North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO)

 - Class of 1956

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North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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M V ' W Q Q, H M ,,,, A :H We ,flew ,.,, A fr- ? ,,,g . ..,, "va A 1 ,Mag i X I V ,,',,5:g:yW,5 , " ,r-,,fe,ewf 'M-ff w ' f fy' , ....,... - , ':'L,I-'Z32E.3::.',.,,..:,:.g':," Wfw' M' .. ""' pw , ' of ,uijgsa g iff' 4 f M , If V 1 ff i ZW' f -a X- an vm fff- v...f 4 'H' 1 - ff J, n' 4 .I .- X , ,iw 4 Mm " ' J XM ff U, f, 'if -- ia ,wr mnwvff, ,., -1' 0 ',,Q, Z of ,at ,, ' ff if X msg 'V QA ' x 'Z ,I if ae gi fffugw , ' ,f 1, ,4 'Q ,mg " EVM -W 5 we From earl morning hen a 4M it W 4- Z the door open the way of learning. . . till late at night hen the wish ofthe janitor' broom ound through the empt hall . Its all here... In the glory of a cheer that says . . . "We're s from Northtown . .. c0uldn't be pr0uder" . .. So . . . in reverence and deep respect. . . r We, the class of 1956, present. . . "NORTHTOWN" . . . and. . . We couIdn't be prouder . .. 6 Qwfg MM? Lwulfpffgf !L,Zo14f?,i1'TY.F. ggxy THE 1956 PURGOLD published by the ' x f Cy Senior Class of T K t W X My North Kansas City High School ' , . Q, ff 6 599, ' 4 X jj North Kansas City, Missouri MM W Xjffgiff olume xxlx bfji, .. M CONTENTS: DJ Administration, Faculty, and Staff ............................ Page 9 Cl ..- .... ...... P 19 it asses age ?J0O5 Royalty ........ ...... P age 73 Clubs .... ...... P age 83 Sports ...... Page 113 Curricular .... ...... P age 131 Donated by Nancy McGee OCtO'DeI', 2002 Extracurricular .......... Page 137 Advertising ...... .,.... P age 155 Dedication ..,. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- .-24-',1:f:I:I:1:f:-1-.---I-'-1:-" '1F'JF'.-:-.-:5"' .-' 152-2:2-I:1:5:I:1:!:I:1... .-..:-:g:g:g1g2g2g2:1,-.-. gI52-I:I121:22:ff:5z:g15:5':f:!:!:7W5f'E57'-7315.-'-'-I-' ,,'2:1-6.-:T :2:2:1:1:E:::g:g:1:g:g2g2:1:2:I:- :I:1:1:-:g:g:g:g2:2-1g2:2:I:2.-.-. 12:2:I12:I:25:2-rg:5:5g:ami:1:f5g2:?,:g-5:2:5',,P'.-:-ffZ'!'-5:5 2 :BrigE5E5:3:3:g:5:EgE5E5Sg5::::g: .,.4,.,.,,::2:35:5:5:35:3gE5E5E5E55-1.1. I:1:2:Q:f:Q:5'1:f:5:7:f ......2:E:g:S:f:E ,-,I-I-I-315:f:2:2:2'5'5'5 :-:3:32:Q:Qi25'grgggg:Q:5:2:2:22:2'1'E:Qg.Qggg55- -Q,-g'1:::5:f' .-' 55:55:51: ::::::g:::g:3:2:g5ig:g- l , -:-:-:-:-:- :Z:::g:::5:31523:g.g-:-:-:::-:-:45E2f5:5:::'5.-5.g9'fg5,g5,.-:-:g,'W,4 ,fd - -.-.-.-.'.-.-.5-.'.-. . . . .'. . .-.--'-:ZQI:I1.glgnlglglglglgsgegi-" I:3:32:IEE25225153f!.':1:!f3fiflf'fQ'f:f: 51fff3ff:T:I:5:kf:E:2:f:E:2:3':I-":2:I:5 :1:?:?:1:5:tSci:-L-:-:c-:f:'2t-':2:::::g: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.- .:.:., '.Q.:.5I2-gs:::.:.:.:.-.:.g+'.:.g. I-I+I'54:15"-I+:-:-:-'-17:-:4-F:-:-: -:-:-:2:-b:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:::-:-:-:-:-:-:- x :-:-. '4-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:::-:::::g:g:g:g:g 15:1:22-.':US:5:3255:3:1:-:3:-:::::::::32: IfY:N:1:5:1:3:253t1:5:3:1:5:l:3:5:5:!:2:-: . . .-. . . ...-.- -,-,-,-. 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I ' '.:.:.,.:.' -.- -, '-:- '-:-.-:-.--'-'-::::.,'::::g:5-:::3 .-.5-.-.gx-.-.-.g.-.-.-. , .u Z-'-...5 ""'.g!:Z:-.-.-2325!-.5I:2:Z:Cg QQsa5f'Qa+-a1+'wi2 .- -' '-3:-.-.- .32 Sk'-x3isssh+s:r:r-r:::5:5 :-c-sit-Q.-:-:-:-:-:-'-:::::::5s.:.:.g -:-:-iq:-:-.-:-:-:-:::-:?q.-.:.-.-:-.:.g, 3:2:-:-:I:5:E:Q:1:2:::5:::::1'-:E-f:?4.'5 5:55:53 'c-:EP-:-:-:-:5?r:-Q:-:-: 5:3?:C:7ff:Q:3Q:2:2:1:3:5:E:2:1:2:Q: ET:I:15:5:?:5:E-:-:::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:::::-:-:,'::g:gI: 5:5153 Q.,-1.'.'-2-,-.-I-I-Z-.glgljq :Cj.:.:.g :2:2:f:E: tEQ:3Q:Q3:f:f:2'5'2 ::::::::: Igbix-.:.:.:.g. 3.1.1-1 NN. . v. . . . . -,-,-,-, . -,.,-N.-.-2-.- '. . . . Dix.-.'.'.'.'.::'.' '-'-'-'vi SSQE::rs:::: rzrszrzf by-N-.x N'- KI-':'-'.'.:.g.5g.:.: :.:.g.:.' 1s:s:2:s P55202 . . . 51:22:12 To MR. NELSON KERB, who has been a member of the NKC faculty for eleven years, vice-principal for the past four years, and teacher of chemistry, science, and physics. Handling the school's large enrollment, taking care of changes in schedules, and acting as the school's athletic manager-these are just a few of his duties. His friendliness, his patience, and his understanding have endeared him in the hearts of his fellow staff members, as well as in the memory of the students who have come to know him. We the Senior Class do respectfully and appreciatively dedicate this, the 1956 l3urgold. I 'W HHH UUE! HHH 'U' UUE 5,3 J, , gf WW MR. FORBEST GREER Ass'T SUPERINTENDENT Also playing a big role in the administrative duties at Northtown is Mr, Forrest Greer, the Assis- tant Superintendentof Schools. In charge of main- tenance and building for the entire system, Mr. Greer has proven himself highly capable in this important phase of educational endeavor. With the addition of new buildings and facilities, Mr. Greer's job becomes more complex and challenging every day. 10 DB. H. B. DOOLIN SUPEHINTENDENT I North Kansas City's School District welcomed a new superintendent of schools this year in the person of Dr. B. B. Doolin, who came from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His background, training, and personal assets made Dr. Doolin an ideal choice for the job. Even before he assumed his new duties as superintendent. he was acutely aware of the increasing problems facing an ever-growing school system such as ours. And with his expert command ot the situation in this, his very first year here, it is evident that the present system will increase in reputation as well as size. is gig. a on ids, sets ren ent, :ms urs. his, sent ize. ik MR. NELSON KERR VICE-PRINCIPAL Assisting the principal in the all-important duties of the executive staff of North Kansas City High School is Mr. Nelson Kerr, vice-principal. VVith a con- scientious spirit and a friendly air, Mr. Kerr goes about the many and varied phases of his job with an effectiveness tvpical of the high school office staff. It is proof enough of the high regard with which he is held by the student body in the very fact that the yearbook this year is dedicated to him. 71 'M' 'M ,z DR. ROBERT F. WHALEY PRINCIPAL The "tall man" at Northtown, Dr. Robert F. Whaley, is a school principal of impressive stature both in the halls and hearts of Hornet students. 'Working as the key coordinator of the administrative program of the high school, Dr. Whaley has pro- ceeded vvith efficiency and candor, while gaining the respect and friendship of the entire student body. r '-,' - 3 f , '- '- ' ' 3:.f'j. 1 , P ' M55 ' -V , , R , x -19...--...M ,, , - ' N '-7-arg f ffT'f7 In ,Y , 1.1 ELTNER 1 Facult and Staff North Kansas City High School boasts sixty-two teachers on the faculty this vear. Amona the various departments in which thev teach are social C studies, English, fine arts, practical arts, mathematics, physical education, and science. These teachers' duties do not stop with teaching. Many of them give ot their time and service to counseling, sponsoring clubs and activities, and Q coaching, as well as other innumerable tasks 1 7 Eleven new teachers were added to the faculty this year. Three are NKC graduates. They are Miss Dona Sue Black, Miss Rene Miller, and Mr. Bob Elliott. The other new teachers are Mr. Norman Clouse, Mr. Frank Davis Mr William Lanalev, Mr. Paul Calvert, Mr. Richard Dunlap, Miss Velma Frost Miss Lucille Heil, and Mr. Bill Scott The secretarial staff was enlarged this year by the addition of Mrs Hazel Berkebile, who works for the transportation and purchasing departments i t I Virginia Andrews Robert Arrington Science BiOlOqy Ellen lane Berry Emily Beigle, RN DOIOlhy BCIIDGU English School Nm-Se American History 1 X , , . .f 34, , mf, I ,fi ,, , fy V of wr A , T 1 T -X w 7 ' y T' , ,T - ' ij, x, T A t T fr , V wi ,T T T' W , 1 , , ,ai Q-. 1' ll? T-l fri: - T HQZQ1 Bgykebilg Dona Sue Black Robert Bollinger Loman Cansler Pqu1Cglvert Sw-1TerQ,fTy Er1qliSh Chemistry Citizenship llflcrtherricxtics ' W Counseling Counseling l 3 4 F acult and taff Norman Clouse Elizabeth Collings Alfred Conway Mary Cunningham - Ernestpaniels . girxeiigg Instrumental, Vocal Music Home Economics Math, Athletics American :S World History Diversified Occupations R dn International Relations Q 10 , n 'MLM ,flflly Frank Davis Elsie DeForrest Ella Mary Devall Richard Dunlap ,iffy gg ,M it It A Hazel Eggeman Lucille l Psychology, American Speech Correction World History -History ty? y Citizenship Home E History y tlfifffl Q,jffg,L" f.'iffffjL-l X A ,W Jgflff 4,753 ', Ht, IQ' , My at L y - fn' YJ wt' Robert Elliott Lois Farm ' Clark Ferguson V 1 P - lj' . . Drivers' Training Commerce Citizenship, Counseling, Aima mst idiom 1. ' , Eglflo R: Athletics English- R' 'Duma lsm' Y-,ICU X l 4 5 v l ' Facult and taff Q-fexyv' . U., 'ii' 69" .' 'ND' milf PGUI G-GIGYCIAS I Wilma Guniher Mabel Hale Wilfred Hart Ann' Hayes cupations Drivers' TfG1Hif1Q A Sclencef Secretary English, Speech, Commerce, Purchasing Secretary RGdiO Debate Department J ggeman Lucille Heil Merton Hoch Violet Houser Carolyn Howard Bernita Isley hip I Home Economics Math, Counseling Commerce Physical Education Spanish l !1lT19hCf KQUEI Mattie Io King Don Kumpy ll D953 Of C1155 Commerce Asst vice-principal Mafh, Athletics Facult and Staff Norman Lawrence Lerning Norman Little Margaret Lorenzen Lois Mabe Industrial Arts World History Secretary English Frank Cl'lGI'lOlie MCCllHlOCk lVIcKeehan Calvin Merrifield Richard Meyer English Industrial Arts Counseling, Drivers' Math H1Sf0fY ' Training Robe: 1 ' 'rii - . ,Q ' 4 Drivei IeSSieMc1e Moore , i'ei' tj Thgemasvlyibofe XJ 3 e-ee ,ff'Marjorie Neer D ld English K Prlotogrqghygv , ff Attendance Office Inzllrilimglxilcillcilgpcql Music Rose Marie Marino An pfuff French, English Commercu Rene Miller English Katherine Nunn Secretary P ! z 5 Grace f English Iohn C Dean C Scienc Facult and Staff Rose Marie MC1Iir10 An Pfgff lean Platt Porter Price Iva Reeves Bill Scott FIGHCTL English Commerce, Athletics Citizenship, PhySiCCI1 Art Science Economics, Citizenship Education S Rene Miller English Grace Shields Beatrice Shryack Katherine Nunn English Librarian llrrgn fflraicl ClYCl9 COOPQI E54-,VM gf BQYS1 Physical Education - X I, ,J it 522, Wtcjt rg Mildred Smith Vocal Music NOT PICTURED Francis Galbraith Physical Education, Athletics Clyde Welch Gladys Williams Industrial Arts Commerce Hester Kretz William Langley Counseling, Family Life Science, Math, Athletics Secretar' ' Y 17 ,,- ., ' !""" f V:-vfwj-1---iffv-ag-Q-gn-gag.,-gl - -,,-, my WM -- W -H T.----...-I -. N, Q f 14 . ,f ,k., , A f ' f A5 ff w f Q f Z , Q ,Vg NW Z' WW' ,Q ' ,L y It J V k f A way- f F K sk I 5 3 Y , R27 , F A , fy nw... ' vw 7 X XTXZQ 1 icy .Q Y X, Z 'K af xnf my X QL, I 'nr I Q7 EEE 11717 l UUE! 'An tw Q Seniors - A 2 ,,:,.?m,.,,.,.,.,x.,., s:1:r5fffQ1:5QE?S?Li?? Z:2:2,1cZ?:2:55:33f:15:!:1:!: 5.1145-12.-c3:1:1:-:f:2:C:1,:1:1: W f rr I X 56:2-:-:1:25:::5:-:iz-:5:::,q if-:1:k25:Q:5:5:-:g:5:-5:-:-:-:- -:-:-:-:,-:-:-.-.-:-:-.-:-: .-:-:-:-: f I.'.1.14.1211-':1:ZgZ:!gI'IgC:Zj '5'"'1"'3cf5l:1:5:5:5:2f5:5:5: '2-rv'-'vs- - 142,051-:-gr:rs:rs:r:1:2 , , U , , , . P:"'M-:-'N:' ""- "-:5:"-:fr-1:-:-'-:-:N-:-3:'-'1:7:f:5:P:3:i:5'5:C:1i"T:-':3:3f''7:3:521:1:1:2:7:51351:1:1:3'355:55:51"CS:''f:5:TSSfizffiffflfifififfilfffl -.-.-5. 5--:-.::::-. - -' ,' . PS? 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One of the outstanding accomplishments of the class as freshmen was the organization of the fresh- man pep squad, which was achieved under the administration of Ioe Cooper, president: Bob Landis, Schroeder, secretary. in this newly-founded busy with the official vice-president: and Mildred Filling the post of president club kept Beverly Schroeder duties of business, while pep and vim reigned under the leadership of the first Freshman Cheerleaders:- Alta Swaithes, ludy Hayes, Beverly Lewis, Gail Wigger, Marcia Michelson, and ludy Yeager. The officers for the Sophomore year were Ioe Cooper, again elected to the office of president, Rich- ard Ienkins as vice-president, Beverly Lewis as sec- retary, and lohn Younghanz as treasurer. Fifteen girls were chosen to represent their class on the varsity pep squad. They were: Mildred Schroeder, Sherry Williams, Beverly Schroeder, Iudy Hayes, Beverly Lewis, Iudy Yeager, Ioyce Denny, ludy Ganote, Gail Wigger, Sondra Bodenhamer, Eleanor McCall, Alta Swaithes, Betty Cordell, Ioyce Hasten, and Betty Smith. With the girls taking the honors in O pep squad, five boys represented the class on Stu- dent Council. They werezlloe Cooper, Roger Morris, Richard Ienkins, Phil Snowden, and Ed Conway. In their lunior year the class of 1956 voted Iohn Younghanz into the presidency with Charles Kelly as his vice-president, Phyllis Mylar in the office of secretary, and loyce Denny as treasurer. The Iunior Play, "The Little Dog Laughed," starring Roger Mor- ris and Deanna Pennington, raised S700 toward financing the Iunior-Senior Prom held on May 6. Closing out their last year as N.K.C. students, Charles Broomfield led the Student Council as president, while ludy Hayes led the pep squad as head cheerleader, with Alta Swaithes as the other senior member of the varsity cheerleaders. Iudy also gathered the monarchial laurels during the home- coming festivities, with Betty Smith, ludy Yeager, Carlene Elliott, and Wanda Bishop as her attendants. Royalty reigned again during the 1956 Coronation Ball as Rosemary Cross and Wynne Sharon Luskow presided over the ball as Purgold queen and prin- cess, respectively. Deanna Pennington, loyce Denny, Sherry Williams, Ioyce Ann Hasten, Gail Wigger, and Beverly Schroeder assisted as Purgold atten.- dants. With soace left in the varsity pep squad with the graduation of the Class of 1955, Georgia Gaddy, Marcia Michelson, and Rosie Cross were added to the ranks- as senior members. I i 4 I i t t S s t , 9 . T Pat Ac. l an 1 1 z l 6 1 i S Ethel A1 i J Paul Bai 5 5, i A 4 Z5:'E3'fE3:-:-:" ' ' -' QL :-Mp:-:-:-:':':-: :- -L-:-:-.45-:::5 gg ' J' I' -:-:-,.--:-:-:.. 11:-:-:-255:-244-:-: -:-:-:- W :Z5:5:5:4f535:5:?:1:-.-.-:f:2:5:? :4-2-9:-5.53:-:-zo:-:-:-:-:-:- :1:5:1If:125'-:i:1:5:5:5:5:1:5:5:5'5 ,+ 45 ?21:7:I5:1:-:- ' ' ' " n':'!n'r'a'n'a'.' u"'n'n'lt'. .:.g.g.g.:.:. 164-I .f Stu- Tris, 'ay. ohn as of iior flor- 'ard anis, as l as +ther also ,me- qer, Lnts. tion l-:ow prin- fray, Neff lien - with ridy, .1 ,, J ...., , Pat Acheson Ethel Anderson Seniors 1956 Q -V gggr' x..- . L, - , , K ,N . i 12' QQ' fbi fi X . A .. may 4 mf, air' Q-ML, X, . ufg W-Dm A X ,, .1 Ass lg 4, Bruce Allen Tom Allen Beverly Anderson Larry Adams 4' as Darrell Arnold Linda Arnone Bose Arnone Dwight Bailey x.. l'L.1u4o'we A4-"D 5' W:---v 2? E 'Y Shlflelf Efillflfd Benny Beals Barbara Bendure Bayrnond Bfgv:1frl1ir'e ,,,-' A ww ' Vu-f.-,. .. 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Harold Cordell Paul Cox Boland Cretel Dawd Clow 'V QI' Seniors 1956 Iohn Criscione Carolyn Crisp Shirley Crocker Rosemary Cross Rose Crowley Tony D Wayne Daniel , l 11CI1'1ifCI Dcrrr ludith Deaver Ioyce Denny Sh'1 Di k 1r ey c Q I Charles v Marvm Dlxon Thomas D ixon Lloyd Dodd Maureen Donova H A Howard Dowdy Ioe El up :rf .2 ' In vq4q-7 'rowley A Tony Downing Anne Draqen 43 Seniors 1956 I A 1 4 ' . Bob Duffey , 1 y Dick I Charles Easter Sandra Eclens Rosemary Eitel . L , VN f ef fra-4 -7- 'W-r -12' iff, lf '---L I ,cw ,1- bn i 1 I oe f' rf: F- orge Ellen Donald Elrod xx . . . ing. zz f ..' . '11- 5,4 ' 1-1.9 1 . lack Duncan Dee Dunkin ,z',.-- , , . .., . z U." ' -. z ,Lg ' 'C' Richard Elam Carlene Elliott SJ' .lk Elaine Evans f3.11nEvfr1za fi Sw , 2 3 1 f fm, W , X 1 sw xv N 55 -1 X: Q ,N af I ' 5 Sv t mx' YVMSW' ,f QM 4 , X ww' ' V fe 'Qi XQQ ,, 1 V W M39 fk Q' X f If x J ,L Q 5 " 11,1 1 ,I XX! 1 vi X Q ,I ,HR X ,x X X W X f dxf , Q W QW, . 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Af f Bob H1 Norman Iudy Hayes Karin Hedlund Sandra Heinz Rav Hensen Dm ig H th - 7 L emo OTDQ 3en Senlors 1956 53 Rig Bob Hewlett Larry Holland Iohn Hoyle r i w 1 r i Willette Iackson 7, . . :jj P 2 ., ff MAN. Rebecca Hungate Bob Hurd ff WS nj.. 4jI :z,.g',.,' W f' 77? j'Z5Y A " 'Q 912352:-.. ,- . 375 'L ifk gg V 1,3 5556 :xii rw ,x Q, hw., Wwe , , fo Sf-c,,f,.A.,1,af+ .rf X- YVQQ A ,- K 'X 44 rf -www, rx im! '4 -f X, . QM: x If f s- V 4,1 1 , 14 4 al: if B' 1 ,xy x x , , rf ,N Weifiwz, ve ,.,. , , 4.35 - , f ':'-'li:'Er5- -iw ,.,, , ,r,,,7,,. , A .Q 4 f-,5 3-.1 A541 Q . A . ,,v',' Nr.?g:,:f,,sS1:gz1:f:'l QW., ,. M QM56., Maftgm. qv ,Q ' r e"- W, " ' "" 21 ff W, p 1 3 2 Richard Ienkins Wayne Ienkms Edna May Ionas Grermda Iones Ken Karnes 4 .. .......:.,r Q ., ., , f ,if A75 f ' L ,. Q ' f Y i. W 1 ug ?' 1 . .. I r 4' f. 2. ,fa-,Q f v f :nik ff Wl5'iL:'s- Q ' 5 '72 ' f. K. sf W- 7, 1' PU' Y, ,A I- swf iff gs ,f W X' nz 4, X' 3-226 if' :- 51347 f. ' sw." ff , . 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Sylvia Stout, Dixie Zug, Donna Peters, Don Sar- ver, Donna Hauetter, and Gary Flack round out the 'junior class Student Council representation. To complete their pep squad allotment, the class of '57 elected Ann Park, Margie Higby, and Lorinda Neville to the varsity cheering section. As freshmen this class chose Conrad Schroeder, president Carroll Cheek, vice-president: and Mar- shall Sherlock, secretary-treasurer. Also during their tirst year in high school, they elected Donna Peters, Sylvia Stout, Dixie Zug, Mary Alexander, LaVita Aubrey, and Bose Guilvezan to serve as cheer- leaders for the freshman pep squad. Student Council Iudy Werner, Charles Erickson, and Conrad Schroe- der. Their sophomore class officers were: Carroll Cheek, president: Conrad Schroeder, vice-president: Dixie Zug, secretary, Sylvia Stout, treasurer: and Student Council representatives: Donna Hauetter, Carroll Cheek, Roger Henderson, Sylvia Stout, and Conrad Schroeder. They elected Sylvia Mosby, Donna Peters, Darlie Rosier, Deanna Durham, Donna Hauetter, Rose Guilvezan, Sylvia Stout, Ianice Stet- fens, loyce Stettens, LaVita Aubrey, Mary Alexan- der, Dixie Zuq, Iudy Werner, and Diane Black to fill their pep squad quota. Their Iunior Class Play, "Home Sweet Homi- cide," starring Lorinda Neville, Richard Booker, and Shyla Soderstrom, grossed over 95750 and enabled upfrsw, ,px mf! X ,,,,, 5' Mary Ale: La Vita A1 Ioyce Beat Diane Blc Lynn Bon Ierry Bro' E L representatives were: Diane Black, Sylvia Stout, them to put on a big prom May ll. f 4.-"?-'vi RW, iw Mary Alexander La Vita Aubrey Ioyce Beadling Diane Black Lynn Bondurant lerry Brown , 6 V , If gq-143 3 . - G-i" A u tlrl ,ge ff' lxiu L, D. Bill Allen Virginia Bain Ioe Beals r 7f'Q:sr. 3 C' - I r X. fe V. DY: lvl' 1'1'L7j all .'3-,git Billy Allen Larry Balkey Ioyce Ann Bell 5 4 - A X Q4 ,i l xy l Faith Alton Kathy Amos Dixie Ballard Lloyd Barnes David Berkebile Eddie Bess Juniors Everett Black lack Black Phillip Black I. Blankenship Richard Booker Ioe Bradshaw Rosalie Brassfield Ioan Breid Phyllis Brown Sue Carol Brown Iohnny Brunner Iames Buchanan 'Q W . .1 R Y it 'I De! f 1 ,W 1 . 4 s -M - ft - r 'B i i ,,Aj3,,,,, cgpwirz --7L.Lg1,ft -Jr -fav ff'-'f J ' AK, U .' ' , . 'A KJ 'L-,xv N- J 1: x7vA'3N4-"jf: VJ? 1 sz,oz1' A- A 2 A nl' " I r A S' I J 174 ' is R' . , - -v 5 L, X A I I cz V , V, ' 'A A si-4 h V 4 A 's - 4 ff X 1 5. . . I ' V "' U" 1-. '5- 1. 1 tw. s ' 7' Ianice Andrew-s lane Barnhart Linda Bigbee David Blasco Angela Brock Eva Burch X 55 ni.. 'V ' 1 4 is NS. Q A' A fgv ' ' 13423 s Qi f M f V L it-A415 ' ff g 1 . e wviW'5f.t MQQVQJQXZ Roger Arbuckle Iackie Bateman Kenneth Bird Roger Blomquist Iudy Brower Bob Burke Carl Aubrey Lyle Bates Angelia Bivona Shirley Bolsenga Corrine Brown Clyda Burton WW! all' 4? Wy EV wk - nz Wv' V ,twfi Elaine Burton Margaret Burton Iunior Cagle Shirley Casteel Sally Ann Cavin Patty Chambers Virginia Colby Iuanita Corbett lack Creason Beverly Darrah Iudy Davis Larry Davis Donald Dykes Ioyce Earls Melva Eaton Iohn Eppenauer Charles Erickson Elizabeth Erickson Af X Phillip Campbell Carroll Cheek Burt Crenshaw A y . ' A, 5 - 1 1 A 3 ul 5 J, , 5 , Marilyn Cannom Betty Clark Iim Crowley Juniors Nadine Davis Lorene Edwards Betty Io Evans W ,V A Ng Bob DoMent Iudy Elarn Tony Faibian Fred Carman Ianet Clark Patsy Curtis E. DeMeulenaire Tom Ellis Etta lean Farmer if f -V W X7 - - I Z 'f 2: if I ,I Xa X s xwsxskss N X sssss' S 2 Q X N ss -1 1 S fig-,N N N wx Q so x Rx WX X , NS YW' ff Ken Carmichael Ralph Clark Alice Dahlberq Iim Carothers Carol Coffman Larry Dalton Kathleen Dulohery Deanna Durham Elizabeth Ellsworth Tom England Ierry Felton Charles Ferry is f ,,, Z up .su .f '50-f 0 4 11-44 -of Y 1. fmvfv 40461 , 'll 17 W rl, i Donna Fislf Darlene G4 Charles Gr Herb Havf Bruce Hen Charles H fir 1 I XNNP5 X 0 .1 GIS TIGD JH Durham land 'erry I M I' -.. If ,,,. .-.. -fn I 1 44 R fs . ... an aw ,b. YQ' F' ice 1 9. x- ii! S Donna Fisher Darlene Gann Charles Green Herb Havens Bruce Henry Charles Houlihan A 4' Q. 5-I " C-I ,J if 4 Q, A A Arm' 2 , F if-, if rw i 'TTY ripe' an I R. Gary Flack Gloria Garton L. Greenwood Bob Haynes Iudy Hester Alberta Huiford 1 bb l W 'Q y 'Gy Marilyn Ford Miriam George Ierry Gulley Mike Hedrick Marjorie Higby Roberta Hufiord l , , 3' ,S- 'X 5 H. . Q uve C7 4 I . : gs J F C 55 I4 ' if K 4 rr X, 1 1 Lf s ff 1 1 , vi .5 , EN ' 3 Q 'N R . gf? -f L15 ' 1 f ,M Q' 'ilk' 'fQv'.-'lf M A , -r-w-f - , .-,, , ,yvry n ,. l QE' ,M 11-:qw--ist, A 3 A W , 110,11 . si ,J . afml' Sara Fortune William Glick Don Haddix Am www- Q: 4. -., - ,r YK . sg. N 1. , N 5, 'n 1- A 'iv U . Vl., if Glen Foster Gerald Godsey Leonard Haines Juniors Bob Henderson Homer Hobbs Tom Hughs A ,YJ f Roger Henderson Iohn Hoiurn Harvey Hungate Yvonne Frazier Danny French Bruce Fuller Martha Goodman Barbara Graves Dennis Gray Wayne Hart Ronnie Henderson Patricia Holmes Kay Hurd 6. 22 pw Q' I Donna Hauetter Iack Hendrix Charles Homan Ioe Huston Wallace Hauschild Iudy Hennessy David Hough Lagene Irvin by ' a uf , or l is r 'Q q ii f fl f X' X X I 0. 1 'Wa Ioyce Irwin Ann Ienkins Bob Ienkins Roberta Iohnson Gwendolyn Iones Orvid Iones Ronnie Kimmel Ianet Sue King Nadine King Charles Leathers IoAnn Loman Wayne Mansiield Gertrude Lee Myrtle Loop Ellen Marks :E lf- MM MQ! 9, 11 7 9 1 JZ 7 N! w f EQIQQ ., .. 0 are 1 sf f N iy , 6 1 F if f w i fm' "' f ' V V .1 ff' S675 QV' :f L 'U , , rf 15 ,A , ,, ,gf - 1 2 Ruth Leming Ronald Lorino Norman Martin ,Aw W3 X f.,, v 1 X 44' W-,V ,, , . 1 V. . 77 . X644 , A 3 Y , x 1 f V 7 . to , f'-will I' if '-"2 2 ,K 4 g 1 X f 1 5 , ' , X Q Q My :, " Q: 2 A, , 9 Y n f ? C , , Q1 , V ,v Q ., ,.,, 9 f 6 J .f ., X X v Sf Q 3 C V M ff ,, "'i " Z ., S" Vwfff' W, M1 'Z "fi ' 5 -YQ? Q Q '- Jil: Q C Iackie Ienkins Russell Iones Sandra Kneuven Art Ienner Bob Iuenglinq Maxine Knick Juniors Bill Lewis Delmond Lowe Don McCale Ray Lindsey Iudy Lowe Alberta McCl ain ,Q H, ,, x R , G y th is l ,ff 5 L f f rs? W ' ,, r ,,:,., W, ,M , 1 f X 1 ,xi , X X, wg y ,--.y.,,. Y X 1 f f 0 W: f f .Q f '24 ' -'iz- ., f , fp, P' k 7 5 f 2 5 9' I f 2 if gg M W v V, f fgoff 2, K 722.11 , I ,- ,,f,, f M ' f 'Wg' ia., ' ., Carol Iohnson David Keillor Ruth Koetting Marie Lintner Earl Lumsden Betty McClung ' rwfa ... Charlene Iohnson Glenn Keith Eldon Lantz Mildred .Littlejohn Cheryl McDonald Iim McClure 5 QL 5 C- Ax, 'M Q15-1:1 ,..., ,1 - W 5:5 - W w N i , 2 4 .5 Orville Iohnson Ioyce Key Georgia Lantz Patricia Logan Charles Monahan Carolyn McCormick A 2, , C . l X Norma Mcl Scott Merri Karen Mor: Dee A. Ne Victor Nie Ioyce Pere X H. W if - i 'W' X., X r V F ogan Ionahan 'lcCormick I 1 S' 3 1 TfW"?,' , A --ret u 3-- Q' 'lv' , 'Hr-. Ab E. I Norma McDowell Scott Merritt Karen Morse Dee A. Neiderman Victor Nielsen Ioyce Perez Qi? E5 v. J.. If W Q:- 1 -.,. f 1 'l V' fl Nancy McFarren Bob Meyer Sylvia Mosby Iames Neill Marshall Odell Iames Perkins M ibn, 717 'sf fl rx qc M ' " it B' i if - "IQ 'lb lf' ' V 54 gg, , 1, f Q i .," f 1 an-4 'FX 47 Bob McGee Carol Miller William Moxham Melvin Nelson Madelyn Olmedo Martha Perry bl 5 " ' 1' J ,K 2-Z Dorothy McGowan Larry Mills Martin Musteen .5-" tk lg Sarah McKay Ronnie Misner Bernard Mynatt Juniors Iudy Neville Larry Olsen Ianice Petering . N 9.x f n, 3 ' i of -' gr, Lorinda Neville Iva O'Neal Donna Peters , ',n 6 1 . , 1- 'L ' 5 Jigsaw 1 QD L, 'J' xt scar, S Nr Dennis McKinney Roger Moffett Larry Mynatt Marilyn Newbill Ierry Pancake Bob Peterson V "ii ' ,' G 'H . A I B ,f y K. McThompson Plesie Morast Ed Nash Barbara Newby Ann Park Collins Petitt Donna Mehner Iackie Morgan Ray Naylor Gilbert Nichols Steve Pate Barbara Piatt 5 1 QW? 1 . Q ' '71 ,, X7 F 'ff , 4 9? V 57 Six' .:, M A , , ff Ierry Peipmeire Iim Pierce Steve Pierce Kenneth Pruett Ienny Quimby Margaret Ragan Mickey Reuck Ianice Roberson Mel Roberson Emery Saferite Don Sarver Ernie Saunders Reba Scott Bob Scott Ieannine Shaw Don Simons Doris Smiddy Don Smith 1 W ff W4 X 4 f f X we ,557 if 49' W Qilw j 0 V 4 fyf f f in 1 , , f ' f ff 9 I "Z 9 MW ' 1374 fl,f4., - ' WZ' M ' .. W f fir , f f f I ff ff if ,USAF XX 6' f ff ,M ,, gf X f, , fi ff f. .fr ly, rf f X , f AQ! f my ,jf 44 W! f , gg Qfy' fi M4 f V 9 , l f ff I XM ,f lf ff MA f f P 2 9 ' . frt. , f 1 Mildred Powell Iimmy Prather Richard Raley Benny Ralston Paul Roberson Harold Robinette J O I J I David Schimanski Iack Shepley Estelle Smith -w 1 , ' fl, . f ' Ut L4 2 K9 . f X S we ss 1 Y f , f, f tv -4 ,E l -f ft: NYJ fjfl J , Q ff , ' t it ft 4.,S fx V. ,N , , x D. Schleininger Marshall Sherlock Mary Lou Smith uf. nu 5, I ' ,A S X N: 2 ii.. Q .3 t ,..., W . 49 , N-my . Ierry Price Nicky Raper Bill Rogers fx! i Conrad Schroeder Martha Schultz Shirley Smith aw If my lv , V A ! ,.. f 4 I t W Qf is E ' f aff 3 1 Martha Pritchard Larry Reed Darlie Rosier Iackie Scott Don Silvers William Smith 1 - J f t 'itr' 1 ., - nt,,r ?l' QAi3Q?h 4 'WV' I ww . 4' ' -1 ,f y .411 , y wi' 'ffl-rf vl'1 Qt' Ierry Proctor Don Reeder Ierry Rule Mary Io Scott Doris Simcoe Ted Snell J' ' ,,,, A... ' 4: ff W .- 4 in 'L uf, Mary Snidel Ianice Stefte Suzanne Stc Rita Taylor Ronald Thou Malisa War If -4 .1 ,1 l 1 4 X Eff actor :der ile w Scott .mCO9 all 5 H57 K v- Q 'H ,- 5. -Gr .Y v"5 Mary Snider Ianice Stetiens Suzanne Storment Rita Taylor Hoff-4, sf .fd X 'tin ,, -V A6 v by R ,bf , 1,1 'T' 5 5:3171 Madelon Snyder Ioyce Steifens Sylvia Stout Ronald Taylor Ronald Thompson Gerald Tingler Malisa Warmack fs., S 4, X 'EL v' David Warner "1-7 , 4 , 1 2 5 Shyla Soderstrom Patsy Stevens Marilyn Stowe Ted Taylor Carolyn Uehling JoAnn Warren , , 5 Y s , ww A 1 bf . , QA .Qs az , so Richard Sparks Charles Stackhouse Barbara Standley Lois Standley Gary Staton Dorothy Still lo Ann Stitt Kathy St. Iohn Kenny Stock Richard Stoneberger Margaret Stuart Russell Stupps Carl Summers Ierry Switzer Virginia Tarwater J ' Lylia Terral Ioyce Thomas Sharon Thomas Carol Thompson Iim Thompson Larry Valentine Mary T. Verderame Gene Voights I. B. Walker Vera Ward Richard Wealand Garold Webb .CJ '3 will Iudy Werner I ft: lf , if ' " V if + i f 1 .Q l ,, ur 7 Sandra Wescott David Whitaker v-fr Karel Whitaker Ianice Wilson Warren McNall . 1 M g 1 .lffllj l Vit ' 2 fl:-nf 33213 A wr ' ., M 6 Z 4 me ff - ,, 1, ' kia. l y, 'i xgfi if X '- QMQ ' '- -- f K ' . 4310, V 7 , I , V Y , F i n I '--. M f '-.- V ,, '2,' 3 21" 1'13,f' M , if X ,f".v AL L if .Z ' M . Ierry White Ioceylon Wiard Bob Wilcox Darlene Wilkinson Larry Williams Tom Williams Robert Willman Marguerite Wilson Iimmy Wingo Robert Wingstad Eddie Young Ralph Zimmerman Dixie Zug lim Jackson Juniors 50 And all the Iuniors got together one afternoon for cr whoppin' .rs L. class meeting in the lield house at which time the cast of the junior play was announced. The girl standing in the middle oi the photo is Ioyce Earls, loyal class member. Needless to say, she just heard she has gotten a nice fat part in the forthcoming production. That explains the clasped hands and the big smile. . t M H Nu,,t,,,,,,e.,,,s,g-:sewer-,,--,ff-a-.sg45...---M,s 4 , N ,y , . , , , -,A Y , i v I 4 Q. i ill' lil .., .sm 'rt Willman ackson 1. , , pf.. . . I ' -1154-1-.gfy-fig?-.g?f-' T -Ia. Sophomores ikiiiiii as w ff I, S t 'ws-911-. ng W-.1 je 5:g:::5:-:5:5: ' ,, 'nmi ""'A' Wff'ff""' '4"':':'l'1 ""' 1 '1225555525553555E5igi5E52553ESEIE252EIEIESEIEIE2525IE252ESE252E2525152E:E:E:E:5:5:E:E:E:E:5:5:5:5:3:5:Ez5:3:5:3:5:5:5:5:!:2:2:1:I:I:I:I:2:21Iif:ISIEri:52irEIEIEri:5:5:5:3:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5-j-'-'-5:2:rss:rssg:-1:-'-:-:-qc-:-.-a-ac-:W -----'- . --"-'f fA',' 4.1.-.::5i:-f PX it ,. 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' .- '-:""5:1:2:1:1:I:!: li'-.wi .- Eft:3E?::'QQ"-EEQQEQEEEEEE525E5E5E55555525525552:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:E:S:5:22E12:5:5:E15:5:E:E:E:E:E:5:E:EEEE2BEE??H 'g5g'+j3glgj5- fa u x? - E2glE2E:5:E: f """-'-c-tt.-..:-:-a-:I:'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-I:Z:I:2:EIEImw-5'5'''I'I'EIE2EIEIEIE252EIESEIEIEIEIE25I525I5C52525I1I5I515I'1"2-'55555IE.: ." 5 :l'1"-:' '. ,--'-'iff' . -"' 'lf' , . lil-ziiififlflf K N . . ' R "" Leading the Sophomore class this year are President, Bob Campbell: Vice-president, Linda Kelt- ner,' Secretary, ludy Bagley: cmd Treasurer, Mike Pigler. Last years class was headed by Bob Elliot, president: Bob Campbell, vice-president: Sue Hed- secretary: and Mickey Dyer, treasurer. Repre- sentatives in Student Council were Bob Elliot, Bill lielefgf. Lindo Keltner, and lohn Stone. 7 lynn Borden, Marlene Brown, ludy Forbis, 'fn Gillette, Lois I-leller, and Linda Keltner were 1 fteritders who led the Freshman Pep Squad in supporting their team. This year fourteen girls were elected by their classmates to the Varsity Pep Squad. They are: Pat Adams, Iudy Bagley, Kay Lynn Borden, Marlene Brown, Bette Buchanan, Dorothy Crews, Iudy Forbis, Marilyn Ganote, Francis Gillotte, Linda Keltner, lane Murphy, Ioyce Peters, Sharon Smith, and Iudy Swindell. . Taking care of the Sophomores' problems as representatives to Student Council this year are Iudy Bagley, Bob Campbell, Don Henderson, Linda Kelt- ner, Dick Shaw, Ion Skaug, and Iohn Stone. 51 , an-, ,R N 7 W 3 - Z. 1. I -J Sue Acheson Edwin Acton Pat Adams Carolyn Allen David Allen Terry Allen Richard Backhus Iudy Bagley Virgil Bailey lim Beam Iohn Beller Harold Bennett Rodney Boggess Iohn Bond Kay Borden Wilma Breshears Delbert Brittain Herb Brizendine gr it X , ft , Qi' f 'uf , x ,545 H We N , Q., if SQK. In bath I swf 5 Russell Addison Elaine Anderson Robert Baker ' 5 5-f' di? - Ar ':.2', f . 3221 49 KW f. if 15, 1 M Q '-" - ,f Q V v i ...A , L ff' I ., .',:N. . y , M V 21' 1:13 WX B 3 ' AMW' ' AKA... Raymond Ager lim Aiken Leigh Anderson Mac Armour Beverly Balthasar Eva Barnes Sophomores Robert Berry Stuart Bowers Marlene Brown x t Lois Blakemore Wanda Blackmore Ioyce Bowery Tim Bowman Ruth Bryant Bette Buchanan -Q f fd 'ff- dx 1 M fr ff A Z '47 Z ,Cf ' . dw. 1 59 " , 1 f f, 1 A ,423 . Z km? ff 4 W Ioan Ainsworth Carol Atwood Peggy Barnes Darroll Boeppler Bob Boyles Marie Bugbee Q 1 Z f f ' wit' E E i X 4: A Q Nag ,- Xxx yi ' . 'f :SQ ,fig fm. 'si x, "' 2- Q Y f kv I wr eff 4 A fra e ' 1 ! I f ,rf , M f Iudy Ainsworth Eleanor Aubrey Elvin Basham Mary Ann Boggess Henry Brassfield Iohn Burke ' , Q 6 ,. . 9 , .. ' V ' ,jfs 'X I ' . If , A l A az: f Q5 2 Il?" v W A we Cha les Bill Ruth r C Stephan C lack Davi Michael 12 we ,I Q X . X N Y' is I A Z 1' V . 2 51 A wftie' Y W Aa-v ' f 1 x X nk 'I ,fn A x 2 X 'ar X W5 L ,sm usworth Aubrey :sham nn Boggess trassfield rke u in Q-V 7 Q mr ass MWF: gs? Ruth Burton Charles Carter Bill Clements Stephan Cooper lack Davis Michael Dragen i f fl M s SV, W, v Us .,:,,,., M, r C -1 mf 1 .:. w H 4 t' 'gvmsiz -we-5: R . , '54 , 3 ,S , 1 D ' h""..'aq iv WU' i w 2 Mike Byrd Angela Catalano Don Cockerham Larry Cory Ioyce Davis Ierry DuBois 3 N 5 fs f ff ' ' , Mtv' fr . ,. ffl. ,' ff: N 'fn I fr ,awveegff M gpw Q . l I - x f . ff wt X l , 4: Tom Cabra Iudy Chamberlin Ion Cockrum Dorothy Crews Karen Davis Billy Dutton '1 V - f 'S I ,fix ,X f hayyz V mi Www ,J sg Nm, . k Cathy Cammisano Cozette Chappell Grant Coleman Q 4.9 Bob Campbell Bill Chastain Ruby Collins Sophomores Alice Crutsinger Howard Deckman Ralph Ehrhardt If ' he Vg, ' 'Nw A ., - ,iw ie. -1. -..- KW l lzez if 1 Q! X K jg ,fl 7 . X its 3 ,.., I QW, 1 ffl a f " 'X 5 .lr ..r,,, X, Paul Cummins Charlene Delayn Larry Elam . S S f W of f ' NYZKP is A -"-' S 1 '20, ' W ' -Www -' ' 'fa gf W f Z 4 X we i Nik . . Vi g av wif ff Q f X T2 N. X 1' ' ,ft A as CE.2gi:,ElM,.,I,V 1 Q si?-555. M , Q f f Q-,.,K V MY 1, , Q 1 v 1 zyt 'V MM X12 wg ., xy . 'X V- 3 f w ' 4. ., .v.. : ..,. - I ,' ., ,fx qv, I W , 43,2 l A :S f is f 4 Q X M ,3.f7' .Q ' 164 Vows? .. tg' Q f ? 1 f , 7, "ua, Q Donna Campbell A. Cheesebrough lim Colt Linda Daniels es Frances Dick Bob Elliott l r r ' ' Y 1, Mf .Q ,, 0 eff ,, ,i ,N 'Eh' , , ff' fs, f 1 . ,Y 'U fzgzlfh ' 7 . 5 fgl as Myrna Campbell fix K? fm 5 5 E Ii f i Earl Carson Renee Chevalier Bobby Clegg Roger Conway lim Cook Darrell Elliott is Bob Davis Dennis Davis Keith Dickerson Leatha Dodd fps t , 'mf' X X X I' l 'if H f A ,L f ume We is x61 L my Iohn Elliott ' N, g, ., X 'S fx M Q J ,Z up - 1 ' .f .ff ' G lf -. lite' W:-V , fy 4' :W 1? 'O-"si 'Yt'f -ig 'L Nu: iffxf 16 L in 'lfjvx ""4'iI"' if- U'4 .rjJx,s' 1 c x Gary Ellis Iimmy Ellis Thomas Elmore Tom Fisher Elaine Fitzgerald Ronnie Flowers I lean Fudge Theresa Gabel Marilyn Ganote Frances Gillotte Margaret Gilmore Mary Gilmore Melba Gnzzle Wayne Grizzle Mike Gronninger Carol Hansen Melvin Harmon Iames Harper l X . -f 'Qu x Air., y 'A 'Elf X K .. I , , t4Qrf4' s?5'K?Q Lila Evans Iudy Forbis Marcia Geer at ,E yy ' -I ww 'A , 14-wg X A . ' L 501 Q f', 2 v . 1' inn in V ,v Alf? 1 . X V I I ,, My ,R F 2 vfww if f is I . WQQ - f ,- K 4 g , , . EW? 7 1 rave, .V ,N ,' , Yip!! 1 gina, 5. I f , I .1 l' 1 , 5 Raymond Evans Michael Francis Brenda Gibbs Sophomores Roger Goodwin Linda Guyer Sheri Harper Betty Gorbet Ierry Haas Sharon Harrington ,gf iff X , Glenda Fellows lack Ferguson Margaret Franklin Pauline Franklin Earl Gibbs Deona Gibson Mary Gordon Pauline Graue Barbara Hagen Marvin Haman Warren Hauschild Carol Hayes 41' 'ZZ7' f 5' f , , M- ,V fy .fc v f, .. ' A , , y X Q 1 af 14 Monty Finnell Carol Fritz Richard Gifford Ioe Grimes Ierry Hancock Nancy Hedlund A l I ., M.. 1 , . K if F' Q 31 ll' X 'V ' 5 f.. X6 so Y ' Nil I 3 i 4' F Ju F as Sue Hedricl Bill Herman Alberta How Sandra Hun Barbara Iaq Ronnie Ioy QW , f A N 8 t I 'innell ritz Gifford mes Iancock Hedlund " 4. 2 , t ' , L KC H Q K n a.-1 lyf Sue Hedrick Bill Herrnansen Alberta Hooper Sandra Humphreys Barbara Iaquiss Ronnie Ioy . . . ffl 1 X av 7 'W 1 Ely, 'a rf! . , ,if 6' y r .1 Wi.. fr' 1 W fltwvf Q r 7 5 hs. " fx- , ir Lois Heller Carol Hershe 'H K Qi, 1 4 ,: , ' + . ' X X A 'QT , B if I T7 ' Vvv 5 -ff-wk H . V Q ,A Et 71 ' wi ww 1 ' l N ,, L- , M. w L , Curtis Helm lim Hinds s N anc Hott Cynthia Hopkin y Alan Hurlbut Patricia Iaynes Leon Justice Mildred Huskisson Naomi Iennings Lorene Iustice "'1r"" tae., ' .fy- ey V' , If ff Bill Henderson Ammon Hizer Walter Hott N K W M.. .K 5' t 1 x My '31, Q f fl -.nj-1' Q1 W Aww, -..,,. l ""r1 ' K Don Henderson Floyd Hobbs Neal Houser Sophomores Mary Ann Huston Kay Iohansen Iim Iustus I. 7 M . V?H. J f fy ' 'H , V f Corrine lions Linda Iohnson Bill Kaley 1532 vm , -, X 1 w W Y X f 16. -it ' e : W, . fl ' Q ia u 3 f . A Qi -X5 . t f, I Iohn Henderson Danny Hoffman Ion Hubbard Mike Ironsmith Rita Iohnson Bill Kelso , ef 5 he Z fm M! nt., exif v pl r',,, V v t 4 Ronald Hendrix Frances Henry Richard Halle Elaine Homan Harley Humphreys Iudy Humphreys Nancy Iackson Sue Iohnson Linda Keltner X ? 45? 'Eff fi, . 1 3 'f ,fr if Bernard Iames Bill Iones David Kephart ., ' It X 4 M" . sys get X i xy ' :. 'ff 7 f 2 Zi w Y f f 2 sv K A 4' f ' 3 f 'Qs L fav l s gf ffrrfv h 14 4 5 W f l f' if ff V av ,, fs. I .fr .V -f f 1 f if? jf: I K, . A X 4 .. 5 K A,.,,. V 5 ' W ' 1, , fff 2 of '29 L K 'rf f 47 i y N -.., if L X f L A'-' f B K ,.A-. -n ' -----, E " A , ., if 'w r K V K L Q' ,I if 'E A is, K f M zzv In ,, ,L 4 X xkx! 0 z z yum' . 'V iff, I Q Vx It .,.,, , fy y X ,K yy K B ..,f.:: ...1 fi' sf :ta y A t 4 .,I-- - ,...,,. A l ., 2 I I ln- A 5 'nxt .V . A 5 I la' l gl I' LA T Nxffl. Mary Ketcham Bobby Kincaid Richard Kincaid Fred King Ierry King Clarence Kirkendoll Dorothy Kistner Kay Kline Iudy Koenig Mary Lou Lacey Larry LaClair Milton Ladd Donald Lake Kay Lanto Larry Lantz Michael LaSalle Blaine Laux Daniel Lawrence B. Lawrence Dona Letoski Gail Lewis Keith Lewis Lois Lewis Donald Libeer Iohn Linder Paul Lindsey Sharon Lohnes Billy Losh Aubrey Loudon Darryl Lowe Martha Lowman Mary Lunn Barbara Manahan Larry Mansfield Donna Marshall Carol Martin Stanley Martin Sharon Mathers Dcvid Matthews Ieanette Matthys Vicki Mauton Larry Maxey lack McCale Donald McCall Kent McCall Iames McCroskie Sandra McGhee Marty McGowan , Vnvzgv AJ B 1,5 K l so f Q M , 1 Wav Y, f I .,, W W6 nw i X ZX: jxfl M Q X f 45 .AMW Robert Marie Charles Wayne N Leveta O Sandra C A I gil 'gil '15 ry. W mal X. 'X D l Y NCQ 'ff R 1 line el LaSalle l Libeer Lunn tte Matthys ' McGowan ?5,' ' w r., f 5 by vs ,. X -L NgiQVx,I KX: 2 .Q- if A x X X S 7 , mf I ' ti, a A ,lx Q Q w 'Q P lg. P Z owl? 'KW i , I Awe X k 'H wth 1 fx -a X l V' - 'ffl X G? if x lo W :W Q. ' , wffl ,rf 1, ff Wk, ft . 4 ' 5 f If Robert McLane Ianet McNutt Marie Mills Lois Misner Charles Murdock lane Murphy Wayne Mynatt Leveta Oberholser Sandra Osburn ,fy David Naylor Melvin Odor Mary Io Ottman aw, , , ii.-f , f 1 t 1 Q Q Z X T7 47 f tc, ' Q., ,, ,L f, , Rodger McQuate Lora Mitchell Donald Myers Ierry Nelson Art Ogilvie Iudy Overstreet ,Q ,, xr ' X S fwf' f fl , , ' ,M-W ' V' NL .. Q5 ,Y . 5 K V N Yi V 4 ' - ' . f . , . s ,fire ,, fs fr, L 31' L Jybygilf , . f .JLf:.i3, Q 1 I L . .05 if ff, 9 L , - f ffs:?q.fZf1 Y? ' if w:ih 'W?Pf ff' Q t w.,4..v iv L ,X 5 P 13.32,-2 ,3 , s 5, P. McThompson Iudith Monaghan Lewis Mylar Pat Meador Bobbie Montgomery Beulah Mynatt Sophomores Ioan Nelson Ruth O'Laughlin Michale Owen f 31 nw 9' Vllrff ,L I, f f X L Larry Newport Sandra Olsen Glenda Oyler P j'2f1.w 1 .4-eff g I , :gy If My ,, ., , hw-J 5 -nr" j 4E X f Q of W L 2 'lf X f 5.2 If S V: , i -'ffn3". "M T . s ,A Glenn Meyer Scott Michelson Ierry Moore lim Moore Brenda Mynatt Deanna Mynatt Marvin Nicholas Galen Olson Hoy Palmer ' 46s ff , X 'O K, I Suzanna Nielsen Gloria O'Neal Evelyn Pardun Z Z 3 Q Mary Lee Miller Roger Moore Mary Sue Mynatt l Patsy Nolte Iohn Osborn Iudy Parker fwfr , ' , W, u , Vx ' 545 Iim Pate Loretta Patterson Mike Pigler Iudy Porter Ronnie Reed lack Reeves Dick Riggle Glynda Ritter Ky in , .V , 7' diffs K::- A f' L sc Bob Paul lane Potts Ierry Reilly Edward Robb lack Ruma Richard Schmidt Bob Schroeder Yvetta Shumate Ronald Siegrist David Silvers 1 f , ek. f We t ,Y . HQ ' V, r fit fb 1 .1 ' Io Payton Alice Powell Bob Reynolds M. W I iw? Z z wwf , . , W y My X an , if ,W Q, , ni ff I !f 1 4559 4 Q ' f Q' 'A if ,- A H !,,,,,,, X ., L V' 2, ' ' " ff ylwf, V - N f 'AM I 4 mv.. 1 . ' ' 4 W HQ fa Q f halxxy! Marvin Pemberton lack Purdy Iim Reynolds W1 ff X W 1 X I 1 f I f , 1 Sophomores Bruce Roberson Iudy Scott Ion Skaug F fx SG, 1 .3 ff ' 2 A R if f, I Q' ,Z . E ,N r - ff Q '7 I.:::- 1, V ' iwyf , " Q , z , V ,, B A 3 ,M r cf f I V 4 .N ' aw , . if 55. , .2 4 X fx K 755. ' 7FfZ7:'Qw fy g mn, .,.. " -4 Helen Roberts Sue Scott Sharon Slater X 2 , , iiffif X-X WW Z l 1 'A 1 V' E Ioyce Peters Patricia Ray Mary Reynolds Ronald Rollins Carolyn Shaw mf 4 2 Z Larry Phillips Guy Rector Betty Rickart Margo Rose Dick Shaw Ioanne Smiglewski Dave Smith . W k 5' E at I iff Charles Phipps Rolly Reeb Bob Riggle Ian Ross Tom Shepherd Iimmy Smith I Ioyce Smi David St. Q Ona Sweo Ioyce Thor Tom Turne Ierry Walt 24 i r A kt? X SIN A 1 Q if T X Phipps eb gle 'pherd mith F, QV .1 vf ,fm I7 E - 'M' K- loyce Smith David St. Iohn Ona Swearingen loyce Thompson Tom Turner .1 Ierry Walters 7 W ,. 4 V, 1 XF- " f Env' Sharon Smith Iohn Stone Ioan Swentor Iudy Thompson lim-Tuttle Barbara Walton . W 97 .V ml 4 7 ,V X M f . Nbr ,Mg U 1 t ji ' 55,3 if " ,.r he 5 4, ' gy 1 X , ' f W 'S i 454.gif Z if Kathy Sowder Patty Standley Iudy Stotts Gary Stubbs Iudy Swindell Virginia Taylor 1 , ' ts' tri TQ t 5 ff' t T Af X f ' :ff '9 I 5 f is sewn A S lsx., xt, 5 f ftrt , , jx T y ,V V if lx lj b - t . V M N , S .1 is , ,Sis i. R 5 me S, . M ,L S I A qt, f fffsi - Q . M I X W ze, s t, .qv ., W Sharon Steele Iackie Stull Lonnie Thatcher Sophomores Iudy Thompson Sandra Thompson Iohn Tonge Claudette Vaccaro Iudy Vaccaro Ierry Van Horn Kathy Wayman Christine Webb Carol West 7 f I time f 1 W "' 1 3 2 ,f 7 L 4, f sf 45 45' A, at ler y w "' , gi f. W I ,ix A 9 . , :PP gmc' 5' 1 ' 1.5 ' Iacqueline Stevens Iudy Stewart Gary Stuart Donald Suddart Pat Stewart h Eugenie Suess Larry Dean Thomas Larry Lee Thomas Donnie Thompson Les Tucker Harvey Vice Wayne West , w l I Q X GW e ' ,XM .,., , ..,.W..v,,- Frankie Tuggle Ierry Vidovich Iudy Weston Sharon Turner Ioy Walker Bob Whaley 1 'Wy . -.1 f W ,W X 55,2 is ,, .,, S, Aff sf:-:V3 will 2'-I--2.: his - ' X , X ,qw , Z ff J W M , f , 1 f , , 4 5 7 X lv -W Q, . f U ., ., qu -ff 1, ,5 V f,,,. , K Kewl, 1 S A' ' Q my is , 'QP' 'SSW . 3 1 ', V A f ff-Q RE ' wvzwf z ' X ff! Z U2 Q7 'a Q X .ia 5 f W 33, 4 mf ff 4 Q i f lf L.,L :', . N, Q gif , It X 'Xvi 6 vip' I -:V+ EW' I may ,V B yl ey B l ,.,,. X .wait - M . B 5 i i Q 2 7 512152 W iv Glenna Whaley Don Whitaker Charles White Della Whited Phyllis Whiteside Gary Williams lack Williams Marjorie Williams Pct Willidms Dixie Williamson lChI1 Wi11mGI1 Darlene Wilson Don Wilson Bob Wise Iackie Witte Iudith Ann Witte Susan Wolfe Barbara Woodrome Iack Woods Ioyce Wrigley Mary Agnes Yates Brenda Yingling Ruth Ann Yokum Bill Young Sallie Zajic Larry Little Sophomore Sandra Thompson poses for her year book portrait. Lf -:-21 ' in -if 'Ck 4 '-. 'VD' Q. . . 'Z- F. . ."'5 I, N. ii N N -Si The Gary IN secretar' them in placed l In cy Shirley Adar Ross Anderst Carol Baldwi -as - V, I V e L 'N-,X Q-I ii Q? Q-M A slag? I , G' f 5 -ff' an . , e Williams mn Witte Hg Freshmen Qi' .1-. s' ,fi get 9- 'E:."S1gZx fn Y , 1:52 me ' 22 -. 1 Eg E' -c-. 1: '-.-. '-.- E E S E NX gs, E '-. it .,, 21555 ' Q55 ' it A S .. '.- 1. , 3 sg' ff . - !:I.' 5 S 12 X 1 Sf! 5 E ,ts X , tt A 4 X Y 4 rig 5 E M : 352' 2 . I '. . xg.: ".::.-. . P: 'x 'L xx - . ".- x 2' N E Q.-. , 'N X s Els ll The freshmen chose Karin Moore, president: Gary McCrite, vice-president, Gary Leatherwood, secretary: and Ross Anderson, treasurer, to lead them in their first year in high school. I. Mael re- placed Ross Anderson. In addition to Karin Moore, they alsoelected Shirley Adams Boss Anderson Carol Baldwin 73 " ,e if Richard Ager Larry Arnett Mary Lou Bates 1 I 2 . . xv ,MW 'KW' ww. XNWxNWh QE., X X -,RNASQENN K' its5:s:5:s:zE5E:I1.1.1EEEEs:s:s:ai525252525Eiiifi'i1ia,.i.I.LEEEEEEEEEESEEEQQQQEEEEEEEEEEEEEE53552522252525552Ssiiieiaisiaiaiaiaisfz55:25252E252E55552555555E555:ax.:.:z:::ggi25253:.:is5zisEsE5E:i:EzisE2-wi K- 1 MEX N N - ' t ------ - .... - g-gf.:.-.-.v.-.1-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: ----------- ---------- - ---- . :, - , -. E.'E:5c:5II'-:5:5:-.,...,.-...::::::::::::g:::1qc-55:5::1:::::::::-'-:::::::3:g:g:-:-:-:---1-5-5.gtg::ZgIgI5:g:5:5:::::::5:3:::5:-:-:-:-W-c-:-ffEf?i3E5:'5,,:'EE:'E3'::,1:,::,3:-l'::'5E'i:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-x.,x.'-c.v:-:-:-:-:-qolH,,--- "-. -. -.xx :N-:-:"-3'-5-:KEN '7'WCSFW:-c-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:3:-:-:-:-:-:-:I:I' ,,-9-5- -5+ .'H,,"-"-:-C-"-C-hQ':-'-'H.5'- N., :- ...... .... - -.- -..-.-:-.:rQ:v.:.:.-,..-.:w.'-..-'-:-. -.. .-.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-5-1-3.3-g-!g2g:g:E:9:g:g:g:::5::::3:.:'tg::3g:g:g:g:::5::.::3:51:3:::g:,g-:5,::Q3::-q-:5:g:i.?g5:3,-:'tg,:::::::55g, "jg,-g.v,. . --,,,, ., 4-. -.:t.-.-:-.-'-:-'-' N:-'-.' Ross Anderson, Don Henderson, Gary lVlcCrite, and Richard Watkins to the Student Council. Cookie Baldwin, Ann Parker, Charlene Quell, Rosemary Walker, and Connie Wilson were elected as cheer- leaders for the frosh pep squad. Welcome to North- town-Class of '56. Freshmen Delores Allen Robert Allen Iudy Babb Judy Bagwell Arlo Batson Elaine Batty I- ,W his -V .J f ,,,, 4 , ,V 7 y , I in-fr ff .. .hu . H I 3? X yy f .K , Xp . r, Q S lay Anderson Iim Bailey lack Beadling - 3 ,ww 3 i QA, f Q ' t 2 I' Ki' M , , it Karen Anderson Lynn Bailey Barbara Ann Beals Z Lois Anderson Daon Baird Sharon Beals We 4- , Y, 'yt Q' f it .3 t 5 . I . L 4 ff ff 'i if nz Z" t KL ' " X 1 B 1 1 , if ,vt ,, A f , .tr 1, f , Q was ,. K QV , Q, ' ,ff if 4 Marian Anderson Lora Baker Ronnie Beam dk U! LQ' 'N "M ,W . , A L , V -- , s t ' I l ' K B M B' B B f' 0+ we fe, L ' . 5 B vm W, W-f iw . f vi J ,YC , Y Q?r,,,, Wwe? 3 'A . 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"1"3:5'1':5':-:5:1:i.':""5.': 5- swarm-52:-' 1325535555 q::::::?2:::::-- -'-:-:-:-: I-:-' 'L'.I-:L s52E23: ' ' 'V ' ' '-Z-.Ilglglglglglg 2.52:s:s:s:s:.:z:s.2:55SHESEEESEISESSSEEEZZQ: ......-2M+MW5Z-!-Z-Z- 1- I :I-'I-I-'-I-Z.-I-Z-2-1+I-I-2+I+I-I'Z-I'I-2'Z-C'Z-14 .g.:.:.g.:.:.:.:.:.g.g.g.:.g -Zflzlf.''.g -.g.-.:.:.-.g.- I I I -N-A-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. . :.:,: - - .-.-.-.-.-.-. .-,-,-,-, ""'M"""""""""""'-Z-2"2"2'2'D'2'I-I-Z-2- I-1-I . . . . . . . . . . . - :c-: ' f .':5:C:':2:5:5:"'- .T 55"-t .P:5:1:Y:5:7:-'-' ' . . .I.I. . S-'xf3:?':-f'::f- :-.:2:5cT'5:5':5:2: .- a:-N '3:1:2:l:5?5: :-:1:5:l:5cC:5c -5-:::::::-:gg Deanna Pennington Joyce Denn 79 1':':':':':':':':':':':':"5:1:1":3': 5:f:5:5:1:5:5:5:5:5:5'5:3'1:25f5. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:5:-:-S:-:-:-,:-:- :f:5:2:E:2:5:5:' ' ' ' ' ':f:2:f:g2:- :I:511:55:5:3:5:5:-:5:5:-:-:-:-: Purgold Attendants Sherry Williams : "R:-. 5 N . -s. .'. . C: "'I:' 'I gl . ,N 1, IEA. . xx M 535'-. : ' ef - ':P- :iii-. -5 E: xiii' .-.35 ' :ff .-.:. .'. :'.- 'F ' : fs. If -C Ifglff ' ' '. "EJ: .gn-.. ' . ,f - l"" " x' v' ' -:-c- .f"' 1' ff ? bl- x xi ,R N N Q55 3 . "-:-: 1- sv. :gs-Q, :-.f -SQ . 'Q dqfgf. 4' if f ff f f A j',-"-"?.-f.-E27 fftPW,fff ffaf ' , ' , W GQWG' - -,ga . Gail Wigger Joyce Hasten '-is 1' "1 'fi' 1 -. 52' FEWYT . . ,L - f - . Q f...:,..-f,:--v:v---"'- -f.f2:r:1-2ALf"4 ' ' P ..., ,,. - - - 'W N- 'bf I .I r 1 X X 0, L f ,, 42 , ,, , 1 A X W ff King of Hearts of the Y-Teen alentine Dance I WG" V" 43 ..... "" ""' W ' I I-.."I-- ' ....-:-., .. ,I:Z:IgI' Elf! 1221.3 'gl 1521.51.21-Zyl" 'D' , is 5 is seizes I, -glglg f ' : ' : j . - " : , ' : : " ' ' -.1.-.1. ' "'55'3I5I:!:-"" N'-55. 'i-2-276521 ' , - '5 '- " '- 1 '5 '5 '3:f:f: Q : E: 5:2:f:f :Q Q:5:Q:f:1'E:f:f'f:!":' 1:-I:--E gr - : g:g:-tj: '- :55:g:-ci-:-:-E::i?::I . xv:-c-ch-QQ., '-mx' 'Hoo-. N EW .-.+. M. . x NW.NxwQx L' R -x N - f ""' "" iii E5:: :':-: :!E1:-:-5-1 :1 1 jf I' .:I'." I: Ig' giglglglglgl '- .' g.'.' '. :.:.':.:.g.-.-1' -' 4' -. : -. .-:-:-:-:-:1:1:2: . ' Igqlglg. I Iglg'-I:ZgZ:"!: .-.:.'I:. 5.5 . Ig'-25221: C: .:::: g:, :1:1:1:5:l:C-:I .:. :::-:-: -: Iglglgl Ig! I,'gI:I.':1g!:Ig ' .:.:.:. .: 1.:.'.: 1. . 1. :-:-:-:-:-:- EI:-E! :1:3:l:1:1:1:1:1:l:1:1:1:l:2 :lc : :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .-: . :-:IQ.:.:.:.:-:-'-:.:.:.:-:.:.: . .2-:IZ':lf!:2f-1.-:1:1E1:2:15 :-:-:-:5:I.-:1:1:5:1:1":5:3'5:5:C : -:-:-:-: .-'-c-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-: - 55:-'1 5:1:2:::g:5:::::5'5:2:::-: .2:5:j.2:2.,:2: 5:5:g:::5:::5:::-: :5:4:1'5:1'5'5 '5.-:5:5":1:f:1:2: .25EF:'61:2:5 -525155522154 I .- .n.-.-:- .-:f:-'- 4457'-,:'j.:.::E ..f. . . . .'Zf 'Z'5'C'Z' 1, .,:2:::+.' f . . . . . 4 .f-'5:-'-:-: '. 'f.'.' 1. ' ' I.-:-, . . .' ., ., J, 5. If 5: .-of -' f -.-' , ' .- . f 5'-4' - f .-' . - . .-5: 1' ...- gfif, .-f . f' If ff xy! 1' In' W ' . ,Inf , if iff! I ,z 5, I .-3.0 - 1-5.14 zw,'5f 9' ,f- :v"' .-fir' I - .-4" .c5'1:'.41F" v- f , aw' , M Q I 4 ff' . 4, ,, ,ff , 2 Wang? 7 ff 'F 'iz' 4182? 12 15, h,,, 2 gg 'Z 22 X? ,ig , 52 , 4 is , If ff ,Z ,,f, 'gfwflwff 17 ' - X 5. ff 4 Ay ' ,, " f v-'afzf' A M55 QQ, In 555 ,fx w4',,,g I arg: 1 Vg I S YQ ff? 2? , ,QL ff ,,, Z BOB SHORT 7 an Jacks 0 Hearts PHIL SN OWDEN ED CONWAY gwblf DAVID BOLSENG-A MEL HAN SEN I I x --v w W r 5 I W 1 F L X I E i f HH-N ESQ Uf 717 HHH W DDU 151,48 di Row Row Row Row The Student Council is the governing body of the school, and the members are composed of repre- sentatives from each class and presidents of Hi-Y, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Squad, and "N" Club, as well as presidents or vice-presidents of each class. The Student Council works together with Dr. Whaley, the principal, and Mr. Art Pfaff, their sponsor, in making the policies of the school. The president, pictured at left, who is Charles Broomfield, and the vice-president, Phil Snowden, are elected by the student body. The other officers include Dixie Zug, senga, sergeant-at-arms. Charles Broomfield Student Council President Student Council 1-Gary Flack, Dixie Zug, Mr. Pfaff, Charles Broomfield, Phil Snowden, Dave Bolsenga., Karen Moore, Ioyce Denny, Donna Hauetter, Betty Smith, Sylvia Stout, Linda Keltner, Iudy Bagley, Donna Peters, 3-Don Henderson, Gary McCrite, Bob Campbell, Beverly Schroeder, Iohn Stone, Dick Shaw, Ross Anderson. 4-Iohn Younghanz, Ion Skaug, Carroll Cheek, Melvin Hansen, Don Sarver, Don Henderson, Roger Morris, Richard Watkins. p,.,,.,1' -Sw 1 ff.. ' m y I ' -, : A r g rf, secretary: Gary Flack, treasurer: and David Bol- gg t , Lx 5 n 1, X 4 ' ' r ff H 2 f ' S '16 gig 5, Q 25, X if? as ' Q 2 v r , A3 1 1 f X43 fx 'Q fy 4 'W 5 if 4 if 9 g 3 I W fl 5 , V f ff- 1- 1 A fr -f M f r,,, E " :,,, 1 i"'i" H Q11 of ,re- ,-Y, 'ell The ey, in ant, the the ug, 301- IS. - o General Y-Teen Offlc ers Ioyce Denny, Secretary: Carol Newhard, Vice-President: Beverly Schroeder, President: and Karin Hedlund Treasurer Y-Teen Cabinet Row lfloyce Denny, Beverly Schroeder, Carol Newhard, Karin Hedlundt How Z-Carol Baldwin, Iudy Nail, Iudy Edwards, Charlene Quell. Row 3-Iudy Swindell, Mary Ketcham, Bette Buchanan, Pat Stewart, Kay Lynn Borden, Carolyn Allen Row 4-Lorinda Neville, Gloria Garton, Diane Black, Corrine Brown, Ioyce Steffens, Ruth Leming: Row 5-Rosemary Cross, Iudy Winburn, Phyllis Mylar, Mildred Schroeder, Rosalie Spruytte, Betty Smith Ieanne McCartney Patsy Parrish, Vermara Ottman, Eleanor McCall. Neff' 10 Row 1-Bemadine Swafiord, Nancy Casterline, Sandra Middleton, Alta Swaithes, Virginia Martin, Nancy Labor, Elaine Evans, lean Summers, Nancy Galey, Beverly L'Heureux Row 2-Betty Goldsbury, Donna Shirley, Dorothy Linneman, Cuppy McCall, Wanda Vick, Shirley Ballard, Patricia Stubbs, Ianice Shannon, Rosemary Eitel, Iudy Yeager, Ann Evans ROW 3-MGIY lane Stephan, Dorothy O'Laughlin, Lois Peterson. Sue Stewart Barbara Bumer Clara Io Taylor Helen Whitake , , , r. Linda Foster, Mary Blackman, Ann Calhoun, Iudy Nelson, Becky Hungqte Row 4-Bonnie Sauer, Norma Malone, Ioyce Denny, Rosie Cross, Wanda Bishop, Phyllis Mylar. Carlene Elliott, Grenda Iones. Wynne Sharon Luskow, loann Meyer, Barbara Gentry, Terry Thomas, Virginia Watt Row 5-Millie Schroeder, Georgia Mead, Iean Shook, Sue Seneker, Virginia Fuller, Ann McClure, Maureen Donovan, Marian Lind- berg. Norma Reynolds, Vicki McCarrick, Willette Iackson, Rosemary Reed, Ioann Trantham, Anne Dragen Senior Y-Teens Row 1-Phyllis Poage, Barbara Williams, Barbara Kretz, Beverly Stakley, Betty Owens, Shirley Io Parscale, Shirley Dick, Sharon Lewis, Beverly Kretz Row 2-Beverly Lewis, Marcia Michelson, Gail Wigger, Ioan Mudd, Patsy Williams, Karole Harrington, Iudy Deaver, Iuanita Darr, Ioyce Hasten, Karin Hedlund, Nancy Sperman Row 3-Sandy Heinz, Dee Duncan, Rose Arnone, Beverly Anderson, Mary Ruth Carter, Suzi McNall, Carol Newhard, Ieanne McCartney, Georgia Gaddy, Gretchen Riddle, Patty Acheson, Mary Roush, Linda Amone Row 4-Marilyn Watford, Brenda Peterson, Karole Gates, Nancy Plumb, Connie Haienstein, Donna Shane, Donna Gardner, Betty Smith, Rose Crowley, Iudy Hayes, Carolyn Iackson, Carolyn Crisp, Rosie Hagg, Gwyndolyn Cloud. Row 5-Esther Stephenson, Iudy Winburn, Anita Stark, Vermara Ottman, lean Marsh, Patty Mills, Emily Hall, Sherry Williams, Ann Smith, Rosie Spruytte, Naomi Welch, Beverly Thompson, Deanna Pennington, Patsy Parrish. Row l-Ioyce Thomas, Beverly Darrah, Sandra' Wescott, Georgia Lantz, Marie Lintner, Kathryn McThompson, Martha Schultz, Iudy Lowe, Iudy Hester, Virginia Tarwater Row 2-Ruth Ann Leming, Barbara Graves, Elizabeth DeMeulenaere, Ioanne Loman, Estella Smith, Shirley Smith, Myrtle Loop, Betty Ann Clark, Ann Ienkins, Melva Eaton, Darlene Gann, Darlene Wilkinson Row 3-Donna Peters, Iudy Neville, Martha Pritchard, Sally Ann Cavin, Ellen Marks, Lorene Edwards, Nancy McFarren, Kathy St. Iohn, Dixie Ballard, Kathleen Dulohery, Sharon Thomas, Mildred Powell, Teresa Verderame ' Row 4-Roberta Hufiord, Ruth Koetting, Ioan Breid, Ienny Quimby, Marilyn Cannon, Dixie Zug, Iudy Werner, IoAnn Warren, Corrine Brown, Faith Alton, Patsy Stevens, Alberta Halford, Iudy Elam Row 5-Donna Mehner, Kay Hurd, Dorothy McGowan, Patty Logan, Sandra Kneuven, Angela Brock, Alice Dahlberg, Diane Black, Deanna Neiderman, Karol Whitaker, Pat Holmes, Doris Simcoe, Carol Miller, Miriam George Jr. Y-Teen Triangle How 1-Shirley Williams, lane Barnhart, Marilyn Stowe, Sue Carol Brown, Shyla Soderstrom, Plesie Morast, IoAnn DeMeulenaere ' ' ' ' M l' W k, Row 2-LaVita Aubrey, Lonnda Neville, Darhe Rosier, Mary Alexander, Cheryl McDonald, Madelyn Snyder, aisa armac Marjorie Higby, Etta lean Farmer, Marguerite Wilson M M dl Olm do S lviua Mosby, Alberta McClain, Deanna Durham, Donna Hauetter. Row 3-Ianice Andrews, Sarah cKay, a eyn e , y Iackie Morgan, lanet King, Shirley Casteel, Betty Lou McClung Row 4-Ann park, Shirley Bglsengq, Barbara Newby, Danna Fisher, Iudy Davis, Vera Ward, Marilyn Newbill, Karen Morse, M r'l n4Ford Mar Lou Smith, Gloria Garton Margaret Hagen G 1 Y I Y - I How 5-Mildred Littlejohn, Sylvia Stout, Elizabeth Erickson, Suzanne Storment, Sarah Fortune, Virginia Bain, ludy Brower, Lagene Irwin, Ioyce Earls, Barbara Piatt, lanice Steflens, Ioyce Steffens, Ioyce Bell fiewmwf if Row 1-Carolyn Shaw, Cozette Chappell, Nancy Hedlund, ludy Forbis, Dona LeToski, Audrey Cheesebrough, Phyllis White- side, Carolyn Allen, Virginia Taylor, Ioyce Peters Row 2-Lois Heller, Ona Swearingen, Frances Henry, Barbara Woodrome, Mary Io Gordon, Brenda Yingling, Karen Davis. Ioy Walker, Iudy Koenig, Ioan Nelson, Sheri Harper Row 3-Kay Iohansen, Barbara Walton, Elaine Homan, Ruth Burton, Barbara Iaquiss, Linda Keltner, Sue Hedrick, Carol Hershe, Sue Acheson, Sharon Steel, Teresa Gabel, Iudy Stewart Row 4-Suzanne Nielsen, Bette Buchanan, Darlene Wilson, Cindy Hopkins, Marie Buqbee, Pat McThompson, Evelyn Pardun, Kathy Sowder, Alberta Hooper, Iudy Thompson, Ioyce Thompson, Patsy Nolte, Iackie Stull, Sharon Lohnes Sophomore Y-Teens Row 1-Iudy Thompson, Kay Lynn Borden, Pat Stewart, Iudy Swindell Row 2-Iudy Porter, Marcia Geer, Carol Martin, Ruth Bryant, Iudy Monohan, Loretta Patterson, Nancy Holt, Charlene Delaynes, loyce Wrigley, Frances Dick, Nancy Iackson Row 3- Alice Crutsinger, Carol Atwood, Iudy Stotts, Barbara Manahan, Sandy Osburn, Kay Lanto, Dixie Williamson, Mary Lou Reynolds, Betty Rickart, Mary Io Ottman, Renee Chevalier, Row 4-Rosemary Lawrence, Ruthanne Yokum, Lois Lewis, Mary Lunn, Marlene Brown. lean Fudge, Janet McNutt, Darlene Garzee, Frances Gillotte, Deona Gibson, Brenda Mynatt, Sandra Olsen Row 5-Carol Hansen, Beverly Balthasar, Barbara Hagen, Margie Williams' SUNY Zfliic- Bobbie M0nl90m61'Y, ludy Humphreys, Ruth O'Laughlin, Pat Meador, Marilyn Ganote, Lois Blackemore, Sandy McGee. Pauline Graue Row 6-Iudy Bagley, Pat Adams, Glynda Ritter, Kathy Wqymgn, Ioan Ainsworth, Linda Daniels, Sharon Smith, Sharon Harrington, Alice Powell, Pat Williams, Mary Ketcham, Glenda Fellows, Sue Scott, Mary Lee Miller 'M T, ,' Y 1 wk 'psig-'ff sw H Q. A L 9 f M :N le- is. rol in, es. .ou ne ys. on. it 7 f Row 1-Iudy Nail, Charlene Quell, Carol Baldwin, Betty Moore Row 2vLucy Lair, Cindy Cain, Elaine Batty, Nancy Mauton, ludy Simkins, Linda German, Patty Harris, Dorothy Watts, Margaret Blackburn, Doris Smith, Mary Foster, Connie Weaver, Carol Ward Row 3-Iudy McGrath, Rosemary Walker, Mary Walker, lean Clark, Anita Blaurock, Shirley Wilson, Iudy Bagwell, Carol Shan- ahan, Ieanine Newland, Linda Lampkin, Marilyn Trantham, Gloria Reynolds, Ann Monderon, Iackie Hodshire Row 4-Harriet Moore, Oliva Olmedo, Karen Moore, Kitty Smith, Barbara Beals, Iill Waters, IoAnn Snyder, Carolyn Nelson, Linda Bourn, Diane Oltman, Linda Fay, lean Walker, Sondra Kral, Sharon McClure, Pat Hall Row 5-Arlene Wood, Linda Wagner, Shirley Goad, Grace Richardsonf-Kona Sue Deboard, Linda Iohnson, Barbara McCurdy. Iudy Wright, Vicci Elliot, Wanda Sauers, Iudy Miles, Ioanna Hash, Carolyn Dailey, Dixie Williamson, Shirley Horner, Iudy Hogue Row 6APat Combs, Ian Brower, Patty Morgan, Katherine Smith, Karen Brunner, Pat Shyrack, loyce Sons, Carol Howard, Linda Poindexter, Sharon McGlothlin, Carlene Drennon, Patricia Stevens, Mary Lou Bates, Nan English, Donna Brownfield, Sharon Lunn. Barbara Conroy Freshman Y-Teens Row 1- Ronecia Shultz. Sharon Beals, Shirley Powell, Ian Willians, Lorraine Cook, Mary Spruytte. Row 2-Iackie Iamison, Sharon Kelly, Carol Henson, Connie Wilson, Elaine Ford, Ieanine Gregory, Diane Walters, Sonja Hallo- man, Carol Bradley, Marilyn Russell y Row 3-Nancy Wills, Marion Anderson, Sandy Shipman, Bonnie Bendure, Annette Mason, Iudy Yates, Lois Meyer, Vicki Owen, Norma Myers, Iudy Edwards, Connie Loop Row 4-Margaret Blackman, Ioyce Stackhouse, Sharon Fuller, Ioan Lowrey, Carolyn King, Phyllis Fortune, Shirley Wilson, Shirley Adams, Iune Hadley, Ann Parker, Darlene Sauer, Sally l6I1I1i1'1qS Row 5-Sondra Scobee, Iudy Lockwood, Mary Prine, Ioan Formby, Mary lane Brown, Suzanne Cloughley, Sondra Campbell, Iudy Wilson, Donna Wright, Karen Anderson, Barbara Williams, Glenda Cooper, Mary Reynolds f f, ,WM ,X Q 5 f' 'fV5u,'. ' , , ff f. J 1 1 xii j:7,f ' 0 3 Lair! 91 R N H c,,,,c, 531 in gk ll General HILY Officers Bob Campbell, Treasurer: Iohn Brunner, Vice-President: Roger Morris, President:- Gary Flack, Secretary: and Charles Erickson, Chaplain Hi-Y Cabinet Row 1-Bob Campbell, Charles Erickson, Roger Morris, Bob Chipley, Iohn Brunner, Gary Flack Row 2-Wayne Loar, Hobart Mason. Gary Stubbs, Glen Keith, Dick Shaw, Don Henderson, Bruce Roberson. Charles Broomfield, Richard Watkins, Kenneth Pagach Row 3-Bill Snyder, Iohn Stone, David St. Iohn, Bob Landis, Bill Chastain, Ierry Hancock, Gene Voigts, Conrad Schroeder, lack Hendrix, Ken Karnes, David Balasco. Row 4-Iohn Younghanz, Ion Skaug, Dennis Gray, Kenny Storck, Bob Burke, Mel Hansen, Gary Thompson, Bill Rogers, Iim Gray, Dave Bolsenga, Tom Tanan, Mel Roberson. m f 011, Qld. :ck lim Row 1-Ronnie Ellis, Kenny Bost, Raymond Bendure, Ioe Cooper, Don O'Reilly, Tom Burke Row 2-Howard Dowdy, Bob Stevenson, Terry Short, Iohn Younghanz, Roger Morris, Ken Karnes, Bob Short, Iack McClain Row 3-Ken Wood, lack Gibbens, Iohn Newberry, Ierry Meyer, Terry Martin, Bill Loftin, Torn Parish, Tom Tanan, Roy Lanio Row 4-Dwight Grantham, Larry Holland, Gerald Galloway, Gene Bruns, Gary Thompson. Bob Chipley, Bill Loop, Tom Allen, David Bolsenga, David Macey. Senior Hi-Y Row 1-Bill Leonard, Bob Landis, Tom Orwiclc, Bob Mason. Mike Morrow, Charles Broomfield K Row 2 Row 3- Row 4-- Fowler - n Melton im Loone David Moliet Tom Lovejoy Frank Shaw Dale Sapp Frank McKay, Ro nie . I' Y. ' . - I Tom Norris, Howard Stephenson, Donald Elrod, lim Gray, Kenny Storck, Iohn Buck, Fred Havens, Troy Majors Ierry Gill, Terry Simmons, Ierry Vitt, Richard Ienkins, Benny Beals, Phil Snowden, Melvin Hansen, Larry Galloway, Rex v'vWvv VV.,- Q 15 L x, , 5 f w , I xl' if Y 5' L Row 1-Glen Keith, Ierry Gulley, lack Creason, William Glick, Robert Wingstad. yDavid Warner, Richard Booker Row 2-Charles Ferry, Charles Stackhouse, Larry Williams, Larry Valentine, Ierry Felton, Nick Raper, Donald Dykes, Lynn Bondurant Row 3-David Blasco, Steve Pate, Charles Green, Richard Sparks, Gene Voights, Burt Crenshaw, Don Silvers, Ierry Peipmeire, Conrad Schroeder, Everett Black Row 4-lim McClure, Bill Rogers, Don Reeder, David Keillor, Bruce Fuller, Carl Summers, Carroll Cheek. Bob McGee, Wallace Hauschild, Larry Mills Junior Hi-Y Row 1-Mickey Reuck, Richard Stoneberger, Tom England, Russell Iones, lerry Switzer, loe Huston, Don Simons Row 2-David Whitaker, Roger Arbuckle, Eddie Young, Herb Havens, Bruce Henry, Harvey Hungate, Victor Nielson, lim Wingo, Iohn Hoium, Ierry Rule Row 34 Ronnie Thompson, Mel Roberson, Marshall Sherlock, Gary Flack, lim Pierce, Ronnie Taylor, Leonard Greenwood, Charles Erickson, Iack Hendrix, Ronnie Kimmel, Fred Carman Row 4-Bob Peterson, Roger Moffett. Ernie Saunders. Roger Henderson, Bill Rogers, Ronnie Henderson, Don Sarver, Bob Burke, Iames Neill, Guy Owen, Iohn Brunner, Dennis Gray Qian 'ii-,Q 5 N 2 n n n s R r I r I , ,,, ' 'K' I g ow I NV . S Z? Q33 i r i 1 u 1 ii EI 1 l it ? at 31 ll n ,J 5 5 Row 1-Bruce Roberson, Iim Pate, Glen Meyer, Milton Ladd, Robert McClain. Art Ogilvie Row 2-Lewis Mylar, lim Hinds, Marvin Hollman, Mike Pigler, Walter Holt, Roger Goodman, Rolly Reeb Row 3-Iohn Stone, Ion Skaug, Frankie Tuggle, Tim Bowman, David Naylor, Larry Phillips, Ierry Hancock, Mike Dragen, Ronald Seigrist, Bob Campbell, Sophomore Hi-Y Row 1-Scott Michelson, lack Ruma, Don Henderson, Roger Conway, Gary Stubbs, Dick Shaw, lack Purdy, Alan Hurlbut Row 2-Iim Aiken, Darrell Boeppler, Charles Murdock, Ronnie Rollins, Bill Chastain, Mike LaSalle, Paul Cummins, Richard Addison, Harold Bennett , l Row 3-Ierry VanHom, Iohn Beller, Larry Cory, Richard Pagach, Iohn Bond. Blaine Laux. lim Harper, Warren Hodshue, Iimmy Smith, David St. Iohn W ,,k,,, x Y -I X0 'ht Q ti Q ' 7 LL I, U f V 1, tgnyfg 1 . , 1 6 ff WZ iyyij W Freshman Hi-Y Row 1-lack Lewis, Iimmy Lewis, Wayne Wormsley, Rodney Dakon, A. L. Woods, David Woemer, Michael Mead, Gary Segrist, Ross Anderson, Stanley St. Iohn. Glen Fowler Row 2-Charles Parker, Mike Kirkpatrick, Bill Henwood, Bill Graves, David Bollinger, Ben Seagraves, Don Baird, Mike Bryant, Steve Crain, Gary Rice, Iack Buckman, Ierry Rose, Larry Shyrock Row 3-Tim Ferguson,Iim Louden, Iim Trammell, Glen Neiderman, Tom Brown, Kenneth Burton, David Williams, Iirn Cline, Roy Dickey, Mike Drowns, Mac Thetford, Larry Brewer, Bill Snyder, Tommy Thompson Row 4-Ioe Sharp, Brian Hobson, Phil Hayes, Fred Lowmiller, Carson Black, Gary McCrite, Richard Watkins, Keith Endsley, Mike Blessing, Gary Leatherwood, Iay Anderson, Kenneth Brand, Hobart Mason, Kenneth Pagach, Larry Weekly, Iohn Brown, Ierry Radio Club Row 1-Ioe Perkins, Martha Shultz, Ianice Wilson, Mr. Galatas Row 2-Thomas Eagle, Ronny Ellis, Ronnie Rollins, Stuart Bowers, Bob Schroeder Row 3-David Macey, Ierry Brown, David Keillor, Bruce Fuller Q Curtis. few if 7 X - : -',1 .- 1 . M' 'E ft WFP' French Club Row 1-Millie Schroeder, Iudy Winburn, Miss Marino, Rex Fowler, Guy Owen, Row 2-Frances Dick, Sandra Middleton, Shirley Dick, Dorothy Linneman, Iohn Owens, Art Ogilvie,- Pat McThompson, Betty Owens, Cozette Chappell, Ieanette Matthys, lim Sanamano, Row 3-Virginia Edsall, Karin Hedlund, Norma Malone, Malisa Warmack, Faith Alton, Gwendolyn Cloud, Rebecca Hungate, Mary Ruth Carter, Barbara Newby, Iim Hoight, Cheryl MacDonald, Ioanna Hash, Row 4-Ian Ross, Ann Park, Ioyce Earls, Lynn Bondurant, Alice Dahlberg, Iim Crowley, Scott Merritt, Marian Lindberg, Ianet Clark, Cliff Foster, Ann McClure, Kathy Sowder, Ieanne McCartney, Anne Dragen Hornets Nest Board of Control Row 1-Ioyce Denny, Miss DeVall, Charles Broomfield Row 2-Larry Galloway, Darlie Rosier, Charles Erickson, Charlene Quell, Ierry Hancock Row 3-Bill Rogers, Ion Skaug Not Pictured--Betty Smith, Richard Ienkins yr! ,gl O ,s fo S Q n In 3 4 wrses' Aides Row 1-A'nn Evans, Karin Hedlund, Grace McClain, Dorothy Linneman, Ilene Gibbs, Mrs. Beigel Row 2-Pat Venable, IoAnn Trantham. Ann McClure, Alice Dahlberg, Gwendolyn Cloud, Sally Cavin, Barbara Burner Q l Secretaries Row 1-Marcia Michelson, Sandra Edens, Rosie Cross. Teresa Verderame, Beverly Stakley Row 2-Ellen Marks, Dixie Zug, Alberta McClain. Marilyn Cannon, Becky Hungate, Karole Harrinqton, Carol n Cris . Y P Row 3-Iudy Wmburn, Ianice Steiiens, Rosie Spruytte, Marion Lindberg, Vicki McCarrick, Ioyce Steifens, Rosie 1-lagg R R R G4 m A m Rc M H1 H h4 C ' f ff - , 2, rxitizteg 2 4 E mm Q , wifi Q Zvi? Eggs? ifllatlff' Future Homemakers of America How 1-Rosemary Lawrence, Pat Holmes, Kay Lanto. Miss Collings, Miss Heil, Pat Stewart, Shirley Williams, Patty Logan.. Row 2-Mary Spruytte, Iudy Monaghan, Lois Misner, Barbara Iaquise, Brenda Gibbs, Suzi McNall. Mary Frances Blackman Row 3-Pat Combs, Marcia Geer, Margaret Blackburn, Nancy Laber, Bose Arnone, Ieanie Fudge, Mary Ruth Carter, Iudy Nelson, Genie Suess, Gwendolyn Yates, Iacqueline Witte, Pat McThompson Row 4-Wanda Sauver, Ieannie Spurgeon, Margaret Black- man, Sheri Harper, Grace Richardson, Diane Oltman, Lois Blakemore, Pauline Graue, Sandra Scobee, Millie Schroeder, Eleanor Aubrey, Kona DeBoard Row 5-Ruth Koetting, Iudy Porter, Iackie Bateman, Pat Shryack, Donna Wright, Emily Hall, Mary Gil- more, Linda Beynolds, Linda Yinn, Mary Yates, Sue Stewart, Sarah McKay , Co-operatifve Occupational Education Row lwlflrnest Daniels, Edna Rae Sauer, Beverly Anderson, Martha Io Bent, Maureen Donovan, Ianice Reager, Pat Venable, Pat McArnis Row 2-Richard Elam, Iohn Walker, Delmond Lowe, Sam Orwick, Wayne Keller, Iim Ragle, Bruce Allen, Ronald Haines Row Se-Harold Cordell, Milo Ferry, Bob Snider, Bill Loften, Gary Williams, Loyd Dodd, Wendell Booth, Bob Blakemore, Eddie Hurd Row 4-Charles Rhodus, Thomas Dixon, Roland Cretel, Richard Wealand, Iim Wood, Tudy Nelson, Iirri Loomis, Gene Shep- herd, Ray Lindsey, Row 5-Iohn Criscione, Mike Peterson, David Henthorne, Iohn Blankenship, Larry Mynatt, Troy Majors, Cecil Marks, Frank McKay , ,.. iv A 4 , J . f X 1 1 gi, Library Club Row 1-Karen Moore, Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Evans, President, Barbara Newby. Vice-Pres. Row 2MRosalie Spruytte, Millie Schroeder. Morgan Spilsbury, Elizabeth Erickson, Mildred Huskisson Row 3-Rosalie Brasslield, Sandy Heinz, Charlene Iohnson, Shirley Casteel Row 4--Alta Swaithes, Mary Lacey Poetry Club Row 1-Emily Hall, Mrs. Shields. Sara Fortune Row 2--Alta Swaithes, Patsy Nolte, Karleen Drennen, Mary Theresa Verderame. Rosemary Lawrence 1 M,.,,, - w , 34 '51 vs LV. 7 E- ,,.-a , V E If fue "f,, Row mv ,g Q E X A o F ut ure Teachers of America 1- Ruth Leming, Historian: Donna Peters, Secretary: Iackie Morgan, Vice-President: Mrs. Shields, Sponsor: Ioyce Hasten Treasurer: Ioan Mudd, -President: Gloria Garton, Librarian: Marie Lintner, State Secretary Row Row How Row Row How Ilene Row Iudy Row 2-Shnley Dick, Io Ann Loman, Rosalie Brassfield, Ruby Collins, Estella Smith, Gail Wigger. 3-Elizabeth Owens, Cozette Chappell, Melva Eaton, Ona Swearingen, Alta Swaithes, Frances Dick, Beverly Stakley. 4-Faith Alton, Pat McCormick, Betty Smith, Barbara Newby, Anita Stark, Carole Callaghan, Ioyce Denny 5--Kathy Sowder, Brenda Peterson, Rosie Spruytte, Sarah Fortune, Doris Simcoe, Georgia Mead Future Nurses Club 1-Mrs. Biegel, Alice Dahlberg, President: Ann McClure, Secretary: Elaine Evans, Vice-President 2-Karin Hedlund, Francis Gillotte, Ann Evans, Ianice Andrews, Dorothy Linneman, Nancy Sperman, Kathy McThompson Gibbs, Carolyn Shaw 3-Barbara Iacquis, Barbara Burner, Elaine Homan, Grace McClain, Linda Arnone, Ruth Koetting, Violet Robins, Ioy Walker Hester 4-Teresa Verderame, Sally Cavin, Kay Iohansen, Sandra Osburn, Iudy Weston, Lagene Irvin, Kathie Wayman, Io Ann Tran tham, Sharron Thomas, Pat Stubbs 7,7 K7 -yn. fww 4 Wifi., 3 , QQ, XZ , '4 mkwjf at rn, of, Q t A I f 1' Spanish Club Row 1-Iohn Houim. Corresponding Secretary: Martha 511111121 SeCf9iary: Burnelll Tombs, Vice-President: Miss Isley, Ioan Rodenberg, President: Charles Stackhouse, Treasurer. Row 2-Vermara Ottman, Rosemary Eitel, Wynne Sharon Luskow, Ioyce Denny, Marlene Brown, Elaine Evans, Barbara Burner, Dee Dunkin, Sharon Lewis, Marilyn Stowe, Shyla Soderstrom, lean Summers, Ioyce Beadling, Judy Hester. Ioyce Peters. Iackie Morgan. ROW 3-Marilyn Ganote. loanne Smiglewski, Glenda Whaley, Carol Hansen, Russell Addison, Sue Carol Brown, Miriam George, Elizabeth Erickson, Dorothy McGowan, Ruth Leming, Suzi McNall, Carol Newhard, Linda Bigbee, Sally Cavin, Iudy Koening. Row 4-Lou Ann LaBerge, Sharon Thomas, Glenda Fellows, Ruth O'Laughlin, Beverly Anderson, Pat Acheson, Ioe Sharp, Ierry Haas, Larry Maxen, Virgil Bailey, Phyllis Mylar, Marian White, Pat Stubbs, Myrtle Loop, Ioan Mudd, Iackie Witte, Darlie Hosier. Row 5-Bobbie Montgomery, Steve Pate, lack Hendrix, Larry Valentine, Edward Morgan, lim Looney, Patsy Parrish, Carolyn Crisp, Io Ann Trantham, Kay Iohansen, Ann McClure, Eleaner Aubrey, Beverly Balthasar, Brenda Yingling, Ioan Nelson, Angela Catalano, Gloria Garton, Donna Hauettern Row 6-Robert Henderson, Howard Dowdy, Fred Carman. lohn Linder, Gary Thompson, Karel Whitaker, Maureen Donovan, Alice Powell, Diane Black, Iirn Harper, Ierry Van Horn, Bill Lewis, Charles Homan, Ted Snell, Ronnie Row 1-Dee Dunkin, Sergeant-at-arms: Corrine Brown, Secretary: Sandy Heinz, Vice-President: Rosalie Spruytte, President: Kay Lanto, Taylor, Kay Lanto, Iudy Swindell, Kenny Bird. Row Pres? Ballo MCC Koet Row Row I oyc Mar How Nev' Mos Smit Historian: Pat McCormick, Treasurer. Row 2-Vicki Mouton, Ilene Gibbs, Charlene Dejaynes, Mary Ann Bogess, Della Whited, Shirley Williams, Elaine Evans, Myrna Campbell, Wanda Blackmore, Io Ann DeMeulenaere. Row 3-wCheryl MacDonald, Darlene Gann, Nancy Laber, Ruth Ann Yokum, Kay Iohansen, Ona Swearingen, Elizabeth Demeulenaere, Lila Evans, Nancy Sperman, Ruth Leming, Mary Louise Reynolds. Row 4-Sally Cavin, Ioy Walker, Sharon Steele, Eleanor Aubrey, Ianey Mitchell, Ioyce Key, Ieanette Matthys, Ruth Koetting, Cynthia Hopkins, Sarah McKay, Majorie Williams. Row 5-Patsy Stevens, Ioan Swentor, Suzanne Nielsen, Georgia Sharon Harrington, Linda Daniels, Carol Hershe, Carolyn Iackson, Iackie Stull, Ioanne Smiglewski, Iackie Ienkins, Patsy Nolte, Pat Meador, Carol Hansen, Marilyn Newbill, Carol Miller, Marilyn Ford, Mildred Littlejohn, Iudy Humphreys, Iudy Kay Thompson, Alice Powell, Norma Reynolds, Pat Stewart, Ioyce Earls, Donna Fisher, Elizabeth Erickson. 2 -Q. Sf. ' 0 O99,f 99 1, 'Wie . Aw, WMUWYE -,pits 1: Q . Q as . YW! :I . , S Enberg, arlene adling, ddison. igbee, . Pat Iackie Jarrish, Angela mpson, Ronnie Lanto. Shirley Nancy Mary L, Ruth Sharon . Carol Norma r -' V, Q 1, 'J s R I ' Z , Girls' Athletic Association Row 1-Miss Iones, Sponsor: Wanda Poage, Treasurer: Pat McCormick, Sports Manager: Rosalie Spruytte, Vice-President: Sandy Heinz, President: Ioan Mudd, Secretary: Barbara Bendure, Historian: Mrs. Howard Sponsor. Row 2- Darlene Gann, Nancy Laber, Shirley Ballard, Sharon Lewis, Rose Arnone, Dee Dunkin, Kathy McThompson, Beverly Stakley, Cozette Chappell, Marie Lintner. Row 3- leanne McCartney, Sarah McKay, Virginia Colby, Barbara Burner, Ruth Leming, Cheryl McDonald, Lorinda Neville, Iackie Bateman, Ruth Koetting. Row 4-Ioyce Earls, Kay Lanto, Patsy Parrish, Corrine Brown, Vermara Ottman, Anne Dragen, Nancy Plumb, Pat Stewart. Row 5-Elizabeth Erickson, Diane Black, Lagene Irvin, Emily Hall, Beverly Schroeder, Marilyn Newbill. Varsity Pep Squad Row l-Donna Peters, Sylvia Stout, Iudy Hayes, Dixie Zug. Alto Swaithes. Row 2-Miss Iones, Sponsor: Beverly Lewis, Vice-President: Ioyce Denny, President: Gail Wigger, Treasurer: Betty Smity, Sergeant-at-arms: Mrs. Howard, Sponsor. Row 3- Barbara Gentry. Marcia Michelson, Iudy Yeager, Iudy Forbis, Ioyce Peters, Frances Gillotte, Marlene Brown, Dorothy Crews, Ioyce Hasten, Eleanor McCall. Row 4-Rosemary Cross, Donna Hauetter, Marilyn Ganote, Wanda Bishop, Karole Harrington, La Vita Aubrey, Margie Higby, Lorinda Neville, Deanna Durham, Linda Keltner. Row 5-Darlie Rosier, Iudy Swindell, Ianice Steftens. Millie Schroeder, Mary Alexander, Sylvia Mosby, Ioyce Steftens, lane Murphy, Iudy Bagley. Bow 6-Kay Lynne Borden, Ann Park, Bette Buchanan, Beverly Schroeder, Sharon Smith, Diane Black, Pat Adams. Iudy Werner. UKEPP' .I F W I by X .3 : 'V 13... V .V , V W, ' .M , , E A ,K I W - -v ' l fl g 66dWw,L, V X' , " l If ,H M film ,N rf ? I in LQ Z . ,,vv I2 I Q X ,Mn V7 5 , I r- 0' Vvk, , , i 6 K K tx 1 , t f r 'V ' f ' ' l W , 1 if 2 nf "N V ' ' ' -. W 'f , , V f I my X M w Z If ew . 6.. V: J 'f 2 X f ,P Y .q',, 1 Q. Row 1- Beverly Smith, Secretary: Ioanna Hash, President: Elaine Batty, Vice-President: Mary Spruytte, Treasurer. Row 2-Gloria Leach. Arlene Wood, Carolyn Nelson, Ianene Gregory, Carol Shanahan, Patsy Carnes, Lorraine Cook, Sharon Bellew, Maxine Wible, Nancy Wills. Row 3YLucille Lair, Carol Bradley, Linda Bourn, Io Ann Snyder, Marilyn Trantham, Shirley Harmon, Diane Walters, Sally len- nings, Carol Henson, Sandra Shipman, Ioann Weatherman. Row 4-Ann Monderow, Virginia Edsall, Sharon Lunn, lill Waters, Grace Richardson, Iudy Yates, Pat Combs, Sondra Krol, Charlene Hadley, Carolyn King, Iocn Lowrey. Bow 5iPhyllis Fortune, Margaret Black- man, Karen Anderson, Bonnie Bendure, Sharon Fuller, Patricia Morgan, Diane Oltman, Annette Mason, Linda Iohnson, leanne Spurgin, Ianet Fanning, Pauline Buck. Row 6--Pat Shryack, Barbara Williams, Linda Zinn, ludy Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Sharon Glothlin, Pat Stevens, ludy Babb, Donna Brownfield, Karen Brunner, Shirley Wilson, Iudy Hogue. Freshman Pep Squad Row l+Rosemary Walker, Charlene Quell, Cookie Baldwin. Connie Wilson, Ann Parker. Row 2-Sonja Holloman, Carolyn Glick, Sharon Lowe, Marilyn Lumsden, Cindy Cain, Ronecia Shultz, Karen Marshall, Nancy Mauton, Sharon Kelly, Sharon McClure. Row 3-Carolyn Humphreys, Ianice Douglas, Anita Simkins, Ann Cannon, Elaine Ford, Karen Moore, Iecn Clark, Iudy Nail, Ianice Stevens, Iudy Wright. Donna Wright. Row 4-Shirley Horner, Barbara McCurdy, Dorothy Watts, Iudy Miles, Iudy Edwards, Lois Meyer, Darlene Sauer, Linda Wegener, Ieanine Newland, Carol Dryden, Nan English. Row 5-Ioyce Sons. Sandra Scobee, Ann Spooner, Kona DeBoard, Glenda Cooper, Patty Harris, Betty Io Moore, Connie Loop, Shirley Adams, Iudy Foster, Mary Prine, Linda Poindexter. Row 6-Susie Cloughley, Mary Lou Bates, Mary Reynolds, Donna Harvey, Connie Matthews, Vicki Owen, Barbara Beals, Mary Anne Powell, Kittie Smih, Iudy Lockwood, Doris Blankenship, Carol Howard. 46 WW i Leach, Nancy ly Ien- Grace Black- purgin, in, Pat Sharon Iarolyn Wright. y Linda Glenda rghley, . Judy L, N Club Row 1-Phil Snowden, Secretary: Dave Bolsenga, President: Toe Cooper, Vice-President: Ierry Meyer, Sergeant-at-arms: Paul Bailey, Treasurer Row 2-Charles Homan, Ronnie Misner, Charles Ferry, Gary Flack, Dwight Bailey, Marshall Sherlock, Mel Roberson, Iim Iackson, Ierry Rule, Bob Hewlett ' Row 34Ierry White, Warren McNall, Mike Morrow, Tom Norris, Ray Henson, Dave Garrett, Wayne Daniel, Tim Ryan. Tom Parish, Ralph Clark, Iack Gibbens Row 4--Gerald Galloway, Doc Ienkins, Ed Conway, Don Sarver. Jim Neill, Larry Galloway, Gene Bruns, Curt Mathews, Raymond Bendure, Don Smith r Row 5-Bill Rogers, Don Elrod, David Schimanski, Ierry Proctor, Ken Carmichael, Carl Summers, Tim Bowman, Larry Reed, Conrad Schroeder, Skip Owen, Mike Hedrick How 6--Carroll Cheek, Bill Allen, Larry Holland, Melvin Hansen, Bob Haynes, Rex Fowler, Iim Gray, Ben Ralston, Roger Moffett, Tony Downing Row Row Row Row Buzz Staff 1-Carole Callaghan, Patsy Parrish, Emily Hall, Beverly Schroeder, Beverly Thompson, Linda Arnone Shirley Dick,'Iudy Winburn. Carol Newhard, Rosie Hczgg, Anne Dragen, Brenda Peterson Z.. 3-Helen Whitaker, Rosie Spruytte, Deanna Pennington, James Lamb, Bill Leonard, Ieanne McCartney, Ioann Rodenberg 4-Roger Morris, Gary Ganote, Rex Fowler, Tom Norris. Tim Ryan, T0111 Allen. B010 Hewlett. Tom LOVSJOY W f S fn fl , ,1 V , Q' ' , ,. 5, 3 fr: , ,, L 5' ' ff, 7 ' W ' , M J V ' " I , , . ,f M, , A , W X 31,41 my W f gm, , L iff 1 ' ' fx - ff ' N ' ,Z I 5, - if , 4 f . , . U f , ,bij l Q ' ' 4 We ' f f ' 77 9' r f . Ml, , , ' ' V , ,Q 5' W! ff ' 1 ' r ff ,W , ' 27,2 I v 'wi' 'WV' 09' , , I Row Hale. Row Row Row Ha Iud Row 1-Gene Voigis, Roger Morris, Miss Hale, Sharon Smith, Diane Black Bef Row 2-Nancy Hedlund, Carol Johnson, Marie Bugbee. Mary Ketchum, Iudy Winburn, Kay Lanto, Karin Hedlund Bel Row 3-Charles Erickson, Ken Wood, lack Hendrix, Marshall Odell, Bob Burke, Rex Fowler, Tim Ryan, Gary Flack E39 e Ho- Se Lo Ar Cc Bo mc M4 F11 Ar Io' G1 Rc Girls' Glee Club Row l-Miss Smith, Lucille Lair, Carolyn Uehling, Iudy Lowe, Nancy Hott, Frances Dick, Mary Ann Boggess, Ianice Roberson, Sheri Harper, Sharon McClure, Lois Heller, Shirley Williams, Iudy Hester, Carolyn Shaw, Loretta Uehling. Row 2-Iudy Deaver, Elaine Batty, Iudy Koenig, Linda Wegener, Barbara Gentry, Mary Iane Stephan, Ianey Mitchell, Carol Hansen, Ioyce Key, Frances Gillotte, Ioyce Beadling, Pat Iaynes, Betty Iohnson, Brenda Gibbs, Corrine Irons, Ruth Bryant. Row 3- Donna Brownfield, Brenda Mynatt, Ianice Young, Beulah Mynatt, Madelyn Olmedo, Carol Miller, Barbara Newby, Iudy Bagwell, Iudy Bagley, lane Murphy, Kay Lanto, Sue Stewart, leanie Fudge, Marie Bugbee, Linda Guyer, Estella Smith, Shirley Babbitt, Sharon Steele. Row 4- Suzanne Nielsen, Iudy Parker, Kona DeBoard, Carol Fritz, Pat Shryack, Iudy Humphreys, Bette Buchanan, Pat Stevens, Virginia Rowland, Elaine Burton, Ianet King, Iudy Hogue, Carolyn Iackson, Marjorie Williams, Eleanor Aubrey, Linda Iohnson, Iudy Swindell, Beverley Kretz. Modern Music Masters Seated-Robert Short, Martha Goodman, Millie Schroeder, Patty Acheson, Anita Stark, Miss Smith, Miss Warick, Mr. Neuhart. Row 1- Lorinda Neville, Sharon Lewis, Barbara Gentry, Dorothy Linneman, Ioyce Thomas, Carol Miller, Nancy Iackson, Beverly Darrah, Dee- Anna Dunkin, Ona Swearingen, Ann Dragen, Ioan Mudd, Iudy Stotts, Vermara Ottman, Ioyce Beadling. Row 2- Patsy Williams, Carolyn lackson, Patsy Parrish, Shirley Ballard, Virginia Watt, Lois Standley, Ianice Wilson, Marie Lintner, Carlene Elliott, Emily Hall, Barbara Newby, Rosemary Arnone, Nancy Casterline, Iudy Yeager, Rosemary Cross, Mary Io Ottman, Wanda Vick, Iacqueline Bate- man. Row 3-Mary Ketcham, Kathy Wayman, Phyllis Brown, Carol Newhard, Teresa Verderame, Linda Arnone, Ianice Andrews, Malisa Warmack, Martha Pritchard, Iudy Davis, Sue Seneker, IoAnn Loman, Martha Williams, Karol Whitaker, Dorothy McGowan, Frances Henry, Iackie Ann Scott, Karen Davis. Row 4-Arthur Ogilvie, Ioe Perkins, Robert Whaley, Herbert Havens, Bette Buchanan, Anita Smith, lean Marsh, Wanda Poage, Linda Foster, Sandy Heinz, Pat Logan, Ianet Clark, Ioyce Earls, Beverly Schroeder, Betty Smith, Ioann Rodenberg, David Warner, Harvey Hungate, Victor Neilsen, Bill Leonard. Row 5-Iack Gibbens, Iohn Younghanz, Bill Allen, Dennis Gray, Gary Thompson, Marvin Dixon, Iames Neill, Iames Harper, Dwight Grantham, Gene Voigts, Ronald Ellis, David Wilch, Tom Burke, Robert Elliott, Iames Wingo. . wr f ,. 2 in Q 4: 1 X f A 1 ' ' f I ,, , ,, . S 1 mc ' HZ, f ..Z!it a E E A EQ . A - A -' 50VYfffM - A Cappella Chow Row 1-Ioyce Thomas, Beverly Darrah Dee Dunkin, Iudy Yeager Iudy Nail, David Warner, David Wilch Bill Leonard, Tommy Fisher, Iimmy Lewis Charlene Quell, Sharon Lewis Nancy Casterline, Mr. Neuhart Row 2-Iudy Stotts, Betty Owens Nancy Iackson, Sue Acheson, Anne Dragen Millie Schroeder Linda Bourn, Charles Terry, Harvey Hungate, Victor Nielson Tom Burke Bob Elliott, Mary Lunn Ona Sweanngen, Lila Evans Rita Iohnson Row 3 Virginia Watt Ianlce Andrews Ann Ienkms Frances Henry Ioy Walk r Martha Williams Iudy Davis Sue Seneker Iohn Younghanz Steve Pate David Green Herbert Havens Kenny Bird Allen Hurlbut Iackie Scott Karen Davis Brenda Ymglmg Wanda Vick hardt, Bill Chastain Bob Scott, Bill Young Ierry Carr, Bob Short, Iimmy Wingo B111 Snyder, IoAnn Rodenberg Dorothy Kistner Ioann Loman Vermara Ottman Row 5 Pat Willlams, Patty Logan, Phyllis Brown Donna Mehner Emily Hall, Pat Stewart, Carol Whittaker Donald Lake Iohn Brunner, Iames Neill Iames Harper, Bill Allen Floyd Underwood. Demi-IS Gray. Dwight GrCiI1thGm lack Rumi! AIIC9 Dflhlbefq. lean "'t 'kai' "If" MP' Q K . X V 1 l .1 . . I :tr f ' , ' , I r f Row 4-Lorinda Neville, Rosie Cross, Gwendolyn Cloud, Pat Acheson, Iackie Bateman, Evelyn Borden, Virginia Bain, Ralph Ehr- ,L ' ' ' , ,., , :Pg Marsh, Dorothy McGowan, Ioyce Bell, Kathy Wayman , I ' 1 1.3: 'VA'v' -1 37: ' Madrigals Row 1--Lorinda Neville, Patty Acheson, Sue Seneker, Anne Dragen, Vem-iam Ottman, W'qndq,Vick1, Judy Davis, Ioann Loman Bow 2-David Wilch, Iohn Younghanz, Harvey, Hungate, lim Neill, Bob Short, Victor Nielson, Iirn Wingo, Bill Leonard, Mr. Neuhart Cl Rc Ie Io Ia G V: Ri Iu M Vt D 114 P1 B: Bt Ic D M S, 1V IV A lc S DY ,ey zer, ng. Ihr- ter, Jhn BCH Fl 1 'ef novt' Clarinets Roger Arbuckle Ierry Brown lohn Burke lanet Clark Gwyndolin Cloud Virginia Colby Richard Coleman ludy Davis Marvin Dixon William Glick David Iennings Patricia Looman .Bill Loop Barbara Manahan lanet McNutt Dee Ann, Neidermann Mary Io Ottman Sieve Pate Marvin Pemberton Mary Prine Anita Smith ltticquline Stevens Sharon Turner Trumpets Larry Adams lack Black Fred King Scott Merritt Mike Pigler David Schirnanski Charles Stackhouse David St. Iohn Leslie Tucker David Wilch Gary Williams Flutes Martha Goodman Betty Owens Wanda Poage Trombones Raymond Aqer arching Band Shirley Dick Art Oqilvie Ioe Perkins Kenneth Stock Ianice Wilson Baritones Gary Thompson Paul Bailey Tenor Saxophones Don O'Rei1ly Iim Pate Don Wilson Alto Saxophones Kenneth Carmichael Dwight Grantham lack McCale Anita Stark Gary Stubbs Burnell Toombs Kent McCall Bob Iuenqlinq Sousaphones Keith Dickerson Terry Fry Wayne Hart Marty McGowan Bob Whaley French Horns Nancy lackson . Marie Lintner Ronald Sieqrist Snare Drums Stuart Bowers Bobby Landis Lois Standly lim Wingo Gene Voights Bass Drums Roger McQuate Robert Scott Cymbals Kathy Sowder William Long Bells Patsy Williams Twirlers Ioan Breid Iudy Edwards Nancy Freed Linda Foster Maxine Knick Betty Io Moore Assistant Drum ferry Gill Drum Major Carlene Elliott Direftoi' Nouhart Major 0 ,lm 5 0 p O -V I 'Win Clarinets Roger Arbuckle Ierry Brown Iohn Burke Gwyndolin Cloud Richard Colem-vw Marvin Dixon William Glick David Iennings Patricia Looman Bill Loop Barbara Manahan Janet McNutt Dee Ann Neidermann Mary Io Ottman Steve Pate Marvin Pemberton Mary Prine , Anita Smith lacquline Stevens Sharon Turner Nancy Freed Carlene Elliott Flutes Charmaine Cole Barbara McCurdy Ianet Ross Connie Loop Clarinets Bill Chandler Grace Richardson ludy Forbis Evelyn McQuerry Ianet Williams Bradley Dibben Band Concert Trumpets Larry Adams lack Black Fred King Scott Merritt Mike Pigler David Schimanski Charles Stackhouse David St. Iohn Leslie Tucker David Wilch Gary Williams Flutes Iudy Edwards Linda Foster Maifha Goodman Betty Owens Wanda Poage Gary Sieqrist Carol Ward George Turner Charles Rose Trumpets Don Pyle Mike Kirkpatrick Iarvis Petitt Ioe Patrick Tom Eagle Stanley St. Iohn Iackie Witte Alvin Kellner Trombones Raymond Ager Shirley Dick Art Ogilvie Ioe Perkins Kenneth Stock Ianice Wilson Baritones Paul Bailey Gary Thompson Tenor Saxophones Ierry Gill Don O'Reilly Iim Pate Don Wilson BB Iack Lewis Bill Graves left Bowmaster Dick Shearer Bob Roush Ray Perry Ierry Walters Bill Buck Ronnie Piatt Daniel Lawrence Rolly Reeb Norman Martin Larry Thomas Dick Hunt Alto Saxophones Kenneth Carmichael Dwight Grantham Iack McCale Anita Stark Gary Stubbs Burnell Toombs Bob luengling Baritone Saxophones Kent McCall Sousaphones Keith Dickerson Terry Fry Wayne Hart Marty McGowan Bob Whaley and Trombones Steven Foster Floyd Crownhart Ronald Compton Larry Cory Ianet Morris David Bollinger Alto Saxophones Ianet Long Barbara Devine Iimmy Wrigley French Horns Nancy Iackson Marie Lintner Ronald Siegrist Bassoon William Long Bass Clarinet Iudy Davis Alto Clarinet Virginia Colby Snare Drums Stuart Bowers Tenor Saxophones Don Henderson French Horns George Black Thomas Elmore Alto Horn ludy Scott Bobby Landis Lois Standly Iim Wingo Gene Voights Bass Drums Roger McQuate Robert Scott Bells Patsy Williams Oboes Ianet Clark Kathy Sowder Director Mr. Neuhart Bells Mikevlohnson Drums Dickie Eaton Marion Anderson Director Mr. Clouse fp 538' was , F3 M l S. BMJ Sgr 351941 Jiitlilt ,rgggg ,HERB - git!! fs BM Flutes Wanda Poage Betty Owens Martha Goodman Linda Foster Clarinets Roger Arbuckle Steve Pate Nancy Freed Iohn Burke Ierry Brown Carlene Elliott Anita Smith Richard Coleman Bill Loop Violins Iacquelyn Bateman Rodney Dakon Ioyce Davis Melvin Dixon Mark Fisher loan Formby Pauline Franklin Francis Grenens Pat Hennessy loyce Irwin Glee Iohnston David Kelton Bobby Kincaid Patricia Logan Gwyndolin Cloud 'Al my i mia J 3 rw ? VF V PW mv vw PZ N331 , gina? J " RQND lgfili 5935 919115 Bang? gl F Q59 ta HZ' 'fi DeeAnne Neidermann Marvin Dixon Pat Looman Saxophones Burnell Toombs Anita Stark Kenny Cannichael Gary Stubbs French Horns Marie Lintner Nancy Iackson Sharon Lohnes Glen Ray Lotz Sharon Lunn Norma McDowell Ieanine Newland Ronald Oglesbee Iudy Porter Martha Pritchard Virginia Rowland Wayne Wormsley Gwendolyn Yates Mary Agnes Yates Violas Kay Borden 1 Pep Band Trumpets Scott Merritt Leslie Tucker David Wilch Charles Stackhouse David Schimanski Basses Bob Whaley Marty McGowan Tex Fry Tenor Saxophones lim Pate Don O'Reilly Ierry Gill Trombones Ioe Perkins Shirley Dick Art Ogilvie Ianice Wilson Baritone Gary Thompson Oboes Ianet Clark Orchestra Yvonne Frazier Trombones Ierry Rule Shirley Dick Trumpet Leslie Tucker Dug Marker Billy Allen Cellos Iack Davis Larry La Clair Iack Woods Flutes Martha Lownran Betty Owens String Bass David Naylar Kathy Sowder Alto Clarinet Virginia Colby Bass Clarinet Iudy Davis Snare Drums Lois Standley Bobby Landis Gene Voigts Tom Williams Horn Malisa Warmack Clarinet Iohn Burke Oboe Ianet Clark Bass Drum Robert Scott Bells Patsy Williams Tympani lim Wingo Barityone Saxophone Kent McCall Drums Lynn Baily Kenneth Logan Tuba Tex Fry Alto Saxophone Kent McCall v 1 J 0 "HM X .y., T , 2 Q 5 E 5 5 z, Z Y Swing Band i Shirley Dick, Ioe Perkins, Art Ogilvie, Virginia Watt, Stewart Bowers, David Naylor, Mr. Clouse, Kent McCall, Kenny Carmichael, Anita Stark, Burnell Toombs, Bill Loop, Don O'Reilly, Iim Pate, Charles Stackhouse, Leslie Tucker, Scott Merritt, Mike Iohnson The Swing Band proved especially popular with the "After the game" fans during both football and basketball season. 112 HW-X EU? UUI7 mx - my wp fr gg Q Row Row Row Row Row Nr Football Head Coach A1 Conway confers with the other members of the football coaching staff: Art Pfaff, "B" Squad Coach: Bill Langley, Freshman Coach: Francis Galbraith, Freshman Coach: and Don Kumpy, Varsity Coach. " t" Squad Tony Downing, Tom Parrish, Marshall Sherlock, Ierry White, Ioe Cooper, Don Smith, Mike Hedrick, lim Iackson -Ralph Clark, Mike Morrow, Russell Stupps, Ronnie Misner, Conrad Schroeder, Ben Fegan, Gary Flack, Ierry Price. Ierry Rule ' -David Schimanski, Paul Bailey, Carroll Cheek, Larry Reed, Benny Ralston, Larry Holland, Raymond Bendure, Dwight Bailey, Ierry Meyer, Carl Summers -Mr. Kumpy. Roger Henderson, lim Neil, Gerald Galloway, David Bolsenga, Wayne Daniel, Tom Norris, Roger Moffett, Donald Elrod, Ronnie Melton, Mr. Conway Ronnie Henderson, Larry Olsen, Phil Snowden, Roger Blomquist, Ed Conway, Mel Hansen, Richard Ienkins, Larry Gallo- WCKY. Bob HGYDGS. Bill Allen, Gene Bruns, Tim Ryan l HAQQO' -. I' s 1 . if 1 t w l P P l' P V I ' P 1 0 F If Ierry Wight lofiett, Ballo- CC D Row l-Mr. Piatt, Don Simons, Earl Gibbs, lim Aiken, Richard Schmidt, Don Lake, Bob Elliott, Charles Murdock Row 2-Roy Palmer, Ierry Piepmeire, Dick Shaw, lim Colt, Bruce Roberson, Bob Wise, Iim Moore, Don Henderson Row 3-Ion Skaug, lerry Hancock, Tom Collins, Mike Piegler, Iohn Stone, Charles Ferry, Milton Ladd, Louis Mylar, Glen Meyer Row 4-Tim Bowman, Robert Berry, Elvin Bashem, Iohn Linder, Bill Chastain, Larry Mills, Iohn Beller, Raymond Aqer, Bob Riggle, Richard Pagach Row 5-Bill Hendersoni Larry Phillips, Bill Kelso, Iim Iustus, Marshall O'Dell, Bill Sanders, Ion Hubbard, Mike Ironsmith, Iim Tuttle, Bill Clements, Earl Carson. Freshman Squad Row 1-Bob Bradley, Charles Parker, Larry Shyrock, Ross Anderson, Gary Fuller, Iimmy Keyes, Wayne Loar, Pat Pennington Row 2-Bill Buck, Richard Ager, David Bollinger, David Kelton, Dick Shearer, Iohnny Huqhes, lim Lehman, Robert Darrah, Ronnie Fellows, Harold Laber, Ronnie Petree Row 3-Steve Crain, Kenneth Brand, Hobart Mason, Kenneth Pagach, Wayne Bruington, Ioe Boothman, Roy Dickey, Tom Willman, Iimmy Cline, Ron Beard, Ken Burton, Karyl Morrow Row 4--Melvin Haines, Ierry Britain, Larry Ionas, Frank Peak, Larry Weakley, Phil Hayes, Brian Hobson, Gary McCrite, Iimmy Laudon, Iohn Brown, lack Pitzer, lerry Lee, Mike Kirkpatrick Row 5-Coach Galbraith, Dori Henderson, Harold Wilson, Ted Mclntosh, Ronald Piatt, Donnie Pyle. lay Anderson, Ronald Bean. Keith Erxsley, Gary Leatherwood, Robert Popalisky, Carson Black, Mike Blessing, and Mr. Langley 'Q his iwww 1 l'1!ffl2fi' Football Lettefrmen I . - - '- ,.w"2li.v.1 415: 'LW 'v 'nf' ' . ' I A r ei X ' 4530 l ,,4-Amit Hw3gh,,,,..t.. Y . ' if f,gj'1t ' ',0N.!'Q,N,, jd A . f' ' ' ' mf W -, r,Q,.wf . , - fl ,, - at we ,f , ,rt 0 ff ZZ,g ,,fqf7fs3gQ,Qy45 W5 - , , ,M fi 4 Z Q ?i.!aE,:Z ' 1. "Mft "V , V Xmas-if W4 Phil Snowden Dave Bolsenga Senior Senior Quarterback End A11-conference All-conference All-district All-Slate All-state All-district High School All-American CO-Captain Co-Captain Northtown 24, Liberty 0 On September 9, the Hornets took the field with 17 returning lettermen who kept Hornet tradition alive by drubbing Liberty's Bluejays. Highlight of the game came when Ioe Cooper intercepted a pass and went 45 yards for the TD. Other touchdowns were scored by Don Smith, Larry Reed, and Carroll Cheek on short plunges, late in the game. Ed Conw'ay Wayne Daniel Senior Senior End Guard All-conference All-conference All-district All-district Paul Baile Tim R an t Senior Y Seniory Lmfy Gal Tackle Tackle Senior All-conference All-conference Tackle All-district All-district All-state Co-Captain O Northtovnm 7, Southeast 0 home, The Hornets' second victory of the long season net it came in an extremely tight game on the Knights' qgggec home field, September 16. The rough NKC forward End 3' line threw their opponents for consistent losses Home resulting in a minus 35 yards rushing total for the len , Knights. The only tally of the game came in the throzlc fourth quarter when, after a prolonged drive, Hornet Ierry White plunged over from the one yard line. u I AH Dwight Bailey Ioe Cooper 5eI1iOI Senior Guard Hallback All-conference All-district Football Lettermen A A - f .W l ud,,,y.,,,w - yan P aference atrict season Knights' forward losses for the l in the , Hornet :rd line. Q", Larry Galloway Benny Feqan Senior Senior Tackle End Northtown 45, DeLaSal1e 20 On September 23, the Hornets were again at home, this time against a fast DeLaSa1le crew. Hor- net offensive power began to show when Hornet quarterback, Phil Snowden, scored one TD and passed for three more: two to Mike Hedrick for 33 and 30 yards and one to Bob Haynes for 18. Other Hornet markers were by Haynes, who ran 65 yards: Ierry White: and Don Smith. Gene Bruns's toe came through with three conversions. ,V , , 5 , A. ff ff ' ' may f Gene Bruns Ronnie Melton Senior Senior Extra Point Specialist Tackle Northtown 20, Sedalia 6 The Hornets' fourth victory, September 30, was won after a close first half which saw the score stand at 7 to 6 at the end of 24 minutes. Bob Haynes went for 10 yards for the only Purple and Gold tally in the first half. The Hornet Eleven came to life in the fourth quarter with Ierry White scoring from 21 yards out and Mike Hedrick going over on a short plunge after a fumble recovery by guard Wayne Daniel. The game marked the first Sedalia loss of the season. ICOOPGI' Don Elrod Tony Downing Raymond Bendure lOl' Senior Senior Senior back Tackle Hqlfback Center All-conference 1 17 Football Letterman Larry Holland Melvin Hansen Senior Senior Haltback End Northtown 13. Chrisman 0 On October 7, the Championship-bound Hornets played their first conference game on the Baytown field against their arch rival William Chrisman. The NKC defensive team was the stand-out during the tiff which was very close until Mike Hedrick Went over from 3 yards out. lVIike's tally was the result of fine team-work in a long drive. The Hornets iced the cake when Phil Snowden intercepted a pass and scored after a concerted push by the Hornets. Ierry Meyer Senior Senior Haltback End Richard Ienkins Northtown 42, Benton 0 Homecoming night, October 14, saw the Hornets win their second conference victory by a thorough routing ot the Benton Cardinals. Carroll Cheek and Ierry White captured scoring honors with two touch- downs each and Bon Misner got into the picture by scoring one touchdown and throwing to White for another. Also, Bill Allen intercepted a pass and scored another six-pointer. Front and center, Gene Bruns again showed the power behind his toe as he kicked all six extra points. 4 11 lv lu Q 5, 1 Conrad Iunior Haltbacl C 7th sti ton. I Snow 50 ya way c were tion, l a pas the til too hl were durinf penal safety , 1 ff "'t'-limi. 'Q974 Mike Morrow Gerald Galloway Tom Norris Tom Parish BGHPY 1 Senior Senior Senior Senior ifmlor End Guard Tackle Halfback 'mud 118 ld Ienkins lornets Jrough ek and touch- ure by rite for as and , Gene e as he Football Letterman ' 4 M4153 W Conrad Schroeder Carroll Cheek Iunior Iunior Haliback Fullback Northtown 55. Wentworth 0 October 21, the Purple and Gold picked up their 7th straight victory by racking Wentworth at Lexing- ton. During the first half, Hornet quarterback, Phil Snowden, engineered three six-pointers as he passed 50 yards to Dave Bolsenga and 9 yards to Ed Con- way and then ran 33 yards for the third. Other scores were registered by Tom Parish on a pass intercept- tion, Bob Haynes, Ierry White and Mike Hedrick on a pass from Ron Misner. Coach Al Conway ordered the first team to dress at the half in order to prevent too high a score against the hapless Dragons who were able to penetrate into Hornet territory only once during the entire tiff and that was with the aid of a penalty. The Hornets also collected 2 points on a safety. A fx? 'x3Sim Marshall Sherlock Bill Allen Iunior Iunior Guard End Northtown 47, Lafayette 6 Lafayette became the first team to score on the Hornets in conference play when on October 28, at St. Ioseph, Shamrock Bob Reynolds broke into the open and scampered S0 yards for the TD. In spite of this score, the game was easy for the championship- bound Hornets. Ron Misner took over as quarterback in the absence of Phil Snowden and scored,one touchdown and then passed to Ed Conway for another. Highlight of the Hornet touchdown parade came when guard Wayne Daniel blocked a punt on the 25 and took it to score. Other tallies made were by Don Smith, Mike Hedrick, Ierry White, and Carroll Cheek. I Benny Ralston Gary Flack Bob HaYneS Ronnie Misnef t Parish Iunim Iunior Junior Iumor ior , Mmd Guard fullback Quarterback tback 119 Football Lettermen gen? White 1:-UYYY Reed Roger Moffett umor unior junior Halfback Fullback Hqlfbqck Northtown 39. Central 13 November 4 marked season victory number nine and, in two seasons, conference victory number ten and two undefeated conference championships for the Hornets. Carroll Cheek was a standout for the Purple and Gold crew as he scored three touch- downs. Phil Snowden initiated two more Hornet six- pointers as he threw touchdown passes to Mike Hedrick and Dave Bolsenga for 30 yards each. Ierry White added the other Hornet score. Especially notic- able in this encounter was the rough line play on the part of the Hornets: tackle Tim Ryan recovered two fumbles. Qs' Northtown 34. Baytown 7 At Baytown, November 11, 9,000 screaming fans watched NKC gain sweet revenge over the Baytown Bluejays who until this time had never been beaten by the Hornets. This rout gave the Hornets an unde- feated 10 game season and the mythical state championship. Carroll Cheek and Mike Hedrick scored during the hard fought first half and the score stood at only 13 to 7 at the end of the second stanza. But the inspired Hornets burst into life in the last quarter with Cheek and Don Smith going over for two and Dave Bolsenga intercepting a pass and racking up the final tally. Toe artist, Gene Bruns, missed onlv the first of his five conversion attempts. The jubiliant, undefeated, Hornets triumphantly carried their coaches off the field on their shoulders when the final gun sounded. Do? Smith limmY Neill Mike Hedrick tumor ll1f1iOf Iunior HCIlfbCIClC Tackle Hulfback 120 X Z ruzzfk r Moffett Lheek and Snowden lead a swarm ing horde of stinging Hornets onto the field in search of a conference championship. ores on The Games r aack rg fans :tytown beaten 1 unde- l state -Iedrick e score stanza. he last ,ver for ss and Bruns, tempts. phantly oulders "f ,-Q,Z'f""M who W , vu' f f, ' ,wrt ML? .. . , -f ,, ,, Q ff.w'.gwgf1 14. X W..,,.5,, K. It X. f 6 Qwfjmf' S yjwliffff' A , e,,, H . Q59 if ' e hMgUf,wwM!v. - Hedrick 11 back It it's baseball, he's out! A Hornet Half heads for home. Trompln Tlm makes for that p1gsk1n in a DeLaSalle encounter. '-IE '23 M .A -N .zu -,..,,,2q1:....q.,' 1- T., .7-,gf...--..,'.. .,. ...- v ,-, . .-, Y ,YA,fv ,g-nw,-,gg JV VY., f f V 4 A 3 is ' 5217 ,- Nort NORTHTOWN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE hto 48 47 46 73 62 50 68 51 61 60 85 Wh 1955 - 1956 K C. Central Shawnee Mission NKC Tourney Baytown Rockhurst Pembroke . Pembroke Lafayette Chrisman Lee's Summit Tourney Lexington Lee's Summit Butler Opponent 30 71 31 59 74 81 31 45 44 53 68 Wyandotte Benton Central Northeast Wentworth Benton Clinton Tourney Clinton Chrisman Sedalia Wentworth Chrisman Lafayette Baytown Central Southeast aww, V 'I--I Bas etb all The Basketball coaching staff: Don Kumpy. Freshman Team: Art Pfafi, B Team: and Clark Ferguson, Varsity team. Varsity Row 1-Alcm Hurlbut, Gene Bruns, David Bolsenga, Larry Holland, Bill Rogers, Ronnie Misner. Ed Conway Row 2-Mike Morrow, Mel Hansen, Roger Blomquist, Don Sarver, Ronnie Henderson, Phil Snowden, Larry Olsen A A n-1 'ls-Y' 'WEN X. U 'YV ,lui Q Team Row 1 Iohn Beller Ion Hubbard Ion Skaug B111 Allen Don Reeder B111 Kaley Roger Henderson Row 2 Kent McCall Don Henderson Ierry Hancock Ilm Iackson Harvey Hungate Conrad Schroeder Bob Campbell MD 0 YY! I1 'YI I 0f14fYi F x..,1 V Games Summaries and Letterman Northtown 48, K C Central 30-November 29 The Hornets opened the season by downing highly rated Central with Phil Snowden's 20 and Don Sarver's 12 points leading the scoring parade. A cold Eagle second half aided the NKC victory. Northtown 47, Shawnee Mission 71-December 2 North Kansas City lost its second encounter of the season to a sharp-shooting Shawnee Mission crew. Ed Conway and Dave Bolsenga each tallied ll points to pace the Hornets. Phil Snowden Senior David Bolsenga Senior NKC TOURNEY Northtown 46, Raytown 31--December 5 After a low-scoring first quarter, the Hornets moved out to defeat the Bluejays. Superior height was an asset to the Purple and Gold. Phil Snowden dropped in 17 for scoring honors. 1 Northtown 73, Rockhurst 59--December 8 The Hornets gained their finals berth by out-lasting the Rockhurst Hawklets. The lead changed hands six times during the close first quarter before the hometown crew found their range and pulled away. Don Sarver led the pack with 24 points. Larry Holland Senior Northtown 62, Pembroke 74 December 9 Undefeated Pem-day proved too much for the once-beaten Hornets. A late scoring surge by the Hornets was insufficient to bridge the gap. High scorers for the Homets were Don Sarver with 25 and Phil Snowden with 16. Northtown 50, Pembroke 81-December 13 After a very close first half, Northtown lost their spark. Bryant Barnes hitting 27 points and controlling the backboards proved the difference. Northtown 68. Lafayette 31-December 16 Rugged defense by the Purple and Gold overpowered a hapless Shamrock crew and enabled the Hornets to post a victory in their first conference start. Limiting the Shamrocks to l point in the second stanza, gave the Hornets a 35-10 halftime lead. Don,Sarver hit 21 points to lead the victors. e Bluejays. pped in 17 Hawklets. hometown 24 points. 33 ,YKW me Don Sarver Iunior Northtown 51, Chrisrncm 45 December 20 Staving off a desperate Chrisrnan fourth quarter rally, NKC pulled through then second conference Win of the season. Snowden and Sarver paced the Hornets with 21 and 18 respectively. Bill Rogers junior E Iohn Younghcmz Senior Lees Summit Tourney Northtown 61, Lexington 44 December 27 The Northtown aggregation gained a semi-final berth by downing the Minute- rnen with a hot second half. Sparking the Hornets was Phil Snowden with 17 points. Northtown 60, Lee's Summit 53 December 29 Lee's Summit's first defeat came at the hands of the Hornets as NKC reached the finals with a 60 to 53 verdict on the losers' court. Dave Bolsenga, Phil Snowden, and Don Sarver paced the victors. Northtown 85, Butler 66 December 30 NKC swept the finals of the tournament and set a new scoring record in upsetting highly favored Butler. Fine teamwork and all-round scoring dumped Butler. Snow- den's 27 and Sarver's 19 again led the scoring. Northtown 55, Wyandotte 75-Ianuary 3 A slow first half defeated the Hornets as Donaahue and Comley controlled both backboards. An inspired Hornet bid which saw the Purple and Gold out-score the Bulldogs 40 - 30 in the second half failed to close the gap. Northtown 65, Benton 67-Ianuary 6 The first conference loss came at the hands of the Benton Cardinals as the Hornets journeyed to St. Ioseph. The upset-minded Cardinals showed excellent shooting during the last half and a basket in the last 5 seconds was the scant margin of victory. Top point man for the Hornets was Phil Snowden with 26. scorer, this time with 27. Ron Henderson Iunior Northtown 55, Northeast 66-Ianuary 17 A fighting fourth quarter rally failed to overtake a powerful Northeast five led by Iim Hoffman, who scored 29 points. While Don Sarver made a fine showing with 26 points, the Hornets were too late to catch the Interscholastic Loop Champions. Northtown 65, Benton 41--Ianuary 27 A well-balanced NKC attack with brilliant ball control showed the superior strength of the first place Hornets. Snowden jammed in 22 points to be top man for the Purple and Gold. , Northtown 61, Wentworth 47-Ianuary Z0 Sparkling defense on the part of the Hornets led by Ed Conway enabled the Ferguson charges to grab the lead in the tight Pony Express Conference race. Bill Rogers also came to the front with impressive passing and shooting. Ed Conway 12 8 Senior Ron Misner Junior Northtown 70, Central 50-Ianuary 13 The Indians, faced with Hornet power, faded quickly in the second half as NKC picked up another circuit win. Ron Henderson, up from the B squad for his first varsity encounter, scored 14 points and rebounded well. Snowden was again high Gene Bruns i Senior Clinton Tourney tall as Northtown 83. Clinton 65 February 1 A decisive victory over host Clinton gave the Hornets their first win in the Clinton Tourna- ment. A new school scoring record was estab- lished by Phil Snowden who meshed 35 points. Northtown 58, Chrisman 57 February 3 Northtown, using well balanced attack, gave Chrisman a 58-57 setback. Roger Blom- quist's jump-shot in the last five seconds was the victory margin, after the Bears had posses- sion of a 9 point lead at the half. Northtown 71, Sedalia 72 February 4 A tough Sedalia crew bumped NKC in the finals of the Clinton tourney. Sedalia capital- ized upon the fact that NKC's starting tive ac- quired early fouls. Bon Henderson was high for the Purple and Gold with 18 points. Melvin Hansen Senior Northtown 70, Wentworth 43 February 10 After a slow first quarter, the Hornets caught fire to increase their prestige in the Pony League race. Well-rounded scoring by the Hornet aggregation proved the margin of victory. The three- pronged attack of Henderson, Sarver, and Snowden accounted for 51 points. Northtown 76. Chrisman 64 February 14 The Hornets assured themselves of at least a tie for conference laurels with an impressive victory over their tradi- tional rivals from Independence. The Purple and Gold continually had to stave off determined Bear bids until they finally moved away in the third period. Phil Snowden led the Hornet attack with 26 points. Northtown 48, Lafayette 29 l February 17 Led by Phil Snowden, who set a new season scoring mark with 6 games remaining on the schedule, the Hornets won the conference title with an easy victory over a cold Shamrock quintet. This gave the Purple and Gold the distinction of being the first team to share or win the conference basketball Sv X Bm Kelso crown for three successive years. qt U7 56189565 My Sophomore lf V 1150! 'J l uf , f QV --Q Ky 2 G fpf' ,CL P'9Lf'JfQ f .fy 4 . 'I I Northtovyn 54, Baytown 40 fllg, ggggwyf ebruary 21 ,ff A MJD QLUMMAQL Raytown's stalling tactics held the Hornets to up the difference, the o e ' ta k wentvinto high a 6 point lead at the end of three stanzas. But when gear. The scoring com in '6fiM3l!6tlfkederson, Sar- the Bluejays opened up the gave in an effort to make ver, and Snowden produce a tota - Q O Northtown 62, Central 32 Northtown 71, 1 February 24 Southeki 212mg The champion Hor- F YUGIY 28 Y N nets finished their league season with a decisive tri- umph over the Indians from St. Ioseph. The vic- tory, which gave the Pur- ple and Gold a 9-l con- ference record, Was mark- ed by fine teamwork. Four Northtowners, Dave Bol- senga, Ron Henderson, Don Sarver, and Phil Snowden scored in the double figures. 130 r t height and dep reel Y, jrciding fact rs the . 'nights court. The Gig ts gain- ed l oint e d times Tn the third stanzas, while 3 points was the largest gap the Hornets could manu- facture until NKC pulled away in the fourth quarter. Bolsenga, Henderson, Sar- ver, and Snowden again scored in the double digits. n LY 26 .Qcumgf WMKQL high , Sar- 0 uthe 2 WW f' TXYTX I Ufijxfi HHH - - DDD ii .33-4 L, Q3 cjgiht and Q iciding ' ' hts a mg g ts gain- K ima: ' while 3 argest gap uld manu- KC pulled 'th quarter. erson, Sar- den again uble digits. X The home economics classes are among the 44 curricular offerings that are available to- students at North Kansas City High. Here, one of these classes samples its collective effort at cooking. This class is very popular among those students who consider hornemaking an art. Too, those who get up too late for breakfast also like to enroll. Two seamstresses are pictured at the right in some degree of puzzlement as they attend to stubborn sewing ma- chines. Could it be that someone pulled the plugs? Seriously, this department is one of the many in the Practical Art field that consistently turn out adept students. X f 2 Q 5 3? t Q A 1 fm In the Fine Arts field English is offered to students all four years, three years being the requirement. Here We see a group in a sophomore English class preparing a one-act play for presentation the next day before the whole class. It must be humorous because Glenn Meyer just doesn't laugh at every- thing . . . or does he? 8 bf x r, Another group of students prepare an experiment in their biology class, one of the many in the science department here. Iudging from the intent expressions, they are probably on the verge of discovering a new form of matter . . . grey matter! 34 i The girls play too . . . basketball in this instance. lVlrs. Howard, Miss Iones, and Mrs. Platt keep their tig- ures trim by trying to keep up with all of these young athletically- inclined females. The physical education depart- ment keeps three gyms jumping every hour of the day as this re- quired course for all freshmen and sophomores helps the students build muscles and get their daily amount of exercise. To the left we see a real work-out on the parallel bars. Okay, fella, we know you can stand on your head: now do it without holding On! This n curricu volves Spanis specifi pass t you bf of the right c Rosier to ant pie . . becon good t ' ' 1--v ' 'Q'--.x.-. -aff:-' ' - 1: c.. -'-rbi,-7 'J :r "P"'F"f"'Q'f91'!?o5':'."' f""' ""' ' . . , ,. . , I ' i W art- ing re- and +uilcl ount real kay, ll on ding f , - - mr- if A new mural is begun for the Stinger as the art classes get a practical work-out. This may not look too curricular, but it in- volves a class . . . Spanish, to be more specific. Once you pass the requirements you become a member of the Club. To the right can be seen Darlie Ftosier helping herself to mrfother' piece of . and thereby oafwffufta Cf member in 1 "i3'lCllI'1Q4. TZ 5 ' w 1 i 135 Besides the many other courses in music, commercial subjects, history, math, French, Driver Training, and all the others, the shop courses at- tract a good many young Hornets . . . especially those who plan on careers which will entail some know- ledge in this area. So under the sta- dium, almost any hour, can be seen scenes such as these. That is Mr. Welch at the right helping someone with a problem in drafting. Wood- working, metal work, girls' mechan- ics, and other related courses are taught here. wwf' xg 1, , R, fill 731 wi: 6' W1 UUI7 --- UU A ' U T ws , Junior Play Richard Booker, Lorinda Neville, and Shyla Soderstrom in a tense scene from the 13 act murder mystery presented by the Iuniors in October as their major fund-raising project for the year. It was directed by Mr. Leimkuhler. "HOME SWEET HOMICIDE" Cast: Marian Carstairs ,, B lOyCe ECI1'lS Archie ,,,,,,,,,rA,rrA,,,,,,,r,rrro Richard Booker April ,rr.r,,,,,AA,, ,,,c,,c S hyla Soderstrom Dinah ,,.,.,r,c ,,,,,, ,,c,,,r, L o rinda Neville Polly Walker ,,.,,cc,,,.,,, Sue Carol Brown Wallie Sanford ...., lVlrs. Cherington ..... Mr. Cherington ..,.,.., Rupert Van Deusen Frankie Riley ......c... Bill Smith ,,,..,..,..., Sergeant O'Hare ..... Pete ..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, ' loella .......,...., Flashlight ........ Slukey ...,...,.. Wendy ...... .. Mag ......., ...,. Ioe ....... Betsy .,.... .. Dennis Gray Marie Lintner Bruce Henry lohn Brunner Ierry Brown Bob Burke Bill Lewis Bill Rogers Ioyce Bell Mickey Reuck Kenny Bird Barbara Newby Etta lean Farmer Mel Roberson Margaret Stuart -fm'-'mfsws'--s 1 N X l f,.,..,.,r,, ,,,. . 2 4 i Q . 5 ,, ., Ns x , Q gf .t v . On stage everybody! ' ' x .... . 5-flg gr yri' -:If -:ire -Q X73 S X M WW f X s ir, 533 ,, 2551 .t 4 k,., if ,, ' Hr ,,J' Ha Plea. for tl was Arm Five l l r l T thei the Ai a cc loan dant on tl Earls ooker strom eville Brown Gray intner rfenry unner 3rown Burke Lewis logers le Bell Reuck y Bird Iewby 'armer berson Stuart W , Z f , sw -at 5 it .. . -vas? . Y f X li wa Homecoming 1955 Homecoming day dawned bright and clear and the happy Hornets assembled for the big parade. One of the first stops was the busy, busy intersection of Armour and Swift where the Flippin' Five did a few tricks for the local gentry. Those Pep Squadteers who forgot their scarves were pretty definitely in the majority, but they paraded anyway. The band played too, fifty million strong, and the taxpayers got a chance to hear what them kids down at that there high school had been learin'. And the firebugs in town had a field day as the football fanciers hopped aboard the local hook-and-ladder vehi- cle and followed a few flames of their own. Incidently, that's Don Smith on the shoulders of the fireman next to the driver. Show off! -W.. ..-W..r,, W, f W-Y, ff, Sand every car salesman in town took f :coffee break as their products were fit "ic fnflsfd. out to the various queen atten- nts and their shaky chauffeurs. Eyes l'Uf,Ifil, fellersl 140 kr :Ji Meanwhile back at the ranch . . . eh . . . stadium . . . after the parade came to a screeching halt with a few busted bumpers, the annual assembly was presented with the coaches receiving whole rabbits instead of the usual left hind foot. Needless to say, this caused quite a stir, especially with the coaches! However, the skit was performed without too much unrest among the natives, and the final fifteen stood at E attention as Charles Erickson pulled names from the pumpkin. Amid screams, faints, whistles, yells, and teardrops, the final fifteen narrowed down to the final five: Iudy Hayes, Iudy Yeager, Carlene Elliott, Wanda Bishop, and Betty Smith. Iudy Hayes, so excited at being one of the five, starts a rousing game of peek-a-boo as Harrington, Will- iams, Elliott, Schroeder, and Luskow applaud her performance. And Charles Broomfield, Heap Big Student Council Chief, helps the Fair Five, as we shall refer to them hereafter, in distributing the good luck charms to the football fellows. CWatch out for the pumpkin! At midnight it turns into a horse-drawn vehicle.D A 2 6 , , 3 v ,.-V, ..,....,,.-1- 1 2 , kj R -5 my A .,,....,4-Qw-..x,.-1ff""' N- 1" ,sh ggi ' H' W' 'Y' Suu 'Y' fs 1. ,f L .4 2 Q: , , MV ' SM f v 'WY Of QU .T 4 Sz ,V l r fy f- , ,gf ,' ' 'Q u I z avg ,,,w , .WX Q4 ,4 X 'EX Xxx ""s- NX . BX N A Xxx ,, -ffi'5m6, +4 if? A C.,-,,,!f 7 Q. ,- W Rh-L 'Q s if ff MQZSV, S ,sf 1 win M. C. lay Barrington tells Denny and Snowden a funny one as Hornets ver- sion of TV Teen Town goes out to 500,000 Kansas Citians, who turned their sets on just so they could watch ole N.K.C. honored. '-1.631 'F They danced . . . naturally. And you guessed it . . . the Bunny Hop . . . naturally. The Rabbit in the lead is specially hired for the job. Hail, hail the gang's all here. The uni- formed females in the foreground are cheerleaders begging to be elected again next year. .- ,lf-K' jfyf ' ttf! my and et's ver- out to turned 1 Watch Q-.. em f 5 , 4 p fgv yi E-' srl. 4b 1' : V fin 4 Y .- " rt 0 r. Sr. M : X fi If l ' " N 4 FQ ff gil fl 1' -f 4. A rw ., 'N Gffif ' is t. If Z 4 E if x K In ,f ff A K T V f--V-v,,,,,gg. fi Little Bed Riding Hood strikes again: this time it's South of the border. These ferocious characters belong to the Span- ish Club and are performing in a pro- gram for one of the meetings. Angry dramatics teacher closes the curtain at the Speed and Spot Show on an act that goofed. your local postofiice. WW' as SN? .W Q55 58? W Mixed emotions over chicken was the theme of the champion Hornet football team's annual banquet. Notice the or1 gmal expressions, available only at Nw, 1 "We are Slamese if you Pleeeeaseef' We won't argue. We've been scratched. 4 i 4 Tennessee Ernie Chevrolet takes a bow as E O.l.C.U. TV and its friendly announcer pre- T sent Mardi Gras "direct from New Orleans." ,fl Indifferent camera man takes all acts in his stride. l ti el it l I r ll ll ll t 1 1 l ii ll 'l 'A y .47 7 Q ' I accent ees on ze leg art. Those uncanny Can-Cans kick up a storm in rehearsal for the Y-Teen Variety Show. Ze i 2 1 Now the camera man is not so indifferent. Dry Gulch Della Aversnorch guards her garter from affectionate plucking. The scene ended in death and a broken garter. This happy group of gentlemen belongs to the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra which played its annual concert for the high school in the fall. .x?t oup of s to the rrmonic played for the r fall. The highlight of the assembly sea- son came when eight, count 'em, eight refugees from the'Ozark Iubilee presented a few pointers on Ameri- can folk dancing. Notice the authen- ticity ot the costumes. Notice the young damsel in the background in kerchief. It is NOT Mother Fletcher! And another act took to the spot- light as the audience saw NKC's answer to the Mad Lads . . . the Sad Lads! tln case the Lad on the right reads this, we're only kiddingj QLD ,J oath GOLD What's this? An ad for cigarettes or knocked knees? 145 The Queen dances the first one, played in her honor, with her favor- ite subject, her escort Mel. Coronation Ball The fourth annual Coronation Ball was held December 22, 1955 in a Grecian-columned field house filled with dark suits and swirling tulle. This gala event, sponsored by the yearbook staff. proved to be an exciting opener for the Winter social season. Bob Short, on behalf of the 1956 staff, crowned Rosemary Cross, pictured at right, Queen of the 1958 Purgold, while her handsome escort, Mel Hansen, stood proudly by. Below, Wynne Sharon Luskow is shown being crowned Purgold Princess. Her escort was lack Gibbens. The six attendants to the queen and their escorts were Beverly Schroeder and Bill Leonard, Sherry Williams and Paul Bailey, Gail Wigger and Phil Snowden, Ioyce Denny and lohn Younghanz, Ioyce Hasten and Wayne Daniel, Deanna Pennington and Tim Ryan. From 9 till 12, amid soft amber lights and dreamy music, over 250 couples helped celebrate the Queen's coronation. ff, xo, , A 1.wd!" 'Q 3 A' l r l fx ' T WG., Needless to say, the turnout was tremendous. Attei her es grand Be 1t was infla- S Attendant Beverly Schroeder and X her escort Bill Leonard make their grand entrance. Below, more couples take to the boards for some real rock and roll. P 1 9 S-e"5Q Above, the fifteen con- testants have the first dance agers While at the left, Kent McCall and Sharon Turner rummage through ct roornful of coats, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. in search of loose change. Attendant Sherry Williams and manager Paul Bailey slow down for a close-up. with their man- --. V.-.....,,.-...--. -H. . ...---., 2 ..,,. A ' " fl" A , V , ,- , 1 , , , 'f ,ff -mf? , ' ' WZ I L W , wwf . .. 1956 Purgold Staff W Q Co-Editors Iudy Winburn and Gary Ganote Deanna Pennington was Associate Editor 4 -4 I I "Q, . Literary Staff: Rosalie Spruyttef Patsy Parrish, Sharon Smith, and Roger Morris Nnt nictured: Anita Stark. Make-up Staff: Ieanne McCartney, Karin Hedlund and Millie Schroeder lk 1 h M755 A, .,,. . Advertising Staff: Bob Short, Joyce Denny, Howard. Stephenson, and Phyllis Mylar. Not pictured: Beverly Thompson and Bill Greenwood. Photography: Gary Ganote and the Photography Class. Advisor: Gus Leimkuhler. Sports Staff: Ed Conway and Phil Snowden XAZ S X , fi 1. i , 4 l Art and Publicity Staff: Carol Newhard, Gene Bruns, Vicki McCarrick. and Beverly Stakley. A L l . t. A lvlf ire BR Hi' TH His Cla BE y. C. ET y. LII Fu F. Gi RC Y. SQ D! Fc P1 N te C1 Tr Se Sl Fr G M Bl H B. Y R. H M C W Y A M Y Il T, B, C S Y C D h C B n n 4-f' , , X X .,,,f..,z W, 4 'af W' , X! Py 6 Gene y. af ,, 1 ,..,,, . PATTY ACHESON IPATl Y-Teens 4: Modern Music Masters 2, Vice- President: A Cappella Choir 4, Secretary: Spanish Club 3: Library Club l: Madrigals 1, Secretary: "Girl Crazy" LARRY GENE ADAMS Marching Band: Concert Band. Transferred from another school ' BRUCE NORMAN ALLEN Hi-Y 1: Radio Club 2: C. O. E. Club 1 THOMAS ELLIOTT ALLEN CTOMl Hi-Y 3: Buzz Staff, Sports Editor: Spanish Club 1 BEVERLY IRENE ANDERSON Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 3: Art Club 1: C. O. E. Club 1: Freshman Pep Squad . ETHEL MARIE ANDERSON Y-Teens 1 LINDA ARNONE Future Nurses Club 3: French Club 2: F. H. A. 3: Modern Music Masters 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Buzz Staff ROSE MARIE ARNONE Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. 3: Freshman Pep Squad: G. A. A. 1: Girls' Glee Club 2 DWIGHT EUGENE BAILEY Football Lettemian 2: Hi-Y 2: N Club 2 PAUL ROBERT BAILEY IBUCKD N Club 3, Treasurer: Modern Music Mas- ters 2: lPep Banff 2: Marching Band 3: Concert Band 3: Football Letterman 3: Track Letterman 2: A Cappella Choir 1: Sergeant-at-Arms of senior class SHIRLEY ANNE BALLARD Freshman Pep Squad: Y-Teens 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: G. A. A. 2: Modern Music Masters 3: Radio Club 1 BENNY EDWARD BEALS Hi-Y 4: Art Guild I BARBARA BENDURE IBARBJ Y-Teens 2: G. A. A. 2, Historian RAYMOND NORRIS BENDURE Hi-Y 3: N Club Z: Football Letterman 2 MARTHA IO BENT C. O. E. Club 1, Secretary: Y-Teens 2 WANDA LEE BISHOP Y-Teens 3: Pep Squad 2: Homecoming Attendant: Secretary of senior class MARY FRANCES BLACKMAN Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. 2 IUDITH LEE BLACO Transferred from East High School BOB BLAKEMORE ' C. O. E. Club 1: Hi-Y I SHARON IOAN BLISS Y-Teens 2: Future Nurses Club 3: Girls Glee Club 2: Modem Music Masters 2 DAVID IOHN BOLSENGA N Club 4, President: Hi-Y 4: Student Lfounci! 3, Sergeant-at-Arms: Art Club 1: Baseball Letterman 3: Basketball Letter- man 2- Golf Letterman l: Football Letter- mqh 2 Senior Activities WENDELL ADONIS BOOTH C. O. E. Club KENNETH EARL BOST IKENNYJ Hi-Y 4: Projectors Club l GENE BRUNS IHOTCROSSJ Stage Crew 2: Hi-Y 4: N Club 3: Modern Music Masters 2: A Cappella Choir 3: Football Letterman 2: Basketball Letter- man 2: Purgold Staff CHARLES STANLEY BROOMFIELD IBROOMSTICKI Student Council l, President: Hi-Y 4: Track Letterman 3: Hornet's Nest Board of Control l, Chairman IOHN FRANKLIN BUCK Hi-Y 1: Transferred from Brookfield High School THOMAS DEAN BURKE ITOMP A Cappella Choir 3: Madrigals 2: Modern Music Masters 3: Hi-Y 4 BARBARA ANN BURNER CBUR BURl Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 3: Future Nurses Club 3: Nurses' Aide 1: G. A. A. 3 ANNA IOYCE CALHOUN Y-Teens 2 CAROLE MARIE CALLAGHAN Future Teachers l: Buzz Staff: Transferred from another school MARY RUTH CARTER Y-Teens 4: French Club 3: F. H. A. 2 GARY EVERETT CARUTHERS Hi-Y 2 NANCY LEE CASTERLINE Y-Teens Z: Modern Music Masters 2: A Cappella Choir 2: Block N 1 ROBERT ALLEN CHAMBERLIN KBOBl Hi-Y 3: Band 1: Radio Club 1 ROBERT LLOYD CHIPLEY ICHIPJ Hi-Y 4: Manager of Freshman Football and "B" Squad Basketball WESLEY OLIVER CLARK GWYNDOLIN OLIVE CLOUD IGWYNJ Y-Teens 3: Marching Band 3: Concert Band 3: Pep Band l: Future Nurses Club 3: French Club 2: A Cappella Choir 1: Nurses' Aide 1: Secretary in Counseling Office 1 EDWARD ALFRED CONWAY Footbal1'Letterman 2: Track Letterman 4: Basketball Letterman 2: N Club 4: Hi-Y 3: Student Council 2: National Honor Society: Purgold Staff WILLIAM ARTHUR COOK CWILLYD Hi-Y 3 IOE FRANKLIN COOPER N Club 2: Hi-Y 1: President of Freshman. Sophomore, and Senior classes: Student Council 4: Football Letterman 2 HAROLD E. CORDELL ROLAND H. CRETEL C. O. E. Club 2 DAVID CREWS CAROLYN SUE CRISP Freshman Pep Squad: Spanish Club 3: G. A. A. 2: Block N 1: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: Attendance Office 1 SHIRLEY MAE CROCKER F. H. A. 2, Sergeant-at-arms ROSEMARY LOUISE CROSS fROSYl Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: Freshman Pep Squad: Block N I: Girls' Glee Club 1: Pep Squad 1: A Cappella Choir 2: Modern Music Masters 3: Purgold Queen ROSE MERLE CROWLEY IROSIEJ Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club l: Library Club 1: Block N 1 WAYNE DANIEL ' Football Letterman 2: N Club 2: Hi-Y 3 JUDITH ANN DEAVER lludyl Girls' Glee Club 3: Y-Teens 4: Modern Music Masters 1: Future Nurses Club 1 IOYCE ANN DENNY Pep Squad 3, President: Y-Teens 4, Se- cretary: Y-Teen Cabinet 4: Hornet's Nest Board of Control 4, Secretary: Student Council 1: Spanish Club 3: National Honor Society: Quill 6 Scroll: Purgold Staff 2: Treasurer of Iunior Class: Purgold Attendant: Future Teachers 1: Freshman Pep Squad - SHIRLEY MAURINE DICK Orchestra 1: French Club 2: Future Teachers 2: Buzz Staff: Concert Band 3: Marching Band 3: Pep Band 3: Swing Band 2: Y-Teens 4: National Honor Society: Modern Music Masters 1: All-State Band 2 MARVIN PORTER DIXON Marching Band 3: Concert Band 3: Pep Band 1: Modern Music Masters 2: Hi-Y 1 THOMAS EDWIN DIXON ITOMMYl Hi-Y 4: C. O. E. Club 1 LLOYD DALE DODD C. O. E. Club 1: Hi-Y 2 MAUREEN DONOVAN Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 3: C. O. E. Club 1: Radio Club 1 HOWARD DOWDY fLONNIEl Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 1 HARRY LOGAN DOWNING ITONYJ Football Letterman 1: Track Letterman 2: Hi-Y 4: N Club 1 ANNE ELIZABETH DRAGEN G. A. A. 2: Buzz Staff Copyreader: A Cappella Choir 3: Madrigals 1: French Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: Block N 1: Modern Music Masters 3: Freshman Pep Squad DEE ANNA DUNKIN Spanish Club 25 Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 2: G. A. A. 2: F. H. A. 2: Modern Music Masters 2: Freshman Pep Squad: Block N 2, Sergeant-at-arms: A Cappella Choir 2: Buzz Staff: Girls' Glee Club 1 CHARLES RICHARD EASTER ICARLOSJ SANDRA KAY EDENS KSANDYJ Y-Teens 4 14 ROSEMARY KAY EITEL Spanish Club l: Band 1: Y-Teens 2: Trans- ferred from Falls City High School junior year RICHARD LEE ELAM C. O. E. Club 2, President: Hi-Y 3 SUSAN CARLENE ELLIOTT Modem Music Masters 2: Concert Band 4: Pep Band 4: Marching Band 4: Twirler 1: Drum Major 2: Y-Teens 4: Homecoming Queen Attendant: Halloween Queen At- tendant: A Cappella Choir 1: Freshman Pep Squad WALTER RONALD ELLIS CRONNYI Marching Band 1: Concert Band 1: Modern Music Masters 3: Radio Club 3: Track Letterman 1: Hi-Y 2 ELAINE EVANS Future Nurses 3, Vice-President: Block N 2: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad IUDITH ANN EVANS Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses 2: Nurses' Aide 2: Art Club 1: Library Club 2: President CHARLES BENIAMIN FEGAN CBENI Football Letterman l: Baseball Manager 1: N Club 1: Debate Club 2, Treasurer: N. F. L. 2 MILO H. FERRY IR. Projector 3: C. O. E. Club 1. Sergeant-at- arms LINDA IANE FORD Y-Teens 4: French Club 1 CLIFTON HUGH FOSTER ccurri V French Club l: Transferred from another school LINDA NADINE FOSTER Library Club 3, Vice-President: Pep Band 2: Concert Band 3, Secretary: Y-Teens 4: Marching Band 3: Twirler 2: Modern Music Masters 3: Freshman Pep Squad CHARLES REX FOWLER French Club 3, Vice-President: Track Let- terman 2: Buzz Staff, Co-Business Manager: N Club 3: N. F. L. 2: Debate Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Quill 6- Scroll: Band 2 NANCY IO FREED Marching Band 3: Concert Band 4: Pep Band 3: Twirler 2: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad: Modern Music Masters 2: G. A. A. 1 VIRGINIA LOUISE FULLER CGINAI Y-Teens 3: Block N 1: Spanish Club 1 NANCY LEE GALEY ' French Club 1: Y-Teens 4 GERALD GALLOWAY KGALAHADJ Hi-Y 3: Football letterman 1: N Club 1 LARRY LEE GALLOWAY CLINDYI Hi-Y 2: Football Letterman 1: Baseball Letterman 2: Hornet's Nest Board of Con- trol 2: N Club 2 GARY GEORGE GANOTE Hi-Y 3: Photography 3: A Band 2: Co- Editor of Purgold 150 DONNA GARDNER Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad DAVE GARRETT A Cappella Choir 2: Track Letterman 3: N Club 2 KAROLE ANN GATES Freshman Pep Squad: Spanish Club l: G. A. A. 1: Y-Teens 43 Block N 1 BARBARA ANN GENTRY Y-Teens 3: Pep Squad 2: Freshman Pep Squad: G. A. A. 1: Spanish Club 1: Modern Music Masters 3: Future Nurses Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 3 IACK ELSON GIBBENS KGIBI Hi-Y 4: Track Letterman 3: A Cappella Choir 3: "Trial by Iury": Student Council l: N Club 3: Madrigals 2 ILENE GIBBS Block N 2: Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses Club 3: F. H. A. 1 IERRY D. GILL A Cappella Choir 1: Pep Band l: Concert Band 2: Marching Band 1: Hi-Y l BARBARA LEE GILLESPIE Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. 2 DOMINIC GILLOTTE KDOMI C. O. E. Club Z BETTY GOLDSBURY Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad DWIGHT EARL GRANTHAM A Cappella Choir 3: Marching Band 2: Concert Band Z: Hi-Y 4: "The Little Dog Laughed": Modern Music Masters 3 IAMES CARLTON GRAY Hi-Y 3: N Club 2: Football Manager 1: National Honor Society, President CONNIE RAE HAFENSTEIN Y-Teens 1: Girls' Glee Club 1: Transferred from another school ROSALIE ANN HAGG CROSIEI Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses Club 2: French Club 1: Buzz Staff, Feature Editor: Quill G Scroll RONALD LEROY HAINES C. O. E. Club l EMILY SUE HALL Y-Teens 4: Art Guild 3: Buzz Staff, Copy- reader: Quill G Scroll: National Honor Society: G. A. A. 2: A Cappella Choir 2: Poetry Club 1: F. H. A. 3, President: Modern Music Masters 3: Girls' Glee Club 1 IANICE MARIE HALLENGREN Y-Teens 3: C. O. E. Club 1, Secretary MELVIN HANSEN Football Letterman 2: Basketball Letter- man 1: Track Letterman 3: Student Coun- cil 1 KAROLE SUE HARRINGTON "Little Dog Laughed", Stage Crew: Pep Squad 1: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad, Treasurer: French Club l: Block N I IOYCE ANN HASTEN Y-Teens 4: Pep Squad 3: Y-Teen Cabinet l: Purgold Attendant: Freshman Pep Squad: Future Teachers l, Treasurer: Student Council l FREDRICK KEITH HAVENS CFREDI Hi-Y 3 IUDITH CAROL HAYES UUDYI Freshman Pep Squad. Head Cheerleader: Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 1: Modern Music Masters 2: Pep Squad 3: Cheerleader 2: Homecoming Queen KARIN HEDLUND Debate Club 3: N. F. L. 3, President: Quill G Scroll: French Club 4: Future Nurses 2: Y-Teens 4, Treasurer: Purgold Staff, Make- up Editor SANDRA LYNN HEINZ CSKIPPIEI Y-Teens 4: Library Club Z: Marching Band 2: Concert Band 2: Pep Band 2: Nurses Club 1: Freshman Pep Squad: G. A. A. 3, President: Block N 2, Vice-President and Treasurer: Award of Outstanding Girl Athlete in the Iunior Class: Modern Music Masters 3 WALTER RAY HENSLEY CBUDDYI Hi-Y l RAY HENSON Track Letterman 3: N Club 2: French Club 1: Hi-Y 2 DAVID HENTHORNE CDANEI C. O. E. Club l ROBERT TRIGG HEWLETT CBOBBYI N Club 4: French Club 1: Art Club 1: Hi-Y 3: Buzz Staff, Co-Editor: Golf Letterman 4 LARRY RAY HOLLAND Football Letterman 1: Basketball Letter- man l: Track Letterman 2: N Club 2: Hi-Y 2 REBECCA ANN HUNGATE CBECKYI Y-Teens 3 ROBERT EDWARD HURD KEDDIEI C. O. E. Club 1 NORMAN HUSKISSON CAROLYN SUE IACKSON Girls' Glee Club 3: Future Nurses Club 1: Modern Music Masters 3: F. H. A. 1: Block N Z: Y-Teens 4 WILLETTE IACKSON CWILLYI Y-Teens 4: French Club 2: Block N l RICHARD CHARLES IENKINS CDOCI Hi-Y 4: Student Council 2: Hornet's Nest Board of Control l: Football Letterman l: N Club 1 WAYNE EDWARD IENKINS KBOTCHI BENTON HAROLD IOHNSON IR. Hi-Y 1 LELIA MAE IOHNSON Y-Teens 3: Spanish Club 2 EDNA MAY IONAS C. O. E. Club l: Y-Teens 2: Art Club 2 LH fl, .T ffl., vt, KEI lOl C. BE' Glw l BA Y-T NP Y. SU' 1 LC y. Be Nl RC Hi Hi Bc Sti RC Hi BI Hi Ec M C1 Bl F1 Te P1 Sl Y M C C BI Y N Y C D Y 2 2 l I. P C B I C I C I I I l ,J , V. . V . ,Jah . -V , :.--. . - A V, g , .- E- V --f i EJ '- fr ' V , Cabinet n Pep easurer: D rleader: s' Glee 2: Pep acoming it: Quill urses 2: E, Make- mg Band Nurses -. A. A. 'resident standing Modern French lYl x 1: Hi-Y erman 4 .l Letter- J 2: Hi-Y CYI a Club I: 1: Block I 1 OCI .et's Nest erman 1: IDTCHJ 'l. Club 2 GRENDA MARLENE IONES Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. 1, Secretary: French Club l: Block N 1 KEN KARNES KLOUIED Hi-Y 4: Stage Crew 1 IOHN WAYNE KELLER C. O. E. Club 1, Treasurer BEVERLY IEAN KRETZ IBEVI Glee Club I: Block N 1: Y-Teens 3: Band I BARBARA IOAN KRETZ IBARBI Y-Teens 3 NANCY LORRAINE LABER Y-Teens 3: G. A. A. 2: F. H. A. 3: Trea- surer: Art Club 1: Block N I LOU ANN LABERGE I Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 3: Art ClubI3: Betty Crocker Home Maker of Tomorrow for NKC ROBERT ROY LANDIS IBOBBYI Hi-Y 4: Vice-President of Freshman Class: Hi-Y Council 1: Marching Band 4: Swing Band 1: Concert Band 4: Pep Band 4: Student Director ROY LOUIS LANIO Hi-Y 2 BILL LEONARD ICOTTONI Hi-Y 3: "Mrs. McThing": Buzz Staff, Co- Editor: "Girl Crazy": "Little Dog Laughed": Madrigals 2: Modern Music Masters 2: A Cappella Choir 3 BEVERLY ANN LEWIS Freshman Pep Squad, Cheerleader: Y- Teens 4: Secretary of Sophomore Class: Pep Squad 3, Vice-President: Art Club 2 SHARON BETH LEWIS Y-Teens 4: G. A. A. 2: Modern Music Masters 3: Spanish Club 2: A Cappella Choir 3: National Honor Society: Art Club 2 BEVERLY ANN L'HEUREUX Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses 2 MARIAN IEAN LINDBERG Y-Teens 4: French ,Club 3: Attendance Office I DOROTHY NOBLE LINNEMAN Y-Teens 3: Marching Band 2: Concert Band 2: Future Homemakers 1: Future Nurses 2: French Club 2: Modern Music Masters 1: Nurses' Aide 1 IANET RUTH LOMAN PATRICIA ANN LOOMAN C. O. E. Club I: Concert Band 3: Pep Band 3: Marching Band 3 IAMES OGDEN LOOMIS IIIMD tl. O. E. Club 2, Treasurer IAMES PAUL LOONEY C., O. E. Club 2, Treasurer WILLIAM ENOS LOOP CBILLI Wlmchinq Band 4: Concert Band 4: Pep Baud 2, Swing Band 1: Hi-Y 4: Modern 5"IfV12-11. Masters 2 DELBERT CARLYLE IOUGHERY CDELBYI Hi-Y 3 THOMAS BRANSON LOVEIOY CTOMl Hi-Y 4: "Little Dog Laughed": Buzz Stall WYNNE SHARON LUSKOW Modern Music Masters 3: Y-Teens 4: A Cappella Choir 3: Spanish Club 2: Pur- gold Princess: Stage Crew 2 DAVID ALLEN MACEY Hi-Y 4: Radio Club 3, President TROY LEE MAIORS I Hi-Y 1: Spotlight 2: Projectionist 1 TERRY LEE MARTIN Hi-Y 3: Spanish Club 1 ROBERT DEAN MASON IBOBI Hi-Y 3 LESTER CURTIS MATHEWS ICURTD Hi-Y 2: N Club 3: Baseball Letterman 3 PAT McAMIS Y-Teens 4: C. O. E. Club 1, Secretary ELEANOR LORRAINE MCCALL tCUPPYl Pep Squad 3: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad: Y-Teen Cabinet 1 VICTORIA IANE MCCARRICK KVICKD Y-Teen Cabinet 2: Y-Teens 4: National Honor Society: Purgold Stall IEANNE MCCARTNEY French Club 3, Secretary: G. A. A. Z: Quill G Scroll: Imposters 2: Purgold Staff: Buzz Staff: "Little Dog Laughed": Block N 1: Freshman Pep Squad: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: "Gramercy Ghost" stage crew GRACE MARIE IVICCLAIN Nurses' Aide 4: Y-Teens 3: Poetry Club 2: Block N 1: Future Nurses I IACK SPENCER MCCLAIN IMACI French Club 1: Hi-Y 4: Band 1 NAOMI MCCLURE IANNJ Future Nurses 2, Secretary: Spanish Club 3: French Club 1: Y-Teens 4 PATRICIA MAE MCCORMICK IPATJ G. A. A. 3, Sports Manager: Block N 2. Treasurer: Art Guild 1: F. T. A. 3: Photo- qrflphv FRANK ALVA McKAY ISONNYI Hi-Y I: C. O. E. Club 1 SUZANNE ADELE MCNALL ISUZU Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 3: F. H. A. II "Mrs. McThing": President of Athletics Booster Club: Block N 1: Freshman Pep Squad GEORGIA VERDELL MEAD CPETED Future Teachers 2: Y-Teens 2 RONNIE LEE MELTON IMELDOI Football Letterman 1: Hi-Y 4: N Club I GERALD A. MEYER UERRYD N Club 3: Sergeant-at-arms: Hi-Y 4: Trea- surer ol Senior Class: Football Letterman 2: Track Letterman 2: A Cappella Choir 1: Art Club I IOANN JOYCE MEYER Y-Teens 4: French Club 2 MARCIA FAYTH MICHELSON Freshman Pep Squad, Cheerleader: Block N 1, Sergeant-at-arms: Pep Squad 1: Y-Teens 4: "Little Dog Laughed": "Gra- mercy Ghost" stage crew SANDRA SUE MIDDELTON ISANDYJ French Club 2: Y-Teens 2 PATRICIA ANN MILLS CPATTD Y-Teens 2 DAVID GRAHAM MOFFETT IMOFFI Hi-Y 4 EDWARD IAMES MORGAN IEDI Spanish Club 3: Projectionist 1: Radio Club I ROBERT GARFIELD MORGAN CBOBI Art Club 1 ROGER PAUL MORRIS Student Council 2: Debate Club 3, Presi- dent: N. F. L. 3: Quill 61 Scroll: National Honor Society: Imposters 2: Hi-Y 4, Presi- dent: "The Little Dog Laughed": Buzz Staff: Purgold Staff, Literary Editor MICHAEL ION MORROW IMIKEI Track Letterman 3: Football Letterman 2: Basketball Manager l: N Club 2: Hi-Y 4 IOAN MARIE MUDD Future Teachers 2, President: Spanish Club 3: G. A. A. 2, Secretary: Y-Teens 4: Modern Music Masters 2: Girls' Glee Club I K PHYLLIS IEANNE MYLAR Spanish Club Z: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Ca- binet 3: National Honor Society, Secre- tary: Quill 6. Scroll: Freshman Pep Squad: Secretary of Iunior Class: Purgold Staff: Future Teachers 1 RUTH MARY BUTCHER NAYLOR BARBARA IOSEPHINE NELSON IBARBI Transferred irom another school IUDITH MAE NELSON UUDYJ F. H. A. 2: Y-Teens 2 IOHN EVANS NEWBERRY Spanish Club I: Hi-Y 2 CAROL ANN NEWHARD National Honor Society: Quill G Scroll: Imposters 2: Purgold Stat! 2, Art Editor: Buzz Staff, Copyreader: Y-Teens 4, Vice- President: Y-Teen Cabinet 3: Spanish Club 2: Modern Music Masters 3: A Cappella Choir Z: Madrigals I: Block N I: Fresh- man Pep Squad: "Little Dog Laughed": Swing Band I: Art Guild 1 TOM NORRIS Football Letterman 2: Buzz Stalf, Sport Editor: Quill 6. Scroll: A Cappella Choir 2: Madrigals 1: Vice-President of Senior Class: Modern Music Masters 1: N Club 2 DOROTHY MARIE O'LAUGHLIN IDOTI Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. l DONALD GUY O'RElLLY IDONJ Hi-Y 4: Pep Band 3, Vice-President: Con- cert Band 4: Marching Band 4: Swing Band 3: Track Letterman I: "Mrs. McThing" 151 THOMAS SAMUEL ORWICK ISAMD C. O. E. Club l: Hi-Y 2 VERMARA ANN OTTMAN Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 2: Spanish Club 3: G. A. A. 2: A Cappella Choir 4: Madrigals l: Modern Music Masters 2: Block N I ELIZABETH LOUISE OWENS IBETTYJ French Club 1: F. T. A. 1: Pep Band l: "Girl Crazy": Concert Band l: Orchestra l: A Cappella Choir l: Marching Band 1: Transferred from another school THOMAS GALE PARISH ITOMD Hi-Y 4: Football Letterman 1: Art Club 1: N Club 1 PATRICIA ELLEN PARRISH IPATSYJ Quill G Scroll: Buzz Staff, Co-Editor: Pur- gold Staff: Imposters l: Freshman Pep Squad: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 2: Spanish Club 2: Modern Music Masters 3: A Cappella Choir 2: Madrigals 1: "Gra- mercy Ghost": Block N 1: G. A. A. 3: National Honor Society: "Little Dog Laugh- ed" stage crew DEANNA PENNINGTON IPENNYJ Buzz Staff: Purgold Staff, Associate Editor: Imposters 2: ,Y-Teens 3: Purgold Attendant: "The Little Dog Laughed": "Gramercy Ghost": Representative to Girls' State IOSEPH HOWARD PERKINS IPERKYJ National Honor Society: Marching Band 3: Concert Band 3: ,Pep Band 2: Hi-Y 3: A Cappella Choir 2: Swing Band 2, President: Modern Music Masters 2: Tennis Letterman 2: Radio Club 2. President BRENDA MARIE PETERSON IPETEJ Buzz Staff, Feature Editor and Circulation Manager: Future Teachers Z: Quill and Scroll: "Little Dog Laughed": Y-Teens 3: Spanish Club 2: Block N 1: Transferred from Central in Sophomore year - LOIS MARIE PETERSON IPETE7 F. H. A. 2: Y-Teens 4 NANCY PLUMB Freshman Pep Squad: G. A. A. 2: Y-Teens 4: Block N ' PHYLLIS ANN POAGE Girls' Glee Club 1: Modern Music Masters 1: Future Nurses Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad WANDA IEAN POAGE IWANNIEl G. A. A. 2: Treasurer: Art Guild 3: Modem Music Masters 3: Marching Band 4: Con- cert Band 4: Pep Band 4 HM RAGLE C. O. E. Club 1 LAYNE C. RAY Transferred from another school IANICE REVE REAGER Y-Teens 1: C. O. E. Club 1 NORMA IEAN REYNOLDS Y-Teens 3: F. H. A. 1: Block N 1 CHARLES DANIEL RHODUS IHAWKl C. O. E. Club l 152 DANIEL BURKE RICHARDSON IDANl Hi-Y 3 ROBERT LEE RICKATTS CBOBl CHARLES GLENN RIGGLE CCHUCKD C. O. E. Club 1: Hi-Y 1 VIOLET IOAN ROBBINS Future Nurses Club 3 MARTHA IOANN RODENBERG IIODYD Y-Teens 3: Madrigals l: Modern Music Masters 3: Spanish Club 3, President: A Cappella Choir 3: Buzz Staff, Proofreader MARY ANN ROUSH Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad: Spanish Club l: Future Nurses Club 3, Treasurer TIMOTHY THOMAS MICHAEL RYAN ITIMJ Football Letterman 2: Baseball Manager 3: N. F. L. 3: Debate Club 3: Hi-Y l: "Gramercy Ghost": "Mrs. McThing": Buzz Staff: N Club 3 BONNIE MERLE SAUER French Club 2: Block N 1: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad EDNA RAE SAUER C. O. E. Club 1: Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses Club 4 BEVERLY IANE SCHROEDER Student Council 3: Pep Squad 3: Y-Teens 4: President: Swing Band l: National Honor Society: A Cappella Choir l: Girls' Glee Club 1: Modern Music Masters 3: French Club 3: G. A. A. 3: Buzz Staff, Proofreader: "Little Dog Laughed" stage crew: Freshman Pep Squad, President: Purgold Attendant MILDRED ANN SCHROEDER IMILLIEJ Secretary of Freshman Class: Freshman Pep- Squad: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: Varsity Pep Squad 3: A Cappella Choir 3: Modern Music Masters 3, Secretary: French Club 2, Treasurer: Art Club 2: Library Club l: F. H. A. 1: Purgold Staff: Quill and Scroll SUE ANN SENEKER A Cappella Choir 3: Madrigals 2: Modern Music Masters 2: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Ca- binet 3: "Girl Crazy" DONNA RAE SHANE Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club I IANICE EILEEN SHANNON Y-Teens 4 FRANK LEONARD SHAW IBATJ Hi-Y 3 FRANKLIN EUGENE SHEPHERD .IGENED Hi-Y l: Art Guild I: C. O. E. Club 1 DONNA IEAN SHIRLEY Y-Teens 4: Girls' Glee Club 1: Future Nurses Club l: F. H. A. l: Modern Music Masters l ROBERT LEWIS SHORT IBOBD Hi-Y 4: A Cappella Choir 4: Madrigal Singers 3, President: Purgold Staff I, Business Manager: Imposters 3: "Girl Crazy": Modern Music Masters 3: His- torian: "Trial By lury" TERRY WILLIAM SHORT ITURKJ ' Hi-Y 4: Chorus 2: "Mrs. McThing" EDWARD TERRY SIMMONS ITERRY7 Hi-Y 4: Art Club li ANITA SMITH tANNl Y-Teens 4: Pep Band 2: Marching Band 3: Concert Band 3' Spanish Club 2: G. A. A. Z: Freshman Pep Squad: MOCIGIU Music Masters Z BETTY LORAINE SMITH KSMITTYJ Freshman Pep Squad: Varsity Pep Squad 3, Sgt. at Arms: Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 4: Modern Music Masters 2: Future Teachers 2, State Historian: Art Guild 2: Student Council 2: Hornet's Nest Board of Control 3: Homecoming Attendant: A Cappella Choir 3 SHARON LYNNE SMITH N. F. L. 3, Treasurer: Debate Club 3, Secretary: Purgold Staff: Y-Teens 4: National Honor Society: Freshman Pep Squad PHILLIP HUGH SNOWDEN IPHILl Hi-Y 4, Treasurer: Student Council 3, Vice- President: Representative to Boys' State: National Honor Society: Football Letter- man 2, Co-Captain: Basketball Letterman 2: Track Letterman 3: A Cappella Choir 1: Purgold Staff: N Club 3, Secretary NANCY MAE SPERMAN Y-Teens 4: F. H. A. 1, Secretary: Future Nurses Club 2: Block N l MORGAN SPILSBURY Spanish Club 1: Library Club l ROSALIE RUTH SPRUYTTE IROSIEl Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet l: Block N 2. Secretary and President: Library Club 3, Secretary, President and Reporter: G. A. A. 2, Vice-President: Buzz Staff, Co-Editor: Purgold Staff: Future Teachers 1: National Honor Society: Freshman Pep Squad: Library-Principal's Office WILLIAM GEORGE SPURGEON IR. IBILLl Hi-Y 2 BEVERLY IEAN STAKLEY Y-Teens 4: G. A. A. Z: Purgold Staff 1: French Club 1: Art Club 3: National Honor Society, Vice-President: Counseling Office Z ANITA LEE STARK National Honor Society: French Club 2: Future Teachers 1: Y-Teens 4: Swing Band 3: Pep Band 3: Concert Band 3: Marching Band 3: Modern Music Masters 3, Presi- dent: Purgold Staff l: Quill and Scroll: Imposters 3: "The Curious Savage": Freshman Pep Squad MARY IANE STEPHAN French Club 3: Future Teachers 2: Debate Club 3: N. F. L. 3: Y-Teens 4: Girls' Glee Club I: Modern Music Masters l ESTHER LA VERNE STEPHENSON Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses Club l: Trans- tered from Paseo High School sophomore year I!!! Hi? fed ' lGIE veo f ROI Hi ' DO FQ Y-T SYl KEI Hi-' PA Y-'I Clu F Lt Spf fro: AL Y-'l lec VVa BE' Y-'l TH Hi- Stc CL Y-'l Pre "G TEI Sp- La' LEI DC Hi- GJ Mc Ar Mc 2: RYE HOWARD EUGENE STEPHENSON Hi-Y 2: Purgold Staff 1: "Little Dog Laugh- ed". Stage Crew: Art Guild 1: Trans- fered from Paseo High School sophomore r BURNELL TOOMBS IBURNIED Spanish Club 2, Vice-President: Concert Band 4, President: Pep Band 4, President: Marching Band 4, President: Swing Band DAVID EUGENE WILCH IDAVEl Concert Band 4, Treasurer: Marching Band 4: A Cappella Choir 3: Swing Band 1: Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 3: Pep Band 3: i.-. " 4 I I I Band 3: G. A. A. rn Music l p Squad Ei Cabinet : Future Guild 2: Board of ndant: A Club 3, Leens 4: an Pep Ll 'il 3, Vice- ys' State: all Letter- Letterman cr Choir 1: Y ry: Future IEl ilock N 2. y Club 3. 'g G. A. A. Co-Editor: : National p Squad: IR. CBILLl d Staff 1: National Counseling ri Club 2: wing Band ' Marching 5 3, Presi- md Scroll: Savage": 2: Debate Girls' Glee l SON l: Trans- sophomore yea ROBERT LEE STEVENSON IREDI Hi-Y l DONNA SUE STEWART F. H. A. 3, Parliamentarian and Reporter: Y-Teens 3: Girls' Glee Club l SYLVIA ELAINE STINEBAUGH KENNETH ROBERT STORCK IKENNYI Hi-Y 4 PATRICIA ANN STUBBS IPATJ Y-Teens 4: Future Nurses Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1 FLORENCE IEAN SUMMERS Spanish Club l: Y-Teens 1: Transferred from Liberty senior year ALTA AULINE SWAITHES Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad, Cheer- leader 1: Poetry Club 2: Library Club 3: Varsity Pep Squad Cheerleader 1 BERNA DEAN SWOFFORD ILITTLE BITJ Y-Teens 2: A Cappella choir I THOMAS IAMES TANAN H Hi-Y 4: Art Guild l: "Little Dog Laughed, Stage Crew CLARA IO TAYLOR Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad, Vice- President: G. A. A. l: Spanish Club 3: "Gramercy Ghost," Stage Crew TERESA ANN THOMAS lTERRYl Spanish Club I: Y-Teens 1: "Little Dog Laughed" LEE ROY TEEGARDEN DONALD FRANKLIN TERRY IDONI Hi-Y 4: Photography l GARY EDWARD THOMPSON Marching Band 3: Concert Band 4, Sgt. at Arms: Pep Band 3: Spanish Club 2: Hi-y 3: Modem Music Masters 3: A Cappella Choir 2: "Trial By Iury": "Girl Crazy" 3. Vice-President IO ANN TRANTHAM IGUSJ Y-Teens 4: Girls' Glee Club 1: Spanish Club 2: "The Little Dog Laughed": Future Nurses Club 4: Nurses' Aide 2: Freshman Pep Squad IACK UNDERWOOD Hi-Y 3 PATRICIA ANN VENABLE Y-Teens 4: Nurses' Aide 4: Future Nurses Club 4: Freshman Pep Squad: C. O. E. Club 1, Secretary and Treasurer WANDA RAE VICK "Little Dog Laughed": Block N 1: Y-Teens 3: A Cappella Choir Z: Madrigal Singers 1: Modem Music Masters 2 IERRY WARD VITT Band 3: Hi-Y 3: National Honor Society IOHN IAMES WALKER C. O. E. Club 1: Hi-Y 1 MARILYN IUNE WARFORD Band Z: Y-Teens 4: G. A. A. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Future Nurses Club 3 VIRGINIA LEE WATT A Cappella Choir 2: Future Nurses 1: Swing Band 1, Singer: Modern Music Mas- ters Z: Y-Teens 2: Transferred from another school NAOMI ALLISON WELCH Y-Teens 4: Art Club 1 HELEN MARIE WHITAKER Block N 1: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad: Buzz Staff: Spanish Club 1: "Gramercy Ghost", stage crew GAIL WIGGER Freshman Pep Squad. Cheerleader: French Club 1: Art Club 2: F. T. A. 1: Y-Teens 4: Pep Squad 3, Treasurer: Purgold Attendant ggi "' L. 'LU' un.,-,mann-uhv Iullonlhornnl lu-.uu.n...u.l,A. "Girl Crazy" IIM MCCASLIN WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS CMARTYl Girls' Glee Club 1: Modern Music Masters 2: A Cappella Choir 1 PATSY RUTH WILLIAMS Marching Band 4: Concert Band 4: Pep Band 3: Modern Music Masters 3: Purgold Staff: A Cappella Choir Z: Y-Teens 4: Freshman Pep Squad SHERRY LOU WILLIAMS fSHERRIEl Freshman Pep Squad: Spanish Club 3: Pep Squad 3, Secretary: F. T. A. 1: Purgold Attendant: Y-Teens 4: "Little Dog Laughed" stage crew IUDITH ANNE WINBURN Y-Teens 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 1: French Club 3, President: N. F. L. 2: Debate Club 2, Historian: National Honor Society: Buzz Staff Co-Business Manager: Purgold Staff. Co-Editor: "The Little Dog Laughed": Quill 6. Scroll: Attendance Office 2 KENNETH WOOD IWOODYI Debate Club 2: N. F. L. 2: National Honor Society: Hi-Y 3 IAMES E. WOOD C. O. E. Club I IUDY DARLENE YEAGER Y-Teens 4: Pep Squad 3: Freshman Pep Squad, Cheerleader: Homecoming Atten- dant: A Cappella Choir 4 MIKE YOUNG IOHN FRANCIS YOUNGHANZ, IR. Hi-Y 4: N Club 1: Modern Music Masters 3: A Cappella Choir 4, President: Treasurer of Sophomore Class: President of Iunior Class: Madrigals 3: Student Council 2: "Girl Crazy": Basketball Letterman 1: Baseball Letterman 1 153 Dramat ics Class Pla "Mrs, McThing" 5 The cast: Howay Larue .,.,..,,.A...... Mrs. Howard Larue III ...,. Mimi .,.,.......................... Carrie ........ Sybil ................ Evva Lewis ...... Maude Lewis ........ Grace Lewis ...... Nelson ....,..... Ellsworth ..... Virgil ..... Dirty Ioe ...... Stinker ................................,...... Michael Mead Ianet Clark Madelon Snyder Ruth Leming Margaret Stuart Barbara Newby Iudy Neville Marilyn Newbill Kenny Bird Tim Ryan Bill Leonard Don O'Heilly Terry Short Poison Eddie Schellenbach ...... .............,... T Om Turner Mrs. Schellenbach .............. First Policeman ..,.... . Virginia Tarwater lim Wingo Second Policeman ...,..................... ....... R ichard Stoneberger Mrs. McThing, Beautiful Witch . Darlene Wilkinson Director .,.,..,..................................... ................. M iss Fulton HHH ' HUD 9155 ! 'fits 65711 'if X- jxxxxil E135 UUX7 XC F? I r 1 l Our third year providing fine fresh fruit for school children Chilled Fresh Fruit Co. Kansas City, Missouri If It's New A If It's Different It's From The Model "Sportswear our Specialty" 400 Armour Road North Kansas City, Mo. Congratulations to the class of '56 E. H. Wills Insurance Gladstone Plaza GL 2-3830 GL 2-4455 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Rudy qick House of Sincere Service 1925 VI 2 - 4900 BURLINGTON North Kansas City Missouri -- "' ,.--.r L-- -- J., . .. -..., .' -Q.:-,g5g,,,.,-Siaim- Buy and Save at Gateway 1330 Maln 10th Sz Mam Kansas C1ty MISSOUFI PAYING N0 RENT AND LARGER REPAIR QUARTERS NOW OUR OWN BUILDING YOUR wArcl-I P' oven:-IAULED av sxnrnrs .NW rms mcwveo 0 nuns: sun nwcceaewns oumsmno sreu cnown wmmuo mo szmne mars useuuu cnvsm. use rousnmo Servrce X Q Y JEWfELERS 8. OPTICIANS I lhcnal Rarlroad Watch Inspectors Plenty of Comfement FREE Pmfkmg to our door 1900 Em Glzana 14049 Best Wishes to the class of '56 Standard Steel Works, Inc North Kansas C1ty MISSOUTI .. ,-- F- ,--. --- Y -- ..-e- ae- 5, , ' . C, , " IMI: ' . ' ' e ,5- I I . X, I ' I . ,fI"v' 'WQX 1 ,' 4 0 Q jf, 5 ' at ' 92 ggggtp Cl"'M9"Pb- One Week '2'Zf4-ff'f.":- lli Automatic. . 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Compliments of Clay Adams Elgin and Hamilton Watches Diamonds - Silverware Complete Line of Jewelry All Watch and Jewelry Repair Guaranteed Local Watch Inspectors for the Burlington, Wabash, Missouri Pacific, and Kansas City Southern Railroads. lf" ' in BERL BERRY 1001 NORTH BURLINGTON NORTH KANSAS CITY MISSOURI World s Largest Lmcoln Mercury Dealer NEW and USED CARS FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY ..f-,. 14',,,.,u-,. -1.1 .,. f V " f . , V if If F ' K ' 1 2 .re ' 2 :W I '- .5 ,V 4 , V ' 5' , I .aiu . 1 ll I - ll I x - , ly! LV he Community BarberShop tw Yxjx bf we 317 A Ro d Sym No th Ka sas C ty M ssou 5 my fly rt gfde wtsof XDA I J? Mud Western Spray Chemical 1 Co, Inc Wlgjrff '-' kg ff 3 in-If Compliments of The Industrial Fumigant Co., Inc. 'W ,X JV A bf :Q 7 -J W I is Mun, X Nf Q ILA my lv C V 'Q ,Y -1, ' ' Lf .N ' ,l ur -r' r- ' N ti! 0 R S XJFT L L LVQ 1 .KVV, , ,,f" Joe P. Hall, Prop. ,Q ,fp kirby WP,,e.f if fy ' 1 ,, 7 is ip! kj 'xx 'J rmour a . 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X H ry 1 X Q O f t I A I - - V X1 - I , SH 055 BIanche's Restaurant North Kansas City, Missouri 1623 Swift ig, Thru our doors Pass the finest people OUR CUSTOMERS- OUR FRIENDS' Compliments of -r Schiff s Shoes 1903 Swift Ave North Kansas C1tV Missouri Joseph C Williams President H Vlfgll Bower V1ce Pres E V1rg1lBa1n Vice Pres Sz Ca hier Dortha Jolley Asst Vice Pres GeorgeJ Gillman Asst Vice Pres Clyde L Stratton Jr Asst Vice Pres Edwin Cavanaugh Asst Cashier The National Bank IH North Kansas Cnty CAPITAL SURPLUS Sz UNDIVIDED PROFITS and Reserves Exceed S800 000 00 EXTENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 THEIR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS Sz BEST WISHES Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation O , W "THE LARGEST BANK IN CLAY COUNTY" lb Wlfgvj 164 , I f f x" Wy W x 5 4' ff tl, Compliments of Shepherd Motor Company Chrysler Plymouth Imperial Sales and Service 104-110 Armour Road GR 1-4330 North Kansas City, Missouri Congratulations To The Class of 1956 From The Salesmen of Allen Chevrolet LEROY s'roLr. COLLINS PARK arm SAMS RAY STEINKAMP Bos TRAIN ROY D. WINBIGLER RAY JOHNSON B. B. BAKER CLIFF ROBERTS JOHN HALL Kelvinator - Hotpoint - Hoover Westinghouse - Maytag - Laundromat Ironrite - RCA Clay Appliance Company Gas Sz Electrical Sales Sz Service "Home-owned and operated, personalized service." 2105 Burlington BA 1-2105 Ewing's Market Village of Claycomo Quality Food Sz Fresh Meat We appreciate your patronage GLadstone 2-4952 Armour Drive-Inn CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 MR. and MRS. ERNEST BLACK TO THE CLASS OF '56 - CONGRATULATIONS UPON YOUR GRADUATION! Lions' Club Congratulations to the Compliments of Class of 1956 Duce Jewelry Rex Ken Photos 329 East 14th Avenue 1801 Swift GRand 1-8179 North Kansas City, Missouri North Kansas City, Missouri GRand 1-3930 . B 'L W' l'1 Anchor Hardware GS is es For twenty-nine years your Home-Owned Friendly Hardware Store 212 E. 18th Avenue 304 Armour Road GRand 1-4432 North Kansas City MO' North Kansas City, Missouri Vi 2-8033 Vi 2-6738 - lllQ PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE TODAY! QV Guardzan of your SGUWQS with a savings account at SENTINEL FEDERAL Whether you re a freshman or a semor today IS the t1me to start savmg for the future It doesnt take a fortune to open a savmgs account at SENTINEL FEDERAL You can start Wlth a part of that graduat1on money or the pay check from that part t1me Job Even a dollar w11l open your savlngs at SENTINEL FEDERAL When you save at SENTINEL FEDERAL you earn 3 A on the money you have 1n your savlngs ac count Ask your folks your frlends about a SENTINEL FEDERAL savlngs account They 11 tell you It s the smartest safest way to save for your future for your college educatlon We 1nv1te you to come 1n and V1S1t us soon G INSURED 'ffl go SIENTIINIEIL Ilfatoaranm SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1304 SWIFT NORTH KANSAS CITY III EAST Ilth STREET KANSAS CITY MISSOURI MARION RUPARD JR G M RUPARD V109 pres Mgr Pres1dent N Kansas Clty Off1C9 o o o o i , . . K - . . , . I , A x C . . - . ,1 . , I . , a 1 xswm I 'lo V- - ' .5 IJIINIIIIM 2. it '-2 1 X ' ' ur rn Q I . . , , 1 ' 4 HST 'llll ' I G. 1 ' ' ' 16 .. ......,...A. ... ., L -..., f,+.1..f4.:-u.- wa-::,..m,1,..,.,. 7 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1956 Compliments of Riverside Cleaners 84 laundromat Junction 71 and 69 Highway Riverside, Missouri Compliments of The Albert B. Fuson Insurance Agency 502 Armour Road BA 1-2494 Karnes Drug Company Prescriptionists Ralph S. Thomas B. J. Worth Phone GR 1-4673 , , ,, . I-W .,-.... , fr: '-- -'--24,-.,g:xg.,., - Y'--,- Q .F , ' , i . H 'Q f ' CONGRATULATIONS from Merle I your Photographer I I 1 I MODERN STYLE PORTRAITS OF YOUNG PEOPLE ALONG THE MILESTONES OF LIFE HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE APPLICATIONS ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS WEDDINGS I I MERLE STUDIO 2108 SWIFT NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO. L BA I-3189 I 1 I a . . . l Ygur yearbook portranfs are ln our files I I 4 .Y ,ef -1-qnF'. . , zgff-snr.. Ben Says Com 1 t f p imen s o Good Luck on Your Journey Oliver Turpen Prescription Thfough Llfe 0 Ben tacobsonsMen s Boys 2008 Swift BA 1 1275 North Kansas City M1ssour1 Northtown i Your Business Appreciated BA1timore 1-1545 North Kansas City Beauty Shop Kathryne Cochrane, Owner i I 2003 Fayette, North Kansas City, Mo. Congratulations to the class of '56 lewis Florist Armour Road - No. 1 Highway BA 1-4636 170 ii.losh" Ellington Nash 1501 Swift Street - -- GR 1-4479 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO. Chris Craft Boats Oliver Outboard Motors K C Diesel and Marine Ben Bolt Barber Shop Russell O'NeaI, Prop. 1711 Swift GR3I1d 1-3526 2002 Swift Avenue North Kansas City, Missouri Wayne Mast Manager Q-'fgxxsv ' , -A 1.x-Asuka' L.. 1- .. North Kansas City, Missouri ..,-.. -....- un' avr.: sy. -1 fir fb 'I V rfb F -Lili: 4 '-,V-,gf ..'. P " s-' x 'g 'fn' llf' Mfi "X, '..-,Q ' .. -,gif 1' C 0 .,r'i"' 'J,,+'!I.':l Nofoeirassn yi fi 2' WE GAUGE 'dl I, ,C ' WJ . , V 1 !iT,KT'i,j ' ,Q "" 'C 1 iiii3'n'1odernefniaC'l'1ine h"aSj1e'lHatest'equ1pf' 4 V " mfgqmgeabilfisefus'-awwrapteiiWW- , 3 ,stays precision wor . .ff If I IQ l f , ' JJ. 'V if"-Marv?" L- , L if ge' Amples 'ek of f2'flLfo5f'i',f, y fag ' ff sw of 1C.f,,li.lf?'yf-5 Norelay Automotive Supply 1 1439 Swift Avenue ? North Kansas City, Missouri Antioch Barber Shop 2643 Vivion Road GL 2-4800 ' l Flat Tops our Specialty l 5 I A Compliments of I Zeff-Citron Wholesale, Inc. f 1801 Burlington GRand 1-3230 Diamonds 5 1 Watches 2 Luggage ' Sporting Goods Gifts The l. C. Penney Company of North Kansas City, Missouri Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 2 v-9 554,12 I Mft P f ff' i Compliments of Anderson and Norris Hardware and Supply 16th and Swift North Kansas City, Mo. V. G. Anderson and Lloyd R. Norris Robert's Prescription Drugs EULA 1810 Swift Street GRand 1-4149 V I V V m fl Y - North Kansas City, Missouri Dr Q Q' If 'X xp I Lv' N535 ey Y V, , R ,, W ob A fy? H vb A ix if W is ar E.: mr-'.m11f "'A"Qi1f" ','?f-L:-. - f..-.hai , 4.4-14: anus.. ss..-:: 7 4 Oivfffgaw cw-eff 0231 fZa.f.z-ffl? W' 'ZAR' if-Zeer . - 15-rw? REAQM ff-424-T srsl- 054 calf 6244 0 and 1-3607 A7 M'fJ"BfETIl1EIaF0'0'lf locker 2000 Armour Road Q c North Kan City, Missouri Emery Brenner Nettie Brenner Bort0n's Standard Service Phone: GR 1-8767 'Armour Sz Iron North Kansas City, Mo. Keep your car dependable - - Depend on us STANDARD Qu! 'Prompt City Delivery World Wide Wire Service Tanan Floral Company 2010 Swift Ave. - North Kansas City, Missouri Tom Tanan '56 BA 1-0808 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 ' -' -- " f'..:.,::',,.,,.....,, '.. . , ., . ,, , ' ,' ' , ,, ,, ., H- ' ENUM : -- V V ' ' . " T - 1 11.'.'w- 'z ,,,-3 --1. . , ,. .,-. ,Wren " ' " ' " v NORTH KANSAS CITY DEVELOPMENT CCD. ' -+' 'H-'ff M- V- M- - -w----a-f-.f-:-- - -, '-...,..,as -4.-,.,,,,.,zsQ.gL1 7 ,gf Q5 Q31- fi QP 'sf I V Q E - Kg 6 IQ C O C: E XT' ig 1 Northtown Auto Service at X 1 , if 1 Center 1 it C Armour Sz Burlington 3 t Compliments of 7 " North Kansas City, Missouri X K X C 0 0 E 'V JZ V N in Expert'tLubrication Road Service 1' Tires. Batteries Auto 'Accessories C' Brake Service 2 1 1 1 1 E i ' or . eeee, Q 2 it ti C ' i 1 er e to C f' 1 iii? e eoe I d A Cooper C eaners an Laun erers I H. E. Gordon it BA1timore 1-1066 2018 swift street 1 North Kansas City 16, Missouri 1 176 North Kansas City State Bank Congratulations Sz Best Wishes To The Class Of 1956 327 Armour Road MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Swift Motors, Inc. 1725 Swift Avenue GR3nd 1-4708 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI . ,,,..., ,. Y . ,.,,, , V - - ' .,-'----f-A-'V "' 'Ti ' Snack House Drive Inn Extremely Good Food Served in Air Conditioned Comfort Checker Cab Company, Inc. GL 2-3000 QB LJ f Congratulations to .tgQcga.gsl6f 1050 V' 3.4 miles north of ASB Bridge on 0 94 6 169 Hwy. L? as i AO off WMWL Q C7 ' Davidson Furniture Company H E Miner Motors Inc 0 0 , 0 Congratulations and best wishes Desoto ' plymouth to the class of 1956 A Sales Sz Service 418 Armour Road 2015 Burlington GR 1-4335 North K. C., Mo. North Kansas City See our newest selections in Lane Cedar Missouri Chests Sandy's Oak Ridge Manor M a h er Clay County's Historical Tearoom GL 2-0392 2514 E' Vlvlon Road Dresses, Coats, and Sportswear 5410 Munger Road Kansas City, North U Label in the very fine or the choice GLadstone 2-1041 inexpensive is a Written Guarantee ' QLD ri - Lsnacoauslov 'v Nusitil "3'1""' my vi 2-3450 One of the most Complete Selections of Records and Labels in the Midwest 316 East Eleventh Street Kansas City 6, Mo. 7 rl? X .SMR X yu., 9d9"'3i' . jfwzjif-.51 Congratulations , ,Liu Q'V"..9 gleam Class of 1956 Compliments of From NEISIIUH Milllufilfturillg CO. Katz Drug Cgmpfmy Linden Missouri North Kansas City Missouri 1330 Main Sz 10th Sz Main - VOLKSWAGEN "The most economical car on the road."- Riiter's Service 1401 Swift GR 1-4316 North Kansas City Missouri Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Morris i North Kansas City Velvet Freeze Extend their sincere congratulations to the Class of 1956 Compliments to the Class of '56 Davis Service Station Mobil Products BA 1-2230 GR 1-9795 1137 Burlington North Kansas City, Missouri We aren't satisfied unless you are!" INSURANCE Complete Facilities for all types of -Insurance Notary Public ------ Income Tax returns Loans and Rentals "A one-stop Service" Walker and Clark Insurance Company 313 Armour Road GRand 1-4245 Houses - Apartments - Farms Insurance - Loan-s Taylor T. Harvey Realty Co. GR 1-4261 406 Armour Road North Kansas City, Missouri T 'WM ta gm .g,CJAQ,vr"MJ , I vt V , aw Q gntifttlisfet igfzlldw f J7Ll?"SbU V0' 460 t I ,MV The Press 84 News Dispatch Serving Clay and Platte Counties 2001 Clay North K. C., Mo. S BA 1-3037 -- -hi.. .aa-r " ' Compliments of lyle H. Bean Insurance North Kansas City, Missouri kwa? MF' f . it ge, pf WSJ' -- 5 ' Sf ' iii ef asf W C liments. e 56 Seniors i from N. K. C. Auto Trim 1411 Swift Street ' GRand 1-3350 Vernon Beck - Dick Beck ......-...N.-M-.-... .. . .....4.,................. ,... 5 vw- ----1--g-.ry -.1:::' ' - -' V-e1,...,,5v,g- A fy- 315. gy., gg,-H: -vi - y.-fi--nfl-:-sf.:zfzfz-----vf-gf,-vm -,- -1:---'-H ' w.,,,,.-.- N,,LN - -A Y ' 6 Purgold Suppl m nt . 1 kihlf. I i K , - 2 5 A. ,, M,,,,A,,,.,M,,x,, , , ,, , f f v 1' 5 1 -1--Q w H . K 6 lJW.W', 'L W Y W ' . March, przl, nd Ma -fs .is as no-A-ln dean- -..nm 651 .anurh-sewn:-uasiuunaa-.rrp 1-as 119' rv r - 4, " ,, , , ..:-.,.-1.1-. 4 5L"l A ' W A , ' ' ', - 4 ff - z,":f':":"L-4' -::'l--2,52--, 2 ' f- 'iff' , -, "lr-P'T-i'T --L .. l".1'Q,p v---' . , . CAST: David Wilch ,.,... Lorindcz Neville Bob Short ......,.... Iohn Younghcrnz Pot Acheson ...... lim Harper ......... Iohn Brunner ..... Bob E1l1ott ........... Betty Owens ..... Patty Logan ...... Student Drrector Mr Donald Neuhcrrt Drrector Iohn, Brunner, Bob Short and Iohn Younghanz, politicxcms all help iorrry ct platform for Giebers cumpcngn ora ess oc etor iter lice son cer rtet mga postmistle88 US Mails are David Wilch, 'mfefgtt 110 SUCCGSS. The Sheriff, who can't even read the Burma-Shave ads, questions a suspicious-looking character as his assistant quickly carves out a pair of 'wooden handcuffs. 4 '? vl- Bob Short, a Do it yourself hypnotist. tries to bnng back Bridie Murphy's boy friend with X7 4 5 . 'TW P' 1.4 Xxx gs Senior Play "Our Hearts were Young and Gay," a three-act comedy, was presented by the Class of 1956, May 3 and 4' CAST: Patsy Parrish ........ Rosalie Hagg .........., ..,,,, C ornelia Skinner Anita Stark ....r.. Norma Malone ........ ,,,,, E mily Kimbrough Terry Short ,....... Carole Newhard ...... ,.,,. P .,,, M rs. Skinner Bob Landis .......,. Gary Thompson ...... ,,....,,. M r. Skinner Ed Morgan ......... Don O'Rei1ly ............ ..,,..,.,r................ D ick lean Marsh .......r... Morgan Spilsbury ..... ,...,,,,.,....,,,..,.,........... L eo Brenda Peterson ...... Ieanne McCartney ,...., .............. Medical Inspector Terry Thomas ..... .. Rex Fowler ................... ,....., M onsieur De La Croix Frank Shaw ...... Harriet , ., ., Wiiiiired Steward Purser The Admiral The Stewardess Madame Elise , Therese Cleaner I .V ,gffj--' , .... -- -...ZZ . ...,,, .2 inf . . -..,, ..l 4 l I l 1 Morgan Spillsbury tries to hock his cabin-mate's skool for a fast buck aboard ship. WM? l l .:, E . l 4 ' , Norma Malone auditions for the Follies Berqere as Rosalie and Q Rex look on honor-stricken. ' l r P S F 9 ' 5 V? a ff l'g 1 -WM.- l 1 l rriet fred 'ard rser liral less Ilise rese mer O udfiions for the l ls Rosalie and ' for-stricken. Rosahe' That s not nice to suck your tongue out at the doctor Walt hll you get the b1ll Rosalie gives a lesson m how to sleepwalk without going anyplace 1 ? X la J in l. .-. ,V ...4 7-1.-'. . glial JK' y ,, ,wg A 1 Q! f , , , 4 5 2 M 5 g Wwffn 1 'fr . w l 17' Willy? V, A, -mu , N, ,, wx ..,. .. W V , ,,, I a 41A4d9q-3.1 ,g f In a Iapanese-lcmterned field house approximately 350 couples danced to the gay tunes oi Les Copley and his band at this year's Prom. -xx Junior-Senior Prom 1956 'JEAST OF THE SUN" N ., The night was warm, the punch was cool. and the dancers were elegantly attired in white dinner jackets cmd frothy formcxls. S .ii They could have danced all night... cmd almost did. 5 I lt Tc, The bt at the Louis. their mont. the T1 The Basketball Banquet Iay Barrington beseiged by autograph hounds. The Band Trip to Boys' Town Vera Ward, Prom chairman, instructs helper Sally Cavin on the fine art of pagoda painting. , Tw no ,A - t,, ww, f 41 51 . I I -up pagan- ,, ,W f ff fs my Q A -W Zf Z M, ff 'ao- JV S .ev f QQQ 5, ff? WK NX X- M f nf ff fi n f w 5 -.wi 'Zhu-15, 4 l W l N 4 . i f 'MV W.. 1, . - 1. 's ..T'-C 5 Spclnish Club Trip Snapshots of the scenes found in Old Mexico, by the Span- ish Club members, who, under the guidance of their sponsor, Miss Bernitci Isley, had cx gcxy cmd glorious time South of the Border. One of the hotels in Acapulco. We X Y' so U Hornet crmigos wondered how they could this back on the bus. 8 QM Q h Those who didn't swim, watched. iii! will Q i A v .Flin if-3' lydgqk 1 a 3 3 3 I l F I 1 5 ational Honor Society l ROW l-Sharon Lewis. Sharon bmllh, Wynne Sharon Luskow, Phyllis Myler, Ioyce Denny, Millie Schroeder, Vermara Ottman, Betty Owens, Dee Dunkin ROW 2-Beverly Stakley, Barbara Burner, Patsy Parrish, Iudy Winburn, Lou Ann LaBerge, Ioan Mudd, , Sandy Heinz, Emily Hall ROW 3-Wanda Poage, Iudy Hayes, Beverly Schroeder, Anita Stark, Ann Smith, Ieanne McCartney, j' Rosalie Spruytte, Vicki McCarrick HOW 4-Tom Parish, Ken Wood, Roger Morris, Ioe Perkins, Rex Fowler, Iim Gray, Ierry Vitt ll ROW 5-Ed Conway, Phil Snowden, Tom Norris, Marvin Dixon l l I DI ? Senior Picnic , ,W ,G ,,WA, ,, Y 1 ' , ,f . 1, H ,, f W-of Wu " . W ' k 'z' f"fQ. 5'- 1" , ' K 'V'5 V?f?,7! f fr f W ' , f ,' , cf 13 5 F22'f.,41f ROW 1-Glenn Meyer Ierry White Don ORe1lly lack Diamond Larry Thomas Don Bryant Dick Shaw ROW 2 Delbert Brittam Mike Pigler. David Silvers Don Henderson Conrad Schroeder lack Gibbons Charles Homan Ralph Clark Ted Snell Roy Palmer Iim Crowley ROW 3 Iohn Linder Bob Berrv Paul Bailey Ierry Hancock Tom Creen Larry Holland Mike Morrow Gerald Ienkins, Larry Davis Mickey Dale Tony Downing David Schimanski ROW 4 Ronnie Henderson Roger Blomquist Ed Conway Melvin Hanson, David Garrett Roger Moffett Iames Ne1ll Ierry Proctor Ben Ralston Iohn Buck Mike Ironsmith Bob Popalisky Coach Al Conway '3 6 QA, n V t ,, at 4 ji Mau-L, A,'k , , is? .-.wfwaef ,fn ff 4 ,wx 1 rin, lef, cxld ay, ky. E V fc ,I' - g Warren McNall, Ken Carmichael, Raymond Ager. ff -' W' W, ,, 5 ' f Bob Hewlett . - ,yym vt 1 Yr W' QW f J Tennis Mrs. Carolyn Howard, Ioe Perkins. Willard Stansberry, Ierry Van Horn, Gary Stubbs, Charles Erickson, Richard Booker, cmd Mike Hedrick Gvlf W fi af cm A wx My 5 ,,M.-Up,-fwf, ff , 4, M' f , 5 , ww H E . 1 yf f f , f I I I f f f f in 2,1 0' was jj? J 4 1 J 1 K ' , ' ' i f fl 9' 4 W-,, if 3 I!! ,bf X X I ,r W 3' V 4 "' , ,, f",a',r' F W , We -.-wwzfmf ' any Z .':: , 4 Iim Aikin, Iim Harper, Larry Valentine, Mickey Reuck. lack Black in the foreground. -rw Baseball ROW 1-Frank Peak, Charles Ferry, Alan Hurlbut ROW 2-Charles Easter, Iohn Younghanz, Iohn Tonge, Bob Haynes, Bill Rogers, Tom Lovejoy, Iim Iackson, Mel Roberson ROW 3-Coach Francis Galbraith, Curt Matthews, Guy Owen, Larry Galloway, Don Sarver, Bill Kelso, Carl Cummers. David Bolsenga Freshman Track HOW I-Bob Ricehouse, Wayne Loar, lim Lewis, Larry Shyrock, Gary Fuller ROW 2-Bob Horne, lim Lehman, Larry Brewer. Gary Gore, lack Diamond, Bill Chandler. Ierry Rose, Wayne Ferguson, Leroy Oberholtz, Don Bryant ROW 3-Glen Neiderman. Bill Buck, David Williams, Ioe Boothman. Larry Weakley, Larry loans, Mike Kirkpatrick. Wayne Brewington, Iohn Hughes, Daon Baird, Karl Morrow ROW 4-Carson Black, Kenneth Brand, Charles Parker, Harlan Snodgrass, Roy Dickey, Gary Leatherwood. Richard Watkins, Gary McCrite, Kenneth Burton, lim Loudon, Coach Art Platt ROW 5--Ted Palaska, Bob Popalisky, Keith Endsley. Ierry Carr. Teddy Mclntosh, lim Hunt, Don Pyle, Ronnie Beam, Pat Roark, Mike Blessing, Brian Hobson, Melvin Haines OH ewer. mon. Doon wood, sley. u M ... m f ' 3 we M, 4 E .azz x,,. M5 lust before the rains come. Commencement Ma 18, 1956 Mr. Schroeder, cr member of the Board of Education, qwes cz dlploma to Charles Broomfield, Student Council president. The Commencement speakers listen to fellow-speaker Suzi McNcz1l 'dbh :sg ...LD huge-visas. e,.,,,s,.., loan Mudd, winner of the Amelia Keller Award and the Lions' Club Teaching Scholarship. ' , f I - V . 4- , X, . --. -,.- ,,. ,,,,, as WW? Charles Broomiield, winner ol the Albert B. Fuson Award, Wynne Sharon Luskow, winner of the National Honor Society Scholarship, and Ken Wood, winner of the Whitehall Foundation Scholarship. Beverly Schroeder and Phil Snowden winners ol the Premier Roll Awards lor having done most for their class in their lour years at NKQHS ,, aqlwwtusl-bf fwummw - niggaz!" -nnusa . - -g,Ne:,awusz-.nm 1 4 'Q U ALLEN CHEVROLET BILL ALLEN, JR. BILL KELLY NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI PHONE GRand 1- 4770 Free Pick-up and Delivery OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 . fs' 1: zr L- - . .V . MW-. , . r .. - A--'.': if' 1, , .11-A ., . - - - V-' 1 , - v '-4 - fa , ., . - -.'--p. ,", W - - .3 - , 4. ' ' - 5 , - Y . ' - ' A, - 1'-H If- .aezai-'-f ' "Av ' - - -- " -- n--qgug-.,-r-4...i .,4...-' ag. " r -' V ,M ... L, , , , , ,W 7 ,A I. - """'?""" ' "'- "- - - -Q -.vb L.:- 'U - ,,,-4-S:.hLr- f y "' 1 . - f I Y - . ' ' . ' A . . - V A ' ' 9, - - 1. ' , , - , - , ,, V . ...... .-1--fa. W- W , -, - sg - .- - - f 4 5 I w l 1 I i I I K ,V ..... . I I ' f Q' f Qx I 5' f I ' J' ' I , QM: ' 19, 1 f N 3.1 4 Rf J ff-ff' 4 f- QL f ff, "ff 1" J .w 1 If 1 if oz- - ' ' I I ' ' 7 Jw A . X T117 1 'IV 'i 'Z ! 1 - CQ Q f A, ffk 5 ff '12 ,I UX4 1 A J F7 Q c fi fi ffl-1 ' A , , , . 9 N , ki 'Z -Ni 5 , l .ew .-if 'A ' , ' I 4 --, . I ', Wfnfa "fl ' . , . , 5 ,-w 'ffl' X A, X 6' H . v-4" 1 ' ' ,y I 5 , A, ., : , -1 f' 1 pl" '-if XITLR1 V ' f" ..,,. . -1 'V .- I mf ILZ f , A611 E . ' ' fQ if SSN ,- .f f -W' 0 V I J -- 5 in fi, ASL ZW I 1 ,- ,fl 3 W I Q .. . 5 If fl ff aff' ' ' ifff ii ig C7 ,ff ,fu K N ' , fl f ' f rim!! Q, ll fig I-ul - , 1,511-f' ' " ' ' ' I s,- 4 L1 'J 5 F X X' nf, . uf ff f ,Lf A ff ,X V 4' 1 ' f 4' if f .Q K' I, ' ..-I! V, - L A ' j J flbwau kenaf Hwfffwf 7441 M6 ,f 'L -3, , v W ff LMI? fhfjxwwvcf ffm' J QQ!! AJLMWP' M15-MM.-fi QU 1 W9 5 X 4,flL'7,'l! 4,fM' Lf M M N i'Qf Z,L-'Zi Qgfggyi V0 A , cm J MQ ,121 ,fQ, LZ, MMI? W Aixam 1 ,xl " ' W! lfffllwj XQ Jia Jw awww , cf fa QLZLLLOQ ,, , V if ZQ74 LL! MJQ, J Rx , ' ', v AA' I Y I A A r I . Q, , f'-' Q' , -7:-Q.:,f 1i,':L,-:,. gmt .. , 3.5 ,J-..'L1 T:. ' d k . , " f 1:g'.V it? 1-. 2" 11:--. 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Suggestions in the North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) collection:

North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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