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Q. ' t , o ww I JM 'M :JJ I. 4 .. in Jr li ,L J ,A.M Lx,f wfgwfuf. ffzgzanif 62LWhK', Wg, Q4f+Mf34l 4'v' fgghgf' 7224ALL 421Q?'ZQfQv Q 1 3 ,fav ..:af4fa wail 5 . ., -5-T.-ii 21 - , :E xx f I xii f, 0 fW 4 l ' -. Vs W L11-rx. ' . jf WW W9 Qgjfofvf xM W W xfxSif5S5fX lxy if if LX fl...4 g?iiZ::i4 6 , Xqggggggisiixf gzsgx 3 ,-.Tnh4Qii,5- ,. M .mmf--mM-,..W M? B16 -img, - K 1 I i nil QM S- 7,1 ft-1 CfgJxiQHQ Lzzzllxigz 4i5I7m we QffQ?Q 9N Q km ,W ' At'h bk' 'f, M J W 50 YP, ix 'CQ 'IW ,af ffQ1M9yj,'b iw 1' Q, 4Q,iv'e1.2q Y, ,. A. 1, ,ou xx, , x 2 Y . Jw L Eleanor ' Larson f 44' f L. 'r Q, ,ti i 'K V, Sf X Q f + M ,ff jig of My ,Z,,,, .., M, -5 rf, Q5 - 1 'WJ ww- My SMU ffwf' --ff' V .f..Nv. - away fg A . . Q , A ,..A - . l10W,fj ' DLJQLQJLJ I VV.. - Az Q M, be M2 MM AW ', n DQ -LMA Qffw-u Juv ' J ,few-Qlf ' .Q I Q' Q D9 wma GU Lf Q- i' jf , ' ' 42 ak nr . A ff P f L .1 . - 1 " 1. ' if X , A . 'u..,gfgf . ' . , bm, AT BENTON S h 1 Spirit -- Northtown Style .746 7953 XQWOKJ Xoxkgwyf Autumn Double Feature -- Registration and Royal Parade. xr Up m the cm' Iumor Bxrdmen' il The Queen and her favonte subject Honest Mister we didnt do anything! U-Rah-Rah-Rah-Northtown High School! Mermaids? Pre-practice preparation. f 7 f K7 QA A X-XP 94 7 X... T f K ,, N- -XF M T" xii x M- L-ifi Q .3 2 ,ff Over a century ago, a few courageous people moved westward in search of a new land and a new life. Wearily, they traveled over treacherous miles to reach their destination-a wide and magnificent river: sometimes lazy and gentle, sometimes fierce and destructive, with high steep bluffs and low green banks-the mighty Missouri. These farsighted people stood in the wilderness surrounding the waters and dreamed of the future. They saw huge boats busily loading and unloading cargo: they saw their children gaily playing along the peaceful banks: they saw gleaming buildings and beautiful parks: and they saw, eventually, a magnifi- cent city emerge from the wilderness along the life-giving waters of the wide Missouri River. 4 T445 Samoa cwtssfia fx-e fl NOKT-H KANSAS CITY -HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS T-I-IE PURGULD rj ,f- ff ZLL Of Cznfenb Administration Page Classes Page Clubs Page Sports Page Music Page Social Life Page Advertisments Page MEMORIAM In memory of Glen Franklin Hill. class of '56, who died ot polio, on October 12. 1952. .371 Vx? 1 X e fafi' I' x lf 1 ri fff -P , 'puffy-5'? 4225 ' " :fb l iffgfiflfix ' f .is-f ' ' If! ffxg .-:A"""T'2Ldd XXA L 4'-'G-:gulf ' -X ' - H , s 1 J Y W f VAN 4 H ft gflff. KN Wye do -X ,nbf 116,34 f - ii if xi-F .lll W- Q ' N ' if N , 'mimi ....-f-wo, :qi Y' X Q , . ' X X - : if K' , Mug ' Xu fy- 1, ,r : '9!"- HA. A in 91 -K ,fu ' K. I Q , ll X re 5 -M P .t fs, MISS AMELIA KELLER EQGACCL tlf0l'L Perhaps no one person has had a greater influence on as large a number of high school students as our Dean of Girls. Beloved favorite when only 30 students made up the entire high school, she has watched the enrollment grow to 1500. Having served our school in the positions of principal, Dean of Girls, teacher, counselor, and sponsor of many extra-curricular activities . . . the Senior Class appreciatively and lovingly dedicates this 1953 Purgold to . . . Miss Amelia Keller. rflmi P- -:R-T. 7,5 ,., ffqx ,X f N ,..--. fl-.Af-' ' 1,,A.,- A 5 X X f-.N W X----' ..,-xf'-N'N-s-,I x 'x 1 ill A, n 1 I fx 'J X I 1 I - Ng f , 0 t fs l -sg , gfgjpl . rf be S has sm " fs"!ff2ig , .V 24' li "' ,V UPL' V 1. 1 I I ix x 1 'P h A ? 4 fl! ,yfvha ' l . S 2 4 -' .Pi c ' ' ' -av I 9, ' ' 0 nf-:FSE ., , .- ,.,f4.-g'4,-:U ' ' - f-- . --'hd A V pi--4 4 x ' ,. ' -W Q - ' 0 is '74 ,-1,4 ' ,Rd he -,-, J.-1... - , - -esztr , -:MAL HW, L 54 --74. 1- .f ,.. --""""'-'M . -7 .. rf' 'rx 4-r A 1, ' ' ' "' H H 'N ""'-' , V ,. ,,,,- ,, A ,M . -- .-7,,-. V , f "" ,ii-If ' ' +52 -as-M ' ,S-t f -- ace- . ,. F,-ef .,. , ,,, - - ... ,- A , H . ,W-,..i --f -"' What would the great Missouri river be without its numerous seemingly insignificant tributaries? These small, individual streams unite to create a mag- nificent river. It is in much the same manner that the administration of the school is formed. Each individual member of the faculty and administration contribute their share of knowledge, understanding, skill, and the many similar traits for which they are known. Working together for the benefit of the school, they have formed the foundation on which our school securely rests. f - 1 v , W , , l illi l 'X UV ,ly W 'lf 5 W f I ' tv lv "I 4 W ,GFX nt X fi 7 x, ,9 X 'tl f 'Q fl .,, 4 , ,ttf f if N XX Niall. A 57 4112.2 fig- N A Vt. . -at ' f -i 2 - t, , i 'll' 1 lt' W t I f 3 'W' .grub 1 ' ff, I, I i' ' ' if Y "" l X la. " tilt: f 'I My New fl, ,f tm s lg, 9' Maxima M1 in rp ' '5 "5 L it lu W ' 1f'lifl"l'." I a- f u- , J A X41 fl . 1 ,KJV g LX fi " ,E ff 'fx f f t I 1 MV' V . .Q J , .y 'i5??1 ,lf 42 My X ls altvlujl il gg Y! . y ', lf Q:wXil,IM 7 'W .I 5? J-rf -'WW fffx ' 4 f I lil 'Wt' ' mt' W Z -ff? ffnf , iff! ,f tx 'u 12' I ei Q 3' , A - ty il ,r l ml , X ff Z 7 W gt C ' ff- Z cv W 5 , ff as it 67093 it fc ' 'Z' X rf' gf - 1 fir' f fl l 'Nfl ' ff 1' cX""'5 -X' X lift' lf 'V Wa l I 'v . 'ff l 'V I , X X ' 295 l 0 W gg' 3 Ts ? f va af W N-f cf, ljf ga V., 'yt ,g V ff n .Xu rn if ' f X f' ' , , f Q ss s as lrgl' n , liz' L A I Q fg, , g l X i Q' , 'rm W my 'V 44 awww '51 ff ff ,JJ K? mL1fLi5fm,fi01fL 9.5 1 "X 2 5 5 fu .-5 A .. r-if-'A "w ? 'il ix 733 gi i fa 5 fi 11 , gif, , X- F J iii E A -X 7 C A' - 1-L17 W A, gig - ' is 2 ' f jiri " ' ,wg 1 , , 5 V , -ff 5 X 'X' es I X.. V ' xl, I: Zz 8 ,K , N X .- . iff' f 7 v, , X I .5 Ni -. WK! I Z 4- , Kg KX I i f ? E 'F 'ff ' 1 ' Q ix , i I ,' "' f X S 9 X X' 1.7 fx! 'V Ni 7 f I I 4 -is if w "I ff fl, f 7 E K get ,X 4 ' , 7 ,M 1 X 5 ' K 5. ,Q , Q ?: Lll,1Il-Nfuxnx M jf is X Vt- xi .,.,- , c qw jf , , ,. , 5 ,,- A if J vi.- .5 , ,f , 2 X x -X y Z-'FA i- ? . Ny-'VX . , ,TVA -2 , t f --- -Q f- Z , F211 f' .. , Q fd "'4" N 2 i f A I .'W?"2pf:'-" V X '-5 f - " f Z, ff 4 ,,,, f , QW' F 1 f -6 H 4 ff' -f'.. :Q M I A K1 X fi X 11-ff -71 1 Q- V- f " . MZ 22 Y 4 M1 1 uf fi y A ' f' x 12 934 Y ft I mba N . X f 'w f .. if f, -. f 1 of A , V ' Y: mf: J, f' Y ,. 1. If -,, fffy 9 ' ,' , 654 1 -uf .14 gf . ff f may -Sf" " " T " f . ,. ' ', f ". ' ' " .74 X Q ,f. ff X gf' 1 9 ,525 , 555 525 f fn U aa . 2 'f W, -Eff w 1,imI,,, 9 .f '- 1-ai " I b-2,,f 'if ,,g"? '52.,?l " WE- ' ,W Ni X K: , 3 lx W ,, S Ci- ,Jn x Q KX 2Lf!4f-4, 2- ' 1 ' I Ke '- Hifi' X 9 w 4' ' ..f,, A? f f ,y91?ia'V,if f 9 Q f I .K , wg! ff v hx X I 1 X X if '14 " x K Q I 1 ' '1 ff , X x N ,4 A E , N N V 2" -71 " X 'mt m f? -24' ' . ' ' X Nm. -. r , pw! N, , W- QR X gl-gfi?-7Iff"'g?"Q' ' L- Sh- I S-Qc R 1 ' NN A 7 X af' CX C. 53 x aft. ' 2 N.: X A fx., 'SNS Kimura! O! gyulcafion To the Board of Education we look for the solution of the many problems of the rapidly expanding high school. lt has been through their help and guid- ance that North Kansas City High School ranks with the best in the state in its very high standards and excellent teachers. Members pictured above are: Merrill Burnidge: Virgil Bower, secre- tary: Albert B. Fuson, treasurer: and E. D. Lewis. Seated are W. W. Chick, president: Glen E. Crain: W. Lindsey Smith, vice-president: and Arthur Schroeder. H. W. SCHOOLING FORREST GREEK Superintendent ol Schools Assistant Superintendent of Schools To help the Board ot Education administer their program, they have chosen Mr. H. W. Schooling as Superintendent of Schools. That they have chosen wisely is shown by the outstanding work Mr. Schooling is doing. He is responsible not only for the program at our high school but also tor the entire North Kansas City school dis- trict. For the first time we have an Assistant Superintendent ol Schools, Mr. Forrest Greer. Mr. Greer, who holds a Master oi Arts degree, and has been Dean of Boys, assists Mr. Schooling in the enormous task of administering the North Kansas City school district program. y m71fLcL7ooz r Our principal this year, Mr. Robert Whaley, has quickly won the friendship and co-operation of the entire student body through his genuine interest in each and every one of us. Although this is his first year at North Kansas City, he has become a very definite part of our school. Mr. Whaley came from lennings High School in Saint Louis County where he was principal of Iunior and Senior High School. Mrs. Viola Fullerton and Mrs. Margaret Lorenzen Secretaries to the Principal Adidfanf Qfzfncrpa Vtdith a school as large and rapidly growing as NKCHS. there are more jobs than can be efficiently handled by one man. Therefore part of the administrative duties have been assigned to Mr. Nelson Kerr, the assistant principal. Mr. Kerr assists with enrollment, changes ofischedulesfand is the school's rumen- business manager. ' l ROBERT F. WHALEY NELSON KERR .-0' 'E EMILY BEIGEL le Jefffmcfam 8PCLl"flfl'L8lfLIl Helping Mr. Whaley in two important administrative assistant positions of our high school are Miss Amelia Keller, Dean of Girls, and Mr. Iohn Craig, who is being trained by Mr. Greer, to take over the duties of Dean of Boys. The two are pictured at the left. It is their job to check carefully the atten- dance records ot all the students in school. In addition to these duties, Miss Keller teaches geometry and Mr. Craig, physics. Mrs. Ioan Cook and Mrs. Katherine Nunn Secretaries to the, Superintendent Health Supervisor BEATRICE SHRYACK Librarian ELSIE DeFOREST BERNITA ISLEY DONALD NEUHART MAUREEN OWSLEY Speech Correction Spanish. French Band, Orchestra I ine .Ark Our fine arts classes add much to the school. Who wouldn't be proud of our bands, the orch- estra, and a cappella choir? The art classes, in addition to making posters for important events, work on the scenery for the plays and the de- corations for the Prom. We also have the Ro- mance language classes in the fine arts division. Two years of Spanish are offered, and this year, we have two classes of French. Art PORTER PRICE Art 5 . 'Q X1 I ' ,N x X T jx .4 ' Aj I x. 0 A f fl .J I 4' f ft' " 4 J aw F 1955 0 ? ffl 1-ffl' 'Q en' , K V., .6 fb ff MILDRED SMITIQQ Vocal Music LIDA WARRICK Music Superviscg TRUDY I ONES gf! E ,,, BEATRICE HUESER MABEL HALE MILDRED FULTON Common Learnings English English, Ioumahsm Three years of English are required in order to graduate from high school. These requirements are not established with- out reason. A knowledge of proper English is essential to any- one. The English classes not only teach us proper English, but also help us to know and understand the great literature. They are an important part of our school. English . . w t 5-figga y Q -- pifggm 1 f " sf ' - w r , L' . f' vt?-1. ,":-11" 1 .- 1, . .s.:,z1:f2-:2',1'YQ is ' .s ' -' . 1 Q52 :- 7 1123- l 1, - J.. English ,N , S, Lois llllljnljg English , , . :QQ , L ' f i' ..., Q, " "" fi i t ' E E. ...T ' ir' - E 'A' t." CHARLOTTE McCLINTOCK IESSIE MAE MOORE IOAN REYNOLDS GRACE SHIELDS English Common Learnings English English 14 DOROTHY BARNET T LOMAN D. CANSLER HILDA MCCONNELL MARY CUNNINGHAM American History Citizenship, Counseling Psychology, Economics History Counseling v f ergo? 5 ie ociaf cgllowked The social studies classes include U. S. history, world history, citizenship, international relations, and psychology classes. To study psychology is to study the human rnind. International relations is the study of relationships between different countries and how they .may' be improved. A class in citizenship teaches just what a citizen's privileges and duties really are. Of course the history classes teach us of the history of our country and of other countries. ' ELLA MARY DeVALL Citizenship HAZEL EGGEMAN Common Leamings LOUISE OLIVER NORMAN LITTLE RUBY KELLER VIOLET HOUSER Common Leamings History History, Counseling Common Leamings 15 MA'1'r112: IO Kms TYPU19 RALPH MCKHEHAN Industrial Arts I JNG ft Lv KN tl' 1 f ' ., t f x H ., t X. rx , wss1,gaz1:.x if . 1 N P "ff . I Bw.. SN .5 2. . ,--,, .zf3152421g:2g, git' 1 ., "' , fr ,211 '1' ' -- it 3, '5' lfigiiii 'dfzwiwhleiiihi X L , 1 -:ff . -:. f tfziiftiw T' ' . 15,1435 1, if ' ' ' v'?5:E:'2f . as V i . 1 11, ARTHUR PFAFF Commerce VERA WASSON Home Economics 16 LOIS FANN IANE DUNAGIN E- P- DANIELS Commerce Home Economics Diversified Occupations lqfacficaf .Aid The practical arts classes are the classes, such as typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, etc., which prepare us for our part in the business world. Also included in this division are the home economics classes, and the shop classes. These classes play an equally important part in preparing us for the time when we are no longer in school. A knowledge of any of the skills taught in these classes is an asset. .,p, , 5' - -riirsl Y, N V5 " J Z Hin . s?fE,,:1:fQ'l8 I 1 ',,' i ' . " Mit' ' " ,V , K H f dfffi i .4 Z' . f IAMES WELCH 'GLADYS WILLIAMS Industrial Arts Commerce rf 'N v ,KCQA 'ji'-5.-:. ckixj-j Wig-nj 9' CHHQXN iff ww i W few K w kkvdfxm' ,fvj 6 1-Av 'f 'i' fl fff' , h c ll 'I it' 4 xx V- yn. !f,,.ff,2f"K' ,L It is lift it AL , Lily 'VP QRS R PRUYNS :Q Lf? fra if CJ Y I qu ita X. ,, ,XX Y, X WG if X X 8 VIRGINIA ANDREWS ROBERT ARRINGTON B..L., BOLL ' I. IVCARLIDA BRECKENRIDGE Common Learninqs Science Chemistry? C gf .rf Biology Ll ,fl l fi" 0 L"l" lOl-IN CRAIG Mathematics, Physics CLQVLCQ ' ' ! Biology, general science, physics and chemistry are included in the science classes. Experiments which are con- ducted in these classes, in addition to the projects and the stimulating discussions, make these classes very interesting and popular. Today, scientific knowledge is used constantly in all parts of the world. The basic principles of science which we learn in high school help us to understand many events of importance. 147 ps riff G? 7' Jkt. It-J EEN HOCH Mathematics, Science Counseling 7 f X XV A J X CALVIN MERRIFIELD LAURENCE LBMJNG Science, Drivers' Indusffiql A115 Training 17 RICHARD MEYER AMELLA KELLER ARTHUR GARRISON Mathematics, Athletics Mathematics Mathematics -,,-:..-- IWH? , ,uigisl 31,7198 f . Q y . 00 Alffpi If f ' ell? Q-49 cz emu, LC5 f , , Y Wrffffff 21' ' ' Z Qfll gxzliq We have a variety of mathematics classes Pig' X f A ,fm being taught in the high school. Beginning with - Rx f Q ' - gre. general mathematics, a student can study alge- 1 i bra, plane geometry, advanced algebra, solid Z geometry, and trigonometry. Only one year of ' , I, ff AV ' mathematics is required to graduate from high K r Q W ft' school, but many students take advantage of 'Z X A7, the classes offered and take from two to four Q W , X l - X years of mathematics. A knowledge of the gen- fl ,W S X X eral principles of the different kinds of mathe- f x P fy 4 Z F matics is useful to anyone. JZ A THOMAS MOORE Mathematics, Photography HELEN SULLIVAN Mathematics, Counseling 18 CLYDE C. COOPER Physical Education, Hygiene 5066 5 wllllg 'f0ee5 Xqlpgvqf C0915 Q .., cf' x wg Jocltgyfthix .I le zo .E- van 9 Nur-ddyes Q94 u 'ras 6 E - NN jot 5 . U 1 'X Bell 1' Y X r Rolls f fy f 5 ' 1 fC sd 'R 1 ' Fi iw ., X xx W' 4+ ff QXM 43 'QCA oss CLBBKL F Physical Education, Citizenshi , Counseling 1' . 'N f I 7-sk J plcydicaf glofoacafion The physical education classes help us to gain skill in sports, such as basketball. These classes help both boys and girls learn the rules of such sports. They teach us good sportsmanship, which is more important than skill. Besides learning about sports, we learn how best to use our muscles and how to exer- cise. These classes are extremely interesting to most students, many ol whom never before have had a chance to play any sport and probably will never again have such a chance. CAROLYN FOSTER Physical Education FRANCIS GALBRAITH Physical Education ff 1 1,4 , , gf' . " " ' ' f 1 V "'w:eMgi,Qf3 , 1 . A V. V - j --5' 'G ' ' ' ifitfsf . 'V-'dfilffisiifiiit fiy 'Jfif , 5 V 'QW 1 , ,,,,,f M .4 ww "4 fy i t , :ff f ,f yy .- f ry I A, .V ' ' , w tf ! , i L V it .-,,r Physical Education 1 9 Like the streams that pour into the mighty Missouri. so our classes con- verge to make our school. From the seventh through the twelfth, they come 1500 strong to equip themselves to meet the future. 5 f X S g A K, L fr . ff f 5'!X f fx' gf x Qx xg ' K X7 as fixwt X 1, s A ,X QA!-ff' 'M ! ' rw ftfxx .X 'X mi! F P' 22, 2 ff r ' l 39k A' - gli--1 ' A J fe as-X f fs-gi ee-e+s 6 F ' W :Z 'fhwl li' J l WL--.-.:'-'il2. -i e Lg . Y --'-"-Y .5 - YZ " " Y Y -A - s ffiffs f- s ef' " 1 - ,r ,r JW M77 as he 32 L - e 4 "J pl' " I Y 7'4 " Fxriifr 'fr Mr Vrgr. V, - fffaf.. ,, 12:7 ,..V,N Q ' as - sf-2, L ff ,iff exft- F"-ii: e l wife-22 g fi , j g i R i.. if' XII i--'girl ' , QYf i-it ' Y ES r ---fe rf - s f .ee g 'if fi, 1-f s if X if s as as sei-ffifz-'ss-r-srq .-assi? 'e gt at TT- - Nfl.,-1 1 v-,,j:::---i ir-Y 6- 1:1 J fizifsfliit-Yi.14' 4' 'TQ X 4 - 'Jil ' ' ,T ' .....- Y f -- X' ' + f it i ff , Q ' 1 ll aj .1 f-7 ' gf- QQ? s t Y il e s 'gli ss 'ZTE2 1 , K 3- ' -0 - ,sl-1 ,rf -f Q ' , - ' - -,rd Z, if K - t T fi?-5' rail eeee e ' ,gqg fi-jgjizii ' JN 1 f ,K f -,,.,, g iii- ' ' 7 int fb ,iff -:iff YQ f ,fi , --- if--fp Qi'-'I-d ,i- .i.1i Jr fi U 'gfb-I rr fif3ldl:"4 Z. ' 'iify mi' af 4 , gf ?...' -A ,, f J, -, I fl! ,if 4' E , W t f f ? f e ,f--ffe ff 0 4 ,f ,f 1 f ff' ., f- Y' ! l Z' N -f 1-f X 22 Z 4.:::- N f "I Z4 I f I -- -,Q-saga-1 .- EE i 'iid' 5' '77 f r ' r iff s -I -, A- A 'A xg f if 1 as V ies-ft ' ss Q , ' 42-5 --f-1 f '?:"f-- ' - x 7 02 f,- as T2 if-K.:-1" s ? f21""- , . ' A ' ff? . fi -r ,..- , e.:, lf:'9- 5 f"""--' fl 4 ai tg, ff,-f r --1 '- .:,,. f-ig Y f sg:- fif- , v ff, , 117 -- fffi.-few? C f f,- , ef - r Effhii 1 Q g ij X . e J f if F ' X X -f " - ' ' 4' 'SW wi l S 5Y'0Ct'TuJeU 'jfgfl Lf CAM XJ kfjl, ff, i ? A bf ff VV If 2 xiii K , 2 K A XV ff? Xtf I M Y ggi .rv --Q A wwf!! f,,!,,f f x ffm --wr L + A , is vim a '4i.,,,,'f .ff?.f21f2v i uf X- fi HQ1' iEf?i5?f3?32? n r QV ' ' - fl 6235523 X . x QQ 3,1333 I v X X E 0 D? 1 ' "ff ' 'XB' A fff 'V ' '-v wash X '-.W 'W' W3 wifi? -- .1 ' WEEQ3 Um' 5 5 U If R , F A' 'ff 27 ' X Q S t i. ,ziggy 9? mid." W x .ii .... j 37,14 f 5" - -mgZ55:,1 XX I .L MZ? 7,3 J Q ,yy - X f Z' 6 53 M 3 f ,Z f 2 iggfb 0, E M 5 ff X x- 4, -N X Tj! L. .rf f ' it 'R R U Z Q W Z Q - A- gg-5 Q . XX N m f 431 4 Af.-E f f 5 - Q, A .. w N , 453 ff T FFLQL' f' ' ' ' i 42 ox ,- ' " - :ig-Q ' A 1 5 , ' 4'fl5 --3' L51 f 453-of '1 - fe, , ' ff! 6 - - 'f' K ,,,f,,-L L-, 1: 1 .. f 7 'ff-2 - -"E ' ' J?- ..,:: - E23-L9 ff ff Z ff? f f,7f ' ,MM , My - fl JA?-"f -1'-f' ff-"P" -5 ' Q75-f f 'J 2' ,Z .---j,..f- A fff ' -.-2, f, if 'rr' . ?-' 'xy' 5' ' Q Q 1 Mme. f J, 1 -1' fi X, if 'C X ff f f ' V Q H l ,I N 'Q - nk 4 ff b h I A - 1 ' 7 my -W- " "' if 4 '-. aff T? 'QZ -N!"'M 1,c5lMIz 'rife .'e"-Tfi ,GA :"",- - I 4, 1, 'b'.311,1 r 4 I t: , 145 pf: 1 N I 'f- - '6tb'fWfr'1-' fy fif 75' I f f "1 3 Q!!- 'V Z 1 f!c 1 - A 1 .. .-.. ' - -. 4'-A 1" - ' f f f ' 4 - ,tfi 5 fr uf 4 5 5 ,Eff Q SQ? A f-" ' 'Q ' I 1 f if Z, 1-Z 1,-:if S , M1 ., f '3 'Zli --'4-4" Tp, 5 4 Fel! Q31 r-'xfxfi fx-xp 1 Qixx S h FAQPXK f harley Siogkwdl as-3 endow IOE STEVENS President IUDY PARKINSON Secretary 4--no-n-un--5 f Q 5, f DON GREEN WOOD Vice-President S lv l- V9 ii S , f X , , Q ' I ai tt,Qf'4.4:1:fgwwz,s ..'f. V P .. KAY KINDRED SAM BUTERBAUGH T'eQS"'e' HISTORY or THE SENIOR CLASS Sefqefml-G'-arms The great day iinally arrived! After three years of waiting, we became Seniors, the most important people in school. Looking back over the years we have been in high school, we have these memories. Our Freshman year we elected Shirley Christgen, Patsy Cooley, Beverly Mosby, Cornelia Watkins, and Carol Justus to the Pep Squad. Cornelia Watkins, Don Wolverton, and Alvin Fuson helped the Student Council make those important decisions. Donna Little, Linda Colt, Peggy Foerster, and lo Ann Duffey were elected to the Pep Squad during our Sophomore year. Galen Hemmerling, Mike Mc- ZZ Call, Kenton Schwarz, Alvin Fuson, Sam Buterbauqh, and Paul Walker represented us in football. Don Greenwood was the President of our Iunior class, with Paul Walker serving as Vice-President, Nancy Leonard as Secretary, and Ted Shaw as Treasurer. Yvonne Winkler, Donna Little, Cornelia Watkins, Mike McCall, Alvin Fuson, and Ierry Crea- son were members of the Advisory Committee. We put on the play "Mother Is a Freshman" to finance our prom with its Moonlight and Roses theme. ' Our Senior year? We want you to meet the class of 1953. A emfom MARY ALEXANDER-General Y-Teen Pres., N. F. L. Pres., Debate Club, Masque G Gavel, National Honor Society, Buzz Staff Co-Editor. G. A. A., "Huck Finn Turns Detective", Stu- dent Council Treas. SHIRLEY ALEXANDER-AY-Teens, Nurse's Aide. IEANETTE ALLISON-A Cappella, Band, Y-Teens. BARBARA ANDERSON4Y-Teens, Secretary. CHARLES AUDSLEY-Football, Track. "N" Club. RHONDA BACHALI-D. O. BILL BOB BALLARD-D. O. ELEANOR BARNES-Spanish Club, French Club, Y-Teens. KENNETH BELL-Photography, Buzz Staff, Pur- qold Co-Editor. GEORGE BENTLEY-D. O. CAROLYN RUTH BERRY-Y-Teens, A Cappella. GEORGE BICKLEY-YD. O. DON BIGBEE-Band. RICHARD BLACKBURN---Concert and Marching Band, Pep Band. Swing Band, Hi-Y. IEAN BLACKMAN-'Y-Teens, French Club. STEVEN BLISS-D. O. ALBERTA BOEPPLERfY-Teens. CAROL IEAN BOND--Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club. ' ' 'ft ' 1.335 f , ' ' 531 ' 'T f :, .V ,V . ... wx, , me--Q' gs' f ' gym.. . " -jf. , iiwezf. f n ,-7.5 ': r- eniom PAUL BOSSERT-Photography. BOB BOWERS-Hi-Y, "Mother Is A Freshman". SHIRLEY BOWLES-G. A. A., Y-Teens, "Mother Is A Freshman". BILL BOX-Football, "N" club. DELORIS BRENNEBMG. A. A., Y-Teens. CAROL SUE BROWNSY-Teen Cabinet, A Lap- pella, Secretary, "Mother Is A Freshman", M. S. Pinafore", "Bells of Capistrano", "Pirates of Penzance", Pep Squad. ALOAH BURKE-Debate Club Secretary, N. F. L. HINDA BURNSTEIN-Band, Orchestra, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. RONALD CAMPBELLgHi-Y, D. O. EUGENE CAPLES'-AI! Club, Ftel'lCl1 Club. D,O...E...LQN -Y-Teens. HARLEY CASPER-D. O. SHIRLEY CHRISTGEN-Cheerleader, Hornet's Nest Board of Control, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, G. A. A. DICK CLAYgFootbal1, Purgold Staff, Art Club, Hi-Y, A Cappella, "N" Club. BARBARA COATESiY-Teens. LINDA COLT-Pep Squad, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Y-Teens, Purqold Queen Attendant. MARGIE CONWAY-Y-Teens, D. O. LENORA AUBREY CONWELL-Y-Teens. u QVLLIOV5 PATSY COOLEY-Cheerleader, G. A. A., Spanish Club, Y-Teens. IERRY CREASONYHornet's Nest Board of Con- trol, Student Council, Hi-Y Pres., Ir. Class Advisory Comm. HAROLD CRISP-Photography, Football, Hi-Y. Purqold Staff, "N" Club. GARY CROCKETT-Football, "N" Club, Hi-Y Cabinet, Basketball Manager, Madrigals. M. S. Pinaiore", "Bells oi Capistrano", "Pirates of Penzance", MONICA IACQUELINE CUNDIFF4Pep Squad Treas., Y-Teens. BILLYE CUNNINGHAM--A Cappella, M. S. Pinalore", D. O., Y-Teens. t MILTON CURRY-Hi-Y. CLEMENT C. DARROW, Ir.+Marchinq Bond, Concert Band, Hi-Y, Purqold Staff, Madrigals. IOE DAVIDSON-Hi-Y, Band. es BETTY DE MAYO-Y-Teens, Library Club. . , I SHARON DENNYiY-Teen Cabinet. spanish A Z Club- H . v 101-IN DITTMER-D. o. l l A, et l ,trt fQtl'4ss2?i2112ai5tf IS , ng an CECIL DOBBINSiD. O. NELLIE PAULINE DOBBINS-D. O. IOANNE DUFFEY-A Pep Squad, Y-Teens. AX DURHAM-Concert, Swinq and Pep Bands, Y-Teens. A Cappella. BYRON EASTBURN-Sr. Hi-Y Pres. IANE EDWARDS- Y-Teens. , f.,.eww-at ea, wil?- 4'-S155 .I 'wit fb we K 'KS 'ff f ""' -' 5 f:f'hElS':f'2ma: :'--: m:1.:.. Q A emfom BEVERLY SUE ELLIOTT--Y-Teens, G. A. A. IANET ELLIOTT-G. A. A., Spanish Club, Pep Squad Vice-Pres., Y-Teen Treas., Buzz Statt. PAT ENGLAND--'Y-Teen Cabinet, "Mother Is A Freshman", Masque :S Gavel, Library Club. Purqold Staff. IOYCE ETHXI, E N. F. L., Debate Club. A Cappella, Orchestra, Y-Teens. MARILQSI BEANS fY'Teens, Orchestra. BILL FAUSETT'--D. O. IOHN FERZACCA. KATHLEEN FLEISCHAUER----Y-Teens, Pep Squad, Nurse's Aide. PEGGY FOERSTER-Pep Squad, Buzz Staff Cir- culation Manaqer, Sr. Y-Teen Treas, Spanish Club, G. A. A. DORIS EQBD,-Y-Teens. A Cappella, "Bells of Capistrano", "Pirates of Penzance", M. S. Pinaforen, D. O., Nurse's Aide. RUTH FOSTER-Y-Teens. MAX FRAZIER. DICK FRIERDICH-Football, Track, Hi-Y, Art Club, "N" Club. ALVIN A. PUSON-Student Council Vice-Pres., Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "N" Club, National Honor Society Pres., Masque G Gavel, Iunior Class Advisory Comm., A Cappella, Buzz Stall Co-Editor, Purgold Bus- iness Manaqer, "Mother Is A Freshman", Hornet's Nest Board of Control. LEO GALEY--D. O. MELVIN GARRETT-Band. 5 f r RUTHANNE GAULDINGAY-Teens. Nurse's Aide, Marching Band, Band. ROSALEE GIBBENS-Pep Squad, A Cappella, Y- Teen Cabinet, Hornet's Nest Board ol Con- trol, "Mother Is A Freshman", G. A. A., Art Club. emfom BEVERLY GIBSON-Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Squad. A Cappella, Library Club, "Mother Is A Freshman", "Pirates of Penzance", "H. M. S. Pinafore", ROBERT GILBERT- D. o. BILL GILBERT- D. 0. DONALD GOEBEL. BOB GOLDSBURY-D. O. GUY GOOCH. R GAYLE GOUGH-Y-Teen Cabinet, French Club, A Cappella. DONALD GREENWOOD-Basketball, Hi-Y, lr. Class Pres., Sr. Class Vice-Pres., "N" Club. WEYLAND GREGORY. DOLORES GRlESSELvD. O. DONALD GRIESSEL-ff-D. O. FLOYD GRIGSBY- Pep Band, Marching Band. Concert Band, Swinq Band, Hi-Y. IOANNE HAGUE -Y-Teen Cabinet, Buzz Staff, Spanish Club, G. A. A. BILL HARLAN 'Hi-Y. HOWARD HASKELL - D. O., Art Club. IOHN HELLER--Baseball, Hi-Y. HAROLD HENRY- Basketball, "N" Club, Student Council, A Cappella. PHILLIP LEE HENSON-A Cappella, Hi-Y. W . - , : 35 fyggr-25 . -'ffl - 'F ' :f...'.1::,as,, 2.5 emi. '. . ' - .Mx 5 emfom ROBERT HERGEMUELLER 7 D. O. IAMES HOMANW Hi-Y. IRIS HOTT--D. O. BONNIE HUBBELL-Hi-Y. NATALIE HULETT-D. O. IOAN HURLBUT-A Cappella. SHIRLEY IRVIN-Y-Teens. CHARLOTTE IEAN IOHNSONW-Y-Teen Cabinet. Pep Squad, A Cappella, "Bells of Capistr- ano", "Pirates oi Penzance", M. S. Pina- iore", Ass't Drum Major. IOE IONES--D. O. ROBERTA IONES-D. O. CAROL IUSTUS - Head Cheerleader, Purqold Staff, A Cappella, Buzz Staff, Sr. Y'Teen Vice- Pres., Homecoming Queen Attendant, Purqold Queen Attendant. REX KARNES. MARY KEENUM-V-Pep Squad, Y-Teen Cabinet, Purqold Staff, A Cappella, Spanish Club Vice- Pres. MARY LOU KELTNER-Spanish Club Treas., Y- Teen Cabinet, Purqold Staff, Buzz Staff, Art Club. MARGIE KEPHART--N. F. L., Debate Club, Pep Squad, G. A. A., "Huck Finn Turns Detect- ive", Y-Teen Cabinet, Masque :S Gavel. DONNA KEPHARTfA Cappella, Y-Teens, "H. M. S. Pinaforeu, "Pirates of Penzance". Art Club, French Club, G, A. A. CHARLOTTE KIMMEL--Y-Teen Cabinet. KAY KINDRED-Student Council, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club, "Mother ls A Freshman", Nat- ional Honor Society Vice-Pres., Sr. Class Treas. eniom NORMAN KISLER-Band, D. O. DENNY RAY LANDIS-Hi-Y, Football Statistician. Art Club. NORENE LANDISAY-Teens, A Cappella. DICK LANNING. ELENOR LARSON4Y-Teen Cabinet. Debate Club Treas., N. F. L., Spanish Club, Library Club. "Huck Finn Turns Detective", "Mother Is A Freshman", "Pirates of Penzance", M. S. Pinafore". FRANCIS LA SALA. IEAN LAWRENCE-National Honor Society, Masque :S Gavel, A Cappella, Y-Teens, Lib- rary Club, Art Club, D. O., "Mother Is A Freshman", "Pirates of Penzance", M. S. PinaIore". BOBBIE LAWSON--Y-Teens. BILL LEE-D. O. BEVERLY LEIMKUHLER-G. A. A., Y-Teens. NANCY LEONARD-G. A. A, Pres., Pep Squad. Ir. Class Sec., Madrigals, Y-Teens. DONNA LITTLE-G. A. A., Pep Squad, Y-Teens. Ir. Class Advisory Comm., Student Council, Purqold Queen Attendant. DONALD LLOYD-Hi-Y. IACKIE LONG. 7 AUDREY LOWARY-Y-Teens, D. O. LARRY LUCAS. BOB LUNDY. COLIN MACDONALD. -raw- y M , 4 Q L-iffy., ,Sq-', . I it ' A 3 ,ew JM! Itt crz ..--W . M .-- W, ., , .S, - . . 1. , ,. tr, emfom ROSEMARY MARKS. MICHAEL F. MCQALI..-Student Council Pres., "N" Club Vice-Pres., Sports Editor of Buzz Staff, Masque G Gavel. Purqold Staff, Ir. Class Ad- visory Comm., Football, Basketball, National Honor Society, Hornet's Nest Board of Con- trol, Hi-Y. "Mother Is A Freshman". HOWARD N. MCCLAIN-Al-Ii-Y. lit-QBEBLI' ILIMD MCCOMB-Hi-Y, B-Team Football. IANET MCGHEEA-Y-Teens, G. A. A., Buzz Staff. ELAINE MILLER. MADISON MILLIGAN. Ir.-D. O.. Spanish Club, Buzz Staff. RITA MORGANWY-Teens, Buzz Staff. BEVERLY SUE MOSBY-Pep Squad Pres., Mad- riqals, Y-Teen Cabinet, Student Council. G. A. A. CAROL ANNE MUNDORFF-Y-Teens. FLOYD MURPHY-D. O. IERRY LEE NAYLOR-Orchestra, Band, Football Hi-Y, Pep Band. Swing Band. BARBARA NEIDIG-Y-Teens. IOANN NELSON-Y-Teens. VIOLET NICOLO-Y-Teens, D. O., Art Club. GERALD MELTON NOLTE--Football. I-Ii-Y, Track. GARY NORTON-Hi-Y, Orchestra, Swinq Band. BETH OHNESORGE--A Cappella. emfom LEROY L. ORR-Hi-Y. HOWARD OTIS. NAOMI OTTENS. ARTHUR PACE. MYRTLE E. PARKER-D. O., Buzz Staff. IUDY QA ----Y-Teen Sec., Purqold Staff. Buzz Staff, National Honor Society, Student Council Sec., Homecominq Attendant, Sr. Class Sec., Purqold Queen, Spanish Club. EUGENE PATTEN. SIDNEY PEACOCK. RUSSELL PIBURN--A Cappella. RALPH PIERSON. THEODORE PORTER. IEAN POWERS -Y-Teens. MACK PRICE. RAMONA PRICEW Y-Teens. ARLENE REDENBAUGH. IAMES REED D. O. Vice-Pres. IERRY RICHARDS Hi-Y Chaplain, Spanish Club. IUDY RICHARDS National Honor Society, Pur- qold Staff, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spanish Club Sec., French Club. - R e f , Wfy fm Ai? 3 1 2155, -.:.:2-- - . - .4f,w , 2 on LA my 3 We W Y in dl., FE? ' ' 'P' 5155-gkgjgfaifsfiglgge-ffw 'EL -i s fini-fs M , f r A 'YW -, S y I' f I I? ' A if , ,, f .jzliif ,sz Q I Q 1' I M E s SNA ll elf.. I . , ., fe . lags V jp PM S ks R l 8lfLL0lf'5 SHIRLEY ROYALS- -Y-Teens. BILL SANDERSON -Football, Track, Hi-Y, "N" Club. TOM SCHAEFFER Foolball, Track, "N" Club. Hi-Y. ARTHUR RUDOLPH SCHROEDERMHLY, "Mother Is A Freshman", Orchestra. D. O. ERNEST KENTON SCHWARZ- Hi-Y, "N" Club. Madriqals. Football. DONALD SENEKER f-Madriqals. DOUGLAS D. SENEKER'--Maclriqals, Football Man aqer. LAWRENCE W. SI-IARITZ--Football, A Cappella "H. M. S. Pinaforen, Sr. Hi-Y Vice-Pres. IANE SHARP- Y-Teens, G. A. A., Nurse's Aide. RICHARD SHARP, TED SHAW-Baskeiball, Hi-Y, "N" Club. IAMES ROBERT SHELTON--D. O. CLYDE SHIELDS-A Cappella. IAMES SHIELDS-A Cappella. ANNA M. SHIPMAN-A-Y-Teens, Secretary. IAMES SHOEMAKER-HD. O. MARILYN SHOEMAKER-Y-Teens, D. O. BILLIE SHORT -Y-Teens, Art Club. Spanish Club emfom SHIRLEY SLAUGHTERAA Cappella. VERNON SLEYSTER-A Cappella. "H. M. S. Pina- iore", Hi-Y Cabinet, Movie Projector Operator. PAT SLOANYD. O.. Y-Teens. IOE SMITH-A Cappella, D. O. RODNEY SMITHAA Cappella. SHIRLEY LOUISE SMITH-Y-Teens. BILL SPERMAN-Football. SHARON STANDISH-Sr. Y-Teen Sec., Library Club, G. A. A. MARTHA STEPHAN-D. O. ...-- - ----- ANNA MAE STEPHENS-Y-Teens, G. A. A. BOB STEPHENS-Football, Hi-Y, A Cappella. "N" Club. BILL STEPI-IENSHFootba1l, "N" Club. IOE STEVENS-Football Manaqer. Senior Class 4' President, Hi-Y Secretary, Student Council. "N" Club. RONALD STITT-D. O. BILLIE IEAN STOCKSAY-Teens. SHIRLEY STOCK L-Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Art Club, Purgold Co-Editor, G. A. A. Vice-Pres. WARD STUCKEY-Swinq Band, Marching Band. Hi-Y. ROBERT Q. TENERAN. F. L., Debate Club, Hi-Y Cabinet. g .f - I V. ' LL f .Q Q "f, '1- W z.ff,-1-wi.. ,w ig .H f A, V5-J-Liz-7 .-' iez . 3 ' V . V ' 5321? 4 Y A QVLLTOV5 MARGAREI I -Y-Teens, G. A. A. Treas., "Be1ls oi Capistrano". CHARLES TOWN-Sr. Hi-Y Pres., French Club Pres. HAROLD TREASTER-Hi-Y, "N" Club. WAYNE TURNER--Maclrigals, Swing Band, Marching Band, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Art Club, "Mother Is A Freshman", M. S. Pina- fore". GERALD TUTTLE-Hi-Y. AVALON VON ERDMANNSDORFF-G. A. A.. Debate Club. Y-Teens, N. F. L., Spanish Club. SHIRLEY WAG GENER-D. O. PAUL MORRIS WALKER-"N" Club Pres., Foot- ball, Baseball, Student Council. SHARON WALKER-Band, G. A. A., Y-Teens. Orchestra. GARY WARNERvBuzz Staff, A Cappella. CORNELIA WATKINSAY-Teen Cabinet, G. A. A.. Ir. Advisory Comm., Spanish Club, Masque G Gavel, Homecoming Queen, Buzz Staff, National Honor Society, Student Council, Head Cheerleader, "Mother Is A Freshman". NORMA WEBBfY-Teens. SHIRLEY WEISSf-National Honor Society Sec. Y-Teen Cabinet, Purgold Staif. KENT WELSH. CHARLES WHlTEfD. O. ETH? WILSON-Library Club Vice-Pres., G. A. YVONNE WINKLER-Gen. Y-Teen Vice-Pres.. Spanish Club, Buzz Stall, Purqold Staff, National Honor Society,.Ir. Class Advisory Comm. PAT YOUNG --Y-Teens. emfor CALM As the "Mighty Mo" rolls ever onward, leaving its rich treasures for posterity to enjoy, so do we, the "Mighty Seniors of 53" leave these treasures to be used reverently by our faithful friends and survivors. First we would like to leave the center section of the auditorium to the deserving luniors. We waited three long hard years for the honor of using those wonderful seats, and it was worth every year. Kenny Bell is leaving his flashbulbs, cameras, numerous excuses, and the dark room to his little brother, Freddy, Will the prices go down? ? The cheerleaders will their aching backs. sprained ankles, and sore throats to next year's lucky five. loe Stevens leaves seriously. The clever and ingenuous members of the Buzz staff will their worn-out editorials, coke parties, and unmet deadlines to next year's staff. Cornelia Watkins and Iudy Parkinson leave their crowns to the Homecoming and Purgold Queens of '54. Rosalee Gibbens and Paul Walker leave hand- in-hand. Charles Town leaves . .. no, he decided to take everything with him he can. Sharon Denny wills her quiet ways to Sharon Brown. Mike McCall leaves the Student Council presi- dency to anyone Avondale chooses to run. The cast of the Senior Play lovingly will Miss Fulton to next year's stars. The psychology students are fairly certain Miss McConnell will remember their clever remarks. Alvin Fuson leaves his versatility to lim Carney. Yvonne Winkler wills her ability to accomplish things to Betty Hawker. Shirley Bowles wills her sweet personality to Nancy Hill. Charlotte lohnson wills her twirling ability to Rose Ann Akin. Carol Iustus leaves her pep and enthusiasm to Phyllis Riley. Nancy Leonard leaves with stars in her eyes for the future. Beverly Mosby wills her musical ability to the alto section of A Cappella Choir. Iimmy Reed is leaving his muscles to the "Masked Marvel". He didn't think the Marvel was quite up to par. Larry Sharitz is none too happy about leaving Betty. Ted Shaw wills his ability to make those last minute baskets to anyone on the team. Let's hope they don't need them though. Mary Alexander leaves the Y-Teen presidency to any deserving girl not afraid of hard work. Sam Buterbaugh wills his athletic ability to Norman Capps. Io Ann Duffey leaves those dance steps of hers to Ianice Bowen. Ruth Foster leaves gladly. The boys on the basketball team leave their new shirts looking not-quite-so-new. The G.A.A. members leave "Davy lones" chuck full. Gary Crockett refuses to will Ioyce Blackburn to anyone. Ierry Creason Wills his "Casanova talents" to Ierry Elliott. Shirley Stockwell wills her ability with a pencil to Laura Dykes. Margie Kephart leaves her line of chatter to Bobby Stamberger. Our favorite niches for bidding class-bound steadies good-bye, we leave to the lovelorn under- classmen. May your light bulbs always be out! To all of you we leave in trust our sincere thanks for the dreams fulfilled, the hearts broken, the good times, the hectic times, and all the wonderful four years we've spent at North Kansas City High. This twenty-sixth day of May, 1953, we do hereby under witness sign, seal, and deliver this our last will and testament. The Senior Class of 1953 Witnesses, Ioe Stevens, President Don Greenwood, Vice-President 35 QVLLOI' MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL xke McCall Cornelm Wctkms BEST LOOKING BOY AND GIRL Carol Iustus - Ierry Crecxson 1- BEST BOY AND GIRL MUSICIAN Ierry Naylor - Beverly Mosby BEST COUPLE Paul Walker - Roscxlee Gibbens BEST DRESSED BOY AND GIRL Shirley Bowles - Alvin Fuson BEST BOY AND GIRL DANCER Donna Little - Don Greenwood i if , 1: 1, f .L 31' .z 32. 1 I aj! 1' f'1?:2 I , , 3 , .I Q2 N, Q I SQ S, ri . 3 . I ,il " 1 I . . Lfi:v'5llxl'luQf .Jax ii 9 . J lg X. f X fl I 'fr XZ x is I if Af l. BEST BOY AND GIRL ATHLETE Sam Buterbaugh - Shirley Stockwell MOST INTELLIGENT BOY AND GIRL Bob Bowers - Yvonne Winkler BOY WITH THE BEST PHYSIQUE, GIRL WITH THE BEST FIGURE. -- 'Y Bob Stephens - Linda Colt nm 'fin-fn mmf' BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR ' lean Lawrence - Dick Clay WITTIEST BOY AND GIRL Ioe Stevens A Hindu Burnstein GIRL AND BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Iudy Parkinson - Alvin Fuson I vmiom -mana. WESLEY PRYOR ROBERT MURPHY President Vice-President f 3' 1 .3 ,Q IAN ICE BOWEN Secretary Treasurer BOB WILLIAMS HISTORY OF THE IUNIOR CLASS The members of the Iunior Class have had three full and happy years and are now looking forward to their Senior year with anticipation. During their Freshman year, they elected Janice Bowen, Ioyce Borden, Nancy Hill, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Betty Hawker, Phyllis Riley, and Iva McGuire to the Pep Squad. Sue Markwell and Joyce Cameron were elected to the Student Council. Their Sophomore Class officers were: Richard Kurek, President, Robert Murphy, Vice-President, Phyllis Riley, Secretary, and lean Schultz, Treasurer. Phyllis Peters and Mary Ann Underwood were elected to the Pep Squad. This year, they elected Wesley Pryor as their President, Robert Murphy, Vice-President, Ianice Bowen, Secretary, and Bob Williams, Treasurer. The members of the Advisory Committee were Lloyd Sutterby, lim Kincaid, lim Carney, Norman Capps, Richard Kurek, and Ierry Yeager. Betty Hawker Richard Kurek, Ernest Mosby, and Vivian Lawrence starred in the play "Growi ing Pains." Mniom ALBERT AC'I'ON -11 ROSE ANN AKIN STANLEY ALBERT JEAN ALEXANDER BARBARA ALLARD 111-inn DANNY ALLEN DAVID ALLEN IERRY ALLEN WILEDWDALLLSON JEAN ANDREWS MARIORIE AR-NQLD MIKE ARNONE RITA BADE DENNIS BAILEY TOE BALLARD CLAUD BARNES KENHT BENTTART REL BAR-mv! SALLY BARTLETT PEGGY BEARDSLEY IOHN BENEDETTI LAWRENCE BENTLEY CHARLES BIRD NORMA BLACK BILL BLACKBURN I. B. BLAIR IOYCE BLAKEIVIORE KENNETH BLANN IOYCE BORDEN IANICE BOWEN ALFRED BRADY EXRON BR'OWN GORDAN BRUINGTON MEMORY BURGESS DICK BURKARD IERRY BURKHART Ml Y , BONNIE CALHOUN IOYCE CAMERON NORMAN CAPPS ----1 -Q-n , . N I Y 4151 Eye-mg,f .- p if . - " -' 'L ,z ,J f ' gy, ,,:,, ,R 'Q -,:e?'E:!V-Y' , Lf L Y A , ki M at 455 ,, .. , ,. YN ? ' KQV? ,L g g 5 'UL L si? XS A D I gg " 1 E EZ 9 'ff ' , Y ' ,mmf I i12g5'y:g:'H ESM-,,2mB?iQ 'QA' A 'YS , REBS BB? , . .. YW .. f- - , YLEL 31943121 if 5' W A - gm K 2 , 1 Af Y 5 ' Y' Q. , , Lk H 'i 2 iii" mf 5 aw ag, B My I -,EI 'ff J in by Aw , yi E kv f i, , :,, 5 3-. .U yi I , E , Q A 2 :ZZ -Alf! L" , :if ,Zi . ,. ,LY M 3 Y, Q 5 H ww A T , Lag.. 1 3,11 I R B V' ' mi L, X, . , 1 31? ' ' ,Q .1 , - Haw - A gu gfgwa Lf . m+:2f14.1z' . , f 1 , . .AE-:::Es3g',, f. ,-J--,pg - 1 -- N '- i .' 'Z . . I " -- f f EBSQ BB wuz, .5 .. -2 1 f ,Y Q W, - - ' - 1,1 -ff - L.: 22,3 'fag Zi: , Y - K . - M L , . Bama I , , nm :A 'ef fm, ' ' ' ' L f, if , I IV ' - A iii? ' H EA R - Y. Il? ffrgl kr ' .. R"' Y ' f ,. ,. ,, 7 ' ' . - f ' f ' I I 4- is - Y BYU M A B .Y K . W4 I . J ,Y , efgfggil .' ' ' ' ' ,.L,B:Q-- ' ' , ' A -.AQ-E. , ... ' fb . L : I A ' 1 . :QQ M '-:Lai-,Q v"sf,f,,f!'l 1 .f - Qflef-'fbg I . . Y I . .. 2 -ES' .AL I , ww -4 'E ' : .. , - . .,,.. , f 1 5, M ,.-9ff-5 - ,ip-Z . ' EE Z : 7' f,f,D,f Y, ,ff B Lim L 4' 2' I ,Q " Y ' "" A' : Qizivfisx 1 , 2 Y .LE . M I M, I ,E Y..Y. -sms'-.':-f-f1.":f .:,., ..,, L i Y '-BAE 5 ,7 W ,. K.-WU. sg' E M X IS, L.. 4 ' ' " ' ?" iV ' ' N ,f:22z:5::': L ,LE-gefflzz, Y. ,.-A fm A ' mgi fff V :gB.' - -QE.. 1 , ,. z,--,Q -Q E A - 3 Y f E? .Y kia fx 5151 E YZ gl, Y- 55 L5 gn? mi' Hg V :iw A -A 2 I 3. 'A wif .f A B was i fu I 'i 39 A I A xi , I 1 . -"' G- f Zsjiyigl Q, mk jwgf mg-Ifffiwl RxfI1sEMsg L:-iii' 147-t'Ef: ":"5f"!?.Z52"':? :WWA 7 I I A ,N - 1 A' ..': "- :' In I f A 1 .-I, .. . 'I 2 I K -352.515, , ,, ,I .. , ,.., 6,5 2 ..,. I - 1, LM II 5-,gig 2. I ff' , ,X ,- Q I it W I . ik ,K - ' I . RAI-7,5 RL Y.: f f ,fzffew - :Sr--' . A , fifliiifi ' I I 5' WT" pr ' ' ' "xi ii I Y 6 I ak' ANS K , Aly' . wwf -Q f ,.., Q I Y I- I, I' . if K wx J"f9ii?T.--AEESQIL' I .E N113-EM m f -if "ji35??ff5i ' fa, K, 1 I -,Q . '. :Tsai P: 4m A22 QS IIA A P-If Y Iv Y 5' Tiff I I ff I '91 40 vmiom ILMLIA-B.NE-Y LYNN LCARREL GERALD CREEK NANCY GREEK MARILYN GI-IUBB LQLQE GLEMONS TOM CLIFF" GEORGE COFFMAN DONNA COLLINS BERT cORDEs JACK CROSSLEY GARY DARNELL LUTHER DAVIDSON SAROLYN DAVIS SHIRLEY DOBBIN MARLXEE DQIAN SHIRLEY DOTSON ALBERT DUNBAR LAURA DYKES BARBARA EASTBURN MARTHA SUE EDMONDS DONNA EDIVIONDEQNI -1. LOWEL1, EDWARDS JERRY ELLIOTT SHIRLEY EVAN S JEAN YEURT Sill-BLS! 515.555 EMMERAN EORSINER NANCY ANN FREEMAN EDWARD M, FULLER DONNA GANN I. T. GARZEE CLAY GASWINT ANITA GATTON ROSEIVIARY GIFFEN 34 GILEY MAENN GINIJ E ELEANOR GODSEY BENN GRANT DEDORAI-I GRAvEs zfmiom IO GRAVES, IR. DAVID GRAY SUE GUILKEY MARIORIE GUTHRIE MARSHA GUINN PAT HACKETT ALBERT HALSTENBURG EDWARD HARBIN LESTER HARDIN RICHARD HARMS KENNETH HARRIS TERRY HARRIS BETTY HAWKER SHARON HEDRICK EILEEN HEMMERLING LINNEA HENDRIX CHARLES HENRY LOU ANN HENRY NANL2f.H.I.LL RALPH HOLLMAN BARBARA HONEYCUTT CHARLES HOSKINS IAY HOUGH MARY HOUSER MARILYN HOWE IAMES HUDSON LARRY HUM EERE! IOHN HUTCHERSON IANICE IRONS IACQUELINE IRVIN H -, ' RIIL IUANITA IAMES f BEVERLY IENNINGS I 'K' IIMMIE IOHNSON MARY ALICE IOHNSON A RICHARD IONAS ' I WIL :gif , 4 L .gil Kia. s RICHARD OSLYN DORIS IUSTU IUNE KELLEY MARQUITA KELTON ARTHUR KENNEDY Qizifwf f fW ' R1 fiW fi'efz ,gay rx. ' , f L i:...v Qs L L 1 4 - " I ' ' mggfi . . . . ' ,Rim 3 fy fa-dnl I Af" .':--:lf -. 1 i f I ' x R I--4 . - - - : I LJ, : , Q. I I -, , . .. ! J ' :'. ,. , if S51fLn'?ia::WFS,f , M' A - fi. ' , .- ' , Y::ufff5fV 'I ' ,, fs f .. -- -' A .. -. -- . ,ur , ...Ng -f f- .fm .. my LL- ,, ..?:r:,-p,L::.:,v-. 2 I. , L.L L an A gli A A Q Rf A g .Z I . 5 mfg S 3 23535 . . , 1. I 1,5 g.g?,'gv Wo lf :Nl fiizwwgik . W -HULM 41 time A . :wal -gig, --3: ,-tw: .?',.:. .:'w::" 1 E -,g55j,:c:A:57 di' Y fr' -' x 1 .4,. Ti., ' 51 : Biij ' iiffzzzxvffkwi' affmctx, .QA . -1 53?-'ww' .V -- . -,Aff ,-.,-21,3 igyw- E- E ,E . A ':-'f- . .-4. : Y., L A f I H -isafflfc A V fR12sfY:QYQti5fR , -A352 L. 'ff-if? ' ' ' -'-'1'?:'f'A , f ". ' A . -fi . 2' mf f 1 ., gf . 'l'.sl, I - I 42 I ffl 1 -v ,E .,., :+I mmm X, . .., . 3 .L .Q I ' ff ,. ,Q , L . fps , Q R, , 5 A Y... , Aw If ,Q W ,V Jim, .,.. , - - f YL 98 5 k . Y I 132, I ,A 2 A? Y M532 am ' I f by 3 I mm-W1 A 'l:'1 E 'E -, 3 Er, .. . ,, Q I ' ik Q4 fy-E16-I Ig, --1 All Q. A A .. tk L af. ff ' , ,, RS L E 9: ik? , is 4, g "WN -'R ,f., . ,I -f "- Til" f1EiE??if,, TEGYEFSESFQ A . , 1. I - , R , I-, Y A A 55 , TQ! .E E EN A A AERA 5? , in ,155 ,R Fr' 3 . 1:4 . k X ' ,, A 2:3 . wiv Rv. WA" . V. 1 ' 5-Z-15 A F . :gf L,-'H 'zi fi 2 Q ,. .gay , 2- ,... ,w., - 1. A Q '1isii.- - I-ns ' " gpg Q I I , .Wg was .- - I A '--.: I f .. -.15 1-H I .Win '21 '-2 wi, ,-2 if mfaiom GLORIA KILGORE IAMES KINCAID ANNA KIRKPATRICK MBABP E353 PATTY LAMPKIN DON LARSON v1v1AN LAWRENCE ROLAND LLISBB SHIRLEY LINDER ROR LOGSTON RAY LONG PAT LUCKETT RUSSELL MADSEN SHIRLEY MAIN ,BARBARA MALMBERG NANCY MALONE MYRON MANN AN L S IOHN MATHER LARRY MCCALL VIRGINIA MCCLAIN R- A. MCCLURE BBEY .M..,QQC Y BEVERLY MCCROSKIE GENE MCFARREN MAYNARD MCGHAY 125 MCGULRE ANN I ANN MENTZER IOYCE MILES LOLA MILLER SANDRA MOEHLMAN IANICE MORROW ERNEST MOSBY PEGGY MUELLER M531-WA-MULICK ROBERT DTI' URPHY EDWI N LARRY NORFLEET vmiom DEAN NORTON IAMES OSTERHOLT BILL OTIS GEORGE PALASKA MARY ELLEN PALMER LIME PAX! SHIRLEY PAYNE PHYLLIS PETERS PRUDENCE PLATT LEON POOLER CAROL PRATT DON PRESTON CAROL LEE PROCTOR WESLEY PRYOR BONNIE RASMUSSEN MARY LOUISE REED ROBERT RICHMOND PHYLLIS RILEY --1... SHIRLEY F6135 BILL ROBERSON GLEN RODENBERG LQKEIJLA ROMINE KAREN RoYsToN RAYIVYONETTE IIUCKEH ELAINE RYBURN ' il ...fa CLOYCE SAUER BARBA55 SCI-IEYER LEW ESEHLIZ LYNIBA RAE SCOTT IOYCE SHANNON DALE SHARP LESLIE SHORT HELEN LEE SHAWVER PATTY SHUPP RACHEL SIMONS c1A.a.oL Emma DALE SMITH Mmm smmi PHILIP SNELL BEVERLY SPERMAN ...1 1.::.,':z.Z: .!.1'5w2df.:Hf ':.?41-' ' i3f'QI"3i?'p. M I 'P ' '21, I 4 f- " f A S57 Ibififf- S -'.,m.f I Q, .szefezmf ,u m I ,,,szI- '-E555 , .-v,fEE.,L "f1s,g. 91: ,I I 5, I U if vs I mx if - 1559 -B -4 ,II Eg if? 5 W 2 I ws hz If W , gig ar' L K' 2' E YI If ,-1 fs A ' vfzxzqf- 'aw W I 1 , wwf -L-mffzzf' , ' A- ' 1- 6 ., " 4. IM 1 - ff I- Aww . . L ..,, ,E .I.. . . , ,v., .mu ', f" 'lz'fvk- . ' y, 1 'I- ' 5 ' I ':. I , 5 . ., ,Lgggjw f ' 1 '- 2 yfisiiw W3 . N 3? - K -Iv - 515554 if -1121 If e?W'i4fz?'fzif2f . " " 43 : vw ff- LA -51121 I fx 3 I I 974 J L, 'sw ,I 34 S ,Z S 5 .1-, ' ,EIN . may I 3 S If E K. - Lezm. I L , .. E gg V5 nw Q1 I - ' I s w 'Q V5 3 ,.-4 -' I , .. , mggnssz - rf , 'l..J5f' dw r 1, 5 xv I I 1 ' ff E ::',sy"3, '-an fgg45 , g ,v, 4. . ,..I,I,,,, I Q .W X I ' pf "E' ian:-1 .J F 5 gg 'Leaf 'Q , . 4, .2 I L A LL l f' Ef'Qspi2fflI -,E .. Iwi 5 12 7- V -,I W 5- EL .6 I I- ELEI 43 ' p - 39,11 I --1 W 'L Tiff, ., A .- , Q' --fi1ei?12iL5fl5f 252-211 I i' :FT 'S ?1iTieli2LefggT :A - .RH Im-i I zfmiom IOSEPH SPFIUYETTE PAT STAKLEY BOBBIE STAMBERGER ISAVTD STARK PAULA STEINBORN .--. --vat ANN STEINER HOWE STEVENS MERLE STOIOY. KENNETH STOLEUS GORDON STOUT LLOYD SUTTERBY BOB SWARTZ CRAIG SWENSON PHIL TENER COLLEEN TRAVIS ,.-, A-3 IANET TROUT MABL!32ILI UNIEBLVLODD MAX VON ERDMANNSDORFF IACK WACKLY PAULINE WALTERS EVELXN WALTI-TER TACK VILEBB 'MARY RUTH WEBB PAEY WEQENER MAROIA WI2.L.S BILLY IOE WEST DONNA WEST LOUISE WHITE WILEY WHITE CHARLES WHITED INA WI-IITTAKER LAWRENCE WICKI-IAM BOB WILLIAMS LQQQE WILI.I.A.M.s MARQW-IEET VYIIAIS MARILYN WOLVERTON ANDREW WILSON GAL WRIQLIT GARY WRIc,,H.T MONA WRIGQT A 'Gi ' RICHARD YATES 1, --v " ,,, ' ' L ' xi Tn , f, A X 2,1-551:55 3 if T , I- . f M s-P "gp, lg 'f , fi E535 52 'Z 'B 5 f by W E' Q T' W 7 T TERRY YEAGER lfmior EL? Cami FRONT ROW: Vivian Lawrence, Terry: Ann Steiner, Prudence Darlinq: Ioyce Shannon, Miriam: Bobbie Stamberger, lane: Bowen, Vivian. SECOND ROW: Saralyn Davis, Elsie: Laura Dykes, Iean Feurt, extra members: Betty Hawker, Mrs. McIntyre: Mary Ann wood, Patty. THIRD ROW: Miss Hale, Director: Iudy Watkins. Sophie: Pat Luckett, traffic officer: Gerald Cheek, extra: Richard Kurek. sor Mclntyre: Roland Leiser, Pete: David Stark, Dutch. FOURTH ROW: Pat Hackett, Mrs. Patterson: Clay Gaswint. Piner: Charles Henry, Hal: Ernest Mosby, George: Ierry Bryon: Bud Cordes. extra. Ianice Under- Profes- Elliott. 3,0 Olf2fL0lf'6fl KENNY JENKINS President Ar fp I X f A-fe av fff N 2. l LARHy COBB 2 , MARILYN ARMSTRONG Vice-President J SeCfe'mY J HISTORY OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS -4 The Sophomore class began this year by electing Kenny Ienkins as the President of their class. Larry Cobb was elected Vice-President, and Marilyn Armstrong was elected Secretary and Treasurer. Judy Stone, Nancy Elliott, Mary Ann Malone, Carolyn Hall, Iudy Garzee, and Ann Marie Roberson were elected to Pep Squad. Last year Ioyce Blackburn, Donna Cundiff, Pat Rains, lo Ann Croley, ludy Counts, Sondra Wurzer, Nancy Anderson, and Ioan Dunbar were elected to Pep Squad. Sondra Wurzer and Wayne Black represented the class on Student Council. With two more years of high school still ahead of them, the Sophomore class has made a fine beginning. Sap Om ALLAN ADAMS IOYCE AINSWORTH GARY ALEXANDER PATSY ALEXANDER IOYCE ALLEN LARRY ALLEN LO1s MAY ALLISON NORMAN AMOS IO ANN ANDERSON NANCY ANDERSON MARILYN ARMSTRONG GENE ALLEN ATKINSON CAROLYN AUBREY IERRY AUBREY IEAN BAILEY IACK BAIRD IRMA IO BARKER RUTHANNE BARKER IOAN BEAM FREDDIE BELL Ni.. ,4 VINCENT BENDETTI BOB BERKEBILE VIOLA BERRY RICHARD BEST DICK BEVARD CAROL BIANCHINI RAYMOND BIRD RUTH BIRD BARBARA BIVENS EARL BLACK WAYNE BLACK BONNIE BLACKBURN IOYCE BLACKBURN ELLA BLACKMORE GENEVA BLAIR LARRY B KENNETH BRADHURST DICK BRAND CARL BRANDON SHIRLEY BREID -1-gp ,.-n OVQ5 1 ,1 , -:ff wzyg, . 5 ' ' ,idili 5235 12 I A-E"-5 S ".., . S 3- QNXSFQ Wifi., . : - . Q 11 7 QEHEYE -51' 7'Ifskzs51Mt . s,1 1 .if3'?'7-415242. Qfwfih-f 'R . -as 1: I' 5 ? g -T. 0,0 OWLOIWQ5 ANITA BRENIZER CHARLES BRYANT LARRY BRYANT NORMAN BRYANT SUSIE BRYANT MARY BRONAUGH HOWARD BROWN SONDRA BROWN TOM BROWN GAYLE BUTRICK DAVID BUTTERFIELD BILL CAMPBELL IANICE CAREY MARGARET CABMAN BoB"EXhR"""' PAULA CASE PHILANCY CATLIN IOY CHANEY CHARLOTTE CHASTAEN DAVID CREEK ROBERTA CHISAM EARL CLARK MADLYN CLARK JAMES CLEMONQ MARGARET CLINE LA-'BX CD35 Hxmarznr COFFMAN DARRYL coopma DEAN coaum IUQX COUNTS IOHNNY COVINGTON ALAN COX ELAINE CRAFT DAVID CRAWLEY IO ANN CROLEY DONNA CUNDIFF HOWARD CURRY LOIS DAHLBERG PATTIE DAME BARBARA DANBERG ,Sap OIWLOIWQ5 DANNY DANIELS SHIRLEY DAVIS REGINA DE VRIEZE DOLLY DIBBEN LOUIS DILLARD -.-.g,,...1L DAVID DILLINGHAM GRACE HELEN DILTZ SHIRLEY KUEHL IOAN DUNBAR PHYLLIS DUNN IEAN DYER KEITH DYER VIRGINIA EDMONDSON CHERYL ELBE NANCY ELLIOTT CAROL ENGLAND RONNIE EVANS EQD-IRD FAIBIAN CAROL FARNSWORTH LAVONNE FAUSETT DENNIS FELTON DEANN FERGUSON DONNA FISHER LI. Em IIMMY FRENCH GROVER FULLBRIGI-IT DARWIN GARRISON IUDY GARZEE ELAINE GEENENS HM GIBBS MARIE GILBERT ROGER GILLESPE PAT QQRDON TLIONARD GRABOWSKI IUDY GRANT CAROLYN I-IALL RB! 1:2511- BILL HEINZ I-IENBL HENDRICK CASSIE NSON . I -wgsszzl f ' 'I f , . L I, mv- I I , I R ' . I ' 'X S I K r5:'?'ALVif'f Lis K: gi I R' L," ' 'Qff . MEQM ff? Af, I I 0 OWLOVQ5 OE HENTHORNE DONALD HIGGASON MARY ANN HINDS f A K Lg K I 14 1 I i w Jw I 171 qs? M, if 'Q CORINNE HIXSON THEODORE HOTT BARBARA HUBBARD ROBERT HAUETTER MARY HUFFORD GERALDINE HULETT DAVID IACOBSON KENNY 1zN.ra,N5 AO"BERT IOHN CARL IOHNSON Loxs JOHNSON ALTA IONES i..-1 FLOYD IONES HOWARD IONES IOHN KELLEY THOMAS KENNEDY BOBBY KERN ROBERT KETCHAM GARY KEYES DONALD KANABEL LENORE LADD RUTH LANDERS 'W BETTY LASWELI. IAMES LEACH IAMES LEATHERS BILL LECLERE CAROLE LEE ELIZABETH LEONARD MARY LESSLEY MARY LEVANTINO DIANE LEWIS TOM LEWIS ILENE LINCH IOE LINDSEY UDY LINEBERRY -.1-Q NALD LINGLER DONALD LLOYD S5530 OWQOWZI IOHN LLOYD CHARLES LOGAN RAYMOND LOGSTON DONALD LONG ROBERT LONG IO ANN LOUDERBACK KEITH LOWE ELAINE LUNN PATTY MADDUX BARBARA MADIOR MARY ANN MALONE MAYNARD MANN BILLY DON MARK BENNY IOE MARTIN IDA IANE MATRAIA IEANNINE MAYQ NANCY MEHLSTAUB BARBARA MCCALLUM LARRY MCCLAIN ggsxm. MCCLURE DEE JAY MEHAY BOBBY DON MCKOWN mm MCNARY MASON MICHELSON MARGARET MILLER GAIL MINTER ELIZABETH MOORE IIM MORGAN DAVID MORTON CHARLES MURPHY IERRY MYNATT HAROLD NAGEL BOBBY NELSON MARILYN NELSON BILL NOAH LEONARD NOAH IACKIE NORRIS DAVID PAGE MARIORIE PALMER fi!! -- .Q- 3 .,.q,.W A www? 5 Segfw I Q I, -1 was Wg , 1 I A 3 im 'X ,pw 2 A Q L ,J U31 W if sk-,I N If :Liv 151 EQ ' 5? 3 73 55 I W, 3 .1 'kiwi ,wh . .. 1'WQw 5, I , W Q . ' J .. ,,,, . If 5 i 1.-i I SMMWWWW Qwfwww if? ' w,--- f""" " - E: -EmRRa155S-wzwgg E E5 13 I GSI 5,5 R QL, LSL A ' if f . 7 UP Q Y A . 1, K 5 Ag A if A N 'V ' '-'j i , 'Qi' mb Q A 'E Y i f Yzaffkilmige,-. S Y.. 'A' . X Y fn K I I L+ 5 A ' im-A QI f I I I :Ei Y 54 N A54- Is, f1f111SR?f'if S1 1'z5g . E5 ik' - SW 1' ' . igfff 'feflgfg E5 ' ff' ' : . I L yiafriiim 1 ' l '11 , I Yfyfji F ' , ., -, 592 ' W vs, - , K , ' ' fz ,r l - : :g 1 :mg 5 AQ: .:,. , . SSD! AOIWL OVQ15 IOANN PATTEN RUTH ANN PASSMORE 'HTTWHARKINSON CHARLES PETERSON IANIE POAGE CYCRII. POPE DONNIE POWELL MARTHA PRATI-IER GARRY PRATT BONNIE PRENTICE ELSIANN Qgm PAT RATNS DON RAY CEL L BED. LLOYD REED IANICE REGAN ROBIN REEVES DON REYNOLDS ELIZABETH RHODE 4..- RICHARD RICKART 13.9.5553 .FLLQKE-IIS ROBERT RUCH RONNTE RULE HARRY RUSSEL ANN ROBERSON THEODOSIA RAPER ENE ROUINTREE JOHN RO-USE TOMMY ROSE CLAYTON SAUER EDNA RAE SAUER CLIFFORD SCANTLAND FREDDIE SCHLIE RONALD SERVISS SUE SI-IACKELFORD IOE SHAW MARY IANE SHIPIVIAN EDDIE SHOOK IEANETE SHIRLEY ETI-ILE SHUIVIATE SSDPAOWLOVQ5 HOWARD SILVERS CHARLES SIMMONS IIMMY SIPES MARGIE SLAVIK LUANA SMITH LUCY SNELL MARY SONNENBERG BILLIE IO SPARKS IACKIE SPENCER YVONNE SPOTTS CAROLE STINE QLOVA STOCKTON IUDY STONE WALKER STONE KAY STRAUB EDDIE TAEE CARA TAYLOR HARRY TEETER BETTE THETFSZB J THOMAS NORMA THOMAS CHARLES TRAW BETSY TROTTER IIM TROUT IEAN VANDEGINSTE CLARENCE VAN GOSEN DONNIE VASSMER ALMA WALKER BARBARA WALKER BEVERLY WALKER DONALD WARNER CYNTHIA WATEROUS ROBERT WEBB MYRTLE WIARD GEORGIA ANN WEST BEULAH VVHITTEKER DELIGHT WILFORD .-.- tl MARILYN WILLIAMS RANDALL WILLIAMS RONNIE WILLIAMS A f ' - :ia .JW 1 A I ii., 'X U Aww' I sf :Sigh '31 I 'S ' ' J, sibf' , a' , ,XI-'f . I I A ' :- f - 9-15, ,V zz' fgffsbgw L A - I L " ,f' ' " 4 V 'wz+'w"' , -V ' ' 'ii .- 2 ,ZF xv 1 V , , H. A ,..: Q ii 53 Sp Olflflf 0lf'Qf5 BEVERLY WILLIAMSON Tommy WILLIAMS BETTY WILSON 'EEEENWIESZJN TRN WINE? 'i ' WARD WOLLARD SONDRA WURZER ROBERT YOKUM SUE YOKUIVI PAUL ZIMMERMANN Q 4 H, 54 jI"85!LIOfL8lfL i Q I-QF COOPER President MILDRED SCHROEDER BOBBY LANDIS SeC'elmY Vice4President ROW I: Frank Shaw. 512.533 Seneker, Beverly Lewis, Eleanor Crawford, Herbert Phipps. ROW 2: Donald Lee Atkinson, Ken Karnes, Kenneth Bost, Elaine Evy-gf., Terry Short. Ioyce Hasten, Benny Iohnson. ROW 3: Wynne Sbg-Qin Luskow, Bill Scott, lean McCartney, Io Ann Rodenbgjq. Rose Crowley. Donna Shane, Rosemary Reed. Margaret Thompson, chrggdg. -'-'- ROW 4: Ioe Shoemakerg. Iackie McDonald, Robert Hewlett. Leroy Campbell, R. D. Crabb, Benny Fegan, Denny Harris, Danny Richardson, Mike Morrow, Michael Peterson. "1" ""'- 1' mmf-man 55 ROW 1: Shirley Iones, Ellsworth Garzee, Robert Miller, Robert Schultz, Darrell Arnold, Howard Black, Ilene Gibbs, Betty Lou Reed. ROW 2: Sally Smith, Marilyn Snipes, Patsy Williams, Patricia Stubbs, Shirley Iohnson, Ruth Marie Repple, Clara Io Taylor, Robert Short. ' Q, ROW 3: Robert Green, Norma Iean Reynolds, Madeline Coates, Gwyndolin Cloud. Elaine Wills, Amelia Higgins, Gordon Shull, Howard Moon. Marian Lindberg, Tom Tanan. ROW 4: Harry Von Skike, Robert Chipley, Paul Bailey. Roger Morris, Curtis Mathews. Patty Baker, Ierry Standley, Charles Kelley, Ronald Melton, David Griffith, jlfddkflflfltglfl ROW l: Gary Williams, Dale Sapp, Maxine Stephens. Iimmie Painter, Bernard Reece. ROW 2: Stevie Leiser, Rose Marie Among, Marcia Michaelson, Beverly Stakeley, Helen Whitaker, Donald Elrod. Rosemary Cross ROW 3: Karen Redenbaugh, Dick Cooley, Vermara Ottman, Sharon Smith, Iudy Deaver, Barbara Curtis, Carole Louise Harless Don Bergen, 4 ROW 4: Maureen Donovan, Robert Hurd, Donald Saltzman, Ray Henson, Charles Myers, Paul Cox, Vivian Horner, Io Ann Trantham. Suzanne McNall. ' " ROW 1: Ganote, Harold Cordell, Tommy Burke. lim Murray, Edna May Ionas. ROW 2: Olive llB:Comb, Q-ail,Wigger, Barbara Gentry, Tony Downinq, Fred Havens, Willette Iackson, Sandra Heinz. ROW 3: Ianice MQW, Regina Ballieu, Ioan Mudd, Georgia Miller, Dorothy O'Lauqh1in, Barbara Gillespie, Carolyn Iackson Patricia Parrish, Anne Draqen. '-Q .'-' 'W' -'W-' ROW 4: Edggud Conway, Tom Ncgris, Beverly Qchroeder, Evelyn O'Dell,,EmilY Hall, Dawgd Henthorne, jaymoncl Bendure lohn Younczhanz. lack Mcclafn. ' W 3 H ' ' ' s ZIWQ5 IWLQVL ROW 1: Doris Hobbs, Betty Guinn, S,g-njngggiggg., Morgan Spilsbury, David v,Wilch. ROW 2: lane Turpin, Iim Wood, Roger Wilson. Ioyce Pernny, Calgl Harrinqign, Dolores London. YBOW 3: Delbert Lauqhery. ,Norman Huskisson, lack Wise, Phyllis' Poaqe, Nancy Freed, Donna Gardner, Iudith Hayes. ROW 4: Gene Brun's, William Tabb, Harrie Lawton, Cecil Marks, Anita Smith, VVesley Clark, Glenn Clark, Kathryn Nelson. ROW 1: Nancy Galey, David Mather, Don Robb, Euqene Goodwin, Paul Kain. Dee Dunkin. ROW 2: Iohn Mayer, B9.b Landis, Eugene Hedrick, LindcLFoste.r, Ioan Wise, Milo Ferry, Darlene Irvin- ROW 3: Phillip Masters, Le Roy Teegarden, Don O'Reilly, Stewart Slatkin, Fred Carr, Beverly Anderson, Carol Newhard, Mary Roush, Betty Evans. ROW 4: David Moffett, David Garrett, Rex Fowler, Anita Stark, Ann McClure, Vicki McCarrick, Sue Stewart, Emily McCowan. lack Gibbons, Roland Cretel. l jlf'Qf5AlfVLQlfL ROW 1: Carolyn Crisp, Linda Ford, Daisy Powell, Eleanor McCall, Donna Shirley. ROW 2: Nan Tucci, Rosalie Spruyette, Bob-Wegenaa, Robert Morgan, Corlee Morse, Mary Frances Blackman, Bonnie Sauer, Shirley Ballard. ROW 3: Bill Spurgeon, David Macey, Wanda Poaqe, Beverly Thompson, Martha Io Bent, Lois Peterson, Violet Robbins. Clara King. ROW 4: Iim Williams, Charles Titus, Bill Loop, Pat Darrow, Stanley Graves, Tom Allen, Bob Mason, Don Terry, Ioe Cooper. ROW l: Sharon Lewis, Ioyge Payne, Virginia Martin, W. Leonard, Bruce Allen, Bob Stevenson, Lewis Steamer. ROW 2: Linda Amone, Bill Nelson, lean Marsh, Harriet Blackmore, Patricia Looman, Iudith Timberlake, Nancy Labgg. ROW 3: Mary Ruth Carter, lean Shook, Karole Gates, Carleneu Elliott, Patty Acheson, Bob Blakemore, Iack Duncan, Robert L. Neal ROW 4: Judith Winburrr, Dwight Granthom, Iim Looney, Greenwood, Norman Lee, Marvin Dixon, Tom Dixon, lack Under wood, Terry Simmons, Gloria Enochs. X s.Q3Zl"815AflfIfLQIfL ROW 1: Karen Hedlund, Frank McKay, Iudy Yeager, Nancy Spearman, Norma Malone, Roy Lanio, Dennis Roush, Iohn Walker. ROW 2: Edward Burns, Fay Tergarden, Dorothy Wilson, Shirley Pike, Lelia Johnson, Loretta Curtin, Nancy Plumb, Ianet Owen. ROW 3: W. M. Cook, Gerald Fredrick, Charles Broomlield, Dean Larrison, Phyllis Mylar: Sharon Bliss, Betty Smith. Mary lane Stephan, Paul Lanef -p ROW 42 Rfilph Hackett, Dagid Bolsengg. Ken Starck, Ierry Vitt, Eugene Shepherd, Iohn Hayll, Eddie Guinn, Keith Lindberg. Ivan McKamin, Margaret Dobbins. . ROW 1: Betty Goldsbury. QraceAMSClqin. Barbara gendure. Alta Swaiil-Leg, Ronald Haines. ROW 22 IUDICG Hallengren. Igigerkins, Betty, Iean Cordell, Barbara Pyner, Anita Kendzora, Ann Evani. ROW 3: , Sherry Williams, Iggy ohggon. Lim, Grgy, Frank Hughes, Gary Ganote, Iene Taylor. Barbgig, Willigijr ROW 4: Richard Yeager, Melgiq, Henl, M. B. Harris, Buddy Bates, Sam Orwick, Iohnny Ballard, Iames Dykes. Bill Irons.l5hurligB Toombs. ham-55 ujl"Q5AI4fLQlfL ROW 1: Iames Ragle, Charles Rhodus, Tom Parish, Sandra Bodenhamer, Patricia Mcl-lmis, Beverly I.'Heure,g2x. BOW 21 Terry Martin. Anna Calhoun, Noel Guthrie, Dorlrgg Fielggj, Eula Boqqess, Roberta Foley? ROW '31 Bobby 1Duffy, Benny Beals, Margaret Maberry, Nancjy Passmore, Lou Ann LaBerqe. Eugene Mynatt. Nina Shellon. ROW 4: Walter Hobbs. Phil Snowden. Dwight Bailey, IerryxMeyer, Ioann Meyer, Richard Ienkins, Tim Ryan, Wendell Booth, Tom Lovejoy. "B 4' Q A as MT E w '-n ROW 1: ROW 2: ,B-. , Dan French, Pat Furry, Shyla Soderstrom, Arthur Ienner, Glenn Kieth, Conrad Vaughn. Ioyce Earls, Dorothy Lehman, Ierry Switzer, Gerald Ferrell, I. B. Walker, Patsy Stevens. lean Farmer. ROW 3: Ianet Bowles, Sylvia Mosby, Arm Park, Gloria Gorton, Martha Perry, Elizabeth Saia, Geraldine Barns, Charlene Iohnson ROW 4: Iudy Brower. Eldon Lantz, Pete Salmon, Neil Smith, Bill Allen, Willis McCoy, Orville Iohnson, Miriam George, Martha Pnl chard. ROW 1 HOW 2: ROW 3 ROW 5 EMA QM : Bernard Mynatt, Carol A. Thompson, Sherry Miller. Iohn Pelsor. Iunior Yokum, Melvin Snow. Ioyce Key, Gwen Iones, lack Black, Shirley Smith. Eva Burch, Gilbert Nichols. Iohn Oden. : Iackie- Morqan, Mary Alexander, Roqene Wells, Maxine Knick. Lewis Lyle, Robert Downey. Ierry Price. z Anqela Brock, Ann Ienkins, Ianet King, Iaunita Corbett, Bobby Scott, Ronnie Misner, Iim Neil, Mike Hedrick l 1 ROW l: Mel Roberson, Iane Barnhart, Ioyce Beadling, Dale Lackey, lack Creason. Ed Nash. ROW 2: Bill Hergemueller, Bill Bratcher, Ritchie Renmer, Dewey Farris, Tommy Hughs, Ralph Clark, Allen Hough, Dickie Schamp. ROW 3: Dixie Ballard, Loretta Evans, Madelyn Snyder, Richard Rennadin, Iudy Werner, Elizabeth Erickson, Malisa Werrnack. Yvonne Frazier, Wanda LaRue. ' ROW 4: Everette Haskell, Don Sarver, Alice Dahlberg, Mary L. Smith, Mike Burns, Ierry Procter, Ierry White, Wayne McElderry, Pat Anderson. cfglfla QQ Q ROW l: Mildred Powell, Iesse Woods, Russell Iones, Richie Wealand. Donna Hauetter. lei! Larson. ROW 2: Iudy Smith, Gene Voigts, Rose Guilvezan, Ioe Beals. Wayne Mansfield. Darlie Rosier. ROW 3: Margaret Stuart, Slxarlyn Sniper, Sharon Tomas, Donna Peters, Sara Fortune, Ruth Ann Carey, Audrey Glodve. ROW 4: Wayne Law. Phil Campbell, Veane Black, Emma Iames, Bruce Fuller, Robert Boothmas, Gene Match. Wanda Thompson. ,E-.. , ROW 1: Stephan Pierce, Laqene Irvin, Doris Simcoe, lack Cramer, Conrad Schroeder, Jim Crowly, Don Reed, Sally Cavin, Ioycelyn Wiard. ROW 2: Patsy Curtis, Gerald Godsey, Don Reeder, Iohn Hoium, Corrine Brown, Barbara Graves, Melva Eaton, Kenneth Pruett. ROW 3: Larry Mills, Ianice Clemons, Barbara Newby, Barbara Soher, Bobby Wilcox, Edward Stevens, Ioan Bried. ROW 4: Frank De Mayo, Patricia Howard, Glenda Moad, Patty Chambers, Ronnie Hamilton, David Lee Warner. CWA, Qu 8 ROW 1: David Schimanski, Ianet Clark, Barbara Piatt, Iudith Davis, Stephen Pate, Carl Summers, Roger Moftet, Virginia Colby, Sylvia Stout. ROW 2: lanice Steflens, Ioyce Stefiens, Martha Goodman, Marie Lintner, Charles Erickson, limmy Winqo, Bill Smith, Billy Glick. ROW 3: Faith Alton, Lorinda Neville, Roberta Iohnson, Iimmy Ison, Robert Willman, Victor Nielsen. Ierry Gulley. ROW 4: Iames Thompson, Billy Allen, Martha Shultz, Everett Black, Roy Kem, Tommy Ellis, Delmond Lowe. ROW 1: Carolyn Nelson, Iimmy Hinds, Bob Elliott. lerry Moore, Della Whited, Iune Allen, Robert Kaufman. ROW 2: Glen Ballieu. Charles Murdock, Iudy Scott, Pauline Ebelinq, Carolyn Allen, Suzanne Neilson, Iudy Douglas. Donald Ercckman, Iames Cook. ROW 3: Marlene Brown, Marie Buqbee, Patrica Stewart, Sandy Bird, Frances Gillotte, Kay Borden, Sharon Mathers, Iohn Stone, Donald Lake, Donald McNally. ROW .42 VMark Sonnen-burq. David Naylor, Suellen Iohnson, Kathy Wayman, loan Gatton, Larry Phillips, Ronald Cansler, Yvetta Shumate, Nina Templeton, Michael Dragon, Sandy Osburn. 8l!8lfLf!L Q61 8 ROW 1: Guy Rector. Rosemary Lawrence, Bobby Tumer, Iohn Willman, Ierry Van Norn, Richard Schmidt, Iames Aikin, Neal Hauser, Patty Stanley. ROW 2: Allan Verhaulst, Iudith' Buchanan, Minnie Iune, Ieanne Patterson, Susan Wolfe, Mary Io Gorden, Sharon Warrington, Gary Stubbs, Ierry Walters, Carol Hershe. ROW 3: Barbara Wilder, lane Murphy, Iewell Vaughan, Leslie Tucker, Iohnny Van Tcfssel, Kent McCall, lack Williams, Sandra Hammett. Art Oqilvie, Iames Pate. ROW 4: Tommy Decker, Garry Holcomb, Milton Ladd, Iimmy Iustus, Ronald Rollins, Sondra Cox, Ieannette Cansler, Bette Bucha- nan. Mary Ketchum. Iudy Tompson, Iimmy Beam. ROW 1: Bob Boyle, Donald Myers, Billy Smith, Iucly Stotts, Stuart Bowers, Ronnie Reed, Donald Suddarth, Raymond Evans. ROW 2: Ann Munro, Ruth Bryant, Charlene Delaynes, Bobbie Harris, Carol West, Tommy Fisher, Ioan Nelson, Pat Walker, Wayne Mynatt. .ROW 3: Lonnie Thatcher, Marvin Haman, Gerald Hancock, Dixie Williamson, Bob Good, Marilyn Ganote, Myrna Campbell, .Brenda Gibbs, Larry McLain, itow 4: Saundra Shepard, Iudy Weston, Iosephine Banes, lack Woods, Iack Davis, Iimmy Kennedy, Sharon Smith, Marvin Nicholas, Ioanne Younq, Mary Louise Reynolds. 8U8lfLt!L GEL 8 ROW l: Dennis Davis, Iudy Porter, Iim Spencer, Scott Michelson, Alan Hurlbut, Cozette Chappell, Virginia Taylor, Donna Campbell. ROW 2: lack Reeves, Paul Fletcher, Iames Simons, Peqqy Barnes, Ioan Renner, Carol Hayes, Nancy Iackson, Iohn Elliott, David Brazeal. ROW 3: Sandra Simmons, Ioyce Walker, David Kindell, Billy Clemons, Ted Roberson, Harley Humphrey, Gary Murphy, Bruce Roberson, Grant Coleman, Walter Homer, Marcia Geer. ROW 4: Tim Bowman, Ierry Gilpin. George Shoemaker. Mary Lou Burns, Kay Lanto, Ioyce Yinqlinq, Linda Keltner, Mildred Huski son, Patsy Nolte, Nancy Hill, Iudv Campbell. As the floods cause the Missouri River to expand, so do the clubs increase our interest in school. An ever widening circle of extra-curriculcxr activities 7 makes our school cr night cmd day cxffcxir. W J K QQ Z Vx ff Z fl ff f f XM W W Wwlibffp ff? ff ff f - EXgiE S K ff -m 0'7"' xxyfffc. lik 'ff' i"Z1"-"'-' lim I 6, W . ,1 , -e T ,, ifxdlif gggum!! of-f fri "'-'J'-' '- Wmmghwj -xX Q A74-":..".1- 5- Sfockwcll mM lfA ,X S X if f WA f ff fi 5 f W Z M QW 'GW N , ff y WZ Wfx X V f X Xxxk if f7 5. 510 K f bs ck M E... "W he 2 1 J, f W M tw f w ,-4 ., i f I f 1' J xg 1 ww' e,ffj Halloween Happenings Tea for Three Fall Cleaning Yea team! QD Yes, but what' s whisket? 5 aglfuicfenf Gained SHP-gf' MIKE MCCALL Student Body President One oi the most active orqanizations in school this year has been the Student Council. Under the effective leadership of their president, Mike McCall, the Council has improved physical conditions by starting the drive ior new stage curtains in the auditorium. They have fostered school spirit and promoted qood will among schools, playing host to the qoverninq bodies oi other schools. Other officers are: Alvin Fuson, vice-president: Iudy Parkinson, secretary: Mary Alexander, treasurer: and Norman Capps, serqeant-at-arms. cgzfzlcfenf Canned FIRST ROW: Mary Alexander, loyce I-Iasten, Iudy Counts, Beverly Mosby, Nancy Anderson. SECOND ROW: Carol Smith, Cornelia Watkins, Nancy Hill, Kay Kindred, Judy Parkinson, Beverly Schroeder. Tl-HRD ROW: MI. Art Piaii, Richard Kurek, Robert Murphy, lack Gibbens, Joe Cooper, Mike McCall, Kenny Ienkins. FOURTH ROW: Don Ray, Paul Walker, Jim Carney, Alvin Puson, Harold Henry, Wesley Pryor, Norman Capps, Ioe Stevens. ,,,..., Ng , -2.,--1 l rf ff YVONNE WINKLER MARY ALEXANDER President V ice-President all-1 IUDY PARKINSON IANET ELLIOTT SGCYSNIYY Treasurer - jen Kaginef Four hundred and forty girls joined together to make the Y-Teens one of the most active clubs of Northtown High. Because of its size, alternate meetings were divided into class triangles. Y-Teens work together to bridge the gaps between religions, races and creeds. HOW l: Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, Mary Alexander, Ioyce Denny, Pat England, Ioan Dunbar, Charlotte Iohnson, Beverly Mosby, Iudy Counts, Elizabeth Rhode. ROW 2: Mary Lou Keltner, Yvonne Winkler, Shirley Weiss, Sondra Wurzer, Deann Ferguson, Ianet Elliott, Cornelia Watkins, Rosalee Gibbens. Kay Kindred, Mary Lessley. ROW 3: Ioyce Williams, Mary Keenum, Ann Mentzer, Sharon Denny, Gayle Gough, Ioanne Hague, Iudy Richards, Carol Bond, Nancy Hill, Phyllis Peters. Linda Scott. ROW 4: Elenor Larson, Anita Stark, Beverly Schroeder, Iudy Parkinson, Betty Hawker, Nancy Anderson, Carol Smith. Donna Edmondson, Bobette Stamherger, Martha Edmonds, Margie Kephart, Prudence Platt. 70 f e , 1 9 xii "Before the Dance Begins" .Lg X, .,.v,,:?Q:.l -5,fiw, f, , i , . , wg ,,1- ., L Z -ms'-s' wwg, if I' M Q5 'S ,T 'Eggs J, 5, K :sry 52 Q 'mr virus Q2wf'ff'f,, :- ' F gy-u f' Q. nesmff--v.z, f , :.. .. View :fa - , - : f wmzs fsig 5-1 usgwiiszvf I ' '-wasasvsfi-2 mpc 2, 1-rf -:V ,. m-:ns 1. . , 1,5 A. ,KN 5 V, U 5523555 is seam' ' 'fi,g?is2" - . . ggi? , f 'ui W Leia we z ., . , iff-62554 arm, .t V, ,., v A fffised, su -' is 4 . ,GW xme2z5s,.sf 1+ , . , fs., ,A , . ne r .wswfzwfz ,: . A iff-'e1:s,:i'g,gw Q , . W,.., ,W .. ,Mis - , ,ew w 2 3 S 3 f 4 -'Q' 4, bw 0 gig! K X six, ,Q . 1 Q '12 is K C is Few ,N H my E K a J f, Wg s raw J' 'A ,z.,,,.,. Q f' ' . 4 '-" I .7 'Q H 3 3 P 2 QE Bqfgfiix mmm - -msg .2322 - 25 175 ' J . ...,, EL- 41 4 +2 As . J. V VE, .x W is Q 3 gwsfe1,jj"1w3g33,5ie"' in 'ff b--,HE2'357Li1ii 1:41 14950 3',sf ,,- ,, AW,- 1 ,ff wsfiiwr, fyigkfggff is 35152 we Ami H P2 Jw-1 i' ' ,a,?gg3gf.iygg5si,ifQg, ., 2 .f wif ' M -- 12' msgzffsgfiiiiiaiif' L i i ','y-lr, ' is , 9?E'3w'31X' 4, ,We , -, L. in , - iff.ff1:" fmggkiiiwggig 'n"' WW" " . -,Jwweeks.swf"-5:.fmr :fa'h. ":a1 - .:",r-V: v w I-may f , -- ' w as Sir?-Wim!wxifixfzgmwxzfngfsfyisswrffvgk "Across the Crowded Room" "Our Little Honeybun" "Mode1 U N Meet1ng" "Behind the 8 Ball" if Vim A qi if N '54, we V ELA' ROW 1: Pat Young, Margie Conway, Shirley Slaughter. Carol Berry, Dona Caruthers, Mary Alexander, Pat England. ROW 2: Ianet Elliott, Gayle Gough, Elenor Larson, Ioanne Hague, Mary Keenum, Nancy Leonard, Peggy Foerster, Sue Elliott, Carol Bond. ROW 3: Anna May Stephans, Margaret Toombs, Ramona Price. Natalie Hulett, lane Sharp. Sharon Denny. lean Blackbum, Iudy Parkinson, Billie Short, Donna Kephart. ROW 4: Eleanor Barnes, Bobbie Lawson. Beverly Gibson, Kathleen Fleischauer, Iean Lawrence, Ruthanne Gaulding, Beverly Leimkuhler, Sharon Walker, Martha Stephan. Iris Hott, Mary Keltner, Ioyce Eshelman. endow - , Qeem ROW l: Kay Durham, Norene Landis. Betty DeMayo, Violet Nicola. Pat Sloan. Marilyn Shoemaker, Donna Little. Shirley Christgen, Hinda Burnstein. Beverly Mosby, Charlotte Iohnson. ROW 2: Norma Webb, Barbara Anderson, Rita Morgan, Barbara Neidig, Sharon Standish, Rosalee Gibbens, Kay Kindred. Patsy Cooley, Margie Kephart, Shirley Bowles, Cornelia Watkins, Shirley Alexander. ROW 3: Charlotte Kimmel, Shirley Weiss, Yvonne Winkler. Doris Ford. Iudy Richardson, lean Powers. Ieanette Allison, Shirley Smith, Roberta Iones, Deloris Brenner, Audrey Lowary, Lenora Conwell, Linda Colt. ROW 4: Monica Cundili. Ruth Foster, Billye Cunningham, Carol Brown, Shirley Waggener. Dolores Griessel, Io Ann Nelson. Carol Mundorff, Billie Stocks. Anna Mae Shipman, Elaine Miller, Shirley Stockwell. ROW l: Phyllis Peters, Iackie Irvin, Martha Frank, Iean Feurt. Ianet Trout, Patti Lampkin, Ianice lrons, Mary Ann Ginaine. ROW 2: Iean Andrews, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Prudence Platt, Beverly McCroskie, Mary Ellen Palmer, Beverly Spear- man, Donna Gann, Shirley Evans. HOW 3: Iune Paye, Phyllis Riley, Ioyce Cameron, Iean Schultz, Ioyce Williams, Ann Steiner, Mary Ruth Webb, Nancy Hill, Patty Hackett, Bonnie Calhoun. ROW 4: Donna Edmondson, Rosemary Giffen, Sharon Brown. Nancy Freeman, Ray Rucker, Ioyce Bordon, Memory Burgess, Myrna Smith, Mary Ann Underwood, Betty Hawker. Nancy Cheek. vmior - . D-eelfw ROW 1: Shirley Lenden, Norma Black, Eileen Hemmerlinq, Loretta Romines, Patty Waqner. Evelyn Walther, Lola Miller. Donna Collins. ROW 2: Lou Ann Henry, Shirley Fisher, Margie Willis, Bonnie Rasmussen, Iune Kelley, Laura Dykes, Shirley Payne, Lynda Scott. ROW 3: Rita Bade, Iva McGuire, Sally Bartlett, Marcia Wills, Deborah Graves, Marilyn Chubb, Elaine Ryburn, Shirley Robb. Beverly Ienninqs. V . , . ROW 4: Martha Edmonds, Ianice Bowen, Bobbie Stamberqer, Aloah, Burke, Avalon Von Erdmannsdorlf, Doris Iustice, Linnea Hendrix, Gloria Kilqore, Barbara Schryer, Mona Wright, Pauline Walters, Mary Caldwell. V ' ROW 1: Sandra Moehlman, Marsha Guinn, Barbara Eastbum. Eleanor Godsey, Iuanita Iames, Mary Alice lohnson, Vivian Law- rence. ROW 2: Shirley Dotson, Barbara Malmburg, Ann Mentzer, Barbara Allard. Saralyn Davis, Barbara Honeycutt, Patty Shupp, lean Alexander. ROW 3: Mary Houser, Ioyce Clemons, Peggy Beardsley, Coleen Travis, Ioyce Shannon, Ioyce Blakemore, Carol Pratt, Marquita Kelton, Marilyn Wolverton, Peggy McCoy. ROW 4: Mary Louise Reed, Sue Guikey, Mariana Mulick, Ioyce Miles, Iean Gatton, Carol Smith, Marjorie Guthrie. Icmice Morrow, Peqqy Mueller, Paula Steinborn, Marilyn Howe. oufzior -. ieelfw ,Sip .omore -. Ream ROW l: Philancy Catlin, Elizabeth Rhode. Carolyn Hall, Ruth Ann Barker, Ioan Anderson, Patty Parkinson, lean Wingo, Iudy Counts, Iudy Stone, Elizabeth Moore. ROW 2: Ioan Beam, Ioyce Blackburn. ludy Grant, Mary Ann Malone, Io Ann Croley, Grace Diltz, Patty Dame, Iackie Spencer, Lucy Snell, Barbara Walker, Luanna Smith, Sondra Brown, Patty Alexander. ROW 3: Marie Gilbert. Ioyce Allen, Bonnie Blackburn, Beverly Williamson, Corrine Hixson, Donna Cundiif, Marilyn Nelson, Carol Lee, Iudy Garzee, Carolyn Aubrey. Carol England, Ida Iane Matraia, Ruth Landers, Lois Iohnson. ROW 4: Sue Shackleiord, Margaret Carmen, Beverly Williamson Shirley Breid, Eileen Lynch, Io Ann Patten, Margaret Miller, Mary Ann Hinds, Dixie McClannahan, Phyllis Dunn, Elsiann Quell, Viola Berry, Mary Lessley. ROW 5: Cara Taylor. Charlotte Chastain, Barbara Hubbard, Kay Straub, Lois Dahlberg, Pat Maddox, Elaine Craft, Mary Huiford. Myrtle Wiard, Elizabeth Leonard, Rita McNary, Iudy Lineberry, Paula Hallingren, Cassie Henson, Frances Poage. ROW l: Margaret Cline, Marilyn Armstrong, Diane Lewis, Gail Minter, Carol Bianchini, Barbara Danberq. lean Bailey. Geneva Blair, Betsy Trotter, Margie Slavik, Ioan Dunbar. ROW 2: Lenore Ladd, Deann Ferguson, Sondra Wurzer, Nancy Elliott, Ann Roberson, Billie Io Sparks, Roberta Chisam, Ioyce Ainsworth, Bette Thetford, Glova Stockton, Lavonne Faucett, Donna Fisher. I ROW 3: Shirley Davis, Margaret Prather, Barbara McCallum, Nancy Anderson, Cheryl Elbe, Cindy Waterous, Nancy Melstaub, Ianice, Carey, Susie Bryant, Ioann Louderback, Irmo Io Barger, Ruth Ann Passmore. ROW 4: Betty Wilson, Helen Wilson, Mary Sonnenberg, Carol Farnsworth, Madlyn Clark, Betty Laswell, lean Dyer, Marjorie Palmer, Ioy Chaney, Delight Wilford, Virginia De Vrieze, Barbara Bivens. 3,9 -OWLOPQ - ,ZQVL5 jI"8:lAI4'L6I,l'L - Xlelflj HOW 1: Phyllis Myler. Elaine Evans, Betty Cordell, Pat McAmis, Iudy Yeager, Shirley Pike, Betty Goldsbury, Betty Reed, Sharon Bliss. Karin Hedlund, Norma Malone. Ioann Myers. DOW 2: Linda Foster, Carol Harrington, Gail Wigger, Wynne Luskow, Helen Whitaker, Beverly Stakely, Mary Blackman, Gwen Cloud, Rose Amone, Clara Io Taylor, Shirley Ballard, Nancy Freed, Nancy Plumb, Clara King. Margaret Dobbins. ROW 3: Sharon Smith, Willette Iackson, Bonnie Sauer. Pat Stubbs, Mary Ruth Carter, Ioyce Hastens, Ioyce Denny, Rosemary Cross, Sue Seneker, Madeline Coates, Sherry Williams, Barbara Gillespie, Linda Arnone, Lois Peterson, Patty Acheson. ROW 4: Carline Elliott, Donna Gardner, Gloria Enochs. Lou Ann LaBerge, Iudy Winbum, Ann Smith, Rose Crowley. Anita Kendzora, Vicki McCarrick, lean Shook. Maureen Donoyan, Linda Ford, Ruthie Repple, Iovce Payne. lean McCartney, Karol Gates. Anita Stark. ROW 1: Barbara Burner, Nancy Galey, Edna Ionas, Pat Venable, Barbara Williams, Alta Swaithes, Beverly Lewis, Ann Evans, Marqaret Thompson, lg' ROW 2: Pat Williams, Mary Roush, Dee Dunkin, Sandra Bodenhamer, Iudy Hayes, Marcia Michelson, Sandra Eden, Eleanor Craw- ford, Shirley Iohnson, Maxine Stevens. HOW 3: Barbara Bendure, Nancy Miller, Beverly Anderson, Mildred Schroeder, Ann Draqen, Sandra Heinz, Olive McComb, Nan Tucci, Iudy Ganote, Patsy Parrish. ROW 4: Rosalie Spruytte, Emily Hall, Carolyn Jackson, Dorothy O'Lauqhlin, Beverly Schroeder, Ianice Shannon, Ioan Mudd, Georgia Miller, Beverly Thompson, Karen Redenbauqh, Io Ann Trantham, Marion Lindberq. Zffwllmam -leur .Io ROBERT MURPHY ED FULLER President I V- Vice-President IIM FRANS BILLY DoN MARK Treasurer Chaplain q , L r f-"X x or eeee H 1. K .fly , i. 4 Working with the YMCA, our Hi-Y met twice each month and stressed the upholding of Christian living at home and in school. With all boys eligible for membership, Hi-Y was one of the most active clubs in school, sponsoring participation in youth government, school dances and assemblies. .M U gaginelf ROW 1: Ioe Perkins, Robert Kerns, Iohn Mayer. Vernon Sleyster, Iim Kincaid, Robert Murphy, Ierry Yeager, Iim Frans. ROW 2: Henry Curry, Don Reynolds, Ronnie Evans, Larry Cobb, Larry Bodenhamer, Gary Darnell, Wylie White, Norman Capps, Kenny Ienkins. ROW 3: Byron Eastburn, Lloyd Sutterby, Charles Town, David Griffith, Roger Morris, Tom Norris, Ierry Allen, Randy Williams. ROW 4: Wayne Black, Billy Don Mark, Bob Tenet, Ioe Davidson. Phil Snowden, Ioe Shoemaker, Ed Fuller, Ioe Stevens, Bob Williams, ' Bob Swartz. z. vi ROW 1: Gerald Tuttle, Ronald Campbell, Gary Norton, Vemon Slyster, Rex Karnes, Howard McClain, Leroy Orr, Donald Lloyd, Denny Landis. ROW 2: Wayne Turner, Dick Frierdich, Dick Clay, Gary Warner, Larry Sharitz, Clyde Shields, Ted Shaw, Iohn Heller, Bill Sander- son, Bob Stephens, Gary Crockett. ROW 3: Ierry Richards, Bob Bowers, Byron Eastburn, Iames Homan, Ierry Naylor, Bill Harlan, Milton Curry, Ronnie Hubble, Mike McCall, Don Greenwood, Kenton Schwarz., Richard Blackburn. ROW 4: Mr. Ralph McKeehan, Ioe Stevens, Harold Crisp, Floyd Griasby, Steven Bliss, Bob Tener, Ioe Davidson. Ward Stuckey. Charles Town, Harold Henry, Clem Darrow, Bob McComb, Don Goebel. Mr. Iames Welch. umior Q ROW 1: David Gray, Doren Schwartzbauer, Russell Madsen, lim Hudson, 'Dean Norton, Max Von Erdmannsdorfi, Dale Smith, Iqckie Crossley, Leon Pooler. Iim Kincaid. ROW 2: Ed Fuller. Iack Wackly, Dennis Bailey, Bill Blackburn, Ierry Yeager, Robert Murphy, Roland Leiser, Bud Mosby, Luther Davidson, Mike Arnone, Bert Cordes. , 4 ROW 3: Kenneth Blann, Arthur Kennedy, Benny Grant, Bob Williams, David Stark, Ray Long, Lloyd Sutterby, Don Preston, Gary Damell, Richard Kurek, Maynard McGhay, Albert Acton, , ROW 4: Wylie White, Ierry Elliott, Ronnie Stevens, Iim Carney, Albert Dunbar, Norman Capps. Richard Yates, Craiq Swenson, Wesley Pryor, Stanly Albert, Gene Bolin. Gail Wright, Bob' Schwarz. ROW l: Dick Carr, Bill Campbell, Donald Kanabel, Mason Mickelson, Harry Russel, Robert Webb, Donald Long, Dennis Felton, Howard Silvers. Lewis Dillard. ROW 2: Tom Rose, Gary Pratt, Bob Hauetter, Iohn Kelly, Bobby Kern, Donald Linqler, David Iacobson, Donald Hizesson. Robert Long, Ioe Shaw, C. I. Vangosen, Raymond Bird. ROW 3: Iimmy Syper, Don Lee Reynolds, Howard Brown, Cecil Reed, Harry Teeter, Larry Cobb. Tommy Lewis, Robin Reeves, Eddie Faubien, Allen Adams, Gene Acheson, Larry McClain, Charles Stegil, Billy Heinz. ROW 4: Ronnie Williams, Clifford Scantlin, Charles Simmons, Bob Berkibile, Billy Laclaire, Iohn Lloyd, Ronnie EvanS, Dean Corum, Robert Ketcham, Paul Zimmerman, Charles Bryant, Iim Morgan, Iohnny Covinqton, Kenny Jenkins, David Morton. ROW 5: Iim Frans, Norman Amos, Wayne Black, Larry Bodenhamer, Billy Don Marks, Harold Roush, Don Ray, ilonny, Daniels, Kenny Bradhurst, Iimmy Thomas, Henry Hendrix, Leonard Noah, Dick Bevard. Charles Logan, Randall Williams, David Dilling- ham. i2pA0m0re .M- jregilrman - ROW l: Don Berger, Glenn Clark, Delbert Lowery, Kenny Bost, Phil Master, Robert Short, Toni Downing, Iim Woods, William Tabb, Dale Sapp. . , x ROW 2: Robert Landis, Roger Wilson. Gary Ganote, Ioe Perkins, Terry Martin, David Wilch, Tom Parrish, Stewart Slatkin. Stevie Leiser, Terry Short, Fred Havens, Iimmy Painter, Dick Cooley. ROW 3: Ken Karnes. Harold Cordell, Don O'Reilly, Dwight Grantham, Benny Fegczn, Richard Yeager, Pat Darrow, Charles Broom- field, Melvin Hansen, Richard Jenkins, Iohn Mayer, Iim Gray, David Macey, Tom Dixon, Iohn Younghanz. ROW 41 lim Looney. Tony Iohnson. Tommy NOIIiS, David Moffett, Tom Tanan, Bill Loop, David Mason, Ierry Standley, Roger Morris, Dwight Bailey, Bill Cook, Don Terry, Ierry Meyer, Tommy Lovejoy, Iack McClain. ' ROW 5: Charles Kelley, Robert ChiP19Yf Iimmy Williams, Ioe Shoemaker, Gene Bruns, Charles Titus, Eugene Shepherd, Cecil Marks, Phil Snowden, Edward Conway, Rex Fowler, Ken Starck, Ierry Vitt, Ronnie Melton, Dave Griffith. 4 l 79 "Clinton Express Mtch es Bre- W cz WG n Comes Through" "Papa Is All" "Pick the pieces up, lake , Yus 80 ffonr goo Q d1l,Ck,, Les Bom COMPAGNONS Les Bons Cornpagnons fthe French Clubl is a brand new club organized this year. The officers are: Charles Town, president: Aloah Burke, vice-president: Viola Berry, secretary, Elizabeth Rhode, treasurer: and Lloyd Sutterby, parlia- rnentarian. Miss Isley sponsors this club. The colors of Les Bons Compagnons are red, white, and blue, which are the colors of the French flag as well as our own flag. The fleur-de-lis is the emblem, and the motto is "A Good Day, A Good Deed." The purpose of the club is to understand more fully the French language and people. ROW 1: Elizbeth Moore, Ioyce Blackburn, Mary Ann Malone, Karen Hedlund, Elizabeth Rhode. ROW 2: Marilyn Armstrong, Cassie Henson, Iudy Richards, Phyllis Dunn, Sondra Wurzer, Ann Roberson, Pat Gordon, Mary Ellen Palmer, Miss Bernita Isley. ROW 3: David Stark, Gene Caples, Luther Davidson, Madlyn Clark, Pat Rains, Mary Lesley, Gail Gough, Donna Kephart, Viola Berry, Barbara Hubbard. ROW 4: Don Ray, Gary Darnell, Don Preston, Theodore Porter. Lloyd Sutterby, Bob Herqemueller, Darwin Garrison, Eleanor Barnes, Nancy Anderson, Paula Steinborn. Aloha Burke. , 'ls ll' f MH 'wilt EL CLUB lNTERA RICANOS The purpose of El Club Interamericanos fthe Spanish Clubl is to help the members learn more about the life, custorns, and language of the Spanish speaking people. This purpose is shown in the club's motto, "Hands Across the Border." The colors of the club are red, white, and green, and the cactus plant is the emblem. The officers of El Club Interamericanos are: President, lim Kincaid: vice-president ,Mary Keenum: secretary, Iudy Richards: and treasurer, Mary Keltner. Miss Isley is the sponsor. lOl?LlfLif5A ROW l: Iudy Richards, Iim Kincaid, Miss Bernita Isley, Mary Keenum, Mary Keltner. ROW 2: Marie Gilbert, Cornelia Watkins, Shirley Christgen, Hinda Burnstein, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Iean Andrews, Yvonne Winkler, Iean Feurt, Nancy Elliott, Ioan Dunbar, Ioann Croley, Loretta Romines, Sondra Brown. ROW 3: Ioyce Allen, Gerald Cheek, Pat Luckett, Roland Leiser, Prudence Platt, Peggy Foerster, Patsy Cooley, Ianet Elliott, Margaret Willis, Kay Kindred, Joanne Hague, Susie Bryant, Ioann Lauderback. ROW 4: Ioan Beam, Alan Adams, Charles Henry, Bert Cordes, Wayne Turner, Mary Ann Under- wood. Phyllis Peters, Nancy Mehlstaub, Colleen Travis, Elenor Larson, Saralyn Davis, Rita Bade, Cindy Waterous, Carol Bond, Iune Paye, Billie Io Sparks, Carolyn Hall. ROW 5: Bob Ricketts, Dick Bevard, Dick Burkhart, Louis Dillard, Io Graves, Madison Milligan, Avalon Von Erdmannsdorif, Marilyn Howe, Eleanor Barnes, Barbara Malmberg, Donna Edmonson, Billie Short, Ianice Carey, Marquita Kelton, Cara Taylor, Irma Io Barger. 82 "Repeat after me!" Guess Who? A good time was had by all. Peter Rabbit and his friends fl 3 fl f-5 Like the guilds of England's past, this organi- zation has students entering this club as apprentices cmd progressing to journeymen. An "S" average in art is required for membership. The highest degree of excellence is the master, which entitles the art stu- dent to membership in the National Art Honor Society. Some of the activities include sketch trips, visits to the Art Gallery, and exhibits. Every student an- ticipates the arrival of the Regional Scholastic Art Awards each year, and this year NKC was well rep- resented in the show. Five gold keys were awarded to Shirley Stockwell, and her portfolio went on to the National Competition. Helen Shawver received two Certificates of Merit: Dick Clay. Eugene Caples, and Kay -Kindred each received one. The officers this year were: Shirley Stockwell, president: Wayne Turner, vice-president: and Kay Kindred, secretary-treasurer. The club sponsor is Porter Price. ROW 1: Bob Berkebile, Kay Kindred, Shirley Stockwell, Wayne Turner, Richard Best, Billie Short. ROW 2: Cassie Henson. Mary Iohnson. Ianice Irons, Vivian Lawrence, Elizabeth Moore, Elaine Geenens, lim Morgan, Elenor Larson. ROW 3: Kenny Bell, Gene Caples, Margaret Carmen, Mary Keltner, Carol Pratt, Rosalee Gibbens, Io Ann Croley, Iohn Akers, Mr. Price. ROW 4: Larry Allen, Helen Shawver, Lowell Edwards, Cheryl Elbe, Randy Williams. Larry Bodenhamer. I-GUY HUMPIUEY1 I-GUY McClain, Dennie Felton. ear HRK Pltr Bmw i L. .,.. - 9 .nf W as ,Q as 3 . iid ,, A- , A pd- ' 7 ,L 531, 3. J f' w X ' MW5 K ' ,xy .Nw . , , ,. 1 ww -b ,,,,, A .i W i ...- .V ,K if - ,X f , -,N 1 . 5 x if 5. aa t L it fe fi ft- e w Z .A ,: i rl .- V- 7 i. 1 ti .H 5 . f V, . LV,., ,tv , x A? at i if Wt! t Y gg 11, M ' i f e ti t f i 9 X ' 5 wi- fs fu --N ' f The cnt clcxsses exhibit their talents. Nigga, 'N 'XS if ,, hem N ir H gud! ROW l: Shirley Christgen, Patsy Cooley, Cornelia Watkins, Mrs. Betty Ratlilt, Miss Carlida Breckenridge, Miss Carolyn Foster, Phyllis Peters, Carol Iustus, Phyllis Riley. ROW Z: Iudy Counts, Ioyce Blackburn, Mary Ann Malone, Ioanne Duffey, Monica Cun- difi, Mary Keenum, Ianet Elliott, Beverly Mosby. ROW 3: Donna Cundiii, Carolyn Hall, Iudy Stone, Iudy Garzee, Rosalee Gibbens. Nancy Leonard, Charlotte Iohnson, Donna Little, Ann Markwell. Sue Markwell. ROW 4: Bobbie Stamberger, Ianice Bowen, Patty Shupp, Iva McGuire, Ray Rucker, Ioyce Borden, lean Schultz, Sondra Wurzer, Nancy Elliott, Ann Roberson, Ioan Dunbar. ROW 5: Margie Kephart, Carol Brown, Kathleen Fleischauer, Nancy Anderson, Betty Hawker, Nancy Hill. Mary Ann Underwood, Carol Smith, Rosemary Giilen, Pat Raines, Beverly Gibson, Ioanne Croley. Would it be a success? Anxiously the crowd watched as the steamboat began its trial run. A cheer arose as it neared its destination. Victory over the rushing river waters! Today our Pep Squad leads the student body in cheering on our teams and thrilling in their victories. Besides teaching the students new yells and backing up our teams they devote much of their spare time to other activities: such as helping with charity drives and making arrangements for the football and basketball banquets. Miss Carolyn Foster, Mrs. Betty Ratlifi, Miss Carlida Breckenridge, and Mrs. Trudy Iones are sponsors: Bev- erly Mosby is president: Ianet Elliott, vice-president: Mary Keenum. SeCreiG1'y: Gnd MOHlCU Curldiff, treasurer. 1 trr y B r 87 QZBQMQ CM Aloah Burke and lim Kincaid of! to debate lim Kincaid, Orator The Debate Club, sponsored by Miss Hale, is a very active school organization. The officers are: President, Robert Murphy: Vice-president, lim Kincaid: Secretary, Aloah Burke: and treasurer, Elenor Larson. The purpose of the Debate Club is to promote interest in public speaking. To become a member, a student must acquire five hundred speaker points through debating and other speeches. ROW 1: Ianet McGhee, Gail Minter, Iim Kincaid, Saralyn Davis, Mary Alexander, Sondra Brown. ROW 2: Margie Kephart, Aloah Burke, Sondra Wurzer, Elenor ROW 3: Nancy Anderson, Wayne Black, Bob McComb, Bob Larson, Max Von Erdmannsdorfi, Robert Murphy, Miss Mabel Hale. Tener, David Gray, Benny Grant, Avalon Von Erdmannsdorti. 88 vice-president: Aloah Burke, secretary, and Max Von Erdrnannsdorff, treasurer. ROW 1: Sue Markwell, Ann Marlrwell. Ianet McGhee, Gail Minter, lim Kincaid, Saralyn Davis, Mary Alexander. Sondra Brown. ROW 2: Miss Mabel Hale, Margie Kephart, Aloah Burke, Sondra Wurzer, Elenor Larson, Max Von Erdmannsdorfi, Robert Murphy, Betty Hawker. Beverly Mosby. HOW 3: Alvin Fuson, Nancy Anderson, Wayne Black, Bob McComb. Bob Tener, David Gray. Benny Grant, Avalon Von Erdmanns- dorti, Mike McCall. . Wafionaf jorendic eagne , The purpose of the National Forensic League is to' promote forensic activities among the high school students. The officers of the NFL are: Mary Alexander, president: Robert Murphy, J . -- Miss Hale is sponsor. ' 61,:i653lfL8 and gbwef Life about a river is drama in real life! The setting changes at each bend ,,-, and the curtain falls when the journey is ended and the river turns into the sea. Masque and Gavel is a national organization which was started years ago by persons famous in the fields of dramatics and speech. Its purpose is to promote correct speech and play production. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors who give evidence of talent in these fields. ROW 1: Mary Alexander, Uorneua Watkins, Charlotte Kimmel, Carol Iustus, Pat England. Kay Kindred, ROW 2: Dick Clay, Betty Hawker, David Stark, Pat Hackett, Margie Kephart. ROW 3: Ioe Stevens. Alvin FUSOU- Bill MC-Uk' Mike McCall. lean Lawrence, Miss Mildred Fulton. 51 lla ' fgggjfg, Zgrczg ROWWI: Yvonne Winkler, Rita Morgan, Mary Alexander, Ianet Elliott, Cornelia Watkins, Gary arner. ROW 2: Carol Iustus, Ianet McGhee, Ioanne Hague, Peggy Foerster, Mary Lou Keltner. Iudy Parkinson. Miss Mildred Fulton. ROW 3: Alvin Fuson, Gary Crockett, Bob Tener, Madison Milligan, Mike McCall, Kenny Bell. Since before the time Fulton experimented with his steamboat, till now, there has always been news around the river. ' Here at school,four,fneWs is written and printed by the Buzz Staff, made up of members of the journalism class. They are responsible for the bi-weekly school paper - The Hornet's Buzz. ' The co-editors for 1952-53 were Mary Alexander and Alvin Fuson, and Yvonne Winkler and Mike McCall. -551. '-Q , .-as. me R KENNY BELL CcrEditor i,,,,,,2Wm- ,?Ww,-- , ..rts,:M, N , ' K ML H Eh.-SEXY: 'gs-fa-Est VX, ,L -I 74 ' Q , , .. , K, . , ,,,. V 1 .,. ' ' ws' - I fwfr? ::a.:.:f 4T'6'f9 L4551f5L ' 1. 'YQ' A 4 A aw M - ,-:gg f, 4' U K -1 .- , fi. , - 5 ,I ,y H 'Ms' w g wr A X 2 YVONNE WINKLER, Make-Up SHIRLEY WEISS, Make-up DICK CLAY. Art MARY KELTNER, Art MIKE MCCALL, Sports CLEM DARROW, Sports ELENOR LARSON, Art HAROLD CRISP. Photography PAT ENGLAND, Business ALVIN FUSON, Business IUDY RICHARDS, Literary CAROL IUSTUS, Literary MARY KEENUM, Business JUDY PARKINSON. Literary SHIRLEY STOCKWELL Co-Ediior ROW 1: Mary Alexander, COIHEIICI Watkins, Yvonne Winkler, Iudy Parkinson, Carol Iustus. BOW 2: Ioanne Haque, Shirley Weiss, Mary Lou Keltner, Shirley Stockwell. ROW 3: Bob Tener, Alvin Fuson, Mike McCall, Kenny Bell, Miss Mildred Fulton. Qui!! ana! dgiiroff Perhaps long ago, savage Indians stood beside the "big muddy" and sent smoke signals across the hills. Now we send messages by writing and photography. Quill and Scroll is a national organization made up of Iuniors and Seniors who have done outstanding work on the Buzz Staff, Purgold Staff, or in photography. Miss Mildred Fulton is their sponsor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY There have been many leaders of the nation who started their early careers in the Missouri River valley and the future will hold many more. One of the highest honors to be obtained by a senior in our school-nation is to be elected by the faculty to membership in the National Honor Society for outstanding character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Miss Dorothy Barnett is sponsor of the group. The officers this year are Alvin Fuson, president: Kay Kindred, vice-president: and Shirley Weiss, secretary. ROW 1: Shirley Weiss, Alvin Fuson, Kay Kindred. ROW 2: Cornelia Watkins, Mary Alexander, Yvonne Winkler, Wayne Tumer. Byron Eastburn, Pat England, Gayle Gough, Shirley Stockwell. ROW 3: Kenny Bell, Charlotte Kimmel, Eleanor Barnes, Nancy Leonard, Mary Lou Keltner, Iudy Parkinson, Mary Keenum. Avalon Von Erdmannsdorff. ROW 4: Ioe Stevens, Clem Darrow. Don Seneker. Bob Tener, Sharon Walker, Iean Lawrence, Beverly Leimkuhler, Kenton Schwarz, Mike McCall. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Berry, Carol Iustus, Beverly Mosby, Elenor Larson, Iudy Richards. 92 ROW 1: Ioyce Denny, Ann Markwell, Shirley Christgen. ROW 2: Miss Hilda McConnell, Sondra Wurzer. Rosalee Gibbens, Mike McCall. HOW 3: Richard Kurek, Kenny Ienkins, Alvin Puson. Norman Capps. Wil WJ Zim' of CMM Recreation has always played an important roll in the lives of those near the river. The Hornets Nest and Stinger are a vital part of our school recreation. There are refreshments, tables to sit around sipping cokes and chatting, or watching television, in the Stinger.The iuke box in the Hornet's Nest gives forth with the latest hits for those inclined to dance, and on the walls are pictures of our teams and co-captains from way back. The Hornets Nest Board of Control sets up the rules and regulations, and sees that they are carried out to the best of their ability. Miss Hilda McConnell is their faculty advisor. ROW 1: Marilyn Shoemaker, Pat Sloan, Nellie Dobbins. HOW 2: Mr. Daniels, Roberta Iones, Audrey Lowary, Cecil Dobbins, Violet Nicolo, Dolores Griessel. ROW 3: Bill Gilbert, Iohn Dittmer, Ioe Smith, Rhonda Bachali, Billye Cunningham, Monica Cundiif, Myrtle Parker. ROW 4: Iames Fredricks, Bob Shelton, Howard Haskell, Billy Ballard, Paul Spain, Arthur Schroeder, Don Larson, Bob Hergemueller. lb. O There has always been work to do, whether felling trees to clear the land, or loading the cotton on the river barges. Now there are huge bridges which span the river and factories lining the banks chance for students to learn a vocation and attend school at the same time The program is based on co-operation between the businessman, the school 0 V ' ul . . .H Diversified Occupations, supervised by Mr. E. F. Daniels, provldes a A P- . q -ll EQ 5 the student, and his parents. Many occupations are represented. I ROW 1: Charlie White. Emmeran Forstner, Doris Ford, Margie Conway. ROW 2: Mr. Daniels, Billy Lee, lim Osterholt, Leo Galey, Floyd Murphy, Billy Fausett. ROW 3: Iris Hott, Madison Milligan, George Bentley, Merle Stock, IoAnn Nelson, lean Lawrence. ROW 4: Bob Lee, Stan Raczynski, Harley Casper, Marvin Lee, Gene McFarren, Jim Reed, Shirley Waqqener. 5 Abu HOW l: Phillip Henson, Kent Barnhart, Natalie Hulett. ROW 2: E. F. Daniels, lerry Allen, Norman Kisler, Don Wolverton, Martha Stephan. HOW 3: Ioe E. Iones, Robert Goldsbury, Robert Gilbert, I. T. Garzee, Iay Hough. ROW 4: Iackie Long, Arthur Pace, Steve Bliss, Ronald Campbell, Donald Griessel, Ronald Stitt. NOT SHOWN: lames Shoemaker. Oggfdfy X The librarians are the girls who help Miss Beatrice Shryack in the library. They check the books in and out and arrange attractive displays of recent book covers. The officers of the Library Club are: Beverly Gibson, president: Ethel Wilson, vice-president: and Pat England, secretary-treasurer. ROW 1: Betty DeMayo, Ieannete Shirley, Pat Young, ROW 2: lim Iohnson, Elenor Larson, Deann Ferguson, Beverly Gibson, Pat England, lean Andrews ROW 3: Miss Beatrice Shryack, Gary Darnell, Ethel Wilson, Donna Edmondson, Martha Edmonds Sharon Standish, Mary Caldwell. ROW 1: Nancy Leonard, Marilou Evans, Beverly Mosby. BOW 2: Nancy Cheek, Carol Sue Brown, Beverly Leimkuhler, Ioyce Clemons. I I 5 - 0 QCVQIQGVLQJ The school could not run smoothly without these girls. They are the secretaries in the principals office and in the attendance office. They give their free time to answer telephones, check attendance, and do many other jobs necessary in the operation of the school ,ku IQ 7 BA iz J mmea L ed t Mrs. Emily Beigel, the school nurse, has the big job of keeping the stu- 1- dents of NKC healthy and happy. She is very capably helped by these girls. The health office is in the annex, and a girl is on duty there every hour of the school day. ROW l: Virginia McClain, Deloris Brenner, Kathleen Fleischauer. ROW 2: lane Sharp, Prudence Platt. ROW 3: Marv Ruth Webb, Carol Smith, Ioyce Shannon. 96 T O! Y N . P ' x..,1 I - W, -55: QL., lt ROW l: Iohn Mather, Freddy Bell, DeAnn Ferguson, Nancy Cheek, Leslie Short, Keith Dyer. ROW 2: Kenny Bell, Don Seneker, Paul Bossert, Max Frazier, Mr. Tom Moore. pdofograp rg G5 This year, for the first time, NKC is offering a class in photography. The 'Q' purpose is to teach the students the use of photographic equipment. In using they " -T .1 cameras they are able to do their photographic work for the Buzz and Purgold. Besides doing this work they have a hobby that will interest them in the years to come, and some may find in photography their 1ife's work. Caglferia OZ7aake5 Preparing five good meals a week for all the hungry Hornets is quite 'a job, but these friendly ladies never seem to tire. They, are always smiling, ready to serve each person. They also take charge of important banquets and' special occasions during the year. ' ROW 1: Mrs. May Porter, Edna R. Anderson, Cora B. Fox, Mollye Quinn, ROW 21 MIS. I-Oiiie VCD Hom, Lucy Hall, Madalyn Smith, Ruth Sewell, Mary Iackson. ROW 3: Margaret Sldvik. Helen A16-Xfmder. Mabelle Moberly, Dora Bunnell, Roberta Callahan, Kate Watt. df School without sports: how dull lite would b th l h t fth w, T t p d the thrill ot the big game. e crowning g cry f t y d th b tt taste of F defeat are all part of the wonderful daze th t p d h gh hool life. F f KX N Kkyf, ZIV N fyfxf ' f f iff! fwflfifcf JW ,df pzii? .4 .. , Ff Q RQXMXJHWNN ,1 WN X f- i Z ? F AR ,Q Q ,F fx- JW UF iw mi!-.2-... SX? C26 F .5 ff gf ,? My ff' k f,,,f-f-3 ---fa do Jw- .2 fffffj . -Y., . ,KM g.... f'd,J',,, Kff"""f!h W ,- P - ?" 1 4 5' K5 X3 fffx W XKA gf X! iff 5 Z if . I 7 fK Lf 6 PK f"Z...f-' gn-R 4 y- ,, f f Xu Nl Xxxvllu xl vxnhl' K. f f-XI' ? 2+--f'X.. 3 Q .1 iz 2 2 5 5 51 ss A 23 5 3 si E ii 3 5 L43 g 5 5 is fi R EQ ?5 53 E5 5 3, if EL TQ if 2 521 E 5 62 fi li il as If 45 Q A Bi ai: L .fir af , w , gt vvwfr M, . Vg. ii NKC OPP. 0 Southeast 20 W 7 Benton 14 19 Sedalia 0 av-fra-'mf' 0 Chrisman Z0 Z 14 Ioplin 12 b",M 27 Wentworth 0 ' 0 Lafayette 20 A fl 0 Central 14 13 Baytown 21 COACH FRANCIS GALBRAITH Un the gridiron NKC had one of its poorest sea- sons in recent years as far as win-loss records are concerned. The injury riddled Hornets who started the season with six returning lettermen played their best games away from home. Northtown registered a 14-12 upset over the powerful loplin eleven from southwest Missouri in one of the season's highlights. Line Coach Francis Galbraith was added to the coaching staff to assist Coach Cooper this year. apjdn iooflaf 1952 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE ,,, ,, COACH CLYDE COOPER Coach Galbraith came to NKC from Redemptorist and was a great help in drilling the linemen with the fundamentals. In eight years as head coach at Northtown. Coach Clyde Cooper has compiled a record of 46 wins, 25 losses, and 5 ties. Sportsmanship and fair play are top features of Cooper-coached squads while you can see by the record that they usually win their share of the games. 5g....1 101 ,Y E ,-:ia I rmnfg L ii K. Q I? E I M MIKE MCCALL. Hrrlfback SAM BUTERBAUGH, Quarterback ALVIN FUSON. Fullback Senior A11'Conierence-Senior Senior GARY CROCKETT, Guard DICK CLAY, Halfback DICK FRIERDICH, Halfback Senior Senior Senior v BOB STEPHENS. Guard Co-Capiain-Senior GALEN G. Tackle Senior LARRY SHARITZ, Center Senior I ff , ""'L'iI ' 'e i kj .L 'W CHARLES AUDSLEY, End A11-Conference-Senior Senior I I-lik! ' , "5 I" f'-4- r,51 . MQ m 1 ,, Lk '7r, -5 gl. ,rv V V . BILL SANDERSON, Guard BILL BOX, End Senior Senior QW 'wx X ., ' , 51' I+, b . v- z ' ,, K ,ii M, 0 ,f K M -Uni '4' ff 'hw QA . 1, .V , F mi . K, f , J 5,4 A K A M1 'A f - "fit", I-Will, , 'Cz 724513,-' fi I ,ff f fy 1 .f .f,,, , ononioi I inoinonio , oioo , TOM SCHAEFFER, End ,mrevqfmfmfmufg I I -.'fvnvf""'Q BILL SPHRMAN. Guard HAROLD CRISP, Tackle Senior Senior I E 2 , 1 V. M ,,,f, iw W as--z. ,f.. - W .. M Epi? U , -4,T ,W- fb, -fl V- .. , ,, .... . ,,.. : rf. r , ,?fT -.63 11 .. , i -eff,7Wii.i , , r- wa J -reg , gre. if A if ,Q . Aj L :ein U Q, A Q ff Wir? , Q 5 M N fox U, A M M for L E M 'se 'Y' A W Y T 1 Q 7 mg, , , 5 meg 53' , ., .X ,g l i ff ,Zakir 1 ez 1 N 'emi Y' J 7 B43 H -f - wr-1-fgeszi-1-mm-2. v F- - V -, g . Q gan, I H f A . K: 1-gy. -. was wig-q,g2,,sSL1S'fzgr?'F .T ,fxifgsl s , , h fr S' ,-,-ff - ., W 5, fgg,g,fw- 3, 1-we 1- fqjifi Q 1, V , f i -I I, . ,.,g . ,, --1 --- " K V, --ay ' A v..., , if . ' I U! L ,gpv , . f ' iv - ff. . 11. ,, -14 ir or -f ,ff , ' - 17-1-,V .- '- - , ' ii 1- 2" E - -' fn 1. " E q ifgar f, 'W , A 1-ffm L- -4 .3-Y, , -Km Vex. - -A. X' F ge f if - '35 Zfstsf , Ii: V p.. - -1- ... W, as f .. K , W '34 ig-urflir , frm ,-f mg-,L ----- - . -V, 2, 5117 1 , - ' il . 1 K Wu ' 'L arf, ra XJ 25 S. ' i - M "" or JERRY YEAGER, Quarterback NORMAN CAPPS, Center NORMAN AMOS. End IERRY NOLTE, Center lunior Iunior Sophomore Senior ,JW f' fx.,,rr z- gf ' ff ' ' 4 I' fv --XA N 'JV M rf' .T ' V 'X . ,745 . o". A .A N I f . 'I Q r' if X f-X M4 7 , 'Y' f S L 53 ' ' , 5 V Q-, .W 'if ' M F , M D' X' .I , 4 M., ...S V xg ' T 4 1 X M P I ! X I Xl f ' ,r A5 I V ' if RY? x xiii' X uf O -'U Max rf' Xi X PAUL WALKER, Tackle Co-Captain-Senior CRAIG SWENSON, Tackle GENE BOLIN. Hdlfbdck if if lunior Iunior A KENNY IENKINS. Halfback Sophomore WESLEY PRYOR, End lunior , - 1,322 'g,1ig:,x,.' Q2 ff 4 S S, ggi 2 , 5 ----- , L . Qs:-3'ff:,,,.k K M ,i:ff:l'f, - 3:1313 gig: 5. . A' 'L qi' A ,, -an e w - . JL,-iii-. ----- --X--, -I ,.,.. ,,,WY,w- . ,g,, ' f fl. rf 5. DON RAY, Center Sophomore ,,,', if i', A L , .'I: . 1 . - , nga, 1--,fw ligfg 5 , Z 25 5 . f il,- KENTON SCHWARZ, Tackle DOUG SENEKER LYNN CARREL IOE STEVENS DICK IOSLYN. Guard Seni 'JW nw, f ,ok v. f Q93 ' , L. WT ,-9? -A Y I , - H V or Manager Manager Manager Iunior ,-" -,,: ,,Lr, . . Rllo . iw, , g ., . 'W g My ji if L A , , Y -W, ,S a v S , , ,2- ,fa vw i,oi, n ,,,r. , The Royal Party AA The Pony Express ride Tug . . . you're it! Smeared! 04 Victory Line "B" SQUAD ROW 1: Coach Clyde Cooper. lim Frans, Ierry Aubrey, Cecil Reed, lim Morgan, Coach Francis Galbraith. ROW 2: Howard Silvers, Larry Cobb, Howard Brown, Harry Teeters, Ronnie Evans, David Butterfield. ROW 3: Randall Williams. Richard Rickart, Henry Hendricks, Larry McClain, Kenny Ienkins, Clifford Scantland. ROW 4: Craig Swenson, loe Spruytte, George Palaska, Ronald Serviss, Ierry Nolte, Don Kanabel. Norman Amos, Wayne Black. The "B" Team, composed mostly oi sophomores, gained valuable experience this year playing teams bigger and older than themselves. They wound up the season with a 1-6 record. Coach Richard Meyer's "C" team went undefeated this year and posted six victories and one tie. Two oi the games were cancelled be- cause of the polio death of their teammate, Glen Hill. "C" SQUAD ROW l: Coach Richard Meyer, Harold Cordell, Mgr., Kenny Storck, Mascot: Paul Bailey, Ierry Vitt, Robert Chipley, Mgr.:Terry Short, Mgr. ROW 2: Bobby Landis, Bob Mason, Phillip Masters. Robert Morgan, Don O'Riley. Gorden Shull, Richard Ienkins. ROW 3: David Garrett, Bob Dufiey, Ken Karnes, Tom Norris, Ierry Meyers, Benny Fegan, Ronnie Melton, Ellsworth Garzee. ROW 4: Tim Ryan, Raymond Bendure. Roger Morris, Bill Loop, Dwight Bailey, Denny Harris, Iack Gibbens, Tom Tannan, Ioe Cooper. ROW 5: Ralph Hackett, Ed Conway, Jerry Standly, Ioe Shoemaker, Gene Burns, Chuck Kelly. Phil Snowden, Chuck Titus, Richard Yeager, David Griffith. img, 5 f.. x ,U 7 C .f if - KQQ? X ,-W. W.: 5 g W .aff 1 W.- ZZ-L4AefAa! Under the leadership ot Mr. Clark F er- QUSOD. the year's small but mighty Hornets constantly fooled their opposition. Coach Ferguson changed defenses in surprise moves to throw off favored opponents. Northtown's PEC hopes suffered a blow when their tall leading scorer, Harold Henry, moved to Hamilton, Missouri. But the Hornets won first place in the William Iewell Tournament and the Clinton Tourney and took consolation honors at their own NKC Tournament. They finished fourth in the NKC State Regional. During his seven years as head basket- ball coach at NKC, Coach Ferguson's teams have compiled 158 victories against only 61 defeats. MANAGERS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE GARY CROCKEIT and LLOYD SUTTERBY COACH FERGUSON NKC Opponent NKC Opponent WILLIAM 1Ew1-:LL TOURNAMENT 59 pembmke 48 44 Odessa 37 50 William Chrisman 70 50 Kearney 47 41 Baytown 53 38 St. Mary's 37 51 Blue Springs 38 CLINTON TOURNAMENT 60 Lexington 48 36 Southwest 27 55 Clinton 51 47 William Chrisman 45 58 Sedqlia 45 NORTH KANSAS CITY TOURNAMENT 50 Hogan 52 41 Central 27 43 Wentworth 45 42 Rockhurst 25 60 Benton 41 53 Wentworth 42 54 58 Liberty 46 51 Lafayette 42 ,Lf'f"Yel'e 45 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 86 Alumni Game 61 47 Wyandotte 63 65 Lillis 52 61 Central 47 62 Northeast 51 43 Northeast 53 49 William Chrisman 51 :Q 333221 ' This qame did not count in the season's play. 1 KJ Nw..-w-'i fwgi? , 107 0 TED SHAW, Guard Senior ALVIN FUSON. Gucxrd Co-Captain - Senior BONNIE STEVENS, Forward Iunior MIKE MCCALL, Guard Co-Capwin - Senior p . "'m"v' uf ,., , ,- ...- ..., ,S ,,.,.. ..:fiQ',.,,',zW... ., -UQ .: . f' ""'Tff nw ...,. 'ff J I . ,., 1 4 , -.- nn 'nl-m'fs.?q .,0IAV. an V i e if 1 Q-T753 - ' qw , lf:2'.w5?'4i x if-A .W - ,fi 'ws' , I ' 4 ., 2, g,w.J.J vi ,. v- P49 . " 15, ,Af M M- 'fill V ff IOHN ERICKSON. Forward Senior IIM CARNEY, Center Iunior NORMAN CAPPS, Forward Junior ALBERT DUNBAR, Guard Junior DON GREENWOOD, Forward Senior IIM McDOWELL, Center Iunior First tourney-first trophy. 0 Little A1's on his way. Avondale scores again 1 Q if i , , - After the game was over . . . i i ROW 1: Ronnie Williams, Ronnie Evans, Cliiiord Scantland, Bob McKown. ROW 2: Mr. Art Pfafi, Larry Humphry, Kenny Ienkins, Iim Franz, Don Reynolds, Manager. HOW 3: Charles Logan, Don Ray, Norman Amos, Billy Don Mark, Wayne Black. 'z?TSg,,,ff Northtown's "B" basketball team was made up of twelve sophomores and one junior. The young cagers won five and lost eleven against powerful opposition. This year's squad was under the direction of Coach Art Pfaff. :U:5,,,,,,f The freshman cagers, under Coach Richard Meyer, had a 7-6 record against strong toes. The frosh lost five of their games by l, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points. They also participated in the Pem-Day Tournament after the regular season's p ay. ROW 1: Bobby Miller, Ken Karnes, Iohn Younqhanz, Denny Harris, Dave Garrett. HOW 2: Charles Kelley, Dave Bolsenqa, Roger Morris, Kenny Storck, Tom Norris. ROW 3: Bob Chipley, Phil Snowden, Ioe Shoemaker, Ed Conway, Gene Bruns. Richard Meyer, Coach. 1 1 ROW I: Bill Campbell, Eddie Fabion, Iohn Heller, Denny Landis. Ierry Yeager. HOW 2: Io Graves. Wesley Pryor, Richard Rickart, Bill Otis, Don Reynolds. BOWL 3: Coach Francis Galbraith, Ioe Spruytte. Howard Otis, Gary Darnell. Norman Capps, Alvin uson. Harald!! A new coach is managing the Hornet nine this spring. Assistant Football Coach Francis Galbraith, replaced the former mentor, Clark Ferguson. Last year under Coach Ferguson the Northtown sluggers won 8 while losing 4 games and placed third in the Border League. Alvin Fuson is the lone veteran, but the other boys have gained experience in the American Legion games. Coach Ferguson is supervising the tennis schedule. Bob Murphy a junior, is the only tennis letterman. ROW l: Wylie White , Gordon Stout, Sam Buterbauqh, David Butterfield, Tom Williams, lim Morgan. ROW 2: Mr. Clyde Cooper, Arthur Kennedy, Charles Hensley, Howard Silvers, Bill Sperman, Mike Arnone, Ierry Aubrey. ROW 3: Don Ray, Henry Hendricks, Larry Bodenhamer, Benny Grant, Dennis Bailey, Iohn Benedetti, Bill Blackburn, Mr. Art Pfatf. ROW 4: Ioe Stevens, Norman Amos, Craig Swenson, Charles Logan, Tom Schaeffer, Charles Audsley, Gene Bolen, Wesley Pryor, Bob Williams. The outlook is dim for the track speedsters who have only three returning lettermen from last year's squad. Sam Buterbaugh, Charles Audsley, and Gene Bolin look to the "B" track team for assis- tance. Coach Clyde Cooper who is joined by Coach Art Pfaff expects Tom Schaeffer, Wes Pryor, Don Ray, Norman Amos, Arthur Kennedy, Charles Logan, and V06 Charles Hensley to help the three veterans carry the load. Last year the team placed third in the Pony Express Conference Meet. This year the track crew has scheduled the Central Indoor, State Indoor, Wrn. Iewell Invitational, Conference Meet, Went- worth, St. Ioseph Relays, and the State Outdoor. ll3 4- Wmlssss . 1 ,f-LTYQ X5 X J ' f It. Ve 564, - C li fl ,4 ' Q k f-5! , K fbzva Fil. 2.42 lb w Q' C Gd? 6 fl x 9, 0, . , -ff XQQCQL Cfixx ,A C. 5, QV vm.. E 77 " XX ', 6' I : l ,ll ,f . v l , ' ,Mfr 'fr N l . fx , 'll 441, - Q62 V 44 - , X' ty IJ ROW 1: Lewis Steamer, lim Kincaid. F- ROW 2: Bob Murphy, David Bolsenga, Bob Hewlett. f' A ROW : Wesley Pryor, Charles Logan, Larry McClain, Mr. Clyde Cooper. "It's Safer Up Here!" ff -0 The golf team under the direction ot Mr. Clyde Cooper has two returning lettermen for this spring's matches. Bob Murphy and lim Kincaid juniors, will be aided by several boys with golf link experience. The schedule includes: Wentworth, Pem Day, Shawnee-Mission, Turner, and St. Ioe Central. H W H CAL The "N" Culb, sponsored by Coach Clyde Cooper, Coach Clark Fergu- son, and Coach Francis Galbraith, is composed of boys who letter in inter- scholastic competition. The club sponsors an annual boxing show each spring and holds a picnic for its members. The officers are Paul Walker, president: Mike McCall, vice-president: Edward Fuller, secretary-treasurer: and Sam Buterbauah, seraeant-at-arms. ROW 1: Sam Buterbauqh, Mike McCall, Paul Walker, Edward Fuller, Lynn Carrel. ROW 2: Kenton Schwarz, Bill Sperman, Wiley White, Denny Landis, Jerry Yeager, Ted Shaw, Robert Murphy. ROW 3: Mr. Francis Galbraith, Lloyd Sutterby, Dick Frierdich, Dick Clay, Richard Kurek. Bill Sanderson, Harold Treaster, Mr. Clark Ferguson. ROW 4: Charles Audsley, Wesly Pryor, Kenny Ienkins, Don Ray, Gene Bolin, Don Greenwood, Albert Dunbar, Gary Crockett, Bob Williams. ROW 5: Ioe Stevens, Richard Ioslyn, lim Carney, Alvin Fuson, Harold Crisp, Galen Hemmerlinq, Tom Schaeffer, Norman Capps. Iim McDowell, Mr. Clyde Cooper. lf: I 1"'r.afN- 'thi' ,gg ss.-i The G.A.A. has been an extremely act- ive club at NKC for many years. Each year the organization sponsors a tourna- ment in field hockey, basketball, volleyball and softball. To become a member, a girl must obtain a total of seven points. with participation in one tournament equal to one point. This club has many other activities which include playdays, dinners. constructive projects, and as the climax of the year - a championship all - star basket- ball game before the whole school. The officers this year were: Nancy Leonard, president: Shirley Stockwell, vice' h president: Elenor Larson, secretary, Mar- ! , qaret Toombs, treasurer: and Betty Hawker. H ,L ' sports manager. The club sponsors are . ' Betty Ratliff and Carolyn Foster. MISS CAROLYN FOSTER MRS. BETTY RATLIFF U U C ROW 1: Corinne Hixson. Carolyn Hall, Ioyce Blackburn, Elenor, Larson, Betty Hawker, Nancy Leonard, Shirley Stockwell, Margaret Toombs, Mary Ann Malone, Ioyce Williams, Elizabeth Rhode. ROW 2: Janet Elliott, Saralyn Davis, Martha Frank, Mary Ann Ginaine, Gail Minter, Mary Alexander, Sue Markwell, Ann Markwell, lean Wingo, Cornelia Watkins, Phyllis Riley, Beverly Mosby, Donna l.ittle, Marilyn Nelson, Mrs. Betty Ratliff. ROW 3: Barbara Honeycut, Sondra Wurzer, Nancy Elliott, Iudy Garzee, Barbara Eastburn, Eleanor Godsey, Beverly McCroskie, ' ' ' C ld 11 Anna Mae Stephans, lanet McGhee, Deloris Mary Ellen Palmer, Patsy Cooley, Shirley Christgen, Susie Bryant, Mary a we , Brenner, Donna Kephart. ROW 4: Pat Sloan, Nancy Hill, Sharon Standish, Ioanne Hague, lean Alexander, Marilyn Wolverton, Billie lo Sparks, Margie Willis, Rosalee Gibbens, Barbara Allard, Donna Gann. Patty Shupp, Ianice Bowen, Io Ann Croley, Iva McGuire, Ioyce Borden. Iean Schultz, Ianice Carey, Dean Ferguson. ROW 5: Martha Edmonds, Ethel Wilson, Nancy Anderson, Beverly Leimkuhler, Carol Smith, Helen Wilson, Helen Shawver, Mary ' ' , I Clemons, Rita Ann Underwood, Sharon Walker, Margie Kephart, Barbara Malmberg, Phyllis Peters, Ruth Ann Passmore oyce Bade, Paula Steinborn, Ann Meeder, Donna Edmondson. Avalon Von Erdmannsdorff, Miss Carolyn Foster. ll5 Fxeld H Volleyball 300W ,SZOOIJ5 l of me QA j,.,A. i :ffl -'fa F , ,Adm 23 A ' M5-, ' A czsketbcxll Softball New Members?" HOC? 'Um Ovqh we Hornets Triumph Again" 'xx K UU Psy Daisy Clinton Gallery ,vu Incredible A1 W, K FSR gi ,gf R X Team s Tense' Harder' Faqged Faculty Fan ,L .. , ' 'WMM ,Q 119 4 iii? The darting tongues of the great bonfire cast eerie shadows across the weary faces of the small group. Except for the sound oi the watel close by. the atmosphere was hushed, as if wait- ing and expectant. Then the slow, mournful rhythms broke over the setting. The "darkies" could forget their hurt and sorrow, passions and torment. by express- ing them in song. LLISZC Excitement is in the air as the showboat comes gliding down the river. The performers are singing and chattering gaily on the deck, and the big water wheel thrashes rhythmically astern. lust as the calliope of the showboat drew crowds of people and put the feeling of thrill and good times in the air, our band, marching down the field, puts enthusiasm in the hearts of the fans. Our marching band, under the direction of Mr. Donald Neuhart, has been an outstanding attraction during the football seasons, entertaining the spectators during the game and between halves. Besides participating in sports, the band was a part of the gala American Royal Parade. The Concert Band is made up of the better players of the marching band. Besides participating in several assemblies, they have an annual spring con- cert. This year they have made plans to go on a concert tour of several schools, and hope to make it an annual affair. FLUTES Burnstein. Hinda Davis, Saralyn Malone, Nancy Poaqe, Wanda Trout, Ianet tTwD CLARINETS Alcins, Rose Ann CTwl Allen, Larry Berkibile, Robert Blackburn, Richard Bried, Shirley Cheek, Gerald Cooley, Dick Craft, Elaine Dibben, Dolly Elliot, Carline Fowler, Rex Gann, Donna Howe, Marilyn Leiser, Stevie Loop. Bill Poage, Francis Reed, Billy Simmons, Charles Walker. Barbara Feurt, lean Snell. Lucv marcding gan! ALTO CLARINET Blann, Kenneth BASS CLARINET Pope, Cyril ALTO SAXOPHONES Durham, Kay McGhay, Deelay Toombs, Burnell TENOR SAXOPHONE O'Reilly, Don Stuckey, Ward West, Billy Ioe BARITONE SAXOPI-IONE Brown, Howard FRENCH HORNS Curry, Howard Dyer, Keith Rtnnt, Gordon CORNETS Bird, Ruth Corum, Dean Elliot, Ierry Evans, Ronnie Garbowslci, Leonard Garrett, Melvin Hauetter, Robert Ruch, Robert Trout. lim Williams. Ronnie Richmond, Robert Tracy, Margaret Wilch, David TROMBONES Barnes, Claude Bigbee, Don Grigsby, Floyd Ketchum, Robert Leiser, Roland Mather, Iohn Reeves, Robin Logan, Charles BARITONES Brady, Alford Williams, Robert. Thomvson, Gary SOUSAPHONE Brand, Dickie Darrow, Pat Davidson, Ioe Hall, Ray PERCUSSION Carman, Marqaret Garrison. Darwin Henry, Charles Kisler, Norman Shackeliord, Sue Straub, Kay Landis, Robert Turner, Wayne Williams, Patsy Larson, Don Chamberlin, Vincent TWIRLERS Dotson, Shirley Iohnson, Charlotte Miles. Ioyce Lampkin, Patty OVLCQVZ' FLUTES Bumstein, Hinda Davis. Saralyn Malone, Nancy Poage, Wanda Trout, Ianet CLARINETS Akins, Rose Ann Allen, Larry Alton, Faith Berkibile, Robert Blackburn, Richard Cheek, Gerald Cooley. Dick Craft, Elaine Elliot, Carline Feurt, lean Freed, Nancy Howe. Marilyn Mayer, John Pate, Stephan Poage, Francis Reed. Billy Simmons, Charles Snell. Lucy Walker, Barbara BASS CLARINET Pope, Cyril ALTO CLARINET Blann, Kenneth ALTO SAXOPHONE Durham. Kay McGhay, Deelay Stark, Anita Toombs, Burnell TENOR SAXOPHONE O'Heilly, Don Stuckey, Ward' West, Billy Ioe FRENCH HORNS Curry, Howard Dyer, Keith Lintner, Marie Stout, Gordon Stout, Sylvia CORNETS Corum, Dean Elliot. Ierry Ellis, Tommy Garbowski, Leonard Garrett, Melvin Hauetter, Robert Buch, Robert Trout, Iim Richman, Robert Tracy, Margaret Wilch, David , Williams, Ronnie TROMBONES Barnes, Claude Bigbee, Don Grigsby, Floyd Ketcham, Robert Logan, Charles Mather. Iohn Reeves, Robin BARITONES Brady. Alford Thompson, Gary Williams, Robert SOUSAPHONES Brand, Dickie Darrow. Pat Davidson. Ioe Hall, Ray PERCUSSION Chamberlin, Vincent Garrison, Darwin Kisler, Norman Landis, Bobby Straub, Kay Turner, Wayne Williams, Patsy TWIRLERS Dotson, Shirley Iohnson. Charlotte Lampkin, Pat Miles, Ioyce MR. DONALD NEUHAHT 7 L 5.15 24- ROW l: Miss Warrick, Mariana Mulick, Norene Landis, Vivian Lawrence, Prudence Platt, Io Ann Croley, Ioyce Eshelman, Marsha Guinn. Iuanita Iames, Barbara Eastburn, Ann Steiner, Ioan Hurlbut, Susie Bryant, Iudy Counts. Marquita Kelton. ROW 2: Martha Edmonds, Carlotte Chastain, Ioy Chaney. Sue Guilkey, Beth Ohnesorge, Shirley Slaughter, Shirley Robb, Betty Smith, Shirley Fischer, Io Ann Louderback, Vermara Ottman. Ieanette Allison, Carol Berry. Barbara Bivens. ROW 3: Barbara Malmberg, Ann Mentzer, Patty Hackett. Dale Smith, Harry Teeter, Robert Short, Russell Piburn, Clyde Shields. Larry Cobb, David Garrett, Billy Leclere, Bert Corcles, Billy Irons, Dick Clay. ROW 4: Arthur Pace, Wayne Black, David Morton, Wesley Pryor, Robin Reeves, Richard Yates, Alfred Brady, Charles Henry, Ioe Smith, Russell Madsen. 14 Caloloefa 0,00 A "mummy" singing lullabies to her "honey chile", a harmonious choir singing in church, a lamous singer on the radio, or just some teenagers humming the current popular songs. There is always music among the people who live along the river . . . music that lifts their spirits and makes lite sc! much more enjoyable. Our A Cappella choir, with Miss Lida Warrick as director. sings for several groups on special occasions and partici- pates in the Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies. Their special attraction oi the year is the operetta. This year they chose "Meet Arizona" and did a fine job of producing it. The Madrigal Singers are chosen from the best singers in the choir. They perform for special programs. ROW 1: Kay Durham, Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Elizabeth Rhode, Charlotte Iohnson, Gayle Gough, Donna West, Iean Wingo, Elaine Lunn, Iudy Yeager, Beverly McCroskie, Beverly Mosby, Beverly Gibson. ROW 2: Ioyce Cameron, Patty Acheson, Billye Cunningham, Colleen Travis, Shirley Dotson, Virginia McCain, Nancy Leonard, Patsy Williams, Mary Keenum, Rosalee Gibbens, Paula Case, Mary Lessley, Betty Hawker. ROW 3: Ioe Perkins, Mason Michelson, Wayne Turner, Gary Warner, Luther Davidson, Larry Sharitz, Vernon Sleyster, Clay Gaswint, Iack Gibbens, Kenton Schwarz, lean Gatton, Iean Lawrence. ROW 4: Norman Capps, Don Seneker, Douglas Seneker. Leslie Short, lim Thomas, David Page, Pat Darrow, Clem Darrow, Gary Crockett. Billy Don Marks, Floyd Grigsby, R. A. McClure, Albert Halstenberg. Waclriga f CSZVLQQVJ ROW 1: Ann Markwell, Sue Markwell, Mary Lessley, Beverly Mosby, Betty Hawker. Shirley Dotson, Beverly McCroskie, Nancy Leonard. , ROW 2: Elizabeth Rhode, Gary Wamer, Wayne Turner, Mason Michelson, Clay Gaswint, Kenton Schwarz, Ioyce Cameron. HOW 3: Gary Crockett, Bill Marks,Clem Darrow, Doug Seneker, Don Seneker. Second hour jcxm session. The Bond goes to the Royal Let music fill the air. WE SHALL HAVE MUSIC . WHEREVER WE GO. MUD BHD l 'n'3"D vcr 1-xr VC? BM 5 RNS NND 1' 12 7 s X A S Q K 'A-!'?"L V ki Y x X 'K X va W i 1 sk S .. ,X X ' Q N Q X XXX S Z ,Q az ?Z 1 W Wx JMCJW p0WLin501fL lpowgofcf Q CAROL IUSTUS Homecoming Attendant Purgotd Attendant LINDA COLT Homecoming Attendant Purgold Attendant DONNA LITTLE Purgold Attendant SHIRLEY CHRISTGEN Homecoming Attendant Purgold Attendant Q S S -fifimifgi 2 5 y :Q . W L AFS 5, , :if if: T25 4 And they danced, danced, danced cmd played. 4 Qmfwg is eff? 'TLAA 1.33835 W The General Store! A wonderful place full of ex citement and mystery, yet corniortable in its home town atmosphere. Here was anything your heart desired. A young girl comes to buy luxurious satin brocade' an elderly man with streaks otge throu h his mustache 'andy a' 'weary look in-his eyes Buys' the cheapest brand of tobacco: a rnothefucgamegior medicine for her sick child. The people came to buy and they came to visit. They sat on cracker boxes and gossiped the lazy alternoons away. Everything irom politics and the new family in town, -to the church square-dance and a favorite recipe were exchanged over the counters. barrels How terribly dull lite in those early days would have b Store". een it it were not ior that marvelous "General I .1 ,- , ,., g -K i f ' ,- ,. f' L' .1 f' f ',, f l ,A l. 'Z ,-7 v" f' P 3 " f ,Z if ,-- f-" ., ,-,. Z rg f" F.-,, ,...- ... -Q ... 2 2' ' .F- ....f -1 fi- ....- ,,.-W--, 2 ,..,-- 7 ,i. .1-1 ff' Q"-., """? ff- ,..- if 'f fiiif? ,Y lf Y as " 4 V f A. 3- ,v ,W .s - Alb l' ,,.,'TlZ-a i Gert1f2mA.L1.sfe-on Hirrffiwrartw tm ,-,lk I lg., -,,,..i..f 1- 1, tf-,-Ff- yy yyfk Y. 7 "' , 7 7510 1 Y" ...7- -. - Y - " .... Y- AW ,..f,,,-t.-- f? J f-""' ,,..,.., f--- ,---"Z ,...., f-...f , - -1- ,. fl- -2" e lf '-'-5 it 'l 4 ,- ,- Z f 5 5- l fuerfidemenb - 044154, f WWI' ER 151:22 M A F-.1 EX 5 I fe 1 Sf' IEE? , 5 Eaigaaggiggzxiaiagpa-.m5.-mga, l , ,- . 'T 4 5 ? ig iv W- 7 4 ' L I fwmW, y 4' M af W W ' MI, jifyfx fy M ,f U Q fi ..! ff .0 M31 Wir J J, ,Kr r0gjnc ati to jffeVNSi'qJor Class Jiffy rth csliool . My .TJ Eyffiog byUfsbEir Xz7Fx5 Dy, . f . J JK ,Ping M J Kp 13 'sf' W Km V!!! M5559 . J J. J ' wr! ,JH fwilk. NmqpM?y!AIhnA6 A A w RAII J MJ fesidew v P 4 f J U! J, VL Noam KANSAS clrv Mlssoum J UU 2 AONE NoRcLAY 4770 101 Amouk Rom X Q W Compliments of R jiefkf GHC! Sona ollumger North Kansas City, Missouri 1 Congratulations and Good Luck From A JOE FALK'S Hobbies Sporting Toys 315 Armour Road NO 4303 I 'The Winning Combinaiion" The NEWS-DISPATCH - The PRESS-DISPATCH Published Mondays Published Thursdays Iob Printing 2001 Clay Norclay 3037-38 COOPER CLEANERS And Launderers H. E. Gordon, Proprietor 2018 Swift Ave. NO 4662 ' North Kansas City. Mo. Compliments of BURTON'S FAMILY SHOES 316 Armour Road - Norclay 3194 4 Very Best Wishes For Your Future TANAN FLORAL COMPANY 1928 Swift Avenue Compliments of OLIVER TURPEN PRESCRIPTION SHOP 2008 Swift NOrclay 4423 North Kansas City. Missouri North Kansas City, Missouri NOrclay 3620 ANCHOR HARDWARE THE MODEL For A Quarter of a Century Your I "Smart Wearing Apparel" Home Owned Friendly Hardware Store 400 Armour Road Norclay 3063 304 Armour Rd. NO. 4432 Best Wishes of the BEN FRANKLIN STORE BEN JACOBSON'S, INC. Locally Owned - Nationally Known MeI1'S 5: BOYS' Wear Mr. :S Mrs. George M. Gough Qllfllify Me1'ChCI11diSe 314 Armour Rgqd 310 Armour Road North Kansas City North Kansas City 16, Mo. I Latlqrlidllolrrltdtlr- RIC?-lpfngllaylt:Ircc?rOYell1Vei1llJ1Iz?l1l?use CROSLEY Roy Bent1ey's G FINE cm' CLAY APPLIANCE COMPANY Gas 5: Electrical Sales 6 Service HY01-1 see them eVe1'YW11e1'eH "Home Owned G Operated, Personalized Service" RITTER'S SERVICE NOrclay 4541-42 2105 Burlington N. Kansas City 16, Mo. 1401 SW111 NO- 4316 I .... Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 'I953 North Kansas City State Bank 327 ARMOUR ROAD Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE SHERWXIN WILLIAMS PAINT co. SHEPHERD MOTOR COMPANY Custom 1 Colormix Service Chrysler Plymguth 2026 Swift North Kansas City Norclory 2688 Norclcry 2689 Sales and Service ' E 104-6-8-10 Armour Road Norclay 4330 JOE P. HALL COMMUNITY BARBER SHOP No. Kansas City 16, Missouri 317 Armour Road 1 fa I I. ,-. HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS 81 BEST WISHES To The 1953 SENIORS Albert B, Fuson Insurance Agency 206-9 NATIONAL BANK BUILDING NOrclay 4389 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI DUCE JEWELRY Congratulations - The Class of '53 NORTH KANSAS CITY CAB INC. 24-Hour Service NOrc1ay 4333 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Duce 1801 Swift All Cabs Radio Dispatched Bill Cochrane 2010 Swift Ave Compliments of See Me I T Y NORTH KANSAS CITY n en em BEAUTY SHOP ED MCCLURE Kathryne Cochrane, Prop. FFICE FURNITURE Complete Beauty Service O 2003 Fayette NOrclay 4022 601 Walnut e-cy ' .sr desi ,Nw f eg M 4 X -- ffe . nsjve 55' Mwl W ' . ' P Y fo 12 ' ' 9 . V ,. fo A PM E Ka 7 .gig ., ,., Q V O12 Du H be 5 Z 4 .f Q , ,F Miki! M . K , 1' Q xx V I N. I cf : QQ, 'an ,, 91 X U ,E Vw. Rr P Q e W. 'V Q K A J ,N .S ,., , xx S. X f ' S ' 'f Cy ,J r Y' A.-V7 .. t , .QT A .Q ,Nu h, K A J- -- K A V-I .QQ A 2, 51 ' ' ' f' - ,- ' W " ,f . Lp., X , Q h K -f . X L, A . 3,4 fijh- ,W 5 , fl ,, 5. J r ., A QNX 3,5 1 V 4 , K , U ' K ' Y :, X -UN -Al ., f., ' M -. -.g X, A, ' . '. ,, -.' ' W 'f -N " ww 1' 7 , f , j' Ja w N , . ,. 'L , 2- "' V N - V , W ' Lf ' . 5 f!9""" L. , x' fi as X .ifwsbpe g 1 Q f - , ' J 1-. in , 4 . , +A- 1 wg 1 K J , W A44 J. - 'fs J A , " ' ' V 'f ' ' 'ff x ., ' A ' M ,- .. , ' 2 Q my f If W i Yi M. -'if - W . 4 39 9 1 abd o eixc 4 wg-H5 F 'yw w im - "M ' W wa we r s 1 . H , i v 1 , 4 K .. W f x . 2 "' E ' U . - - I' 1' , ,N Zi , W Tsifzifba 1' H ,, ,.-Q ,, ' 1' 'Q ' + ' .fa W ,1 '. . 1 5 , A , Hu K . I , .. Ly J l - A .' ' "H -7 - 2' L :ff nga' ' ' fi , z ' , ,faf2Q2?232 . .- - ff . ' ,,..,,,N.,, , ,. ,, 5' z " X- ff g , if , TW fic k Lf gg," .i liz, L f- ff ,- ,f,.v, K N My im I M ""A' 79? f - -1,2 "First day!" "Bored, eh?" X-.,, 14 fe L X wi? Still Dancingi Sugar and cream? 9 E... 44- Winter Time Don't let the stars get in your eyes. J' Hey, pass the salt! "The Largest Bank in Clay County" Ioseph C. Williams, President H. Virgil Bower, Vice-Pres. E. Virgil Bain, Vice-Pres. 6, Cashier Dortha Iolley, Ass't Cashier R. H. Wooldridge, Vice-Pres. Edwin Cavenaugh, Ass't Cashier Clyde L. Stratton, Ir., Ass't Vice-Pres. The National Bank In. North Kansas City Capital, Surplus, and Undivided Profits-Over S500,000.00 EXTENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 THEIR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationl Congratulations to the Class of l53 E. H. WILLS INSURANCE CO. A Native of Northtown and 25 Years Old Gladstone Plaza This Year- GL. ssao GL. 4455 CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOClATlON H. E. MILLER MOTORS, INC. DeSoto Plymouth Extends Congratulations Sales 5- Service 2015 Burlington, No. 4535 No. K. C., Mo. 14- 7dQi6iLfZf60Z6 f U I I M5544 df , fmt' it, I It I 7 -J X ,ff I i s Compliments of: . NORTH KANSAS CITY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY 2'Ist and Burlington Avenue, North Kansas City, Missouri THE PALACE CLOTHING COMPANY of North Kansas City Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '53 Complirnents of NORC LAY-FIRESTONE Armour NO. 3549 BEN BOLT BARBER SHOP Russell O'Neal, Prop. 2002 Swift Avenue North Kansas City. Mo. Compliments of ANDERSON and NORRIS HARDWARE and SUPPLY 16th Swift Avenue North Kansas City, Missouri V. G. Uindyl Anderson Lloyd R. Norris Compliments of KARNES DRUG COMPANY 1902 Erie North Kansas City, Missouri Phone NOrclay 4673 ARMOUR DRIVE-INN Congratulations The Class of '53 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Black Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Renner Armour Sweet Shop 14- Compliments of CLAY ADAMS Elgin and Hamilton Watches Diamonds - Silverware Complete Line of Jewelry All Watch and Jewelry Repair Guaranteed Local Watch Inspector for the Burlington, Wabash Sz Missouri Pacific Railroads. "So you are getting married" Get your bride's book free here Congratulations North K. C. Graduates Exclusive Home Furnishings Visitors Always Welcome Come In - Look Around DAVIDSONS FURNITURE COMPANY 418 Armour Rd. THE J. C. PENNEY CO. of North Kansas City, Missouri Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of -'53 BURLINGTON TRADING POST 1800 Burlington North Kansas City, Mo. HUDSON See and Drive the Fabulous HUDSON for '53 Sales G Service HOOPER HUDSON COMPANY 1925 Swift Avenue North Kansas City, Mo. enlior Cfowd - Mojo ecg At last we are on our wav to visit the old home town, NKC. Wonder if things have changed much in ten vears? We haven't seen some of the old gang since graduation in 1953. We're having a grand cruise up the beautiful Missouri River. Since the great genius, Professor Bob Bowers, perfected the formula of "Wonderful Waters, Inc.", the Mighty Mo has been known as the Miracle Mo. No one knows what the formula is, but the professor has given exclusive rights to it to the Missouri legislature. "Boy! Oh, boy, will you bring me a paper please? Why, if it isn't Ierry Creason! How is everything, Ierry? . . . Not Really! You're working on your second million now? . . . Yes, saving your pennies and being a good boy does pay off . . . You don't have change for a dime? Well, just keep it: no one can say I don't help my friends." Why, this is a copy of the famous newspaper the "Drippy Dribblings," edited by Mary Alexander. Mary gives all the credit for being able to dig up a scoop to Miss Mildred Fulton and the now equally famous "Buzz." Hummm . . . Yvonne Winkler is expected to walk away with the president ioops, presidency? next year. Norene Landis is running as vice-presi- dent. Norene is in charge of kissing senators and all reasonable facsimile. Strictly campaign pro- cedure! .Speaking of politics, we hear that Shirley Stockwell is completely redecorating the walls of the White House with her murals: but whoever heard of having blue horses in the "blue room," green horses in the "green room," and rose horses in the "rose room?" Let's take a look at the stock exchange. The "Fuson and Father Insurance Company" is doing so well that "Lloyds of London" have been forced out of business. "Clay's Clanky Cars" are selling for the same price as "General Motors" and "Ford" today. On the society page we notice that Cornelia Watkins was elected Homecoming Queen from the combined universities of the entire country. Cornelia asserted that it was much more of a thrill when she wore the crown for Northtown. Carol Iustus was recently named Miss Amer- ica, Nancy Leonard was a very close runner-up. Tough luck, Nancy: Carol just had more seniority. The Business Men of America chose Linda t Colt as the "Secretary I'd Most Like to Hold on My Knee." Linda was disqualified, however, when it was discovered she couldn't type. The boat is about to dock: the people are gath- ering around therail. Why, there is Patsy Cooley, the world famous prima donna. She's been touring Europe with her own troup of dancers. Ierry Naylor and his symphony C?J orchestra have been traveling with the group playing original compositions. All the critics agree it is very unusual entertainment. That can't be Kenny Bell setting up his cam- eras! But it is! He must be going to take some pub- licity shots of Pat. Kenny has an exclusive photo- graph studio catering only to babies from 16 to 25 years of age. He's quite famous now, you know. Off the boat and in Northtown at last. Sure is good to be home again. My, the town has cer- tainly grown. There is that luxurious night-club, Mike's Mel- low Mickeys. Ravishing Ruthie Foster is currently starring on the bill. Ruth has caused a sensation in the entertainment world with her combination of torch singing and adagio. Unfortunately, she isn't allowed on T. V. any more. Her first appearance burned out all the tubes on the sets. That big building must be the new store of Genial Ioe Stevens. No, he doesn't buy or sell any- thing: just gives it away. Say, isn't that Paul and Rosie? They certain- ly seem to be in a htirry. "How's the Walker fam- ily these days? . . . You're taking the kiddies to the circus? . . .Oh boy, I haven't seen a circus in years: Let's go!" There's the big tent up ahead. The billboards say two sensational acts have been imported from abroad. Oh, no! The Kan Kan Kiddies from Paris and the Honey-Buns from Hawaii! They're still fight- ing over who has top billing. Beverly Mosby, Shirley Christgen, Donna Lit- t1e,and Shirley Bowles have a unique high wire act. They perform 60 feet in the air with no net under them. The entire crew of men with the circus simply stand and catch them. Three of the girls have al- ready become engaged. Who's making all that racket? Oh. it's only the circus barker, Kay Kindred. Iudy Parkinson is selling the tickets to the people while Iudy Richards collects them at the tent door. fThe tickets, that is.l That popcorn Peggy Foerster and lanet Elliott 14 150 :hh-JK 1925 PERSHING ROAD ' aummG10N , ."'.'TGlEl I I I I are selling sure looks good, but let's buy a candy apple from Margie Kephart, instead. On second thought, it would be hard to cope with a circus of this kind. Maybe it would be better to take a nice quiet stroll through the halls of our old peaceful alma mater. My, the walls have been changed again. Such a soft lovely shade of fuchsia! "Hello, Principal Buterbaugh. How are you and the faculty making out? Vice-principal Goebel is having trouble with the women teachers? Yes, it would be bad to be so irresistible." Say, can that be? No, not Bill! Bill Iackson behind the desk marked "Truant Officer." Let's go down to the gym and see how the Hornets are making out. Bill and Bob Stevens are the two football coaches. They take turns being head- coach. Northtown has a new class devoted entirely in -Sw to muscle building. The instructor, Gary Norton, recently won the title of Mr. America. The Hornet cagers have won the P.E.C. trophy for so many years now that all the other teams have dropped out of the conference. It seems Ted Shaw, basketball coach, will accept no players under 6 feet 5 inches tall. "Hi, Greenwood, say, those are nifty shorts you're wearing . . . Oh, they're for your gym class? . . . So you're the new girls phys. ed. teacher?" Say, isn't that George Bickley? "Don't tell me you're a teacher here too . . . Oh, you're still just trying to graduate." Well, we had better be on our way now. But it's been swell seeing so many of our old classmates again. Many of them have gained fame and fortune, and all are realizing their own private goals. Yes, we can honestly say, "We're proud to be graduates of '53." -,ld ,if I WA LSWO RTH I,i..4 at sauna by wnlswonru anofmsns u.m.i.... no U s A jr 3 , Jw? My xfwo' Q07Zf?CiW" www? Q ,QF'QfZ2 Wgfwfw ' ymM-5242.4 . JQWJM r MWl gkfnidwglwum Z9:' in t in N ggi 5519 5JQ5w,Qiif3x i5f W ?3 K EQ gig? A iii 3l2125j3f3R2g5 5g2E2l5iiiiii1w2i5Ezf Jw Mwjf G, gp Ja M an fy 5 GM. Mm? Mm? UW' Q Aww , Cf' W M W, Q cr' MQW Cy pf? MM! 2 fwwwy .gf f W wk? H ,gulf iwmj M W 1 ,Mm W WWW! W Quia, kg' W

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