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245 Ara, M 'N' N6 E45 ef 4' MT' wg' X y A J ml f Qi P' if HW-- ,if Q fi '. .fi Q. ws' " 3 WK Q f' X' I 1 Y 1 ' "nefa- j, va Q M, 'E 1 -1 .4 S324 Z f w H rv X n lf' 1 25: mmmnm 5-T , .ml W,, Fl 1 . -f--1, .V ,w,4,, -w 51.1. -A -.1. 41" "rf . .mfg 506, '- ,' , X ,,, 5. , AW , y.. 4 X. Ld, 1 : 1 C 41' - .. -,1 '-1., ' ., .,- 1 viii- if I Q' - L . Q? 1-QM .f V- f , - 2'H?'1 :N f I.- IV.. V, ,x,KN!, . ,. , V: , , ,-: v, ,., , ,x, 1 M. l , 'zlx -E - , .A. , l .. .f. ,,-' ff'A. - 1' 2 . y ' . .rf .., '14" X-. 1'-1, . 1 Q 11- fi, -A Tn ' W., 2-L - ,- -, .. " , .,-mfg-24, Q, -.Q .' 1-H'5,,-x1-?-:'- 3 .. . .V V ' "IQ"-jv1'.i'i'L'Zf'fQz? V' ' N,,,f'fl.,-' .4., p .Y 5.4,-M. lr . S.- . 1 '-1-, - ,. , W ,, ,. -- ,,.,,-Af: N V?-A -mJwwHisgymwumyafV-,. wiwwpku Uv. :- ,555 :Lf'4.M5-, , I Ni - I I -' 'tu 5 - wig, ,gel-is-"' :. 3" ,,.i , . , , - . - .- r- -F 'K A J,4:,.,.-.-.-'L ' fi.,,. 3 v 8 a, A qi - 4 , , x .w Y? P , 5 . 'N n l f , sw- f , . N, 1, ' 4 K L - f L V-:Iwi-1.1. ,Q-I , - . ,Ni if-2-' . Q 511,'5?vi1:'-g:k?,.',x-193' . 1' 171. QB in 'ff' 'HTLC Tlkvl '34 .lui '1a.Q..I,, ,sf 'mf' "' '1 ETH 1525 -.-Q ' v - ' 44, 1.55 J 1' .uf b.4g.pf1i",f' 14,91 ,. i -, A - w:s:?'fffrA --4:4 -'23-ffi-eq ' - ' ,fb '.' : TF" . 1 1-V1 V-:jj "i'bf5xf"- 1' .b ' 4' .'.",-f""5-fahfv n . . . , , , V , , ,.f.-xqg' , , .gs ,r F . , x. xn,, up ,A l l 3 , 3 D: -31,5 ' 2 fsruj- iw ' i.Af'f,.g,51.',. V ,,. A 1,.4w: ge -.w.'1,:.' ,, f. fl.,v7,- ,' . ,V J ."S,-, I, -' .A 'au' Zwyf- 4. - .px .- ' '-I . ,a n 1- ' . l, x. ,, . ., .i..,g, ,,,,x , ,.,.vA., 1: . 241.9 N N. .. .: ,A r, -. u, x iiwft J .,, 1. A' h 4 nz 1' 1 fl .. . .,.. v.f'.x.1 - ,- .M ,Q-nys N., ,KW ,, , . 4, VU.-: 1 Y . , , pu... K.,1H5:,g-g .-w.' '-"' vi . , ., 4. , ,A V 1 L 1. V -. , ., L. uf, , , , 6177 ,l.- . 7,1 H ,, , A ': 1- .P- 1 1 ' ':"',R r ' 5:11 1 k . , fy, '-72 ' ,,-M .' sn -' f 57"-A Q ,- ' 1' g , , l,'A.' ' ,- .A. - , .3 75. V ' . .'.-'U,.." N' Q-,dl J., M.. , J, 4 '- ,V v . n L, X n 4v 1 A, ' '15 ,, , 1 gi' N MEMORI ln October, Wil, North Hollywood High School lost it truly great and beloved teuther, Miss Helen Randolph. Her tontaitigious vivacity, her warmth and sympathy endeared her to teachers :intl students alike. She hiitl an unshtikiible faith in the shining splendor of humalnity. Intensely interested in the welfare of her stntlents, she gave thein strength for their burdens, wistlom for their re- sponsibilities, insight lor their times, and vision whifh set their eyes on llir horizons. Her eternal optimism will live on in the hearts and lives of .ill who knew her. ' '35 X .f X A72? XXLX A IZ! JY xxxkisx-D X N , , ,iix KFW K., WE '7' .--"I jf ix X TX Zz ,Af O R , . Hattiufi, N t O95 Hlc FGREWGRD How can we understand the present. Is it in the hands of a fortune teller or in the stars in the sky? The explanation lies in the past, where one has but to gaze upon the people of ancient Greece and Rome to see the arts of drama, literature, music, poetry, painting, education, philosophy, and government which they have passed on to us. The people of all countries have left a piece of fruit that will blossom through the years on the American tree. The great tradition of the Olympic games has lived for two thousand years and living with the tradition is the original philosophy. The Greeks strived not only for physical fitness and self discipline hut for something greater-development of character. The original Greek philosophy has outlasted centuries and will now apply to you- and me. As we live each day we should desire a goalg not only ol strengthening our muscles, hut also our spirit, soul and minds. Yes. today as in the past, we must cultivate ourselves to do good deeds and make them eternal. Through the eyes of our ancient ancestors we vision the arts of living and learning, and thus gain courage and realize that life is worth living and giving is eternally worth. SQ opml, IWW 5231 COLFAX, ORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFOR lA TABLE OF CONTENTS GOVERNMENT. . . . .Page Eight ORGANIZATIONS . . . . Page Sixteen ATHLETICS .... . . . Page Forty SENIORS . . . . Page Seventy-two CAMPUS . . .... Page Ninety-eight FACULTY . . . Page One Hundred Eight JOHN G. FOX, Principal Mr. Fox, a cautious and determined ruler reigns over North Hollywood High School. With his ideals of edu- cation and character development, Mr. Fox has humbly given us guidance for the present and the future. Along with the great success with which he has promoted the ideals of North Hollywood High School, during his three years here, we admire his leadership, valuable advice and fine sportsmanship as they are an inspiration to all Huskies. Mr. Fox with his sincere interest in campus activities and sports events has carefully guided the destiny of North Hollywood High School. We cherish his kindly help and understanding of us in our quest for achievement. We are proud to claim him our principal and friend. i . I A M A A IH HlH,,mm 1 M A in V . ,, ,H X 1 'Q-" if 52- - 1 i HX ,. .s. . , , JQHQQN, .1 , ,Wigs " . . W , jf? '22 +1 gf' , Tr. . E KM, X. , 5 ' , ' f 1 6 m'llf',f " bfi ,f . f A is . . KL ' ,X 1 , 5,1 A 5 ' in , Q 5' 'L . f, , 5 3' 5 . LMA:-Q' if ' x T 7 em ws? if f E wiv, i X ' I M U ' V N x wi I ff V lil- .qv Q' fy f T514 S W . R Sv' A . ,Q W S J 4.. A NJW " ..,. . .. X, WA' wg 1 A N ,A , 4- .si . if f'f4esf'f3fTfh Z - '2 sf ykg- iff -V , ..,-, F: 2... .1 ' M A X ff!!! ,M 7 MW " f 1 ,,,' VA' ff -if , , ff f ,ZW Off A ,. ? iff' 0 ZZ!! A I ,ff fy p, ff llfy ,ff f X X f fff Q 2,741 ,y,! MLETTHE RULE HOK O HOWTO GBEYM Ed Locker President The student council at North Hollywood High School is composed of a number of student body oliicers and commissioners elected each term by the entire student body. The student council plans and supervises all social and other events on the school calendar. Working hard and efficiently, the W'52 council received outstanding cooperation in the assemblies, sports events, and dances yet constantly striving for a solution to the endless problem of keeping our campus clean. The council attempts to make itself a worthwhile organization representing the student body in ad- ministrative affairs in school and bringing the best possible to each and every Huskie. Striving towards their goals and working along with the council was their sponsor, Mr. A. Prokop. All in all, the Winter '52 council, led by the Student Body President Ed Locker, did an outstanding job in bringing bigger and better activities to North Hollywood High School. T DE T BODY Denny Nilcs Mary Lou Lyons Bob Black Vice President Secretary Treasurer Dick Dieterick june Harper Gary Leary Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICER The exceptional student council of S'i2, under the competent leadership of Student Body President Bob Black, went into immediate action to solve the many problems that confronted them. Fulhlling their duties well, the members of the council accomplished many activities benefited by all, achieving a marked degree of success. Striv- ing towards pride in their school and interest in all activities the clean campus system was a com- plete success. Some of the many other activities were the plans for improving the campus, dances, numerous assemblies, noon activities, and par- ticipation in the California Association of Student Councils. The council, this semester, has attempted to provide a better understanding between them- selves and the student body, in order to have a student body government that would be equalled by none. We can indeed look back with pride on the activities and their successes of this S'52 semester and well remember that this term was one that did not just pass away. Bob Black President ,v,w,,, , '? ?v"--.Trail ' as '4 fs Stags e 'i ft ' W ' WW- oe " Q! l.l2I"'I' TO RIGHT loan Gairtlner, Sally Silverburg, Jim Hen- FRONT ROW-jo Matthews. lim Henrikson, Pete Vanlaw rirsnn. Virginia Townsend, Ralph Mauriello, Carroll Wliitiley, jo Carole jones, Phil Cook, Terry Hurty, Dinny Zavitz, .left Beenian Mallliews. Denny Niles. BACK ROVVW Dick Deitrich, Dave Bair, STANDING-ffMr. Mcl.aren, Sponsor: Terry Monk, and Barham Martia XVayi1e. Martus Hissong, Don Davis, lack Wells, Virginia Montgomery., lioh Blank. lid l,onker, and Mr. Prokop, Sponsor. a W 52 CDU CIL OURT S'52 SIZATIQD -lo Matthews, Gail Rising, jim Henrikson, Roger Smith, Phil Brown, Ditk Dieterirh, lioh Black QPres.j, june Harper, LEFT TO RIGHT' -Bill Dewar, Lewis Parsons, Paul Tinning, Clary I.e.iry, Dee Dee Crookshanks, Phil Cook, Dave Bair, Lynne Ken jones, Tom Gregg, Phil Cook QPrc-sitlentl, Terry llnrty fPresi4 Xvillotk. STANDING Wfinnie Gore, Terry Hurty, Mr. Prokop tlentj, Mr. McLaren QSpons0rj, ,loan Meseon. Sue llaukenlnerry, lSponsorJ, Ralph Mauriello, and Tom Gregg. Sheila Fox, Carol Pohanz, Sue Lund, 12 l.lilfT TO RIGHT? -Sally Mulicnzic, Virginia Townsend LEFT TO RIGHT-Cliff Gard, Carroll Xlifhitncy QPrcs.j, and qlfrc-5.5, .loan li. licnnctt, Virginia Lcc, Marilyn Taylor, and WllII1lC Dick Lockman. Gorc. W'52 LEAG E OFFICE '52 SliA'l'liDf --Ioan Gairilncr, Viccrllrcsidcntg Wiiiliic Gore, Prcsi- BOTTOM ROXV-Barry Trulock QSCL1-'l'rcas.j, Phil Brown rlunty STANDING f-Ajo Mattlicws, Sandie Kutin, l-listoriang Bar- Qljrcsirlcntj, Burt Brown QVicc-Prcsj. TOP ROXV-MRalpl1 Kclilc, lwara lX'lcKic, 'l'rcasiircr. NOT Sl'lOWNf'f Suc lfrcncli, Sucrctary. ,Iini Hcnrikson, Larry Rciclicl, Rogcr Smith, and Pc-tc Vanlaw. HO'l"l'OM ROXXL-'Put Briickctt, Carole Colcs, Carole Ioncs, Sue LEFT TO RIGHT--Lon Olson, Virginia Lac, Grim l.unil, Rolwi't.i Butts. TOP RCJXXL-CiLlffOll Londoncr, Ralph fCOl11l11lSSlOI1CI'j, joan lN1cscon.andM.1rcL1s Hissong. lNf.iuriL-llo qfioininissioncrl. Dick Riulston, rind Bill johnson. S FETY ERVICE W'52 B0 RD GF 1-i Ll2l"'l' TO RIGHT -if .lolin Kinnicycr, Wgilt Lamb, Dave Bair. LEFT TO RIGH'1'fGnry LL-ary, Dec Dec Clrool-:Shanks QCfom C1-,miinissioncrj, Lynne Xwillock, Les Burke, Ralph Ml1llfiC1lO, niissioncrj, Gail Rising, and Sandie Kutin. FETY ERVICE S'52 REPRE E T TIVE I X ff ffj f f X x f . 'f X 2 7 J . L I if fur.-,. 1, 4. f I V b I yy!!! , f f 1 WI f N1 J! 619 'f Mm fl 5435? yfkj f E JDJ , f A gif if , V, fx ff! ,f f f' K 'UBSERVEZ WITHOUT LABGR NGTHING PROSPERS I 1 EL CAM The Llllllllill stall has recorded here between the lov ers ot the lil Camino the big events ol, the ye.1r and those people vvho have m.1de the activities possible. All of the groups, org.iiiiz.itions, .uid students pictured here tire placed on ii llimiliiir l3.lLlitll'OlW ol' l'.tmili.u' steiies the noisy eztlieteriit, the crowded iiud, the sports izillies, .uid the irrepltieenble quad whith m.ike our view ol North llollyxvood lliltgh School complete. If, in the future ye.1rs the memory ot' high school days, activities, and friendships are relletted by this .uiiiu.1l, our .iim in publishing Ll book ol' personal interest .ind v.ilue to .tll lluskies will be fulfilled. To give reeognition where it is due is .tt times .i dillitult t.isk to iteeomplish. One ot' the greatest examples ol' this is in giving the tredit to till who have contributed to miike our book possible, To mention all of those who .issisted in the ee.iseless t.isk ot' pl.ummg, assembling, and contributing their time .ind to your book is impossible. Heading our crew ol' workers our t.ip.ible liditor- in-Chief Wiiiiiie Gore, assisted by B.irb.uui Nelson, liteiuiry editor, Dee Dee CI'O0liSl1Lll1liS, copy editor, jim Caswell .ind john ,l.ukson, sports editors, rind the director ol' the whole show Mr, XX'.ill.iie. our .idx isor. Mr. Xnnthos' photogmpliy h.1s been .L gieit .isst-t. ln the .irt dep.u'2- ment contributions txime from 'llony ROI1lL'l'S.1 vvith his tlever t.irtoous. .uid Arlene Lurge, Dorothy l.evitz, Chris Reed. .uid l3i.uie llioinpsoii. RCADE Ida Mae Keaton lid ito r liarhara Siegel Editor 'l'here are a limited numher of schools as fortunate as North Hollywood High School in having such an excel- lent student puhlication as our school paper, the Arcade. Witli the active and enthusiastic spirit sparked hy the editors, Ida Mae Keaton and Barbara Siegel, the staff has had leadership far beyond compare. To put' out a paper with accurate and interesting records of school events every week is no easy task and takes extra hours and patience on the part of each of the staff members, not to mention the advisor Miss Seda Garapedian. liroin the editors and reporters to the hoys in the print shop each individual has done his joh well in performing the great service in hringing the school closer together hy keeping students and faculty alike informed of the achieve- Q ments and activities of North Hollywood High School. Sl'l"l'lNG, Llil"'l' 'LO RIGHT Chris Reed, Sally Sil- verhurg, Miss Ciarapedian, Ida Mae Keaton, Barhara Reigal. STANDINCI Coach Xanthos, .lanet Smith, Marcus Hissong, Lynne Wfillock, Bill Holmes, Val Mullard, Myrna Rose, Dyann Thompson, Stan liiinherg, Dick Lockman, and Mr. Ring. Llflil TO RIGHT'--Mr. King, Don Gearhart, Al Memmott, Carl Ograin tstandingy, Sal Sinatra, Vic Reyes Lowell Elliott, Ted Schlocker, and Vlewell Beckett tahsentj 38 Virginia President FIRST ROW- Sally Silverherg, jean Sahin, Patsy Pearinan, jo Matthews tPres.j, Marilyn Taylor, Sue Nichols, SECOND ROW? Shareen Hurley, joyee Polak, june Harper, Diana Deweese, Chris Reed, Barhara Grenroek, Sue Haukenherry, Sue Roth, Wfinnie Gore, Dee Dee Clrookshanks, THIRD ROW sg Carole jones, Diane Fairchild, joan Mescon, Barhara Reid, Gail Rising, joan Bennett, Margot Brown, Doris Heinzinan, Nelleke De Bree, Paula Partridge, Francine Kyinan, L S Terry Hurty. jo Matthews President DRI AS FIRST RCJWfMrs. Sallee, Sponsor, Roherta Carroll, Virginia Townsend, Virginia Fitzsiinmons, Louise Allen, Virginia Lee tPres.j, janet Smith, Val Mullard, Shareen Hurley, Chizuko Kaiiki, and Mrs. Horan, Sponsor. SECOND ROXV- june Harper, Donna Beattie, Carole jones, jo Matthews, Marilyn Taylor, Mary Lou Lyons, Dinny Zavitz, Barbara Nelson, joyee Polak, Wiiiiiie- Core. Dee Dee Crookshanks. THIRD ROWf- Patsy Pearinan, jene Sahin, Sally Silverhurg, Sue Nithols, Cindy Croueli, Marye jane jetfries, Sally MeKenzie, Mary Lou Beel-zes, Terry Mandolini, and Nancy Wootlrtxti. - -' ' ' C s-5 - lxl1lI'LllS Hissong President FIRST ROW-Ralph Kehle, john Eichhorn Rilph Mauriello QPres.j, Les Berke, Dick Dieterich, Pete Vanliw Mr McLeod QSponsorj. SECOND ROW-Larry Sherman Boh CIIIIL Giry Pudney, Tom Gregg, Irwin Kline, jim Henril-:son Roger Smith Boh Fleming, Gordon McCormack. THIRD ROXX! Burt Brown Cliff Gard, Phil Cook, Gary Leary, Glenn Rediger Ixrn Ixones 'I I I Q Mobley, Bob Black, and Bill Richards. ESCUDERO BO'l"l'OM ROXX! Roger Smith, Ralph Kehlc, Marcus I-Iissong Q-Pres.j, Don Morse, jules Gerber, jim I-Ienricson, and Mr. Mc- Leod, Sponsor. MIDDLE ROW-Lester Berke, jeff Beeman, Larry Sherman, Boh Caine, Denny Niles, Pete Vanlaw, Gary Pudney, Car- roll Londoner. TOP ROW-Bob Black, Tony Plaia, Ron Calhoun, Ralph Mauriello, Ed Locker, john Eichhorn, Bill Richards. Y Il. 1 Q Ralph M .rurie President LAS DONCELLAS LOS CAMPEONES W,52 S'52 LAS DONCELLAS LOS CAMPEONES ?LL, I 5, if Q fa Q, . E ,X 7 k P . 5 ' jk s A " as 'S in , N' x 5 g A Q ,Br new 4 0 aa' 'Sf I E XXQHTH t1u1.l .YWyW 57511 scunux A A mf Q- ' , 1 ' K' 5. X. 4 13' 'J' ,' ', . s- . W .V ' fn? 'A' ?1 f ' . i f x SGCIETY SCHOLARSHIP 4-l Iohn lliehhorn Commissioner ,MER The Qeholir l ' . . siip Society of North Hollywood High is one chapter of the state-wide organization known as the Cfi1lit'orni.1 Scholarship Federation. lt is open to anyone who has filled the necessary scholarship requirements. Alter it memher has served four semesters including one in his senior year, he hecomes Al Seallveurer. The Class of Sum- mer Wil has turned ii golden page of history hard to conquer, for these warriors have more Senlhenrers this yegir than imy other class in the history of North Hollywood High Sthool. 'l'he Sehol.1rship Society Could not function properly without the unselfish uid ol their advisors. Mrs. leill Rosen .md Mrs. lfmnees Whirren. The activities of sponsoring a field trip, semi-annual ba ' educational as well as enjoyable. nquets, and debates are W'52 GIRL GLEE S'52 l:lRS'l' ROW Roberta Carroll, Sally McKenzie, Mary Lou Lyons, ,lo Mat- thews, Barbara Zucker- man, Bonnie Stockton, Corinne Bond, lean Nev- ille, Donna Snotlmly, jnl anne Clrawtortl, Carrnela Nieoclemo, Marilyn Cfo- hen, Mimi Dayan. SEC- OND ROWffAntoinette Shaber, Carol Wilson, Mitzi Barker, Linda Mac- Laren, Nancy Woodruff, tloyee Rose, Donna Lapis. Pat Pinkerton, lean Pra- ther, Arlene MeNish, Killion. THIRD ROW -Donna Thomas, Diana Milhollantl, Marilyn Wal- son, Etlith Watts, Arlene Stern, Donna I0 Griluble, Lois Locke, Terry Man- tlolini. FOURTH ROW +Sally Silverhurg, Doris l-leinzman, loan Snell, loan Gairdner, Etlilyne Engstrom, jean Carlson, Barbara Freston, Eileen Reese, Susan Willett. l:lRS'l' ROW' Mat- lock, Bond, Turner, lleinz- man, Matthews, Lapis, Nieotlemo, Rose. Stntk- ton, Snocltly. SIZCQONIJ ROW' - Wilson, Thomas. Ross, Harker, Goldberg. Cohen, Prather, Gairtlner. Killion, Reese, Rose. Mc' Cormaek, Schaher. 'll HRD ROW -- Defiuartl, Wal- son, Bontlan, Stokes, Mil' holland, Swertltieger, Grihhle, Stern, Cirawfortl, Cfharhoneau. l:O U RT ll ROW - - lfrieson, Powell, Gunn, Gerstle, Hartly, Alexan cl er, Pinkerton. Dayan, lirocato, lflli'l'H ROW f- Martin, Carlson, Silverherg, Steffen, Snell, Wright-Hay, Stewart. Wagner, Wootlring, C.1Li4gl1ey. FIRST ROW! lules Oerlwer, ci.llAI'0ll l.ontlon- er, Lester lierke, Barry Truloelx, Clary Putlney, llurt Brown, Denny Dill- Zell. loel Altsliule. SEC- OND ROW! Bolw lfleni- ming, Ron Zimmernmn, lim Stevens, Wfurren Wful- ters, Al Pitt, Tony Plitin, Tell Molvley, lerome Snr- ro. Don Gross. THIRD ROW! Doug Neil, Dave llourtlon, Cilnrence Hut- ton, David littirclliltl, Glenn Retliger, Bill Rich- .1rtls, Marcus llissong. l'OURTH ROW! Boli Sliermun, Box Wfilcox, Iolin liieliliorn, liolw Sitts, lerry Livers, Ron Klinge, Roger Vorliecs. FIRST ROW! ll.llCll, l.ex'inson, 'lll'.lXlL'l', llol- lwrook, Fleming, l5e.1n- Llfkklll. SIECOND ROW'- Roniero, li.lfl.l, Truloela, llrown, Caine, Allen. 'I'lllRD ROW! Vxlll- l.iw, Cfliotlos, Ritlmrtls. llerke, Reicliell, Putlney, l,L'l1S.ll1ll, l7OURTll ROW' l".1irtliiltl, ll.n'tnmn, Stevens, lhlzell, Molvley, Sliernmn, Cook. lflliTH ROW' Only, Wfnlters,, Pitt, Wl.tlker, Gross, llolliner, SIXTH ROW' Killmeyer, Vor- liees, lirentli. Phelps. Retliger, Olsen, liithliorn. SlfVliNTll ROWf A - tle l., V.1r.1, Klinge, Livers. Sitts, Stratton, -lones, Lulu. W'52 BOYS GLEE S'52 TREBLE CLEF W52 CHANTERS 55, ,. '92 . 5 'Wa'6Ux, ' 0 , s ' 1 mm 4 Q ' v , , X CHORAUERS CHANTERS S52 CHORAUERS fi A Qfglw 3 2 TREBLE CLEF v 4 3 U 5 5 5 i5,J? SQ 45 X li..!f BAND AND ORCHESTRA Auditorium Staff I-l3l"'I' TO RIGHT-Tom Gregg, Roger Smith, Don Ferguson, Gary Edwarrls, Denny Niles. SECOND ROXVfKenny Robison, Chuck Mahtcrian, Vern Pickup, Mike McCoy, Dick Lockman, 'lim Dandy, and Mr. Moore, Sponsor. Ll2l"'l' TO RIGHT -- Put Uhlik, Dee Dee Crookslmnks, Dave Bair, Joyce Po1.1k,and Lee Stein. Rally Girls Clean Campus l.lflf'l' T0 RIGHT-Carolyn St. Louis, Corinne Bonrl, .Iune Harper, Paula liirtrirlge, NOT SHOWN?- Antoinette Sclmber. Christian Fellowship FIRST ROWW -Iolton, Ostlwy, Wfilliams, Gunn, Turner, Ross, Currie. D.n'ison. Supp. Wfeitz, Snoiiily. SIECOND ROWf' Clmix, Sllour, INICCOFINQICIK, Ledger, jileolvs, H.imilton, States, Brown. TIIIRD ROWf Sei- Iwert, Irwin, I7.lI'IiI1LlI'SI, Ilelvner, C.1rrolI, McKenzie, Lyons. FOURTH ROW'-f Doiison, l,oniIoner, Slewert, Me- Corinaek. FIFTH ROWfv-Hutton, Vlenscn, Mr. ML'Lk1fCIlQSPOIISOVI,ID.lN'ILIK.lj'SL'f. FIRST ROW' Simone Marks, S.iiiiIr.iWfi1lsI1lvy, Milrslm Seiii, Catherine Cnnniivo, Rolw Sitts, Tony Pl.ii.1, Mr. lSponsorJ, Suzanne Took. SECOND ROWW Mary Briiitiniin, Dolores Pelligrii, Tjilglllill' Pelli- gr.1, I'.1t UziI.n'inis. Noreen UziI.n'inis, lliirriet Goliilwerg, Put Roth. Cosmopolitan Club ""WlgE'f" 'NNW' W French Club ww I'lR I L. ST ROW7--AMrs. Alwerson, Sponsorg Mary Hamer, Nancy Lunelrum, -luily, Gail llerliner, Iiolw Wkilpole, Dianne Olinstenil, Murrie Grisiner, l.inil.i Murdock. Simone Marks, Ifixinies lI.n'klionse, I'.il Lipp- nik, Cynthia Inulwer, SECOND ROW! fSI1eil.1 ci.1IkINA'!.'II, Mike Dwiiileelwe, c'.Il'UIl'll Moore, Son'.i Riililer Kflorm C Cyill. Ai I ieliinier, Maxine MeGr.1iIy, .Indy Sontiig, Donnie Di.1nne. Carolyn Diiy, Cliristy I.oriI, I'.it I".irinei', D.iw 'nolil I,oeI. THIRD ROW' Ailrienne Bernstein, Grelilien Oilell, Iiolv Rnilelson, IIPl'.l'LfL'I', M.irsIi.i Brenton, Russell Str.ilIon, C.1i'oIe MeCoy,Gi1il Rising, IxIill'l.lil CI.n'ke. Elini Trees, II.1i'riel Ciolillverlg, Iiol Iliklunil. FIRST IROW Joan Wliitt.xker, Wfinnie Gore, Pat Uhlik, Chris Reed QPes.j, Dorothy Brigham, Dee Dee Cfrookslmnks, Dyunn Hhompson. SECOND ROXW-Shureen Hurley, Joyce Polak, Carole Jones, Diana Dewees, ll.llAl,XlI'Ll Meliie, Jene Snhin, Marilyn Taylor. THIRD ROW-Miriaziul Partridge, Lihhy Story, Sue Nichols, Jonn li, Bennett, Paula Partridge, and Sandra Young. Masquettes FIRST ROW-Galil Berliner, Steve Galaif, Barrett Miller, Cynthia Lauber, Judy Orlick, Sue Clzunpitt, Plt Roth, Put Farmer. SECOND ROW-Larry Salk, Judy Braitmzin, Terry Levine, Biirharu Nalrhmnn, Mrs. Els ner, Sponsorg Dave Gill, Nancy O'Neill, Judy Sontag, Edna Hart, Charlotte Ehrman. Harlequin FRONT TSCTW-f-l.ill'l'J' Salk, Dave Gill, Harriet Goldberg, Holly Barron. BACK ROXV-Louis Hnmos, Tony Plaid, Mrs. Sophia Leshing, Sponsor, and Rick Dunn QPres.J S . - 5 Writers Club Science Fiction liU'l"liUlXl ROXXV Mr. -I. C,. Lundy, Sponsorg Holly Barron, Larry Salk, Drive Gill, Elbert Bride. TOP ROW Louiw ll.iinos. Rick Dunn, Melvin Ifislicr, Rit'li.1rd Lockman,andjcfTrcyBccmi1n. FIRST RUXW- Lou Bass, .loc Stnvoiic, Eddie Austin, Don lfcrguson, Dirk Nunnixlly, Alt-rry Nownkowski. 5l.C,OND ROXW- -Dean Cordcllc, liolu Wells, Larry l'ctitt.1, Marilyn Cohen QSccrc-tilryj, Vimc Pi.1zzf.i, liddic l'rcn cli. Sul l.11Monici1. Stage Crew l'lRS'l' RUXY' lXltCorin.nk, Artlicr. lfostcr, Bronson, McKccn. Settles, Mr, Moore tSponsorj. SECOND RUXY' Yukl, Mnirs, llixics, 'll-ciii.iii, Sinks, Hiiincs, Dillard. THIRD ROXV--f--Young, Hopp, V.1n Ness, l.L'.ll'y. l3r.iKgo, iioldlvcrg, Cutler. L 34 Projection Crew Z6 :ii -1' ,Nix A wx, ff-Al ax if MN f 'Nl who ,4 I 1 N Y, , i 7" A Q .. . f s fi'-,isa "' , r 2351,-1: , 5g 7 Ql yg? "" A n ri 1. .U it' .,, 4 7 x, ak X "g,,L5.e 111l Clntnn lJL'!lIl. l"lRS'l' RUXY' blohn Kill-Il1L'l'k'I', lst l.ieut.1 Vlohn Moore, l.lil5T TO RlGll'l' lfre1l RllllK'l'l-1 ' , . C llNl,, X'i'.1l1e1' l..lIl1l5, lXl.llUI'Q lflliot lielinn, flklllljl Ci.1pt.1 Boh fr.1i'Q, Glenn Mueller. ltl ll11ll1'11, .llltl l.i1-ut. SIKONIU ROW' l5.1x'i1l l5.1ir, .flltl l1c11l.g 41.111 lIllll.lll, 2111l l.ie11t.g Rolvert l.LltlllIll1, lntl l,ieut,g ll11'11y Volt, .?n1l .l.IL'LIl. Officers Color Guard R. O. T. C. lliih s1l1o11l R.O,'lfC,. 1loes not gtttempt to n1.1lie "soldiers" ol' the pupils who en1'oll III its 1l.1ss1'sg its l'll 1 1 1 .llltl respect for t0lll'lL'Sy .lllkl proper authority. Xltle .1 SllINLIlllS l0W.lI'tlS AlllX'.lI1l,L'l11L'I1l. 'L '. se .tllkl 1go.1l 1:1 to m.1ke lllL'lll hetter citizens hy instilling lll tl1e111 .1 spirit ot willing 11111111-1'.1t11111 .lllkl lL'.lIll pl.1 Ci0I1ll'.ll'y to popul.1r helieli, the R.O.'l4.Cl. l1lklCl l1.19 .1 very .11ti1'e semester. fiOI11lWL'lllltlIl lor .11l1.11111-1111111 Is wry keen, .1111l, the 111.111y .1w111'1ls lor m.1rl4m.111sl11p, SQ'll00l SL'I'YILiL', gu.1r1l 1let.11ls .1111l Il1lL'I'-Stlltlill Lwlllltelllltlll p1 Cllll' l5AlllLlll0l1 is l0I11I50SCtl ol' two 1'omp1111ies ol 1.11lets, .1 10lor Kgu.1r1l .1111l .1 1lr1ll lL'.llll, IZ11-11 t.ltlk'l ho11 some1l.1y to lK'LiOl1K' .1 memher ol' ' ' ' -. . '. yu '..' ' ' 1 ' the rifle tum Our teim this e1r 111s the hest Ill the 111111 s l11sto1'1' llllINllIl 'enth IWl.lLC' Ill tl1e AI!llLl.ll Sixth Army Mutth hetween over one hun1lre1l .1n1l titty s1hools, .1111l se111111l lll 1 .'e1'er11l week-en1l tri1sto11r111y posts i11 the .1re.1g l'o1't M1A1'tl1u1', lhl.ll'tll l"111l1l IRI! ml in ou lSl0I1ll LYLIINC. to some ltlllll ol intelest on 1 N111 1lest1'111'1'1'. 1 .. .4 g11le C,o111m.1111ler, North lloll1'w11111 l ll.lS the 1l1s lllltlltlll ot l1.11'i11.g llflg.lxlL' lle.11l11u11rte1's lo1.1te1l o11 its 1'.lmpus. 'lihc 1.11let lll'l'Q.lKll' fUllllll.lIl4lQ'l' 111 tll.lI't't 111 1ll I-5 xX!.lllL'l' l..lI11l3 high salltlul R.O.'l'.Ci. units 111 the l.os Angeles Cfity Sthool System w.1s Ll10NL'I1 1111111 this Mlitltll lvtll' II11 s1'11111l C 11l1t lh'1g.11l11 111111111 'H .1111le1' time in six years. I gg 59 Company A ROXY' I Kline, S1.1les, 'l'1'ue11.1n1, l.ei1ly, Kruse, Pearson, Daulton, Bair, Moore, XX'olt', lhl.tI'lilI.tI11, XYl.lL'I'N, lltlllllll, XXlIlllL'I'l7y, C1.1lly, Stutz, Moinicken, cillLlCI1l1lClSlCf. ROW' ll Ortiz, Nutt.1ll, Kor1lel, ci.tllilL'Y, ZL'llL'l'. ehel, ,lilltJIllPSOIl, llL'lkl, Goins, Stratton, liortine, Wel5l1e11s, Burrell, Elson, Meyers. ROW' lll lNl.1i1's,, fii.lI'- sso, ililll'L'Sl1Cf, cil.l5SL'I', Reyes, Kinnon, Smiley, Hehner, Hopp, We-1l111.111, M.1r1si11ik, lfitzp.1trik, lltuk, XYlllSt1Il. -1' ' in .1-at 50 T'1j-hvi54K5r x Q Q 'FT ,a Sheff .Ne .,,,.a :JK wk MN ' Film. - e -.V -aww. 0' - . . x...x Officers Color Guard Rifle Team Company "B" l"lRS'l' ROW' Rollal, liloerler, XVe11yer,XY'41e1's, Avery, Norman, Helinn, l.unllum, Could, Dyer, l,exy, Cilwlwrley, SIZCUND ROXX' llatclmer, Cornelius, Craig, hlensen, BCI'gll1lLlCllL'l', Shapiro, Klein, Iiarnnert, l.igggil Reznnk. 'I'lllRl3 ROW' Sterling, Alwe, XX'.1Iker, Harkness, Slather. Kayser. Mooney, Cflmrnness. Baker, Otto. vm: W was my . .M A, W "1 4--.,.l""' " " 4 K- X Q' ' , . Q ,M 1. . aw, ' A ,. M .. A ' wi """'u"lu3g.g- Q ifiiffkibs fd- spiffy, gm S My , mf'?A.jf'Y9 FUTURE FARMERS I Once again the Future Farmers ot' America at North Hollywood High have brought pride and honor to our school. Through their outstanding work and efforts the Future Farmers have made excellent showings at all of the fairs held in Los Angeles County. We can well he proud ol' this group of boys as they have won many top prizes in contests at the San Fernando County Fair. the Los Angeles County Fair at Pomona, at the Pierce junior College judging Field Day, and the Great Westeriu Live Stock Show at the Los Angeles Union Stock Yards. Last fall, at the Pomona Fair, our group through their remarkable efforts and shew- manship won three out of the tive grand sweepstakes prizes. These prizes and many others were won at the numerous contests entered by our boys, hut to include all of their achievements we would till this page and many more. lt is surprising that an organization as active as the Future Farmers of America is known to the students yet its many achievements and its structure is unknown to many. During this term. one of their main goals is to raise money through the sale of greeting cards, to have a hanquet at which to present their many awards. These students, re- ceiving the full support of their vocational agriculture teacher Mr. Grace, are constantly working for the next con- test to make the best showing of their work, their organ- ization, and their school. OF MERICA fb f, 7 w Wh, M '15-7E,ai,r.u.L "The Important Thing Is Not Winning, But Taking Part The Essential Thing ls Not Conquering, But Fighting Well PORTSMA ' PRAYER DEAR LORD, IN THE BATTLE THAT GOES ON THROUGH LIFE, I ASK BUT A FIELD THAT IS IYAIR, A CHANCE THAT IS EQUAL XWITH ALI. IN STRII"E. A COURAGE TO STRIVE AND TO DARE, AND II" I SHOULD WIN. LET IT BE BY THE CODE XVITH MY FAITH AND MY IIONOR HELD HICHg II' I SHOULD LOSE, LET ME STAND BY THE ROAD AND CHEER AS THE WINNERS GO BY. KNUTE ROCKNE. 1 SITY ROW I V Coach lohn Sanders, Bob Hadraba, Graham Van Ness, Tom W'ebb, Stew Cioldcn D n I 1 son, Norm tRedj Mclflvain, Bob Heizer. MIDDLE ROXVW Bill Gibson, Butch Newcomb Ice Brooks lxcn ny Robison, Harold Harms, Wttrreii Yaple, lack Riedinger, jerry Smith, Eddie Austin IOP ROXW ow Ifedel, Manager, Darrell Foster, Doug MacLachlan, Tom Gatherer, Louie Nichols, Bill Dew ir Clirencc Wa dron, Tom Gregge, johnny Rushton, Mike McCoy. The Huskie Varsity Football machine tinishcd the Wil football season with a -1-2 win-loss record, and an impressive win oxer the Valley Champs, Van Nuys. High storing honors went to halfback Bob lleizer, who tallied thirty points. Next came Bob Smith and Stu Rubine, each with 2,1 points apiece, Bob Iladraba, Don Ferguson, and Harry Spear with IH points. Another honor went to Heizer, the lead- ing ground gainer, who had 4115 yards to his credit. ln the cluarterbatk spot was Norman "Red" Mc- lilvain, who completed S11 out of 109 passes for 715 yards, When the All-Valley teams were announced, three Huskies had won places on the first team. They were llarry Spear, tackle, Bob Heizer, half- batk, and Norm Mtlflvain, quarterback. Second team All-Valley honors went to Ed Locker, Roger Smith, and Pete Vanlaw. Third string choices were Hob Smith, Dick Iioell, and Chuck Mahterian. Iettermen tor the 11231 Varsity Football squad included: lfddie Austin, Brooks, john Eich- horn. Don Iferguson, Dick Ifoell, Tom Gatherer, Bill Gibson, Stexc- Golden, Bob Hadraba, Bob Heizer, lid Locker, Clhutk Mahterian, Norm Mc- lilvain, Don Morse, xlerry Mummert, Dick New- comb, Pat Pinkston, Ron Richardson, Ken Robison, Stu Rubine, loc' Scavone, Courtney Schultz, Bob Smith. Roger Smith, Harry Spear, Paul Tinning, Pete Vanlaw, Ciraham Van Ness, Chuck Wklldf0I1, Torn XX'c-bb, Carroll Xvhitney, and Wiirrc-ii Yaple. -I2 sir if Coach Harvey Nelson Ed Locker Right rliackle FGOTB LL i Q ROXX! l litl Locker, Pete V.m Law, Hurry Spear, C.1t'ltOll Xxfllllllty, Roger Smith, Chuck M.thtei'i.m, Stu Ruhine, Diek lioell, Boh Smith, CO.lL'll Nelson. SECOND IQOW- flint Pinkston, Sum liritllgers, Ierry Mum- mert, Corky Shultz, john Eiehhorn, Paul Tiiming, Don Morse, Ron Riclumlson, Ioe SCLIVOIIC. THIRD RUXW Bill Clleury, Harold johnson, Bud Fisher, Phil Hirsh, Don Nelson, Mz1ttSunees, Bob Yaris,CQlmrleyNippell, llhuek lilliott. Stu Rulwine Norm tlietlj MtElx'nin Hurry Spear Dick lfoell Chunk Mgthterigm Right llaltihuek Quarterhaiek Left Tackle Left End Lett Citmrtl if Bob Smith Sttvc Cloldcn Don Ferguson Pete V.1n I..1w C.1rmII XYIIlI.IlLy l"ullh.1tk Clr.-ntqr Right Halfhuck Center Ritght Uu.1rtI f A 34, za, Ffanwn If 52 fatteftfloet O ,+1I55VeffIU'10 'ISV I 40 Faifcaf I5 IH A SanFernancI0Il1 f.rI. I6I VaHNUY5 I nhl-I I3 Canoqapyk i , - Z 35 I Iitttgcr Smith Tom Wfchh Luft'tI Lett 'llltklc IIOII SMIIII UOIES VOR YARDACIE AS CARROLI. ON HIS VUAY FOR A GAIN IN YARIJALLIE IS I' WI'IIII4NIfN' GUARDS. PINKSTON IN TIIIE VAN NUYS CQAINIII. 44 J ROW I -Cfoafh Ostcrrnan, Kotal, D. Sales, Parsons, Cuellar, Ducrr, Houston, Allwimino, Plcmon, Stapp, li. Sales, B. Bt-nnctt. ROW! II-f Milcti, Wiiitc, Leggett, Klinger, Kchlc, WCddil1gf0Il, Forster, Pflcgcr, East, Rolvhins, Davis. ROW Illf---Xxfintlham, Wells, Martin, Scybcrt, Rogers, Span, Lcvison, Guthrie, Snyilcr, Sanita, Austin. ROXW IVf fMann, Frickc, Walters, Stcinhauscr, Kinradc, Brown, Bruggcrman, Amstatltcr, Cliaplvcl, Casey, Lippa. ROW V- -Miller, Manager, Arluucklc, Bctsfh. Cusick, Paul, Wri,ul1t, Rous, Wciiicr. -aa ' ,Rst BEE FOOTBALL i a'?5 as fa 1 awww Q 4-:xxd I Q o Lclioy Ducrr Co-Captain lirutc Salt-s The Huskiu Bac Football team cams up with an avt-rage season ot' thrcc wins and thrcc losses, hut with an impressive win over our arch-rivals Van Nuys. Coaclictl hy Iohn Ostcrnian, thc tt-am hoastctl a hackficltl of Don Salcs, Bruce Salts, lioh licnm-tt, anil Tom Kotal who sparkc-tl thc Huskicpups to victorics ova-r liaglc Rofk, VL-rilugo Hills. and Van Nuvs. Lewis Parsons lt-tl the scoring with thirtv points, tollowt-il hy lioh Bt-nnctt with 18. Don Sales with IZ, antl lh'ui't' Salts, Gortlon Rohhins. Mikt- Davis, Dick Stapp, Bill Martin. antl Tom Kotal with six points uacli. Don Sales had thc hast yarilagt- avuraiuc pci' carry going 9.8 yartls ovary time hc farrictl thc hall. The But-s hostctl tlicinsclwe to a hip.: hanquct attcr thc st-ason was over antl a numhcr ot awartls wort- matic. Quarterback Toni Kotal was votctl thc most valuahlc player, Dirk Stapp thc most iinprovctl playcr. Ronny "thc Rock" Cuellar thc inainstav ot' thc tram, anil Bruce Sales thu player who trit-tl thv hartlcst. Don Sales antl Lt-Roy Ducrr wt-rc L-lcctctl to-taptains for thc 1951 season. Lcttcrmcn for thc Bucs inclutlctl Hola Austin, Lvwis Parsons. Bill XX'aitc, Miko O'liricn, Miko Rogcrs, Miko Davis. Dirk Vlfintl- ham. Terry Pflcgcr, Leu Rous, Ronaltl Milcti, ,larry Kchlc, Dirk Stapp, Hill Snyilcr, Ron Cuellar, Gordon Rohhins, lioh Guthriu, lim Klingt-r, liill We'tltlii1,ul4iri. Carlo Allmnino. Don lioistt-1, 'l'ul Plc-mon. lioh lit-nnt-tt, Maylim "5kookx"' Houston, la.-Rox' Durrr, Don Salts, Tom Kotal. Brute- Salts, antl Roggttr lfast. LINE, LEFT TO RIGHT-Lewis Parsons, endg Ronny Cuellar, tackleg LeRoy Duerr, guard, M yl H ston, ccnterg Carlo Albimino, guardg Ted Plcmon, tackleg Dick Stapp, end. BACKFIELD T Kotal Bruce Sales and Bob Bennett. 9 I LH'anI4IIn MH 52 Eagle IQJLIQ 42 W z5xrrJuqOHf11Szz San Etrnando VHF? Nuys Z Nfl. Qffanoqaqgrk H -Don Sal FIRST STRING BEES Don Sales Carlo Albimino Co-Captain T Km 1f-11--- 46 12? ' ill wa if N H f' t Q ' , k yi 1 i Alll .- uno fN f Q I , 'ggi iiwfffgj Q' tl., 1 filllffs FIRST ROXV--Myron Herbcrg, Perry Lciber, jim Roth, Vern Pickup, Duane Robbins, Maurice Herberg. SECOND ROW-Craig Reid, Dick Raulston, Jeff Penficld, Gordon Davis, jim Halsten, Al Wriglit, Ralph Mauriello, Mel Greenspoon, Coach Al Lundy. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Huskie Varsity Baskethall team finished a hard-lurk 1951 season with an 8-4 record, hut with an iiupressive win over the Valley Champs San Fernando. The Huskies. Vallev haskethall champs for the past four Years, were dealt a severe blow at the first of the season when all-eitv forward Duane Rohhins was stricken with appendieitis. Although he was out for almost the entire lirst round, Duane ended up as high scorer of the team with Ill points in seven games, a I6 point average. He was followed by Vern Pickup with 84 points, Al W-'riglit 61, and Ditk Raulston with 56. ln the second round Verdugo Hills game, Robbins and Piekup really caught lireg Duane storing 27 points and Vern sinking 19. ln the All-Vallev Seleetions, Rohhins made the tirst team Helms All-Vallex' wt and Pickup made tirst team Vallev Times All-Vallev and second team Helms. Rohhins also made third team All-Citv. In the eitv tournament, the Huskies were ouvted in the tirst round of play hy the always powerful jefferson. S2-76. Due to the line play on the part of Rohhins, he was pieked as one of the All- Tournament forwards. As a team. the Huskies scored 656 points in twelve games, for an average of 5-1.7 per game to the opponents 45.7. ln practice games, the Blue and Grey defeated Hollvwood's Sheiks. Sl-41, hut lost to Hamilton's Yankees. 37-43, and Glendale Hoover of the C.l.F.. 54-64. I.etlernien lor the l'l5I North Hollvwood Varsity liaskethall squad in- iluded Duane Rohhins, Vern Pickup, Al Wfriglit, Diek Raulston, Perry Leihef, . I Ralph Mauriello, -lim Roth, -lim Halsten. ,left Pentield. and Roger Reid. Duane R0l3l31US VCIII PICRLIP P ry Lieber A1 Wright Dick Raulston lim Halsten f - 'Q H52 51.26 - 121' NH 52- ER-59 1 vlllll meg vt-aw? ' si My in N '+ SFLT F SJC 1 wt-ic.2. VN65 OMTM M 1 ' sz. !M""Lf , S1132 955' ' WV H57ER68 A-AZ X' H6bVH 35 H57 SF H2 Nl-H8 VN 5"f H55CP27 -iVN 'FOQFBO1' NH wxu XX, I Roth Ralph Mauriello Craig Reid Ieif Penfield ,Y V '2 K 4 F fi 4 Q95 , 1' x. Y Qs ,Sw . fir WY? Mega xx -. WZ- i 1 Sh 4 S K :R2 ij L 4. A-45 QS xx ui ae, A L3 K 3 E ' S .Q 955 sl ig , . gg - . . : Ac, S K 5 5 E :Fwy K. ,. , M W, H, ,M A my .F K T Mini ,A L,,L ,SQ gg, 2 ,f if in 3 5- V . j l. 5 ., X... . s-N. I ' K ,gm . , 5 A 9 sf i f K if M .a . T 3 is silk ' A x f Ia sh.-M qw gi M f A 4' Q 4 as 4 1 ew fi 3 2 iii ? A' 454 :Lf 25 BEE -' BASKETBALL X 4 P ,IW 111 it FIRST ROW-fflozttth A1 Lundy, Moe Wiiater, 'Ioe Hilloek, George Stehlik, Paul Levitt, Diek Baird. SIECQOND ROW5 .Iohn jackson, Bill Byrd, Al Seharf, Don Wliitiiey, Mort Sobel, Carl Hurty, Larry Strong. f- - '-1'X--7 if 'il- .fx I I X Q "' 5 9Xf ll' IV- - 11, ffffff yi llnli fir so 'l'he Huskie Bee easaha team tame through with an outstanding season of' eleven wins against one loss to elaim the Valley League Bee title. The Huskiepups ran up 657 points in 12 league g.unes, for an average of 55.1 against their opponents average of 58.1. The most points seored in one game were the 72 which were tallied in the first-round Eagle Rock game, a very high total for a Bee team. Season high scoring honors went to Dick Baird who sank 1-il points for an 11.8 average. He was followed hy Moe Winte'r with 110 points, Paul Levitt with 102. George Stehlik 97, and joe Hilloek with 95. Individual scoring honors for a single game went to Moe Wiiiter, who sank 22 points in the setond-round Verdugo Hills game, and to .loe Hilloek, for his 19 points in the first-round San Fernando game. In the city tournament. the Bees, like the Varsity, tould not seem to get going, and were defeated hy Hamilton -15-27, in the first round. The Huskies' chances were dimmed with the loss of first string renter George Stehlik for the entire game, and forward loe Hilloek who was tossed out of the game in the early minutes of the first quarter after .1 slight tussle with a Hamilton player. In practice games, the Huskies won over Hollywood and Glen- dale Hoover, 52-16 and 59455 respettively and lost a tlose season opener to Hamilton -11--15. Lettermen for the 1951 Huskie Bee Baskethall squad intluded. Dirk Baird, Moe Wiiite-r. -loe Hillork, Paul Levitt. Don Wfhitney, Al Scliarf. Don Tayerien, Roger Wfampler. Cliff Gard. and ,Iohnny jackson. Paul Levitt Moc Wilmtcr George Stchlik Duck Baird loc Hillo k Q nn -M-4 5w Fn.5"1 Q V -NJH7Z ER 51 mf My W If S -we-4 57 VH 55 . Pwv 1 3 'NH-056 SP 56 Ximgel-1-Q3 -we-1 wtf VN 27 ,Jxgbf - NH 50 CP 27 121 3 -Nl-45OfFp.. ze fy -NI-I56 ER Se wi 131, Af M-M7 VH 21 ,EQ X' rr W: 'NH-55 'SF 51 ':fu'TTVf'f'W - NH45 VN 56 'M "+ NW" W' -NIH 55 CP aw HI Irlmg CHAN F,,1,ON,, PAUL LEVITT FIRES AXVAY FOR TWO JOE HILLOCK SCORES ' ' ' ' ' 'b POINTS IN THE VAN NUYS GAME FOR THE HUSKIES FRONT ROWSWalter Dover, Art Rubine, Roger Bell, Martin Horwitz, Phil Belmonte, joel Berger, Aleio Valdez. BACK ROXW-fCoach Xanthos, Sam Finkelberg, Arthur Kagan, Warreii Garfield, Lewis Nel- son, Stanley Schultz, Bruce Bakerman, jack Rutt, Denny Thomas, Wztrreim Blanchard. CEE B SKETBALL BELMONTE GOES UP FOR TXVO POINTS. The Huskie Cee Basketball team ended the 1951 season with five wins and seven losses and with a team scoring average of 23.8 points for twelve games. In practice games, Coach Paul Xanthos' Cees defeated Hollywood I8-li and lost a close one to Hamilton 20-25. High scoring honors for the season went to Roger Bell, who tallied 72 points. He was followed by Phil Bel-monte with 58 points, Art Ruhine with 52, Wgxlter Dover 28, Chuck Arnone 28, Alf.-jo Valdez 25, joel Berger 22, and Martin Horwitz 22. Lettermen for the Cees were: Chuck Arnone, Roger Bell, Phil Belmonte, joel Berger, Wixltcrr Dover, Martin Horwitz, Art Ruhine, and Aleio Valdez. PIRST ROW Alan Kornbluth Lee Breuer Don Jacques, Ron Shenkman, Chris Severn, jack Marietta. SECOND ROW Gene Sigaloff Bob Walpole Bob Creslin, Larold Margulies, Roger Wilmon, Ronny Booth, DEE BASKETB LL 'l'he Dee Basketball team linished the 1951 season with an 8-4 record, losing two of the games by close margins of one and two points. The junior size casaba men ran up 267 points for a 22.3 average. High scorer for the season was Chris Severn with 89 points. Next was Don jacques with 54 points, Ron Shenkman with 217, Alan Kornbluth 2-1, and .lack Marietta with 19. In practice games the Dees defeated Hollywood 27-ll and lost to Hamilton 15-28. Lettermen for the 1951 Dee Basketball team included: Eddie Blade, Ronnie Booth, Lee Breuer, Don jacques, Alan Kornbluth, Hal Margulies, Chris Severn, Gene Sigalofi, Ron Shenkman, and Roger Willmon. ROW I+Mike Riggs, Art Weiner, Bob Graham, Bob Margolis, Bob Weiss, Bob Mahoney Coach Waite ROW II-Dane Robinson, Louis l-lamos, Carroll Londoner, Bob Young, Ron Bennett, Bob Wagner Earl Todd ROW III-Dal Graham, Ernie Severn, Bob Foster, Chuck Yukl, Ron Zimmerman, Bill Pitts Bob Brodowsky Marvin Allison. ROW IV-Stan Tobias, Manager, Raymond Reyes, William Frederick Carling Phil Blmmes Bill N. -lohnson, Howard Rosenfield. CROSS The Huskie Cross Country team finished the season with a 3-3 record. including an exciting win over cross-town rival Van Nuys. ln the Valley meet, the Huskies placed third with Bob Foster finishing in sixth place. Bobs best time for the season was 10'30" for the two mile course. ln the j.V. ranks, Earl Todd was the big gun, placing third in the Valley meet and thirteenth in the City meet. Earls best time was 10'50". j.V. scores for the season were: N.H. 15-Fr. 40, N.H. 26-E.R. 29. N.H. 22-V.l-l. 53, N.H. 59-S.l:. 15, N.H. 3-4- V.N. 23, N.H. -42-C.P. 18. 10th grade scores: N.H. 15-Fr. 40, N.H. I0-E.R. 40, N.H. 35-V.H. 20, N.H. 15, N.H. 36-V.N. 20, N.H. S1-C.P. 15. Lettermen for the 1951 season included: Varsity- Bod Brodowsky, Bob Foster, Dal Graham, Ernie Severn, and Chuck Yukl. j.V.-Ron Bennett, Louis l-lamos, Bob Wagner, Bob Young, Earl Todd, and Ron Zimmerman. 10th grade -w Bob Graham, Bob Mahoney, Raymond Reyes, Bob Weiss, and Art Weiner. COUNTRY NH 2Z"t NH 25 NH '+7 NH27 Nl-H8 FR 5l ER57 SF I7 VN 28 CP 7 :NH ze vi-i 27 - 4 FIRST ROW-Young, Cannon, Thompson, Sproul, Pfeiffer. SECOND ROW-Guthrie Yaple, Stoifer, Newcomb, j. Wells, Tamblyn, V. Reyes, Dick Brink, D. Reyes, Lang, La Gorio, Youngman. THIRD ROW --Chodos, Don Brink, Nunnally, Glover, Pitts, Williams, Olsen, Coach Sanders, Craw- ford, Schiff, Sonderland, Dailey, Harrison, Ward, Gertch, Hicks. NH8Z ER57 NH79 VHLH NHf?5 sF2+'2 NH56fVNb5'2 -NH8+cD5e The Huskie gym team finished the 1952 season with a 41 win loss record and a second place spot in the Valley League jack Wells was the big noise for the Huskies, scoring 150 points in nine meets in spite of his absence in two meets Wells' four best events were the high bar, long Schiff and Dick Nunnally both had best times of 5.5, a new school record. Tumbling was taken care of by Rusty Tamblyn, Daxe Cannon, and Mac Thompson. Butch Newcomb, Don Glover Bob Yaple, and Mac Thompson held down the high bar and Vic Reyes, Lon Olsen, Dick and Don Brink, Sandy Crawford, and Roy Harrison, were all consistent point-winners in their respective events. In a three-way practice meet, the Huskies scored 68lQ points against 31h for Marshall and 20 for Venice. In another tri-meet, the Huskies wound up with 53, Lincoln with 36 and Fairfax with 28. Roosevelt's Rough Riders and Fremonts Pathfinders, last year's city champions, were the only teams outside the Valley to defeat the Huskies. They won by scores of 69M-50k and 68-52, respectively In league play, the Blue and Grey defeated Eagle Rock 82V2-37V2, Verdugo Hills 79-41, San Fernando 95V2-24y7, Canoga Park 84-36, but lost to Van Nuys 56y2-63M in a surprise upset. In the Valley League Finals, the Huskies came through to take the first place with 51 points while Van Nuys was t horse, rings, and parallel bars. In the rope climb, Hal , . . 5 i . I 3 second with 41V2 points. Right: Dick Brink. Rings't lop: l.On Olsen, Sialcliorsc Lclit Ccnlcr: Dick Ncwconilw Longhorsc Lclil Bottom. Vic Reyes, Parallels ilxXX'c N si L Nl gl A . w'9'5 J 'ty is '03, me qos rs ' . FIRST ... -4-gf':.!' kv ROW! - - Cfoueli Wtiite-, Pinkston, Levitt, Bennett, Brown, Forester, Dodson, Simeoek, The ule SECOND ROXV-f-Y-Dinaberg, Ness, Dailey, Seharf, Nelson, Eiehhorn, Bnmmes, Totld, Bonhim Sherman, Shrileler, Coileh Nelson. THIRD ROW- Holmquist, Robbins, Britlgers, Ferguson, Carlin Y Melilvnin, Foell, Wixltlroti, Berke, Tyler, Haekley. After live league meets, the Huskie Varsity 'lil'.lt'l'i Team was in second place in the Valley League with at -l-I reeortl and with the big meet .igiiinst Canoga Park coming up. The Blue and Grey aggregation was loaded with l.tlent1 with Bill Curling in the ltltl .intl 220, 'lohn liiehhorn imtl Phil Baimmes in the litl, Duane Rob- bins and Pitt Pinkston in the hurtlles and the high jump, iilong with Nelson Tyler, Stun Dailey, Sam Briilges, iintl Cfhuek Dinnberg in the shot put, Nor- Melllviiin in the pole vault, and Pinkston anal Don Ferguson in the broad jump. ln the Canoga Park relays, the Huskies tinishetl in iihirtl'e with 36 points behind Canoga Park with 57lf5 and San Fernando with i7lf5. ln- tllYlLlllill honors in the meet went to Diek Foell, who won the broiul jump with ii leap of I9 feet 913 inehes tuul to Dunne Robbins, who txtpturetl the high jump ribbon with 5 feet ll inches. In live league meets, the Huskies tlelieiitetl l"I',llll4lllH, 7tDlff3-,5,5l,fQ3 lost to Engle Rock. -19-ii, and won over Vertlugo Hills, Gi--itlg Sim l"L'fl1All1klO, 68-563 tuul Nuys 6ilQ-SSPQ. AR ITY TRACK 'F":"'is M -e s 5 . s Q K N - X wx, QF, 2 J . X he i34fIi' fifwf Pat Pinkston john Eichhom Duane Robbins Bill Curling X + E12 TRACKSTERS T ' x X ' Q 2 1 . M K Norm Mclilvain Sam Bridgers 3 Q ,P FN d g' mx LA gg A 58 'Sf' :Q L ,I X Q ,A X QQLQQUQW iv FIRST ROW f-Y Stoffer, Weiss, johnson, Miller, Parsons. SECOND ROW Coach Waite, Hurtv, Young, Reese, Albimino, Tanner, Yukl, Walters, Coach Nelson, THIRD ROW - -Dover, Margolis, D. Sales, Waite, Lippa, Powell, B. Sales, Cuellar, Brodowsky. The Huskie Bee Track Team at the end of tive league meets had a 5-2 record with one meet left. The Huskie sprinters, Bob Weiss, Bill johnson, and Louie Parsons, were consistent point earners. Weiss' best time for the 100 so far this season has been 10.6, and for the 220, 25.5. Chuck Yukl, North HolIywood's great 660 man, went through the season undefeated and had a best time of I :50.7. Rodger Lippa was the Huskie pole vaulter this sea- son, and he cleared ll feet, as of four meets. Hampered with an injured foot, he was kept out of a couple of meets. In the broad jump, it was Don Sales who, after four meets, had a best leap of I9 feet inch. Bob Young, Carl Hurty, and Evan Powell were point winners in the high jump, as were Carlo Albimino and Bruce Sales in the shot put. ln the Canoga Park relays, Don Sales won the broad jump with 19 feet 10 inchesg and the I-luskie Bee Relay Team of Bill johnson, jim Miller, Lou Parsons and Bob Weiss came in first with a time of I :l2.9 for the 660 yards. ln tive league meets the Bees had defeated lfranklin, ily,--itJl,,g Eagle Rotk, 66-Zyl, and Van Nuys, ii-40. They lost to Verdugo Hills, Si-603 and to San lfernando, 331g-6ly,. Chuck Yukl Wins Another 660 jim Miller Bob Weiss Bill johnson Chuck Yukl QT. .Ffh ,y?eP'gx bg -- I ' "" Q ,,','2EnB T57 x Ak ,fix f ffg :QC-'il 235556 ' XX f, i-7l'::.,:hl4-'k-4-- --N --Jv-.,w- - 466 A12 Q1 Q C 1 ' ' 'Zz5Xfn X R df L' aro'Alb1mmo 0 Bef 'PP A N 0455! X K 6 Rr QQ N W A , X - he 1 FIRST ROW-Salk, Weiiler West Iinleelberg Flrclcl SECOND ROW Coach Write Steele Glouser, Severn, Lechlightmr Smith Coach Nelson CEE TRACK 'x Q 4' N xll ily .. .M If 'fa M W. 1 Sl., 4 x gf' 3' C"::4r.Br.a Qi A-,,fi,1,V .f ,Aix 1- 4, -' jx' The I9i2 Cee Track Team, although short of men, was ahly led by Art Wfeiner, Hank lfardel, Sam Finkelherg, Norm Lechteitner, Ken Wcfst, Larry Salk, and Chris Severn. The -HO yard relay team, which consisted ot' Finkleluerg, We-st, lfardel, and Weiiier, was on its way to new records after running a -'i7.7 race in the Canoga Park relays for a new record. After five league meets, they had a best time of 47.3. W'einer was out to hreak the school 180 record of 19.3. He tied it in the San Fernando meet. In Eve league meets, the Cees had defeated Franklin, -i-i-555 and Van Nuys, 59-58. 'l'hey lost to Eagle Rock, 29--17, Verdugo Hills, Z9--19g and San Fernando 23V3-BVI. IIRST ROW-Dale Kingsley, Bill Richards, Ralph Mauriello, Glen Rediger, Rusty Russell. SECOND ROW-Buddy Black, Paul Arndt, Moe Winter, Dave Lowenthal, Ron Hartman, Coach Ostcrman. THIRD ROW-Gary Leary, Harry Brody, Lee Brooks, Mike Davis, Ned Marks, Tom Sheridan, Bob Frenn, Larry jay. VARSITY BASEB LL The l9'iZ Huskie Varsity Baseball Team was once again the pre-season favorite to take the Valley League title. In practice games the Huskies won six and lost two. The Bing- ville Bums were led by the superb pitching of all-city Ralph Mauriello, Ned Marks, and Mike Davis. Backed up by such players as Bill Richards, Moe Wiliter, Dave Lowenthal, Paul Arndt, Bob lfrenn, Buddy Black, Ron Hartman, Lee Brooks, and Glen Rediger, the chances of the defending Valley Champs to take the crown again looked very good. The practice games included victories over Marshall, 5-5 and 7-lg Venice 5--ig Dorsey, a strong city title contender, 6-Og South Gate, 9-8g and Notre Dame, 5-3. The two defeats included a S-3 season opener from Fairfax, and a 2-l upset by University. In the opening league games, the Huskies downed Franklin, 9-5, Eagle Rock, 9-lg hut, lost to Verdugo Hills, 2-5. An Umpires View of Paul Arndt in Action . lix Horsehiders I ,. A FQ! ,as Lcc Brooks Moe Winter Paul Arndt Dave Lowenthal Ralph Mauriello Catcher First Base Outlicld Outheld Pitcher K4 ft Q s 5 'M U . , 2 Q v ,Ji 1 .- wr 7 if X cv" kia I 'Ns .J X f , , g , . W f ft -5919 +225 f Q f ah, ff, XY ' ..'- 1 . -, - X 'Bryn' 'ff 1-J.,-ag 'isgzg ,-Lg.NC-47-l-.--.lEE Bill Richards Ned Marks Ron Hartman Buddy Black Glen Rediger Second Base Pitcher Third Base Shortstop Catcher S as , x ni ll ' Q FIRST ROW-Eddie Black, Ron Shenkman, jim Richards, joe Hillock, Chuck Mahterian, jerry jackson. Kenny Robison, Ron Firestone, Bob Weiner, Monty Ailetcher. SECOND ROW-Coach Matula, George Brooks, Dick Baird, Dick Windham, Richard Chappell, Alan Bleier, Louie Parsons, Hal Karlinski, Dick Stapp, jim Hal- sten, Tom Maudlin, Foster Phelps. THIRD ROWsDick Dixon, Bob johnson, Dave Wright, Art Delmars, Albert Romero, Ed Dapper, Tom Walker, Frank Zinger, Bill Byrd. J. V. BA EBALL The junior Varsity Baseball Squad was ot? to a flying start in the 1952 season with six practice games played and six victories. The horsehiders whipped Fairfax, 7-33 Marshall. 11-13 Venice, 6-51 South Gate, 9-8, Notre Dame, 8-3, and University, 15-11. Having won the Valley League championship for the past four year, the j.V.'s were looking for- ward to another title. Prospects looked good with such players as Ken Robison, Dick Windham, jim Halsten. Hal Karlinsky, Chuck Mahterian, Louie Parson, Dick Stapp, Dick Dixon, Hal Brody, jerry jackson, George Brooks, and Al Bleier, playing for the Blue and Grey. In the opening league games, the Huskies really caught fire and defeated Franklin, 14-Og Eagle Rock. 16-23 and Vcrdugo Hills, 8-1. 6-1 KENNY ROBISON IN ACTION AT FIRST BASE Baseballers -X XZ "'x i i ., i-if i 1 Q 1839 IE D . i' it Kcny Rob: on jerry jackson lim Halsten Chuck Mahterian Dick Stapp First Base Pitcher Second Base outfield Catcher Alan Bleier Pitcher 'Ei Af-1 ffm I 4 'gf' ' I is-Q3 Dick Dixon Shortstop Hal Karlinsky Outhcld I i FIRST ROW-Charles Stone, jim Karp, Mort Thompson, George Bane. SECOND ROW -- Gene Barston, Irwin Klein, Bob Morgan, Bob Cain e, Johnny jackson, Ted Goldberg, jim Caswell, Larry Sherman. THIRD ROW-Harold Harms, john Heintz, Bruce Newman, Craig Garman, Bob Kay, Paul Soifer, Harry Heitzer, Coach Xanthos. The most consistent winning sport at North Hollywood is tennis. The teams have won the league title every year, except two, in approximately twenty years. Once again the Huskies were favored to end up as Valley Champs. The Blue and Grey were led by Craig Garman, who was ranked as the tenth best junior netter in all Southern California. Craig was backed up by Teddy Goldberg, Larry Sherman, jim Caswell, Eugene Barston, johnny jackson, Bob Kay, Bob Morgan, Irwin Klein, and jim Karp. In the first practice match the Huskies tasted defeat from Notre Dame, 3-4. Garman, Goldberg, and Sherman were the winning Huskies. In the Hollywood match the Bingville netters won, 5-4. Garman, Caswell, Barston, jack- son, and the doubles team of Morgan and Klein gathered in the Huskie points. The next two matches were against the top teams in the city, Marshall and University. The Huskies lost, 2-7g and 1-7, respectively. Garman and jackson won for the Blue and Grey in the Marshall match, while jack- son was the lone victor against University. The big feature of the University match was the first singles between Garman and Bill Roberti, the sixth ranked junior in Southern Cali- fornia. It was close all the way, and it took the favored Roherti three sets to win. In the first league matches the Huskies swamped Frank- lin, 7-0, and Eagle Rock, 7-0. In a practice match against Hamilton, the Huskies came up with another 7-0 shellacking against the opposition. 66 M: ,-4 QWQQXHQ iff! N ln 1 7 lb S 'iii - .....i. acquetteers N is l Crgiig Carman jim Caswell Ted Goldberg Clone l5.u'ston liolv Kay johnny jackson Larry Sherman Irwin Klein N l COACHES LEFT TO RIGHT -rj. Sanders, football and gymnastiesg F. Smith, Director of Athletics, H. Nels son, football and trackg tl. Osterman, Bee football and baseballg P. Xanthos, tennis. Cee and Dee Bas- ketball. LETTERME ,S CLUB FIRST ROW- Pinkston, johnson, Berke, B. Wells, j. Wells, Whitney, Cloiieh Samlers, Dailey, Reyes, Mauriello. SECOND ROW-McElvain, Austin, Raulston, Hadrabn. Seiivone, Newcomb, Davis, Heizer, Morse, Catheter, Waldron. SECOND ROW-Eichhorn, Graham. Hilfflliklll, Webb, Van Ness, Cannon, Curling, Waite, Severn, Hissong, Miller. Sales, FOURTH ROW -f Nichols, Clark, Heintz, Winter, B. Smith, Liebenbaum fMgr.j, Tinning, Robison, Mahterian, Ferguson. FIFTH ROW H Duerr, Albimino, R. Smith, Richards, Brooks, Spear, Locker, V2lDl11WK', Mummert, Rubine, lost, Arnilt. M . -Q..- O E Dann ,HM 68 FIRST ROXV+Marsha Wfayne, Cindy Crouch, Louella Zinn. SECOND ROW- - lo Anne lfox, Karen Nelson, Margie Ackervold, Marlene Scobee, Barbara Grenrock. THIRD ROW!-A-March McGee-ny, Sally Rreyer, -lane Brown, Gail de Carlo, Sylvia Hamilton, jane Sullivan. LETTERGIRLS' SOCIETY l.lil"'l' TO RlCiH'l' Mrs. lohnson, Miss Heckerson, Miss INIC- eeney, Mrs. Alorgenson, and Miss Sullivan. GIRL GYM TEACHERS Wlie-tlier you are an all around athlete seeking some still competition, or the most unathletic gal in town just looking tor a lot of fun with a group of great girls, there's a place lor you in G.A.A.l Here, girls of all grade levels, interests, and abilities are bound together by their love of good clean sports, friendships, and fun. Under the excellent supervision ot' Miss 'lane Sullivan, ably supported by Miss Marcy McGeeny, the girls enjoy games every Monday and Xwednesday after school. A variety ol' sports are offered: including softball, tennis, basketball, hockey, and bowling. One ot' the highlights of the year's events is the "Senior-liaculty" game, where the graduating senior challenge a group of teachers to a test of skill. Then, there are the yearly playdays, where North Hollywood plays hostess to three schools and participates with them in games, entertainment, and food. In turn, North Hollywood is guest at one of these schools. Not to be forgotten is the annual G.A.A. banquet where all alumni and honored guests gather to witness the ceremony which unveils the new otlicers. All told, G.A.A. offers a well rounded program ol' lun and feasts for allf Isl'-f. 1 1 1' G I it -' 4. nl.. W'52 FIRST ROW' Defiarlo, Diikens, Dreyer, Doerner, Morris, Cfroueh QPres.J, Zoelck, Farmer, R.lPP.1POfl, Zinn. SliCfOND ROW" Smith, Branil, Roth, Goldberg, Uzilavinis, Wfayne, Orlick, Fox, Laughlin, O'Dwyer, Grenroik, TIIIRD ROW' Wfhile, Travis, Stokes, Wforthington, Larusson, McMurtrey, Wfyman, Blakely, Taulwer, Royigerinan, Kailens, Clrawforil, Dobson, DeGuarcl, Sewell. FOURTH ROW'--V-Coles, Wfhipp, Hinricks, W'ells, Gililenineiater, Cfarinoily, Nelson, Taylor, Ebersole, Brown, Colby, Haiin, Valdez, Barnes, Seolvee, anil Fox. GIRL ' TI-ILETIC FIRST ROW' -Noreen Uzilayinis, Harriet Golillwerg. Pat Roth, Karen Nelson, lane Brown, -lo Ann Fox, Marlene Scolwee. SECOND ROWU Barhara Ilaiin, I.nella Zinn, Mickey Sewell, Deanno Doerner. Mania W'ayne, .lnily FIRST ROW' -Miss McGeeney, Sylvia Hamilton, Gayle Orliela, Sheila Fox, Pat Farmer, Molly O'Dwyer, Phyllis Del arlo, Sally Dreyer, Barhara Nelson, Lucy Taylor. DeGuaril. THIRD ROW'f Shari Blakely, can-ale Cfoles, SFC OND ROW' Barhara Grenrock, Arlene Dickens, Cyn- Dorothy W'yinan, Beverly Branil, Cynthia Tanlwer, Irene thia Cronih, Virginia Morris, Beverly Travis, Patsy Wfhite, Rosenian, Phyllis Kailens, Gale Iainlglilin, loan Dolwson. Charleen Zoelik. TIIIRD ROW' Sanily Gililenmeister, FOURTH ROW"- Miss Sullixan, Mary ,lane Barnes, Diane I,ee Rappoport, I.ois Larusson, .Ioanie Mc'Murtrey, Kay Valdez, Diane W'ells, Diane W-'orthington, lNlarlaine W"hiIwly, Stoke-N, FIQH Amy ry,-tm4'U,'L1. and gully Smith. Gretehen Hinriihs, Gail Carinoily, Cynthia Ciollvy. 70 S'52 l"lRS'l' ROW' M.1rilyn llertllolrl, Beverly Branel, l.uell.1 Zinn, ,Llnire Kdlloerl, C.n'nI lilversole, PM Roll clI'L'lLllL'Il llinnirks, Shirley R.lLlk'l1, Carol Segon, CQynthi.1 Defillis,Cf.1tl1erine C.llll1.lXU. SECOND ROXXV "cl.Il'0l Ynnover, Mickey Sewell, Harriet Goldberg, Diane WL-lls, lNlnrilyn Skidmore Bexerly 'l'r.n'is, lxl.1I'l.llllC Wflmipp, Clair Keller, Kathy Dulcher, Vallerie Welver, Dorothea Sherman, Virgnnrr Morris. ASSGCIATIO S.1lly Dreyer QIWI'L'SlLlL'l1ll, ,lane Sullivan. Karen Nelson, oth, Sanrly Gilrlenrneisler, B.lI'l7.lI'L1 Montgomery, ickey Sewell, -Io Anne lfox, Marlene Scolvee, Carol Eber- ole, lVl.ll'L'y Mrileelly. FIRST ROW!--Holly Barron, lxl.lI'Cl.l Xllfnyne, Sue Sonnelworn, .lonnnie McMurtrey, ,lo Anne lfox, Marlene Seolvee. Lois Lurrusson, Shari Blakely, Alcrry Cfogan, SECOND R0XXfgfCI.1roI flLlI'lUOllC.lll, Com Kennedy, Gayle xle Cfnrlo. cll1.1FlL'IlL' Zoelrk, S.1lly Dreyer, .lane Brown, Karen Nelf son. Kay Nelson. Marlene Cilmrles, ll.ll'l7.1l'Ll Grenrork, liar- lmrn Montgomery. ff H XDX? XXV? X0 W W W ' r Hi wf f4,f'f9jj!F , -y:4,aJ.m. "AS WE LIVE TO LEARN, WE LEARN TO LIVE" I.IiIf'l' 'IU RIGHT' Secretary, lnnet Smithg President, Don W'52 The Senior f,l.1ss nt' VC'in1er WSJ stgrteil their 'nt- cesstul semester with the eleition ol' Don Iliyis .is presiw clentg Villilrie Mnllarcl. yiee-presitlentg Alnnet Smith, secref titryg Anil Terry Miinclolini as tre.1surei'. 'I'he:.e otlicers, working with the Senior Aye Council. which is c rlnposetl of it hoy ancl it girl lirom Lkllll Senior Prolwlems tl.1ss, clirectecl their activities with great enthusi.1sm .intl suicess. The Class Day, with the circus theme. .ilong with forgotten memories in the mintls ol' the XY'inter '33 C'l.iss. The winning colors ol' this class were se.i litunn green and white. The highest honor which .1 high school stutlent m.ij' receive is to he eleciecl hy the faculty .incl memhers of the grttclutiting eliiss for membership in the Iiphelwmn Society. In Greece, there w.1s .in Ancient org.iniz.ition known ln' this same name. Our own Ephelwiiin Soiiety w.1s imtterneil after this Greek organization with the same lxisic icle.ils Iliyisi Vite-Presitlent, Terry Mantlolini, :incl Treasurer, Valerie and SfLlllLli1I'kIS helcl hy the Greeks. In their .itlult lives. the Nllll-lfil. EPl1Cl3IL1IIS strive, alone nntl together. to Ol7l.lIlI tivit hell terment for the community .is .1 whole, Those chosen to receive this high honor from the XWinter wil C1l.iss were Jeff Beemun. Rohertn Carroll, Valerie MnlI.irtl, iintl Anthony Plaia. SENIOR AYE OFFICERS SENIOR AYE COUNCIL 74 FRONT ROXYW flilnet Smith, Terry Mitnclolini, Dinny Ziivitz, Virgini.i Iiitzsignoig V.iL'I'IL' hlumxlr BALK ROXXLA-,David Bourelon, joyee Peters, Don Davis,1clii Mae Keaton, Dick the numerous other events nntl privileges .ire nexerhti'-Ive' THE GATH . . . The oath taken by the Iipheboi of Athens before the Council of Five Hundred: "I will not disgrace the sacred arms, nor will I abandon the man next to me, whoever he may be. I will bring aid to the ritual of the state, and to the holy duties, both alone and in company with many. I will transmit my native com- monwealth not lessened, but larger and better than I received it. I will obey those who from time to time are judgesg I will obey the established statutes, and what ever other regu- lation the people shall enact. lf anyone shall attempt to destroy the statutes I will not permit it, but will repel him both alone and with all. I will honor the ancestral faith." lcff Bccmin Ldlync Engstrom Ida Mae Keaton Pat Miss Anthony Plaia lrcdcrit Dunn louis llu mos Sharon Martinson Valerie Mullard Marcia Zimmerman las R "What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Within Us." Louise Allen Joyce Armour Mitzi Backer Elbert Bude Vernon Bank: 'J' Q - 5 - 4 kd 34-It jeff Beeman, liphebian Bob Barr Carl Basore Shirley Bauer Mary L. Beckes Bllfbllfa BCIISIC rf ,muy Lois Bishop Carol Blglkg David BOLll'Cl0D Brown Al Bflhvlllllg 65' gf' Carol Burkmznn Ronald Calhoi Gu ii-we Clmhot Rim Chavez Gloria Clarke ames Clausman Dot Coatsworth cnnie Coronado Cynthia Crou T' 1 jp lt Vu' If AF is Q 3 1' 1 Don Cutler Eugene Cutler Mary Damico Don Davis I .f VP ,Ji Frederic Dunn Iidlynelingstrom Katherine Farhat Dick Farnsworth Sanford Fenton St:1.nleyFi1nberg Carol Davidson Marlaine Deeds jo Ann Doylc V. Fitzsimmt Jorotl1y.Foltz C?U'0lCFI'CCII12lIl Barbara Frcston +f. , ,- X 1 fl mf X Y X all r fr SSX i Y if Wu -.e:es..X-:b iii? ' jules Gcrlwcr Robcrtn Gillcr ciUl'Ll0l1.C.lllll1llIl x .. A W e- X . lr- r . N' 'fiif if if X 9 .3 . 'S . 2 Louis Hamos Sandra Harris Don Gmvcs Laura Hamilton CIIHFICS HHFPCI' W , QA shi ' , . . iff? K :WW 4 Carol. Hcmry Renee Herman Richard Hill Marcus Hissong Bill llolmcs 'M B '- r " ."-. 1 M M ' on H untsmnn Robert .l n m an N 'QW if 1 Murlccn Irwin lxvllll'X'.lll!IL'.lCliliI'lL"S Dorothyjcnn 'i ur. cn." 2? ri l,-: Q x M illiii ' x . 5 1 A 2 i if lgrrolrljcmwff Marshall Kaplan Meredith Kay Kirschcnbaum A114300 KlCm0l11 -. M Jeanette Gall JCHHCIIC G11l'l'Ctf Don Gcarharr Bnrlmra Gerber il in Bill Glover Stew Golden Arnold Grnhzun Dall Graham Par Huusncr Robert Hcizcr ' -i 1 hx ..- ,, bi 'Ez Y Mx? I, E ,X Delores Howe Hundsdocrfcr Roberta Carroll, Ephcbian "As we have gone forth, let us yet look back" 0 ltln Mae Kenton, lfphebian XG S.1llx xiL'KL'IlllL' l.intl.tMeLez1n S. Martiuson 'HD' Darlene Kuder Sydney Lathrop Virginia Lee Lois Levin Lois Locke in K. . I .,-l' l imb! A I. U is IS .,,, Z I 41 P M i M is ts, i 2, .""' 5 A iiii lilr ' ""i' .": 1 ' L, ' W Ed Locker Dick Lockman Caroll Londoner Mary Lou Lyons Mike Meiltz Betty MeQuown ...,5 lslv E ,,,,. ' . ,l,,,.Q li Mike Mancuso Terry Mandolini Gene Marks Phil Martin Roger Mason Sheila Medall Virginia Miller Patricia Miss Carlos Monk jerry M ummert Bob Nero Lewis Nichols Den ny Niles Z. Northbrook Claudia Ozanick if its rise "lv J, L i Don Morse Pat Parkh urs .lm-fc Peters Mttrlys Peterson liLll'l'l1ll'1l Phillippi Louis Phillips Diane Pickett Xxilllllllll Pitts Sally Potter Roger Reid Ron Richardson Harris Rittoff ,..wi Q t X X S Xi 3 R we K NUR is KJ- . I N c wx Q S 5 jim Schroeek Marilyn Siebel-f Don Seleman 4 .f er - gf l 3 Sally Sloan Am pere Smith Eileen Smith Lila Robinson Ernest Severn janet Smith VI. Standring Herb Steinberg Glenn Steinkamp . A Y f Q S -,1 I , .,,, i 21 'S Donald Stern D. Thom pgon V. 'I'ownst-nd B- Underwood Tom Uphoff S r ,Q 1. ":' -s '. -'ra S 1 qt Q.. 3 ,U G 1 V E f H I We ky we 25,3 y X .. xbbqbl l x ' 1 ,iy 5? ' air ' idith 'Watts ,, ...... .- Y john Rutherford All4l'CklS21l1l3lll'll Riclizird Sclmtz E Q ',.- O Sandra Shane Debra Sh ublw Salvatore Sinatra ff'- Robert Smith Anthony SP2ll1lCI' Hurry f wir jo Ann Taylor Richard Teeman Carter Swart .. gg 5 Emily Vincent Tommy Vifebb Carmen Weber Billweitekamp Clarence Vifells V21llCflCMUll21fLi,lll1l1ClWlLll1 Anthon Plaza, Ephebiau WTO Acquire The Best, We Must Give The Best" lute Norma Wise Nancy'W0nclruE Bob Woods Diana Zavitz M Znmmerm .loyce Algiers Ioel Altshule liruie Dutcher lVl.ll1Ll1ll Gonzalez ,lerry Horsfall R. Zimmcrmanf Babs Zuckerman Stewart Winuop Louis La Rose Shutter Shy Mervyn Keces Norma La Roche Bud Luncl Michael M ac l'lilI'l1l.l1C Cornelius Mafhe Albert O'Conner Camille Suillimt Imiiiita Wr1lli1i'L' -lerry Wfeiner lack Wilier Robert Vfilcox jack Wiley Brooks CAMPUS DAZE Ew?fA J6E5f f ff X ,f Maxx A X u. o 0 oo Ov 2.6002 a IA H, I' 'G M Xfx 'R u i f X 0 33,0 Tcpigx U, U 0001, 0 A 000 'Z ' HA, X N 'C d o Mfg 2 2 R fgy ' X e do 0 6"o,iL'13 4, 00 0 yi Bus BEAR BLIZZARD RACK T 'W ?-1 - 'ff 7' .rg Tkmiiinwridl j ff 1, J' ,C . ' . . ' OT--f' X! fi" 4 Z' 'T' 'UNIT 1 'W1Yf:vfFf69V 7 -11 lm, M T gm T! ,O 5 M.. ..1xAx:.Q,+ T. 2 ya fg ,I -Y.. :v'5:1:Y : W N LM P'IUK-LUK LEAP EASTER VACATION f-X , A ' 7:5 -3.-'T H -f f ul? 02 I vi W , 1 , n In is WZ bf QQ ' gx -lvl BASKETBALL 'VCRSUHL HA-r nav , T L my '. iz, S - ff. gj4,,0Z'f95g'25LLf,4f 1' T gf! 1,7' Z - tlf, xff, , yg 3 M by 5 3 'HO X '9 W H ' 45' ' 5, . T I fig, 1 RJ 52 5 -si? -if 3: ' X ,II K LZ N Ta- r. A Wk! 2 ' " 'T T 'W .vo 5, 'Q' GRFTDUPTTION STUDEN T BODY ELECTIONS FRONT ROW ----.lim Henrikson, President, and Ralph Mauriello, Treasurer. STANDINGW .Io Matthews, Vice-President, and jene Sabin, Sec- retary. S, 52 The outstanding senior class of Summer '52 began their history as senior ayes earlier than usual with the election of class othcers during their B12 term. These officers, president, jim Henrikson, vice-president, jo Matthews, secretary, jean Sabin, and treasurer, Ralph Mauriello, worked hard to make this term memorable to one and all. The Olympians, the first class to choose a name, came through with flying colors on their many activities and participation in school affairs. Included in their activi- ties were the class day assembly with the theme of "Guys and Dolls", the senior picnic, vespers, the senior banquet, and many others. The clay of the senior picnic was a beautiful one. Although the picnic was held in North Hollywood Park, some of the seniors seemed to think the park extended to Roadside. After lunch, the more mature members of the class played in the swings while the more ambitious guys and gals played baseball and football. Both spirit and scholarship rated high in this excep- tional class of S52 and the number of members eligible for Ephebians hit an all time high. Those elected to the high honor of Ephebians were Bob Black, Dick Dieterich, john Eichhorn, Bob Fleming, Winnie Gore, june Harper, jo Matthews, Ralph Mauriello, Barbara Nelson, Chris Reed and Sally Silverberg. As the S52 class goes forward may we put forth our voices, open our eyes and minds to wider visions, yet always be ready to lend our ears and listen. Senior Aye Council FIRST ROW -A Barbara Tressler. Carole jones, jim Henrikson, Senior Aye Pres.: Ralph Mauriello, Ilene Sabin Kenneth Nebel. SECOND ROXVS- Bill Richards, Mike Schneider, Bill Carling, Keith Tarwater, Ken jones. THIRD ROW- - Pete Vanlaw, Dorothy Brigham, Tony Romersa, and Dick Raulston. T H reat ls The Reward For Those Who Today Prepare For Tomorrow" SEATED - - jack W'ells QPres.j, Carole jones CVice Pres.j. TOP ROW - Patsy Pearman QSee.j, june Harper QTrcas.j Sealbearers FIRST ROW- june Harper, Carolyn Moore, Mary liraitman, joaquin Baseou, jean Sabin, Wiirrrie Gore, liraneine Wfallweher, Carole jones, joanne Shour. SECOND ROWff' Sue Roth, Barhara De-Blase, Patty Maalelen, Larry Sherman, john Barra, joan De-Young, Naomi Srhneek, Sue l-laukenherry. THIRD ROWH Bob Fleming, Ben Miller, Dick Dieterieh, john Eiehhorn, Craig Garman, Ralph Mauriello, Ken Nebel, Ralph Kehle, Harry Heitzer. "Reputation ls For Timeg Character ls For Eternity" Les fr W 3 V' il Q A la ram s Bob Black. Ephehian Charles Amato Victor Amstadter C at Delbert Adams Muriel Ad mire Carlo Allwimino Iisther Allen f 5 George Andre Paul Arndt joan na Azbill EN an 3 r -ii 5 uv X A l Ruth Baehe Kaye Bachelor Dave Bair Geraldine Baker Maureen Baker Betty Baldwin Phil 152111111105 Rn. 1 ' QQ I , E V ' Q V :'. W I. ., if 4 M I fi J Q Margo Barnes -john Barta Lou Bass Robert Battaglia Margeret Bauer Donna Beattie llaroltl Belcher it 3 rl Q ? .a k Z f U .1 A 4h'r Iilliou Belinn joan li. Bennett Mary A. Bennett Ronald Bennett Larry Berger Lester Berke Sheila Berkowii IE , A f- , 71 ' rt 31 ' nn- .: 8 6-4 .1i.',E , . I - X, ar - wr tiff """ il B II f' X ls ' ' X l mt lit X inner Sliarlene Bishartl Rolwt-it Blair M. Bloodgood Tony Botler Mable Boehnelce james Bcyrsrna Corinne Bond 'N Kathy Bondon Bobbie Borclner Don Bowles Don Brink B-11:59 erry Buckley Roberta Butts mnie Caughey C. Cl12lI'l7ODC2lU Robert Cole hw 0 Harry Brody Don Brown 121043 Brown -rx S W' Q C X K . rl if is- Wi Mary Brnitmzui D. Brigham Dick Brink ia, , K , 531 K XX is X Margot Brown 'Sv- F' Betty Bruner , T' Sally Bryant vin 5- i i Biz i is Janice Chick joan Clark Rolnert Caine jackie Callahan C. Cannavo Bill Carling Ted Clarke Roger Cole Doris Conners Paul Contreras Shirley Coolidge . .1 exe if so " .4 Q -c BRN ix .Axe ,qv -frxgii.. A. .I ..,:,.4 Y 535555:-' A .L 'rf .flew ,, 1 af" - ' X cr::::?:-::::e:!:::::,' Xl, Soh Cooper Angel Coriinns Toni Couone Al11FlCIlLAcil'Lll5l3 Rolwerl Craig Carole Cohen fm Ps X: Q . . wr 'N I Raymond Cash Marilyn Cohen If Dick Dicterich, lfphclvizin "When All Else ls Lost, The Future Still Remains" Sally Craig loh n Eiehhorn, Ephebian joretta Darvis Z' -lim Dandy wr sf X 5 kv l .jo Ann Crawford Deefmookshanks Stan Dailey -an Ruth Dawson Mimi Dayan Barbara De Blase Nelleke De Bi Q-15 B. Deekenbach jackie De Lane C. De Maranville Anne Deupree Diana Dewees joan De Young joanA.DeYou sY ' 5 'ff' WE + E ?fw0:?igf 5 X X l N Arlene Dickens john Dillingham Ann Dobbins Renee Doerner Sharon Donahue Diane Donath Marilyn Dot 'QQ i M M -' n ns - - I ,:-- . -1. 'W A l E. " i A f f Margie Dowell Sally Dreyer LeRoy Duerr Franklin Dunn Carol Ebcrsole Gary Edwards Ronald lilersie 'sf -J Edward Elowirz Yvonnelilson Pauline Faneym Q97 C. Farnsworth Irwin Felder Leelina lfieldg l'l1yllislfiL-lcl: arlmrzi Flaten fi VV ,ff QF , X 02111 Gaiirdner eddy Goldberg Don Guenette jean Forrester Bob Foster ali' Craig Garmen Fr:1neesGermano G. Goldsmith Bob Gonzales YL ' ..l! Joanne Fox Douglas Freed Elaine Freeman Anthony Friesl I' Q.. J: , N if lred Gilbert 0 '10 MMM , P I Ellen Gillil'1nd Helen Gilstrap XYr'esley Gilstrap Sandra Gossett Bill Haekley Carol R. llule RlCl11ll'llLCCl'i21lC li Arlene llruxind Ronald llnirnnan Suellnukenberry Ann Hauser fff? Lll'Y.x'll1l lebner l.giurie Ileieliel Iolin lleinif use as x d " .-, b is Verlene lleisr Franklin Grand George Gray B. Grenrock Ronald Halen Fran Hamilton Sylvia iikllllllllbll 2. , -l.E li -I ,lf f Eileen Henken A QQ A, ' an 2-- Harry Heitzer Bob Fleming, Ephebian "All That We Send Into The Lives Of Others Comes Back Into Gui' Own Y so D . 5 Ulf ll ,ff i A i' 'P i r A . C Lyla Henning jim Henrikson Maurice Herberg Myron Iler-In-rg 'll Hernnm Q X 51 1 f' 1 A A 5 38-.J wi ., XY'innie-Gore, liphebian Pete Heron jean Hogan Roger Holmes Cjgiroh- lloplse Diane Humer I' is 'I .. ' Y is .,.. , 5 " if ' Jw' lk-ggi Hunter Shz1reenHurley Clarence Hutton Louisejaeobs 119' 41" se i i D. -lnkulwowski Marvin .Iensen CL, uluhnsqm y .1 'Q K X ,L - , K 2" l mf il iff '. Carole jones Kenneth jones Tom Jost Chizuko Kajiki Roy Kassebaum eRobert Knsrner Robert li ix wwvdwM,. x K Q. ,I - 1 F., F, -an S x 'W . S? -gina liilyyciii 'far - ,,.-f vin lilzivons lrwin Klein losc M. Kncll .jzlnct Knoch Q V . H A ' fi-Qfil Q, V ln , In 'VM l XX X ckic Lillllllilll Nancy Lziidmzln . MS, '. X l RlL'llLll'LlliCgLlI'lL'C Ralph Kclilc I -Q i 5 V 5 X . 2 M . , Q . X X R i S - ...N. ,ag ' L f , , f , if - X, X U in 534 'kia S - Harold Kelso john Kiflimcycr f.,AY Rolwcrl lilcscrt R0ll1llLllil,lI1gC Bill linzuxk june Harper, Ephcbian ,Qi 5 , Q, 5 Q :,.,i. Q Q i n iff' ' 'Q Fx '13 ,mf X QF' we Bob Komuru A. lironcnlwcrg Arlene Krousc Dick Kruzner Sandy Kutin Nr- , 5 rr Sandra Laidmun Whlltcr Lamb Sul La Monica Carol Lamp Dottie Lane K i. M N4 "There ls A Destiny That Us All Brothers, None His Way Alone." If Dot Lzmgiand 5 'T Dcnnise Larsen Richard Lazenby lfloremm- Ihzmrgi in zf 5, i .Ei . . 1 I X Leroy Luugee lu Matthews, Iiphebian LaVcrnc Lenarsic ljnmiliy l,eviu Curtis Luhr Q Mcfloriimck RUl11liLiNlCCO R. McDermott gk WQS 4 1? t ti, .fy 15' s :',5 ii X it fer . . ia Pilij' Mnthlen K. Mzilioney Norm McElvain G. Mciiilvlmn tl. McMichael 'N-.Ji Iinrlmiu It-tlgi N. 4 .. Arlene Lurgc Shirlee MCN u f Q Bart Manzo .lnnice Marley Tully Mnssgigli Lynn Nllyer -lotta' Mt-ni ,.. u v V X. e 4 W. if ii 5 G 1lpl1MndnIleton Ben Mlller Eddig Mille!-A james Miller Cnrolvn Moore D. Moum blow lovce Muller 4. 1 john Moore Kenneth Nebel Dunk Nuuomb ,Ieune Ncwfield Carol Nichols Suzanne Nichols C Nlcodemo Pdf NlQ,l'flLll' "No Tribute ls Laid On Castles In The Air" ffl 'ff l 54 r Barbara Nelson, liphebian joan 'Pasehall Patt Patsch Viola Paul 3 'Fm , Q, : i t L f 1 iDolores Pelligru Dolores Piro V6 L f ,LL-2' ' ,X Sharon Pyott 3 Lois Pellow Lawrence Pettita Charlene Petty June Pilkington 1, J. Nowakoski Dale 0'DelI Donna Palese joan Pampinella Paula Partridg Patsy Pearman ,s-if 'E .a ., ' xref V' r' ' a l Vern Pick u p 7 nl! I Dagmar Pellig Jinx Q All Chet Pinto an K 1 "' N --,. nga? 'QP Alan Pitt Joyce Polak Patricia Pollock Barbara Poulton Marian Pruett Gary Pudney Dick Raulgwn Eileen Reese Barbara Renehan Victor Reyes Bill Richards Shirley Richar gf' ...Zigi 44 'V E - Q ix, - ' , . nfl: "" V in ,ig- fy' 1 ,AEIQA In A f f. X K I B . :9 A rl' g .. Y A AAI J ff ', "L Q 0 Q ,Q Bev Richmond Ted Rigoni Elaine Riscball Harold Ritzer Duane Robbins Leonard Roman Tony Romcrs lvrnn Rose it lVl2l.I'Cl1lROSCllfl12ll .lim Roth Sue R ti jenn Sabin Jennie Salveson ol ,dine Sgmdcrg Kathy Sandoval Marvin Scales DorothySchaefer Leah Schaeffer N:1omiSchnek NXf:1ltSamoduroff .. x 9 Q9 is l M. Scheneider 1 nrles Sclirntler Courtney Schultz lion Schultz BarbaraSchuman Phyllis Schwartz Evelyn Scale janet Seckermam P, Q, i if LQ 1 9-7 in K .V ' a .X ,Q lg . X fl, - 'Ir ie P X ,ref ff l' i S . f , I if 5, ,... ' ,f urry Sherman jonnne Shour Colleen Sidlc Robert Siebert Barbara Siegel Ronald Siegrist Vince Silveri , MQ t ., S . at ' ii ws' , K X X 595 ntricigi Simon Wh' I Trl' logcr Sm ith Robert Sitts Bztrbfirn Skinner Ph fllis Slome jan Smith . t 5 as Q Donna1Snocltly li. Summerleld Carol Sorsby ATom Souther Chris Reed, Ephebian "lt's Not The Gale But The Set OfThe Sails That Determines Where We Go" M tif 49" Lila Speeht Robert Sproul Connie Stapp , 9 Q. 3 3 Ann Steele George Stehlii A 1 3. Q' Qi? I 1 F1 Sally Silverbcrg, Ephcbian Helen Stewart Bob Stipanov Bonnie Stockton Rod Stolle Marlene Ston 445, Iiva jo Story .janet Stroum Sheila Stuart Santi Tahtrella Gary TardilT X Q 3 K , R Roland Taylor john Teegen Barbara Tllomar A Thorsen Susan Tiltlen df-.W l I . Beverly Turner Carolyn Turner Nelson Tyler Robert Ulis Barbara V aeearo Della Van Ress Millieent Vohs 4 2? , 3 ' av Roger Vorhees Sarah Wzigiier F. W'allweber Vifarren 'Walters Keith Tarwater Marilyn Taylt E Gerard Trial Barbara Tress SW ix J '5 fi? we Pete Vanlaw Bob Van Nes Gerry XVanek ,. ' Ji 'X-.J .lvin Warner Murcia XVuyne .jerry XVebb Julius Wechter june Weisbard Bob Wells J21Ck Wells . I , has , Suzanne Willett D. Williamson Lynne Willock Barbara Wilson Dick Wissusik W eorgc Wctzcl Bill Wilds .. Y . yi L il s :rri Withers jim Withers Deborah Woolf Allen Wright Neville Wright ,Ioz1nWright-Hay Y, Yamgmouyel fz1rrcnYz1ple liugcne Zeehiel Yvonne Zanea Frank Zicari Luellzizinn Evelyn Marsilio Darby Dunckcl rrict K ioltllst-rg jerry Torosian "The Gates Are Open, The World ls Wide ' Mark Bartholomay Joaquin Basrou Dennis Berger Mary Bianeuzzo Charlene Brown Ronald lirumshagen Daryl Carr Lu Anne Cllinger Diane De Wfeese lfania Ehret Sheila Iillman Shutter Sh Myrna lfardel Anthony lfriesl Margaret Grosso Russ Hansen ,lune Hansen Richard -lones Mary jane joyee Deidre Killion Tommy Kimmel lfraneine Kyman Harold Light 'loan Meseon Angela Palmese Ieannie Prather liorresl Reeves Tom Rogers Stuart Ruhine Hal Sihitl Martha Simpson Virginia Vaughn Beverly Wolf' Kenny Worlnls Crazy Campus CAMPUS DAZE ri X f I 7 x 9 f 1 0 K, ,. ,iff l ..,, . , 6 42,52 I f 58 0 9 ' 0 Q -SN.:-f. .- P , RXC r f ..,f Ld, K ' ,151 ' ff X' 'fifi 7 ' THE Bee FLOOD J 'YQ GYNNFX5'lJl 5 . 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X -V w h - iMa' ? ff if if 1'fM ':2 XXX gxk llqarovu. Yudihl N M Go? QQ "' M , If f f X ffjjyf fyjflf An- "Yeu Cannot Teach A Man Anything, You Can Only Help Him To Find lt Within Himself' In this day when understanding through knowledge and education is considered the final key to open the door to world peace. may our great teachers not he overlooked. No one will ever have a greater influence upon us than a teacher with an open and liheral mind. As Henry Adams one said, "A parent gives life, hut as a parent gives no more. A mur- derer takes life hut his deed Stops thereg a teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops." Consider well the exceptional teachers un- der whose influence it has heen your good for tune to come. lt will give you a great litt and an indebted feeling of appreciation 'leacliers such as these have "not written on tahles of stone hut tahles of flesli'?-fliuman hearts. FACULTY T M ,. , ..,,,,,...-.. ..,,.,,,,,.. ,-.,,, . .!-.-.. -. .,.,, ,M .. V- S Twenty-live years ago, the new names of Miss Mildred Hughey, Mrs. Gladys O'Byrne, Mrs. Leila Rosen, Mr. Harry Shepro, and Miss Eliza Estrop, were added to the teacher's faculty. Today, these names are still echoed in the halls of North Hollywood High School. In their honor, the scholarship society has dedicated a plaque to be placed in the library where all may view with pride. Commercial English SEATED-Miss Asadoorian, Mrs. Wa1rrer1, 'EATEDfM '. O'B , M. E" '. . , . ZTANIDINC M ibMr 13511, Lim xggiin Mm Mrs. Crowder, Mrs. Aberson, Miss Garapedian. ' ' ' ' ' nl' " ' ' A' s1'ANnING-.Mrs warm, Mrs. Mat-Allister, Mr. . . M1 Kfl' r. . . . . lm I ls mg Gilmore, Mrs. btodel, Mrs. Benpamm, Mr. WilllllL'L'. Driver Education Music Mr. ljcwis and Mr. W.1ll11nc' SEATED-Mr. Harry, Miss Hughey STANDING- 4Mr. DiSarro, Mr. Rossi SEATED- Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Rosen, Miss Math Language SEATED-Mrs. Abcrson, Mrs. Northcottc. P '- ' Vi' Finney. STANDING- Mr' BCM. woqucr. Mrs Hill, Mrs Hcrmylmm. . .. s s MANDING- -Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Davis, Miss Social Studies Art .Hi 4.7 1' . .- sismiaiu Mr. SllL'PI'O. S'I'ANDINGa -Mr. ivory iiifIv4iEi.ffICHI M' W"l'm' Ms bm llciloiaii, Mr. Mgitula, Mrs. Exnlns. Mrs. Bell, Miss gi ' i l ' lfislicr, Miss Price, Mr. Berkowitz. Industrial Arts I ' it - K ' 1 N I ' :I I Cafateria FIRST ROW-f Mrs. Stiluor, Mrs. Stroud, Mrs. SIEATIZD -M . K' ' , M .G ll I. STA D- . . r Muon f r U on . Inuiglmin, Mrs. CRIVIII. SECOND ROXXV Mr. ING Mr. XXfoody.1rd, Mr. lxorlwer, Mr. SL-lwclius, . ' . , Mr Kimi Fllionias, Mrs. Hartson, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Louis. ' ' I Mrs. Mellenlvrugh, Mrs. Eva D. Anderson flNIi1n.1gcrJ I Library SFATIZD Mrs. Clordcllr Health SIZATIQD Mrs. Fdgerton QHcaltl1 Cfo-ordi- n.itoriJ, STANDING .Icnnic Snlveson, Margaret B.iucr, Iiilcen Reese, CQ. C. Bgiclirncli, Myrna Rose, Dr. II.1rris, tScl1ool Doctorj. Business Office FIRST ROW- Janice Chick. Cliarlcnc Brown. Barbara Poulton. SECOND ROW --Betty Wliitc. Betty Alu, Bob Ulis. THIRD ROXV-Mrs. Roedcr tBusiness Mnnagerj, Phyllis Fields, Georgia Wzirtl, Dutchie Van Rees, Gary Leary QTIIFCAISKIFCI' of the Student Bodyj. xl ka V -f .1 A fxfyf 'fffyfll X' Lqflffxw fx ALZSXQZSXZ W f,4.4!7 !Z?4! If X, f 1, , ff wwf f-mx ,-X ...J fi KL 5 fi fi f--5 fx gr-fx fx A fi ,h x V' L Ls-J ' 1 V' X? km-J swf! k J X.,-,Q f 1' ff'N 45 ZS ff ffgfbfmf-bf JL X-9+f171,f xy-:J fmfi f f , W w i W W 'f Z f "A f f' f f 7 f fx ff fd 5 Q f W fb? " , 362 -- ? Q Zag v AZ A 'Z 0 0 I2 ' rl X NV I 1 ' 0 f Wi . , t , 'f 7 - ,Q . " W Q Q 'f C5 Q f 1, Q! V YM 1 MA -4:9-bfi? H A I 1--L ? 2' aj Q -' , gbyi-JW --,fbi-If Kj N -1' M U7 A X? E un-j -6 13? 'Tf -A x.:.fr53 mx x' QQ, 0 1 1 K 617 v W X12 JU 'U W 1 J ' 4 W W J WF . -"-2 ' ff .mx A M. , F CQ uk 3 k X . Q f,-Ps W, GY 45 N! Cn TX! 021' J :A Q 4 '1' ' UEQLE A A 515 llfxlxrfk x WYJZQW1 W Q QW gmj -me X f L . 5 if Ji fx' 5+ L E4Qf3?X?,,LM A ff: ilk? w .ISTWEWB gf x f i 1 L f F17 , my E Q3 G15 A f x! f .4212 -JE 4 fb f K! ! D X ,U w lzfgffaff f 5 3 Q, f if 'lj KAW 51,3 sv wg 5 , X, ' fx ., X fy MX W 4 N ,X W L 4 LXJ X E AWN 1 I Z A - -, ' wx K 9323 M, f 5 I1 A xk Q., .T fa TQ N 0 W if, Vgf :Ix-px 4- J NX NSNWW K I yygi. A ,W , , X by 53 gm-Lgkj ki :iw Xi K xr! Y 1 1- 'f !?i7ti f ' A Syg mp! U?-5?-3 x, :M x NWN- i?"XXQ KN Q 'EN J , M . , - X V fix-1 5.13 1 'Qgwiw 'W ' N 4' ff Q D I ' if Wg? X 'M X 'H , X Q f xx 5' " Sy Q "f'VfSwQXlfC 3 f Q3 ,f , f QL ' gig 44 f f K K ' ' f Q Q 6 W K N W M fx 1 w J milf A E5 X ,Xxx 5 j Q ,Q 7147 W H QN L 'X C B S N .f fx Q ' L' f ff Q ' 'Qggff NMR W y cb Q A X, f, X wx? sf XQ3 + W 39 3333 PSE Xi Q if 55 ,A 3. - ff ,,,-QF., F NM 5 K ,Q f ff R ' .445 QQR ff? Md fl 9 7 XXX? Q5 if XSS ff N NN v gum gy fC .,L ' X, B h K K5 5 Q 1 WQQ f 'X XXX W MAA , W -A,, . N X xx fe". MMM " EXRN -. 1, j l Kgs NxX X I . - , . lg Q A

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