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El Camino 1975 I r : £ f ' 1 |P si- •e fc Si » -? - a.V?? V r? 3 % mm 7o mAO % = m§ ?Lv- V LouJgc£ H % U.UJLX.C wx u- A 0Q. T Loot % V M ■X --, , £» 4. v WW A h ■ V re A- ; i£ v TABLE OF CONTENTS FINE ARTS lo ACADEMICS 18 FINE ARTS 40 SOPHOMORES 42 JUNIORS 60 FINE ARTS 78 SPORTS 80 FINE ARTS 132 ACTIVITIES AND ASSOCIATIONS 134 FINE ARTS 178 SENIORS 180 FINE ARTS 212 ADVERTISING 214 CLOSING 230 INDEX 236 PHOTO CREDIT , 240 t V««. ' .«;il?»vj .DB S sr 2 1 . B fpP§ I i ! i m 4f 1 ■HJtasJjl ttf ■IV k " w3 JS! W ' « In this plastic world you identify with simple things, a moment shared warm laughter, a smile from a friend STOP m . . t Whether you travel the world over or surf the biggest wave, these simple things are what we grow to appreciate the most. tt£ » J iii » 9 Mr__A - ££. One must learn to accept people and ideas for what thev are. I i fr w fc$ m i I But even so, you love some things and reject others. ft W 1 %m : - But most of all accept and be yourself — an individual i " % Wm ffili f w$ MmoS f I §18 1 4l W ' — ?? 4 JS M H JMK iff. SEASCAPE Water splashes against white rocks; spray mist joins the hur...„ day. Splinter pilings rendered old from the waves battering, stil the inevitable mornings glow. Houses which are picturesque, bu Tenants of the world; owners of hope, clean window sills; fl, wing by; bright eyes appear behind moist glass; another day L_„ Sea town, sea town, white, clean, humble and pale, fishermen working is humane. Struggle is the ordinary, the accepted way, would say the only way. Listen to the men warm themselves stories are told that the old shall never die. They are what i cry, these stories about you and I. .yle Reeves ADMINISTRATION NEW LEADERSHIP Striking a blow for women ' s lib, North Hollywood High School acquired its first female principal, Mrs. Eva Kirby. Mrs. Kirby ' s feminine influence was evident during a massive clean-up campaign. This clean-up effort included beautifying the cafeteria and girls gym with a fresh coat of paint and giving all the shrubbery around our campus a clipping. Mrs. Kirby did not limit her efforts to cos- metic matters, but launched several new pro- jects this year. These projects included opening the multi-media center, training stu- dents in the use of corrmuter terminals . ex- opening dents in the use of computer terminals, ex- panding the gifted student program, and de- veloping new classes in Genetics, Physics and Asian Studies. North Hollywood High also acquired a new assistant principal, Dr. Jeanne Hon, atmid- year. Mrs. Hon replaced Miss Wolfe who left due to illness. ii» 1. Mrs. Eva Kirby, Principal 2. Dr. Jeanne Hon, Asst. Principal Spring. 3. Mr. Daniel Isaacs, Asst. Principal. 4. Miss Marjorie Wolfe, Asst. Principal-Fall. 1. Mr. Bob Bache, Administrative Dean. 2. Mr. Allen Donen, Head Counselor. 3. Throughout the season, Mrs. Kirby proved to be a loyal Huskie fan. iM COUSELORS HERE TO HELP What do counselors do anyway? Do they do more than giving absent slips and chasing after truant students? You better believe they do. The counselors programed thousands of little white cards so that students knew what to take each semester and considered every stu- dent ' s individual needs . Some counselors had to fill out hundreds of college recomendations to help stu- dents get into the college of their choice, while other counselors talked to probation officers trying to give some students a second chance. They worked with judges and free clinics as well as child welfare attendants. One counselor, Mr. Jones, is the College Scholarship Advisor, had three thousand possible scholarships which he had to make available to each student, as well as loans and grants. Mr. Spencer, the career advisor, doled out information on what college would best fit certain professions as well vocational schools and military services- - — 1. Mrs. H. Dunwoody 2. Mr. W. McMillan 4. Mr. R. Spencer lit 3. It ' s been a long day hasn ' t it, Mr Dunwoody? If I were reincarnated I would like to be A dictionary. C. Hansen An explorer in the Lewis and Clark tradition . R. Smith A model " A " Ford. J. Wilson God. F. Doucette A radio station announcer. K. McCambridge 1. Mr. R. Smith 2. Mr. J. Jones 3. Mr. E. McCarthy 4. Mrs. B. McKibben jU STAFF MYSTERIOUS FEW Who were the people behind the scenes that made each day run smoothly? These mysterious people did all the busy work pertaining to Survey Cards, report cards, and personal records, as well as serve us hot food five days a week. They did all the technical work, like changing light bulbs and fixing locks that made the days hassel free. The Staff supported us with 100% effort and they deserve our appreciation. f _ W H Jpiu 1M S gM. ' ■- jWil PI ill W3m In ■ _ tf LH 1. Mr. C Dobbins Financial Manager, Fall Mrs. P. Cruger Assistant Financial Manager 2. Cafeteria Staff 1. Mrs. Carmel Meek 2. Mrs. J. Stellner 3. Mrs. H. Johnson 4. Mrs. M. Krowe 5. Mrs. S. Cunningham 6. Mr. I l. Johnson 7. Mrs. D. Schaeffer 8. Mrs. M. Dettman 9. Mrs. B. Jones 3. Mrs. R. Schardin Librarian If 1. Custodians Mr. J. Dempsey Mr. G. Matthews 2. Mrs. A. Stuffman, Nurse 3. Secretaries 1. Mrs. M. Russo 2. Mrs. A. Heine 3. Mrs. V. Bel 4. Mrs. J. Gulbrand 5. Mrs. M. Pope 6. Mrs. B. Bramy 7. Mrs. B. Fuchs 8. Mrs. J. U ' Ren 9. Mrs. I. Mosena 4. Mr. V. Fields, Spring Financial Manage BUSINESS ED. A;SLDKFJGH At one time or another, one finds that he needs a vocation. To fulfill this need the North Hollywood High Business Ed- ucation department offers courses which provide a student with entry level skills in various business jobs. Examples of the varied classes offered this year are shorthand, typing, consumer decisions and transcription. This year a new course, High School Math with Business Machines, was of- fered. Not only did this course provide students with a review of basic math principles, but it enabled them to balance checkbooks, reconcile bank statements and master other business techniques 1. Mrs, 2. Mrs. 3. Ms. 4. Ms. 5. Mrs. ts. Komisar D. Bouquet M. Minsberg S. Leone V. Holmberg Ct INDUSTRIAL A KEEPING SHOP j| While courses in the Industrial Arts department are pri- B marily taken for enjoyment, they also provide students with additional manual skills and knowledge. Courses offered this year, such as Metal, Masonary, Electric, Graphic Arts, Drafting, Wood and Auto shops provided d the students with a number of courses from which to choose. mlb How do you spend your spare time? Silfraying. F . von Helf Working on old cars. J, Wilson Gemology-silversmithing. D. Westaway Sailing, landscaping. S. Wilson Square dancing. K. Moran 1. Mr. F. von Helf 2. Mr. G. Ashley 3. Mr. J. Wilson 4. Mr. D. Westaway 5. Mr. H. Angel 6. Mr. K. Moran 7. Mr. K. Rogers Sponsored by: SUSAN CRAIG ENGLISH NEW DIRECTIONS This year, North Hollywood ' s somber halls of learning assumed a new atmosphere. Our hasty retreat from the quivering walls of Kennedy Hall placed a majority of the English Depart- ment faculty in the bungalows beside the stu- dent parking lot. Here the students and faculty competed with the rasping of Volkswagens and the daily thunder of the trash truck. In addition to the noise dilemma, the teachers in these bungalows were plagued with a lack of storage space. Yet it wasn ' t long before students be- came tolerant of the cacophony outside, and teachers regained their organization. The English Department, like a good wine, improves with the years. This year, students were offered new and varied courses in Litera- ture and Music which were taught by Mrs. E. Clarke. Entering its second successful year of production, the New Source was endowed with a new sponsor, Mrs. K. McCambridge. I seem to be. . . Disorganized. A. Griswold Never caught up. M.Gould 1. Mrs. K. McCambridge 2. Mrs. A. Griswold 3. Mrs. E. Clarke 4. Mr. C. Hansen 5. Ms. M. Gould 6. Mr. J. Buue ft Sponsored by: THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 1 y 1 4 1. Mr. S. Slome 2. Mr. F. Doucette 3. Mr. C. Spaeth 4. Mrs. D. Bouquet 5. Miss E. Stoakes 6. Mrs. P. Dean 7. Mrs. B. Shields If I were reincarnated, I ' d like to be..„ God. F. Doucette A Koala bear. A. Griswold A radio station announcer. K. McCambridge F R E I G N LANGUAGE SPEAK EASY With improved communication, and the size of the world diminishing due to the popula- tion explosion, bilinguality has become a necessity in today ' s society. Language skills are imparative in any job that entails public relations. Improvements in the language department keep teaching methods up to date from year to year. Such an improvement is Honors French II taught by Mrs. Pearlman. This course is an intensive study of the language which prepares students for college-level Advanced Placement classes as well as National Achievement tests. 1. Mr. J. Nelson 2. Mr. J. Corcoran 3. Mr. M. Campos 4. Mrs. S. Pearlman 5. Mr. R. Bass Ifc HOME EC NEW AND IMPROVED This year, Home Economics is a department unto itself. Mrs. Tomita defined the purpose of Home Economics " to prepare the students for decision making roles in the areas of family and child de- velopment. " Classes in housing and interiors, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, and family finance and management are among those offered . A new teacher joined the department this year. Mrs. Hajewski, an art major from Cal. State JMorthridge, taught a class in creative stitchery. The Home Economics department played an im- ' portant role in preparation for the future by teach- ( ing the metric system and all its ramifications as an intregral part of its programs. Books have been written about it, movies drama- tize it and pre-sixteen year-olds place it on a pedestal and worship it... What is it? None other than that peculiar American yearn for driving. Helping us to obtain that precious piece of paper called a California Driver License, is Mr. Al- Kuraishi. i 1. Mr. J. Al-Kuraishi 2. Mrs. C. Tucker 3. Mrs. K. Hajewski 4. Mrs. C. Tomita Jtt MATHEMATICS ■ NUMBER GAMES WBSSfm In order to help students prepare for a j a 1 technically oriented society, our Math De- HMBHB partment provided students with courses which helped them cope with tomorrows | changing world. With the certainty of ■■■ ■■ modification on the horizon, teachers g 88p in the Math Department began preparing ■i new curriculum in order to keep the student B9HH1 body well informed. OMBP In addition to Basic and High School Math, the department offered brave students such ■■■■■ challenging courses as trigonometry, cal- " % cuius and ninth analysis. 0 % Special education is the smallest depart- % W merit at NHHS, but certainly not the least important. This department aids those stu- dents who need special help in the prepara- tion of holding a job and enables them to fulfill an adult role upon maturity. And through the use of cassettes, filmstrips and even a special drivers education pro- gram, these students become an intregal part of our society. 1. Mr. C. Grad 2. Mr. W. Mosher 3. Mr. J. Moelter 4. Mr. S. McCormack 5. Mr. W. Troxel Sponsored by: CHARLES GRAD ART EXPRESS THYSELF Art is the universal language. Every pot made and each picture drawn represent our time and culture. Mrs. Tui Smith, head of the depart- ment, believes that " The art of our generation is the best way of expressing ourselves. " This year Mrs. Wexler is teaching a class in life drawing to teach students how to capture the special character in each individual. Mrs. Hajewski is a new teacher; new not only to the school, but to the teaching profession . She and Miss Ritchey are responsible for teaching ceramics, world of art, and many interesting drawing and painting classes. 1. Ms. A. Ritchey 2. Mrs. T. Smith 3. Mrs. F. Wex fc. If I were reincarnated, I ' d like to be . . . " A slim blond opera singer. " Mrs. Tucker " A comedian. " Miss Watson " Catherine De Medichi. " Miss Ritchey " Rich! " Mrs. Wexler MUSIC SOUND OFF Music-from rock to classical, from jazz to marches; Mr. Dodson taught them all . After much work to raise money, he proudly led the sparkling uniformed band in many performances as well as the Huskies half-time shows. The band has participated in two competitions, a Veteran ' s Day parade, and they even had a band day at Shakeys. It ' s hard to picture the Music Department without Mr. Dodson. Miss Korney was head of the Madrigals and the North Hollywood Youth Chorus. She has led her groups in Christmas programs here at school as well as performing at the Music Center, Los Angeles City Hall, and the Cul- tural Heritage Building. The Madrigals taped on KCOP television. 1. Mr. T. Dodson 2. Band members " showed off " nev )jfs- ' 3. MissC. Korney PHYS. ED. PLAYING AROUND What builds strong bodies twelve ways? Not only Wonder Bread, but our Physical Education Department. Physical Education not only provides students with a breath of fresh air, but improved physical well-being while developing good sportsmanship. Students were offered a great number o f classes this year, including gymnastics, tennis, swimming, modem dance, and our intensive inter-scholastic sports program. I seem to be . . . a pied piper. H . Angel a pussy cat. D. Westaway curious . P . Dean a King. L. Reeves happy. R. Nichter just a human machine, for blood I have oil and gasoline . J . Wilson struggling for success. C. Hansen P5R sti Hn Mrs. P. Klein Mrs. S. Bryman Mrs. B. Clark Mrs. S. Goldman NOT PICTURED: Miss K. Marmie T iL 1- M 6 1 ij fste a i 1. Mr. F. Neilson 2. Mr. G. Engbrecht 3. Even Billie Jean K ing is no match for the Huskies. 4. Mr. D. Rohland 5. Mr. E. Foli ill SCIENCE IT ' S EXPLOSIVE Though the science department had to adapt to a new environment in the bungalow area, it still managed to make science an exciting subject for the students at North Hollywood High School. One advantage for the science department was the gifted fund which supplied books, astronomy equipment, and audio visual aids to an active and growing department. The enthusiasm of the students caused teacher involvement to increase. An ex- ample of this was the Honors Biology Classes ' oceanographic cruise to Point Mugu during which they studied oceano- graphic surveying methods. The trip was organized by Mr. Rothermel . Despite the chaos since the move from Kennedy, the science department kept its classes filled and its students fascinated. Before taking a long deserved sabbatical Mr. S . Wilson led the agriculture depart- ment to a very productive Fall semester. The horticulture class won $700 at the Los Angeles County Fair, a non-commer- cial green house was built to further enrich the students agricultural experience, and a 200 pound Duroc sow gave birth to fourteen piglets. During Mr. Wilson ' s absence Mrs. Duncan supplemented her normal activities with the chairmanship of the agriculture depart- ment. Her theory of active rather than pas- sive learning proved successful as her floral production class made floral arrange- ments for the Prom, a renaissance wedding, the Canoga Park High Honors Society, as well as receiving honors at the county fair. lL 1. Mr. S. Wilson 2. Mrs. C Duncan 3. Mr. E. Gregory 3 1. Mr. S. Roth 2. Mr. W. Miller 3. Mr. W. Rothermel 4. Mr. G. Nichter 5. Mrs. M. Stratton Sponsored by: Susan Craig jtf SOCIAL S T U D I E S TIME IN A BOTTLE " To make for better informed students 1 was the main objective of this year ' s Social Studies Department, according to Mr. Lyle Wolf, chairman. The requirement that tenth and eleventh grade students have twenty Social Studies credits as compared to the former fifteen, brought about the forma- tion of a new elective course - California History. In addition, classes were offered in U.S. History, U .S . Govern- ment, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Honors and Advanced Placement History. When you think of North Hollywood, what do you think of? Frustration . C . Hansen Watership Down. F. von Helf Home. J. Wilson The wonderful students who have be- come my children. S. Pearlman 1. Mr. L. R 2. Mrs. M. Pirosh 3. Mr. A. Bennett 4. Mrs. V. Franco ' " H 1. Mr. F. Landes 2. Mrs. A. Von Helf 3. Mr. L. Wolf 4. Mr. J. McLeroy 5. Mrs. D. BeMiller jii and yet not even tha just to make good would be enough if only there was a way some say there is they might be right who knows and then it wouldn ' t be so to go on trying if we knew we could t this time life would be worth living again Nancy Fisk It ' s funny how things can fall apart ne week, . «,dn ' t get a warning, Just one hugh blast of cold shock In my face . n ' t find my frie ' n ' t find my wor n ' t even find my library card. My friends and I are drifting away; Why don ' t they wake up And see what ' s happening? I don ' t like this loneliness I feel, And it ' s impossible to sort out my thoughts. i tangled knot loo neavy to carry around. Close friends don ' t come too easily Neither do words, m replace Susan Derwin Everything is over All the prizes have been given and I ' ve missed out. So I say my last words in anger, For today becomes tomorrow and ... . I am no more . Thelma Davis I sat and watched you sleep last night- I spoke to you only with my eyes- But yours we never spoke at all. I couldn ' t touch you, Nor carress your mind with my sad mellow thoughts You were asleep , I cried .... I suppose you ' ll nev " know how much I rec...., do love you... Wishes remain wishes As long as kept inside And they are only wishes When just mere thoughts abide Wishes become vicious If put forth in disdain naught But then turn into blessings When truly , kindly wrought. Carl a Berks EDITOR: Nancy Fisk Acker, David Adams, Melody Adkins, Tracy Agustin, Louie Ahnemann, Scott Akers, Penni Albert, Colleen Alcivar, Jerry Algazy, Rueben AM, Seth Allard, Monique Alvaro, Roberto Amador, John Amador, Maria Amato, Toni Amba, Susan Andersen, Jane Andersen, Kim Anderson, Carl Anderson, Denise Anderson, Jane Andongui, Elizabeth Andres, Melinda Arakaki, Steve Arias, Ruben Aringdale, Andrea Armstrong, Clarice Armstrong, Tim Attl, Cary Aubrun, Julie Avila, Ana Aweisean, Syda Baer, Ron Bailey, Kathleen gaTfTesT Belinda Baines, John Baisden, Greg Bajdaum, Livia Sopho DAY Baker, Amy Bakkum, Donna Balzer, Vicki Bankston, Angela Barbeau, Ken Barrack, Sherwin Barraillier, Marty Barrera, David Barrett, Kathy Barrett, Bill Barry, Susan Bartholomew, Sharon Barville, Sabine fiausle ' y, Cathy. Beauregard, John Behrle, Sherry Belknap, Scott Bell, Carol Bennett, Richard Benveniste, Steve Berkowitz, Danny Bernhardt, Paris Betancourt, David Beyer, Suzanne Bishop, Vickie Blimling, Diane Blocker, Lynn Bloome, Cathy Bohamed, Mark Bolin, Karen Bonk, William Bosch, Mike Bradford, Joy Bringas, Roger Brito, Jubenal Brooks, Susan Brown, Lance Brown, Christie Kim Andersen listened intently to her friends as she stood the morning sun. Coatsworth, Coca, David Gladys Cofinco, Cohen, Reynaldo Marlene Cochrane, Coffey, Kevin Kirk -eohen S Coleman, Colleen Colgan, Charles 1 Collins, Steve Compton, Sandy Conejero, Hugo Connally, Mancy Connor, Elen Coplen, Valerie « J™ Cordero, Lis; k ■-■ J i f£S Crosser, Cha M Crowley, Dia Curry, Dave Dahlberg, John Davila, Tom Davis, Joyce Davis, Melody Davis, Tony Deglauve, Danny Delil lio, Robin Delk, Lynn Denering, Mick DelMobie, Rita Denos, Sheli Derwin, Susan DiCicco, Jerry Dierkop, Lynn DiGangi, Stephen Dilion, Jerry- Dillon, Ronnie Diapolo, Dino Dittman, Shawn Doane, Debbie Doctors, Patti Donahue, Lisa Donovan, Carrie Dorn, Jacki Drechsler, Stephanie Dunn, John Dupre, Cindy Dux, Steve 3K ' ■Mi 9 I 1 W?l Fagan, Tammie Falk, Trie i a Farach, Jose Fason, Bob Feckse, Tom Finkelstein, Pam Fitzgerald, Sean Flores, Anne Flores, Antonio Fogel, Tali o, Cam Fontanills, Diane Ford, Lesley Fortner, Cheri iL Giovinazzo, Vince Giraco, Marianne Glickman, Alexandra Godoy, Janeth Goldberg, Brett Goldfarb, Benjamin Goldman, Evelyn Gonzales, Gabriel Gonzalez, Juaniia Gray, Michele Green, Lvnnette Greenfeld, Karen Greer, Lisa Gregory, Kathy Grey, L ' Grossm? Gust, IV Guth, Ev Gutierrez Haddad, Brent Harada, Gait Harde, Ingela Harris, Julie Harrison, Diana Hartt, Beth Hampton, Monica Hansen, Chris Hansen, Janice Hayward, Dale Heilman, Ken Heiman, Michelle Helm, Patti Helweg, Gary Henry, Bob Hernandez, Giordano Hicks, Douglas fv? ' . Johnson, Wendy ?.. Jones, Brett Jones, Chris t Jones, Gary Jones, Randy f% Kagan, Jon I ■ Kalman, Sheela I " Mm Kapin, Kevin Ml ' " ' fi Kawaguchi, Cindy ' 4, Kehoe, Sharon Kemesky, Mark Kendall, Khris Kerlin, Dan Kern, David Kerr, Richleigh Kerrigan, Mike Kimball, Leah Kimball, Linda King, Audrey King, Craig King, Karen Kirts, Daren Kissinger, Carol Klasser, Ken Klimes, Kim Knopoff, Steven Knudsen, Kent Koenigsaecker, Lyr Komar, Mark Kornreich, Paul Kornarens, John Kottenbach, Frank Kramer, Dede Kruse, John Kuechel, Steve Lampie, Jody Lane, Abby Lavo, Paul Law, Greg Leaf, Mike Leon, Aaron Levine, Monika Lewak, Mauricio ' " !,... 1 McDonald, Doreen McFarlane, Nuvia McGown, Kevin McGrath, Alan McKee, Michelle McKibben, Tracy Mc Lean, Jon Meehan, Joe Mellies, Jeff Merifield, Susan Mestad, Ann Meszards, Sofia Meyers, Steve Miliotti, Steve Miller, Karen Miller, Stephnie Mitchell, Darryl Mitchell, Denise Mitchell, Pamela Minutoli, Chris Modrell, Randy Moten, Mar Oi Molina, Monica Molinar, Eric Monday, Glenna Moon, Debbie Moreb, Ava Mortimer, Ricky At the Senior Picnic, Sheila Kalman was one of those who made it a success. Nilsson, Ken Nishihara, Cindy Obregon, Alfred O ' Brien, Louise Ok aw a, Nathan Oki, Jeanette Oliver, Dawn Olson, Cheryl Orellana, Fausto O ' Rourke, Timothy CDrTizT -Ettzafaett P- Osuna, Gloria Packard, James Palazzo, George Palmer, Greg Panner, Denise Papalexis, Alex Pappjis, Elizabeth Parrott, Pam fc Pasnick, Gary Passarelli, Patti Pattillo, Robbie Pearlberg, David Peavey, Harry Pelse Penny, Kris Perkins, Penny Pfleger, Kittie Phelps, Craig Phelps, Ellen Phillips, Paula Piangerelli, Gus Pifalo, Rose Ping, Joanne Pitkonen, Rauli Planas, Miguel Plante, Saroya Polizzi, Patrick Pollock, Lori Pounds, Christine fa £ i iSk : $ 1 At; ' " It ' s incredible what this book expects you to believe, " Joann said as she typed diligently. Priver, Sue Provenzano, Lorraine Provost, James Quinn, Kevin Ramos, Vickie Raymond, Israel Reardon, Maria Reiner, Ellen Restivo, Angela Restivo, Ann Marie Rethwisch, Scott Reyes, Cecile Reynolds, Jack Rivas, Robert Robbins, Dennis Roberts, Lora Robertson, Terry Robinson, Jeff Rodriguez, Leticia Rogers, Mark jU Rogger, Julie Rosales, Pat Rosen, Debbie Rosen, Rebecca Ross, Carl Ross, Dora Ross, Pam Ross, Richard Roth, Cicely Rothstein, Betsy Rowe, Randy t Rucker, Michel I Sabado, Eddie Saget, Lisa CSalas. Debbie Salvatico, Robi Sanchez, Joe Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Omar Sandefur, Kim Schad, Bob fc Full concentration was David Howard ' s goal at the Faculty Varsity game. Jtf Smith, Cynde Smith, Dennis Smith, Rich Sonsini, Cecelia Soto, Terry Spaulding, Hugh Spiegelman, Jeff Spielman, Beth Spies, Alan Spittler, Kathy Spitz, Erica Stagg, Candy Stange, Gordon Stanger, Gregg ill tratton, Cyndi treng, Marie trick, Cade tuart, Robert uhy, David uksi, Carrie urplice, Donald utorius, Bruce wanson, Lori ylvis, Marta " ag-Von Stein, Peggy " ait, Carrie " aylor, Dana " epperman, Mona Steinberg, David Stephenson, Cary Sterndale, Robert Stoker, Karen Thomas, Jennifer Thygesen, Cindy Thompson, Cheryl Tippit, Dave ' Para ' me ' cium? " " No, para ' you ' ci L Tollman, Kathy Tomaseck, Fred Udall, Marylee Urbina, Julio Uribe, Joe Valencia, Eddy Valentine, Jim Valle, Eddie Van Dyk, Schuyler Van Hooser, Clint Van Sanford, Sheryl Vega, Evelyn Veitch, Dave Vila, Frank Vill icana, Steve Vinje, Clarice Cathy Sims was well aware that there was always som thing going on in the quad. M Abel, Mark Cooper, Nigel Fuss, Arthur Acosta, Lisa Coss, John Gaither, Darnell Adams, Grant Cote, Linda Gardner, Samuel Alatorre, Letty Coto, Martha Garret, Donna Crandall, Terri Garza, Richard Almodovar, Jorge Cruz, Alexandre Gasbard-Michel, Alvero, Roberto Cruzada, Manuel Armendariz, Rafael Curran, Scott Ginsberg, Willian Armstrong, Eddie Curtis, Rockie Glps, Michael Arony, Norma Davidson, Beth Grant, Tina Arrieta, Rene Davis, Carol Gregory, Brett Ayala, Edgar Bailey, James Decreane, Charles Grosjean, Sergio Bailon, Joe De Guzman, Suzanne Guadiana, Danny Baker, Mary Dehart, Gregory Gutrierrez, Burt Baker, Teri DeJohn, Don Haboush, Cedric Baldwin, Edward Hahon, Tanis Ballard, Michael Dillon, Sheri Hall, Nick Barton, Kirk Dommeyer, Lynn Hancock, Mark Beard, Lisa Donahue, Richard Hanusek, Ad am Bennett, Richard Hausfeld, Richar Berg, Howard Doty, Eddie Henry, Robert Dougan, Eddie Hendrix, Chuck Bingham, John Driggers, David Herbert, Jeff Bishop, Kathleen Hersh, Dionne Bodtcher, Ronald Egby, Diane Hill, Charles Boyer, Pierre Engle, Kerry Hlne, Randy Brainard, Sherrill Entz, Steven Hoffman, Stanley Bronstein, Allan Eschrich, Shayna Horn, Fred Brown, Charles Etie, Thomas Hughes, Gregory Carlson, Linda Etter, Marvin Inloes, Cheryl Carrero, Edwin Faiman, Tammy Jackson, Mark Carver, Tim Faust, Bill Jangala, Benita Chang, Donald Ferrell, Douglas Jardine, Sabra Cheaves, Teddie Fino, John Jenner, Shirley Flaherty, Martin Clark, Glenn Fontenot, Marty Kalchen, Betty Cohen, Larry Forsyth, Trina Kasha, Shirley Colimon, Claudette Foster, Tim Kaye, Debbie Cook, Dale Friedman, Dan Keener, Ken Watkins, Venetia Waveria, John M Weinfeld, Mark Weinstein, He Whi taker, White, White, Whitney, Wibbeler, Wieseneck, Wilcox Robert Kris Pam Ronnie Chris Carrie Lesli Wilks, Willard, 33S Williams, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Joyce Steve Tracy Tryone Vicki Chris fe Winkler, Winters, Won 1 berg. Wolfe, Wolgast, Wolski, Wood, Cheryl Ann Bob Steve Bill Paul Nina Stacy " Woods Worrilow, Wright, Wyatt, Wyly, Yamamoto, Yan, ( " Elgina ) Lynne Cathy Harry Allen Tommy Susan 2 McCallum, Cheryl McDugald, Scott McFadden, Marie McLoughlin, Michael Macias, Robert Mainzer, Marcelo Maldonado, Roland Meehan, Patrick Melton, Greg Merles, Mark Zwieg, David Morales, Rafael Philpot, Pam Ponschke, Sherry Prey, Michael Rayborne, Ronnie Reed, Mary Robbins, Dennis Roberts, Brenda Rodriguez, Miguel Schegman, Chris Seible, Spencer Seiferit, Leslie Springer, Michael Stedman, Sherry Stimson, Rusty Stronach, William Sturch, Karen Sutherland, Kelli Tardy, Alan Taylor, Michael Thomas, Cynthia Thompson, Craig Thompson, Michael Thompson, Rebecca Thornton, Scott Tonodeo, Ronald Tucker, John Tulley, Cheryl Christopher Tyburn, Vicky Valentin, Roberto % Wilson Welch, Kathy White, johnny Williams, Andre Williams, Steven Yam in, Cathy Yang, Michael Ht» ' VJLi Adams, Albert Adams, Grant Adjoyan, Mati Id Aijian, Becky Ajar, Dorothy Akers, David Albinder, Frank Alderete, Robert Allison, Michael Alonso, Gary Ambar, Marlene Anchondo, Frank Anderson, Carol Anderson, Paige Anthony, Brenda Apelian, Mari Appel, Jeff Armitage, Nicki Arrieta, David Ashmore, Joel Atkins, Kerry Atkinson, John Attl, Gregory f Ttwoog7 Rexuietp Avola, JuTTe Bachman, Barbara Baker, Barbara Bankhead, Sherron Barbato, Renee ±L Barker, Bill Baron, Mike Barry, Robert Bartlett, Bill Bartmus, Mike 3askin, Barbara 3ass, June 3auman, Gai I 3earb, Terri 3ennion, Katie Berg, Howard Berks, Carla Bernal, Rose Billy, Mark Blackmore, Mike Blanc, Diane Blumenthal, Holh Bodtcher, Roy Bogy, John Bohanan, Debbie Bold, Jesse Bolin, Diane Boughourian, Chuck Bracken, Maureen Sreeden, Brenda 3rewer, Kevin Bringas, Al Brizzard, Elizabeth Brooks, Randy Brown, Debbie Brown, Kevin Brown, Tony Buccola, Mark Bujic, Gordana Burman, Denise Bush, Vince Callahan, Greg Candelaria, Diana Cantarine, Joe % Would you believe I got an A?! DeRosa, Christy Dewitz, Geri Dimitry, Mafia Disesso, Frank Dixon, Craig Djurkovic, Rada Dominguez, Jesse Dominguez, Jose Domoszlay, Elke Doss, Carey Doughty, Mike Dull, Cathy Durcan, Vanna Dwork, Sandra Eddy, Lori Edwards, Darlys Edwards, Pamela Eisenstat, Michae Elko, Valerie Englelhard, Bonnie England, Mark Enriquez, Marian Entz, Steven Espinosa, Shelby Evan:;, Patti Eylar, Leo Falde, Gary Falzone, Lori it :m m Farmer, Charles Farowich, Theresa Feldnian, Susan Fern, Rhonda Ferrer, Andres Finlay, Susan Fioravnti, Michael Fisk, Nancy Fitton, Jerry Flaherty, Chris Flanigan, Steven Fletcher, Ilene Flynn, Tim Fong, Nancy Forsblad, Annette Foster, Glenda, Forsyth, Trina Fournier, Bernie Fraser, Lynne French, Barbara Friend, Mark Friend, Susan Galindo, George Galipeau, Gwen Gal legos, Edward Gallegos, Monica Garapedian, Barry Garcia, Ralph Garcia, Garner, Garratt, Gaspard, Gelman, Robert Renee Eddie Michel Sherry Gentile, Georgiev, Gibson, Giraco, Goedecke Sherry Alex Jon Rolla Cristy Goldwing, Rick Golin, Bruce Gonneau, Denise Gonzales, Jana Gonzales, Rosa Gonzalez, Hugo Gonzalez, Lillian Gonzalez, Sandi Goodman, Mark Gori, Dino " Gould, Gloria Gould, Tony Goytia, Graham Granson Gregory Gregory Griffis, Grosjeai Blanca , Charles , Brett , Robin , Teresa Kathy 1. Aida ma Gucciardi, Nina Gurrola, Paul Gurse, Yael Gutches, Kirk Gutierrez, Jose Gutierrez, Julie Haboush, Raymond Hagen, Richard Halekakis, Anna Hall, Lance Hanna, Shawn Hansard, Holly Haraldson, Helga II " If this problem made any sense I could sol Esmeralda Mercado. ft ■ c - Hautanen, Eric %, ' ■ ' ' ' lk Hayes, Jerry Heath, Kim Heintz, George Helo, Janet Hernandez, Lourdez Hill, John , HiMstrom, Shirley Hirsch, Jeff Hirsch, Sandy Hirschfield, Pam Hirtzel, Steve Hite, Jeff Hixson, Alice Hoffman, Norman Holbrook, Richard Honer, Robert Hoppe, Linda Horlick, Brenda Huber, Zale Huffman, Andy 0 r (i Hunio, Steve Hunter, Rodney Hurtado, Ernesto Hurtado, Ricky Hutchins, Cathy Ioset, David Irogoyen, Sandra Jackson Diana Jackson, Diane Jackson, Jim Jaeger, Paul James, Mark Jefferies, Gail Jenks, Patti Jenson, Randy Jerecki, Denise Jiron, Ulises Johnson, Barry Johnson, Janet Johnson, Leonard Johnston, Colleen Jones, Debbie Kaid, Marina Kaiser, Sierra Katsof, Sharon Keany, Denise Kligerman, Becky Knell, Teri Knowles, David Knuedeler, Cindy Koch, Kathy Kontos, Phillip Koobie, Caro Koss, Leonard Kraus, Maggie Kronick, Ellen Ml ru " Lacey, Lori LaChance, Jim Landsman, Davit Laskey, David Laurent, Kathy Lawrence, Pat Lax, Pat Lazar, Todd Leahy, David Lee, Dee Lee, Stuart Leipsic, Jon Leko, Mike Leslie, Cathy Levine, Sandy Lipman, Jonathan Liskum, Cara Lockart, Dot wk Lofbom, Lisa Logan, Jim SB ■ JM jw Roy Bodtcher was one violinist who didn t fiddle around. f Logston, Ann i : A Lui, Wai Hing Lukehart, Susan • Lutz, Susi % Lynch, Kathryn t= McBride, Mike McCarney, Eileen «M McClenahan, Andy McCord, Virg nia McKusker, Dick McKusker, To McNeil, Alan MacVicar, Randy jM Malci, Margaret Malkovich, Yovanka Mandell, Julie Marcus, Bess Marcus, Elaine Marenco, Lizet Marino, Andres Marinoff, Richard Martin, Cary Martin, Hurshel Mason, Calvert Matueski, Marianne Matyas, Gizella Mayfield, Randy Mazzetti, Mike Meek, John Meifert, Lance Mellies, Tammy Mercado, Esmeralda Mercado, Michael Merkle, Susan Mestad, Doug Metchek, Lynn Miller, Colleen Miller, Julie Miller, Pamela Miller, Phillip Mi Her, Terri Totally talented Tony tried to toot terribly tremendous tunes on his tuba. Mintie, Mitchell, Jim Christina Mikolyski, Moloney, Kim Sean L Mitchell, Mark Monday, Daroline Montalvo, Moore, Moore, Jesus Brett Pheben Morrison, Mortimer, Murphy, Darren Elise Kimberly lA i Myall, Charles Nagatani, Keith Nava, Becky Nelson, Jake Nepsund, Randy Newton, David Noordbeek, Kare Novak, Mike ' Connor, John Odell, Cindy O ' Donnell, Jeff Oki, Sharlene Olsen, Karen Olson, Gabrielle Osborn, Laurie Palamara, Rozanne Palazzo, Anna Papez, Dorothy Parco, Alfred Patino, Jeannette Peck, Gordon Perla, Susan Perry, Larry Phillips, Christina ps, Lisa Pierce, Jeanine -e. Pierre, Boyer s 1 ' Pinegar, Sue Pitts, Diane Polli, Tracy Pompa, Renee Ponschke, Amanda Portillo, Francisco Portnoy, Richard Posada, Juan Potier, John Potter, Meleda Powell, Alisa Priddy, Sandy Quarles, Monroe Quinn, Ted Raicevic, Igor Ramos, Carmelo Ramos, Debbie Rankin, Cindy R ntala, Mark Raser, Chris Rasey, Dalerie it Raymond, Debbie Reed, Billy Reese, G ry Reichardt, Eric Reid, Julia Reyes, Kathy Reynado, Carina Reynolds, Suzie Rheinschild, Bill Rice, Debra Richards, Bret Richter, Tracy Robbins, Glori Robbins, Terry Robertson, Tim Robinson, Ricky Rochow, Dave Roderick, Bobbi Rodes, Silvia Rodriguez, Rosa Rojas, Miriam Rosen, Shelley Rothstein, Sheri RucT er, Cheryr ? Ryan, Cindy Sada, Leticia Sadjady, Mohammad Salazar, Frank Santana, Teresa Santoro, Robert Santre, Teresa Saragosa, Theresa Saunders, Mona Sayko, Linda Schaffer, Anna Schaffer, Sue Schallert, Catherir Schiner, Shelly Schlicher, Patti Schneiderman, Ross Scholler, Nikki Schwartz, Richard Seidensticker, Lorri Serrano, Nikki Seymour, Wanda Shapiro, Sherry Sheehan. Mary jM Shepard, Sheppard, Sherman, fPhiltip James Alison Shtiman, Simon, Sistek, Mary Tina Cindy Slabicki, Smith, Smith, Pat Carol Jeanette Smith, Paul Snell, Dee Dee Sota, Maria Spencer, Dana Stagg, Ed Stahl, Clay Stanger, J Steane, David Steele, Laura Steinberg, George Steinberg, Sy zan Stines, Edwin Stockstill, Craig Stolarik, Joyce Storie, Blake Sutton, Sue Svec, Becky Svec, Julie Swanson, Melodi It I Taranda, Steve Tatum Sharon Tedfard r Ralpip Tercero, Marvin Thomas, Calvin Thomas, Eric Thomason, Tanna Thompson, Becky Thrift, Pamela Timbrook, Corby Tobey, Anthony T-orreSr -Dannyi Townsley, Scott Trotter, Greg Tufeld, Craig Turner, Jon Tyrrell, Cheryl Upson, Kelly Upton, Lori Utterback, Brian At a T.I.T.Q., Elaine showed off her unsung ability as a Huskie hoopster. jtf Vogel, Tamyra Volk, Terry Wachter, Shelly Wagner, Pam ' Wald vogel, Jerilyn Walker, Valerie Wallace, Kim Waller, Ra- Lee Wallingford, Melinda Walser, Lee Ward, Arbella Warsaw, Debbie Waters, Stacey Watson, Kathy Webb, Sue Weber, Ken Weiker, Debbie Weiler, Debbie Weiss, Debbie Weissman, Benjy Wenger, Dianna Wennerholm, l lei IIl Alderete, Robert Curry, Robert Dunn, John Alan- Lee, Howard Dahlberg, John Egle, John Anderson, Janet Danley, Sharon Espino, Luis Arnold, Ann Davidson, Beth Esquer, Jim Bachakes, Dennis Davila, Tom Fa Ik, Edward Baker, Mary Davis, Melody Fa Ik, Todd Barbeau, Robert Davos, Tim Fischer, Marci Baricer, Bill Davison, Jeff Fish, Paul Barnhart, Jeffrey Decrane, Charles Flaata, Alan Barrett, Philip Deglauve, Dan Fortner, Ron Bates, Wilber DeGuzman, Suzanne Gaebler, Randy Baumgarten, Gary Dehart, Greg Garfield, Steve Benavides, Rene Dejohn, Don Garrett, Larry Berrones, Mark Deli ! No, Robin Gillingham, Susan Bishop, Diane Delk, Lynn Gillis, William Bishop, Kathleen Denoble, Rita Goldress, Lynn Blevins, Mike Denos, Sheli Goldwing, Julian Blower, Terri Diaz, Lucano Gonzalez, Santiago Bocanegra, Steven Diccicco, Jerry Gravage, Ed Bond, Cynthia Dierkop, Lynn Greenland, Dorothy Bonnett, James Digangi, Stephen Guzman, Ray Boyd, Russell Dillon, Jerry Hansen, Christopher Brown, Charles Dillon, Ron Hardin, Connie Brown, Philip Dillon, Slier i Heibert, Paula Buckley, Jeff Dimente, Al Hemmer, Jay Calabrase, Joe Dinces, Elaine Hendricks, Don Campbell, Guillermo Henry, Debi Camall, Paul Dittman, Shawn Hicks, Charles Chavez, Francis Doane, Deborah Hoskinson, Don Christian, Andrew Doctors, Patti Hurshell, Martin Christofferson, Mark Dommeyer, Lynn Hussain, Patrick Clayton, Paul Oonahue, Richard Jones, Cheryl Coca, Beatriz Donavan, Carrie Josephson, Sandy Cardona, Elena Kang, Shung Corsaro, Anthony Dose la, Karen Kasha, Randy Covino, Dan Doty, Eddie Keene, Lance Craddock, John Dougan, Eddie Kelley, Allan Cramer, Doug Drechsler, Stephanie Kemp, Laura Cummings, Patrick Driggers, David Kobeski, Frank Curry, David Drosendahl, Darryl Werlin, Andrea Weslev, Carolyn Wester, Christina Weston, Theresa Whiteford, Dave aaB 5 Kodama, Steven Pag ones, John Taylor, Michael Koobie, Matt Parish, Patti Teller, David Kunimoto, Stan Patterson, Nick Thornbury, Gerald Laing, Jeffrey Pelser, Don Tolmach, Shari Leest, Melinda Peterson, Steven Toomey, Suzanne Leonian, David Phelan, Keith Trevino, Patrick Lewis, John Priddy, Mike Trujillo, David Litt, David Rasmussen, Roy Uribe, George Lucas, Scott Rastatter, Wendy Urosek, Albert Lysse, Shirley Rayborne, Rodney Valencia, Robert McCown, Tim Remmund, David Valenzuela, Beckey McCoy, Kevin Riddle, Charles Van Dyl, Cherie McDonald, Lauri Rios, Annabel Van Pelt, Jay MacDonald, Dru Rodriguez, Gabe Vega, Rosa Maddocks, Vance Roman, Danny Viola, James Malette, Gary Ross, Harold Veto, Greg Marinos, Matty Rubin, Denise Waller, Ra-Lee Mastropietro, Stephen Sals, Diana Wakeland, Doug Matheson, Chris Sanchez, Virginia Waid, Robert Marsal, Peter Santomauro, Shawn Wallack, Jeffrey Merlan, Carmita Savala, Gabriela Watson, Ricky Meunier, Mike Schroeder, Matthew Weatherford, Burton Michaud, Robert ShuSchutt, Cristy Weaver, Jamie Miller, Mark Scimonelli, Phillip Webb, Bill Monroe, Mary Sena, Norman Weinfeld, Brad Moor, Robert Seybold, Jeffrey Weisbaum, Sandra Shfmel, Wally Whitaker, Bob Morales, Anthony Siege 1, Nowell Whitt, Randy Morton, Karen Sigimondi, Richard Williams, Eileen Moss, Robert Slawta, Scott Williams, Gary Nasrallah, Issa Smith, Debra Wilson, Tim Nathanson, Michael Sporich, Brett Wolf, Patty Navarrette, Naomi Stanley, Naomi Wolfe, Bill Newby, Jim Stevens, Mike Woods, Mike Newman, Heidy Stokes, Jon Woodward, Bill Newman, Thomas Sturch, Karen Wyngarden, Janet O ' Connor, Brian Sullivan, Pamela Youds, Henry O ' Day, Danny Zaffino, Loretta Ortiz, Rafael Tassil ' l, Tammy Zanghi, Joe Whitlock, Louis Willard, Keith Williams, Craig Williamson, Crystal 0$r ® Wilson, Eric Wilson, Tanya Wolfman, Jay Wood, Susan Wood, Sherill Woods, Dexter Wunderlich, Eiise Young, Loretta Zarchy, Laurie Zdawczyk, Nadene Zelier, Lee Zimmerman, Adam Zsigmond, Susi Zweben, Denise jtf R. [ ?., Jo rt z, .., 2 ! : . e.. i.e. esq. S+u ty, enthuSiiiLsm Merle ' s inspiraj-ioh, StudenrCouncl.A ' s. CSF, Stll-leoJino, service, Kiy teens ' humor,Stnrc£ writ ™ Mr Issacs ' and Mrx i i nu .«iyl kindmss n " Placement- Hoand-U Size writs, Friends, I zempciihon Successes. W ' i+h +U. baqinomo Xn -these -rhreeyenri ' ' Ive-fr ' ednerf- +o of SWYMTvar... waif for Crodet. Linda. Reisz. Uou cam L ' r osa. ■ ' : ioZ7Z -: ■• ' .., ax -rut -uayf . ■ 11 ' ' 0 A -, behest FaeuJ ev£« hid I bufK. h» Aut «o cyi JLU, f V C isytvtec cut, Luu? K VO j 0 Nwe - -thouahf- I I ' d mafc l ' tr , ' ojM+ ever ; , , ■ i ed -to those ' (ftj •leave, up) j 3 u M IW I he room continues to grow darker as the figures make their way to the exit doors, now opened and awaiting the passage of the dancers. Renee Randazzo Fall Cheerleaders ALL TEMPA-CHEER In all temperatures, hot, warm, or cold, the fall cheerleaders delivered a bright and rousing performance for the N.H.H.S. athletic teams. They hurrahed the football team, boosted the basketball team, and cheered the cross-country team. The North Hollywood High cheerleaders sent school spirit and enthusiasm throughout the school, filling the bleachers with cheering crowds. This year more emphasis was put on audience participation routines. The crowds and the cheerleaders spurred on the N .H .H .S . teams as actively as ever. They ' ve got the spirit, yes they do . . . let ' s hear if for the N.H.H.S. cheerleaders. 1. Varsity cheerleaders Josephine Wright, Julie Van Tright, Sandy Serrano, Joanne Symons, Dina Rangel, and Linee Sumpter cheer on the winning Huskies at the Fairfax football game. SHOP! fc. , Varsity Cheerleaders 1. Mike Gelb 2. Steve Waisbern 3. Gene Stratten 4. Joanne Symons 5. Sue Riley 6. Linda Reisz 7. Josephine Wright 8. Sandy Serrano 9. Dina Rangel 10. Debbie Camasso 11. Linee Sumpter 12. Julie VanTright 1 X • ;. rg ' ¥- , . ' X ■ . i 1. Bee Cheerleaders 1. Gordanna Bujic 2. Vanda Vieux 3. Stella Chavez 4. Lori Upton 5. Darren Kemp 6. Kathy Schallert 7. Sue Sutton 8. Lori Eddy 2. Dee-Dee Snell in the dog house again? Never . . „ she ' s the N.H.H.S. husky dog. 3. Bee yell leaders Dee-Dee Snell, Lori Eddy, Gordanna Bujic, Darren Kemp, Stella Chavez, and Lori Upton cheered on the N.H.H.S. Bee football team at the North Hollywood-Poly football game. Varsity Football ONE MORE TIME The North Hollywood High Huskies have done it again. They have successfully completed another football season as well as having been ranked as one of the top five defensive teams in the East Valley League. With the combined talents of ends, William Hunt and Aaron Mitchell; backs, Kevin Butler, Stacy King, and Ricky Robinson; and kicker Ezra Levy, the Huskies kept their fans in suspense and their opponents on their guard as they managed to score at least 15 points a game . The big test of defensive strength came when the Huskies took on the Sylmar Spartans. The Huskies picked up 66 more yards than Sylmar; however, neither team was able to penetrate inside the opposition ' s 20 yard-line. This resulted in a tie score of 0-0 and the verdict of the number one defensive team still to be decided. " No one can beat North Hollywood. The only way anyone can get past us is through our own mistakes " , such were the words of Captain Aaron Mitche ll. However the Huskies turned their mistakes into incredible devices of learn- ing and came up with the strategy needed for an undefeated season, This year with 7 out of 36 members of the Varsity team leaving, including North Holly- wood ' s top rushers, linebackers and kickers, Coach Fred Neilson will be recruiting new blood, and the long hard work of creating another winning team will begin all over again. 1. Fancy foot-work gave William Hunt the edge as he descended down field in the game against Hollywood. 2. Ricky Robinson clutched the pigskin with all his might as he raced tor the goal line at Hollywood. — - rn L 1 L Sponsored by: THE NORTH HOLLYWOOD BOOSTER CLUB Aaron Mitchell Robert Ryan Coach Dave Harris Mike LeUo Steve Fecske Ezra Levy Don Jones 8. Ricky Robinson 9. Mark Billy 10. Mike Hodges 11. Marti Amarillas 12. Coach McCarthy 13. Mike Black mon 14. Kevin Spittler 15. Tony Moran 16. Kevin Butler 17. Ben French 18. Lamont Laird 19. David Hyman 20. Mike McBride 21. Coach Meilson 22. Mike Cimesa 23. Scott Sublette 24. George Ornelas M 1. Mike McBride, Kirk Seidensticker, Steve Fecske and Tony Moran proved that foot- ball is a true contact sport as they battled the Hollywood Sheiks to a 17-0 win. 2. VARSITY FOOTBALL 25. Tony Brown 26. William Hunt 27. Stacy King 28. Jerry Marks 29. Al Bringas 30. Kevin Wood 31. Kirk Seidensticker 32. Michael Ford 33. Jesse Alvarado 34. Billy Reed 35. Darryl Mitchell 36. Scott Hunt 37. Steve Hesse 38. Duncan McNeil 39. Jeff Libecap Sponsored by: PUFS 1. Top brass watched the Huskies in action. 2. Kevin Butler escaped the clutes of his Fairfax opponent as he whipped downfield for an 80 yard touchdown. lit. 3. Ben French stood aghast as Robert Ryan and Jesse Alvarado pulvarized a Fairfax player. Sponsored by: FELICIA FLASH 1. Dave Hyman got on top of the situation at the Fairfax game. 2. Ezra Levy demonstrated the kicking style that squeezed North Hollywood past Marshall in the season ' s league opener score of 3-0. 3. Tony Moran stood on guard as Mike Leko climbed over his fast-footed Fairfax opponent. Sponsored by: BARRY, CHARL£NE, MARTI, KELLY AND TOBI 1974 ALL VALLEY FIRST TEAM-DEFENSE Aaron Mitchell George Ornelas Linebacker Tackle Senior Senior SECOND TEAM-DEFENSE Robert Ryan Linebacker Senior 1974 ALL LEAGUE FIRST TEAM-DEFENSE Aaron Mitchell Robert Ryan Steve Hesse Kevin Butler Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Back Senior Senior Senior Senior FIRST TEAM-OFFENSE George Ornelas Stacy King Ezra Levy Lineman Back Kicker Senior Senior Senior SECOND TEAM David Hyman Steve Fecske End Lineman Senior Senior 1974 ALL CITY Robert Ryan Kevin Butler Aaron Mitchell Linebacker Safety Defensive-back Senior Senior Senior 1. " Ready, set ... GO! " 2. ! Gotcha! 3. Billy Reed went all out to make a pass Kl Sponsored by: THE NORTH HOLLYWOOD BOOSTER CLUB VARSITY SCORES 14 Jefferson 6 14 Eagle Rock 3 Marshall 20 Grant 19 Verdugo Hills 6 Sylmar 17 Hollywood 23 Poly 8 23 Fairfax 6 Gardena 20 1. Ricky, you gotta ' stop wearing that Hai Karate! 2. Don ' t ust push ' em back, pick ' em up and throw ' em back! 3. " Say Unci e " Bee Football GO FOR IT Our " 74 " Bees did " go for it, " by proving from the very beginning that they meant business, winning their season opener over Marshall High School. Coached by David Smith and led by captains Rick Hagen and Darren Morrison, the Bees ended up with a four and two record. This year Co-Captain Morrison passed for over 1,000 yards with a completion average of 48% and nine touchdowns. In addition to Morrison ' s feats, Ron Tonodeo gained over 53 yards on the ground, including seven touchdowns for a 5.32 yard average. Other offensive greats, Mike Capizzi, Bob Olson, and Paul Gurrola helped the Bees to score an average of 15 points a game. On the other hand, with Al Lutu, Orson Rhein- forth, Elvis Mendes, Alan McNeil and Eric Talchar, the defensive squad was not to be out- done, holding the opposition to approximately 14 points per game. Thus ends another season; the stats are in; the crowds are silent; for Bee football players, life is back to normal. 1. Alan McNeil 27. Scott Thornton 2. Eric Molinar 28. Mark Hancock X Elvis Mendes 29. Steve Benveniste Rick Hagen 30. David Betancourt 5. Darren Morrison 31. Bob Olson 6. Paul Gurrola 32. Steve Chapman 7. Mike Capizzi 33. Tom Simpson 8. Corey Lovett 34. Armando Marisca 9. Gerald Piro 35. Adam Hanusek 10. Jim Mintie 36V Steve White 11. Al Lutu 37. Gregory Hughes 12. Brett Granson 38. Ken Barbeau 13. Orson Rheinfurth 39. Jose Farach 14. Ron Tonodeo 40. Kerry Engle 15. Ralph Morales 41. Patrick Trevino 16. Burt Gutierrez 42. Greg Stanger 17. Mike Prey 43. Ron Clebanoff 18. Coach David Smith 44. Clive Nagatani 19. John Stanger 45. Bill Shinkle 20. Gary Jones 46. Ken Gil more 21. Tom Eastling 47. George Palazzo 22. Mark Munoz 48. Mike Marquez 23. Tom Fecske 49. Keith Nagatani 24. Lawrence LeBlanc 50. Steve Dux 25. Chris Minutoli 51. Chuck Myall 26. Ron Golob 52. Rick Goldwing ! $ $ 0 f a Sponsored by: TOM BADE i 12 - fl F j Z F 0 ■MH«J t 1 Mm ;.$m m%4 BtJ JbJPI 1. Paul Gurrola snagged one of his many receptions of the year. 2. Jim Mintie battled his way through Sylmar ' s offensive line. 3. After a pass completion Alan McNeil racked up an additional 20 yards. Sponsored by: HARTT TROPHY and ENGRAVING CO J Jv5te 1. Ron Tonodeo displayed how he gained over 530 yards this season. 2. Darren Morrison found daylight among his Sylmar pursuers. 3. Bob Olsen showed that a Huskie always gets his man. iL BEE SCORES N.H. 12 Jefferson 14 N.H. 13 Eagle Rock 26 N.H. 19 Marshall 13 N.H. 31 Grant 13 N.H. 3 Verdugo N.H. 19 Sylmar 6 N.H. 13 Hollywood 14 N.H. 6 Poly 35 N.H. 35 Fairfax 6 £rl£x55 K3PR v ? ■$m :-V 1. Leaping up for the interception, Paul Gurrola ended a Sylmar drive. 2. Eric Molinar, John Stanger, and Al Lutu racked up Marshall for a loss. Cross Country MOVIN ' ON Trudging across miles of wooded hills and scorching dust trails, the Cross Country team jogged on. " It ' s no easy sport, " groaned team member David Drabeck, after completion of the killer two-mile couse. Headed by Mr. Al-Kuraishi and spearheaded by Todd Davis, a runner, who in the eyes of Coach Al-Kuraishi, will go far, the Cross Country team managed to secure a fourth place in the leagu e. Standing in reserve to strengthen the backbone of next year ' s Varsity Cross Country team are the Tenth and Junior Varsity teams. 1. Todd Davis displayed his record breaking speed against Sylmar High. 2. John Kerrigan on the backstretch, headin 1 for home. 1. John Low 2. John Kerrigan 3. Todd Davis 4. Phillip Kontos 5. David Drabeck 6. Kendall Zoller 7. Graig White 8. Steve Segovia 9. Walter Peck tfc 1. Kendall Zoller and Phillip Kontos discussed their strategy against Verdugo Hi 2. Craig White closed the gap between his Verdugo Hills opponent. 3. Dave Drabeck strives to bag another one for N.H.H.S. ■HH BI J.V. AND 10TH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY 1. George Galindo had the sneaky suspic that he was being followed. 2. " I can do it; I can do it; I can I can. " J.V. Cross Country Scores (Lowest Score Wins) xSJp .fSR: ' 3IH " N.H. N.H. N.H. I LH. N.H. N.H. 50 35 76 28 31 36 Poly 15 Fairfax 18 Sylmar 15 Verdugo 19 Grant 25 Hollywood 23 « 51 fcy JLi It. J.V. CROSS COUNTRY 1. Coach Al-Kuraishi 2. Walter Peck 3. Tim Harris 4. George Galindo 5. Keith Hevers 6. Holly Hansard 7. Neil Wennerholm 10th GRADE CROSS COUNTRY SCORES (Lowest Score Wins) N.H. 20 Fairfax 41 N.H. 43 Sylmar 24 N.H. 15 Verdugo 53 N.H. 15 Grant 55 N.H. 20 Hollywood 42 N.H. 29 Poly 26 " J " " 1. Dennis Robbins left his opponent in the dust as he raced off for the finish line. 1. 10TH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY 1. Michael Gips 2. Dennis Robbins 3. Chris Schallert 4. Jon Kagan 5. Cade Strick 6. Peter Schneevoigt 7. Tim Mann 8; Danny Berkowitz 9. Ralph Fournier 10. Mike Kerrigan 11. Coach Al-Kuraishi 12. Fred Horn 13. Aaron Leon 14. Brett Jones 15. Chris Wibbler 16. Mike Leaf 17. Jeff Speigelman 18. Eric Coss Varsity Basketbal 4TH QUARTER HEX A fourth quarter hex seemed to plague the Huskies as they opened their 1975 basket- ball season. It appeared that in spite of leads through the third quarter, the Huskies were unable to maintain their dribbling and shooting momentum, thus allowing their opponents to take over and hold the lead. However, with the support of the faculty and student body, the team ' s spirit was boosted and the Huskies devised well-balanced at- tacks which forced several of the games into overtime; holding the crowds in suspense as to the outcome . Heading the team defensively were such out- standing players as: seniors Richard Smythe, Barry Messina, and Kenny Williams. Billy Reed and Randy Kasha both juniors, were also outstanding players who will return next season adding depth and experience to next year ' s team . 1. Nick Cassavetes gave it his " all " at the Fairfax game. 2. Varsity Basketball Jesse Bold, Manager Rob Walker Richard bmythe Billy Reed Barry Messina Nick Cassavetes Bob Aihanati Ti m Callahan Randy Kasha Tom Crowley Coach Foli lit Sponsored by: MR. and MRS. CLIFF JONES INDIVIDUAL HONORS Most Valuable Player-Billy Reed-Guard Best Defensive Player-Barry Messina- Forward Best Offensive Player-Billy Reed-Guard Most Inspirational-Tom Crowley-Guard Most Improved-Nick Cassavetes Shawn Vest-Centers All League(2nd Team)-Billy Reed-Guard Honorable Mention-Richard Smythe-Guard NH 50 Grant 67 NH 50 Fairfax 56 NH 76 Sylmar 67 NH 55 Verdugo 58 NH 53 Sylmar 55 NH 67 Hollywood 65 NH 61 Poly 66 NH 58 Fairfax 60 NH 59 Grant 83 NH 79 Verdugo 66 NH 80 Sylmar 74 NH 63 Hollywood 74 NH 63 Poly 79 NH 62 Fairfax 70 1. Barry Messina struggled to keep the ball away from his Verdugo opponent. 2. " Oh no, he did it again! " 3. Richard Smythe and Randy Kasha made sure the Huskies got the 2 points. M 1. Vince Giovanazzo displayed his dribbling techniques against Sylmar. J.V. Basketball BIG DUNKER NEWS The North Hollywood High J.V. basketball team showed that they had great comeback ability when, after losing their opener to Grant, they defeated their opponents in the next four games. With the appearence of a new head coach, Ernie Foli, the team was inspired to perform in a manner that constantly gave their crowd some- thing to cheer about. Another factor in the J.V. ' s fine performance was previous exper- ience of many players topped off by the excep- tional and consistant support of the students and faculty. The team ' s success centered around such players as Vince Giovinazzo, Chase Crosser, and Cary Stevenson who displayed remarkable talents in shooting, assisting, and dribbling. These players along with the combined efforts of the entire team proved that experience is the key to winning. 2. J.V. Basketball 1. Dale Culbertson 2. Chase Crosser 3. John Hill 4. Vince Giovanazzo 5. Leonard Johnson 6. Roberto Valentine 7. Carey Stevenson 8. Coach Foli 9. Brent Haddad 10. Roy Rassmusen 11. David Howard 12. Nick Cassavetes 13. John Dunn 14. Clark La Gary it. Sponsored by : MR. ISSACS Roberto Valentine sank the 1. Poly reached in va outside. 2. Vince Giovanazzo looked on as Roy Rassmusen chalked up two more for the Huskies. 3. Nick Cassavetes tipped the ball our way. INDIVIDUAL HONORS Most Valuable Player-Vince Giovinazzo-Guard Most Improved Player-Chase Crosser-Guard All League-(lst Team)-Vince Giovinazzo-Guard Nick Cassavetes-Center All League-(2nd Team-Chase Crosser-Guard Honorable Mention-Carey Stevenson-Forward Brent Haddad-Forward NH 69 Cleveland 60 NH 75 Garfield 63 NH 75 Grant 80 NH 66 Banning 72 NH 66 Narbonne 36 NH 74 Verdugo Hills 41 NH 56 Sylmar 32 NH 64 Hollywood 60 NH 71 Poly 68 NH 49 Fairfax 66 NH 52 Grant 48 NH 27 Verdugo Hills 38 NH 61 Sylmar 46 NH 48 Hollywood 63 NH 53 Poly 61 NH 52 Fairfax 65 m Bee Basketball BEE " PRIDE Steady all-around team cooperation and in- dividual experience were what " spurred " the " Bee " basketball team into action during their 1975 basketball season. Putting forth their best foot, the Huskies out-dribbled and out-shot their opponents through out several of the games. However, their opponents made quick comebacks and the Huskies were unable to hold back the tide. Although lacking the power and drive defen- sively, the determination of such players as Frank Meehan, Ray Morfino, and Tom Fecske, more than made up for it. 1. " Hey Tony its gonna make it 2. Bee Basketball 1. Tony Stearns 2. Ray Morfino 3. Tom Fecske 4. Kevin Mc Coy 5. Frank Meehan 6. Coach Green 7. Mike Cheyne 8. Rob Macke 9. Cary Attl 10. Dave Tippit 11. Phil Scimonellt 12. Tim O ' Rourke lit, Sponsored by: THE NORTH HOLLYWOOD BOOSTER CLUB 1. Mike Cheyne took a double-take as Ray Morfino attempted a basket. 2. Tom Fecske was pressured by his Verdugo Hills opponent as he tried to score. 3. " Ail right you guys, who wants it next? " §s fi »JPft a ' -i ' -:-M Individual Honors Most Valuable Player - Ray Morfino Most Improved Player - Dave Tippit All League - Honorable Mention - Mike Cheyne All League - Honorable Mention - Tom Fecske All League - Honorable Mention - Ray Morfino NH 40 Cleveland 57 NH 57 Garfield 42 NH 59 Grant 57 NH 50 Verdugo Hills 59 NH 64 Sylmar 34 NH 48 Hollywood 63 NH 52 Poly 73 NH 58 Fairfax 64 NH 57 Grant 75 NH 62 Verdugo Hills 63 NH 49 Sylmar 51 NH 74 Hollywood 76 NH 52 Poly 102 NH 38 Fairfax 45 1. Steve Wohlberg scored two for the Huskies. Cee Basketball " CEE ' THE BALL The echoinq sounds of basketballs bouncing off the gym floor, the excited shouts of an anxious crowd, and spirited pep talks by coach Rob Allen are what prompted the " CEE " basketball team into an exciting year. After getting off to a slow start, the team man- aged to keep their Huskie spirit despite the lack of student support, due mostly to the early starting times. Another factor in the CEE ' S misfortunes was the absence of guys interested in going out for the sport. Yet, with help from Captains Steve Wohlberg and John Naveira, the team managed to put on an ex- citing performance. Although they may have lost in the way of games, they gained in the way of experience. 2. Cee Basketball 1. Mark Buccoia 2- Eddie Dougan 3. Julio Urbina 4. Steve Wohlberg 5. Frank Vila 6. Scott Bilow 7. John Naveira 8. Cary Corwin 9. Joan Jimenez 10. Coach Allen Ifc. Sponsored by: THE NORTH HOLLYWOOD BOOSTER CLUB I ndividual Honors Most Valuable Player - Steve Wohlberg Most Improved Player - John Naveira All League - Honorable Mention - Steve Wohlberg NH 18 Cleveland 62 NH 28 Garf ield 41 NH 17 Grant 35 NH 43 Verdugo Hills 54 NH 44 Sylmar 58 NH 31 Hollywood 46 NH 50 Ploy 73 NH 32 Fairfax 50 NH 45 Grant 71 NH 47 Verdugo Hills 57 NH 30 Sylmar 58 NH 59 Hollywood 60 NH 55 Poly 62 NH 36 Fairfax 52 1. John Naveira scored two against Poly. 2. Eddie Dougan struggled for possession of the ball. 3. Mark Buccola seemed to have forgotten what sport he was playing. dU Varsity Track KEEPING TRACK Winning the practice meet against SonH, ties 7 re ay-mnne s Rm ' u " at , hletic abili " and M.cta2f gffi£ " X ' tk T " »-.o c it;x«aVo,r t " h ' " « " i 5 6 7, 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13 14, 15. 16. 17. 18. " • Varsity Team -. Ben French !. Edwin Stines • A. J. Cohen • Greg Callahan • Kendall Zoller • Mike Fioravanti 1 Keith Hevers Carl Robinson Coach Moncrief Gilford Jones Michael Young ■ Michael Ford Chris Wilson Da yl Mitchell G ' eig IWcRitchie Lee Givens Bill Hunt Coach Al-Kurashi Sponsored by: FRANK WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY i Varsity Scores NH 61 South Gate 57 NH 64 Grant 53 NH 87 Verdugo Hills 31 NH 64 Sylmar 54 NH 75 Hollywood 43 NH 59 Poly 59 NH 61 Fairfax 57 1. Bill Hunt took a well-deserved rest after he ran the 440 relay. 2. The thrill of victory. 3. The high-jump was back breaking work. jl 1. A.J. Cohen made his mark for N.H.H.S. 2. Michael Ford got set for the next race. 3. A Husky vaulter found pole vaulting the " next best thing to flying. " 1. Michael Young took a final leap for victory. 2. Greig McRitchie flew through the air with the greatest of ease. 3. Neil Wennerholm gasped for air as he won the race. Bee and Cee Track HUSKY HOP-ALONGS In the spring, the Bee and Cee track teams emerged in all their glory, fighting fierce competition all the way. Under the direction of their coaches Mr. Al-Kurashi and Mr. La Marr, the Bee and Cee track teams had an ex- cellent season. The Bee track team had two female members this year, Gabriel Olson and Holly Hansard, who were excellent runners. Other participants were Phil Kontos who ran the 660 and Elvis Mendez who ran the 6 00 yard dash and 440 relay. Mike Leko jumped hurdles, Rick Hagen threw shotput and Andy McClenahan was high jumper. The Cee team was not to be outdone with Jon Kagan pole vaulting, Chris Schallert, Tim Harris and Danny Berkowitz running the 1320 and Mark Munoz as long jumper. 1. Mike Leko gave his all at the track meet against South Gate. Bee Scores N.H. 42 South Gate (Practice) 53 N.H. 40 Grant 55 N.H. 30 Verdugo Hills 65 N.H. 28 Sylmar 67 N.H. 60 Hollywood 34 N.H. 60 Poly 26 N.H. 30 Fairfax 60 2. Bee Track Elvis Mendes 15. Mike Leko Robert Cruz 16. Coach LaMarr Ulises Jiron 17. Don LaMarr Ruben Arias 18. Vince Giovanazzo Mike Leaf 19. Andy McClenahan Gabriel Olson 20. Mike Kemgan George Galindo 21. Phil Kontos Holly Hansard 22. Jon Mac Lean Ken Gi Imore 23. Tom East ling Jesse Bold 24. Jeff Spiegelman Neil Wennerholrr 25. Eric Coss Bret Granson 26. Kent Knudsen Rick Hagen 27. Jubenal Brito Mike Capizzi 28. Coach Al-Kurashi it 1. " I ' m almost there, panted Tom Mann. Cee Scores N.H. 40 South Gate (Practice) 43 N.H. 38 Grant 47 N.H. 56 Verdugo Hills 30 N.H. 16 Sylmar 70 N.H. 30 Hollywood 36 37 N.H. 40 Poly N.H. 44 Fairfax 2. Cee Track Coach Al-Kurashi Mike Gramling Tom Mann Chris Schallert Randy Jensen Greg Stranger Dennis Robbins 8. Mark Munoz 9. Mike Gips 10. Don LaMarr 11. Dave Ackers 12. Jon Kagan 13. Tom Harris 14. Ralph Fournier 15. Fred Tucker 16. John Tucker 17. Danny Berkowtiz 18. Steve Champan 19. Peter Berkowitz 20. Sergio Grosjean 21. Coach LaMarr 1. " Walter Peck took a breather. Boys ' Swimming WATER WORKS Even though it was a dry season for our ski club, NHHS ' s swim team had a " waterful " year. March marked the start of workouts which included long hours of practice and conditioning, rain or shine. Under the leadership ofanewcoach, Mr. Lyle Wolf, also famous as the Social Studies Department Chairman, our teams plunged ahead to meet the stiff league competition. Bhk " B " AND VARSITY 1. Lance Keene 2. Jack Reynolds 3. Anthony Garcia 4. Jeff Siegel 5. Walter Peck 6. David Kern 7. Ray Pompa 8. Blake Storie 9. Terence Cooney 10. Neil Forne 11. Dexter Wood 12. Andy Winter 13. Randy Nepsund 14. Gordon Peck 15. Matthew Nodella TjQyJfo ) ' A M 21U uZ d n unMt few jfote d€cm?6 (Ml Anao -twit cLj j h i Vvw Lw fwrn rnh dM tJ% bad iMrmo icoi nd Mwncb emit lahjiw cul ihcU oftti to o dLow n klwKun i Lacy cumc c t£CL c mi 23 cOZOt CfimtWa JjO OCJadQL Varsity Swim Team Scores iJD oil wll 3cd dL ujuSnZ A nm N h m oetim. iJnat odfrccc Mida i aid ei cmr ?mM j (fmL wL 1% 35 47 59J 87 37 79 Grant Verdugo Hills Sylmar Hollywood Poly Fairfax 39 27 14} 82 39 34 Matt Nodella made a " flying " finish. 2. Lance Keene took a " breather " during the 200 yard backstroke. xmxl- Aaa£ ?hU2 a z Ml Md. d2 juuL chr)0Lu t n t z jujjl Lu ..j lcMlO dhoz Unit z£ow CttOO 6 Jj£ £isr?G ufJ) ocXl - ) (Mf $ Mn-6 i ol 0 a jmjo 7) HJ u Y ' £of L lc A 1 Cee Swim Team Scores IM.H. N.H, N.H. N.H, N.H, N.H, Grant 5 Verdugo Hills 15 Sylmar 50 Hollywood 8 Poly 34 Fairfax 1. Cee Swim Team 1. David Kern 2. Anthony Garcia 3. Jack Reynolds 4. Cory Lovett 5. Coach Wolf 2. " Hey guys, the water ' s great! " Exclaimed Lance Keen. Ifc. 1. Matt Nodella concentrated enti race. 2. " Swimmers, take your marks. 3. Mr. Wolf at the think tank. rely on winning hi Varsity Baseball BATMEN The success or failure of a baseball team is based on the strength and determination of each individual member. Unlike football or basketball, where tackling or charging are necessary to get ahead, the sport of baseball requires a good deal more concentration, correct timing and precision throwing. The 1975 baseball team exhibited these essential qualities against opposition such as Sylmar, Verdugo Hills and Fairfax. " This year ' s team is more balanced " , stated Coach Neilson, meaning that all the positions had sound coverage. The pitching responsi- bilities were divided among players Matt Mattavich, Ray Hebrank, and Andre Ferrer, each of whom, Coach Neilson said could be better than the others on any given day. Although many of the team members were seniors, there were many outstanding juniors and sophomores to fill out the squad for the coming season. 1. Duncan McNeil " slammed one " at the alumni game. Varsity Team 1. Andre Ferrer 2. Ray Hebrank 3. Roy Bodtcher 4. Mike Means 5. Bill Denton 6. Pat Lawrence 7. Kelly Upson 8. Craig Stockstill 9. Arhtur Schubert 10. Rick Garratt 11. Jeff 0 ' Donne 1 1 12. Duncan McNeil 13. Aaron Mitchell 14. Matt Mattavich 15. Tony Moran 16. Jeff Libecap 17. Coach Neilson ICl Sponsored by: THE NORTH HOLLYWOOD BOOSTER CLUB 1. Strength and form exhibited by second-baseman Tony Morar 2. Craig Stocksti 1 1 waited desperately to make an out. 3. " My gosh! they ' re after me! " , thought Bill Denton. 4. Southpaw, Ray Hebrank, let out the hard fast ball. Grant Verdugo Hills Sylmar Hollywood Poly Fairfax 5-7 6-1 4-3 1-4 3-7 6-5 8-7 3-6 j) J.V. Baseball BATTER UP The 1975 J.V. Baseball team, coached by Ernie Foli, reached for the top in the East Valley League. Since everyone who went out for the team demonstrated equal athletic abili- ty, all thirty were chosen to form an excellent ball club. Stri ke out accuracy was the main strategy utilized by the team. Outstanding hurdler, Todd Lazar, was backed up by Greg DeHart, Clarke LeGary, Cary Stephenson, and Scott Thornton. Coach Foli thought that of all the J.V. teams he had coached " this was the best. " 1. Put THAT in your glove and catch it! 2. J.V. Baseball 10. Brett Jones 19 Ralph Valenci 1 Roberto Alvero 11. Scott Thornton 20 Jose Farach 2. Santiago Gonzalez 12. Alan McNeil 21 Dino Dipaolo 3. Mike Cimesa 13. Darren Morrison 22 Jim Valentine 4. Stanley Cook 14. Pat Hussain 23 Phil Scimonell 5. Cary Stephenson 15. Bill Shinkle 24 Jim Coburn 6. Clark LeGary 16. Bob Shad 25. Billy Reed 7. John Jimenez 17. David Betancourt 26. Todd Lazar 8. Chris Iacuone 18. Greg Runyon 27. Coach Foli 9. Mark Buccola $M IMti 1. As President Lincoln once said, " A man ' s legs should be just long enough to touch the ground. " 2. Every game ' s got its catch! 3. Just like a good salesman, Scott Thornton always had a good " pitch. " J.V. Baseball (N.H. S core ' s First) 1st Game 2nd Game 3rd Game Grant 5-6 6-0 15-4 Verdugo Hills 1-2 6-5 9-3 Sylmar 2-0 3-6 Hollywood 8-0 Poly 4-3 2-10 Fairfax 5-8 3-1 A 1. Jon Sydes prepared to ace his Grant opponent. Varsity Tennis HIGH STRUNG The varsity tennis team, coached by Dale Rohland, always managed to put forth a fine performance for those students who were able to find time during their busy schedules to watch . One reason for the team ' s success, aside from as one team member put it, " Coach Rohland ' s excellent teaching ability, " was the school ' s tennis program. Which, besides encouraging interested students to develop their funda- mentals, also improved their advanced skills. However the main factor in the team ' s fine showing was the experience and determination of such players as Barry Garapedian, Jon Sydes, and Craig Alan-Lee. These students along with the many other fine athletes managed to put N.H. on the map. Varsity Tennis 1. Coach Don Berns 2. Coach Dale Rohland 3. Mark Miller 4. Craig Alan- Lee 5. Benjy Weissman 6. Jon Sydes 7. Paul Kornreich 8. Jon Corfino 9. Barry Garapedian 10. Howard Alan- Lee 11. Jeff Leshay ifc. 1. Howard Alan- Lee showed his skill as he attempted to re- turn a high lob. 2. Barry Garapedian put a little extra twist on his serve. 3. Craig Alan- Lee backhanded his opponents serve. Varsity Scores NH 6 Cleveland 1 NH 6 Birmingham 1 NH 7 Monroe NH 5 University 2 NH 4 Grant 3 NH 7 Verdugo Hills NH 7 Sylmar NH 5 Hollywood 2 NH 7 Poly NH 6 Fairfax 1 NH 3 Grant 4 NH 7 Verdugo Hills NH 7 Sylmar NH Hollywood NH Poly NH Fairfax Non -league matches iX J-V Tennis A BETTER FUTURE " Building for the future " was Mr. Rohland ' s plan for the J.V. Tennis Team this year; a plan that included shaping upcoming contenders for the 1976 Varsity Team, Randy Chow and Ross Scheiderman. Each day 25 beginning and intermediate play- ers practiced new techniques and style, enabling them to fill the soon to be vacant varsity positions and hold on to their first or second place record. Girls Track Striving to receive the same recognition as their male counter parts was no easy task for the ten ambitious members of the girls track team. Encouraged by coach Al-Kuraishi, the girls practised and were able to compete in all track events. This years success of Gabriel Olson and Holly Hansand in intra school track meets seem to point to continued success for the team next year. frffM»H J-V Tennis 13. Benjamin Goldfarb 1. Coach Rohland 14. Randy Chow 2. Lance Hall 15. Adam Zimmerman 3. Lance Meifert 16. Ross Schneiderman 4. Jim Mintie 17. Matt Wollman 5. Jeff Appel 18. John Gastelum 6. Chuck Myall 19. Mike Gelb 7. Bill Rheinschild 20. Dave Landsman 8. John Dunn 21. Paul Gurrola 9. Steve Shroyer 22. Nigel Cooper 10. Coach Berns 23. Paul Wolgast 11. William Ginsberg 24. Kevin Brewer 12. Jeff Robinson 15. Phil Miller 1. Huskie net man would do anything to get the bal fe Girls Track Coach Al-Kuraishi Linda Moshantz Sharon Bortholomew Holly Hansard Pam Edwards Alison Sherman Inga Johnson Diane Wagner Lora Roberts 1. Gabrielle Olson gave one stride for track and one long leap for woman kind. 2. Holly Hansard, you ' ve come a long way baby. Even the guys are having trouble keeping pace. j] I Gymnastics SHAPING UP The competition was tough, but due to the long hours spent molding and shaping both the girls ' and boys ' gymnastics teams they met the challenge. The boys ' team proved to be the best at North Hollywood in six years. Gene Stratton was top man on the team and Brian Fukumoto was named as the most outstanding sophomore Loach Engbrecht said one of the team ' s main goals was to improve last year ' s score bv fifteen points. The girls ' team had the will to win. Coach Marmie felt that the girls were very enthusi- astic and really got a lot from being a part of such an outstanding team. Excellent members andlueWebb " 13 11165 ' ' 6 fncKrittre ' b ? " St6adied h6rSelf ° " the «- 2. Girls ' Gymnastics 1. Darren Kemp 2. Stephanie Drechsle 3. Ann Marie Restive- 4. Lorri Provenzano 5. Claudette Coliman 6. Kathy Sims 7. Cathy Wright 8. Marge- Moten 9. Marie Cappella 10. Cheri Fortner 11. Cecile Reyes 12. Norma Aronv 13. Jane Anderson 14. Toni Ceglia 15. Coach Marmie It 1. Boys ' Gymnastics 1. Steven Flanigan 2. Gabriel Gonzalez 3. Brian Fukumoto 4. Gene Stratton 5. Alan Keene 6. Jeff Hirsch Rafael Ortiz Mike Blackmore 9. Jim Esquer 10. Craig King 11. Tyrone Williams 12. David Newton 13. Joe Ali 14. Ron Cablayan 15. Paul Jaeger 16. Scott Graham 17. Artie Derian 18. Coach Engbrecht 19 Bela Matyas Pi 3. Alan Keene swung through the air with the greatest of ease. 2. Gene Stratton demonstrated his gymnastic ability in the iron cross. Sponsored by. MR . AND MRS . GENE STRATTON AND SON j] Varsity Golf ON COURSE The N .H . golf team seemed to have what it takes to be a league winner. They had the experience of past years of fine performances, they had outstanding players such as Randy Ma I at, Vance Maddocks, Craig Steinberg, and Charles Scholler plus the leadership of coach Lyle Reeves, " quite a golfer himself " . In past years the N .H . golf team has always managed to finish high in the league stand- ings . Thus with the added advantage of a large number of seniors. The golf team was able to complete yet another year with flying colors. VARSITY GOLF 1. Billy West 2. Randy Malat 3. Mike Smith 4. Carey Doss 5. Richard Hoffenberg 6. Steve Cook 7. Charles Scholler 8. Dan Singer 9. Vance Maddocks 10. Coach Reeves 1. Craig Steinberg showed the form which enabled him to be No. 1 «L 1. Vance Macldocks dis- played the style of fine golf. 2. Charles Scholler per- formed the art of sweep- ing the ball of the tee J.V. Golf Team 1. Coach Reeves 2. Mike Deitch 3. Mike Shields 4. David Zweig 5. Keith Willard 6. Marvin Etter 7. Matt Mattavich VARSITY SCO RES N.H. 379 Poly 428 N.H. 421 Sylmar 488 N.H. 411 Marshall 439 N.H. 398 Verdugo Hills 418 N.H. 419 Grant 425 N.H. 396 Poly 468 N.H. 411 Sylmar 454 N.H. 396 Marshall 419 N.H. Verdugo Hills N.H. Grant Ji i Girl ' s Volleyball SPIKED PUNCH While the second year of the girls ' competitive volleyball team may have been bleak statis- tically, it did prove that winning isn ' t the only active ingredient in boosting team spirit. The large number of tenth graders on this years team will help to form a strong team for 1976. The A and BEE teams were encouraged by their captains, Naomi Stanley and Kris Penny and highlighted by major contributes: Joy Hilker, Maria Velasquez, Carrie Suskie, Cara Liskum, Jenny Estrada and Elizabeth Lozano. 1. Carrie Suskie squatted a smash. 2. " Bump, set, spike. " 3. Girls ' Volleyball 1. Carrie Suskie 2. Judy Miles 3. Suzanne Campellone 4. Candy Stagg 5. Janice Hansen 6. Joy Hilker 7. Cara Liskum 8. Rita Wendell 9. Jenny Estrada 10. Debra Collins 11. Kris Penny 12. Angela Howard 13. Maria Lozano 14. Carol Kissinger 15. Elizabeth Lozano 16. Mrs. Bryman WOT PICTURED Naomi Stanly Maria Velasquez Ifc m A Team (M.H 1st game Grant 9-15 Van Nuys 5-15 Marshall 8-15 Poly 12-15 Verdugo 5-15 Bee Team Grant 2-15 Van Nuys 8-15 Marshall 13-15 Poly 5-15 Verdugo 2-15 i Mjftfe . Scores First) 2nd game 10-15 5-15 9-15 7-15 9-15 9-15 7-15 14-15 12-15 15- 8 rti game 5-15 fe 2 E| r ilh e 1h y , ' S PreC, ' !f m ° VeS 9ot the ba " over the net I. " Ms h m a L n ° Z a a ;° d f ?, m ° rated her " net worth Girls Swimming WET, WILD-5TH IN THE CITY 10TH GRADE 11TH GRADE 12TH GRADE OPEN 1. Kathy Barrett 1. Nikki Serrano 1. Sue Lynch 1. Kathleen Bennion 2, Maura Silvia 2. Rene Pompa 2. Dawn Griffin 2. Dorothy Ajar 3. Wendy Grossman 3. Diana Jackson 3. Terri Lang 3. Joan Florsheim 4. Tali Fogel 4. Chris Mitchell 4. Cindy Tuttle 4. Melanie Maxwell 5. Lori Swanson 5. Diane Pitts NOT PICTURED: 5. Rada Djurkovic 6. Elaine Kasha 6. Virginia McCord Julie Kain 6. Sue Stewart 7. Sherry Behrle 7. Kim Colwell Janice La Chance NOT PICTURED: 8. Lynne Worrilow NOT PICTURED: Kristin Mc Clintock Yael Gurse 9. Robin Clark Carolyn Koobie Brenda Breedon Margaret Maki fe Girls Tennis Team A SWINGING " RACKET " Although tennis is still regarded as a " gentleman ' s sport " , the North Hollywood girls ' tennis team proved that it ' s time for a title change . With a record of 2 wins to 3 losses, the girls decided that it ' s not whether you win or lost but how difficult you make it for the other team—and that they did. The girls made sure that their opposition, which included hard- hitting Grant, covered every inch of the court before letting them win or lose. With the added talents of the outstanding players such as Kathy Koch, Lynn Martin and Lori Pollack, the North Hollywood team proved to be fatal . In the eyes of Coach Goldman, the team was at a dis- advantage because the new tennis courts, which were to have been completed before the season opened, were completed 2 weeks before the season ended; this made only 2 courts available for practice. With the completion of the tennis courts, next season ' s team can look forward to a lot of hard practice which will enhance the possibility of winning more matches. Lori Seidensticker domonstrated her backhand ability. GIRLS TENNIS TEAM 1. Johanna Moore 2. Lori Carmody 3. Lori Pollock 4. Laura Duenckel 5. Lisa Campanelli 6. Lori Seidensticker 7. Kelly Moran 8. Coach Goldman 9. Lynn Martin 10. Trudy Trump 11. Tracy McKibben 12. Kim Wallace 13. Cathy Thomas 14. Kathy Koch 15. Valerie Walker 16. Marina Reder Spring Cheerleaders SPRING SPIRITS Through the past years at N.H.H S the cheer- leaders have had to sacrifice many extra after HnZ l:°T ' t a ? ' ng and P racticin 9 routines However thanks to sponsor Mrs. Clark the joint enthusiasm of student council, and the cheerleaders themselves, North Hollywood High created a special class opened to all g.rls interested in learning the various routines. The baseball, tennis gymnastics, track and swimming teams were all given inspiration by « 5 Pnn , g y el, - |ea ders which revealed the effort and enthusiasm put into their routines Some of the most favored spring cheer were ' We ve got that beat ' ;, When you ' re up, you ' re up, I said down by the river " , " We ' ve got the spirit yes we do " . . . and the varsity sprinq i?7 DID have that " Huskie sp y iri " a! proved by their energetic performances . ki ckid h u e o ' hJh Ck r 7 S ' " the Swin9 of thi " 9 s " she kicked up her heels at a varsity baseball game. 2. The sprmg yell-leaders were split in routine but not ■n sp.r.t as they cheered on the winning Huskies? 3. Susan Perla just couldn ' t get rid of that husky spirit t 1. Spring Cheerleaders 1. Lori Upton 2. Kim Wallace 3. Sue Liberato 4. Marisa Iadisernia 5. Michelle Rucker 6. Karen Olsen 7. Susan Perla NOT PICTURED: M ' Lissa Erhart 2. " Either we ' re number one, or my name isn ' t... uh...uh... " 3. " Come on you guy ' s open your mouths and le some spirit out " , cried Susan Perla to her cheer- leader cohorts. 4. When You ' re up, you ' up! : there among the volumes and titles tickling my legs under the table, and poking fun at the librarian with the varicose veins. As I sat in the park watching Jill play, I saw you climbing on the jungle-gym and racing down the slide. In the evening at the movies you sat be- side me watching with your soft, drowsy Remember when we tried standing on old Ures in the lake? And when we both fell off the pier with all our clothes on? Today, your letter brought back all those memories. And in the evening, when I dreamed and drifted in my bed, you were right beside me, dreaming too. Susan Derwin The stars come and go so did you- and dried quickly. Melanie Williams an never relive the past; te the future better fel Ik v iF EStfli IJSl Today I m unsure of what : yet I still long to help other Today I doubt, yet I want to be sure; Today I have felt rejection and decepti " oday, God, I need You and ask for myself, and the world around m Melanie Maxwell i, and strong. But . . . n be broken . iiKe our nearts in sorrow and pai can be b Sandy Serranc Editors: Joyce Brever Nancy Geer Susan Ringer Band MARCHING HUSKIES For the first time in ten years, the North Hollywood Marching Band had a change of " face " - specifically, new uniforms. This change was made possible due to both moral and financial support from the community. During the year the Band participated in two competi- tions, one at Cal State Northridge, and the other at the L.A Sports Arena. They also participated in the Veterans Day Parade, marched at Magic Mountain, played at the P„T S A. Flea Market, and various other activities in the community. The Band played all kinds of music, ranging from tra- ditional marches, such as The Stars and Stripes Forever, to rock, like, The Midnight Special, and classics such as Slaughter On Tenth Avenue. 1. Mr. T. Dodson, Band Director SAJb %M Sponsored by: THE CRUGERS 2. BAND 1. Rod Rankin 2. James Jennings 3. Janet Johnson 4. Paula Francis 5. Maud Gillespie 6. Glenna Liskum 7. Julie Kain 8. Natalie Kushner 9. Debbi Cary 10. Nancy Fisk 11. Cheryl Thompson 12. Dionne Hersh 13. Hope Outram 14. Ellen Jones 15. John Lewis 16. Laurie Zarchy 17. Williard May 18. Mona Tepperman 19. Bruce Zalkind 20. Margaret Nelson 21. Greg Trotter 22. Nathan Okawa 23. Jay Siegel 24. Randy Jensen 25. Kathleen Bailey 26. Renee Pompa 27. Tracy Willaims 28. Viki Balzer 29. William Robison 30. Russell Johns 31. Gordon Peck 32. Dan Kerlin 33. James Coburn 34. Bob Galin 35. Cathy Wright 36. Milsa McFarlane 37. Wendy Klugman 38. Randy Stone 39. Steve Moser 40. Fred Lee 41. Jon MacLean 42. John Gastelum 43. Shawn Hanna 44. Robert Curry 45. Jon Kagan 46. Colleen Coleman 47. Peg Von Stein 48. John Atkison 49. Steven Knopoff 50. Ray Pompa 51. Richard Schwartz 52. Jeff Spiegelman 53. Chris Ghezzi 54. Tony Davis 55. Jim Valentine 56. David Curry 57. Melodee Bleecher 58. Marie Streg 59. Hal Ross 60. Jan LaChance 61. David Ackerman 62. Charmaine Brown 63. Mike Nathenson 64. Dan Tisius 65. 66. Norma Arony 67. Susan Ringer 68. Cindy Kawaguchi 69. Tony Gould 70. Daryl Drosendahl 71. Jeff Stibelman 72. Sue Pinegar 73. Jerome Vered 74. Erica Spitz 75. Tim Nolen 76. Wenda Carr 77. Sonny Baskin 78. Stephanie Clensos 79. Randy Nepsund jl Drill Team THE BOLD ONES Remember those girls who wore white uniforms every Friday during football season? No, they weren ' t nurses, but rather the one and only North Hollywood Drill Team. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Betsy Clark, and captains Liz Eastling and Christina Wilcox, the Drill Team practiced every morn- ing, rain or shine, along side the Band, in order to perfect their performance for the Fri- day night games. In addition to performing at the games, they entered into competition at Northridge, where they placed second. They also marched in a Veterans Day Parade, and at Magic Mountain. 1. Drill Team Squad Leaders COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Linda Stell, Cheryl Rucker, Patti Taylor, Susan Strand, Tracey Liston, and Colleen Johnston. 2. The Drill Team in half time action. Sponsored by: MRS. CLARK Ik jg(n 51 jfci. ' ■ m m! HK. ■. ' = S i» iT Pis i ■ ' r$t AAL n!3m W %|w i »C4hI mmM mtifil I Bl ■ I? I J Lr « ' ' r - i - Z i ' kKlS v ' " fil ' ' ' ' SpSGSgSS aja S I. DRILL TEAM 1. Leslie Wilcox 2. Carol Bell 3. Alice Hixson 4. Gwen Galipean 5. Marcia Miller 6. Dana Spenser 7. Tracey Liston 8. Dileen McCarney 9. Debbie Jones 10. Kim Anderson II. Caryn Coleman 12. Jeannette Molina 13. Tracy Pol I i 14. Susan Strand 15. Debi Rice 16. Robin Mankey 17. Julie Rogger 18. Reynado Carino 19. Penny Thompson 20. Marlene Ambar 21. Patti Taylor 22. Becky Aijian 23. Evelyn Jefferies 24. Michele Rucker 25. Terry Knell 26. Anna Polazzo 27. Cicile Reyes 28. Linda Stell 29. Tamyra Voger 30. Sherry Butterfield 31. Karen Stoker 32. Ann Logston 33. Gail Jefferies 34. Kathy Reys 35. Colleen Johnston 36. Carla Berks 37. Vickie Bishop 38. Anna Marchand 39. Leanne Cotham 40. Alexandia Recalde 41. Cheryl Rucker 42. Liz Eastling 43. Betsy Clark 44. Christina Wilcox 2. Drill Team Captains Chris Wilcox and Liz Eastling. Sponsored by: THE EASTLING FAMILY Fall Student Advisory Board LEADING THE WAY Ever wonder what goes on behind the yellow door in room 244? Having peeked through the keyhole, we saw students busily working on T.l.T.Q. ' s, posters, assemblies, and other activities and events put on for the benefit of the student body . In the center of the room, we saw Student Body President Jayni Luke, with gavel in hand, presiding over a serious student council meeting. Mr. Reeves, student council spon- sor, helped the various officers with their jobs. Among the events handled by student council were; homecoming, night-time dances, assemblies with special guest speakers, and lunch-time entertain- ment in the quad . The activities created and carried out by the fall student council gave the student body an exciting fall of 1974. 1. Jayni Luke- Student Body President fe Sponsored by: STUDENT COUNCIL OPPOSITE PAGE: 2. S.A.B. Officers 1. Kirk Seidensticker - Comm. of Athletics 2. Paris Brunner - Senior Class President 3. Debbie Felts- Comm. of Publicity 4. Mr. Reeves - S.A.B. Sponsor 5. Nancy Caras - Girls League President 6. Tracey Liston - Comm. of School Clubs 7. Susan Lynch- Comm. of Elections 8. Tom Vossler - Boys League President 9. Wanelle Fitch - Student Body Secretary 10. Virginia Johnson - Madrina President 11. Steve Waisbern - Head Yell Leader 12. Linda Reisz - Student Body Treasurer 13. Greig McRitchie - Student Body V.P. 14. Chris Chapman - Comm. of Assemblies 15. George Fogelson - C.S.F, President 16. Cathy Beaumont- Comm. of Publications 17. Jayni Luke - Student Body President 18. Gail L am pert - Comm. of Justice 19. Gary Chiang - Esquederos President THIS PAGE: 1. S.A.B. Cabinet- Wanelle Fitch, Greig McRitchie, and Linda Reisz. 2. Coloring the grounds at N.H.H.S. was A.J. Cohen, participating in a T.LT.Q. 3. Greig McRitchie " gets it on " at a musical T.I.T.Q. SAB GETTING IT TOGETHER Student involvement - this was the goal and major issue of the 1975 Spring Student Council. Through the dedicated leadership of Student Body President Joanne Symons, along with the enthusiastic help of Student Council, an eventful year was planned and carried through for all at North Hollywood High. The spring semester began with the presentation of new and exciting T .1 .T .Q. ' s. A Volkswagen stuff-in was one of the major highlights, with the tricycle race, and a hoola-hoop contest following not far behind in popularity. But more was happening in the Spring Student Coucnil than T .1 J .Q. ' s. The council participated in a school-to- school visitation program in which ISI .H .H .S . hosted neighboring student councils. There was also an increase in attendance at North Holly- wood dances. Among the spring dances were a semi-formal Valentine Dance, a country-western barn dance, and a swing 20 ' s dance. Thanks to the 1975 Student Council, a bang-up year occured at N.H.H.S. it 1. Joanne Symons-Student Body President. 2. P.T.S.A. Representatives-Tracey Williams, Mike Baron, and Joanne Symons. 3. Julie VanTrigt-Student Body Vice President, Nancy Caras-Student Body Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Cathy Beaumont-Student Body Secretary. urn wo 1. Student Advisary Board 1. Mr. L. Reeves-S.A.B. Sponsor 2. Steve Shane-Comm. of Publicity 3. Julie VanTrigt-Student Body Vice-President 4. Joanne Symons-Student Body President 5. Sara Goodman- Las Madrinas President 6. Leslie IMagatani-Girls League President 7. Tracey Liston-Comm. of School Clubs 8. Diane Levy-Comm. of Publications 9. Dan Bornstein-Los Esquederos Pres. 10. Nancy Caras-Girls League Pres. 11. Christy Chapman-Comm. of Assemblies 12. Paris Brunner- Senior Class Pres. 13. Jayni Luke-Comm. of Justuce 14. Kirk Seidensticker-Comm. of Athletics 15. Edwardo Oliveira-Foreign Exchange student 2. On February 26th, the 1975 spring studnet council hosted the officers from Verdugo Hills High school in an attempt to exchange the ideas and activities of neighboring schools. 4 Girls League MS. IN ACTION How many girls have a chance to become a judge or a docter by the twelfth grade? This number would be zero if it weren ' t for the girls who participated in Girls ' Day in the community last November. They took over various community functions such as governmental offices, school administrative positions and the private practices of doctors and lawyers. Another community event sponsored by Girls League was the Christmas adoption program in which the entire school participated, and presented gifts to parentless children. Thanks to the co-operation of Girls League Representatives, and their homeroom classes, N.H.H.S. adopted 100 children. Other school events included bake sales in the quad, and fashion shows for the girls. 1. Girls League Officers; Nancy Caras, Diane Levy, M ' lissa Earhart, and Elizabeth Gray. 2. Lisa King and Carl Robinson model in the Fall fashion show. it 3. Girls League 1. Desa Powell 2. Gizella Matyas 3. Lori Provenzano 4. Renee Pompa 5. Lori Upton 6. Janice LaChance 7. Carrie Swasey 8. Joanne Symons 9. Elizabeth Lozano 10. Leslie Nagatani 11. M ' Lissa Earhart 12. Lori Seidensticke 13. Susan Lynch 14. Debbie Kagasoff 15. Pam Hershfield 16. Cathy Beaumont 17. Clarice Vinje 18. Vicki Walls 19. Kathy McLennon 20. Caryn Coleman 21. Inge Johnson 22. Marina Reder 23. Gladys Coca 24. Janice Hansen 25. Christy Phillips 26. Elli Andonegui Sponsored by: RALPH HELM 1. Spring Girl ' s League Officers 1. Lorri Seidensticker Vice-President Leslie IMagatani President Lori Eddy Secretary 2. Leslie Nagantani discused the activities Girl ' s League had planned with a Verdugo Hills student council mem- ber. 3. Good food and many ideas were shared when Verdugo Hills visited. , There was a large turn out for the Varsity-Alumni Baseball Game. Pep Club HUSKIE CHEERIOS It is always nice to see a smiling face, and North Hollywood High ' s Pep Club did their very best to try to enthuse the student body. Though small in number, the Pep Club repre- sented our school vocally and backed our teams even when the outlook was dim. Ever present at the pep rallies, the Pep Club led students and faculty alike in new cheers. By encouraging greater attendance at all of the games, Pep Club also provided a service to the athletes, for without spirited, noisy fans, their job is much more difficult to pull off. »?JN Pep Club , Susan Ringer Nancy Geer Roberta Elman Ginger Johnson Sara Goodman Susan Fox Jack Reynolds Joyce Breuer Sari Grant Cheryl Ream Joanne Symons Lori Upton Jack Appleton Andy Weinstein Cindy Nishihara Kris Penny Suzanne Campielone Letty Alatorre Jeannette Frenth Gail Jefferies Val Elke Marlene Ambar Joy Bradford Nancy Lopez Janie Anderson Pat Edwards Rose Pifalo Leticia Sada Lori Provenz Pam Edwards Carla Berks Cynthia Parker Steve Waisbren Debbie Camasso Vanda Vieux Darren Kemp Mike Gelb M |U -— J fV__i__J Mp Skiing " powder " in Utah is ecstasy. 2. Ski Club: 20. Wendi Golder 1 Howard Weisenfield 21. Sue Riley 2 Lisa Getz 22. Cathy Thomas 3 Mr. Keith Rogers, Spons 3r 23. Linda Hoppe 4 Kathy Marks 24. Lorri Seidensticke 5 Joy Hilker 25. Janine Udall 6 Carrie Swasey 26. Jeff Siegel 7 Sandy Levine 27. Andy Weinstein 8 Bill Rheinschild 28. Brad Wienfeld 9 Kristin McClintock 29. Marguerite Kelsey 10. Al Bringas 30. Steve Moser 11. Debbie Warsaw 31. Susan Feldman 12. Kathleen Bailey 32. Steve Shawn 13. Carrie Wieseneck 33. Loretta Eddy 14 Suzan Steinberg 34. John Coliman 15. Launa Putney 35. Barry Garapedian 16. Sue Stewart 36. Jim Mintie 17 Kim Colwell 37. Kim Wallace 18. Dorothy Ajar 38. Orson Rheinfurth 10. Diana Jackson 39. Mike Salkow A 10 Service Clubs THEY MOVE THEIR TAILS FOR YOU There are four service clubs at North Holly- wood High. They consist of Las Doncellas, the girl ' s lower division club, Los Campeones, the boy ' s lower division group, Las Madrinas, the girl ' s upper division club, and last, but not least, Los Escuderos, the boy ' s upper division group. Though they usually go unnoticed, the service clubs could be found offering their assistance at almost every school activity. They began by working at registration in September, helping any bewildered students through the process. They were also the ones who were out there on football nights, dilligently selling programs to the fans, and Husky Pops to the hungry. The members were always of general assistance to the faculty, sorting report cards, and other chores, to save the faculty time. After you stop to think what it would ' ve been like without all of these services, you ' ll give a big Rah! for those people who really moved their tails for you! 1. LAS MADRINAS 1. Marisa Laskey 2. Terri Lang 3. Melanie Williams 4. Joanne Symons 5. Johanna Moore 6. Diane Levy 7. Sari Grant 8. Joan Florsheim 9. Sara Goodman 10. Linda Reisz 11. Marjorie Wolfe 12. Gail Lam pert 13. Robin Engle 14. Susan Lynch 15. Virginia Johnson 16. Karen Landow 17. Joyce Brever 18. Elizabeth Ajar Sponsored by: LAS MADRINAS 1. LOS ESCUDEROS AND LOS CAMPEONES 1. Bela Matyas 2. Gus Piangarelli 3. Paul Carnes 4. Dan Bornstein 5. Robert Galin 6. Martin Nolan 7. Greg Attl 8. Gary Chiang 2. LAS DOIMCELLAS 16. Cathy Bloome 1. Cynthia Barker 17. Gizella Matyas 2. Linda Salto 18. Darlys Edwards 3. Suzanne de Guzman 19. Lori Upton 4. Charlene Old 20. Kathleen Bailey 5. Ellse Mortimer 21. Lori Provenzano 6. Kathy Marks 22. Giori Robbins 7. Cindy Nishihara 23. Suzanne Campellone 8. Letty Alatorre 24. Angela Howard 9. Patricia Edwards 25. Karen Stoker 10. Inga Johnson 26. Karen Miller 11. Patti Helm 27. Theresa Weston 12. Sue Stewart 28. Alex Glickman 13. Leanne Cotham 29. Janice Hansen 14. Jenny Estrada 30. Sheila Kalman 15. Valarie Walker 31. Erica Spitz ££ Sponsored by: MISS WOLFE PTSA GIVES YOU A LIFT North Hollywood High School is fortunate to have one of the most outstanding P .T .S .A . ' s in the school district. Programs developed by our P .T .S .A . have received state and national attention . P .T .S .A . has promoted greater communication between the home and school through their newsette and a comprehensive telephone chain. They have established a model community liaison plan now in use throughout the valley schools. Through fund raising, such as the very successful Flea Market in November, needy students ' aid, curriculum suggestions, and volunteer recruit- ment, P ,T .S .A . has had a positive effect on the education of students at North Hollywood High School . I hip " " r A o X 3AR 1. Our hard-working P.T.S.A. President, Mrs. Virginia Johnson. 2. Chowtime-come an ' get it, at the P.T.S.A. Flea Market. ' ¥ S Rr 1 v j Kij jfe jtF- «S T 5 jB i ws r liJf V Ji iE3E ra Sf 1 — r — ■ " B p B nbi i 1. The Band played for " flea " at the P.T.S.A. " Free Market " . 2. Many people took advantage of the bargains at the plant booth. 3. For the book-worms, a wide selection of ma- terial was available. 4. Our principal, Mrs. Eva Kirby, enjoyed the Flea Market with Mrs. Temme Karpf. 5. The food was too good a temptation to resist. Music Department THE MUSIC IS YOU The N .H .H.S . Music department finished yet another year on a high note. " Our Music speaks for us, " said Mr. Tom Dodson, department chair- man. This year, the department was involved in the Christmas Holiday Program, the Spring Concert in May, and March ' s " Music in Our School. " Besides school shows, the Madrigals were busy with a multitude of public concerts. As of summer, the group will no longer be known as the North Hollywood High Madrigals, but as " Musical America. " This new name will follow them on their European study concert tour, including such places as Rome, Paris, and London. Choir and Glee Club busied themselves by singing at such places as Barnsdale Park and the Gallery Theatre Glee participated in the S X.V.A. Choral Festival, as well as a performance at the East Valley School for the Handicapped. Not only did the Orchestra accompany the choral groups, but it was in center stage at the Band and Orchestra festival at Walter Reed Junior High ng with enthusiasm at the Christmas Choir: 1. Miss Korney 2. Kathy Marks 3. Patti Passarelli 4. Barbara IMeft 5. Lauren Hoffman 6. Melinda Wallingford 7. Mary Kaid 8. Cary Attl 9. Steven Carroll 10. Gregory Wilson 11. Allen Wyly 12. Lori Upton 13. Jill Zeller 14. Angela Howard 15. Janice Hansen 16. Shea la Puis 17. Sheila Mullen 18. Dave Teppit 19. Rick Young 20. Tom Valiquette 1. Showing superb musicianship, the Madrigals ' sang at Sorrentinos during Christmas time. 2. " Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire. " 3. The active Madrigals sang their way through another year. Madrigals: 1. Karen Miller 2. Ellen Reener 3. Dianne Pitts 4. Mark Singer 5. David Howard 6. Steve Carroll 7. Frank Kottenback 8. Matt Wolman 9. John Tucker 10. Karen Stoker 11. Dede Dozier 12. Sue Lummis 13. Sharon Deegan 14. Lizanne Shader 15. Greig McRitchie 16. Frank Albinder 17. Mike Eisenstat 18. Rada Djurkovic 19. Sherri Tolmack 20. Donna Petrini 21. Patti Helm Girls Glee: 1. Denise Saraya 2. Liz Eastling 3. Marta Sylvis 4. Bernie Foumier 5. Ralee Walker 6. Cynthia Sistek 7. Lisa Lafbom 8. Lorraine Provenzanc 9. Sue Merkle 10. Kim Bemherdt 11. Shelia Laulman 12. Vicki Barkermeyer 13. Judy Miles 14. Renee Freeman 15. Miss Korney 1. Ya gotta 1 ring them bells Renee! 2. Liz Eastling and Marta Sylivis skated their may through the winter wonderland. 3. Its ' " snow " joke. 1. Orchestra, come blow your horn 1 % ; , ' ' .|: n m i 1 i Ips -1 n Til " rP 7 Ore 1. hestra: Jerome Vered 13. James Coburn 2. Milsa Mc Farlane 14. Arthur Fuss 3. Randy Chow 15. Norma Arony 4. Hal Ross 16. Roy Bodtcher 5. Ron Bodtcher 17. Damian Benson 6. Tom Simpson 18. Charmaine Brown 7. Stephanie Clensos 19. Wenda Carr 8. Ron Seitz 20. Elgina Woods V. Carol K issinger 21. John Atkison 10. Bruce Zalkind 22. Randy Stone 11. Sue Pinegar 23. Mr. Dodson 12. Scott Bilow ft Speech Club, Drama, Stage Crew SHOW BIZ N.H.H.S . couldn ' t have been prouder of its Speech Club, drama groups, and Stage Crew this past year. In the Bur- bank Tournament entered by Speech Club N.H.H.S . walked off with first, second, and third places in the dual humorous competition. Drama had one of their busiest years under the direction of Mr. Hansen. Among the competitions they entered were the One Act Play Tournaments at Valley Junior College, the Shakespeare Festival, and the L.A. City School Tournament. The Thurber Carnival and the Harlequin Tournament were held here at N.H., and both were successes. Stage Crew was busy this year with the sets they created for Thurber Carnival. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Von helf. they also held a Stage Crew Dance. 2. Speech and Debate 1. Frank Tessier 2. Benjamin Goldfarb 3. Erica Spitz 4. Mike Priddy 5. Yael Gurse 6. Robert Maffit 7. Jon Kagin 8. Peggy Tag-Von-Stein 9. Alex Glickman 10. Jeb Robinson 11. Patti Helm 12. Melinda Marks 13. Leonard Koss 14. Steve Shane 15. Ray Schillaci 16. Kris Helm 17. Joanne Symons .. Stage Crew 1. Robert Barry 2. Walter Peck 3. Greg Callahan 4. Richard Holbrook 5. Mary Kaid 6. Mr. Fred Von Helf 7. Steve Thun 8. Don Bullard 9. Jackie Koch 10. Steve Hirtzel 11. Allan IMamay 12. Greg Melton 13. Paul Meanley 14. Ken Keener 15. Don Jones 16. Tim Armstrong 17. Mike Shields 18. Dave Whiteford 19. Mike Mazzetti 20. Gary Banks 21. Gary Paul Sponsored by: SPEECH CLUB !. Harlequins 1. Rich Smith 2. Kris Penny 3. Patti Helm 4. Lizanne Schader 5. Mark Singer 6. Jodi Morton 7. Bernie Former 8. Julie rteid 9. Debbie Weiler 10. Mike Priddy 11. Jeb Robinson 12. Sue Perla 13. Susan Fox 14. Kathleen Bailey 15. Kim Sandefur 16. Matt Gust 17. Gabriella Mainzer 18. Lori Upton 19. Susan Friend 20. RaLee Waller 21. Karen Stoaker 22. Joanne Symons 23. Lynn Metchek 24. Janet Johnson 25. Karen Miller 26. Tim Robertson 27. Neil Wennerholm 28. Jeff Appel 29. Yael Gurse 30. Kathy Darnell 31. Ray Schillaci 32. Leonard Koss 33. Steve Shane 34. Andy Weinstein 35. Greg Wilson 36. Jeff Moberg 1. Thespians 1. Ray Schillaci 2. Melanie Williams 3. Leonard Koss 4. Lori Upton 5. Kathy Darnell 6. Mike Priddy 7. Andy Weinstein 8. Jeff Moberg 9. Greg Wilson 10. Jeff Appel 11. Bernadette Fournier 12. Julia Reid 13. Debbie Weiler 14. Gabriella Mainzer 15. Camille Hagen 16. Joanne Symons 17. Tim Robertson 18. Jeb Robinson 19. Steve Shane Sponsored by: HARLEQUIN CLUB 1. Radio Amateurs Jeff Kelly, Mr. Ashley, Dave Curry, Chess, Radio, Math PICK A NUMBER Three new clubs joined the line-up of stu- dent interest groups this year at N.H.H.S. Math club, headed by Miss Watson, began its season by tutoring fellow math students for the S.A.T. Mr. Westaway sponsored the Chess club, which met during lunch period for a " battle of the brains " . Another new member to the school clubs was the Ham Radio Amateurs club, sponsored by Mr. Ashley. These new ciubs helped the students at N.H.H.S. meet other people with similar interests. Hopefully, the formation of these clubs will prompt more students to get in- volved in student activities. Perhaps we will see more new student interest clubs in the future . . 2. MATH CLUB 1. Julie Dennis 2. Tina Craig 3. Leonard Koss 4. John Bogy 5. Craig Korn 6. Kevin Brewer 7. Alex Georgiev 8. Kerry Atkins 9. Miss Watson 10. Susan Yan 11. Wai-Hing Lui 12. Ho Leung Lui 13. Cindy Nishihara 14. Mei-Tsu Chiang 15. Ping Tang Pan 16. Margaret Chiang 17. Stan Hoffman CHESS CLUB 1. Mohammad Sadjady 2. George Steinberg 3. David Zweig 4. Richard Portnoy 5. Dan Bomstein 6. Eri c Thomas 7. Mr. Westaway .« C.S.F. THE BRAINY BUNCH C.S.F. began this year with it ' s traditional Induction Dinner, at the Tail of the Cock. Under the sponsorship of Miss Merle Gould, the California Scholarship Federation membership at North Hollywood High has steadily grown. This is quite an accomplishment, con- sidering the rigid requirements: you must have at least 3 A ' s and a B, excluding P .E . and no U ' s . Then, once you are admitted, you must earn five service points to receive for your membership. This requirement could be fulfilled by tutoring other students, writing questions for Quiz League, or assisting teachers by grading papers. C.S.F. also provided recreational activities for it ' s members. Each semester there is a picnic at North Hollywood Park, filled with food, fun and games. In October many students were guests of U .C .L .A . for a tour of the campus, and in the afternoon attended a Bruin football game . In January there was a C.S.F. Night at Disneyland. As a group, they also took in cultural activities at the Music Center. 1. Fall C.S.F. 36 Stacey Wulkan 1 Roberta Elman 37 Janet Johnson 2 Erica Sagan 38 Tracey Liston 3 George Fogelson 39 Virginia Johnson 4 Eileen Gurevitz 40 John Gastelum 5. Steve Shane 41 John Atkison 6. Miss Gould 42 Neil Wennerholm 7. Joanne Symons 43 Ruth Storey 8. Kim Greenseth 44 Melanie Williams 9. Sharlene Oki 45 Howard Weisenfeld 10. Jo Ann Lum 46 Stacy Prince 11. Nancy Fong 47 Kerry Atkins 12 Leonard Koss 48. Jeff Clark 13 Tod Taback 49. Mike Gelb 14. Linda Reisz 50. Raymond Haboush 15. Karen Landow 51. Alex Georgieve 16 Cherry Thomas 52. Kevin Brewer 17. Randy Chow 53. Lance Meifert 18. David Gonda 54. Tim Wilson 19. Gary Chiang 55. Jeb Robinson 20. Sari Grant 56. Russel Johns 21. Ellen Rogger 57. Jerome Vered 22. Wendy Peterson 58. Andy Weinstein 23. Gizella Matyas 59. Dan Rnrnstein 24. Melinda Leest 60. Terrv Volk 25. Karen Olsen b±. jonn low 26. Alison Sherman 62. John Bogy 27. Julie Dennis 63. Camille Hagen 28. Denise Zweben 64. Kim eernndrdt 29. Nancy Caras 65. Gary i-alde 30. Pamela Miller 66. Randy Nepsund 31. Theresa Weston 67. Brian Utterback 32. David Leahy 68, Kris Helm 33. Tracy Hoblit 69. Frank Albinder 34. Anne Geldin 70. Eric Selter 35. Gail Lampert Names - Opposite Page I. Spring C.S.F. 1. Jerome Vered 2. Frank Albinder 3. Erica Sagan 4. Nancy Fong 5. Bela Matyas 6. Melinda Leest 7. David Gonda 9. Anne Geldin 9. Diane Wagner 10. Miss Merle Gould II. Joanne Symons 12. Linda Reisz 13. Kathy Bloome 14. Sari Grant 15. Steve Shane 16. Alison Sherman 17. Johanna Moore 18. Karen Stoaker 19. Patti He I 2. Quiz League David Gonda Leonard Koss John Atkinson Gary Chiang Jerome Vered John Bogy 7. Miss Merle Gould . Lance Meifert 9. Frank Albinder 10. Kris Helm 20. Robin Mankey 21. Roberta Elman 22. Tracy Hoblit 23. Eileen Gurevitz 24. Melanie William 25. Terri Lang 26. Tom Davila 27. Alex Glickman 28. Karen Miller 29. Dan Bornstein 30. George Fogelson 31. Lance Meifert 32. Kim Bernhardt 33. Camille Hagen 34. John Low 35. Russel Johns 36. Andy Weinstein 37. Jeff Speigelman 38. Mike Gelb I before e except after c, or is it e before i except after y ' Pegasus and Source ROLL THE PRESS The NEW SOURCE was truly new in every sense of the word. The sponsor, Mrs. McCambridge plunged intoher responsibilities with creative ambitions that spurred the Source Staff onto making many improvements in the paper. The format of the NEW SOURCE was enlarged to include articles such as movie and record reviews, cross- word puzzles, last wills and testaments, the Husky-Happening index and bigger-better interviews. These all contributed to create a positive approach and good reprinting. Mrs McCambridge also undertook the respon- sibility of the PEGASUS sponsorship. The PEGASUS, like an oasis in the desert added a little creativity to the graffitti of our school. It gave the creative writing class the chance to publish works that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. With " Student Participation " as their guide words the NEW SOURCE and the PEGASUS climbed tonewheights of success. Pegasus: 1. Ray Hirsch 2. Diane Miller 3. Ray Schillaci 4. Greg Wilson 5. Thelma Davis 6. Jeff Moberg 7. Mrs. McCambridge 8. Linda Leek 9. Lee Davis 10. Steve Wilson ICl Fall Source: 1. Bill Wyse 2. Diane Wagner 3. Todd Davis 4. Ross Schniderman 5. Mark Buccola 6. Steve Calhoun 7. Angela Bochster 8. Cathy Bausley 9. Ted Quinn 10. Ellen Phelps 11. Letty Alatoree 12. Cheryl Jones 13. Mrs. McCambridge 14. Robert Paris 15. Richard Schwartz 16. Robert Galin 17. Sharon Halsey 18. Lisa Howard 19. Dave Hyman 20. Loretta Young 21. Vicki Van Laanen 22. A.J. Cohen 23. Rick Vickers 24. Rick Campanille 25. Daniel Singer 2. Spring Source: 1. Mary Kaid 2. Mrs. McCambridge 3. Kelly Upson 4. A.J. Cohen 5. Mark Buccula 6. Alex Glickman 7. Diane Wagner 8. Rita Wendell 9. Melodee Bleecher 10. Ross Schniderman 1 Yearbook BUMBLE " BE " According to the School Board ' s Directory of Curric- ulum, few academic classes exist that require no homework, no tests, and no term papers. Technically, the Yearbook class would fall into this category, but, behind the scenes, reality paints a totally different picture. The thought of homework till 2A.M. would weaken the strongest of men and 240 page term paper? Unmentionable! One can ' t say that this would be a complete picture of yearbook. Of course, late night deadlines, miles of layout sheets, and innumerable pictures are all a part of the painstaking process of compiling a chronology of the year, but other active ingredients are needed. Creativity in large amounts must be found in each and every staff member. An expert ability to blend with many types of people and put up with them to boot, is a must. An immunity to migraine headaches is helpful, but not a prerequisite. Most af all, a staff member has to be able to combine taking life as it comes along with palnning ahead for taking it. Some- thing one can definately say about yearbook is that it is never dull. Something is always going on whether the staff is working on busily cranking out pages or running out of gas on Interstate 5 halfway between Nowhere and Tulleville. There are many aspects of Yearbook. The most obvious is the book itself which, through Mrs. Duncan ' s guidance, is a far cry from what it was seven years ago when she was blessed with its spon- sorship. Another is the production of an annual slide show-an effort to foster interest in the book and raise much-needed funds. Last but not least, to maintain its self-sufficiency, the EL CAMINO staff includes in its yearly activities a rigorous advertising cam- paign among the communitie ' s merchants. All in all the most accurate picture of yearbook would be of 16 dissimilar people being all they can be, doing all they can do to band together to create some- thing beautiful . lit, I. Yearbook staff 1. Greg Balzer 2. Marisa Iadisernia 3. Joyce Breuer 4. Nancy Geer 5. Maryanne Bordlemay 6. Keith Willard 7. Nancy Fisk 8. Matt Bailey 9. Jeff Coleman 10. Karen Baxter II. Karen Moore 12. Melanie Williams 13. Sari Grant 14. Susan Ringer 15. Mrs. Connie Duncan ® 2. Karen Baxter-Co-editor, Connie Duncan- Advisor, Matt Bailey-Co-editor 3. Intern staff 1. Cindy Kawaguchi 2. Michele Gray 3. Barry Johnson 4. Carlo Manzel 5. Lewis Werner 6. Lynn Metchek 7. Cheryl Rucker ; Foreign Language Clubs FOUR ' N TONGUES For the many students who can only dream of traveling to another continent, North Hollywood High provides two alternatives: the French Club and the German Club. One of the French Club ' s activities this year was a formal 1 - sit-down Christmas dinner for 35 guests. This was followed by a dinner and French film in January, and in February all of the members dressed up in costume to attend the Renaissance Faire. The German Club initiated a booth at the Flea Market, where they sold hot pretzels and root beer. In February they had a joint party with A .F .S . 2. French Club 1. Susan Coleman 2. Lisa Lofbom 3. Lizanne Schader 4. Susan Perla 5. Mona Tepperman 6. Alex Glickman 7. Eve Guth 8. Carl Anderson 9. Steve Shane 10. Rada Djurkovic 11. Lauren Hoffman 12. Janice Hansen 13. Angela Howard 14. Gary Falde 15. Patti Helm 16. Hope Outram 17. Kathy Barrett 18. Ingela Harde 19. Mrs. Susan Pearl man 20. Elaine Dinces 21. Chris Siegel 22. Jeb Robinson 23. Elizabeth Ajar 24. Elizabeth Andonegui 25. Mike Shields 26. Richard Ross 27. Jay Siegel 28. Jon Kagin 29. Robert Maffitt 30. Barbara Weft 31. Jill Zeller 32. Tracy Williams 33. Susan Derwin 34. Theresa Weston 35. Russel Johns, Pres. 36. Nick Cassavetes 37. Mark Singer 38. Dan Kerlin 39. Mike Ballard 40. Kim Bernhardt 41. Jerome Vered 42. Pamela Miller 43. Melanie Maxwell 44. Peggy Tag-von-stein 45. Lisa Greer 46. Kim Sandefur 47. Judy Miles 48. Ellen Reiner 49. Karen Stoaker 50. Karen Miller German Club 15. Cathy Dull 1. Hope Outram 16. Lisa Rawlinson 2. Gordon Musgrove 17. Kellee Katzman 3. Bela Matyas 18. Lora Roberts 4. Glori Robbins 19. Sherry Behrle 5. Geri DeWitz 20. Maud Gillespie 6. Melinda Leest 21. Tom Eastling 7. Gizella Matyas 22. Sandy Josephson 8. Jaime Weaver 23. Steve Dux 9. Paul Carnes 24. Betsy Ajar 10. Jeff Laing 25. Nancy Geer 11. Lisa King 26. Margaret Nelson 12. Kim Anderson 27. Paul Jaeger 13. Randy Jenson 28. Richard Bennett 14. Nathan Okawa 29. Mr. J. Corcoran A.F.S. EASY TO LOVE The American Field Service was one school club that has really worked at bringing the nations of the world closer together. Sponsored by Mr. Moelter, the North Hollywood High branch of A.F.S. was founded in 1954, making it one of the original chapters . The purpose of A.F.S. is to enable students to visit foreign countries, seeing them in a way other than through the window of a tour bus . In this way they learn the customs of the people by actually living and going to school with them . A.F .S . sends American students abroad for either the school year or the summer. Foreign students are brought over for the year. Every spring they sponsor an International Dinner to raise money to pay for the student ' s travel expenses. 1. Nancy Fisk was N.H.H.S. ' s candidate for selection to go abroad this summer with A.F.S. yM 2. A.F.S. 1. Lisa Provezano 2. Charlene Oki 3. Mona Tepperman 4. Nathan Okawa 5. Cathy Bloome 6. Darlys Edwards 7. Elise Mortimer 8. Ginger Johnson 9. Lynn Mete nek 10. Mr. John Moelter 11. Gizella Matyas 12. Cindy Sistek Homecoming A TRIUMPHANT RETURN Traditionally, Homecoming is the welcoming back of the football team after their season of victories On this night the team is honored, and in their honor, the queen is crowned. This year the annual crowning of the queen occurred during half-time. The band and drill team marched onto the field as the princesses circled the arena in antique cars. Finally, the Student Body President announced the results, and Julie Van Trigt emerged as Homecoming queen. Marcia Miller followed as first princess of the royal court. The crowd watched with enthusiasm as the North Hollywood football team over-ruled the Poly team After the game, students attended the annual home- coming dance. The rock music was enjoyed by a crowd of over 400 students. For all, It was an ex- citing night at N.H.H.S. 1. Queen Julie VanTrigt: " ... After I realized what really hao- s r,r s e u %s» d ' happy ' and honored to t but coming d V ancI. n ' 9t " " by ° UnCan McWeil to th Home- JiKS ' TnSW 9- " " MI WaS reaMy SUrpdSed because didn,t wUh ' am ' Te ush ' fr Mi " er: " 1 haVe a Chance - »« witn a little push from my parents and close friends I did mi ' k ill I ' F ' «5fi «»! £ «3V IK i „ H -v I. Homecoming Court 1. Lisa Getz 2. Cindy Lilly 3. Tracey Liston 4. Marcia Miller 5. Cindy Rochow, 1974 Hon 6. Leslie Nagatani 7. Elena Ohanian 8. Julie VanTrigt 9. Tim Callahan lp. Jonathen Sydes II. Paul Gurrola 12. Tom Hall 13. Richard Smythe 14. Paris Brunner 15. Duncan McNeil 2. Princess Cindy Lilly: " I wanted to see if I really had a chance ... I couldn ' t believe it. " Princess Tracey Liston: " I was shocked and surprised, I think anyone would be. I also felt a little bad. Everyone looked so good, I wish they all could have been a part of the experience. " 3. Princess Elena Ohanian: " I was in a state of total excitement and shock. 1 kept expecting them to tell me it was ail a mistake. " Princess Lisa Getz: " I decided to run because I thought it would be a fun experience. I was totally shocked by their choice. " lecoming Queen 41 Drama THURBER CARNIVAL Thurber Carnival was this year ' s Fall play production by the N .H .H .S . Drama De- partment . It was produced November 22, 23 to audiences consisting of parents, students and Senior Citizens. Thurber Carnival was a collection of short stories, fables, and a poke at human behavior. It opened with " Word Dance " in which the actors came down the auditorium aisles, on their way to a cocktail party which was sprinkled with nonsensical and biting re- marks. Typical of these was: " My dear, you look so tacky! " Other selections of Thurber ' s work included " The Secret Life of Walter Mitty " , " If Grant Were Drunk at Appomatox " , and " The Unicorn in the Garden. " J 1. Mike Priddy gives it a go in Walter Middy. 2. " Remember, to be a best se faith, hope, love and sex. " The Secret Life of a book must have 99 k ' - » jj n| fnTm H 1. Jeb Robinson, as a country boy, in- troduced " If Grant Were Drunk at Ap- pamattox " . 2. " . . . and so my wife said to me . . explained Tim Robinson to Julia Reed while performing in the " Word Game. " 3. Jeff Appel gave Debbie Weiler in- structions in " File and Forget. " 4H 1. Wendy Peterson snuck up on Ruth Stori Modern Dance; Science-Fiction STRANGE MOVEMENTS Dance, like all the other arts, takes imagination and creativity. " Everyone has creativity in them, but when people finally find their talents it be- comes more worth while, " said Mrs. Goldman, the Modern Dance instructor. In spring, the dance class presented a production entitled, " Studio Show. " The dancers ' noods and movements cap- tivated the audiences, and by working as a group rather than individually, the show was made more entertaining. The newly formed Science-Fiction Club also utilized imagination and creativity, even though Science-Fiction is not an era. The club was for people interested in science as well as Science- Fiction stories. In the spring the club went to UCLA under the supervision of Mr. Roth, the sponsor. The trip focused mainly on the microscope which enabled them to attempt to build a laser. Girls Dance: 1. Dee Dee Snell 2. Wendy Peterson 3. Ruth Storey 4. Jerri Gelin 5. Donna Collier 6. Sandy Levine 7. Jill Zeller 8. Natyr Syvin 9. Patti Passarella 10. Sherry Shapiro 11. Pamela Miller 12. Lynn Metchek 13. Susan Perla 14. Jeanine Pierce 15. Barbara Neft 16. Sue Priver 17. Betsy Rothstein 18. Karrie Huffine 19. Margie Nelson 20. Susan Fallender 21. Cheryl Geary 22. Leslie Lewis 23. Shelley Lord 24. Miss Goldman 1. " Young Frankenstein " was the center of con- versation at the Science-Fiction Club meeting. Science-Fiction Club: 1. Steve Collins 2. Greg Schnitzer 3. Janet Freudenbury 4. Debra Washington 5. Ping Tang 6. Wai Hig Lui 7. Susan Yan 8. Susan Fox 9. David Leahy 10. Mr. Roth 11. Clyde Pitts 12. Neil Forn 13. Jay Van Pelt 14. Brian Utterbafk 15. Bill Turner 16. Andy Weinstein 17. Mike Gelb. l F.F.A. GREEN ACRES If you ever visited the agriculture department at N.H.H .S . you probably saw the fantastic array of animals and plants. With the help of the stu- dent members of F.F.A. and club sponsor Mr. Scott Wilson, this idyllic school area stayed well cultivated, and the animals well cared for. Both the club members and Mr. Wilson worked hours after school to keep the school garden in first place shape. Among the activities of the Future Farmers of America were competitions with other schools, various livestock projects, and a leadership convention held for the elected officers of the club. F.F.A. gave a strong performance in each activity in which they participated. I !R " ! ! i 1. Nothing comes easy agriculture department. 2. " Imagine, even us cows are stuck 3. " I know that buried treasure is around here somewhere Mr. Wilson as he and his F.F.A. students work in the gard it. ife, especially for the goat school twenty-four hours a wum Sponsored by: THE LANDLORD (S. WILSON) 1. F.F.A. 1. Suzie Reynolds 2. Elizabeth Donahue 3. Teri Borth 4. Bob Garcia 5. David Laskey 6. Ken Trissler 7. Harry Peavy 8. Barbara Bowman 9. Ed Cardwell 10. Phil Shepard 11. Richard Van Beveren 12. Mr. Scott Wilson W m0:? : tjs r y- -J- • ' -« - A i 2. Grazing in the grass is a gas, especially for this F.F.A. goat. 3. " All of us cows do our best for F-F.A.! " 4. " Coochie-Coochie-Coo! " exclaimed Bob Garcia to his new friend. Dedicated to: MRS. DUNCAN AND MR. WILSON j11 September 11 24 October 1 11 11 16 19 23 24 25 30 30 31 31 First Day of School Tenth grade orientation assembly Senior Class Elections Pep Rally in the Quad N.H.H.S. vs Grant Football game and dance Progress Reports Paint the Senior Building Day T.I.T.Q. Chalk-In-In-The-Quad Girl ' s League Fashion Show Halloween Dance Oceanographic Cruise Field Trip Band Nite at Shakey ' s Girl ' s League Cookie Sale New Source Assembly November 5 13 Duroc Piglets were born in l l .H. ' s Ag Dept. 6 T J.T.Q.-Introaucnon of Homec oming Candidates 6-7 El Camino Slide Shows 8 Homecoming 11 Veteran ' s Day 13 T.I.T.Q. -Traveling Discothequ Show 15 Senior Picnic 17 P.F.S.A. Flea Market 18-22 Girl ' s Week 19 Girl ' s Day In the Community 21-27 Canned Food Drive 22-23 23 Thurber Carnival Football Play-offs vs Gardena 26 Report Cards 28-29 Thanksgiving holiday December 2-20 Holiday Happiness Drive 4 Bee Football Dinner 5 Varsity Football Dinner 5 Field Trip to the Getty M 6 Stage Crew Winter Dance 13 50 ' s Sock Hop 18 Holiday Concert 18 T.I.T.Q. -Jazz- Rock Concert 23 First Day of Christmas Vacation!! 24 Madrigals performed at the Dorothy Chandl Pavillion %m MM January 9 9 11 14 16 22 31 February 1 5 12 17 19 24 26 March 7-9 12 13-15 13 22-30 Iff April 12 Nomination Assembly C.S.F. Induction Picnic Band Drill Team Party at Magic Mountain Senori State Testing L.A. City Schools Band Drill Team Compet tion Band Banqute at the Smoke House Career Expo ' 75 Speech Tournament at Harvard T.I.T.Q.-V.W. Bug Stuff Thespian Convention at Newport Beach Lincoln ' s Birthday Washington ' s Birthday T.I.T.Q.-Big Wheel Race C.S.F. Induction T.I.T.Q.-Hula Hoop Contest French Club ' s Clear Creek Camp T.I.T.Q.-Root Beer Chug-a-lug District Speech Tournament Music In Our School ' s Day Easter Vacation!! Senior Prom at the Ambassador Hotel Senior Panorama Picture Report Cards May 16 26 Spring Concert Memorial Day June 3 11 12 Senior Awards Program Senior Breakfast Graduation at 5:00 12 G 13 T he Last Day of School!!! :-.fe-- T.I.T.Q. ' s NOON MERRIMENT Livening up lunch, we found the Things In The Quad, better known as T .1 .T .Q. ' s. These activities provided an interesting diversion from the hum-drum munching of a peanut butter sandwich. To join the already huge array of honors one can strive for at N . H . H . S . , 1 975 saw the addition of the P. 0.0. P. award. P. 0.0. P. standing for People Obviously Over Par. The victors of the various tests of poise, coordin- ation and skill were credited Brownie points, or, should they be called POOP points, for each event . At the end of the year, the P00P- ier people were showered with ribbons and the POOPiest person was bestowed with a trophy. Among the myriad of candidates up for the award were Dawn Griffin ' s 20 girls team who managed to squeeze into a V.W. Bug. While he may not have been faster than a speeding bullet, Mike Marquez proved himself faster than the other " Big Wheelers " in a race across the Quad. One Wednesday, the Quad was swamped with " hippies " , that is people who demonstrated their finesse at hula hooping. Despite all of their efforts, Darlys Edward hooped circles around hte rest of the group. One lunch, a flood of root beer hit the Quad and Ben French proved that he was more absorbent than GALA paper towels. 1. John Sydes tried his hand at the hoop. 2. Mike Gelb said, " Why me? " fe 1. Kendall Zoller led the pack as the Quad looked on. 2. As you could see, Dr. Hon just couldn ' t swing it. 3. Bob Chamberlain and Fritz Lewak captivated their audience with their musical talents. «M . Editors: Joanne Symons Jeff Coleman 1. Dr. Chapman gives Tony Moran the " once over " after his injury during the Fairfax game. 2. The pie-eating contest is a ' smashing ' success. 3. Evelyn Jefferies gets into the swing of things at the Senior Picnic. lit Sponsored by: THE BORDLEMAY FAMILY Seniors GENESIS In the beginning there was Genesis, the class of ' 75. With their elected officers, enthused seniors became involved in all of the class activities, creating an aura of to- getherness. Among the activities were paint- ing the Senior building and the trash cans, picnics at North Hollywood Park, dances, Grad Nite at Disneyland, and the Prom. Many members of the Senior Class have a high record academically, including enroll- ment in Advanced Placement courses, at- tendance at local universities, national merit scholarship winners, and established dramatic ability and involvement in com- munity affairs. Inspired seniors hoped to make this a year to remember-and they did. Genesis: The Beginning. The beginning of involvement, togetherness and future promise. 2. The Class of ' 75 leaves its mark and brightens the school environment. 1. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1. Christina Wilcox Corresponding Secretary 2. Marisa Laskey Recording Secretary 3. Matt Nodella Boys ' Vice-President 4. Terri Lang Treasurer 5. Melanie Williams Girls ' Vice-President 6. Fred von Helf Sponsor 7. Paris Brunner President Sponsored by: FRED AND DIANA VON HELF Elizabeth Ajar Craig Alan-Lee Robert Alhanati Angela Alonzo Bonnie Alperson Lonnie Alperson Marisa Alvarez Martin Amarillas Kathleen Amman Patricia Amman Jeppe Andersen Elizabeth Annas David Anton Tom Apablasa Jack Appleton Marian Bach Matthew Bailey Don Ballard Shawn Ballard Gregory Balzer Gary Banks Peter Barkauskas James Barranti Silvia Barrera Annette Barrett Scott Bauman Karen Baxter mm § $ Sponsored by: THE BAILEY FAMILY Catherine Beaumont Ruth Benalcazar Karen Bender Damian Benson Anthony Bereny Kimberly Bernhardt Nancy Beze Watson Bishop Leslie Bixby Robert Blanchard Shawn Blaney Melodee Blecher Jeff Bloome M ike Blower Maryanne Bordlemay ?S3bAl2 as ir mm NV Chalk up another masterpiece for Dawn Griffin. Teri Borth Marinell Bow Barbara Bowman Roberta Bradley Joyce Breuer Donald Brewer Michael Brice Jeffrey Briscoe Romalue Brooks Matt Brose Charmaine Brown Christopher Brozek_ Sponsored by: THE BREUER FAMILY Cathy Thomas and Steve Fecske take a moment from their busy day to enjoy each other ' s company. Greg Brugger Cheryl Buckley Paris Brunner Bill Burman Victor Buccola Kevin Butler Robert Butz Tim Callaha Kt Dora Candelario Alison Cantor Richard Caprielian Nancy Caras Ted Carver Stephen Caton Mike Cazneau Clinton Cearley Christina Chapman Gary Chiang iviei Hel Mei Tsu Chiang in_Chnck Jean Chiredijian Robert Cirlin Victor Cisneros %:2 r q Cameron Clarke Ron Clebanoff Steve Clebanoff Stephanie Clensos Von Coffman Mitchell Cohen Dan Colean Jeffery Coleman Monica Conejero Kathie Connally % I Patricia Conran William Cooney Melissa Corette Kenn Cotham Nancy Crill Candace Croonborg Denise Crosby Thomas Crowley Diane Crumley Mary Cruz tl cL fli i 3» __i w fcfei Joanne Symons, Dina Rangel, Linee Sumpter and last year ' s Varsity cheerleaders cheered on our team Homecoming Game. Florence Cunninghar Bruce Dale Diane Curry Scott Daly Mark Cutler Odetta Darieux at the Artie Derian Keith Devine Anton Dimitry Richard Ditri Alan Dosa Denise Dozier David Drabeck Anthony Duckworth Laura Duenckel Candi Duke David Duncan Elizabeth Eastling Carol Edgmon Gene Stratton gets " creamed " at the Senior Picnic. JodyElledge Roberta Elman Shelby Endicott Debbie Endreola Paul Engemann Robin Engle Milissa Erhart Ricky Esquer Elizabeth Estrada Susan Fal lender Harlan Farcau Debra Felts Robert Ferguson Cynthia Fishbeck Wanelle Fitch William Fleming Elaina Flesher Joan Florsheim George Fogelson Eduardo Fonnegra Michael Ford Neil Fom Wendy Freeze Janet Freudenbury 1. Senioritis: a time for a moment of quiet solitude. Garth Goldberg David Gonda Diane Gonneau Antonio Gonzales Sara Goodman Jeffery Goodrich Melody Grady Mark Granieri Jo Ann Granoien Sari Grant Elizabeth Gray Kimberly Greenseth Brenda Gregory Kim Greig Dawn Griffin " PIER dience while demonstrating auto Thomas Hall SJiaron Halsey Jeffery Halpern Mary Hancock Sponsored by: CARDINAL ASSOC. CO Steve Hanna Emerek Hanusek Raymond Hebrank Varsity football player Don Jones made his play. Sponsored by: The GRANT FAMILY Michael James Evelyn Jefferies Virginia Johnson Leesa Jolliffe Pete Jones Janice Jorgenson Russell Johns Ellen Jones Debbie Kagasoff Jerry Johnson James Jones Mary Kaid Jeff Goodrich got his first " brake Julie Kain Connie Kangas Deborah Karpf Kellee Katz Ilene Kaufman an Suzanne King Joan Kirk ham Kathy Kirkpatrick Wendy Klugman Jackie Koch I IM % .Wj $ im , $ i , Sponsored by THE JOHNSON FAMILY Kevin Kodama Craig Korn Ted Kriesei Kathleen Kroes Paul Kronenberger Natalie Kushner Janice LaChance Gail Lampert Lynnette Lampke Karen Landow Terri Lang Marisa Laskey Steven Lasky Karie Leaf Linda Leek Bob Alhanati grew his own. Marcella Leonard Madeline Levinson Jeff Libecap Victoria Licata John Loguzzo Donna Long Don Lewis Cindy Lilly Luis Lopez Leslie Lewis Tracey Liston John Low Sponsored By: THE LANG FAMILY Tony Bereny provided background music for the cooking class Elizabeth Lozano Barbara Luke hart Duncan McNei Greig McRitch Beverly McVeagh Debora MacLean Katherine Maclennan Gary Maddocks Gabriela Mainzer Richard Maleski Janie Manalastas Jerry Marks Cynthia Maroulis Michael Marquez Violette Masbanji Michael Means Edward Meehan Jay Meierstein Maria Meizel Elvis Mendes 7 Kathy Menzies Maureen Mertes Barry Messina Diane Mi Marcia Miller Katherine Morano Raymond Morfino fforothyl yiorga j) Julie Morris Steven Moser Malu Moss Sheila M " uTTen Leslie Nagatani p aris Brunner dazzled his partner Lori Alan Namay Mary Ann Nassour Mary Maughton Susan Neacsu Seidensticker as they rocked-out at the HI2 soph UPUU Brenda Nelson Marjorie Nelson David Nilsson Matthew Nodella Martin Nolan Timothy Nolen Ted Nonini Phillip Nordella Elizabeth O ' Brien Debbie O ' Donnell Elena Ohanian John Oiestad Scott Olsen Robert Olson Anita Pace Kerri Panknin Robert Paris Gary Paul Thomas Payne Walter Peck Michael Pepo Debra Perry Dale Peterson Wendy Peterson Donna Petrini . Joseph Pierce Theresa PisaBo-. Clyde Pitts Saroya Plante Raymond Pompa ipura mm Dave ' Wolfman ' Hyman imitated the M.C. at the 50 ' s dance. Sherry Ponschke John Popp Sheila Puis Launa Putney Dina Rangel Rod Rankin Dane Price-. Stacy Prince James Rae Renee Randazzo Sonny Raskin Lisa Rawlinson Kevin Spittler pondered about being ' drafted ' Janet Read Alexandra Recalde Marina Reder Linda Reisz Reynalda Rios Carl Robinsort Jeb Robinson William Robison Fernando Rodriguez Josefa Rodriguez Anna Rodzianko Vicki Rogers Ellen Rogger Cindy Rolland Tracy Rose Cynthia Ross Cynthia Roveno . Michelle Rucfce . Sponsored by MR. MRS. PAUL E. RINGER G 4-f te Ernest Seiler Barbara Selesnick Diane Seletos Eric Selter John Run Jackelyn Ryan Robert Ryan Victoria Ryan Shari Saba Erica Sagan Michele Sala Donald Sandefur Rock Sanders Gilbert Sandoval Nile Sauro Susan Schacherer Raymond Schillaci Carrie Schlicher Charles Scholler Arthur Schubert Pamela Schwartz Debbie Sefman Steven Segovia Kirk Seidensticker It ' s the chocolate cake cookers ' culinary confection! Sponsored by: MR. MRS. ROBERT J. RINGER Sandra Serrano Steven Shane Mark Sherin Katy Shinkarik Christine Siegel Jeffrey Siegel Gary Simgen Jerome Simpson Lisa Sims Christine Sinclaii Daniel Singer Caprice Slaughter Daniel Smith Michael Smith Michael Smith Richard Smythe Serafim Sofias Cecilia Soto Antonia Sotos Tammy Sparks Beth Spaulding Richard Spicer fc. Robin Steimer Craig Steinberg Jennifer Steinberg Mark Stickelmai Kim Sularz Linee Sumpter Carrie Swasey ■ Giana Swilt Jon Sydes Joanne Symons Michael Taylor Patricia Taylor Sponsored By: ROBERT SWASEY Cathy Thomas Cherry Thomas Sherry Thomas Allison Thorns Steven Thun Maria Torres Eveline Trevizo Kenneth Trisle Janice Tully Michael Turner William Turner Cindy Tuttle ' ' ifc. Jeanine Udall Richard Van Beveren Peter Van Cott Julie Van Trigt Valerie Vartanian Elizabeth Berceles Jerome Vered Tony Viacava Richard Vickers Grace Vi I lamer Tom Vossjer Oeanna Wagner Nancy Wagner Pamela Wagner Rayne Wagner Sponsored By: THE WOODY WOODWARD FAMILY Steven Waisbren Debra Washington Patrick Weaver Teresa Webster Andrew Weinstein Howard Weisenfeld " Yes, Virginia, Butz. " ire is a Robert -,. , I V fcwmeibl Wi IJJam Me Ian v rv THi«:4ja_jMmMdiiiB- ivieianie Williams Gregory Wilson Denise Winslow ; Andy Winter Joan Wirth Kathy Wise Mark Wollman Deborah Wonder Kevin Wood Carolyn W oodward Josephine Wright Sponsored By: STEPHEN, CAROLE MELAMIE a Sherilyn Wright Stacey Wulkan Lani Wyatt Mary Yeoman Carol Younger Bruce Zalkind Kendall Zoller Julia Zsigmond LATE ARRIVALS L. Jesse Alvarado Lorna Anderson TtW_Barkemeyer) Sle heTTBarkTey James Barnhart Marcia Bates Jeffrey Beal Mark Bernstein Dan Bornstein Candy Boyd Sandy Burkholder Robert Crossen Kathleen Darnell Catherine Davis Sharon Deegan Dwayne Edwards Pam Edwards Lori Eldridge Steve Fecske Renee Freeman Carolina Garcia James Hall Julie Hall Dana Hine Scott Hunt Leslie Keligian I Steve Kocinski . ' ,- ' | Kathy Lagodimc Fred Lee Diane Levy Ezra Levy Kristin McClintock 1. Tim Nolen lent his talents to the Christmas Concc Butch Naveira .Qesa Powell Phillip Preston Ratyna Thomas ' , A Sealbears THE BRAIN BEARERS The highest academic award offered by North Hollywood High to a graduating senior was the Sealbearer Award. To qualify for this scholarship honor, one must have been a member of the California Scholarship Federation for four se- mesters or more, and at least one semester must have been in the senior year. Sealbearers have maintained an overall grade point average of 3 .7 or better throughout high school . They have also given service to N.H.H.S. by tutoring other students and writing questions for the victorious Quiz League. This year ' s class of graduating seniors produced thirty-three Sealbearers, more than any previous year in North Hollywood ' s history. Of this, the Class of 1975 was very proud. In recog- nition of their outstanding academic achievment, the Sealbear- ers were honored to wear gold tassles on their graduation caps, and receive gold seals on their diplomas. LEFT TO RIGHT 1. Cindy Lilly Tracey Liston Melanie William Joanne Symons 2- Erica Sagan Eileen Gurevitz Tracy Hoblit Robert Elman LEFT TO RIGHT 2. David Gona 4. Ruth Storey 1. Diane Miller Steve Shane George F ' ogelson Stacey Prince Linda Reisz Nancy Caras Jerome Vered 5. John Low Howard Weisenfeld Cherry Thomas Russell Johns Laura Duenckel Stephanie Clensos Liz Eastling iM Outstanding Seniors ALL THEY SEEM TO BE This year each department was asked to select the senior who had given and gained the most in their three years at North Hollywood High. This was an opportunity to give recognition to students in their respective fields of achievement. These students need not have had straight A ' s, or have been candidates for any other awards or scholarships, but they are all outstanding representa- tives of their areas of study. 1. Teri Borth, Agriculture 2. Donna Petini, Music | 3. Jerome Vered, Foreign Language 1 4. Karen Baxter, Business Ed. J 5. Bruce Zalkind, Music 6. Joanne Symons, Social Studies 7. David Gonda, Science and Math Senior Prom ONLY THE BEGINNING A black limousine pulled up in front of the Ambassador Hotel . The door opened and out stepped a handsome gentleman attired in a tuxedo, followed by a graceful lady in a beautiful gown . The scene was not that of a posh dinner party, but that of the Class of ' 75 ' s Senior Prom. This year the Prom was held in the Embassy Room of the Ambassador Hotel on April 12 . These attending the long awaited affair listened to the melodious tones of the " Town Criers " who started off the even- ing ' s dancing with " Color My World " and " Beginnings " , which tied in with the Prom ' s theme. Trying something new, this year the Senior class officers decided to elect a Prom King and Queen. Each Senior had the opportunity to vote for his choice when he bought his bid, then on the night of the Prom five nominees were chosen for final balloting. 1. Cam Clarke and Joyce Breuer, crowned Prom King and Queen for 1975. 2. Date pictures for the evening were under the direction of White Studios ' Kevin White. 3. The " Town Criers " provided the music for the evening. 4. Seniors waited in an almost endless line to immortalized the evening on film. 1. Scott Sublette helped his date " get it all together " . 3. Don Jones and his date danced the night away. 4. Arriving Seniors are given assistance in locating their tables by student volunteers and a thoughtful Mr. Duncan. 5. The Class Sponsor, Mr. Fred vonHelf, and his wife greeted Prom- goers as they entered the Embassy Room. f m ■ § A ■ 1 if " Mum 6a™», rv r s aH;) go mi«lji3c u -r. t-Kt b Oa- -} filcoM | W, iexi M landers Kemejnugen : yiflJLeu.VA +u o« d ii-+Lo -rti€ oca " - ' " TIm liex e « Sordines The.5-rrei.icersa.i- 6 jutto+ ftp tfct l+ii + And al l +Vit fta+ „ewe- « ■Hmt5 uje ' oe. hod ' ■ CfluldL I _ GOD " " TO FLY, HE WOULD HAVEG VEN HIM WINGS I fooEefcic j " ' Oua. I ' bCCD ' mtNV Bt iiMOUltf| rcttnffiS ' B " ' " uts; |Bgl6 , . " " KECP-BE- I • Bfkhwi... " at4)S4i4 ' ' l UH6 T au, TEXAN " J i i 3 . i |0W _] «t«rs ro ( £«£ ' TO -£ Fotti tx. tM«- f3ox ' — War TunAJE? •■JiloJe W«J- GRm- out . Qtod uouj Cn wour 7ou n aV ooc L ove., K sses ana ' •■• ' •WjWMJ 1 (X La, JJd H J yaJr LYhcd Mid me mto -«ie souse - To toiam . Xu_ be. E ' ts Voo ta.rd -to be. a snob soctec ; ; 5 niM eH.| 7 ! gtfM « b DMSW ITionke Forall-fhe Lowe Qiuxj»j-5 3 " «j 3 i i, 3uai " - DdJii, 8ai y cAiw QOVWJ IK? CL, X " F £ S t fi r ££ M»Jf C ' r ' ' - 1, ■• " ■....[■■II ■ ' ■ ,-, ...(■■ ■ U3UV " »Av,VaJu H ifeS ' llg. I C«A T( Carole; hi. ' Hwh.-j, Vj »» . MCU VUe bfst C lOCJt. O t- Irti+rwifW-to M ,tm 1 %fei sjw tflsSr v V ' M 0NE WHO LIVES INRESW IS WElKDl W PEOPLE THEEEBd5T OM RAISIMS 1 . LDED LOVE A 3)iX. ! GOOD (,XA M BOO)L0FWUir, HOM OM A L£H ) U»0 WM IWOUE), JDIMC5 F,«EEC« DeAiu. Meme, % " M v.{ott SAC,Ma MO C-MA£V,X VZJ™, B8II SH BRJ tAMsvpthi; f The r .i£fJl sn ' il ' s " —V we 3Ktm.eD. Ufa -jThiosu- imnD. lore 1 • " »« ' fo»Jffl P ?6y X . ?( £ yet • iUffe ' i i. r 4 %isa i ? AJ « r a vl • A r atu L PJ.ZjjjLf ' A EV tk fat jfooex Up, up, up Higher, hk Kerplunk! Brent Haddc Editor: Maryanne Bordlemay FHIGIIlAlHi: GMAC PLAN Rick Appliances -(-20 W. Magnolia Bird. Burbank. California , % J$ a MONDAY J ii.t. daxoi crf aix Sjainioni. 769-5521 FINANCIAL PLANNING INC. 12401 VENTURA BLVD., SUITE A STUDIO CITY. CALIFORNIA 91604 [213) PO 2-9111 (213] TR 7-4977 LAWRENCE H. MILLER, C.L.U. President BUDDY BROWN TOYS Dolls-Games- Trucks -Guns-Wheel Goods 766-3649 12166 Ventura Blvd., Studio City RESTAURANT YOU WILL NEVER MAKE A MORE PROFITABLE INVESTMENT IN TIME AND MONEY PAGE BEAUTY SCHOOLS 11212 Magnolia Boulevard North Hollywood, Calif. 91601 762-9520. ..769-9157 6343 Vineland Avenue North Hollywood 762-8309 UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY 6430 Sunset Blvd. Suite 1216 Los Angeles, California 90028 Los Angeles Secretary Mildred Bernard 224 South Beverly Dr. • Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212 • 273-5430 HOO Cahuenga Blvd. • North Hollywood, Calif. 91602 • 766-3841 SUPER JOBS MSgt. M. " Boyd " Firkins Office phone Valley Plaza Shopping (213) 762-3501 mj3 Sylvan st (213) 762-8723 No . Hollywood California 91606 AIR FORCE CONGRATULATIONS TO HARRY ' S CAMERA 12114 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, Calif. TR 7-1954 PO3-9750 WCO BELL ■ H694 Magnolia Blvd. North Hoi! 0-9612 lywood Antique Clock Repairing W. G. HOPKINS JEWELER 5120 Lankershim Blvd No. Hollywood, Calif. Paul G. Hopkins POplar 1-5730 HENRY ' S TACOS For The Very Best Homemade Chili Burritos Spanish Rice Tacoburgers Tacos Tostados 11401 Moorpark Ave. 769-0343 Special Prices 1 .«,. 5122 LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD DISCOUNT WALLPAPER BAZAAR NORTH HOLLYWOOD. CALIF. 91601 BILL PAGONES RUTH JOHNSON, Manager Phone (213) 766-4277 BOOTS • HATS • BUCKLES • SADDLES AND WESTERN EQUIPMENT Dutton SOI 5 LANKERSHIM BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 91601 762-3105 • 877-9505 35ooks 2)uttou ' s 35ooks 5146 Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood Californi POplar 9-3866 " button ' s XUnitulRait »ooks Dutton ! ooks 5146 Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood California POplar 9-3866 ■Mt ktMT molT AHVrmSB Party Goods Garden Yard Household Convalescent Sporting Camping Hand Tools Contractors Painting Plumbing Exercise Equipment Remodel Repairs n ime ' the ifest IB B ' WfBEL " WDIOKOX NORTH HOLLYWOOD RADIO SERVICE 5335 Tujunga Ave Phone 985-5684 Congratulations ! 10% Discount on units to graduating seniors present your diploma sound system specialist Car Stereo-Installations-Repair MOTOROLA kshS WfeMiii H iiii imiiiiiiii SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK ' Your Financial Partner ' North Hollywood Branch 5 025 Lankershim Blvd. Valley Plaza Branch 12157 Victory Blvd. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1975 from PHOT SfiAPHY 4924 LANKERSHIM BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD. CALIF. 91601 3D " ANAWALT LUMBER MATERIALS CO. TWIN CASTLE 4400 Vineland Ave. Worth Hollywood (Corner of Vineland Moorpark) 8 Varieties 8 Varieties HAMBURGERS HOT DOGS Tacos-Bar-B-Q Beef-Pastrami CALL AHEAD 50 FLAVORS 766-9651 IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD Compare Our Drug Prices Prompt Free Delivery Natural Vitamins " Greeting Cards •Gifts " Fast Photo Service RIVERSIDE DRUGS 1651 Riverside Dr. North Hollywood 985-7230 Bill Cook Cole Sam Potter Manager THE PLANT SHOP Exotic Plants For Home Enjoyment And The Collector 11366 Ventura Blvd. No. Hollywood 91604 980-0577 Open Every Day 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Very Big in Hot Dogs V flHi For all CONGRATULATIONS your banking to the needs. | 1975 graduating m SENIORS UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK Image West Photo 4605 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, Ca. 91602 Bernice Gil Phone 762-6572 Phone 8 77-6192 B-G ' S CLEANERS 6361 Bellingham Ave. JOE WOO ' S CHINESE KITCHEN No. Hollywood, Ca. 91606 EXCLUSIVE CANTONESE DINNERS (213) 761-0354 5907 Lankershim Blvd. Quality Cleaning Alterations No. Hollywood, California Ben Carco President From West Valley Phones Use 984-0780 East Valley and L.A. Phones Use 877-5001 KIT KRAFT, INC. BEN CARCO ' S bonanza flESn 1 5949 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, Calif. 877-8181 984-1400 CRAFTS . MODELS . ART MATERIALS 12109 Ventura Place One Block North Studio City, Calif. 91604 of Ventura Blvd. on Laurel Canyon Blvd. _ fe: Floral Arrangements Planters Artificial Arrangements IONA FELLERS PO 9-3256 984-1064 24 Hr. Phone Service 12145 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, Calif. 91604 Telephone 761-4223 If No Answer 763-8877 FRANK MORRIS PHARMACY 10143 Riverside Drive - Toluca Lake North Hollywood, California 91602 Member A. Ph. A. Frank Morris Reg. Ph. Distinctive Apparel • Lingerie . Sportswear TOLUCA LADY 10144 Riverside Drive North Hollywood, Calif. 91602 Lorraine A. Morcos Owner Tel. 763-3700 mm ' ra A [HD A [I3 Traditional Hand Craftsmanship Unique Custom Designs 10141 RIVERSIDE DRIVE • TOLUCA LAKE • 763-9768 You meet the nicest people at (on both sides of the counter) The nation ' s largest Federal savings and loan association. The nation ' s highest yield on insured passbook savings. Property improvement loans North Hollywood Office 4821 Laurel Canyon Boulevard (213) 766-6107 Bette Shonack - Manager Main Office 5670 Wilshire Blvd.. Los Angele Accounts arc mured uo to $20,000 by the Federal Savings Ice skating everyday urn TOPANGA PLAZA CENTER ■ 00 Topango Canyon Blvd. Conogo Park Tel. 348-9121 L Patrons DAVEY PLUMBING SERVICE ' Valley National Bank 10225 Riverside Dr. 11756 Victory Blvd. No. Hollywood Graphic Rubber Stamp 5060 Lankershim Blvd. Frends Beauty Supply Co. 5202 Laurel Canyon Blvd. 763-1486 984-3553 761-16119 342-2856 EMERY ' S PAINT Coast Hardware 12169 Ventura Blvd. WALLPAPER Charles Ream Printing Co. 5712 Lemp Ave 5562 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, Calif. Pelican Plants 11251 Ventura Blvd. E.J. L.Emery 762-5060 Patrons NORTH HOLLYWOOD CARBURETOR IGNITION S.C. News Book Shop 5535 Lankershim Blvd. Caditz Grant Investment Co. 8383 Wilshire Blvd. Laurel Hardware 7984 Santa Monica Blvd. Auto Parts Auto Repair 769-0040 877-2342 Raymonde Lendway Custom Hairdressing 10115 Riverside Dr. Toluca Den 10154 Riverside Dr. Merlin Adams Jeanne ' s Burgers 5964 Laurel Canyon Blvd. HUBS Grant ' s-Known for Value shop at Grant ' s for all your fashions school supplies yardage sewing needs special discount to students on yard goods Grant ' s 6633 Van Nuys Boulevard Valley College of Medical Dental Assistance Courses for men and women Dental Assisting Medical Assisting Respiratory Therapy Technician Licensed Vocation Nursing Emergency Medical Technician Low Tuitions Authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-imigrant alien students Approved ' or Vets Placement service for Graduates Eligible institution under federally insured Student Loan program 984-1643 Morning-Afternoon evening classes 4140 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, California 91601 IP image transform inc. Good Luck Class of ' 75 Carter Sexton Drafting Supplies-Artist Materials Sign Painting Supplies 763-5055 877-5055 984-5055 5308 Laurel Canyon (Between Magnolia and Chandler) Village Cycles Where quality is no accident Schwinn 5346 Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood, California -6354 877-6107 Ed ' s Shop Hobby Supplies-Cars-Boats-Planes Ships-X-Acto Tools-Match BodToys 5236 Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood, California T J. ' s Sportswear Where your $ stretches 12144 Magnolia Boulevard North Hollywood, California 766-6166 877-0717 Johnny Terry Gross 1011 West Laurel Cyn. Carl ' s Jr. 6202 Laurel Cyn l l . Hollywood Mi Jr. SPECIALIZING I ■IETALIZINO ANO ENAMEL FINISHES ENGINEERINGJNC. VACUUM PLATING DIVISION l Wyandotte Street North Hollywood. California 91605 telephone: 875-1330 Cable Address: " Wardswivel " Auditory Odyssey Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood, California ©lot Sfme fJrobucts Co. MARINE LEMON OIL POLISH " tOcti M U ' i tkt Sewice " Bond Photo Copies Xerox Business Cards Wedding Invitations Resumes Etc. ELLIOT (ukoqrapku - Utofprett PRINTING CD. yry A CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS AT NORTH HOLLYTOOD HIGH! UNITED SPORTING GOODS 11 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN THE GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA TO SERVE YOU! CROSSROADS CHEVROLET t 430 Lankersliim Boulevard Best Wishes to the Class of ' 75 Keep on Truckin YOUR CAREER IN M All V A MODERN HAY I it Start full time — with full time pay. ■k Rapid advancements. ■ • Educational opportunities unlimited. it 30 days paid vacation. it Travel around the world. •k Free medical and dental care. ■k Retire at a young age and take a second career. if Guaranteed excitement and adventure. " You can be what you want to be in the Navy right now! " THE FOX PIT 6260 LAUREL CANYON BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91606 Hours 11AM to 11 PM We cook with real Hickory Wood We appreciate your patronage 763-5474 Call ahead for take out orders Congratulations to the graduating Class of ' 75 Yearbook Staff X tf ' a.JL W 1 •: tit «L? ?m ' r -fc; j ' « ;■- ' ' 3» ' f • ■ M - Mj • ' v |lf , v . St- ' ? ■■ ■■ -,: " -V- w ill 1 ' M I WlM wimSm n® S colli Fidel Lisa Patricia Grant 60 Melody 42 Idler, - Kind ' Tracy 42 Hector inn, Scott 42 Rebecca 60,137 Ajar, Dorothy 60,128,14 Ajar, Elizabeth 146,164, Alters, David 60 12 Alan- Lee, Craig 118,119,182 11 Alan- Lee, Howard 118,119 Letty 144.147,161 60,151,158,159 :im42 10 Anderson, Carl 42,164 11 Anderson, Carol 60 10 Anderson Jane 42,144 11 Anderson! Paige 60 12 Anderson, Vlcki 202 10 Andonegui, Elizabeth 42 11 Appel, Jeffrey 60,120,155,169 12 Appleton, Jack 144,182 12 Arbogast, Michael 10 Arias, Jose 108 10 Armstrong, Clarice 42 10 Armstrong, Eddie 10 Armstrong, Tim 42, 154 10 Arony, Norma 122,135,153 Ashley, Mr. G. 25,156 11 Ashmore, Joel 60 11 Atkins, Kerry 60,156,158 11 Atkison, John 60,135,153,1 10 Attl, Cary 100,150 __ .Julie 60 jean, Syda 42 Bache. Mr. Bob 19 11 Bachman, Barbara 6 10 Baer, Ronald 42 11 Baogett, Clndv i 42,135,1 i 162,182 10 Baisden, Gregory 42 11 Rocky, Baisden 10 Bajdaun, Livia 42 10 Ballard, Michael 164 12 Ballard, Shawn 182 12 Balzer, Gre9 163, 182 10 Balzer, Victoria 43, 135 11 Bankhead, Sherron 60 12 Banks, Gary 154,182 10 Bankston, Angela 43 12 Barkauskas, Peter 182 12 Barkley, Stephen 202 11 Barkley, Thomas 12 Barnhart, James 202 11 Baron, Michael 60,140 10 Barrack, Sherwin43 10 Barraillier, Marty 43 12 Barranti, James 182 12 Barrera! Silvia 182 Barbara 173,183 12 Baskin, Sonny 135 11 Bass, June 61 Bass, Mr. Robert 28 10 Batancourt, David 43 12 Bates, Marsha 202 11 Bauman, Gall 61 12 Bauman, Scott 182 11 Baungarten, Gary 10 Bausley, Cathy 11 Theresa, Bearb 61 12 Beaumont, Catherine 142,139,183 10 Beauuregard, John 43 10 Beranth, Clndl 10 Beauregard, 10 Behrle, Sherry 43,128,164 Bek, Mrs. Vera 23 10 Belknap, Scott 43 BeMiller, Mrs. Dorothy 39 10 Bell, Carol 43,137 12 Benach, Anthony 12 Benalca2ar, Ruth 183 12 Bender, Karen 183 • 43. 10 Berkowitz, Daniel 43,95,109 Berkowitz, Peter 109 11 Berks, Carla 41,137,61,144 jo; 12 Bern! 12 Berrones, Marcellino 10 Berry, Susan 55 10 Betancourt, David 116 10 Beyer, Suzanne 43 12 Beze, Nancy 183 11 Billi, Mark 61,83 10 Bilow, Scott 102,153 11 Bishop, Diane 10 Bishop, Kathleen 10 Bishop, Vickie 43, 13i 12 Bishop, Watson 183 12 Bixby, Leslie 183 Bhatt, Mrs. Clyda 31 11 Blackmore, Michael 6 11 Blanc, Diane 61 12 Blanchard, Robert 183 12 Blaney, Shawn 183 12 Bleecher, Melodee 13 11 Bloer, Terri 10 Bluff, Chris 11 Blument 12 Boal, Je Angela 161 10 Bodther, Ronald 153 11 Bodtche Roy 61,67, 14, 12 Boehlck Peter 11 Boghour 11 Bogy, John 61,156,158,: 10 Bohamed, Mark 43 11 Bohanan, Debbie 61 12 Bohrman, Catherine 11 Bold, Jesse 61, 69,108 12 Boll Cindy 10 Bonk, William 43 12 Bordlemay, Maryanne 163,182,11 12 Bormtein, Daniel 141,147,157, 158,159,202 10 Bosch, Mike ' ■ Bouzaglou, Marryanni 12 Boyd, Candy 2 11 Boyd, Russell 10 Boyer, Pierre 12 Brehm, Renee 12 Breuer, Joyce 144,146,163,183 12 Brewer, Donald 183 11 Brewer, Kevin 61,120,156,158 11 Brizzard, Elizabeth 61 12 Bronstein! Lisa 12 Brooks, Carl 183 11 Brooks, Randy 61 10 Brooks, Susan 43 12 Brose, Matt 183 12 Brown! Charmaine 83,135,153,183 10 Brown, Christie 43 11 Brown, Debra 61 11 Brown, Kevin 61 10 Brown, Lance 43 11 Brown, Philip 12 Brown, Robert 11 Brown, Tony 61 12 Brozek, Christopher 183 12 Brugger, Gregg 184 12 Brunner, Paris 139,141,167,181, 184,192 12 Brunz, Nina 11 Bryer, Jane Bryman, Mrs. Belle 34,126,127 11 Buccola, Mark 61,102,103,116,161 12 Buccola, Victor 184 12 Buckley, Cheryl 184 11 Buckley, Jeff 10 Buhl, Cynthia 44 10 Bujic, Danlca 44 11 Bujic, Gordana 61,81 12 Bullard, Don 154 12 Burkholder, Sandy 202 12 Burman, Bill 184 12 Burman, Denise 61 10 Bush, Edward 44 11 Bush, Vincent 61 12 Butler, Kevin 83,84,86,87,184 10 Butterfield, Sherry 12 Butz, Robert 184 10 Cablayan, Ron 10 Calhoun, Arthur 44 10 Calhoun, Efrei 12 Calhoun, Stev 12 Calkins, Rick lol 11 Callahan, Harald 10 Callahan, Greg 60,104,154 10 Callins, Debra 44 Campos, Mr. Manuel 28 11 Candelaria, Diana 60 12 Candelario, Dora 184 10 Candelario, Joyce 44 10 Canovas, George 44 11 Capizzi, Michael 88,108 10 Cappella, Marie 44,122 12 Caprielian, Richard 184 12 Caprillo, Larry 12 Caras, Nancy 139,140,141,142, 158,184,205 11 Carbajal, Mary 11 Cardona, Elena 11 Cardwell, Edsel 173 10 Carey, Michelle 44 10 Carlson, Linda 10 Carmody, Laurie 44,129 11 Carnall, Paul 10 Carnes, Paul 44,164 11 Carpenter, Mike 10 Carrero, Edwin 12 Carillo, Larry 10 Carroll, Lori 44 11 Carroll, Steve 150,151 10 Carson, Elizabeth 44 12 Carter, Frank 12 Carter, Paul 10 Carter, Penny 44 12 Carter, Tim Tod ] 11 Cassavetes, Nick 96, 10 Castillo, Jose 12 Caton, Stephen 184 11 Castorina, Anne 10 Caudilt, James 44 12 Cazneau, Mike 184 11 Cazneau, Patrick 12 Cearley. Clinton 18 ' 10 Ceglia, Antoinette " Chapman, Chistina 139,141,184 Chapman! Steven 44,88,109 Charles, Cathy Chase, Gary 44 Chavez, Francis Chavez, Richard Chavez, Stella 81 Cheaves, Teddie Chetwood, Susan Cheyne, Michael 44,100,101 Chiang, Gary 139,147,158,159,184 Chiang, Margaret 44,156 Chiu, Cathy Chow, Randolf 151,158,120 Christensen, Gwen 44 Chung, [ Chung, ' Churchil Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth 26,134 Cleban ' off, Ronald 88,185 ff, Steve 185 Stephanie 135.185,153,205 Clowry, John 44 Coatsworth, David 45 Coburn, James 116,135,153 Coca, Beatrlz Coca, Gladys 45,142 Cochrane, Kevin 44 Coffey, 185 Cohen, Larry 137,12,142 Coleman, Colieen 45, 135 Coleman, Jeffrey 163,185 Colgan, Charles 45 Coliman, Claudette 122 Coliman, John Collier, Donna 170,202 Collins, Curtis Collins, Debra Collins, Steven 45,171 Colwell, Kimberly 128,145 Colplen, Valerie 45 Compton, Sandra 45 Conejero, Hugo 45 Conejero, Monica 18! 12 Conran, Patricia 185 Cooper, Brenda 12 Cooney, William ' Cooper, Nigel 12 2 Cooper, Timothy Corps, Tara 45 Cortez, Ruby Corwin, Cary 46,102 Coss, Eric 46,95,108 1 Coto, Martha 1 Cowly, Adler Cowsell, Susan 2 Crill, Nancy 2 Croonborg, Candace 1 12 Crosby, Denice 185 Crosser Chase 46,98 Crossen, Robert 202 Crossey, Chase 12 Crouse, Dana Crowly, Diane 46 12 Crowley, Thomas 96, j Crueger, Mrs. Pat 22 mley, Diane 185 Cunningham, Mrs. 12 Curry, Diana 185 11 Curry, Robert 135 10 Curtis, Rockie 12 Cutler, Mark 185 11 Czerwinski, Darious 10 Dahlberg, John 46 11 Dahlgren, Chris 62 12 Dale, Bruce 185 12 Daly, Scott 185 12 Darieu , Odetta 18! 11 Darnell, Scott 12 Darnell, Kathleen 1 10 Davidson, Beth 11 Davies, Karen 12 Davila, Gary 10 Davila, Tom 46,15 ' 10 Davis, Anthony 10 Davis, Carol 62 12 Davis, Catherine 2( Joyo 11 Da Viol- 12 Davi 10 Davi 11 Davis, Thelma 41,62,160 12 Davis! Todd 92,161,186 10 Davis, Tony 46,135 11 Dawson, David Dean, Mrs. Phyllis 27 10 Decrane, Charles 12 Deegan, Sharon 151,202 10 De Guzman, Suzanne 147 10 Dehart, Gregory 10 Delk, Lynn 46 Dempsey, Mr. John 23 11 Dennis, Julie 40,62,156,: 11 Denering, Dan 62 10 Denering, Nick 46 12 Denton, William 114,115 12 Derian, Artie 123,186 11 De Rosa, Christy 62 Gangi, Stephen A 11 Dlsesso, Frank 62 12 D ' itri Richard 18i 10 Dittman, Shawn ' 11 Dixon, Craig 62 11 Djurkovic.Radmi 10 Doane, Deborah 10 Doctors, Patrice ' 2 11 Domosza 10 Donahue, 10 Donahue, Cruz. 12 Dosa, Alan 186 10 Dose la, Karen 11 Doss, Charles 11 Doss, Carey 62,124 10 Doty, Eddie Doucette, Mr. Fred 27 10 Dougan, Eddie 102,103 11 Doughty, Michael 62 12 Dozier, Denise 151,186 12 Drabeck, David 92,93,186 10 Drechsler, Stephanie 46,122 12 Dreshner, William : : l.u.i 11 Drosendahl, Daryl 135 12 Duckworth, Anthony 186 12 Duenckel, Laura 129,186,205 12 Duke, Candl 186 11 Dull, Catherine 62,164 Duncan, Mrs. Connie 10,36,163 12 Duncan, David 186 10 Dunn, John 46,98,120 Dunwoody, Mrs. Helen 20 10 Dupre, Cindy 46 11 Durcan, Vanna 62 11 Durgin, Richard 10 Dux, Steven 46,88,164 11 Dwork, Sandra 62 10 Dyer, Jeffrey 12 Eastling, Elizabeth 13 7,152,186, 205,206 10 Eastling, Thomas 46,88,108,164 11 Eddy, Lori 62,81,143,145 11 Edwards, Darlys 62,147,165 12 Edwards! Dwayne 203 ! Edwards, Pam 62,114,203 . Edwards, Pam ) Edwards, Patricia 46,141,147 . Elko, Valerie 62,144 Elledge, Jody 186 ! Elman, Roberta 144,158,159, IE 204 I Elwell, Bill 46 Ely, Douglas Endicott, Shelby 186 I Endreola, Dean 46 Endreola, Debbie 186 Engelhard, Mr. George 35,123 Engelhare, Bonnie 62 Paul 186 Shawn 46 i Engle, Kerry 88 Engle, Robin 146,186 I Entz, Steven 62 I Erhart, Ginger 46 Erhart, Milissa 131 Esquer, James 123 Esquer, Ricky 186 Estrada, Elizabeth 186 i Estrada, Jennifer 46,126,146 Evans, Robin 46 Eylar, Leo 62 Faber, Shary Falde, Gary 62,158,164 Falk, Edward Falk, Eugene Falk, Tricia46 Fallender, Susan 170.186 Ferrell, Douglas Fersht! 1 1 an Fish, Paul Fishbeck, Cyn i Fitzgerald, Sean 46 Flaata, Alan Flaata, Mark Flaherty, Christine 63 Flesher, Elaina 187 Fletcher, Ilene 63 Flores, Anne ) Fogel. Tali 128 Fogelson, George 139,158,159,1 205 Foli, Mr. Ernest 35,96,98,116 t Fong, Nancy 63,158,159 3 Fonnegra, Camilo 46 ? Fonnegra, Edvardo 187 3 Fontanills, Diana 46 3 Fontenot, Marty 3 Ford, Leslie 46 ! Ford, Michael 83, 87, 104,106 3 Forn, Hugh 47 Forn, Neil 110,171,187 t Forsblad, Annette 63 . Foster, Glenda 63 I Foster, Tim . Fournier, Bernadette 63, IK Fournier, Ralph 47,95,109 ! Freibrun, Martin . French, Barbara 63 I French, Ben 83,84,: Freudenburg, Janet 171,187 I Fricioni, Paulette 47 I Friedman, Dan Friedman, Sid 11 Gaebler, Ran 10 Gallan, Geri . Garcia, Robert 63,173 10 Garrett, Dana Robert 187,206 ! Gelb, Michael 187,180,158,204, 120,159,144,171,176 ! Geldin, Anne 158,159,187,204 11 Gelman, Sherry 63 jham, Susan chael 95,109 Miraanne 47 Rolla 63 Lee 104 Gary 187 . Goedecker, Crist ) Goldberg, Brett ' Goldberg, Gai Golder, Wendi Goldfarb, Benjamin 47,120,154 Goldress, Lyn Goldwing! Rii 10 Golob, Ronald 88 I Gonzalez! i, Edward Dino 64 Gloria 64 Ms. Merle 26,158,159 i Gould, . Gould, . Goytia, I Grady, Melody . Grahm, Charles 64 I Graham, Scott 123 Gray, Elizabeth 142, I Gray, Mtchele 47,16 I Green, Lynnette 47 12 Greenseth, Kim 158,11 10 Greer, Lisa 47,164 12 Gregory, Brenda 188 10 Gregory, Brett Gregory, Mr. Ed 36 10 Gregory, Kathy 47 11 Gregory, Robin 64 11 Gregory, Teresa 64 12 Greig, Kim 188 10 Grey, Linda 48 Grudy, Mi I Guadiana, Gurevitz, Eileen 158,159,188,204 . Gurrola, Paul 64,88,89,91,167,120 . Gurse, Yael 64,154,155 I Gutches, . Gutches, I Guth, Ev Guti. ' 64 -, Nathan 48 ! Haboush, Auguste ) Haboush, Cedric . Haboush, Raymond 64,158 ! Hackborth, Dana 188 ) Haddad, Brent 48,98 i Hagen, Camille 155,158,159 ! Hagen, Donna 188 . Hagen, Richard 48,64,108 Anthony James 203 Julie 203 Hall, Thomas 1( Halpern, Jeffery Halsey, Sharon ] , Holly 64,94,108,121 Christopher 48 Christopher James Janice 48,142,147,126, Gail 48 . Haraldson Hetga 64 I Harde, Inge la 48,164 11 Harris, Timothy 64,94,104 10 Harrison, Diana 48 10 Hartt, Elizabeth 48 10 Hausfeid, Richard 11 Hautanen, Eric 65 12 Haverback, Andrea 189 11 Hayes, Jerry 65 10 Haw ley, Peter 10 Hayward, Dale 48 Hazewski, Mrs.K. 29 12 Heath, Craig 11 Heat h, Kim 65 12 Hebrank, Raymond 115,189 Halbert, Paula Helm, Kris 65,154,158,159 Helm, Patricia 48,147,151,154, 155,159,164 i 126,145,189 ch, Jeffery 65,123 Hirsch, Sandy 65 Hirschfield, Pame Hlte, Jeffery 65 Hoffman, Bernard 48 Hoghoughi, Sherry Holbrook, Richard 65,154 Hotmberg, Mrs. Velta 24 Holmes, Jeanette 189 -me 18,177 t 65 i 65,145 I 48,54,98,151 Hunter, Rodney 65 is, Russell 135,158,159,164, 3,205 nson, Barry 65,163 nson, Jerry 190 ndorf 164 nan 49,95,109,135 irina 65,161 wy 150,154,190 lie 135,190 Kitsof, Sharon 65 Kaufman, Ilene 190 Kslaguchi, Cindy 49,135,1 i Kaye, Debbie . Kemp, Darren 65,81,122,144 Kemp, Daralyn 190 . Kemp, Laura I Kendall, Khris 49 . Kenlein, Cindy 65 10 Kissinger, Cai 12 Klugman, Wendy 135 190 11 Knell, Teri 65,137 10 Knopoff, Steven 49,134 10 Knotts, Paul 11 Knowles, Davie 65 10 Knudsen, Kent 49,108 11 Knuedeler, Cindy 65 11 Koch, Kathy 65,129 12 Koch, Jackie 154,190 11 Kobbie, Matt 11 Koobie, Caroline 65 10 Kontos, Phillip 65,92,93,108 , 2 J insk.. Steve 203 K Korn Craig 156,1 II reus, John 4 Korney, Miss Chn r Kornr eich, Paul 49 156 159 li. lines 1, Ted 191 Kunimoto, Stanley Kushner Natalie 135,191 Lacey, Lori 67 LaChancc, Janice 135,112,191 L.iqagodi, Lathy 203 La Gary, Clark 9S imple, Jody ' „,ds, Mr. Fret indo, Chuck en 146,158,191 , Pat 67,114 ,dd 67,116 Leyine, Sandy 67,145,170 Levy Diane ' l46,142,203,141 Levy, Ezra 83,85,86,203 Lewis, John 135 Lewis, Leslie 191,170 Libecap, Jeff 83,114,191 Liberato, Susan 131 .iskum, Cara 67,126 .iskum, Glenna 135 iston, Tracey 136,137,139,158, 167,191,204,141 Loouzzo, John 191 Lohr, Sretshen 50.5 Lopez, ' Charles 50 Corey 112,88,50 er. Candy 50 il.ii :?, 158,191.159,205 I 142,192,126,127 Lutehart, Joyce 50 Lukehart, Susan 67 turn, JoAnn 158,192 Rob 50 ,n| Jon ' 135,108 hek, Lynn 40,68,: 124,125 1,164,154 a 155,192 Mankey, Robin 50,137,159 Mann, Timothy 50,95,109 Manson, Stephen Dayid 50 Katherine 50,47,145,150 Jerry 83,192 Melinda 50,154 165 ,170 .leyer.. r . ana 160,193,205 ilie 68 ,ren 51,147,151,155,15 ' jrcia 137,166,167,193 183,86,87,193,: Una 68,128 I 51,83,104 10 Molinar, Eric 51,88,91 11 Moloney, Sean 68 12 Monarck, Matthew 193 11 Monday, Daroli 12 Mattavicb, Matt 114,125 Matthews, a 50,147,123,159,164 11 Matyasi Gi ella 68,142,147,158, 164,165 10 Max, Bonn e 50 elaine 50,128,164 d 50,135 lichael 68,154 12 McBride, Mike 67,83 12 McCall, Je irie 192 10 McCallum 12 McCallum Oebra 192 McCambrl ge, Mrs. Kathy 26,160 McCarney, Dlleen 137,67 McCarthy, Mr. Ed 21 McCarthy, Edward 83 11 McClenaha n, Andy 67,108 , Kristin 145,203 11 McCord, V rginia 67,128 12 Montgomery, K 10 Moon, Debbie ! 11 Moore, Brett 6 Karen 163,193 Michael 51 Phabe 69 c Dona Id, Dru 50 12 Morgan, Dorothy 194 11 Morrison, Darren 88,90,69,116 11 Mortimer Elise 69,147,165 10 Mortimer, Richard 51 10 Morton, Jodi 155 10 McGrown, Alan 51 12 Moss, Malv ' l94 10 Moten, Margo 51,122 10 McKee, Michelle 51 McKibben, Mrs. Betty 21 10 Munoz, ' Mark 51,88,109 12 Munson, Cora 11 McKusker, ' Richard 67 11 McKusker, Timothy 67 12 Murillo, Eva 11 Murphy, Kimberly69 10 Murtun, Jodi 551 10 McLean, Jon 51 12 Murry, Thomas 10 Musgrove, Gordon 51,164 12 Mcl-ennon, Kathy 142 11 Myall, Charles 69,88,120 12 McMillan, Pamela 192 11 Nagatini, Keith 69,88 12 Nagatini, Lesli 142,143,166,167, McMillan, Mr. William 20 12 McMullan, William 192 12 Namay, Alan 154,194 11 McNeil, Alan 88,67,89,116 i: McNe.l, Duncan 83,114,166,167, 192 12 McRilchey, Greig 104,106,139, 151,187,192 12 McVeagh, Beverly 192 11 Nava, Becky 69 11 Nasrallah, Lssa 12 Nassour, Marianne 194 11 IMathanson, M.cliael 135 12 Nathanson, Robert 12 Means, Michael 114,193 12 Naud, Tom 12 Meehan, Edward 193 12 IMaughton, Mary 194 10 Meehan, Frank 100 10 Meehan, Joe 51 11 Meek, John 68 11 Navarette, Naomi 12 Naveira, Butch 203 Meekimes, Carmel 22 10 Naveira, John 102,103 12 Meierstein, Jay 193 12 Neacsu, Susan 194 11 Meifert Lance 68, 120,158,159 10 Neff, William 11 Meitert, Arthur 10 Neft, Barbara 51,150,164,170 12 Meizeii, Maria 193 Neilson, Fred 35,83,114 10 MflLes, Jolt 51 12 Nelson, Brenda 194 11 Mellies, Tammy 68 11 Nelson, Jacob 69 10 Melton, Gregory 154 10 Margaret, Nelson 135,164 12 Mendes, Elvis 88,108,193 12 Nelson, Marjorie 170,194 12 Menzies, Kathy 193 Nelson, Mr. J. 28 •ifietd, Susan 51 •kle, Sue 68,152 -Ian, Carmita lewman, Patricii Ninham, Debra Nishihara Cindy 52,144,147,156 Nodella Matthew 110,111,181,194 Nolan Martin 147,194 Nolen, Timothy 135,194,203 0 ' Da , Danny Odell Cynthia 69 O ' Dor nell, Debbie O ' Do nell, Jeffery 69,114 an, Elena 167,194 Oesta Okaw , ' Nathan 52,135.164,16 Oki, Jeanette 52 Oki, Sharlene 69,147,158,165 , Fausto 52 a, Timothy 52,100 George 83,86 izabeth 52 1 Pagones, John 1 Palam ra, Rozanne 69 L2 Palazz Palazz o] George 52,88 Palme , Greg 52 , Mark n, Kerri 195 Panne Denise 52 Papale sis, Alex Mrs. Mary 23 Dorthy 69 Pappas, Elizabeth 52 LI Parco, Alfred 69 2 Paris, Robert 161,195 L2 Parish Patt Parker Cynthia 52,144 k, Gary 52 10 Passarelli, Patti 52,150,170 10 Patti Mo, Robbie 52 11 Patino 12 Paul, Gary 154,195 .0 Payne Glenn Tom 195 .1 Perla, Susan 40,155 Pearlman, Mrs. Susan 28,264 10 Peave , Harry 52,173 11 Peck, Gordon 69,110,135 12 Peck, Walter 92,94,110,154,195 10 Pelser Cecile 52 10 Penny Kristine 52,126,127,144,1 1 Perry, Larry 69 2 Peterson, Dale 195 1 Peterson, Steve 2 Peterson, Wendy 158,1 2 Petrini, Donna 151,19 Petroff, Caren 52 Pheleps, Ellen I 11 Phillips, Chrlsti Phillips, Lisa 6 Phillips, Paula 1 Piro, Gerald 2 Pisano, Theresa 195 Pitkonen, Rauli 53 1 Pitkonen, Risto 69 12 Pitts, Clyde 171,195 II P,t:, Diane 69,128,1 Plante! Saroya 53,195 Palazzo, Anna 137 Pollock, Loro 53,129 Pompa, Raymond 110,135,195 Pompa, Renee 69,128,135,142 Powell, Desa 142,203 Pratt, Larry Preston, Philip Prey, Michael 88 Puis, 5 hella 150,195 Putney Launa 145,195 Quinn Kevin 53 Uuuin Ted 69,161 Raice i c, Igor 69 Rae, James 195 Raff, Edward Ragga zi, Mrs. S. Carmelo Ramos Debbie 69 Vicotria 53 zzo, Renee 195 , Dina 185,80,195 , Rod 135,195 Chris 69 Dalerie 69 ssen, Roy 99,98 er, Wendy son, Lisa 164,165 Raymond, Debbie 69,63 Raymond, Israel 53 Janet 196 Cheryl 144 Reardon, Maria 53 a, Alexandia 137,196 Reder Marina 129,142,196 Reed, Billy 83,86,69,96,116 Reid, Julia 155,169,69 Reisz, ' Linda 146,80,139,158,196, 159,205 Remund, David Restivo, Angela 53 Restivo, Anne Marie 53,122 Rethwisch, Scott 53 Reutter, Dean 196 Reynolds, Jack 53,110,112,1 Reynolds, Suzle 69,173 Rheinfurth, Olson 88,196,14 Rheinschild, Bill 69,120,14! Robbins ' loria 71, ' l45, ' l64 Rabbins, Terry 71 Roberts, Brenda ora 53,164,121 Terry 53 Timothy 169,71,155 Carl 142,195,107 Jeb 158,164,169,196 154,155 Jeff 53,120 Rick 82,83,87,71 William 135,186 Rochow, Dave 71 Bobbi 71 Rodes, Sy Fernando 196 Gabrial Rodriguez Josefa 196 Rodriguez Leticia 53 Rodriguez Rodziank , Anna 196 ark 53 Rogers Mr. Kei Rogers, V ctoria 196 10 Rosen, Rebecca 47,54 11 Rosen, Shelley 71 10 Ross. Carl 54 12 Ross, Cynthia 196 10 Ross, Dora 54 12 Ross, David 196 11 Ross, Hal 135,153 10 Ross, 10 Ross, Pan. 54 10 Ross, Randy 10 Ross, Richard 54,164 10 Roth, Cicely 54 Roth, Mr. Seymour 37,171 10 Rothstein, Betsy 54,170 11 Rothstein, Sheri 71 12 Roveno, ' Cindy 196 Runyon, Greg l: Ryan, ' Cindy 71 Ryan ' Robert.83,84,86,87,197,206 Ryan, Victoria 197 Saba, Shari 197 Sabado, Eddie 54 S.ida, Leticia 71,144 Sadjady, Mohannad 71 Sagan, Erica 158,197,204,159 197 Salas, Debbie 54 Salas, Diana Salazar, Frank 71 Sand 197 10 Sandefur, Kim 54,164,155 12 Sanders, Allison 12 Sanders, Karen 12 Sanders, Rock 197 12 Sandoval, Gilbert 197 12 Sandoval, Tony 11 Santana, Teresa 71 10 San Tomairo, Shawn 12 Santroff, Tami 11 Sadjady, Mohammai 11 Santoro, Robert 71 11 Santre, Teresa 71 10 Saraceno, Robert 11 Saragosa, Theresa 7- 10 Saraya, Denise 152 157 10 Saunders, Jeffrey 11 Saunders, li 12 Sauro, Nile 11 Savala, Ga 11 Schaffer, Sue 71 11 Schallert, Catherine 81,71 10 Schallert, Christopher 95,54,108 Schardin, Mrs, Ruth 22 11 Schiner, Michelle 71 12 Schillaci, Ray 197,60,154,155 12 Schlicher, Carrie 197 11 Schlicher, Patti 71 12 Schmidt, Mary 10 Schmidt, Stacey 54 10 Schneevoight, Peter 95,54 11 Schneiderman, Ross 71,120,161 10 Schnetzer, Gregory 54,l _ ' l 10 Scholfield Lynn 54 12 Scholler, Cjarles 197,124 125 11 Scholler, fjikke 71 ,197 Seible, Spencer 12 Seidensticker, Kirk 83,139,141 1 ' 11 Seidensticker, Lorn 71,129,142, 143,145,192 12 Seiler, Ernset 197 10 Seitz, Ron 54,153 12 Selesnick, Barbara 197 10 Selesnick, David 54 12 Seletos 10 Selferil 11 Seighrr 12 Selter, 12 Schubert, Arthur 197,114 Schuster, Mrs. Sylvia 31 12 Schwartz, Pamela 197 11 Schwartz, Richard 71,135,161 10 Schwegman, Chris 11 Scimonelli, Philip 100,116 12 Sefman, Debbie 197 12 Segovia, Steven 197 I Sena, 55 12 Sena, 11 Serrano, Nikki 71,128 12 Serrano, Sandra 80,198 12 Sewell. Vickie 11 Seybold, Jed 11 Seybold, Jeff 158,164,171,198 Shane, Susan 55 11 Shapiro, Sherry 71, I Sherin, l 11 Sherman, r, Steven 55,120 n, Mary 72 Christine 164,198 Jay 55,135,164 Jeff 110,145,198 Simon, Zelma 55 Sims, Lisa 198,206 I Sims, Margo 55 Sinclair, Christine 198 Singer, Dan 124,161,164,1 I Singer, Mark 55,151,155 Sirko, Debra 198 Cynthia 72,152,16 Gabri Slabic 72 Slauhgter, Caprice I Slawson, Dean 198 Slawta, Scott Smith, Rich 55,155 Smythe, Richard 96,97,167,198 Smith. Mr.,, Tui 32 Snell, Debra 72,81,170 Serafim 198 1 Sotos, Peter 198 Spaeth, Mr. Claude 27 Spaulding, Beth 198 " jaulding, Hugh 55 F 135,55,95,108,159 Stagg, Candy 55,1 Stagg, Edward 72 Stahl, Clay 72 126 1 Stanlei 1 Steane, David 72 2 Slearns, Tony 100,199 Stedman, Sherry 1 Steele, Laura 72 2 Steimer, Robin 199 2 Steinberg, Craig 124,199 Steinberg, David 56 1 Steinberg, George 72,157 2 Steinberg, Jennifer 199 1 Steinberg, Suzan 72,145 2 Stell, Ellen 199 2 Stell, Linda 136,137,199 , Cary 56 Stockstiil, Craig 72,114,115 Stoker, Karen 56,137,147,151,155, 159,164 Stokes, Jon Stokes, Robert 56 Stokes, Mrs. Elizabeth 27 Stoakes, Roger 56,102 Stolarik, Joyce 72 Stoller, Aaron 199 Sone, Phillip 56 Stone, Randy 56,135,153 Stone, Robert Storey, Ruth 158,204,170,199,205 Storie, Blake 72,110 Strand, Susan 136,137,199 Stroil.ic!. l S Stuart, Robe Huffman, M. Tatum, Sharon 7 Thomas, Caths Thomas. Cherr Thomas, Cyntl Thompson, Den Thomason, Tanna Thopson, Becky 7 Thompson, Ellyn f 129,145,184,200 Thornton, Scott 116,117 Thornton, Scott Thun, Steven 154,200 Thygesen, Cindy 56 Tollman, Kathy 57 Tomaseck, Fred 57 Tomita, Mrs. Cyntbi,-, 29 Toomey, Maureen Toomey, Suzanne Torres, Danny 73 Tosois, Dan 135 12 Trump, Trudy 129 Tucker, Mrs. Caroli Tucker, Fred 109 Tulley, Cheryl Tullery, Janice 200 son I clly 73,114,161 Ion, Lor. 73,81,131,142,: 47,150,155 ina, Julio 57,102 Urosek, Albert . Urpe, George . Utterback, Brian 73,: Valentine, James 57,116,135 Valiquette, Thomas 73,150 Valle, Eddie 57 Van Burenen, Richard 173,200 Van Xotl, Paeter 200 Van Dyl, Dorie 73 Van Dyk, Schuyler 57 I Vega, Evelyn 57 . Vega, Javier 73 Vega, Rosa Vieauz, Vanda 81,74,1 Vila, Fr ml 57.102 Villicana, Steven 57 Villamor, Grace 200 Vinje, Clarice 57,142 Vogel, Tamyra 74,137 Volk, Terry 74,158 Volrich, Ben 57 1 Wateres Watkins, Weatherford, bert 69,201 zette 57 ;im 129,74,131,: ■r, Linda 201 Victoria 57,142 Lee 74 Patricia 201 Debbie 74,145 ton, Debra 171,201 lan, Mandy 57 )b, Sue 74,122 lb, William .2 Weber, Bryan 1 Weber, Ken 74 2 Webster, Theresa 201 1 Weiker, Debbie 74 1 Weller, Debbie 74,155,169 1 Weinfeld, Bradley 145 158,159,171,201 Weinstein, Howard 58 1 Weisbaum, Sandra Weiseneck, Carrie 58,145 2 Weisenfeld, Howard 145,158,201, Weston, There West W,lli:im 5 I. " - Weste r, Christine 75 Weston, Theresa 147,75 lite, Craig 92,93,. rite, Kris 58 lite, Johnny ibbeler, Chris 95,58 ilcox, Christina 137,181,201,206 ilcox, Lesli 58,137 illiams, Craig 75 lilliarns, Eileen illiams, Gary (illiams, Kenny 201 lilhams, Leslie 58 159, 163 ' ,181,193, 201, 204,206 " ' lilliarns, Steve lilliarns Tracy 58,135,140,164 lilliarns, Tyrone 57,123 filliamson, Crystal 75 Chris 58,104 Eric 75 Gregory 150,1 , Denise 201 Andy 110,201 Wirth, Joan 201 Wise, Kathleen 201 Wolberg, Steve 59,102 Wolf, Mr. Lyle 39,112,113 r evin s3,. Sherr.ll 75 Stacy 59 Woods, Elgina 59,153 Woods, Michaiel Woodward, Bill Woodward, Carole 201 Wright, Sherilyn 202 Wulkan, Stacey 158,202,204 Wunderlich, 75 Wyatt, Curt Wyatt] Lani 202 Wyly, Allen 59,150 Yeoman, Mary 202 Yi, Mark 59 Youds. Henry Young, Clyde Young, Loretta 75,1 Young, Mike 104,10 „..,„, Carol 202 , Clifford 59 ' fino, Loretta 135,153,202,207 Zsigmono, Sus Zweben, Denis Zweig, Dav.d PHOTO CREDIT MATT BAILEY: Page 2; Page 3-Position 2,3; 4-1,2; 5-1, 2; 8-1,3; 9-1,2; 12-2; 35-3; 60; 67; 82- 1,2; 83-1; 84-1,2,3; 85-1,2,3; 86-1, 2,3; 87-1,2,3; 90-1; 91-2; 101-1; 104- 1; 105-3; 106-2; 107-1,3; 108-1; 109- 1; 134-2; 142-1; 151-1,2,3; 152-1,2, 3; 153-1; 163-1,3; 180-1,3; 181-2; 187-1; 188-1; 192-1; 197-1; 204-1,2, 3,4; 205-1,2,3,4,5; 206-5; 230-2,3; 231-2; 232-2,3; 233-3; 234-1,2; 235- 2. GREG BALZER: Page 42; Page 45-Position 1; 48; 52; 53; 57; 62-1; 64-1; 68; 69; 81-2; 105-1,2; 106-1,3; 107; 110-1; 111-1,2; 112-2; 113-1,2,3; 126-1; 127-1,2; 139-3; 149-1,2,3,5; 165-1; 177-3; 230-1; 231-1; 233-4. KAREN BAXTER: Page 47; Page 58; Page 71-Position 1; 73; 81-3; 90-3; 168-1,2; 169-1,2,3; 176- 1; 177-2; 232-1,4; 233-3; 234-3. DAN BORNSTEIN: Page 98-Position 2. JOYCE BREUER: Page 56; Page 130-Position 1,2,3; 131-2, 4; 143-3; 162-1; 172-1. A.J. COHEN: Artwork- Page 143-Position 2; 157-2,3. JEFF COLEMAN: Page 15-Position 2; 99-2; 172-3; 177-1; 180-2; 182-1; 186-1; 190; 191-1; 194- 1; 195-1; 196-1; 206-1,2,3,4,6; 207- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7; 209-2. CONNIE DUNCAN: Page 3-Position 1; 4-3; 5-3; 8-2; 9-3; 11 -1; 12-3; 13-1,2; 33-2; 208-1,2,3,4; 209-1,3,4,5. GENE DUNCAN: Page 14-Position 3. NANCY FISK: Page 70-Position 1; 235-1. NANCY GEER: Page 143-Position 2; 173-4. SARI GRANT: Page 11-Position 2; 14-1; 20-1; 149-4. MARISA IADISERNIA: Page 55; Page 139-Position 2; 172-2; 189-1; 235-3. BARRY JOHNSON: Page 115-Position 3; 116-1; 117-1,2,3; 119-2,3; 121-1,2; 126-2; 127-3; 131- 3; 141-2; 144-1. CINDY KOWAGUCHI: Page 72-Position 1; 74. JIM LUCAS: Page 231-Position 3. JERRY MOGALIAN: Groups, teams, portraits and cover. KAREN MOORE: Page 20-Position 3; 59; 63; 122-1; 123- 3; 183-1; 193-1. SUSAN RINGER: Page 150-Position 1; 160-1; 170-1; 173- 2. KIETH WILLARD: Page 6-Position 1; 89-1,2,3; 90-2; 91-1; 96-1; 98-1; 99-1,3; 100-1; 102-2; 103 -1,2,3; 124-1; 125-2,3; 129-1,2; 184- 1. MELANIE WILLIAMS: Page 10-Position 1,2,3; 14-2; 15-1; 46; 66; 92-1,2; 93-1,2,3; 94-1,2; 95-1; 97-1,2,3; 101-2,3; 114-1; 115-12,4; 118-1; 119-1; 123-2; 166-2; 167-1; 176-2; 185-1; 199-1; 100-1; 233-1. THANKS The 1975 EL CAMINO staff wishes to extend its gratitude and appreciation to all the involved individuals who cared enough to devote their time and talents in assisting with the production of the yearbook. Special thanks, in particular, are extended to Mr. Clark, who never locked us in the darkroom; George, who never locked us out of the room; Mike Arnone, who drove 12 needling staff members to Visalia; Jerry Mogalian, whose patience and character drove him 3 days through the rain for 1 picture; our understanding parents, who kept our dinner warm and last but not least our fearless advisor, Connie Duncan, whose lovable companions, Geno, Fido and Bowser, were left to sleep alone on deadline nights. Hr ' fcs - ■ S v, h i ; v M i t -. n - .r V: WM r- x V d- JO ? v «- t F 1 0) x v RsJ i s

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