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 - Class of 1953

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6 Z4 53 Ulkyy 03 VULUML II f0m,14,f1. 5' Cf WMJU fel IQ? fJ4l9l,.S'!. f ,4 Jf77 1 9 . ku Axxv I ,. ,. Ik A . wx JF I A Q N 'A fsawai N N ot, T , A Q few L 1 hx' I RQ, - if x Q , in U Q V ., , . ig! Af Xa X ' u ia e e enfor ami O! or un er on e iona i c oo nnan a e, ew genie? ' OPQLUOI' We, the second graduating class of North Hunterdon Regional High School, are proud of our schools accomplishments during the past two years. ln two years Regional has grown from a building to an educational institution with an established reputation and a personality of its own. lt has become a center for the varied interests of the surrounding communities. The Senior class this year is a well knit unit working together with a school spirit that spurs it on to make Regional a better place for the classes which follow. We appreciate, and are very grateful for, the guidance and help we have received from the Administration and the Faculty, We know that without a thoughtful and patient Administration we would find it difficult to achieve the progress we have achieved in this second year ot Regionals existence. We know that what the members of the Faculty have tried to teach us will stand us in good stead when we graduate this lune. To those members of the Faculty, without whose assistance this edition would not have been possible, we are especially grateful. As We, the Seniors of '53, prepare to leave the halls of RHS behind, may this edition of the Regis bring back fond memories of our cherished moments at North Hunterdon Regional High School. 40 qw le lCafeJ fo ik? 0l'l'l0l'g 0 Joan Case We her classmates shall always remember Ioan as a qu1et fnendly gtrl hked by everyone who knew her She was an attract1ve grrl and to her close fnends she was known atfecnonately as Casey An 1ntense feehng for hfe made her love all that was full of hfe A fnsky colt or a harmless pract1cal 1oke was great fun to her But loan had her senous srcle and 1t was promment 1n her hte As a member of the Reglonettes she expressed her love ol musxc Sports were a never endmg source of enloyment to her All the admtratron that we had for her was shown by her electlon to the OlllCe of treasurer of our Iumor class lt was easy to place confldence rn Ioan because she was so smcere and honest Her plans for the future 1nCluded the study of 1nter1or decoratrng one of her ma1n mterests For all these thmgs and more we shall remember her It IS not easy to say exactly how we feel but a small part of our affect1on admrratlon and esteem for Ioan w1ll hve forever through thxs annual .fuk X .. N. X. 4 It I 7 . L J- .xdclminiafrafion The Board of Education: "Through actions and decisions which Ceaselessly affect the lives of succeeding generations, the school board member builds his own enduring monument." Our Board of Education has been given the responsibility of making decisions of policy which directly affect every aspect of our life here at Regional High School. lt has become their task to help chart the course of our learning experiences and in so doing they are making the decisions and approv- ing the policies which will help both teachers and students keep to the course. It is through their vision and sense of direction that we will be able to learn those things we need to know to live a happy and useful life. Through their recognition of our need to improve the quality of our personal living, as well as our living together, the aspira- tions of our parents and the community are fulfilled. BACK ROW: Frank C. Dalrymple. Wesley I.. Lance. William H. Kinney, George B. Meliclr. Robert M. Dunn. Dr. Iumes A. Frozee. Dr. G. Clifford Singley. FRONT ROW: Wilbur K. Lance. Harry M. Seals. Anna H. Stevenson. Raymond B. Apgar. Richard A. Schultz. Albert M. Reading. Dr. G. Clifford Singley. Superintendent. aff. lt is Publishing a high school yearbook is a real experience lor the st also a great deal of pleasure for the student body which furnishes the copy. . . . , k This is their second publication. The smoothness with which the wor progressed is evidence of the lessons leamed last year. Progress is being made, and will continue to be made, not only in more efficient techniques, but also in the quality of their productions. I congratulate the staff on a Job well done. A yearbook is a worthwhile contribution to e ie . s nse the history or story of a year's work and play and the written and e pictorial evidence of our year together. As time passes, it will become one of the links that will help us to recall the friendships, happy associations and activities we enjoyed at North Hunterdon Regional High School. th l'f of the school It is in a 4.5" Miss I. Zellers, Mr. R. Ward. Mrs. H. Rittenhouse, Mr. R. Roth, Mrs. K. Siegfried. guidance The Guidance oflice ot North l-luntere don Regional High School endeavors to develop a program of studies and activities Shaped to fit the particular needs of each student. The guidance statl works to help each student attain his full development, both as a student and as a person, To this end the guidance department provides coun- seling and testing services, educational and occupational information, and eventually hopes to develop a placement service for the purpose of helping graduates secure the jobs for which they are best fitted. MR. THORNTON B. MONEZ Guidance Director One of the most important phases of the Guidance department is that of help- ing Seniors to determine the career or job tor which they are best fitted. A typical scene in the Guid- ance office is that oi Mrs. Rittenhouse giving some sound advice about a col- lege or vocational field to eager Seniors, who will very shortly start life on their own. 5 - 'f,.v 1 , x,K,,V 4 f 'Q f.-rd GLUE? PRENTICE R. BEERS Mathemalics, Coaching RICHARD P. CALLAN Shop CATHERINE S. DAHBY Home Economics LUTHER E. GEARHART Social Studies LOIS I. NEUWIESINGER Music MARY ELIZABETH BURNS Commercial Subjects MAXWELL M. CHAYAT Art ALEXANDER R. DUNN Science 77 fu , ,Mmm Q. LQ IRENE IZAREK Girls' Physical Educxlion Coaching MARY C. NYPAVER French and English i Q 6--r ANN MARIE 0'NElL NORMAN P. PEDERSEN WILL PEIGELBECK Latin, World History Boys' Physical Education. Agriculture Coaching GCLL HAZEL G RITTENHOUSE RICHARD S ROBINSON RONALD D ROTH EDWARD SAMSON Mathematxcs Guxdance GenemlSc1ence Shop Enghsh Soc1alStud1es Librunan KATHERINE C SIEGFRIED CLARA K SLIKER THOMAS SPEIRS STANLEY G VAN ARSDALE Englxsh Commercml Subje ts Englxsh Health Coachmg "Y ur! qv, U lg ,fl " h f xv W 'X ' f Q A , TQ .1 ,I :JP f 5 if tk 18 . 'H 9 'QF' ff' 5 I I 1 1 , X v X . ..- -- .-...4!"' 241'-'-1 lfi i i:-.L . 'ir g +44 ,Q - f- ..1 ,1-gbli iii ....- ln.. R 'R+' Wil VIVIAN H VELEHRADSKY ROBERT W WARD L LAYTON WOLFRAM ' Home Economlcs Socxal Social Siudxes Coaching Scxence Mathematxcs Bxology GCN, Y ..? ...... 1"Z1'-l'Q 'Q V1 1-I . LEWIS E YOUNG IEAN C ZELLERS GLADYS EICK AUGUSTA HACKETT Commercxal Sublecis Enghsh Socxal Studxes Cafetena Caietena ADELAIDE HALL MABEI. NEWMIESTER RUTH H NIXON H EVELYN LAWSON Cafeiena Manager Cafeiena Cafetena School Nurse bfX film 5' -QYS' Q- 1 0 Y' 'bf' CM? sw MIDA G. ATKINSON . Secretary HAROLD ALPAUGH Iunitor NELSON CONOVER Head Icmitor IENNIE M. OSMUN Secretary ROSCOE C. STOCKTON Ianitor "Did you know that .... ?" As Shakespeare once said f Q 4, l P6004 Editor-in-chiet ..,...... . Nancy Sammis Assistant Editors .. Susan Kuhne Malcolm Green Literary Editors ,. Donald Crane Mariorie Headley, Loretta Bloemelce. Frances McCreary Photographer Editor . Iohn Lucas Assistants . , . . . Shirley Wolverton Iohn Tharp, Iohn Sullivan, Ronald Burd, Betty Van Syckle Art Editor ,. , ,,.,. . Virginia Macdonald Assistants . , Ioan Cieslinski Norell Butler. lean Erickson, Rose Donnelly, Gail Davis, Charles Bischoff, William Wilson, Carolyn Beavers Sports , , ,,,,., lean Farrington William Kelting Activities . . . . . .... . Dolores Hackett Iill MacFadyen, Iohn Papp Subscriptions . . , . . Robert Hickey Charles Hall, George Cook Business Manager , .. Phyllis Hartung Autographs . ..,, , Audrey Shannon Iune Riddle Class Prophesy , . , ,... . , Valerie Bates Class Will . . . . , , . Gladys Tramutola Calendar ...,.. . , Lawrence Bowers Class History . , Elsie Coughlin Chief Typist . ...,...,,. , Ann Komarek Assistants , . .,... , . . Amelia Gratt Dorothy Cepka, Ianet Lawton. Shirley Apgar, Carole Maynard, Shirley Messinger Patrons ,,........... Iacqueline Smith After many long and tiring hours of work, the '53 Regis was completed and sent to press before the final deadline. The pub- lication of a year book is perhaps one of the biggest projects of every senior class, The success of the edition depends entirely on the cooperation, initiative and determina- tion of the staff and its advisors. This year's staff worked together for one main goalM the creation of a successful book of memories. We give our thanks to the faculty and administration for their part in this under- taking. We are especially grateful to our advisors, Mrs. Rittenhouse, Mrs. Siegfried, Miss Sliker, Mr. Speirs, and Mr. Chayat. Without their help and encouragement this book would not have been possible. The year book staff of the '53 Regis sincerely hopes that this edition will bring back fond memories of Regional in the years to come. Publishing and editing this year book has been a very gratifying and educational experience for all the members of the staff. Wafiona! ,Honor ociefy BACK ROW L to R N Sammxs Mr R Ward Mr T Monez I Cxeslxnskx S Apgar FIRST ROW Mrs H Rxttenhouse I Rxddle Secretary I Dunn Presxdent I Dnggers Vice Presxdent Mernbershxp 1n the Nat1onal Honor SOC1etY IS based on scholar Shlp servxce leadersh1p cmd character Students must ma1nta1n a numerzcal average of 85 X 1n thexr acadermc work 1n order to become members Cand1dates are selected by the system of faculty nommatxons and then faculty votes The oblecttves of the Natlonal Honor SOCISIY are to create an enthus1asm for scho1arsh1p to strmulate a des1re to render servlce to promote worthy Ieaderstup and to encourage the development of character 1n the puprls of North Hunterdon Reglonal Hrgh School 1 . . 1 . . 1 . . 1 . 1 . - . . . I . I 7 . 1 I . . - . 1 I 1 . - 0 . . . . o 1 1 I .szcclenf Counci One of the busiest organizations this year was the Student Council. Soon, after the opening of school, elections were held to choose the officers of the Student Council. Two parties, the Green Party and the Gold Party, were formed and a very enthusiastic campaign was started. Although the Green Party was victorious in the final election, both parties experienced a very lively and meaningful campaign. With the elections over, the Student Council was organized and work was begun. Some of the activities sponsored by the Student Council were noon dancing and recreation, issuance of driving permits, and supervision of homeroom discussion periods, These activities would not have been successful without the help of the advisors, Mrs. Darby, Miss Velehradsky, and Mr. Gearhart, who worked long and tirelessly for the good of the Student Council and the entire student body. L to R: Phyllis Hartung, Treasurer: Nancy Sammis, Secretary: Kenneth Braun, President: Richard Ritten- house, Vice-President. BACK ROW, L to R: R. Tiger, W. Thompson, L. Mantrom, R. Conover, S. Oleniacz, D. Strain I. Bigelow, R. Angell, E. Getz. SECOND ROW: Mr. L. Gearhart, Miss V. Velehradsky, I Alzberg, I. Maclfadyen, M. McGowan, C. Reading. I. Driggers, I. Dunn, E. McGowan, N. Nelson, G. Tramutola. I. MacFadyen, H. Prostak, Mrs. C. Darby. FIRST ROW: I. Suydam D. Beavers, N. Sammis, R. Rittenhouse, K. Braun, P. Hartung, C. Hall, I. Erickson. - K2 BACK ROW. L to R: K. Felter. A. Hagan, R. Iohn- son. F. Fritsche. S. Kelaon. C. Hoffman, I. Lawson, L. Mcmtrom, G. Melick. SEC- OND ROW: E. Lettenmaier. S. Meissner, I. Lindabury, O. Lagelbauer, R. Korn- berger. C. Langston, S. Macauley, T. Kaiz, I. Fas- anello. G. Hackett, I. Mac- Fadyen. Mr. R. Ward. FIRST ROW: B. Huntenberg, I. Gray. D. Iohnson, M. Mc- Gowan, P. McElroy. I. Lu- bunde. G. Maxwell. S. Laube. I. Iohnson, I. Hul- linger. unions BA-CK ROW. L to R: C. Anderson, H. Barrick. H. Backer. W. Almind, C. Allen. D. Beavers, R. Becker I. D'Aprix. SECOND ROW: Mr. L. Young. I. Bronish. K. Braun, D. Doug- lass, E. Bowlby. I. Dalpe. E. Mcxtzner, R. Demeaux, M. Bishop. A. Arnold. llq SIXTH PERIOD SCRAMBLE BACK ROW. L to R: W. Venskus, E. Rush, D. Suy- dam, W. Nadecru. I. Tran- sue. F. Ortlieb. O. Sosely. W. Runyon, I. Paulus, R. Moore. SECOND ROW: Miss M. Bums, R. Ritten- house. W. Thompson. A. Payne. F. Schmauser. I. Sutton. M. Takacs. E. Wink- ler. R. Spada, I. Rosely, A. Rogers. E. Miller. N. Nel- son. G. Papenfuhs. FIRST ROW: I.. Rambo, D. Schuy- ler. P. O'Dell, A. Schieter- stein, I. Schubert. S. Oakes. A. Plushanski. R. Rounsa- ville, B. Petersen. I. Sea- man. D. Schuyler, W. Witte. MISSING FROM PICTURE: E. Samogi. WN-A., F50 .J ca -6- CLASS OFFICERS U.L. Charles Fichot. President U.R. Harry Backer. Vice-President LI.. Iudith MacFadyen. Treasurer LR. Arlene Arnold. Secretary no BA-CK ROW, L to R: W. Brewster. I. Bigelow. C. Bowers. M. Atkinson. N. Bloom. L. Baker. M. Bless- ing, R. Baker. C. Boehm. G. Alpaugh, T. Burrell. SECOND ROW: Mrs. K. Siegfried. L. Barton, I. Brit- ton. M. Aten. R. Capizzi. I Bradshaw. A. Clasen. T Attanasio. E. Busher. G Alpaugh. FIRST ROW: E Butler. R. Case, I. Bowers C. Castrilli. S. Castner. A Bridge. G. Boehm. K. Ap- gar, S. Bishop. A. Beam. MISSING FROM PICTURE W. Bird. 1' Sf-F SOPAOMOPQJ BACK ROW. L to R: Secretary, Priscilla Des- mond: Treasurer, Dorothy Poe. SECOND ROW: President, Norbert Cox. FIRST ROW: Historian, Mary Wintermute: Vice-President. Elanora Tramutola. P gf BACK ROW L to R H Exck I Gxorgx R Conover L Edsoren R Freeborn R Hoffman N Irwm K Compton D Hall T Inslee SECOND ROW M Espen chxed P Desmond L Con over B Hall R Elck R Frey D Gratt A Craig .I. Culvert R Hawkins G Hxldebrant, L. Gorn . I. Dusey, I. Hoagland. S Haver. MISSING FROM PICTURE R. Degnan. C. Fulcher, R Demeaux. FIRST ROW: Mrs. I. McGoif. I. Everitt, H. Hartner, M. Frace, N. Cox. B. Hummer. B. Goska. D. Cronce, BACK ROW, L to R: A. Nagy. M. Kelson. E. Mac- Namara. V. Klim. C. Reed. P. Miller. E. Parks, M. Potis. H. Lent. W. Messinger, D. Mowen. SECOND ROW: I. Monahan. I. Mascarello. D. Knowski. D. Parry, E. Mc- Gowan. D. Poe. E. Paulus. W. Laux. V. Kondas. R. O'Rourke. R. lackson. T. Kuhne. Mr. T. Speirs. FIRST ROW: R. Liland. R. Reich- man. M. Landon, P. Kessler. H. Ierome, L. Reed. C. Plenge, I. Iohnson, E. Kxum. N. Iennings, E. Rapp. 1 ine? BACK ROW, L to R: S. Wydner. C. Vroom, Paul Wolfe. M. Zangrando. W. Wilson. B. Weightman. FIRST ROW: R. Zalewski. I. Zeigler. E. Tramutola. M. Wintermute. P. Wright. R. Tiger. Mrs. C. Darby. S ' . Iii BACK ROW. L to R: N Rudl. B. Sokoloski. B. Sliker G. Thode. R. Schaller. L Reid. D. Strain. D. Riley E. Smith. SECOND ROW E. Smith. R. Roslan. M Schaller. M. Segreaves. E. Simon. E. Siock. R Roberts. W. Sharp. R Schultzel, R. Spann. Mr. L Wolfram. FIRST ROW: M Schrieber. V. Tcxnge. S Schroeder. P. Reynolds, M Stiles. C. Shive. B. Struble N. Schramek. S. Roth. MISSING FROM PICTURE F. Smith. E. Spargo. ,C ABR BACK ROW, L to R: Charles Cepka Vice-President: Thomas Langston, President. FIRST ROW: lane Mac- Fadyen, Secretary: Carol Reading, Treasurer: Barbara Schutts. His- torian. .53-N If gl'85Al'l'lQI'L BACK ROW, L to R: D. Cook, C. Bishop, H. Bajor, E Bronish, C. Cepka, R. Burger, A. Bayerl. THIRD ROW R. Bogart, I. Billow, l. Compton, G. Alpaugh, W. Bentz F. Apgar, Mr. R. Roth. SECOND ROW: I. Antcliif, D Beam. E. Bush. M. Baker, C. Barcus. N. Apgar, I Bird. FIRST ROW: L. Carvatt, H. Apgar, D. Burd. C Backhus, I. Alsberg, W. Clawson. MISSING FROM PICTURE: K. Beam. F. Burd. 1 BACK ROW, L to R: B. Copp, F. Cozze, D. Grey, A Hall. R. Dalpe, G. Hartsell, V, Dalrymple. THIRD ROW: E. Getz, K. Demeaux, G. Harbar, F. Ctibor, M. Danforth, M. Cregar, C. Crampel, P. Graff. SECOND ROW: W. Hockenbury, M. Deinzer, M. Hallinger, C. Hackett, R. Frank, F. Hagan, L. Gares. R. Cronshey, F, Gares Miss I. Zellers. FRONT ROW: I. Fulper, P. Goldsmith: E. Fleming, F. Cowell, C. Fox, P. Conover, S. Coughlin, F. Fleming. BACK ROW, L to R: I. Hoclzenbury. M. Stobb. C. Maxwell. R. Henderson. R. Ierome. P. Kunz. THIRD ROW: I. Masler. I. Lis, R. Hen- dershot. I. Mantz, I. Kelting. P. Likus. Mr. A. Dunn. SECOND ROW: D. Iones, D. Irwin, R. Krohn. G. Lent. W. Henderson. B. Kiefer. T. Langston. FIRST ROW: I. MacFadyen, G. Hawkins, O. Liland, S. Keiper. A. Lusardi. R. Lawton. MISSING FROM PICTURE: D. Hull. P. Iones, E. Kary. R. Lettenmaier. ix BACK ROW, L to R: E. Ruch. R. Ross, M. Reper. E. O'Neill, T. Salter. I. Schantz. E. Meyer. P. Schneider. R. Schumacher. THIRD ROW: I.. Papenluhs. C. Reading, E. Ovady. C- Pierce. V. Oelke. I. Moebus, S. Schuyler. E. Renigar. SECOND ROW: N. Nixon. D. Norman. P. Regitz. E. Schneck. L. Raesly. R. Ravenberg. M. Proctor. Miss A. O'Neil. FIRST ROW: C. Moran. C. Sadoski. F. Schu- bert. B. O'Dell. B. Schutts. B. Paulus. E. Nabasko. B. Page. MISSING FROM PICTURE: E. Pharo. I. Sargent. BACK ROW. L to R: C. Struble. M. Smith, D. Van Dyke, C. Witte. FOURTH ROW: W. Wubbenhorst. E. Wells. I. Suydam. K. Wag- ner, R. Wise. I. Gigliotti. R. Iohnson. THIRD ROW: B. Wolfe, I. Wilbur. D. Wald- ron. I. Stevenson, P. Zalew- ski. S. Venters, I. Stock. C. Parks. SECOND ROW: Mr. R. Robinson. S. Sum- merville. C. Stocker. G. Subbe. W. Wintermute, D. Taylor. S. Staats, K, Ort- lieb, Mr. S. Van Arsdale. FIRST ROW: F. Smolinski, I. Trimmer. E. Spann. M. Zairo. C. Wilson. H. Storr, M. Willis. C. Smith. .xdflzdfic .x445ociafi0n The Athletic Association, with Mr, Van Arsdale as their advisor, has been set up to help organize athletics in the school and to promote good sportmanship and citizen- ship. One of their biggest contributions to the support of athletics has been the sale of A. A. books. The money from the sale of these books goes to the athletic fund. "Mustard, relish or ketchup?" in Hts l Q ...ef .fi t- M1 "B.A. tickets are cheaperl" Q! ,-gin, -L. BACK HOW L to R S Somerville I Bronish, B. Brannon, I. Lindabury. B. Sliker. I. Gray. G. A Gratt President D Gratt Secretary D Strain S Crouse l Subbe P Goldsmith FRONT ROW E Tramutola. Treasurer: D. Beavers. Vice-President: . m ' A H N 4 - -J v K ...V .V V! . I V A YL,"1',w-um 1 -v If! "Tinley" Hall exercising his "edu- cated" toes. BACK ROW, L. to R.: R. O'Rourke, R. Rittenhouse, R. Hic- key, G. Melick, W. Venskus, E. Brown, H. Backer. MIDDLE HOW: E. Smith, K. Braun, R. Kornberger, T. Langston, C. Hall. I. Paulus, E. Allen. H. Barrick. FRONT ROW: D. Crane, Manager: G. Wojdat, D. Strain, S. Olenicxcz, I. Trcmsue, L. Bowers, W. Plenge, I. Thorp, I. Nelson, Manager. ON GROUND: F. Cowell, I. Dalpe, E. Paulus. joofgaf LE FT: R. W Beers, Hen ard, Assisfqm Coach :Gub- N? d Coach. - RIGHT: P il. jg. I ..,, ,, M WWW IW JP 4 5 s - Q - : 3 5 a 1 1 16 5 I 3 E 2 E 5 2 5 : 7 ' I I ' 2 ' S Z Q. ' T f I ' 1 'i Kenneth Braun Full Back S W Edwin Paulus Qucxrier Back Frank Cowell Half Back Stanley Oleniacz , Charles Hall Hall Back Lawrence Bowers Bight Guard ' Left Guard '44 David sum K William manga Rxght Tackle Left Tackle Gr ' ' 25321 ET.3""' ,om "WEST Cenier 9-JO ' gr ' Ji, fffc.. 0 01 ,ML Kenny Braun smashes over for touchdown. Smith The Regional Lions roared into the 1952 season with high hopes for a successful year. However, at the very beginning of the season, Charley Fichot, quaterback, and Bob l-lickey, defensive end, were lost to the team, Charley had a ruptured appendix and Bob chipped his left elbow. Because of these and other injuries, the team didn't start rolling until mid-season Then after having lost the first four games, they Thorp lutercrls to Braun for long goin VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE N.H.R.H.S. 6 Netcong .........., 13 Highland Park 6 Lamberlville ...., 0 Bemardsville ., I9 Frenchtown .,....,, 19 Flemington ,.,..., Wharton CCuncelledD smashed back to win the last three. 25 Nefcf-mg '-.'---4------4 To add to this years gridiron laurels, the exploits of lack Tharp, Greg Wojdat, and lohn Transue won them places on the all- county team. eludes Lambertville. Not quite for enough. Final touchdown of a successful season 'Y A+: f .I -lf' .C .PJ-'ai W, 131- . 2 f QQ-9:95 9 '89-Et. Kr: vw f BACK ROW, L. to R.: I. Sargent, R. Schaller, M. Kelson. N. Irwin, T. Inslee. F. Ortlieb, W. Brewster, C. Struble, W. Wilson. R. Schumacher. MIDDLE HOW: Manager R. Burger. R. Hawkins. C. Cepka. B. Sokoloski, G. Alpaugh. T. Attanasio, E. MacNamara, R. Conover, E. Bronish. Manager D. Van Dyke. Coach I. Van Arsdale. FRONT HOW: P. Goldsmith, H. Spcmn, B. Paulus, W. Wintermute, L. Raesly, G. Harbar. R. Tiger, W. Thompson, R. Eick R. Frey. The Iunior Varsity squad, under Coach Van Arsdales direction, did not experience a very successful season. They played three games and lost thern all, How- ever, even though they did lose all their games, they did accomplish their main puh- pose, that of providing experienced players for future Varsity material. As long as the I. V, teams continue supplying Well experif enced nzen, Regional will have great football tearns. I. VAN ARSDALE I. V. Coach Preparing for cr Varsity future. BACK ROW, Left to right: Miss Izarek. Coach: I. Farrington. I. Dunn. V. Macdonald, M. Headley, M. Reper. S. Macaulay. R. A. Roslyn. M. L. Seagraves, V. Klim. E. Tramutola. M. Stobb. FRONT ROW: D. Irwin. G. Subbe. E. Smith. C. Plenge. C. Sloan. D. Schuyler. I. MacFadyen. P. Hartung. I. Mac!-'adyen. QI' 6 , .Nockg Spurred on by the excellent leadership of their captain, lane Dunn, and the guidl ance of their coach, Miss lzarek, Regionals hockey-minded lassies again made their Contribution to the sports history of the school. Although they were beaten by Lambert- ville and Flemington and their hard-fought "Strike One" battle with Frenchtown resulted in a tie, the high point of the season came when they trouriced Washington and High Bridge. Alter long hours of practice and alter tasting the joys of victory and the dregs ol defeat, the team agreed that, "after all, it was a Wonderful season." "A 'Beluddled' Huddle" iv" D Avg 1- ,"a .1 a , ti' QTJQ f ,ss K fm: X X aforeffed Stepping iauntly to the lilting music oi our band. the Regional maiorettes made their first appearance dressed in cute. new uni- forms. Considering this was their debut. Dale Douglass. Iackie Smith. lean Farring- ton. and Shirley Beavers did a fine iob. ww! FLUTES: M. Frclce. D. Poe, E. Renigar. OBOE: M, Deinzer. CLARINETS: M. Aten. E. Butler. A Clasen, R. Demeaux, H. Hartner. S. Macauley, M. Mathews. SAXOPHONES: E. Bidewell. M Blessing. I. Britton. W. Clawson. N. Nelson. TRUMPETS: M. Atkinson. K. Braun. I. Compton. N. Cox. P. Crowl, E. Fleming. P. Grail. G. Hildebrant, L. Reid, FRENCH HORN: R Roslan. TROMBONES: A. Bridge. .M. Stiles, SOUSAPHONES: G. Alpaugh. F. Ctibor. GLOCKENSPIEI.: I. Wilbur. SNARE DRUMS: E. Getz. V. Klim. E. Rapp. R. Zalewski. BASS DRUM: G. Papenluhs. CYMBALS: A. Hall. DIRECTOR: Lois I. Neuwiesinger. ' -- a-4 .A , . 1- f sultan., 1 if Ay "K .1 -f ,r -j s Q Q 9 -vi El Fi A N " x's W '12, 2 fs . if , . Nm S E I 6 !,b au V 4- 5 Q I' E 5 5? Y 12 l Q 1 1 ' . 4 Y.. 1 BACK ROW, L to R: G, Hackett, N. Irwin, H. Backer, I. Paulus, I. Nelson tg f A I. Dalpe. G. Alpaugh. R. Eick. R. Frey. THIRD HOW: Mr. P. Beers, R 5 00 a U' ninenhouse, H. Barrick. R. omuike, L. Gomy, G. Melick, c. Hall, E: Smith. SECOND ROW: I. Transue. I.. Bowers. E. Brown, G. Woidat, I Tharp, S. Oleniacz, D. Strain, C, Fichot. FIRST ROW: I. Sargent, G Harbar, E. Bronish, C. Cepka, F. Cozze. BACK ROW, L to R: C. Moran, K. Beam, E. MacNamara, I. Farrington. MY- R- Ward- D- COOK- M- Green, I. Kary, T. Attanasio. H. Bogari. SECOND ROW: M. Baker, S. Schroeder. M. McGowan. B. Huntenburg, D. Iohnson, I.. Reed, B. Strubble, N. Schramelr. FIRST HOW: C. Stocker, A. Reed, I. Maclfadyen, C. Langston, N. Apgar. M. Schaller, P. Hartung, I. Dunn. l'0ul0 Cllneri BACK ROW,I. to R: N. Sammis, Q HoIfman, M. Headley. K A W. Kelting, R. Burd. C. Allen, I.. Bloemeke, . MacFadyen. S. Apgar. Ouflld MW! U Fmsr Row. Miss c. smfef, A. Graft, v. Macdonald. 1. Daggers. B. Bird, B. Van Syckle. Mr. T. Speirs. L to R: B. Page. F. Fleming. A. Shannon, E. Wells, E. Meyer, L. Storr. S. Roth, H. Freeland. C. Crampel. I. D'Aprix. K. Schaadt, B. Venskus. A. Schneider I Masler Mrs I McGoH KNEELING IN FRONT D Perry "Y. -S. 334 M Lfmdofl I U ociaf lancin MISSING FROM PICTURE: S. Oakes. A. Arnold, R. Komberger. g .96LgeCl"6l. f BACK ROW. L to R: D. Schumacher, A. Bayerl, W. Dalrymple, A. Hall, P. Lik- us, R. Burger, R. Letten- maier, D. Riley, I. Gulick E. Stock. E. Sliker. SEC- OND ROW: I. Iohnson, R Krohn. M. Stiles, I. Mac- Fadyen, E. Spann. STAND ING BOTTOM: Mr. R. D Roth, R. Schultzel, G. Lent, P. Goldsmith, L. Raesly KNEELING BOTTOM: R Spann, D. Hackett, C. Bea- vers, G. Davis. I. Kelting, S Beavers. BACK ROW, L to R: S. Bishop, M. Cregar. I, Rosely, M. Reper, I. Suydam. M. DeMotte. A. Beam. SECOND ROW: R. Capizzi. C. Hackett, P. McElroy, L. Conover, D. Douglass, Miss I. Izarek, P. Miller. T. Katz, I. buff: era A Gray. E. McGowan. FIRST ROW: D. Burd, B. Schutts, S. Plenge. P. Conover, S. Coughlin, I. Stevenson. K, Apgar, I. Monahan, I. Billow, L. Barton. BACK ROW, L lo H: I. Sullivan, F. Smith, I. Papp. D. Suydam, E. Seaman, R. Spada. FIRST ROW: Mr. A. Dunn, R. Moore, H. Patton, V M. Takacs. I. Sutton, W. , .v or lf?" Witte. l'l'l2l'gel'lCy roiecfion ciua aw I 5 'WK' R X L to R: F. Schmauser, C. Bischoff . tn X R. Schumacher, Mr. L. Wolfram, C 9 Allen, G. Papenfuhs, I. Lucas, N K Hudl. SEATED: W. Venskus. 716 ,M CAA BACK ROW, I. to R: G. Melick, D. Alpaugh, E. Allen, E. Bowlby. THIRD ROW: I. Cozze, W. Apgar, F. Cowell, l. Katy. W. Apgar, B. Brannon. SECOND ROW: W. Hoffman. C. Hall, R. Keggcm, W. Cox, L. Bowers. FIRST ROW: Mr. N. Peder- sen, S. Oleniacz. R. Moore, B. Hockenbury. I.. Slorr. enior "lHl CIIIIIUIIS SAVMIF' hy Juhn Patril: Make believe . . . fantasy . . . illusion . . . biting . . . violin scratching . . . feigned insanity . . . black eyes . . . shrewish con- niving . . . such were the harem scarem actions in the senior play when everyone on the stage was in character. Going from the subtle to the bizarre, the players responded to the sensitive direction of Mr. R. Roth and presented to an appreciaf tive audience of students, faculty, and parf ents a never-to-be-forgotten performance. m sorry Bingo-I've embarrassed you again." BACK ROW L to R W Spann I Papp, W. Kelting, I, Driggers, I. Cieslinski. R. Burd. FIRST ROW E Coughlm V Bates F McCreary, L. Bloemeke. SITTING: P. Samson. MISSING fm 2 . ra-Q' -6 if mi C T' 1 !!'J4-i'M,x . .5 x, WW 7: 6 my-J-2 111:93 1-' QW'- FPHQ ' . V al . .1 ' f 1 A C ,N wr' fi 5 "I hate everything in the world." "Mo-ore feeehling. "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil Y l puhleezel mn .. 'HN -5, sing sw., "?,:x G I xp Q Sf ..r-,, --A. D. 'A ,V IU fi! I V :. '.v. 5. 1 X , . 1, Q' ',x 1 X 5, ll W-I in- ,gaigf Af Lp, M , ,, , ,s M 'igtivnz iE,.fTy3f.,i ,L i 'fc Q I K ' , 'a. . -e f' 1 K f , F " A 4, If G' 9. WA 'rx' f 4 'Z 1:3 Vu' The Zip Band is composed of those students lust learn ' K cl ing to play a musical instrument. They will some- tp an day make up the backbone of the senior band. Did you hear that peppy music? Didn't it make you want to dance? lt should have, as that was the Dance Band practicing under the guidance of Miss Lois Neuwie- singer. She certainly deserves a lot of credit for changing raw recruits into accomplished players. The choral groups-the Regionettes, the Honeytones, and the Male Glee Club-gave a very fine performance at Christmas, '52. The Regionettes did Fred Waring's arrange- ment of "The Night Before Christmas," which was exceedingly successful. Then as a clos- The Freshmen Glee Club under the direction of Miss Neuwiesinger was organized for the purpose ot offer- ing musical instruction to the members of the freshmen class. ing number, the combined choral groups sang, "The Seven Fold Amen." The concert was recorded on the school recorder. Later the music classes were able to hear the Christmas program in which they had participated. In May the Music Festival was held, full of liltirig music that made you glad spring Was here, Participation in Class Night, Baccalaureate, and Graduation by various music groups brought the music season to a successful close. .gfezikllleli A2 F' mmf? Ale fi U A great development in musical ability and spirit marked the season for the Honeytones. The prospects for a terrific musical organ- ization in coming years look very bright because ol this group of young ladies. No glee club is complete without a male portion. and we prize our Male Glee Club. They were right there all the way from "Tell Me Why" to "The Hallelujah Chorus." The largest of the girls' glee clubs, the Regionettes. proved throughout the year that they were indeed worthy of carrying the name of Regional in their title. STANDING, L to R: R. Angell, V. Likus M Green V Macdonald E Seaman I. Dunn. SEATED: I. Cieslinski: E Brown President Mr Ward I Dnggers Secretary: R. Burd. 0I'l0l" e526lI"C Onllffllttee During our Iunior year this group of ten people combined their efforts to create an Honor System, Starting in November of 1951, the committee discussed and formu- lated their ideas and produced a constitu- tion, which was presented to Dr. Singley on September 1, 1952. After receiving his approval of the data in the constitution, the group started streamlining it and planning a week of explanation for the student body. They were assisted by the Honor Introduc- tory Committee. This committee was set up in May, 1952, for the purpose of planning Honor Week, a week during which the student body had a chance to see what Work had been done by the Honor Research Committee and to give their opinion of the entire idea. L to R: M. Matthews: N. Sammis, Chairman: P. Hartung: E. Coughlin: I. Maclfadyen. C QQFLCI, 61215 Cheermg the L1ons on to VICIOIY were nlne cute and peppy cheerleaders Dressed m dark green Jumpers and flashy gold blouses these glflS cheered at all the foot ball and basketball games and used trtck formatlons to teach new cheers and sonas at pep assembhes Th1s enhvened the spmt and er1thus1asm of the students for the teams Supportmg the vars1ty cheerleaders were the IV cheerleaders Cartwheels and forward rolls were the IV s btg attract1ons The g1rls dxd a spectacular Job of cheermg and deserve a cheer themselves LEFI' TO RIGHT E McGowan C Readmg BACK ROW L to R L Bloemeke D Hackett I McxcPadyen P Hartung I MacFcxdyen BACK TO FRONT A Amold I Rxddle C Plenge H Prostak ...L Q' 1- N.: I E. Smith. I. Maclfadyen. CENTER: S. Venters. I P l V 1 ' . I U , , I A I 3 if 4945 .. lm t 0 yi MS", ' fffixg, wx 1 E M' 'af ii" W 'P 0 S o Q 0 LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Wilson. C. Fich MISSING FROM PICTURE: R. Burd. Ogff , For the second year in a row, the Regional Cagers experienced a successful season. The team finished first in the county standings and also participated in the state tournament. Coach Norman Pedersen had a team with talent and experience. He had the services of Ken Braun, Greg Wojdat, and lack Tharp, who were lettermen on the '52 squad. Also returning from last year's team were Ronny Burd, Charley Fichot, and Bill Wilson. It was the marvelous playing of these boys and the strong backing of the student body that resulted in a successful season. Coach Norman Pedersen. December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Iariuary Ianuary February February February February February February February February BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Annandale State Farms , . . Bernardsville Bernardsville Washington Frenchtown Lambertville High Bridge Belvidere , . Ewing ..... Flemington Belvidere ,. Lambertville Frenchtown Washington High Bridge Ewing .,., Flemington Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Home Away Away Away Home Two Points for Regional. "Get that ball. Billl" "No spectators on the court." Concentration ' 'Q ,wwf L. ""X-T'1s.4.+A Q, ,gf . 9 ,is ,V I V 4 S A ' , , , ,A gif K if? 52 "' if ,',A gf, S wg X .5 gf l l ' x ir GL V MW 1151- f 'Vi "' f Eff' Q f V ' 4 P - s 4 1 . X 1 N V A , : V' 'K I -in V 1,-. ' g 1 1 , 1 'W N' 3 ' ' , 3 L Q P N 1 I gg ,hh 1? xx' i 1 ir, Q v X N' u if ! 2 I ,,., Jw --vf I , it I 51 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW. L to R: N. Nelson. Manager: Miss I. Izarek, Coach: I. Farrington. C. Hoffman. Managers. FIRST ROW: G. Tramutola, E. Tramutola, F, McCreary. I. Maclfadyen. I. Dunn. P. Hartung. S. Beavers. M. Headley. I. Bronish. QPA, Qing , 9. ,M Neat swish atter neat swish was heard throughout the basketball season this year Practice started early in December with many girls out tor positions on the teams. The final tally was l2 on the varsity squad and l-4 on the IV. squad. The girls worked long and hard on dit- ierent plays, passes, shots and the finer points of the game ot basketball This was Well Worth the time and energy as they came through with many victories. These were made possible by the sincere ettorts of their coach, Miss lzarek. GIRLS I.V. BASKETBALL BACK ROW, I. to R: V Klim. P. Desmond. E. Miller, M. Seagraves. A. Craig. D. Miller. FIRST ROW: B. Mc f 152 Collum. E. Apgar. B. Hunt- enhurg, I. MacFadyen, M. McGowan. fi V. .1 fj A H egifi Mniffi Arg Smff Editorial Staff ,G . v v as . , . 4. . +-..,.., in wzv,,fvv":g?x:KA I-liemfv Staff Photography Staff 4' Subscripiion Stuff TYPing Siczff fwfs 'Y' IY5 sr-'1 -s- Y' WW x'L'5' al-n J 1 ff 0 .' av ' A 'Al ,ggi , , iff. ,Luigi 'W ' 4 1952 BASEBALL TEAM BACK BOW, L to R: Coach Pedersen. L. Bowers, S. Oleniacz, D. Beavers. L. Storr, I. DeCleene, E. Paulus, Manager I. Nelson. FIRST ROW: I. Transue. I. Tharp. I. Ovady. G. Lambert, I. Stock, B. Weber. C. Hall. ECISIQAGK Last year's baseball team, the pride of Regional, was the team that brought us our first trophy, With the coaching of Norman Pedersen the boys compiled a record of twelve wins and three losses. To add to the honors Ronny Weber was awarded an hon- orable mention position on the All-State baseball team. Ronny Weber and Larry Bowers did most of the pitching, and with Iohn Transue behind the plate Regional had one of the best batteries in the county, Ronny Weber accomplished the feat of pitching a no-hit game. It was this type of pitching and the timely hitting and fielding of such players as Iim Ovady, Charlie Hall, Iirrimy Stock, Iack Tharp, Glenn Lambert, Leon Storr, and Stan Oleniacz that brought the first trophy to Regional High School. Regicnal's first athletic trophy-won by the '52 baseball team. I A I 4 4 1 A c-fy, fizvffgx .14 Ja af lg iona ig? f ? ? I 'rxx C1 N60 O OU IEOG I "Snap . . . Crackle . . . 2 P 'Hey' wait Popl" "O.K. Showers. girls." . P S N ' T N 'f x cs f '5 . 9 0 3 C 'xx Q O 6 L ,f "Look outlll You'll blow n ' ' fuse." , 'if ., all b 'V "Eyes on your books. hands L I A V on your home keys. type." V 'That ns ex parallelepxpedl me, C70 C 'Theres no place hlre home 0 Q HQXLWQ f 'N O U 3? Yr' hs L I W tch s Cauldron O .vfiwfb N To be or not to be that IS the questlon? enum lr-3 Xa Tune to Refuel 14.4-7 59 f 'I Q 71' 1:3 " ' O ' ,,-,7 if , ' Q X h 12- rl . e e M? n N . .6 C Q i ' , ' 5 x n fa 6 gr iQ -- 1 z - ,, 1 4 Q " , ' I A J . f' I . "' 4 A . pi m E llll fiyil Eli! 7 7 HYF' DEBT' , L44! 5.4 60 September October November 1011 20 21 27 28 December Icmuary 26 27 29 February March 19 20 Apnl 23 24 25 May 1415 une 5 89 SACD! Teachers reported for or1entat1on School opened Semor Class electlons Student Councrl elect1ons Statronery sales started Report cards Student Councrl dance School closed N I E A COHV6Ut1OH School closed Arm1st1ce Day Senlor Class play Thanksgrvmg dance Iumor Class School closed Thanksglvmg Day Report cards Chrlstmas pageant Musrc Department Chrlstmas dance Senlor Class School closed Chrlslmas vacatlon School re opened Semester exammatrons Report cards Sen1or Class trrp to Unxted Natrons School closed Washlngton s Blrthday Sophomore dance Report cards Iabberwock Aprrl Fool s dance School closed Easter vacatxon Hunterdon County Student Councll dance Semor Class trlp to Washrngton D C Band and choral concert Report cards -f"5. in QIW Iunlor Class play X Flnal exam1nat1or1S Q Graduatron report cards Y ...W Aufograp 5 N5jwAv .f ag3L ., f awww? Qfmwasiid 1? ., , w6M"1'ffM'H0 717 im Q , h-- -,.. H Q, 14, Jig 'L' 0 Wm -1+ 2322 gif QM JW W is Q3 03-J wwf W2-,lla qi A A-5? QQ 'EJ-4-D Ni 69764 my GMX'-I Eg xx c- 'Sh 'X' ilsck if WW JJQMNVH 7.4-JJ' Cys usb MXOMQ V! xy nuff!! 5 y JM V, .M cv no aff' M SEXY M W X0 A-.4,,5i2,,Q!yxw'51,5f-'B A ff, 3 HH 3 . DW VJQVFW X.g..,Jff fix, wa if K-X sffww '312fL4f..L.L.,..,n,-' U ,, ,, .A Q awww N754 fm W1 M If QWW' ...w5?f VfRWW f' 41 'N 4'do 1 Q., f"7f"y VL 4 I NIM Xpmmwwwf I sy., KA, 14" NXMAL Q ZWXJ .5 Rx-N-6 I gy J Flow, A9 M M' S 74' K 'V akklfman I 6 4 my 1 WMM! ,K 1. A VL' .A I 32? 2. g IIXWVVI 9.. 5115 v"7r"" yvtidiw.. A Rx 4-4,54-if w.5"R 'nw IX 2 was Xrffiy "vzm4,,..eb-.A.,.. Q off-wp JV do ff' 1 ff fab 535+ M 1-A ? 0 9-aflfvxgzei ml ilj511?,Y1 JL IX T ,J ff Q KZ. .aa-.iff BK X 475 L' A Cf 3 My WMC fm? V' SSS 8' fLK"MLw S 'yi' ffl XA Mal-1 CHM HMABQKQQ :ffl a:ff49 QVQYI5 s- C' rand gpwigy is dm Q'--5,7,5"r0 Vnfmmix ff M? Q44-K B? 'F of f f 'M 'W +"""'8""'V 1 ff "W" by ,Jr 14 VI ,H my 6 WWW Mftfjpgakfx Aj yjf? fi Viplpgrm nmamwk Q, re a ww.. . fi .1,fEhV 4,-WJ uw.-""""5c fe...,.1.50u,1g. W ffwwq .wm. , w MW , .W Magi haf!! WW! M uw' .Ji 66 Q if' QR .. fb .Q . aa Yfaf I6 2 .1 " 5. 1: il, v-, M. 6,, SL- . fl? 2 1 ,B - D Q , 5: N-4, 14411 QC L Jx M ,011 vw, .Y E 2 . N 3' U , -. Q uf.. 5wfM- . . E . , ' A O' ' 35 5 f- -Q X. - Tm' ' 41 X Q V ' Q' , has H tl' ., xi Ui N L Q ' " i '15 Q , f .4 Q A D i . 1 v . . '- -T Z '17, x 9 af' I K 'I :.- XX 1 hz ' 'fuk .56 I Qt Q rf. Sgt XV .F ig- . , P 'CAR Q, ik x 9' ' " if mg U 5 -qv - GX , .- 0 S .Q X 'VT B ' T L -V - Q -r ' . . f, V 'X c,qt I: KHL1 Y J 5 X C-Y ' I I7 C cg 'Lf Q YJ' 4 : U- if , xl en I 6 RL ct L- ry " Q' In - f 41774 ' 14 . A k F J 7 H '45 E SD 70 I 1 . I 9,5 af. Ji it " --bl," gf- S Q 'L' K: L . Hg. Q 1 Q4 . gl .F ' Q3 av :T fi: I rf' Y, If 2, JJ VTJ1 jg ,Q , OXQM 1 fs rx - 't OJYJ . . ,,, ,. , my f A . . 11 2 A V- ,f if . .QD 'sw fwfx 1- . P 99 . ., wa 1 W mf Q Q Z, w,,g1 ' ' 1 'Z ,if H' - 1,455 XQ- ., , g,"" V ' ' , if - b' ' . Q. f . wa. if W . . . A K , rr ,- :B XQ Q, , .. - 2 li Q Xglgs ' '- 'X 1 . iff' W R I, Avy Y 'Q ' 19,56 4' I I. La - . . " ':. Qin if-IJ' . JV 1 .9 -P I ' , -5- , . v VH , .Q ' A . AA f" rf , X .. I, af-f-114 's - .fi-W AMY 0 A .-,T - Uvflif , J, u, I A A '1 aj! ' I 6,5 ,V la 0,541 .71 If if ,W L 5 mn 1 x- 4 f' My Af ,Q ,fa 4 in ' I 5' 1 s P I' rg 52 ' it -:QM I jam 'M ..,.. ., . i 4 i H W 1 as v 5 .gf 5 f . ' 92' X 1, ek - , 5. Vw X - N ' ' C' YY? -' 1.0.8 1 N Ygxfgl -s. fig '-4,3 5' 2 ,X Y 9 954' B fr, A ,Lv u - J N Nw 1 H ,ffm , - Q Q M M r E I FT. 7 if V M lj iq f? K .,q'5, X 68 vb: Ir l , J .X V PNY. Z fx, , Al X ef ', A ,r ,. - 1. - :MM V wb, Whig.. "" , 'L w Q ' f 'JT'i, W--i-4" ff., N ' Q V. W' D. .4 A J gg -2 D ACI-.LG 71913-1 yglxlv 194.1146 ,, 3. 5 ff - 0 , 1- N. a 7 - 1 , -- f f '. 13 L., A QQ? qgv. ff,-gi. 42' iyfcfg rf- ' , ,fm .. ,N . A gf . , M. "xg .' f' lb YK If Q Q ' J 'A I M, It ,..,-1 3 x 3-'XTX -" f ' DW! ' 4 flhnl H IW I. A :hwrs 'L H' 'ff-LW?Ly Q .X x LN A 4: , ,, 'I ,qw ls' 'V fy J-x. 'Q' W -flhwo, I fx" ' ,1 v Q1 A JP 6 "Q f L, A , ff 5 Y .5',,f x.. A! , A, V" 1,357.5 91 - - , ,T f .A ,du L 5 0 r ,lj SIR " A xii A l LV , ,241 4' ,N t ' ,gilt 'nr 551, ' 5.1 ' 'S ' A . Cy' 1 1, L VF..-L wr- I' 'I ,p. - f . gy., 3 I ' Y- ' V, " ' ,lv . F 4? 8 W , ' L-I-" N , Q if-r' 'Jr' 2 WL A rx A. L :p 9 :rl ,fall EL-'X 'p T L 5 - ' A M . W 'KJ J 6 sf-f S . -' 1 -'-1 -' :- f me P M. .-- . - 1 . , , ' . 14' A ' I!! JYKE, F 7' G . Y-2 Qld 1 If I . Iigxoli 59. I V, 5,6 9? '55 sm 3 du, 4' - . 4 'A Q . ' .ww 5 ' Sf. 5.-L: 45 ' - ,Q 'N L " ,Q . -fr 5. .5 -A H5 VQQX S.. X " I 5 Jwfp-V 1: vvyxhn 'L Z' do JN 5 4 agp. JL., zz 7, 4, rl . K , . W J in-f' in 4, 54 HY' XV 'L xy' l Ai. fl- lf 4 Q' 'l E 1 ffm fi f I Lu - XL, , 1 an. -8 ,J 9, 1,-,lm F 'ss ', 19-'G XY my .1 . A -j.dL S fl., L .. I L fx ' - , . PM ,. . .. 1. - . , Mg... 21 ,M if aww lu fu' V! r ' A .14 OJ? A I Jfhj " S-. df W , X- 'Q Q Lag- G1 1 f j, ey .ff Q: 61 5 1-,nl '11 A . x vu - A , I, aan n 5 , lk X : N J . , I! it! -, ZR! J "" v 'Y' M J 'Y W' vi," .9J,,,5 A ,,," X , ' f , '5' N, .p Q' H ,., . .w-.fu 1 , ff 5 , U X , , Q lo Qi.- .ff W if f wb ,5 ' f ,V .- gf.: J Q Q ' ra., 'Q ' 'f .41 C, , A Jw sf AMR A J S 54 Q - J ,. 9 1 P "1 -' 'fn ' V ' N' - sr A: 5 .935 , 5 , 9 5 1 H 054.4 'V' W' .- W .mf J . 0.4 .54 " If-'J W6 ' .5 "Q-fi? ig, ' L I D I roi ' 4,5 .. ' 'Kgs CHL 'W 8 WJ '59 , . 6 S ' ,, . , .15 J.: . L Aera- Lf 1' x , -W fgJ.M . . MU -- s y . ' ' A '5 ' + ' , v 92 -'hx' 4 predenfing flue .gzniorfi of 153 enior Cfaifd Ofhcera ln September, elections for officers of the senior class were held. Those elected were Ioan Driggers, President, lane Dunn, Vice-President, Nancy Sam- mis, Secretary, and Phyllis Hartung, Treasurer. During the past year our officers have done an excellent job in organizing and conducting class meet- ings and in handling the business of the senior class. Our activities started with the play in the fall and continued through the year with the year book, senior dance, Iabberwock, and tinally the trip to Washington. lt is largely due to our officers' efforts that these activities were so successful. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS L to R: I. Driggers. President: N. Sammis. Secretary: P, Hartung, Treasurer: I. Dunn. Vice-President. enior Cfada .fdcluigiom The senior class advisors, Miss Sliker, Mrs. Rittenhouse, Mr. Speirs, and Mr. Beers, have given freely of their time, energy, experience and knowledge, to assist our class to achieve graduation and to complete a successful year book. Without their help, it is doubtful that we could have accomplished so much in the short time at Regional We offer our apprecia- tion and thanks to them. May we not forget them or their interest in the in the,Class of '53. SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS L to R: Mr. Prentice Beers. Miss Clara Sliker. Mrs. Hazel Rittenhouse, Mr. Thomas Speirs. 1:11 ,Q "--If' ROBERT A ANGELI. Bob Calrfon N I Anbrtxous hard workmg Senror frlendly hello for everyone fl qemus rn the Iunror play x a great 'ob as prestdent of Key Club Gn,llNl'l9S mclude Honor Research Commlttee and Student Courxcll vtce prestdent of Key Club ln Iumor year will 1o1n the Navy then h1S blg dream to go to college ELEANOR A APGAR SHIRLEY A APGAR Elhe Lebanon N I Congenlal fun lovmg fun to be wlth where theres muslc youll f1nd Ellte dancmg er secret ambttron to be a slnger can be found askxng Any sub scrtpuons for wntmg paper? mad about the state of Texas helped wrth decorauons for our class dances member of Art Club Shxrl West Portal N I Small blonde a speedy typxst hands are fxlled wrth typfnq assrgnments but she loves lt types for Reg1onal1nes and Regus member Natlonal Honor Socxety played the bells 1n the Pep Band ushers at all the blg events loves danc1ng at the R1dae wnll be a secretary to the Brg Boss Nunn... "'in.1 WAYNE F APGAR VALERIE E BATES Ram West Portal N I Carefree and good natured always ready to lend a hand When I get out of school Im gomg to be a feed merchant thats Waynes cry handles lots of money on Tuesdays as bank cashxer often found workmg hard over bookkeeplng member of Archery Club and Crafts Club llkes sw mmmg Butch Annandale N I QLllCk wlt hearty laugh lxked by everyone loves to dabble IU paxnts always wlllmg to make posters for any occasron showed talent for acung rn the Iabberwock and Iunxor and Semor plays l1kes roller skatlng dancxng sports and classlcal musxc keeps boys at thexr drstance goa to be a nurse CAROLYNI BEAVERS ane Oldwlck N I Beauttlul blonde halr smllxng brcvn eyes pleasant pe sonallty thats ane master of the canvas wlnner of the Hunterdon Womans Exchange art award member of any club that pertams to art mterest short men wlth dark halr helped wrth art ID Regis wants a home not too many btlls and chlldren has pn- e QQ QT?" 1? 1 SHIRLEY A. BEAVERS BARBARA I. BIRD CHARLES F. BISCHOFF "Beavs" "Barb" "Charlie" Oldwick, N I brown eyes. dark curly liaii a warm smile-thats "Beavs' one of the prancing maiorettes the dating mother in the Iunior play . . . one of the musical Beavers sings in chorus . . . likes to play the piano . . . really guards her girl in basketball . . . plays baseball plans to work in an office. I West Portal, N, I. Quiet and attentive in class . . excels in all she does . , . played the bells in Pep Band . . . types papers for Regionalines . . . interested in 4-H work . . . likes all kinds of animals . . . hopes to combine her knowledge of secretarial work with her interest in animals. Califon, N. I. Always behind the grinding movie projector . . . loves to tinker with cameras . . shy, but very friendly . . . can be found in the chorus giving out in a low tone . , . guard your refrigerator, kids, this guy loves to eat . . . plans to go to college. My' ji T if A, .-'Q-ay. rr 1 -- -1-1-' zu , ,- in igbpf fer Beef' . ,. jfkrt I 4 ,H ze I M sms KE M LAWRENCE H. Bowzns colle lieve -"T "Larry" Hampton, N. I. Noted for his characteristic red glow . . shy quiet, dependable Senior played football for Regional for two years , . one of '52's hard charging guards on the gridiron . . . very valuable to the baseball teavi as a pitcher one of the future farmers of Hunterdon County. AJ-'J' Always jacket . manner for four snappy Stanton speeche to be a 9- BRUCE BRANNAN "Bruce" Lebanon, N. I. seen Wearing his F. F. A. . . known for quiet, easy , . member of the F. F. A. years . . . one of the alert, infielders . . . often attends dances . . . dislikes making s . . . after graduation hopes carpenter. Nag. Nha. ROBERT K BRAUN Kenny Pattenburg N I Tall good lookrng always walk 1ng qu1ckly 1n the halls l1kes to play football and basketball always teasmg grrls but d1sl1kes ones wtth turned up noses member of Rod and Gun Club F F A Male Glee Club 1 an outstand1ng yob as Student Coun C11 pres1der1t plans to be a farmer 2 EUGENE W BROWN Browme Bloomsbury N I Another hard worklng Sen1or always ready to lend a helpmg hand loyal supporter of the Honor System member of the Honor Advlsory comm1ttee hard h1tt1ng guard on the football team member of the Key Club for two years plans to be an aero naut1cal engmeer -'DT FRANK BUCH Buchle P1ttstown N I Known for tak1ng l1fe easy IS ph1losophy COINS what may typ1cal Huck Ftnn an enthus1 ast1c member of Rod and Gun Club Pro1ect1on Club and Crafts Club on the PUbllC1lY commtttee for the Sen1or Dance future undecrded army or navy perhaps ir' C"7 RONALD L BURD Ronme Cl1nton N I Class pol1t1can noted for mak 1ng terr1f1c speeches loves de bates mystery 1n Iun1or play kmd and gentle doctor 1n the Senlor play member of Key Club and Honor Research COmm1l l1kes all sports espec1allv basketball vars1ty player for two Years could be a Perry Como wants to be a pol1t1c1an NORELL G BUTLER Re Cal1fon N I Envled for naturally curly ha1r and beaut1ful clothes often seen dashtng from art room wlth several pamt cans one of the talented arttsts IH the class valuable member of all advert1s1ng comm1t tees art staff of Regts helped put on labberwock play on basketball team hopes to be a secretary Q'-v DOROTHY A CEPKA Dottie CllHlOD N I Pleosrng personahty qutet man ner accompllshed wonders as pres1dent of Home Econom1cs and Art1st1c Typmg Clubs learned about good books 1n Llbrary Club reads them too smgs soprano 1n chorus serves at school banquets on Regxs staff mus1c1an plays p1ano amb1t1on to be a teacher 5'5- IOAN S CIESLINSKI Ioame Oldwick N I Dark hair and eyes a mysterious quality about her the perfect efflcient nurse in the Senior play always busy at Student Council Honor Society or studying attends Drama Club and participates in chorus an ardent member of all art clubs on the Regis art sta goal to be a college graduate K9 e-A5 K Q15 WILLIAM L. CONLEY SHIRLEY A CONOVER Big Bill Annandale N I Outdoor flend lives for hunting season belongs to Rod and Gun Club wonderful sense of humor tall teller of Tall Tales jovial disposition liked Boys Cooking Club last year fsomething to eatl dislikes coming to school during hunting season plans to become a construction boss Shirley Annandale N I Reddish brown curly hair friend ly but shy sings alto 1n chorus listens to dreamy music in the Record Club likes to sew and nit makes her own clothes helped with refreshments for Iunior Prom favorite pastime watchmg television has Intense dislike for study halls will work in an office after graduation GV HK: if GEORGE O COOK "Cookie' Hampton, N. I. Carefree and good natured . . . popular because of fun-loving atti- tude . . . loves a good joke . . . favorite pastime-hunting . . . mem- ber of Rod and Gun Club . . . remembered for school scene in the Iabberwock . . . vice-president of Iunior class . . . super salesman of Regis subscriptions . . . expects to work after graduation. per- for Iunior and .class historian .. . lively Charleston . . . will go . when formal educa- tion is. finished, would like to teach school. renl WII.LIAM F COWELI. I-'rank Pattenburg, N. I. Great tease . . . always talking about sports . . . an ardent Ranger fan . . . man behind the gun in Rod and Gun Club . . . fast moving halfback on football team . . . school activities include Crafts Club, Ush- ers Club and Senior Dance Advertis- ing committee . . . intends to join the Navy. 'for DONALD D CRANE SHIRLEY CROUSE PETER CROWL Don Prttstown N I Rugged lndlvrdualrst bnllrant student experrenced deboter great outdoors man lrkes huntmg and flshmg a member of Rod and Gun Club ardent sports fan manager of football ba ketball and baseball teams Iumor Prom commlttee Regxs staff often seen 1n chemrstry room wants to be a Wfllef GAIL M DAVIS Duvmsky Oldwxck N I Southern belle llsten to that drawl velvet brown eyes thmks everythlngs loads of fun never gets excxted dlsplays artxsttc talents 1n Clay Club Craft Club Regus art staff pcnnts posters for comlng events crazy over horses hkes a tall man looks forward to marrlage and a home of her own Crousxe Clmton N I Never at a loss for words always hurrymg loves to laugh good bow woman ln Archery Club member of Twxrlrng Club and A on Tlcket commlttee for all class dances class wrll w1ll work rn department store marry a man Wllh lots of money one wno df1V9S a Cadlllac Pete Flemington N I Soft spoken hard workmg semor known for studrous a1r great outdoors fxend lrkes huntmg ftsh mg and trapplng enthusiastic about all sports actlve member of Key Club Pro1ect1on Squad and Rod and Gun Club plays a groovy trumpet rn Pep Band plans to go to college .jf E57 IOHN DE CLEENE Iohme Clrnton N I Good lookmg wlth that wavy wavy black harr member of the basket ball team Wrestlrng a d F F A Clubs says he d1Sllk9S girls of all rzes and shapes but we know better llkes to hot rod se n drlvmg hrs 39 Chevy llkes agrlculture hopes to own h1S own farm someday ROSE C DONNELLY Rosle Prttstown N I Red red harr frlendly twlnkllng smlle talks IH a soft hesltatmg coy vorce outstandlng for h r excellent art abrlrty especlally rn advertlsement for Iunlor and Senlor play Senlor Dance and Regus responslbl for enchantmg decora tlons at the Iunlor Prom goal to further develop her talent m art VW IOAN DRIGGERS Ioamo Lebanon N I Dependable can see humorous slde of everythmg lxkes to argue actrve 1n Natlonal Honor Soclety Regronettes v1ce presldent of Iumor class Honor Research commltlee secretary Student Councll store manager REQIOTICIIIDGS Edltor Iab berwock commxttee Semor play basketball manager Honeytones Semor class presldent cum Trenton State for elementary teach tn fa IANE DUNN uno Iutland N I Brlmmmg wlth wltty remarks conscxentlous can be counted on to bear responsrbtlrtles presl dent of Natronal Honor Soclety falthful Student Councxl member Semor class vrce presldent excels ln held of sports great asset to any team gal from Brooklyn ln Iumor play smgs tenor 1 Reglonettes w1ll be a gym teacher after college '71 C IHMES EBERLE nm Glen Gardner N I Slow and easy goxng one of the kmd whos mce to have around llkes huntmg ftshmg and bowl mg d1Sl1keS Fords member of Rod and Gun Club Future Farm ers of Amerlca and Archery Club will make a good efflclent Hunterdon farmer 13' 'ff 49- IEAN W ERICKSON IEAN R. FARRINGTON HOWARD F FREELAND loam-ue Glen Gardner N I a amuslng laugh hkes Spamsh muslc and New York Clty partlclpates xn Regronettes and Photography Club usher for Iumor and Semor play and Iabber wock on Publxclty commlttees for dances and plays Prom Decora txon commxttee Refreshment com mxttee for Semor Dance and Roqu art staff plans to attend art school IH Newark Bunny Hop Annandale N I Tall very attractlve wears clothes we always seen wlth Phyllxs and Iane hkes all sports danc mg and musxc member of hockey team basketball manager Umted Nattons worker xn Iumor play Iournalrsm and Group Games Clubs Regxonettes Regis sta perfected techmques ln Twlrllng Club and became high steppxng mayorette plans college o Chnton N I Never seen wlthout a rosy blush has a yen for tuntmg hshmg trapp1ng has a bu1lt1n gum chewmg apparatus can be seen at dances and the roller rmk regular demon behmd the wheel congenial temperament Key Club member future Navy man with lntentlons to study me chamcs and electromcs 5-1- s..4' LEWIS I FULPER AMELIA C GRATT MALCOLM E GREEN Lewle Annandale N I Short and shy dynamite in a mall package will do anything for you has a mind of his own works in crafts during club goes skating every Friday prefers deer hunting to stage manager for Iunior play the Navy is hi future period night school 3,414 IOHN G. GULICK ack' Hampt n F. l. a , b.oWf fy -s good loo ing . . , mischievo 's practical joker , . . i es to ..'. ri sl, . . . thanks to Boys Cooking Club, will never go hJng.y member of Rcd and Q.. ru al- GI-, Club, Stage- Cr .2 Clf' ., . -.".'- lr' Iabbcrwock ..d A. . . . plans to become a teacher. Amy Lebanon N I Very pretty blonde gorgeous twinkling eyes calls everyone hon y an active classmate president of Library Club member of Twlrlers Club Prom com mittee Play l-leading committee I V basketball and Iunior Dance com mittee Iournalism Club Senior Play committee president of A A Regxs staff will make a very attractive secretary or possibly a model Greeme Fairmount N I Lackadalsical loves a life of ease dead shot in Archery Club hard to pin down in Wrestling Club enthusiastic worker for the Iunior Prom and Senior Dance dec orations Group Games Club excellent actor as Judge in The Curious Savage loves sports Mayor League baseball fespecially Dodgers? Regus Assistant Editor aim in life auto mechanic DOLORES F. HACKETT CHARLES H. HALL Dee Tinkeyu Glen Gardner, N I, On, of Regonals 'choru' girls . . . ,J . .o d n e . go d looking . . . bubbling laugh . wonderful at gymnastics . . , varsity cheer- .eader , . participlted in Iabber- ' , , . . helped publicity fo. p -co.at1or's for Prom and Senior Dance . . . activities chairman for Regis . , . greatest intere't is dancing-warts to b-- corne a dancing teacher, and then marriage. Hampton, il f Extremely .ur ' . , ,f'i'g" .taking hi a.1 's cf "cn ,rin . . . likes all sport: l1..Q'l rri' . and driving a great fee. af and ba-eball player . . ...ember ud-nt ou. cil and Key . . , a real UM C in th- l:xbb-rwock . . . member Boys Cooking Club Rod and Gun Club . . Regis staff . . , after graduation-wild life con- servation or professional sports. 'Wg HARRIET A HALL Hamet Annandale N I Dark ha1r blg brrght eyes llked by everyone the homey type prestdent of Baby Sttters Club belongs to the Home Eco nom1cs Club serves at dmners makes them too l1kes to do needle work loves good thmgs to eat wants to be a beautrcran then plans to get marrted les PHYLLIS A HARTUNG MARIORIE E HEADLEY Phyl Rtngoes N I Full of v1m and vrgor always go1ng somewhere cute fnendly and popular lrkes all sports and dancxng actrve rn everythmg glee club hockey basketball Iab berwock a vars1ty cheerleader treasurer of class Regis sta college freshman rn Iumor play secretary of Hunterdon County Student Counc1l wants to become physrcal educatron teacher Marge Annandale N I Fair of face eyes are her outstand mg feature twmkle when shes gay usually quret effervescent when happy hkes Swlmmlng readlng cookmg dancmg and sports plays hockey basketball and base ba Lrbrary Club Regtonettes News Staff Secretary Treasurer Re gronahnes L1terary Edltor of Regts would llke to mayor rn physxcal educatton 1n college ROBERT E HICKEY Bob Hampton N I Always prepared w1'h fast come back excels Vt humor hard worker one of the funny men 1n Iabberwock de e tlve ln IUHIOY play played end pos1t1cn on football tean on Rugxs staff Dodger fan eruoys outdoor sports rnembe Rod and Gun Club wtll patrol 'he wtde open spaces as a forest ranger BERNARD H HOCKENBURY Hocky Glen Gardner N I Fhdes motorcycle very quiet curly blonde haxr shy of glrls enloys danctng volley ball bowl1ng pool and stock cars school GCllV1lleS lnclude F F A Crafts Club and Ushers Club hopes to be a fur farmer WALTER A HOFFMAN Walt Calxfon N I A quret fellow w1th thoughtful speech lrkeable good looktng lrkes to swrm an ardent hunter and frsherman member of the Rod and Gun Archery and Usher Clubs has a green thumb a natural wlth anrmals wrll be an excellent farmer DIANA L IACOBS Ducky Lebanon N I Attractive blonde quizzical look usher for Iunior and Senior plays active in Dramatic Club Social Dancing Club and Regionettes who? what? when? how? favorite words of this gal wants to get that R N quickly wonder why? X We Low always in school activities blue pick up 1I'1ClUdQF E' A Archery Club Key Club Rod and Gun Club Ushers Club prefers hunting fishing and periods 2 4B and 7 dislikes excessive work of all kinds obiective college to study conserva tion lk f STEPHEN KOCSIS ANN KOMAREK Steve Pittstown N. I, Good natured . . . always smiling . . . friendly hello for everyone . . , likes to have fun . . . tells corny jokes . . . puts his deep voice to good use in male chorus . . . made his own food fate it tool in Boys Cooking Club . . . member of Wrestling and Crafts Clubs . . . plans to join the Navy after gradua- tion. Zsa Zsa Pattenburg N. I. Statuesque . . . likes ice-skating tall dark, handsome men. raw clams, Cadillacs, and money . . . worships handsome wrestlers - collects pic- tures of them . . , active in Archery, Secretaries, Crafts and Art Clubs . . . nimble fingered typist-Regis Chief Typist . . . going to Rider College-teaching will be her career, IT'- WILLIAM R KELTING Sweetwater Lebanon N I Classroom clown brightens life with colorful shirts a great sports an one of the I V football team and assistant manager of basketball member of Iournaltsm and Social Dance Clubs a Jazzy collegiate in the Iunior play crooked senator in Senior play Regis editor of boys sports will satisfy curiosity as a Journalist fc? A 4 , ELEANOR H. KOPP Hampton, N. I, Petite . . . pleasant smile . , . rather quiet . , , likes dancing, skating and modeling , . , unusual dislike-fog , . , Modern Dance and Social Danc- ing Clubs . . , satisfies her pleasures in music by singing in Regionettes . . . a member of Twirling Club . . . on Ticket committee for Senior dance . . . plans to get married. SUSAN KUHNE Sue Cahfon N I Goodloomng tall graceful ever understand1ng fnend noted for her bnght smlle act1ve IH Twlrlmg and Modern Dance Clubs remembered for Charleston 1n Iabberwock Grandma Gr1ggs m Iun1or play member of Regxon ettes Ass1stantEd1tor of Regus loves swzmmmg muslc and strong tall men w11l be m college next year studymg mus1c Y:-v Pete Lebanon N I Tall blonde falr C lexloned deep mascuhne acc vo1ce emoys good aftxc1pant 1n Phonograp C a top notcn typxst h es m sports part1c ularly basketb ccer 1ce skatmg hockey and skung pet peeve Dodgers mam des1re IH hfe IS engmeenng college Q"v PETER LANKA I ANET LAWTON an Hampton N I Sponta te-ous gtggle always seen w1th Eleanor usher at Iunxor play Modern and Soclal Dancmg Clubs another top typlst used sk11l for Semor play program and Regls a good twrrler wonder fully sweet votce sings descant for spectal events loves 11fe hope to get 1nto bustness then settle down and be a model house wx e X 6-' fd 1' '5 F MAURICE LEA EILEEN A LENT ETHEL M LEONARD Morey Chnton N I Brown curly ha1r very calm and easy go1ng ate lots of food IH Boys Cooklng Club enthusxastlc member of Rod and Gun Club on Decoratxcn comrruttee for Iunnor Prom F P A member for two years one of our more promxsrng future farmers of Amerxca Exleen Hampton N I Known for help1ng fnends m need low qu1et voxce frrendly to a IV cheerleader member of Modern Dance Club helped wlth posters for Semor Dance Art Club a fancy skater glldes and twlrls around floor at skatmg rmk has lntense dmshke for show offs rosy future planned housewlfe to certain someone Quincy Chnton N I Fun lovfng beaut1ful brown eyes can be seen 1m1tat1ng anyone at anytxme IS an avtd arts and rafts enthusiast mernber of the Dramatlcs and Archery Clubs helped wrth adverttslng for school PlGYs and dances hkes eattng fudge plans a career of nurslng VIOLA D LIKUS Lebanon N I Loaded w1th energy busy tn all school act1v1t1es good worker member ot Honor Research commxttee a regular go getter rn Iournallsm Club l1kes dancmg and srnglng member of the Reglonettes and Honeytones usher for Iabberwock a good actress member ot Dramatlcs Club hkes swtmmrng and dancxng mtends to be a reglstered nurse Muhlenberg Hosprtal 17 VIRGINIA P MACDONALD Imny Bloosmbury N I A trrendly laugh h1gh spmted pleasxng personahty always blushlng ltked by everyone enloys sports active member of hockey and baseball tearns member of chool newspaper statt tenor rn Regronettes mem ber of Honor Research comm1ttee homeroom representatrve Art Edttor for Regls loves ammals would lxke to malor ln science at Penn State IOAN I-I LITZENBERGER Rusty West Portal N I A warm hearted slncere glrl welcomed newcomer had dxf fxculty hnchng her way around R H S but soon made many frrends was a member of Dance Club at Washxngton H1gh cuts a mce ftgure on the xce favorlte occupatton talklng t assrstant llbrarlan after graduatxon plan to be a stenographer tl'!T""" IOHN C LUCAS Iohnny Glen Gardner N I A real flrrt takes long strldes twrll get aheadl a snappy guy always takmg prctures Photography Edltor of Regxs a great traveler l1kes hot rods and New Mexrco helps on Trattxc Squad buddmg Tm Pan Alleytte m Iun1or play next year Umversrty of New Mexrco ob1ect dtesel technrclan IILI. E MacFADYEN MILDRED L MATHEWS I Y H1gh Brldge N I Cute trxck walks wtth sprmgs on her heels friends galore member of Regtonettes crazy about sports hockey basketball cheerleader captarn achve 1n Student Counctl typxcal young teenager ID Iunxor play spon taneous wnter Regronahnes and Regus stafls anttcxpcltes college plans to study Journahsm or physlcal educat1on Mxckey Prttstown N I Very t1ny wxth dark brown harr and questxomng eyes always grg Qllng a great teaser l1kes dancmg and sports musrcally mclxned parhctpates 1n Pep Band Dance Band and Reg1onettes an xcellent tap dancer rn Iabber wo k Dramatlcs Club a cute tttle gxrl 1n Iunlor Play re mendous ambmon to become a sur qeon lofX is gi CAROLE W MAYNARD Mmme PIIISIOWH N I Long lovely soft halr easy smlle fr1endly usher at Iunlor and Senlor plays prefers dance rnuslc member of Modern Dance Tw1rl1ng and Art Club soprano tn Hegmnettes sharp shootmg forward 1n I V and Varslty basket ba ob1ecf1ve a1r l1ne hostess BARBARA C MCCOLLUM Baba Cahfon N I Cute fluffy black halr X7 outh paw fast basketball player acflve 1n Pep Band and Dance Band s1ngs tenor for Regxonettes a home ec gal en1oy dancxng bowhng and a good Joke usher for Semor play serves at dxnners worked on Semor Dance comm1ttee future work m a bank for awhllel riiwcwuacgs n 4,6 Fran 5 2,c1Gt'er!-?c1giQer I Qrl s a belng lilfled 'LL qual1t1es of fnendshxp a c aracter no mt Wlf but so 'k' e has scored 1n b a Regis Staff act1ve rn Reg1onettes Dramat1c Club Typmg Club outstandlng dra nattc ab1l1ty ID Iun1or and Semor play and Iabberwock after college w1ll make an excellent oc cupat1onal therap1st We SHIRLEY MESSINGER Slurl Annandale N I Corgenlal mam characterlstlc s helpfulness wavy brown hal emovs readxng member of the Llbrary Club and Secretarle Club cafetena ass1stant l1kes to type typed for Regls and Senlor play program often seen at the roller rtnk makes a good wa1tress served at agricultural d1nner w1ll make a very gooxl secretary DOROTHY L MILLER o Quakertown N I Tall shtn always on the go ba ketballs her favor te sport worked on Icrcket COTflfI'11fl99 smgs for the Re-gxonettes Pub llctty commlttee for Iuruor play C offs Home Economtcs and Typtng Cl 1b mterest her chaxrman of hckets for Senlor Dance future Jndec1ded PETER F MITCHELL Pete Clmton N I Class Icker always 'alkmg bout gtrl "1e'nber of Rod and Gu Club loves to eat llk6S the great outdoors nernber of Boys Cooktng Club Chanman f Adver 12 ng ornmtt ee for the SEWIC play hopes to become an electnctan 1. 75 nur' IAMES R NELSON Mello Hampton N I A good Ioe great deal of ambi tion goes out of his way to help others main characteristic perseverance on Publicity com mittee for Senior play Decoration committee and Senior Dance com mittee enloys sports oot ball manager wants to Join the Navy then become a mechanic ff' fi WILLIAM I-' OAKES 1 Glen Gardner N I Always has a friendly word for everyone likes hunting fishing Rod and Gun Club Senior Dance committee member of Crafts Club and Archery Club played on F F A basketball team prefers cowboy music square dance fiend loves to play baseball works with cars hopes to be a mechanic it ir" STANLEY I OLENIACZ Stun Glen Gardner N I Very masculine aggressive with a shy streak has a way with women enioys hunting square dancing and roller skating great football and basketball player a real Rocco in the Wrestling Club also participates in Rod and Gun Club F F A and Student Council is going to be a football coach X ROBERT C O ROURKE CHARLES E OSMUN IR. IOSEPH I. PANNY Bob Woodglen, N. I. New member of Senior class . . . came from Cranford . . . a regular city slicker . . . caused a sensation among the girls . . . has a big Irish smile . . . loves a good argument , . . a budding Arthur Murray . . , defensive end on football squad . . . gets great enjoyment from hunting . . . Rod and Gun Club . . , objective -enter field of dentistry. Chalky Asbury N. I. Red wavy hair . . , big blue eyes and warm personality , . . likes girls . . , owns a '52 Buick , . . generous . . . loves square dancing . . . has keen interest in hunting and hot- rods . . . wrestling is his sport . . . plans to go to college and then become a flyer. oe Pittstown, N. I. Often seen walking leisurely down the hall . . . easy going . . , very nonchalant . . . a mighty wrestler in Wrestling Club . . . a good bass singer in Male Glee Club . . . man of the soil . . . a future farmer of America. 0' if it 'iv IOHN L PAPP Puppy Washington N I The Continental good looking soft spoken and easy going enioys flying deer hunting and dancing cant stand blind dates or walking to the bus in the rain Wrestling Club Emergency Squad Dramalics Club excellent portrayal of Ieff in Senior play determined to get ahead on his own will start successful business HARRY T PATTON Bucky Pattenburg N I Favors cars hunting baseball foot ball swimming member of Emergency Squad and the Typing Club has a quiet demeanor dont be fooled hes quite a Ioker hates to make speeches likes machinery plans to be a mechanic WILLIAM H PLENGE 1 Asbury N I Big senior member of varsity football team likes the great outdoors Senior Dance com mittee member Wrestling Club quick on the answers in history played the bouncing baby boy in Iabberwock skit plans to go to college then become a farmer Q-".,""l" 5 , HELEN PROSTAK RAYMOND READ "Helen" Lebanon, N. I. Very tiny . . . cute . . . femininity is her virtue . . . always nice to every- one . , likes dancing, roller-skating, fishing, swimming and jokes . . . a busy girl . . . varsity cheerleader, cafeteria cashier, member of Twirl- ing Club, 4-H Club, Art Club, and Student Council member . . . plans to get married after school. .. .. R GY Port Murray, N. I. Very tall ,- . . individualist . . . has a definite point of view on every- thing . . . shows an interest in everyone . . . a great square dance enthusiast . . . sings in Male Glee Club . . . on Ushers' committee . . . a good "mixer" in the Cooking Club . . . a natural at writing . . . mem- ber of Iournalism Club-interested in becoming a journalist. in A. , H , N I. ays mi'g .1lftn. atural avy 1 e hair . . W pep ' tite che cider . . . tal-1 ented toes . . eager to ntertgin in talent s . . . ' bles ' - utes in' H I r Societ . . . us at all s s . . ior Pr m ell? mi I ' a d and o committee C ejian . rt in 111 an oll e on et, , Clubs . . ' i i in Engli and ,fm FLORENCE E RUCH Phllllpsburg N I Can be seen drawrng 1'1 Art Club great sports and televrsron fan known for devlltry among trrencls to others appears quret very studxous member of Natlonal Honor Soc1ety all IH all IS very toncl of Reglonal plans to be a lab techmcran after college QTrans ferred to Phlllrpsburg H S Dec 57 NANCY B SAMMIS Cuddles Lebanon N I Short and sweet baby blue eyes lovable character pretty soft brown ha1r Regxs Ed1tor IH chlet never lost for words actlve 1n everythtng class secretary Natronal Honor Soctety member secretary of Student Coun reporter on Regronalmes accompamst for Honeytones and Regxonettes on commrttee for Iab berwock plans to become a secretary then marrrage I KATHERINE A SCHAADT Kane Flemmgton N I Long wavy blonde harr quret untrl you know her usher for Iunror play Phonograph Club Dancrng Club enloys stngrng IH Hegtonettes member ot Knrtttng Club wattress for faculty dtnner T1clcet commrttee for Senror Dance ma1n rnterests rnterror decorattng and sewmg w1ll help her 1n her career of marrlage Alxce C non N I Pleasant p r onalrty qutet but ot un ltk s to se people treated equally drsltkes gossrp enIov mu tc slngs tn Ftegron talented rn 'nalurg her own t Kttle de lgfxs and 'wakes attractwe lctne torn these creatlons emoys maxmg clothes tor h rs f and otners would ltke to work as a waitress after graduatlon ALICE M SCHMAUSER ANN L SCHNEIDER ELSIE A SCHNEIDER Anme Elsie Flemtngton N I CC11fO1'1 N l Alway has a srmle for all tve A bUShfUl bllf ff19PCllY Qlfl 19 ltfe to the tu est lofes 'nusr brown QYSS lrkes to have fun especlally hlllbrlly type slngs member Of ClC1Y Clllb CFGUS tn Regronetteg member f Club Art Club Prom Decora Phgqogmph Club Se-mor plgy trons commrttee lrkes horseback usher loves to dar' e belong fldmg Swlmmmg bCfSkeTbGll 10 5051531 Dgnclng C ub G so a good frrend w1lltng helper at en oys kntttmg lrtces to help out bUY1qU9TS fYlDed SSHIOI' DICIY wrth actrvrtres plans to be a UYOQTCVTIS 111495 ITIOHGY oo la la nurse wants to be a Commerclal artrst EUGENE R SEAMAN AUDREY E SHANNON Gene Changewater N I Class philosopher loves to argu calls everyone guv nor hillbllly at heart has humor all his own Emergency Squad stage manager for Iumor and Senior plays Dramatic Club Wrestling Club heartless villain in Iabber wock member of Key Club and Honor Research committee wants to go to Australia The Land of Promise Snooky Glen Gardner N I Quick tempered Irish lass loves to argue always laughing Ticket commlttee Iunlor Prom Senio Dance cute twirler in Twirlmg Club participant in Dramatics Club Social Dancing Club devoted to horseback riding eifcels in roller skating undecided about become buyer for a department store or settling down to be married FLOYD O. SMITH IACQUELINE A. SMITH Bucky Annandale, N. I. Likeable personality . . . enjoys wrestling . . . was on Iunior Prom Decoration committee . . . often seen at roller skating rinks . . . an' avid baseball fan , . . can be seen walk- ing down the halls before, between and after classes . . will be a farmer after araduuticn. Iackie Clinton N. I. Tall, blonde and vivacious . . . always bouncing along , . . lots of fun to be with . . . frowns when shes serious . . . basketball . . . likes music, dancing, sports, a good joke and Mr. Speirs' English class . . . participated in Regionettes, Twirlers Club , , . typical Charleston flapper in the Iabberwock . . . Regis staff , . , nimble majorette . . . plans College, then marriage. 1"'Q CYNTHIA E SLOAN Susxe Lebanon N I Dark blonde bombshell complais ant good natured live wire in sports especially hockey and basket ba plays in Pep Band te s good Jokes Dramatics Club usher for Senior play waitress for school dinners relishes dancing fishing and roller skating main target in life to become a top notch nurse WILLIAM R. SPANN Far Hills, N. I. Humorous . . . "Happy Bill" . . . always asking, Want to hear a joke?" . . . escaped convict in Iunior Play . . . shows films in classes . . . member oflprojection Club . . . likeable mad musician in Senior play . . . grade A taste- Iersey Cows , . . hates fickle women . , , after completion of college will be a veterinarian, BARBARA C STEVENSON Barb Quakertown N I Cute gtrl pretty red blonde hatr qutet as a mouse has 1nfect1ous gtggle Kntttmg and Home Economtcs favortte clubs member of school chorus wrtttng paper representattve Decoratton comm1ttee for Semor Dance Soctal Danctng Club Iumor and Sen1or play usher wants to be a buyer 1n department store 'K' .Qt W QQ? LEON A STORR ee Lebanon N I a has western attracttveness seen tn sleek looktng black 41 Plymouth school act1v1t1es rn clude Varstty baseball Boys Cook mg Club Rod and Gun Club Socral Danctng Club Ushers Club pre ters sports dGY'lC11"lg skattng wtll take up carpentry cab1net mak 1ng or mechantcs when he gets out of the Navy 'K 'QF' IOHN I SULLIVAN Iohnme Clmton N I Naturally curly halr lover of Iersey cows happtest when show mg or takmg care of them easy gotng worked on Iuntor Prom comm1ttee member of Student Councxl ac 1ve tn Key Club photography staff of Regus Jomed Rod and Gun and 4 H Clubs hopes to be a college man then become a vetertnartan Wr--rf 4x EMILY M SUYDAM IOHN E THARP MARGARET A THOMPSON ushony.. Annandale, N I Petlte very talkattve enyoys hte most when dancmg always laughmg member of Kmttmg, Lrbrary and Danctng Club smgs tn Honeytones works as a cashler m cafeterta ltkes all sports, espectally roller skatmg after gracluatxon a housew1te's career slack.. Annandale N I Tall sports a crew cut very popular great guy ltkes sports acttvtttes mclude Foot ball Club Athlettc Assoctatron Rod and Gun Club Varstty basketball baseball and football good member of Key school c1t'zen Club a mxschlevous boy tn ,chool scene tn Iabberwock Regxs photography staff wants to be a pamter or photographer ..PeggY,. Plttstown, N I Always laughtng emoys lrte mrxes well wtth her crowd lfnlttxng Club artxsttc abtltty Art Club helped wxth adverttse maent for Iumor play usher Iumor and Semor plays Home Economtcs Club on Refreshment commlttee Iuntor Prom chorus lavortte occupattons danctng and talkmg not sure of career debattng pros and cons ol marnage tif GLADYS M TRAMUTOLA Motchle Cllnton N I A real wtz w1th compllcated busl ness machtnes uses abrlrty a cafeterra cashler chlef banktng cashler bookkeeper f Student Councrl store and chalrman of Wrtt 1ng Paper commtttee Well lrked an av1d Dodger fan plays hockey basketball and softball wants to be a cashler 'T""'9 ELIZABETH A VAN SYCKLE e Clinton N I Dancmg enthuslast Cespecrally the Tangcl lrkes musxc memb r of Regronettes typlst for Region alrnes and Regrs wattress at school dlnners Home Economrc and Baby Sxttrng Clubs verv capable and co operat1ve am1able drsposrtlon wlns her many frrend excels IH bookkeeprng wr attend college to become accountant pawn '92 if WILLIAM H WILSON GREGORYI WOIDAT 1 Calrfon N I Unpredlctable wonderful dancer grrls Idol artrst at heart happy go lucky lrkes all sports basketball letter man magnetic personalrty mem ber of Cookrng and Bachelor Clubs Regxs art staff partrcrpated ln Iabberwock dlshkes gurls wlth short hair plans to wear a blue surt wrth thxrteen buttons on front Greg I-hgh Brrdge N I Great sportsman usually found rn the gym plays Varsrty foot ball and basketball gets along well wrth fellow students and teachers a great tease lrkes to talk to grrls Rod and Gun Club enloys thrrd perrod Errgltsh class was IH the Iabber wock cant keep qulet rn study rntends to yom the service 1' N-of Q WALTER E WEZEL Walt Annandale N I SSIIOUS earnest lad auret favorrte pastlme drrvlng around rn h1s ky blue hot rod works hard ln Ag class member of Future Farmers of Amerrca an amateur Robtn Hood rn Archery Club plans to be a conscrentrous hard workrng farmer 'N Qs-f '1- SHIRLEY A WOLVERTON Shxrl Annandale N I Grves wonderful partres we dressed reads the latest books lrkes football and basketball games movxes and dancrng charrman of Tlcket commrttee for play and Iabberwo k Regxs photography staff easy to ge along wrth serves at dxnners actrve rn Ltbrary Career and Dramatrcs Clubs plans to work then get marrled A02 A0 MOST ATHLETIC lane Dunn-Iohn Tharp MOST POPULAR BEST DRESSED Kenneth Braun-Phyllis Hartung Eleanor Kopp-Robert O'Rourlre BEST LOOKING CLASS CLOWNS BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS lohn Guliclr-Susan Kuhne Charles Hall-Valerie Bates Ronald Burd-Elsie Coughlin CLASS FLIRTS QUIETEST Robert Hickey-Amelia Gratt Peter Crow!-lean Erickson Norell Butler-George Cook Barbara Bird-Lawrence Bowers L 4 , - yCl6LQl'LUOC ln the middle of our junior year, our class was faced with the problem of raising money. Our main objectives were the Washington, D. C., trip and the publication of our yearbook. With this in mind, one of the quick thinkers of our class, Ioan Driggers, came up with the idea of presenting a talent show called the Iabberwock. Plans for putting this into action were soon under way. A general committee Consisting of Valerie Bates, Norell Butler, Loretta Bloemeke, Charles l-lall, and Eugene Seaman was formed. Mr. Young, one of our junior class advisors, was asked to direct the show. As the night of the labberwock approached, there were mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Would the show be a success? This question Was soon answered. The Iabber- wock was considered by all to be the biggest success of l952. In our senior year, we again presented the labberwock. Because of the great crowd it had brought the previous year, we decided to have it for two nights. With the same committee and the same director, the workings of the Iabberwock were much smoother. The ex- perience gained in the preceding year was of great benefit to the show. The success of the jabberwock was due to the able direction of Mr. Young, assisted by Mr. Both, and the well-planned ground work of the committee plus the superb performances of the cast. Charley Hall and Nancy Sammis deserve special mention. Charley for his fine performance as the versatile M. C. of the show and Nancy tor her patient work as a tireless accompanist rehearsing and playing for the cast. lt is our hope that the labberwock, which was first presented by the class of' '53, will become a school tradition. Iiiiifiw s ..L.., k DL' 1 ' Genhwm hngerl Mau Tap Toe Over here Twmkleioes Hxllbxlly Romance Do YOU wdni 10 Xe urn to wow can mgh' they 'al' Qood YgdBl?' x.xxK RKXM .,.all"""' been so ID love Could be??? Be My Love Dxg that 11gI nnan IM- s Jasgfm x . I dune! Alon . C, bullonndl Reaching the high note 9 C3319 Bill . . 1,911 gracluafion Cfada THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION This organization was begun offi- cially on August 28, 1952, at the first organizational meeting. The constitu- tion was drawn up and approved by the then existing membership of 87. All of the members were not present at this meeting. The executive com- mittee, composed ot the five officers, met on November 8. Plans for future activities were made. The organization planned to sponsor an alumni-varsity basketball game and an alumni graduation dance. BACK ROW, L to R: William Staudinger, Treasurer: David Demeaux, Vice-President. FIRST ROW: Alda Norman, Secretary: Hay- mond Poniatowski. President. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Elsie Rudzinski, Secretary. lg. W' . ,,,,,,,,,s4..:a2 I ,,e,..+-s-H-"" GRADUATION The first graduating class of North Hunterdon Regional High School have now taken their places in adult society. Some are furthering their education, others are employed. and still others are serving with the armed iorces. Thanks to their training here at Regional. they have become valuable citizens. as S ii? ,xdfumni O icerd 'lffxf V Aff ' S-9 f X I 1 5 x 'WL' '39 'QQ-, ,- --1 F X 'CY ' X .153 511 xl llfflfun X ss. 0 'Q X1 . 7 I X I5 I E M :gg H , ' ' if P I M ' 0 h 1 7 'I' T Z' - . X 4, 5 , V, Q' 1 g ' , and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs PATRONS Arthur Apgar Floyd Apgar W1lhs Apgar Cec1l Beavers W1ll1am Brrd F C B1schoff Albert Bloemeke Henry Bowers Clarence Brown Iohn Cepka L C19Sl1DSk1 Wrlharn Conley Theodore Conover George O Cook Sr Mrs l..1ll1an Crouse and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Frank Cowell I E Crowl Iohn Donnelly Albert V Dr1ggers Robert M Dunn Ioseph H Enckson I R Farrrngton Mrs Helen Gratt Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Iohn P Gullck R I Headley Howard S Hockenbury Russell L Hoffman V R Iekabsons and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Ruth O Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs Amel1a Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Roland Keggan W R Keltrng Ir Ioseph Komarek Ern1l Kopp George Lambert Iohn H Lea Sr Hector E Macdonald Kenneth Mathews Charles Maynard Arthur Mess1nger W1ll1am Plenge Sr Wasrl Prostak Rogers Frank Ryman Rrchard R Samm1s A Schaadt George Schmauser I Iack Schnelder Eugene W Seaman E Smlth Carmen Stevenson W F Thompson M I Tramutola Arthur Van Syckle Frank Wolverton Watson F Shannon Mr. . MT- - Mr. . Mr. - . . ' , - Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr, . MT. . . . I Mr- U ' I . MF- - Mr. . . Mr. . Mr' I Mr. . Mr. D Mr. . Mr- . . Mr. , . ' ' ' Mr' ' .. I I Mr. . ' ' M , r. . M . . I Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Riddle, Jr. Mr. . . , . Mr. . l I Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . ' M . . . ' Mr. . . r Mr. . . . ' ' I ' l . Mr. . . . Mr. 1 1 . Mr. . . . Mr. ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . MT- - Mr. . . . Mr. . . .fgll ,Og l'Cll96 L5 4-IV lfwyl J' VU ng V09 XQJ4 1 M -f4lfLf0grc-lilo V , ' 5 . f 9 ', v JW! . ,llxl " 9 X JJ! - A -f J ,D f f f 1 r V J ,Y ..!,! - f ,' , j ' V' ., fyjoiy V lqv, lx ' , JV " A J , JXP' 1 xl ' , Y ,A ,qy 4 If y x PV B , . Y 5' J Q ' ,f . X ' ' K, rj" A ,J V v I x ' 'MJ ,, I .J V X ll . ' ff ,M . , ,4 - 'X ,uf " L ' ' Y ,X H A K N 'K ,L 1 ' ff A . W V I 4 N xx 1 A if 'S f 5 I . Q X -it X I 1" 1 41 f K N ,fr JI V., JV, i xii ' 'il M 5"a'!QEfY 1 I 1 J ,V .4 " ' . 'PJ jf I ,. "j 'Vx' ' . i. 'Q K . N i' A 'V ,x A Q x 'Q , 1 2411 f0gI'al9 5 L J J Q 1 , I!- ' A I mf X X 4,

Suggestions in the North Hunterdon High School - Regis Yearbook (Annandale, NJ) collection:

North Hunterdon High School - Regis Yearbook (Annandale, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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