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 - Class of 1983

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WWMW The Senior Class of North Hills High School 53 Rochester Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. Is Presented in the 1983 NOI' XXV 1 merits Q wtf' of EII IZIEEJE EEIZIEIEEII nga.: E E v + 36 Q29 ,K W, 4 Us we od .E 1'- fl Top: I. Laura Gauglen Z Nancy Steinbach: 3. Julie Novalg 4. Ruth Stevens and Joe McAleeU 4, John Folino. Bottom: l. Da vid Malelic and Colleen Deer: 2. larry Satarianog 3. Scott Leidke: 4. Chuck Kol1L Megan Elliott, Gary Campbell and Patty Whitmen 56 awww NK 7 As our final year at Nonh Hills High School began to draw to a close, we were often confronted by paren ts and relatives who exclaimed "lt's hard to believe you're graduating already. 'l Indeed at times it seemed as though our high school years had flown by. And yeli our rapidly approaching commencement exercises 3 .sis I 4 7596 0420 really were believable, for We were no longer the indecisi ve, inexperienced freshmen who had first stepped foot into the Morrone Building less than four years earlier. The tremendous change was clearly the result ofa gradual process with S06 We Op ,..,. ,SX Cjsfqjv 1 Q60 Top: 1. Lisa MitzeL Sandy Giustini, Patty Harkins and Mn Badog 2. JaneMicheals, John Michalka and Francois Michelong 3. Katie Kleing 4. Doug Kelp. Bottom: 1. Dan Komoroskh 2. Mariana Mjaresg 3. David Deang 4. Paul Adams and Bill Hallettg 5. Doug Biesecken 41-I 4 .L- QT YY xo XS vffw Tap: l. Nancy Furbeeg 2, StephanieZanieskig 3. Paul Hadietg 4. John Maninip 5. Pete Kamaras and Paul Beck. Barium: l. Molly Momell, Bridget Bailey and Kris Kisei: 2. Joe Mancusog 3. Maria Lalikosg 4. Colleen Quinng 5. Mi: Jack. gb TC TB AN H09 many growing pains throughoug for like that of a flowen our da y-to-day growth was unseen 'but the end result remarkable. ' The changes in our lives mirrored the changes in the world around us, and we witnessed many memorable events during our years at North Hills. In sports, 7 Top: 1. Matt Johnsong 2. Patty Dauer: Bottom: l. Kathy Vwlczynski and Gretchen Weiss: Z Gregg Cherpes. Offer we saw the American hockey teams deiea the So viets to win a gold medalin the 1980 Olympics, while the Pirates and Steelers made Pittsburgh the City of Champions. The American hostages finally retumed home, providing a happy ending to the tumrori in Iran, Four years brought a Continued on page 65 ' 8 AQ! 4944 Wo QQ? -1 Wm 'S f ,Bi 3 N xxx m x V - 1 MN a v g, 2' ,Q--5 Qggwvrsf V :fini f 7? -fi' 'wwf W , we 4 if ,Z 9 English Is Fore ver .. as 3 5 W' "E:1a :. ,. e ,gy A Nance Matviko Under the direction of coordinator Mrs. Anne Picone, the English Department at North Hills oltiered a program as diverse as the students themselves. Topics of instruction ranged from Shakespearean tragedy. to sentence structure to subliminal advertising. As Miss Johnson 's A.R class pondered Hamlet , across the hall Miss Jackson promoted the wonders of etymology, and upstairs, Inside the Mind students enjoyed viewing Alh'ed Hitchcock's 'fPsycho." Teachers agreed, however, that it was the students, not the course material, which made a class interesting observed one instructon A lot can be leamed hom today's kids. A class means more than a grade ora credit. It's challenging, sharing, understanding, disagreeing, listening . . . It becomes a part' of them, for the rest of their lives. 10 9 Baler The photographs of some of our teachers, showing them Hom bygone days, are identified on page 28. The photos give credence to the unthinkable - we all change! Ma th Department Joins The Computer Age ,Q During our years in school, the mathematics department curriculum became more suitable to our changing needs. I t acquired a new computer system, and courses in computer literacy were being offered. During the 1980-1981 school yean NH established an affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh. By taking those courses, students earned college credits while they were still in high school. To develop the individual student's abilities, the math department divided its courses in to liberal arts tLAj and science and engineering tSEj, th us the students were able to find a level consistent with theirneeds. While general math and calculus formed the extremes ofthe math spectrum, few students were leh unaffected by the arrival ofthe Computer Age. 12 -Whig Ja Ra at .95 V X 5ICPhen Zalets 'V " Hanl y Concem for Observation and Expeiimen ta tion Science: The science department has experienced few staff and curriculum changes in the pastfew years. Choices forstuden ts ranged from unified science forheshmen to advanced placement classes for upper classmen. Labora tory work was used to give the students first hand experience in biologyg chemistryg and physics. Astronomy students were given the opportunity to observe star constellations from the planetarium. Although few changes were evident during the school yean a seemingly pre vailing concem among teachers was the effect that the hilltop restructuring would have on the science curriculum. ' Rohett Shinko 15 Social Studies Courses Expect To Ha ve A11 Impact X735 Joseph 1510 'sins Royce R1 Wllham Schuetz L Barry John Burris I 5, R :V . '- ? .. 5-iw ' 4 an i x A , ff Department coordinator Mr Da vid Hoza and his colleagues felt that Social Studies was a lot more than just history As one teacher commented, These students were hom in to some very troubled times. Events that they post-date continue to ha ve an impact on their lives. We try to make all those names, da tes, and places mean something. ' w ,.,, If ' -L... ,Q J jg H? , ,gif rf, Their Techniques Prepare Students For Skill Oceupa tions i r.2- 11. , ..-' '- ' x ...---5--w""'2e1""""""" i? fi ri Ronald Harrington As technology progressed, the business department did likewise. Director Mn Art Pattini was especially proud ofthe word and da ta processing machines made a vailable to interested students. The department, ho we ven was not solely for those aimed toward the business world. The nine dedicated teachers in vol ved hoped to pro vide a sound base for any individual with courses such as personal typing and money credit management. Overall, the few faculty mem bers con tin ued to teach at abo ve a verage level with occasional boosts from scientific accomplishments. The distributive education department sponsored a store in the senior building and also ga ve students the opportunity to participate in various competitions. Students from the industrial arts courses displayed their projects at the North way Mall. As seniors, many students got to know Mrs. Norma Moun tan in the Career Resource Center where they could explore various college and career options. 19 They Concen tra te On One Goal - " "1 2 ' Mm, Q? The Student's Needs XX 5 I '11 E 3 Thomas Patterso Hummel effries According to Mr. Ernest Molnar, coordinator of the foreign language department the 1982-83 student body was generally more prepared for the future, more dedicated and interested in creating new challenges. His department included courses in Spanish, French. Latin and German, Teachers in the reading department concentrated on only one language, in trying to build speech and develop comprehension skills. The special education program involved much individuahaation, but students were usually mainstreamed into the regular hilltop environment. The librar- ians were oHen helpful in aiding students in making selections for school projects and personnal enjoyment. The six counselors had various duties but generally tried to keep our spirits up and our schedules straight. f'1 6' rx' Our Safety and Health Are These Persons' Busmess miss re L T 'TTTY -mm . A IEC, lge tL A s es V sm , if it " if 'QQ H x t Holler Carol Ferguson Cums 5 Mangfs The physical education teachers comprised one department with which all students were in vol ved. Experiences included swimming, aerobics, gymnastics and co-ed volleyball. As seniors, we were also given the chance to be certified in administering CPR. Drivers education was a course which a large number of students elected to take. The driver's education instructorfollo wed a three phase approach to the course involving theory, simulation and behind-the-wheel driving. Still another group of personnel with which the students were associated was the nurses. These women could always be depended upon in cases of either slight or serious injury. 23 Ralph Langer fl L... ,441 ' F, ,, -,,g X 4 l S E I fFred DeIMonte X 5 Faculty Members Pictured But Not Identified On Previous Pages Page ll Left: Mr. Hubert Center: Miss Levine Top: Mrs. Haschke Page 13 Top: Miss Deuser Bottom: Mr. Zaletski Left: Mr. Seelhorst Right: Mr. Volzer Page 15 Left: Mr. Deithorn Right: Mr. Magerl Page 17: Mr. Jack Page I9 Top: Mrs. Banyas Bottom: Mrs. Meade Page 2l Left: Miss Jeffries Right: Mrs. Persinger Top: Mrs. Ahlstrom Bottom: Mr. Locaitis Page 22: Mr. J. Rice Page 23: Mr. Bado Page 25: Mr. Langer 5- ' Q' 5 6 t 'we-fa t a ,ff 1 X gf Q9 ' ei X 5 . .Xu if ape 24 omg. 4 , A . vgx Ea! y s .5 -.1 Madden gi H A Warren Mercer Top: Mr. Batson The Speech Arts department gave students the opportunity to express their creativity in classes involving television production. radio pro- gramming. mime. theater. and persuasive speaking. The art instructors worked with a different sort of communication in teaching crafts, film making, pottery. photography and studio art. Musically inclined students enjoyed experiences in the various bands and choruses. Other electives in vol ved home economics where students could form the basis for a vocation or simply sharpen domestic skills. Students usually did meet with the paraprofessionals on a daily basis but these personnel pro vided various vital services. 25 Chieti Plan Ch The personnel at the administration level also experienced a few changes. Mn Maddox Stokes was reinstated as Coordinating Principal where his du ties included organizingactivi ties and establishing schedules. Dr Gerard Longo was promoted to the position of Director of Secondary Education. As Supenntendent, Dr. Joshua Geller worked with the school board, planned the budget and supervised the development of cum'cculum. He was largely responsible for the consortium program whereby students were able to eam credit Hom the University of Pittsburgh for courses taken at North Hills, Long-range planning, pupil personnel services and testing programs were handled by Assistant Superintendent Dr Dale McDonald. Sandy Doblen Coordinator of Communications, was responsible for the comm un1'ty newsletten "Our Schools. " 'The school board made policy decisions, approved personnel changes and passed the budget, but their most controversial task for the 1982-83 year was the district- wide reorgan- ization project. Senior Da ve Dean was the student representative on the school board. g Y uqs Change Affects Hierarchy A few changes were made within the house principals ranks for the 1982-83 school year Mr. Anthony Venditto replaced Mn Stokes as A-G house principal. Dr. Karen Cercone became the first female hilltop principal when she assumed control ofH-N students. Mn Robert Adams retained his position as principal in the O-Z office. The House principals were responsi- ble for student affairs in which capacity they were able to develop many friendships with the students they supervised. The secretaries obligations were numerous with their work requiring efficiency, patience and an understanding of human nature. X 28 IJ C S mon JUNIOR ,Q f .-...Q 'kbp f ' Haw ri-M1 . f 1 'Q .6 fa' 'I L Af 1 4 5, semen simon Q1 -'Qu2sa':a:.' W v 5 N 44 0-,N V, J , m my Q , W, . Q 2 E , :F w 3 ff- yy Q A ' .1 ' in ' an.. . K ' . " ' f - ' ' ' iz I - W 'N' " . . - e- :ff , if 4 ,L x b 2" f waiwr M . fl ' -'f:" f!vi ' " il ' -4 ww JK V I 'Fi'-5 ', , 422 W 1535 gg ,Q N, ,p. .',.... x . f gw A 4 gag X Q fix. , my-'Y LQ iff IU ' -- LA "'X"'i'f fn 1 1 X- QA 33. Y' K I A f , Q I I Q 5, .LX,., .,,r, K , Q x iff? xi Vx x Q mg-Q::fffQ- ' -,fx Agn! ai M., 'far 'X f-mu, w f-- fix fm 1 ,I .E K 4 f' .vi S xg! 'x u XX J , I ..3 si Q a gl "' w x. u X .f S L.. M uf X S 3 F 6 G 3 1 .15 wk! ' ,- In 'ggi Que. Q Q x ,iw SP 'rf ' My X! f l' A A an MG - . . ' 5 an r F, 2 I , X if . . . If K , sw Y 5 ' ' 35 x A up , A . 2' Vai X Q . Swv 4 Q - 's 3 ii M s i 5 -5 fi: . , x Q . 'Eff ' .x f4:w,.4, fe W- . .Aw ' 53fS'.g5g:Pgfssss:tt3S: l ' wan. . ,ff A ua-f,:.,-l -1 , , I 1 1 I "uv , 1 ' ' :,1:g:.iL,: :W 'ff i f .-L 'Fifi we 'W lg V QEQQIJ. .. r.,:rlt1.s' CN. sfgifvi-1 i x-:I mb:-A yr .1 K Z-mg -i s . R X Q' a -,if 5 gf"-Qgf.+,j. A' x v.., F is-:1 Xgegl, gn. an lin. rl.:-. . x ww wk gi 1 L. A grim 1 i T555 A hi :fs':fx-,i5- i- ' Q ww M at F91-8 - - ,. X L' - 1 P - H g I 1 - , sf' I . "' , ' F W '1 ' ' ugm , ssrzamxz Y' f gglfg gvsgy .. 4" "..,'L ti ' ,gm ' - - f: ' gy . ' ey g f v . . , 1:-1 , HQ h ' ' 'HL 'W ' lg f W. A ' ' " f , , g,.. 17, 1 iii - - - :":'- ' JT- -' I YQ 1, A X K J ? f"H' ,:f4g,.a 151 , Wt a - 1- 151 .sg kfiixy - 2 n -- L 1- 4:5 .fb Scott Donnelly Pat Donovan Tom Donovan Lisa Downing Brennan Gaertner Paul Galbraith Lisa Gallagher Steven Gardner Kevin Garmey flaw Q.,-. 'Zu Q1-'v cg, 155' s.,.. 'gflf Www 1-v f Qavf' 'Nh Qgpgf' wa Cf? ,Af ,X Vx ' 'vb- YT' Q'- vw-'V iv! N. ,sm . 1 zfewf' f Q- HX ai , K 2 .xv 1 :,::f1fE' "pl . ,wisiib .gt KA if 3 N. ..,, 3 wif 4. x , kim N 7+ 5 1, fi Q 'T 5 is , X .... N.. . xg. New Q. Q w .RX Qx nl .X K I "H"'A""' . 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A ' ' Wg '5"-Zgtfq , Mk, . -11: R 'L -ax , X B. 5 4 R - 1 A I .K 'H-frfjgx 162 car -wr'-' 'B' ' .-..1.-- 5. ' 2" 'n sg, ,, F. .1 -R -W Q l V 39 157,31 5 ,ff fy. . ,. ff 1-M su J, -M ,NLiQ'ZfiGhgk f: . jlggsrsxvsjqs ' f: Fcjjz vf ' 5 lifhiifii -'rcwm 4,2331 :N .,...i,1,,,,m s 1 13513 :S A i5 ..LlJi9i5? gf Egg '235 H5515 , W ggxgfg . , 3 ff 'lf if 3'3F 1frf wif M 25 kyixh , . nm, I 'W',2QEgggGik X f .5718 3-" 'f'E"Ti1fI ' 'V :,11uJ,r.'p?.lQXB'if1'3:-W I -f ' w 72 Y .,v. f K ,gf y N.. Z ' L FQ 333315 f I 4 -.'f'.f A WSL! ' f1'y-w,,:1:,iwI-i?Fixt5sZifft?s:4,Li573fT34 R f '-z,.,,g1 K 'f vw W 'k-f 2 fffffa wf ff ff if .X Zan 1 ' di .W as, 3, V K , - A 1: . , .,,,.,, N. X, ,., N ,::'f 1- ,al app ' .mr 5,9 -W 5 ff., ,.,.. g '1 1 i :gg,1:5!Sx 1,53 i -s3,xgqiff,fy,f: " -' -zmxi , W 75 'az , zz. 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N ' Sf fe W i x I 5 4-f,.f gay ' ffl: -. X gp. NF' mmf. -Mm 1 ' Wires, X w R Sf f A Q J Y x R wliliif U. .X..x.. ,...,x . s xmfffw. my , as QS! X. x ....,. I I , A S.. xx , ,Y 3' 'hX' x I, , .QI .,., f as -W ' 911' x- 2, T 51' Ilffg ' E' Hi. 3 w 1 1 . 12- - sms: W E g 1,5551 - ' -5-E413 i M "' i 1 4 I L v l , F , ,. , M , . A if fb 'ar 2 .3 1 ,13 k . ,QR , Slug J . . . . A x Q. 1 v . uk X X F Q Q 51 wx' ,f . , ,ig X Q t E5 N . 5 ,.-1. .g . Q,Q,,.,k 5, f ' W - fir? T ,jgvjiiii V: ' - 1 5, , S., N is .mug - ' - fha-y fafifziwl X 2.2m ggi ,V QX XX .W 3 I" 9 1 N ' "aa-Q 4 Q .- . . ., ff WFS? x, ' ' N., 35 ' , ' .-. Rf' ' ' 2 , ., , ' Lt 1 . ,,:. 'K-L it 1 k - . 1- W I - - 1-.stir ,AALQW E 2 -ig K ii ' fix 'e 'W 1 I L by-' -A ,ka . w3x33?4efQ5?w:! X2 X X X QS Qu w 9 1 -aL 3 Y X A fs , 1. v lx g Q 21233 ' 'g 45 fi My - -r:., 5 S3 -5 R, , . Y 'T . F-ik xg sl ,sr ,wg eg . . . 4 L w ' 3 Yfmieegn. W1'yLii'M mf gg. ,Ag gfjr, U ,Ax 9 '1 C1 ah: .,., A , A '45 Y 4755, K, 13? r 3x Rf 4 K , Y J 33 sm , SV 'Q ' 'L 1 ' M, W? A-19? , , M 2-H rl uv, , my nn, Si f 'A 'Qxn EET? 1 " V N ff 1 QL 1.Q x . L ' 4 .M 3 1 . K f , X - xl 53 'fr' ., W F, 72 sk 1 ig K' M . , 'Q ,QA ' . V fx ' A wagxglr f K f-'W -sg B 3 . ,.::.. ml i ., F r ZX 1 1 Q 2 X hn- W1.. 3' QR Michael Schneider Karen Schoeppner Thomas Scholle Joan Schwab Susan Schweizer William Staab Nicole Stanish Jenny Stanisha Lori Stasko YJ 'J Vincent Scott Kimberly Seamons Michael Seegler Cynthia Seelhorst Linda Serpa Karen Stefanko Nancy Steinbach Jo Ann Stitman Joseph Stitman I Thomas Shaheen Lori Sharratt Patrick Sheehy James Shirk Kathleen Shultz Robert Stranger Suzy Strauss Robert Strobel Frederic Struss Diane Shuttleworth Kim Sidebotham Chris Siegle Lisa Sinicki Karin Skelton Lisa Sullivan Goergiana Summers Donna Szalinski Jeffrey Taschner 'Ni-P' E G- 1 f ix gk 1 NN h , m f,.v zfil 5 A' ar m ""1i6.1i-1 lg, gl.. ,f 21521515-urff x QS Q ' , 1, gl gQm:ff Am' Q 2 J e i, : - m 3. Q? mf Q. A 1 X if .T Q.. Em, 3. X Q , , X 5 A in 4 Q qw F1 f Qs..- 9' .P 1. as ww A A QW 1 . X ie gy 2 ,. .7-f . " " :v , r L - NPW Qigisri .1 1 'iiidr' K L ? . '7 . -'T . .f-'Z' 'fir' Zi S Scott Towne Thao Tran Carl Trapp Trembulak U'ren Westerman W1lhelm Williams F L24 V " X Q .K Sv tr Todd Ulicny John Ulmer Mark Ulrich LeeAnn Underwood Kristine Vardzel Edward Wilson Lisa Winterhalter Robert Woistman Eric Wojcikiewcz 'QP' 131.-a 'Fir' Gregory Zwick Nancy Zwiggart I-v 'WN 2, V .h , Q. I A LQ 84 X I f f ei . wx A E Z .v , 'iw n .f ' in. I Q - M pr " . g-.,.,.fi.a V 9 as Q 1 - , -, ' .4 .as , ' -fm, QW 1 V K I g . - 3 , W mg x',. N .mg K Q x i 1 ' 'S ' -1SSXTli??2'X55 wx wifi'f1'eSx':f-wa-W,-.--A X...:, ., N lv .. -jvfg,15ggx5jx,2gf .gig 1. V913--xMsf8,f?2QgxsW5 ff? FRF' ' ,I W M K 4 .W L nj R- x 'X W JE f35fs1i,,1S: 'vifiax x Q -Eggs, V' 3' . 1 . K . K K .Liv fy V 3 vs in 5-1' x , 41. f- -fr 2 mifi V ..ix X W M A- A ' K , g xfxwumsrksz-nzqqqk gf. vsffwfef fig .- kip W f W W, . ,, SWF' , , wig? .11-1-M: . .. g11,,,.,,f.x J M1mWWww,., M. . Vi. x 3' B' Q 'P Q wi' , -F, i L 4 .,f. A XMN fgyx. .xx . may - 5 3' A 'S 5 i 1 I .. . -...wr 1,x Q.1'. ' '.,: .,,., . -- '-:, sg . 1,-.T A' '., -. .. ... l , A.. ...:1..j .f . . -5-.1 -I -..',,..'. h 1 ,Q '. -'-.-'f O -,"'i-. 4.5-. Q I.. ... ...F ' Q .I ....l., 'IQX 4 .'-I." 7:1 -. ' "'."1 .f Spirit Lasting a Week 54 October 25, 1982 began an enjoyable week at North Hills, especially for Seniors. Ne ver before had such mass unity been achieved among such a diversity of indepen- dent young adults. Monday attire included a hat and T-shirt. Tuesday ga ve everyone the chance to fulfill the role of their hero as Movie Star Day was celebrated. The week became more enjoyable as the days went by and Masquerade Day en tered the scene. Th ursda y brought the pleasure of seeing classmates QQ. Top: I. Ken Clark and Joann Dusck: 2. Paul Adams: 3. Laura Gauglcr. Chcrvl Bailey. Bettina Kosler, Kath y Kalasanow and Joyce Von Vrecking 4. Jim Hawk and .lon Nadal. Bottom: 1. Ken Pinnow: 2. Marianne D'Allcsandro and Mr Vcnditlo: 3. Andrea Pcaslcyt 4. Laura Gaugler. Patti Rich and Val Komides. AHA- ,511 2 Aix bug, Ll . -f" c-I , in 4, .N ,- YINNCW fx 5391? v.- fy A 55.5 - 41: Q - I x in V K. f M .02 4- 4 . f ,4 ...E . , 4.3. ' . X - W ' . .- J -: 2:-, xi. I '- -,L x -. -,U A v-' ,y-.- . .W :ns .- .. ., -. ,,- , .-. I . , 1 "il -v-'ff' . .-'-- M: ' ' . f ::..- "' U. ' ,, 1 ' 5.1 . .--1, 1' ' 1 . wi:-.-.. . .. -a 'P' ..-' -' -4 .Q . - ' .- x - . - -,. ,.. .1 . I .,.'- . , . 5991. 1. :ef .1 S- -' ' " , :-, ...L , -.- ., X -1..' ., ,. - - s. -:-g r' ,--1-ff. . a .-,az gh' .4 -' . 4 ,.:-.x . 'ga .- , ,- 'E-Nm-. gn:--5.5" CJ .,,.x 1 . Q' '- -- .' -f . --f A1-' -.' . . , 5-"-. .-L.: n' 'J' cf.. 'f . A, ' 'i:S.':: ' . '- X' 'AIT' ' HJ J Y NJ '-' ' ,"-- . U N I ' .wl- 1- . V. :- - . --- -. . - - .- . gg- 'YQ-gf., .-'ig-.-'r:.. 1' :3.' IFE, . .X -ff' .,.:-4::1a:"-- v' ' ' us " .a - .5 - ,...5.,. , .. , . . I . , .52-'-,:":,'? :-: 3..-.'. if ." .' , ,. 1- :,::-,j..-,r 1 : - ,.,. ..1-..- f,:- . -' H . -.:. 2 --.anew I .- r V tailmf. A if F1 Q F1 mf Top: I. Jenn y Kohl: 2. Joyce Schell and Leah Eggers: 3. Laurie Hoopen' 4. Paul Haidet. Ivliddle: 1. Greg Cherpes, Joyce Von Vreckin and Joyce Schell, 2. Larry Flynn, Dan Franco and Mike Skirtieh: 3. Pele Kamaras. Bottom. I. Todd C' rouse: 2. Becky Brown: 3. Dee Dec Haas and C hnk Tesman. aw, of-, . , ,, M ein ozies Lasting a Lifetime dressed in togas. Walking through the halls of North Hills was more lilce walking through the Roman Baths of C aracalla. That night was the lighting of the Senior Bonfire. Friends gathered around to reminisceabout the wonderful years spent together at North Hills . . . and the week came to a climatic end as seniors united to celebrate their special day dressed in maroon and gold - Senior Day! 57 They ughta Be in if ,rf ,f fs y fe if If ,ff l3 HWMIiHNN xg? Top: Dawna Joyce, Mary Zappas, Terri Scherer, Beth Wilt, Kristine Kiserg Left: Dawn Bianchi, Right: Bettina Koster, Middle: Chris Conley, Noelle Rock, Karen Furgiule, Michelle Phillips, Kelly Sham. 4 .. ,., ,pv- We 1:5 .::x2 K, s el it Q . Left: Tracey Sander, Right: Julie Schneider, Bottom: J eaneen Zappa, Mary Beth Bailey, Kathy Katasanow, Carolyn Norris, Linda Meinert. is ' -5 -Q' Aa y Q 4- ,M 'Y l H I l Y -Xu!" -A 5' ,Risks A 'E . l on 5 1 ' ':,,- S , qi, I x 4 'f a fi ,jf ,Q fi!!! ty 11 , J L ' we v ' Picture ! L 1 , I ar' K , . viii X yi" 1 A "" "' I -Ll ..,............- ' w 2 'Q 4 s . 0 x...' g Top: Colleen Quinn, Holly Hannon, Shelly Mannas, Mary Ann D'Alessandrog Right: Karen Delfineg Middle: Lynn Schaper, Beth Ploeger, Kelly Janlho, Cheiyl Bailey. . ' 521 Right: Laura Gauglerg Bottom: Heather Wood, Joyce Von Vreckin, Liz McKenna, Sheri Brown. A is Q W 51-T A B , Q A ' F .L w 1 yi.. ,. . tg fv ' ' L2 if L x . - A bil if H M , I r Super Seniors Celebrate HSENIORS are 99fl."'Such was the cry that echoed through the maroon and gold halls on October 29, 1982. Bobbing beanies and mesmeric mums were wom by proud seniors who walked through the halls as underclassmen weaseled by. Senior day was characterized by an unanticipated calmness, yet was an awesomely joyful dav ending with the presentation of the comical senior skits. That night brought the Indians a glorious football victory. Kathy Katasanow, representing the band, was crowned as the 1982 Homecoming Queen. The first runner up was Cheryl Bailey of AM Beattie Tech, and the second runner-up was Joyce Von Vreckin of the Outdoors Club. The winning float, The Starship Enterprise, was con- structed by the band and exhibited the theme of movies. October 29, 1982 was a day that will always be remembered. Talent, time and effort contributed to the happiness of this successful day, honoring the greatest class that ever was - NHHS SENIOR CLASS OF 1983! 60 ts. 'V Q '. , ,f 'A :cgi bf'g4.'.- Top: I. Alice Puskarand Ka th y Katasanowg 2. Mary Schreiberg 3. Bob Bauer and Kathy Katasanowg 4. Joyce Von Vreckin and Greg Cherpes. Middle: I. Todd Crouse, Ken Pinnow, Brad Dawson and Steve Hammerg 2. Jeaneen Zappa, 3. Wendy Lange and Joyce Schellg 4. Sheri Brown, Kelly Burke, Jenn y Kcim and Kim Pelligreno. Bottom: l. Sharon Brunner and Jackie Tenden 2. Cheryl Bailey, Kathy Katasanow and Joyce Von Vreckin. 'L' 61 ,ar- Excitement and Elegance My Top: Chris Tesman. Bill Sigmund. Mary Steinbach and Tom Jacobs: 2. Colleen McCann and Kelly Sham: 3. Bridget Bailey. Kathy Katasanowand Bob Bauer Bottom: 1. Ed Sobicn and Bettina Koster 2. Tim Owczarak and Joan Palmieri: 3. The dance crowd. Picture yourself leaning on the rail ofa luxuriously decorated riverboat, sur- rounded by all the traditional decor of earl y Mississippi River days. This was the pleasure seniors experienced on their Senior Dinner Dance cruise. Seniors decided to break away from tradition by choosing to have their annual Dinner Dance on the Gateway Clipper Party Liner on November 10, 1982. The glass-enclosed ballroom, a savory buffet dinner, and euphonious disc jockey music topped the evening, and made it one which will surely be pleasantly recollected. Center: l. Gordon Collins and Stephanie Zanieski. Bottom: 2. Don Reams. Sweet Smells ofF1iendship The cama tion sale was again held for Va1entine's Day. The flowers, accompanied by messages, were distributed in homeroom on the moming ofFebrua1y 14th. Noteven this well-esta blished tradition could quite escape inflation, however as the price for a flower and message card rose to 51.00. The entire sale was sponsored by the chorus as they worked to raise money for their trip to Quebec. .mr l " Q Q QYVXSG 6 eve ' 'fiiramaticpchange iq golqfor xfzi1iQgis pziblie We Witnessetf tlze?7'ise? 1 of gizewe World leaders- theyfitskf 03511 PQP6, Jo1mQ fookpn rele of activists tbr flzise ChiiircI1j?Qat1ii Q eozgr Iizjst gator e Wipresident, Rg11ald,Reggan,experimented Rebgaribmiek. ybfthe-feminists afriongfiveuslffiapplgudeg electjqn ef -55 N 1 66 CQ, wok 34 Rgpgl? Mqgaref Tha tcher as Pzime Ministefof Great and the gzzzduation ofthe first Woman fiom West Pbint. Prince Charlesfjdf and Lady Diana inspired ravenous curibsity fbi some, as did the of the space ' shuttle for others: 1 s s The entertainment Iieldibiktede us an, JOM Z 4fV0f JV QQ MIR nl f f 67 S Q I5 14, w b 545151551 ,, Pf0dUCf'0P?J?1fC ET xowgnys 1 REL af d1VQQEQQl1.f ,Hom the scnous faspecfs trend U1 f?"'5'C the lradif1011f11 r0ClG ThC gfl?tHf2d 2 W?Y?3'f5fI1 fhf U ' , 'i ., nz, . 1 ' 'j,.,6Q' Q 1. David Marc Ferrari 9 and "Chariots ofHre". Old themes were revived in "TheEmpireStrikesBack"and the two "Rocky"sequels. Brooke Shields rose to stardom and was billed as "The Face ofthe 80's". The girls needed to go no further than their own living rooms as they welcomed the debut of "Magnum 60? K9 0 F O0 41 Z fp sis Z C 'SQWQ if The Muppets brought Iaughterjzztci wlule "Da11as"gave Shot LR. ?" mystery Egqznputenza non trend struck home farms of wdeos games and Qqinputers, some of us were con tentlfdfgii While with 3 Rubikk Cube. e Qj,PuzzIing changes were also visiblehin the school. The adm1histration, for exe Cohtinuea' on page 129 - L V L jg 7,2 50 Change is one of the IE-w constants in lik. The seasons change, number one teams change, types of music change, styles change, attitudes change, and people change. As ninth and ten th graders during the 1982-83 school we certainly did change. Themostnoticeable change was that we advanced a year in school. Sophomores became the older people in the Morrone Building, while Heshmen, lost their sta tus from the previous year, going from junior high elders to an "interior" posi tion on the Hilltop. The changes which affected us were of three dillerent types - academic, social and physical. The first was notas obvious as the latter two. Our classes were more challenging and greater demands were made on our "Hee" time. Teachers talked Change Is One ofthe Few Constants in Life Brylka. Top: l. Kathy Blecharzg 2.Missy Belle, Mike Balao. Bottom: Bonnie 'RW W-z-mg v.- ' . "N N 'SZ Mth Change elps Us to Deal Mth Gillian Millen 2. Michelle Radovick, Claire Wh 1 B '4.BbB hA:C :l.BbMC h All of Life 'S Challenges 'f ff- KT Q -if 1, 351 we . al? f" 3:Z2i2gs!hfEii'fs K ! . laxmM?R , ,Q.3,.54, W .Y few W , ' K 5 ,Mg Q. .Q Q, L Ai? VSITS: . ' S 5. . 1 fgeg-:gg ,fgyffa 'ilnfiliffqziifgsifaljmffr 52fgr.gjy.ieigsgfixifi 12612513422 , ,,,, lx f ,,..fx,fi xii: ' ISSJ 541 e k k i , wi Q E X, L 5 'X' Y ' Qa15ffvf:E.f ""'1"h"'X'?1"gv:f1f'R45'A"' f, 'M HS-H " G 2' , wm,1a .fw 1 U , I+.. za-tt, ... V ' ' '. V -V V rr, .-'wffz-'lg sm-. .af ,,1,.if.',-,Q 'r.ff'm ' .fy .,fg,': my .g,g,3,v3g.A,,,.::s u."141f,I-'fa'-,pie'-1. '12, "gp, ,V 'g!4??2' ,-' W, --Nwwufpufzl ,,ww, , V' 'f'a,f.ff 've' ' ' ' M' - -f . ., ' . - 'M "f H ff 39445435 V fi my , fm ' f: w f '15 Unexpected Change Ohen Affect Us The Most 5 'as more often in class while giving us fewer worksheets to complete. Homework played a larger part in our nine- week and final grades. We had been given more responsibility than we had ever known in earlier grades and the choice between success or failure belonged to us. Social changes were m uch easier to see. As sophomores, we applied and tested for dri vers' licenses. We also started looking ft for jobs to pay for gasoline to put in to the cars we leamed to drive. With the possession ofa license, dating became a must. We were also permitted, in many cases, to stay out later. Freshmen en tered a difkrent world Rom the one they knew in junior high. Some became friends with upperclassm en and began socializing with newgroups. Others found that their social lives took place onlyin school but theyfelt .gtxsw 'S At wet. 'N I ww x wt!! V, 1 -al . ,,, X assi fr ,W ,, in . "MQ I ' ' I . rx..- 4 . 1 F I A , K . 5 F x A ' ' I .' ' -1 .---N-1,-1 , ' ' .- fr . I r '- N' -"" -. .' .-,.'- 'r X' ' I .--'K ..:'-" .. " H-..',:.:1l T1 .. ,NH E112- Q 3215 U. . "1 f.-1 , 4' .12-V ' r., -1.-1' ir. I 1 ' +2 fa -A .ii-:im-tr-' " " 1 'N ' " "SY "'1':31"' ' , .... . , '12 . ' ,,,,, I "' , 'Nr-.7 J .-X' -..-.av - . I:-, .:.-, 'Lal' 1 : .v , Y , I- ,' . '- " Q It "1 1 . " 4 nz'- T ' ' I.- - ."-. .' 1-1' -' nz' I.: I" I. I Y . , Y ., " ' 35' F 'sv' -"JC BFE. f-1 s'..- 5. 'S .-. - , , x, I . - 5 5 " . X .. 1:-LL .- ' K' . , . . .' . U ',. ': I . ' '-" , I- sh ' J' ' ,A Q 'lb at F K S3 f X935 , I L if ' 1, 75' -'YA M ' - f Y : .1 -'w -'--- :. 4 ' -. s ' 'X 1 " u in ,J 'Y' -gig, f I . u' g , It. V- . ' :S x ' a , . I N' 1 , I Q J, 1 . . .. H.: 1' ,A-.' . , . A 31. J Nyf. 8' v o Q, - -uf ' : ', - ' ' -' " . I ' a'N - 1 .- , ' f .. 1 1. ' I 5.1. . -,sv .-., f :X 1' '- 1 5. .- - --'xp f . v. f- B ' -Q 5., . . J 5 ' K t 4: ' "' ny l, ' :B , , K . A' .. ' 1 ,' . . v 4-uf, . ,. . 1 . ,.3,:,, .,':".',! . .,: . 4,-mi I. wir." NF- .. .-5' 1 . . . , 1 :.: ,-,-.. - -.'." -' :-',-- -' - nVZ.:J"'e. - . K1 ,J , ' . . - -, .'.'.- -. ..-.' ,Q-in-.1-1 r H... . ,,.- .' .A'. g 1- ' . . . . ,,. -r --.-, . . - .-t, . --, . ,.- m.,-'.-1, - --1 .v f - . - , w,fz.,':.r.-.., ', : . ' - . 'A .HU qv X- . ' - 5 1 , ' - . . . -,. , j..-1 , .4g',v:-,nm .. -. ,',. 3' r' PJ. 4 1:'.:I.:.g' . .. ' : , '.,j.':"-1 . ,' I .' ' W-,.' - -.- - ,-., - "., .. - 'Q . .x ' f , - . ,f...., 41- - ' - -,-. .-- .v 1--:rl Q " . ' - 'I-"-. ' 1 ." ."'.s' 1' U nf ' hr, :,, i. 1 Q., sf.-1' . 1 - ' ,?,J'. vt -:. -' 1, :,-'r 405:21 . . f . . n,"-.'f- ' 5 . 5 . 15' v."I,. -.---, '1-9'-. M' .- Muff . bs" . I I., 1 -..,,F,'fSt. ,, 5-.fix . Yihia-' ' ' .'.!'s '.' - ' ' - '-" HW' a. ' 3 'V1 Q-.. : f.- fe - - I ' . - , vo I Q, .K- -"-'vn zf'-: I- nw- '-. ".i,.: J- firm- S15 nf! g - VC 1441. - 'Ls . . .- , ng- - ...I -I,-43,5 -.-- '. 1 :- . -- : 'R A " -- 1 ' - ' ' 'H - fda... . 114, , .'.-".',-""1 ' '. -. .- - -7 '-'yn 'f-J 'Q -" " ' '.' -. ,- --Ly - f,':', ' np' f Q. -, . . .n ' ' . I 5 . it- .-f, .5 : 251:22 Q, . ' .". h t" '-'-14523. 1- ., : -1 1 wa: -fi.. rn' :.- . '21 1-J., , Q:-5, r :IA ,xr l ,:.Q.3..1. 'yu -i ... .P -A-' --ff' A-. - '2' :- .' " 9: 2 ' v's"f"-219' X445 A' 5 ' it ,nz J- ' 91 . Jn. .,, -' I. , '. f'-1 '-., 1- Pm! '1 vp V-. J- .v. V.-Nl: . 1 ,. ' sr--. ,,1 - . - WU: .. 5 - 1 : . . .. - - .. 1. , ' ., . I , I. ' t ' . . vw.. 413' J!"-'E .l"'55f5:. - 1 X. Ar ' ly!-j,,:.,'..' 7.-.- ...7, .- . ' ' " ws ' . N 4- . . - .fs'j:'f . -- I , - , . , 1.15-J, ,Z I f 5 H. az...-. --e - . an 'I ' x ' X I ' N . I .X . , . I K 79 xnxx I 'fa Change, However Painful, s Neeessazy For Growth older and better accepted anyway. Romantic interests grew even if dating was still difticult. The change most easily seen was in our physical appearance. Morrone students went through physical changes at such a rapid rate that in some cases we looked dilkrent by the end ofa school year Many students returned to school after a summer during which it seemed they had found an entirely new appearance. Overnight, or so it appeared. shapes and sizes were changing. We may not have realiied but change - that concept which people fear the most - was actually progress as we worked our way through the necessary levels of education and growth. N.. -TE .f.T."I' , .A . .an---,,.,, X a.......,...,.,f--M V- , sl 5 , be -w...,.t,,. ' 5 z , ,...........,...,,..,..e . ..P X K .Q-.N ,WW ,, sri? -'it' ,sr .1 x fi I 1 F' 'H n W Y Top: I. Kim Colaizzi, Robin Nemanickq 2. Uma Rao, Nora Kachman' Bottom: I. Kirk Bradyq 2. Joann Yobst. gs A if F Rss 5 'ef , X 1 ' 'A f 4 fg ' ,S H igqnw-v K gd ' V2 v -,va . U., 3,C"f', . 5. N X Q U . I wx' N ' x fa ' -. f , -s , I gg, J., .X Q Q' .5 my id. n Th The moming of Decem ber 22, 1982 broughtsweet 6 surprises to many students as they entered S f homeroom. The ann ual candy cane sale, sponsored by student counciL was again a big success. O Thousands of candy canes were sold and students Ch ' attached cards with cheerful holiday messages. The HS profits from the sale were sent to Children 's Hospital. X Brad Dawson, Peter Smith, Joel Holfmiesten Kelly jantho, and Gary Christie. Lookin the Best We Can One of the most changeable aspects of high school life revolved around Eishion. Both girls and guys used tashion to express their personality and establish an iden- tity. Yet, for some, this identity was set forth in a more profound manner One could always distinguish the "prep',Hom the boy or girl who dressed "punk'1 for example. In many instances, clothing was also used to express a mood, such as confidence or excitement. Often, an accessory was an inexpensive wa y to "dress up"an old outfit. This could bea hat, a wide belt, a pair of boots or a pair ofthe newest items, leg warmers, Leg warmers became a popular trend perhaps because they could be both practical and creative, Clearly the variety of people at North Hills High School displayed diversity in their clothing. 82 wwf' of X fl Qi .www-M-vm-W , .............,..-.- Most Artistic: Ken Pinnow QQ Gretchen Ziegler Most Likely To Succeed Most Dramatic: John Lavelle LQ Mary Beth Bailey Greg Cherpes Q Ami Waldschmidt The Top Did Most For North Hills l 962 Most Musical: Most Persona ble: Angie Madia QQ Peny Landmeyer Dave Dean A2 Liz McKenna Nr NX, Most Athletic: Paul Thomas :Q Judy Dum Most All Around: Joyce Von Vreckin A? Tim Ga ertn er YI lg if. NJ 0 the Hill rf' Senior Spirit Put to the Test! Basketball talent at North Hills was not limited to the Boyls Varsity squad. While the boy's team was working toward yet another victory, a group of determined seniors took to the court in the annual Donkey Basketball Game. That you don 't knowmuch about basketball to participate became obvious after the first few minutes ofthe game. As organiied by the Instrumental Parents Association, this year's showcase included the Band vs. the Chorus, Student Council vs. the Cheerleaders, the Harlem Donkeytrotters vs. the Hooligans, and the Kill-the-whales-save -the-donkeys vs. the Botchkis. Though the donkeys were not always cooperative, the event was a success beca use, as one participant noted, "It's as much fun to watch as it is to play'i 86 .,. all .L ' wwisffzffq, .f,.w,?m fP"""""- "' '9 -V 'QE Top: 1. Maryann D'Allesandro: 2. Bemic Wemcr: 3. Brian Rodgers. Center: 1. Damon Kaylor: 2. Keith Kamalichq 3. Scott Sinning, Bottom: 1. Megan Elliot: 2. Ken Clark and Dave Dean: 3. Beth A Students Display Talents nd Share Dreams Top: 1. Dancing girls: 2. Lisa Burwinkel, Tom Meinert and Blaise Nicolettiq 3. Jim Kellyg 4. Rich Waker. Bottom: 2. Julie Fowlen 3. Chris Teves and Joe Mancuso. A Mght of Everlasting Memories Z2 if .sf SX W -ak H 51, ,,,r,. Wffiy, 5 . 'gang , .mx X s 5 J 1 V L - , V , i s gf' x 1-F 9' :gd 444 5 ' .1 I' X 1' g V fx , 1 , .J LA QW .x...!- Juniors Jam x 1, '. . 1 X xx X N. X xx xx n K X -. H W XS X1 ,K X Y if x X 5 - 5,4 Top:1. Terri Erdnerand Dan Ukren: 3. Kevin Owens and Lynda Mon- ro6: 4. Kathy Bancrol? and Bill Faith. Bottom: I. Karen Mesonka and Tom Fetters: 2. Lori Bursic and Brian Coleman: 3. Kathy Schneider and Mike Loughren: 4. Renee Langer and Mark De Sobita. T 0 the Beat 93 x E Y, ' 1 if unnmfnunssw if iigr H ii, A new ,Q M, fywf.. df '47 ,m.'nf,-A W 4"f7""X Mg:-' W2 ,Q A 1,3 N1 Y W, .,.... 55 rp- ,,,, Zig, , .,-jf ' 4. ' 3 ' F""" 3, , N. x fs 3 Top: 2. Brennan Gaertnen Scott Betts. Vince Sebal and Vince Scoltg 3. Vince Scott, .loe McAlcer and Brennan Gaertncr. Bottom: 3. Tom Schollc. Lou Petrone. Mike Miller, Vince Sebal, Steve Seebachcr, Mr. Pierce and Mr, Marzialc: 4. Molly Morrell. Bonnie Brylka and Patty Pschirer. A Da y ot Soon To Be Forgotten gm! Snapshots S6126 3 Qtr ' 4 W Top: I. Sheri Brown and Jenny Keimg 2. Scott Sinningg J. Dave Jansen and Paul Horan: 4. Beth Ploeger and Sharon McCourt, Bottom: 1. Dave Weinerlh: 2. Paula Conroyq 4, Bettina Koster: 5. Debbie Herman. 3: '90 I i t Q In our eighteen years of life, twelve of those years spent in school, we have changed greatly. Of course we have grown a little in size and changed in appearance since that first day at schoolg ' but more im ,ortant than that, we h ' matured. :.,y Remember that grade junior high sch igh school? ber the problemy JM B 2 ieties we W ' Can you recall that first the first and all of standardized sts, job e took of those stnde and we look college, stress 0 f- xlvbg The 1982-83 boys varsity soccer team finished the season with an impressive 11-6-1 record. Although the Indians actually won thirteen games, two ma tches had to be forfei ted. Season highlights included a victory over powerful Moon, the team that eventually won the section. North Allegheny was knocked out of the playotls when they were defeated by the Indians in the final game of the yean But, for Coach Sal Marsico, captains Brian Aquadro, Gordon Collins and John Rich, and the rest ofthe varsity Soclkj it to 'em '25-.aa 2 ,, W. ,t , .:,m.w ,. ' 1. 1... f, 1' . W ' ' 1 Row 1: Coach Marsico, Tom Maxson, Rich Walker. Randy Roda, Albert Hartman, Brian Aquadro, John Rich. Gordon Collins, Mike Lyle, Ken Pinnow, Steve Hammer, Brad Dawson, Dave Weinerth, Row 2: Greg Predmore, Kevin Owens, Andy Hess. Bill Sanden Scott Purcell, Doug Urban, Coach Link. Fall, 1982 NH 3 Central Catholic O NH 8 Blackhawk l NH l Moon 2 NH 3 Hampton l NH 5 Shaler 2 NH 4 Montour 0 NH 4 North Catholic 0 NH 0 Quaker Valley 3 NH O North Allegheny l NH l Central Catholic 0 NH 10 Blackhawk 3 NH 3 Moon 2 NH 3 Hampton 0 NH 0 Shaler 2 NH 5 Montour 0 NH 0 Quaker Valley 0 NH 4 North Catholic l NH I North Allegheny 0 - Qs , players, a winning record was not thc only reflection of success this past season. "We had an outstandrnggroup of seniors. A coach couldn 't ask for a better group ofplayers, good studen ts good athletes, hard workers, ' remarked Coach Marsico. He was equally pleased with the potential demonstrated by underclassman. Next year's team boasts twelve retummg letterman, including three sophomore letter winners, and junior Dave Weinerth, who was named to this year's All- WRLAL. team. Kaup. John Panagulias, Alan D'Amato, Jim Hannon, Eric Pomine, Mike O'Cormor. Dave Lapp, Scott Johnstone. Mike Harms, Thao Tran, jelq w Q dm f 1 'R V 'Q M Q -V Ni 46 A I gigs? ' u' 3 f , 1 Top: 1. Randy Rowdag 2. John Richg Center: I. Team Picture: 2. John Rich and Jeff Urbang Bottom: 1. Randy Rowdag 2, Brad Dawson. Fall, 1982 NH l Elizabeth Forward 13 NH 1 Bethel Park 4 NH 1 Shaler 6 NH 0 Fox Chapel 8 NH 0 Mt Lebanon 12 NH O Peters Twp 2 NH 0 Upper St Clair 1 NH 0 Elizabeth Forward 4 NH 4 North Allegheny 0 NH 0 Bethel Park 3 NH O Shaler 5 NH 0 Fox Chapel 10 NH I Mt Lebanon 9 NH 3 Peters Twp 1 NH 3 Upper St Clair 1 Row l. Kris Kiser, Shari Roseman. Pam Chorba, Holly Hannon, Jeanine Diane C onnen Kathy Sn yden Diane Buyna, Bobbie Jean C ervas, Mandi Paczan, Diane Doban, Kelly Klein, Alice Beckett, Cindy Cox, Stephanie Wright, Laraine Hartely, Beth Sweeney. Debbie Benton. Jamie Janczak. MichelleKomoroskiand TracyGregory. Row2. Tracy Welgant, Desimone. Emily Gallo, Paula Conroy and Coach Knox. Top: l. Bobbi Jean Cervasg 2. Jeanine Paczan. Center: 1. Team pictureg 2. Coach Knoxg 3. Jeanine Paczan. Bottom: I. Diane Connor. , They Pulled Through l Girls Soccer was a new varsity sport this year They were not i expected to do too well as there were inexperienced players. But T through the leadership of Coach Dennis Knox and captains l Holly Hannon and Bobbi Cervas, they pulled through with a 3-12 record. Toward the end of the season, the team pulled together its strong defense and quick running to beat NA, North Q Hills ' ii val. Holly Hannon, a player on the section all-star team, helped the team by scoring a team-high .five goals throughout i the season to set this year's record. Next year the team hopes T to do better as they will ha ve many retuming starters and more 5 experience. They will belosmggoodplayers, butsho uld still ha ve a good starting core. 106 i Ready . . . Row l: Laura Gauglen Judi Dum. Karen Delfine. Kathy Keller Row 2: Schneider, Amy Wilherall. Kathy Shultz. Lynda Lerch, Marci Emily Swamson, Kelly Milhcis. Karin Skcllon. Michelle Smithco, Suc Galewslci. Top: l. Judi Dum and Lynda Lerchg 2. Judi Dumg Center: l. Team Picture: 2. Michelle Smithco and Lynda Lerch: Bottom: 1. Karen Delfine and Laura Gaugler: 2. Marci Galewski and Laura Gaugler Set... The girls volleyball team completed 'he 1982 season with a 5-7 record, an 'mpro vement over the 1981 season. The girls put in a lot of practice during 4 . 2 . . J ! Ugusl and three times a week aher chool began They played their best nd fought hard against all of their pponents. Mr. Brown believed this ear's team ditlered from those he had :oached in the pastin that the girls were n . ore skilled, worked together better oward the sport This years senior embers included captain Judi Dum, md had an overall better attitude n captain Karen Delfine, Kathy Kellen and Laura Gaugler The leading performers were Karen Deltine who was named best setter at NH, Judi Dum as best spiker at NH and toumament M VR at Keystone Oaks, and Lynda Learch who made the all toumament team. Although they didn 't make the playolls in 1982, Mr Brown had a bnght outlook for the following year. With four retuming starters, he hopes to be a contender in 1983. Fall, 1982 North Hills 0 Fox Chapel 3 North Hills l Penn Hills 3 North Hills l Shaler 3 North Hills 2 Hampton 3 North Hills 3 Butler 0 North Hills 3 Knoch l North Hills 0 Mars 3 North Hills 0 North Allegheny 3 North Hills 0 Shaler 3 North Hills 3 Hampton 2' North Hills 3 Butler 0 North Hills 3 Knoch 1 North Hills O Mars 3 North Hills l North Allegheny 3 107 A"is-2..,,,,--.- SDIANS 2Q Spike! Top: 1. Captains: Karen Delfine and Judi Dum Bottom: I. Karen Delfine and Laura Gauglen 2, Judi Dum. The North Hills Boys Cross Coun try Team had a winning season. Of their five losses, four were to teams ranked in the top seven. Underlohn Wilkie 's coaching, the team qualified for the WPIAL finals and finished 13th out of six ty-fi ve. Of' the dedicated runners who started running between five and fifteen miles a day in June 1982, five received letters. They were freshman Glenn Ford, sophomores Ste ve Brown and Pa ul Teaslev and seniors Da ve Dean and captain Joel Hoffmeister Being three year letterwinners, the two seniors con tributed much to the team. Glenn Ford broke the North Hills freshman record. An outstanding accomplishment was made by Steve Brown. He qualified for the State Championship and was named top sophomore runner ' Although Coach Wilkie thought the team had the potential fora better season, he was proud that the team reached the finals in spite of' their adversities. He believed that Steve Partridge leaving the team and Joel Hoff'meister's broken wrist hurt the team 's effort. Coach VWlkie thought the team showed its spirit when it fought through the problems and injuries that hampered its season to finish well in the WPIAL Hnals. head of the Pack Left ta Right: Jeff Ford, Pa ul Teasley, Steve Partridge, John Biesecker. Seibel, Dave Dean, Steve Brown, Glenn Ford Brad Top: l. Dave Dean. Center: I. Team picture. Bottom: 1. Joel Hoffmeisten 2. Steve Partridge and Steve Brown. 109 Survival of the Httest if Fall, 1982 NH 19 Montour 42 NH 21 Upper St Clair 34 NH 24 Fox Chapel 31 NH 28 North Allegheny 28 NH 27 Shaler 28 NH 22 Gateway 34 NH 20 Keystone Oaks " NH 23 Ambridge 35 NH 23 Penn Hills 36 NH 18 Butler "' "' did not finish five runners Center: I. joel Holfmeisten 2. Steve Partridge and Dave Dean. Bottom: l. Eileen McQuaide, Joel Hoffmeisten Dave Dean, Debbie Zielinski, Shana Micheals and Pam McGomg1e. Xi We wt U we M A . , W? -t ,K ,5 ,WL V Q f 'Ex Mai' . 4 I 4 Q., V . s ' ,, Viv Q . , VN, ' E, lm NNN 2 , L... , nuf- ,,. . ..V.., 54256 L--...M www-ug vv'v'f4Q'Q-Jr RNS . wan, ,,,,x,...... ,,, qv ww W, x 73 ' Q w xi H' ug Q zz. 4 ....-.Q...,A,W4,x ,iw af px 16 NI 1 Q? I :se -.1 fx 1 sv. -6' 4" zfwffffm ji' .3 , .,,. ,, ,in J.. 1 " '-f Y.-W wi .,.7 43 A is Q30 M iff, -. '21-gi' 1 ,QW S 55 vi my 2 My by t 0415 ' -5 -, E H Al' N 5 .Y K 'Q .QQ ' up . ' K-85,4 ., -Q if! J 'ff : . f ? ff-, - Q- 07- Q "The Sweetest" on the Courts Coach Zaletski said that he looked forward to coaching every yeaig and the 1982-83 girl 's tennis team was "the sweetest, most coachable group of kids" he could remember In a building year with many young, inexperienced players, the girls were able to pull together and work as a team. They managed ti ve hours of practice daily during August and two hours aher school every day despite other activities that demanded their time. Of the three senior players on the team, Jean DiDonato and Andrea Peaslee were three year letter winners, and Noelle Rock was a two year letter winner. Although the team lacked a dominant playeg the strength of their do ubles pla y helped them to com pilea 5- 7 record against very tough opponents. Having gained in skill and experience, the Indians had great potential for success for the following year , WHEN Top: 1. Andrea Peaslee. Center: l. Margie Fosterand Diana Byrdq 2. Kasey Siegel. Bottom: 1. Jodi Raida. fl HI li '11l I, .. L 2 - Row I: Noelle Rock, Andrea Peasleeq Raw 2: Ann McDermott, Casey Coach Zaletski, Sue C onklin. Margie Foster. Diana Byrd, Jody Raida, Siegle, Jean D1'Dinato, Tracy Due. Stacy Huntcn Linda Maja-ski, Row 3: April Baumbach. Kristin Morrell Smashjn ! Fall, 1982 NH 2 Ambridge 3 NH 2 Butler 3 NH 4 Churchill l NH 2 Fox Chapel 3 NH l Shaler 4 NH 3 Richland 2 NH 3 Seneca Valley 2 NH 0 North Allegheny 5 NH l Fox Chapel 4 NH 4 Richland l NH 3 Seneca Valley 2 NH O North Allegheny 5 Top: 1. Kristin Morrell: 2, Andrca Peaslcc. C enter: I. Team. Bottom: 1, Noelle Rock. f wt, Skaters Ch ook In to Playoffs Row I: Captain Brian Aquadro, Jim Hscus, Joe Reams, Scott Sinning, Garth Culham Stangen Row 2: Todd Hassinger, Co-captain Don Top: I. Jim Hscus: 2. Senior Picture: Bottom: I. Don Reams and JelTMathenyq 2. Coach Hubcrt. 4191- 'Q Winter 82-83 NH 7 Allderdiee 4 NH 0 Westmont 3 NH 4 Gate way 3 NH 5 Cr. Cent. Catholic 0 NH 4 Latrobe 5 NH 8 Richland 1 NH I 0 Ford City l NH 3 Franklin Reg. 2 NH 3 Hampton 0 NH l l Hempfield l NH 7 Allderdice 3 NH 2 Westmont 2 NH 3 Gateway 4 NH 3 Franklin Reg. 6 NH 6 Richland 3 NH 8 Hampton 4 NH 10 Hempfield 0 NH 4 Gr. Cent. Catholic l NH 10 Ford City l NH 4 Latrobe 2 Am l O Top: l. Brian Aquadro and teammmtesq Center: I. Team Picture. Row l: Dave Wilt. Mike Viviano. .lim Fiscus. .lim Mitchell, Todd Few. Coach Hubert. Coach Kasunich: Row 3: Dan Heck, Jcll'Mathen! Hassingen StcvcKasunich: Ron'2:Steve Bennett. Ed Wilson. MikcLcl1ern Brian Aquadro. Bill Knoch. .loc Stanger 1 Don Reams. Scott Sinning. .lim C outch. Garth C ulham. D. J. Skelton. Tim For The Second Year in a Row She Tried - ln 1983. the entire school saw a great change in our definition of the typical hockey player as C atherina Quiblier became the first temale to try out for the team. Although shelaterquit, C atherina exemplified the changing roles ofmcn and women. The North Hills Hockey team took a solid footing on the slick ice this year. Led by theircaptain. Brian Aquadro. and assistant captains, Don Reams and Steve Kasunich, the Skating Indians went on to ha ve a winning season. The key to their success stemmed Hom their ability to work as a whole. "We don 't ha ve an ysuperstars, "saidmemberGarth C ulham. Players exhibited their dedica tion to the sport not only on the ice but also in the great personal expense required to become a member ofthe Indians. Each player paid S295 just to the team. To that was added the cost of eq uipmen t, which ran as high as S 5 00. Ice time is S l 10 per practice Since the team is non-school supported, the players had to find their own ways to raise the needed money. which included selling ads for the yearbook. t..L.a'-4 at-as Superstars Abound At the beginning of the season, North Hills Coach Tom Maloney knew his Indians' boys basketball team would be big and capable of scoring points. After the team 's tough exhibition schedule, he commented, "We expect to be good. We feel that we are one ofthe top ten teams in the WPIAL. " Coach Maloney also Ielt that the team was helped mentally by the championship football team since the enthusiasm of players and fans camed over into basketball season. One of the highlights of the year was the team 's trip to Las Vegas for the Holiday Prep Tournament, Alter selling countless hoagies to de15'a y the costs ofthe trip, the team had the opportunity to play three tough teams from across the country. Although they only won one game, the players had an enjoyable experience. The team was more successful in the local sphere, for example at the Peabody Christmas Tournament. They start- ed off by easily beating Baldwin and then wenton to win the tournament. Seniors Paul Thomas and Bill Graham, along with sophomore Tom Heubner, were honored by being named to the All Toumament team. The team did get off to a rocky start as a result of their tough exhibition schedule. Yet Coach as my Ki 4 5 -' . A kj Left to Right Coach Maloney Seniors Jim C armody Mark Bado, Paul Thomas Lance Cox Bill Graham Mark Wemerth Mark Davis, and Paul Thomas. .A N-1 Top: Paul Thomas and Bill Graham. Center: I. Seniors. Bottom: I. Jim Carmody. Bill Graham, and Maloney and Assistant Coach Tom Baier felt that this was benehczal to the players in preparing them for the tough opponents they were to face in the regularseason. With four players over six foot five. height was not a problem. Paul Thomas led the team in scoring, a veraging o ver twenty points per game. Forward Bill Graham and center Lance C ox also perform ed well bo th ollensivel y and defensivly. Guard Jim Carmody contributed sharp shooting and aggresive defensive play. The coaches co uld also rely on consistent play Hom the boys off the bench. They won nine of their first ten regular season games. The loss was to Shaler whom they went on to beat at home in overtime later in the season. Fans who followed the 1982-83 boys basketball team consistently enjoyed exciting games as a result of a balance of strong teamwork and outstanding per- formances Hom a very talented group. Row 1: jeff Taschner. Terri Boma. Missy Bcall, Wendy Rich and Vince Bado. Tom Huebner, Lance Cox, Paul Thomas, Bill Graham and Mike Scott. Row 2: Coach Maloney, Mark Weinerth. Jim Carmody, Steve McMullen. Frank. Brennan Gaertncr Mark Davis and Coach Baier Row 3' Mark I M I i Fabulous Footwork Exhibits Fan oiful Feats Top: l. Lance C oxg 2. Team picture. Bottom l. Paul Thomas. Lance C ox and Tom Huebnen' 2. Lance C ox. Bill Graham. Mike McMullen and Steve Frank: 3. Coach Baier and Coach Maloney. Winter '82-83 N. Hills Baldwin N. Hills Brentwood N. Hills Penn Hills N. Hills Upper St. Clair N. Hills Central Catholic N Hills South Hills N. Hills Schenley N. Hills Hampton N Hills Deer Lakes N Hills Valley. Nev. N Hills Clark. Nev. N Hills Bothell, Wa. N. Hills Northgate N Hills Knoch N. Hills North Catholic N. Hills Shaler N Hills Fox Chapel N. Hills North Allegheny N. Hills Center Township N. Hills Deer Lakes N Hills Knoch N Hills North Catholic N. Hills Shaler N. Hills Fox Chapel N Hills North Allegheny VJ r-4 blelas! Captains: Karen Delfine, Judy Dum, Chris Killeen and Kathy Kellen 'KEN 1 L X. e 1 7 ,.,, n - ,- 119'r'ff?' Top: 1, Captains: 2. Beth Schmidt, Chris Killeen, Amy Quatchak, Stephanie Janczak, Karen Delfine, Doreen Verbanac and Mr. Hoyd. Center: 1. Judy Dum and Kathy Kellen 2. Dana Sanders. Bottom: Linda Lerch. , ,,, -N . W Q "The girls had a great attitude and really worked hard," according to Coach Floyd. The 1983 Girls Basketball Team certainly pulled together and managed to have a winning season despite plaguing injuries and a realigned schedule. With four very talented seniors, the girls rebounded their way to spectacular victories over Penn Hills and arch-rival North Allegheny. Two girls, Judy Dum and Kathy Keller, were two year letter winnersg seven other junior and senior players were awarded letters. Along with assistant coach Dennis Papalia, Coach Floyd and his dynamic dribblers were successful against the new opponents they laced, despite a disappointing four-point loss to Newcastle. The coaches also looked forward to another appearance in post-season play, Row l: Linda Lerch, Diana Lapp, Amy Quatchak, Dana Sanders, Judy Dum, Beth Kaelin, Doreen Verbanac and Ann O'Rorke. Row2: Beth Ann Schmidt. Kathy Shultz. Chris Killeen, Karen Delline, Kathy Keller and Stephanie Janczak. wx 10 Top: Judi Dum: C enter: l. Kathy Kcllen 2. lieth Kaclin: Bottom: Chris Killeen. Karen Dc-lline and Kathy Keller. WY? fl 2 NH 29 NH 45 NH 35 NH 43 NH 42 NH 48 NH 42 NH 38 NH 37 NH 57 NH 77 NH 44 NH 56 NH 30 NH 79 NH 56 NH 46 NH 40 NH 69 NH 37 NH 43 Keystone Oaks Penn Hills Mt. Alvernia North Catholic Brashcar Ambridge Aldcrdicc Seneca Valley Moon Monlour Knoch New Castle Butler Shaler Hampton North Allegheny Fox Chapel Seneca Valley Knoch New Castle Butler Red Rage Uwraps pponen ts The 1983 North Hills Wrestling team, under the coaching of Mr. Roy Phillis, had a very successful season. Faced with a shortage of coaches, the team captains, JeffEsswe1n, Dale Christopher and Steve Drozda, took on extra responsibilities Through hard work and determination, the members built a good strong team. As the team headed for the playofls, their hopes were high that they would win first or second place in section IL The big rivals this year were North Allegheny, Shaler and Seneca Valley. Seniors on the team included: 112 lbs. - Lynn Brainard, 132 lbs. - Dale Chiistophen 145 lbs. - Steve Drozda, and 105 lbs. - Jeff Esswein. Underclass grapplers were Mike Brainard, Chris Fen'y, Kevin Novax, Matt Schaukowitsch and Mike Tongel. The team did very well in several toumamen ts. In Oil City, they came in third out of eight teams. Raw l : Dale Christopher, Matt Leherr. Mark Schauko witsch, Lynn Brainard, Jeff Esswein and Mike Brainard, Row 2: Mark Brownlee, Kevin Novay, john Trembulak, Mike Tongel, Steve Drozda, Joe Suto and Brian Burke. In ,og f g, Vffgh , 1 5 f fl ny, ld: f N 'll . W, ...,V ,.,, g Bottom: l. James Goodmang 2. Joe Suto. They were tenth out of twenty-eight teams at California State. In the Bea ver Local, they were ra ted second out of twelve teams. According to Coach Phillis. "This year is made ofthe most outstanding individuals I 've ever C oached. " N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills Seniors: Lynn Brainard. Dale Christopher. JclTEsswein and Steve Drozda. Winter '82- '83 Moon Ncw C astlc Hampton Ellwood City Shaler Fox C hapcl Blackhawk Penn Hills Sharon Baldwin Hopewell Ambridge North Allegheny Richland Seneca Valley Bethel Park ! 'fb N Hills Tongel. 124 Top: l. Seniors. Center: l. Opponent and Lynn Brainard. Bottom: 1. Coach Phillis and Mike 'A - ,wanna--. River Rats. . . Discipline is coming to school at 6:30 in the mommg, three days a week, in the middle of Jan uaryg to swim laps and liH weigh ts. For the majority of North Hills students, the most stren uous form of earl y morning exercise consists of stumbling out of bed. Members of the Boys Varsity Swim Team followed slightly different routine, however Aside Hom this moming madness, team members practiced every day after school Hom early tall to late winter Saturday sessions were not uncommon either. .0 .1 , 2 Im L-it , . 5-pflfg " . - . . ,. E, .H V: 4 ...z 'N 0 2:35, , 35 gg.. ,f ' M-s'f'I' 'Nu an 1 5. t 1 si g- '. 0. ffiixwhw, .M 2 . - f,., , f f A - W- Q ' , '4 3 + 4 . ..-aemgia , 8. Y ' ' X -' .W ' wg Q ' 3 .Lf -f " - su ,, ' Y K 1 W , , 7 I V fy , .Z4 JMS V A t M I . 4:32,,f,:g y,i,,m.L..iit.,lasv ... ,.... I , ig L KW A j M. mu ,-W..-2' af ,. , -su' - M" ' H ' ' may-sr' W " 3' -' 'lt - -X ,A I 1, V M V , - . . Q...- 7. ..1 , ' ,,,, 'swffgy "fail "Q'2X',f"""' ' v ,, t Mt V wtf- -we ' if ' ,, -- i -.--M 'W , 1- S 4 H M ., -A ' Q. .. 'iw . ,. WNV- v-'35 ' A .s . .W .1 with " X .1 v .JE . ' fi' .Q 5 'LQm.'i.'., " ".i'f'1 ,' ik., f 55" 4 f 374.15 .C!?1"f,j F5,Q,, .,-is . 'X . K N .af , . ir K. A . . jig, V ,.gsQ55eJ r:...:.-5 f-551. Kiffvg-s-5-V. 1 ' X151 'f .3511 I -'1f'3f'1' . A , . ,Q-fi-ff" s-71 W' ' 2-'if.?.z. " ' ' , 4 2 -- K ' A , VJ- K, Q'Z55i?f?d - 1, , V . V L. --wwf" Ikyv-4 x'2.snK" 7-V 'i " Nif..-Q- ig. '71 5-5355 gg ,Lrg . 1 5fN'Nq,ygQ , K, - .wlais ff .gf-...LN-s,f ., :ww ,H - f .. ...Yu - we . -sf? t- ' -- M- ' - :ef 11 ' . .1.,1'iTE"fs.J:7T3.':""-1-1 .ag - we We Q' A Q -A .1 Z.-r'YI..ff' I!-yzxsflf-fi:-:"wPJ'1'i'Y? 'Sf-' 5 3 L23 V t-:E A ," 1 . A' 'WI' . j- - ' .NL .gr K ., as .v....a, - - ,., .s . .X V - ,-X.-. . 1 W .... YM ....M..e:e.. -f K v . . 3. .... .Y . --" .ng-5 K 'Q e""f"' 'Wi ' Sw- 1. we-4 . y ' . fy, 515.3 --W ff-. -W. , . - 'r. " i ., .g -ff s mf .. ...L X. .blk gif: , fait. , ,xv fs. rw. 1f, :,zff?'? - 1 xr-wi . Qc, - , .S-.. . v "' v - . -f fs- ' -'n,g..fqv isAg.ff . .- v ll ' fi' f: fx - "' S 'V fy 'ffl s"'.--E.3fF1Sfi "-- 'f s E-c t' fig, f- " .. ' 3 ""' Q - 'J-Iwi. "u 1- ' ,--' - . 2 - ,- -- r. A . X34 " vs" . .' lv. e V A '-' "' 2.11 . 'iff' ' 'gfi fi ta Q .J t hong., . 5. .. ' . -"" K L.. ,. " A k ',-35QQ' 'L 'ML K I V, ,W Tig, -. - 1 A , , ' -,gm-.vsp .ww f 24-7 V .'. f" ... - . K . , ' 64 .Mx W , S-E.- .... ang.. -M... , . A f - N". ' --W-: . . Q-iviwmagfzae Top: l. Swim practice. Center: l. Coach Garrowq 2. Rick Donovan. Race Ravenously Winter '82-83 N Hills 57 Upper St. Clair 69 N Hills 57 Penn Hills 70 N Hills 77 Hampton 49 N Hills 5 7 Peters 69 N Hills 75 Blackhawk 51 N Hills 62 Plum 65 N Hills 76 Northgate 51 N Hills 75 West Allegheny 52 N Hills 69 Fox Chapel 56 N Hills 65 Montour 44 N Hills 56 North Allegheny 70 N Hills 52 Gateway 61 N Hills 54 Shaler 73 N Hills 71 Seneca Valley 56 N Hills 56 Churchill 71 N Hills 59 Butler 68 Top: I. Ed Sauer: Center: 1. Team Pictureg Bottom: 1. Captains Paul Haidet and Doug Biesecker ii? Column l: Mike Maiee. Rick Donovan. Erie Wojeikiewez, Quinn Wukitch andjoe Deffnen Column 4: Matt McDonald, Ron Kretz, Glenn Donovan and Ed Sauen Column 2: .lelTHart, Greg Wukitch. Leeman Teasley and Peter Northwood. Baird and Doug Bieseeker. Column 3. Paul Haidet, Jeff White. Steve In addition to the leadership of senior captains Paul Haidet and Glen Teasley, swimmers received direction from Mr. Jack Garrow, who completed his third year of coaching at North Hills. The 1982-83 season pitted the team against strong competition. Despite this, the boys' consistently improving times insured that North Hills would again be represented at the WPIAL championships. 5 . 2 Splashmg Women lt would be difficult to find a more dedicated group of North Hills athletes than the Boys' Varsity Swimmers, unless you considered their female counterparts. Led by team captains Kelly Jantho and J ulie Schnieder, the Girls' Varsity Swim Team followed an equally rigorous schedule of' morning, aHerno0n, and weekend practices in preparation for their meets. The girls pushed themselves to cut their times by even a Haction ofa second. Their efforts paid off however. in establishing a tradition of Km 2- Rou I Molly johnson. Farrie Angle. Kath y Mulrow. Kelly jantho, Kristin Stover, Lois Baird. Renee Wirth. Laure Rau. Nancy Conklin. Heather Wood. Sharon Dinkle: Row 2: Sandy Spangler. Celia Brown, Sonda Delpalazxo, Diane Doban Winter '82- '83 N Hills Upper St. Clair N Hills Penn Hills N Hills Hampton Y N Hills Peters N Hills Blackhawk N Hills Plum N Hills Northgate N Hills 49 West Allegheny N Hills 37 Fox Chapel N Hills 53 Montour N Hills 35 North Allegheny N Hills 33 Gateway N Hills Shaler N Hills Seneca Valley N Hills 47 Churchill N Hills 47 Butler Top: l. Lois Baird: Center: l. Team picture M ' Bottom: l. Swim practice. Stroke to Success ,egpp-.X, K 7 al, A - i , , , , , 5, 2 Y A A ' xr . W ... ' wt-I Top: Ka th yM ulro w: 2. Captainsjulie SchneiderandKelIyJantho: Bottom: 1. Swim practice. 128 quality, The girls, relay squad, for example, consistently qualified for WPIAL championship competition. Coaches Jack Garroug Patrick Kennedy, and Sue Harshman hoped to start some new North Hills traditions as well. Encouraged by the success of the recently developed Diving Team, Garrow had plans for establishing a junior varsity swim team for boys and girls. F , ' l ll., .-'f ' ,2h-1 --.: .k5' Q 1-: -1:-, 1 1 ' OUR ,, . M x - 1 - .,.. "f" - f f 79 ' Y fiifli: ws 1: if we ilk 7, K if . Z, ..,., jg, .Qff.l.'iff, H3253 JJQZY I I 'S 5 -qv, -1. Vi s, ' - .., F -,. .,. -f.QMM-:...1:. ,Q me --ff?-,I'f?5f' 1 f... ,qt VmWWWWfVQ ' 4 -1 : .Z L CWS ' Y ,. wmmwmmmmmw ,, Wifi 217 ' .rizv-' ,Fi f? - 'f A x ' 5 'A 3 QE N G f A5 , L ,, ,sg wi - ,1 55 - : ,www MWWW A. , ,. ey-Q 'wagw 'Wwwmww?wQ ,444qQmwws yn 4. 1 ..,,. WM gg, 5 fsfcgfiff ellinz-'gf VT'-'f?2Fl '522f9"y"'f 'ff' 7' fy W 3 , fi lf' R44 .IQ ,fI..,'?, Ji. 4951. -TFC' f?'1':-g2'l ff." 'fx' xii' 1"f'l"'fffr rw .. 1,wear,lzigmgge-fer:milk if -I: V K W 'K - K f 5 2 w uri. K ' 'I , gg, . QFMHXQA , ff,.,..ff-,-xf-,I -ff- ,A ,, ,K . , .,: ,a -1 'sq x 'H Qwrggf ff 4 M N 1 , W f 4 ,. .,. . .,, ff r,:'1Z'T-1 QW JL, .. g ' I f- ,A .I - 5- ,' JL' Q., L51 FIM "gf ' v,-,i4, -,W V w- g ,: W, 2, . ,gg:..,Qs4, six.. 1,- -,lx ff -fl 'L w ,W , ,3,,,., . .,., .,W,, V. ., , . V - , " "rf Janie fbi-v1f.11fI': ' Wi' ' 5 . " ' " Yeiand Oufablllfy wiadapf 0316? i0h3H3eS 1?' WT ?liY?e?f lf QW3SlsUSu5115' 3 fbw laughs b54Qpi1Iling1oz1t 3 eighth grade picturfg S0f??ei'ff? C ?11fi?f WW 1 ff? ?1lY5W454,5f?1?1W5f C00 42 QQP MX M 'Q 133 w K, X ' .A 3iv'i,ai. ix Frgai V' , I N? X -,X MX Vf x wr X , .U v 1 ffff ' W' K, M 1 ' Rx -z - L 1 E v -me-5 . . ,.... 'gf Yrzzzar' '54 0 1901608 4? 'ff ,O 490 0 : Op f'Fbf m0re ii11poi'ta.i1t 5i113i1 our ap- ' lf , Q C39 'fbecome hzside - our h0DQSL4I1d'dCSl1'Q.S goysaxzdisonfows. We Wegjg, QQ311 extezgg V fhef-fum Qf0'!fC75PeUel?Ff?f?: fQ?S0H16f111I1g' ' Pney Qyaggalgle had been gamed fiom each gvcn1'b and perSo11 ?5lin?:ow--bIivqs. ,.gs Coiitihifed 97' ,ff I-fy 3 ' 136 i' 5" ,ff .5 1: , . W tlzoughy wasqewhar fW6,l12d,55j,, fgfxf . , K H , . , A H . - k - 5,-.. : - ' 9- . , - , ' ' we x Q . ,fr i Indians Face Titan Hcj Challenge North Hills maintained its position in Section 7 baseball throughout the 1982 season with a 13-6-1 overall record and an 8-3-1 section record. M VR Scott Traynon an '82 graduate, led the Indians in their thirteen victories. Once again, howeven they had to settle for a second place finish behind archiival Shalen North Hills put up a tough fight for the section championship, but the Titans were not quite ready to relinquish their title. "Our main strength was our pitching, " commented Coach f K K .ff -if , L f. .,.,, R F? c Q 7 if .qv X ,gi k s, A-H .'-" a gy -N I W Q ' Q 8 e r la X TY' L6 Sabina. Bill Hershman was the workhorse of the pitching staff He and Rich Gavran combined to pitch a no hitter against Butlen Pat Reed, Da ve Brammen Ron A bbott, Milce Partridge, T .L Edwards, and Eric Hummel played other key roles throughout the yean The 1983 season looked promising with seasoned players Brad Zewe, Tim Gaertnen Tom Hershman, Tom Gilkey, Rich Ga vran, and Paul Thomas retuming. The Indians' goal for the 1983 season was to regain the title, and Coach Sabina felt confident that they would be able to do so. Top: l. Joe Stangen' 2. Paul Thomas, Eric Hummel. LL B SE ... CJ m N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills N Hills Spring, 1982 5 Montour 3 X ,, 1 Peabody 3 1' 5 Butler 2 3 Baldwin 2 7 Brashear 1 l Ambridge 2 9 Fox Chapel 5 3 Hampton 4 5 Richland 0 1 Shaler 2 9 Penn Hills 13 North Catholic 2 3 ll North Allegheny 3 IO Fox Chapel 3 5 Hampton 2 L' 11 Richland 3 O Shaler 10 6 Shadyside Academy 0 6 North Catholic 5 1 North Allegheny SNR A XXX Top: 1. Ma ttjohnson, John Schoedel, Jeff Schneiden Bill Hershman, Paul Thomasg 3. Tim Gaennen Tom Hershman. Center: 2. Paul Thomasg 3. Tim Gaertneiz Bottom: 1. Coach Sabinag 2. Tom Hershman. Row 1: Dave Brammen Tim Gaertneg Mike Partridge, Tom Hershman, Ron Abbott, Scott Traynon Row 2: Matt Johnson, Joe Stangen John Schoedel, Tom Gilkcyg Brad Zewe, Jeff Schneider. Row 3: Coach Locaitis, Paul Thomas, Rich Gavran, Bill Hershman, Pat Reed 71 .L Edwards, Pat McGinnis, Eric Hummeh Coach Sabina. Sul - x 9 n . ,X b xQ 0 I X, f .MQ , . 359731, v v my 1 A N24 LL B FT SO .4 -5 O Girls Expect To Regain The Top Section Spot fswwti ee'e 5 -quu1lllnv-- . . .M In , - - Qu. ,. , ,.p1,, - .a:.f:'v' n . . . ,N . ' K "Someone will ha ve to be very good to beat us this year" was Coach Papalia 's prediction for the 1983 girls softball season. With six retuming seniors, it seemed unlikely that he and his tree-swinging team could have anything but a spectacular season. Despite a 12-6 overall record and a 10-2 section record the 1982 year ended with a disappointing loss to Slzalen costing the girls the section title. They looked forward to 1983 as the year that would put them back on top. With a wide-open team of experienced and en th usiastic players, the squad displayed virtually no weaknesses and looked forward to one of its best seasons ever: Top: 1. Judi Dumg 2. Karen Delline. Center: 1. Chris Killeeng 2. Denise Patsilevas. Bottom: l. Linda Lerchg 2. Denise Patsilevas. ,, .,,,..,,,,,,.x..f- .. .,-.-fm-'.. -V. .g Row I: Kim Savoca, Kath yKeIIerg Bobbi Jean Cervas ChnsK111een Shultz Judi Dum Linda Lerch Dana Sanders Amy Quatchak, Karen Delline. Row 2: Denise Patszlevas Kathy North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills Nonh Hills Spring, 1982 Upper St. Clair Chartiers Valley Carrick Momour Highlands Hopewell Fox Chapel Richland Shaler Hampton North Allegheny North Catholic Fox Chapel Richland Shaler Hampton North Catholic North Allegheny Top: 1. Bobbi Jean Cervasg Centen 1. Kathy Shultz, Denise Dobang 2. Karen Delfineg Bottom: 1. Coach Papalia. I ag., my wi a iii ji S .. Q, MY , ie. , . . 15,g, 1 ' M .- :fix-Q - ,fl-wwf -A ff? Q n , . fa" W' .W I ,,,,, . 2 3 h w -v----I N I In In 'I ' r v -4- Q'1f me -'r we .,-, - Q, T- if , J, l 'T " 'V A e 2' " W 2 5' 1 E 41 V A i L 4 , K L T fm 1 r ' V I fa at . V A W X 4' ' 6 Y . I '-'z ' , . f ff I W 4 " " Q , . , "'f arg 4. , ' M I 2 A W.--av' jf 1 W A,, ,4 J' - ' V 1, ,T ,f I A 1. t if' ' 2 fvk "xv x ' - ' . c . A I - w K R t . 4 Rowl Kurt Miller, Dave Ross, Rich Emmett, Jim Yoder: jim Hschen Kamalich, Dan Heck, Brad Hanes, Bill Ericson, Jeff Matheny, Don frm Dunlap Eric Wojcikiewcz, jeff Siegel. Row 2: Steve Miller Keith Walsh, Coach Mattys. l "Youth was one of our major assets," remarked Coach Jerry Mattys ofthe 1982 North Hills boys tennis team. "We were a young team and the heavy pressure to win just wasn 't there, as it would ha ve been rfthe team had been comprised of seniors. " The starting team was made up of five sophomores and two juniors. The 1982 team, with a final record ofl 5-4, tied rival NA. for sections but lost in the playoffs. Besides doing well as a whole, the tennis team had some very outstanding individuals. Brad Hanes, a letter- winnerand co-captain, 'did quite well and placed third in section singles. He teamed up with '82 graduate Gretchen Moran, also an ex- """ "sz ceptional playerg to place first in section 7 mixed-doubles and second in the WPIAL. Jim Yoderand '82 graduate SueMcCalmont also contributed to North Hills' ac- complishments by taking second place in section mixed-doubles. Another talented player was co-captain Rich Emmett who doubled with Da ve Ross to contribute to a smashing 4-1 victory over NA. As Coach Mattys put it, "We have very hrgh goals. We want to win the section and this year we want the WPIAL. " The expections for the 1983 team were very high. The key people were expected to be Brad Hanes, Jim Yoden Keith Kamalich and Rich Emmett. Center: l. Keith Kamalichg 2. Eric Wojcikiewcz H Indians Ahead ofthe Pack The 1982 Boy's Track team started out with some weak spots as Coach Wentzel cited "lack of depth in some events"but pulled together with the support and leadership of captains Tom Tobin, Angelo Roman, and Jeff' Longjohn, all 1982 graduates. The team finished second in section 7 with a record of 5-2. NA., the toughest opponent and predicted section champ, and gateway were the only schools which managed to squeeze past them, The team advanced to the playoffs with its strength in hurdles and distances, but lost to 'Butler in the first round. At the sta te level, Tom Tobin placed first in the 3200 meter run. Coach Wen tzel considered this themost memorable moment for him. Vince Sebal placed sixth in the state competition in the high j ump. A newschool record in the ja velin was set by Craig Mergan thaler with a throw of 180 ft. 7 IX2 in. Among the WPIAL qualifiers were Vince Sebal and Steve Partridge. The team placed third in the Fox Chapel Invitational. Another rewarding event for the athletes and Coaches Wentzel, Shinko, Mullen, Richards, and Wilkie was the defeat of rival Shalen at Shaler. Overall, Coach Wentzel thought that "the team did an outstanding job-a lot better than what I expected ". 12 fs f i f Q :Zn W, t t ww., if f Center: 1. jim Martini: Bottom: l Team Picture. -"M-J' """'f' ----4-JAC """t"""'?W'a+f-w-,veg "i" " P' ' , ' . , V T - ,.,, t,,, - ,sm ,,A-..,... ...M -I V. . , ,.,, M. ,,,, .,?,,.s,1, .,M,,,,,,,,T,,,,,., Y J f iw ,X A " rf Cp. Q .. -s f ,aj Qgi.i'gg:i,,,.:g.iiQg,g I-:ga 5 15. :Ag ,., F 6 L .Z , . K X W-.. I 4- ca gift x "IQ ' KM Wy t at X 5115! M i Ji 5 r-' m ta J W' . , V i, . f 1 f , A I I , K! 5 t N f A ,K J X 8 Q 0 111 ,le C .554 'if f A .5 Roseman, Joe Sehreiben Rick Donovan, Brian Bedel, Butch Hairston, Row l.' Marc Ferrari, Lance Cox, Bill Hutchison, John Lavelle, Greg Valley, Bill Grech, Terry Moore, Mark Lavelle, Mark Zamboni. Jeff Longjohn and Craig Merganthalen Row2: Todd Good, Angelo Roman, Alan Roseman, Mark Ulrich. Daryl Lalitte, Joe Kotrozo, Mark Butch Blaugh and Jim Martini. Row 3: Rob Weidner Paul Horan, John Htzgerald, Ken Hackworth, Vince Sebal, Dave Dean and Steve Drozda. 145 North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills North Hills rsia 152,351 ,l s 3 9 5 ' 9,1 1 W K-15. ,.,t'. , 'iki TXT 9 f' ' kk . 4,,s J. ...I Y . K wv ' K: , . if iEHQ??Flf . ,Qt gg B53 SGQSQSQ ' . ,f 7. Q51 my " X gf V Q sewn' HUWW' S? V, f ' .1611 9""s,, 'ifw' 8' ' 5' 'fs-2 . . QWWQHSEB' fxez ifE33.i ' P5T" W nm" uwpgw wg., . , . , ., 1 k , ' ' W- 'J 1 4 ,--- 51 X ' QS Sprtng, 1982 -J 1 , L , h ,Q 1 ' it Mtg. ,QQ ' A? A' L x y b 53 Gateway 97 LM --tt k VM, . 133 Hampton 17 L ,Q ' -0 '27, 78 Knoch 72 ' y x Q .SLE 88 Shaler 62 N"""""""W 'iii ' 92 Seneca Valley 58 M J N 1 41 North Allegheny 109 ff 1, .. ,Me.:f4 82 Fox Chapel 63 1 ft A V 70 Butler 80 X ""Q"""'i""'M MW Simi qi-mvvi N , 'Q -141 E., K -.,,, X 5t .. Ns, e ,M 2 . fi lgNkQ' 1 1 ,W-T-v-w 1 .-rf' 1 ,W ' W W, as - ,. ! 1 S servlet 't' 1 Wifi. Top: 1. Alan Roseman and Mark Ulrich: Center: I. Bill Hutchison and Tom Killeeng 2. Tom HHHCT r...- ,Mf- l a . ,. ,fo , A . I 1, I I if 'A X f P' H L' t Row 1. Sandy Auth, Ken' y Htzgibbon, Holly Hannon, Diana Lapp, Debbie Behrens, Jenny Kohl, Colleen Quinn, Paige Marshall. Row 2: Carol Gavelic, Melanie Parker, Julie Kuo, Sue Koenke, Karen Riley, Debbie Zielinski. Chris Lutz, Eileen McQuade, Jill Moran, Jenny Lewis. Row 3: Tina Larson. Doreen Verbanic, Cheryl Rau, Mary Beth Meyen Aggressive Athletes The 1 982 girl 's track team completed its season with a 6-l record. They f.?!C6d a tough schedule and finished second in the section, losing only to North Allegheny. The Indians advanced through the WPIAL qualifiers and were finally defeated bya tough Bea ver Falls team. In addition to the girls' success throughout the regular season, they finished seventh in the Fox Chapel In vitational. The captains who led the team were '82 graduates Cheryl Rau, Becky Dietrich, Sandy Auth, and Diane Karlik. Becky Dietrich won the honor of being chosen the most valuable athlete during the 1982 season. Among the six girls who qualified for the WPIAL finals were Colleen Quinn, Diana Lapp, Holly Hannon, and Jenny Lewis. Coach Wentzel had a great deal of confidence in underclassmen Diana Lapp who was rated among the top runners in the state in the 3200 meter run. "Working hard aher school and on Saturday momings is what made the team "stated Mr Shinko, who was the distance coach. He worked with coaches Wentzel, Mullen, and Richard. Prior to the season, Linda Yoest commented on the 1983 team, "There's a lot of energy and aggressivness there, I know we 'll do well". f' 61 'N' 41 'ff K .f v if' L 'F C if? W afas t K' tif, fa "v-fr vm' 'YJ' Y lv x Y ,A 4, 7,5 3. A ,xagf-.,mv "jg ,, 4 1. .fi ,fk'9t,'. 'F Tm L Qwml' 'HQQQ Sv .,,, - r, " - . x,t,.f- it f It mv R 1-A F 5 V X ' ' 3 lx f ,' yt V ,W y we 7, ,IG -W 3.38911 , x , i ' I f . er . F' W Q 4 .ja v gh is ' Q X fs A -gg Y X 1 . X f' , ' ' it T Q. " X, -aww., I , ' 'myjtpy 1 1 , 1 A K 'i 'rg . . 'gi ' ., ' " M 13' - . A '. it fig tr' .al some -,HQGN k-Qmkb. Qmtfm 9139552 mmggn mOfn3 '1S."?vQ' 'Thr-E' nn--' max. Sees? 'SZP 116' SZSSQ MSNF UD. QSSW N :.--Q -. giif? WEE E-Q EF' F251 E55 'S' Q5 QSQ: NGNO 5251 11495 Dim-., ESQ? ' ' Em 39955 me-1-1 it txt lt mf.. tl. Top: l. Team picture Center I Colleen Quinn Bottom I Mary Beyt Myers. Spring, 1982 Nonh Hills 101 Gateway 40 North Hills 114 Hampton 27 Nonh Hills 73 Knoch 68 North Hills 85 Shaler Area 56 North Hills 89 Seneca Valley 52 North Hills 52 North Allegheny 89 North Hills 82 Fox Chapel 55 North Hills 34 Beaver Falls 107 147 TMW-we fi, 'W ' W an ' uf 'ww , W, W , . , Q, ,, 4, .W , , 'inf 1 I ,, 105- 20' NM-f XT E -Ich ff Pride, discipline, and coaching excellence were the hallmarks of the 1982 Indian Football team, and they also proved to be the keys to victory as the team captured the WPIAL Quad A Division 1 Championship crown. "We,re not the most talented team, " head coach Jack McCurry ohen stated of his young team, and the Indians began the season shy on experience with but one retuming starter from last year's WPIAL Quad A runner-up team. Yet molded and guided by the determined coaching staff the Indians overcame considerable early season dilliculties to win the first football championship in North Hills High Schools' 25 year histoiy. The most successful Indian football squad did not always shine, and when it dropped three of its first ti ve games, many kms had little hope for the season. Things appeared to be working better after a close loss to Butler and a 12- 7 loss to Penn Hills in which the Pride, Talent. . . and Disc1pl1ne Molds Indians played inspired football. The next week against Bethel Park pro ved to be the turning point of the season, as personnel changes enabled the offense to score l 4 poin ts and sparked a re vi val of classic North Hills defensive might which held Bethel Park scoreless. The team went on to win five of their next six games. including a rematch of last year's championship game with Mt. Lebanon. The streak of victories came to an end with a hard foughtloss to the mighty butfated NA. Tigers in which North Hills scored the only touchdown of the regular season against the af! Tigers. Under the new WPIAL playoff system which allowed four teams from each ofthe Quad A divisions to ad van ce to post-season play, North Hill 's 6-4 record was good enough to win third place in division one and a pla yoff berth against A42 Connells ville. The Indians shocked a heavily favored C onnellsville team, shutting them out 14-0. Junior Vince Scott had an outstanding day, ram bling for 124 yards on 27 carries, while the defense held Connellsville to 58 yards total offense. The rematch against NA. pro ved to be one of the highlights ofthe season, as the Indians ended the Year ofthe Tiger on a mud filled field in Ambridge. Jim C assandro scored in the second quarter on a 2-yard touchdown run, and the defense frustrated the potent offense of N.A. as the rain poured do wn. NA. kicker Joe Wall booted a fourth quarter field goal and the Tigers had to settle for three total points. At the final gun the Indians had held out, 7-3, and advanced to the finals for the second straight year by recording the biggest upset ofthe season. The Butler game did not pro ve an ti-climactic, for the team carried over their emotional high and trounced Butler 9-0. Four years of playoff' appearances had finally culminated in the ultima te victory, and it was made even sweeter for Coach MCCUFIY when he was named Coach of the Year for his skills. Through pride and discipline, a team with very few superstars scraped and fought its way to the top by beating the strongest teams in the WPIAL and by relying on stifling defensive play. Next year's team will retum a great many of this year's starters, including the entire offensive backfield and they will have an excellent chance of repeating this year's success. at ea " RowI:Herb Berie, Tom Winter. SteveSeebachen Vince-Sebal. JefTGriIlo, Tom Gilkey, Tim Gaerrner. Joe Brennan. Bernie Wemen Mark Da vis: Row 2: Pete Kamaras, Jim Staley, Marc Ferrari. Jim Martini. Mark Bado, Jim C assandro, Steve Drozda, joe MeAleer, Mike Dwyer. Rich Emmett, Bill Frankq Row 3: Da ve Rzotkiewiez, Pat Dono van, George Thomas, Lou 'P' 1 Petrone, Vince Scott, Mike Millen Tom Seholle, john Yoeea, Steve L yle, Pat Sheehy. Mike C illtns, Ed Hom: Row 4: Dean Ferrari, C hiis Haupt. Joe Kotrozo, Dave Wiley, Scott Betts, Brennan Gaertner. Sean Morrissey. Jim C hatfield. Tom Moul. Quinn Donovan, Ken Hackworlh, .leffHofTman. Fall, 1982 Indians 6 Chartiers Valley 12 V Indians 3 Hempfield 0 i Indians 7 Kiski 0 " Indians 14 Butler I6 Indians 7 Penn Hills I2 Indians 14 Bethel Park 0 Indians 16 Shaler 0 Indians 21 Baldwin 13 Indians 14 Mt Lebanon 0 Indians 6 North Allegheny 17 Indians 14 Connellsville 0 Indians 7 North Allegheny 3 Indians 9 Butler 0 Top: 1, Tom Winter, Joe McAleerand Dave Wileyg 2. Tim Gaertnen 3, Tom Gilkeyg 4. Jim Cassandra and Vince Scott. Center: 1. Coaches MeCurry, Pierce and Naumang 2. Team picture. Bottom: 1. Lou Petroneg 2. Team captains. 151 Pitt Stadium was not quite filled to capacity when North Hills met Butleron an icyNo vember2 7 to decide the WPIAL Quad A Division I football championship. However North Hills fans filled the bowl with their cheers of excitement and enthusiasm as they watched the Indians down the Golden Tomado, 9-Q and capture the first football championship in North Hills' twen ty-fi ve year history. The Indians 'seventh and most spectacular sh utout of the season featured the running of junior Vince Scott and a thoroughly dominant defensive squad which yielded but fihy-fi ve yards to tal offense and intercepted four Butler passes. Senior Mark Bado began the second quarter touchdown drive by picking off a Butler pass at the North Hills 23. The ensuing seven teen play seventy-seven yard Indian drive was capped by a one- yard dive by VinceScott overseniorstandoutSteve Seebacher Senior Bill Frank tailed on the extra point try as his kick sailed wide, but he redeemed himself in the third quarter when he iced the victory with a twenty yard field goal. The Indian defense, led by end Wnce Sebal and guard Tom Gilkey, knocked the wind out of the Golden Tomado offense as head coach Jack MCC uriy 's five year record was raised to 44- 12- I . Commented Butler coach Art Bemardi "Their people just whipped us up tion t. " To Bemardi 's credit, the Butler defense had several impressive momen ts, including a third quarter goal-line stand which shut down the Indians on four straight attempts. Aher the final whistle, the jubilantians swelled on to the artificial surface to congratulate the team. The success ofthe '82 squad was attiibuted to collective team pride and discipline, and to the masterful planning of Coach McCurry and Company. For his success, McCun'y was honored as Quad A Division I Coach ofthe Year while Vince Sebal and Steve Seebacher were named as Conference All-Stars. The en tire young team of ,82 with "not the most talent" will long be remembered in the North Hills sports annals. 152 Champions! T op: 1. Bemie Wemerand StevcSeebachei7 2. Lou Petroneand Mark Da vis. Bottom: 1. Rich Emmett and Joe Brennan. l u.14wn :znfm-nuzulnlv 3 113, . 3 ' . I , 1 filo :'g6x"i: L , 'R' A A , ' I. ag 1 ui-ww I. 5 Q! -' ' if V K A' " X X N i ' 1? ,QW " J M ti x 0' ' ' i -r is , , -1 - , .,- Tnbv "' ' X TJ:-3 , 3 al KU 6 5 -ng L--I-up ggi, Q..',,,ia gg D Bach ofthe follo wmg Senior pages includes two anonymous quotes hom members of the Class of 1983. The commen ts are in response to the question, "What is the greatest change you have experienced since arriving on the Hilltop?" We believe that the remarks serve well to illustrate the fact that CHANGE is caused by, and affects, all of us. 5 W 7' fi if J - iis Paul F. Adams Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band ll, 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball 9, Ski Club ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: engineering: hobbies: golfing, music, sports, art fdrawingjg will remember Mr. Mercer and the Seniors. Robert L. Aguglia Goog. . .hobbiesz hunting, four-wheeling, and motorcycle riding: will remember all the good times with his friends. Jarrett S. Altdorfer Mixed Ensemble 11, Symphonic Choir 9, 10, 11, 12: hobbies: baseball, basketball, golf and swimming. Judith E. Amy Judy. . .CAST 9, 10, ll, 12, Norhian 10, ll, 12 fSenior Editorj, Plays 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 1 l, 12: hobbies: being with friends and shopping: will remember crushes, dreams, stupendous friends, especially Beverly, and all the great times together. Beverly E. Anawalt Bev. . .AFS ll, 12, Band 9, 10, CAST 10, ll, 12, National Honor Society 1 1, 12: career choice: accounting: hobbies: needlepoint, rug hooking, reading, fishing and going to football games: will remember Peppermint Patty, Jen, Judyis dreams and her bestest friend Judy. Marcy Anderson Cheerleading 9, 10, ll, career choice: cosmetologistg will remember all the great times with Dana, Joyce, and Sue. Pamela Anderson Gregory P. Angell Arrowhead ll, 12 feditor-in- chiefl, Baseball 9, Tribal Tribune 9: career choice: Who knows?g hobbies: cars, football, and good timesg will remember the office, abnormal psychology, the Arrowhead, and the Green Zone. Carrie J. Angle Library Aides 11, 12: hobbies: partying and listening to boyfriend play guitar: will remember all her friends behind the Senior High. Brian A. Aquadro B, Byron, Spade. . .Hockey9, 10, 11, l2lcap'tJ, Letterwinner 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club ll, 12, Soccer 9, 10, ll, 12Ccap'tJ, Student Council 9, 10 fpresj, ll, 12, career choice: engineering or medicine: hobbies: sports: will remember: soccer, beating NA, hockey, Mexico, and all the great times and friends. Tracy Armstrong Will remember all the good times in the girls' lavs, and after attending homeroom going to Mr. Stokes office Mark Bado Beady, Bades . . . Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Club 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, Stage Crew 9, ll: career choice: computer science: hobbies: playing basketball, football, racquetball: will remember championship football, double sessions and good times. Mary Baechli Will remember Mr. Miller's class fall those tardiesj, Mr. Z's geometry class, good friends Keiko and Nancy, the remainder of friends, and band class. Budget Bailey Majorettes 10, 11, l2 tCaptainJ, Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: accounting, computer science, hobbies: skiing and racquetball: will remember senior year at bandcamp, Tony Tiger, Colleen's trunk experience, S55, and Tom. Cheryl Marie Bailey Chery. . . career choice: cosmetologyg hobbies: frisbee and horseback riding. Mary Beth Bailey MB. . .CAST 9, l0,1l,12, Keyettes ll, 12, National Honor Society 10 QTreasurerJ, 11, 12, Norhian 9, 10, ll, 12 CLiterary Editorj, Student Council 10, Tribal Tribune 9, l0fNews Editorjg career choice: engineering: hobbies: piano, swimming, reading, will remember terrific NH people. Karen Balzer AFS ll, 12 QTreasurerJ, CAST ll, 12, Cross Country 9, National Honor Society ll, 12: career choice: accounting, hobbies: neddlecraft, reading , football games: will remember Super Fry, football games, her friends, concerts and choreography, J udy's dreams and time with her two best friends. William M. Barabanitz Mr.B.. . .careerchoice:teachingtrigonometry or beach bumming: hobbies: studying for AP chemistry and calculus tests, drinking milk, and being a model student. Richard D. Barie Career choice: auto-mechanics: hobbies: hunting and motorcycle riding. Thomas Barker Paul Barnes Kathleen M. Barry Kath.. .AFS 10, ll, 12, CAST 9, 10, 11, National Honor Society 1 l, 12, Norhian 10, 11, 12 Uunior Co-Editorbg career choice: computer analyst: hobbies: sewing, talking, and sleeping: will remember all her good friends, the fun at football games, and Nancy's and Terils crushes. Ha ving no responsibility to having a lot of responsibility. Going Hom a small junior to a GREA T SENIOR. Robert G. Bauer Bob . . . Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12g career choice: computer scienceg hobbies: racquetball, playing drums, skiing, will remember all the good times and parties, spelunking during sixth period, and band. Joan M. Bayer JayJay,JB. . .Cheerleading 9, 10, BellChoir 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, career choice: accounting or computer science: hobbies: music, mathg will remember the gang behind the senior high, the comer gang, the "here comes trouble gang," and igpay atinlay. Paul Beck Alice B. Beckett Al. . .AFS 9, Cheerleading 10, Keyettes 12, Norliian ll, Ski Club 11, 12, Soccer ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10: career choice: nursing: hobbies: soccer, softball, skiing and wrestling. Brian Bedel Beetle . . . Stage Band 9, 10, Swim Team 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Track 9, 10, l 1, 125 hobbies: racing, working on cars, weightlihing, swimming: will remember the good times during A lunch with Mrs. Bradley and Birdman, and Miss Smith's chemistry class. Mark C. Belschner Jeffrey Belsito Squito . . . career choice: cooking: hobbies: listening to music, partying, frisbee, girls, loafingg will remember the walkout, loaling out back every day, all the parties and the girls, Mr. Veronick's fourth period social studies class. Paul G. Benna Benzzzz . . . Ensembles 9, 10, Marching Band 10, ll, 12, Stage Band ll, 12, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12, career choice: electronics: hobbies: trumpet, gigs, shooting BB guns, traveling, will remember the Swamp, sixth period spelunking, nervous tension, gigs, Juice and ETS. Herbert L. Berie Herb. . .Football9, 10, 1 l, l2gcareerchoice: physical therapy, hobbies: weightliftingg will remember all the good times with friends, the cafeteria, ninth grade social studies, Noni, Dawn and Laurie, Senior Day, Mr. Sweitzer's class, Ray Bohn and other pranksters. Barbara Berry Barb. . .Band 9, 10, will remember waiting for bus 302, all the great people, days oft, Mr. Marziale's homeroom and July 4, 1982. Douglas J. Bevan Roonie. . . hobbies: cars, girls, partying: will remember all the good times with friends and time spent behind the senior high. Realizing the truth about life and experiencing the many challenges and wonders that a new world has to unfold. Also looking back at the Heshmen and wondering if we "the big SENI ORS " were really like that! Dawn L. Bianchi Bowling Club ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10, career choice: pharmacy: hobbies: bike riding, softball, bowlin . cruising with friends: will remember Friends, especially Laurie and Noni, the good times in the lav, and trying to flirt with Herbie. Jennifer Lynn Bieksza Jenny . . . AFS 9, 10, 11 fPresidentJ 12, Symphonic Choir 9, Keyettes 12, Norhian 9, 10, ll, 12, Ski Club ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 10, 11, 12, Tennis 11: career choice: dieteticsfnutritiong hobbies: skiing, tennis, being with friends, cooking and eating. Douglas Biesecker Buzz. . . Letterwinners ll, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, Swim Team 10, 11, 12: career choice: electrical engineering: hobbies: enjoying the outdoors, sports, experimenting, reading: will remember Moby's class, the swim team, Puppy Dog and Smoking Joe. Naomi Blauch Noni . . . Bowling Club ll, 12, Student Council 11, 12: career choice: fashion designing: hobbies: bowling, cruising, walking in the woods, spending time with Mark: will remember all the good times with Dawn and Laurie, gym class and homeroom with Herbie, and most of all Mark. Katherine G. Bluemling Kath Arrowhead 12, CAST 9, 10, Keyettes ll, 12, Student Council ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: business: hobbies: tennis, jogging, dancing: will remember watching the Guiding Light, football and basketball games, dances, Mr. MarLiale's homeroom, parties, quarters, and all the good friends. Kimberly Bochek Kim career choice: cosmetology: partying, swimming and spending time with Hughie: will remember snow days. 2:25, behind the senior high, all the great people, senior year, riding bus 302. and Mr. Maniale's homeroom. William Bodish Bill . . . career choice: accounting, data processing: hobbies: cutting firewood, skating, being with friends, partying and chasing wild women: will remember llth and 12th grade homerooms, good times behind the senior high, and Mr. Buffand Mr. Mai-Liale. Lynda C. Bollinger AFS 10, ll fVice-Presidentl, 12 fPresidentl, National Honor Society ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 10, ll, 12: career choice: foreign languages: hobbies: swimming, reading, cooking and being with friends: will remember good times. friends, and foreign exchange students. David S. Booher Dave Band ll, 12: hobbies: weightlifting. Kurt R. Bortmess Ski Club 11, 12, Track ll, 12: career choice: carpentry: hobbies: hunting, fishing, foot- ball, softball, skiing. Daniel P. Braddock Macduff. . . career choice: tuba playing: hobbies: school, driving to Zelienople, watching football games and having fun, will remember DB, Greg, Dale and the strange and euphoric things that had to be done, the Who concert, KTA, walkouts and pretty trees around school. I have more confidence in myself and I Rael better about mysellf Howmuch lhavegrown up and I met alot of new friends. I found out what my real interests are. l became a much harder worker and improved my grades. Lynn D. Brainard Buzz. . . Wrestling 9, 10, ll, 12. Dale Braithwaite DB Express, Silk. , .Arrowhead 12, Baseball 9, 10, Bowling Club 9, Debate 9, 10, ll, Career choice: systems analyst: hobbies: juggling, sports, standing in line for the Who: will remember juggling, stupid hats, Moby, the Who, baseball, Christy's Crash, and Fuzzy Snake. Joseph M. Brennan Joe. , .Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, Ski Club 9: career choice: engineering: will remember the good times with friends, fooling around in the locker room, and most of all, the great times with Kristi. Donald J. Brezina Bubba . . . Football 9, Ski Club 9, 10, Il, 12, Student Council 9, 10: career choice: accounting: hobbies: partying, girls, listening to music, loafing, sports: will remember parties down the Old Roads, Mr. Veronick's 4th period class, sunny days and no school, and friends. Gayle E. Brosenitsch Bio, Gayle Bo. . .BowlingClub 10, l l,Ski Club 11, 12, career choice: computer programming: hobbies: partying, working at Wendy's, skiing, horseback-riding. Lisa Broskey Tootie . . . Bowling Club ll, Student Council 10, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: engineering: hobbies: racing homing pigeons, knitting, sewing, reading, will remember trying to get to class on time through all the congestion, cramming for tests, bugs in salads, and friends. Rebecca A. Brown Becky, Beck . . . Marching Band 10, ll, 12 fsquad leaderj, Symphony Band 1 1, 12, Keyettes 12, Orchestra ll, 12, Stage Crew 10, ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 10, ll, 12: career choice: medical assistant: hobbies: working the Ross!West View ambulance, playing the flute, swimming: will remember band and late night studying. Sheri E. Brown Cheerleading 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners ll, 12: career choice: business or finance: hobbies: selling pretzels: will remember good friends and good times. Tammy R. Brown Arrowhead 12, Keyettes 1 l, 12, Norhian ll, 12: career choice: medicine: hobbies: swimming, tennis: will remember Blue Binky going out, Furb, football games, and good times with friends. Sharon A. Brunner Sis. . .careerchoicez secretarial work: hobbies: tennis, biking, rollerskating, swimming and volleyball: will remember friends and good times at NH. Darryl A. Buchlmayer Buck . . . Bowling Club 10: career choice: accounting: hobbies: bowling, biking, swim- ming: will remember all of the accounting homework, fun times, and cramming for tests. Growing upandha vingnew experiences. I ha ve matured and I have a better outlook on things. Maura Buckley Career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: knitting, reading, sports: will remember good friends, and fun times at NH. Gary John Burke Kellie A. Burke Keyettes ll, 12: Ski Club 9, IO, II, 12, Student Council ll, Track 9: career choice: sociology: hobbies: horseback-riding, sailing, tennis, and friends. Geary Buterbaugh Ski Club 9, 10, 1 I, 12: career choice: mechanical engineering: hobbies: hunting: will remember friends from four years on the Hilltop. David Buyna Diane L. Buyna Soccer ll, 12: career choice: social work: hobbies: sports, cooking, reading, playing the organ, social events, camping. Gregory L. Byme Buns. . .Key Club ll, 12, Ski Club II, 12, Stage Crew IO: hobbies: guitar and partying, John W. Caldwell Crashman . . . Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 123 career choice: Nuclear Physics, hobbies: Hunting, fishing, skiing, partying: will remember all the good times outback of the school, football games, blowing offl and most of all Jackie. Gary M. Campbell Hash man. . .Ski Club 9, IO, Il, 12: Key Club 12: career choice: Nuclear Physics: hobbies: golfing, listening to the stereo, partying: will remember the crazy times at the football games and all the people I met. Patricia A. Cannon Brat . . . Volleyball 9: Career choice: business: hobbies: partying, reading: will remember all the parties at my house and having a hard time getting all the guys to leave at midnight, and all the great friends I made. Sandra D. Carder Sandy . . . hobbies: Horseback riding, hiking, sewing, fishing, drawing, vacationing, will remember the great times, good friends, Patty's weekends gossip, the weekends, D.M., and Summer vacations. I've shrunk 3 inches. Meeting Mrs. Diana Mangis. Constance C. Carey Connie. . .BowlingClub 9, LibraryAides9: career choice: nursing: hobbies: horseback riding, softball, needlepoint, having a good time: will remember the inside of the principal's ottice and friends. James D. Carlson Jim, Cal . . . Marching Band 9, DECA 9, 10, Stage Crew 9, 10, 11: career choice: electrical engineering: hobbies: computers, Essex Enterprises Ltd., and listening to WYDD or WDVE: will remember the Film Club's broom race, room 214, and Bill Hanna. James L. Carmody Mody. . . Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Letterwinner 11, 12: career choice: bounty hunting: hobbies: playing the kazoo, wiftle ball, computers, listening to symphony music: will remember Lance Cox at the football games. Jeffrey J. Carpenter Carpy. . .Arrowhead ll, 12, CAST 10, ll, 12, Forensics 1 1, 12, Norhian 10, 1 l, 12, Plays 10, ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10: career choice: systems analysis: hobbies: computers, law, business. Kristi A. Carr Flag Line 10, ll, 12 tSquad Leaderj, Basketball 9, Kcyettes 1 1, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, Student Council 9, 1 1: career choice: working with children: hobbies: skiing, racquetball. Lori A. Casale Lori .. . DECA ll, 12: career choice: physical therapy: hobbies: horseback riding, skating: will remember all friends and teachers throughout the last 4 years at N.H. Pamela J. Cavolo Duck. . .Choir l 1, SymphonicChoir 10, 1 1, DECA ll, 12, Student Council 9: hobbies: singing, dancing, band, swimming, parties: will remember the friends and the teachers who helped through the hard years. Bobbie Jean Cervas Bob. . . Choir 9, IO, ll, 12, Girls' Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphonic Choir 10, ll, 12, Girls Soccer ll, 12, Softball 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: communications: will remember all the good times and the good friends. Deborah Chapas Debbie. . .Cheerleading 10, 1 1, 12, Choir 9, 10, Keyettes 1 1, 12, Letterwinner 12, Student Council 12: career choice: law: hobbies: sailing, swimming, partying: will remember great friends, cheerleading fespecially J .S.J, Senior Week, and all the memorable weekends. Diane L. Chapman T.M .... DECA 10, 11, 12, Cschool store managerj, Forensics 9, Norhian 10: career choice: day care work: hobbies: swimming, horseback riding, cycling. David Chatfield Career choice: petroleum engineering: hobbies: bodybuilding, hunting, partying, being with good friends: will remember Friday night football games, old friends and the good times. Gregory L. Cherpes Greg, Cherp. . .CAST 1 l, 12, Key Club ll, 12, Forensics 12, National Honor Society l 1, 12, Plays 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, QVPJ, ll, 12, Outdoors Club 12, Thespians 11, 12: career choice: medical field: will remember all the friends made and the good times had. Gary E. Christy Tennessee . . . DECA 10: career choice: neurosurgeryg hobbies: wrecking cars, bird watching, irritating Mr. Mikachg will remember the Dog Brothers, listening to Bobbi in homeroom, Mr. Mikach. George Chubeck Kenneth E. Clark Ken, Frenchy . . . Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Bell Choir 11, Student Council 9: career choice: accounting, hobbies: playing the piano, playing tennis, being with good friends, will remember the door in Cincinnati, Ubq's, getting lost in the rotunda, the choir, good times, and great friends. Deborah E. Clegg Debbie. . . Forensics 9, 10, ll, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Thespians 12, Tribal Tribune 10, CAST l lgcareerchoicez veterinary medicine: hobbies: skating, dancing: will remember football games, Wemer's class, Mr. Science, Mr. Clean, lunch convos, great times with best friends. Charles E. Collins Herb. . .MarchingBand 9, 10, 11, l2:career choice: systems analysis: hobbies: hunting, camping, fishing, football. Gordon W. Collins Key Club 12, Soccer 9, 10, ll. 12, Letterwinner 10, 11, 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: golfing, sleeping, sports, architecture. James R. Comport Hobbies: golfing, bowling, racquet ball, tennis, will remember Herbs in the hall and Mr. Batson's 4th period chemistry class. Christine A. Conley Chrissy. . .Be1lChoir9, l0,Keyettesl1, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, hobbies: swimming, skiing, jogging, and getting lost, will remember close friends, Pymatuning, parties with Mr. Verman, getting lost at the away games, and all the fun times during senior year. Charles W. Conner Chuck. . . Baseball 10: hobbies: playing bass guitar, going to concerts and parties, will remember the crazy people and the good times behind the Senior High. Paula J. Conroy AFS 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, CAST 10, 11, 12, Plays 12, Ski Club 11, Girls Soccer 12, Thespians 12, Track 9: career choice: chemical engineering, hobbies: skiing, swimming, ice skating, theatre, soccer. fi wi I 've learned more about people here than I expect to learn in a lifetime. I knew it would be different here but I had no idea that 12 people could make such a lasting impression on my life. I just hope I brought as much joy to them as they did to me. Daniel S. Corry Career choice: law enforcement: hobbies: fishing, hunting: will remember the Graduation. Lance A. Cox Elbow. . . Basketball 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, Track 113 hobbies: partying, cars, sleeping, getting a little crazyg will remember parties, pals, getting a little wild, the Great Pumpkin. Robert Craven Crazy Bob . . . Library Aide 12, career choice: auto diesel mechanic: hobbies: skating, cars, craziness, having fun. Lisa Crawford Keyettes 1 1, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12: career choice: business: hobbies: swimming, skiing, and getting lostg will remember: senior year, getting lost at away games, going to parties, and good friends. Colleen M. Cridge Arrowheadl 1, 12, CAST 10, ll, Keyettes l 1, 12, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Norhian 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 103 hobbies: swimming, reading, going out with friends: will remember all the nice people and the good times. Todd Crouse Garth A. Culham Hockey 10, ll, 12, Key Club 10, ll, 12, Letterwinner 10, ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: oceanographyg hobbies: skiing, skating, participating in non-organized social functions: will remember all the special people and all the unorganized social functions. Pamela Curtin MaryAnn D'Alessandro Arrowhead 12, Keyettes l 1, 12, Forensics 10, ll, 12, Nothian 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 11, 12, fPresidentJ, Outdoors Club 12, career choice: civil engineering or political science: hobbies: swimming, being alone, studying on the weekends. Dawn M. Darbee Mrs. Crash . . . Band 9, 10, Bowling Club 10, Keyettes l l, 12, Ski Club 10, ll, Girls Soccer l lg career choice: law, hobbies: reading, following, studying: will remember aftemoon excursions, the Le Ca, S.R.S.C., 206's, all the great friends and most of all the one and only, Tim Kelly. Mark Davis Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinner ll, 12: career choice: business, hobbies: sports, eating: will remember friends, parties, and all the good times. 162 I ha ve grown up a great deal and met new and diflerent kinds of people. I'm not as shy as I used to be. I have a bigger mouth. 'bil I leamed how to put things off to the very last possible moment. Educational degeneration. Bradley E. Dawson Brad, Daws. . .CAST ll. 12. Choir 9. 10, ll, 12, 1Vice-Presidentj, Mixed Ensemble 11. 12. Symphonic Choir 10. ll. 12. Key Club 12, Letterwinner 1 l, l2. National HonorSociety 10. ll, 12, Plays ll. 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9. ll. Tribal Tribune 9, 10. David A. Dean Dave, Fred . . . AFS 9. 10. 12. Arrowhead 11, 12. CAST 9, 10, 12, Bell Choir 9. 10. Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Choir 9, 10, ll. 12, Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12. Key Club 12. Plays 9. 10. ll. 12, Letterwinner 10, ll, 12. Forensics 9, 10. ll, 12. Norhian 9. 1 1. Ski Club 9. Karla M. Dean DECA ll, Ski Club 10: hobbies: running and aerobics. Colleen A. Deer Col, Bin. . .AFS 9, 10, 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Orchestra ll, Ski Club 12: career choice: elementary education: hobbies: dancing, shopping, rollerskatingg will remember football games, band trips, sociology class, and proms. Dana M. Deer Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 10: career choice: child psychologyl hobbies: skiing. boy- scouting, partying: will remember L's ofiice parties. sleeping in Veronick's class, falling off ski lifts, and most of all the summer of'82 with Joyce G. Joseph F. Deffner Smokin'Joe. . .Stage Crcw 1 1,Swim Team 11. 12: career choice: T.V. or radio: hobbies: swimming, eating. sleeping, reading the comics: will remember all the fun and good times with the swim team and everything else that was fun. Samuel J. Dejoy III Wopp . . , career choice: cabinet making: hobbies: woodworking, antique Pa. license plate collecting, mechanics: will remember Mary Z.'s Pharmacy in first period. Sim's woodshop in the Senior High. Karen M. Delfine Basketball 10, ll. 12, Choir 9, Letterwinner 1 1, 12. Softball 9. 10, ll. 12. Volleyball 10, ll, 12. Bryan Dell Hockey 9, 10, Ski Club 9, 10, ll: career choice industry: hobbies: being with my girlfriend, working on cars, beer can collecting, partying: will remember the great parties over the hill. the good times with friends, and walking wild through the woods. Donna L. Dengler Shorty . . . Bell Choir 10. Mixed Ensemble 9. Symphonic Choir 9. Orchestra 11: career choice: child psychology: hobbies: horseback riding, partying. sauceball: will remember all the friendships that have lasted over the years, good times behind the Senior High. Beth Derbish Norhian ll, 12. 163 I became more mature. My whole outlook on life has changed. Jamie L. DeSimone James, Buckwheat . . . Keyettes 12, Library Aides 9, 10, Norhian 10, ll, 12, Soccer 11, 12, Photography Club 113 career choice: pharmacy: hobbies: horseback riding, soccer, VIP, Guy watching: will remember "Locker of Fame", Senior Day, Friday nights, "l's" office, djd S.D.'s body. Albert J. Deverts Tl, Deeverts . .. career choice: Computer Science: hobbies: girlwatching, eating, listening to the radio: will remember Snatch, Wang, Bruiser, the games of B.S. at lunch, cruisin' the halls, girlwatching, K.W., Goose, football games. Jean DiDonato Jeano. . .Keyettes 11, 12,Letterwinners10, ll, 12, Norhian 9, Ski Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, 12, Tennis 9, 10, ll, 12, tCaptainl, career choice: business: hobbies: skiing, tennis, getting lost. Amy S. Dillman Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club ll, 12: career choice: business: hobbies: skating, swimming, tennis: will remember all the football games and the basketball games duringjunior and senior years, and all the good friends made. Julie A. Donatelli Marching Band 10, ll, 12 fSquad Leaderj, Symphony Band 9, 10, 1 1, 12 tSection Leaderj, Keyettes ll, 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian 11, 12, career choice: engineering: will remember homeroom with Jen, Band camp, Band trips, and "life goes on" theory. Jennifer L. Donnelly Jen . . . Keyettes 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: secretarial: hobbies: listening to Led Zeppelin, playing the guitar: will remember the good times shared with friends while trying to make school bearable, Andrea, Beth, Julie, Kim, Lori, fish, Bev, MRP., study hall. Felicia A. Dougherty Flea-baby, Lish, Phil . . . Marching Band 9, 10, 1 1, 12, CSection Leaderl, Symphony Band 9, 10, ll, 12, CSection Leaderj, CAST 10, ll, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Plays 12, Stage Crew ll, 12, Thespians ll, 12: career choice: corporate law: hobbies: tennis, swim- ming, going out. Robert P. Dougherty Rob. . .Symphonic Choir 9, 10, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, Letterwinners llgcareer choice: corporate law: hobbies: music, soccer. Suzanne Dowey James W. Downey career choice: date processing, hobbies: video games, playing table soccer, partying: will remember all the times behind the Senior High in the moming and during A and B lunch. James D. Driscoll Jim . . . career choice: engineering, hobbies: playing the guitar, sleeping. Lisa Drozda Stephen L. Drozda Steve . . . Bell Choir 12, Debate 9. 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners9,10, 1 1, 12, Tennis9,10,ll,12,Wrestling9,10,11,12:career choice: airplane pilot: hobbies: cars, mo- torcycles, boats, airplanes. Lori Dubrawka AFS 11, 12,Keyettesl1, 12, Norhian ll, 12, Ski Club ll, Stage Crew ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 11, 12, Outdoors Club ll, 12: will remember good friends, "Uncle Ben", Bus- come, lab nights at Northland, P-fun at Furb's and "Hiiiii!" Judith A. Dum Judi . , . Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners 10, ll, 12, Softball 9, 10, ll, 12, Volleyball 10, 11, 12: hobbies: bowling, reading, swimming, going out with friends: will remember all the fun times in Volleyball. Basketball, Softball, and friends. Thomas B. Duncan Tom . . . career choice: writing: hobbies: camping, model railroads, traveling, writing: will remember 6th period study hall, the Senior colors, the cafeteria, Senior Day, all the crazy kids, all the good friends, especially Tim and the guys in study hall. JoAnn Dusek Jo, Joey, JoJo . . . Choir 9, 10, ll, 12. Girls' Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Bell Choir 12, Symphonic Choir 10, 11, l21career choice: nursing: hobbies: swimming, boating, playing the piano: will remember most of the friends met and the fantastic times shared in four years here. Sheri Duttine Robert J. Dzialowski Diz. . .Marching Band 9, 10, 1 1, l2,Stage Band 11, 12, Symphony Band 12, career choice: computer technician: hobbies: working on cars, engine and body work, spalunking 6th period. Todd Early James A. Ebbett Fireplug . . . Football 9: career choice: graphic arts: hobbies: trains, coin collecting, will remember changing classes between buildings. Leah Ann Eggers Leah. . .Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Bell Choir 11, 12, Girls Choir 9, 10,1l. 12, Mixed Ensemble 10, 1 1, 12, Symphonic Choir 10, 11, 12, 1SecretaryJ, Keyettes 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Student Council 10: career choice: psychology: hobbies: music, guys, reading, fun in general, and especially my hubby: will remember the great people, the funtimes, the "moorebor", Monday nights, Cincy, Mexico, Crickets, and all the super jokes. W I have Ieamed to deal with new and dillerent people. I 've also leamed to except people for what theyare and to like school. I've also Ieamed to enjoy the best years of m y lik. Megan Elliot Egg. . .Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, l , Student Council 9, Track 9, 10: hobbies: skiing, tennis, having lots of fun with friends and laughing: will remember Izzie's locker, singing Christmas carols in September, lunchtime, weekends, Highland golf course, and Buddies and Smillie. Richard Emmett Rich . . . Baseball 10, Football 10, ll, 12, Key Club 12, Letterwinners 9, ll, 12, Ski Club ll, 12, Student Council ll, 12, Tennis 9, ll, 12: career choice: pilot: hobbies: bullfighting, giraffe wrestling, staying in and studying on weekend nights and shoe-shining. Matthew Engel Yukon Basketball 9: career choice: business: hobbies: camping. Jeff P. Esswein Jeff. . .Football9g Letterwinners IO, ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, Wrestling 9, 10, ll, l2: hobbies: sailing, skiing, running, motorcycles: will remember the home and away wrestling matches and the good times at the Friday night football games. Paul J. Evans Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Band ll, l2, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12: hobbies: playing drums, going to the Old Roads: will remember morning breakfast, Montreal, bandcamp, WSM, friends, and the Old Roads Boys. Kimberly A. Eveleth Kim . . . Basketball 9, 10, Girl's Choir 10, ll, Jazz Ensemble 10, ll, Mixed Ensemble 10, Symphonic Choir 9, lO, ll, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 9: career choice: medicine: hobbies: playing the piano, singing, and playing tennis: will remember all the wild times. Jesse J. Faett Career choice: computer science, hobbies: music, eating A, and basketball. Judith A. Falcona Judy . . . career choice: nursing: hobbies: talking on the phone: will remember the special friends, all the crazy times with Diane and most of all Dave. Angela Sue Farrell Angie . . . Flag Line 10, ll. Girls' Choir 9, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: psychology: hobbies: working, swimming, talking, having fun and doing nothing. Joanne V. Fenicato Jo. . .Flag Line IO, ll, Keyettes ll, 12, National Honor Society 12: career choice: education: hobbies: dancing, swimming, horseback riding, and partying: will remember band camp, football games, and friends. Richard Ferman Rickter. . . career choice: installing phones: hobbies: softball, golf football, hunting, music, playing the drums, and playing pool. I've grown up a great deal and met new and different kinds of people. The change in my personality, the change of friends, just growing up. Marc Ferrari Marcus. . . Football 9, 10. 11, 12, tCaptain1 Letterwinner 10, ll, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 9, 12: career choice: communications: hobbies: sports, weight- lifting, going out with friends and having good timeg will remember the football games, all the friends, good times. Norbert F. Filbert Jr. Hearby. . .BowlingClubll,Footbal1 9, Ski Club 11, 12, Outdoors Club 11, 12: career choice: Navy: hobbies: hunting, fishing, camping, partying with friends and raquetball. David Finigan James R. Fiscus Jim, Fisk, Frisk . . . Football 10, Golf 9, Hockey 12, Norhian 11, Track 9: career choice: computer science, hobbies: going to Putt-Putt, riding in the Virtue, Ray, Ron, Stien going to Penguin games, and seeing Holly at Pizza Hut: will remember grcat friends. John K. Fitzgerald Fits . . . Football 9, Ski Club 11, 12, Track 9, 11, 123 career choice: construction work: hobbies: staying in shape, weightlifting, running and sports: will remember friends, the wild parties, and all the girls. Margaret A. Fleming Moogy. . .career choice: cooking: hobbies: cake decorating, bike riding, baking, and panies. Lariy Flynn Julie A. Fowler Jul. . .CAST 9, 10, ll, 12,Gir1s' Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Jazz Ensemble 10, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Choir 10, 1 1, 12, Keyettes National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Norhian 12, Stagc Crew 10, ll, 12, Student Council 11, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, QCirculation Editorl. Dante Franco Dan. . .Soccer 9, 10: career choice: electrical engineering: hobbies: rock music, playing the guitar, lifting weights, buying car mirrorsg will remember all the people. Timothy E. Frank Tim . . . Key Club 12, career choice: psychology: hobbies: skiing, fishing, various sports: will remember sleeping in class. William B. Frank Gagu. . .Basketball 9, Be11Choir9, Football 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners ll, 12, career choice: cooking: hobbies: cheerleading, sports, cooking and tree climbing. Going Hom bumout to prep and leaming hom Ellen, the hard wa y. Ileamed tojuggle, partyand act like a fool. The change in my personality, the change of Hiends, and just growing up. I 've met some great people who will be D'iends forever. Stephen J. F ranko Steve . . . Football 10, Norhian 12: career choice: business: hobbies: all sports, especially street hockey and tennis, photography: will remember playing football in tenth grade, the new friends, and "B" lunch. Wayne B. Franz Career choice: law: hobbies: automobile repair. Michael Frazier Laurie B. Freyermuth Lors. , . FNA ll, 12, Norhian 10, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: nursing: hobbies: flirting, skiing, raquetball, partying. Robert Freyvogel Lori Frisco Career choice: computer science: hobbies: photography, listening to country music, video games. Nancy Jo Furbee Furb . . . AFS 11, Arrowhead 12, CAST 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphonic Choir ll, Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 10, Stage Crew 10, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: teaching: hobbies: horseback riding, camping: will remember Blue Binky - "home before twelve", Mama, Karen F urgiuele Furg. . .Cheerleading9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 1 1, 12, fPresidentJ, Student Council 10, 12, Track 9, career choice: business management: hobbies: outdoors and cooking. Timothy L. Gaertner Timi. . .Baseball 9, 10, l 1, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners ll, 12, Ski Club ll, 12: hobbies: football, baseball, CYO hoops, skiing: will remember friends and the great times on the hilltop. Virginia R. Gaffney Ginger. . . Keyettes 11, 12, Library Aides 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 103 career choice: communications: hobbies: reading, listening to music, swimming, joking: will remember Joe G. from homeroom. Theresa Garrison 4 Freedom. Getting used to high school systems. William D. Gass Baldo Film Club ll: career choice: engineering: hobbies: m0lOrCr0ss, hunting, fishing, camping, cruising with the tunes, blasting, and partying: will rememberMickey D., getting busted in math and partying. Laura A. Gaugler Gaugs. . . Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, Student Council ll, 12, Volleyball 11, 12, Diving Team 9, 10: career choice: medicine: hobbies: football games, and parties with the ole' sisters: will remember the parties. Richard R. Gavran Gav. . .Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, L.etterwinners10, ll, 12, Key Club 9, 10, 11: career choice: civil engineering: hobbies: goli T-Ball under the lights, eating food, CYO basketball, and fishing. Joseph Gawaldo John Geary Nibits . . . career choice: cooking: hobbies: collecting keys: will remember a couple of teachers. Theodore Geary Aaron S. Geller AFS 9, 10, 11, 12: Arrowhead 11, 12: National Honor Society 10, 1 1, 12:Norhian 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: medicine: hobbies: reading science fiction, freshwater and marine aquaria, and Steeler football: will remember Francois. Terri L. Geyer Sacs . . . Outdoors Club 12: Ski Club 9, 12: Soccer ll: Student Council 12: career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: swimming, reading, camping, movies, will remember all the friends, dances, getting busted, McDonalds, Oct. 23 8t 31, and most of all Clif Thomas M. Gilkey Gilk . . . Basbal19, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10: Football 9, 10, 11, 12: Letterwinner 11, 123 hobbies: making fun of Bochski, and making Bochski chug and drink eggs: will remember Sabine's Marathon, baseball practices, and Bochski,s many faces. Vivian S. Gitzen Viv. . .Band 9, 10, ll, 12: Marching Band 12: Outdoors Club 12: Keyettes 9, 12: Student Council 12: career choices: airlines: hobbies: swimming, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and movies: will remember new friends, dances. football games, band camp, and the sudden strictness. Alan Gladish Career choice: accounting: Letterwinner 11: Wrestling 10, 1 1, 12: hobbies: beer can collecting and football. 169 The friends I ha ve this year vs. the friends I had in 9th grade. I have made many friendships that I want to keep for many years to come. Sherty Gladish Schmoo. . .Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: volleyball, softball, going out with boyfriends and friends: will remember walking down the hall and yelling "moogy", sitting in room 102 and special thanks to Brad and Jim. Colleen P. Glinski Col . . . career choice: accounting: hobbies: going out with friends, talking on the phone, shopping and spending money: will remember all ofthe friends made as a transfer in 1 lth grade, all the football games, and the good times as a senior. Dwight Good Rosalind B. Goodman Roz. . . Debate 9: Keyettes 12: Key Club 12: Softball 9, 10: Student Council 11: career choice: engineering: hobbies: softball, Guiding Light, listening to the radio and being with Mark: will remember all the people met and especially the good friends. William E. Graham Grammu. . .Basketball9, 10, 1 1, 12: Debate 9, 10: Gold 9: Letterwinner 10, 1 1, 12: Library Aides 11, 12: Thespian 11: Track 9: career choice: librarian aid: hobbies: surfing, spear fishing, artistic Bochski drawing: will remember being a library aid, Dave Dean's lips. David J. Grant Dave . . . career choice: psychology: hobbies: painting and sculpture. William A. Grech Bill . . . Baseball 9, Football 9, Track 9, 10, l 1, 12: hobbies: working on cars, and looking for fun: will remember tenth science class with the Kat, that summer and the good times with my friends. Bertrand D. Greer Bert. Kathleen A. Greer Kath. . .DECAll, 12:careerchoice: travel: hobbies: frisbee, tennis, swimming, and driving. Jeffrey J. Grillo Grill. . .Debate 9, 10, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Golf 9, betterwinners 12, Library Aides ll, 12, Thespians ll, Track 9: career choice: garbage collecting: hobbies: turtle spearing, drawing, Bochski's. Carolyn A. Grogan Carol, Carol-Berry. . .DECA 1 1, 12: career choice: business: hobbies: swimming, jogging, typing, and working at G.E. Susan Gruca Sue. . .Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Soccer 11, 12, Track 10: career choice: psychology: hobbies: horseback riding: will remember Pam, Bearino, and Bean and all the times jagging Rob before homeroom. Joyce E. Grupp Joyce . . . Ski Club 10, 11: career choice: dentistryg hobbies: softball, and horseback riding. Patricia A. Gursc Patty, Gigi. . .AFS 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Symphony Band ll, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12 Qstatisticsjg career choice: nursing: hobbies: swimming, band, drawing, painting, horseback riding, and movies: will remember basketball games, dances, and tum signals. Diane S. Haas Dee Dee. . .AFS 9, 10, 11, 12, Choir 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Keyettes 12, Norhian 10, 12, Ski Club 10, ll, 12, Student Council 10, Tennis 11, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: physical therapy, hobbies: tennis, water and snow skiing, cooking, working at Macs. Marcie Ann Hager Bowling Club 9, 10, career choice: business secretary: hobbies: ice skating, roller-skating, and having fun: will remember all the fun times at lunch with Norma and Carol who helped with homework, and most of all, Tom. Paul Haidet Bowling Club 9, Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners ll, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Norhian 12, Student Council 10, Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Photography Club 12, career choice: medical engineering, hobbies: photography, music, bowling, and crafts. Marlies E. Haldie DECA 1 1, l2,careerchice: business manager, hobbies: water and snow skiing, and skating. William R. Hallett Bill. . .Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, tDn1m Majorj Stage Band 10, 11, 12, Symphony Band 10, 1 1, 12, career choice: lawfbusiness, economics: hobbies: trumpet, ska- teboarding, water skiing, surfing, and hangglidingg will remember band camp. Jennifer L. Hamblin Jenny . . . Flag Line 10, 11, 12 fCaptainj Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 10, ll, 12, Synchronized swimming 10, 11, 12, career choice: executive secretary: hobbies: will remember the football games, band camp, and yelling B-O-R-I-N-G at table 1 l. Steven R. Hammer Steve, Hammerbammer. . . CAST 11, 12, Choir 10, ll, 12, Plays ll, 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Student Council 10, ll, 12, Thespians 1 1, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Volleyball 10, Wrestling 10, ll: career choice: speech pathology, will remember chello. Holly S. Hannon H01-I-lolbahe. . .Cheerleading 10, Keyettes 11, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 11 12, Student Council 11, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: pedology or special ed., hobbies: playing softball and soccer, and eating junk food. The lunch prices. I ha ve experienced the wonderful world of girls. Thomas B. Harkins Golf 10, 11, Ski Club 9, 10, ll: career choice: architecture. Patrick K. Hamett Snow machine. . . Ski Club 10, ll, 123 career choice: airline pilot: hobbies: aeronautics, skiing, designing: will remember the zany students. Jeffrey M. Hart Big redfspike. . ,Letterwinners1l, 12, Ski Club 10, Swim Team 10, ll, 12, Photography Club 12: hobbies: bowling, swimming, skiing, photography, camping, and fishing: will remember the swim team, Mr. Motley, the small republic of Djibouti and Jomama. R. Todd Hassinger Moe. . . Hockey 12, Key Club 12, Ski Club 1 l, 12, Tennis 9, 10: hobbies: playing hockey and being rowdy. John J. Hauck James M. Hawk Hawk . . . Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Film Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Aides 9, 10, Volleyball 10, Symphonic Band 10, 1 lg career choice: data processing: hobbies: computer programming, reading science fiction, bowling, and traveling: will remember h.r. in llth grade. Christina J. Heim Chrissy , . , Choir 9, Ski Club 10: career choice: dental assistant: hobbies: collecting antiques and purple glass, horseback riding, talking, laughing, eating, and having a good time with her friends: will remember all the good times at Beattie and North Hills. Glenn Heintz Heintzter . . . career choice: engineering: hobbies: hockey, hunting, and fishing and diving for snapping turtles. John Heintz Ski Club 1 lg career choice: engineering: hobbies: hunting, fishing, cycling, ice hockey. Debra C. Herman Debbie . . . Choir 9, Keyettes 11, 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 10: career choice: business, accounting: hobbies: watching soaps: will remember all the wonderful classes and teachers, great friends, and good times. Thomas A. Hershman Hersh. . .Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: physical therapy: hobbies: weightlifting, eating, sleeping, golti racquetball: will remember baseball, from practicing in October with Herb to practicing 5 hours a day in the spring, also all the great people he met over the past 4 years. 172 I am more outspoken and egotistical. I've become more cynical. I learned how to do something by doing nothing! I have matured and I have a better outlook on things. Jeffrey A. Herzig Zog, Skip . . . career choice: construction mechanic: hobbies: fishing and cars: will remember the nice girls, partying with friends behind LJS, and Frank the Beattie bus driver. Patrick D. Hesidence Baseball 9, Track 1 lg career choice: business. Ronald J. Heyl Mr. Merky . . . career choice: salesman! mechanic: hobbies: ducks, going to car shows, racing, and high performance cars: will remember the day a brown Monte Carlo smoked him off leaving school, also all the good times with his friends over his years on the hill. Kenneth J. Hill CVZX . . . will remember 3-d effects and chalk dust. Lori L. Hilliard H.B. . . .career choice: dental assistant: hobbies: skiing, sailing, partying, and swimming, will remember all the good times she spent in school with Lisa D., Dina, Vicki P., Lisa P., Rhena R., and everyone she had a good time with. Mark Hinnebusch Bush Football 9, Student Council 9, wrestling 9: hobbies: jogging, playing football, hockey, boxing, lifting weights, camping, fishing, and hunting. J anene Hobbs Nene . . . Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, Choir 9, Student Council 9, career choice: computer science: hobbies: baking, painting signs, and partying. Karl Hochbein Career choice: business managerfaccountantg hobbies: working, football games, driving, and girls, will remember the friends he made, the bad lunches, the teachers, and Senior Day. Jill Hochdoerfer Hoch . . . Basketball 9, 10, Ski Club 9, IO, 11, 12, Softball 9, Student Council 12: career choice: CPA: hobbies: skiing, outdoors activities: will remember her romantic boat rides with a very special person, her party with Chipmunk, her dreaded "1ites out" and her best friend Patty. Pamela A. Hodge Pam. . .Ski Club 10, career choice: nursing: will remember the good times with friends, sumo, monchichi, Ms. Smith's chemistry class, and the junior prom. Joel Hoffmeister Basketball 9, 10, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 10, 11, 12 fcaptainj, Key Club 12, Letterwinners 10, 11, 12, StudentCouncil 1 1, 12, Track 9, 10, 1 1, 12, G.A.T.E. 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: aerospace engineering: hobbies: sports: will remember the derelicts and their main habit. I ha ve finally decided on my career choice. Being able to take an unforgettable trip to Mexico. Kathy S. Hohman AFS 9, Bowling Club 10, l lg hobbies: horseback riding, and partying: will remember partying behind Senior High with friends and llth grade. Todd Holdorf Judson . . . career choice: troopen hobbies: raquetball: will remember the day nailed by Al Cohen for driving to school to pass a test. Laurie Hooper Poodle, Hoop. . .Bowling Club 10, Choir 9, l0g career choice: receptionist or clothing designer: hobbies: swimming, football, cruising, spending time with Noni, Dawn, and most of all Chris: will remember all the crazy times in the lav with Noni, Dawn, Terri, and Vicki. Paul Hricik Richard Huebner Football 9: career choice: policeman: hobbies: hunting, fishing and partying: will remember all the good times at lunch and before homeroom. Karen J. Huggins Keyettes 11, l2, Norhian ll, l2, Ski Club 1 l, 12: career choice: secretary: hobbies: swimming, skiing, going to parties, listening to music: will rememberthe football games, dances, 7th period study hall, and the good times. Holly L. Hughes Marching Band 10, ll, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12, FNA l l, 12, Keyettes 1 1, 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Student Council ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 10, ll, 12, G.A.T.E. 9, 10, l 1, 12: career choice: aerospace engineering: hobbies: waterskiing, traveling, swimming, talking on the phone. Sean Hughes Gregg M. Hune Woachman . , . Football 9, 10: career choice: truck driver: hobbies: golf and partying: will remember the times behind the senior high, all the people and Christie Freismuth. Tracy R. Hunt Boom-Boom . . . Softball 9, 10, Track 9, Volleyball l 1: career choice: electrical engineel: hobbies: swimming, listening to music, and going to parties: will remember when Lori Frisco was hit in the face with a tomato, and how Lori got her nickname, and graduation. John Husak Tracey A. Husak Spacey-Sis. . .Bell Choir 10, 11,Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: retail management: hobbies: partying, horseback riding, playing guitar:-will remember munching, hayfever, custody on Wednesdays, monkeys spread-n-ready, little boys, Beth Bum, and Sis and Ed. David Hustler Career choice: law enforcement: hobbies: partying and having a good time. Matthew J . Jackson Action . . . Baseball 9, 10, Football 9, Key Club 12, career choice: film making: hobbies: working, making movies, clowning around in class, and going to the beach: will remember Mrs. Lenniger's Search for Idenity class, catching baby wolves, and friends and the fun together. Kelly M. Jantho Kelly. . . Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, 1 1, 12, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12 CSecretaryl Student Council 12, Swim Team 9, 10, 1 l, 12 CCaptainJ Tribal Tribune 10, GATE 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: swimming, eating out and making Greg Cherpes laugh. Stephen M. Jarvis Steve. . .An-owhead 93 career choice: business management: hobbies: miniature goli video games, coin collecting, and swimmingg will remember getting up at 6:00 in the moming. Roxanne R. Jerry Choir 9, 10, 12, Letterwinners 9, NFL 9, 12, Volleyball 9, 1 1: career choice: lawfpolice work: hobbies: singing, dancing, playing piano, modeling, art work, basketball, and spending money. Matthew E. Johnson Curtis. . .Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10, Letterwinners 12: career choice: architect: hobbies: drawing, baseball, basketball, running, golf will remember Mr, Motley's study hall, Pete Kamaras's mouth, all four years of baseball, and the friends made. Robert Johnson Bob . . . hobbies: partying, concerts. Jeffrey R. Johnstone Jeff Fuzz, Bush. . .AFS 12, Film Club ll, 12, Norhian 9, 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Student Council 9 Wice Presidentj, 12, Volleyball 103 career choice: engineering, hobbies: skiing, playing guitar, golli swimming, ping pong, and snowmobiling: will remember Karin. Thomas S. Jones Pugs. . . Marching Band 9, IO, 11, 12 fSquad Leaderl, career choice: engineering or auto body mechanic: hobbies: doing body work on cars, working for uncles, doing things for neighbors tcleaning cars, cutting grass, etcjg will remember Sham, Snider, the quadruplets, and Senior year. Rhonda J uillirat DECA 10, ll, 123 career choice: fashion merchandising: hobbies: partying, V.I.P., going to Mac's, and music: will remember Senior day, the good times with Lauren, Wendy, and Debbie, being in the outfield in gym class and Mrs. Mangis. Because I have come Hom Australia I have found everything about school difl?-:rent - teaching methods, subject choices, professionalism in sports, businesslike structure in school and more partying. Kurt Kaiser Will remember lunchtime with friends. Maureen Kallams Will remember the Junior Prom, her Senior year, Mr. Euler's 9th grade speech arts, the football games, sociology with Val, all the parties, the times with Steve, and most of all, Dede. Keith M. Kamalich Hockey 9, ll, Key Club ll, Ski Club 12, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12, career choice: lawyer, hobbies: working, playing sports, and having a good time, will remember all the great times on Friday and Saturday nights, friends, and Senior year. Peter D. Kamaras Football 10, 12, career choice: aero space engineering, hobbies: drawing, basketball, and golf Jay Kandrack Bege . . . career choice: hotel management, hobbies: motorcycle riding, playing sports, and partying with the comer boys up at the old roads, will rememberthe comer boys, Mr. Buffs 2nd period class, and all the kids down at the weightroom including Wilbur. Rebecca Karolski Becky . . . Soccer 11, career choice: social studies, hobbies: listening to music, and going to parties, will remember Mr. Wohler, all the good times with Lisa, Melvin, Karen, and Alexis, and 7th period study hall. Kathy J. Katasanow Flag Line 10, 11, 12 fSquad Leaderj, Basketball 9, Keyettes 1 1, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, career choice: early childhood education, hobbies: skiing, boating, swim- ming, and tennis. Jeff Katelan Will remember the show case, the talks with Jerry, and all the box lunches. Damon M. Kaylor Newt, Book. . .Key Club 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12, career choice: lawyer, hobbies: skiing, motorcycling, gambling, and having a good time, will remember 10th grade moming visits to Hawaii and Jamaica with Tiny and Baldo, and Judy Smith's chemistry class. J cnnifer S. Keim Jenny. . .Basketball 9, Choir9, 10, Keyettes 11, 12, NFL 9,10, Ski Club 9, 10, l1,l2, Student Council 12, Swim Team 9, career choice: Business, hobbies: horseback riding, socializing, singing Christmas carols in Sept. and having great times with her friends, will remember her friends. Kathleen J. Keller Kathy Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners1O, l 1, l2,Softball9, 10, ll, 12, Volleyball ll, 12, career choice: physical therapy, hobbies: sports, will remember winning the W.P.l.A.L.'s in 1981, and all the great times and friends. im .: ' la I transkrred Hom Shaler this year and found the people and classes are m uch different. There is a wider variety of classes oiiered and the people seem tiiendlien The whole school was a big change from Texas schools. James H. Kelley Jake . . . NFL ll, 12, Orchestra 10. 11, Soccer 9: career choice: professional musician: hobbies: chasing women and sleeping: will remember Mary, the sillies, "tattoo", Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Linda Kelly Lou. . .Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, Choir 9, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 1 1, Student Council 9, Track 9: career choice: forest ranger: hobbies: backpacking. Samuel T. Kelly Sam. . .DECA12g careerchoice: restaurant management: hobbies: work: will remember the great times with friends at North Hills. Sharon Lee Kelly CAST 10, Choir 9, Dance Club l 1, Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 10, ll, 12, Student Council ll, Synchronized Swimming 10: career choice: psychology: hobbies: reading, drawing, swimming, singing, and listening to rock-n-roll music: will remember the past Senior days and singing "Fm a little tea pot." Michele Lee Kendrick Michele . . . Choir 9, Library Aides 11, 12, Student Council 115 career choice: elementary education: hobbies: macrame, reading, playing, wiffleball with Timmy K. during the summer. Brenda Kessler Christine M. Killeen Chris. . . Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Choir 9, Key Club ll, 12, Library Aides 10, ll, 12, Softball 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 12 CVice Presidentjg career choice: engineering, hobbies: basketball, softball, sailing, and boating: will remember the football games and Jim. David King Kristin L. Kiser Majorettes 10, ll, 12, fsquad leaderl, CAST 11, 12, Choir9, 10, 11, 12, Bell Choir ll, 12, Girls' Choir 10, ll, 12, Mixed Ensemble ll, Symphonic Choir 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, National Honor Society 12, Plays 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Soccer 11, 12, Student Council 12, Synchronized Swimming 10, ll, 12, Thespians 12: hobbies: soccer, swimming, skiing, dancing. Kurt Kissner Lisa Lee Klaas Baseball 91ManagerJ, Basketball 9, 10, 1 1, 12 fManagerJ Choir 9, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 11, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: business adm. or social work: hobbies: going to movies and parties, spending time with friends, especially DMM. The transition of students when they linallyleam that things matter in lik and they become more con- siderate and human-like. Watchingmyselfandothers mature. Growing up - leamed to face life as it really is. The diflerence in the way teachers acted toward me as a senior vs. an underclassman. The respect and kindness of peers to ward me. Katherine J. Klein Katie . . . Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 tsquad leader, secretaryj, Symphony Band ll, 12 Csecretaryl, Letterwinners 10, 1 1, 12, Norhian 10, 12 fsports editorl,Orchestra 11, 12, Track 10, 1 1, 12, Volleyball 9, career choice: retail man- agement, hobbies: flute, drawing, and having fun. Joseph E. Knapp Tron . . . Arrowhead 12, CAST 9, 10, ll, 12, NFL 10, ll, 12, PA Announcer 12, Plays 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, 11, 12, Thespians ll, 123 career choice: communications: hobbies: electronics, noise making, hanging around the speech oflice: will remember Cyndi, Lisa, the speech office, turning the lights oflf Charles A. Kohl Jennifer M. Kohl jenny . . . Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band 12, Keyettes 1 1, Letterwinners 9, 10, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian ll, 12, Ski Club 10, ll, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Outdoors Club 12: career choice: science and engineering: hobbies: skiing, drawing, and craziness. Keith Koller Daniel Komoroski Tiny. . .CAST 9, 10, Key Club 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 9, 10, Track 9, 10. 12, Volleyball 9: career choice: law, hobbies: hunting, fishing, CYO, basketball, partying: will remember Anthony Perkinsplayshisown motherin Psycho and 1982 football games. Linda Konopka AFS 9, 10, 11, 12, Arrowhead 12, Choir 9, Gymnastics 10, Keyettes 12, Norhran 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Tennis ll, Track 10: career choice: dentistry: hobbies: tennis, swimming, skiing, ice skating, dating, football games, cruising, going to V.1.P.g will remember Jenny, Lisa, Dee, and Val. Valerie A. Kornides Val. . .Keyettes1l,12:careerchoice:computer science: hobbies: rollerskating, ice skating, going out with friends to V.I.P.g will remember Mr. Bufalino's 2nd period sociology class, insane chemistry 7th period, the graduated cylinder, and homecoming 1980, and LRC. Sam Kosky Sam . . . Baseball 10, career choice: navy: hobbies: hunting and fishing: will remember the teachers. Betinna Koster Tina . . . AFS 12, Art Club ll tin Germanyj, Choir 9, 10, ll lin Germanyl, Gymnastics 9, 10 Qin Germanylg career choice: medicine: hobbies: reading, crafts, sports, cooking, drawing, playing piano: will remember being warmly welcomed and how friendly was the treatment at North Hills. Robert M. Kozar Football 9, Letterwinners 9, 10, Track 9, 10, Wrestling 9, career choice: machinestg hobbies: skating: will remember all the good limes with friends. dv- iv- -s,g,,,-" if eff Making new friends, ad- justing to a new school system. The people are the biggest change Hom year to year. They changed by ap- pearance and personality. 'iii Doris Krafczynski Will remember all the great friends made and all the great times throughout the years. Allison Krebs Will remember the good times out back, the red barron, and all the friends. Ronald W. Kretz Career choice: architect, hobbies: skateboards, defender, and money: will remember Q-6743221-l4,00l. Brad Krieger win remember Q-567934323-14001. Karen Kuntz Cleo. . .Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Choir 9, ll, 12: career choice: Cosmetology, hobbies: music, watching football games: will remember band camp, Mr. Dethom's biology class, all the dances missed and all friends. Cecilia M. Kusner CeeCee. . .Basketball 9, 10tmanagerJ, Choir 9, 10, career choice: fashion merchandising, hobbies: listening to Led Zeppelin, drawing, going out with friends, and partying: will remember meeting all new people, new contraptions with Kate and partying. Shelia Kyle Maria N. Lalikos AFS 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Symphony Band 10, 1 1, 12, FNA 10,Norhian 12, Student Council 10, Track 9, ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: accountant, hobbies: running, clarinet, will remember good times, band camp, and good friends. Perry J. Landmeyer Marching Band 10, 11, l2,Stage Band 10, l 1, 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Track 91 career choice: mechanical engineering, music: hobbies: making and listening to music, bike riding, flyfishingg will remember band camp. Robert J. Lange Bob . .. career choice: computer science: hobbies: girl watching, walking the halls: will remember the cheerleaders and the football bames. Rachel LaPorte Flag Line ll, 12 tSquad Leaderl, CAST 10, 12, Keyettes ll, 12, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 fVice-Presb Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, career choice: business administration: hobbies: swimming, skiing, skating, will remember good friends, band camp, stars and rats, ski trips, and the Benz. 179 I've leamed to be m yself I have leamed about peo- ple, how to cope with the different personalities of many kinds of people. I've gained a lifetime of Knowledge. Frances Lattari Fran. . .Choir 9, Keyettes ll, 12, Norhian 10, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Soccer 113 career choice: business or computers: will remember Stella, Bambino, the football games, Rocky Monticellos, many super friends and good times. Patricia E. Laue Lurp .. . Basketball ll, 12 fManagerJ, Cheerleading 10 fManagerj, Ski Club 12, Student Council 9: Outdoors Club l lg career choice: dental assistance: hobbies: swimming, biking, football games, being with friends: will remember the party with chipmonk and senior year. John J. Lavelle John . . .Arrowhead ll, 12, Cross Country 9, Letterwinners 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, lOg career choice: law, hobbies: racquetball, reading, baseball, going out with friends. Beth A. Lavery Jeffrey J. Leibeck Libes. . . career choice: law, hobbies: CYO, basketball, softball, going to football games, eating at the king, and hooping at the park: will remember the good times with friends and the security of high school. Danette Leitch Flash . . . Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, 12, Swim Team 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, Outdoors Club ll, 125 career choice: special education, hobbies: flashing, swimming, skiing, partying, getting wild and crazy: will remember dressing wild and crazy, being obnoxious. Carolyn A. Lengyel Carrie , . . Basketball 9, Keyettes ll, 12: career choice: business: hobbies: crafts, KS, riding a bike: will remember going to the other building in the middle ofthe winter, the football games, and all the good times. Joseph Lentini Joe . . . career choice: cable TV: hobbies: weight lifting, football, basketball, sleeping, will remember homeroom with the Bl-I and 7th period TV2 class with Mr. Richey. Elisa T. Leonard BH. . .AFS 12, BowlingClub 10, BellChoir 9, 12, Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 9, Ski Club 1 1, Stage Crew ll, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, career choice: law: hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, young men, having a good time: will remember the fantastic four and all friends. Sherri Lynn Leseman Sher: Lester Choir 9, Hockey 12, Keyettes 1 1, 12, Norhian 1 1, 12, Ski Club ll, 12, Soccer ll, Student Council 9: career choice: businesslcomputer field: hobbies: being with friends, horseback riding, playing soccer, going to sports events: will remember the good times. Scott Liedtke pu, fix Chris Lindquist Career choice: accounting, hobbies: fishing, backpacking, sleeping. Jeffrey W. Lockhart Jethro . . . Bowling Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Football 9, 10: career choice: photography: hobbies: photography, hunting, bowling, racquetball, shooting pool: will remember all the crazy times behind the senior high, the girls, Mr. Buffalino's class, "Get your books". Lance A.H. Longfellow Monkey: Blance . . . career choice: vet: hobbies: archery, shooting, panying, exces- sive and offensive things: will remember all the wild times in class. Vicki L. Lorenz Vickers: Caz . . . Cheerleading 9, 10, Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 12, Track 9, Outdoors Club 12: career choice: fashion merchandising and management: hobbies: dancing, ice skating, water skiing, and being with friends: will remember all the crazy times, Mr. Virman, and getting lost. Denise L. Loscar Acom . . . career choice: travel: hobbies: cosmetology, having a good time, will remember the times not in school and friends, and Beattie. Michael J. Loughren Mike. , .Wrestling 9, 11, 12: career choice: cartographyg hobbies: backpacking, rock climbing, sleeping, eating, arguing, and goofing around, will remember wild friends, cramming, rumbling in Brighton, and Mr. Marshall's 7th period Chemistry. Janice M. Lowe Choir 9, 10, 12, career choice: special education: hobbies: frisbee, music, dancing, partying, hiking, camping, volleyball, will remember short and sweet senior year-friends. Guy J. Lozito Veto . . . Football 9, 10, Key Club 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, Track 9, 10: career choice: civil engineering: quarter barrel softball, good friends, good times, old road parties, getting preppy: will remember 9th grade and the parties, Perryvue Motel, good friends, Jonathan C. Lux. Lucan. . .DECA ll, 12, Ski Club9, 10, 11, Track 9, 10, ll: career choice: business executive: hobbies: music, quarterbarrel softball, football, concerts, quarterbounce: will remember the rumbels, old roads parties, distributive ed. and friends. Michael J. Lyle Mr. Kil . . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: undecided, hobbies: music, soccer, and all other sports: will remember all the soccer games and cruising in Steve's car with chocolate chips. Nancy R. Lyons Nanc . . . CAST 9, 10, FNA ll, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Norliian 11, 12 Uunior Editorlg hobbies: sewing. JY.. M yassocia tion with people. l get along with almost everybody. I have recently become aware ofthe responsibility soon to come. Kelly Lee Maddox Sumo . . . career choice: medicine: hobbies: going to football games, having a good time: will remember Sumo, Monchhichi, Botto, Smells, Cheeks, all the fun at the football games. Angela C. Madia Angie. . .CAST ll, 12, Choir 9,l0,11,12, Girls' Choir 10, ll, 12, Mixed Ensemble 11, Symphonic Choir 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, National Honor Society 12, Norhian 12, Plays ll, 12, Tennis ll, 12: hobbies: eating, running: will remember friends, plays, Mexico. Shawn A. Mages Bmizer . . . Cross Country 9: career choice: electrical engineering: hobbies: baseball, basketball, playing video games: will remember the match cult and the mouth. Thomas Mahon Michelle M. Mannas Shelly. . .Marching Band 9, 10, ll, Symphony Band 9, 10, ll, Norhian 10, ll, 12, Qeditor-in-chieflg career choice: joumalism: hobbies: music, yearbooking, college hopping: will remember all the for-sure great times yearbooking, KW, Kathy Cousins, Freddy, Laura, Jamie, Bonnie and Kathy, and sister Laura. Joseph Marino Renee T. Marra Strawberry. . . Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Outdoors Club 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: forestry: hobbies: horseback riding, skiing, spelunking, back- packing, driving with Danette, partying: will remember "Taga," football games, Strawberry. Maria Marshall Paige. . .Marching Band Csquad leaderj 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band 12, Keyettes ll, 12, Plays 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Tribal Tribune IO: hobbies: Marching Band, music, softball, swimming, sleeping: will remember .lill's "stories," KMIA, band, her buddies, the Benz. John Martin Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Band 10, ll, l2,Symphony Band 10, 1 1, l2:careerchoice: law or business: hobbies: hunting, fishing, camping, breeding galapogos island turtles, partying, listening to Who or Skynyrd: will remember"the swamp," spelunking, Band Camp. James Martini Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Letterwinners 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: computer science: hobbies: weightlifting. Laura E. Maser A.B.. . .Marching Band Csection leaderj 10, 1 1, 12, Symphony Band 10, 1 1, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, Ski Club 1 l, 12, Student Council 9, Track 9, 10, Outdoors Club 12: career choice: medical technology: hobbies: music, swimming: 9th grade gym, band camp, friends. 182 The change each year in administration that caused total chaos. They have a lot more freedom up here. I've become a lot more outgoing - I 'm not afraid to talk to people anymore. Ending new friends that you can trust and rely on. Paul T. Mawhinney Career choice: retail record business: hobbies: cars, baseball, card collecting, music: will remember most of the teachers, friends, speech office, and all the great times on the hilltop. Mark Mayhan Hayman . . . Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Symphony Band 11: hobbies: hunting, fishing, singing Fire. Cheryl A. McAfee Flag Line tsquad leaderl 1 1, 12, Student Council 11, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Keyettes 12: career choice: business administration: hobbies: watching Guiding Light: will remember Band Camp, lunchtime gossip, her slave, the men from Montreal. Colleen A. McCann Coll, Bean, Squeaks . . . Student Council 9, 10, 11: career choice: dental assistance: hobbies: partying with the comer boys, football, coaching West Youth cheerleaders: will remember friends and the good times behind the Senior High. Sharon E. MCCOUI1 Flare . . . Cheerleading 9 tcaptainl, 10, 11 Qmanagerlg Keyettes 1 1, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Student Council 12: career choice: word processing: hobbies: spending time with friends, partying, going to football games, real estate: will remember Megan's bam. Timothy L. McGonigle Career choice: engineering: hobbies: water skiing, fishing, snowmobiling. John McGovern Career choice: carpentry: will remember being a hall monitor, the lunches. Elizabith R. McKenna Liz. . .CAST 11, 12, Choir 9, Keyettes 11, 12, National Honor Society 10, 1 1, 12, Norhian 12, Student Council tsec.!treas.J 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: communications. Kim McKevitt Kim . . . career choice: airlines: Bowling Club 12, Ski Club 12: hobbies: dancing, camping, skiing: will remember friends and the good times behind the Senior High. Susan B. McKrell Sue . . . career choice: dental assistance: will remember 1 1th grade B lunch, the great times at Beattie with .l.G., and all the good times with Roz. David A. Medlin Bowling Club 9, 10: career choice auto body: hobbies: bowling, partying: will remember Michelle and all the great times behind the Senior High. 183 Leaming to become totally apathetic. I became a much harder worker and improved my grades. 1, Robert S. Megahan Bob. . .Soccer 9: hobbies: fishing, football, cars, will remember all the fun and friends. Linda J. Meinert Cheerleading 9, 10 fco-captainy ll, 12 Ccaptainj, Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 12: career choice: business, hobbies: tennis, Waterskiing, hor- seback riding, camping. Kathleen M. Mergenthaler Kathy. . .Arrowlieadllgcareer choice: cruise directing: hobbies: tennis, roller skating, basketball: will remember all the nice people, the great times at football games, all the great parties. Jane Michael Keyettes ll, career choice: accounting or computer science: hobbies: horseback riding, writing poems, drive-in parties: will remember the different groups of people, friends, the parties, the help from "certain people" to get through a full week. John J. Michalka Symphony Band 9, 10, NFL 10, Ski Club 12, career choice: engineering, hobbies: golf driving, cycling: will remember the surroundings, the students and faculty. Francois Michelon Career choice: medicine, hobbies: soccer, karate, photography, breeding Himalayan Yaks, growing hybrid Ugandan eggplants: will remember the wonders of Larry Gorwick's Chemistry class, the elegant dining facilities, Mr. Cohen's never-ending search for justice. Mariana Mij ares Will remember the students from North Hills High School and the very understanding and loving teachers. Laura Miksic Marilyn Millar Will remember walking between buildings in all kinds of weather and rushing to get to class on time. John J. Miller Jack. . . Football9, 10, l l,Track 9, 10, wrestling 10: career choice: architecture: hobbies: fishing, hockey, football: will remember Mr. B's class, Senior Week. Joseph Miller Melori M. Miller Duck. . . Bowling Club 9, 10, Mixed Ensemble 10, Choir 9, Ski Club 10, ll: career choice: Cosmetology: hobbies: Greg, partying, "Scoopin": will remember the good times with Slarbie, Goose, Beth and the rest ofthe gang with "old Bessie." Stephen G. Miller Millbabe . . . Baseball 9, 10, Key Club 12: hobbies: golf tennis, drawing: will remember babing it up with Holbabe and Schniedbabe in Judy Smith's class. Steven W. Miller Steve . . . Band 9, 10, Key Club 12, Letterwinners 9, Tennis 10, 1 1, 12: career choice: business or law: hobbies: tennis, homework, ninning, drums: will remember the fun times, good friends, all of the hard work. Tama A. Miller Trauma, Speedy . . . Symphonic Choir 10, ll, 12, Student Council 9, 10: career choice: singing, business: hobbies: singing, reading, football, frisbee, writing poems, shopping: will remember her 9th and l 1th grade summers, the person who made the Junior prom special, the days the weather won out. Timothy Miller Tim . . . NFL 9: career choice: computer programming: hobbies: fishing, hunting, movies, sports: will remember empty hallways between periods. Carrie S. Mitchell Mitch . . . Basketball 9, Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: business: hobbies: softball, tennis: will remember the good times, friends getting into trouble. Debra L. Mitchell Debbie. . .career choice: accounting: hobbies: horseback riding, listening to music, hiking, reading: will remember the walkout, the different people, Mr, Psycho, lunch with Audrey. Dina E. Molinaro Boo-Boo Choir 9: career choice: cosmetology: hobbies: reading, softball, frisbee, motorcycle riding. Jill A. Monahan Arrowhead 12 feditorj, Marching Band 9, 10, l 1, 12, Symphony Band IO, ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council ll, 12: career choice: music education: hobbies: skiing, having fun: will remember Carol, aftemoons at North Park, friends, band trips, Mr. Mercer. Terrance R. Moore Victoria L. Moore Dealing with more people. Having all these crazy people warp my mind. Sharon Morgan Sam . . . AFS 12: career choice: medicine: hobbies: spending time with friends, sewing, reading the Bible, singing: will remember making new friends, all the good times being a part of FHA. Molly B. Morrell Mols. . .Ma-iorettesll,12,BellChoir1l,12, Girls' Choir 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphonic Choir 9, 10, l 1, 12, Keyettes 1 1, l2,GATE9, 10, 1 1, 12, National Honor Society 12, Student Council 9, Jazz Ensemble 12, Mixed Ensemble 12: will remember Band Camp, football games, Mexico. Rob Morrow Will remember all the wild parties with close friends, the Junior prom, seeing Maus Dad at Baskiw, Robins, Stoner, Senior week. Michael N. Mrazek Ralph . . . Choir 9, 10: career choice: acting: hobbies: lifting weights: will remembertrying out for school plays. John Mullins Moon Bowling Club 10: hobbies: listening to music, swimming, softball, basketball, girls: will remember Botchski Power, dress up day, Senior week, Mr. B's class, spoons. Sandra L. Munch Munchie . .. DECA 12: career choice: banking, psychologist: hobbies: collecting wine bottles, softball, Decapause, frisbee: will remember new friends, "get your books," times behind the Senior High, the community locker. Denise A. Murphy Murph. . .Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Tennis 10, ll: career choice: business: hobbies: tennis, backpacking, water skiing, photography: will remember good times, friends, trouble they got into. James Murray Scott E. Myers Chang. . . GATE 9, 10, ll, 12, Outdoors Club 11, 12, Ski Club 12: career choice: computer drafting, welding: hobbies: hunt- ing, fishing, girls, partying, racquetball: wili remember second loop, behind the Senior High, get your books, community locker, Senior week. Jon A. Nadel Fish. . .AFS9,l0, BowlingClubl2. Library Aides ll, 12, Stage Crew 9: career choice: accountant: hobbies: camping: sports: will remember Mr. Motley, and the good times. Mark Nadzam AFS 12, Norhian 12: hobbies: swimming, campingfhiking, playing racquetball: will remember all the new friends he made. I'm so much more mature. Leaming more about myself and how much people feel about each other. Terry F. Nasiadka JungleBoy. . .Football9,l0,ll,BoysTrack l0, ll, l2g career choice: law or law enforcement, hobbies: football, weight lifting: will remember football games with BOTCHSKFS BUNCH, JG's chem class, Trees, and my senior year. Amelia A. Natale Aimee . . . AFS l0, Band 9, 10, Marching Band 9, Keyettes 12, Norhian 12: career choices: business: hobbies: photography, tennis, boating, waterskiing: will remember all the good timesl had and all the new friends I have made. Norma J. Nemecek Hobbies: softball, frisbee, will remember lunch with Marcie and Cheryg all the talks with Marcieg all the friends that l've made, and most of all, Rick. Carolyn E. Norris M.A.L .... Arrowhead l l, 12 CEditorial Editorj Bowling Club 10, CAST 9, IO, ll, l2, NFL 9, IO, ll, 12 CStu. Con. Chairmanj PA Announcer 12, Plays 10, l l, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, Tribal Tribune l0g career choice: chemical engineering: will remember Joumalism doughnuts, Arrowhead. James P. Nutter Nut . . . Cross Country 9, Track 9, career choices: electronics: hobbies: softball, baseball, football: will remember senior week, Botschski. Debra A. 0,Brien Debbie, Debs. . .AFS 10, ll, l2, CAST 9, 10, ll, l2, Bell Choir 10, Girls' Choir 10, 12, Symphonic Choir IO, 12, Library Aides 9, 10, NFL 9, 10, 1 l, l2,NationalHonorSociety l l, 12, Plays 9, 10, ll, l2, Stage Crew 9, Thespians 10, ll, 12 CPres.Jg career choice: communications: hobbies: piano: will remember the plays, the teachers. Michael O'Connor Mickey . . . Soccer 9, l0, ll, 12: career choice: word processing, hobbies: sports, working on cars, video games: will remember fun times at soccer practice, driving to school, and all the good times with my friends. Laura O,Donnell Eric A. 0,Kunewick Techs, Crazy Eric, Elrich. White Wiz . . . Library Aides 9, Stage Crew 10. Student Council ll, Tribal Tribune 9: career choice: accounting, hobbies: dungeons and dragons, computers, parties: will remember computers, teachers, BHC, the lunch table. the walkout, senior day, dances. Susan Orr Sue . . . AFS 10, Arrowhead l2. Bowling Club 10, CAST 9, Choir 9, Debate 10, Keyettes ll, 12, NFL 9, IO, ll, IZ, Plays 9, Ski Club 9, ll, 12. Soccer ll, Tribal Tribune 9, 103 career choice: public relations: will remember good friends and great times: chicka-chicka, STELLA, Mac's. Monte Cello's. Dede O'Toole Will remember great times with Marrccn and Michele in Speech Attsg the Proms: the old gang: and my tenth grade Biology class. Arena scheduling. I've1eamed to accept who I am and I 've become better able to deal with others' emotions and problems. The size of the school is much larger than the school I used to attend: the kids are nicer. It is a whole lot colder up here than Southem Califomia. Tim Owczarzak Will remember Latin class, llth grade, Mr. Molnar, Tom Duncun, and all the kids in the class. Jeanine Paczan Cross Country 9, Keyettes 1 1, 12, Letterwinners 9, 12, Norhian 1 1, 12, Ski Club 10, 1 1, 12, Soccer 22, Stage Crew 9, Track 9, 10, 12: hobbies: swimming, parties, dancing, and outdoors: will remember all the good times spent with Laura and Jenny, the wild trips to the rope swing, all the great times she and Lisa had, and playing on the girls' good soccer team. Alan Palermo Al . . . Football 9, 10, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Tennis 9, 10, ll, 12: hobbies: motorcycles and skiing: will remember his good friends and the good times out back. Joan M. Palmieri Keyettes 1 1, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Norhian l 1, 12, Ski Club 9, Stage Crew 9, 10, ll, 12 CChairman of Make-upl, Synchronized Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12, Thespians 1 1, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10 fEditor of Editorialsjg hobbies: swimming, roller skating, reading, and daydreaming. John E. Pamphilis Sammy. . . Weightlifting 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: professional wrestler: hobbies: weightlifting, reading, jogging, and listening to music: will remember the wrestling team and all the matches against other schools that they had. Melanie Parker Will remember getting nervous before each cross-country meet, Band Camp '82, marchingin Montreal, her first day, and N.H. High. Steven Partridge Cross-Country 10, 11, 12, Track 9, ll, 12: career choice: salesman: hobbies: golf hunting, and fishing, will remember sports, friends, and graduated cylinders. Sunil Patel Career choice: electronic engineering: will remember the teachers, graduated cylinders, and his friends. Douglas Patz Career choice: heating and air conditioning: hobbies: partying, will remember the good times behind the senior high and the dances. Andrea Peaslee Peas. . . Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 10, ll, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12 Wice Presidentl, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10 fStaff Editorlg career choice: engineering: hobbies: tennis, bowling, sleeping in late, and wasting time: will remember all her friends. Lisa C. Petrocelly AFS 9, Arrowhead 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 9, 12, Ski Club 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: accounting or business marketing: hobbies: swimming and tennis: will remember four years of English with Carrie, March 26, 1981, and all the good times with her friends. I think I have become a more responsible and in- telligent person. I grew about two and 3X4 inches, gained 45 pounds and some new friends. Wendy Ann Pfeiffer Poofers . . . Choir 9, 10, ll, DECA 11, 12, Synchronized Swimming 9: career choice: business: hobbies: swimming and horseback riding: will remember all the fun times she had with Debbie and Rhonda waiting for the Beattie bus and all the fun football games. Kenneth M. Pinnow Arrowhead ll, 12, Stage Band 9, 10, Letterwinners ll, 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, Tribal Tribune 9, 10. Elizabeth Ann Ploeger Beth . . . Cheerleading 9, 10, ll, 12 fcaptainl, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, 12, Track 9, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: hobbies: handgliding, mountain climbing, and sleeping: will remember the cafeteria conversations. Vicky Pohl Will remember all the fun times behind the school and the wild people she met throughout the years. Kathy Pontikos AFS 12, Bowling Club ll, Keyettes 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: water skiing, snorkeling, going on long vacations, swimming, and wasting time: will remember all the terrific people that she met and have become close friends with. Audrey Powell Alan Predmore Lisa Anne Pucciarelli Puch . . . AFS 9, ll, 12, Keyettes 12, Norhian 10, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, Tennis ll: career choice: nursing: hobbies: swimming, ice skating, tennis, going on vacations, snow and water skiing: will remember being with Dee, Jenny, and Linda, "power reading", and meeting at the usual place. Catherina Quiblier Cathy. . .AFS 9, 10, 12, CAST 9, 10, 12, Plays 9, 10, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, 12, career choice: nursing, hobbies: horseback riding: will remember the teachers who helped to reach goals. Colleen M. Quinn Quinn Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 fVice-Presb, Symphony Band 12, Cross Country 10, ll, 12 tCaptainJ, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, ll, 12, Ski Club ll, 12, Student Council 9, Track 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: sports, medicine: hobbies: skiing, running, racquetball, and softball: will remember cross country, band camp, and great friends. Roy C. Raida Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Swim Team 9, 10, Volleyball 9, career choice: working for his father at Raida's Autowreckersg hobbies: skiing, going to stockcar races, working on and driving four x four trucks. Larger classes and more girls. Howmuch Ilia vegrown up, and I met a lot of new friends. Renee Lynne Ranker Ski Club 12: career choice: dietetics: hobbies: camping, four wheeling, and skiing. Denise Rascov NFL 9, 10, l 1, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Plays 12, Tribal Tribune 10, Mime 12: career choice: psychologist: hobbies: roller skating, dancing, listening to music, cam ping, going out with friends, movies: will remember the dances, football games, before homeroom, and the classes. Donald J. Reams Don. . .Hockey 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Club ll, 12, Letterwinners 10, ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: motor-cross, skiing, swimming, hockey, running, ice-skating, wrestling giraffes. David Reith Career choice: electronics. Michael A. Renzelman Renz . , . career choice: C.P.A., hobbies: riding motorcycles and hunting. Sharen R. Rhule Roochie. . .Ski Club 10, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: Cosmetology: hobbies: party- ing, listening to Kansas, will remember behind school, all the parties down at the pool, and all her friends at school. Timothy Todd Rice Will remember all the fantastic teachers and students he met throughout the years, the showcase, all the Friday and Saturday nights out on the town and most of all L.W. John Rich Key Club l 1, 12, Letterwinners 1 1, 12, Soccer 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: accounting management: hobbies: soccer and partying, will remember the good times, the parties, and soccer with Sal. Patricia L. Rich Patti. . .AFS 12, Lab Band l l, Choir 9, IO, ll, 12, Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 12, Orchestra 1 lg career choice: criminal justice: hobbies: playing the piano, swimming, diving, and singing: will remember sociology with Jamie, Val, Maur, 8L A.D., the trip to Mexico, and M.A. - ILYMA. Douglas J. Richey Riiccheeey career choice: data processing: hobbies: tennis and collecting old magazines: will remember ski club, toga day, football games, and technical drawing class. Janice Richter Sandra Lynn Richter Sandy . . . Basketball fManagerJ 10: career choice: systems analyst: hobbies: horseback riding and listening to Zeppelin: will remember all her friends, the great times along with the bad and the fun times in homeroom. Mark Rieland Wheatfield . . . career choice: engineering: hobbies: interskates, poker, barking at the dogs, chewing the fat with the STEVES, and watching Hogan's Heroes: will remember synchronized late bells, Monday moming "fire-up" sessions, 7th period Chemistry class. Gwenn Riggs Gweniford . . . career choice: cosmetology. Kelly Ann Riley Choir 9, National Honor Society 10, l 1, 12, Tribal Tribune 10 fTyping Editorj: career choice: elementary education: hobbies: rollerskating, ice-skating, dancing, listening to music, swimming, movies: will remember the football games, dances, good times with friends and "the best of times". David C. Robic Cross Country 9, 10, Key Club 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, Student Council 9, 10, ll, Track 9: career choice: business: hobbies: golll running, tennis, and relaxing: will remember the people, the places they went, and all the good times. Tora Robinson Tee . . . AFS 12, Bowling Club 9, Choir 12, Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 9, Track 9: career choice: psychology: hobbies: dancing and modeling. Noelle R. Rock Noll . . . Keyettes ll, Letterwinners ll, 12, N0rhiar19, 10, l 1, 12, SkiClub 1 l,Tennis 10, l l, 12: career choice: health related: hobbies: tennis, backpacking, and spending time with friends. Randy Roda Doda. . .Key Club 12, Soccer 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council 9, Tribal Tribune 10: Career choice: communications: hobbies: soccerand heavy metal music. Brian Rodgers Roj. . .Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12: careerchoice: engineer: hobbies: skiing, hunting, and partying: will remember the good times with all friends at the "old roads", and the students met throughout years up on the hill top. Nina Lynn Roman Spanish Club 9, FHA Club ll fat other schoolj: career choice: elementary education: hobbies: swimming, roller skating, reading: will remember her senior year, her only year at North Hills. Eileen Rombach Ween . . . Norhian ll, 12 CTyping Editorl, Health Careers Club ll, 12: career choice: zoologistg hobbies: working at Vet. Hosp., reading, listening to music, football games: will remember the times before homeroom with Sue, Pam. Linda, and Bryna and the time Vicki 8t 1 screamed in biology. Having to move Easter in the halls to get to the next class. Personality, Hiends, being able to be around so many people and handling the situations that arise. Mark Rose Arrowhead 12, Cross Country 9, 10, ll, Letterwinners ll, 12, Track 9: career choice: dental lieldg hobbies: fine cars, hunting small animals, and wasting valuable time. Shari B. Roseman Marching Band 11, 12, Symphony Band ll, 12, CAST 12, Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 12, National Honor Society ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Soccer ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: computer science, hobbies: swimming, soccer, and skiing: will remember band camp and the Girl's soccer games. Ronald Ross Ron . . . career choice: accounting: hobbies: horseback riding, reading, tennis, working, will remember the fun times with his friends in their classes and his senior year. Kimberly H. Rowda Kim. . . DECA 10, 11, 12, career choice: horse training: hobbies: horseback riding, drawing, reading, and working: will remember the fun times with her friends and the bad times in the classes. Cheryle Ann Rubacky Sherry Keyettes 123 career choice: artlinteriordesigningghobbies:camping,art,and swimming: will remember shapes driving ability, nights out with Zooi Zap, Shapes fpunkheadsl, senior day and all the great friends she made in and out of school. Daniel S. Russ Soccer 10, l 1, 12, hobbies: football on Sundays, guitar, skiing, swimming, and playing "B"g will remember the long days and the number of people behind the school. Ruth E. Russell Ru Ru, Rulina. . . Marching Band 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band 12, Letterwinners 1 1, 12: career choice: nursing: hobbies: band, tennis, piano, running, and roller-skating: will remember all the great people she's met, the fun times she had, and her senior year at band camp. Joseph W. Rzotkiewicz Big Joe. . . Football 10, Orchestra 9, 10, ll, 12 fPresidentJ: career choice: engineering, hobbies: riding and working on motorcycles, camping, working on cars: will remember the good times, good friends, and all the people he's gotten to know through the years. Sandy Saenz Tracey Sander Cheerleading 9, 10, ll, 12, Keyettes ll, 12, will remember the momings, mocking Jan, looking for MOl's the good times and the good friends. Lawrence A. Satariano Larry . . . career choice: engineering: hobbies: fishing, camping, outdoors, music: will remember good times with friends and some good weekends. 192 45? The biggest change I'vc experienced was being able to make the adjustment of meeting many new people and getting used to the size ofthe school. I have become more con- cemed with school and educational activities. Making so many new friends and losing so much interest. I had much more homework and more responsibility. Kim Savoca Kimmi . . . Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinner 11, 123 career choice: accounting: hobbies: softball and basketball. Michaela M. Schachner Mimi . . . Basketball 9, Ski Club 10, ll: career choice: computer science: hobbies: unorganized spons, picnicing, will remember good friends and weird people. Lynn A. Schaper Shapes. . . Mixed Ensemble 9, Keyettes ll, 12, Plays 1 l, ll, Stage Crew 1 1, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, l2,Thespians l2,Track 9, 10, l2,career choice: airlines: hobbies: modem and jazz dance, gymnastics, backpacking: will remember football games. Joyce K. Shell Juice . . . AFS 10, 11, 12, Arrowhead 12, Flag line 10, 1 1, Cast 12, Keyettes 1 l, 12, Library Aide 12, Plays 12, Student Council ll, Track 9, Outdoors Club 12: career choice: nursing: hobbies: horseback riding: will remember Mr. Buffalino's 7th period class. Terri Scherer Terri. . .Girls' Choir 10, 11, Symphonic Choir 10, ll, Letterwinners 10, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian 9, 10, ll, Tennis 9, 10, Health Careers Club 10, 11, 12 CVice Pres. and Pres.J: career choice: nursing: hobbies: playing guitar, tennis, and being with friends. Ronald R. Schiek career choice: carpentry: hobbies: sailboating, racing, and weightlifting: will remember lunch. Greg Schilling James D. Schlink career choice: pharmacy: hobbies: water skiing, and tennis. Barbara A. Schlosser Slarvie. . . Bowling Club 9, 10, Ski Club 9, 10, I lg career choice: cosmetology: hobbies: riding horses, going to parties: will remember Duck, B. Bum, Goose, Spacey Tracey, going out in old Bessie. Pamela Schmeltz Keyettes 12, Health Careers Club 12: career choice: medical assistant: hobbies: water- skiing, horseback riding. Christine A. Schmitt Schmitty . . . career choice: cosmetology: hobbies: horse- backing, partying, and beingwith boyfriend, will remember making fun of the preps and punkers walking down the hall. As you get to highergrades, th e pro blems you en co un ter become more important. E veryth ing. Scott M. Schmidt Schmitty. . . Forensics 9, 10g hobbies: bowling, basketball. Deborah A. Schmitt Debbie, Schmitty. . .Debatel1, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, career choice: fashion mer- chandising: hobbies: sports, shopping, eating: will remember friends, good times, Mrs. Mangis, wild times with Wendy and Duillerate at Beattie. Jeffrey Schneider Schneidbabe. . . Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Band 11, 12, Symphony Band ll, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 1 1, 123 career choice: engineering: hobbies: trombone, lifting, swimming: will remember Et-in-Et with Beaner, at McDonald's babing it up with Millbabe and Hollbabe. Julie A. Schneider Butch, Fish. . .Cross Country 9, Lettenvinners 10, 11: Swim Team 10, 11, 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: ice-skating, spending money, having a good time: will remember the easy first three years, the agonizing last, football games, and the swim team. John J. Schoedel Schods. . . Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9: career choice: pro baseball, hobbies: archery, swimming, music: will remember "The Big Rig Bait", adventures of Taco Larry tin super 3-DJ. Janet M. Schoolmeesters Bub . . . Keyettes 12: Health Careers Club 10, 123 will remember footballgames and good times with friends. Jason D. Schreibeis Lynx. . .Footbal19, 10, Hockey 10, Ski Club 1 1, Student Council 10: career choice: computer programming: hobbies: Tuchux: will remember how well Mr. Magerl taught physics. Mary Schreiber Marching Band 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Keyettes llgcareer choice: accounting: hobbies: swimming, running: will remember good times, friends, band, and senior year at band camp. Holly L. Schrim Keyettes 12, Norhian 123 career choice: secretary. Tony Schroeder Mad Schrodien. . .careerchoicezmanagementg hobbies: getting in trouble, partying, wearing longjohns at football games: will remember wild parties, Sear for lden class. Marilyn Schroeder Schrodes. . .Choir 9, Keyettes 1 1, 12, Norhian 10, Ski Club 11: career choice: business: will remember Stella, Bambino, the football games, good friends and terrilic times. Matt Schue Matt. . .Choir 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Student Council 9: career choice: sales representative: will remember good friends, good times, chemistry class with Mr. Marshal and most of all football games and assemblies. Diane L. Schulties Career choice: nursing: hobbies: listening to music: will remember friends, the dead end, crazy times with Judy, and most of all Lee. Vincent P. Sebal Vince . . . Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letterwinners 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: computer science: hobbies: skating, guitar, having a good time, skiing: will remember football games, track meets, and friends. Steven S. Seebacher Steve. . .Basketba1l9, 10, Footbal19, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, Track 9: career choice: engineering!business: hobbies: having fun with friends, going all out on the weekends: will remember football games, parties, and friends. Albert J. Seidel Al . . . Plays 12: career choice: architecture: hobbies: skiing, hunting, fishing, water skiing. Susan Seif Sue . . . Symphonic Choir: 9, 10, 11: career choice: accounting: hobbies: singing, drawing, and camping. Lisa M. Senatore Lis . . . Choir 9, Soccer 11, Swim Team 12: career choice: business: hobbies: soccer, softball, listening to music, partying: will remember fun and crazy times with Becky and Darryl, and good friends. Sharon Seng Robert P. Serpa Bob , . . career choice: carpentry: hobbies: motorcycles, hunting, sports: will remember the people and the football games. Kelly L. Sham Kellgy . . . Choir 9, Student Council 9, 10, 11: career choice: dental hygiene: hobbies: dancing, hunting, and being with friends: will remember Mr. Volzer's homeroom, tenrific friends at NH and Beattie, most of great times, and "Get your books." Beth A. Sheerer Boo . . . AFS 9, Choir 9: career choice: beautician: hobbies: horseback riding, dancing, partying, going out with George: will remember Mr. Volzer's homeroom, friends, crazy times at Beattie, and "Here comes trouble gang." wnezff I ha ve Ieamed to ha ve more pa tience. The maturity of the students - in the past four years I have seen some of my Rrllow students finally grow up. Robert F. Shema Rob. . .CAST 10, l1,NFL9, 10, ll, 12,PA announcer 12, Plays 9, 10, 11, Soccer 9, Stage Crew 9, 10, Student Council 12, Thespians 1 1, 12, career choice: law, will remember the people, the teachers, and the business administration that ran the school. Scott W. Sinning Scoots. . . Hockey 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Club 12 CPresidentJ, Letterwinners 10, 1 1, 12, Plays 12, Student Council 12, Track 9, 10, career choice: law or business, hobbies: ice-skating, all sports, will remember the good faculty, good times, good friends. Jon A. Siwicki Hobbies: hunting, fishing, roller skating, and partying. Michael D. Skirtich Mike . . . Cross Country 9, 10, Ski Club ll, Track 9, career choice: business, hobbies: listening to music, making money, enjoying all sports, will remember all the physics leamed. Christopher P. Slade Chris. . .Ensembles 9, 10, Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band ll, 12, Letterwinners 9, 10, l 1, 12, Swim Team 9, 10, ll, 12 fPresidentJ, career choice: veterinarian, hobbies: water- skiing, swimming, cross-country skiing, will remember the physics leamed. Peter A. Smith Pete. , .AFS 11, l2,Bow1ingClub9, Debate IO, ll, 12, Hockey 9, Forensics 9, 10, ll, 12, Plays 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council ll, 12, Track 10, ll, 12, career choice: law, hobbies: surfing, skiing, stamp collecting, will remember the experiences at NH. Ronald G. Smorul Ron . . . Baseball ll, 12, Hockey 9, 10, ll, 12, Ski Club 11, career choice: business, hobbies: working on cars, parties, driving around in Stein's Cutlass, will remember the Mike Spallato campaign for president. Edward W. Sobien Ed. . . Symphonic Choir ll, 12, Film Club 12, Library Aide 12, Swim Team 12, career choice: Navyfpoliceg hobbies: collecting books, keeping in shape, roller- skating, hunting, tracking, and singing. Steven Solyan Beaner . . . Arrowhead 12, Ensembles fPresident, Sec. Leaderj, 10, l 1, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, CSquad Leaderb, Stage Band 1 l, 12, Baseball 9, Ski Club 9, 10, Soccer 9, career choice: veterinary medicine, hobbies: trumpet, Et-in-Et, gigatating, will remember taking Pot and Al out. William Spade Michael G. Spallato Mike. . .Choir 9, 10, hobbies: going out with friends and having a good time, Penguin games with Ray, Brian Mack, and Tony, will remember the campaign for senior election and all the great times. up-v-wvw The shorter 9th graders, the meaner teachers. I've gained confidence in myself and have become my own person. . The change in rules and regulations and how strictly they are being enforced. My shoe size. Kenneth Spangler Ken . . . Ski Club 9, 10: Student Council 9, 10: Track 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: computer science: hobbies: motorcycles, Waterskiing, and nice cars. Diane H. Speicher Diane . . . Arrowhead 12: Choir 9: FNA 9, 10, ll, 12: Keyettes 12: Student Council 12: Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: business: hobbies: sewing, shopping, reading, listening to music, and talking on the phone: will remember the nice people. James W. Spoler Career choice: mechanic truck driver: hobbies: motorcycle riding, stock cars, cars, and tmcks, will remember all the bad cars and trucks and getting into trouble, the mice putter and GMC. Robert P. Stack Orchestra 9: career choice: military: will remember friends and good times, most of all graduating. James R. Staley Jim. . .Stage Band ll, 12: Football ll, 12: Letterwinners 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: Junior Achievement, Engin. Explorers Post, working: will remember football games and good times with friends. Joseph R. Stanger Joe . . . Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12: Football 9: Hockey ll, 12: Letterwinners 11, 12: career choice: engineering: hobbies: sports, hunting, fishing, partying, going out to Burger King and Mac's: will remember football games, Hubie hockey practices, senior year, one night at Burger King's and friends. Deborah A. Stauffer Debbie. . .Ski Club ll, 12: Student Council 9, 10, 11: career choice: commercial art: hobbies: partying, drawing, fishing: will remember good and bad times with friends, daily prayers behind the church with Allison, and strange people encountered in halls. Sue A. Stazer Suba. . . Basketball 9, 10: Keyettes 11, 12: career choice: health: hobbies: parties, going with friends and Charlie's Angels: will remember friends and those who made the four years fun, Charlie's Angels and trips to Seven Springs. David E. Steckel Career choice: air force: hobbies: watching television. Michelle B. Stefanski Shelle . . . Flag Line 10, ll, 12 CCaptainJ, Student Council ll, 12: Mime ll, 12: career choice: dietician: hobbies: talking on the phone, reading: will remember senior year at band camp, 1 lth and 12th grade homerooms with Charliels Angels, the army, and Tony. Brian J. Stein Hobbies: hockey, working on cars, O.G. Cfor stickj, finding Buick hats, and nights in the goon:willremembernightsoutwith"Vir1ue" and Mr. Goon, J .B. and stick at MD, the stars in B-25 and the losers in E-31, friends and good times. The biggest and best change as a transfer student is no nuns. I can see things now that I never knew existed. I have a broader view of life. Stephen N. Stein Steve . . . career choice: carpentry: hobbies: sports, motorcycles, hunting, fishing: will remember wood shop and graphic arts, most of all many friends and fans, New Year's Eve '81 Mary P. Steinbach Mar.. . Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 10, ll, Student Council 12, career choice: joumalismg hobbies: tennis, running, Pitt guys: will remember llth and 12th grade with Charlie's Angels, trips to Seven Springs. George M. Stephens Matt . . . Marching Band 1 1, Tribal Tribune 9: career choice: electronics: hobbies: computers, coin collecting, repairing: will remember marching band, football games, chemistry with Mr. Marshall, band with Mr. Mercer, and electronics with Mr. Clark. Roberta R. Stephens Ruth. . .Band 9, 10, Marching Band 9, 10, Cast 10, 11, Stage Crew 12, Tribal Tribune 10, career choice: public relations: hobbies: talking on the phone, going out with friends: will remember llth and 12th grade homeroom with Charlie's Angels, long talks with Steph. Christine Stewart Chrishail . . . career choice: business: hobbies: listening to music, lighting with Wendy, giving Mr. McCurry a hard time in hrm., picking on Jeff and Bill: will remember 9th gr. English with Kathy, four years of hrm., Charlie's Angels, Never forget Jeffy and Billy. Susan Stoof Stoofer. . .Cheerleading 9, 10, ll, 12, Keyettes ll, l2,Ski Club 9, 10, l1:careerchoice: business: hobbies: skiing, swimming: will remember good times and great friends. Jeffrey J. Strnad Nad . . . career choice: engineering: hobbies: hunting, fishing, bowling, softball, giving Mr. McCurry a hard time in homeroom, will remember crazy homeroom, electronics with Mr. Clark, partying at NH football games, Kathy, Little Chrissy, Billy from hrm. Stephanie A. Sullivan Steph . . . Keyettes 11, 12, National Honor Society 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Norhian 12: career choice: physical therapy: hobbies: skiing, white water rafting, Thurs. and proj. with Jul, shopping sprees with Ruth, being with Colleen and Rick, will rememberjr. prom. Kelley A. Switalski Jelly Bean . . . Film Club 9, Library Aide 9, Tribal Tribune 10, career choice: businessfcomputer science: hobbies: skating, movies, having fun with friends and Pat: will remember good times with Patty and all friends, many people met through the years. William B. Tafel King . . . Ski Club 10, 11, 12, career choice: engineering: hobbies: hiking, camping, partying: will remember talking to people from Mr. McCurry's room. Dana M. Tawney Bunny. . . Swim Team 9, 10, career choice: lab technician: hobbies: sewing. Igrew Hom 5'6" to 6'2". I 've leamed to be grateful for Hiends, for snow days, for lessons leamed inside and outside the classroom. Kathleen E. Taylor Kathy. . .Softball 10: career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: softball, swimming, giving Mr. McCurry a hard time in homeroom, picking on Jeff and Bill: will remember homeroom with Chris, JefTy and Billy, the day of graduation. Glen Teasley Marching Band 9. IO, ll, l2,Symphony Band 10, ll, 12, NFL 9, Swim Team 9, IO, ll, l2. Track 9: hobbies: camping, swimming: will remember all the good times and early moming swimming practices. Jacki L. Tender Griz Arrowhead 12: career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: tennis, bowling, parties and Shawn: will remember good times with friends, Ms. Gebhardt's first period shorthand class, and fun in the halls. Christine L. Tesman Chris, Bear. . .CAST l l, 12,GirlsChoir10, ll, Symphonic Choir 10, ll, Explorers Club 12, Soccer l l fvice- presidenll, Softball 12, Outdoors Club ll, 12: career choice: nursing: hobbies: sports, parties, working with people, Pitt guys: will remember Kim E., lemon cookies. Michael P. Thomas Band 9, 10, l 1, 12: hobbies: fishing, camping, and viewing movies: will remember the last day at North Hills. Paul J. Thomas Ewing. . .Baseball IO, ll, 12, Basketball IO, 1 l, 12, career choice: engineering: hobbies: T-ball, wiffle ball at North Park, chalkboard talk on CBS: will remember the pictures and T-shirts of the Bochski, Anthony Perkins playing his own mother on Psycho. Timothy G. Thomas Abrahms . . . Arrowhead 12: career choice: military, hobbies: martial arts, camping: will remember Computer Ed, Captain Dobler, Mr. Richey, Big Gus, Spalloto for President, Rudi Stein, and Big George. Michaeline Thurston Micke. . .Student Council 9, 103 careerchoice: accounting: hobbies: animals, will remember friends and Al Cohen. Lisa A. Tobolski Lee Girl . . . career choice: cosmetology: hobbies: being out with Mezzy, partying, staying out late: will remember Chrissy and her mouse saving the world from the tsetse fly. Douglas W. Trautman Traut, Goat Whipper . . . Marching Band 9: career choice: computer science: hobbies: hunting, campingg will remember machine language, Ed, Richie Rich, Big Mac and the world, Gus, Frog, the DRC, deerstakes, Bobbie Sue, Herb, George, Mike, Rich, TB and Cheryl. Michele A. Trudeau Shel . . . Cross Country 9, Keyettes 12: career choice: nursing, hobbies: working at SnS, playing racquetball: will remember friends and the sisters. 199 Meeting new people every day. Getting acyusted to a much bigger school and finding my way around as a transfer in 11th grade. Wendy Tmnzer P-Bum . . . Flag Line 1 1, 12, fSquad Leaderj Keyettes ll, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12: career choice: secretarial: hobbies: watching the Guiding Light, skiing, bike riding: will remember September 24th, Bennamobile, ski trips, rats, football games, Bridget, Jones, leech, band camp, and good friends. August Tuccllo Augie . . . career choice: engineering: hobbies: music and electronics: will remember all the friends, homeroom, and the "fun" dances. Elizabeth Tunney Cathy Turici Turicky. . . Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 fSquad Leaderl, Symphony Band ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 9, Track 10: career choice: secretarial: hobbies: skiing sleeping, bike riding, watching the Guiding Light: will remember Wendy's parties, dances, Ben- namobile, and Bob. Sharon E. Turner Shari Band 9, 10, 11, 12 fTreas., President, Section Leaderj, Marching Band 9, 10, Keyettes 12, NFL 9, 10: career choice: special education: hobbies: working with children, concerts, Pizza Hut, playing softball: will remember finding myself band and flipper. Deborah Valentine Deb . . . Norhian 9, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12: career choice: accountant: hobbies: skiing, KFC, swimming, sleeping: will remember friends and good times, football games, homework, ski trips. B-lunch, Teri, Steve, and Tim. Theresa M. Vangenewitt Teri. . .National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Norhian ll, 12: career choice: ecology: hobbies: basketball, talking on the phone, and homework: will remember friends and great times, the special teachers, football games, Elliot Miller, Miss KFC, and Debbie V. Scott Vidt Skip, Joe, Nip, Scob . . . Baseball 9: career choice: landscaping: hobbies: hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping: will remember all the new friends and 12th grade homeroom. James A. Viviano Viv . . . career choice: business management: hobbiesz' playing drums, partying, roping and cliff jumping: will remember friends behind the Senior High, Joyce V. on punk day, Mr. Seelhorst's homeroom 221, the lost beatle and A1 Cohen. James H. VonSchaven Von . . . Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Symphony Band 12: career choice: electrical engineering: hobbies: golf racquetball: will remember MZ's pharmacy during first period. Splunking, Bridget Joneses, the Seel Smile, Time Warp. Joyce A. VonVreckin Yoycee. . .AFS ll, 12, Arrowhead 11, 12, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Outdoors Club 9, 10, ll, l2CpresidentJ, National Honor Society ll, 12, Norhian 9, 10, ll, 12:1 career choice: bus-driving: hobbies: guitar, singing, water rafting: will remember homecoming, bearclaws during study hall, and a special friend. Jeannine Wagner Amy S. Waldschmidt Ami , . . Band l2 fAnnouncerj, CAST 9, 10, ll,l2,Choirl2,Keyettesll,12,NFLl0,1l, 12 LPresidentJ, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12 Norlzian 9, 10, 11, 12 fphotography editorb, PA Announcer 12, Plays 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 12, Thespians 10, ll, 12: career choice: mathematics. Edwin Waldschmidt Ed . . . career choice: heavy equipment operator: hobbies: motorcycles and cars: will remember student security. Paul M. Waronsky Career choice: insurance. Andrea M. Wanick Angel . . . DECA 10, ll, 12, Volleyball 9: career choice: business: hobbies: camping, parties, listening to the Doors: will remember the good and bad times with friends, going behind the Senior High, and listening to Chris complaining. Lynn M. Watterson Ski Club 9, 10, Student Council 9: career choice: dental assistance: hobbies: collecting smurfs, talking, throwing foil balls, horseshoes, swimming, having a good time and spending time with David: will remember friends and good times. Vicki L. Weidler CAST 10, ll, 12, Cheerleading l l fMascotJ, Keyettes 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 12, Student Council 9, ll Synchronized Swimming 10, Tribal Tribune 9, 10 career choice: medicine: hobbies: gymnastics, basketball, swimming: will remember the Class of'82. Mark J. Weinerth Cisco. . .Basketball9, 10, 1 l. Letterwinners ll, Track 10, ll, Outdoors Club 10, ll: career choice: social science: hobbies: camping, hiking, and sports: will remember senior year. J can Weinzettle Keyettes ll, 12, Outdoors Club ll, 12, Ski Club 10, l 1:career choice: medicinelnursingg will remember interesting times, too much homework and good friends. Gretchen M. Weiss AFS ll, 12, Marching Band 9, IO, ll, 12, lTreasurerD, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12, CAST 9, 10, 1 l, 12, Keyettes 1 1, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Plays 10, 12, Student Council 9, 10, CSecretary-Treasurerj, ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming ll, Thespians ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: career choice: business. Dianna Wentz up! I got my first car. Smaller and smaller graders. Bernard R. Werner Bem . . .Arrowhead 12, Football 9, ll, 12, Key Club ll, 12, Lettewvinners 10, ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12,StudentCouncil9, 10, ll, 12, Track 10, ll, 12: hobbies: skiing, football, mountain climbing, sky diving, elephant hunting, Linda: will remember sarcastic times with Emmett. David L. Wessel Dave . . . Film Club 12, PA Announcer 10, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, career choice: surgery: hobbies: playing guitar, saying stupid things, and Technd rockg will remember P.O.W. camp with Miss Jeffries, the "kill the smurfs" campaign, Mr. Science, chemistry with the big buddy. Thomas W. Whalen Tom. . .Choir 9, 10, careerchoice: psychology: hobbies: music, hiking, reading, weight-lifting: will remember "get your books, Chang," "look at the butterfly," eating "A", and behind the tennis courts. Lloyd White Patricia S. Whitmer Pattyfprep. . .Arrowhead 12, Keyettes ll, 12 fVice Presidentl, Norhian ll, 12, Ski Club 9, Student Council 9, 1 1, 123 career choice: business management: hobbies: tennis, running, hor- seback riding, and talking, will remember the football games, Punjab cups, and friends. Kathleen A. Wilczynski Kathy . . . Ensembles 9, Marching Band 9, 10, 1 l, 12 lSquad Leaderl, Symphony Band 10, ll, 12, National Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Norhian 11, 12 1Activity Editorl, Student Council 9, career choice: accounting! business: hobbies: reading, band, and camping. Barbara Williams Barb. . . DECA 10. ll, 12, will remember the T-shirt shop, Mrs. June Arthurs, and friends made throughout the years. Scott D. Williams Band 9, 10, Marching Band 10, Band 9, 10, Choir 12, Key Club 12, Norhian ll, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Student Council ll, Track 9: career choice: wildlife management: hobbies: guitar, beer cans, rock 84 roll, fishing, hunting, and partying: will remember Alice. Diane M. Wilson Pinky. . . Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Keyettes 12, Ski Club 12: career choice: business management: hobbies: playing the flute and not taking life seriously, will remember all the fun times trying to dodge S.S. behind the school and trying to get away with not leaming music. Beth A. Wilt Beth . . . Keyettes 12, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 9, 10, 11 fVice Presidentl, 12 fPresidentJg career choice: secretarial: hobbies: swimming, skiing, and ice-skating: will remember the football games and friends. Thomas J. Winter Tom. . .Football 9, 10, ll, l2fCaptainJ, career choice: law: hobbies: parties, sports, girls, music, will remember the Old German Gang and football practices. 202 The biggest change that I have experienced is the people and how they have developed. I now come to school because I want to, not because I have to. Dealing with more people. The biggest change was my first senior day. Renee D. Wirth Keyettes l2, Ski Club 9, 10, 12, Swim Team 12: hobbies: softball, swimming, the outdoors, going out with friends: will remember all the people and the good times. Ronald Wittig Adam Wlodek Arrowhead 12, Ensembles 9, NFL 10, ll, 12, Orchestra l 1, Tribal Tribune 9, 10: careerchoice: graphic design: hobbies: cars, women, graphics, woodworking, and discjockeying: will remember the good and bad times, the fun, and the great people. Michael R. Wojciechowski Woj . . . Symphony Band 9, 10, PA Announcer 9: career choice: accounting: hobbies: basketball cards: will remember Mr. Nauman's health class. Heather D. Wood Library Aides 12, Swim Team 9, 10, 11, l2: hobbies: goli racquetball, swimming and being involved with church youth, Mary K. Worsley Kate . . . Bowling Club 12, Choir 9, 10: career choice: psychology: hobbies: dancing, singing, making music, and being with Ken. Scott Yocca Linda A. Yoest OZ. . . Keyettes 12, Letterwinners 10, ll, 12, Norhian ll, l2, Outdoors Club ll, 12, Synchronized Swimming 9, IO, Track 9, 10, l l, I2, Tribal Tribune 9, 10 Qtyping editorb, Health Careers Club 12: career choice: health profession: hobbies: running, reading, and swimming. Craig P. Young Orchestra 9, 10, ll: career choice: architecture: hobbies: hunting, football, billiards, gambling, golil basketball, and softball: will remember the great friends, and the mornings before homeroom with Steve, Mike, Mike, Al, and John. Stephanie Zanieski Steph. . .Cheerleading 9, IO, ll, l2, Keyettes 1 l, 12, Student Council 9, 10, Track 9: hobbies: sewing, reading, football, and having a good time: will remember all of the JS cheers, BN's, lizard oil, MOI's and all the good times. J eaneen Zappa Zapp . . .Arrowhead l l, 12, Marching Band 9, ll, CAST ll, l2, NFL 9, 10, ll, I2 fpresidentl, National Honor Society 10, ll, l2, PA Announcer 10, ll, 12, Plays 10, ll, 12, Stage Crew 10, l2,StudentCouncil9, 10, Thespians l l, 12, Tribal Tribune 10: career choice: broadcasting and business management. 203 William Armstrong James Baierl Norge Borio Terence Burns Bumsy, . .Stage Crew 10, 1 1, 12: career choice: masonry: hobbies: hunting, football: will remember football teams and the walkout. Todd Caye Dale E. Christopher Schantz. . .Anowliead 12, Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners 11, 12: career choice: accounting: hobbies: abusing Dan B.: will remember Spalloto '82 Campaign, and all the good times in FRONT of the Senior High. Lori Crown Lisa DeFazio Michael Donovan Mickey . . . Baseball 9, 10, 12, Football 9, 10: career choice: forestry: hobbies: outdoor life, motorcycles, skiing. Joseph J. Fadok Joe . . . career choice: engineering, hobbies: playingg drums, guitar, keyboards, and harmonica. 204 Mary Melissa Zappas William Zervins Brad T. Zewe Z . . . Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12: career choice: something at IUP: hobbies: hunting, fishing, golf tennis, basketball: will remember bean ball, good times at the shack, and friends. Gretchen Ziegler Eg. . . Cheerleading 10 fmanagerj, Keyettes 1 1, 1 , Norhian 1 1, 12 Ski Club 1 1, 12: career choice: graphic! commercial art: hobbies: music, art, reading, football, softball, basketball, and good parties. James J. Zwick Z, Jimmy Z. . . Basketball 9, NFL 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 12: career choice: law or business: hobbies: basketball, football, music, good times with the old road boys: will remember the old road boys and crazy John Steihm. Dawna M. Joyce Cheerleading 10, 11, 12, Keyettes ll, 12, Letterwinners 12, Ski Club 10, ll, Student Council 9, Swim Team 9: career choice: business administration: hobbies: horseback riding, tennis: will remember the great times and great friends, J.B.'s, and weekends. Class of '83 Members Who Are Not Pictured Anthony Franz Career choice: USMC. Lisa Frye Richard A. Gagne Rich . . . career choice: computer- science: hobbies: partying: will remember thinking about getting out of school. Jennifer A. Greer Jenny . . . career choice: secretarial work: hobbies: partying, being with friends, living, and going out with Jim. Vicky Heilman Carol Homic Gwyen . . . career choice: physical therapy: hobbies: reading, thinking, walking, camping, dreaming, and being human: will remember 9th grade Biology, messinger Rha, Lori getting hit in the face with a tomato and carrying a joke too ar. Melvine Hooper Lisa A. Irish Ski Club 12: career choice: commercial advertising: hobbies: photography, jazz, skiing, frisbee. Kimberly Johnson Kenneth Kotewicz Kennypoo . . . Letterwinners 9, Soccer 9, 10, hobbies: working on cars, video games: will remember brake torks on speed bumps, and howie bird man. Wayne Krepp Career choice: computer science programmer or electric engineer: hobbies: video games, softball: will remember Q-67432a-l4,00l. Michael Kuhn Scott J. Liedtke Led. . . career choice: computer programming: hobbies: fast cars, fast food, fast women, skiing, motorcycles, school dances: will remember the girls and good times behind the Senior High. Russell Little Will remember good friends, good times, good education. Karen Lusky Eileen Malloy Stacey Maier Plays 9, 10, 11, Stage Crew 9, 10, Field Hockey 114 Cmanagerlg hobbies: Horseback riding, swimming, jogging. Joseph Maruscak Gary Mant Career choice: auto body: hobbies: hunting, archery, fishing and kishing, moonbooning, boat whompin': will remember the crazy people behind the school. Daniel Melvin James Millea John O'Keefe Lisa Peterson Michelle Phillips Lewis D. Rinaman Lou. . .Arrowheadl l, 12, Film Club 10: career choice: photography: hobbies: photography, hunting, tennis, rollerskating, and snow skiing. John Rothermel Baseball 9, Ski Club ll, l2, Tennis 9: career choice: heating and air conditioning: hobbies: shooting pool, riding motorcycles, and listening to rock n roll. Tim Schaffer Baseball l2: career choice: accounting, hobbies: catching baseball, playing football with friends. William Schaper Nancy Schempp Yerp. . .Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Swim Team 9, l0, Track 95 career choice: library science: hobbies: fuzzmakin', hunting: will remember Burp and friends. James W. Schmaus II Ranger . . . career choice: law enforcement: hobbies: anything military: will remember the girls, Tom Barker, Al Cohen, and Field Recruiter ergeant Brad Cain. Joseph Singer Joe . . . career choice: mechanics: hobbies: building models, working on cars, rebuilding small engines, dating Mary: will remember teachers and friends. Thomas Smith Russell P. Stitman Russ . . . hobbies: music, sports, guitar: will remember good times in class, pre-homeroom, and lunch with fnends. John Szczublewski Co-op l2. Kenneth Taylor Nooglums. . .Choir9,SymphonicChoir10, ll, l2: career choice: electronics: hobbies: hockey, singing, and Kate, will remember all friends and especially Kate. Stacy Uhl Will remember friends since ninth grade and the stireggthening of those friendships, and the Class o . Robert Yogmas Will remember the great times out back. Mary Ann Young Will remember the fun in ,gym class, the best time - Sociology, and Mr. Bu alino. To die completely, a person must not m OU! onlyforget but be forgotten, and he who is not forgotten is not dead. Samuel Butler Note-Books, 1912 Bill Brian On October 15, 1982, Robin Ennis, William Ennis, Bryna Wickman, members ofthe Class of ,83, and Brian Ennis, '85, passed away. As ac- quaintances, friends, classmates, we will not forget them. Bryna Robin C6 77 The Wa y We Were am- 'WNMP1-' R 1 1. 1. Naomi Blauc11g2. Ed Sobiang 3. Elisa Leonardg 4. Joyce Von Vreking 5. Bill Halletg 6. Jackie Tender: Z JeffHartg 8. Debbie Hennang 9. Sharon Kelly' 10. Susan Orr, "When Life Was Simple" f "NV I ' 4 is. f K iq I. Jill Monahang 2. Vicki Lorenzg 3. Da vid Buynag 4. Donna Joyce: 5. John Matting 6. Lori Dubrawkag 7. Carolyn Norris: 8. Shelly Mannas. 'R Al' The world is full of funny people, funny faces, and funny things. We live in this world to laugh, to cry, and mostly to grow. Our emotions vary like the ever changing seasons, From winter to spring, with the rain and the snow. In this time of changing and growing, we perceive things in different views In happiness and sorrow our minds may become somewhat disorted, But we are always reminded of the world that exists around us. We live our lives the best that we know how to, Whether it be in happiness or sorrow, but at least live. Gretchen Ziegler 1-. -1 -'N X ljsff' 51 , is I , f . 1 mf,w:1wkgnaz.smrn 'WW U --'W w .223-V FTW TW U, ,,f'ifI'?,'111 LT' ' ' Sh 'A' ' gE5aAn!a:1:f:'r-' 115 H N f - ..........-,....-- .qu-suns-qpuunnn A ' 9' f .4-.911 .M ,.. Mf, ,,.,,,.....11- 'ikaw um Hi .1-.---r 1 f ifix , 3 + M, 13'- if! 4 1 3 w,,,.A 5 if s:ai+.:A ' iff., 1, awp: pgs- 1 7 ' ' H 5 ' H1 'FHL' 2144- " aw- 2,11 M Wigs. A , , M, W 3 M -w 5 , mf, 1, I X , .QL 1. '4 N A f' 5-V MPHQYH d an 'ff gm., , F- ,Q f ' i ' A H. Q k 1 sf 1 QQJL' It ff , 'Gris , N x 1 , , gf, ,---i-. -N 4'-. rn. .....,. ..-. I .Q gf 'n-Mx "' 5 wr S E Q fl ?Q'1', J 1 1 E, Q V n 'N 1 :fa A ' I' M ? 5 f Q 1 F na, ,F 5 X ff' , 1 X 71 Q' N. ,ANL N. H ' ' Mv- Q F 5 ff X fm XA 54: 1 'H .Nw 4 BEF: ' 5, ig? -S,,..,J .rf E 5 K iyl I L sill!!! l 214 x rv' V "'x g 7. ,uf j . g 2 1 ' 1 3 1 a..,,,,,x O 1 U mm, , W0 1 E w w -v?9: l,,QQ-X lf' '-':E1,r,,.a'. , 1, Q53 as mf,,esF-,- . 'iezifg L,,,1,m,a, 'AGL ,jar-A M Q " 51: LL., 4 ' as 1 2. as ww, -, ,TM ,gf und, 1 , ,w r , ,Vx L V ,, 5 'Q' w 1 , N U ' ' 'ML A J ' N K m ,, , , E I lwws N I JM NORHIAN Row I: Maria Lalikos. Gretchen Weiss. Laura Mascn Jill Wilczynski. and Beth Groetzinger Raw 3: joe Heid. John Monahan. Kathy Cousins. and Amy Hcintz. Row 2: Holly Katzenmeyer. and Larry -131-Obs, Hughes, Nancy Steinbach, Ruth Russel. Patty Gursc. Kathy Trem endo us, Stupendous. . . The orth Hills Super Band Row l: Pcrny Landmcyerandlolm Martin. Rawls George Yocum, John Cousins. Jell' Lampus. The Band of 1 982-83 was the band of pride. tradition and excellence. Under the direction of Warren S. Mercer, the band branched off in to many directions, including Marching Band. I com prised of the musicians, the flagline. and major- ettesj. Symphony Band. and Jazz Ensemble. During the year. the Symphony Band mem bers sold coun tless hoagies. cand y bars, band lesti val tickets, and card party tickets to finance a trip to Chicago for the Mid- West Band Clinic. They also held concerts throughout the yean exhibiting their talents. Marching Band members played. Meade Smith. Paul Benna. Bill Hallctl, and Tom Ogden. marched, and twirled their wa y through the football season. The season extended Hom summer band practice in mid-J une to the last football game in November. The Class of 1983 Band, led by officers: Drum Major - Bill Hallettg President - Paul Adamsg Vice-President - Colleen Quinny Secretary - Katie Klein: Treasurer - Gretchen Weiss, worked to make the band 's year the best ever. Mr. Mercen working in his 25th year as a teacher was saluted by the seniors with themotto "This One's for You. "All band members contributed to making 1982-83 a year he treasured. 1-.w ,41'1 g: Q N ...MM 4 V , W f ,nf ,, f 1 " .inf ,f J. f , 14. wa fl 9 'iii E Y E 15 8:-if ' 1 ,A .qw N ii H 1 xx 3 1 I D wi? - 1 5 , K 1, ,...,, -5 - H f - Aww M'W-nf-wwwv-W-'ffwff-zwvwm1 -wfrf:MmHn.urmvw- iz, LAN. , , ,. WWW ' 1 , I , -9 K . MV' xg, , Y 1 3 . A 4,-if , s M If ' ,ff A i E ,Y it 'QB' 5 u W T ,, 5 .4 Rv pol, W' -"- af Y W fm . gf , .xv 1 'P ' 5 . Band Strives For Perfectj on Raw 1: Chris Slade, Paul Evans, and Bob Tom M8illL'l'I.3HdflvH1 Von Schavcn. Bauer. Row 2: Bruce Eggers. John Pcnbcrlhy. Row I: John Ulmer, Ron Wimg. Bob Tcascly.FollccnDccl1.luIicD0n.1IcIIi.BclhAnn Dxialowski. jamie McClure. Row 2: Paul Brady, and R,mnErny. If Q if UUSDI 1,4 I . gill-If K, Row l.' JeffMatheny. Keith C rispens, JelfSchneider, Row 2: Casey Moore. ,lim Veverka. Chris Berie, and Keith McKissock, Glenn Teasely. and Tom Gibson. Chuck Homyak. L 2 2 rv we-H Q 2 gk Dx ,Y k,Lg -A i Q y me Top I: Steve S01 yan. 2: Bob Dzialowski and Mn Mercer. Center l.' Bill Hallett, and John Martin. Bottom 1: Michelle Stefbnski. 2: Kathy Cousins and Mary Schreiber. 3: Tom'Gibson and Jeff Schneider. wg! 'R 221 Flagline Ma jorettes Top-Notch In Montreal The 1982-83 Flagline and Majorettes carried last year's success in Montreal into this year's performances. The Flag- line won a first place in their competition, and the Majorettes won a fourth place. The Flagline co-captains, Jenny Hambli'n and Michelle Steknski, and Major- ette captain, Bridget Bailey, worked themselves and the other girls hard all summer and throughout the season to ensurea successful year Both the Flagline and the Majorettes were under the direction of Areta Kalogeras. i Row I: Jenny Hamblin and Michelle Stehmski. Row 2: Kristi Cam Pam Karen Sewak. Amy Bonng, Patty Dauen Mareen Laflerty, Karen Esswein. Val Fedon Dana Albanowski, and Roberta Mascari. Row 3: Harbaugh, Michelle Adamchik, Sue McKelvey, Cheryl McAl2:e, and Karen Sarkis. Wendy Trunzeiz Mimi Amurgis, Alice Pushkar, Kathy Terry Borza. Katasanow, Kathy Gibson, Beth George, and Rachael LaPorte. Row 4: W Top 1: Bridge! Bailey. Cindy Seelhorsl. SueAnn Johnson. Bonnie Brylka, and Kim Morrissey, 2: Arela Kalogeras. 3: Michelle Srcliwnski. Bridget Bailey, and Jenny Hamblin. Bottom l: Colleen Lankforr, :md Ellen Tcasel y. 2: Kristi Carr. Pam Esswein, Val Fedor, Karen Sarkis. Jenny Hamblin. Karen Harbaugh, Alice Pushkar. MimiAmurgis. AmyBoring. Sue MeKelvey, and Cheryl McAfee. 3: Paul Evans. 'VX if . WV as K f rf' Y A4 4 tag!! .ah ,lf W l N if 1 X 3. 5 , A Q 223 Stage Band Jazzes It Row l: John Krakzynski and Steve Schmitt. Conroy. Lisa Reitlmger, and Linda Dehrmg. Row 2' Vivian Gitzcn Shari Roseman Paula if 4 JJ. Row 1: Paul Evans. Ron Wiltig, Bob Dzialowski. Keith McKissoc'k. Row 3: Bill Hallet, John Martin, Paul Adams, Joe Heid. and John Ulmer. Row2.'Art Penjv Landmeyer, Paul Benna, John Cousins. and Boehm, Steve Barnum, C'aseyMoore. Tom Gibson, Meade Smith. Jclf Matheny. Jeff Schneider, Bert Caldwell, and I W I The North Hills Orchestra was made up of talented students who shared a common in terest, a love of music. Under the direction of Mr. Fred DelMonte, the students worked together and enriched their musical abilities. President Joe Rzotiewicz. Vice-President Rachel LaPorte. and Secretary - Treasurer Cathy Ibinson provided leadership for the orchestra. During the year the North Hills orchestra sent members to various kstivals. The testivals included the PMEA District Orchestra. the Regionals and the State Competition. In addition to the Rlstivals. the orchestra provided the strings for the school musicaLThe Sound of Music. tr gqfew, X S iif '-i TA' ch estra Talent Springs From Strings '7 Row I: Rachael LaPorte. Noelle Rock. Cathy Ibinson. Mark Peduto, Chris Kaufman. Mike Froehlich. Jeff Roscov. and joe Rzotkiewiez Row 3 Mr Glansdotp. Emily Swanson. and Monica McKee. Row 2: Debbie Benton. Becky DelMonte. Debbie C ompel, and Scott Towne. Russell. Keith Calussy. Teri Einloth. Deneen McClintock. Lois Baird, Neil 3 . sf 'ft' 5 ,N A. -5.,4..,..r Bottom l : Rachael LaPorte. Cathy Ibinson, Scott Towne. and Joe Rzotkiewkz. 2: Becky Rus- sell. Mark Peduto and Cathy Ibinson. Cheerleaders, Enthusiasm Thrills Crowds "Come on North Hills - were right behind you!" was an appropriate cheer for the I 982- 1983 cheerleading squad. In both victory and defeat the girls were faithful in their sup- port at footbalL soccen and girl's and boy's basketball games. Their bright smiles and vibrant enthusiasm always helped to arouse the student body at games and pep assemblies. The girls sold pretzels, and hoagies to raise money for cheerleading camp at Seton Hill College, The camp, sponsored by the United States Cheerleading Association, lasted for a week and resulted in hard work and special memories. The squad practiced throughout the summer and during the school year to maintain the skills they had developed. Although the squad decreased in sire during the yean sponsors Diana Man- gis and Janet Sphar made sure that the girls con tin ued to work together as a unit, They were aided by manager Janet Szczublewski, Leadership responsibilities were shared by captains Linda Meinert and Beth Ploeger and co-captains Joanne Blasko and Debbie Chapas. Linda Meinert, Joanne Blasko, Debbie Chapas, and Beth Ploeger, 1 . Row 1: Debbie Chapas, Beth Ploegen Stephani Szczublewski, Dawna Joyce, Lisa Downing, and Zanieski. Joanne Blasko, Linda Meinert. Row 2: Sheri Brown. Sue Stoflf Janine McComb, Linda Kelly. Janet MW? fig' x"""w'!" mQ Ox I Top: I. Sue Stootf Linda Me-inert, and Debbie Chapas. Center: 1. Linda Meinert, Debbie Chapas, Joanne Blasko, and Dawna Joyie. 2: Stephanie Zanieski, Janine McComb, and Beth Ploegcn Bottom: 1. Joanne Blasko and Stephani Zanieski. 22 Cf101f' Speaks Mth Song Row l: Ken Clark, Leah Eggers. Brad Da wson, Debbie Angie Madia, DeeDee Haas, and Kim Morrissey. Row 4: O'Brif-n. and Paul Horan. Row 2: Julie Fowler and Kris Joe Manvuso and Tom Maxson. Kisen Row 3: Paul Haidct. Ken Taylon Molly Morrell, .4 - .ae R Ii' iilll Row l: Angie Madia, Fred Mancuso, Diane Connor, C htis Morrell, Tom Maxson, and Kim Morrissey. Row 3: Doug Obroski. Paul Haidil, DeeDee Haas. Leah Eggers. Ami Kaup, PaulHoran. MikeKlinge1hat2'r. Ken Taylor. Ken C lark. Waldschmidt. Sue Kelly, and Kris Kiser. Row2: MattSchue. Joe Mancuso, Dan Jansen, Lori Batykehetg and Jarrett 1 Brad Da wson, Julie Fowler, Ed Kunz, Debbie O'Brien, Molly Altdorfer. L t H V l l i E Center l: Ken Clark. 2: Debbie O'Brien, Cindy Moore, Cindy Seclhorst, Dave Dean, Paul Jacabcsin, Debbie Doyle. Shirley Skirda, and Kathy Sobrosky. Bottom 1: Joe Mancuso and Joyce Von Vreckin. 2: Michelle Williams and Tracy Wetgant. 3: Dave Dean. 4: Brad Dawson, Jarrett Altdorfer, Steve Ham- men Tom Maxson, and Paul Horan. The 1982-1983 version ofthe North Hills Choir was, as usual, a tightly knit group of people who strove for excellence and enjoyed singing and having a good time. The "laid-back" attitude of this year's choir was a welcome change. It con tiibuted to the success ofthe Symphonic Choir in addition to Mixed Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Bell Choin Work on the Christmas concert started back in September and choir members found they memorized more Christmas music than they had in many years, including several pieces Hom Handel 's "Messiah'i All the hard work paid off howeveg as many people who attended the December 18 and 19 concerts can attest. Bigger plans seemed to be in bloom after the Christmas break. The choir immedia tel y planned forits presen ta tion with the Pittsburgh Symphony of "Noye 's Flud" KNoah 's Floodj at Heinz Hall on Jan uary 15. The choir considered this a great honor to be chosen to perform with such a great Row l: Leah Eggers fsecretaryj and Julie Fowler Steve Hammer lpresidenll, and Brad Dawson lvice-presidentj. Row 2: Dave Dean ftreasurerj. lvice-presidentj. P-4 Top 1: Mn Cummings. 2: Da ve Dean and Joe Mancuso. Center l.' Joyce Von Vreckin, Angie Madia, and Dave Dean. 2: Christin Morrell and Margie Fasten 3: Greg Burholt. 4.' Patty Rich and Joann Dusek. Bottom: 1: Molly Morrell and Angie Madia. Mellow Mem bers Smg To Be Heard 230 L mf! 4, " ! orchestra. Aher that successful ven ture, the choir began to prepare music for its trip to Quebec City in Canada. Of co urse, the ch oirls directon Mr. Frank Cummings, made sure everyone was excited and ready for the fi ve day tnp spanning March 26-30. Seniors, especially, hoped to bring back their third Hrst Place trophy in three years at Quebec 's music festival. Of course, along with any trip comes money and fund-raising, and this was no exception. Everything from posters to cheese to doughnuts was sold over the course ofthe yeah but the choir members always did it with a smile. All choir members looked back on the whole yeag with the concerts, social events, friendships, and especially the trip, with pride and happiness. They enjoyed the experience and would not soon forget the fun and togethemess they shared with each other DE CA : Experiencing the World of Business Distributive Education Clubs of' America played a prominen t part in the lives of man y North Hills students. lt was a co-cumcular club, sponsored by Miss Arthurs, that allowed the students to compete with other districts. This competition included the fields of marketing retailing, wholesaling, insurance, transportation and finance. In the 1982- 1983 school yean DECA in troduced and Alumni Chapter to its program. Though this addition, former DECA members were in vi ted to share experiences with present members. Senior officers of the club, Tracy Armstrong, Presidentg Vicky Heilman, Vice-Presidentg Pam Cavola, Secretary and Kurt Kisen Treasurer worked to organize a more successful DECA i pI'0gI'3IH. Top: I. Lori Aguglia and Hea ther Ro wda. 2. Jeff S wishen CENTER: 1. Joe Defhzen and Richard Huebner. 2. Richard Huebner Bottom: l, Jason Wagner and Matt Jackson. 2. Keith Pohl, Matt jackson, Jason Wagnen and Kent Peaslee. . 1 1 . 1 , , Row1:Audrey Kuckinskas, Sandy Munch. Amy Giardina, Sharon Seng, Marlies Haldie. Nancy Nock, Kelly Brown, Diane Barkschat and Kim Deer. Ro W 2: Kathy Hohman, Lisa Mitzel, Sandy Giustina. Michelle Lucas. C ollecn Brandl. Carolyn Grogan. Lori Casale, Diane Chapman, Chris Beriie. Andrea Warrick. Heather Rowda and Kim Rowda. Row 3: Maria Lucas, Barbara Hesidence. Jannien Zetwo. Pam C avola, Ken Sarver. Colleen Fabra. Jim Shirk, Margie McCalmonl, Barb Williams. John Lux. Kathy Green Sam Kelley. Mrs. Aurthers, Da ve Wegen Lisa Novak, Beth Dibucci and Mike Mroz. H1111 club Takes on Na tional Prestige A handful of students explored an ever-expanding field as members of the Hlmmaking Club. The club, sponsored by Mr. Langen was open to students in grades nine through twelve. Some students were in terested in filmmaking as a career option, but most considered it a hobby. They usually met every Thursday. Members used their creativity to produce their own films, in which various special eflects techniques were exhibited. Held trips included a tourat WQEDand a visit to Oakland for the film- ing of "Flash Dancingn by Paramount Pictures. The club was honored with a first place award from Cinemagic New York School of Visual Arts Elm Search for its L production, "An Amer- ian Werewolf in High School. " This film, "Dirty Deedsl' and "Bandits ofthe Future, " were recognized na- tionally as three of the top five films in the motion picture division of the Motion Picture Society of American competition. CD Preparin Tom 0rroW's M edieal Held 4 s 1 Q Row I: Lisa Hoffman, Pam Shmeltz, and Diane Cronin. Carmen Hart, Virginia Weber, and Eileen Speieher. Row 2: Toni Scherer, Stephanie Leonard, Rombach. Row 4: Linda Yoest and Janet April Baumbaeh, and Holly Hughes. Row 3: Lori Schoolmecslers. During the 1982-1983 school yean the Health Careers Club expanded to include more activities and more mem bers. Under theleadershrp of schoolnurse Mrs. Holler the club helped students to explore careers in various medical fields. Members metin the momings to plan for upcoming activities. They toured area hospitals and were able to look at various laboratory facilities. The officers hoped to arrange opportunities to view both an autopsy and open-heart surgery. One field trip in vol ved an entire day for which members were permitted to miss school. Speakers, including a paramedic, met with students to discuss career options and first-hand experiences. Hlms conceming various topics, were shown for interested mem bers. The officers worked to organize activities and to stnnulate the interest of the club's mem bers. These officers were president Terri Scheren secre- tary-treasurer Holly Hughes, and vice- president April Ba um bach who would take over as president for the following year. Top I Mrs. Holler 2: Eileen Rombach, Becky Brown and Linda Yoest. 3: Carmen Hart, Lori Cronin and Stephanie Leonard. 4: Terri Scherer Bottom: 1. Holly Hughes. 2. Janet Schoolmeesters. Theatre: op Productions Stem From Top Talent The North Hills Theater Department completed an- other year of' successful performances. The 1982 spring play was "The Prime of' Miss Jean Brodie. " The 1982 fall play, "Mary of' Scotland " boasted a fine cast with many seniors playing major roles, For the first time in three years, the department decided to present a musical for the spring performance of 1983. They chose "The Sound of Music, " keling confident of themusicalandactingtalentof the students. An advantage to such a tremendous under- taking was that a large portion of the student body ex- perienced the satisfaction of being involved in the pro- duction. CA.S.T, Creative Arts for Students of Theatre, was the branch of forensics comprised of' participants in the fall and Row I.' Joan Palmieri, Beverly Anawalt, Paula Doug Kaup, Gretchen Weiss, Felicia Daugherty, Conroy. Jeaneen Zappa, Debbie O'Brien, Teni Greg Che-mes. Brad Dawson. and Angie Madia. Erdner, PeterSmith, and Ami Waldschmidt. Raw2: Row I: Joan Palieri. Felicia Dougherty. Scott Smith. Beverly Anawall, Audrey Powell. Karen Balzeii Lynda Monroe. Debbie O'Brien. Peter Smith, Manvbeth Bailey. Gretchen Weiss. and .lulie Fowler. Ron' 2: Katherina Ouiblcr. Dave Dean. .lulie Andritsch. Jcll' Carpenter. Tracey Giles, Angie Madizi. Ami Waldschmidt. Kristin Kiser. .lan Kerrish. Joyce Schell. .leaneen Ztppa. .loyce Von Vreckin. Tracy Picirfyk. Paul Knapp and Connie Wilczynski. Row 3: Vicki Weilder. Lauren Gerstner. Missy Murcko. jenny Higgins. Doug Kaup. Scott Sinning, Nancy Furbee. Greg C' herpes. Kathylileumling. Terri Erdncr. Llaire Chisholm. Row 4: CaIhySobrowski. Sue Schneider, Sue McKelvey. Stacey Matthews, Beth Ann Brady. Fhris Tasman. .lim Fritzges. and Jenny Cooper. Center: I.Dcbbie O'Brien. 2. Scott Sinning. Steve Hammen and Scott Jessel. Bottom: .lenny Higgins, Claire Chisholm, and Patty Rich: 2. Kris Kiser. spring plays, children 's theater and mime. Membership was attained by those with roles in a production, in addition to students who worked "behind-the-scenes. " These all-important back stage students worked in the areas of set construction, props. lighting, sound eltects. costuming. make-up. publicity and ushering. The mime troupe visited grade schools and small community groups. Each student with one hundred hours of excellent hours in theater was honored with the title of Thespian. The International Thespian Troupe 5908 at North Hills was the National Honor Society of theater The president of this organization was senior Debbie O'Brien. 7 2 "We ha ve won the Pennsylvania High School Speech League District 2 trophy ten out ofthe last eleven years and hopefully we will win again this yean " said Mrs. Peggy Ann Madden, Director of the speech division of forensics, Members of the forensic societyg led by President Ami Waldschmidt, competed in many tournaments throughout the year to attain this goal. One division of forensics, speech, was directed by Mrs. Madden and Mrs. Linda Brown, with Terri Erdner serving as chairperson. Students competed in impromptu, student congress, original ora tory, extemp, dramatic, and oral inteipertation. The debate team was under the direction of Mr. Royce Rice and Mn Elmer Pohl with Jeff Cambell serving as chairman. The debaters took either the aflirma tive or negative side ofthe resolution for the year Their topic was Resolved: "That the United States should significantly curtail its arms sales to other countries, "an issue that was hotly debated. The team participated in many toumamen ts with the hope of qualifying for nationals. In 1982, the one-act play under the direction of Mr Glen Ritchey and Mrs. Linda Brown won the District 2 Regionals and competed in the sta te toumament. The year was highlighted by many outstanding performances by Raw I: Alice Beckett, Debbie Carder, jamie Disimone, McKeIvy. Row 3: Ed Sobien, Beth Connors, and Doug Joyce Schell, Paula Conroy, Wendy Lederer, Debbie Kaup. Row4.' Tony Marino, Greg C' herpes, Brad Da wson, O'Brien, and Ami Waldschmidt. Row2: Denise Rascov, Steve Hammer, Michelle Stephanski, Linda Kelly, Erin Heather Wood, Peter Smith, Kathy Bancroft, and Sue Peepels, and Debbie Clegg. X ' L ivan-iii i Speech and Theatre: Mem hers of Dramatic Row l: Francis Roberts, Angie Madia, Kris Kiser, Brad Dawson, Greg Cherpes, Jeff Campbell, and Chris Tesman, Claire Chisholm, Lara Pollitt. Ami Lauren Gerstner. Row 3: Chris Siegle. Erin Coyne. Waldschmidt, and Lynda Monroe. Raw 2.' Terri Marie Crowley, .lim Fritzges, Roger Pollitt, Amy 1 Erdnen Debbie O'Brien. Doug Kaup, Rob Shema, Maze, Beverly Anawalt. and Coleen Lafferty. individuals. At the Central Catholic Toumament, Carolyn Nom's served as presiding officer and was elected superior speaker Rob Shema was a finalist in Boys Extemp at the Cincinnati-Princeton High School toumament. At the North Catholic toumament, Ami Waldschmidt was the winner in the Oral Interpertation competition. The North Hills Invitational Speech and Debate Toumament, held in February, attracted the largest number of students to a toumament in Westem Pennsylvania. "In the 44 years that North Hills has belonged to the National Forensic League, we have qualified someone for nationals for 32 years. This year we hope to qualify someone for nationals to be held in Kansas City, " replied Mrs. Madden. Top: l. Ami Waldschmidt and Scott Sinning: Center: l Roger Pollitt and Carolyn Nonisq 2. Angie Madia, Bottom: l. Peter Smithg 2. Mrs. Brown. F orensics: Group that Speaks Their Min ds L , . X , . ,,A, .V , 1 We f Raw l:Jeaneen Zappa IpresideniNFLj, IThespian Presidenil, Jeff Campbell Ami Waldschmidi lpresident NHFSL ldebaie chairmanj, Lisa Kreutzer, and Roger Pollilt. Jeff Carpenten and joe Marie Crowley. Row 3: Terri Erdncr, Knapp. Row 2: Debbie O'Bricn Carolyn Norris, and Lara Pollitt. Keys Work to Unlock the Door to a Better Comm unity The Keyettes and Key Club combined their efforts to perform activities that benefited the school and community. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Leininger, had approximately two hundred-fihy members. The num ber of Keyettes exceeded the number ofKeys bya four to one ratio. The organization provided Thanksgiving dinners for the families on welfare in the community. The Keys and Keyettes helped with the donation, transportation, and distribution of the goods. During the Christmas Season, the club sold North Hills painter hats and donated the proceeds to Children 's Hospital. For the needy Ezmrlies in the area, the organization donated and dis- tributed toys and clothes. The Keyettes and Keys also sponsored and organized two blood banks at the high school for the Pittsburgh Blood Bank. This task involved publicizing the activities, preparing re- lreshmen ts, transportation equip- ment, and assisting the Blood Bank personnel. Row l: Janet Schoolmeesters, Diane Sperchen Joan Palmieri, Gretchen Weiss, Kellie Burke, Sharon McCourt, Vicki Lorenz, Christy C onley, Wendy Trunzen and Rachael LaPone. Row 2: Karen Furgiuele, Patty Whitmeri DeeDee Haas, Lisa Pucciarelli, Sharon Kelly, Renee Marra, Jeaneen Zappa, Linda Meinert, Cathy Turici, and Jenny Hamblin. Row 3: Mary Steinbach, Lynn Shaper, Tora Robinson, Elisa Leonard, Paige Marshall, Jill Monahan, Debbie C hapas, Beth Ploeger, Sheri Brown, Da wna Joyce, Sandy Saenz, Jenny Keim, Megan Elliott, Gretchen Zerglery and Maryanne DD4llesandro. Row 4: Ami Waldschmidt. Liz McKenna, Holly Hughes, Jennifer Donnelly, Andrea Peaslee, Ame Natale, Lisa Petrocelli, Jean DiDonato, Sheri Duttine, Suzanne Dowey, Michaela Schachnen DeeDce O'Toole. Laura Gaugler: and .lcanine Paczan. Row 5: Joyce Von Vreckirr. Vicky Weilder. Linda Yoest, Becky Brown, Lori Hooper. Nancy Furbee, Chris Killeen, Tammy Brown, Sherry Leseman, Holly Shrim. Karen Huggins, Shari Turnen Colleen Deer: Shari Roseman, Stephani Sullivan. Leah Eggers, Pam Schmcltz, Colleen C ridge. and Mary Beth Baily. Row 6: Kathy Bluemling, Ka thy Pontikos, Jenny Bieksza, Cheryl McAlE:'e, Kathy Katasanow. Molly Morrell, Kristie Carr, Angie Madia, Holly Hannon, Lisa Klaas, Sue Orr, Fran Lattari, Amy Dillman, Marylyn Schroeden Marylyn Millar, Patty Rich. Valerie Komides, and Jo Ann Dusek, Top l.' Jeanine Zappa. Center l: Mrs. Madden. 2.' Jim Frizges and Kathy Bancroh. Bottom l: Chris Killeen. 3: Greg Cherpes and Angie Madia. 241 The officers of Key Club were President Scott Smning, Vice-President Todd Hassingen and Secretary- Treasurer Donnie Reams. The Keyettes were led by President Karen Furgiuele, Vice-President Patty Wittmen and Secretary- Treasurer Judy Papania. Row I: Kim Parker, Sandra Burton. Barbie Jackson. Chris Jarvis, Alice Puskar, Mary Bames. Lisa Sullivan. Robin Malatak. Leslie Regan. andjackie Smith. Rowl' Ruth Yates. Diane Heron. Barb Hesidenee. Megan Hirshlield. Tracey Anke, Janine Daniels, Patty Psehirer. Cindy Moore. Mary Ann Amurgis. and Beth Dixon. Row 3: Julie Novak. Bonnie Squillen Lisa DeLueia. Traci Croker. Beth George. Kelly Smith. Kathy Bancroft, Joanne Blasko. Lisa Gallagher, Nicole Stanish. Beth Braun, and Jenny Rombaeh. Row -4: Jenny Abram, Doreen Verbanac. Joanne Puglio. Sue Paul, Mary Anne Wilken Shelley Zeitler. Colleen MeMillen, Michelle Zeitler. Amy Snyder. Tracy Huekestein, and Patricia Delahunty. Ron' 5: Donna Szalinski, Cathy Mulroua Mollyjohnson. Leigh Ann Underwood, Lon' Bursic, Dana Albanowski. Karen Sarkis. Sue Adams, Kim Bartam, Carla Medsgen Sue McKelvey, Stacey Matthews, Jenny C ooper, Cindy Lisk, Angels Guzzo, Sheely Hollis, and C aren Reilly. Row 6: Melissa Lees. Colleen Fabra, Janet Burns. Kim Coppin. Kim Sidebotham, Judy PaPania, Sue Kelly, Marv Beth Myers, Jane Williams, Nancy C onklin, Julie Price, Athena Balouris, L12 C ebak, Enn McGonigle. Karen Mesonka, Erin Peeples, Kathy Snyder Shirley Skirda, Julie Andritsch, and Tracey Giles. , Pmllllllllltlt Row 1.'J0elHofY'meistet1 Greg Cherpes. Brad Dawson. Horan, Steve Hammen Pat Sheehy. Mark Bado. Pat Perry Landmcyer. Scott Sinning. Don Reams, Bemis Hesidence. Brian Aquadro. and Bill Frank, Wamer. and Ken Pinnow. Row 2: Steve Miller. Paul I' 'H ,Q 'Hr -' Y Q Scott Sinning, Judy Papania, Don Reams, Karen Furgiuele. and Todd Hassingen Top: 1. Mrs. Leiningen Center: I. Maryann Dvxllesandro. 2. Scott Sinning. 243 W r-4 P14 44 Na...-. Certainly the quietesl group of North Hills students was the Studen Library Aides. Though they were seldom heard, these students o performed and importantserviee B within the high school. In Keeping the Library in order the ' aides made our task as students In O 1. d 6 I.. and Mrs. Persinger's task as Librarian that much easien "v-1.-.--'X Ginger Gafne. Michelle Kendrick. Felicia Dougherty. EdSobien. Bob Kra ven. Joyce Schell, Joanie Sch wab. Mrs. Persingen and Maureen Sanford. Row: I: Michelle Kendrick. Center: lg Fclilcia Dougherty, Bottom: 1: Ed Sobicn. 2: Bob Cra ven. Ed Sohlicn. and Michelle Kendrick. 3: Bob Cm vcn. 2 Induction into the National Honor Society was a prestigious reward for North Hills students who excelled ip acedemics. The minimum quality point a verage for a new member was 3. 80 for a sophomore, 3. 60 fora junion and 3.40 for a senior Yet, membership involved more than just high grades, A second requirement was participa tion in ex tra cur- n'cularactivities. In addition, prospective members were judged by faculty members on the basis of their demonstration of the four fundamental qualities of a National Honor Society member' scholarship, leadership, character and service. Seniors were inducted into the North Hills Chapter of the National Honor Society in January and anothr ceremony was conducted late ' X in the year for sophomores and juniors. 'VNV Mary Beth Baily. Brad Dawson, Kelly Jantho, and Andrea Peaslee. Row 1: Kelly Riley. Terri Sherer. Annrea Peaslee, Kathy Wilczynski, Joyce Von Vrcckin. Shari Roscman, Chris Killen, Debbie Herman. and Julie Fowler Rowl' Vicki Weidlci: Denise Rasco v, Aaron Geller. ,leaneen Zappa. Leah Eggers, Chris Haupt, Matt Lydic, Jeff C ambell. Paul Jakabscin. and joan Palmieti. Row 3: Kathy Ban'y, Nancy Lyons, Debbie O'Brien, Holly Hughes, Liz McKenna, Felicia Dougherty. Paul Haidet, Beverly Anawalt, Linda Bollinger Ginger Gamzey. and Karen Balzen Row 4: Terry Vangenwitt. Jim Zwick, Brad Dawson. Greg C herpes, C ollccn C ridge. Stacey Matthews. Kathy Cousins, and Mary Beth Baily. Academic A chie vem en t Receives ational o a Frau raw: S. Glven, C. Bxerhluer, M. Criss, C. Flynn, J. Vosolrq, Mr. Menls Bari mw: W. Kaufman, T. Scruggs, Dem, N. Weidner, S. Weger, G. Cooper, B. Chapman, A. Koch, O'Brien, R. Carrol, j. Curry, D. Liedke, E. Thompson, 1 Raw 2: R. Shannon. B. Chisholm. R. Sporrer, D. Doeffinger. Muchcse, I. Banks, B. Eheck, D. Kunkle. G. Cassel C. Thompm, D. Grey, G. Hnuck, J. Buxlcx, L. Hancock, P. mf? .I .. ,':f'f ' -',. 1 ' i " ' H L - ' Center: Beth Wilt, joel Hoffmeister. Shen' ' A f 1. f , ' ' ' ' Brown, Brad Dawson. Kelly Jantho. Stephanie Sullivan. and Stephanie Zanieski: 2. Rachael LaPorte andjennyKohI: Bottom: ' jelfSchniede11 Kathy Kalasanow, and Tim Gaertnen Mem bers Work CC 79 to Make Society More Active The Students comprising the 1982- l 983 Chapter were largely an en thustastic group. They worked to make National Honor Society a more active organiaa tion. An example of their in vol vement was ushering for school functions. During the holiday season a group of mem bers went carolling in order to raise money for the Scholarshrp Fund. When the school heed the possibility of cancelling the ann ual Scholarship Talent Show because ofthe lack ofa faculty sponson the National Honor Society members ottered to sponsor the show collectively. Then, although adult supervision was still required much of the responsibility for publicity a uditions, programs and rehearsals res ted with in terested Na tional Honor Society studen ts. The organization was sponsored by Coordinating Principal Mr Maddex Stokes who was supportive ofthe Club 's more active role. Officers for the organization were President Brad Da wson, Vice-President Andrea Peaslee, Secretary Kelly Jan tho, and Treasurer Ma1jyBeth Bailey. M Kfglv Senior Members Anawalt, Beverly Aquadro, Brian Bailey, Bridget Bailey, Marybeth Balzen Karen Barry, Kathy Beckett, Alice Bluemling, Kathy Bollingen Lynda Brown, Sheri Carlson, James Cervas, Bobbi Jean Clegg, Deborah Cridge, Colleen DZ4lessandro, Mary Ann Delline, Karen Donatelli, Julie Dougherty Felicia Dubrawka, Lori Dum, Judy Eggers, Leah Fowlen Julie Furbee, Nancy Gaertnen Timothy Gaffney, Virginia Gellen Aaron Haidet, Paul Herman, Debra Holfmeisten Joel Hughes, Holly Jantho, Kelly Katasanow, Kathy Killeen, Christine Kohl, Jennifer Landmeyen Perry LaPorte, Rachael Lavelle, John Lyons, Nancy Madia, Angela Masen Laura McKenna, Elizabeth Morrell, Molly Nadzam, Mark O'Bn'en, Debbie Palmieri, Joan Peaslee, Andrea Pinnoug Kenneth Portikos, Kathy Quibler, Catherina Quinn, Colleen Rasco v, Denise Riley, Kelly Roseman, Shari Sherern Terri Schneideii Jeff Schoolmeesters, Janet Sullivan, Stephanie Vangenwitt, Theresa Von Vreckin, Joyce Waldschmidt, Ami Weidlen Vicki Weiss, Gretchen White, Lloyd Wilczynski, Kathleen Wilt, Beth Yoest, Linda Zanieski, Stephanie Zappa, Jeaneen Zwick, James Junior Members Amurgis, Mariann Cambell, Jeff Cousins, Kathleen Haupt, Chris Jakabscin, Paul Janczak, Stephanie Lydic, Matthew Lyle, Steve Matthews, Stacey Rau, Laura Sandeig Dana At the end of each yean students anxiously awaited the arrival ofthe school yearbook, the Norhian . The Norhian was put together by many dedicated students who spent long hours typing, Writing, taking photographs, and performing the many other tasks necessary to the production of the yearbook. Under the supervision of Mr. Werner, the sponson the students collected and collated information to be used in the yearbook. He helped the students to coordinate all the articles and pictures so each year the Senior class had a Kathy Cousins lAssistanI editor-in-chiefl and Shelly Mannas tEditor-in-Chiell. yearbook WhiCl7 il could fOf6V6I' CH-f0y. C enter: l. Sherri Brown. 2. Debbie C legg and Jane! Sehoolmeesters. Bottom: l. JeffCarpentci1 2. M3fj'BL'll1 Bailey. The Yearbook Preserves Slice of History Row l: Maria Lalikos and Lori Dubrawka. Rowl' Palmieri. Row 3: Judy Papania and Sharon Nancy Lyons. Maryanne D14 llcsandro. Mzzrvlietli Kelly. BaileylLiteraU'edi1orl. Vickie Weildei: zmdloan 0 ""'-vs.. r ef W A... .K P14 24 Year-ro und Dedication Crea tes Memories There were eight stalls with eight or nine editors. The Editor-in-chiefwas Shelly Mannas and the assistant editor-in-chief was Kathy Cousins. Plans were made in the spring for the following year's book. During the summen some of the staff attended a workshop at the University of Rochester to learn how to put a yearbook togethen The book was published by Hennington Publishing Company I I was sent in stages, and by February 15, the yearbook was completed. "With each yeah putting the book together comes easien " said Mr Wemen The staffs' reward was seeing the pleasure on the student 's .faces when persumg the book. , ,ttgsyA 3 . C 45 Y , a , , y SueAnn Johnson lFaculty editorj, Angie Rombach ftyping editorj. Madia lSludenl Lite editorj. and Eileen .gp xt' if A 3 i a "' WlW"MWWm't?s't lg ' 41-1-H and-llllll 4, N 5' I Q Q ie , W i , I 3 f f 'f f t,i., ", 1135.53 Stephanie Zanieski, Jenny Coopen torj, and Kathy Klein fSports Kathy Wilczynski IAcIivities edi- editorj. Michelle Dannemueller and Amy Heintz fSophomore and Freshman cdilorsj. ........,,.l ,, Students Work ffunforciiizofifuiffDamn-11,'.sfi-phamv z1ndDcbbic Flcgg. 4 3 Judi Amy fSenior editorj. Nancy Lyons Sullivan. Kathy Barry Uunior edilorj YR Row 1: Jeff Hart, Ami Waldsehmidl Zeigler. Row 2: ,ISU-j0hl15IOI1C. Joyce 1Pho1ography editorj. and Grelehen Von Vrcckin. and Paul Haidet. boudcnov-A John Lavelle lArt edilorj and Ken Pinnow. Center: I. Klein. iw Mr. Werner: 2. Katie Row l: Nancy Furbee, Tammy Brown, Jeff Carpenter fBusiness editorl, and Ma1yAnne Wilker. Row 2: Linda Yoest and Sue Wilker. Cherished Memories 'ei YX Editor-in-chief Shelly Mannas Assistant Editor-in-chief Kathy Cousins Sports Katie Klein Linda Dehring Dan Komoroski Stephanie Zanieski Activities Kathy Wilczynski Jenny Cooper Student Like Angie Madia Michelle Dannamu Amy Hein tz Seniors Judy Amy Debbie Glegg Julie Dona telli Stephanie Sullivan Juniors Kathy Barry Nancy Lyons Art John La velle Suzanne Dowey Ken Pinnow Gretchen Ziegler Typing Eileen Rombach Stephanie Sullivan Faculty Sue Ann Johnson Julie Clough Business Jeff Carpenter Tammy Brown Vicki Crowley Nancy F urbee Debbie Herman MaryAnn Wilker Sue Wilker Linda Yoest Photography Ami Waldschmidt Kevin Atkins Christy Conley Paul Haidet JeIfHart Jeff Johnstone Eric Kist Dan Komoroski Amy Natale Joyce Von Vreckin Patty Wittmer Gretchen Ziegler Literary Mary Beth Bailey Greg C herpes Colleen C ridge MaryAnne DD4llesandro Brad Dawson Lori Dubra wka Beth Groetzinger Sharon Kelly Maria Lalikos John La velle Nancy Lyons Stacey Matthews Liz McKenna Lynda Monroe Joan Palmieri Judy Papania Karen Stefanko Terri Vangen Witt Joyce Von Vreckin Vicki Weidler Natural S urroundihgs Bun Outdoors People Together Row l. Joyce Von Vreckin and Jenny Rombach. Row 2: Beth Braun. Megan Katchmark . Melissa Lees, Chris Tesman. Rene Mara. Laura Gauglei: Kathy Bancroh, Tracy Guckert. Jean DiDonato. Chrissy Conley, and Misia Metzgen Row 3: Sue Kelley, Kim Coppin. Karen Mesonka, Vicky Weidleiz Jill Monahan. Greg C herpes, and Linda Kocent. Row 4: Erin McGonigle. Elaine Paschaledis, Jeanine McComb. Joyce Schell. Leah Eggers. Michelle Schachnen and Jeaneen Zappa. Row 5: Eilleen Lang, Diane Brink, Joann Puglio, Sue Paul. Colleen Fabra. Donna Szalinski. Janet Bums, Barbjackson. Lisa Sullivan and Mn Madzelonka. Row 6: Doug Patz, Nancy Steinbach. Jim gmaush, Mary Steinbach. Lori Hooper. and Linda oest. Center: L Kathy Wilczynski. 2. Shelly Mannas, Bottom: l. Linda Yoesl, Becky Brown, Jen Donnelly, Andrea Peaslee, Noele Rock, and Renee Marra. 2: Ann Ross, Kath yBancroH, Joanne Blasko. and Janine McComb. , 5, ,, G 'NNI V V , f f 253 Z C0 254 Ad ven turesome Kids What did North Hills ha ve to offer the ad ven turesome, slightly insane student? The Outdoors Club was designed to meet the needs of this type of student. Activities included rock climbing, caving, yvhite wa ter rahing, backpacking, cross coun try skiing and canoeing. The trip to Hermitage Reserva tion was one ofthe most memorable, for many traditions were established there, The club became an Explorers Post making it part of the Boys Scouts of America, According to the organizations presiden t, Joyce Von Vreckin, "the triendships ofthe individuals who tra velled on the many excursions developed into close bonds thathelped to make the special times to be shared turn in to mem ories, "The other officers were Vice-President Jeaneen Zappa, Secretary Kathy Schultz, and Treasurer Jean Heany. The club, comprised ofabout l 2 7 members was sponsored byMr T Madzelonka. Top: I. Gretchen Kohnc and Ann Ross. Center: l. Diane Brink. Bottom: l Debbie Chapas and Sandy Saenz. gif Mandi Wright, Joyce Von Vreckin, Judy Dum, and Jeaneen Zappa Kris Killeen, Liz McKenna. and Maryanne D'Alle5andro, ff?-TP Student Row I: Kathy Bluemling. Liz McKenna. Maryanne D'Allesandrom. Kris Killeen. and Vivian Gitzen, Row 2: Joyce Von Vreckin, Megan Elloitt. Sandy Saenz. Jenny Kleim. Kellie Burke. Sharon McCourt, Debbie Fhapas. Suzanne Dowey. and Kellyjantho. Row 3:jill Hochdoerkn Jean Didonato, Mary Steinbach, Lynn Shaper. Diane Speicher, Colleen C' ridge. Ami Waldschmidt. Joan Palmicri. and Gretchen Weiss. Row 4: fell' Johnstone, Dave Dean, Steve Miller Scott Sinning. Brian Aquadro, John La Velle, Greg C' herpes. Lisa Klaas. Holly Hannon, and Naomi Blauch. Governmen t. . . Effectively Handles I t is Duties to Students The governing council at North Hills during the 1982-1983 school year was involved in the coordinating ofstudent activities and other matters of interest. The primary goal of the student council, sponsored by Mr. joe Buhalino. with MZIYAHH D'Alcssandro. president, Chris Killeen, vice-president, and Liz McKenna, sec- retary-treasurcn was to ben- efit the students, school, and community. This year the council sponsored several dances, courted senior citilens to school activities, and continued its annual candycane sale for Children 's Hospital, in addition to organizing many other worthwhile activities. The council also consisted of a "class" section sponsored by Mr Bill Stebler Officers were elected by their classmates to benefit their individual class with the help of the representatives. Any interest- ed student was invited to attend the class meetings and aid in decision-making. The junior class goal was to comprise a superior Junior Prom while the seniors attended to the respon- sibilities of promoting a tfantastic Senior Week, Homecoming Night. Senior Dinner Dance, and Senior Prom. Listening to the opin- ions of representatives and students, the hard-working governing councils provided the student body with a memorable year. Row l: Alice Puskar and Ratty Dautr Ron Mall Row 3 Kathy Shultz Colleen Laliifrty Pam MaryAnn WfikCf,KJfL'HSHfkl'5.BCIf1GLOfgL Linda Hyschtk Darren LaPorte Lisa Downing Ktlls Kocent. Kim Coppin, Sharcn Roper. and Ahrzn Klien and judv Papania Alice Puskar Patty Dauer and Janice Rodovic Row I: Michelle Bright. Linda Kocent, Michelle Lederen Eileen Geary. Bettina Koster, jennifer Adamchik, Shari Lesman, ,loan Palmieri, Beth Abram, LoriDvbrawka, HollyHughes,andKim Wilt, and jenny Hamblin. Row 2.' Wendy Coppin, Michelle Bright, Beth Wilt, Michelle Adamchik, and Linda Kocent. Water Ballet: Grace, Skill, and Beauty Created in Wa ter Bottom. l. Holly Hughes. '24 ING I SYNCHRONIZED S N U1 NI Precision and Beauty The 1983 Synchronized Swimming Team gracefully dove into another year of precision and beauty. Practices during the evenings, under the supervision of Kathy Wilt, preceded the exciting spring show The performance consisted of precision group routines, and duets. In addition, Beth Wilt dazzled the audience with her solo performance. The team delivered two spectacular evenings of ac- quatic entertainment. Senior Holly Hughes said of the thrilling splashing tribute to musical names, "I hope it was as much fun to watch as it was to do."' The Synchronized Swim- ming officers were President Beth Wilt, Vice-President Michelle Adamchik, Se- cretary Linda Kocert, and Treasurer Michelle Bright. AFS, American Field Service. was a club that helped North Hills students to experience different cultures and meet people. Throughout the year, AFS raised money, through selling candy bars and Current Stationery, to host students from other countries and to assist in paying for students to go abroad. Several times throughout the yean the members got together for activities, The main activity ofthe year was the AFS weekend, which was March 10, 1 1, and 12. On Thursday night, exchange students and American students who ha ve been abroad Hom surrounding school districts came to spend the weekend. On Friday, they came to the high school and shared their experiences with North Hills students. The en tire weekend ga ve AFS members and North Hills students a chance to meet and exchange different cultures. AFS. as a club, -opened up new horizons for North Hills students through interacting with students Hom other cultures. AFS. Helps Bring World Row l. Debbie O'Brien. Peter Smith. C athcrina Quiblier. Gretchen Weiss. Bettin Koster. .IoyceSchell. Joyce Von Vreckin. Saundra Burton. Chris Obrosky. and Lori DuBrawka. Row 2: Manal Louis. Julie Novak, Missy Murcko. Ann Matchawka, Jill Schoolmcesters, Diane Davis. Ruth Yates. and Kim Parker Row 3: Theresa Balzcr. Linda Libengood. Stacy Matthews. Linda Bollinger. Mark Nadzam. Aaron Gellen Beverly Anawalt, Cathy Anawalt, and Karen Balzer Top: I. Gretchen Weiss. Bottom: l. Peter Smith. 2. Bettina Koster. I lS1"'I 1 f' W 2 Closer Together x , The organizations sponsor was Miss Hand, and the officers were President Linda Bollinger, Vice-President Stacey Matthews, Secretary Kim Parken and Treasurer Karen Balzer. Center: Bettina Koster and Joyce Von Vreckin, Bottom: Debbie O 'Brien rro wh ead: Straight to the Point North Hills High School published its first newspaper twen ty-fi ve years ago with its first issue of' the Arrowhead in October, 1958. The Arrowhead has changed in many ways since then. For example, it changed fiom a six page leaflet to a twen ty page magazineg it has gro wn from being simply extracurricular to being published by students receiving joumalism credit. The joumalism teacher and sponsor ofthe newspaper was Ms. Nance Matviko. She helped the editor-in-chief senior Greg An- gell lead his team of editors and staff to improve their skills. Last year the Arrowhead was en tered in the Ben Franklin competition and received the award for best newspaper in Allegheny County. The newspaper was also en tered in the Columbia Journalism competition, and received third place. Each issue of the Arrowhead this year was based on a specific theme. Examples were: drugs, family, work, and recognition. Before the year ended, the Arrowhead staff hoped to compete in more competion and do better than ever. The Arrowhead moved a long way over twenty-five years - another example of' the nature and imminence of change. Row l, Kath Bluemling. TammvBrown. Nancy Furbee Senkowskc, Karen lnsley Sue Orr. Kevin Rodgers Jill . y I ' 4 Q Mrs, Matviko. and Beth Ann Brady. Row 2: Beth Monahan. Greg Angel, John LaVeIle. and Joe Definer. 4 K LL.. Joyce Von Vreckm lSports and Photography editorj Joyce Schell lEntrtainment editorj, and Gary Fritsch fFeatures editorj 2 Family A special wish for success and happiness for a Bobbi Jean-Meilleures felicitations bonne chance special girl - Sheri Duttine. et Dieu vous benisse! Mamam et Papa. Al - Best Wishes, "Cus" Dave. Brian A. - Good Luckk Alan - Congratulations! Love, Grandma Chris Killeen very Lambertson. proud Alan best! Lori' A Alan Alan Sincere Aunt come true, Atta' and Best Best Best Best Blyna Best p vi-QQ tt pp,. QNIQ p 1 - Michele Trudeau! The Gauglers. 2 A A Luck Baba Love' r 1 A - -ttti if 'B V Best Wishes! Lunch Box. i Q t,triirtieite 3 A . l it " A titt A rrt' rC0Hgf3fU1a!10115t39:iL?QY9sif 'W' ,fi Best Wishes to Sharon Brunner, Class of783, Al and Rita Brunner. r 4 i Congratulations A JLove,5' and C . LaUi'2LQ,TiT,' . . W f' , f t Beth Ploegerf May your future- be bright. You are r tt A A at - or W very special to us. Congratulations and lovegfThe Congratulations Beth! Youfve Robics, All! C . Love,iMomLand l !,is "' W,,' M f Pia, '... , ' V ZWFW I ' ' 7 f . g ,,.M'!f.i,f775if C A ' ' A ' Q 2 W f , . , Y 5 ' V . , 'f'?Naf,,.W,,.1fgif 'f. L l Patrons Congratulations Beverly Anawalt! Dell! success and 8a Dad. Congratulations Cheryl McAfee! Our favorite flag on the world's best band. A real winner among a school-full of winners. Mom and Dad. Congratulations Class of 1983! Linda SL Dave Williams. goggratulations Colleen C. Love from Mom 84 a . x, ' 5 i ' Hbic. Nanmand.. Pap 5 . ..,.. ..., Love "" Congratulations Jimmy Von! Love, Mom, Dad, Jen and Congratulations Congratulations and Christine. Congratulations Lori! Love, Congratulationnsm Mary Qeb, gggg Nancy, J anet Mike Congragulationsf Eileen Rombach. Mom, and Dad are veg, Qroud of you! t r i aii. to Congratulatiggayyle Brosenitsch! Love, Mom, Dad, Becky and Laura. C i i I l I Congrafftiations Congratulations proud Pal S , and Mom, Dad, Love, the NH. God and Family Rob Morrow Love Mom Dad Good luck Alan - the Reznyk Family. Good Luck and Best Wishes in the future- Dad Love, Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim. uck and 'Success David, from Gram Jill and Class of '83, The Joe and Jean Hochdoerfer. Jim 'Hia k Luck w Mom and Dad. i Luck Marcief Love Luck Happiness to Noni and her friends, Laurie and Dawn - Love, Mom Blauch. Holly Hughes - Good Luck to a super daughter - we're proud of you! Love, Dad 84 Mom. l 4 Patrons Hooray! Three down - one to go! Mr. 84 Mrs. Love 84 Best Wishes Stephanie, Mom and Dad, Molinaro. ' Kier, Megan, Declan SL Deirdre. ' it Q . W y GI rf if - - . - -- 4. .. ...isa J .C. yfrom Jen - blessi J enng dearlj ways - Jim C Joyce vrever. Mum 1r own ztions. Keep Tony. at W Good Ken ' like 3 d t grea Krist filled Keri. L, Dad, Laun you, m and Leah cong1 best. Lisal proud of '82 "so f Mon ng way Lisa Dad. Lots Puma Renee Renee, Cari. Right Ron, Mom Sail course Mom, Salute Shell Y, Laura. Shelly Shelly love, of Luck Loads The W Have confidence! Be The Family Patrons love you Mom chlldren of i83 all that God Bless You ' u Dad, S1StCI' years Love done. you. of '83 Student Patrons AAAAA Hee! Hee! I got the first patron Good Luck Derelicts - Diane. - Joe D. Mr. Wemer- thanks so much for your help and friendship, Shelly. Good Luck Doug Richey, Brad Z. and Best Shelly ' Look ooo Love ' Mark R. ' 2 ., tg Patti - thanks for being a great sis! Love Kathy H, Valerie. 2, by ' 1 , - - K Q1 'YH' :rf J Best of Dan Braddock. Shh Bob Good Luck 83 Mr' 8L Mrs' Q. - 1. ,4 1 ' McWh1nney. Shake d Flake 1-lyou mfadeit! Dave Newha n. ' an ng 1 .ag . - t Best of lg to the Class of 1983 - Joel Good Luck Homoano JCUUY' 1 if 4 ' Mmef. Q y . hp t. Good Luck Lisa Broskeyi 8 2 8 5 1 1 1 . , ' .,'- -1 , 1 1 M., Best Wishes Class of '83 - The James g 5 . A f 31j55gg.,ggi5yy.tSharon,Brunner, Class o 183.1 Mitchell Family. Good!Luck Stephen Millers , " L ti. gg 1 . . 1 9 . stills for all, Best Wlshss Nm Roman- is ...soda Luck Stephen Miner 1 if A . ' x 1 . 'leer 1 il 1 - ' ' , 1 ' . - . - . t"t fgifgoggolglgilfgli inoifrmve Gvod V er.. WIS year. - -'Wt,f,,.:f . , , .225 , V r 5-fff?ff?fE?3!2Tf'V f . " " "AQ" . 4' tllf ik.. , st, 1 LYHH- a . f ifs'.ff:1f?iQ'fe?I?l05!Eff .. , -f 'W if 523. ' ' . F do W 1 9 V. .. C0Hgfa!H1sflQ11451!39P . ... f!1,.,,al!l'?a,f. ..l., .1 1 1 s ei! V' if future. 1 fig... M509 h9'PkW0fE:M0I1?5U3Hd Dai' 1 H011 Luck ' f . - fi 2 2 ai, if ' ..s., 1 f eff-1L0VGlWeHdy- .1 fe Q tulatiifms Essextq ' it Y . . 1 as . 1 - d 1 ' .t' . . IZ an I - ia.. .... Congratu ations 1 John. ' ' ' , W! fly w-f- em ' "" f ' ig! . Julie - Thanks for always F861 YH! COnsfaIula110nSX?C11g,Qr5af1d1G0Qd LUCK 'friend - Loves Kathy. is . , be .... ' ,.l,ll Ken Paul and' ,f61ii ave.1.Qean. A' 1 . . at 9 A 1 7 . 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'gf ,,.,,1" 2 WEST VIEW AUTO BODY l 11 420 Perry Highway Pittsburgh, PA. 15229 ac R Q 8 it Norm Stauber Tom Gochis F dj 4' Res. 761-6234 Rcs.76l-41 l0 HITE T IL , TAXIDER Y W Fine Quality I v 462 Pelfy Highway 4885 MC KNIGHT ROAD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15229 Kevin W. Lane Omg? 364 4jOO' Licensed Taxidermist 14123 931-0969 ' 267 I MAND Y'S PIZZA :W "OVEN FRESH" colon rv-vlofo nsconnnzs 'B -3 aff! PROJECTION TV . Q un and ACCESSORIES -' sms a. snvic: 5 vmivi rmfn iunifnfsr Q 3 , naw mv mf Bfsl - 6 Sicilian Pizza our Specially . - , 'X . CZ::::e 5 F W. 4 Hoasies 'E Q NZ Qff' G T t ow . 0 G S 1 Va c, I I I Y of mu ,552 ' 'Q ' "" ' ' "' ' E ' ' Congratulations To The Class of ,83 466 PERRY 4711 BUTLER ST 1308 EVERGREEN HIGHWAY LAWRENCEVILLE AVE. Wgfizlliw 6218920 MHIQTEEE Errhw-iv M311 367-4410 pper eve Congratulations Class of '83 LINCOLN AT NORTH MILLVALE Phone 821-2379 997 PERRY HIGHWAY PERRYSVILLE Phone 364-6700 Serving The C0mmun'ty Th gh Y D t 26 Good Luck To The Class of '83 Best Wishes to Lisa Pueeiarellil and Diane Haas From a 6'Good Friendw f 1 IIE' zh B g h t Plants C d .Gifts Ball qw-Wim f' 'S I 'G new 'Floral args, hc. 452 Perm' Highway! 931-1258 Marilou Schcllhaas - owne Baskin-Robbins KN. ,,,, 3I Ice Cream ' 'rib' , . Y .' X I I I Q5 X XX ji 1, ,ff ,- l ' X ff xxx ' XX 4885 Mexmgm Road f'XxfT'f X I ll ' xx X ,Amv ace CREAMS oun sPEouALTY" ' REAL ESTATE -INSURANCE - NOTARY Ph ' 450P ry All R d 9314800 P b gh P 15229 I' NGRTH HILLS STONE SUPPLIER and CONTRACTGR Natural Stone and Marble Phone: 821-1549 Congratulations To Our Daughter Lisa Puooiarelli and the rest of the Class of '83! NORT H HILLS TEL. 366-3236 T. BRYLKA CONSTRUCTION EXCAVATION BACKHOE RETE DUMP TRUCK GENERAL CoN'rRAc'rnNe LKA .godter Q gurnifure DURC l-HOUR CLEANERS -SHIRT LAUNDRY- North Hills Village Shopping Mall 4801 McKnight Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa Phone: 364-3550 Brighton V a s LMUSICE Sgnrer iflfifl'ffMS GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT BOB cf: KA Y CR O WLE Y'S 7-ELE VEN STORE 333 Thompson Run Road Ross Township Open 7 AM to Midnight Every Day of the Year ffffzf ,ggiuunllr ,par P S, Ng. v Inga. V -"'j:- JL ,,, K Riff' - ' 1 l 4 The Varden Portrait t ll l ' f l i QB. ti t It's XVhat You Want It To Be. The Vartlen Portrait is a timeless eommemorative of your gratluation. Your Vartlen portrait will speak with distinetion. lfor over 50 years. the name Yarden has meant the ultimate in ' portraiture. When you graduate. tlon't settle for less. x'3ll'dl"lf Hn -.Jl..,. l.... .l TM 72 The l983 Norhian was published by the Henington Publishing Company. Wolfe City Texas. The cover design was an The Norhian staffthanks: Bonnie Wolf Faculty Members Morrone Custodians, especially Bill Baranyai, Ed Kissner and Kay Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Cousins Mr. and Mrs. Mannas Mr. Michael Brown Norhian Staff Members' Parents Secretaries original by senior John Lavelle. The endsheet design was the idea of editor All typeography is Times Roman and Shelly Mannas, with assistance from Mr. Times Roman Italic. The book contains Michael Brown, teacher ofphotography. four flats, or 32 pages, of full 4-color. fb of if T 'Q 'N T' 06.4-rl - ,- .1 ,- H 5-: E: 54 ,- E 1 1 1 W 1 I -Ll ,A ,, vw' U , . , f".' . -'F.'?f'b' ' 1? ..".,.,'- L, . i - -y.,,,-41.4 --4

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