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L T' 'i? lI.E'J!C.l'nl ?u 5XLElT'D.iIlKzl!z3F"4!3!:ND5QRl5v5no'lK?J3-iti2ilY'f'27f5E-TA'wTaS.T5ix .'f A FOREWORD This Arcade edition will be just a reminder of your high school life in years to come. We can only hope that as you look at the pages of this book, your hopes and plans, and the hopes and plans of the world will have been realized. If, when you re-read this Arcade, you are no longer young and the war you have been fighting and living through is finished for all time and peace is here, you will know that your work is done and that the process of education you have undergone will never again be the preliminary training for a battlefield. TIM DE MICHAUD, Editor of Senior Edition SENIORS IN SERVICE There are seven members! of the Senior A class who, al- though they will graduate this winter, due to their service in the armed forces will not be on the campus. They are: ROBERT CORNELIUS ABRAHAM-Navy ROBERT D. BEEMAN-Navy BERNARD E. COYLE-Navy ROY HAMILTON, JR.-A.A.F. HENRY RICHARD HOLTZ-Mariner RONALD A. Pormn-Navy FRANK T. VAN DOREN-Navy Ten former Bingvillites, now in the service, who would have graduated with the class of Winter '45, are as follows: Howard Conrad-Air Corpr Eddie Davis-Air Corps ' Tom Helms-Navy jack Hoffman-Navy Don Kirkman-Navy jim Laughlin-Navy Leonard O'Connie-Navy Wayne Paterson-Navy Paul Patterson-Navy Don Wixon-Navy SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gil Hodge: Barbara Stowe!! GIL HODGES Part: President of the class of W'45, Vice President Victory Gavel Club, Hi-Y, Letterman's Club, Three-year letter- man in Basketball, Student Council. Future: Merchant Marine Cadet Corps. BARBARA STOWELL Part: Vice President of the class of ,W'45, Madrinas, Scholar- ship Novitiate, and a member of G.A.A. Future: U.C.L.A. DOROTHY KERR Prnt: Secretary of the class of W'45, Madrinas, and Scholar- ship Society. Future: U.C.I..A. ' I VIRGINIA MCCLURE Part: Treasurer of the class of W'45. Future: U.C.L.A. Dorothy Kerr Virginia McClure ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR NORTH HOLLYWOOD STUDENTS GRADUATE One hundred and twenty-four students will graduate in the auditorium of North Hollywood High School at 4:00 P.M., january 25, in a ceremony outstanding in simplicity and sincerity. Graduates from Agriculture, Home Nursing. and journal- ism classes will present demonstrations on ,the theme of the day, "Learning to Live," stressing the fact that students must learn to make decisions, to determine right from wrong, and to face facts in school if they are to be successful in an adult world. Q LOBERT ABRAHAM 7dJ'l.' Member of the mighty class of W'45 and then joined the Navy. Tuturef Is now in the Navy. IERRY ANTES Ddlff Came to North Hollywood from Seattle, Washington, last year, Arcade Staff. Vuture: Dancer. 3OB BEFMAN Putt: A member of mighty class of W'45 who left for the Navy be- fore completing his Senior A semester. Future: Admiral. QORRAINE BLUEMN gurl: G.A,A. Future: Going to work 3OUCHE, MARY at R.K.O. Bart: Belonged to G.A.A. 'llll4f6'.'........ ...... POM BOW LES Part: A prize winning member of the Future Farmers. 'iuluref Lt. Commander. IAROL BRANDT 'urls Treasurer of Madrinas and Victory Gavel, member of French Club. Future: Santa Barbara State College. DOUGLAS BROWN Dart: President and Vice President of Victory Gavel Club, President of World Friendship, Scholarship, Seal Bearer, and Ephebian. Future: Cal Tech or the armed forces. DON BURKETT Pau: A member of the mighty class of W'-45. Future: Army Air Corps. MAY ANN BURNS Dan: Three-year member of N.H. and now finally making a break for it. Euturex Undecided. MARJORIE CASSELS Part: A member of the N.H. Orchestra. Future: College to study WALTER CATTS music. Pail: Captain of the "B" Track, Class D "You Can't Take lt With You." Future: Navy. LENNART CHABRE ay Chairman, "B" Football. Part: Varsity letterman in Football. Future: The Service and then to College. DOROTHY CHIARODIT Part: Worked in the Main Oflice and Attendance Ofiice. Future: Marriage. DEGGE CLA RK Dail: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Marriage. and then to U.C.L.A. M .0 MARGIE COLES Part: A member of G.A.A. Future.' College. JOHNNY COOK Part: Varsity letterman in Gymnastics. Future: U. S. Navy. LLOYD COTTER Part: Officer in the Civil Air Patrol. Future: U.C.L.A. JACKIE COWIE Part: Scholarship and G.A.A., French Club. Future: U.C.L.A. ANN CREEDON Part: Fall Play, "Sonria Siempref' Future: City College. HUBERT DAVIDGE Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Marines. TIM DE MICHAUD Part: President of Victory Gavel Club, Arcade Editor, Scholarship Society Novitiate, Editor of Senior Edition. Future: U.C.L.A. LOIS DENAPLE Part: Member of Tri-Y. Future: U.S.C. DONALD DUNLOP Part: Member of Class '45, Future: Service. CRUZ DURAN Part: A member of G.A.A. Future: Planning to work. MILDRED DURRELL Past: A member of job's Daughters. Future: Going to work at Bendix Aviation. PAT ELLIOT Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future.' Chouinard Art School. JERRY RAE ENGELKE Part: Dances, Swimming, Student Director "Sonria Siempref' Future: Flight Nurse. ALLEN FELTCORN Purt: Band Leader. Future: The Navy. RICHARD FRIE Part: Member of the mighty class of W'45. D..a....,,- A--nn,-I Env,-an WANDA LEE GAUDIN Part: Harlequin Club, Fall Play, "Sonria Siempref' Future: U.C.L.A. STAN GEORGE Part: joined class in February, '44, "Sonria Siempre," "You Can't Take lt With You," Student Council, Arcade Editor, Esquires. Future: Drama or the Press. GINCIE GORMAN Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Business School. JOAN GREGORY Putt: Came to North Hollywood from Palo Alto. Future: Cadet Nurse. BILL GRIMM Part: Commissioner of Athletics. Future: Cal Tech in Pasadena. JANE HEDRICK Part: Member of mighty class of W'45. Future: College, then a dress designer. JEANNE HENRY Part: Las Amitas. Future: Business School. LOUISE HICKINGBOTHAM . Part: G.A.A. especially Tennis, Faculty Cafeteria, Main Office. Future.' Work. MARY HOCH Part: President of Madrinas, Girls' League Cabinet, Scholarship So- ciety, Seal Bearer, Ephebian. Future: College. GLADYS HOLBERT Part: French Club. Future: Work and College. HENRY HOLTZ Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Admiral. JOAN HOWARD Pun: Vice President of the Scholarship Society, Scholarship No- vitiate. Future: U.C.L.A. MARIAN HUFF Past: Scholarship Society, Arcade Staff. Futures. Metropolitan School for a Civil Service Course. NANCY JOHNSON Part: G.A.A. Future: University of Mexico. MARGIE KAUFMAN ' Part: A member of the Tri-Y and G.A.A. Future: Los Angeles City College. are X, JEAN KENNY Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future.' College. HARVEY KLITZKE Putt: Varsity Football. Future.' Navy Air Corps. NILA KNAPP Putt: G.A.A. Future: Los Angeles City College. JEANNE LACEY Putt: Las Amitas. Future.' U.S.C. to be a Dental Hygienist. AI. LAFFIN Putt: Came to the United States in 1939. Future.' Army Air Corps. NORMA LYNN LAKE Part: Fall Play, "Sonria Siempref' Future: Art School. WALTER LANDAKER Putt: Track. Future: U.C.L.A. first and then into the Army Air Corps. ALAN LAPIN Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future.' U.C.L.A. MARTHA LASHLEY ' L Putt: Las Amitas. Future: Business School. GLORIA LEE Putt: Drama Class. "You Can't Take It With You." Future.' U.C.L.A. to study journalism. BEVERLY LEVIN Part: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Los Angeles City College. FRANCIS LEWMAN Put: "B" letter in Football. Future.' Navy. KEITH LIMBERG Putt: President of the Student Body, member of Escuderos, Varsity letterman in Track. Future: President. ED LIMOND Putt: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future.' P.G. and then in the Army. g,m.,., 4 SELMA LOBELSON 9 sf A , lifggfi . . Part: French Club. f W J Future: Los Angeles City College. 'OROTHY MCINTOSH alll Las Amitas. Attendance Office. uture: Metropolitan Business School. xcxus McKAY an: Las Amitas. uture: Los Angeles City College. ETER McWlLLlAMS au: A member of the mighty class of VI'-15. uture: U.C.L.A. and then Boston Tech. WETTY MAGILL 'am A member of the mighty class of NW'-45. ulure: Plans to be a singer. .UTH MARKS 'ans President of Scholarship, Seal Bearer, member of G.A.A. Victory Gavel. ulufe: U.S.C. DORIS MAXl:IELD 'HIL' Office Practice. ulure: Teach Piano. EDNAMAE MOLLOY 'arts Las Amitas and the Victory Gavel Club. luture: Business School. IETTY LOU MOONEY 'airs Spanish Club, Las Amitas, and G.A.A. 'utures College. EANNE MORGAN 'aux Girls' Glee Club. 'uturex Bill Chadney. .ELlA MYERS 'ans Circle C, Secretary of Girls' League, Girls' Glee Club. 'uturef Work, or Redlands College. AARJORIE NAGEL 'a.rt.' North Hollywood Clinic. 'ulure.' College. 'AT NATHAN 'am Fall Play, "Sonria Siempref' ulure: U.C.L.A. IELENE ELISE NELSON 'aux Madrinas, Scholarship Society Novitiate. 'utura' U.C.L.A. IDWARD NETTLES 'aux Varsity letter in Football and Track, President of Hi-Y, mem ber of Escuderos and Lettermen's Club. uture: Navy. ILA NEWFIELD 'uns A member of the mighty class of W'45. ulure: Work at Bendix Aviation. ELSIE O'CONNER Part: N. H. Orchestra and President of Tri-Y. Future: Los Angeles City College. ROSEMARY O'NElL Putt: Promotion Board. Future: Work. MAURY ORR Part: The lester of North Hollywood High. Future: U.C.L.A. ANITA OXHORN Pan: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Los Angeles City College and then U.C.L.A. JEANNETTE PAPPMEIER Part: Circle C and G.A.A. Future.' Redlands College. CHARLOTTE PARRAMORE Part: G.A.A. Future.' A secretary. BETTY PATTERSON Past: G.A.A. Future: Business School. FLORINE PILCHER Part: Iowa. Future: Secretary. KATHERINE PIRO Putt: G.A.A. Future: Civil Service. BILLIE PURTELL Part: A Las Amiras and G.A.A. Future: Planning to attend Los Angeles City College JACK PURVIS Part: Gym Club. Future: joining the Navy. JIM QUACKENBUSH Part: A member of mighty class of W'45. Future: The Navy. JO ANN RIGGINS Putt: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Future: Business School. MARJORIE ROSS Part: Madrinas. Future: Art School. ERNEST RUDOLPH Part: "Sonria Siemprej' Future Farmer. Future: Service. mt: Historian of Madrinas and Secretary of Victory Gavel. HOEBE SCHROEDER uture: Los Angeles City College. AT SCHUSTER ' 'ans French Club and G.A.A. 'uture.' Los Angeles City College. lRNEST SEALEY 'artr Victory Gavel Club. 'ulurex United States Army. tUDREY SILVERSTEIN 'auf Scholarship Society Novitiate. 'uluref U.C.L.A. ACK SMALLEY 'ans A mcmher of the mighty Class of W'45. "Sonria Siempref' "You Can't Take lt With You." 'uturef Occidental College. LOBIN SMlTH 'arts Vice President of the Madrinas, member of Circle C and Scholarship Novitiate, President of the French Club, Secretary of Student Body, and President of Girls' League, "Naughty Marietta." iulure: U.C.L.A. TOM SNEAD 'am Future Farmers of America, Varsity Football, and Scholarship Novitiate. iuluref Texas A. and M. IOLLEEN TAYLOR 'ans G.A.A. iuluref Santa Barbara State College. JOREEN TURNHAM 'auf Scholarship Society, Sealbearer, and G.A.A. iuture: Business School. ELEANOR VILES 'mln Las Amitas. Tulare: Business School. XNN VOSS 'am Member of the Class of '45, iulures Undecided. v1AXlNE WALDEN 'anr Tri-Y. Tuture: U.C.L.A. :RANK WALKER 'am A member of the mighty class of W'45. Tnure: Agriculture College. BRUCE WATSON 9411: A member of the mighty class of W'45. Vulure: College. 7RAZlER WEAVER 'aux A member of the mighty class of W'45. r...... Az. r,..... BILL WEBB Future: Navy. ROSALIE WHEELER Part: Las Amitas, Spanish Club, and G.A.A. Future: Business School. LOIS WIDMAN Past: Las Amitas, Spanish Club, Victory Gavel, and G.A.A. Future: University of Mexico. DOROTHY WILLIAMSON Past: Madrinas and Scholarship Society. Future: Santa Barbara State College. GEORGE WINDRUM Part: Stage Crew Manager. Future: Undecided. RICHARD ZWEIFEL: Part: North Hollywood High School Band. Future: United States Army Camera Shy JOHN W. DAVIDSON ROY HAMILTON WILLIAM A. La BOSSIERE, JR. FRED RAPP BETTY A. NOBLE RONALD BAS WILLS OF WINTER CLASS '45' I, Bob Abraham, do hereby will my ability to get out of tight scrapes to some poor Sr. B. I, Jerry Antes, do will my will power to Willie. CPagonesl I, Bob Beeman, as party of the first part, do will Janie I-Iedricks, party of the second part, my bright sweater, be- cause she, the party of the second part, can fill it better than the party of the first part. I, Sugar Bluemm, hereby will Shirley Swendson to be picked on alone by Ron and Don Diggins. I, Mary Bouche, will to Peggy, Flora, Eve and Jeanne, my locker-they need it badly. I, Tom Bowles, will my favorite pig-pen in Agriculture to anyone who can raise bigger and better choice pigs in it. I, Carol Brandt, hereby leave my little black pen to J.D. who used it more anyway. I, Don Burkett, will to Jennings Pierce my position on the first string cannon fodder. I, Walter Catts, will a good 75C to Chuck Powers for a good hair cut. I, Dottie Chiarodit, leave my brains fwhat few I have leftj to Barbara Elliott and Audrey Lee. They need them. I, Margy Coles, will my dirty blue sweater to the Russian Relief. I, Lois "Rusty" Denaple, will my "Hoarse" laugh to Eveleen Winters. I, Don Dunlap,will my moustache to anyone who wants it. I, Mildred Durrell, will my extensive knowledge of Spanish ? ? ? to Jean Thomas. I hope you enjoy it as I have. Good luck. U I, Pat Elliot, will my great sense of humor to Audrey Lee. I, Jerry Rae Engelke, will my ability to do the Samoan Seiva, and other native dances to Peggy Durkin. I, Allen M. Feltcorn, do hereby leave my job of waving my arm in front of the N.H.H.S. band to Mister Eugene Starr. I also leave my clarinet cadenzas to Jack Lee and Otis Wilson who have been trying for years to play them. I, Richard Frei, hereby bequeath my grey hairs to those who caused them: the guardian of the chemistry lab. and the guy who drives George Husband's car. I, Wanda Lee Gaudin, will my ability to be quiet in Drama class to Kenny Bowe, Glenn Dicus, and Frank Darien. I, Joan Gregory, will my Senior-A privileges to my B-10 sister Noelle-The scrub! I, Janie "Prexy" Hedrick, will my "hair-do's" to any one who wants them. I, Jeanne Henry, will my ability to cry and laugh at the same time to any one who wants to, too. I, Louise Hickingbotham, leave my services to the school. I, Mary Hoch, will all my 8:00 dental appointments to Barbara Faust. I, Gil Hodges, will the members of my class to the world. I, Helene Holthe, will the Senior-A section in the Aud to all up and coming Senior-A's in the hope they'll get used to being trampled and getting out last as we always did. I, Joan Howard, will my car to those poor "Hitch Hikers" who wander along Magnolia Blvd. Part: Varsity letter in Football, member Hi-Y and Lettermen s Ch I, Nancy Johnson, hereby will all my old medals and pins Cand the secret of how I got themj to Rive Bowman, who spent Geometry time asking me about them. I, Margie Kaufman, do hereby will to Betty Romero my exquisite skill to undergo punishment of "Joe's Sad Jokes" and hope she will pass them on to the other folks. I, Jean Kenney, hereby will to Shirley Glickman my ability to get in and out of trouble, mostly in. On second thought, she may not need it. il, Dorothy Kerr, will to my very good friend and lower classman, Beverly Whitaker, all my undying devotion for Stewart Hamlin with fondest hopes that one day she will see the light and switch on the radio at 4:45 p.m. to KFWB. I, Harvey Klitzke, will to Fred McGinnis my parking space in "Dusenburg Row," and any old gas stamps he might hnd there. I, Jeanne Lacey, will my athletic ability to all the A-10's in my gym period. I, "The Voice" Laffm, will my great OJ singing ability to Eugene Tissot, who can't sing either. I, Lynne Lake, will all my good times at the Civic dances to everyone who goes. I, Walter Landaker, do hereby leave all the fond memories of my gayly colored ties to Uncle George Betts, who took Trig. from me,. also to my unfortunate friends Dial T., Robert Van B., Waren B., and the rest of the poor Senior B's. I also leave a goodbye to Mr. Beckes. I, Martha Lashley, will my ability to mix up Mr. Eastman's file to anyone who is dopy enough to want it. I, Gloria Lee, will my easy blushes to Fay Chaldecott, who can certainly use them. I, Red Lewman, do hereby will this school to Eugene Stiener for three years. I, Beverly Levin, leave to Marilyn Shrager my ability to keep my nails long. I, Keith Limberg, hereby will Bill Beggs 25c to buy him- self a bottle of hairoil. I, Edwin Limond III, the party of the first, being sane UD of mind, and sound of body, do hereby bequeath to the party of the second part my assets andfor liabilities, to Bill Mier- stein, my cane. . I, Virginia McClure, will to "Tootie Huntley" my ability to study and get my home work in on time. She'll need it. I, Dorothy McIntosh, bequeath to my sister all homework I haven't done before she graduates. I, Jackie McKay, will my gym shorts to Dolores Braumel. I, Pete C. McWilliams, will ---- ? ? ? ? I, Betty Magill, hereby leave my little sister to anyone who wants her and can take care of her better than I can. It's a hard job, believe me. . I, Doris Maxfield, hereby will my ability to run the switch- board in the Main OHice to anybody that is willing to go crazy learning. ' I, Tim de Michaud, will my ability to run for all offices and not be elected, to any local idiot. I, Ednamae Molloy, hereby will what is left of my henna to Ethel Hale who needs it more than I do. I, Jeanne Morgan, will my "Horn Rimmed" glasses to Marceline Glynn-who really needs them. I, Lelia Myers, will to Shirley Ann Read, my well worn place in the Glee Club alto section fyal Toslj providing she ever gets the nerve to try out. I, Marjorie Nagel, hereby will my sympathy to anyone who has as much trouble in Geometry as I did. I, Betty Noble, hereby will my position of prestige in Mr. Ramsey's Bookkeeping class to Norma Magill. We, Elsie O'Connor and Marjorie Cassels will our ability to play two piano duets to anyone who can master them. I, Maury Orr, bequeath my place in the affection of Senora Roubidoux Randolph to her next class idiot, and I hereby will my long hair to anyone who has the strength to brush it. I, Anita Oxhorn, do hereby will my ability to mooch gum to anyone who can do it. CMore power to them.D I, Jeannette Pappmeier, will my blonde hair to Mr. Shepro. I, "Charlie" Paramore, do hereby bequeath my strange ability to be late to class every morning without demerits to anyone who so desires it. I, Betty Paterson, will-not commit myself. I, Florine Pilcher, being of unsound mind Cand not sus- pecting an accidentl declare this to be my last will and testament. I, Kay Piro, will my good times at N.H.H.S. I, Billie Purtell, do hereby will what few clothes I have to Dionne Litchfield, not that she needs them, but she always has them on. I, Jo Ann Riggins, will my intelligence Cnot very muchj to Lydia Proost. 1 I, Marjorie Ross, being of sound mind and body do hereby eave- I, Pat Schuster, will my seat in Mrs. Rosen's Sr. Math. Class to any dummy who fails the Sr. B. Math. Test. I, Ernie Sealy, will my Oklahoma Credit Card to Don Archer. I, Audrey Silverstein, will my handkerchief to Marilyn Shrager so that she can cover the letter on her future letter- man sweater. We, Jack Smalley and Pete Rudolph, hereby will to N. H. H. S. and all its happy residents that lilting melody, "The Sunshine Song." I, Robin Smith, hereby will to any girl who can keep from blushing, the privilege of being the only girl in Mr. Garner's Physics class. I, Barbie Stowell, will my Escudero sweater to a Madrina. I, Colleen Taylor, being of sound mind and a mighty Sr. A,. hereby leave to Bill Langford my place in Dr. Goldman's drafting class, hoping he will be fortunate enough to get as much out of it as I did. I, Doreen Turnham, will my attendance record to some smart tenth grader. I, Eleanor Viles, will my ability to give the students the wrong work permit blank to the next office practice student who is assigned to the Employment Oihce. I, Frazier Weaver, will to Jack Rutten my attendance record for Latin class. That's all I can say in regard to Latin. I, Max Walden, will my undying love for "Frankie" to Bea Chapman. I, Bruce Watson, will leave. I, Lois Widman, will my job as bottle decapper in the cafeteria to Shirley Barnes, the little girl with the big per- sonality. I, Dorothy Williamson, will my ability to go through Chemistry one and two without a slide rule to anyone who can stand a nervous breakdown. Being of sound mind and no body, I, Richard Zweifel, will to Don Davies, Harry Mathews, and Bob I-Iardaway, the shift at the Hollywood Canteen. Talented Senior A's Sparkle on Class Day One hundred and twenty-six mighty Senior A's marched onto the N.H. auditorium stage on November 15, after receiving their chocolate brown sweaters, thus climaxing Class Day by honoring B-12's and A-11's in a special as- sembly. Having, at last, the opportunity to show just what a talented bunch this class of winter '45 is, the seniors proved to be the masters of the situation by presenting one of the most entertaining Class Day programs N. H. has yet wit- nessed. This year's Class Song, composed by Marjorie Cassels, was a beautiful tribute to the school and was pre- sented by the seniors from the stage, led by Bill Cameron. Special honors go to all the performers who participated in the program. Gil Hodges, Senior A Class President, started the program by introducing an "alumnis," Walter Catts, who "recalled" the days when he was a Senior in the old, long forgotten Class of Winter '-45. Walter "remembered" certain incidents that had seemed important in his Senior year, thus giving a novel twist to the introduction of the entertainers. Comedy was provided by: the Sunshine Boys Cjack Smal- ley and Earnest Rudolphj with their slapstick comedyg Maury Orr, the female Bob Hopeg and Wanda Lee Gaudin and Pat Nathan, singing a well-received satirical song en- titled "If No One Ever Marries Us." jerry Antes did a fast tap dance followed by Herbert Davies, a fine baritone, who sang "Over the Billowy Sea." While in the singing depart- ment credit should go to Lelia Myers who with jean Morgan sang "Smarty, Smarty" and later vocalized with Don Dunlop on the current favorite, "Trolley Song." Recognition also goes to Elsie O'Connor and Marjorie Cassels who played a beautiful duet on the piano and also to Mrs. Salle and Miss Estrop for their kind guidance and help with the program. This year's Class Day was both interesting and entertain- ing and will be long remembered as one of the highlights in the school life of the Mighty Senior Class of Winter '45. CLASS SONG Mariorie Cassels We're the class of winter forty-five, And we strive to do our best with Truth, vision, high endeavor, ever as our guide. These dear halls of memory, we must leave them now But in our hearts we'll remember all The friendships we've made. We're leaving you North Hollywood, From your portals we must go. So now we say goodbye to you And to our school, North Hollywood. Three Seniors Receive Ephebian Honor ,f Mary Hoch Robin Smith The Seniors who have had the honor of being chosen as members of the Ephebian Society this semester are: Douglas Brown, Mary Hoch, and Robin Smith. Membership to the Ephebian Society is one of the greatest honors conferred on a graduate of a Los Angeles City high school. Pupils are elected by pupils and faculty from Senior A classes of all city high schools in theiratio of one for every 40 graduates. Ephebians are chosen on standards of leader- ship, character, and scholarship, qualities that make them capable of taking on definite civic responsibilities for service to their city, which is the keynote of the Ephebian Society. Douglas Brown SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Sealbearors Ruth Marks Doreen Turnham Douglas Brown Novitiates Doug Brown Jackie Cowie Mary Hoch Betty Hoffman Helene Holthe joan Howard Dorothy Knowles Ruth Marks -Audrey Silverstien Robin Smith Pat Stewart Barbara Stowell Doreen Turnham Dorothy Williamson Tom Sneed tai-'ffvil d with Coach Ewan all SGW HBH Fgofb Var-.rzty 1,-00,6 all -Wuad with Co 6 ac N 31,900 OCTBALL REVIEW ' Using the powerful single wing attack, the 1944 varsity football team came within 3 points of the Valley Champion- ship when they lost to Canoga Park, and so placed second, in the league. After taking the first two games from Van Nuys and San Fernando with scores of 6-0 and 13-12, the Huskies came out second best against Canoga Park, 9-6, a safety and an extra point providing the margin of victory for the Hunters. Noteworthy in the hard fought and closely contested games was the fact that there were the two teams in the mat- ter of total yards gained, 181 for Canoga Park and 180 for North Hollywood. The Huskies after a week's rest caught fire and, with their reverses working like a charm, really scorched the remaining teams, Verdugo Hills, 52-0, and Van Nuys and San Fernando to the tune of 14-0 and 26-6, respectively. Held together by a sextet of tip-top players, Chuck Fray- chinead, Bill Pagones, Garth Rouse, Bill Webb, Ed Nettles, and Giles Allison, the team displayed the fight and teamwork shown by many topflight teams. Each one of these boys was an acting captain during the season. Garth Rouse was elected captain for the year. Bees Also Snag Second Spot Following a championship year the Bees could only rate a second place in the Valley this year after being bumped by Verdugo and Van Nuys and held to a tie by Van Nuys in the season opener. A series of bad breaks kept the Pups from being tied for the league banner. The first game saw the Bees held to a scoreless tie by Van Nuys. They were kept from scoring by several penalties within the opponent 15 yard line. San Fernando was taken in the second game 6-0. In their next win over Canoga, 7-0, they lost the services of Bill Cam- eron for one game. This was quite a blow for after the first game they had lost two stellar first string players in jack Crosby and Fred Wachter. The Verdugo game really cli- maxed things when a runback of a kickoff in the waning mo- ments of the game downed the Pups 12-7. After this came the 14-0 loss at the hands of the Van Nuys Pups. They braced up and struck the winning column by taking San Fernando in the league finale, 6-2. The key men of the Pups were Frank Darien, acting captain and signal caller, Don Warburton, who was the thorn in the opposing teams' side at the right end spot and was chosen captain, Ron Diggins and Mike Doty at the same 'spots on the other end of the line. Leaving Lettermen When a class graduates ithusually takes with it athletes who have made a name for themselves in the field of sport, and the class of '45 is by no means an exception. In this small but active group are eight lettermen each a specialist in his own sport. Adieus and best wishes for the future career of each '45 athlete. Walter Catts, while running Bee track for Bingville in his Senior B term, set two new North Hollywood records. ln the 220 he broke a 14 year old standard, and in the most points acquired by one man in a season bracket, Walt sur- passed the record when he had over 90 counters on his season slate. Walter gave North Hollywood an eighth place in the all city track meet by virtue of his two second place wins in the 100 and 220 dashes. He also was a Bee letterman in football, performing at the half back spot. Lennert Chabre finished his high school career with a line record while playing guard on the team that placed second in the league. All year Lennert's brilliant defpnsive play was one of the features that kept the Huskie A's one of the lowest scored on teams in the city. "A three-year letterman in basketball and an excellent hoopman" is Gil Hodges. As a lightweight cager in the tenth grade, Gil practically tore up the hardwood with his excel- lent offensive play. In his first varsity year Gil operated be- hind Tommy Linn and often surpassed this shifty forward's play. In his last season Gil fairly ripped the opposing team's baskets apart as he was one of the highest scoring forwards in the league and Huskie high point man for '44-'45. Gil has an added distinction as he is President of this winter graduating class. William Archibald La Bossiere, jr., otherwise known as Bill Cameron, or more athletically as the "Master of the Mats," is one of the finest athletes in his class, of which he was president when a Senior Bee. Mighty Cameron was the first North Hollywood student ever to win three first places in the valley gym finals, the first Huskie gymnast to win first place in a city meet and also the annual A.A.U. meet. While doing these feats, he surpassed any previous "points made" record, tabulating over 100 digets during the sched- ule. His talents do not stop there as he won Bee letters in track and football, being an excellent quarterback on Coach Elliott's second place lightweight team. Keith Limberg, noted North Hollywood Student body prexy, achieved athletic fame last track season as he out- sprinted Jacques of North Hollywood and Wills of Van Nuys, the two favorites, to win the Valley final mile run hands down. Ed Nettles, varsity letterman in track and football, played the end berth last fall and won second spot in the Valley track finals while leaping a good 20 feet in the ozone forbroad jump honors. The most improved gridman of the season, he played tip-top, heads-up football and for that reason he earned a position on the All-Valley Football Team. High- lights of his grid games were in both tussles with Van Nuys, where in each tilt he snagged "6-point passes" from full- back Rouse. In one encounter it was the winning talley. Recognized by many as the best center in the San Fernando Valley last season was Senior A, Bill Webb. Bill backed up that line in pro-like manner and was an all-around excellent snapper-back. Webb made second team All-Valley under Hinkey of Canogakwhom Billtoutplayed in the Canoga- Huskie fray. ,V 1' X l Varsity Basketball Squad with Coach Smith and Dave Goldsberry .GZ Poxhtfef 410, GIRLS' SPORTS G. A. A. Sets New Record Striving for fine sportsmanship in the season of fall sports, more members turned out for G.A.A. than in any previous year. Speedball, the beginning sport of the season, found the Senior B's undefeated. Captained by Lorraine Huntley, they cinched the cup by winning a fast and close match from the B-10 team, which dominated the Speedball squad with 68 participants, led by Erlaine Hovden. Betty Fetterly and Gerry Wade captained the A-11's and B-11's respectively. The A-12's were not represented. Tennis doubles championship was taken by Peggy Speights and joie Vieille of the llth grade. Peggy was last year's singles champion but failed to regain the honor when she was defeated by Martha Landon who in turn lost to Louise Hickingbotham, present holder of the singles cham- pionship. Hockey, headed by ,Shirley Alexander, was the last fall sport to be played. The Senior A's were captained by Louise Hickingbotham. Bev Whitaker led the lower twelfth grade. A-11's and B-11's chose Pat Stafford and Pat De Rubertis, respectively, while Margaret Koester and Helen O'Connor headed the A-10's and B-10's. Through the efforts of Mrs. Berg, sponsor, and the other physical education teachers, Mrs. johnson and Miss Harvey, with the cooperation of Pat Munster, President, and her ofhcers, G.A.A.'s fall season was enthusiastic and successful, climaxed by the G.A.A. banquet and installation of new officers. Thirty Senior Girls Pass ' Physical Fitness Test Highest honor to be won in girls' physical education by graduating seniors is passing the physical fitness test. This comprehensive test, which must be taken by all A-12 girls, is made up of the activities participated in during the three years in high school. In addition to this test of coordination and skill, it is required that each girl obtain a health card from a doctor and dentist before the Physical Fitness Certifi- cate is given. Graduation seniors who passed their physical aptitude tests were: Mary Bouche, Carol Brandt, Mildred Durrell, jane Hedricks, Jeanne Henry, Gladys Holbert, Helene Holthe, Nancy johnson, Margie Kaufman, Nila Knapp, Jeanne Lacey, Martha Lashley, Doris Maxfield, Lelia May Myers, Anita Oxhorn, Billie Purtell, Robin Smith, Doreen Turnham, Maury Orr, joan Gregory, Mary Hoch, Lorraine Bleumn, Louise Hickingborham, Lila Newfield, Audrey Silverstein, Barbara Stowell, Dorothy Williamson, Evelyn Mahoney, Pat Nathan, and Eleanor Viles. FAREWELL Farewells are always difiicult, and, the more they come from the heart, the harder they are to put into words. We, the winter class of '45, lind it far from easy to say goodby to the high school where for three years we have worked and played, where we had fun and sometimes difficulties, but, most of all, where we have made so many friends and received so much help and instruction from the faculty.To all' our teachers and friends we say, "goodby and thanks." We are going out into the world with the sincere hope that we will make you as proud of the winter class of '45 as we are of you and of North Hollywood High School. . ' GIL HODGES, President winter class of '45

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