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North Huntingdon High School - Norhiscope Yearbook (Irwin, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Q 4 .nM.m,.uk.u1mm...ww- ek dm a., 54 5'-44 '51-1 'F 7 1 V " ' Z-'r,fwsiA P5 "l W. .A . ,ef 2 ? f V' 'V 1 ' ,p -'gii ,fffiff , ' ,1 1 7' . -'v A 91" "L 2'-A, a' y"fs ' 1 ji gvgyt pm," gran' '- 3' ,359 - .f I ' .rs ,gf-, . x Eb., 'I' ,:,a 3- si' fs 'As s .30 Gi, 5 aw ag, in is LL . I," "' :Ht ., TA ' ITF! 51,4 JE 'un 'fu S0 E N. 2, ,. vw ' 'S' JV. Ht R N .. -. .axe 4 5 -fl! if' , -4 TQ Si. 'Wir EJ A E Ti? wa-H Q5 'Q ,. 5 fx- ,,. .. pi. -M., 1-'Q 21 -K W 5-W I 'W ,Q Co-editors ........... .......... Ge orgette Carosso Franklin Chadima. Literary editors .............. ......... P at Filkosky Anna Schoenenbroich Jeanne Viecelli Business Managers .................. Janet Kleckner George Krick Advisor ............ ..,....... W illiam R. Couchenour WE B ILD F0 H., L,,,,,,g2wf"" ,. A- Q54 Lx L,,,,,.! ,A wx f v, A ,T 'kg W 9 ,xg .. . .e. -Q 4 2 5 i i E , -2 I I ,, Y ,I Q ,.,...,,.,..,.- ,Q-awk' l Q -8 E 1? X rw X i 1 rf' nr 1. .Q-.K 9 I' Nl, jo l' B' iw E 5 a 2 is I 5 I H0141 id cope North Huntingdon Township High School LOCATED AT IRWIN, PENNSYLVANIA if X A 5, 9 7' A ,JE , U . , gf I .f fi W? Qi 1 ff,+,ffgmwww , f Q' , Q-w f 22, If ,ff fi M' gc Q fu 1. ,sh - , 5' - L ml , .L K - 7 WAX I in I gl X 5 Q X. A, , y . Q W 'Wm Q N '71 132, X fir aff 'kkk Xa 'S' ,. , wma ww: 'GM ' 1 in S: Aw, . ,,.,-'N 0 Q Q Q 5 + .- 1 Q Eff f b fv ' . g "GN -4. K' ,Q N I 4,1 K " .. I i 1 Vxx- L 5 ' 1 J fi I xr Y Y I 'U i 5 I I ' I I X i aL a+ -gi j IZ Y Af" X.-' - 4 ff' , ,.,-YU., ig E Q Qu " 535' K a ., all L A T MX! Y ?' ., 5. A .gf unv- 5555 f. :,:-Q.. M- -f, -TIL:--T'2.:.'--'Y"" gm' -n, 1 E:-.1 TN Pl Yu N. rv. JE by fl 'RP Aditi famigln ted feadem Our Principal and Superintendent L. to R.-Stanley Rack- ley, Stanley Stempeck, Glenn Baughman, Alex Lewis, John W. Hughes, Carl C. Pearsall, T h o m a s Hoak, Earl Painter .gf ., Q ,,, . 1 R hm. , xi Haw? MWA 'T FV 255 p , s, .'gygm'f:+ fray 'f. ,a-1, iSliff+w, , 4 wg h w y ggi' K ,Ex ..l-.-?5Wfl" i f Wu lf? .A ' fi "faliTW4f.' Q- 1fftw1ff+":-23+ 'f t ' 4' Wfml 1i, Wli' rfN'zi'uMl. F: if l " fr wn1f--wslw r wffiixmh 1 1 if eg. .K T R l A + 2 "1 ' , - ws i ral- u A W f 1,2 l ,r . X n l - Q g 4 - i ' , , SWF, . lg ' '-it - ,, 5 ' ' H., , . ct J " U-ffm? , r 'W' iZ,if 1,".. wiv!" w . 3 i f' fha, VM: , f"f ff its g 'gsfg'ri'ff.. W , 'aww-lslwflgfttv U' in :lp "W 4,-'2y:'1i ' -1w'?ia,:gw:ft i, I 'Il Elilffiw-.W , J' 5531 pq, iilflt' a 'ig , nt:-you 1 ? 'l1'f'.'f4'1:.51i JN, 5'5Tial'fiFg'Sf'5'3"'LffW1 -IA 'gf' 5 , f,f,YfQf, 3 ,wgrgWf.,3,,p5i w,4lM,'.ig1lg,.y- ,efl6g.j' 4 A , Audi 4 -ni . c 4.4" ,V iq: ,fftyl-, 'f',4-",fg1'i'i.?f.j - "3- pig- v L 41 ll-, V au, lu' """ - dftffgmf 3. 1,-I ' 1 ' ', D , jx -wifi it il, i 1,-, lk, K . V u i fw VH l '- -' ' we-if r l f 1 Q- ., U ' it I -e Qfwir- ':, V Midiyii-H -f'ifl,Jg'w3rim,' ,f '4 ' 'I-ffieihw, H .'.a.'9f"'l"1'av4 W al. f ' " if. 952.11 ,,,i,t, t. .1 ww 1 r Education today is centered around the well-equipped school building. This facilitated school has been on our minds for quite a long time and at last this dream has become a magnificent reality. An ultra-modern school has been com- pleted and now we, the teachers and stu- dents of North Huntingdon, have much more ease and convenience connected with our process of teaching and learning than the generations before us. We earnestly believe that these modern surroundings and facilities will help us tremendously to achieve the nine objectives of educa- tion: home, other people, citizenship, appreciation, science, work, leisure, thrift, and health. In this new North Huntingdon High School of educational wonders we are learning to live better today in order that we may live a more useful and hap- pier life tomorrow. LEI URE l m l e f , J K e i, 1 , f .E e g . a i , ra,e r ,ag. r l 1 ., f-l ,4gg, -,,g, ,, ,, mf 4ni""' lf: ' 'ab' 4 X il 1 Mi' '22 . iz. wi :gg . '9"""v w""" N ,- i Tw' E x Sm' uf .4 Ir -5 ,li J - 'N KL5 1- I bfi!! AXE qu" . . W ,-S2 , - if ., wf.fv....,, W -- M . . "2 .HV 'f N Q W. M by . . ,.. M P fm, fx . + USWF : f-'-L! mf , .1 p apa' - gf Mg'-'fy -' E2 9 1 3' ii W V 1?fgggQ2.g5 f '- W? fm . A. fa I 5 J Administration . Faculty . . . Graduates . . . Underclassmen ,K . 1 ff! IX. I , s , f KX X, ,NNN X Q Xi I NAV' A f , xxx, X N. juz, PN rf 1? ,ff fff P f ,,...m..........,..... XX A 1, x f X Xl, r ,-" 1 Q .. f f N iff .,M,-...,, . ,N .,.....N+.-my 1 x .,.? M. X 1 Q... ...Q- .,..e.,.M, ---- W - -M-fwv'-' ..,.,.........w1-.M N- . ,.,. . X xW ,X ff XX. I 1 S .,... . ,T X 'E XXX S Miss Dorothy liavis Mis Miry Shepler 14 mini tration . . . Mr. Carl C. Pearsall The experience and good judgment of Mr. Carl C. Pearsall, our Superintendent of Schools, has helped to make North Huntingdon outstanding. He realizes that education is a determining factor in the pre- serving of our democracy and that modern equip- ment and facilities make this education complete. As secretary, Miss Dorothy Davis won many friends with her congenial smile and willingness to help. Her efficiency kept the important duties of the office running smoothly. Miss Davis is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and finds many pleasure- ahlc moments in reading. ne' ---"1 Mr. Ellsworth Schwartz With Mr. Ellsworth D. Schwartz as our principal. the activities and curriculum of North Huntingdon have been carried on with a multitude of efficiency. The mutual understanding between him and the students leaves little to be desired concerning the behavior and welfare of the student body, Mrs. Mary Shepler, secretary of the North Hunting- don Township school district, has proved invaluable in carrying out her duties. She attended Grove City and California State Teacher's Colleges. Mrs. Shep- ler spends her spare moments gardening when the weather is permissible. ..-1 NAME . . . Edith Standfest SUBJECT . . . Short Hand, and General and Coni- mercial Mathematics EDUCATION . . . B. s. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Keeping House EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Tri-Hi-Y Adviser NAME . . . Donald Rose SUBJECT . . . Civics and Pennsylvania History EDUCATION . . . A. B, Washington and Jefferson, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Athletics, Reading, Television EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Basketball Coach, Junior High Football Coach NAME . . . Peter Mangery SUBJECT . . . Biology and General Science EDUCATION . . . B. S., Pre Medical St. Vincent College MAIN INTEREST . . . Photography EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Advises Science Club NAME . . . Helen Hadley SUBJECT . . . Art EDUCATION . . . B. S. Edinboro State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Golf, Bridge, Canasta EXTRA CURRICULAR . . Advises Art Club. NAME . . . Alice Kelly SUBJECT . . . Freshman English EDUCATION . . . B. S. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Bowling, Baking, Historical Novels EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Junior Class Adviser NAME . . . Warren Shepler SUBJECT . . . Higher Mathematics EDUCATION . . . B. S. California State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Work with Boy Scouts and Gardening EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Faculty Manager of Athletics fdcultq . . . Attempted to remove handicaps Faculty enjoys lunch Mingled with us socially to better lay tomorrow's foundations Robert Wray Nell Woods Joseph Menham Elsie Schwartz Kass Kovalcheck Marianne Buerkle NAME . . , Robert VYray NAME . . . Elsie Schwartz SUIZJI-ICT . . . Industrial Arts SUBJECT . . . Sophomore English IGIPIICATION . . . B. S. Millersville State Teachers EDUCATION . . . A. B. University of Pittsburgh CUUPHC MAIN INTEREST . . . Her Four Room Apartment MAIN INTEREST . . . VVorking with XYood and EXTRA CURRICULARV-'Assistant Senior Class Fishing Adviser EXTRA CURRICIILAR . , . Adviser of Freshman Class NAME . . . Kass Kovalcheck Y SUBJECT . . . Problems of Democracy NAME - - - MU W""f'S EnUcA'r1oN . . . B. s. Duquesne Umver-sity Sl7B.lECT . . . Dietitian MAIN INTEREST A D ' Golf EDUCATION - ' - B' HW College I I EXTRA CURRICULAH . . . Athletic Director, MAIN INTEREST . . . Music, Sports, Driving Head Football Coach' EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Cafeteria Supervisor Coach of Golf, and Letterrnan's Club Ad- vlser NAME ..,. Ioseph Menhani SUBJECT . , . Music if:ImCA'r1oN . . . B s. Penns yi va nia State NAME ' ' ' Marianne Buerkle . I Teachers College SUBJECT . . . Commercial Business Subjects MAIIT INTEREST l n . Eating, Playing Saxophone EDUCATION . . . B. S., M. Ed. University Of Pitts- mxrim CURRICULAR . . . chorus. Band and bufgh Grade School Instru, MAIN INTEREST . . . Needlework mental Instructor EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Advises Cheerleaders x-fm. in ww , I WA E418 ull, A ..... :if Q 3 gl 'YW"T'Z 'ff - " .. 15, Y , mm' Vi yn A "VW f . L Q- ' " 7 It ,rl ' v .1 4 gf' .1 X V- . ggljy-X.. """'w ff 3 , z ., 'A -:If-' iy wi? Q -i .K , ,k my ' , 5 f , ' 'X in . 'K . 'ff 'X H' sw K E ibzwff ,W .L., , P. F id , -an 'E : 'A 2' I f ...,.,. . ..g...,, 7:16411 ty . . . NAMIC , . . Hrum- Lawson SlTl5.IlCC"l '... Giiirlam-o lliroc-tor l+Il1lli'A.'I'lON , . . H, S. California Stats- Tezlvliers Q Grille-go, M. Nfl, University ol' Pittslmrgh MAIN lN'I'lflRl4ZS'I' . . . Hunting' l+1X'l'RA CURRICITLAR . . . Advisors Student Counvil NAMIC . . . Lorrnini- Cornf-ll SIll5.IlfIC'I' . . . Anivriv:-in History, Civics and Penn- sylvzinizi History lCl1llf'A'l'ION . . . B. A, Seton Hill College MAIN INTICREST , , . Driving and Traveling l+ZX'I'liA C'lll1RlCITLAR . . . N. F. L. and Quill and Scroll Adviser Bruce Lawson Lorraine Cornell Now, if you'll just conccntratf' . . . iw wg LWere aided in instructing through assistance of best equipment Roy Seibert Marian Dailey Genevieve Cahoon James Altman Eva Rackley John Brace NAME . . . Roy Seibert SUBJECT . . . Physics and Chemistry EDUCATION . . . B. S. Waynesburg College MAIN INTEREST . . . Setting up Miniature Rail- roads EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Assistant Football Coach, Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach, Wrestling Coa ch, Track Coach and Faculty Equipment Manager NAME . . . Marian Dailey SUBJECT . . . Junior English and Journalism EDUCATION . . . A. B. Thiel College MAIN INTEREST . , . Keeping House EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Advises Hi-Lites NAME . . . Geneveive Cahoon SUBJECT . . . Physical Education and Health EDUCATION . . . B. S., M. Ed. University of Pitts- burgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Textile Painting EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Advises Leaders' Club and Directs Girls' Intramurals NAME . . . James Altman SUBJECT . . . World History EDUCATION . . . B. A. Juniata College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Music and Sports EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Adviser of Hi-Y NAME . . . Eva Rackley SUBJECT . . . American History EDUCATION. . . A B. Oberlin College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Traveling EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Administrative As- sistant in Charge of Curriculum NAME . . . John Brace SUBJECT . . . Physical Education and Health EDUCATION. . . A. B. Carroll College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . His Two Children and TV EXTRA. CURRICULAR . . . Directs Intramurals faculty . . . Led way to worthier tastes Sm-':"f'f111'pf and Principal for a day I NAME . . . Margaret Ponitz SUBJECT . . . Senior and General Mathematics and Algebra I EDUCATION . . . B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College MAIN INTEREST . . . Tennis EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Assistant Junior Class Adviser NAME . . . Alba Rossi SUBJECT . . . Shorthand, and General and Coni- mercial Mathematics EDUCATION . . . B. S. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Singing EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Tri-Hi-Y Adviser NAME . . .Florence Saunders SUBJECT . . . Shorthand and Office Training EDUCATION . . . B. S. Bowling Green Commer- cial College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . , . Painting and Writing EXTRA CURRICULAR . . . Sophomore Cl ass Adviser NAME . . , Betty Vanderscott SUBJECT . . . Home Economics EDUCATION . . , B. S. Indiana State Teachers College MAIN INTEREST . . . Sewing and Reading EXTRA CURRICULAR . . , Adviser of T. E, G. NAME . . . Anne Santner SUBJECT . . . Typing EDUCATION . . . B. S. Indiana State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh MAIN INTEREST . . . Knitting and Cooking EXTRA CURRTCULAR . . . Adviser of Senior Class Seniv Sl Dubosky, Carson, Chadima, Filkosky, Miss Santner, Mrs. Schwartz GUR PRGGRESS CHART Q We, as timid freshmen, entered North Huntingdon to soon find a wealth of new friends, unusual circumstances, and different teachers. QAt the end of each six Weeks' period we discovered that our attempts were either fruitful or futile. QWe entered whole-heartedly into either watching or participating in all sports. Q With eagerness we began attending Saturday evening Socials. -Q We chose extra-curricular activities and engaged our spare moments contributing to their advancement. Q Nothing could ever be more exciting than Waiting for the day of a for- mal to arrive. .Q With carefulness we chose our class ring and With proudness wore it. QP1anning and preparing for the Junior-Senior Prom was one of our greatest achievements. Q Attentively we listened while teachers offered guidance. QProudly and solemnly we received our diplomas-looking behind to four glorious years and forward to successful lives in the world. A o 0 0 Heartily Ettore Acalotta, . . . Ett . . . a small friend of all with an immense smile . . . peppy Letterman and Hi-Y member . . . will surely remember the football games of his school days . . . loves eating raisin pie and chicken. Randolph Adams . . . Randy . . . an academic student who plans to enter the field of chemical research . . . hails from Larimer . . . constantly together were Randy and his pal, Don . . . basketball has always been his top sport. Donna Albert . . . Dee . . . a petite academic student interested in nursing as her career . . . one of our Shafton lasses . . . a worthy intramural participant . . . helped with the yearbook publication . . . attended all the football games. Emma Altman . . . Em . . . a quiet, but nice classmate . . . Cereal is her hometown . . . especially enjoys basketball . . . played intra- mural volleyball . . . to further ability as a seamstress, she hopes to take more sewing courses. Claudia. Beatty . . . Toddy . . . a modest, con- genial friend . . . immensely dislikes bragging people . . . would love living on hamburgers . . . member of T.E.G. and Language Club . . . plans to enlarge her musical ability at Seton Hill College. Delores Bellis . . . Doe . . . elected president of senior T.E.G .... a loyal West Irwinite . . . interested in entering college to take labora- tory technology . . . took part in each intra- mural sport . . . often seen behind a Murphy counter. Charles Benish . . . Charles . . . a likeable lad to know . . . his name was usually on the absentee list the first day of each hunting season . . . favorite food is red-hot dogs . . . hails from Fairmont. Mabette Berchtold . . . Mabette . . . a neat, tall blonde known for her attractive wardrobe . . . member of Language Club . . . gained her driver's license in order to drive a new Pontiac . . . plans to marry in near future. laughed, smiled, and cried together Acalotta, Ettore Adams, Randolph Albert, Donna Altman, Emma Beatty, Claudia Bellis. Delores Benish, Charles Berchtold, Mabette Beter, Catherine Bickerstafj, Donald Blotzer, Benjamin Boggs, Winston Borza, Bernard Bostedo, Thelma 0 enlo o o o Checred, Catherine Beter . . . Jeannie . . . a sweet girl who entered our school as a junior from Irwin . . . served on Student Council and Norhiscope staff . . . could be found toiling at Murphy's . . . desires to become a secretary. Donald Bickerstafl' . . . Bick . . . his aim is to become a commercial artist . . . hockey tops his sports list . . . claims Sheridan Terrace as his hometown . . . thrilled when Bulldogs beat Greensburg . . . thoroughly enjoyed in- tramural sports. Benjamin Blotzer . . . Ben . . . one of our grid- iron huskies . . . good-natured . . . member of the Letterman's Club . . . top jitterbug king . . . especially likes sweets . . . plans to get a job after graduation. Winston Boggs . . . Winnie . . . willing worker . . . capable manager of our football team . . . member of Letterman's Club . . . enjoys play- ing or watching a good rough game of hockey . . . hopes to enroll at a trade school. jeered, Bozich, Lillian Bridge, Agnes and suffered at games Bernard Borza . . . Berny . . . member of Hi-Y, Letterman's Club, and varsity football team . . . enjoys trapping every type of animal . . . pet peeve is Monday morning . . . has great ambitions to do construction work in future years. Thelma. Bostedo . . . Cutsy . . . fiery, red hair . . . belongs to Safety Club . . . favorite sport proved to be basketball . . . says she eats chicken, french-fries and cherry pie every day . . . future lies in secretarial field. Lillian Bozick . . . Lil . . .quiet and quite pleasant . . . thrills to a good volleyball game . . . can eat chicken any time at all . . . stated a secre- tarial job as her destination . . an exception- ally neat dresser. Agnes Bridge . . . Aggie . . . blonde and bashful . . . favorite diversion is tickling the ivories . . . formals prove alluring to her . . . immensely dislikes short skirts and pinned up hair . . . pictures herself as a "woman in white." Caldwell, George Caldwell, Nancy Caldwell. Norman Carosso, Georgette Caroatlurrs, Donna Carson, Jacqueline Cearns, Lois Chadlma, Franklin 0 0 Q 4 Gained knowledge at Publication Convention George Caldwell . . . George . . . tall, fun-loving blonde . . . loyal participant of intramurals . . . rates baseball and basketball tops in sports category . . . loves the outdoors and hunting . . . aspires to enter construction work in the future. Nancy Caldwell . . . Nancy . . . an ever-ready majorette . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y, T.E.G. . . . rates Saturday night dances and formals the best entertainment . . . enjoys swimming and horseback riding . . . possessor of lovely dark hair and eyes. Norman Caldwell . . . Brownie . . . a. wonderful friend to know and have . . . a top wrestling participant . . . manager of baseball team . . . member of Science Club . . . electronics fasci- nate him. and he may go on to college. Georgette Carosso . . . Joy . . .possessor of sparkling brown eyes . . . co-editor of Norhi- scope, secretary of Leaders Club, Student Edi- tor of Scholastic Roto . . . member of Forensic League, Tri-Hi-Y, and Pep Club . . . will enter business school. Dorma. Carouthers . . . Donna Lou . . . one of our shorter lassies . . . an ardent football fan . . . an academic student whose main goal is to become a "woman in white" . . . active member of N.F.L., and Language Club. Jacqueline Carson . . . Jackie . . . an energetic leader of cheers for three years . . . president of Leader's Club, Tri-Hi-Y treasurer, senior class secretary . . . her sweet personality won many friends . . . chosen as candidate for queen of the Hop . . , aim is to become a nurse. Lois Cearns . . . Lo . . . always presented a neat appearance . . . spends most of her time writ- ing letters when not working at Murphy's . . . belonged to Tri-Hi-Y, T.E.G., Norhiscope staff . . . plans to attend business school. Franklin Chadima . . . Frank . . . tall, forever- smiling lad . . . co-editor of Norhiscope, presi- dent of Band, vice-president of senior class . . . member of Hi-Y, N.F.L., and orchestra, . . . enjoys a good game of football . . . college is destination. Q Q O g A o Q 4 Toiled to become expert snow-shovellers 2 Olugsten, William Crise, Donald Cuccaro, Mary Drazdik, Mildred Cook, Robert Cross, Ella Faye Dorsey, John Dubosky, John William Clugsten . . . Bill . . . always has fun with a. gang of fellows . . . Shafton is his home- town . . . owns a head of curly, black hair . . . hopes to don a sailor suit in the very near future. Robert Cook . . . Bob . . . small, witty pal . . . chose the academic course . . . participated in activities of the Hi-Y . . . always enjoyed a game of baseball . . . hails from Circleville . . . plans for future are undecided. Donald Crise . . . Duck . . . an attribute to his homeroom's basketball team . . . outdoorsman who enjoys spare time spent hunting and fishing . . . buying used cars proves a fascinat- ing hobby to him . . . hopes to study forestry. Ella Fay Cross . . . Ella Fay . . . quiet, but friendly classmate . . . joined Tri-Hi-Y, Leader's Club, N.F.L., Science Club . . . basket- ball and baseball rate high with her . . . would like nothing better than a good job after graduation. Mary Cuccaro . . . Mary . . .the possessor of an exceptionally friendly smile . . . assistant business manager of the Norhiscope . . . was seen in the cheering section of all football games . . . dancing occupies most of her leisure time. John Dorsey . . . John . . .an easy-going fellow who was always seen cruising around in his green Studebaker . . . was born and raised in North Irwin . . . has been working very diligently at a gas station. Mildred Drazdik . . . Mim . . . a neat, senior lass seen cheering at our basketball games . . . participa.ted in the activities of the T.E.G .... attended Saturday socials regularly . . . will strive to become a good stenographer. John Dubosky . . . Jack . . . the friendliest friend of all . . . outstanding president of senior class, Hi-Y, Student Council, and Letterman's Club . . . excelled on gridiron and hardwood . . . elected "Lil Abner" . . . hopes to become a dentist. O A o o 4 Thought air cushions were needed by all Martin Edwards . . . Buzzy . . . a. grand asset to the football team . . . found general course to his liking . . . claims Westmoreland City as his hometown . . . took part in all intra- murals . . . member of Letterman's Club. Nellie Eichelberger . . . Nell . . . one of our peppy senior cheerleaders . . . Tri-Hi-Y mem- ber and Norhiscope writer . . . associate editor of the I-Ii-Liters . . . finds time to collect dolls from different states . . . plans to become a "woman in white." Colleen Elliott . . . Connie . . . gal with superior sense of humor . . . has high hopes of becoming a nurse . . . quite enthusiastic over roller skating and baseball . . . resides at Circleville . . . pet peeve is homework. Marion Farrow . . . Sis . . . the quiet type . . . 15 took part in T.E.G. and Leader's Club activi- ies . . . basketball tops her private sports ist . . . plans after graduation to work at the Westinghouse . . . fond of smooth dancing. Albert Fejes . . . Al . . . possesses black, curly hair and a warm, friendly grin . . . claims Shafton as hometown . . has gone fishing and hunting many times . . . he is planning to leave for Alaska after graduation. Joseph Filkosky . . . Joe . . . claims football to be his favorite sport . . . thinks hunting is a great pastime . . . resides at Westmoreland City . . . pet peeve is study hall . . . would 1. like to attend trade school in future. Patricia Filkosky . . . Pat . . . a conscientious classmate . . . treasurer of senior class . . . enoys watching a good game of baseball . . . looking forward to college in the fall . . . active in Leader's Club, Art Club, and Tri-Hi-Y. Helen Fisher . . . Helen . . . a quiet miss . . . member of T.E.G .... participated in many intramural games . . . plans to do secretarial 3 X work after graduation . . . hates to be teased . . . above all else loves to square dance. Edwards, Martin Elchelberger, Nellie Collefm, Elliott Farrow, Marion Fejes, Albert Filkosky, Joseph, F'ilkosky, Plltririrl. F'ish.Pr, Helm: S A Q o 4 Gazed with satisfaction at senior pictures Ann Fix . . . Ann . . . one of our petite gals . . . member of T.E.G .... enjoys a good football game . . . could be seen working at Blue Dell Drive-In . . . plans to become a telephone op- erator after graduation. Robert Franke . . . Bob . . . member of basketball team . . . active in Science Club, Student Council, and Letterman's Club . . . ardent base- ball fan . . . fond of fried chicken . . . hopes to become a draftsman in the near future. Helen Garvin . . . Helen . . . found time to attend school and, also, be a housewife . . . Leader's Club and T.E.G. member . . . likes all sports, especially a hard game of hockey . . . finds pleasure in driving a car. Thelma George . . . Thel . . . thoroughly enjoys baseball games . . . hails from the South Side . . . eats a lot of her favorite food, ice cream . . . worked at Murphy's . . . member of T.E.G. . . would like to enter the secretarial field. Fix, Ann Franke, Robert Gongaware, Bonita Gongaware, Elba Bonita Gongaware . . . Bonny . . . an outstanding leader in all sports . . . ambitious to become a snappy wave . . . joined the T.E.G., Science Club, and served o'n the Norhiscope staff . . . hails from Circleville . . . enthusiastic basket- ball fan. Elva. Gongaware . . . Eileen . . . secretary of Tri-Hi-Y . . . baby-sitting occupied spare moments . . . could play a rugged game of hockey . . . member of Chorus, Art Club, and helped Norhiscope publication . . . aspires to become a secretary. Gary I-ligginbothalm . . . Mouse . . . interested in attending an agricultural school . . . enjoys the hunting season . . . hails from Kunkle's Crossroads . . . can eat banana splits any time . . . ever-ready for a basketball or baseball game. Donald Higgins . . . Deacon . . . happy-go-lucky fellow . . . popular on the baseball diamond . . . Letterman . . . one of the "City" guys . . . claims baseball as his favorite sport . . . ambition is to get a good job. Garvin, Helen Hlgginbotham, Gary George, Thelma Higgins, Donald 4 o Q Came, saw, Donald Howell . . . Lefty . . . a quiet and amiable friend . . . thinks working in a grocery sto-re is quite a profitable pastime . . . classifies golf as his favorite sport . . . thinks Sheridan Terrace is the place to live. Joseph Jercb . . . Joe . . . capable sports editor of Hi-Lites . . . member of Hi-Y . . . could be seen at all our football games . . . plans to attend college . . . joined us in his junior year from North Irwin. Flora Kifer . . . Flo . . . owner of an ever-ready smile . . . enjoyed intramurals . . . classifies baseball as favorite sport . . . an expert seam- stress . . . T.E.G. member . . . very modest and sincere . . . undecided upon future plans. Gary King . . . Gary . . . plans to study his main interest, forestry . . . owner of a wonderful deep voice . . . active in intramurals . . . hunting is tops with him . . . resides in Biddle . . . easily downs banana splits. Howell, Dumlld Kleckzncr, Janwt Je-rch, Joseph Klfnke, Carole and conquered academic subjects Janet Kleckner . . . Janet . . . nice and neat . . . an excellent worker . . member of Band, Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, and Hi-Lites . . . capable business manager of the Norhiscope . . . loves slow, smooth dancing . . . plans to become a secretary. Carole Kllnke . . . Carole . . . won friends galore when she came to us from North Irwin in hier junior year . . . served as Leader's Club treasurer . . . takes to water like a fish . . . a neat dance partner. Dale Kober . . . Dale . . . possesses a grand mind for business . . . his trumpet playing sent him to district and county bands . . . capable busi- ness manager of Hi-Lites and manager of Band . . . plans to attend college to study music. George Krick . . . George . . . to become a chef is one and only ambition . . . never could refuse food in any disguise . . . his car with the orange stripes was always seen around . . . co-business manager of Norhiscope. King, Gary Krick, George Klfer, Flora K 0 ber, Dale X O A Q Q 4 Typed on through distractions and fatigue Jeain Lagalski . . . Jean . . . reigned over the Christmas Hop as Queen . . . excells at painting textiles and figurines . . . vice-president of Tri-Hi-Y and representative in Student Council in senior year . . . always seen with her double. Joan Lagialski . . . Jo . . . as her twin, one of our ever-peppy majorettes . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and T.E.G .... enjoys partaking in an exciting game of badminton . . . after graduation looks forward to a secretarial position. Judith Lauffer . . . Judy . . . attributes her trim figure to her favorite sport, horse back riding . . . capable president of Art Club . . . chop suey rates Hrst among favorite foods . . . plans to enter nursing school following grad- uation. Shirley Lewis . . . Shirl . . . photography editor of Norhiscope and member of Tri-Hi-Y and Leader's Club . . . nothing proved more relax- ing to her tha.n a good swim . . . one of our high,-stepping majorettes . . . will possibly attend business school. Carl Loughner . . . Skip . . . looks forward to enlisting in the Navy . . . building model air- planes occupies his spare time . . . an ardent football fan hailing from Shawtown . . . noth- ing more appetizing to him than butter-scotch ice cream. Elmer Lucas . . . Luke . . . proudly claims Shafton as his home town . . . girls prove to be the pet peeve of this tall, slim lad . . . "Mickey's little helper" . . . exciting games of football, baseball, and basketball appeal to him. Brian McCutche0n . . . Butch . . . a quiet, court- eous fellow who was seen but not heard . . . claims girls are "good for nothing" . . . can eat almost anything . . . likes to attend a peppy pep meeting . . . plans to enter college. Nancy McElroy . . . Mac . . . member of the Norhiscope and Tri-Hi-Y . . . always looked forward to law class . . . a confirmed Shaftonite . . . loves football and basketball . . . plans in the future to marry a multi-millionaire. N. Lagalskl, Jeafn. Langer, Judith, Loughner. Carl M0071 fcherm, Brirm. Lagalski, Joafn, Lewis, Shirley Lucas, Elmer McElroy, Nancy S' Q o Q Waited for a successful chemistry experiment Paul Mclntyrc . . . Windy . . . can be classified as a "happy-go-lucky" chap . . . ardent foot- ball fan . . . when he feels inquisitive, he ex- pects an answer . . . horse-back riding occupies most of his spare time. Barbara McKenna . . . Barb . . . possessor of pretty, brown hair . . . member of the Tri-Ili-V . . . lists basketball as her top sport . . . spends much time dancing and eating char- coaled hot-dogs . . . is definitely suited for secretarial work. Kathleen McNif-rney . . . Kay . . . one of our snappy members of the Pep Club . . . Tri-Hi-Y member . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . would like to obtain a secretarial position . . . proud to be from North Irwin. Dale McWilliams . . . Pete . . . one of our taller boys who is seen but not heard . . . enjoys watching or participating in intramural sports . . . candidate for Lil Abner . . . to him there is no place like Circleville. Ethel Jane Melkle . . . Ethel . . . participated in the activities of the Tri-Hi-Y and worked for the yearbook . . . finds singing a very absorb- ing hobby . . . basketball ranks high in sports . . . possessor of pretty, brown hair. Christina Mellon . . . Tina . . . belonged to the Art Club and T.E.G .... found time to come to school and be a housewife, too . . . lists softball as her favorite sport . . . likes to attend movies. David Mess-singer . . . Dave . . . tall, quiet, and bashful boy . . . plans to become a farmer . . . always looked forward to law class . . . has been anticipating graduation for four long years . . . comes from Robbin's Station. Dehores Miller . . . Do . . . known for her straw- berry blonde hair . . . took active part in Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, and Norhiscope . . . served as member of editorial board of Hi-Lites . . . chosen as Daisy Mae . . . resides at Westmore- land City. Mclntyre, Paul McKenna, Barham, llIcNierney, Kath,lee'n Mcwillimiis. Dale Mcikle, Ethel Mellon, Christina Mcssimfrfr, Drwirl Millcr. Delores Miller, Robert Minervifno, Angeline Molsky, Thomas Morozowich, Walter Murray, Marlene Naugle, Michael Nelson, Greta. Neri, Norma. o 0 4 4 Drifted and dreamed to Spitalny's music Robert Miller . . . Milsey . . . a quiet student from North. Irwin . . . swimming rates high with him . . . building and flying model planes takes up much of his spare time . . . is pre- paring to go to Farkio College. Angeline Minervino . . . Angie . . . has a cheerful greeting for everyone . . . active member of the T.E.G. and Safety Club . . . of all sports bas- ketball is her favorite . . . will try to become a "woman in white." Thomas Molsky . . . Tom . . . an academic stu- dent who would like to further his education . . . elected vice president of Letterman's Club . . . football proved to be his favorite sport . . . dependable photography editor of Norhiscope. Walter Morozowich . . . Walter . . . quiet, but likeable chap . . . active member of Hi-Y his junior and senior years . . . participated in all intramurals . . . indulged in the academic course . . . comes to us from Buzzardtown. Marlene Murray . . . Marlene . . . a short, cute, blonde lass . . . desires to become a dress designer . , . swimming leads her sports list . . . candidate for Daisy Mae . . . spends much of her time painting. Michael Naugle . . . Mike . . . always cheerful and mischievous . . . would like to go to trade school . . . enjoys a good game of golf . . . thinks loafing or driving a car is a good way to idle time away. Greta Nelson . . . Gretchen . . . possessor of a sparkling personality . . . A-Capella took much of her time . . . collects horse and dog nick- nacks . . . enjoys a lusty game of basketball . . . claims chicken as her favorite food. Norma Jean Neri . . . Norm . . . short and cute . . . an active member in the Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, T.E,G., Safety Club, N.F'.L., Yearbook, and an editor on the Hi-Lites . . . chose football as her favorite sport . . . sews and dances. .1 X-X ,i X I ':f:i'!7,Q:. 'Q .fam .ik Noel. Grace Novak, Clyde Petrisko, Betty Pfrm. Drrnnilrl A Q o 4 Blasted away in Grape Noel . . . Gracie . . . jokester of her crowd . . . can pep up the saddest person with her jolly ways . . . T.E.G., Leader's Club, and Safety Club kept her busy . . . badminton and basketball rates tops with her. Clyde Novak . . . Pluto . . . a quiet and friendly lad . . . played junior varsity football . . . enjoys watching or participating in intramural sports . . . claims there is no better place in the world than his home town, Shafton. George Pavlik . . . Jess . . . friendly and full of pep . . . active member of Hi-Y and Language Club . . . basketball and football comprise his athletic interest . . . plans to go to college . . . his humor is well-known. Audrey Pedder . . . Auddie . . . quiet but friendly . . . hopes to succeed in the secretarial field . . . participated in the T.E.G. and Safety Club . . . spends much time square dancing . . . likes a, good game of basketball Pavlik, George Pedder, Audrey Pnnitz. Chiarlrfs Rackley, Strmleju the new, sound-proof bandroom Betty Petrisko . . . Betty . . . possessor of a friendly smile with sparkling white teeth . . . ardent supporter at all football and basketball games . . . member of the Band and T.E.G. . . . plans to go to business school. Donald Pfau . . . Don . . . one of our taller boys with blonde hair . . . member of Student Council and Mixed Chorus . . . always looked forward to the first day of hunting season . . . anxiously awaits college life. Charles Ponitz . . . Speedy . . . very well liked by all his classmates . . . served ably as presi- dent of his homeroom for four years . . . I-Ii-Lites, Norhiscope, and Student Council kept this lad busy . . . elected King of the Hop. Stanley Rackley . . . Bud . . . took active part in Band, Science Club, and danceband . . . boys' sport editor of Norhiscope . . . plans to further his education . . . held basketball up- permost on his sports list . . . can take a joke. I 4 o 4 Sweated emotionally through P.0.D. trails is K1 Rain, Naomi Reid, Agnes Reynolds, Bernard Richardson, Lawrence Reeves, Duane Reuss, George Rice, Raymond Roth, Elaine Naomi Rain . . . Naomi . . . possessor of a. sweet smile . . . active in Safety Club, Hi-Lites, and Norhiscope . . . lists football tops on her sports list . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . plans to attend business school. Duane Reeves . . . Dewey . . . always ready for fun . . . hard working manager of the basket- ball team . . . Hi-Lites, Hi-Y, Letterman's Club, and Science Club kept him quite busy . . . hard working member of the football squad. Agnes Reid . . . Archie . . . one of our attractive high-steppers . . . joined Huntingdon her junior year from North Irwin . . . participated in the Tri-I-Ii-Y, Student Council, Leader's Club, and Language Club . . . found swimming and bas- ketball very interesting. George Reuss . . . Professor . . . an academic student whose main interest is in chemical research . . . never missed a good argument . . . vice president of Science Club and member of Hi-Y . . . has false hopes of becoming a millionaire. Bernard Reynolds . . . Rod . . . came to North Huntingdon from North Irwin in his junior year . . . loved to play basketball and was a sure point-maker in every game . . . member of Lettermen and Hi-Y. Raymond Rice . . . Ray . . . kept his homeroom in an uproar most of the time . . . really showed his ability on the football and basket- ball team . . . secretary of the Hi-Y and Letterman's Club . . . will be off to college. Larry Richardson . . . Booges . . . a taller boy who is quite friendly . . . horseshoes and bas- ketball games provide much interest for him . . . mischievous and full of fun . . . would like to obtain a good job after graduating. Elaine Roth . . . Elaine . . . president of Tri-Hi-Y and efficient editor of the Hi-Lites . . pos- sessor of a beautiful soprano voice which was helped by her professional touch at the piano . . . a faithful friend to have. O 4 4 Q Won hundred yard dash each day at 11:42 ,hx . " ' ' -a,:...'g 4--I Y1- 5 125: Samery, Nick Schaab, Leah Schoenbroich, Anna Sekerka, Ronald Semifero, Donald Shaw, Glefrm Sherbondy, William Shields, Betty u Nick Samery . . . Nick . . . hunting and fishing rated high on this quiet lad's mind . . . lives in Shafton and will always put up a good argument for this town . . . plans to make his first million at Westinghouse. Leah Schaab . . . Leah . . . always interested in a game of basketball . . . this dark haired lass can be found working in the five and ten in Pitcairn . . . plans to enter the secretarial field after graduation day. Anna Schoenenbroich . . . Ann . . . belonged to many activities . . . literary editor of the yearbook . . . enjoyed playing the piano . . . could be seen playing her clarinet with the appearance of the school band . . . fond of cookies. Ronald Sekerka, . . . Ronnie . , . did a fine job of managing intramural games . . . took part in all sports during his four years of high school . . . could be found flashing the light at the Maple Drive-In. Donald Semifero . . . Semify . . . plans to enter college upon graduation . . . had great pride in driving a grey Studebaker through town . . . claims that women and work are very disagreeable subjects to him . . . spaghetti tops his menu. Glenn Sha-w . . . Rug . . . entered North Hunt- ingdon in his sophomore year . . . enjoys a good game of baseball, whether playing or cheering . . . would like to go to a trade school when his high school days are over. William Sherbondy . . . Dewey . . . this tall lad can be quite easily connected with each and every sport . . . our senior quarterback who contributed that extra point with his clever drop-kick . . . Hi-Y member and a Letterman. Betty June Shields . . . Betty . . . tall, thin, brown-haired classmate . . . hobby is doing art work . . . active in many intramurals . . . would like to become a top-rate stenographer . . . calls County Line her home. O Q 4 Q Never heard their piggy banks jingle Vivian Siefert . . . Viv . . . enjoys all sports and took part in intramurals . . . undecided about future work . . . her delicious milk shake can be tasted at Howard Johnson's restaurant . . . very fond of french-fries and ice cream. Wayne Sistek . . . Wieners . . . couldn't miss a chance to get into devilment . . . rates base- ball first on his list of sports . . . rates fishing and loafing as his favorite pastime . . . would like to become a forest ranger. Charles Smetak . . . Tank . . . handsome and husky describes this lad . . . Letterman . . . won great acclaim on the gridiron . . . eats, drinks, and sleeps football . . . just loves to eat anything . . . undecided about the future. John Smith . . . Baldy . . . claims to be mayor of Sheridan Terrace . . . soda jerk at the Hobby Snak Bar kept him busy . . . he possesses a wonderful sense of humor combined with very good sense. Siefert, Vivian Sistek, Wayne Steele, Dorothy Stevenson, Shirley Dorothy Steele . . . Dot . . . pretty, happy blonde . . . spent evenings working at the local five and ten . . . derives much pleasure from col- lecting photographs . . . joined us in her junior year . . . aspires to become a secretary. Shirley Stevenson . . . Shirley . . . a quiet lass who hails from Larimer . . . very fond of a good game of basketball . . . claims washing dishes is her most undesirable job . . . busy member of the Science Club. Robert Stewart . . . Rusty . . . aspires to become a big-time store manager . . . claims school is his pet peeve . . . proud to be from Larimer . . . hunting season most appeals to him. Paul Stough . . . Paul . . . quiet but likeable chap . . . claims Ardara as his home town . . . rates golf and baseball as his favorite sports . . . finds pleasure in collecting army insignias . . . plans to become an expert draftsman. Smetak, Charles S tewart, Ro bert Smith, John S tough, Paul -dup O g 4 Q Q Created a lovely scene in white caps and gowns Ronald Strader . . . Radar . . . possessor of brown, curly hair . . . can be seen driving a Plymouth almost any time . . , joined our school his sophomore year . . . finds great pleasure in fishing . . . desires a good job. Sally Taylor . . . Tay . . . a friendly smile and "hello" for everyone . . . could be found waiting on tables in her dad's restaurant . . . an ardent hockey player . . . plans to become a housewife in the near future. Anthony This-rm . . . Red . . . likeable friend . . . spends spare time driving his truck . . . found fun participating in intramural sports . . . played the trombone in the band . . . after graduation would like to become a mechanic. Barbara Thomas . . . Babsie . . . a quiet school- mate who hails from Fairmont . . . member of the yearbook staff and Camera Club . . . col- lects salt and pepper shakers as a hobby . . . thinks driving a certain blue Plymouth is delightful. Strader, Ronald Thomas. Edward Taylor, Sally Troutrnan, Elizabeth Edward Thomas . . . Eddie . . . has an ambition of becoming a professional golfer . . . member of the basketball and golf team . . . joined our school his junior year . . . treasurer of H1 Y . . . enjoys pleasure driving. Libby Troutmain . . . Libby . . . the capable 11 brarian of the Band for two years . . . active member of T.E.G. and Chorus . . . spends spare time working in Emil's Bar-B-Q . . . aim is to become a medical secretary. Jeanne Viecelll . . . Jeanne . . . reliable member of Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, and Leader's Club . attended county and district chorus . . . petite and peppy majorette . . . singing and playing the piano occupies her leisure moments . plans attending Seton Hill. Frederick Weber . . . Fred . . . A candidate for Lil' Abner . . . baseball proves to be his favor ite sport . . . likes nothing better to eat than fried chicken . . . a commercial student who looks forward to starting his own business Thiem, Anthony Viecelll, Jeanne Thomas, Barbara Weber, Frederick O Q 4 Q Dreamed and waited for what is now a reality Neil Weston . . . Neil . . . quite the ladies man . . . basketball is his favorite sport . . . enjoys listening to good records . . . always seen driv- ing his Ford . . . dislikes drivers who take their half out of the middle. Ralph Whippich . . . Whip . . . fun-loving and good natured . . . one of the "Shaftoneers" . . . enjoyed sleeping in study hall . . . likes to play basketball and golf . . . would like to go on to college following graduation. Corrine Whitehead . . . Corrine . . . active mem- ber of T.E.G., Leader's, and Language Clubs . . . served as treasurer of Spanish Club . . . plans to further her education by going on to college . . . our top referee of ping-pong. Ellen Whitlatch . . . Ellen . . . feature editor of Hi-Lites . . . active member of Chorus, Band, N.F.L., Tri-Hi-Y, Language Club, Leader's Club, Yearbook, and orchestra . . . spare time is spent playing the piano and dancing . . . plans to attend college. Nancy Witcraft . . . Nancy . . . energetic major- ette in Pep Club . . . member of N.F.L., Tri-Hi-Y, Yearbook . . . has the unusual hobby of collecting words to songs and poetry . . . plans to become a number please girl after graduation. Donald Wollam . . . Heeb . . . circulation manager of Hi-Lites . . . member of I-Ii-Y, Yearbook, Student Council, and Band . . . claims golf his favorite sport . . . hails from Ardara . . . col- lege is his destination after graduation. Philip Yates . . . Ogle . . . likes to tease the girls . . . member of Science Club . . . spends much of his spare time painting figurines and signs . . . really put his heart and soul into a pep meeting. Cecelia Yagodzinski . . . Cecelia . . . quiet and reserved . . . Tri-Hi-Y takes up much of her time . . . likes to sew and read . . . another one from the "City" . . . aspires to become a secretary after receiving her diploma. . K K R .. k at Weston, Neil Whitehead, Corinne Witcraft, Nancy Yates, Philip ffl is Whippich, Ralph Whitlatch, Ellen Wollam, Donald Yagodzinski, Cecelia ,gf 8 S S -if J -S. I 4 ww: . f ha V 35 i ii Q. b 55 as my ' " af Q ff V M 'Ji 451 , . - b ' 1. 5 gf' 1 Q 3 r ,N H I Q S A A T gg F " ' ' ' ,:. , ' QW sgif. "T K A I J is . .,.. ' x if as . P , 21 1 if ,gif N 6 ' - .1i'?i5Wgkk 'ji Q 'r gl , X , Q A aw ' fix ,viii JP :w:'wz 7f?1Qb, K , ' fiK3FZf,gg22V: Y .1-ff ' .rw y .1-fmfwzf f ' .ww f X In fi x K Rs'-.i ,2 my fi A ,, R 4 ' mf , 'if M y .1 1. ggi 5 ? if 3, i f ,ff --1 Top Zeade A . . . Patricia Filkosky, Franklin Chadima, Jeanne Viecelli ,yfsifg 3:3 - .z if X , Athletics Nellie Eichclbcrgcr Excelled in sports to be elected the Most Out- standing Girl in Athletics . . . helped to lead cheers at all games and pep rallies . . . partici- pated in the intramural program . , . an advocate of good sportsmanship John Dabosky Displayed his ability to win the title of the Most Outstanding Boy in Athletics . . . member of the basketball, football and baseball squads . . . led the Lettermen to greater esteem . . . consider- ed reliable, willing, and accurate . . . plans to attend college 38 Scholarship Patricia Filkosky and Jeanne Viecelli Attained high scholastic records to be voted the Most Outstanding Girls in Scholarship . . . Jeanne and Pat found time to be members of many organizations . . . Le-ader's Club, Tri-Hi-Y, and Language Club . . . both will resume schooling in the fall Franklin Chadima Earned the title of the Most Outstanding Boy in Scholarship . . . four year honor student . . . friendly smile for all . . . co-editor of Norhiscope . . . hopes to continue his high scholastic record John Dubosky, Nellie Eichelberger Citizenship Ellen Whitlatch Voted the 'Most Outstanding Girl in Citizenship . . . joined many extra-curricular activities . . . always extended a helping hand to all . . . music occupied her spare time . . . resourcefulness, aggressiveness, and fair-mindedness are her qualifications. George Krick Achieved the honor of being voted the Most Outstanding Boy in Citizenship . . . participated in band . . . co-manager of yearbook business staff . . . usually found helping some student . . . highly co-operative . . . a fine friend to have. Charles Ponitz, Elaine Roth Cream of the Crop George Krick, Ellen Whitlatch Activities Elaine Roth Acknowledged as the Most Outstanding Girl in Activities . . . member of the chorus . . . presi- dent of Tri-Hi-Y . . . editor-in-chief of Hi-Lites . . . very congenial . . . winner of local American Legion Essay Contest . . . will continue her education Charles Ponitz Well deserved the honor of being voted the Most Outstanding Boy in Activities . . . headed his homeroom for four years . . . vice-president of student council . . . member of Hi-Y . . . King of Hop . . . will go far in future life. univm . . . S landing : Gongaware, VVard. Moretton. I., In R. Rem' I, Yutzy. VVil- kens, Yost, Spencer, Weist Tucker, Williams, Shay. How J. Whippich, Vargo, Watson, Silvis, VVhalen, Trainer, Snell, Watson. How 3. Y o rt y, Siefert, Wanipler, Wall, VVard, Zir- os, Sofaly, Viecclli. Celebrating their first year as upper- classmen, the juniors selected as their class officers, George Ward, president, Rudy Moretton, vice-president, Joan Novak, sec- retary, and Calvin Gongaware, treasurer. Under the supervision of Mrs. Alice Kelly and Miss Margaret Ponitz, they assumed numerous duties. Many juniors occupied positions on the Hi-Lites and Norhiscope Staffs. The girl's volleyball championship was won by a junior homeroom. Several junior boys proved successful by playing on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. There was much excitement in the early part of the 1950-51 term, when the Junior class chose their class rings. As other classes, these juniors feel that there could be no nicer ring. The most outstanding event of the year was the annual Junior-Senior Prom held in May. As usual, making this a dance to remember is the motto of every Junior class. Funds were raised by selling blue and gold basketball pins, and by having several socials throughout the year. Having arrived at this point of high school the class of "52" feel as though they can continue to reach their main goal. This will be the first graduating class to com- plete a full year at the modern North Hunt- ingdon High School. Sitting: Miss Ponitz, Novak, Mrs. Kelly Anticipate a full year at our modern high school Row 1 Holderbaumn, Mc- Cune, McCoy, Kramer, Hildenbrand. Row 2 Hegland, McEl- fresh, Harrold, Good, Lees, George, Hough, Harrove1'. Row 3 Johnson, Hamp- shire, Kunkle, Hlava, Graybrook, L a u f f e r, Horten, Martz, Hursh, H e r t z o g, Koupjack, Jones, Heckman, Lub- inski. Row J, Kansky, Harrison, K 1 i n e k, Gongaware, Loskey, Lentz, Klassen, McClelland, McNaugh- ton, Lenhart, Javor. Row 1 Santimyer, Rick- ard, Montell, Owens, W. Miller, Shirley, Miner- va, Oden. Row 2 J. Pezze, M. J. P e z z e, Morozowich, Morrison, Painter, C. Miller, Plues, Regets, Orsino, Rogers, Rose, Parry. Row 3 Shea, Novak, Sen- ica, Sapp, Plowman, Rees, Mitchell, Raygor, Rodabaugh, Petrosko, Pedder, Schneider, Myers, Patterson. Row 4 Schenone, Sansone, Means, Schmidt, Rich- ardson, Selchan, Rob- ertson, Moretton, Shif- fler. Row 1 Derby, Cole, Arvai, Chalfant, J. Davis, Bu- gajski, Anderson, Detar Astley, Everingham, De Zorzi, Bierne. Row 2 Filkosky. Gaffe- ron, Blotzer, Forsyth, Decker, Fundis, Berg- man, Crupie, Bertolina, Brown, Bishop, Bernard Bedont. Row 3 Blumentritt, Clem, Fix, Frye, Galley, Du- bich, Fecko, E. Faith, D. Davis, F. Faith, Broker, Bullock. 41 r Q gf Zi45lf2S+ Q ,1 Y'-Ei? x S v-W' ' 4-. 5-.g A EN knnsllllhy. Wm 45, A: qi X 1 r I SF: I-M is. FY K N, AF' A ww 5 Us iw,-3 H VA . if X af 5 11 uw: A Q23 Pl . 3 'W Q Sw., Wm Established an enviable record ln the school curriculum Row I. Mc-Clelland, Mon- trose, Miller, Raspotnik, M a r g o n, McKeever, Payne, Newlin, Pasi- panki. Row Raling, Mazzoc- chetti, Reardon, O'Brad- owich, McNamee, Pal- angio, Ralph, McNally, Petrisko, Reiss, Owens, Pedder. Row 3. Roycraft, Martin- check, N. Orrel, Patter- son, Radosh, Plank, Racey, G. Orrel, Plues, McMahon, Rath. Row I. H. Esasky, Glass, Fletcher, Fellers, Heid- ler, Hamilton, Loutsen- hizer, A. Esasky. Row 2. Harrold, Lapevich, Hursh, Forsythe, Kun- kle, Lampley, Lenhart, Janiro, Engwer, Lowrie Logon, Ekl, Fisher. Row 3. Earl, Kifer, Lee, Estu, Hunt, Lenhart, Horvat, Eberhart, Ed- wards. Row 1. Ardellitz, Donnel- ly, J. Detar, P. Cald- well, Bradley, Cook, Bostedo, Dudura, M. Dunn, M. Caldwell. Row 2. Bergad, Bilott, Davis, Comber, Cole, Clark, Bower, Bellis, Daugherty, C o 0 m b s, Cearns, Benczo, Austin. Row 3. J. Dunn, Dick, Brown, Doshen, G. Dunn, Burk, Creighton, Carrera, Barrett, Bor- za, Dalesandro. Soplu omvreA .... I.. fo R. Rflll' I. McMahon, Miss Saunders, F l e 1, C h e r, Janiro, Creighton. Led very capably by Miss Saunders, adviser, and Donald Creighton, president, Michael McMahon, vice-president, Joanne Fletcher, secretary, and Grace Janiro, treasurer, the sophomore class ends an- other year successfully. One member from each homeroom was elected to serve on Student Council, Doris Ralph, Evelyn Wright, David Eberhardt, and Eugene Barrett with David Carrera as their representative at large. Many of these energetic sophomores offered much talent to the sports schedule of North Huntingdon. With Howard Leuk- hart giving his all for the Blue and Gold varsity basketball team, it is easy to see why many victories came our way. Howard Row 1. Seybert,R, Sofaly, A, Sistek, M. K., Wright, D, Simpko, R. M., Sullivan, S., Whitaker, R., Savko, P., Swank,B. Row 2. Staehowski, A., Sin- well, G., Shields, J., Wil- liams, G., Vaughn, N, Watkiss, G., Zieglan, S., Wieja, P., Turnshek, R, Wright. E. Row 3. Steinman, H., Thiem, R., Uhrig, R., VVoleslay1e, J., Valenti, J., Tharp, L., Vieeelli, J.: Willby, R. came to us from North Irwin Junior High. Also adding to the strength of the hard- wood, playing for the Junior Varsity, were George Orell, David Carrera, Milton Plank, and Vaughn Good. Playing for the Junior High team were Albert Dick, Mike Doshen, Ray Dudura, James Owens and Larry Kifer. Doing their very best on the gridiron these sophomore lads fought for their Alma Mater, Robert Dalesandro, James Earl, and Milton Plank. The three sopho- more girls chosen as majorettes were June Detar, Yvonne Clark, and Joanne Fletcher. The sophomore class is eagerly looking forward to their junior year when they will fully beneiit from the new addition. SoplavmvreA . . . ACTIVITIES . . . DATES Timr' will passm-will you? Proprlring for fhr' futurf' Thr' pausr' fhaf is Wally carnml H Comr' in and stay awh'ilo" "Haw you road about tho new addition ?" "Dorff wrilfr fhvrf' or I'1l toll" No kuldin'-school can bo fun 46 if x mf , Q 'By Q K X Q , Q NN f P ' S lfiarkm- -m s. , Q S fish 1.1. xy- 1, ,, A 'F' . W- Qi :-, f A M sp 545' he in V? . R I 'iff ...ii Q' ? ii U rerflamen .... Completed the first year of adjustment successfully L. lo R. Row I. Filmore, fx S. Davis, Harrison, En- gleheart, Edwards, Es- asky, Detar, Fludc, Farrow. Row J. Dunn, Hertzog, J. Dalesandro, R. Davis, Fetsko, Derrick, Hager. Row 3. Faith, Filtz, Dedo, Eresh, G. Dunn, Dinal- lo, George, F. Dalcsan- dro, Decker. The sunny days of September 1950 will long be remembered by the class of 1954 for these were the first days it spent at North Huntingdon High School. Early in the first semester under the super- vision of Mr. Robert Wray, they selected as their class officers Margaret Hager, presidentg Jack Sherbondy, vice-presi- dentg Mary Ann Claar, secretary, Joanne Maystrovich, treasurer. The members chosen to represent their class in the Student Council were Mary Kober, Bar- bara Dubosky, Lanny Confer, Joan Pan- zyk, Geraldine Wallace along with Jo- anne Maystrovich and Margaret Hager. Throughout the year, they followed in the footsteps of the upper-classmen. Many showed their talent by participat- ing in school activities such as Forensic, Hi-Lites Staff, Band, Student Council, football and basketball junior varsity teams and various other school organ- izations. Now that their first year has ended, they hope to continue participating in sports and in organizations during the three years to come. Knowing they will succeed in whatever they try, we wish them luck and happiness ahead at a modern and thoroughly equipped North Huntingdon. Hager, Mr. Wray, Maystrovich, Sherbondy, Claax Row 1. Solomon, Ryko, Zucco, Stitt, VVallace, Shaffer, Spear, Tucker, Soisson, VVampler, VVip- pich. Row 2. Ross, Tewell, Vor- kapie, Steinman, Scherpf, Smith, Shirley, Zentner, Topinka, Voieh VVence, VVright. Ron' 3. Valenti, Tallant, Spahr, Schenene, Tew- ell, Yougkin, Sherbon- dy, Staskill, Schmidt. Rum' I. Confer, Bellis, B 1' e n k ey, Baughman, Carr, Carson, Avalotto, Cook, Brady, Ifow 2. Bailey, Borza, Battiston, Blake. Cram- er, Brown, Claar, Car- son, Colinear CI':1V.'fo1'd. How fi. Broker, Bremer, Breon, Bergman, Ash- baugh, Bedont, Astley, Bericgo, Bugajski. Row 1. Rogers, Palicka, Pinazza, McCuean, Pas- ipanki, Rose. Pezze, McKee, Motcher, Mur- ray, McGee, Pointz. Row 2. Mertz, Reuss, Ol- iver, Phillips, Painter, Raygor, McKay, Plow- man, Palm, Omler, Pot- ers, Rain, Raling. Row 3, Panzyk, Mc-Elroy, Ross, Peat, Minerva, Piper, Minnich, Obrad- ovich, Panzyk. Ron' 1. Hickle, Koerber, Kelly, Kellerberg, Kop- er, Laber, Hough, Loop, King, Mackhert. Keay. RII1l'2.LlChT.Ol1f9lS, Householder, J o I1 e s, Magill, Lowden, Hughes Lunn, Klinek, Hilman, Longo, Kelly, Hoak, Kober, Kromka. Ron' rf, Lubinski, May- strovlch, N. Kunkle, Holderbaum, H. Kunkle, Jones. Lutz, Kreuzber- ger, Marshalc-k, Luehm, M. Kunkle. WT, HWY 1? 7' -2: f.. ' -' 23 M 'ww 91- Ks - .. f.:sQg,m.- vm 14 - W. Qwggcx . l K ,.f"" .A I - aiqssxf - i Wiz A ,Lf"77' N1 S I M Q ,h,,'n 4 mwrwk r L- . aw' Li Lx' L l 4' , ' " l y-lf' LW! 4 ' -Q1 Fi. ,A ' rw 5 g "i"'4?'Y 'Q 2 ,M,.M, W- ,, M::: lgk ggi a n if-zy.,-xk g I v bw ' -fix " """" 9 .. , E Lv, ' ',,E'g5f:'g ,- 'W 1 ff x ",' Q5 ' I: 3 .5 ' -is. X NSR . .L .. k 1 1 ,gg 33215 . ,i M .-Q. f it-1 ' ' Aff 1 f wx ff -:vin 1 W iv ' 'f - ' L' 'K ,X il . .sl 5. Q. I in 3 1 2 9 1 as . xii-' ' 3- Q fr . X I RQ S 'X 'iiqlmi NW. . SE FCRENSICS . . . PRANKS . . . DETENTION S tudions freshmrfn Intellectuals in concentration Fun-loving freshmen Copying! Wh0's copying? Wilda, the great! Going somewhere? Sounds pretty interesting Publications . Music . . . Student Government Formal Dance . ...J X17 f 7' f X K V ! xxx k r X ' ,-., x 1 IAN gm vc xx .im ff '- ' 4.1, , , .Mg 77J X Tw Q X X . 1 X f f S X X x.. X M ip 1 f . .4 5 I, lf 1 .D I , 14 ,I . .,.,, . , ' fi xv ' gi " ff 1 n. '-,-f' ,f I ,IK 'hw . 'J F " , - I . if I , W ,ff-wx - Q , V' 4 ,. --,fi ,-3... f K s u ' ,f ' ' ,XXKR V I7 , ,X 'N ' H' A-X -' Ll .' X , K' ,, , Y XX Q -f f ff W 12.11 1- - K A f ' 1 AWA N . I F , 'L I, I X-11'T1t'l4a'q. XX ' X , , ' W-W , . , I 'rl , If ' 'QQQAQ XX . R , . N k X X X ' 1 A , - ' L 1,-guy, f X w ,. 1 xg 'xx , f ?. ,ff I . 0,1 x XR " - AX f XX ff X 'X X f x 'Mx ' f. ,f v X , 5 'V J g l 9 x-.ff X , , ff X ix al ,ff 1? a-.,.1 24" Captured and recorded high points of our school year The members of the Norhiscope edi- torial staff include: Georgette Carosso, Franklin Chadima, Jeanne Viecelli, Pat Filkosky, Anna Schoenenbroich, Jackie Carson, Stanley Rackley, Tom Molsky, Shirley Lewis, Jean Beter, Nancy Whit- craft, Joan Novak, Anna Filkosky, Ellen Whitlatch, Ella Fay Cross, Bill Shiffler, Brian McCutchceon, DeLores Miller, Norma Neri, Elaine Roth, Mary Pezze, Barbara Editors, Carosso and Chadima Sitting-McElroy Standing - Morozovich, Pezze, Orsino, Rees, Rose, Senica, Lauffer, Patterson, Kleckner, Plowman, Cuccaro. Forsyth, Horten, Spencer Lees, Phyllis Detar, Eileen Morrison, Sally Plues, Donna Albert. The business staff consisted of the following students: George Krick, Janet Kleckner, Dale Kober, Mary Cuccaro, Nancy McElroy, Jean Morozowich, Joanne Pezze, Elvira Orsino, Mary Rees, Angeline Rose, Betty Senica, Betty Lauffer, Nancy Patterson, Lillian Plowman, Mae Forsyth, Donna Horten, Shirley Spencer. L. to R.: Molsky Whitlatch, Cramer, Cook, Clair, Lewis fiorlaiwope . . . Striving to maintain the high stand- ards which were set by last year's Norh- iscope, much planning and consideration was given to the 1951 yearbook. For last years commendable work the Norhiscope achieved the Medalist Award. This year's newly appointed adviser, Mr. William Couchenour, worked diligently to help make the Norhiscope a success. Under the leadership of the co-editors, Georgette Carosso and Franklin Chadima, with the assistance of the staff members, the Norhiscope is published to convey mem- ories of student life to every boy and girl attending North Huntingdon. Serving as the literary editors of the yearbook were Anna Shoenenbroich, Jeanne Viecelli, and Patricia Filkosky. Each show- ed their eagerness and capability with the cooperation of Joan Novak, Jean Beter, and Nancy Whitcraft, their assistants. Often they were seen hurriedly gathering last minute bits of work. Chosen to handle the art work, Jean Lagalski and Judy Lauffer proved their talent time and time again. Shirley Lewis and Tom Molsky, photog- raphy editors, ably supervised all pictures which were taken throughout the year for the Norhiscope. Covering boys' s p o r t s events was Stanley Rackley, while Jac- P. Ftlkosky, Vtecellt, Beter, Carson, Whttcraft and N ovak, literary editors. queline Carson efficiently took care of girls' sports. To improve the financial standing of the Norhiscope, Janet Kleckner and George Krick, business managers, spent much time and effort soliciting ads. Many profitable projects were under- taken and dances sponsored by the staff as a means of raising funds. Monogram- ed T-shirts, sweat shirts, and white silk headscarfs sold by the yearbook could be seen adorned by many of the students. In order to better prepare themselves for their responsibilities the editors attend- ed the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Asso- ciation Conference in November. The con- ference which took place for two days was held in Allentown. Returning with many new ideas in yearbook make-up, the trip proved worth-while in helping to plan and edit one of the finest Norhiscopes ever pro- duced at North Huntingdon. Also a successful bake sale was held at Sam Sandson's Market to financially support the Norhiscope. The senior mem- bers of the staff showed their dramatic ability by presenting a two-act, slapstick comedy for the students at an assembly. The play entitled "Fun in a Chinese Laun- dry" developed into fun for both the participants and the audience. Photographers A. Filkosky, Lewis, Whitlatch, Cross, Shtffler and Molsky I 7lae Hi-fiteA . . . Sitting-Miller, Kleckner Standing - Eichelberger, Whitlatch, Roth, Filkosky, Neri, Carson, Jereb Published current school events for students Extra! Extra! Read all about it! These were the words shouted by all Hi-Lites salesmen at the beginning of the school term. The staff had good reason to shout. They were selling a paper which printed the latest news. Past and coming events which occurred throughout the year were printed in the thirteen big issues. After much persuasion Elaine Roth, the reliable editor-in-chief, finally convinc- ed the reporters to work and stay "on the beam". Serving as assistant editor, Nellie Eichelberger aided Elaine in planning the make-up of the paper and in writing head- lines. This year, Mrs. Marian Daily, the co- operative adviser, chose a board of editors consisting of Delores Miller, Janet Kleck- ner, Norma Jean Neri, Jackie Carson, Pa- tricia Filkosky, and Anna Shoenenbroich. Setting the bi-weekly together was the suc- cessful accomplishment of this group. Always nearby to type the issues were Naomi Rain, Bettie Mae Yost, and Florian Blotzer. Without their assistance the paper never would have been sent to Braddock for publication. Ellen Whitlach, the editor who had the funny bone for the feature page, encouraged her feature staff to write original stories and poems. Under Ellen's direction the staff produced to the best of their ability. The day the paper arrived everyone dashed to see who were the heroes of the previous sports events. Preparing the sports page was the responsibility of Joe Jere . Handling the business end of the pa- per, Dale Kober proved his ability as an efficient business manager. Many ads were sold by the advertising managers, Dave Eberhart and Don Creighton, by thorough- ly canvassing the community. Don Wollam, circulation manager, sort- ed papers for the salesmen to distribute in the home rooms. A student who handled the exchanges from north to south and east to west was Myrna Good. The most outstanding event of the year was attending the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association Conference held in Central Catholic High School in Allentown. Six staff members along with Mrs. Daily spent two days hearing lectures and going to classes. To enable the stu- dents to become better acquainted with publishing newspapers was the main pur- pose of the convention. Secrets of the past year, such as the king and queen of the Hop, and other im- portant announcements were revealed by the Hi-Lites. The paper was also respon- sible for the handling of votes for principal and secretary for a day. Sponsored by the Hi-Lites were sev- eral successful attractions. Students who proved their honesty by doing a good deed had the honor of being reported as a good citizen. A special feature was the short story contest. Of those submitted, the best appeared on the feature page. An addition- al section of the Hi-Lites was edited for the dedication of the new building. Pic- tures taken throughout the new high schoool were printed in an extra roto sec- tion. Whitlach, Eicnelberger, .lereb Mrs. Dailey, Roth Slruulinyp' Eberhardt. Kober. Wollain, Creighton. Sitting: Pezze, Yost, Plownian. Srutrrl L, to R. Carson, Good, Kleckner, Filkoskg. Schoenenbroich D Miller Nell Smnrii11y.' Detar, Morrison, Plues, C. Miller, Orsino Hampshire OBradov1ch Cross Dunn Ponitz Clark, E. Wright, D. Wright, P. Miller, Raspotnik Coles Flude Dubosky Kellerberg Koper Rfrw I. B. Lauffer, J. Lauffer, S. Barras, Barris, Whitlatch, Bricker, Chalfont, Fur- long, Dunn, Reeves, Howell, Gongaware, Petrisko. Row 2. Klinek, J. Klinek, Dudra, Owens, Rasavic, D. J. Wright, Spencer ,M. L. Chal- font, Troutman, H. J. Watson. Row 3. Brown, Mr. Menham, Forsythe, E. Ekin, W. Broker, Horten, Tallant, Eber- hardt, R. Theim, J. Twele, Dias, Krick. Row 4. Raling, Graybrook, Theim, B. Clayton, Whitlach, Schoenenbroich, Rackley, E. Wright. Row 5. Caldwell, Viecelli, Davis, Patterson, Kober, Chadima, G. Dunn, Schmidt Creighton, C. Jones, Borza, Orsino, Bergman. v When North Huntingdon High School .I , Band paraded onto the field everyone turned Dom Bwgman to view them adorned in their blue and gold uniforms producing harmonious music with their glowing instruments. Each member did his share in adding an essential quality to the song arrangements and varied routines. Under the direction of Mr. Joseph Men- ham, the band members elected Franklin Cha- dima to guide them as president. While Don Davis managed the band, Libby Troutman served as librarian with Donna Horten to assist her. The most promising students, Dale Kober, Wanda Hughes, Anthony Thiem, Evelyn Wright, Stanley Rackley, Anna Schoenenbro- ich, Franklin Chadima and George Krick were selected to participate in the County Band. Wanda Hughes, Stanley Rackley, and Anna Schoenenbroich were also given the opportun- ity to attend District Band. The annual concert held in the spring proved the musical abilities of the band well developed and worthy of praise. Mamie . . . Not one, not two, not three, but twen- ty-five energetic majorettes twirling silver batons appeared in white, turtle neck sweaters with navy blue skirts. These girls faithfully attended all football games and several parades with beaming faces even though the weather was sometimes to their disliking. Excellently this smiling group displayed many a performance worth remembering. Neatly attired in their bright uniforms the majorettes pre- sented a splendid appearance. Headed by Doris Bergman, junior, the majorettes learned numerous steps to arrangements of popular songs. Other capable leaders were Jeanne Viecelli and Nancy Caldwell, seniors, and Dolly Orsino, junior. Each contributed to the success and accomplishments of the group. Chosen to fill the vacancy of drum major was Gene Dunn, a sophomore, who with frequent lessons proved his hidden ability. Countless practices were conducted after school and at noontime. The saying that practice makes perfect was enthu- siastically taken into consideration. Parading before the band, the major- ettes put forth plenty of pep, vim, and vigor into their strutting techniques. Blended with perfect harmony Orsino. Viecelli, Caldwell. Bergman, Dunn L. to R. Row 1. Witcraft, Reese, Detar, Bishop, Lubinsky, Harrover, Fletcher, Mc- Nierny, Lewis. Row 2. Fundis, Clark, Hegland, Kunkle, J. Pezze, M. Pezze, Bergman, Blotzer, Reid, McElfresh, Joan Lagalski, Jean Lagalski, Carosso. . ,Q Y We 'P 59 mixed 6h0I'llA , , , Rendered lyrics with harmonious voice Along with the excellent direction of Mr. Joseph Menham was the Willingness of the chorus members that helped to complete a year filled with satisfaction in their accomplishments. At the beginning of the school term it was impossible for the chorus to continue its functions. After the new music room was finished the Chorus practiced with eagerness for their oncoming performances. Proven to the student body during the Easter services was the ability of the Chorus to present a joyous and entertaining cantata. Chosen to sing at the Western Pennsylvania district chorus were Ellen Whitlatch, Anna Schoenenbroich, and Dale Kober. Selected to participate in the county chorus were Bill Shiffler, Ellen Whitlatch, Anna Schoenenbroich, George Krick, Dale Kober, Jeanne Viecelli, Wanda Hughes and Evelyn Wright. The Chorus also displayed their skill at the dedication of the new building and at the graduation exercises completing a suc- cessful year. Row' I P. Miller, D, Miller, Hughes, Vievelli, Kler-lmvr, Roth Ron' J Wright, XVhitlatch, Bergad, Engwer, Clark Row 3 VVollam, Shiffler, Krick, Kober Dirvr-frn'.' Mr. Menham AI piano: Schoenenbroich 14rtlu6.l. L. to R. Filkosky, Louden, Benczo, Dalesandro, George, Lauffer, Engwer, Jean Lag- alski, Kober, Austin, Borza. Exhibited versatility through many artistic talents R Ex 15 1 X Mrs. Helen Hadley Sketching the wonders of nature was one of the many ac- tivities undertaken by the Art Club this past school term. When the weather was favorable, the meetings were conducted out- doors, and the members were given a scene to draw. They sat on the campus and put forth the best of their ability on the paper provided. Mrs. Helen Hadley was always present to give assistance and reliable advice. Seeking to improve his artistic ability, each member took special interest in the club's projects. New phases and ideas of art were introduced to them. A composition in charcoal was discovered by the members as an amazing media with which they could obtain varied results. Shading with charcoal, al- though more difficult than with pencil, proved to produce an entirely different effect. Painting figurines seemed to arouse much interest. First of all the figure must be sanded so as to present a smooth appear- ance. Applying a base of white enamel was the next essential step. Carefully painting them with brightly tinted enamels completed a tedious but worth-while task. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Judy Lauffer, presi- dentg with Joseph Dalesandro, vice presidentg and .lean Lagal- ski, secretary-treasurer assisting her, the Art Club has exper- ienced one of its most eventful years. The members agree that they have gained a greater knowledge and appreciation of art. , , ig , s i X . Thomas, Mr. Altman, Dubosky, Rice, Ponitz Iii-11. .. Promoted better comradeship To create, m a i nt a i n, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character was the constant motto of the Hi-Y. The club plan- ned its years work to benefit these two in- stitutions in whatever ways possible. To be- come a member the student must possess qualities of leadership and responsibility and show the right attitude toward his class- mates. Under the capable supervision of their new adviser, Mr. James Altman, the boys selected for their president, Jack Dubosky, who had Charles Ponitz, vice-president, Ray Rice, secretary, and Edward Thomas, treas- urer, to assist him. Going swimming, playing basketball, and having dances were the activities suc- cessfully undertaken during the past school year. Between classes the members showed their excellent spirit by patrolling the halls and keeping the traffic down to a minimum. Careful planning and co-operation among the boys helped to make this year one of the best. I., In R. Row I. Ponitz, Martincheck, Eberhardt, O'Bradovich, Semifero, Jereb, Thiem Row 3. Morozowich, Schenone, Kober, Wollom, Thomas, Pavlik, Shiffler, Reeves, Mr Altman. Hou' 3. Rcuss, Stough, Borza, Rice, Dubosky, Klassen, Chadima. 7,1 1' H I y o 0 o Developed greater character L. Io R. Row I. Rodgers, Anderson, Roth, Carson, P. Filkosky, Gongaware, Jean Lagalski, A. Filkosky. Row 2. Detar, Arvai, Vieceilli, Klinke, Neri, Eichelberger, Kleckner, D. Miller, Senica. Row 3. Reese, Hampshire, Painter, Good, McElroy, Graybrook, Morozowich, Yag- odzinski. Row I,. Morrison, C. Miller, Reed, Meikle, Patterson, Whitlatch, Caldwell. Row 5. Plues, Schoenenbroich, Lewis, Cross Lauffer, Carosso, Joan Lagalski, Cearns. Mrs. Standfest, Filkosky, Gongaware, Roth, Lagalski, Carson Endeavored to be achieved by the Tri- Hi-Y was the goal, "To create, maintain, and extend through the school and community high standards of Christian character." This worthy organization consisted of juniors and seniors having a high scholastic record and interest in the basic fundamentals of Chris- tian religion. Because of the many worth-While proj- ects undertaken by this group, it was looked upon as an outstanding club by the faculty and student body. To the orphan homes went favors and place mats. Needy families received help with food or money. Daisy Mae, Delores Miller, and Lil Ab- ner, Jack Dubosky had difficulty keeping their identity a secret at the annual Sadie Hawkins Day dance sponsored by the club. Under the capable supervision of Mrs. Edith Standfest and leadership of the offi- cers, Elaine Roth, Jean Lagalski, Eileen Gongaware, Patricia Filkosky, and Jackie Carson the club flourished and grew in character. Slmzrlinyl Ras-zpotnik, Hor- Svalrrl Watkiss, Miller, Swulral Nvri, Eichelliergcr, SlllJL1I'flljl Miller, Roth, Far- Ylueta fptfilon gamma . . . Possessed recipe for perfect homemaking ten, F o r s y th, Spencer, Forsyth, H u rs h , Bilott, Lapsovitch, Davis, Wright Bergad, Brozack, Mc:Keev- cr, Donnelly, Turnshek, Dunn, C o m c r, .I a n i r o, Morgan, Williams, Sinwcll, Bostedo Bervhtolri row, Mrs. Vanderscott, Fix, Perider, Bridge, Fisher, Ibrasdik, Meikle, Altman, Bozich, Bostedo, George, Bellis, Noel, Min- vrvino, Kifer. One of the most helpful clubs for the girls of North Huntingdon is the T. E. G. under the guidance of Mrs. Betty Vanderscott. All of the many activities proved to be interesting and will enable them to become better homemakers. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors had their separate club and officers. Evelyn Wright, Lucille Raspotnik, Grace Janiro, Pauline Bilott and Shirley Brozack led the sophomores as president, vice-president, sec- retary, treasurer, and reporter respectively. The juniors selected Mae Forsyth, Shirley Spencer, Donna Horten, Lois Hegland, and Sarah Tucker to serve as their officers. Elected to preside over the seniors were Dolores Bellis, Emma Altman, Grace Noel, Ethel Meikle, and Angeline Minervino. ?vrenA1cA . . . Developed poise through debate and dramatics L. to R. W- Whitlatch, Cross Carosso, Chadima, Mrs Cornell, Schoenenbroich Harrold Whitlatch, Vaughn, Engwer Harrold, Coomer, Bergad Cross, Ekl O'Bradovich, Lampley hardt, Hamilton Under the guidance of Mrs. Lorraine Cornell the N. F. L. chose Franklin Chadima as their president with Georgette Carosso, Anna Schoenenbroich and Don Creighton to assist him as vice-president, secre- tary, and librarian respectively. Having received the degree of distinction requiring two hundred points, Franklin Chadima was high point Winner. A four year member Franklin has attended the national district tournaments and is known for his humorous readings, "Trials of the Vaudeville Manager" and "The Last Day of School." Ella Fay Cross obtained the degree of excellence. The senior members include Georgette Carosso, Norma Jean Neri, George Pavlik, Anna Schoenenbroich, Franklin Chadima, Ella Fay Cross, Nancy Whitcraft, and Janet Kleckner. Creighton, Tharp, Eber- Student Council Siltiny: Ponitz, Miller, Mr. Lawson, Graybrook SfIL7LlHHjl.' Dubosky ski, Whalen, Hager Panczyk Standing : J. Dubosky Ponitz, E berhardt Thomas, Javor, Carrera Ward, Franke, Adams strovich, B. Dubosky VVallace, Kober The organization of student government at North Huntingdon was conscious of the faith our administration had in their students. They were convinced that the students were capable of accepting the responsibilities of self-government. Composed of representatives at large from each class a total of twenty-seven members was derived. Undertaken by the Student Council was the great responsibility of adopting an orphan from Italy named Maria Tucciarone. They are to sup- port her for one year through the Foster Parents' Plan for War Children. Chosen to preside as president was Jack Dubosky. Charles Ponitz was elected vice-president, Carol Miller, secretary, and Doris Graybrook, corresponding secretary. Holding dances and several locker inspections were some of the other tasks completed successfully by the council. Under the able guidance of Mr. Bruce Lawson, the members of the Student Council acclaimed respect from the entire student body, faculty and administration by assisting in making school regulations and enforcing them. SiHiny.' Graybrook, Mil- ler, Roth, Ralph, Lagal- Creighton, Novak, May- Thrilling school days with loads of action and activities Many admiring glances were cast as our five cheerleaders, dressed in their snappy new gold and blue uniforms, appeared before the crowd. During football season, be it raining, snowing or bright and sunny, a corps of five girls could be seen ready and waiting eagerly to do their job. Come bas- ketball season they donned their brand new sleeveless blouses and cheered the team to many victories. Even though two seniors, Nellie Eichel- berger and Jackie Carson will graduate this year two more will be chosen to fill their positions. Mae Forsyth, Shirley Hlava, and Lillian Plowman, juniors, will carry on next year. To further promote the growing interest in foreign languages was the motto selected by the L. L. C. For the dedication of the new building the members prepared an exhibition dealing with French, Spanish, and Latin customs and ways of living. For the first time the club has selected the title L. L. C. for its name which stands for Le Linqua Circle. Each word is derived from one of the three languages. With the assistance of Mrs. Jean Wills as adviser the members chose as their presi- dent, vice-president and secretary-treasurer, Pat Filkosky, Evelyn Wright and Agnes Reid respectively. CHEERLEADERS L. to R.fHlava, Eichelberg- er, Plowman, Carson, Forsyth LANGUAGE Row lvCarson, Dunn, Viecelli Row 2ABergad, Alberts, Carouthers Row 3 -Beatty, Raspotnik, Williams, Eichelberger Row 4fWieja, Miller, Stachowski, Roth Row 5 f- Turnscheck, Mrs. Wills, Reid, Filkosky C711-iA tmaA Hvp .... Dancing and Dreaming Amidst a "White Christmas" L. to R. F. C hadima, J. Carson, J. Lagalski, C. Ponitz, N. J. Neri, R. Rice. As the Christmas season approached, it brought with it the most awaited event of the year, the annual Christmas Hop. Sponsored for the first time by the senior class on December 22, the Hop was furnished with music by Maurice Spitalny and his orchestra. Mr. Spitalny comes from a family of famous musicians. Featured at the intermission of the dance was the coronation of the queen, Jean Lagalski, and the king, Charles Ponitz. Making up their court were Norma Jean Neri, Ray Rice, Jackie Carson, and Franklin Chadima. The theme for the Hop was "White Christmas." An all white ceiling with shining stars covering the sides of the gym contrib- uted to the effect of the theme. Around the bandstand were silver Christmas trees highlighted by the blue spotlights. At the end of the gym a huge realistic fireplace was constructed. Added to this year's coronation of the king and queen was a special attraction. The elected queens and kings of the past four years were invited to take part in the ceremony. Leading the procession were the previous queens and kings followed by this year's king and queen. The crowns were passed to each king and queen finally being handed to Bill Noble and Lois Horten, last year's king and queen. They then proceeded to crown Jean Lagalski and Charles Ponitz. La- .+- X4' gl if K a wiwiu A any-5, J 1 , .L., iw -.s5'.-s,..-A.. -1. M.: --i mm. .. W-V ' ' f L" ' ff .fiiz .mi fi h , JSM ' - . .2'I'1. M, , van w fy If F .. Mwlp vv gff . '35 T ' - ,- Nmzc: , x Q iff? 'fi 2 ew MF my ,. N sggw A .S W Q -mx + 4i1mfQi '. 1 Kf'f' Q Q ,xv 5 N7 I 4' N , N X X Q, fi! gg? ,pub ' 53 sf i iq A bww Y ng' 4 ....... .....,...,..eA. - E I 3 ifvs gp Qui! and Scroll . . , Sitting: Carosso, Chadima, Roth, Mrs. Cornell Standing: Carson, Filkosky, Viecelli, Kober, Neri, Krick, Miller, Schoenbroich Whitlatch, Eichelberger, Kleckner Bestows honor on top senior journalists Climaxing a high school journalist's dream is to be one of a selected group who are chosen for the Quill and Scroll. Fourteen seniors have reached this ultimate goal. Chosen from the Hi-Lites were Elaine Roth, Ellen Whitlatch, Nellie Eichelberger, Dale Kober, Dolores Miller, Norma Jean Neri and Jackie Carson while Franklin Chadima, Georgette Carosso, Anna Schoenenbroich, Pat Filkosky, Jeanne Viecelli, Janet Kleckner and George Krick were selected from the Norhiscope staff. The Quill and Scroll, an international honor society, was estab- lished in 1926 for the purpose of advancing and encouraging Work in the field of high school journalism. The North Huntingdon chapter of the Quill and Scroll was organized by Mrs. Lorraine Cornell five years ago and who since then has capably led them through their beginning years. Mrs. Lorraine Cornell 0 I 'N 'fflfgr 4 , ' 'Q 44 if ,JH vi 1 ff, 1 f f X ,-1 xf f X 'x. 'X Q, in X N-N ,iv f X!! S xl A M Xx XJ f' X ' xsx xx X' 73 -aim, .4...Nf , 'br ?oot6all . . . Coaches Kassian Kovalcheck and Roy Seibert Noi'th 'tNorth North North 9'fNorth North i'North 'fNorth 'North SEASONS RESULTS Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon 12 12 6 13 14 7 0 12 20 Class "A" Game Wilmerding Ford City Jefferson Twp. West Deer Kittaning Jeannette Blairsville Hurst Derry Twp. 2 W W 1 W 8 AS Wh. PICTURE, 'IHLM 13 Row 3, Shiffler, Plues, Boggs, 'Poole 28 Owens, Plank, Miner, Reeves, VVall 18 Robertson, 6 Row 3. Mr. Kovalcheck, Harrison, Mor- etton, Dalesandro, Earl, MeCune 24 Derby, Rain, Hickle, Mr. Seibert. 39 Row I. Sherbondy, Minerva, Borza, Rice Dubosky, Painter, Fecko, Molsky 14 Steinman, Edwards, Blotzer. 33 ' v 6 Exhibited superior courage and developed good sportsmanship Although losing eight of their nine games this season, the Bulldogs led by Kassian Kavalcheck and Roy Seibert, dis- played unusual lighting spirit and skill. Overshadowing the numerous setbacks was the display of good sportsmanship and team play. In opening the 1950 season, a deter- mined squad traveled to Wilmerding. Our opponents, displaying a powerful and under-rated eleven, surprised all by up- setting Huntingdon 28-12. The first Class A opponent brought the Ford City Glassers to Shaw Field. After sixty minutes of bruising play, the visiting team accounted for thirteen points, while the home team mustered only twelve for a heart-breaking loss. In an exhibition tilt Jefferson Town- ship's heavy grid machine handed the Blue and Gold contingent their third setback 28-6. Injuries coming at inopportune times were disastrous to the Bulldogs. Unable to start a consistent offense at West Deer Township the following week, the Kaval- checkmen suffered an 18-13 surprise in the last minutes of play. Managers Wall, Boggs, Robertson, and Plues on the job. Playing their best. game of the year, North Huntingdon outscored the Kittan- ning Kittens 14-6 in a Friday night thriller on Shaw Field. Even though outweighed the Bulldogs couldn't be stopped. A visit to Jeannette proved disastrous, Huntingdon went down to defeat before a dazzling display of power and deception. Surprisingly, the Bulldogs marched the opening kickoff for a touchdown to com- mand a 7-0 lead. Hindered by lack of size the outmanned Blue and Gold succumbed to defeat. The following week the Scarlet Hurri- canes of Hurst dealt the home eleven a 14- 12 defeat in a well-played defensive con- test. A fourth quarter rally proved to be the deciding factor. The tides of fortunes remained unchanged when Blairsville en- tertained North Huntingdon. The home team won the tussle 39-0 on a rain-soaked field. In the final contest of the season, the Golden Eagles of Derry Township remained undefeated in Class A competition by hand- ing the under-estimated locals a 33-20 set- back. A second half rally again proved the undoing of the Bulldogs. Coach explains a play. ucceuful Seann for Kal ,zulu . . . The North Huntingdon .Iayvee football team was directed this campaign by co- coaches, Dr. Don Rose and Mr. James Jenets. In the initial contest the Bullpups humbled the Trafford eleven 19-0. In a return game at North Huntingdon the locals were held scoreless the first half, but Traf- ford faltered in the late minutes of the contest. The heavier Jeannette Jayhawks overpowered the Bullpups 31-6 to snap the two-game winning streak. At Harrold a hard driving and under-estimated eleven, upset the juniors 19-0. The Jayvee gridders ended the season by winning over a strong Sewick- ley aggregation 13-12, and 14-0 in the finale. If determination, courage, and spirit develop a good team, next year's varsity will attain a good record. JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1. Plank, Mullin, F. Dalesandro, N. Orell, Wright, Acalotto. Row 2. Mr. Rose, Dinalko, Good, Dick, Tharp, Mc- Mahon, Hamilton, Mr. Jenets. Row 3. Robertson, Leukhart, Janirn, Reiss, Frye, Shiff- ler. L. to R. Robertson, Good. VARSITY NUMERAL WINNERS Row I Row 2 Jim Earl Jack Dubosky Guard Halfback Ronnie Minerva Rudy Moretton Halfback Fullback Duane Reeves Bill Painter Center Tackle Bill Miller Tom Molsky End Tackle Row 3 Row 4 Bernie Borza Ben Blotzer End End Bob Dalesandro Martin Edwards Halfback Center Bill Sherbondy Dan Fecko Quarterback Guard Ray Rice Herman Steinman Fullhack Guard we gs iv v 'Sal' ff--M" Kina' vw KN, s-.Q-M., 144 We See Them in Hctivn . . . Get that Glasser Om' versus fwo Bring him down, Rag Closing in ov hlllfbllflxf Who tripped whom? Did we score? Drive, drive, drive! Hide that pigskin Dorft give up! Touchdown bound? Eaaleetball . . . Mr. Jenets, Mr. Rose, Mr. Seibert North North North North North North North orth i'North 'fNorth North fNorth Huntingdon. .. Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon ....4, Huntingdon ...... Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon ,..t.. Huntingdon ....., Huntingdon ,..... Huntingdon VARSITY RECORD Derry Boro.. .. ., Wilmerding Monessen .., .i,4 Trafford i,..,...,ii California .4,......,.. Mt. Pleasant ,..... Youngwood Greensburg Derry Twp .......,.. Scottdale ..4,,,...4,. Glassport ......,...,. Hurst ................,.... orth fiNorth North :i'North fNorth fNorth fNorth orth orth Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon .,..t Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon ..,... fffff43 :l1North Huntingdon ,i.. ., liNorth Huntingdon, ..... iiLeague Games i'fCounty Tournament Leukardt Latrobe Jeannette E. McKeesport Greensburg Derry Twp., Scottdale .,.., Glassport ....4 Hurst ....,,t..,.a . Latrobe .. ..,... ,. Jeannette ,..,. Greensburg Row I Minuxa Parry, Fix Gongawaie Row 2 M1 Rose Dubosky Rice Sherbondy Cagemen Produced Favorable Season of Exciting Basketball Completing a successful basketball sea- son, the Bulldog cagers, coached by Mr. Donald Rose, compiled a favorable record of 12 wins against 11 setbacks. The present hardwood campaign con- sisted of ten non-league encounters, twelve Section XI games, and one contest in the annual Westmoreland County Tournament. North Huntingdon started the exhibition schedule with two impressive victories before losing decisively to the powerful Monessen Greyhounds. The Blue and Gold cagers completed the warm-up tilts with triumphs over Trafford and California, while dropping encounters to Mt. Pleasant and Youngwood. The local cagers started slowly in league competion with losses to Greensburg and Derry Twp., a "dark horse" in the sec- tion. The Bulldogs rebounded with four consecutive victories, three over sectional rivals, Scottdale, Hurst, and Latrobe. In the big annual home contest with Jeannette, the locals were routed. In the second round of Section play the Bulldogs duplicated their first round begin- ning by losing to Greensburg and Derry Twp. North Huntingdon retained a good league standing with triumphs over Scott- dale, Hurst and Latrobe. The final tilt at Jeannette was spirited and close throughout, but the Jayhawks emerged victorious 46 to 41. The section was dominated by Greens- burg, league winner, and Jeannette. The re- maining teams were closely grouped, with North Huntingdon finished third. North Huntingdon faced a very trying exhibition schedule. In the warm-up games the Bulldogs met two section champions at the beginning of the season. They were Preparing for a game Wilmerding, Class B and Section XVIII champs and Monessen, Class A and Section VIII winners. North Huntingdon won the Wilmerding contest and in turn were de- feated by Monessen, W.P.I.A.L. runnerups, in the exhibition encounters. Honoring the outstanding members of the teams, the coaches of Westmoreland County voted Bob Parry second string guard on the All Section Team, and second string guard on the All County Team. Senior Cap- tain, Jack Dubosky, received honorable men- tion on the All Section Team. The other seniors on this fine team were Ray Rice and Bill Sherbondy. A good nucleus of the squad will be available for the next season. Parry, a junior, and Howard Leuk- ardt, a sophomore, gave a good account of themselves in every contest in which they participated. Also returning for next year's competition are Calvin Gongaware and Jerry Richardson, both of whom saw action in many games. Grouped with these boys will be some fine prospects from the Jayvee squad. Much was accomplished by the coach- ing staff this season. Coach Rose is to be congratulated for the display of aggressive- ness and skilled maneuvering of the team. Hardwood Harem Ronnie ZllllItC'l'1J!l Jack lmlmsky Bob Parry Bill Shffrbundy f Ray Riu' Howard Lculchalrt Bill Fix Calvin Gongawarc O I O Supplied plenty of thrills and action L 5 , .4 C93 'Q 2? Q V1 ef- V AWA' vfplf Q Sf UQ 5 ww 1, . 1 5 M ' a 1 ,y A . rg W. f .S j .F 5 K. 33 fn x' S X S .e . gg, ..,. ix R i B W gh X Y X ',. f!LL Lx ,E V ww i AW V VA W ., -Q m... , N I i ..l . .A 4 f ,- ...A ax 5 x 3 ' 'H I - JT ,A 3 M K .. K . Q 1 N V13 , l' 1 1.5 K I 4 X K A. 45, 5, 5 R K X.. uv.. K . v ,fl ' - . Q- I " M Y 1'-lx .,. . A Q J V- 5 Xa rw Q - 5, , ,. in fb it X . if Q 5 m N ,i,fsq- K. . ' Y Y' ' S mis W-iv 'K Q x ' 3 X ' if " H 'i v e Y , I o S -V X I in X' ' sf ' .I A K A 'M g . 3 1 - his I ...V K ki',g.?.,m K. A M gp ,fx , ,' ', ' W 4 Q21 5 -' ' 'L 3. X f F 4' In 2 ' WET Q1 in fx' , 'Ziff L -,. ' I 'Q f I' "L 3 A -wif W ' W V , .ff 164. 1 C, ,MW ' . gg . , Q. 3 ' ef ll HQ '4 X KR ix wb . Sw-reel' W KN I ..v-" A X if if 'N lt- S.- Stan.ding: Boggs, McMa- Knecling: Kifer, Flaherty, Row 1. Robertson, Orell, Row 2. Mr. Seibert, Mil- JUNIOR HIGH hon, Doshen, Hunt, Dick, Filtz, Mr. Jenets. Owens, Dudura, Zucco, JUNIOR VARSITY Harrison, Hickle, Sher- bondy. ler, Frye, Plank, Car- rera, Plues. Thru the Hoop . . . North Huntingdon completed their sec- ond season in the Junior High League of Westmoreland County. The North Hunting- don Juniors, under the leadership of Mr. James Jenets ended league competition with five victories and five defeats. The Bullpuppies were hampered consid- erably by lack of experience at the beginning of the season. This handicap was overcome at the climax of the season when they upset a strong New Stanton team and won over their local rival, North Irwin. Mike Doshen and Regis Filtz led the juniors' scoring attack and were capably assisted by Ray Dudura, Albert Dick, James Hunt and Larry Kifer. North Huntingdon can look forward to good basketball seasons with material from teams such as this one. The North Huntingdon Jayvees, in- structed by Roy Seibert, had a successful season with thirteen wins and eight set- backs. They succeeded in winning over Derry Twp. and Hurst twice, while scoring single victories over Derry Boro, Wilmer- ding, Trafford, California, Youngwood, East McKeesport, Greensburg, Scottdale and Latrobe. The Bullpups consisted of players from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes who played with the purpose of gaining val- uable experience for future varsity teams. The experience gained by playing on the Bullpup squad should prove valuable to the players graduating to the varsity. Such players as high scoring Jack Sher- bondy, Bill Miller, Milton Plank and Captain Charles Frye would indicate an improvement in basketball in the near future at North Huntingdon. Baseball became another entry on the Huntingdon sports scene this past year. Coach Bruce Lawson ably led the Bulldogs to a three-way deadlock in section play. In the playoffs the Blue and Gold defeated Penn Township and lost to a strong Greens- burg nine. The North Huntingdon Junior High had a commendable track season. Mr. Seibert's squad displayed exceptional ability in win- ning their only competitive meet with Jean- nette. The linksmen of the gold team were coached by Mr. Kovalcheck. The Bulldog team displayed considerable promise for the future. Several members of the team trav- eled to the W.P.I.A.L. tournament to par- ticipate. minor Sperm . . . Rose to great popularity a TRACK L to R. Row 1. Kansky, Tharp, Rath, Petrosko, Urigh, Hamilton, Plues, Steinman, Robertson Row 2. Whippich, Shear, Dick, Derby, Brown, Miller, Stock, Farrell, Mr. Seibert Keep your nyc on thc ball! H itch-hikers not transported :rmanency in sports program. BASEBALL Row I. Caldwell, Painter, Laber, Chopich, Sadosky, Vargo, Higgins, Carrera, Moretton, Oden 4:3353-Q " -' Row 2. Javor, Dubosky, Klassen, Sherbondy Bailey, Mr. Lawson Bailey, Moretton, Klassen, Sherbondy, Vargo Don Higgins-infielder Jack Dubosky-first baseman Bill Sherbondy-pitcher x A Q1-IA Sport! .... K1u:cling.' Mrs. Cahoon, Carson, Orsino, Rees, Cross, Bishop, Farrow, Garvin, Viecelli, Klinke. S'1rm1Iing: Plowman, Filkosky, Kunkle, Hlava, Koupjack, Schoenenbroich, Carosso, Whitlatch, Reid, Blotzer, Lewis, Lauffer, Bellis, Noel. Vigorously united fun with play in keen competition Thrills and spills seemed to be the theme of the girls' sports program this year. Although good sportsmanship and clean play were held high throughout all games, many hard fought, close games were battled out before a single team emerged champion. Under the watchful jurisdiction of Mrs. Genevieve Cahoon, coming to us new, and the refereeing and scheduling of games by her competent Leaders' Club the girls' sports program developed to a height. Junior homeroom 33 copped the vol- leyball championship after a closely fought game with senior homeroom 305. Many teams turned out for basketball proving its popularity among the girls. Ping-pong progressed steadily, slowly eliminating the long list of contestants until finally the championship game be- tween Corrine Whitehead, a senior and Barbara Bergad, a sophomore was played, with Corrine Whitehead as ping-pong champion. Badminton came into its own when singles were played between the girls. Many had aching muscles, bruises and lumps but always wore a triumphant smile after mastering that elusive head- stand or difficult fish-flop. Tumbling classes were ably supervised by experi- enced and talented Jean Viecelli and her assistants Dorothy Bishop, Mary Ruth Rees, and Betty Lauffer. Archery was successfully completed after a long ab- sence from the scene due to bad weather. sg Q if 5 gvx -Q. 9 . 1' Q Y 'v, fn u EU! Il .ME NJA 5 ai, R ' ':,Qu' 1 Q aj 5 . 1 Q The Lettermen's Club composed of out- standing athletes who were awarded the coveted "H" concluded a very successful year. Gathering together early in the term to plan their activities, the boys selected Jack Dubosky, presidentg Tom Molsky, vice presidentg Dale Kober, secretary, and Ray Rice, treasurer. Mr. Kass Kovalcheck capa- bly supervised as faculty adviser. Meetings were held every Thursday evening after which followed a recreation period in the gym. Among the many activities planned, the members enjoyed a swimming party at the Y.M.C.A. at Greensburg. During a banquet held by the Booster's Club in the cafeteria, eight senior football and basketball players were presented with blue and gold reversible jackets. They were Ben Blotzer, Winston Boggs, Bernie Borza, Jack Dubosky, Martin Edwards, Tom Molsky, Duane Reeves, Ray Rice, and Bill Sherbondy. The big event on the social calendar of the Lettermen was the annual Letter- men's Ball which took place April 20. The Karyn' S'p0rtA . . . LETTERMEN L. to R,--Mr. Kovalcheck, Nauglc, Acalotto, Dalesandro, Earl, J, Borza, Petrosky, Minerva, Leuk- ardt, Blotzer, Fecko, Caldwell, Derby, Reeves, Sherbondy, Shiff- ler, Edwards, Thomas, Rice, D u b o s k y, B. Borza, Painter, Molsky, Kober theme of this formal affair was Neptune's Gardens and the gym was appropriately transformed into an underwater scheme. Brightly colored fish and mermaids were all about and old King Neptune himself, was there. The orchestra under the direction of Jimmy Gamble, furnished very smooth music. The Ball was enjoyed tremendously and proved to be a great success. Thrills, excitement, and keen competi- tion were recognized in the boys' intramural program. Capably guided by Mr. John Brace with the assistance of Ronald Sekerka and Dale McWilliams, this program provided an excellent outlet for vim and vigor. Although competition was tough, seniors of Room 301 proved to be all-around champions. They not only showed their superiority over rival football contenders, but were also leaders of basketball. Due to short lunch periods, soft- ball games were not played. However, there were tournaments in archery, horseshoes, ping pong, and volleyball. In all these sports physical fitness and good sportsmanship were emphasized at all times. l I il 'ls ll ll A 1, Q if 5 I A it f 1 x .i .-1, 'gm hi' V WSJ, 'Env xmmxg qw ml se, fs T-5' H" 5 - . I Q mzfsv L5 . , k ....' in V K s M, I: if ' I 3 ' .,,, 5 I Q I , A,fu"'52nn.,-.. 1 ?'v -39 45.11 . Q g ,, i :I . , :ik Q. 014 . -SEQ mg WJ. xl R. Nga -,ei 1' ai?" 51 Q Q NYJ' ,J- al. Pj! E , K ji 11 -Q-4 me Q, H Q L P YA ri, ' F :W A ."v I A 'Q x fv?2?ff" A ff myiffb' ""'- 'I I 'Q if gg? gg if -Q Q 5 wx, N' X r 3 ,K , BQ f N X sf X .. . A in K H5 X 'Q . 135, sf at Z v ,jx .ld 1, 52 Z A, f H 5 ig , Q V ai 3' 1-3 X i in if 712 ff ni. ! A jf x - Q uv K ' x . H I xtfrg.-' 5 -vw-. m- W e- " - A ,U N v' ,, 1 i in f as Li rl, Q nukilmmw A .X 'IS vs -gm-pwuwe ww E H W ' M ,A . A A M 435. - L, L K N3 . ' 'Q I Q fig. if fp M ' , 5 if " Q ff' :'1i'4 --W ----.-,,,,.., ""'-A-A W. .V --W... ,,,,,..,--ff ,,....- .qf-"""""""' ." ,ff-v-ff ....-0' N..Qf--"""' M,,,.Q..,g,...-W MJ LN... - MuMM,,,..mff:"" M,,,,,,.m-fy., ,,....,,...f ,.Mb,w.v- ...w.N-rw W hM,,..,.r 4... . . M .,,x,...Mv --X--M , ,W A N WsM,,,d..,W, ww 'Y 14utvg1-aplw ' H' " 1 m. fr, 1 1 mf f " 1 m6m0. Patron Su6Acri6er It is with a great deal of gratitude and pleasure that we acknowl- edge the thanks due to all those who have helped to make this year- book a success: Strem Studio and Flude Studio for photography work, Mr. Donald Young of Pontiac Engraving Company for engraving work, Braddock Free Press for printing and bindingg Durand Company for the covers. In addition we are very grateful to our patron sub- scribers who willingly subscribed to the 1951 Norhiscope. Adamsburg Odd Fellows Altman's Mills A 81 M Super Market Baldoc Country Club Berney's Farm Market Braddock Free Press Bukes Conley's Sunoco Station Dieges and Clust Co. Doc Evans Do-Nut Stop Dorente Motor Co. Dudley's Store Eger's Jewelers, Irwin and Jeannette Ernie Heasley's Turnpike Bar B Q First National Bank of Irwin G. C. Murphy Co. Gebert's Hotel Glunt's Funeral Home Gongaware, H. C., Justice of the Peace Gongaware, H. J., and Sons Green Co., The Hi-Way Sports Supply Hughes-Ogilvie Co. Irwin Floral Co. Irwin, J. E., Real Estate and Insurance Irwin Foundry and Mine Car C Irwin's Market Irwin Savings 81 Trust Co. Irwin Trailer Sales Jackson's Shoe Store Jeannette News Dispatch Johnson's, Howard Lauffer, Ken, Motor Sales Lewis Restaurant Lincoln Coach Lines L.0.0.M. No. 236 Mautino's Garage Mundo's Service Station Oakford Park Swimming Pool Peggy Ann Beauty Salon Peterman's Pharmacy Pittsburgh Reflector Proctor Bros., Packards Republican Standard Rodgers Printing Co. Roth Brothers Lumber Co. Sandson's, Abe, Market Sandson, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Serro's Diner Snyder Funeral Home Sorber and Hoone Westmoreland Construction Co Woolard's Service Station f ,QW an -K

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