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North Kansas City High School - Purgold Yearbook (North Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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'l I f A ,X J , Na T' 4' if ff iff? ,fa ix' ,ly . gg' ff' ,X .A,'?5"- 17JL"i"" V :'4"'5' ,. ,.. ,, ,X ,Q ,, , ,H , Q . A? ' V' I r 9, 4 If ., 1.-. .4 1 if ,V ' ' Lf' 1-1 , I 4,.,F4f3 2 Vfliil-'itd l ' -"2 f! L99 ,g7mfri' an , U A A , . ' Ui if f , , jg ,tJ4ML4wf7w.,, F if , N I. 3- .is,ff'4,gl V,gc f'e:f73 M! ,sf g,A,r'G,f' kf ,fr fiedgjilfw G , f ,K f if flfdf. C- . ,E rn V 9 A KA :PN :, . . 5 WI ,fa fw :ff nf? ""!BA:"7h2F 0 11 jk .jx-ip '41, Z' 1, f I ,", , ff ,MP jf tfigf " ,f Ev' I aff -rf' - ,- Q -,Q X fx " - kj 4.4, . , Wg ,gf vi ,K 2,5 f f Kg. KL! f,..- W C .. , ,1'WyJ.?s.,,,, 5 I, Jas, vi H A ff 1 ff J a fwf' 14' E f ' ' ? 1 ' '7 f 5 F I 1, ' if .,,Q V' , f ' , a - Q-V f,Qf.ff M f' if f-ff' i 2 .:',ffffExJ ,ff I h 0,3 L, !x ,f - ff T J T, L,,.Q,,iv L - rf ' L' ij f 1 , I vfiyy' jg If sy A: ,A gl A FQ, Q P " ,, gf. 4 gf f es' ,gif !,i.,,4w2,::I f Qgffm L 1-a ffL'f" EQF? 4 vfff'ff9"Vefe1 g"2f::2?F 5- in Yuri: 4-'ff-fb' , P 4, . LX cfgfgrgy, 'vamp -V ,,,wf?., H , f Q' ,F:'?E-N, -V ,,,,Aiv'4'4,1,,f' A -412, .J . A' V' .'u'F2,zM I 'ix V Mf',, X r w , ,4 ff I I L .i 4 . ,X- V w LU S if 1 xv J XX i 1 f 1 K tm? , -1 x Ri ' Hifi W 'E .f, ...I v ,iw .K M si f J rg? ryi .Q 15 113 64 -- - ..,-.........4....,...L-. N, . 5. , y , ,.,.,A,- ? ! iff 1 r!ffA rt W 4? 1' N :V Q j f-2 , C ff' 0 P-3 'L x .1 Q! P iii' 5 .ard pq ,ff . WMJJMQV .f I. F Av S 1 4:-f I : fs X", J d ., Aff Biff! 3 X f ' Q' ff it f 3 x, vi QS- V 711. fi 'Q Q3 .' K X fi.-xifb A A ,qc if b ,? fi:-1 fx if ' c'T'T1f ,-. Us f 'A Sly G! f lf ' x -'J if K, 4 - f-'ffiw 1' fi . . x j-, ,Ez '- I ,U U' g X' Q ' b A, 2 -,L s -A 'ITHVV if I " - ' ' f '15 h 1 T5 J ' ff T B1 ,ff gf? 4 Vt 5 ,A 1 XXV-X Xy'Y-Jiqxlmrx I MJ ff' S KF X if, , A Lv 19, . Q A - Q gs V2 5 L' , A , ' f 1 M, gi-' J, E. ug, H 'M' N 1 I+ ,gif gb 1 Aff-W' 5 ff :H t FWF! f' 1'A' T .W ,Aff 1 I ,RA-y uf , , , vi' I' K-":"'5J J, ff, 2fff A f?70 ya fag ,ugh . 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'T . 2 -W IF' A, 15 fr I aw -22':Dfw-'-.:u:'.ff4f: --la: i4kwlufi.ew.x1a.4-.,...2:-ug ivfd Q""..1iL.?1 s A I 3 I Z ? s 5 i I , I i 5 Q 1 13 i Q1 ,. F P l 1 -' -"'-'---'- MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY fllllflllllllllINIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIHI!HINIIHHIIHIIHIIINIII 521 as cm -N Y4q 1 1 4 ,- lndependence,E32C 6345959 HE f 4-V1 R Nazis-,, o 'S - u R 15237 f I 9 Qfak . chili A X -3.. Y V YY Y I 9 s 5 i 3 I 5 Ei J ,i Q -f l ,VY r ' f n M - Qi f '27 fw l .X . " I i 1 f ' Elms If rf I IN MEMORY OF Doris McPherson-Class of '46 Henry A. Godai-Class of '48 6 Douglczy McCammon-Class of ,52 8 4 -4- The character of an instructor over a period of years mast impress itself upon the student-body. The vinstinted service that has been rendered to the stadents by Mrs. Thomas Moore is recognized by all. The many high school organizations, including the Girl Reserves, that have received the benefit of her guidance have been active and a credit to the school. Because of her high ideals and loyalty to the school she served, vve dedicate this edition of the Oivl to Mrs. Thomas Moore. -5- I I 1 5 s 4 4 .. N 111.1 21" , ' fx? 1 'S k t " .345 X U M I ' V' ' h'NY"f-7, 3-t, """w,W if 'v W W Q ,vi 5 Q , N 7 U x A , 5' . b ,, I g S gs I 7111 1 Q .-5.. 5 1 i i 4 I Q f I I 5 r 1 i 1 1 E I Q I I 1 l 1 1 1 3, f 1 5 i I foffix 5? I .Zi Q J T X IK QDQOKCW About two miles from dear old N.K.C.H.S. there is a noisy windy spot that more than slightly influences our school days. This spot is the K.C. Municipal Airport that sends planes over the high school at irregular inter- nals. These planes afford a roaring competition to the spealqers in the class- rooms. Sometimes classes are brought to a complete halt while a plane talqes or lands. Because of this relationship hetween the planes and our school and ther fact that airplanes are representative of the speed of the age in which we fine, the Owl Staff has chosen airplanes as its theme for the ,47 annual. At the end of each trip hy plane, the pilot and other qualified persons must record the events of the journey in the plane's logue. y N.K.C.'s ship, The Owl, has just reached its destinaton-the end of an- other school year. The trip has been a pleasant one for most of the passenf gersj the talqe-off was delayed two weelqs .because of polio. The Owl was almost grounded near Christmas time because of the coal strilqe. With the next three months to refuel, The Owl should he none the worse for wear when it again talqes to the air in September. As you read this Logue you will recall many memories of your journey. i d A E V ,,.. f "' " -7.. -i.--1 C o 91 1' 6 U11 5 'Plane -PGYSOHHCI fPGSScn' erfa W I N I S 1 sr' vga ,1g4y'fY"0 3?V'O6X5,93Zf'77-Q '- --.. 000004060-.9-f 1'-!49g3:o'QQQ4945a , 0 . w ., ' Q '14 22 . ,..-... Z ' -- - , 3 - - -' X . J .A O 409 ksqufdrohfl f'1..:-145, Arr .Shows ,. " H- -1- ,..S..K gasfriful-1 1 Q I - S -3... W Q Q . a 42:22-1:1 'I 5 9:-2,6-1-,, z 5 f 7 11 ,,,.f-.... ... ........,..-..... ,....4-.:...4. ...- .f. , .Q ' ' V ....... ..- .........,....-....f,Q,...,,..............,- N . - L, L 'FTTEK' Ocvtcf of Eitacfo 'za L A From left to riqhl: VJ. W, Chi-sky Superintencleni L. O. Lilley W. Lindsey Smith, R. P. Poynterg secretoryy E. D. Lewis, A. B. Fuson, trecrsurerp V. I. Woods, president, Merrill Burnidqeg lock Street, vice-president. The Board of Directors represents the people who have investments in the com- pany-the stock holders. The president of the Company is responsible to this board for his authority. V ' . Likewise, the school board represents the 'people who have investments in our school -the taxpayers. The Superintendent of schools is responsible to this board for his authority. 1 X X V X! P f ' X23 I e ii ' if 4""f f' ""' 8' ----n b e E?" TM "-f"" -9- .. .., . ...........:.'g.L,..:.... .rg-J... - W - ,.,- . czlzaqsmsnf No airline can function properly without a management to formulate its policies, to direct it according to the principles upon which it was founded, and to co-ordinate the work OI each division in the company to insure its continued success. Likewise, no school can function properly Without an administration to carry out the cor- responding duties in the school. North Kansas City is not lacking. in administrative leadership. Its faculty and board are to be complimented on the great advances of N. K. C. this year. Like the airplane, Ncrth Kansas City is a city and a school with a future. I N. K. C. PRESIDENT Our president, Dr. L. O. Litle, is not' onlylthe big boss in our airline hut is also quite a well-known personage in the state. He is interested chiefly in seeing that the passengers in his planes have ' comfortable, enjoyable, educational trips in whatever fields they may want to explore, but' as a diplomat he also is quite active on school committees and in community affairs. , FIRST VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF THE HIGH SCHOOL The first vice president in N. K. C. airlines is Mr. H. W. Schooling. His duties center around the high school-seeing that all flights leave Without un- necessary delays and taking care of passengers' complaints. His position in the company is an important one and he fills it admirably. He came to N. K. C. in the fall of 1944 and his never failing courtesy and kindness has won for him the admiration and esteem of students and teachers, alike. -IOL PAI CLYI xirline have Want iiiiees PORREST GHEER, M. A. P-MEUR KELLER' B- S- Vice-Principal Dean Of QU13 Coordinator Mathematics f L W PAUL CHAPPELL. A. M. Science, Radio CLYDE C. COOPER, A. M. Physical Education Hygiene MARY CUNNINGHAM. Mathematics Social Science B.S ANNABELLE BAILEY, M. A. Commerce MARY LOUISE BAKER. M. A Physical Education Latin DOROTHY BARNETT, A. B. Social Science fyfy 1 6' fl' , wif' i i 'x ffl LENA DRINKWATER, M A Social Studies INEZ DUBOIS, M. A English I.. O. ERICKSON, B. lnsirumeniul Music MILDRED FULTON. B. S. In Ed English - Speech lournalisrn MERTON HOCH, B. S. In U Mcrthemcziics V Science DOROTHY HODGERS, M Citizenship - Hygiene ,G-4-4.2 BERNITA ISLEY M lanqhsh Spanisn RUBY KELLER M Social SlLld19S NELSON KERR M Science A GARNET HOWARD, B. S. In Ed. Girls' Physical Educaiion Mathematics BERENICE HUME, M. A. Library MARY HUTCHERSON, B. S. In Ed. Iunior Business Training Bookkeeping Typina www LAWRENFE LEMING M S B S lndnslrial A is CHARLOTTE MCCLINTOCK A English Iunior High HILDA MCCONNELL B S Social Studies 1 ...1 RALPH MCKEEHAN, B. S. Industrial Arts MARIORIE MCGONIGLE. A. General Science - Biology EMMA IO MCKEMY, B. S. Speech - English B. s 1' 3 X s RICHARD MEYER. M. E. Ed. K Mathematics GRACE MINGUS, M. A. English IESSIE MAE MOORE, B. S. Science - Mathematics Part-time Teacher . THOMAS MOORE, B. S. Mathematics PORTER PRICE, B. S. Art LIDA WARRICK, M. M. E. Vocal Music G1 MA Secre Ml Se I Serra Q ' 5 X .2 Rig SE .. A Y 49 GLADYS WILLIAMS M A Comm rce MARY LOU HARBISON Secretary to Superlntendent MARGARET MACKEN Secretary to PIIHCIIDCI1 MELDON MURPHY Se retcrry to Supermtermdent X . .5 Q2 A . G ld. s. - I I . . C . l I I K I 4 Ciara of 7947 We, the twelfth grade class of 7491, being of sound mind and body, volunteer Qwith a little persuasionb to deposit our giggles, wise-cracks, and jokes to our unworthy underclassmen. Norman Klein wills his ability to carve such fancy initials and pictures on the desks to David Rapp. Martha Harris wills her alertness in watching for Miss Bailey to return to sixth hour typing class to Ioan O'Brien, provided Ioan passes first-year typing. U Ona Fredenburg wills her journalism book with all the answers written in to Mina Maloy. Bob Yates and Chuck Steenstry regretfully leave the freshman girls. Edith Carey wills her irregularity in attendance to anyone who has a high enough I. Q. to make passing grades without attending school. Elmer Rosenbaugh wills his skill in hitting the waste basket Qwhich undoubtedly comes from playing basketballj to Ray Sayles. Pat McCall leaves her low grades to her sister, Roberta, to bring up. Dick Roberts wills his slyness in getting the teachers off the subject to Howard Sidney Morton. . Bobby Rogers leaves his wandering mind to Gene Swan to bring back. Gloria Norris fteacher's petj leaves her ability to get in good with the teachers to' Peggy Fox. - Dick' Larson leaves his gum under the desk for the lucky senior who finds it next year. Ierry VVard and Glo Deen Frazier will those tricky dance steps to Doris Iean West and Betty McKeehan. Norma Diester leaves her quickness in sneaking into the cafeteria line to Billy Gene Alexander. Betty U pson leaves the ink she spilled all over the hall when she dropped her ink out of the locker. l Bill Pine leaves his ability to stall for time iat the pencil sharpener to Bob Estes. ' Bob Devling leaves the pictures, cartoons, mustaches,,etc., he added to his textbooks for the entertainment of the underclassmen. Margaret Strobbe unhappily leaves Iim Langhus, but thatls just during school hours. Eddie Simmons wills his muscles to Mary Gladys Fletcher QShe needs them for protfectionj Fred Sieckman leaves his rubber bands, used mostly for terrifying the girls, to Charles Zajic. Alfred Girard leaves the remains of the peanuts he eats in class to all the junior girls. Howard Dawson and "Little Leroyw Breshears would leave something only they aren't sure they're leaving. Mardell Hulen leaves her ability to keep talking regardless of the teachers' warnings to Helen Taylor. Kathleen O,Laughlin leaves her typewriter since it's too big to carry out under her coat. K HOWAF Senioi presi BETTY 1 Y-Tee. Drum Steiff, 4 I 'W - ki - zniozi l-TOWY-RBD DAWSON Senior Llass Sera antiltlxrns N Club Vice president Football ir ck. BET TY IO LADDENS Yieen Cabinet Masque :S Corel Debate Club Drum lJla,o1ettc S cretary oi Senior Class Buzz S ii Owl Stat lunicr Pay S nior Milkrnaid SPONSORS BERENIECE l-UME CLYDV COOPER GT PDYS WILLTATVIS BOB BLACK Senior Class President N Club Hi-Y Cabinet ' Student' Council l-lornets Nest Board oi Control l-ootball Basketball Baseball ED SIMMONS Senior Class Vice president H Y Cabinet Buzz Staff N Club Pre ident Hornets Nest Board ot Control Pr sident Student Ccuncll Football Bas lcetball Rs the errors step down irorn the high school airship they stop a moment to look back iley are a little rearetful that the trip is over they enloyed lt so But ttey look ahead into a new age a new World Where speed and comfort are the pass W ras They step are linked to heights wh1ch hav yet to be reached 17 into the World of arr travel air commerce and air securlty Their futures A. 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . - ' - , 1-' , 11 11 -. Q. 1 I V I ' ' 9 1 1 1 ' . - r 1 -4 - f- M 11 11 . ff' S - i -- I , - . , ,Tw F .V ' , , .4 . . w we , 1-1 . , .I . ,. I - ., I I w 1 . i ' ' k D . -, V , 'u,. . r - 1 1 1 - L1-4 1 ' L. 1 , 9 . 1.1 T M1 A.: XJ A ., - -1 - S H ' 1 1 . ,., A .1 X - . .V . . 1 - ' i ' 1 1 - ' c . 1 1 - , , C ' I l 9 L B - 71 BETTY AINSWORTH "Sweet" Y-Teens. JEAN NE ALVIS Y-Teens. ELIZABETH ANTES "Lizzie" Y-Teens. KENNETH BAKER Hi-Y, Radio Club. ROSALINE BAKER Debate Club, Y-Teens, Buzz Staff, Librarian. ,em -1 EUGENE BASTIEN "N" Club, Baseball, Band EDITH BEAUMONT SHIRLEY BELLEW D. O. BOB BERRY l-li-Y, Buzz Staff, Owl Staff. PATSY BLAIR Y-Teens. I Y V ' .HMM ,,, . ....,...,,........f4......-.--4--- - , -um ,,,....-.1.4..............-......-. -- lAKE BOWLES Club, Football, Track, Buzz Staff, Hi-Y, Basketball League. LEROY BRESHEARS "Li'itle Leroy" Foolball, Track, "N" Club, Basketball League. DAVID BROVIN D. O., A Cappella Choir. IRMA BUCHTA Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, Madriqal Singers. IOAN BURNIDGE Y-Teen Cabinet, Band, OI- cheslrci, Mf1OlfiQ0fl Si1'1f3'e'rS' A Ca ella Choir Girls Quor- PP ' let, Mixed Double Qllclflelf - l-lornels' Nest Board of Control, W G.A.A., Mcfrchinq Band' De' bate Club, Owl Staff. BEVERLY BURROUGHS "Bangs" Y-Teens, G.A.A. BARBARA CALLAVVAY "Culie" Y-Teens, Pep Squad, G.A.A Buzz Staff. MORGAN CARAWAY Hi-Y, Masque 61 Gavel, Band, Track, "Don't Take My Pen- ny." MARY EDITH CAREY Y-Teens, Buzz Staff. TOMMIE CARTER, IR. "Shorty" l-li-Y, Opereita, A Cappella Choir. J.--on-,A A,,x 'A -,,1,,,,, .......,...,..:..f,f- -- ----- . I-IUBERT CI-IINN S retar I-IiY Madrical Sing -ec y -, - ' ers, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Ouartet. IAMES COAKLEY "Coke" I-li-Y. ANITA COLLIVER "Blondie" Pep Squad, Y-Teens. IEANNE COMPTON Y-Teens. LOUISE COWDEN Y-Teens. TNAYNE CROY I-Ii-Y, Student Council. IOE RAY DAVIS Radio Club, Band, l-Ii-Y, Marching Band. SHIRLEY DAVIS Student Council, Masque G Gavel, Debate Club, President Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen, "Don't Take My Penny." BOB DAVIDSON D. O. VANCE DAVIS "Buttons" Student Council, Track, Base- ball, Basketball, Football, I-Ii-Y, Radio -Club, "N" Club. EARL DAWSON "Butch" Football, "N" Club, Baseball, Hi-Y. NORMA DEISTER "Ding" D Drum Majorette, Y-Teen Cab- inet. BOB DEVLING H1 Y DARYL ARMAND DOBSON Llttle Abner NIOPMA LEE DUNCAN YTeens RONALD R. EDMONDSON "N" Club. ED ELLSTROM ' D. O. LAWRENCE EARLS Larry Band H1 Y ROBERTA FEASTER YTeens A Cappella Chou D O H Al LIP FISHER e Pen Squad Cheerleade GAA Masque G Gavel H Te n Cabmet Hornets We Board of Conirol . ,, ,, ll - II x - ' , - L - 1 L. Pi L L f - A . . ., , ' - L ,e ' , ' 1 sw C. ., lj 6 WN. ' N' ESX J -., DELLA IUNE FOSTER 'Y'-Teens. IANE FOX "Ianie" Buzz Staff Editor, Owl Staff, Y-Teens, Librarian. RAYMOND FRANCE Hi-Y, D. O. MARIANNA FRACUL GLO DEEN FRAZIER Iunior Play, Pep Squad Cheer- leader, Masque G Gavel Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Treasurer, Homecom- ing Queen Attendant. ONA FREDENBURG Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Squad, Debate Club Secretary, Band Madriqal Singers, Buzz Staff, Owl Staff, Marching' Band. ALFRED GIRARD Football, Baseball, I-li-Y. ANN GLECKLER "Nanner" Drum Majorette, Y-Teens. ERNESTINE GOSNEY Y-Teens. MELVIN GRAY I 9 I 1 -'-'lu - - 1 f f I 1 tl I . I J a 1 l I BONITA HAMILTON Y-Teens. MARY LOU HANKS Y-Teens, Pep Squad. DEE HARRIS Drummer Boy H1 Y Orchestra Marching Band ITARTHA HARRIS AA YTeens D O ,U TIOR HAYNES l- K PATSY HELM "Patch" Y-Teens, F.H.A., D. O. NANCY HENRY ' "Susie" Head Cheerleader of Pep Squad, Secretary of Masque 51 Gavel, Secretary ot G.A.A., Secretary of Y-Teen Cabinet, Student Council, "DOn't Take My Penny", Homecoming Queen Attendant, Senior Fes- tival Queen. ' LEOLA MAE HENSLEY YTeens BARBARA HE YING Y Teens BERNITA HILL YTeens D O H u ' 1 - 1 . . 7 VJ FY V . INJ. ... ., ' I ' ' I 7 lx. 1.1 ii' . ' 1 - - SHIRLEY HORNBACK "Horne Maker" F.H.A. ROY HORNBUCKLE Hi-Y, Orchestra, Buzz Staff. IAMES HOWARD "Brains" BOB HUCK "Emerson" Debate Club, Student Council, Hi-Y, Masque ci Gavel, Owl Staff, "Dcn't Take My Penny." MARDELL HULEN Y-Teens, Debate Club, Owl Staff, "D:n't Take My Penny." A 'T BILL HYDEMAN MARY IACKSON P.H.A., Buzz Staff, Library Club. DOROTHY MAY KALEBAUGH Y-Teens, Library Club. BILL KIDD Club, Football, Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council, Band, Track. EARL KING Buzz Stall, Hi-Y. TED KINSTLER D. O., Hi-Y, Debote Club. NORMAN KLEIN "Konker" Hi-Y, Se-creiory-Treasurer "N" Club, Football, Trock. MARY ANN KNIERIM D O YTeens LORENE KOCH Bond Orcheslro YTeen Cob met Deborie Club Buzz Stuff Owl Sioff Morchlnq Bond Dont Toke My Penny Mos que 51 Gcrvel IIMMY KONOMOS T e Gleelc N Club Footboll Track l-l1 Y FRANKLIN LANTZ Ulndepenclent Lc1ntz" Hi-Y, D. D. DICK LARSON BETTY LOU LESLIE F H A Mlxed Chorus Y Teens B UD LICHTENBERGER ANNELLE LINVILLE Y Teens . ., - . - . . ., , I I . . 1 1 1 I v 1 1 11 1 11 V , xx ' ' V 11 h 1 11 - , 11 11 1 1 1 . BARBARA LUCY Y-Teen Cabinet. BETTY MARKS Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, D. O. CHARLES MATHEWS Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y. PEGGY MARTIN G.A.A., Pep Squad, Y-Teens. PAT MCCALL "Red" Y-Teens, Pep Squad, G.A.A., Owl Staff, Buzz Staff, UDOI'l'l Take My Penny", Honor Club, IOANNE MCINTIRE HIGH Y-Teens, Pep Squad, Mad- riqal Singers, A Cappella Choir. IERRY MCNEMEE MARY LOU MILUM ffl-sour: Y-Teens, Pep Squad. BETTY MOON PATSY MORGAN Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus. GEORGE MORRISON D. O. TRUMAN MURPHY "Spud" D. O. BILI NEALE Track GLORIA NEDBLAKE Peo Squad YTeens Masque ci Gavel Student Councll I-lornecornlnq Queen Attendant Carnatlon Queen of NKC Semor Festwal Attendant 46 Dont Take My Penny NIEL NIEI-IAUS I-I1Y A Cappella Chou S PAULINE NICI-IOLSON Y-Teens. GLORIA NORRIS Y-Teens, D. O. KATHLEEN O LAUGI-II TN Ka YTeens Honor Club BOB OLIVER Racuo Club BUD OLIX EP Badlo Clule .J E . , ' ll tl! - I n A I - I . . V I " . . ., ' I H I 1' v 4 'V' ' L I ' ' , -L I J. iw A . . MARIORIE PACK Y-Teens. ROBERT PALMER lvladriqal Singers CHARLES PARROTT "Polly" Hi-Y, Maclriqals, Choir. EDVJARD PARSONS "Sonny" l-li-Y, Track. ORA LEE PAYNE A Cappella HERSHEL PICKENS Football, Track, A Cappella Choir. BILL PINE "Bulldog" "N" Club, Football, Basketball., CAROL PLATT Co-editor Owl Staff, Co-editor Buzz Staff, Debate Club, Y- Teens, Quill 61 Scroll, Pep Squad. LEORA PORTER Y-Teens. BETTY PRUETT Y-Teens. NORMA RANDLE "Blondie" Y-Teens, D. Ol DICK ROBERTS Little Mayor Football Track, Baseball N Club I-Ii-Y President. POB ROGERS Rqr41o Club 1-I1Y Orchestra 'O QLOTHY ROSF I LIVIER ROSENBAUGI-I lR Srm Club Owl Staff Bu z ball I-I1 Y BILL RUNYON SHIRLEY SAYLES Shirl EI-LA. Y-Teen Cabinet Su dent Council Senior Festival Attendant 46 D. O. LAURA SCI-1ARIG Y Teens VIRGINIA SI-IEA lust Snea Pep Sau'ra GAA Owl Stat Buzz Staff Sefretary Se-mor Y le ns VICQ Pres1dent t C A A I-Icnor Club I-IELEN Sl-'IRPEE Shrywrecc YTeers Pen Squaa Punt N: a Club l ll ll l I 'I I I f 1 LJ - u T ' l A 1- I - I ' ' . L F Q 1 -', ..., ,f, 1 H V ' .-T e , ' ' o. . , ,- T 1.4 - g- 4 ,, . , ,, 1. H W A NNI, ,, -, A 1, ld ll ,' V ' L' P 1 f fs. A A B . r in 7 Staff, Basketball, Track, Base- fecgmef Og -' 'f UZ- CP 5- Art -Q I -A . , . -Ui FRED SIECKMAN "Alias Pete" Hi-Y, Football, "N" Club, Base- ball. HELEN SIMMONS "Spitfire" GJ-l.A., Pep Squad, Sargeant at Arms Masque G Gavel, Co- Editor Owl, Secretary Hornets' Nest Board of Control, Y-Teens, "Don't Take My Penny", Buzz Staff, Senior Carnival Oueen Attendant. SHIRLEY SIMONIN D. O., F.H.A., Y'Teens. LOI S SMYTH Hpuq., Y-Teens, D. O., Mixed Chorus. CHARLES STEENSTRY "Chuck" "N" Club, Football, Basket- ball. MABEL STOMP Y-Teens. MARGARET STROBBE "Iirn's Girl" G.A.A., Y-Teen Cabinet, Buzz Stott, President Senior Y-Teens. lEANNE STUCKI "Ieannie" Y-Teens, Buzz Staff, Debate Club, Honor Club. DICKSUTTON "Lic3htning! Ha." Hi-Y, Football, Track, Masque 51 Gavel, "Don't Take My Penny", "The Happy Tourney", Owl Stait. RALPH SVVETNAM "N" Club, Band, Orchestra, Buzz Staff, Hi-Y, Football, Track, Baseball, Madriqal Singers, Boys Quartet. A V- V .. . . . -. ,.,.......,..,...... ,....,c.f,... -,:. -.... .0,,4..a- - - ., ' ' f , . - - PEGGY TEEGARDEN "Stinky" Y-Teens. D. O. COLLEEN THOMAS Y-Teens, F.H.A. MARIOPLIE THOMAS YTeens Peo Squad GAA Buzz Staff PA ULINE THOMAS Pep Squad YTeens FH A PAUL TODD H V Pre ldent Owl Staff Buzz Staff Cc, Editor N Club Football Basketball Track HOTNARD WALBURN Hi-Y. , EARL WALKER D. O. MERLE WALKER . Hi-Y, Debate Club President, A Cappella Choir, Boys Ouar- tt Mixed Double Ootartet Madriqal Singers Masque 51 Gavel DontTake My Penny Buzz Staff Owl Staff D O Olseretta IEBRY WARD IecldyBean Pre ident f Pep Squad Y T ens TESSIE WEBB O Y Teens A o ella Cko r 9 1 ' 1 , ' , L ., . . ., u 4 n 1 1 , , . ., 'B . A H H ' , - , . . . - S O , ' G . ,Lf 1- C' ' ' "' ' I W N., , ,, ,, D. ., - , Caap - I I ' , i 1. , . . LELAND XVEISE ALVIN WEST CHARLES WEST "Big Boy" I-Ii-Y, Football, D. O. MAXINE IIVEST D. O. BETTY WILKEBSON Student Council President, Y- Teen Vice President, Pep Squad, Masque G Gavel, Homecoming Oueen Attendant, "Don't Take My Penny", Mad- rigal Singers. ERNA WILLIAMS Debate Club, Y-Teens, Library Club. OBVILLE WILLIAMS "Crccky" I-Ii-Y, Track, Baseball. BETTY WILLIAMSON HBOOWH Y-Teens. DOYLE WELLS D. O., I-Ii-Y. MARIAN WILSON "Chuckie" Buzz Staff, Y-Teens. R D WINBIGLEDL Dlqqer H1Y Masque G Gavel Band DOYLE WINKLER Racho Club Band Orchestra VVANDA WOLVERTON Lulabelle Y Teens PLGCY WOOD PATTY LOUISE BURTON Y-Teens, D. O., Librarian. YTeens D O BOB YATES Lovely Legs H1Y Masque G Gavel Stu dent COUDC11 Vrce Pres1dent Dont Take My Penny DONALD ZURBUCHEN T-I1Y Band Orchestra ,.1a:I- IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ALFRED CONWAY, President RHOADS, Vice-president MARY FRANCES MAACK, Secre- ' 1 tary Treasurer. DAVID RAPP, Sergeant-at-arms To the juniors, May, 1947, is merely the beginning of a brief stop-over while en route to May, 1948, and graduaiion. They worked hard as juniors to enteriain, with a play and a prom, other passengers aboard. When they again board the "Owl" in September, they will have acquired the responsi- biliiies and prestige of being "Senior" passengers. un io 'za Top Row: Germaine Strcbbe, Richard Gabbert, lane Knierim, Don Beswick, Carl Iohnscn, Iim Langhus, Alfred Conway. Third Bow: David Miller, Donna Van Zandt, Lulu Blythe, peggy Pgugh, Tommy Chick, jerry Spurloclc, Frances Butler, Ed Frierdicn, Howard Sid Marion. Second Row: Doris Arncs, Helen Rhodus, Bobby Vogel, Mary Schcenick, lay Arledge, Kaihleen Pruniy, Bar- bara First F ox, Siraclenger, Rowena Balkey. Row: Mary Nell Weber, Carol Norris, Peggy Yvonne Yeager, Lois lean Scott, Mary Gladys Fletcher, Mary Frances Maack, Iuanita Carrel. TOP PICTURE Top Row: Marjorie Curtis, Eric Walter, Priscilla Logs- ton, Delbert McOsker, LuEtta Haley, Iohn Colledge, Beatrice Hamblen, Walter Ohnesorge, Ieanne Biggs, Gilbert Bellamy. Fourth Row: Howard Painter, Karleen Ready, Tommie Reese, Melba lean Haynes, Leon Turner, Georgie Phillips, Richard Watson, Eileen West, Addison Keck- ler, Mildred Hague, Miss Hutcherson. Third Row: Martha Sue Nowlin, lames Klamm, Ioyce Mundorlf, Bob Estes, Pat' Plumb, Gene Park, Berniece Huffman, Glen Calhoun, Mary Ellen Anderson, Gene Baskin. Second Row: Clayton Pirtle, Ioan Darby, Ioe Darby, Pauline Harris, lo Stockwell, Marvin Stott, lane Leon- ard, Betty McKeehan, Bud Rich, Gertrude Thompson. First Row: Doris lean West, Herndon Miller, Evelyn Beaumont, Leonard Morris, Marjorie Michaels, lames Lindsay, Maxine Burns, Jimmy Shipman, Geneva Lawrence, Wayne White. MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Bobby Moore, Gene Swan, Hubert Stanley, Gene Brown, Bill Turnbaugh, George Smith, Frank Vandendale, Sharon Wilson, Herbert Meyers, Walter Burton. Fourth Row: Bonnie Schultz, lack Hughes, Gerald Cleaver, Billie lean Nesbit, Lorene Thompson, Clar- ence Hellebyck, Lila Kelly, Kenny Edmonds. Third Row: Laura Littlejohn, David Rapp, Norma McCarty, Norma Eklund, Lola Hicks, lohn Turner, Harriett Burton, Dale Divelbiss, Betty Lou Vande- walker, Emma Lou Dowell. jg- Second Row: Harold Tennis, Vera Harris, Iohn Evans, Marylin Shook, Anna Samborski, Hazel Studeville, Chuck Rhoads, Dorothy Smith, Don Summers, Betty Knox. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Billy Gene Alexander, lim Churchill, Ray Sayles, Robert Burkhart, Thomas Lehman, Robert Lantz, Ierry Brindle, Ioe Vantepopuliere, Roger Smarr. Fourth Row: Bernita Hunt, Gerald Culp, Roberta Gif- ford, Diane Templeton, Suzanne Carinder, Phyllis King, George Vfatkins, Ellen McLaughlin, Francis Cowan, Billie Flo Willoughby. Third Row: Charles Kidd, Barbara Robinson, Betty Io Alexander, Marylin Little, Iames Barnett, Betty Carmichael, Pat Vest, Bonnie Miller, lohn Schelstrate, Vona Mae Kennedy. Second Row: Ioan O'Brien, Leroy Taylor, lean Ger- ard, Norman Walden, Vivian ,Williams, Iohn Cowden, Melba lean Cantrell, limmy Main, Shirley Taylor, Bill Rankin. First Row: Ray Bergston, Betty Green, Donald Soren- son, Helen Taylor, lunior Stotts, Norma Ruthe Rosen- dale, lohn Klamm, Anita Newhard, Marvin Murphy, Chris Davison. cglopfiorrzozsa HAROLD MAYSE--President BOB MAYSE-Vice-president MARY WlLLlAMS-Secretary The sophomore passengers are just completing one ot the roughest phases of their high school trip. As juniors, flying conditions should prove more favorable although headaches await them. They must assume the financial and entertainment burdens of honoring next y'ear's disembark- ina seniors. Top Row: Thurston Smith, lerry Arnold, Keith Blann, Martha Alpert, Billy McClanchan, Doris Shields, Floyd Patten, Imogene Bailey, 'Wilma Morrison, Bill Kephart. Fourth Row: Florene Keckler, Leroy Otis, Martha Braden, Burdell Clayton, Pat Fuson, Duane Hock- man, Pat Wright, Marvin Lineberry, Mary Williams, Douglas Harlan. Third Row: Norman Ballard, Eileen Iohannes, Keith Ellstrom, Alice Hamilton, Clifford Hensley, Thelma ,J Thomas, Ronald Bradhurst, lean Nickell, Richard Stanhart, Carol Cundiff. Second Row: Margie Abbott, Ernest Lee Bush, Doris Zeller, Harold Mayse, Lois Silar, Don Mansfield, lune Royston, Don Miller, Nelda Shelton, Dan Hark- ms. First Row: Anita Morrison, Richard Wilson, Rose Kalebaugh, Richard Sutterby, Rosie Deere, Walter Collins, Jeanette Swindell, lack Hough, Margie Car- son, Bob Mayse. , 0. - ...- , f , -i 'T x 3 TOP PICTURE Top Row: Bob Sinclair, Barbara Boner, Don Frazier, Mary Lou Anderson, Milton Stock, Anita McPike, lack Hatiield, Wanda Beckman, L. M. Guthrie, Sallie Kingsborough. Fourth Row: LaVerne Loomis, Robert Lehman, Mary Ann Ameel, Grant Parrott, Patty Peters, Edwin Hamil- ton, Frances Willis, Charles Stevenson, lackie Dren- non. Third Row: Melvin Lewis, Shirley Naylor, lohn Coley, Donna Lee, lack Richart, Lucille Krueger, Dee Bron- sen, Peggy Rhoades, Ichn Teale, Phyllis Dugan, Miss McGonigle. Second Row: Anne-tta Brenner, Richard Edmonds, Shirley Faubion, Iimmy Long, Mina Maloy, Fred Deckman, Thelma Thomas, George Eubinger, lean Caraway, Bob Diltz, Shirley Ellis. First Row: Donald Lawrence, loyce Koch, Marvin Smith, Loretta Duncan, Bruce Bowles, Gloria Stribling, Earl Smith, Maxine Vogel, Arthur Nichols. MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Robert Hamby, lim Ashby, lerry Lou Batch- ellor, Howard Miller, Darlene Fleischauer, Merle Tal- bot, Doris Stein, Dick Wolverton, Louise lones, Gene Elliott. , Fourth Row: ludy Harris, Elaine Green, Craig' Grow, Donna Bordon, Ben Kelly, Bonita Brown, Dallas Divelbiss, Dcrothy Evans, Billy Parks, Mina lane Reed. Third Row: Margaret Norris, Gene Bossart, Paul Vtfebb, Delores Sorenson, Pat Saunders, Gloria Camp- bell, Delbert Robb, Beverly Mendenhall, Francis Robb. Second Row: I: T. Haldiman, Mary Linan, Alfred O'Laughlin, lenny Falls, Lowell Rush, Norma Shet- tield, limfny Crouch, lean Ferry, Darl Benner, Dorothy Ballew. First Row: Ann Guilkey, Bill Wilson, Florence Knoth, Dean Konomos, Allene Schleininger, Walter Hoye, Reiko lwamoto, Sammy Phipps, Martha Klamm, Rob- ert Landram. BOTTOM PICTURE Top ROW: Claudine Scott, Harold Ferry, George Car- ter, loe Wheat, Gertrude Sorenson, Fred Pickett, Gene McNeary, lerry Goucher, Patricia Duholery, Leveda Scobbe, Donald Burton. Third Row: Mary Bowser, loe Stuner, Ralph Honey- cutt, Theta Foley, George Thatcher, Nora Mitchell, Allen Humphreys, Shirley Turpin, lames Loos, Mari- lyn Stainborn, Miss Frantz. Second Row: Alice Smith, lunior Minor, Patty Shan- non, Wayner Smith, Mary Louise Nelson, Ruth Burns, Gladys Gilliland, Teddy McCoy, Shirley White, Mel- vin l-lodge, Theora Mauzey. First Row: Amy Faye lohnson, Marvin Pool, Kitty Gooch, Victor Fletcher, Mary Lou Miller, Earl French, Margaret Herberger, lunior Workman, Christine Thompson, Delbert Haynes, Shirley Laswell. ..3 3- ,, ,. .. -.....,.. .,..-........... ....l. , .:g,p ,.f. .. ,f, ..6... .....,. ..,. ... ..., ,.,.. ' . 1 i 51 2 WMM, LZ1..v-tb. I .768 155, 2172522 The freshmen are eager for the next leg of their journey to begin. Then they can move forward in the cabin and occupy the seats reserved for senior high school passengers. With the privileges accompanying their newly acquired status in senior high must come new duties as well. TOP PICTURE Top Row lohn Mlschlich Ruth Havener George Sorenson Mary Davis Douglas Harlan loyce Car ruthers Paul Iones Bobby Werline lames Grainger Betty Pike Fourth Row Kath rine Skinner Ronald Balkey Pa Dahm lames Ray Wilson Helen Bost Richard Stock Norma Bodenhamm r Audrey Barron Warren Hadley Mary McKinney Third Row Vernon Powell Elva Canady lack Over felt Bet'y McKown Lowell Taylor Pat Esker loe Wloigan Bonnie Gibson Rosalie Taylor Freeda Blair neice F1 her Charles Shipman Nancy Palmer Don ald Brown Lee Ann Leonard Richard Slatos Betty ounts Ervin Thompson First Row limmy Brenner Fern Parker lerry Els fnirg Doris Dibben Harold 'Wagner 'Vivian Zu'nwalt Gary Sipe Bonnie Haworth George Nelson Pat Hendricks BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row Gladys Paul Georgia Simon luanita lohnson Third Row Robert l-lurshey Plryllis Giardina Roland Williams Kenneth Holman Donald LIVGSY Clifford Sloan Bobby Nichols Raymond Holloway Ralph Peabody Roslta Wade Second Row lune Barney Vincent Zumwalt Dona Burton Delbert Mcliown Wilma Morris Lloyd Carter Danny Eberts First Row Vincent Calloway Julia Shaw Charles Low Mary Swafford lohn Colgate Elizabeth Strob be William Griffith Barbara Stone lunior Wayman F y Swan DD f , l I, ' l a 'f l l l t l l , 1 ,A P, .- v t ' S, ' 1 1 , r ' ' ' 1 1 I I I I - 1 1 1 1 ' : , ' ' s, ' ' : ' e' ' , , t - I l I I 1 I I . , u I 1 1 9 1 1 F 1 . . ' . ' . . 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . e ' ' ' ' M 3 - 1 - 1 1 1 -1 1 ' , , I L I I Second Row: Doris Foster, Larry Carmichael, Ber- Guengerich, Betty Cooper, limmy Whitlock, Lucille .' 'si , 1 ' , 1 ' 1 - - 7 7 I ' 1 . - j X, - i 2 1 1 1 . Q A . , Q 'I I I ' : ' , 1 ' 1 ' ' A 1 -J 1 ' - 1 1 I ' ' I A , ' r 1 .. U . y gy ,L , I3 Dol: Y 1 . ,.. . .. X .tt ,....t. Q. vs .. r -. s- l My w TOP PICTURE Top Row: David Howard, Henry Miller, Barbara Roberson, Leo Wise, Lloyd Waller, Howard Coons, Waneta Vtfinkler, Raymond Otis, Tommy Gunselman, loe Evans. Fourth Row: Betty Epperson, Mary Duncan, David Brauninger, Barbara Ianzen, Marthaine Brown, lane l-ludlemeyer, Madison Vfinckler, loan Hudlemeyer, Elva Carr, Phyllis Cain. Third Row: Frances Miller, Bill Huesgen, Gloria Smith, Arthur Smith, Donna Campbell, Bob Payne, Gloria Sappeniield, lack Palmer, Donna Kemper, lames Fahey. Second Row: Don Raley, Eva Bradley, Elmer MCG-uire, Shirley Huonker, Bill Reeder, Edna Mae Sciolaro, Benny Aaron, Dorothy Palmer, Fred Logston, Mary Sue Maloney. First Row: Catherine Green, Eldon Arnold, loyce Scott, Donald Smith, Dorothy White, Alfred May, Ioyce Buck, Marvin Layton, Shirley Bush, Lowell Heinz. A MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Lauralyn Holt, Edwin Leslie, Geraldine Vogel, Ralph Piburn, Doris Davis, Lloyd Brown, Mary Sue Alpert, Bill Krohne, Elizabeth Boles, 'William Coakley. Fourth Row: Bill Milsap, Norma Peai-man, Henry Holtman, Mary Fuller, Dale Duncan, Phyllis Maylen, Ray Simpson, Genivie Stewart, Wayne Swetnarn, Marilyn Knorp. Third Row: Virginia Clint, lim Crenshaw, Mary Smith, Zack Colt, Geraldine Fausett, limmy Creason, Pat Storr, Charles McMullen, loyce Packer, Elmer Slates. Second Row: Barbara Rhoades, Eddie McCollum, Na- dine Simpson, Bob Corbett, Hazel McGinnis, Eugene Reese, Norma Foley, Richard Burkhart, Ramona Cov- ington, Howard Shurback. First Row: loe Miles, Mary Lou Miller, Gerald Gor- man, Betty Curtis, Milton l-lill, Roberta McCall, Ray- mond Kurek, Corrine Lehman, Raymond Adams, Sharon Mitchell. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Don Eugene Hinkle, lo Ann Martin, Jimmy Gillilan, Mary lane Foster, Billy Cordes, Helen Vtfil- son, limmy Payton, Donna Cox, LaVerne Lake, Rose Alice Linder. Third Row: Ethel Nicholson, Eugene McKoWn, Betty Farrell, Jimmy Smith, Edith Giardina, Gerald Rankin. Ruth Daniel, Leon Fisher, Gladys Paul, Riley Brown. Second Row: Sonny Yeager, Lavonne McGuire, Ardyce Evans, Betty lackson, Winford Davis, Shirley Holladay, Paul Batchellor, Betty Iustus, Basil Sieck- man, Nan Foster. First Row: Che-ralyn Linville, lames Carman, Edna Terry, Ronald Nalley, Mary lane Rodenburg, LeRoy Cowan, Dorothy Marks, Clarence Finley, Lanelle Baskin, Bob Alvis. l l l l l l l l l l l l .1 e -. ff A . ZLL' A A ..,. ...,- - .,.,.. . .. - ,,........... ..4- -- .........,.g. F... gi gig gm 5 These are the "first riders." They enplaned at the last two stops. As is common with passengers on their first air trip, a few of them were a little airsick at first. They felt rather lost, too: but now they're straightened out and ready to settle back for a thoroughly enjoyable and profitable journey. TOP PICTURE Top Row: Pat Wolverton, Roger Walker, Martha Gas- Wint, Glenna Hough, Dean Dobson, Wendel Bosen- baugh, Ace Martin. Fourth Row: Keith Stout, Davie Webb, Bob Coffman, David Williams, Bob Bliss, Hugh Brown, Albert Hig- gins, Leonard Ladd, Miss Mary McClintock-. Third Row: Billie Doyle, Bill Hendrickson, lim Bal:- erts, Opal Brentlinger, Mary Ann Cole, Forrest Greer, lr., lune Falls, Bonnie Boberts. Second Bow: Lowell Williamson, Donna Sue Black, laneane Campbell, Bobbie Snyder, Ben Bernie Mann, Bill Pruett, limmy Loar, Laverne French, Barbara Phillips. First Row: Eddie Warner, Marlin Hill, Don Hamilton, Beverly Cundiff, Beverly Morrow, Nina Staggs, Carc- fine Thomas, Fred Mynatt. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Danny Webb, David Starina, Theresa Span- bauer, Barbara Cooper, Marion Cheek, Gene Rush, Myron Cocoran, Robert Van Horn. Fourth Row: Carol Burkhart, Dick McGrath, Dick Pistole, Bob Mouncastle, Buth Williams, Raymond Klass, Ronald Lindberg, lohn lones. Third Bow: Paul Sharitz, Carl Buckley, Norma Calla- han, lva Ruth Knierim, Fontella Winkler, Keith Bar- row, Dean Kendle, Miss Lena Drinkwater. Second Row: Mary Frances Evans, Eva lo Trimmer, Ruth Chinn, Lavita Porter, Norma Freeman, lrnogene Blyth, Betty Allen, lean Farrington, Dean Benner, Basil Simpson. First Row: Bob Mynatt, Mary Lou Buckley, Anastasia 'Jv'ise, Bob Cordell, lim Pirtle, Dick ivliller, limmie Flanary, june lwamoto, Lester Perry. ...t1... .,.g.,...-Q-g:.f4..-, ,. .....,..., ...,.,,..,..:7n-...gig-a,.. .:. aa.- .,..f-..:g,.. 5:-Q-,A A 4FiF. f-:mrg e ? .,af ar:4+-a maqe- ..-..-. - TOP PICTURE Top Row: Beatrice Gillespie, Donald Pinel, Ioe Cheesebrough, Mary Spanbauer, loan Allen, Lewis lohnson, Don Deckard, Emmett Anderson, Bill Kester, Charles Heinz. Third Row: Gary Brown, Patty McNaughton, Marilyn Maack, Larry Perry, Earl Mathews, Dick Webb, Douglas McCammon Cdeceasedl, Bruce Davison, Ioan Fox. Second Row: Miss Garnet Howard, Paul Knick, Wal- ter Maloy, Nancy Annis, Virginia Cox, Shirley Pea- body, Betty McGill, Delores Dickerson, Wilton Murphy. First Row: Bobby Bradley, Ioan Spencer, Norman Allen, Key Robertson, Franklin Hornby, Dale Combs, Art Wegert, Merle Thomas. MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Mabel Shields, Bonnie Cavin, Earl Iustus, Dorothy Scrimsher, Dorothy Loar, Shirley Iones, Bill Stradinger, Pat Thompson. Third Row: Mr. Hoch, Andre Boschert, R. D. Kemper, Bill Main, Eddie McCollum, Robert Slates, Gene Davis, Harold Klein, Nancy Miller. Second Row: Bill Hawker, Gene Thompson, Iames Pemberton, Robert Schmidt, Eldon Patterson, Ger- aldine Smotherman, Peggy McPherson, George cle Haven. First Row: Bobby Buckler, Frankie Roush, Geraldine Swenson, Shirley Pancake, Karole lo Berry, Gay McBride, Kenneth Witteman, Max Lynch. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Rosemary Allen, Norma Roberts, Mildred Cantrell, Adelia O'Dell, Leta Humphrey, Dorothy Haug, Gilbert Divelbiss, lean Hoffman. Third Row: David Procter, Wanda Dowell, Wilma Stokes, Nora Sears, Roy Logan, Iunior Sears, Benny Allen, Harvey 'White, Mrs. lessie Mae Moore. Second Row: Ioyce Brentlinger, Donnie Eaton, Beverly Dougan, Arlene Black, Phyllis Burton, Billy Ed- wards, Harold France, Billy Consolver, McGee Evans. First Row: Ralph Harris, Donald Neabo, Georgia Hough, Marjorie Tuttle, Bobby Himmelberg, Billie Evans, Charles Guilkey, Donald Gunselrnan. ...421 . . . .. .. ............,.......i......,L....,ax-:D.s::...f....L......-.,.....,.f.15..a,...- -3fr., ,. - ' ,r. , f . ' . .W ,, -U, , v i -A' - A ' A iw! i W I f, f 'Q Maw., QA Sfucfsfzf Body .qbfcaaicfanf Betty Wilkerson is the head of the personnel department of the N.K.C. airline. Betty was elected to the office of Student Council president in the spring of l946. She presides at all assemblies and at the general meetings of the council. 1 1 Betty is the first girl to hold the oifice of student body president since 1936. Bob Yates is vice-president. 2 V ,. 4,-if a fpugflc c,Q.f-.zfafiolza The representatives of the Student Council are the coordinators between the Board of Di- rectors, the passengers, and all Who are employed in keeping the airline functioning- in good order. The Student Council might well be called the Personnel department. . ,These students are also responsible for keeping at its highest the name of the school. They installed this year a system of hall monitors, they sponsored locker clean-ups, a plan for assem- loly seating, and drives for a more beautifully-kept campus. The club acts under its own constitution and acts upon the constitution of any newly-organized clubs Within the school. V Miss Amelia Keller is the sponsor of the Student Council. Top Row: Wayne Croy, George Watkins, Billy Io Watson, Annetta Brenner, Ioyce Anne Koch. Alexander, Bob Yates, Dick Wolverton, Elaine Green, Eva B1-Gd19y, jean Caraway. First Row: Betty 'Wilkerson, Shirley Davis, lean Ger- ard, Donna Van Zandt, loyce Buck, Nan Foster, Loye Second Row: Bolo Black, Charles Steenstry, Richard Clark. C --'- --S---1 .- .,.....,.... .,........,.... -..-nf.,-. . .,...... ... - ............,.. .......,. ..,.... - .-...-.......-.,.,,,, .. 5 f W 4: K.C. the ings ince Q! - gains President ,.,,,,,,,,,, Shirley Davis Vice-president .... Betty Wilkerson Secretary ............ Nancy HGDIY Treasurer ........ Glo Deen Frazier Sponsor .,..,... Miss Bernita Isley TOP PICTURE YTeen Cubmet Top Row Shlrley Sayles Lola Hrcks Ona Freclen burg Pat Fuson Betty 'VlcKeehan Ioan Burnldge lflelba Cantrell lean Crrarol Norma Buthe Bosendale l-lalhe Frsher Mary Fuller Mrna lane Reed Second Row Mrss lsley Glo Deen Prazrer Nancy Henry Dorrs West Beverly Burroughs BGUY lO Gld oens Anrta Newhard Eva Bradley G rmarne Strobbe Wrlma Lexus Pat Foster Betty Wllkerson Frrst Row Margaret Strobbe Lorene Koch Lots lean Scott Shrrley Davrs Mary Francs Maack Ioyce Nell Buck Norma D rster Lo etta Duncan Barbara Lucy Ioy e Koch BOTTOM PICTURE Semor YTeens Top Row Lourse Cowoen Dorothy Rose Betty Leslle lrma Buchta Martha Harrrs Iean Stuckl Betty W1l htm on l-lelen Bhrpyo Erna 'Wllllams Carol Platt Mable Stomp Manon Wllson Echth Carey loan Burnldge Fourth Row Roberta Feaster Shrrley Srmonrn Pat Bu ton Dorothy Smotn rman Patsy Morgan Bonrta I-Tamrlton Iean Compton Mary Iaclcson Ioan Mclnt1re Anrta Fcllrver Ona Fredenburg lane Fox Jean Alv1s Laura Sharrg Echth Beaumont Thxrd Row Mrss Mary Bak r Mary Lou M1lum Col leen Thomas Rosalrne Baker Betty Arnsworth Lors Smyth Mary Lou T-lanks Kathleen OLaughl1n Mar dell Hulen Peggy Martln Vrrgmra Shea Shrrley oayles Annelle Lrnvrlle Norma Duncan Glorra Nor rs Second Row Betty Knox Betty Upson Marore Pack Bernrta l-hll Betty Wrlkerson Lorene Koch Smrley Davrs Helen Slmmons Pat McCall Hallre Flsher Della Foster Glona Nedblake Barbara I-ieyrng Nancy Henry Iarel Dear Ward Glo Deen Fraz1er ter Ann Glec ler Betty Pruett Iessre Webb Leo' Hensley Eh abeth Antes Pat Blarr Margaret Strom Mary Ann Knrerrm Margre Thomas Barbara Call wav Barbara Lucy Betty Io Grddens - r , ' ' ' , I . I . , D . A 1 . V 1 1 : ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 A 1 ' , 1 1 1 1 1 i v l 1 1 ' 1 Y I 1 . t' l, 1' , 1 - A 1 l . , V ' ' ' I ' ' ' ' 1: ' . . - ' -' 1 1 : , 1 I . , v . - 4, U 1 1 I ' I I ' ' I . I ' 9 ' , ' A - I. . . . ' . ' . 1 - 11 l 1 ' : 1 I 1 1 I .T , l ' V 1 1 I I . A , 1 - 1 A . - , 1 - 1 4 ' - l 1 1 I 1 I - 1 - ' I , .49 , . l . . 1 ' I - I Beverly Burroughs Dorothy Kalebaugh, Patsy Helm, First Row: Norma Randle, Leora Porter, Norma Derse I . I ' I ', - , li , . . , .G X . 4 - - gt, -1 S I 1 ,Q - QQI 1 , , , z , P , - I .- I - I ' , 1 9 r, , ,ua- . A A V ' ' JUNIOR Y-TEENS Top Row: Christine Davison, loyce Mundorfi, Barbara Robinson, Marilyn Little, Mildred Hague, Bonnie Miller, Vivian Williams, Ioan Darby, Suzanne Carinder, Pat Vest, Frances Cowan, Roberta Gifford, Phyllis King, Billie Willowby, Ioanne Spanbauer, Ellen McLaughlin, Di- ane Templeton. Fourth Row: Norma Ruthe Rosendale, Marjorie Michaels, Doris West, Betty McKeehan, Lola Hicks, Melba Haynes, Louetta Haley, Beatrice Hamblen, Helen Taylor, Melba Cantrell, Anita Newhard, B-ernice Huiirnan, Pat Plumb, leanne Biggs, lean Girard, Ioan O'Brien, Shirley Taylor, Norma Eklund. Third Row: Geneva Lawrence, Sharon Wilson, Lila Kelly, Anna Samborski, Laura Littlejohn, Dorothy Smith, Mary Ellen Anderson, Ruth Katka, Peggy Weckman, Eileen West, Georgia Simmons, Betty Green, Lorene Thompson, Billie Nesbit, Martha Sue Nowlin, Betty Carmichael, Kathleen Ready, Pauline Harris. Second Row: Francis Butler, Donna Van Zandt, lane Leonard, Gertrude Thompson, Mary Gladys Fletcher, Yvonne Yeager, Peggy Fox, Harriet Burton, Helen Rhodus, Vera Harris, Norma McCarty, Bonnie Schultz, lane Knierim, Vona Mae Kennedy, Barbara Stradinger, Ger- maine Strobbe, Marilyn Shook. First Row: Juanita Carroll, Mary Nell Vtfeber, Claire Childers, Pat Williams, Mary Schoenick, Peggy Paugh, Kathleen Prunty, Rowena Balkey, Neoma Cowan, Carol Norris, Lulu Blythe, Hazel Stuteville, Doris Amos, Lois Lean Scott, Mary Frances Maack, Pat Foster, Wilma Iean ewis. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Top Row: Doris Zeller, Marjorie Abbott, Alice Hamilton, lean Nickell, Patty Peters, Mildred Good, Eileen lo- hannes, Mary Williams, Pat Wright, Pat Fuson, Pat Dulohery, Florence Keckler, Imogene Bailey, Wilma Mor- ris, Doris Shields, Jerry Arnold, Mary Alpert. Fourth Row: Florence Knoth, Iune Royston, Lois Siler, Rosalind Deere, leannette Swindell, Margie Carson, Iudy Harris, lerry Lou Bacheller, Darline Fleishauer, Rose Kalebaugh, Doris Stein, Elaine Green, Donna Borden, Bonita Brown, Dorothy Evans, Alberta Bower. Third Row: Mina Malloy, Gloria Campbell, Mary Linan, lenna Lee Falls, lean Terry, Dorothy Bellew, Florence Knoth, Eillene Schleininger, Reiko lwamoto, Martha Klamm, Gertrude Sorenson, Anita McPike, Frances Willis, Wanda Beckman, Sally Kingsborough, Lucille Kruger, lackie Drennan. Second Row: Miss Mingus, Shirley White, Thelma Thomas, Shirley Faubion, Peggy Rhoades, Phyllis Dougan, An- netta Brenner, Shirley Turpen, Christine Thompson, Norma Mitchell, Theda Foley, Maxine Vogel, Shirley Ellis, Mary Anne Ameel, Patty Peters, Mary Lou Ander- son, Barbara Boner, Claudine Scott, Shirley,Naylor. First Row: Gloria Stribling, Laveda Scobbe, Donna Lee, Margaret Herberger, Gladys Gilliland, Ioyce Koch, Joyce Scott, lean Caraway, Mary Bowser, Patty Shannon, Norma Darnell, Alice Smith, Kitty Gooch, Shirley Lass- well, Theora Mauzey, Mary Lou Miller, Patricia Dulohery, Norma Sheffield. FRESHM RN Y-TEENS Top Row: Lauralyn Holt, Geraldine Vogel, Mary Lou Wilson, Mary Alpert, Doris Davis, Mary Lou Fuller, Norma Pearman, Norma Foley, Phyllis Maylen, Pat Storr, Elizabeth Bowles, Marilyn Knorp, Virginia Clint, Gloria Sappentield, Edna Sciolaro, Frances Miller, Don- na Campbell, Mary Smith, Shirley Bush. Fourth Row: Loye Clark, Bonnie Gibson, Ethel Nicholson, Betty Farrell, Roberta McCall, Phyllis Cain, Joyce Packer, Mathaine Brown, Geraldine Fausett, Donna Kemper, Cor- rine Lehman, Elva Carr, Waneta Winkler, Ioan Hudle- meyer, lane Hudlemeyer, Katherine Skinner, Barbara lantzen, Freeda Blair, Eva Bradley, Miss Essig. Third Row: Patricia Dahm, Dorothy Palmer, Betty Pike, Frances Garwood, Barbara Robinsony Lanelle Baskin, Shirley Bush, Mary McKenney, loyce Buck, Dorothy White, Rosalie Taylor, Elva Canaday, Betty Iackson, Pat Esker, Shirley Holliday, Nanie Foster, Betty Iustus, Ber- niece Fisher, Mary Alice Davis, Lee Ann Leonard, La- Vonne McGuire. Second Row: loyce Carothers, Betty Counts, Donna Cox, Phyllis Giardina, Mary Beller, Norma Bodenhammer, Fern Parker, Mary Duncan, luanita Iohnson, Ruth Haven- er, Helen Bost, Pat Hendricks, Nancy Palmer, Bonnie Hayworth, Edna Terry, Cheralyn Linville, Mary lane Rocienberg, lune Barney, Miss Frantz. First Row: Rosita Wade, Sharon Mitchell, Catherine Green, loyce Scott, Hazel McGinnis, Barbara Rhoacles, Georgia Simons, Vivian Zumwalt, Dorothy Marks, Lu- cille Carter, Edith Giardina, Donna Burton, Mary Swat- ford, Wilma Morris, Betty McKown, Betty Strobbe, Bar- bara Stone, Fay Swan. ...Agg-,. -....- .i .,.V g,.,.-uf:.gQa-L.f, ' -...... . va 1..:..e '. .. .,. ' . .., ,. ,. . ' . -' . . ' f ' - ' ' , .- ,.....,.....--....,.........m.........,. ........ .......r4....... 1 .. , ,M . , , , , .. ,.....--, .....-.......-. --. .- t ...J The Hi-Y is the Y-Teen counterpart organization. The promotion of high standards of Christian living, within the school and community is the aim of this group. The Hi-Y is an af- filiate of the Y.M.C.I-X. General Hi-Y officers are: Paul Todd, president: Chuck Steenstry, vice-president, Hu- bert Chinn, secretary. Presidents of the chapters are: Dick Roberts, senior chapter, Richard Watson, junior chap- ter, Dick Wolverton, sophomore chapter: Lloyd Brown, freshman chapter. TOP PICTURE HI Y Cabinet Top Row Mr Porter Price Mr Nelson Kerr Ed Sim mons Mr l-lerlfert Schooling Mr L O Ef1CkSOD Richard Meyer Mr Forrest Greer Dick Roberts Second Row Charles Parrott Hubert Chinn Paul Todd lim ,Ashby Lloyd Brown O ville Williams Mr Paul Chappell Mr Clark Pe guson Fu-51 Row B111-Y Reeder Dick Wolverton Gene El Tenm Charles bteenstry Mr MGIYOII Hoch BOTTOM PICTURE Semor H1 Y Top Row Ed Simmons Lawrence Earls Daryl Dob son lames Ccakrey F d Seikman Kenneth Bake Franklin Lantz Mr Richard Meyer Third Row D1 k Roberts Norman Klein Morqai Car way Don Zurbuch n Charles Prather Merle 'Walker Roy Hornbuckle 'Wayn Croy Raymond France Second Row Roy Haines De Harri lake Bowles Orville Williams Paul Todd Dick Sutton Bol. Bcr y Hubert Ch1nn Bob Yates F1rstRow Bob Huck Doyle Winkler R D Vt.71I'1lO1 ler Charles Parrott Bob Black Sonny Parsons Alxir 'Vlfest Bob Devlinq Charles Steenstr t , , ' , re ' , f r, , I , , ,J r ' , . . . ' , MY. ' I ' I ' . ' 1 'R I - "' . C , , L O- , 9 I , 1 : , l 4 , 9 , . I -A A I , r , r . I ' . 9 'S, . . . . . N T V ' : ' - , ' I ' ' ' liott, Billy lo Alexander, Richard Watson, Harold - - I - 1 I N 2 , , . . ,J Q' s , - - , . ' , I , . . Y. .-47.- TOP PICTURE Top Row: Marvin Murphy, Dale Divelbiss, lame-s Klamm, Bud Rich, Billy Joe Alexander, Melvin Lantz, Ioe Vanclepopuliere. Second Row: Porter Price, Walter Burton, loe Darby, Don Summers, Iohn Klarnm, Richard Watson, lohn Sorenson, L. O. Erickson, First Row: Benny Barrera, Harold Tennis, Bill Her- berger, Gerald Cleaver, Iohn Allen Evans, Kenny Edmonds. MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Mr. Nelson Kerr, Ben Kelly, Burdell Clay- ton, Douglas Harlan, Thurston Smith, Floyd Patton, Billy McClanahan, Bill Kephart. Third Row: Dean Konomos, Merle Talbot, Bob Mayse, Gene Elliott, Dick Wolverton, Iirn Ashby, Ernest Bush. Second Row: Bruce Bowles, Earl Smith, Bill Parks, Delbert Robb, Walter Collins, Richard Wilson, Billy Wilson. First Row: Iunior Workman, Arthur Nichols, Melvin Hodge, Richard Edmonds, Fred Pickett, Donald Law- rence, lerry Goucher. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Ioe Evans, Wayne Swetnam, Lloyd Brown, John Wright, Elmer Slates. Third Row: Clark Ferguson, Tom Gunselman, Ierald Gorman, Iames Fohey, David Brauniger, Henry Miller, Ray Simpson, Bob Corbett. Second Row: Audrey Barrow, Bill Reeder, Erwin C. Thompson, loe Morgan, Madison Winkler, Lowell Heinz, Raymond Otis, Raymond Kurek, Merton Koch. First Row: Ronald Williams, Eugene McKown, Bob Nichols, Bill Cordes, Charles Shipman, Larry Car- michael, George Nelson, larold Wagner, Iimmy Brenner. . ., .....,,.. ...-,.:...,... ....--...,..r-....,..........-.A -... 4.1eL,:.-a..f. .....,.. .cn , , ,, ,.- " . ,' .J ,, . " , ' . ' , . f ' ' , . Cli UE 0.124 90,08 I I We find among the passengers of our airliner the members ot the Masque and Gavel Club. This is an organization of national scope. lt is a coveted honor to those who labor for correct speech and who excell in dramatics. TOP ROW: Bob Huck, R. D. Winbigler, Miss Mildred Simmons, Betty Io Giddens, Hallie Fisher. Fulton, Morgan Caraway, Robert Yates, Dick Sutton. First Row: Miss Emma IO MCKQIHY Betty Wilkerson Second Row: Nancy Henry, Glo Deen Frazier, Helen Shirley Davis, Gloria Nedblake. Lbsgais Top Row: Ioan Burnidge, larnes Barnett, Merle Walk- etta Haley, Christine Davidson, Ona Fredenburg er, Howard Sidney Morton, Erna Williams, lerry Melba lean Cantrell, Mardell Hulen. Bfifldlef CGIO1 Phill- First Row: Betty Knox, Lorene Koch, Shirley Davis Second Row: Miss Emma Io Mclierny, Bob Huck, Lu- Betty Io Giddens, Norma Eklund, Rosaline Baker. The Debate Club had a very active year under the piloting of Flight Instructor Mcliemy. ln keeping with the spirit of the airship, Owl, the debaters flew to the tournament in Topeka. The Northwest District debate tournament Was held Within the Walls ot our own school the last week of February. The national question Was: "Resolved, that the federal govern- ment shall provide a system of complete medical care available to all persons at public ex- pensef' -49- Diasziifad Lgccufzafionf D.O. is a class ot students working part time, who wish to gain experience in the working world. This program is under the supervision of Mr. Forrest Greer. Buzz .Staff This is the organization responsible for the publication oi the I-lornet's Buzz and that clever little ditty, Time Out. They kept the dirt flying constantly and passed on first-hand intorrna- tion such as who said what to whom and Why. The editors tor the first semesterwere Paul Todd and lane Fox. They were succeeded by Norma Buthe Bosendale and Ioe Darby. 5 TOP PICTURE Top Row: lunior Stotts, Truman Murphy, George Mor- rison, Merle Walker, Bill Kidd, Laurence Earls, Charles West, Eddie Ellstrom, Martha Harris, Doyle Wells. Third Row: Barbara Robinson, Raymond France, Mar- vin Murphy, Leonard Morris, Bob Davidson, David Brown, Earl Walker, Patsy Helm, Peggy Wood, Gloria Norris, Mr. Forrest Greer. Second Row: Betty Ainsworth, Lois Smyth, Gerald Cleaver, Ted Kinstler, Patsy Morgan, Dorothy Smother- man, Roberta Feaster, Pat Burton, Shirley Simonin. First Row: Norma Randle, Betty Marks, Betty Pruett, Maxine West, Tommy Reese, Shirley Bellew, Mary .1-'tnn Knierirn, Benny Barrera, Shirley Sayles. W -,0- BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Boy l-lornbuckle, Paul Todd, Bob Berry, Miss Mildred Fulton, Elmer Bosenbaugh, lim Churchill, Helen Shippee, Dale Divelbiss. Third Row: lane Fox, Mary lackson, Lola l-licks, Betty lo Giddens, Chris Davison, loan Darby, leanne Stucki, loe Darby. Second Row: Peggy Paugh, Shirley Davis, Gloria Nedblake, Earl King, leanne Biggs, Norma Bosen- dale, Ona Fredenburg, Pat McCall. ' First Row: Margie Thomas, Barbara Callaway, Mar- garet Strobbe, Charles Steenstry, Frankie Maack, Lorene Koch, Mary Schoenick. - 6"'? i ---4v--vv -+- M-- .--.1-.... .. - Y . - ----.-..-..-......4.,s... .-. ...-, , L. , . ILL? 'cwziam V TOP PICTURE Top Row: Miss Bereniece Hume, Mary Iackson, Nor- Fisher, lane Fox. ma Eklund, Erna Williams, Dee Harris, Iim Langhus. First Row: Lois lean Scott, Francis Butler, Norma Second Row: Dorothy Kalebaugh, Bonnie Schultz, Pat Burton, Peggy Teegarden, Geneva Stockton, Hallie Deister, Randle, Margaret Strobbe, Mary Lou Milum, Norma 5 c 'L 5 f a 'L L 5 1 BOTTOM PICTURE Fosaline Baker Elaine Green Mina Maloy Norma Top Row Iane Fox Ioan Darby Ieanne Stuckr Bon Ruthe Rosendale n1e Miller Mabel Stomp Ema Williams First Row Doris Amo s Nancy Henry Mary Lou Second Row Miss Amelia Keller Edith Beaumont Mrlum Betty Pruett Berry Knox figure F lfnk fr urn er 5 , glffzi f T T f T -s1- ' 0112562 .fftfsaf Board of Corzbzof , This organization sets up the rules and regulations under which the l-lornet's Nest is main- tained. It is composed of three senior girls, three senior boys, and three faculty advisers. Top Row: Bob Black, Eddie Simmons, Mr. Clyde First Row: Miss Emma IO MCKGIUY, lOCIIl Buf1'1idQ9, Cooper, Charles Steenstry. Hallie Fisher. Helen Simmons, Miss Hilda McConnell. Cfafafazia .facfisa As with any airline, the passengers and crew must be ted and fed well. The staff of cafe- teria ladies has done an excellent job this year, and the healthy students appreciate their fine work. Top Row: Mrs. Ruby Brenton, Mrs. Lenora Barnhart, Mrs. Edna Anderson, Mrs. Grace Royster. Mrs. Milda Norris, Mrs. Pat Crisp. I First Row: Mrs. Mary Jackson, Mrs. Nettie Green Second Row: Mrs. Hettie Davidson, Mrs. Iune Good, leaf, Mrs. Cora Fox, Mrs. Harriett Freeman. -Qi - A .......,................... ...,,....f.s,e,...............4.....d.4,:..,..,....., ' -, Y ,,,, ,: Y ,L L ,N V Third Row: Dallas Divelbiss, Richard Wilson, larnes :Radio This organization represents both the girls and boys of N.K.C. interested in radio. The goal of this group is for each member to receive Top Row: Duane Holcomb, Vance Davis, Douglas Harlan, Kenneth Baker, Thurston Smith, Fred Sieck- man, Phillip Allen. Howard, Bud Oliver, Craig Grow, Walter Ohnesorge. his amateur radio operator's license. Second Row: Iohn Colley, Earl Smith, Joe Ray Davis. Bob Oliver, Doyle Winkler, Bruce Bowles, Jimmy Long. First Row: Mr. Chappell, lean Caraway, Ilene West, Pat Wright, Billie Nesbit, Sallie Kingsborough, Lor- etta Duncan. 256404 The Future rlomemakers Association is an organization for girls at NKC Any g1rl eligible who has taken Horne Economics Top Row Imogene Bailey Doris Shields Frances Cowan Martha Braden Carol Cund1t Rose Kale baugh Pat Storr G rald1ne Fauset Mary Duncan Pauline Nicholson Fourth ROW Ioyce Parker Betty Green Delores Sor enson lane Hudlemeyer Ioan l-ludlemeyer Katherine Skinner Vona Mae Kennedy Miss Mary ESSIQ Third Row Barbara Strad nger Mary Bowser Cau Sayles Baskin Second Barney Norma Bodenhammer Ruth Katka Lanell Dorothy Bellew Row Grace Butler Mary McK1nney lune Doris Dibben 'vlaxme Vogel Patty Shannon Alice Smith Donna Van Zandt Pauleen Thomas Phyllis G1ard1na First Row Rose Giardina Theora Mauzey Neoma Cowan Mary Beller Marte Paul Ruth Dan el Rose Alic Linder 'Wilma Morris Mary Svvaftord I O I : ' , ' ' , I I f ., - . I , t , , - . , 9 ' 3 f 1 . ' , ' l ' I I . I 1 ' I I g , , , ' I ' 1 1 f 1 I ' I ' ' , I V - ' I A ' ' . , ' : 9 I ' , l - I I 1 I i 1 dine Scott, Donna Lee, Colleen Thomas, Shirley i 9 M , - , ' - :la ' 1 mb c ' S' V .4 4 153- l all X l 2 Y , -i ,R V -f-ly yg.qjjj Zn" Tgj . Q' 'zj I' .,: 'g 'v 1.1 --If M-.- .,.. f 1-,.... .,.4 -ug. e3 nuin.,mw ----------v-,,,.,..7...,.. H ,fi Wap Sci uacf 1 An excellent advertisement for the N.K.C. airline is the purple and gold-clad group which leads the cheering at all football and basketball games. The forty-eight girls may also be depended upon to engage in any school activities. Each A, year they take part in the charity drive. ' Ierry Ward is president of this organization. The cheerleaders, who are elected in assembly by the student body, are: Nancy Henry, Chead cheerleaderip Glo Deen Frazier, Hallie Fisher, Doris Jean West, and Gertrude Thompson. Top Row: Carol Platt, Pat Wright, Peggy Martin, Ona Fredenburg, Melba Cantrell, Iean Girard, Anita Newhard, Margie Carson, Elaine Green. Fourth Row: Harriett Burton, Betty Mclieehan, Lola Hicks, Ioan Mclntyre, Mina lane Reed, Anita Colli- ver, Pat McCall, Thelma Thomas, Ioyce Koch. Third Row: Betty Wilkerson, Mary Lou Milum, Lois Scott, Donna Van Zandt, Mary Lou Hanks, Phyllis 1 Dougan, Mary Gladys Fletcher, Yvonne Yeager. Second Row: Miss Mary Cunningham, Peggy Fox Mary Frances Maack, Pauline Thomas, Gloria Ned blake, Ierry Ward, Annetta Brenner, Loretta Dun- can, Iean Caraway, Miss McClintock. First Row: Gertrude Thompson, Doris Iean West Brenda Brenner, Nancy Henry, Glo Deen Frazier Hallie Fisher. 0 4 03-. x -,4- . A . . 1,,,Y, -,-............4....A,,..,...,...,,..,L.e...,.,1-a.m,..5,.b.., nf f x . .. -- ' Y - ...,,,.,h ,, , ,- .,. qw. 1 1 Q. 04. 04. This organization represents the female athletes of the school. Any girl interested in sports and able to pass the test may belong. Its purpose is not only to play games but to promote better sportsmanship. Top Row: Helen Shippee, Ierry Arnold, Martha Har- ris, Peggy Martin, Virginia Shea, Pat Plumb, Ioan O'Brien, Bernice Huffman, Norma Ruthe Rosendale, Rosie Deere, lean Girard. I Third Row: Pat Fuson, Betty McKeehan, Doris West, Gladys Gilliand, Elaine Green, Margie Carson, Yvonne Yeager, Vera Lee Harris, Miss Mary Baker. II " 3 Second Rofw: Loretta Duncan, Hallie Fisher, Ger- maine Strobbe, Thelma Thomas, Ienna Lee Falls, Helen Simmons, Ioyce Koch, Glo Deen Frazier, Nancy Henry. First Row: Margaret Strobbe, Doris Amos, Mary Schoenick, Helen Taylor, Ioan Burnidge, Harriet Bur- ton, Pat McCall, Jean Caraway. Cfuli KLNSL 'N This is an athletic organization for males in N.K.C. Any boy is eligible provided he has lettered in one of the following sports: basketball, football, baseball, or track. Top Row: Bill Pine, Alfred Conway, Howard Daw- mondson, George Watkins, Harold Mayse, Mr. C. C. son, Iim Churchill, Dick Roberts, Dale Divelbiss, Leon Cooper. Turner, Dee Harris, lim KOHOYHOSI Keith Blmm- First Row: Bob Black, Eugene Bastien, lake Bowles, Second Row: Elmer Rosenbaugh, Ed Simmons, Fred Ftalph Swetnam, Leroy Breshears, Earl Dawson, David Sieckman, Ray Sayles, Norman Klein, Ronald Ed- Rapp, Chl-1014 Sleensl-ry: ChC1TleS Rh0C1dS- V ,, ,,, ,,,,4,.....-.e f - -f- . Qe.-,3ea.: - - - --if---f' Y Y f -" Worr- 'Y ' ri' "r r rr' "W 11124-4--If--- v C24 Cafzpsffa C6001 and .cflflaafzigaf Singezif A Cappella Choir, organized this year under the leadership ot Miss Lida Warrick, made its initial appearance in an impressive Thanksgiving program. At the Yuletide DTOQIAUTI1, the Cl'1011' presented the annual Christmas Cantata. During World Fellowship Week this group appeared before the churches oi North Kansas City. i A CAPPELLA CHOIR Top Row: Bay Bergston, Charles Prather, Gene Bas- kin, Merle Vxfalker, Ralph Swetnam, Ernest Bush, Niel Niehouse, Ben Kelly, Hubert Chinn, David Brown, VV'ayne Swetnam, Douglas Harlin, Thurston Smith, Ronald Edmondson, Bill Kephart. Third Row: Martha Alpert, Vona Mae Kennedy, Pat Vest, Charles Parrott, I-lershel Pickens, Tommy Carter, Bill Wilson, Jim Ashby, Earl Dawson, John Cowan, Jimmy Crouch. Grant Parrott, Walter Burton, Marilyn Little, Pat Wright, Phyllis King. Second Row: lrma Buchta, Joyce Mundorft, Rosalind Deere, Lola Hicks, Betty Mclieehan, Mary Frances Maack, Elaine Green, Melba Cantrell, Bernice Huff- man, Kathleen Prunty, Frances Willis, Margie Car- son, Betty Green, Roberta Feaster, Joan Darby, Pat Fuson, Joan Burnidge. First Row: Peggy Bhoads, Carol Norris, Betty Marks, Shirley Faubion, Jean Ferry, Mary Ellen Anderson, Loretta Duncan. Annetta Brenner, Joanne Mclntyre, Betty Ainsworth, Jessie Webb, Shirley Davis, Lois Jean Scott, Francis Butler, Betty Wilkerson, Mina Jane Reed, Sallie Kingsborough. MADRIGAL SINGERS Top Row: Gene Baskin, Charles Prather, Hubert Chinn, Merle Walker, Ralph Swetnam, Earl Dawson, Charles Parrott, Walter Burton, Bob Palmer. Second Row: Pat Vest, Vona Mae Kennedy, Marilyn Little, lrma Buchta, Ona Fredenburg, Betty Green, Joan Burnidge, Phyllis King. First Row: Mary Ellen Anderson, Joanne Mclntyre, Shirley Davis, Betty Wilkerson, Lois Scott, Kathleen Prunty, Shirley Faubion. , .. . .,,, . . -.....-.,............ ,--,,...l,.,,...e............... .e....5.......h:,f.,....-.............,....L4 v ,....... ' .. ,,. . V ., - .' - 4, , V - up NW. -'N , , g TOP PICTURE Top Row: Ierry Arnold, Margie Curtis, Mary Linen, Pris- cilla Logston, W'anda Wolverton, Nora Mitchell, Shirley White, Alene Slaniker, Shirley Simonin, lenna Lee Falls, Theta Foley, Donna Borden, Lila Kelly, Betty Moon, Shirley Bellew, Louise Cowden. Second Row: Virginia Shea, Mary Lou Milum, Marjorie Michaels, Dorothy Smith, Gloria Stribling, Betty Pruett, Bonnie Shultz, Shirley White, ludy Harris, Louise Iones, Mary Iackson, Annelle Linville, Florene Keckler, Mildred Good, Alice Hamilton. First Row: Barbara Boner, Dorothy Evans, Bonita Brown, Mary Bowser, Leola Hensley, Phyllis Dugan, Reiko lwa- moto, Betty Knox, Faye Iohnson, Iuanita Carrel, Shirley Lasswell, Beverly Gover, Donna lean Lee, Shirley Ellis, Emma Lou Dowell. MIDDLE PICTURE Top Row: Phyllis Maylen, Elizabeth Boles, Mary Lou Wilson, Patricia Storr, Virginia Clint, Catherine Green, jane Hudlemeyer, luanita lohnson, Dorothy Palmer, Dorothy White, Barbara Rhodes, Gloria Sappeniield, loyce Anne Packard, Sharon Mitchell, Hazel McGinis, Marilyn Knorp, LaVerne Loomis. Second Row: Ruth Havener, Betty Counts, Patricia Dahm, Edna Terry, Germaine Strobbe, Shirley Bush, Phyllis Giordiiio, Bernice Fisher, Bonnie Haworth, Freicla Blair, LeAnne Leonard, Betty Iackson, Dorothy Marks, Shirley Huoneker, Norma Foley, Eva Bradley. First Row: Lanell Baskin, Ioyce Carothers, Pot Esker, Lucille Carter, Betty Cooper, Betty Strobbe, Barbara Stone, Faye Swan, Iulia Shaw, Mary Ann Knierim, Mar- garet Strobbe, Patricia Hendricks, Frances Garwood, Georgia Simons, Mary lane Rodenberg, Lois Smythe. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Leroy Otis, Donald Burton, Dan l-larkins, Leonard Morris, Frank Goodman, Bob Deltz, Ioe Steiner, Clarence Hellebuyck, Harold Mayse, Howard Painter, Iames Shipman, Gerald Culp, Delbert McOsker, Walter Ohnesorge, Floyd Patten, Melburne Lantz, Iohn Taylor. Fourth Row: Henry Miller, Bill Millsap, George Nelson, Donald Summers, George Thatcher, David Miller, Iimmy Brenner, Alired Girard, Arthur Nichols, Roland Williams, Iames Whitlock, lames Klamm, Bill Huesgen, Alan Guth- rie, Milton Hill, Third Row: Frances Cowan, Martha Harris, Helen Ship- pee, Claire Childers, Beatrice Hamblen, Naomi Cowan, Rowena Balkey, Harriet Burton, lane Leonard, Leora Porter, lvlardell Hulen, Christine Davison, Marilyn Shook, Dorothy Kalebaugh. Second Row: Helen Taylor, Wilma Lewis, Doris lean West, Ieanne Compton, Norma Duncan, Christine Thom- sen, Yvonne Yeager, Maxine Vogel, Luetta Haley, Peggy Teegarden, Vivian Williams, Kay Kendle, Helen Simmons, Patty Peters, Mabel Stomp. First Row: Mildred Hague, Marjorie Pack, Barbara Strad- inger, Florence Knoth, Shirley Hornback, Norma Randle, Peggy Fox, Martha Klamm, Ruth Katka, Jeanne Alvis, Mary Lou Hanks, Betty Carmichael, Pauline Nicholson, Della Foster. ' Ralph Swetnam, Gene Baskin, Merle Walker, Hubert Chinn. K 0ca!QucL'zfaf1 Local talent was displayed this year in the organization of a boys' quartet consisting of Ralph Swetnam, first tenor, Gene Baskin, second tenor: Merle Walker, first bass: and Hubert Chinn, second bass. Their first appearance was at the faculty meeting' at the beginning of the school year. They received first prize at a Halloween Talent Show, where they had much com- petition. They also appeared before club and church audiences. Their final appearance will be at graduation exercises' May l8. The girls' quartet made their first appearan-ce at the spring concert. The quartet consists of Betty Green, first sopranoy Shirley Faubion, second soprano, Phyllis King, first alto: and Ioan Burnidge, second alto. g Ioan Burnidge, Betty Green, Shirley Faubion, Phyllis King. fgancf ana! Qldgiifld The band and orchestra perform throughout the year under the direction of Mr. L. O. Erickson. Both band and orchestra play for Various programs and assemblies, including a spring con- cert. The marching band not only furnished music and stunts for our own football games but were invited to other schools also to exhibit their marching skill. Other public appearances included marching in the American Royal parade in the fall. Betty Io Giddens was the drum majorette. -59- Flute Jo Stockwell Clarinets Jenna Lee Falls Don Zurbuchen Anita Newhard Jerry Spurlock John Colgate Elva Carr Allan Henton Mary L. Nelson Dona M. Burton Donald Smith Elmer McGurie Saxophones Bob Estes Betty Upson Jake Bowles Violins Joe Darby John Colley Eva Jo Trimmer Lois Siler J. T. Haldiman Victor Fletcher Fontella Winkler Norma Callahan Donna Kemper Billy Pruett Violas Darlene Fleischauer Jenna Lee Falls Martha Gaswint Keith Stout Cellos - Roy Hornbuckle Melvin Lewis Jean Caraway Lucille Krueger IBM Comets 6. Trumpets Jack Overfelt Jean Caraway James N. Smith Gene Elliott Winford Davis Jimmy Gillilan Bud Rich Marvin Stott Charles Mathews Gerald Gorman George Carter Raymond Holloway Horns Jimmy Main Joan Burnidqe Lorene Koch Dldgiifid String Bass Jerry Brindle Flute Jo Stockwell Clarinets lerry Spurlock Don Zurbuchen Anita Newhard Alto Saxophones Bob Estes Betty Upson Tenor Saxophone Jake Bowles Trumpets Charles Mathews Bud Rich Baritones Gene Swan Nanie M. Foster Trombones Lowell Heinz Charles Kidd Basses Vxfalter Burton Richard Wolverton Percussion Keith Stout Dee Harris Anita McPike Gene Bastien Joyce Koch Thelma Thomas Homs Joan Burnidge Lorene Koch Jimmy Main Trombones Doyle Winkler Ralph Swetnam Burdel Clayton Tuba Walter Burton Percussion Joyce Ann Koch Thelma Thomas Anita McPike June Royston -50- c.4lQlfLonaf Homo! Socosfy Top Row Ona Fredenbura Hubert Chlnn lane Fo! loan Burnldqe Charles Parrott Doyle W1nkler Bolo Black Betty lo Glddens Second Row Paul Todd Mable Stomp Raymond France Kenneth Bal' r Donald Zurbuchen Carol Platt Dee Harms Chuclf Steenstry First Row Bob Huck Sh1rley Dav1s Margaret Strobb Mary Lol. Hanks Laura Mae Sharlq Anlta Colllver Lorene Koch Betty Wllkerson lean Alvls Qu JJJZCJ 3010 I Top Row Elmer Rosenbauqh Bob Berry Dlclf Sutton Paul Todd Ioe Darby Second Row Betty lo Cuddens Lorene Koch Pat McCall l-1 ler Srrnmons Bob I-luck Fust Row vV1l'Ql1'l1'T Shea lane Fox Carol Platt Ona Fred nourc Norma Butte Bosendale 61 7 r . .,., , , , . ......,.-.W,..,,,.,w,.- .... --..,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,., . , , ,,,,,,,,-, , , , . . ,mmf . ' I V f fc ,Q ff . . ' - 1 I .. , ,ff . it ' X' ' is-622212, I A I ' 3 , 1 1 -, ..9 , . , , , K L ' . : , , ., . e, ' , , , , , , . I 'W . L ' E, , 4 fxf 1 - . V 1 P ' Q 'A A ' P , I ',' ' . Y, 'X , . . -1 , - ': - - a -"1" f ' ' . I . - N. . l . ' ' 1 'N : , , .- , . , 1 . . ' 'D ' I 1 I 1 V ' ' ' , . . . Q ' ' : c . , , I - - .f ' - ll ll Sbricfgy go 'cnzaf owf Sfaff M CAROL PLATT AND HELEN SIMMONS Co-Editors Top Row Mardell Halen Pat McCall Vlrqlrua Shea Bob Berry Merle Walker Second Row lane Fox Ona Fredenburq Morgan Caraway Lore-ne Koch Dlck Sutton Fxrst Row loan Burmdae Betty lo G1ddGHS Bob Huck Elmer Rosenloauah Paul Todd Y : , - I ' ' ' . , . : , , , , ' ' : ' . ' , A, H ,-, . -63.. .,.,,,4,. ,,.,.., ---'- .Queen of ffia 7947 Owf I SHIRLEY DAVIS -64- ..-.. .:1...-..M...,,......,...-....f4..4,w.....,.......--4-1cu.... .- , ,...-...a......v,..........4,..... ., ,.,. Cuff .Queen cqffsndanfa E IANE FOX BETTY IO GIDDENS NANCY HENRY BUTTY WTLKERSON ' 7 4 - Sill QCZIZGE5, MILTON HILL PAT ESKER . v,v.4Wv ,I 44 r ?QL .71 ff, Z f f ,,1-V ga, 1 ' f 5 W ,. , C' 6 fy, r - ff if , , W ff - F 1 L i . E33' F Q r I I K 1 1 w X . ..,, ..-. -v ...M ,. - -f ...............,.....4........--..-r.,4......4,-.....,,..vs..4 V ... .. ,, .,, .., .,....- .....,. ....-,. A 7 .7 "'i"-"""' - 1 A few YGGTS CICJ0 The Class cf 47 3 The hornets Wm CI trophy The bgckfl ld 5 Hugh steppers She le ds the band' . , 2. ' ' . ' ' ' 4. , 'e . ' - 6. 3 , ...67.. oofgaff , ln his second year as head coach of football at North Kansas City, Coach Clyde C. Cooper had a record of six wins and three losses. The Hornets tiedffor second place in the Pony Ex- press Conference race. St. Ioe Benton's undefeated team took first honors. ' Pictured above are the two athletic managers, David Rapp and Howard Painter, with Coach Cooper, center. .fsffazman CHARLES STEENSTRY-A senior quarterback, was the smallest man on the team. "Chuck" was an ex- pert at blocking ends and his ball-handling off the "T" was spectacular. He is 5' 65" tall and Weighs 135 pounds. VANCE ,DAVIS--A senior, switched from his quarterback position to guard where he proved one of the better linemen. Vance weighs 224 pounds and stands 5' Hi". He is a two year letterman. BILL PlNEfBetter known as "Bulldog"', moved to the first string center position for the Benton game. This was his first year as a letterrnan. He weighs 150 pounds and is 5' 10" tall. EARL DAWSON-A senior, played tackle to earn his football letter. Earl is 5' 7" and weighs 155 pounds. 'L gills J Ei- -6 3- , - - ' -- " --- - V - -'-- ' '- . fs- -' . H Y . ..---4..-g.......s,,.....,L-r-.,...........:..L..........s..s....,. A... """ ' ""i"""' BOB BLAOK A senror lert hallback was srgnal caller on thrs years team Bobs runnrng and passrng played a large par rn thrs years succes Bob Werghs oO pounds and rs 5 10 tall NORM AN KLEIN A senror at left ta kle came to the front tlrrs year Norman has been a letterman for two years Hrs rnrtratrve has brought defeat to many foes He rs 6 feet rn herght and trps the scale at l8U HOWARD DAWSON A senror rrgnt halfbaclc was shrrted to tlre baclcfreld for the Benton game LI proved to be the best open freld runner on the team 1-loward we-rghs l6O pounds and 1S 5 ll At the end f the year l-loward was elected captarn of the squad by hrs teammates IAKE BOWLES A senror rrght grard has been a marnstay rn the F-lornet lrne ths year Thrs Iclces second year as a letterman l-le werghs lS0 pounds and rs 5 lO tall ALFRED CONWAY Iunror fullback made hrs bes' run of the season for 93 yards behrnd perfect block rrra on a lack off rn the Central game Alrreds lrne bucks and hrs passrna vere brrght spots rn the Hornet aclffrcld Alfred werghs l7O pounds and rs 6 rn herght LEROY BRESHEABS A senror has been a stalwart at ugh tackle Leroy wrll long' b rem rnbered for hrs aown fr ld bloclxrna l-le Werghs l7'? pounds and 1 5 lO tall EDDIE SIMMONS h rs been a frxture at left end of the 1-Iomet Q even for the past are years Prnk trps iles at l94 pounds and 1 6 3 tall hlLL KlDD A senror at rlght end well earned ms second letter rn football we v ergrs l9O 1 rOll a T1 lSD v 'T , . , r r , ' f . .- - . ro - ' 'I A . . L o. r . . - -- c. , ' . . . ,, . 4 - . ., , . 1 L . 1 9 1 . - . . , ,. A , , , . u , . - 1 , - 1 . 1S J . . . I b ' ' . . 5 ' ' ' - N . b . . - . K.. r l . - , . t , e e , 1 N .. Q J. . .., s 2 . L. - - A r U' . .R , .. the ser D - -, . . 5 - . . L1 - ' N v- - 1 , A -- . , - .mrs year. - 1- . h ,N 1 . ,-. .. 'C 1 a a d l tall. .,.,- ... .....-... N-Y--f..-4.--, .........--.,...... .... .,................4.....,.s..,.....-....-,,w.--..g-..........-.........-5.......,..--.,--Y----.........,,-..H... , ..,.. DICK ROBERTS-A senior, Well earned his letter filling in at either left halfback or quarterback, Dick weighs 164 pounds and is 5' 11" tall. HM KONOMOS-A senior, sawlaction at right guard and tackle for the Hornet grid machine. This was his first year as a letterrnan. He is 5' 10" tall and Weighs 175 pounds. GEORGE WATKINS-A. junior playing his first year at left end for the Hornet eleven, stands 6 feet tall, weighs 158 pounds. George should be a Valuable asset to next year's grid squad. DALE D1VELB1SS-A junior, will be another valuable asset to Coach Cooper next year He la ed end V - rv Y and tackle for the Hornets and showed fine form. He weighs 162 pounds and is 5' 75" tall HAR - 4 ' ' ' OLD MAYSE A sophomore, returned from service with the Marines to see a lot of action at guard. He was troubled with a bad leg all season, but nevertheless played a great' deal of ba1l. He stands 5' 10" tall and Weighs 170 pounds. LEON TURNER-A junior right end, roved ver v l lol t C pounds and is 5' 85" tall. FRED SIECKMAN-A senior, has proved his value playing at left tackle for the varsity team. He stands 6' 1" tall and tips the scales at 175 pounds. RAY LEFTRIDGE-A junior, suffered a broken leg in the Southeast game. This loss greatly handicapped the Hornets. Raymond Weighs 140 pounds and is 5' 85" tall. RALPH SWETNAM-A senior right halfback, was a p y aua e o oach Cooper this ye-ar. Leon weighs 157 valuable reserve for Coach Cooper. This was Ralph's first year as a letterman. He weighs 140 pounds and is 5' 85" tall. PAUL TODD-A senior, played good hall in earning his letter for the first time. Paul p1ayed fullback. He 'ta ds 5' 95-" and Aeighs 151 poun s 70 o 5 CD 2 W 7 d . 7 . . ' A - f . , 1- , , , i s.........,..,J.:..4-2,--....pL.,.....a --i ..,...-.i.......-....,..s.,.:.. ...g A.. , , X - Sulnmdly A Southeast: In the first game of the year the Knights came out victorious over the Hornets 12-O. Several injuries were suffered by the Hornets which bogged down their scoring punch. Benton: The Hornets again tasted defeat on the Benton field. The boys from Northtown couldn't stop the great machine at St. Ioseph. The score was 39-O. The last half was played in a downpour of rain. V Liberty: The Hornets entered the victory column by trouncing the Blue Iays 28-0. William Chrisman: The Bears bit the dust to the tune of 13-7 as the Hornets displayed ex- cellent team work. Shirley Davis was crowned Homecoming Queen at the half of the game. Springfield: The Hornets stopped a winning streak cf 14 games compiled by the Spring- field -club. The Hornets were outweighed but outfought the Bulldogs to win 13-O. Rockhurst: The Hornets continued their victory march by nosing out the Hawklets 19-13. Lafayette: Again the power of the Hornets sent a team home defeated. They eked out a 7-0 win over the Shamrocks. St. Ioe Central: Time ran out on the Hornets as they were on the Central 3-yard marker at the final gun. The St. loe boys won 19-13. Hickman: Traveling to Columbia, the mighty Hornets were rewarded With a 26-O win. Al- fred Conway tallied 3 touchdowns to lead the running attack. This ended a successful season which shows a record of 6 wins and 3 losses. . P 4 lt 1 KX aigsfgaff Abflgclufg The Hornets started the basketball season with only 2 veterans, but had one their best seasons. They Won 2l out of 24 games played. KEARNEY TOURNAMENT i7 K. C. 34 Holt 25 K. C. 54 Platte City 24 SCHEDULED K. C. 26 Turner 19 K. C. 46 Lafayette 28 K. C. 29 Southeast ' K. C. 43 Central CSL Ioel 23 K. C. 16 Central CSt. Ioel 2C N. K. C. N. K. C GAMES N. K. C N. K. C N. K. C N. K. C N. K. C K. C. 40 Washington Rural 25 N. K. C. K. C. 33 Benton CSL Ioel 35 N, K, C, K. C. 33 'Wentworth 29 SUBREGIONAL TOURNAMENT K. C. 33 Reclemptorist 28 N. K. C. K. C. 37 Glennon 27 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT K. C. 47 Baytown 36 N. K. C. -72- ot Kidder 22 Liberty 27 Chrisnian 37 Liberty 29 Liberty 25 Benton 20 Wentworth 31 Chrisman 31 Lafayette 28 Lillis 29 Versailles 40 : L . I. . - 1 ' T mmf ' -H. W . 1 afeaulne of .lzgaafietliaff :Season "Av SQUAD: Coach Clark Ferguson started the season with only two returning let- termen, Ed Simmons and Elmer Rosenbaugh, but the Hornets had one of their best seasons. They won 21 out of 24 games played. After successfully defending their championship of the Kearney tournament, the Hornets set a blistering pace by Winningi 15 of 15 remaining scheduled games, While capturing the Pony Express Conference title. The Hornets then moved into the sub- regional tournament and came out victorious to advance then to the regional tourna- ment at Warrensbrlrg. 'Here they showed fine form but were edged out in their second game. "Bn SQUAD: Coach Clyde Cooper was pleased to have three veterans in his lineup. Around these he built up an outstanding "B" team. They had an impressive season, coming out with 11 Wins and 4 losses. "Cv SQUAD: The "CU team was composed entirely of freshmen. Mr. Richard Meyer was the coach of this fighting group. They Won the important junior high tournament held at Liberty High School. Their' season ended with a count if 15 victories and 3 defeats. Q55 "BU Squad f' oO' OO --- ' O09 o 3 T C 4 'f -73- aagsfffaff . I . Elmer Rosenbaugh, a senior, is a three year letterman. Elmer has three scoring records to his credit. His rebounding has also been excellent. cle stands 6 feet 45 inches tall. Alfred Conway, a junior, well earned his first year letter this year. Alfred's play at forward on defense and offense strengthened the team. A lot will be expected of Alfred next year. He stands 6 feet tall. Eddie Simmons, a senior, is another three year letterman. Eddie was out with a broken foot for most of the season but came back to help lead the Hornets to many important victories. Ed stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and plays the center post. Chuck Steenstry, a senior, although the smallest man on the court, was a main factor in the Hornet attack. His ability to sneak the ball away from the opposition was very helpful. Chuck played guard and is 5 feet 65 inches tall. Bob Black, a senior, rounds out the first five. Bob's ball handling was an important feature of the team. Bob was a guard and stands 5 feet lO tnches tall. lysffsfzmafz fwfr I , f JW' xv' ,J" "-nu... I1m Churchlll a Ju'11or played good ball th1s year at fort ard A lot IQ expected of hm next year Hrs herght of 6 feet 2 rnches make htm a good rebound man Chuck Rhoaas a umor was a valuable asset to the team Chuck played on the frrst flV9 at forward when Srmmons was 1n1ured Hrs accurate shootrna W s hrs strcng feature Chuck stands 5 feet lU 1nches tall Ray Sayles a Junlor center has been a steady ball player on whom Coach Ferguson could always depend Ray IS 5 feet 1 1nch tall Dee f-larrrs a semor guard was one of the oetter ball handler on the team Dee always played a steady, cool game He 15 5 feet lO mches tall Ke1th Blann was the lone sophomore on the 'IV' squad K-nth IS a very fast man on the court l-le should play a lot of basketball the next two years Kemth, who IS 5 feet tall, plays guard 75 A -M-W C bf, --,,,,,,.,, .y y, ,A , .,h, G , , ,mm gwww y 'Try V ,ffl W , L ' ,MW ' I f 'A ' t t r rdf' t c 7,1 f f Rf Et tj if :qv 2 N5 ' t 'ttf . ay: l f ' 5 , t f I, f '1 ' r ' 3 E ,Kyiv 1 X, I lg , . it 4, t gin, ff t y . ,, it K M , ,, , I 1 W 1 t lt E, t x f' t 5 t L1 z why A fi A l ' , at l Wm ,. ' ' ' ' 6 y tl 3 h gt ' . 1 , f V tt , y . I N Q" ' ' 1 ' V . ' ,uilfl V - 7 . I ' , E A -U I .M A I ' , I A I , I , '27 . l- ' , , I 1 A I S A I . 'I ' ' ' . ' ' ' a ' . I I '1 '-I I I - . . , A 1 1 - C - - - 1.77 Cldg Ronald Edmondson is one ot the work horses ot Coach Clyde Cooper'sV track team. During the 1946 Season he collected a total of 197 points. 1-leholds the record time of 1614 seconds on the 120 yard high hurdles. Ronald took first placein the Class A broad jump at the state meet in 1946. He participated in the broad jump, high jump, pole vault, low hurdles, and the high hurdles. In the l947 state indoor meet in which the Hornets placed third, Ronald collected a total of 145 points. BQQE ECL!! Baseball was resumed last year after a long period of absence from N.K.C. Coach Clark Perf guson and his boys ended a very successful season in 1946 with a record of 7 Wins and 2 losses. 1, ,uma .- r- r . 1 The Northtown track team had its stars, too. A total of four school records belong to this 1946 squad with one record tied. - --- - -v- -- -- v--..1---..-1..........,.........,....,.,...-...h..,....-...- ...,......,...,......... .Y.. -,.,-,, -,., . if: 2. .eil KXQQHQ v fr , V, W ncy Henry Glorlcr Nedblcrke Betty W11k rson Pe me FICIZIQ and Slmrley DGVIS homecommu q 1 ll g. N If-f ' f " Q f-v '- LU , , Av f J-A L, . .' ', 'a usa. . -77- amor Q an .f 'zo flea As the grant engrne roars rnto actron and the super fortre s takes to the sky my mrnd 1S wh1sl'ed back through the years to my hrgh school days when I was young and frrvolous cmd my mmd was centered on dates boys drnces boys football gamcs boys and basketball games and boys Now havlng reach d the age of a few years past sweet srxtefn my mrna centers on a hrgher level men In our hrgh school days the future was pretty uncertarn and rt would have been drff1cult to prophesy the areers successes and achrevements of the araduatrng students of 1947 Now the uncertarn future has be come the very real present and we the students or 47 are now the adults of 1967 The weddrng bells chrrned for two lovely lrttle grrls Margre Thomas and Barbara Calla way and they are strll the best of pals Its too bad therr husbands cant get alone: Here s an ltem that wrll rnterest all of you gals who turned ten drfferent shades of rea wne-never that senror Romeo would look your way Handsome debonarr B111 Neale after grvrng the NKC girls a flrng leavrng a few broken hearts travels on to Hollywood to try hrs hand wrtn Glorra Gooch the radlant star of stage screen and The Grand Ole Opry We s e another member of our clas Bobby Huck voted the boy most lrkely to succed rn hrgh school has now reached the hrghest rung rn the ladder of fame He rs dancrng rn the Broadway hrt So You Want To Be A Dancer? Hal' lf any of you people are wonderrrrg what happened to Rosalrne Baker the number one grrl York Whats thrs rrttle note of Interest We have here? The forwner Mrss Shrrley Sayles 1S now estoblrsheo rn a super modern home rn Beverly Hrlls wrth an adrnrrrng husband at her beck and call She has remembered all of the thrngs h learned rn home economrc class and keeps house sprc and soan wrth only a lrttle help She has frf teen mards For you lovely people who havent been back to good old NKC srnce you departed several years ago rt has become a beautrful and peaceful lrttle crty srnce Mayor Drck Roberts took oftrce When Orvrlle Wrllrams was elected drstrlct attorney the pOl1Ce force was drsbanded Steel muscles Wrllrams marntarns he can keep crrme away ITOITI NKC wrthout the ard of the copper Lookrng at the sports world we cant mrss the name of those Northtown fellows Brll tDavrsl Prne Leroy tBlanchardl BTGSTIGGTS and Norman tTuckerl Klern who have brought Navy onc agarn rn the lrme lrght as champ ron football players of the season Do you remember B D Wrnbrgler that talented boy rn hrah schoolq He has now gone rn for Jokes rn a comrfrercral way He ha hrs own radro show Drgger The Wrnd rest Man On Th Arr Two of the three lovely ladles known as The Three Musketeers have gone rnto the freld of radro You can hear them on sta tron NUTS lf you havent guessed who the beautrful damsels are they are Mrss Helen Vrrgrnra Shrppee and Mrss Helen Belle Srmmons They re dorng frne rn radro but they fear th perfection of televrsron The thrrd lovely musketeer Vrrgrnra Lee Shea IS strll lookrng for someone to change her name Shea rs gettrng so old the name that 1 Northtown was never lackrng rn students who studreo hard to become great musrcrans teachers doctors etc Paul Todd has Just returned from a natron wrde tour wrth hrs vrolrn Another musrcran that we may call to your attentron 1S none other than Hubert Chrnn The Iazz Krng of All Trme Edward Parsons better known as Sonny has drs covered how a common cold rs started For over 3 centurres doctors have been trylng to locate thrs troublesome germ He really fooled the folks back rn Northtown we 1ust drdnt thrn' he had rt rn hrrn Thrngs dont always turn out as one would expect Whrle travelrng rn Mrssourr last year I stopped off at M U and whom shoula I meet as Dean of Men but Bob Devlrng A very good Job he was dorng Cconsrderrngl Erna 'Wrlharns has made good as a secre tary She nearrred her employer and IS now runnrng tne rousrn ss herself Four othe grrls or the NKC bunch have drfferent posrtrons as part owners rn the Learn To Be a Model In Iust 12 Days School Frrst we se B tty Wrllramson srttmg at her desk grvrng drc atron to Ierry Ward Whrle Nan y Henry and Glorra Nedblake explarn the fundamentals of successful modelrng to the Janrtress They have a good setup All they need rs some busrness Th shrp rs g ttrng ready to land and I am brought back to the present So we leave the aood old school days when we had no respon rbrlrtres except to get up rn the mornrngs and get ready for the rorth comrng day and arrrve back to our adult days wrrrch are full of responsrbrlrty I shall say though that Mrss Della Foster the host ess ard Drck Sutton the prlot drd a wonder ful Job on thrs trrp Thanks to therr marvelous work no one fell out on tl'e way and every one reached hrs destrnatron safely Well as we leave the past and resume our places rn the present let us not rorget the days when all of us were young and drdnt know what the future held rn store for us Lets all hope to 'n et agarn sometrme area compare notes o'r whats happenrng ana try to recapture soree or those dear old school aays ' Z fl I Q , Y . Q . . ,, . I -. c t. , - , I . ' ' I ' J. Q I II 4 . I I . I r 3 . , , . V x . , I . ' . D I I ' I I 1 I ' ' I I I I I . . y . , I I I . n N C I I I . . A. J I . I T I . , - s . . . , 2, - J - - I I I . - 1 . . I I I 1 IT, - I I I I I I I I I . l . , . . I I I I I I I I I I I , ' 'I 1 , I ' W I I , L I I . , I I I I .- II I I I I I I I . . 1 . . .Q - . I -' I ' e ' c s, ' , , , 4 L . I II I 1 I II I I I - ' ., . -, , , I ' I Y' I II rn - - - - , . I-luck's lrfe, she's teachrng dramatrcs rn New Uffide Good Ny- C1IY- Thelf have mel? T . . ' e e f ' ' ' ' I 4 n . Q I I I l I I . I I l ' s e ' ' .' . ' 1. - -. e " ' e ' . H S. . . . . . . . . , - I. 1 ' ' I X I I III I I , 1 Q. . I In I I ' I 'I I I - II , ,, I If - - 1 1 I 1 1 I ' I I l xr l I 1 , . , , . ' I ' I A I I I - . U, Y 9 ' ' ' ' - ' . e ' ' .H I I I A II I I I V I I I II I li 'miinioi 115011101411 ini i 3 I 'i' 2' 41 'GD 1 CD ,CD -101115 -mini' IZ li ll bl Congratulations To the Class of '47 KARNES DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS North Kansas City, lVlo. Avondale, Mo iiiilifll li i i 1 1 li lUi010lUlQli0QKii ii l11ll 4 --80- It ll il itlioiclitbltlifbioloifbiviolgzo MY DIARY 3 SEPTEMBER l6th Dear Diary: A belated school ye-gy I found the students of this wonderful high school, N.K.C., ready to begin the ! daily grind once again. Ohl Diary, ! isn't it wonderful, school is really here. I To anyone reading this, that Was purely i fictitious. - 20th The first football game of the season found N.K.C. defeated 12'-O. That Wasn't the worst of it, Raymond Leftridge, right ' halfback, received a broken leg. A 26th Girl Reserves changed their name to Y-Teens. Hi-Y held its first meeting of the year also. ' 27th St. Ioe Benton defeated the Hornet S eleven 38-U at St. Ioe. OCTOBER e 4th The I-lornets came back with a great victory over the Liberty Bluejays. The score was 28 to O. We all knew they could do it Diary. - llth Chrisman is defeated 13-7 at the an- nual Homecoming' game. The Queen Shirley Davis and her attendants-Glo ' deen Frazier Betty Wilkerson Nancy Henry and Gloria Nedblake reigned over th game this year. Cin?-20 JELLEY ELECTRIC C0 1905 SWIFT Westmqhouse and Crosley Appliances Thor lamps and light hxtures metal wagons and tncycles ilk? o102fb10i0i0101IrilDi4bi0i0i4xic Congratulations To the Class of '47 ALLEN BROTHERS Inc Home 64 Auto Appliances NORTH KANSAS CITY MISSOURI Complzments 0 DO DROP IN Service Stahon See G W Clcxrdy 6 Son for Conoco Gas and O11 and the Best Tourmg Aid In the Country GLADSTONE 3510 GASHLAND MO if I I I I I I I I I I . I I , , I I I I ' I I I I , i I , , I I . 2 f I I f , I I , I I 1014 qw-,.,1I,10..Il1n1Il1tIanne: an iiiflilfz. 'I' 191 I I-M if I tif if as 1 514 xo: 11010 , ,, , ,,,,,, ,,, , ,O-,QQ 1 1 1 gg? 030: 11:11 if :ox :our xoxo: rioioioi ! ! E ! ' ! ! E ! I I - , a ! ! I ! ! ! ! ! ! ' ! ! ' ' l ! . - . Q ! ' ' ! S Apex, Dexter, and Blackstone washers: i ! 6 ' Q ! ! ! ' ! ! ! ! I ! ' ' ! ! ! ! ! ! I I ,-0 ----, ,,,, ,,.. - - -Nj. .iQ--Q -' - QM- -f -f-C1 "0-4 -'-1-'ffl Our sincere telicitations are extended to the senior class of North Kansas City High School, occasioned by their graduation. Through higher learning - success and satisfaction are achieved. L L L ALLEN CI-IEVRULET, Inc. WM. R. ALLEN WM. R. ALLEN. IR. President Vice-President Q ll QOQ,Q1QlQ Q Q QUQlll12ll0Ql'-iUi l Q QIDYQKQIQ IQ Q Q li ilQ ' -" -: " W- '--'-- ' - 1-- . , -....---y........:....:4.-......-...,,-....,.,.....-..,.i:.4L,-..,.,..,.,.,..:.....i. -..,,,.,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,A,A-M ,.,, ,, ,-,N , , 4 H 1 ,W 9 i fo Q ini sf Z i ! ! 9 ! z ! ! ! ! Q 3 2 Q ! ! l D 4 0:0 ...-. 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' -:7:- '-:-"3 ::- : H :-:-:-1-11:3 + Ri - ' xr N :I -1 LQ! -. 4 N of 3 0.4 New Location 1912 Clay Street North Kansas City BUY - SELL - TRADE Clinton ujoshv Ellington, Owner Class of '34 N0rclay 3664 9:01Q4MIl-UQOQUQUQUQQPDUDUQOQCDQInUQOQIIIQUQUIPQUQUQ1MlYQQDUQUQQIQUQOQUQQYQ4Duaoaualuf. . 110102:lil3103010101nioioiuioioifbif30101011330101010143103030101 3010101010101 WILLIAM NELSON COMPANY REALTORS 2Ol National Bank Bldg. NOrc:Iay 3850 North Kansas City, Missouri A :go Q 3 obo rioic rzoioiui vc Doiuioinilriuic 11111: 111vininvitlimi1wiuinit:ir1141143413Lliuiuioiuguiq if l . J, 11142 i 1 illuilli iiilioioioioi 311 i iii 10101 iii 31301 iii! IE! IE! E .TOSEPH C. WILLIAMS, President FRED E. I. HORNAMAN, Vice President R. I-I. WOOLDRIDGE, Cashier E. VIRGIL BAIN, Vice President DORTHA IOLLEY, Ass't Cashier EDWIN CAVANAUGI-I, Ass't Cashier LEO M. HUMPHRIES, Ass't Cashier I THE NATIONAL BANK IN NURTI-I KANSAS CITY Capital, Surplus cmd Profits-Over 5275.000 Extends to the Class of 1947 Their l-Ieartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes fMernber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationj EIIEIIE P101 Pllli ID 1 ll it 1 Yilli illlllil QOQ0l010Q0lUl0l0i01K lil! iilllli i tl Yi Diuioioioioi Dllbidioiuinioidloilri 210101 01 301 iuinini 1 130103-0101014 Congratulations to the Class ot '47 SENTINEL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN Home Loans Made 1n Clay Platte and Jackson Counttes lll East lOth Street Vlctor 0918 Kansas Cnty Missouri G MARION RUPARD VICG Prestclent and Secretary IVIY DIARY OCTOBER 18th The Hornets dragged the Sprmgtteld Bulldogs 1n the dtrt wtth the hnal score readmg l3 to 0 By the way thrs was the tlrt defeat they had seen a'ter l4 stratqht vtctorres 25th Poclchurst here a wln l9 to 3 31 t A Halloween Party was glven by the Trcns Club at the hlgh school for all students who hadnt been wttches black rats paraon black cats durtng the Halloween season Zlst Pat Esker and Mtlton I-l1ll were crowned Mtlkmard and Farmer at the Iersey Hop sponsored by the YTeens and l-l1Y NOVEMBER 7th and 8th These days found the old school very qu1et w1th everyone gone due t the Teachers Conventton 8th Football game at Central We lost l9 to l3 15th Htckman Hrgh of Columbra saw the Hornets play thetr last game ot the sea son A Very profrtable game too The score was 26 to O ln our favor 22th Another organlzatron whrch has been keeplng NKC 1n the news IS the De bate Club Three members won Pro trcrency Awards for drscusslon at War rensburg They also traveled to Topeka by a1r for a tournarne-rt We have grown from small begmnmgs he cause you are treated on a basis that wrll brmg you here again and aqam INSURED DIAMONDS Dealers rn Hamxlton Elgm Waltham and Bulova Watches 1847 Srlverware 1881 Rogers Srlverware and Community Plate ELGIN AMERICAN COMPACTS Expert Watch Iewelry and Ophcal Reparrs Mall Orders Filled Order Your Iumor and Senlor 1947 and 1948 Class Rmqs Now JDSEPH ZAJIC JR ARMOUR ROAD NO1-clay 4049 NORTH KAN'a1XS CITY MISSOURI o ' n I . . , ' 1 QIQ Q it 1 If Q W 10illi0i0l0i0QllQ WOQUQ QOQUQOQOQUQOQ1 Q li Qtliilj ,Q if ,I '12 l EC 10l0QOQ0llYQOQ0i Q 1 IQ into O:OlQllQOi0i i T li T T Q i Q11 yQ011 . . E Q . I 8 l . ' ' ' l I . , , . , , . . . A A . , 1 s ' . i - or A , , , , i i , , , I I , U I H I l ' I O ' . I ' A .- ' I . . ' ' . 6 i L I q 5 ' -' - Y - l -- 1 I 1 . 3 ' . 3 3 QOHKllllQl'11011lQllQll'QUiUii3lOltliltflnf .M i QUQ1YQUQUQOQUQIlQllQUiU'lQOQ -Ui 1 1 rioitlitbluiui blfblfbillitrifliilioif I liuioilbif 3014 14 Cb Congratulations to the Class of '47 BANK OF NORTH KANSAS CITY 1801 Burlington The Bank of Friena'Zy Service -qi 1 i ini i 1 2 1414.31 iuit ioiuiuioloil iuinioiuiu -35- iiiibl 1 01112 in 1 i 5 U . . 14 gs nz an 'A' o . i AMERICAS FRESH-UP ini 3 1 -1 10301 rioini 1113 ui 1111 i C om plimenzts of Burnidge Distributing Co. NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORES 3 14 ARMOUR ROAD Stop CCourtesy Records Philco Radios Cameras and Supplies Sporting Goods Fishing tackle - Shop - Save - Quczliiy - Pricel Iewelry Ready to Wear Hosiery iPhoenixI Lingerie House Furnishings School Supplies 1020111 yi . ii in-in Compliments of DIERKS and SONS Lumber Company NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 0301111 i 311311 1131 i 1 it i 1 iliuioilxioioioioi i i 1-1 Compliments of IEWELERS - ENGRAVERS Class Iewelry-Fralemity Iewelry Crested Slationery Green Jewelry Company 1016 WALNUT ST. Vlcior S191 viuiuityioioioioi ri libs ioioinioio xi 1 1 iii: 1 inixibiiiuilic Compliments of Co1liver's Market HIGHWAY 169 at 42nd STREET 1 ini 3 1101 1 xi 11111101 rim in 01113 iuioi ioiuioifxl 3 1 init MY DIARY NOVEMBER ' 28th and 29th Turkey, turkey everywhere. Yes, you're right. The Thanksgiving va- cation gave the people of Northtown High a most needed rest. An assembly was presented by Miss Lida Warrick's chorus classes. DECEMBER 4th-8th This week began the basketball sea- son of the Hornets. They successfully defended their 1946 Kearney champion- ship by defeating Liberty in the last game of the tournament. 10th to 20th Turner, here, Win, 26 to 19. Central, there, loss, 20 to 16. Lafayette, here, win, 46 to 20. Central, here, win, 43 to 23. 20th Miss Warrick and her chorus classes gave an impressionable Christmas as- sembly. The vacation also started. IANUARY 4th Southeast was defeated by the Hornet five in the N.K.C. gym 29 to 17. llth St. Ioe Benton defeated the N.K.C. Hornets 35 to 33 at St. Ioe. ri Iuillilrinioinioi i 2 3 ri 3034 NORTH TOWN CAFE "Meals Served as You Like Them" 1804 SWIFT 1 111 201 iii ini 11111 iii: 311211 i 1 3112111111111 1 1 Compliments of lVIAC'S AUTO SERVICE Texaco Gas and Oil Service All Cars Vlfash and Lubrication 14th 6 SWIFT 3 111 1 Cboioiuioioiri 3 it i 0:91113 1 ...-. H '-- ...., ...,,..,a..................,..... - Duncan's Standard Service ARMOUR G BURLINGTON NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Expert Lubrication - Washing Atlas Tires - Batteries - Accessories LET YOUR CAR WORRIES BE OURS ioioioioitlil1103011rioiuiuioltl 0:0101 1 it ioioinioioioioil i 2 if Compliments of North Kansas City Cab Inc. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 216 EAST ARMOUR ROAD NOrclcry 4333 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 0 ffriuil itr1011110i070i0illioil1103 it oi 112 iii iriiititiiii Compliments of Bakers 311-315 ARMOUR ROAD NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI 3 1 iniuioiuioil it i li 1 1 11 1131101010101 li i 1101030 xi if in io: 3 110: 11130: 11- vininim. Com plimcfzzs of OLIVER TURPEN 0 Prescription Shop 2008 SWIFT NOrc1ay 4423 NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI bi 0101 P1011 1 3 mi xii li will P14 SHEPHERD MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Used Cars Expert Repairing 1916 CLAY NOrclay 4330 11121 111 1 1010111111 41 3 anim? 0:41101 1 wi 1 3 14110111 11111 1 in Ji Z- 3 3 1:10101 30101 ibillilb COOPER CLEANERS H. E. GORDON Proprietor 220 E. zmh sneer NOrc1Qy 4662 NORTH KANSAS c1rY. MISSOURI 1 ini 1 3 1 1 1 ini 1 1 in-1014 tzwiuiui i 1 ri iii i Ili ilifliuiu HENRY'S RARRECUE Famous for O FRIED CHICKEN 0 IUICY STEAKS 0 BARBECUED MEI-ITS HI-VJAY 169 GLadslone 1595 ozhioioill 111 2 3 143 1 1 i 1110 I it tl I I It it I tt , I I lt . I I tr I I -I I ,r -I .I I I I I I I 1 Il 'i 5 1 'I If If if It 0:41303 i ri 1 111 i li liuilli Best Wishes to Class of I947 BISHOP FURNITURE CORPORATION 'fiiillliiiiiiiiizsixit 01051 1 iii ioiuloinitxiuitli i i iii! MY DIARY IANUARY l4th VV'entworth, there, 33 to 29, win. Once again the juniors have started discuss- ing the plans for the event of the year. The Iunior-Senior Prom. l8th The Hornets won another game from the Chrisrnan Bears at Northtown. The score was 5O to 37. North Kansas City recently made her appearance into the two Teen Town projects started this year, Prom Magazine and Teen Town lam- boree. - 24th The Liberty Blue Iays were defeated on their home court 36 to 29. 3Oth The Iunicr Play, "Strictly Formal", a comedy in 3 acts played to a full house. FEBRUARY ' 7th Wentworth, here, Win, 40-35. 10th to 15th The Owl Queen Contest started and ended with Shirley Davis as queen. Her attendants are Nancy Henry, Betty Io Giddens, Betty Wilkerson, and lane Fox. 14th Chrisman- lost their second game to the Hornets at Independence. The score: 35-31. O lxitjiuiuioioic101910101 10103 1011020 iflifliliilll ui if 1 Compliments of ' THE PERCY KENT Bag Company 715 ARMOUR ROAD NOrc1cxy 3800 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 'v 001 311110301 1 1 1 1 1 3011111 Best I W islzes, Students, for Your Success in the years to -come Sincerely NEIL J. THOMPSON General Manager of Clay Appliance Co. Class of IQ33 6101: it it it 1111 iii i i i it ici 'iiliriili 1131-Zi! ini if itil it 31113 I 1 101 3 1021 Compliments of ARMOUR Sweet Shop MR. cmd ERNEST BLACK Proprietors 31010 o , 0 f Compliments 0 A O THOMPSON Lumber Co 1730 SWIFT NOrclcxy 4730 0:0101 3 1 ri 313 i limit 1 i 101 it TAUL - TAUL Beal Estate Company 2006 SWIFT NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI WE WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU NOrclay 4285 NOrclcxy 3992 R C TAUL A N TAUL I l Complzments 0 DAVIS PAINT COMPANY I I I I I I I I I I . . . . I I I I I I -I---Q----I--I I I I Q I ! ! I ! ! ! ! . ! ! ' f I I ! I ! . . I ! ! ! . ! ! ! ! I ! ! ! ! ! ! I I ! NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI 3 Q ! I ! ! ! I I I Q I ! .,,.-..,.----..- OO Qliiiiiiititiiiiilii Qiilfillillilli it Il i ll ll1ll0Q4!Q0lDl0ll,:O 0 ALBERT B. FUSON Insurance Agency NOrclay 4389 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI lliliilillillll im: imQri 3 3:13 1 1 xioiiiiiiiiiriiiiimi Compliments of WALKER REALTY CU. 202 COMMERCIAL BLDG, NOrclay 4245 xiii 2 1 1121 iii i ii 1 ililir Compliments of Brenner Food Lockers Franklin Ice Cream and Frozen Food. 2000 ARMOUR ROAD NOrclay 3607 Milli ini 1 1 iii iii i iii 31:11 lioitiloinioilrioilyiuioinini 1 bil 3 9 9 li li :it131riulioioioinioiuilJil: 19:4 il 0:0102 it in i 3 it it it it 1 1 i Compliments of M. F. BORTON'S STANDARD SERVICE Neighborhood Headquarters for Gasoline, Oil, Lubrication and Dependable Service 2001 IRON NOrclay 4967 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 111 Q 9.0':icri:911wicliuiltininioioitlioioiui lic 0 0.0103 1 1 fiuinilxiuioioioiuitllul bi Compliments of CLAY ADAMS Watch 6. Clock Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED COMPLETE LINE OF IEWELRY Local Watch Inspectors for the Burlington and Wabash Railroads 2008 SWIFT NOrclay 4423 NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI 10142 0303 ii ill i 1 1 1 1411 21311 Compliments of Zn! WOOLEN CO. 715 ARMOUR ROAD NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 3 3411 ui i 1 iuiuioitxininioi 3 2 ini MY DIARY FEBRUARY 18th The annual Spring Concert was given by N.K.C. Band. Zlst Stephen A. Haboush, a native Galilean shepherd, spoke to the high school stu- dents in an assembly. The last basket- ball game of the season was Won by the Hornet five at St. loe Lafayette, the game ending 39-28. 26th For the third consecutive year the Hornets have Won the sub-regional tournament. This year it was held at the Rockhurst field house. 2'7th The Y-Teens came around again with one of those -clever variety shows. Bill Kephart and Dean Konomos went over big with the students as a comedy team. MARCH lst' The North Kansas City debaters Won the first Northwestern Missouri Deoate Tournament to be held since 11944. 5th The rlornet five traveled to Warrens- burg' for the Regional Tournament. Elmer Rosenbaugh co-captain and lead- ing scorer for the Hornets tallied a total of 381 points this season. The Freshman Hornets showed their talents with a first place trophy at the Liberty tournament. Compliments 0 ROYAL FOOD STORE The Bet In Groceries and Meats 3200 SWIFT AVENUE NORTH KANSAS CITY MISSOURI HOMFR CASTLEMAN Manager Gladstone 1233 Complzmenzfs 0 Commumty Barber Shop lOl: HAL Proprietor 1 0.011 1 GD 1. lui-lioiuioioioi iuixi Compliments of CRAIN 'S Self SEIVICG Market V Your Friendly H G F Store 2107 KNOX STREET NOrcIay 4984 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 0 0 nic 0 I 0 I 0 L 0 1 0 C' om plimenis o North Kansas Crty Beauty Shop KATHRYNE COCHRANE Proprietor oomplete Beauty Service 310 ARMOUR ROAD 'NOrclay 4022 E N CROOK I I ' ' H . . . ' 31113 1111111111111 Q I ,- U i 0.013 2 ini 3 riuioiuioioioi 1 ici i . 1 f i T ' I i n I I I , I I o ' -a 10101 110111101010201021mining:uirozo 5,7lilliIli0i0i0i010Tlli 2 10101010010 Q v 1 1 1 1- ioioioiuiuiuiui 1 1 3011014 'Qi' 3 li 3 N3 33' ?l? il? il? il? 1 S g i 1 : i - : i ,. 1 n H H QUQUQUDOQUQIQ Q QQ mt. I 0 , g . . 01311111111121011111103 5 . I I - - 5 . , . g g 1-1 - : ' 3 3 0: 2 1 1 1 1 14 1 111 qv 1010141014020 vu 11010101414 1030101030101 101010 i itb itil 1 1 1:1 ii ifaoioi Compliments of S Sz S SUPPLY 300 ARMOUR NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI riuin1o1o2oio1o1x 1 110: 1101 ri 1 it 2 vi ll xi ll 1 xi zoioioiuioiuzo Compliments of STURMAN BROTHERS North Kansas City Recreation I BOWLING-BILLARDS 312 ARMOUR ROAD NOrclay 4950 :ii i iii iii 1121 1 1 30110 02411 1 D1 3 D101 ll 1110312 xl: 1 101 campzfmem of ANCHOR Hardware Store i 304 ARMOUR ROAD NOrclcxy 4432 Q' NORTH KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI Ozlyllliitiuibi ini 1 1 1 iililllilblill Ozolitbitlilbi itlinioinioioioiili 35101 5 MY DIARY I 2 MARCH l 25th The Owl Queen Coronation, one of the i fashion dates of the year, found the C queen and her attendants looking very ! lovely. ! 2'7th A three-way track meet was held at i St. loe with Benton, Central, and North- i town. i APRIL ' i 18th The senior actors and actresses dis- i 22nd Track meet at Wentworth. played their talents by performing in the Senior Play. ' MAY ' C The month of May brings the seniors of Q '47 to their last high school days. Q 9th The most' attractive event of the year . saw the students of Northtown turn out i for the lunior-Senior Prom. i 18th Baccalaureate servi-ces were held for the seniors. A 23rd This day found everyone in sport i clothes having agay time at the Senior G Picnic. Later in the evening we see ! many happy but sad faces as the seniors . make their last appearance as high school students at Commencement. 0:4 ini lininioioilwilrinioll ihllli it We take thls opportumty to express to the 0 O 3 'U E 2 E O -11 E P-I P-I EB' UI UI Nw Q 5 0 rn 1947 Semor Clas oi the North Kansas Cxty I-Ixgh School our mterest xn their contmued welfare and happiness SORRELL WILLIAMS MOTOR CO 1925 Burlmgtton NORTH KANSAS CITY MISSOURI J OE PRATT MOTOR CO 1501 SWIFT NOrclay 4845 Talfes the dent out or acc1dent Specxalhes m pamtmg body repcurmg motor repau-mg and wheel alignment iri111i1Z1l1i17iuie MORTON SMITI-I'S Funeral Home 832 ARMOUR ROAD NOrclay 4000 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 111 10:0 14 ,Z Cm!-I 4V f B8 KE f ,I RITIER 5 fftf 'W Wf' N W REX KEN PHOTO CO COMMERCIAL AND PERSONAL PHOTOGPAPHDRS 320 ARMOUR ROAD NOrclay 3920 NORTH KANSAS CITY MISSOURI D1 Semor P011 Most popular g1r1 SHIRLEY DAVIS Most Dopular boy EDDIE SIMMONS Best Ioolfmq q1r1 GLO DEEN FRAZIER Best Iooklna boy BITL NEALE Mo t lntelhqent qlrl CAROL PLATT Most lntelhaent boy CHARLES PAPROTT C1 I most lkely to succeed BEVERLY BURBOUGI-1S Boy most Ike-ly to succe d BOB I-IUCK Best q1rI dancer NANCY HENRY Best boy dancer MERLE 'WALKER C1rI Athlete IOAN BURNIDGE Boy Athlete HOWARD DAWSON Nlttlest qlrl HELEN SIMMONS AIVIIIISSI bov BOB YATES Best dressed q1rl GLORIA NEDBLAKE Best dressed boy MORGAN CARANVAY Glrl wrth best personallty BETTY 'VVILKERSON Boy Wrth best Dersonahty BOB BLACK i l 1 if i , 0 :oi 1 Z ir: 1 it 1025.4 bl 1010101911nioiuizxiuinifriuioic I . 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