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Vo Y 60951 r I . xo' 0 R H WI x S C P 90 - YN x9 ao' 9 QQXGQ Editor V 60 DONALD CREIGHTON 906 ' Business Manager DAVID EBERHARDT Adviser Mns. ISABEL C. KERNER so 1 l - I 5 wg 'S Sz Q vw Wham" mf Yafamqssa Wiz Yotktaxm ok evenks ot 'me Qask 1 RAC Sehous, 'me Xhkotgekkme Xue Gai 5 NQR TH HUN TING Do IRWINIPEN N HIGH NSYLVANIA a 4 wr Y sv we 1 ff e x ,- S.- 'X .Y 'QE Wi ,N o mighty force in promoting American principles -13.1-T., ..,. ..f,....,,...e.:,1 -:ear :.:....f .army .... -fm...--W-..n,. 7 -vm-I-.1-,L-1-1 ,.., g..,..,..f.Q1. imma? From the beginning of the founding of our beloved nation the school has been the focal point of attention. One of the first acts of any settlement was that of providing for some type of school organization. Hence, anxious parents were assured of the fact that their children would secure the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, as well being made aware of those freedoms for which they had struggled and fought. Schools of today have been vastly improved over those of early days, but their basic influ- ence remains practically the same. Students are still being taught the fundamentals of learning and an awareness of their responsibilities to their community and nation. It's true that they have the advantage of greatly improved facili- ties and enriched curricula, but participation in such serves to heighten their position as future responsible citizens. The school, down through the generations, has continued to exert much influence on the educational, social and political life of the com- munity and, we, at North Huntingdon, are proud to have a part in contributing to this heritage. Consulting Mr. Lewis on the March of Dimes Campaign We play host to the March of Dimes benefit game The Western District Band in rehearsal at our school x, ,. . A E is u , ,, A.5?ffffi"-,. 'K' . i'g5gg+,gg,sefffzE3y. A ': . I -WW. ,115 -' -. M ,V ., - , mf-WQM. . q, Y -' Z LT-iw -fWfwQ4f1?f'gIs5Eggq" 'g 13555 'A A wi J w ,W , , A -f f45'gQ?55fS,,i'f5fgzswW9' ' , K . ag A L5 ffazzsw. V 5 1 I i ' .v V "Rf ' X a, 1 K ,A 15' W AW . 5 K . . , 5 1- wx : It ,K ,,4.,M 1 X , x . my A " k 1? 5 ' ' , ,mg K 'Q ,f 'M-"H ,,, ,.,,. Vf,w,.. . ,IW Y j,1: , W X 1 1 3, rim , 'xg-3 H ,Vgff-:iL1Q,3 V ' ' f ,.-M621 , I 'nw v11wV,x4-2iI',,mi1 ' X Q in. ,W l x X I I. V 3 ' .M X' 1 . i if w:fj'f,g3,Qi,. gg: sfw-Qsilw Ama,-:Hz ' . p H ,, f L, .Mwg Mfww' kai:-w.gff. . . .. ' A H Q ' , f ,.,. , KN-ff-iw Q iii Q. A MM ,, SL, A me ,K A ,V We ,EAKMFWCMMWZM5 Wu, akmwfw i3,5QM,i lv l . K 5 V, A , A iz W. M4yZQ1i,,A,,,5 44,7 disk? , fm, A , .. . K , M ff i4,,Lmg.,NE 4,5 Ari xi' W 4 L, X x - ,. , , H' ' 7 Aff-Jill?-Q'1'l5..?hfA 'H , M aw f f A la- ' M ' ' X srxwjg .wk M -. Y- - X A ,V .5 P- , 'iw . - , .ily ' Aw ' ' 1.2, ,vw Ms. M -1 4 ww - ,wry -Av rm,.,,,,g.w M. 71, LM ,..,, aw. xl , Wk- 4Q1,.jk-. aff' f " M,-'Tyiw UV' . ,M+-zgjif, 'I ,iw P iw'-fx?" f A 312254 "'xwQ,. w1ff5gfQ5,,t'g,4h, . , A ,J . - , . . W X ,,.l5,,,. , M' w . 1 ' if 1 If Q ' T zap- .+V-" - H 1 Q H .M , , M 12. ".,:1,?'l4- V'Y'2'f"-ff f , 'wg ' A ,yy gfgxmwk -M., .1 , 5. - X, Mya, .af1f4 T'i M 5+ Q s Y .. .,7,bN' A A I .Exif H' FMEA V4 5, , i REFLECTION . . . ,ll ,......- Evelyn and Dave greet new teachers. Miss Heinz, Miss Berkoben, and Mr. Campbell CONTENTS o CLASSES QACTIVITIES 1 QATHLETICS The past year's efforts are reviewed with pride There is a tendency to become sentimental and reflective when reviewing that which has happened in the past. However, perhaps each class or organization has a right to do so with pride, for each has added something to the tra- dition of the school and each has received much in return. The work in the classroom has helped to de- velop the students' mental capacities and has aided in creating a sense of responsible citizen- ship. Participation in the many available activi- ties has helped to enliven school live. Further- more, it has served in the capacity of enlarging the students' scope of interest. A review of the football and basketball games, the wrestling program, the golf and baseball teams, as well as the intra-mural program, serves as a reminder that a well-developed body is essential to a good life. Thus, when reflections on classes, activities and athletics for the year 1952-53 have been brought to an end, there is a feeling of quiet satisfaction that the coordination of the results of all three has been good. MW "'wn.N, E v.-M, W"mT'W"- W x 2 - E ,film doug V ww 'Nw Hiwm wa., ktlhihl icupdlnn :....... ,glaunulu 2 , 10' ,, X lf-M ...owl U3 -auf' hall! Wd. Vg' Qqgksfvl 'Y an S 5 mivgng fviends Lingbook ,wi Qu-A Y-""Wf,.AS 4. - sp V W ,.f4L1'fv 6 vs Q f' 0 yfvffi-ASN 'mv 99 1, ei" 1 4 K f ' pw I-fy LQ 34 Q5 Y A is gg, w.v, A ,G kb i" Q' " Minn' 1 -' - . , ,mzi CLASS ALEX LEWIS IOHN HUGHES President Secretary STANLEY STEMPECK WILLIAM DAVIS Treasurer THOMAS HOAK DAVID THARP ADM NI Officials plan and work for o top-ranking school In order that our school can assume its obli- gation in preparing boys and girls for the effort of coping effectively with the problems of the nation and the world with courage and stead- fastness, it must present an effective program, led by far-seeing administrators. We believe that those in charge of administrative problems at North Huntingdon have just such a goal in mind, for we know that the seven-member School Board, along with administrative leaders of the school, spend much time in determining those policies that are for the best interests of the school and community. They have taken definite progressive steps to make certain that North Huntingdon Township High School will rank among the top high schools of the state. Officials take time out to pose for picture IOHN ADAMS RATION SUPERINTENDENT Dedicating his life to the promotion of sound educational policies has been the aim of Mr. Carl C. Pearsall, Superin- tendent of North Huntingdon Township Schools. His vast experience and wealth of understanding have proved to be great assets in helping to solve the many intricate problems that have faced this school district in the past and pres- ent. PRINCIPAL Promoting a sound philosophy of education has characterized the work of Mr. Mearl Gerheim, Principal of North Huntingdon High School, during the period he has guided the policy of the high school. His desire to strengthen all departments of the school and to present an enriched curriculum to satisfy the needs of the students has been much in evidence. MR. CURTIS TAYLOR Assistant Principal MARY SHEPLAR MARY McCORMICK Township Secretary High School Secretary NANCY PATTERSON and CAROL FUNDIS Assistant Secretaries The administration officials and faculty members work cooperately for the best interests of the school Assisting in administrative work and direct- ing activities of the students were the duties that were assumed by Mr. Curtis Taylor, Assist- ant Principal. His efficiency in dealing with the very important problem of attendance was noteworthy and his interest in matters pertain- ing to school and community has been much in evidence. Dealing efficiently with the detailed matters of the offices were Mrs. Mary McCormick of the High School Office and Mrs. Mary Sheplar, Secretary to the Board of Education. Both have had years of service in this type of work and thus have been able to help in the efficient functioning of the business of the school. Assisting in the work of both offices were Carol Fundis and Nancy Patterson, who helped Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. Sheplar, respectively. 1 l14l F Iames Altman N. Fay Beck Dolores Betler Fred W. Brantlinger Genevieve Cahoon Grace Cipra Lorraine Comell M. Dolores Fink Helen Hadley Wiliam H. Houck Mary Hunt Iames Ienets 1 l AMES E. ALTMAN Received M. Ed from University of Pittsburgh and B. A. from Iuniata . . . taught Algebra I and General Math I and II . . . was faculty manager of athletics. N. PAY BECK Obtained B. S. and M. Ed from University of Pitts- burgh . . . made the biology classes interesting for the sophomores . . . advised Beta and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. LAVERNE BERKOBEN Acquired a B. S. degree from Slippery Rock . . . in- structed girls' gym and health besides acting as ad- viser to Leaders' Club . . . was an ardent baseball ian. DOLORES BETLER Acquired B. S. from California State . . . advised N. F. L. and coached dramatics in addition to teach- ing English II . . . enjoyed traveling in leisure time. FRED BRANTLINGER Achieved a B. S. from Edinboro State Teachers' Col- lege . . . taught Art to Iunior High and advised the Iunior Art Club . . . found relaxation in painting. GEN EVIEVE CAHOON Received her B. S. and M. Ed from Pitt . . . former Leader's Club adviser and freshman-senior health instructress . . . took leave of absence mid-term. -1 1 -l 1 AUDREY I. CAMP Graduated with an A. B. from University of Pittsburgh . . . taught spanish and English and advised Spanish Club . . . rated tennis as tops in sports. EDWARD CAMPBELL Attended West Virginia Institute of Technology where he acquired his B. S .... taught shop math and wood shop to junior high . . . liked listening to good music. GRACE CIPRA Graduated from Penn State from which she received her B. S .... instructed music in 7th, 8th and 9th grades . . . adviser of freshman class. LORRAINE CORNELL Obtained a B. A. from Seton Hill . . . taught Civics- Pennsylvania History to 9th Grade and advised the sophomore class . . . liked to read in spare time. DOLORES PINK Graduated from Slippery Rock State Teachers' with a B. S .... directed the cheerleader squads . . . thought playing basketball was an enjoyable pastime. HELEN HADLEY Received her B. S. from Edinboro State Teachers' Col- lege and M. Ed degree from Pitt . . . advised the Senior Art Club . . . enjoyed painting in leisure time. FACULTY -all! B is I A M-. 1 R' :.,: .. Alice Kelly Isabel Kemer Mary Killen George Koelsch Kassian Kovalcheck Robert Kowash William Kraft Bruce Lawson Iohn Leech Russell McKelvey Peter Mangery Ioseph Menham IOAN HEINZ ISABEI.. KERNER Received her B. A. from Pennsylvania State College . . . advised the Latin Club her first year at North Huntingdon . . . enjoyed knitting as a hobby. WILLIAM HOUCK Obtained B. S. from Indiana State Teachers' College . . . taught commercial subjects and advised the HiAY . . . liked to travel to places not seen before. MARY HUNT Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B. S. degree . . . taught the wonders of geography to the eighth grade . . . was adviser ct the eighth grade. IAMES IENETS Awarded a B. S. from Slippery Rock State Teachers' College and a M. Ed from Pitt . . . coached junior high basketball . . . taught American history and world history. GRACE KAMMAN Graduated from University of Pittsburgh with B. S. . . . taught shorthand 1. 2 and 3 and commercial geography . . . liked to spend time painting and sketching. ALICE KELLY Acquired a B. S. from University ol Pittsburgh . . . taught English to the 8th and 9th grades and advised the junior class . . . bowling was her favorite pastime. Attended Hood and Pitt where she obtained her A. B. and M. Ed . . . advise.d the Norhisccpe, Hi-Lites, and Quill and Scroll . . . liked taking daughter, Ann. to the zoo. MARY KILLEN Awarded an A. B. degree from Wilson College . . . former Latin and English teacher . . . left mid-term to take graduate work at University of Pittsburgh. GEORGE KOLESCH Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B. S .... taught arithmetic and coached golf . . . enjoyed building homes and playing golf in his free time. KASSIAN KOVALCHECK Awarded his B. S. degree lrom Duquesne University . . . taught P. O. D. in addition to coaching football and advising Lettermen's Club . . . liked to play golf. ROBERT KOWASH Received a B. S. from Slippery Rock State Teachers' College . . . coached junior high football and junior varsity basketball . . . taught general science. WILLIAM KRAFT Achieved an A. B. from Florida Southern College . . . made French an interesting subject besides ad- visiting the Camera Club . . . swimming was his top sport. FACULTY mm, M, ir gi Q f F' .1 F Q f - 5 Ya. iii , , , ' K - fist 3 , A' AifsiiffisifefEqiwalim-ff 'L 5fgf.1,W1f.,, K ,A , fsvfmsm.-5: H57 AF:a4!J,1Vf: if '?ff'HZfi, gif A P a w d2f1e2ilsf5Ev' wwf M as , 'Y ,E :wg25,::,,5ii,-ffm'Z..:11'e '??z:.. ..:2...2:.,Z22s,:i5.1 ' 'f?H:3'm:2:2I22:'e:' " uf ' .,,. V A Eiflgikifaif gf mf if - 5 58 i,,,wQW W2 ' -13, ,- , ' w ig EI ,gg .Q 2145 , :Wie-1g1f :M .:-6a:.,:.,::1gg .. .mf fgszfh , ix. 535: 7 -2, 'T V59g!55Lf'1 , :Z'is?'5sJ. fi' 55:2 5:1 5 V :g515fg9gw,w, Q- , 1391? km 5 TITVS ':.E315':,'5i :::::'-, :Xu 1, L, V g igfiikffgiyv' ii? :J 'P A ' -f 2 z -- .Q I . .,,, gh mm H 1, I HV ,Q x J, .,. f ww. Q as . w Q . o - 2, fee bi -, ' iii? ,W H gzqf my 1 , ' Sw K 5 Q in Lg? X gd H 1 X n ggi E Sv , X gi? ng 1' '1 1' ' 52 H :af Za:.f,s:.'2:1',fa":.", . '. , if gg , 2 sg 4 f fm in 1, K si gm . I , tw J + ,4 in gf X Qgfgi s?s' Q W gif 4 w ff 4 3. N ,W L. , 1 4 -E Y 1 5 s E x 1mg.h..,.., xy VI s 4 u c Q wx ,, V, mmwfwmwmwfw , , E , - J- 155.3132 .L S V f , 1,-g --me 3- .mg Q, U wif . ,V K we - f . 4 ' sw. f ,gn I , ,M S- v 1 MQ, ,- 3 K . 23 f rlsf ' K 5 1 SSX N K gg , j . 4 Vim 'Y ,fi 1 S- W , , W r w fb K gf? SQQLM A . A- Q., EXW, Mig., - ., 1 X L '-En7K1lf'.:' ' . 53132 "Lfliii1lS5iw::-" A iifiijl :mil L im ig, fstzxiififigfiigiifiisfyf 101214 -w k 7, H1 Q., - , wp:.gz5f .m.3Lapfff-N1.mrff - - KL -fm-1 -f if, 1, wx. L ,w,ww ,.wcL,2:-My U fy?-f,.v,.wfsmL.-Qzwww-,.1-ff:- . .- .-1 ' D W, , K ,M,f5y??gW s.,,ew,m -I-wg-if S,k,q,ggm ww q,.:,,eggszimf-:af SW11fz,ew?zswl,.:2 Kw-Qgw1a:2fE2Qff2g,f21 -'fwfffzsU11-A1-Q2'-aff-'f -- - - L, gm, w,,b,ix,,31,- SRM, mm H .MW Lwflsfisqf K,fA5gqgf- ,.Vf:3L5gfQ,.f:Hg,w.QwK,A fqggwggxgqfxw, ..f1.mwg,:s4x2mag::2S1Qgzgp.ng61fz.f1uQ - Y.. Qgg,,W,Mg,gq Lgmmwgifiqgmggggw,mggtwsw S Q gf fxsg.qsfgv2g.J:fwasf-ww ifW-meiigwassiQ1 -Qvmiwfswz ,f,M:Mm,,W an-'f1"""' ,,.z,5ig1gfwW:5,EW,x ,i,ggigagQggwguigimsebggfgigsqzgfiQ1-wgfewgfg 'V xgmgwsmwgzazsfis-fmukwshmimmfww,ni ,M Q . wa,-m, KL-ww-wigeffzfwwfy iwifrfeaegsirw zfiwfwi. W-M - 3 Y f : ev a l ,L 5552 " WESIMDBE Q 2 ' S X Q X " , 1 SDHSYHBQTIUI I a . ' " 1.-...mwqg K n URW . A ,MK fx w+..X,,: .,Q,,,.Wm. nltzfy fr BRUCE LAWSON Acquired B. S. from Calilomia State and M. Ed from Pitt . . . coached the baseball Team and taught world history . . . enjoyed all sports-hunting particularly, IOHN LEECH Graduated from the University ol Pittsburgh with an A. B .... made geography an interesting subject for the seventh grade . . . his lavorite sport was baseball. MARY I. MacKlNNIS Graduated from Pennsylvania State College where she received an A. B. degree . . . taught eighth grade arithmetic . . . was co-sponsor of Alpha Tri- Hi-Y. PETER MANGERY Obtained a pre-medical B. S. from St. Vincent College and a M. S. from Pitt . . . was the physics and chemistry instructor . . . favorite interest was pho- toqraphy. LOUISE MAYER Graduated from McKeesport Hospital as registered nurse . . . greatly appreciated when in need . . . tcund pleasure in playing bridge. RUSSEL MCKELVEY Received B. S. from Cailornia State Teachers' College . . . advised the stage crew in addition to 'teaching in machine shop . . . liked woodworking and home movies. IOSEPH MENHAM Received a B. S. in music from Pennsylvania State College . . . advised the band and senior chorus and taught instrumental music . . . enjoyed a little golf. IOHN O'CONNOR Achieved M. Ed from California State Teachers' Col- lege and Pitt . . . taught Wood shop to the seventh grade and juniors . . . enjoyed hunting, lishing and photography. ELSIE PETERS Obtained her B. S. degree from Indiana State Teach- ers' College . . . taught 8th grade English and ad- vised the seventh grade . . . liked to travel in her spare time. MARGARET PONITZ Acquired B. S. from Slippery Rcck State Teachers' College . . . instructed math classes and was assist- ant-adviser to the junior class . . . favorite sport was tennis. LOIS PONTIUS Attained her B. S. from California State Teachers' Col- lege . . . acted as librarian and adviser to the Library Club . . . sewing and painting occupied her leisure time. EVA RACKLEY Held an A. B. and M. Ed which she acquired from Oberlin and Pitt . . . taught 7th grade and sophomore history . . . held membership in several educational organizations. Louise Mayer Iohn O'Connor Elsie Peters Margaret Ponitz Lois Pontius Eva Rackley Don Rose Anne Santner Bernard Sassman A FACULTY DON ROSE Graduated from W. 5 I. and Pitt . . . instructor rn gymnastics . . . was an outstanding basketball coach and also was a baseball ian. ANNE SANTNER Held B. S. and M. Ed degrees irom Indiana State and Pitt . . . advised the senior class in addition to instructing in commercial iield . . . liked baseball games. BERNARD SASSMAN Graduated from Penn State with a B. S. degree . . . instructed shop students in drafting and general metal shop . . . listed hunting and fishing as his favorite sports. FLORENCE SAUNDERS Secured B. S., B. C. S., and M. Ed degrees from Bowl- ing Green and Pitt . . . taught Business English and bookkeeping . . . thrilled to a good basketball game. ELLSWORTH SCHWARTZ Attended Thiel College where he received an A. B. degree . . . enlivened his American History classes tor the juniors . . . liked to play golt when he had time. ELSIE SCHWARTZ Obtained her A. B. from the University oi Pittsburgh . . . made English interesting to the sophomores . . . said that she enjoyed gardening and working at home. ROY SEIBERT Received a B. S. from Waynesburg where he majored in physical education . . . taught health and physical education along with coaching the wrestling team. WARREN SHEPLAR Received a B. S. from California State Teachers' Col- lege and a M. Ed from the University ol Pittsburgh . . . advised Student Council . . . was the guidance director. REBECCA TOURTELLOTT Received a Ph. B. and A. M. from Brown University . . . taught general math, solid geometry, and trigono- metry . . . assistant adviser to the 9th grade. BETTY VANDERSCOTT Acquired her B. S. from Indiana State Teachers' Col- lege . . . instructed homemaking and advised F. H.A. . . . enjoyed sewing and reading in her free time. NANCY WAHL Achieved a B. S. degree from Albright College . . . taught home economics to the 7th grade . . . derived pleasure from sewing. cooking, and swimming. NELL WOODS Graduated from Hood and iormerly was employed by Iohns'Hopkins and Mt. Sinai Hospital . . . was in charge of the caieteria . . . enjoyed collecting an- tiques. Florence Saunders Ellsworth Schwartz Elsie Schwartz Roy M. Seibert Warren Sheplar Audrey Camp Rebecca Tourtellott Betty Vanderscott Nancy Wahl Mary I. MacKinnis Nell Woods Grace Kamman ,w:ff'1'1 ii2l1Y!f'v1f V5 Ai 4 "F V - gg ! 'Q' 'Q - S S X k A K4 , Q, as 35, 1.5 , , I . Q4 A Us f 1 . A .www A MQ' 7' K fn Y 2 Es i g ? 5 K 5 gay W4-ff'-,,'Li?,71 B, i' .W W M xv if 95 Q 4 i , , W 1' 3 5 g 1 s W Q gm Q.. 5-nw F" on school and community SENIOR. CLASS Eagerly anticipating the events of the final year before them, the senior class entered North Huntingdon in September of 1952 with high hopes. They found it to be a grand finale of their high school experiencesg filled with many dances, parties, sports events, new friend- ships, clubs, and scholastic achievements. The many talents of the class of ,52 were distributed among various activities. Taking their place as leaders in sports field, the boys helped their Alma Mater through a rather suc- cessful athletic year. The remainder of the stu- dents loaned their musical abilities to the Band and Chorus, while others entered into Publica- tions, Student Council, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y and other club activities. K'Room for One More," a two-set play, was presented by the senior class in the latter part Continued on Page 283 Leaving Altoona Press Conference for home Oh! Your pictures are really nice Would ycu agree with us, Dave? Cpen for business at the concession stand FUTURE CI TIZENS Learned through work and ploy the need for intelligent cooperation Future "Girl Fridays" at work Time out for some genial conversation Occupational advice given by Mr. Sheplar It cloesn't seem to be my size, Nancy Ioan and Mr. Taylor checking crbsentees Hard at work preparing copy for the printers Illustrating social etiquette in English class Completion of a sewing project Informal discussion of everyday problems Believedinthe OFFICERS Vice-President ,.,. Secretary ,,,,,,A, , - Treasurer s. A fContinued from Page 233 of the term. Included in the cast were Grace Janiro, Barbara Brown, Pat Wiega, Janet Eng- wer, Shirley Shrum, Shirley Chuway, Nancy Vaugh, Dave Eberhardt, Gene Dunn, John Heidler, and Walter O'Bradovich. Miss Dolores Betler directed the play, aided by Student Direc- tor Nancy Vaughn. Then, too, many seniors WBEDON CREIGHTON Presldent ,,,,,,,,,, , .. .,,,,,,,,,,, A EEBOB D'ALESANDRO ejo ANNE FLETCHER JUNE DETAR found time to take part in the Publications' big show, "On Stage." Under the supervision of Miss Anne Santner, class adviser, Don Creighton, presidentg Bob D'Alesandro, vice-president, Jo Anne Fletcher, secretaryg and Jane Detar, treasurer, the class program was developed. CLASS OFFICERS Sitting-Iune Detar, Io Anne Fletcher, Miss Scxntner. Standing-Don Creighton, Bob D'A1escmdro nericon principles of living and freedom of expression James Allen Robert Ardellitz Donald Baker Eugene Barrett John Bellas Pauline Bilott Marie Bird James Borza JAMES ALLEN "Jim" JOHN BELLAS "John" A ready smile gained Jim many friends . . . played varsity basketball his senior year . . . directed Spanish Club activities . . . was a car en- thusiast . . . developed an ambition in mechanics. ROBERT ARDELLITZ "Frog" Took life without a worry or a care . . . the gen- eral and pre-industrial courses kept him busy . . . relished hot bowls of chili . . . planned to be a skilled mechanic . . . disp'ayed a studious mien. DONALD BAKER "Don" Had a deep interest for anything mechanical . . . carne here junior year from Indiana . member of Hi-Y . . . favored "trig" and physics . . . his motorcycle proved to be an invaluable "side-kick." EUGENE BARRETT "Irish" Believed that silence was golden . . . enrolled in the academic course . . . was a Student Council member sophomore year . . . science proved troublesome . . . spent his free time viewing tele- VISIOH. 7l Was full of pep, vim, vigor, and vitality . . . an academic student who participated in Hi-Y . . . one of the rugged matmen in the heavyweight division . . . interested in any sport . . . bound for college. PAULINE BILOTT "Pauline" Displayed a gentle and friendly spirit . . . be- longed to Norhiscope. Commercial Club, and Tri- Hi-Y . . . favorite foods were milkshakes and barbecues . . . would dance anytime . . . ardent football fan. MARIE BIRD "Birdie" Vv'as a bonnie lass with a quiet manner . . . member of Norhiscope, Art Club, and Commercial Club . . . liked dancing and swimming . . . typing and shorthand held her interest . . . had a helpful nature. JAMES BORZA "Jim" Well-liked by his many friends . . . proved to be an efficient sports editor of Norhiscope and Hi- Lites . . . Hi-Y, Lettermen's Club, and Band mem- ber . . . conscientious student . . . hoped to be a golf pro. E ft Q Sarah Bostedo Ivan Bower Frances Bradley Barbara Brown james Brown Shirley Brozack Joseph Burk Melvin Caldwell HE l953 S QRS Believedfhatt SARAH BOSTEDO "Aggie" IAMES BROWN "Iim" Was a sports enthusiast . . . active participant in Leader's Club and Library Club . . . took part in "Meet Corliss Archer" . . . a very efficient aid to Mr. Sheplar . . . intended to be a secretary. IVAN BOWER "Ivan" Showed adeptness at wise-cracking and alibing . . . participated in the general course . . . inter- ested in 4-H work . , . give indications of develop- ing into another "Houdini" . . . enjoyed hunting. FRANCES BRADLEY "Fran" Was a pretty miss with attractive brown hair . . . a member of Tri-Hi-Y . . . one of our high-stepping majorettes . . . fond of roller skating and dancing . . . aspired to be a telephone operator. BARBARA BROWN "Barb" Blessed with a charming personality . . . Aliquippa High transfer . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y, Norhiscope, Hi-Lites, Press Club, and Majorettes . . . an "average" bowler . . . served as junior class secretary. l28l Recognized as a quiet. observative fellow . . . an academic student . . . belonged to Latin Club and Yearbok Staff . . . derived pleasure from camping and swimming . . . ambitious to lead a full life. SHIRLEY BROZACK "Shirl" A conscientious nature was her great asset . . . active in F. H. A., Hi-Lites Staff, and T. E. G. . . . listened to records in spare time . . . thought shorthand tops . . . wanted to be a "number please" girl. IOSEPH BUHK "Ice" Followed the introspective, quiet pattern of life . . . took the pre-industrial course . . . shop rated first in list of favorite subjects . . . enjoyed all sports . . . was an avid basketball fan. MELVIN CALDWELL "Moe" Displayed a ready and humorous wit . . . indus- trial arts student . . . thought Strawpump should be on the map . . . hunting and boxing were his main interests . . . inclined to be mechanically- minded. Pauline Caldwell David Carrera Sally Ceams Shirley Chuway Marlene Cirelli Yvonne Clark Mary Iane Cole Lorraine Comer velopmenl' of a sound mind ond body is preparation for life PAULINE CALDWELL "Polly" Had a carefree an.d humorous nature . . . pos- sessor of many friends . . . participated in Tri- Hi-Y and Hi-Lites activities . . . enjoyed dancing and volleyball . . . a loyal Guy Mitchell ian. DAVID CARRERA "Dave" Displayed gentlemanly qualities at all times . . . four-year Student Council member . . . valuable asset to the basketball and baseball teams . . . fished in spare time . . . "Christmas Hop King" finalist. SALLY CEARNS "Sal" Was a pleasing miss . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y, Norhiscope. and Commercial Club . . . liked her work at the "Five and Ten" . . . gained pleasure from writing letters . . . was a conscientious worker. SHIRLEY CHUWAY "Chuwie" Possessed a pretty smile and a happy disposition . . . treasurer ol Tri-Hi-Y, associate editor of Nor- hiscope . . . a colorguard in the Band . . . chosen as "Daisy Mae" . . . aim-an airline hostess. l29l MARLENE CIRELLI "Marlene" Noted lor her friendliness and cooperation . . . a commercial student . . V. was secretary-treasurer of Student Council and a snappy majorette . . . member of the Commercial Club . . . liked dancing. YVONNE CLARK Presented an attractive appearance . . . was head majorette oi the Band . . . feature editor of the Hi-Lites. associate editor ol the Norhiscope . . . a Tri-Hi-Y member . . . noted for her modeling ability. "Yvonne" MARY JANE COLE "Ianie" A lun-loving personality was one of Ianie's assets . . . an academic student . . . belonged to Art Club, Latin Club, and Norhiscope . . . liked horse- back riding . . . ambition was to be a nurse. LORRAIN E COMER Liked by her classmates for her serenity . . , vice- president cf N. F. L. and a member of Commercial Club . . . prompter for Iunior Play . . . enjoyed square dancing . . . favored business law. "Rainy" Believed inthe SHIRLEY COOK "Cookie" Possessed a stimulating personality . . . iollowed the commercial course . . . spare time was occu- pied with dancing . . . picked P. O. D. as her favorite subject . . . liked to attend baseball games. DONALD CREIGHTON "Don" Was one of the most outstanding personalities in the senior class . . . editor of Norhiscope . . . president of his class throughout high school . . . belonged to Hi-Y. Student Council . . . Hi-Lites and Band member. ROBERT D'ALESANDRO "Bob" Was friendly and talkative to everyone he met . . . rugged haliback on our football team . . . participated in Student Council . . . Lettermen's member . . . three-year member of wrestling team. MARILYN DAUGHERTY "Marilyn" A vivacious miss who had an attractive person- ality . . . took the commercial course . . . one ot our high-stepping majorettes . . . derived enjoy- ment irom dancing . . . took to water like a iish. Shirley Cook Donald Creighton Gerald Davis Margaret Davis GERALD DAVIS "Jerry" Took a carefree attitude on things in general . . . enrolled in the general course . . . was a swim- ming and eating enthusiast . . . always ready with his witty sayings . . . planned to own a nightclub. MARGARET DAVIS "Peggy" Was modest with a rich vein of humor . . . mem- ber ot Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Lites and Norhiscope Staits... favorite subject was consumer ed . . . partial to chocolate milkshakes . . . liked basketball games. IUNE DETAR "lunie" Possessed a winning smile and charming person- ality . . . was a commercial student . . . was a snappy majorette for three years . . . ambition was to be a housewife . . . attractive "Queen of Hearts." ALBERT DICK "Moser" Displayed a gay. carefree nature . . . very active cn varsity squad football and wrestling teams . . . found pleasure in eating chow mein . . . partial to gym classes . . . acted in Variety Show. Robert D'Alesandro Marilyn Daugherty Iune Detar Albert Dick I3 emotion of friendliness and school spirit at North Huntingdon MARY ANN DONNELLY "Mary Ann" ' Designated as a cute "kid" . . . chose the com- mercial course . . . joined the Commercial Club and Ncrhiscope . . . chosen as "Miss Shamrock" . . . looked forward to a career in the secretarial field. MIKE DOSHEN "Serb" Was an easy-going lad from Biddle . . . possessor of dark, curly hair . . . listed as a general student . . . had his liner moments in English class . . . selected basketball as his favorite sport. HERBERT DOUGHERTY "Herb" Rated as a likeable lad by his classmates . . . maintained an interest in the pre-industrial course . . . three-year member of Hi-Y . . . interested in all kinds of sports . . . sought a machinist trade. RAYMOND DUDURA "Snap" Sought fun whenever possible . . . completed the pre-industrial course . . . played the soxophone and was president of the band . . . shot pool with the boys . . . loyal basketball fan. Mary Ann Donnelly Mike Doshen Gene Dunn James Dunn GENE DUNN "Dunnie" A tall, likeable lad who thrilled groups with his singing . . . served on Student Council . . . was drum major oi the band . . . deemed business law his most important study . . . uncertain of future plans. JAMES DUNN "lim" Was never known to have had a serious moment . . . able to achieve success in the industrial arts course . . . favored his shop classes . . . enjoyed basketball . . . possessed a sly sense of humor. IAMES EARL "lim" Noted for his good-natured personality . . . mem- ber of Student Council and wrestling team . . . president of Lettermen's Club . . . hard-hitting right guard . . . shone in English class. DAVID EBERHARDT "Dave" Was an enthusiastic iellow with fun-loving ways . . . active member of Hi-Lites, Yearbook, Student Council, Forensics and Band . . . president oi Hi-Y . . . played the sax . . . planned to be a chemical engineer. Herbert Daugherty Raymond Dudura Iames Earl David Eberhardt Helen Edwards Eleanor Ekl Helen Esasky Raymond Estu Ianet Enwer Alex Esasky Clarence Everertt Inez Fellers Believedth HELEN EDWARDS "Sissy" Was an attractive, brown-haired lass . . . took the homemaking course . . . joined the activities of the F. H. A. and Hi-Lites . . . derived pleasure .from sewing class . . . would like to be a model. ELEANOR EKL "Boots" Liked by many for her easy-going manner . . . an academic student . . . member oi Norhiscope. Hi-Lites, and Latin Club . . . took a fancy to roller skating . . . anticipated a career in nursing. IANET ENGWER "lanet" Was a studious girl who excelled in many ways . . . followed the commercial course . . . was associate editor of Hi-Lites . . . active in Commer- cial Club and Chorus . . . spent her time singing. ALEX ESASKY "Alex" Was one of our good-natured seniors . . . enrolled in the pre-industrial course . . . enjoyed his math and shop classes . . . an enthusiastic football and basketball fan . . . conscientious student. HELEN ESASKY "Helen" Liked for her friendly, polite manner . . . a com- mercial student . . . participated in the Commer- cial Club . . . enjoyed listening to the radio and disc jockeys in her spare time . . . hoped to be a secretary. EAMON ESTU "Ray" Was a tall, thoughtful lad from Cereal . . . mem- ber of Student Council his junior year . . . presi- dent ci homeroom, senior year . . . felt at home with a fishing rod . . . intended to join the Air Force. CLARENCE EVERETT "Speedy" Displayed a calm and easy-going personality . . . took the industrial arts course . . . active on base- ball and football squads . . . particularly iavored math classes . . . liked a good baseball game. INEZ FELLERS "Inez" Was a small, cheerful lass . . . was enrolled in the home economics course . . . said she liked all subjects . . . her favorite pastime was collecting poems . . . planned to be a telephone operator. Marilyn Fisher Io-Anne Fletcher Betty Glass Vaughn Good Nancy Forsyth Fred George Martha Harrold Iohn Heidler ticipation in extra-curricular activities was most' helpful MARILYN FISHER HMGTTYH Exhibited a quiet. but congenial personality . . . entered the commercial course . . . member of Commercial Club . . . listed shorthand as her fav- orite subject . . . liked listening to top tunes on radio. IO-ANNE FLETCHER "lo-Anne" Possessed a sparkling smile and a radiant per- sonality . . . commercial student . . . was a peppy majorette and a member oi the Yearbook . . . derived pleasure from dancing . . Christmas Hop Queen. NANCY FORSYYTH "Nance" Always seemed energetic and lively . . . took the commercial course . . . member oi the Norhiscope and Commercial Club . . . enjoyed shorthand and P.O.D .... rated dancing as her favorite pastime. FRED GEORGE "Fred" Quiet but active, George was friendly to all . . . enrolled in the commercial course . . . liked Mr. Seibert's gym classes . . . enjoyed hunting and fishing . . . basketball was his favorite sport l33l BETTY GLASS "Smiles" Was a happy, likeable lass . . . entered the com- mercial course . . . belonged to the Commercial Club and F.H.A .... favored her art and short- hand classes . . enjoyed dancing in her free time. VAUGHN GOOD "Sonny" Sereness characterized his personality . . com- pleted the general course . . . played basketball and was medic lor the football team . . . worked on Hi-Lites and Norhiscope . . . talented in draw- mg. MARTHA HARROLD "Martha" Had a personality that won her many friends . . . an academic student . . . was a member of Hi- Lites, Norhiscope, Chorus, and Forensics . . . enjoyed her journalism class . . . delighted in dancing. IOHN HEIDLER "Iohn" Was a diligent, persistent student . . . took the academic course . . . photographer ior Hi-Lites and the Yearbook . . . member of Hi-Y, Stagecrew, and Camera Club . . . aspired to be a chemical engineer. THE Believed In ROBERT HOLDERBAUM ..Legs,. Believed that the unspoken word never did harm . . . a North Irwin boy . . . always liked to watch a football game . . . listed a steak with trimming his special delight . . . worked at a local garage. CHARLES HORVAT "Chuck" Never shirked a difficult ask . . . pursued the academic course . . . joined the activities of the Hi-Y and Norhiscope . . . particularly favored his math classes . . . future will include college. IAMES HUNT ,,Iim,. Iim was a pleasant and reserved fellow . . . en- joyed the preeindustrial course . . . had claimed shop as his favorite sub'ect la ed basketball J - - -P Y three years . . . ambition was to become a me- chanic. DELORES HURSH ..Deen Was a vivacious, light-haired senior . . . member of Norhiscope and F.H.A. . from conversing with boys intramurals . . . planned a mercial field. Robert Holderbaum Grace Ianiro . derived pleasure . . participated in cereer in the com- Charles Horvat Carol Ketter GRACE IANIRO "Nooks" Had a friendly greeting for everyone . . . member of Lea,der's Club and Yearbook . . . was secretary of the junior class . . . acted in "Room for One More" . . . contented when dancing or playing records. CAROL KETTER "Cal" A reserved calmness characterized this young miss . . . enrolled in the general course . . . was a member of F.H.A .... especially liked to sew . . . looked forward to a future of designing clothes. LARRY KIFEH "Larry" Noted for his quiet, friendly personality . . . en- rolled in the academic course . . . took part in the activities of the Hi-Y and Yearbook . . . enjoyed basketball . . . aspired to become a dairy farmer. IOAN KUNKLE "Ioanie" Did everything in a lively fashion . . . recording- secretary of Tri-Hi-Y and Press Club . . . listed on the Yearbook and Hi-Lites Staffs . . . enjoyed dancing and basketball . . . helped the assistant principal. Iames Hunt Delores Hursh Larry Kifer Ioan Kunkle ablishmenl' of good public relations withschool and community l MELVIN LAMPLEY "Mel" Was one of our quiet, dependable lads . . . followed the academic course . . . circulation manager for Hi-Lites . . . was chaplain of Hi-Y and member of Yearbook . . . physics was his favorite subject. PRISCILLA LAPCEVICH ' "Pat" Gained many companions with fun-loving disposi- tion . . . entered the commercial course . . . joined the activities of the Norhiscope and Press Club . . . enjoyed work in her shorthand class. ARTHUR LOUTSENHIZER "Art" Amazed us with his singing and guitar playing . . . took the academic course . . . member of Norhi- scope staff . . . enjoyed his English class above all the rest . . . content when viewing television. CLAYTON LEE "Skip" Was an all-around good fellow . . . was a pre- industrial student . . . liked what he learned in shop class . . . was the hunting expert of Ardara . . . left to serve Uncle Sam before end of year. Melvin Lampley Priscilla Lapcevich Gary Lender Ioseph Lenhart GARY LENDER "Gary" Possessed red, wavy hair that belied his easy- going nature . . . followed the pre-industrial course . . . member of the Student Council . . . a talented orchestra drummer . . . aspired to be a machinist. 1osEPH LHNHART ' "sqm" Was a self-effacing youth with a yen for the wide open spaces . . . took industrial arts course . . . favored his shop classes . . . was a volunteer fireman . . . planned to work in brother's service station. HOWARD LEUKHARDT "Luke" Termed by many as an all-around athlete . . . had a sly wit . . . member of Hi-Y and Lettermen's Club . . . played varsity football and basketball three years . . . served as president of Student Council. CLIFFORD LINGSCH "Cliff" Won many friends with his friendly smile and hello . . . followed the general course . . . served as vice-president of the Hi-Y . . . often seen roller skating . . . liked to hunt and fish in spare time. Arthur Loutsenhizer Clayton Lee Howard Leukhardt Clifford Lingsch , , E351 if .alll Carol Logan Evelyn Lowrie Glenn McClure Doris McGraw Iames Macrania Iohn Martincheck Lamoyne McKeever Mike McMahon Believed that THE l953 SENIORS CAROL LOGAN "Carol" Was one of our studious commercial students . . . a Commercial Club, F. H. A., and Art Club mem- ber . . . drawing took up her spare time . . . en- joyed going to her shorthand and typing classes. EVELYN LOWRIE "Evie" Recognized for her polite demeanor . . . took the homemaking course . . . participated in the F. H. A. and managed exchange department of Hi-Lites . . . liked her sewing classes . . . enjoyed square dancing. IAMES MACRANIA "Macaroni" Was a nice all-around guy . . . pre-industrial student . . . came from Ieannette High his senior year . . . favorite singer was Eddie Fisher . . . aimed to become a machinist at Westinghouse. IOHN MARTINCHECK "Bull" Had a pleasant. polite attitude . . . was member of the Hi-Y, Lettermen's Club, and Publications Staffs . . . loyal fan of all sports . . . one of the "city" boys . . . wants to be a sports announcer. l36l GLENN MCCLURE Made the most of moments of relaxation . . . en- rolled in industrial course . . . could be seen driving his Plymouth . . . was happy when work- ing on cars . . . planned to attend some trade school. "Glenn" DORIS MCGRAW "McGrew" Noted for her friendly smile . , . exhibited her musical interests in the chorus . . . member of the Spanish Club . . . worked on the Yearbook . . . future destination was Shadyside Nurse's Training Course. LAMOYNE MCKEEVER "Lamoyne" Displayed a serene personality . . . followed the academic course . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y . . . found pleasure in driving, typing, and playing softball . . . expects to be a "woman in white." MIKE MCMAHON "Mike" Acclaimed as a willing worker . . . was school's business-minded commercial student . . . member of the Yearbook and Hi-Lites . . . played varsity basketball . . . liked nothing better than dating any "cute miss." Iames McNaughton Carl Miller Patricia Miller Nancy Montrose Cora Morgan Ierry Nedley Patricia Newlin Nick Nicholas u a I 0 wellesl' night' of the year ' was the l952 Christmas Hop I JAMES McNAUGHTON COBA MORGAN "Cora" Demonstrated his ability on the "mat" . . . fol- Known to be loyal and dependable . . . an aca- lowed the commercial course . . . joined the acti- vities of Hi-Y . . . treasurer of the Lettermen's Club . . . intended to study law in the future. CARL MILLER "Butterballs" Was a prankish lad with a nimble wit . . . was a member of Y. M. C. A. in Greensburg . . . particu- larly liked to swim and lift weights . . . his favor- ite sport was hunting . . . could be successful as a yodeler. PATRICIA MILLER "Pat" Exhibited a sparkling personality . . . member of Chorus, F. H. A.. and Latin Club . . . had a role in the Iunior Class Play . . . collected post cards from all over the country . . . plans included college. NANCY MONTROSE "Nance" Liked by her many friends for her jovial manner . . . selected the commercial course . . . was a member oi the Art Club . . . was a candidate for "Daisy Mae" . . . dancing was her favorite pas- time. demic student . . . favorite singer was Iohnny Ray . . . collected salt and pepper shakers as a hobby . . . wanted to take a nurse's course at Greens- burg. IERRY N EDLEY "Rock" Was a well-liked star of the gridiron . . . played defensive guard in football . . . member of the Student Council and Lettermen's Club . . . chosen as "King of Christmas Hop" . . . vice-president of homeroom. PATRICIA NEWLIN "Pat" Appeared small in size, but big in friendliness . . . was vice-president of Art Club . . . a mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y and Latin Club . . . found enjoy- ment in skating . . . hockey rated high among her sports. NICK NICHOLAS "Greek" Blessed with the gift of talkativeness . . . was en- rolled in the academic course . . . enjoyed play- ing the saxophone as a hobby . . . favored his math class above all . . . intended to go to college. l37l Believedint WALTER OBRADOVICH "Lata" Was a friend and a companion to all . . . an academic student . . . member of N. F. L., Hi-Y, Norhiscope, Hi-Lites, and Lettermen's Club . . . liked all his studies . . . found dancing an en- joyable pastime. NICK ORELL "Nick" Was always ready for fun . . . one of our active gridiron men . . . found that dancing was an en- joyable pastime . . . took part in the Variety Show . . . his plans for the future were undecided. JAMES OWENS "Slugs" Had cr nonchalant, carefree disposition . . . was a general student . . . member of the band for four years . . . spent time tinkering around with his car . . . intended to enter the armed service. SHIRLEY PALANGIO "Shirley" Had a sparkling, energetic personality . . . was a commercial student . . . president cf Tri-Hi-Y . . . spent her leisure time listening to music . . . planned to be successful in the commercial iield. GEORGE PASIPANKI "George" Was a friendly and likeable lad . . . member of the wrestling team . . . enjoyed the hobby of woodworking . . . liked a good game of football . . . his ambition-an apprenticeship at Westing- house. GEORGE PATTERSON "Buddy" Known for his talkative. persuasive ways . . . was a member of N. F. L.. Student Council. Hi- Lites, and Yearbook . . . played baseball his senior year . . . intended to go to college. PAULINE PAYNE "Pauline" Was a cheerful and good-natured lass . . . en- rolled in the commercial course . . . activities were Tri-Hi-Y and Commercial Club . . . worked in the "Five and Ten" . . . enjoyed listening to the radio. YVONNE PEDDER "Von" Endowed with a calm and friendly nature . . . capable typist . . . was a member of the Year- book, Hi-Lites, and Commercial Club . . . enjoyed basketball . . . could always he seen at Al's Grill. Walter O'Bradovich Nick Orell Iames Owens Shirley Palangio George Pasipanki George Patterson Pauline Payne Yvonne Pedder l33l velopment of active intellectual curiosity in the classroom PATRICIA PETRISKO "Pat" Proved to be an industrious student . . . was a color guard in the band two years . . . member of the F. H. A .... reading occupied much of her spare time . . . aspired to become a telephone operator. MILTON PLANK "Milton" Was a sports enthusiast and an all-around good fellow . . . an academic student . . . played var- sity football and basketball . . . liked driving the family car . . . future plans were undecided. IOSEPH D. PLUES "Ice" A quiet, light-haired lad, who was well-liked . . . enrolled in the commercial course . . . was or scrappy wrestler his senior year . . . intrigued by P. O. D. class . . . enjoyed playing in all sports. JOSEPH R. PLUES "Buff" Was a real he-man who wowed all the ladies . . . played football four years . . . Lettermen's Club member and "Li'l Abner" winner . . . enjoyed training hunting dogs . . . wanted to be a pro- fcotball player. Patricia Petrisko Milton Plank Jerome Radosh Shirley Raling IEROIVIE RADOSH "Ierry" Was a science-minded lad . . . a member of the Norhiscope and Hi-Lites Staffs . . . managed the stage operations . . . did quite a bit of traveling throughout the country . . . definitely headed for college. SHIRLEY RALING "Shirl" Had a flashing smile and a warm personality . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and Band . . . belonged to Yearbook and Commercial Club . . . played the piano in her spare time . . . liked to play bad- minton. DORIS RALPH "Doris" Was a charming, dimpled lass . . . followed the commercial course . . . belonged to the Yearbook Staff . . . favorite subjects were shorthand and health . . . enjoyed swimming and dancing very much. LUCILLE RASPOTNIK "Lucy" Was a small, intelligent bundle chucked full of vitality . . . president of Leader's Club and F. H. A. . . . member ct Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Lites . . . P. O. D. was favorite subject . . . winner of science award. Ioseph D. Plues Joseph R. Plues Dcris Ralph Lucille Raspotnick 5 Q t i z I l s 3 K Iames Rath Charlotte Reardon Walter Reiss Iames Roycroft Pauline Savko Ruth Seybert Shirley Shrum Rose Marie Simpko Believed that fu IAMES RATH "lim" Enlisted many friends with his quiet manner . . . followed the industrial arts course . . . active in the Civil Air Patrol . . . liked machine shop . . . favorite pastime was "remodeling" old cars. CHARLOTTE REARDON "Char" Made many lriends with her merry manner . . . entered the commercial course . . . listed typing as her favorite subject . . . liked listening to popular music . . . thrilled to an exciting football game. WALTER REISS "Walter" Was an interested spectator at all sports events . . . registered in the industrial arts course . . . particularly favored gym class . . . worked on cars in spare time . . . planned to enter the service. IAMES ROYCROFT "Roy" Got along well with everyone because of his unassuming nature . . . a pre-industrial student . . . rated machine shop his favorite subject . . . worked at garage in spare time . . . liked driving the car. l40l PAULINE SAVKO "Paule" Was a friendly, reserved lass . . . took the com- mercial course . . . member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Com- mercial Club, Art Club. and intramurals . . . enjoyed dancing . . . listed basketball as her top sport. RUTH SEYBERT "Ruth" Displayed a pleasant, quiet personality . . . en- tered the commercial course . . . was a member of the Commercial Club . . . chose shorthand as her lavorite subject . . . liked reading books in her free time. SHIRLEY SHRUM "Shirl" Noted lor her attractiveness and pleasing person- ality . . . vice-president of Tri-Hi-Y and Leader's Club . . . club editor of Norhiscope . . . was a swimming enthusiast . . ambition was to be a nurse. ROSE MARIE SIMPKO "Pal" Displayed a pleasant and quiet manner . . . a commercial student . . . participated on the volley- ball team . . . typing was her favorite subject . . . enjoyed listening to Iohnny Ray's recordings. Grace Sinwell Mary Sistek Ann Sofaly Aileen Stachowski Nancy Slates Robert Smeltz Shirley Stubbs Sarah Sullivan ld enjoyment were essential elements to a full school life GRACE SINWELL "Grace" Was a happy and cheerful lass . . . took the com- mercial course . . . entered the activity of the Com- mercial Club . . . particularly liked to dance in her free time . . . hoped to be a stenographer. MARY SISTEK "Mary" Liked nothing better than being with the gang . . . selected the commercial course . . . member of the Tri-Hi-Y . . . enjoyed a fine game of football . . . claimed shorthand her favorite subject. NANCY SLATES "Nancy" Displayed flashes of wit and humor . . . an ambi- tious commercial student . . . was a diligent typist for the Norhiscope and Hi-Lites . . . member of Leader's Club . . . destined to be a private secre- tary. ROBERT SMELTZ "Cowboy" Known for his blond hair and sharp wit . . . was a member of the varsity football, basketball. and baseball squads . . . joined the Lettermen's Club and Norhiscope . . . planned to attend college. ANN SOFALY "Ann" Was a pleasant and friendly miss . . . a general student . . . belonged to the Library Club and F. H. A .... her favorite subject was home eco- nomics . . . roller skating was her leading pas- time. AILEEN STACHOWSKI "Aileen" Her cheerfulness earned her many friends . . . member of the Chorus and Tri-Hi-Y . . . secretary of Leader's Club . . . delighted in writing letters to a certain sailor . . . sought a career in nursing. SHIRLEY STUBBS "Shirl" Recognized for her pert, lively personality . . . followed the academic course . . . member of Norhiscope and Spanish Club . . . liked swimming and baseball . . . desired to work at Westing- house. SARAH SULLIVAN "Sal" Was a polite, dependable lass . . . followed the commercial course . . . listed P. O. D. as her favorite subject . . . particularly favored swim- ming . . . derived pleasure from listening to people talk. Believed mth BETTE TENEROVICH "Bette" Displayed a pleasing, attractive appearance . . . member of Hi-Lites . . . illustrated artistic talent in the Art Club . . . drawing was her iavorite pastime . . . looked forward to a modeling career. LARRY THAPLP "Tharp" Noted for his earnestness and sincerity . . . mem- ber ot varsity iootball and wrestling teams . . . a Lettermen's Club and Hi-Y member . . . wanted to play college football . . . artist for publications. RONALD THIEM "Ron" Was a jovial, high-spirited lad . . . a general student . . . served as homeroom president his sophomore and junior years . . . spent spare time driving his car . . . liked to dance to good music anytime. RITA TURNSHEK "Rita" Regarded as a likeable and friendly miss . . . an academic student . . . member of Norhiscope and Tri-Hi-Y . . . adept in entertaining on the accordion . . . intended to go to college and study nursing. Bette Tenerovich Larry Tharp Ronald Uhrig Iohn Valenti I4 21 RONALD UHRIG HROHH Liked for his polite, easy-going manner . . . pur- sued the academic course . . . math was favorite study . . . derived pleasure from playing the steel guitar . . . future will include a stay in the navy. lOHN VALENTI Hlohn.. Known for his quiet, mannerly disposition . . . followed the general course . . . placed Spanish class at the head of his studies . . . enjoyed viewing television . . . undecided about his future plans. NANCY VAUGHN HNGHCYH Rated as a top student with a friendly smile . . . competent editor of the Hi-Lites . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and Yearbook . . . served as a color guard in the band , . . intended to take up ele- mentary teaching. JOHN VIECELLI "lack" Was one of our happy-go-lucky boys . . . took the pre-industrial course . . . liked to train hunting dogs and also to hunt and trap . . . baseball was his favorite sport . . . wanted to be a dog trainer. Ronald Thiem Nancy Vaughn Rita Turnshek Iohn Viecelli actical application of the tools and 'theories of learning VIRGINIA WALL "Ginny" PATRICIA WIEIA "Pat" Willing to work with an energetic spirit described this "cute miss" . . . was copy editor of Hi-Lites and class editor of Yearbook . . . belonged to Tri-Hi-Y . . . ambition was to be a nurse. GERALDINE WATKISS "Gerry" Regarded as a quiet and good-natured girl . . . was a member of T. E. G. and F. H. A .... was very fond of television and movies . . . enjoyed all kinds of sports . . . worked at local confec- tionery. ELAINE WEST "Elaine" Had a pleasant greeting for her classmates . . . was a commercial student . . . a member of Commercial Club and Library Club . . . named typing her favorite subject . . . liked to read in spare time. ROBERT WHITAKER "Bob" Possessed black, wavy hair along with an en- gaging smile . . . an academic student . . . mem- ber cf Hi-Lites . . . voted P. O D as his pet sub- ject . . . was ready with the gun when hunting season came. Accomplished much by her friendly, dignified manner . . . an academic student . . . correspond- ing secretary of Tri-Hi-Y . . . spent free time char- coal sketching . . . planned to attend Iuniata College. ROGER WILLBY "Rod" Was an energetic student . . . selected the aca- demic course . . . belonged to the Norhiscope and Hi-Lites . . . excee.dingly happy when debating politics . . . sought a career in chemical engineer- ing. GAYLE WILLIAMS "Gayle" Her cheerful personality earned her many friends . . . member of the Chorus and Tri-Hi-Y . . . favored chemistry and algebra . . . enjoyed play- ing the piano . . . wanted to enter into nurse's training. DOROTHY JANE WRIGHT "DeeIay" Always had a smile ready for everyone . . . took the commercial course . . . member of the Band, Norhiscope, Hi-Lites. and Commercial Club . . . thrilled at basketball games . . . enjoyed dancing. Virginia Wall Geraldine Watkiss Elaine West Robert Whitaker Patricia Wieja Roger Willby Gayle Williams Dorothy Wright s, is . me gigs Iii " we is . . xiii I4 2' :ts Ioseph Woleslagle Shirley Zieglar Katherine Wisniski Evelyn Wright Marianna Wright Believedinlooking towa rd new horizons KATHERINE WISNISKI "Kay" A sweet lass who came here her senior year from Monesen High . . . enrolled in the commercial course . . . member of Norhiscope . . . chose consumer ed as her favorite study . . . liked dancing very much. EVELYN WRIGHT "Eve" Friendliness and dignity were two of Evelyn's many attributes . . . active in the Band and Chorus . . . attended County Band-Chorus and made All- State Band . . . ambition was to be a music teacher. MARIANNA WRIGHT "Red" Was a quiet, pleasant lass . . . was registered in the commercial course . . . joined the activities of Commer- cial Club . . . claimed shorthand her best subject . . . enjoyed dancing and swimming. JOSEPH WOLESLAGLE "Joe" SHIRLEY ZIEGLAR "Shirl" Remained calm and peaceful under the most try- Well-liked because of her sincere. natural person- ing circumstances . . . an industrial arts student ality . . . enrolled in the commercial course . . . . . . happy when driving his car or when hunting was a member of the Commercial Club . . . liked . . wanted to be an interior or exterior painter. baseball games . . . corresponded with the navy. I44l ,jfs R, . 1,5 J ti . 4 '55 gi J'kk 3 9 is 5, I, if ff An I --aaa: - I :I lv V? fa Z1 H ,Amp ., H jr f. EY. 5 55, QS ,N 5 .. fd L .. , w ,if-1, N 'Mig' xgujf' . N, D 5. F, " w . xtxgmi ,- ,, Q m T K' XAQ E' A ,ggigf 13555 if, tm, K. mg? Xi-EM! s isis' Q ', rl? W' ' "'.w.2' f gi I. - -": Hs 's may L Ag- Q m Q M , 5 vi 5 er - 'N f en -wmv N 1 M N51 my Q ml K 3, ii , 1 X QV Qwf a RQ!" gg 9 Emi- X gig. xg X45 1-1-1--if ' ' hool citizenship, depicted desirable qualities of sc LARRY THARP . . . personiiied a happy combination oi scholastic ability and athletic prowess . . . pro- duced original drawings for the Hi-Lites . . . care- ful dresser . . . polite and courteous to everyone. LUCILLE RASPOTNICK . . . displayed rare scholastic b S ' nce ability . . . winner oi the Bausch and Lom cie A ard . . . president oi Leader's Club . . . was an w academic student during her iour years. HOWARD LEUKHARDT . . . rated as an all-around athlete . , . outstanding in football, basketball, nd baseba'l his sophomore, junior, and senior a . years . . . captain of the cagers . . . was presi- dent oi student Council. IO ANNE FLETCHER . . . chosen as the Queen of the Christmas Hop . . . was secretary oi her class for several years . . . one ot our snappy major- ettes . . . possessed a sparkling personality. Nw s outstanding leadership and scholastic achievement NANCY VAUGHN . . . dependable editor of Hi-Lites IANET ENGWER . . . emerged as outstanding scho- . . , honor student . . . member of Norhiscope, lastic student in the commercial iield . . . assistant Press Club, and Tri-Hi-Y . . . led the National editor ofthe Hi-Lites . . . corresponding secretary Forensics League at North Huntingdon . . . bound of Press Club . . . displayed a mature attitude lor Westminster College. toward situations. DAVID EBERHARDT . . . demonstrated desirable DON CREIGHTON . . . served as capable president school citizenship qualities . . . presided over the of the senior class and Press Club . . . voted as Hi-Y . . . excelled as business manager of the principal for a day . . . efficient editor of the Norhiscope . . . member of Press Club and Student Norhiscope . . . recognized as an outstanding Council . , . enrolled at Carnegie Tech. leader. THE JUNIORS I CLASS OFFICERS Left to right-Mrs. Kelly, adviser: Miss Ponitz, assistant adviser: O. Proctor, I. Maystrovich, E. Ekin, I. Carson Aspired to leadership in all phases of school life OFFICERS President ,,,,,, . . ,,,,,,,, , ,,,s OWEN PROCTOR Vice-President ,,,. ,,,,,,,,, . . .. ...HEDDIE EKIN Secretary , ,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, J O YCE CARSON Treasurer sssss JOANNE MAYSTROVICH JUNIOR CLASS The role of being upperclassmen was quickly assumed by the lively juniors. Once again lead- ers were elected to aid Mrs. Alice Kelly and Miss Margaret Pointz guide them through this memorable year. Chosen were Owen Proctor, presidentg Eddie Ekin, vice-presidentg Joyce Carson, secretaryg Jo Anne Maystrovich, treas- urer. With great anticipation, the juniors awaited the long-dreamed of arrival of their class rings which finally came in December. Proving their ability to produce a major pro- duction, the play, "Take Care of My Little Girl," was presented with success. As a tribute to the departing seniors the junior class sponsored the annual Junior-Senior banquet, May 7, followed by the last great event of the year, the junior-Senior Prom, held on May 15. IUNIOR CLASS Row lfR. Bellis, M. Claar I Carson, P. Battiston, D. Farrow, M. Edwards, I. Carson, D. .Aca- lotto, D. Carr, R. Detar, W. Brady Row 2-B. Breakey, M. Bujaski, F. Astley, A. Bailley, R. Faith. B. Dubosky, D. Cramer, K.Brown, M. Derrick, I. Blake Row 3-B. Davis, F. D'Alesandro. L. Confer, K. Englehart, I. D'Ale- sandro, K. Colinear, G. Esyske, C. Brean, E. Decker, D. Borza Row 4-E. Ekin, I. Dunn, L. Du- bich, I. Bedont, W. Broker, S. Brewer, D. Bergman, R. Dedo IUNIOR CLASS Row 1-M. Hager, I. Household- er, I. Flude, P. Fetsko, I. Koerber, H. Kellerberg, S. Hoak, S. Har- per, B. Henderson, M. Heckman Row 2-M. Koper, I. Hertzog, I. Klinek, H. Knall, F. King, E. Hen- derson, M. Hughes, I. Harrison, K. Kelly, I. Hoak Row 3w-F. Gutt, H. Hickle, R. Hamilton, L. Iones, W. Flynn, F. Koper, O. Kelly, B. Harrold, E. Koper, E. Holderbaum, L. Fletcher Row 4-B. Groves, R. Filtz, B. Flaherty, W. Dinalko, F. Flenner, M. Kirchenstein, I. George, I. Good, C. Heighes Row 1-R. Hann, R. Murray, R. Luehm, N. Lunn, I. Pinazza, E. Machert, F. McKee, I. Matcher, L. Loop Row 2-W. Magill, H. Omler, B. Paden, A, Palicka, N. Patton, I. McGee, F. Mazarro, B. Marsha- lek, M. Kunkle Row 3-I. Panczyk, I. Maystro- vich, M. Kunkle, C. Lowden, E. Leaghty, I. Longo, K. Laber, K. McCuean, C. Murray Row 4-I. Minerva, L. Krusber- ger, G. Piper, I. Lubinski, V. Miamo, W, McKay, L. Leffler, B. Pasipanki, L. Litheniels, I. Pezze, E. Philipp, I. Panczyk Row 1-B. Topinka, C. Rogers, E. Wence, M. Shirley, I. Soisson, 3. Wallace. S. Shatter, S. Smith, E. Tucker, A. Wampler Row 2---M. Tallant, R. Stackiel, C, Shartner, P. Reuss, N. Ponitz. R. Zentner, G. Schmier, D. Schmidt, B. Raling tow 3 --N. Raygor, I. Sherbondy, R. Woomer, B. Soloman, I. Tewell, 7. Spahr, S. Smith, P. Schenone, J. Wahlrobe lcw 4- E. Ross, R. Skiffen, O. tractor, L. Zucco, L. Valenti, W. lcss, R. Ryko I bil? l49l A, ,.,,..,1-2 M' K Ka ,-5-mx fl' il, .-.... g,,1:.-,.: '12 ' Y w JUNIOR JA BOREE Work and play were reflected in the activities ot this fun-loving group Lending a helping hand Take your time, we're early Caught in the act! 1,- Catching up on the news Exerting "Pete's Principle" Variety Show artists at work "Making cut" between classes Now girls, no erasures You wouldnt dare, Brooks SOPHOMOBE CLASS Row ln I. Carosso, H. Ballen- tyne, I. Bernoski, G. Baughman, L. Braddock, I. Brighenti, I. Adams, L. Brady, R. George, P. Arthur Row 2 B. Burn, I. Bernard, I. Fisher, G. Bruggeman, B. Com- mon, G. Davis, I. Dunn, K. Cald- well, E. Bardwell, D. Furlong Row 3 F. Eddy,B. Ferguson, E. Beter, G. Burtner. C. Cross, H. Adams, T. Colinear, R. Cirelli, I. Bricker, T. Fowler, C. Edwards, I. Fitzharris, L.. Garret Row 4'-R. Churick, C. Fleming. N. Detar, A. Bilisimo, R. Ferrance. G. Barrett, R. Comer, I. Ekl, F. Burk, I. Crupie, G. Beardsley, D. Durno, C. Auel, W. Albeck, I. Arvi, A. Filtz, A. Durmis Bow l-f-M. Koupjack, I. Fletcher, B. Lubinski, B. Grubbs, B. Kelly, S. Galozi, P. Haines, M. Iordan, M. Glass, L. Kee Row Z--M. Haines, D. Klem- chcck, K. Hobaugh, T. Gubanick. R. Harleroad, P. Heasley, D. Lindh, C. Lintner, L. Hampshire, N. Long Row 3 C. Iohnson, C. Cross, M. Laulter, S. Hunt, M. Koper, M. Gongaware, I. Lawther, M. Heas- ley, S. Lubinski, L. Kovac, H. Horton Row 4 L. Loughner. T. Hunt, R. Lackey, I. Klinek, P. Humelsine, R. Hraback, I. Howell, H. Liller, F. Lewis, C. Kaltenborn, B.Lauer. M. Householder, G. Lukart, I. De- cleva, G. Hanko, B. Kromka, C. Gccd, T. Guthrie Row l B. Beyers, A. O'Brado vich, W. Peters, T. Mitchell, .A Raygor, A. Miller, M. Massung P. Miller, P. Previc, L. Reese. S McCur.dy Row 2 rf-A. Mull, E. Meynor, S Roup, P. Pedder, M. Orell, L McBride, V. McKay, P. Reardon M. Revesti, B. Roycrolt Row 3- L. Prutz, Q. Marcolina P. Novak, S. Richardson, T. Mills V. O'Donnell, V. Morgart, B. Piper W. Nichols, D. Rice, E. Rath, B Prcch Row 4 H. Patterson, R. Penny I. Regets, G. Plecenik, D. Painter H. Lutz, A. Plecenik, G. Pattei son, I. Mclntyre, I. O'Rourke, I Radford, B. Marshalak, B. O'Don nel l52l CLASS OFFICERS Left to right--I. Crupie, V. McKay, I. Lawther, R. Churick: Mrs. Cornell, adviser THE Maintained a high level of interest in school activities SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1fD. Stcrchowski, N. Shir- ley, B. Leifler, G. Tucker, R Vcxrgo, I. Sherbondy, L. Wippich L. Wcrtkiss, B. Show, M. Scznti meyer Row 2-A. Snyder, V. Thorne, B Yecxrus, R. Simpko, S. Vuletcr, K Rogers, P. Silvis, L. Shroup, E Viecelli, P. Turnsheck Row 3--B. Senenich, D. Wertz R. Schanz, R. Shrump, D. Vuleta D. Wilker, W. Sinwell, D. West R. Yates, V. Twele, I. Watson, I Shroup, Row 4-I. Staymates, H. Soisson I. Stcmek, R. Lentz, P. Yutzy, I. Uhrig, C. Vczlimont, P. Zolnierzok A. Stitley, E. Whiteman, W. To mowitz, ver, I. Stevenson, B. Sinwell, C Stevenson, B. Smetak, P. Tobin I. Totis OFFICERS President , ........... ........ Vice-President ..., Secretary .,,,,,,, Treasurer ..,, SOPHOMORE CLASS With the closing of their second year as high school students the sophomore class had a feel- ing of accomplishment- Their enthusiasm as they entered into all phases of school activities showed great promise for future years. Represented on the varsity football squad were Richard Churick, Jerry Uhrig, Joe Regets, and John Crupie. Three sophomore girls, Donna Durno, Ioan Lawther, and Vivian McKay, were chosen as cheerleaders. R. Beugg I. Kovcxc, G. Sam, R. Oli , . . . .RICHARD CHURIK . . . .JOHN CRUPIE ,,,,VIVIAN MCKAY --o..joAN LAWTHER Others joined in the activities of Hi-Y and the newly formed Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, the Hi-Lites, Band, Student Council, and Forensics. "Sweet- heart Dance" was the theme of a sophomore party held in February. Richard Penny acted as master of ceremonies. Under the leadership of adviser, Mrs. Lor- raine Cornell, president, Richard Churickg vice- president, john Crupieg secretary, Vivian Mc- Kayg and treasurer, .Ioan Lawther, the sopho- more class had a successful year. SCPHOMORES SOPH MORE SYMPHONY Harmonious blending of talents characterized this enthusiastic class The sky's the limit Kit Carson does it again Which one is Ioe? Get a load of that? Francis goes to school! Flag pole sitters Whats cooking? Finishing another day Let 'er go, fellows -M THE FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Lelt to right-Miss Cipra, adviser: S. Moore, Mrs. Tourtellott, assistant adviser: P. Kritko, N. Paul, P. Collie Created o niche for themselves in the school's program OFFICERS President ,..,., . .,., . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . FRESHMAN CLASS Completing their last year of junior high school, the freshmen class chose as their lead- ers: Pat Collie, presidentg Naomi Paul, vice- presidentg Peggy Kritko, secretaryg and Sandra Moore, treasurer. Miss Grace Cipra served as adviser and Mrs. Rebecca Tourtellott as co-ad- v1ser. This enthusiastic group willingly backed all activities and sports. A hearty cheer during s i . - .ts..tttssss PAT COLLIE NAOMI PAUL ..-DPEGGY KRITKO SANDRA MooRE games was always heard from the freshman cheering section. A St. Patrick's Day dance and party high- lighted by the Grand March, constituted the social activities this year. A very successful Christmas party was also held by the Freshman Class at which Santa Claus appeared- With great anticipation, the Freshman Class looked forward to their coming adventure and active participation in all sports and activities. r , VY... -A FPLESHMAN CLASS near dle, W. Brewer Barton, G. Bernoski E. Zeigler, A. Brown 5 , N v 5 Row 3-R. Breegle, B. Blackburn D. Bozonovich, I. Betlan, D. Ar mor, S. Brandon, L. Blotzer, Carroll, D. Bertozzi, I. Ballon, Row 4 -K. Conrad, G. Burke, D Carr, M. Beatty, B. Clayton, Cina, P. Brugnoli, B. Davis, Brunson, L. Arch, Z. Anderson Row 1--G. Dempsey, B. Breegle A. Detweiler. S. Bryan, R. Cra mer, C. Condi, N. Baird, L. Carr A. Common, W. Allen, I. Bostedo D. Carson, F. Cooper, N. Coli- Row 2-I. Bleakley, V. Barozzini L. Bardwell, V. Baker, C. Baish D. Brown, S. Daily, P. Collie, C Badstibner, M. Blissman, M. Bid E l L L 1 1 FRESHMAN CLASS Row l---S. Koelsch, W. Kramer, G. Iohnston, R. Hrabak, M. Kober B. Koper, R. Garvin, R. Dreid stadt, K. Ellis, G. Ekin Row 2--P. Kurtz, R. Illig, C. Hos ner, N. Hanko, C. Essing, I. Hager, P. Ianiro, K. Koelsch, S. Harajda, M. Ilgenlritz Row 3-I. Hertzog, I. Eresh, Y Eddy, A. Ketter, I. Feltes, M Hileman, R. Durmis, H. Dubich I. Ipnor, I. Harrison, V. Korn rumph, P. Harmon, L. Essing, F Eichelberger Row 4-D. Hunt, W. Hawk, P Kritko, K. Elkin, H. Fawcett, C Kennedy, A. Hoey, R. Ciron, L Cramer, I. Dolensky, A. Gregg C. Iohnston, G. Iones, M. Hile man, L. Kemp, N. Higgenbotham R. Dunn, I. Klassener, C. Horvat P. Fazziola, D. Lackey Row 1- M. Paden, S. Moore, A Pecora, I. Osselburn, B. Pavlik D. Mills, S. O'Hara, R. Llewellyn R. Noel, M. Landsperger, P. Le vundusky Row 2--R. Plecenik, D. Plow- man, G. Piabole, R. Mazzochetti M. Lutz, L. Pezze, I. Purdy, R. O'Connel1, N. Paul, F. Leibzinski W. Lampley Row 3-T. Markowitz, M. Michel, C. Painter, G. Loughner, B. Moore I. McWilliams, L. McKay, M Lasko, S. Lapcevic, I. O'Neal, B Morgart, I. McIntosh Row 4-A. Pry, M. Masters, S Peterson, R. Naugle, W. Hage don, A. ORourke, G. Proctor, R Morgan, R. Malt, T. Lyons, R. Mc Williams, I. Lewis, I. McNamee I. Petrisko. M. Neri, A. Neri Row l-R. Shields, I. Kain, N Voich, C. Simpson, L. Wampler M. Stough, R. Shoal, I. Snyder I. Rainey, I. Zucco, M. Rose Row 2AeW. Sofko, R. Revesz, E Ziegler, N. Ververka, E. Sietert I. Ullyiat, M. Rath, I. Shirley, L Shields, I. Willby Row 3--L. Smereker, B. Spahr, C Stevenson, S. Rasootnick, I. Ra- cey, D. Shellgreen, L. Watson, B. Radford, L. Ross, R. Taborelli, H. Weber, R. Richard Bow 4-R. Svedberg, L. Radze- vich, C. Smetlak, I. Watson, G. Williams, F. Shepherd, W. Sump- man, R. Ralph, C. Walters, R. Sensenich, D. Williams, W. Tray- ers, M. Wilson, E. Shirley, E. Woleslagle, C. Tharp, P. Ross Hg., ,r bd l57l 1 2 ix?-Lf X Mile? f New K-sm.:gg-h,.,. - . A I ,VW 1 Y? Q 5 5 if f ' M a, R 'Q...f M' A ' vi fm-wif X FRESHMAN ANTASY Appealing naivete became a trademark of this happy bunch of students Things are looking up Mrs. Snyder's gold mine Mighty interested spectators Brother, pin a rose on me Age before beauty Here's the way to do it X marks the spot "On stage" grand finale Refund and round they go Up to his old tricks Close scruntiny by Sassman EIGHTH GRADE Row 1-I. Caldwell, P. Bollinger, A. Davis, I. Decker, A. Crupie. D. Bishop, I. Adams. T. Coyle, W. Bartley, C. Cipra, A. Carr Row 2-M. Carns, N. Brugge- man, M. Baird, D. Busch, L. Bet- lan, I. Brooks, M. Dick, S. Barras, G. Barton, C. Belago Row 3-E. Borza, C. Coates, S. Burtner, L. Bruno, F. Bugajski, I. Clawson, R. Brush, D. Barnet, C. Detar, B. Bachman Row 4-G. Bickerstaif. E. Biddle, F. Cox, F. Berchtold, I. Chalfant, W. Brentzel. R. Davis, A. Cham- bers Row 1-YH. Lee, R. Frederick, P. Gnieski, I. Fletcher, W. Ferguson. C. Iarvis, R. Fowler, R. Dillon, E. Donnelly, G. Householder Row 2-I. Fisher, N. Lefiler, E. Humelsine, S. Edwards, S. Hough. I. Kuhns, G. Haines, I. Hahn, D. Drew, I. Iohnston Row 3-A. Halozi, D. Klemshock. T. Koneski, E. Kalabus, D. Dun- can, P. Dodd, G. Heifner, C. Higgins, S. Hooper, W. Harrold, B. Lagielski. I. Esasky Row 4-I. Heline, G. Lalferty, T. Henderson. G. Hawk, I. Hopkins. D. Iones, E. Lapcevic, V. Dubo- sky, M. Haney, V. Filmore, E. Frye Row 1--R. Robinson, I.P1owman, P. Pinazza, B. Omlor. D. Rath, S McCracken, L. Marks. B. Lewel- lyn, F. Machert, I. Rose Row 2-f-R. Mellinger, I. Masters I. Roup, D. Mellinger, D. Marlz M. Montgomery. C. Osselburn, H Pedder, S. Logan Row 3 L. Miller, S. Placenek, I Molsky, W. McElroy, G. McNally D. Richards, R. Removchik, R Ramon, S. Morgan Row 4-C, O'Rourke. R. Lynch E. McKeever. I. Lewis, M. Mc Gee, Z. Maystrovich, S. Poxon R. Naser, D. Lunn, G. Minerva 6' SOI I 1 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right-Mrs. Hunt, adviser: P. Yates, I. Henline I. Whitlatch, T. Koneski Reflected the influence of the guidance of teachers OFFICERS President SS SS S eceeeeee SS SSTHoMAs KONESKI Vice-President SS S S S PATRICIA YATES Secretary SSSSS S SSSSSS JOAN WHITLATCH Treasurer SS JANET HENLINE EIGHTH GRADE The transition from seventh to eighth grade status was made with a minimum of effort by these active boys and girls. To grasp the exact hopes and reactions of these young students as they were about to fin- ish their second year of junior high one would have to have talked and listened to these ex- cited students. Indeed, hardly any students in the school were more enthusiastic on advancing into a new class. EIGHTH GRADE Pow 2-H. Zona, D. Smola, B Simko, D. Wright, M. Strawser, I. Swenson, R. Staymates, W Smith, S. Schneider, R. White, P. Stanek Row 2-C. Schartner, K. Zerbe M. Simpko, M. Watson, W. Stras ser, S. Vonderkall, M. Sumpman F. Whinery, D. Sensenich, D Zona, K. Wensel Row 3fG. Savko, D. Sige, B Wingo, T. Wildinq, G. Siefert, R Yutzy, I. Whitlatch, S. Ziros, A Whinery, E. Teck, D. Smith, N Scherpt Row 4--L. Simeral, C. Solomon R. Vauahn, P. Siegel, P. Yates B. Williams, R. Tragesser, B Wieqa, S. Woodward, F. Yadod zinski, G. Schmier, E. Stevenson I. Zentner In the first few weeks of school, the members of the eighth grade, under the advisership of Mrs. Mary Hunt, elected officers to represent their class. Chosen for the positions were: Thomas Koneski, president, Patricia Yates, vice-president, Joan Whitlatch, secretary, and Janet Henline, treasurer. To represent the eight grade on Student Council were Lamonte Miller, Adrienne Davis, Barbara Wieja, Zora Maystrovich, and Joyce Clawson. :fig . we 2 . f' CLA SS OFFICERS Left to right-N. Iohns, I. Lewis, D. Chapcs, L. Smith, Mrs. Peters, adviser SEVENTH GRADE Strove for recognition during this first year in high school OFFICERS President ,,,,, ,,,, , ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,IANA LEWIS Vice-President .. . ,,,,,,, LAURA SMITH Secretary eeeeeeeeee . NANCY JOHNS Treasurer ,eee DoLoREs CHAPos SEVENTH GRADE Completing their first year of junior high school the members of the seventh grade found it to be a new and exciting experience. Combining their school work with many new social activities, these junior high students were greatly impressed by the ways of the school life they had entered. They anxiously anticipated the events that future years at North Hunting- don would have in store for them. As the result of their first school assembly as a class, the seventh grade selected Jana Lewis, presidentg Laura Smith, vice-presidentg Nancy Johns, secretaryg and Dolores Chapas, treasurer. To guide and assist them throughout the year was Mrs. Elsie Peters, adviser. Chosen by their classmates to serve on the Student Council were Nancy Dunn, Marjorie Zucco, Alice Gutt, Richard Orker, james Sapp, and Lyle Byers. WMM' SEVENTH GRADE Row IWN. Berkley, I. Bostedo. B Bezuch, K. Baughman, Der- rick, G. Bozich, K. Cantine, M Dempsey, I. Clotherty, E. Eber- hardt, G. Cipra, G. Altman Row Z-B. Dague, N. Dunn, D Chapas, D. Croushore, D. Fair- fax, I. Cearns, E. Dinalko, H Detar, B. Derby, I. Day, C. Com er, R. Dick Row 3-D. Billott, H. Burtner, I Borland, S. Boring, C. Anderson G. Brim, C. Bishop, H. Cantine I. Bemard, E. Ross, C. Blain, E Bryon Row 4+P. Campoli, H. Blazwich H. Byres, B. Bruggeman, C. Bick erstaff, K. Bates, N. Berkoben, A Bard, I. Barton, W. Bush, R Foscoe, R. Dolensky SEVENTH GRADE Row 1-G. Kee, L. Hildenbrond. R. Hopkins, A. Kunkle, D. Glass R. Lash, B. Hager, N. Fisher, I. Esby, G. Krotz, M. Kroll Row 2fS. Freck, S. Henderson G. Hitchins, N. Iohns, G. Hefiner, K. Frye, T. Fundis, L. Kctlabus C. Fitzharris, I. Lewis, C. Fergu son Row 3-I. LeBreton, E. Lawther R. Gross, I. Kunkle, I. Grubbs T. Kunkle, I. Hawk, H. Fisher, H Eichelberger, B. Gcxrlow How 4-H. Ellis, C. Harrity, R Hoey, I. Iones, I. Henderson, S Holderbaum, C. Glunt, I. Lapce vick, V. Lackcrtosh, E. Klimchock R. Hofi, A. Gutt Row l-D. Ponitz, C. Morgan, B Rainey, M. Proctor, D. Newman D. Morin, W. Lowder, B. Pcxsii panki, B. Noel, C. Oldham, P O'Connel How 2-P. Petrosko, L. Pierce R. Magill, E. Nickolas, T. Painter T. Plecenick, S. Liller, R. Mault I. Previc, B. Ludwick How 3-L. Loughner, R. Plues I. Naser, F. Peters, G. Paden, G Rain, R. Murray, P. O'Rourke, B Osselborn, I. Mock Bow 481. Peters, I. Proctor, D Molfit, R. Ocker, P. McWilliams S. O'Donnel, E. Murry, D. Mclni tyre, C. Martello, I. Longo, D Luther, R, Miller, P. McWilliams Row l-R. Wcrlrobe, I. Shasko C. Valetta, I. Silvis, I. Trayers, R Shuber, G. Rogers, C. Wilkop, I Robertson, I. Schade, E. Tabo- relli Row 2-F. Shrump, M. Wisser, B Singer, M. Savko, C. Simmers I. Williams, L. Smith, I. Sapp, B Sistek, L. Williams Row 3-G. Steiner, L. Thompson I. Ziegler, P. Rodman, D. Zidan: sik, L. Wertz, V. White, W Shields, M. Zucco, I. Watson, V Shirley Row 4--G. Simpko, K. Randolph, F. Shumaker, A. Sistek, D. Ta- sooni, P. Stenger, D. Strickler, M Yereb, B. Yusko, B. Swank, R. Simeral, E. Smith, T. Woomer 1 1 1 1 I lfil GRADE GAYETY Spontaneous enthusiasm was exhibited by these boys and girls Typical classroom scene Budding newspaper cubs Look at my project What cz quartet! Lots oi pep today? Proud, cxren't we? Lust minute cramminq Don't do it again, boys Developing artistic talents , VW Q.: r , ,ff f 'Yin-.- uw' WW' 1.-sr M-rf 5 ,ywnyi Q , , A .LQ if F ,A+ an Q K 5 X gg ,117 wig 55 47 4 , gf Q J s ,. sf ,,- W, .,A. W5 ' f- H f NS.. I .... F fi '55 1 it v K K :T 7 4 Wmwwsmfn . x 3 - ., 1,-, fi Ili- if ,L A1 QTQSSQ-44 FH' P3555 aialffs YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF Sitting-H. Leukhorrdt, D. Hursh, P. Bilott, D. Eberhardt, M. Coles, R. Tumshek, I. A. Fletcher, D. Ralph, L. Kiier, M. Lormpley StandingiW. O'Bradovich, G. Patterson, I. Brown, B. Smeltz, I. Detcxr, N. Slcxtes, M. Bird, R. Willby, S. Ruling, Y. Pedder, D. Wright, V. Good N ORHISCOPE Devoting many hours to this activity, the members of the Norhiscope Staff worked dili- gently to publish the school's life story. Work- ing under the direction of Mrs. Isabel Kerner, they strived for perfection. Donald Creighton was the dependable editor who met the dead- line for publication. The business manager, David Eberhardt, handled the accounting of dances, subscriptions, patrons, and concessions. The talented art editor was Larry Tharp. In addition to their work on the staff, many found time to attend school press conferences of state and national interest. A representative group went to Pitt last October 2, where Don Creighton spoke on photography. There were thirty students who made this trip. To the Altoona Conference held November 7 and 8 went a body of twenty-four students. Accom- panying the group was Mrs. Isabel Kerner. The staff member's "pet project," though, was operating the concession stand at the football field. Many memorable events took place that everyone who had a part in selling coffee and l69l hot dogs will long remember. Then, too, this business venture was a successful one, in that it added much-needed money to the treasury. The seniors, Donald Creighton, Jerry Radosh, Nancy Vaughn, Virginia Wall, Roger Willby, and the juniors, who were prospective publica- tion members for next year, Donna Cramer, Landis Jones, Owen Proctor, Eileen Koper, and Patty Battiston, went to the Columbia Scholas- tic Press Association annual convention at Co- lumbia University in New York City. They at- tended conferences pertaining to all phases, such as printing, financing, photography, all patterns of writing, and took an actual part in three forums. Many ideas were brought back and applied to our 1953 annual. In the course of the year the yearbook staff sponsored many dances, such as the St. Patrick's day and Valentine's day dance. A corn roast was held in the fall. The 1953 Norhiscope staff extends its con- gratulations to the '52 staff in recognition of last year's Norhiscope winning medalist honors in the CSPA judging survey. Q55 HI-LITES In order to get a paper out every two weeks, many news, feature, and sports writers were seen working in the staff room at any hour during and after school sessions. Mrs. Isabel Kerner, adviser of the school publications, was overseer of all this work. Filling the various top positions of a paper staff were Nancy Vaughn, editor-in-chiefg Janet Engwer, assistant editorg Yvonne Clark, feature -LITES Promotion of best principles of journalism oim of this staff Ncrncy, Ianet. cmd Mike enjoy cm "id1e" moment editor, James Borza, sports editorg and Larry Tharp, art editor. Taking over the business end of the paper was Mike McMahon and his assistant, Myron Gongaware. Typists were Shirley Raling, Nancy Slates, Yvonne Pedder, and Dorothy Jane Wright. Highlights of the year were the various trips taken to attend conferences and the publica- tions banquet. HI-LITES BUSINESS STAFF Sitting-I. Rodosh, M. McMahon, B. Brown, D. Eberhordt Standing--M. Gonqcrwcrre, M. Lumpley, R. Wilby L E N23 . 539' X fix ,Q gy A , 55 gk Yvonne and Gene relax between routines BAND Row l--R. Lash, G. Peterson, C. Simmers, R. Frederick. I. Bricker, R. Hrabak, T. Koneski, Y. Clark, G. Dunn, R. Dudura, M. Dunn, I. Whitlatch, S. Baras, G. Baughman, H. Adams, E. Frye, B. George Row 2-B. Lubinski, C. Bickerstaif, R. Ruegg, L. Radford, I. Howe, K. Colinear, I. Detar, B. Brown, M. A. Claar, M. Cirelli, D. I. Wright, I. Brooks. M. Watson, E. Seibert, S. Holderbaum, D. Furlong How 3-I. Chalfant, B. Solomon, D. Creighton, I, Borza, I. Owens, R. Cox, C. Smetlac, F. Bradley, I. Carosso, M. Dougherty, I. A. Fletcher, I. Dolenski, M. McGee, M. Mas- ters, P. Brugnoli, E. Holderbaum, I. Henline Row 4 O. Proctor, R. Dolenski, T. Hunt, B. Svedberg, L. Rodzevich, P. Petrisko, S. Chuway, S. Shrum, N. Vaughn, S. Raling, E. Wright, M. Tallant, C. Kaltenborn, B. Clayton BAND AND MAJORETTES Tempo of school life enlivened by these spirited groups Adding their share of moral support to the football team, the band members and their director, Mr. Joseph Menham, provided many intricate and unique half-time formations. One of the outstanding performances of the season was the Indian War Dance performed by the majorettes, who were decked in Indian cos- tumes, and the band in formations with their hats adorned with lights. Ten outstanding musicians: E. Holderbaum, D. Furlong, M. McGee, O. Proctor, G. Dunn, E. Wright, R. Dudura, H. Adams, D. Wright, and T. Koneski were selected to attend County Band at South Greensburg, while another dele- gation: Evelyn Wright, Barbara Clayton, Evelyn Holderbaum, Pat Brugnoli, Owen Proctor, and Jim Borza participated in District Band at North Huntingdon. Evelyn Holderbanum and Evelyn Wright were honored by being chosen to participate in All-State Band at State Col- lege. It was Evelyn Wright's second consecutive appearance. During the year, Raymond Dudura served as student director and Evelyn Wright as band librarian. Putting in several practice sessions a week, the band was well prepared to present its excellent spring concert on May 11, with Mr. Menham conducting. The annual band banquet held in the cafeteria on May 12 con- cluded the yearis program. 1 f. X .- t 5 2 A , 5 5 3 i K S . e Q Z x gif 1 f 2 250 nw W 'Q . X ,A L,. , , L K , 1, Nil, ,V F ix- f Q' . " A asy ' ' . ' . 5 f x. fi X Q. A f "f,- 7 ' 5 lp , - bu IST!! f , ffm , .Vi 'W ips V S A. ' ,, gy , .fy A ' W' wgifff' bu , " 'A v , A w MX .yn '- My L 1 s , 4, i ,, X 0 W. M ,fm wmv A ' A m , X f' Q M ' lf' f E Y-N 11- , A , ' f fin Q ,W 2,9 9 K f s f ,QT -, f ' ,arf qv , sv 'lg , V, ,M X ""'4!q,,M ,., . is O M , 53 , 1 , s , f ' . , . . Q 'fm' A x 1 ' : it ' . 5 I ' A I ' Q 1' . s N. 'W' , 1 ' 'K I f Q 'Nw 7 . -, 1 K -4 ftf . v J 1 , WK . L' X ' U V -5 , k , ' - - f AX . . Ziff! A . I g V Q 0 - - s ' 4 , , 4 I , H I FK Q W - t ...f J My fy QS, Wwirdpfx W 4 A Q v O f ' 0. 0 ' 0 9 U 'gi . CHORUS Melodious tones added variety to programs Talented Evelyn at her favorite post CHORUS North Huntingdon school. This enhanced the already evident Christmas spirit of the students. Robed in blue and white costumes, the mem- 1 N h H - d bers Of the.Gir1S' Chorus displayed their Vocal coiifftegh.-ffus 552255155 .SSL palintlfflriiii? ability by singing at Baccalaureate and present- Gayle Williams and Evelyn Wright ' ing Christmas and Easter programs. ' ' ' 1 - The high school choral group was under the Caroling in the halls at the Christmas season, direction of Mr. Joseph Menham and accom- their melodious voices echoed through the panied by Evelyn Wright. CHORUS Row 1--S. Hook, L. Hampshire, K, Hobaugh, E. Viecelli, L. Wutkiss, P. Miller, V. McKay, F. McKee. D. Curr, S. Gcxlozi, D. Klimchock Row ZAE. Wright, G. Bcxuqhman, M. Massung, B. I. Lubinski, P. Turrishek, R. Yercxce, D. Furlong, V. Thorne, I. Carosso, A. Stachowski: Mr. Menham, director Raw 3-G. Williams, E. Rath, V. Morgcrrt, C. Kultenborn, B. Lauer, A. Snyder, P. Zolnierzcxk, E. Holderbcium, D. Durno, V. O'Donnel A C L U B Talent and craftsmanship exhibited SENIOR ART Row l-B. Henderson, D. Lynn, S. Roup, P. Silvis, I. Adams: Mrs. Hadley, adviser. Row 2-O. Kelly, M. I. Cole, B. Tenerovich, A. Bcrilley, I. Horri- son, L. Whippich, P. Newlin, M. Koupjuck IUNIOR ART Row 1-B. Boch, I. Bosledo. K. Bcrughman, I. Lewis, I. Mock, B. Ludwick, R. Bhodman Row 2-S. Lilleri Mr. Brcmtlinger, adviser: G. Hefiner, N. Iohris, E. Klemchock, C. Glunt, R. Cczmpoli. C. Coates, A. Chambers, I. Clcxw- son, A. Gutt, B. Hager, N. Berk- ley, G. Ciprox, L. Ccxntine, R. Lash ART CLUB Opportunity to develop in a creative man- ner was offered to all those students who were interested in joining the Art Club. Such an aim led to the forming of two divisionsg namely, Senior and Junior Art Groups. The Senior Club selected Betty Jane Tenero- vich as presidentg Patricia Newlin, vice-presi- dentg and Sylvia Roup, as secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Helen Hadley served as the adviser. Meet- I7 . , W w iii., E ings were held the last Thursday of each month. The Junior Club chose Nancy Johns, as presi- dentg Brenda Ludwick, as vice-presidentg and Jana Lewis, as secretary-treasurer. The adviser of this group was Mr. Fred Brantlinger. The Senior Art Club painted figurines and oil painted, while the junior Art Club got some experience in oil painting, clay molding, figure drawing, and carving linoleum blocks. TRI HI Y Development oi ALPHA OFFICERS TopAE. Beter, P. Arthur Bottom-S. Gcrlozi, M. Iordcm, P Turnshek: Miss Beck, adviser ALPHA GROUP Row 1-D. Furlong, L. Hump- shire, K. Hobcxugh, B. Kelly, B Shaw, V. McKay, P. Miller, P Previc. L. Wcxtkiss, M. Iordcm, P Arthur, M. Koupjack, I. Adams, L. Brady, E. Viecelli Row 2-V. O'Donne1l, D. Dumo, Miss Beck, adviser: I. Carosso, C. Lintner. S. Galozi, S. Hunt, N Long. L. McBride, L. Shoup, S Rupp. B. Lauer, G. Davis, E.Rcxth, P. Silvis, I. Fitzhctrris, D. Stoch- owski, M. Scmtimyer, C. Steven- son, G. Burtner, B. Kromkcx, V. Twele Row 3-I. Lczwther, C. Cross, C Kultenborn, M. Lauifer, V. 'I'horne, B. Common, B. Leiiler, B. Grubbs C. Edwards, M. Rcxvesti, S. Hu- binski, R. Yeruce, D. Klimchock P. Zolnierzcxk, I. Brighenti, H Ballcmtyne, E. Beter, P. Turnshek, R. Koper, R. Yates ALPHA AN D BETA High moral character and Christian ideals is the aim of these groups BETA OFFICERS Left to right -I. Kunkle, S. Pcrlangio, S. Chuway, S. Shrum, P. Wieja: Miss Beck, adviser TRI-HI-Y Living up to the Christian standards of good moral character was the aim of every faithful Tri-Hi-Y member. Rewarded with a grateful thanks from giving to needy people was an in- spiration to the members of the Tri-Hi-Y. Activities of the year included the impres- sive inductive services held by the Alpha and Beta groups. Baskets of food and clothing were given to the less fortunate on the special holi- days. Swimming and other activities at the Y. M. C. A. were enjoyed by the girls. At the annual 'tSadie Hawkins Day Dance" sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y, Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner were portrayed by Shirley Chuway and Joe R. Plues. Leading the Beta Tri-Hi-Y throughout the year were Shirley Palangio, presidentg Shirley Shrum, vice-presidentg Joan Kunkle, recording secretaryg Patty Wieja, corresponding secretaryg and Shirley Chuway, treasurer. Presiding over the Alpha Club was Eileen Beter, presidentg with Pat Turnshek as Vice- presidentg Penny Arthur, recording secretaryg and Sylvia Galozi, treasurer. Under the super- vision of Miss Fay Beck, these groups enjoyed an active year. BETA GROUP How l-L. Raspotnick, B. Brown, P. Wieja, S. Shrum, S. Palangio. S. Chuwczy, I. Kunkle, P. Scrvko Bow 2-Miss Beck, adviser: M. Bugjski, M. Hager, P. Battiston, P. Caldwell, F. Bradley, L. Mc- Keever. P. Payne, S. Cearns. M. Derrick, G. Schmier, Y. Clcxrk, A. Stachowski, R. Tumshek Row 3--P. Davis, P. Spahr, P. Schenone, E. Wence, M. Shirley, I. Carson, M. Kober, B. Marsha- lek, P. Newlin, R. Detar, V. Wall, N. Vaughn, S. Raling, M. K. Sis- iek, G. 'Williams l gf +14 L ,Y 31' ,X X 'L mx FORENSICS Row 1- N. Vaughn, I. Zucco, P. Previc, R. Noel, B, Paulik, T. Pecora, F. McKee, N. Baird, I. A. Fletcher, L. Brady, C. Housnur, N. Hanko, I. Adams, P. Collie Row 2fWS. Moore, L. Pezze, K. Koelsch, I. Fitzharris, E. Carroll, I. Sapko, I. Bleakley, N. Veverka, C. Baish, M. Blissman, C. Horvat, S. Lapcevich, I. Carosso, E. Seibert, R. Giron, P. Brugnoli, R. McKenna, P. Schenone, D. Durno, V. O'Donnell, B. Morgart: Miss Betler, a.dviser Row 3-M. Lasko, B. Moore, D. Bogonvich, R. Raspotnick, H. Dubich, B. Eddy, B. Blackburn, R. Leuhm, W. O'Bradovich, C. Auel, L. Radzevich, M. Gongaware, C. Stevenson, C. Tharp, A. Wole- slagle, E. Koper, M. Masters, A. Hoey, B. Laur To begin the new year of 1952-53 the National Forensic League had as its offi- cers: president, Nancy Vaughn, vice-presi- dent, Vickie O'Done1lg secretary-treasurer, Patricia Previcg librarians, Pat Schenone and Kay Koelsch, and the adviser was Miss Delores Betler. On October 1 a party was held for the new members with the initiation being held on October 2. january 15 and 16 the forensic students put on an assembly for the junior and senior high. Readings were given in the various phases by the students. Antonette Pecora and Patricia Brugnoli had the highest number of points of the group which was initiated at the beginning of the year. Those having over 50 points were: Joanne Adams, LaVerne Brady, Eileen Koper, Vickie O'Donnell, and Nancy Vaughn. The group held a banquet at the end of April at which time awards were given. FORENSICS Poise and speaking ability developed OFFICERS Left to right -V. O'Donnel1, E. Koper, P. Previc, N Vaughn: Miss Betler, adviser: I. Carosso I -V STUDENT COUNCIL The North Huntingdon Student Council of 1953, advised by Mr. Warren Sheplar, proved to be a fairly effective organization in dealing with problems confronting the student body. In the early part of the year, the newly chosen representatives elected Howard Leukhardt as presidentg Harry Hickle, vice-presidentg Mar- lene Cirelli, recording secretary-treasurerg and Donna Cramer, corresponding secretary. At their first business session, they approved the adoption of the Italian war-orphan, Marie Tucciarone, for the coming year. Boxes were STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right--H. Hickle, M. Cirelli: Mr. Sheplar, adviser: H. Leukhardt, D. Cromer distributed in every homeroom to receive the generous donations of the students and were collected every week for tabulation. When the March of Dimes campaign began the Student Council willingly supported its pro- motion in the school. The members acted as hosts to the Harlem Aces-Irwin All-Stars basket- ball game held February 2, 1953. A dance was held january 28, 1953, which the Student Coun- cil sponsored. All proceeds went to the March of Dimes. Financing a student handbook from the funds of the Curtiss Magazine Sale was the last major accomplishment of the 1953 Student Council. STUDENT COUNCIL N L D F rlon P Zolnierzcxk P Collie Mr Gerheim, M. Cirelli, H. Leukhczrdi, H. Bowl . ong, . u q, . . . . . Hickle, D. Cramer: Mr. Shepler, adviser: L. Byers, I. Cluwson, N. Dunn, A. Davis, B. Wiegcr Row Z P. Schenone, E. Koper, I. Mcrystrovich, G. Lender, M. Zucco, B. Proch, B. D'A1escmdro. D. Ccrrerrcr, R. Churik, I. D. Plues, I. Sherbondy, D. Creighton, K. McCuecm, I. Klinek, C. Auel, ' ' ll G. D nn, I. D. Eberhcxrdt, R. Koper, I. Harrison, R. Ocker, T. Koneski, O. Proctor, R. OConne , u Hager, P.. Giron, Z. Mcrystrovich Practical appllcahl 'S 11 1 SN., - 4 fgwg- 'f .qs ,V M hw Q f ' g es 5 . 4 rg. tl Q i Ii 'Q hi f fr 'ks if g 1' SPECIALIZED GROUPS Development of special talents encouraged F. H. A. OFFICERS Left to right-I. Carson: Mrs. Vanderscott, adviser: D. Schmidt, A. Wampler, L. Ras- potnick, M. Hughes P. Miller SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Left to right-Mrs. Camp, adviser: S. Chu- way, S. Stubbs, A. Dick, I. Allen I82l F. H. A. Using "Towards New Horizons" as their motto the members of the Future Horne- makers of America elected Lucille Ras- potnik president: Alice Wampler, vice- presidentg Delores Schmidt, secretary: and Romaine Staskill, treasurer. Mrs. Betty Vanderscott acted as adviser to the group. For its school project, the local chapter sold candy at the basketball games and furnished the homemaking department with kitchen accessories. As its social activity, the group held parties and games and an Easter banquet in honor of the mothers of the girls. COMMERCIAL CLUB Commercial-minded students of North Huntingdon have provided invaluable ser- vice to the various activities of North Huntingdon. They have put into practice the procedures learned in their various commercial classes. Their business-like approach in helping extra-curricular acti- vities as well as curricular has been most noteworthy. Miss Anna Santner, commercial teacher, has wisely guided the activities of the girls in whatever business endeavor they have participated. SPANISH CLUB Following the pattern of previous years, the Spanish Club had for its purpose the learning of Spanish culture and customs. This was done by means of seeing inter- esting movies, reading fascinating stories, and looking at colorful pictures of Spanish art. An important accomplishment of this year's club was the compilation of a con- stitution. This was done under the super- vision of Mrs. Audrey Camp, faculty ad- viser. The officers were James Allen, presi- dent: and assisting him were Shirley Chu- way, vice-president: Shirley Stubbs, secre- tary: Albert Dick, treasurer. 2 f-0 3 5 Q E Q 1 S , A ,X u., + 4 U, QM? ,G ,fam L, .- . . -f Y I 1 K K .Q X -.-1 .. 5 ? t 'lg gulf-mg ,. , . www: 21 5 T' 3 5 .. f X V f 1 ' t in ifv i ff y-Cgangi gig, .gif SK, ,4w M' - ? . , gf ,Q , l Aj ,, A-4A t fi I V V L E4 ,L.,L V ,V,A i, , 4,1 ,,, f , E .LI 1 ' l , The "crowning event" of 'the evening To accentuate the blue and white streamers of the "Snowflake Ball," gayly adorned Christ- mas trees with twinkling lights were placed about the gymnasium. Other decorations were brightly colored floats such as Santa and his sleigh, and the realistic mantle piece trimmed with pine bough and lights. The highlight of the evening was the annual Coronation ceremony in which JoAnne Fletcher and Jerry Nedley were crowned Queen and CHRISTMAS HOP to make cl memorable evening King of 1952 by Catherine Shea and Mike Javor, last year's royalty. The court consisted of Grace Janiro, Don Creighton, Barbara Brown, and Dave Carerra, and crown bearers were Lee Johnston and Ann Kerner. The royal procession came to the coro- nation stand by means of a pathway through the couples. Beautiful spotlights illuminated their route. The King and Queen wore purple trimmed in white and the entire procession walked in time to the King and Queen's march. Left to right-C. Shea, A. Kerner, B .Brown, G. Icmiro, I. A. Fletcher. I. Nedley. L. Iohnston, M. Icrvor, D. Carerra, D. Creighton Glamor and dignity mingle W Z" V fi ,V I A ,Lf :.:- v. Q X Si tr V N ., : if ':'.' , ,.,: , 5 2. ' -f 1 A i' wi VhQ fag. was -:':-' " M fy 'Q 'f 3' 3 :-" ' gf r igffffxegvei , 1 fs f Y 555 325425 ,:':,..2 ,ig y R J Q fir, iz .ky U. .VM ,W in KWSN ws -Q A W T' X l s it k jg f sf U ' K I , -gk' W ,sm M I '32 A J- s K 2 i is f- u. s ' 4 , Q, 'v.' f Q.. M! 'a w. nfs' .A QUILL AND SCROLL QUILL AND SCROLL INITIATES Seated-Don Creighton, Nancy Vaughn, Iames Borza, Mike McMahon. Standing--Larry Tharp, Dave Eberhardt School journolistis honored by international society QUILL AND SCROLL Being tapped to Quill and Scroll, interna- tional honorary high school journalism society, is the aim of every high school journalist. Mem- bership in this organization signifies that the member has good scholastic rating and has done superior work in some phase of journalism, either yearbook or paper, or both. At a banquet held on May 5 in the school cafeteria, six seniors were honored by being in- ducted through means of the beautiful candle- lit services by alumni members of the organiza- EARNEST IOURNALISM WORKERS tion. These seniors: Don Creighton, David Eberhardt, Nancy Vaughn, James Borza, Mike McMahon, and Larry Tharp were presented pins, relative to their office. Realizing that other students had given much service to the journalism staff, other awards were given in recognition of this. Recipients of these pins and certificates were: janet Engwer, Yvonne Clark, Virginia Wall, John Heidler, Shirley Shrum, Shirley Chuway, Shirley Raling, Nancy Slates, Melvin Lampley, Roger Willby, Evelyn Lowrie, Martha Harrold, Barbara Brown, George Patterson, and Peggy Davis. Engwer, M. Harrold I. Heidler Sitting-N. Slates, S. Shrum I Standing-Y. Clark, V. Wall S Ealing, E. Lowrie, S. Chuway ,Q l x 5 S Q39 I! 3 El' S5353 W 5 Miss Pontius checks work ol library aides STAGE CREW Adjusting the lights, setting up the props, and pulling the curtains were some of the duties of the stage hands. Mr. Russell McKelvey, fac- ulty adviser, made certain that the boys had everything in shape for the stage productions. The 'tshowl' depended upon the alertness of jerry Radosh, Wes Broker, Bob Comer, Owen Kelly, Fred Flenner, and Buck Sensenich. These boys rendered their time and effort to "Take Care of My Little Girl," "Room for One More," "On Stage," "Band Festival," "Fol- lies of 1953," and many other affairs that de- pended upon their assistance. Making a production more timely and smoothly were attributed to the cooperation and coordination of the stage crew. They were truly essential to every performance. SERVICE ORGAN ZATIONS HI-Y The Hi-Y, under the guidance of Mr. William Houck, enjoyed another active year as they combined school service with social entertain- ment. To lead them through the year were David Eberhardt, presidentg Clifford Lingsch, vice-president, Howard Leukhardt, secretary, replaced later by Walter O'Bradovichg and Owen Proctor, treasurer. Induction of new members took place in the gym October 24 along with the services of the Tri-Hi-Y. The group held a Christmas party December 15, during which time they decorated a tree for in front of the building. Several swimming and bowling parties were held during the new year. To raise funds for the club, the members sold pins and pennants at the basketball games. LIBRARY CLUB Throughout the year the members of the Library Club assisted Miss Lois Pontius with the Library duties. They were students from the ninth through twelfth grades who worked in the library a minimum of one period a week. The purpose of the Library Club was to aid in the upkeep of the library and to help render better library service. Students performed such duties as circulation desk work, mechanical routines of new books, and miscellaneous duties of magazines, pamph- lets, inventory, and bibliographies. Helping to coordinate the duties of the library aides were Mary Ann Claar, president, Shirley Hoak, vice-presidentg Betty Shaw, treasurer, Loretta Carr, secretary. HI-Y OFFICERS Leit to right--H. Leukhardt, O. Proctor. C. Lingsch, D. Eberhardt, Mr. Houck, adviser Maintain wide interests m varied fields HI-Y Row 1-D. Creighton, H. Leuk hardt, D. Eberhardt: Mr. Houck adviser: C. Lingsch, O. Proctor L. Tharp Row 2-L. Kee, I. Martincheck R. Churick, W. O'Bradovich, B McKay, H. Soisson, C. Horvat, T Hunt, F. Burke, B. Comer, B. Sol cmon, I. Heidler, I. McNaughton I. Pezze Row 3 -I. D'A1esandro, R.Vargo I. Watson, R. Hrabak, M. Lamp ley, I. Bcrza, H. Dougherty, R Filtz, L. Kifer, I. Bellas, M. Gon qaware, K. Colinear, H. Hickle I. Uhriq, D. Baker STAGE CREW Row 1-B. Sensenich, B. Comer, T. Mills Row 2 V-W. Broker, R. Penny, K. McCueom, K. Flenner LIBRARY AIDES Row 1' B. Lauer, R. Yates, E. Viecelli, L. Carr, A. Common: Miss Pontius, adviser: C. Carr, M. Claar, P. Levundusky, I. Mac- Intosh, K. Kelly Row 2-VM. E. Kunkle, I. Fitz- harris, I. Adams, M. Kober, M. Slough, K. Koelsch, S. Moore, P. Kritko, S. Hoak, S. M. Spear, L. Wippich, A. Hoey Row 3fV. Morgart, M. Mikels S. Brewer, Z. Anderson, C. Ste- venson. C. Tharp, B. Common G. Schmier, A. Sotaly, B. Mor- gcrrt, E. West 4 fs Q., J :A , -v 6 E A is QT i 91 I 'ii J uv- W . , a 3, -1,- 'dw fe R Aff . ww mf 1 4 ,L . M -,M ff! ff if ,,,, E A ui 1 'Y WE QAM, aw if Y, Sig' ,,, gg l 'SQ' Nita 9. A Journalistic interests PRESS CLUB encouraged PRESS CLUB Promoting an interest in good journalistic practices was one of the main aims of the Press Club, a group new to the extra-curricular pro- gram. Members of the two staffs, Norhiscope and Hi-Lites, made up the personnel of the club, headed by Don Creighton, president, Virginia Wall, vice-presidentg janet Engwer, correspond- ing secretaryg Joan Kunkle, recording secretary, and Barbara Brown, treasurer. Interested journalists receiving expert advice from Mr. Teske The program for the year included reports from the various local, state, and national con- ventions, speeches by Mr. Paul Teske of the Jeannette News, Mr. Kirk Foster, of Little Printing Company, and talks by students on various phases of journalism. In addition to the formal business meetings and programs, informal social periods were ar- ranged by the social committee headed by Bar- bara Brown. In May the members of the club helped with the arrangements for the big Pub- lications Banquet, held May 5. Row 1 I. Kunkle, P. Prevlc, I. Fitzharris, I. Adams, Cirelli, N. Vaughn, L. Innes, B. Brown, I. Engwer, R. Turncheck, L. Brady, I. Bcrza Bow 2 G. Patterson, I. Radcsh, D. Eberhardt, I. Heidler, B. Smeltz, L. Thorp, M. Gongaware, M. Lampley, W. Larnpley, L. Klier, W. O'Bradovich, V. Wall, R. Willby, P. Davis if " , .Ak ff 'hw A,,...w ATHLETICS ,V V- Wig, A .. ' ffsf1f1w . - ,mwgxfq , K Af , A ,, ' , , V l1':fi5f4fA' f . I .- wma m.gf1.4,:1,u3y Nz Y wi' ,fn gg R, 4 -1-if ..,.ws',' Kira' .rw " 'A L 7 A or wwf ,afififiwf 4'5" W f H mf mififw gy jf, i 242233 ., ml-11? ,gf fjgqfs p 'i ,SERQXFQQM T12 2' Q4 f:s51'f35f" L. H ivmxg Wfxfxgi .-xy 735 Q' ,ag gf:-ezmfggf' 'f'- -en 'ffm' . 'ai A-,lf fiffwz , f 'wg-5 ' Www, Mn! f ff 5 ,Ir 7 A M iffy 'ff fe f... Q ,,S'--..,, Ng FOOTBALL A successful season experienced by gridders COACHES Left to right -Roy Seibert, Kassian Kovalcheck, Don Rose, Robert Kowash FOOTBALL Displaying definite improvement over last year's squad, the Bulldogs had their best grid- iron season in several years as they won six out of nine starts under Coaches Kassian Koval- check and Roy Siebert. In the first game of the season, the Bulldogs out-fought a heavier and more experienced team from Trafford for a deserved 6-0 victory over the Tomahawks. Next, the exhibition match with Elizabeth proved to be one of the high-spots in the sched- ule. As the Blue and Gold scored on a safety the final seconds to win 14-13. The Bulldogs then journeyed to Swissvale and with a dazzling CContinued on Page 975 FOOTBALL SQUAD Row 1-I. D'A1esandro, B. Albeck, B. Simpko, H. Hickle, F. D'Alesandro, G, Lukhart, I. Crupie. C. Valimont Row 2-M. Plank, A. Dick, I. Plues, I. Earl, I. Minerva, B. D'Alesandro, H. Leukhardt, I. Uhrig, L. Tharp, B. Smeltz, I. Nedley Row 3-Mr Kovalcheck, coach: B. O'Donne1l, R. Filtz, T. Colinear, I. George, I. Staymates, I. Decleva, I. Regets, I. Lagalski, L. Kreuzburger, B. Tewell, Mr. Seibert, assistant coach Row 4-D. Acalotto, I. Rickeri, B. Proach, R. Tobin, V. Good, W. O'Bradovich, I. Pezze . we wwf' N3 S. 1.-f w S ,,..-.,, WX 1231 " .H-w ,'f'0wm, FOOTBALL lContinuecl from Page 953 display of power and deception scored a sur- prising 12-6 victory over a bigger eleven. Outmanned and outplayed, the Bulldogs routed the Scottdale Scotties, an inexperienced eleven, to the tune of 20-0 on a soaked field. A weak pass defense proved the undoing for the Bulldogs as Kittanning handed the Koval- men a 19-14 defeat. This game was later for- feited to North Huntingdon. The Bulldogs were no match for the heavier more experienced eleven from Jeannette. A. M. Barnes showed their power by the 20-O win of the local gridmen. The high and mighty Bulldogs were in charge throughout the entire sixty minutes of the Youngwood encounter as they rallied a 39-7 win over the Railroaders. A valiant fight to the end was staged by the Kovalmen as they lost a very close 18-13 ball game to a Derry Township eleven. Richard Churik Bob Tewell Students thrilled to exploits on the gridiron Row l--I. Regets I. Lagalski, L. Dubich, R. Churik, H. Hickle, E. Phillips, I. George, R. Filtz, I. Staymates, I. Crupie, T. Colinear Row 2--B. Proch, B. Simpko, I. O'Rourke, B. Wilker, R. Shantz, C. Valimont, B. Morgan, R. Al- beck, G. Lukhart, R. Bellas, I. Rickard Row 3-W. O'Bradovich, V. Good, I. Decleva, R. O'Donnel1, P. Tobin, M. Plank, F. Eichelber- ger, I. D'A1esandzo, I. Pezze, D. Acalotta 59 l QQZGZQ' 2900: as if em s of ' if j 2? M w. ""H Mwwnm ,,,M,., , k Mimsisszizff' Isfxficszsff ,V A ,-,, 2, 21wfE.' 5 2 E 'f""8 WW QW, W , 1 , ' new A' 3 ly . 3 .J 1 A Left to right-Robert Kowash, Don Rose, Icrmes Ienets F BASKETBALL Hardwood basketeers deserved cheers . 1 COACHES VARSITY BASKETBALL Completing a most successful season, the Blue and Gold floormen compiled a very im- pressive record of 13 wins against 11 defeats. Coached by Donald Rose, the Bulldogs played 1 2Section 2 games, 10 in non-league exhibition and 2 in the Westmoreland County Tourna- ment. North Huntingdon started the season at a very fast pace. They won seven out of the first eight games played. The defeat coming at the hands of Monessen in the final three seconds of the game when Hall layed one up for the CContinued on Page 1003 Row 1-I. Sherbondy, L. Zucco. M. McMahon, B. Flynn, H. I-Iickle Row 2-I. Allen, D. Ccxrerrcx, I. Hunt, M. Plank, H. Leukhccrdt, R. Filtz HOOPSTERS Fine VARSITY BASKETBALL fContinued from Page 991 41-40 victory. Then the Rosemen were de feated b Gr y eensburg in the first league con- test. D ' erry Twp., Connellsvllle, and Uniontown were turned back by the local quintet before they were upset by Hurst, an underestimated quintet. Latrobe then took the hopes for the section title away from the Bulldogs in a heart- breaking 51-47 defeat. Following this defeat, Jeannette fell to the Bulldogs as the first half of the league season came to a close. In the first game of the second round, the Greensburg Lions rallied to defeat the Bulldogs in th f' e mal minutes of play. This defeat seemed to take M. Plank form and good sportsmanship displayed away the spark of a winning club as the Blue and Gold dropped their next five games. The league season ended with ' a win over Jeannette. St. Vincent faced the Bulldogs in the county tournament and went down to defeat. Latrobe then eliminated the Rosemen in the quarter- finals. Captain Howard Leukhardt highlighted his b k ' as etball career by leadlng the scoring with 350 points. Seniors Dave Carerra and Milton Plank ended up with 140 and 197 points, re- spectively, for the season. Juniors Jack Sher- bondy and Regis Filtz, who will be the nucleus of next year's team, showed their authority on the hardwood. Jack scored 150 points while Regis ripped the cords for 104. H. Leukhardt D. Carer!!! R. Filtz D001 M MclVlCih0n In 5herbondY Q A 1 5? f x i F 1 - . ., , 4 4 I k,,y.Q943nQ' N12 S x H . e'. 8 ' " i 225533- , W L M? xii: L 5 5 ff ' mf 1 5 . A - X " ' 5 'ii as wh ,, 6 ,L f X 4 ,fm 5' . wylvj fag 5 ,H Q 3 'S ' ' 'x fv xl m 1 ' K 13,1 aww ,ADF M1 ,W ,,,,. M fm V ww'J?:e'7' 5 'K ww- ' ,au ff' V ' A W' If K ,M 'W ww, ,, ,uw . ,5,uNf" - M SY ,- A ' ' V ' , , ,,': f ' W' 5 , H- .,m'+z-wr AM Wlwv' A JUNIOR BASKETBALL Plcrnk sncrres the rebound -1- Junior teams indicated promise for the future Under the coaching of Mr. Robert Kowash, the Jayvee cagers finished the season with a fair record. Although being a small team, the scrappy junior varsity players compiled vic- tories over such teams as Wilmerding, Somerset, Connellsville, Hurst, Pitcairn, East Pittsburgh, and East McKeesport. Along with these impressive wins, the Bull- pups suffered defeat at the hands of Uniontown, Monessen, Greensburg, Derry Township, and Connellsville. Displaying fine form and promise were Joe Regets, john Crupie, and George Hanko. Directing the boys on the Junior High squad was Mr. james Jenets. These young basketeers, although showing lots of spirit and fight, com- pleted a light schedule. Proving themselves to be worthy players and good material for future teams were Frank Eichelberger, Ed Ziegler, and Chico Vasquez. IUNIOR VARSITY George Row 2-Q. Marcolinoi. I I, Regets, P. Yutzy IUNIOR HIGH roy, R. Davis, E. Ziegler I. Zentner. R. Dunn, I Noble Row 2-R. Revesz, I. Bet lon, R. Vaughn, C. Vos quez, F. Eichelberger, L Smereker, H. Nougle, R Mault Row 1-I. Arvi. I. Crupie. R. Shuntz, T. Colinear. G. Hcxnko, I. Richert. B. Klinek, A. Durmis, I.Totis, Row 1-I. Lewis. B. McEll- D 1 ,Q ,yi I 2 1 jg x i is A K 'Q 4k,' ,, , jl 3 ...A is , K in Mfvix , In an ' I 'M-.o'Nl . ' X in A - K Kg Vi ,.W, ,, T viegx i 'R K 296435 .Wvv 'Y if ' v Z is - km. if IE ,, K V'i 1 if-'X I 'QQ E A uv QW, 33 wer wg H, 4 , 'S C V fm IF? 5 X5 My 1 ,x ' 14' Am X fs Eng y if W S ' 3? J 5 nf ' 1 A 3 'E 'SJ -, W 5 K f'1655?aE?Ezi3:lQ-1 as if 44 . w 9 HE? E 5i'Se if X A 1,5 1 Q in was Q , A . --fm-12-2-:f fu 1 - :fm ' 'S ' -.W W 4 'wg-swfyxg wiv , 1 ' E 4 :-53,5 H 3 fi? 3 a .!i5 ff5L?5?1- f ,M -. .f sssmiff 2132.2 iw Eiiilb cf A Mm 11.,,m,M W..m m. . M 7 1 5 A Sv 1 I Q ' fi 4' wwf ,L ,L s: W 'S i .C 5 A v jwywal' 'fb I p , ' vm Tw 'S 'T V "f E520 . Sify V, 1 SL " 1 Q 'Ps 'H was E! W3 W W S ' 1 if y S., is 5 1 I 1? k eg 2 41 T fi W 1 Q ge Q 35251 , .3 2 f Q Q , ff f' WN A " , , K vi 5 Vw -ill' Im x Qi f 5 f 1 X' WRESTLING 'I'EAM Row l-I. Watson, L. Kee, C. Iarvis, R. Koper, K. Ellis, I. D. Plues, I. D'Alesandro, G. Driestadte Row 2aD. Lynn, C. Valimont, F. D'Alesandro, A. Dick, I. Uhriq, I. George, I .Be1las, B. West Row 3-Mr. Seibert, coach: I. Tewell, N. Detar, R. Bellas, I. McNaughton, I. Earl, B. Solomon, I. Staymates, I. Rath Row 4-G. McNally, H. Soisson, D. Rice, L. Arch, D. Weber, P. Tobin, B. Breakey BASEBALL TEAM Row l-Mr. Lawson, coach: C. Everett, M. Dubich, R. Murray, D. Carerra, G. Lukhart, E. Ekin, I. Sherbondy, H. Leukhardt, B. Smeltz, B. Keay, H. Seifert, B. Vargo Row 2-C. Horvat, I. Hanko, I. Stanek, I. Martincheck, M. Iavcr, N. Klinek, I. George, L. Dubich, R. Oden MINOR SPORTS Minor sports at North Huntingdon include baseball, golf, and wrestling. The teams, al- though lacking in experience, fought their way through very rough competition. Wrestling became another highlight in the sports scene here at North Huntingdon this year. The matmen, coached by Roy Siebert, lacked experience, but really surprised every team they met. Their only victory came in the last match against Jeannette. Defeats were handed them by Charleroi twice, Greensburg, Blairsville, and Claysville. The team was also entered in the W. P. I. A. L. wrestling playoff held at the Pitt Field House. Last year the baseball team took the section championship. Wins over Wilmerding, Plum, Trafford, and Pitcairn enabled the Bulldogs to accomplish this feat. A strong Glassport team defeated the Lawsonmen in the section playoffs. This year due to the rain and snow only one game has been played at the time of this writing. The Trafford Tomahawks were handed a 10-2 walloping. The team's future looks very good as the yearbook goes to press. North Huntingdon golf teams, under the lead- ership of George Koelsch, entered into the W. P. I. A. L. competition this year. Sopho- mores dominated the squad with the exception of James Borza, who was a senior. Jack Howell and Jim Borza led the Bulldog scoring. LEADER'S CLUB Row 1-R. Ycztes, A. Bcxiley, N. Slates, L. Rcxspotnick, S .Shrum, A. Stcrchowski, I. Flude Row 2-B. Dubosky, F. Gutt, P. Fetsko, S. Bostedo, S. Pcrlungio, B. Hcxrrold, E. Koper, P. Bcxttiston, Mrs, Cahoon, adviser GIRLS, SPORTS Comprehensive intra-mural program offered in this department LEADER'S CLUB OFFICERS Left to rightvS. Shrum, L. Rcrspotnick, A. Stcxchowski, N. Slates H061 Having a full schedule planned for intra- murals, Leader's Club started the year out with softball. They followed this up with volleyball, badminton, and basketball. Due to lack of time in school program, the junior high students were unable to participate in badminton and basketball. Softball and vol- leyball included both the girls from junior and senior high. The officers who helped service the intra- murals program were Lucille Raspotnik, as presidentg Shirley Shrum, as vice-presidentg Aileen Stachowski, as secretaryg and Nancy Slates, as treasurer. Throughout the first semester Mrs. Cahoon, and through the second semester Miss Berko- ben, acted as advisers, with Miss Fink, assistant adviser. The main purpose of Leader's Club was to sponsor a well-planned intramural program and to stress the development of good sportsman- ship and fair play. EL Aw, .9 , 351 N. A ' 'LM-,A W, , I I E' .- H, , LE-FF if :ii 37' .J A' 'P' 1 I ,Z A i Q 3 Q! I . If :N Q K.. 'Ju E SQ N' yy H t . v f' R 4 . vi' a N55 . :lr , 1 4 gr 1 'X as N 4 X , . -W iv Ms' ,w,,.,M V ,mm . W- WGN- v . ..-sig: .f af :S ,W. ,,, L: L, L ,M V Eg, was .VV ,1 ,Q .r.b x' 9 4 ggi! Q 7 ?A!Kmr wg A YN, I 'Xt sv-N ,"9fm- if 7 V x 1 Y . I W " 1' ' ' .. 3 fi aw f 'J' - , mf dxlb K f W ' H-- 'V s. 55. A - ' 4 , I 3 1-'Hn K X . ..Q. M-an l is 1 M X j,k ,iw k' f . A ff! ff? A i f ' 1 me M73 ' - J f WK Pg L 'ag ' ,A My-as -it Mfg? HH a ' . If i ,mg .G g I hx nr ,X ' V"-lws ' M 4 w Mw,gLh ' V ,X 1 - H ' fm: ,. V iw S, w 'Q' M , Yr' f X" .: 3 , .., 1, nk , ,X lj, ' jj' , fi? .. .- .A 'fl A , " i 4 , gf M ,, Wk , :A 3 I Y pf" P ' , 7 4 . fy 'Q , x J 4 gf, , X 'V F 'f 'S A' Q A I ,if X , V 'Q fy V , 1 Q 11 , M 5 j ' ' --ff"ii4iqi, if 1 , ' Wa. Q 1 ff' '-,,,,:, if jf? N' i 'f! M T ,f fmww Q Q. v Qf. , if Q'-" . ,, ., ,yy , fy "M ,, V f , mm, , my , ' , Q, pw -V 3 , W rf- N' V, , f pg? Q sa 12-Ve f , 1,3 A I Q , , if g,,, 'V M N 5 54 1 ' , X' f f W Q' ' QQ 35 v fs' lip? I 6 4 - 'V ,, 11, fg 4 lif?afU:'-A? , 'Q fi 1 ,fi 4 1 f Q 4 4 if I.. ' '- Ag w. f 1 f .M - ,A A- ,, f 'Q W W fag 5 , 2 . ' ,., g lr ,1 rf, I wg, If , f . 9' .iif'Q ' I , 7 1 V ,5 , , M , fiffxi f 59 ' Z-212 ig: In ,, f NZ ' 'f , ' ' IL , M. Xxx maximal 'WS' 'mr Wg -ny 'Ni' ,wiv xv. Q ,fx ' wax Z fa sq Xml, H4 'S 2' xxx! K K if fx E. ard- :Lu I J . 4-get K V' Q Q- lah Ln! mm 41 3 .wr-vs .SBS N A S a 562, egg ew 9 .. Q: F my 'if Me-:S fm Q Row lfV. Good, I. Bellas, B. DA1escxndro, L. Thcxrp, I. Earl, W. O'Brcxdovich, I. McNcxughton, L. Kee, D. Accxlotto Row 2fMr. Kovcxlcheck, adviser: I. Pezze, I. Uhrig, I. Nedley, H. Leukhardt, P. D'Alescmdro, B. Smeltz, N. Orell, I. George, R. Churik, I. Borza, A. Dick. Under the leadership of Mr. Kass Kovalcheck the Lettermen's Club elected James Earl, presi- dent, Howard Leukhardt, vice-presidentg Larry Tharp, treasurer, James McNaughton, secretary. The main event of the club was sponsoring of the Lettermenls Ball. In addition, it sponsored a picnic for the members, the football team, and coaches, as well as a Lettermen's-Leader's party, and a junior-senior basketball game. During the basketball game the seniors proved to be the superior players by downing the juniors, 53 to 36. For the departing seniors the organization awarded sweaters. Those receiving these were James Earl, Howard Leukhardt, John Bellas, Albert Dick, Robert D'Alesandro, Walter O'Bra- dovich, Nick Orell, Vaughn Good, Robert Smeltz, James Borza, Larry Tharp, and James Mc- Naughton. At the North Huntingdon Booster Club's banquet the following boys were awarded jack- ets: Albert Dick, Robert D'Alesandro, Nick Orell, Vaughn Good, Robert Smeltz, James Borza, Walter O'Bradovich, Howard Leukhardt, James Earl, james Allen, David Carerra, Clar- ence Everett, Milton Plank, Jerry Nedley, Mike McMahon, James Hunt, and Joseph R. Plues. LETTERMEN,S CLUB Increased interest in sports LETTERMEN'S CLUB OFFICERS Left to right-L. Thcxrp, H. Leukhardt, I. Earl, I. McNcrughton 33 IN CONCLUSION The l953 Norhiscope Staff concludes the pictorial and factual account of the year with the hope that it will serve as a pleasing record That's ct change! The Norhiscope "huh" We'11 make a toast Knit one, pearl two High-steppers in action Can we eat it? 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Drake Baking Company Tomplin's Bakery Vienna Baking Company BANKS Irwin Savings 85 Trust Company Manor National Bank People's Union Bank Pittsburgh Thrift Corporation CLoansj BARBERS john Glasser Barber Shop Kellner's Barber Shop Simmie's Barber Shop BEAUTICIANS Peg Wilson's Beauty Shoppe Peggy Ann's Salon H121 Dr. M. D. Greenfield Dr. W. E. Hickman Mangery Chiropractic Clinic CLEANERS Perfect Cleaners CLOTHING Berk's G. C. Murphy Company Hershey's Department Store Hyman Bergads Lida's Fashions for Children Santers The Green Company CLUBS Baldoc Hills Country Club F. O. E. Aerie No. 1671 8s Auxiliary Larimer Firemen's Club Moose CONSTRUCTION Bilott 85 Sons Construction Company DAIRIES Meadow Gold Dairy Menzie Dairy DENTISTS Dr. H. Miller Dr. J. A. DeWeese Dr. J. J. Kifer Dr. R. S. Jones Dr. S. B. Miller Dr. W. D. Adams PATRONS DOCTORS ICE CREAM Dr. C. H. Silvis Meyer's 85 Powers Dr. C. P. Snyder Dr. H. Lubow INDUSTRIES Dr. M. Crumlish Dr. R. E. L. McCormick Dr. R. R. Bushyager ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Irwin Televue Company Rosendahl's Electric Store FEED Altman's Feed Store FLOWERS Irwin Florial Johnston the Florist Welch FUNERAL HOMES Glunt's Funeral Home Miller's Funeral Home Rodger's Funeral Home Snyder's Funeral Hof Q FURNITURE Dobkin's Furniture Store Ideal Furniture Store Beamer Handle Company Derrick Industries Grant Machine Company Irwin Distributor Penn Rilton Company Peoples Ice Company Pittsburgh Reflectors Shafton Body Shop Westmoreland Coal Company INSURANCE Charles E. Lawther General Insurance H. Earl Whitehead Frank Bock Julius Selia J. G. Houser Marr Insurance Agency Patterson Insurance Paul Yancick Schade Insurance Agency W. J. Hutchins Insurance JEWELRY Balfour Company Cloherty Jewelry Store ce of the Wflugamanis, Eckert's Jewelry Winter Furniture Store Jewel Shop GIFTS Rosendahl s Jewelry Store Sprankle's Gift Shop LAW HARDWARE Harry L. Allshouse QLawyerQ- Wayne C. Gongaware QJust1 "Doc" Evans Irwin Rural Equipment Peacej Filtz Hardware Store LINOLEUM HEATING Hershey 85 Muse Franklin 85 Sons Koon 8a Son Roofing Sn Heating LUMBER W' J' Coles Billott 8a Sons Lumber Ps Supply Irwin Builders Supply HAULIN G Pringle? Sphafis Hauling Roth Bros. Lumber Walter J. Plank Stitley Lumber Company Uisl .rf , MARKETS Abe Sandson A. 85 M. Market Bedont's.,Confectionery Bernie's Market Dudley's Store Frank Irwin's Market Home Farm Market Isaly's Massung's Market May McKay Confectionery Sam Sandson Wiega Grocery MONUMENTS Irwin Monument Works OPTOMETRISTS Dr. E. G. Bierer Dr. N. H. Howard PRINTING Republican Standard Rodger's Printing Company Times Report PHARMACIES Bergad's Drug Store Irwin Drug Store Peterman's Pharmacy Swenson's Drug Store PHOTOGRAPHY Irwin Photo-Finishing Lab PLUMBING E. L. McKeever Plumbing Robert MacIntosh Spear's PATRONS RESTAURANTS Al's Colonial Grill Blue Moon Gebert's Hotel Chopich's Restaurants Gem Restaurant Guy's Hobby Snack Bar Holiday Inn Lighthouse Mel and Ruth Restaurant R-Place Serro's Diner Vogue Terrace SHOES ' Benny's Shoe Repair Shop Jackson's Shoe Store Rydle Shoe Repair Shop SPORTS Barnes Lake Versailles Amusement Company Rainbow Gardens Watson's Gay Way SPORTS EQUIPMENT Hi-Way Sports Center Western Auto Store TRAILERS Irwin Trailer Sales Rodger's Trailer Sales TRANSPORTATION H. C. Gongaware Br Sons, Inc., Bus Lines Lincoln Coach Bus Lines Welty's Taxi Service WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Carolyn Sales-Wholesale Retailer John Sexton 85 Company Van's Supply Company In addition to the acknowledgment of the foregoing patrons, the Staff Wishes to express its great appreciation for the help given by Mr. Donald Young of Capitol Engraving Company, Mr. Kirk K. Foster of the Little Printing Com- pany, and Mr. Strem and his photographers of the Strem Studio. D141 H HH 6 G I A s IA 5 W S A X f f 1 . i K Y 1 I I i f l 5 , K

Suggestions in the North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) collection:

North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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