North Hollywood High School - El Camino Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA)

 - Class of 1944

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North Hollywood High School - El Camino Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 14 of 20
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Page 14 text:

enior.x4 Kfaaa Merlin Adams - I hereby leave? I hereby vidll my kerosene can and "SD card to whoever wants it, the report card with the A on it to Jean Tenney, who needs it, and my voice to Tom Helms, who can't sing either.-Phil Adamsak. Jim fGeneJ Balzer- I will . . . not 'trust women any- more . . . they're fickle. I, Shirley Barr, will to Frances Hill my will to sing. Fred Barton - I will to any rising student, my artistic ability to help them squirm through Miss Randolph's Latin American classes. Vic Basche-I will my white saddle shoes to anyone who can keep them clean. I will my faculty for missing first period to Gay Nelson. I hgpe she has better luck with it than I did.-Jackie Bas or. Beverly Bayh-I will my undying devotion to Stevie George and Ray Lang, hoping this Ends them in the best of spirits. I will my attendance record to Doreen Tumham.- Janice Belardes. Shirley Boerner-I leave "Beautiful Billv Grimm to Charlotte Lee. To Marjorie Nagle I will my place behind the clinic desk. - Carol Bresee. Joy Brick-I will my ability to speak in front of an audience to the next student body president. Rosa Lee Caldwell-I will all my headaches in the Business Office as Commissioner of Finance to the next unfortunate student who is so unlucky as to take the posi- tion. I will my locker to Donna Sanborn, Selma Lobelson, Mildred Michaelson, and everyone else who has used it the past year. - Jeanne Campbell. I will to Elsie -O'Connor all the little curlicues I had left over in Shorthand. -Iris Carmichael. I, LaJuen Christensen, will "Sugar" Bluemm, at last, to all you lucky boys. Al Cimaglia-I will my place in Mrs. Snyder's Senior English class, to anyone who wants it. Pud Campbell and Betty Lou Crawshaw do hereb gladly will tieir morning walk to schoolto Jane Hedrick and Jeanne Morgan. I leave my little Red Racer, with enough spare motors and tires to last for the duration, to some unsuspecting future Senior A. - Cliff Clark. Teresa Coble -I leave my Southern accent to "you all" for remembrance. In a sane and sober mind I hereby will my parking place to Mr. Garner.-Don Couch Esq. I will my various abilities to my two buxom pals, Webb and Pagones. - Bill Crandall. I, Mary Lou Deyling, will my long, blond? hair to Jean Kenny. I, Joan Donatella, will my knack of talking myself in and out of trouble to any poor soul who has the wind and the temper to use it. I, Marian Fitzgerald, will my ability of making mis- takes on the switchboard, in the main oflice, to anyone who is also easily confused. CSorry, Mrs. Waltz.l I will my sweaters, especially my orange one, to any- one who is colorblind. - Roger Fletcher. I will my unmanageable hair to Mona Carveth, who never has any trouble with hers. - Pat F orington. I, Kay Fort, will to Donna Burrell my knack of losing gym clothes. I, Loma Fowler, will my brains and knowledge to the English students of Mr. Shepiro. Joyce F raley -I will to Darlene Kingsley my interest in the Esquire Club. Jim Fulcher-I will the library to the Hi-Y. I will Mr. Garner my asbestos gloves.-Pete Gardner. Alice Gibson - I will to Georgie Loiselle a copy of my cooking recipes. I hereby will my long? fingernails to Pat Puett, who needs them badly -for defense 'K take notice, Gusll -- Pat Greening. I leave all my musical talents to the up and coming Senior A, Jack Smalley. - Jack Guerin. I, Shirley Gustafson, will to Margie Ruth Kaufman all my telephone company pencils. Virginia Hayes - I leave my shorthand ability fhal hall to Maxine Carr and hope she can do more with it than I did. I, Marilyn Hoffman, will the title "Josephine" to anyone else who can afford a thousand dollar bond fha hal. ,Dorothy Hunt- I leave my old cracker box and theater ticket stubs to Dorothy Hayes. I, Patsy Jennings, will my ability to do Harlem Jive to Opal Clark. Eugene Johnson-I will my cowboy shirt to Mr. Wright's art classes. I, Nancy Keeler, will the Arcade to whoever is fortun- ate enough to be Editor next semester, and I wish that person much success in carrying on the publications. I will not: P.S. I hereby will my tan to all those handsome fellows -Marjorie Kidson. Vivian Kingsley -I will my ability to avoid boys from' Marshall High School to Jerry Hopper, who can't resist the girls from Marshall. Barbara Green - I will the confusion of my Physics book and Mr. Garner to Barbara Stowell. Wanda Lee Koonce - I will to Ruth Marks, the inevit- able guidance of my old pal Patti. I, Patti La Clair, if I do "I willf, Aithra Lacher-I will my ability to talk too much to those who are left behind. I, Lorraine Lanouette, leave my newest invention to Bingville high:-clappers on all the tardy bells. I will my broken bats to Tucker Thompson!-Dick Linde. I, Eileen Lockhart, will the zipper from my gym shorts to my sister Mary Bell because she can't wear the shorts. Jackie Loiselle - I will my shorthand speed to my sister Georgie and hope she can do better with it than I did. I, Dotsy Long, will my 5' 9" to Mimi Cassell-she asked for itl Frances Manner-I will my ability for pushing in the Asbury bus to Betty 'Mooney, who sure needs it. I, Jane Mastroly, hereby will to everyone, the share of sunny California which I will not need when I'm in New York this summer. I will my ability to get along with Bud Munster to his sister, Pat. - Bettie McCreery. 'I, Pattie McGee, will my ugliness to whoever wants it. I, Billee McKim, will my horse laugh to Jeanne Hodges! Mona McGuire - I will one of my empty trunks to who- ever would like a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, with me this summer. I, John McMahon, leave my standing with Miss G. Miller and my worn out Chemistry apron Choles and alll to my baby brother Maynard. I will my ability to sleep in class to Rita's sister CI'm not kiddingl. - Nora Moffett. Margie Monroe-I will my nickname to anyone who can and will live up to it. I, Nina Morgan, will my fountain pen to anyone in pre-nursing class who knows how to write. I will my seat, front row center, at the "Blackouts" and my Presidency to the Marie Wilson for President Club to Mr. Garner.-Douglas Muir. I, Jennie Neustedt, will my leather note-book to my sister, Barbara. I, June Niehaus, will to Evelyn Mahoney my zootie tennis shoes, what's left of them. I, Don Norby, do hereby sorrowfully will my chair in the baritone section of the Boys' Glee Club to any soul Cmeaning Fred McGinnisJ that can sit with his mouth closed and still look like he's singing. I, Harold Norman, do hereby bequeath all of my troubles and worries to all the future students of this insti- tution. I will all my love to my man, Jimmy Sabin, the best little sailor in the Navy! - Doris Oldenburg.

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I, Bud Olive, being sound in mind and body? do hereby in the presence of two witnesses will my curly hair and civilian clothes to Bob Beeman, a lowly Senior "B." I, Viola Pazzelli, will m gym shorts to Angie Mina be- cause she needs them very badly. I, Shirley Perry, will my ability to sunburn to Jean Hodges - as if she needs it. I, Bill Priester, do hereby leave to anyone who takes Chemistry 3-one well-worn gas bottle, two discolored test tubes, and one accumulation of smells therein. I, Ralph Putman, will my southern accent to anyone who would be interested. I, Helen Quinley, will my long finger nails to Miss Fawley. I, Pat Quirk, do hereby leave North Hollywood with all my memories of the past. Donna Race -I will to my sister, joy, my ability to sing. Heaven help her! Barbara Reynolds -I hereby leave my ability to keep my dheart interests a secret to Beverly Whitaker. She'll nee it. I, Ethel Rich, will all of my 4 ft. 1154 inch. to Patti Wood, who needs it so badly. You're welcome, Patti. I, Eddy Roberts, do hereby in the presence of a Senior "A" and an ugly Senior "B," will all the good Ui jokes in N.H.H.S. to Poppa Gamer to make up for his lousy ones. I will all my Thursday night phone calls to Barbie Stowell. - Lauralie Robinson. I leave my ability to get along with Mrs. Van Winkle, to any intending to take Latin. - Dick Roemer. Phyllis Roesinger - I do hereby will all the luck and fun, that !I've had since I've been in this school, to Ardanne Busc . I leave my victory gavel to the next unwilling president of that organization. - Bill Seiden. Frank Smith - I do hereby will the marvelous education, which no money can buy, that N.H.H.S. has offered me to anyone who wants to work hard for it. I Jacqueline Smith, having served my tenn at North Hollywood High, do hereby bequeath m typewriter in journalism, gavel in Harlequin Club, and, uncomfortable seat in Promotion Bd. to anyone who would also like a nervous breakdown. I, Carolyn Spencer, will to Gladys Holbert the gym charts willed to me by Gladys Pruett, S '43. Ruth Shaw-I bequeath mon homme, Larry, to mon uncle, Sam. I, Lois Stee, will my religious gym sox to Lila Newfield and Mildred Durell. I will my ability to cut fAm I kidding?l to my sister, Betty. - Ria Stickelmaier. Ross Stiffelman - To Miss G. Miller, I bequeath "Chem- istry, the Short and Easgf Way" and to the next editor's personal stooge, my brie case. Imogene Sweeney-I will Mr. Betts two girls for his next year's trig. class. Because one gets too lonely. I, Norm Switzer, will my job at "Nancy's" to Walter Catts so he can get out of school? 1 hour earlier. Emma Gene Taylor-I will my fgigglel laugh to Pat Elliott. jean Threlfall -I will my dark glasses Cwith red rimsl to Miss G. Miller, because all her students are so bright. I hereby will my nickname "Queenie" to Barbara Parry so siie can't acquire it the same way I did. - Bette Town- sen . I will my bottle of shinola to "Uncle George" Betts to keep his forehead shining. - Dean Vausbinder . . . Esq. Keith Vincent - I will my ability to grow a goatee to Don Kirkman, who has a hard enough time growing whiskers. I will all my broken bats to my fat friend, Tucker Thompson. He needs 'emg he can't hit a thing. - jack Van Nostrand. Mary Wallace-I will my sparkling wit and my scin- tillating humor to Glenn Dicus . . . anything is better than his. I, Maxine Whelan, will "Frenchie" Everette to whoever is lucky enough to get him. I, Stevie Whitman, will and bequeath my traditionally unorganized? Cmessyl notebook to the ever immaculate Mary Hoch. I, Lowene SMableJ Wilkinson, will my stiff gym socks to Beverly Mil er, a mighty A10. I will "Gus" my "Lil Abner" shoes for next football season. - Carleton Williams. I, Wyn Williams, bestow upon Paulie Strong my unique iigure that's so-oooooooo accented by my stage crew uni- form. Also my ability to take those "rugged" cracksq I will my ability to all of the B10 shorthand students to pass theory tests in Shorthand IV. - Barbara Young. I, Marguerite Shembri, will my ability to disagree with all suggestions at the Senior "A" meetings, to anyone who believes that it will be of any help to him. Qjracluafion of 66156 JS 214 On the athletic field dedicated to former NH principal, Mr. Claude Sandifur, two hundred and eighty graduates will assemble to receive their diplomas, A boy or girl may face many occasions in his or her life which may be destined to remain long in the memory, but at the time of graduation, there is a particular senti- mental note. Parents gather to see their sons and daughters ready to accept the responsibility of adulthood. This graduation is very special, indeed. Our country is involved in a conflict from which none of the graduates can be excluded. Boys and girls are takin positions in the world for which their parents did not gan . . . boys become men, fighting heroes, girls become women, cour- ageous defenders of all that is good. That is how the inscription reads on the diplomas . . . "the groundwork for your life has been laid, it is your turn to use it wisely." CEM Two hundred and eighty students of the graduating class of Summer '44 gathered together to display their senior sweaters. With a roar of applause, members of the eleventh and twelfth grades expressed approval of the slate gray-royal blue combination. The sweaters are in the same colors as the colors that the North Hollywood High School has adopted. Once a year, tradition marks the celebration of the Seniors' pre-announcement of graduation with class day. In a fitting manner, the Seniors make the announcement by dis laying the sweaters which have come to symbolize the high rank of a Senior A in the High School. All of the Senior students, proudly showing off their And so, with great ceremony, seven Ephebians are com- mended on their excellent scholarship and high ideals which all Americans represent. "What America Means to Me" was the topic chosen by the Valedictorians who speak for the class. Mr. Roscoe L. Frasher, rincipal of the school, will present the class and award flue diplomas to the graduates. At every graduation ceremony, specific awards of schol- arship are awarded to deservin students. The boys' vice- principal, Mr. J. C. Holt, wig present the "awards of honorf, , The orchestra at the commencement will be the NH orchestra, conducted by Mr. Richard Betterage, music advisor. With the layin of the recessional, members of the graduating clgss ofg Summer '44 will join their arents with the best wishes from the faculty of North Hollywood Senior High School. ibn, T44 merited prizes, stood before their audience and sang the class song, which was composed by Bob Cushman with lyrics written by Marilyn Hoffman and Mary Louise Roemheld. The singing of the class song was the climax of an hour's program in which much of the talent of the Seniors was exhibited. The performers were Bill Collins, joan Dona- tella, Mary Lou Deyling, Bill Crandall, Walter Mikesell, Gary Ross, and Class president, Emcee, Victor Basche. And when the processional was played, the NH student body watched the Seniors march down the aisles in antici- pation of another day soon to come . . . the day of graduation. tion. ,

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