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w 1 - nl 21' 1 v 7 .? 'U 3. :T ' r wa 72 ,li 2? V5 S 'cle' .' I I THE NINETEEN SIXTY Co-Edltors Barbara Dxllmgham cmd Don Rouse H STAFF Kay Andrews Sandra Carroll Steve Groves Dncme Gray Kcxrlene Hend xx Ernestme Krrk Ion Krebbs Sandra Lamb Icmet Lemmg Put Lewls Steve McCc1mmon Albert lack Peck Steve Rxchcrds Loma- Rrchcxrdson Mcxrxlyn Whxtlow Patty Zope PHOTOGRAP-IERS Phyllxs Brmcun cmd Pam Rcmdcxzzo Montcsomery, Decnncr Nichols, Belly Parker, Carol l9eoples. PLIRG LD ffm 4-". ' - I' " in -A7 I... 5 gf- -. K M V, in A FV E! , ,,4m,. 4 , 2 W Vnll A , ,, f 7 wk" Y , "T Volume XXXIII Table of Contents Page 7 Page 8 Page 1 9 Page 40 Page 76 Page 98 Page 120 Page 152 Page 178 Dedication Faculty and Staff Curriculum Seniors I uniors Sophomores Clubs and Organizations Sports Homecoming, dances, p1ay's, assemblies, miscellaneous f 3 Our Year 60 .. Fur collars were the rage We danced the West Cocsi Boys wore two wcxy vests Everyone got cz bulky kn1t for Chnstmas ii i Was Filled With Fads . Gnls wore squash heels pomted toes whlte saddles -"-'B I Ar ekiwfw car manufacturers answered the little car challenge Ike and Nixon V1S1t6d RUSSIC Hawaii and Alaska became the 49th and 50th states The steel stnke The beatmks The coffeehouses atlonal News . Eating pizza became the national pastime . . . Mr. Khrushchev visited the United States . . 5 And nusual "Firsts" Nan Kavisic went to a National Y-Teen Con- ference . . . Diane Gray represented NKC in national drama competition . . . Kay Andrews returned from Sweden and as- sumed presidency of Student Council lfirst femme in many yearsl. The Pep Squad opened its membership . . . We added a crest to the Hornet Halls . . . Sandra Carroll and Dave Ban- ner were semi-finalists in the National Merit Tests . . . Dedication In h1s iourteen and a half years as a teacher counselor and fnend to the students of North Kansas C1ty Mr Merton Hoch has won permanently the respect and admlratlon of hrs pup1ls and fellow teachers Besrdes the teachmg of Plane Geometry and h1s actxve counselmg he has helped sponsor H1 Y and the Sophomore Class The genulne concern he evrdences for h1s pup1ls makes us proud to say he 1S a member of our faculty The Sen1or Class of 1960 takes extreme pleasure 1n dedrcatmg 1ts 1960 Purgold to you Mr Hoch FACUUY AND CLASSES f X fx iw- ,f ,, 11- 4, ' V .. -f- Q " zu MJ i 2 :Ls f rf - , ,p"4"""?"'3Y"1!""-' 1'-Ae 1-L. -'E , ' A -+f-'-vef-f?-- ....,...,.,...,.....- . - 6: HYPO+g.gS,-5 X LQ Conclus, 7DLQn V00 L C O GC if .. w Q, 1- Q f ,jk In Memoriam After her nine years at North Kansas City High School, the death of Hazel Bggeman came as a great loss to her pupils and fellow teac ers. 59Miss Eggeman died after several months illness on December 31. 19 . Her quiet, gracious manner contributed greatly to the esteem she compelled from thou fortunate enough to know her. To her students. she attempted to impart a thorough knowledge of the two subjects she taught, Common Learnings and World History. This pa e can be but a small tribute by the Class of 1960 to Miss Hazel gggeman. who will long remain a part of Northtown. Superintendent of Schools Dr. R. B. Doolin Dr. Doolin: Mr. Forrest Greer, assistant superintendent: Mr. Gene Harris, member ot the board: Mr. Donald Ewing, member oi the board: Mr. Ed Lewis. member of the board: Mr. Raymond McCollum. member of the board: Mr. Donald Kumpy, assistant to the superintendent: Mr. Richard Poynter. treasurer of the board: Mr. Virgil Bower. secretary of the board: Mr. Robert Bates. president of the board: and Mr Wilfred Hart, administrative assistant to the superintendent. Not pictured: Mr. Richard Farmer. vice-president of the board. 13 Principal Nelson Kerr Vlce Prmclpal Jlm Harmon Assistant to the Prlnclpal Walter Borgman Ar, ,Qi HILDA ATKINSON Busmess Educcmon WPS. TOM BOGOSIAN Instrumental Musxc WOODROW CAMPBELL U S HISIOIY taff DOROTHY BARNETT U S Hxstory ROBERT BOLLINGLR Ch6mlSlIY LOMAN CANSLER Counselmg CLARICE ALEXANDER Spcmsh EMILY BEIGEL Famxly Lxfe SHIRLEY BUNTIN World History U S Hlstory VIRGINIA ANDREWS Biology ELLEN IANE BEERY Enghsh IUANITA CAIN Enghsh BOB ARRINGTON Brology KENNETH BELL U S Hxstory Photography 152' PAUL CALVERT Algebra fn' DAVID CQCHBAN ELIZABETH COLLNOS PRISCILLA COMPHER lndusmgl Arts Home Economxcs Englxsh Crafts G Metals I 5 J fr A I ,tlv 'lid 'V V, . N :VA 5 C' " . c qrxx 4 'x . 4 7' 9 Vg K. S I . I A N IOHN CRAIG Physzcs K4 ldv DON DUEY Intemcxtronal Relcxtxons CLARK FERGUSON Counselmq Vcrrsrty Basketball PAUL GALATAS Algebra Rodxo 16 JOE CROUTHERS Dnver Educcmon RICHARD DUNLAP U S History VELMA FROST Art Art Crafts ALICE LYNOS French LESTER DANIELS Alqebrcr Gen SCIEH HAZEL EGGEMAN World Hxstory MILDRED FULTON Drama Iourncrlrsm Enqlxsh MABEL HALE .speech cmd Englrsh MARY ELLEN DEDMAN FLLA MARY DeVALL Enghsh World HISIOYY ROBERT ELLIOTT LOTS FANN Drlver Trummg B00kke9PlU9 r RANCIS GALBRAITH INANCY GABRIEL English Physrccl Educcrtxorm Vorsrty Football IRALEE HARDY 'VIERTON HOCH Psychology Plone Geometry Y Q. K L A . , . I . . Ce - 1 - l f I 5 ff ,I . 1 I n YIM, -h all MAXINE HEISEY Physlccrl Educatron MARY LOU LAPP Typmg cmd Shorthand IOAN LINDLR Enghsh BERNITA ISLEY Spumsh Busmess Educcxtxon MAllU:. IO KING VIRGINIA LAWLESS GUS LEIMKUHLER Counselmg Senror Lrtercrture NORMAN LITTLE CHARLOTTE McCL1N'T'OCK World Hxstory Enghsh BARBARA MELCHERT THOMAS MOORE LELAND ODELL Brology, General Scxence Muthemutrcs Drrver Educatron HESTER KRETZ Counsehng LAWRENCE LEMING Industrrcrl Arts BILL LANGLLY Geometry Chemrstry ROY LEMONS Industrxul Arts GLENN MCDO LLOYD MCDOWELL Industrial Arts Business Law Bcxsrc Busmess ART PFAFF EVELYN PICKRELL Busmess Educunorr Typewntmq Oihce Procedures 1 7 'iz E A 1 T LK . ' 1 . . ' - . A PORTER PRICE Ar RENE SMITH Englrsh LEONARD THOMPSONI Economxcs Sccxoloqv Psychology MARY LOU LEIMKULILER Secretary to Prmcxpcl 18 DOROTHY SI-IATTO Shorthand Typz WILMA SULLIVAN Busmess Educcxtlon MARVIN THOMPSON C O E Coordrncxtor Specrcl Educcxtron GLADYS DEARDORFF Secretory GRACE SHIELDS Semor Ltteroture RAMONA TARVER Englxsh HAZEL UI-ILIG Specrcrl Educcrtron ANN HAYS Secretory NOT PICTURED Norman Clouse Clyde Cooper Mary BEATRICE SHRYACK Lrbrcmcrn MARILYN SMALL World Hrstory MILLIE THIES LOUISE THOMAS Phystccl Educotxon Bookkeepxng JAMES WELCH JOYCE WRIGHT Industrxul Arts Home Economrcs MARIORIE NEER -, MAXINE GASKILL C Sec Attendance O re School Nurse Cunmnghom 'J W, . 6, 5-'S N I - I , 'ng ' ' ' ' ' .tx 9 Q QI D 1 . -,'- ,f 4 , ,, ...Q uf I Vl r-tI y A A It ' in ' K ' , ' , . . A A- f . Dramatics peech and Debate What's this, "The Monster that Devoured Cleveland"? No, it's just a scene from one of the many one-act plays and pantomimes beginning drama students do in Dramatics classes. This group also presents, as their annual project, a three act play, doing all the lighting, staging, making-up, as well as the acting themselves. "Now see here!" In Debate classes they both "see here" and "listen here" as cases are prepared and practice is given to actual debating. Foreign languages "I think we've lost something in the trans- lation!" This is sometimes a common comment in French class when songs, skits, or lessons are acted out. However, this class gives stu- dents wonderful opportunity to learn the gram- mar, stories, and culture ot the country, and proves very popular for sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike. "Will the real Pancho Villa sit down!" Si, Si. History, as well as the vocabulary, cus- toms, and stories of Spain, Mexico, and South America are studied in the beginning, second year, and third year Spanish classes. By doing this, students are given a much better under- standing of our neighbors South of the Border. CAHUYCPI 14 W, W Psy t.crls'n U, x4f,X'ff1 !!.,, 'IZ xx .J as-M ' X555 1266 s. Wi' X-1, '-..., 21 English "Hmm, the instructor's smiling. Must be a snap course!" 300 Seniors know that this just isn't so because they have learned the hard way, by taking this elective course, that this fourth year of English offers them a thorough course in both literature and composition, pre- paratory to college or university work. "Gee, Cinemascope Sentences!" - Almost. This concentrating Senior Literature class is attempting to improve their speed as well as their comprehension by using the Controlled Reading Machine. This new machine, in its first year of use, has proved very beneficial and has stressed the need for more work in the reading skills. for close to 3 minutes while new it "So that's how you say 'risque' in Turkish!" Well, perhaps not, but Mac, our exchange student from Turkey, is learning some rather difficult words in Iunior English class in their study of vocabulary words, a pxoject of all English classes at NKCHS. al Hall T M' Th1s IS a comment often whxspered IH some Advanced Alge bra classes a course pre panng students both for college and Katz Serxous ly college bound students who plan to major 1n math consxder th1s electlve more of a requlrement 24 IUH You learn what s1n IS 1n Tr1g Well 1ts pro- nounced a l1ttle drfterent ly but such terms as th1s become second nature to students who suffer through thxs tngonometry class Th1s subject IS de slgned to promote math ematlcal ab1l1ty and rea sonmg power and 1ncludes almost a semester of sol1d geometry Math ' J ' n ll,4 ls. 4' lx t "These 'angels' know all the angles!" Or try to find them out as they work a problem in plane geometry at the board. 25 cience "Dig this crazy Mrs. Jekyll!" - Perhaps this is no experiment to change a person's appearance, but plenty of experimentation does go on in chemistry class as juniors and seniors take this fundamental science course at NKCHS. Here a class delves into the many mysteries of the world about them. S Qr L. si egg.- q "I never knew an earthworm had tonsils!" Perhaps students in the biology classes do not make comments such as this, but certainly this class is full of surprises as these science enthusiasts also delve into the world about them, namely the world of biological science, and find many interesting facets to amaze them. ocial tudies "The first thing is to get a date!" That might well be the first step in this illustrated talk on "The Dating Ladder," one of the many topics discussed in Family Life, an elective course which also helps students understand each other as well as some of the responsibilities involved in growing up. Z1 "Eyes right for the history lecture!" Students who take such classes as world history, U. S. History, or international relations learn the importance of understanding the world and its people, as well as important figures of history, governmental principles, historical facts. Knowledge such as this helps them now and will later help them in college or careers. "Who's playing the 'Stars and Stripes Cha Cha' back there?" Could probably be anyone in the band because these musical students play the gamut as they must do in order to perform for the Ameri- can Royal parade, the football and basket- ball games, as well as their many con- certs and programs. Music "Quick! The bubble ma- chine!" - No Lawrence Welks these, but they are good mu- sicians as they must be to make the orchestra classes of Mr. Bogosian. Practice helps make perfect, as these Hornets find out, and they are given ample time throughout the year to pre- sent concerts and programs to prove practice does just that. "The Sound of Music" ema- nates from the vocal music de- partment almost every hour as group after group go through their vocal paces for Mr. Clouse. These are the A Cappella stu- dents: others are the Harmon- aires, the Girls' Glee Club, the sophomore choir, and a general music class. These students also get a vigorous work-out during any school year as they are called upon many, many times to display their talents at programs, assemblies, and concerts in school as well as Out. Home Economics and Related Arts Imgle Bells hngle Bells Chrlstmas gave the Related Arts and Home Econom1cs classes ample opporturuty to expenment 1n helds of cook1ng sewmg and art1st1c accomphsh ments Here the glrls m Related Arts under the watchful eye of M1ss Colhngs learn the art of makmg sugar bells for decorat1ons You know I thmk I left the pnce tag Well take 1t off and try agam because th1s Re lated Arts class 15 lust look1ng for lots of expe r1ence 1n gxtt wrappmq Then eyecatchmg work was also d1splayed at Chnstmas txme That's stretching the point!" Physical Education The skills of physical dexterity are learned and displayed in physical educa- tion classes for girls as well as those classes for boys. In each, physical fitness is emphasized: and major sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, volley- ball, and hockey are played. For the second year, classes were often held at the NKC Bowl where the students were taught the fundamentals of bowling. "Look what vitamin pills do!" rt "That's fine. Now paint the other eye in." Future "Rembrandts" are given classroom experience in portrait painting with oils along with many other facets of art experience in the beginning and advanced groups enrolled in these classes. Along with art classes, courses are also offered in crafts where carving, Swedish weaving, and leather crafts are included. Industrial Arts "I've heard of fancy cigarette lighters, but this is ridiculous!" Mr. Cochrane and the boys in General Metal, one of the many industrial courses offered, know what they're doing, and graduates who have taken such classes find jobs in re- lated fields or go on into college major- ing in engineering. I A MX? If W. I AH fi 'H f .Q izgf' M119 f., 4 Q, J, bf. ' Y W J: 4 A ,4 ,L sf. j ?fi,'4' A 2 fr ,N E 3 v 3 X M if Aw M " M . . Ny I ,,,,, . N34 'Al ar Driver Training "Good heavens! They've moved the engine up front again!" Mr. Crou- thers, one of the Driver Education teach- ers at NKCHS, ignores the comment and goes on to explain the parts oi the engine to students who want to become safe and competent drivers. C. 0. E. C. O. E .... Consistently Organized Employment? No, but you're warm. These are members of Cooperative Occupational Education, a course whereby students may work part-time in places of business and also continue their education. Mr. Marvin Thompson instructs those enrolling in this class. gf',,,..,-0 M,f"M Counselling "Yes, we know you WANT to graduate, but. . . " Probably not a common comment made by counselors to their counselees, especially in this case in which Mr. Ferguson helps Lou Workman decide upon a college for next fall. This valuable aid helps students to find their right vocation or the college they might be best-suited for and is carried out through the trained staff of five counselors. library "That will be S42.75 book fine, please!" Well, hardly, but just such a thankless job of asses- sing fines on books long over-due is one of the many difficult tasks assigned to the library staff which is under the supervision of Miss Beatrice Shryack. Well-stocked shelves, both fiction, non- fiction, and reference, offer NKC students a varied and rich reading diet. Business Education "Take a letter, Miss Coffman!" So Marsha Coffman does just that, by means of the new dictaphone purchased for the Business Educa- tion department. This, as well as many other pieces of modern equipment, aids those girls who use their skills and knowledge gained in Secretarial Practice, Bookkeeping, Clerical Practice, and Office Procedures to find good jobs in the commercial field. A-B-C-D- 482094-: fe'-"S "Rfk !!!"That's the way it goes sometimes in typing classes even though the typewriting teachers, such as Mr. Pfatf here, do their best in teaching the home row to juniors and seniors alike. 0000660009 60000000000 00000000000 00060000090 'GV X ww "1 pt ,sd l "Your order of the 16th has been received and . . And hundreds of stu- dents in beginning cmd advanced shorthand classes are off and Writing to gain practical experience in speed- writing. In this particular class, Miss King is the instructor. 39 STUDENT BODY it Y' . . Q., -- L ,s L, ,X 1,1 L .ll A-' fra: 'D P NNN, .'IfL'!"11.-, ' ji A, 1 ,A . X 'r' 9? - 1' bill! 1: 4. -'ASR . 'N I "3 ,fy-2' , . y f x ' T has 7 . -.4-- 4..j The Seniors re Busier Than Ever This Year, .. m fact they are so busy that nt s becommg crowded m the Senxor class officers at-arms Ion Krebbs vtce presldent Ann Darlmq secretary and Iudy Koehler treasurer are detenmned to enjoy theu' last Hornet year down to their very lost dune w T private office. o telephone booth. Dove Banner, president: Iohn Kiloh. sergeant- 6' W . limi. ROGER AMON DAVID ANDERSON KATHARINE MARILYN ARBUCKLE. Madrigals IUDITH ARNOLD Pep Club: French Club: A Cappella: F. T. A.: Y-Teens. ANDREWS Student Council, Pres.: Y-Teens, Tri. Pres.: A. I-'. S. Rep.: Pep Club: Purgold Staff: Home- coming Attendant: Im- posters: G. A. A., Sec.: "I Remember Maman: H. N. B. C., Pres.. French Club. SHARON ASHLEY KAROL AINSWORTH LARRY ALEXANDER BILL ALLEN STEPHEN ALLEN Hi-Y: Track VINCENT BADAMI RONALD BAIRD French Club IUDITH ALLMON IUDITH ALLNUTT A Cappella A Cappella Et, WILLIAM BADB nM BAIRD Hi-Y. BRENDA BAKER CARL BAKER "No More Homework." Y-Teens: Homecoming Attendant: Frosh. and Soph. Class Sec. 45 Q RICHARD BAHGER DIXIE BARN:-:s PATRICIA BARNHILL Marching Bimdi COD- Buzz Staff: Pep Club. cert Band. PP-T BARRY JAMES BATEMAN CAHOLYN BANAGLBR G. A. A.: Pep Club: Y- Art Club: Pep Club: Ieins: F. T. A.: F. B. Y-Teens: French Club. HELEN BAKER ROBERT BALCH Spamsh Club YTeens ROBERT BALLARD SHARQN BANES M. M. M.: Orchestra: Y-Teens. 611 J- NANCY BAXTER CAROLYN BEALL Spdmsh Club Ari C11-lb F. H. A: Y-Teens' Span- V Pres Harmonaxres: ish Club. Buzz Sta!! Stage Crew Ir. and Sr. Plays. HOWARD BALLARD DAVE BANNER Student Council. Vice Pres.: M. M. M.: Ir and Sr. Class Pres.: Ir cmd Sr. Plays: A Band. Pres.: French Club, Treas. CRAIG BEAMAN DON BECK FRANKLIN BELL ROBERT BETTERTON A Cappella. CHARLES BIGHAM MAUHICE BIRT BEVERLY BOCK DAVID BONDURANT Astronomy Club, Pres.: Hi-Y: Science Club. Football: Baseball: Wrestling: N - Cl u b. Pres.: A Cappella. DALE BORING IACQUELIN BRENNEMAN ILENE BRISCIANO F. B. L. A.: Prom Com- mittee: F. H. A.: Pep Club: Y-Teens. BRENDA BRENNEH Pep Club, Sgt. at Arms: Buzz Staff: "No More Homework": Y-Teens: M. M. M.: French Club: Band: F. H. A.: Prom Committee: lmposters. PHYLLIS BRITTAIN F. T. A.: G. A. A.. Pres.: Purgold Staff. Photographer. H o n o r s Orchestra: Block N: Y-Teens. IOE BOUCHER SANDRA BOUCHER F. N. C. KATHY BRICKER IOHN BROCKMAN Band. I ACK BOYLES eniors DON BRADSHAW GARY BRASHER Football: Track: Wrest- ling: Hi-Y: Prom Com- mittee: N-Club. O Seniors DAVID BUCK ELREA BUCKLEY DONNA BUNNER French Club: Imposters: French Club: Art Club. "Arsenic and Old Lace." DONALD BROOKS DONNA BROOKS DELORES BROWN IIM BROWN MARY IO BROWN BEVERLY BRYANT F. N. C.: Astronomy Club: Y-Teens: Block N. REBECCA BUCHANAN Student Council: French Club, Pres.: Y-Teens. Vice-Pres.: Pep Club: F. H. A.: Ir. Rep.: Soph. T r e ct s .: Orchestra: Marching Band. S!-'. I IUDY BURBEY BILL BURCHAM PATSY BURDEN French Club: Science Club: Chess Club: Tennis. LARRY BURGHOFF PAT BURKARD GARY BURNS Q Baseball: Football: N F. B. L. A.: Y-Teens: Club- Block N. RICHARD BURTON WILBUR BURTON IOI-LIE BYRD Harmonaires. "Arsenic and Old PHILLIP ERMA CAMPBELL SHERRA CAMPBELL CADWALLADER Block N. Band: Football: Track. SHIRLEY CAPPS Y-Teens: French Club: Pep Club, Executive Council: "No More Homework." KARLYNN CARLTON F. N. C.: F. H. A. GERALD CARPENTER F. B. L. A.: Honors Or- chestra: A Cappella: Band: Buzz Staff. TYRONE CARSON IAMES CASE RICHARD CARLSON CHARLES CASH PATRICIA CASSIDY LOUISE CF-RTER ACE CARPENTER NANCY CARROLL Imposters, Sec.: F. T. A., Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens: Dramatics and Sr. Play Stage Crews: "Arsenic and Old Lace": French Club. SANDRA CARROLL French Club: N. F. L.: Debate Club: Purgold Staff: "No More Home- work"5 Y-Teens. MARILYN CLAPP Pep Club: Ir. Rep. IOE CLINESMITH with if 'D -'P 4 if . 3 t .,., 4 N y .a 2f'Q?e??f,'P E V' ah ,gxff GERALD CLARK CAROL CLEVENGER IULIE CLOUGHLEY GEORGE CLUTE ARTHUR CASTLEMAN MARY ANN CAUTHEN CLAUDE CESSNA A Cappella. Audio-Visual Club. LINDA CHANDLER HOWARD CHEEK BARBARA CHENEY ROBERT COPPER IAMES COLBY Pep Club: Y-Teens. MARCHA COFFMAN SHARON COLBURN Pep Club: Spanish Pe Club' Y-Teens: p . Club: Variety Show: Imposters: Ir. Gnd Sr Y-Teens. Play Stage Crews. CHARMAINE COLE SHERRY COLLINS French Club: F. T. A.: Prom Committee: M.M. M. M. M.: Concert M.: Pep Club: F. T. A.: Band: Marching Band: Y-Teens: Variety Show: Pep Band: Orchestra. A Cappella. WILLIAM COOMBS EDDIE COX NANCY CROUSE Library Club. V.-Pres.: F. T. A.: Y-Teens: A Cappella: Prom Com- mittee. BRUCE DALMAN DONNA COOPER SHARON CORDELL Y-Teens: F. T. A.: Majorette: Y4'I'eens: French Club. Pep Club. IOYCE COX MIKE COX Spanish Club: M. M. "No More Homeworkn: M., I-list.: F. B. L. A.: Wrestling. Harmonaires: Y-Teen Cabinet. IANET CRABTREE DANNY CULP PHYLLIS CUPITO EMILY DANIEL ANNE DARLING Y-Teens: Student Coun- cil: Ir. Rep.: Pep Club. Executive Council: Im- posters: Harmonaires, Homecoming Attend- ant: "I Remember Ma- ma": "No More Home- work." N . x Seniors IUDY CRAWLEY G. A. A.: Y-Teen Cabi- net: French Club: Pep Club: Imposters: Buzz Stait: "I Remember Mama": Ir. and Sr. Play Stage Crews. ... -- 11' STEVEN CROLEY WAYNE CROWLEY Baseball: Wrestling: N Club: Radio Club! Hi-Y. BARBARA DILLINGHAM Spanish Club. l-list.: Y- Teens. Hisl.: Art Club, Vice-Pres.: Ir. Rep.: Prom Co-Chairman. Purgold Staff, Co-Editor, Block N, Hist. o 9IlI0l'S DAVID DOWNING SHARON DARRAH KENT DAVIS ELDON DAVOLT ARCHIE DeIAYNES RICHARD DeMENT CAROLE DeMORT F. T. A.: French Club Block N: Buzz Stall. LINDA DILLAHUNTY Y-Teens: M. M. M.: Variety Show: Prom Committee: A Cap- pella: Orchestra. IIM DUESENBERG MICHAEL DULL FRANCES EARLY LELAND EASTBURN Y-Teens: French Club. Football. DARLENE EBERTING D0Lomss EDWARDS STAN EDWARDS F. H. A.: spanish Club. Football: N Club. IANET ELLINGTON Y-Teen Cabinet: Ir. and Sr. Play Stage Crews: Imposters: Pep Club: Prom Committee. BOB ELLIS IUDITH ELLINGTON Pep Club: Imposters. Treas.: Science Club. Sec.: Y-Teens: Harmon- aires: M. M. M.: Prom Committee: Ir. Play Stage Crew. DIXIE ELLIOTT IOE ELLSWORTH CHARLOTTE ENSLEY N. F. L.: Hi-Y: Science Pep Club: Y-Teens: Club: Debate Club: S anish Club: Prom Marching Band: Sr. Play Stage Crew. P Committee. IUDITH FERRY JOYCE FIELDS RUBY FIELDS G. A. A.: Block N. RON FISCHEL CLARK FLANARY NORINE FOX Track: Football. M. M. M.: Hi-Y: Golf: F. H. A.: F. N. C.: Harmonaires: N Club. F. B. L. A. xy. 'QQ' ' , fi: I 5 I iff' I Z. ROBERT ESTES CAROLYN FARRIS F. N. C. IACK EVANS French Club: Imposters: N. F. L.: Hi-Y: Harmon- aires: "I Remember Mama": "Arsenic and Old Lace": Buzz Staff. PHYLLIS FEES IOYCE EWING Pep Club Executive Council: Y-Teens: Span- ish Club. IOHN FEARN SIDE Marching Band: Har- monaires: M. M. M. MARY FRANKLIN LINDA GAINES s -1 ,A ,. A X. 4 A IEANETTE PROGGE Y-Teens. ROBERT GETTY DONALD FULLER Orchestra: A Cappella: H i - Y : Audio - Visual Club. MARSHA GARRETT BOB FLEMMING BARBARA FLEVER Science Club: Tennis: Honors Orchestra. Basketball: N Club: lr. Rep. KENNETH FOWLER ROBERT FOX IEWEL FORSTEH Impostors: Y-Teens: F. B. L. A.: F. T. A., Hist.: French Club: "Arsenic and Old Lace": "No More Homeworkn: Buzz Staff. IOANNE FRANCIS A Cappella. MARY GIBSON NANCY GIBSON SUZANN GILLESPIE F. N. C.: French Club: A Cappella: M. M.M. Y-Teens. Pep Club: Y-Teens: Ir. and Sr. Plays: Im- postors. ALICE GLEASON KAREN GLEASON Pep Club Executive F, T, A5 Buzz Staff, Council: Y-Teens: Span- ish Club, Hist.: M. M. M.: A Cappella. SUE GODFREY DAVID GOLDEN Football: Baseball. ALICE KAY GORDON Ir. Play Stage Crew: M. M. M.: G. A. A.: F. T. A.. F. B. L. A., Sec.: F. N. C., Sec.: Y Teens: lmpostors: Or- chestra: Majorette. SONIA GOLDUSKY GARY GOLITKO N. F. L.: Debate Club: Concert Band: March- G. A. A.: Y-Teens, Sec.: ing Band: Pep Band. RAE GOUSH MARCELEEN GRADY STEVE GRAVES Purgold Staff: Impos- tors: Ir. and Sr. Play Crews: Hi-Y. IOHN GREEN MARLENE GREEN BEVERLY GUTHRIE IACK HADDIX IANET HAINES M. M. M.: Madrigals: Y-Teens. BRIAN HALL M. M. M. Spanish Club: Concert Band: Marching Band: Dance Band: Tennis: Pep Band. eniors DIANE GRAY N. F. L., Pres.: M. M. M.: Spanish Club: Y- Teens, Tri. Pres.: Im- postors: G. A. A.: "No More Home-work": Pur- gold Staff: Harmon- aires: Variety Show. GLENDA GRAY GLENN GREENE Y-Teens: Pep Club. Orchestra: Honors Or- chestra: Radio Club: Sr Play Stage Crew. Seniors LINDA HAVERLAND THOMAS HAVENS KAREN HEDLUND P. H. A.: Y-Teens! G. A. A.: Block N: A Cap- pella. JAMES HALLENGREN GEORGE HANKINS PEGGY HANKINS Library Club. WANDA HARRISON GERALD HARTGROVE IUDITH HASH EDWIN HATFIELD Ir. and Sr. Play Stage Crews. IUDY HEDRICK BETTE HENDERSON A Cappella. KARLENE HENDRIX Purgold Stall: Pep Club: Y-Teen Cabinet Span- ish Club. I-list.: "Arsenic and Old Lace": Im- postors: F. H. A. SUSAN HENNESSY MARVIN HENTHORNE BARBARA HODGES G. A. A. BEVERLY HOLMAN "I Remember Moma"' Impostors. RICHARD HOPKINS DESMOND HOLZAPFEL NANCY HOSKINS DANIEL HOMAN MARY ANN HUESGEN Y-Teen Cabinet: F. H. A.. Pres.: M. M. M.: Impostors: F. N. C.: "Stage Door": "Arsenic and Old Lace": "No More Homeworku: Or- chestra: Pep Club Ex- ecutive Committee: Var- iety Show. HAROLD IOHNSON JOYCE IOHNSON IERRY IONES LENA IUSTICE Spanish Club: F. T. A.: Y-Teens: Pep Club. RICHARD KALEN Trock: Cross Country: N Club: Hi-Y. NAN KAVISIC "Stage Door": "l Re- member Mcma": Im- postors: H. N. B. C.: Y- Teens, Tri- Pres.: Pep Club: Band: Variety Show: Student Council. KENNY HUMPHREYS CLIFFORD HUSKISSON CHARLOTTE IAQUISS MARILYN IENNINGS F. B. L. A.: French Club: Y-Teens. F. N. C., Vice-Pres.: F. B. L. A.: Y-Teens WILLIAM IENNINGS BONNIE IOHNSON Madrigals: M. M. M.. "I Treas.: Impostors: Remember Maman: "Ar- senic and Old Lace"' "No More Homework. IERRY KILGORE IOHN KILOH RONNIE KIMBERLIN Football: Basketball: N Club. WAYNE KINDEL BARBARA KING MYRON KING Football: Track: NClub. F. H. A.: Y-Teens. 5 'WH' CHARLENE KALSU Y-Teens: Art Appren- tices, Pres.: French Club, Sec.: Pep Club: Prom Committee, Co- chairman: Ir. Play Pub- licity. BILLIE KELLER WILLIAM KEEFER GARY KERR Baseball: N Club. Sec.- Treas.: Hi-Y: Orchestra, Pres.: Buzz Staff: Hon- ors Orchestra: A Cap- pella: Swing Band: Impostors: "No More Homework": Ir. Play Staqe Crew. RICHARD KEILLOR ALLEN KEYES A f,':'E'f 1 W !:55 I' xx NOLAN KING DARRELL KINNEY ERNESTTNE KIRK Purgold Staff: N. F. L. Debate Club.: Pres French Club. DONALD KLINE LaVONNE KLOBES IUDITH KOEHLER F. H. A.: Y-Teens. Y-Teens, Tri. Pres.: Pep Club, Sec.: F. H. A.: F. N. C., Treas.: Sr. Class Treas. IOHN KOLIAT lUDY LQKEMPER A Cappella. ION KREBBS Football: Basketball: N Club: Purgold Staff: Student Council. Sgt. at Arms: Sr. Class Vice- Pres.: Ir. Class Treas.: Track. SANDRA LAMB Pep Club: Y-Teens: Purgold Stall. REITA KUEHL Spanish Club: Y-Teens KAREN LANG BILL LANIO Hi-Y: Band. Vice-Pres.7 Prom Committee. BILLIE IEAN LATHROP LAWRENCE LAUFFER SUE LAWRENCE Y-Teens: F. H. A.: G. F. H. AI- Y'TeeHS- A. A.: A Cappella: Art Club: F. N. C.: Prom Committee. BILLIE REA LEACH RICHARD LEE Football: Baseball: Bas- ketball: N Club: French Club: Student Councii. IANET LEMING F. H. A., Pres.: Y-Teens: G. A. A.: F. T. A.: Pep Club: Ir. and Sr. Play Stage Crews: Purgold Staff: Variety Show. E Seniors IOE LANTZ PERRY LaRUE BOB LASATER Art Club. Manager. Track: Foot ball. PAT LEWIS MARY ANN LOGAN LARRY LOHNES Purqold Staff: Pep Club Spcrmsh Club M M M Orchestra Pres.: Y-Teens: F N Bcmd Pep Bond C.: Spanish Club Van ety Show. BARBARA LONG IANET LONG DICK LOYD G. A. A.: F. T. A c Pep Band Swmg Band Student Councxl I Y-TeensgVcriety Show A Band F T A Class Vxce res Pep Club. PAULA LUCAS Y-Teens: F. B. LINDA LYLE ALFRED MABBITT LARRY MAGEE French Club. A Bcxnd Pep Bond Football Wrestlxng N SHARON MAHARG LARRY MAJERS FRED Mzuons KAREN MALMBERG RICHARD MARKS MARY MARCHIO G.A.A.: Spanish Club: F. T. A.: F. H. A.: Block N: F. T. A., Pres. Library Club. GERRY MARSHALL BEVERLY MARTIN BEV MARTIN A Cappella: Football Block N: Y-Teens: Wrestling: N Club. V.- F. H. A. Pres. GENE McCLAIN RONALD MCCOLLUM EDDlB MCKOWN DAVID MCCLENAGAN SANDRA MCCLELLAND MARCIA MCELWAIN Concert Orchestra. Sec.: Head Majorette: F. H. A.: Spanish Club: Im. postors: F. N. C.: Y- Teens: Prom Commit- tee: Honors Orchestra. HX' HERALD MARTIN PATTY MARTIN BONNIE MCCALL MARTHA MCCALL Y-Teens: Library Club. Sec.: Spanish Club. STEPHEN MCCAMMQN EVERETTE MCCLAIN Purgold Staff: Football: Foofbfiui Bilskeibdu Wrestling: N Club: Hi Y: Ir. Rep. Hi-Y: N Club GARY MELTON Football: Baskeiball. MARILYN MILICE BARBARA MHJDLETON GARY MIDDLETON BONNIE MILLER MARGERY MILLER GENE MCGAUGH LARRY MCMEINS IAMES MCGI-IGHY CARY McKEE NANCY MCMILLIAN DAVE MEHNER Pep Club: Y-Teengg Sr, Football: Basketball. Play Stage Crew, Track: N Club: Hi-Y. W If MARCIA MILLER F. H. A.: F. B. L. A.. Y-Teens. SANDRA MODES Harmonaires: Impos- tors: Variety Show: Head Cheerleader: Stu- dent Council. Sec.: Ir. Rep.: Y-Teens: "Arsenic and Old Lace"7 Home- coming Queen. CAROL MISNER FRANK MOBLEY G. A. A. ALBERT I. C. MOORE MONTGOMERY Football: Track: Hi-Y Purgold Stalf: Spanish Club. Sgt. at Arms: M. M. M.: Harmonaires: Impostors: Prom Com- mittee: "Arsenic and Old Lace." DAHI. MOROSE KAY MORRISON FARRELL MORROW Harmonaires. TOM MOSS RONNIE MUNNS Spanish Club, V.-Pxes.: Spanish Club: A Band: Soph. Football. Pep Band: Astronomy Club: Hi-Y. RICHARD NEAL SYLVIA NEAS DEANNA NICHOLS IAMES NICHOLS Art Club: Purgold Staff: Pep Club: Y-Teens: Homecoming Attendant. RICHARD MYERS EDDIE MYNATT IULIE NELSON Y-Teen Cabinet. IUDY NICKELL Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Prom Committee: "Arsenic and Old Lace": Art Club: Spanish Club: Pep Club. Seniors WALTER MYNATT GLORIA NALLEY H. N. B. C.: French Club: Madrigals: Y- Teens. Tri. Pres.: Buzz Stott, Co-Editor. CAROLYN NANCE Y-Teens M M M Spanish Club A Cap pella GENE OLTMAN Football: Track: Club: Hi-Y, Sec. eniors WILLIAM OSBORN N DOUGLAS OVERSTREET lmpostors, Pres.: F. B. L. A.: "No More Home- work." SANDRA NICOTRA VIRGII. NORRIS DWAIN NUSBAUM A Cappella. A Band: Pep Band: Drum Major: "No More Homework." GORDON OBERHOLTZ KATHLEEN RICHARD O'DELL OBERMEYER Football: Baseball. STEPHEN O'DELl. IOHN OYLER JON PANTER BETTY PARKER ' - n P. N. C., YTee s: gold Stall: Club. RICHARD PARSONS CHARLES PATRICK RONNIE PATTERSON Football. Hi-Y: Prom Comm LONNY PAYNE IACK PEAK HAROLD PEARSON Football: Track: N Club. CHARLES PEART Football: Impostors: N Club: "l Remember Mama": Hi-Y. KAREN POAGE F. H. A.: A Band: M. M. M.: F. N. C.: G.A.A.. Vice-Pres. IIMMIE POWELL Purgold Staff: Ir. Play Stage Crew: Radio Club. BECKY PECK Pep Club: Y-Teens: Spanish Club. DOROTHY POOL Soph. Class Vice-Pres.: Student Council: Y- Teens: Pep Club Execu- tive Council: "I Re- member Mama": "No More Homework": Im- postors: F. N. C.: Home- coming Attendant. NANCY PRICE Y-Teens: French Club. CAROL PEOPLES Purgold Staff: Pep Club Executive Council: Y- Teen Cabinet: M. M. M., Vice-Pres.: French Club: Ir. Rep.: Prom Committee: Variety Show. MONTY PORTER NANCY PROVOST "I Remember Maman: Impostors: French Club. cl, DONALD PETERS JANE PETERSON IANICE PETERSON Marching Band: A G A A YTeens Band. ROBERT PETERSON IOANNE PICKWORTH FREDRICA PITTMAN Y-Teens: Spanish Club Pep Club. .1 x PETE QUATROCHI LARRY RADER RONALD RAMSEY Football: Baseball: Wrestling: N. Club. Sgt. at Arms: Hi-Y. "I Remember Maman: "Arsenic and Old Lace": Harmonaires: Chess Club: Irnpostors: N. F. L.: Astronomy Club. MARILYN REYNOLDS ROBERT REYNOLDS SANDRA KAY F. H. A. Pep Club. REYNOLDS STEVE RICHARDS LOUIE RICHARDSON DAVID RXDDLE Purgold Staff: H- N- A Cappella: Purgold French Club: science B. C.: N Club: French Staff: Impostors: Ir- Club, Vice-Pres.: De. Club, Vice-Pres.: Golf: Rep.: "Arsenic and Old huge Club: N, F, L, Soph. Football Mana- Luce," qer: Ir. Rep.: Science Club, Treas. PATTI RANDAZZO Spanish Club, Pres.: F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Purgold Staff, Photographer: Pep Club. LYLE REED SYLVIA REED Y-Teens: F. N. C.: Span- ish Club: Harmonaires. FRED ROBBINS BONNIE ROBERTS DEAN ROBERTS Orchestra. DENNIS ROBERTS G. A. A., Treas.: M. M. M.: Harrnonaires. DON ROBERTSON Football: Track: N Club: Audio - Visual Club. PAT ROBINSON F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Vari- QTY Show: M. M. M.: A Cappella: Ir. Rep.: Prom Committee. CAROL RODENBERG IAMES ROGERS SHARON ROGERS G. A. A.: M. M. M.: Spanish Club: F. T. A.: A Cappella: Y-Teens: LINDA ROMMANN WILLIAM RONNE DARRELL ROSE S nish Club' F B Football' Baseball: N L. A.: Y-Teens. Club: Hi-Y. DONALD ROUSE Art Club, Pres.: N. F. L.: Debate: Hi-Y: Radio Club: Impostors: lr- and Sr. Play Slage Crews: Purgold Staff. Co-Editor: Prom Com- mittee, Co-Chairman. PAT RYAN F. H. A.: Block N. DOUGLAS ROSE HM RUCKER IOYCE RUSH Harmonaires: Hi-Y: F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Pep Football: Track. Club, Treas.: Ir. Rep Spamsh Club LANA SAMPSON NOVA SANFORD Chess Club: F. B. L. A. A Cappella. eniors A 5 IULIE ROSE "W-s. SANDRA ROSS Y-Teens: French Club: Pep Club. K SUSAN ROUDEBUSH F. N. C., Pres.: Y-Teens. Tri. Pres.: Harmonaires: Science Club: Spanish Club: M. M. M.: lm- postors: Ir. Play Stage Crew. ai eniors LESLIE SERHILL RONALD SEYMOUR STEPHEN SHANAHAN Y-Teens. Tri. Pres.: Spanish Club: F. H. A. 91 DONNA SAPP M. YILMAZ SAHGIN BEVERLY SAUER Student Council: Buzz Staff. NADA SAUER DIANE SCHAPELER IOHN SCHROEDER Science Club, Pres.: Football: Baseball: Hi- French Club: Y-Teens: Y, Buzz Staff. CYNTHIA SELLS DERRILL SHARP PAT SHARP SUE SHARP A Band. Sr. Play Stage Crew: Pep Club: F. N. C.: Y Spanish Club: Pep Teens: Marching Band Club. Executive Coun- Concert Band. cil. KARLA SHEPHERD PATTIE SHIPMAN ROBERT SHOCKLEY Y-Teens: G. A. A. Cheerleader: F. N. C.: Y-Teen Cabinet: French Club: Impostors: Dra- matics Class Play Stage Crew. HM SHOOK RONNIE SHULTZ Harmonaires: F. T. A. A Band: Hi-Y: Prom Committee. FRED SIMMONS CAROL SIMS French Club: H. N. B. C.: Pep Club: Y-Teens. IUDITH SIMCOE LINDSEY SKIDMORE Track and Football Manager: N Club: "No More Homework." SUSAN SOWDER CAROL SPECK Pep Club Executive G. A. A.: Y-Teens: Council: Y-Teens, Sec.: Library Club. Science Club, Sec.: French Club: Library Club: F. T. A.: Variety Show. LINDA SPENCER SHARON SPENCER Block N: Y-Teens: F. Library Club. N. C.: Ir. Plav Staae Crew: A Cappella: Orchestra. ROY SPEER ALVIN SPINDLER Spanish Club. SANTO SMIROLDO DAVID SMITH Debate Club. Treas.: N. F. L.: Hi-Y. LARRY SMOOT BETTY SMYTH Y-Teens: Spanish Club. ELN ORA SMITH Harmonaires. LYNN SNOWDEN Student Council: Frosh and Soph. Class Pres. Hi-Y: Football: Base ball: Basketball: Track N Club: Buzz Staff. gm X LARRY STEENSTRY HELEN STEINMETZ CAROLYN STEWART IEANETTE STONE ITM STEPHENSON Football: Hi-Y: Wrest- ling: Track: Buzz Staff. DOUGLAS STORMENT Science Club. FRED SPRIESTER DAVE STAATS CATHERINE STACER Football: Hi-Y, Pres. CONNIE STAKLEY CAROL STATON CARROL STEELE Y-Teens. F. H. A.: F. N. C.: Y-Teens. F B. L. A.: F. T. A., Sec.: Y-Teens. KEITH STRANG RONALD STRONG IEROME STULL A Cappella. EUGENE SUDDARTH BERTA SWENTOR KAYE TALBOTT A Cappella: A Band. GERALDINE TALLY TANYA TARWATER GARY TEN EYCK F. T. A.: Y-Teens. G. A. A.: Pep Club. Football: N Club: A Cappella: "I Remem- ber Mama." PATRICIA TERHERST ROGER TERRELL BETTY THOMAS F. H. A., Sec.: Art Club: Soph. Manager: Track: Y-Teens: Prom Com- Hi-Y: Astronomy Club. mittee. CcrChairman. MARY THOMAS IERRY TINSLEY N Club: Tennis: "Ar- senic and Old l.ace": Hi-Y: Impostors: Band: Orchestra. 5- 1 HELEN TOALSON CHARLES TWISS Basketball: Track: N Club. ERNEST UNGNADE WAYNE VALENTINE IANET VALERIUS N Club: Track: Cross Country: French Club: Science Club: Hi-Y, Treas. F. B. L. A., Treas.: Y- Teens: P. H. A.: Pep Club. Seniors LARRY THOMPSON SHEREE THORP Y-Teens: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Prom Committee. IIM TINNEY "Arsenic and Old l.ace": lmpostors: De- bate Club: N. F. L., V.- Pres.: F. T. A., Treas.: Hi-Y: M. M. M.: Buzz Staff: A Cappella. lbw eniors DEBBIE VANDIVER IERRY EVANS SHIRLEY VAUGHN Student Council: Y- N Club: Spanish Club: Y-Teen Cabinet: Pep Teens: Pep Club Execu- Tennis: Hi-Y, Chaplain. Club: F. B. L. A., Vice- tive Council: lmpostors: Pres. An Club: Ir. Play Stage Crew. MARILYN VIDOVICH AUGUSTA VOIGT IAMES VOLASKI RICHARD WADE wx R" , J Track: Football: Hi-Y. lmpostoxs: lr. Play: "My Sister Eileen." 'A GENE WALLIS DIANE WARDLAW BART WARING RONALD WARTICK FRANK WATSON SUE WATI' Soph. Football: Buzz Impostors: "Arsenic M. M. M.: G. A. A.: Staff: Student Council: and Old Lace": ABand. F. T. A.: Pep Club: H. N. B. C.: Frosh. Class Prom Committee: Y V.-Pres.: Spanish Club: Teens: A Cappella. I-Ii-Y: F. B. L. A., Pres.: Basketball. BILL WATTS Spanish Club: Hi-Y. DANEEN WELCH F. H. A. CHARLES WEHNER Astronomy Club. DONNA WEBB GARY WEISSENBACH Football. KENNETH WEN DELL Track. RICHARD WHITAKER IANICE WHITE LANNY WHITESIDE H. N. B. C.: Pep Club: Y-Teens: Homecoming Attendant. MARILYN WHITLOW RONNIE WILD LINDA WILKERSON G.A.A.: Y-Teens. Pres.: Orchestra: M. M. M., Pres.: I-Iarmonairesg Purgold Staff: Student Council: Spanish Club: Pep Club, Vice-Pres.: Variety Show. Football: Baseball: Track: N Club. Cl 1 CA RLYN WEST Spanish Club: Y-Teens: A Cappella. RONALD WESTFALL CHRIS WEST MADELINE WEST Football: Basketball: F. B. L. A.: Library Track: N Club: Buzz Club. Staff: Hi-Y, Sec.: As- tronomy Club, Pres. MARK WESTMAN Football: Basketball: Club: Hi-Y. N MARY WHEELER F. N. C.: Spanish Club: Debate Club: N. F.L., Sec.-Treas.: Block N. SAUNDRA WILSON IOHN WINBURN CALVIN WINRIGHT G. A. A.: Y-Teens: M. Track: N Club: Cross A Band. M. M.: French Club: Country: Hi-Y. A Cappella Pianist. IANET WISDOM BONNIE WISECUP GEARY SUE WOLF Y-Teens: Glee Club: F. H. A. 5 I DAVID WILLIAM DEAN WILLIAMS EVELYN WILLIAMS Orchestra: Block N Glee Club. IUDY WILLIS CHRIS WILSON IUDY WILSON F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Pep Soph. Football: Spanish Club: Prom Committee: Club. Buzz Staff. 4 ?f . A M ,I PHILIP WOLFE PHYLLIS WOODCOCK BARBARA WOOLERY DAVID WORKMAN LOU ELLEN BARBARA WRIGHT WORKMAN G. A. A.: F. N. C. F. H. A.. V.-Pres.: F. A Cappella: M. M. M N. C., Treas.: Block N. V.-Pres.: G. A. A. RICHARD WRIGHT DAVE WRIST!-IN SANDY WYSE Hi-Y. Track: Football: N Club. DON YEAGER BRUCE ZIMMERMAN LYNDA HOUGH RAY KLINE A Cappella. THOMAS MALUSKY ANNA RYUN TOM BAKER Seniors IOANNE YOUNG PATRICIA ZAIIC IOHN ZELLER F. H. A.. Trecxs.: G- Pep Club: Purgold Siafiz Track: Hi-Y. A. A.: Y-Teens: F- G. A. A.. Hist.: Span- B. L. A.. Vice-Pres. ish Club: F. N. C., Hist.: Y-Teens: Ir. Rep. The Juniors Are Reall Gomg Places . although they seem to be havmg trouble wlth thexr car Lmda Marshall secretary has dxscovered that the engme just lsnt where xt used to be Presxdent hm Hobbs and treasurer Gmger Cannon are the hardest workmg PJ yumor ofixcers Mike McCnte vxce presldent seems to have made cz dmscovery too The enqme xsnt back there exther O l O O 76 +4 'W si Ellen Arrington Phyllis Ashbrook Faye Ashwood Matt Austin Richard Ayres Nancy Badami Iimmy Bagley Van Bailey Suzann Baker Patricia Abbott Gary Adams Ralph Ager Kenny Aikin Donna Allen Ioyce Allen Iudith Allen Dorothy Allison Donna Alsbury Virginia Ames Ierry Amorosa Carolyn Amos Carol Anderson Catherine Anderson Donald Anderson Karla Anderson Indy Armour LeRoy Arnett Juniors Myron Blydenburgh Charles Bock Becky Bond Paul Boring Marsha Boteler Betty Bowman Karen Bowring O'Bryan Bowser Brenda Braasch Katherine Bradley Linda Bradley Terry Brasher Nancy Breckenridge Marilyn Brenton Sharon Brewer Sharon Bricker Larry Brock Dorothy Brown Eddie Brown Janice Brown Judith Brown Gloria Bnrington Lois Bryant Kaylinda Buchanan Ierry Buchta Margaret Burch Bill Burke Iudy Bush Harold Butterfield ludy Byrd Sherry Cain Keith Cameron lim Ball Robert Barbe Ronald Barber Susan Barker Ellen Barnes loyce Barr Marilyn Batcheller Iohn Batchelor Marion Baxter Bruce Beardsley Preston Becker Arthur Paul Bell Kenny Bendure Robert Benedetti lean Bennett Carol Benson Sandra Benton Charles Bess Karen Betts Charles Bigham Ivan Bird Carol Bivona Randalin Black Larry Blackwell Iudy Blanton Robert Bledsoe Ralph Bloomer 's u 4 fl 'ff' il I A mo1e's eye view 1 1 9 4 3 'ff 5 6 ! 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' -4' Dennis Cooper Vivian Cooper Hal Cordry Harold Corwin, Ir. lim Cowan Curt Cowles Leon Cretel Frank Cricsione Larry Crookshank Iudy Crouse Catherine Crowe leannette Curtis Delores Cusic Richard Dakon Barbara Dale Iessie Daniel Iudy Damell Bill Davidson Richard Davidson Albert Davies Dwayne Davis Sharon Davis Louis Degginqer Carolin Delaynes Mike Dewey Sandra Doolin Gus Ducoulombier Ronald Dudley Marilyn Durham Michelle Eade Maurice Eagle Patsy Eagleman Carolyn Ford Deanna Ford Vicki Formby Ronald Foster Ronald Dale Foster Bill Franklin Ierry Frans Ieanne Fulk Raymond Fuller Wayne Fullerton Eddie Fulton Tommy Gabel Patricia Galetti Donna Galland Alex Garcia Karole Garrison Stanley Gayuski Rogene Geary ludith Geer Kay Gehlken Leo Gellhaus Larry Gensler loe Giangreco Clyma De Fencepos Gary Gibson Sandra Givens Kay Gorden Brvan Gosney Iudy Gotschall Frank Gragg Mary Grantham Dorothy Grave ts Juniors 'rx Mary Eblovi Iim Edgell Richard Edmonds David Edwards Dola Edwards lane Edwards Larry Ehrhardt Kathleen Eitel Ianice England Iohn Erickson Iudy Estes Bill Fagan Vermell Fair Patricia Farley Terry Farley Robert Farmer Darlene Ferguson Nancy Ferguson Karen Finirock Robert Finley Gary Fisher Iackie Fisher Iimmy Fisher Ioan Fisher Lindall Fisher Arthur Fleming Karen Flemming if kvi v Jr sp 'qkiv' -f f' . v' Hi' alla". 'Q Golly. they're both mud at me! If 'fl , 'M S X r .',, fb Maid Marian can do ii too. i Z.-' 5' ' 5 ,F Ronnie Green lackie Griffin Sharon Guion Laurin Hall Lendel Hall Bill Haman Bill Hamblen lim Hamilton Ioe Hammer Ierry Hammers Iohn Hammers Roger Hampton Nancy Hankins Mary Hanners Brian Hanson Bobby Harbin Bob Harless Sharon Harlow Everett Harmon Ioyce Harmon Maria Harris Marvis Harris Helen Harrison Ralph Hart Charles Harville Buddy Hassenpflug Iim Hayes N1 Xa an-J' 'ff Juniors Charles Haynes Gerald Hays Lloyd Head Gary Heese Richard Heller Carroll Helm Iim Hemerson ludy Henderson Lee Henderson Brenda Hensley Linda Hensley Ioanna Henson Marianne Herleman Bob Hermanson Richard Herz Mike Hester lim Hiatt Ianice Hill lim Hobbs Paul Hodshire Patricia Hogan Anna Mary Holmes Ioyce Homan Ioe Hopper Geraldine Homer Sandra Horstmann Paul Hott Iohn House Betty Howard Ioe Howard Donald Hughes lerry Hughes Juniors Patricia Keeler Mary lane Kelber Carroll Kellerman Iohn Kennedy Linda Kems Markay Kerr Gail Kimsey Virginia Kindler Zoella King Mike Kinney Paul Kirtwriqht Sue Kitterman Barbara Klemme Iudy Klipsch Gail Knick Roy Kretzinger Donald Krueger Ioyce Kuhnhoii Iackie Lacey Frances Lair Donna Lane Allen Lauter Charles Lee Timmy Lee Richard Leigh Linda Lentz Dick LeVaugh Diann Lewis lean Lewis lack Lewis Lyle Lewis Don Lightle ef 'W 'ity' gl z " r ' T' . B--in Tom Hunter Larry Hurtado Bill Iackson Sharon Iackson --4 Sandra Iahrling Kenny Iames go . vw Lowell Iames X ,W , V 4.. - . 3 Sonny Iames 1 f. on . Barbara lane Iamison Betty Iaynes Donna Iennings Ronald Ienson Carol Iohnson Ianet lohnson Keith Iohnson Marilyn Iohnson Paulette Iohnson Patricia Iohnston Sandra Iohnston Sharon Lee Iones Shirley Iones Cleta Iopling Mike Iustice Roberta Kagin Susan Kalen Susan Katzenberger Merlene Keech -.2 " 9' 'M f -:af B In I 1 Y 'I . , 1 f , -'F Q 0- f 76 ""' -J to 1 ,K '- , X ' - X ! X N 'E M. nr Vx? , I r, I he If L 235' "With this ring I thee wed! -! I ,,, gg. A lata 7.4. - ' o-f I ' Iwi' "I" ' N1,,,U,N,,'.. V-Z., J' ,ug I 5, an ,ww 4 .X rg 1 ,J nf' f 1 . U H 5? .4 ' ,I if X I ' -' f' '4' MW54 . ai., .4 U" "W -' 1.IIff'2' f up-" 'Tentionl 'ww 'X , xln fc 'A :QW 'MF Q W, 0. if Z A Edward Long Carol Loop Marsha Lorfing David Lotz Ianice Love loyce Lowe Iohn Lowman Danny Lowrey Ierry Lyons Iudy Lyons Douglas Macdonald Mary Ann Macdonald Gary Macey Larry Maddox loe Magee Ronnie Majers Pat Majors Nancy Mall Iess Manahan E. T. Manning Donna Marchisio Iudy Marsh Allan Marshall Iames Marshall Linda Marshall Sandra Martensen Dorothy Martin A . , if V no haf , y,.,gxf'! X tx, 5 If 6 gl- ,Q Juniors George Martin Ianet Martin Ioyce Martin Mike Martin Tommy Martin Donald Mason Patricia Massey Pat Masters Sharon Lee Masters Ronnie Mathis Patti Matthews Diane May Eugene May Beverly McCall Ioe McClain Iim McClaskev Karen McClure Richard McClure Iim McConnell Mike McCrite Betty McDonald Patricia McDonald Sharon McElwain George McGraw Ian McGraw Marty McGuire Donna Mclntyre Larry McKillip Harvey McLane Curtis McNutt Larry McThompson - I V Q ' y ' ' . . " 4, '- gi' to Basil McLeod . .gg s . A i il A f' "ll - L 1'5" is i J Juniors Rayna Moxham Diane Mulkey Beverly Mundorff Sharon Myers Willis Myers Carolyn Mynatt David Mynatt Georgia Mynatt Marsha Nave Iudith Nicholas Ierry Norton Vedda O'Dell Forest Ohnesorge Patsy Oldham Bob Olmedo Steven Olson Marilyn Osbom Io Owens Sharon Palone Margaret Parish Carol Parker Dorothy Parker Guyla Parker Eugene Parrish Pamela Pataky Leonard Patrick Don Perkey Glenn Petree Iudy Petrie Lawrence Phillips Iackie Piedmeier Anthony Plonski Larry Meador Marvin Melton Paul Mendenhall Nancy Metzger Larry Middleton Lonnie Midgley leanette Mijares Donald Lee Miller Dorothy Miller Tommy Miller Terry Minger Carol Misner Floy Mitchell left Mitchell Saundra Mitchell Bob Modeer Charles Montgomery Bonnie Moore Iohn Moore Patty Moore Robert Moore Eddie Morgan Marci Morrow Richard Morse ludy Morton Gerard Mos Wayne Mott 1 J fin :xi i A ,il X . . l V' Q If sz : asf' ' .J v 4 Q , X Q' rf if fi'f'L5?Y MI V Th Q, 5 f r Q I 352 5 S A 2 M ,L E - ' , . ' 5 'Zh Y or - V 'L V If g AL', ig A f m . , V' E 1 l y a X. 1 kj if 5.-V 1 I'll let you hold my hand for fifteen minutes if you'11 do my Algebm it gl fii I at Q loe Powell Lois Powell Dorothy Price Donald Prock Sally Provost Diane Prunty Sandra Pruss Shirley Purvis Patricia Pyle Larry Rabeneck Ronald Ragan Shirley Raine Herbert Rash Beverly Ratliif Don Rea lean Redenbaugh Phillip Reed Michele Reynolds Sharon Reynolds Tommy Rhodus Gary Rice Delbert Ridgley Patti Ann Riley Iohn Roades Mike Roark Carolyn Roberson Ioan Robinett fu' Juniors Elizabeth Robinson Kay Robinson Robert Rockwood Carol Rogge Sharon Kay Rohrs Sandra Rorer Charlene Roshay Gary Ross Ronald Ross Barbara Roush Kathleen Royalty Vickie Ruddle Sherry Rummans Terry Russell Carol Rutter Emily Samborski Richard Sampson Charles Sauer Harry Sauer Carolyn Saunders Susan Schaedler Becca Schaeffer Patsy Schneider Don Scott Kay Scott Ray Scott Melba Scoville Ianet Seim Juniors Sally Steinkamp Betty Stelter Robert Stephens Sylvia Stephens Larry Stout Margene Stowe Larry Strain Bill Strange Karole Street Beverly Strong Mary Io Stuart Robert Sundal Ray Sutterby loe Swindell Ioseph Tauvar Shirley Taylor Iacqueline Teeqarden Louise Teller Ianet Thomas Iohn Thomas Linda Thomas Alice Thornton Ioan Torqenson Mitchell Townsend Darryl Trantham Ianet Turley Charles Turner Karol Turner Ronn Umphrey Roy Varideginste Bob Vandiver Patty VanHorn Clemens Serine Bonnie Serville Tom Serviss Larry Shannon Barbara Sharitz Susan Sheffield Gary Shelton Wayne Sherer Richard Shields lane Shippee Marty Shriner Rosalie Shrout Evelyn Shumake Lane Siebert Ierry Silver lim Skinner Donna Slater Chailes Smith Dan Smith Mariann Smith Rickie Smith Ronald Smith Steven Sommer Dennis Sons Arlari Spradlin Sharon Stansberry Butch Steele i .1 ,R r S 5 5 , -it ' . rbi 'li 4 4 ., M t ff d Y Y ,. , in ua U rt 35 M E Y 5 fain 3 1 wp. if 'f .3 H VL Lew:- Look. mom, no cavities! 2 T47 , 3 ur v-' X 4 ,gum hp- ' Vx 'X The Thursday afternoon SEWIHQ circle models iheir own creations. all I , 'sq if-2 c' - fo' 1-0. V . 1 ...ou-rv ,Sc.. ,'lH"Q' .ffl '.u'!1'i- 11.9-. 0. v Wy, 'YY Vi 1 ? f f, Y Larry VanSlyke Donald Vaughan Patricia Vaughan Pamela Vautard Ronnie Venable Kenneth Wages Iames Walden Gary Walker Roger Walker Roger Walkwitz Thomas Walsman Iudi Walters Bill Walton Gary Warticlc Terry Warzyn Louise Weaver Bonnie Webb Diana Webb Sandra Kay Webb Carolyn Wegener Bonny Welch Sherry Wendell Curtis Wendt Iudy Werner Gary Wescott Sharon Wheelock Patsy Whipple t VJ,,,g? Q fi.. il' L I ,rj Qi ,P - 3 X' e i, g , Q ",,-.., 9 V M i B " 4' ' rf? xx, ,. 1 A .J MM as I 4 54 1 X Q at .n 'U' df : . a S L.: .,. mi.. Q S 1 5 ,gn , 2 J. ,., .- Juniors Gary Whiteside Larry Wilcox Mattie Wilkins Charles Williams Gary Williams lack Williams Mary Kay Williams Peggy Williams Thomas Willy Connie Windsor Marty Winsborough Carrell Wisemore Monty Woodbury Caroline Woodcock Cecil Woods Bonnie Woolery Iames Workman Iohn Worrell Robert Worthley Gary Wright Patricia Wright Shirley Wright Sharon Wyatt Iohn Yingling Lynette Herrick Karen Hopp Patricia Pitzer The Sophomores Are lost and Unsure.. m the blg halls and among new faces at Northtown Hxgh Gan Kxtterman treasurer Dorothy Shultz vxce presxdent Charlotte Fuller secretary and Iohn Hayes presldent will soon adlust to the d dxtxonal actxvxtxes and greatex responsxbxlxty that make a student znto a Hornet ' . : . : . . , a- Susan Atkins Vicki Ayala Marilyn Ayres Ioe Bacigalupo Anthony Badami Margaret Rose Badami Larry Bailey lim Barqer Ioe Barlow Linda Acheson Ian Acord Carroll Adams Shirley Albertson Lyle Alderson Donna Alexander Lee Allard Donna M. Allen Frances Allen Mariruth Allen Sharon Amberson Daniel Amon Charlene Anderson Fredia Anderson Ronnie Anderson Iim Andrews Carol Appleman Mike Armintrout 100 Tommy Biggs Charles Bishop Iudy Black Carolyn Blackmore Suzanne Blaco Donel Blair Gai Blanche Harold Boan Theresa Bock Bill Boes , Barbara Boucher Iack Bourn Linda Boustead Roberta Bowser Bonita Kaye Brady Lynn Bramwell Keith Bratcher Carol Brewer Iack Bringus Donald Brosko Carol Brower Donna Brown Ierry Brown Laura Brown Linda Brown Sharon Brown Darlene Bruns Barry Bryan lean Burcham Ierry Burns Lynda Burrows Eva Ice Burson ophomores R 'f 'PN kiwi .J X . Barbara Barnes Don Barnes George Barnes Mary Barnes Robert Barnes Connie Barnett Lynn M. Barnett Marsha Barnhart Micheal Barry Iames Bartley Keel Batchelor Gary Bateman Barbara Bates Johnny Bates Carl Baxter Suzi Beagle Robin Beaird Dennis Becker Robert Beebe Robert Benell Beverly Ann Bennett Pat Bennett Marcia Bergsten Kay Berner William Betterton Claudia A. Bibb Paula Biggs glvr N Play IL Ov - 4 1 IO2 "As the sun peeps through our cell window .... " X X l wi, S 9 i Q3 We 4-VH. ,t -. V , Paul Butterfield Linda Buzick Katherine Buzzan Lloyd Cabra Linda Calcara Margaret Cannom Penelope Ann Cantril Robert Carnie Kenneth Carpenter Ronnie Carpenter Iulia Carson Ralph Carter Sherrie Carter Sue Casburn Brenda Cavaness Bill Cecil Martha Chapman Rita Chapman Ronald Cheek Frank Chester Nancy Chinn Dennis Chisam Linda Churchill Iohnny Clampitt Marilyn Cliff Danny Closser Iohn Cobb in - f ..L y f 5 Q 'S ,MY 5, 6 3 fr x 5 X ,Q . ,Q lt al L X Sophomores Marcia Cobb lames Coke Myre Coker Leta Collins Mike Collinqs Nancy Collinqs Carrie Colville David Commans Dick Cooper Linda Cordell Iohn Corwin Don Cory Linda Cox Willfred Cox Karen Crabb Robin Crain Iudith Creason Larry Creek Harvey Crocker Charlet Cummins Bill Dalley Dennis Daniel Albert Daniels Betty Davis Carmen Davis Mary Bleich Maurine Davis Terry Dawdy Charles Dawson Kenny Dawson Cecilia DeCuer Dennis Degginger 104 Maurice Ellison Iuliana England Don Enloe Gary Estep Iohn Evans Bill Evans Nancy Findley leannie Fischel Donna Fisher Ianet Fitzsimmons Billie Marie Fitzsimmons Christie Flanary Carmen Kay Ford Connie Foster Donna Fox Murn Fox Robert Francis Billy Fry Gary Fry Charlotte Fuller lim Fuller Ieanne Gabriel Donna Gage Iudith Gallatin Cheryl Galloway Marilyn Gannaway Kenny Gardner Ienny Gellhaus Albert Michael Gibson Iames Gibson Lois Gibson Iames Gilham Sophomores Dale Ellen DeLap Larry Denning Nancy Diether Barbara Dillman Leslie Anne Dillion Dick Dinkins Marian Dinwiddie Allen Dobberstine Virginia Dorsey Gary Dougherty Sue Doupnik Barbara Dowell Carol Dunbar Anna Dykes Diane Dykes Anita Eagle Lana Eakin Donald Edwards Elby Wayne Edwards Ioy Edwards Ronald Edwards Sharon Edwards Samuel Eismont Mike Eklund Robert Elliott Bonita Elliott Fred Elliott Q. 9? ' J 'U .Q 4 r 0 Q if A s,,,.s" K :iff 5 faq-. fig' , Q w,f"""' A Xxx uv- It's preity! What is it? 105 106 cf 'S' Wrong Approach, fellas! 9 2' .4 e K Q13 X 5 Gilbert Gilmore Grace Gleason Tommy Gorbet Audry Gould David Gove Philip Graves Kay Green Iames Greer Iudith Gregg MaryAnn Grundman Eugene Larry Guthrie Karen Haas Cheryl Hagen Deanna Hagstrom lim Hall Paul Hamersen Richard Hamrick Sharon Hankins Bruce Hanson Harold Harding Marsha Harmon Linda Harms Richard Harris Thomas Harris Shilah Harrison Charles Hart Wayne Hauschild ophomores Ion Hayes Leslie Hayes Terry Hayes Eloise Haynes Patricia Hazlett Candy Hebert Kristin Hedlund Cheryle Henry Pam Henry Shirley Herbold Linda Hershe Theda Herz Iudith Hestand Iimmie Hibbard Barbara Hill Lora Hill Robert Hinkle Franklin Hixson Ralph Hobbs Gary Hobson Louis Lynn Hogue Sandra Holland Rodney Hollingsworth Bill Holmes Holly Holmes Kenneth Holt Roy Honeycutt Sharon Gail Hopkins Dick Horken Wallace Huttaker Donna Humphrey Naomi Humphreys 107 108 Robert Kral Mary Ellen Kretzinger Nora Kruse LaRe LaFon Larry Lakey Frank Lambert Nileene Lampkin William Lander Shirley Lappine Gene Lasater Bob Lathrop Gwen Laux Iames Lawrence Arthur Lawton Leonard Lee Bill Lewis lack Lewis Connie Linder Ierry Livingston Arthur Logan Harold Long Margaret Long Ethel Loomis Dave L ove Sam Lucas Robert Luebbert Artie Macdonald Mary Suzanne Macdonald Donna Macey Sherry Main Mary Majors Bill Malkauslry Sophomores W nv. x ri Roy Hylton Sandra Ingram Sheree lackson Iana Diane Ienkeslri Sharon Iincks Nancy Iofiee David Iohnson Harry Iohnson Iudy Iohnson Vicki Iohnson Frank Iones Mary Iones Richard Karch Richard Kams Leslie Kavanaugh Kathie Kavisic Mallory Keener Dan Keith Lester Kelly Donna Kerns Brent Kincaid Ioyce Kindred Edward King Iohn King Lawrence Kinsey Iohn Xistner Gaile Kittennan La g ,I "iii 1 an 4372 , 1' 331. Vw ZIYQ33 f l Wi' 303 Okay. men, let's ge! these decks swabbed! 109 110 1 4 Z if ,gif A .3 , .JP ,mug Thut's Mr. Moore's window! g my J A lanice Mall lim Mann Sharon Mansur Marilyn Mark Diana Marks Byron Martin Deborah Martin Heather Martin Roberta Martin Ken Mast Carol Masters Gary Mathews Terry Mattke Beth Mays Michael Maxwell lim McBride Connie McCall Elmer McCall Rose McCall Lonnie McCandless Mert McCann Francey McClelland Eddie McClure Linda McColm Dave McCormick Bobbie lean McCoy Pat McCrite Q,-:N ophomores 59' 4 'sy' Q ,Jul 1 :Q-gf Diane McCune Donna McGhee Mickey McGuire Nancy McHenry Chester McIntyre Deanna McKenzie Randy McKinley Gary McLaughlin Gary McLear Iudith McMillan Iimmy McNulty lim McQueen Kenneth McQuerrey Larry Mead Earl Melton Keith Melton Pamela Meredith Patricia Merritt Iames Meyer Sherlynn Meyn Donna Midkiif Iohn Milice Buzzy Stautier Suzanne Minnick Richard Misner Larry Mitchell Sharon Mitchell Tommy Mitchell Claudia Moad Edward Monoghan Iana Monderow Tommy Montgomery 112 Sophomores Bob Owens Roger Owens Nancy Oyler Carla Packham Kirby Pappan Sharon Parker Donald Parson Iames Patrick Larry Patterson Dorothy Patton Nancy Peak Vernon Peart Bill Pemberton Larry Peoples Dick Perkins DeLoris Peterman Mary Ellen Peters Mary Phillips Sandra Phillips Iudith Phipps Bill Pigman Laura Pilkington lim Pittman Don Platt Steven Polson Leland Poole! Ioe Poretta Stanley Powell Tom Powell Pamela Powers Sandra Powers Winnie Price 9, Z, 'X Saundra Moon Donnie Moore Roger Moore Donna Morphis Lowell Morris Dennis Morton Patricia Mueller Charles Munkers Ioe Murphy Thomas Murphy Carol Myers O. D. Crumpecker Velda Nash Paul Neidig Alice Nicholas Patricia Niehaus Carol Norfleet Stephan Norman Jimmy O'Banion Gerald Oberlag Mary O'Brien Karen Ockerstrom Eddie Oliver Barbara Olson Peggy O'Neal Kay O'Roark Henry Owen S 2 . , Q vi Wi' 21 54+ QL Watch out for the roller skates! 1 I3 114 .4 4, fh 2 Z ,... Q ,,,, Q. VA af F 'Q 5 2" 'f , 1: .ii ii q'9ki'i, . 1 Don't I get any points for a gutter ball? H 1' 5' . I 5 1 'F K 1 5 X 421' fi, X' 2,1 f Charles Pritchard Carolyn Pruessner Charlene Quackenbush Bill Quarles Ianet Rogan Dianne Ratledge Corliss Raybom Iudy Reber Iohn Rector Richard Rector Dale Reed Linda Reed Ianean Regan Ianis Kay Reuck Ronny Rhodeier Steve Rhodes Toni Richardson Brenda Ricketts Mavis Ricketts Dave Rigg Kathy Roades Eugene Robb Bonnie Robbins Tom Robertson Karen Rollins Leola Rose Sharyl Roy H l Sophomores Q? f r A ff ff' 1? , ,,,- , QI rf s','Y 3 ' I A s .. Eddie Rule Roger Rule Dennis Rush lean Ryun Lauree Sails Laurene St. Iohn Rick St. lohn Glenn Sanders Dorothea Sandford Darwin Sandstrom Larry Sapp limmy Schaefer Stuart Schertz Larry Schmidt Donna Schmitt Dorothy Schultz Iames Scott Barbara Scoville Ted Scribner Ian Seelinger Larry Seever Iohn Seibert Carol Sellers Scott Serrill Mary Shamp Iim Shanks Richard Shannon Charles Sharitz Darlene Shaw Iimmy Shelton Iohnnie Shook Io Shultz 115 1l6 Sophomores Iudy Ann Stephens Vivian Sterling Don Stevens Michele Stitt Rusty Stout Don Summers Sharon Sumption Gary Swan Linda Switzer Larry Tanner Sharon Taviana Patricia Taylor Ralph Taylor Tommy Taylor Bill Thacker David Thomas Georgia Thomas Lynda Thomas Roger Thomas Tommy Thomas Celia Thompson George Thompson Ronald Thompson Mary Thurston Barbara Timmons Larry Towle Allen Trice Dennis Trice David Trimmer Gale Triplett Ann Trotter Ranae Tuck Ralph Sinclair Iulie Skinner Karen Slavik David Sloan Betty Smith Gaye Smith lack Smith Iimmy Smith Sharon Smith Stephen Smith Tommy Smith Waunita Fay Smith Larry Snapp Willa Sommer Tommy Sooter Walter Spain Roy Sparks Friendly Northtown Larry Sperl Iane Spieqelhalter Ianet Sportsman Ian Spurloclc Louise Stacer Bobby Stanley Vicki Steams Bill Steel Richard Steinheider R i 4 if . 1... X K f i L,-r.2....d as " J 1 1 . , it 6 J V "gf xl 'yajoi 4 Y A X J --vvll lzgz :V I ai 3 ..Q,,. 1, M :fy 'gp N 1 X sf 3' H- W! LITTLE DADDY'S L Q M, K 1, 5' 1 f is.. XV Lv! is 1 X I l Sharain Tucker Don Tumer Florence Tumer Dick Tumer Ioanna Turpin Dennis Twiss Pam Tyron Martha Underwood Vicki Van Buskirk Velma Van Skike Mervin Vontuyl lean Vartanian Geary Vaughan Ianet Volaski Connie VonKamper Lora Lea Walker Nancy Walkup Anita Ward Carolyn Sue Ware Barbara Waring Patricia Webb Heynold Weber Al Werner Ierry West Pat West Robert West Ierry Westbay ,I 2- ,E , . ,, 'rw ' ' fv- sf-fi' S 'M . f T' 'lf' ' ! 'SA df Sophomores at 1 5, cd if L- I Cynthia Wheeler Alberta White Nancy Whitlow Perry Whitton Stephen Wible Lorraine Wickham Kimball Wilcox Dorothy Wilkinson William Wilkinson Carroll Williams Mary Linda Williams Calvin Willis Charles Wills Emily Wilson Ronnie Wilson Dennie Winfrey Shirley Withington Sharon Wittmeyer Carol Wixon Suzanne Wolfe Carolyn Womack Roger Wood Iohn Woodroof Nancy Woodruff Iames Woolery Stephen Wright Lois Wrigley lay Yeager Donice Yonally Roy Yost Paul Young Susan Young Bill Zeigler David Zieg Meryl Zinn Phyllis Zucl: 119 ORGANIZATIONS Ar' KQIU 'flgw Q F Student Council President - Kay Andrews Vice-President - Dave Banner 124 Lee and Secretary Sandra Modes OFFICERS: Vice-president Dove Banner, President Kay Andrews, Treasurer Ion Krebbs. Sergeant-at-cmns Rick Student Council issues charters to new organi- sations helps with Homecoming, and raises S1300 for the sponsorship of two foreign exchange students. It is also represented at the state and national Student Council conventions. Student Council is the goveming body ot the school and consists of 29 members who are chosen by their respective classes. It works with members ot the faculty in making policies for the school. After a week of campaigning, the president and vice-president are elected by the student body for a term of one year. ig. Hornet' s Nest Board of Control Each year one member is chosen from each class by the Student Council to serve on H. N. B. C. These students provide leadership in setting and settling behavior pattems in luncnrooms. as well as the sched uling of dances after games and being responsible lor the profits from the vending machines. The H. N. B.C has also provided and managed the radio and phonograph during the lunch hours. The president of the Stu dent Council presides as the chairman of the Board. t - -1-r an . Pep Club The 250 sophomore, junior, and senior girls in the Pep Club help create greater interest in the athletic program of N. K. C. H. S. and promote higher and better school spirit by acting as a nucleus for the cheering section. These peppy girls are always on hand at home games as well as many away games. Their other activities this year have included a penny throw for A. F. S., helping with entertainment and serving for the football and basket- ball banquets, and putting on several pep assem- blies. The sponsors are Miss Thies, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Linder, and Miss Heisey. A 5 l26 . J' X marks the spot when the Pep Club gxrls sxgn xn on the mommqs oi games i- avg Pat Lewis presxdeni Manlyn Whxtlow vlce presrdent Iudy Koehler secretary Ioyce Rush treas urer and Brenda Brenner sergeant-at arms SECOND SEMESTER Sue Sharp secretary and Markay Ke!! SEIQSCIIH Gt CIHIIS 127 V ki f I- V ., . A I 1 . ' gf ,EAL 1 f is f 'N Qi , I .4 l 'fn S 5 :il ' A J' A h , 5, 'S . ' : ' ' . ' - ' : . : . - Cheerleaders This yecrr's cheerleaders. elected by lhe student body. are: LINDA MARSHALL CAROL PARKER SANDRA MODES Head Cheerleader SANDRA DOOLIN GINGER CANNON 128 Debate Club 1 X Debate Club is a local organization de- signed to develop interest in interscholastic speech activities. It is composed of members of the debate classes who have accumulated at least 500 points in competitive debate. .F. l. National Forensic League is a national honor organization for the promotion and improvement of speak- ing and overall scholastic ability. Its greatest value is found in the encouragement and incentive to become an effective speaker and hence, a more successful and influential citizen. Miss Hale is the sponsor. Officers lbelowl are: Mary Wheeler, secretary-treasurer: Diane Gray, president: and lim Tinney, vice-president. W., X , ,A IN 1 nt , l tn lu ' N lv Thxs lS another form of torture: it is called paying dues to "Moneybags" X.: cj French Club The French Club headed by Becky Bu chanan presxdent Steve Rxchards vxce pres rdent Charlene Kalsu secretary and Dave Banner treasurer provldes further practlce 1n using the French language and promotes bet ter understandmg of France and her people through mov1es hterature guest speakers and projects ff la F Vx 'gm-f"CO I l Hands across the border xs the motto of Los Interamer 1canos and the members try to practxce th1s by learmng more about the people language and customs of our nexghbor countnes to the south The monthly meet1ngs mclude Spamsh completed one year of Spamsh can become a member The sponsor and founder of the club IS Mxss Isley Ofhcers lbelowl are Sandra Doolm treasurer Iudy Werner parharnentanan Patt1 Randazzo pres1dent Cathy Crowe secretary Tom Moss v1cepres1dent and Barbara D1l1mgham h1stor1an pamsh Club Cathy Crowe accepts burro pmata as a Chnstmas gxit to Spamsh Club from then Mexxcan fnends Rolando and Sergxo Medina How do you want your egqs pledges' X 131 x 7-X ? ' Mx " A ' . qv 1 O W A 3 ' I ff ' u .W . . . . . 5' 1 .' I ,f A 1 , 'N s ,Q 5 KR Q' fer J ,, ., . - W? A t dinners, movies, skits, and speakers: and anyone who has Q 1 1 . xt ' , : . ' ' 1 I I . I 1 ' : 1 ' .- - gl I - WEN' ' ? 1 I tx ' Y Lf mt.-sf? f, . r 'YA F ' ' Q N X V , t 9 A , ...- cience Ciub Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Daniels, is headed by officers fpictured abovel Susan Sowder, secretary: Nada Sauer, president: Dave Riddle, vice-president: and Steve Richards, treasurer. Its projects this year have included a tour of the I. W. Weldon Laboratory. a field trip to the K. C. Water Works, an illustrated speech by a representative of the Midwest Research Institute, and several films. i Astronom Club Astronomy Club consists of a small group of students wishing to acquaint themselves with the methods and facts of astronomy. They hold ob' servations when the weather permits but have had few opportunities this year. This group is sponsored by Mr. Langley and Mr. Calvert. Q 0 000 9 O Al1Apprentlces M., The art club reorganrzed and workmg under a new constltutlon has been more actxve thrs year than rn past years The mam purpose of the club IS to grve 1ts members a better under standmg and apprecratlon of all types of art Its secondary purpose 15 to mterest members m art as a poss1ble career Mr Porter P1'1Ce IS the sponsor .asia Ottlcers Charlene Kalsu presrdent Nancy Baxter vrce presxdent Duane Lewxs secretary and Deanna Nxchols treasurer Art Club members hsten to a speak r from the Art tnstxtute 133 o , . 1 I I . . . - K L 1, . . l T J .1 ,y f 1 , : ' ' . : ' . . .G , 1 I . 1 1. 1 a -- 134 5, The Future I-iomernakers of America Club has had an interesting year of programs featuring speak- ers who talked on marriage, juvenile delinquency, homemaking careers: a talk by Kay Andrews on Sweden was also included. One of the high points of the year was the Installation Dinner at an Italian restaurant. The officers installed at this dinner were president, Ianet Seirn: vice-president, Sharon Palone: secretary, Kathy Eitel: treasurer, Sue Katzenburger: reporter, ludy Nicholas: and parliamentarian, Mary Ann O'Brian. 'wsh L- W 1 -ml' Officers are Alice Gordon. recorder: Ronnie Wartick, president: Ioanne Young secretary Shirley Vaughn. vice-president: and Ianet Valerius fnot picturedl, treasurer This year the Future Business Leaders of America Club continues to supply worthwhile educational, vocational, and leadership ex- perience for those interested in the business world. Anyone who has completed at least one semester of a business course is eligible for membership. The sponsor is Miss King. The new members are initiated. FC The Future Nurses' Club, sponsored by Mrs. Beigel, interests students in personal and community health, en- courages them in choosing nursing careers. and serves the school and community through many useful projects. 136 libraw Club The Library Club sponsored by Miss Shryack, consists of those girls who work in the library assisting in serving the faculty and student body with reading facilities. Its secondary purpose is to create interest in pro- fessional library work. Future Teachers of America Future Teachers of America is a national organization for high school students interested in be- coming teachers. The members learn about this profession through speakers, school visits, and films. Mrs. Grace Shields is the sponsor. Officers fpictured at rightl are Iim Tinney, treasurer: Carol Staton, secretary: Nancy Carroll, vice-president: Iewel Forster, his- toriang and Karen Malmberg, president. The minutes were really exciting that night. F. T. A. members enjoy pizza during a meeting at Nancy Carroll's house. A, Impostors This club, sponsored by Miss Fulton, is open to students who participate in the casts and crews of the three annual school plays. It stimulates interest in theatrical work. This year's special projects include presenting a short melodrama, "Way, Way Down East," and purchasing a cyclorarna for the auditorium stage. The officers are Doug Overstreet, pres- ident: Iohn Erickson, vice-president: Nancy Carroll, secretary: and Iudy Ellington, treasurer. 138 Modern Music Masters Modern Music Masters is a national non- orary organization which fosters greater interest in instrumental and choral music. It encour- ages solo and ensemble performance, recog- nizes personal achievement, and stimulates appreciation of all types of music. Any student enrolled in a music course may enter the club by performing before the society, either on an instrument or vocally. The sponsors are Mr. Norman Clouse and Mr. Tom Bogosian. 140 G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association was or- ganized to promote better sportsmanship, an interest in the out-of-doors, and a desire for a well-rounded personality, both physically and mentally. Hockey, basketball, bowling, volley- ball, and softball are the five major sports in which any girl may participate. This year the officers are president, Phyllis Brittaini vice- president, Karen Poage: secretary, Kay An- drews: treasurer, Bonnie Roberts: historian, Patty Zajic: and sports manager, Karen Malm- berg. Miss Heisey is the sponsor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Brittain, Miss Heisey. Bonnie Roberts. Karen Malmberg, Karen Poaqe, Patty Zayic and Kay Andrews. Will someone please turn the furnace down we won't suffocate in our letter jackets? Vice-president Gerry Marshall and president Bud Birt try to maintain order at a meeting. Z1 ,Nl l 66 97 N Club is composed of boys who have fulfilled the requirement by earning a letter in the schoo1's interscholastic sports. Projects vary from collecting food, clothing, and money for a needy family to sponsoring a dance. Bud Birt, president: Gerry Marshall, vice-pres- ident: Gary Kerr, secretary-treasurer: and Pete Quatrachi, sergeant-at-arms served as officers this year. n 'EQ it f Z. -.g To grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of other races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God -- these are the goals of the Y-Teens. This club is open to all girls in the school and is affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. The governing body of the general or- ganization is the cabinet which is made up of rep- resentatives from each triangle and the general officers. This group is responsible fc: planning and executing all projects of the general organization. Among these projects are having an annual dance, holding prayer services for World Week of Prayer and Lent, publishing and selling Buzz books, and producing the annual Vari-ety Show. This year's general officers are Marilyn Whitlow, president: Becky Buchanan, vice-president: Sonia Goldusky, secretary: Susan Sowder, treasurer: and Barbara Dillingham, historian. 3 l A Cappella The A Cappella choir, led by Mr. Norman Clouse, is a select vocal group made up of approx- imately 100 juniors and seniors. Several performances are given during the year including Christ- mas vespers and a spring musical. A Cappella provides musical entertainment for Open House Swing Band Concert Band Northtown s Marchmg Band Performed In American Royal Parade i ,.-0.-un.. 146 ational Honor Societ Ia 5- 'W 6' "' " U Bill Burcham Becky Buchanan Sandra Carroll Sharon Colburn Larry Alexander Steve Graves Diane Gray Brian Hall Karlene Hendrix loyve Cox Pat Lewis Mary Ann Logan Martha McCall Steve McCammon Mary Ann Huesgen Don Rouse Ioyce Rush Pat Ryan Nada Sauer Sandra Modes Pat Sharp Elf A L -s fe Y We ,,.- ,f - ,,, . Q' ' of sr l, Q- is Q.. 5 3. 11, r pu, M. i r 3 3 "' W f. .. if -f W"-y 211 QL y fs. ur ,gtg Y '8- 1, rua- ng N V rs Kixwvl 1 .W K L Kay Andrews Barbara Dillingham Bill Iennings Tom Moss Ronnie Wartick Dave Banner Indy Ellington Nan Kavisic Gloria Nalley Mary Wheeler if Pat Barnhill Bob Fleming Gary Kerr Deanna Nichols Marilyn Whitlow Nancy Baxter Iewel Forster Ernestine Kirk Carol Peoples Iudy Willis -dw ,And 1 5- n lla- as 4? -1 Qi: , 6, .,--Q. Kathy Bricker Mary Gibson Sandra Lamb Sylvia Reed Saundra Wilson -rr' ,ll Phyllis Brittain Sonia Goldusky lane! Leming Louie Richardson Ioanne Young 147 be Buzz Staff ......-i 2ND SEMESTER Co-Editors ...... ....... I im Stephenson Pat Barnhill Feature Editor ....... ...... N ancy Baxter Sports Editors ................ Lynn Snowden Gary Kerr Assistant News Editor .. Sonia Goldusky Copyreaders ..,,.......... Brenda Brenner Iewel Forster. Carole DeMort Proofreaders ............ Gerald Carpenter lim Tinney Circulation Managers ........ Chris West Karen Gleason Advertising Managers .... Iudy Crawley Gloria Nalley Reporters ,,,....................,,..... Anne Ryun Mehmet Sargin, Nada Sauer Ronald Wartick, Iudy Willis Sponsor ................................ Miss Fulton Co-Editors lim Stephen- son. Gloria Nalley. Sonia Goldusky, and Pat Barnhill count out papers for delivery Nada Sauer, Gerald Carpenter, Mehmet Sargin, Iewel Forster, Anne Ryun. Karen Gleason. and Nancy Baxter. v .-1 V Kwan 0 Lynn Snowden, Jim Tinney. Chris West. Brenda Brenner, Iudy Willis, Judy Crawley. Ronnie Wartick, and Gary Kerr. 149 150 Purgold Staff Co-Editors - Barbara Dillingham, Don Rouse Make-up Editor - Ianet Leming Copy-writer - Ernestine Kirk Classes - Betty Parker, Kay Andrews Clubs - Sandra Carroll, Marilyn Whitlow Faculty - Patty Zajic, Karlene Hendrix Sports - Steve McCammon, Ion Krebbs, Steve Richards Seniors - Carol Peoples, Diane Gray Underclassmen - Steve Graves Coronation Ball - Deanna Nichols, Albert Montgomery Purgold Campaign - lack Peak, Louie Richardson Extra-Curricular - Pat Lewis, Sandra Lamb Photographers - Phyllis Brittain, Patti Randazzo 1 Sponsor - Mr. Leimkuhler S fs lt's a raid! At least it looks so. as Steve Richards and Patti Randazzo put up advertise- ment tor Purgold sales. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: lack Peak, Louie Richardson. Patti Randazzo. Karlene Hendrix. Patty Zajic, Carol Peoples. Sandra Lamb, Deanna Nichols. Pat Lewis. Steve Graves, Diane Gray. and Albert Montgomery. A.- Aa FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Parker, Ernestine Kirk, Kay Andrews, Steve McCammon, Phyllis Brittain, Steve Richards. Ion Krebbs. Marilyn Whitlow. Sandra Carroll, Don Rouse, Ianet Leming, and Barbara Dillingham. gr: Albert's "high" again! Actually he is working on decorations for the Coronation Ball. 151 SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES I I YA Hornets Schedule Southeast St. Ioe Benton Liberty S. M. East William Chrisman Wyandotte De LaSalle St. Ioe Lafayette St. Ioe Central Baytown BOB LASAIER Chalk Talk Jr fs 3+ N x Co-Captains I EVERETTE McCLAIN PETE QUATROCHI ION KREBBS DAVE MEHNER Sr. - 2 yr. letterman Sr. - 2 yr. letterman Sr. - 2 yr. lettermcxn Sr. - 3 yt. letterman All Conference All State All Conference All State All District Honorable All District All District Honorable Mention All District Mention All Conference All Conference 158 BUD BIRT Sr. - 2 yr. lettermon All Conference Honorable Mention DON BRADSHAW STAN EDWARDS Sr. - 1 yr. lettermcm Sr. - 1 yr. letterman f rv til 33 i 'S Zia.. W , 'Q Y - ,. i s I if ,fm iii , ,Y 4, F' 'M ' 4- , N 3 . . y L 3 'Ks' Qu -mb' ii! 4 I .AX ' Aff 1 A x ' - S 4 if ,J 1 1 5 iz 4- f M V+ , 4 ig , if 'Eva 5 V iw .4 7. I, 23 If 3, ,... ,, .w-nf f 8 A 'Q' if w-. W 'fw,n 1 54' . ""'- 2 .ix 5: im up It f. 5' -r"I ' v nw" fngf, 'vqn'F J RICH HERZ IERRY NORTON Ir. - 1 yr. lettermcm Ir. - 1 yr. lettermcn All Conference All District Honorable Mention ROGER HAMPTON BOB HARLESS Ir. - 1 yr. lettermcn Ir. - 1 yr. lettermcm GARY TEN EYCK CHRIS WEST Sr. - 2 yr. lettermcm Sr. - 1 yr. lettermcm DON REA Ir. - 1 yr. letterman ION HAYS Soph. - 1 yr. lettermon PHIL REED Ir. - I yr. lettermcm All Conference All District Honorable Mention Not Pictured IIM HOBBS Ir. - 1 yr. lettermcm All Conference 161 162 Hornets Surge To Tie Knights Rick Lee and Dave Mehner sparked the under- dog Homets to a 19-19 tie with the Southeast gridders at Southeast's stadium. Lee scored on the first play of scrimmage, Wayne Kindel scored on a pass with just 3 seconds left in the first half, and Mehner plunged across with 47 seconds left in the game to end the scoring. olthtown Routs Benton The Hornets first home game proved fatal for the Benton Cardinals while it handed Northtown its 25th Pony Express Conference victory, 39-7. Dave Mehner led in the scoring attack with three T. D.'s, with the Hornet line providing excellent blocking by Gary TenEyck and Ralph Ager. Barrage Sinks liberty Northtown's gridders, sparked by senior full- back Dave Mehner with four T. D.'s and junior quarterback Don Rea, battered the Liberty Blue Iays 51-6. The Hornets, on their home field, displayed an impressive ground attack. Excelling defensively were Gary TenEyck, Iim Hobbs, and Ron Wild who intercepted three Blue Iay passes. lancers Nip Hornets N. K. C. was handed its first defeat of the season by the Shawnee-Mission East Lancers on S. M.'s grid field. The slow-starting Hornets came back from a 14-0 half time deficit to end the game 14-13. De- fensive standouts were Gerry Marshall, Iohn Krebbs, and Ron Wild. Chrisman Easy For .K. C. The William Chrisman Bears bowed in a 21-0 shutout to the Hornets to put Northtown's gridders one step closer to its sixth Pony Express Conference championship. The outstanding play of the even- ing was tackle Richard Parson's 80 yard "gallop" to pay-dirt on a blocked field goal attempt. "Coach" Age: looks on with disgust Larry McGee stymies the Cadet's passing attack. Lee smashes off tackle behind the blocking of Marshall and Parsons. Krebbs tries a little "Bulldogging I Mark Westman leaps high to snag a pass away from a Liberty Bluejay defender. "Let's kiss and make up" seems to be the actions expressed dur- ing the De LaSalle and N.K.C. game. "Rarnb1in' Rick" scam- pers around end for a first and ten against the Ben- ton Cardinals. Bulldogs' Bite Proves Fatal The Wyandotte Bulldogs outlasted the Hornets on the Bulldogs gridiron to defeat Northtown 12-6. Dave Mehner and Everette McClain triggered the only Hornet score, a 72 yard march to paydirt in the third quarter. Outstanding was Northtown's goal line stand to kill a Wyandotte T. D. from the 1 yard line. .K.C. Conquers The Cadets The Hornets won N. K. C.'s homecoming game from the De LaSalle Cadets "in a breeze" 36-0. Everette McClain led in the scoring escapade with three T. D.'s. lon Krebbs dashed 65 yards to paydirt in the first quarter, while Dave Mehner and Don Rea also contributed with T. D.'s. Hornets Chop p lafayette The Hornet eleven stomped the Shamrocks of St. Joseph Lafayette, 38-0 at St. Ioseph. Hornet scoring was spread among Dave Mehner, Mark Westrnan, Everette McClain, Rick Lee, Iohn Hays, and center lim Hobbs who scooped up a blocked punt and raced 24 yards to the goal line. Hornets Gallop To Title N. K. C. won its sixth straight Pony Express Conference title by defeating the Indians of St. Ioseph Central 31-6 at Northtown's last home game of the season. lon Krebbs, Rick Lee, Dave Mehner, and Everette McClain provided N. K. C. with its T. D.'s with McClain tallying twice. Guard Gary TenEyck was the outstanding defensive man of the evening. P. E. C. Champs Win "Big 0ne" The Raytown-N. K. C. football game, probably the hardest fought game of the season was a joyous 13-12 victory for the Hornets. Dave Mehner and Rick Lee were responsible for the two Hornet tallies, while Everette McClain booted the P. A. T. to bring the N. K. C. 7-2-1 season to a close. This, the 1959 Northtown-Raytown clash, will long be remembered as a "brutal display of foot- ball at its best." 165 , Aw, ,f Q A ,,, mi, N V ,Q,s5?3Lfi,' , f, ,-,V W. 2 W M LW? uw gy, f A .Lx ,mg A Wx.- W ' ' L' 'L-mn 4 f5Lv92?42 '35 ,. , . M f , j. n .-1 5, " T' ,rf if 'g ,P fi k 'iff W-.112 . , fan. , ? , viz, 42 ,Q I . In , .-Q. W: f L ..,g 11 ,rf fm, -- 1' .1i,mY4w' A 6q,, wg iw ,wa an va af , ff? , fig ? 3 ,, . -rw f. 1 ",,f ?'1 ---........,. Wnillung-g..,..,...g ilthnngi , , 45 ,Q ., Q9 g Z ulm 3 Eiga .ww-aw 152 5' an ,, , Nwwmm, .72 V, K W. ' nf 'N W--S A gf, f ,, , ,ef iw! W ffl! , z 4. nw- Q ,s ., f "lf 1 .12'-I1 .. qmggfl Y 1 Q ' 4 "1 6 Q if -gg F F E fy, ' .,,..-ff f Q 43.3 -lg, Nl' ,d 'Nl Hornets Capture Another , ' -9-' Head Coach Varsity Reserve Cocch CLARK FERGUSON LELAND O'DEI.L 'Q' Q '- I nf ,gsm elai- 1-gx 3 .pil Conference Crown Sophomore Coach ART PFAPF NKC N KC NKC NKC NKC NKC N KC NKC NKC N KC N KC NKC NKC N KC NKC NKC NKC NKC NKC N KC NKC NKC HORNETS SCHEDULE 61 57 Lee's Summit 44 37 Hogan 42 65 Rockhurst 47 28 William Chrisman 65 41 Liberty 35 38 Shawnee Mission North 54 34 William Chrisman 73 46 Springfield Parkview 50 46 Pembroke-Country Day 39 41 Shawnee Mission East 50 39 Bishop Miege 50 51 St. Ioe Central 54 66 Shawnee Mission East 52 48 St. Ioe Lafayette 58 48 Baytown 51 40 St. Ioe Benton 46 31 Northeast 47 25 St. Ioe Benton 74 33 St. Ioe Lafayette 51 49 Wyandotte 46 41 William Chrismcm 59 52 St. Ioe Central Student Managers Gary Wartick Eugene Parrish NKC 61 -- Lee's Summit 57 NKC cagers downed their first opponents of the season, the Lee's Summit Tigers, by a margin of 61-57 as Iohn Kiloh took scoring honors with 23 points. NKC INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT NKC 44 -- Hogan 37 Northtown's Hornets took the first game of the NKC tourney by downing Hogan 44-37. Lynn Snow- den was high scorer with 14 counters. NKC 42 -- Rockhurst S5 The Northmen were handed their first loss of the season by a tall Rockhurst tive. Iohn Kiloh was high point man with 14 points. NKC 47 -- William Chrisman 28 NKC came in third in the NKC tourney by de- feating the Bears of William Chrisman 47-28. Iohn Kiloh contributed 13 points to the victorious cause. Ion Krebbs - Senior 2 yr. Letterman All Conference CAPTAIN Senior Iohn Kiloh 2 yr. Letterman All Conference rl' Everette McClain - Senior 1 yr. Letterman NKC as -- Liberty 41 The Liberty Bluejays were no match for a hot Hornet crew as the Northmen reigned 65-41 at NKC. Iohn Kiloh again took scoring honors with 21 points. NKC 35 -- Shawnee Mission North 38 The Hornets fell in defeat to the Indians of Shaw- ne Mission North 38-35. Iohn Kiloh led NKC with 14 points. NKC 54 -- William Chrisman 34 The Hornet cagers, led in scoring by Lynn Snow- den with 15 points, defeated the William Chrisman Bears 54-34 in the Chrisman fieldhouse. NKC 73 -- Springfield Parkview 46 Combined efforts of Iohn Kiloh and Lynn Snow- den, who accounted for 30 points, led the Hornets to victory over the Springfield Parkview Vikings 73-46. Lynn Snowden - Senior 2 yr. Letterman All Conference All District Rick Lee - Senior lee's Summit Tournament NKC 50 -- Pembroke-Country Day 46 The Northmen handed defeat to Pembroke- Country Day in NKC's debut at the Lee's Summit Holiday Tourney. Charles Twiss and Iohn Kiloh shared scoring honors with 15 apiece as Northtown scored 50 points to Pem-Day's 46. NKC 39 -- Shawnee Mission East 41 NKC cagemen lost with one second playing time to Shawnee Mission East by a score of 41-39 in the semi-finals of the Lee's Summit Tourney. NKC 50 -- Bishop Miege 39 The Bishop Miege Stags offered little competi- tion to the Hornet crew who took a 50-39 decision. Lynn Snowden paced the Hornets with 25 points. NKC 50 - St. Ioe Central 51 NKC lost by a narrow margin of 1 point to St. Ioseph Central despite the efforts of Ion Krebbs and Lynn Snowden who paced the Hornets with 16 and 15 points respectively. 1 yr. Letterman 172 Charles Twiss - Senior 1 yr. Letterman Mark Westman - Senior 1 yr. Letterman NKC 54 -- Shawnee Mission East 66 Northtown was handed defeat once again by the Lancers of Shawnee Mission East 66-54. Ion Krebbs and Everette McClain shared scoring honors with 11 each. NKC 52 -- St. Ioseph Lafayette 48 NKC bounced back into the winning column by defeating St. Ioseph Lafayette 52-48. Lynn Snowden was responsible for 19 Hornet points. NKC 58 - Baytown 48 Lynn Snowden was high scorer in the next Hornet match as a Baytown Bluejay crew fell to a superior Hornet five. NKC 51 - St. Ioseph Benton 40 Northtown defeated the St. Ioseph Benton cagers 51-40 as Rick Lee led in scoring with 16 points. Ron Wartick - Senior 1 yr. Letterman 174 NKC 46 - Northeast 3l The Northeast Vikings were next to bow out in defeat to the 1-Iomets. Rick Lee and Iohn Kiloh. each scoring 12 points, led the Homets to the 46-31 victory. NKC 41 - St. Ioseph Benton 25 The Hornet roundballers extended their con- ference record to 4,1 by defeating Benton on the Hornet's court. Rick Lee was high point man with 15 points. NKC 74 - St. Ioseph Lafayette 33 ' A well-balanced Hornet scoring attack trounced St. Joseph Lafayette 74-33, putting NKC into a tie for first place with William Chrisman in the PEC. NKC 51 - Wyandotte 49 Two points scored at 0:10 by Lynn Snowden. who was high scorer for the evening with 14 points. put NKC into the first place position in the Kansas City area by defeating the Wyandotte Bulldogs 51-49. NKC 46 - William Chrisman 41 The Hornets vaulted into the number one posi- tion of the PEC by scoring 9 points in the last 54 seconds to beat William Chrisman 46-41. Lynn Snow- den starred with 20 points. NKC 59 - St. Ioe Central 52 NKC secured the PEC title b defeating the Indians of St. Joseph Central 59-52. Everette McClain and Rick Lee took scoring honors with 13 and 12 respectively. Dave Mehner Senior 1 yr Letterman Varsity Reserve Won: 11 lost:5 HOW ONE: Larry Schmidt, Ron Carpenter, Rich Misner, Rusty Stout, Iimmy Shanks, Henry Owen, Dennis Daniels, Mgr. ROW TWO: Steve Wibie, Don Summers, Dennis Twiss, Wayne Hauschild, Richard Shannon, Pete Pritchard, Chuck Bishop. 175 Regionals NKC 72 -- Wentworth 37 The entire Hornet bench participated in the Hornet's first match of the William Chrisman Re- gionals, as the Hornets trounced Wentworth 72-37. Mark Westman was high scorer with 14 points. NKC 64 -- Liberty 46 The Hornet five were once again victorious as they downed Liberty in the district semifinals by a margin of 64-46. The entire Hornet bench saw action as Iohn Kiloh led the scoring attack. NKC 51 -- Northeast 44 Ion Krebbs led the Hornets to victory over the Northeast Vikings 51-44, which resulted in North- towns 12th straight win and a trip to the first round of the state basketball tournament at St. Joseph. NKC 51 -- Chillicothe 66 Northtown brought the 1959-60 basketball season to a close with a defeat as Chillicothe downed NKC in the first round of the state basketball tournament 66-51. The Hornets ended the season with a 20-6 record. Th NKC Hornets successfully f11'11Shed then 2nd complete season of wresthng w1th a 101 record The Hornets ended the season by placmg second 1n the d1str1ct meet and sendmg seven men to the state tournament but fculed to quahfy anyone 1n the fmal rounds Mr Ioe Crouthers IS the coach Won 10 L s 1 'Wx Matmen Place 2nd In District 177 178 It must have been somethxng she ate or read' As a maffer of fact nf was somethmg Deanna Nxchols read she had lust found out that she was one of the Homecommg candxdates Her har blew m her face her hau' blew m my face then her han blew on down the held' Yes If WAS a wmdy Home commg Day V VV f 1 A -1. 'f' 1'f 7 L ,Q-' . H ""' A he VV Q ff' -0 M-F ' , I f...--W I I i 1 . : . nv- Dotty Pool helps to distribute good luck garters to the football players. Homecoming 1959 f xttxrqz Y 5' -15-gl v,4w-. 1960 HOMECOMING QUEEN?? X 'l I 'uFI""-Q 4 1 ' 1 3 f ' K . 1 I '-A3 "Grandma, what hairy legs you have!" This wasn't xeally Grandma, only Mike McCrite, as even Io Owens must have realized. 179 new ' - . I I ISO Kay Andrews and her escort Everette McClain Brenda Baker and her escort Gary Ten Eyck A wxndy October 23 greeted the 1959 Home commg festwmes Threatemng clouds hung over head but as the trme for the assembly drew near the clouds parted and the sun shone brrghtly The seven queen cand1dates and the1r escorts entered the stad1um m shmy convertrbles Skmts portraymg funny 1nc1dents taken from the g1r1s pasts were pre sented to the stadrum packed audlence Ann Dcrrlmg and her escort rete Quatrochn I I . . . , ' . Y:-,arf ,- V , --f-, or .,' - -n.,....f. N 1 Deanna Nrchols ana ner escort Ion Krebbs That nrght dur1ng the halftrme of the De La Salle football game the long awa1ted moment ar rrved when M1ss Sandra Modes was crowned 1959 Homecomrng Queen Queen Sandra and her s1x attendants rergned at the dance grven rn therr honor after the game The theme of the dance Some Enchanted Evenrng ' was camed out ln decorat1ons of many lavender hues Dorothy Pool and her escort Iohn Krloh Iamce Whrte and her escort Wayne Kmdel !81 r .- . - ,M 141 . -- V f - r I . n ' I . 1 . . . I 1959 Homecoming Queen Miss Sandra Modes Her Royal Majesty was escorted by football player Dave Mehner Queen Sandra s dress was appropnately of royal blue velveteen and she carned a matchxng fur muff X'-uf sf-'eww 182 Wmdblown beautxes all 1-hdrews Nxchols Whne Modes Laker Daxlmg Pool I ' . 1 F: , 1 2 ' A ' 5 . 3. M 55 fra ws F 0 ' , s , ki lg.. A 0 . ' ' 4' . .Jew ,, I 1 .A AN. 5 X y s s 4 s U . 'il s l . we 1 ' ar YJ I Q I f " , K I ' s 5,-g,,u 4 .' X . ., .s.,,AX'x 1 T LW sw .f ' ' .Fw of , J - . , - . I I ' A ' . , . ' I I , . I K vida My 0-Kvafzewa Homecoming vida 04:4 Dudaay vida Elma .gain Attendants yl644 taeefma 764106 M644 W ee Win? M44 Dandy poo! 136 Coronation Ball p-5 Paths look of surprlse IS captured by somebody elses camera as she hears her name announced as one of the cand lates ior Purqold Queen The names of the n1ne cand1dates for 1960 Purgold Queen were announced at the close of the Ph11harmon1c Con cert on November 25 The grrls selected the1r campalgn managers and embark ed upon a ten day campa1gn whlch concluded December 5 The candrdates and then managers were D1x1e Barnes and Dave Banner Shrrley Capps and Ronme Shultz Iudy Koehler and Steve McCammon Sandra Lamb and Gary Ten Eyck Pat Sharp and Gerry Mar shall Leshe Serr111 and Mlke Cox Pattr Randazzo and Steve Rlchards Ioyce Rush and Mark Westman and Debble Vandrver and Lanny Wlntesxde T! AX X' Smiles, as well as tears, adorn the faces of the happy candidates. Ioyce Rush being no exception! 188 4 N . f I , ,rw JV y .,,.f-,ifaw 3 JY ,ffm f "f ' , W 27 fi f 5 5 1 in . v 15 :23, ' if, M A 53,15 ' his iff' .L ,Q jk, K J i. Qx -fu, if . ' ' ' , rf , 4 .ff M If . ,Q , , S 1 3 " X M' 5 , we ff I , i fl' Ml. Princess Shirley and Dwain Nusbaum dreamily dance around the fieldhouse floor. YD! The queen is crowned as her royal entourage look on B ,X 1" vi is On December 19, 1959, over 200 couples gathered in the field house for the annual Coronation Ball sponsored by the Purgold Staff. Decorations in the traditional Christ- mas red, white, and green, lent a gay atmosphere to the occasion. Miss Leslie Serrill was crowned 1960 Purgold Queen in the ceremony which highlighted the dance. Miss Shirley Capps received the title of First Princess and Miss Pat Sharp was named Second Princess. Queen Leslie with her princesses and attendants led the first dance to the music of Iimmy Tucker and his orchestra. lf' f YE X' Princess Pat gracefully descends the stairs aided by lack Peak. ..- 189 Q +242 'gg Q 2, My '4- 'B ,ggi f9'6qff 3 iywffzf Qacea F7 ff ff xbvf, f' Soon! gufweaa yfdaa Pez' Sfiafgo Zed! gufweaa 11644 Sfiafzdy 3,904 5 'o vlfzaa Dane Fume.: Purgold M44 Swan ,QAM M44 Melia Attendants yidaa Q22 Qaafogjo aldaa Define Mahan 2,0 ml M644 jyce 3415 J 0 .. if o 9 ,Q 6' I 0 og 5 P ,g 'P 4 4 ,-,, .-. 4 4 d 5' 0 ,A os 5 9 Y 9 iff v J o Mike Cox catches a moment to study his lines before going on stage. 194 Backstage and "Out Front" at Senior' s Pla Mary Gibson and Diane Gray await their entrances. fi Shirley Capps and Ann Darling in the process of "making-up - - - - - - 0 More Homework S , 2 E f ,- ,K ,A 5. 0, Z, I it ,E I , , ,kr . My ' l ' -,rf-, . . V raw, ,fr o uf, is . .Q 1f.17,,.,m.' fum 'X -is ' W ,fzihff f jx ,,i,k?:"1?f'Qsg,,l-,N , , gh ev vb .. fix. Jxngies 'K 'g Action and humor provided highlights of the three-act comedy. Pamela I ones .....,. "Buzz" Bailey ...... Shalimar Ames ...... "Midge" Murphy Faversham Lightly, Tallulah Ploetz ........... ....... Ronald Sassoon ..... .. Miss Goodin ....... Mrs. Clendenning Ir. ...,, .....,. , CAST Diane Gray Mike Cox Ann Darling Dorothy Pool Lindsey Skidmore Mary Ann Huesgen Dwain Nusbaum Mary Gibson Sandra Carroll Miss Ogilvie .,.... ..... Mr. Harper ...... ..,... Coach Guthrie Mr. Lundquist . Miss Dill ...... "Tick" Tok ....... .. Mrs. Ratchet .. Elmer B. Ames Iewel Forster Doug Overstreet Gary Kerr Dave Banner Shirley Capps Ronald Baird Brenda Brenner Bill Iennings 196 Z. A Northtown couple "On Camera." Must be some fun, sitting them out. Y M fl! P i , P' L, , - f 1 A wa ,QW M v f uw 'Sw 4 -.4g. Hornets Make Annual Appearance on Bandstand and TV Teen Hop Wouldn't Arthur Murray be pleased? Pep Assemblies Promote School Spirit The "Boys" on the team need cx haircut, coach! K'a VA, 'X ,rm ,N "Millie" Mehner cmd her "girls" of the Pep Club look suspiciously masculine. ,.5-Y inani- "Iane" Kiloh cmd "Ioan" Krebbs try-out for a cheerleader spot. 199 Hornets make 'Tergy Burgers" out of the Benton Cardinals. . 'F FN The Hornets' cry of "On to State" followed the team to the William Chrisman Finals. C-qgp The Ra town Beatnik Pep Assembly "Cool Cat" Modes bangs the bongos as "Beats" Capps and Pool join in. G , Confetti-covered icms send up balloons , when the ieams eniers. Q... I so , f. Q., .l ,-1-we ' f 201 Y-Teens go "Searching for a Staf' in their annual show. Cecrl the movxe producer as portrayed by Iohn Erxckson vrsrts hrs favonte psychratrrst as portrayed by Doug Overstreet to further the plot oi the YTeens annual vanety show 202 ........9 'Nia The Clannet Quartet composed of B111 Davrdson Dwam Nusbaum Larry Lohnes and Ianet Iohnson crmved on stage rn grand style m thenr own iurlmed sports car 7 ,fy , V ef 2 A-J , Q f' , irq 'C ..- :L , .- F, f- w The Whrllenpools Gary Kerr Clark Flanary Iohn Ymglmg and Gerald Carpenter harmonize as they wart lor the pretty waxtress to frll em p vu 'K 'N- "L Honey Bun Iennmgs and Gob Nalley bnng the house down ,Q WW? '12 if-5 'P' g in N ln- I NX 'ix A Q, x v L N., ilk , tlafi The Semor Lme C50 Beautxiul grrls 50 49 Beautxlul Costumes 495 provrde the glamorous fmale at shows end 203 24, t W h I ty ji - 'sy V all N 5 r Q 3 4 , r 0 ff' - ff a Xl 5 EI ! 2 T fs , 5 ' . , ' f .- A Y, ff y r e x ' .,. 'ev' A L H l 'K A K, . 1 , 'KX X f , 3 . ' f'V f 7' A K r ' g, , ' A r.' Q V I A , I U 5 H , f , V N r V V. ' - A . at Q fs or e r 4 V - s ff to ' r t X . 4 E tk t ,Q W .Si M , V 1 ' by y V' . we 5 Vg W I t 1-Ft V xA i 'JJ 0 I V' N gm 5 Q 'Q f ,, W I Y of 1 .1 ' Tv. l ' r V 1 it ' Q X , . .fy A V V , i ' 'f fi X L ' X M-A ah! Q, H ,U 341 t 1s',!',Ji 'KJ Jig ,axe if 1 ' X2 dy ' , y, ' L ' ' Vl G, - L 7 .1 V ' fix' 'V A . 1 1 7 I V' ' . 4 hr , Z EY: ' Q i K, W Dramatics' Classes give "Teach Me How to Cry" Ls B.. 5 A , 4' lf , I l S Ay, F' we ' I. 1' Ji 'ir A an' ,, I l CAST Mrs, Grant ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, S andra Carroll s Gloria Nalley Miss Robson ...... ...... S haron Kay Colburn Melinda ,.,,,,,, .,....,..... K ay Andrews Diane Gray Bruce 4,A,.A, ,,,,,,......... P aul Bell Polly ...,... ...... B onnie Iohnson Sandra Modes Anne ...... ......,... R ogene Geary Eleanor ,.,,, ...... M arilyn Batcheller Will ..,.,,,..,,.,,,.,,..,. ..... I im Stephenson Mr. Henderson .... ...... E ugene Parrish Mrs. Henderson ........ .......... L auree Sails Iim Stephenson and Kay Andrews, who altemated with Diane Gray in the leading role. pose on the steps of the old bandstand. -42 fn 1 S Snug, - Marilyn Batchelor gets "dolled up" to go on stage. 204 fpbl' f.- Eugene Parrish and Lauree Sails as iather and mother provide a tense scene in this three-act comedydrama. Everyone was down at the airport to welcome back Kay Andrews from her summer in Sweden sponsored by the American Field Service. I V gflxr Mimi? 11 14:0 fell in A an-5 il B .""v '1 fffs. img MES Atkinson chats wiih Eddie Mynat! and his parents during open house. On behalf ol ihe Buzz Staff, Miss Fulton re- ceives milk for the "cally" remarks about the Purgold Sta!! which were Drinted in the Buzz. 205 an 206 Meet Mac ,CN 5. ,-'ffx' fe.- The American Field Service Program is well represented at North Kansas City High School and the adopted foreign exchange students are soon recognized by every Hornet. This year Mehmet Yilmaz iMac! Sargin from Istanbul. Turkey. was "Americanized" by his new friends and Rick Lee with whom he lived and learned. He rapidly adjusted to jeans and hotdogs ,ww fi- But the proper typing technique took a little longer When You Get Back Home And light Up Your Turkish Cheroot Remember Norihtown' we S e . ,, ., gr Moc was active in clubs . . . O I O -N I L 5 ln 4 - . . 4 s s . . . . 208 Departments Combine to Present Christmas Assembly --7-45-3 I A scene trom the one-act Christmas drama, "Why the Chimes Rang." This yearbook was printed by Walsworth Publishing Co., Inc. Marceline, Missouri Senior photographs by Emery Bird Thayer Studios, Kansas City, Missouri Underclass photographs by Caldwell Photo Service, Kansas City, Missouri ,,..,.,.p.un.4vv wguwosm pagan Ull , .pare . - , , . . L,-. .- . A ' -' n, -- , 1 ' , . . -.F1AiS4m. Zv:','.g::g'xQ,.r. 27-.-xl.-,.' f , ,Q ',.:'KFd 2f16EL,r. "cyvs,a..f .Gb

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