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i " ,J 5. . N XC w NT O 1m,55Q' 4,15 k www 'UV 1 P0 5 'CX X, .L W ' I AU A Q Q' W N4 . xxfr WA Rank VQXY L37 ' KI' C YQ ' ' X , I , YI lv 'X' j Q I w N 'WSQAQX M'ffgf1 1ffQ wh' 'W' M Q M A NN W L' LK' V9lfiAf, "Lk Wg f M ax Q f x l fn A, l -' 5' K' 1 d-' 'Ay f YQ 'U nfs L51 Meat f iz-Y :sr 1 - i he xg' RWE? V H QV PSX! 1 J V A Q-iff' 1 'fx lm' 'I p A . Lv , gj .. A x.:'r W ', Vldijflf' ,Ui f w CN 'QV WV HJ' it WY .,,Q,,X' QQ? , h , ' AQ.. 1 0, I mi . Q4 Qt, fn M jj? NJ 56? " JW , -fl . Q., ' 1 1 J Q iv r 4 .J ,UK - K W I "' N0 V rafxv W I Q YIM I' 'bfi 38, ,SDN ,KJ My q,vb pl' YI!! 35' f-XG? .-522' pm ,W TJ A W. My ,. V ' A ' f . kf i b I W M 53 H ,W gf V fy ' j " "-. I N I , J I ,I ,A C Q '--.,.'5 H d" 2?- 22 M' 'MR ,Am 1 Y-Vmfklf "fp f""'jx 0,41 fVf5'I,f'Lf'Q+C if J fsf .1 ' Rl. i Dv 7g W 1'W gm fx .1'A 7 MV iw Wwoyw Xyrx M ,ff , fin '. ' V Mx ..,.X 'xQMmJY1D jf? , YA r T ,MQ WKRMW A WCM V" Q' f ' ,Ll ,' Ewa W QWW M Q K O U , M' A- Q OW ,ff Vg-LL ' . my MQM I l - ' 7 'bl ,. CR X f1 ff mg ma cw' H 1 M M -- CWNX M wi f + ij FAQ wg . - ,WQQnx,.. Nm, L fy,J,,m ' ' G- Q I .WAV 1 4 b l Mf1, . M if '?ur,fi2 Mmm xx if Q uno W,fbgf:mWM Qlx G wg my 55? ,Q ,W A R H W Mm ga W M yjfv MEAL I an Q W Jgvd K " jf! M. JW my Sw? X N 'gif ,MH?'C9Vl'vL,J l I ,gg , ' Jgq ,,f '7'm: ,,M 4 ff'5'fc WJ ,KU I lg 1, fm! ,hu IJ QQ 335 M in ,5 M M 'Wl23,Y,jMk1,X,U MQ, l fffiewa CU-an ftuh . .Um sig Ll AQ' ff Q1 wfZ1 "f-6 ffl-Lb 0 U it V G1 -i.6.c,b .4 VUVMQ 'YM LQL7 3, ' Vi, f'L,f fmf, 'gf + MQW 6515 jg M , M' dj w YQ5-Wcbxii, MIQWMOJJXM FEE ml My M 'WWW :Rfb WMM mf N f MM c'5?Q'? NR QfQE" W MM ,fi Jf Qf Qff 11 W WZLCQWV7 ' WSXEQ' MM J M Ei WW ,xv-f M1 ' O w fm J Wm J J' f f-XX I X C X XX Cfjpwobd f Q5 ag I Mf W W "' "' XZ' Y-Q W f U f' 2 ' if W7 Q if WWIJJW 355935 , - f" ' ' - . xx 'fan ' X ka' . I-P It V N, Y' N M - -wx V s . v A J .,--., f. . I - B vw. A X, Ale K x ' X X X' X ig 50 4 Q? , , l 5? .' 'ay' - N' , -- X x K5 55.602 W2 NX QDJJQ fjfww X MQW 4 fb WWJZIWM Jwwwwy ff ff ,J ,ywwwffvfd 6 6 if jg I ji U I Q FRA f W O5 wx V , I 5 5136 J 'lf' 'X X, . fs an gf 1 gf J' W ,il ? Jr X Qx , + S5 - - l A ZR E X X 1 'A XX MRM' W o A X , ' V M ff' ULXVWLV Q X Hkcfl NL o JW Z WW X o Lo 1 , , Q QKNJ' cfzwwz C M' g uy, I jfvgufi - , L A, I, J A X , .9 jmvum WWW XVW JM' Uni! :LM ff North Junior High ARR W Downey, Califorpizv W o of W QM , I M P Y . X VV K X 1 I 1 ' ' Vx " N 1 - i Y X 1 X, , ' V I i K' ' ' W 5 Y fi J l v ' P . M H , 1, , 1 , 4 ki W Nw I1 J . W A , . 1' .f J ' w x x ,X to x - ' 13 o Fi x R o 4 1 4A , 'I ' . 1 wry' 'WL , I ' Mx jlv M 495 on G J W o U WW WNOJ0 W w of JWMMUW IWW , VU WW o QV QW NYJ b OW ml xx' ET' 3 iff" X ., X VJ A, . rx 'X ' fi ,I I ,X XIX' WH J' V X I I , X 4, K, ,N , K X XX " 'U 3 f V- f' , V ' W If ' ' ' QC X. P f ,rj Y! g vw, if A' Y-W ,J HK, I, ? W1 J Q J N I . 2 fm L , Q o 3 . X 4 w Mao W .A L. ' DU' Miz 'W M W 7 ! A M X CW f X Y J fj Q , QQ MAMA ff' 5 X! W WU! W mf, ff QW ! xfaffw 5 sw ,X Mm mfww W y ,Aj X AMX? jkmfm X4 ff JQMMP? ,M A , , y M 'Y 'AW W MW ZW Jin! Q " Jil WWMZM Q ,, Cf f'46677'7,7f7Zcr N ,fl 4 , Mfffvzm ,,j.if2454 ag x Sgjfgifjsg I f i No3?hSJu ibrwdigx School '64 u li X + Q gQDoMegf,l?Iifornia fi I 20-W , T w V 'I yyfyrsfjflygy yjgf gt fyghyiryr ka W ,I ' gg nf 'JM gg Table of Contents P t UNl.- ............... Page 4-9 i l 'uyw Zyl ladministration 8 facultyl VG! 5,94 ANDS ............,. Page I9-30 A g lNinthGradel 5 li t HANDS .......... Page3I-38 gy! ll lEighth oraaei P69 - A 4 lTTl.E HANDS ............ Page 39-47 j y lSeventh Gradel I 4 O G 1- f-K 1 i 4 I As.Xvf..,9 ff-fd I , QXit,,i,D9i J,s.f4iLlds--PQ nfgofkfifvffv Cal Olpfug 5 4 MAN snunos Classes .......... Page IO- I 8, 48-5l Organizations .......... Page 52-54 TIMEKEEPERS ..,.,..,.,,, Page 55-63 lSportsl YEARBOOK STAFF Co-Editors ........... Mary Quillen, jim Mullin Business Manager ....... Mary Ellen Quintana Assisted by ......... Lynda Foster Class Editor Grade 9 ..... Sharon Sherfey Grade 8 ..... Mary Qulllen Grade 7 ..... Valerie I-lursey Assisted by: Linda Reed, Vicky Gordon, Mike McEachran Bob Kalan, Joyce Bryan, Joanne Bryan, Laurel Peters. Photography Editor ...... Georgia Gonos Photographers: Steve Long idivlsion pagesl, Norman F " t uytmo o With special thanks to: Dan Ryan Si Mr. Griffiths Sports Editor ......... Larry Gadsby it lltew-N S XG I .Jo J Hb Ip MEET THE OFFICIALS AND THEIR ASSISTANTS As a democratic nation must have leaders with thoughtful judgment for present problems and vision for future plannin so the modern school must have a school board, superintendent, principal and faculty. The school board not only determines school policy, but also advises and helps with school or coniinunity projects. Bruce O. Moore, superinte dent, Gordon Griffiths, principal, and his assistant, August Huesca, administer our school to develop happy, useful citizens- They are assisted by Mrs. lliglrsmith, Mr. Stillman, and Mr. Henrilcsen, who counsel students about regis- tration and the choice of subjects that will broaden interests, develop leadership and prepare for vocational fitness. "A f if we ist, W iiisdfvff W , Mufti it , ,yi c s of f ' P i f d WW t W! I d Our friendly principal, L f 1 dj! Vi- ug 1 Gordon Griffiths, 'T Purucrrsus Messier is T 2' l.i?E1 ,, iii is Q Tia J.,' is he Qsifiuiiee t TIME and HISTORY play a very important roll in our junior high school program. They deal specifically with man in relation to his environments, knowledge of how man hes used his environment to satisfy his basic needs, and how man uses pS.St and present experiences to prepare for the future. Clocks are devices for indicating time, which is obviously never ending, always moving for- ward. Likewise, continuous education for all ages is highly essential to reach wise solutions in our democratic society. Time, teachers and teenagers, all woven. to- gether, constitute the tapestry of life. Cordon Griffiths . in August I-Iueses, assistant principal i 44-4 44, 44:-44-444-rss-4444-4444-4-v-44 44,4441-4154-44444-4444-U-44 -1- 4-I-N-4--44444141-J-I-xs5xex.s.x.4 4444-4444!-5444 4-F4-I-444-Y-F4444-'Y-4-F4-44 444--4-Fl-44444444444-44-4 4- I Miss Cohn explains European travel routes to Mrs. Boatman, Mr. Adams, Mr. Conners, Mr. Francisco, and Mrs. Mehrle DEDICATIO History repeats itself. Since the world seems to travel in cycles, one can often understand the present through the past. Through the capable efforts of the ten history teachers at North junior High, the seventh graders travel back, in time, to the ancient civilizationsg the eighth graders delve into the earliest beginnings of our nationg the ninth graders review European history, It is with pride that we dedicate this ARROW to the History Department of North junior High Schooil Mr. Halstrom, Mr. Riggs, Mrs- Schneider and Mr- Platt are proud to teach. us about Documents of Freedom. nocuunvrs or rarrnou Tempus Fugit! The theme for our yearbook is time. l Studying American, World, or Euro- pean history, we deal with time of the past, present, and future. This year we used time. . .for stop watches at sports. . .grandfather clocks to get to school on time.. .cuckoo clocks to remind us to study.. ,andhour glass- es which cautioned "time waits for no one". ll 6 ffug,-14' GLX13- 42734, PM ' W M19 pq Wav A Q aff LILTY W M W Q I 1-Hifi -A proper man As one shall see in a summer-'s day. - From "Midsummer Night's Dream" 44 -v-44 4444-5441x444-44444444444--v44 """""" """""""-"Y-V-F444-V-415-1-4444 44-4444444-v-44-v-44-v--v-4-1-44 4444-4-v-44-444-Jr-v-44-44-v-4 4' W I F' i 2 I 'rf' f" el -IU' "x C' MR. CONNER Hist. 8, Begin SAdv Band MR. DAVIDSON Sci. 8, Algl MR. ELOE Math 7 S 8 MISS ELWELL Hmkg 7 S 8 MRS. ESPING Library MR. FERNANDEZ Span. 8 S 9, Gen Bus JW I I I I X MR. ADAMS History 9, Frenchl MR. ASH Science 8 G 9 MRS. ASH P.E. 7-8 MRS. BOATMAN English 7 8 8, I-list 7 MRS. BURKACKY Math 7 MRS. BUSBY A1gI,Math8 8 9 MRS. CARLQUIST English 9, Typing I MISS COI-IN X I Hntorygyyb J WMM I Ni- ri I V D +-5' , .. A J I ...A . V I , E: M 1,5 W WI' .lf -...JI Ib!! I , S j i. v If! 'S IA.. v- MR. FOTI-IERGILL Wood 7,8 8 9 MISS FOWLER English 8 MR. FRANCISCO History 9, P.E. 7,9 MRS. GRAUNKE Iourn. , English 8 8 9 MR. I-IALSTROM Hist. 788 MR. I-IENRIKSEN Math 8 MR. HUDSON Art 7 8 8 MR. KORTI-I Mech Draw 8, Draftl 8 P' wb Mn LIDDELL - , I Typ- I I Mas. MEHRLE , Q Eng. 7, Hist.7 I Mn. Mocxu - Man. s s 9, Algl I 'R MR. PAGE ' Math8 ' . 9 do MR. PLATT I-Iist. 7, Read 7, Eng 7 MR, REEDER I PuEa I ' MR. RIGGS I ' I-list. 8 .9 . MR. RYAN I - P.E. 788 I 9 If ,N I . 7 ,. I U' - . ,,.1. -II X, J up-" 1. 41' I I ff: his 'L ,r :Xl ,,Nmfb'8 I X I 1, l 0-A ' N I I MR. SCI-IIATTER ' I . I XA Eng7,Read788 0IQWl,X,J.r'f5-0 MRS. SCHNEIDER . ' ' ffwdfnw I IMMS ' ' Eng. 7 D 754419499-4fKJ MISS SMITH P.E. 7 8 8 MR. SNEYD Metal 7, 8, 9 MR. STILLMAN Math 9 , N. MR. SUMMERS R, Sci 8, Math8 I I MRS. TARNAVSKY .p,.gf N I-Imkg. 7, 8,9 MR. TOWNSEND I -',. Eng 8 E 9 I.'t1'f MR. TRELOAR Alg I, Math " M ' MM Im2'iQwof9 LRS. WALSWORTH .E. 9, 7 LRS. WEDDING rama 8 8 9 LISS WI-IITCHER ng. 9 Q ins. WILBERT W Qusic 7, Ad 8 IterG1ee R. WILLIAMS rafts 7, 8,89 Q M99 nl' Il I 9... M I: If-" Down the Corridor 1 f A i FIRST STOP, the office-where Mrs. Bazz, Mrs. Peachin, and Mrs. Worden are always ready to help. Students also play a part in the office lsee beiowl, as exemplified by Valarie Malpede, Allison Montgomery, and Laureen Bridgewater. "I PLEDGE..." Patriotism is stressed daily at North as students are called to silent attention by the "Star Spangled Banner" followed by a salute to the flag of our coturtry. rr rr Our school nurse, Mrs. Morris, discusses Aid operations with school librarian, Mrs t-4,9 , 4 uf --s.. 1- Assisting Mrs- Esping in the library are M. Quillen, M. Wieting, A. Hayworth, K. Nelson, C. Loman, S. Wescott, S. Pack, and M. Vazac. i0 ll i o T1,w l W my li R I I K 5 J n H 6 0 0 Q li t ll' Jil UW NF ij P V i l IN GYM. . .strong heenhy bodies ne the M, I result of plenty of exercise, for which Carla M Van Meter and Cher 1 Armes ere getting l Y balls from Mrst Walsworth. IN HOMEMAKINC. . .To every girl, a knowledge of homemslting is of great value, for it teaches manage- ment of time, money, and abilities. Not only is' it important for her to ltnow how to take care of her clothes and appearance, but also the girl learns to be a happier member living in harmony with her community and in her home. IN CRAFTSMJ. Cissna, S. Roberts, T. Benoit, 81. Nieger work in girl's crafts. 0 e U it fi ' I ,uf 7 r - i ,K Q I if Aff, L 't X V K' J. 4 1! 12 i l x by 5 Y D . X 4 f UN Q. ' ' N ,532 h-Q9 i 1: it Q 1" fir IN MATH 7. . .Napier's Rods are explained by Pat Hansen , Barry Pinske and Rick Seeley. fe if l THE SCIENTIFIC APPROACH Modern junior high schools train youths to fit into a sci- entific world. dent has delved into physics, chemistry, geography, as- tronomy, and physiology, he can break up a solution into its component parts, predict a storm, or explain an eclipse Y-llXTi"R i l K Kathy Eloe, Mrs. Busby, Murray Levine, Phil Klatchhe, and J mst-rl Kathy Vreeland Down the Corridors ENGLISH IN ACTION The English Department trains one in appreciation of outstand- ing works of literature, in par- liamentary law, in correct us- age, spelling, and theme com- position. Mrs. Mehrle ipic- turedl instructs her class here in a new vocabulary word. After a stu- , Mr. Ash, Debbie Davis, jack Rants Q ' ' it ff ' li iesee A t A srnnrour Linn is rua suonrnsr orsrnucsriygiyh , yy , 1 Mathematics is used daily, especially by engineers, ,S A Ky 5 t1lit,xMy.m5 air pilots, naval officers, soldiers, butchers, and H ", r l 'llfvx ll ' rr ,Q lllw housewives. Whether one figures up the budget or mf s'riilrllJ nljy if butchers a hog, he must know that two halves make, ln,-,, ,g , V l . . . . t , 'R' ' , a whole. Imagine a plan without a blueprint! 'lf'Qul,yNpW,y wr ,vi A ll ' i, V wall,-al tgp r it ip lain, -l C " "'vt 'rfikimks 'r , Aix- ,fxx-AJ .llixiliyf ily r J lj M lltl at ninth, iwrypy, 1 , hr 'X N l X. ll t .. l'rQlkEil.X " XfjlQ'a.l , X i W wil .lxiillhy 4 . s Nillillutii, in rl, nn , it in u X NO HUNT AND PECK HERE The business oriented stu- ' dent can choose from courses In like Business Law, Bookkeep- ing, Business Machines or Machine Shorthand. One of the most popular courses at North is Typing I. It offers first year typing adequate for high school and college needs. il Don Shrode, Craig Wells, Bob Pettibone, Buddy Braiser, and Alan Supple keep busily at work in the woodshop, while lbelowl Dan Hagey, Pete Gevorkian and Bob Kimble work the ... jigsaw. HOBBY OR OCCUPATION? Industrial crafts work in copper tooling, carving, plastics, leather, liquid plastic, copper enamel- ing, plaster of Paris, jewelry or etching devel- ops better understanding ofthe industrial environ- ment, manipulative skills and creative expression. l Tom Sterns drills plastic on the drill press. Mark Theiser, John Williams andjeff Schull like the tables, corner shelves, and book cases they can make in Industrial Crafts. -Y If 5-:I Y VV I I l,,f,, 1 J ft ' DSX. rf! X ,A Qytjy' fglliff y,1,f"' j fy Iv ye! M141 .. ti Ad,f?V,g, lr 'A M-7 cfmfwf' fi A . et! A " f 'ff My !y!,, fflyygyy VwyZ,Q,!fQf' X015 fyyfyyly yfqlf gflly!JL A if flrffj mfg' 6,6 f . H4 ,!,MfK'..,!pf , ,- ,Qf,f' ,K " "f 7 V A VVIVW I ' M V y, GMLAZAV! M47 ,ff M 'Alfrfg,f'l,f7 fffif Mt' IA yllfaahrlfgyaz nf' me ftfxf' , W f " "af A Stage Where Every Man mast Play aPart Shakespeare ,,,e i yy! Mrs .!WeddinQ Z ffm ty' yy! D A .,-'IS s M, I ' ELMER AND THE LOVEBUG y STAGE CREW A lv1lDSUlVllvlERNlGllT'S DREAM Eighth and Ninth Grade Drama Classes enjoy a year of versatility from melodrama and comedy to a flight of fantasy ln "Midsummer Ni,ght's Dream" and "Mischief on Olympus" D R A M A l mr Box socnn WI-lO'S Tl-lAT rnoctnno on 'mn noon? mvnl r I ' , , , ,, ,ip-'N Below - Lynda Foster, Larry Cadsby, Clay Sigg, George Juarez plan the Lill Abner Daisey Mae Dance. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Equal a Story for Journalism Katherine Clark, Pow Wow first semester editor, discusses leads with Patty Hann, Scott Read, Valerie Horsey, janet Drelier QRIGHTJ Coaeditors Mullin andQui1len lay out the ARROW dummy as lBELOWl Gadsby tells everybody howto crop the class pictures. QLEFTQ Pat D recalls her hunt-'napeck system while QRIGHTJ Cheryil tells Scott again how she wants the front page cartoon to loolr AND WHEN. l wld FAR LEFT. Znd semester POW WOW editors tSigg Clay, Georgia Genes, Cheryll Kay, Vicky Gor- don eheok "heads". RIGHT Bob Kalan edits the Maize, mimeographed by Shelly, Debbie 8 Cheryll. l5 N V ,l , "And The Band Pla s On" Advanced Band The North junior High band department maintains two organizations known as the Beginning Band and the Advanced, under the direction of Mr. Conners. The second band serves as a training organization for the advanced group, including in its membership those interested lil instrumental music who cannot yet achieve the standards of the advanced band, or those who are just beginning the study of a musical instrument. While musicianship is stressed in both organizations, much emphasis is placed on the individual's Worth as a good citizen. The advanced band appears for school functions, civic occasions, parades, at football games, and for baslcetball games. ll Dance Band u . "With A Song In Your Heart " Al North, young musicians learn pitch and voice control under the expert guidance Of Mrs. Wilbcrt. 'Sing away Sorrow, cfm away cam," CClV'1l1 cs Participating in Norths modern dance are: Donna St. Amand, janet Kelly, Mary jo Nevin, and Cheryl Armas. THE CAFETERIA STAFF under the experienced direction of Mrs. janet Winkler. Her assistants include Helen Lelloy, Mildred Dejura, Doris Thebus, and Inez Smith. y f"l1 .' rx-mx tv J Uv: ' il , Down More Corridors The smiling French student in Mr. Adams class is Marty Toma. Behind her is Doug Skaggs. Paul De Tilla points out an article in Mr. Fernandez lst period span- ish class. Looking on is Gary Brustin, Marny Roy, and Taina Pace. fl COMPETILNT CUSTGDIANS Leonard DeBilzan, Letha Williams, john Clem, Tony Ferrante, and Elmer Pollock. I 8 . 1 l ff. ' .v.,, F 1 xl, 1 , ,JN N J x ' A k x 5 K f ll 'x 1 447 J X RJ l .V ,X K , ,1- X l WIIH ,gf qkxliw 1 B ,X , , ll N. . H,-X J " Q ','1L JFS' lf' fy, K .J o GV, 6 J x x fl . , A, lx ltff g xx-xx JY :J lf r . I l 'F 1 f fl I, ' 4, K. l fn ' 1 1 l X x ' 4' l l ln l"QL ,f xx", l. ' , .kT'AX,.W!X-,,'fll K ,l . -ik f J ,I- J:-.'l'-'k- ,., , l A lfwfl I Um N ' fx 1 K A, , fl '.,,f 1 ,. gl . bk ' X Cys l fuqkwfx X if A.-X ,Fa x 5" Q. L VX, C UMR --' .ul .' X.-X,ifX,,"X N X ll ff. K R 4.3 x M lx 1-S ,K K X -ly L L, fy lvl It X J Xt X N J I. , - ' Pllly N lla x l ll f'- 'VX V fix-3 'C LK' l ,l ll X ll' 5 'x - x R , i .1 ,-I r l , 'A-,lwirlllllu . l . 1. f A lk I HQ l ,X Asif 1. JH-'-w1,"x,f"'E, , f ll 2 1 , . 1 N, KN wlix Q1 1xlfS'X - Al if b RX 'X l ,,.., lf' l Lf' l XX of 'SAV xgfxl 4 f , , P , K ll l pi-wx-o ,.f'xllXOl"fw Jo uk ll, 1 'x , N. ,fl - l X, , 'v ,'4h -,- gk, xl-1 all K .w, 1-, , l lil , I U XL ll. x. x Vwllxf A , ' .1 .4 ,,. fp' l X' 11" ill- 1 fxfxujl H My --. K ,, ,,.1M jx ll l .-- V ,, fl I-. 1. N - l . 1 U! A lll, 'al' lxlxl' ll-l ll , V t .1 5 X lf - X, l , I , ' If , K vi V X X Y. F , Q ,xt - 1 . f ' ', ' T 1 ' 1 Q ,, .f ' , x A , , x Now l am hail fellow well met with all ' - Sophocles I9 i ' 19 l r l Acree, David Adams, Marie Agalsoff, John L- Aleantra, Darlene J. Allen, Jay Aiongi, Dan L- Alper, Mike Anderson Anthon Y Anderson, Howard Armas, Cheryl Austin, Dorothy Austin, Fred Tl V0 F Barnes, Riek Battles, Michael Bauer, Cheri Baughman, Robert Bayer, Janis Beaumont, Barbara Beaumont, Betty Beck, Frank Bell, Brenda Bennett, Bonnie Bennett, Donna Benoit, Therese yNL,l'T'5' y 'ma' .Sw EW Ar I eg l ,f ty y .Fl W' ry' dd, :dt l Ai, ' r X bf ky . I L4 20 .ae i .kt X . . . l lf' i fs- " X ,ere llfl at N Babashoff, Georg Bailey, Dorothy " 'ff' Baker, Douglas 'Q Baker, Kathy Banks, Joelien W M B J ! Baientine, Glen Y ri A ,fn it lo Bannon, Mike Banowetz, Roger Barber, Beth Barker, Kathlene Barnes, Greg , Barnes, Joseph D A 'Ear r d l ,Ml X rr- AAX me-M 1 i Jn' 4 Q? 1 ' . , , if V574 A Brehm Tina l Bridgewater, Laureen Briesemeister, Wilfred Brown, Diane Brown, Kathy Brown, Richard Brurtin, Gary Burch, Nancy Burke, Barbara Burnett, Robert Burns, Connie Camarillo, Steve V 1 1 ,, , i ,,. rw ,,... lui' A x. " V YJ Berg, Randall Best, Michael Binkley, Joan Blye, Warren Boles, Sally Bonella, Susan Bosler, Robert Bosnyak, Martin Boulware, James Bowman, Bruce Boyd, Robert Bradley, Sherry if U-A 1 'l Christensen, Laurel Church, Wayne Clark, Robert ino picturel Clark, Russell Clayton, John ino picturel Clayton, Ronald Campbell, Russell Carnevale, Steve Carr, Ronald Carter, Glen Carter, Richard Chapman, Craig sf, 5 , Z2 rl .5'.!Ai'l1t . T A 'll' il. xp' ram H. 4 if S , 1 sf, Dunagan, Tom lno picturel Duncan, Janelle Dwelly, Jayne Earwood, Tom Edgeworth, Lowell Elicks, Suzanne Ellsworth, Ronald Eloe, Kathryn Erickson, Steve Ezell, Starr Fahrney, Pat Farber, Susan Cline, Linda Collins, Bill Colman, Rebecca Conrad, Barbara Cousimano, Michael Covin, Danny Craven, Charles Crook, Julia Curiel, Christine Curiel, Connie Darcy, Patty ' Davies, Ed Davis, Michael Dawson, Frank Deljunco, Georgi r H Dennis, Randall . De Tilla, Paul F' P in Dewald, Renee Dickerson, Danni Dodson, Timothy Donoghue, Kathle- Douglas, james Dreher, Janet l' ' ll N rl isher, jerry ischer, Louise lax, Ethelann letcher, William ordis, Linda ordis, Mike 'ortner, James 'oster, Lynda 'ow1er, Judy rediani, Roberta rench, Edward Qaddie, Shary Eadshy, Larry allant, Margaret arabaidi, Douglas arbett, Randi arza, Elsa iassaway, Curtis ieddis, Stephanie Sidney, Carl iiguette, John iiliiland, Richard Zlarman, Nancy iochnaur, Richard LJ . it i si ni' . 'Xl b hh, 10 Y., l om C- vgrpggcifigtt lg I Wrrrfu' ' Moon fa l elf . 4 I 'Q Q 'C' ,uri 2,1 -I 23 1 9 :hi ,-47. , IA I! 'hs L 3 K Gonos, Georgia Gordon, Michael Gordon, Victoria Graham, Donna Greget, Andy Griffin, Linda Griffith, Lynn Groher, Mark Grow, Kenneth Guengerich, Susan Guerrero, Cheryl Guinn, Tom W ,bi t .Ra ne' Rfb W I Harman, David Harpst, Lee Harris, Sandra Harrison, john Hartman, Phyllis Harvey, Pamela Hau. Barbara Hawkins, Edith Hawkins, Rita Haworth, hrnita Helvie, Lois Henderson, Victo Haley, Mark Hamhlin Curtis Harnilton, Carol Hanisee, Jean I-iann, Patty if '- r ,fa 'nr , vi' J A llA I .H Q r v v , 4 1'-f VI Y r i l, , . .fglv ' Guiewich, Rici Gustafson, Grer Guthrie, Gail Guzro, Toni Hagey, Linda Hale, Thomas J rr? 0 i 'rn Ir..,, P' nl ,. 1' ., Henry, Sharon Henry, Edward Hill, Bonnie Hill, Randye Hinnen, Grace Hippik, Steve Hoag, Marilyn I-Ioeppner, Chris Hoff, Kathrone Hogarth, Larry Holt, Steve Hoiz, Evan l-loupt, William Howard, Linda 5, rl, ' I-ludak, Chase in 'V' J Humble, Joseph i -in Irons, Karen "" Jacobs, Randy ' . I A Jacquez, Bruce Jensen, Pamela Johnson, Jeffry r Johnson, Lane Johnson, Linda Johnson, Mark I N A lsr. Kemmer, Bill Klatchko, Philip Knight, Carol Knoivles, Patrick Koshear, Kathlene Krause, Richard Kroll, Nancy Kuhlman, Connie Kumpe, Gary Lanza, Bruce Laris, Luis A yr, ri i W, 'v f. rsh . x n it he ' f 'x . I J r s.i",r' 'i i sl' U ,, Johnson, Ross Johnston, Joyce Jones, Thomas Jordan, Chris Juarez, George Kaiser, Kathy Kavanaugh, Cheryll Kay, Cheryl Kean, Danny Keck, David Keeler, Cynthia Kelley, Janet .i . ir ' 1 , if 4 i r ' rr Lewis, David Lexin, Robert Liberto, Pat Llewellyn, Donald Loomis, Laurie Lopicoolo, Mary Lostetter, Gregg Lovrien, Glen Lowman, Cynthia Luna, Valerie Macleod, Marge Madeson, Butch Malpede, Valeria Manwaaren, Nell Marani, Linda Marks, Michael Maynard, Linda Mazzi, Dianne McAllister, Daniel McBride, David McCall, Thomas McCandless, Shirley McCollum, Steve McCormick, Douglas ,QLD Larson, Anita Larson, Kristine Lasswell, Loudene Laxson, Steve Lcacoclt, Patricia Leclcy, Joyce Lee, Colleen Leno, Coleen Leon, Greg Levine, jay Levine, Murray Lew, William f CWD' JG' W' Clif' 1 McCroske Chris Y McEachran: Michael McFarland, Dennis McGrath, Carol Mclntyre, Kathy Mehus, Poy Merchant, Edward Miller, Donald Miller, Judy Miller Lars Y Mitchell, wnnam Montgomery, Allison gi ldap A nik J KZ! .ty 27 J fb Mull, Buddy lno picturel MuQlin, James Mundy, Richaxd Muse, Dwight Neiger, Judith Neiger, Lenora Nelson, Kathrene Nelson, Steve Neudecker, Terry Nevin, Mary Nickel, Arlen Niekeric, Sera Odenweller, Donald Pace, Taina Pack, Sandra Palmer, Joann Panzick, Pamela Pascoe, Greg Patchen, Gail Panerson, Lorne Payen, Charissa Payne, Richard Peacock, Carol Peart, Michael if r .il ' 6 uh, - 'Q - P i A rr i Z"a .Y , , , i ' u if . . N Reilly, Robbin Rennie, john Renshaw, Michael Reviea, Corwin Rigney, George Rissman, Douglas Roberts, Suzanna Robson, James Rodecap, Kent Peters, Jay Rolraw, Bill Ross, Jim ino pioturej Roy, Elizabeth Roy, Marny Rozie, Kathlene Rubin, Judy Runyan, Robert Saenger, William ll lx 1 I ,I A , t F-In rl il " A i is 'X we PW lv: F, ali. I Persich, John Peters, Laurel Player, Michael Pollard, Carmen Ponder, Mary Pope, Charles Powell, Linda Pritchette, Lance Proctor, Gregg Pruden, Clarence Quillin, Mary Quintana, Mary Rants, jay Rawson, Charles Redoher, Joyce i Reed, Linda Reed, Scott iam!! ir-4 , bi? 'EQ i 1 N refs., Salla, Diana Sarell, Edward Scalia, Barbara Schaffner, Robert Schiffmacher, David h Q Schoeman, Nancy Schroeder, Charleen Shafer, Marsha Shepherd, Keith Shepherd, Ricky Sherfey, Sharon Shirley, Albert Shirreffs, Gary Showalter, Paula Sibillio, Vincent Simon, George Simonoff, Greg Skeggs, Douglas VK AA Si' qvvn L.-f A rr-' Eg A 1 lr-4, I9 P? li, ,, i' lr E27 I l r ffl LS 4 t If V' I l 'mr J rf: 29 ,, F ,,f iz ls 1 A. r" O A M. , r bi a , 22. MK v 1 e ' , 1 Smith, Lorraine Snodgrass, Mary Snow, james Snyder, Rhonda Southward, Joyce Speer, Fred Spivey, Susan Spohn, Stacey St. Amend, Donn Stannard, Dave Stetler, Charles Stevens, Mike Stocltbauer, Brian Stoddard, Steve Stoegbauer, Gary Storbeck, Bryce' Storm, Scott Strang, Nancy 9. ,I ',,i' i" A 'i M11 VH! I Siroh, Duane Stubblefield Barbara Sturgill, jan Sturt, Judith Sundman, Diane Swegles, Carol Swendseid, Russell Synnes, Danny Tapie, Alan Tarantino, Anthony Taylor, Sharon Thim, Shery Thorley, Judith Toma, Martha Townsend, Jill Treclway, Diane Tussey, Randy Ullrich, Arlynn Valvano, Lee Xian Meter, Carla Van Riper, Teresa Vazac, Mary ino picturej Weiser, Gene Vincent, Craig Vreeland, Kathleen Warila, Lonnie Weatherby , Connie Webb, Laura Weed, Marilyn Wegter, Rex Weimar. Robert Weiss, Marsha Welch, Kathleen Wersching, Randy Wescott, Stephanie West, Charles Whipple, ani Wieting, Marilyn Williams, Alan Willis, Franaella Witt, John Yoder, Paul Young, Patty .xvi was c 7 .T N, 4 P XX? 1 If H fel ,x C if X lifgp "4 .Jrlgj 1:25 .x s exx Ar' Q Ti T rxtxfll x i '4' -swi- L .QNX X-.M J 1 V fnxh. X K x i Nr- S NY X954 li xfl- l-l X-3' X x FM-li 'R i '- G ix k 4. ' -. X F ' X-,K-Ii HRV. qElx'klV kiiyixwyr I .. S -A s , -J l Rig' 5 fly' B ,i, N M fly il, lg ' - if ii UU? H fl K it I3 Vik -XXL. 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S Barrett, Carl Bartlett, Barbara Barton, Arlene Bates, Leslie i Bauer, Gary 'L X Beane, Keith A Behrens , Candy , t H A- 'fe' Belcher Robert Bell Margaret Benoit Norman Bergreen, Barbara Bestul, Donald Beyrooty, John A Belcastro, Debroah u ' , ' Bitters, Jean Black, Gail Blanks, Donald Blincoe, Becky Ann Bliss, Larry Bollong, Pam 1 Bosanko, Michele Boulton, Mike B t ' Boydstou, David 7. - ,,.y A J .5 f 5. A Brack,Ralph Q 5 J ,ji 'B ,fl yn, "i ' , "h a ,fi Brame,David A . 1 .fa B kg... ' -t 3, Brazier, Buddy M X f J I A ,X " Brown, Dennis iff- r 'i 1' - Brown, Donna s ' ' I A A e- Brown, Jerri Brown, Terri Brunner, Howard Bryan, Joanne Bryan, Joyce A Carey, Peter , Carver,john , - j at Carroll,Nancy A ,yi 1' , r , Casum,Cassy A-" R. q . r 1 A 32 Chapman, Thomas Childress, Ronald Christensen Kath Cissna, Ann Eliz i, jet tif, ml Ian. 1 Y , , . Churchill, Patty y -' 1 H' , if l J Cissna, Lynn Clark, Katherine A V 3 s ll. lee i P , . l l .ml ,. as 2 B Clark, Steven Clarkson, Darla " Clausen, lven Y P ll? 1 X . X. ,ali I Clayton, john r Coleman, james Collins, Gene Colvin, Robbie Colvin, Wayne Comer, Darlene Conners, John Conrad, Clay Contratto, Steven i I Cousimano, Karen rfewiwwwpl Crnogorac, Gary ' Croner, David I ,c le In y Cuevas,Gary 3,1 ,lf f 7 Cullen, Linda I. ix N Cunard, lviarie X. " C Mytgij, Cunningham, Debbie Q QL 57 Cunningham, Gayle ' i 'J Daily, Ronald Dasso, Susan Davis, Debbie 1' t Davis, Robert ry .a-1' 5 K Deckard, Robert "' J -fa- Degelia, Barbara y 'i 'r Xen algal a Cl li If 1 4 X! !,. .' i I I Ya 5 ' . f 'F' 1 K Cn i -Ll 'nfl Dever, Jelfry Diels, David Diaz, Martaret Dillow, George Dorr, Louann Douglas, Terri Duncan, Marilyn During, Claudia Dusich, Lawrence Eastman, Garald R ' ' ' ,. ,L Eck,Tom 4- r ff' X Ehinger,lvlarcia F - C ' '-' Emmi, Steven Endresen, jack Esche, Pamela , ' Escujuri, lviardeli 1 I 7, , Fay,Shelley ' f if c ,f t , Relman,Ed ff: - ' " i- ' Fernandes,William . - I , W Fernandez, Patricia R 4 , J . , Ficarella,Tony I an D 33 ,Jp- ' 'fl I AWA i 6 W Grimes, Joyce Gross, Debby Grow, Dennis Guggiana, Paul Guttery, James Hagey, Dan l-lale, Daniel Halfen, Ed Hall, William Hallier, Pamela J fu J ,, Haney, Lana lt, s Hann , Jim ' Happe, George y " X Hatfield, Kathryn li Filippo, Debbie F iori, Randy Folger, Suzanne Foreman, Steve Forman, Gwen Fortner, Eddy Fossdahl, Nannette Fujimoto, Norman Funk, Linda Garbett, Melissa Georgianna, Guy Gevorkian, Peter Giustina, Karen Goodman, Kristine Goodwine, Eugene Graham, Donald Grandinetti, Joe Gratz, Geoffrey Gray, Linda Greene, Sharon Griffin, Gail Q f' J A ff 'I ' 34 Hauser, Scott Haynes, Susan Hetherlngton, Joyce Hicks, Skipper Hinz, James Hoag, Mary Hobel, Sam Hofreiter, Steffani Hollenbeck, Sue Hoist, Barbara Holter, Myrna Holz, Shelley Horner, Donna Howard, Janice Howard, Stephen Hungerford, Bruce Hursey, Valerie Hyder, Sandra lngermann, Rolf Ingwersen, William Ippotito, John Maltz, Barbara Manley, Terri fvarine, Mike Martin, Gary Maskell, Marilyn Matlago, Janet Mattiiiesen, Janet ir ,ll ,VlcDonald, Melinda Jacobs, Phillip Jameson, Michael K Johnson, Dan , r Joos, Walter rf? Joy, Donna . 4 ' " . Johnson, Knrt J, J l 11, n Kalan, Robert Kalpakoff, Karen Keeler, Mary Kerr, Ken Kimball, Erna Kimhrell, Robert Kirkland, Richard Kiser, Karl Klasky, Robert A 5, ,. Kliineteltelr, Shelley I, ,- Knutsen, Kristine 'iw . Koontz, Mark ' 1 'S Kotichas, Sandra l 4 l rf Jo" 'H A , eq A, i A ,' 'J ' f'f' Q I bong, George V Loomis, Dorothy Qopes, Felix , if ouekey, Dennis ignpo, Charlene Lyster, Ronald J Maag, Donna R 'vrlr M IA I I Macklin, Janet Males, Ladena Miarcligian, Cathy cCall, Linda cCargar, Anthony llcElWaine, Kirk X A W. . fn- ' 'i , 1 V . I L 5-JJ ,qui .O l i if' I x J l Q l 4 r lu 'X i li ll ' 1 'Q , , i 'E' .. ,N ,Iv I' :rf V .llrxii ,f In 7.55 - . I Kreme, Philip Kuntz, Bruce amy, Irene aandaker, Steven awrence, Karen awrence, Marie ecky, James Lee , Nancy oelnnann, Judith ester, Jerrold ew, Ken idtke, William indsay, Julia Logan, Debra ll, :i J F ,NNI I, uh, 'Bl li 'ly W Il. l Af, 'K .fi 1 uf ' 1- 'ff i 1 3 fa f l Morris, Bryan Morrison, Randy Mueller, Michael K gy Mueller, Susanne i ',, Mullin, Shelly ,V , Mumford, Thomas ' Murphy, Michael 1' l' ld F ru! i Osterbauer, Donald Overmier, Sandra Parnham, Cheryl Pasqual, Mike Patison, lim Patterson, Michael Patton, Michael f 4 i. 'x l , ,' . , - i tl J U ' J, I .11 ,Ng JLQQVI' fo ' 5 4,-J ,P is I , l this ,. if 'lj' lt' 'rv' X 2 Mcllroy, Greta McKendrick , jimmy McLeod, David McManus, t j Mehciz, Kathleen Melott, Susan Merrill, Richard Mertz, John Midgley, Michael Miller, Gerald Moeller, Lilian Moody, Anne Morrill, Bill Y i ' "'l Murray, Mike Mlurrill, Nancy Muzyka, Marilyn Myer, Kenneth Nelson, Barbara IN elson, Joanne YN elson, Stanley 5 ickel , Peter iN oel , Cathy Sordbak, Chris hovakoff, Peter Oberlies, Tim Oleson, Richard Ortgiesen, Steve ,ii , f: l , ',,go al r , ,R Peacock, Debbie Pellerin, Kathy Pendroy, Lance Pendroy, Mark Perluss, Sandra Peronteau, Timothy Pesci, james Peterson, Calvin Peterson, Karen Peterson, Richard Pettibone, Bob Phinos, Ronnie Picaman, Kathy Pickarts, Debbie 2- , rf ,W ' Popovich, Chris Porter, Carol Power, William Pozin, Deborah Pruden, Robert Radiel, Sheralyn Rants, jack Rasmussen, Lorelie Rattner, Linda Raudebaugh, Gary' Redburn, Thomas Redwood, William Reed, Arden Reed, Joe 'a 451-l 'N 6 in ' W p 4. ,X Rizzo, Frank Robinson, Tom Rollins, William Rowe, Theodore Royse, Michael Sadofsky, Barbara Salla, Sandra Samperi, Daryl San Miguel, Dolores Schermerhorn, Rebecca Schmid, Janet Schor, Richard Schulman, Lester Schutt, Roger ., I' .S I 'Zoe l I A Simonoff, Martin Simpson, Ricky Simpson, Stanley Singleton, Kathy Singleton, Thomas Sknarna, Leo Sloat, Kathleen Smith, Douglas Smith, Heidi Sommerfied, Marilyn Spurlock, Brenda Starr, Patricia Stauffer, janet Stephens, Janet 0 it f . ,i t 'W ', Nj JC' , ' I . nl I " n 5 Reese, james Reese, Johnnie Reiley, Dehne Rice, Luanne Richter, Gary Ritchey, Cathy Ritorto, james a. .g ff, self fy! S Shamrock, Diane Shaw, Philip Sherman, Gregory Shrode, Donald Shull, Jeff Shyffer, Douglas Sigg, Clay , l ,. -4' T , M Stern, Thomas ll Stevens, John Stockbauer, Marlon Storm, Debbie Strang, Marcia Sullivan, Sherryl g ,- A 3 'H v-"f I Vincent, Glen Waite, Jay Walton, Mary Warren, Linda Watts, Carolyn Watts, Douglas Weglin, Lee Wersehing, Raimund Wells, Craig 1 , Westgate, Diane ,ig Westman, Pamela 1 Wexler, Danny Wheeler, Marilyn Wheeler, Sue r Williams, Howard Williams, john Willie, Garry Willmuth, Ray Wilson, Paula Woli, Michael Wunderlich, Wayne Wysopal, Sandra Yoder, Amanda Yoder, Graid Wade, B. 15' as E N F X i Xiu Supple, Alan Sutton, David Talley, Neal Taylor, Kathy Tenney, Roger Theisen, Mark Theodoroff, Timothy Thompson, Shanda Thornton, Patricia Thrailkill, Georgia Threliall, Erna Torres, Victor Trussell, Robert Valentine, Adele Valentine, Dave Vanzant, Rocky Vaughn, Janice Vernoy, Terry Viles, Sidney Villa, Jeanette Villella, Terry 'E ,l l -r If 1' ra' l J xg n. i M6696 SY O W W 'n. 6 43' " ' .' 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Bottom Row: Bakonis, Karen, Balentine, Brad, Ball, Chris, Baits, Victoria, Baughman, jane, Bayer, Paula, Baysinger, Karl, Berg, Diane. Top Row: Berven, Gary, Beverly, Marla, Beyrooty, Annette, Bickers, Diane, Biedenbach, Stephen, Birdsong, Linda, Blackwell, Vernelleg Bongirno, Lee. ' Middle Row: Borchardt, Dawn, Borg, Marten, Boulware, David, Boyd, Randall, Brame, Ronald, Brat ton, Michael, Brehm, William, Brewer, Jack. Bottom Row: Brown, Kristine, Bryson, Bonnie, Bulian, Barbara, Burstein, Steven, Butler, James, Cardwell, jill, Carfrae, Dorothy. 1 1 A V ' "1 , ' V 575 ,radix I 1 , A he A g,,,wIh,, , .,, , , . ' 'V " u..IlJ- H N Q it I , l?ttl .L 1, R nhl! X ' i ull ,fur X, y A N WLAN' Pi 'f N 'A T' A - I 1, 3 in E B ck y Later "' x 40 I A Show 5, if ! 'nn' H . +1 'cd' :nh ht! ' QI A L 4, 'PI 1 lX1p.,, 4' X M 4, rm? if Q1 A ,Q A A l " ' Couldn't an. 5 , ,- M Make it ' ,- Top Row: Caro, Robert, Carr, Roy, Carroll, Susan, Chapman, Neil, Childress, Janice, Christen- sen. Debra, Christoff, Jeffrey. Middle Row: Clausen, Gudrun, Clay, Debra, Clay, Susan, Clayton, jerry, Clayton, Larry, Clifton, Pamela, Colby, Sharon, Coleman, William. Bottom Row: Corley, Gayle, Cox, Kathleen, Crosson, Lawrence, Cruncleton, Gene, Curiei, Mary, Davis, Kenneth, Davis, Mike. I Top Row: Dawson, Dorothy, Debeon, Hermelinda, Dennis, Larry, Deuel, Edward, Dillon, Bruce, Dinelli, joseph, Donoghue, james, Dooley, LoyDean. ' Middle Row: Dorris, jane, Dreher, Mark, Duncan, Dean, Duncan, Kathleen, Dwelley, Gary, Edge- worth, Dee, Edwards, Sherrie, Eicher, William. Bottom Row: Ellison, Cheryl, Ellsworth, Linda, Elmquist, Betty, Elzey, Patricia, Esakoff, Bill, Escalante, lay, Fadler, Beth, Farley, Patricia. :ah pi F' Y i ,J ,ALJ A dl Oopsl H V 4. Out to V ll H l A i ix X .. ' 4 J lforgotl ,w i , a 1- . ,' lunch. V ff .ai , fy f ' 1, 4 wr ' t, " Lf H ' . ' J, y, ea i -,Fai n - , A I , 'ry N 5 u V I ' Fischer, Pauly Flack, Rohertg Forsse, Harold, Foster, Charles, Fox, Lindag French, Alison. Picture Missing Fritsche, Patricia, Fuciie, Craig, Garcia, Kareng Gay, Johng Georgianna, George 3 Gevorkiau, Kathleen- Gibb, Beth. P , ,,,, .i.L. - i-1' , will J ., Goltz. Porter, Gonyo, Geneg Gordon, Herbertg Gordon, Nancyg Graham, Kennethg Grange, GloriagGread, GeoffreygGreenha1gh, Richard. l Didn't I I Show r Griffith, Kathleeng Grimes, Susang Gulewich, Merryg Haigier, Tonnag Haney, iviarieneg Hansen, Michaelg Hanson, Patricia. Q A 3, 6 x, , +P Harrison, James, Hart, Robertg Hartman, Rogerg Harvey, Stephen: Hasick, jamesg Heeney, Tomy Hent- schel, Alang Heuer, Edward. Gone Fishing. Heuerman, Debbieg Heyer, Daveg Hill, Joyce: Hogue, Susan: Hollis, Gary: Hollister, Donna: Huggins, Victoria. 42 il it H IK? X- 'll Humble, Bertha, Humphries, Robert, Hunt, Carol, Huston, Renee, Ibanez, Guy, lbbetson, Paul, Jacobs, Charlene, jenkins, john.. 'l1, i 9'-,. 'V -W 9 i A l f ein I 1' l Jensen, Chris, jepeway,-Lynda, johnson, Roger, Jones, Kenneth, jordan, Donna, Karl, Ronald, Keck, Debbie, Kelley, Maureen. 1 I ' AVL' all A, Kelley, Ronald, Kelly, Timothy, Kelso, Christine, Kerr, Peter, Kiefer, Marilyn, Kimball, Mary, King, Rita, King, Susanne. . lm DD 4 K , an H' Kingsford, Marren, Kirby, Donn, Kiser, Mardell, Knutsen, David, Kornbau, Helen, Koubeserian, Mayda, Landavazo, Dan, Lawrence, Jeff. Sorry Wrong Day Lee, Bill, Levine, Jens, Levine, Linda, Linden, Harry, Liston, Danny, Lucero, Frederick, Lyon, Robin Madsen, William, Males, Donna, Manley, Gail, Mann, Gregory, Mann, Lois, Mann, Robert, Manson, Mike, Marosz, Caryn. 43 '--- J J-A OL"-B A H I 1,.. I, .QS li 1' - I ' ' i g. ii 1 , P Yv 1 gf! X B n Fishing Top Row: Marron, Boyce, Marron, Michael, Maskeli, joseph, Maxon, Becky, McBride, Arthur, Mc- Candless, Denise, McCarty, Kathy, McClung, Cynthia. Bottom Row: McCroskey, Olivia, McFarland, Kathe, McGee, Wilbur, Mcliendrick, Deanna, McNally, Neil, McNamara, Linda. Top Row: Mellone, Kathleen, Melott, Margaret, Meyer, Mike, Milano, Carol, Miller, Michael, Mit- chell, John, Mitchiner, John. Bottom Row: Mohn, Howard, Montgomery, Susan, Moody, Joan, Moore, Bruce, Moore, Diana, Moran, Judy, Morris, Kirk, Mottola, Burt. ,.V, , , , , , , ..b i. L A i R X, i , QW7 a at l i 0ut To Lunch Y' Top Row: Mueller, David, Mullin, Alice, Myer, Sherry, Neighbours, Christy, Newton, Nancy, Nicho- las, Pamela. Bottom Row: Nordeen, Robert, Oherg, Holly,Orcha1'd, Cynthia, Osterman, Marianne, Page, Ricky, Panenue, Lydia, Paramino, Stephen. i- A TheBi1'dle lm ag Got In 4 5, -IA : i The Way , f ' , i i Busy Elsewhere Forgot J tn- W l Y , ' 'U A il--at J, sd E . K A Forgot I .H Ma , . W. Top Row: Parhan, Darla, Pastre, Daniel, Patison, jan, Patton, Martin, Pelayo, jill, Peters, Allen, Peterson, Robert, Pettibone, Diane. Bottom Row: Pfeiffer, Candy, Pierce, Mark,Pierce, Shari, Pilling, Lori, Pinsky, Barry, Porter, Robert, Preacher, Phyllis. Top Row: Preacher, Terrie, Pretz, janet, Prindle, Donna, Prindle, Jeanine, Procter, Richard, Purcell, Paula, Rabe, James, Radford, Judy. Bottom Row: Rahn, Ronnie, Railsback, Andrew, Randall, jean, Raschke, Konrad, Rataezyk, Pam, Reed Barbara, Reese, jess, Reeves, Alexandria. Ir, Hz! Top Row: Reger, Michael, Reich, Marcie, Renshaw, Patrick, Rissman, Howard, Rohloff, Karen, Ros ser, Mary, Rowland, Saundra, Rubin, Laura. Bottom Row: Runk, Sharon, Saewert, David, Sahagian, Stephen, Sallee, Maureen, Sanders, Lavonne, Sarell, Gary, Schelford, Dennis, Schonsted, Rowena. , Pi . 1 M15 I .M 45 tw l 1 fl K I -Aedax when l, E 1 in I I H V rl im Nd V. ' X Q51 f fir! L' X' A at : ah T ilt I l ,' i If L: Schrodeder, Craig: Schwartz, Sharon: Schwerbrock, Michael: Sciba, Charles: Sealy, Richard: Segal, Lorraine: Shamrock, Patsy: Shelley, Debra. W1 ll I l 1 Sherfey, Linda: Showalter, Charles: Simon, Madelyn: Sims, Jon: Skeggs, Donald: Skrifvats, Lynn: Skvarna, Deanna: Slagei, Nancy. Picture Smith, Debra: Snyder, Janis: Soverns, Gary: Spear, Stephen: Spears, Sandra: Speer, Judy: Speers, Karen, Zi Gone 1 FiShll1g Show H : X Sposto, Richard: Stephenson, Teresa: Stern, Steven: Stevens, Mary: Stoffer, Judith: Storbeck, Jeff. WA. L ii it Stroh, julieann: Surguine, Harold: Sutton, Nancy: Tarantino, Robert: Taylor, john: Thomas, Teri: Thompson, Colleen, Forgot Thompson, Duane: Thompson, Joan:Throg1norton, Bradley: Thulin, Norman: Trank, Michael: Tripodo Catherine: Troy, Vicki, 46 t U' Forgot lvl? f 5 Unice, Charles, Upshaw, Kathy, Utley, David, Van Kirk, Terry, Van Straien, Errol, Vartanian, Brian Vaughn, Richard. rf Vincent, Carol, Vogel, Carol, Waddel, Beth, Waggener, Jim, Walker, Cheryl, Walker, Stephen, Wallen Catherine, Walther, Inge. if x if , i ,, 1 I Warnock, Karen, Watt, Susan, Watts, Deborah, Weatherby, Roy, West, Robert, Wheeler, Patricia, White, William, Whiteside, Kenneth. Whitlock, Allen, Whitney, Sharon, Wilcox, Kenneth, Wilson, Shirley, Winkler, Dennis, Witt, Chris- topher, Wolf, Darlene, Wood, Gregory. Wood, iviark,Woodruff,jack, Worthy, Linda, Yoder, Denise, Young, Susan, Yuhas, Dacasto, Zimmer- man, Alice, Zimmerman, Rollene. , -J ui Y i 1 ' Aly. il, 3- .1 A Yi: Lu ' F llwl ,j, I H, ' X if 1- xv X5 Y I i I .ty li Ni i 47 Vt-4:5 ,L i Y I7 'J K, C A L E N D A R Every litter-bit hruts. luez Smith displays cafeteria goodies "Yeah, team .IK .1 I 'tl Q . y NN A I i " 4 I 1 xg y N 'f f Lx 'rv ' V l Il ix K. tl '5 L ll" Ny Nl' t, l 4 s ' o ' Fred Luccero, Denise Yoder Christmas ornaments intrigue Gerald Miller, but David Diels, Pattie N ichols, and Margaret Bell are more interested in the holiday program presented by the mrisic department. Girls C-lee gets year off to a good start 4 1 ' . i, R C H +A, 'x e fl . I Queen Nancy Kroll and Prince Charming, Willy Briesrneister, reign at the February 14th ninth grade Sweetheart Ball. I Dancers Diane Tredwey, land jack Conners follow Mr. Platt's lead People, pigeons, sunshine .1 Nxt sf xx r 'ZH Wlvl D 6 hy Q' f 14 5 'gf .sh .. ,1xl yu G' ' ' s Nl '4- 'll 4 - v L Q I I1 5 M N M - l 4 vi Testingrleo Sltvarna, David V, Croner, 8 Debbie Cunning- ' ham Scanning the Pow Wow at smelt Mary Quintana, Carle Van Meter, K . ' I 1 : , N Shirley MeCandleS, Sharon Sherfey - -1 y fm o 1 r ,, ir J ff Q pf 'K it 'r I i 'lt l I ll X K v. 'J y' P1 6 li ' l yi Milf W W Student U . . ll North's first semster student council was a very active one, introducing club sponsored dances and other innovations. During the second semester, the student council, working closely with the home room representatives, was headed by jim Mullin, with their sponsor being Mrs. Ruhy High- smith. , yy 0 f sruomr couucii. First samuel. Marilyn weed, Z i, X Commissioner of Citizenshipg Karen Irons, Vice Pres 0' Aj . f ,f "" Randi Garbett, Secr.5 Kathy Eloe, Pres., Chris Nordback, P ' f Trees. 'WW' ' BOYS' LEAGUTS. First Semester: Terry Vernoy Treas .5 Ed Davies, Presg Tom Jones, Vice Pres.5 Neal Talley, Sec. GIRLS LEAGUE. First Semester: Georgia Thrail Val 9 hill, Girls' Welfare, Joyce Soutliward, Secr- Malpede, Vice Pres. 5 Maryjo Nevin, Pres. Government BOYS' LEAGUE. Second Semester: Fred Speer, Trcas., Mike Patton, See. 5 Doug Slteggs, Vice Pres., Bnteli Madeson, Pres., Bob Stoddard 7th grade representative. STUDENT COUNCIL. Second Semester: Bob Bauglnnan, Tread, Dave Utely, 7th grade rep., Doug Watts, See. Back Row: Paul De Tilla, Vice Pres., jim Mullin, Pres., Larry Hogarth, Comm. Citizenslrip. I if 4 ll S GIRLS' LEAGUE. Second Scmesterg Vicki Henderson, Girls' Welfare, Teri Van Riper, rl Sec., Stacey Spohn, Vice Pres., janet l Kelly, Pres.,jan Banghman, 7th grade representative, Kris Larson, Treas. ORGANIZATIONS N ' D ' 1 ' I I I I . . 1 . . 1 ' I In I L l W . Q . I ' hi A .. ',,a'lu..,'Q'f". W M HAIUNDAV J f l f I si- 'f ,.l if fl Q l 'sf "The time to he happy is now, The place to he happy is here." -Ingersoll SEVENTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Miss Simms, Advisor EIGHTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Mrs. Burkacky, Advisor NOW IS THE TIME Future leaclership is evidenced in the many fine clubs at North. For the artist, the linguist, the athlete, the musician, andthe intellectual, clubs offer lieultliy, stimulating outlets for energy and entliusiasm. SEVENTH GRADE GLEE CLUB Mrs. Wilbert, Advisor NINTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Miss Whitclicr, Advisor 53 FRENCH CLUB with advisor, .Vhu Adams I fd QHNL B STUDENT STORE ill?-4 SCIENCE CLUB meets every Tuesday with Mr. Summers, Mr. Ash ART CLUB advised by Mr. Hudson my-,rd lvh,hr,.rrr 1" R5 BOWLING CLUB LUFUGJI Mr. Page's leadership rnqgts Fridays at the Del Rio Lancs lg KW r. ' jyqisgm Q J ra ' A V , ,A Mm Club yrs Nr yr X N gf 'B ,tx X75 QM JVM tf is ,KL MJ V4 2' ,K t o gl tt Q!, ff 'W to t t tt to J ft tt f wt ,no tt ,f t of ,t ,ft ttf - dxf 1 f ,4 , Y! 7, X I 'jr ! 1 I 1 ' . f' ' I "Z ' X ,f uf 5' jf . ff' I " ' Af! 1. i ,I Q .' ,, , ! ,ff 1 X Il 1 A H l X , X - I f I ,fox A, , g tt. fft ' 'f- ' ,J 1 If V , Ip A tx, If '.- I X J ' 1 ' , ,l ' f -I' ft 1' .' l X 4 f' o f' f ft' 'I W' ft ' A U J' X ' 1 1 VI I, , 1 fi, J, I W I, W if ,ff J 1 K ff I t f' I lfff X 'fx ' J , to t o lf? HMM! Lwctjf? Uffihv JKVV LH ,Q , Mft, Nt J I I fm! X X jx fa", I I ITN SW EV f 1 fp to jf I ttf M- X, Ltft ff! l ,Q f, ff, V X XD v X' .M 7 iff KI M L! xg ft! MMV L 0 Kat? wtf' i' J L of tt tttt J WV if Qt to ,Q j by ow N-W' t' ff' l f"' 'fftt Aff' It 1' Jj , t ,W ffl!! ttttttff to M91 ,tf ff A My 0 W 'Y "Watch your opportunity. " Diogeues 55 Q rift . l - A Q Bg5'l'p,f?t li . n - ft D z. Football P79 'Ei .. LJ I ' . . ' 4 iiusq' First Row, L. to R J. Mullin. F. Speer, T. Jones, P. Yoder, A. Tapie, D. Skaggs, J. Levine, S. Camarillo, P. Yoder, Mr. Sclrletter. Seeondiliow, L. to R. M. Murray, J. Dener, M. Patton, N- Talley, T. Ficarella, C. Nordbak, D. Carter, D. Odenweller, G. Juarez, C. Amder- son, D. Sutton, T. Mumford, Third Row, L. to R. J. Persieh, D. Strow, C. Pruden, R. Gnle. wich, T. Rowe, J. Lecky, J. Snow, T. J- McManus, A. Nickel, C- Wells, E. Merchant. Fourth Row, L. to R. M. Patton, L. Harpst, J. Rantz, M. Renshaw, D. Brame, D. McFarline, L. Edgeworth, G. Lostetter, B. Baughman, L. Hogarth. Fifth Pow, L. to R. J. Brewer, 1. Mcliendriclt, D. Haggy, E. Fortner, P. Novalroff, T. Verney, J. Rants, J. Witt, G. Vincent, M. Mchachran, lvl. Stevens. Sixth Row, L. to R. R. Shepard, M. Thieson, R. Berg, B- lacquer, B. Rollins, B. Baclsstorm, E. Henry, B. Fletcher, L. Gadshy, M. Marine, E. I-lolz. Seventh Row, L. to R. D. Dickerson, R. Gochnaur, G. Pascoe, P. Katchlro, R. Wershing, L. Pritchett, S. Bernstin, B. Addicks, B. Mann, B. Madison, H. Anderson. H 7+ cf In ' Us y 6 Cheerleaders: Donna St. Arnancl, Nancy Schoeman, and Linda Marani X Xi. Co-Captains S. Camarillo, R. Speer, 1. Levine, P. Yoder, P. Detilla, A. Tapie, T. Jones, D. Slteggs. 56 Mrs. Wilhert, lvlrs. Mehrle, Mr. Ash, Mr. Davidson at football game. Champs 'Z . I a Hail to the Chief . . t i l FMNTIYT TTIIIN . I ' l en!ll4:-. l 1 ll Iii!! -,,- .vi , I 1 tt' '.i?jt,i , ,.'- I.,L ' Q I I. y S Wll7llll. e t'i'+l37'l. ' s - -' T ' " y.,, I "lu L Alu.,-1Lj'. -' ' " "iii -V lla, 7, v --jf' . Tn., U . I. ,FIX K .I .. xx it . R --I l .l .JR Coach Schlatter Under whose skillful direction our team forged ahead to the BIG CHAMPIONSHIP. The last time we were uncle feared champions was in 1954 under Coach Bill Bovd OPRTH VS. WEST JRTH VS. EAST VI' ORTH VS. SOUTH 'IRTH VS. WOODRUF F TH VS. WEST VIC no TIRTI-I VS. EAST OS GAME AT HOME , O Hit cl 'I la- off .J , 'fa 9 . . rr Q r, ru , . .-Q l "l A v ' ,. . lv.....p THE CEBS. ROW 3: B. Mcllluvaina, Wagonor, B. Acldiclts, S. I-larvey, C. Rabie, D. Utley, Storbek, J. Jenkins, Megee, B. Beckstrom, M. Crisstoff ROW 2: J. Butler, R. Seeley, R. Mann, B. Gay, M. Jones, D. Boulware, H. Forree, J. Lawrence, J. Brewer, A. Hentchel, K. Bay- zinger. ROW 1: Coach Ryan, M. Mitchner, R. Brarne, S. Bernstein, M. Miller, G. Dwelley, M. Roger, D. Winkler. THE BEES. ROW 4: Coach Schlatter, M. Marin M. Murray, J. Hahn, C. Popovich, D. Brame, B. Lidtke, Row 3: T. Stevens, A. Reed, B. Hungerford, M. Patterson, N. Talley, M. Pat- ton, P. Shaw, B. Rollins, ROW 2: R. Schutt, T. Redburn, J. Reese, T. Vernoy, P. Novak- off, J. Beyrooty, R. Brack, R. Merrill,ROW1 M. Theisen, J. Rants, D. McLeod, T. Floa- rella, C. Sigg, C. Wells, N. Fujlrnoto. Basketball THE AYES HAVE IT! Row 4: W. Church S. Stoddard, P. Klatclto, M. Groher, J. Rants, J.Persich, Row 3: R. Berg, B. Fletcher, B. Madeson, T. Jones, W. Briesmiester, A. Tapie, Row 2: D. Miller, G. Juarez, P. Yoder, G. Pas- coe, M. McEachran5 Row 1: L. Harpst, G. Lostetter, F. Speer, S. Nelson, Coach Francisco. v. W 1 J ' . er 58 . . .." .. ... ' ' r .. ... ... .. H... .. .. ty I l , 'I p , 1 'P 1 , l , y Q, , , -A a, e 2 -1 l dl ,, l' P. , Battlmg for the ball, A's "X 1 ,Mum . ' 4. , 2 " ,-V , ' ' 1' S in ,sl Ty 5.,,T,! AI LM I .ag p Agggjm fxght all the way. -A' Ab: ' Fjkg In H yy 5 '.- 3 1 3, N. i?""'f?Ef!,. We ea-'lfiirgll .9 -7 1' : Al' l vuvgima-Z? A ' ' I kl. izylgzilw 2 I I - Q-4, M Q Q ltw- was. l..' n. , .-E y , - az .... ,, a.-. .. J 5 M VM ' ',,- E,:If'f""" ".""i' "I ug o ., Q ,YW l f lv -....,'ya-,, ...y . ,... ' ....ev4' ,mv--fr WM, ' . H.. N.wIvv,,,.v7' V 'MW' ,a L-, V ,, 'H' 4 ,,- The battlin' B'S toss it up with West, here In pre -season faculty-varsity game, varsity player shoots hard. f' zz 1" l lf a if Go gang, go! Cees defend their basket, during game at East Junior High. 59 an Take Me Out to the Ball Game! JM Take Me Out to the Ball Game VARSITY. Row 1: P. Gugginna, j. Beyrooty, P. Nova- ltofl, P. Detilla, F. Speer, M. Stevans,Row 2: R. Berg Q .,,......- L. Stevens, R. Wersohing, J. Mnllin, T. Picnrella, T. Vernoy. Row 3: M. Marine, M. Patton, A. Tdpie, T. jones, Row 4: Conch Francisco, M. Mciizrcirran, E. Henry, W. Breisnieister. Not in piCtnre:L. Madison, B. Kennner, P. Yoder, J. Allen, R. Sheperd, M. Groher. BEDS. F. I..LlCC1'OfMg1'J, J. Rants, D. McCloud, S. Nelson, D. Watts, C. Sigg. Row 2: B. Fer- nandez, R. Merrill, D. Grow, T. Oberiies, C. Bauer, D. Wexler, B. Fortner. Row 3: Coach Sciilntter, S. Long, M. Patterson, M. Royse, R. Brack, M. Simonoff, J. Reese. Row 4: C. Wells, P. Shaw, J. Shull, K. Beebe, B. Lidtlte. CEE'S. Row 1: R. Carr, G. Surell, B. Caro, L. Argenian, M. Reger. Row 2: Mr. Snyed, D. Granrilte, N. McNally, D. Bouiwure, M. Miller. Row 3: R.Greenlrlagh, D. Duncan, j. Harrison, G. Dwelley, K. Davis. Row 4: B. Lee, B. Beck.- stroin, D. Utley, D. Waggener, K. jones. rf' - . - 3 ' rms, l, M of ls y, Messrs. Sneycl, Francisco, and Schlstter, coaches of the bese- ball C's, ll's and B's. Sports Are Fun! Wlretlrert coz1clri,ngtlre team, serving as nranager, or belonging to the female eorrtmgent, sports attract everyone. st 2nd Semester: lvl. MacDonald, M. Stock- bauor, C. Van Meter, M. Niven, K. Eloe, T. Pace. Fred Lucero is mighty proud of his top spot as team manager for Mr. Sclrlatter's BEE'S. l 'xyrrf G.A.A. OFFICERS lst Semester - Front Row: J. Prind- le, P. Hanson. Back Row: M. Stoclrbauer, P. Stock- bouer, P. Showalter, A. Montgomery., N- Strong, C. Armas, C. Van Meter, J. Kelly. ,ll ol 1 1 I my yu, Stand Up and Cheer . 1'-I!-Ft sa?-'ft is P slit Dist Xlsf J, X L J PEP CLUB eertrcrs vtvncrous sruurs B x First Row: Bonnie Bryson, Beth Fedler, Maureen Kelly, Kathy Geudrkian, Marilyn Kiefer, Jill Cardwell, Bobinette Bacon Second Row: Debbie Bacltji-an, Debbie Bel- castto, Lenora Nieger, Loydean Dooley, Goodie Clausen Third Row: Jane Baughmen, Mary Stevens, Pat Elzey, Chris Kelso, Georgia Gonos The beat of the drums and sound of the horn always l contributes to any sports occasion. The North Indians wait breathlessly to see the results of a play in the lest minutes of the foot- ball game. "Lean to the Left, Lean to the right". - -It's cheer leaders: Donna St. Amend, Nancy Shoemen, and Linda Marani C - t' A , r V . . rl ' of pl . . . , H . , -, . ,'- . . r. . ,K . T Q. ,Q - -- lst row, G Pathchen, L. Laswell, K. Me- lntyre, S Roberts, S. Spohn, K. Nelson, M. Adams. Znd. row, N. Burch, J. South- ' Kr .I o f' ' 1' '. ' if r. .- '1 J' ',, ,,, , ,.w , ..r1 f A V 'F ' if P , ' . ,I , I ., . - ' 1 r r r r l lo J, , p 4 1, It I A rr . ..- . . . . . . r-- Y . I , I . ... ward, N. Strong, M. Nevin, S. Bliehs, S. Taylor, J. Dwelly, J. Duncan, L. Foster, A. - - - A Montgomery. Brd. row, K. Bloe, L. Fordis, R. Garbett, K. Vreeland, C. Van Meter, P. . P Showalter, C. Weatherhy, J. Lecky, K. Irons. we J 4th row, J. Kelley, M. Weeding, A. Larson, C. Jordan, C. Bauer, S. Sherfey, V. Luna, D. St. Amend. Sth row, P. Liherto, N. Schel- man, T. Pace, L. Marani, S. Brel, B. Conrad, nee Sth Grade G. A. A. W Lxegjr 'D Qi lr -"jf I lstllow, M. Maskall, M. Str ing, L. Funlt, M. McDonald, M. Stoeltbauer, J. Lindsay, J. Hetherington, K. Peterson, J. Vaughn, B. Maltz. 2nd row, S. Kotheias, J. Stauf- fer, J. Matheson, S. Qvermier, G. Thrailkill, S. Mullen, J. Lehmann, K. Ritchey, J. Bryan, J. Bryan. 3rd row, K. Noel, N. Murrll, D. Pozin, T. Villela, G. Griffin, N. Fossadahl, B. Nelson, S. Klinfeler, S. Hol- lenheelt, K. Knutesen. 4th row, L. Haney, P. Thronton, S. Hyder, M. Chinger, S. Green, G. Griffon, K. Singleton, D. Pieltarts. Sth row, J. Allbright, C. Casum, P. Hallier, K. Sloat, M. Eseujuri, K. Kapalltauff, K. Picltaman, D. Ball, C. Thompson. 6th row, S. Mallet, lltl..K.e.llor, P. Wilson, P. Fernan- dez, M. Bell, A. Cissna, M. Bosanlto, S. Perlues, M. Holter, T. Manley. 7th row, J. Stevens, K. Goodman, D. Westigate, B. Holst, D. Storm, D. Sam Miguel, D. Cunningham, M. Wheeler. Sth row, K. Taylor, A. Moody, G. Alexander, S. Dasso, N. Anderson, D. Davis, M. Garber, B. Bartlett. 9th row, L. Cissna, G. Foreman, K- Hatfield, J. Brown, K. Couslmono, B. Thralfall, D. Maag, T- Brown. M. Quintana, V. Gordon. 6th row, I.. Howard, M. Lopieeolo, N. Kroll, S. Geddis, L. Reed, L. Neiger, C. Armas, M. Tome, T. Van Riper, L. Hoff. 7th row. S. Weseott, P. Young, G. Gonos, S. Harris,P. Leaeoclt, J. Hanisee, C. Kay, J. Bineltly, V. Malpede, D. Tredway. Bth row, L. Loomis, C. Kavanaugh, B. Barber, li. Barlter, C. Burns, M. Shafer, D. Brown, J. Fowler, J. Johnston, C. Lee. 9th row, M. McLeod, C. Swiggles, L. Smith, G. Guthrie. 04696699 P-.asv Ti re-ere. .. tt GAA. 'Ph and . 1 A . it ar, I p 'ml . , 1' 4 .r ri The G, A. A, promotes health, good sportsmanship, and play for fun. Featuring four im- portant play days as well as weekly sports meets, G. A. A. is sponsored by Miss Helen Smith and Mrs. Rose Wals- worth. The treasury is kept in good condition through candy sales througl,rout the school year. Astin, Bacon, Bakjian, Ball, Baughman, Berg, Beverly, Beyrootly, Bulian, Cardwell, Carlrae, Caroll,Christensen, Clay, Clifton, Colby, Corely, Cox, Dooley, Dorris, Ducan, Edward, Ellsworth, Fadler, French, Gibb, Gevorlcian, Gordan, Gumes, Hanson, Huggins, Humble, Hunt, Jacobs, Kelly, Kelso, King R., King S. , Lyon, Merely, Maxson, Mc:Candless, MCCoung, Meloff, Mellone, Milnaw, Moore, Oherg, Osterman, Parham, Patison, Billing, Prindle D., Prindlej., Radford, Randall, Reed, Reeves, Reich, Rohloff, Bowland, Sanders, Sherfy, Sltrifuors, Smith, Snyder, Spears, Stoffer, Sutton, Tesovero, Thomas, Tripodo, Vincent, Walthz, Wolf, Yoss, Zimmerman. i JQ0!xYfffCAfb9 AMS Wu 5WQf'vJMnV Q WM 1 . 'I fl! 'K INHH1, "HQ, Wy TM ff? Z9 W W ji My 4 Mum f W, Of My gh f 3 W , R ELM f 2, 4 M MJ ! 2 oigvvxaf L Ly , f 'f fgf ' MXL -, M W 2 QR Ks QF Q 5 ENN fe Q X QN S QQ R L ,Z ,N M ,, N711 LZTAKWMV, 2 Ur Q, Q K JE ' Miivf , 0 ulgpflilffguf 0 Q A .ff K0 S 7 fig P550 3? 94 2? rfiffgi .Wm 23,65 wgowg "' C ,Mm VOM!! if 7033 W 704410 'ww . VW wifi QR W,'ffJUfmM X iiaffw ,WM six Ein W y WW ia 'Qing Dtgfpgxww X Si QQ! C- - Vw. 'X JM' it ikixn c 'Wff ,G X L,Zf"i,, 5?jVM2iZW- f-2214 fi Mi5f'.,zEf if? WW Lf 4.4f?f'M,f if ' vqkcfiuhbfj, bi! I Z, iii fa ' 9 fvzvkgd A W - , f I ' , v 0 I I Y . I ,- f' If 1 ' I' W I I- 1! - , - r , . ,rw xv 1, , , 1 Y If Y I, V JI, f I 1 1 J A I 4 , I fflx ,I VI ff ?'lf'f ,, Q 4 1 , y MW M , ' V. - X 1 ' jx A KP , N gb 1. ' " 1 , Q I . . vi I , " 5 ' H W E I Mmfi ff' 95 M2 JB if wwe Q , f , bf QV 6 nf? LL 35-f' W W ff M' ,f Af ' h,X v ww fu , , ,N w,,w, X fx 1 I , JYHQ in WJ J MQ 1ff ' Q A1 " WM M MJ """""'-w'lC ff x A H Nm milf? K jd' Q1 M W fX JU YXMJG N N 1' V J 'OWUV NMWHMXNV H 4 X ,WE QW MW mc, WHA O Kal W 1 E fl xg UN Hmm. J 'U X WE gynfaf' W J ' Tiff ., .-3 ,J Bm 'Qngf Na J 'HP' 8R,5,i,7n' 'J ' 'Q . Wimmfjr J 7 it XE THE or DE W Nw? i . ,mv fyxyw I , - Q'f n,M ' hw, K X , Q haf BU WJLMMWQ wax Hx X NX mm? RFK U f y NN YF-f M mv" ' nf ? i x awe, QA N ' X - ..,,. , 'UQ ..N ,,,1 W if W5 W + naman WW 5 M , HH N M, 1 f g fi c' hwicjwwwv if 'Neff A A fl .w""A X 'N f mil' -.g""' 1!-'..'H"'--. NX f qw ""?Q.i-q.,w.5,4ik:-. Qglb xx -VL '- A H' A , -- K . xy .Km V.-,N ""'w-.N ' Y l-. '-x Y, Y, xii! -"I ' ...5 x 5 .J A XwfAfl."7'il ,. ' , :g..,, X. xx 'X' Q g .. J 1, ,. K f lk Nw- xf. arf- W ..., A , ., . M .. E , J It A -' Xi. Q' . X'-. x XX' K. 2'1" '- iw 'Q xv? QA 'PTLQ' yfl1ZffJ4'TX fx Vi ff J , .Q , , Q., -Lf Q X J My 3 tx X lf' x IN L N Xlf X 1 V D Q ' ' k AJ ',.x , x,J K. J '.,' XC' -. TX. x f 3 K 1 r P- A 4,4 N R '-,EJ i in 'cv P , --"I ' 5 ' QL! "-Nb K 3 qw Q12 KN5.-"fl M12 J 'J xx .gg LW! fins- lin X VG, D af 1,5 cg, QB' N -ll I "ZA . Y CJ rj-A: Vnwprb G , W 'x 1 S5 L 'C-i ff fl Q F24-" 'fn " fy Vx Kp! " RCN ni' .X -U X In ff: ' I I " XML-Q, Rx l T ,. A y 1' X.,:f- 5 K K -+4-'ff X W ' gf' X I -.4 -LAX EN : -N - Q x 'L -,yz NV pa . ' . -1 , X , . ,. ,,, 'pu , ,y M-' ' ' , ' ...,y' QM'-' x A 5 F- '-, -'J ,V W -Q'-M M xl Q. . es "ng fn, CT- v W A .4-7 'Md XT: lub 'KEY xxm C 'VJ Pls. Q31 kffk 531. fb, ruff" sf: if ff. -: if-'X J", Q V A 2 xl H :Ky I L' 4' ft? I X .-, x-- C. 3 K- VJXJT 1 I x XV ,N-s,, L' V N 1, sq fi' QQ ' Q., Tj if X XQQASJ ,Kr gn-I 9 rf! , 6,0 C- ,4 X Q my f --QU-:Rf 'RA ij -ff VW-I R0 YD 5-Dj 'N ' ' 'I X ""'-, hw Nvfb ,. , WZ! N ' 5 I KX, K At' J ' M Q:--'fx fx -A XS u"""f:' ' V ' A ' I 3' 'iflnij - K x xx K , I 1 I' X' ' N Ik N x"w'L.--"'T?7 x"sJ PN ' it" K vp? ' A I , KD 'UXEQB XM' '65 1- --:n '-.M AQ- A M.. -- 'N C N . Wfg , 'A ' ,WO "Lx, LW yf"!VVJ H V fi UNWA LjkWU'0xU'f5Jf 'iw JJ l fgz NINNN A I , ry V, I, 1 . 1 , -qw M fx ' 'Q XX 'wi ww? dv X 1, fu ffm if JIM N4 ,W F 'U l ", wr if 'A gifffiixp Vjmggf r MQ , ' . rg! www Q ,9 U X l ' . 1- ' 45 fi .'V 'H"' J' 2 , X , f, , 3 w. f X., . f tKmZff0Xt..."TW1'A" ? V i AMX 'M uf fd I X1 4 w . I A f X , PM KAW M 'U ' rv ,P M militia. AQ x'5J V U, k J U 4 4 1

Suggestions in the North Junior High School - Arrow Yearbook (Downey, CA) collection:

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1964, pg 50

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