North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI)

 - Class of 1973

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North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1973 volume:

E-auf? UZLQQLQJQ 73"'13" 6 0rZ?ZP'cf 'www-wj C-6, WWW fwwwyfvvfa ,, 'WM M4 7fW'7"!2'n"1f'f"?ff'f"r'2""a'fgvvvf:9 Advice. 4'o 3 C-Orkscfcw GETQWQZQQQV ,wwjA.A,,wv mK', 338 fi 1 WW HQ wg? is? gm 3363522 MTQZW A zs3"2-E?! mmm 4, 33 3 5-B-N5 'Wv.9dAa' Pwpu Preas 5 X ViM'aa5o 500946 K od' 75, 3 ,iiw M Wwwgiiigwf AQ MSP' , ww flypf gif ,ff yvfiffwwf S? 5355 3?Mym ,wwf fwjkgfgyfgjjg 5 if E55 0 efiiiiis fb 1 if if 30 Wwwf :Y 903 UWJ I A2527 WWW l - 40,4 fwff Eb lf? ., 22 WWW g?5g?4fMf5Qw f Q! My W ff' f 9 QQQX 335 !BQf,,fff!jjfMM7mM?! QA 77fW47 ., kA'w .WP North Kingstown High School . . A Common bond bridging the gap We, too, form a multitude. Different minds living together, circulating, infiltrating, in Q each other. Understanding, Wanting to know the reason for each of our answers. Looking, watching, - closer than ever -to see what the next minute of time brings to our minds. . . Learning ii r 'slrr W ith each l other. Sharing with each other 4f3,..l-ff" . ', , ,tum .L , - , ', fsfnx, 4.11 I, Ish, . ,W,Q,,z5.14iQ,! , .Q 5 ,tw aff .fy syn, K ' - flirt fl. ' M Q ' '-- g, Q5i4oi.,gfc44,9g,41f'9' P ' ' i5-f'?-?',x-t- - .s V ' 1 . 1. Y-ggi-gfuffjflf , -.zg " ,, .ff f l - as-r - y i H I -A . -4 -X , g. Q -' i it ., Different clothes, basic happiness. Many groups, all tributaries in the main body of life. Each philosophy forming a multitude. All thoughts of contentment, like the disciples of Socrates. Linking the bridge to brotherhood. Frank Reed Il 4 - 1 f 1 11. 1 J- ? 'yy I ,., ' YM 'fp . ' W N h ' ' ' I " ' ' ' Q-4. - ,fa M5 f '45, I I 2 'TY ' "bv b , -'W' - - Qi 5 if ' fx a Q " u-" A 'L "J Q? if V Ll 'fi " ' Vg Ig if ,Wh H .M I 5 Y mg.. if in fe-LA., 'E 4 ,. ny Qs ii VW. u.. f f X X Q 1 W ' ' W 'J MN: , 1 K W ,,.f ww 1 J 'I rg n X X 3 V A It ,. 1 1 -,ag ff M 1 - 7-: f X ? W 3 r K X! g ? ,, 1 I f V 4 4 X "W V v f " 5' l ,vu 0- , A F . ,X , It ,J A V , -M I K fly ' I+ ' . lt, g' 9. , 4 Q, Q. Ni, I xx A 1" ' , V . .. kfgif X ' Q! L ,Q " ' K' 'gQg?"f"-"5 1-5l'W,F" A 1 Y- 5. ,, J, v We, too, form a multitude, We, too, form a multitude. A K In Q We, too, form a multitude. We, too, form a multitude We, too, form a multitude. We, too, form a multitude. i N - .uu We, too, form a multitude. We, too, form a multitude. 7 -rf vu' - 1. A -Fw' ' if i ff V 1' f 7 , Z 9 , . 1" 44 .. EPT , Q' -HMA VE X 1 Q72 H4 M N - -aff? ,A 5 --W., . W W.. ' wi' . -. W Y , 4,-'wiv ,W ' 1 ,--m:ffw,f-- , - - .X Q f W -'W' - "H-W""w.,...'w . AU ' "R '4' !g:,.ff44"- wx :-. - - U , ' HJ- :ff ' wa-fffi A " ""f-W V-K, ..,.....,g5 I. vw I 1 1 , ,ww-w.,,. ' : ' lggef: ,.ug4-gp'-wmwny, ww H ww'-' ww' wif" YV ,fb ' 5 ww.-Mfg-ww-' MM . - f -N '...!, "H+1,,k s -' . W -v ' "ff ' mf f f Q K ,,,E1,',if .f'.Q3k5' ti J ,.'+?F"n.'?5:, L ' '-H1-w i X Qfsgijfw- V K 4 Un 1 i f wha- ,.-?t5 diarie- f ' - , 2 fred-1-ww f ' ' " Q, uw. elf" Ijxwri 11.5 'M !f.A..,,mlz'G." I , ' i" iw: . , , '. M m, f , M' ' V., A , f,x'T X ,M I A I I Q5 gilt' , ' K ,"1 W 5:,1.,'NlQ"" Q'fMEq..w1vJI ' M" N Q' Q V' W fW'?'??WiiT2 ,Lf .. ' k 174 ' 1: '?'g'iM ,jg-Aw ' ':?"?'fE ' . 1 E ,- 'Uv' 'f I H-." f i V 'in 3. Mig gg '11 M' . 1 fi " L' ' i f ' f , , ,T , ,w'f' ',MgLb.wW"" ,- ,- .L-mx' m, 'Z' " , wa-PW" o -Lu ,v ',, A 15, ' ,H , ' "q' 'w 'W , ' X W.-wwf Um' ,Su ., " 'A H-'wiwefi' U ' A . ,,. "ik 'M 'WWK' f r '- ff ' Yffzizgfni- 9 - 3Li.if ': ' f " y - ,Af-,gg':2'f' ' ' ' ' ' 0 'ff ' '.'.IffE'-'gif - ffwi ,Q ?,.Z-Q1"",- gm -- 1 1 157' ' , -A -5,-amp if, 'y f" , "2f'lf 'W ' ' bn w ' ali? , , ,vi . , ,fl-ff-'V 'J - W w-fa " m f - N - ,f ' M V. ' "' H-A f " Y' " ,,L'4,,m-'A-vw X 'Q , sv' W,f,..m . , ' "" , "W ' ,, 3 ,M ""-- ,, A-".1ialf:ffg3f2, - - f XW37' "f7.y.l :. ' 9 11 224 E:-'g,:.f, 9 1 ' ? Z...a: ig? 1,,k '1 ' Q.:-. " f1vwf' If Www-we?m..fQ:':' 1' ' Y , wh W 55 X ' "wf,Q"f,.i1f'1i,2,1,, 7? ' ' f W 5531 ?-Wnkw1 W 5i J q HL ,,E"4 1 ' ' Y iw? A 1 " W1 WQYL' ' km.- , - 'L '- " 5-5' wig' QQ , ,R it - ,..m,. '-QA. U , 4 S. FY' V ., 1 ' f M , , 4. , Q , V fl . x f 1 "' A, x " N. X. . ., Q , . ., X .,,,, ,... qw. , ., ... ........ 1 P S' N , - Mx' ' ,. :TQ , ,... m . A f , Nm? 3 Q. 111-U Q: - T f ff-Vw-ff' , . .F . fx ,- f'ZwfsaBL2-M. .,,,,..- A -N ,R . -. 1 . N Y. K ...ff ,Q ,im ..., , e pf. 5 ' . M, . , , .. - .- -. . N VI M 5 ' ,, ,I u ,., ' H' 1 f , X -. .' . - 5 M , . . , What l-lappened? When vvill I realize that some people don't care, That life isn't easy at all to bear, That people live, That people die. But vvhat ever happened to the human thoughts and feelings that vve all knovv? Do they still live as vve all do? Do they still care - For what happens each day? It seems that time is passing, no need to forget That life has problems, that people regret. Reach out to us now, Lend out your hand For together vve'll make it and they'll all understand. Deborah Lusignan Above all, I say this: I would have you each and everyone partners to the purpose of every man, for only then shall you hope to obtain your ovvn good purpose. Kahlil Gibran Dedication to Mr. Quinn Someone who helped us put up with us stuck with us. .g 1 .Y X ,U , Y .-,jj , A f P .QNAS rug: fy ,V NJJCS fffjj P wg A Y Y A W c VX rf- R4 'ff 'xvwnxf ,fi 97 Q I QQ, J " N Q W U, f N N' i , f r 1 . ' + J., ,ff A ff gb NJ' L V DD' B NL K f' X X Dv ,fs I 4' 1 'v .w - 1 I, Qty if NJ' A A-JJ 1 9 wb J Lf VN X ff, 1 V, '1 a 1 iv if L N ,I 4, X 0 4 1 1 H, 1 v a' I3 Administration W Robert L. Backer Principal Henry A. Quinn Vice-Principal Norman Leveillee Vice-Principal Q 'rf-V----.--Y eV W ,V Ve Vi il V, Vx .7 if Yiiiir lil ,ii V V V -. V ,fV "'------- -. . ' g .-.- vn?"'f"" - , ,VA-1.24, if ,- K V -'--- -zu 'Q - ,aaiffg 5' V -. 1,8 14,5-H 1- M "-V- - . Y ,- V 'va V V Vw . W' . f-V'-ie 'H .. ,V- "' Q J V V .3 , V z:'f1V'Y,.?y..LfVfVw,,'.-1 ' - IV' , V V , -1 , 'wig V ' VV V V V M75 1.253 Yi-335256 iii. .Vfsv Vw, 25? A ' . L " " V, . ' f " VV V W. VV' Vfe. Vf .421 V, , rf..-.,,,,'-,gV -Vizaiff.-, 'VIEWS ' SSSQWV. W Nfl. .V V f:VVffff..VfV W . ' wiffhff ' 1 'V V ,E . ' RVN .V . ,Aff TLVVV V54 'MVYv:?:55fV ff .: 'N V VHP V,-3, qi q , fd., ..',u, my ,L . V:-Vg . , QV ,,,.,3,,,1V 4 ,giwfbwg W3 4' 2 MT' H255 7 V- ' 'o '-Q -H' .. W Vi' ' QQ' 'Xia Q VVQVA5-AV-:Va ' . KV- .JV V .Vw fr Fw fV Y . "-Q. ,W'3LfVza V ! V- W9 ,:'1"V1'.. ,, "1..'5V Wa W ,X Vgafif 3 gg , f i 435515, " Af' 3 ,. , ,.., . .. .. V. . .,N., , . , ... V. .. ., V 142571 ,LfgV,,34gl, 4,jgQjL,:f1vd39:,jv.V., V55 'f"kVV?5f5LL. tg fggxrnfyx V , I 65? 374' I f' 'LSEQVQA V. f'W'V M A. W1-. av :V V 'ffm . .V fii uj-23' JVM Vr-1 L . '- " :H vi:-Vai.. .PVV 1 , 'wh V1 muff'-V .-'-1: V. f V Awgw , ,Vi?5gr"?'Vq MV .f V ,VW VP VVWMVQQV. - , X ' . ' if - Vi m'5V,VVy.VV. xml? 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ALLEN LUCAS PAULA MASI DAVID REINGARDT MAURICE SCOTT "Hey Man, WhaI's happening!" NANCY LINDEQUIST "LeI's do food! . . . One of N.K.'s burntes a faithful Bud fanI" an Alf ' , . W, ,,. 2,4 f LINDA MILKO Can always be heard even if not Seen. Loves the bridge over troubled waters and GTO. new CRAIG WILLIS if K fo--X wd x Q x X W Y x 'I V li ' 9 S 'gf' 'A . sf' M AQ' mm MMA Ll 'Q 'N'--'ar QQ, . I W CHERYL BARBER OWEN BENSON MICHAEL BOYLE Joe "Vir1'ure rnusf rule through terror." I f 'I' . i .Wm f Q, ,I I2 I w.'X H -"M . I . in -fl ' 4 I A V CRAIG BUTZBACH MARK COSTA "Head . . . Alwoys out for o good "Hey Drew, won! to buy o good Pack- time!" MARY ANN CU RRAN ard?" II, I I I ANSELMO CRUZ "Roger" CATHERINE CURTIN CAROL DRAKE "cumf- 1 LUKE HAZARD "Life is only what you Make of it, but first get out of Jamestown!" JOHN DYER JACQULYN GIVENS "Jackie" KAREN KIVSTO "What is there to say!" JUDY HEMSLEY MARILYN INGHAM PETER LAFRENIERE PAUL LEARY GREGORY LeBLANC "Mr, NaturaI" "Tennessee" ROBERT MANCINI JANET McWILLIAMS GAIL NORRIS Loves that Henry . . . who knows . . "Hey Dude . . . Watch Out. . . What maybe someday! about Tinker and Scooby?" TERRY BRIGGS JOHN SKORY n il WINSTON SMITH "Win" Qjg wg l ffl RAYMOND SPECK ROGER WILHERE PHILIP WOODS URGYH -if" 159 DEBORAH ZINSER "Debbie" "never walk so fast that you can't smell the flowers." Taureans won't budge an inch once their mind is setg they fold their arms calmly and dig in their heads. B Q ," , far 9 1 I . W x I , ',',. LINDA ACCIARDO PETER CRUDDEN "I can tell you my adventures -- My beginning from this morning -" 4 . "At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning but I think I must have been changed several f' i times since then." M DAVID DREW "Fords cream chevy's . . . mighty mus- tang an ,I iw W LYNN FORTIN MARK FOURNIER DEBORAH DORIS I would rather have it all to m sit on a pumpkin and yself than sit on o velvet cushion and share it with a million pins. we ' BARBARA FISETTE Y 'X ,J K ,, Q DON 1 NA FREDETTE JAMES GARTLAND "Jim" 'The Party's Over' KATHY HAZARD LINDSAY HUTCHINS ra' I DEBRA HAGGARD EDWARD HARRIS "Deb" Likes swimming and other water sports Loves Roy . . . August I3, I973 but most of all loves Cher." vpn If RAYMOND HINKSON KENNETH HULING ..RaY.. f'W' R is X : LQ 2. CURT LUFKIN FREDERICK MATTESON "interest in architecture" "Fred" A A 4 ff b ., V' gfgn. WM. ' ' 14' JA ' I A LW ,ff K V Y , CCSSCCP A ' '- 'Y "VW: ' . "" ,:?29'?ffl" -, 3'1" 3: A ' ' ' J :Izmir ff sux"-V ' GAIL MICHALOWSKI CHARLES MURPHY DOUGLAS NANNIG "Chuck" "Doug" :E,.E'l'A kr 'z ,, 17' . km W A JOHN NASH ff A if A-Af ROBERT PHELAN DENNIS PIERCE DORIS ROGERS "Peter" "Whimpy" "R.W.P. . . . Loves the new baby." "seedy. . .AK" 'Q as se CHARLENE SILVIA ELIZABETH SKOGLEY "Beth" "Here's the party, where's scooby?" KAREN URBAN DEBRA VANORSDALE 'Crusin to Florida" "Debbie" DONALD TEFT DIANE WALSH "Donny" "Live today, but never give up dreams Bulldog Teft" of tomorrow . . . Future dreams include Paul." 'E' BARBARA TEFT "Miss Loudmouth always seen with Donna!" REBECCA WESTGATE "Beckey" "Well gotta split!" Famous gemini personalities Bob Dylan .ludy Garland Bob Hope John F. Kennedy Marilyn Monroe kd Jil C' DUNN -dy fy W .fl 4 Cfgdffy gg Qffif of MEM W M O if A WE UDV J? h9flXeJCEf5 WOW 4 'VC 'I I X Q fi X4 x , , ...N Rn N""""'-m N., ,pf wa-W' XK.,,.,.,4f,jggT-.igww A H .N""""'I'-u.o- , , . , .ur r X ,.,- .W-.qvvv I X I -L i i B CARL ANDERSON ROBERT BINGHAM " ob . . , Loves Kathy" DWIGHT BRIGGS CLAUDIA BRESLIN "Is glad to be leaving . . . won't miss it "Clyde" abit." "Rodney . . . F-64!" V , , , ff!! I J ,A DONALD CLARK CHERYL CLAUSON Likes hunting and fishing. Zffiiyziii1p,,yy I Doesn't Sf ,W MICHAEL BIOSEHICHAK "Mike" mind girls! FLORENCE CARLIN "Betsy" SCOTT DORAN H' fin.. SHERYL EDWARDS JUDITH FULFORD "Judy" Loves Johnny . . . July 29, 1972 . . Loves bikes ond parties. 'fir' 3, . 4 .f 3 fl JAMES FOWLER "Jim" KEVIN ENGLE A.V. Crew 'Uv AMPK ARTHUR HALVORSON BARBARA HAMILTON "good-bye Bobby!" VICTORIA HARPER "Vicci" "Little Harp , . . Loves music ond cast parties IW"- SUSAN INGERSON JAN JARMAN M WA' an KAREN LoPOINT JAMES MASTERS FRANK MCGINN 'good-bye!" "Jim" 'I N J A I.-v.,..,A A MICHAEL MINAHAN MARK NICHOLSON MARY PIERCE "Mike" "Life is iust Q voyage. Don'I Ie? if be cm "You guys . . . singe!" shipwreck." ls. 9 I Q.ffl.'Q ,V I' GAIL PONTE MARY ANN SMASHE KATHERINE WILKERSON "Don'I ever Ie? ii rain on your parade." Loves Mike riff, ff ,,,, MATTHEW WINTON KIMBERLY EATON an-.. yi' , SANDRA HARRIS "Sandy" wr-X i-wefiei-c+v,Qg,pr:.,,...,aee," S "Kim" Cancers are sympathetic and capable of showing much understanding . . . they have great depth of feeling. ea IJMX fv WGN ROBERT WIRT "Bob" -,.,q.f. 5 ' wfi?f1::3f X NICHOLAS REIS i E '-'i " . if ae? N 535 X F f N A 3- X' V x 5 Q QQ E A c 351. X Q egg QSM Sw W gigs? 1 if 2 . 'N W4 , M43 ,X 2 Q cw N L V M ,,,, 45:9 gg 'fggigs M M Inu! , L-, L FRANK BAFFONI JANET BARRIE "With Christ in your life, there is some- thing genuine to smile about." JAMES BRIDGES "Jim" JOHN CROUCH MARY GODFREY "Lennie" MARIE GOODNESS "Without Iove c life has no mecning . . . George." I AMELIA BENNETT "I will always be c friend of man." MARION DiRAMO GLORIA HERNANDEZ "Shorty . . . French fries . . . thot's me.!" JAMES KYLE "Joe's Electronics-expert . . . the first half of Jock's TV!" JAMES MATHEWS "Jim" 1 ix TIMOTHY MULVEY "Tim" DEBRA KYDD JOAN MACKELVIE "Loved every minute of il??? Will always remember you." RENEE MCLEROY JAMES MENKE "You guys" . . . would do anything for "Where does lhe modern day scholar anyone. go from here?" . A-r RICHARD NORRIS KIMBERLY O'CONNELL "Kim" SUSAN PAULEY SUSAN PSZONOWSKY PATRICIA RAYNAR "Sue" "Sue" "Pot" Will never forget Bill 49" ,ev i"h-u-an-Q11 E DAVID SHERMAN "Dove" 4-Q -YW DAVID WARD WILLIAM STEERE DAVID TOBLER "Bill" "Now don't interrupt me, I'm going to tell you all your faults . . . " It puzzled her very much at first But after watching it a minute or two She made it out to be a grin. QUT! Vg ., j I .yr . M., -aw CHERYL BAKER '1- -'Y SHARON BROWN 2 J' wk, C NX A ' Q -'eg ' Q 9 ,....,,,,, ,. i I DOUGLAS CAMPBELL "Doug" KAREN BALCHUNAS "great Escape '72 . . . Remembers football games, 9-hr. Chemistry and, Orville Yhe penquinf' MARGARET BUDROCK "Margie" Remembers Rich fu? LW' JR Q, V' V Ry: I li ,E p ' ELLEN CHVOJKA "Ellie" "It's c . . . l Oh, please open a win- dow!" u uf , ,- 1, , .Ml iff MICHAEL BILODEAU W MARGARET BURNE "Margy" ROBERT CLARKE "Bob" 43 ivf"'lN MS I? Q , ,I W ' ff 51, 0 znfh .. I , l l ' GEORGE COTNOIR JAMES FOLEY "Paul" "Jim" ,I 7 6: , vf. ,vm M y ,W 4 1 I WHITNEY HILL vii LINDA GORDON "Has met clot of people whom she has enjoyed especially Jackie Givens and Luke Hazard." M . KATHLEEN HULL JAMES IVERSON "Kathy" "Super Volkswagen!" LAURA JULIAN A. H "Where's the ijlzfsei KEITH McKAY party. . . no. 23!" Jim KERRY McKAY "Mr. Philosopher . . , olwcys on The move!" ef , . .W .- rx CURTIS MILLER "Curt" MARY BETH NORRIS Oh, blast il!" I ' 'ff 'lx . K A '-H M I JOSEPH PAQUET "Larry" CATHERINE MORGAN "Cathy" JANE MORRIS PAULA OLSEN "Wild Redhead running loose . . . Hor- vey Wallbanger Kid." 4, WENDY OLSEN ROBIN PAULSEN "Shh . . . live life to the fullest SRLBl" ALENA PYSARIW ..AIc.. .f,:,,.:z-W JENNIFER RAKE GAIL RAPOSA DARLENE REYNOLDS "Jenny" "Happiness is always laughing." "Shorty" ine ' LAURIE SHEEHAN ,, CRAIG WEBSTER "Likes girls and Track . . . the other half of Jack's T.V. . . . where's Rick?" I I A DENNIS SHOENER "KeiIh" fr 1' if I i i i A X X W ANDREW WEINER AIAndYl' KIM SMITH "Smitty" JOAN WILLIAMS "friends of my friends are my friends! , ,418 Q w sm- 'fu - I I , ,V I, --b , . , 1- ,,-. . f M. ., 4, ,,,, ,N DAVID ANDRE ' ALLISON BROOKS I STEVEN BLINKHORN ' 'Steve" W 1 JOAN CHABOT ,xr QQ' ,H ., . ,Af ' . . . loves dumb A iokes . . . has funny sense of humor." 48 J, E 5 WILLIAM BATES "Bruce" Remembers Donna :I I Z CHARLES FENNER CAROL FLETCHER CATHY GRAHM DONNA HAGGARTY 'Tw ' ,. ,,,. .V .1 7 51 1 L 1 .ifgf , if 4 N .,'8L,f51M jeff L f , -. wr ., 11 -, xx f e . 1 , 35 . I c J' as I,- M , i A . PATRICK HANNON "Pct" " I OOM Nathan" HAROLD JONES CHARLES LOIGNON , ,. 'zfqg- 'i.f,.gz f ' f 4, SE W Y an 2 4 7 .if- yi I e - gWT1l'1x-A3- - 'W w 1 ,33 f 4' ' 1' 4 X Il W t l ., JAMES LAZERTE "Jim" , .ggi 3. ' Vg , My If nv ic' fd ad' LAURA LUSSIER PATRICK MALONE "Marie" "P0"' "Eh, Baby . . . could be rough . . HI fold YOU S0 - - - Ffflnk ZUPP0 Und Igloo , , , lolqmhej' the mothers of Invention." x ,f Y mf 1' ' . 5, .ff 5"7' if-f'N . I I fy .. , at .fy ' " .I . I lgqf f - ,MI . -f 2522 Q7 I 2 V' -.- -Q1 ga' iw vt, L 'Q Y G ii ,a ti- W' V A 221, 1 1 4 . Wf WE , ROARK MAYNARD SUSAN KENNY A EDWINA MILLER "Cathy" Jamestown. . . BRIAN MURTAGH MAUREEN QUINN ..Be,h.. Misses Neal! TERI RYAN "I see!" SUSAN NICHOLSON CRAIG PIERCE "Sue" yL xg, ff 1 X fy ? f if fi X 4' C, igmff X I ,Z f, .rw -, f ' FRANKLIN REED RICHARD REID Feed your head, il's a Art "Rick" Likes cars, track , . . and Robbie!" fm WILLIAM SALAMON RICHARD SHERIDAN "Bill" QW' CHERYL SHERMAN Hlolanthe cast parfy?? Looking forward fo June 9ih" M7525 FRANCES SLAUTA "Shermie" "Fran" "When the day is done, Fran is done, gone with the sun" .J-if PAUL SPATCHER GAIL SWEENEY X MICHAEL SLAUTA "Mike" CHARLES VALLET "Charlie" "Looks forward to weekends, Pieis quickiesf' it asf 2 is A is Ek 5,655 5 N9 QE WT IIDI LOUANN VIVEIROS "Unimportant, of course, I meant." the king hastily said and went on to himself in an undertone. "Important - unimportant - unimportant - important -" as if were trying which would sounded best. ,..,,-sv .. ', . ., , . - , ',.V ia. ., ,.,l' I ,ki JAMES WALSH MIKE WILLIAMSON JOHN YEOMANS "A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse." if ,- f f , . "ji -.,.. - , -..-umffw.. , ' ' ,VN ,. s My I V wa.. 74? 74, VIRGINIA APONIK CYNTHIA BAER STEPHEN CAMPBELL ..Ginny.. ncindy.. G.F. . . . aggravationl JUDY CAREW LAURIE CASON ELIZABETH CHRISTENSEN Remembers the nights in Vermont . . "I know what you mean . . . Straw "Beth" cosmo Dogs . . .November 7I." DAVID CICHY SUSAN COONS "He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sunday's . . . " 2 , A ft' I3 A KIMBERLY CRAWFORD "Kim" PATRICIA DION "Pat" "Smile, Smile, Smile, and keep a song in your heart." 11 LESLIE FLOOD 3, "Allen" ' 'l,.. I I fn, A13 AAIAV: : A I ERNEST GOLDING .IOANN DOBOS "Mouth! . . . weekends! . . . ccn't han- dle it . . . John H .... always seen with Donna. DOUGLAS FRAGEORGIA "Things are rough all over, but they are getting better!" SUSAN HAMM "Sue" "Porky" 1 F BRENDA DOW PETER FRAGEORGIA "Faith, hope, Love" '5 '1 GALE JOHNSON Ernie" RICHARD KING ROBIN KING "Horses, running frack . . . Kenny!" ION LAURA MATHEWSON PETER MCLAURIN "Laurie" "Why do today, what you can put off till tomorrow? . . . likes fast music and hockey." DONNA PELTIER ALAN STAFFORD "Senior sfudy's card shark!" KEITH MAGGIO PHILIP NOSS "He who shall not when he may Ihough he would, shall have nay!" PAMELA THROOP "Pam" CLAUDIA "Cookies . . . will Senior gym class." .Ak-1 '-1 -ff WEEKLEY ROBERT WHITAKER always remember "Rob" "8-ball, left pockel . . . cu? the eyes off! HELEN WILDING "Love is having that very special feeling for that very special person . . . Joe Krzak Jr." You'll seldom see a Scorpio give himself away by blushing or flushing, frowning or grinning 1 I , -.. i Q v , 1 Q 'W,l'Lze2 5 W ,f Q W' my 4 r f 1 M . ,,..,. I X ,:.f - ., X . , , mr aj ,Q N fwxmv df .V V ,UA Q fs V 1' 'X ' K 'i ."'!!!, VVQVE 'f Q ,, , W7 ,gk :E ,ff jg! X iff 2 qs if fi wi w . 3 X .1WV . 1 b ,,,.A I .X V Q ' M 53 J , b """" ffwmfwf-was K K Q 5 , A 5 i ,.sw-awww 'rw it 1'7- 1,47 X15-PM SAMUEL ADAMS PATSY ALSTON "Sam" "Grand year '73 . . . great school spirit .L PATRICIA BRITTON "Parry" "Ellie, it's not . . . Please close the win- dow!" 144121. SUSAN FARR "And the flat little houses struggle for identity by painting their shutters a dif- ferent color." . . . can't wait till tomorrow!" 1 l L A Q tlii l it ARTHUR CHANDLER "Waiting for it to snowl" DEBORAH GUILBERT Richll il THOMAS BAILEY "Tom" fr DESIREE DRAKE i iiil MONIQUE HOYING "One track mind . . . Oh yea is .NN JACK KINNEY RICHARD KUSTER WILLIAM LANG "All you have Io do is die." "Bill" Voip 09, fix qw ,,....-ah IH. - if A me MICHELLE LEVESQUE DEBORAH LUSIGNAN JAMES LYNCH IoIanfl1e" "Likes Io write problems and meet peo- "Jim" ple. 'al I ii E IQ ,ie iiiiieii I ...CQ IQ' . . DEE MADUSKY PHILIP McNAMARA LAURI MII-I-IGAN 'Lovely to meet you . . . Oh no!" "Glorious intoxication of the soul is the reward of all who seek it in the bosom of nature." MARK O'NEIL gif -: l -,I-ffsvf f, A.AA - , xl x i X l :Q Q - I 5 STEVEN PAQUIN "Surge, l iust don'1 know . . . animals." Swrg KATHLEEN POWELL "Kath" QU? TWV MAUREEN O'SHAUGHNESSEY CHARLENE PAQUET Loves Mark . . . wedding in the near Loves to sew. . . enjoys soc-hops . . . future?" fini! u.s. Haseow ,VJ JM' A if 'fgiflvjggf 377 fuiwfolllw wwf f ffgfl TERRI PAULSON RUTH ANN PHELPS was 9' Wm 'lk -A T T JOHN POWLESLAND DENISE QUATTROMANI "TCE , . . Taking care of Billy," 61 all rf? LISA SCHIMANSKY MARK SHEARER WENDEL SHELDON , FK .. X1 NX GREGORY sLoAN "Greg" Hey Baby Cakes" Every Sagittarian is something of a gambler . . . they can not resist throwing a couple of bills "Wendy" ROBIN THACKER Loves football, basketball, ond Harpo Marx. I? As .vs ' i RUTH ARNOLD W! NANCY AUDIBERT GEORGE BUDIHAS "Met Robert . . . Jamestown . . . and "Loves Carol . . . Sept. 4, 1971 . . . One Way!" Iet's go and give 'em . . . love that screen pass!" ,I Yugi' xW' JOYCE CONN r I MAUREEN FITZGERALD QI' ELIZABETH DIRGA CHARLES ELDRED "Louie . . . bcybi" "She's real fine my Hog . . , 56 nomad . . .get it onl" ,.,,,vQ' QW? R, if Liieti I it A',V iv F V TX , I, ,, X ROBERT FROBERG WILLIAM GOODHUE "Is the FBI watching?" "Chip" ARTHUR GOULD NORA GRAY LINDA HAWKINS "Buddy" "FreckIes" "Squeak . . . Remembers the cost par "Cool your iefsl" ties!" YUM -...f-' fr mf 5 Q. I X I A - u u r H- .W 'A . zzu H 4 Y DAVID KOK MARJORIE MALSTROM ARLENE PALAZZO The teacher to be . . . f in WILLIAM PENNINGTON DENISE PERRAULT "Bill" 4 fm ,W W' .fm 4 I I I PHILIP PETROPOULOS CHRISTINE RUGGIERI "PhiII' "Chris" "Winning is fhe only thing." "One of our cufe lihle wops really?" CAROL STANDEVEN EDWARD ST. GERMAIN MARK THORNLOW ..Ed.. 'Q , f ROXANNE URISH JOHN ZINA N- 'R , , I Wm 55, ,iz-wwfizgyzzf' 4-aa... Q W 4" 1 XY-3 Q4 SANDRA ARNOLD "Sandi" 2? WILLIAM DORRANCE ROBERT CAHOUN DENISE DiBLASI "Bob" "Christ is all I need." f'Un ROBYN EASTWOOD DEBRA EDGAR ..Bmy.. 1 V . lv, 1 M- gi '--4-"' , f ':L" 5 if XV' ,ww fl, Q M R: vj I A ERIC ELIASON THOMAS FORTUNE PAUL GUILBERT "Tom" "K.P.C.G. . . . for always and a ay What?" "The RaI's are winning." KAREN HUNT ANDREW KINNECOM Paul . . . Paul "Loves archery and "Andy" baseball" "You only go around once in life, so grab for all the gusto you can get." CHERYL MOURA "Cherrie" STEVEN MATTESON ROXANNA PRATT RICHARD QUERN "Loves Gary . . . April 25, 1970" "Rich" "Remembers Mcrgie" DIANN KOPPANG MARIANNE POULES MADONNA RAYMOND "Joe. . . Always." DAVID SALLEY 'Today is the tomorrow of yesterday." RICHARD SILVIA "Likes hi-performance cars, skiing, lone in particuIar!J" IV' SUSAN WIENANDT PETER SMERKAR DONNA STEARNS "Vodka, music, Sue." mf' if R x 1 T . . 0 4', ,M ali' I il? f. I L' .i'k K ii KAREN THORNLEY girls "R.E.G. and Baby cakes are my pals 'Bell' - - - . . . 3 years and still going." W00k9f'dS-" "You'll have to be constantly prepared for the unexpected with Aquarians . . . can suddenly short circuit you with the most amazing statements and actions at the most unpredictable times!" STEVE UPHAM Eat a toad . . . love those Q 2. f u W' Q 'N U 1 5 , 6 S. ,-5 KIMBERLY ANDERSON DALE BASS "Kim" "Ughl" "K.P.C.G.l" 10' I ,MM SY sono JoN cHlsHoLM A ,RJ if :V 5. . if ' 4 X N.. x. k 44" Gu tx K saw, x Q ,Av no ,X U X WJNLQQ QLLX DONNA HAZARD CLIFFORD JOSLIN 3rd "Future in Ari . . . " "Wallace" 72 JEANETTE BEATTY DEANNA HAZARD EILEEN KOFERL "Hog6I" W , 1,5 fn-f VV mggii. THOMAS MAGANA FRANK MOSE RAYMOND MARTIN FRANK MENDES ..RaY.. "Hey Man, Whatcha doing." CHARLENE NASON ANGELINA PEMANTEL ..Angie.. "Main Interest, Larry." e g WALTER REULBACH JOANNE REYNOLDS GARDINER SALISBURY CARL SMITH "Hey where's my Stevie Boy?" yd' MICHAEL WHITE "That's a heavy rap monl . . . always bright eyed!" Pisces often escape into rosy day dreams . . . Q- UNDERCLASSMEN law . Top row - C. Therrien, McAuliffe, J. Kinney, T. DeFusco, Boss, C. Hill, N. Zarahan 2nd row - J. Goulet, C. Riel, Sanderson, M. MacLaughlin, Nagle, D. Dalton, J. Toland Front - Mr. Laughlin 5 Simonelli, L. Gomes ,f X S. Jones, Mr. Hunt, P. Taylor, C. Hielt D. Reels, N. Callanan Ist row -T. D'Amico, N. Robinson, R. DiSaia 2nd row - L. Records, T. Daolo, C. Hillsdale, F. Johnson, G. Peddle 3rd row - F. Waxman, B. Edwards, B. Burchett, S. Joslin, R. Lyons Standing - S. Lusignan, J. Wilcox, P. Miozza, B. Wood, S. Rake, L. Ano- nuevo, S. Cambell, D. Charlton, B. Sitting - P. Coyle, S. Cherry, K. Bailey, S. Schmidt, M. Dupre, C. Raubeson, G. Shepard, K. Haggarty, J. Thomas, D. Peck, B. Bell, M. Bartinck Seated - D. Lischo, D. Foss, B. Butts, L. Walsh, C. Carew, P. Backer, P. Cansfiled, L. Jamison, L. Ronan, A. Perry, E. Sherman Top - P. Ryan, M. Floyd, A. Lyons 3rd row - R. Lipsitz, D. Ball, N. Burgess, J. Wells, M. Romanelli, L. Smith, J. Cureton 2nd row - A. Perry, A. Willis, D. Whaley, D. Amick, R. Straight lst row - J. Salemi, L. Brown, D. Eccleston, L. Helms, Miss Tisdell, C. Publiano, P.VRitman, V. DeLong J. Schroeder, T. Chesna, B. Rice, D. Salisbury, S. Lewis, G. Jaruis, R. Col- lins, M. Zizza, D. Pierce, K. Caraher ls! row - A. Tucker, D. Downe, S. SL Sauver, E. Klopella, T. Moody 2nd row - B. Larson, D. Sabo, L. Champlin, Mrs. Lemrow, D. McKinney, R. Mason, D. Perrota, K. Soper, K. Palma 3rd row - C. White, T. Capilisto, J. Hayes, R. Blais, R. McBride, D. Brown, R. Archer, J. Moffii, S. Searder, J. Latimer Isl row - N. Reels, M. Stevens, V. Hansfine, D. Dougherty, D. Melucci 2nd row - D. Young, P. Gardiner, D. Fuller, S. Macdonald, R. Johnson, R. Briggs, L. Scharfenstein Isl row - D. Larson, S. Slocum, M. Underhill, R. Smifh, G. Hawsauer, M. Gooding, K. Wilder, J. McKay, D. Saurey, J. Thornlow 2nd row - M. Pugliano, J. Northrup, W. Edison, C. Collins, S. Carroll, N. Lopoinf, R. Bafaycan, K. Rogers lst row - H. Vandervort, M. Cannell 2nd row - S. Slo Armstrong, M. Hinsey, F. Bartlett, M. O'Neil, R. Armstrong ane, J. Baker, J. Laycock, R. Zins lst - S. Ballou, M. DiBIasi, S. Paige, M Maynard, J. Nelson, F. Warner, D. Damin guez, V. Flood 2nd row - G. Hartnett, M. Tierney, C Kruegar, R. Gooding, R. Gains, J. Farring ton, L. Swanson, C. Frazier 3rd row - J. Kearney, L. Cutting, J. Mac- Kelvie, A. Ford, S. Amsler, J. Toole, K Turner er, F. Donance 3rd row - Mr. Grenier, R. ,f Tap row - Mr. DiSaia, J. Bridges, S. Campo, P. Fleming, B. Wilcox, J. LaFIash, B. Spadoni Sitting - B. Wallacy, R. Monahan, G. Hartley, ...S-M Back row standing - M. Corrente, M. Skaggs, K. Sheridan, J. Caputo, T. Sherman, C. Ramos, C. Kirchner, A. Bodzioch, R. Hammersley 2nd row standing - J. Webb, D. Boulhillier, R. Kruger, J. Barnum, C. Lombardi, J. Judd, R l.ePage Seated - F. O'Connor, P. Connolly Q s W ' 4 4 H W av' Q y e.,.,y.,, g hx Left to right - V. Betterley, Mr. DeSaia, R. Knight, P. Welch, J. Nevins, T. Malme, S. Brehm, J. Fulford, C. Crudden, M. Guy, K. Cavitt, B. Essex, A. Pucino, P. Hallene, L. Lenier, J. Jones, J. Roque, S. Rau Left to right - Mr. Disaia, S. Byingston 2nd row - D. Behing, P. Farmer, J. Scannell, H. Foun- tain, D. Bellamy, S. Weinandt, N. St. Germain, B. Col- win, N. Smith, J. Westervelt, S. Williams lst row - S. Reid, T. Hagist, J. Batey, N. Duten, J. Wilcox, J. McDonald chef, K. Richardson, J. Brunelle Front row - Peter Weller, Jim Turnbull, Milton Caswell Back row - B. Mathews, R. Heidman, G. Moyan- Standing af the rear - K. Dymling, C. Jones, E. Riccio, J. Hoffman, S. Presley, S. Thrope, C. Vining Standing - S. Becker, H. Hawker, R. Sheldon, B. Truesdale, R. Cabelli Left lo right, 2nd row - S. Cutting, M. Corey, K. Smashe, S. Delicaudro, Mr. Sheldon, T. Anonueuo, J. Moon lsf row - M Hevenor, P. Hammond, J. While, S. Secombe f,.,Z34. Standing - D. Dwelly, J. Edwards, A. Hon, L. Maffeson 2nd row - Mr. Laughlin, E. Huneau, C. Siogren, N. Poffer, T. Bealieu Seated - C. Allen, M. Skaggs, D. Saccoccia - Top row standing - O. Holt, S. Blanchehe, S. Ryng, E. Pauley, J. Mangini, D. Ruggeri, J. Grabe, A. Cruz, B. Farmer Sitting down - J. Hammond, R. Arnold, C. Paquet, C. Babbif, L. Williams, M. Anacho, M. Payne, B. Barneh, Mrs. Lemrow Standing - D. Karkos, C. Halvorson, S Swanson, E. Eliason, B. Larkin, M. Swanson A. Clarke, D. Woodward, ,A. Clouter, G Hinton, T. Lawrence M . "' 'H' Thank you Q I Thank you Thank you! Front row - E. Burdett, L. Morris, K. Hanson, J. Mattson, F. Weller Center - J. Murawski, V. Long, M. LeaVene, L. Klages, C. Johnson, K. Hobday, S. Brookwell, M. Horton, M. Wenke, L. Vietri, F. Wilkerson, S. Ricci, R. Ryan Back - D. Bass, T. Becker, P. Forsell, D. Douglas, S. Williams lst row - S. Amato, T. Sweck, D. Gurnon, J. Wilson 2nd row - D. Bott, F. Sordillo, D. Martinez, J. Brownell 3rd row - T. Scott, M. Fournier, H. Eaton, K. Britton, C. Lindgren ,hm YI!!! s-W. ...ZESZHQ mi: 'L'f',.:,"0f' 'M Standing - H. Thomas, J. Collonam, T. Briggs Sitting - D. Vallier, C. Wicker .ff I , ,. ,W , , f""Xa ZX -' Front row - B. Nearing, J. Flores, M. Webster, C. Frese, J. Nicholasm, T. Szot, J. Delvecchio Back row - J. Bodzioch, M. Wilson, M. Ryng, K. Linden, W. Morris, D. Colicci, N. Bowermon, L. Dow, D. Bailey, P. Ward, S. Cogwell, Mr. Corente ' ... M, 6 Seated - D. Bulter, T. Campbell, E. Gordon, J. Trotter, S. Evit, E. Leach Standing - B. Powell, A. Siglin, J. Siiogen, J. Kraniz, M. Morinho, D Baker, L. Melton, P. Victoria, A. Hamilton, R. Babbit 'Tiff .1 ,.,,,,4i N... Seated - K. Wilbur, K. Vallier, P. Arvidson, W. Lessard Standing - R. Todd, R. Elliot, B. Bennett, J. Cole, T. Dorrance '7,"""' Q, ,BIA ,,.,Mf-f Back row - T. Cranston, S. Pell ter, T. Daubenspeck, T. Buddies D. Champlin, W. Parker, J. Han nan, J. Andrade 3rd row - L. Corrente, M. McDade, N. Thomas, Miss Con- way, T. Miller, B. DiSaia, L. Jenne, C. Gillian 2nd row - W. Whifford, J. Golowacz, B. Vargus, J. Kydd, J. Jones lsr row - P. McLeroy, C. Brown, L. Hartneh, S. Win, S. Stone, F. Hall, M. Seander Y Back row - D. Hope, C. Costa, K. Garret, M. L Magrafh, C. Hand, D. Garret Front row - L. Shearer, T. Cole, D. Zina, R. Pemenfell Back row - J. Sewell, N. Mac- Donald, J. Tallman, J. Taylor, J. Caswell, V. Revens, D. Keery, S. Hathaway, S. Schanz Front row - S. Koppang, D. Demers, P. Callard, A. DiSaIvo Front row - L. Wiesner, W. Brown, S. Shearman, J. Arke, R. Zeine, D. Clarke, W. Barnes, R. Fredette Second row - R. Hanna, S. Carew, C Paulson, D. Alsfeld, C. Desiarlais, C. Tourgee, K. White Standing - P. Caswell, C. Bouthiller, E. Balchunas, Debbie Lawrence, J. Morrison, E. Olsen, R. Fage, J. Vasquez, J. Clarke, T. Smagda, J. Perkins, P. Pedeezani Sittin - S. Dean T. Cook K. Wienandt, K. MacAuliffe, J. Clark, T. Blair, J. Medlin, I. Patterson Standing - A. Solomen, 9 1 1 K. Northup, T. Bender, V. Valenti, L. Boggs, C. Liston, P. Quinn, L. Dunaway, J. Hielt, D. Levesque, P. Engle, G. Dailey, I. MacCrae, E. Colson, C. Ward I..- W, f x .---Q... Seated - F. Goodness, K. Smith, K. Maynard, K. O'Neil, P. Turner, T. Loveday, M. Jamison, N. Pierce, D. Murray Standing - R. Downey, B. Nelson, W. Williams, D. Holcomb, C. Bataycan, M. Coor, P. Hanrahan, J. Maxwell, E. Muller, J. Furtado ls! row - S. Edwards, M. Rau, C. Gardiner, G. Lussier, E. Backer, P. Records, J. Kennedy 2nd row - C. Fleming, J. Magnanf, C. Cummisky, M. Bannister, K. Coleman, G. Walters, P. Cook, D. Lewis, K. Milko, J. Acciardo, Mr. Maynard 3rd row - G. Johnson, L. Lynch, N. Chadwick, M. Jubrniville, L. Moore, H. Melvin, K. Shaw, P. Renge, B. Judd LA. Margery Quinn S+ L.,-,, X' lst row - G. Fitzgerald, D. Tucker, L. Chisolm, L. Miller, D. Blais, D. Stern 2nd row - M. Bosgraaf, D. Wirl, J Sleere, G. Clark 3rd row - W. Fournier, T. Hull, P. Allen, G. Vivieros, B. Messier, C. Milburne, D. Hill, P Crooker, M. Welch, J. Durnin, J. Undset, R. Lang, T. Vitko, B. Polenaude sa iiiiifwaffh Standing - Mr. Corrente, R. Delvecchio, W. Blaine, D. Roberti, P. Coleman, J. Budrock, R. Moor, P. Fenelon, D. LeDoux, K. Barton, J. Kramer, A. Carlson, G. Murdock, K. Johnson, D. Devries, D. Butts, W. Fuller, D. Clarke, D. Bartlett, E. Arnold, L. Turney, S. Washburn, G. Walsh Seated- S. Henry, B. Morris, B. Zarafonitis, K. Magini K A ..'-.-... N..q,i.s..... A I Uni fur? A 'S KI' lst row - S. Schimansky, P. Lawrence, L. Jackson, L. Dorr 2nd row -- S. Lazerte, L. Jomes, P. Sabo, T. Jacks, D. Yetton, L. Marsyla, J. Waddington, S. Foge, D. Fowler 3rd row - L. Brewer, D. Sullivan, J. Greene, R. Solomon ns...-'iff'-' YS ' K Standing - J. Dihman, G. Sherman, T. Lawton, R. Holden, D. Pugliano, L. Dudley, A. Cotnoir, L. Allen Sitting on rock - K. Corse, J. O'NeiI, M. Bartos, W. Kenny, D. O'Leary, K. Ise Sitting - D, Dodge, C. Todeo, M. Byrne, R. Hawkins, G. Minchak, A. Soper lst row - M. Morris, G. Moore, J. Black, J. Caswell, P. Towhill 2nd row -- Miss Tisdell, S. Nuttal, M. Lombard E. Schiller, N. Williams, C. Moore, P. Bengford Ist row - D. Forte, L. Payton, E. Potter, M. Olafson, J. Chadwick, J. Thompson 2nd row - D. Shread, J. Bekth S. Tardiff, P. Smith, C. Brow, B. Chipman 3rd row, standing - Mike Kennedy, P. Duffy, Miss Tisdell I Q" ii' Standing - R. Cahoun, L. Camus, L. Guy, S. Kohlman, G. Cook, G. Moorehead, R. Morse Seated - Z. Oller, F. Deanglo, R. Bouchard, T. Broadway, J. Wilkins, M. Bannister, D. Young "Don't you know A YT H I G? ..a-ar, q I A t v- fr-W. r FW B ' 'iam' i N an-1"'f J". V 2 ' 'WP " Standing - M. Hutcheson, D. Kincaid, G. Kettele, R. Fry, F. Viora Sitting - K. Stafford, B. Drake, J. Iverson, B. Sheehan, J. Woods ll Q, 4 'Q lst row - S. Teller Sihing - B. Mirawski, R. Sevigny, M. Fuguea, C. Buddes, C. Marquis ' Back row - R. Mikeia, P. Piva, A. Burgess M. Picard, L. Bugbee, G. Spafcher, L. Lind- gren, D. Taylor, G. O'DeIl Front row - L. Ray, C. Morris, R. Iacovone, K. Malloy, Lou O'NeiI, T. Wright Seated - D. Green, B. Porter, P. Stevenson Borfom - P. Rulowski, G. Coghrane, K. Lyons, T. Allen, J. Fisette, B. Hoffman Middle - A. Heueft, L. Amick, S.. Henry, G. Mrcory, L. Lee, A. Hisey, D. Neary, R. Jarvis, D. Dell, K. Laveder Top - Miss Tisdell, K. Mclver, W. Crossen s.......1,,- Sealed -- D. Lancaster, T. Jolinson, L. Gom Turillo, D. Slannard, D. Dufra, T. Bridges L s.. ww gan, es Standing - E. Noel, E. Laughlin, M. Freifas, F. Murphy, F. Crump, R. -,Q 1 Wwwwy' M- O .nA '15 1 my .a an 3 m t 1"""'--Q., Z' 55?-Wai M Hyip, ., , rwmw... , amwmsaim V - mwwngigi X ,HM TOTAL Stiff :Sm-2 vim ' " 'E 5 mi' nu 49' Patterson, S. Perotta, J. Ingerson, J. Seated - T. Wright, C. Walter, A. Bott Standing - C. Swain, E. Silva, C. Marek, S. Hukleberry, S. Thompson, T. Crump lst row - M. Golding, R. Hall, T. Kettelle, L. Perkins 2nd - G. Nash, S. Noel, M. Duffin, D. Wellen 3rd - D. Ryan, S. Melton, G. Baker, G. Charest Wnefii S Front row - A. Winton, K. Ward, C. Schmidt, B. Morris, D. Conklin, M. Hilt, L. Straight, K. Sprague , Back row - B. Brownell, K. Weeks, L. Gur- ney, C. Ryan, Mr. Laughlin, R. Hutchins v- 0 ...v 4--Q W. VLQQ- ,Lf W vw 4' ff-RMP -.15 Isl row - J. O'Shaughnessy, E. Brown, J. Johnson, J. Braun, S. Feeney, K. Norton Row 2 - B. Wyalt, P. Chrisfman, J. Brownell, C. Loveday, C. Monlgomery, P. Smashe Row 3 - C. Campo, J. Dean, E. Eggeft, S. Romano, B. Allen, K. Nelson, L. McKenny, P. Marcks, K. Kranz Back row - J. Cranston, N. Cruz, A. Ham- rick, F. Slcgliano, J. Palmer, M. Rolkowski K. Harnois 2nd row - D. Sherman, B. Coftrel, B Brainsted, S. Ellis lst row - G. Biron, J. Brenock, D. Hol combe, S. Mikefa, C. Dorow, D. Foor Back row - L. Donovan, K. Caswell, K. Klapp, B. Lomarque, W. Emery, M. Vance, P. Anderson, P. Mancini Front row - C. Hall, T. Johnson, R. For- est, R. Smilh, J. Magana Y 1 Am Standing - Mr. Dunne, B. Pinto, S. Aylward, L. Sherman, D. Scannel, N. Hill, P. Dow, J. Brown, K. Nelson, K. Palmer, M. Thornlow, N. Pacquin, K. Callahan, B. Cummings Front - B. Cleary, F. Slader, D. Forester, L. Baker, M. Swanson, D. Bender, J. Stralka, J. Hickey, O. Chesbro it Front - J. Schneid, J. Rutkenicz, B. McGrory, D. Norris Back - R. Sullivan, ' J. Sirois, J. Trogaskis, E. Melton, J. Kynaston, M. Weaver, D. Black P3 E95 IQ, -. Front - T. Mathewson, R. Saccocia, W. McDonald 2nd - P. Peterson, J. Sheridan 3rd - D. McAleer, B. Toland, S. Crump Standing - L. Sutphin, S. Smool, B. Glenn, C. Brennan, S. Waldrey, M. MiKema, T. Decker, S. Hernandez, H. Jones, M. Cureton Back row - E. Sweet, T. Conley, K. O'Rourke, D. Lanier 2nd row - K. Hicks, D. Thomas, D. Gagliardi, C. Ellsworth, I. Siogren, R. Hayes, J. Tanner, T. Staklecker, I. Sweet, J. Etchingham 3rd row - G. Dudley, D. Ruffner, G. Dutton, D. Hisey, D. Undset, R. Cuddy, M. Gray, R. Marconi, D. Linnell, C. Fuez 1. Back row - J. Cotnoir, M. Pucino, J. Pick, D. Chasm, T. Dunklee, G. Lipsitz, C. Maynard, D. Freitas, M. Ward, W. Griner, S. Greene 2nd row - P. Raiotte, D. Lacombe, B. Rowe, D. Holcomb, D. Carr, D. Quigley, D. Black, G. Gardiner lst row - B. May, B. Trainer Ex A... f Srila Back row - F. Bomford, S. Carter, R. Vanorsdale, M. Malley, J. Solding, D. Sowle, J. Schiller, O. Becote lst row - E. Autry, J. Dunn, J. Willur, M. Kanice, M. Clork, D. Terry Top row fstandingj - R. Sheenon, S. Burchette, L. Seander, M. Clark, R. Coplar, J. Salley, A. Bowers, M. Bailen, C. Richie, B. Farmer, L Clarke Third row - R. Deluca, J. Brown, M. Olafson Second row - J. Gielisse, J. Loman, L. Hanstine First row - C. Murphy, K. Hannon, C. Lucaski in-. Top row Istandingl - J. Ransom, R. Sheraian, J. Byington, S. Taylor, J. Grahm, R. Johnson, G. Bean, M. Murtagh, C. Bartnik, M. Tierney, L. Ford, S. Car Third row - S. Taylor, P. St. Onge, P. Caswell Second row - C. Jackson, K. Darker, V. Veach First row - G. Stanton --4 1 Hrst row - M. Bartlett, G. Marquis, D. Wolfe, P. Smith, S. Chamnlin Second row - S. Wilson, M. Roberts, A. Stern, J. Burns, D. Pilson, J. Wescott, C. Kirk, C. Royle Third row - E. Odion, B. Flaro, B. Hopkins, K. Smith, C. Lehnertz, T. Bentley Back row - B. Ruzzo, S. Nodeau, J. Forlune, P. Hughes, D. Kelly, J. Blacks, L. Ryan, J. Kinney, R. Maxness, S. Blair 2nd row - M. Jeixela, J. Lischio, J. Nerohma, D. Keller, D. Dullon, S. Suary, D. Paylon lsr row - D. Douglas, S. Goodness, J. Forliner, R. Valenti, P. Wchilh, M. McKena Nw X Back row - P. Smilh, S. Hausouer, P. Liston, R. Dynesois, S. Granger, C. Salomon, D. Esles, K. Brown, S. Malfhews, K. Willis, J Proulx, D. Prusiecki Sihing -- B. Boutheller, L. Sullivan, M. Hillian, M. Norris, D. Curran Standing - T. Turco, C. Richardson, S. Courtemarch, J. Harrington, M. Carew, N. Dana, K. Dorr, C. Batchellor, D. Cowell, C. Ryan, V. Lasky, M. lgoe, W. Hazard, G. Frettoloso Sitting - R. James, K. Crosson, J. Ginda, J. Beuth, E. Clark, T. Muffley, P. Walsh, E. Miller, R. Stevenson, K. Goeke, M. Cook, L. Hayes, S. Martin it , , ,, --ani' si., gm "Me Tarzan - You Jane" l Back row -- S. Beno, R. Angell, T. Storey, D. Richardson, S. Keery, K. Sloenson, G. Dorrance, S. Schroeder, D. Briggs, K. Carter, D. Robinson, S. Johnson, Mr. Maynard Middle row - M. Sylvia, P. Carnell, M. Matoes, J. Taylor, C. Smith lst row - J. Menkson, J. Tafta, D. Oliver, M. Seymour, J. Rogers lst row - K. Barry, M. Salvatore, T. Murphy, P. Waring 2nd row -- D. Myette, M. Haggarty, K. McWilliams, J Troll, M. Sylvester, J. Sordillo, J. Bouthiller 3rd row -- Mr. Dunne, M. Roper, H. Wilson, D. Santucci, B. Auxford K. Darcy, C. Farrington A Q lst row - C. McNeil, J. Burdyck, R. Wilder, J. Arkwright, Hatampa, J. Malm, L. Weigart 2nd row - J. McKay, L. Boyce, D. Berry, E. Rau, J. Dowd, D. Frageorgia, P. St. Coeur, C. McCarvill, S. Miozza 3rd row - T. Lauck, C. Terry, C. Poules, K. Coor, Mr. Dunne Isl row - D. Thompson, J. Zina, R. Beaupre, C. Arnold, M. Hillier 2nd row - R. Aust, R. Dowell, S. Alger, M. Urich, P. Glaspie, D. St. Sauver, B. Westgate A TIME FUR LEARNING 'N Nm Q K ,QM QF f 1'f"fs1gi-' X f-1 My s .X K U k I H KV W K: A . . WV... . i . T TT A TIME WHEN YOU JUST CANT I' V 'T ' ,ml 1 , . 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Pucker upl ,rf j' - X Oh well.. e d it ,K m . m g X -.t.-... mfg' yi .xpmw W : 'Q' f C ' if L 'R N' '51-if A Y M ax .e fm Q 2+ R1 L4 H . kg M N wx X X., ,X , -ef 'R m Q Ax Ni,-353' ,hx R ' Q 'gf 1 1 e 9,35 avg? ga' sf, ,gm ' B Q R X 'Hi g Q 4, rmmxg my gg A 1 U is ' S My X N a' 5 N e W R x-1 me N . , ii X M . , R K5 Y, xxgm 'ky W if it Q -, Qi r A- Y ,5 Q W ' XV . , 1 - - X Worldwide delivery "Levitcfion is my game" ,f:1,,. 4- ff f v N, ., N th ,uv KJ -'fnye ,N vw, Q mg? if w x we ?5,31?ifW ' V - M C-QT -. YS? 57 5 if ,Q gg A, RL f Q H A X 31' 9 Coach K QGYIIS EQ saw 1 VVI' A , , ,,, -'-If: 'C , w .ff J "Yi 74-' ,nv p w. n -'L ' ' , ,ii .ny WN, 7' im" .As -, .,.. . I . . ,, , .. , - 1 N-1 -,QX A -'Tic if F -' A25 -1"fl, ? A 2 . . " ' X ww . ,,.....,.-1 , .W , ,Em N., ,W , V, , .1 ,,,. f Q1 ,,,,. 1 -I f'.. ,Q .f -,f , Jr" ' , ff 05 A .-WZ. gifs. Freshman Baseball Team ,f I ls, ' rr, Ib' X-ni 4' .W tg K ,, 6' 4 f , W,- - - -4, ' u . -. 4 , 0 .i"' . . . S 4' , ff' 4 L. .. 3, - 5+ 6 5' gf, ' . fv ' ,sf h, 5 ,, i , -'Y in ,Ek w.f1i'4- 7 Q 'E-:E M., H L: tr ,, -. If ,, ., i Q - nz , P56 1 4 J f . '5 , Q. 2. ,,, 'U' Q.,,J 'ff 1' Pg? ' Sr ' f f J , ,, , 4' ,. ' W '. 4' , ' 1.-1 V ' X X., L . . ..' 4 ,I -n., 1 wk f 5 , ? I fi" , . fi Q , W 'ft':Mf, '17 W4-' r. EV 3 if ' K + . , .1 ,N 5 1 Y Q v' e If v va ' A 't, " .45 .K v 234. T 1' f -' 1 ' Q !f . I' f' - ,pi-I Q 5? Q3 , .V 9223 .ig '.,f'5-sy w f ff fi ., - Of 4 ' J ' .A 1 vu, . . -W Q . ,AV Q ff 1 l 0 I , 41' , nf. , 5 " ff ,. . ' -n .- ' 4 yi. Sf Ai' ,Q u . 55 fig-r' f LH A: K 4- 4 if , 1 5' W5 7 : , Q f w P wr ', ni ,f Q . 4 J, . - v 0 I ,f f ,, , " 5" :Z , ., ' . M L Q' ' 4 an -11 ' ' C ,h f r, 'J-fl ' ..+fWiL..7f if? fi' Sl I 1 'H ML GREG "TENNESSEE" LEBLANC PHIL "POP" PETROPOULOS Co-Captain Co-Captain ai g Xxx GSX 13 MU 1 Qi? BOB CAHOON JIM FOWLER bmwf' 2 PAT HANNON DEAN NOVASAD QL? V 'gr lx, 123- :ug -5" f ,rf 1 BOB WIRT BILL PENNINGTON Q, My , 4 Wm A , ,. Hr? ' '-.QfQQ5wj'f' -9 "TK A FIELD HOCKEY KENDALL CRAWFORD KAREN BALCHUNAS 1' Courtesy Standard Times Kneeling - B. Bagley, Assistant Coach, B. Wood, D. Walsh, L. Cason, D. Brown, P. Dion, K. Crawford Standing - K. Crawford, W. Bataycan, P. Hallene, K. Balchunus, D. Roberti, K. Corse, L. Nannig, L. Boyce, J. Cantileno Coach Kneeling - G. Mutaugh, L. Boice, J. Steele, S. Thorpe, C. Corsi, D. Roberti Standing - S. Shannon, M. Swan- son, D. Smith, K. Liston, K. Kranz, M. Quinn, L. Cutting Wm . A .4- ik? 111 W RANT' Go, Karen!" A Q Sue Shannon In -su-npvpwvr-QQ' ,H .,,. M .QW ymm l-mm, uw- W www ww, ww naw ww mmm Mfzvw ww A, my www mfs,-W www ww, 0 wwe new M.1,ww 1 wma- - OLLEYBALL lsf - B. Chrisfenson, L. Acciardo, K. Balchuncs 2nd -- M. Clark, C. Buddes, L. Freeze, J. Accrordo .I Barnum P Hcllene C. Fleming 3rd - L. Coson, E. Gordon, J. Sordillo, J. Trotter, P. Roiuhe, K. Coon, Mrs, Pilson W 5 I ... 'K' if ' H fox l wi maggie' X . ,. R. F - ... L... ..,..M,.w Q 1 I w-,,,Q,v 4? if , nw" V , f ,af ,1 .wrggz Q 4 L i,,9i,, . ML 45 1 W, L , 5 15 JE ww 'Q If 'W , ,QQ ' naval?" V W? , 4,,, ,fa , H ' ,,,, N X 'K 1 +"' wg ., Q A. f dr M ff W ,, ,S ' ':'I ,,,i ,', "'LL gg , ? r , f . ,e . A QQ! f Y 6 f il 5 'A e 5 1 I Tricia Walsh P 5 Karen Willis Colleen Henry Tricia Norfh Kings town Varsity Mike Bloschicak . Randy Jones Greg LeBlanc Frank McGuinn Ke-iiI'i'McKay Kerry McKay Jim O'NeilI Bill Pennington Scott Rake Norman Reels Jeff Ryan Fred Warner BASKETBALL Coach Huesfon eiee H nnna 'KX if xx: , y ,W7 at su? .,,,q,, 'Q exee ,L- , W'1"'f1'g' W N:-aliagfshsas "" ,' 1 R 'F tf56vr1i'f S' Qi. 15255 Q. 5 E 3 1 ' X . fx-if... X , J. - 5 O 35 Q Q. J S . i, ,, :' 7 an I ll T T, wi .1 , - . , W ELT, A ,- . 3 . K , .1 -.X- 5 x ! W xo i ' Ns. x 'N 1 xx 0','.6'0 0, X ' Qi 1559" ,IVBQ QQ " " "Kool Hand Keith" nu--....., . "Frank McGef'em" "Wild Bill layup W 'X "Greg LeBlcnk 'em" Vx r New X "Sformin' Norman" 'X Q "Jumpin Jimmy" Scorln Scot?" M .mans 41' L. Phoro Courfesy Slandard 'Hmes Miss Cranston "Coach" E7 l -any G ...I Firsf row - Karen Smashe, Laurie Cason lco-capfainl, Calhy Curlin lco-cap- fainl, Karen Swenson Second row - Migif Byrne, Dawn Holcomb, Mariha Swanson, Pam Hallene Third row - Pat Ryan, Pam Baker, Donna Fuller GIRL ' VARSITY BASKETBALL 'I 0-0 li Front - P. Dow, L. Hantsiine, L. Sherman, D. Browneli, P. Liston, M. Corew, D. Frageogic lst - G. Murdock, M. Co-renle iCo. Captl, L. Shearer 2nd - K. Kershaw, D. Ausfelt, S. Harris, H. Eaton 3rd- K. Wilder, J. Corriere lCapt.l, S. Swanson , . -,v Front - P. Smith 2nd - M. Murtagh, C. Hillsdale, J. Wesfcoh, C. Gardiner, S. Tardiff 3rd - C. Gillan, C. Corse, L. Jenney iCapf.l, R. Miketa iCo.Cap1.l WRESTLI G lst - Coach Carr, R. Torillo, F. Slagliano, G. Byron, D. Forsfer, M. Fournier 2nd - J. Andrade, F. Shonrz, D. Wolfers, T. Foriune, P. Fleming 3rd - B. Hoffman, B. Messier, D. Block, P. Mancini, P. Hughes, R. Smith ,J 4' N-...,,-0-:J The Loyal Wresfling Cheerleaders .f Ufxpfi, K ,ay Zfuxc WK7 Reach High fo the Sky! 'Lf mx-Cf"iwfg wc vp 3 'Q w - V ,Hrs 2 ' J In IOM .X CVX xb LP," H, 'X I X x W to xf yi ix QL , f fC'yXv Ujxwov a'J'5' k JA Q91 '53 V Sf OP wJ'-fbvxy ' ' Q4 c 4 K 'rf ,G 1 MQ 5 iQ 41 ,, V' . 4t':'.' 2? - N E. 1' -- ,cf V93 ftel aw' sf 2 3 fic Q L 4'-' T? 6 lt? 6 Q , . .bv i' 4?-J Z is X""f ' L 58' N, . ,RSM ,,., I H .+C vw- f , W ,W V-1.5 .. .N ,. 4t.AA TNWT' .,,,, Ng-M'N4e " ' ia,,.", W - N ., . kryjv Oohl I hate that ice yx. 1-2. Voices all at once Confusion all in one People ask questions I walk to a new seat Why s de all War snr We stop to compute Passing ii e We all speed up for her We are all like we are suppose to be We are all humans, that is why But Why do we not all love each other For we are all Humans We are in loody and in soul But our minds, theyiwander Isthis what causesour So drink your tea Don't use sugar for sheis a diabetic B ut you u sed th e The c ro vvd is n f it Voices all at once W Confusion all in one . t i ucc i BY 1-X Ev F . -ws 51121 ' AF:- -. fs 9 , ,,1,k,,, It diff A - eq 7 fr 4 A , es, ,jM 'ww , i ,, A f -' z ,1 321 N A ii , ii, N n A i ,M NM A . 1 H S g V f aff f , ,,4gKf,. NA , Q , f,,,, , , ,X vw . Q X I , 1 ' , , , R 'ff is Q KY. ,I xx ' tx h , KA, 5 1 ' 'W J' , A ,V . . I 7 X f f - , , .1 . :H ,,, 5 - .Q f Q 1.1 1'f'.. 2 x -if ' - A Y - 'LVY A nl 1 .R if or M jf Qu 'E S , ,xl ' EXPN? 4 ,iff ffm , Y A ' "" lj" ' .4 ,ja V ,Zi ', ' ,V ' V L 3 A. . , . u jf' X ix 2 W ,ww -, f M- -,NK Q .1 X1-x N'-W X ' o I f 4 Pkluro Courlny Standard Tignes 1 ax. .. , - 1, wa , H , mx A 1 M J? SQA 3, W -., ,wr . s fx VN. s ,. A fn. www A 1, .. N I 5 . ,.w,,,t,.,Wf1wc , , 1 0 k ' ,f zu V "'-L. Q? 5 pnlgsk' I wif If Y 5 wg' sr H ff V Z as-. f A , Q, ,, - A, K, , ,, . , f.zff"' ff '15 " I 'A' T I 1 -5? ' ' I L 2 fy k,Qn'W3 'ff' -,1 , ."'5f1" s 4 , , , 1 ,r v I , A , My ., ff ff ff,, s J y - 1. ,f f 5 wwf ?f.g1,- .pf Q A F, 315- WVYVQW, -jx V sg , ,f l V, . V V ,QV Vj V ., , 1' izgf-fwfr fs A Q f V V, s - W ,fcp,Q'5.'1g,,q,,,', Q f f ' 'ff ' .Q ' Q ifwyzl yi X' , s Q fv- f ,mf , , ,J , g I ' f , f f + ' 41 ' g ' :gl , V ,, 3 H. x W, A V I in z' fy- . ' ' V L 41- f f , 3 'f , M .f s35iwiz 79 E ,egg -A Va? AA, V ,mv V, , 1879 3 Y X Af- tu- V V .., '-- A ,y . , V. . ' 'Wh . , ' K V ' l - fa.. WV K A V K V p - ,s , . N- -yr ,.s.L--...X , M ,, VV L, .Nw 3 ,xt M N. 37 A - ,,, , Was. -5 N --W. G ff-s, ulmgw, ,gf-.fggpr-Nff-.M N, '- ,M f ff.-L"'M -4-,, 'rw .V ,W 1.x - s N , s., --ws., 'vhg-if-M,.' M- x --.W,,-y,1:,?b--msr'-M., 'fs M-, 'W 1 'M W ' LUWLSQT.. V "1-1-... 'X "N ,V - ' V -V 'f- M-Tj?-. 'N -sv MQW A V. 33913 x N-W:-N 'M-.. V-sgxsn W . b"x.,." V' M r-:sei-1-sxtiex ' I M ' , W' 'fyn 2- sg-., '--:-V, N5 . - - ' 'S N H- ., N -- V fs, -Q. -s ,V ,M .4 lt -s -9 - V V ' Q. www A Q., .N I. .., , V ,, VV s- V , - , V , V! Ur Compliments Class of '73 r C' 'F '1 if ,. ,. I -2129+ sl 'L e W -:Q Xe .. Y 'Q if ff ,A ..,5'.1-.- - 'v 1 S Kllff Ai: 5 Jw gf Wt? i ff! 1. ', ix 0 av 1,594-+5 -Q. - wifi'-mi f , H Q gfj- Y, .SF j ' A", ,lsfx Q9 fn, usp- -v Pas x 4 N .4 V Aa. 'vx .ga A bf' Jr' , gr' A iz?-05,2 , X ff 54" ,.-4. --,f 'f ,ff gag, ,. ' ik .' " .-'Ss 2. .- in " ' gh. -., 2434 V'-4 A ' ,e,, . , . K D Y ' PERS' ,I .59 fur- .fi-:,'-Fi 4, ,. K , 'QW va H , X 1 ma-'aw . - . W fgqr epitg ME.: .JQ-"N 35515 ix A .sy ,Q Q" . ff? S5 ww- QMS, San' H ' K , 'Y--f. P1453 N '11 A ,, . ig , . , W b ,. f .4 x' in . f f,..g. .1 ' x Wfvgz f- f 'gfwf...-1 , Pl , s'g , W- -4-'fi S Q Q3 f-H' f 1' ,,' 3, 'iw :- ' Q ' 443. ,Q'f. ,,f", s " p ' . , fy, M fm- f .Q " Q f ff - .. v ,' 'iff "- 1' A -N...... fm - A jiri! i - -"T-V -s W-I '-bw-fQ-Q Q-L51 4. ., - gi gr .---'M ., l N , , I f Q, Q Aw 'K -L HL, 'M xv-4-n5'r Q - x , ,, wits. f5f?'ML I 1 . G-f,SQi'x' J:-if T ,gm 1,iJa-.ii+g:-- pfe. A K 1 s gr, 1 X X Q I n ,...M ,Mug Q X ,av So when you Look into the sun See olffhe things we hoven't done E, lt's not too late - only begun. D Uon Andersonj ONE MOST FOR THE CLASS Betsey Carlin Curt Miller MOST ATHLETIC Greg Leblunt Laurie Cason W""'l'f'-- X Y xrikb -,-2 - x A. , 'A 9.- 915 V . 7 ' 1 K"k f--. 5, -. . -1 , ' Wi N L, 3, ,. , V : m1,? .:f5.. "' M f , - I XLL..,. - ' ,:i. X K Q i n i K -. '-" F' . . . . . ' . - Foreign Exchange Students: Frdnfyifg- Fonnle Noury -- Rennes, Froncey +- Fmlondp Javner Combom Bolivia . . , Ay, K A -.,,I, .:hgg, - HOMECOMI G ,. yer- .. ,, .K' QU EE N Judy Carew fs' . M, W Back-fronf - w4rWY, . Y-fgivwff gm., f A, M f f' wi A' ,'JY'iS-J ,W , fCourfesy of Slandard 'limesj Judy Ccrew Kim Anderson Terry Paulsen Monique Hoyng Kim Smilh Joan Williams Cindy Crocker Cheryl Boker Nancy Lindequisf Mary Pierce ICourfesy of Standard Timesj 4 NATIO A H0 OR SOCIETY Q' I st - S. Swanson, S. Halverson, L. Helms, M. Maynard, M. Marquis, C. Kingsley, S. Smart, D. Raymond, K. Koristo, J. Latimer, T. McKay 2nd - M. Corrente, M. Smith, K. Sheridan, M. Swanson, A. Willis, C. Curtain, M. Ingham, D. Haggarty, S. Harris, K. Hull, J. Farrington, B. Christiansen, T. Huckleberry, T. Randall, A. Lucas "Five more months till June?" "Is he still in the lov?" D '+4P"'j:' PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 1 .Aix lsr row - M. Balliet, D. Perroffc, D. Cummiskey, M. Bcrinik, B. Fuez 2nd - M Dunne fAdv.Q, R. Birch 1 YEARBOGK STAFF Michele Baxter , M., ..., ., K iii . i i i - - A 'ii W1 . s f st s I-'Ira-ae Q., as We would like to extend a special thank you to Bill Fuesz and Dave Perrotta, without whose countless hours of work, this book would not have been published. Cathy Curtin Curt Miller Cindy Crooker Chris Ruggieri Mary Pierce Linda Milko Lori Casson Kim Smifh Frank Reed 1972 SKI PPERS LOG CO-EDITORS Betsy Carlin - Frank Reed llll if I 7"'W Qui, ,, ffm O , Yearbook Advisor Miss Janet Halligan I. C. Kerchner 2. T. Haggist 3. K. Kelley '2 5. J. Farrington SAIL! G CLUB lst - L. Boise, L. Miller, E. Miller, H. Miller fAdvisori, F. Hall, R. Hawkins. Znd: J. Boicck, J. Farrington T Lawton J Burns T Moody J, Latimer Isl - C. Webster, S. Blinkhorn, N. Reels, K. McAuliffe, T. Fortune, B. Bates, 2nd - E. Benson, J. Jones, P. Petropolous, A. Lukas, A. Halverson, B. Wirt, B. Gould, S. Byington, K. McKay, W. Ruelbach, 3rd - J. Grabe, R. Reid, D. Salley, G. Leblanc, J. Mastors, J. Fowler, R. Cruz, 4th -- S. Jones, K. McKay, M. Heavenor, J. Lynch, S. Rake, F. McGinn, B. Pennington, S. Blanchette, J. Andre, R. Jones, A. Tucker Advisor - Mr. Dunne 201 l .M lA T H E A G LJ E 6. K. Sheridan 5. R. Cobelli 4. M. Culbertson 3. J. Comboni 2. J. Farrington 1. H. Melvin l23456 'wqqw lsr - J. Hayes, J. Morris, K. Engle, S. Carr, W. Kenney, 2nd - P. Caswell, J. Thornlow, B. Fuez, T. Blair, W. Parker, 3rd - J Undesef, J. Magnanl, R. Hayes, R. Downey, 4fh - F. Sordillo, J. Magnanl, I. Pofferson, J. Masfors I- i I, ., X l ,Li n ff! A fgifrq Lcaf 4v,,,,w, 1,'f,Q,,.L nfff-4' ff L: if 4 We 4'5" J T26 'Jef' 05147. ffm-,.f czc:4'f?fK'L , r 1 KRJJQKQQ, lgffflzfl, L fl fm fgiiicctltaf ,"- L -ff JI. , I N?L1l7L'?i'Yl 31917 Javitg.-K.. IL. - il l I' fill .. ill lst - K. Korse, D, Roberli, D. Reels, L. Acciardo, M. Quinn, J. Conn, 2nd - M. Rau, T. Miller, L. Miller, K. Wilder, 3rd - J. Acciardo, C. Buddes, J. Sleere, G. Murdock, K. Balchunas, C. Lislon, C. Balaycan, K. Crawford, 4th - L. Boyce, P. Dion, B. Chrisfonsen, P. Helene, 51h - S. Curr, E. Balchunos, K. Sheridan, L. Cutting, D. Walsh, M. Swanson, R. Welch, R. Buckley, L. Nanning, D. Brown 203 MARC!-ll C BAN gk 'fx lst - N. Thomas, R. Froberg lDrum maiorl, J. Crammer, 2nd - D. Ward, K. Mangani, C. Baker, A. Pettey, S. Cutting, S. Morrow, P. Welch, M Swanson, S. Swanson, M. Corrente, J. Clarke, S. Carroll, 3rd - K. McGraw, T. Bailey, B. Zarofonitis, H. Vandervort, P. DiMartino, T. Daubenspeck, D Colitci, D. Devries, R. Johnson, H. Fountain, B. Bennett, C. Jones, J. Latimer, J. Nelson, R. Miketa, 4th -- S. Noel, K. Johnson, G. Johnson, R. Clarke, D Campell, M. Fournier, R. Mancini, C. Murphy, R. Goines, J. Northup, C. Marek, L. Johnson ' P E P B A lst row - B. Mancini, 2nd - H. Fountain, M. Swanson, R. Miketa, S. Swanson, S. Morrow, N. Thomas, 3rd - P. Welch, 4th - R. Froberg, T. Bailey, M. Fournier, D. Campell, R. Clarke, R. Goins, G. Johnson, J. Northup, D. Ward 204 Y WOODWINDS Isl row - N. Burgess, S. Carroll, M Correnle, S. Swanson, M. Swanson, J Nelson, 2nd row - R. Froberg, C Baker, J. Northup, J. Dobos, S. Cutting A. Pettey, R. Mikeia, N. Thomas, L Brewer, B. Bennet, A. Coionior, D Steam, 3rd row - H. Fountain, C Websler, R. Kyle, B. Mancini, J. Burgess, M. Byrne, R. Solomon PERCUSSION 1 S BRASS lsr - H. Vandervorf, D. Ward, R. Par- ker, A. Lukas, P. Wood, S. Chamberlain, K. Huling, P. DiMarfino, S. Morrow, 2nd - S. Noel, D. Campell, A. Halverson, C. Johnson, G. Walsh, R. Goines, T. Moody f-r -- T. Bailey, M. Fournier, G. Ford, B. Clarke 205 20 6 IAZZ ENSEMBLE X lsr - B. Mancini, R. Froberg, R. Kyle, R. Solo- mon, M. Byrne, P. Burgess, R. Mikefa, C. Web- sier, J. Norfhup, 2nd - G. Walsh, R. Goins, S. Campell, T. Moody, 3rd - J. Latimer, T. Bai- ley, D. Ward, H. Vandervort, R. Parker, A. Lukas, P. Woods, 4th - M. Fournier, K. John- son, J. Pelosi ldirectorj I. S. Romano 2. J. Pelosi ldirecforj 3. L. McKenney 4. A. Sfearn 5. D. Pilson 6. E. Miller 7. L. Miller 8. P. Former 8 I 3 5 7 VVCDMEWS Cl-IGRUS lsr - M. Levesque lpianistl, B. Farmer, J. Westcott, D. Thompson, L. Jenney, L. Clarke, C. Brown, C. Schimdt, L. Moore, A. Huet, M. Bartlett, A. Carlson, L. Roy, M. Clarke, K. Crosson, B. Glenn, P. Bengford, S. Reed, 2nd - D. Forr, T. Collins, N. Pacquin, R. lcavone, J. Bouthiller, L. Allen, N. Chadwick, C. Gillan, P. St. Onge, B. Brownell, T. Lawton, N. McCloskey, S. Thompson, D. Bucklin, M. Maynard, V. Baird, M. Marquis, 3rd - M. Fenner, N. Cruz, G. Sherman, J. Cranston, D. Frageorgia, C. Kirk, K. Hobday, D. Holcomb, A. Bott, B. Essex, M. Norris, L. Seander, D. Conklin, L. Hayes, C. Marquis, C. Piccirilli MENS CHORUS K. Engle, F. Murphy, D. Sherman, S. Cowrtemache, J. Fisette 207 .LL i fx ikwizal . 5 I 2,2 H s 1 . N 'L Q ' 5 ' . S "" ii W i E -L f 1 Q FP ' ? ii if I 1 i E ! Sf' ALTQS lst row - M. Marquis, L. Roy, H. Wild- ing, 2nd - C. Holmes, D. Dougherty, P. Dion, C. Marquis, 3rd - H. Melvin, B. Crew, 4th - K, Smith, D. Whaley, M. Lussier, O. Pszyoriw SOPRANOS lst - P. Si. Onge, N. Drake, S. Wirt, 2nd - R. Sevigny, C. Morgan, 3rd - C. Sherman, D. Dominquez, L. Hawkins, L. Morris, L. Helmes, M. Levesque, C. Sfandeven, 4th - P. Ryan 208 DIRECTOR John Higby Z r A.e..,,,, J. "'f'f"r" - .1,r, Q- . , 'wt 'M -if r 5 . r v . E5 ' NI r 5 - 1 2 M, 5 t 5 3, 5 J 3 2 5 fiiyf I .. F PIANIST J. Webb S 3- S K A - I 'X vw. ,. il 5- gr, . ,.""T+5--Q J-- W i f r 3 rx- 2 if, 1L. K J f . 156 1 f, ., f ig J zfh N , 5 , r 1E ' ' J CONCERT CHQIR 'TENCDRS lst row - J. Bridges, J. Crouch, H. Jones, 2nd McBride K. Sprague, R. ww-mmf www, Jw i BASSES lst row - D. Soderlund, K. Coleman, 2nd - R. Joines, D. Sher mcn, J. Garflond 20 0 l S' 4 I1 K W Y ff ,f I DE mm-A- M'5N'T'Hw lst - N. Dutro, L. Walsh, 2nd - J. Cuvitt, I. McRae, 3rd - P. Cobezas, L. Moore ,K .uv 1? 1, . 'f"'.4ha-n f ,ww 3 waning, T lst row - J. Nagle, K. Norton, 2nd - P. Cabezas, K. Soper, L. Dow, J. Cranston, S. Nutthall, C. Loveday, C. Mont- gomery, P. Frageorgia, 3rd - R. Briggs, J. Powslond " . K . K i ' ' ' Q f ' lst row - K. Shaw, T. Johnson, S. Salisbury, C. Senior, D. Charlton, 2nd row - J. Taylor, C. Bouthiller, B. Bennett, T. Pierce, B Potter, J. Trotter, S. Pauley, A. Hewitt, J. Block, D. Green 211 PRQJECT START rs vu-... Isl row - J. Laycock, S. Salisbury, B. Seeley, B. Murfagh iPres.l, D. Charlton, J. Capuio, 2nd row - L. Rihman, C. Desierlais, M. Murlagh, M. McKenney, R. Candelel, L. Julian, D. Raymond, D. Pugliano, 3rd row - S. Hafanpa, D. Jezewski, K. Callahan, P. Lislon, M. lgoe, K. Willis, T. Moody 1. Q l UNL? Q 1 'W Q.. YM lst - M. Roper, L. Ford, D. Estes, J. Braun, C. Vining, S. Harris, 2nd - D. Ecclesfon, D. Cummiskey, J. Latimer, D. Whaley, C. Bafchler, J. Burns, D. Perraull, 3rd - R. Buckley, R. Klica, D. O'Leary, 4fh - S. Fage, S. Wood, R. Knight, T. Hagisl, K. Sheridan, J. Farrington, B. Kenney, F. Reed, L. Forfin, A. Flood STUDE T CUSTQDIANS lsf - J. Magnanl, E. Golding, A. Flood, D. Drew, C. Fenner, 2nd - J. Moone, R. Joines, F. Matteson, G. Budihas, R. Johnson sly Isl row - L. Huling, J. Barnum, T. Johnson, H. Fountain, C. Cumminskey, T. Pierce, 2nd row - N. McDonald, D. Briggs, D. Hisey J. Johnson, G. Tourgee, N. Callahan, J. Nash, N. Potter, R. Johnson, M. Thornlow, 3rd row - J. Barber, S. Salisbury, B. Hisey, N Fry, M. Hisey, E. Golding, S. McDonald, S. Salisbury, A. Hisey, P. Noss, D. Drew of 4 4 1 ' A , 6 0 6' "" ar 0 0 0 O 0 o 0 Q Q Q at O D ff ' f 4 7 O K V1 ' O ' 0,4 Q M Q f ,,5'f 1 k 4' 1' 2' 0 D Q U g n 1 ' Q -,, . I , Q i 1 ., , 5 vi 1 in mi 0 O 4 Q 0 2 O 0 0 o 0 9 o 0 o 5 o o o o 4 O 4 O O O f O I O O O 0 0 0 I Q O I O O "' C Ji., fff O f u' Q O is at , 'Nh Mr. Lionel Archambault presents a check for 550.00 to c representative from L.l.N.K.S. Mr. Leo Maynard presents a check of 550.00 to Mrs. Fuller of H.E.L.P. Mr. Leo Maynard, President of the North Kings- town Teacher's Association, presents check for 5250.00 to Mr. Peter Johnson, President of the North Kingstown-Exeter Citizens' Scholarship Foundation. r ,- ORTH KINGSTOW TEACHERS' ASSOCIATIO ORTH KINGSTOW TEACHER'S CARE RIES the Ram ARIENS ARE VERY DIRECT ' WALLACE CONWAY Chemistry SHIRLEY V. TESTA Sociology New pm., anna., PATRICIA LEHNERTZ English Department Head JOHN SHERIDAN Department Head of ' History S w-mild' PAUL RENNICK Business Department Head W , 3 3 if i ag at LYNDA TISDELL English IRVIN JOHNSTON Chemistry 1 Q, ki, if. LK K3 217 :JT Ti ,Cl fwfhanyak WILLIAM BURNETT Industrial Arts FAMOUS ARIEN PERSONALITIES Marlon Brando Charles Chaplin Julie Christie Joan Crawford Bette Davis Thomas Jefferson Nikita Krushchev Vincent van Gogh J. P. Morgan Simone Signoret Wernher Von Braun Peter Ustinov Tennessee Williams Harry Houdini Joseph Pulitzer Arturo Toscanini George Jessel Clare Boothe Luce Henry James Bismarck Wayne Newton ariht N if TAURUS the Bull TAUREANS MGVE DELIBERATELY AND SPEAK SPARINGLY HARVEY NYLUND ' History ' , , 3 . ,' MARTY WALKER JENNETTE THOMAS Siudy HGH Aid Moth Department Head Secretory w 1 , RICHARD DUNNE, JR. English , sl' H4 -,,,...W,.. A '- DAVID PARKINSON 0 Mafh fmf PAULA HENRY Secretory . -if Q A 2 's MARJORIE COON English lui If F 1 I T : LOUIS BORAGINE Math FAMOUS TAUREAN nf Q I PERSONALITIES Fred Astaire Toots Shor Balzac Robespierre Lionel Barrymore Kate Smith Irving Berlin Johannes Brahms Catherine, the Great Olner Berlin Stephen A. Douglas Harry S. Truman Shirley Temple Perry Como Orson Welles Willie Mayes Hitler Bertrand Russell Ulysses S. Grant William Shakespeare Sigmund Freud Gary Cooper Queen Elizabeth II CEMI I the Twins THE TWINS ARE HONEST EDGAR OLSEN BARBRA SEAVEY Science Department Librarian Head: Chemistry STEVEN STEINMAN FRANCES QUINLAN Art English ,ff ,R wi qi! sa , 1 V r ' ii?5 SHIRLEY ST. SAUVEUR Secretary ANN HALL Librarian RICHARD MORRY Spanish Foreign Language Dept. Head .Max " A-W .. . ,Mx J 5 1 4 JAMES WINTERBOTTOM Science KAREN NESTER MONA ALLEN Home Economics Librarian Bennett Cerf Arthur Conan Doyle Bob Dylan Duke of Edinburgh Ian Fleming Judy Garland FAMOUS GEMINIAN PERSONALITIES John F. Kennedy Marilyn Monroe Cole Porter Rosalind Russell Walt Whitman Frank Lloyd Wright I JOAN PILSON Girls P.E , is x,,. CANCER the Crab CANCERS ARE TRUE TO THEMSELVES FREDERICK HIGGINS- History JUNE BARBER Secretary NINA FLEMING English A Bk L A CANDI MCDONALD Study Hull Aid 225 CLEMINTINA SYRETT Business 2 l his R S 5 1 R JOSEPH PELOSI Band ALICIA WOJNAR DONNA NEARY Mdfh French '6..X iT-...M ROBERT HUESTON - RAYMOND CARR Coaches 'if--.iss jefuffzfl M V,o.,,1,V .WV u,,,1,,,1-- may wel , at GRACE EASTWOOD Home Economics Department Head ffl' ,,,,.f, , . FAMOUS CANCERIAN PERSONALITIES John Quincy Adams Helen Keller Colvin Coolidge Ernest Hemingway Andrew Wyeth Henry Vlll Henry D. Thoreau Rembrandt Stephen Foster MARX Secreto ry MARGARET f 'Y livin VV AMJA, I 0 w , 4 if 'I' IL N 1' Q f Mi W Y , L-f , f 1 W Xi ALJZV A D .EAL Q I ,El AJR .J fx ' f' I A K 1 A' 228 I A! 'R -A X I 'L LEG the Lion LEGS HAVE STRONG HEARTS JOAN BOUDZIACK Nurse KENNETH SHELDON English SN S E was divx mfg Sk Y S wk in-. - g :f,i:.E,,, V MICHAEL CRUISE i Math A-...,,s,K ANNA SEIFERT English s , MARY LOU HAWKINSON 4? YOLANDE MAGNER History History LEO LEE X r l . History THOMAS SANDHAM Voccfional Agriculture CHARLES RUGGIERI Business ' I JOYCE CANTILINO Girls' P.E. 5 ELLIOT CIORA Guidance FAMOUS LEO PERSONALITIES Lucille Ball Ethel Barrymore Napoleon Walter Brennan Cecil B. DeMiIle Whitney Young Alfred Hitchcock Carl Jung Mussolini Fidel Castro Mae West Robert Taylor KATHLEEN LONG English STUART ELLEN Guidance Characterized by their overwhelming willingness to cooperate and help others GERTRUDE RICHARDSON HOWARD MILLER French History VIRGQ the Virgin JANET HALLIGAN English VIRGQS ARE DEPENDABLE 9, JOYCE ENGLE Secretary I 'XE FAMOUS VIRGO PERSONALITIES Prince Albert Joseph Kennedy Leonard Bernstein Goethe Henry Ford ll Lafayette Queen Elizabeth l Robert Taft Peter Sellers Greta Garbo William Howard Taft ANGIE BAILEY Study Hall Aide - Secretary E st""' ,mn-.. xv LIONEL ARCHAMBAULT MAY BETH CONWAY French English I 1 1 S:-"' I3 fx, 4- ' I ,I I I ,I,I I , , 4 LIBRAS ENJOY SOCIAL AFFAIRS Ciwff .3 U B RA 79? the Scales Wigwf ISSQLWI ly f fifvfx, LENORE CREQS-TON Xyxf SNK. v A I Gmspf. X ff lil CARL STILES Industrial Arts ANTHONY PERRY Athletic Director 6' , ' I I FRANCIS MOXNESS Study Hull Aid gi I Sf1II LEO MAYNARD English i ,ms- . mmmm..L , is EX ' RAYMOND JENsoN Industrial Arts X j , 1, JANE PARKER Secretary FAMOUS LIBRA PERSONALITIES Julie Andrews Brigitte Bardot Charlie Brown Helen Hayes Ed Sullivan T. S. Eliot Mickey Mantle William Faulkner Charlton Heston Nietzsche John Lennon Eleanor Roosevelt Oscar Wilde Thomas Wolfe Truman Capote Franz Liszt Dwight D. Eisenhower 235 WILLIAM CUBERT Maih -F' NM, JAMES DYER Guidance JUDITH HOBIN Moih MARK GRENIER English SCORPIO Hw2SCoqNan SCORPIGS LOVE NEW EXPERIENCES CELESTINO MARSOCCI Industrial Arts GEORGE GARDNER German LBEQ t LYNEUE oLsEN Science ANDREW rucxsn Spanish FAMOUS SCORPIAN PERSONALITIES Marie Antoinette Katharine Hepburn Jonas Salk Robert Kennedy Prince Charles Martin Luther Theodore Roosevelt Pablo Picasso Indira Gandhi 237 -1 CLARA JUSTICE Hisiory N , j X 5 m n E MILDRED SHONTZ Business H: ,,.,, . N' I --,E L. 'if fx - ai 1 ' Q fi 2.1 ' 238 ns -N... 4 VINCENT CORRENTE English ED LAUGHLIN English Sorry Mr. Hunf!! 'S GEORGE HUNT English Geminicns ure unforgetabIe??? cable: . 15 "ry Q 'TY SAGITTARILJS the Archer Sagittarians are oblivious to their own blunt speech 'Q OLL WHY E ff r Q A kai Q, ELEN KELLE Guidance if 5 5 i 3 Q CHARLES LUKAS Guidance EDWARD RODGERS Math -1,9-,, FAMOUS SAGITTARIUS PERSONALITIES Beethoven Joe DiMaggio Walt Disney Betty Grable Mark Twain James Thurber Frank Sinatra Mary Martin Pope John XXIII Julie Harris A2 JOHN HIGBY Music I. JAMES MYETTE Math 1 'tif 1--ax owfiiliil ' ill an-an 1. ..+ ill We'lI make him an offer he cannot refuse! CAPRICGRN the Goat CAPRICORNS ARE CONSTRUCTIVE AND PRACTICAL ARTHUR MOREAU - Science CASSANDRA KOULET - Guidance MARJORIE DELLIA BITTA CLAUDE DOLLAR Science Industrial Arts mmwwwm JOHN FLORIO Business LEON SIBIELSKI History 1 l s s 'MV , f' ' L FAMOUS CAPRICORN PERSONALITIES Humphrey Bogart Joan of Arc Richard Nixon Steve Allen Louis Pasteur Cary Grant Daniel Webster Isaac Newton Howard Hughes J. Edgar Hoover Ava Gardner Henry Miller FRANCIS BEHAN Benjamin Franklin Science 44 VIOLET DANIEL History Psychology AQUARIUS the Water Bearer AQUARIANS ENCOURAGE IDEAS b N j PJ JENNIFER RODGERS E 9 BERTIL BRODIN 335:31 KATHLYNE wALs H Mom fb ' f10m,i fm"nEf'S' """N DAVID MEAD Industrial Arts DORIS MILLETTE Business 1 ,Q I 246 ' KW"' ,,,. MICHAELE LEMROW English Wr- in-Q--I. J. RANKIN Music ' N JEANNE EATON MARILYN TAPPERO Math YJ! Math SANDI GADOURY Nurse Q -tv Z FAMOUS AQUARIUS PERSONALITIES Francis Bacon Tallulah Bankhead John Barrymore Paul Newman Norman Rockwell Thomas Edison Adlai Stevenson Jack Lemmon Abraham Lincoln Charles Lindbergh Vanessa Redgrave Franklin Roosevelt Mia Farrow 247 PISCES the Fish PISCES HAVE AN INNATE SENSE OE OBLIC-ATION JA A 14 fl l, 5 ,,...-1 N MARILYN V 5535 NWS COLLINS Secretary Silk ROBERT SAUNDERS Science Zi.. we 521 - 'z2,2Efi2? :E ef T- 5, 55.21 ww.-Q mf 1 'L 95:35 if S12 mmm? 452- A V-1155 K, 48 PETER KEARNS Boys P.E. W ELIZABETH REISNER Ar? Y-.. I Ag? g FAMOUS PISCES PERSONALITIES James Madison Michelangelo Elizabeth Browning Zero Mostel Handel John Steinbeck Elizabeth Taylor Ted Kennedy NANCY BLYDENBURGH Science , J A ,aw , . I fmm:g5,g4 ,, , MJ W 1 2 iff .if-,fm 21? , A-mp 43,1 MT' DONALD HASKELL Math my EARL PALMER Spanish NANCY WOODS Math vu W QQ , Y M R yy: 51 fp Q PJ 1 x K 5,1 LK xv cy aj dw Qdyawny SU qixf J? J .Uv Of Crea+ive Yearbook Pho+ography .......... BROWN STUDIOS 35 Glen Rd. Cransfon, R. I. 02920 0 Sponsors and Pafrons WALT'S ROAST BEEF "A FRIEND" GENERAL WINDOW SUPPLY SOUIRE CARPETS JAMESTOWN GARAGE LAFRENIERE'S GENERAL STORE PETER'S OF WICKFORD DAVID E. PECK, RUBBISH AND TRASH COLLECTORS BEN SCUNGIO B.S. APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER INC. BUCK COLE CONTRACTOR JAMESTOWN PIZZARIA SGT. AND MRS. RICHARD MENKE I.. Business Phone Complimen'I's Class of '73 RON LINNE REALTY Home Phone 884-0483 884-4370 252 Div. of Loron Inc. Ronald F. Linne Presiden+ 205 Main S+ree+, Easl' Greenwich Rhode Island 028I8 A O RE L ORS E57 12 x Ss as OO 5 2 o Z z 1 A T 5' , ceaeaeszaa 5 Bnnnnl 4 so iiuiiim SUBURBAN ESTATES INC. REAL ESTATE CENTER Serving All of Rhode lsland Through Reallor C +' d o-opera lon an S'ra+ewide Mul+iple Lis+ing Service Congra+ula+es The Class of I973 as K, 1 Compu+erized Service 'For Home Buying or Selling Wirh Immediafe Resulrs Call: l40ll 294-455I or See Us al' J f' mcg: 5 2 O REALTORS sn -1 .... ..., 5 f to FSTATV 7630 Pos? Rd. Nor+h Kings+own, R. l. Na+ionwide Service for Families on +he Move Through Aims YIHILBUWYYQ 253 Congra+ula'rions Class of '73 ORANGE FLOWER ,, . - T 7 i CDLI LI N 3 "J Hcp Q KL! J I Cfghk I mom DQ mm,,vI"N TBI? LXQLLD IIN'-5 4555 9 I QQ-ew 7 C pa GENE BRIGGS MANAGER Pos+ and French+own Rds. Nor+h Kings+own Good Luck CompIimen'I's of Ihe Class of '73 NORTH KINGSTOWN .S STANDARD TIMES CARLSON ' PAINT Your Homefown Newspaper Since I888 '49 Main Shed Eag Greenwich KI NGSTQVKON MQITOR CO. Dodge CoI+ Challenger Charger Demon Da rf Coronei' Dodge Trucks 884-3300 6600 Pos? Rd. N. KIngs'I'own 255 BURGER KING 704I Pos'r Road Nor+h Kingsfown, R. I. Special Bes+ Wishes CLASS OF '73 from BABBIE'S SERVICE STATION SaundersI'own, R. I. CompIumen'rs +o C1Lfee..a..1Qx.S+Lw of I Ru-GOD! ISLAND 02818 264 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE B84-9041 SERVICE GULF INC. SERVICE CAR CLUB INC. nl an Spd 2 'IH 6690 Pos+ Rd. Nor'Ih Kingsfown, R. I. Sizes 'Io I4 Good Luck CI I '73 asso KINGSTOWN FURNITURE "Home of Famous Brands" SALES INC. 6949 Pos+ Road NorI'I1 Kingsiown, R. I. 560I Pos'I' Road 8846000 256 Easf Greenwich HUSOVARNA - PENTON - TRIUMPH 'Q x kk , . ,gf I - I ' I L 5 Bes'r SI BMW - BSA - BULTACO - HODAKA - HONDA W'SI'eS RAZEE MOTORCYCLE Q Q WA CENTER INC. FIRESTONE TIRE SERVICE was and Same 654I P I Road . . Norm Izigsmwn 730 Tower Hull Rdbhone MOH 295-883?I. Klngs'I'own, R. I Phone: 884-0I60 434 Tow r HIII Road fdffgxfmn Nom, f4i,,gs+c,,,,, 1 : Rh de I Iand L Tel. I4?JlI 225-8860 The Place To Buy When You Need II' 8848700 Congra+uIa+ions From, WINDSWEPT FARM Rou'I'e I, CharIes'Iown Rhode IsIand BAILEY'S MOTOR SALES INC. Chrysler, PIymou+h Dus+er In+ernaI'ionaI Trucks 425 Ten Rod Rd. Norfh Kings+own 295-8855 Z 257 T ssss T RYAN'S MARKET R ..4N'-5' 'VJ RKE7 flavours' your calcnr and malauranl Bes+ Wishes SMORGASBORD Deluxe Fesfive Dining Beer and Wine Greenwich - 884-9706 3347 Soufh Counfy Trail Easf Greenwich Cafering for IOOO ' Dinners ' Cocldail Parfies ' Teas ' Wedding Recep+ions Food Prepared To Go .-V We lj . i Congralulalions From: NoRMAND's RESTAURANT fs "Fea+uring Fine Foods al ng Reasonable Prices" - Beer and Wine Seleciions lil Pos'I' Road, Norfh Kingslown WI LSON'S 37 Brown S+. Wickford Besl' Wishes from SHARP'S JEWELERS High School Rings and High School Charms VORTH KINGSTOWN R I PHO ,.,.,.x X-Z ff X Wiih Complimenis EARNSHAW DRUG from GORDEN C INC. HE E + Greenwich V 884-2800 R Xziifzgi Besl' O Complimenfs Wishes L of Class of E "73" T SHUTTLE SHOP 5 Wes+ Main S+ + Wickford Good Luck Class of '73 MIDWAY MARKET THE CORNER MARKET ' Choice Meals I groceries James+own Foods Complimenfs Jam f of PIZZA PALACE BRlARBROOK Reg. and Family Pizza S +hC + T I E +G h AlIK'd fG'd Fh dChp FlIR+ +M T l 295 0786 7358 P + R d N +h K 'r R I Besi' Wishes '73 CompIimen+s of ROSE HILL JAMESTOWN CLEANERS HARDWARE 83 B S A N D Norihoizirhggjsih UMBER COMPANY 22 Na rraga nse'H' Ave. Besi' Wishes J 1' R I Good Luck COLONIAL -73 LIQUOR MQNTEVISTA STCRE 7745 Pos'I' Road 7075 Pos+ Road Besi' Wishes Class of '73 Wherever you TH E ego, vgharever lou BICYCLIST INC. +he Shiiiifyli "Keep on bikin' " N H: If Rd+ I Wes+ Main S+. Complimenfsl Complimenfs of CENTRAL NQRTH GARAGE KI NGSTOWN CREDIT 3I NarraganseH' Av J + R I John T. WescoH Ill The Yankee Trader" 38 Brown S'rree+ Wickford, R. I. 02852 Tel: 40I - 884-3465 REAL ESTATE - YACHT BROKER Congra+uIa+ions +o '73 "To +he Finesi' From +he Fines'r" ALLIE'S DONUTS 366l Quaker Lane , Sales - Service - Renfals H434 cfdff 501410 RCA - zennh ROBERT PALIOTTA 614.404 in CRAIG TV - INC. ! NEEDLEPOINT CREWEL EMB 6320 Pos+ Rd. N. Kings+own, R. I. 02852 - .LC I , G Color TV - Sfereo - Transis+ors 23 MAIN s'r. s G EE wici-4, R. a 4 72 6 M' L' Craig USN iRe+'i 884-2600 U-Haul - AAA 262 abhiob A Mosf Unique Fabric and Decora+ing Cen'rer Kingsfown Plaza - 666I Pos+ Rd. BOB'S SERVICE CENTER 884-9694 - 6870 Posf Rd. No. Kings+own, R. I. 02852 R. i. inspec+ion S+a+ion 3785 I+aIian - American Food ZENGA'S RESTAURANT "Dining a+ I'I's FinesI"' HAMOND'S HARDWARE Sporiing Goods I Narraganseff Ave. James+own, R. I. 30I Main S+. Eas+ Greenwich, R. I. 423-0020 02335 884-4484 Ralph DeIIaCioppa Herb Couper BEIIIIIIQ Dog TraInIn9 Grooming Dipping Pe'I' Cemefery Clipping PRO SOUNDS Records - Tapes - Sfereo Equipmenf and Accessories Ins'I'aIIa+ions and Repairs STONY LANE KENNELS Boarding AII Breeds of Dogs and Ca+s Greaf Dane Puppies Sfud Service 69'0 POST Road Bruce R. CaIdweII 500 Sfony Lane T-V- Anienna Nor+h Kingswwn- R- I- Tel. 401 - 294-2400 N0r+h Kings+own, R. I. 02852 Ins+aIIa+ion Tel. 884-I8I I GRIGGS 81 BROWNE 2 Allens Avenue Providence, R. I. 02903 I4O up 42 I -boob ' Serving Connec+icu+, MassachuseHs, and Rhode Island ' Exper+s in I'he EIimina+ion and Conirol of - Pesfs - Termi+es - Birds - Weeds A 81 H CYCLE CENTER I877 Souih Counfy Trail Eas+ Greenwich ' Puch ' Kawasaki ' Suzuki 263 THE 3 fa 7 I Ga GIFT BARNQEQE-?g eQ?Z QQ M559 K U L ', L- I I f, QQJ EPM ' I I , EDI , x g A KI- ,Q uf. JA" , , Q I , g J Is fm ' "" I L I .Q, ' A' I jx A , . I I : . lg' 'YI I .' M11 fgf I , ' ' iff? I' 'lb 9 I . f' 542 A , " A In I , I QQI HI 21' f 1 I L M, M QI I If IEIz??3IfI II I , I M- EI LJ FQ h 5g,. . E' .., w?XfL!A.Q,-,,,,1n www xlzk M A 5 ,--ww I A f"ff'1?iJw IO I ,, X H Ain, ,wr .-., - :awww I 4Iwr?q: k I I Corner of Rou'Ies I and 2, Charlesfown, R. I. if if 5 J booms I mix-ummm-nm my . , ENB 'X Q Q9 y. jf , 5 ,I QR 1 f "fix ff ,I .'2'1ff A 'F CompIimenI's If JZ 65MA'Nvf?4f' f I, TUrnor I MD 1 GRE K of Us W A Av - I Crans'I'on 825 Park Ave 1 264 WICKFORD PACKAGE STORE ED WAITE'S I Quonaef .xdufo Suppfy Co. .9nc. 6503 POST ROAD NO. KINGSTOWN, R.I. 02852 Telephone 88443470 DAILY SERVICE ON ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS , 3 W Wf W?fQ1iF jf MMWW if My MMM l MVMM'K,,f-Jff'jWWM ff'-X41 W NW MM 1Wff'Mifff!f'ff W WWWW' 'VM X Wow PVR QWW wMjyj',fiMpWjf'AD Q 51jj.+ My 9 ff" Cwfw wf W, 3 025. Q QC img U+ 0m"+!ybW9WMMQ 0 QM M4 .1 . X W ,,,-,..L....4... ,..,,, ,. 1. , ,A -M J.. , . ,,,H vii? '52- AQ 35 ag? Egigifze A33 'Udb ....,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,,', bw K 4-lou mcu-X WST wi-1-Min H' yookl Earl' mio dd beffcr mfr do mom, Of -H1 d ' QVH 5 af-Fha dooq O-md he SYXOJYCIW 0.1, -Qiyyqefincl, han-Nd lwwk bihinvl LioU---'Haag he s'fo.nd-3, iii "'WWWf'Ns 31? in WJSWPWNQL QUDQMU VO Kilim. Y 3 3 Jw! Q, 5:

Suggestions in the North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) collection:

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 23

1973, pg 23

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 210

1973, pg 210

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 179

1973, pg 179

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 122

1973, pg 122

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 193

1973, pg 193

North Kingstown High School - Skippers Log Yearbook (North Kingstown, RI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 35

1973, pg 35

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