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j JZ,-,.Vp,fQ jVt"U3,19JbU'6'LWJ V ebpwgvmvj af44"'A'e1MjJ tg , J' 5 ' 04? FJ QM 3 - l . J f .ww x :MQ VJ ' , Ci, X , if SX. Q . ,.,-- 1 l t - K ,Q -,v u Lf! , fxilt L 4' Q" R 'B 4, If 'ffl' Y: ,A-' qi . ff ll! .Q -. ' ,ff 3,4-. V JJ ff 'ff Af JE 5 ff ! ovce' ,ffl Life is c porcxcig? - .5 o Wg? , fl , Im Life is Y Wax f' , .Jwwl W ff 7 adue Jef V ' . -A -' ,ff , mv Q . J ., ,Z 2, VX 13 xxxxx rl XA ,QKA A3 1 J If E 6 , ,Tj 0 . 3 E211 il : 1 iz Mg My , X ' W . QT66 YV WN ' 2 N "Q ' ' 321,11 WU? Q3 N yu Cf N 9 f Q M Wi ' "' .U ' ' cf Q Q' 1' N If W - fw S Qlx 4 m Life i U df dqe . V Life is u big moment. , J5 , - M -QA 74, gawk 44,25 . Q9 K , Eff , fTff 4 9f. ' X Q -f' zb7fffk'M"WL"""' .DNNJ , M -QF 'gcgfx V f I ,Q ' ,. XQ3 RQ , A' 'Q f 5 Lirrfiif 4 A 'W r , A,.'An X Q W Q x - V it X 0 1 H A E ' 'L It FAM J ' A vx K ,fl ' A A W 5 Nw. ,l iz I y k 1 Q 1? Rx 1 FQ Nylv E L 1 0 ' IA! 'E -N ' I E 2 ff tm 2- A JN ' V X, . 1, Rx Ovxqgb ,-0 G j'q2'gQ"0ifTs X Q., mu. 'X r ,, " - h 0 U I ms U ne SPUPGY Column. f D arrcgssing moment. 1, 1 . f J . ,Mfg ,p , , N , X V 4 I V Nu' , Q , If . . ' J! ' 4 f "my 1 ' I E-Jgkljy I M V lx' X ' I AF! xw 'X X , fi-6 J jx X X . ' 1 N" I ' lim. . Xxx 1 - 11- W' I ' X- uk Q K4 V1 1 7 lm? 01:4 H P X f ', Life is G page from W ' 1 we is U club merqmre' - - f J' ' 1--62- 'membership. r , ,QW91-'53 Z3 605 77796428 X! f , . 1 ,rf F X we ' . 9 Cikffij ' I -ff 5 I 'u if fx f mn Mjvffibgc i s 4 Q! r. f f "" 9 r ffl! f 1 ' W" I , A74 1 .1 3 v .4 I 70, LJ, 'I I .,f, My X ...fl 8 1 'T fQca, X 7 , 'fm Xp J -fwzaful 5 , .. Q, 759 - -' J Q H 951 ' I U bk IPA 2 Q fc pg! p z. lfffgfig is G Qdwe fl x be ife ' photog c ' ' Q dressiu A ' Xlxke X . ' X to 0000 , ' Q , W A M1 . Q95 fx A sion' X W: Xi p wp M' if 's S ff yfmff - gp r ' -. L I 4' ,H ' I Q 4 , ' 'fi W a VV M . 1 4 ,KAP Vw? Afxx yy Xp . , ' ' . ,A 'N X 4 X X ' if XRNV w' . A ?xP Life is teamwork. N Life is a clean-up campaign. az p YN' ,p p ,p VA ,, , CE? 1 - ' 'ini-' if p X p Q ,, Yvfgux 77701 35 as 4? ' MQ . V p K N X 75 'Q HQ 4, , ,lm l F, 4 , 5 W il. I , y . 1 ff! f- '11, L 2, " fi SQ ,QZQL if 5, , 4 . 1. N' .ll . ' L flim I FI S Cf LCQSI. J "' r., "C .5 '-1. fl-V56 A46 J Q p N ,p W ' "Gag , 3 Q 1 ' I X pl A, K, V L-f - 1 d Y lgife is cx proud " .U 0 i f +'2,',f,eclSfl'fe x W . . f 2 0 ' , W ' J" ffgq , M7 Y 1 N X , XQ :9 K Sf ff ,Q 4448! T? 2 X. Xxx xxx ' N 7 fx- Life is a p etty pcnnhnq Life 15 One big Yen ' Llfe IS cx song fi 'Q Y-jg " .I .'x . .1-Q' C ,I ' ,A W I x ffl Q fx 7, A221 W M 19 0:1 'I , 7 L EW W It NW U Lf if MB MONQ . AN .1 ' M , A QA .ff x I x X X N . 3 4 ka K f 1 m ,... XQL 1 ff XS? 5535+ Q 95 lkgxiif ,fx ' F is L L i QL, if R Q ..., , ,LL Q , , ' ' 15' A- M' K 2 Mvff ff? 45,24 N, S QAAMWMLL, X Afwyg .Hwy LN dm A,0'OYlA' f Q ,gg-pL J? 5 i W , ,nuff " J, I 5, L 17' K , K9 'C " "F I Ii X 'A fat' 'I K5 Si . w X 353 'E Q QS Nb 1m.,..,.- - ,,..,,W ,.-. . , I . , . Ill!! le it .fri , , , V-.f-A wffaws-ffe'-5' ' 1 A f?R:mi"-iw ' - 'N 'W ,, . ,, -. w-.x,7- .w:- V'-'M A Yr" . , .,N- ' ff ' ' " mbwnffk A ' - ' Gen. 373 N811 1954 North Kansas Clty qMo.j... V Purgold MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC UUIARY Cenealo ' gy A Local HIZN B 317 W. Hiduway 24 Ifldependengg, Mo. 64050 L H fhrdf 1925 Peasant? GESAD ' BURLINGTUN C i - -..utvlllllll fi 1 l tl 'X gf' L., 3 , J 1 1...-l -7-1 i , . iii' I I 4?-u ll VERY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE "OUR FLOWERS AND YOUR THOUGHTS ARE SURE TO BE APPRECIATED" ' 2010 SWIFT AVENUE NO. 3620 CONGRATULATIONS 6: BEST WISHES ' TO THE CLASS OF 1954 North Kansas City State Bank 327 ARMOUR ROAD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION x 1r+l g- -1 l l Tanan Floral Co. Compliments of NORTH KANSAS CITY BEAUTY SHOP Kathryne Cochrane, Prop. Complete Beauty Service 2003 Fayette Norclay 4022 CROSLEY A FINE CAR "You See Them Everywhere" Ritter's Service 1401 Swift NO. 4318 Anchor Hardware For A Quarter of A Century your ' I Home Owned Friendly Hardware Store 304 Armour Road No. 4432 , ' b5f . I 1 If ' L - 1 4 X , . ,f f Cf fin ' ' I , ' F Compliments of f Clay Adams Elgin and Hamilton Watches Diamonds - Silverware Complete Line of Iewelry All Watch and Iewelry Repair Guaranteed Local Watch Inspectors for the Burlington, Wabash, and , Missouri Pacific Railroads A 3 x gfxf HMI1l1WHl1li3ltIM1flIMIWUIEIE'IJUlUlt Kl4HiI!4Ii: 3o06012a2439i1 I MID-CON TINENT PUIUC LIIIAIV Genealoly A Local Hisnry Branch 317 W. Higaway 24 Independence, Mo. 64050 G E wwf Armour Drive-Inn tHomet Hangout! Congratulations to the Class of 1954 Mr. 6 Mrs. Ernest Black Compliments of Burton's Family Shoes l . a ERARY Qllllllllllllll GE OUR THEME .... PURGOLD LIFE Elm K 1? 3 4 Donated by Nancy McGee ,I October 2002 LIFE Nloqoziiie reflects the world: it brings you in Contact with people ond plctces ond hcrppeninqs. With the permission of the Editors ot LIFE, we hctve chosen it os our theme. PURGOLD LIFE reflects the world of the Hornets, their friends ond followers. We hope you enjoy it. 6 5 5 ns , M .,g, IN MEMCRIAM The death of Mr. Albert B. Fuson, Gctober 6, 1953, left an emptiness in the hearts ot us all. Mr. Fuson was a graduate of the North Kansas City High School, Class of 19235 later he was treasurer ot the school district for twenty- three years. In the words ot Mr. H. W. Schooling, Superintendent, "Probably no one in the community has contributed as much toward the development of the North Kansas City school system as has lVlr. Fuson during his long tenure as treasurer oi the school district." With this page, we, the class ot 1954, pay tribute to lVlr. Fuson, a man known and loved by high school students and faculty alike. ZF QW' i??'i""'YP"l0'IQlf9-QPF' W4 5 W 0 U xi. Q H ,.. i , T, ,A , 59.57, .ri 5 ff-Q, M . ffvufv:me,izn5.12Tj14' sn 'ye .gg4.-fllnmufs-f' ,f A f -'Ii ' in 4. wi- ' ' - f --' V -Jw.:-.. keen-, -' ff- , . - BOARD CDF EDUCATICN The members ol the North Kansas City Board of Education have solved successfully many of the problems of our school with its ever-increasing enrollment. Because of their interest and labor, North Kansas City' High School has been able to rank with the best schools in the state. Members pictured above are: Seated: Arthur Schroeder, W. Lindsey Smith, Vice-President, W. W. Chick, President, and Boy Bentley. Standing: H. Virgil Bower, Secretary, Glen Crain, E. D. Lewis, and Richard Poynter, Treasurer. ADMINISTRATION SUPERINTENDENT S6 Mr. H. W. Schooling, our Superintendent of Schools, is known throughout the state as G ' a leading educator and administrator. His effort and his influence is noticeable in every , f phase of work being carried on in the entire system. Bond issues are carried unanimous- ly, schools are built, tracts of land for further building sites are purchased, budgets are Q carefully weighed and balanced-these are just an few of his many projects which keep the North Kansas City system a model i throughout the country. In his spare time, Mr. Schooling teaches classes during summers 1 on the Missouri University campus. 4 P l ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT f si o I sr bd FORREST GREER Mr. Forrest Greer, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, has been given the tremendous task of taking charge of the buildlng and maintenance for the entire system. He works with MI the maintenance department very closely, and can very seldom be found in his office, for this important phase of school admin- istration keeps him going from school to school and then back again. ' l 14,01 'l'3'71fW , H L V U , g , t M. -' I ew-41.5 Elf V-, 1'-+i9wsuw-1f! " ,t s ient a as His 'ery itire :aus- ther are are eep :del Mr. iers I' ls, he tth nm Ln- ck PRINCIPAL ROBERT F. WHALEY The student body is very proud of their princi- pal, Dr. Robert F. Whaley. With his calm, efficient manner, he has taken over the affairs of our school for the past two years and kept them running smoothly. Last summer Dr. Whaley obtained his doctorate of education at the University of Missouri. MRS. MARGARET LORENZEN i , ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL NELSON KERR Mr. Nelson Kerr has had a tremendous respon-- sibility this year in handling enrollment because of the large increase of students. Taking care of changes in schedules and the school's athletic busi- ness manager are just a few of Mr. Kerr's adminis- trative duties. MR S. VIOLA FULLERTON I lllz "Wm1 1 1: Af ,Wh y . Jr l Wm! ?,,,.,---'- AMELIA TCELLER WM ! , , ff IOHN CRAIG THE ATTENDANCE DEPARTMENT The work of the attendance office is a full time fob, morning, noon, night, and every minute in- between. Tardies are checked, as well as absences: files are maintained for every student as long as he is enrolled in school. This task falls upon the shoul- ders of three individuals, Miss Amelia Keller, Dean of Girls, Mr. Iohn Craig, Dean of Boys, and Mrs. Mar- jorie Neer, their very valuable assistant. Too, credit must be given to the student help used throughout the school day. These people collect the slips from the rooms and help with the filing. MRS. MARIORIE NBER HEALTH SUPERVISICN X 1 MRS. EMILY BEIGEL -' .gy - X . We n ' is-3' 'W : l " ' IQ " 51 , X - 'tfiglgfqi-fu '-f- : y ' S 2, I1 Z K f ML , ,A t RN 5 1 Z Mrs. Emily Beigel's work is usually forgotten when bouquets are passed around. And yet her du- ties around North Kansas City High School, as well as all the other schools in the entire system, are as important a function of daily school life as anything else. She is interested in the health and safety of students and to this interest she is a devoted worker. To help her with this tremendous responsibility she has a group of girl students who act as nurses' aides and take charge of the health room throughout the day. Too, she has organized a Future Nurses' Club which is very active during the school year and is largely responsible for influencing graduating seniors to take up the proud task of caring for others. Mrs. Beigel holds many high local, county, and state offices in various nursing organizations. l .1 f f 1 1' DO I Ame f X f ff ,f f X-:D-f . A fpfv' --,gm -2,.s3m.?r"'?-G- -. fs, ,Jul in-4a:lt1,fc.f tnznnl. L " ff A - '. ?z , it ti: gm Z I4 .gif M, . 2 en du- ell as ng of er. .ity es' out es' nd HQ ers. ate DOROTHY BARNETT American History 3- K it la RUBY KELLER World History FW? it 4 -X X 40-s l AA.. ,1-,,,,, am LOMAN CANSLER Citizenship, Counsel- ing ZS- NORMAN LITTLE Citizenship, World History FACULTY I Q N1 ' - ,f, A ar- :'fr , Q Z ' it is X -' iz w i: ' x ,Q ,v rw: ji X X jf 'fl ' 1 My , I' l HILDA MCCONNELL MARY CUNNINGHAM ELLA MARY Psychology, Economics, American History. Citizenship, rld ,D American History Internation Relations. Historyd, Z ' f ,jfsxq A iff 4 ' . ,fir ,wr-, ,sr ..,,, 1 , hw, World History Xf DJ l Q.-f .1 SOCIAL STUDIES In social studies students become familiar with other countries as well as their own United States. They learn of the relationships between countries, the customs of countries, the political leanings, and a great deal about the people themselves. The past is delved into and a con- nection with the present is usually revealed. Students in social studies also learn of psycho- logy, sociology, economics, and citizenship in order to broaden their outlook on life and to prepare themselves to become useful citizens. Too rnuch importance can never be placed on the valuable time spent in these various classes. N460 WW 13 F z 4 A -k,,:., 4 W fy ,V , -nr'-' f g ',l' ' kA, ,ff ds f if , - 2,9 7, 1 1 l MABEL HALE MILDRED FULTON GUS I-EIMKUHLER CHARLOTTE GRACE SHIELDS X English, Speech Iourncxlism, English English MCCUNTOCK English Debate Dramatics English Ill F g X E U X . ,.- , ELEANOR CALVERT HAZEI.. EGGEMAN LOUISE OLIVER ELLEN IANE BE El 'IE MOORE English Common Lecrrnings Common Learnings English gf, 'L Mgng l Ap' En ' XJ " ' X ,I ff' 'V K 91 Z ' ' jjf jyjr Q -f'N. E' N 'J , ,J , , IUANITA CAIN ENGLISH 15 co ON LE INGS E E MARY HELEN GRIME , were g -four ssf gush 'gm in the ff, CHARLENE WILLSON HIQLCIIIQOI , 'PTS' f r, 0 1111+ - In 31656 'HE 5' X mot pictured, gasse i l mcmp e or gramrncrr grigpa xewe an cm R I pprecxati t liter e is a ht. on thoughj g Common I-eammgs only three cr of Engli cxr equir radu ti . A over 100 seh rs sign-epl' up wwe Seq' E 'ter In ' the Common L n' lasse uwhi re fore sev cmd eighth grade u ls, g cr a terature a a in- BEATRICE SWATERS eluded' gg , J' Common Leamings ff I l I ,nr W I xi i ul I 14 .ef - Mi, it . s ,. , J X lf, I .f .Q , f J. , ' I fm ,f so K sw., Q, it! .5 y ,., ,, ,li P .. nlvzz E 1 ' ::" as LOUIS MOTTO PORTER PRICE DONALD NEUHART BERNITA ISLEY Spanish, English Art Art MILDRED SMITH Band, Orchestra Vocal Music IOYCE TUCKER lNot picturedl French, Citizenship LIDA WARRICK ELSIE DeFOREST SALLIE KINGSBORO- BEATRICE SHRYACK Music Supervisor Speech Correction UGH Vocal Music Librarian ASQWM as FINE ARTS The efforts of the fine arts classes are noticeable throughout the school year, this past year, or any year. You hear the vocal music department with their Christmas assembly, their operetta: the art classes with their finished products of beauty and originality, the band at the pep assemblies and concerts, their performance during football and basketball games: the Span- ish and French classes, the library and its year-round work. All of this makes for an interesting and varied school year. 15 lu- w if-iw 2 f A I I LOIS FANN ARTHUR PF F K GLADYS WILLIAMS E, F. DANIELS ELIZABETH COLLINGS DOIN Commerce Commerce, hd iics Commerce Diversified Oc- Home Economics Hom J! X , cupcftions Q . xu A jf rim, iff .fx r 1 NW W 5 Ur X J A If L XJ H PRA TICAL AR CLYDE WELCH Industrial Arts ff' 71:7 5, . -A21 ., .f 3 16 K I I F 21' f if ,M fx' in A W 5, 6 .VW 2 I fw if 11' 7 . ,fi ,J R J f ur 4f3"Xf I I f 1 . f i P 5 f ,J Q , I vl 1 t I . -'F . wx 'ff Q kfsi I TK il 'ln . Y , ff fi f X A - f. 9 5, f"'f ti, X ' Q . . A , Q f M 5: A H f l ibs! Q 2' X ' . , 5 , X ,, 5 Q 2 f 5 X s A' N N yt DONNA QUIGLEY RALPH MCKEEHAN VIOLET HOUSER LAWRENCE LEMING MATTIE IO KING Home ECOIIOUHCS Industrial Arts Commerce Industrial Arts Typing PRACTICAL ARTS Those classes included in the Practical Art cate- gory are typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, junior busi- ness training, secretarial practice, shop, and home economics. While the majority of these classes pre- pare the students for the business world, home eco- nomics provides the girls with instruction for home- making. Many students will be able to secure jobs in these fields immediately following their graduation from high school. A knowledge of these skills will be of great value in the future to all students who take these courses in school. his 17 aw Lise?--1.4 4 l . ' fliii P 1 1 ' I It l -it r in A4 I I I i T !l l 1 l l IVA REEVES THOMAS MOORE RICHARD MEYER MERTON HOCH WENDE1-L CAREY Math, Science Math, Photography Math, Athletics Math, Counseling Math HELEN SULLIVAN Math Although only one year of mathematics is required to graduate from high school, many students prefer to take more than the minimum. Therefore, the school offers general mathema- tics, algebra, plane geometry, advanced alge- bra, solid geometry, and trigonometry. Because mathematics is used in nearly every occupation in life from budgeting household expenses to solving involved scientific equations, it is an important phase of education that should not be neglected. MATHEMATICS vang l , ' 1 1 I RRR R M-W BILL fNol Phy I I 'vw' 'E M '-ri'-3 Y ': - f?Lpt'v'-f-g.g..Q:L'f"ff4 ' .,rc.iff'r2'xv9'-'ef' in ' F' f"'fT A BILLIE IO IONES CNot picturedl Physical Education QA ft:-,. 'Z f .5 f Y 4i"M wwe i. ' r X . "" V- . Q 1 .. ' -'ff F ifzis . i za- - 'fam res. Q11 C 5 I K5 5 Cu v X I i X. L ' FRANCIS GALBRAITH CAROLYN FOSTER Physical Education Physical Education 4- W . ftf z Q- . 5 QE S X f X V - V . A f ' 26 - 12, 'Pi x f is f 2 i R f L y it 'N'-i:a:g:,.." j ' K CLARK E. FERGUSON Physical Education, Citizenship, Counseling Hygiene CLYDE C. COOPER Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION The various physical classes are offered for the purpose of stimulating good sportsmanship, as well as for learning the actual playing techniques of numerous sports and games. Basket- ball, baseball, track, and football are among the major boys' sports, while hockey, baseball, volleyball and bas- ketball are offered to the girls. Although only two years of physical education are required, many students enjoy tak- ing more. This department has grown consis- tently in facilities and importance, for we of NKC believe that a strong body supplements a strong mind. ff , . ,-,, ,Q AW ,,,,, 19 CALVIN MERRIFIELD PAUL GALATAS VIRGINIA ANDREWS Science, Drivers' Science Science Training, Aviation, Counseling ALFRED CONWAY HESTER KRETZ lNot picturedl tNot pictured? Science, Physical Science Education ROBERT BOLLIN GER Science, Chemistry, Counseling SCIENCE Included in the Science department are biology, general science, physics, and chemistry. The knowledge we ob- tain in these classes help us to under- stand more thoroughly the scientific world in which we live. vwyf. , ,I f -owl t,,W,,N ' W ' ff f - I, 'Q we , V -1 sg Zn f 1 X 0 I Qi y ,X , N, 'Y f IOI-IN CRAIG Math, Physics V' ' ' Qpfyi ,f ' 2 ,W I ROBERT ARRINGTON Biology X11 WW Z0 YZ X555 GN 2 WZ .yf Z 2? PN PURGOLD LIFE SNAPS THE CLASSES my Nmuxw, W xx, N ' .Essay fm .semi .V v ,, .S J E R -72 N W Q1 x M ' Sf Q x il. . sg 6125- Zs X fra .Y 5 I 2 A w s , in W lg N i s ply I liii 1 . Qi This is a picture of six wheels. Five of them are Senior class officers, the sixth one is the left rear tire on Philancy Catlin's MG. These chosen few were elected by their classmates to guide them through that last "dangerous" year and to see that each and every one got a genuine diploma. As these five recall their freshman year, they immediately think of their electing Ioyce Cameron and Sue Markwell to the Student Council. To help support Pep Squad they elected Ioyce Borden, Ianice Bowen, Betty Hawker, Nancy Hill, Ann Markwell. Sue Markwell, Iva McGuire, and Phyllis Riley. During their sophomore year they elected Phyllis Peters and Mary Ann Underwood to Pep Squad. For class officers they chose Richard Kurek as president, Robert Murphy as vice-president, Phyllis Riley as secretary, and lean Shultz as treasurer. Edward Ful- ler, Robert Murphy, and Carol Smith voiced their opinions for their classmates as members of Student Council. Along with the third year came the Iunior Play, "Growing Pains" with Betty Hawker, Richard Kurek, Buddy Mosby, and Vivian Lawrence. They were well on their way in school activities when Carol Smith, sENnoRs sf' lean Shultz, Raymonette Rucker, Patty Shupp, Rose- mary Giffen, and Bobbie Stamberger became active in Pep Squad. The class officers were Wesley Pryor. president: Robert Murphy, vice-president: lanice Bowen, secretary, and Bob Williams, treasurer. lim Carney, Wesley Pryor, Norman Capp, Robert Mur- phy, Carol Smith, Richard Kurek, and Nancy Hill were representatives in Student Council. And they held their Iunior-Senior Prom in the field house for the first time. At last they reached the climax .... their Senior year. Phyllis Riley, head cheerleader, Raymonette Rucker, and Phyllis Peters led them in spirited yells. Memory Burgess and Myrna Smith were elected to Pep Squad: Norman Capps, lim Carney, Gary Dar- nell, Nancy Hill, Robert Murphy, Carol Smith, Mary Ann Underwood, and Ierry Yeager became their last spokesmen in Student Council, with Norman holding down the office of student body president very nicely. And at last we get back to the wheels pictured above. In the driver's seat is Gary Darnell who was elected Senior class president. Standing or seated around him are lim Carney, vice-president: Dick loslyn, sergeant-at-arms: Myrna Smith, treasurer: and Prudence Platt, secretary. 1"'tf ' .0 - - .. . . , .. , in . . J ,, sv- A if t ns' . ng-f L 'u ..'1'......ig4is.. ff l-gg: . ,:, RS se- ive 'or, ice 'im Cur- 'Iill iey for ior tte ills. t to Dar- ary .ast ing Bly. ed as .ted ick er: 'tt P 'Ilk- ACTON ALLEN BADE M N . S714 , fy' 'ZW AKIN ALBERT ALLEN ALLINSON BAILEY BALLARD ALBERT ACTON-"Al" has been a member of Hi-Y for the last yeai'. His ambition is to be a good farmer, and this Hornet is kept busy with wood-finishing and working on cars. ROSE ANN AKIN-Head Twirler of the North Kansas City band, Pep, and Concert bands and Y-Teens has kept this gal occupied for the last tour years. To be a secretary would delight this Hornet someday. STANLEY ALBERT-Attending Southwest Missouri State and doing radio or television are the goals of this fellow. Here at N. K. C. "Stan" has been a mem- ber oi Hi-Y lor the last 3 years. IEAN ALEXANDER-"Ieanie" has been kept busy with G. A. A., Y-Teens, and Spanish Club during her stav her at N. K. C. H. S. BARBARA ALLARD-Barbara was an active mea:- oer of Y-Teens, and G. A. A. treasurer while a stu- dent in high school. Her ambition is to be a secretary. DANNY ALLEN-To be President of the United States is the ambition of this Hornet. His hobbies include radio and aviation. and he was an active member in the radio club. DAVID ALLEN- IERRY ALLENYPurgold Staff, Hi-Y, and the track team have been the activities most interesting to Ierry. Baker University will be his stompin' grounds next year. Hunting and fishing occupy his free time. WILLIAM ALLISON--"Bill" was a member ol Hi-Y for one year. IEAN ANDREWS-lean was a member oi Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Library, and Future Teachers Club. To be a model or a teacher would make this Hornet N v x I vii we , SW Z ALEXANDER ALLARD ANDREWS ARNOLD BARNES BARTLETT happy. AK. U. or M. U. will be seeing a lot of her next year. MARGIE ARNOLD-'Colorado U. is where Margie will further her education. After iinishing school, she will earn her livelihood as an airline hostess. Col- lecting air posters irom everywhere occupies most of her time. MICHAEL A. ARNONE-"Gus" was an active mem- ber ol Hi-Y, Track, Marching, Concert, and Pep Bands. RITA BADE--Playing the piano keeps her busy around home while G. A. A., Y-Teens, Band, and Spanish Club were her school activities. To further her education, Rita has chosen Missouri University, DENNIS BAILEY-"Dennis the Menace," as he was known around school, participated in Hi-Y, Track, and Art Guild. He would like to attend William lewell College next year. IOSEPH H. BALLARD-Ioe spends most of his time working on cars and would like to be a mechanic someday. He worked quite hard in D. O. while at N. K. C. H. S. CLAUDE BARNES-"Bones" was active in Band, Hi-Y, and D. O. HG-'ll be an accountant or a farmer someday-he hopes. Motorcycles occupy most of his time outside oi school. SALLY BARTLETT-Sally belonged to Y-Teens ior the last four years. She is kept busy sewing for her hope chest. BARBARA IEAN BASS-This gal enioys reading as a hobby, and she hopes to go to business college after graduation and then be a secretary. By the way, she has belonged to Y-Teens for the last two and one-half years. ALLEN ARN ONE BASS CAROLE BAUM-Some airline will see a lot of this gal, for her ambition is to be an airline hostess. She has been a member of Y-Teens for the last year. PEGGY BEARDSLEY-"Peg" was a member of Y- Teens and helped in the oflice during her senior year. IOHN BENEDETTI-"Rocky" was a member oi Span- ish Club, Hi-Y, and the track team during his stay at North Kansas City. He cites his hobby as "girls" and wants to do government work someday. LAURENCE BENTLEYf"Chaunsey", as he was known around school, worked hard in D. O. and he spent his spare time hunting and fishing. Colorado University will be seeing this Hornet around next year. CHARLES BIRD-Charles spent most ol his' time working on radios. His main interest around school was Radio Club. NORMA BLACK-"Pudg," a member of Y-Teens. Library Club, and D. O. Club was a busy senior. Her vocational desire is to be a stenographer. BILL BLACKBURN-This young musician was a member of Hi-Y, D. O. Club, and the track team. I. B. BLAIR4Kansas University will be seeing a lot of I. B. next year. Hi-Y occupied his high school time, and he would like to have farming occupy his future time. IOYCE BLACKMORE-"Tudy" would rather dance than do anything else. She was a member of Y4Teeris for four years. She would like to be a secretary to earn her livelihood. KENNETH BLANN-This musical man participated in Concert Band. Hi-Y, Football, Track. Marching BAUM BEARDSLEY ' BENEDETTI BLACKBURN BLAIR BLAKEMORE BORDEN BOWEN BRADLEY 'TT7' f f if E L Band, Community Y Band, Pep Band and aviation. He'll be seen around Missouri University next year. IANICE BLASCOglanice was new around N. K. C. her senior year. Y-Teens and A Cappella Choir kept her busy. Kansas University will be the stompin' grounds of this Hornet next year. GENE G. BOLIN-This N. K. C. athlete was a member oi Hi-Y, Football, the track team, and "N" Club, Leather work and hunting occupy his spare time. IOYCE BORDEN-ff-"Bordini" was a member of Pep Squad, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, G. A. A., and was Purgold Staff Business manager. This active Hornet will further her education at Missouri University next year. Too, she was a Purgold Queen Attendant. IANICE BOWENA"lan" has really been busy for the last iour years. Pep Squad. Y-Teens, G. A. A., Buzz Staif, lunior Class Secretary, Principal's Advisory Committee, and "Growing Pains" were her many activities. MONA BRADLEY-The highlights oi Mona's high school career has been Y-Teens. ALFRED BRADY-f"Al" was a real musician while he was in high school. He was active in Marching Band. A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, Concert Band, Pep Band, and Hi-Y. SHARON BROWN -"Brownie" was kept busy with Y-Teens and Poetry Club. Her happiest times came while she was showing her horses and planning on going to Missouri University. GORDEN BRUINGTON--"Skippy" spent most of his time working on D. O. The rest of the time you'd prob- ably find him working on cars. BENTLEY BIRD BLANN BLASCO BRADY BROWN 2 . 't ., M 1 -:1 ,-A.:-:ffi 'X ' ' - X22 4--M148 . . 5 if m i, ' rv 2+'-2:s::::z- .M ' .g gi--a :.w: ' P A ,ff lm. I .gs YV' 4 . .. X 5, " S BLACK BOLIN BRUINGTON ,ss N 1 XS - ' - 4 2 fins 1- ss' x t M' ' ' f am as-. . Q. .,, . 2 .,... -isr- ki 5122.-2' ' ' t P c fi fi JJ i if i I ft? x 9 -.iv CQ? Q, wt? 'a fir K Q I 4. WYYQ ffQZ'f",:' , 5, 5 f vis 62-f ff fi ' f X wi ji f , M 4 ' iff. ,, , 4, M " N-f ' 4 N A ff Y 4' i"a".a.- . ' .Y ,Vf .-gp., -, -.f,. , wg 'Xi , Q Q 1 ., ,fi ?- 'r fl' fgfftvi ft, 'ff , W . J Z5 f, , 41 il,x.! , ' '3' H.-:gr-::.:s --M 1 -x..1'..-' .- if y 44' if f , S7 H, f 'NV 'iliti' ' p..s1-T-ia..-fi-"-- sew - ' .--'. .f -1 ... .I J N rn rv -4 J .g..-. ' 111--' 4 L Q , . . L f I ., in :rv W, -av. 1 Q ., .il -1 m - " fr ve. fx X f X " f ffl I yi I fit Nh PW ,M gsjfi r i is X 3 X lab-j-Q x Q'Q" Q . -r 2 4 'V Malik f X .K . V' Y 2 ,, X! 1- V , A I Q X 2 N f, oi? 'Y-. 4,1 L w4wt1l,!f5t U75-1 -' -12 f s f, . fa ' W' fXfW W x X :'. - '4::':' f if 'IVE -x- lx --llz BURGESS BURKARD BURKE BURKHART CALDWELL CAMERON CAPPS CARNEY CARREL CHAMBERLAIN CHEEK CLEMONS CLIFF CORDES I coRNEL1'Us MEMORY BURGESS-This Halloween attendant worked quite hard on Pep Squad, Y-Teens, as Senior triangle vice-president, and on Sophomore advisory committee. She'll be seen around Missouri University or William Iewell next year. DICK BURKARD4"Banjo" was a member of the Spanish, Radio, and Poetry Clubs. Attending Army Tech and studying to be a Radio-Television Tech- nician are his foremost plans, ALOAH BURKEf'l'his Hornet was a member of Y-Teens Cabinet, French Club, Purgold Staff, N.F.L. secretary, Debate Club secretary, "Huck Finn, De- tective," and Quill and Scroll. Next year Missouri will be seeing a lot of this senior, for that is where she wants to study to be a doctor. IERRY BURKHART-Ierry will probably be seen around the campus of either Missouri University or Kansas University next year where he will study Mechanical Engineering. His activities in high school were Hi-Y, A Capella choir, Aviation, and several operettas. MARY CALDWELL-"Boots" was a member of D. O. Club, Y-Teens, and G. A. A. Her ambition is to be a bookkeeper and a typist someday. BONNIE LOU CALHOUN-Bonnie spent most of her time doing Y-Teen work during her four years at North Kansas City High School. IOYCE CAMERON-This gal's main interest was music. She was a member of the A Capella choir, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, "Meet Arizona", and "H.lVl.S. Pinaforef' Her other activities were Stu- dent Council and secretary in the attendance office. NORMAN CAPPS- "Cappy" was really a busy boy. His many activities include Student Council presi- dent. Football. Basketball, Baseball, "N" Club, Hor- net's Nest Board of Control, A Capella choir, Hi-Y Cabinet, Buzz Staff, Quill and Scroll, Purgold Staff, Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior Advisory committees. HM CARNEY-lim was kept busy with Sophomore and Iunior class advisory committees, Senior class vice-president, Student Council, Hi-Y Chaplain, his Freshman and Iunior years, and general treasurer, "N" Club, Basketball, Baseball, and Quill and Scroll. LYNN CARROL-Lynn was a real sports enthusiast, by being Football and Track manager. This Hornet was also a member of Hi-Y and D. O. VINCENT L. CHAMBERLAIN-This fellow was quite a musician. His main interests were Marching, Con- cert, Swing, and Pep Bands, A Capella choir, Madri- gals, Modern Music Masters, Radio Club, and Hi-Y. GERALD CHEEK--"Cheekie's" ambition is to be a music teacher, and he made a good start by partici- pating in Marching, Pep, Swing, Concert Bands. His other activities were Spanish Club and Hi-Y. NANCY CHEEK-Nancy was kept busy while at North Kansas City by Y-Teens, Photography, and secretary in the office. She would like to attend Missouri University and learn to be a secretary. IOYCE CLEMONS-Ioyce was a member of Y-Teen Cabinet, G. A. A., Y-Teen, secretary of the Senior triangle, National Honor Society and secretary in the principal's office. Rice Institute or the University of Houston is where Ioyce would like to learn to be a teacher. HAROLD THOMAS CLIFF4'l'om spent most of his time earning a lot of money by his work in D. O. BERT CORDES-"Berto" spent most of his time work- ing on Hi-Y. A Capella Choir, Spanish Club, and Buzz Staff. He was also in the Iunior play, "Growing Pains." STERLING R. CORNELIUS-"Corney" or "Steer" was a member of the D. O. Club. By the way, this fellow is a F. F. A. Boxing Champ. IACK CROSSLEY-"Iackie" spent most of his time earning lots of money through his work in D. O. CALHOUN CHEEK, G. CROSSLEY va V ... .,..-.,. .-L - -:--- -- ...Z A I CROSSLEY , DOTSON EDWARDS MARSHA CROSSLEY-Marsha was an active mem- ber of Y-Teens and participated in A Cappella Choir and Modern Music Masters. She also likes to occupy her time with a good book. GARY DARNELL-"Gabe" or "Big Red" was an active member of his class. Among his numerous activities were Hi-Y secretary, "N" Club, Student Council Treasurer, Football, Baseball, Vice-President of French Club, Basketball Manager, Senior Class President, and the Senior Advisory and Nominating committees: he was also a member of National Honor Society. IUANITA DAVID-This gal was a member of Y- Teens for four years and also a member of Glee Club, A Cappella, French Club, and Modern Music Mas- ters. She hopes to attend William Woods College and to become a voice teacher. LUTHER DAVIDSON-"Babe" was a participant in several of our outside activities. Among these were Football, Hi-Y, French Club, Modern Music Masters, A Cappella, and Marching, Concert and Pep Bands. SARALYN DAVIS-A member of G. A. A., Modern Music Masters, Spanish Club, Debate Club, N. F. L., Future Teachers, Y-Teens, A Cappella, Band and Pep Band, and National Honor Society, this Hornet was kept busy. She also was in the junior play and was a majorette. MARLYSE DOLAN-Marlyse participated in Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, and Modern Mu- sic Masters. This ambitious Hornet has chosen nur- sing as her future vocation. SHIRLEY DOTSON-Orchestra, Band, Twirling, Y- Teens, A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, two operettas, and Modern Music Masters kept her busy outside of school hours. Shirley hopes to do clerical and office work. ALBERT DUNBAR-Busily occupied with HiAY, "N" Club, Basketball, and Hornet's Nest Board of Control was our "Little Al." He was quite interested in basket- ball and would like to someday be a coach. LAURA DYKES-"Deanie" was a four-year member of Y-Teens and served as a chairman on Y-Teen Cabinet. Also, she was ta member of G. A. A. and the Art Guild. Incidentally, she helped with Prom decora- tions and was an extra in the junior play. DARNELL DAVID DUN BAR DYKES EVANS F EURT E f Tig... ixxl I I , I as 0 ,.,... I r M I, x-N! Z. 1.27 ,, , I ,Q .A W tif 4. il. .. 's Yeoh, Vw We BARBARA EASTBURNiMusic seems to be Barbara's interest as she was in A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club. and Modern Music Masters. She was also a member of Y-Teens and G. A. A. MARTHA SUE EDMONDS-Sometimes known as "Marty," this Hornet was kept busy with Y-Teens, G. A. A., A Cappella, Y-Teen Cabinet, and Modern Music Masters. She enjoys skating and swimming and would like to attend Central College this fall. DONNA EDMONDSON-"Donnie" was an active member of Y-Teens as she was president of her senior triangle, secretary-treasurer of her sophomore triangle and also elected to cabinet. Spanish and Poetry Clubs are included in her list of activities. LOWELL EDWARDS-A member of D. O. and Hi-Y. Lowell seems to have had his share of nicknames such as "Slim", "Eddie", and "Ace", He is interested in woodcrafts and would someday like to go into radio andgor television. SHIRLEY EVANS-A G. A. A. member for three years and Y-Teen member for four years, Shirley was also in the D. O. Club. IEAN FEURT-Hoping to attend M. U. and intending to excel in secretarial work is Iean whose list of activi- ties includes Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Nurses Club, Modern Music Masters, Concert, Marching and Pep Bands, and a Nurse's aid alternate. She was vice- president of Marching Band and treasurer of Pep Band for one year. SHIRLEY FISHER-Shirley's activities were Y-Teens. A Cappella, and Modern Music Masters. In her spare time she collects autographs of famous people and enjoys watching baseball games. NORMAN FRANCIS-Athletics seem to interest "Bevo", as he played Baseball and Basketball and would someday like to become a professional coach in either of these fine sports: he is also a member of Hi-Y. Norman has really done a lot for the school, during his only year at N. K. C. H. S. MARTHA FRANK-A member of G. A. A. and Y- Teens, Martha may someday be some lucky person's secretary. The beauty of our Prom was also due part- ly to Martha's efforts. DAVIDSON DAVIS DOLAN EASTBURN EDMONDS EDMONDSON FISHER FRANCIS FRANK K 5 ,X Nlv' K W3 'Q'-1,3 A 'f --M A A I 'ifiifi . I cd X lla x 1' 'I -291-1 ','.'.',u I 'QM' I I if f 'Ivy' Qrv-gy "lbs, 'Ds Vi? , X Qi L XXX. . I I ., ,A t ,H-, -,i It 1 . snip pg, g Ib!! xt ..........,,.., time 4 FULLER GANN GARZEE GASWINT GIFFEN GODSEY GRANT GRAVES GRAVES GRAY HACKETT HAINES HALSTENBERG HARBIN HARRIS EDWARD FULLER-Ed was vice-president of the General Hi-Y and vice president and secretary ot his own chapter. His other activities were A Cap- pella, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, Student Council, "N" Club secretary, National Honor Society. a manager of Basketball and Baseball. Ed enjoys model building and is interested in engineering or architecture as a vocation. DONNA IEAN GANN-Y-teens, G. A. A., and Band were Donna's outside interests. She hopes to attend M. U. and thinks teaching or nursing would make a fine career. JAMES GARZEE-I. T. was a member of Hi-Y and D. O. and also played baseball. Industrial engineer- ing holds a future interest for this Hornet. CLAY GASWINT-While tool and dye work seem to be Clay's desires for the future, his activities such as A Cappella, a lead in the operetta, and Madrigals show a decided interest in music. Other activities are "Growing Pains" and the Hi-Y. ROSEMARY GIF EEN-"Rosie" expressed a desire to someday become a modeling teacher, but recently she was busy with Pep Squad, Y-Teens, Girls' Glee Club and Modern Music Masters. MARY ANNE GINAINEAA future M. U. student and X-ray technician, Mary Anne's activities consisted of G. A. A. and Y-Teens. ELEANOR GODSEY-Eleanor was a member of G. A. A., Y-Teens, and D. O. Club. She also worked as a receptionist in the counseling office. BENIAMIN GRANT-Those activities of Benny's con- sisted of Hi-Y, N. F. L., and Track. He was also an active member of the "A" Debate Team c ' Debate Club. He may be seen on the K. U. campus vi ere he Wishes to study law. DEBORAH GRAVES--Sometimes called "Debby". this Hornet was interested in music and dancing and is considering the possibility of becoming a secretary. She is a member of Y-Teens. IO GRAVES- lo enjoyed speaking in public, as his activities included N. F L., Debate Club, Basketball und Football announcing, Other activities were Hi-Y, Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, and National Honor Societv, DAVID GRAY-Perhaps someday to be seen doing chemical or physical engineering, David has had an unusual interest in the sciences. Debate Club, N. F. L., Hi-Y, Spanish Club, National Honor Society and aviation head his activity list. MARIORIE GUTHRIE-To be a secretary or nurse is her intention and Margie spent three years here in the Y-Teen organization. Margie helped with Prom decorations and served on the junior play make-up committee. PATRICIA HACKET-Pat should later be seen roam- ing around M. U. or perhaps Michigan. Masque and Gavel, Y-Teens, A Cappella, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, "Growing Pains," and "Meet Ari- zona" kept Pat busy during her days here. LARRY HAINES-A football and track letterman, Larry has been occupied with his sports. He attended another school during his first two years and made a sports record there, too. ALBERT HALSTENBURG-A participant in A Cap- pella, Madrigals, Hi-Y, and Football, Albert's voca- tional desire is to be a C. P. A. EDWARD HARBIN-"Edderd" or "Hot Rod" joined Hi-Y his senior year and seems to be interested in customising as a future vocation. He also helped with decorations for the Prom and printed junior play props. TERRY HARRIS-A member of Hi-Y and Radio Club, Terry wants to attend K. U. where he hopes to studi' engineering. .- BETTY HAWKER-Betty has frequently been seen running from one of her numerous activities to another. Her long list includes Pep Squad secretary, A Cappella, Madrigals, Future Teachers vice-presi- dent, Y-Teen Cabinet, Buzz Staff, Masque and Gavel, Purgold Co-Editor, N. F L. G. A. A., National Honor Society and Ouill and Scroll. Betty was the first president of the newly organized Modern Music Mas- ters. Betty also sang in the Girls' Quartet, the oper- ettas: Pirates of Penzance", M. S. Pinafore", and "Meet Arizona", and she acted in "Growing Pains", the junior play. i I A x 5 fhk. - 5 : 1, If, ' snfzzf -M6-iwffit se ,W .1 I1 GINAINE GUTHRIE HAWKER 27 2 4 t HEDRICK SHARON LEE HEDRICK--Sharon was a member ol Y-Teens and was partially responsible for the success ol our Prom, as she helped with its decoration. EILENE HEIVIMERLING-Eilene was a four-year mem- ber ol the Y-Teens and has been attending College of Commerce. She hopes to someday be a secretary. GLENN HENBEST-Vice-president of orchestra for one year and a toursyear member, Glenn also showed an interest in aviation. LINNEA HENDRIX-Interested in attending a busi- ness college and perhaps becoming a secretary, Linnea was a member ot Y-Teens and Spanish Club. LOU ANN HENRY-Lou Ann has taken an active interest in the Y-Teen organization. NANCY HILL-Nancy was a four-year member and vice-president of the Pep Squad, a member of G. A. A., Student Council, Future Teachers, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll and Buzz Staff. In addition. Nancy was unusually active in Y-Teens, being secre- tary of General Y-Teens, member ol Y-Teen Cabinet, president of her junior triangle and vice-president ot her sophomore triangle. RALPH HOLMAN- A member ol the D. O. Club. Ralph wants to study farming and enjoys hunting and leather crafts as hobbies. CHARLES HOSKINS-Colorado University may be the stomping grounds of this student next fall. He was a member of Hi-Y and wants to be a C. P. A. some- HEMMERLING HENBEST clay. His hobbies consist oi photography and stamp collecting. ' IAY HOUGH-President of D. O., active in band and orchestra and Hi-Y, lay hopes to attend one of two universities, Iowa or Oklahoma. HELEN HOYLE- IIlVl HUDSON-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, potential William lewell student and interested in business administra- tion, Iim contributed his share to the welfare of the senior class. LARRY HUMPHREY-A two-year member ot the Art Club, Larry claims as his hobbies, girls and hunting. Larry helped with Prom decoration. IOHN HUTCHERSON-"Hutch" was a four-year member of HiAY and may later be seen at Colorado University, studying law. IANICE IRONS-"Ian" is interested in secretarial or stenographic work and helped with the Prom and "Growing Pains." Her activities consisted of Y-Teens, D. O. and the Art Guild. IACKIE IRVIN-lackie was a three-year member of Y-Teens and says her hobby is any sport. BEVERLY IENNINGS-A two-year member of Y- Teens, Beverly was also a member of D. O. MARY ALICE IOHNSON-"lonnie" participated for toureyears in Y-Teens, two-years in the Art Guild and one-year in Poetry Club. Her other interests include piano and art. HENDRIX HENRY HOLMAN HOSKINS HOUGH HOUSER HOYLE HUPEIQIEJN HUMPHREY HUTCHERSON IRONS IRVIN IENNINGS IOHNSQN Elv- Q 7 f -M. I E . ' .V I l -- -W. . .-.A 11,. f .11 IONAS IOSLYN KELLEY KUREK LAMPKIN LARSON LONG LUCKETT MADSEN RICHARD IONAS-Richard has been in D. O. for a year and he hopes to be an auto mechanic in the tuture. DICK IOSLYN-"Moose" was really a busy boy. He was in Hi-Y, "N" Club, Football, Track, and was Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senior Class. He plans to attend Baker College. IUNE KELLEY-June has been in Y-Teens for three years, and she has a very worthy goal in life, to be a social worker. ARTHUR KENNEDY-"Grandma" as he was often called, plans to work for the government. His activi- ties include Track, Hi-Y, Photography, and "N" Club. GLORIA KILGORE--Gloria is really a talented musi- cian. She has been in A Cappella. Madrigals, Girls' Glee Club, Modern Music Masters, Y-Teens, and "Meet Arizona." IAMES KINCAID-lim is an accomplished student. His activities include Hi-Y President, Spanish Club President, N. F. L. President, Debate Club Vice-Presi- dent, "N" Club, Golf, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll and Buzz Staff Co-Editor. He plans to attend Washington University and be a lawyer. RICHARD KUREK-Hi-Y, "N" Club, Student Council, Football, Iunior Class Advisory Committee, Hornet's Nest Board of Control, Sophomore Class President, and "Growing Pains" are this guy's activities. He has his eye on William Iewell and desires to be an engineer. PATRICIA LAMPKIN-Patty has been a Majorette for four ears and a member of Y-Teens for the same Y length of time. Her career is going to be in the busi- ness field. DON LARSON-Don has been in D. O. for two years and has played in the Band for two years. He played Football his freshman year. I -L --.----.--1.1-X4 -','- ' - ' - X E+ I ag i ':f.'?'.-TSM, Fi l seat .ss - Q TW-. Q if , Aix? if . KENNEDY KILGQEE KINCAIXD LA SALA LAWRENCE LINDER MALMBERG MALONE MANN FRANK LA SALA- VIVIAN LAWRENCE-This little gal certainly has been kept busy with A Cappella, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, Art Guild President, Poetry Club, Y- Teens, Buzz Staff, and "Growing Pains." She helped add to the cheertulness of the school with the many posters she made. SHIRLEY LINDER-Shirley was a member of Y-Teens for three years. After her graduation she plans to do office work to earn her livelihood. RAY LONG-Stamp collecting is a favorite pastime of this guy. His membership in Hi-Y was three years. To attend Kansas City Iunior College is his ambition after graduation. PAT LUCKETT-When Pat isn't participating in Po- etry Club and Hi-Y or keeping track of the money for the Spanish Club, he is busy adding to his stamp collection. RUSSELL MADSON-Russell plans to attend Iowa State College and take up dairy farming. His activi- ties include A Cappella, D. O., Hi-Y, M. S. Pina- fore." and "Meet Arizona." BARBARA MALMBERG-"Barb" was a busy gal around NKC. She took part in A Cappella, Madrigals, Modern Music Masters, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Fu- ture Nurses, Y-Teens, "Pirates of Penzance," M. S. Pinafore," and "Meet Arizona." NANCY MALONE-Pep Band, Band, Y-Teens, and G. A. A. head Nancy's list of activities. She has also been a Nurse's Aide at Research Hospital. MYRAN MANN-This guy's future plans concern the Navy. He is often referred to as "Tiny." MARKWELL, McCOY MEN TZEH ANN MARKWELL+-Ann's many activities include A Cappella, G. A. A., Madrigals, French Club, N. F, L., Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Squad 4 years: Future Tea- chers. Poetry Club Vice-President, Spanish Club Vice- President, Modern Music Masters Club Vice-Presi- dent, Hornet's Nest Board of Control, "H. M. S. Pina- fore," "Meet Arizona," National Honor Society and Homecoming Queen Attendant. She is contemplating a concert career or the field of teaching. SUE MARKWELL-Sue's numerous activities are A Cappella, G. A. A., Y-Teen President. Y-Teen Cabi- net, Spanish Club, French Club, Hornet's Nest Board of Control, Madrigals, Student Council, Pep Squad,4 years: Modern Music Masters Club Secretary, Poetry Club, "H. M. S. Pinafore," "Meet Arizona," National Honor Society, Variety Show, Future Teachers, and N. F. L. IOHN MATHER-This guy has participated in Mar- ching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Modern Music Masters, Radio Club, and Purgold Staff. Engineering is his desired vocation and his choice of colleges is Missouri State School of Mines. LARRY MCCALL- VIRGINIA MCCLAIN-A Cappella and Poetry Club are two of this gal's activities. She was also a Nurse's Aide and assistant librarian. Secretarial work is her choice of occupation. RUBEN MCCLURE-This fella belongs to French Club, Hi-Y, A Cappella, Madrigals, and the Modern Music Masters Club and he took part in "Meet Arizona." PEGGY IO MCCOY-"lo" plans to be an airline hos- tess after she is graduated. She has been in Y-Teens two years and her hobby is one of the best, making friends. BEVERLY MCCROSKIE-A Cappella, Madrigals, Y- Teens, Poetry Club, G. A. A., Modern Music Masters, and Purgold Staff head Bev's list of activities. She also appeared in "H. M. S. Pinafore" and "Meet Arizona." MARKWEI.L, S. MATHER MCCROSKIE MCFARREN ' MERILATT MILES GENE MCFARREN-Gene played football for two years and is also enrolled in D. O. Mechanics is his desired occupation. MAYNARD MCGHAY-"Butch" is planning to attend Rolla School of Mines and be an engineer. He has been in Hi-Y for two years, a member of National Honor Society, and on the Buzz Staff, he is also inter- ested in radio work as well as hunting and fishing. IVA MCGUIRE-Iva has been in Pep Squad for four years and was Sergeant-at-Arms of the organization her senior year. She played in G. A. A. and has been a member of Y-Teens for five years, and was on the Freshman Advisory Committee. William Woods is her choice of colleges. ANN MEEDER-Ann's ambition is to be a physical therapist and enter K. U. She has really worked hard in G. A. A., Future Nurses, Y-Teen Cabinet, Buzz Staff, and Purgold Staff. She is a member of Quill and Scroll and National Honor Society. Reading is one of her hobbies and she adores animals. ANN MENTZER-Y-Teen Cabinet, A Cappella, Mad- rigals, Modern Music Masters, Future Nurses Club, Senior Advisory Committee, and "Meet Arizona" have kept this little redhead busy. Her special interest is either nursing or home economics. She is a mem- ber of National Honor Society. LOLA MILLER-"Mert" has worked in the principal's ofiice this last year and was treasurer of her D. O. class. She has been in Y-Teens for four years. LINDA MERILATT- lOYCE MILES- SANDRA MOEHLMAN-Sandra has been 'here for two years and is really a swell gal. She is now work- ing over town at Hall's ERNEST LEE MOSBY-Buddy has ambition plus. He has participated in Hi-Y, A Cappella, Marching Band, Concert Band, Radio Club President, Madrigals, Mo- dern Music Masters, Football, Aviation, "Pirates of Penzance," "H. M. S. Pinafore," "Meet Arizona," and "Growing Pains." MCCALL MCCLAIN M CLURE MCGHAY MCGUIRE IVFEEDER MILLER MOEHLMAN MOSBY 1 y x fi an X X 5 S F pu., K v - . 12 'inf' 4 ,. ., . ,. ., , , , ,UN ..-. -.,,,g,,- ' 15 if .-,rv YT' -2"Qy,, Q36 -'-" 1's: L3.sE -'..". w.,. 43.43. 1- .f r ai"-N X ,pw YD' P wwf a is X . k a Y XS Ai 6 .sr MUELLER MULICK MURPHY NELSON NORELEET Nom-O OSTERHOLT OTIS PATNTER PALASKA PALMER PAYNEN PETERS PLATT POOLER POWERS PRATT PRESTON PEGGY MUELLER-Y-Teens, D. O., Glee Club, cmd Music Club head this gal's list. She is sometimes known as "Peppy", and she plans to attend Bob Iones University. MARIANA MULICK-When Mariana isn't collecting records, she is taking part in the following school activities, A Cappella. Glee Club, Modern Music Masters, Future Nurses, Y-Teens M. S." Pinafore," "Meet Arizona," and helping out as cr nurse's aide. ROBERT DAGG MURPHY-"Murph" has been quite a well-known guy around NKC. He has announced football and basketball games. Some of his activities include Debate Club President, N. F. L. Vice-Presi- dent, General Hi-Y President. Student Council Vice- President, Golf, "N" Club, and Sophomore Class Vice-President. He plans to enter Washington Uni- versity and study dentistry: , EDWIN NELSON4Eddie has been a member of Hi-Y for one year and D. O. the same length of time. He hasn't decided on his future occupation yet but we wish him success. LARRY NORFLEET-- PAUL DEAN NORTON--This guy's hobby is sleep- ing, although he plans to deal in cars. He was presi- dent of his D. O. class and has been a member of Hi-Y two years. IIMMY LEE OSTERHOLT-limmy has been in Hi-Y tor a year and in D. O. the same length of time. He took advanced art and plans to study drafting in the future. K. U. seems to be choice of colleges. BILLY O'1'lS-- Hi-Y, and "N" Club made up this guy's activities. He liked his work in shop and is very iond of sports, especially ice skating. DORIS PAINTER- -Doris was for two years a member of Y-Teens. Her present hobby is homemaking and everyone agrees it is one of the best. GEORGE PALASKA- -"Bushman," as George is often called, has been in Football and Track two years and :J 2...--2 - 2 .""'-..-::.z,f4,..4 . was Vice-President of the Radio Club. He was espec- ially interested in international relations. MARY ELLEN PALMER--French Club, G. A. A., Pur- gold Staff, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, and being a nur- se's aide have kept Mary Ellen busy. SHIRLEY PAYNE-Shirley has been in Y-Teens for four years and has really been busy with her dan- cing. She is working to be a really good professional dancer and she would like to attend M. U. PHYLLIS PETERS-"Pete" is Well-known by all classes for her cheerleading ability of the past two years. Some ot her other activities include Pep Squad. G. A. A., Spanish Club and Y-Teen Cabinet. Business administration is her desired field of work and Wil- liam Iewell is her pick of ,colleges PRUDENCE ANN PLATT-This little gal has really been busy at NKC. She may be seen around the cam- pus of Baker next year. Some of her activities are General Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet Vice- President, Spanish Club, Poetry Club President, Buzz Staff, Purgold Staff, A Cappella, and Senior Class Secretary. She also Wrote the script for the '53 Variety Show. LEON POOLEReLeon would like to go into the study of law after he is qraduated. He has been in Hi-Y for two years. IAMES LOREN POWERS-Engineering is lim's de- sired occupation. He has sung with the A Cappella Choir for a year and been in D. O. one year. He also helped in the decorating of the Field House for the Prom. CAROL ANN PRATT-Carol would like tobe a typist or engage in clerical work. She worked in the counse- lor's office this last year. She was in Art Club tor a year and in Y-Teen for three years. She also helped decorate for the Prom. DON PRESTON-K. U. is Don's choice of colleges, He has participated in Hi-Y for three years and was in French Club two years. He pitched in and helped to decorate for the Prom his junior year. CAROL PROCTOR-Carol has been a member of Y-Teens for three years and active in Diversified Occupations for one year. In the future she hopes to become a nurse. WESLEY GENE PRYOR-"Wes" was Iunior class president and has participated in Hi-Y and A Cap- pella Choir. He has played football for ol' NKC for four years: he also was a member of the track and baseball teams. BONNIE RASMUSSEN-Bonnie has been active in Y- Teens, Girls' Glee Club and Modern Music Masters Society. Clerical work will occupy this Hornet's time in the future. BOB RICHMOND-The majority of Bob's activities were concerned with music. They were Marching, Concert, Pep and Swing Bands. He also was a mem- ber of Hi-Y Cabinet, the tennis team, the Photography and Radio Clubs and the Buzz Staff. Next year he plans to attend S.M.U.- . PHYLLIS RILEY-"Riley" is really full of pep. She has been a member of Pep Squad for four years and a cheerleader for two years, the last of which she was head cheerleader. She was secretary of her sopho- more class, vice-president of her freshman Y-Teen triangle, a member of G. A. A. and last, but not at all least, she was the 1953 Homecoming Queen. GLEN RODENBERG-"Oscar" has been a member of Hi-Y for four years. Next year you will find him at William Iewell College. In the future he would like to get into the engineering iield. LORETTA ROMINES-Loretta was a member of Y- Teens. Spanish Club, French Club and served as secretary her senior year. Next year she hopes to attend Central Business College. RAYMONETTE RUCKER-She has been a member of Pep Squad for two years and a cheerleader for one. "Ray" was a member of French Club, secretary of her junior Y-Teen triangle and both a Homecoming and cr Purgold Queen Attendant. BARBARA SCHRYER-Barbara has been a member of Y-Teens for five years and a member oi the Future Nurses' Club for two. Next year she hopes to attend the University of Kansas City. In the future, nursing is going to be her career. IEAN SCHULTZ--"Ieanie" was a member ol Y- Teens, G. A. A., and has been on Pep Squad for twc years. Her sophomore class elected her treasurer. She was an attendant to the Lion's Club Halloween Queen. Next year you will find this Hornet buzzin' around the campus of William Iewell College. DOREN SCHWARTZBAUER-Doren has been a member of Hi-Y for two years. Next fall you may find him around the University of Kansas City. In the future he hopes to go into the engineering lfield. LYNDA SCOTT-"Scottie" was a member of G. A. A.. and Y-Teen Cabinet. She also helped decorate for the Prom. The University of Kansas City will be the insti- tution of higher learning for this Hornet next year. IOYCE SHANNON-Ioyce was a member of the Y- Teens and the Future Nurses: she also served as a nurses' aide for two years. Her hobbies are music, reading and dancing, and in the future she would like to be a nurse or a receptionist. HELEN SHAWVER-Helen was art editor of the 1954 Purgold, a member of the Art Guild, G. A. A.. and the National Art Honor Society. Her hobbies concern sports and art. You'll find this Hornet at the Kansas City Art Institute next fall. LESLIE SHORT-"Les" has been a pretty busy guy around ol' NKC. His man activities are Purgold Staff, A Cappella Choir, lfladrigals, Radio Club. Modern Music Masters Society, Hi-Y Cabinet and the Photography Club. He has appeared in the Variety Shows and operettas. Next fall he is headed for Graceland College. PATTY SHUPP-This "Shaddy Pup" has been active in Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Squad. G. A. A., Band, Future Teachers, Future Nurses, and was a member of both the Purgold and Buzz Staff and National Honor Socie- ty and Quill and Scroll. Someday she hopes to be a journalist: therefore, she is going to attend the Uni- versity of Missouri. RACHEL SIMONS-Rachel has been a member of Y-Teens for four years. CAROL SMITH-"Smitty" was president of general Y-Teens and president of her sophomore triangle. She was a member of G. A. A., Student Council, Senior Advisory Committee, Buzz Staff, Pep Squad and the Future Teachers' Club. She was Queen of the 1953 Lions Club Halloween Festival. Pnocron PRYOR RAMUSSEN RICHMOND RILEY RQDENBERG ROMINES RUCKER SCHRYER scHU1:rz SCHWARTZBAUER SCOTT SHANNON SHAWVER snonr SHUPP s1MoNs SMITH C. .is W. . is K .. xg Gt 'flu vpn "UI V t ', '. if I 'r if K . t S g . it 5, t U 6 5. 3: ti L! 5. i fit' 1 ,I I it J-.:,... 'T fr if -M If . sz... - W v if g" l j ., K H . ' I i Q K 2 W 6 I f 1 4'9- SMITH M SMITH, D. SNELL STAMBERGER STARK STOLFUS STOUT MYRNA SMITH-Pep Squad, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Buzz Staff, Purgold Staff, Poetry Club, Quill and Scroll cmd National Honor Society are the many ac- tivities of this Hornet gal. She also was treasurer of her senior class. Next fall you may find her on the campus of the University of Missouri. WILLIAM DALE SMITH-Bill was a member of the A Cappella Choir and was a member of the casts of both "Meet Arizona" and M. S. Pinafore." D. O. and Hi-Y also helped to keep him busy. PHILLIP SNELL-Phillip has been very active in ath- letics around NKC: he has played Football three years and has gone out for Track two years. He also was a member of the Radio Club. It'll either be K. U. or Rolla School of Mines for this Hornet next year. PAUL SPAIN- . IOE SPRUYETTE--"Big Ice" has played Football, Baseball. and been a member of "N" Club for two years. His favorite hobby is model building. Next year you wil be able to find him at the University of Missouri. He, too, is a member of National Honor Society. BEVERLY SPERMAN- PAT STAKLEY-Pat has been a member of Y-Teens four years. Her favorite pastime is art. In the future she would like to be a secretary. Yes, she was one of those busy Hornets who helped decorate for the 1953 Prom. BOBBIE STAMBERGER-Bobbie has been a member of Pep Squad two years: she was a member of the cast of "Growing Pains," and belonged to Y-Teens and Future Nurses' Club. She was an attendant to the 1953 Homecoming Queen and she was the Queen of the 1954 Purgold. DAVID STARK-"Dutch" was a member of the Hi-Y and French Club: and because of his outstanding performance in "Growing Pains," he was made a member of Masque and Gavel. In the future he hopes to be Dr. Stark as he is going to attend medical school at the University of Missouri. uf-x 'P- K 6+ Tvs fx... S f f X f -Q1 sw if 1 fi F2512 ,f SPAIN ' SPERMAN STEINBORN STEINER SUTTERBY SWENSON PAULA IEAN STEINBORN-She was a member of Y-Teens, French Club, Future Nurses and G. A. A. After graduation she hopes to enter nurses' training. ANN STElNER4Ann was a member of Y-Teens, A Cappella, Madrigals, Spanish Club, and Buzz Staff. She played in "Growing Pains" and "Meet Arizona." In the future she would like to be a modeling instructor. RONALD STEVENS-Ronnie was a member of Hi-Y and "N" Club: and he helped with the decorating for the Coronation Ball. He played freshman Football and has played Basketball four years, the last two of which he was on the Varsity. He's headed for Baker University this fall. MERLE STOCK-"Butch" has been a member of Hi-Y and D. O. His hobby is building hot rods. You can find him around the University of Kansas City next fall. GORDEN STOUT-A member of the Marching and Concert Bands, A Cappella Choir, and Modern Music Masters Society, Gordon has participated in base- ball and track and was a member of "N" Club. Kirks- ville State Teachers' College will be the new home of this Hornet after graduation. IOHN LLOYD SUTTERBY-Lloyd was Co-Editor of the 1954 Purgold. treasurer of General Hi-Y, chair- man of the 1953 Prom Committee, basketball statistics manager two years, a member of the French Club, "N" Club, National Honor Society, and Quill and Scroll. He will probably attend K. U. next fall. CRAIG SWENSON-"Deacon" was a member of the Spanish Club and Hi-Y. He has gone out for track all four years. Next year he is off to the Univer- sity of Missouri where he intends to study journalism. PHIL TENER-Phil was a member of the Photogra- phy, Radio. and Aviation Clubs. He was on the 1954 Purgold Staff. the Stage Committee, the list of seniors making National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. Also. he was a member of Hi-Y. In the future he would like to be either a chemist or a photo- grapher. 'Wi- . 4 ii l - f ,, ss. 1 , I, ,,..y 9 X2-if Q H, ...- W, Hg - 7 t 1 . SPRUYETTE STEVENS TENER TROUT UNDERWOOD WALTHER WEBB WICKHAM WILLIAMS, I. IANET TROUT-lanet was a member of Marching, Concert, Pep, cmd Swing Bands, Modern Music Mas- ters Society, and Y-Teens. She was Drum Major cmd a member of All-State Band. M. U. will be the stom- pin' grounds of this Hornet next winter. MARY ANN UNDERWOOD-"Underwear" was pres- ident of the Pep Squad of which she has been a mem- ber for three years: she was co-editor of the Buzz. secretary of Student Council, a member of the Y- Teens Cabinet, National Honor Society, Quill cmd Scroll, and Spanish Club. Being a Homecoming Attendant and Purgold Attendant kept her quite busy her last year in NKCHS. Next year you can find her at the University of Missouri. DEAN VENABLE-Dean was a member of the orches- tra and sergeant-at-arms of the D. O. His hobbies are reading and sports. He would like to go into agricul- tural field in the future. MAX VON ERDMANNSDORFF- Max was president of the Debate Club, and vice-president and treasurer of NFL, both of which he has been a member for three years. Spanish Club, Poetry Club, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Buzz Staff, Band and National Honor Society were his many activities. He was outstan- ding Senator in the state debate tournament and was in the oratory finals in 1952. JACK WACKLEY-lack was a member of Hi-Y, Radio Club, the Marching and Concert Bands. His hobbies are working on radios and T.V. sets and going fishing. PAULINE WALTERS-Pauline has been a member of Y-Teens for three years and was a D. O. student. In the future she hopes to be an airline hostess. EVELYN WALTHER-Evelyn has been a member of Y-Teens for four years and would someday like to be a secretary. MARY RUTH WEBB-Mary Ruth was a member of the Future Nurses' Club, Y-Teens, and Spanish Club: she also was a nurses' aide. Reading and swimming are her two favorite hobbies. w MARCIA WELLS-"Moe" was a member of Y-Teens and Girls' Glee Club. Her favorite pastime is playing the piano, and most likely she'll be seen at Central Business College next year. 'CF' M Mx I r' BILLY IOE WEST-"GoDad" was a member of the Marching, Concert, Pep, and Dance bands, and Hi-Y. His hobbies are photography, hunting, and fishing. He plans to make the University of Missouri his first stop after graduation. WILEY WHITE-Football, track, "N" Club, and Hi-Y kept this Hornet busy. "Peach" likes baseball best for a hobby, and plans on attending Central Missouri State Teachers College in the fall of 1954. LAWRENCE WICKHAM-Lawrence was a D. O. stu- dent and a member of Hi-Y. Sketching house plans is his favorite pastime. He wants to be a jayhawk at K. U. come this autumn. SANDRA MCDOUGAL WICKHAM-"Sandi" was a member of A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Mad- rigals, Modern Music Masters Society, and Y-Teens. She had parts in "The Pirates of Penzance," "H.M.S. Pinafore," and "Meet Arizona." IOYCE WILLIAMS-loyce was a member of Y-Teen Cabinet Spanish Club, G. A. A., and Modern Music Masters Society. Sports are tops with this Hornet. After graduation she would like some type of office job. BOB WILLIAMS-"Babo" was secretary of his Iunior class and secretary of General Hi-Y. He was in the Marching, Pep, and Concert bands, and he partici- pated in track, baseball, and football. Too, he's a member of the "N" Club, and would like to go to Iowa State or M. U. MARGARET WILLIS-Future Teachers' Club, Span- ish Club, Y-Teens, and G. A. A., sports manager were the activities of this busy Hornet. Margie's favorite hobby is sports, and next year she plans to attend the University of Missouri to prepare for her future as a physical education instructor. MARILYN WOLVERTON-"Babe" has been a mem- ber of Y-Teens for four years and a member of G. A. A., too. Her favorite hobby is reading. In the future she hopes to hold a clerical or secretarial job. GAIL WRIGHT-Gail has been a member of Hi-Y for four years and was a D. O. student. VENABLE voN ERDMANNSDOHFF WACKLEY WALTERS WELLS WEST WHITE WICKHAM' L, WILLIAMS, B. WILLIS WOLVERTON WRIGHT -IX 'Vs A 7,9 nv-fs, .. ...,. ., , X . f 6 rr. , 'Dk XS t -f if if W I Q Y: V ',.: Nw-. EQ . S' I f 5:-Ip Q RY5 4 , .. Q 5, 1 In ,g y nf ' I ' I I I M . x ,Z ryfl xi . . 'E' M e S ' ' f, X ' 'QQ f X g 'sr .,.,., as Do S -.' "-','r".1f' . - ' f f J .- . 'J' - .. fin ' V --.. . E555 'ami v ' , f r,!J!:i If , VCV , 3 HQQ4. ,Q 'Q:QilEE'gE'53if'i13""'i. , ' , V . ' r 3 3' YATES YEAGER I I i l t t t f 5 Don't laugh Coach, this is a tough as- ! signment! 4 i t It was thisaway, see! 8 5 4 RICHARD YATES-Hi-Y, D. O. and A Cappella were the activi ties of this guy. Dick's favorite hobby is woodwork and he was one of those who decorated for the 1953 Prom IERRY YEAGER-"Nig" was president of 'N Club Student Council Sergeant-at-Arms, Hi-Y Vice-President a member of his Sophomore and Iunior class advisory committees and a mem ber of A Cappella. He participated in Baseball Basketball and played Football for four years, during two of which he was on varsity. HOR-NETS GO DRAG NET On October 16 the senior members of Pep Squad went "Dragnet" happy and acted out their own version properly known as "Hor-net" This version was presented before the stu dent body at a pep assembly the afternoon of the Ioplin football game. The bird at the bottom represents that vicious creature of the gridiron, the Ioplin Eagle. I don't believe a word you're Come with me you fowl creat telling me. ure! ..-.- -- .-.-l..:'- -...i. . - 1- MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL Norman Capps and Phyllis Riley BEST LOOKING BOY AND GIRL Ixm Camey and Memory Burgess MOST INTELLIGENT BOY AND GIRL Lloyd Sutterby and Prudence Platt BOY AND GIRL MOST LIKELY TO BEST BOY AND GIRL DANCER BEST BOY AND GIRL ATI-ILETE SUCCEED - lim Kincaid 'and Aloah Burke Ianxce Bowen and Wesley Pryor Ierry Yeager and Mqrgre Wllllg , 5 J 4 W1 sg ,Mft L ,. Q ag ,. ,fi 'Q r fi I? SOF I I 1 E ww ....,w. ua,-wmfw e BEST MUSICIANS Ann and Sue Markwell and Gerald Cheek ii, H, M , , AQ ,, rx 1, if 'B 3 ' , TJ 'iw i by 113' ' -' -'Mfr 3 ,.,' fi' 4' I A , QM 'f.1'234 I :Tk ' me if ft 4 it 1 ew 1 BOY WITH THE BEST PHYSIQUE AND gag 15:3 , ff lf ? Hwiv QDHS , L, GIRL WITH BEST FIGURE w i 1 'Maw Richard Kurek and Myrna Smith 1' x J in WITTIEST BOY AND crm. 3 Ronnie Stevens and Sharon Brown j ' X' BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS BEST COUPLE BEST DRESSED BOY AND GIRL Buddy Mosby and Betty Hawker Iim Camey and Iva McGuire Mary Ann Underwood and Gary Damell f 'L 4 , F 2 fl y ' ,Sf . - . W. -A44 --- -'f--'-- '------ '- - LETTERS TO THE EDITORS l Sirs: We are enclosing the following will and testa- ment that you may print it for the betterment of our posterity. We, the Senior Class of 1954, North Kansas City High School, being of hazy minds and uncertain memories do hereby make this our last will and testament. ARTICLE 1 First we divide a portion of our estate evenly among our successors and beloved faculty. To the juniors we leave our highly esteemed position, that of being seniors. To the "sophs" we leave our front hall lockers, locks and all. To the "frosh" we leave the honor of going to those assemblies labeled for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades only. To the faculty we leave the student parking lot, as they seem desperate for parking space. ARTICLE 2 Second we leave the following miscellaneous items to needing groups. The center section in the auditorium we leave to the juniors who have waited so long for it. The seniors from Avondale leave their political power to all up and coming Avondalians. The records on the juke box we leave to The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Relics. The Buzz Staff leaves the lost Buzz of December 4, 1953 to the 1955 Buzz Staff. If they can find it, more power to them. The Art Guild leaves their wine bottles to Alcoholics Anonymous. I The football boys leave the extra rolls fromwthe Football Banquet to next year's team. tThey're under the table!! The basketball team leaves their trophies so that the class of '54 will long be remembered. They also leave five empty places! Our pictures on the Hornets Nest and dressing room walls we leave for the preservation of history. The senior Pep Squad girls leave their positions on the Hornet football team to the junior girls. Re- member girls-Hit'em hard! The graduating GAA members leave their over- night hikes to anyone who can brave them. The names on the backstage walls we leave to the guy who paints over them this summer. Clt is a crime to destroy things of such historical value, but they say that it must be done!! The underclassmen of the Radio Club "get the antenna" because the seniors do not feel that they can take it with them. The debaters of the senior class leave their talent to the Chrisman debaters. They need it, we don't. The Kan Kan Kiddies leave their pennies. No! they're taking them. The Honey Buns left their sex appeal to next year's crew. The Student Council seniors leave the remains of the Council's Thanksgiving turkey to Mr. Waley. CThe poor man was laughing so hard he couldn't eat at the Student Council's Annual dinner! The Y-teen Cabinet seniors leave their esca- pades at Gray Rock to the future nightwalkers of the organization. ARTICLE 3 Third, we just leave the following. We leave the Prom with aching feet. The girls leave Miss Foster's office with many memories. We all hope to leave our graduation with a signed diploma. Our school spirit we leave to all: may it help to carry the Hornets "up to endless heights, the top of the ladder of fame. The Purgold Staff leaves their deadlines almost dead. Every one of us leaves with memories-mem- ories of fun and laughter, heartache and tears, exams and homework, coke parties and assemblies. We leave knowing that we are a little older and a great deal wiser, and that we have made many friends. We love this ol' school, it's been our home for four wonderful years. We'll always be proud to sing "Here's to Alma Mater, Northtown we're true." The Class of 1954 The foregoing document was in our presence signed and sealed by the said class of 1954, North Kansas City High School, and by them published and declared their last will and testament, and at their request and in their presence, we hereunto subscribe our names as attesting witnesses, at North Kansas City, Missouri on May 10, 1954. Gary Darnell President of the Senior Class lim Carney Vice-president of the Senior Class Thank you, The Class of 1954 North Kansas City High School North Kansas City, Missouri tra mi we tha tha Na Ga Dr he mi 1'll Int roi di' inn wl a C4 in he hi ec Le ol th T. tk sl O. 9 o L tent vn't. No! lext :ins ley. dn't SCG' the any h a pto :J of most .em- rms We reat nds. four sing l954 ance orth and heir ribe isas .OI , .J ,,.- Av. j ,, . ',4 f f- 3-:gif v' h ijklgydx Aj if 1531 4 l .I - - if .1 y , . Sirs: I We enjoyed your recent article on interplanetary travel very much. We thought that your readers might be interested in our class prophecy because we have written it believing that your predictions on the progress in this field will come true. Here's hoping that you will see fit to print it. Sincerely, The Class of 1954 North Kansas City High School North Kansas City, Missouri The year is 1974: the place is 23rd and Gentry, North Kansas City, Missouri. We are waiting for the Garzee Rocket Taxi to take us to lunch at the Mars Drive-In. Would you liken to go along? Come on, here he comes. l.T! Wait for Us! Here we are. My goodness! -It just took us four minutes to go from Earth. to Mars. There's the waiter. I'll have a Moose special, please. No, not moose meat, Moose is the cook's name. He wanted to be a rocket taxi driver, but his rocket was disqualified. It didn't have a reverse. So he's spending his time mak- ing sandwiches. Now that lunch is over, let's cruise around a- while. There's the Mars High School. They have a marvelous basketball team. All brothers, Yeah, the Carney Kids. Everyone over six feet tall. And speak- ing of basketball. Did you hear that Ronnie Stevens had to quit the Interplanetary Pro's. His father caught him coming in after 9:30 once too often. There's a newspaper boy hawking the latest edition. What a loud voice! Why, it's lim Kincaid. Let's buy a paper from him. Hmm. Here's a poem by old P.A. Remember her? She always was good at that sort of stuff. "Carney da player .... " Hmmm. That sounds familiar. See this headline. Sharon Brown is running for the Senate. Her platform is "More and better rocket ships for children under five." Wonder how she came out in the music publishing business with those ori- ginal western hillbilly songs aimed at the hillbillies on Iupiter. I'll never forget that one . . . "Come Back Little Iupi, Come Back." Here's a big write-up on the sports page about "lncredible Al". Hmm. He's now a coach for the Venus Vigilantes team over in Little Bend. That's one of those typical small towns on Venus. According to the entertainment section the Kan Kan Kiddies are still dancing at the Mars Theater. Appearing nightly, too. And at the show across the street, The Backwoods Babes appearing in a revival of "Tobacco Road." Not a bad newspaper, this "Spaceman's Buzz." I'd better subscribe to it when I get home. Let's look the place over. That must be Dr. Burke's hospital up there on that hill. She has been in that laboratory for the last ten years trying to per- fect her new vaccine, Intelligence Iuice. If she suc- ceeds, she'll make a fortune from school children alone. . What's that? Oh. it's coming from across the street. lust someone screaming in the dentist's office. "Murderin' Murphy" they call him. He holds the universal record for pulling teeth. Cjne hundred teeth. Sure, other dentists have pulled that many, but never from one patient! There goes a woman chasing a man with a rol- ling pin. Egad. Mem and Wes. Run Wes! Look at all the neon signs. A music school. Look. It says, "Markwells' Modern Music School. Twin pupils accepted only." There's another, "The Willis School of Physical Culture." Gee, Margie did make it through MU. What's that strange looking building over there? "The Capps Home for Aged Stu- dent Council Presidents from Avondale'.' Isn't that nice? They can all be together again. What does that marquee say? Oh, a revival of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" starring Bobbie Stamberger. I saw that on Earth several years ago. Sure a good movie. Hey! That driver almost hit me. Yeah. The one in that new cream-colored rocket 999. Who? Well it was Marjorie Arnold, wasn't it? Guess I'd better watch where I'm walking. Look at those identical space suits on those girls across the street? Are they twins, you suppose? Oh, no. Wait a minute. It's Patty Shupp and Ann Meeder. Well, it's time to return to Earth. It looks as if it might rain. Hey, Rocket Taxi, going our way? 39 .,...,,.4 L.. - A - "Okay, somebody, hand us the crepe paper! Let's get this prom on the road!" This could well be the cry of these four Iunior class officers grouped around the faithful old ladder. Besides the prom, the only other thing these people can think of is that they are going to be seniors next year. As "frosh" they elected eight members to the Varsity Pep Squad. The girls were Io Ann Croley, Sondra Wurzer, Ioan Dunbar, Ioyce Blackburn, Iudy Counts, Patty Raines, Nancy Anderson, and Donna Cundiff. Sondra Wurzer and Wayne Black were chosen to represent their classon Student Council. The following year, as sophomores, the Class of '55 elected Kenny Ienkins to be their class president. Assisting Kenny were Larry Cobb, vice-president, and Marilyn Armstrong, secretary-treasurer. ludy Stone, Nancy Elliott, Mary Ann Malone, Carolyn Hall, Iudy Garzee, and Ann Marie Roberson were elected to Pep Squad. This year Robin Reeves was elected to the helm of his class with Larry Bodenhamer as vice-president, Mary Ann Malone as secretary, and Nancy Elliott as treasurer. Sondra Wurzer and loan Dunbar were varsity cheerleaders: and Margaret Cline, lean Win- go, and Marilyn Armstrong were elected to Pep Squad. Cheryl Elbe, Kenny lenkins, Nancy Ander- son, Bill Mark, Don Ray, and Robin Reeves repre- sented their class on Student Council. ' The junior play, "A Young lVlan's Fancy" pro- vided the funds for the prom which they gave for the seniors this spring. JUNICRS qw-1-w'1fQT5iIQf' -I Y, - g,J.e nw -nw-G. --APIM1-V+ - el- I ' A - 1 f- ' ' X DRS 'olyn were helm ent, lliott were in- Pep der- - pre- pro- r the ALAN ADAMS IOYCE AINSWORTH IOHN AKERS PATTY ALEXANDER IOYCE ALLEN LARRY ALLEN NORMAN AMOS IANCY ANDERSON MARILYN ARMSTRONG ELWINN ARRINGTON GENE ATKINSON CAROLYN AUBREY IERRY AUBREY IEAN BAILEY IACK BAIRD IRMA IOE BARGER RUTH ANN BARKER IOAN BEAM FREDDY BELL VINCENT BENEDETTI BOB BERKEBILE VIOLA BERRY RICHARD BEST DICK BEVARD CAROL BIANCHINI RAYMOND BIRD RUTH BIRD BARBARA BIVENS EARL BLACK WAYNE BLACK BONNIE BLACKBURN IOYCE BLACKBURN ELLA BLACKMORE GENEVA BLAIR LARRY BODENHAMER KENNETH BRADHURST DICK BRAND CARL BRANDON ANITA BRENIZER SHIRLEY BREID , ,,..,.,.. EzIEEEEE::..:It:'i',Z 'fb K W v 4. . 2: X I fu, . :,,.?E5gS If ,if - :., X - M fl f,,,,:,:.. -. ., t I ,mil ---- : " W. M, ,Aw I A ff S -fa 2 Ka , ? ' 1 ,, T971 1 Q my if ' A ,zzz 5 4' Zfl iffi V ,Rm any ,, if QJMP "S 4 W T A I X 4 im., f 1 K Z . I I V 0 z 'F' I ,A-W , 4 'xv ,f 'W ' A4 4 S kk In 5 , f2E3Mf!'s A 2- In -- I ,W E ,T 5 we -. M I X 4 We S N ww X x I Z f ' .. xg 'T' W' I S Ai, XS Q , S Q 1 5 X I Q ' .. X Q 5 I a 'Q by . I gg X2 'ff vff:a...:f . f ,XX zgxk ' ' 'Iff':.. A 7 ,' ' ., lb, - Y W- W , . , ' "EW if! ' ', uw- I 'eb 5 -s 2 - 52 U f A Q74 gg I , , N , x f Q ? nf Rx ,v 16 W., " ' ' , N ' - ' L,.,:,I 3 QQ ,, , ,. . W y. A , :EE L b . - .... , A f A 'S' as f 'ffl lfizfigz , - .wwf V 3, I I i 3 5' W. W I , 1 1 ww ara ' Q: ,,g ww- 941 f 7 , Nw' fl X 5921 5 K 1 . Z f N -: 1? v 2 W' 1 I fa' : I 6 I If Am " N 137' J , 4 Y 90, ,rw 41 .-X -fx., V I I , ,M f IW-'W 1 ff V IQ ---,,..........- I f :ff f . -M L "' is 7 5 , f , 4 , ff ' F i , .: t A Xxx 5 y 1 . Y . N V " I gs I if In If X' " I ' 1 iw" ' Q I of ,mv V KESVM f- Kam 'N K? "7 I Y j wi 5 13413-:g,gg55aW 2323: 'Wm-,f A ' 25 1 V, I f . , X Q V KE! 5 as lm-9--w .... K V, -x l' . 49' G' ,X1iW,,,:.,, ' -- ' '45 Q. ,A f an I f Q-N. I f 1 , f , . X X V 'l ' W 5, my - 2 X X 55 X If S 'Rm' J Xie. -Q.----. ,......- q.,,. -, ,-1.- .,.......... , ,... I .1 ' I .s:' .......-V 1 . 1 wif , , ,C V 4? 5 N I ., W ""' .,f. :if -. X -. '. n. iv f f 'U' ff: '-I , 7 mf 1 .f 8 4 , psi, X44 , fx ' X Z' x 2 1 5 W , , , V, Q. .... Lk I I I MARY BROUNAUGH HOWARD BROWN TOM BROWN CHARLES BRYANT LARRY BRYANT SUSIE BRYANT GAYLE BUTRICK DAVID BUTTERFIELD BILLY CAMPBELL IANICE CAREY MARGARET CARMEN PAULA CASE PHILANCY CATLIN VIRGINIA CHANEY CHARLOTTE CHASTAIN DAVID CHEEK MAXINE CHINN MADLYN CLARK IAMES CLEMONS MARGARET CLINE LARRY COBB IUANITA COLLINS DARRYL COOPER DEAN CORUM IUDY COUNTS IOHNNY COVINGTON ALLEN COX ELAINE CRAFT DAVID CRAWLEY IOANN CROLEY HOWARD CURRY LOIS DAHLBERG PATTY DAME BARBARA DANBERG DANNY DANIELS SHIRLEY DAVIS REGINA DeVRIEZE DOLLY DIBBEN LOUIS DILLARD DAVID DILLINGHAM IOAN PH CHE N I C CAROL LaVCl DB1 II UM FR GRO' D IAMES MAR PA I CAROI BON' CI 4 PAUL! DIAI BC CASSI1 IOE P1 r- -Q-nl.-.....-.,.,. .. A TAIN IM IOAN DUNBAR PHYLLIS DUNN IEAN DYER KEITH DYER VIRGINIA EDMONDSON CHERYL ELBE NANCY ELLIOTT CAROL ENGLAND RONALD EVANS EDDIE FAIBAN CAROL FARNSWORTH LGVONNE FAUSETT DENNIS FELTON DEANN FERGUSON DONNA FISHER HM FRANS GROVER FULBRIGHT DARWINN GARRISON IUDY GARZEE ELAINE GEENENS IAMES GIBBS MARIE GILBERT PAT GORDON LEONARD GRABOWSKI IUDY GRANT CAROL HAGERMAN BONNIE HAGG CAROLYN HALL GERALD HALL RAY HALL PAULA HALLENGREN DIANA HATFIELD BOB I-IAUETTER BILL HEINZ HENRY HENDRICKS CASSIE HENSON IOE HENTHORNE PAT HERRING DONALD HIGGASON MARY ANN HINDS Q V We I W , I 7 'ZZ ,QNX ffm. -T S, ,, M si 2 'N' Q V' ff A 1 as W 4 X ffx ,WJQQLX 5 X Z f X1 , ex 7 I f I.. Ai' 'ww A ,A. , I X 4. T J Vhs. gf rf - WK s Ai I?-if nf, Lx.. hi P, 1 ,ff . X. f wi 5, if i 15 f- f, 'I 'ff-1 ,, A I'f,, pf, , X I w,,-Ml, ,S ff 5h X X r 1,4 I QL 415 vw .W 1, 4 1 .24 FMA Q W 'S Q - E7 I ' '.. ,v " f , Q ' ,:'1"-I-"N f 1: My 1 .. ,...S:.:.:::.. X3 'V s . ff -Wfliiz' if fi ' . , --:x'..n- 'A 1 -. f' " " W 2, F R x ' E 2 J, I W- Q: ' 1 Mxk fr .. 4. " M H Q ' , ' 'gg ,lf W, ' ,mr . M If ff -. N. .,V.L 77" A I 7 x E? V :::::::::: ,X , I b:,:. , A, Z ,x K 1 Il a 5 - --'A Via ig. ,Q I, , 1 , fn.. I .E,. Z Q ff x X N X :ff xii' ' fr-W - ij, x.',.5. v K I . w 'V I 5. if A WI I.. E ,W --., 4 '- , 1 , 53 A A -sv, A OV' X I Z! , fy- -.4 , My , , swf, I X f ' 1- ,wa 1. 'v Q , V ' gag- , A la 1 1 , .... 125 EM- gy " ' . . ..:4. f IQ woe if 'SW 2 'Q' x. M .2 A 2:1353 ,, ...T J hs... M. ffw' mm' 5 :F- I A .MI ,, hwgxgxx .- 'Sv' A ., , 'W' . S If , ROSE HIXSON TEDDY HOTT BARBARA HUBBARD MARY HUFFORD DAVID IACOBSON KENNY IENKINS BOB IOHN CARL IOHNSON LOIS IOHNSON ALTA IONES FLOYD IONES DONALD KANABEL I. D. KELLY IOHN KELLY TOM KENNEDY ROBERT KERN BOB KETCHAM GARY KEYES MARLENE KING SHIRLEY KUEHL LENORE LADD IOAN LGI-'RANCE RUTH LANDERS BETTY LASWELL IAMES LEACH IAMES LEATHERS BILLY LECLERE CAROL LEE MARY LESSLEY ILENE LINCH MARY ANN LEVANTINO DIANE LEWIS TOM LEWIS EARL LIBEER ELIZABETH LEONARD IOAN LINDER IUDY LINEBERRY DONALD LLOYD IOHN LLOYD CHARLES LOGAN n-xx..--fi..c --. RD DONALD LONG ROBERT LONG IO ANN LOUDERBACK IERRY LOWE KEITH LOWE ELAINE LUNN PAT MADDUX MARY ANN MALONE MAYNARD MANN BILLY MARK BENNY MARTIN IDA IANE MATRAIA IEANNINE MAYO BARBARA MCCALLUM ROBERT MCCARTNEY LARRY MCCLAIN DREXEL MCCLURE IEANETTE MCHUGH . DEE IAY MCGHAY BOB MCKOWN RITA MCNARY NANCY MEHLSTAUB MASON MICHELSON DAVID MILLER MARGARET MILLER ELIZABETH MOORE ITM MORGAN NETTIE MULLINS CHARLES MURPHY IERRY MYNATT HAROLD NAGEL BOBBY NELSON MARILYN NELSON BILL NOAH LEONARD NOAH IACK NORRIS DAVID PAGE MARIORIE PALMER MARIE PARKER SHIRLEY PARKER Law - . iw' 3, , QA KV , 1 ', , Qs' QI, 2 In I f' I: ..X, :-' - X qi., 'n JQ, ,aw X f ,f A ,,3 ' a 9 v, in 1'9" , X", Q7 Sf v f f , : s X f 5 ac. 5 5 ,. ' f 5 X "Y M, W Wi- ,jf Q . Q41 Z yy!! -gy if W X W ? I I, .I .,.....i-....... 3 qgm 'K ff? wk -1 .xx , 'wi , Y y ' ,, fa , ig A Z2 "' f X ff if N gf' f ff f ff ffg ,Aff K ala., in-. If G! fbi N Q' I 2: L - Am A - .v we f 4, 5 fu' f, Q. I. Q f ff X Q If af x , I ,S of fx 1 , , , f ff 'S , . I , 'X I f , QMS K ' , M W 2 hw 3511. ' ' I 0 5:4 'L 4 - WL I ,.,,,M.,, L iff w Q MV W W 'wi f I , fx-. KX ,X ,V ff I . ,, I . , W W Q xt: A , - . ' ai , ' , ff . W X I I sf, - If I 1 'M-Q, Q QQ, 5 tb ' I I I . , X6 .ffn V, , ,M x , M, " 'I 79 f I ,I ,, , ff! C f 2, I , Z, 4. bf, f 4 fa ,fy ,V 71,7 Q , f W, f f f 4 1 Ls ff. Wg. ,L an ' ,mf f f f ,, fy ' Q ff f 4921 9 , Aww IVQQZ. R 4 yffb Q I, E! 1' 1 N , I I , .--,.: er f M-M Q gig, W 'U x , S Z Q I g Q W li A N A X ali V N, E RUTH ANN PASSMORE IOANN PATTEN CHARLES PETERSON ELEANOR PHILLIPS f 1-'AT PARKINSON FRANCES POAGE CYRII. POPE DONNIE POWELL MARTHA PRATHER GARRY PRATT BONNIE PRENTICE ELSIANN QUELL PATTY RAINES THEO RAPER. DON RAY IANICE REAGER CECIL REED LLOYD REED ROBIN REEVES DON REYNOLDS ELIZABETH RHODE RICHARD RICKART BOB RICKETTS ANN ROBERSON TOMMY ROSE IUNE ROUNDTREE IOHN ROUSE ROBERT RUCH RONNIE RULE EDNA RAE SAUER CLIFFORD SCANTLAND FRED SCHLIE RONALD SERVIS SUE SHACKLEFORD IOE SHAW MARY IANE SHIPMAN IEANETTE SHIRLEY HOWARD SILVERS CHARLES SIMMONS IIM SIPES MARGARET SLAVIK LUANA SMITH I LUCY SNELL MARY SONNENBERG IACKIE SPENCER YVONNE SPOTTS CAROLE STINE IUDY STONE WALKER STONE PATRICIA STOUT KAY STRAUB EDDIE TAPP CARA LEE TAYLOR HARRY TEETER BETTE THETFORD IIMMIE THOMAS DON TINGLER MARGARET TRACY CHARLES TRAW BETSY TROTTER IIM TROUT RAY TYSON IEAN VANDEGINSTE DON VASSMER BARBARA WALKER BEVERLY WALKER DON WARNER CYNTHIA WATEROUS RONNIE WHITE BEULAH WITTEKER MYRTLE WIAR DQLIGHT WILFORD MARILYN WILLIAMS RANDALL WILLIAMS RONNIE WILLIAMS TOMMY WILLIAMS BEVERLY WILLIAMSON BETTY WILSON IEAN WINGO SANDRA WURZER V , W. Sf? 2 an W 4 Gr ,f,,,-'f' 'Q I - gh, fr- , I f '5 3.9 -: :..,.,:iI x I 1? ks.. 7' 2 fx , 'Q' 47 , ' X f ,ff Y 5. L46 lx fvvffvfrv W ALI gf-'ffzff I W... i 6. Z -,,. 9 I , vf . , f 5' ,f W gfw V, 7 , 5-gm 'Z x 'F I I ' f I BOBBY YOKUM SUE YOKUM PAUL ZIMIVIERMAN PURGGLD LIFE GCDES TO THE JUNICDR PLAY On the evening of November 20, 1953, the lunior Class presented the Broadway comedy, "A Young Man's Fancy" to a large and appreciative audience. The cast broke down cots, scampered around in bathing suits, and raised general bedlam before the final curtain fell. On this and the opposite page are various shots of the goings-on before and behind the scenery. N ts. 'I Are you sure you're breathing? 48 Now who made with the make-up? The camp counselors hold a conference. - Dig that crazy mixed-up camper! uk....z 20, he 1's ve its, .ts. ar he of he 6 ff' IEW l 152 I . f: ,L 154 ,I ll l a Speak up! It's your 1ine,! f Gee, he got that line right for cr change Slugger Reynolds fights back! High dive! THE CAST AND CREW FIRST ROW, SEATED: Pat Herring, Robin Reeves, Ronnie Evans, Ronnie White, lrrna Io Barger, Ioyce Blackburn, Carolyn Hall, Wayne Black, Harry Teeter. SECOND ROW, SEATED: Pat Gordon, Ianice Carey, Theo Raper, Iudy Counts, Philancy Catlin. BACK ROW, STANDING: Mr. Leim- kuhler, Charlotte Chastain, Don Reynolds, Ioan Linder, Dean Corum, Patty Raines, Bill Mark, Nancy Anderson, Pat Parkinson, Cheryl Elbe, Dick Brand, Nancy Elliott, Margaret Cline, David Miller. ' 49 The Sophomore class officers are lined up on the stairslto make everyone think they are taller than they actually are. Beginning with the bottom step, ladies first, of course, and going up, we have: Bev- erly Lewis, secretary: Iohn Younghanz, treasurer: Richard Jenkins, vice-president: and Ioe Cooper, president. With only two years behind them, they already have a long list of accomplishments to be proud of. As freshmen they were the first class to establish a pep squad exclusively their own, and the members elected the first freshman cheerleaders. Alta Swait- hes, ludy Yeager, ludy Hayes, Beverly Lewis, Gail 50 1" Wigger, and Marcia Michelson were the six girls chosen to back the team. Ioe Cooper was elected to lead his class as president with Bobby Landis as vice-president and Mildred Schroeder as secretary. This year the class picked fourteen girls to fill that number of vacancies on the Varsity Pep Squad. Those fourteen included: Sherry Williams, Beverly Schroeder, Mildred Schroeder, ludy Hayes, Beverly Lewis, Iudy Ganote, ludy Yeager, Alta Swaithes, Betty Cordell, loyce Hasten, loyce Denny, Gail Wig- ger, Sondra Bodenhamer, and Eleanor McCall. SOPHOMORES BENNC SHII B, WAN MA L SAN I EUl I CHAI GE 'l LERC M1 C BOB W1 4 I girls A cms cmd 1 fill uad. 'erly 'erly hes, N iq- RES PATTY ACHESON BRUCE ALLEN TOM ALLEN BEVERLY ANDERSON DARRELL ARNOLD LINDA ARNONE ROSE ARNONE DWIGHT BAILEY PAUL BAILEY PATRICIA BAKER BENNY BEALS SHIRLEY BALLARD BARBARA BENDURE RAYMOND BENDURE MARTHA IO BENT WANDA BISHOP MARY BLACKMAN LA RUE BLAINE BOB BLAKEMORE SHARON BLISS SANDRA BODENHAMER EULA MAE BOGGESS DAVID BOLSENGA WENDELL BOOTH KENNETH BOST CHARLES BROOMFIELD GENE BRUNS TOM BURKE BARBARA BURNER ANNA CALHOUN LEROY CAMPBELL MARY RUTH CARTER GARY CARRUTHERS RICHARD CHAMBERLIN ROBERT CHAMBERLIN, IR. BOB CHIPLEY ' WESLEY CLARK CWYNDOLIN CLOUD ' ,I , ' MADELINE COATES 5, EDWARD CONWAY iffy, WN KN m5 7 x 'wa f Nuts W 53 Sf v :Sz 1 1 f if 'M 5' I xx f 1 f I X S-, QI I -wax 9 f? K Tx N x N ,K X: Qu. e x I WILLIAM COOK DICK COOLEY Q! I IOE COOPER ff A ' f "': I I BETTY CORDELL A A -A Q, 92,5 ANC A I fax X N N A E Q Y ,W f if AJ wg 4 HAROLD CORDELL A ff X 1 fy. fa y , If f ff 43 'M my EA if H' fr, Q PAUL COX ROBERT CRABB DAVID CREWS I 5 A ER E6 IOHN CRISCIONE CAROLYN CRISP 'K- l wi, 52 if 52 Ev. N- YB ROLAND CRITEL ROSEMARY CROSS ROSE CROWLEY IERRY CRUISE BARBARA CURTIS WAYNE DANIEL fy IUANITA DARR PATRICK DARROW IUDITH DEAVER IOYCE DENNY EP" MARVIN DIXON TOM DIXON I MARGARET DOBBINS LLOYD DODD MAUREEN DONOVAN ,LM A HARRY DOWNING ANNE DRAG1-:N we "' BOBBY DUFFEY If DEE ANNA DUNKIN gf SANDRA EDENS -..,. 11p "F" RICHARD ELAM CARLENE ELLIOTT RONNY ELLIS DONALD ELROD GLORIA ENOCHS ANN EVANS BETTY IO EVANS - ELAINE EVANS BENNY FEGAN W MILO FERRY DONNA SUE FIELDS ROBERTA FOLEY LINDA FORD LINDA FOSTER REX FOWLER NANCY FREED GEORGIA GADDY NANCY GALEY ' I JFK an O E f I 6 , I I LQ . A I 2 y Z ' Q f . X i M I f WA' ' 5, ,f K- iff' , 49-W X 'f x J! X g W f I 19 " ex 2 QS R. W 1 1 Cs GERALD GALLOWAY LARRY GALLOWAY 423 ...f Q ,W A ' ,ffffi A t I A I f ' , 1 , Nw ix ' L, , . ' I ,, mv' I Y ii Rf' ef GARY GANOTE IUDITH GANOTE DONNA GARDNER DAVID GARRETT ELLSWORTH GARZEE ANNIE GASH . KAROLE ANN GATES BARBARA GENTRY IACK GIDDENS ILENE GIBBS BARBARA GILLESPIE DOMINIC GILLOTTE BETTY GOLDSBURY DWIGHT GRANTHAM STANLEY GRAVES IIM GRAY BILL GREENWOOD DAVID GRIFFITH BETTY GUINN EDDIE GUINN I E 1 Lg 'Jig-, x ' f 5 - L' 61 I, f I4 . f Q W' ? , f' fi 6' A ,qv Ig ? " g 5 I 'ig 470 A V ,. 4 , Q if I I , I . .Rv A -, H , wg, x ' ' .f ' f X 1 S 7 f f, f 'f V ,W .:-R, 7. .,,-: , ,Q - ' , ' fy ', 95 fl 3 1 1- f A 1 1 I , I I ' f 1 R- y - NV ff .1 1 1 1 eisffffif F I ff! I XQ f , - 4, I f ,J RONALD HAINES M R' RNILY HALL i, . X my IANICE HALLENGREN 1 MELVIN HANSEN Q CAROL HARRINGTON I I" ZW DENNIS HARRIS I MM R. HARRIS , I , X lovers HASTEN f FRED HAVRNS f IUDITH HAYES I 727V 45 I ,I W ! Q f , f.., 53 , X ,A f' Qx I 4 'S K I f 'QI 1 f I 'SR' if M ' ff 4 X? W K V ff ,, 4: .1 AQ W A S l4.......,.. 'fra 1 A ,I ,,v' 7 --,af-w.,. I , , 5 -. , dh, - ,z , f , , f K Q' A W 4 1 '-0,1 , , .L . jj! A' , - ff- ' by W gif! f,-7457 ' I I I - yo I A AAA , f I f , ,fy A ,:g,,f fv Li ,-j u 452- 4,31 22 , if 1,2 9 ,, Lyla f , A if , I if , - '07 - EQ w,nz?h'R: ! M 'I f , , I .,f:::S. K gwfz' , 'Y "S I A wifi!! fl 'V' , .- L N, , :iz Y , 1 if 1 ' f Q? QW D3 ,S K' f 1 f Q ,ffl N W3 K f X KW Jigga? v f xg J V , Z 5, 1, Z ff fx f 2 f 1' , y ffww if Q 1 1 , f I l ' MKS 2 6 fp, ,Z - ' 1 4, if Q 2 ,L W A V Wm' I A S.. 7 I 'J V173 7 14 1 i F Z I ff ff " , 7, 3 W 4- , 12 " . . f z2:2z:. H I I 'Zi ' A -:-ff'-vim. A f f ' X C f I 1 S XX X S , 1 f ffff N Q L ? S N 1 y X 1 K fwxyf If KLM 1 f ,K X f f X ., . f ., W ,wo 0,6 f f' lp! f f I L, , xii K ,Z 4 AQ ff l V: ':.. . A W! ! xv QQ' . t K, fy J I aww! I 'KS R' KZ f f gag: " , ,M Z yff X S z 1 X fgf A Q? 2 S f Rf f 13 I Z E I ,,.,...,,,,,..L fff,,, , ,..L,,.,,W,, L f .... ., , , if 'Ziff' f' A 'off "'X A a , I L , E Q' O7 irff ?Y 4.1. f-E QF V f 1, N X ' , 1 I f Nb S X' 5 I if 'I E l 3 2 JOHN HOYLE KARIN HEDLUND CARL HEDRICK SANDRA HEINZ ROY HENSON DAVID HENTHORNE BOB HEWLETT LARRY HOLLAND AMELIA HUGGINS FRANK HUGHES EDDIE HURD NORMAN HUSKISSON BILL IRONS DARLENE IRWIN CAROLYN IACKSON WILLETTE IACKSON RICHARD JENKINS WAYNE IENKINS BENNY IOHNSON LELIA IOHNSON ROSELE IOHNSON EDNA MAY IONAS SHIRLEY 1oNES KEN KARNES IOHN KELLER CHARLES KELLEY ANITA KENDZORA BARBARA KRETZ BEVERLY KRETZ NANCY LABER QEII I I ,:. A I ,,IIII , LOU ANN LQBERGE f W A If X K I ,L I BOB LANDI5 ' ROY LANIO nznllll "": X HARRY LAWTON 5' gn-ww :::- .. A X 2 f 5 fiilfgj X ., f L, " I 'Aj !3QQ:!?'f NORMAN LEE W BEVERLY LEWIS I ' A SHARON LEWIS A BEVERLY LHEUREUK :" ' KEITH LINDBERG M 54 , V, ,h,,, A A f - L? Ss MARIAN LINDBERG BOBBY LINDHOLM DOROTHY LINNEMAN BILLY LOFTEN PATRICIA LOOMAN IIM LOOMIS IIM LOONEY BILL LOOP DELBERT LOUGHREY TOM LOVEIOY WYNNE SHARON LUSKOW DAVID MACEY TROY MAIORS NORMA MALONE CECIL MARKS IEAN MARSH TERRY MARTIN VIRGINIA MARTIN BOB MASON PHILLIP MASTERS DAVID MATHER PAT MCAMIS ELEANOR MCCALL VICKIE MCCARRICK NORMA IEAN MCCARTNEY GRACE MCCLAIN IACK MCCLAIN ANN MCCLURE PAT MCCORMICK IVAN MCKARNIN FRANK McKAY SUZANNE MCNALL RONNIE MELTON IERRY MEYER IOANN MEYER MARCIA MICHELSON GEORGIA MILLER NANCY MILLER BOB MILLER DAVID MOFFETT 'I M f Y 1.0 f I X1 423 . , Yafif ? O .I . ,Q .-,aw Q JS . I , ,Im sm ' f :ag 7' " Im J x 1 Q. Q. W W' X ff, M, Q Q Q S 2-.2 1: if !f6 44, , X I 'S 4 41.44, 5. f,.f, f'ff ,L 7 ,Jw I I X, 7' I Z fi 4 L: was , ff f J X 5 I , ff X f fv E mx X743 YQ! 1 1 , X xW I 0 X YQ, f X V xA Q BOB MORGAN M EDVJARD MORGAN -WW f. Z5 ff , M , ,Aww I ,Q j WX 1-,: V W 'Min Z! Mm' ' 1 ,K 3, ,,,,, X L , ..,, . xv' , .M A, ,af f ' f S f f f Ly! 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V 4 Sf X ff If I KL, A gy aff ' 5 S 2 4 A ,f f ' I ,,.,i W' YZ lag L ,, XX 5 ,E, W y , ,7 In 4 AQ4 QA gf Aw I f fi , f Z , 'll f 1 2' Q IKM. .X,,,, I W Wi' I 1 Q, ' Wax Z, ,Q ' A! M f ff 0 6, Q wf' aw V 4 ,A ..v2 E If - f f 1 S, 1 A 24 ' Q , X ffff , fx f, f gif f M Q 65 1, ,M fp if 1 fy W 1 Q 7 x l I 4 I A f x If X 9 4 Z ,f 1 fi IVIESW ffl f f I A , .f f x X 'I 5. W "I , If ,ffbm--ef -15:- . .. - f lm-A f Y fr' I w x71 f -Sz' W, I 1 f 1 x ,X , W. ZS XP X U, M. f . I f S-S W ,mf gm .3 i I, ,fa ,Q A ' A , f f ,J ' I iwfm, X I 2 if -Q ,, 42 fr SW ,5 " S IW I f f W A A 17 my , W X X' X X ' if I QW i ff X V f 'xx X - ,,-W., Q.: I f f X If lg' M f f x x - .::52' 1 .521 -:fs ,ff 3 vf, I 4 1 SUE STEWART ELAINE STINEBAUGH IUNE STOUT PATRICIA STUBBS ALTA SWAITHES WILLIAM TABB TOM TANAN CLARA IO TAYLOR LeROY TEEGARDEN DON TERRY BEVERLY THOMPSON GARY THOMPSON BURNELL TOOMBS IO ANN TRANTHAM NAN TUCCI IANE TURPIN IACK UNDERWOOD HARRY VAN SKIKE RONNIE VASSMER PATRICIA VENABLE IERRY VITT IOHN WALKER DOROTHY WILSON BILLY WAYMAN BOB WEGENER NAOMI WELCH HELEN WHITAKER GAIL WIGGER DAVID WILCH BARBARA WILLIAMS GARY WILLIAMS IIMMY WILLIAMS PATSY VVILLIAMS SHERRY WILLIAMS ELAINE WILLS ROGER WILSON IUDITH WINBURN IOAN WISE IIM WOOD KENNETH WOOD IUDY YEAGER RICHARD YEAGER MIKE YOUNG IOHN YOUNGHANZ NANCY SPERMAN SHIRLEY DICK LEONARD SMITH X 13 , 4 I f '?, X? 527 ,S ' , I if 36:5135- K , XX W f ,X X , Q XS , , 4Qf! X f X , 1 f ,J V QS 'X , I QQ 4,q4,.f,gES' IX C 251543 - :H v.kWQ's: 2, 51 re, f I I 1 Who put cr marshmallow in this Pepsi? Who says sophomores can't dance? I 4 59 I 4 Put down that doughnut, La Vita. You've had one too many already! No, Benny, this is NOT "Drop the Handkerchief!" 60 tif N- X 'J 1 ' Lf , T, Mig, M ill x,- FRESHMEN K. This is not a meeting in a phone booth, but it easily could be. These are the three Freshman class offi- cers: Marshall Sherlock, secretary- treasurer: Conrad Schroeder, pres- ident: and Carroll Cheek, vice- president. No doubt the class is loaded with girls, ,since all the officers are males, sd hurry up and f make that phonevtltl-pll, boys! , tl 1 M tl E K ft, ll D . , I X, yy f ll , W it f V y j 4,0 , J 'E , I at af if T H flu w Below are two shots of the big freshman party, held October 21, in the field house. There was a class talent show, followed by square dancing and refreshments. . I . ,one iese offi- ary- fres- 'ice- s is the and tober :wed A-0, PM iw ifx fr' ROW l-Herbert Havens, lack Hendrix, Iim Iackson, Victor Neilson, Gary Smith, Donald Manser, Bob Ienkins. ROW 2-David Warner, Dickie Schamp, Buckley Lupardus, Don Simons, Richie Wealand, Norman Martin, Bernard Mynctt, Iames Ducoulombier. ROW 3--Stephen Pate, Donny Reeder, David Raynestord, Dennis McKinney, Martha Perry, Betty Ann Clark, Iudith Hennessy, Rita Ann Taylor, Ierry Gulley. ROW 4-Patricia Anderson, Suzanne Storment, Virginia Bain, Elizabeth Erickson, Ianet Clark, Eldon Lantz, Billy Rogers, Gene Voigts, Patricia Holmes, Richard Renaudin. FRESHMEN ROW Iwludy Lee Hester, Ioyce Thomas, Iames Weekes, Iimmy lsom, David Whitaker, Iames Perkins, Robert Cook. ROW 2-Iudy Chubb, Eddie Young, Gilbert Nichols, Ruth Ann Leming, Patricia Williams, Melva Eaton, lanice Clemons, Wilma Lakey. ROW 3-Marilyn Yates, Sally Ann Cavin, Sylvia Stout, Vera Ward, Marylou Smith, Marilyn Ford, Ianet Bowles, Patsy Lou Stevens, Charles Homan. ROW 4-Iames Buchanan, Larry Olsen, Ray Naylor, David Archer, Conrad Schroeder, Bill Allen, Carl Summers, Roger Moffatt, Bob Lafon, Alice Dalhberq. N N! WW 049 1221" 5 f , -W 2 ff, Wa A ' V W Jing Q Q fm , ,i,,,,,,,,, ,Q 5 ROW 1-Roberta Iohnson, Martha Sultz, David Blasco, Danny French, Lynn Bondurant. ROW 2-Barbara Newby, Kathleen Dulohery, Martha Pritchard, Martha Goodman, Iunior Scott, Frank Thurston, Kenneth Bird, Everett Black. ROW 3-Carol Miller, Ralph Curtis, Larry Davis, Iohnny Brunner, Ierry Brown, Roger Arbuckle, Ioe Huston, William Glick, Marian White. ROW 4-Wayne Law, Ierry Proctor, Iim Pierce, Larry Reed, Gary Flack, Charles Weidenhammer, Fred Carman. Rose Giulvezan, Patsy Curtis, Marilyn Cannom. FRESHMEN ROW 1-Norma.McDowell, Coretta Shelton, Dennis Schleininger, Charles Leathers, Earl Lumsden. ROW 2-Barbara Graves, Yvonne Frazier, Roberta Hufford, Clark Lentz, Dennis Gray, Glenda Moad, Alberta Hufford, Alberta McClain. ROW 3---Iudy Davis, Deanna Durham, Marguerite Wilson, Iane Barnhart, Ronny Kimmel, Charles Erickson, Donald Dykes, Iimmy Wingo, Iackie Scott. ROW 4 ---- -Ken Carmichael, Ronald Stock, Carroll Cheek, lack Cramer, Tommy Mitchell. Bill Lewis, Bruce Henry, Neil Smith, Don Smith, Larry Mills. 'VK itil W I 62 S127 i 4 'D x f N--5' X Z 5 v ROW 1-Donald Haddix, Collins Petitt, Ianie Stock, DeeAnna Neiderman, Wayne Mansfield, Perry Mynatt. ROW 2-Albert Cox, Ioyce Beadling, Patricia Chambers, Kenneth Pruett, Clyda Burton, Ianice Roberson, William Moxham. ROW, 3-Sanford West, Eddie Best, Kenneth Moon, Richard Taylor, Mildred Powell, Lorinda Neville. Betty Lou McClung, Georgia Lantz. ROW 4- Richard Sowders, Lagine Irvin, Don Silvers, Dugnes Silvers, Duane Silvers, Rogene Wells, Anna May Thompson, Barbara Blomquist, Anna Lee Iones, Don Lee Reed. FRESHMEN ROW lvSue Brown, Carl Aubrey, Glen Keith, Tommy England, Richard Randall, Ierry Price. ROW 2-Ioan Breid, Tony Faiban, I. B. Walker, Ierry Felton, Bill Smith, William Allen, Eva Shaw, Janice Andrews, Donna Peters. ROW 3-Iohn Oden, Iimmy Prather, Gerald Godsey, Ann Taylor, Karel Whitaker, Helen Iackson, Kay Evans, Shirley Casteel, Malissa Warmack, Alice Aubrey. ROW 4-Don Sarver, Ioe Bradshaw, Iuanita Corbett, Bruce Fuller, Iohnny Hicks, Arthur Harmon. Sara Fortune, Larry Balkey, Bob Burke, Ronnie Misner, Robert Downey. li zz '73?! A ROW l-Shyla Sonderstrom, Sarah McKay, Shirley Williams, Ierry Switzer, Tommy Ellis, lack Creason, Charles Broyles. 'ROW 2-Madelon Snyden, Faith Alton, Donna Fisher, Ierry Miller, Linda Bigbee, Barbara Soper, Ella Hoffman, Doris Black, Dewey Farris. ROW 3-David Berkebile, Leonard Greenwood, Clifford Martin, Iocelyn Wiard, Betty Birmingham, Margaret Stuart, Ienny Quimby, Darlie Rosier, Donna Hauetter. ROW 4-Bill Sanders, Phillip Campbell, Ronald Lorino, Everett Haskell, Freddie Haworth, Angela Brock, Robert Boothman, Richard' Raley, Roger Hender- son, Lyle Bates. A FRESHMEIXI K ROW 1-Mary Alexander, La Vita Aubrey, Madelyn Olmedo, Plesie Morast, Ann Ienkins. ROW 2-Charles Manohan, Ierry Pancake, Dale Lackey, Pat Barton, Nadine King, Iudy Wemer. ROW 3-Ierry White, Ioe Beals, lack Black, Dorothy McGowan, Ralph Zimmerman, Nicky Raper, Barbara Hamblen, Ruth Koetting. ROW 4-Elaine Burton, Charlene Iohnson, Marilyn Newbill, Ann Park, Mike Burns, Bob Peterson, Wayne McElderry, Melvin Nelson, Billy Hergemueller. - I nun ROW l-Alice Thurston, Darlene Gann, Elizabeth De Meulenaere, Marie Lintner, Iudyl Lowe, Carol Thompson, Corrine Brown. ROW 2-Marjorie Higby. Arthur Ienner, Charles Ferry. Bob Henderson, Garold Tingler, Paul Roberson, Dorothy Lehman. ROW 3-Doris Simcoe, Teddy Taylor, Barbara Stanley, Bob Meyer, Katherine Amos, Dixie Lee Zug, Burt Crenshaw, Orvid Iones. ROW 4-Benny Ralston, Iames Neill, Bobby Haynes, David Keillor, Roger Blomquist, Ronnie Henderson, Donna Mehner, Barbara Piatt, Stephen Pierce. FRESHMEN ROW l-Allen Hough, Ierry Rule, Annette Armagost, Kenneth Calicott, Richard Kleeman. ROW 2-Carol Iohnson, Rose Rogers, Gwendolyn Iones, Russell Jones, Mary Wills, Ioyce Ann Key, Katherine McThompson, Robert Wingstad. ROW 3-Robert Willmann, Iack Shepley, Iackie Morgan, Maxine Knick, Phillip Black, Glen Foster, Charles Fields, Mel Roberson, Robert Wilcox. ROW 4-Iudy Brower, Pat Logan, Beverly Parker, Orville Iohnson, Ernest Saunders, Nancy Mc- Farren, Mary Edwards, Guy Owen, Ronald Thompson, Charles Green. -gn M' V Q y ,a .. ff 0,42 wfff, MX 2, r 'C ' vw X , ff: 'Q L:,!f' wt?-1 W ,funn f ,3 M ' My f Z , V I AZ V . Q fl WT, , ,, ', .,. . 4 ' A I , .Y fb' tm - -, M , ' , ,gn ., W' , 1 V - 4 'QQ 'V' x. 15" -Q Liz 1 Y , L, ffs, Nw ROW lf-'Charles Stackhouse, Edward Nash, Warren McNall, Cheryl MacDonald, Ienine Shaw, Virginia Tarwater. ROW 2A Nadine Davis, Rolla Carr, Sue Dinqham, Kathy St. Iohn, Myrtle Loop, Ted Snell, Charlotte Spalding, Ioyce Croy, Robert Eckert. ROW 3AIoann De Meulenaere, Ellen Marks, Dixie Lee Ballard. Sharron Thomas, Gertrude Lee, Delores Frazier, Miriam George. Gloria Garton, Flora Tapp, Ieanette Reade. ROW 4-Bob McGee, Martin Musteen, David Schiman- ski, Ralph Cox, Iames McClure, Richard Sparks, Russell Stupps, Lewis Lyle, Iohnny Blankenship, Iacqueline Bateman, Mildred Littlejohn. FRESHMEN ROW' l Ioan Bell, Mary Ann Sallee, Delmond Lowe, Tom Huqhs, Iim Thompson, Ianice Wilson, Reba Scott. ROW 2--Sylvia Mosby, Virginia Colby, Mary Teresa Verderame, Ianice Petering, Nancy Reuter, Etta Iean Farmer, Marilyn Stowe. Shirley Iohnson, Shirley Smith. ROW 3 Sharolyn Snipes, Ianice Steffens, Ioyce Steftens, Carolyn McCormick, Iackie Ienkins. Ierry Barnes, Estella Smith, Dorothy Still, Rosalie Brassfield. ROW 4-ffBob Scott, lim Crowley, Mike Van Hoye, Larry Mynatt. Bobby Anderson, Carroll Vernor, Roy Kerns, Ianet King, Diane Black, Kenny Stock. 1 82451 66 A M ,tr . X3 S X, Q 'MX in A RQ! all ,IAQ ROW l-Patty Iaynes, Della Whited, Bob Elliott, Bruce Roberson, Iohn Randall, Iim Spencer, Bob Curl. ROW 2-Fred King, Harold Roush, Tim Bowman, Gerald Hancock, Mike McHugh, Paul Fletcher, Guy Rector, lack Reeves. ROW 3-- Dorothy Kistnar, Nancy Hill, Mary Lou Burns, Mark Sonnenberg, Lawrence Epperson, Bob Good, Floyd Underwood, Gary Williams, Frances Dick. ROW 4iKay Borden, Doris Morrison, Iudy Weston, Iudy Thompson, Alice Powell, Linda Forster, Iackie Frost, Sue Acheson, Margo Rose, Iimmy Iustus, EIGHTH GRADE ROW 1-Virginia Taylor, Charlene Delaynes, Patty Standley, Iudy Scott, Mary Lou Schaffer. ROW 2-Billy Smith, Bob Bayles, Stuart Bowers, Robert Coffman, Allen Hurlbut, Marilyn Ganote, Sharon Mathers. ROW 3-Mary Reynolds, Mildred Huskissen, Kent McCall, Donald Brockman, Tommy Fisher, Helen Bird, Ruth Bryant, Suzie Nielson. ROW 4 Tommy Decker, Milton Ladd, Mike Byrd, Iim Bean, Lonnie Thatcher, Iackie Williams, M K t h Wilder. ary ec am, Iosephine Banes, Barbara -rs if I amy-qw' ,N ,N W' I J , xl 22 ROW 1-Myna Iune, Cozette Chappell, Iudy Porter, Donna Campbell, June Allen, Ierry Moore, Dick Riggle. ROW 2-Donald McNally, Thomas Elmore, Robert McLane, Neal Hauser, David Brozeal, Ierry Walters, Harry Becker. Iimmy Aiken. ROW 3 ---" Bob Riggle, Ioyce Walker, Brenda Yingling, Peggy Barnes, Shirley Timmons, Iune Murphy, Carolyn Allen, Susan Wolfe, Barbara Smith. ROW 4-Charles Murdock, David Matthews, Ronald Rollins, Mike Ironsmith, David Kindle. Ioyce Thompson, Linda Keltner, Iudy Swindell, Carolyn Lance, Glenda Fellows. EIGHTH GRADE ROW 1-Richard Schmidt, James Simons, David Allen, Stanley Martin, Ierry Van Horn, Barbara Woodrome, Peggy Cates. ROW 2-Mary Io Gordon, Mary Io Ottman, Sandra Hammett, Nancy Iackson, Sandra Simmons, Gary Stubbs, Donald Lake, Marty McGowan, Johnny Burke. ROW 3- Frances Gillotte, Leslie Tucker, Iimmy Pate, Donny Cockerham, Patricia Stewart, Marlene Brown, Kay Roynesiord, Ronald Mudge, Iudy Buchanan, Sandra Bird. ROW 4-Betty Buchanan, Suellen Iohnson, Marie Buqhee, Sharon Smith, Pat Whitaker, Kathie Wayman, Ted Roberson, Larry Cory, Harley Humphrey, Raymond Ager, Keith Dickerson. ROW 1--Edward Robb, Iocm Nelson, Iudy Koeing, Sandra Thompson, Rosemary Lawrence, Raymond Evans, Grant Coleman. ROW 2-Phyllis Martin, Iudy Douglas, Theresa Gable, Naomi Iennings, Ierry Henbest, Oliver Wilson, Pat Walker, lack Williams. ROW 3fPatsy Nolte, Carol Hershe, ludy Parker, Frances Henry, Larry LaClair, Louise Hixon. Ruthy Burton, Iohn Elliott, Marcia Greer. ROW 4-Ieanett Cansler, Sandra Shephard, Blaine Laux, lack Woods, lack Davis. Ierry Reilly, Bill Clements, Michael Dragen, Richard Crabb, Dixie Williamson. EIGHTH GRADE ROW 1-Dean Saltzman, Ierry Allen, Alice Crutsinger, Vickie Mauton, Donald Meyers, Doralee Williams. ROW 2-lim Hinds, Iudy Chamberlin, Yvetta Shumate, Carol Hayes, Mary Bogess, Iohn Stone, Ronny Reed, Iudy Stotts. ROW 3-Iim McCroskie, Darrell Elliott, Brenda Gibbs, Iohn Willman, George Whitteker, Sharon Harrington, Wayne Mynatt, Donald Sudclarth. ROW 4-Billy Kaley, Ronald Cansler, Iohn Linder, Marvin Hannan, George Shoemaker, Ion Hubbard, David Naylor. Bobbie Montgomery, Sue Hedrick. Gail Kirtwright. 'ps ,,,-M-'rf' X' W ,., , , ROW 1-Diane Walters, Iimmy Lewis, Charles Parker, Merrilyn Lumsden, Donald Fuller. ROW 2ACarol Howard, Ioan Formby, Tommy Powers, David Williams, Wayne Loar, Shirley Powers. Marilyn Trantham. ROW 3-Billy Ioe Clair, Terry McGrath, Gerald Rose, Phil Hayes, loann Weatherman, Ann Parker, Karen Moore, Cherie Midgley. ROW 4-lerry Britton, Gary Leather- wood, Tommy Carey, Bob Popalisky, Patricia Shryack, Iay Anderson, Ioe Boothman, Larry Weakley, Richard Harris. SEVENTH GRADE ROW 1-Billy Long, Patty McDaniel, Rosemary Walker, Nancy Bugbee, Sharon Beals, Iudy Walker, Forest Kelley. ROW 2-Shirley Horner, Olivia Olmedo, David Young, Larry Brewer, Gene Pelsor, Dwight Cobb, Ralph Hergemuller, Stephen Crain. ROW 3-Iames Ienkins, Ben Seagraves, Larry Ionas, Iohn Olmedo, Don Wilson, Larry Arnett, Mike Drowns, Nadine Brooks, Iudy Kay Hullett. ROW 4-Sally Iennings, Peggy Davis, Linda Iohnson, Phyllis Fortune, Carolyn King, Margaret Blackman, Robert Bradley, Sonny Welfelt, Kenneth Burton, Iimmy Davis. Q? f r' W Nr My 4-no ROW 1-Glen Fowler, Larry Shryack, Raymond Wolfe, Charles Byrd. ROW 2-f Richard Watkins. Hobart Mason, Ronnie Petree, Bobby Hatfield, Ronnie Holland, Iimmy Roberson, Iimmy Haight. ROW 3-Linda Bourn, Iudy Hogue, Sheron Trapani, Harriet Moore, Frankie Peak, Iohn Caldwell, Gary Smith, Robert Darrah. ROW 4-Larry Kirkman, Ronnie Reed, Steve Hough, Harlan Snod- grass, Charles Parker, Carolyn Humphreys, Patricia Stevens, Mary Powell, Maurine Riley. SEVENTH GRADE ROW 1-Elaine Batty, Iudy Nail, Barbara Stratton, Iackie Beadling, A. L. Woods. ROW 2-Billy Long, Danny Whitlow, Charles Raysik, Iames Randall, Karen Scper, Katherine Reade, Shirley Hart, Pat Pennington. ROW 3-Thomas Eagle, David Fulton, Grant Gullen, Iames Roberson. Larr Kratzer David Darrow, Iill Waters, Michael Mead, Richard Wright. ROW 4-Diane Oltman y , , Beverly Smith, Iolene French, Ioanna Hash, Charlsie Wiarcl, Donald Lee, Robert Reed, Carl Dan- berg, Harry Matthys, Roy Dickey. xi 45 BOW 1-Doris Smith, David Burch, Robert Moxham, Iimmie Key. ROW 2-Linda Wegener, Betty Iohnson, Iohnny Mills, Dorothy Watts, Anita Blaurock. ROW 3-Arlo Batson, Gary Fuller. Charles Swetnam, Farrell Fredrick, Shirley Smith, Phyllis Perkins. ROW 4-Ianice Stevens, Sharon Cochrane, Louise Brooks, Iudy Simkins, Brian Hobson, Wayne Bruington, Lyman Hagers. SEVENTH GRADE ROW 1-Billy Rose, Darell Miller, Tom Short, Tom Willmann, Bill Early, David Iennings, lim Leh- man, David Iohnson. ROW 2-Sharon McClure, Carol Baldwin, Linda Lampkin, Ross Anderson, Bill Snyder, Tom Thompson, Don McHenry, Carolyn Whitt, Nita Roessner, Bill Maxim. ROW 3- Ianice Young, Iudy Bagwell, Nancy Mauton, Harry Irwin, Larry Thomas, Patty Harris, Gary McCrite, David Young, Don Wilson, Larry Brewer, Marion Lee. ROW 4-Ray George, Gerald Jenkins, Iim Hunt, Kenneth Brand, lim Cline, Ronnie Piatt, Steve Held, Mary Lou Bates, Donna Wright, Iudy Edwards, Betty Moore, Peggy Davis. PURGOLD LIFE GOES TO OPEN HOUSE Two open houses were held at North Kansas City High School, one on Novem- ber 9th for the sophomores and seniors and their parents, and one on November 12th lor the parents ot freshmen and juniors. Refreshments were prepared by the cafeteria ladies, and the Student Council served as room guides. The plans for this project were formed by a joint representation of teachers, parents, and students. On both evenings the school was packed with visiting parents. PURGOLD LIFE GOES TO HOMECCMING One more, girls, before the light changes! Notice the driver. He is unhappy. He wc1sn't elected queen. The football squad waves goodbye. They know the driver has never driven before. It may be their lcxst ride. Good bye, Boys! 1? ,HV .. Ai -f C. saucy past' It y 74 5 Q 'iw U 3 n QQ? , l?glllEgif915f l ,,,,,,,,,:f" x-Q w ,Lg gi . 4 B 4 A 'X ffkxf, . U . QSXW1 x- . 1 I if V, 2 :kg A fe fi .aww Q ,U A , , Y , 1.1, J ? bd' ?,,., , Q 4 Z me .::.,. 9:-Q x V if ig? f 4 ,W Dig that crazy saxophone! 42 Scxy, thc1t's or nice looking crown you're wearing! The Homecoming Five Plus Two ,7 42 MQMLQ v 1 S 1 , P 1 THE 1953 HOMECOMING QUEEN PHYLLIS RILEY I s AND HER ATTENDANTS . . ANN MARKWELL MARY ANN UNDERWOOD, VW. RAYMGNETTE RUCKER BOBBIE STAMBERGER Congratulations 6: Best Wishes To the 1954 Seniors Albert B. Fuson INSURANCE AGENCY 206-9 National Bank Building Norclay 4389 North Kansas City, Missouri Compliments of Anderson 6? Norris Hardware and Supply 16th 61 Swift Avenue No. 3240 A North Kansas City, Missouri ' V. G. Anderson :S Lloyd R. Norris The Palace Clothing Company of North Kansas City Extends Congratulations df Best Wishes To the Class of '54 Duce Iewelry Congratulations to Class of '54 Mr. ci Mrs. Howard Duce 1801 Swift ' . so eng? 4- .eo-,kv M ,-1i.fla.- ,. k-".i.,g,,,gigf+'uL1,...'5vifrfgk ft1Li':Q:.L'f1,'-Q,e-'TiFas g t , ' Qf -1 -Cm Congratulations to the ME Class of '54 IN 10 E. H. Wills, Insurance YRS. , Gladstone Plaza Ed M cCIure Office Furniture GI, 3830 G1. 4455 601 Walnut Street Kansas City, Mo. SALES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 ll h" Il' N h Jos E lngton as 1501 SWIFT NORCLAY 4479 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO. l-111 I ' " ---if -- , ' - - -..,,,.,,W ,-.Q 1-, , ww.. , ,Q Ben lacobson's. Inc. Men's 6 Boys' Wear Quality Merchandise 310 Armour Road North Kansas City North Kansas City Cab, Inc. 24-Hour Service NOrclay 4333 All Cabs Radio Dispatched Bill Cochrane 2010 Swift Ave. The I. C. Penney Co. of North Kansas City, Missouri Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 Congratulations North Kansas City Graduates Exclusive Home Furnishings Visitors Always Welcome Come In?Look Around Davidson's Furniture Company 418 Armour Rd. , 'f fa--.iii I wv" T rg " . .1, Q ' Z , ":'7Zf 17' f ' ' 'fl "V ,fi Q ""Ak - '-fl '11 MI ' U1 ""g' .A?1..PL1"f I k"- ' K -e' ,. , Wi? ' if '-Q U? 4 , ,. I s ! , M f , . ,I I fi' - N- Q , - 8 3 M 'iq 1+-gi' Q i Q TO 'EQLJ-R FUTURE IN THIS CITY Vlg'-I-'I A FUTURE Compliments of O North Ka nsas Cnty Development Co. 21st CS BURLINGTON AVENUE NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI I J V I H. E. Miller Motors, Inc. DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Sales 6 Service 2015 Burlington NOrclay 4535 North Kansas City, Missouri Kelvinator - Hotpoint - Hoover - Westinghouse - Laundromat RCA - Maytag - Ironrite ROY BENTLEY'S ' Clay Appliance Co. Gas :S Electrical Sales 6. Service "Home-owned and operated, personalized service." 2105 Burlington NOrclay 4541 - 4542 K Shepherd M otor Co. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales 6. Service North Kansas City, Mo. NO 4330 C Compliments of Oliver Turpen Prescription Shop 2008 Swift NOrclay 4423 North Kansas City, Missouri f f N X ' qfxg,f.f4f,' VM an K 441' My aww , ww. N. Q my f ww 4x 1 V wins. A 'Q ff nf ,W ,V WN C 4 I ,V ?f ff swf Aw :gyyfgw4f,4 ' -naw 'f ,ff X V J f , 7 , R! 1 V:!ff,.7,,.Q ,, . J, ,W 4 if' HZ f tfwf ff' I M' 21 44 X ,H 5 x Nm' 'z , : if aff, x QJJ TX" 2? fe- Zi: ' ws hm- 9 f M ,,,. V0 .f ,, A7 'f ju ,:wfh,m:f,x '22, .V 1' ,W " ' " X , X, -if , f M , . hxy, ,'77Z'f" f 2 f 7 QW Q2 J f li . S , mt? ' x Z Z y K it Q, -4 TNR W W. A . f' ' 1. W ff ' , f , X K A, , .,,, -N1 I ATVLX Z all I I , f 1 . "P'f'.fb'2-1". g,,if G I w ww 3:-. .3 My MY! , ff W 1 , A fat? X L. .A ,Ss VKX I ' ,MNZW-gwww . X t W. wwf STUDENT CCDUNCIL MEMBERS AT WORK AND PLAY Members Elbe, Hill, and Ienkins en- ergetically sweep the halls after a highly successful locker clean-up cam- paign. They are smiling tiendishly. They think that the papers are mostly ungraded American History finals and Senior Literature term papers. They are wrong. The sweeping consists mostly of their own typing assignments. These are the loyal members attend- the annual Thanksgiving dinner. They are smiling. They are happy. Little do they know that the turkey is burning in the oven and that the meal will con- sist of only what is on the table. Plus the ham Robin has hidden under the blanket. Later they will re-enact the landing at Plymouth Rock. if ,......7K "S"-. fi, L 2 A -'sw hw? 1511 ' 1? 'n iw :--"' F - ' F -+ .. -' , - " 5. -, . , 4 C' " F , 7793 'iw ' , 1' if I' I . 9-hi L ,- . 1.1, .1 -5- -QF'-A" ' -. 'greg--fi ,-fi' " if .1M"if'Cf?':' r I 'REQ dy ' ' f . tv V, . 1 ' , .' ,.': ' -. - , ' ' H - ' - ' f' ' '- ' '.'Lf.'- 1 ' -' ..,g..'..... 1 ff . . ,LQ s' ...SI -' " 1--- -- "4 fe --1--4--7 j - P A r' " 1' A' " 'f' c' A , "-' n- a n- y. IY id BY sts ts. 1d- elf do .ng on- lus the the i , 3' Mi 41 3 NORMAN CAPPS Student Council President STUDENT CCUNCIL The Student Council is the governing body of the school. The members work with Dr. Whaley in making the policies of the school. A student is elected to membership by his class-mates. The president cmd vice-president are elected by the student body. The ofiicers for '53-'54 were Norman Capps, president: Robert Murphy, vice-president: Mary Ann Un- derwood, secretary: Gary Darnell, treasurer: and Ierry Yeager, sergeant at arms. Mr. Art Pfaff sponsors the organization. ROW l: Charles Erickson, Iudy Werner, Sylvia Stout, Sondra Wurzer, Mr. Pfafi. ROW 2: Cheryl Elbe, Nancy Hill, Diane Black, Nancy Anderson, Robert Murphy, Conrad Schroeder. ROW 3: Richard Kurek, Ioe Cooper, Roger Morris, Richard Ienkins, Robin Reeves, Carol Smith, Mary Ann Underwood. ROW 4: Ed. Conway, Phil Snowden, Iim Carney, Don Ray, Billy Don Mark, Gary Darnell, Norman Capps, Kenny Ienkins. af., . 1, 0 m Qi, 1 X , I WI! 1 g if ., , , V . , V, f in 1 E- 4, ff , ' .Q 2' ' V .cf ,, I ' H121 ' jj 51 ,,.-,af z I ,,,' ,WM ,, R W 85 l 1 .it li Tl l ll ll 5 a F 2 ii ' V Q-.4,,.f1-Q...-1 i. H. . ffji t Q f Q I 'E Y TEENS 5, as -rr .E as EEA--- .-....... .. Ll. i E 4 , l' ii it l it f lx ' E ll st ll I l il: r yt ll, Y-Teens, being the largest girls' organization in the school, has been extensive in its activities. Meet- L ing alternately in triangles and entire groupings, this club has helped ingbuilding Christian character and l yt leadership. Carol Smith was elected president in the spring of 1953 and has proved to be a highly com- petent leader. Assisting her with official duties have been Prudence Platt, vice-president: Nancy Hill, Q'3 secretary: and Phyllis Peters, treasurer. t lt tl ll It rl. V l 1 It 5, fl ' Y TE ty yi . - EN CABINET il ROW 1: Sharon Smith, Elizabeth Moore, Carol Enaland, lane Murphv, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Iudy Counts, Ioyce Williams, 'l Dee Dunken. ROW 2: Sondra Wurzer, Deann Ferguson, Mary Lessley, Phyllis Mylar, Nancy Elliott, Ioan Dunbar, Pat Park- l inson, Donna Peters, Carol Newhcrrd, Sue Seneker. ROW 3: Charlotte Chaszain, Cheryl Elbe, Betty Hawker, Myrna Smith, Beverly Schroeder, Betty Smith, Lynda Scott, Nancy Hill, Phyllis Peters, Prudence Platt, Ioyce Denny. ROW 4: Carol ig Smith, Vicki 'McCarrick, Ann Meeder, Patty Shupp, Ioyce Clemons, Aloah Burke, Ann Mentzer, Nancy Anderson. Mary Ann .1 Underwood, Martha Edmonds, Donna Edmondson, Diane Black. tl lt li , , tl . l W 1, ll rl 4, at 1 'Acm- 11 I 4 1 l 1 86 5 , ,W .. ,,,,, 51 SENIOR Y-TEENS ROW l: Ann Steiner, Ioyce Williams, Iean Andrews, Ioyce Blakemore, Mary Ann Ginaine, Sharon Hedrick, Sandra Wickham ROW Z: Mary Caldwell, Norma Black, Peggy Mueller, LouAnn Henry, Eileen Hemmerling, Iackie Irvin, Barbara Eastburn Eleanor Godsey. ROW 3: Deborah Graves, Ioyce Clemons, Pat Stakley, Mary Houser, Linnea Hendrix, Nancy Cheek, Bar bara Malmberg, Barbara Allard, Iune Kelley. ROW 4: Rosemary Giifin, Pat Hackett, Peggy Beardsley. Helen Hoyle, Mar ianna Mulick, Marcia Wells, Barbara Schyer, Mona Wright, Margaret Willis, Gloria Kilgore. .t ' .fx X1 QP J' .1 uw . SENIOR Y-TEENS L ROW l: Ann Mentzer, Aloah Burke, Ianet Trout, Martha Frank, Saralyn Davis, Shirley Linder. ROW 2: lean Alexander, Ian- ice Bowen, Pauline Walters, Carol Baum, lean Feurt, Carol Smith, Bobbie Stamberger. ROW 3: Marlis Dolan, Evelyn Wal- thers, Shirley Fisher, Loretta Romines, Carol Pratt, Bonnie Rasmussen, Donna Gann, Marilyn Wolverton. ROW 4: Marjorie Guthrie, Iuanita Iames, Vivian Lawrence, Mary Alice Iohnson, Ianice Irons, Marsha Crossley, Beverly Iennings, Lynda Scott, Shirley Evans. 5 'wr mf SENIOR Y-TEENS ROW 1: Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Sally Bartlett, Patty Lamkin, Rose Ann Akin, Shirley Dodson, Ioyce Miles. ROW 2: Nancy Malone, Iva McGuire, Memory Burgess, Prudence Platt, Beverly McCroskie, Beverly Spearman, Martha Edmonds, Paula Steinbom, Donna Edmondson. ROW 3: Iean Schultz, Ioyce Cameron, Phyllis Peters, Ioyce Borden, Nancy Hill, Phyllis Riley, Mary Ellen Palmer, Miss Houser, Mary Ruth Webb. ROW 4: Barbara Bass, Ioyce Shannon, Mary Ann Underwood, Myrna Smith, Betty Hawker, Shirley Payne, Patty Shupp, Ann Meeder, Miss Quigley. JUNIOR Y-TEENS ROW 1: Mary Ann Malone, Ioyce Blackburn, Iudy Counts, lean Wingo, Carole Stine, Iudy Stone, Pat Parkinson, Diane Lewis, Ruth Ann Barker, Pat Alexander. ROW 2: Marilyn Armstrong, Ioan Dunbar, Margaret Cline, Iudy Grant, Ann Roberson, Io Ann Croley, Barbara Mayor, Mary Ann Levantino, Sue Yokum, Pat Gordon, Maxine Chinn, Carolyn Hall. ROW 3: Ierry Hullet, Barbara Walker, Ieanette Shirley, Geneva Blair, Mary, Bronaugh, Diane Hatfield, lean Bailey, Diane Lewis, Ruth Landers, Marilyn Nelson, Nancy Elliott, Marie Gilbert, Bonnie Blackburn. ROW 4: Beverly Walker, Phyllis Dunn, lean Vandeginste, Ieanne Mayo, Carol Lee, Virginia Edmondson, Jeanette McHugh, Carolyn Aubrey, Bonnie Hagg, Ilene Lynch. Yvonne Fausett, Bette Thetford, Margaret Miller. ...ti as . V W-. ,.. v QA fl! JUNIGR Y-TEENS ROW 1: Iudy Garzee, Susie Bryant, Ida Matriara, Elizabeth Moore, Carol England, Io Ann Louderback, Theo Raper, Nettie Mul- lens, Delight Wilfred, Gail Minter, Patty Dame, Gail Buttrick, Patsy Stratton, Margaret Slavik, Ioan La France, Elaine Lunn. ROW 2: Pat Raines, Deann Ferguson, Mary Lessley, Viola Berry, Ianice Carey, Nancy Mehlstaubs, Pat Maddox, Patricia Stout, Iune Roundtree, Cassie Henson, Mary Ann Hinds, Martha Prather, Barbara Danburg, Corrine Hixson, Shirley Breid, Carol Allen. ROW 3: Paula Case, Shirley Davis, Margaret Carmen, Cara Taylor, Kay Straub, Barbara Bivens, Cynthia Waterous, Myrtle Wierd, Mary Huflord, Rita McNary, Carole Hagerman, Madlyn Clark, Beulah Whittaker, Elizabeth Leon- ard, Beverly Williamson, Ioyce Ainsworth, Sue Shackleford, Barbara McCallum, Arlene Erickson. ROW 4: Cheryl Elbe, Nancy Anderson, Lenora Ladd, Charlotte Chastain, Mary Sonnerburg, Barbara Hubbard, Betty Laswell, Regina DeVrieze, Betty Wilson, Ruth Ann Passmore, Ioan Linder, lean Dyer, Marjorie Palmer, Lois Dahlberg, Elaine Craft, Bonnie Prentice, Marilyn Williams, Carol Bianchini, Miss Collings. ' W SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS ROW 1:Carolyn Crisp, Iudy Deaver, Rosemary Marks, Nancy Freed, Phyllis Mylar, Sharon Smith, Pat Stubbs, Mary Ruth Carter, Ianice Shannon, Iudith Winburn. ROW 2: Naomi Welsh, Darlene Irwin, Rose Arnone, Bonnie Sauer, Iune Stout, Janet Owen, Ioyce Denny, Barbara Bendure, Dorothy Linneman, Barbara Williams, Phyllis Poage. ROW 3: Gretchen Riddle, Nancy Labor. Pat Acheson, Georgia Gaddy, Rosalie Hagg, Evelyn O'Dell, Ann McClure, Norma Reynolds, Carlene Elliott, Esther Steven- son, Loul-inn LaBerge, Ioan Mudd. ROW 4: Iean Marsh, Donna Shane, Ann Smith, Deann Pennington, Donna Gardner, Rosalie Spruyette, Beverly Thompson, Beverly Schroeder, Anita Stark, Sherry Williams, Marian Lindberg, Maureen Dono- van, Nancy Passmore. l fr 1 I I lx I ll -a tl 89 H L1 ,...- 1...-f....- ,........a3-- .,, . SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS ROW 1: Edna Ionas, Sue Seneker, Sharon Lewis, Eleanor McCall, Ilene Gibbs, Linda Foster, Karole Gates, Barbara Gillespie, Mary Roush, Iudy Yeager. ROW 2: Ioann Trantham, Vermara Ottman, Ioan Wise, Nancy Sperman, Patsy Parrish, Donna Shirley, Coralee Morse, Ieanne McCartney, Anne Dragen, Suzanne McNall, Sondra Bodenhamer. ROW 3: Helen Whitaker, Sharon Bliss, Grace McClain, Carol Newhard, Beverly Anderson, Shirley Dick, Georgia Miller, Linda Ford, Ioyce Payne, Ruth Repple, Nancy Plumb, Clara Io Taylor. ROW 4: Emily Hall, Rose Crowley, Shirley Ballard, Nan Tucci, lean Shook, Gwendolyn Cloud, Mary Blackman, Martha Io Bent, Barbara Gentry, Carolyn Jackson, Betty Goldsbury, Eula Mae Boggess, FRESHMEN Y-TEENS ROW 1: Glenda Moad, Faith Alton, Ianice Petering, Cheryl McDonald, Martha Goodman, Mary Teresa Verderame, Ianie Stock. ROW 2: Iackie Morgan, Virginia Tarwaterf Plesie Morast, Shirley Williams, Shirley Iohnson, Iudy Hester, Ioyce Thomas, Rosie Rogers, Iudy Chubb. Row 3: Betty McC1ung, Betty Ann Clark, Ruth Leming, Wilma Lakey, Estella Smith, Shylaltae Soderstrom, Margaret Burton, Ann Ienkins, Sue Carol Brown. ROW 4: Charlene Johnson, Deanne Neiderman, Ianice Andrews, Barbara Hamblen, Ianet Bowles, Patsy Stevens, Pat Williams, Ianice Clemons, Etta Farmer, Miss Beery. V Qs! , Q wwvmw, FRESHMAN Y-TEENS ROW 1: Donna Peters, Levita Aubrey, Iudy Werner, Alberta McLain, Nancy Reuter, Kathy Amos, Myrtle Loop, Donna Mehner. ROW 2: Sylvia Stout, Marilyn Ford, Ruth Koetting. Karen Morse, Carol Miller, Shirley Casteel, Barbara Graves, DeeAnna Durham, Mary Alexander, Maxine Knick, Mary Lou Smith, Sally Cavin, Kathleen Dulohery, Rose Guilvezan, Yvonne Frazier. Martha Pritchard, Ienny Quimby, Sylvia Mosby, Gloria Garton. ROW 3: Alice Dahlberg, Marilyn Yates, Ianice Steffens, Ioyce Steifens, Doris Simcoe, Elaine Burton, Karol Whitteker, Dorothy McKown, Marilyn Newbill, Ann Park, Rogene Wells. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS ROW 1: Marie Linter, Elizabeth DeMulenaere, Io Ann DeMulenaere. ROW 2: Madelon Snyder, Sherry Miller, Melva Eaton, Kathryn McThompson, Darlie Rosier, Marilyn Stowe. ROW 3: Pat Holmes, Elizabeth Erickson, Corrine Brown, Miriam George, Dixie Zugg, Margie Higby, Melissa Warmack. ROW 4: Iudy Brower, Ianet Clark, Pat Logan, Diane Black, Su- zanne Storment, Iudy Davis, Nancy McFarren, Mary Edwards. 1? fin my W4 , 7f , 5 7.321 AND THE Y-TEENS HAD A DANCE, TOO. On Saturday night, Ianuary 23, the annual Y-Teen Dance was held at the Downtown "Y" in Kansas City. On this page are various photos taken at this semi-formal affair. "Bashful Iackson" hides her face while her escort continues to dance in his best Arthur Murray manner. The escort in question was a sophomore named Underwood. Don't mind Doc, Cheryl: he prob- ,, ably didn't understand it! Aw, Wayne, chug-a-luggin' Pepsi-Cola never hurt anybody! k L k, , 1 oo mama octopuses So this is the White-Hall scholar ship! Hmmmmmm! No, sonny. They're juniors! They just dance that way! 92 . in i -1- -Q A f ' ' ...s A 1- '-'-"' . r' K , , ....,....... -- . , HI-Y ial I Yll :us n q Vf l Meeting twice each month, the Hi-Y become a large and active Club, Working in close co-operation with the Y-Teens, this organization has done much toward educating its members in applied Christian principles. Robert Murphy was elected president for the second time. V . The officers for 1953-1954 are: Robert Murphy, President: Billy Don Mark, vice-president: Bob Williams, Secretary: Lloyd Sutterby, treasurer: Io Graves, , chaplain. tt , Q HI-Y CABINET ' ROW 1: Lloyd Sutterby, Leslie Short, Bob Richmond, Bob Kern, Robert Murphy, Ioe Perkins, Larry Bodenhamer. Robin Reeves. ROW 2: David Gray, Iim Hudson, lim Carney, Ben Grant. Don Ray, Larry Cobb, David Grifieth. ROW 3: lack Underwood, Norman Amos, Wayne Black, Bill Mark, Edward Fuller, Io Graves, Iohn Rouse, Bill Greenwood. ,ya-1' nf I ' 41 1 y x 1 I , C 93 SENIOR HI-Y ROW 1: Lloyd Sutterby, Leslie Short, Lynn Carrell, lack Crossley, Gorden Stout, David Gray, Ernest Mosby, Richard Yates, Pat Luckett, Robert Murphy, William Allinson, R. A. McClure, Dennis Bailey, lim Kincaid. Row 2: Leon Pooler, I. B. Blair, Mi- chael Amon, David Stark, Carl Harris, Ierry Allen, Iohn Hutcherson, Luther Davidson, Bob Williams, Edwin Nelson, Iimmy Iohnson, Wiley White, Claude Barnes, Mr. Welch. ROW 3: I. T. Garzee, Benny Grant, Bob Richmond, Vince Chamberlain, Gerald Cheek, Charles Hoskins. Arthur Kennedy. Bill Blackburn, Ierry Burkhart, Maynard McGhay, Richard Kurek. Bert Cordes, Glen Rodenberg, Merle Stock, Mr. McKeehan. ROW 4: Don Preston, lim Hudson, Ronnie Stevens, Craig Swenson, Iim Camey, Gary Darnell, Albert Dunbar, Norman Capps, Lowell Edwards, Io Graves, Ed Fuller, Allred Brady, Albert Hal- sternberg, Bill Otis, Ray Long, Stanley Albert JR. HI-Y ROW 1: Iim Sipes, Harry Teeter, Bob Kern, Robin Reeves, Pat Herring. ROW 2: Robert Long, Bobby Yokum, Teddy Hott, Don Warner, Bob Ruch, Ierry Aubrey, Mr. Carey. ROW 3: Dick Brand, Raymond Bird, David Iacobson, Gary Keyes, Don Tingler, Ronnie Williams, Iohn Rouse. ROW 4: Norman Amos, Iohnnie Covington, Eddie Tapp, Lewis Dillard, Randall Williams, Tommy Williams, Don Vassmer, Cyril Pope, Donald Kanabel. -0 , .., -.... - -, ,.,,4... .' gre- -. --. Jn." . Q' f 4.""'5 ...wwf Jill' JR. HI-Y uri' ROW l: Mason Michelson, lim Morgan, Bob Hauetter, Bill Campbell, Iohn Kelly, Ierry Lowe. ROW 2: Tom Lewis, Iames Clem- ons, Bob Berkebile, Iohn Lloyd Larry Cobb lim Frans, Mr. Price ROW 3: Robert Ketcham Dann Daniels Larr Mc . . , ' ' ' I Y I Y ' Clam, David Page, Iim Trout, Don Reynolds, Larry Bodenhamer. ROW 4: Howard Silvers, Wayne Black, Don Ray, Billy Don Mark, David Dillingham, Charles Logan, Dick Bevard, Kenny Ienkins. SOPHOMORE HI-Y ROW 1: Bobby Landis, lack McClain, David Wilch, Dale Rose, Frank Shaw, Gary Ganote. ROW 2: Bill Greenwood, lim Looney, Iack Gibbens, Ierry Meyer, Iim Gray, Bill Spurgeon, John Younghanz. ROW 3: Tom Tanan, Pat Darrow, Marvin Dickson, Bob Mason, Bill Loften, Gary Thompson, Wayne Daniel, lack Underwood, Bill Loop. ROW 4: Dave Macey, David Bolsinga, Phil Snowden, David Watkins, Gerald Gallaway, Ed Conway, Gene Bruns, Rex Fowler, Dwight Bailey, Mr. Little- X . W W , , 1 W E mi ,V 3 ,mf 1-f it SOPHOMORE HI-Y ROW 1: Ioe Perkins, Kenneth Bost, Tom Parrish, Ray Lanio, Terry Short, Dale Sapp, Robert Short, Tommy Burke, Lewis Steam- er. ROW 2: Delbert Loughrey, Denny Harris, Kenneth Wood, Don Terry, Bob Neal, Dick Cooley, Richard Elam, Tony Down ing, Mike Morrow. ROW 3: Ronnie Melton, Tom Allen, Curtis Mathews, Bill Cook, Benny Pegan, Tom Norris, Roger Mor- ris, Bob Hewlett, Terry Simmons, David Griffith. ROW 4: Iimmy Williams, Kenneth Storck, Cecil Marks, Tommy Dixon. Benny Beals, Richard Yeager, Robert Chipley, Robert Crabbe, Phillip Masters, Dwight Grantham, Mike Peterson. FRESHMAN HI+Y ROW 1: Don Simons, Paul Roberson, Iimmy Iackson, lack Creason, Bob Henderson, David Warner, Victor Nielson. Ierry Rule, Tom England. ROW 2: Larry Miles, Iohn Houim, Arthur Ienner, Charles Erickson, Charles Ferry, Eddie Young, Ierry I-'el ton, Larry Williams, Nicky Raper, Herb Havens. ROW 3: Conrad Schroeder, Roger Henderson, Bruce Henry, Gene Voiqhts Gary Flack, Bob Peterson. Billy Glick, Iimmy Wingo, Iack Hendrix, Iohnny Brunner, Roger Arbuckle. ROW 4: Don Sarver Benny Ralston, Fred Carmen, Bruce Fuller, Ronnie Henderson, Ronnie Misner, Iimmy Pierce, Marshall Sherlock, Carl Sum mers, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Ferguson. w-4' ROW 1: Ioyce Williams, Barbara Burner. Susie Bryant, Helen Whitaker, Carolyn Crisp, Sondra Bodenhammer, Mary Ann Levan- tino, Barbara Madjar. ROW 2: Margaret Carmen, Barbara Bivens, Donna Shane, Suzanne McNall, Ianice Carey, Io Ann Lauderback, Carolyn Aubrey, Ianette McHugh, lean Marsh, ROW 3: David Gray, Ray Hall, Edward Morgan, Ray Bird, Mari- lyn Williams, Marie Gilbert, Linnea Hendrix, Phyllis Peters, Myrna Smith, Iudith Hayes. ROW 4: Iim Hudson, Io Graves, Dick Bevard, Louis Dillard, Dick Burkhard, Dave Dillingham, Beverly Thompson, Sherry Williams, Myrtle Wiard, Nancy Mehlstaub, Maureen Donovan. SPANISH CLUB El Club Interamericanos is an educational organization made up of all Spanish students who are interested enough in the subject to join. These stu- dents sponsor various money making projects in order to finance a trip to Mex- ico this spring. lim Kincaid was elected president this year for the second time and works with Miss Bernita Isley, sponsor, in handling its activities. ROW 1: lim Kincaid, Barbara Malmberg, Ann Markwell, Pat Luckett. ROW 2: Ioan Beam, Cynthia Waterous, Dorothy Wilson, Nancy Elliott, Carolyn Hall, Ioan Dunbar, lean Andrews, Vermara Ottman, Karole Gates, Rose Crowley, Sue Markwell, Miss Isley. ROW 3: Irma Io Barger, Theodosia Raper, Ioyce Allen, Gail Minter, Beverly Anderson, Louann La Berge, Loretta Romines, Lelia Iohnson, Iean Feurt, Ioan Mudd, Roberta Foley, Io Ann Crowley, Prudence Platt. ROW 4: Terry Martin, David Wilch, Ronald Rule, Alan Adams, Ioyce Denny, Patricia Stubbs, Gloria Enochs, Ioann Rodenberg, Ann McClure, Saralyn Davis, Claudia Taylor, Jeannine Mayo. ROW 5: Betty Laswell, Kay Straub, lean Dyer, Bert Cordes, Craig Swen- son, Mason Michelson, Morgan Spilsbury, Robert Long. Robert Yokum, David Iacobson, Keith Dyer, Gerald Cheek, Dee lay McGhay. 1 . .132 3 . af ' ff? 97 - -,.,..-..-,....,:....i,c-1..?i,, . ,M , Y 3 5 2 Z Z 4 ' " wal, mf ' 2 fa' 'I f , Q 2 ...rf W 1 f T I x f ! I , , 4, A, I ' ef 4 f ff 4f J j f 4 1 4 f 7 W 1' sn' 1 X Q w- '42 49 , W .Y Z f iff W as X 4 ' ww WW' ' iii' f 5 fw, f V, f QSM W f L, ' ' ROW 1: Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Elizabeth Rhode, Elizabeth Moore, Nancy Reuter, Karin Hedlund, Mary Anii Malouef Ioyce Blackburn. ROW 2: Pat Gordon, Pat Parkinson, Ianet Owen. Loretta Romines, Philancy Catlin, Marilyn Nelson, Shirley Breid, Beverly Williamson, Mrs. Tucker. ROW 3: Iack McClain, Madlyn Clark, Barbara Hubbard, Iudith Winburn, Carol Hagerman, Cassie Henson, Viola Berry, Marilyn Armstrong, Iudy Grant, Ann Marie Roberson. ROW 4: Larry Allen, Don Preston, David Stark, Luther Davidson, Darwin Garrison, Billy Reed, Charlotte Chastain, Aloah Burke, Beverly Schroeder. Mary Sonnenberg, Nancy Anderson. FRENCH CLUB Les Bons Camarades or the French Club was organized last year and has been growing steadily ever since. Its purpose is to educate its members to a better understanding of the French language and customs. Nancy Ander- son was elected president and Mrs. Ioyce Tucker, French instructor, is sponsor. ROW 1: Io Ann Meyer, Carol Harrington: Gail Wiqger, Iuanita Darr, Georgia Miller, Linda Ford, Nancy Galey. ROW 2: Mary Ellen Palmer, Mary Ann Hinds, Mary Lessley, Phyllis Dunn, lean Vandeginste, Corine Hixson, Maxine Chinn, Geneva Blair, Norma Malone. ROW 3: Rosemary Reed, Anne Dragen, Iudy Garzee, Ieanne McCartney, Sondra Wurzer, Patty Raines, Juanita Iames, Dianna Hatfield, Mary Ruth Carter, Paula Steinborn. ROW 4: Ronald Evans, Clifford Scantland, Don Rey- nolds, Billy Le Clere, Billy Don Mark, Don Ray, Donald Long, Cheryl Elbe, Ioan Linder, Lois Dahlberg, Marian Lindberg. 98 x l 1 9 ART GUILD The Art Guild, organized to help further art appreciation for interested art students, offers the degree ot Master, to students who have done outstanding work. This entitles the student to membership in the 2 National Art Honor Society. - D President, Vivian Lawrence: Vice President, Iim Morgan: Secre- tary Cheryl Elbe. Mr. Porter Price sponsors the Guild. U ROW 1: Iim Morgan, Vivian Lawrence, Cheryl Elbe. ROW 2: Mary Alice Iohnson, Ianice Irons, Phyllis Dunn, Philancy Catlin, Liz Moore, Liz Rhode, Beverly Stakley, Carol Newhard. ROW 3: Pat McCormick, Margie Willis, Iune Roundtree, Ian Carey, Io Ann Croley, Deanna Pennington, Laura Dykes, Robert Morgan, Wanda Poage. ROW 4: Johnny Rouse, Don Long, Gene Shepherd, Robert Hewlett, Helen Shawver, Emily Hall, Keith Dyer, Larry Bodenhamer, Dennis Bailey, Bob Berkebile. A Pep Squad member waits on a table at the football banquet. J the cheerleaders practice, and the whole gang, hop a ride in the -4, Homecoming Parade. 2 1 v, 4 i i i I s 4 I 1 ,I -W" f i You, too, can be a charming, glamorous, well-dressed cheerleader. vm fag y WW? You needn't turn on the charm, Edward, she's not going to bring you another dessert. 100 , L. Carol Smith is excited. She sees someone she knows. He is waving back. Yoo hoo, Carol! la. ..-K 1 ROW l: Miss Billie Io Iones, Nancy Hill, Betty Hawker, Mary Ann Underwood, Ioyce Borden, Iva McGuire, Miss Carolyn Foster. ROW 2: Raymonette Rucker, Sondra Wurzer, Iudy Stone, Mary Ann Malone, Ioyce Blackburn, Phyllis Riley, Ioan Dunbar, Phyllis Peters. ROW 3: Betty Cordell, Iudy Ganote, Iudy Yeager, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Eleanor McCall, Alta Swaithes, Beverly Lewis, lean Wingo, Carolyn Hall. ROW 4: Betty Smith, Iudy Hayes, Mildred Schroeder, Iudy Garzee, Marilyn Armstrong, Io Ann Croley, Margaret Cline, Nancy Elliott, Ann Roberson, Ioyce Denny, Ioyce Hastens. ROW 5: Bev- erly, Schroeder, Nancy Anderson, Patty Raines, Sherry Williams, Rosemary Giffen, Bobbie Stamberger, Ianice Bowen, Carol 90599 lo Smith, Memory Burgess, Myrna Smith, Patty Shupp, Iean Schultz. The purpose of the Pep Squad is to create school spirit. It consists of forty-eight girls, five of whom are elected cheerleaders by the student body. The officers are Mary Ann Underwood, president, Nancy ' I-lill, vice-president, Betty Hawker, secretary and Ioyce Borden, treasurer. The sponsors are Miss Car- olyn Foster and Miss Billie Io Iones. CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Peters, Raymonette Rucker, Phyllis Riley, Head Cheerleader: Sondra Wurzer, Ioan Dunbar. -Q ,fi fits , ' 7 3' 4 78 ,..v O 1 yggh, 1 2 'Vr??,ji , 2, ew g sq, K 5 2 WF Tiber 5 FRESHMAN PEP SQUAD ROVV 1: Levita Aubrey, Dixie Zug, Sylvia Stout, Donna Peters, Rose Giulvezan, Mary Alexander, Carolyn Foster. BOW 2: Carol Iohnson, Iane Barnhart, Marguerite Wilson, Melva Eaton, Shyla Rae Soderstrom, Iudy Hester, Plesie Morast, Ioyce Bead- ling, Ioyce Thomas, Carol Thompson, Darlene Gann, Patty Chambers, Iudy Lowe, Betty Clark, Alice Thurston, Ellen Mark, Kathy McThompson, Marilyn Stowe, Darlie Rosier. ROW 3: Flora Tapp, Marie Lintner, Martha Goodman, Etta Iean Farmer, Virginia Tarwater, Ioan Bried, Sue Iohnson, Barbara Graves, Ianice Clemons, Ianice Petering, Deanna Durham, Ann Park, Patsy Stephens, Ann Ienkins, Ioyce Key, Linda Bigbee, Nancy Reuter, Marcia Childs, Sherry Miller, Donna Hauetter. ROW 4: Iackie Bateman, Cheryl MacDonald, Ruth Leming, Lorinda Neville, Corrine Brown, Gloria Garton, Faith Alton, Madlyn Snyder, Ianie Stocks, Iudy Chubb, Iudy Werner, Jeanine Shaw, Doris Black, Pat Williams, Malisa Warmack, Virginia Colby. Martha Pritchard, Barbara Castell, Carol Miller, Madlyn Olmedo. ROW 5: Sylvia Mosby, Myrtle Loop, Kathy Dulohery, Barbara Newby, Vera Ward, Marilyn Newbill, Margie Higby, Iackie Morgan, Ruth Koetting, Eva Burch, Ianet Sue King, Miriam George, Angela Brock, Kathy Amos, Charlotte Spalding, Ioyce Croy, Sharlyn Snipes, Margaret Stuart, Sarah Mc- Kay, Iennie Quimby, Yvonne Frazier. ROW 6: Betty Birmingham, Mary Lou Smith, Iudy Davis, Doris Simcoe, Ianet McClain, Sally Cavin, Sara Fortune, Elizabeth Erickson, Ioyce Stelfens, Ianice Steffens, Suzanne Storment, Ioyce Earls, Mildred Little- ghrg Kay Morse, Virginia Bain, Ann Taylor, Lagene Irvin, Rogene Wells. Diane Black, Ianet Clark, Ianet Bowles, Iuanita or ett. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Levila Aubfelff Dixie Zug, Sylvia Stout, Donna Peters, Rose Giulvezan, and Mary Alexander ""' ' is. 'W W E ' A A f W! . v-1 ritz, 159, ,. . , . ., , -..,..,-3-,,.q,, 1, 4- V 4 A-' -- 5'-M' ,Y . V vi?-"' .' ' , 114' , ' "- A ' ' V . ,-'.,s1:j,-. ., .:. ,.L,,' 9,513-VAT, 4 f.. --Q UA'-..,,,3A1u'. 1- -I Jgtvjjfl- Q , Q - I. ' -' . ,V U +11 1 ' f"L:??'..rl '1vW"' .. lj '-fg"afii',i:4Rg:?'l:zf-.1,-:ff-1'.1 Z-.-M A- 'U' 1 - - v -f 'YE-f ' if - f'f-'aff is-eff' "'-"12E'ii-'i""' " "rs-"' L" 'Lili'-' ' . . . ' , ' V-...g t -:mes--w - -. -. -., .W .Y . . . . . -,, ,, ,... ,Mi 3 1 75 f x ' 7.1554 . 0 liffzw w if ' g M P ' f it ' s Q . I l V A7-.y,,9 ,geek X mi' W A. X his Q t is s 4 gy nm' y 1 ' V ' 15 1, M .... xv ,W It Q 1 Q .D xy M 1.4. 1 15, R T X . . - f-.:,:, , L XT 1 ,.,gy,,.. 'HN ROW 1: Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell. ROW 2: Sondra Wurzer, Betty Smith, Ioyce Denny, Miss De Vall. HOW 32 Norman Capps, Albert Dunbar, Kenny Ienkins, Richard Kurek, Marshall Sherlock- HORNET'S NEST BOARD OF CONTROL The Hornet's Nest Board ot Control makes the policy governing the Hornet's Nest and sees that it is carried out. The Board consists of 10 members who are elected by the Student Council. The Student Council president acts as chairman. STAGE CREW The Stage Crew was organized this year to make the policies for the auditorium and the stage. Miss Hilda McConnell sponsors the group. ROW 1: Harry Teeter, 'Miss McConnell. ROW 2: David Butterfield, Charles Traw, Phil Tenet. X X 'fri , 2 ,,., 7 ,,: .g:: .... 1 ' ,l f 1 W , 'J A ' Q1 .. , jf X SW 7.y!Q:,,1, ' +11 ,,a'g1-f - A E gwgq gf twig, ss . ,. ,, 4 if 1 ' 0 ,, ,, e 9 , M111 1 33.5, ,1 1 551 ? 11 f r. 11 1 ,, 1 Zwfof-!,af 1 1 ,1.31" . .. .' ,Q X , W " M, M f YW 1.9 , V .K , 'Q-wmv, " ,M " K' f V 9, 4, 5 if ' ,, y gf fa X f 9 W 1 f W ?ty f , f X f fa Q 1 f 1 K wi f .ff vig! ,Xi-ff, 11 5 , 1 e f , 1 W jf x 1 .tw Z W A 107 ' 1 l X1 W i f ff ll if 1 ,1 6, 11 1 i fl!!! lv Z 4? frm Z 'fy .1 ft Wa ,f , X6 my 1 1 f f-fm xi 03 X f 1 , X w R 4 x ,1 K1 04 1 Z 4 2 5 'W ROW 1: Aloah Burke, Nancy Anderson, Iim Kincaid, Max Von Erdmannsdorff, Miss Mabel Hale. ROW 2: Betty Hawker, Mary lane Stephan, Sondra Wurzer, Viola Berry, Saralyn Davis, Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Gail Minter, Karin Hedlund. Sharon Smith. Row 3: Wayne Black, Iohn Rouse, Io Graves, David Gray, Ben Grant, Roger Morris, Benny Fegan, Tim Ryan, David Page, Gordon.Shull, Bob Murphy. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE The National Forensic League is a national organization which promotes interest in public speak- ing among high school students. To become a member one must achieve twenty speaker points through some type of forensic Work. The officers of the NFL are: lim Kincaid, president: Max Von Erdmannsdorff, vice-president, Nancy Anderson, secretary: and Aloah Burke, treasurer. Miss Mabel Hale is sponsor. MASQUE AND GAVEL The Masque and Gavel is a national organization for student actors. Membership is determined by participation in assemblies, plays, and other dramatic presentations. Miss Mildred Fulton is the sponsor. ROW 1: Miss Mildred Fulton, Pat Hackett, 'Bill Mark, Betty Ann Hawker, David Stark. ROW 2: Ronnie Evans, Anita Stark, Don Reynolds, Io Graves, Nancy Anderson, Cheryl Elbe, Marie Gilbert, Robert Murphy. Robin Reeves. .T t li W ,, li ,, 'T T T it It it . , K , : . , ROW 1: lim Kincaid, Wayne Black, Benny Grant, Max Von Erdmannsdorff, Nancy Anderson, Miss Mabel Hale. ROW 2: Aloah Burke, Mary lane Stephan, Sondra Wurzer, Viola Berry, Saralyn Davis, Gail Mintner, Karin Hedlund, Sharon Smith. ROW 3: Iohn Rouse, lo Graves, David Gray, Roger Morris, Benny Fegan, Tim Ryan, David Page, Gordon Shull, Robert Murphy. DEBATE The Debate Club not only stimulates interest in public speaking, but it also helps achieve the ability 5 to think. To be eligible for membership a student must acquire five hundred speaker points through deba- ting and other speech activities. This organization, sponsored by Miss Mabel Hale, chose for its officers the following: Max Van Erdrnannsdorff, president: Ben Grant, vice-president: Nancy Anderson, secretary: and Wayne Black, treasurer. 5 T MODERN MUSIC MASTERS SOCIETY The NKC chapter of Modern Music Masters was organized this year. It is under the direction of Miss Lida Warrick and her assistants Miss Mildred Smith and Mr. Donald Neuhart. -t The members were selected from the Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, and A Capella Choir: this selec- tion was based on character, scholarship, service and responsibility. The aim of the society is "greater service to the school and community." Z The officers are: Betty Hawker, president: Ann Markwell, vice-president: Sue Markwell, secretary: 1 Edward Fuller, treasurer: Shirley Dotson, historian. 5 MEMBERS ARE: Acheson, Patty: Arnone, Linda: Arnone, Rose: Aubrey, Carolyn: Bailey, lean: Bailey, Paul: Ballard, Shirley, Bendure, Raymond: Berry, Viola: Bivens, Barbara: Bliss, Sharon: Brady, Alfred: Bryant, Susie: Burke, Tom: Cameron, Ioyce, Carman, Margaret: Case, Paula, Chamberlain, Vincent: Chaney, Ioy: Chastain, Charlotte: Counts, Iudy: Cox, Pul: Craft, Elaine: Croley, Io Ann: Cross, Rosemary: Crossley, Marsha Davis, Sarolyn: Deaver, Iudy: Dolan, Marlyse: Dotson, Shirley: Dragen, Anne: Dunkin, Dee Anna: Dyer, Iean: Eastburn, Barbara: Edmonds, Martha: Ellis, Walter: Enochs, Gloria: Evans, Ronnie: Feurt, lean: Fisher, Shirley: Foster, Linda: Freed, Nancy: Fuller, Edward: Garrett, David: Gentry, Barbara: Gib- bens, lack: Giffin, Rosemary: Grantham, Dwight: Greenwood, Bill: Hackett, Patty: Hagerman, Carol: Hall, Emily. , I t Hawker, Betty: Heinz. Sandy: Hubbard, Barbara: Iackson, Carolyn: Iames, Iuanita: Kendzora, Anita: Ketcham, Robert: Kilgore, , Gloria: Lawrence, Vivian: Leonard, Bill: Leonard, Elizabeth: Lessley, Mary: Lewis, Sharon: Logan, Charles: Loop, Bill: A Louderback, Io Ann: Lunn, Elaine: Luskow, Wynne Sharon: Malmberg, Barbara: Mark, Billy Don: Markwell, Ann: Markwell, , Sue: Marsh, lean: Mather, Iohn: McClure, R. A.: McCroskie, Beverly: McDougall, Sandra: McHugh, Ieanette: McClain, Vir- 6 ginia: McNary, Rita: Mentzer, Ann: Meyer, Ierry: Michalson, Mason: Mosby, Ernest: Mueller, Peggy: Mulick, Mariana: f Neal, Robert: Newhard, Carol: Norris, Tom: Ottman, Vermara: Owen, Ianet: Page, David: Palmer, Marjorie: Parrish, Patty: Perkins, Ioe: Poage, lane: Poage, Phyllis: Poage, Wanda: Quell, Elsiann: Rassmussen, Bonnie: Reeves, Robin: Rhode, 5 Elizabeth: Rodenberg, Ioanne: Rouse, Iohn: Buch, Bob: Schroeder, Beverly: Schroeder, Mildred: Seneker, Sue: Shirley, Donna ' lean: Short, Leslie: Short, Robert: Simmons, Charles: Slavik, Margaret: Smith, Anita: Smith, Betty: Snell, Lucy: Snowden, Phil: Stark, Anita: Stout, Gordon: Straub, Kay: Teeter, Harry: Thompson, Gary: Trout, Ianet: Tucci, Nan: Williams, Barbara: Williams, Ioyce: Williams, Patsy: Wilch, David: Wingo, lean: Yeager, Iudy. l V I T t l i 1 I I tl l TQ I 105 ,T t Y. .4 - f .6 , ,, ,, . W Q f ,fredii PF ROW l: Phyllis Peters, Nancy Hill, Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Saralyn Davis, Patty Shupp. ROW 2: David Gray, Ioyce Clem- ons, Myrna Smith, Betty Hawker, Ann Meeder, Mary Ann Underwood, Iim Kincaid. ROW 3: Maynard McGhay, Edward Ful ler, Phil Tener, Ioe Spruyette, Lloyd Satterby, Gary Darnell, Io Graves, Max Von Erdmannsdorfi. NOT PICTURED: Prud- ence Platt and Ann Mentzer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society of secondary schools bases its membership on scholarship, leadership, character, and service, with students being elected to it by the faculty. This year the members chose Lloyd Sutterby as their president, and raised funds for the annual scholarship that they present each spring to some senior. OUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists. A student must be a junior or senior, a member of the Buzz or Purgold Staff, and in the upper third of his class to qualify for membership. Miss Mildred Fulton and Mr. Gus Leimkuhler sponsor the organization. ROW 1: Betty Hawker, Patty Shupp, Max Von Erdmannsdorif, Mary Ellen Palmer, Ann Steiner. ROW 2: Prudence Platt, Ann Meeder, lim Kincaid, Mary Ann Underwood, Myrna Smith. ROW 3: Miss Fulton, Ioyce Borden, Aloah Burke, Norman Capps, Lloyd Sutterby, Freddy Bell, Mr. Leimkuhler. ' 5, f X f V . 2 f ROW 1: lo Ann De Meulenaere, Alice Thurston, Alta Swaithes. Iudy Counts, Linda Foster ROW 2: Elizabeth Erickson, Patty Raines, Pat Gordon, Morgan Spilsbury, Gail Minter. ROW 3: Miss Beatrice Shryack, Charles Hoskins, Carol Farnsworth, Rosalie Spruyette, Rogene Wells, Pat Loaan. LIBRARIANS Those librarians who help Miss Shryack, club sponsor, have been busy this past year checking in and out books, arranging displays of current books, and learning more of library procedure. This year's officers are: Pat Gordon, president, Patty Raines, vice-president: and Rosalie Spruyette, secretary. PHOTOGRAPHY The purpose of the photography class is to teach students the proper use of photographic equipment and to provide them with opportunity for pro- fessional assignments. Mr. Tom Moore instructs the class in photography. ROW 1: Tom Dixon, Fred Bell, Bob Richmond, Diane Lucas, Philancy Catlin, Iohn Mather. ROW 2: Phil Tener, Gary Ganote, Art Kennedy, Gordon Hayes, Billy Ioe West, Gerald Cheek. ,Qi lO I l r t 1 Q t l 11, faaiyy 1 f I ff f 5 I ' if l 1 X X X ' , wi 123' -"' ry ,ww t . V f I if , y , f ' a I 1 3 4 ROW 1: Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell. ROW 2: Shirley Freid, Ianice Carey, Mary Ann Heinz, Elizabeth Moore, Betty Hawker, Ronnie Rule. ROW 3: Leslie Short, David Page, Billy Don Mark, Madlyn Clark, lean Dyer. Margie Willis, Mr. Leimkuhler. FUTURE TEACHERS T ' For the benefit of students interested in teaching, the Future Teachers Club has been organized. The f members have made trips to outlying schools during the year and have done some teaching. tl tl Mr. Gus Leimkuhler, Miss Sallie Kingsborough, and Mr. Alfred Conway are the sponsors. . The officers are: Saralyn Davis, president: Elizabeth Moore, vice-president: loyce Clemons, secre W' tary-treasurer: and David Page, historian. El FUTURE NURSES l 1 The members of the Future Nurses' Club are interested in nursing as a profession. The girls who l belong spend some time in learning more about nursing as Well as helping children in nearby hospitals. ig The clubs is sponsored by Mrs. Emily Beigel and the officers are: Mary Ruth Webb, president: Ioyce if l Shannon, vice-president, Madlyn Clark, secretary-treasurer: and Ann Mentzer, corresponding secretary. FRONT ROW: Mary Ruth Webb, Madlyn Clark, Ann Mentzer, Ioyce Shannon. ROW 1: Betsy Trotter, Edna Rae Sauer, Ida lane L Matraia, Luanna Smith, Iackie Spencer, Ioan La France, Patty Dame, Geneva Blair, Barbara Gentry, Marcia Michaelson. , X Ruth Landers, Shirley Linder, Ruth Ann Barker, Karin Hedlund, Alta Swaithes. ROW 2: Barbara Schryer, Beverley Wil- ' l' mson Corrine Hixon, Maxine Chinn, Marlys Dolan, Elaine Evans, Barbara Burner, Darlene Irwin, Pat Venable, Carolee y ia . Q Morse, Anita Kendiora, Eileen Gibbs, Georgia Miller, Linda Arnone, Violet Robbins, Mrs. Biegel, Sponsor. ROW 3: Io Ann if Trantham, Ianice Shannon, Mary Ellen Palmer, Iuanita Collins, Iean Vandeginste, Viola Berry, Barbara Curtis, Myrtle Wiard, N Ioyce Allen Ioan Wise, Pat Stubbs, Iudy Deaver, Barbara Williams, Phyllis Poage, Iean Feurt, Ianet Owen. ROW 4: Carol M 1 Farnsworth,'Ann Smith, Rosalie Haqg, Gloria Enochs. Esther Stephanson, Lois Dahlberg, Elaine Cralt, Pat Maddix, Barbara " ' Malmberg, Paula Steinborn, Bobbie Stamberqer, Ann Meeder, Patty Shupp, Mariane Mulick, Iudy Lineberry, Donna Gann, 1 Sharon Bliss W ' .a, gg gy i l 1 l E , . . 1 l .N t .1 1 1 l . ll to I. Ili r, l J il I' Q y ti 1 108 : N -t k -as f , 6 f f 4 ' .1.. ,fd K V- 4 .,.- sl l ,,: 5 'Wil' awww . .QNX 9' 9 ff w A PX , gy Y x fb X Q ,xxx E: B, 9 Nr! Nr 1? W 4, K ROW 1: Vivian Lawrence, Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Elizabeth Rhode. ROW 2: Pat Luckett, lane Stock, Beverly McCros- kie, Rita Bade, Prudence Platt. ROW 3: Dick Burkhart, Dick Bevard, Barbara Blomquist, Sara Fortune, Grace McClain, Mrs. Grace Shields. PCDETRY CLUB The Poetry Club is a newly organized group sponsored by Mrs. Grace Shields. Anyone interested in creative poetry is eligible for membership. Writing poetry is an excellent method of self-expression and may be developed into a hobby. The officers are: president, Prudence Platt: vice-president, Ann Markwell: secretary, Sue Mark- wellg historian, Myrna Smith. AVIATION CLUB The Aviation Club, newly organized this year, is composed of seniors interested in aviation. Its members study navigation, meteorology, and structure and are occasionally privileged to take actual flights. The Aviation Club is affiliated with the Civil Air Patrol and is sponsored by Mr. Calvin Merrifield. FIRST ROW: Glen Henbest, Ernest Mosby, Danny Allen, Ierry Yeager. SECOND ROW: Mr. Merrifield, David Gray, Iames Iohn- son, David Allen. THIRD ROW: Arthur Kennredy, 'Phil Tener, Kenneth Blcmn, Ierry Burkhart, Earl Libeer. 5 Q' X X s MMA, ev l sax? N ,f 5 ZTT2' V' t ' 9 . 4 " , k . "ff A fgsst. Q 2: V O WW ROW 1: Ted Snell, Ronny Ellis, Ianet Clark, Miss Sallie Kinqsborough, Mr. Paul Galatas. ROW 2: David Allen, Ronald Rollins, I. D. Kelly, Danny Allen, Charles Homan, Iohn Mather, Ierry Brown. ROW 3: Wayne Black, Dick Bevard, lack Wackly, Phil- lip Snell, David Macey, Buddy Mosby, Bruce Fuller. RADIO CLUB Reorqanized this year, the Radio Club has greatly increased the interest oi students in radio work. The members learn the Morse Code and some of the fundamentals of broadcasting. The co-sponsors are Miss Sallie Kinqsborough and Mr. Paul Galatas. The officers are Bobby Mosby, president: George Palaska, vice-president: Ianet Clark, secretary-treasurer: and Dick Burkhard, sergeant-at-arms. 5 , fm I f l minckh, 'A I I T CPN. Come in, Minneapolis! Come in, Minneapolis! ,nt A V2 I 'sf S , M ' V .M ,iii df A E sf sg Q ,V 1,2 5 Q1 ,W 'M Vw ' .Ji Q 5 -,555 f k ! T ! .R . ,J , K an-. W, A K, 1 s Q' M 7 L - . , X H 4 1, f, t NE' 'X gf Q N X Z n. f , 'i Ns. M, x Nt ngmk SECRETARIES ROW 1: Elarol Pratt, Ann Steiner, Loretta Romines, Evelyn Walther. ROW 2: Barbara Schryer, Beverly Williamson, Lola Miller, Phyllis Dunn. ROW 3: Vicki McCarrick, Ioyce Clemons, Iohn Hutcherson, Barbara Malmberg, Myrna Smith. These students who act as assistant secretaries in both the attendance and principals' offices donate their time to answering telephones, taking mes- sages and performing many other miscellaneous jobs included in the daily schedule. These girls, who are selected by their sponsor, Mrs. Emily Beigel Bassist the school in its nursing program during their study hall periods throughout the day. Each girl is responsible for the care of any student who becomes ill or is NURSES AIDES ROW 1: loyce Ann Hasten, Mary Ellen Palmer, Geneva Blair, M.'s. Beigel, R- N. ROW 2: Pat Venable, Nancy Malone, Iean Feurt, Grace McClain, Barbara Burner. ROW 3: Carol Smith, Ann Mentzer, Joyce Shannon. Mary Ruth Webb, Marianne Mulick, Paula Steinborn. , injured at school. ,, s , W L , 2 ty W 7 1. 11-'37 fs 1 ZQ f f q B.. 1 ' "2 ' iff. 4 2 f f 1 f, 4 - , ff .K 1: 1 ff cw! , I ,Q ' ' ' Mm -322 f 5 111 Y r 'I 11 , Y, 5 1 P L i l l H ROW 1: Beverly Iennings, Mary Caldwell, Peggy Mueller, Pauline Walters, Ierry Hulett, Ianice Irons, Norma Black. Lola Miller, Eleanor Godsey. ROW 2: Mr. Ernest Daniels, Dean Norton, Don Larson, I. T. Garzee, Lawrence Bentley, Ralph Holman, Richard Jonas Glenn Henbest, luck Crossley, Lyn Carroll. ROW 3: Lawrence Wickham, Edwin Nelson, Gene McFarren, Tom P Merle Stock. , Cliif, Paul Spain, Nick Brandon, Kenneth Stollus, Bob Ricketts, Claude Barnes, Iimmy owers, it DIVERSIHED QCCUPATIONS A H Since the selection of a vocation is one of the big steps in life, it must lf be given careful attention and consideration by students. In order to help li i l those who want to learn a vocation and at the same time attend school., DO, E ll p as it is popularly called, has been set up with Mr. E. F. Daniels as sponsor. This program is based on co-operation between the business man, the school, l l the student, and parents. +1 ll 1 ill T . l 1 . l y e CAFETERIA LADIES ll "You rnust have good food to be a good student," must be the motto of our ' l cafeteria ladies, for they prepare five good meals a week with untiring enthusi- Q M y asm. They also prepare banquets and other special meals during the year. 3 ROW 1: Lottie B. Van Horn, Terah Mae Porter, Mary K. Iackson, Mollye Quinn, ROW 25 Edna Anderson, Emma Ruth Sevell A l Margaret Slavik, Cora B. Fox. ROW 3: Bessie Lee Kistner, Ida Roberta Callahan, Mary Madalyn Smith, Lora I. Bunnel f t Helen H. Alexander. 35 - lla T ll, ii ,Q Y ll . X. ill J Q it if ' lv 4 I i. 14 ,"ts,r ' 4 a 'fr I f 4 K rf' ,N S .'f I l K. 1 li , B . k A f' ins' , ' ' fa! w rv I 1: .Q x f , f I pa w, it F M , .ssl , ,i iz I, . 1' I Q G N f f .9 1' 1 - sg xg .12 H W Ethel .... Anita Stark l ff The Staff THE DRAMATICS CLASSES STAGE n UTHE CURIOUS SAVAGE" The Dramatics Class play, "The Cur- ious Savage" was presented January 29 with the proceeds going to the Debate Club to help - finance their debating trips. Below are three 51 scenes from the 3 act comedy. The cast and I' crew are pictured above. Q Cast: 3 The Guests - Florence .... Cynthia Waterous Hannibal .... Robert Murphy V- Fairy May .... Marie Gilbert ll Iefferey .... Pat Herring Mrs. Paddy .... Iudy Lineberry The Family - 5 Titus .... Robin Reeves l , Samuel .... Io Graves L'l A 1 Y Belle ---- Ioan D1-11'lbCfT What do you mean. you have six aces? ll ' Miss Wilhelmina Deann Ferguson Dr. Emmett .... David Griffith i-is -A x , , X 7- Iohn Thomas, what big eyes you have! Anyone fOr Chcmdes? 113 A i W V X Wt . . Q . 'we' 4 t l Below three loyal staff members Von Erdma d ff , , nns or . Platt Cin the backqroundl, and Kincaid do some proof-reading before the sheet goes to press. THE HORNETS BUZZ At the left is pictured the Iour l na ism Class on a bright Monday morn- ing getting its- assignments for the next issue of the Buzz. "The Hornet's Buzz" is published bimonthly under the direction of M' iss Mildred Fulton, sponsor. Co-editors are re-elected at mid-semester, mak- ing a total of four editors yearly. This year's editors were lim Kincaid and Mary Ann Underwood, and Max Von Erdmannsdorff and Carol Smith. i ,-......., t l The sponsor, voted Error-Catcher Supreme for 1954 by the staff, checks over a front page story. The mailing crew, Ann Meeder Patt I Y Shupp, and Ianice Bowen, along with C 1 ' ' aro Smith, get the many copies read Y to go through Uncle Sam's mail to the B ' - uzzs far scattered readers. What's the matter, Ianice, di your best story? d they throw out 114 112 'S BUZZ Bd the 1ournal- Monday morn- .ments for the ' is published rection of Miss ar. Co-editors emester, mak- FS yearly. This 1 Kincaid and and Max Von rrol Smith. checks over By sixth and seventh hours the Buzz is in the hands of its reader. Here are two pictured as they sit quietly in the Hornet's Nest finding out what's going on in and around school. The photographer overheard the following bit of conversation: "Hey, my name's in here again this week. Remind me to renew my subscription!" , I The Buzz is out and ready to be delivered, absolutely free, to its 2000 readers anxiously awaiting the opportunity to look for their names in print! Here Carol Smith, second semester co-editor, and staff member, Ianice Bowen, get the copies counted out for distribution. Bowen speaks: "101, 102, 103, 104, what did you say? Ooops! ..... 1,2,3,4 ..... " The Buzz Staff takes time out from their busy, busy schedule to s 1 po e or a formal picture, HOW l: Iim Kincaid, Ianice Bow-en, Prudence Platt, Meeder, Patty Shupp, Nancy Hill, MiSS Fulton Hawker, Mary Ann Underwood- Vivian Lawrence, Ann Steiner. ROW 2: Bert Cordes, Myrna Smith, Ann . ROW 3: lim Carney, Norman Capps, Maynard McGhay, Carol Smith, Betty , .V -.. PURGCLD STAFF Pictured at the left are the Co-Ed- itors of the 1954 Purgold, Lloyd Sut- terby and Betty Hawker. After many months of work and worry, work and worry, work and worry, they have now lost that harassed look and ap- pear pleased and unfrustrated. They met the publisher's deadline! At the right the Business Staff takes time out from mulling over local advertising prospects to be photo- graphed. Presiding over the financial affairs is Ioyce Borden, this year's Business Manager, seen standing be- hind her two fellow-admen, Norman Capps and Mary El' len Palmer. Besides the advertising, they also took charge of the Queen Contest, the Coronation Ball, and the distri- bution of the yearbooks. Ierry Allen, the fourth member of this staff was absent when the picture was taken. Below the Literary Staff, under the close supervis- ion of Literary Editor Prudence Platt, seems quite happy about the whole thing. The copy is in, and they can now devote their time to studying for senior finals. Shown here with the Literary Editor are her hard-working asso, ciates, Myrna Smith and Aloah Burke. At the time of this. photo co-worker Mary Ann Underwood was at home feianina pneumonia. Below, Fred Bell, the very able photo editor, takes time out to have HIS picture taken. He 116 and his crew, pictured on the opposite page, are responsible for the many action shots of school and athletic affairs. Q y. .-. 'z 1 Qi she nets Besi uted Ctdvc ther ing darl a sc sigh as 12334-. ' 'Z -,F o-Ed- Sut- iany L,and have i ap- They editor, 1. He page, lots of A i Art Editor Helen Shawver poses at her easel where she spent many an afternoon sketching those "Little Hor- nets" which are found on the Besides her contributions to the book itself, Helen contrib- uted a big share to the Coronation Ball and Purgold Queen advertising campaigns. Phil Tener, and the rest ther, Leslie Short, and Deann ing for a change. They have darkroom developing pictures a social order of Bats because sight of a 25 Watt bulb. i by It ,,, , J .. f-if' 5. With Beverly McCroskie on one side and Ann Meeder on the other, Make-up Editor Patty Shupp explains to her small-but-mighty staff the functions of the make-up department. After pasting up over IOOO photographs, this staff feels as if they know the entire student b d f o y ace by face. inside covers of the book. of the photo staff, Iohn Ma- Ferguson also do the pos- spent so much time in the that they plan to organize they all blink, even at the Sports Editor lim Carney and his assist- ant Craig Swenson consult the statistics book befo th b i ' ' re ey eg-n the task of turninq in sports copy. H7 Tidwell and Robinson Conoco Service Lubrication - Washing - Pick-up G Delivery Phone No. 8764 Commumty Barber 1240 Burlington N. K. C., Mo .Ioe P. Hall, Prop. 317 Armour Road North Kansas City, Missouri Congratulations and Very Best Wishes for Your Future Pitts-Pratt Motor Company 1 , 119 Armour Road U 'North Kansas City 4 W Norclay 4864 "Man! What a doll! And I'1l bet that dress came from The Model!" DODGE PLYMOUTH A The Model Sales 5 Service Smart Wearing Apparel 400 Armour Rd. N. K. C. Compliments of Karnes Drug Company 1902 Erie North Kansas City, Missouri Phone NOrclay 4673 A. N. Taul Taul-Taul Real Estate Company Sales G Leasing Residential Commercial Industrial We welcome the opportunity to serve you 500 Armour Road NOrclay 3992 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 CHI PHI SORORITY I - Q.,---1-.. .t,-. Lyle H. Bean, Insurance North Kansas City Congratulations 6: Best Wishes To the Class of '54 Compliments of Norclay-Firestone NOrclay 3549 318 Armour Road North Kansas City, Missouri Compliments of THE SHERIFFUS POSSE of Clay County ' x Sheriff Curtis Hay Congratulations to the Class of 1954 V from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morris North Kansas City, Missouri Velvet Freeze r mst and Swift "The Meeting Place of the Malt Crowd!" Congratulations to the Class of 1954 Burlington Trading Post 1800 Burlington North Kansas City, Missouri . COMPLIMEN TS OF Dierks 81 Sons Lumber Co '-nuuqpizm, , -,-Qf.,.i.- ,g 1 1 1 l Ioseph C. Williams, President H. Virgil Bower, Vice-Pres. E. Virgil Bain, Vice-Pres. 6, Cashier Dortha lolley, Ass't Cashier R. H. Wooldridge, Vice-Pres. Edwin Cavenaugh, Ass't Cashier I , Clyde L. Stratton, Ir., Ass't Vice-Pres. ill f Tne National Bank , I O Narili Kansas Cnty tx. , xx C' f' 'X 'Q XX . 1 ., V, .X , X CAPITAIQLSURPLUS :Sf UNDIVIDED PROFITS-OVER S600,000.00 ll EXTENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THEIR HEARTIEST f CONGRATULATIONS G BEST WISHES "THE LARGEST BANK IN CLAY COUNTY" fIVIember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? X . X Fruit-O-Matic MAKING ALL VARIETIES OF FRESH FRUIT AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. r' 'a . A , ......-,..u-1 ,.-1-.,.,.-,-.. . if ,pw , an V , f Q 2 ,N f ' figs ,gfx f f , Q. , , ,, ,, .vw , QA , '75 wwmmgxl , x 9 f : XA vw, WW ,W MH A A ,S ak f . X, , , Y U U W 'ft , T ,it fx eg x 7, y x f I 1 f " 4 W V G JW' fm gwkl W5 X ,lx 4 gzqw x,, fy W W ' Q53 x A ff M, n , ff 1 f half v N. X az, f Q 6 f X X Www .lax X f X WX W f Q f , x 4:5 W 1 VYOQ' R" 3 W xyy f f, Qin x 3? W 1 , N . bfk x k ia-,lax s K eu., Q X Z. M - . if ff? QQ if D, 7 f A7 7. mfwwvmi M 1 f , ,Q f Q A . ' , gk f f I , rv' f I ,Lf , , X ,.,, , f fl-,fp , 'H' A gif ,V fr ,I 4 f, -. ,Z ,,,, 4' 'LM' , f 4 ,......-...,,V-, -,. - .,. 1 .. , ,m,pf,,,, I ,,,, ., S, ,W W Wfyw Wx W, I, 7 .A , ' ,,gffw,x,f 'ff ,nf , ,, 'ff,7lm7,, 1' r wi V f M -Na f,r.f, ' f . 0. lw,grf.Q, . f Z4 FLUTES Wanda Poaqe Nancy Malone Martha Goodman Linda Foster OBOE Barbara Wilder CLARINETS Gerald Cheek tPresidentl lean Feurt I-Treasurerl Elaine Craft Charles Simmons Steve Pate Barbara Walker Roger Arbuckle Nancy Freed Francis Poage Ianet Clark Lucy Snell Dick Cooley Pat Looman Ann Smith Iudy Davis Larry Allen Bill Loop Marvin Dixon Gwyndolin Cloud Dorothy Linneman Rex Fowler Ronnie Rule Shirley Breid Iack McClain MARCHING BAND ALTO CLARINET Kenneth Blann BASS CLARINET Cyril Pope BASSOON Mary Ketcham ALTO SAXOPHONE Dee I- McGhay Burnell Toombs Anita Stark Gary Ganote Ierry Vitt TENOR SAXOPHONE Billy Ioe West treporterl Don O'Rei1ly BARITON E SAXOPHONE Kent McCall FRENCH HORN Gordon Stout Cvice-pres.l Carrol Hagerman Howard Curry Marie Lintner Keith Dyer TRUMPETS Iim Trout treporterl Dean Corum Bob Richmond Margaret Tracy Robert Ruch David Moiiett Robert Hauetter David Wilch I. D. Kelly Ronnie Ellis Tommy Ellis Roger Moffett Don Brockman Paul Bailey Ronnie Williams TROMBONES Charles Logan Robert Ketcham Iohn Mather Robin Reeves Shirley Dick Ioe Perkins Art Ogilive BARITONES Gary Thompson David Miller BASSES Dickie Brand Bob Whaley Charles Erickson Ray Hall Pat Darrow SNARE DRUMS Vince Chamberlain Bob Landis Don Larson Jimmy Wingo Sandra Heinz Ierry Gulley Marilyn Warford BASS DRUMS Darwin Garrison David Dillingham CYMBALS Kay Straub BELLS Patsy Williams TWIRLERS Rose Ann Akin CHead twirlerl Ioyce Miles Saralyn Davis Patty Lampkin Carlene Elliott Faith Alton DRUM MAIOR Ianet Trout DIRECTOR Mr. Donald Neuhart ""W"W9' au 5-iwtf 59 ...Biff if gil X lg-c M' igdfgkg-gglwlw EL F .. .. ,-W - -tv .f --, , --Y " ' ,.i.- " 'W WW ' W.',F- ', . ' ,... , ff- jr' , ,ll rf' ' -P-ya , f '- 1 RT " . .5 A .92 N- , ' ' ' 5' F : wikis 1' -1-' -. ..:m:'f.r 1 - ' f'.1.l"" 2 ' 11,-.C 5" 9.41-e-N' ', it J 'L I--3, ' 4 ns' 'r 1 ' ' , 2'f'f,, A fm ' . M j-gn 5-4.5 3 Pjf VL' Y-2 A ,Hi In -5- :- 05" uf, . f.: ,.d. "'.L:., , k s -r , wt, V ' -3 ,ggi , lg' - . gs-,ge'1.43fZ? - 'g 2-r'2QfK". :t5.w...:w .L ' 3- ' -xi .f-15: lb-Gi 1.1, V lf' IL. ff' . Elf -.ruff Wiwyo-Q-'eh-5"ff"' ' ' Q'-Af5' A ,"1', , 'Z , Q ,,- , . ' ' ' ' A+ , .-:..--. ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' .w P- -.,. ,-. , , , . FLUTES Ianet Trout CSecretaryJ Saralyn Davis Wanda Poage Nancy Malone Martha Goodman Linda Foster OBOE Barbara Wilder CLARINETS Gerald Cheek tStudent G Presidentl lean Feurt lTreasurerJ Elaine Craft Charles Simmons Steve Pate Barbara Walker Roger Arbuckle Nancy Freed Francis Poage Ianet Clark Lucy Snell Dick Cooley Rose Akin Carlene Elliot Faith Alton Pat Looman Ann Smith Iudy Davis CONCERT BAND Larry Allen Bill Loop Marvin Dixon Gwyndolin Cloud Dorothy Linneman ALTO CLARINET Kenneth Blann lManagerl BASS CLARINET Cyril Pope BASSOON Mary Ketcham ALTO SAXOPHONE Dee Iay McGhay Burnell Toombs Anita Stark Gary Ganote Ierry Vitt TENOR SAXOPHONE Billy Io West Don O'Reil1y BARITONE SAXOPHONE Kent McCall FRENCH HORN Gordon Stout tvice-Pres.l Carrol Hagerman Howard Curry Marie Lintner Keith Dyer TRUMPETS lim Trout Dean Corum Bob Richmond Margaret Tracy Robert Ruch David Moffett Robert Hauetter David Wilch I. D. Kelly Ronnie Ellis Tommy Ellis Roger Moffett TROMBONE Charles Logan Robert Ketcham Iohn Mather Shirley Dick Ioe Perkins Art Oqilvie BASS DRUM Sandra Heinz BARITONES Gary Thompson David Miller BASSES Dick Brand Bob Whaley Charles Erickson SNARE DRUM Vince Chamberlain Bob Landis Don Larson Iimmy Wingo CYMBALS Kay Straub BELLS Patsy Williams TYMPANI Darwin Garrison DIRECTOR Mr. Donald Neuhart ,....,.,.,-,...- ...,,,,,,,,,s , , ORCHESTRA 1ST VIOLIN: Rita McNary, Rose Guilvezan, Iudy Potter, Martha Pritchard, Norma McDowell, Linda Keltner, Ioan Formby, Francis Geneva. ZND VIOLINS: Ioyce Earls, Cozette Chappel, Pat Logan, David Kindle, Larry Mills, Carl Aubrey, Frank Thurston, Charles Fields, Lynn Bailey- VIOLAS: Yvonne Frazier, Joyce Steifens, Ianice Steffens, Kay Borden, Bobby Marsh, Donald Bucker. CELLOS: Iack Davis, lack Woods, Larry LaClair, Wayne McElderry. STRING BASS: David Naylor, Pat Darrow, Henry McElderry. FLUTE: Nancy Malone. TRUMPET: Bob Ruch. CLARINETS: Gerald Cheek, Iean Feurt, Charles Simmons. TUBA: Ray Hall. FRENCH HORN: Carrol Hagerman. TYMPANI: Darwin Garrison. PIANO: Marilyn Cannon. DI- RECTOR: Mr- Donald Neuhart PEP BAND FLUTES: Ianet Trout, Saralyn Davis, Wanda Poage, Nancy Malone. OBOE: Barbara Wilder. CLARINETS: Gerald Cheek tstudent Directorl, lean Feurt, Elaine Cralt, Charles Simmons, Steve Pate, Barbara Walker, Roger Arbuckle, Nancy Freed, Fran- cis Poage, Ianet Clark, Lucy Snell, Dick Cooley, Rose Ann Akin, Carlene Elliott, Faith Alton, Pat Looman. ALTO CLARINET: Kenneth Blann. BASS CLARINET: Cyril Pope. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Dee I. McGhay, Burnell Toombs, Anita Stark. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Billy Ioe West, Don O'Reilly. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Kent McCall. FRENCH HORNS: Gordon Stout, Car- rol Hagerman, Howard Curry, Maria Lintner, Keith Dyer. TRUMPETS: lim Trout, Dean Corum, Bob Richmond, Margaret Tracy, Robert Ruch, David Moffett, Robert Hauetter, David Wilch. TWIRLERS: Rose Ann Akin tHead twirlerl, Ioyce Miles, Patty Lampkin, Saralyn Davis, Carlene Elliott, Faith Alton, Dianna Hatfield, Pat Stout. TROMBONES: Charles Logan, Robert Ketcham, Iohn Mather, Shirley Dick. BARITONES: Gary Thompson- BASSES: Dickie Brand, Bob Whaley, Charles Erickson. SNARE DRUM: Vince Chamberlain, Bobby Landis, Don Larson, Iimmy Wingo. CYMBALS: Kay Straub. BASS DRUM: Sandra Heinz. BELLS, Patsy Williams. TYMPANI: Darwin Garrison. DIRECTOR: Mr. Donald Neuhart- 2 and -,fm ,.-1-,,,.f ,,...,-Qi.. Y. ik PY Gt es 1- xr- A et ' Y ml RE .-. arm' N R eff... i f i - . .V ,. . - . - - - . ' -1. 1' - - 1..1f.f it . '. '- 1.2 e 3 '-'...e 3. 1 i wg. + ff- -. .-" . - 1' . -...,- -. ,J , 1: 1 V, i H f . , 1 ,il V ZF 5 4, , , - ,Q hw.. :IF . jg., . A 3.1 f,4.4. zrtj... 5541, Sv-fi' .. ...L All P . l , -45. in A l A -:Iwi .LJ A 555.2 t I -1 J. ,V ,Numa ' re 'T if ,A-.LW Q W 5.1. ye' iff .gg-1 fi-.2 . VfL.L.'CfaG 'gait 'L-r-r. -' .Ajfiiiil,-fg..,.ifi...7'frb..,-f 1.1 W- " .im4,'l,f.:,"ltf'-r,.hf.'f't f R- ,C2f.....r.1...f.41..t-H J L' ' . , C 5 SWNG BAND ALTO SAXOPHONES: Gerald Cheek, Dee I. McGhay, Burnell Toombs, Anita Smith. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Billy Ioe West, Don O'ReTlly, Charles Simmons, STRING BASS: David Naylor. DRUMS: Vince Chamberlain. TRUMPETS: Iim Trout, Dean Corum, Robert Hauetter. TROMBONES: Charles Logan, Robin Reeves, Robert Ketcham. PIANO: Ianet Trout. DRUM MAJOR AND TWIRLERS The Drum Major, Ianet Trout, and the head twirler, Rose Ann Akin, followed by twirlers Ioyce Miles, Carlene Elliott, Saralyn Davis, and Patty Lampkin. f ' n' T- , .4 . ,-Q... ., .... A DR f k . , ,..', av' ffw-ly. 1 127 ,A J 1 V A ,. 4- I,-lv fl? 3 , H n W .Q ,, ,yreyi A I , C' 4 ez Band Director DON NEUHART A Purgold Photographer Follows the Band to the American Royal Parade- Somebody honk for curb service. Pass the plumes, please. tb Q7 ""w..,,.. , Run. everybody, here comes the man in the white suit Now stand up there, you nasty old Tuba! -N... .X f 4 -ii 'Na 1 An, VXQ' What do you mean, you forgot your clarinet? Wm'-'12, , .4 4'-' M 'Www lk . VIH. I Don't look now, Ianet, but you're being followed A lesson on What to do t1l1 the ambulance comes Clear the tracks k1ds here comes that trolley again! 129 ' 'V 5: . , 4 f 'f ff 2 "f ,f f 4 wi Z , i, , I W 7 r. 4 A CAPPELLA CHOIR ROW 1: Ioyce Cameron, Ioan Louderback. Sharon Lewis, Patsy Williams, Shirley Fisher, Io Ann Croley, Iuanita lames, Shirley Dotson, Beverly McCroskie, Elizabeth Leonard, Iudy Grant, Iudy Yeager, Iudy Wingo, Marsha Crossley, Elaine Lunn, Bar- bara McCallum. ROW 2: Barbara Bivens, Mildred Schroeder, Ioan Wise, Ioyce Williams, Anne Dragen, Patsy Parrish, Ver- mara Ottman, Ioan Rodenberg, Virginia McClain, Wynn Sharon Luskow, Barbara Hubbard, Martha Edmonds, Iean Bailey. Vivian Lawrence, Sarolyn Davis. ROW 3: Rosalee Iohnson, Charlotte Chastain, Patricia Hackett, Barbara Malmberg, Iudy Brower, Robert Neal, David Wilch, Tom Burke, Victor Neilson, Paul Cox, Raymond Bendure, Ierry Meyer, Ierry Yeager, Dale Smith, Billy Leonard. ROW 4: Dwight Grantham, Bruce Fuller, Gordon Stout, Robin Reeves, Pat Herring, Iohn Rouse, Pat Darrow, David Garrett, Bill Greenwood, Wesley Pryor, Russell Madsen, lim Thomas, Ralph Hackett, Charles Logan, Bill Irons, Tom Kennedy. VOCAL MUSIC Music plays a very definite part in the lives of all people, but especially in the liv'es of these music students. As members of the A Capella Choir these sing- ers enjoy an hour of practice daily in addition to extra practices before performances. These perform- ances are given at school assemblies for Thanks- giving, Christmas and Easter, and miscellaneous ones are given forthe Chamber of Commerce and other organizations during the year. The Madrigal singers are chosen from the A Capella Choir and are a more select group, some students being interested in professional singing. The Madrigals sing for special occasions. The outstanding "master production" of this group is the annual operetta which involves the en- tire choir as a chorus and the madrigals who are usually given the solo parts. Miss Lida Warrick is director of this and all productions. This year's op- eretta was entitled "The Fortune Teller". i l I P sr A , - A E li . .V 1 E L i . i - i l s I l ,Q l 1 1 i r l 5 l 5 A CAPPELLA 3 P P ROW 1: Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Gloria Kilgore. Anita Kendzora, Sandra McDougall, Ann Steiner, Elizabeth Rhode, Iacque- N line Morgan, Susie Bryant, Carol Newhard, Paula Case, Iudy Counts, Miss Warrick. ROW 2: Margaret Carman, Patty ' Acheson, Viola Berry. Mary Lessley, Gloria Enochs, Betty Smith, Betty Hawker, Margaret Slavik, Ieanette McHugh, Ann Mentzer Mariana Mulick, Sue Seneker, Barbara Eastburn. ROW 3: David Page, lack Gibbens, Clay Gaswint, Ronald Evans, , Tom Norris, R. A. McClure, Iohn Younghanz, Iirnmy Winqo, Harry Teeter, Robert Short, Leslie Short, Ernest Mosby. ROW 4: E Mason Michelson, Iim Trout, Eddie Bess, Gene Bruns, Iim Powers, Phil Snowden, Vincent Chamberlain, Robert Ketcham, Luther Davidson, Billy Don Mark, Alfred Brady, Edward Fuller. MADRIGALS ROW 1: Ieanette McHugh, Beverly McCroskie, Iudy Grant, Ioyce Cameron, Iudy Counts, Ann Steiner, Sandra McDougall, Elizabeth Rhode, Ann Markwell. Sue Markwell. ROW 2: Gloria Kilgore, Barbara Malmberg, Betty Hawker, Patricia Hackett, Barbara Bivens, Paula Case, Ann Mentzer, Shirley Dotson, Mary Lessley. ROW 3: Vincent Chamberlain, Leslie Short, lack Gib- b , D 'd P R b Sh H ' ' ' ens avr age, o ert ort, arry Teeter, Iohn Younghanz, Iimmy Wingo. ROW 4: Billy Don Mark, Edward Fuller Alfred Brady, R. A. McClure. Robert Ketcham, Tom Norris, Ronald Evans, Buddy Mosby, Clay Gaswint. X 1 fjklf 70 1 f A jf, Z 'ff f f V41 2 ROW l: Shirley Ballard, Patty Dame, Rose Marie Arnone, Linda Arnone, Dee Dunkin, Donna Shirley, Miss Mildred Smith. ROW 2: Barbara Stubbs, Barbara Gentry, Bonnie Rasmussen, Elsiann Quell, Shirley Stanley, Ann Ienkins, Glenda Moad, Phyllis Poaqe, Williams, Lois lean Stanley, Ieanette Shirley. ROW 3: Barbara Newby, Carolyn Iackson, Corlee Morse, Patricia Ianet Owen, Iackie Ann Scott, Carol Bianchini, Sherry Miller, Marlyse Dolan, June Roundtree, Sally Cavin. ROW 4: Nan Sharon Tucci, Marilyn Warford, lean Marsh, Carolyn Aubrey, Madeleine Coates, Eva Burch, Sandi Wickham, Ioyce Key, Bliss, Beverly Walker, Rosemary Cross, Iudy Deaver. ROW 5: Lenore Ladd, Beverly Schroeder, Lagene lrvin, lean Dyer, Marcia Wells, Rosemary Giffen, Gloria Kilgore, Mariana Mulick, Emily Sue Hall, Peggy Mueller, Barbara Eastburn, Phyllis Mylar, Marjorie Palmer. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club was re-organized last spring after being inactive for many years. Its purpose is to get more girls interested in vocal music and to provide an opportunity for more girls to participate in musical activities. Miss Mildred Smith is the club sponsor. GIRLS' QUARTETTE Betty Hawker, Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell and Ioyce Cameron S 4 fy Ai. 4 1 f 1 1 . Q. if N ' sf' Q? - Z 'ff' xi Wx W.-if S GSW W A.. Q, , Gjwfu f ff L xx -- ' -ff ,,, -t X Let's Go, Hornets Ioslyn Carries the Bull Touchdown! Ba 4 A iv..-,.41,, . W .nw -..,. , FOOTBALL NKC OPPO Southeast Benton Sedalia 7 William Chrisman 7 Ioplin 6 Wentworth 0 Lafayette 0 St. Ioe Central 0 Raytown ROW 1: Mr. Alfred Conway: Mr. Clyde Cooper, head coach: Mr. Richard Meyer ROW 2: Mr- Art Piaii, Mr. Francis Galbraith, Mr. Wendell Carey. UA" SQUAD FOOTBALL ROW l: Ernest Mosby, Ierry Aubrey, Raymond Bendure, Ierry Yeager, Larry Haines, Harry Teeter, Ioe Cooper. ROW 2: Clif- ford Scantland, Larry Cobb, Iim Frans, Howard Brown, Ronnie Evans, David Griffith, Wayne Daniel, Luther Davidson. ROW 3: Kenny Ienkins, Wiley White, Larry Bodenhamer, Paul Bailey, Phillip Snell, Gary Darnell, Don Kanabel, Howard Silvers, Pat Herring. ROW 4: Melvin Hanson, Norman Capps, Don Ray, Gene Bruns, Gene Bolin, Wesley Pryor, Ioe Shoe- maker, George Palaska, Kenneth Blann. Ed Conway. ROW 5: Ioe Spruyette, Norman Amos. Bob Berkebile, Dick Brand, Mr. Galbraith, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Conway, Harold Cordell, Leonard Gabowski, Billy Don Mark, Dick Ioslyn. NENT 38 28 21 27 14 7 33 41 39 A Jie! ' ' 'WWW 'SWB ff ff fi 5 Z5 K K A 11,6 'KV , 5, I k , , . ,, , A , A ,V 1 , f V 7 5 , . m A 135 Inf K ' .in 136 fr -. X1 ff J v. ' .ii f f i- . -4 3? 3 iw bf, """ KENNETH BLANN Tackle-Senior ,vm u f GENE BOLIN Halfback-Senior Co-Captain WESLEY PRIOR End-Senior DICK IOSLYN Guard-Senior A I WILEY WHITE Hcrlfbcxck-Senior 7 x ff I 'Cx K N f I ff .,, . 1 I,,q,,h ..,l a N92 I 1 I IERRY YEAGER ' Quarterback-Senior in fy V bf f Q f ,I . 4' 1 ,I ff RON NIE EVANS Quarterback-Iunior NORMAN CAPPS Co-Captain Center-Senior All Conference LARRY HAINES PAUL BAILEY Halfback-Senior TC1Ckle+S0phomore 1519 ev , rm, -.fff 1- ' "IRM if .Y .V W. W- .T.,... A t.. Q , , . f . , . 4: V , g .- .. , - 1' W' J? .N , -.fx-- ' 2 If Eff' 4 ff, . z . 'f 'iz' '-fb-"f1.f:' 44.11,-119, , .,,. A, ,LVM YY , -H L ,Y -Y V V -, 3, ER -Senior 1. Al' 6 if 1, 1 ANS -Iunior . 5 P' CAPPS riot ,nce IIM FRANS End-Iunior GARY DARNELL Guard-Senior B .x v M M fl . 'W f"X. iV1,,, P EMA J , K J" I fl J 5 ,, W F W. , , 1 I fl A 3 IOE SPRUYETTE "r Tackle-Senior CLIFFORD SCAN TLAN D Fullback-Iunior Y 7 1oE SHOEMAKER . .' PM P Halfback-Sophomore , W A P A P f f ' . wig , PX ff! DON RAY I1 GuardAIun1or IARPY COBB End junior 'fu if Q3 M. 1 y f if K, X11 mb fl 4 !"?uf RS X LARRY BODENHAMER Halfbcxck-Iunior I r A PAT HERRING End-- Iunior 1 7 -402,-1. V Nf'Y E H f O X Vfqf, f X ! X , Z C' 'X KW! N"'H7 1 .V ., 1 , -V , ' K fy I Af- X H , . 1. ..g,. f' ff "', ,. -ff ,N 2 :f' I' fl, X K X f ' ' y ,Q ,. W, 1 4 7 . Z 3 I f I HARRY TEETER HOWARD SILVERS 1 X Quc1rterbc1ckMIunior Guard-IUDi0I X 1' X 1 , f ' X, 7, jj' f L 1 KZIZY, . ' v X 1 Xf7V ff! 4' '17 , f E DON KANABEL f D , -' UZ , 4 T kl - ' ' 'L 1. - ff" 1 -6 fX GC G Iumor dfn, fan!-C HX,-fvf-J CWI! , O ' A 17116, 0701 J I fyy?!QJ 527 ' I Q yi' 1' -Z 61 JAM ,f-vwM"'f' xg .za if ZL5',QfL,0-J 01' U ' jiwf CL ,ww I hw ,J -- !.,,f,,l2fZ ii I 1 if ,f' df, pl A ff ,M E E E N f ff if ,Qf 7 XX M A K M f , , Z x GENE BRUNS f jbfffvff K' , . ., V End-Sophomore .jr W ,..f "" "' "" """"'w'W V " 'V' X CM w0 D f t E , .fx XA by tb 1 J' -x F EE D an YV 9 Q7 j ' D f F 4 , A ll J g y , N ,, ,,.A R59 DAVID GRIFFITH f RM-AN AMOS ,ii ' L 0 Tcrckle-Sophomorex f A l A d-Junior ' ' "?:,,1: . EW Q V N "W I V . , , l ' KENNY JENKINS 138 Fu11bcxck4Iunior - lr " , M., , . . .,- - --H "T, ' .' ,,,,'.,..' . fx , t , f , , it 'QP' W- 11, f ' ssw3Masssf ff 1 T zwff: f ess- T we ,iffy i flf 47 ,gf X ff .. -1 ff fvzfff if 2,1146 ,, 5 .nf 7' ' ,- ri . ffgfgysw- , L ff! lp ll, I 'ff .W XL ., M, Xl 5 X ,f ' p , aff , yjfjlgffr t i 1 X X ,A ,QI it-ijzgl Ex? N Q X ,J i 1 A XJ lv E ,V-J J, ,f i xt A , 'ITH Dmore . it ,, ,, Tssstff, Q N s -fi+?Qsstsfsisistitsiii?55232332ifi?ii23s2Z?s?2fs2ss22isfisizrsstiststitiisiristitQistiifgsiziiaigx M - f : 'v 'W n w cszf E , f' Y' fe v Orgy' sw P W?-,,.'y,f, ,tw , 55,21-,Li r:f:f"'4f04g,r' ,xvvesh 'A ' ' Vw' ,xy gg- -fs if :ff W J, "4 ., ' i M ' ,, W' A , ff V- j : x YN. 1 M ,:.,,7h, ,,,, ., , -,,- 2 ln A,VV V, A Q, eg, V ,..V A, , , , Q, 4- ,f . f ,V ,s , " Y W . - .W-ew -1 - A-ie T W .VH-1 1' 5 , W N y A,AA t e fi ., B ' s. tk , ', H - , i, . 2 fm k " We R' 'N .-yfjjsg X' ' W -,Y -W, W .. K .W ,ww , X, z W., 1 ,,,Q ' , , ' J 1 T' O fl it t 1 ,ff 4 f if X9 -. M, Wy, f, f.. '- , I g i lg, , A, ' ' ' as v Q if ,N . 1 Y f x :hi Q7 .., , W2 X -I yn Q 'K ,J , , . , ,--' - ,. I - ,- ., 3 S, X -X , ,L ' iw , , hx , , f ' , .. ff- e ,A X f f if f , ,X , ,. Q, tm, 1 2 , 's ' ,.,, 1 , , ' ..,, -T l A ' V 5 VE we , ' - A X -A ' ig 5 if si, ' , ex , e f , Qi , f gi, .. ,. , gf, 'ff N ' H 2 . -. K 2 1 L x t Q if " 4 A .1 Rf Ama X f Y B N ' 3 X , , Q ,. ,,.. A , ,F , X , Ai, f f , .... y ,W sk Vg gi .X SX ,L fm View ff "" 1- , 3 , X T Q, M 1 : 's " 5 Q, e ii f 4 g 53,2 ,Q M s.55,,V: M gi 3, 7 I 1 Q t 3 X . ..., : PQ 1 'ft - 5 X W4 PN if 5 V 3 4 V : . W X 3 f,.N.m A N, 5 K ii, Mm I .... sc S ,T . ,X X Q me A fb CT ix HB" SQUAD FooTBALL T . . , 'Qs ROW l: Tony Downing, Dick Chamberlain, Bernard Reece, Dominic Gillotte, Bob Morgan, Bob Miller, Ellsworth Garzee, Bob Mason, Mr. Pfaii. ROW 2: Don Terry, Ierry Meyer, Allan Adams, Mason Michelson, Tom Lewis, Raymond Bird, David Iacobson, Bob Chamberlin, DickXCooley. ROW 3: Tom Norris, Kenny Storck, Ronnie Melton, Dwight Bailey, Tim Ryan, Roger fx Morris, Larry Holland, Benny Flin, Iack Gibbens, Tom Tcman. ROW 4: Ierry Standley, Phil Snowden, Curtis Mathews, Torn Allen, Charles Kelley, MikeX'MEriovl,..Ionnie Covington, Bob Dufiey, Wayne Black, Ray, 1-lall, Richard yedger. if ,Z g5,,"'g , D f' " iffy' ff - ,W ' 1 I sf' ,L-1 'lf ' 'J 5. NX lf' "4'.g:Lf1L1j,4-7 Q I Vt fix 114, flilw X X '-" . XTX 'ml ,f fi' -,Vimaf ,ff f ,4ff'Qg,, ' f i 'l il "JV ,! QyfTZ,7Al"f'f. Q. 'sf 0 Vlfif Mft' ' ff f , ,f ff f iffy? F, 1,-'kj 1, ,MJ ,K .fi X Y jj 'Ly f' ,V --77f"' ZH-,ff x2 j4,,ff"-1f2 "' In T A 'N 1, f f' if 'V 'YJ,,,1:,'5' 4 V Qi f ,f . , !4fif,g7,f3,,'f f J Qyhk Sid' ,Q r3'jgiZ1:,ff-,XX J U ! ! -:,Z.,!,'-,xii xv Y' I I fly VIL! - ig X: il ,7,:..X4-Y. xx xxwd ,J r '77, I, 'fx , N X, l ,,,i::X': nf ff B! H -fi ',--N ....,, in fl' 'ms Q53 l"i,q,:ffl,7f' Q .ix - ff? T 1:9 ff T Ngfvzfix ll " "fQff'i" NJW3 f' ,f we S if rlf' irll SQUADTQEQOT BALL 5 . L I4 -'rfrffr f Vg ..., ' A X644 4' ,A- ltg Q lnoiiv l: Mr. Carey, Mr- Meyer, Lewis Lyle, Carroll Cheek, Iim Neill, Bob McGhee, Wayne Law, Bill Sanders, Benny Ralstonfrff 'Q-XA X ' X Bill Allen, Larry Olsen, Wayne McElderry. ROW Don Sarver, Ronnie Henderson, Phil Campbell, Fred Carmen, Mar- 2' X shall Sherlock, Bob Haynes, Stephen Pierce, Ronnie Misngr, Robert Downey, Ierry White, Donnie Smith, Conrad Schroeder. Il' 3, ROW 3: Victor Neilson, Russell Stupps, Larry Mynatt, 'Martin Musteen, Iim Crowley, Ierry Price, Iim Isom, Tom Mitchell, fkin , Ken Carmichael, Donald Dykes, Carl Summers, Gary Flaclfi Ernest Saunders. ROW 4: Roy Kern, Sonny Ienners, Tommy Ellis, Gene Voights, David Blasco, Iimmy Pierce, Ronnie Kirnmell, Roger Henderson, David Schimanski, Charles Erickson, Paul Roberson, Larry Reed, Roger Moffett, Ierry Proctor. ROW 5: Ioe Beals, Bert Crenshaw, lack Creason, Orvid Iones, Iim Prather, Richard Sparks, David Berkebile, Tony Faiban, Eddie Bess, Ted Snell, Leonard Greenwood, Clark Lynn, Rich- Q? ard Randall. 'jf' 3 ,,V,',9 I Cay' g 1 K ,,'l' f"1i,9 ffVis""C-'1f:.f:' .J so 7 ' , ,B , f , -,f' 'X f, ,- .. , q A971 - . T--L f' ll .I L' ' "' " -4 ' R I , . f - f ff ,gf .11 Jf'-f Lf '- fx ,f "4'-.rf-2'f-,-,fvfzlfcx ,,, .,,, M , , C V Y: Y V , ., Y - 7' ' -V 'lf lf I k , F X- .C J If N ' , , 13 1 , 9 ,i 1 A .R XT M rv, 3. K L' Bi I xx ,I ,A 1 5 i f f Z : f ff 2 , 1 f 5 ' , , ' I 4 of , ,f sf: 7' f ff ,Z f 4 Q ?su.u-f,y' M 4 Z is , f, w Q Q 5, 4 L AND THE FOOTBALL MANAGERS WHO WERE BUSILY ENGAGED IN DECORATING THE GOALPOSTS FOR HOMECOMING ...... Harold Cordell, Leonard Grabowski, Bob Berkebile, and Dick Brand. The fellow on the fifth step of the ladder was a foot- ball player, helping out just for the exercise. g.gt39w-w-wldiw l 5 P ra Mi r lgl 1 I r B l 1 l r ,t I 1 E f l 1 l A t I t l I V t ,l I l 1 Z :B , f. I lf lt gl , l 1 IQ tt 1 5' I lt Q 5 M1 il l iw wg ,i iii til UV? t -Q lf 1 ll my 5 M 1 il 1 1 l l. e 11 it 1 I lif- ltr 1 1 tl ll l l V ti 12 lt ll . t ' l t t . t l t P t ' I 1. tt BASKETBALL The basketball team had one of the best seasons in Hornet history. The team started the season with four returning lettermen, Norman Capps, lim Carney, Albert Dunbar, and Ronnie Stevens. A newcomer to NKC. Norman Francis, completed the starting five. Two juniors, Kenny lenkins and Norman Amos, strengthened their forces. The Hornets took their first trophy in the NKC Tournament by downing the Chrisman Bears 54-42, and were defeated by the Bears by a 52-50 margin in the finals of the Clin- ton Tourney. The Pony Express Champion- ship was theirs with a conference record of 9 Wins and 1 defeat, the latter a heart-break- ing loss to Wentworth. 1ST ROW:Mr. Richard Meyer, Mr. Art Pfaff ZND ROW: Mr. Clark Ferguson, head coach: Mr. Wendell Carey BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NKC OPPONENT NKC OPPONENT 68 Pembroke Country-Day 54 45 Wyandotte 51 Southwest 43 '54 St. Ioseph Benton '43 St. Ioseph Benton 31 56 Northeast NKC TOURNAMENT '52 St. Ioseph Central 41 Rockhurst 25 '51 William Chrisman 42 Raytown 39 ' 56 Wentworth 54 William Chrisman 52 41 K. C. Central 51 Lincoln 35 46 Raytown '44 St. Ioseph Lafayette 39 CLINTON TOURNAMENT '60 William Chrisman 50 50 Adrian NKC OPPONENT 87 Warrensburg 47 50 William Chrisman 52 '62 St. Ioseph Central 33 '59 Wentworth 60 63 Southeast 65 '64 St. Ioseph Lafayette 53 REGIONAL GAMES 54 Glennon 38 50 Lincoln 41 69 Southeast 81 1ST ROW: Ronnie Stevens, Norman Capps, Norman Francis, lim Carney, Albert Dunbar. ZND ROW: Mr. Clark Ferguson, Lloyd H Sutterby, statistician: Kenny Jenkins, Norman Amos, Gary Darnell and l0'Graves. managers. 42 v-- A.,,.. ,......,. ,. W ,, ,ig 'Qt Swfh :. 6. A 4 . r 1 Q , 4 x 11 W E , XQ- 5 vw u 3 A 5-nr 1 1, J ' " J, ,s I . A Y , I A P .NI Q ' if E 3. Aw , . gags VI .f. 1 . if 4,3 I -idol- AE. , I A A ia ' .': ,j 1 -.ff ,EL L vi - ' - ' if w" n z asf QQ - :rf-L R ia- a fiigig kfff ,,, -V:',5QiJ1..a-, - -fl'-Lv. g 4' ,M 4 5 f WP' L " 'KX lg ,M I Q ff I 5 2 x , I A Cr ,N , - gg my I E Q., -E23 ' N3 ' 'R f V3 f Q if I ' 1 Q X ALBERT DUNBAR , y Hey Q Senior 5 " K ' Co-Captain 2- ' 'lf 'Hr All Conference X PONY 1 NK ' Q Ns z Q ' 3 0 ,, ' A A CONFERENCE 5 3 , ff ' f B l A J! gm, 1 an vw O A f nf if f 5 1, 1 aoNN11: STEVENS Y Senior H IIM CARNEY Senior All Conference, 2 years 'N X' X , NORMAN AMOS W ' ' 5 Iunior 5 v X ' f Xvm ff , C Rs ' X E M NORMAN CAPPS Senior EXPRESS CHAMPIONS Iunior ' I I 5 ff' rex '4 ,X , .1 h h . PM A Q ' fi g 'W if 'f-'W 1.-vfk 1 R x Wi 1 ' ' ff' 5 NORMAN FRANCIS Senior Co1Ccrptc1in r All Conference KENNY IENKINS 14 4 X The Game Begins T V V f .. 1 R T4 ' , f X - , . is A ' ,.,, - - ev' ' V X, Y' I - . i X .' . -1 A ,. , , , 4 H '15 2 fix 5' 1? , - , X ", 4 4 A ,f K . ' wx 0 A ,jf ' 3 'QE , Ziff, 5? 7 I 2, f 4 s 1 . M v f A 5 1,55 - M , Q f ,sq ,, Q 1, q 1 X gf gms f f f 4 x 4 ? ., Smiles and cx Tournament Trophy , f Www 0,451 XP ,4 ,WEE V swf f A , f 1 T Q PS. X 2 f 5 f K -. X, ' I , ,I 'V Q .wt ,f , I . Nl fs 1 -4 4 ' . AEM ff X 11 44 if WY ' SPEAKING OF BASKETBALL Bevo touches the rim of the basket for luc Ccxpps wears cx surprised expression. Little Al makes a bucket ww- ff. e,,o-uf WA LS W 0 RT H un..-,, A Bound by WALBUORTH BIO11-IES lnroalbn. ln., U. B. A. -., ,,..,-- ,..,.., - luck. I Ronnie Stevens watches Normon Capps do cx bullet-like jump with thot elusive basketball. Q , I L I! Iim Carney demonstrates ct perfect lay-up. Kenny Ienkins drives in for cr lay-up cmd scores. V Two points through the courtesy ol Albert Dunbar! 4 4 HB" SQUAD BASKETBALL ROW 1: Mr. Pfaff, Tom Lovejoy, Iohn Younghanz, Ronnie Evans, Roger Morris, Denny Harris. ROW 2: Iim Frans, Bobby McKown Clifford Scantland, Larry Holland, David Bolsinga, Bob Chipley. ROW 3: Kenny Storck, Gene Bruns, Don Ray, Bill Mark Melvin Hanson, Ed Conway, Phil Snowden. The "B" Squad is coached by Mr. Art Pfaff. This year's record of 13 wins and 5 losses is among the finest produced in recent years. No, DO. Snowden. thufs YOU! 1951 hdhdi Okay, Okay, so you ARE ambidextrous! ., --21. , , -v.,,5' , 1 New ,' gsm-, '. - ' '. W!-' f'-1" JW' x if f S br g N X x XX? T Rss '21 ROW 1: Don Smith, Charles Erickson, Tommy Ellis, Burt Crenshaw, Russell Stupps, Mr. Richard Meyer. ROW 2: Bill Allen, Ronnie Misner, Conrad Schroeder, Carl Summers, Harvey Hungate. ROW 3: Ken Carmichael, Don Sarver, Larry Olsen, Bill Rogers, Ronnie Henderson, Carroll Cheek. Kown. Mark. ' UC" SQUAD The "C" Squad had a fair season with a Won 6 - Lost 6 record. Mr. Richard Meyer was their coach. 8th GRADE SQUAD The 8th grade basketball team, coached by Mr. Wendell Carey, had a very successful season with seven games in the win column and only three in the loss column. After their regular season schedule, they played in the Pem Day Tournament. ROW 1: George Whitteker, Bob Whaley, Bob Elliott. ROW 2: Milton Ladd, Gerald Hancock, La Vo I h h y o nson, Io n Stone, Mr. Wendell Carey. ROW 3: B111 Kaley, Ioe Middleton, Iimmie Iustus. George Shoemaker, Raymond Ager. 435 KW! W7 I 47 4 TENNIS ROW 1: Tom Brown, Robert Murphy. Ronnie Evans, Mr. Clark Ferguson. ' ROW 2: Dick Bevard, Bill Mark, Kenny Ienkins, Bob Richmond. gulf,-.111 v, C BASEBALL ROW 1: Harry Teeter, Bob McKown, Cecil Reed. ' D ' ls Ed Faibian Gordon Stout Bill Otis. ROW 2: Danny anie , , , C Gar Darnell, Mr. Francis Galbraith. ROW 3: Ioe Spruyette, lim Carney, Norman apps, y GOLF L v 'ROW 1: Bob Hewlett, lim Kincaid, Robert Murphy. ROW Z: David Bolsenqa, Larry McLain. Len Grabowski, Mr. Clyde Cooper. 1 , ...-.lawn ' .' ' , ' . .. . . .-. ' 4 -iw ' rv-f'eu2iG1' ROW 1: Denny Harris, Harold Cordell, Dennis Bailey, Mr. Alfred Conway, Jim Morgan, Len Grabowski. ROW 2: Charles Kelley, Larry Bodenhamer, Gordon Stout, David Griffith, Mike Morrow, Charles Broomfield. ROW 3: Gerald Galloway, Paul Bailey, Benny Fega-n, I. B. Blair, Howard Silvers, lack Gibbons, Ierry Meyer. BOW 4: Bob Williams, Art Kennedy, Wiley White, Gene Bolin, Wesley Pryor, Ioe Shoemaker. Ben Grant, David Garrett. ROW 5: Norman Amos, Don Ray. Ronnie White, Ed Conway, Phil Snowden, Melvin Hansen, Charles Logan, George Palaska, David Watkins. HN" CLUB This organization, composed of Northtown lettermen, is sponsored by Mr. Clyde Cooper. A spring boxing show is the club's main project, and a picnic is their chief social function. ROW 1: Mr. Clyde Cooper, Norman Capps, lim Carney, Ierry Yeager, Wesley Pryor. ROW Z: Dick Brand, Cecil Reed, lim Morggn, Harry Teeter, Robert Murphy, Iim Kincaid, Bob Berkebile, Lynn Carrel. ROW 32 Bill Otis, Howard Sllvef, PCI! He!- ring, Don Reynolds, Larry Cobb, Clifford Scantland, Bob McKown, Ronnie Evans, Larry McClain. ROW 4: Ronnie Stevens, Al Dunbar, Kenny Ienkins, Lloyd Sutterby, Richard Kurek, Gene Bolin, Larry Bodenhamer, Bob Williams, Art Kennedy, David Bolsenga. ROW 5: Ioe Spruyette, Norman Amos, Don Ray, Ed Conway, Io Graves, Ed Fuller, Wiley White, Danny Daniels, Ed Faibian. Gordon Stout, Gary Darnell. l 4 1 I 4 4 1 3 . i i 1 ,f ' THE DAY THE PURGCLD QUEEN CANDIDATES WERE ANNOUNCED T Candidate Borden strikes a Betty Hutton pose as she rea- lizes she made one of the five! A' Candidate Peters sheds a few tears as her well-wishing friends tell her it IS true! Candidate Underwood, with her usual Coy expression, mulls over a campaign slogan. Her manager is smiling. He likes it. fishing fa X WWSQQEE 9 if Q fm T' X , ,,, m y AND THE MORNING THE DECORATING BEGAN 5? if 2- N Y s X lg f N1 if its 4 ff f , 1 ' W5 , Maia'- her er a er is , X ? X 07, ...X X N! Co-editor Hawker, the onehwith the rhine- stone hairpins, stands poised gracefully on af borrowed ladder overseeing one phase of decorating, while Co-worker Francis pounds in a tack with her gen- uine leather loaier. The watcher is a guy named Carney. . Whoever saw snowflakes in a straight line? 1 I 1 1 5. il 1 1 1 1 1 1 l P 1. t F 1 11 11111 1 i L 1 f i all lt il 11' 1 1 , 1 1 Q1 1 if 121 111 l I1 1 1 1 I 1 I l l l 1 i 4 l 1 1 I L 1 PURGOLD LIFE GOES TO THE CORONATION BALL The Bunny Hop through the courtesy of Cinemascope. This was a dance which livened up the ball, but failed to add anything to Robin Reeves's stature as a dancer. He is now known as Old Bunion-Maker. The second annual Coronation Ball got underway the night of December l9th with the entrance ot the l954 Purgold Queen, Miss Bobbie Starnberger, escorted by her manager, Mr. Io Graves. Other pictures taken of this gala event appear on this and the opposite page. w'l ,NM .ss .N stew Z S The queen is being crowned by the president of the Senior Class, Mr. Gary Darnell. The queen is slyly peering over Mr. Darnell's left arm. 154 'wi 4 i pic pa plc ha the on US oeerinq ,ll W 2 A -14, t -J, -.J..j,..p--wish This is the snowflake class. They cut out the thousands ot snowflakes and glittered them and helped string them up. They have just received their diplomas from Miss Hilda McConnell, snowflake instructor. "Some- one please wake Roger, he's gone sound asleep again!" This picture proves there was a big crowd. Almost as many people i as snowflakes. my ' ,ga nv, M pl ,.,... 'Kyiv ,. Q' ggi A, 1-lv K i Q It Fr? ,, 94"-T"Qf S4152- The queen shyly poses for her fourteenth picture as the couples pictured to the right pause in their gyrations to watch the band play cr "solid" little number. The angel's hon' which is seen gracefully looped over time fluncers' heads gave Cooper Cleaners one arf their biggest months in years. lt seems 1 i'e, if navy suits are allergic to the stuff. N frm , 4, ,:, ffm, , Q , 'tx ' is y lf f V, 4, 0. 4- ,- ,::., W yd ll Q I P f Zh? ff ,HM VW4 155 A INN y X 1. if wk ' C xg X ,,f-M ff , X fga A ww! X f ff PHYLLIS PETERS Purgold Attendant f Q M549 e,wwfMA WZ MARY ANN UNDERWOOD Purgold Attendant v ' X 1 f 5 ff fy .N J 3,1 f hwy ma if ,, why 1. ,qqhigxf f fff'fiW?gWgAQ6W. 5 . wv f x Q My yxvw Q.-Fig--:ff '81 ..,,..,.. ,J-.., ...N RAYMONETTE RUCKER Purgold Attendant ,HKM U 'S f x iii!-5 , f ,, - 7 K ' BORDEN 22, Z-fe:-' :fn Purqold Attendant , , , 7 THE PURGOLD QUEEN AT SCHCDGL Miss Bobbie Stamberger, NKC students' choice to reign over the 1954 yearbook, is seen at the left as she arrives at school, bright and beautiful, ready to begin a full day of classes. She evidently heard a "iunny" from locker-buddy Ian- ice Bowen as this shot was taken. To the right, Bobbie practices a typing a s s i g n rn e n t. Besides typing, "Queenie" slaves over hot chemistry and psychology text books, and spends 55 minutes per day learning all about shop courses in an all-female class, aptly titled Girls' Shop. At noon, along with hun- dreds and hundreds of her classmates, Queen B o b b i e stands in line at the school cafeteria for a vitamin-loaded plate lunch. f--Y - Y-- ..,.,-V ,...,n . ' Qafzyn '-1? :x 1' r .Ka " Lv' FN ' Y T 0. I . , . . w Q P Q M351 1, M f A , 1 H, Q + l OL n lt Ji 1- w ,:, 6 n fiffilf: ..,h.QgS'Ev.iggLi-1..f ,, 'ff N ' j .-1.4. X Q, swwjk . XX v Qlsm qw X N930 ,-, My grsgu Q ' :W MA X LX f X X X fxfivexzx ixff V if X fx V x NW! isp , A l- er e 31 d f yf J, f f O ,. y , BOBBIE STAMBERGER 195-4 PURGOLD QUEEN 5 I I I I I Eg? If 2. I -A I I ,,,,.... .. I .... .,,.,.,,... , . . 1 , -1 --,A-- 'E f:-::::'?f:5-I -I 1' ZII"EEEE5a2szsz::-.z ',,...tLi211!2?if E1f'i-i:ZE22'-- -"" ' 52222222-E5?E5EiiE52E21aze2:1 1wii5if5.,s'11t:zz::." I - -'A' . I F 1 . A ' I ,, 54 I ,Im I -1 -W E, M 'W I' ll lf- I4-liilmwtii' L A - 4 nigga qmifgjq ,X-'51 :I "----' M - I:--W, ' 1- ' i-Y ya,-jibhr Q Y-Qzffg?-d . 'UV'- ' ' I N c A WVU' iZ3fg9EQTiS2uCi9N 2 O4? SEII SZJ Ii I4 I I 1 5 MV I MU IsfOPITH47JL CITY G SOHO J I ff? ,wk ff I 6L'U1'MWJ 0 O QASIO nQS'glV ION ' A W My OX WM EJIQJJ My I QD KL M note to re embe 5 the old ang, nd I M MU -II n yVQ0meIQ3d9QdiiDeQ1er. lk Is I W fx 'I' l.' I I r , . I W f LEN. IR. .- I t A President I I I NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 'X im I," ' HONE NOrclcIy 4770 101 ARMOUR ROAD Ii i V TI I NIGHT 6 DAY SERVICE - FREE PICK-UP 6, DELIVERY llif 1 , I if ' - ,.- ' ' X. I mi' u I 41, 4 W- . . V f'1.... """'t"" ' ' mu 4-U' -.-m-Y X E WW--www B- 5 -- i 'I .i , I if I If 9 Li me Ii I 16 o "THE WINNING COMBINATION" A The Press-Dispatch The News-Dispatch PUBLISHED MONDAYS 6 THURSDAYS IGB PRINTING 2001 CLAY NO. 3037-38 "Step Right In" Cooper Cleaners and Launderers I Ben Bolt Barber Shop H. E. Gordon, Proprietor Russell OINea1' Prop' Ave. Avenue North Kansas City. MO- North Kansas City, Missouri Z COMPLIIVIEN TS OF Congratulations to the Class I I iof '54 Davzs Paznt Company Wallis Cabinet Shop 1329 Swift Avenue Forest F. Wallis, Prop. Walswortl1 Brothers PRINTERS-PUBLISHERS HIGH SCHOOL G COLLEGE ANNUALS jihigk Ju if wi W7 ' gffj Q 1 A fx . ri p X. if If ,- Q ' .Ag J X 6,3 3 Q e- . 0 f . f , 0 ' V 'ff 5 X' 'u 6 fe lp 5 ib f I, I if 'F M , .s - . I 5 kk, N K 1' I If ,J 2 N ,L p X7 M!! f X J 'f ff 97+ - X -A X xa X- A J J J x I ,X 8 Life is a parade. - " OC I . jx I 0 vs 60 I ' I ' 'lk Life is ' Xlxke X9 .zhlvjvd I J J? if Q duel. v , N ' ff ,O ' 'I a "nf 5 0'mf'i lf .. e ' .Ai JV! M8410 CW, H xiii - 1 I , 5 1. ' r ld QQ 4 QH,2g5LDNQ7Q p f I, ,J K xx N LV f 1 1 W Xcrg ' .Q. f -I ' as - fn 0, l Life is a drudge. Life is a big momen . ' K, . .LU Q P7 f A , X K , ,I K Ali V h f ' J f Mi WV gl W K E X -l v I , p K X.. 6 l X sm I MZ? "1 'lr A . 1 1 F M 'X R fb 11 1 L 6' JJ' .J H 41, li ' we ' 2 ,. af mm. fp f' Z -fa Q. .A ' L 5 fi 'Q 5 0760, my 90650 ff-'L - 5 . i " q5xS??7 831, ha N- M , QC, M ff I 0 4 l e is Life is a newspaper column. Life is an embafrassing moment. ,N 4 1 -2 e .5 Q p , I ' jf? .X - -me K Q xx ZZ:-X! 'K X E .I X g . N '15 'N Ni? If 2? . X 4 p 0 : AX X XXX Nvx -W .XXX .1 -- X X ,Q 17 X n Life is a lesson' .E W , Liie is a page from H Life is a club A ii literature membership A A ' s ' ' V M 9 ...M A ,...Qh....- ..A.s..,...,3.... . uss...a4L. .. V A , L A H Y m V A .. A AY ,Q N 5 A Y , -v V .J 5 . V 1 B 4 V , ,,........-wa ..........,. , ,I - 1 I A 4 QB...-5 . 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Life is' one big yell. B i :fra as fi cr V ' 2 5 X 1

Suggestions in the North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) collection:

North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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