North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA)

 - Class of 1942

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North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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fff ' 4 If .9 43 ,,,4a" 6 ,G ,Q A o 9 I 4 ig sfrlv 5' Qyg 1 K x 5 if 4 2 ?uXXxvsmxxx 4' 5 ? .9 5 F 5 l I' ,I S QJ gsukx Xue' lkxraolifqb m i Q Q .1 L ',. f V , .A H . TQURTE KJQTASAP HIGH scsfoaon. We A 373 M MQQEQQILHEQH ADIZUTON QL' , iL Publifaiued by The AfTJ'3O'fifIfCd Students of THE NQHTH KITSAP HIGH SCHOOL Poulzisbo, Wrmshington N fx? . 5- 2 X ---.: ,. Y ,,, M I' ' gt ' Q S 10 gxtgef .. 9 lztblwg Q 615 SQ 2, Je? er? Q' '-"W" 'fs I ohm f '- 14 AG 'iw Foreword We have made your annual ID lhe form of a Log Boolc wnlh lhe S S Vnlcunq as lhe boar Whelher you are passengers, orhcers or slovvaways we have endeavored +o record all arhcles fha? wrll unlereslr you now and brunq you happy rnemorres un laler lnce lf you've recesved recoqnshon for Balrlleshlp and Sporls manshlp you have enloyed ul Perhaps Scholarshup has qaven you a sformy, buf excuhng voyage ll doesn'+ rnalfer whal vessel was your Flaqshup ours us 'rhe Fraendshup we have endeavored lo preserve for you DEDICQTICDN A loasl lo 'flue passengers on 'rhe S S Vrlcung To you wlwo are complefung your four year voyage lwappy landrng Ilnose shll on board besl wnslnes for a successful lourney We flue annual sfafl deducale IIIIS lo you and may Hr gave you much pleasure Hnnual Staff Edufor Joyce Pugh Assxslanl Edlfor Ann Knncaud Busnness Manager Muclwue Slnnlann Assrslanl Busrness Manager lsugalso Talcasalsn Aclverlrsung Manager Duck Sclwneuder Assusfanl Adyerlrsrng Manager Duck l-larpel M s Ellis Advrser Arl Advnser Mrss Cornell Copy Advrser Mnss Sprague Copy Wrnlers Journalism Class 1'- , . To ' , I ' ' . I I I I I I P 7' Sn' r S:-K re' . I I ! K' ,all T,If saki '::, H of-1 EWS ' E , 9 I 1 . My DEPART 1 Th rd Sfudy Frosh srudymq 2 Sfh Perrod Home Economrcs 3M P N or Borrs Kar H 4 Brh Perrod Typing Mr Websfer S Second Puddle Homecommq Parade Mass Sprague A ure? Sfudy 3rd Advanced Booldcecpmg 5+h Pe-rrod Fresh Enghsh Duck Anderson felis M P N PAGE MISSING PAGE MISSING .1 Ja PAGE MISSING PAGE MISSING 841- Q B-f Qffloers for S S Vllilflq Lee Ellls Commerczal Callwerme Car alwer l-lome Economrcs Marne Cornell Ari Wnllus Folsom Mallwemalucs Clwor us English Amy Sllclcney Library English Pub llc Spealung Harley Sulolwm Scrence Physlcal Educahon Foolball Baseball Hans Rosvold l-lls+ory Algebra Englnslw Psyclwology Commercial Geography Foolball Efl1elCulp Publuc: l-lealllw Nurse Max Newberry Mallwemalucs Dra mallcs Vlsual A ds Arrwl Oyen Norse l-llsfory Sluderwl Slore Fosler G Sher man Sclence Band and Orclwe-s+ra Mer cecles Sprague Typmg Journalusm Joe Gnos Agrrcullure l-larolcl l-len rfclws n M n Tram' g Mane a Green Engllslw Lalm Spamslw Belrh Ne ander Phys cal Educaf on Engluslw .W 1:3 If ' ?? ., I J' Q l- K I y, ugh Q A New 'W Y r X , fo AX l dx ,. as X E- l ' ga V , at lf' mv Row E Q ff:-W mr.: fi' wg L w. 1' r 5 H C N, wlpgp rf ff H my mum. 9, . : Vi' 9' ' . . l '- ' ' ' e, a ual ' 'n : H . f, E I , ' . 3811 3-A853-i 1124! 1 xml gg i Q II it Q6 5 OP ROW H THIRD ROW H SECONL ROW H FTRST ROW Ml M A S B Offloers for S S Vlklflq The STudenT Council us The crew ThaT lceeps The good ship Vulcung on a sTranghT course IT cons1sTs oT The sTudenT body oThcers a gurl and a boy represenTaTnve Trom each class The pres1denTs oT The Boys and Glrls Clubs and The adviser Mr WebsTer The regular duTues oT The STudenT Councnl nnclude budgeTung The money Trom The sTamp plan To The varnous organnzahons The Councnl has The power To Increase or decrease The budgeT dependung on The acTrvrTy oT The group nn guesTlon Each year The Councll elecTs The asslsTanT oTTlcers To publnsh The Vulcung namely The assusTanT eduTor assnsTanT busmness manager and ass1sTanT adve-rTusung manager IT The worlc oT These sTudenTs as saTls TacTory They auTomaTncally become The heads oT These dlvnsnons Tor The Tollownng year AuThoruTy Tor assemblies and programs musT come Trom The STudenT Councul and Their approval musT be obTanned by classes or groups wnshlng To raise money They also auThoraze elecTuons Thus year besndes Theur regular duT:es The Councul promoTed The sale oT DeTense STamps and Bonds whnch neTTed an The nenghborhood oT Tour Thousand dollars durang The I5 weelcs :T was carrned on STarnps and bonds were on sale only on Wednesday oT each weelc The Tour classes compeT1ng wrTh each oTher Tor The honor oT selling The mosT Two very successTul exchange assemblies were presenTed by The Councul also PorT Orchard broughT a very enTerTaunung show To NorTh KnTsap nn February ln Aprnl our own exchange group presenTcd Thenr producTnon Tor The sTudcnT body bcToro gonng "on The road" To SouTh KnTsap, BremerTon, and Snlvcrdale 1 ...................A1--. ,,-.- --W . v: F 1 ,am , - ' in . 1-1' na 4 'K ' is is - '- un , aw 'af ' "f '- ' r' 'au A r F T f ' f " 3- J gg U 1' ' , On- as I - 3 5 as ov - l 1 5 A s s .- , .- Q' .fa -'. 9 4 as. l ' Q I 'J Q i . " ' i , A , . A g S ! T a mx-gr, Weosfer! Haroel, Schrc-Eder Cures, Parker, Hays, amcrs, Kvinsland, Nilsen, Tvhrvar 1 lon V' ' Q, ' - ammerslouoh Young Aldol Nason Almos Hallm. - i ver, I 4. . SJ 9 L: 'g .2-N Pahr T, QGTW. T 1 l I 1 1 1 1 1 . . . ,, . . ,, ' I . . , I . , . , , . . ,, . . ,, . . . . I T I I 1 T T I b Q vi ' Q - ,f r HT X :ar lf PLL' - 'Z , f E V f v , ' 4 1, Q '-4' ' 'A' 5 -f-- ' 4. gag I , gi 2' . ,ffqz .- .J ' . ' - ':1,l ' - . - ,Mw I fif .iff TYQV --.,-. ff is nr Ffa M',,..nu1-v j' ,X L A Semer Class Will X 0, ' f .A . . . , . , , f., 1. , , , V -41, Q . L., I ,, px 1, I ,. ,, , ,A 5 z, . , I I I A f- llm' '!1": ' ff- 'L ': "1" ' " ' 'l rv' I ' F1 ff VW 'FJ 1'l,, - :"1' '. f 'Y f " K? ' ' -' 1 .W ' ' V, 1' ' 1 l'.f'A1".Fl1 ' f 131, 'V wx, -fy ,lf-ff, 'f V Nfl, 'v 1 v M. ", 1 iw' '- " V .. . . . l fx . l " I ' V: 1","':: "V :"':- :':":,",-' ' 1 ,, ,' I., L, 2 4, . , I, , 1, ,. , 3, 1, Y 4. V f " '1 4 "V 'J 'JI 3 " "1" ',' 1 1' " 1' 1 ff 5' 1 ful' I " A' ' 1 'I v I 1 I ,A "ffl 7 A ,j'f1' 1' '- ' ' " " "1' ' "Z :' . Semor Class Wlll All good Republicans shall receuve lhe Wllllcle lor P esndenl bullors wh ch D ug Marlm has been using lo hold has panls up Pal Young leaves has 'ob n lh balcery lo Rulh Sllclfney so she may oe well bread and malce some dough To lhe loolball leam ol nexl year lhe abllrly ol John Serwold and N ls Johnson We couldnl rnduce Al Dahl lo surrender hls because hrs lalher spenl lour hundred dollars lo educale hm and only gel a quarlerbaclc The I-Iam Radio Operalung Incense ol Burl Boyd s beguealhed lo Lloyd Gre n Ral Reilly and Vrrgrnla Slevenson leave a machme called Gossip because ll p lcs up all ol lhe dlrl lo Dlxle I-lallel and Rose May Klepper For lhe salely ol NK Sludenls and lhe benelll ol lhe Fare and Salely Jack Danlorlh and Slew arl Deliord lnslalled unbrealcable glass an all ol lhe lure alarm boxes The walkung slncla wulh wh ch Joe Nilsen and Wayne Kennedy used lo ra se cane IS hereby glven lo all ol lhe row es To lhe Poggve Club are donaled lhe lrrearms ol Wallis Bull r and Clarence Sense b cause lhe Iasl lume lhey were hunlung all lhey bagged was lhelr panls Bernice Bee lell 20 pounds rn welghl and lh ce Inches rn h lghl someplace Slewarl Jensen leaves hls badge and gun lo all Jun or G Men Those good loolcrng Johnson lwuns Ronnu and Jvmmy leave several broken l m n ne hearls lor Roberl Schneider and Buclcy I'-larrus lo meno Arlhur Anderson leaves a record ol b Ing a genlleman Grace Bergsagel and Lorraune Babcoclc lell al mld year lo go lo bus n ss school Pauline Carpenler Dorolhy Blorgen Jean Nelson and Mary Smvlh leave nollceable vacancnes ID lhe orcheslra Joyce Pugh leaves lhe Vulcung lo Ann Kuncald and lh I-lome Economics Club Rresldency lo Duclc Harpel The lcey wllh which Anne Lenihan and Donna McGvnn wand up lhose gab ooxes s lell l Maxine Dedoyard and Joyce Muller June Vurlcelysl and Belly Wold leave memories ol a close lrlendshlp Jean Aldo and Lorraine Swenson leave IH lwo parl harmony a lolce aboul a sarlor lor Mr Sher man lo lell lo has classes Wouldnl Wesley Rurd n be lhrrlled ul Bernice Kvlnsland lell her Gvrls Club Gavel lo hum7 She does leave a noled absence nn Girls Baslqelball Jeanne Fooler and Mae Foss plus Wllma Johnson were In such a hurry lo reach lhe lhreshold all lhey lell were lheur lraclns The arlzsluc abllulles ol Beverly Ball Mary and Aluce Ross as l ll lo lh undercla smen Dorolhy Tracy Rosemary McG1nly and Margle Dowell leave lo lhe Commerclal D parlmenl dlrly rags old slenculs and lnlc Richard I-lursely donales hrs horse lo lhe calelerla bul lceeps hs s d burns Those cule dnmples ol Cc-cal Pelerson are lell lo Jaclc Morgan and may he wm as many gurls wnlh lhem as Cecl dad Frances Ellcrns leaves her abnllly lo argue lo Lulllan Sword f hAs John ldlamers as headed lor lhe Senale he lalces hus gavel bul leaves an odor lrom lhose puns o us Ebba Johnson leaves her shy ways lo Margue Marlln To some unluclcy gurls goes Pal I-lughes and Joan Malheson s abullly lo llx lhelr hanr Perlecl poslure and groomnng rs lell lo all ol lhe R E gurls by Allce Johnson Belly Longmale wullnngly leaves her posnllon as Mr Webslers secrelary Whnle Russln oul ol lhe door Melba Jolce slaled she was On To Moscow She and Lorranne Torge on leave lherr posnluons as paper lolclers lo lhe Compass Slall ol nexl year Lorrelle Torgeson leaves a slap on lhe baclc lor all ol you FI bJean Knlmer Claire Meslord and Myrlle Ward leave lhenr quuel ways lo lhe Flre and Salely u George I-lansen walls hrs compleled Boolclceeplng sel le Maxine Porler Il he llnlshes ll I-low lo be allracluve and well groomed an len easy lessons us donalecl lo lhe Charm Com mullee by Irene Mourer To Dacia Pelers lhc Slamp Plan and lo some ambllnous mule runner all ol lhe sleps she has lalcen around school are lell by Mnchle Shunlam We malae conslllule and appolnl Muss Ellls as sole execulor ol lhls our lasl wull and leslamenl In wulness whereol we have hereunlo subscribed our name lhus 25lh day ol May l942 . . Y' I F' I , o I e s Q I V . I I' e . rc , . 1 I , ' . . I l ,r d. .. I . Q , O c c , VJ S , . F3 - O I I , - , . c e . . . fs , c . , , O . y - I o I . - I , f e e s . Q , c . . I I e . I . F s . . NJ . , . . .... . . s , . . I ' ' Yv f I 'Q 1,- P 52 ' '51 Q9 .L ,.-" ,Jo ' V Af- 4 " L 0 - 1, A fx -fa "' as. C' . X In eng x 6- ' A T 4 'I .sf A L ! .ITM ANLTELTS' V4 Surwnd VVHL: .HAH ALLW' CEL' nfl' mf ARTHTH- ANLILPLI IFJ LLHIL Llvcl L1LwLlf"v"-'f LMLALE BERQSAL :LL IW ffl' v Nur f: HAROLL' BEEBE Kfpfrpcr ff WO Ez-cy DOROTHY T5J'Q"F1GETI YL Lg Cfmf Ham- Efflfy T r 1 FCPLALJTT BEATTY They Cnmfv ff' fa QMQF BERNICE BOE LF'f.O W0'vf:P LORRATNE BABCOCK H '. AL. Afiwlwurf- WALLIS BUTLER Drums Alonq thc ALAN Ll 'LES T411-L, Gff Mf- Cf .vm-U BIJ RT BOYD Yfmlfgg Flyer VVLHL ML F A P Mohawk BEVERLY BALL T'TV'l0' MTH ALLYNE CUQPEF WHLYQ CfJLL'iV Girl VAIHTNE CAPPEUTEF' QLLiCfly My Cfnpfnin Wfyif' ,TACK LIAFJPOR VLCTQF CLLJUGH Tlvrrfr In AL.-Jaya Lrzw? TH Cfspffirw C' Uff1':':'LL MARGTE DOWELL Miss Bishop HLLVAN EKSTELJT The Hurricfunft AL LJAHL VJM-n fLTV1fm ,L M51 STEWART DQEORD W?ndsJfQp+ FRANCES LLKIVJS QHLLIW: Dr, Kfldqrc RAY PRYKHOLM Trc Many VVCW Q1 MAE FOSS Alfnf: Jmrwms mmm WCQLT For LO, ff LLCTN GTJLEVX-l OT MTH: AW1 MMV TWDT-TCJTTTY GUTIT TFT Nqfy BTU" lvw' 1 Cf 'fi .TEROML 'HJTTQIQWYV Cwrf- WETIT Tnf- Wivwcl :JAVTlf GOPUCDVA-I Lf 'Or' TW- VVIVJ TQTTTT TTAMTTVS fic, J-TA, ,vm Mr. H PATT'Tf'QTAHf'f1HT5 pfdrfh .TACK HTLTU' Tw- CT'fmHT TQTCHARTT HURSLLY M-,',1c:rlffuw Ridfef f fw., LMA .MJr1'1fw" priv5" DMV "ETB TUHT SUIT IT ULUATI JTQTTWY WiTd lf- TH: DM'-r ff NNW. FONNJI TUHN5' ,IFJ RTN' T.-.Tri Pwxr TAM JTMMY .'O!4NSOlN TLAVWTT ' LT' LTCJTSERT Ji I! TVISON STM-d 'md Swv WTLMA .7 DMT? Brin MELBA JUTCL EVTUQ Tim Bmw Aim KARL KR WTT,- T-Nr WAYNE KENNEDY Lone Rdmgc-f ALICE ,V'JHT'XlSON GfWr'xf"'u- Hu-VA, OHNSON STEWART JENSEM Tvffif, f-1' STTIWTIHLK TT' 'NSETXQ SERNTCE KWNSLANT GT' ff T'v't L"rlL':rT"- PAUL KAMIKAWA swamp My. emi BETTY LONGMATE WYTC vs. Sccrcfary 1 nf in L, C7 , 'V'- 7.1. fr C' C jm- ANN LENIT-TAN Wr:b2Tr:r Dicfionary GEORGE LEHMAN Undo Tom's Cabin ROSEMARY Mf CTNTY Mulcc rho Mfm Nfwticc Y u TCP-TNA Mr 535 N N Arv,mT'w'1 Cim Tllxmmfm GEORGE MAUTSON Su: W'sTT CLATRE MESTORD LMT Horizon fmlGTAg Tvf1,ARTlTl TW- A,'.Tf.-, ,rd A12 TRT EY MORGAN Rfb! uf. fn JOAN MATHESON GT'-Jdx, Tocki '5UW!TA MYHRE WT 5 Plrfr TRENE MOURER AT: TTT, md Hsu,"-:T T00 .TOE NTLSEN Tfm ,EANNE NELSON Ono 2 Cf LHTTVII and Nw Wfnrvfnrw SVERPE TAIORUTTTSS S'?"1f'f:F' Y"Li TTTTTA VATTNITA T-T 4: T dw 'CYCE VTJOH Rwrfrfffa ffgmrnfykwwwl Tqrn' CECIL PETERSON TfidfiTfE AT TCE ROSS ATFU: Tn Wrwndf:rTand HAPY HCJSS 1 CTV PAT rfETLLY UTCV SCHNEIDER Win? Wm LPGTNIA STEVENSON VTRGINTA TALLMAN KWW QyT: DOROTHY TRACY Treasure an ED SODERBER6 Knuie Rocknc MITCHIE SHINTANI Pollyana SAM SUTHERLAND Shepherd of fb H lla MARY SMITH Que Barion Siudcnf Nur5c JOHN SERWOLD Tobacco Road ILLA STRAND Who? A Lrfe CLARENCE SENSE Mdn QF The Eorcs? LORRATNE SWENSON Junior Mass DON SRURLING Day OIT LORRAINE TORCESON Envc LIHIQ Pgppcr 'ORETTE TORGESON Le? The Hurrfcanc Ron DOROTHY TODD BcTncvo If or No+ JUNE VIRKELYST How Green W.-ls My Vallny AELIE VANAMO The Good Earfh MYRTLE WARD or The LTI1 BETTY WOLD :I ofH1oLor1c'orrv- inc WILERED WTLCOX Billy Whislwrs PAT YOUNG My Son. My Son 1 L 'lin if 5 3 KL S--s.1,,.-... s... S ,-1-1 hit.,- ,.....?,b a fl ff X iii...- if-Q z 1-N Qi.,- ,. ' L... in ,...-.. 4-,. 1 '-"L T, -f--5 T -1 1 L- ...---+. Semor Class Prophecy The year I952 Irnds us once agarn on Ihe S S Vrlnng on a world cruuse Ialcung our Irme and sIopprng aI various porIs In hopes oI seelng old shrpmaIes ol Ihe Class oI 42 The CapIarn oI Ihe boaI as none oIher Ihan BurIon Boyd who as you may remember was also head oI Ihe Sensor Class of l942 I-le has worlced has way up Irom a mere radro operaIor Several schoolmaIes have gaIhered Io see Ihe boaI oII among Ihem are Jimmy Anderson who has Ialcen over Ole Berg s Garage un Poulsbo and Claare lvlesIord who as employed n Poulsbo Jaclc DanIorIh was presenI and also donaIed Ihe champagne wrIh wh ch we chrrsIened Ihe boaI I-Ie now owrs hall lnIeresI IU Sclcs SelecI As our boaI gradually leaves beh nd Ihe Iamlrar scenes oI Poulsbo Ihe hgh school churches garages and sIores we are lusI close enough Io shore Io see a Iarnrlrar Igure yes II s George Lehman drgglng clams We also recognize Ihe old Sophue ChrasIenson pull up close and see as Is CapIarn Karl KrusIenson Under Karl as Iushermen are John Serwold and Sverre Nordness Gludung smooIhly Ihrough Ihe waIers ol PugeI Sound we are amazed aI Ihe beauIy vaIe boars aI Ihe KeyporI YachI Club whereas we are unIormed IhaI PaI Young rs operahng hrs IaIhers busrness As Ihe boaI doclced aI SeaIIle :I gave me an opporIunrIy Io vrsuI oIher members oI Ihe class oI 42 To my surprrse as I was boardrng a bus I saw Mr WebsIer and M Errclcson alrghI I heard Ihe porIer say Io Ihem Shall I brush you oII suhs7 and Mr Errclcson replied No Ihanlcs we ll geI oII by ourselves AIIer a hurrred greeI Ing I Ioolc a seaI by Ihe drlver and was amazed Io see Ed Soderberg laden wrIh boolcs Mr Rosevald s I-IrsIory Classes werenI IU vaun as Ed as a I-IusIory Professor aI Ihe U oI WashrngIon SIIII rolly as ever he sand Io Ihe drrver who was goung a Irnfle IasI Don I drrve so IasI my chan IS nearly Irozen ofl buI Ihe druver casually replred WhaI do you care7 You ve goI Iwo I.eavrng Ed I regrsIered aI Ihe Olyrnprc I-IoIeI and received unIormaIuon on Iwo oI my Iorwer Ieachers lvllss Cornell and lvlrss Neander Remember Ihe play WhaI A L1Ie whuch Ihey were boIh nn7 lvlss Cornell as ID charge ol Ihe compaunI deparIr'nenI aI Ihe Olympac whale lvlnss Neander as P E rnsIrucIress aI Ihe Y W As I sIeppeo ouIsrde oI Ihe lobby I saw a Iarn Irar lace and heard ThaI means IlghI where l come Irom and Ihe oIher man sand Well why donI you IrghI7 whereas Ihe Iamrlrar vorce drawled Cause Inn noI where I come from lnsIanIIy I recognrzed Don Spurlrng achng coclcy as ever WrIh one day Io spend rn SeaIIIe I sIarIed Io go down Iown when Ihe deslc clerlc gave me a Ielegram Irom Alaslca II was Irom Ronnre and Nels Johnson who have been carnprng around a raduaIor Ior Ihe lasI year rn IhaI lar away place The Public MarlceI sI ll holds my admrrahon and In an egg booIh was Allue Vanamo and Edna Pahnrla Allne drdnI recognuze me when I aslced :I Ihose eggs were sIrscIIy Iresh she IusI called Io Edna and sa d Feel oI Ihose eggs and see :I Ihey re cool enough Io sell Paul Karnrlqawa and Sam SuIherIand are also sn Ihe same place sellrng vegeIables ReIurnung Io Ihe hoIeI l saw Iwo men In unllorms perhaps II was Ihe uniform IhaI caused me Io Ialce a second loolc buI Ihere was Wrllred Wrlcox In a ForesI Rangers ouIhI Iallcung Io a C C C CapIaan Gerome Gregory AIIer leavrng Ihem I aIe lunch aI an ulIra modern caIe The Lazy SIream Inn run by Muchre ShrnIanu The Iaxr drvver IhaI Ioolc me back Io Ihe S S V lang Ihe nexI day was George Hanson AIIer IhaI drrve SeaIIle had Ihree less on Iheur poluce force and Ihe crowd on Ihe svdewallc was lessened by sux Once again I boarded Ihe shrp only Io sIop aI WesIporI WashrngIon where I Iallced Io June VurlcelysI owner oI Ihe Peep Squeak Duclc Farm Vnsuhng her were Iwo Irlends BeIIy Wold and lvlyrIle Ward . i I b . I . . 1 . . .. I I I' , I .. 3 X l . I V . . - . al all Ilya .sn y ' r. ' ' . .H , .H . .. . . . E . . .. I . C. A. . . l I I . Semor Class Prophecy The phoTographer Tor The annual senT Al Dahl and Allce Johnsons graduahon plcTures To Warner BroThers and now They are bo+h aT The Top Donna lvlcG1nn s dancnng aT Earl Carrolls and Joan lvlaTheson rs employed aT The Brown Derby where she IS Trylng To Teach lvlaxle Rosenbloom how To rhumba All oT Thus I learned when I docked aT CallTorn1a Upon arrnvung aT l-Iawan I had a dup ln Walkukl Beach and resTed aT The hoTel There and waTched BeTTy Dalrymple and DoroThy Tracy lead The local glrls In The I-lula Dance dangerous The way They go around Those curves AITho Dave Gordon IS a bachelor he IS sTulI Tollownng BeTTy around I mnghT menTaon he has been marrned secreTly Twlce beTore once To Bernlce BuTIer and also To Loss French Bq+h were Tormer NorTh KrTsap sTudenTs DoroThy Gunderson IS manager oT The soda TounTaun and bar aT The hoTel Durnng my brleT sTop aT I-long Kong Chuna I was welcomed by The UnoTed STaTes Ambassador John I-Iamers who now goes by The name oT One Snde Low snnce Ollvua Myhre hrT hm durung a hgh school debaTe one Tame NoT aT all asTonushed was I To Tlnd STuarT Jensen Wallls BuTIer and Charles Green packlng oTT lnTo ATruca To go bug game hunTlng Wayne Kennedy assusTs Them by making hldeous nonses To lure The anrmals such as Those he made durlng school Through The Suez Canal To Greece To vuew The remauns oT The noTed ParThenon When I reached The Tamous s:Te There was guess who dlgglng and searching IH The runns and pnckung up wasTe paper Mr Rosvold George and Rosemary lvlcGlnTv Madlson Then Through The Engllsh Channel and To Sweden To IeT Ebba Johnson oTT To see The cuTe I:TTle blonde boy she wenT To grade school wnTh We couIdnT geT by England wuThouT TursT leTTung several gurls oTT To renew acqua1nTances wrTh The sailors Trom The I-I lvl S WarspuTe whuch was IH BremerTon ID I94l Among Them were Beverly Ball Lnlluan Jodry DoroThy Todd and Llllan EksTedT Down To SouTh Ameruca wh re I saw The handsome U S horse rndung playboy Rnchard I-lursely Thrllllng The hearTs oT The luTTIe senornTas ATTer passung The mos welcome Tlgure an Amerucan knows The STaTue oT LnberTy I had an A W L To Tour The busy lvleTropolls oT New York No sooner had The S S Vlknng docked when someone sTarTed Talkung abouT smooTh Tlowzng Innes Tull There he was V1cTor Clough now a prosperous car salesman We made a Tour oT The c1Ty durlng The demonsTraTlon FlrsT ArThur Murray s where I-larold Beebe and Ray Frykholm Tram Earl Carrolls beauTues To dance Each wears a badge which They musT look aT on The hour All play and no work naughTy naughTy Broadway ThaT nnghT was The play oT I-lansel and GreTeI wlTh ArThur Anderson and Bernnce Boe playing The leads AT The New York Y W C A Two Tamllar Taces greeTed me none oTher Than Bernlce Kvnnsland and Lorralne Babcock who have dyed Thelr haur red so as To play wlTh The Tamous All Glrl Red I-leads BaskeT ball Team The IasT New York sTop was Powers where all The Tamous models work and NorTh KnTsap was well represenTed by Jean Aldo Irene Mourer llla STrand and Lorralne Swenson In Phlladelphna :T was necessary Tor me To Tale my Income Tax and The only Phlladelphna Lawyer I knew was Doug lvIarTln who rs prachcnng There I wenT To hum and heard whaT he would do IT he was runnlng The governmenT Duck Schneuder us sTlIl head oT The aImosT dlmrnushed Republucan ParTy an Wash nngTon D C and ns sTuII hav: g Women Trouble He goes by The name oT Cnder and on has b1rThday he received a snngung Telegram Trom a Tarmer You Were MeanT For Me Iyou TermenT Tor me Guess whaT ThaT meansl I conhnued by plane and Train on my Tourney AT The I-loTel Sano Carlo nn Vorglnaa was playnng The Tamous 'azz band led by Vrrglnua STevenson and PaT Reully The Jumpung Juve JuTTerung Jazzers In Theur band as Anne Lenuhan genulne WesTern Cowgirl whose specual song IS Frlendshlp Lorranne and LorreTTe Torgeson Ken Tucky Squeeze Boxers Jack T-lnller who plays TrumpeT when The glrls leave hum alone and Jeanne Nelson sololsT on The oboe When The band lsnT playung she does a Snake Charmer acT un The curcus ' . ' I . - ' . F 1 I E 1 ' I C ' ' U I - I I ' ,I 1 . . I I E . . I . L . , . view, nice Tlnish, perTecT Trim, magniTicenT cluTch and In all a swell IlTTIe number and , " - . On Ssmor Class Pmphecy Class Qfflcsrs Farsi Semes+er 'U Second Semesfer r r , v wma M 111 1 A 1 f -' ' ' 1, 1' V ' 7' 1 1 1 4- 1' 1 ,A11 1"11 -' 1 ' " . "1 ' :"1"1 1 ' '111'1 1-.1 1' 1'1 ' ' ' 2 - ' . ' 11 ' ' F-.'1, K 1 V ' .' " ' Q1 ' ' 1 1'. A-'11 1 'L' W-111:-r,' XX '1-1 A . A1.. .1 . 1. 11 V 21, Q. 1 x' 1, ,,,. VXI, 5,..v ' ' 1' ' 1 1 -' ' ' V' ' ' 1' 1 A11 A 1 .1' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1. ' : ' ' " 1" " "1 111' A11 ' 'Iv ' -' -- 2' ' ' " A1 3 ' 'I 1. - ' "- 11' " "Jr-U, u' '1' ' -' 1' 1 ' ' ' 1' ' :"1 .11.- -' Cklfnx 1' ' ' 1' 1 ' 1' I 1" 1 ' " f' '1.1"11" 111 ' ' 111" ' '- - 1 1 ' '1 1' A1-71 1.41" 1'1l1'k'1V'vVl' 1- - ' ' 1 1 " -' 1 ' 1 " "1 '1r1 1' '1" 51, .- 1111112 11 511111: 1' '- '-' " '.' 1" ' ' " 1' 1 ' 1.-.1. 1' 1 '1" E4 1 1'l " 1 A P'. ' 1' 1 " " ' 1- 11 ' 1 'f. 'Ill 1 1' ' ' - ' ' ' 1 ' f' 1' I 'H ' "'1 - L.: "f- I-ly E' 1 " ': " BwLB,'.'1 1 ' 1' 1 ' ' . " 1 U 1' 1 111111 , "1" ' ' - " ' 1' 1 1Vf11": ?:1w:F5cJ'1 i 1 1' "1 1 ' ff- 'f'v"' Wi"1 1' ' Pi 1" ' JQV WT61"1.ggf1'f 1 ,1 'Q1 1 ' I ,.. K 1 D' 14321111 , lf- 1' ' I4 I A f Am CQ1' 1 ' " ff 1:1 79 1"' 1'-J' ,l:,.'f3 9.16" 1 1' 1. 1 ,AI AI, 12.11 Xj4L1,,! ,1 Semor Snappers .-A -:Mm --1 wg af 53:49 54.-0 pus-5 if ggi' J K' KJ QV 4... J' 4 'vi' 3.a""'1 'ev 4' B! DA fx -Q., 1--HI 'vf BHG mm, s I gk ' Q' - V1 I Q Q I- ' 173 , I' I fn A a Q . 1' l A . A, L Q. Q , f A ' ' . V N Q I 5 , W Q21 ij' if K ' N L ,, .. 'v ' ' ' F 1-Jw -2 ' -ii ' ' 5440 ' A , , ' . f. 2 - -m :-- n . 'Q M' an H , A . , A . f pl N ,I ,-it P, :V v N t I 1.1 I h m . V 35.1. , y qi, Q -f -p as +25 - w K A ' - 1 'Q' QQ , 95' V B ll. 4 f -. ' l ., , K- 1 ' 'V 1 ' ' t Q N x hen 'PA' M ' 1 . 1 . .- af..-' f- 3-A' - V g vw. f F' -if -.X wmv' ff v --4 ,Qs l , 'A Q I , .V ' - . , ,L Hg: N2 U ,xv , f 3 ,vi 3g,,3,,.,. . , 1' Q -Q 5 f-,gsqf - . . ' . - ,' , - ' ' 5 1 ' 11 . ,-, X., ' .. , ' Ai 4 f .YH ,, X y 5 "" ., 1 F-, 5 . lit' , '.- cv' 1 V . , Y A 6 1 I I ,, 1 it J. A I ' I , . X 1 . 'P x ff Q1 I Pi Q 1 I' C, , W , ' . A , 5 My Q, Ei I 1 I , Z - . ii . hn?Qi'- uf 5 ' if ,, K 'fun Q Th A m 0 ,. , 5 V z -fb . W" Q ,fm " 5- . 4 W . . . - 'VF s max x- ' ' r-. if ,, Iumor fumbles 95 ' nhlxe Q? ,nl H Qt 0 ass of' leurs 'it luniors GROUP AZ Row 44AdamS Dove Henry, Green, Clarkj Row 3-DeFord Fullerton, Haskin, Harnrnonu, HGHSOH Eksfedf, Dennyg Raw 2-Hurpo Andre Guldiord, Hansen, Apeland, Bloom Green Eisner, Row I-Araersar Jones, Jensen Hanmarslouql' Har? Beavon, Jackson Hag:-r, Fi.rfAx.,'. GROUP B Row 5fMcPhnrsun, Lore elle, Ohrnan, Jeflerfesj Row 4-Piaul Son, Odell Rinqslod, Myrvanq, Jen sen, Karnineg Row 3-Corrie' Nosov Nelson, Jose, Rice, Rasrnusser Niemi Johnsonj Row 2'-Kainulainer Lamb G. McMillan, V. McMillan B. McMiI lan, Keenholfs, Lund: Row l--Mulrne dahl, Maki, Kal io, Mayrard, Kircuid Lehrnar Lurdcjsf Lglrwrogg, GROUP C: Row 5-Purdin, Ay-dei-gen Whilney, Vaa, Socerberqj Row 4-'A' corn, Tuomi, Thompson, Sawyer, Pura lawa, Shields, Row 3YSQf-vqfpsgr Todd, Shariclc, P,-nrick, Scalovh Weiss, Smith, Wilkensg Row 2-Waq horn, Swanson, Slickney, Pargelleg, Slevenson, Price, Tarasaki, Shields SWOVWZ Row leSandahl, Puqh Fever son Nelson, Pgfefs py,V.fCC pimp, SYCH5, lumor Class Qfllcers Firsl' Semes+er Second Semesler Eino Neimi Presidenl Vard Smilh Vard Smilh Vice-Presidenl Richard Harpel Dacia Pefers Secrelary Dacia Pelers Dorolhy Lundquisl Treasurer , Dorolhy Lundquisl Lila l-lamerslouqh Sludenl Council Lila l-larnerslough Lloyd lvlyrvanq Sludenl Council Lloyd Myrvang Darlene Jensen Girls' Club Represenlafive Darlene Jensen Richard l-larpel Boys' Club Represenlafive Richard l-larpcl Bill Bloom ,, Edilor , Shirley lvlayrand Miss Cornell, Adviser x lumix Sailing List P q Ruflrwq D T T lmmr QGHHIQ Llsf , 7 V K V V ,, F 4 Rfsfirvg D f f Scbphmcre Stumbles -sw A55 1 M -'YW' 4 vwga -9925 v 5' wi flwhx Lf? I 7 J I W B' sQ . - n .11 1 1 'c xx EXQTI: .. Q - M - N! 78 C1 Sophomores GROUP A: Row 4'-Ahrananisori, An lonson, Erickson, Baker, Duqan, Bcrq Sdqelg Row 3e'Dami1z Fukuzawa, Cul berlson, Ape-land, Charles Brown Row 2- Green, Du'lev, FVVPllOl'Y! Dc dgvard Duke- Erickson Danielsor Barnevfg Row I-'C ark, Borqen, Fuller for Eversor Almos Bufler, Crilcrrisf GROUP B: Row 5fJcnscv-, Henrickscn Olson, Hansen, O'l-lam, Morrisor Row 4-Grondanl Harson, lslvnael Lewis, Larson, Greer, Ho cofnb Hall mang Row Jn Howorfon, Karvfnc Hiqqs, Mcpnersor Kuzmicr Hun phreys Lien, Jones: Row Z-Mcplner son, Oudcrkirr Lalrcress, Jonnsor Halief. Jolwrsor, McGirfy, Kindal. Row I-Kriqrl, Orscfh, Kiggggr, Mal fnodanl, Holt, Lundf:uis', Harpg, GROUP C: Row Sf-'Fuser Pcsf, Rune. Usila'o Wnillordj Row 4fWiiQcx Winlcrs, Rude, Sa o, Saroin, Sales, hauqj Row 3fRav, Purser Sorenson, Parker, Reese, Schrnucl, Repircj Row Zfpelerson, Uvarq, Tallman, Schles- lw, Teclira Schneider, Parcellos Pa" cellcsi Row l--Wa'lard Wolfe, Pi'iq- cr Swfzfd Slarlf Pgrrincl Slricbcl Sdaauer. Sophomore Class Cffioers Firsl Sernesler Jaclc Hansen Bill Wliillord, Gloria Borgen Rosemay Klepper June Almos I Teddy Hallrnanl Elna l-loI+, Royal Parlcer Dale O'l-lara, Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer Sludenl Council Club Represenlalive Club Represenlalive Edilor , l-lenriclcson, Adviser Second Semcslor Diclc Usilalo l-lelen Schneider Maxine Dedoyard Rosernay Klepper l Dixie l-lallerl ll-larvey Rude Elna l-loll Royal Parlcer Lola Humphreys Freshmen Fumbles Y f 61514 ,-gi -1-'s...,....---""'f",,. ..--ug kku fwvkmnw -Mum Freshmen UP A Rin Anderson Evenson Bonnel u xuer orbcs N nson lolcon U H ansf n rukawa RON3 Ca cr rmcrlclrs Hvflc urg r v s , 5 n ap eorqe w r Anson Espelunfl CulDcr?soh Buflcr 0 Gr-orqo w crrn 1 gms H we Frvnfh Avicrszn B l Harrlsrzr' vunnesland Hansen Lalanof-r ow 4 nsl rv Lonqrnalc Hdnscn Lange Kraoru o nson Row 3 Carahnr rm 1 c rvar Parco ls v varq Nusen orc erq o Cn uns O nsnr vrm- M pn Crson Max: K A rnes Lies Nnemu er Jah son vscn Pwlruclf Karnnf UP C RCN 4 Morgar son cphersnr oscn xulsl c der Wilson Whulney Whnncv ow Schenk Todd Pugh Robb Req-gp Qewal loc nlry N us ad Sfrand Waldror Taba cl cvrolds Wyrnc arg R lc arrlson Sh mfr omrccfl Q T llI'G Sovcrcvcn Soul-no ---f' "-6 on -of 'O' Q0 Freshmen Class Qffieers Fursl Semesler Beverly Teelunq Roberl Schneider Mary Ellen l-llndlc Lrly Karnllcawa Joyce Muller! Davnd l-lays l Lorranne l-laslun John Fox Prcsldenl Vlce Prcsudcnl Secrelary Treasurer Sludenl Councll Glrls Club Reorcscnlahve Boys' Club Represenlahvc lvluss Carahcr Aclvnser Qecono Sfrnes L Rcoerl Schneloer Irene l-lanscn Rlchard Bcxo Davld l-law l Eden Qalc llglnwer Loncmrnale Lorralnc l-laslun Calvfn Burr J- rw Y'I "X ,,I, I, N -- Y H Y ns.. F 2 I ' - I wr' ' - -- , ' ,.. '- - V n ' ': v. I ,u s ,,,, ' , o I -6- - GRO : c ' 5 Avrl0VSun Blur L 5 I I . II Elk 'nI I at Iv F I Po 4 -Fon' Bowl 1 ' " Ha I V l L fn AL.r.1n.1n- A 'Q ' -' A so FU g e rch Blk' . 9 .Q L 'E' F I' ' lx I G We S3 H51 i X I y'nI Du l I G- Q Ro Ze C can A ,Q , H HI , j R0 l f-D , Q 'l , l , , l " " Ad L O L . . ll L A 1 HQ! ' I L 2 ' GROUP E' Row 5 E sref Lerszr K ' I I HAH erg R fHa vnI Eilnuny Hn r"O'1l J h 3 -' - ' . Ka 'ki an ' L h , ,I l I M ' I llafse' Pose, ' ,N 'b I R .Q zu- ' J lr, I J h l I Ll' lf . Pcl I lronl-f Rc I- 'JM- ler' I u , I ', 'I Mlll I Mr- I Jer . I L ' I 4'-. ' I ci e 5 1 GRO : r f Mar-11 , M , R ' ' S 'vel' ' V , I . A . Y R 32 4 'lll . Rlfl ' ' Oy I S ' g Ro 2 Sale R 9 I I I I Q R l ' , W Q my l . Rm . I sf L f sw X ens, ec I ' I fl I X X," I s Q 1 ,wt . V I L 5. W aw! 3 B m await' .2 QS 3 W1 K P W 3F R6- RY 53" Penthouse Play' A new phase ol dramallcs was unlroduced lo Norlh Kulsap lhus year by Mr Max P Newberry dramalucs drreclor ln lhe successlul lnlroducllon ol lhe Penlhouse lype ol dramallc: producllon Thus dramaluc slyle was orlgnnaled al lhe Unnversuly ol Washsnglon several years ago The lnrsl producllon presenled was My Wules Pamzly a lhree acl comedy wzlh lhe lollowrng casl Jaclc Gay Norman Vaa Slella Gay Lula l-lamerslough Wvllne Nagg Wesley Prudln Sally Nagg Mary Ellen hlundle Arabella Nagg Babelle Kuell Noah Nagg Glenn Thompson lma Nagg Darlene Jensen Dolly Whale Maxlne Dedoyard Doc Knoll Dlclc l-larpel Lolla Sayles Donn McGlnn and Delecllve Traclrem Douglas Marlin Semor Play As our sh os bell rsngs lhe endlng ol anolher year aboard we can sllll hear lhe echoes ol apolause lhal wenl up lor lhe lane perlorrnance shown by lhus year s Sensor Play casl In lheur presenlaluon ol Whal A Lule The casl was composed ol lhe lollowung sluclenls and lacully members Miss Shea Mnss Sprague Mr Nelson Mr Folsom Mr Pallerson Mr Gnos Mass Pulce Mass Ellis Bull Pal Young Mass Eggleslon Mnss Cornell Mnss Johnson Mlss Neander Mr Vec chlllo Mr Oyen l-lenry Aldrnch l-larold Beebe Barbara Pearson Lorraine Swenson Gerlle Jeanne Nelson Mr Bradley Mr Sherman Mlss Wheeler Mnss Slnclnney George Bigelow Douglas Marlan Mrs Aldrich Muss Caraher Mr Ferguson Charles Green and Mary Melba Joyce PENTHOUSE ac Row aa pel Ded va d MCG n F o 0 ow o qh e se P q ee H e SENIOR PLAY r o s Ne berry 3 Ove ar a he N e a er q os l c ev Cor ell h af eso I Be e Q ' A E s k : v Q Thompson, Har o r , ln A ' Purdin, rn R 5 5 A Hamrnersl u , Ku. ' ,V - ell, J n n, u h' "L, " Gr n, indl, . U ,, 'K 4' K , 1'-if .. , A 7593 , dnl hx A-Y W 3 , , rv 'xl fluff' 'ag P .. ,xv N Row 4: She man, R ,L 3 F lorn, w . nl? ' - s- 15 Row : n, C - -' 'il' ' 247 r, nd , Q Q ' Q wr Spra ue, Sn A l "f"' Q sa lm , n . T A K T' Row 2: Younq, , A W Fryk olnn, Joice, - Mrin,Nl n,El- y , l A lis. Row : eb. . 5 n 4 Swenson. . 3 S . y ' J 5 , 4 , , V, , 'i U .X U Y - . : . I , . . N 1 . L l X .. W - 94' I 2 'VT XJ., Zf Qf:fmff?f'i3fli,f.f12f' ' , . X, 3 Y 91,5 QD Q 6 X. S Arifj -A f gf Q, " - ' 'h r . ' fl xx Q4 6 4' S NH? I 'I ' Y -iff, el. I W!-Fiff' U r Eh 'Il"!vf 4 mf' , X 5, 4152, H9 rf " F,i a:QI'l ffigi, ,MW , t ' 'ARIN 1 A 'fill 1, r - X 2 Wg wt yi W, W M. , :Hz VFW "W, ' 1 ' ' ' Q 'I ' Hf -Q mf ,' Yuri, -, , QM W ' ' ' P ' Q , 'N QD 0 f ' ""'fN-' i Q A. 4-mdkfr' 'sic M .fun ...ff- STEWAR D ESS ES Grurls' Club Counoul Wulh Bernuce Kvunsland as presudenl The Norlh Kulsap Gurls Club has carrued Through several successful prouecls durung The pasl year The annual Tunfoul Druve rosulled un The collecluon of more 'rhan one hundred pounds of foul Tor The Orlhopeduc l-lospulal un Seallle The Senuors won The plaque wulh 34 pounds lo lheur credul The Bug Susler lea was held on Oclobor l7 and enabled The gurls lo become acquaunled wu'rh each olher The annual Chru fmas parly was complelre wulh program and gulfls The Molher Daughler lea was held on lvlay 8 'rhe slyle show and unslallaluon ol oucfucers marlcung Jrhe hughlughls of The aflerruooru Nor was lhus group baclcward un doung uls share of naluonal war worlc ln adduluon lo The purchase of an SI8 75 bond Through 'rhe volunlary conlrubuluons by The members The gurls dud bolh embroudery worlc and lcnulhng Tor The Red Cross Theur Tunal war ellforl as a group Tor The year was a magazune and boolc druve un connecfuon wulh fhe exchange assembly un Aprul Thus druve resulled un Jrhe collecluon of several hundred boolcs and magazunes whuch were 'rurned over lo The Red Cross Qlher ofhcers who assusled Presudenl Kvunsland durung The year were Vurgunua Slevenson vuce presuderuf Jean Also secrelary Muchue Shunlaruu Treasurer and Pal Reully edulor Back: lg' l-lasfns Har Jesse' From: Kv7"s'ar': A 'us S'wc's.r Soraxm Shlu"J'sf Rel lu. . - . . . . . . , u . S - I u . ' I . I u u u ' Boys' Club Council Each year linds Norlh Kilsapls large and well organized Boys' Club conlronled wilh lhe problem ol linancing lhe lreasury. The year '42 saw lhe problem solved successlully and made so by a selecled program commillee under lhe leadership ol Douglas Marlin, who, wilh hard worlc produced a highly successlul amaleur hour The amaleur hour was held on lhe evening ol April IO wilh parlicu panls lrom Bremerlon Porl Crchard Selverdale Norlh Kelsap and 3 lew oulsiders Talcing lop honors lor lhe evenings perlormance were Douglas Marlin ol Norlh Kilsap Juanila Garry ol Brernerlon and lhe boys guarlel lrom Silverdale placing lirsl second and lhird respeclively OFHCERS Presldenl Pal Younc Vice Presldenl Qoderbe g Se-crelary Kem Rasmu s n Treasurer lq Ha Scrgcanl al Arm jc vl d 'i if N1 NJ New Nu' Sul wr 5' in-1 S-WN! X! srewmeos nkRJ D sv s are Ffrzurfv ll r , . , I , I V I I . . . . . . , , . . . - l . . 5 yr f l , 'I' S C Die rpel " N 5 Gcorn - l a ison ., ,mv .W W-fa -,-f--- N A' ,,, 5 I - ' ug! if-tal W I "'l"' Tp 21 'Il Su! 1 M, xf .f I ,,,.,,,, 2 l ii li i. ' -1 , P av , 1 L 1 , N ,I .- , , w l .. U , Jx V , S - V y , C , xx If ' f-v -' 7 i f ' NJ .. - f as .M 1 9' P sill '- ,,,. , - . .J c N . X ur , X xg "A V, I 1 X ac ow: ersen, avis, u ohir .oaoror-r , asmussvr on ow: an ri' 'vu fauna 'orrvei fr-. Row f.yf. M7 vi PAV' wu v ss E w fs LVN Hu ff Jewshr ow 3 J L s Svfiv Ta g T5 Kr C"'P R Sd' sb s w QW' 5 Sz' N' F ff N K Ro Gmuldefrn Spear " fx r V 1 V v 1 Q I - v' xf .' l': . " ' H "'. ' .,. " ,j,A. ,, ., , A . , . A f V f'11 fy .1 M., XA Q , , X rf 1 ' f,"',x, Fume and Safety Club Terch Honcnr Scpclety + , . ' ,1 .r y .' , . , I. , , . 1 k ' f" .4 . ' .' J J ' " 'L T 'V' LA!-,T ,fi'i1' w" F- A 4' 1 'WMM W., ' " 'Q' -Y l fx xm - . v " , V Xu' Gngxypxf- W1 :K ' :l'Q'1'x ggi, - A, , ,HX , X lW.1'.f'A x,1i"'. " " 1'1" Y , f, ,- ,, , , ' K+ ' .V ,N .-i, - 1 ,- V V, .- , , ,. , . ' H- f N , .. 1' 1 ,, ,N .+,,,-, ,Qi ,f ,,5-1" . gg zfg: Q-x , g ,J V, M1 M4 L, Q, , ' LL 1' 7? , , .182 ' . CKCIAPAJ ITAH DFBATE CLUB Compass Staff Because oT The possnbIlITy ThaT There may noT be a NorTh KITsap Compass nexT year orchnds should go To Thus year s sTaTT In endeavorung To bring worThwhIle news To The sTudenTs and never once mussnng a deadlune Under The dIrecTIon oT lvlnss Sprague The TursT monTh oT school was spenT IH learnnng The TundamenTals oT news wrIT1ng and reporTIng along wITh oTher mysTerIes lulce page malie up Types ad arrangemenTs headlune wrITIng and Th dos and don Ts oT reporTnng Debate Club Qpenzng Their acTuvnTIes wITh a TournamenT here aT NorTh KITsap IU whnch all The schools oT The Tru CounTy League parTncIpaTed The DebaTe club had a very acTIve year The group Traveled To Qlympla Bellevue STadIum and Pullman Tor TournamenTs whIle Sulverdale was Then' Indlvndual opponenT Tor The year BremerTon and PorT Orchard boTh held pracTIce debaTes In whuch The NorTh KITsap group parTIcIpaTed Moss Shclcney debaTe advlser hopes ThaT nexT year The Team will be able To go To The College oT PugeT Sound In Tacoma and To The UnIversuTy oT WashIngTon lnsTead oT Pullman The sTudenTs who Toolq parT In These debaTes were Joyce Pugh Douglas Marhn Olnvn lvlhyre John lfldmers lvlschue ShnnTana and l-larold Beebo Back R 1 , S' f M F f R :Muff ..P SH' T . . , . . I I I I - I I I . .. I G I I . I - I I I I I I V I Y I I I C 'I X C I I Back R 1 P , ll" .Ir KJ , M E 1-If Q Rn T., 4- DI. '. F T R N QI- cl I - l,.I" ' - lo 1 l -l' . S I OFF CE STAFF Row 5 TCSS W vs A Row 3 k M r w 2 A o N or or e 1 I w I rso LIBRARY STAFF rea w Tv' mar' r el H In H W ANNUAL ARTISTS owl Ir Rwl 31 An C 36 -Y f"x 31- t 1' Qfflce Staff A sTaTT oT TwenTy one sTudenTs Takes care oT The deTa1l work un The oTT1ce Thus group under The dlrecTnon oT Muss Ellis us composed OT commercsal malors who are puTT1ng nnTo pracTuce The Tralnnng They recenve un shorThand Typing bookkeeping eTc There are Two sTudenTs Tor each period oT The day Including The hour beTore school begins and an alTernaTe Tor each perlod who Tllls un when regular oTT1ce workers are absenT Llbrary The library sTaTT cons1sTed oT TlTTeen sTudenTs, Two Tor each period In addlTnon To Two beTore school and during The noon hour All sTaTT members were Trom The Sophomore, Junuor, and Senuor classes, and were under The supervlsuon oT Mnss ST1ckney, who has been NorTh KuTsap's librarian Tor many years AlThough some one hundred and TITTy new books were added To The shelves Thus year, NorTh KuTsap's rump IH enrollmenT Tar surpassed The demand Tor reading maTerlal , . :JAM Ja-'sw-A D.vIsf"' Lf-Q . Ro 4: D we Maur-s.v ' Kvl I lard A hdersur, Dt-.lunar-.I Tf1c,. e A :Jowce Fumlr TaI'rn,w Porter ' 5 Ta asurr ylr C. Ro : I1,uvI.II,xTreg:v, Io, :Ts I, Coop , Sfvfrsor, ' T 1 Pugw, Ro : Srfvmrul Jon n, L-ng' " ' naw P.1"'f.4 Awxvrsw Bw- v 1 'A 4 D :.':?l's , l y 5.14. 'Z Y , 7 Q Q3 - T Row 3: Cvree' Jwsw, H.arv'v:,'r1 pg 5 'J A as G fr Sfrckncw. Ro 21 V JMU Bow T 4 Q I VII 55? . mane-v. Pugh I- V : Q " Myla ' Ro I: Uwe KJur..w'-' '9 Hwfv Curb., gyms gr,,H,, . 1 1 5 9 ' L - ' Q- :L- Y N X I an as .. I I R I Cr rr' Tall"-:nr Pr-'r-rscgr. 0 g Ihr' Km-'I rfffrlsw P ss, T' S ,al Q 5 5 6 ., ,. Av T-Tyl .' -- ' I 0 I I ' T' . -r ' I I I I I - I I 2' 'DQ 'Q UD INGTAN R ZR T J R IJ Future Farmers of Amerloa Whaf wlTh aTTendanCe aT Talrs promohng varzous sporTs and an occasuonal parTy The l:uTure Farmers oT Ameruca have been preTTy busy during The pasT year Qne oT The malor proIec:Ts Tor Thus acTlve orqannzahon was The prununq oT Trees Tor The Tarmers un The vscnnlTy oT The school who were havnnq dnTT1culTy geTT:nq Thus worlm done The boys also Toolc a hand aT The plow whenever The occasuon arose The collechng oT more Than Two Tons oT wasTe paper Tor The war conservaT1on eTTorT was also a parT oT The ag boys Tob Thus year In addnTuon To Thus The club also oTTered To do The acTual bumldlnq oT a new Arr Rand warneng sTaT1on Tor cnvlllan deTense QTTlcers Tor The years worlc were KenneTh Rasmussen pres1denT Nels Johnson vice presudenT Brll Bloom sec:reTary ErnesT Tuoml Trea surer and Ball Wheeler ednTor F F A JUDGING TCAM The Iudqunq Team a very rmporTanT parT oT The F. F. A. worlc was made up oT ErnesT Tuomi KenneTh Rasmussen Ronnie Johnson Carl Jensen and Bill Bloom. These boys judged aT CenTralia Puyallup RorTland and several oTher smaller Tairs, 'K-of' Ei S' 1 3 hi 'lil id HOME ECONOM CS ClUB N CLUB C, I K Pl Eli Home Eoonomlos Club The l-Tome Econornncs Club IS an orqanIzaTIon Tor all gurls wheTher enrolled In home econornlcs courses or noT and rs under The quudance oT Mass Caraher The mann proge-cT oT The year was The Tashuon show presenTed on March 77 when Twelve grrls modeled The laTesT Tashlonable apparel Trom The local shops CDTTIcers Tor The year were Joyce Pugh presIdenT Jean Aldo vrce presIdenT Lorraune Swenson secreTary DoroThy LundquIsT Trea surer Lula Jean T-lamerslouqh edITor and Lourse PeTerson assIsTanT edITor Pre Nursmq The Pre Nursung Club membershnp IS made up oT I3 garls who are InTeresTed IH nursunq as a proTessIon Mrs Culp school nurse serves as advnser Tor The orgamzahon The annual Tleld Trup was Taken on Aprrl 24 when The club wenT Through The Swedlsh l-lospITal IH SeaTTle and also vIsITed The AnaTorny Shack aT The Unuve-rsITy oT WashInqTon QITICCFS Tor The year were Shlrley lvlayrand presIdenT Ann Kun card vlce prcsIdenT Eleanor Elluson ecroTary Treasurer Anleen Kalleo edITor ,M f ,ll ' , ,ff -I 9 , 1 Y 1 -5 r .s - I 1 r. . ' I ' 'I A57 ' l L. -I sw s A 3 - Q I . pg I ... ,Q T - I .L I .1 lf? T + V " , S . 1 sv f s l Back: A II, r'T5I""I-'s ..I" Swvsff Fiqh 1,111.4-Sf, P1-Hg' or CiIrJ"a-, TREI Lj9SlNf' B k: Pwcf- Mol' B-rqsacgel! S'i-If, W.,1 VNU'-.s' Calc SMT" Mnrard Kl'c:': ws' .Q NT.w"f 'criwrrqhv 3 lm' -I frrsm :som I ' I ' I I I ' I I T I ' I I . I - - I I I I I ' . ' T I 5 ' ' I . L Fav sh' fxy Sh1pS Band ApproximaTely one-TourTh oT The acTual sTudenT body oT NorTh KiTsap has been sTudying insTrumenTai music in The band and orchesTra secTion oT The music deparTmenT This pasT year. The deparTmenT is composed oT a Senior Band and OrchesTra uniT, and beginners classes in insTrumenT insTrucTion. All oT This work is under The TuTeiage oT Mr. FosTer G. Sherman, music direcTor. Considering The TacT ThaT Two Tull periods a day are ailoTed To The parTicipaTion and insTrucTion in music To These Two groups, They are enabled To prepare a varieTy oT music and To be ready To Take parT in many programs. Among The acTiviTies ThaT The band and orchesTra parTicipaTed in during The pasT year were The ArmisTice Day Parade aT BremerTon, The music meeT aT PorT Orchard, The Spring ConcerT, and graduaTion exercises, in addiTion To several appearances beTore The sTudenT body. 48" I Shlps MUSICIGHS The new chorus durecTor lvlr Folsom had 28 sTudenTs IH hns regular chorus class whale 22 oThers Turned ouT durung acTlvnTy pernods Thus guvlng NorTh KlTsap a Tune sungnng group oT 50 vonces The chorus has had Three publmc perTormances The ChrnsTmas pro gram berng The hughlughT oT The year and eagerly loolced Torward To by all oT The sTudenT body The Sprung ConcerT un conIuncT1on w1Th The orchesTra and band was given on March 20 The music meeT aT PorT Orchard nn Aprnl compleTed The years acTuvuTues Several Tune solo1sTs and a sexTeTTe group made appearances durnng The year ID boTh school and communnTy programs CAFETERIA WORKERS w4C,1 N4 Row3C1,i W2 M Rowl T POGGTE C w 4 B1lfer W J' erse W W3 or O fl or ow 2 W soor P flu asm ssfr H s vs w I 3 Q rso L.ri Q o CaTeTer1a Force Due To increased enrollmenT The CaTeTerian has become a very busy place aT I2 o cloclc. To Take care oT hungry sTudenTs a subsTan- Tial Torce oT workers is needed. The caTeTeria worlcers sTarT on The iob aT 9 o clock in The morning when girls reporT every period To assisT in Tood preparaTion. AT noon The main Torce reporTs To serve boTh Tac:ulTy members and sTudenTs wash dishes and generally clean up in preparaTion Tor The nexT day. Poqgle Club Poggie Club was organized To give boys The opporTuniTy To learn The proper meThods oT selT conduc:T Tor saTeTy while in The woods, and also The care oT Tish and game. The group had one Trip during The year Traveling To Flap Jack lalce in The Olympics in The spring. OTTicers Tor The year were: PresidenT Joe Nilsen' Vice-presidenT, Dave Gordon and SecreTary-Treasurer STanley Paulson. D0 NEWCOMERS CAMERA CLUB w 2 akcy H Hon Duddlesforw Harrs w 3 Km d rrrr r ar w Pa E r Camera Club Membership an me Camera Club was defermmed on me basis of phorographnc abulury as dusplayed rn acrual snapsrmors Taken by prospec hve members Thus organuzahon aiso furmslwed some of 'me prclrures used ID me Vnkmg Officers for Hue year were Ann Klncand presldenf Jimmy Johnson vuce presxdenr Shurley Mayrand secre+ary rreasurer Wesley Purdm edlfor Mass Neander as me advnser : L , amr , , E. Ro : r Cai Ha w ershasqh, Dedcya d, H + Sdnmclf, Ro Z: gh, Xk' Row I: Bowman, KeHy, Krmwcr. Ha!-of Parfum. Bzwmar. Row I: Swarm KNQ-poet Hughes, Tcrqcsorw. VI ' ' Il I . I . ' I I ' I n Spamsb Club Cflleers Furs? Semesler Second Sernesler Daclc l-larpel Presldenl Glenn 'lplwornpson Jaclc l-lenry Vlce Presudenl Lula Jean l-lamerslougln Douglas Marlin Secrelary Douglas lvlarlun Mary Smallw Edllor lvlary Srnullw Mrs Green Adviser Lalm Club QLLICGFS Flrsl Semesler Second Semesler Lloyd Green Presldenl Lloyd Green Ann Krncald Vsce Presrdenl Margarer l-larl Irene Plerce Secrelary Treasurer l-lelen Sclnneuder lvlnrlarn Slnclcney Edllor Aileen Kalllo Norse Club llwls year flle Norsc Club under llwe dlrecllon ol lvlr Gycn lwas again proved urself llwe oulslandung foreign language group of llwe sclwool The Sngvald Quale Memorual conresl guyen enlnrely In Norwegnan was presenled on Marclw 6 Cwclucers for llme year were Fnrsl Semesler Second Semesler Berenlce Kvnnsland Presldenl Alan Coles Alan Coles Vnce Presldenl Elna Hell Lorranne Swenson Secrelary Lorralne Swenson Kennelh Rasmussen Edrlor Lorraune Swenson Elna l-loll Treasurer Elna l-lol'r lvlrs. Green, Adviser i I . 7 Q W . . I XL! ww- Q Z v A D ..e?:"is CJ z."f-W 11 4' kr tw lzuazusaii GlFlSl Basketball Under flue leadersluup of lvluss Nearfder flue fursf call for gurls baslcef ball praefuee uru Sepferruber resulfeo uru a furruouf of more fluaru suxfy would be players l-lalf of fluese were elumuruafed leavurug 30 gurls wluo were duvuded unfo four foams llue varsufy fearru played oruly orue game dururug flue season wlueru flwey enferfaurued Vasluoru oru flue local floor More games were selueduled buf due fo flue luarudueap of geffung flue gymaasuurru and flfe laelc of frarusporfafuoru ruo defumufe dafes could be sef ruecessufafurug flue can cellafuoru of flwe garrues Drull Team l:ouTy blacl and whuTc clad mauchers members oT The gurls drull Team made Theur TursT appearance on January 30 durung The halT oT The Gug l-larbor game Drum lvlauors lvlaxune Dedoyard and BabeTTe KueTT clad un whuTe durecTed The Team AlThough There are acTually 54 members un The Team uT us duTTuculT To maneuver un The gymnasuum wuTh more Than 40 aT a Tume In adduTuon To Thus appearance The Team also puT on a specual per Tormance Tor The sTudenT body and were worlcung on some specual drulls aT The Tume The Vulcung wenT To press Gurls Lettermeru S Club Under The sponsorshup oT Muss Neander gurls physucal educaTuon durecTor The Gurls LeTTermen s Club puT un a very acTuve year A lolly pop sale un The Tall Tor The purpose oT rausung Tunds Tor new unuTorms proved very successTul An ouTsTandung TeaTure oT The sale was The elecTung oT Joe Nulsen and DoroThy LundguusT by The sTudenT body as Lollypop Kung and Queen respecTuvely They were oTTucually crowned durung The l-lomecomung game Cn March I4 The club held a Play Day Tor several schools un The CounTy Thus beung The TursT such acTuvuTy aT NorTh KuTsap Tor several years OTTucers Tor The year were Darlene Jensen presudenT DoroThy l.undquusT vuce presudenT MuTchue ShunTanu secreTary Treasureu Lula Jan T-lammerslough eduTor . - . . . - u ' f ' s - , u I Y u u u ' - u I - u - - uu . - uu - I l . . . , . . ' u . . u u . . u - ' , . I . - u u u T u u 7 ' u , . BOYS LETTERMEN 41h R 3d R YEL LEADERS Boys Lettermen. s Club The mann oblecluve of lhe Boys Lellermen s Club us lo promole good porlsmanshup and lo proyude lor a beller underslandung of sporls Boys Lellermen has been lunchonung gulle successfully This year under The supervuslon of Presudenl Al Dahl and Advuser Mr l-lenrnchsen The club helped oul wulh lhe program for l-lomecomnng and also sponsored The boys unlramural baslcelball and lraclc seasons In The spring, a mass unullahon of new members was held Orher OHTICGFS for The year were Bud Ryen, vice presldonl, Ed Soderberg, secrelary lreasurer, and Jim Anderson ednlor Yell Leaders Your, pep, your pep, You've gol nl, now keep ul, Doggone ul don'l lose ll When school spurul was eblmng low, who revived H7 The yell leaders ll was lheur unlnrung ehforls lhal provuded new and enlhusuashc yells which ralsed The sluden+'s pep morale and lnspured The leams Yell Queen Darlene Jensen, and Yell Dulces Jean Aldo and Dorofrhy Lundqunsl composed an oulslandung leam These lhree gurls spenl hours plannlng and prachcung new yells and an revampung old ones an order lhal Norlh Krlsap pep assemblles would lnve up 'ro 'rhear name ylf ow: Hcnrlch ,, Paulson, AC' -b Hass, Odv:T', H , D hl, No d . 9 Jclrsen. r o :U 'Y J, DNF ' NT K Sen, Ar'f'1EVSun, H ' , R . L 1 Larson, Soderberg. 2d R : F ' ' 'f T Mlm, Wheeler, Gro , J h , G dv Brrwn, Nelson, M. 'll . I f Row: Pen-rsow, S'r'lfh,B d D l 1+ Johrscv, Cc CS, Far' , H . 5 T U x f' H ' L. " A, 4, 1 JJ ,r n is ,. A f f . . . , . . s " ' . . . . . . Y , . ,, ' l , . LH f Rqhf F l Sl' J S H A H P l K l d H B M g FROSH B B f . ', .5 'QSWEMF 4 saws--n-'--WJ, i r I Frosh Sports Foolballz Coach H. T. Rosvold and his second siringors sailed ihrough lhe '42 gridiron season wilh one win, one loss, and lwo lies. The Vilcing Babes' four games were played wilh Porl Qrchard and Silyerdale. The scores were as follows: Silverdale 6, Norlrh Kilsap 63 Silverdale 6, and Norlh Kiisap O. Porl Qrchard O,VNor+h Kilsap Oy Porl Qrchard O, and Norlh Kilsap 25. Baslcelrballz Coach Willis W. Folsom and his crew ol casaha players came 'rhrough a successful season wilh a Jrolal of I9 games played, winning I5 and losing buf lour. During lhe season lhe Freshmen fired 284 poinls lhrough lhe hoop +o 'rheir opponenls' IQI. In lhe Kilsap Counly Frosh League lho Vilcing Killies placed lhird, winning four games our of six. ,,...-...aM1..., .YN or i 4 X Q , K i . l , vw K a I BABKHBA T p Row: Vp: A' 'f f ' J'.n's,' Cwn Boflom Row. K sa-":z'a D 7 ' "cfm, D.1'l,r": SECCNU TEAM LH? Rqhf F 1"S 31755 i'f'w"':': l7"gs'25 r'l3's.' 9 Basketball Coach l-lenrichsen's casaba live came Through lhe season To lie lor second in The league wilh Bainbridge, having eighl wins and four losses. Burl Boyd won lhe lnspiralional Award, and Jim Anderson lho l-lone orary Caplaincy. This year oighl boys will be losl lhrough gradualion, and lwo, Bob Andre and Leland Lamb, joined lho Navy. Those who are gradualing are Jim Anderson, AI Dahl, Jaclc Danlorlh, Ray Frylcholm, Karl Krislensen, Dave Gordon, and Dirk Schneider. ,ii-iii M.-will-' - . l f ...,,N.-M NorIh Kifsap I9 I2 28 26 35 P Opponem Kingsfon Sons of No way Vaughn Soufh Kdsap Gig Harbor Bremedon Pod Angeles Bainbridge SiIverdaIe Vaslwon Vaughn in ' I BASKFTBAI I ACTIUIN SHUT BASKETBALL SCI-IEDULE NorII1 Kifsap Opoorionf Souflw Kdsap Gg I-Iarbor Bremerfon Bainbridge SiIverdaIe Vashom Por? ArvgeIeS Lakeside FaII CiIy 22 I4 25 fI7I 27 I4 29 22 7? -.-up-wwf-ru--'af 6 . 'WW P1 BASEBALL Baseball Coach Sulphun s baseball leam slarled The season oul rughl when They won lhesr llrsl lwo games one wulh Balnbrldge and The olher wn'rh Soulh Knlsap The scores benng l5 2 and 27 7 respecllyely Sunce 'rhe annual we-nl lo press al such an early dale ul was nmpossuble lo Includes lhe scores of all 'rhe games The Vnlcnngs played seven games durnng The season The Sensors and The posnllons lhey played were Al Dahl oullleld Joe Nilsen oullleld Berlr Boyd oullleld Alan Coles oullleld and Dnclc l-lursley oulheld Ronnne Johnson calcher and Cecil Pelerson llrsl base Follownng ns The complele schedule Bainbridge There Norlh Kilsap Porl Qrchard l-lere Norlh Kllsap Silverdale There Norlh Kllsap Vaughn l-lere Norlh Kilsap Bremerlon l-lere Norlh Kilsap Porl' Angeles 6 There Norlh Kilsap 5 Gig l-larbor l-lere Norlh Kilsap TRACK Track WuTh no leguTumaTe leTTermen back The season ouTloolc wasnT very good buT Coach l-lenruch en s uron clad men came Through Theur TursT TesT To beaT SouTh KuTsauo 69 To 53 on Wednesday Aprul 8 The nexT meeT They had was wuTh Seguurn and PorT Angeles here SaTurday Aprul II Due To The daTe The annual wenT To press uT was umpossuble To unclude The ouTcome oT all The n'ueeTs Sux boys were losT Through graduaTuon Thus year Followung us a lusT and The evenTs un whuch They parTucupaTed Elgun Green hugh hurdles Jack DanTorTh hugh hurdles Jum Anderson low hurdles and relay George lvladuson shoTpuT and duscus WulTred Wulcox duscus and Duclc l-lursley IOO yard dash and 220 The schedule Tor The year us as Tollows SouTh KuTsap 53 NorTh KuTsap 69 l-lere Seguum and PorT Angeles l-lere BrennerTon l-lere Olyrnpuc Penunsula PorT Angeles Vashon CounTy l-lere DusTrucT Row 3: bu Jforl Browug Burr! Clrc-u-uu, T'luul'Tu,uu', Ever. Row 2: Harse' Huus 1 MtP'u'fs'r lu"uQVT71V"' POST. T ' ui ' , Row lt Weis-1 Wuu't,-,r- uuiul- fu" P E P-' . . . , . , . . . C - , J , . I , . - u u I I I I . I u . u ep+ L., OCT GC? Nov V Nov V Q 'W Mar Mar Var Mar War far S S V1k1I1C-J Calendar 7 SC ool ooened and fn Q wr new ogwcers added a, ac:u'Ty Th y ar araner Ms Green rs CuWp Mass Cornell 4 Pol rn am Sum r rn n C1wsC ve sc oo wasn+ If wa cracke uo Orrmwor a ano on + fwrsf day o e rf wfre arnfnf-J 1 L fnf Uya Q ornei n ak +P nm,no+ony of sc oo , 1 u ,Q nor o s a e sc oo n rr n coafs an donno no or r ur s rns wore + e sarn Wd eadwer I rue w ani? uw U ay ea r men r 1 new 1 J acguarn' a e ng o frendW nc s r rgngd fnroug o 2 Masons Cr us En? r+a1nrnon+ aboard nro A ws? from our reWa+rves mor a nn rno so s nrfmen orn ana aooar S we s wer indrnc x Fila 3 GSSEV' GFS IV V1 LJGV V YGVT' V761 FC P9 Homecornmng Day Class skns gryen for Num Junmors fools foo Honors rrnc 'C orN sfae crne owrng gafn, wwfn our Knfsap amrn r mrr for oyou hOVTWLC'oVTW n arn J r re ryas rv frna yacah n no y r yer s f 1 e o yws+ C ann? mc osonw rerevvey 3 w Q n n s Of rn Sc no' mens Jr e ng o r 1 a 1 4 vacafron Bah L VT ' L93 o o I J ' C nnoofn aflwng S Q warnmng g yen fc la7y deck an 4 askuoa oo s aunc ed + e row oa' o excurswon o Lakeside 20 orse r ram s os mnferpref rs aye n ralnrnenf fa assen avf Aden' won Xro prrzr ors a ano rs on oar wmv on a s,ree 1, Wrff arm orescnfed w Maynou Q, UVIVVCJ Conf ff O IFNGVN VL, f'OUf rf OV G5 VTWLJSNC ,OV gf ff V f JVM TWG We T w S- . ,A n N 2 e S. S. Vlkin se? sail 'Hw six ' e fo +nef , ey e: Miss C f 1 r. 1 ,M . , " X, VV. 'i Mr. 'HL Sei. 4-'Tne 5resn e 7 o red fnaf nlgn ' ha N ' aNi ' 5 d 1 fo be. H ,D o l grlore. n he ', If fo. Segf. 14-f-L74 owed: 'A N , sl 'Q fur an ,C rrsicn H, : P f Nurs Fir so hi g lo bre ri V' w nf rl, Qep. iq-f--Fri grlo game J We rear funk CrwIrn,C rn 27 O. S,E:LJ'.22 C3 E' b y, orne fo no-N I. nes ca ,E g A rd ' IV' J X r oc? e -The fe - rn. e o garb. QM. i3fT I su 'ns?"r "4--WL, --a three hy Udo gr. .17-Glrlsx C2 b g e Big S-Isfer Ts- for Fesn Q gfls and he Q gris +0 ge ' :df FSU ff T I -3 Q' J nur. .Q- 'iz-.ef . ay. 'Q '. 1 . lgSe ' . B Nik e ler F hips '42 3 Vs G T ' d e ' d. nip! cw or A Q 5? f J b , No . 7-Quaver 2. V nd s rg g' Q g fe 'y f fo .. Noy. I2-Reporf CGFOS--7 beUs and aH's nof we!!-fSnIns' personnel gave our rafings. I b, anno? g i ba Wlalrnp , KE . g . J N N13 .20--H 'AC '1 " S n Xe w Cr X s . -.o fg gf , 3 w"n ou I Qndl, ' W. O-O. De .23-Cn 's S 'o a 3 e yone gf ,. 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Calendar and Awards A lvl JKFUI v' J M VIC Jil UV J I F IIJVTf Wil I cur nonorsljls nq a Roberl Ryen George Ivladlson Bul oon Qllvla Ivlylwre Burl Boyd clnrnnwy Anderson Marine Mama Wllnna Waldron Senuor Class Ifcnc Prcrcc Dcbalc Icanl Junior Class Ernery Rlngslad Dlclq Anderson I-Iazel Slevens John I-Iamers Isl Cluyla Mylmr 2nd Douglas Ivlarlsn, 3rd Elna I-Ioll, 2nd Kennellw Ray, 3vd Dave Adams, 4IIw Lorraine Swenson, Ercslmnwen Boys 5f I Cfq G I V IWC Eoolball Insplralnonal Cup I-Ionorary Caplalns Sla n Eoolball E E A Speeclw Conlesl Swqyald uale Medal nn Norse Confesf Baslcelball lnsplralnonal Winner I-Ionorary Baslcelball Caplaln luberculosls Essay Conlesf I I Iuberculosus Essay Conlesl I I Qrllwopeduc Ilnloul Drlye 4 II Inp Io Cnxcaqo Worl our Slyer ac Alunnnl I-Iorneconwunq Cup Placed IU Tuberculosis Essay Confesl Amerncan Leglon Speeclw Confesl Slgyald Quale Oralorucal Conlesl lnlrarnural Baselball IournanIenI I'!Inr.25 fnqlrlarw abcfafd gl'I7r,I III' wa- AEI, m,L7Af'rr,1 rl, Yu Cf-1 Co 'flu IIUIJ eff,--II.-rl' VVn,'37? IVIJI- 77 Enf ml Ylnuq ouartfr ard Inf' vnqimgl Q reafng 'I' f if ,, f J lull Ivfrnf- all Urru and .fr , ,Vw calls wfr "Q 'if E. Arif' 24 V-Ju If gm' prawn, Ma, 2 ffff Cr: III, Iracl' "ue'fN.I4. I'c,,: my fa 'Juno In? deal. IJI1, If IVIII Ilwv Ianll Il.1L:cglIIv,-I I.-In cxlvl Imy- ,mn Irvldfrrlnl ' '1 V Ilnwu 'TI IIE .xml u xl'-ylc' zllow if 'In' IL1Iv',' I,rf.1'I ' 1-,ITI,,r,:. May Io- SML- Irafl nw no,-, arf- cag,arf'.- XI rurznnq arefulx grail 'we 'Irn Ma, I5-H FA I If Ef, Part'--Ina Iufurw 4.1r"1.,'5 and "1 4 L 'u ',or'ne."ak up' ' 'qu-'IIN IJ' 3 1' 31,1 Ma, QQ, fErcj gfroc aqg me ,ea :ri J ha rg.. iorrq js: yiqage MII XMI Ix,' I K: ', .1'iQII1fArrnfjvx-rI'u"-I' 'IH ff "v':,fnIIi:. Thin-4,1-wary Qty nf 1 - rzlscn es an: Ink- ping' In ee class-' w-Q ,rm fed 'I Im,-r r nlcs. . . l , 1, s f - ' N 1 ' ,Y 5 fs A " BI . . T Q . J e - s ' Q - s 'A 2 I rn ' I " E. A I E E, , ,E , 5 rd I1 F, , E I 1 , , Delores Nelson Class of 45 II11 4H11111111.1111 fxllcje Mullen a o Arne Sladsnaucg Class ol 40 Donald Furqeson C ass of 4I KILLED IN ACTION Roberl Brools C ass ol 38 Y Bruce Elllson Class ol 38 Donald Ivlallnson Class of '40 sqg Arclsle Daws Class CI 42 Q . 0 y 5 uh 'X rv x5 i.?.imf 1 1 PM QR? 1 .. 1 CI ss I '4I FK 7? V lk if PK I I lr lx fr I I if Qur Hdverhsers BEST WISHES FRGM THE STUDICD RICHARD G ROBlNSON Plwotographe QQ! Q2 4 Q F f Hfluelity postreits, Moderately Priced!! wi X Xllf? 5 N Ph 1 Q' 5 J F h S 3 JULLS SERVICE STATION ASSOCIATED OII PRODUCTS AND LUBRICATION HLATING OII SPECIALISTS Poulsbo lunctlon Por Smart Clutlus blmp at Frank A Calvert Ilzc Icadmf, mel r Expert Watclu Repalrmg 74 Sc and St Phone 4 5 215 p1Clf1C Bremerton 1 en erton XX a 11 INSURED SAVINGS Econ mlcol Home Loons Flrst Federal Savings and Loon Assoclotlon oi Bremerton 327 Poclflc Ave Phone 100 BEAUIX C111 IURI o cl Opcmtc Alvmy n Dc-man FURNITURE Reasonable fzutzmz Bremerton Beauty School Phom 1 150 'ith St 740 Sc ond St Brmmerton V41 At Your SGIVICG KEYPORT MERCANTILE CO W'c Haa e It Phone E 2115 Kex port 7 ,. I . I I F 2' 'CN . 1 1 S A 51' 1 . U s . O . Enroll Now For Course in R Knenleyer G o U. mrs '. s .1 Cl V - 215 1 . - -c . ' . '.sl1. Q 1119--'SN lx! LIGHT CONDITIONING Pon DEFENSE OF THE EYES OC NI IIIJ SIAIIS UIRSIU Puget Sound Power 6' Light Company JENSEN S CREAMERY and ICE PLANT Cold Stomgo Locker Qu IIIIY Dr My Imfiucts Depor I ble Qcralco It Paws to Iatrom 4 Hmm luduslrx 1 I 1 If , ,,...-Hi, ,Q L i I s ,I f D , ' If Ar. , I RSX . 7 I E ,Ili 4' ' T.ff4.bQIf -'1f.fffXffff'4. STFCN 1 BY Tf,fl.3ffIIf3 27.f.'fIiPifZ,f'A,IEf?S f-1'I'IIO.II5III+ f3fi:!'I '.'.'1AC:1 'A."QT'.l 152 '.'f,'11:1f: I '.,' QICLFIIIQIYYI '3'C'lI yrootff.. LA 'A.' fmzi IMI wiigi greg ct lxjggtihfg BUY l7NI' 'L' SfIVING.S S'l',fIMl'S .-I'I' ,AINY Ulf I R155 I E' . E, I S E ff 'xi 3 ,' IQ CI L, ' ' , J '-, . V , In ,1 ', 1. g..:. , 'IMO .ff I Compliments of . . . BOB,S GARAGE Kxnptou IVa9l1 Comphmems of POULSBO TELEPHONE C0 PETES PLACE Otis Torgcson Prop Inght Lunches GFOCCFICS Telephone 4410 Rcfrcshmcnts and Ice Crcim Poulsbo Wish LEN S CAFE Goon Poon Why not C6111 on us the next Mme you are ln Poulsbcf 'Uhoue 4510 P ll bo N POULSBO MERCANTILE CO GROCFRIES FI OUR FEED HAH PAINTS GAS OIL Qualztv Our Mcrttxw I- 7 g I 1 9 . h . , . 1 Q E I x Q I ni O I , 9 5 V KJ, X .. O 4 .w , VGJII. O A , sc ' H 1 OLYMPIC FOODS N I LSEN 6' PETERS GROCERIES PHUITS VEGI TABLES DAVID S FIVE TEN TWFNTH rlvr sToRI House Flumshmgs Hildualc Sport Goods Electrlcal Goods Toys Toiletries Etc IOLISBO XXASHIINC IOIN POULSBO DRUG MCKESSON ci ROBBINS PRODUCTS CARNATION ICE CREAM I II ID IfI dword II1 The Rlchardson Store Excluwu Atgcnts in flu North End OCTONEK The Best Ietten Sweater Made Ask the Boy on Girl Who Wears Cnc hor 3 Vs 1 POULSBO MEAT MARKET POULSBO S LEADING MEAT DEALERS GISF Pomsbo VG-:I , , . V, 1 . WSI Iiiri':.1If:'1, '.f'1.f 7 , Ed Q .v , E.. , :JICCI 1110 Gozig UI Thor 1: EoI111tf::r'1 E01 Om? of 'I'I1o:,1c THICK, RIC , I.'fAI,I f IIKS IIIIORO 'III-T Thor Gul , , I CQ . ' " f , ' ' for 7 1c 815 Poulsbo. 7.51 I :non I3 ,V ' ghC:e2IIf f OLYMPIC FOODS Alnlnmson 86 Antonson-Props. GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES cphclm Iou bm W1 1 RINDAL fr NESS Tin Fwd Store HAY GRAIN MIXED FEED POULTRY SUPPLY Custom Grmdmg IVIIXITIQ and EIQICI Seed C C OIIC O1 I BAUERS BAKE SHOP BREAD PASTR3 and COOKIES Iclcphc 4710 I ou1 ho W1 h Comphmems OI RELIABLE HARDWARE 6' FURNITURE CO 1 of O P one LIBERTY BAY GARAGE BATTERH SERVICE AND AUTO REPAIRS UNION GAS AND OIL Ihv Amd Night Vw reckmg Serucc Iclvphonc 7 714 In Torgc on Poul bo W a h ICI' N' 5111 7 15 a, 'gsl . AK V i 3, I I pix 'IE P 11:56, Wfzzlil. 7 x , M unc A, I S . '.s . . Er-u1Qg'k K, II.'f::111 Ezxfpruo REIT Bro ur Ion, Vf sh. in 271 M ,- ' . S s , ' s ANDERSON DRUG STORE Iuel Anderson Phone 54lU Poulsbo Wosh Crescent I 1undry Agent Keyport Grgcery 8 Meat ofall s Barber 86 Beauty Market Shop N , 0 W K yp t W Compllrnents ol H S MYREBOE 5 SONS PoULsBo wAsH1NoToN KEYPGRT SERVICE Brehm 86 Matheson Candy Dancing Refreshments GENERAI MERCHANDISE AA Tlph Kptwh Rl815 W POULSBO DAIRY Wholesale ond Retml Mllk CREAM BUTTER BUTTERMILK Telephone R 915 Poulebo Woshmgton L 7 N. K. c 5 n, Prop. Phone 1417 Poulsbo, ' ash. Tclcphonc R-.1117 e or , ash 7 c e one R-2115 'cy or , as . Phone - Suquamish, ash. BERG S AUTO CLINIC Standard Authorrzed Drstnbutor Telephone 6610 Poulsbo Wash 'f""P"" "5 0 Thulean s Famlly Shoe PAYLESS DRUGS Store 510 -ith Qt Pc e 710 W1 1 Wa Kitsap County Co operative Ass n Dealers of GIOCGIICS Grant Powder Farm Implements Hardware Separators Telephone 4919 Poulsbo Wash Con pl n nts o Con pl c Its 0 Buster Brown Shoe Store DR BRIGHT Ph xc- 1474 0 Pa :fi A DENTIST erto W1 Phole -II n to Y 1 DIXON RADIO SHOP RCA Radlo Sales Servrce .Sec the Dr POULSBO WASHINGTON l I I I f ' ter f 7 ' H H - . hm -1 I Bremerton, V. sI . Bremerton. " sh. 0 0 , ,lillf f ,ximr f . 01 .. 2 6 C' C ve. Brem n, .sh. 1 2 Bro mr n. V.sI1. ' fl ,I , . I Comphmerzts of POULSBO FOUNTAIN Where Fmerrds Meet Xou Sald It And H ou Am t Lym Snappy Prmtmg FLETCHERS 262 Bur all Phone 541 f rmplzm nts FRITZS QUALITY STORE Featurmg Hart Schctfiner 5. Marx Clothes Crosby Square CS Florsherm Shoes A Complete Lme of Furrushmgs F one 43Q E e erton W 1 I1 Fr mplxm nts HEIDEMANN BEVERAGE COMPANY DEALERS IN CARNATION ICE CREAM CONGRATULATIONS FROM B R E M E R S YoUR FRIENDLY srom YoUR FAMILY sroms Q34 Pom Aver ue Erer erton V fl I1 f - , - Q I I w ' fc I 4' . of I Jig , r .111 , 7 CH' . 209 Pficifiri , 1 ' 1' , of I 4 A T Bremerton. Xxfashinglon . "Mic A 1 ' rr , J. YS . Let Us Hetp You Select That Graduation Watcrt He ,'1IT',' ,F 1.1 ate .me O' "::.1g C, ' ILL fattt. 1, ..r1 sg, IOVEI V f1r1',' ther gif Make' JORGEN NELSON JEWELER We Sptciulin in Exptrt PVatcl1 and uwlry Rfpairint 'z ft 'jiIL'1L'. e.."Q 'lX,.iL, f: I. .V THE TOGGERY mu MEN AND YOUNG MEN ' Avvnu- '- 1 - . amut XY 1 hm 111 REX DRUG G1 ts for All Ogcaszons A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS Bre111Lrto11 W 1 l1llI?,,I0l1 Cmnplmunts 0 BROWNS DRUG STORE C E BIOYSI1 Pruprxctur Fourth ind 1 IIL If You Are Loakmg tor the T atest m FOOTWEAR FOR GRADUATION CHRISTENSEN S FOR SHOES Fe I ad 7-3 e tert 1 t Amd P1 lfl a I ma Y X' Cf a ,a '1 111 I I H1 't it bla ' Y", 1 at. V11 O1 B'l f 'Wd .ftt Q 1t"t1"1' O ' 'Itftlft I , k , x, , , , , , Hteq Q v was ie' ertf .'.1 sta QQ lb P.u,lfu 1 lQl15,lum l 76 Br' " un. fan ' glw ' ' . 'as ' 1 7 -. . ' V , l' - . P.c'f' Era . .c' i . M . I 11 tix at P'Iii'if1f' .r rt efi ff' Compliments of ROXY BREMERTONS FAVORITE THEATRE N T PLUMBING AND HEATING OP YI11 Brernort 'I Wo noton GRANDVIEW SERVICE CHEVROLET SALES 5. SERVICE Telephone oulsbo WoSh Kltsap County s Ploneer Newspaper THE DAILY NEWS SEACHLIGI-IT Fortv two Years of Help ul Progress FINE PRINIINC IOC H I ll o P I to Wa 61925 All Your MUSIC Wants' lwlll Iimwns Mum Mon' fJi9l I MQ PI Bremerton WGSII L E ' S 27., on . Stroot ' . o., ' Shi. ISIC E . , , , cc - as ,- f - ' ' 3. ' ' - YV. . .css p Sc S ns, ubI'shcrs IIFCIIICI' II, sh. .bfi-1 T i ' . iii ig-W-like I., . E fi T fo fl I .A f I " 5' :Q In 0 0 I ,I I 1.1 I 0 UF- Q Eli iff: I 2 I I . I I , S Q I roifio , .. I Tele ru I hor CODQTGTUIGTIGUS 1942 KAUFMAN LEBO CO Offers For Your Selectron o Lorger Stock of Furnrture ot Lower PTICGS Free Dehvery W3 FOURTH STREET phone 502 Bremerton Vko 1 fvlephone 6515 W MESFORD INSURANCE AGENCY f :rural Insurance Smu 1901 REAL ESTATE Cornphments of DR CONWAY S DENTAL CLINIC Burwell Bremerton BREMERTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Glves You the F 1nest 1n Busmess Educatlon Telephone E90 Frrst ond Poxcrfrc Bhortndoe Ir Monooer Bremer Bldo SEARS ROEBUCK 86 CO .Shop at Sears 6' San re 7600 Bremerton Wa h 757 Fourth St 1 I . 3 L ' , I SE. 'ri Poulsbo. Vffash. E. Eliason I . SIA H ' . Q Lf B . ' , ., A I O ff w I ,yn 3 L , s . .. .. . COMpLINlEN'I'S In Bremerton It's GRAHAM S For the Tops nn Sandwiches 'an OTTU W MARTIN Malted MMS Iclephom 89' 701 P 1 L Au KAHN S MEN S SHOP Sport Coat Slacks ALL 3 Fon 517 45 Shoes BRE MFRTON WASHING PCN fomplnnents o f omplmn nts 0 MAR1oN GARLAND For et Me Not Attorney and Counselor at Lau FIOFISIS Phone 154 10 Untl Bldg Hrs-nu rton Wxsh Bremerton Wwslm Sionle F VJGfdlIl Owner and Moroger Excluswe Representcmves for Royal Typewnters OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 322 Poem Avenue Telephone 1435 Breme ion Wo C omplxments of Shoenfelds Kmgston Beauty Shop U S Furniture C0 First rn Furmturc 575 Paufia. Au Mrs P B jzuot Brumrton mom Q OF . ' - .. ac'fi' '- I I PENINSULA STATIONERS . V in SC r' , Sh S, i, , W ,WY N- f V f . . ' ' ' - Pl '505 f omplnm nts 0 f omplxm nts o DISIIDCIIVC Appn-el for Iidy and Muse P nm P 81 528 4th Sr Bremerton V42 h Bruncrtc n W 1 h B S Sh remerton Port OP Furmture Market, Inc Your Sport Htudquarttrs Bren erton Wa h Athletic Equipment Flshmg Tackle Complete Home Fll!'I1lShlI1gS u r n W1 1 W4 Suv You Mull v S Shoe Store Whel III Bremerton V1 ll W0 F"'f"' SWF' Western Thrlft Store Bren erton XV1 h CUT RATE DRUGS Phcnc 4070 IIO 4th Sr Bremerton Comphme-nts of H L BENDER DR DAVIDSON DR A EIDE DR STUBBLEEIELD MURLEY HARDWARE SIGURD ANTONSON V ,V ' L' f ' ' 1 .. O hu - -1 - . ' . 'V S - - - x , 'as . . ll ' N , , 7' . 1 , ' s . l I9 Pzlfiflc Ave. Pham' 460 Br' no to , 1 sl . " ' .' 1' ' Q " , X, I . .s. .. Y . 1 , .s . x - ., w . . T Best Wishes ot Kitsap Dairymerfs Association A Friendly Producers Co Operative Fauble .fmndm T 5 If OULSBO Z5 SHINFTON O ALL KINDS or BUILDING MATERIAL Crooungs to THE CLASS CF 1947 J C PENNEY CC Inc P utt It Burr 011 rornerton J Covers Ytngport Press Photography Robrnson s Studto Engrovmg Western Engrovtng ond Colortypo Co Prtnttng Proneer Inc D1v1s1on Pogo Plctures Kltsop County Tronsportotlon Cornpony ix . . .I . o' rj Q 1: Pm , ., Xffflfitl, if . .,, xi V I ' . A ,X ', 'xx 'xx

Suggestions in the North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) collection:

North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


North Kitsap High School - Viking Yearbook (Poulsbo, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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