North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO)

 - Class of 1973

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North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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J uf 4VA,J d. 5. Qwii In - Q QP Q Q? Qfwwhn , zpigzig' fuulcf-fTL N10-Q , C Qgmg r,m,,ijZ,,Q,A N CXKA-i.D-3Q'k Qui A1Q,Lga,D.ALuQQf GL LX,QuCmLL.0MnQ1 gmkk 'HL ' 'gui 5 lk-fuses K' uiWhmwmA Mwmf Wm NAL? ' K, E L11 V N SJPYL V ' f. f .UK U, L.,f1,f 2, mmm L- ,U X, xff,-M, if Q' u G b ki5NJ.,Q,Lfxf'iQQfD 1 R .L Aa? 1, q -X 5 'xg I ,Xl , V , 1,1 ,Qg.f4,fx ,5X VKX- 4f'ljiLh QCM 3L5kii3GJLQ' ' I , I W ffl, 'QXJVM J CQ QMLYLM- Z V 4 - X , if? -x,, -- f'!-"K ' f' GM' V ff. xq fn- v -fb ri' Q, " 1 P fl 'Vw L! ARIN'-JX..Cyl Q W ku SUMQLQQ Qmlc-QQY V YLQ N2 4 YL' -L! xx,Lu1Q xi I QL L41 W ff? - . Q25 i. 1' . A . Mem ory Book 1973 North J ejferson Middle School High Ridge, Missouri b - .wwf I ef? ft Administration Expands to Meet the Needs ofa Growing School A ' V 4 1 i 1 li ll MR. MAHARREY, Principal of North jefferson, schedules a faculty meeting. R+-5 ,W MQLM Ulf MR. MAI-IARREY frequently learns the students' point of view by talking inform- ally to groups in the office. This is Mr. Robert D. Maharrey's ninth year as principal of North jefferson. He supervises an enrollment of 895 students and 35 teachers. Both are recordfbreaking figures for the school. Mr. Maharrey received a Bachelor of Science in 1960 from Mississippi State University. From the same school he obtained a Master's Degree in Secondary Education in the summer of 1963. Both Mr. Maharrey and Mr. Prywitch strive for the better- ment of the school. 2 A welcome addition to the staff is Mr. Robert Pry- witch, the Assistant Principal. Mr. Prywitch re- ceived his Bachelor's degree at Washington Univer- sity. He earned his Master's degree in Education at St. Louis University. Two administrators enable the school to run more efficiently. -im lf ,gg w , V -1,-r, MR. PRYWITCI-I, our new Assistant Principal, goes over the absentee list with student worker Lori Karll. , I V W' f wb ' rj 1: 1 o ' Avi' ! .iff I 'A Ah.. W. ity! "- f lil Q " I , MRS, JANET MARTIN, school secretary, writes an admission slip for Roechell Herren. Administration L MR. YOUNG, Tre asurer. ll Sets Community Communication Main Goal MR WENTZEL Board Member, DR OTT, Superintendent To keep a communication gap from separating the schools and the people as well as school officials and employees the Board of education has set im- proved community communications and community relations as a major goal for this year. The Board of education believes this to be of such importance SCHULZE, Vice-Presidentg MR. BROUK, Member. that it plans to incorporate a program within the policies of the Board to make certain community communication is not forgotten incoming years. The need for new and additional facilities to ac- commodate the growing number of R-1 students is a forever-present problem. In order to meet these X needs, the board has designed new building propos- als to provide for additional facilities. ,-.av-' MR, WEBER, President of the Board of Education DR. COLEMAN, Member. ,m.A C ornmunicalion Skills Build Through Language MRS. BELINDA MARKIN, 6th, grade Reading, English and So- cial Studies teacher, gives individual attention to her reading L- groups. lilill' MRS. MILDRED JENSEN teaches 6th, grade English and Social Studies. William Marquitz examines his theme. 'V MISS TINA BAMVAK- AIS shares a humorous 3' poem with her 7t.h. grade English students. Ju l I ,s,,,,.,D,,,s ,,,,, W ,es, ,V , listens to reports. I MISS SUSAN BROWN returns Roger Moyer's test as Kathy Tinker, Harvey Franklin, and Don Fite await theirs. .11 ,,.4lf --ax ,e MISS NANCY COPE, 6th, grade English and Social Studies teacher, aids Allen Delbruegge in his map work. 4 Clint Barton gets help from MISS PAT GEERDES on an English review. MRS. WANDA FERGUSON evaluates a discussion group in one of her 8th, grade English classes. AQ Sixth graders Anita Dockery, Mike Laycock, and john Las- ter check a grammar rule with MRS. HILDA WILCOX. X MRS. GAYLE HURST, sth. grade Eng- lish teacher, aids Barbara Perrigo. Social S ludies R elates the Past, the Present and the Future. MRS. NANCY NEL- SON waits for her class to complete a reading assignment. She teaches 7th, and 8th, grade so- cial studies. WMM, ka, YES... ,:.:.:,,., ,Z , ,- M: KII, 1 f M H ' Lfifl-2-i'2?v15 ' :'i'A W' RM A Y i- :T , v -3 1. -:,g.1 .:.:- eng pf . .4-'wai l -gg N 22' H ihffffiiw' ' '7 ' f" ALE"-'hufH5. ,M i.-5: .V , U F 153-EE, K .g,3,,1g:ac'v w'ur W ww, W .H 2 ,J ' "-" - AQ G ' "2 ' 3 H g' """""""' 45" 41-.p" r r-S559 M1-rffll7:'4?i7 ----'Hi1""' ' R ' W" ...' ff- Q , . W. . L 1 .- 1 .1 i E B "ire , , 1 Nj i 5 1 E35 I 1 Y l . ELQLS V' F r 5 MR. BILLY JOE YATES is amused by an answer given in his seventh grade social studies class. MRS. BETTY SLELTON helps Cinde Wentzel outline a report on Vietnam. MRS. CARMEL EVANS holds a class discussion in a seventh grade social studies class. 1 Y MISS REA WOEHR works a math problem for her 8th, grade students. v Math and Science Explain the 1 ' p Wmglv World Around Us. Cheryl Williams asks MR. JOHNSON to --if-Q1 tj check her work. g ..r- MR, WI-IITE'S science students learn by experimenting. ,aiu V 1 MR, GENE AUG combines math and sci- ence in his explanation to Mike Turner and Clarence Bennett. An example from MISS EVELYN LOUBEK is all Cathy Gilbert needed to get going. MR. JAMES JONES uses the overhead projector to explain a problem to his seventh graders. MRS. DOROTHY BROWN, erh. grade science teacher clarifies a project. f 6 --Q- g-, , li Q ffiewi it ' 6th grade science teacher, MR. JAMES SIMPSON, hears the results of the group's work. has-L MR CLYDE FRIDLEY and 8th grader Rick Lowery discuss the structure of trees MR. THOMAS EVANS uses visual aids in his eighth grade science classes. MR. SNELSON, 7th, grade science teacher, chats with students in study hall. ' 5 H 3 Is- ub N 1.353 ka E dui! MISS CAROL BROWN, girls P. E. teacher, tabulates scores. MR- 1-ON RISENHOOVER Checks atten- 7 dance in Boy's P.E. M rrrr it Arts, Crafts, and Music Develo, MRS. JANETTE MAI-IARREY, Sth. grade Art teacher, supervises student's progress. Creativity MRS. CLAUDIA KLOHR, crafts teacher, along with Theresa jumper and Angie Latham, try out a new recipe. MISS JAN TUCKER looks for a painting to show her MRS. SANDRA WYNN, Home Ec. teacher, and Art class. MR. WAYNE SMILEY, Chorus, head for their first hour classes. MISS BETH COBB, librarian, updates the card catalog. Photos not available: MISS COLLEEN KINNEY, Speech and Drama, MRS. CONNIE O' REAR, sixth grade music. Bill Fowler, Lori Karll and Sabrina Reynolds consult the counselor, MISS JANE ROLLENHAGEN about ninth grade courses. Very Important People BERNICE MURPHY is not shown. MRS. MOSS and MRS. POTTER super- vise the lunch lines and dining hall. They see that the 3 shifts are on schedule. Students enjoy socializing in the cafeteria at lunch. Without these V.I.P.'s, North Jefferson Could Not Operate. MRS. LINDA WARD, R.N. , enjoys one of the rare mo- ments that she's not busily seeing students. She provides medical aid to students and teachers alike. Efficiently staffing the kitchen are MRS. MARGARET UTZLER, MRS. ALVERNE RUZICKA, MRS, NORMA OTTOMEYER, and MRS. JUANITA VOLMER. MRS. Hearty platesful of good, hot meals are served daily. AL BLIMENBERG, one of the many student help- ers, is ready to work. pr- H MR. LOU BOHLE keeps an eye on repairs and cleanliness during school hours. JIM PARSONS, "SPEEDY" HAR RIS, and HOWARD WEITZEL work from 3:30 p.m. until 11 p. m. readying the school for another day. 9 Talent Abounds at orlh Jefferson On February 16, 1973, the Murphy School auditorium was packed to standing room only for the annual Mother's Club Talent Show. This year's show featured 23 acts, including singing, dancing comic skits, and tumbling. The audience and the performers thoroughly enjoyed the show. The comic saga of "Big Duff, " told like the Faces of the crowd reflect the excitement seen on stage. Paul Yoakum, Gery Grimm, joey O'Day, Ricky Navartil, and Gary Vonderhaar thrilled the audience with their tumbling. Becky Pickens and Carol McClain were a convincing "Sonny and Cher. " ballad of "Big john" was a favorite. Artists Bring Honor Z0 Egglggggtoggfofas in orth Jefferson Eleven of Mrs. Maharrey's art students won awards at the 1973 Scholastics Art Awards Contest. Prize-winning artists: :FDebbie Turner PFEddie Hayes Kevin Murphy Scott Collier Anna Grupe Ricky Lowery JFB1ue ribbon winners. john Ribble Kelly Brower Louis Throop Steve White jim Brown Winners proudly display their awards. Louis, 10 Steve and jim aren't shown. Mrs. Long clarifies a question as Chris Fleer studies her assignment. Ai N Clarence Bennett, Myra Crawford, and Brad Holland begin a science project. Students show their work and brighten the halls with attractive bulletin board displays. Sixth Grade Classes Sixth graders are involved with projects both in and out of the classroom. f 1 N! w w Sixth graders contribute to the Mother's Club Talent Show. Shelly Abbot Quincy Adams Shawn Addington Bobby Adkins Carol Allen Sherie Allen Tim Allen David Anderson Ron Arndhart David Arndt John Aselman Starla Ashburn Pattie Asher ,Karen Baker Brenda Barton Sherry Bechaud jeff Barton Becky Bates Darrell Beaver David Beck Mitch Behnen Authur Belknap Cory Bendel Clarence Bennet Suzanne Berry Tim Billar 'Tom Billar Sherry Bishop Kathy Boemler Phill Bogatti Tom Bohac Bob Bohmie LuAnn Borrini Chris Boulais Carl Boyer Tammy Brace Kelly Brauch Sandy Brinkly Sandy Brouk Dan Brown Laura Brown Kim Buchanan Sally Burkes Darrel Burkes Tammy Burton Billy Busch Greg Bush Mike Capps Linda Carlton Cheryl Carr Rebecca Cates Becky Catlett Lynn Caughron Craig Chott Andy Clark Bill Conway Robert Copeland Sherry Crane Myra Crawford Patty Crawford Sherry Crawford Craig Cruzado Lewis Culley W Q' .:..-, Y J-' 'X . Q W .. I-Nvzx .lx I x V K ' .,,...,., .M Jw, E Q . .1 V, A, A . B , ,J lzlz n A ' l :. ., : '-.:11.r- f-v.v , i ..,' 1..'e w u, l "uma" E I I "-- fff,5,.g-,555 -,., '.-i f if' J" 'fu 5:1 , f 1 iq' A 'E 5 i M I I ev lv Hlklv ..' pfrffkd ,ll V- 1' 'rf - Q fl 'iff .alil B "::l -.:. u rw egg -ai. gafxliwg iJaaii?g :W '--?hN ... ' 'iik '11'i jg f A " 1 1 in N V ' -4 ' Ji- if .M 'fa-.r 1' Hu .3 ,. -Q Ez 'si 3 ,d ,- 5: g . ,us fi 'Zi , B 2:-:: I , A ln.. RR m S -fk '-xx? iwaxxxn Nfihnvrffl' lllflr ' F N. i .V r, r ' L'-T Sfsifrfhfs. .5-fl' V . mg-,f.-42, Q ffl af X 5,-TMR? 1 ' 1 ,I 'H --.,. ,. . L, N, ., I Ji ,mmf ,.. sl f ' 'J Y' 1 jf' I ,. ff, .wm- 12'-Q I-I-f leszfsiiai I 9 :Lthr - we f L-'ji .JRE ' r x " '3 fv-" W ' 7 EEA A, ? K . ' .1 W ,rr .sv- .- - JS! J Tr , fl. 55 M "I I ix' - I, ,. ,- '4'.,.a ' sf? x N Donna Curtis Sherry Dalton Fred David jenny Davis Shawn Davis Susan Deerholt Alen Delbruegge Debra Diehl Tonda Diehl Anita Dockery Clara Dockery Mike Donovan Terry Doom Billy Dautenhahn Laurie Downey Matt Dresner Kelly Durbin Tammy Edington Kevin Eoff Robin Eschrich Kelly Fears jimmy Freebersyer Sally Ferguson Tracy Fessler Tim Fields Delbert Fischer Donna Fitcherald Chris Fleer Darron Forrest Vicki Frick Terry Gagnon Joy Gallway Kathy George Sandy Gill Teresa Glass Carolyn Goetz Donna Goff Jimmy Goff Sharon Greenly Laura Greenwood Robin Gregory Darrell Greif Patti Griffin Debbi Groupe Mary Harris Barry Harris Donna Harris Kathy Harris Larry Harris Linda Harris jimmy Hartung Tracy Hartupee Chris Hawkes Darrell Hayes David Hayes Alvin Hellmann janetta Helms Gary Helton Steve Hendrix Pat Henkel Mike Herget Tony Herget Tabitha Hickinbotham Tracy Higgins Nanch Highly Brad Holland Gail Holmes Mark Holt Clinton Hooks Cindy Horrel Mart Ing Dino Italiano Beth Jacobs Tony Jegel Rochelle Jerome Casey Jones Kathy Jones Sherry Jones Warren Joplin Stephanie Karll Sherrie Keniston Joe Keys Ranley Killian Joey Kirchner K' f. '.3 2 .f 1 I i lil? J E Jane Kluempers 45 V' J . H Susan Koerber me "-' gf ' ' 'A' Steve Laffoon gag., an Donny Lewis , E l Y Q ,.J.,. . .. Mike Laycock 1,45 2 Carolyn Lamprecht A H Qffi-?!:f' J.iQQ J Linda Lancaster Diana Loethen Patty Land John Laster Vernon Lewis Jeff Loeffler Patrick Loughran Kelly Long Pam Lormis Darlene Luaders Doug Luaders Dennis Lehman James Luck Sue Lyons James McClellan Carol McClain Pam Maiden Sharon Marlow William Marquitz Penny Martin Michelle Maxi L J A JW JL Y I lil lg ,gg 14 L D -el E, my ,Q 'J J -' ' " '-. 1 I i . A JJKJ Leonard Mayberry -I Qi. . Steve Mayhood ,X 55 YQ J' A Mark McGuire " " 'L iii 5 J ' " .1 Ronny McMillen LJ Q X " Neil McRaVen , 1 ' Af,EJ:i.. S112 Medley J Dianne Meinburg 21557 "J ll ' ,JJ Mzmy I V -.Ja "f:,. 11: Jim Melugin Fritz Meyer Jackie Mendenhal Lori Meyer Kay Middendorff K - J I Q . 'V' ' , , .' ' J ' J' "Y: .W I m .Q df xl cl K ,'. J L13 1 A . r.,-:A J J 'J . -J MJ! , JJJ J J J J.: war: TW. 5 'It lu vin? 1 A J! I . , k. LIU .J J .-. .II j J 'J'-Q ,-'J -. J:J 'nf- J 1 'J '::'i r rw "'1:n 51' fi J ls is llnll fr W .C - - fe ,J J-Y J Y f I L 1 J if, ir vw QMEJJJQ' gi J r LJ JJ :L 1 il LII 4 J .4 LJ L if , Q .. S ' ' ii ' T '14 I T5 .T M f f 5 ia 1 J 1' Tiff? , I 1' I 4 1 , Y cz, Ya ...' ' , if I x',.' 'N 1'7"-"Af ' P , 2 Steve Miniea Brian Morgan Lynn Morgan Alan Morrison Laureen Murat Terry Nash Kevin Nixon Gloria Nolan Sandy Nolan Lynn Nowaczyk Lisa O'Day Bobby Orick Linda Parrot Vickie Parrot Cathy Pawlak Peggy Peterson Carmen Petrousky Kevin Peyton Pat Phillips Becky Pickens Renee Plymale Lorie Pool Glenn Prator Paula Pursley Greg Puryear Larry Ragsdale Grace Rains Jeff Randell Larry Remington Robert Ribble Rodney Rible Wayne Richardson Lori Sacks Dottie Sawyer Eddie Sewell Wayne Sewell jill Scheiblhofer jeff Schulte Dottie Shcumacker Rick Shcumacker Valerie Sharp Tawnya Shell Robert Shellabarger Kim Shepard Vicki Sherrell Becky Shuman Susan Shy Debbie Sickendik Floyd Sims Mark Slate Cindy Smith Barb Stevens Cathy Stork Dennis Syler Ricky Suda Nancy Talley Randy Thomas Frank Thomas Cameron Thompson Randy Thompson David Tinker Mark Tinker Danny Tralles Robert Tralles Kim Trask Ann Tuck Mike Turner Robert Tyler Debbie Uptegrove Billy Wagner Joe Wagner Kevin Waldo David Walker Larry Walker Glen Wallack Steve Walter Billy Weber Mark Weigle Ken Weiss Dan Welker Bob W'hite Fletcher Whittaker Robin Wigger janet Williams Melvin Williams Datha Witzel Dina Wafford johnny Womble john Worley joe Vavra Roger Yoal-com Cindy York Marvin Young Margo Zangaro Tina Zangaro Darlene Zieman Susan Zenthoefer james Zuniga QXYI, E L1 ,xr vu: x ' . I V K WT h- 3 fflb S ,ln xv W ff' l 'Q -w-f 4 -. M .. . if - , , , . ,-:V I , ' l :Qffif "4 ,. .meg f ' ' f. V ' . I3 .. -5 A5 .W - - ' Tillie 5' 1 " s 1 , - Y. . f' T' rl Fvfx 1 I J 2 l L d in rs' ' L x y ll J ,MA if Av' ' A. f 5 r kr'- O i - Wk STUDENT- TEACHER INTERAC TION AI DS LEARN ING . 16 s Seven th Grade Classes A Variety of Experiences Produces Well-Rounded Students. Judi Fellers ponders as Mr. White helps Mike Balogh construct an air vacuum system. joey O'Day, Joe Rudolph and Donnie Fite react dif- ferently to meeting David Butler at the lockers. Fiji J Seventh grade girls learn the basics of dressmaking from Mrs. Klohr. Gina Ulrich and Cindy Talken pause before their acts at the talent show. John O'Conne11 is in high spirits between classes. Miss Loubek explains long division to Mariessa Doom. 17 Jim Allen Doug Armstrong Ken Arnhart Michelle Bable jamet Bain Candy Baker jimmy Bales Mike Balogh jeff Baker Dennis Barbreau Clint Barr Brit Barte Cindy Bartlett Clint Barton Sheila Bellah Margit Bilgram Brent Black Terry Black Donna Blake Steven Boswell Janet Boudinet Kem Boyer Ronnie Brace Penny Brakefield Larry Brewer Dawna Brown Sherrill Broyles Kim Bruce Lori Bushart David Butler Peggy Bulter David Blythe Norman Caraway Doug Casteel Laurie Caughron Roxana Cartright Scott Chitwood Susan Clark Brad Close Sherry Conboy Dean Conley Steve Conley Brian Conover David Cooley Curt Cooper Cindy Cross Melody Daffner Debbie Daniels jerry Davis Shelly Davis Tracy Davis Phillip Deckard Donna Degeare Tammy Delbruegge Don Diehl Sheri Doggett jackie Doney Mariessa Doom Mark Downey Rickey Ducketl: Cheryl Duke Debbie Eaton Tim Edens can y pr I L lf j 5s- 1 1 s.+'Ef-Fit Diane Elder Bobby Elkins Donnie Elkins Cindy Eller Tammy Emms jeff Eshbach Judi Fellers Kenny Fisher Donny Fite Laura Ford Pam Fowler Alan Frank Harry Franklin Tammy Frohbieter Robin Frost Andy Gamble Timmy Gambill Debbie Garret Kathy Gilbert Robert Gill Laura Gillihan jeff Givesm Bobby Goff Rene Gosney jimmy Graham Linda Green Peggy Green Diane Griffen Kelly Griffin Gery Grimm Eddie Gross Kim Hasele F harris Hamlyn Donna Hassel Lynn Hauser Yvonne I-Iavvilla -Penny Hayes Steve Hayes Larry Hendrick johnny Hedgecoff Maureen Heilgthe Wayne Heletag Cheryl I-Iellmann Steve Helms jeff Helton Cathy Hendrickson Janet Herget Kevin Hertel Mike Hickenbothem Ronnie Hicks Robert Hill Mark Hilse Ricky Hodges Angele Hord Kathy Horton Marilyn Hudsun Mike Hudson Cindi Hughes jim Ingram Laurie Iserman june Isbell Curtis james Danny Jerome Cindy Jett Connie Johnston Theresa jumper David Kadera Robin Kahle Debbie Kellerman Vickie Kellerman Karen Keyes Donna King Tim Kirchner Patty Kluempers Susan Koch George Kohl Greg Kohl Cindy Komrska Linda Katraba Dennis Kurtz Michelle Lachnitt Butch Lake Linda Lancaster Tina Lang Dianna Laramore Vicki Larson Mary LaRue William LaRue Mark Laster Angie Latham Billy Lenhart Patty Leonard Mike Leriche Sherrie Leroux Larry Lindner Robin Lipp Sherry Litchfiels Steve Loehr John Lockhart Kent Logsdon Elaine Low Angela McCracken Jana McCoy Lisa McKee Karen McNabb Patti Mach Linda Malone Mark Maness Eddie Manhart Kathy Marmon Bob Marshall Lori Matsond Ken Mayfield April Mayhood Glen Mazuranic Sheila Means Mike Mendenhall Sheryl Merz Debbie Lindner Mark Missey Pat Mollard Donna Moman Ricky Moore Pam Morailty Randy Morrison Roger Moyer wg iff- ,Q ki K s Q ., - I Q G f' y ,X We fx, . -fa, wp.. -A W I U 1' " .1 .. il " .'-I --4k,l, , NY Y 1 ' i ii had I .4 Il, iw. 1, ,SU A. r F I X vx I i .. K' ,.l , ' V -1 i I ., . ,. A 1- 4, W V' nn" N, , QA , , ., 'grliifl' F' f JN 1 l ll i P . 4 - V7 ' r 4,42 1' ' Xa X ..m,.,:f., Af ,V ,e ., wiv-. 7 - . .dy P 2, 343 1.. - , N 1 - 1 iiih1zm-Lae A 1 - A. "' 'IQ 4 A at ' 5. V: , ' I A 'rv Nga , " 1, 3 ' 41' F f. i,.x .QV V A I L f'v'Q L '- xl X 13 r L ra N 9' Q, ni wi z F M' ELQ1' 5 r-I K. ap - " U U bl , A lik I 5 awe K, - a I1 'v ' ai 1 as A Ricky Navartil Kathy Nelson Roger Nelson Mary Neudeck Albert Newbold Brenda Newell Tim Nolan Bruce Northcutt Randy Norwood john O'Connell joey O' Day Kathy Orick janet Ottomeyer Karen Overturf Sharon Overturf Mike Pangburn Mary Parrot ' Leroy Patterson Radean Peace Chris Peterson Allen Pigue Donnie Pounds Mark Prater Mike Prater Charles Quick Dwain Ragsdale Donald Rains Wanda Redding Laurie Reed Monty Reed Donald Reins Sara Ribble Mike Richardson Wayne Richardson Susie Robbins Brenda Robertson Brenda Robnett Patty Roe Ken Rose Monica Rothlesburger Joe Rudolph Randy Rudolph Stephanie Ryan John Sanders Gary Schafer Richard Schafer Carrie Schmidt Malissa Schrader John Schumacher Todd Schwend Larry Scott Kathy Shepard Sandy Shy Gina Seiner Steve Simpson Renee Skelton Buddy Sly Brian Smith Dial Smith Karen Smith Laurie Smith Tere Smith Karen Smotherman Diana Spencer Linda Spietal Linda Stevens Mark Stelrnar Billy Stethem jerry Stranger Elizabeth Stricklen Dianne Stewart john Summer Linda Sutton joe Swanson Cindy Talken Angie Taylor Rob Thiele Kathy Tinker Roy Tomis Steve Thomas Stanley Troop Terril T1-itch james Turner Rusty Tyler jane Ulrich Sandy Utzler Mary Vassel Peggy Walters Larry Walker Gary Watson Ronda Wayne Gigi Weber Billy Welker Billy Werntz Mark Werntz Marsha White Lyne Williams Ronald Williams Wendell Williams Anita Willis Cheri Wilson Penny Windes jeff Winters Sharon Womack Lauri Workman Dale Woods james Wright Bart Wulfmeyer Gary Vanderhaar Paul Yoakum Barry Young Carl Young Carla Yount Charlotte Yowell Karen Zenthoefer ,,7 ,iw ,,,, ,, , ,, :E: ' -- 5 fu 1 I3 Hg rn f-alll: 'WM "1 J -.- I , ' f qi .2 T ., -f ,S x J' if ., l' b,g1HE ' T .. '. ur-f' 1 X Riff? ' aaa X y 5 ,JI I I ml' ?--- Mgmt .X -S2 ww Q Ill l f a n . E 4 4 1 eg, :aan , X-gall ,J , I E K U 'gym 1 "' 'iii'-' '- .. -W I S X I 1 ff 5 K 'N xt 4 I -3 ':' - vs .-A 1.-f : , - V F lvl 7 , G4 y if 1 ' 1 fr' V, ,E 1 fi 'jg-4. 6 QJI.. .V , . ,. - rj 1 'Q l X T H gg mi 4' F 2 , T :gay ' ,N .Q ., Q -' ii: - ' ' ' f S G,-. 'na ' P if .. 4. f ,'L , 'iv' 4 Q S X-A be 54-3 4 ,' l -a - T ' - - ' ' 1 1 if .nf ff . a fe- 177 .. 5, ' ' --,J .....,. "Tl ' - . - 'Qi' . , A . --', f. r gg 2 it 1 r 1: :A ' ff ..,. E ' --V , ' ' 'f K.. 1 E PQ , - ' Ev?" A J! - '- f - 3 'ie I 4 52, F " bane .P 1. 1 ' FU W .:i'ii, Eighth Grade Classes Students develop socially and scliolastically. Mr. johnson checks a student's progress. A 1 5 a . Bill Fowler and Doug Warren ar- range their lockers. W Ls,,, .. Many lasting friendships are formed. 's .L,u -1-' w. rw A. 4. ,,,w1, Y X V , 1 "J .w Z al 'Y msg Q Q, :5g,4eQ.ez'-'-if: '- .VL-'f ,. 5 -it-Els 1 L-21, l- ,.'.+.w '1g A n' fi I 5' 1 4 gl- :N'.1'-we-. -V , ' Vlalgj fre. h '. I ...q w 2' is -gil?-gg V fi.: . 'Ui ' 19423-3 I ':. A . 'j- YLL':,Ll-,Lu ' ,k -v ..-4 Y -5- ...M---f , --L, ' u, -r ,..- M93 """'f' ,' -- .Ml-a. , ,X fl K, e 5 lm 1 'S fd f. " rv - ?- . , , A X 3 V- . ' L4 ssg, Nifllf ' ,, In , in I li W M A WM l A V l Capturing the slumped Raggety Andy on paper requires skill and concentration. Mrs. Maharrey offers a suggestion. A friendship ending?? No, it's a play in Mrs. Ferg- uson's English class. Interested students + an enthusiastic teacherran un- beatable formula for learning. Mr. Fridley has what it takes! Tony Adkins Ricky Ahart Karen Albert Robert Alexander Becky Allen Sandy Aselman Dale Atchley David Averill Penny Baker Andy Balogh Dennis Baker George Bates Ken Baublitz Cherie Bauer Tim Beetle Don Blase Terry Blue Al Blumenberg Julie Bobbit Vonnie Bohac Debbie Bowlin Gary Boyher Cathy Brinlcly Kelly Brower Cheryl Brown Jim Brown Karen Brown Richard Brown Ronald Brown Tammy Brown Freddy Burks Kevin Burnett Leah Butler Tom Calvert Randy Cambell Paula Carr Jerri Carson Carla Case Glen Cavagna Jaqueline Charles Steve Close Scott Collier Kelly Corlee Barbara Cox Cindy Cox Steven Crawford Harold Crawford Tim Crites Kieth Crum Sue Cullen Clint Curtis Renetta Dalton Lisa Davis Ricky Davis Janet Deckard David Delbrugge Paul Diehl Sharon Diehl Anita Dixon Sam Dockery Steve Dodson Robert Doney 2 . ..:.' ,,.., , Y Va 4 . I. 4- lee.. ,G Q W 'lei Z- ff V v in X3 '- M gn 5 11 if il . . ...., . . 'r ,rea 1 . L- L '.-- 1. -Je" in-.2m.. 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Lf 1, f 3 '?l:-'iw --s. if' 'W 1 ll 'L Terry Dreysse Cindy Drier Peggy Driscoll Cathy Dupske Darryl Dwinell Kim Eaker Bill Eaton Jeanne Eshbach Denise Evans Renee Farmer Steve Felts Pete Ferguson Carolyn Fick Eddie Fieser Cheryl Finley Alan Fischer Diana Fischer Patty Fischer Rachel Fischer Ken Folkerts Roger Fort-ner Stewart Foster Bill Fowler Scott Frohbieter Chris Fuchs Sherry Gatlin Betty George john George Debbie Goff Steve Gofoith David Green Tammy Greenwood Becky Groves Anna Grupe Connie Hadley David Happle John Harmon Julie Harms Terri Harrison Kenny Hartung John Hartupee Eddie Hayes Alan Henke Donald Henke Eric Henke Nancy Hennings Rochelle Heron Debbie Holland Becky Hoover Donna Holt Susan Howard Patti Hudson Nancy Huff David Humes Terry Hunter Danny lahn Iris Ianke james Isabell jeff jackson Marsha Jackson Kim Jennings Tammie Jennings Mil-ce Johnson Ronnie Johnson Barb Johnston Chyrle Johnston Lorna Jones Lori Karll Holly Kerr Patty Koeber Dianne Kneasling Kurt Kwitzky Mike Lamb Kenny Lancaster Ruth Laster Denise Lawrence Sharron Lawson David Lenhart Shiela Leroux Debbie Lindner Terri Litchfield Denis Losee Bobby Love Ricky Lowery Denise Luaders Tim Luaders Bert McDowell Jennifer McSpadden Terri McCrady Greg Mach Sam Maiden Jim Malin Lee Marcum Don Markum Don Marks Butch Marmon Ann Martin Tom Mayberry Paul Mazuranic Guy Medley Gary Mekan Barry Mellerup Larry Mendenhall Robin Meyer Kathy Meyer Jerri Miers Gordon Miller Joanne Miller Sherri Miller Kevin Murphy Susan Myers Regina Naused Howard Neal Mary Ann Nelson Ira Newbold Judy Nipper Karen Niswonger Leon Nixon Terry Nolan Dan O'Conne1l Betty Oster Judy Ottermeyer Wendell Patricarca Dale Patrick Tracy Patrick Barbra Perrigo Q, gq W, wi .:-, I , ., ... S all we Q - Q was 1. 4. H -.. vu . 'S' f . gi X ' A - J 5 Jmkw l, k A fren. 4 . at ' 'NNW' ,V ' r -:.22 , -- 3' ' K x 4 ' rf s v 1 LQ. 1 un, '.' 1 5 ,E -if . I . Y .- 1 as F.. , 3 -eq 1 . :Q gi 4 -,I " X ,, W, , wel al- 'Q' i n 5 .5 af' E sf rs., W 5. if , Q T ' ,,., ., W fc? t.7""l 'Prefs , in IJIJ - El ""e -555,535 L ,1 1 'F " Rig .1jf+i,, .. ' NE , ' T, " I :N p, .4 . I A 9- 1 4 . a .. '.. xl'.' . ff- in lui ' gag ., 1- r , " ' A sl ' Hag.-ifir 2 Q "' . 'EEE' ::':: U V U n f T X, . f R51 t, 1 J - 5 is is :rn it F l I ' I T. vs if n , ,Q J he is si T - r--mv. . Cf. -4-A S-' at 1-, V an . "' 1 2 f , , a . 'I 'Q 'Q fo.: V .- . , -wv,..e . '- , , . fy Y ' . -,I or -f " P ' ' Qi ..-f' Y ,..wEi - ,i-2, , ' . ' 2 V 1' 11 V-ff, fd- .y y 1 Y V. if .K If ' , 1 27 ,.. r- i Jeff Peterson Keith Peyton Robert Phelps Robert Phillips Terri Phillips Donna Pickard Donita Pickens Kim Pogue Dianne Pounds Jack Powell Tanya Prance Roy Prator Vicki Prater Randy Pulliam Cheryl Quick Terri Rahner Brenda Ramsey Donna Reed Sabrina Reynolds john Ribble Glenda Richardson Mona Roam Donna Roff Gerald Roland Charles Roussin Mark Snsove Martin Scheiberhofer Barbara Seago Harold Seago Craig Shrader Ellen Shriver Brian Schulze Stan Shephard Terri Seiner Tommy Shirrel Sherri Shy jim Siler Leisa Siler - Paul Siler Mary Simino Vicki Simpson Dannie Smith Kathy Smith Sherri Smith Kevin Stoltz Jeanne Spuhl Patty Steele Donna Stelmar Pam Sutton Harry Syers Penny Taylor Chris Tenison Ricky Thomas Louis Throop Vicki Tinker Richard Tucker Robert Tucker Debbi Turner jim Uptegrove Gary Upton Matt Usery Mark Vance Mr. Fridley Randy Vaughn Phyllis Volmer John Walker Lisa Wallace Doug Warren Robert Warren Debbie Wayne Steve Webb Wally Weber Darla Weigle Mark Welker Cinde Wentzel Steve Werner Dan Wheat Steve White Mike Wigger Cheryl Williams .Julie Williams Milinda Williams Rafxdy Williams Mike Williamson Glenn Windes Paul Windes Donna Wofford Sherry Woods Mike Yoakum Keith York Robert Zarbo Tom Zenthoefer HV . H1 'PIM 'im . ' :N 'li1i.li3"'u ' 4 X rm if 'fl 1 llilizsfzxalazrzmi ' vlif i .-A 'f ,l 1 ...,. j , v mg it - : '-" f-v'f . -22325,-:Z 1' -. , 1 U , 1. :q-xs.:,..:- -. , " 1: ej - '5' I s fi' 1 ' rs FN 1 f f' rf. . L: 1 If 6 I 1. um ligiil q, I '1 r 4 .Il ,. 99" .f ll 1llg3,gba n ' TT ., Q- L bbw v B -. n 1 Ji, i ' ' 7' 1 J 1 1 A 1,7 -- 'f . is E "" 1. iir: 5 me , Resist-isa. , : rep .41 -E F , J - A , 'm L - '-6 A ' 1 B, h Y H1 'TL r 5 1 M '1.1. ii .l,.'- f 31, - r FQEN 5 'N N 'ln 'DJ 'JXIAI I F ek L fl' ' f W4 4 131 1 Inirn -ir 3.1 221 l L0 -if 4' MEN' 'T-2' 5 .-f'. 2 I fr MQ: - all -ru. YT a. gi -ru A 1 if .1 ser I1f31.?'e J, . f, 1 we ,ye l. -if:-'f I A A-:Jiri -5- . , lg: -12' fy 'Ui wi lliiiis-39 W e 'rl I " "'v' . , Lggillivii' 1 ., ei 'Q my ,. ,zzl N U Ei' Tammy Brown and Sabrina Reynolds separate -cf ,P Mr. Johnson is always ready pictures by classes. -.. 1,1 -15:54. . N Mrs. Maharrey checks the model' s position. to help his students: Miss Woehr goes to the board Eighth graders run the school store. to explain a math problem. Students may purchase supplies here 28 before school. X I, ' wi? Ja Eau f 'A 4 iE' :N 2 hy.,..9n31 - 3-,p 25.5, ,- 'R E. yi ..k,,,k 1 . fu., f 'I Q. -L4 , fy mf ik 31,3 wg, 1 jx 5 sans- .gf H 3':.w,, ,df V J . , -1 H . dr f ww h if ' gf, ifw 1112 KM 374. f ' ' ' - J ,i-QQ, f f1'S5,'Sf'if '- .. -f I ' J ':-. IS' flip S51 .4-s X. 1 3 X ? .,, .U , L 51" S- L! I I . ' gff4 ' :, vLQ,', ik Y. P" 5 fffflf A V1 '15, 3 .v 4 , , -n Mi ll .:' n 1 ' V f-fs a ...., N. P, I "Qs ,O-bf? ff 'VG . . D ' ' u': 1 , I - I. -qw ' ,': .'wT.i' ,Y .' 'l 9' If gg'- -Q ,w , .f b - . . W , F J 'H A :fn M, 5 ' ,Y ....- I, I ' , ,vs ., I, .M .Ls-f I Q Fx: Q .+ iv LU! ni . is 1 ' T ' I . i x mu , i . . ,- pvfxli. if 1,5 l ,A ,L iw. A 1. 5253 F .gr sz School Scenes Coach Risenhoover and Mr. Evans visit before classes. I won't listen to such nonsense! 1 Ill, ge r Q. g sm was Listening carefully to final direc- , , l Sir: xiSl:1.he1p these students on help from a friend. ,I The yearbook staff sorts pictures Wlth 'a little ' ' f1giiE""' 15 Q 'l it it ,wmwwuuw e e l r. we I 21:5 Q53 :-: -' , 532' 1: - 'S :fi Q -ff' 'H " H " MQW , N. X. The intercom talked back! ! ! The pause that refreshes. If you were an English book, where would YOU hide? They've got to be kidding! "Yeeks! A camera!" School Scenes ef,-F, s 1- nh 54:23 'in' rf I - its Yearbook staff rushes to meet the deadline. Sabrina Reynolds chats with Miss Rollenhagen. I. Mr. Jones makes the assignment f- seem simple. School store does good D H Cathy Gilbert business. "M0ndaV mommg 9-h'e3dY? checks a problem A , 1 ga' gh 1. , 1 "I've got it!" X My 7. Students head for class to beat the Second hour enjoys a story read by Mrs. tardy bell. Markin. 1114 ..4v..z ", - Dale Wood makes use of the library ref- "Is that pointed at ME?" Students share a laugh with erence counter. 31 Mrs. Maharrey in Art. with Miss Loubek. Legg Vfff A Q Q mf ,W , 95wQ35?', ? Baphs AG! GN uw Q nfgi I R WY. Ak X ,f 'A"' 4 Xxx. nj! N Q X 5iLLgKf'jJ? X4 Q5 Z 0 - MMM O X f si 0555 503 X W3 M QD 2 .. f NME Q F Y , 255 if 52 33? W fm 2552? g v - - . ' X155 0 QQ? Q 003 3 Q 4 . bo E M 55 G G 9 5g'f"R Q gig? ?-figibjfbfw mg 322553 352252 32 A 541 R .ur 9 lx EX 455- X X H563 5192751 MX Y QW 5--.,' N f QAJX Mkcygvy -.NA LEE, IX Mx 39 fb I Uv liz., 2' f ff, Q3 gf 2 jwgyff C, ' 0 O JV V M A gy. Q 91 , 1 NNN x, XL '3 V - J W AED' " NOW? Mm Wu xnmgwmvqg fi , Ugg? . S3 Q 61 4qG ' ,H iklxifxxfx Nu gy y mlb 01 wo Yi+Y GL D2 mf? U Q LQ 1 ' U 05' A X03 Q3 N CD w X 5 ' - , 5,31 5? 3 X J , Q5 Q? 55 Q5 Q l ,jf . 1 ' X A, 257' N vfllb V' WJ URL fa - Cfyng xk' M , ,,,,-ffg"' X YI' I , , ,x , Y 2 I! 1 f"'fq"':'5VX fu W lg Vpkx. C5 f.,-- 'MX 'Q O M x-. f'xSAf . 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Suggestions in the North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) collection:

North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 5

1973, pg 5

North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 25

1973, pg 25

North Jefferson Middle School - Yearbook (High Ridge, MO) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 13

1973, pg 13

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