North Judson High School - Pilot Yearbook (North Judson, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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North Judson High School - Pilot Yearbook (North Judson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1957 volume:

"57" PILCT Published By Senior Class of 'I957 North Judson High School North Judson, Indiana P Z .pm ffm x n fpg-'iqi . E jf f-Q M-if ,, NH , , , if . t ., K Ji5Xigt5f,g5g:m,k z.g:e,gfi , I ,V ,535 fmfggn- ph 'H' m,ii'.m: -n:zp::.f:, ' gd?-QINSQ V " Si 'Z K , - ' f 1 ,. f , . .. .,,. : 5 3 4? at 5 M 'E l 'XS .sg'QggeLef, J W 4 N fx MS? if wwivky imwiffg A L I QI fr 45-QS W-an Nib N .ffl ,, JANIS SUE SCUTCHFIEID Vice-President Senior Classg Homecoming At- tendantg Junior Play. Q ',oo . fig' Iiiascurcnmm h "Scutch" Treasurer Senior Classg Student Councilg Editor, Pilot Staff. MARILYN SCHRONBECK Secretary Senior Classy Homecoming Attendantg Treasurer Junior Year. ll . . . ll S KATHRYN LEE PODELI. llKittyN Student Council- Home- coming Attendantg Inter- Class Games Cheerleader. 4 DENIS CHARIES IEE "Denny President Senior Classg Student Councilg Pilot Staff. jwwzl. f A-6,5 JUDITI-I LEE IEMKE ll u J dyn Student Councilg Band Sweaterg Homecoming Queen. SARA JANE BANT A "Farmer" Band Sweaterg Quill and Scroll Clarion Pin. if H WILLIAM RAY HAIE llBi11Yll CLEO IEONA FLETCHER WILLIAM CECRLE "Bi11" Band Sweaterg Treasurer of Band. JANET M. RANGE A Band Sweaterg G. A. A. Plaqueg Clarion Pin. 5 R? "Tex" ,f DOUG LAS GENE BOLEN uDougu CAROLYN ANN HOPPE Inca-roln GERALD F INGERHUT IlJeI1-YN Athletic Sweater SANDRA SCHOLZ "Sandy" RICHARD DONALD Band Sweater, GAA Pin, ABAZARIS Clarion Pin ' 6 ROBERT R. GEHRKE "G erk" Clarion Pin, Assistant Edi- tor of Press Club SUZANNE SANDOR "Sue" Clarion Pin, Band Sweater CHARLES PHILLIP PEFLEY Clarion Pin CAROLE A. SMITH u Sm ityn GERALD E. NOWAK llcerryll 7 WN... EARL EDWARD F RANEK "Starchy" EDWARD G. LAMBERT "Eddie" Band Sweater. BARBARA VANAMAN llskip ll Drum Major GLENN GAPPA Band Sweater , DEAN BRENT GRUBE "Needles" Athletic Jacketg Free Throw Trophyg President Student Council. DALE LEE GRUBE "Shuffle Athletic Jacket DOROTHY LEMKE A11-Conference Track Record Medal. 8 ',. FRANK SKRONSKI VERONA PRESTON "Scrub" "Ronnie" .-. .fly Q fini' 145' " SAIVAT J. CAMENO llsamill MARIAN J. LOUKOTA G. A. A. Sweaterg Girls State Altemate. C. JEROME JERNAS IlJeUyll Band Sweater, Football Letter9 Clarion Pin. 9 w GERALD J. DOLEZAL llJ'e1-1-yll GERALDINE B. DOLEZAL llJeanll ROBERT CHARLES BROWN "Bob" DARLENE HANKE "Dall" WALTER R- LF-MKE Clarion Pin "Dick Band Sweater, Clarion Pin 10 JOHN G. SHERWOOD SHAROLETTE HOWARD "Johnny" "Sharry Clarion Pin, Band Sweater THoMAs PERRY HEvvLETT "Tom" STELLA A. SIENKOWSKI "sm" WILLIAM BLOUNT "Bill" 1 1 Sl-IERYL ANN HAJEK Band Sweaterg Junior Playg Band Letter. CHARIES S. CAMPBELL "Charlie" Band Sweaterg Clarion Pin. BEVERLY ANN RATER uBevn ROBERT IEE MILLMAN JOAN CAROL HINCHY NB0'b ll Pilot Staff. 12 D AID SHORTER JOYCE SOLOMEN "Archie" "Juicy" f'i AMMQIM CAROL ANN LOCKS Cheerleader 2-3-45 Clari on Ping Junior Play. G. A. A.g Clarion Staff. DAVID MAXWELL nporkyu Athletic Jacket .. I, A il .XL Jq?CEEfX?LA' qw-mgizvu Gafgierreag Claris? Pin Li ra QCIWJX?-'l'resi , nt. V RJ A . . 1' CLAUDE DeVON GUMZ "Napoleon" Football Sweater 5 Choir Pin 13 GALEN KEITH POTTS LYDIA MARLE HARTMANN HERMAN F. LIPPELT "Butch" Band Sweater WM Zwzm JEANNE OKELEY "Jean" LONNIE C. FREESTONE 14 X mf X 1 .ky BEVERLY ANN PFosT JAMES li' "Bev" YEADON Clarion Pin N 'xrx' llJixnll LOIS J. WATSON Clarion Pin JOHN H. SIMON I MARGARET ANN SAPP "Maggie Class Will For Class of 1957 I hereby will or leave: Carol Locks--My cheerleading ability to anyone who can please Mr. Beymer. Claude Gumz--My nickname "Humphrey" to Jimmy Bom. Robert Millman--my undisputed checker title to John Krausbeck. Charles Campbell--My height to George Gale. Sheryl Hajek--My ability to eat pumpkin seeds in band without getting caught to Dorothy Lemke. Frank Skronski--My top locker to Glen Wright. Judy Lemke--I will my Homecoming crown, that Sally West willed to me, to Betty Jean Burke. Bill Cecile--My calm reserved manner to Frank Gap- pa. Sara Banta--My bassoon to Carol Ewart. Janet Bangert--My nickname "Tex" to my sister Carol. Earl Franek--My seat in study hall to Mr. Beymer. Dale Grube--My little Ford to Dennis Ciboch and Cheryl Little. Dean Grube--Kathy Lewandowski to Paul Gumz. Barbara Vanaman--My drum major barons and uni- forms to my sister Joann, and my ability to get a Gap- pa. Ed Lambert--My ability to go swimming on cold fog- gy nights to Louie Vanek. Jeanne Dolezal--My unused bottle of red ink from Bookkeeping to anyone who is in despert need for it. Sharolette Howard--My ability to get by in shorthand to Dorothy Reed. Sue Sandor--My quiet disposition to my friend, Betty Jean Burke. Dick Lemke--All of my crazy pants to Jimmy Van- Hook. Butch Lippelt--My Hollywood muffler to Sherbondy. Sandy Scholz--My trumpet playing ability, that Glenn Gappa willed to me, to Donna Kellar. Lydia Hartmann--My walk to the Post Office every day to Edna Minix. Lois Watson--My freckles to Linda Selmer. Margaret Sapp--My quietness to Carol Woods. Sam Cameno--My speed and agility to Oscar Arnett. Joan l-linchy--My ability to go with boys to Linda Sel- mer. John Simoni--My levis to Dan Gehring. Douglas Bolen--My height to Jim Podell. Bev Rater--My ability to drive to Janet Potts. Cleo Fletcher--My bashfullness to Rita Kajer. mi 2 1 Richard Abazaris--My bookkeeping workbook to Earl Trent. Bob Gehrke--My way with women to John Krausbeck. Lonnie Freestone--My ability to turn comers on two wheels to Larry Lear. Jerry Dolezal--My Suspenders to Bob Blount. Don Shorter--My roding ability to Don Scutchfield. Stella Sienkowski--My demerits in drivers training class to Don Schacht. Bev Pfost--I will my height to Jean Santowski. Charles Pefley--My V-8 engine to Mr. Stucker who needs it in his Ford 6 to become a rod. Bill Blount--Ecie Dean Craft my Chicago accent. Tom Hewlett--My short, curley hair to Paul Knachel. Janis Schutchfield--My personality and dimples to Dorothy Bau. John Sherwood--My long curley hair to Bill Norman. Carole Smith--My natural curly hair to anyone who wants to put up with it. Denis Lee--My ability to get things rolling to Bobby John Sovenic. Kitty Podell--I will my smile to Larry Stucker. Elaine Zwiers--My straight legs to Donnis Flagg. James Yeadon--My ability to ruin Multigraph Ma- chines to the next Junior Multigrapher. Jerry Nowak--My abilities to Louie Vanek. Marilyn Schrombeck--My quietness ang giggle to Jean Thomas. Bob Brown--My ability to work to Bob Sovenic. Carolyn Hoppe--My ability to drive to Barbara Jack- son. Galen Potts--My ability to study to Dick Jachim. Marin Loukota--My ability to get out of third period study hall to Joann Wojdula. Verona Preston--My ability to drive and my dimples to Elizebeth Shepherd. Jerry Jernas--My football ability to Oscar Arnett. David Maxwell--My nickname "Porky" to Jim Podell. Darlene Hanke--My 5'7" to anyone who thinks they can make use of it. Jeanne Okeley--My Elvis Presley shirt to Marvin Bou- sha. Jim Scutchfield--North Judson High School. . .gladly. Joyce Solomon--My Quiet refined manner to Jean Goodman. The Senior Class hereby wills all speeding tickets, switch blade knives, and club jackets to Eldon. X I A di' ,.--x- !J W- -I: 2 1 --it .lg UNZAEKJ L35 e, Compliments of PION Junior Class Officers Larry Stucker, Harriet Roseman, Dick Jachim, Dorothy Bau, Don Born, Beth Downey Dear Second Classmen, Uuniorsj You have been at sea three years and by now know the ropes fairly well. You have had a chance to better yourself and if you took that chance you will find yourself promoted to Captain next year. This is the highest honor the high school can confer. You will be at the top of the mast, and must be set- ting an example for everybody below you. So future leaders lets continue the tradition of making N.J.H.S. the best ship afloat. Sincerely yours, The Senior Class of '57 Compliments of WOLF BROTHERS HATCHERY 18 I 1 0 Dorothy Bau Louis Vaneli Betty Jean BLu'1 e Bob Sovincc Butn Downey Tom hmchcy Carol Woods Larry Stuclzer Judy Troike Arron Iwiinix Shcrli Owens R1C113Id Jachim Joan Falhmbuchcl Phyllis Reed Jim Podell Janet Tutle Gary Crider La Verne Allen Dan Gehrim Barbara Jackson Dan Whybrew Lila Okeley Joe Bailey Bcie Dean Craft Leo Janek Dorothy Reed Richard Sherick Compliments of ALPINE SHOP 20 I if' Yu-swf Susie Coll Compliments of LAINS SERVICE STATION 21 Lora Lee Stalbrink Paul Sakaguchi Judith Flagg Fred Kroft , Jean Thomas , Talmage Craft Jean Begley Raymond Rudd Marilyn Distel Don Born Barabara Howard Donald Koch Linda Selmer Harriet Roseman Raymond Shepherd Noralee Brehob Charles Lewandowski Mary Tommy Back Virginia Goodman Ernest Back Joann Wojdula John Krausbeclz Pauline Cole Oscar Arnett Jean Santoslzi Beverly Picchietti Ann Sinn Compliments of LEMKES SERVICE STATION 22 Sophomore Class Officers Faye Shepherd, Jack Cmminglram, Wanda Richie, Pauline Weninger, Dorothy Lemke, Kenneth Puckett, Carol Bangen. Dear Third Classrnen, fSophomoresj You are almost three forlhs of the way through high school and you Dre patiently waiting to take your turn at the wheel of leadership, Your Junior year is the year you are confronted with the problem of selecting at vocation and preparing for it. It is the year counselors and teachers will try to influence you and to keep you on the right rondg therefore by setting gi good example you win the admiration not only of those under you but also ofthe school and eonnnunity as well. Cordially yours, The Senior Class of '57 Compliments of SMITI-I'S RADIO SHOP 23 r-1-' wqy' Sophomores William Norman Dorothy Lemke Danny Carpenter Pauline Weninger Homer Tolson Kathryn Lewandowski 'J charms wonef lj! 7ff - Rita Kaijer ' N ' 'N1"""" Compliments of NITE OWL CAFE 24 1' Wayne Eichelberg fx.. Helen Back M5 V,JU'VMa Larry Lear in " U Georgetta Marshall Robert Haj eck Elaine Tuttle Wayne Mosher Earlene Shorter Keith Podell Faye Shepherd ill Craft Joanne Danti Donald Schacht Shirley Richie, ' Ronald Winfrey Alice Slansky Paul Cumz l Lena. Barnette Jack Cunningham Mildred Allen X. D . fe' 7709442 . y fi' ilgwf' haf 'Edward Matzat , r My ,f .fly Nana Minix W, ,avi Henry Sweikort Loraine Chaifins Earl Trent Anita Zal: Phillip Posch Judy Wolff Otis Bradley Louise Woods William Liedtky Nora White Wilkus Minix Edna Minix Kenneth Pucka Helen Fletcher John Dreswicki Dorothy Anderson Frank Gappa Edgar Lewandowski Albert Kleclaa Lyn Proschaska G rover F e e Joann Vanek Edwin Staerkel Mary Ruth Keim Joe Materna Joan Wolff 'nl Q' HJ Compliments of WENINGER INSURANCE AGENCY 25 ,D if Paul Stacy Joann Origer Don Scutclmfield . .ALinda Klinefelter Phyllis DeLau Mike Prascalc Joann Zema John Bell Bonnie Tompson Melvin Gundlak Joan Homer Kelly Caudill Karma Hughes Jack Harvey Donnis Flag ,P George Werner Wanda Richie Dewy Wickezer Joanne Tinsley Richard Harris Carol Bangert Larry Dech Alfred Katchke Margaret Short Lawrence Trusty Helen Shepherd Bruno Hansch Janet Freestone Joseph Safranski Lillie Mae Trusty Paul Tolson Compliments of I-IANK'S STANDARD SERVICE Bonnie Blankenship Freshman Class Officers Barbara Bau, Dorma Keller, Carol Ewart, Victor Gumz, Jane Johnson, Cheryl Little De ar Plebe, fFreshmenj You started your career in N.l.H.S. nine months ago and found it very strange. The courses were different, the environment was changed, many new faces greeted you for the first time. It took you months to adjust yourself to the new surroundings, but you finally managed to become one group. Instead of guiding the ship as you did many months ago, you find yourself a bewildered plebe on this newer and bigger ship. As you climb and pass each year in high school, this situation will change. This is the year in which you born the habits and traditions of NJ.H.S It must be remembered that the right foot is the best foot forward. Sincerely yours, The Senior Class of '57 Compliments of NORTH JUDSON HARDWARE 27 Freshmen Donna Keller Dennis Dreswicki Barbara Bau Jim Born Jane Johnson Dennis Ciboch Cheryl Little Victor Gumz Ellen J achim Tom Griffo Evelyn Sinn Paul Knachel Diana Werner William Cunningham Lila Redlin Forrest Bolen Beverly Zelmis Alvin Fletcher Patricia Sapp Eugene Bogash Pearlie Vires Richard Clark Barbara F ako Kenneth Allen Edma Mae Rudd Robert Cole Jean Goodman Ronald Pelligrini Gladyes Hellem Tom Vessely Nancy Madsen Herbert Trusty Virginia Holbrook Richard Kneble Mavis Shidler Compliments of GAYBLE THEATER 28 Carol Ewart Mike I-lite Elaine Katschke George Gale Barbara Nowak Garland Marsh Frances Rose Larry Felt Cristinc Beagley Dehnos Richie Janet Potts Clarence Dorsh Hazel Lippelt Thermo Bradley Lcni Hansch Torn Cambell ' v Marjorie Harris Robert Roseman Auga Jean Fletcher Edward Mau Charles Barnett Mary Jane Queer Mike Wickezcr Cathy Cunningham Arthur Kaij er Almira Brooks Harold Schaeht Patricia Endro Orrin Steffy Marilyn Cianfrani Rab ion Frasure Clairce Brewer ook Compliments of RUSS STONE 29 nf! Charolette Bailey Glen Wright Mary Ann Hartman f Able Bowe f Geraldine Bradley Charles Bailey Ruth ine Bailey N- Milie Thomas Mary Blenlze Robert Rose Josephine Lewis .wglllfvly H Raymond Lemke Phyllis Osborne Robert Fergeson Beverly Redline Cecil Fisher Diana Zalzostelsky Stanley Safranski Louise Paulsen . 1 fl fiigwlk Earnest Palonc A- 'LCA' XX Carol Radelae 'A' ,X 0 Kenneth Davis Ragna Brundage William Simoni Nancy Budlaa Bcrnas Miller Mary Jane Roller Carl Prcsnell Francine Slrepjie d, JA Harold Kroft 'llfgi Patricia Sunch '4 Carol Owens June Kuch Ann Tolson Compliments of TREND TROUSERS 30 Eighth Grade Raymond Gunlach Alice Okcly Bob Blount Suedell Wallen Kenny Posch Verona Presnell Bob Sandor Cathrinc Bailey William Blankenship Joyce Gappa Lynn Edwards Art Anderson Doris Cridcr Da.rryl Bohac Marie Wolf Clancnce Greer Barbara Markus Gary Dcch Sheridan Craft Ralph Fort Barbara Veslil: Larry Frcestonc Joyce Bud.ka William Marshall Joyce Flagg Howard Casto Elenor Greer Janes Lambert Barbara Frasure Carlus White Dorothy I-Ioudck Lewis Lemke Patty Davis Homer Wood Loretta Back Robert Tauteris Betty Minix Ronald Royce Duelcna Miller Dorothy Wcninger Cornplnnents of JOSEPH P SELLERS ri SONS Knox, Indiana fm? nw' all Compliments of SEARS and ROEBUCK, 32 Mary Redlick Frank Krulik Loretta Ridell Larry Minix Betty Thomas Edward Tauteris Kaye Royce James Short Marilyn Field Adrien Jordan Martha Merser James Fort Una Faye Fletcher George Watkins , Shirley I-Iogue Dave Blount Pamela Klampe William Roller Carola Marks James Bush Lillian Sakaguchi Herman Hayes Verla Juckson Robert Reed Loraine Minix Raymond Jacobs Janet Myers James Reed Wanda Minix Daniel Totson Alice Lyden Ferry Tolson Joann Vanaman Barabara Stone Doris Okely Pauline Minix Joann Surma Donna Button Kathrine Rose Dorothy Fletcher Rosalia Weninger Knox, Indiana My gagged af Seventh Grade Brian Crider Fanny Back Patrick Barry Beverly Bell Paul Childers Donna Dushek Harrison Fields Grover Clemmons Pamela Netherton Garland Collins Edith Wickezer David Tolson Janis Clemmons James Clemmons Rosemary Sirmert Martin Bradley Dorothy Blankenship Stanley Roberts Barbara Wolf Harold Werner Hellen Richie Donald McGomery Bertha Fisher William Delly Wilma Amet Kenneth Back Janet Cunningham James Downey Phyllis Craft Tom Liedtky f , Q ,fag 1 ,Z Compliments or SAIATI-lE'S 5 8: 10 33 Q? und Linda Hershburger Donald Gumz Judy Fisher Kenneth Madsen Betty Coch Tom Risner Kathryn Madsen Dick Goodman Pauline Jordan Jack Lemke Carla Mullins Larry Jackson Loretta Hughes George Vandy Robert King Carol Greer John Owens Evelyn Lippelt Larry Scalp Shirley Vires Albert Patrick Marian Nelson Billy Owens Ana Mae Hesle Martin Peir Mary Patrick Richard Pingle Viola Rowe Bill Wood Sheryl Podel Compllments of AMERICAN OAK PRESERVING CO. Edwin Fletcher Sally Bradley Ken McCormick Karen Prochaska David Tetslof Paulette Krulik Charles Wallen Jane Ewart Jimmy Van Hook Edith Dunn Lowell Scutchfield Linda Winfrey Bill Woods Elisabeth Shepherd Jimior Smith Joan-Woods Ronald White Beulah Tolson Ralph Sinn Helen Tolson Boyde Pucker Sharon Shepherd Bill Stacy Maxine Reed Claude Tunis Jean Rater Tim Richie Dolores Waymon Willie Scutchfield Larry Busse Bobby Barnett Compliments of TUMBACK OIL SUPPLY 145 "Days to Remember" Sheryl Sue JI!" Janet Eddie L. Daklene Jean and Jerry Sara Sandy Compliments of the NORTH JUDSON LUMBER COMPANY Carol L. N I I TOID Stella Dean and Dale 1' 'Ywggu-ll'- -1 nga: John Sherwood Butch L. Bob B. Skippy Judy Dick L. Compliments of the NORWAYNE. LUMBER COMPANY Jean O. Bob G. Lois ation . M J1m .1 Elaine Joyce S. 38 D x . . A ,Q A 3 3'-9 - 5 . , I ni, ' ' 21, -'f gig I 1- 1 'ra QW ...' iw ' fx- -iii. Carolyn H Beverly R. 0 Margaret on .. '- fig: rx L 2... if . .559 ' 'K n. , xxx W. , . l X , 45' LIBRARY STAFF - FRONT: Faye Shepherd, Rita Kajer, Anita Zak, Judy Flagg, Virginia Goodman, Fran- cine Shepherd, Janis Scutchfield, Elaine Zwiers, Miss Grabner, Linda Klinefelter, Beverly Kinderman. DRIVER'S TRAINING - Herb Freeman, Coach Little, Mr. Hill, and the dedication of the Driver's Training car. 39 - r A PRESS CLUB - BOTTOM: Robert Gehrke, Barbara Vanaman, Richard Goodman, Maxine Neilson, Joyce Gappa, Beverly Kinderman, Donnis Flagg, Kathy Cummingham, Virginia Goodman, Arron Minix, Mr. Whitenack, Ronald Pellegrini, James Yeadon. u f.-V PROJECTIONISTS CLUB - TOP: Albert Klecka, Earl Trent, Lawrence Trusty, Bruno Hansh, John Drezwicld, Paul Knachel, Richard Kucharski, John Bell, Miss Foster, Mike Thomas, Ronald Winfrey, Robert Rose, Jack Cunningham. Compliments of NESS' MEAT MARKET. 40 1 W GAA - OUTSIDE ROW: Miss Foster, Janet Bangert, Eula Gumz, Barbara Vanaman, Joann Danti, Josephine Louis, Mary Hartmen, June Kock, Lynn Prohaska, Ellen Jachim, Lila Redline, Donnis Flagg, Kathy Lewandowski, Faye Shepherd, Judy Wolffe, Pat Lynch, Janet Tuttle, laine Tuttle, Elmyra Brooks, Ragnea Brundage, Beverly Redlin, Patricia Endro, Carol Smith, Carol Bangert, Beverly Zelenis, Joann Vanek, Carol Radakeae, Virginia Holbrook, Leni Hansch, Marilyn Cinfrani, Phyllis Osborne, Beverly Kinderman, Dorothy Lemke, Pauline Weninger, Marion Loukota, Jean Dolezal, Francine Shepherd, Joyce Solomon, Mary Blenke, Carol Ewart, Mary Roller, Elaine Zwiers, Joan Pauken, Carol Owens, Anita Zak, Hazel Lippelt, Bar- bara Bau, Cheryl Little, Jane Jolmson, Donna Keller, Kathy Cunningham, and Joann Origer. SENIOR PILOT STAFF - Suzanne Sandor, Carol Locks, Judy Lemke, Mr. Stucker, Jim Scutchfield-Edi tor, Barbara Vanaman, Denis Lee,ButchLippelt. BACK: Robert Milliman, John Somini, Claude Gumz, Janet Bangert, Jolm Sherwood, and Sandy Scholz, not present. M STUDENT COUNCIL - FRONT: Mr. Hill, Richard Jachim, Denis Lee, Faye Shepherd, Joann Vanaman, Arron Minix, Dean Grube-President, Judy Lemke, Kitty Podell, Kenneth Pucka, Jack Cummingham, Pam Klampe, James Short, Elizabeth Shepherd, James Vanl-look, Phyllis Osborne, Donna Button, Dorothy Lemke, Carol Ewart, Jane Johnson, Cheryl Little, Dorothy Bau, Larry Stucker. SENIOR CLARION STAFF - John Sherwood, Charles Campbell, Mr. Whitenack, James Yeadon, Jim Scutch- field, Denis Lee, Jerry Jernas, Carol Locks, Sue Sandor, Sara Banta, Sandy Scholz, Lois Watson, Elaine Zwiers, Robert Gehrke, Jean Dolezal, Darlene Hartke, Skip Vanaman, Richard Lemke, Joyce Solomon, Janet Bangert, Mr. Groninger. 42 l --1 C . Before After guns-H' School Spirit Chain Gang Uh .J-"""' ' e vu. M1- ,Q VA W in Jfiiw iy v Compliments of ART 'S GARAGE 43 Ennie, Meenie, Minie, Mo iii 'vi wwiill wa-Illia' iii!! 1 I The High and the Mighty Man Of Spouse? I dare ya 5 Did you hear the one about . . Standin'on the Corner Antlers in the treetop Gestures? ?? 2 g m we 1 - .,,..,, ,. ' Marching from the 'Big House' Compliments of POSCH 'S SCHOOL STORE 1 kv BOUOBI 'S UP! Interesting? T ? 'I Surprise! I Igt me down POW! I The Girl fsj Can't Help It. Gggdnjght, Daddy. Compliments of FINGERHUT BAKERY Two peas in a pod Sunday best X Q 'K , ,.,,, D Best side forward Hail the King Takin' it easy X v Compliments of NORTH JUDSON SUPERETTE AND LOCKER 46 Girs1?? ? Windy Studious Students in Wh0'S Who? wiu it PEEL? Juveniles The High and the Mighty Compliments of D. C. LEE 47 A Day At the Beach Help! 1 Gee, Dad, GIRLS! vu park if 1 want W Who took my shoe? I Two Peas in a Pod Pepsodent smile Don't blame me. They went that-a-way. Compliments of COOKS ROYAL BLUE STORE Junior Play Please, pretty baby No, you tell 'em of Q Lp 6-36 K ed - get 'iw' I'1l get 'em Whoopee, Igot one 49 Compliments of DOLEZAIJS STORE, San Pierre Homecoming wg , at Queen and Attendants LET to RIGHTQ-Kathryn Podell, Janet Bangcrt, Judy Lemke, Marilyn Shxombeck, Janis Scutchiield. Our Queen Judy Lemke Waiting for the Homecoming Dance 50 HAJEK SALES and SERVICE Floats Seniors Seniors Sophomores . . . First Place Juniors Freshmen 5L AMERICAN STATE BANK BAND OFFICERS BAN D REPRESENTATIVES f f ok '22""'i 0 2 BAND LIBRARIANS SERGEANTS and CORPORALS 52 Concert FRONT ROW: J. Bangert, H. Roseman, J. Drevsecki, K. Cunningham, B. Vanaman. SECOND ROW: L. Stal- brink, M. Roller, D. Wemer, C. Bangert, E. Brooks, D. Keller, J. Podell, J. Santoski. THIRD ROW: B. Kinder- man, R. Brundage, N. Budka, J. Short, D. Flagg, E.. Tutle, K. Podell, M. Wickuer, P. Posch, M. Blenke, G. Wer ner. FOURTH ROW: J. Vanhook, J. Cunningham. 54 Band FRONT ROW: T. Hewlett, D. Lemke, S. Banta, S. Scholz, K. Lewandowski. SECOND ROW: M. Redlick, R. Clark, R. Royce, J. Jernas, P. Knachel, S. Sandor, C. Ewart, B. Downey. THIRD ROW: D. Drezsecki, S. Coll, J Sherwood, K. Davis, F. Gappa, C. Campbell, B. Cccrle, J. Bell, J. Ewart, D. Lemke, E. Lambert, S. Hajek. FOURTH ROW: F. Shepherd, J. Vessley, B. Vanhook, D. Whybrew. 55 Drum Maioreite Barbara. Vanaman Twirlers Sandy Scholz, Judy Lemke, Cheryl Little, Pauline Waning 56 Mixed Chorus FRONT ROW: N. Madsen, J. Louis, K. Lewandowski, D. Flagg, H. Bach, W. Richie, H. Lippelt. SECOND ROW: L. Paulsen, N. White, N. Minix, C. Hoppe, F. Shepherd, A. Zak, P Weninger, S. Coll. THIRD ROW: M. Kcim, R. Kajer, S. Hajek, J. Vanek, P. Short, C. Bangert, S. Banta, C. Raedeke, D. Lemke. m r 1111 Girls Glee Club FRONT ROW: N. Madsen, R. Brundage, P. Cole, B. Burke, L. Selmer, J. Solomon, J. Thom- as, C. Locks. SECOND ROW: N. White, C. Hoppe, S. Sandor, S. Hajek, S. Banta, S. Goll, J. Bangert, C. Ewart. THIRD ROW: J. Jernas, G. Crider, B. Brown, J. Dresccki, C. Gumz, H. Lippelt, D. Drcsecki, P. Knachel. Coach Virgil Little Sports Cheryl Little Shcrli Owens Kathy Lewandowski Carol Locks Asst. Coach Charles Carey Edgar Dave Dale Otis Chuck Homer Jerry Jerry Claude Paul PELL'S SWEET SHOP K D 59 T5 M5107 FRONT ROW, left to right: V. Gumz, Liedtky, Kucharski, Gappa, E. Lewandowski, P. Gumz, J Bom Coach Little, Mgr. Jachim, Marsh. MIDDLE ROW: W. Minix, Ciboch, Pelligrini, Safranski, Tolson, Bradley, Pucka, Trusty, Fingerhut. THIRD ROW: Griffo, Drezewicki, D. Born, C. Lewandowski, Pan A. Minix, Jemas, Dale Grube, C. Gumz, Maxwell. fum xs V Sept. '7 Wash. Clay H Sept. 14 Rensselaer Sept. 21 Monticello H Sept. 28 Edison East Gary Oct. 5 Delphi T Oct. 12 New Carlisle Oct. 19 Knox H Oct. 23 Morocco FOOTBALL In 1956 the North Judson football team suffered one of its most humilating seasons. They finished with a record of no wins and eight losses. The Blue Jays had a fairly big line, but they could not open up the holes that the backfield men needed to gain yardage. North Judson, who never scored more than two touchdowns in one game, had as many as 48 points piled up against them. BASKETBALL Up to now, January 25, the North Judson Blue Jays have played fairly good basketball. They have more height this year than they have had in a long time. They have several good handlers and good outside shooting. The only thing that has been holding them back is inexperience. We don't look for the Jays to go far this year, but the other schools better watch out in the next couple of years because North Judson has some good material coming up. MOSHER STORE 60 .- LEFT to RIGHT: Homer, Elmer, Oscar, Aaron, Jim, Dean, Edgar, Jerry, Claude, Dale. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mgr. Jachirn, Hajek, Drezewicki, Tolson, Carpenter, Ciboch, Mgr. Bom BACK ROW: Trusty, Bradley, Bogash, Gumz, Coach Carey. DONCHINS ,X XXX I C ,W X SN xi 5 Y w W 4 ,MZ ' X W N g fi 'W 04 n Jim Dale D a Claude e NORTH JUDSON NEWS Aaro Elmer Homer Nov. Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Edgar BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 16 Francesville 20 Hebron 30 Kouts 4 Culver Knox 7 1 1 Winamac 14 Moroc co 2 1 La.Paz 22 Plymouth 28 Knox Holiday Tourney 4 Lowell 1 1 Chesterton 18 Knox 25 Bremen 29 San Pierre 1 Montic ello 8 Winamac Delphi Rensselaer 15 22 KELLERMAN 8: COMPANY 63 E'-l'-lIIIZE'-l'-1IEZlI'-l'-lIEU3'JII.'IE'-lI'-1 Oscar Jerry Jr. High FRONT ROW, left to right: Madsen, Ciboch, McCormick, Back, Liedtky, Guxnz, Mr. Berg. BACK ROW: King, Risner, L. Scutchfield, W. Scutchfield, Pingel, Barnett, Childers. FRONT ROW, Cheerleaders: Shepherd, Frazure, Weninger. CENTER ROW: Watkins, R. Reed, E. Tauteris, J. Reed, Jordan. BACK ROW: Casto, Krulik, Fort, Glmlach, Tolson, Mgr. R. Tau teris. VANEK'S EIEVATOR Fahulfy BRUCE STUCKER JASMINE BUSH , ..-A W? gm! , - rf JOHN WHITENACK REED GRONINGER VIRGII. LITTLE IRENE FOSTER MCCORMICKS MORTUARY 65 CHARLES CAREY DONNA CAREY EARL KRAUSBECK JOHN BERG WANIT A WOOSLEY LAWERHSICE BEYMER KLARENCE P. KNACHLE ROBERT LOUCKS KENNETH ECKERT T. EDNA COURTNEY MARY GLAZEBROOK 'x E4 S., ffvfl 'O mi EZ?1?2'f":' 21 , if 'im 1 .A N - J ,Lg -fu v2?f22fig,S'4gz1,-4'-gl, ' I . ' -J. iw 'f ' 5ig.1f'Ew,L3f55:?+ " '-'E X - .lfw-xu ---- 'MW ,. 1, -x W A 1 pefmxwf iv 1 w M ,. 1 vim Q, V . 'in THOMAS LAWSON CECILLA GRABNER 5 W'1d'X '-'dmv ff' i W f 'wx 5, 5 COOK'S ROYAL BLUE STORE ART'S AUTO SERVICE MOSHER'S STORE HAJEK'S SAL ES AND SERVICE ,,f. A NORTH .IUDSON NEWS AMERICAN STATE BANK 68 ,Snape 45 1 PELL'S SWEET SHOP FlNGERHUT'S BAKERY A M? ., ,.. 553 1 DONCHIN'S, THE MEN'S STORE POSCH'S SCHOOL STORE CLARENCE R. KNACHEL NORWAYNE LUMBER CQ, Q5 H X ,. is ., 5 , .-. W., -if i??5l2f41+h , , M auf -Gs, H ' 5, . V, ,. ,. ,M an .-M. , .... , ,..,, H MMT -yu . Me' ' f ww X 4 Q.-Dr L - gfgwfj Q 2 v A . D- f F Sf 2 af 'K Q4 '51 5 Q ff Y g neg Q4 Q .wr If K wa 3, 21 mr K 'gf W, ..'ez:f'gif. QS .2 Y Jim 2, R 1 1, , iff' ' W D 'I Sf ol va ' Q , Q w H if 1. "Ki, , f.,,, W,, , Q A X 55 ,r ,, - ff -rs, -1-ww ", Q-2 .2 .Yi 'Ex W Q zf..,1wWM M 1- K ,nb- f. ' Gm Q . X, ' L y .. f. T-'31 Q' W'h6v"111f'Q111 "'- rfffivlizv ff A -Megpfff ... . it , A Jugs A ., :1"' P q'Mm,,WQ 4 " M x wmf w '-" ' '--' M,, p..w,.QwWWW,w-mwgw VANEK'S ELEVATOR TWO JOES b W 'igmw McCORMICKS MORTUARY MODERN CHEVROLET C0 SMlTH'S RADIO SHOP NORTH JUDSON HARDWARE 'T NORTH JUDSON LUMBER COMPANY ALPINE SHOP AMERICAN OAK PRESERVING CO. AMERICAN STATE BANK ART'S AUTO SERVICE BROWN'S TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE CLARENCE R. KNACHEL COOK'S ROYAL BLUE STORE DOLEZAL SHOPPING CENTER-San Pierre DONCHINS, THE MEN'S STORE Dr. D. C. LEE FINGERHUT'S BAKERY GABLE THEATRE HANK'S STANDARD SERVICE HAJEK SALES AND SERVICE JOSEPH P. SELLARS AND SONS-Knox KELLERMAN AND COMPANY LAIN'S SERVICE STATION LEMKE'S SERVICE STATION McCORMICKS MORTUARY MODERN CHEVROLET MOSHER'S STORE NESS MEAT MARK ET NITE OWL CAFE The I957 PiIo1 Stuff wishes to express their oppreciuiion io all the business people who bought ads in This yearbook. NORTH JUDSON HARDWARE NORTH JUDSON LUMBER CO. NORTH JUDSON NEWS NORTH JUDSON SUPERETTE AND LOCKER NORWAYNE LUMBER COMPANY PELL'S SWEET SHOP PETRY DRUG STORE PIONEER FLORIST POSCH'S SCHOOL STORE RUSS STONE CORPORATION SALATHE'S 5 8. 104 STORE SEARS AND ROEBUCK-Knox SHUEY'S 5 8m 104 STORE SMITH'S RADIO SHOP TREND TROUSERS TUMBACK'S OIL SUPPLY TURNER'S STYLE SHOP TWO JOES VANEK'S ELEVATOR WENINGER'S INSURANCE AGENCY WESTERN TIRE STORE WOLF BROS. HATCHERY 72 . fl. - 'AV ., 4 5 A- j ' -, ,gan .f 1 , ,",-.wav -u f-f,5,5.a . it 4 ,li ,. V-N. -. . , ' T -, f " fi -Q-A . 3 . Ig , .. . : -1-We ,Z 'Y :,. -1, Q , tg Q ' -1, A lg 1 ' 4 'L 1 '1 r Y r 'T f 41 ,H 1 r hf i 5 4 A. v L i ' I f 'M' 1 x W " " ' u 'L 5:4 A .f Lp 4 'H lg 1 s ' ALL P A TV' KA 43 " J 1, Y., . 1 'EL 9 A 1, .H f 1 .A ' 9 .A -it-' , A , ,. 1, M 1 " ,- A . -V , -, .- . XZQ-5, WJ, - ' ll , ff- K , 3, , -fs: , ' . I :viii H . ,l ,.,- V , -,W u f, 1-vv 35:1 .Y 1 V - . 4 - W . 4 . .. ,, W 1 S 4 , 1 9 v Q. W :gg f ,L . if gyxt , V. V. is lv' .1 2 E . sr " . ,Q I" F , Q R. 1. . ,. 3 ,ij ,Fw ff? 2 -. 51 j 4 I, -i. . kr, V '."-. .lg uf pi . F A . -Q A V "J , .-xg . 1 R lf. B Si- S N Q53 ml fi ' . ,' 3 'f is 'QA' " 2 z1i1.': ?:'i'1pA 'E - A..-fr H5 'E .' , - 1, E1 . 'fs Q ., . ff?-,Q, ,.. I 5 H 'I .1 Hn , -,QQ ,l,j,,.g., 433, x . '- J 'J ,.. TQ. - J ' iz v ' W N ' J ' " "Je 'MQ 1' 1' 7 '- 4.1q ,::x: ,Q + .."l'frg , ., -Q I . 1 . 1. " 1' - - ' 4 -. .A fym V:-Q . L-.QL . ., 5-if .kv -A -f fs 'P' ' - -.. k. af 7 A YLQ4 L if 4, MJ5 4-M ' HJ . l I Q' if . J fox .X x - m NKU H F fi Q1 x

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