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qs v 1 , 52 55 ax.. ai: 3, 5. A . if 2 iii 3 Kg W . 1 5 45144: 42 1940 .922 L, -404,6 4 ,WZ A wzywme M af gydookwuc j'PCJ W ix 'XB ., 3 Q X X SQ ii iw ,,w -sow mf-x-sf-vxfgpv plus .Bmw-15119-'if-.f-:b Vet? .f9n.6 uI3 ov wav, 1 w? 1 ww-L 9tcL3fgTf69D3EN.B Affl-LYCOUG hw, Y6A iLS-Q ' fgmb gcmerve 1 Z X 'Lo'-' 2 fig: L, W 1 ' xi U-' V 'gf 595 251 'Qi V VQH 5 ,nk 3 vmensnakau wnv,1nazs EL, CQ Nl I N U X BUILDING ,7' "'Li'L' ,, T THE STI-IFF X EDuToQs rr'- sms PHTTERSOM PQ-r bwvek I' l' LHVOUT Eowola E Bfzucs Puma jg nm emma X rr! X susan mcuomnw '- ..... -F, Lrrefznkv gorrolzs F 15+-1 BOB OCK K X "LJ f I GLEIUDA nmneesom '- SPORT? EDITEQ - ... I X' ERT nxow ' sermon Pnee son-ons 1 W- cancun 1-assess f lk Km-m.seav muszvnv 1 + P4-so'roc1RnPuv Em-roms fx Q-5 cunmeue 'rnw.oQ - ,, snnnoru BEQQU-rT f ' vy"' iz QDUISOR N' J' D- D. wf-TLLHCE AA lx ' PR L fl. X XNTSEJRRAY + ess fp 1 ,1 , 0 covers 971' Q X 5'-K SMITH , , , 9 1. W do :asf ssuwfs - ' UT ff X j 0 09 1 nuw eonzmuos i fl fopooga po I Tiff: 5050.5 07 xx" 'gl Oolggt E TE ll 1: 9Q?P'mf2"9-4-'J jlfgfgif -4:2 -1 -2 ,- , K i4 f I WY ,. ,. ,, A 77A L"""""1"""" Q1 ,C WW 2 .1-.Q 1' """j1.--..., - A il 133 -L,, T' Em - +22 gfixism iii fi ni wig' Q lg 5 X .Y"f"k E," Q 5 W 2531 Ewa iff 'ldbg l---F' -:H A -fm gi X fn, 4 EW ,QA EffK?'H6"QKf kk X5 HX 11N QVQQN lQgfff ii'ii2 L fb Q15 iffy. fx X3 Mf! ci kfmxvi is MQ or '56 Ogllggmli 5xQ1i,TjwQ2 , -, , EER? JE -.,... , SQX st! I FIVE'-Lfsprgiwree-SOAT-Qi 'SCX' WNW -h 'E , WQJRIUCIPQL . E QC IWWQWIXA ' Ni rx X , f 4 gf ' I Z Vg N-Q kE,?fS??:fQEiZ53ggii 2N ,W f ' W " In ' f 1.35 J Y Qxx NSR N El CAMINO Here, at your brief three-year stay at Bingville, you'll have two kinds of BUSY DAYS: one, 24 hours on the go, with activities every minuteg the other, BUSY DAZE, a time when the hours rush by before you can catch up with them. Meet Real George, a typical Huskie who is going to be your guide during a typical BUSY DAY. CHowever, as Real George is an aver- age Bingvillite, he has many BUSY DAZE.p Q2 fann X 'Q ff 41 Nj If N Page Four TABLE 0F CIINTENTS FAGULIV ,iw In-W :I E ? .' Q . z .,. coo: SENIURS 1 1 Y f f 4' IT X , -1 1 M ' , ,f "' l ! VS' x f lnmii m 'eKJ!.wFfg. f iunmmul '9 -1 W SPURTS --l1- V - .,.L - - - --- f --- 4 ' - A '9 "W . , 5: 1? X-w, sq E ' A f 5- ji. iv GUVERNMENI Q iv' if S? if an CAMPUS " -"A 'fx - 'Q . Q 1 U vw H gh 'L 'l Q E' 1 W : 1 D iff 7 l 1 i v 1 l Mr. Norman Mcleod, Vice-Principal A familiar face around Bingville has been that of Mr. Norman McLeod. Real George and the other boys on Campus have come to know him as a friendly, sympathetic advisor, whose main interests are their activities. In thc- S156 semester, Mr. McLeod temporarily left North Hollywood in order to supervise the production of a television pro- gram, "Spotlight on Youth." All of his friends at North Hollywood look forward to the time when he will return. Page Six FHCUUY ua. f l -D " 5 " ' t .Q E2 112, 5 'i 3 VH is on DQ no 1, i 5 l "1" i 7 i Vxzi A 7 ' ff 9 ' ..::: :.."'. " """""' t se wk-'H Q, -"" L1 K 1 Pnouems ,. Z X 9 etvtpe '7 F """"' lr il! N55 N i t E , K il . i ,wi A V 1: -lhs' 385i 2 u ? f ' Rval Gcorgv is in troublv again. W'ith registration day COIIIK' and gone hc finds himself, 21 B-IU, in ll Svnior Prohlmns class. Undvr thu vxpvrt guidancv of tho Counsclors. Rval Gl'0I'gC munagvd to gvt out of this prvdicmiim-lit. In fact you'll find all of his hvlpful nu-ntors on thc nvxt fcw pgacs. Pagr Swan With the usual Hoek of B-lO's, another new face came to North Hollywood at the beginning of the February semester. It was that of Mr. Frank Neugebaucr. Prevoiusly the head of the Science Department at San Fernando High School, Mr. Neugebauer has found the duties of Viee-Princi- pal to be unique and engaging. The Boys' Vice- Prineipal serves as eo-ordinator of athleticsg spon- sor of Los Eseuderos, twelfth grade boys' service clubg and the School Safety Committee as well as friend and counselor of 6'Real Georgen and the other Bingvillites. Mr. Frank Neugebauer VICE-PRI IIIPALS Mrs. Theresa Jinks ! Mrs. jinks, our understanding Girls, Vice-Princi- pal, has a difficult job, but a job which she thinks is very interesting. She is a friend, advisor, and in general helps to make the girls' high school years pleasant. Aside from her duties of guidance and working for the general welfare of the girls, Mrs. .links is also sponsor of the twelfth grade girls' service club, Las Madrinas. One of the busiest women on campus, Mrs. -links still has time to give a helping hand to everyone. Mr. John G. Fox, Principal Thc Principal of a large school such as North Hollywood must hc za man of ability. dctcrmination and lcadcrship. A man of such qualitics. Principal john Fox has won the admiration and rcspcct of both students and faculty. A wisc and fair adminis- trator, Mr. Fox has shown sinccrc intcrcst in all school activitics. and hc has cncour- aged Hnc sportsmanship and lcadcrship. His guidancc and advicc havc made' him a highly valued fricnd to all of us at North Hollywood. Page Nine we Mr. John Moore Miss Moriorie Miller CUUNSEUIRS Ili-aiding tht' stall' of vourisclors ut North Holly- wood High is Mrs. Ethel Ludwick. This czipziblc, lllllfi-NVOl'liiIlg stall' ZIITZIIIQCS progrzuus, intvrvivws pzirvnts, counsels studvnts about their futurv plans, :md does many other things to help studvnts through their high school years. Assisting Mrs. Ludwick arc gradc' counselors Mi'. Hurry licrko- witz, Mr. George Betts, Mrs. Ruth Dunvan, Mr. NN'illnrd Kisling, Miss Nfurjoric- Milli-r, M1'. john Moorv. :md Mrs. U4-sir:-v Northroto Mrs. Ruth Duncan Mr. iwwmax Mr. Willard Kisling Mrs. Desiree Northcote Mrs. Ethel Ludwick George Betts Mr. Harry Berkowitz -efwii ROW I - Miss Allinson, Dr. Bedoian, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. J. Davis, Mrs. Evans, Miss Fischer, Mrs. Von Helf. ROW 2 - Mr. Beckes, Mrs. Garner Mrs. Franco, Mr. Curtis. ROW 3 -- Mr. Berkowitz, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Domries, Mr. Motula. SUCI L Sl DIES Rail Gvorgi' wus happy. :incl pvrliglps Ll littlr- hit t'0IllillS1'Cl. with thi- lmowlvclgi- that thi- North ' llollywood lizirillly r4'pn'sm-tits gi wich- vzirim-ty of livlds amd suhjm-rts. Ili' was Slll'IJI'lSl'll to clisi'ovm'r, that sinci- liingvillv lirst vzum- into vxistvtiu- in l927. thi- lizivillty has grown from lic-wvr than thirty mvmhi-rs t00I1l'l'lllIlllTt'Cl and sixti-rn, SEATED-Mrs. Curtis. STANDING-Mrs. Gwinn, Mrs. Woodworth, Mrs. Shine, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Keats, Mrs. Pruitt, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. UEEICE Sl EE THE FACULTY REL XES Edwards. X325 . N . 1 Wqgv 3 X Q N 5 R Q: .A fi 31 5 l V 1-u,. wffrwgf Q was f wwi V is Y V . , ,bqggff any 1, , Q 1 P " .af - s. px r fmi Q . K Q I 1 x wi Q ga s W Q Q ,wwf Www a ggi- ,XS 8 o Q FFL. 'K fax Qi X X 'A X REV? Ei sn W? i f " ii ff 1 if f if " JF - bf: g 4. 41 4 A-I' ' ag W is , wr ,A 'QF F1 W NA X- 3 S Rx gf Qi S E' gl We ...:L?' f Qi? XE .A is Q 1 ,, L. f 1 -Q ARF ,ff Ei? S. ' fm ef Q x 'fi 9 Q fx. K me S X N X S , A , A -.3.x- if WMM pi? I xx . .iv -A , 5 R X NX G-W . S5 .. BS X X if f' fi 'Q W... Q I l S . -silllol ll A ' ls-x Q Q L. M537 ffwwm P P urtccn At long last, after three years of blood, toil, sweat, and tears, Real George happily finds himself a Senior Aye and the proud possessor of a Senior Sweater. This last semes- ter is erowded with ae- tivities and right in the middle of them youlll find Real George. IIIASS MUTTO 'H WINTER 1956 4 THE MUIU UE A AAAN'S FUTURE IIES IN HIS UWN HANDS W5e CLASS MUTTU SUMMER T956 aww THE mms or ENnEAv0Rg X X N0.I-IDLLYWOOD HIGH SCI-TOOL 4' I ,. RUUGH GA,fS HE SUUGESS , Q' Q fS0llS IMPIERIMS CLASS 0F WINTER 1956 CLASS UFFICERS Frank Mo gigs: ROW 1 - Frank Motto, Ross Goodman, Deek Smith, Mrs. Evans, Sandy Parsons. ROW 2 -- Jane Yukl, Phil Mittleman, Teddy Lydecker Bonnie Smith, Bob Hartshorne, Kathy Kern. ROW 3ACarI Lund, Earl Kelley, Ron Cole, Bob Tellander, Margie Horwitz, Geri Wilder Wayne Warga. SE IOR YE CHU Cll The Imperials, Class of W"56, were ably led by President Deek Smith, Vice-President Ross Goodman, Secretary Sandy Par- sons, and Treasurer Frank Motto. Although small in number, the lmperials, with the guidance of Airs. lidna livans, were very active in school affairs. Assisting the class ollicers was the Senior Aye Council consisting of a boy and a girl from eaeh Senior Problems class. The semester was filled with activities, ass including Senior Aye assemblies and the Senior Picnie at North ' Hollywood Park. In January, there was the ,Prom entitled "The ii Imperial Ballf, Following, were the Farewell Assembly, Ves- pers, and finally graduation. MRS. EDNA EVANS Senior "A" Sponsor SE LBE RERS ROW l f- Joe Gally, Gail Santiestevan, Geri Wilder, Carole Egbert, MaryAlice Gally. ROW 2 - Fred Akers, Diane Greener, Bob Tellander Ellis Patterson, Jeremy Palmer, and Joe Buza. 1 -Q ft 1 1 1 V Helen Aebli Frederick Akers Geraldine Amore Bernard Arenson Sydney Balbes Glenn Bales Cynthia Bal Bruce Barton Judith Bashara Miriam Beck Lilia Beckert Charles Bernstein Robert Bothamley Arlene Bo' if . ' ' ii F Richard Broswell Thomas Bruno Bennie Bufkin Joe BUZU Charles BH K A R . Y " Q. xiii M ' ' I 4 Q F t . fa by Q v ,J " , Robert Cherry Dennis Clarke Richard Cohen Frederick Akers, Ephebian Ronald Cole Ric Com l Eleanoir'CornVicva Diane Cozod Jean Crabb Joan Cranston Richard Cullen Nick Davidovich Donna Dwc Carol Egbert James Erbes Robert Erickson Myra Evanoff Andrew Evans Lenore Faudoa Dolores F Owen Ferguson Patricia Ferguson Jon Fernandez Glory Ficarella Clair Foster Sharon Foster Gary Fr y Y 4 4. 9 iii . fx. K ,H 5 fl.: as WQEQQ - av esholtz Mary Alice Go 49- A N- -, pf 'f New '483' MS FP'-I if 'YKQA WZQELWV 9 A 1 7 -,,- ,- Q fig? 'i Q X W ww -am' Af, am, X? .W A--X Kay Kerr Edward Kessler Kenneth Kinucan Mary Knudsen David Kramer Linda Laird Lan Robert Lang Sylvia Lapadat Foster Lasdon Robert Locke Carole Lombard Carl Lund Daviana Lu Six Theodora Lydecker Ronald Maas George MacDonald Sheilah Magidson Maureen M1 Allan Markham Ann Marks William Marky Elizabeth Stafford, Ephebian Judith Mathews Kathleen M Jean Metcalf Marsha Meyerson Faye Miller Martha Miller Mary Miller Phillip Mittleman Richard Mo Connie Mohler LaMeice Monsour Angel Montenegro luis Morales Angelina Moreno Hope Moreno Timothy Mol FrcnkYMotto Gary Myhro Sonya Nesch JoAnn Newcomb Mary Nichols Ronald Nordby Paul Now P S k S? by jig Xia, Richard Williams fvkggfpvfx QQ . ' ', ML ww Av f " fd!! -:fa W W M , JN SE IOR PIII Ill Mr. Cake-Eating Curtis Champagne? Look Ma, No Hands! Senior Ballet The Mad Hatter Peter Pan Roy Rogers? Heavens, Evans! Stick-em Up, Bob Look, a Commander Kelley of Flying Saucer Entre Chat Bottoms Up lt isa flying saucer the Space Patrol STEVE GREGG PHARUAHS CLASS UE SUMMER 1956 CLASS UEEICERS Hll PAUL SUSAN PLUMB BRENDA IIUH i pf"" 'QW 3 R .i XX ,X Q Si te s Q, g i . Q "'.. t - STANDING -Susan Plumb, Secretary, Brenda Cohen, Treasurer, Steve Gregg, President, Edna Evans, Sponsor, and Phil Paul, Vice Presi- dent. ROW l - Bev Haas, Jules Hershfeld, Mimi Prince, Charlene Taylor, Nancy Sproul, and Hal Harkness. ROW 2 - Billy Mercer, Mike Higer, Dennis Lee, Wayne Weisbart, and Pepper Fey. ROW 3 -Jim Johnson, Ken Moore, Tommy Thomas, Ron Voigt, and Jona Phillips. ROW 4 - Linda Martin, Jon Warnick, Jeff Gwinn, Cynthia Thompson, Marilyn Vaughn, and Claudia Wales. ROW 5 1 Sharon Gray, Roger Yates, Susan Scavone, Kathy Allsmiller, Carey Odell, and Tim Sims. SIE IOR AVE lIllllNlIll 'llht' Plizimolls. tht- class of 55. provvcl to hm' om' of tht- most l'XC't'IJll0Il2ll rlzxssvs in the history of llingvillv. P1'c'sid4'nt Stew- Grvgg. Vivo Prt'siClt'nt Phil Paul. Sm'c'rt'tury Suv Plumb. YllFt'llSl1l'l'l' lirvnflzi Colivn. :md tht' m'll't'tm'd Svnim' Council lvd this vlziss with ull tht- lmowlt-dgm' rcquirvd of thu lvzidvrs of n group ol' six liundrm-cl and forty. 'llht' Sl'lllt'STt'l' rushvd hy with tht- Svnim' l'in'nit'. Svnior Prmn. Svnior llgmclxu-t, gmcl my linztlly cll'2lClllllll0Il. 'l'ht' Pllzlrziolis lvlt llingvillv. vinlmzirking upon ll nm-w liliv. with llmd ii1c'n1m'ie's ol' thvir thi't't' yvurs :is IIll'IIll3l'I'S nl tht- stuclvnt lmcly. l SEALBIE RERS ROW l - Cynthia Thompson, Ronda Philipson, Darlene Marshall, Barbara Zimmerman, Donna Williams, Jo Anne Browning, Lenora Smith, Charlotte Wells, Sue Smith, Marlene Reicher, Jan Jewett, and Yvette Grisay. ROW 2 - Dick Pokard, Kathleen Murphy, Michael Balaban, Pagy Gannon, Eddie Garr, Jim Johnson, Ronda Richardson, Karen Woodhull, Robert Arne, Marsha Price, Gale Patterson, Glenda Anderson an Bob Rock. EDNA EVANS Senior 'lAye" Sponsor 1 5"-w,'?,.dU0vuv'y v l 'N fd.. Albiez X if SW. x,,i Qgxjak 51- X, , xx? f Q 54 WEL Gayle A is . M QQ Q. wif, x,.,,..f,. 5' Sf-fl . may . X ,,, X , ..,,.u if' Q Q?-'fff N Hg Q gl Q WN L Lug M , fs :Fix --1... S V35 nf 4' w..,.f 9 in ning Ephebian Ro Rfb x 'FJ my 3 Q 6 Q wi N Y: Q9 ff f Ronald An Vg, , Gif Mich s. E N cine Bing Lyn if g ., K .. B LEE : ,,., S.. x .. R . .N -B W 1 0 O X' us G 5244, ,Q in. X Q X ' if 1 , ,Q gg B ,.,, SF X S XX, XM! if 'ii W r v' om Carol Bodner Dixie Bond FW 'W I 'wh 'W f - 54- Q , 49 Arnold Brown rss ,, I L Brummel Barbara Bryant ii? se XS Si ltiixwi wwfk fri I if-3 fi Q W 'Qu 1-. ' JM, ,Vu A . 5 'Qi KS, ,' x ,K Zim M X sg 4 Jim Carpenter 8 J .. 4-3, ,N 6 J s my g ,Ig Fi 1 1 -' ..:, b . 1 ., . W is izfslr' ff W f W 1 M 1361 X -Wi' 4' Q-8 egg r, Barbara Duskun Pat D , Arthur Dubron , .. Evelyn Engel F 4: Wanda Flatt ,Y .45 ,QW Don Flook Q we 6 fm an Q QNXW Eli f 5 Frea Freed 4. Q Riggs gl ., A gm' ron Freshman as if X 55 as Rig A n. N-x 4 A, WW' Y wk- rf A it as i K' ' Auf' X if -ff jf S' 4 - xx x K gif :.,. ,. K X Irwin Groner Pa i J?""'P ' 6' A. X' as f 5 3" 'T' ff y . I :Q Duane Hcxlquust Make Hammer Janyce Hanford Don 1 Q? A au, gk ws Ai? F 5 'W -5 y Q ' Aj W as ' I fr arris Howard Harris David Harrison Joyce Harrison rf' - a as fa W ,ff .Y -3: m W L W, M gh. Q X ld Hartley Duston Harvey Karen Hawley Donna Hazen Arli Vi is , . - A Q . 5 sg' Q S my YS X f R 3 Hoefle Pat Hogan Q 5 . .F ' 49" ,Qi 3 adeline Her ai ,F ff A A of J W, , A gf? we SW ,W Q -A as X Q -Q? Barbara Huichnson Ernest HU'ChISOf1 S ,, X 1-QM, ,. ,wwe ,A 'if' , 95? ,sf Ext . a 5 5 f - WL Y eg Q f ' 4, .N gg , V yr , 7 x xi 2 jf gg ' gi -Tl. , gigs F ,gg "S X 2, ' V ,291 L' .w Qs '39 W5 ' XL - qw "ff Y ' 3, X Z1 me K -wg' R xy Susan Jenkins Janet Jeweh Katherine Jeweft Jam i ess lg vga . Mg. we Sw 1 , Q TNF' Y Q Fw 'I W' f may wi 'F fir W4. ,, , on Gale Kcrno Y if we ws ff N., vi 5 K.. 'fb-E S Q I K gif Q N5- W as S+ if ff' R Ni R 36 n 1 L 5 W? A H Z ' -fl,-::'3 A .x A like Q A"'if -. ff . .. ,ff ,Qu Aw Nancy Kolar U . va? me J ,wh x A E If X . , 4 .XAg X .f A -V , .HL ',.:. saw r 5 .V L Q X W 4 s Sally Lefler ,Nr xi 51 Ferne Lehds sw x Phyllis Lehrer gk A? W a Th Y 3 ffm e WE Sam. XR Q1 4 Si Ra .1 n Lowe , X 5 A nu 5 , Q, 5 .Af sig Q f , 3'1" udifh Mach S' 'Sf Heather MacLeod Sharon Maduson Barbara Magnll ,f X , Y, as .sv S... , an 'PAW Alan Mendelso It Nikki Nichols -ng, 6 NNN wig! N' , f" N if 'F , s iv' .XA Ni? xx A , ww X 1 1 ET., wif at an 3.5 g R k w Mormon Rcthg C iherxn li was S ig - Q if , ,Ahh if Q Ei 'wig 1 E 1 5 J gwf26-ww, WE cott .J nn Shenkmun S fl 2 W 4.13 M Sh '-'wa-fy . J, d PP L9 5 L X M Q w X 1 x 0, ! wg' 1 .- I ff 3 ff, J" f f if 5. ! ? Wig :sal 'F if Q ,E XF Q if Q Y: Wk e nm Williams Susan Williamson Carole Wilson Larry Wong Richard Wood Waren Woodhull Verna Woodruff xt Woods Anita Yates Roger Yates Toni Zamora Elaine Zarit Marcia Zavelson Dorothy Zalinsky John Zenan Sandra Zevel Barbara Zimmerman Edward Zimmermarv Sheila Zovar Lynn Simms, Ephebian Wayne Weisbart, Ephebian Page Thirty-nine Q , sit I 7 All C 'FR ,aww mx' :SSM I 1 iW sf. A Sk. ,, vw "' 1 A A I afwif i :fam ,Q . A l v f X, :Q K ,ki wxkivdw .X .,., NA T X 'dx , i K. EV ,X kk 3 X W is al sri? ff-f -A. Q.. ik.. "w'2?s'f.'f gg, X Q-N 'fb bl' A , --an ' fayl. ffifbg. 1 , ' X ' Q , - f , J, , .fr ' Q .Ax , m, f , Q' ' 5 f 155 5 , 'full - N f Mg, M ff Y: 61055 Q 1 S . A ., e F s, A vs it sz-Q3 '. Q " A ,wx ,- gyggigvb mf , X, um In the fall semester, the Walls of the gym echo to the bone-jarring crash of 16 tons of solid muscles, including those of Real George. The coaches, delight, Real George is a typical red- bloodcd Huskie, so his days are filled with practice for football, baseball, basketball, track, cross-country, ten- nis, gymnastics, and golf. Being nor- mal, Real George tries out for all these, but never manages to stay on all of them. cg gun 4-x 5 ii P . . fs ll Mr. Francis Smith 43:2 "-N X ... - 50 'l6X 1 I E5 6 16? Sigh -X-2 KV' N --Q rv 49 X28 JV' X lb l . M CHUCK BERNSTEIN BUCK TAYLOR HAL HARKNESS Basketball Gymnastics Cross Country - Track HSTANDING THLETIES 0F '55 A D '5 NORTON GELLER JlM ERBES Football Football GORDON LAX HERB GRIFFIN HOWARD LEE Baseball Track - Football Tennis K x J I , . ..,..v. . ...Y-.-...,.,,,....,., is " .. Avi - A ROW 'l -J. Munari, J. Smith, M. Balaban, J. Jones, J. Erbes, J. Wolf, R. Warren, T. Hynous, R. Kram, E. Sherman. ROW 2 - H. Griffin J. Lippnik, B. Pike, P. Paul, B. Rakow, R. Bell, E. Zimmerman, P. Gruen, H. Lee, S. McLean, N. Parsons. ROW 3 - D. Pandolfi, R. Voigt J. Maas, R. Fritch, B. Alexander, B. Jones, N, Gellar, B. Taylor, M. Higer, J. Tyndall, D. Schamps. lElllfRM 'S lil Bi 1' N ! 'O The LCllCI'Ill21Il,S Club consists ol' varsity lettermcn of all grades and Bee and Cee lettermen, They perform various duties connected with the athletic program of our school. Herb Griffin, President of the club calls a meeting each Thursday at nutrition to discuss the future athletic events. Coach Sanders, the advisor strives to de- velop good sportsmanship in the stands as well as on the field. In l' 5 i " 7 I Y 5 ROW 1 - Coach Sanders, H. Griffin, Captain, Coach Trump. ROW 2 - D. Smith, M. Millard, R. Goodman, J. Hadraba, B. Pike, L. Morales, F Smith B Rakow J Erbes R Maas J aas N. eller ROW -D. Pelter R. Bell P. Paul J. Mun , B. Nelson, B. Alexander, D. Greene,IM.. Balabah, Yourlg,'N. Dayidlocllch, Cixgene, Pandilfi, T. Patri,, G. Guernsey. ROW 4 - Dflrllrank, R. Fritch, D. McLaughlin, B. Patri, J. Jones, C. Lund, R. Voigt, M. Westmore, D. Sveum, G. Rubine, M. McCann, G. Seltzer. ROW 5 - D. Huested, Manager, W. Willis, M. Manalis, J. Smally, M. Van Ness, V. Gage, R. Mercado, I. Bass, J. Steele, R. Baldwin, Manager, T. Angel, Manager. ' vAnsn'y FOOTBALL ' u.u-n.s.-- as' auasnmc --44 'L N.H.H.S."33 BURROUGHSHIS ' U.H-H-S."34 VEUlCE"b A , n.n.n.s--al an--0 1, f n,n.i4.5.--ua aessvnvlp ' R S I -I Y io.u.u.s.--1 VAN Nuvs--ao J U.l1.U.S."2l CAUOGRH' 7 ' 9.44.4-t.s.--:z7 BIRMIUGHAMHB N-I-l.l-1.5.--27 BELMODTHIB 9 , u.u.u.s-- ia Cnuoen-. is u.t-l.N.S.-- on Souvn GATE--7 ,O 4 ...i S? pg- 151' Varsity Coaches John Trump and Johnny Sanders xx l l i If I 0wf jfffls jf HUSWES 'Lf 2f4fffff ffffi X-ff Q X J' q R C ,. -f 0,4 ' , f I? Varsit Action North llollywood startvd thi' srason with a 25-lil win ovcr thi- liurhank Bulldogs. Sparkvd hy a sharp ollcnsr' and heads up hall, tht- lluskivs inoyvd 77 yards for a 'l'.D. varly in the lirst liI'ilIIlt'. liatrr in thi' quartvr Iladraba tallird as a rvsult ol' a 75-yard drivv. llurhank srorvd on a pass in thu second quartvr but North Hollywood raunf' bark on jim Erlws' pass hringing thc hall hack to thi- Bulldog 7. .lim Maas scorvd and the Conversion was good. Gil Guernsey picked up a Bull- dog lurnhln' and ran 29 yards for tht- linal Huskic- srorv. At tht' vnd ol' tht' hall it was '25-7 in favor of thc hluc' and gray. ln tht- svrond hall' tht' only scoring was hy Burbank on a 45- yard drivc- altc-r lIllt'I'l't'PllIlQ a North Hollywood pass. North llollywood made- t-asy work ol' tht' Burroughs lndians, downing lllt'Ill flfl-lil. 'l'ht' victory was not as clvrisivt' as tht- scori- indiratvd lN'L'2l1lSl' until tht' third stanza tht- Indians lvd lil-l2. Thi' Burroughs' advantagr' was short-livt-d hr't'aus4' the- first scrivs ol' plays hy thc- blur and gray vndvd all Indian glory with Il quart:-rhack sneak hy jim Erbt-s. Alu-r a good ronvvrsion tht- srorr stood l9-lfl. Ilrrh Griflin 1l1't'0llIllCd for I3 of tht- ll rt-inaining points of tht' grunt' and North llolly- wood t'mt'rgt'd vivtorious for tht- st-cond straight timt- out of as niany attempts. Norton Geller Toni Patri Bob Pike Ross Goodman Ron Voigt ll-American Guard Tackle All-Valley Tackle All-Valley Tackle Tackle .mann-annum:-c1'x1:.anmmuaz nas u 1uuf A svnx.. , . V - 1. f ' 7.--mauzaaa .alnvzifnmn .wkxxnnnsairmmuum .-mon.: lug 1 . . .1 vw Varsity Action Having at pt'rft'c't rvvord in non-lvagut' play, Uoarli johnny Sandi-rs' powcrful t'lc'vt'n complvtvly routvd thc' Vcnict' Gon- dolivrs IH-li in tht- annual Milk Bowl Classic. Thi' Iluskivs drvw first blood with Ronnit- Maas, fill-y1n'd run. Halfway through tht- scrond tll1llFtt'I'ciI'iHiIl smashvd his way ovvi' frorn tht' fivm' and addvd thi- extra point. Vciiiu' scorn-d latv in thc- svcond quartvr making tht- snort' at thv hall' 14-6. Ron Maas tallied early in thc third period on a. "sit up" by brother Jirrfs intcrcvption. Erbvs startcd on a snvak and -lc-rig' Str-tilt-'s brilliant iiitt'i'c'c'ptioii svt up thc' final touchdown. End Back 'KSN Deek Smith Dick Pondolfi Herb Griffin All-Valley Bock San Fvrnando had littln' I't'St'IIlhl2lIlt't' to last yi'ar's Valli-5 Grid Champs as tht-y wvrt' Cornplvtvly m'vi'powvi'm'cl as thv Husl-Liv clcvvn routvd tht-in 31-ll, An outstanding dvfviisivv pt'rforn1anc'c' hy joel Smith, Phil Paul, Norton Gcllvr. and Bob Pikt' had tht' ,Fl'I'IlLlI1dO backs shaking in thvir shot-s. Offvnsivoly for the liuskics, QB, .lim Hrhcs vvvn had tht- rvf- crvvs guessing whcrv tht- pigskin was throughout tht- wholi- ganic. Ron Klaus and Hvrh Griffin also cainm- through with Ron scoring twirv. jim Erlws au'ountt'd for thc' othci' fi touch- clowns, Mark Millard Jack Munori All-Valley Back Bock -T , .Ln Q i Varsit UllilQ'l'IIl2lIlIN'fl and im'xpm'i'ii'i1c'm'cl Rvsvda provcd no match for tht' lluskii' Sandvrnivn as North Hollywood swarmvd ovvr thi' R1-gvnt vlvvm-ii, Hvrb Grillin who had a 29 yards per Cllfly avoragv. srorvd two ol' thc' lluskim' tallivs. .lim Maas also scorvd twvlvv points. Mark Millard scorvd on a 66 yard sprint and thi' half vndvd 27-ll. Coach Sandt-rs found thi- gamv a prov- ing ground for nvxt yc'ar's tram. vntcring many suhs. Dc- tvrinim-d R1-st-da movvd 62 yards in 9 plays, sncaking thv last livi' yards for six points. Looking good as 1-vcr wvrv .lorry Stvclv, Mm-I Manalis, and -lim Maas. Action North Hollywood vndvd tht' lm-aguv svason with a, 27-6 vir- tory ovvr thu outclassvd Birmingham Bravvs. Aftvr a slow lirst quartvr, .lim Erlws startvd passing and roniplvtvd om' to livrt Rakow, who ramhlvd ovvr for first blood. Minutvs latvr Mzirk Millard scored his first as a rvsult ol' an irltt-rv:-ptvd pass. Jim Erhcs conxic-Ctr-d with anothvr pass to Ron Maas, who madt' it to tht' Bravvs' 8. On tht' nvxt play, llvrh Griffin fumhlvd in thi- vnd zona' but Norton flcllvr fi-ll on it for an- othvr Huskic T. D. with Ron Boll adding thv vxtra. point, making it QU-0. Dvvk Smith and Bvrt Rakow Carricd thi- pigskin up thc Iivld to thc- Bravvs' I4 whvrv Millard sroircd his svcond, making it 27-0. Lau: in thc linal framm' thx- Bravcs battled back and scored, making tht- final srorf- 27-6. Phil Paul Ron Bell Don Frank Sonny Cibene Bert Rakow End Back End Buck All-Valley End Nunn-my., hun iii A . 0 . Varsit Aftvr losing to Van Nuys, North Hollywood snagged the' Val- li-y loop raft' into a thrive-way tiv, downing Canoga Park QI-7. 'l'h1- big gun for thc- Huskies was Hvrh Crifhn, scoring a 'I'.D. and Fillllllllllff ISU yards in 29 carries. Canoga scorvd their "one and only" on a I6-yard run, and at thi' half Canoga lcd 7-U. llut things rhangvd in the third frame as Mol Manalis i11tm'i'u-ptvd a lluntvr aerial on thi' Canoga 44. 'lion plays late-r, Criflin wort-d from 9 yards out. .lim Maas fell on a lluntm-1' liuxnhli- and -lim Erlws hnally scored on a 2-yard plunge. With only 7 svconds lc-ft in thc game, Ronnie Mazis tallim-d from the l-foot line, ending the game' 21-7. De- lcnsivc- 1-nds Don Frank and Mickey McCann filled their jobs wx-ll stopping anything vominq their way. Action The annual flash bctwm-1-n tht- Huskies and Wolves was an- other thriller as the W'olvc's dvfvatrd thc' Huskies 20-7. Van Nuys dr:-w first blood on a 80-yard drive. ln the svvond quar- ter Van Nuys made good a 2l-yard pass making thi' scorn- at half time 13-U with thi' l'Volvcs on top. On thi- second play of the third frame flick Pandolfi l'1'c'ov1'rm'cl a Van Nuys fumble. The Huskics scorvd on a drivf' to pay dirt with a final smash by Jim Erbcs. Thi- cxtra point was made- good by "Toe" Ronnie Bell. Van Nuys hit again on a spectacular pass-catch combination making the linal storm- 20-7. Hvrh Griffin. John Hadraba, Ron Maas. Fauch Smith, Dvvk Smith. and Jerry Stn-vlc played great hall all the way. This was thi' hrst cross-town game in which thi' lN'olvn's havv count- out on top for five years. Louie Morales, Guard Bob Alexander, Center Fauch Smith, All-Valley Center Mike Westmore, Center Mike Bolobczn, Gi. , l .E ,. . ,la ti,...,,e,.W ,Ma,Wi.i -Ms--ww-as-....,t at, t.t.,,a,... W, V ' Wa- as Aww. M -i as-M ...,.s.....,,.,,,..5. - N- aa., N1 , A U'-L. ' A 1t,ta.i-like 1 rg. -uqimwwlwwmmm i f-umummfwmwsew 1 -1 1 wma-gym-g-Q-.nw Varsit Action w 1 hud e-arnrcl 18-l'i North Hollywood fought thvir way tc 4 1 ' virtory ovvr Canoga l'ark in tht' City Scini-finals. Thr- Huntvrs n-rvivvcl thc' kirkoll' and niarrhm-d 61 yards to pay dirt and tht- vxlra point was good. ln tha' sm-rond stanza North llolly- wood took oyrr on tht- lluntvr 158. aftrr a Canoga Park lnnihlr. Fivr plays latvr Mark Millard tallivd and Ron livll inadr tha' point aftvr tonrhdown. -lim lirhrs startrd passing and .lim Maas srorrd on a swing pass. 'l'hr rxtra point was hlorkrd and tht- srorm- stood 114-7. 'l'hm' lluntrrs niarrhm-d 62 yards and tim-d it up lil-iii. North Hollywood took ovvr on thvir own 21 and lIl1ll'1'lll'Cl lor tht- winning 'l'.D. Thr 1-xtra point was no good and tha' srorr- stood I8-lfl lor thc' rvinain- ing livr Illlillllt'S ol' tht' ganna Ron Nlaas was tht- top ground galnvr with l.ll yards in lfi rarrim-s .'Xl'ic'r tht- Valli-y lA'QlQllt' 1-uclt-ti up in a thru'-way tn- ha" tw:-on North Hollywood. Van Nuys, and Canoga l'ark, tht- lluskirs worn' ollirially rhosvn tht- Vallm-y Champs and dn-w Bvlniont for thx' quartvr finals. .linnny Maas sparkrd tht- hlum' and gray to a 27-lfl virtory ovvi tht- lim-lniont Svntinvls' highly ratvd, nnclc-fratrd warn. North llollywood srorrd as soon as thvy got thx-ir hands on tht- hall on a prrlm-rt pass l'OIIll30 from .lini lirht-s to livrt Rakow, .lim Maas jauntvd lil yards for tht- svrontl 'l'.lJ. Bt'llllUIli pullrtl a li lJUlIlil'l' and Nlillard Hsvt up" a tonrhdown with a 19-yard run with tht- aid ol' a rrurifying hlork hy Norton Ch-llvr, Maas ran it ovvr making it N.Il, QU, lim-lniont 6, at tht' rnd ol' tht- hall. Hvlxnont srorvd latm' in tht- third pvriod hut Alilll ivlaas put thx- ganna- on irr- with a I!-yard jaunt into tht- S1-ntlnrl 1-nd 10110. Ronnie Maas Jim Erbes Mickey McCann John Hadrczbo Jim Macs ,ll-Valley Bock All-City Back End Bock Back an.. wan.. ww x MM W ,..,.fv...-W Huang gg! HA M- Q. Q, Aw afar 8 as 5 ik x X, sa ' AES 4- .,.w 4' kmdm' h V. .. WNW Malay ...... ,.1 , ...Q - ....f. K A, ,, F 'X x We Q as E aw K W Si S fa Q- if Q M ffff ff?- A A 'FQ i 3' Sm F ,X 3 ' . W .if 8? 'S 'Q A 51325 ,f Q gs A is Q S M fi, Q32 is N, A Q .1 WQM? 'vw f f' lf ,E+ Ng? hw Q 3 'Y ge J . x Q. 5' ,QP Y' E YA E+ 5 we V gl X ' Q E X 5' if S Q S3 fame' f :H 5 ,w A Q W 1 if t ax ROW 1 - T. Garger, K. Pendleton, V. Cleva, B. Livingston, B. Chasin, S. Touber, B. Plemon, F. Macari, R. York, J. Klein, G. Hildebrand Coach Nelson. ROW 2 -V B. Garrett, E. Sims, J. Brown, J. Quint, M. Alzola, R. Brand, J. Lippnik, J. Alexander, D. Valdez, K. Korf, C. Fraser, J. Gino, R. Marin. ROW 3 - T. Davies, R. De Cuir, B. Hilbert, D. Lewis, C. Fey, M. Fizzolio, W. Monello, P. Styscal, A. Gottlieb, J. Mc- Comb, D. Sopp, C. Spitz, V. Solberg. r 'wx 0 n I ' 4 B 'ren N.l-l-I-l-S. I3 " BURBMIK lo N-I-l-I-I-S. gg- - BURROUGNS 13 n.u.u.s. ,2 . venice aa u.u.n.s. ,4. s.n 19 U4-l-l-l-S. 27' RESEDR ln Ml-l.l.I.S. 27.1 Nuys b lllg,i,,l -.1111 I 4- -N.-. Jerrgnglein TomB3civies Mickegygcitlzola Joeaggganik Verrgnileva nh' ' " ' . ' ' " f.'4'..e-- V E9 t. Cf? fi 'v " 'ii-" o 1' QQ? n C' ' 00 Kll-5 f- . H2255 Z AG Frank Macari Bob Plemon Bill Livingston Bob Chasin Kit Korf Tackle Guard Tackle Guard Tackle The Huskie lightweights started the season with very few returning letter- men. The rest of the team was rounded out by green tenth graders. In their Hrst game the little Huskies led by Miekey Alzola, Vern Cleva, Frank Maeari, and Bob Chasin defeated a tough Burbank squad. In the seeond game of the pre-league season, North Hollywood fell to a more experienced Burroughs squad. The Huskies just couldn't do anything right during the second half, although at half time the score stood knotted at 12-12. Standouts for the Pups were Kent Pendleton, Pete Holt, and Bill Livingston. A hapless Bee team was erushed for the seeond straight time in praetiee play by the Veniee Gondoliers. The Huskie gridsters seemed to be laeking team- work while the Gondoliers were working their plays with ease as they eoasted along to a very deeisive win. 'l'he Huskie Pups made a bad start, dropping their debut in league play to San Fernando. Bob Plemon, Frank Mam'ari, Vern Cleva, and Kent Pendle- ton starred for the losing lluskie gridders. A wet ball or butter lingers seemed to be the main eause for the defeat although the Huskies led until the elosing minutes of the final period. it .31-1 t.1. I-lfl. LLL 2 1.1. L4- xf 0 , ll ,A l ,L p q ll bv X N 1 l' I X 1 - "1 . 3? X in .-pil, X149 X ..-. Coach Nelson Pete Holt Gory Hildebrand Ronnie Brand Rocky York Kent Pendleton Bock n Bock Bock Back Closing tht- 1955 Bm' football svuson, tht- Huskiv Pups Inova-d into sm-rmicl plum- with ll tivr win, thrcff loss record wht-n thvy 1-dgvd ll strong Birming- ham clvvvri 7-6. Pvtt' Holt IIl8.df' thc' only Huskir' svorc svconds nftvr thc' kickoff in thx' svvond half. Ronnic' lirzind's too rzunv through. as it had all sc-axon. to vnd all Huskim- scoring. Dc-fcnsivt-ly. 'l'Olll Davin-s. Frank Nlzirzxri, Hob Plvrnon. Bill Livingston, and Paul Stysknl lookvd good, whilv Pvtv llolt, Mivkcy Alzolzx. .loc Lippnik, Kvnt Pcndlcton. and Rocky York stum-cl on ollbrisv. Nc-xt yvar look for somc: of thrsc Hc'c's on the Varsity squad. Aftvr trounving Van Nuys, tht- Nvlsoninvn tzirkvd on nnothvr lvzxgiu' win ovvr the Canoga Park Huntcrs. This was thu Iluskivs' most outstanding gznnv, both oll'c'nsivm'ly and df'l'vnsivz-ly with Tmn Dzwivs, Pvtr' Holt. .lvrry Klr-in. and Mivkry Alzolzt starring. Displaying finu passing by Mickvy Alzoln and .lov Lippnik and sparkling runs by hacks Ronniv Brand. Kvnt Pvndlvton. and Rocky York, lluskiv Pups rnrnhlvd thvir way to thrir first lvuguc' vivtory ovvr thx- Rvsvdu Rvgr-nts. Wwu-nnrmwxm mvmL ,. 1 nz-nwvffxvx uv: , v-vw .wax ,Af9rnmz1.w:xg Alan Buckner, Tim Elbourne, Head Cheerleader, and Wayne Warga. CHEERLE DERS S0 Gllf DERS KNEELING-Cathy Windham, Sandi Marshall, and Jo Anne Mu- KNEELINGM Kathy Kern and Sandy Parsons, Head Songleaders nari. STANDING-Mary Lou Andrews, Marge Thomas, Head STANDING-Marge Thomas, Sharon Bercutf, Bonnie Morrison Songleaders, and Sharleen White iabsenth. Sue Robley. :u. r 1" . srzz' -awww: Gary Hildebrand, Joe Lippnik, Jerry Searle, Sherwood Kalenberg, Coach Korber noir TE M ,. lik X kann This ycafs Golf VIYPZIIII has provi-n itsvll' good dui' to si-vcral rvlurn- ing l1'tt0rmvn. qlvrry Rvucau, thi- first num. has shown lIllIDl'0VK'IlllxI'll ovvr last yc'zu"s form as has .lov " Lippnik. Cary O'Dvll, Paul Full- A cr, llvrry Svurlv, Juni VVvst01' and Slwrwoonl K21ll'Ilbl'l'g'. Thv Huskiv sturtvcl out thi- svason Sun I"i'1'r1zmdo 18-ll and ii is Ax Gollivrs hvzit i ng Rvsvclu I6-2. amd losing lo Van Nuys li-I2 and Canoga Park 6- l2. Sinn' Mr. Korhm' has I2llii'll ovvr thc' voglcliiiig joh of thi- Coll' llql'2lIll, it has sliown in1p1'cwc11u'nt with l'Vl'l'Y l0lll'llillIll'Ill and prac- llL't'. Joe Lippnik and Coach Korber Mike Higer, Paul Cook, Tom McDermott, Fred Selan, Don DeKorte, Terry O'HanIon, John Tyndall, Chuck Bernstein, Ernie Windle, Ellis Patterson, ond Coach Furlong. RSITY B SKElBAll Coach John Furlong's third year of coaching at Bingville truly proved to be the charm. After a, mediocre practice session in which the Huskie casaba-crew defeated Roosevelt and Lincoln while dropping close de- cisions to Hollywood and Fremont, the Huskies rose to the Valley cham- pionship and third place in the city. At the start of the League season the Huskies suddenly caught tire and displayed their championship form. To the City Tournament North Hollywood carried a string of ten straight victories gathered in league play. In the tournament they ran this into twelve straight games before the valiant Huskies succumbed to the superior height of Jordan High, the eventual city champs, in the semi-finals. Still not to be denied the Huskies bounced back and defeated a strong University team in the consolation game to earn third place in the city. Having completely rolled over all League opposition it came as no surprise when North Hollywood dominated the Helms All-Valley selections. Chuck Bemstein and Ernie Windle were named to the first team with Bernstein designated as "Player of the Year," while john Tyndall and Mike Higer were named to second team berths. Bernstein was also chosen for a first string spot on the All-City team. The final record for the Blue and Gray was 15 wins and 3 losses. . Page Fifty-eight . li' ' Y 1,-f -Pi, gr A-L VARS ITY BRS!! B1lALL ll.u.u.s. 17 Q.: 5, N.ll.Ll.S. IOS' RESEDR 24 15 QR ll .turn-Sf lMI.l-IS. '10 SJ.: 4,8 0-0-H-S- 35 nesson a4- N.l-l.l-13. 11 VA., .mils ba N-ll'l4'5 58 unuuovs 48 uluiucs can N-ll.l-LS. 78 EIR. 22 NJ-l.l-l.S. 46 S.GllTE 44- 59 BELMONT 38 N-ll-N-S 51 IDRDDD 72. N-I-l-NS. UNI. .,'!' nw A F Nl . au' E HQQFQ Terry O'Hanlon Chuck Bernstein All-Valley Guard All-Cify Center T"-. 'li 'F'-F? 'H Q 2-" I sm mf A . I F, F R ,.r.,4 f ff' i ATM Ellis Patterson Mike Higer Center All-Valley Guard 1 Q r 1 ri ' .. -'sf '- N ' Ns H- m y , f ,X s 5 E39 S....e Don DeKorte Paul Cook Ernie Windle John Tyndall Forward Guard All-Valley Center Forward . -TT Fred Selan Guard Varsity Basketball Coaches John Furlong and Paul Xanthos 43 732' l Q 4 R fi' wi V f If . A 4 pk xx, , o I 0 U C X K l 5' QB: Q XX xx x,. "W W Xxfix 45 N 1 N ,E 4 0 gb J N xl? ' v ,I 33 bf: an an ..,, c x ,.,,.,:- I il SX K :X ' 1 ik Yfifss ' ' 1 I R X was t X. . 14 17 5 S 518 l ROW 'l- Nathan Lariman, Bob Jones, Stu Wright, Perry Alshule, Buster Brown, George Chmyz. ROW 2 - Dick Stichler, Don Hathaway, Barry Sanders, George Mayon, Tim Weil, Ron Roderick, Don Nunley, Steve McMorris, Coach John Furlong. . 1 J. v. B SKETB it R. S2 -- 5.1: 4.0 N. nos - Rsseon .24 V ii. vs' cp. 41 - N' . R' 77 1-T The Huskie casaba crew rolled up a good seasonal record. The team .L 'Q l broke even in the practice games and then rolled up six straight league H. A l Z victories. They then dropped three of the final four league games. Two 4 6 ' of these losses were to Van Nu s with the difference bein three oints 410 v IU 44 n e Y g P H' ' ' in the two contests. Steve McMorris was named to the First Team All- ll- 4' Q , V- N- Valley and Tim Weil was named to the second team. Coach john Fur- -L -TTT Gia 3 7 ' long moved Ron Roderick and Steve McMorris up to Varsity ranks for 4 .25 I the last two league engagements and city playoffs. 1 --- --1-...- .... 'li 45 ' Perry Alshule Tim Weil Steve McMorris Ron Roderick George Chmyz Center Guard Center Forward Guard .NN . . I 1 s is vii! ROW 1 - Alan Heimel, Bill Milton, Arthur Altunian, Ron Hartley, Russ White, Richard Hartley, Ron Wood, Kirby Alvey. ROW 2 - Manager Jordon Good, Howard Rosen, Bruce Robertson, Mike McLane, Dave Ball, George Richards, Larry Stern, Bob Oliver, Coach Zanthos. BEE B RSKET8 RL-L i, M. bf ---- s.r-i as 4 1+ nm. si -- -- Res. 4-1 l r 'I l t if mn, 51 - - C.P. as 4, nv.u. se- --Bm. 45 g .' N.n. 58 -- - SJ: 47 t lg N.H- ' ' ' RES. li ij lu.u. 41 . - mv. 4-3 Q. ...,p 3 -- scirzf :fi C g ip r eg 554 131 Ut ,jf n.-3 RICHARD HARTLEY All-Valley Forward RON HARTLEY All-Valley Center QR wi K 5 "BEE" B SKHB ll The Huskie lightweights started the season with no returning lettermen. As a result the team had to rebuild with a couple of promising Cees from last year and a load of green tenth graders with a sprinkle of eleventh and twelfth graders. The team was loaded with talent and behind the coaching of Coach Zanthos, blossomed into a well-balanced team. The team went through the season winning I3 games and losing but lg breaking Coach Xanthos' twenty-nine game winning streak. By tying for the League Championship the Bees placed their starting five on the All-League Team. On the first team were Ron Wood and Ron Hartley. Russ White reeeived second team honors while Rich Hartley and Artie Altunian made honorable mention. Larry Stern All-Valley Guard at -Q.. Russ White Ron Wood All-Valley Center All-Valley Forward RP W.--7 S-if gd ROW 'I -Alan Jacoby, Louis Nieto, Jim Compton, Eddie Kotel, Jack Harrington, Fidel de la Rosa, John Mateia. ROW 2 - Brent Howell, Jeff Lugash, Bill Bryant, Neal Kaminsky, Coach Xanthos, Bob Fredricks, Alan Heim, Jim Wright, Marvin Lieberman. lH+3-- NJJ33 .... MR42 .... Muzi-H MHJQH MH32-- MH3l' UNl3" naar. MH2Y-- Jim Compton Center I o 'C' Bns uersnu. - - - SJ? RS. CR BW SF RS. MN VM CR H61 18 12 2? 27 33 37 32 34 37 27 Jack Harrington Forward CEE B SKElBAll This year's Cee team was green, but it showed exeellent possibilities for the future. The little Huskies started off with a bang, during the practice season but slowed down when the league began as they eouldn't eliek with the winning combination. Led by jim Compton, jack Harrington, Louis Nieto. Eddie Kotel, and Fidel de la Rosa the Cees ended up with a 5-5 record, which was identical to last year. Other lettermen included. Alan Jacoby. Niel Kaminsky. and john Mateja. Eddie Kotel Louis Nieto Guard Guard Fidel de la Rosa Forward .IDL fC? ni 3 X y K 4 I I wx ,V X Q. 3.-. :Q 4,12 F, -3 A-9 . Kg. V93 X - ' ' X5 N ,W T. .af Q MQ -1555-'4w!i. K. x x,,,.QSJ. K, nf, X MW ,, . A t ef: . 4,2 k mx x ,. 11, 15' x ff is ,say cs, 5.5 -4 f, fifgixx 9Hfj"m, ' 1f1'S2JQS'M Q N' - ' 'Q 4 33,341 ,gg x WTR 1 QM Q .gm ls - fsqgg-:K xv 5- -m was . f if Sw ROW I -Wolf, Garmen, Gamer, Jones, Lee, Rombeou, Sherman, Gruen, Dicker. ROW 2 - Coach Xanfhos, Rodman, Goodkind, Clauson, Phillips, Binn, Zwicker, Rosen, Martin, Soboski, Mgr. TENNIS X-. I f , 4'-1wQi',1'.g. Y R an 'Q .Q V: R4 HCI W h-N240 3 - if X . 9xi?5fZ?e2 Ro- Ara tx ,X gangs' Away f . f Wu, . la 'M i' -- " -...Q I ' 4- f . -W f I -.... .-..-. Hi W JGVTY Didier Eddie Sherman John Rombecru Howard Lee PS ,xr vim v, '- o--" 'A ROW I A Coach Osterman, Hal Harkness, Duston Harvey, Ken O'Brien, Angelo Coralis, Mickey Finnegan, Felix Gallarza, Eugene Moore, Ronald Kessler, Gary Betch, Randy Lipson, George Collis, and Frank DeMichelis. ROW 2-Gary Wright, Bob Daniel, Harrison Vann, Denny Schamp, Klaus Paschke, Warren Kashul, Dave Twelker, Eddie Garr, Ronald Tuller, Richard Willett, Richard Lombardi, and Richard Busk. ROW 3 - Arnold Amber, John Rodriguez, Jim Byrd, Art Dubron, Eugene Philpott, Arson Muger, Norm Peterson, Steve Turner, Loren Peterson, Al Mendelsohn, Manager, Ray Johnson, Manager. lIROSS lIllllNlRY This yc-ai' provvd quita' SUCCl'SSlilll for the- Huskiv Harriers as thc Bluv and Gray plan-d vighth in thi- vity. Leading thc' pack, as usual. was City Champ Hal Harknvss followed closely by Duston Harvey, K4-n O'Bi'ivn, and Norm Pvivrson. Hal Harknvss, thc' distance ave, svt a. new Valley Pri-p rvcord on thc tough Picrvc' junior Collcgc Coursv. Rounding oil' thc Varsity squad w'0rc Mickey Finnegan. Fm-lix Gallarza, and Donald Kvsslvr. Junior Varsity lctterxncn wore: G1-nv Nloon-, Gary Betrh, Frank Dc' Mifhvlis, Harrison Vann, Gary W'i'ig5ht. Randy Lipson, and Donny Sfharnp. Lvading the tcnth grads' tvani wvrv: -lim Byrd, Bob Danivls, Alan Wilkc, Dave Twel- kvr. Lora-n Pvterson. Strvv 'llurrim-r, and Rich Lombardi. Duston Harvey Ken O'Brien Ronald Kessler Hal Harkness Norm Peterson TRACK CHAMPS ,V if A 120 V iggk X if - -- ir , ff K ' f K h is A i EW QS Wax , me - A 0 3 ,X 07 f - ' J 1 'X x ' 'E qi .. P I Q 29 Qi . xg :". ' Q1,' .0 W 2 Y 5 X Q. ::s..9 'X .f ilk N J I 4 X K I n - X 2 1 153 5.35 3 qi' W x N ++v 2 , YM . .X f j X I . ? CD, L ' R X0 , ' QX N 'I X ACN NBRXDIE HERB GRIFF ww? f 4 5 'X , ' A Q." 3 Lx: jg Q? WC, f f 1 f '1 Ufsmgzj ' Y X 5:2511 GR I Wifi! X C ? :X X tg., J M H y W X E9 Q73 Md W "xx , .Y X X ' '.gi-,f rm X N "' i 1 - 1W"L'2" PM SX' gl IE' Ng' f MCBRIDE, WILLIS BROWN, TYNDALL O'BRIEN, HARKNESS DeMlCHELIS, ADREON Hurdles High Jump Distance Middle Distance I ,wa 7 d VARSITY V ZLL KELLEY MUNARI MARIN SELTZER GRlFFlN, ALLENDER Pole Vault Sprinis Shof Puf ROW l - Cibene, Hanke, Miller, Brown, Marin, Millard, Willis, Seltzer. ROW 2 -Coach Sanders, Munari, Higer, Tyndall, Lee, McBride Klein, Harkness, Kessler, Critchfield, Moore, Kirkpatrick, Nelson, Coach Nelson. ROW 3-Quint, Carter, Bently, Nunley, Allender, Adreon Woolever, DeMichelis, O'Brien, Krueger, Paul, Angel, McLauflin. TRACK COACHES SANDERS and NELSON 3. Under the able handling of Coaches Sanders and Nelson the spirited Huskie traekmen turned in at top-notch season. The hlue and gray boasted 21 good combination of field events as well as the track division. After downing Eagle Rock, the Huskies lost to the outstanding Los Angeles traeksters in pre-league meets. In league play the Huskies had a 3-2 record taking third place in the Valley. It is hard for the Huskies to lose with such out- standing athletes as Seltzer, Marin, and Millard in the sprintsg Cibine and Hanke in the 4-105 Adreon and De Michcles in the 8803 McBride and 'Brown in the high jumpg Griffin and Allender in the shotputg McBride, Krueger, and VVillis in the hurdlesg Marin and Millard in the hrozicl jump: Kelly and Munari in the pole vault: and O'Brien, Harvey and Harkness in the mile. The Huskies ns ll team and individually hope to go far in the Vul- ley and City Competition as they end the N56 season. Page Sixty mm ROW I-Coach Sanders, Monello, Holt, Salzman, House, Nelson. ROW 2-Chandler, Frazier, lwamotio, Chandler, Johnson, Fizzoluo Rothman, Bruce, Patralia, Harvey, Hildebranf, Guernsey, Styscal, Speakman. Pr1grSf'1w'l1Iy BEE TR CK Wendy Mon:-llo was tlu' outstanding atlllctv for thc 'lBcC,s" in lhv Spring of 1956 as hc' lvd ilu' lightwvights in thc I00, 220, shot put, and on thc' rvlay tcams. W'vndy hrokv the 220 rccorcl svvc1'z1l times during the svason. Ofl1l'I' outstanding "Bvv's" included Pctc Holt, in tho 100 and relay, Mic'kc'y' Fizollio, jerry Saltsxuan in thc 660, Gcorgm- Iwa- moto and Bob Spvasnlan in thv hurdles, Ray john- son in tho high jump, Harry Knott in tho broad jump, and Bodic Chandlvr and Tony Glll'l5l'1' in thc pole vault. Many of thvsv nBl'l',S,l arm' rvturning, so watch for thc-m nvxl yvar. x XX 59 2 'XX Q h v X, Qzilg X J gf ' swf its 1 h QM A wwf '::'- S gm Q 5 A Z 4 9 "5f if y EB 5 img W M Q 5 55 sf V if 'f M A qw, lg V 6 X 5 fi i W wg, V!" 125' , 44. v gg x I fm? Nbbb E ,Q Q,-.: fi? 4 Q 4 g5??fQ TS SA xg X 'TP :, Q x, xx X Ri U 21 X X5 Sk' E R K 5. h ,, . . . fi if ' f ix s ,, , XM. 9 gal! "2 X mv' 1 I A rn - . My Q if 5 5 7-V . f Ti I ., , 2 fy M. 43' h,-x 1 VERN CLEVA Gonois LAX RON BELL RICK WARREN Fielder Fielder Fielder pgfd-,er V RSITY B SEB ll FRED TOWE TOM ZINZER First Base Fielder This year for the Bingville Baseballers was excep- tional with several outstanding players. Leading the pitching staff was Rick Warren, All-Valley pitcher, and jim D'Ambra. The infield consisted of John Hadraba at catcher, Eddie Zimmerman at third, Ronnie Brand at short, Vance Gage at second and a battle for First string position be- tween Bob Elsner and Fred Towe at first. Gordie Lax, Ronnie Bell, Tom Zinzer, and Verne Cleva held down the outfield. On the bench there was depth at every position. The Huskie Horsehiders have a good chance to sweep through the Valley and on to the City, which will round out the 1956 season. .Wim .. FX M, 'Ill' f'-lin" 4 BY I LP, 1 Xa' 5 , r , of NL Ig ROW 1 Tom Zlnzer Ron Brand, Eddne Zimmerman Fred Towe John Hadraba Tom Thomas Tom Hynous Ron Bell ROW 2 Coach Osterman Bob Elener Gordie Lax, Vance Gage Don So Vern Cleva Rack Warren Jerr Renneau Jam Dambro w 31-4 PETE TOMPSON RICHARD KONECKY KEN BONDY JIM BROWN Pitcher Ouffield First Base Second Base J. V. B SEBAII ROYVAL, COACH TRUMP, PEARLMAN ddr- I f ?1...xLa'- .2-I sf I X Q Hy., .X 1 WIIIII an-' I 3...-41' I .NA I -- I' E luv - I -. ,- z if x . , x W , xi X I XX GENE MILSTEIN BOB FREDRICKS TOM DAVIES DAVE LURIE Outfield Pitcher Shortstop Outfield liogivli .lohn 'l'i'ninp's ll. V. hzisvhull tvznn should go lan' in winning thc Vnllvy 1.1-zxgilv V. Pc-nnznit. 'l'ht' -lnnioi' Ilorst-liidt-i's liztu- shown g'l't'1lt fivlding ability with 'lloni Shit-lds, Ki-n Bondy. 'Il0Ill Dzivivs, Marty Corlinzts. :ind Rich Konccky sttirrixig with thvir consistgnit play. 'l'ht- pitching inonnd was hvld down hy Pt-tv lonipson, Bob PC'Lll'lIll2lIl, und Rolmhit- l"i'c'cli'it'ks. 'l'hi' oil't'x1six't- punch was lvd hy Goin- Milstcin, Rich Kont't'lq', and Kvn Bondy. Nt-xt yvgn' thv Vgnisity 'll-ann Couch Ustvnnun Can look iiOI'XN'ill'Ci to good lmckiiig coming up front this yt'zn"s wi'll-lmlziiiwcl Y, tvznn. ROW l -- Coach Trump, McKinley, McLean, Fredrick, Shields Ponoretos Lurie Bondy Cortinos Gordon Bcishoro Kneezung Pelter Mgr EAOZVI? - Alsxilstein, Davies, Royvol, Konecky, Fwillinger, Cockerell Boll Berry Thompson Winfield Krckoff Brown Pearlman Kominski c u ey, gr. nxwmwxmwv:zxmwxv,mmmw-1www mevwwn- r ww- - -fu :fr-.. .,t. . , W ft., - v,m ,.,. , N...-M 33 'L 53 CREWS MCLEAN TAYLOR SANT Free Ex Rope High Bar Free Ex Spring ol' l956 provcd to hs' an outstanding ycar for the Huskit- Illl1SClt'IIlt'Il. Conclrt-cl hy "long" john Furlong, thc- North Hollywood Gym Tvznn hooked thc Vzillvy frown with no opposition, winning by ova-r svvcnty points. Outstanding as "all around" nu-n wt-rc Buck Talylor, -lllll Crosby. Bill Burdt-n. and Stvvc McLean. Taylor wulkvd ofl' with tht- Vallcy Chznnpionsliip in tht' rings, long horsv, high har, and all zironnd. john Lang and Chuck MitClit'll. both showvd grcait forni as Mitchcll took tht' Valley Crown. McLc'an tit-d for thc- Valley title- in tht- ropt' whilt- Bzirdvn took thc parallvls. Dunno Wilson niadt- consistcnt points on tht- ropc and rings whilt' Biol Sant and ,lorry Crows scorvd on thc Frm! Hx. Kvith tlOllQl'I' and Gvorgt- lfulkvr took ow-r tht- tumbling aftvr Sago Shirnokzt hrokt- his arm. ROW l - Coach Furlong, Towe, Wade, Sant, Kennon, Hilton, Vasques, Crosby, McLane, Taylor, Parsons. ROW 2 M Hanlon, Gouger Crews Hamilton, Lang, Mitchell, Cohen, Walker, Heitzer. ROW 3 - Barasch, Jenkins, Wilson, Leach, Rice, Royvcl, London, Bordon, Quirk Barsha Ludwin. ,At ,zu cuff' sw -f N... wi mi '56 s MMER '56 ROW lvAdrianne Mansfield, Secretary, Jenee Gossard, Presi- ROW l-Carol Shenkin, Recording Secretary, Dolores Salvetti, dent, Lynn Simms, Vice-President, and Jan Jewett, Treasurer. ROW Vice-President, Adrianne Mansfield, President, Sheila Berman, 2 - Class Representatives: Patti Barkman, Mary Parlapicino, Bar- Treasurer, and Barbara Bilistansky, Corresponding Secretary. ROW bara Bilistansky, Anna Fagerlin, Susan McDonald, Lorelei Cal- 2-Ellen Wright, Head Songleader, Susan McDonald, Historian, cagno, and Wendy Howell, Commissioner of Girls' Athletics. Stand- Ronda Richardson, and Anna Fagerlin. ROW 3 - Carolyn Haas, ing: Miss Heckerson, Sponsor. Publicity Chairman, Judy Mach, Barbara Morrison, Commissioner of Girls' Athletics, and Hilma Cohn. li. .A. BUARD An zictivs' supportvr :it all of thc' football gzirnvs is thi' North Holly- wood Drill Tvzini. Thvy vnicrtain with various routines along with the' hand :it half time This sponsoring teachers arc Mrs. johnson and Miss MCGvcnvy. This group of 102 girls workcd hard during thvir gym pvriod und aiflcr school to bring vntortaimnvnt and spirit to hvlp our Huskivs win. .H.H.S. DRILL TEAM ROW l - Marcy McGeeney, Sue Brown, Manager, Nancy Sproul, Bev Haas, Sonya Nesch, Patty Gannon, Banner Girls, Sherri Farrell Manager, and Bertha Johnson. B L Sew' 1 SEATED - Miss Marcy McGeeney, Mrs. Johnson, and Miss Jane Sullivan. STANDING - Mrs. Hazel Crenshaw, Miss Arline Heckerson, and Miss Lorraine Hughes. .A.A. RAllY lilRlS A vm-ry nuliu' group on filllllllls is thi- Girls' lvtic Asscwizitimx. JXIIIUIIQ thvir Illlllly zwtivitivs thv Play Dany stands high on thi- list. 'l'lu'ir ham pmnmtingg SPOI'lSlIl1lllSlllp and fun has lM'l'Il a gn .nt new! to North llollywoocl High School. ROW 'I -Judy Mach, Lorelei Cczlcagno, and Patti Barkmon. ROW 2 -Roberto Neil, Marcia Harris, and Ellen Wright. Pagz' Sf'I't'II1-1'-H1.ll'l' -41-n. 1 ROW I-Costamagna, Shenkin, Jewett, Calcagno, Corpening, Raihbun, and Thompson. ROW 2-Cohen, Stuiz, Gleming, Baumgarner, O'Keefe, Palmer, Herter and Madison. ROW 3-Miss Heckerson, Douglas, Lloyd, Kise, Fox, Harris, Goodbrod, Levenihal, Disterdict, Tulcin, Knudson, Turner, Win- chell, Hatlon, Barr, Schiffauer, and Miss Sullivan. ROW I-George and Teddy Lydecker. ROW 2--Barb: Bilistansky, Mariam Beck, Susan McDonald, Sandy Parso Phyllis Jacoby, and Sandy Frizell. ROW 3-Sylvia Herl Carol Rathbun, Lorna Lydecker, Mary Wood, Sheilah Magidss and Toby Drake. L GIRLS' lHLIflll A.ll. DRILL llfllll .32 ' X x f ,wx s a . Q S , , N X X 5 if M f f f 1 bwfgaji fl 'W xxx 1 , X ' '51 1 am ' S E ax Am y,,N. .. ,M ,f f' f""f'+N.r1,-af: ' A.: H V . A My 'gag' A 4 Y , --Q K. ' 'V .8 , If in I ,ll A3 U M A ' ,111 K lil- ' rl Y s ,TF 1' ,Af.',j,, Af U?-lic. 1 V' A X ' . 4. g Q , .,' 4 , 'Viv '- ' - ' K ny, ,,'-' I vis ', ng-1 ,, ' 9' ' - if ' '. H51 b ,ff',J:'-r - . 7. 0 '14 . f in I , ., .. rw. 'f . ai., X' 'X' , 1 A L '81 ngrg .v 'H ' 'Q ft' 6 fx 2 A x cp gf' 'yi M 'l 22 2 If JVA. C 5' J g R 'ff K ' . 1 'y, , 1 , Y .' - A 1 5 Q . H '. 1 --Q 4 " - ' ' K ' 'S' ' A 1 . L . K .- " . ' L ' g ji" 1 nh. -H. .,"' , ff, 64, . , K1 xt, H, K .MY l a Lt. 1 4' I A A 0 ...lik . Q, . x ., .. , , W, A ' 'QQVUQPW -' fi? ' h , 'Q MWW K. x A xx 'K M Mk A Q - f Wim ' kiid m -B N' aj- -' V W' 1 ' X , Lgsw:-slwgixiif N A "" Q'Q' , f. -1- ,O , 1 ' f , t s " a , ' 42 xr ' ' - ' M. - ' vm 0 0 0 0 -Cr cg' 5 'SA ' ',. V , rx v fkjy, K Wiz, ,.,, n .-.QW b!!C?-.'QfffS:'b..,,.,. M M .V ..., ,T ip, . . .I , g.,,,.gV.A .g",,....E S,3,fx, Y, as ,J ,!::,vd5f' 'j,.f! I-Ai lu- ' . 4 ,T .1 - h I' fi . f ' ' . 1 , 1 . K.,-f" I ,f L f ff-' , ' kj, f ,H K,-1 4 V , J. B - 1 1 1, xx!! N U A 'fr : ff. as fx' A A 8 JA, pu- L Q .5 4 t ,f ' tx Q J, "' X ,f ' 5- 1 P" " ff - ff' -6 A ,7 l I ff C 0 4 . X , 4 'ff ' x 'I 1 " , . i, I , ' f ' 5 f L1 7 v, ' ,cf 1 Q 113' X f"' ' Pa- ' A -- 4' it sd'-'moby Q by 5'1A"'5,px I5 Ax 5 bln s S- IX, 4, Q. 5,9-1 Q B Q ,Q,,L xllpip f V x4 J 5 Q , . 7 L 'i 9' cha Q Q.-gr "K 5 4 m g3 t,Qa up 'Q 4,1 -in C9 . , bi 5 K , ,- h ,Q Hx 5, 1 fl, UVERNNENT Page Eighty-two Real George runs into the long arm of the law at full speed one day. From the all-important Student Court comes the terrifying news that Real George, a Senior Aye, has 13 merits to his name. After going into a state of shock, our hero stumbles up to Room 209, only to find out that he has made a slight mistake, he's read the nine in his ninety-three merits as a one! He ought to know our top-notch Student Government never makes mistakes. l I a HK W7 Q S10 D Elvf CoU R T if If The II1t'IIlbCI'S of thx' stuclvnt council urn- thn- clcctcd rcpruscntativffs of our studm-nt body. This hard-working group zissurvs thc succvss of our school semester. Thr-y plan ussvnihlivs. dances, sports nights, and Ollll'l' uctivitivs that round out the se1nc'stCr. The W,56 sciiivstvirk popular council was lcd by Prvsiclvnt Bob Tellanclcw, Vice'-Prvsidmit Mila' XNvl'SlIll0l'l'. Secretary Sonya Nvscli, 'llrvasurmw Wnyiiv Wcisbart. Thr- council is undcr thc supvrvision of Mr. Arthur Curtis. A volc of tlianks to ilu- W'56 Council for 21 Sl1l'Ci'SSl-lll sc'11i4'stvr. MIKE WESTMURE somvlmnzscn W' TER1955 wivmfwlalsn in .X In-xx SlIlfil'llI rollllcxl look mm' Ill lhv Sab Nl'llll'Sll'l' llvnclvcl lu l'11'siclm'x1l NY:1x'111' XYvis- lxnrll xlfl'-l,l'l'Sliil'lll, Duck c1llX'l'Il2lllQ Sm'c'n'- tary. Putty flllllllillll and YI'I'l'2lSlll'l'l', Mark Mil- lard, 'l'l1m'y had l1l'l-MIX' llwnl, the' llSll2ll projx'1'ts .xml swim' K'Illil'l'lY nvw idvns to nh-vm-lop. :M ilu' M'llll'Sll'l4 l11'ng1'n'ssvcl. Billgvillitvs found thc' uuxnwil to bv cnpzlhll- :md Ofigilllll, This group was lnrgvly rvspmlsihlm' fm' ll NRVLII Gvorgmf' sm lllt x11 I. WAY EWEISB RT ' ' :Q : 1 0 1 M SY X wf? - ' mek CAVENAH SUMMER 1956 UFFICIERS P TTY GANN N M RK Mlll RD Pngf' El.KQlIf,l'-fiI'f' Patty Gannon Dick Cavenah Pat Dwyer Steve Gregg Brenda Cohn Sue Carlow SCHOLARSHIP SAFETY SERVICE ASSEMBLIES HEALTH PUBLICITY Bob Larson Wendy Howell Jim Pobanz Lynn Simms Nick Davidovich Geri Wilder BOYS' GIRLS' BOYS' SELF GIRLS' SELF BOYS' GIRLS' ATHLETICS ATHLETICS GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT LEAGUE LEAGUE Deek Smith Herb Griffin Vern Cleva Bob Chasin Gary Arbuckle Fred Akers I I SENIOR A SENIOR B A-II B-II A-IO R.O.T.C. PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT COLONEL Page Eighly-six IINIIIL S MMER I956 hleen Murphy Sharon Bercutt Mardy Myers Tim Elbourne Wendy Higbee Barbara Dobson CHOLARSHIP SAFETY SERVICE ASSEMBLIES HEALTH PUBLICITY Jim Jones Bonnie Morrison Larry Young Beverly Haas Bob Snyder KH Carson BOYS' GIRLS' BOYS' SELF GIRLS' SELF BOYS' GIRLS' ATHLETICS ATHLETICS GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT LEAGUE LEAGUE teve Gregg Mike Kilgore Doug Greene Don Heitzer Frank Macari Jerry Lewis SENIOR A SENIOR B A-II B-I I A-I0 R.O.T.C. PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT COLONEL Pagr Eiglity-.i'1'z'1'rz wks , ,gash 'U if n 4-LQ A 3, N X Q AK 5 3 N x N X QQ bww? -cw N .W ww... P' ff? 5 Q 5 W .W ex' L, 1 2 f 5 ! ' QOL, fi MM., VV W x ',,4 i 4 1 Mi i' G '11 Q60 ' 4 4 .. QM ,Q X Qiwgti ' A wif 543' W M if nj 3-Q H1 ,gk 1 f fi-be 7 H f 1 an N Q Q' U F ' W' Tiff 1 4 if 51" QW, A V 'Q V S ,ff - i gig? 45? ff W 'W Qs 6 Q 5 if "f,f,g"f tl W ?f2"'i1 2 .4 V wk f uw X A Q Q -L ', f zf""ff , F? aww , X' .N nf ' x .1 X 3a L x J, 'WI 1 Q .fi .ii Q. ., 'Q' ' fa X QQ ja a ' sg 44 ' .V 59 fi X f f wfwff- 4 5 X -G as F Q SG: s s'3? 5 fag'-w , x if ., ,Vt KP' - X' gr' I L , , 'x ' , , 7 . h . ' . 'S 1 ' 1 'F " ui- . . 2' ps... few" ss?-X 'A X gf X X MA A X 1 I X f , on-M , is X SEATED - Nick Davidovich, President. STANDING -Mark Millard, Secretory, Bob Ericson. Vice-President, Bob Snider, Treasurer, and Dick Carr, Historian, Left to Right -Wendy Higbee, Historian, Kit Carson, Correspond- ing Secretaryp Jenee Gossard, G.A.A. President, Mordy Myers, Treasurer, Janice Griffen, Recording Secretary, Geri Wilder, Presi- dent, Sheila Higbee, Vice-President. GIRLS' II BIIYS' LE II E LEAGUE PRESIIJENIS W'56 LEAGUE PRESIDENTS S'56 f Wm NICK DAVIDOVICH GERI WILDER SEATED- Bob Snider, President. Standing-Bob Plemon, Historian, Bruce Gair, Secretary, and Bob Chasin, Treasurer. BOB SNIDER KIT CARSON SEATED- Kit Carson, President. STANDINGf.lane Klipfel, Treasi urer, Susan McDonald, Recording Secretary, Toni Page, Corre- sponding Secretaryg Susan McGuigan, Historian labsenttg Bonnie Sp- Pitts, Vice-President labsentl. ll ltgit esident Herbie Griffin B l2 President Grant Seltzer B T2 Vice President DW l--- Mike Kilgore, A-il Vice-President, Verne Cleva, A-ll W, 56 dent. RO 'esident. ROW 2 - Mardy Myers, A-ll Secretary, Susan Plumb, -T2 Secretary, Sharon Bercutt, B-12 Treasurer. lllWlfR lil SS ROW l -- Melinda Estlin, A-'IO Vice-President, Gary Arbuckle, A-10 g Bob Chasin, B-Tl President, Dick Carr, B-ll Vice-Presi W 2 -Sandi Marshall, A-T0 Secretary, Marilyn Potter Bell Secretary. llns Xkrll .lmwtlivr slll'L'l'SSl'l1l plan was iilitintvcl All liiiigvillm' For ilu lust tum. tlu' Il'llIll and cl1'x'c'1itl1 grgiclc- rlnssmw vlvvtvcl olliuis. luzicli vlziss prvslclvlit lwcqiiilv gi lIll'IIllX'li ul the' Stuclvn , . l l.m11im'll. lhis plain prmw-cl to hm- 4-llvctlxw' nml popular. as it prmiiolm-cl lvziclvr- ship and unity within thx- vlnssvs :mfl Qziw- IllK'Ill gi vuiu- in stuclviil QUX'l'l'llIlll'Ill EATED-Jerry Kline, B-I2 Vice-President, Mike Kilgore, B-l2 9 KNEELING- Frank Macari, A-10 President, and Don Heitzer, B-ll 'esidentg Vern Cleva, B-l2 Treasurer, and Janice Griffin, B-12 S President. STANDING-Norma Eneim, A-10 Vice-President, Anna scretary labsentl. STANDING - Bob Chasin, A-'ll Vice-President, Fagerlin, A-I0 Secretary, Barbara Baker, B-ll Vice-President, and :aug Greene, A-li President, and Carol Barker, A-TT Secretary. Marguerite Thomas, B-ll Secretary. f Q l E E ROW l - Wayne Weisbart, Kathleen Murphy. ROW 2 -Jim John- son, Bob Arne, Pete Samuelson. Page .AfliIIl'f'1'-fZK'O The purpose of Boys' State and Girls' State is to tcuch selectc high school students of California the art of practical politic, science. Its sponsors are the Anicrican Legion Auxiliarics and othcr civ organizations. The students gain practical cxpcricncc by forinir and cxcrcising their own govcrnnicnts: city, county. and state. North Hollywood High scnt six rcprcsentzitivcs to Boys' State an Girls' Statc in 1955. Representatives to Boys' Stzttc were lioh Arn jim Johnson, Pete Samuelson, Grant Scltzcr, und NVz1ync Wcisbar Our reprcscntative to Girls' State was Kzxthlccn Mu1'phy. U1 y..,,, fuel BUYS' A GIRLS' Sllllli V5 lI0llNl2ll I Cllll Y WM l2t2', 1, l Gary Arlouckle and Unknown Girl Wow, Those Calories! Big Norton Geller Bids Farewell L wi M22 Sw? me F""9i .-ui. Constructive Criticism Building Democracy!?! And Furthermore . . Four Score and Seven Years Ago . . . Council Eyes Camera "And That's the Way lv Was, Mr. CurtIs, Honest." Puxgr .N'1'11rlA1'-Iliff-1 Pagc Afflillflfj'-f0ll7' Activities, on and oil campus, occupy most of Real George's time. Ninety per cent of his school time is spent preparing lessons, reciting, and like all of us, undergoing the ordeal of examinations: little, medium, and finals. Sometimes, George's class pe- riods are king-sized activities-in sci- ence, it's bird-watching, in music, itis rhythm, in English, it's grammar, in algebra, itls proportions. ucuL:uae1 Aff mg 'ffifffllrjj 5351173755 mfr: bv! ivvuv - I'- .- V. l ,,, IP ff- -H4 n YIIIAVIHDM 3 A , , RDVNDS -il-' 0.1 .X 14 . T.. .r k ..l' 4 K A .- D :I GVM Q -,: IMWWIH 3.3 i E.."f' V K Lag.: ,. ,. , , , 1 'W 31121 ":"":-"5 ':'7'15?'T:1'f-5" '- W 11-.c-H sum a 'I db 1 g EL Q IN J 3:-gg 1 N' , I ll W ll ffl' 7:-7 c rg-rf-P U .. Q M . .gym 6 0 "' V 5 a A Ill ' mm 5 W 'gg f- ' W 12 3 B 6 Huskies rrrrrt-r S171 f:::r:.f 0 Q 5? Q 5? QP S? x U- W- Q . CLLIS PATTERSON ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF El IIAMINII SENIOR PAGE EDITOR SHEILA HIGBEE SPORTS EDITOR ART EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR SECRETARY BERT RAKOW SUSAN MCDONALD BOB ROCK YVETTE GRISAY Przgf' Nillvly-.vix 4 "Busy 11115-4' xwll l'Klll1lilll'lI thx' li111m' NIJVIII hy llll' lllllllllll sIa1Il'.Ol14' clay. loxx'z11'cl thi' l'Illl ol' April, IRIHII lh'o1'g1- vixilml thi: stall' lol' ll s11m'z1k p1'1'vi1'w ol 1111- lil Llilllllllli. lln' l'o11l1cl IIl'I-l7l'l' I1i111 ll sl1'z111g1: NK'l'IIl' ixinlvvcl. Stull' IIlI'lIlI3l'I'5, poiiclvroiis 1-xpivssioiis upon 1h1'i1' 11111-s. wi-rv Q,2llIll'l'l'Cl lllflllllll LI long lzihlm-, 5111'1'o111.cl1'1l hy llllllllIlllI1'S ol' IJIIOIOQIIIIJIIS :mal Q1'1':1l1'I1 pz1p1'1', thi-y wvrm- ch-vply l'lIQl'USSK'll III 1114'z1s111'i11g, 1'1111i11g, pasting, wriliilg. llllll typing. Rvgnl IIVUYQI' ovvr- Ill'ill'fI 1'1'111:11'ks t'UIli'l'l'IllIlQ lhn- lllJPl'02lL'IllIlQ cl1'11clIi11v llllll ol' 11II tho work that was still 1111Ii11isl11'cl. N111 Douglas TN'z1Il:1c'1', uclvisoi' ol thi' EI cllllllllltl, told Rvnl G1'o1'g1- than this clay was IIU l'Xi'l'lJIIUll in thm' lille- of thi- stall' IIl1'IllI71'l'S. 'l'h1- HI CIZIIIIIIIU Stull' spi-mls Illillly long llOlll'S striving to Ilfillg thc Billgvillitvs ol' North Ilollywooml thx' F111m'St ZIHIIIIZII possihlv. 'l'l'11' El CIZIIIIIIIO si-rvvs thi- st11cl1'11ls :ls Z1 1'1'Co1'd of lhvir uclivitivs during thi- tI11'4'1- yvurs thvy spvnd in W PAT DWYEK high school. It is ll hook that will hi- t1'v:1s111'm-cl i11 thi- yn-urs to l'0Ill1'. . HIEF ' EDITOR-IN C 'HOTOGRAPHY EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR ff 3 lm CHARLENE TAYLOR GLENDA ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR LAYOUT EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR Q L ,. : n,s i as 1. ai l "' mmf, W'- 0lANE GRE WI ROW l-f Mimi Prince, Mart Sudeck, Diane Greener, Editor-iw Chief, Marsha Price. ROW 2 '-,'- Gay Aldridge, Miss Elizabeth Stoakes, Paige Mathis, Tony Garber, Marilyn Kessler, Wesfy Much- rnore, Jo Anne Browning, Bob Tellander, Margie Horwiiz, Steve White, Allan Gordon. MISS STOAKES, ADVISOR --.i MUCHMOREI ED'TOR+ Sl FF we :L , ' W 1 9, - - -- ' 'QQ' S MMIER 1956 Left to Right+George Seaman, Ron Kenyon, Richard Edwards, Rich- ard Merridith, Aaron Goldsmith, Donald Atomian, Dennis Smith, Nick Zusner, Stanley Case, Howard Harris, Keith Gouger, Holly Pearce, Jim Bushara, Jim Klann, Woddy Willis, Jim Haas, Mr. Nor- wood, Dennis Bacon, Fred Kirkpatrick. ROW l-Paige Mathis, Arnold Amber, Marilyn Kessler. ROW 2- Vee Orndorff, Sandy Varnaitis, Marsha Price, Gay Aldridge, Westy Muchmore. ROW 3 -Lorelei Calcagno, Harriet Cohen, Suzie Becher, Sheryl Thomson, Janie Klipfel. ROW 4+-Jerry Conklin, Kay Laiter, Carol Tuller, Margaret Hill, Eve Sigaloff. KNEELING - Arne, Seltzer. ROW 'I - Cavenah, Sergeant-at-Arms, Raskoff, Treasurer, Patterson, President, Williams, Vice-President, Kel Secretary. ROW 2 - Westmore, Hcrknes, Pike, Larson, Gregg, Hobson, Smith, Ericson. ROW 3 - Schlobohm, Gwinn, Davidovich, Telland Griffin, Wertenbruck, Probanz, Weisbart, McLeod. iifllffli L03 ESC DERDS plll2I'llli WI TER 1956 , ,TERS ON LAS MADRI AS ROW l - Geri Wilder, Historian, Kathy Kern, Treasurer, Connie Mohler, Recording Secretary, Liz Stafford, President: Sheila Higbee, Vit President, Wendy Howell, Corresponding Secretary, and Virginia Teucsher. ROW 2- Ronda Philipson, Donna Weyand, Adrianne Mai field, Mary Parlapiano, Susan Plumb, Gail Santiestevan, Mary Nichols, Lynn Simms, and Nancy Sproul. ROW 3 -Mrs. Jinks, Sponsi Ronda Richardson, Patty Gannon, Kathleen Murphy, Pat Dwyer, Suzanne Burke, Sonya Nesch, Sharon Bercutt, and Sandy Parsons. wsmmimm2ewse1.xn1fism :ws -f s-inn Q, s K 9 em . . annum :fr 1 1 1 Kwdxm-sem , , x.. sis !' e l I f I 1 - Alan Buckner, Jerry Klein, Craig Hobson, Historian, Bob Pike, Vice-President, Bob Arne, President, Jim Pobanz, Secretary, Hal Hark- Treasurer, Grant Selzer, Bob Rock. ROW 2 - Mike Kilgore, Lonnie Bently, Larry Young, Wayne Weisbart, Bill Nofhoff, Steve Gregg, Mike , Jim Jones, Mr. Neugabauer. ROW 3 - Karl Wertenbruch, Bob Larson, Quido Vonck, Bert Rakow, Herb Griffin, Dick Cavenah, Phil Paul, Swinn, Jon Warnick. L03 ESC 1151103 plislilt SUMMER 1956 Lslwlnm AS l W Brenda Cohen, Susan Plumb, Chaplain, Ronda Philipson, Treasurer, Nancy Sproul, Recording Secretary, Lynn Simms, President, Pat ', Vice-President, Mary Parlapiana, Corresponding Secretary, and Barbara Dobson. ROW 2 -Mrs. Jinks, Sponsor, Adrianne Mansfield, ity Chairman, Rochella Leiter, Sharon Bercutt, Arlene Healey, Janice Griffin, Madelaine Alef, and Kathryn Tennis. ROW 3-Marsha stein, Sue Smith, Kathleen Murphy, Ronda Richardson, Mary Walling, Patty Gannon, Carole Knettles, Sharon Stahler, and Suzanne Burke, ian labsentl. ,fjx 'O si X 'X X xxx X X P OFFICERS -A Mal Mobley, President, Richard Manalis, Vice- OFFLCERS-Donna Allen, President, Linda Thow, lst Vice-Presi- President. dent, Bonnie Kufel, 2nd Vice-President, Jane Patterson, Recording Secretary, Marcia Koenig, Corresponding Secretary. L03 SERE 08 LAS AMIT S SLR HIL VV56 OFFICERS-Arnold Brown, Roll Secretary, Barbara Dobson, Cor- responding Secretary, Bill Gahret, President, Bruce Fink, Vice- President, Harvey Harris, Historian, Mary Alice Galley, Treasurer. L03 VAUUERUS L03 CUMPEU ES L S D0 CELL S OFFlCERSfBob Speakman, Secretary, Harry Sykes, President, Kent Fifth from left-Claudia Cowan, Treasurer, Gloria De La Vera, Allender, Vice-President, Mark Millard, Sergeant-at-Arms, Mr. Vice-President, Janice Griffin, President, Rochelle Leiter, Secretary, Young, Sponsor. Mrs. Johnson, Sponsor. OFFICERS- Mary Higbee, 2nd Vice-President, Joyce Manies, Cor- OFFICERS- 4th from left: Gene Vaughn, Vice-President, responding Secretary, Joan Cowell, Treasurer, Linda Piehler, Presi- Herb Holley, President, Dave Meeks, Secretary. dent, Corinne Gagen, Recording Secretary, Barbara Bauer, 3rd Vice-President, Kathy Alexander, ist Vice-President. LAS AMII S L03 SERE 03 IDL BS s'56 OFFICERS - 2nd from left: Harvey Harris, Historian, Arnold Brown, President, Bill Gahret, Vice-President, Jules Hershfeld, Treasurer, L03 VAUUERUS L S D0 CELL S L03 CUMPEU ES Treasurer-Historian, Penny Smith, President. President, Carol Hamer, Vice- OFFICERS -- Sth from left: Chuck Gorder, President, Bill Livingston, Secretary, Tom Zinzer, Vice-President Iabsentl. -Q -is i SlIH0l RSHIP Slll2lElY PATTY GANNON OFFICERSA President, Kathleen Murphyg Vice-President, Jo Ann Browningp Recording Secretary, Sandi MGFShGllj Corresponding Secre tary, Nancy Sproulg Co-Treasurers, Jimmy Johnson and Margi Thomasp Historian, Charlotte Wells. :u.......,.4lq..,w-J 'gn- Pagr' f77IU Hundred Four OFFICERS- President, Patty Gannong Vice-President, Jeremy Palmerg Recording Secretary, Jo Ann Browning: Corresponding Secretary, Toni Pageg Co-Treasurers, Fred Akers and Marsha Price: Historian, Barbara Dobson. Rvul cil'UI'gK' ls :nn lllI1i7iIiUllS young fvllmv. ,l'ill'l'1'i-OIT, Uilfil Sl'IIll'Sll'l' lu' works cliligvllliy in UI'Cll'l' to obtain llu' grucinw lllzll wiil vu: ' liii to in ' Il VCOIIIK' il lllvlillwi' of tllc' iN0l'lil Ilollywoocl Sc'l1olul'sl1ip Sofivly. This 0l'Q'llIliZllIi0ll belongs to tlu- Culifmniu Scholars ' l"m'clc'1'z1tim1. Mr. Rzxyniond Mvyvl' is thi- sponsor. KATHLEEN MURPHY PII-Ql'l,ll1'l1Il7ldH'fl Fizw W E W , ,E ww 5:32 ,J I .gin X Y 'X 'H mae? - 13 Q wg , .ffl 'ff . X K 5 5 if as , big- Qikf.f1fa.Tg. Wy 3 ,N A xR'ii3u 7o'vx x Q? i,i.f '23 gf AH ff Q- xi? , xv' 1 fix fy x ,L .1 I f Q5 ,f h X h i 3 dd f?-wa , - .2 HQ kg - ' ,fb lmgf K ,MM fI.T:X--MN, 31 sf.. rift-LQEEIQTLM A kk,kh ,W E um in f w .-if 1.1--"gg A ws! A ' xw? A . 4, XF' sf' W 'iff N...--'-"3 5.4 -f"'f- :Q wi rf QE Mn +ff :W 1 X S e :.-' I 7 'I V ' l 5 Ed ,,.. 6: 4 U 5 ,Lf N jsff ,QR , K My ww, Sf c 5 PIL W . 'I -m sg' M 1, 5 , 32 32 4-'Q M fy 'Z 553125 ., iq 'gk-.lvl ' A Q M . My . .4 'Q .ff I ' if J 'M' 'Wifi if zw , 13 uf I I wig? ,, if 'W ? 5 1 K 5' M 11 A' if iff" ,B W . ll is gg X - WN NW LS' Q 1 M 1. . K 2 N., 52 . if X 5 ' 5 1' W W x M digg if ggvsfff 3 Nxnsyu Q E 5, 3 EBT i ,M I 5 f f ' 1 S956 President, Hank Dell: Vice-President, Bill Gohreh Secretary, Sylvia Shumakerp Wardrobe Mistresses, Glenda Anderson and Sharlene Whitey Librarian, Nancy Sproulg Accompanist, Mike Corcoran: Direcior, Mr. Nick Rossi. Palgz' Um' 1111711117171 Eight .H. H. S. CHOIR In past years, the accomplishments of the choir have given North Hollywood cause to be proud. This year's outstanding choir, sponsored by Mr. Nick Rossi, has been no exception. Not only have the choir members participated in school activities, such as vesper and graduation ceremonies, assem- blies, and concerts, but they have sung for other schools, and at PTA meetings and City-wide festivals. Their excellent voices have also been heard through the medium of television, over Station KTTV. W756 President, Terry Beckett: Vice-President, Hank Dellg Secretary, Sylvia Shumakerg Wardrobe Mistress, Mary Wood Lu brarian, Barbara Beckusg Accompanist, Jo Ann Browning: Director, Mr. Robert Hallagan. CHUR LIERS ROW l-- Rose, Beckus, Cam- eron, Weiss, Heist, Bumgar- ner, Walters, and Brauss. ROW 2-Knox, B. Bryant, White, McLauren, Powers, Leistener, Nelson, and T. Bryant. ROW 3-V Dell, Hadraba, Gillespie, Atounian, Lamb, Lang, Dunn, Shubb, McBride, and Wilson. ROW 4'-,Armstrong, Beck, Mendelsohn, Cash, Barry, Abraham, Haines, Buckner, Kittridge, Cooper, and Reale. TREBLE CHEF ROW 'I-- Manieff, Garcia Parsons, Swartz, Rosen, Bow en, and Marciano. ROW 2-- Wells, Baldwin, Zovar, Ball Esserman, Gottlieb, Ellsworth Bardwell, Flemming, Seymore, and Lofsted. ROW 3 -Zebrach, Sigalotf, Rogers, Shear, Smith Carlin, Azar, Braalcsma. 151.31 Um ll11rl1l'r1'rl All ri WI TIER 1956 , Q vf tt W 1 S. .. B 1 A , l 44 'iv A . , 4 l v A , -Q., - ,.-. . , , -s X xl Q CHANTERS ROW 1 Gouger an Kert. ROW 2 - Prima Green, Lipson, Adreo Christianson, Spitz, ar Nyberg. ROW 3 -V Lorin Gielsvik, Newlin, Cosb Pilcher, and Westervelt. I s CHA TERS ROW l-Gouger, Spitz, Primak, Kert, Nyberg, Cosby, Christiansen and Mr. Halligan. ROW 2 -Green Lorino, Adreon, Pilcher, Lipson Westervelt, Gielsvik, and Newlin. Nwis....flt lIHllRAllERS ROW l - Knox, Stone, White, Mol- clenhauer, Papkin, Beckus, Powers, Nelson, Leistner, Graver, Ronald Rose, accompanist. ROW 2- Lamb, Beck, Lang, Bunn, Shubb, Heist, Bumgarner, Bordwell, Abel. ROW 3 - Dell, Corter, Berry, Armstrong, Willis, Byrd, Rice, Newman, Hynous, McLaren. TREBLE lIlEF ROW 'l-Wecter, Polley, Lofsted, Procter, Stein, Wells, Stein, Bruce, Somida, and Elkoff. ROW 2wFul- ler, Swartz, Neil, Schmidt, Benway, Ross, Goldsmith, and Polly. ROW 3 -Zulxer, Dutisman, Downing, Rob ins, Schneider, Christianson, Curren, Tennis, May, Hatfield, Robertson. llflgl' f,lIt'I,lH1fi7'1'd 1fl1'1'1'n R. O. T. C. RIFLE TEAM ' R. O. T. C. DRILL TEAM Actor, Brozwell, Williams, Kinucan, Stewart. R. 0. T. 0. City Colonel Award .... Northvrn Regiment Regimvntzxl Commands-r Northern Rcgimcnt Platoon Competition ,.,,...,, City Platoon Competition i.,,,,, Northern Rcgirnvnt Squad Cornpvtition ,,,, . lndividuzxl Drill Compm-lition ,,,,, l l R. O. T. C. STAFF lst lst lst ird lrd . ,,,, lst Placi- Plklfl Plum Plum Plglvm Plum R O T C COLOR GUARD Akers, Freeman, Lamb, Chernow, Scura, Galley Moeller, Stanley, Dreher, Witt. Solomon, Simms. P TI X N ja.:- Compony "A"-Winter 1956 Company B Winter 1956 SIll2llll30l'l' Riflv lvilltfll ..,.. National Indoor Sixth Army Rillv lwzitvli .. .. All-City Rillc Cmnpvtition ..,V,,, Burbank on Purgidv: Bvst Mull' Drill Tvami ,..,,,,,,,, Bvst Ovvr-All Drill 'lluuii ,..... Bvst Ovvr-All Entry ....,...Y,..., Company "A" - Summer 1 ......,.ird .,.......2nd ,,.,,,,,lst .,,,,,,,lst ,.7,..2nd ,,.....flrd 956 Place Plum' Place' Placv Plane Plan' l l l OFFICERS-Gary Myhro, President, Charles Horton, Vice-President, Dale Buzzel, Secretary, Brian Kelly, Treasurer, Gary Rainwater, porferp and Bob Berger, Sentinel. F llllllf FARMER! Winter I9 L.-. OFFICERS-Virgil Barbour, Treasurer: Dale Buzzel, Secretcryg Joe Schott, Reportery John Lockie, Presidentp Norton Siegel, Vice-Presidenfp and Gary Gierset, Sentinel. F MERIC summer 1956 Tho Future Farmvrs of Axnvrica is an organization open to boys cnrollvd in vocational agriculture. Its purpose is to prepare thcm for vocations in farming and relatvd firlds. The F.F.A., an organ- ization of half a million, has branches in cvcry statv, in Hawaii, and in Purrto Rico. lts widcly varivd activities inrludc Public Speak- ing, Gvnvral Knowlvdgv, and Projvct Competitions. as well as convvntions, Conducted on sectional. rvgional, state'-widv, and national lcvcls. The pro- gram allows thc' hoys to dcvclop in various degrees: "Gm-cn Hand," 'gChaptcr Farmerfl g'Statc Farm- :-r," and '4Amcric'an Farrn0r." This year, as in past yvars, tht- North Hollywood Chapter of F.F.A. has shonv in thc various Compvtitions. Thvsc industri- ous hoys arc- now initiating a plan that will cnahlc thvm to own live' stork and poultry Co-opcrativcly. Thi' Parcnt and Son Banquet, hcld Cach Spring, is thi' highlight of thc ycar. Hcrc the various awards arv rnadv. Ont- of those is thc Star Chapter Farlnvr Award, givvn to an outstanding mvmhcr. Ont- can Oasily sm' why the thvmc "Busy Daysl' applivs to tho Future Famirrs of Amcrica. -32' Lnl lil ' -1.11.9 v Sgr 15 'll-lil -, x.. 1-X vi " S L I -L, v pi qk-j1j- -, xg air EUT RE NURSES ROW l-Healy, Halpert, and O'- Keefe. ROW 2-Rhodes, Hickle, Stein, Tanginger, Ottum, Jewett, Crow, Keith, and Cunningham. ROW 3--Gegorichuk, Schuster, Holdridge, Curtis, Attwood, Aleidis, Cornea, Barr, and Finkelstein. NAll0NAl EORE SIC lE lillE ROW 'l-Miss Asadoriang Schuster, Corresponding Secretary, McGuigcln Treasurer, Rosen, Vice-President Cherry, President, Magidson, Record: ing Secretary, Bercutt, Historian. ROW 2 -Gelsher, Getzerg, Garver Cole, Page, Grossblat, Matison Cohn, Hinds, Frankel, Collins, Plot: nick, Pollan, Robbins, Shenkin ROW 3-Muchniclc, Mansfield, De- deyne, Bishoff, Kelley, Palmer, Hor- witz, McCann, Oster, Weisbart, Johnson, Walling, Merced, Wright, Rolfe. Pagz' U111'H1u1r1'fedSixteen I 1 SPA ISH Cl B OFFICERS-Diane Greener, Pub licity Chairman, Sue Smith, Vice President, Rhonda Philipson President, Claire Muchnick Secretary, Larry Horwitz, Treas FRE CH Cl B OFFICERS - President, Marty Myers, Vice-President, Guido Vonck and Daviana Lundy, Secretary, JoAnn Browning, Treasurer, Lynn Simms, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bruce Gair and Roger Rogan. HARLEUUIN Cl B OFFICERS-President, Paul Glad- stone, Vice-President, Lilian Herzog, Secretary, Julie Brown, Treasurer, Scooter Teague, Historian, Marie Robertson, Sergeant-at-Arms, Jerry CHESS Cl B OFFICERS- President, Eli Chernowg Vice-President, Bill Placky, Treasur- er, Don Dwiggins, Sponsor, Mr. Wesfaway. Page Ono H1l1l!i1'l7llS1'I'17Hll Shaftely Sponsor, Mrs. Shields. SEATED-Joan Holland, Carol Hittle, Judy Hengst, Helma Cohn, Roxanne Bloom. STANDING-Mrs. Keats, Mary Alice Galley, Leonard Peters, Ann Davidovich, Adrianne Epstein, Alice Lepis, Nancy Keele, Mrs. Cordell, Carol Be Angiles, Lynn Lindquist, Dixie Bond, Roselle Brown, Jere Moy, Margie Cox, Carol Hamer, Cecile Sequine. PH0l0 CL B ROW 1-Mardy Myers, Secretary, Allan Gordon, President, Mary Par- lapiano, Treasurer. ROW 2 -Much- nick, Epstein, Cohn, Schlocker, Ten- nis, Gewant, Adelman, Mansfield. ROW 3-Steiner, Rosenberger, Thom- son, Millor, Jacob, Funke, Knudtson, Fowler, Lee. ROW 4-Shapiro, Crock- ett, Bernstein, Fishell, Glass, Moble, Stinson, Palmer, Harrison. Sl GE CREW Page Ono Hundrfd Eighteen LIBR RY Sl FF FRONT ROW-Al Harding, Vic Hert er. BACK ROW-George McDonald Darryl Tennis, Mr. Harry, Judy Pud ney, Duane Sveum. l-Mr. Pesin, Bill Eliott, Ted Tom Lentz, Vice-President, is Silverman, President, a Scott, Dennis Shapiro, Steve ROW 2-Jeremy Palmer, Kandt, Barry Nolan, Serge osoff, Will Claus, Chuck son, Ronnie McLeish, and Bud- tstfall. lllllll ENGINEER R DIO Cl B George Shelton, Dennis Schloshner, Tom Ingman. PROJElIlI0 CREW EATED-Lean Badgett, Chuck Bern- rein. ROW l-Jeff Mosdale, Al irenrock, President, Charlotte Glas- er, Secretary, Earl Baldwin, Eric ildebrandt. ROW 2 -Gary Betsch, lick Migliozzi, Bob Van Blarcon, like Callahan, Ernie Windle. ROW -Ken Kinucan, Mr. Moore, Rick roswell. Page Onc Hundred Nineteen scnom PRD!! crm s Taking a Bow. Four Red Peppers. The Plot Thickens Rehearsing Diligently. War Paint for Pete. "John!-"-"Marshal Switzer, Scooter, and Sue Drama! Suspense! Andante. "silently steal away." Intrigue! Drama at its Best, SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS mf SENIURS Pfkrokm f . .s m1r--wl i1nu1-gx1yfQ.41gs..iilsv,w ui 'AWE , 'al nw' 5' il! X LQQ3 , gifs Q-n'!lFs"'x,,.f,'g?" ,tgps- Nf mini ill? '51-kr-qw sf 4 .M . yas, N x .W RIS ' as 1 S H, .... Q '29 s YS? x ,151 E 551 iii . A v 1 QQ f l ip g 0 li ricuiilifggff W "There will be no further Jake gives a hard Why, hello, "What did I discipline problem!" Final Exam. Mr. Matula! tell you about shrinking heads?" :ning the "And there "Even teachers eat." k, Coach? was Light." Nl Eyes Berkowitz." Mr. Zetlmaier protests. X Capt. Lapo, xi "No, you don't measure "Do you have with a slide rule." a problem?" Sgt. Bilko. Go, Nelson, Go! Mr. "Dadier" Mosher FRANK MACARI S'58 President SUMMER WI TER lm Ilm1rl1wl'l:u:wry-fu DON HEITZER W'58 President Pa 1 Un IIIHIIIITII4lIL'1'Ilfl ff 1 jf. X ' f, ' ff lk slr, ' I QW f . , is ' I " 9 255 f a . Si" 5, I 1 Y Q A, Q fp 5 rl ' ,. YF Q . 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Suggestions in the North Hollywood High School - El Camino Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) collection:

North Hollywood High School - El Camino Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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North Hollywood High School - El Camino Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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