is-J at the end of the first semester! Donna Brannock left N. K. in favor of Bremerton High School. Barbara Black leaves Lars complete with the sign, "Hands-off." In the same manner, Marshall Brenner tearfully leaves Eunice Patricia behind him. To Dick Tonsgard, the lucky dog, is left the privilege of arguing with Gnos, along with good luck, from Francis Brock, While Steve Wheeler wills him the privilege of trying to take a first in the 440! Last of all, Glenn Schechert kindly leaves Dick his high and mighty position on the oyster picking crew. Janet Brooke, with much generosity, leaves all her dirty and broken test tubes to anyone taking chemistry-also, her long list of activities to any ambitious soul. Stefani Brooks- leaves her teachers of the past three years the job of trying to teach Naomi, Mary and Lynne more than they taught her. Wayne Hafford and Jim Brown leave the coming Chemistry and Physics students to the fate of 203. ' Along the same line, Glenn Lofall leaves Mr. Rosvold to Mort, and Eugene Cal- loway leaves a battered chemistry table to the next one that gets stuck with it. Jim Carlson wills his incompletes from Miss Forsberg to Jack Steele with much love. Elizabeth Chastain leaves her well-worn literature book to Bev Vondersmith. Len Culbertson leaves his speed and ability to win the 100- and 220-yard dashes to Burrell Jull. Janice Estes leaves to the students and faculty her deeep appreciation for music. Loyal Edgren wills his ability to miss baskets and strike out to Terry Whitford. Barbara Forkey leaves her battered typewriter to Mr. Johnson. Maybe he can squeeze more than forty words- a minute out of it. Esther Genest wills the ability to say "yes'l to the pupils asking for passes to Miss Ellis, while her side-kick Marion Vanderhalf wills to Mrs. Danielson the ability to say "non when Marion Parcells and Lila Stevens ask for a pass to town! Corinne George wills her handy position in the candy store to any thin candy lover. SENIDR Wlll Clarice Gunderson will her mysterious ability to get out of any class at any time to sister Lorraine. feven E. F.'sJ Dona Hagglund leaves Mr. Johnson with a sigh of relief. Bob Hansen leaves his four-year locker room Locker No. 12 which so capably held his' big shoes to Lars Ejde, along with the hope that he won't miss as many baskets as Bob did. Dick Henderson leaves his 1930 De Soto hot-rod to some junior who finds himself with transportation difficulties. Bob Hoagland leaves all his gay times to Larry Utheim. Larry Howe, Don Lund and Bob McClelland didn't care what they left-so there! Joan Hughes, Pauline Lathrop, Alta Ohman, and Alice Skeate leave a car radio to listen to anyone who can skip 4th period and get away with it. The culprits! Louise Munoz, Delores Iverson and S'hirley Morrison leave with tears in their eyes because they couldn't skip the last day. I wonder why? Curtis Jacobs wills his ability to bungle chemistry experiments to Bill Urick. Richie Johnson wills his ability to bungle chemistry experiments to Bill Urick. Bobby Jorgenson and Jeanne Nelson tearfully leave their stool at the end of the hall to the next faithful couple who belong to the Fire and Safety Club, and travel on in search of a new stool. Janet Lathrop leaves, to let Jan Ness have her name all to herself. June Lehrman wills her driver's license to Nancy Hiller and Ethel Bonner, who badly need it. Bill Longmate and Vernon Stevens leave their glass mugs to Ike George and Bill Gordon. Tom Mariner and Harland Svare leave with diplomas, they hope. They take with them their unused brains. Imogene Matthes wills' her baton to Lila Stevens. Shirlee Maus wills to any fortunate girl of N. K. the honor of being Homecoming Queen. Dorothy Meltvedt thoughtfully leaves Mr. Johnson for Merideth Van Horn. Maxine Nemec leaves for California June 5th, Rodney Nystrom and Jim Hansen leave the mile run to Forrest Chaffee or to anyone who wants it. Eugene Pierce leaves his silent ways to Bill Alldredge. Dick Roberts leaves his many headaches to anyone stupid enough to take Senior English, Chemis-try and Trigonometry all at once. Helen Rude leaves Esther, Joan Hogue and Ann Robin to represent good old Vinland. Joann Serwold leaves her ability to "take off" at any time-on school business, of course, to Maggie Dahlquist. Duane Shipman leaves brother Clyde. Heaven forbid! Before leaving, Pauline Smith wishes to return the bars she filed out of, that they may be put to good use again next year. Gloria Storhoff wills her ability to eat like a horse and never get fat to Gladys Crowell. Bob Sundquist leaves all his troubles with Eric to brother Norman. Jim Taylor departs, leaving June Essex to sit all alone on the bus. Bernadine Topolinski leaves with the recipe for home brew from Chemistry, and thus, great hopes for the future. Lorene Travis leaves for Pat Merlich one chopped up art table. Walter Wassell leaves' his melodious voice to Glenn Price. Walter Webster leaves "the whole darn place" to someone else. Homer Whitford wills his presidency of the Torch Honor Club to some other highly intelligent, upright future senior. Harold Lanning. perhaps? Jane Whitford leaves all her athletic ability to Jean Field. Cecil Murphy and Wally Naslund left a host of admiring friends behind when they joined the armed services early in the year. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we of this class, hereby affix our seal on this document this second day of June, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-nine. now owns, have been so hard to manage lately that she just had to get away for a while, and Janet CLASS PRDPHECY Ten years have passed since that greatest of all classes, the illustrious class of '49 received their diplomas and passed through the doors of North Kitsap out into the world. What I saw the other day convinced me that these have been hard, hard years! I was enterting the state for the first time since 1949, and while traveling through the lovely little seaport town of Scandia, I was astonished to hear the lovely old strains of Hurrah for Dear Old N. K. issuing forth from nearby. I stopped, and found myself in front of "Van Class-e Resort for the Restless." Parked nearby I saw a beautiful 1959 jet propelled Airauto, and at the wheel was, of all persons, my old friend, Clarice Gunderson, Clarice as everyone knows, has become the world famous woman's edition of Charles Atlas and she is now appearing before very exclusive audiences through- out the country. Touring with Clarice as part of her cast are Barbara Black as 'tbefore" and Norma Anderson as "after' 'the Gunderson treatment, I decided to visit "Van Classe" and at the gate I was met by two little men in white suits, the gate keepers, Harland Svare and Tom Mariner. In addition to this duty, they are working hard on correspondence courses, in hopes of getting their high school diplomas this year, for sure. Walking further along, I was surprised to find the old Kington gang, Vernon Stevens, Bill Longmate, "Beans" Pierce, and Don Lund, very happy in their jobs as lawn mower, dandelion picker, weed puller, and flower grower respectively-quite a change from their former positions in the unemployment line. Further investigation lead me to Alta Ohman, Lois Halverson, Joan Hughes, Naoma Hubbard, and Pauline Lathrop scurrying from patient to patient. very busy in their positions as nurses. In the kitchen putting their great knowledge of chemistry to use were the cooks, Eugene Calloway, Wayne Hafford, Glen Lofall, and Jim Taylor, who were preparing tasty dishes designed to "kill or cure." Later I was introduced to the chief executive, Loyal Edgren, who runs a chain of such estab- lishments, I hear. Loyal's charming personal secretary is Bob Hoagland, and his office work is taken care of by Bob Sunquist. After seeing those who run the home, I was taken through the wards, where I was saddened to see so many of my ex-classmates. It seems that the booming business in Poulsbo had become too much for Homer Whitford, Dick Roberts, Richard Johnson, and Bob Hansen, who now are the prosperous owners of Reliable Hardware, Poulsbo Drug, Johnson's Mart and Hansen's Service Station respectively. After treatments at "Van Classe" they'll be ready to return to the old grind, however-with the exception of Richie, who had decided to give the Brooklyn Dodgers a break by signing their contract. They informed me that while they are "resting," their business houses ar e being watched by their janitors, Bob Jorgens'on,Vernon Abrahamson, Harold Crowell, and Marsh all Brenner, respectively Down the line a ways, I found a number of old friends-Dona Hagglund, Janet Brooke, Colleen Jensen, Maxine Nemec, and Gloria Storhoff. Dona said that the crowds at Island Lake, which she Suddenly I heard the strains of a weird song was completely worn out from her logging job at Maxine were suffering from malnutrition, a result had to come to the healthful atmosphere of "Van the Port Gamble Mill. Poor Colleen, Gloria, and of their latest fishing trip to Alaska, and they Classe" to recuperate. coming forth from the next room. The song was a mixture of "For It Was Mary" and "Come Josephine," and the singer was, of course, Curt Jacobs! The old flame still burns, I see. Speaking of singing, I heard that the three famous opera stars, Walt Wasell, Emery Fullerton, and Leonard Culbertson, were there for treatment after their vigorous performances in the new opera success, "Chonita." The sad fate of a school teacher was illustrated to me in the next ward, where I found, in sad CLASS PRDPHECY condition, Stefani Brooks, Maureen Falkner, Maureen Benson, June Lehrman, and Elizabeth Chastain, who teach Chemistry, Agriculture, Physics, Drivers Training, and P. E. respectively at N. K. During our visit the girls gave me the "lowdown" on some of our other classmates. The superintendent of District 400 is now Dick Henderson, and filling the position of his secretary-Mrs. Olsen's old job -is Marlene Amundsen. Robert Apeland is the very popular new principal, who doubles as a bus driver. Ilene Banning has taken over the duties of Mrs. Danielson, and Corrine George is doing a splendid job as "Miss Ellis"! In beds near those of the "ex-teachers" I heard the confused muttering of "number please," and "sorry, the line's' busy," and yes, it was all coming from Joann Serwold and Helen Rude, who, it seems, can say nothing else. Next, who should I see but the former .Ioan Wilkins, Barbara Forkey, Janet Lathrop, and Olive Alldredge, each of whom had had troubles' with her "hubby," and instead of running to Mother, had run to "Van Classef' On the brighter side, however, they reported that another group of old married women, the former Nancy Soverign, Marion Vanderhalf, Esther Genest, and Evelyn Hulsebus, all have growing families, and are extremely happy in their beautiful Kingston homes. More weary souls who, I found, were driven to a rest by their strenuous' positions in Poulsbo were Louise Munoz, Delores Iverson, Bernadine Topolinski, Imogene Matthes, and Janice Estes. Louise and Delores now operate the CURLY GIRLY BEAUTY SHOPPE, and are well known for their "unusual' 'hair styles. Imogene and Benadine have taken over the ownership of the Poulsbo Herald, and operating the presses for them is none other than Margaret Aepland. Janice Estes is now running Money Savers. Having seen enough of the wards, I strolled out onto the spacious lawns. I was soon met by Dorothy Meltvedt, Jeanne N'elson, Bea Shellenbarger, and Jane Whitford, all of whom felt that a rest was needed after their nerve-shattering season as midget auto racing drivers. Further on, in the garden enjoying a ripping game of chess, I saw Admiral Wally Naslund and General Cecil Murphy. They claimed that their lives have been made miserable by the presence of such persons as Gobs James Carlson, Larry Howe, and Allen Anderson, and Buck Privates Steve Wheeler, Duane Shipman, and Glenn Schechert. Nearby I noticed Rodney-Nystrom and Jim Hansen, who had not yet recovered from their first and second place victories in the Olympic Games' ten- 1nile run. Upon looking upward I-was astonished to see Joy Lyle. Mary Morgan, and Lorene Travis busily engaged in pruning the trees, while shingling the roof of the Home were Shirlee Mans, Pauline Smith, and Charlotte Shull! Before ending my journey, I peeked into the Home's barn, and who should I find but farmers Francis Brock, Robert McClelland, and Walt Webster, who wanted a rest but simply couldn't break away from the beloved atmosphere of the barn. I gazed, once again, upon the picturesque resort of "Van Classe." The opportunity of seeing my old friends made me very happy and although many of my former classmates have not lived up to the high goals predicted for them, I was still convinced that the class of '49 was the best ever. Vernon Abrahamson .... .......... CLASS OFFICERS Dick Roberts .............. ...... V ice-President .... Barbara Black ...... Jeanne Nelson .... Secretary Treasurer President .......... ..... .Vernon Abrahamson .. ............ Steve Wheeler Jane Whitford Clarice Gunderson Editor ................... ..................... , ...........,.......... ........... J a nice Estes Bill Longmate ....... Boys' Representative ....... Bill Longmate Imogene Matthes ,.... ...... G irls' Representative ....., ..... N orma Anderson JUNIOR PERSDNALITIES NAME- Alldredge, Bill ,..... . . Almos, Delores ....... Alyea, Donna ....Y...,,..A .... Anderson, Myrtle ,.... .... .... Andreason, Larry ....,... Anson, Bill ..........l..... Anson, Charles .,..... Barndt, Richard ,,,.,,,. Baskins, Donald ,.,.,... Behrendt, Joanne ,,..., Birkland, Lillian .YVV.l..., Bloom, Mary Ann ,,,.... Bonner, Ethel ,....,.,..,. Brockman, Phyllis .... Burns, Keith .l.......... Burton, Barbara ,....... Cadwell, Jean ...,,,,.. Chaffee, Forrest ,,,,..., Champagne, Tom ,,.... Christiansen, Jean ,,,,... .,,l Crowell, Gladys ........ ,,.. . Dahlquist, Margaret ,,,.... .... Dahlquist, Norma .VVY,V.. ..w. Dahlquist, Sonia ...,..,..., .... Danielson, Richard ,,,AA. ,... Danielson, Donald ..V..... .... Drummond, Pat ........ Duckett, Dick .....,,.. Ejde, liars ............,V,,.. Erickson, Charlene ....,, Espelund, Albert ...,... Fisher, Donald ...,.., F'eran, Burnelle ..,,, Floren, Ardis ,,i.... Footer, Barbara .,,, ., Foster, John ...,,.,,,,l... Freeman, Robert ,,,,... Frykholm, Rodney ,,,.,.. ,... Gordon, Bill ,.,,,i,.,r.. Hansen, Enid ..,,,,, Hansen,Lyle ,.,,,..., Herrold, Hiram ,,,.... Hill, Caroline .....,. Hogue, Joan .,.....,. Hogue, Marvin ...,,., Hoffman, Phyllis ,,,, Holt, Carolyn ....,,. Iverson, Eddie .,,,.,.. Iverson, Ray ..,,..,. Jones, Betty ...,,, Jull, Burrell ,,,,.. Keith, Bernice ,,...,.. Kindall, Doris ..,l,,,,.... LaCross, Kenneth ,,,..,.. .... Lanning. Harold .,,,.,.. Larson, Delores ,..... Lepper, Ray .,..,...,... Lewis, Patricia .......... Lofgren, Theodore ....... .... Lund, Marcia ................ .... McDonald, Jean Carol ..,,,, ,,,. McLean, James ..,........... Merlich, Patricia ....... Mount, Loyette ....., Niemi, Lester ..,.... Noble, Shirley ...... Nyholm, Jack ..,... Olson, David ......., Parcells, Duane ...... Patterson, Lee .,...... Price, Glen .....,........ Quackenbush, Ed ,,,... Rindal, Ethelann ,.,,,,,,,, .... Robben, Anne Lou ....... .... Ross, Effie ..,,.,..,,,,.,,,. Rude, Esther .......... Salo, Bruce ,,,,,,,, Smith, Bonnie ..,,,,,.. Steel, Pat ,,,,...s,..,,,,,.., Stevenson, Bonnie ...,... Stoops, Laverne ,...,.,. Summarell, Della ....A.....,., Thompson, Mary Jo ,....,. .... Tonsgard. Richard ....,., Troy, Mary Lou ,,,,.,., Tytler, Morton .,,,... Urich, Bill ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,, Utheim, Larry ....,,,,,,. Vondersmith, Bev ........ ,,,. Waldron, Glenn ........, Walker, Earl .......,... Walker, Joan .,..,., Webster, Keith ....,.. Wicktom, Norval ...... Winn, James .,,........ Wright, Frank. ............. Wright, Rosemary .,,., .. Young, Janet ..,..... ,A.. Zmaeff, Barbara ,,,,,,,, NICKNAME- "Bill' .........,... "Dolly" ,,A.,, iiiifiylllf "Andy .,.,.. "Willy" ..... "Chuck" ,,A. "Shorty" ,,,,,, "Don" ....,,,.,,, I-JDBHHNW-vm it - n Lil ............,. "Boom Boom" "Tootie" .,.. "Wimper" ..., "Birdie" ,... "Jeannie".. .. n usmg "sa" Tommy .,... "Jeannie" A... . "Maggie" ........,,, ..... "B-B Brain", "Sunshine" .,,, "Dick" ...,....,, "Don" ,.... "Pat" ,........ "Ducky" ,,,, "Char" ..,,.,, "Shicky" ...,.. 4. H Don ..,,,.., "Ardle" ...... "Barb" .... RIB "Fevly" ,,,., U - H Bill .,,........, "Pinochle" ,, "Pee Wee" ,,,. "Hi". .,.......... . "Carol" ...... "Red" ,,.... "Marv" ,,,.,, ..Phyl,.m--H "Carol" ......... "Dynamite" .... ....., "Flip" ,,......... "Betts" ,,,,,, "Slim" ..., 4- ., Letoy ,,,,, "Dade" .,r.,. .rxennmmu "Oliver" ,,,, UDUI-mm. "Levi" A.... "Pat" ..,... "Ted" ......... "Blondie' ...... HJ comm .4Jim,,Y-nu upakn YYVYY . ..Loy,.-Um .4 Les" ,,,,.. "Shirl" .... "Nut" .,,,,, ook.. z:i55ar"" "Tag'5f: "Quacky" ,,,,. "Rindy" .A... "Louie" ,..... HEWMHW uEsn YVYVV Y N "Stupid" ,,,, 4-B J... - F - Y "Patsy" ...,. "B ee" ,,.A...., "Louie" ,,.i.. "Del" .....,. "Hon" ..... "Dick" ..... "Sleepy" .A,, "Mort" ....... "Jerk" ...,, "Snlck" ..A,,, Bid ,,,.,, "Poodle" ,,,, "Red" ....., "Dusty" .,,,, "Messy" ,,,, "Chick" ,,,,. "J im" ,,,,.,,,,,, "Wron g" ...,,, "Rosie" .,,,...., "Jan"... ..... "Horn Rims" AMBITION- Movies ........,,.,. ........,., Social Worker ..........,,... Pilot ..,,.,,,,.,,,.,,.,,.........,,,,., Learn to drive a car .,..., Get a car ....,..............,.. Musician ....,.. .....,......... New Cadilllac ............. Make my car rim .,,,,,,, Mechanic ..,,,..,.,........,,.... Get along with H. B ........ Marry a rich man ........ Nurse .... ....,...,.,............ Dietician .....,,,,,,.,.,.... Travel .,,........... Get rich ....,......... Policewoman ..,...... English teacher ,,A.,,, Doctor .,......,...,,,,,,,, Clown ........,.....,.,, Get married ...,.,, Go to college ,,,,,,,, Psychiatrist ......,...,.. Travel to Mars .......... Marry a farmer ............ Go to Bible school ,.......,, Get a small Cadillac,,,.,.. Go to Moses Lake ...,.,.. Sleep ,,,, ....,.,,,..,,.,.....,,,. Work in Bangor .,,,..,.,,, Own a Collie kennel .,......, ...... Get dad's car .......,....,,,,...,...., ...... New fender for the Chev ,,.,,,, ,,,,,, Be a nurse, .......,.............,.,,,,, ,,,,, Interior designer ............,... ,,,,,, Get married ...,...... Farmer ...,....,.,,.... None. ...,,,,.,,,,. , . Be a coach ...,,, Have money ,,,,,. . Travel ..,A,,,,..,,...,.,,, Reporter ,.,..,,,A...,,..,,, Date Shirley J .,,.,... Be a bum ....,.,.......A,i Beautician ........,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Mechanic ,.,....,.,,.....,,.,....,,, Professional manhater ....,.. . .... . Teacher ....,....,..,..,.A.,,,,,...., Fisherman ,,,,.,. Loaf ,,.,......,..,, Travel .,.....,,,, Bachelor ,A.A,,,,... Go to Paris ,,,,,,, Learn French .,,,,.. Stage manager .A...... Fisherman ..........,.. Nurse .....,...,.......,... Journalism .,.......,,.... Get married .,.............. Play pro baseball ..........,. Understand Phyllis .........AA. ,,,,,, Marry a football player ....... ....,, Get out of school ,,,,....,,,.,, ,,,,,, Fashion illustrator .s....A.,, Editor ................,,,,A,,.,, Beachcomber ,A..,,,,A.,. Go to 0.J.C .,,,s.,. Own a Tucker ,,,,.,.s. Join the Army .......,.,.... Get out of school .,,,,,,, Pilot ..,....,,,,,............t,,,. Go to Mars ...,,.,....... Get rich easy ,,,,....,,,,,,,, Lighthouse keeper ........ Old maid ......,,.,........... Millionaire ....,........... Chief operator ......... College professor .,..,,. Stewardess ,...........,A,,,, Own a swing band ,,,,.. Go to Hawaii ,.,....,,,,,,,, Get out of school ....,,., Get married .........,.,,,,,,,,,,, To own J. C. Penney's,. Get a motorcycle .......,.,,.. Sleep forever .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Senator .....,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Great baseball player ..., Christian missionary ....... Nurse, ,,,. , ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, Stay out of service ...... Go to heaven ,,,, ..... . .. Get a job .......,,,,,.. Retire early ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Own a car... ....,....... Band of his own ....,.. Physics teacher ..,..,,.,, Missionary ,.,,.,....,.,,,,,,.,, To go on to school ...... Own a yacht ,......,.,, DESTINATION- Circus theater Hermit 6 ft. under Bicycle Scooter Piano Tuner Old Ford Sore Feet Toy Shop S Lady Wr stler Marry Hap Street Cleaner Dish washer Eglon Stay poor Inmate 104 Mortician President Librarian at N. K. Janitress at U. of W. Need one Africa Have 6 Little-pigs Island Lake ? ? Dime Store Toy ? Sequim Night Watchman Pool Hall Flea circus Walk Find one at Ye Olde Dump Ground Work in Forrest's Mortuary House Painter Joine the Waves and Follow Pete Rais+the dickens! Skid Row The PeeWees Raise Strawberries Up or down ? ? ? Office Boy Orphan Annie Marry on E Traveling salesman Grease M onkey Pres. of Lovelorn Inc. Baby Sit Mountain Climber Ditch Digger Bremerton 8: Back Henpecked Silverdale China Town The Metropolitan Oyster P cker l Veterinarian Types etter Artie Shaw "Peanuts , Popcorn--" Perturbed Waterboy Class of "60" Cartoonist Office girl Clam di gger Correspondence course Sewing Machine Foreign Legion Class of "53" Wrecin-mental Seattle Shoe string Empire S tate Building Married with 12 kids Guess wh Fired at! Diaper service Baggage Symphon clerk y orchestra Bainbridge Island College degree 1N-U-T? Dishpan hands Kimballs Bicycle Alarm Clock factory Soap box politician Bat boy Cannibal Stew lnsane A ylum-Patient S Draft Boa rd "H-l" ? ? ? ? Unemployment service Poor House Scooter Salvation Army Ros vold I Headhunter School co Rowboat ok Fourth row - Andreason, Alldredge. Third row.- Burns, An- son, Baskins, Barndt. Second row - Bonner, Brockman, Birkland, Almos, Behrendt. First row-Bloom, An- derson, Burton, Alyea. Fourth row - Duckett. M Danielson. Danielson. Third row - Esplund, Ejde, Chaffee, Champaign. Second row-M. Dahl- quist, Erickson, Drummond, Christensen. First row - Cadwell, Evjien, N. Dahlquist, S. Dahlquist. Fourth row - Foster, Harrold, Hogue, Freeman Third row-Hanson, Gor- don. Fisher, Iverson, Fryk- holm. Second row - Hoffman Holt, Hanson, Floren, Hill. First row-Footer, Hogue Fjeran. Fourth row-Neimi, ning, Jull. Third row-Nyholm, gren, Leper, Second row-Lewis, dal, Lund, McDonald. lich. Lan- Lof- Kin- Mer- First row-Jones, Mount Keith, Noble, Larsen. v i JUNIORS 'bn A gf it 3 6- ia? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Semester Marvin Hogue .,,,..... ,..,.... P resident ,,,..,.. Bill Urick ...,.,....,... ,..... W 'ice-President, ,.,.i , Jean McDonald .......... ,..,,... S ecretary ........ Margaret Dahlquist .,.,r, ,,,,, S tudent Council ,,,,r Burrell Jull .,.,.,,,.. t ......... L ..,, Student Council ,,,. , Lillian Birkland .,,.l,.. Y ..,.,l, ,.,,l, G i rls' Club ,,,,,,, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First Semester Jay Alyea ................... ........ P resident ,,,.,,s, Bill Lindsay ..,.,.,,,, .,.,,. V ice-President ...... Louise Soderberg .... ........ S eeretary ,,,,,,,, Arlene Johnson ,.,., ....,,,.,.. E ditor ,..........,. Lois George ,77,.Y,. ,.... S tudent Council ,,,,Y Lloyd Crowston ..,. ' Fourth row - Sloops Quackenbush, Steel. Third row--Price. Salo Olsen, Second row-Rude, Ross Rindal. First row - Summarell Smith, Stevenson, Ruben. Fourth row - Bergen Arpke. Third row - La Cross Waldron, Wright, Utheim Urick. Second row - Webster Tytler, Tonsgard, Walker Wicktom. First row - Young dersmilh, Troy. Second Semester Marvin Hogue Rodney Frykholm Jean McDonald Jean Cadwell Bill Gordon Joanne Behrendt Second Semester "Ike" George Shirley Jessings Jan Ness Arlene Johnson JoAnn Krall Student Council Howard Blake Bev Maus ....,...,,, ,.....,.,...,.,...,.,,,.,,,.,...,..,. R epresentative to Girls Club Walker, Thompson, Von- First row - Brazeau, Essex, Chaffee, Baker. Freeman. Second row-Brooks, En- schede, George, Ekstedt. Third row 1 Eisenhardt, Gunderson, Fjeld, Allen. Fourth row .- Alyea, Crowston, Farley, Conner, Frederickson. Fifth row -- Davidson, Blake, Dean. Dahlquist. First row-Howe, Hiller, Higby, Harrison, Gardner. Second row - Hubbard, Hampston, Heister, Iver- son, Halseth, Hegland. Third row 1 Knudson, Lanning, Lux, Hanson. Fourth row - Kippola, Howerton. Lindsay, Kostic, Herrick, Harland, George. Kimsey. First row 4 Sundquist, M o r g a n s o n, Lindquist, Krall, Johnson, Loftus, Schechert. Second row - Murphy, Jensen, Titterness, Reeves, Sutphin, Salt, Sullivan. Maddox. Third row-Steele, Mur- phy, Olson, Stoops, Stanke, Maki, Vondersmith, Sharp. First row-Jacobs, Par- cells, Risburg, Martinson, Reid. Second row-Sipe, Soder- berg. Spiry, Myreboe, Ness. Third row-Maus, Van Horn. Stevens. Sorenson, Maryott, Minert. Fourth row-Washburn, Young, Paulson, Whitford, West. what SOPHOMORE CLASS his ,gf , Sm SNAPS Ko mer ' 'hur- Saturday Night? Janice B .42-. 'oh do Game Lovers Il Q COMPASS STAFF SON ENC j0'HN Adyl50I' ROOKE JANET B Editor N. K. students were presented, this year, with a "new" Compass. Because of necessary cut in the school budget, the Compass was forced to appear but once a month. The paper was, however, increased in size to make up for the loss of issues. Next year's class will be an experienced one since only four members of this year's group will be lost through graduation. The Compass Staff was composed of Janet Brooke, editor, Barbara Black, assistant editor, Clarice Gunderson, business manager, Ethelann Rindal, assistant business managerg Richard Johnson, sports editorg Don Fisher, Junior High sports: Don Danielsion and Morton Tytler, sports reportersg Susie Sheridan, Doris Kindall, fashion editorsg Forrest Chaffee, feature editorg Joanne Behrendt and Loyette Mount, feature writersg Janet Young and Barbara Footer, Junior High Editors: Caroline Holt and Enid Hansen, exchange managers, Pat Merlick. art, and Eric Johnson, advisor. 1 i x ljtf. my .- Left- BEVERLY MAUS Center- TOM CHAMPAGNE Right- V LORALIE VAN HORN PEP CLUB The Pep Club was a very active club this year espe- cially at the football games. They provided lots of pep -f under the excellent leade1'- ship of our three yell lead- ers. Officers for the year were: President, Evelyn Hulsebusg Vice - President. Norma Anderson: Secretary MAJORETTES The majorettes chosen for this year were: Dorothy Meltvedt, Barbara Burton. Imogene Matthes, Marian Parcells, and Lila Stevens. These girls marched with the band and provided entertainment during half-time at the football games. and Treasurer. Joanne Hal- seth: P u b l i c i t y. JoAnn Krall. BAND The Senior Band played at all the games this year and participated in all the Pep Assemblies, They also entertained during half-time at several of the football games. The director was Mr. E. B. Nichols. J N N .. q , . . ak Atkp .3..,Al W A CLUBS BOYS' LETTE RMA N The Senior High Boys' Letterman Club raised money this year by selling pop corn at the games. This year, as in the past, they took the Girls' Letterman Club to the State Basketball Tournament in Seattle. The officers were: President. Harland Svareg Vice-President, Marshall Brenner. Tom Mariner: Secretary, Bill Longmate, Bob Hanson: Treas-urer, XVa1ly Naslund, Marvin Hogue. GIRLS' LETTERMAN The Girls' Letterman Club raised money this year by selling candied apples at the games. They used this money to give their two annual Letterman Banquets honoring the football and basketball players. Oficers were: President, Jane VVhitford: Vice-President, Clarice Gunderson, and Secretary. GIRLS' CLUB Two of the Girls' Club's many projects this' year were, filling Red Cross boxes for Europe and collecing vlothes for the needy. Ofiuers were: P1'esident. Marlene Amundson: Vice-President, Norma Anderson: Secretary, Shirley Morrison: Treasurer, Kathy Hanson. and Editor, S'haron Chaffee. Joanne Servold. , . i r GOLDEN SPEAR The Golden Spear Club managed to pull through another year of not seeing games and getting, in the p rolc-ess, cold feet. pneumonia. and shat- tered nerves as they handled the financial end of the school's activities. Officers were: liar- hara Black, presidentg Janet Brooke, vice- presidentg M a u re e n Faulkner - Joann Ser- wold, secretary: For- rest Chaffee - Don Fisher. editor: Mr. Rosvold, advisor. FIRE AND SAFETY The Fire and Safety Club, under the super- vision of Mr. Oyen, handled the thankless job of managing traf- fic and heing ready to assist in the case of fire at school func- tions. Its office1's included: Tom lvlariner, chiefg David Olson, captain: Lyle Hanson. lieuten- ant. and Bruce Salo, sergeant. F. F. A. The F. F. A. aided the cause by selling hot dogs and pop at the football games. Many of the indi- vidual club members took honors at vari- ous functions through- out the year, and the ju d Q i n team took seventh place out of T0 competing teams at the lnternatiou Irive- stock Exposition at Portland, Oregon. Officers were: Mor- ton Tytler, president: Hiram Herrold, vice- president: Dick Dan- ielson. treasurer: YVal- lace Kippola. secre- tary: Robert Apeland. reporter: Joe Gnos. advisor. SERVICE CLUBS CLUBS SPANISH CLUB Among other activi- ties. the Spanish Club initiated the popular tto the girls-, at least! noon "Penny Dances." Officers for the year were: Sharon Chaffee- John Harlan, pI'QSi- dent, Earl VVa1ker- Jay Alyea. vice-p1'esi- dentg Joe Young-Shir- lee Mans, secretary: Enchede, treasurerg Do11na Alyea, editorg Mrs. Jenkins, advisor. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club, in conjunction with the Spanish 1-lub. held a picnic at Island Lake lmesides holding a few after-school activities. Officers were: Jean McDonald, president, Phyllis lverson - Bill loanne l5el1re11dt-Rohi11 Dean. vice - president, Beverly Yoiidersmith- Phyllis 1verso11, secre- tary, Hill Dean- Ardis QF l o 1' e 11 , treasurer, Janet Brooke - Harley butphin, editor, Mrs. J91lKl1lS. advisor. DEBATE CLUB The D e lm a t e Club took part very credit- ably in a number of debates Zllld d e b a t e IOL1I'I12illl9l1lS. A nuni- ber of its ineinbers took top honors at the C.P.S'. 'l'ou1'11an1ent and the l'. of W. Speech Festival. The club was led by J 0 a n 11 e Behrendt, presidentg Ph y l l i s Hoffman, stecretaryg Jean Cadwell. treasur- er: Loyette Mount, editor: and Mrs. John- so11, advisor. TORCH HONOR Because of niany ''co111plic-atio11s,'' the Torch llonor Cluh had a rather inac-tive year, A large 1lll1lliJE!l' of Juniors was initiated into the 1-luh at mid- year. Officers of tl1e Torch Honor tl1is year were: Ho1ne1' Whitford-Dir-k R o lm e 1' t president 3 Iniogene Matthes-For- rest C h a f f e e, vice- presideutg Clarice Gun- derson, secretary. alld Miss Forsberg, advisor. BOYS' CHORUS The Boys' Chorus, under the direction of Elmer Nichols, conti- nued, this year. to win praise for their fine singing. They per- formed at the Xmas Concert. for the P.-T. A., for various school assemblies, and as part of the mixed chorus at the Operetta and other school functions. GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Alice Johnson, has sung at the Christmas Concert, in the oper- etta t'Chonita," at the Baccalaureate a n d Commencement serv- ices, and at various other school functions. The chorus, along with the boys, made up the Mixed Chorus group. NONNETTE, SEXTETTE Both a nonnette and sextette we1'e organ- ized this year to give more girls a chance to perform. The nonnette, com- posed of B a r b ar a Zmaeff, Dorothy Melt- vedt, Janet Brooke, Louise Soderherg, Jean C a d W ell, Burnelle Fjeran, Charlene Erickson, Della Sum- erall, a n d Frances Spiryg and the sex- tette, Mary Ann Bloom. Delores Almos. Carolyn Hill, Delores Sorensen, Effie Ross, and Jean McDonald. sang at nu- merous s c li o ol and town activities. DRAMA FHA PURPLE CLEFF DRAMATICS The Dramatics Class, under the direc- tion of Mr. Arpke, worked on three plays and produced one. They presented "Everything's Off" in South Kitsap and also before our own student body. This group also worked on the Oper- etta. Class members were: D. Fisher, A, Johnson, K. Hansen, J. Winn, C. Jensen, N. Anderson, B. Sund- quist. I. Banning, N. Sovereign, '1'. Cham,- pagne, B. Alldredge, Sheridan, H. Cro- well, E. Hulsebus, B. Shellenbarger, J. Cad- Well. PURPLE CLEFF The Purple Cleft, under the direction of E. B. Nichols, has had an enjoy able year. They had an ice skat- ing party at Bremer- ton and a picnic at lsland Park. Officers were: First Semester: President,Vernon Abra- nam --mi vicepresident, Olive Alldredgeg sec- retary, Norma Dahl- quistg editor, Bill U rich 5 sergeant-ab arms, Dick Roberts. Second Semester: pres- ident, Bill Urichg vice- president, Claudfe Pughg secretary, Len Culberson, editor,Ver- non Abrahanisong ser- geant-at-arnis, Olive Alldredge. FHA The FHA had a very active year. They had box raffles at Basket- ball games, sold cup- cakes during lunch- hours, sent two boxes of clothing to Europe, took a field trip to Seattle and in May the FFA treated the FHA to a picnic at Island Lake. Officers Were: President, Robin En- sichedeg vice president, Naomi Brooks, secre- tary, Elaine Martin- son, treasurer, Sylvia Myreboeg parliamen- tarian, Viola Maryottg reporter, Delores S'or- enson. OFFICE STAFF The office staff this year was composed of senior girls. Their du- ties Were to take phone calls. do filing, collect absentee slips, give passes and do any other work assigned to theni by Mrs. Dan- ielson. These girls worked in the office one hour each day. Pictured are: M. Aniundsen, J. XVhit- ford, A. Skeate. N. Sovereign. L. Travis. Mrs. Danielson, D. Meltvedt, D. Hagg- lnnd, and B. Forkey. STUDENT STORE The student store. under the direction of Mr. Oyen. suppliesthe student body with candy, ic e 0 1' ea in . school supplies, pen- nants and hats. and sells some athletic equipment. The store is open during both lunch periods. Student W or k ers were: L. Travis. C. George, P. Smith, L. Mount, B. Vonder- sniith and M. Bloom. CAFETERIA One of the busiest places in the school from 11:00 to 12:30 each day is the cafe- teria. Here the stu- dents may buy lunches or eat sack lunches. SNAPS 3 .-sn Q3 A . ,, , Mu, ,.,.,,. J ....., 4 ....: . . .f .:.. ' '5 2 , Jfeif f, 4 the, se tl from the sxne-mms. The 1 Bob Mimi? Went . A , .., 09693 X thoughts in questxon concern he kv -. - r C X fi IDL. an kb, X .. x km-5 W: X lt X like fun ww 'C-A gtewi A KX X gm? f Woo K. xs tht? P' Marsh ch- 1 center and IK t 0 we wth 5,5113 pf, may seem Yum ortant to Q ,"" BHK!! ,liz K afl Hamer . aywi - t nk W 15 wt ,Q 'L Xunxiw Q og 900 W,- . "' U ,fig Steve LE5'5f-ge , UUW head nth ms YU 13 mind S S 'one in ,mi he Sou! if made fl other ww eeaivn 5 lj?-',,.3q3 ,1 P n.f,,-55,922 Q6 tv F N55 For the second straight year, the North Kitsap Vikings, coached by Frank Londos, swept through their league play to cop the Olymplic League championship. Additional glory was obtained for the Vi- kins when, in a post season game, they squeezed hy Mt. Si, the powerful cham- pions of the strong' Lakeside League, l5- 13. The seasons play featured the use of the Hollingherry slin- gle wing formation as coached hy Londos, highlighted hy the tackle-handoff, which used the fast-starting, hard running Svare as its main spring. The o11ly loss of the year was, once again. to the Bremerton VVildc-ats, in a hard- fought contest, the fi- nal score standing at 24-13. Throughout the sea- son, N. K.'s scoring was paced by the speedy, star halfhack. Tom Mariner, who scored a record total of 96 points. At the seasons close, the team elet-ted Tom Mariner as Honorary Captain and Harland Svare, Inspirational Award XYinner. North Kitsap will be well represented, once again. in the City-State All Star Game, for Svare was named to the State team. Tom Mariner was picked as an al- ternate. and may see action. while Marshall Brenner, the ha1'd- fighting. always de- pendable right - half. was awarded honor- able mention. Scores were: Jamboree: North Kitsap ,.,, T Bainbridge ,,.,,, ,Y 0 North Kitsap .. .. 6 South Kitsap .. .. 0 North Kitsap ..,. .... 3 3 Central Kitsap .... .. 0 North Kitsap .....,.... 2 6 Port Townsend .,.. ,. 6 North Kitsap 33 Sequiln .,.,,itt,. ,, 0 North Kitsap .. .,., 18 south Kitsap 1, .,,, 13 North Kitsap ,, .,.. 13 Bremerton 1, .... 24 North Kitsap .. .,t, 13 Shelton ...,.... .. l North Kitsap .. ..,, 41 Bainbridge ,,,, .... 1 3 North Kitsap ,, ,,,, lil Port Angeles .. ,, S North Kitsap ., .,,, 15 Mt. 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Szvq unreal ig wb dt liotl Ffivfft ' gy-,Q 154 eg tffrji 'lasts Vt:-115' the leaf 1 DI, mer lg lymlititzitl- F' , x Klkqylttg reyw . tg tinted Wm' sexi-gifs Mr mm was imgtt, Tai' U1 the Pit 'gpm 'Mai Weil in il to h Earl Q., -1111 1 x -mussel .tm iw H 5 1b,1,ug ew' , ,Q . . me lr Iwlkwv tmu3hdQ'x?vY!. 1 lm r wi. s and EU" B eatct Lean vid YZ tb L third ., dd not comm bfacamsc i '5 3 1 K re .4 J 5 Dany gm NA n the tight guaai will ima 'facie tif . t im edge H . P end ,ig 11113 hall HW with Z mga mi: f . 'a 0 ' . t f 4 giiuiih hgimhl . H in W' 0' 51 1 Wt itford. :tm The 1513113125 JTTLUIGUYCF tn W0 BUPPO11 up ia me if. K. I G 25 Musk-:tra Blame, ns, bt in lo be sent hzgclf hit tactlilr., Us xvsail tim? tem up line bacrnme -.Q .1 High team ,lhcw Ensmed amp Marin the faux 80151 I CM,-,ga we V05 Xhtn 90 tim Q nigrid B B e Sy M6515 i. C K Bill Wo! ees whims and no south ' ings -acrirnm while- ff V' aiavtmg LE , da lug bali ,fi hw ami N Q g,i,3m'o wma 3 HRC :hen 2151551 the M413 ,M mg Sail e-ml fm' .onemif:'tvm Latter, Jkt' KA yiifkxld Qui Exif owl: emi wfrf? W 2 painter, for N, K gems? in 53-U ffl? and of flu- K S, as :tm y' FU nga B111 ate mx Q, DICK fcmyw J RK: s io gl Q I gl 1 fl ,W weighi- sl M s f 'UW Howard MT' yea 1' va, A Y V ll 1437 jgensln ltici . it 'L gg its J 5.1 H -iw Ziixsx X :xi vit im cmttatly. K-miss. tit! ' ay hall if im pot in Turn N ta ell to m, tsap 1.3 WDA Bod Ylird from for RBSHIQ Centra f M UIC!!! l 'mf' A ix mea Dave X W 'Wi' if 2198 31: Sega Terry Stxettw 1 J.. any a sis, t im wggaull 15,3 13, Pan ,f- A Amex limit f-'film 'lffdil TDWW am' hu 40-T-96,1 L LCR? , A QXAQQ-xiii NORTH KITSAP vs. SEQUIM NORTH KITSAP TRACK TEAM NORTH KITSAP vs. LINCOLN NORT'H KITSAP BASEBALL TEAM Hvincen 3 za Bl lm BASKETBALL BSD aw 3 QLTTQQ3 B111 maven BASKETBALL The Viking' basket- ball squad this year was voached by Vince Hanson. All-American c-enter for XVashington State in 1945. The Vi- kings. at the end of the season. came out with li! wins and S4 losses to their vredit. This gave them a .592 pert-entage. Some of the high- lights of the season were, the Vikings' win over Bremerton, beat- ing them for the first time in four years. and also when they took a close game from the l94S Pouls- bo State Champion YFXV team. Again this year, Bob Hansen was the team's high point maker. He had 274 points to his vredit. making' an average of 12.5 per game. The Vikings were eliminated at the VVest Central District Tour- nament after being' downed by Bremerton and South Kitsap. The Vikings were eliminated at the West Central Distric-t Tour- nament after being downed by Bremerton and South Kitsap. C h o s e n Honorary Captain was llill lionginate and Inspir- ational Award Winner was Marshall llren- ner. Six first string men will graduate this year. They are: Mar- shall llrenner, llill Longmate. Bob Han- sen. Harland Svare. Tom Mariner a n cl Loyal Edgren. Game sc-ores were: North Kitsap .,.,,,,,.. Shelton ,..,,,,.. North Kitsap ,..,,,,,,, Bra-tnerton ,,.,. North Kitsap ...,,,,,t. Bellarinine ,.,., North Kitsap ,,,,,,.... Lincoln .,,..,.., North Kitsap ,,......,. Shelton .,,.,,,,. North Kitsap ,,,,l..... Bremerton ,,,,, North Kitsap .,..,,.,,, Lincoln .,,,.,.,, N'orth Kitsap ,..,,,,,,. Port Angeles ,......... North Kitsap ,,,.,.t.,, Sequini ,,t,,t,,, North Kitsap ....,,.,., Port Townsend North Kitsap ,,,.t,,.,, Bellarinine North Kitsap ..,, ,,,, Bainbridge North Kitsap ,,....,t.. Central Kitsap North Kitsap ,,,,,,,,,, Port Angeles .,,,...... North Kitsap ....,..... Se q u i in ,,,.,,,,, North Kitsap .,........ South Kitsap .,,.,,,... North Kitsap ,,,t,,,ttt Port Townsend No1'th Kitsap , Central Kitsap N'orth Kitsap South Kitsap North Kitsap .....,..,, vvv XFVK ,,Y,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,, District 'r0lll'll1'y Svoros North Kitsap ,,,,,,,,,r Bremerton .,,,, North Kitsap . South Kitsap r,,. .. 47 36 41 32 3 3 31 29 52 34 32 29 35 33 45 24 41 40 25 42 47 38 33 36 23 34 25 36 26 35 34 40 42 36 24 q- Ol 22 30 35 44 43 26 45 34 35 BASKETBALL B STRING PLAYERS: First row--George, Leper, Sutphin, Lofgren, Davidson, Whitford, Alyea Second row-Wright, Lindsay, Paiterson, Blake, Herrold, Coach Londos A STRING PLAYERS: First row-Gordon, Hague, Alldredge, Ejde, Edgren, Olsen Second row-V. Hanson, Brenner, Longmate, Mariner, Svare, Juli The "B" string this year, really had some really good material. VVith the experience they gained this year they should prove to be a strong team for North Kitsap both next year and the following year. Highlights of the "B" string games were their victory over South Kitsap on our floor and the complete trouncing of Lincoln on their floor. Promising "B" string boys are: Alyea, Whitford, Sutphin. Lindsay, and Blake. Frank Londos was coach of the "B" string team. TRACK vase, ss es W' n Y-cf tm ,.: Q,., E gif" .f I W K Ez: E fiiigr e gg 1.f Q11Q:' .1517 , g - in icat ......., i cats a ii ii l k M i Af.z.:.:,. ,. ,A'A,,AA Q ' is W ,.,G. 3 :.,, M' niss lt,,l, , t If :G ' X Q , ' --,"' i : :,.f . .g, 5 '5 xf- .,1,-5:,,g:::g:..:f-::gT- ,fp . W , -- .k 'h'X" , ,.Q C tt . A 4 'W Q . gf jim t , qt . ..... . X Q was 'fo' Y M., hifi ' L .KA lie. LV ffm 5' if iff" wi "' The track team. coached by Frank Londos, had participated in and won four track meets at the time the Viking went to press. Their opponents were: Sequim, Shelton, Central Kitsap, and Port Angeles. Consistent point getters for the team were: Tom Mariner in the hurdles, Svare in shot-put, Culbertson in the 100- and 220-yard dashes, Nystrom in the mile, Gordon in the pole vault and javelin, and Bill Lindsey and Bob Hoagland in the half-mile. The North Kitsap baseball team seemed to he a "hot and cold" outfit this year, The highlight of the season was Teddy Lofgren's no-hit no-run performance in an exhibition game against Port Angeles. Many of the team's most experienced players will be lost this year through graduation, including its heaviest hitter, Bill Longmate. Scores obtainable when the Viking went to press Were: N'. K. 2, Bremerton 3: N. K. 9, Port Angeles 05 N. K. 0. Shelton -1: N. K. T, Silverdale 105 N. K. T, Bainbridge Og and N. K. 1. S. K. 3. 'miiip a ,lf 5 MA .. STUDENT COUNCIL Members of the Junior High Student Council have guided the activities of the Junior High Student Body throughout the year. Among the many things they have helped sponsor this year are: The Junior Hi h P g rom, several feature films, Junior High dances, two assemblies, their annual spring pic-nic, and a song contest from which they chose their Junior High School song. Officers for the year were: President ................... .,.,,..Y,. B ud Hagen Vice-President .,.. Janice Halverson Secretary .,.,,.., ,,,.Y.. C arol Lysen Treasurer Leonard Steel infra Standing-Pederson, Jorgenson, Kvinnesland, Cadwell, Hagen, Jackson, Benson. F 'b h rel ot , Goninan, Serwold Ketterer, Pascoe, Falkner Seated-Lysen, Steel, Hagen, Halverson First row-Nylen, Soder- berg. Smith, Bonner, Walk- er, Schull. Second row-Poole, Ly- sen, Storseth, Johnson, Mills, Eikum. Third row-Mills, Steele, Waldrop, Essex, Stenman Whitney, Fourth row-J orgenson Charles, Wilcox, Pitzen- burger, Cheetham, Sokol Ha gen. Fifth row-Schumacher, Wood, Frederickson, An- derson, Milsap, Anson. First row-Brooks, Per- cer, Hom, Troy, Engh Sparks, Bpwen. Second row--Hahto, An- derson, Wendel, Fanning Lane, Teeling, Hughes. Third row .- Bjerken f Herbuagh, Passenger, An- derson, Swift, Coles. Fourth row - Marsh, Morgen, Anton, Hill, Nel- son, Millard, Spence, Young. Fifth row-Thompson Belgarde, Kvelstad, Clark Freiboth, Peterson, Web- ster. First row - Jensen George, Cash, Martin, Huh- bard. Shapley, Ostorm Contraro. Second row - Benson Joyce, Hagen, Vig, Fergu- son, Kvinseland, Wicktom, Crous, Walker. Third row - Herrington Myrwang, Faler, DeBroeck. Munson, Meyst, Lang, Ku- gener. Fourth row - Bradley Jackson, Pederson, Olson Graham. Holt, Goninan Billmark, Burbick, Rags- dale, Sandstrom, Clark. FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE 5 HRW we Fifth row -- Spaulding Lofall, Oliver. Fourth row - Joyce Hood, Jones, Voltin, An- derson, Ketterer, Berg. Third row-Junell, Twee- ten. Wilman, Hall, Crocker Webster, Meyers. Second row - Slater Nordberg, Anson, Krall Jones, Foster, Jensen Olsen. First row - Lathrop Melseth, Andreason. Boggs Evans, Contraro, Morley Cadwell. Fifth row-Reid, Echols Jackson, Guldjord. Blow- ney. Fourth row-Gibson, In- man, Hendrickson, Price Palmer. Third row-Shapely, Mil- ler, Pascoe, Rindal, Lill- quist. Johnson. Second now - Barndt, Freiboth. Kotic, Brown, Bradley, Snelhart. First row-Crouse, Har- lan, Halverson, Peterson Musselman, Denton, Evans Fifth row - Morrison, Barnet, Rose, Falkner, Cash, Crowell. Fourth row - Jennings, Steele. Carrier, Fowler Evjen, Anderson. Third row--Stoops, Da- vidson, Braskerid, Palmer Olson, Clark, Belcher. Second row-Joyce, How- erton, Jensen, Keith, Coo- per, Fullerton. First row - Campbell, Coursey, Halver, LaCross, Halseth, Bulmon. Fourth row-Topolinski. Thompson, Spratt. Tosten- rude, Richardson, White. Third row - Crocker, Younker, McRoberts, Noble Mick, Mellquist, Salo, Mil- ton. Second row - George eind, Webster, Shellenbar- ger, Smith. Sheirman, How- el't0l'l. First row - Napoleon LaCross, Ekren, Belgarde Cadwell, Brown, Verlinde Maryott. y , Fourth row-Vaa, An- derson, Beemer, Knutson Smith, Serwqld, Webster. Third row-Lewis, Wind- blad, Swope, Grotting McAbbee, Whitney. Harri- son. Second row -- Walker Steinback, Wanto, Gross Smith, Russell. First row-Winter, Gras- ser, Hill, Akinson. Sund- quist, Berryhill, Crabtree Fifth row-Thomas, Bur- ton, Mellquist, Fulton Hammond, Henry. Steward. Fourth row--Vaa, Whit- ney, Neske, Jackson. Third row-Kippola, Vol- tin, Carpenter. Brix, Birk- land, Bonds, Rough. Second row - Nelson, Neimeier, Herrick, Myr- vang. Veggen, Hendel, Podratz, Neske. First row 1 Peterson, Errleben. Musser, Lang, Brooks, Seppola, Davidson. Fifth row.-Kelly, Stev- enson, Carpenter, Andrea- son, Halverson, Halstead, Watland, Baarstad, Bor- gen. Fourth row - Spence, Mills, Barnes, Gregory, Hilton, Burke. Third row-Freioth, Ban- ning. Furey, Herrick. Barnes. Nelson, Fredericks. Second row-Van Horn, Purser, Peterson, Halver- son, Nelson, Essex. First row -4 Sullivan, Manthey, Waali, Specht, McDonald. Riserfg. Sipe. IM CLUBS M-.. t , wi Y M wo. ma. M HALL PATROL First row-Jerry Koblein Wood, Belgarde, Shumacher Second row-Eikum, So- kol, Webster, Blowney. Missing is Hagen. BUS PATROL First row-Hall, Mell- quist, Slater, Barstad, Hal- verson, Freiboth. Evjen. Erickson. Second row-Anderson, Williams, Junell, Sieven- son, Baskerude, Windblad. Mobely, Steele. Third row-Whitney, L. Whitney. Lilquist, Pascoe, Smith, Jennings, Fraser, Andreason Gibson, Ban- ning. Edelhlute, Gross, Milsap. BOYS' LETTERMAN First row - Cadwell, Jackson. Fraser. Schuma- cher. Junell. R. Spence. V. Freiboth, Belgarde. Second row-Don Jack- sonson. Essex, Poole, Peder- son. Spratt, Henrichson, D. -Freiboth, Morgan. Third row-R. Jockson, Pitsenberger, B. Spence, Anson, Jerry Koeblin, Web- ster. Fourth row-Berg, An- derson. Jack Koeblin, Falk- ner, Nelson, Sokol, Hagen. Fifth row-Griffin, Rose, Burton, Wood, Ketterer, Topolinki, Eikum, Jorgen- son, Blowney. GIRL? CLUB The Girls' Club, un- der the direction of Mrs. Zmaeff, had a busy year. They had a Halloween party, one movie. and SDOilSO1'6d two dances. The Club. this year. sent one CARE pack- age to Europe. Officers for the year were: President, Judy Soderbergg vice-presi- dent, Norma Os-tromg secretary, Pat Keith: editor, Beverly Martin. DEBATE The Junior High Debate Club had de- bates against Silver- dale, South Kitsap. and our senior high teams. In the C. P. S. Tournament, one of the freshman teams got to the quarter- finals. Officers were: Pres- ident, Jean XVendell3 secretary, Darlene S t o o p s 3 treasurer, Jack Kobelin, and parliamnetarian. Bill Fraser. BAND The Junior High Hand. directed by lVIr. Nichols, has plays with the Senior High Band at football games and in the marching' and pep bands. The band played creditably at the Kitsap County Mu- sic Festival at lirem- erton, May llth. FOOTBALL fm. ' -imw 1 4? 47 'H uf Nlaeezum, WAYNE PEDERSEN KEN BERG BUD HAGEN RON JORGENSEN LYLE WEBSTER BOB SOKOL BILL SPENCE JOHN BELGARDE BILLY JONES BOB SPRATT BRUCE WARNER MARVIN KETTERER FOOTBALL Coach Blowney, Mgrs. Don Jackson. Ass't Bill Dean. Bob Grif ,W . H . ' - W M.-. ,W ,,,,H..,..,...,....,.,,5 I 4? 2 4 fin, Alf Eigum, Joey Poole, Dean Jackson Frank Anderson Ladd Wood Clark Cadwell Jack Kobelin SCORES N. K, J. H. Opponents T ............. South Kitsap ......,...,. .. 13 37 .... ..... P euiusula .. .. .. 0 13 .. Central Kitsap 13 25 ..,. .,.,.,... 1 Dewey ......,. 13.. Coontz , .,.. 12 19 BASKETBALL North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap North Kitsap 1 STOOPS CADWELL VIGI 39 Shelton , H15 Silverdale 38 South Kitsap 27 Dewey 30 Coontz . 23 Silverdale 45 Caontz 37 South Kitsap 29 Dewey L.-. First row-Olsen, Evjen, Spence, Rose, Spratt Second row-Junell, Falkner, V. Freiboth, Ketterer, Henrichsen Third row-.lerry Kobelin, Griffin, Pedersen, Webster, Jack Kobelin Fourth row-D. Freiboth, Eikum. Sokol, Hagen, Bill Spence ix SNAPS Jw: 1 Jfzagsle ui? .3333 efi ,pw X611 bv Jig Lam Ella M8-V Lifaiazl ,.--Q 4 1 , vile ' bp. ny., , P 1.15 A 115, fifid 1. XXL? A 53-xg 'G--Q , 5 'P O 5 EVENTS OF THE YEAR August 30-N. K. opens its doors for another nine months. SEPTEMBER... -Elections for class officers are held. -Candidates for yell leaders turn out at senior high assembly. -Vikings win the football iamboree at Port Orchard. More "classy" identification pictures are taken. N. K. trounces Silverdale in the first home game. -We "take to the air" as "Youth Views the News" visits us. -Vikings travel to Townsend and win, Z6-6. -Seniors look their best for senior pictures. The first "Compass," new style, makes its appearance. OCTOBER. . . We beat Sequim, 27-6. -The "Syrian Yankee" comes to N. K. as frist traveling assembly. -Vikings win a thriller from Port Orchard. Girls' Lettermen initiates new members. -Bremerton hands North Kitsap its first loss of the season. Girls' Club holds tolo dance in the gym following the game. -Teachers institute-we rest. -Shirlee Maus reigns over Homecoming festivities as grads watch us beat Shelton. 26-N. K. holds its own presidential election with Truman winning, Initiative l3 losing. 29-The first quarter ends. NOVEMBER . . . Many a vow to start working made as report cards come out. -N. K. vs. Bainbridge, here. -Girls in a dither as Seattle Prep debaters visit. School dismissed for Armistice Day holidays. -Vikings win again, I9-8. -North Kitsap squeezes by Mt. Si to end the football season. Senior Class sponsors a dance in the library afterwards. -Students put on Thanksgiving Assembly-The Girls' Club holds holds matinee dance and school is dismissed 'till Monday. -Traveling Assembly. DECEMBER . . . -Football team is treated to banquet by Lions Club. -The ice skating club is organized. -We beat Shelton in first game of the season. -Junior Prom is held-big success. -Game with Bremerton. Ah, sweet revenge!! Boys' Lettermen initiation. -Girls' Lettermen hold banquet, dance for football players. -Girls' volley ball games with the sophs ending up as champs. -Vikings win basketball jamboree at Port Orchard. -Game at Shelton. -Bremerton comes back to beat us on their floor. -Annual Christmas concert is held. -Girls' Club parties bring school to a close for Christmas vacation. JANUARY. . . 6-Student body elections are held. 7-School closed because of bad roads. Game at Angeles. EVENTS 0F THE YEAR 8-Sequim game. l-School opens again l2.-Semester ends. l2-Game at Port Townsend. l 7-School closes again ll 25-School--for the time being. 25-Celia Lee gives interesting demonstration. 26-Report cards!!! FEBRUARY . . . 2-More bad roads. 8-We lose thriller to South Kitsap as school opens again. IO-We sleep in again 'till Feb. l4. l6-The Penny Dance is inaugurated. MARCH . . . l-N. K. in surprising win over our "big brothers," the Vets. 2-Drama students attend conference at Port Orchard. 4-Traveling assembly. 4-District Tournament at Bremerton-we lose to Bremerton. 5-N. K. is eliminated by South Kitsap. l7-Lettermen clubs attend state tournament in Seattle. l l-Debaters win honors at CPS tournament. 23-Basketball teams honored at the banquet and dance given by the Girls' Letterman club. 24-Traveling Assembly. 25-Student Council sponsors a dance in the library. 30-Seniors take the girls' basketball championshipllll Sl-The first annual Father-'Daughter Banquet termed a success. APRIL. . . 6-First track meet held as Vikings "squeeze by" Shelton 99-23. 7-Future teachers of N. K. attend luncheon in Port Orchard. -"CHONlTA" staged as students display heretofore hidden talent. -Ditto. 7 8 l3--Journalism, Home Ec classes "take off" for Seattle and come back with many an earthquake story. I3-Baseball game with Silverdale. l4-Track meet against Silverdale. l5-Report cards again- l8-OJC presents assembly. l9-CWCE Choir gives a beautiful concert. We behavellll 22-Lil Birkland elected l949-50 Girls' Club president. 28-Port Townsend presents us with an assembly. 29-Our Vikings walk away with top honors at the fourth annual VFW track meet. 30-We "take to the sea" at the very successful Senior Ball. MAY . . . 5-Mothers and Daughters' Tea. 6-Traveling assembly. 29-Baccalaureate services are held. JUNE . . . '2-Graduation. 3-School picnic. 4-THE END!lll V ,xi---ww--V Q ,Qu Y - Q vi Kitsap Sport Kr Camera Poulsbo Plumbing and Electric Reliable Hardware Poulsbo Drug Bauer's Bake Shop Poulsbo Telephone Co. Kirnball's Olympic Foods Liberty Bay Garage First National Bank The Pickrell Family Jorgen Nelson Co., Inc. Bergs- Kitsap County Herald Money-Savers General Supply Kahn's Men's S'hop Navy Yard Produce 8: Grocery Shelby's Shoe Store First Federal Savings and Loan Association Victor I. Card Rindal Sz Ness Poulsbo Meat Market lrish's Cafe Poulsbo Soda Grill Johnson's Mart Anderson Drug Knudson Motors I and P Super Market Hansen's Service Station 0ur Advertisers Clark-Mykut Kitsap County C-op Association Gordon's Men's Shop Bremers Lofall Barber Shop Tower-Roxy H. S. Myreboe and Sons Peninsula Stationers Frank Raab Poulsbo Lumber Company Poulsbo Lockers Four Corners Service Myrvik Oil Sales Denton's I-G-A Grocery Suquamish Shurfine Fred Hill Materials, Inc. Skelley's Steak House Woody's Richfield Service Idle Hour Pope 8: Talbot, Inc. Suquamish Cafe Your General Store Poulsbo Creamery Puget Sound Power 85 Light Company Rosalie Shop Poulsbo Beauty Salon Fitz's Earl Brown Triple M Dairy Pa1mer's Shoe Repair Poulsbo-Viking Laundry XVallace's Jewelry 1- U f My H, fn, Du W t 'tt M ,NW df' Jfft vm M " 'J ,f Hit wx , w1VQt,QwQ'L'M., i E , ft E ,-',e-- - -:ZA . ,WRX -' g it 'qu .- gs-LL...' Z ..--L, U" IN 51, 5 at Mk X ' X E---Z 4 , Ml 5 X Will, '--7 i ":"'Q,, , "'ff1'YSA2ZaX - "14 Y ' , X Y? , , , Uyga we , - -3 Y p 9' - 2 if ' K f ,H -,1-- --F -if 1 f . f--,s-- ' ,,,:' -- , lg , wg , - E r i is ,I gi 5-':' ,.,5W+. xo . X. ' :'4f1i-Qsaggiivif w Q YN' 1 Choose top-flight engravings for Your earhooli! X?23e23e23PX? X UR the best quality engravings 1 and service . . . Yearbook Staffs turn to AHTCHAFT year after year! We End real pleasure in satisfying year book editors, advisors and the students. KITSAP SPORT 6. CAMERA CAMERAS - SUPPLIES EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN S h dC ll Ph 306 BREMERTON BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 FROM POULSBO PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC ACROSS FROM THEATER PHONE 03610 M IAI L Aly COMPLIMENTS OF THE RELIABLE HARDWARE FURNITURE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS FROM POULSBO DRUG THOR GULDJORD Poulsbo, Wash. BAUER'S BAKE SHOP Congra+ula+es fhe Class of '49 for ihe Bes+ in Decora+ed Cakes WE SPECIALIZE IN SUPPLYIN6 YOUR PARTY NEEDS COMPLIMENTS OF THE POULSBO TELEPHONE CO. KIMBALL'S POULSBO'S OWN DEPARTMENT STORE Bes+ Wishes fo 'rhe Class of '49 Fron+ S+ree+ Poulsbo OLYMPIC FOODS FRESH MEMS - GROCERIES - FRUITS hingi' LIBERTY BAY GARAGE WISHES TO CONGRATULATE YOU, THE CLASS OF 1949 FIRST NATIONAL BANK CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF '49 THE PICKRELL FAMILY WISHES TO CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF '49 INDIANOLA, WASH. LET US HELP YOU SELECT THAT GRADUATION WATCH We carry a compIe+e line of HamiI+ons, Elgins, Walfhams, Bulova. and many ofher fine makes JORGEN NELSON CO., INC. I WE SPECIALIZE IN EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 131 Pacific Phone 818 Bremerfon, Wash. BERG'S COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE Poulsbo, WashIng+on Telephone 04610 or 6610 KITSAP COUNTY HERALD "sERvlNe NORTH KITSAP couNTY" Froni' S+reeI' Poulsbo, Wash. MONEY-SAVERS Congra'IuIes 'Ihe CIass of 1949 Kczhn's Men's Shop Complimenis of Home of fhe Viking School Bell General Supply 512 Fourih Sfreef Phone 381 Bremer+on, Wash. NAVY YARD PRODUCE 6. GROCERY CO. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone 346 305 Pacific Bremerfon, Wash. SEATTLE-8532 Greenwood Avenue, Phone HE 1710 BREMERTON-622 Fourfh S+ree+, Phone 4020 SHEI..BY'S SHOE STORE HOME OF RED GOOSE SHOES Merle Bagley E. D. Berkman INSURED SAVINGS - ECONOMICAL HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BREMERTON 327 Pacific Avenue Phone 100 VICTOR I. CARD INSURANCE AGENCY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Ph 1210 B 26 P lb RINDALL AND NESS HAY, GRAIN AND MIXED FEED Ph 610 P Ib POULSBO MEAT MARKET Iverson Bros. FINE MEATS Ph 2110 P Ib IRISI'I'S CAFE CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1949 ED AND NAT JENSEN'S POULSBO SODA GRILL ARDEN ICE CREAM HAMBURGERS FOUNTAIN Phone Poulgbo J OHNSON'S MART QUALITY GROCERIES SCANDINAVIAN FOODS Mrs. Les+er Johnson ANDERSON DRUG STORE CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1949 Fronf Sfreei' Poulsbo, Wash. KNUDSON MOTORS COMPLETE FORD SALES AND SERVICE COMPLETE LINE OF AUTO PARTS -AuI'o Rebuilding . ' Wrecker Service Phone 3610 NigI1+ Phone 02212 Iand P SUPER MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS - FRESH VEGETABLES Poulsbo - Porf Gamble Junc+ion PI1one 0310 Poulsbo HANSEN'S SERVICE STATION GAS AND OIL AUTO ACCESSORIES Phone 6810 Poulsbo Juncfion CLARK-MYKUT MOTORS Four and Washingfon, Bremer+on Also Poulsbo Juncfion PHONE POULSBO FOR BETTER USED CARS KITSAP COUNTY CO-OP ASSOCIATION GROCERIES : MEATS : HARDWARE FARM SUPPLIES Owned and ConIroIIed by I'I1e People ofII'1e NOFII1 End of Kifsap CounI'y G,ordon'S Men Congra+uIa+ions From KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES Lofdll Barber SIIOP Phone 4439 FIRST-CLASS BARBER SERVICE 606 Fourfh SI'ree'I' Bremer'I'on Phone 1414 Poulsbo CONGRATULATIONS FROM BRE ERS YOUR FAVORITE SHOPPING CENTER 234 Pacific Avenue Bremer+on, Wash. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 - FROM - BREMERTON'S FAVORITE THEATRES TOWER ROXY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS O-F '49 H. S. MYREBOE AND SONS PouLsso PEN IN SULA STATIONERS Exclusive DeaIers 'For ROYAL STANDARD TYPEWRITERS We Reni and Repair AII Makes of Adding Machines and Typewri+ers 322 Pacific Avenue Phone 4400 Bremer+on, Wash. FRANK RAAB Dis+ribuI'or STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA Phone 2814 PouIsbo POULSBO LUMBER COMPANY CompIeI'e Line of BUILDING MATERIALS - HARDWARE - PAINT GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Phone 5910 Poulsbo POULSBO LOCKERS F. K. TROY MEAT CUTTING AND WRAPPING, SMC-KING AND CURING On Main Highway Nor+h of High School Phone 6010 Poulsbo FOUR CORNERS SERVICE Bes+ Wishes 'Io Class of '49 GROCERIES FC OP+GbIHghy MYRVIIK OIL SALES Disfribufors of OIL FOR HEATING 7110 DENTON'S I-G-A GROCERY TOP QUALITY GROCERY - MEAT AND PRODUCE 05722 S SUQUAMISH SHURF IN E STORE "Prices In Line a+ SI1urfine" 05728 B 652 S FRED HILL MATERIALS, INC. READY-MIX CONCRETE SAND - GRAVEL - BUILDING MATERIALS Phone 05110 PouIsbo SKELLEY'S STEAK HOUSE CHOICE STEAK DINNERS LUNCHES - SHORT ORDERS -- SOFT DRINKS RESERVATIONS FOR BANOUETS Phone PouIsIoo 0610 AI' 'Ihe Junc+ion Enfering Poulsbo WOODY'S RICHFIELD SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING GAS - LUBRICATION - OIL Phone 0710 PouIsbo IDLE HOUR POOL - EATS - CARDS - SOFT DRINKS Poulsbo WashingIon BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '49 POPE 6: TALBOT, INC. LUMBER DIVISION P I' GambIe,WasI1. SUQUAMISH CAF E HOME COOKED MEALS FISH AND CHIPS FOUNTAIN SERVICE YOUR GENERAL STORE and The KINGSTON FARM SUPPLY "Can You Think of a Beffer Combina'Iion?" 0710 POULSBO CREAMERY wr-TQLESALE AND RETAIL BUTTER Take good care of your EYES THEY'RE RATIONED TWO TO A LIFETIME BeHer ligh'r means beH'er sigl'I1'. Bur good ligl1+ing doesn'1' mean a lo+ of ligl1+s. I+ means +lIe riglrl' amoun+ of ligl1+ in 1'l1e rigl'I+ place! Acfually you will use less elec+rici+y wi'l'l1 good lighfing because you can use 'Fewer uni+s. Avoid direcl' and re- flecfed glare. You'll find good lighfing makes school work easier Puget Sound Power :S Light Co. CONGRATULATIONS ROSALIE SHOP FINEST IN woNIEN's WEARING APPAREL Poulsbo Washingfon POULSBO BEAUTY SALON FINEST BEAUTY sI-IOP IN POULSBO Poulsbo Washinglon .-1-.--.--1-1.---..--n-.1-.--.6-.-1 909 DACILIC ' I 14 5 S ff - ' 3 I 4 O 112 QNW9 fo' 'Gov aH, BREMERTON, WASH. TRIPLE M DAIRY MONEY SAVED IS MONEY MADE! MILK, OUR MOST DELICATE FOOD, MUST BE FRESH TO BE GOOD. BUY TRIPLE M AND GET THE FRESHEST Phone 214 Poulsbo CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '49 PAI..IVIER'S SHOE REPAIR OuaII+y MaI'eIriaIs and Workmanship POLISHES, DYES, AND OILS RUBBER FOOTWEAR PouIsbo Fron+ S'rreeI' BAND INSTRUMENTS SHEET MUSIC - RECORDS - PIANOS EARL BROWN'S MUSIC CO. ALL YOUR Music NEEDS 415 Pacific Bremer+on KINGSTON LUMBER and BUILDERS SUPPLY Phone 2600 Kings+on PORTRAITS BY RICHARDSQNS STUDIO WEDDINGS AND BABIES A SPECIALTY Phone 5610 SUCCESS TO GRADS OF '49 BOTH SOCIAL AND WORKING LINE TO RATE THE BEST KEEP CLEAN AND PRESSEDQ lT'S EASIER THEN FOR YOU TO SHINE POULSBO LAUNDRY AN D VIKING CLEANERS "ONE CALL DOES IT ALL" ATA PHONE 0910 We Pick Up and Deliver Anywhere in Norfh Ki+sap Couniy ' H " ii' -'- I-2 QI L ' I' 1 6410 WALLACEYS JEWELRY "SOMETHING FROM THE JEWELER'S IS ALWAYS SOMETHING SPEClAL" AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS WQQW 15 U ww AUTOGRAPHS Y 5 4 st- I WT, 1- . 4, V , T ra, V VK.,-T . 1 C frm ' ' VVJH5 A f ,, ff 1 ,' It !, f,f"4gff 1 V V A 'VVIIQJ dvi' N. ,v " if ., 1, . ., AL . ' ff" -ff Aj T ' 94.413 "A X ' ,,. ' , , M674 -6.-cr.-ff I -K -f -6, F .ff ,- VA-V 1 - of "16"'7.f .. f,,1r!..,, VV MA QL , ,. fn ""f 2"2fzfL,.l2 , ' f'f3F"f""'f' I. tx "ff ' Q9 ' , -ffffff , . ' , , f Jx Q VF i"Cff'?""1' 1-r ,-' I 4 L--'L ff, V , I . 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Suggestions in the North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) collection:

North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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