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cv X L, 7, My f 1 P g If . JCL' U V UNL ,fffwfv ml '- , 1 'xl , , D f ' v ,,,, lk" J xfg-7 j ll Y Af, , 1,1 f x fx Ziff .ffl 115' Q 4 ,fy 'uf' " L 1 I, X X!N ft ' yu! ,X - I A Nw , , , ' Um 4 11 .5 b - . W Qwfd X 4' f I 1 1 'V Q D x o V ' PUBLISHED BY VULUME IH '54 THE SEHIUH CLHSS W0iLf2,ChJf5F'5REGl0NAl HIGH scnnnl , f iff' QQ 15 ' w""'5"m HHHHHUHLf . HEUIJEHSEU x x wmns -uvfn THE I nmnauw ru THE N51 ' MSSX fffff f ff!! X M x L 7 . ,Q :L Ax '- ..K4', xy ,f --- x il: ...ex x,4 g, N Ju FUREWURD The graduating class of 54 selected for its yearbook theme The Wizard of Oz The silhouette of Dorothy stands for the entire senior class The yellow brick road 1S symbolic of our work from freshman to senior year and the Emerald City represents the world we will enter when we have the necessary adult abilities to gain success The many happy hard working and friendly times of high school are not soon forgotten High school years are very important because everyone is striving toward his goal-graduation We feel that the seniors will use well the knowledge gained at Regional and will have the integrity and determination to establish themselves in the world. We have tried to take full advantage of the opportunities offered here and hope that each succeed- ing class will also use them to benefit themselves and their school. We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to the faculty for their assistance in the editing of this yearbook and for allowing us to assume the responsibility of exercising our ideas. Each class that graduates should realize that it should be their aim always to do something for the betterment of their community state and country. I N DEDICATED T0 SENIOR HIJVISERS WfL6Nrmm We. the class of 1954, are indebted to our senior advisers who have guided usand assisted us to their very utmost. They have willingly and cooperatively given of their time in directing us to spend ours more wisely. Mr. Speirs has generously given unlimited amounts of time in the strenuous effort of getting out our Regis. He has thoughtfully and seriously plunged into the task of preparing some of us tor college- others to face the outside world. Mrs. Rittenhouse has whole-heartedly divided her time among each and every one of us to see to it that we are on the right road to success and happiness. Her concern for our futures has been equal to that of our own and of those people who are involved in our pattern of life. Mrs. Darby and Mr. Callan will always have a place in our minds because of all the hard work and ideas they have donated to make our class projects successful, They have shown complete interest in all our undertakings and have always sympathiied with our worries and problems. cffqu Miss Sliker's assistance in typing and mimeographing programs and announcements tor our big events has always been appreciated. f QU- LLL SENIOR ADVISERS L. to R.: Miss C. Sliker. Mr. R. Cullen. Mn. H. Ritten- house, Mr. T. Speirs. Mrs. . y. C Darb fh DR. G. CLIFFORD SINGLEY Supervising Principal .5 79 1 1, 1, , flllllllllllllllllll llllln I llllllll 111111111 . cults wizmw 6 Z My congratulations to all ol you upon your recent accomplishment. For the past four years you have lived and reacted in a world which is only indica- tive ol the realistic world which you are about to enter. Like Dorothy, you have been confused and, at times, afraid. You have had, like Dorothy, an unusual experience not open to all young people throughout the world. Like Dorothy, you have been com- manded and moulded in your actions, but, unlike Dorothy, you have been given the opportunity to think freely, to make your own decisions, and to form the beginning of a pattern for your life. To live these four years in a schol- arly "Oz" has been an invaluable experience. Now the time has come for you to move on, away from the Emerald City of protected life and into a new realm, the real world of real people, more precious than any city constructed of gems. How well you apply the knowl- edge and ability to think gained in the academic enchanted world will determine whether you become a cowardly lion, a man of straw, a tin man, or a worthwhile person vital to a progressive world. Realize and utilize those things you have gained during your years in our academic "Oz" but also recognize that "Oz" is only a limited dream world. You are men and women now, not Dorothys skipping down a crooked road which leads only to momentary pleasures. My sincere best wishes to all of you. V 'O MW E L to R.: Dr. G. Clifford Singley, Dr. Iames A. Frazee, George B. Melick. Robert M. Dunn. Albert M. Reading. Frank C. Dalrymple, Harrv M. Seals, Richard A. Schultz, Anna H. Stevenson, William H. Kinney, Wilbur K. Lance, Floyd R. Hoffman. G ARDIANS As guardians oi the Emerald City of Knowl- edge, we, the members of the Board of Education, have been entrusted with a task of highest importance. To many of you stu- dents, the Board members have been un- known and just shadowy figures along the edge of the yellow brick road. We sincerely hope that with our unseen guiding hand we have successfully completed the various phases of the complex work, while helping you throughout the journey to graduation. This great job which we have undertaken has permitted us to joumey over a road also. Our journey has not been the happy of the Emerald City carefree trip that you students made over the yellow brick road, but a journey of planning for the betterment of your school and your education, of creating policies for the school, and of handling the financial affairs. In conclusion, we Board members hope that we have been wise guardians, and that we have fulfilled our positions to the best of our abilities, As the members of the class of 1954 journey "somewhere over the rain- bow," may you live up to our expectations oi you. G-UZ D 'E5'Jt'LON6- STKE YELLDW 11 If you like ag Charles heres the place to go '14- Yeah but will math help me on a destroyer" BRICK ROAD One thing was made clear as Dorothy and her friends continued their adventuresome journey. They understood that a successful and happy life is an active life. Each new situation meant feeling, thinking, and acting in some new way. lust as the Scarecrow needed brains, the Tin Woodman desired a heart, and the Lion cherished courage, so each student seeks in some way self-realization and hopes to make his life more complete and satisfying, Because the conditions giving rise to any kind of development are infinitely complex, Regional has provided a guidance and counseling service to help the student understand his concept of himself, his readiness for action, his inner springs of conduct, and sometimes even his inner conflicts. Many things are involved in personal adjustment-physical conditions, family pressures, cultural and racial backgrounds, and the influence of friends. The aim of the guidance department at Regional is to help each student make the most of himself and to make certaln that the goals and ob1ectives of everyones l1fe are the highest attainable Guidance helps each student deal with the forces that make for the limitations relationships and demands of the present so that when goals and purposes are realized they are not found to be as Dorothy and her friends found the great and terrible Oz fmerely a ventriloquist from Omaha who was tired of being a humbugl but are the dynamic guide posts of a rich and satisfying life Sit down help you Im ready to f'.A Wait a minute Gordon Its all here in your record , -4aflA,L.:""Q1Z 9'-vw-iviw-ff Vx .3-4: vqo-'ofa' 6 Q ' u x -'f if g CATHERINE S. DARBY 1"""' Home Economics 11? VIVIAN H. VELEHRADSXY Home Economics and Social Biology C751 llfk 'J T21 mi STANLEY G. VAN ARSDALE I 'fl 3 Q Driver Education -illx, Ll CHARLES S. BENNETI' qv Agriculture nic w 5 ZA Huis' Assi TANKS' 5 any P T! ug IRENE 1. DAWSON ' -H31 if Q Physical Educalion ' NORMAN P. PEDERSEN Physical Education Ls, PAUL E. RICKENBACH Social Studies HELEN W. BINDER Commercial Subiects 5, :- milf T' KATHERINE C. SIEGFRIED English THOMAS G. SPEIRS English 1-9' ANN MARIE O. KORP Latin, English li PATRICIA A. MOORE L ,J RONALD D. ROTH English ,, "? r I H" MARSHALL W. NAGLE Enghsh English 35 My Qf"f'F ff, ,Qu 'PF ADELAIDE D. HALL Cafeteria Manager AUGUSTA HACKETI' GI-RDYS EICK Cafeteria Cafeteria MABEL NEUMEISTER CLARA HIRT Cafeteria Cafeteria NELSON CONOVER Head Ianitor HAROLD ALPAUGH ROSCOE C. STOCKTON lanitor Ianitor Giivit 'QS -1 e.. ,, I f-P BACK HOW, l.. to R.: W. ,ll Runyon, l. Kal'Yf D- Bea' vers, A. Hagan. R. Ritten- house, C. Fichot, S. Kelso!! I. Dalpe, I. Fasanello. SEC- OND ROW: C. Cozze, E Samogi. I. Schubert, A. Schieferstein, I. Hosely, T. , Katz, I. Apgar, C. Langston, B. Venters, F. Ortlieb. L- Rambo, W. Venskus, l. Lawson, K. Bech, D. Doug 5 lass, E. Winkler, M. Mc 'L Gowan, A. Plushanski, l. Hallinger, N. Nelson. SEAT- ED: S. Oakes, C. Allen, R. Iohnson, Photography Edi- tor: I. MacFadyen, Art Edi- tor: I. Erickson, Assistant Editor: C. Hoffman, Editor: S. Macauley, Business Man- ager: D. Alpaugh, Assist- ant Editor: C. Anderson, Assistant Editor: G. Max- well. Missing from picture: B. Huntenburg, P. McElroy, H. Backer. ik . Gowan, R. Iohnson. REGIS STHFF The first duty of the newly elected year- book staff was to decide on a theme for the REGIS. The yearbook was the biggest under- taking of the senior class and there was some discussion before a theme was se- lected. "The Wizard of Oz" finally was decided upon. With the theme chosen, each member began reading the story of the mysterious Oz. The individual staffs started their assign- ments in art, literature, and photography. With the capable help and encouragement of the advisers, the staff painstakingly as- sembled the book for publication. After the '54 REGIS was completed and sent to press, the staff could truthfully say they had benefited by an educational and creative experience. Editor-in-Chief-Catherine Hoffman Assistant Editors- Iacqueline Erickson, Don Al- paugh, H. Cook Anderson Literary Editor-Karen Bech Assistants--Bette Venters, Douglas Beavers Photography Editor-Robert Iohnson Assistants-Mary McGowan, Nancy Nelson, Iohn Kary Art Editor-Iudy MacFadyen Assistants-Ioan Hallinger, Frank Ortlieb, Catherine Cozze, Amiel Hagan Sports-Clark Allen, Alice Plushanski Activities--Barbara Huntenburg, Bill Runyon, Bill Venskus Subscription Editor-Harry Backer Business Manager-Susan Macauley Autographs-Gloria Maxwell. Shirley Oakes Class Prophecy-Dale Douglass, Iune Lawson Class Will-Dick Rittenhouse, Eleanor Winkler Calendar-Stanley Kelson Class History-Iohn Fasanello Chief Typist--Anna Schieferstein Assistants-Io Ann Apgar, Ellen Samogi, Ioanne Schubert, Tillie Katz, Carol Langston, Pearl Mc- Elroy W'ho's Who-Ellen Samogi, Ioanne Schubert Patrons-Ioan Rosely ART STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF BACK, I. to R.: F. Ortlieb, A Hagan L to R-I I- Kdry. N. Nelson, M. Mc- BACK. I.. to R.: C. Anderson, D. FRONT: I. Haflinger, I. MacFadyen Alpaugh, C. Hoffman, I. Erickson. C. Cozze. we Yr--2 Student Council Driving and Park- ing Committee, L. to R.: N. Irwin, P. Lehner. D. Alpaugh, D. Strain. Student Council Store Com- mittee, BACK ROW, I.. to H.: P. Lehner, P. Desmond, D. Alpaugh. SEATED: C. Cep- ka, I. Iohnson, M. Winter- mute. ' 1 ,Jw-Q-55 NI' 0-ff.: . 4315... .4 ... 5-C Student Council Constitution Com mittee, L. to R.: R. Conover M At kinson, E. McGowan. Student Council Publicity Committee, STANDING: L. Papentuhs. SEATED: I. Iohn- son, S. Somerville, E. Getz, D. Norman. '!l Student Council Noonifime Activities Com- mittee I. to R.: I. Lindabury, E. Winkler, D. Mowen R Tiger. kgs! Freshmen Representatives BACK ROW I. to H.: B. Wilson, P. Parker, B Hilbert SEATED P. Studer, Mrs. Darby, Adviser N Apgar LQX xx STUDENT CUUHCIL During the school year the Student Coun- cil of North Hunterdon Regional High School was a hard working organization which, through its continual efforts and accomplish- ments, gained a favorable position in the school. The activities of the Council included the operating of the snack-bar at the football games and the Student Council Store, the issuing of driving permits, and active par- ticipation in the Red Cross program. The Council sponsored one of the social high- lights of the year-the Thanksgiving dance. A visit was made sto the Student Council of the Plainfield High School so that a better idea of how other councils were organized could be obtained. Although only in its third year of exist- ence the Council, with the strong support of the student body and the cooperation of the faculty, had a successful year. gp? Fbnlif BACK ROW, L. to H.: Mrs. Darby. Adviser: R. Ritten- house. President. SECOND ROW: P. Desmond. Secre-' tary: D. Strain, Vice-President. FRONT ROW: K. Braun, Treasurer. STANDING, L. to R.: E. Getz, R. Tiger, Mrs. Darby. Adviser: M. Atkinson, S. Gengler. P. Parker. B. Hilbert. P. Lehner, C. Cepka, D. Alpaugh. B. Wilson. N. Edwin, P. Studer. I. Lindahury, N. Apgar, G. Wintermute, I. Iohnson. D. Mowen. SEATED: D. Strain. R. Rittenhouse, K. Braun. P. Desmond, D. Norman. E. Winkler, L. Papenfuhs, E. McGowan. W. Thompson. ,L-,- ELIZABETH BIDEWELL Elizabeth Bidewell was selected from the girls of the senior class to be the representative from North Hunterdon Regional High to the Daughters of the American Revolution. was chosen because she possessed the needed qualifications: dependability. truthfulness and loyalty. She was presented with a pin and certificate which was awarded by the National Society, and also spent a day in Trenton touring the state capital meeting other representa- tives from different chapters. HUHUR CUUHCIL The Honor Council of North Hunterdon Regional High School was created as a product of the Honor System in April, 1953. Its membership consists of four seniors, two sophomores, and a clerk chosen at large. The Honor Council's main purpose is to integrate the students, faculty, and administration under the Constitution ot the Honor System. Another purpose of the Honor System is to create an environment which will uphold the aims ot the system. These aims are the fostering ot individual honesty and self-respect among the students of Regional. In the future, we hope the Honor Council will be able to obtain many more freedoms like the noon- 1 time recreation periods. It the Honor Council stands behind the Honor System and receives the support of the school, Regional High School will be a school patterned after the great democracy in which we live. HONOR COUNClL BACK ROW. L. to R.: R. Zalewski, I. Fasanello, R. Conover, R. Schumacher, L. Mantrom. R, Rittenhouse. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ward. Adviser: D. Norman, C. Castrilli, E. Tramutola. I. Schubert, I. Erickson. : ll " " 'T 1 , M'-' :li fp- .ff rf' -ug 1 .1-fe, . ' . ' ff I Ill: E .rr A. Sis. aj 'MT i E F l in 2 e ' 2 Q -asf '1 Q l I :QA I 91323124 'ff ,v .. YS -v .J-"M" -til T BOYS AND GIRLS STATE Top to Bottom R Rittenhouse C Hoffman I Enckson I Fasanello Bo and Girls LIS While we were Iuniors our class elected from its ranks representatives to attend New Iersey Girls State and New Iersey Boys' State. These organizations were sponsored by The American Legion and The American Legion Auxiliary. The expenses were paid by various service clubs in the area. The girl representatives spent several days at New Iersey College for Women, and the boys. a week at Rutgers, both in New Brunswick. Both groups were instructed about the functions of our state govern- ment. Mock elections were held and a superficial government was set up, complete with state, city, and county offices and various officials. It was a worth- while experience for those who attended. CITIZENSHIP INSTITUTE Eleanor was chosen as Regional's representative to the Citizenship Institute by the members of the faculty and her classmates, Because of her high scholastic standing, her integrity, and her leadership qualities, she was a natural choice. The Citizenship Institute program is sponsored by The Federated Women's Club of New Iersey. The pro- gram is designed to make the girls fcaniliar with affairs of the state government and to encourage and promote leadership ability which could be an asset to both school and community. Eleanor Winkler BANKING Clockwise around counter: I. Schubert, E. Scxmogi. Mr. Young. Adviser: R. Iohnson, P. Reynolds. S. Haver, I. Matthews. SUHUUL SERVICE SNAPS BACK ROW, I.. to R.: C. Anderson, P. Schneider. FIRST HOW: R. Berger. E. Getz. Q 'H W M W -A L. to R.: C. Hoffman, P. Parker, S. Gengler, Mrs. Fred Messling and Shirley Messling, Mr. Herman Dein- zer. -ss 1 564 3 1 W7 -', i .Q ' 'A 'F E. 1 W 1 5 , i 6 1' 1 cs .- A x 5' , K ! , 5, ' . " Q L v 1 -f - ts... f Q . " , 7 , I 4 . ' ' , ' E lf - ' f I -1' I 3 ... 'U' f - .1 , A f 5 " 'a ' , S -5. W L' - .- '3 O 3-.531 'o ' 7 4, ' J 1 ' P , - . , X X. I , " 1 15: , I X 5, I , . , , 1 1 U A Q , Q 'lbw , 9 H ' A I .lx v W o .P H ,slkf If g-,flbx f.1""T' la .. A -s..'fQ. .rin Xe l i E t 1 I t R7 I . 1 , 1 ,I 'Q F t- I G I BACK ROW, L. to R.: C. Fichot, D. Alpaugh, E. Miller, I. Apgar, C. Hoffman, B. Venters, I. Maclradyen, C. Langston, E. Winkler. SECOND ROW: I. Lindabury, D. Butler. I. Erickson, S. Macauley, M. McGowan, I. Schubert. FRONT ROW: I. D'Aprix, R. Rittenhouse. G. Melick. H. Backer, C. Anderson, G. Papeniuhs. JUHIUH PLHU With harried look and furrowed brow the cast of "Our Miss Brooks" worked diligently toward their stage premier, asssisted and directed by Mr. R. Roth. After many weeks of hard Work the cast faced opening night-with nervous laughs and frightened glances at one another. But they need not have worried, for their play was an entertaining and amusing success. f . ' l "Harry, remember! This is only a rehearsall" OUR MISS BROOKS CAST Miss Brooks, an English teacher Miss Finch, librarian , Hugo Longacre, basketball coach Mr. Wadsworth, principal . . Miss Audubon, music teacher Elsie Iane Sylvia Doris . Marge Faith . , . . Rhonda . Ted Stanley . Martin , Mrs, Allen, Rhond Elaine, student Basketball player I Y f 1 P Students a's mother Catherine Hoffman Dorothy Butler , . George Melick . , Don Alpaugh . . Susan Macauley Ioanne Schubert Ioan Lindabury Iudith MacFadyen Carol Langston . Bette Venters IoAnne Apgar Mary McGowan Harry Backer Richard Rittenhouse lay D'Aprix Iacqueline Erickson . Eleanor Winkler . . . . Charles Fichot "Did you ever have a Chinese tummyache' SEHIUH PLHH "DOWN TO EARTH" STANDING, L. to R.: D. Alpaugh,M. McGowan, Mr. Roth, Director: A. Matzner, L. Mantrom, C. Allen, G. Papenfuhs, F. Ortlieb, E. Bide- well. FIRST ROW: C. Anderson, Stage Man- ager:- I. Lindabury. I. Rosely, I. Erickson, D. Butler, S. Macauley, E. Winkler, Prompter. DOWN TO EARTH CAST Agnes ,..,....... Elizabeth Bidewell Wilfred Angels ........,. ..... D on Alpaugh Pilonef .,.,..... , , .... Louis Mantrom Augusta Applegate, a spinster ..,. Iacqueline Erickson Diana O'Clump, a maid ...,,... . . . Mary McGowan Orpha Teel, Augustcfs niece ..,.. Ioan Rosely if Ruthie Teel, Orpha's daughter Ioan Lindabury Y Millie Bromsley, Augustcfs niece .,,. .. Dorothy Butler Baxter Bromsley, Mi1lie's husband ., Gordon Pooenfuhs Iune Bromsley, the daughter ..,..,... Susan Macaulev Richard White, Iune's boyfriend ., .,... Frank Ortlieb Herman Howell, an old sailor ..,. .. . Clark Allen 3? Robert Hanley, a rich boy .,.. Emil Matzner "Darling, you're so masterful!" f , f , 4 .. if ni? 5 "Heaven, here we come!" 1 "I don't like the style oi this year's halos." "'l'here's probably poison in itl" if Boy! You kill me "One of these days-pow!" SENIOR PLAY After many days of tryouts and hard work rehearsing, Mr. Roth tethered the senior play "Down to Earth" on stage. With angels popping from smoke, ob- jects tloating in the air, and dead peo- ple returning to earth to spy on others, the audience was kept in constant sus- pense wondering what would happen next. The cast need not have feared that their hard work would go for naught. because the audience appreciated and welcomed the departure from the standardized plays of the past. As the heavenly visitors were transported away on a cloud, the applause of the crowd echoed in their angelic ears. There's noithin like u guid cup o'tea." Kanji, LU' 4' , f "9--s I Q ilfw 5. 3 P - f , az if - Q J H, 5,5 L 4-1' -2 E Af Q 1 ,414 'K xx' JYFIQQ n -1 w mf Y Q , ,m1j 39 0 crew-'il Q R. , ,,, A. Q32 + - ' in K 1 ai J LQ AJ W Y' 'Q I' G45 f .C . -A .A,.... A . I WO' . v- 2 - , I , -......,.....z.... . ' ,., ,un F fp., ,wa "Wg ! ' ' .dyelwsfsv A ,--., . . Q4 '3w.":'zf., -1,-rr' , , - 59:5 ,,f1:Jj" 2 4' . J, li: ,Z 5 f, fy, - gg ff-'g Q if -'- mifjfg 3 f iii i . 2 54gv'.7g?,Z,5,Sa.-'.v:igr2L55w2S--sl.,-g g, jh f ' . ff 15522 1 Lf - -- V, ,.a?:,41 :Mi,f1Q il we r CIRCUS gy 5 I 5 f . I -,S , Ll , 2 A w,A gi ,E Y" M: ' 'Q f 2 Ya 5 ji iff? A g . . 55:22 I A, -X K fy . ,.- 1 --Q h ,U . A 5 6 I 25 , -ft! -' -L 'Z v, , ,,',f f4w-Y J .PH 3. 5: fe 'fkz ' 19 f ' 'bi Mfg, ,R , x -x 0 I 94. .ftl X I 'O V1.0 f Q use UPPER LEFT-February 26, 1954. The new "ag. girls" were whoopin' it up in the old Regional gym at the F. F. A. Assembly. UPPER RIGHT-The reason the "girls" got so "jazzy" was because the UF. F. A. Strang- lers" were playing in the wings. CENTER-October 15. 1953. From pigskin to powder-puff-result: hilarious entertainment. LOWER LEFT-November 6, 1953. Mr. Wil- liam Hacker, internationally famous pianist, held his audience spellbound with semi- classical and popular music. LOWER RIGHT-November 10, 1953. -Pep Assembly. Coach Rickenbach pins his hopes on Dave and Charlie -they weren't realized. '15 V ll" r ar' J, L MAIORETTES Left to right: I. Dusey, E. O'Neill. D. Douglass, P. Miller, I. Monahan x Xggf S. Q il iff BACK ROW, L. to R.: M. Aten, A. Clasen, G. Hilde- brandt, P. Graff, L. Reid, A. Bridge, B. Copp. FOURTH BOW: S. Macczuley, D. Poe, F. Ctibor, I. Compton, M. Atkinson, E. Bidewell, N. Cox, I. Wilbur, THIRD ROW: C. Hackett, R. Zalewski, E. Tramutola, K. Braun, E Getz, K. Smith, E. Butler, I. Moebus. SECOND ROW E. Reniger, B. Wolfe, M. Stiles, R. Fasanello, C. Castrilli, C. Pierce, B. Keifer, C. Stocker. FIRST BOW: W. Bischoff, M. Frace. W. Clausen, E. Rapp, D. Hoppaugh S. Keiper, H. Hartner, I. Alsberg. Mrs. Harrison, Direc- tor. MAIORETTES, L. to R.: P. Miller, I. Dusey. nl 4 54,51 . ,xg S14 Si" x, .,:1d-iff ' an r Lai X K ss l 40" ' 1 V! 4 fill, 2 , t .: l .,s11.,f?,'- Y Y X Q.-ff' :f 5,1 A I ji-1 Y ' Q X ,' . ,E A - v I . Q ' ,LQ z'1."' ,vi "' '- , 55722, if . vvniqs. A 7,2 Muf f 1.5. . Jvqlei 'I 4' , A - A 1 " . 9-5134. 4 1' f- ffl ' H' ' - - Q., Ei.. Au " "MF" ' :F . 5 T BACK ROW. L. to R.: E. Getz. E. Spann, R. Schumacher. P. Schneider, P. Cupelli. FIRST ROW: Mr. Roth, Adviser: P. Kunz. H. Pinkerton, L. Culvert. I. Rosely. D. Gembenski. L. Burton. BACK ROW. L. to R.: I. Giorgi, D. Alpaugh, G. Melick. G. Backer. C. Anderson, G. Pczpen- fuhs. G. MccNcxmcxra. M. Kelson. I. Tmnsue. B. Sliker, Mr. Pedersen. Adviser. FRONT ROW: L. Edsoren, I. Kerry. F. Cozze. E. Bowlby, E. Allen. G. Hackett, E. Phcxro. if f 'rw-W , M A J Q 5 . Q , . . 55? ,., 'ZF up fi L. '? f if If ' ' r ' A 'rs 4+ I .V -qi.. ,I X. I k,,f'i -4.. 5 'ff x- I ,fi fs., 4' f" . . ' ,, 1' . F1 H241 , v . 5 46 h 1 A - . , 7 ' ex.--Q rr' xv -Q . 43, I ...I BACK ROW. L. to R.: Mr. Samson. Adviser: E. Lettenmaier, E. Smith. E. Tramutola, I. LeVerso, 1. Wezel, P. Parker, A. Breston, B, Hilbert. B. Sadoski, B. Williams. G. Duckworth. G. Deckhut, R. Whitesell. G. Thompson. SITTING: H. Ireland, I.. Reilly, L. Iskra. P. Apgar. B. Delair. I. Eastman. G. Kessler, F. Burbank. E. Brown. M. Stobb. BACK ROW. I.. to R.: C. Moran. O. Liland. SECOND ROW: C. Fox. G. Olsen, F. Takacs FRONT ROW: Mr. Pedersen, Adviser: R. Litzenberger, R. Henderson, R. Barber. P. Likus C l W. Hcckenbury. xl nf" I N.. 35. fain . CLOCKWISE AROUND LEFT HAND BENCH: Mr. Callan. Adviser: D. Taylor. E. Bronish. K. Beam. R. Bowers. D. VanDyke, H. Storr. CLOCKWISE AROUND RIGHT HAND BENCH: I. Trimmer. I. Bidwell. W. Henderson, G. Alpcxugh. F. Schubert. R. Eick. I. Lis. Cl STANDING. L. to H.: R. Newman, A. Bayerl. G. Lent. C. Boehm. I. Bigelow, R. Gilmore. G. Harbor. E. Stevens. I. Wydner. E. Refalvy, I. Csisik. W. Adams. Mr. Lane. Adviser. SEATED: G. Boehm. W. Wintennute. K. Compton. F. Smolinski. R. Case. H. Pinkerton. D. Conklin. A. Peterson. Q Q: l llllllll AO 5 "tx-I' ' .. , ...l , 1 A' nl ---T. 5? 'f-. AUTO MECHANICS CLUB BACK ROW. I.. to R.: E. Rush. W. Runyon. R. Becker, Mr. Robinson. Adviser. SECOND ROW: A K. Felter. E. Allen. G. Melick. W. Brewster. FRONT ROW: G. Hackett, W. Witte, E. Bowlby. I. Cozze, I. Transue. Guest Mr. H. Winters. M E 6 S FUTURE FA BACK ROW, L. to R.: D. VanDyke. R. Henderson. W. Henderson. K. Wagner, H. Temple T. Langston, R. Degnan. M. Keison, E. Bronish. T. Burrell. THIRD ROW: I. Temple. C Bishop. K. Beam, S. Schuyler. O. Leland. R. Gares. F. Schubert. D. Taylor. G. Hildebrandt FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA UF SECOND ROW: E. Busher. R. Tiger, R. Bowers. R. Freeborn, A. Nagy. I. Sutton. E. Rush, W. Almind. C. Fulcher. G. Alpaugh. FIRST ROW: V. Klim. I. Giorgi. E. Pharo. W. Apgar W. Burd. I. Dalpe. G. Melick. R. Carvat, R. Moore, Mr. Bennett. fsf. N Ol -1, ART CLUB CLOCKWISE AROUND TABLE: M. Hallinger, S. Nagy, Mr. Iacobs. Adviser: B. Goska, C Vroom, R. Ierome, A. Nagy, R. Letlenmaier, R. Schullzel, G. Hartsell, P. Kessler, S. Bogart S. Castner, I. Hallinger. Fmsr mn CLUB C. Allen, P. Alpaugh, P. Apgar, D. Butler. B. Gabriel, T. Greelish, L. Gomey. A. Hall, R. Ireland, G. Kirk, P. Lustbader, I. LeVerso, D. Mowen, A. Messinger, E. Meyer, F. Muelh- b Zalewski, L. Rambo, R. Iackson. We' ve auer. S. Randall, H. Reid, R. Spann, R. Schifil, A. Schlichting, I. Seaman, I. Winter. P. ' 'Q 5' "4 23 1 SE? X XR' CLUB WI if 'fn N., 'gg IN, , Fw fi 015 " il" 't rfifgr BACK ROW. L. to R.: E. Winkler, M. Reper. P. McElroy, M. Potts. S. Castner. T. Katz. T. Langston, G. Papenfuhs, D. Riley, B. Kiefer. E. Renigar, M. Danforth, R. Hendershot. SECOND ROW: R. Cap- izzi, C. Shive, I. Mantz, M. Baker, P. Conover, S Reid. P. Kunz, F. Ctibor. G. Alpaugh, A. Clasen, B. Venters, E. Lettenmaier. THIRD ROW: D. Cronce, I. Lindabury, I. Monahan, E. Parks, C. Reed, C. Boehm 1 R. Hoffman, R. Becker, A. Lusardi, D. Gratt, K. Apgar, L. Papenfuhs. FOURTH ROW: S. Oakes, B. GLEE BACK ROW, L. to R.: E. Smith. M. Zangrando, L. Culvert, M. Blessing, G. Hildebrandt, K. Wagner, E. Rush, A. Rogers. M. Stobb, C. Crampel, I. Erick- son. M. Aten. SECOND ROW: C. Parks, M. Segreaves, 'I'. Salter. M. DeMotte, P. Graff, R. Ierome, W. Dalrymple. D. Cook, E. O'Neil1, I. Kelt- ing, S. Coughlin, R. Krohn. THIRD ROW: M. Frace. E. McGowan, S. Wydner, E. Meyer, D. Beavers, N. Cox, B. Copp. W. Brewster, M. Atkinson. I. Suydam, P. Kessler, I. Bradshaw. FOURTH ROW: A. Plushan- C 3"Y!. Kumpf, L. Barton, S. Haver, C. Stocker. R. Schu- macher. O. Lagelbauer, I. Bigelow, R. Tiger, D. Schuyler, N. Apgar, H. Lent. C. Backhus. FIFTH ROW: I. Alsberg, L. Carvatt, P. Miller, F. Cowell. S. Macauley, C. Reading, D. Schuyler, G. Alpaugh. H. Hartner, I. MacFadyen, I. Brcnish. C. Castrilli. FIRST ROW: I. Wilbur, M. Wintermute. I. Iohnson. H. Apgar, E. Tramutola, M. Stiles. C. Cepka, I. Lawson, C. Hoffman, C. Pierce, L. Conover. D. Douglass, Mrs. Harrison, Director. LUBS ski, G. Maxwell, S. Venters. P. Regitz, R. Lawton. I. Compton, M. Cregar, I. Stock. D. Irwin. I. Mac- Fadyen. K. Ortlieb. I. Hoagland. FIFTH ROW: S. Keiper, I. Antcliff, S. Schroeder. I. Dusey, N. Nelson. E. Miller. K. Braun, B. Page, M. Proctor, D. Parry, I. Moebus, A. Craig. FRONT ROW: N. Schramek D. Poe, E. Rapp, W. Clawson, R. Komberger, G Harbar, N. Nixon, K. Smith, H. Ierome, C. Castrilli Mrs. Harrison, Director. .Any wg! ... ..-M---Q I, eo Ca I P' TJ 9 'L o -Q3 . 0 Seem , 06 N.. . .fuss P-V I' - r 1 u W" Ynfn A preview oi things come. THE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT The Christmas season at Regional began a week before Christmas Eve when the Regionettes and the Choralaires, assisted by the Male Glee Clubs, presented the annual Christmas Pageant to the parents and friends of the students. Mrs. Harrison, our director, helped to initiate the season of holly, mistletoe, and evergreen with a musical theme. The pageant consisted of opening selec- tions by the band, traditional carols and novelty numbers by the Glee Clubs, and a number of tableaux by freshmen depicting the Nativity. The response of the audience was most gratifying to those who partici- pated in the pageant and tableaux. Since its inception, the Christmas concert has be- come an outstanding seasonalattraction for the people of our communities. CHHISHHHS BACK ROW, L. to R.: I. Little, T. Greelish. F. Cronce. G. Deckhut, H. Pinkerton. L. Bates. SECOND ROW: M. Whitehead. C. Marschke, P. Berger, D. Danielson. E. Retalvy. FRONT ROW: C. Allen. 'ii-4 Q 4? - - ,v ..-0 Lol ,:,- ,. , . ,,- ., 4 5 t T "Arise, and take the young child . . . and flee into Egypt." Matthew 2:13 "And all went to be taxed, everyone into his own city." Luke 2:3 CUHCEHT t 3 lf I A t 3 I 1 . . . a Saviour." Luke 2:11 "For unto you is born t I I, K . . 1 Q if H' -H P gi .E i'i,,:,,,U' 5 B . -W ,a ssi 4 ,uf my W stiffer' K I 4 , 7 . 1, S'-' AS?" llhwe can make S'-'Ch beau' "No, no let it come out as hful musxc fogetherl though You were blowing bubbles." 5 r A K 1 "Purse ihe lips, place the fingers blow!" v 3 'P' if QQSN, 'W 1' grzauz i2x'.'1 A ' ,MM , xx xl fr. l 5 V I r CONDUCTING CLASS Left to Riqht: R. Ierome, B. Copp. M. Stobb, C. Hoffman, M. Atkinson, D. Poe, L. Barton, S. Macauley, I. Maclfadyen, D. Douglass, D. Iones, C. Castrilli, Mrs. Harrison, Adviser. "l'll wait, bu! l do want to go B-O-O-M!" "Personally Mrs. Harrison, I think it needs more fan- 'r "Could Gabriel do any tissimo." , better?" ,fs 5 I fi 1 1 r .. my R J -1- , ' 4.-. H 1 - . 1 an rn, ,. 4 ,' 1' bf: V ,IFF ' :Ll-f' 'V l' I 'I k . 1 fn x XIX 41,1 K 4 A YQ I fr . ,, Jlxl ir . N 1Ql - V L ' N-f SPCYRTS I . . ' ,F 4, in 4 I I r gms' 'H' fn- Bruising Backer prepares to crash a ioeman to earth!! "Look out for the ground! Here it comes!" Paul E. Rickenba ch On a hot, dry, fall day, titty-live boys greeted a new coach in Re- gionals initial 1953 practice session Paul Rickenbach came to Regional to fill the post vacated when former Coach Beers transferred to Washing- ton High School. Coach Rickenbach, who had supervised football at both Frenchtown and East Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, is a graduate of Wes: Chester State Teachers College The new mentor, faced with the almost impossible task of building a winning team around three return- ing lettermen, drove his Charges hard and long At the end of the season he was well satisfied with the results. T1 Lil. Venskus T Langston 91.- L E Allen E Paulus i if H Rxttenhouse H Bamck C Fxchot Strom N Irwx 343' fl Paulus 1.7. H Backer Il. Under the guidance of their new coach, Paul E. Rickenbach, the Green and Gold tackled an eight game schedule. With only one returning letterman, the prospects for a successful season were rather dim. The first game against Franklin seemed to set the season's pattern, for Regional completely outplayed their opponents, but lacked the scoring punch. After losing the tirst three games, the Lions roared back to upset a heavily fav- ored Lambertville team 5-U. In the best- played game of the season, the Regional Lions held Coach Beers' powerful Washing- ton Blue Streaks to a scoreless tie. At the close of the season, Dave Strain was named Hunterdon County Lineman of the Year by the Hunterdon County Demo- crat and selected for the third All State Team by the Newark News Sports Staff. Nial Irwin and Iohn Paulus were chosen for the second string county team by the Democrat Sports Staff. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE N.H.R.H.S. Opponents 0 Franklin . . , 12 7 Newton S Highland Park 6 Lambertville . 0 Bemards 7 Frenchtown U Washington , U Flemington 'I .4-'4 5' BACK ROW, L. to R.: R. Berger, Manager: I. Paulus, N. Irwin, R. Spann, H. Barrick, R. Rittenhouse, T. Langston, E. Paulus, I. Bigelow. Manager. SECOND HOW: Mr. Van Arsdale, Assistant Coach: M. Kel- son. B. Sokoloski. T. Inslee, G. Alpaugh. E. Mac- Namara, C. Cepka, E. Smith, W. Thompson. FIRST ROW: Mr. Ward. Assistant Coach: G. Melick, H. Backer, W. Venskus, D. Strain, and C. Fichot. Co- Captains: E. Allen, D. Beavers, C. Huff, Mr. Richen- bach, Head Coach. IDI-""1' -r i I.V. FOOTBALL BACK ROW. L. to R.: R. Ward. Coach: R. Henderson, R. Schumacher. H. Baior. B. Paulus. R. Spann. I. Apgar. G. Leonard. E. Bronish. FIRST ROW: I. Van Arsdale. Coach: B. Sokoloski, M. Kelson, E. Smith, T. Inslee. G. Alpaugh, E. MacNamara. C. Cepka, P. Lilcus. R. Fredricks. P. Rickenbach. Coach. X . FRESHMEN AND I.V. FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW. L. to R.: P. Capelli. Manager: Mr. Lane, Coach: I. Little. Manager. SECOND ROW: D. Vliet, E. O'Neill. B. Caverly. R. Litzenberger. R Hackett, R. Gilmore. I. Franks. THIRD ROW: W. Winters. I. Sargent. G. Leonard, H. Baior, F Takacs. H. Pinkerton. R. Schumacher. A. Whitely 4? FOURTH ROW: I. Wintermute. L. Bates, R. Hender- son. R. Fredrlcks. E. Bronish. R. Barber. C. Marschke B. Paulus. FIRST ROW: W. Wintermute, C. Cepka I. Apgar, C. Sentz, I. Savacool, M. Whitehead. P Likus. E. Stevens. D. Stewart. UWN Mrs. Dawson. Coach. , 1 X If 5 'Q , I .Vx Xu! GIRLS' HUCHEU Clak, clak, clak, the sound of hitting sticks could be heard as once again Regional's hockey girls scurried down the field. After being beaten by Lam- bertville in their first game, the Regionalites got together and downed Flemington 2 to U. Frenchtown, the team's toughest opponent, held the girls scoreless in a tough battle. The last and only away game was at High Bridge and lo and behold, arch rivals that they are, Regional gals beat them. With the guidance of Mrs. Dawson, the coach, and the encouragement of Iudy MacFadyen, acting captain, the team wound up with a highly successful season. r I BACK ROW. I.. to R.: E. McGowan, S. Bogart, P Rev A , P. Lus er. N. Ap ur. R Roslin, B. Thompson, I. Maclfadyen, E. Tramutola er. . Rro y . I im, 7Stobb FIRST ROW: E, Spcmn, P. Studer. I. Alsberg, c a i-J - . - I - an omerville Mrs. Dawson, Coach: P. Parker,!A, Plushanski. . Readi . arry. b4',. 97 C. Plenge - f L, ' V M , , "' f N. , 5 53 Q - 'li k , fn V xi Vp K.. .g."'X XE- L1 4 .1 B098 BHSHETBHLL XIZX 5 l The Reglonal H1gh School basketball team entered the l953 54 season wlth no return 1ng lettermen Coach Pedersen faced wrth a tremendous rebulldmg problem centered hrs attack around Drck Rlttenhouse Harold Barnck Tom Inslee Frank Cozze Pete Leh ner Dave Stram B111 Thompson George Alpaugh and Glenn Alpaugh Even though the Llons won only four con L to R W Thompson P Lehner T Inslee R Rrttenhouse Mr Pedersen Coach H Barnck G Alpaugh D Stram G Alpaugh T Langston BW!!! tests dur1ng the regular season several 1n dwxdual marks were shattered Dlck Rltten house scored a yearly total of 207 pornts to pass Ken Brauns old mark of l93 Patten house also dropped 1n 55 foul poxnts for a new record Further laurels were added when Dlck Rlttenhouse was named to the second All County team ll vu P9PPY wll V "Lets see, I thmk Ill gxve ham a buzz --I A 1 . -. 1. I U .ni Dont throw that' Its my gonna go ' e . f I , rl 1 ' 5 'V -Q ' t 5 ,lf S X! Y 4 X 1: L W 4 I ft YV l ,A 3 ' ' fl l 5 3 1 5 I VARSITY 8'1" "W" s ' - ' W ,- In-ifww 4 X4 Q, ll "Wi ' at ' .iv P l A 1 .l I K 7, L , 75 nh, "It's sho!-put style, but il gamers the baskeis. IUNIUR VARSITY , 1' lex .1-1v wr! l.V. BASKETBALL BACK ROW, L. to R.: Coach. Mr. Richenbach: I. Compton. E. Sievens, T. Greelish, R. Schumacher, P. Likus, C. Ceplra. F. Cozze. FRONT ROW: L. Bates, B. Paulus. E. O'Neill, I. Apgar. G. Leonard. I. Savacool. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Regional Opponent sa High Bridge , . 54 42 Bemardsville . . 45 36 Belvidere 4 I I A S6 58 Lambertville , , 56 42 Bemardsville . 49 50 Newton ,,,., . . 48 43 Flemingfon A 55 21 Fleminglon , , , , 28 53 Belvidere . . . 76 28 Newion I I A 42 52 Lambertville 66 37 Alumni I 50 56 Frenchtown 62 39 Washington I A Q I I 46 44 Washington . , 30 30 Frenchlown . , 56 so High Bridge ' 66 .su vii X 11 ' "Upl Up! You've gol the reach on hxm. .l Xl! .I? . - KX ihimll IQQSKMI s the 'lellcr' with ihe spring that gets lhe ball." "Yqu catch lhe ball-not bile ill" ITV fb Come on Lxons let s sh w em how we roarl 1 AQ E fl, Eff? Oool Ii only I were cr little tallerl i 1 . E E' W Nqr V Ji" Rel dont blow that whxstle 'It's a rimmer. it's a rimmed" IUNIUR VARSITY GIRLS' I.V. BASKETBALL BACK ROW. L. to H.: S. Roth. Manager: E. O'Neill. D. Grait. Manager: THIRD ROW P. Reynolds, D. Gembenski, D. Bentz, P. Des- mond, C. Reading. SECOND ROW: P. Pat- kockis, R. Roslcm. I. Stock. FRONT ROW: C Crampel. I. Fleming. M. Cregar. f BH l 'E' 32 A! '59 'QQ L! 5. .. Q4 BACK ROW L to R W Keltmg Manager C Allen R Burd W H Wxlson R Hawluns D Beavers S Olemacz C Hall Coach Pedersen FRONT ROW E Paulus I Transue I Tharp W Wilson B Brannon D Stram BASEBALL The Regzonal Llons paced by the A1 pxtchmg of Dave Straxn cmd Ed Paulus and the boommg bats of B111 Wxlson Iack Tharp Doug Beavers Bruce Brannon Stan Olenlacz Iohn Transue and Charley Hall won thelr hrst four games before they fell v1ct1m to the red wave of Belvrdere From there on the season was one of 1ns and outs for the Reglonal nine and the Green and Gold wound up the season with seven wins and six losses. I" HH "'l nu nu fl: uh 1? 5? L IUNIUR 4. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Underclass Uttlcers 071 L to R M Wmtermute Hnstonan E Tramutola Vice President N Cox President D Poe Treasurer P Desmond Secretary UNDERCLASS OFFICERS At the begmrung of the school year members of each class chose those students who they thought would be quahtled to lead the1r classmates over the yellow br1ck road Those elected gave unselhshly of thexr tlme to undertook and accomphshed As the year progressed each 1nd1v1dua1 class reallzed that 1ts cholce of ofhcers had been a wlse one Not only does elect1on to an ofhce provlde personal satlsfactxon but xt also gtves an opportunlty tor a d1rect contnbutlon to the welfare of the class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L to R T Langston Presxdent L Papentuhs Secre tary I Kelhng Hxstonan C Reading Treasurer C Cepka Vxce Presxdent 'genie iG!Mu irc mul i .fbvx ga: SUPHUMURE 1 '? ? x X I flN N IX FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS I. to R G Kirk Class Hxstonan E Stevens V1cePres1dent D Bentz Treasurer I Apgar President I Eastman Secretary 4? 5 1 I 75 l Os U1 1 . .: . ' . ' ' : . . ' - f . . .1 . Anais' V 'lvx - Q X: '. K A . . . N' -' Y: g ' . . 'Q ' L guide thexr class m the many worthy tasks they V all 1 o n - 1 I u s I Nr, t r I f . - I . I I I I ' ' QV x l ' fl I X r xx 1 5 , - g If : A 1 . , f f - W v.. V' U ,X :L : 1,5 ,. X I, I7 xg . 1 x ' IIN 'fly ,I I I xl, X If Ju JUNIORS sl .ll X I ' n fxs x X if HOMEROOM 101 BACK ROW, I.. to R.: G. Alpaugh, R. Case, W. Bird, G. Alpaugh, I. Britton, L. Barton, M. Atkinson, A. Craig, M. Blessing. SECOND ROW: M. Castrilli, S. Bogart, S. Castner, I. Bradshaw, M. Aten, L. Conover, S. Bishop, A. Clasen, M. Carpenter. FIRST ROW: Mr. Lane, E. Butler, N. Cox, G. Boehm, A Bridge, I. Bigelow, R. Conover, E. Busher, C. Bowers Missing from picture: K. Apgar, A. Beam, C. Boehm T. Burrell, R. Capizzi, K. Compton. HOMEROOM 102 BACK ROW, I.. to R.: M. Espenschied, I. Dusey S Haver V Klim D Gratt L Culvert R Demeaux SECOND ROW T Inslee G Hlldebrcmdt R Hoff man R Freeborn C Fulcher M Frace D Cronce B Goska FIRST ROW I Eventt H Ierome H Hartner, B. Hummer, P. Kessler, R. Degnan, N. Irwin, M. Kelson. Missing from picture: Mr. Young, P. Desmond. L. Edsoren, R. Frey, I. Giorgi, I.. Gomy, I. Hoagland, R. Iackson, I. Iohnson. .LA- . K," HOMEROOM 103 BACK ROW, L. to R.: T., Kuhne, L. Reid. V. Kondas. M. Landon, M. Potts, R. A. Roslin, D. Parry. THIRD ROW: M. Schcxller. D. Knowski, E. Parks, P. Miller, E. Paulus, R. Lilcmd. A. Nagy, W. Messinger. SEC- OND ROW: I. Rudl. R. Moore, D. Riley. R. Schcller, I. Giorgi. S. Plenge, E. McGowan, D. Poe, C. Reed. FIRST ROW: Miss Sliker, I. Monahan, P. Reynolds. E. Rapp. S. Roth. E. McxcNumara. R. Roberts, R. O'Rourke, D. Mowen. Missing from picture: H. Lent. HOMEROOM 106 BACK ROW, L. to R.: B. Weightman, E. Smith, W. Wilson, D. Strain, G. Thode, S. Skinner, E. Simon. SECOND ROW: P. Wright, S. Wydner, M. L. Segreaves, I. Ziegler, M. Winterrnute, C. Vroom, P. Wolfe, B. Sokoloski. B. Sliker. FIRST ROW: R. Spcmn, R. Schultzel. R. Tiger. R. Zalewski, C. Shive, V. Tcmge, III. Stiles. N. Schramek, Mr. Bennett. Missing from picture: E. Smith, E. Stock, E. Trumutolcx. Y HOMEROOM 104 BACK ROW, L. to R.: C. Bishop, E. Bronish, M. Baker, D. Cook, G. Al- paugh, I. Billow, S. Cough- lin. SECOND ROW: A. Bay- erl, W. Bentz, C. Cepka, B. COPD, R. Berger, I. Bird, R. Bogart, W. Clawson. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Binder, N. Ap- gar. C. Backhus, P. Con- over, I. Antcliif, I. Alsberg, D. Burd, H. Apgar, L. Car- vatt. Missing from picture: H. Baior, K. Beam. I. Comp- ton. 4. f . f'. 7 HY, HOMEROOM 105 BACK ROW, L. to R.: Mr. P. Ricken- hach, P. Graff, H. Eick, A. Hall, R. Hawkins, G. Harbar, R. Henderson, F. Cozze. Mr. Pedersen. SECOND ROW: W. Dalrymple, M. Cregar, I. Hockenbury, M. Danforth, R. Frank, C. Hackett, M. Hallinger, F. Cowell. G. Hawkins, G. Hartsell. FIRST ROW: F. Ctibcr, E. Getz, M. Dein- zer, R. Eick, F. Hagan, F. Gares, C. Fox, W. Hockenbury, E. Fleming. Missing from picture: C. Crampel. Q X HOMEROOM 201 BACK ROW, L. to. R.: D. Iones, I. Masler, E. Kary, P. Kunz, B. Kumpf, R. Newman, A. Lusardi, R. Ier- asko, D. Irwin, R. Krohn, I. Mantz, I. Moebus, I. Kelting, E. Meyer, I. MacFadyen, S. Keiper, D. Norman. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Siegfried, I. Lis, D. Hall, mone, N. Nixon, P. Likus. SECOND ROW: E. Nab- R. Lettenmaier, T. Langston, B. Kiefer, G. Lent, O. Liland, C. Moran. HOMEROOM 206 TOP ROW, I.. to R.: I. Mc- Pherson, H. Read. C. Marschke. E. O'Neill, F. Muehlbauer, A. Messinger. P. Parker, I. Mathews. B. Sudoski, M. Mowery, Mrs. Korp. SECOND ROW: P. Patkochis. C. Pool. B. Mess- ling. E. Rosely, G. Milli- gan, G. Olson. E. Refalvy, R. Litzenberger, A. Peter- son. THIRD ROW: H. Pink- erton, I. Runycn, V. Presciti. S. McCurtharcxn, P. Lust- bcxder, A. O'Neill. S. Lomer- BOH. S- Nagy. L. Reilly. HOMEROOM 208 BACK ROW, L. to R.: H. Smith. L. Tiger. G. Thomp- son, B. Smith. W. Welles. P. Studer. M. Stout, P. Thomas. C. Thorworth, D. Secxrles. Mr. Dunn. SEC- OND ROW: I. Silvius, B. Thompson, I. Wezel, I. Schmauser. I. Van Why. D. Vliet, C. Sentz, F. Tukacs R. Schiiil, I. Savacool FRONT ROW: C. Smith. D VcmDyke, D. Stewart. E Stevens, A. Schneider, G Sutton. I. Smith. M. Wald- ron, E. Tyrrell. HOMEROOM 211 BACK ROW. L. to R.: M. Zachman. B. Wilson. B. Williams, I. Winters, Miss Velehradsky. FIRST ROW: I. Wydner, M. Whitehead. W. Winter. R. Whitesell, I. Wintermute, A. Whitely. Missing frcm picture: G. Ziegler. Q li CJ,MLfIGL3gJa IJUKILIHQQLQJQZIQLRISgblgmxqli www - , qQM.1w,uN,o QMS, M K W, Qy Mj+xfz Y' wg 23 ? QFEQE? if .... 41?Tx?35Qg5?5?wYQ3yg'ji1 T Q Q 9 ggfgsiip X 9, fir, S9 E815 EN E if M-1 S1 fi QL 'X ffof' 0317 ,J J xx fl iiwwfffigm J 9ffw""'S51? ,, HQE7' J jf J ,gf iL'Q, .ji2'S-gy 54 Q, UWM XL? 0047 2 ki Q 09 W f MMR? 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SEPTEMBER Teachers reported lor onentatxon School opened Semor class electrons Student Councxl electrons OCTOBER 26 Report cards 28 Parents day 29 Hallowe en dance Junior class NOVEMBER 12 13 19 20 Plano concert by Mr Haaker Armlstzce Day School closed NIE A conventlon Semor play Thanksgxvmg concert Thanksgiving dance Student Council Thanksglvxng vacation School reopened DECEMBER 14 Report cards 23 Chnstmas pageant 23 Chnstmas dance semor class 23 Chnstmas vacatxon FEBRUARY Mxdyear examinations Mxdyear exammatxons Report cards St Valentine s dance-sophomore class Washington s bxrthday MARCH Umted Natrons tnp Report cards Iabberwock Iabberwock APRIL Apnl Fools dance freshman class Easter vacation School reopened Band and choral concert MAY lumor play Iumor play Report cards Washmgton tnp Washmgton tnp Iunxor prom IANUARY 4 School reopened 28 Mxdyear exarmuatxons 29 Mxdyear exammatlons IUNE I0 15 Fmal examinations Graduation Report cards-school closes Vg' xii: L7 YY 0 4, I 1 I K 8 . . 1 . . . 9 2 . . . ls 1 - 8 23 ' ' ll . ' ' 22 . . . l 19 . . . . -. . 24 25 26 6 ' , ll n 2 . . - S D l un 1 n ' 25 ' ' Q? 25 ' ' - ' 2 t 26 . . . 30 6 . 7 . 12 . 13 ' ' I 14 ' ' . -. . 26 . ' 31 Memorial Day 1 1 1 -15 ' 18 H -' j' ff' -' S I' , . - . if r- Af , 4-ee Z X ' N X I A if Y '43 LT-.f V x - yum? 1. p s, -2 Nigga-2 p 72' ,,,n ,Z Q ' 1 X... iq n. ru' ,vk '. v, rr'f 1 14 fr Y 42 Ify ,...- 1. ,- at v , Q,-5.4 - N ,,r . , n, -.- qw 4... S. 1 I .,' ffl, C , ff 1 4 f , 1,1 I Illulf if 'T 11 .1 1 ' HU,-iv 4 ff 1'5- fff'.f l 145, s ff' 4. . -ny ." 1,4 , , I, I 'ffl' 1', , ,UI , ,1 7' ,ff . 1, ,ff ,X ffg tif mf . YI! 9 I 'I 1 1 ,z fi,-1 1, , M 1'-1 1 1 X' H v -,f , 1 .. ,,ffA,,L!h' . ,,f ff,-n 'f 1 ' ff 'lf'-'KH 1 I 41, at 4, WZ, Milf' , A .ff-1, L . ' P in The sen1or ofhcers were elected on the bas1s of therr leadershrp and rntegrrty Our oifrcers dxd a fme 1ob all through the year They showed therr leadershrp ln the manner rn whmch they conducted class meetrngs and handled the busmess of the class Among the many actlvrtres they helped to be suc cessful were the sen1or dance sen1or play and Washrngton D C trrp They wrll cer talnly carry the1r rmtratxve and foresrght 1nto thelr future lrves AND ASSISTANTS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS L to R C Hoffman Vrce Presxdent L Mcmtrcm Pres rdent I MucFadyen Treas urer K Braun Secretary ClASS UFFICERS The sen1or class of 54 expresses xts sm cere gratrtude for the gurdance and asslst ance of the sen1or advlsers Because of then' extra trme and work devoted to help mg us the class was able to accomphsh all rt had set out to do Mr Spe1rs gave much ot hrs t1me to the edrtrng of thrs year book Mrs Rlttenhouse was most helpful regardmg our future plans Mxss Shker Mrs Darby and Mr Callan ass1sted the semors rn varrous other ways SENIOR CLASS ADVISEHS I.. to R Mr T Spemrs Mrs H Rrttenhouse Mr R Cal lan Mxss C Slxker Mrs C Darby ,ph WILLIAM F. ALMIND Bill likes any form of monkey busi- ness , . . member of Wrestling, Mechanics, and Armchair Travelers' Clubs , . . belonged to the F F A , . . has exciting hobbies of hunt- ing and fishing . . . seems to enjoy 'covering long distances in short amounts of time" with his '46 Mer- cury . . candidate for the Air Force . , . Bill left us in February. cxfvbl CLARK R. Clark is an outstcmdin member the class . . . calm, lected . . . portrayed senior play . . tious for Iournalism Newstaff , . . useful to an executive . . . pondering over whether Trenton State or Springfield, Mass., will assist this teacher-to-be. Club EDGAR ALLEN Eddie has a quick and ready smile , . . likes mischief . . . right guard on varsity football squad . . . mem- ber of Key Club , , . member of Auto Mechanics Club . . , belonged to the Wrestling, Crafts, and Archery Clubs in his sophomore year . . . Student Council representative . . . enlistment in the Army after grad- uation. DON K. ALPAUGH Don is a friendly, hard working senior , . . sports crew cut and red vest . , . Key Club treasurer . , . overbearing principal in junior play . , . member of Ushers Club . . . perfect angel in senior play . . . Student Council representative . . . assistant editor, Regis . , . will at- tend college and major in science or math. H. COOK ANDERSON Cook is a great guy who couldnt be more fun . . . comes out with witty remarks no matter when Ol't where . , . assistant editor of Regis . , served on Iabberwock planning committee . . . likes fishing . . assistant stage manager as a senior . . . aim-college for a libera arts COUVSS. If! XT 4 .-,jpffftcrc Att if - 51'ff'4'l9 if QM ,lim .if J jv Ly , 5 yo ANN APGAR ' Io Ann is either talking or laughing ,' J .ry minute of the day , . . likes 'X ro er skating and boys better than ,anything else . . . typist for Regis ig . . , harmonized with Girls' Glee I Club during sophomore and junior years . . . forward for the girls' basketball team , . . enjoys both the Archery and Artistic Typing Clubs . , . intends to be a book- keeper. WILLIAM H. APGAR Bill is a lun loving senior , . . likes to go square dancing every Satur- day night . , , secretary of the F. F. A .... banker for senior. home- room A . . . crazy about hot rods and deer hunting . , . member ot the Ushers Club . . , will attend National Ag School . . . dreams of owning his own dairy farm some day and sup- plying milk to Regional, V ,,f1iJ.L.:jj tifiwv l mwiotf os i is rts at tagilzaigtigure on P layed next a great lots of . great look out . BACKEH the class volved class guard on the big success as "T plC1Y . . . his favorite is women 4 . , belonged to Wrestling, Football, and Mechanics Clubs . , . to be a civil engineer is his aim . . . you may cross one of his structures someday. X ELIZABETH A. BIDEWELL Liz is another one of our more active classmates . . . will do anything once , . . serious student . , , superb saxophonist in band , , , girls' bas- ketball teammate .,.i Agnes" in "Down to Earth' '... representative of Athletic Association . . , "Veep" of National Honor Society , . . will study nursing at lersey City Medical Center, 0' . 0 P' ttyl' yvxfx WW KAREN E. BECH Karen gets great pleasure 9 t f coming up with all so and questions . gl . Regis literary stafff. . . Ftegionettes . , , took Dramatics Club , ies sw' v ming and horseb k ri n , . . goal-a liberal arts co come a social worker o te W Bob store W ERNEST E. BOWLBY Ernie is a carefree and good n tured student . . member of Ushers and Mechanics Clubs , . , hunter, fisherman from way back . , . likes all kinds of sports . , . roller skating and ice skating are favorite pastimes . . . hot rod fan with a souped up Buick . . , will join one of the services-preferably the Navy. G. ts i eas tor of, t ' mem if 7 X :,.ff'Nu in the school . will MERIAM BISHOP Meriam is always ready for a good laugh lull of vivacity cute h t freckles William Tell tn y Club and super majorette Tyiflers' Club during sophomore , , very adroit in Art Club her junior year , . . will do her by joihing one of Uncle Sams rvi s . . will fill a trim uniform. iw X f QV- ' . 6 5, A , A eV' My ky J J ' , 1 !J,z xy I f AM.,-X N L40 u KATHRYN A. BRAUN N QS jf' XID 02,00 Katie is a helpful member of the 11,45 ' ," I if class . . . trumpeter in band . . . , X ,, .,-' I junior prom ticket committee . . . Vx f V 6 1 . Student Council treasurer . . , sec- Q retary of senior class . . . Baby Sitters' Club, Christmas dance ticket committee and Glee Club , . . objec- tive-to obtain a degree in pedia- trics . . . will keep Hunterdon chil- dren healthy, an ff WILLIAM B. BREWSTER Bill is a tall, easy-going senior who enjoys himself . , , interested in any type of wild life . . . horseback ul t..k,d' C, riding-his favorite pastime . , . likes singing in the Boys' Chorus . . , a basketball and football fan . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . , aim-college to be Doctor Kildare of the animal world . , , has that barn-side manner, 'fkxu we rylgpas' Rehdbl Slftlw-QVYV' 14.1 Q, Qu vnk fh.t'ot, Bfsi' GF' fun-K TH L. UTLER e o a good time when- ever she c . . , member of the and the ot er thi . , . 1 success both juni d senior ays . . . dreams gettin ried after IOAN M. B old Regional, Ioan is just a gre . , . has played I. . in her junior year . CATHERINE F. COZZE treasurer of sophomor I.V. cheerleader . , , worked v ry hard as r on all pu licity committees' art staff o . . drei f a happy gJ after gr ation. N . W and amatics Clubs during er sop re year . . served on !, numero co ' for this, that, ,J basketball . . . me er f Tootie s a b i g personality t I ' an G er-en list of friend- Twirling and Dancing Clubs Shi ds er best and mes will make a fine efficient hm O bleu vewone G good for some prosperous business e r W' h it e Choralaires . . ggmzcmons tereste commercia ar ax 'I I ul!! f I MQW A if S Iohn is very 'tling time, R. MARGUERITE DE MOTTE rguerite has always been a seri- o s and quiet person , . . sociable and good-natured . . . Twirling and Dramatics Clubs . , , member of Glee Club . . , chairman of writing paper and senior dance publicity committees . . , pastimes-horseback riding, cooking and classical music . . . futurew-elementary teachers certificate from Trenton State, watch ,and be GH GH Club . in er with o cars . 1 have a three-pump r e of his own some day. ' la ie has a finger in yearn' ' towmd Cie .r ie 1' DALE M DOUGLASS Dale is a most dependable and tran- quil senior , , . is always with her pal Iune . , , vigorous member of Twirling Club . . , cute band major- ette , , . polished accompanist for Glee Clubs . . , served on several dance refreshment committees . , , will continue schooling at Montclair State Teachers to be a mathe- matics teacher. . -I . , , territ' s Aunt wlgie in ' ovjn to E . , MrsjAllen in iilinior Couric u + member Crqzy rworked 2 dliJijltlf QMS V fav Q Q ares ativefvib ew erse , will e a gre y co-ed ," 4 I e next Sal!!! 3 ""-av ' x i 77 will J M Itjnfve on I . JN ,wgsnwmj OM velka u IOHN I. FASANELLO Iohn is endowed with unus al in- tellect . . , modest type of fellow . . . likes his friends . . . efficient, reliable director of Key Club . . . National Honor Society member . . . :hairman of Honor Council . , . historian of Senior Class . . . orches- 5 tra committee for dances and prom , , . interested in aviation and ath- letics . , . to be a lawyer is his goal. 'Qt' l I. KNOX FELTER Knoir is rather quiet, except with his friends . . . enjoys hunting, fish- ing and other sports . . . good usher ' for senior play . . . helped out with 'Q 0 AMJQW W car parking at Regional events . , . X shies away from opposite sex . , . fyyyj hobbies-cars, deer hunting, and swimming . . . Auto Mechanics Club-a stepping stone toward me- chanical vocation. TT GEORGE W. HACKETT A friendly, mild-mannered boy, al- l ways smiling . . . usher at junior and senior plays . , , member of the Ushers and Mechanics Clubs . . . quite an archery fan . . . gets great pleasure out of hunting and fishing . . . a hot rod bug who likes to N tinker on cars , . . enjoys activity periods repairing jalopies V, . . wants to be an undertaker. GREY jackie who is allways laughing ttdenergy and is vig! membep of the A. likes ancing and swimming . . . on ihe junior pom,7 Twirling Club . . . likes all sports, especially basketbaly, . . lm 'and teeners ington , will be a the the art of 'l"erpschor committee . . . a member o thefxl W if IOAN F. HALLINGER loan always has been and always will be a ready, steady worker . , turned out excellent pictures, after tireless effort on the art staff of the yearbook . . . member of Twirlers, Baby Sitters, and Art Clubs . . . favorite pastimes are roller skating and square dancing . will wear Air Force blue, and fly off into the wild blue yonder. - bridc he comes e Gun favorite hunt member oor Mechanics Clubs out any kind of car of Uncle Sams pets . , . may buzz Regional som eday. I. CLARK HUFF Clark has been our classmate since the spring of our junior year . . . made a tremendous hit with every- body . , . was always there to try and help boost the score during football season . . . member of the Key Club . . . has the unusual hobby of raising beagle hounds the goes to the dogsl . . , will exchange a soft collar for a leatherneck. X! A BARBARA A. HUNTENBURG . . . h always "laughing to themselves" . . played girls' varsity and IV bas ketball , , participated in Group Games, Twirling, and Drarnatics Clubs . . an exceptionally good player on the softball team for thre years . . . will earn her living b shorthand AYQYV Barbara is another class comedian as big blue eyes that are IOYCE M. IOHNSON loyce is always on the quiet side , . . a willing worker who gets the job done . . . indulges in the never- ending, interesting hobby of collect- ing records . . . gets pleasure out of listening to these records . . member of the Library and Arm- chair Travelers Clubs . , . either a telephone operator or secretary will her vocation. ROBERT E. IOHNSON Bob is known-to all as an expert on the comedy situation . , . just plain fun-loving . . . member of the Rod and Gun Club . . . senior class executive committee . . . put in many hours as editor of the Regis photography staff . , . belonged to Crafts Club . , . doesn't like home- work or exercise . , . will look natty in khaki. r-71-1. P -I 65,6-44 rt Till is erboxin and oyment t of books . . . licked ny a working for , the t ' taff the Regis . . . me er o he Phonograph ah T ing Cl s in her sopho o KR ar ,..' terested in first-ai . , 6-gi riijle . . . 'l be etty and f cient se' eta . X STANLEY L. KELSON Stan has bent for science 4 . . con- tent to be in room 208 While Gt Regional . . . quiet, determined, serious lad . , , member of Had and Gun Club . . . did worthy job on the calendar for the Regis . . , tactful usher for senior play , , . rcfbid science fiction reader . . , will be satisfied with a good job in chem ical lab Qtdaom IOHN W. KARY A well-mannered, quiet with a deep masculine voice . . . mem- ber of the Ushers Club . , . partici- pated in the Archery and Wrestling Clubs in sophomore year . , . mem- ber of photography staff for the Regis . . . hobbies-developing pic- tures and watching sports . , . will tackle school teaching job after get- ting BS, and M.A. L OTTO LAGELBAUER Otto is fully equipped with expen- ence gained at Regional. for a career ahead very excitable musically inclined . . Glee Club for the past three years All State Chorus . member ol Key Club and National Honor Society . . , hobbies-winter sports and collecting unusual puzzles . . . true sportsman in hunting, ,fishing and trapping . , . pre-dental work at Rutgers ROBERT R. KORNBERGEB Kornys high-school career has re- volved around sports . . . played haltback on varsity football squad . guard on basketball team . . participated in Iabberwocl-c member of Social Dance Club . works on farm during spare time . . will be a farmer in Hunterdon or sail the seas for Uncle Sarn IOY Y. IOY her brown year . -gl' "N-ar teria licity going to bachelor. ff rjzftxf I 1 CAROL s. LANGSTON S F, ja is one of our court lassies . . . Q . My red hair . . . lover of sports fond of skating, dancing, and horseback riding . . . sprightly cheer- leader . . . three year member of girls' basketball quintet . . . melodic if? beautician after graduation. a Y , after training at Muni-enlzurg Hos- E. TUNE LAWSON lune is a blue-eyed blonde all of five feet eight inches tall . mem- ber oi Athletic Association . be- lO..Q6d to Typrng and Car-e. Clubs during sophomore year likes to debate, especially in history class always neat and smartly dressed ambnion--.u Let wif a se pital in Plainfield A 7i7V singer in Glee Club . . will em- bark upon the profession ot a ge- Jw W4 wafer TER LEHNER Pete w s transferred from Hacketts- t ' in April, 1953, and has r ved to be an active senior . , . active Key Club member , . . Stu- gfy W dent Council representative . chairman of driving and parking committee . . . pastimes-hunting, swimming, and all other sports , . . engineering. ELSA M. A tall, blonde, gives her time to hear popular like a fish . . . senior play ads of Typing and LETFENMAIER helpful person who willingly . . . likes music . . . can swim chairwoman for th . . . active member Knitting Clubs in Nfuture Rutgers' man specializing in wwf Of Typing and Knitting Club ' iunior year . . . plans a nursing career at University of Pennsylvania 5.9, O39- Kei? 'em J, . X SUSAN R. MACAULEY Sue is always found in or around the music room . . . pleasing pers sonality and kindly temperament . . . plays clarinet in band . , , striking as "Miss Audubon" in junior ploy and as "Iune Bromsley" in senior play . . . Glee Club and All State Chorus , A . business man- ager of Regis . , . will be a music teacher after graduation from Mt, Holyoke, IUDITH A. MGCFADYEN ludy has a rather effervescing course of activities at Regional . . . favors collegiate garb . . , captain of cheerleaders . , , super reporter the News staff . . , dependable and resourceful art editor of Regis bf. . participated in and enjoyed all girls' sports , . . alto in Glee Club . , . going to be cute-clad coed, IOAN C. LINDABURY Ioanie is well acquainted with the world of Sharps and flats . . , melodious soprano in Glee Club and All State Chorus . , . typical schoolgirl in junior play , . "Ruthie," a flightly, poor girl seek- ing a rich busband in senior play , . . Student Council representative of homeroom B , , , could become a snappy music teacher but is un- decided,- I 0 GLORIA'M. LL Gloria is alw in .f of mi . ne of th h , de- pen wor ers of th cass . , . a s carr' avy ad on her shoulders ing on diferent com- mite . . . soprano for t Chor ai . . . member of r y lub . . autographs for t gis . . . LOUIS A. MANTROM Lou has been in Regional since November, 1951 , . . the youngest senior . . . blonde hair and blue eyes . , , conscientious student . . 2 Student Council member and Na- tional Honor Society President in junior year . , . president of the senior class , , . portrayed devilish "Pilone" in Senior play , . , enthu- siast cf sports . ', . ambition4 mechanical engineer. will soon be a brig addition to a busy office. EMII. MATZNER Emi 's the funny guy who always 11:56 VJ 'G ha meback c riac in the Social 41 A ,r the Uncle PEARL McELROY Pearl is a peppy one and likes to enjoy herself . . , has a good time dancing or listening to 'hillbilly music . . , is accomplished as an accordionist . . , gets pleasure out of singinglwith the Regionettes . , . astic member of the Twirling likes to "cut up" when she can get away with it . . . will secretary. MARY I. MCGOWAN Ah, the witty one! Mary is noted for her happy-go-lucky spirit , . . showed versatile acting ability in junior play as "Rhonda" and in senior play as the Irish maid, "Diana '.., belonged to Twirling, Group Games, and Dramatics Clubs . . . on photography staff of Regis , . , has private secretarial ombi- tions . GEORGE B. MELICK George is a tall l ck ' 'c ior o alw ys joy 1 sell n o y foo s i 0a ketb oach in ' r' pjgy Z will attend an agricultural f' 9.1. 1 J l iff' 1 Al J JH - . 1 Llyuyr- l L J K 1 1. l' ,gy V 1 pi- ' 5 SHIBIEY MiSSNER Shirleytqisfla warm hearted, piihf girl . l , quiet bln Willing to hel out with the class . top-notch saleslady of Regi8'nal jackets , . . served on the ticket committee for dance . . . sophomore activities iri- cluded Armchair Travelers and Li- brary Clubs . . , enjoys writing to pen pals in England . . . will make some business man an excellent secretary. 5 i ! , . club rep rter f A ..,. member ers and Motor Mechanics s all s s , , bas- X f x 1 x f NANCY C. NELSON Nancy is one of the cutest lil gals in our class . , . photography staff of Regis . . . served on the labber- wock planning committee , . . be- longed to the pep band and the dance band . . . member of the Choralaires . . . student council representative in her junior year I . . . ambition-to become a beau- r 5623 rnemb 6 qdif Archery Cl s m SHIRLEY H. OAKES Shirley is known to all as a jolly and ncnchalant gal who is always in a good mood and ready to have lun , V llcut Q rug" in Social Danc- ing Club . has been loads of help with . 32: in the Club . . hankil try DGQ9 fOr Regiij a book- keep r lb il w U on several committees . A . made Iicjgn- Eileens actiif igyishow they been Tunciio L b varsit am in h r senior ,' 5!X!AA E ALLEN PAYNE Crick is a very lively person w o is always seen walking rapidlyf tne halls , , was a memb r W fp l PATRICIA O'DELL Pat is a quiet, well-mannered girl who is known for her sweet smile . . . clicked her knitting needles while in the Knitting Club . . participated in class activities by serving on dance committees . . . also member of Government Club and Twirling Club . . , an avid Dodger ian . , . wedding bells will ring before too long. .Z Frank and is r t ' g player o loin the Air Force. lohn is a senior . . y Club . . . 'la ok sot Q Yar 'lyftoolbbll team . . . o Hit . 2- Oivfl Wrestlirg and Gymnastic Clubs , 1 likes mo ey, cars, girls fwhat ese ' ' is 'liere7l . Bachelor Club lniernxxxl er e'i1oys dancing . . mem-.V ber of the Social Dancing lub . ,A will attend Rutgers to learn 'how tb sw ' ay iuries X t , X for of the Regis in the senior play , enjoys hunting, ti ng, . wil . a motor me ign- ll! 11 f I 491 W 45 at YI Q5 ' I .1 J Xl K L I X , LJ L, I L C, I if DJ' fi' c. ALICE 111.6 N J' X U licle lip friendl no at ow ,V lf' . ,X l omy th migh, . . . al- ! ! 5 V 'N ays e s content and seldom I - ins . , great asset to the f f e a . . . belonged to the ou ' Club as a sopho 1 , . . . played fo th of team harm n g with fel- . . . will teach English after studying OW QOIIW LEONARD i J io , . - -' d good- 1 ua . . tall, hard enn came if ds '3,fRg iOn l 35: 'rt rl f , , fr :I ed , i I orkin enior . . vigorous r pre- t ie nio e committ h bbies ntmg M e c ' ' of ' ' as . ' ' shin . . . lo ' 7 Fords, askhilhl and ot sports future uncertain, XTX' ADEI. I. ROGERS Adel is probably happiest while she is at Broadway skating . , . a tease among the girls . . . indi- vidualist . . . helper on many decora- tion committees for various events . . . sophomore and junior member of Glee Club . , , cut fancy figures with skates in Iabberwock . . . will be a social co-ed majoring in social service. E. IOAN ROSELY A quiet, well-mannered girl , . played the'part of Orpha in "Down to Earth' '.., solicited patrons for Regis . , , a member of the Craft Club . , , likes to cook lgnd sew . , . represented New ler- se .at the lllatio al 4-H Club Camp . . . a mem of the labberwock 1 lanning co ittee . . . will study f1U1'Sirlg ar e University of Penna. the ,by 6 4 F ,Xl RICHARD G. Dick is known here at Regional as everybody's friend . . . president of the Student Council . . . secretary of the Key Club , . . right end in foot- ball, also a great asset to the var- sity basketball team . , . never picks the right question in English . . . member of the Honor Council . . . plans to attend Cornell after high school graduation. ELMER H. RUSH Elmer is a carefree and good-natured lad with a pleasing personality . . . has bushy, oh-so-wavy hair . . . member of the F. F. A .... sings bass in the Male Glee Club , . likes all sports, especially basket! ball . . . enjoys square dancing , . . member of the Mechanics Club will attend a trade school and fur- ther his knowledge of mechanics. RUTH I. ROUNSAVILLE Ruth is always extremely quiet in her way and completely nonchalant . . . easy to become acquainted with . . , ardent member of the Baby Sitters and Knitting Club . , . en- thusiastic baton wielder of the Twirling Club . . , dextrous typist for Newstaff . . , will become a petite capable first-class secretary. WILLIAM B. RUNYON Bill occupies most of his time with hunting, fishing, or trapping . . . friendly with everyone . . . easy going . . . energetic representative of the Athletic Association . . . hard worker on activities staff of Regis . . . nimrod in Rod and Gun Club , . , future aim-wild-life conserva- tion . , , may have to be satisfied Armed Forces. -L yvxfx ANNA SCPHEFERSTEIN Anna is a friendly redhead who is very capable , . . chief typist for the Regis , . , member of. the Baby ELLEN SAMOGI Ellen is a friendly senior with cute dimples . . , who's who 'editor for the Regis . . , a head banker for Regional . . . a member of the Glee Club and History Club . . . Knitting and Phonograph Clubs in' sopho- more year . likes to swim and play baseball . . . plans to be Q secretary after graduation, Sitters, Knitting and Twirling Clubs . . types the jazzy editorials for the Newstaff , . . Library Council member . . . enyoys swimming, pop- ular music, and creepy movies , , . hopes to become someones very private secretary, FRANK G. SCHMAUSER Frank is the proud possessor of an impassive and unruffled personality . . . an atomic explosion wouldn't faze him . , , member of F. F. A. . . . one of the projection clubs expert operators and its chief in- structor . . , enjoys all sports . . . dotes on square dancing and driv' ing souped up hot rods . . . hopes to own best farm in the county someday. IOANNE M. SCHUBERT Joanne is quiet but not too shy . . . proved to be an efficient clerk for the Honor Council . . . counted many a dollar as head banker . . . partici- pated in the Phonograph and Knit- ting Clubs in her sophomore year . . . member of the History Club . , . one of the junior play cast . . . will some day have a desk near the big boss, 4 DWANNE B. SCHUYLER Dwanne is almost identical to her sister Donna and they are insepar- able , . , an excellent helper to the class . , . a three-year Glee Clubber . , light on her toes in Social Dance Club . . . showed fine sportsmanship on girls' softball team . . , creditable co-chairman of Regional jackets . , . yearns to get a job or obtain a dia- mond after graduation. IEAN A. SEAMAN Iean is a cute and pert little gal with a warm, friendly smile to match . . . always ready to hand Out C1 big heart-warming uf-lello' ',.. en- joyed Typing Club , . . a peppy soprano for the Regionettes . . . artistic member of Crafts Club . . . will receive nurses training at Press byterian Hospital in Newark. DONNA E. SCHUYLER Donna always contributes to make any event a success . . . mild tem- pered . . . seHorita type . . , soprano in Regionettes . , . band committee woman for senior play , . . terrific as co-chairman of jacket committee . . . lively stepper in Social Dance Club . . . peppy hockey player dur- ing sophomore and junior years . . . hOPes to have a double wedding with her sister. MICHAEL T. TAKACS Mike is a quiet one, but still waters run deep . . . member of North Hunterdon Hi-Y . . . has a keen hunting . . , likes base- interest in Nball, basketball and wrestling . . . a member of the Mechanics Club . . . on the advertising committee for the senior play . . . a hot rod devotee . , , plans to be a mechani or repair tanks for his sergeant. I r 'i fi ff P LPH SPA alph 's o - a r ior has hi id aboubg ' . ' salls' ,1fspe' yi. s b l as ' o a rsemerecy ad... ' ..use ' ay'... ning Mn fa rite pas- i s r l lg esh ent co e for senior dance . . , wa ts to be a county agent . . . will study at Rutgers Agricultural University. IOSEPH W. SUTTON A quiet, helpful individual who likes to take things easy . . . a rabid basketball and baseball fan . , , f member of the F. F. A .... likes Qt? to hunt with either gun or bow . . . gym class is his favorite class . . . works on a farm after school . . . drives his own jazzy hot rod . . . a future plumber's helper or will plunge into the Marines. N . WILLIAM E. THOMPSON Bill is a very active person in or out of-school . . , was a member of the Student Council for two years . . . played a rugged halfback posi- tion on varsity football team in '53 IV. and varsity basketball . , . 'il' V likes to drive around in his Ford plans to go to college and then married to a college cutie. get AA' IOHN G. TRANSUE , lohn eats, sleeps, and lives . . , center on All County team in '52 . . . assistant coach in '53 . , , catcher on varsity baseball team , , . member of Ushers and Mechanics Clubs . , . drives a yellow and red Ford con- vertible , . . likes to hunt and fish . . . plans to be a professional baseball player or an athletic record football football ' football W breaker. My a red southern belle ! ina . . . worked on commit for all' sorts o' things P ber of News staff cmd literary t for Regis . sang alto for the Regionettes did a bang-up job as Marge in the junior play . , . will make a tip top nurse after train- ing 1n Wilmington. wi lQfrV was wants ELEANOH I. WINKLER or is as smart as she is pretty . representative of the Student Council . . . enjoys music with fel- low Regionettes . . .-played the part in the junior play . . . had a job "feeding those lines" during senior play' rehearsals . . . has high hopes of becoming a female Pasteur. Wal is a ll, o loo seni , . a er o 1 s eme e s . . lik s b - ba and w'rest1ng . . . exce ent WALTE R- bowler . . . a hot rod and motorcycle enthusiast . . . enjoys the meetings of the Mechanics Club . . , co-chair- man of the advertising committee for the senior play . . . will build a better mouse trap and wait for a path to be beaten. Friendliest Best Executives C- C0229 C. Hoffman W. Thompson Mgntrgm The Most Athletic I, Mc1cFcrdyer1 E, Allen -Q' ial rcgisf Best Sportsmanship Hardest Workers I Bromsh M DeMotte I, Paulus: O, Lczgelbcluer Class Assets I Erickson C. Allen A. Most Iniellxgeni Best Personahty I Fcxscwello D SchuW E B1dEWC11 C Huff hy!! -ogg fi Most Lxkely to Succeed D Alpcxugh D Douglosb -'D Most Dependable Best All Around A Pldswcnskl E SUYHOQ1 R Rte House H Backer Wlthest M McGowan D Beavers as fs, r A , ,. jQ K4-e' Give em that powder puff block, mrls. jg.. Gosh, all thxs for cx dxme. 'E 'No more of THAT stuff, please." Thats your posltxon there N "Why doesn't somebody cover him with tinsel? Dont staple mt to the floor. Q. 4. 'ff - 4 L, Now all we have to do IS wm. ' x BACK ROW. left to right: L. Storr. R. Reed. W. Plenge, R. Burd, R. Hickey. W. Kelting. R. O'Rourke, P. Lanka. G. Woidat. I. Tharp, K. Braun, I. Gulick. W. Conley. G. Cook. C. Hall. H. Freeland. FIFTH ROW: I. Eberle. E. Seaman. D. Crane, I. Papp. P. Crowl. M. Lea. B. Brannon. S. Oleniacz. P. Mitchell. S. Kocsis, I. Panny, W. Wetzel, F. Smith. R. Keggan. C. Osmun, L. Bowers. FOURTH ROW: L. Fulper. W. Wilson, I. Sullivan. W. Apgar. W. Spann. F. Buch, L Lucas, E- BTCWHI M. Green. R. Angell. F. Cowell. W. Oakes. I. Nelson. I. DeCleene. C. Bischott. W. Hoffman. H. Patton, B. Hockenbury. THIRD ROW: S. Kuhne, A. Gratt, C. Beavers. D. Miller. I. Smith, D. Iacobs. V. MacDonald, I. Dunn. E. Sneider. D. Hackett. E. Leonard, S. Crouse. S. Beavers, I. Drig- gers. I.. Bloemeke, S. Wolverton. B. Bird. SECOND ROW: I. Erickson, A. Komarek. I. Farrington. 1. Lawton. M. Headley. F. McCreary. B. Van Sycle. M. Thompson. V. Bates, R. Dcnnely. V. Likus. G. Davis. G. Tramutola. A. Scheidner, B. McCollum. P. Hartung. C. Maynard. E. Apgar. B. Stevenson. I. Cieslinski. FIRST ROW: E. Kopp. H. Prostak. C. Sloan, K. Schaadt. E. Suydam. I. Riddle, D. Cepka, E. Lent. S. Messinger, H. Hall. A. Shannon. S. Con- over. I. Litzenberger. E. Coughlin. N. Butler. A. Schmauser. N. Sammis. S. Apgar. I. MacFadyen. M. Matthews. One of the potent forces in the growth of our school is Hlumnj Hssnclatlnn the Alumni Association. As its membership increases with each graduating class, new members will tell of progressive developments in our school. Thus, new links of strength between past and future are forged. It must be gratifying to any school to realize that the experiences it has offered have proven valuable enough to keep the students interested in the school even after graduation. tary. Left to right: N. Lotito, Recording Secretary: G. Lambert. President: W. Kelting. Vice-Presi- dent: W. Staudinger, Treasurer. Missing from picture: E. Rudzinski. Corresponding Secre- v-w,,,,: ,. if A s .vi SLYI, ,t...5F.iAk: , Ku!-,A L' ,- 4 Z , ' 'ff s- . x, f 1 -sw: ' VF? QW?" eng 'mi,g,i l!1P2f'-'V 'Ui' K fp " "5 N-..p.X,,,.X, X -' V wwf, ,gm MM my . 'W ,f M wg-1 G- if T' , W., 'W it . , ',::V1Y, , -' X.,,,,, - Q -. Q.. ,... , ,, .- ,1-f-m:a,Q,,- Q and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Iohn P and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs T Carroll Allen Kenneth H Alpa-ugh C E Anderson Bernard Apgar R H Apgar Harry Backer Edgar L Bamck Cecil Beavers Bech Fred Brdewell Fred Braun Ir W1ll1am Brewster Edward Brorush Andrew Cozze Iohn Cozze Ioseph C Dalpe Monroe F De Mott and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Stanley Douglass Ioseph Erxckson I I Fasanello Iohn H Hockenbury Floyd R Hofirnan I C Huff H I Huntenburg Fred W Kary Ph1l1p Katz Stanley Kelson Amold Klemer Albert Lawson O Lettenmaxer 0 and.Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Amold Lmdabury R Peer Macauley L E MacFadyen Lou1s A Mantrom Russell Maxwell Charles M. McElroy Iohn F McGowan George B Mehck Mrs Fred M1ller Mrs Elma O Dell and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs I.. Ortheb Peter Perr1ne Alex Plushanslu Sr Wxlham O R1ttenhouse Iosephl Rosely Wlllxam Runyon G Chlford Rush Albert Samogr C Schleferstem George Schmauser Fred Schubert George W Schuyler Eugene Seaman Iacob Sutton Frank Takacs W F Thompson Anthony Venskus E Wmkler Walter D W1tte Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . ' . MY- . . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . - Mr. . ' , ' Mr.l . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. and Mrs. Stewart I. Rogers Mr. . . Mr. . . ' lVl.r. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . Mr, , , Mr. . . Mr. . MY- - ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . , Sr. Mr. . ,Ir. Mr. . . ' WMWQMQ WWW dv, O' I WW NYYMQSE , 3 Y f of ,JM dw K JB Cm, 9 W Mmm rf ,ff ff" W wfhflp mx ANQQN Q V X G 'C ' N ' ' ,9' ,W ,L , I 1, W, ff F I lf., fkl, I L i A V Ugg V I pry!! 1-1, in 'NX jf, DJ 1,95 2 My ,WI A1 A ilfffj NDF Lf fl 1 lg L , HJ ' J, wi D J ' 'L I nf' IM f ' , 'AO , "1 ti gf!! A N! AX 1 'H ff W ,M . M wx II If, f L W A91 " Q' N XM X Dix S v 6 X K LJ - By J ' QL Cu - Qx df J! J-Q H AJ! n k G , ' uv 4 J jk A M M gx 7 I1 f pf 'MJ I JJ! A KJJQIW 1 159 qU4fflr,,J'p Mu Ox 10 Wx 'X if ff M f KX f" X A 1 3 .- aku N A f U w L ,Q , ' JU 0,51 A .Hg . Q if if Nx Wm 1" V ww . in N Q pi ' X . BX I J 'N I J ,IL I I V 1 x F 1 ' ' N,yJ'f,": 41.11 I H f J ' Sym 9 Q l kJ X t N 94, X - N . ' N . ' yy tj JM. '0 '41 6 . V1 u' F

Suggestions in the North Hunterdon High School - Regis Yearbook (Annandale, NJ) collection:

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