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m"f'l-n-,.,., wmwmwwmwsuamnarsm W nmmmm WIWEFFEDW ummm minimums WWE IWEIEEIFH WEEE? 'EWWQEE :EEE T-T The Senior Class of North Hills High School 53 Rochester Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Presents The 41978 NGRI-IIAN Volume XX North Hills-Then and Now 5' W Twenty years ago a tradition ie an. It grew, nourished by those vga cared. It grows today tourished by those who trfy-our iterit2zgelTNor5h Hills High Schoo t en an now. In 1959 the ,first Norhian was published whic reflected the ex- beriences of the graduating stu- lents. Classes were much smaller hen. 270 Seniors and 600 Juniors ind Sophomores sauntered throu h fhe shiny new halls of North Hills Yigh. The students, awed by the :ight of the bright new buses, ex- Qitedly strived to catch the first seat ythe window. The smaller Senior igh Building ended at room 11 75 the octagon room was to be added years later. As the students day- dreamed and their eyes roamed out the windows, nothin but green grass and rolling hills captured their imaginations. Twenty years ago North Hills, well known for its hi h scholastic standards, sencouragej students to enroll in either Academic or Busi- ness courses. Man teachers, 60 in all, comprised the new faculty, twelve of these: Miss ,Armstron , Mr. Gay, Mr. Cuad nino, Hummel, Mr. Lon , ms. Ignath, Mr. Harper, Mr. fgzre, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Lacy, Mr. Waldfogle and Miss Rea still teach here today. In September of 1 958 a grou o ' girls with pony taiis, wearing blob? y soc s, circ e s irts, strings 0 pearls and saddle shoes strolled down the halls of the sparkling, new building. T ey assed by a gathering of boys witli crew cuts, all dressed in rolled-up pants and penny loafers and white socks. The girls stopped and anxiously waited ygrltheshoys to agk lthem to Kneiss' at 0 on a cock Blvd. f a soda. Oliics there the juke bolkr never stop e pla 'n th t , glvis Pgzslieyis lgfdugifgnqt Llllbllhiii- uta oun ,"alAk' "Put Your Head My Blhoulldelii and Connie Francis' 'Where The 1. Joe Kish and Jim Hodges 2. Janice Meisinger, Donna Mertz, and others in the smoking area behind the senior h' h. 3. Fashions ofthe fifties. 4. Tim Zelinka attackslefim Brunner with lipstick 5. ' Dave Faller. 6. Frank Ried, Kathy Mcliissock, Bonnie Massucci, Janice Hirshlield. 7. Lynn Devlin, Raelene Caldwell, Michelle Myers, Cathy Caye, Anita Colaizzi, Rich Bartek. 3 Boys Are. " To the tunes students danced the jitterlilzf, the stroll and the dirt boogie. atchirf them, it was odvious to see t ey were oblivious to the problems of the world. Social Events were signzjicant in brin ing the class members together. For sophomores the Sock Hop highli hted the Christmas vacation. Wgst View Parkfs Dance- land, the site of the junior Prom, was the pefzct experience. At Thanksgiving came the annual Turkey Trot Hop at Shannopin Country Club where each Junior class member received reen 159 buttons. In the spectacugzr Senior Year, besides the Senior Dinner Dance, a square dance was ar- ranged in the cafeteria. On May 1 at the annual May Da festival s onsored by the Norbian the fgueen received the first copy ofthe 1 959 yearbook. School was not the center of all activities. Saturda shopping with friends also maakb, an enjoyable day. However, almost all shopping, had to be done downtown since McKni ht Road was in its infan I of deveiopment. The Mall, Gimbecl and Kaulfmannfs did not exist and McDona dis had not been estab- lished. The annual School picnic naturally took place at West View Park-the site my fun, excitement and thrills for a l. W 1 W This was the time of "Ike'1 Elvis and the Cold War-household T words of the Mies. Eisenhower gloved at the ite House, Elvis 1 esley gyrated and Russia and the U S. both feared the outbreak of l another war. It was this that brought the students from the fan- y tasy world of the fifties to the harsh y and disquieting reality ofthe 60 fs. i The intervening years from then 5 until now have brought changes to X the Hilltop. From a beginning class f if 2 70, the size ofthe student body i as grown to 800 Seniors strong E along with 2,200 underclassmen. ' This increase has caused a pro or-Q tionate change in the size ofllhe Q buildings. I 1 - .ol 4 i K I I 4 P The Perfect Experience 2 1. Bob Ostenieder, John Henderson, and Ed Crankovic. 2. Group of fans at the homecoming ame. 3. Julie Miller, Patti Crown, Gale Erotzman, Rose Geary, Lori Bechtold, Natalie Lutz, M .lo Becker, Monica Stattler. 4-. Linda McLau alllin 5. Bets Groves, Ron R Mindy Wolfiiobbie Baygv Debbie Grimrilsialhy Flynn, Leslie Kretzler. 7. Hall by the library as it looked in 1959. I 5 Boogie and Books This change led to the addition ofthe Senior Building in 1 964. As time went on even more space was needed to facilitate new programs and ideas. Therefore, the Morrone Building was established in 1972. The number of fcwulty members has continued to increase along with the students. 180 teachers and lfive principals are currently emp oyed on the Hilltop. he first few students of '58 would be quite surprised to dll?- cover CB fs and stereo equipment in the buses and students struflgling just to get a seat to comforta y en- joy the ride. As in 1959, North Hills still has its reputation of high scholastic standards. Students have the privi- lege of choosin an almost totally elective scheduiz, which provides a more casual atmosphere. The style IZ' the students of the 703 are muc dwzrent than those g the 5019. For example, as the stu- ents of 1 978 walk down the hall, groups of "kids" can be seen who ave short hair and are wearing jeans, cowl necks, earth shoes, Levis, print shirts, puma track shoes and even Suspenders. Music plays a bi part in their lives. The students Tove to boo ie to the sounds of Fleetwood llfacfs 'Dont Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, " Barry Manilowis "I Write the Songs" and the themes from 'Rockyv and "Star Wars. "A good football game brings out wild enthusiasm that is evide t in the cheer Go Bananas, B-A- -A-N-A-S! The students' favorite hangout is McDonalds on McKnight Road where a-her eve game red jackets, pom-poms am? crowded booths symbolize the malt-shop o today. Ross Township and est View Borough have grown in the past 20 years. McKnight Road, once a small rural drive, is now a six lane expressway where small and large businesses flourish. West View Park, once the site of h jun and 's 5, I I .lr 1 I . ll! We A J ' I 1. Pep assembly in 1959. 2. Bob Lawlor, John Scherer, Joe Notsch, Te Slade, Kevin Brown, Beth KnabeL Mary Lan:-l.. n Prentice, Sue Ryan, Jenny Kreuz., Tricia Joyce, all llis Tenle . 3. .lanice Mur hy, Marla Mascari, Carollstein. 4. hiike Hughes 5. Leslie Slenger, Mr. Venditlo, Beth ?weitzer. 6. Judy Spragale, Linda Gerthoffer, Tricia oyce. 7 The Road of the Future The road of the future begins in the past. New faces appear, taking the place of those left behind. Styles change, and the events that once were faded into the past, the memory pleasantly lingering in the minds of those looking on. Yet, amidst this period of rebuilding lies the hope of tomorrow. For within those faded memories, friendships were formed. Together as one, a class grew. Individuals formed a whole, producing ideas and forming unique creations. As the years progressed, the styles, the events, and the students changed, yet the uniqueness of each individual remained. Different talents and skills were combined to form a new class, the class of '78. This class leamed from the memories of yesterday to prepare for the newness of the future. Yet, the friendships and the closeness between the individuals will always remain the same . . . then and now. 8 thrills echoed its last laughter in the summer of 1977. The North Hills, area has grown since the 503 and is now a city in itseUI In the seventies, although times have cha ed, the trends remain the'ow Jimmy Carter and peanuts capture the imagination of the lpublic. The deaths of Elvis Pres ey and , Bin Crosby, both popular during the bring eartache to the 70 fs. eir perfor- mances o "Blue Suede Shoes "and "White hristmasn are even more precious to the graduating Seniors. The re-ne otiation of the Panama Canaf Treaty makes a new phase in inter-American relations. Eastern cities are uneasy as romi- nent steel com anies lay zyjllzn in- creasing numhzzr of steel workers. Inflation, irst increasin then declining s ightly, had little emct on Santa Claus who had his b' est year ever as retail sales soarecfglie graduating class of 1978 with in- creasing maturity was more aware of national events which have and will influence their lives. The,Class of 1978 takes, reat pride in presenting in detaif the events of its senior year. The tradi- tions begun in 1958 continue to-5 day, somewhat altered ,by the' changing years, but still ours heritage. Now as Then! V Table of Contents H .. Faculty ..... . . 9: Activities ..... . . 215 Features .... . . 71j Sports .... . . 99 Juniors ..... . . . 155 Color ..... . . . 177 Seniors ..... .... 1 93 Ads ........... . . . 258 1. Sonny Petrigac, jim Lema, Greg Meister, Bruce Cnsplns, Sue vans, Barb Huelsmann, Diny Smith. 4 1 FACULTY iyr ies re . . cahnician - eattie ' ech usm X Education , V .. - W . W 95 i. -we . 3 1- f a gf W ,za A 5 WZ? . . Y.. if . UC 5, s-:ga eg A B wf"i.- -as 'i v. ll -512 Business Education Career Resource Mrs Mansfield Mr Ceh The Student Advisory Committee under the direction of Mrs. Mansfield helped in arranging the start of new clubs at North Hills, a very complicated procedure. Mrs. Mansfield and the committee made the decisions concerning the fund-raising pro- jects by school clubs. The athletic department, headed by Mr. Ceh, improved sports competition in the past year. Some changes included a limited unification between girls' and boys' sports. ln the instances of both track and golf the boys' and girls' teams were combined under one coach. Mrs. Black MF- BFOWH Mr. Herchenroether MF- Langer There were many art courses available to North Hills High students. The courses were Crafts l and Advanced Crafts, Ceramics l and ll, Studio Art, Senior Studio, Film Making, and Jewelry. These courses gave the students chances to draw, paint, sculpture and design new things. The Art Department was not involved in classroom work only, but enjoyed entering talented students' work in contests. Win- ning students often received cash prizes and scholarships. Two of the tournaments the department engaged in this year were those at Lake Erie College and the Scholastic Controls Gate Contest. 10 me 'wh-,P QQ Mr Gardrll Miss Segal The A V Department handled the audio vlsual equipment for the entire North Hills School District. lt reached into the classrooms through teachers coordinators and principals. Mr. Gardill, the A. V. Director, hoped to stimulate student interest in the A. V. Department through the use ofa new radio console and video tape program. State funds were awarded which aided the expan- sion of this program. Miss Segal was the liaison between Beat- tie Tech and NH. She counseled the stu- dents at NH who were involved with Beattie Tech. 5 'Et M its . , fr X 's Miss Armstrong Mrs. Banyas Mrs. Bradley Mrs. Cannin Mrs. Fratangelo Miss Gebharglt Miss Huber Mr. Pattini Mrs. Richey Mr. Thiel "There's something for everyone," stated Miss Armstrong, the Business Coordinator, as she spoke of business course offerings. Personal Shorthand, Personal Typing, Per- sonal Law, Record Keeping and Explorato- ry courses, recently opened to Juniors and Seniors, were some of the business classes offered. Of the new additions to the curriculum, Contracts, Data Processing, and Money Credit Management, which taught students how to use credit cards, and how to balance a budget, excited them the most. One of the Business Department's vital functions was as a placement center. With . , 4, 'r iii' Juniors wentto re- business skills learned at North Hills, many students received jobs at some of the large corporations in the city of Pittsburgh. A civil service test was given this spring which included typing and steno skills. ,Z The Career ' . , ' Resource Center, jj XZV, located in the , Senior High build- ing, was the place '-fi"i w h e e f r a n t 1 c A i- .-.i y aiff if S e n 1 o r s a n d ceive help in dis- c o v e r i n g a n d developing their post-graduate plans. Under the direction of Mrs. Mountan, students developed career awareness and self-assessment. The center, with its vast resource material on colleges and careers was well-known throughout the Pittsburgh area. Mrs. Mountan helped the four to five hundred students who used the center each month, conducted seminars for the GATE program, and worked with the teachers in classroom situations. 51:12, I Mrs. Mountan i Q. if 5 l iff 1' E 3 51. X 1 ts .2 3 6 i 2 5 5 is .E ,tl E . up 'til iii ' ll' . 5 l l a ' l ,g li l E U i if ri. il l t sl if 25 Et? U5 S Q, SETI ii il it l iii Mr. Locaitis xi, is Co-op Counseling Counseling Distributive Ed. Driveris Ed Driver's Ed. English R-.I- i'f7j:jg,:tf'I?frfi?3giaQ ,vW5i?':?i E"ZME: f 1- 5 it 155 E 1 4 it is is ti 5 E iz i t 5, at f is J xi 5 2 Ma Annum Mr. Holden ,N ia ' Co-op was a vocational education pro- Q gram that enabled and prepared students to l enter the job market. It was a work study l. :iii program that dealt with technical and Q manual positions. Students in Co-op spent half of their day in school and the rest of the sig day working at their job. Some were in- volved in business, restaurant and voca- Egtional work. The Co-op student had an English and Social Studies course every ixzmorning before leaving for his job. The E t 'iaverage Co-op student was not college E 'lbound but usually remained with his same job out of school, or anotherjob closely rel- .ated to his interest. .5 at t i 5. E 1 Miss Hand -J Mr. Hummel , Mr. Julian Mr. Koesel 1 Mr. Maloney gi? Mr. Vaccaro l S xl . M..--wa-.M " --- ... --.- E we .ea various areas. --M-U - -we f ev'--F-re - '--M 0' -'-mea-L::a..x'fv--ef-1,",a2aat4e-aa5.' 1 ."' M mu., t ?' f-ff: The Guidance Department effectively aided students on a personal level in col- lege and career choices and in course ii scheduling. Its biggest achievement this year was the institution of the Peer Coun- - seling Program. Some students from North ' ii Hills who attended a twelve-week training gt ' i i' program counseled other students in l ' Q Besides the relocation of the Morrone .1 Building counselors to the rotunda, a new ' Hiaiiiijyiiiki' College Tour Program was offered to the .luniors and Seniors. The Department was also involved with testing and helping stu- dents with personal problems. Distributive Education, taught by Mrs. Cooke, dealt mainly with marketing, selling, advertising, dis- play, merchandis- ing and sales. Stu- dents in Distribu- tive Ed. attended school daily, and half-way through their day left to deal with business opportunities. Distributive Education stu- dents had an exceptional opportunity generally denied the regular student. They were able to test daily the instruction they received in the classroom situation. Also, an extra added benefit was that the students received pay for the work they did. Mrs. Cooke .4 Q if 3 6 My 5 .. 1. fl- iv- f- - ,.,, 1 ' Wi fi- 'K t. If I ,. 1-mf .1 ,,:.i5:ii'ii5:ii f . J , , V i ef lt . Mr. Bado Mr. ggnatius Mr. Kelly Mr. eters i i l g if if it i in limi? I ,. . l i si li ii 1533 git fg li, t at ' il A iii EE i i? 5 si . ,,. ii' i fs Ml" . ir 3 5 ,Elf si' 3 l ,ip ills if f iiiis YS-Zgil arf-,f me K Fl l i? g li Q' Vi -22255 Eli si . . S .. if ti n Er ' 11:3 A 2- t -f 'i EH 'E 5 ' 1 Mr. Rice Mr. Stebler Each student becomes eligible to elect Driver's Education at sixteen. Under the direction of Mr. john lgnatious, instructors Kelly, Bado, Stebler, Rice, and Peters, taught 650 students this year. lncluded were three phases: theory, which discussed the essential questions in drivingg simula- tors, installed in 1974 to teach drivers to recognize and react effectively to situations as they occurredg and three hours of actual driving experience which developed the basic mechanical skills involved in driving a car. f sid .5 -Q ffg 1"'l' 'E Q Mr. Baier Mrs. Ber en Dr. Brozick Mr. Camiiiell Dr. Cercone Mrs. Charlton Animated Cartoon Flip 2 .. , Men fr .- 1 as + gtg' gg.. , im . 322 e rwifie I :'Sm' iiiqilaf .. ,se gi1a:':'f mv. . all 53 n1?i?E?E,:fZ:3 ' - Mgt ew.. .fiiibm . "'3' Eiiiiil , Qeaaehiifef , 1 wie: x smile ... M .eqgsi-HxEEkZ aeaasaie .4 -- 5 i."?U?'51' 9 stir .wm- ' ' 5g?iifE?TiT3i?ita,,Q. We jf' gc. .1 THEN AND NOW ,J ,3 Q' fy is ,.- , t Mrs. Ewing Mrs. Harding Miss Jackson Miss Levine Nls, Nlutviko Nlrs. lVl0l1'alli- Mrs. Foglia Mrs. Haschke Miss Johnson Mr. Link Miss McBride Mr. Mussitsch 3? rs' 31 is H 5? itil:-.ff Home Economics 5 .f - 1 A A Industrla rts x Mrs. Purviance Mr. Rodgers T h e E n gl i s h Department, after f i v e y e a r s o f leadership by Dr. James Brozick, emerged this year a s th e m o st developed elective system in our cur- riculum. Three years had passed since the introduction of English electives and new courses were added to the over thirty-Eve selections already available. Additions this year included Advanced Composition, English Literature I and II, and Language Skills for College. These new and innovative courses had proved to be an expression of the flexibility of faculty and student interests. Some already established English elec- tives that aroused student participation were, Inside the Mind, Science Fiction, Search for Identity, Realm of Mystery, and Contemporary Literature. Dr. Brozick and the English faculty plan an even wider selection of courses in the future as North Hills students require broader exeriences. Mrs. Picone Mrs. Richard Mrs. Trageser 25.5-t a- , .. 231,123 Mrs. Carey Mrs. Mendelson M155 Rape Miss Wisehart The Home Economics Department strove to prepare students to be citizens and to handle outside jobs as well as those in the home. It also tried to integr- ate boys into the program and succeeded in this goal. Changes included the development of new teaching methods and evaluations, and a new updated curriculum. In 76-77, the foods and nutrition curriculum was revised offering three semesters opposed to two. Advanced clothing and Needlework stu- dents were encouraged to enter contests by local Womens' Clubs. Home Ee. teachers were involved in local, state, and national Home Ec. associ ations. This made them aware of current and up to date trends in their Department Mr, Clum Mr. Colland Mr, D'Am0ni Mr. Driscoll t 3.5 af? tilt, E. -3 ,l it asap .,. get -figs . :iz 3 Z 3 3 E E 5 lx Industrial Arts Language Mr. Harrington Mr. Martin The Industrial Arts classes had an enrollment of 1,000 students, with more girls than ever taking c l a s s e s . T h e teachers felt there w e r e m a n y reasons for this large number. factor was the offering of Power Tech Electricity Electronics. There has also been a general updating of the equipment and curriculum. Mr. Foster Long Mr. Morl e On Mrs. Davidson Miss Fichter Mr. Molnar Mr. Patterson az . we 1 uf 7 5 , x l z -l sq Language Library Mathematics Mathematics L: ,gl1,1fg:rf:.:g:m3gzo::., . --" ' if,f:lr:4gf.a,5f31liw,f1::r':g:g::5,l,.as wtf..- - . , ..,,...MlE:,Ii,L , ,,,m,,,,,,.,,,,. ,. ...M . .X .. '91'ff4E3:l:1m::4sg:flf5f:3laqaw:m:agr5,:,.. ,1- :anim I 'ing .,.,1..n.l1,f,,. .., . is JM... .. , ., .aww . . .ffl 1.2-as-.e Q-,ma The Language fi Q L, , mlm. Department of the Q1 'ft 4' 1977-1978 school ig I 'Q' year offered four additional elective Qf , ,V gy? L, programs to North ,fl ig , Hills. These elec- gd I 5 1' tives were Ger- A, X man, French, 1 W L a t i n a n d 2 fi 'M Spanish. There 25,522 I Mrs' Preuss was also an Inde- pendent Study program offered for fifth year German stu- dents. One of the goals of the Department vw- : :ink is to add a fifth year program to all the languages. Mr. Molnar, head of the Language Vlzy Department for 10 years, was especially proud of the participation by the German students in an annual national test com- petition. They hoped to be included in part aaa- 2 . at of the nation-wide AP program. 5325555 LA Ta' 'zreazlf iiiiiiiif Mrs. Persinger ' and programs ll KW, i, Mrs. Ahlstrom were among the li Miss Rea best in school li- E1 3 braries," com- mented Miss Rea. s The library helped students develop an lj ability to locate information through the use of available resource materials and a love for reading through new and innova- ,. .., Y L-,, l iiyi Emir 1. is X aff "' it iEEi1fi?E1i ii 'ZZ E, ' ffrhe libraries l in the North Hills School District were pioneers in their field. The ,..,.z+ was f ...f equipment, books, Q we l le te T rn . 2-'il iQZ!i'?i?' tive programs, books, and equipment. ' Miss Deuser Mrs. Drotar , Mr. Franks Mr. McCurry , Mr, Meals Mr. Papalia A fi Nlr. llhillis Mr. Raspat .,.V agj Vlr. Sol-llmrst MTS- Tlwmpson f mags v.-f.-l. Mr- Vollef 1.7 is HW? 'Z u f f Mr. Clifton Mr. Crupie all ',xh?,g6lll l ' N was Y? ' 'VV' W IISIC .ff ' A I 3 - 5 . ' - em sf s .Q . 5 Para rofesslonals . 3 . as ,f L at -' 1. If it - 7 5 c 1 3 T? tr w lk 6' .W feb 1 , sicwg, . fi m essionals Physical EduCatlOIl Mr. Zaletski T,h e M a t h D e p a r t m e n t under the direc- tion of the new co- ordinator Mr. Crupie began no new courses but tried to improve upon programs already being taught. Students had a wide variety of Math Courses from which to choose including General Math and Probability and Statistics. Consumer Math students learned how to buy cars and houses, purchase in- surance, and how to fill out Income Tax forms and applications. The A. P. Calculus Course expanded to two classes this year due to the increased enrollment. The num- ber of Trigonometry students also in- creased, and the class size grew. Mr. Waldfogle Miss Pavle ovsky Mr. Cummings Mr. Delmonte Mr. Klemens Mr. Mercer The Music Department, headed by Mr. Mercer, was bigger and better than ever. The band was expanded from three to four groupsg Symphony, Symphonic, Concert and Varsity bands with an enrollment of 280 students. Mr. Klemens assisted by directing seven ensembles, two of the bands and conducting music theory classes. ffm? it . fi n 1323: ir: Y' :AJ : :A-K, its ms ,. 4. The Orchestra, was now in its sixth year sional, worked in all areas of the counseling under the direction of Mr. DelMonte. It center. Under her direction, the tutoring had almost doubled in size due to the if program at North Hills thrived. growth of the string program in North Hills. The Chorus, directed by Mr. Cummings, also increased its pupil enrollment with ex- pansion of the ninth grade chorus. Mrs. Brush Mrs- Newton Mrs. Eleanor Brush, health program coordinator and 11th and 12th grade nurse, finished her 8th year at North Hills. Mrs. Ellen Newton, the 9th and 10th grade nurse, completed her 9th year on the hilltop. They cared for emergency cases, sickness, and injuries. Mrs. Brush and Mrs. Newton were busy with screening and physicals for working permits and sports. They also functioned as counselors to stu- dents interested in nursing. Miss Warren North Hills offered additional help to students through the serv- ice of paraprofes- sionals. Mrs. Altmire, one of the paraprofes- sionals, made Math more under- standable to stu- dents. This year Miss Warren was added to the program so that students could also have assistance in Social Studies and Science. Mrs. Williams, the third paraprofes- Mrs. Altmire Mrs. Williams ig fur: t si . 2 W-3 Q , st. N33 W 1. ?"..2t. 1 r ... 1 Miss Anderson Mrs. Caldwell Mrs. Divers Mrs. Ferguson Mr. Guadagnino Mr- Hare Mr. Morris Mr. Nauamn Miss Rausch Mr. Sabina The Physical Education Department continued the program of regular gym classes in ninth and tenth grade and the co- ed elective classes for students in the Senior High. Eleventh and twelfth grade gym allowed participants a choice from a 5 3? t I lla is it 2 gl, ww -i x Q Physical Education Pl'iI1QiPHlS ..I, ,sf ,pus Eiwffzic' ,,,, Etiggt :renee !v.:,. zqfmx '-:asf . qw 7-lt: Q: sh 1., .U ..:, va. Prmclpals Reading School Board ,. ig ,V.,. . .. . .t Y A.1lwf ff., ., , ,,,,,.,.,. M.. .u,, ,.,, ., ,,W,. ,o..,...v,.. , .,,.,., . ,,g,,..,,.. ,. ...,.,,,.., . ,,,.. . ..,, -. .A ,,.. ,w., c selection of three different activities every 4 A5 the 1 Ilh grade P1'inCiP3l, Mr- t!2 weeks, This program was Called Life. Napolltan took personal charge of B10 time Sports because it provided the oppor- -lUn101'5- He also SUPel'V1Sed the Engllshv L, ' ' tunity for students to develop skills in a iff DUVCFS EdUCHi10I1, and Home ECOHOHUCS if Q. I sport in which they can participate later in jf DePaflmeY1l5 35 well HS Vocational and l I life. The plans for the future included the -gf, Reading PTOSFHIUS- He had also been in- ' A extension of the Life-time Sports to the Sffumemal in lhe CliSCiPlifl3I'Y COUFSC of QIC- W A I lMor1-one Building II tion taken at North Hills and had mam- lfeggigg . , ,gy Q I tained some semblance of order within our ,Q walls. it 4 f . . . . ' Fi W- ,. I Mr. Napolitan believed the main objec- .- f .Il ess, tive of school to be a solid education, and f f fi' for all students to discover who they are, I II I I E -I f V W---Q and to have fun doing it! Q .I if .M 'f I l:'1:Q'r: ,,.. ' f N- ' 1tl?ffi5f?ftif52?3af,,' 7 7 7 at .7 5 ' t . . . ,Ig ff 5 gf-3:21-'g,ggf:gjIg1I5I f ,. Mr. Venditto, part of North Hills' admin- Eiiif 5 I 2 s , istrative branch for some years, had tem- porarily assumed the responsibility for the - I ta ' . if """ entire complex on the hilltop, as well as the ' ' X7 jg- senior class of 850 students. Mr. Venditto had become a well-known personality to all because of his active par- ticipation in school functions and his in- DSE? if-f sti ation of the traditional celebration of -tv Ifgf g . . mia gig famous American birthdays. 52 ln Mr. Venditto'5 Pflsition as principal, he became the connecting link between the ,fig ' district's managerial offices and the faculty 3 lfff of both buildings. 2 -t U 's' fsezfsyfiliiif " 2553 flax: 512495. Dr- Brown Mr- Hohman iii? W M Mr. Napolitan Mr. Venditto 7' .M gg tt- tw -:-t 5 Q. . Dr. Brown already noticed a more posi- If., tive attitude of concern between students and faculty after only two years at North 5 M Hills. As principal of the freshman class, he ff , if 7 , handled 740 students and the Speech and f A i Mr. Giallonardo Al" DePar""?n'S' . hlliplfillifilil Dr. Brown s goals for this year were to ' V Mr. Sim W ,E gain a sense of unity between grades and to if" I gig, I begin an alternative school for students H f ,I Mrs- Colossimo fi- ..-. T h e S C h 0 0 I 5 4 'unable to function in a normal classroom I I .IQQQQ 'ff gilfff7f'f,,gn VVAV I, it situation. f ' 2 The Reading fffff ef. 1 - B'?a'd elected Cer' if I I I I I V V D A 5- 1 I ,X , ' i . i taln students as 7" l'lnCl 3 S 3 S0 ii C ICS 01151 11 0 ,I , f fy, ' ' In I ' IQ- sl . P I 1. h d th P b1'Y f t . I A h egadrtgn elclt I ,, ff, Lunchroom Aides ,periodically rating the classroom perfor- A ea 9 Y FS- 6 " f"a ' ' ' " ' at the rate of "5 mance of each teacher who reported to at II Alcjook, .helped Mr Chapas 32 20 Per hour in . their office . stu ents increase Mrg Hawe ' . ' . .-.,,. - y the winter and 1 , speed, vocabulary, Mr McDonald . 1 I I - ' s rin of 1977. , I A twenty year veteran in the education t Sfudy. Skluf and Mr' ,gurcell Tfliley S150 Changed 223 field, Mr. Hohman had seen many changes. MISS AICOOK llsfenmg Slflllsf bY Y' Omaslc some teacher OSL The biggest change however in his six years Mr' Madzelonka u?mg Certam teqh' tions P l K on the hilltop had been a new disciplinary mflues Rid eqglli' Due to the very had winter of '77 the , l system resulting in a drop in vandalism and 2233235 mem- YS- 0 - - - , - Q 1 f-Th k'd r b t hi osimo and Mr. Madzelonka, reading Schtfol Board recogmzed that flexible ln' C ass cuts' e 1 5 we e e ter t S year' . - - . service days would be the best answer to f There was just a friendlier atmospheref' Fw Spwallsts,taushtPQwefBeHd1ns,Effectlve ,I the weather problem Another 'ob of the . 5 id M H h Reading, and Individualized Reading. The -yy ' . J ' mi a r' 0 man' . .x-sf School Board was to appoint personnel to iii M H h ld h b I ,w total student enrollment in these courses 'iiffff . . . . r' 0 man wflu 'fn fer e remem . d . H it coach athletlc teams and sponsor act1v1t1es. ' ,,,,,., 5?-I bered as an education prlncipal and not as ,g,.,,, Increase to 430, due mamll' I0 the fact I h B d ' - . . . . .-,.- 1 h - f - n 1976 t e oar adopted a district test- .zfthe disclpllnarlan. t at lt was 3 SCI '1mPf0Veme1'll Class. The .-wg I hI . My I I Wg, . . IQ mg program w ich gave the school an idea gg Althou h some of 1115 ob demands re. are Student was set on h1s own reading level get . . . zsfifzgszyfgaaet- ' I 5 I I I J I d d h. Th d IW' of how it was progressing in all areas. The 'W' "'e Squire some disciplinary actions, he con- iifiij an Pmgfesse at 15 Uwn fate' e epan' B d ' d h h Q'-1 as I I I I im: . . .sg oar promise t at t e results would not 4 :W siders this role secondary to his educational mem med 10 Select the most beneflclal PTO' -1 ' ' iw I I I I simply be filed away but would be shared if UI, '45 5 responslbllmes gram for the students. with all 4' ' L- ' Ql IIYI ' E ,., n.' V ....s:t,,,5 ,age ' gy: ms: 1 Q Q, .5 . t gi ge? 5 giscienc Science. ,.saTsSecretaYaes S6CI'Ctar1es Mr. Deithorn Mr. Gorwick Mr. Keyes Mr. Marshall Mr. Molitor Mis 16 s Pavicich T IU its Ta L Mr. Reiland Mr, Shinkg Mr. Wohler Mr, Wood This year, over 900 students selected ad- vanced science courses as additions to their curriculum. Science has always been one of the most popular areas of study for the stu- dent body at North Hills, but this year the large numbers spoke for themselves. Although the multitude increased, it did not cause the already large department to expand any further. Some of the more glamorous aspects of the science field include college credit for advanced placement courses taken in high school and increased personal knowledge of the physical and theoretical laws of nature. Seventeen dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members involved in the science program drew their students into the com- plex world of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. No doubt, the scientists of the future will be our students of the past. Mrs. Haug Mrs. Hiles Mrs. Hlava Mrs' Kerr , Mrs. McGinnis Mrs. Mcwhlnney Mrs. Rudolph Mrs. Samuels Mrs. Sturges Mrs. Wharton The secretaries at North Hills had many duties and responsibilities critical to the successful operation of our school. They were assistants to the principals, the staff, and the student body. We had burdened them with every possible task from issuing tardy slips to acting as part-time counselors and full-time problem solvers. Each addi- tion to the disciplinary or educational policies gave our secretaries more and more to do. How many times have our secretaries been instrumental in helping to organize the school life of each student? Of course, their regular duties of typing, Bling, and sending and receiving correspondence was an integral part of their jobs. But it was the extra responsibilities taken by each secre- tary that made them indispensible. Securitg Social tudies ' . 'l ',g':E'f..f.V:5f "x 3 1.55 fx. " K The Security Department at North Hills had many respon - sibilities and duties. The per- sonnel controlled traffic on the hilltop, gave fines for parking viola- tions, and issued parking permits. The safety of the school district's building and occupants and court appearances on behalf of the Dis- trict were all labeled as their duties. They also tried to prevent vandalism and drug abuse by students and acted as a liaison with Ross and West View police. Mr. Cohen supervised the seven mem- ber, 24-hour-a-day security patrol. Mr. Cohen Mr. Adams Mr. Bufalino Mr. Burris Mr. Grove Mrs. Hargrave Mr. Hoza Mrs. lgnath Mr. ,lack Social Studies Social Studies Speech 'sf Mr. Leasure Mr. Miller Mr. Mullen Miss Peters Mr. Rice Mr. Schuetz V nl W... . ,. ' ' ' z22-2? JN ',f, 1 f at Mr. Marziale Mr. Motley Yliss Owens Mr. Pohl Mr. Richey Mr. Sweitzer 4ffiz!,N ffffmm Mr. Wentzel Mr. Wilkie The Social Studies Depart- ment, under the new guidance of Mr. Royce Rice, had just begun to u n d e r g 0 Mr. Vgpgick reorganization. rs. I e Mr-Young Although no n e w p r o g ra m s were added to the curriculum, the teachers attempted to adapt the classes to fit the needs of the stu- dents. The ninth grade program consisted of American Political Behavior, while the Sophomore program focused on World Cultures. Juniors had to take either Ameri- can Studies, a topical approach to America and its problems or the special A. P. Ameri- can and A. P. European History classes. Seniors chose their courses from a wide range of electives that included Sociology, Law and Justice, Economics, Urban America, Current Issues, Comparative Religions and Science in Society. Mr. Rice felt that there A'Was a need to make students more aware of Social Studies and make it more appealing and in- terestingf' E W' X as ia Q 'KZYWW ' f I - X ii ' we 1 Mrs. Brown Mrs. Madden All!!! wil sm Min n 2 yr Mr. Waldfogle Speech Mr. Crupie Mr. Hubert Superlntendents Ms. Matviko Mrs. Hargrave T h e S p e e c h Arts program con- sisted of a variety of class options. Courses in Speech A r t s , R a d i o Broadcasting, Tel- evision, Theater, Debate, Com mun- ications and Stage Productions were Mnmce some of the speech electives available to the students. Headed by Mrs. Madden, the department enabled the students to communicate better with the fast moving society in the U. S. in 1978. The speech classes continued to grow mainly because the courses were relevant to society and the students found the courses enjoyable. The Speech Arts Department offers a variety of courses to North Hills students. ', I i ".-, Dr. ,Iary j 'f ,jf iii. ffg This year, the i f ,zlp North Hills School A District was swung cffj' into full gear by Doctors Geller, i'i' ' I Jary, and Bird, I D SuperintendenQ Dr. Geller Assistant Superin- Dr. Bird tendent, and Ad- ministrative Assis- tant respectively. They had joined forces early this fall to develop and introduce systems for Pro- gram Planning, Budgeting, and Evalua- tion. The realm ofthe superintendenfs responsibilities included the implement- ing of a strong supervisory hand over methods of reporting student achieve- ment, their behavior, and attendance to parents. They also reviewed new pro- grams of curriculum study, experimen- tation and research. Together, Geller, Jary, and Bird also prepared the annual budget for adop- tion by the Board of Education and col- lectively maintained the standards with- in the district in spite of the tight eco- nomic plan. Under all the specifications and regulations set by the Board of Education, our superintendents moni- tored our education. 18 --.2 L"'Emu-.- ,,..v'w--.Q ,,,,,.,-u..,,,, ,,,,a4vo...,, Mr. Gay Mrs. Persinger Miss Jackson Mrs. Mountan Mr. Campbell Mr. Rice Ms. Segal Mr. Miller , ,,,,,ni. , ..,,.,...-iR"""' ,V :W 1.I,-ffrlfiih-1555 iff' ' , Mrs. Gaver Mr. Harper Dr. Gelleris Secretary Administrative Principal Mr Shmko In Memoriam Mae Elizabeth Sturges 1919 1977 The Senlor Class of 1978 remembers fondly the secretary in the office who wrote out the late passes for us. Mrs Sturges had been one ofthe secretaries for our class for a year and a half before her death. She liked young people and found working ln the central office involving and exciting. Mrs. Sturges began working for North Hills Schools in 1957 as a secretary at Highland Elementary School. There she kept the records ofyoung children. She was transferred to the Guidance Department at the Senior High School where she again met the students from Highland and their friends. Later she became one of Mr. Hartman's secretaries in the main office. She also worked for Mr. Harper and Mr. Venditto. A life long resident of West View and famous for the Easter candy she enjoyed making for the community, Mrs. Sturges will be remembered not only by us but by many of our parents and grandparents. 2 0 N CTIVITIE - 'ag' . :1,,,-1, iff, . ., mir' X I a u .fi i 3 wif? M5355 The Foreign Exchange The American Field Sewice was an interna- tional organization formed to promote better understanding between countries and among people through student exchanges. The club boasted of a membership of sixty students. Members were asked to attend meet- ings and to be truly interested in learning about people of other countries. The officers were President Patty Schleis, Vice-President Bev Mitzel, Secretary Chris Scott, and Treasurer Amy Wire. Under the direction of Ms. Peters, A.F.S. was involved in the North Hills Flea Market, held a car wash, sold stationery, and the North Hills g'Scalp 'em" buttons. They also took part in the HA. F. S. Weeki' where students who had been overseas came to talk to Social Studies classes. The A.F.S. Club also sponsored a "Social',, in which the faculty and students had a chance to meet the exchange student from Finland, Juha Taipale, and listen to Diane Lang speak about Mexico. Top Left: Vera Meier and Carol Zang. Top Right: Ms. Peters. Center: Row 1: Amy Wire, Chris Scott, Bev Mitzel, Patty Schleis, Ms. Peters, Juha Taipaleg Row 2: Tamara Johnson, Bernadette Hoff- man, ,loyce Lan , Diana Mahon, Laura Mascari, Sue Qgiigle , Amy Dietrich, Carol img, Elaine Hartzel, Dave Schoenlag, Ro er! garizasg RIJW 3: Vera Meier, Patricia Ge ert, Claire Scott, Chuck Garizas, Rose Kaine, Donna jahn, Cindy lgouda, Sue Pivirotto, Ann Notsch, Lynn Wilkie, Row 4: Eric Holmberg, C d Baer, Sharyn Gardill, Tam- my Gordon, Debbie Steinbach, Doug lice, .lan Lang, Bob Bollin er, Mary ,lo Becker, Ed Schell, Linda Kendrick, Duanetta Ri s, Pam Tit- tle, Cathy Mitchell, Alison Mullins. Bottom right: Ofgiersz Secre- tary-Chris Scott, Exchange student--,luha Taipale, Vice-Presi- dent-Bev Mitzel, Sponsor-Ms. Peters, Treasurer-Amy Wire, President-Patty Sc hleis. BIGGE T YEAR Any student enrolled in an AP course was eligi- ble to become a member of the Advanced Place- ment Club. In 1977-78 there were seventy-eight members, the largest number in the club's histo- ry. The club raised money through various ac- tivities to offset the cost of the examination fees for the AP tests taken in May. They participated in the Annual Flea Market and had a car wash in April. Several speakers were also invited to lec- ture on different topics that were of interest to many students. AP History teacher, Mr. Elmer Pohl, sponsored the AP Club. The officers who were elected in September were President ,lim Buckley, Secretary Kevin Brown, and Treasurer Cathy Waddell. The vice-president was ,lunior Doug Ice, who will become president of the club next year. Right: Cathy Waddell fTreasurerj, ,lim Carol Walker, Cyd Baer, Vicki Smith, ROW Buckle QPresidentj, Doug lce fVice-Presb 3: Annette Giovengo, Faith McDonough, dentl, Kevin Brown lSecretaryj. Below: Gretchen Roos, Alison Mullins, Row 4-: Row 1: Miriam Hummel, Sue Komm. Mark Lees, Clay Griffin, Eric Holmberg, Angela Franco, Andy Fitzgerald, Row 2: Doug lce, Brian Bove. I A. P.' HI TORY l l Row 1: Sandy McClelland, Cathy Waddell, Susan Andrulat, Sandie Fabian, Chan Benson, Sherri Dunn, Beth Knabel, Tricia Joyce, Leslie Pillar, Denise Rouda, Am Wehner, Row 2: Phil Okunewick, Becky Sbhaffer, Darlene DiDonato, Steve Carr, Nancy Lefko, Carol Stein, Lisa Niklaus, Maria Balouris, Sand Orr, Ellen Haidet, Keyte Caldwell, Eileen Malllon, Kris Radde, Mary Beth Vollmer, Mark DiGirolamog Row 3: Ron Gardner, Pat Dou herty, Don Bussinger, Linda Schneider, Debbie Eu an, Greg Peaslee, Diane Bohn, Lori Rahming, Shari Wysseier, Karen Kielnairz, jim Talerico, Sue Fuchs, Kevin Brown, Linda Schrall, Ken Wrightg Row 4: Dave Kraus, Gre Gross, Bill Gordon, Joe Notsch, Jeff Kruhm, Tim Hop e, Vince Heck Bill Kendrick Valerie Barthel liay Hurley R1chW1tt NiLkGiard1no Terry Slade Nan .A 1 Q5 Q' 'Ziyi E 1 ' ., .x . M 3 1' - cy Cooney, ,lim Buckley. AY rAf5t,,, ' If ' ' A rrowhead MAI TAINS HIGH TA DARD The Senior High newspaper, The Arrowhead, provided its readers with information concerning news and sports of not only North Hills High School but also the entire Ross-West View Community. As a financially self-sufficient organization, The Arrowhead never failed to maintain high standards in all phases of publication. Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Dave Kraus and sponsor Ms. Matviko, the fifty-five active members published not only the issues of The Arrowhead but also the Senior Wills. Because of the recently adopted 'LGuidelines for Student Newspapers," The Arrowhead has never. in its 37-year history, had so much freedom in which to fulfill its purpose-hto promote journalism, inform the student body of vital happenings, and to provide an outlet for creative and factual writing." l 1 Top: Sandy McConville, Eileen Mallon. Center: News and Features Staffs: Row 1: Ellen Aschenbrenner, Michelle Fenicato, Beth Knabel, Sandy McClelland, Beth Kasunich, .lane Ann Mallon. Row 2: Tara Howey, Diane Bendzin. Betsy Fancher, Beth Keller, Eileen Mallon: Row 3: Tammy Gordon, Sharyn Gardill, Barb Krul, ,Ieanine Braithwaite, Cyd Baer, Carol Walker. Bottom: Carol Stein. Op osite pa e top left: Business, Editorial and Sports Staffs: Row 1: Rnnette Giovengo, Carol Stein, Gail Zewe: RUW 2: Shari Wysseier, Clay Griffin, Jim Buckley, Bill Kendrick: Row 3: Tom Harrison, Tom Dibert, Ron Gardner: Row 4-: Bob Oster- rieder, jack Daniels, Rich Dalrymple, Bob Dum. Top right: Dave Kraus. Bottom: Editors: Row 1: Amy Wehner tTyping and Copyj, Steve Carr QPhotogI'aPltyl, ROW 2: Ron Gardner fSportsj, Lynn Scott fCirculationD, Dave Kraus tEditor-in-ChieD, Jeanine Braith- waite Ufeaturesj, Mike McAleer fphoto raph jg Row 3: Eileen Mallon tNewsJ, Carol Stein fBusiness and Co-Editorialsj: Row 4: Scott Wise fArtJ, Bill Kendrick CEditorialsj. 5, ? XW aa fd' QQ s TUDENTS EXPERIE CE JOURNALI M Top Left: ,leanine Braithwaite. To Right: Art and Photograph Staffs: Row l: Tony Martin, Scott Vljise, Steve Carr. Row 2: Michael McAleer, Tim Rusch. Bottom Left: Nancy Lefko. Bottom Ri ht: Typ- ing and Circulation Staffs: Row 1: Karen Knoth, Nana Lelio, Barb Krulg Row 2: Liz Rydel, Norene Walworth, Marla Nllascari, Carol Stein, Kathy Wellmang Row 3: Terry O'Donnell, Mary Carol Sig- gwnd, Laura Mascari, Renee Staskoq Row 4: Amy Wehner, Lynn colt. 26 Synchronized Wimming Continues To Be a uccess The swimming pool at North Hills set the stage for approximately twenty girls to swim to the music of the Pink Panther in a synchronized swimming show. Included were group routines, duets, and solos. It was the exhibition of the North Hills High School branch of the A. A. U. Swim Team. Mrs. Doris Scott coached the show with the assistance of Linda Scott. Mr. Morris was the faculty sponsor and Sandy McClelland, Secre- tarylTreasurer, handled the paperwork and ti- nances. These people and the other performers made the Aquatics' fourth year a success. Row 1: Trace Ringland, Maureen Godkin, Eve Faris, Elaine Hartzell: Laura McClure, Linda Scott, Tracey McClelland, Lisa Hermann, Valerie McCombg Row 2: Dawn Russ, Cindy Smith, Barb Riley, Karen Kreutzer, Trace Rice, Linda Wilt, Sandy McClelland, Row 3: Sue lxivirolto, Alison Mullins, Ann Nolsch, Debbie Ogden, Wendy jenseng Officers: Valerie McComb, San- dy McClelland, Tracey McClelland, Tracey Ringland, Lisa Hermann. .3 , of if mhUllhIl!lllllll III! Hllivg-ql!fY!!lBillllllllllll 1 L' l diff! vi U1' :Za KFAAZWQX ,U . The Bock Ensemble played Contempor- ary songs while Glenn Guadagnino and Nancy Cooney added their melodic voices. The players in this ensemble brightened up the people around them while adding something new to the sound of music at North Hills. Pictured at right: Front row: Bob Edwards, Lance Haas, Dave Muehlbauer, Tony Merzlack, 2nd row: John Rathbun, Bob Spatafore, Nancy Cooney, joe Mercer, Bill Cousins, Jeff Breitinger, Randy Miller, Tim Rohland. NSEMBLE Stage Band was comprised of some of the best trumpets, saxes and trombones from symphony band. The group played com- positions from various jazz, rock and pop composers. They performed at school as- semblies, competitions, basketball games and concerts. Pictured at left: Front row: Rege Zurchin, Andy Carson, John Rutherford, Mark DiGirolamo, Angelo Frazetta, Bob Edwards, Tom Fleming, Steve Hawbaker, Paul Merlak. 2nd row: ,lim Buckley, Derrick Taylor, ,lanet Scheid, George Zimmer, Ken Wright, Warren Mercer, Monica Stattler, Denny Trltinger, Kirk McClure, Anita Stattler, Dennis Quinn. The Brass Ensemble of 1978 consisted of 21 fine players that wherever they went to perform, they filled the air with joy and excitement. When the ensemble got together to rehearse and perform, they re- minded you ofthe English Brass Bands of long ago. The Brass Ensemble of '78 will long be remembered by the 21 members who put in their time and practice to help make it great. Pictured at left: Front row: Cary Punzak, Frank Gitzen, Dennis Mclaughlin, jeff Paul, Allan Dye. 2nd row: Bob btanisha, Marc Crouse, Joe Walters, Allen Call, Zoi Panor- mios, Kevin Wire. 3rd row: Carl Lanke, Dave Wire, Steve Frye, ,Bill Lamb, Warren Mercer, Dave Groves, Everett Citzen, Dan Alderman. Musical Ability and Confidence The Flute Ensemble was com- posed ofa few talented musicians. This small group of flutists had played in different churches, and at a concert in December. These players specialized in classical music, especially Bach. Their musical talents were brought forth and together at rehearsals three days a week. Not only did it take time, patience, knowledge and talent, but great determina- tion to become a success. Pictured at ri ht: Sandv Jones, Denise Rouda, ,Ian l-Eintz, and Anne Stahl. The Sax Quartet specialized in songs emphasizing the strong qualities needed to be a saxophone musician. These play- ers spent much time rehearsing to play fine-quality music. Pictured at left: Front Row: Bob Schneider, Mark Philips. 2nd row: Dt-an Henry, Susan Baacke. ' There were about eight determined players in the clarinet choir who were ready and willing to learn and experi- ment with the various types of clarinets available. It took many years of hard work and patience to completely learn the type of music used for clarinets. The satisfaction and excitement will always be remembered by the musicians ofthe clarinet choir. Pictured at right: Front row: Alicia Cald- well, Kathy Smith, 2nd row: Nida Carson, Julie Rodgers, Natalie Berry 3rd row: Judy McGraw, Cindy Gall, Karen Gibson. The group of seven percussion players in the Percussion Ensemble started a new thing in the North Hills Band Department. They played a mix- ture of drums and mallot instruments to help add a nice sound to the Band Department of '78. Pictured at left: Front Row: Bob Edwards, 2nd Row: Kurt Hunkele, Tony Ruffolo, Lance Haas, ,Iodie Fit- tererg 3rd Row: Richard Sutton, John Rathbun. Come From Many Hours of Practice If 'W lwmg. age H WORKI G AS ONE The Marching Band of '78 began on June 20th, 1977. By early July, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Klemens, and Miss Kalogeros had selected the flagline, majorettes, and players. Throughout the summer, the 1977 members of the band practiced three nights a week, working hard to learn the music and routines. The third week of August was a week of anticipation. The Band practiced every night in preparation for Camp. On August 20th, the band left for Fomhell, Pa., the home of Camp Kon-O-Kwee. Ahead of them lay a week of trials, tri- bulations, discipline, determination, togetherness, and caring. During the week, old and new traditions were upheld such as the Master and Slave relationships, double GH's, morning e ercise, dressing up for dances, Stars and Rats, Bandmates, in itiation night, and the climax ofthe work, the Friday nigh show. Friday night at camp was a conglomeration of excit ment, fun, pride, and the unity that comes when a group erin dividuals does something great together. In no time at all it was football season and halftime becam a show in itself. Rocky, Sir Duke, and Star Wars were just few ot' the exciting sounds that made the 1977-78 marchin band one ofthe best. The Band Seniors of '78 will leave, bu will always be remembered as No. 1. Front Row: Grace Barlek, Mlcl-,elle l-'L-nlcalo, Ellie ombo, Maureen Lynch, Andrea Lutz, Linda Schneider, Vancheri Chris Koller, Valerie McGrath. Lymla Miller, Dianne Krachala, Andrea S0llilWiilllC'l', Dirty Smith. Sue Marv Allyn Lattner, Lesley Dexter, 2nd row: Karen Cul- Hawk- Pictured below: left, Linda Schneider demonstrate-s hvr way of waving to the crowd. renter, Prauv ticin with enthusiasm is Dianne Kradghala. right, Derrick Taylor takes advantage of a moment of rest during band camp. 'Hs S ,Q M. ,M """"'-f hz A...---"lt ,av-1. ,' f -TW: Front row: Debbie Fabian, Sue Katasanow, Diane Guebtner, Chris Fastuca, Bonnie Massucci, Linda McLaughlin, Mary Lee Dawson, Ma ' Anne Biery, Sue Whitacreg 2nd row: Sue Mueller, Fllracy Hedge, Carla Demas, Laurie Pohl, Marla Mascari, Janet Flynn, Donna ,lahn, Pam Nobhsq 3rd row: Amy Crouse, Beth Sigmund, Maria Balouris, Nancy Farrell, Lori Morgan, Laura Ballon. PQ BA D CONTINU S TRADITIO 0F EXCELLE CE Once again, the 1978 Symphony Band continued its tradition of ex- cellence at North Hills. The band, under the direction of Mr. Warren S. Mercer, jr., was comprised of eighty-six hard working, dedicated stu- dents. The band presented four concerts this year. The winter concert was held December 9, 1977, when the band gave its first public perfor- mance ofthe year. The second program was given on February 18, 1978 and featured members of the Pittsburgh Symphony as soloists. "Toccata,, by Joseph W. Jenkins of Duquesne University was commis- sioned by the band and was premiered at the March 1978 concert. The final show for the 1978 band was presented in May and featured special guest Henry Mancini. To raise money for their trip to Toronto, Canada for the Interna- tional Music Festival, the band sold hoagies, held a card party, bazaar, and raffles. Symphony Band-to all involved these works represented many ex- hausting hours of applied energy, practice and work. But the sacrifices proved worthwhile for the band members. The 1978 Symphony Band was an experience in discipline, pride, and unity that will never be forgotten. Sandy Jones, Karen Pinnow, Keyte Caldwell, Diane Monahan, Sue Andrulat, Ellen Haidet, Lisa Fitting, Carol Grosjcan, jan Hcinlz, Denise Rouda, ,loanne lacohucci, Karen Wright. Lance Haus, Mark Schultz, Dan livin, john Uhl, Greg Westliead, Bob Edwards, Doug Schlipp, Hugo Robhibaro, Angelo Frazella. 32 Row 1: Scott Mm-rlack, Monica Stault-r, ,lam-t St-licid, Bob Slanisha, Regis Zurchin Row 2: Denny Tritinger, Mark DiGirulamo. Officers: Row 1: Mark DiGirnlamog Row 2: Kathy Smith-Secretary, George Zim mer-President, Bob Edwards-Vice-President, Kris Branting--Treasurer. ROW 1: Anita Stattler, Loretta Kuliwat, Dennis Quin, Karen Kielniarz, Tom Fleming: Row 2: Karen Schrall, jeff Eoffmeister, Lynn Kelso, Row 3: Kirk McClure, Andy arson. Row 1: K,-is Bmming, Am Hollisten Row 2: Bartek, George Zimmer, Kenneth Wright, David Brian Barnes, Scott Good, William Griffin, War- Fallerv Paul eflacki CHU' Binl- ren .l. Mercer, Steve Hawbaker: Row 3: Robert Row 1: .lackie Ebbert, Alicia Caldwell, Nida Carson, Karen Gibson: Row 2: Shirleiy Lotz, Laura Taylor, Sandy Orr, Wen y Jensen, Katia Smith, Barb Huelsnlann, Nancy cCarthy, Ruth Groetzmger, Debbie Solyan: Row 3: San- dy Fabian, Laura Mannas, Diane Tri- tinger, Debbie Ogden, Cindy Gall. French Horns: Greg Malish, Linda Schrall, Doug Ice, Lisa Gaus, Gary Punzak, Nancy Cooney, Tim Evans. Tubas and Baritones: Row 1: Bruce Crispens, Der- rick Taylor, Scott Eisenreichg Row 2: Greg Gross, Dan Taylor, ,lim Buckley, Dave Wire. Row 1: Ron Miller: Row 2: Mary Beth Vollmer, Channing Benson, Cath Waddell, Maria Petrocellyq Row 3: Amy Wire, Robin Frenz, Ron Frenz. 4 E Lp IBR TIO S The North Hills Senior High School 0rchestra's sixth year proved to be one of growth and development. What began as a small fif- teen-member group six years ago had more than doubled in size due to the increased interest in the string program throughout the district. Led by Mr. DelMonte, affectionately known as Mr. "D", the orchestra was composed of string, wind and percussion instruments. It held Christmas and Spring concerts that were open to the community and gave special assemblies at West View and Ross Junior High. The music played was not only classical but popular as well. Also, several students earned the opportunity to participate in special district, regional and state orchestras where they performed with the area's best musicians. To raise money students volunteered to work at a booth in the Flea Market. Orchestra provided students a chance to develop their musical skills in an informal and fun atmosphere. Row 1: Scott Wise, Annette Giovengo, Lynn Strother, Eric Wertz, Roy W3ldSChmidl,. Lisa Stuckrath, Miriam Hummel, 0 Paula Groetzinger, Ann Hinkley, Alex Nemelh, Shelly Bennett, Cer. Hofmeister, Mark Priore, Susan lKallqu1stg Row 4: Greg Westhead, ry Hickle , Greg Swiger, Cecilia Cook, Row 2: John Boetz, Barbara Doug lee, Karl Priore, Scott Gaillard, Steve Frye, Everett Gitzen. Barnes, gan Pelozarski, Douglas Robertson, Eden White, Row 3: 'S S s E 3 Top right: Awaiting instructions from the director are Scott Wise, Annette Giovengo, Lynn Strother, ,Iohn Boetz, Barbara Barnes, Dan Pelozanski, and Dou las Robertsong Bottom left: Musicians Karl Priore, Scott Gaillarg, and Erba Heinen rehearsing their music-, Bottom ' ht: Officers: Vice-President-Scott Wise, Librarian- Gerry Hiclllcfey, President-Cecila Cooke, Roy Waldschmidt. Row 1: Maria Petrocellv, Carol lang, Lvnn Kreutzer, Sue Katasanow, Shariy hip , Tracy Mc- Clellandg Row 2: Debbie l.aue, Ann Glassler, Janet Scheid, Terry Hattley, Debbie Davies, Paula Payne, Cindy Feitl, Row 3: Debbie Steinbach, so irrli aft Xxx, Ellen Aschenbremer, Cyd Baer, Ellen Haidet, Tammy Gordon, Jamison Baerg Row 4-: Tom Gosco, Ken Kemmler, Dindy Rowda, Don Bussinger, Vera Meier, Mary Carol Sigmond, Val Danner. German Club Grows German Club after an exceptional year in 1977 doubled its membership in 1978. The officers, Presi- dent Carol Zang, Vice-President Ann Cassler, Treas- urer Cyd Baer, and Secretary Terri Hartley, worked diligently to coordinate activities, which included an Octoberfest, a Christmas party, Christmas caroling at a rest home and a short trip. The club participated in the Chorus Flea Market where profit was made through the sale of German food and crafts and in the American Field Service Food Fair in the Spring. Mr. Ernest Molnar, club sponsor, hoped that through activities the German Club could promote the study of the German language and culture in an interesting manner, attractive to students. Interest was maintained in the club throughout the entire year because it remained active. Through weekly meetings, capable leadership, and industrious membership, the club had a successful year. Gocso. Above left: Vera Meier and Barbara Noggle sit in front of the German Hag in German class. Above right: German Club members work at the Food Fair. Left: Row 1: Ann Cassler, Ellen Aschenbrenner, Mary Carol Si muncl, Vera Meier, Carol Tang. Back Row: Tammy Gordon, Helen Holl, Barbara Noggle, Tom l One of the most enthusiastically received, year- round activities offered to the student body was bowling. The participation drawn by this activity was due mainly to its social and athletic appeal. During the school year the Bowling Club met ev- ery Wednesday at the McKnight Lanes Bowling alley. These sessions lasted two hours for the over one hundred competitors. The students occupied twenty-six lanes to accommodate the club's large membership. The officers for the 1977-1978 year were Presi- dent-,Iim Orr, Secretaries-Marla Mascari and Laura Dugan, and Treasurer-Patty Dugan. Mrs. Caldwell sponsored the organization and assisted the students in their preparations for the annual Bowling Banquet and boat ride scheduled for late in the year. 36 Above-Row 1: Scott Kuline, Beth Knabel, jimmy Orr, Lvnn Prentice, Row 2: Mark Contouris, Diane Schneider, Ylarla Mascari, Donna Jalin. Mindy Wcmlfi', Bets Grovesg Row 3: Dawn Washburn, ,luhn Henderson, Lori Bahminv, Sue Quigley, janet Scllcid, Rose Kaine, Patty Schleis, Linda Daley Row 4: Lauren Stoker, Cindy Call, Carolyn Davis, Diana Mahon. Patty Dugan, Janice Murphy, Cind Traynorg Row 5: Mike iVlcAleer, Cecil Kretz, aurie Miagill, Bob Lawlor, Paul. Woessner, Chris Bennett. Ri ht: Cindy Traynor. Top-Row 1: Luann Cha man, Kin Dunlap, Dewey Donaldson, Dave Belke, Binh Fischer, .lerry Huffnieisterg Row 2: Michelle Loscar, ,lanice Lanff, Lynn iVlanjerovic, Pam Harvey, Beth Kampllaus, Laurai:Dugan, Ylary Ann Vi-ltre, Blair Woliinger, Boy Woliingerg Row 3: Laurie Mascari, Tamara Johnson, Jer 'Ste-wart, Diane S o- lar, Patti Hatfield, Terri Lubbert, ri-Dianna Moore, sue Nlagill, Diane Yovanovich, Row 4: Natalie Buffolo, Betsy Fanizher, Michelle Buhino, Carol Grosfean, Janice Broad- bent, janet Baker, Donna Lockhart, Tlom llarrison, Dave Kerneyg Row 5: Terry O'Donnell, Donna Bylander, Brett Friedline, Ron Partridge, Jeff Hall, Chuck McGinnis, Tony Martin, Pete Kallams, Mike Somerville. Center Left- Bowlinf' Cluh Officers: President-,lim Orr, Secretary- Laura Dugan, Se-crm-tary-Marla Mascari, Treasurer-Patty Dugan. TRIKE! mile Youire on Candid Camera The North Hills Film Club was one organization on the hilltop that tried to stay in focus. Mr. Langer was the club's sponsor and it met Thursdays after school. The meetings were informal where members learned and discussed film production and directing. They also did their shoot- ing, planning and editing at this time. Films were made with live actors or ani- mated ones and the only restriction was that they be rated HG". A few students used their own equip- ment, but the majority used movie cameras provided by the school. The students put much work into their pro- ductions, but they still liked CATCH- ING THAT CANDID SMILE! Bottom left Mr lan fr the sponsor of Film club member Bill Werbaneih. - - 2 2 E anagers of School pirit F. School spirit was the responsibility of four- teen enthusiastic girls. The Cheerleaders were supported by many exuberant TRIBE mem- bers, parents, and North Hills students. The only two seniors on the varsity squad were Captains Pam Kinnen and Diane Mergenthaler. The Co-captains were Peggy Carr and Mary Jeanne Meyers. This year the new Cheerleading sponsor was Mrs. Rupert, and the managers were Linda Marty and Mary Smith. -4 .,. Row 1 Jod Schwartz, Karen Rubbo, Lisa Hermann, Robin Schwalder, Valerie Meyers Diane Trettle Carol Wrlghl Pam Kmnen Peggy Carr Cindy Smith McComb ileen McDonough, Diane Mergenthalerg Row 2: Mary Jeanne Carolyn Mueller Center-Row 1: Robin Schawalder, Eileen McDonough, Mary Jeanne Meyersg Row 2: Valerie Mc- Comb, Karen Rubbo, Diane Mergenthaler, Lisa Hermanng Row 3: Diane Trettle, Carol Wright, Cind Smith, Pam Kin- nen. Row Jody Schwartz, Peggy Carr, Carolyn Mueller. Top Left-Eileen Kaule, Carolyn Co p. Top Right- Karen Rubrimo, Ma Jeanne Meyer, Bottom Leg!-Linda Many, Mary Smith. Opposite Page: To?-Captains Diane Mergentha er, Pam Kinnen. Centex-Eileen Kaule. i L wi IQQ 32 Clap Your Hands! Sing Your ong! Let's go Frank's Tanks! l'm from North Hills Choir and we are selling! Who has folder number seven? Wherels my robe? . . . We're united sons and daughters. Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Oo ----- . . . Spirit . . . Unity . . . Music . . . Harmony . . . Dedica- tion. That was what Symphonic Choir was all about. The select group of about one hundred people which comprised Symphonic Choir grew and matured under the guidance of Mr. Frank Cummings. Right from the start the students im- mersed themselves in the excitement of Symphonic Choir. New red folders for all the voice classes set the tone for a surpris- ing year and the enthusiasm kept building. It carried all the way through the Fifth An- nual Flea Market, the building of the Homecoming Float and through the annual Band-Chorus football game where the cheering of Frank's Tankettes spurred Frank's Tanks to a 20-2 victory. The Choir displayed its spirit and unity by singing the Alma Mater at the Pep As- semblies. Once the Mexico Choir was chosen the job of raising money began. Choir mem- bers could be found all over North Hills selling concert and raffle tickets, calendars, jewelry, candy, and doughnuts. The thrill and the joy felt by the Choir at the tradi- tional, candlelight Christmas Concert was matched by the sensation experienced by the audience. The Spring Concert gave the Choir of 78 its last chance to perform together. Then it was off to Mexico with a chosen group of about sixty members where North Hills Choir upheld its tradition of excellent and competitive singing. 40 Row l: Ann Panagulias, Amy Wickline, Rose Dougherty, Bill Spoehr, Kevin Clavin, Don Bussin er, Doug Rensi, Nancy Maxson, Kathy Farrell: Row 2: Eric Holnilwrg, Patty Fitzgerald. Sue Fuchs. Mark Elmerliardt, Judi lngram, Lans Alexis, Kris Radde, .I Ann Mallong Row 3: Kim Paul, jenny Kreuz, Li Kropll Martha Kreuz, Amy Hollister. Eileen Mal Tammy Cordon. Mary Lane, Pam l.ittlt-. f W :sw 'iw 1, f ' I ,., Mi :if Q 3- r -' 4 W . em i I I N Mwfffx . . ., ,.-f. 4. Y ' Y K 110 43' f 2' ,, ' 518 vu-I I Ap! Q 4 Q , - 'K F ? Q w Q ,Q g VW a xx, n ,x, I 1 if WN xX! V if , KN! ig-Q ff 5' -' N' V 5 New VT . Keep orth Hills Chorus . 413225355 , Row 1: Bill Spoehr, Kevin Clavin, Don Bussinger, Hanna, Rich Dalrymple, Rich Wilt, Chuck McGinnis, Checking notes isa must in order to sing the songs cor Tom Auth, Ken Shannong Row 2: DouiRensi, Lans Kerri Gausq Above left: Eric Holmher and Kurt realy Mary Lane and Sue Fuchs- Alexis, Tom Fowler, Rich Krafczynskig ow 3: Don Moc enhaupt looking over their musicg Agove right: ' 44 ...Un Pitch! M 1 v my - ,V ,pq -15 .1 Q W. www: umm Y- - q, -t, , .e1f1,., 1 f ' 2 t teiii etae F 11 L XA - -A K t - t l l, if egaPi22'SQ" f nt- , , -6725: , ,. , tt 5, kt 3633 4' , t , ,X Q , 6 it - 1.5 ,fa S ,, . 4 N Qtr ' - n,,z., ?5 ac,y,, . ,i .. , ' . A ,f arf. .,.f f ,L bit a , ' ' f he , fl-11 , ow 1: Terri Wolf, Lynn Miller, Miriam Hummel, Ann ana ulias, Rose Dou herty, Denise Bedel, Patti Faub, isa Pqiclclausg Row E: Kathy Couch, Sue Heinauer, ynn Prentice, Amy Wickline, Carol Walker, Debbie teinbach, Sue Fuchs, Donna Dredge, Maria Arena, Row 3: Martha Kreuz, Beth Diemert, Mary Lane, Patty Fitzgerald, Diane Jackson, Debbie Zupan, Karen Hoover, Cindy Funk, Shari Wyssier, Bernadette Hoff- man, Row 45 Polly Shipley, Dana Waters, Lisa McKinley, Kim Paul, Peggy Can, Jenny Kreuz, Betsy Groves, Beth Keller, Gail Zewe, Margurite Moore, Michelle Fenicato, Elaine Hartzellg Above left: Lifting their voices high are sopranos Lynn Prentice, jenny Kreuz, and Patty Fitzgerald. Above right: Mr. Cum- mings directing the choir at a Monday night practice. Wm!! 141111-I I il .,, M fl . , 0 A il Top Row 1: Glenn Kaiser, Bryan Kircher, Richard Hauser, Denis Cuhaugh, Roberta Fornauf, Michelle Poganyg Row 2: John Rusak, David Burns, Richard Dully, .loe Kelly, Sandy Kearney, San- dy Thurston, Patty Mazurg Row 3: Bruce Fromlak, Chris Cammarata, Richard Wilhelm, Keith Garland, ,lim Sipes, Jerry Thompson, Row 4-: Tim Regrut, Ed Scheidell, Bill Robic, Dave Dixon, Bill Thomas, John Tobolski. Center: Officers: Mr. Holden lSponsorl, Bill Ryan, Chris Eichler, .lohn Tobolski. Bot- tom: Row 1: Richard Bakaj, Mike Bensy, Renee Dannen- muller, Sandy Singer, Terry Nixon, Joan Hollenber er: Row 2: Gary Bradac, bgark Maybee, Frank McSorley, Mark Cracz k, Joe Borga, Rick Cobaugh, ehris Eichlerq Row 3: Kevin Kircher, Fred Wikert, Bernie Zokolowski, Dan Garvey, Fred Fischer, Lisa Adams, Row 4-: Mike Richards, Bob Carlins, Mike Hurt, Bryan Schmidt, Cliff Miller, Joe Weider. 46 The orking Class All students enrolled in the Coopera- tive Education program were eligible to join the Co-op Club that was organized last year. Students gained leadership abilities and social skills which they used in their Annual charitable project, the Thanks- giving food contribution to Rev. Allbright for the Youth Opportunities Unlimited on the North Side. To raise money, Co-op sponsored a booth at the flea market. They also had a Christmas Social which included bowling and lunch at McKnight Lanes and another Social in the spring. Co-op was under the leadership of Mrs. Arthurs and Mr. Holden, faculty sponsors. The officers were President Bill Ryan, Vice-President john Tobolski, Secretary Janet Nickolay and Treasurer Chris Eichler. DEB TE Row 1: Patriea Cvepen, Clay Griffin, Bill Evans. Gt-rw Dou Ice, Dave Garrett, Row 3: Carol Lucas, Deanna Hickl , David Schoentagg Row 2: Terry Tobin, Sharvri DUHTSVY. Tl'lCl'f'S2i Ff'Cl0l', David Williams. .l0l1I'l Gardiil, Terri Hartley, Cindv lVlisencik. Laura Pople, Williams, Paul Cufllllntlhalfl, Jeff H0ffm9iSlfl'- The Debate Club tried to follow in the path established last year by win- ning the district tournament and setting off for nationals. The Club, with the guidance ofChairman Bill Evans, met regularly and worked efficiently in order to be successful at each weekly tournament. Debate Club had twenty-five membersg a large majority of these members attended a tour- nament every Saturdav. The team, under the direction of Mr. Rice and assistant advisor, Mr. Pohl, participated in twenty-five tournaments, hosted the North Hills Invitational Tournament along with the Speech Club and organized a spring workshop on debate. The debaters annually offered a high school assembly in which the Pitt Public Debate Team par- ticipated. Debating was an enjoyable, academic game where students could gain worthwhile speaking and thinking skills which trained them for future life. This yearis national debate question, 'gWhat would be the best national health care policy?" To hopefully put the team on the right speaking track and take them to Chicago in june, the landmark of this year's national tournament. Center: Officers: Clay Griffin, Gerry Hickly, Mr. Royce, Rice, Bill Evans, Patricia Cepert. Bottom right: Work- in on material for his debate is Bill Evans. Bottom le t: Clay Griffin taking notes to support his case. +1 DRAMA FORE SICS-THET LK The one-hundred sixty five who comprised the Drama Club worked hard to make this year's projects a huge success. Their main purpose, according to club chairman Diane Bohn, was to "produce all the school productions by working on various crewsf, These ranged from a publishing house, set construc- tion, lighting and sound effects to actors, directors, assistants, make-up and costumers. All drama mem- bers were required to enroll in at least one or more plays. The organization projects, which include spring and fall plays, one-act play competitions, and the children's play, were under the direction of Mr. Glenn Richey and Mrs. Linda Brown. Mrs. Brown believed that the best ingredient of a good perfor- mance was "the total sum of all the people working together cooperatively." Thespians: Right-Row 1: Donna Dredge, alerie Barthel, Diane Bohn, Chan Benson, Lynn Scott, Eileen Mallon, Paula Payne, Row 2: Norene Walworth, Beth Keller, Michelle Lejeune, Ron Mc- Clure, Sue McGrail, Charlotte Kroshel, Row 3: Beth Diemert, Glen Guadagnino, Amy Warren, Linda Nichols, Kevin Baldinger, Tom Fowler, Darlene Malone. T05 Right- Drama Officers: ecretary- Treasurer--Charlotte Kroshel, President-Diane Bohn, Vice President-Tracey Sere- nyenko. Drama: Row 1: Beth Diemert, Valerie Barthel, Donna Dred e, Kathy McKissock, Diane Bohn, Mary Jeanneqtlleyer, Linda Nichols, Chan Benson, Row 2: Rich Per , Maureen Terjak, Ann Panagulias, Eileen Mlalllon, Amy Wehner, Norene Walworth, Jane Ann Mallon, Dave Molinaro, Barb Riley, Tracey Rice, Lynn Fulton, Trish Lutz, Charlotte Kroshel, Maria Petrocelly, Cliff Early, 48 Carol Anderson, Michelle Lejeune, Paula Payne, Sue McGrailg Row 3: Suzanne Noon, Sally We er, .ludy Mueller, Beth Keller, Lynn Scott, Diary Fleckenstein, Trac Serenyenko, Sylvia Viviano, Karen Kreutzer, lgathy Kleinsmith, Carol Smith, Dawn Russ, Terry O'Donnell, Sue Whitacreg Row 4: Karyn Morris, Mary Lee Dawson, Sue Brooks, Carolyn Tenley, Marla Mascari, Carol Beerhalter, Debbie Steinbach, Kathy Gigel, Jenny Mann, Karen Heck, Pam Nobbs Amy Row 5: Glenn Guadagnino, Ja Hurley McAleer, Kevin Baldin er, Ron cClure Hoover, Cathi Benton, Roberta Lucas Clndy pxhy, Eric Dalton, Alison Mullens, Ann Notsch a erico, Beth Sweitzer, Bill Evans OF ORTH HILL Speech Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Peggy Madden, worked long hours to train present-day Demosthenes in the skills of oratory. With some members specializing in original, per- suasive, and extemporaneous speaking, the organization also encouraged readings of both prose and poetry. Frequently, free time on Saturday was given by the members to participate in local and county speech tournaments with many trophies and com- mendations as rewards. Several outstanding North Hills students represented the school at state-level competitions. Officers: Row 1: Cliff Earg, Beth Sweitzer, Diane Bohn, Kevin Baldinger, Rich Antong Row : Bill Evans, ,lim Talerico, Bob Lawlor, Tim Sutherland Charlotte Kroshel. 0 V Row 1: Trish Lutz, Bill Evans, Beth Sweitzer, ,lim Talerico, Charlotte Kroshel, Row 3: Cliff Early, Mary Jeanne Meyer, Diane Bohn, Donna Dredge, Kevin Amy Welim-r. Diane Spolarg Row 2: Beth K1-llc-r, Eileen Vlallon, ,lane Ann Baldinger, Bob Lawlor, Shawn Zwigart. Mallon, Karen Kreutzer, Rich Anton, Jenny Stewart, Patty Cox, Amy Warren, A limi' 's I Getting Down to Business L '1'B"u I GGELEIIUCBEIC3 Gzrameeaa E3 Ng The Future Business Leaders of America was a National organization for high school students enrolled in business education programs. ln Pennsylvania the FBLA was organized on three levels, state, regional, and local. The North Hills chapter of FBLA participated in the State Leadership Workshop at Robert Morris College, the Regional Leadership Workshop, and the State Leadership Conference in May at Host Farms. FBLA also sponsored several activities. A banquet in May and an Awards Assem- bly were held to recognize outstanding members. They raised money by selling L'Senior '78,' mugs and peanut brittle. At Christmas time they collected money for 5 l, l 9 f N ifamamaaagg - Children,s Hospital. Row 1: Elaine Burghart, Donna Gorman, Debbie Hughe , Steph Reith, Maureen Godkin, Nat Lutz, Cindy Davenport, Lori Liebenh, Rochelle Turkovich, Debbie Pryor, Row 2: Tami Wight, Nancy Bolsinisr, Amy Breitenbach, Diane Bendzin, Nanc Le o, Marsha Webb, Fran Laquatra, Bonnie Bobiali, Laurie Misenik, Laurie Jenkins, Barb Huelsmann, Diny Andrea Schwalder, Lynne Devlin: Row 4: Shirley Smith, Linda Genhoffer, Kath Buchlmayer, Lotz, Cindy Smith, Peggy Carr, Carolyn Mueller, Tara Maureen Weaver, Row 3: Michehe Stara, Carol Llghil1iSCf, Carol Sialik, Janet Baker, Pam Harvey, Pschirer, Kathy Giegel, Diane Dunton, Gale Protz- INYTIU M3n,lef0VlC, Patti Hatheld. Cindy Spangler, man, Karen Mankey, Lynn Wilke, Denise Thompson, HnCy Lupone. Officers: Point Keeper-Natalie Lutz, Secretary- ure'-Donna Gormanvpresidem-Steph Raith' Maureen Godkin, Historian-Debbie Hughey, Treas- Row 1: Sue llunt. Marla Masuari. Nancy Farrell. Betsy Groves: Row 2: Lauren Stoker. Nlarv Lane. Lisa Patterson. Kim lsner. Kari Phelang Row 3: Holly Lord. fn Stacey Stn-ffl, Diane Swanwirk. Sue Pivirottog Bottom Left: lfrank Buck: Bottom Center: Lisa Patterson. Mrs. Carey: Bottom Right: Linda Daly. Domestic Engineers lay House! The Future Homemakers of America was comprised of all of the students who were involved in a Home Economics course. With the help from sponsor Mrs. Wisehart, FHA presented different areas of Home Economics to stu- dents through projects in the classroom. They worked on activities for the different holidays or special occasions throughout the year. Some of their more special projects were making earrings, growing plants and making corn husk dolls. few, -as F 252 it :fs 1 M Sl ses: W' 105.0 34. if 54 aServing The Future Nurses of America Club was comprised of eleventh and twelfth grade students who were in- terested in careers in nursing and health. The school nurse, Mrs. Brush, was the FNA sponsor. The 1977-78 officers were: Sue Pivirotto, Presidentg Mary ,Io Becker, Secretaryg and Lori Joswiak, Treas- urer. Row 1: Mary .lo Becker. Lori joswiak, Sue l'ivirotlo. Mrs. Brush. Vera Meier. Lyn Kelso: Row 2: Becky Yurek, Tamara johnson, Elaine Hartzel, Sandy ,lonesg Row 3: Bev Mitzel, Lori Bechtold. Sheila Dye, Barb Krul, Yvonne Lapinski. Bottom right: Taking an eye test is art of a checkup for students. Top: Lori llloswiak- Treasurer. Sue Pivirotto-President, Mary .lo Becker-Secretary, Lyn Kelso-Vice President. Mrs. Brush-Sponsor, Vera Yleier-Vice-President. The FNA had twelve members Others" who assisted with Community Health activities such as the Immunization Clinic and the Health-O-Rama. The FNA served its members by helping them to share their interests in health, by exploring health fields and schools of nursing and by giving them the opportunity to grow as in- dividuals by working together and serving others. I YW , Mn t. A I ' ' The Hockey Team was not officially recognized as a sport by the school district but func- tioned as a club. Under the fine leadership of Coach Mr. Hubert and Assistant Coach John Hollands, the team suc- cessfully overcame many obstacles. Hockey was the only sport in which the players had to find their own transporta- tion to practice and games at the Lakevue Ice Palace on Route 8. The students were also responsible for financing their equipment and ice time. Although the Hockey Team had a losing season, the dedi- cated team never gave up try- ing. Starting Center Keith Ziberg led the team in scoring. Also comprising the starting line were Team Captain Bill Ap- pelt, Mark Keyser, Rich Bartek, jim Lang and the ex- cellent goalie Tracy Fitterer. Passing the Puck! sl ef-"" M. P. . ,Q ' X ln Q 2 X 'fag M mf M u Q , l s Opposite-To Right: Bob Giese. Center leg: Paul Besterci. Center r' ht: Mike Za pas and Dan Wall? Bottom: 'lliacy Fit- terer, Paul Besterci, Larry Barnes, and Pat McKenry. This Pa 4? Top: Norb Klebanski, gary Schmitt, and Dan Wolf. Center: Row 1: Bob Giese, Paul Vukson, .lim Lang, Glen Davies, Mark Ke ser, ,lim Stewart: Row 2: Dan Alflerman, Tracy Fitterer, Pat McKenry, Mike Zap as, Bob Troy, Eric Murphy, Norllz Klebanski, Lar Barnes, Gary Schmitt, Dan Wolz Bill A pelt, Ginny Viviano imanalserj, flich Bartek. Bottom eft: orth Hills bench. Bottom right: Eric Murphy. ll li! I' an 5 Lending Helping Hands The Key Club and Keyettes kept busy this past year by help- ing the boosters distribute loot- hall programs, ushering senior citizens to and from the school plays, choral and band concerts and also providing them with refreshments. A dance marathon was conducted to raise money for service projects and operating expenses. Key Club won the Homecoming Float Building Contest and pro- vided a competitive trophy for club participation in Homecom- ing. They cleared vandals' paint from school buildings and pro- perty, provided parties for the child welfare shelter, and also helped the Highland Presbyte- rian Church in their caroling nursing homes as well as usher- ing at open house and other school events. They provided liood, clothing, and toys to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The social events included a Hay Ride, Swim Party, All-Night Bowling, a Christmas Party, Awards Ban- quet and a year-end picnic. The Keyettes Club exceeded a membership olione hundred six- ty girls. The Keyette officers tpictured on the next pagel were President Karen Kielniarzg Vice-President Mary Smith, Recording Secretary Michelle Leluene: Corresponding Secre- tary Sue Ryan, and Treasurer Diane Mergenthaler. Mr. Adams served as sponsor. and made refreshments for area Row 1: Bubsy McDonough, Tricia Jo ce, Debbie Laue, Ginny Viviano, Diane Schneider, llanet Flynn, Marla fVlascari, Lynn Prentice, Maureen Boyle, Laura Ballon, Bert Lucas, Laurie Fitzgibbon, Cathy Colichcr, Katie She yard, Row 2: Karen Kielniari, Sue Fuchs, Steph lleith, Barb Huelsmann, Linda Mcl,auffhlin. Carolyn lhrig. Liz Rydel, Nancy Lefko, Nancy Hllfilson, Tracy Seskey. Beth Knabel, Eileen Kaule, Vida Carson. Fran litquatra, Bonnie Bobiak, Nlaureen Saunders, Cathy Sippel. Maryann Ruperto, Chris Scott. Elaine Burffhart. Sherry Dunn: Row 3: Debbie Huffhey. Lisa Stein, Belt? Bancrolt, Terri Woll, .lulie Miller. Sue Davies, Kat y Caye, Michelle Myers, Bonny Massucei. Diane Mergenthaler, Anita Colaizzi, Janice Meisinger, Donna Mertz, Diane Simon, Beth McKelvy, Janet Froehlich, ,Ieanne Lerch, Max Wright, Ter Tritinger, Gale Protzman, Becky Schaffer, Sue l?i'epley, Donna Jahn, Sue guipley, Sandy McClelland, Debbie Zupang Row 4: at ly McKissock, Tracey Rin fland, Jackie Mitchell, l'attv Dugan, Janice Murphv,Tl'laelene Caldwell, Ka- thy Krebs, Joann Fogarty, Betsy Sala ek, Pam Kin- nen, Linda Nichols, Diane Bohn, Cisa Dappricb, Dianne Aldrid e, Nancy Henry, Denise Rouda, Lori Rahming, Linia Schneider, Patty Faub, Mary ,lo Becker, Sue Evans, Andrea Schawalder, Maureen Lynch, Phyllis Vollmerg Row Klenk, Lucy Lynne Devlin, Leleune, ,lulie mond, Bernadette DiDonato, Keyte Balouris, Cindy Gall Row 6: Cecila thy Buchlmayer, Donna Gorman, ,loan Keyette President-Karen 54 Row 1: Donna Lockhart, Wendy Orleman, Marcia Schieck, Michelle Stara, Debbie Solvan. Lisa Her- mann, Robin Schawalcler, Mary Smith, Patti Sarver, Kelly Berkey, Tara Howeyg Row 2: Sue MeCrail, Ann Conners, Vera Meier, Linda Many. Carolyn Copp, Nancy Neely, Mary Jeanne Nleyer. Beeki Adamski, Kathy Goetz, Eileen Mellonough. Kari Phelan, Tara Lighthiser, Denise Quinn. itliehelle lar- son, Susan Baustg Row 3: Ann Casler, Carol Weisseg, Mary Ann Veltre, Debbie Ovclen, Joanne lacobucci, Anita Treltle, Amy Crouse, Efarol Wright, Nancy Lupone, Michelle Noon, Kim Wallace, Renee Staskog Row 4: Barb Krul, Sue Komm, Gretchen Roos, Laura Dugan, Donna Rvlamler, Betsy Fancher, Carolyn Mueller, Michelle Rubino, Cincly Smith, .lanice Broadbent, Beth Sigmund. Beth Kamphus. Ann Notsch, Nancy Miller: How 5: Linda Kendrick, Duanetta Rigffs, Cathi Benton, Karen Hoppe, Terri 0'Donnell, Alison Mullins, Beth Moran, Pefrgv Carr, Beth Diemert, liaurie Pohl, Nancy Farrellflliane Ceubtner. Top Right: Maryann Ruperto, Keyette member ushering the elderly at a play. IJ Il' Eff 1 Reaching Out to Help The Key Club provided service to the school and community and it provided social events forthe members. Dues of one dollar and a willingness to participate in school and community service projects were met by over fifty members this year. The officers were President Ray Delding Vice-President Mark Eberhardtg Secretary Gary Connellg and Treasurer Ron lVlcClure. The faculty advisor was lVlr. Bob Adams. The Key Club was founded in l96l by the Kiwanis Clubs of West View. North Hills received its charter in the fall of 1973. In November of 1974 several girls ap- proached Mr. Adams and asked if they could start a similar organization for women. This was the beginning of the Keyettes. Key Club, besides working on joint service projects with the Keyettes and serv- ice projects of their own, had initiated a full social calendar with the girls. eldin,EricElieck, Ron McClure, Mark Dalrym le, ,lim Orr, Gre Peaslee, Gre Kassick, Creighan, jeli' Noelg Row 4: Terrv Slade, Kevin Cunnell. Mark DiGirolamog Row 2: Dave Myolinarog Row 3: iflark lgumn, Nike Leon, Brown, Jeff Conley, Bob Oslerrieder, Ron Rogg, John Bill Leone, Jeff Kruhm, Rich Rick Diemert, Mike Somerville, ack Daniels, Rick Henderson, Doug Ice, Neal Mantiuk. , 2, Bottomo osite a e: Officers: Ron McCiiuEe, Mgkgiiherhardt, Cary Connell, Mr. Adams, Ray Deldin. Op osite left and right, and left taxis page: Members of Key Club and Keyf-iles ushering the elderly at the play "Gocl's Favorite". 'i ,gil E J Honor Bestowed Being inducted into the National Honor Society was the highest honor a student could achieve. This honor was bestowed upon over 180 students rang- ing from grades ten through twelve. Na- tional Honor Society created an enthusiasm for scholarship, a desire to render service, a promotion of leader- ship, and a development of character. The requirement for Sophomores was a Q. P. A. of 3.75, for Juniors 3.50, and for Seniors 3.25. Each member had to hold membership in two school organizations or in one in which they held an office. The officers were Presi- dent, Leslie Pillarg Vice-President, Bill Kendrick, SecretarylTreasurer, Sandy McClelland, and Junior Representative, Angela Franco. Miss Rea acted as the faculty sponsor. A charter, issued in 1958-1959, was given to North Hills High School and began the National Honor Society here. The National Honor Society served the students of North Hills by tutoring, ushering at school affairs, and also by conducting the two installations for new members held this year. Highest Officers: Vice-President-Bill Kendrick, President-Leslie Pillar, Secretary! Treasurer Sandy McClelland. Row 1: Norene Walworth, Am Wehner, Eric Ebeck, Nancy COOHSY, Kris Branlin , Linda SChFlEidCl', Leslie Pillar, Row 2: Diane Hlendzin, Ellen Haidet, Jeanine Braithwaiteg Row 4: iohn Henderson, Ed Eileen Kaule, Karen Knoth, Eileen Mallong Row 3: C1'3l'lk0ViC, Greg PSHSICS, Bill KCfldl'iCk- 1 Sandi L ynn ahn Diane T Becky Schaffer, ,ludi lngram, Tricia Joyce, Valerie Buckleg Row 4: Jackie Mitchell, Mary Carol Siga Barthel, Steve Carr, Row 3: Shari Wysseier, Fran mund, ebbie Zupan, Maria Balouris, Linda Kro f, Laqualra, Kathy Naughton, Sandy Orr, Arc Lattari, Bob Dum, Gary Connell, Joanne Fogarty, lgat Sue Pivirotto, Diane Bohn, Janice Murphy, lim Dougherty. Row 1: Mary Ann Biery, Miriam Hummel, Angela ball, Row 3: Carol Grossjean, Donna Rylander, Clay Franco, Tammy Gordon, Dianna Mooreg Row 2: Griffin, Gerry Hickly, Mark Casey, Paul Rodgers. Tara Howev, Barb Krul, Alison Mullins, Andy Kim- El EE Resolution: Bigger and Better f T ' ht: N h' Ed't -' - h' i-Kathy Naughton looking over her work. Pgtgogigpherszlikdznlz ,lziyFlifi'lgy,lTiob Dumg Row 2: Bernadette Hoffmantsandl Angevines Row 3: Mike cAleer, Andyivllqtzlgerald. Blftttirll nghtztlglr. Hrlkthlzi publishers regrcresentatrve, and sponsor r. atterson oo mg over e year oo member's wor . 60 The Norhian staff in February of 1977 resolved to make the 1978 edi- tion the biggest and most innovative in North Hill's history. With the book containing seventy-two pages more than last year's yearbook and more thorough coverage than ever before, the staff began the preliminary plan- ning stages. They supervised the taking of Senior portraits and spring sports candids while the Layout staff carefully designed all three hundred and four pages. Once school began people on the staff could be seen every day after school in D-110, lVlr. Patterson's room. As a deadline drew near, weekend work sessions became necessary and many students gave up their Saturday and Sunday afternoons to work on the yearbook. At first the new staff divisions confused everyone. ln addition to the Sports, Features, Faculty, Activities, Typing and Business staffs, the Layout and Literary sections were created. These two groups were involved with the entire yearbook, with Layout designing every page and Literary respon- sible for every printed word. But as the year wore on, the staff members grew to like the new way of dividing up the work. In working on the Norhian, students found they had special talents that had previously been hidden to them. lt was not unusual for someone on Layout to be writing copy. With the sponsor, lVlr. Patterson, located in the Morrone building it caused some communications problems since most ofthe staffwas usually in the Senior High. And tempers grew short as time ran out on a deadline. But with the calm, steady guidance of Editor-in-Chief4Kathy Naughton and Mr. Patterson the book was completed on time. "Blood, sweat and tearsi' actually did go into each and every page. But the sense of pride each staff member felt when the book was delivered made it all worthwhile. Editors and Assistants: Row 1: Norene Walworth-Art Editor, Miriam Hummel-Litera Editor, Angela Fran- co-Co-Assistant Senior Editor, How 2: Leslie Pillar- Cop Editor, Patrica Gepert-La out Assistant Editor, Cin- dy gunk-Activities Assistant Eilditor, Linda Kr0pl4Co- Senior Editor, Faith McDonough-Co-Assistant Senior Edi- tor, Row 3: Sue Komm-Assistant Copy Editor, Sharyn Cardill-Assistant Fucult and Class Editor, Linda Schneider-Faculty and Cfiss Editor, lauren Stoker-Ao tivities Editor, Maria Balouris-Co-Senior Editor. Center r' ht: Typing Stafti Denise Rouda, Diane Bendzin. Center leigh Art Staff: Lynn Scott and Debbie Zupan. Bottom: Editors and Assistant Editors: Row 1: Wendy Schriner- Schedulin Editor, Donna Rylander-Assistant Typing, Nancy Lefio-Ty ing Editor, Laura Mascari-Co-Assistant Business Editor: gow 2: Maryann Ruperto-Features Edi- tor, Julie Crossman-Co-Assistant Sports Editor, Sandi Angevine-Co-Sports Editor, Bets Fancher-Co-Assistant Business Editor, Sandy Orr-Co-liitsiness Editor: Row 3: Barb Krul-Assistant Scheduling Editor, Karen Ho 1+ Co-Assistant Sports Editor, Bob Dum-C0-Sports Exton Cindy Traynor-Co-Business Editor. :""'r Bigger ana' Better Right: Business: Row 1: Elaine Hartzell, Lisa Niklaus, Ph llis Tenley, Debbie Solyan, Kathleen dellman: Row 2: Deb- lair- Lau:-, Sandy iVlm:Clellantl, Carol Kozt-n, Dave Sulim-rilagg Row 3: Karen Kielniarz. Barb Hailstonv, lil-lsv Groves, Cincly Gall. Bob Osterreirlvr. Shari Ehr- man, new Above: Lili-rarv: Row 1: Diane Bt-ndzin, Diane Tongc-lg Row 2: Cyrl Baer, Kc-vtv Caldwell, Linda Si-hrall, Many Anne Bie- ln-rg Row 3: Alison Mullins, Lori Rahm- ing, Tara Howvv, ,lim Pnrtrirlgvg Above right: Lavout: Row 1: Val Barthelg Row 2: Liz Rvdvl, Te-rri Wolfe: Row 3: Pallv Sehleis, Chuck Seplak, Rich Dalryrnpli-.- l Above: Maureen tGopherJ Naughton contributes to the Norhian by runnin er- rands, making pizza and omelets fir a hungry staff, and offerin a much a - reciated hel in hand. iight: Santily an and Mr. lafaqdfogle, Business Spon- sor, discuss the Carnation sale. Wf- iv Aides Check Gut References ln their nineteenth consecutive year of service at North Hills, the library aides were more active than ever. With the loss of one librarian, the eighteen library aides became an even more vital part of the library. Under the direction of Mrs. Persinger, they were given more responsibilities to enable the library to continue to run smoothly, such as tak- ing attendance and reporting it to the study hall teachers. Helping with the processing of new materials, preparing catalogue cards for filing, and helping other students find materials and set up and operate equipment were other jobs they performed. There was a social activity planned at the end ofthe year. Certificates of merit were presented to the outstanding aides during the annual Honors Awards Ceremony. Row 1: Jim Mitchell, Scott Congalton, Daniel Krepley, Vera Meier, Terry Tritinger, Dawn Lapinskig Row 2: Sharon Downey. Debbie W2i5l1l90fU3 ROW 43 Sllafyn Gfifdill, SDC HOH- Steinbach, Janice Lang, Sandy jones, Elaine 'UML Dian? DUHl0Yl,l0HIll'l Skullely. Hartzelg Row 3: Annette Giovengo. Sue Top: .loannv Skulti-ty ttlwclcs cards for over- due fines. Far right: Students use sources in the Senior High Library. Right: Librarian-Mrs. Pt-rsinger Letgs Get Rowdie! "Let's go North Hills! R-O-W-D-l-E, thatis the way to spell Rowdie, Rowdie letls get Rowdie, wo!" These were just a few ofthe chants yelled by the Nortl Hills pep club, the Tribe. Tribe built spirit and unity among the studen Nowhere was more pride or enthusiasm shown toward North Hills than in th Tribe rooting section at the football games. Even when things were goin badly, the excitement generated by this group helped to spur on the team o the field. Tribe also supported other athletic teams by organizing pep assem blies and selling game tickets. The club aided sports fans by sponsoring buse to many of the away games. This year's officers were President Ginny Viviano Vice-President Diane Schneider and assistants ,Iill Kummer, Terri Wolf an Mary Ann Ruperto. Mr. Buffalino acted as the faculty sponsor. Row 1 Donna Dredge Kim Paul Cathy Golicher Laurie Fitzgibbon Laura Ballon, Laquatra, Maureen Saunders, Maria Balouris, Janis Anderson, Yvonne Lapins Maureen Boyle Ginny Vlviano Mickey Hurt Jenny Fletcher Diane Schneider, .l0C Kelly, Mary Beth McDonough, Lynne Devlin. Row 4-: Lisa Neudorfer, Bet. Maryann Ruperto lauren Stoker Row 2 Sherie Kittredge, Tracey Rmgland Terri Patton, Betsy Salopek, Lisa Dapprich, Kathy Caye, .l0 Ann F0gBrly, Michelle Mye Wolf Carol Klein Bonnie Bohiak Linda Nichols Carolyn Davis Nancy Wilson, Chris SCON, PhylliS Tenley, Janice Murphy, Marsha Webb. ROW 5: Sue Davi Maureen Lynch Tracey Seskey Shari Wysseier Anita Colaizzi Eileen Kaule Row Tricia .l0yCe, Diane Simon, Mike Leon, Nancy Lefko. Cecilia Kretz, Laurie Magi 3 Katie Shepard ,Ian Froehllch Beth McKelvey Lucy Palmlerl Patty Klenk Fran Janice Meisinger, Cecilia Cook, Elaine Hartzell, Lois McCartney, Dave Hutchins fm? Row 1: Donna R lander, Mary Ann Veltre, Laura Dugan, Luanne Chapman, Peggy Carr, Karen Ruhbo, Marv Smith, Carol Wright, An- nette Cozlaski, Sue Baust, Tara Howey, Kelly Berky, Row 2: Bev Mitzel, Barb Mequaid, Gretchen Roos, Karen Hoppe, Kelly Mayhugh, Mary Jeanne Meyers, Lisa Herman, Michelle Loscart, Beth Moran, Robin Schwalder, Lynn McKelvey, Michelle Noon, Cindy Smith, Cin- dy Ceolz, Susan Mueller, Row 3: Eileen McDonough, Denise Qgxinn, Linda Marty, Michelle Stara, Nanc Neeley, Ann Notch, Becky irk , Diane Trettle, Nancy Lapone, Sue latchshaw. Beth Kasunicgi, Michelle Larson, Row 4-: Nancy Farrell, Carrie Phelan, Carolyn Mueller, Nanc Henry, Rich McKenna, Terry 0,D0nnell, Michelle Rabino, Betsy lyancher, laura Mascari, Cathy Benton, Karen Hoover, Diane Geubtnen Row 5: Dave Molinaro, Sue McCvrail, ,lim Orr, Mike Manesiotis, Dan 0'Hara, Ann Conners, Laurie Pohl, Debbie So ar, Nancy McCarthy, Allison Mullens, Row 6: Neal Mantick, lgurt Mockenhopt, Eric Holmberg, Vince Donatelli, Eric Saul, Dale Marks, ,lohn Reimenschneicler, Mike Somerville. Bottom: Vice-President- Diane Schneider, President-Ginny Viviano, Assistants-Mary Ann Ruperto, Terri Wolf, and jill Kummer. This Group Needs a Lift! The North Hills Ski Club consisted of ap- proximately 350 students ranging from grades nine through twelve. The purpose behind ski club was for students to be able to ski at a reduced price. Most of the trips were made to Seven Springs and other ski resorts around the Pittsburgh area. Not only did the students ex- perience long bus rides, but at times one of the buses would break down which would make the trips even longer. Although the trips did not always work out perfectly, the members of Ski Club had many good times. The Sunday afternoon and Thursday trips were arranged by President Phyllis Tenley, Vice-Presidents-Lori Morgan and Nancy McCarthy, and Sponsor-Mr. Gorwick. Ac- cording to the officers not only was the 1978 Ski Club the largest, but the best. A great deal of the credit for the trips should be given to Mr. Corwick for devoting his free time to mak- ing this yearis ski club the best everl Row 1: ,Ianis Anderson, Laurie Fitz ib- bon, Lynn Prentice, Maureen Boyle, Tia- thy Caye, Lisa Dap rich, Michelle Myers, Carol Anderson, Clarolyn lhrigg Row 2: Katie Shepard, Luc Palmier, Beth lVlcKelve , ,lan Froehlich, Patty Klenk, Karen Sycherer, Gale Protzman, Lori Bechtold, Leslie Vayda, Eileen Kaule, Bonnie Massucci, Tracey Ringland, Patti Faub, Dean Panaguliasg Row 3: Laura Ballon, Cathy Golicher, Kim Paul, Marv Beth McDonou h, Lynne Devlin, Mary Carol Sigmund,gDarlene DiDonato, Carol Pschirer, Janice Murphy, Phyllis Tenley, Sandi An evine, Sand McClelland, Karen Cogymbo, Diny Smith, ,lannine Hirschfield, Tom Fmi ang Row 4-: Maureen Saunders, Linda R. Nichols, Fran Laquatra, Bonnie Bobiak, Larry Barnes, Joel Riley, Joann Fogarty, Betsy Salo ek, Diane Mer enthaler, Don Spo- lar, Pam Kinnen, Tech McKenna, ,lack Daniels, Dale Killmeyerg Row 5: Pat Dou hert , Mark Eberhardt, .lim Orr, FrecPZeyl,ang, Kevin Brown, John Miltim, Rich Bartek, Fred Lovell, Al Diorio, Don Mueller, Dave Bartlett, Terry Salde, Jeff Couley, Dave Burns. ff ,, Mx .J La- .va if 4 ff? za. kwin 13g 5 , 'M X' , . v ea X Q? ' f Wg, L fgg .,-'.f15.,-M 'gf' 5 1:1 : vi' DECI I0 AKER Student Council became Student Govern- ment. This government included the senior of- ficers: President, ,lim Buckley, Vice-President, Rich Witt, Secretary, Karen Kielnairzg and Treasurer, Tricia Joyce. Presiding as the junior officers were President, Rich Merkel, Vice- President, Sue Kommg Secretary, Nancy Mc- Carthy, and Treasurer, Wendy Jensen. Mr. Buffalino was the faculty sponsor. Student Government was composed of not only a representative from each homeroom but also any interested student. Student Government planned the activities of the student body for the school year. It was Omuersz Karen Kielniarz lSecrt+l2il'yl, .lim Buckley flirt-siclcntl, Tricia ,loyrc frllreas- ure-rj, Rich Witt lVice-Presidcnll. responsible for the craziness of Senior Spirit Row 1: Am Hollister, Patti Faub, Laurie Fitzgib- bon, laura Ballon, Lynn Prentice, Eileen Kaule, Marianne Ruffolo, Patti Gunst, Sand McClelland, Beth Knahel, Lori Joswiak, Bernie Hofgmang Row 2: Mark DiGirolamo, Mary Beth Vollmer, Shari Wysseier, Valerie Barthel, Diane Bohn, Kathy McKissock, Linda Nichols, Sandy Orr, Marla Mascari, Carla Sciotto, Sue Hunt, Rich Anton, Karen Kielnairzg Row 3: Bob Stempak, ,lim Talerico. Mike Leon, Rick Diemert, Dale Kilme er, Pam Kinnen, Maria Balouris, Kathy Naughton, llsenise Thom son, Lucy Palmieri, Betsy Groves, Nancy Cooney, Einda Kropf, Rich Wittg ROW 4: Bob Lawlor, Oscar Rau, Mic elle Lejune, Julie Colwell, Ron Ro g, Tricia Joyce, Lisa Dapprich, Tom Mackiewicz, Sue Ryan, Kevin Baldinger, Bob Osterrieder, Don Bussinger, Tom Holt, Cath Waddell, Linda Schneider, Betsy Meister, Margie llayden, ,lim Buckley. Row 1: Debbie Sol an, Kari Phelan, Joanne Mascari, Bev Mitzel, Diane Spolar, jenny Stewartg Mueller, Cindy Salopek, Patti Sarverg Row 4: Vince Iacobucci, Nancy Mcllparthv, Mary Jeanne Meyer, Row 3: Tara Howey, Nanc Lupone, Natalie Ruffolo, Donatelli, Amlyjl Crouse, Eric Saul, Ann Notsch, Sue Mary Ann Veltreg Row 2: Cathi Benton, Kelly Michelle Fenicato, Michelle Rubino, Carolyn K0mm,Rich erkel, Donna Lockhart. Berkey, Michelle Loscar, Annette Cviovengo, Laura Week and the excitement of Homecoming night. The Senior Dinner Dance was a sue- cessful product of the club's work. As the year went along, Student Government reopened the student store known as the Trading Post. Spring really sprung when the seniors all caught the germs of Spring Fever Week. The Junior and Senior Proms organized by Stu- dent Government added a touch of romance to the year. Needy families and hospital pa- tients also benefited through the Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas favors. Student Government pulled the student body together making an active year for all. Officers: Rich Merkel fPresidentj, Sue Komm fVice-Presidentj, Nancy McCarthy fSee- retaryj, Wendy Jensen fTreasurerj. 1' -Q-A 1 vishb ' . .insig- ltfil A ' 70 PRESSING FOR TI E Exercise, hard work, and fun were the best words to describe the Nort Hills Weightlifting Club. The club was comprised ofa group of twenty-fiv boys who came and lifted weights or played basketball for a few hours Monday night in the gym. Most of the boys in grades nine through who participated were eager to improve themselves. It was also a great for football players to keep in shape during the off season. The coach of Weightlifting Club, Mr. Nauman, felt the club lacked sufficient equipment and time to provide members with the workout. - 1 Bottom r' ht: Row 1: Da l Guthrie, Mike Madrishin, Mark Ebefgardtg Row 2: Rilfffi McKenna, Eric Saul, Ron Rog , ,lim Orr, Row 3: ,lim Longo, Vince Donatelli, Dale Marks, Kirk McClure, Gary Connell, Row 4-: Terry Slade, Ray Deldin, jeff Conley, Rich Dalrymple. All candids: Students tak- ing advantage ofthe equipment in the weightlifting room to get their bodies in shape. FEATURE A The Semors partlclpate in the daily AUGUST 29-The jirst day oj school for students in the North Hills district. SEPTEMBER 2-The football team won its first game by defeat- ing a tough Montour team. The away game was attended by many Seniors and other students as five buses took of for the hour drive. SEPTEMBER 9-North Hills lost to Gateway in a hard fought game. SEPTEMBER 10-The first Senior High Student Council Dance was held. SEPTEMBER 12-The Band was invited to pejorm at the Steeler game when the Steelers played San Francisco on Monday night. SEPTEMBER 16-The Indians: first home game of the football season. The first pep rally was also held seventh period. It showed our team that they had our full sup-1 port. The rewards were great. North Hills defeated McKeesport. SEPTEMBER 23-The North Hills Indians defeated Shaler. SEPTEMBER 24-The Chorus fijih annualflea market took place on this day. Early morning rair caused it to be brought indoors, buf the weather didn it put a damper or sales. Almost all of the schooll clubs finished the day with a prof it. The Band festival was held a Martorelli Stadium in the evening SEPTEMBER 30-Another pep assembly was held as the team prd pared to face Uniontown. Nortll Hills emerged the victor to 4-1. i OCTOBER 1-The Boosters held dance in the Senior High gym. l l. .ludy Ingram and Jeff Noel practice holding u the wall. lt is a popular pastime at NHHS. 2. Ra rah, siss, boom, bah! A pep assembly managed Tricia Joyce. 3. Chris Scot! gets up enough ener to go to class. 4. Lori joswiak and Tricia Joyce smi for the birdie. otivities and athletics on the hilltop. CTOBER 7-Although there was pep assembly seventh period to enerate spirit and enthusiasm for e game, none was needed for the atch between N. A. and North ills. The Indians destroyed their rch-rivals, the Tigers, for the first 'me in seven years. CTOBER 8-The North Hills nior Miss Pageant was held at orth Allegheny High School. iane Bohn was chosen Junior iss. CTOBER 10-This day kicked f Senior Week. Students desig- ated this day as Inside-Out Day. CTOBER ll-Tuesday was set ide as Hat Day for the Seniors. CTOBER 12-Excitement was uilding for Homecoming as Clash ay arrived. The Seniors worked ard to wear green stripes with pur- le plaids and reds with orange. CTOBER 13-Do you remember -Shirt Day? A bonfire was held is evening to prepare the Seniors r Homecoming. CTOBER 14-The day for eniors. It was Blue and Cold Day Seniors wore their beanies and ums all day. Senior initiation ranks were kept to a minimum t Morrone Building students ere frightened anyway. Seventh riod the Seniors participated in e "Senior Skits" put on for the st of the class. For the first time, orth Hills had a float competi- on. Three clubs participated with ey ClubfKeyettes as the victor. dy Spragle received the title of omecoming Queen. ',And best of l, the football team defeated orth Catholic. Kris Brantlng heads for Mr. M1ller's room. 2. Cin- Rouda and John Hoffman were caught by a rhian photographer. 3. Mrs. Persinger turns to eck out a book for John Henderson. 4. Dwayne rr wasn't really sure he wanted his picture taken. "Pink Panthers" stomp at the last football pep ly. .11 ll ht I ls, an ,lumors and Sophomores enjoy the soeia OCTOBER 15-The Senior Cl Homecoming Dance was ext special because it had a live gro as entertainment. OCTOBER 20-Senior Pictur finally arrived and were d' tributed. All through the buildin students could be heard sayin HThat isn 't me. " OCTOBER 21-North Hills lost Central Catholic. OCTOBER 28-The Indians be the tough Highland football tea OCTOBER 29-The North Hi Chorus hosted a chorus festival five area schools. NOVEMBER 4-The North Hi Indians lost to Fox Chapel in t' last football game for the Senior NOVEMBER 8-The Nation Honor Society inducted Seniors. Refreshments were serv after the ceremony. NOVEMBER 1 1-The Senior Di ner Dance was a special event he at the Holiday Inn near the airpo. The group that peqformed was t fantastic Fragile. NOVEMBER 15-The Stadiu Review took place in the Seni High Auditorium as the Band p formed some favorite tunes fr their haMtime shows. NOVEMBER 17-18-The prese tation of the fall play, "Go Favorite. " The show was a big s cess as students fell in love wi Neil Simonis comedy. NOVEMBER 24--The start Thanksgiving vacation. NOVEMBER 29-Back to the grind as school began again. 1. Love those Seniors! Especially Sue Dreyfuss, dy Luteran, Maureen Rieger, and Sue Burke. Keyte Caldwell heads, for the library to do so research. 3. One plus one are three? Na Balsmger signed up for Accounting III to find 4. Al Werner sports hat during Senior week. M Zalivy wishes he hadn'l. life knowing that there IS more to come ECEMBER 1-The Stage Band ave a terrQ'ic pegformance. ECEMBER 2-The jirst home xhibition basketball game. ECEMBER 7-The Orchestra egformed at the Orchestra Festival eld at Ross Junior High. ECEMBER 9-Despite the bad eather the Symphony Band put n a great program for music lovers fall types. Senior Ed Crankovic cored 41 points in a basketball in over Valley. For this achieve- ent, 6'Steady Eddieu was named he Press Player of the Week. ECEMBER 13-The North Hills ndians Basketball team defeated haler. ECEMBER 16-The Student ouncil sponsored the Christmas ance. The West Penn Conference restling Tournament began its wo-night competition. ECEMBER 17-18-The Choir id it again as their annual andlelight Christmas Concert as a huge success. ECEMBER 20-The Chorus put n a special Christmas assembly for he students on the hilltop. ECEMBER 21-The special hristmas issue of the Arrowhead it the newsstands. ECEMBER 23-The start of the ong-awaited Christmas vacation. he Choir enjoyed a wonderful eve- ing of Christmas caroling. ECEMBER 27-28-Key Club ponsored a Dance Marathon at the heraton-North during the holiday reak, and much money was con- ributed to help their organization nd Children 3 Hospital. . Practice makes perfect! John Scherer and Marcia chick adjust focus on a TV Camera. 2. Let's ask rank Buck whom he's dancing with. 3. Pa! Conley aydreams. 4. Super stageeraft! The set for the Fall l y G d F I a , " o 's avori e." Freshmen receive first impressions JANUARY 3-School began agai ajer a long and exciting brea from the routine. Every studen will remember the freezing tem peratures in the Senior High as th heater was not working whe classes began. JANUARY 9-No school becaus of snow! JANUARY 10-Because of terribl road conditions, school was can celled. JANUARY 13-The big N.A.fN. basketball game. The gym was sol out an hour before the game, bu the Indians suyfered a tough defea JANUARY 17-Because ofthe 15 ofsnow thatfell in Pittsburgh ove a twentyfour hour period, scho was called oyjf JANUARY 18-No school as Pitt burgh tried to dig itsehf out fro under the snow. This had been th last scheduled day of the fir semester but was extended over th weekend. JANUARY 21-Key ClubfKeyett held a tobogganing party at Hig land Country Club. JANUARY 24-Thefirst day oft second semester. JANUARY 26-School was ca celled because of high winds an the loss of power in the Seni High. First no heat, then blackout. Wat next? JANUARY 27-No school becau ofthe cold. FEBRUARY 1-The fin deadline for the Norhian was rn and the entire book completed. FEBRUARY 2-4-Eight membe of the orchestra attended the Di trict Orchestra Festival Elizabeth-Forward. 1. The Varsity Basketball team enters the Pep to the enthusiastic cheers of the Cheerleaders a the crowd. 2, Hey, Kathy, which ones do we do? Beth lVlcKelvey and Mark Mitchell become clo friends. f what it's all about EBRUARY 10-The Senior weetheart Dance took place in the ym. EBRUARY 11-The date of the reshman Skating Party. EBRUARY 14-Valentines Day ould not be the same at North ills without carnations. The owers were delivered along with a pecial Valentine message. As a pecial treat, the second NA.!North ills basketball game was played t the home of the Tigers. EBRUARY l6-18-Members of he Choir attended District Chorus t West Mgflin. ARCH 3-4-The Choir spent two ays in Rockville, Maryland as a art of an exchange program with nother choir. ARCH 10-ll-A Choir from ockville arrived at North Hills as he second part of the exchange. ARCH ll-Juniors took the in- amous SA Tis for the first time. PRIL 10-15-Spring Fever eek. PRIL 14-The Junior Prom. PHIL 15-16-North Hills staged s own type of 'Cong Show 'lthe alent Show. PHIL 21-The Sophomore Ban- uet was held at the Sheraton- orth. AY 15-The Senior Prom was eld this night at the William enn Hotel, Downtown. AY 20-23-The Band went to oronto to enter a music competi- on. They stayed for several days to joy the sights of the beautjul ry. NE 3-Graduation-Here at t! Bob Osterrieder and John Henderson enjoying e half time show. 2. Betsy Meister doesn'l like to b d h h h distur e w en s e is ard at work. 3. You can I tell what Dave Faller is thinking. al Love You, Seniorsn Senior Day was that once in a lifetime experience when everyone displayed class unity by wearing clothing and beanies in the class col- ors of blue and gold. For the class of '78 this festive occasion fell on October 14, 1977. It started off like any other morning. Bleary-eyed, somber students sleepily rolled off the buses, but every once in a while a cheery, bright face of a Senior could be seen. This was our day! The day we could get revenge by making underclassmen sing "l Love You Seniors" and Hlim a Little Teapot" just like we did as Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. The halls were filled with blue and gold beanies and large yellow mums. Around every corner lurked a group of Seniors, ready to pounce upon a tiny, weak and lone underclass- man. The day was filled with excitement and it was climaxed by the Senior skits held in the auditorium seventh period. Seniors rumbled into the auditorium and anxiously waited for the curtains to open. The applause for "The Big Mac Attacks" seemed endless and blue and gold shakers swayed through the air. The Senior Skits ended Senior Day, but we had a lot to look for- ward to in the evening-HOMECOMING! Seniors Darryl Guthrie, Mickey Hurt, Carol Klein, Larry Barnes, Joe Hurlbutt Cheryl Smith, Chris Eichler wait to catch an unsuspecting underclassman .. -...,.I,tc. Kevin Glavin as Bi Mac and Chorus members: Mark Eberhardt, Don Bussxnger .ludy Ingram, Amy Yifickline, Jenny Kreuz perform the Big Mac Attack. Senior Tim Sutherland makes an out as Mr. Hare, Kevin Hiles, Jody Powell, Gary Schmitt, Mike Hughes, Jerry Boeh John Weinzettle, Brian Haschke look on. 78 A group of Seniors attack a Junior. ' 2 f 1? in Patty Fitzgerald, Tom Mackiewicz, Pat Dougherty, Mary Lane, Kim Paul, Jeff Noel, Diane J3CkSOIl and TriCia .l0yC6 hang a banner to honor the Class 0f'78 I odxxi i Dapprich, Katy Shepard, and Beth McKelvey enjoy the excitement of Senior Day. 'gf fsris 3 ,ff9?v" A .L ,X . aw.. 4 1 ' "4Z1:f'Q1 2, 1 ,WISP m , ..-mf. fi Y . ,X . I W 'E 29 75 fg Af -f ' - mini 1 ffzwuf 4 x omecomzng 00 Blue and Gold Beanies I ,lvnny Krcuz. Don Bussingz-r. 'lim-rri Wlolf. Tom Hull. and lat Mttfiarthy prepare- llie Big Nluc. The preparation for L'Homecoming 1977" began this summer when the making of eight hundred blue and gold beanies was the major concern of several members of Student Council. This huge task took the better part of five months before the beanies reached the heads of the Seniors on October 14-th. Mums were the next considera- tion, for most of the Senior girls purchased a flower as a token from this day. Another project to be undertaken was the planning and construction of floats to be entered in competition on Homecoming night. Hours upon hours were spent in mental and manual labor to create beautiful, operable floats to represent all the efforts. Also, thirty-six clubs nominated candidates for Home- coming Queen. Each candidate paraded on the field. Posters decorated the halls and cars which were adorned with streamers and paper flowers added to the festivities of the day. le Boblak, Fran Laquatra. float. Homecoming Queen Judy Spragale rides the Student Council Z Hurlbull Maureen Boyle, Cathy Urben, jeff Bates, Barb Marino, Laurie Fitzgibbon, Bernie Smith, iller, and Frank Buck look for underclassmen. Tim Phelan, Jim Winter, and Rick lVliller initiate Mary Homecoming '77 The contest was about to begin, and the enthusiasm peaked once more to cheer our North Hills, Indians on to a rousing, Homecoming vic- tory over North Catholic. The football game was no less than spectacular-each team showing out- standing ability, agility, and speed. The Tribe, a mass of blue and gold-beanied Seniors, loudly joined the cheerleaders to offer encouragement at each threshold toward victory. With this loyal support, the mighty Indians, by the end ofthe first half, were on their way to another win. The half-time entertainment proved to be the "Greatest Show On Earthw as far as the spectators were concerned. On this special occasion the Band showed their expertise as they presented their favorite selections to the fans for approval. "I Write The Songs" and the theme from "Shaft,' were two of the songs chosen by the Senior mem- bers ofthe Band for the Homecoming celebra- tion. However, no one will ever forget the unique production ofthe theme from S'Star Warsf, when in total darkness the Band marched in the il- lumination of their mounted headlights into a star formation at the end. This special number, dedi- cated to the Senior Class highlighted the eve- ning's entertainment. Returning to the football game, the team with renewed spirit exploded with more touchdowns and field goals. All points totaled, our lndians triumphed over North Catholic with a final score of 28-7-a fitting close to a perfect day. The festivities over, the student-decorated, flowered, and painted cars roared into the night with victorious honks and celebrative toots, marking the end of Homecoming '77. 1 MMI' a e 1 X55 63906 A Day ot Soon Forgotten Bob Carlin, Sherri Reardon, Al Werner, Eric Dalton, Dave Barttlet, Brian Mor- Clark, Bernie Smith, Mike MHClI'iSl'lil1. ris, Dave Belke, Larry Barnes, Joe Hurlbutt, Cliff Miller, Bob Smreker, Tim Girls and their "legs', perform the Burlesque Skit. The date was October 14, 1977-a day not soon forgotten by the Senior Class at North Hills Home- coming The festivities began at Martorelli Stadium as twilight descended upon the field. Four beautiful, bright colored floats entered by Key Clubflieyettes, the Band, the Chorus and the Student Council drifted into view. Key Club was later awarded first place in competition for "Best Float of'77" with the theme "Wish Upon A Star". Before this scene the Homecoming Queen was about to be crowned. The thirty-six candidates filed onto the field smiling confidently, but secretly await- ing the outcome. This year's princesses were Student Council's choice of Tricia Joyce and Linda Gerthoffer, nominated by the Football Team. Then the Homecoming Queen of 1977 was crownedg she was Judy Spragale, nominated by Boy's Cross Coun- try. The deafening applause accompanied the girls as they made their traditional ride before the spectators in the Homecoming float provided by the Student Council committee. Drama Club Stages Neil Simon is Smash On November 17 18 and the North Hills Drama Club sented Neil Simonis new 1 "God's Favorite". The Diane Bohn as Rose Benjamin sits in what is left of her demolished hguse- nino portrays him as bloody and sick. Q? ,iw 'Ref Joe Benjamin has endured much suffering. Glen Guadag- character, Joe Benjamin, by Glenn Cuadagnino, sented a modern day Job. He been selected by God to show Devil that even through suffering, one man would still renounce Him. God's human messenger to ,Nt Sidney Lipton, was played b Chan Benson. The conversation between Joe and Sidney were great source of amusement to th audience. ln the final act of the play, ,lo was rewarded for his unshake faith when his son David, playe by Tim Sutherland, becomes believer. ln addition to the actors, othe students worked on the Vario committees such as Set Constru tion, Costumes, Make-up a Publicity to help make the play success. Jetta, Sprzng Productzo Marla Mascari as Betty Chu mley confers with William Diane Kamaras, who played the part of Veta Louise R. Chumley, lVl.D., played by Ralph Merkel. Simmons, panics when her brother is thought to he missing. 86 Mike Roman and Bob Guido discuss Elwood P. admission to the mental hospital. Channing Benson The Cast 0fL'God's Favorite" with Chan B1 nson as blllI'l6y Lipton Tun Sulhuland as David Benyamm Cliff Earlx as Morris Diane Bohn as Ruse Benjamin. Glenn I uula nlno 1 ,lm Bt IUUTIIII M in lnanm Mew r as Sdld Binjunin B th Du mc it 1 Ylady, and Rich Perry as Ben Benjamin Invlszble Rabbit. Cast Myrtle Mae Simmons Leslie Kolb Veta Louise Simmons Diane Kamaras Elwood P. Dowd Bob Guido Miss Johnson fthe maidj Beth Diemert Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Beth Sweitzer Ruth Kelly, R. N. Diane Bohn Duane Wilson Tim Sutherland Lyman Snaderson, M.D. Joe Rzodkiewicz William R. Chumley, M.D. Ralph Merkel Betty Chumley Marla Mascari Judge Omar Gaffney Phil Eswein E. .l. Logren Mike Roman Bob Guido complains to Tim Sutherland who played a hospital attendant. The 6'Flying Finnn Fits Right ln. Juha H. Taipale came to North Hills from Central Finland, the Land of a Thousand Lakes. ,Iuha began attending North Hills in August of 1977, and won the hearts of all stu- dents at the Chorus Christmas Concert, when he and Eric Holmberg sang 'gRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" in the Finnish language. Juha lived with the Holmberg family, and became a good friend and choir pal of Eric, a junior. Back in Finland, juha's real father was a Lutheran minister and his mother was a teacher. He was surrounded by three sisters, Johanna, Minna and Sanna. "North Hills offered a lot more activities," stated ,luha when he compared North Hills to his previous school in Finland. He took advan- tage of this opportunity when he became a member ofthe Volleyball team, the Choir, and the Soccer team. He enjoyed playing the piano, music, and either watching or partici- pating in all sports. When ,Iuha left Finland, he did not leave everything behind. The heavy snow which hit Pittsburgh in January, 1978 made Juha feel right at home, and he enjoyed it. The 'LFlying Finn" claimed, 'fl think they sent it just for me. Above: Listeninv to music is one of ,luha's favorite . D . . . . pastimes. Here he and Eric put their favorite record on the stereo. Below: ,luha with his ulamilyw the Holmbergs. Seated left to right: Mr. Holmberg, ,luha Taipale, Eric Holmherg and lVlrs. Holmberg. 3 K n o is 42 'W 1'-" af: i"'I'fWh!.y- 7- K I "tx,..,, WU. K e' TuMi so ..... ,.'t I A I I 9 f I ' '1 I 'QCII Digg, i l t if fi. f W After Months o Practice the Pleasure of Applause This year the music department maintained its fine reputation as one of the best in the area. There was a wide variety of concerts and performances to satisfy any type of music lover. The Stage Band, which had won awards for its outstanding sound, held two assemblies and many concerts for the fans of popular and rock music. Their fine rendition of L'Rot'ky" almost brought down the house at every show. Symphony Band had its first concert on a snowy and cold Decem- ber evening. Marches like the "Nobles ofthe Mystic," classical songs such as the "First Suite for Bandn and Christmas tunes like the en- core Ul-loliday for Bells" were popular numbers on the program. The February I8 concert, included on the repertoire several interna- tional selections like the "La Fiesta Mexicana," and the spring show honored five members ofthe Pittsburgh Symphony who gave solos. At the program the special guest conductor was Pittsburghls own Henry Mancini. The chorus provided excellent songs for vocal music fans. They kicked offthe year at a Chorus Festival on October 29th when North Hills acted as host for five other area schools. For the Annual Candlelight Christmas Concert, director Frank Cummings selected a new arrangement of Christmas tunes by Jimmy Owens and Otis Skillings entitled the "Christmas Chorus Festivalf, ln the spring, the Chorus also featured many numbers of Spanish origin in prepara- tion for the Chorus' trip to Mexico in June. There were many other small ensembles that also performed. At North Hills there certainly was something for everyone in the music field. Left: Eric and juha practice their rendition ot ufludolph the Red-nosed Rein- deer" in Finnish hefore they go on stage. Right: Brett Friedline sings the Alma Mater whilt- he clasps hands with other choir members before the Christmas Chorus concert. Bottom Right: Rich Dalrymple and Jenny Kreuz work in the robe room before program. Bottom Left: The presentation of"l.ightshine', in tht- Spring of 1977 was one oi the highlights ofthe year. Dirt-ctet by Rich Barlo, and with a cast ofabout sixty, the production was one ol tht- years most popular assemblies. ws A Night of Flowers, Kathy Smith, Rhonda Harvey and friends boogie on. John Scherer, Barb Hailstone, Sherry Dunn, and Pat Dougherty, wait for dinner to be served. 90 Tim Sutherland and Beth Sweitzer bump to the music of Randy Kat The ,lunior Prom was a night of flowers, formal and fancy cars. Held on April 30, in Oak- the prom attracted couples ready to enjoy a on the town. The evening was a perfect ex- of springg clear and mild, with stars stud- mg the sky. Webster Hall had a large ballroom here everyone could dance to the music of Ran- y Kat, the group that was hired for the evening. inner was served at 7:30 and the tables were ecorated in the class colors of blue and gold. ftexwards, some people took scenic routes that ent to the top oflVlt. Washington and a few stop- at the observation decks or rode the incline. festivities were continued as groups met in for late snacks. Many picnicked the next The whole event was an exciting evening to be forgotten. H215 Bla D833 2212 BH l Webster Hall, the scene of the '77 Junior Prom. Tricia Joyce admires a picture as Frank Fisher looks on. Ginny Eisenbeis and date, Bruce Crispens and date, Cathy Waddell and Bob Stempak enjoying the evening. Senlor Sweetheart Queen of the Valentine Vlrgmuz Ezsenbels Uur Princesses CI UD 9.9 Diane Aldridge Phyllis Talley ove: Diane Mahon waits for her date to pick her up so they can be offto the Senior OTH. The biggest, greatest and most anticipated event during our school years, xt to graduation, was the Senior Prom. Not being able to tolerate the anx- usness that students feel while waiting for the arrival of this great day, the derclassmen began creating other dances, like the Sophomore Banquet d the Freshman Skating Party. Try as they might, they still could not cap- re the same excitement that the Senior Prom stimulated. This memorable occasion took place on the evening ofMav 15, 1978 at the illiam Penn Hotel. The name of the location itself lent to the grandeur of is special dance. The William Penn Hotel, with its stately ballroom, was the place for the prom. evening was great. The band played both fast and slow music to suit tastes. The food was good and the room sparkled as each couple dreamily into one another's eyes. By the time the prom had finally come an end, each person had accumulated many wonderful memories which he she would cherish all their lives. The Lights Are Much Brighter-Downtown Choosing just the right tuxedo for the Prom is Mark Wildon's dilemma. Below: Steve Carr is ready to leave for the William Penn Hotel. All dressed up in his tuxedo, he admires the wash-and wax job he did on the car for this special occasion. Above: Mr. Brown watches Cecilia Kretz hard at work. She and Dan Horne were voted Most Artistic. Right: Mr. Venditto enjoys a joke with Greg Peaslee and Tricia Joyce who were voted Most All Around. Right: ,lim Buckley and Karen Kielnariz, chosen as the seniors who dial the most lor North Hills, stand with Mrs. Canning. NIUE Left: Margie Hayden and Mark Mitchell, voted Most Athletic, admire a sports award shown to them by Mr. Ceh, the Athletic Director at North Hills. Above: Mrs. Brown tells Diane Bohn and Chan Benson the Most Dra- matic Seniors at North Hills, about a new play. Right: Jeanine Braithwaite and Bill Kendrick chosen Most Likely to Succeed listen to advice from Dr. Geller. Right: jovial Mr. Bufalino stands with ,leanne Lerch and Kevin Glavin, voted Most Personable. I 1 MDT Left: Mr. Mercer, the Coordinator of Music at North Hills, con atulates Warren Mercer and Monica Stattler for being chosen Most larusical. ostly Seniors 1. Gretchen Roos and Donna Rylander give a friendly handshake. 2. Maryann Ruperto unsuspeclingly looks up jusl in limo lu haw' hcl' Jiciurr' lakcn. 3. Stroll Cun- ninglrum and Kathy Naugkhlon al the Senior dinner flamw-. 4. Lynn Pr'vr1lin'v. Ravlvlw Caldwell and Dave Humlmurg on their way to who knows where. + an . :1 an 1 1, fx 'wb and 'Jn JIS' 1.14 'um' ,Ab fe" in .iw rw rw rm 1 ,, , easy ff 'if fgiirz ..-a y ' K if .af 4125? 1 ,7 2, " 234, 5 ' " f ky, W .f if it f QF' , 1: grgggu, llmm, l, l 1. Sue Komm lakes time out while working on yearbook copy. 2. Ginnie Viviano poses with killer bear, a Christmas present. 3. Nancy Lefko and Diane Bendzin pass the time away in the Ar- rowhead office. 4. Cindy Traynor gives a friendly ffrin to a photographer. 5. Leslie Vayda and Cin- ay Gall try tu ignore the camera. nz F., if 3. 4 ii " I HIP. .van mvcmw, ,, Graduation was the culmination of twelve years of academic work. For many it also represented extra hours invested in student activities. lt was a beginning and an end. The diplomas ended the relatively casual years of adolescence when learning about ourselves and those around us was of prime impor- tance. Now we have the abilities necessary for what the future might bring, and we begin a new life as adults ready to meet tomorrow with the skills we learned yesterday. THE E D OF THE BEGINNING Students line up ln-fore lln- cmnrnr-mzcment. 4 l My Seniors mount the risers. Anxious graduates await the big moment. 1-sum new-:eww 2 fn. f. 1-A A step away from graduating. SPORTS x 1 1 w 1 1 I 1 r 1 I Q J J J 1 1 I x 1 1 i 3 J Y . 5 , I X 1 I 1 S X W , E 1 i . X 4 f ' ' M .,, .3- "'A M- . 40. .-, ,- """"'hnw...m . 40' fn' , H, ,, .www .. ar" ' 'K' 'wwluqwb , .a..,., , -QM - 5 IE l. Senior quarterback II l Rich Dalrymp e prepares to throw for a sizeable gain against North Alle heny. 2. Fullback Bill Badok tinfls an openin in the line and cuts uplijd for yar- dage. 3. Ron Bauer blasts the ball deep into op usi- tion territory on the Elek- ofll 4. Bob Dum snares a lass for a large gain against hlurth Catholic. 5. Bill sth re mares for con Mun.: p .V , ' - tact as he charges into the line. 6. Bill Leone weaves through traffic to pick up some tough vards a ainst Uniontown. 7. Bill lgrone cludes a North Catholic de- fender clurin an open-field run. 8. Kicgh Dalrymple s ows his form as he sets u 1 . h ' . I to throw against Highlands I DIANS BETTER PREDICTED EASON The North Hills Indians did not have much to look forward to when the year began, with inexperienced Seniors and untried: Juniors returning, no one knew what to expect. The papers predicted a seventh lace finish in the conference, and the future dlfd not look bright. Led by captains Rich Dalrymplc, Bill Leone, Mike Leon, and Mark Mitchell along with a dedicated coachin staff, the team rose to the challenge to finisB third in the West Penn Conference behind undefeated Fox Chapel and Gateway. The team was no longer a group of in- dividuals, but through hard work and patience on the art of the coaches, it rew to be a family. This showed on the fieldias the team stayed together through thick and thin. A vic- tory over North Allegheny by a score of 10-0 was the first one in eight years. It happened in front of a huge home crowd and was the hi gh oint of the season. Another thrill was tiie omecoming victory over North Catholic, 28-7, to complete the festivities of the whole day. A crushing away victory at Shafer brought the Northern Area tro hy to North Hills for the first time since its Beginning. Slashing runs by Bill Munsch and Bill Leone, along with ower provided by Bill Fadok, were responsigle for the offense chew- ing up yardage at times almost at will. The HIGH MARKS FOR THE YEAR AMT. NAME Most game 20 Dan 0'Hf-fa Most t-., gmt- 10 Dan 0'Hf-fa Rich tiatfympte Most yds. pasing-one game na Rich Dat.,-mpts Most TD passes-one game 2 Rich Dalrymple Longest pass 39 Rich Dalrymple Most passes caught-one game 6 Bill Fadnk Most yds. gained in receptions 51 Bob Dum Longest pass reception 39 Mark Mitchell Vlost rushes-one game 17 Bill Munsch Vlost yds. rushing-nne game 77 Bill Fadok Longest rush 23 Bill Fadok Longest TD run 6 Bill Munsch Longest punt return 43 Bill Munsch Longest kick-off return 38 Bill Leone Ylosl unassisted tackles-one Fam? 7 Bill Fadok Mnsl assisted tackles-one game ll Ron Rossi Bill Stanko Mike Leon offensive line was small, but together as a unit used its quickness and technique to defeat lar er o ponents. Pin oint passing by Rich Daiirympiie and Dan O'filara to sure-handed re- ceivers Bob Dum and Pete Thomas, kept defenses from just tryin, to stop the run. The defense was ratedgone ofthe best in the WPIAL. All-Conference Safety Dan U'Hara, along with Bill Leone and Andy Kimball made crunching tackles on runs as well as covering receivers on the pass. The defensive line of Pete Thomas, Dan Daugherty, Mike Leon, Bill Stanko and Mark Mitchell created havoc in opponents backfields as they spearheaded an uncontrollable sur e to get the ball. Linebackers Bill Fado? Ron fiossi, and Gre Peaslee ram aged around the field to corra an loose ball carriers. The kicking game led by Ron Bauer whose accuracy never faltered as he did not miss an extra oint the whole year. Mark Mitchell untediifor a 4-0-yard average and constantly kicked the Indians out of trouble and was also adept at kicking the ball out of bounds inside the opponent's 10-yard line. The season, on a whole, was a success. Even thou h the fame uniforms have been laid to rest for anoiier year, the stories they hold will live on forever. 7 !:1:2.d Zu i- EZ' , N, 5 ,- 45 I! B Bob Dum Bill Munsch Bill Fadok Pete Thomas Q -x 'iii 51 4:25 4' 'f gr- - We 4 ggyi- ,kr 35 3 .4 'K Mike Leon Rich Dalrymple Bill Leone .19-ir gg, ax Greg Kassick mf. ,ri ,re 9, sy mf lv P Gary Connell Mark Mltchell , ,? fi FV' John Mazur . Ron Bauer ' 'W' ' f , A 4 .au 53 V X N H MA 4 as V. Q ,in ' ' Q' Q. Vw, ' r B K K Tom Pontzloff Jim Stebler A Greg Peaslee Bob Frank 04 5? Wi DEFENSE RA KED HIGHI WPI 1, Assistant Coach McCur looks 1 on with concem. 2. Left-Row 1: Tom Pontzloff, Greg Kassik, Ron Bauer, ,lim Stebler, Greg Peaslee, Bob Dum, Rich Dalrym le, Bill Fadok, Bill Leone, Bill ?Vlunsch, Garv Connell, Row 2: Bob Gerthoffer, Vince Donatelli, Dale Marks, Mike Leon, Bob Frank, John Mazur, Pete Thomas, Mark Mitchell, Andv Kimball, Dan O'Hara, Bill Stankog Row 3: Dave Grillo, Mike Manesiotas, Mall Rumialer, John Cassandra, larry Werner, Tony Fur urie e, Dan Dau herty, Tom Le- ileune, Joe Wfneriieith Jarvis, Bill filkev, Ron Rossi, im Geisler, ob Merlino. 3. Mark Mitchell and Mike Leon pursue as Bill Stanko puts the wrap on the North Allegheny quarterback. Q, og X' ki-Ag Alina ji KNKILKW' i"' i N' 4? 1 Nkxalfq If TWIMX X mi Niixmk I y If M! L IJ e V li si lo 06 Row 1: Nanc Henry, Carol n Ihrig, Cheryl Iarson, Sherri Dunn, Eileen K'lcDonough, laari Phelan, Carolyn Copp, Sue Elliot, Sharon Hassinger, L nn lVIcKelvey, Michelle Iarson, Lisa Herrmann, Maria Kancliack, Stephanie Kandrackq Row The North Hills Girls' Swim Team had an undefeated season that concluded with a big win over arch-rival North Allegheny. This made the girls Section One Champions and enabled them to advance to the W. P. I. A. L. series swimoffs. In the quarter finals, North Hills swamped Plum by a score of 113-59, and ad- vanced to semi-finals. There they bowed to a tough Norwin team by the score of 83-39. The Indian swimmers ended their season with a respectable third place standing. The swimmers who qualified for the W. P. I. A. I... individual meet were Nancy Henry, Carolyn Ihrig, Sue Elliot, Michelle Larson, Eileen McDonough, Holly Hard- ing, Ann Malush, Barb Tenley and Karen Wellman. The 4-X100 freestyle relay of Henry, Ihrig, Elliot, and Harding brought home the first place trophy. Other places were: Henry, 2nd-100 fly, 7th- 100 backstrokeg Ihrig, 12th-200 I. M., 7th-100 fly, Elliot, 2nd- 50 free-style. Advancing to the Pennsylvania State competition were Henry, Ihrig, Elliot and Harding. The '78 squad proved that team unity and spirit are a great advan- tage in competition. 2: Carolyn Tenle , Karen Heclg jenny Hammers, Natalie Beck, Linda Wilt, Xnn Malush, Sue C-iallonardo, Laura Ha.nes, Karen Wellman, Val Carter, Paula Schultz, Judy Greer. SW' MM N, WOMEN C PT RE ECTIO TITLE - 1. Karen Heck E eathusiaiicafly c eers l e n- M dians on to vic- 1 5 tory. 2. Ann Malush springs forward at the start. 3. Nancy Henry relaxes after a strong finish. 4. Karen Heck stands alone as she prepares to ex- ecute her next dive. 5. Carolyn Tenley, Cheryl Larson, Carolvn lhrig and Holly Harding cele- brate the team's victory over N. A. 6. All-American Nancy Henry exhibits a winning bul- terfly stroke. IJ lu ,es ' 'ill +5 Us 515255 5 1. Vic Witacre charges 1 ' amidst a scuffle to et the ball. 2. Goalie Ciff n Early kicks the ball into 2 the op osition's territo- . 3. Yilic Witacre heads Ric ball as Jerry Werner waits hopefull . 4. John Probert hustles to save the ball, from goin out of bounds. 5. Captain jeff Sterrit lozics on anxiously to the action on the field. 6, Row 1: Phil D'Amato, jeff Sterril, Jerry Werner, Phil Winton, Bob Geysey, Scott Brady, Dave Bolkey, Tim Scheer, Tom Leheckag Row 2: Ken Slaney, Jack Houder, Chris Boles, Kevin Sullivan, Dave Hughes, Gary Toplack, ,Iim Blaskog Row 3: Vic Witacre, Kurt Fuhrmeisler, Brian Haramic, Dan Lapp, Paul DiDonato, Dan Kerr, Cliff Early. 7. Dan Kerr launches a shot as John Probert looks on. Indians Kick Their Way to the Top 108 'Br J The Boys' Soccer Team ended its season with a 9-8-1 record. Led by Jerry Werner, the high scorer with eleven goals, and Dan Kerr's good defensive play, the Indians were tied for second place in their section. Jeff Sterrit was chosen by his teammates for the second year in a row as the lVIost Valua- ble Player. One of the highlights ofthe year was an overtime tie with Springdale in which the lndians scored two goals in the last 26 sec- onds of the game. A 2-1 victory over WPIAL finalist Shaler was probably the greatest victory of the year as the Indians totally dominated the game. With only four starters graduating, the chances for a sec- tion title in 1979 look promising. 110 Rea y Se S 1 el The 1978 Girls' Volleyball Team, coached by Miss Debbie Deuser, was composed of tough competitors. The first match of the season was against an unsus ectin Knoch team the 1977 P S 1 Section Champs. To the surprise of Knoch the lndians were easily able to defeat the experienced team. With Carolyn Ericson's smashing serves and .loan Gloechklefs expertise in spikes, not to mention the other talented players, the Indians continued their aggressive play. Many black and blue knees were acquired as well as points saved by the duo of Elaine Hartzell and Linda Amy. The 4--8 record was not indicative of the team's great efforts. Hartzell Diane Swanson Laurie Gollcher L1ndalVlassuc1Ter1Cook,ROW3 Miss Curl, Donna Sinicki, Sue Lewis, Maryanne Rhonda Cave Row 2 Dee Dueser Carolyn Ericson ,Ioan Gloekler Laurie Williams. - 1. Linda Amy dives to save two points for the Indians. 2. E 5 over the nel for a well deserved point. 3. Diane Swanson sails with the ball as she gels off a spike. 4. Laura Roseman digs into the ball with great technique. 5. Elaine Hartzell gels into the action. 6. Carolyn Ericson descends from a point-scoring smash. 3 Terri Cook sends the ball LEE en In horts The Boys' Tennis team practiced their swing into a great season. The boys proved their skill with an im- pressive record of 14-4. Because of their quick reflexes and sharp eyes they received a chance to compete with Shaler and NA for the section title. The players them- selves were exceptionally talented, with Greg Peaslee and Chris Kopchak remaining undefeated in doubles play throughout the season. Also impressive were Barb Hailstone and Greg Peaslee in mixed doubles, a new facet of competition. Hailstone and Peaslee were able to advance to state competition. The tennis team this year did a remarkable job and they should be commended for their performance. Blow pponents ff the Courts 'M-Q 1. Greg Peaslee smashes crucial douhlles match against NA. 2. Chris opchak cannonballs a serve to insti ale the au- lion. 3. Doulies partners Ron Gardner and Dan Lap pre are for the sc-rvf-. 4. Doug Boymlll, BUB Koch, Bill A poll, Kevin Brown, Ron Gardner, Greg Blfaslee, Chris Kopchak. 5. Coach Mallys looks on as the team emerges victorious again. - 1 the winning oint in a 2 TRADITION IS WINNING .,,,,,'YI.l...Q.. - 1. Pete Thomas eyes the 2 pitch in antici ation ofa hit. I 4 2. Returning geniors: Mark 1 Mitchell, Rick Miller, Jeff EI Semplice, Bob Dum and Pete Thomas. 3. Jeff Semplice snares a hot grounder. 4. Mark Mitchell shows pro- fessional scout-drawing form. 5. Rick Miller takes his cuts in pre aration for Shaler. 6. Front Row Rick Mor an, Mike Hughes, Dan Kerr, Rich Merkel, qeff Davies, Scott Brady. 2nd Row Jerry Boeh, Mark Keyser, Dan 0'l'lara, Dale Marks, Tom Lejeune, Bill Henry. 3rd Row Coach Sabina, Karen Rubbo, Car Benz, Bu Merlack, Paul Bamford, And lkimball, Eric Holmberg, Mark Seminator, Eiane Trettle. Drive for ictory The Boys' Golf Team continued its winning tradition by again cap- turing the Section VII Title with a record of 9-l. The only loss of the season was delivered by Hampton in a hard fought match. Three year letter winner Ecl Crankovic led the team with the lowest average score of 80. The team advanced to the play-offs and suffered a tough defeat to Penn Hills. Seniors jim Winters and Ed Crankovic qualified for regional competition and Winters proceeded on to the WPIAL finals where he was de- feated. Mr. Guadagnino coached the team whose home course was Highland Country Club. 1. Senior Ed Crankovic pre- pares to send the ball flying down the fairway. 2. The wal down the fairway is a long john Cielliewski, Tom Jaron, Ed Crankovic, Ray Deldin, ohn Shields, Kevin - and lonel one. 3. Eric Busch, 1 116 McLaughlin. .. X, :,u,k... ,,t, ,N M NH b M Y' 2 :54-N t'i 'ieiiszefafn f M . 6:97 il 1 :Q 4, - ar e 'tff ff f' fa we t a t T L . 5 " 'Wit' " ' 'V L f'f4iff1'3fi'f-5 T' ....!i!9iS.KQvpnvi5g.ergq1gQz.tzax n at 7 . .- A - ,Q-Sizzzrxikpzzzszifffqnfiyz 'i 66 En .4-,w,:,A,,.t KV M af'-L' 'L 4 QQ! 1 . ' The North Hills Girls' Golf team undetwenl major changes throughout 77-78 season. Ori inallv a s rin I s ort, Girls' ffolf was moved to a fall if . P in P za Thus the girls played for two consecutive seasons. The team, formerly was coached by lVlr. Hare, was combined with the boys by Mr. Guadagnino. The girls were easily able to adjust lo the changes and broke even on the Nancy Lupone experienced a successful season and compiled a personal record of nine wins and two losses. Two of the team Nancy Lupone and Pam Kalyvas, were invited to compete in the P. I. A. L. individual championships. Both golfers delivered first-rate I 2. Nancy l,uponv tees nfl' al the first hole. 4. Nancy Lupone and Pam Kalvvas add up scores. 3. Sandy Nic- Clt-llancl gets assis- tance from Coach Hare. 3 ,, , e ' th as 'u'1.. Rpw 1: Laurie Howard, Sandy lVlcClt-llandg Row 2: Pam Kalyvas, Diane lVlultlruw, Nancy Lupune. 1 lllldlt I Q I Varsity Netters Compile 8-3 Season The girls' Tennis Team coached by Mr. Steve Zaletski, had a successful season despite setbacks and injuries. The team was especially strong and compiled an 8-3 record for the year. ln section competition the girls compiled an impressive 5-l record. The North Hills girls advanced to the Western Pennsylvania lnterscholastic Athletic League semifinals with fine per- formances by all team members. The unbeatable doubles team of Tina Cherpes and Leslie Stenger was unable to advance any further in the W. P, l. A. L. competition because of an unfortunate automobile accident. l. Leslie Stenger clem- Bl onstrates her owerful H C B serve. 2. gvonne Lapinski sets up a per- 2 fect shot. 3. Kathy O'Hara returns a dee court shot. 4. Barb Hailstone shows off her backhand in return- ing a diflicult shot. 5. Lisa Doepping hits a forehand shot on her wa to a victory. 6. Lynn Miller uses a strong two handed forehand in a singles match. 7. A pensive Tina Cherpes awaits her next match. we 'N mix Row 1: Lynn Miller, Kim Ovfoole, Kathy Beth Miller, -Maiiyann Maloney, Allison Barlee, 0'Hara, Lisa Doepping, Barb Hailslone, Leslie Yvonne I-3PlflSkl, Ann Panagulias, .ludy Haber- Slenger, Tina Cherpesg Row 2: Steve Zalelski, mHl1l'lf 5 mums W I 11 -L14 : "" D - T w a S AV 1 Qi: hp., 1 3 3 4 7 5 1 1 1 10 2 10 11 3 NH 52 70 60 60 77 92 69 65 86 283 "'71 81 60 56 72 80 72 54 85 62 58 VARSITY BASEBALL THEY OPPONENT 1 Alderdice 2 lVlt. Lebanon 5 North Allegheny 1 North Catholic 3 Fox Chapel 11 Northgate 3 Hampton 2 Richland 4 Shaler 2 North Allegheny 3 North Catholic 5 Fox Chapel 0 Northgate 7 Hampton 0 Richland 2 Shaler VARSITY BASKETBALL THEY OPPONENT 53 Northgate 54 Keystone Oaks 75 Schenley 59 Penn Hills 73 Valley 67 Shaler 55 Seneca Valley 50 Kittanning 59 Fox Chapel 59 Shaler 62 North Allegheny 80 Highlands 58 Hampton 66 North Allegheny 55 Shaler 44 Seneca Valley 57 Kittanning 55 Fox Chapel 71 Highlands 58 Hampton 69 North Allegheny 'Christmas Tournament SPORTS GIRLS' BASKETBALL THEY OPPONENT 35 Valley 29 Shaler 38 Seneca Valley 54 North Catholic 31 Fox Chapel 20 Highlands 45 Hampton 38 North Allegheny 45 Valley 42 Shaler 32 Seneca Valley 47 North Catholic 36 Fox Chapel 22 Highlands 28 Hampton 51 North Allegheny BOYS, CROSS COUNTRY THEY OPPONENTS 73 Highlands 27 lVlcKeesport 32 Fox Chapel 85 Seneca Valley 25 Shaler 49 Oliver 20 Central Catholic 83 South Hills Catholic 30 Sto-Rox 79 Churchill 26 Gateway 29 North Allegheny 63 South Hills Catholic 45 Richland 47 Hampton V, '.s ,x,. 39, SCORES GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY Dual Sz Tri Meet Scores NH THEY 37 22 24 31 17 41 15 48 16 47 22 36 15 50 17 42 15 49 15 50 27 39 27 61 19 37 flow score winsj OPPONENT North Allegheny Shaler Norwin Beaver Falls East Allegheny Greensburg Salem Mt. Alvernia Northgate Churchill North Catholic Brentwood Montour Penn Hills 4th place N. Allegheny Invitational 5th place WPIAL Championships VARSITY FOOTBALL OPPONENT Montour Gateway lVlcKeesport Shaler Uniontown North Allegheny North Catholic Central wk . .mg-K K, qy,A.tT , . . ' 1,1 'N K , K- 'e "'tt Raitt,-a., "M .same r' ' fev5:9.x"3fi.-a!.aRr f- f M..- -Z NH 15112 8112 13112 13112 4 12112 6112 14112 12 15112 15112 4 11112 13112 NH 0 5 4 7 9 1 9 4 NH I 1 3 4 1 3 4 1 1 0 3 0 6 1 Qt :if-hw? , NH THEY 14 3 0 23 24 8 14 0 0 14 10 0 28 7 0 14 10 0 14 17 Highlands Fox Chapel 0 1 BOYS' GOLF THEY OPPONENT 112 Avonworth 7 112 Cannevin 2 112 North Catholic 2 112 Sto-Rox 12 Shadyside 3 112 Carlynton 3 112 Avonworth 1 112 North Catholic 4 Cannevin 112 Sto-Rox 112 Carlynton 12 Shadyside 4 112 Trinity 3 112 USC GIRLS' GOLF THEY OPPONENT 11 Blackhawk 6 Center 7 North Allegheny 4 Ambridge 2 Ambridge 10 Blackhawk 2 Center 7 North Allegheny VARSITY SOCCER THEY OPPONENT 1 Mt. Lebonan 2 Cannon lVlclVIillan 0 Chartiers Valley 1 Deer Lakes 0 Sewickley Academy 1 Allegheny Valley 0 North Catholic 4 Shaler 3 North Allegheny 2 Fox Chapel 0 Deer Lakes 2 Allegheny Valley I North Catholic 2 Shaler 2 Fox Chapel 1 North Allegheny JF? NH 4 22 17 12 11 13 18 22 8 8 3 6 2 3 6 NH 123 54 73 61 96 79 87 103 102 NH 95 91 103 91 92 101 100 106 92 GIRLS' SOFTBALL THEY OPPONENT 1 Beaver 4 Quaker Valley 1 Richland 3 Hampton 3 Shaler 6 North Allegheny 9 Quaker Valley 1 Richland 6 Deer Lakes 2 Hampton 5 Fox Chapel 8 Deer Lakes 4 Fox Chapel 4 Shaler 8 North Allegheny BOYS' SWIMMING THEY OPPONENTS 49 Northgate 1 18 lVloon 98 Seneca Valley 110 Fox Chapel 71 Hampton 78 Highlands 84 Montour 69 Blackhawk 70 Churchill GIRLS' SWIMMING THEY OPPONENT 77 Montour 81 Shaler 68 Churchill 81 Seneca Valley 80 Upper St. Clair 71 Hampton 72 Butler 66 Fox Chapel 78 N. Allegheny Plum QWPIAL Quarter Finalsj 113-59 Norwin QWPIAL Semi-Finalsj 83-89 THEY 1 1 0 2 1 3 2 1 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 1 3 0 3 THEY 5 1 1 0 2 2 4 0 2 2 4 SPORTS BOYS, TENNIS OPPONENT Deer Lakes Quaker Valley Avonworth Gateway North Catholic Fox Chapel Butler Valley Mars Riverview Shaler Seneca Valley North Allegheny Butler Valley Mars Riverview Shaler Seneca Valley North Allegheny GIRLS' TENNIS OPPONENT Mt. Lebanon Butler South Park Ambridge Moon Shaler North Allegheny Ambridge Shaler Moon North Allegheny 1 if Q , . it ft may ,S kk KU BOYS' TRACK NH THEY OPPONENT 94 42 Richland 94 53 Freeport 89 56 Fox Chapel 87 58 Gateway 49 96 N. Allegheny 77 68 Shaler 93 52 lVlcKeespOrt 108 37 Churchill 118 27 Seneca Valley NH 116 90 67 112 50 87 112 95 105 46 3rd in WPIAL Northern District Qualifiers 11 boys qualified for WPIAL finals GIRLS, TRACK THEY OPPONENT 16 Northgate 42 Shaler 64 U2 Mars 82 Seneca Valley 44 U2 Butler 42 Fox Chapel 32 Richland 86 North Allegheny Mars Invitational 65 pts.-1st place BOYS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL THEY OPPONENT 2 Fox Chapel 2 Highlands 2 Shaler 2 North Allegheny 2 Deer Lakes 2 Fox Chapel 1 Highlands 1 Shaler 2 North Allegheny 2 Deer Lakes GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL THEY OPPONENT 1 Knoch 2 Shaler 0 Richland 2 Mars 0 Butler 2 North Allegheny 2 Knoch 1 Richland 0 Shaler 2 Mars 2 Butler 2 North Allegheny BOYS' WRESTLING THEY OPPONENT 15 Penn Hills 21 Blackhawk 12 Hampton 14 Hopewell 32 Fox Chapel 9 Highlands 23 Moon 19 Upper St. Clair NORTH HILLS GYMNASTIC DAZZLE A Row 1. Eileen Kaule, Sue Davies, Anita Colaizziq Row 2: Angela Franco, Kelley Berkey, Cathy Byrd: Row 3: Karen Heck, Peggv Kretz, Sarah Webb, Natalie Beckg Row 4: Carol Melia, Pam Roman, Valerie Rau, Peggy Kerneyg Row 5: Michelle Roseman, Marsha Manfred, Linda Karlick, Beth Miller, Diane Rufolo. The North Hills Gymnastic team enjoyed a very successful season this year. The season culminated in an exciting bat- tle for the section champion- ship against archrival North Allegheny. The only two losses North Hills suffered were out- side ofthe section and both were by less than a point. This season's outstanding team members were Natalie Beck and Karen Heck who are classified as advanced gym- nasts, Linda Karlick, Valerie Rau, and Pam Roman who are classified as Intermediate gym- nasts. Qualifying for district com- petition were Linda Karlick who qualified on the uneven parallel bars, and the trio of Karen Heck, Natalie Beck, and Valerie Rau, who qualified for their excellence in all four events. DIE CE -r... V , 1 A - I l. Natalie Beck concentrating on her next difficult move on the uneven arallel bars. 2. Natalie Beck incorporates graceful ballet into her floor routine. Linda Karlick com- ing into a layout handsprin on the vault. 4. Karen Heck Tip- Ering lup to the high bar. 5. 3lt'l'lP Rau comin out of a breathtaking back Eayout with perfect form. S IILEL quail I A T1n:Shooth1 . -,Q . ww-K, ,T - f k , ""P'm.a f - , k. V V V , Wwfififr Last season was nothing to brag about for the North Hills lndians as they struggled to a 6-6 section record. Many fans wondered why so many under- classmen were playing without any apparent results. These results became obvious when the 77-78 season began, and the Press along with many local area fans picked North Hills as the team to beat in Section 7. The season got off to a mediocre start as the lndians lost to Northgate, beat Keystone, were defeated by Schenley and then triumphed over the mighty Penn Hills team. But there was nothing mediocre about the rest of the year. The North Hills team then ran off seven straight section victories, nine overall, until N, A. ended the string with a titantic struggle. But the next seven games brought six victories, the team losing by only one point at the hands of the Fox Chapel Foxes. The stage was set for the last regular season game at North Allegheny where a win would have brought the sec- tion title to N. H. The over 1000 lndians fans in attendance followed Coach lVlaloney's suggestion and started yelling at the end ofthe J. V. game "We want the lndians." The enthusiasm of all ofthe fans affected the play- ers and although the Tigers won, North Hills ended up in a three way tie for the Section Title. The lndians then had to defeat Valley and N. A. in the tie breakers to go on to the playoffs as a first place team. North Hills went on the warpath and defeated both teams on neutral courts, and captured the Section 7 Title with Valley taking second place. ln the opening round of the playoffs, North Hills blew the Mount Lebanon Lebos offthe court in the second halfand went on to victory. The five-hundred Indian fans who got an early dismissal to attend the game at Chartiers Valley High School went wild as the team made its way to the WPlAL quarter Hnals. "Civic Arena here we come. Doo. Dah, Doo, Dah," was heard all through the school before the big game on February 23, against Section 3 winner New Castle. At half time the lndians held a 42-29 lead over the Hurricanes, with a 67fZ1 shooting average, but New Castle with an altered game plan overtook the lndians and squeaked out a 61-59 decision. New CastIe's loss in the semi-finals, to Belle Vernon ended North Hills' hopes of going to the state playoffs. 126 aller 6 ' Y.. 'K ff! I. hllislulh P4-lr' 'l1hl!llIilSfil'1'S up il . shui vvrsnls ilu' Nz-xx Cusllm- Hur' 3 ri1'am's in thx' 1 uzlrll-r finals of Illu- 2 Wl'l,'Xl. plnyuflfk. 2. Svninr H11 ,L G l11'al1kux'i4'51ru-5 up lllllitilhl il host of ' Sllillvl' Xrvu pluyvrs for l1Il0l'll'l' l 1 - 5 Xlmk Nlllmhell .ml wu Juillt.. f. " " h ' ' 'l Ed Cl'ilIlkUYil' gn up in l1z'zn'y lrziml'. 4, Displaying il sull luurh 54-niur Ron Rugg lallivs anolhvr puinl flu' ilu- lnclianf. 5. Usvul' Rau unluuds an long rungm- shut as :In-1I1-lk-mh-r Iuuks un wilhuul lmpv. 5 , ,,,, W ferric, n W'-nikf Vw-...m,.,,Wk, . .....M,,,,,. IJ ch! Qs I que-..T'5 o e-M35 The Good Guys Wear Warpaint One ofthe reasons for such a successful season was the great ability possessed by the individual players. Senior Ed Crankovie led the team in scoring in all three of his years as a varsity player. He set the school record for total points in the middle of his senior year. Ed averaged many assists per game. as often teams designed their defense to stop him from scoring. He was also among the leaders in the rebound category. Another three year letterman was Senior Pete Thomas. Big and strong Pete was heard from the entire game. If he was not under the boards, he was out front where he possessed a deadly shot. Mark Mitchell, Ron Rogg, and Dave Burns gathered in the rebounds with such intensity that it made up for their height difference as they often guarded taller opponents. Guards jeff Kruhm and Oscar Rau shot mostly from the out- side. The odds are good for a fine basketball season next year as Coach Maloney has never failed to produce an exciting team. l. Steadv Eddie charves toward the hoop defying all aefcmlers. Z. Seniors Pete Thomas and Mark fVlitc'l1ell rush to the scene in an effort to stop the op one-nt from wetting any closer to Ilia basket. 3. lilon Riagg lays in an easy one as the score mounts higher and higher. 4. Dave Burns leaps in an effort to vivo the fighting ln- rlians possession of the treasurer? leather sphere. -I 15, it . ' + if ,W J , .. 14. , is issiA i Z f--" A ' , :lbw .. , .....M,, p '11f'f,. izifisif A iw" wi? g,asW,u:4 I J mJ::Lg:g1a,emf211f "', 1 I I if -' Indians Section VII Champs 1. Sen- ior .lc-fl' Kruhm, bursts upvourl towards lhn- hoop against Ni-w Castle in thu WPIAI. playoffs. 2. Row l: Coach Tom Maloney, Dave' Burns, Andy Kimball, Jeff Kruhm, Ron Rogg, Bob Ostcrriedcr, jerry Bos-h, Ed Crankovimz, Asst. Coauh Tom Haier: Row 2: Oscar Rau, Mark Sc-minatore, Dave Pritchard, Mark Mitchell, Dou Boyd. 3. The Indians 510W their ability to work as one, as Oscar Rau, Pete Thomas, Mark Mitchell, Ed Crankovic, and Dave Burns all team up to stop the arch rival Tigers from scoring. 130 ,px 6 ur' W ii- . 'mmN.... ia Q E. 'in- orth H1115 Hoopsters on the Ball YM 'ft 1 mm: ftlfw w , 3 ea 1,57 Vlf, .f "'5ff-'FP t ,gli N, .N 41,54 FT? Z .53 L .ffl T 1 r.+f:w1'i f . i ' 'L ' ' Fl , -' vias: A A A , i -if , . 1. Maryanne Thomas comes through under 1 r ess u r cg 2 . 1VIaryanne Thomas frets uff a shot over wr npponcntg 3. ' f Patty Vanlrer and Maryanne- Thomas struggle to get Indian control. mln, . . V r v. ' , fii'LiQ?f'gz, , wx. A ' IJIIQQLQ 4s'.13sf'Q':--.., A, ,L K iff.. If .V I L. 5 , L ' i ,Gif mwmifgf ,. M V X f tw. r ff Q Mizz '51- I E A -.lf--ff v ,,,, K ,- E i . , ' I '- "HS " HM. . ,,4, 3 :ln .T W ., .wil tw X if 9- Q? 'tt' Qgg' 5 "gi ' ug-Q-J.-4 Mfisggttmgw-sisfeg Q' 1' if ' 2'f.g1,,.""" 5?f'ff?i5M- , A t .Ji 2 GRED PRIDE" 1978 will long be remembered as "The year ofthe turn-around in Girl's Basketballfv New and younger faces dotted the court of the revamped team. The only two Seniors who returned for action were Margie Hayden and Bernie Hoffman. The team started the year under a new coaching staff with Mr. Tom Welch as head coach and Mr. Dennis Papalia assisting him. New intricate plays and vigorous conditioning resulted in a well disciplined, hard-working team. By mid- season the girls were battling for a play-off spot and were playing even with perennial power North Catholic. The team which rose quickly into the contending cir- cles will undoubtedly be a team to fear in the future. Row 1: Bernie Hoffman, Patty Corbett, Margie Miller linda Masucci Melanie Lees MaiyAnn Thomas Hayden, Kim 0'Toole, Allison Bartee. Rita Maloney Row 2 Patty VanLeer Maryanne ,go-" bt 1. Sophomore Melanie Lees charges down the court taking 1 2 4 advantage of a fast break. 2. I Melanie Lees drives in for a B layup. 3. Maryann Maloney drib les aroun opponent. 4. Margie Hayden demonstrates her jump shot. 5. Junior Maryanne Thomas strains to outreach her opponent. 6. Bernie Hoffman and Rita Miller grope for the rebound. 7. Linda Masucci dribbles into scoring position. N A The Girls' Cross Country Team, coached by John Wilkie, was one of the most feared dual meet teams in Western Pennsylvania. After an opening loss, the lady Indians went on a rampage, winning twelve con- secutive meets, usuallylthrough total domination. It was the rare opposing team that could break up the front running pack of Cindy Zielinski, Julie Crossman, Sue Latshaw, and Donna Dunic. Karen Hoppe, Cindy Misencik, Julie Flink and Angela Franco also proved to be tough op- position for area teams. ic, -an 2' SURVIVAL OF THE FITTE T Donna Dunic, Cindy Nlisencik, Cindy Zielinski, Flink, JI-llif? CFOSSIUHH, and C03Cl'l Wilkie- Karen Hoppe, Sue Latshaw, Angela Franco, ,lulie mn 1. Donna Dunic, Cindy 1 E Misencik, and Sue 3 - Latshaw concentrate on - the irueling race. 2. The Nort Hills girls warm up. Ja 3. Julie Crossman taking total command of the race, 4. The Indians mentally prepare them- selves for a tough opposition. 5. Coach Wilkie imparts his strategy. 6. The front four shut out opponents. 7. Cindy Misencik nears the finish line. 8. .lulie Crossman leads the pack. 9. Sue , A Trp' ,332 Latshaw strives for her best time. i ll I rn' I 1 n 94 Fl gggfgrqyfwxvgg X .llll,, 1 The boys' volleyball team revealed the character and competitive spirit ofa cham- pion. The season. long and tough gave un- countable experience as the team rode to a 2-18 record. Bumpers Rich McKenna and Kurt Best have the experience in varsity competition vital to a competitive squad. Outstanding spikes by ,lohn Weinzettle, due to excellent sets by Rich Leonard. have revealed a bright spot for hope for the future. pirits High Front Row Rich McKenna, Jay Rausch, ,lim Hergenroeder, Greg Werbaneth, ,lohn Weinzeltle. Row 2 Steve Hunle , Rich Leonard, ,lim Wilson. Tim Zelinka, Kurt Best, lgoh Ste mpak, Row 3 Coach Mike Brown, Everet Gitzen, Matt Witherel, Marty Merwin, Marc Pivirotto, Cliff Earl , Ron Hinnebusch, Dan Nadzam, Not pictured Ed Glesterman. 1te of Losmg Season. 1. John Weinzettle spikes the ball in a winning effort against Shaler as Rich Leonard watches. 2. John Weinzettle attempts to block Shaler's spike. 3. ,lim Hergenroeder and Kurt Best com- Fete for the spike. 4. Kurt Best sets up the ball or a killing spike by Jim Hergenroecler. 5. Ed Westerman concentrates on the ball while Rich McKenna looks on expectantly. 8 Wfhinclads Have Best eason Everf' 1. Jeff Noel powers the its mark. 2. Rich Dalrymple strides to the finish line. 3. Mike Leon shows Cham ionship form as he uts the sqiol. 4. Cary Con- nell, accelerates toward the vaulting box. 5. Bill Leone ex- plodes out ofthe startin block. 6. Jim Stebler hurdles Sirough the air on the long jump. 7. Coaches Mr. Wilkie, Mr. Mc- Curry and Mr. Leasure. I Javelin toward The winningest season ever in N. H. histo- ry with a 9-1 dual meet record was the calling card of the Boys' Track Team. Crushing vic- tories and records being set were a common occurrence. Jeff Noel and Dan Daugherty led the way taking turns setting a new school record in the javelin. Paul Mueller and Bill Munsch often swept the 120 high hurdles while Rich Daliymple competed in the 330 intermediate hurdles. John Marks was un- defeated in the 880 while Roger Kram and Ron Dunic dominated the distance events. lnjuries led to the only loss of the season to NA but many members of the team went to state competition. John Marks and the mile relay team of Rich Dalrymple, ,lim Hack- worth, and Mark Hardgrove had outstanding performances. The sun has not begun to shine, as a larger number of underclassmen have yet to reach their peak leaving many eyes looking to the future. l :fn if gf, mlimil ey f l ki ali' -... 1 ,Av- fm K as , , lt W fs' , ,XA GIRL ' TR CK AND FIELD ET NEW RECORD The Mile Relay team of lhrig, Terjak, Christian, and Mitchell, astounded offi- cials and spectators by setting a new rec- ord. The girls were the first relay team in the state to break the four minute mile relay barrier. The relay team went on to capture second place in final competi- tion. Many school records were set by the 1978 squad. Setting records in running events were: Sandi Angevine, two-mile, Karen Hoppe, mile, Carolyn Ihrig, 4-4-Og Lynn Kelso, 110 hurdles, Cindy Zulinski, 880. Records in field events were set by Julie Colwell, high jump, Lynn Kelso, long jump and triple jump, Pam Kinnen, discus, Sue Lewis, shot, Becky Yurek, javelin. Left: Top Two-miler Sandi Angevine, on her way to another North Hills victory. Seniors F1-0111 Row Sand, Row: Bernadette Hoffman, Pam Kin- Angevlne Cathy Gollcher Ginnie Hen, .llllie Colwell, Michelle Lelellne, Eisenberg, Carol n Ihl-lg Eileen Sandie Fabian, Diane Merganthaler. Q, iz 114 ll l QQ I 1 2 .I A HOW 0F TRE GTH A D SPEED The Girls' Track Team had their best season ever compiling a rec- ord of 6-2. This was a big improvement over past years and was due, in part, to the change in the coaching system. Both the girls and boys were coached by the samle staff and in some cases practiced together. The girls proved their worth by taking first place in the Mars In- vitational. The coaches, Mr. McCurIy, Mr. Wilkie, and Mr. Leasure deter- mined the most valuable players. Carolyn lhrig was chosen as most valuable player in track, and Lynn Kelso was most valuable in field. Though the girls worked hard and competed in weather ranging from sweltering heat to numbing blizzards, they will all agree that the pains and aches were worth the rewards of a fine season. First Row: Juniors Sheila Goralczyk, Mary Smith, Michelle Larson, Caro yn Copp, Kar: Phelan, Natalie Ruffolo. Second Row: Julie Crossman, Wendy Orleman, Dianne Spolar, Eileen McDonough, Pam Carey, Michelle Stara, Tracey Hed e. Third Row: Karen Hoppe, Marcia Schieck, .lulie Flink, Becky Yurek, Lynn Krapfl, An ela Franco, Carol Reitingeir. irourth Row: Sue Lewis, ura Mascari, Carol Gros- jean, L nn Kelso, Sue Latshaw, Sue Hoffman. , me b - L! s .wg ' 4i!f"hm.-ef 1. Carolyn Ihrig breaks tape for the hand-off in the last leg of the mile relay. 3. Maureen Terjak hands off to teammate Ellen Christian. 4. Sophomore Terjak prepares for the race. 6. Record holder Pam Kinnen hurls discus. 7. Karen Hoppe gels ps ched. 8. Angela Franco demonstrates her high jumping style. 3 - Indians. 2. Carolyn Ihrig receives 5 8 2 J' le so 1 Q 1- .lv-W-W 1 M' .J Vw " , 'A e l 'f , ,. Q, , 4, i 1 efiaw, , . 2' ' ' 'gggx,i,, -K as 35. f I ww .fL- I f' ' ",' i ff '.'- I ',,- ' . ' . A iw -, '. -f J 'L Illslf' t. ki - .,.- R-qt . WN K, . ' ""' ,,. , q :f4. L f4xgf. ,. .ix A iTk . .N , . L M : 4rM i, GEL. y Q . M- ' '--- f'...,,.-.wmv U., . . .. . i' i N 'Q-3, 52- QffF'naIweaf19E ieesff,-1 ,. . , iz 5 , W , . ' ,. imw s4w4.gQ f ,M . ... T, , . 1 W w, V M ' Wifi ii FT 'M' 3 1, ,. J rn, Ri 1,1 W Emmy or t, RM my 1 LM 1-ew. at MN MM V M M in -M we 5 K so Q fe 14 is Q-5: w 4- f ' 1 "' U' girlie W f . fl .ff ff A WW , 41 ,R Q L A 1. Diving third for North Hills is Mike Kallams. He will be doing a hack some:-sault in the tuck posi- tion. 2. Randy Falck is all alone as he streaks to the finish in the butterfly com etition, 3. Dave Bartlett practices up on his butter V stroke. 4. Row 1: ,lan Heintz jeff Paul, Greg Verbanac, Dave Bartlet, Fred Lovell, Don Mueller Randy Falck, Mark Mountan, Scott Griffith Kari Phelang Row 2: john uinn, Mark Bucklad, jeff Breitinger, Jeff Faett, Keith Jarvis Mike olack Brian Morris, Mike Kallams, Paul Barnett, Jeff Gustavsong Row 3: Richard Zeak Tim O iela Keith Kunz Dave Mikec ,lim Fin- neny Al Mackintosh, Keith ranz, Todd Emrrick Kevin Coran Bill Karnavas. 5. Don Mueller and Keith Jarvis wait for the sound ofthe gun to start the race in a meet against Churchill. 144 - 3' .r k3ggE1,.:,z,ffm .rw S"Y-.-rcs., ff'-e, f'f'f' - 'fr":AfE91'sefEi?f1r1f:.,,.f ,I Tis .. - 71"1r.5Q3w::1f1!.f:'?'f , "11:'1.e53,5Ff'i' -. t,,sitA,,s:: ,W tAth,,t t,:,s t t ,,,:, ,g ,. , .,., .,..V,,,,,. , H -A - - xggiftsggt , , ' ' w ug, :..1:.t!sIf.:!.. -- .,g::: . .,: .- -- K- W fe -Y . 1 4 If-:.,3g:5,,gg--Q' - j ig. Jggff' ' 'f1'.yr..z:sv,Ff rain'ff-,1g1:,,'f,ggEqifeifzff:.,.-wg-:.-ff..'.:,:ffbgf5sg4::pE4sf . 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Coaehed by Mr. Richard Zeak and ,lack Hard- man and led by captains Dave Bartlett and Don Mueller, the lndlans knocked out many of their opponents, such as the highly rated Churchill team. Durinb their long season which started with practices in October and ended in February, the boys swam and dived in eleven separate events. They practiced every morning before school from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM and after school from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Outstanding swimmers on the team were ,Iohn Quinn, Brian Morris, Mike Polak, Dave Bartlett Don Mueller, Keith ,larvis and Jeff Gustavson. Vlanagers jan Heintz and Kari Phelan kept the scores and did the announcing at the meets. 1 f n .2 rf X 7 l 5.49, vw .ki-Qu . ye: .image-" N w M Jw.: .4 x 1 'X gm! P X if VX 1 'iii' D vw l if fs . 1 49" JV x 'Pia Wrestlers get hold on a Winning season n 1. Bob Wisniewski attempts an escape during the third period of a first round match in the West Penn Conference eliminations. 2. Six points can be added to the score as Tim Phelan pins his op onent in the first period. 3. gill Henry controls his foe from Shaler Area. 4. Dale Marks, wrestlin at 167 ounds, has this match in the bag. 5. gow 1: 'llim Islay, Bob Wisniewski, Bill Henry, ,Ioe Hoffman, Rick Diemett, Mark Ta lol: Row 2: Todd Sturman, Scott Faller, Yfim Phelan, Mark Wilden, Vince Donatelli, Dave Faller and Coach Roy Phillis. 6. Scott Faller strides off after a ruelin victory and is proclaimed the West q3'enn Conference cham- pion. 7. Todd Sturman is in a bind as his adver- sary has the upper hand at the moment. As the Norhian goes to press the Red Rage holds a 7 1 record with several matches coming up in February. Under the coaching of Mr. Phillis, Dave Faller- heavyweight, Dale Marks-167 lbs., Rick Diemert-155 lbs., Tim Phelan-132 lbs., Scott Faller-112 lbs., contribute their wrestling skills to the team's third place spot in the West Penn Conference, and a sixth place position in the California Tour- nament. By their outstanding record, it is evident that their team is striving for better student recognition. F5 Fm fr 'Q 3 f Grapplers pin down victories 148 1. Bob Wisniewski exerts his maxim u m 3 effort to avoid being inned. 2. geo!! Faller prepares to slam his op 0- nent to the mat for further annihilation. 3. Mark Taylor rushes to the center of the mat as the action is about to begin. Batting, Fielding, Running The Girl's Softball team was a hard team to beat. The team com- piled a record of ten wins-five losses, and never lost by more than two runs. With the help from offensive leaders, Margie Hayden and Linda Amy, the 77-78 season proved to be one full of excite- ment, action, desire to win, and ram. ln their practices on muddy fieldwbatting, fielding, running fast and hitting harder, the girls displayed great endurance and a competitive spirit. But despite hard practices, aches, pains, sweat, and even defeat, there still remained the determination to succeed. The result-another fine season for girls softball. Catcher Linda Amy gives her pitcher a perfect target. ,":-H'- J X ,Miz QQ' 7:1 ,,...., :jf ,- . f l 1 0 r., 1. Coach Papalia reflects on a suc- cessful season. 2. Teammates watch anxiously as Marianne Thomas fields the ball, 3. Leslie Stenger eyes the ball. 4-. Noreen Golicher concentrates on her oppo- nent before releasing the next itch. 5. Excitement builds as Cibach Papalia gives final, game winning in- structions. THE LI EUP Varsity: Front Row: Nlargziv Hayden. Lynnt- liut-liliin-yt-i'. agt-ri, Rita Miller tSt'orelcco vrt, Maryanne Tliunias. Beth Sue Aliliult, Ls-sliv Str-ngerg 2nd Row: Diam- Tin-iret. Stahl lNlanagerl, Diane Evvaiison tlraint-rl. Noreen Grave Grogan, Elaint- Wankvr. Kris Hranting. Lintla ,-Xniy. Colitfher. Lulu Troyg 3rd Row: Nancy Prem. Carol Nlayer inlan- Varsity Il: Front Row: Nadine Caldwell, Debbie Sulyan, Linda Massuccig Back Row: NHHCY Neely lMHHHgCrl, Jan Kim Hendrickson, Lisa Sarkis, Rhonda Cayeg 2nd Row: Tarasoyich, Patty Corbett, Ann Conners QTrainerj, Mary Barb McQuaid, Melanie Lees, Mary Maloney, Fran Kline, AND BIGTY flvlanagefl- 'i Q? 4 .1 1 2 The 1977 Boys' Cross Country Team unclcr thc coaching ol',Iohn Wilkie, proved to hc ont' olithc dominant forces in the Tri-State area. ln addition to a regular season record of 9-2, including 8 consecutive shut-out victories, the team yas impressive in Championship and invitational competi- tion. Led hy Ron Uunic, who qualiliccl for the State Cham- pionship at Penn State, thc lmoys were always at, or near the top in their major races, oftcn lcaturing tcams from several stats-s. Tllc tcam was also named to thc National Cross Country Honor Roll. THE PACE ETTER - l. Scott Shappart runs in E1 solitude as hc competes vs North Alleghen . 2. Row 1: 4 ,Ioe Cottone, 'Pom Schwer, 3 E Scott Shapgart, John Dun- ' can, Javier uzman. Row 2: Coach Wilkie, Ron Dunic, Rodger Kram, Frank Gallo, Bob Dewald, Tony Weigle, Mike Flynn, Mike Cantway, Mike Kap- pler. 3. Managers, Nancy McCarthy, Carla Sciot- to, Betsy Salopek, 4. Ron Dunic stretches his lead against Gateway. 5. The pain of the race shows in the face of Ron Dunic. 6. Roger Kram pours it on in a strong finishing effort. 7. Bob Dewald strains to pall sihead. 8. T e fight for air is a never end- ing att e. x v. ,A af f.,'.5' 'gli :film 1 ,M it ,Q .,V aN"'i Y :W '. Q K f , 4 TT, I . .XJ .1 ' f Athletic Letterwinners UNIGRS 7 77777 : WVWN w.uiwW ,,., fww,W-,awwwTV: LffmuwwiWW-:V Z. ,IQ,,.,:,-,,.Wm.WK3 .mm-m,,,,? ,F:,,,.,-V, N,,,, mf? 7.,,L,.,k,,, Y, ::,,,f,.M:V ,,,, W ,,,. W, 6 1, ,.,, .Y,V Z 7 Z ,, YY,,,. YY.,,,,,Y,,YY. , Y Y 7,4 ,Y,AY :ww :Y W ,T Y,,, , Y,V, W T g rf, 7,,, ,, .- W Y g Y: Y W Y W , ,, Fx 2 ., as .,X - r Q ' 4 v-1 UI ED MLvw,.f1mf1,.f',- ,,,L,, ,,,,,, wg.-1,,, ww-fgjmw. ,,,-. MM'1:Wm.,,1fn1,,1,vw,-mwgmwmm,wwwmwwrmm ..-, M-,J-,1Q,,Hm 11vx, M, mm, fwmWmJw,.M,,f,ww-M-.111,w1v.,wA,.Jv,H,www-J-.1Q,1-,ff,1 Qm,f,,4w.'m .,,, Jwm,1-v,1m,m,m 4-11 wgfmffw:fQ3wv',fmf,,, f, ,mm wgywf, 1x-'w,,-, w -Q ,,,- n,,,, 1 .,,,., Mm-fm1.'.Q ,,n, , ,- ,w,fW,,,wr.fffhf-fm,,fw1-img., 1 x E V V V V if VV V VV V V V xVyVV f-V- -.,V- J Vw W1If-.QU-..u-,Nm,.W.,w-1V.W-V.,Wm.-v...,,.w,..mNwmwwMu. Y 'S ' A W 4 I ., , ,. , ., i, . . . , A. W,-Y ,, ,,,, W, 7, M .,.. ., ,MY M.. f,, MU, lL,N,..M..,1Z,M . U: W ,WM M., ,R 3' Kaie11qGibSon . Pairigie- Gepert QAJ'Kathy Giegel 'Chrisl-Qarlicld A -Diane,Geubtner J - , .Lisa Gaus Q Q. Lish:Gei3i ,gg 1 V '- - Sue Glies' '- n. n nllfzvefeirilcivfenn ' ' ' Kathy, Goetz . frfashlceas , l . V f,,Bill Gilk Sheila Goralcyi Kevin Gordon TemmEGbrdOn Annette iovengo 3 ,Chegi Colicher, fi Ron1Glasser ' fy Scout Go-gd ji, V.- l ii .R ,WET N- K Y , f - . I J . L. k , "1 ' x y ' ,. , 3 , ' 2. K ' , gqwmwmmflll- l Q W " L , 4 ," 4' .L ' 1 K 1, - ' 5 Y 5 x f v ,, ,,1., , ,, ,oc-,, . Y, L V K I wr am - ,Af ,. ri . , i 'Z' if ,f . I ,, , ,. , K ! . J , K , , . If Q f , ,f 2 f if J Aa 3 x' l as N Saga f m Q 5 ' 1 l .S X W., l V 5 , A. ' M' ws 0 be JK l 3 N 'A f 3 X lf , X YI, R J' 5 1. v 3 st.. mlm L vy .ki ,V,k,:,V1 eX,f . fem - 9' P '13 1 - f 4... as 1 'v 45 a YL tx 1, V, ,, Q xx.. sl fl, . :,. w ,EVM H Linda Gxilmann. 'AJ6HnTHami1Lon1 , 'Jefflnalxfpv , jIf!ffQH2iaS3' , Markl-Iala lnll 1 Rosemary ll-lailcins X f , X 'A f ,J . ,., , . x.,-pn, -. . .- s - , A 3. , qw n .X l n ' ' , 'A ' ,, 1 1 11 3' " " N W Bob Hasenbein N .4 l--, f Q . I L I J Arlene Hart L - , L ..., N"' 1 ' X Z ' A Shirleleiliauck l ' ll l fsfim, wisonl ' ' in 5 ' .,,', yyfl 4 .!,cA ' I 7 , 1 A .A1..-Rlcgn-'Hansen :M If .E . Q , ,ijiy X , . x i , ., . .I :gf A i. ' . .V . , Lillie jj: 11' . Pam Hatnexdj K if l I ,, Q , ,. 3 A 1 ' l L. - l',.., ' fr ' ' ' A ,- , e f M f llllllll e l 1 n A N n - n lr rx, 'L 'ix ir!! , ., , - Rwf .3 i e n ' pe . . A, n , " , ,fig i , Q -- Qi ,L N ' - 'E ' ' ' Sue Heinauer ' , A KVVV1 3 , " ,Q-., . lf . " 2 1 Rich Hauser A 1 'rf 'T , if X 2 -nl . . , f ' 4 'N N -L I .3 , j Xkkl. ag ,V , ' 7 N, 3 Z. if an fav K K , Maureen Herbold ' I X R ' K 5 ,.f ffggg' fy V N in N I X ,K Steve Hawbaker W l M l f ig fl n . ' Gary Heifwman e e f nlnne e :MH-mv GN A A ig' A , 7 4 X ' 5-1 A f f ,- -A '1 ' - W ' -1 ,AA ,.. 3 . A 5 - A K AA 'fgggy A .1M1ngm Hummelig. "ABWan-KIVUWX-f', M 'A if 1' Q 1 ?' ,A 'T A I W 'fm 994 W 1? 9' . I ATQVHA HOWCWYNAQV1 X QaW'KCn199dY1f 1 ,,A.W 3 1 .,L, 5 l 1-it it ,Avg , Q A Q Q KarenAHo0yefg Agn A V, Nqrbtiilgbanglu 1 ,.k,, ff' jl 4 -:QVQA A3 . A 'mfs' Q ,A .A A. .Arm AA. , A . AA A A K - 1 1 A , . ,, , 1 wr f , 1 4 A 1 11 A Geerse Hvllenhsrew ff f 1-DPme1A Fff f A A s pg? k-KV Qifiz , VA . Q., .E X . A X - ,'V. .V ,My HQPPEQEA .K A A Y tv 1 KLIQE A .Z 1 7 fy ,jk l A ,Yi ' B . - fx..-HA J , 1 2 X , A A . . 45? A la: 'I x A f iii-S f' ' x . 1 A R 1 f A A ff?i'111 .WAX ,,eA.AA. 1, - A ia A A W- Ag, .A A if ' vfv-MA . 1 A A' AA' 2 "'gA A 'bf A 'K A'Q'Q ff HJ' ' sih 1 1' ,lsgilx AX A511 X 1 V 1, A, F ' b Qi? Chu0kJeSkYA 1 1jAAAA . "5 1 . liizlf' KVAQ QL,-1'-L IQ A iff' " fWCndY.Je1?5eni7?'IQQYQ' E75-Y1'!i3AiQ2Ql?fffAAEfA.A1A f,.TA1iQiff'' A., fy A 4 A1 AA 1- kann? Iacobuccr A'i 111' A A 1 N' A. ' W 1-' 55' 1' if A I 'EI ,L,, A ,. ou ce 1" fffghf? ' V A - A 1 Ronimes A A A - 1 u A V? A .A A 'A ,. 15fVfJ'f'f' aff11tf1 g5AF"W' 1 ' A 7"?if1fEAnA'XKf?I5!f?i.'if.E'fnfflllli- A 'Q' M 1, ' ff' -ffz A1 Q ' AA 'ff v-., A 'f A1 Eliff' T9m1Ja!Qn1 -1 4 -.,, ".111Dfyf1 1 Y kj? If f - wr A m A f ' A V K 1 ' ,M A 4 f Q . A A :gin W I ,.Ly, ,Fir -. 5 Tma Johnstqn K - X ..,,, M 1 g ' ' 5-' QQ N V A '.'f A b"- -f it z "' 'LB if1 A All M 1 t 1,5 I CAI? . I gr I U, Y Ai I Inn X -'Y A "'- f ' ' ' A ' A A A X ' 'gf A N ' A' x Zzh 5 lx , K, J A V ' 1 h 1 as 1 - -J MAA f 'J : A .4iA.LL11"' ' . A A AMA 1 1 A A A .A A 1 -A ,1 A ,A - h ' A A A J' M LWKV A A F 3AA'j'1 15 A w' Am 3' 'X A I 1 X I, 'fg f zi f A A,uA,s-1, Lg3.11,g.3i3553gAf 7 .155 Y 1 A gywgf ' 1 A A A J Q A A Qu' 1 W 1 4 f -L K A A , A A A 345,jQ5,fXQ,,'yvpgh13Kgpqhalg. A XXX A A A A A mck11.4,i,g.4 AA A 1.3fAEd'fKQQ!S22WSk11-1 1 we A 1 w A ' 1 'fixfw i 1 1 My fJ,5,,e,g A A A Koller A A A A Y ,QQ 53 'NanQy.HutQh1Q3ox1,iA-ggi , 1 'QV 1, ,j 1 A ,A A AAAA A 1 ?l',?52f3Z5gZn 1 ' Q A 1 A f 1 A h A 1 5 A, A ' fl X i , 1 - 'Y 1 ,j6vg,g"f: 1 .N AA 111 1 ' 1 f' g, 51, . f A A Ae f l? P f 6 ' nf K 9 " ' ' ' AX". " 'KTUIW1' ' f, 1 11: A 5 ' A 7 ' 3574 g l i, A,.-, . f A -1 1 1 ' '5 111- jQf4'ggAf. A ,A , ' A gjr -1. I t", 9 '1'A' A 'V WFMQ ' I A. A , fa V 1 1 5 .fwf-fx Yfffff ' f 1- 1 A A N ak Z1j,1f11' +AwM-A1-wx?-11 A " ' fl ,- ...pi ' 2 I .iq fr -my ,di- GN Gi Fx' . ' "iv:-fmix 2 . ., ,X i,,,,.,,,,,,,, .MN x.,k nw., .,.,,k . ,g K., WM, ,,,,.,,a,., J... . ,. , , . AW.- , ,Y Y. ,N ,, ., , , W, ,. , , Y , , , , , , . . . ,J , F 5 faqs a v rl b f Xl-Y x ! 4 6 ,f. N Q ,aiu ,fi Y' ' N ., gm I la. if ' fig . J ' 'K F57 'K K Ki .il v ,- 'in , , sr , wp YW' '47 if lx Q l i r 'SES' .iam ' Vx "fi , ' M s A Q6- . 1 1. P Q Q . r'ffEYV? if m ba ,A f 1 lifflik fl ,I aw. , M r ' M V W , 1 r M l M M M A 'V f'f3Q.5fl2 Q 5? 1 I M 1 rr H W G i -J if , :ii Y 7, K , f S . kryk if 1 K sri Lf 'Y r 5135 f M ' , Ufsfgf M w liz, m,.. Don Meyer Rick Messina . Mark Merwin ' Charles Miller , Damien Miller .loe'MerzIak ' Boll Merlinb ' Paul Merlabk I Mary Jehn Mdydrff' 'L L Rich 'Merkel W Bun ny Miller V j ,'xLLb Mike Meyer' VKAV Alison Mullins I John Muldx-qw! Dave Mueller i Qlohri Mum M Carol n,M11eller. Lorirlclorgan' ' ' ., iii 4, M r 5.451 A- 'w' ky 1 . f ls A .wp i , Q H . QA 1 fav 3, JY lv' K- ' a ,lfi , ex Q A if I la 'Lx ffv ws. 0 E? ..,.. ,, lr.. .. ,gf 1 ,Q in x 15,63 s' Q ,lf ff-sf' L ' . 1.2 .ww . My 'R' x r r 1 . M wg, a vm X .. e Bm 1 'Q , x liar -r M . f 2 l f 'hr W eq' r 1 g 5, ., 1 , X N8 xi , YP 1 X X iw 'vw UA 'lp i I ,, 'ff fi 'f ' ' Zi Y I Q.- 1' :Qs g M 5 ei. 'EJ Es 1 P A . vi. 4 Q i Q ,N ,.. J mas' . Sue Mueller 'Lynda VMiller 'Pager Monteverde ,Dflljg :Niklaus "Allen 'Nicholas Wayne Noble Terri Nadzam Pat-li Murra Mark Murplly :Ann Notsch I' om Owczarzak Dan' Qllflara 8 , .Pqil9l3i6',Ogden" A . relmf Q'iDQnne1x l M' ' 'O,R k. T355-Toni' 'T Tammie Orwig LWexidy Qrleman r-I Nl O v-I xl N T,--.4 M M., .,,,,Q.,..N,mM-U . ,,.v,,, A 4. 7, ,.2, MW ,w,H,, mf.-,X ,,Vm,,-W --.,. k,,,,,. -,v. f. A, M.. . - ,V . ,X r W . V W-,,U,..,x wr.-f - H , Y, -. - - - - - , - - S n-I Xl PP NA RS S Y ' . ..f' 45, lbs , ... P61 'x '53 'if I " . -x B , A A ' 4 ,,,1 -0 . ..,- . , I TPI? 7 . ' ,, . . ' K H We rr ' :K ' N , y, Q3 A Q15 U- L Diane Tritin er ' " ' ' " A 4 Gary Topfak ', ' f 1, " 3 ng' fx' ' lg Kevlgn 5131ll"'f'n ' Joanne Slullz 71' , , 49-' G anT ay or 'Q ' Q llenee Pfeiffer , ,, ' Rfk Q eqrie unney l ' f f Beverly Vranic H Nbgfvi- . ' j 1 V, N I Mic elle Stara fm , Cami Weisse V M1 ,A K , f , vw Diane Treltel ' ' 7 ' g l XL' " Y '12, vi!" az-Q? y 4 wife. 'is' . ,K W, f ' xy ' l " ' -4 1 A . ., f It "' - , ,W , ' JL, if . . e V L n Q , wwe , 4- ' R iw tv! W 32 1 ' e . 1 ff ," ,A Jody Barns Q Q ' ' '- f" ' ' 1' ' , , 1.4 P S ,Bausl I. A 5 , . Mary Anne Veltre 1 , X A I 3 Jul:eeFoytik an QQQW 'J Sue Valle , A , ' 4- ,Iill Adams ' iq. L '14 V Sam Verclll' ' 25" I I Q V Kathleen Siempak L 3' ' ' Trina Vlcek " ' A fi' V Tamqra Deemsf Lf . AA ' 1, ,ji U , fl ii' ' ' V A Q A A fl ' . f ,Q , e lnn, ' ' 5 -llv l X I , , W S3- f F 4 l 1- 4555 , if MLW If , l ' l fv .. M e f i x 2-'T ' i , ff 'ml 1 N l ' 'YJ Cymona White ' ,JK 'j' 4 , ' 1 V kv ' ,, W Carol Waters ,, -'1"f' , 4143- , f 1 A Roy Waldschmidt ' ' Q ,. 51" Jeff Z"?5?l'C , ' X Klfonzvvleigl - Gizzlfflmee 2 rm a ace Nw. K ' .4 , ef? , Kevin Weaver l 1 iw Mlke Zulnk Kathy Wellman 'Davld Kenn'?dl,Z Beck White N ev SCDIIEXYICIIC Nancy williams , W , A ' , 2. ' Vnfg I K l i 5 gf X t Y . , A E I x . .5 f 5 4 XJ s X A S x Nl I ffm Q ,. -4, A t I f J 5 ! X +41-5. f-""' 20' 4 N .J V" 'i 'QW ix l al." lf Debbie Zappas Kim Yunk Janis Tarasovich Valerie Powell Karen Kaiser Jeff Quail ' Michelle Toia Denise Wludarski Karen Scheller Jennifer Rodenbaugh 7 V f. ,D 6 , Qin? Isl . f K mf K '- 2' no ' 'Z lmakekead f' Ray Suwalski joe Ruffolo ' Tony Werner - David Woods 'K ' ' CCI thisis Ll hinto things to com can? WM V g, --,, V A Alberlyllllontevcrcle ' A QQ,iW-f-,.'3 Ed Fazio L , A j . Mary Anderson -A 5, lf if V 'Q Bob Beerhaller ' QL tj .E T A l Il 6 k 1 ' , . 1 cmmlceixllllilllnllelz-l .2 1 2,1 K 4 M .12 .' Joan Talerico ' ,5,g5g2 , K- ' - K erin '11 ' A J l'x ,ff'! ,. Qf - . ,nw 51. K fffflffe, N f . f . K K -A ' 1- - are-N, , X, f- , , 6 . ' " - X -1, I jig ' g M... . .1 ,-., ,, A Q V 'Luanne Teal ' L Beth Huerbin ., A 4 ll ' Karen Rhule A 7 , ' f f' , -I Uolores,LeCruml - y ' " f s M ,f u , 3 li 1 Q N, , if i ' A li 3 5. 4 1. l ' .9 A . Q, Q.. ,A f4?',h Mqnryecn Humhan N agy .V ,rx M x any e ll. fl! ., Ax: I I l- jim lk :yd HKD l its Til ? l 1 ,aw "-l V :Mi.gL K ,-w ' , 0 ,.. rs-- f 14.-- ..'-- , V ,. V- .,.. wk.. NJN.. ww l '!'!!" -.'- -' - Y 1. Concentration. 2. lt must be time for homeroum. 3. Wlqlle Corner." 4-. Sandy Self' and Paula Walters add a touch of class to their car. 5. Doesn'l this place luok familiar. w? A ga A 15, pt, A N Qi 9 1. Mr. Molitor, Sandra Balouris, Debbie Fabian, Maureen Naughton. 2. The "gang" behind the senior high. 3. Dave Bartlett, Angela Franco. 4. Greg Westhead, Tom Auth, Kurt Best, Ron Partrid e, Mark Love. 5. Maria iialouris, Jeannie Lerch, Sue Ryan. 6. Sandy Orr, Miriam Hum- mel. 7. Bob Dum. 8. Mary Beth Volmer. 9. Ken Wright, Linda Schrall. 10. Greg Hammers, Kevin Brown. 12 I MD, Q 16 2 'E K ' . 4 xJ xy I 1 1. Ron McClure, ,luha Taipale, Don Bussinger, Lans Alexis, and Voice Class sing their hearts out. 2. Mr. Bufalino. 3. Jim Winters, Dave Win- ters, Debbie Dee. 4. Another " reatl' lunch. 5. Mark DiGirolamo. 6. iinda Daly, Liz Phenec, Anita Colaizzi, Diane Aldridge, Julie Colwell. 7. Boys enjoy eating in Home-Ec. 8. Symphony Band. 9. One of the more popular lunches. Q ' 5 181 182 1. 1978 2. Mr. Meals 3. Joanne F0 arty, Sue Fuchs 4. Gary Connell, Mike Econ, Diane Simon, Rich Creighan, Jean Fa en, Bill Fadok, Nancy Henry, Jack Daniei 5. Mrs. Carey teaching needle oint. 6. Terry Slade, Patty Fitz erald, Iljeth Sweitzer, Roberta Lucas, ,linine Braithwaite, ,lill Kummer, Sue Komm, Nanc Farrell 7. Debbie Ogden, Maggie O'Rorlce. 84 'si- l. Ron Rogg, Andrea Sch- walder, Dan Wolf, Jerry Warner, jeff Kruhm, Vic Whitacre. 2. "I wish this was a stereo." 3. Debbie Zupan, Jeni Ca enter, and Eileen Kaule, llllllr. Crupie's little girls. 4. Gettiw a breath of fresh air. 5. ail- ing for class to start. 6. Lynn Miller, Jeanne Schrenk, Polly Shi ley. 7. Nonh Hills' French Fries. 8. G m class. 9. Pat Connolly. 13. Dave Schoentag. LW-nr-""'i ., X f-as nfs:- l. Patti Crown, Shari Ziesche, Rhonda Harvey, ,Ianine Hirshfield. 2. Diane Simon, Sue Ryan, Kim Isner, Beth Knabel, Ph llis Tenley, and legs. 3. Al Cohen loci alikes. 4. Our twirlin beauties. 5. Janine Hirshfield ans Shari Ziesche. 6. Our wheels home. 7. Bonnie Massucci, Dianne Krachala, Kathy Smith. 8. Kari Phelan sings 'Tm a little teapotw for Rich McKen- na. 9. Seniors of '78. They,re Great! 86 lj. lk L AWN W l. Myles Koch. 2. Carwash at the Flea Market. 3. Scott Rathburn. 4. Girls Softball stand. 5. Sam Powell. 6. Smashup. 7. Working at the car wash. 8. Mike McAleer. 9. Bob Koch. 10. Mike Hughes. W HKD 9 ' 'L Na X . l. The Keyettes and Key Club Float. 2. Ca tains, Mark Mitchell and Rish Dal: mple. 3. "Star Wars," theme of the rgand's float. 4. Judy Spragale as the winner is announced. 5, Choir Float. 6. Linda Gerthoffer, lst runner u . 7. Tricia Joyce, 2nd runner up. 8. dotball team. , l. Janine l-lirshfleld, .lean Fagen. 2. Mindy Wolff. 3. Dou Ice. 4. Nick Giardino. 5. McDonalds, "They do it all for us." - jf ,Ll Q? J E IDR Lisa Marie Adams . . . Patricia A. Adamski Patti Chorus 9, future plans include the field of special education, interests in- clude watching TV and working, will remember all the great people and all the fun times she had. Diann L. Aldridge . . . Basketball 9, Track 10, FNA 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include nurs- ing, interests include swimming, sports, ice skating, and dancin , will remember four years of great fun and her Super Senior Year. Lans Edward Alexis. . . Pip, Romance . . . Choir 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, NHS 12, future plans include a career in the social sciences, in- terests include music and reading, will remember Lightshine and the Chorus trips to Mexico and Toronto. Linda Elaine A.m .. . L.A .... Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, 11,, 12, fcapt.l, Ski Club 12, future plans include a career as a secretary or technician, in- terests include sewing, knitting, and sports, will remem- ber the W. P. 1. A. L. Championship in Softball in 1976. Janice Anderson . . . Ski Club 12, lans to be a CPA, interests include skating, will rememlber The Gang. 4 Susan ,lane Andrulat Suzy AP Club 12, S mphony Band 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Fllute Ensemble 11, 12, Library iide 9, plans to be a CPA, interests include sewin , readin , and having fun, will remember Band Camp, iim BucEley's big toe, and Band trips. Sandra Marie Angevine . . . Sandi, Sam . . . Basket- ball 9, 11, Cross Country 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, AP Club 12, FNA 11, Keyettes 11, Letter winner 10, 11, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, Stu- dent Council 12, Tribe 12, future plans include biology, interests include sailing, camping, hiking, piano, and running. Richard J. Anton Vishki, Rockin Rich Ar- rowhead 11, 12,5 eech Club 9, 11, 12, Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 11, 12,T1rack Announcer 11, 12, WNHS 11, 12, future plans include a career after college in com- munications, will remember his Senior year, study halls, and the good times. Pat Antonette Fred lans to be a Forest Ranger: interests include horseiack riding, hunting, hiking, will remember looking forward to sleeping in on days off. Bill Apvlpelt . . . Basketball 9, 10, Hockey 10, 11, 12 fcaptj, ennis 11, 12, interests include art, will remem- ber Hockey workouts, girls, and lunch. Jeff Armstrong Stage Crew 9, 10, tasst. crew chiefi, interests include shooting and hunting. .fr dur.. ,-. r , A st, ,gigs m . E.. 2 Scott Atwood Amwwheud 12, Ski Club 11, 12g plans to be a Lawyerg interests include skiingg will remember Patti. Thomas Anthony Auth .. . T.A .... Choir 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, future plans include ricultureg interests include bicyclin and photogra- ipiyg will remember Chorus trips and lslr. C. Linda Jean Bahicka . .. Ski Club 11, 12g Tribe 11, 12g future plans include interior design. Michael Carl Baehr . . . plans to be a mechanic or welderg interests include painting fhouses or carsjg will remember all the good friends he has. Roberta Frances Bailey . . . Bobbi . . . plans to be an airline stewardessg will remember having fun with her friends and with Bob. Richard M. Bakali .. . Buckeye . . . interests include working on carsg wi l remember the girls. 3 , ,vi it Z . , 'fi 5 fy y Debra L. Baldinger . . . plans to work, interests in clude ice skating and camping. Kevin John Baldinger. . . Baldy. . . Cross Country 9 Track 9, 10, 11, Arrowhead 11' Drama Club 9 10 11 Letter winner 9, 11g NFL 10 11' PA Announcer 9 Plays 9, 10, 11g Speech Club 9, 10, 11g Thespians 10 11g future plans include radio or TV announcingg in lerests include water skiing and sportsg will remember the many students. Laura Sue Ballon Balloons Tennis 9' Track 10, 11g Fla line 10, 11, 12g Keyettes 11, 12g Ski Club 11, 12, Stu ent Council 11, 12g Tribe 12, future plans include interior designg will remember The Gang, the Band, and the great times. Maria A. Balouris . . . Ave' . . . AP Club 12' Fla line 11, 12 iSquad leaderjg Girls' Ensemble 10, Drama lub 11g Keyettes 11, 12g Norhian 11, 12 fSenior co-ed.i Student Council 11, 12g Tribe 11, 125 future plans in clude collegeg interests include sports and Greek danc ing. Elizabeth Rose Bancroft , . . IB:-tty . . . llrtnna I lub 11g plans to be a business student at lndianag interests include tennis and swimming, will remember her friends and the best four years of her life. Linda Marie Barkschat . . . Tree . . . future plans in clude retailing or fashion. if it '1 A fwfw S-ww, , K , ,, - .1 .J- "Q l 9 ...f-.e.:. W, .154 --, H - N...-G.- 7- -.41-A-W '-:J-1,-'--w -- f- .-t,L,...-,,-.,., .. , , ' . , -c . .. 1 Brent Barnes . . . Football 9, 10, ll, Track 9, 10, 11, Ski Club 12, Future lans include law enforcement, in- terests include skateboarding and surfing, will remem- ber the food in the cafeteria. James C. Barnes . . . Buns . . . Football 9, 10, future plans include college, interests include hunting and ishing. Larry Barnes. . . Hockey 11, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future plans include marine bacteriolo , interests in- clude s iing, hockey, and swimming, wilFi'emember Mr. Pohl's Social Studies classes. Jeff Barrett . . . Bob Barlek . . . Sym hony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Band Ensemble 9, 10, 11, lans to be an FM radio announcer, interests include coqlecting book markers, will remember the Band and the Cowboy Club. Richard Bartek . . . Rich . . . Hockey 11, future plans include college, interests include Hockey and playin and listening to ood music, will remember alot ofgoos friends and good times. ,t ,, .. V -1, - or , 1 F. , - M . 'v Valerie Ann Barthel . . . Thel . . . Volleyball 9 fman- agerj, AP Club 12, French Club 10, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, NFL 9, 10, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Speech Club 9, 10, Student Council 11, 12, Thes- pians 12, Tribe 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 10, plans to enter the medical field, will remember her friends. David Alan Bartlett . . . Bart . . . Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12 fcapt.l, S anish Club 9, 10, Bowling Club 9, 10, Letter winner 1111 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include engineerin ,interests include irls, will remem- ber the crazy peopfe and the nice chiis. Jeffrely A. Bates . . . Tribe 12, interests include fight- ing, wi remember his friends behind the school and the football games. Ronald Bauer . . . Steel-Toe . . . Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, future lans include architecture, in- terests include art, will remember summer football practice and girls. Thomas Robert Bayer . . . Eva Marie Becar . . . plans to be a secretary, interests include pla 'ng the guitar, will remember the Delta Delta Feta Sbrority. Lorraine Bechtold . . . Lori.. . FNA 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include nursing, interests include swim- ming and skiing, will remember the people she has met. Mary Jo Becker . . . Jo . . . AFS 12, Chorus 9, FNA 9, 10, 11, 12 fsec.J, Keyettes 11, 12, Libra Aide 9, NHS 12, future plans include Elementa Education, in- terests include playing the guitar anllfl ice skating, will rerniember all the people she s met and the friends she's U18 C. Denise Lynn Bedel Dede Choir 9, 11, 12, plans to be a secretary: will remember Chorus. Roy Begly. . . PA Announcer 10, future plans include appliance repair, interests include football, baseball, and basketball, will remember football season and Senior Day. Mark John Belmar . . . Balls . .. plans to be a car- penter, interests include motorcycling, swimming and iking, will remember a lot of crazy kids. David Belschner Dave future plans include carpentlrif, will remember all the fun he had behind the Senior igh. I 4 1 A.-. . ..,. .--.,,-, ,. .YVSW .-. qc. Wu.-.,.,,,, ,,,,, 1, ,, ,f,,,l ,,,.M,,,, fp 4 .. ,V -, K ft 1- .rf -N 1 , L-11.- v'3,7.' :,,'a-M W , -,-. - ' , 1 , q,w,.uv 1. si - V .'-., .1,,.:. 1:-,g Y-.1 . .. -fr , .1 .-.:,. ow., ,V-...t. ,t.,w. 1 , - t , is ' ' ' " faxes Diane Marie Bendzin . . . Tribal Tribune 9, 10 fFeatures ed.J,Arrowheud 11, 12, German Club 10, 11, Choir 9, FBLA 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Norhian 12, Stu- dent Council ll, Tribe 12, plans to he an accountant, interests include camping, canoeing, swimming and grocheting, will remember all the "lasts" of her enior ear. Robert A. Benna . . . plans to be a pilot, interests in- clude motorcycling, will remember the teachers. Christo her Bennett . .. PDB . .. Basketball 9, 10, 11, Track 9, 10, Bowlin Club 12, Letter winner 9, 10, 11, future lans incluge business mana ement, will remember tllfe football games and his friemi behind the high school. Channing Douglas Benson, III . . . Wrestling 9, AP Club ll, 12, S mphony Band ftechnical staffj 9, 10, 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Band Announcer 11, 12, Drama Sub 10, 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, NHS 12, Plays 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12, plans to become rich and famous, interests include has- sling and ornithology. Michael Charles Benny . . . Mike . . . plans to be an electrician, interests include fishing and aving parties, will remember the girls. Kurt Edward Best . . . Claude . . . Football 9, 10, 11, Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Choir 12, Letter winner 11, 12, future plans include hospital administration. 5 198 Paul Gregory Besterci . . . Hockey 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include accounting, interests include listen- ing to music. Greg Edward Betant . . . future plans include architecture, interests include bowling and drawing, will remember the girls. Jim Bethoski . . . Mary Bewersdorf . .. plans to be an animal techni- cian, interests include needlework and school, will remember whatever she can. Glenn C. Bezilla. . . Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12, plans to be a carpet layer or an inde endent painter, interests include working on cars, will remember behind the Senior High. Mary Anne Bieber . . . Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Ar- rowhead 12, German Club 9, 10, 11, Choir 9, FNA 11, Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 12, Tribe 12, future plans in- clude nursing, will remember the good friends and all the good times. Marcel Keith Bingham . . . Hazard . . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, future plans include chemical engineering at Penn State, interests include golfing and albums. James Blasko . .. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter winner 10, 11, 12,lplans to be a casing drillei, interests include soccer, hoc ey, and football, will remember the '78 Soc- cer and Football seasons and the Class of 78. Pamela jean Blubaugh Pam Al' Club ll, plans to be a zoologist, interests include hiking and canoeing, will remember her friends and teachers. Bonnie L. Bobiak . . . FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include fashion merchandising, interests include sewing, basketball, and ice skating, will remember the people. Timothy C.. Bocian . . . Tim . . . Robert C. Bo gs . . . Bob . . . Basketball 9,Arrowhead 11, Tribal Trigune 10, plans to be a graphic com- munication technician, interests include photography, will remember shop with Nick and the boys. . . ,we - ,' .gME.,,' . -1-1 lg, .wg',-V fr ' A Diane D. Bohn . . . Water Ballet 9: AP Cluli 12: Frent-li Club 10: Choir 9. 101C-irls' Ensemble 9: Drama Club 9. 10. 11. 12: Ke-ya-ttes 12: W1-'l,9. 10, I 1, 123 WHS 1 1. 121 Norhiun l 1: Plays 10. 11. 12: Speech Club 9. 10, 11. 12: Student Council 12: 'llliespians ll. 12: Tribe 1 1, Tribal Trilumv 9. 10: future plans include radio and Nancy Bolsinger . . . Butch . . . FBLA 12: Tribe 12: plans to be a secretary: interests include traveling, swim- ming and pla ing football: will remember all the crazy times in C.O.P. and great friends. Michael A. Boretsky Mike interests include music. Joseph A. Bona . . . Joe , . . Wrestling 9: future plans include roofing: interests include hunting: will remem- ber the good times and girls. Douglas E. Boyd . . . Doulg . . . Basketball 12: Swim Team 9, 10: Tennis 11: Vol eyball 12: future plans in- clude engineering. Maureen T. Boyle . . . MA . . . Keyettes 11, 12: Ski Club 12: Student Council 12: Tribe 123 future plans in- clude a career in art therapy interests include drawing: wall rzmember her friends and all the good times theylve s are . .4 .Q .. , ,-. - , :mv-. .. ...I 1 V. 1, V- -vars.. A ""4-'ap 'X sms ' 'X NQIVE ii Gary Bradac. . . plans to be an auto body specialist: in- terests include archery and hunting: will remember behind the Senior High. Matthew T. Brady . . . Matt . . . plans to be an auto mechanic: interests include sailing: will remember behind the school. Jeanine Dolan Braithwaite . . . Tribal Tribune 9, 10: Arrowhead 11, 12 tfeatures ed.J: AP Club 11, 12: French Club 10: Debate 12: Drama Club 9, 10. 11, 12: Nl"l.9. 10. ll. 12: YHS Ill, ll. 12: l"X Xtttmtitn-1-rU. 10. 11. 12: Spctwli Club 9. 10. 11. 12: Stud:-nt Council 121 Trilw 12: Plays 9. 10. I l. 12: plans to ln- at ttmyvr. Krisoula L. Branting . . . Kris . .. Softball 9. 10, 11 12: AP Club 12: Symphony Band 11, 12 ltreas.l lVlarching Band 9, 10. 11, 12: Band Ensemble 11: Let ter winner 10.11.12:Nl-1S10, l1.l2gNorhian1lgStu dent Council ll: future plans include engineering or at counting: interests include rock climbing. softball, and playing the trumpet. Am Breitenbach. .. FBLA 12: future plans include banain , interests include traveling: will remember her Senior COP. class. Sandra Marie Brim . . . Sand ' . . . plans to be a teacher: interests include playing the piano and growin plants: will remember lst periodlwith Nlr. Seelhorst am 2nd period with lVlrs. Davidson. 'B i 4 !1'W l at 200 Robert Kevin Brown, ,Ir .... Tennis 10, 11, 12, AP Club 11, 12, Art Club 11, Key Club 12, Letter winner 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, S eech Club 9, future plans include law, interests includz tennis and hasslin , will remgmjmer a nice drive through the guardrail-Bobby R., la e. Kathleen Ann Buchlma er . . . Kath , . . Baseball Scorekeeper 10, 11, 12, Softball 9, Fll3LA 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include working for the Airlines, interests in- clude softball, ice skating, and horseback ridin , will remember all the friendly people and especially C1O.P. class. Frank Charles Buck . . . Franko . . . Weightlifting 9, 10, 11, future plans include industrial sales, interests in- clude motorcycle racing, will remember 7th period behind the high school. James Michael Buckley Jim AP Club 11 fvice-pres.l, 12 fpres.l, Arrowhead 9, 10, 11 tassl. ed.J, 12, Symphony and Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 tsec- tion leader-3 s.l, Ensemble 11, 12, Stage Band 11, 12, Debate 9, NFYIZ 10, 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, Plays 10, PA Announcer 10, Speech Club 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, 12 tpresl, 11. Danni J. Budzynski . . . Duke. . . plans to be an auto mechanic, interests include cars, will remember the back ofthe Senior High. Elaine Marie Burghart FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 12, plans to be a secretary, interests include ice skating and swimming, SEIBBII Jo Burke . .. Swim Team 9, Ski Club 10, 11, 1 . H. Donald Bussinger. . . Don. . . Football 10, AFS 9, AP Club 12, Arrowhead 11, 12 feditorial ed.l, German Club 9, 10, 11, 12 fvice-pres.j, Choir 12, Mixed Chorus 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Student Council 10, 12, Tribe 12, plans to be a lawyer, interests include sailing, will remember the great kids in the No. 1 Choir. Michael Edward Butler . . . Noreen Caddell . . . Nor. . . Drama Club 9, 10, future plans include photography, interests include photogra- phy, cooking, and music, will remember the crazy teachers and the burnouts behind the high school. Keyte Marie Caldwell AP Club 11, 12, Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12 fsection leaderl, Ensembles 11, 15115 12, Norhian 12, Student Council 12, plans to go to college for a career in the humanities, will remember Mr. Mercer and the Band. Raelene Caldwell. . . Champ. . . Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include accounting will remember all the people and the fun. is we it te .f 2 ' ,,., , ?f"1:F. sq r, tts, . . H W Q41 ,F N Dave Cannella . . . Robert Carlin . . . Opey. . . future plans include the air force, interests include football, huntin , and van- nmg, will remember Senior Day, friends iehind the school, and the Butler Van Festival '77. Scott Albert Carlson Angi FBLA 11, 12, rtiutuae plans include accounting will remember Beattie ec . Walter K. Carothers . . . Big Walt . . . Co-op 11, 12, Stage Crew 9, 10, future plans include becoming an air force pilot, interests include football, cars and trucks, will remember Senior Day and 1978 Football games. Jenifer C enter. . .Arrowhead 11, 12, Drama Club 10, ll, 12fl1.'HJrary Aide 9, 10QNOfhl141H 11, 12, Plays 10, ll, 12, Student Council 12, future plans include marketing, will remember all her friends and good times. Dwayne Edward Carr . . . Soccer 9, Tennis.Q, 10, in- terests include sports and outdoor activities, will remember "Administration,' and some good teachers. ff V- vw 5:53.-,-73,-f--v-1-1-f--.v . YY-V,-W - Y- f--- H . - , .- ... Y. Y.. . ,,...f.. , .,, s, , 1 , - Q t. - 1,3 V .,,, 'M 1 ' F 3, li, , :-L ,,,, ,Lil--di' -lf- Mark A. Carr . .. plans to be a plumber, interests in- clude cars, bikes, and skiing, will remember the teachers, friends, etc. Steven Edward Carr. . , Steve. . .AP Club 11, l2,Ar- mwhead 11, 12, German Club 9, 10, Math-Science Club 10, 11, NHS 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 12, future plans include medicine or bio-medical engineering, in- terests include photo aphy, electronics, and music, will remember the Arrowilead office. Nida ,lane Carson . . . Null. . . Sylnpliuny Band 9, 10, ll. 12, lVlart'liing.: Band 9. 10. ll. 12: Hand Ensenilmlt- 12114:-yt-ttf-s ll. 12: Ski Club ll. 12: Tribe 12: plans to be at music lliera Jislg interests invlutlc skating and ski- ing: will rt-memlicr great times, tht- Gang. and Nlr, Nlt'l't't'l'. Kathleen Caye Kathy Bowlin Club 10, Cheerleading 9, 10, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski C1ub 12, Stu- dent Council 1O, 11, Tribe 11, 12, interests include horseback riding, water skiing, and swimming, will remember the people and Senior Day. Mark Allan Caye .. . plans to be an electrician, will remember how nice the people were. Richard M. Cebulski Rick future glans in- clude graphic communications, interests inclu ed com- ing late for school. -.1-..---....--....,n- -- s. ., we, -Y-, S. o.,,L.,,,.,,n.44,:,..,, ,T L ,-,V ,WA HAY Y AV,Ad ,Y-YA, Y M QV WA A, D HAdAll.A ll 5. 202 Genevieve Cernansky . .. lVlitzie . .. Softball 9, 10, Chorus 9, plans to be a x-ray technician, will remember ge people and all the good times behind the Senior igh. James Charnesky . . . Patricia A. Cherry . . . Patty . . . future plans include becoming a dental assistant or hygienist, interests in- clude ceramics, bowling, tobogganing, tennis, and ice skating, will remember trlends, bus rides to and from Beattie Tech, mass confusion, football games, and bus and teacher strikes. Kim A. Ciaburri . . . Track 9, Tribe 12, future plans include attending P.S.U., interests include horse ack riding, will remember all the special friends. Mark E. Clark . . . Birdman . . . Football 9, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include auto body repair, in- terests include cars and sports, will remember Senior Day. Tim Clark . . . Turtle . . . Track 9, 10, lans to be a contractor, interests include hunting, Football, and basketball, will remember football, track, Senior Day, Homecoming, all his friends, and parties. Rich Cohaugll . . . Cobb . . . future plans include the air force, interests include cars, will remember study hall, behind the Senior High. Monica Cohan . . . Track 9, 10, future plans include cosmetology, interests include swimming and water ski- ing, will remember all the new people she met in 9th through 12th grade. Anita Colaizzi. . . Track 12,Arrowhead 11, Tribal Tri- bune 10, Keyettes 10,11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, Stu- dent Councll 9, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be an airplane pilot, interests include gymnastics and dance, will remlfmber Senior Day, football, Johnny Marzetti, and Ric y. Timothy Cole . . . Swim Team 9, future plans include carpentry or heavy construction, interests include water skiing, fishing and loafing, will remember Graduation. Karen Colombo AFS 12, Ma'orettes fsquad leaderj 11, 12, Bowling Club 9, 10, Cfrchestra 9, Ski Club 12, future plans include medicine, interests in- clude ceramics, swimming and baton twirling. Julie Ann Colwell Basketball 9 'gmana erl, 11, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, fe .J 10,TCeyettes 11, 12, Letter winner 9, 10, 11, 12, Norhian 11, Student Council 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include college, interests include water skiing, wilfiremember the many friends and the great people, Senior Day, and Home- COn'llng. Gm' P. Condle . . . Cross Country 9, Soccer 9, Track 9, la 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, Letter winner 10, ll. 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11. 12, Tribe 12, future plans in- clude sales, interests inelude Sll'lllf' art and stam and coin collecting, will remember tlie H. win over A., Senior Day, and behind the High School. Jeff Conley , .. Tennis 9. 10: Key Club 11. 12: Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include mana ement, in- terests include tennis, inusie, and sports, wii remember ski trips, football and basketball games, and Ed, Bo, Zap. and Slade. V Pat Conley.. . Zap . .. Track 9, 10, 12, Ski Club 12, future plans include publit- eonnnunieations, interests include most sports and occasionally raising havoc, will remember illogical people and a teacher named Weasel. Car Connell... Football 9. 10. 11. 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Gfrestling 10, Key Cluli ll, 12, Letter winner 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, plans to be a doctor, will remember his Senior year and the special activities that go with it. Michael T. Connolly.. . Ski Club 11. l2151lkll1S to at- tend college, will remember study halls and . enior Day. Cecelia Cook . . . Cecil . . . Library Aide 9, Orchestra 9. 10. 11 Clibrarianl, 12 lpresl, Tribe 12, future plans include law or social work, interests include sports and music, will remember the friends she made and especially her Senior year. ' f ETH Nancy Jean Cooney Coon AP Club 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Marching Band 9, 10. 11, 12, Band Ensemble 12, Choir 10, Mixed Chorus 10, Mixed Ensemble 10, Keyeltes 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Norhian 12, Student Council 9. 10. 11. 12, plans to at- tend college, interests include singing, guitar, and sew- ing. Gregg C. Cooper Coop . .. future plans include television directing, interests include motorcycles and photogra hv, will remember the TV independent study office ang liootball games. Kathleen A. Counahan . . , lans to goto college, will remember Senior Day and beliind the Senior High. Mark Andrew Countouris . . . Con . . . interests in- clude playing. the pliano and boxing, will remember the moments be ind t e Senior High and the bowling ban- quets. Georgie S. Cox. . . Marching Band 10, 11, 12, plans to be a p otographer, interests include golf, photography, and pool, will remember Heidi. Ed Crankovic . .. "Eu Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Golf10, 11, 12, Tennis 10, Ke Club 12, Letter winner 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Vlyeightlifting 12, interests include golf, tackle football games, and Bo's Stories, will remember study halls, parties, 'SThe nothing years and Big Slade," and the immortal ninth grade hoop season. ftf i 1 James Crawford . . . Bean . . . plans to make money, interests include everything, will remember Senior day, dances, boring Monday morning, and a moment of silent meditation. Robin E. Crede . . . future plans include cooking, in- terests include skate boardingHand softball games, will remember behind the Senior igh. Richard Cre' han . . . Creig . . . Baseball 10, 12, Ke Club 11, 12, Ski Club 12, plans to be a carpenter: will regnember the dances, senior day, Snortz, and Brook- Sl e. Bruce G. Crispens . . . Volle ball 9, 10, 11, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, uture plans include law, will remember the Band and all the ootball games. Patty Crown . . . Patrick Allen Crummie . . . Basketball 9, 10, future lans include gra hic offset, interests include art, basketball, and cabinet making, will remember the weekends. 204 Linda Dale . . . Scribbles. . . Bowlin Club 9, 10, 11, FNA 9, Ski Club 11, future plans incE.1de nursing, in- terests include reading, tennis, and guitar, will remem- ber all her goofy friends and the eaten up doors. Richard K. Dalrymple . . . Rich . . . Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12 fcapt.J, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Ar- rowhead 11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Let- ter winner 11, 12, NHS 12, Norhian 11, 12, future plans include college and journalism, interests include writ- ing, will remember football and friends. Eric Dalton . . . Bowlin Club 10, future plans include marketing, interests inclgrde hunting, partyin , fishing, and sports, will remember the excelent teachers, nice people, and good facilities. John Michael Daniels . . . Dantley . . . Basketball 9, Soccer 9, 10, 11, Armwhead 12, Key Club 11, 12, Ski Club 12, plans to be a radio broadcaster, will remember senior clay, Snortz, and Brookside, Renee Lynn Dannenmueller . . . Benrlky . . . plans to be a 'nurse, interests include chess, lgo , swimming, camping, and loafing, will remembert e people. Lisa Marie Dap rich . . . Da .. . Baseball Stats, 9 10, Basketball 9, fo, 11, Volleylball ro, Ars 9, Tribal Tribune 10, Drama Club 9, Keyettes 11, 12, Letter win- ner 11, NHS 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, ll, 12,.Tribe 11, 12, future lans include business administration, will remember alllthe great parties and good times she had these past four years. C thia Ann Davenport Cindy Choir 9, FEDLA 11, 129 plans to be a secretary, interests include crafts, will remember her friends, teachers, and good times. Susan Davies . . . Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Letter winner 10, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12. Carolynn Ann Davis . . . Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12 fcapt.lg Tribe 12g plans to be a secretaryg will remember the fantastic Friday night football games. Teri Davis . . . future plans include the medical field, interests include softball, will remember behind the Senior High. Ronald Deems . . . Ron . . . Ski Club 12, plans to be a marine engineer. Raymond J. Deldin . . . Golf12g Bowling Club 10, 11g Key Club 11, 12 Qpres.jg Student Council 9, 12, future plans include business administrationg interests include golf and intramural football, will remember the great parties and 6th period in 11th grade. 'gf' "Tiff f .2172 :uf-,dz 1:1 -gui:,,?3j' ' 'g-1 f ,jf-51, f -t, vt, , ' 5,7 FQ'721fsg,vy,1f.,r1,,-.1-4.., ,,.,-W, tg t-, r. 1,3 -. Y' ,S S 5 L .. 31 11'-.-. .--sl rzff-'H-wer-f .-yi if rl ' ve A4 ,aa.1'LQ75iigif'i'7i-F'L'2iff2g? 473 g:l'lXli4?1l-- - ' L is 1 if i Mike Dereno . . . Ruthann Derk .. . Rad . . . future plans include the fashion industry, interests include singing, sports, and studying fashion, will remember the laughs and the fun with her friends. Janice Lynn Derstine . . . Jan. . . future plans include photography, interests include photography, will remember the super kids. Lynne Ann Devlin CB Tennis 9, 10g Ar- mwheud 11, FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 123 Norhian 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 123 plans to be a legal secretaryg interests include tennis and parties, will remember the fantastic kids and the football games and Mac's afterwards. Thomas L. Dibert . . . Pubert . . . Football 10, Soccer 9, Track 9, Wrestllng 9, Arrowhead 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 125 future plans include oceanography. Michael Dickerson . . . Bull. . . Football 9, plans to be a vetermariang interests include motorcycles, fishing, and parties, will remember out back and the fights. Darlene A. DiDonato Track 10, AP Club 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, future plans in- clude college, interests include art work and athletic at:- tivines. Rick Diemeri. . . Football 9, 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letter winner 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 12, plans to be an architect, will remember the kids, senior day, dances, and cornficlds, Arny Dietrich . . . Basketball 9, 10, ll, AFS 12, Mixed Chorus 9, lans to be a medical assistant, interests in- clude cruchleting and knittin 1, will remember the good times she had with her friends. Mark DiGirolamo . .. Diege AP Club 12, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 ldrum maori, Stage Band 11, 12, Ke Club 12, NHS 11, 12, Nordian 11, 12, Student Council,12, plans to be an industrial engineer, interests include laying the trombone and tennis, will remember lVlr. Mercer and the N. H. Band. Al Diorio . .. Fred . .. Swim Team 9, 10, ll, future plans include physical therapy, interests include skiing, tae kwon do, horseback riding, will remember the peo- ple. Marilyn Dobos . . . future' plans include business sclmol, interests include listening to music and travel- ing, will remember the crazy people and the good times she had with everyone. 206 Robert K. Domer Bob future plans include architecture, interests include working on cars, design- ing and drafting, will remember the people and the times out back. Scott J. Donaldson . . . Scott .. . Bowling Club 10, future plans include 'oining the S. Army, interests in- clude cars, and military modeler, will remember the people. Joseph Donas . .. Donuts.. . plans to be a mechanic, interests include cars, will remember his friends. Gary Raymond Donnelly . . . interests include work- ing on cats, will remember his 10th ggade Social Studies class and the crazy kids that North ills turned loose. Patrick Jose lx Dolgqherty . . . Pat, Doc . . . AP Club 12, French CTub 9, oir 1, 12 lviceglesg, Mixed Chorus 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 11, 12, ll hoir 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Bridge Club 9, plans to be a lawyer, interests include skiing and sing- ing, will remember the Choirls victorious trips to Toron- to and Mexico City. Donna Dredge . .. Dredge Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls' Ensemble 9, 10, 12, Bell Choir 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Plays 10, 11, 12, S eech Club 11, 12, Stage Crew 11, Thespians 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include speech com- munications, interests include talking on the telephone. Sue Dreyfuss . . . Keyettes 11, Ski Club 11. Patricia J. Duggan . . . Patty . . . Bowlin Club 9, 10, 11, 12 ftreas.J, eyettes11, 12, NHS 12, Siudent Coun- cil 12, Tribe 12, plans to be a legal secretary, will remember all the friends and good times. Robert Dum . . . Bob . . . Baseball 9, 10, 11, Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 12, AP Club 12, Ar- rowhead 11, 12, Choir 12, Key Club 12, Letter winner 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 12 tsports ed.J, future plans include chemical research. James Dunn Jim future plans include the airlines, interests include working with and fixing cars, will remember the people. Sherry Dunn Swim Team 9, 10, ll, 12, Water Ballet 10, 11, 12,Keyettes11, 12, Letter winner 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include biolo or geology, interests include swimming, skiin , antfyice skating, will remember the fantastic senior gay and all the great people she got to meet. Michael Dye . . . Mike . . . Swim Team 10, Ski Club 12, future plans include college, will remember his friends, parties, and football games. Jacqueline E. Ebbert . . . Jackie . . . Track 9, Sym hony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, lgeyettes 12, NHS 12, future plans include market- ing, interests include music and sports, will remember Mr. Mercer and the Band. Eric N. Ebeck . . . Big Eric . . . Gymnastics 9, Soccer 9, 10, Tennis 9, 10, Bowling 11, Key Club 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, plans to be an industrial engineer, interests in- clude girls and parties, will remember Chem-Phvs, the parties and Julie. ' Mark C. Eberhard! . . . Schnortz . . . Football 9, 10, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, AP Club 12, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letter winner 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Weightlifting 12, future plans include engineerin , will remember the parties, the good times, and friensls. Bob Edwards . .. Edis . .. Volleyball 9, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Band Ensembles 11, 12, Stage Band 12, Bowling Club 9, 10, Key Club 11, 12, Plays 11, 12, Student Council 9, future plans include hair styling, will remember Mr. Mercer and all the good times he had at Band Camp. Raymond Lewis Egnacheski . . . Shari Ehrman . . . Keyettes 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 12, future plans include olice work, interests include riding horses, will remember everybody and everything. 114149 Q'-'ffl Christine Mary Eichler .. . Chris . . . plans to be a bank teller: interests include bowling and swimming, will remember meeting her boyfriend and the great Senior Day they had. Glenn K. Eichner . . . Ike . . . Bowling Club 10, 12, future plans include accounting, will remember the football games. Virginia Kay Eisenbeis . . . Ginnie . . . Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Art Club 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 12, future plans include a career in s ecial education, interests include ceramics, will remember her friends and the good times. Denise Ellenberger Dee .. . Ski Club 9, Stage Crew 10, future plans include retailing, interests inclu e swimmin , karate, frisbee, and skating, will remember her friends. Carolyn R. Ericson . . . Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12 fcn- capt.l, AP Club 12, NHS 12, plans to be a chemical engineer, interests include tennis and weightlifting. Susan Evans . . . Sue . . . Track 9, 10, Drama Club 9, 10, Keyettes 11, 12, S eech Club 9, 10, Student Coun- cil 9, 10, Tribe 12, wm remember the good times and Senior'Day. 208 s - 't"'- ' ' 1' iff-""': 14:'L1?-H-ri?" gy '.-l.,J"'2EEl'M sl' "tml I 1, V 'A W , 'fvmylr "-, r ,V Q. 'S "Q if 14 4. Y W - 3e'fI+?-:l:Ju-' , ,. .. M.- e J,-A --V-QLUELH., A 4.'-M2112,..1f,f',gQ.ff,,e,,:,A-.L Roger Evarts . . . James Everard . .. ,lim Wrestling 9, Marchin Band 9, 10, ll, plans a career in the business field, wii fmember the rules and the security guards, especially l. Randal Lee Exley . . . Randy. . . Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, plans to be an architect, interests include huntin , fishing, and all sports, will remember the many frienti he made here and the times they shared at N. H. Sandra M. Fabian . . . Sandie . . . Track 9, 10, 11, 12, AP Club 12, Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Norhikm 11 Qasst. sports ed.j, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include medical technology, will remember her llliends and good times. Carolyn Facernire . . . FBLA 11, future lans include a career in business, interests include watcllting TV, will remember her friends and good times. William Joseph Fadok . . . Baseball 9, 10, Football 9, ll0,'11, 12, Track 11, future plans include a career in USIHCSS. 32921 ' .-1 Jean Ellen F en . . . Keyettes 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, future :Bins include business administration, in- terests include the Alpha Chi sorority. David J. Fallen' . . . Stick . .. AP Club 12, Slyamphony Band 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12, nd En- semble 10, NHS 12, Sii Club 12, future plans include chemical en ineeringg interests include hunt-ing, foot- ball, basketBall, stamp collecting, and skiing, will remember the many band cam s with theserious talks and battles against the staff ang each other. David W. Faller . . . Football 9, 10, Wrestling 9, 10, 11. Dave J. Farabaugh . . . Fibbs, Skecziks . . . interests include pigeon racing and hiking, will remember having a good time and nt-ver getting caught. Yvette Faris Eve . .. Water Ballet 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a carpenter, interests include swimming, sleeping, Nai Din and Alpha Chi sororities, and Brent, will remember meeting the most wonderful people. Patricia Ann Faub. . . Patti. . .Water Ballet 9, 10, AP Club 12, Tribal Tribune 9, l0,Arrowhead 11, 12, Bowl- ing Club 9, 10, Choir 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls' Ensemble 11, 12, Ke ettes 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Speech Club 11, Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a diplomat. Georgeann Festas George . . . Ski Club 10, 11, plans to be an accountant, interests include travel and the Beta Phi sorority, will remember all the crazy people and the parties. Edward M. Fichter. . . Ed . . . Baseball 10, Wrestling 9, plans to be a machinist, will remember all the good times he had with his friends. Thomas M. Finigan . . . Tom . . . Tennis 10, Key Club 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be an electrician, interests include hunting, 4-wheeling, and being with friends, will remember all the good times with a great bunch of people. Fred Fischer Baseball 9, future plans include management in a fast-food store, interests include ice skating, swimming, and doing body work on cars, will remember all the good teachers and principals but most of all the back of the high school. Steve Fischer. . . Arty. . . interests include playing the guitar, football, swimming, tennis, and partying, will remember the security force, the no-nonsense faculty, and the '78 Senior class. Trac L. Fitterer. . . Trace. . . Hockey 11, plans to be a oaliender in the NHL, interests include ice hockey, wii remember the school spirit and the whole hilltop. lu. J f . f ,, 1 its 1 t+:1.:,,,ieg::. .gf '-tr Q si. a awe :-,,2gaztfv:fs.ia-:te ' ' S 'Mk vii' Qsreiiw. :e'.f2W.,' "1-t..," H 1:'sU:?z:l"V'7fY- .,3.f:z-., W -.. e ,.:'::g'.1z L ,537 - , s t wtf? 210 Patricia Marie Fitzgerald . . . Patt , Fitz . . . Track 9, 10, 12, Arrowhead 9, 10 fstaff ed.l, Cllhoir 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Letter winner 10, Norhian 11, future plans include law, in- terests include softball and writing, will remember the people, the pace, good friends, MC ', and Choir. Laurie Fitzgihhon . . . Fitz , . . Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be an art therapist, interests include skating, skiing, art, dancing, and having a good time, will remember all the fantastic times shes had at N.H. and all the great people. Teresa Mary Flaherty . . . Terry. . . Art Club 12, Ski Club 11, 12, plans to be a secreta , interests include playing the piano and crocheting, will remember all the nice people. John Flavin . . . ,lay . . . interests include fishing, music, will remember all the high times he had and his friends. Jennifer Fletcher . . . Jenny . . .Bowling Club 9, 10, Keyetles 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a fashion designer or illustrator, interests include art, reading, will remember all the fun she had, the hocky games, and her Senior year. Janet Marie Fl n. . .Arrowhead 12, Fla line 11, 12 lsquad leaclerl, l':lBLA 11, Keyettes 12, NT-IS 11, 12, Nnrhirln 12, plans to he- at rnt'tlit'nl assistant: will rvnwin- In-r t:n- great liriemls and super times with tht- ltlarrlnng liant . Kathy Flynn , . . Booz , . . '1'ran-lt 9: Tribal Triburtc 9. 10, Jlans lu ln' tt t-omnn'rt'inl artist, intt-rtfsts inrlutlt' url- worlt. partying. and liursf-ltatrk riding will rt-nnktnlmer all the gnrnl times. .l08llIl F0gart'y Basketball 9, 10, 11, Tennis 10, Yollvyllall 9, lfrenclt Cluh 10: Kvyvltt-s 11. 12, Letter winner 11, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, Ski Club 9, 11, 12, plans to be a nurse practitioner, interests include sports, cooking, and baton twirling, will remember all the peo- ple an the great times. Daniel J. Ford Dan future plans include a Career ln bUSlHeSS. Betsy Foster . . . Neal Qregory Foster . .. Bowling Club 9, Track 9, Weightlifting 9, interests include hunting and fishing. Kenneth J. Frank.. . Ken . . . future plans include a career in business, interests include sports, will remem- ber the students. Robert Frank "B" Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Wrestling 9, Letter winner 11, 12, plans to be a moni- cian, interests include football, part ing, and irls, will remember all the good times and the times Ee got in trouble. Thomas Frank . . . future plans include drafting, in- terests include hiking and swimming, will remember the people. Sally Fraser.. . interests include reading and garden- ing, will remember nice hot days behind the high school. Ronald Wade Frenz . . . Znerf, Ronny. . . Symphon ' Band 9,10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9,10,1l, 12, NHg 12, future plans include commercial art, interests in- clude comics art and commercial art, will remember the Band lech Crew. Mark Friday .. . Football 9, Hockey 10, future plans include engineering, interests include skiing, concerts, and hockey, will remember behind the high school. janet Froehlich . . . Jan . . . Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, lans to be a secretary, will remember all the great peopile. Darren Fuchs Fuji future plans include the field of Forest Products, interests include huntin fish- ing, camping, skeet and trap shooting, will rememqier all the peop e he met. Sue Fuchs . . . AP Club 12, Choir 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Girls Ensemble 11, Drama 9, 10,Keyettes11, 12, Plays 11, Ski Club 12, Student Council 11, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include music, interests include piano, ballet and voice. David L. Gaertner . . . Dave . . . future plans include heating and air-conditioning, interests include sports and parties, will remember all the kids and the good times he had at NH. Cynthia Ann Gall . . . Cindy . . . Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12 fSquad leaderj, Ensembles 11, 15, Bowling Club 9, 10, 12, Keyetles 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, future lans include music, will remember the great friends she met and the band. Kimberly Gardner . . . Richard A. Gardner... Rich . . . Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include Accounting, interests include hunting, and skiing, will remember the people. Mft 212 it S li' 4 i eg, a . f -- .'z,f ffm, 53, Ronald M. Gardner . .. Head Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 fTrainerJ, Football 11 fTrainerj, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12, AP Club 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Arrowhead ll, 12 tsports ed.J, Bowling Club 12, Letter winners 11, 12, interests include coin collecting and campin , will remember Eddie C. and Bobby O.-How was it Ecf? and the Foster Childrenis Song. Daniel William Garvey future plans include county worker. Linda Garvey future plans include secretarial work, interests include swimming, will remember the good times behind the school with Gubser. Rosemarie Geary. . . Rose. . . future plans include accounting, interests include skiing, wi l remember Mike. Ste hen R. Geary Skipper . .. future lans in- clude mechanics, interests include hunting, fishing and camping, will remember all the parties. Jaime Jo Gerkey future plans include cos- metology, interests include tennis, will remember her happy times. Linda Gerthoffer . . . Basketball 9, 10 lca Ll, FBLA 11, Letter winners 10, future plans incluse fashion merchandising or legal secretary, interests include dancing and sports, will remember the school spirit and all the great people she has met. Daniel Geyer, . . Dan. . . Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include forestry, interests include football, camping, backpacking, will remember the girls lShariJ. Nicholas J. Giardino Slick Swim Team 10, French Club 10, Choir 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, future lans include medicine, interests include art and basketgallg will remember his senior year. Robert Charles Giese . . . Geese . . . Hockey 11, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter Winners 12, future plans in- clude auto body man, interests include sports, will remember the good times. Keith Gilbert . . . Martin Glarlish . . . Marty. . . future plans will include drafting interests include fishing and hunting, will remem er the great times. Nancy Glassbrcnner . , . Sue Glasser. . . Bird Dog and Suey. . . future plans in- clude Distributive Education, interests include sewing and volleyball, will remember all the good times in the lntermediate School and most ofall in the High School. Kevin James Glavin. . . Stud . . . Bowling Club 9, 10, Choir 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, 11,12,M1xed En- semble 10, 11, 12, future lans include singing and steamlittin , interests includje the guitar and drawing, will rememquer how hard it's been lo pass four years of school. Joan Gloekler Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12 fcapt.J, Water Ballet 10, Keyettes 11, 12, Letter Winners 11, 12, Norhian 11, Student Council 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include nursin , interests include sewing, knitting and swimming, wil remember all the great times. Maureen Godkin .. . Water Ballet 9, 10, 11, 12, FBLA 11, 12, N.l'l.S. 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, Tribe 12, future lans include business, interests include swim- min , skiing, horseback riding and parties, will remem- ber friends, the proms and graduation. Cathleen Lois Golicher. . . Cath . . . Track and Field 11, 12,Keyettes11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Coun- cil 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include busi- nesslsecretary, interests include horseback riding and skiin , will remember the gang and all the good times they Bad. -??'f??"" I wvzv -4559 'ww 'Q Z? --mmf, Xb 'fb ,W 2 iw ltt, W 455556 , 1. V ,,g.1f., ' . 'itil 'F' ' - 9: r Noreen M Golicher. . . Norby. . . Softball 10, 11, 12, Volleybizlffill, 12, Letter Winners 11, 12, future plans include biology, interests include sports, will remember the good times and good friends. William B. Gordon . . .AP Club 12, Symphony Band 9, interests include hunting and fishing. Donna Gorman. . . FBLA 12 ftreas.J, Keyettes 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include accounting and busi- ness, interests includle partying, will always remember our great senior day. Ronald Gorman . . , Ron. . . Future plans include law enforcement or graphics, interests include basketball and shooting pool, will remember the fellow students and teachers, senior day and the homecoming football game. Jeanne Gottschalk. . . Water Ballet 11, 12, Tribal Tri- bune 9, 10, Spanish Club 10, Film Club 12, Library Aides 9, 10, future plans include television broadcast- mg. David T. Gould, ,lr .... Dave . . . interests include gjirls, cars, and sports, will remember senior day and Al ohen. 443-,M awww Vlfflmldlbt 214 , :Wa Kerri Gramm . , . Keyettes 11: Tribe 11: future plans include businessg will remember the people. Richard D. Graziani future plans include print- ing: interests include hunting, fishing and canoeing. Mark George Grazorchalk .. . Grazel . .. plans to own a motorc cle shopg interests include motorcycling and sportsg wiil remember all the great people and the good times we had and Al Cohen. Curtis Green , . . Shaft . . . Football 9, Track 9g Stu- dent Council 9g future plans include advertising: in- terests include scuba dtving, dancing, traveling and hunting. Marjorie Green . . . Marcie. . . Keyettes 12g Tribe 12g future plans include marketing careerg interests include art, sports and making the best of thingsg will remember the new friends she met in the past two years and the crazy times they had. Debra Grimm . . . Booz . . . Choir 9g future plans in- clude dancin , interests include dancing, sewing and swimmingg wiTl remember all the great times at the foot- ball games with Bobbie, Senior Day '78 and the fun times with the boozes. Trilby Grivas . . . future plans include nursingg in- terests include reading and concertsg will remember the wonderful people that made her high school years worth remembering. Gregory P. Gross ... Surg ... AP Club 12, Sym hony Band 10, 11, 12g Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12g Ensembles 11g Film Club 9, 105 gills. 125 future plans include medicineg interests include the emergency medical services. Elizabeth Shaw Groves . . . Betsy . . . Gymnastics 9, 10g Bowlin Club 123 Arrowhead 11, Choir 11, 12g N.H.S. 12, ibrhian 11, 12g Student Council 9, 10, 12, Tribe 11, 125 future plans include college, interests in- clude traveling, sin ing, gymnastics and skiin Q will remember tlie great Eiends and the fun times on Sie hill top. Theresa Guhser future plans include court steno rapherg will remember having fun with Garvey and Sgue. Patricia Lynn Gunst. . . Pat . . . Gymnastics 9g Volley- ball 10g Arrowhead 11g Art Club 119 Bowling Club 9, Drama Club 103 Ke ettes 11g NFL 9g Norhlkm 11g Plays 10g Speech Club 9, gtudent Council 11, 12, future plans include social work or ps chologyq interests include photography and music, wili, remember "to play music, one must keep his eye on the horizon." Darryl Guthrie . . . Arlow . . . Football 9, 10, Track 9, 10, 11, 12g Choir 9, 105 Weightlifting 9, 10, 11, 12g future plans include attending the 1980 Olympicsg in- terests mclude weightlifting, hunting, fishing, track and fieldg will remember the track meets and weightlifting club. Patricia Ann Haas . . . Patty . . . plans to be a secre tary. Paul James Hahn. . . H. . . future plans include polit- ical science, interests include playing the guitar, will remember that NH is the place where he met the best thing that ever happened in his life. Ellen Haidei , . . AP Club 11, 12, Symphony Band 11, 12, Marching Band 11, 12, Ensembles 11, German Club 11, 12, Drama Club 9, 10, Library Aides 9, 10, Math-Science Club 10, ll, NHS 10, 11, 12, future plans include medicine, interests include playing the piano, will remember band and football games. Barbara Ann Hailstone . .. Barb . . . Tennis 9. 10, 11, 12, Track 9, Letter winners 10, 11, Norhian 11, Ski Club 10, 11, Stage crew 11, future plans include col- lege,3Nill remember all the good times she had with her rien s. David Hamburg . . . Cheese. . . Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Art Club 11, 12, future plans include engineering or biology, interests include sports, joggin , horseback rid- ing and water skiin , will remember ag the good times in and out of schooi Greg Hammers . . . Greg. . . future plans include the military, will remember behind the senior high school. Kathleen I-Iarkins . . . Kathy . . . Keyettes 12, future plans include o tometiy, interests include sports, crafts, and sewing, will, remember the friends, good times and the craziness. Elaine I-Iartzell Lanie Volle ball 10, 11, 12 fco-capt.j, AFS 12, Water Ballet 12, gpanish Club 10, 11, Choir 11, 12, FNA 11, 12, Ke ettes 11, 12, Letter winners 11, 12, Library Aides 12, l5HS 12, Nofhlgan ll, 12, future plans include nursing, interests include coirl collecting, will remember senior day. Mark David Harvey . . . Harv. . . future plans include diesel mechanics. Rhonda Claire Harvey. . . Harv. . . Basketball 9, 10, Drama Club 9, Keyettes 9, Student Council 9, 10, 11, Tribe 12, future plans include nursing, interests include skiing, basketbal and radio shows, will remember Al Cohen and his detective agency, Mr. Wilkie and being late to school. Brian Henry Haschke . . . Wrestling 9, future plans include carpentry, interests include being a lireman, will remember the fun he had in some classes. Andrew Hatton Drew Basketball 9, future plans include music, interests include guitar playing and asketball, will remember the teachers. l 216 Susan Hawk ...Majorettes 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, future lans include X-ra technologyq will remember all the lius rides to football games and the friends she had through all her years. Carolee Hayden . . . Carolee . . . future plans include cosmelology, interests include tennis and horseback rid- ing, will remember her friends. Margaret Elizabeth Ha den . . . Marge . . . Basket- ball 9, 10, 11, 12 tcapt.J, Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter Winners 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include criminal justice, interests include motorcycles and sports. Vincent B. Heck . . . Vince . . . Hockey 9, Tennis 9, AP Club 11, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Key Club 12, Math-Science 11, NHS 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future plans include engineering, interests include skiing, photography, will remember Senior week, Skits and the security officer. John W. Henderson . . . Henry . . . Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Tennis 10, Bowling Club 10, 11, 12, Key Club 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, future plans include safety manage- ment, interests include hunting and fishing, will remem- ber football and basketball games, and all the good friends he made. Nanc2y Louise Henry. . . Nancy. . . Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 1 tca LJ, Keyettes 11, 12, Letter Winners 9, 10, 11, 12, NHE 12, Tribe 12, future plans include physical education, interests include swimming and tennis, will remember the friends, football games and swimming meets. David J. Heyl .. . Dave . . . German Club 9, 10, 11, Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, future plans include business management, interests include bowlin , swimming and movies, will remember Senior day antffootball games. Gary Heyl future plans include construction, in- terests include motorcycle riding and hunting, will remember Senior day and those "great" study halls. Richard J. Higginbotham . . . Squiggins . . . future plans include engineerin , will remember football games, Senior day and lVlcEonald's. Michelle L. Hilty . .. Shelly . . . future plans include selling, interests include tennis, skating and football ames, will remember the people and waiting for the glismissal bell to ring. jannine Hirshfield . . . Ke ettes 11, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, Student Council 9, 10, 'liribe 11, future plans in- clude law, interests include people. Judith L. Hochdoerfer . . . Hudie . . . Bowling Club 10, FBLA 11, Orchestra 9, plans to be a secretary, in- terests include parties, will remember her friends. .sr it Y wma. Paul Hodge l-lodgie Baseball 9, 10. 123 Ski Club 9. 10, 11, 123 plans to be a hydraulic engineer: in- terests include cars, girls. and skiing: will remember football vames, all the pretty girls and especially the cheerleaders. Bernadette A. Hoffman . . . Bernie. Bern . . . Basket- ball ll, 121 Cross Country 111 Track 10. 11. 121 AFS 9, 10, 11, 123 Arrowhead 123 Marching Band 10, 11. 12: Choir 123 Film Club 93 Keyettes 11, 123 NHS 123 Norhizzn 123 Ski Club 123 Student Council 123 future plans include oceanography3 interests include reading and scubadiving. David P. Hoffman. . . Smiley. . . Bowling Club 9, 103 future plans include nuclear metallurgy, interests in- clude handy man3 will remember the good times and the girls. James Hoffman . . . future plans include electronics3 will remember behind the senior high. John Charles Hoffman, jr. Hnfltart, Cat Basketball 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Track 101 Choir 10, 11, 123 Key Club 9. 101 Letter Winners 113 future plans include makinv artiiicial limbs3 interests in- clude model sail ships and iishg will remember Choir on Mondays, all the great kids and teachers. Russel Hoffman . . . Robert Francis Hoffman . .. LAB future plans include car entry and cabinet making interests include hunting. fislhin and playing the drums3 will remember the people outgback last year. ,lack Holcomb . . . Poodle . . . Baseball 93 future plans include computer programming3 interests include ten- nis, baseball and irls3 will remember all the good times Mike Butler and Be had during Tth period study hall in 11th grade. Herman H. H011 . .. l-Ierm, Moose. . . will remember Senior day. Daniel Hollenberger Holi will remember behind the Senior High. Joan Hollenberger Joni Student Council 93 C0-op 11, 123 interests include volleyball, parties, and being outdoors3 will remember behind the senior high school and all of her friends. Amy L. Hollister . .. AP Club 123 Symphony Band 10311, 12: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 121 Ensembles 10, 11, 123 Stage Band 123 Choir 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 123 Bell Choir 123 Drama Club 9, 10, Ke ettes 11, 123 Orchestra 111 Plays IOQ Student Council, 10, 11, 123 future plans include music education3 interests include sailing, and guitarg will remember Band camp. 218 Robert Lee Holman . . , Woosh . . . Bowling 10, future plans include wildlife management, interests in- clude hunting, fishing, golf, uitar, and water skiing, will remember the people and the great times and M. Z. Thomas S. Holt . . . Schirm . . . Swim Team 9, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed En- semble 10, 11, Bell Choir 10, 11, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, future plans include business and computer systems, interests include waterskiing, singing, and piano playing, will remember life and times with Chorus. Thomas C. Hoppe... Humpy. . . Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include mining engineering, interests include water skiing, huntin , cars and girls, will remember football games, Al gohen and parties. Daniel Home . . . Dan Bo, Horny . . . Arrowhead 11, 12, Art Club 12, plans to be a commercial artist, in- terests include hocke , will remember the people and teachers -they were both great and Mr. Vendittu. Jody John Howell... .l.l, .lo . . . Swim Team 9, Track 10, Arrowhead 12, future plans include physical therapy, interests include sports, records, reading and talking, will remember Senior daxalsports, people, early dismissal to play basketball, and i r. Gorwick. Barbara Lynn Huelsmann . . . Barb . . . S mphony Band 11, 12, Marchin Band 9, 10, 11, 12, PYBLA 11, 12,Keyettes11, 12, N155 11, 12, Tribe 12, plans to be a legal secretary, will remember football games and band camp. Dave Hughes. .. Huge, Dave... Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, plans to be a printer, interests include skiing and motor- cycle riding, will remember Senior day, friends and behind the Senior High. Debra Ann Hughey . . . Debbie . . . Water Ballet 10, FBLA 11, 12 fl-listorianl, Keyettes 12, lans to be a sec- retary, will remember the people and fhe great times. Scott Hull . . . Swim Team 9, 10, 11, Letter winners 11, future plans include Bible school or Music, interests include the piano, swimming, tennis, will remember Senior day, football games and the swim team. Natalie Joy Humphrey . .. Joy . . . French Club 10, Bowling Club 9, 10, Plays 9, 10, interests include sew- ing, cookin and reading, will remember the people, the student body and Gorwick's class. Susan M. Hunt . . . Suz . . . Track 9, 10, Drama Club 9, Keyettes 12, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, future plans include communicationsljournalism, interests include sewing, traveling, swimming and jo ging, will remember Homecoming, crowded busses, football games and Senior day. Joseph Hurlbutt .. . Joe Chess 9, Math-Science Club 10, will remember the hard work. enszmwe . ,"'Iv', 'Sv-.yr Jay W. Hurley Hurlbutt AP Club 11, 12, Drama Club 12, Key Club 12, NHS 12, Nnrhian 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include medicine, interests in- clude water skiing and piano playing, will remember football games. Michael Hurt . . . Mickey . .. Volleyball 9, FBLA 11, future plans include automotive mechanics, interests in- clude motorcycling, cars, football and tennis, will remember going down to McDonald,s during study hall. Paul Hustler. . . Huss. . . interests include fire rescue' will remember his friends. David Wayne Hutchins. . . future plans include com- mercial art, interests include fishing and parties, will remember all the good times and riends behind the high school. Judy Huwe . . . ,ludy . . . interests include talking, will remember her friends and the nauseous purple walls in 214. Robert Hysong Bob future plans include electronic technology, interests include jogging, swim- ming, and sports, will remember his friends and the many great times. Cheryl Ann Igersheim Ding . .. plans to be a medical assistant, interests include sewing and cooking, will remember the crazy teachers and all the parties. Debra Igersheim . . . Debbie. . . interests include par- ties, s orts and hooking rugs, will remember all her fights Behind the Senior Hig . Carolyn lhrig . . . Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Letter winners 9, 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 12, future plans include engineering, interests include skiin , tennis and eating, wi l rememe ber going to states ang waiting for graduation day. Judith L n lngraln . . . Judi, Jude . . . Track 9, AP Club 12, gli-loir 9, 10, ll, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Bell Choir 10, Drama Club 9, 10, NHS 11, 12, Student Council 9, 11, 12- Tribe 11, 12, future plans include s ecial or early child education, interests include music, siiiiing, pottery and talking, will remember all her bud- ies. Diana Inverson . . . Kimberly Isner . . . 4' Milf 1' X Diane jackson . . . Dee. . . Track 10? Choir 9, 10, 11, 123 Drama Club 9g Ski Club 9, 10, 11g Student Council 9, 103 Tribe 10, 113 future plans include journalism3 in- terests include guitar and singing. Donna Lynn Jahn . . . Swim Team 11 fTimerJ3 AFS 11, 123 Flagline 10, 11, 123 Bowling Club 10, 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 93 Keyettes 11, 123 Li rary Aides 9g N1-1S 11, 123 interests include dancing and rol er skating3 will remember all the people. jim Janaszek . . . Jimbo . . . Football 93 plans to be a bulldozer driverg interests include motorcycles, racing, vans and having a good time3 will remember the time l Cohen got pied. Laurie Marie jenkins. . . FBLA 11, 123 plans to be a secretaryg interests include cookingg will remember all her friends and the good times she had there. Gary Jodzis . . . future plans include becoming a CPA3 interests include motorcycling3 will remember his friends. Sheila Dawn Johnson plans to be a maritime sailor3 interests include investigating life and times of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. 220 Sandra Anne Jones. . . Sandy. . . AFS Ili Symphony Band 11, 121 Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Ensembles 123 FNA 123 Library Aides 11, 122 NHS l2Q future plans include nursingq interests include flute la ing, tennis and ice skating3 will remember band, Mercer and the fun times with her friends. Lori Joswiak Drama Club 9, 10, 113 FNA 12 ttreas.J3 Keyettes 10, 113 NFL 9, 10Q NHS 123 Speech Club 9, 10, 113 Student Council 9, 10, 123 Tribe 10g future plans include medical technician3 interests in- clude cooking, sewing, Ricky, Old Peoples Christian Outreach, needleworkg will remember complaining that graduation day would never come. L n Joswiak . . . Booz . . . Mixed Chorus 9, 103 Ski cliii, 93 lans to be a secretary interests include horse- back riding and arties3 will remember all the great times behind the Senior High. Patricia Marie Joyce . . . Tricia. . . G mnastics 9, 10, 113 AP Club 123 French Club 9, 103 Fee ettes 11, 123 Letter winners 9, 10g NHS 11, 123 Ski Cllub 9, 10, 11, 12g Student Council 10, 11, 123 Tribe 11, 123 future plans include Engineering, Notre Dame, interests in- clude skydiving, Frank, mnastics, needlework, pep as- semblies-give me an HNF, skiing. Rose Marie Kaine . . , AFS 11, 123 Bowling Club 12, Mixed Chorus Qi Library Aides 9g future plans include elementary school teaching3 interests include Irish dancing and sewing3 will remember all of the good Hines. Barbara Kalinowski Barb . .. future plans in- clude bacteriology3 interests include art and crafts, and pecogis and LP sg will remember the fun with all her F1611 S. Jiln Kalyvas . . . ,lim . . , future plans include law, in- terests include golf, will remember the friendly kids. Andrew J. Kandrack . .. Drack . .. FBLA 11, future plans include auto-mechanics, interests include motor- cycles, tennis and cars, will remember the fine times behind the Senior High. Fred Karlik future plans include a college, in- terests include evelything, will remember graduation. Gregory J. Kassick. . . Kass. . . Basketball 9, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letter winners 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, future lans in- clude engineerin ,interests include sports, wilfiremem- ber Senior clay, liotball and the corner. Eileen M. Kaule . .. 1 . .. Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, German Club 11, lndian 12, Keyettes 9, ll, 12, Letter winners 9, 10,l1, 12,NHS10,11, 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include speech pathology and audiolgy, interests include ceramics, skiing and eatin , will remember gymnastics, Penn State, Senior Spirit afeek. Beth Ann Keller AFS 9, 10, Art Club 11, 12, Choir 12, Drama Club 10, ll, 12, NFL 10, 11, 12, NHS 12, Speech Club 10, 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12, future plans include the health field, interests include reading and baking, will remember waiting to be a senior. ' K " ' " "W" "'A ' """'- Y 'V - . f...-.-.Y eff-- ,.,... ,, -, - - . . -. - .V v-..,-,- .Y . Dottie Kelly . . . future plans include secretarial work, will remember all the good times with my friends. William Michael Kendrick . . . Bill . . . AP Club 11, 12 fClass Re J, Tribal Tribune 10, Arrowhead 11, 12 fliditorials edilj, NHS 10, 11, 12 fvice-pres.l, lans to be a medical doctor, interests include basketball and ten- nis, will remember mornings in the Arrowhead office. Mark D. Kennedy . . . Soccer 9, 10, interests include cards and fishin , will remember many good times behind the scbuoii Karen Kielniarz AP Club 12, Symphony Band ll, 12 tsection leaderl, Marching Band 10, ll, 12 lsquad leaderl, Keyettes 11 tvice-pres.i, 12 tpres.j, Norhian 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11 ltr:-as.l, 12 tsec.l, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include college, will remember the Band and Mr. Mercer, the Key Club and all the other great times. Timothy J. Kilinn . .. Kill Track ll, 12, future plans include trade school or the Air Force. Dale Killmeyer . . . Football 9, Te ' 10, K Cl b 12, Norhian 11, Ski Club ll, 12, Stiiiilsnt Coufiycil lul, 12, future plans include business or law, interests in- clude lgolf, tennis and skiin , will remember friends footba games, picnics and Sgenior week. 1 f .Q - . , L, 33 1, 2.11 AW Cheryl King . . . Esther Kin . . . future plans include cosmetologyq in- terests inclufg swimming, football and riding bikesg will remember football games. James Mickel King . , . Bum . . . future plans include marketing. Pamela R. Kinnen . . . Pam . . . Gymnastics 9g Track 9, 10, 11, 124 Cheerleadin 11, 12 fcaptjg Keyettes 11, 12g NHS 12g Norhian 129 ski Club 12g Student Council 12g Tribe 11, 12g plans to attend collegeg interests in- clude swimming, and skiing. Mary Anne Kinzler . . . Red . . . Kevin Kircher .. . Ensembles 9, 10g will remember 11th grade cuts and the smoking lounge. 222 Lynn Ann Kirchner . . . Donna Jean Kish . . . Kish . . . Water Ballet 10g Ski Club 10, Il, 12g future lans include nursingg interests include sewing, and riding bikesg will remember the N great senior year. Joseph Kish . . . l Sherie Kittredge . . . Easy . . . Spanish Club 9g Bowl- ing Club 9, 10g eyettes llg Tribe ll, 12g plans to be a social workerg will remember her senior year. Blaine Klein . . . Carol Lynn Klein . . . Carelle. . . Beattie Tech 11, 12g ' future p ans include computer rogrammin , interests include lookiniat race cars and liavin a ooitimeg will gfimember all er special friends andgal? her fun with y. Patricia Mary Klenk Keyettes 11, 12, future plans include nursing, will remember the friends she's made. Michael John Kmiecik . . . Kamitch. . . Football 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, plans to be a welder, interests in' clude partying. Elizabeth Ann Knabel Beth AP Club 12: Tribal Tribune 10, Arrowhead 11, 12, Bowlin Club 9, 10 fsec.l, 11, 12, Chorus 9, Keyettes 11, 12,iVHS 11, 12, Norhiart 11, 12 llayout-ed.J, Ski Club 12, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, Senior Skits, future plans include nursing at Geneva College, interests include skating and sewing. Mark Knight . . . Karen Marie Knoth. . ,Arrowhead 11, 12, FBLA 11 tvice-pres.J, Library Aides 9, NHS 10, 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, future plans include court reporting, interests include attendin football games, sewm and readin , will remember ai the fantastic friends sie met and ji the times they had together. Robert G. Koch . .. Cookie . . . Tennis 9,10, 11, 12, future plans include auto mechanics, interests include cars, sports, tennis, baseball, will remember Friday night at the football games. Daniel A. Kohl. . . Dek. . . Bowling 9, 10, 11, Student Council 9, future plans include law. Scott D. Kohne . . . Scooter. . . Bowling 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include law or real estate, interests include motorc clin , bowling, sports, snow mohiling, will remember the good friends he's made and Friday night football games. John Kong . . . interests include sports. Carol Kozen AFS 10, 11, Library Aides 9, 10, Norhian 12, Orchestra 9, Tribe 12, plans to be a registered nurse, interests include listening to music, wil remember all her good friends. Dianne E. Krachala Ker . .. Majorettes 11, 12 gSquad leaderj, FBLA 11, Keyettes 11, Ski Club 12, tudent Council 9, 10, plans to be a le al secretary, in- terests include skating, reading anrT partying, will :iememher all the good times and great times and senior ay. David R. Kraus .. . Arrowhead 11, 12 fed-in-chiefl, Tribal Tribune 9, 10 Cnews ed.j, Swim Team 10, 11, AP Club 12, NHS 12, future plans include law, interests in- clude swimming, hunting, fishing and motorcycles, will remember the great people and good times. l I aw e 224 Kathleen Ann Krebs . . . Kathy . . . Water Ballet 10, Bowlin Club 9, 10 fsec.J, Keyettes 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, interests include ice-skating and swim- ming. Susan L n Krepley Sue . .. German Club 10, 11, Mixed-'Chorus 9, Mixed Ensemble 9, Keyettes 12, Library Aides 9, 10, 12, Math-Science Club 11, NHS 12, plans include nursing, interests include reading, ski- ing and hiking, will remember the friends she made here in both students and faculty. Cecilia Kretz Cecil Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Tribe 12, future plans include art, interests include drawing, will remember all the klds and all the fun. Leslie Kretzler Booz future plans include dancin , interests include dancing, will remember Seniorqlay '78 and fun with her friends and the booz gang. Cynthia Kreutzer . . . Cindy. . . Track 9, future plans include Cosmetology, will remember senior day and the Homecoming Game '78. jennifer Kreuz , . . Jenny . . . French Club 10, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12 fvice-pres.l, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 11, 12, Girls Ensemble 10, Ke ettes 11, 12, Student Council 9, 11, 12, Tribe 12, flulure lans include business management, will remember the Choir, the great kids and four terrific years. Linda Sue Kropf. . . Track 9, Bowling Club 9, 10, ll, 12ZCho1r 9, 10, 11, 12 fsec.l, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Girls Ensemble ll, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12 fSenior co-ed.j, Student Council 12, Tribe ll. 12, future plans include a college, interests include tennis, swimming. Jeffrey Khlhln Krumhbo Baseball 9, 10, Basket all 9, 10, 11, 12, AP Club 12, Key Club 12, future plans include en ineering, interests include sports, will remember all tie good times. J0h!l .l0S8Pll Krltpa . . . plans to be a printer, interests include hunting, Wl l remember some of the people. Susan Krulpa. . . Sue . . . Keyettes 11, 12, future plans include rea estate, interests include needlework, will remember the good times with friends and teachers. Michael P. Kuhn . .. C. C .... future plans include wtldltfe management, interests include sports, and working on cars, will remember the good times with all the friends he made. Jill Kummer. . . Tennis 9, 10, Track 10, Choir 11, 12, Debate ll, Keyettes 11, 12, NFL 11, Student Council 9, 10, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include computer pro- gramming, interests inc ude campin , sports, will remember football games, the Tribe, iightshine and senior day. Wifi' Qfllln- -.. Robert C. Kumpfmiller . . . Bob . . .lfuture plans in- clude plumbing, interests include hunting. Karen M. Kurtek . ,. Kur . . . Mixed Choir 9, future plans include animal health technician, interests ine clude partying, swimming and playin guitar, will reanerp er the people, teachers and behind the high sc oo. Mary Labritz. . . Pretzel. . . plans to be a secretary, in- terests include partying, swimming and reading books, will remember the people, teachers and parties behind the high school, M Lane . . . Discount .. . Cross Country 10, 11, Trzlck 9, 10, Volle ball 9, Choir 9, 11, 12, Mixed Choir 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Girls Ensemble 11, Keyettes 11, Plays 11, 12, future plans include music, interests include singing and sewing, will remember choir trips and concerts and all the fun at the hayride. Yvonne Lapinski , . . Basketball 9, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12,Ar1owhead 11, FNA 11, 12, Ke ettes 11, 12, Letter winners 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include nursing, interests include sewing, boatin , will remember the great people in the class of '78 ans the good times they had. Frances Ann Laquatra Fran Volleyball 10 fmanagerj, Bowling Club 9, FBLA 11, 12 fseaj, Ke ettes 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include business mana e- ment, interests includje all sports, will remember Sie good friends and the good parties. f 1- - Che 1Larson. . . Limey. . . Swim Team 9,10,11, 12 fcapm Letter winners 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans in- clude writin , interests include art and talking, will remember agthe fun she had with her friends. Areangela Lattari . . . Arc . . . Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a doc- tor, will remember her friends. Babeite Lattner . . . Bowling Club 11, 12, Chorus 9, Keyettes 11, future plans include the airline career, in- terests include bowling, tennis, and piano playing. Debbie Ann Laue Arrowhead 11, 12, German Club 12, Keyettes 12, Norhiazn 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include accountinglsoclologyq will remember senior spirit week and the crazy times. Christopher James Lavery . . . future plans include college, interests include motorcyclinig, will remember the people and the great times he ha . Robert Lawlor.. . Bob.. . Bowling Club 10, 11, 12, Key Club 12, NFL 10, 11, 12 lways 81 means chairmanj, NHS 12, Speech Club 10, 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, future lans include anaesthesiology, interests include tennis, liowling, swimmin ,will remember hav- ing a lot of fun and making new friends. 'Ayn I et, , QR iw-WA KS" T1 W. lr H A fi v V 22 David Bruno Leffler . . . Dave . . . AP Club ll, Ger- man Club 10, 11, Student Council 11, future plans in- clude a medical doctor, interests include stamp and gun collecting. Nancy Jean Lefko. . . AP Club 12,Arrowheud11, 12, FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12 Qty ing ed.l, Tribe 12, future plans include attending college, interests include dancing, bowling and sewin , will remember our ang, mornings in the Arrowhead 0?- filpe, pipochle with TUB and KK, and all the great times s e ha . James Lejeune . . . future plans include window cleaning, will remember math c ass. Michelle Rene Lejeune . . . Michelle . . . Softball 10, Track 11, 12, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12 trecording sec.l, Plays 10, 12, Student Council 12, Thespians 12, Tribe 12, future plans include politics, in- terests include writing, will remember Senior spirit in ,78 and class unity and parties and friends. james M. Lema . . . Jim Bo . .. Volle ball 11, Wres- tling 9, 10, future plans include the U. Air Force, in- terests include horseback riding and panyin , will rekrpember all the crazy times behind and insige the sc ool. Mary Regina Lema . . . plans to be an operating room technician, interests include swimming and the great outdoors. Helen Leo Softball 12, Swim Team 10, Spanish Club 9, future plans include teaching, interests include sand art and partying, will remember senioryday and Mr. Buffalino. , Michael Augustine Leon , . . Yogi . . . Baseball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12 fcaptjg Track 11, 12, Wrestling 9 fcapt.J, 10, Key Club 11, 12, Letter winners 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, future plans include law, interests include sports and music, will remember dances, proms, and Diane. William Joseph Leone.. . Bill... Football 9, 10, ll, 12 fcapt.J, Track 10, 11, 12, Ke Club 11, 12, Letter winners 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club, 12, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, future plans include architectural engineering, interests include sports, will remember the corner, the kids, the great times, football and 113 club. Jean Lerch . . . Lerchie . . . Choir 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include special education teach- ing, interests include sports and talkin , will remember senior day, the people, 113 club, and ilIcDonald's. Dennis joseph Ley . . . Hockey 9, 10, ll, Track ll, plans to be a printer, interests include hockey and cars, will remember some of the teachers and his friends. Lori Ann Liellerth. . . Liebs. . . Spanish Club 10, 11, Drama Club 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future lans in- clude business administration, interests include goin out, workin , skydiving and skiing, will remember as the kids in Sie same rut. ,' 1-fe . X . ATS . j i t ,Q .y fi aff' it na-awe S is vhs 4,90-e... Ann Colvin Loeffler . . . Annie . . . Softball 10, Volleyball 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include pre-law, interests include skiin and camping, will remember senior day, 113 club and Eieir captain. Yvonne Marie Long . . . future plans include fashion merchandising, interests include orseback riding and swimming, wi remember going to the cornfields. Martha Lord. . . Beth. . . Orchestra 9, 10, future plans include fashion retailing, interests include partying and needlecrafts, will remember all the good times behind the high school. Mark Michael Love . . . Gomer. . . Bowling Club 10, 11, 12, future lans include advertising, interests in- clude sports, wilii remember the trash he ad to eat eve- xyday. Frederick M. Lovell. . . Baseball 10, Football 10, 11, Swim Team 9, 11, 12, interests include athletics, will remember Senior week and Mrs. Harding's Spanish class. Roberta Lee Lucas.. . Bert.. . Drama Club 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, Speech Club 12, future lans include a college for public relations, will rememlier the great times "the gang" had. Cynthia Lcynn Luteran Ski Club 11, 12, future plans inclu e college for accounting. Andrea E. Lutz . .. Lutz, Andi... Majorettes 10, 11, 12 tSquad leaderj, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include college for accounting, interests include horseback rid- ing, skating and partying, will remember all the ood parties, the many friends and also the best Seniorilay. ,leffre A. Lutz . . . Klutz. . . future plans include the field of physical therapy, interests include Tae Kwon- Do, will remember all the parties, friends and Senior Day. Natalie Ann Lutz . . . Nat . . . Mixed Chorus 9, FBLA 11, 12 Qofficerl, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Council 10, Tribe 12, future plans include busi- ness administration, interests include skiing and work- ing, will remember Senior Week, the 113 Club, their captain and lVlcDonald's. Maureen Frances Lynch . . . Ma'orettes 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Keyettes 11, 12, lll1r1S 11, 12, Stu- dent Council 12, future plans include college, interests include swimming and ice skating, will remember the people and good times. Stephen A. Lyons . . . Stu . . . Golf 12, lans to be an electronic technician, interests include off and hockeyq will remember the football games, the ins rides, Terry Slade and Elmer Pohl's class. ff f 228 me Thomas james Maekiewicz . . . Mac . . . Football 9, Plays 9, 10, 11, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include civil engineering, interests include draft- ing and athletics, will remember Senior Week, the 113 Club, Mrs. Harding, Fred Lovell and Spanish class. Michael Scott Madrishin . . . Mad-Russian . . . Base- ball 12, Gymnastics 9, Swim Team 9, 12, Wrestling 9, 10, Art Club 9, 10, Bowling Club 9, Film Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Ski Club 9, Weightliftin 9, 10, 11, 12, plans to 'oin the U. S. Navy, interests inclciide weightliftin and film making, will remember getting out for goog. Laurie Magill . . . Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Tribe 12, interests include camping, art and ten- nis, will remember Senior Week. Linda Diane Maguire . .. Bowling Club 10, 11, 12, FBLA 12, NHS 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 11, Tribe 12, Beattie Tech 11, 12, future plans include college for computer programming, interests include tennis and swimming. Diana L. Mahon . . . AFS 11, 12, Bowling Club 11, 12, Choir 12, Norhian 11, 12, Tribe 12, plans to be an in- terior designer, interests include crafts, sewing and camping, will remember Senior Spirit Week and all the fun they had during it. Kimberley Ann Main. . . will remember all the good times out back. A ' J -1 Dottie Jean Malak , . . Dot . . . future plans include cosmetolo , interests include swimming, parties, and singing, wiliremember the arties, sittin on the wall, Mr. Grove, and lunch at lVlbDonalds M51 Sandy and Deb. Eileen Mallon . . . AP Club 11, 12,Arrowhe4zd11, 12 fnews evil, Choir 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 11, 12, Girls Ensemble 11, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, NFL 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Slpeech Club 10, 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12, interests inc ude music, will remember the Choir and Senior Week. Nancy Ann Malone . , . Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, Choir 9, 10, Mixed Chorus 10, future plans include landscaip- ing, will remember Senior Day, skits and good frien s. Terri Lou Malone , . . David P. Maloney . . . Tennis 9, 10, Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future plans include business, interests include ski- ing and basketball, will remember Senior Week, the bus trips to away football games, Senior Skits, and Ski Club. Gregory S. Malush . . . Mousey . . . Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, future lans include medicine, will remem- ber Senior Day and, all the Symphony Band concerts. Debbie Manfred . . , future plans include cos- metologyg interests include camping, and riding motor- cyclesg will remember the long us rides to Beatty. Karen Anne Mankey . . . Mixed Chorus 9g FBLA 129 interests include readin and swimming: will remember all of the fun times andgsenior Day. Judy Mannindg. . . Jewdee. . .Iplans to be a bank tellerg interests inclu e the guitarg wil remember the days she wasn't there. Dorothea Mansfield Dottie future plans in- clude business data processingg interests include party- mg. Rocco john Marciano . . . Rocky. . . interests include girls, cars, skating and sketchingg will remember the ter- rific people. Barbara Marino. . . Bowling Club 10g future lans in- clude teaching cosmetologyg will remember the different people. James F. Marra . . . Jim . . . Chess Club 93 plans to be an auto mechanicg will remember the experience. Michael Robert Martin . . . future plans include graphic arts communicationsg will remember the good times. Phil Martin . . . Jeffrey Marx . . . Cheese. . . future plans include auto body repairg interests'include listening to musicg will remember the great times at North Hil s. Marla M. Mascari . . . Arrowhead 10, 11, 12g Fla line 11, 12 fSquad leaderlg Bowling Club 10, 11, 12g fghoir 123 Drama Club 12g Keyettes 12g NFS 11, 121 NHS 12g Norhian 11, 12g Plays ll, 12g Student Council 12g Thes- pians 12g future plans include Drama or Mathg interests include sewing, ice skating, macrame, and singingg will remember the band. Bonnie Mnssucci . .. Pooch . .. Flagline 10, 11, 12 tea t.jg Bowling Club 9g Keyettes 11, 12g NHS 12g Ski Clupb 11, 12g Student Council 10g interests include ice skating and swimmingg will remember all the good times. 4. Will? 230 Kimberly M. Matters. . . Bowling Club 9, 10, .plans to be a receptionist, interests include roller skating, will remember all the people. Michelle Mawhinney . . . Chamelle . . . future plans include marketing, interests include bass quttar, will remember the days she wasn't here. Mark T. Ma bee .. . Choir 9, 10, Mixed Chorus 10, Mixed Ensemble 10, future lans include landscaping and forestry, interests include working outdoors an listenin to music, will remember all the good times and some oCthe nice teachers he had. John R. Mazur. . . Maze. . . Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterwinners 10, 11, 12, Weightlifting 11, 12, future plans include school, in- terests include hunting, fishing and girls. Michael McAleer . . . Mac . . . Arrowhead 10, 11, 12, Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 11, 12, Library Aides 9, Norhian 11, 12, Plays 11, 12, Beattie Tech 11, 12,J1lans to be a photo rapher and rinter, interests in- clu e photography anfbowling, will remember Senior Day, crazy e eventh rade H. R. 219, his friends Cindy, Dawn, Randy and ag the others. Lois McCartney . . . Barbara l. McClain . . . Macklin . . . interests include ceramics, will remember Woodshop class. Sandra Lynn McClelland. . . Golf 10, ll, 12, Water Ballet 9, 10, 11, 12 fsec.j, AP Club 12, Arrowhead 11, 12, Choir 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Letter winners, 11, 12, NHS 11, 12 fsec.-treasj, Norhian 12, Ski Club 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, future plans include engineering. Ronald Jag McClure . . . Mac . . . Tennis 10, Choir 12, Drama lub 9, 10, Key Club 11, 12, NFL 9, 10, PA Announcer 10, Plays 9, 10, Ski Club 11, S eech Club 9, 10, Student Council 10, 11 fpres.j, Tribe 11, future plans include psychology, interests include cars, will remember the people. Sandra Lee Mcflonville Tribal Tribune 9, 10 fed.-in-chie0,Armwhead 11 fnews ed.j, 12, Debate 10, Drama Club 10, NFL 10, 11, Norhian 11, Plays 10, Speech Club 10, 11, Student Council 10, 11, future p ans include commercial art, will remember the morn- ing encounter group. Dale Robert McCracken Punchy Bowling Club 11, Choir 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, future plans include the Marines, will remember Mr. Cummings and the best Choir in the state. Mai? Beth McDonough . . . Bubs . . . Ke ettes ll, 12, Ski lub 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans incliide the field of writing, interests include tennis and swimming. if att 2 was is ffm, 'Nw' vm-"7" x 'P . Dean McGrady . . . Wendil. Dean 0 . . . interests in- clude parties. Dan McGuire . . . future plans include air condition- ing. Robert Richard McGuire . . . Rusty. . . plans to be a machinistg interests include weightlifting and playing the guitarg will remember Al Cohen giving tickets. ' Matthew McHugh. . . Matt. . . Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12g Letter winners 11g interests include girls and cars. Ste hanie Louise McKain . . . Library Aitln-s 91 Beat- tie 'Fech 11, 12g plans tu be a lJi1lil'l' and cookg interests include cooking and baking will ri-lm-nilwr funny tiint-s she had in her classes and lunch. Beth McKelvey . . . Beth . .. Swim Team 9g Bowling Club 10, 11g Keyettes 11g Tribe 11g lans to be a cos- metolo istg interests include art, andul having fung will rememier all the fun she had. Richard McKenna . . . Football 9, 10, llg Track 10g Volle ball 11, 12: Key Club 12g Letter winners 11, 12g Ski elub 12. Kathleen McKissock McKiss face Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12g Ke ettes 12g NFL 9, 10. 11, 12g S eech Club 9, 103 Student Council 12g Thespians 12g Tlliibe 11, 12g future plans include psychologyg interests include tennis and sewingg will remember good friends. Kevin M. McLaughlin. . . Golf12g Key Club 12g Let- ter winners 12g N S 12g Norhian 12g Ski Club 12g future plans include computer engineering. Linda S. McLau hlin . . . Flagline 10, 11, 12 fcaptjg Keyettes 11, 12g FEIS 12g Tribe 11, 12g plans to be an X-ray techniciang interests include pottery and flagsg will remember the interesting people. Cynthia McMurray . . . Wayne McNalley . . . WWW 232 Frank Mcsorley Frank Football 9, 10, in- terests include playing football and working on cars. Stephen Medford . . . Med . . . future plans include college. George Albert Medlin . . . plans to be a printer, will remember the good times. Janice Lee Meisinger. . . Jan . . . Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, FBLA 11, Keyettes 12, plans to be a receptionist, interests include bowling, ceramics, collectingjewelry and roller skating, will remember Mr. Meals' homeroom po corn contest and all the ladies in the eleventh grade ofiice. Betsy Meister . . . Bets . . . Swim Team 9, 10, Water Ballet 9, 10, Ski Club 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, plans to be a business secretary, interests include sewing and crafts, will remember Homecoming. Gregg Meister . . . Schlock . . . Basketball 9, plans to join the U. S. Coast Guard, interests include basketball and girls, will remember the good times and friends. Royal E. Mellott . . . Roy. . . plans to be an architect, interests include rock music. Warren J. Mercer. . . Screech. . . Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 9, 11, 12, Stage Band 10, 11, 12, Bowling Club 9, 10, future plans include music. Diane Mergenthaler. . . Track 9, 11, 12, Cheerlead- ing 9, 10, 11, 12 fca LJ, Keyeltes 11, 12 ftreasj, Letter winners 11, 12, NTFS 12, Norhian 12, Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a chemical engineer, interests include ceramics, will remember the football and basketball games, Senior Day and parties. Donna Jean Mertz . . . Mertzy . . . Track 10, Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, FBLA 11, Keyettes 11, 12, Library Aides 9, 10, Student Council 12, Tribe 12, plans to be a medi- cal assistant, interests include ceramics and having ood times, will remember the ladies in the 11th rade 0Bice, 11th grade homeroom with Mr. Meals, Sie popcorn stringing contest. John F. Mihm . . . lohn . . . Football 9, future plans in- clude accounting, interests include ice skatin , rafting and collecting beer cans, will remember mzidng the popcorn chain in Mr. Meals' homeroom. Max-aget Milarski . . . Clifford John Miller . . . Cliff . . . plans to be a car- penten interests include sportsg will remember all the activities having to do with the school. Daniel M. Miller . . . future plans include college. Donald Miller . . . Tennis 10. Douglas David Miller . . . Doug . . . future plans in- clude collegeg will remember the parties. Julie A. Miller , .. Cheerleading 9, 10, 11g Keyettes 12, future plans include college for business administra- tiong interests include ceramics and sewing. L n Miller... Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12g Choir 12g Bell Chbir 10, 11, 12g FNA 12g Letter winners 12, NHS 11, 123 Tribe 12g future plans include business administra- tiong will remember Mr. Crupie's homeroom and string- .ing popcorn. 'hm If y Richard Miller Rick . .. Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12g Football 9g plans to be a steel foremang interests include water skiingg will remember the halls. Laurie Misencik . . . Arrowhead 12g FBLA ll, 12g plans to be a secretaryq interests include swimming and E-ce sjcatingq will remember all the good times with rien s. Jackie Lane Mitchell. . . Water Ballet 9, 10, 11 fvice- pres.J, 12g Keyettes 11, 123 NHS 11, 12g future plans in- clude collegeg interests include swimming and crafts. James Mitchell . . . Jim . . . Library Aides 9, 10, 11, 12g Stage crew 11, 12g plans to be an aircraft mechanicg interests include motorcycling, building models and tennisg will remember the great teachers and students who made this school so good. Mark W. Mitchell. . . Mitch. . . Baseball9, 10, 11, 12g Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 11, 12g Key Club 123 Letter winners 10, 11, 125 plans to be a professional baseball player: will remember the good times and all the nice people. Dom M. Molinaro. . . Screamer. . . Soccer 9g plans to be a docton interests include motorcycle riding, will remember Senior Day and F.R.A.T.E. 234 Nancy Morrow .. . Smiles . . . Track 10g Student Council 123 plans to be a forest ran erg interests include swimming and horseback ridingg wil remember the best times at lunch with the gang. Donald Moser lVloze plans to be an aircraft maintenance personnelg will remember the Friday night football games and the drive to school. Cllris Mrazek .. . A11 Club 10, 12g Choir 123 Film Club 11, Speech Club 11g Student Council 10, 12g plans to be an interior decoratorg interests include dress designingg will remember all friends and the great "guys" on the football team. David Muehlbauef . .. Ensembles 123 interests in- clude music and films. Donald joseph Mueller Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 121 Water Polo 9. 10: lmttt-1' winners ll, I2g NHS 12, Ski Club 11, 12g future plans include business ad- ministrationg interests include lmtography and stereos, will remember all his friends, launch and the Christmas tree sales. Mary Ellen Muick . . Bones. . . FBLA llgcplans tp be a secretary, interests include having a goo timeg will remember her friends and having a good time. Joe Muller . . . plans to be an auto body mechanicg in- terests include refinishing cars. Stacey Anne Munsch . . . Munschkin . . . plans to be a secretaryg interests include horseback ridin , eating and campingg will remember oing to the football ames, the times behind the Senior Fligh and lunch at Nillonalds. William S. Munsch . . . Bill . . . Baseball 9, 10, Basket- ball 9g Football 9, 10, 11, 12g Track 11g future plans in- clude collegeg interests include athletics, will remember sports and the teachers. Cynthia Ann Murrphy . . . Muignh . . . AFS 10, Mixed C orus 9g Drama C ub 10, 11, 1 qStudent Council 11g Thespians 11, 123 future plans include the field of pbotographyg will remember all the people. Eric Murphy. . . Murph. . . interests include girls and hockey. Janice Marie Murghy. . . Mur h. . . Water Ballet 10g Fla line 10, 11, 12g owling Clublll, 12g Choir 9g FHA 10ggFNA 11g Keyettes 11, 12g NHS 11, 124 Ski Club 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include the field of nursing, interests include ice skating and bowlingg will remember the Band, football and basketball games and the parties. 5-ws. John E. Myers. . . Myers. . . interests include girls and boating. Michelle Myers . . . Basketball 9, 10, Tribal Tribune 9, Keyettes11, 12, Norhian 11, Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include college. Daniel A. Nadzam . . . Dan . . . Volle ball 9, 11, Key Club 9, 11, plans to be an air force pillot, interests in- clude bicycle riding and camping, will remember the rotten teachers. Kathleen Ann Naughton . . . Kath . , . Swim Team 9, 10 fmanagert, Tribal Tribune 10, Vlfater Ballet 9, Bell Choir 10, 11, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 10, 11, 12 fed.-in- chiefl, Student Council 12, future plans include ac- counting. Lisa Robin Neudorfer , . . Track 9, Tribe 12, future plans include college, will remember her friends and the good times. Eric Neugebauer Neug Football 9, 10, 11, Track 10, future plans include becoming a metal worker, interests include guns and shooting. Gary A. Nichol . . . Baseball 9, Math-Science Club 9, plans to be a com uter programmer, interests include sports and coin collecting. Linda Jac eline Nichols Twitch Track 9, 10, Water Eaillet 10, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, NFL 11, 12, Plays 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, plans to be a special education teacher, interests include reading, horseback riding, tennis and swimming. Linda Rae Nichols Ski Club 11, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include law enforcement, interests include readin , buying records, swimming and tennis, will rememiver the cafeteria food, friends and the crazy times. Lisa Ann Niklau . .. AP Club 12, Bowlin Club 11, Choir 11, 12, Bell Choir 10, Keyettes 11, NBS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include the field of computer programming, interests include the organ, plants and skiing, will remember ski trips, Choir concerts and fifth period in the auditorium. Teri Nixon AFS 9, Library Aides 9, 11, future plans include nursing, will remember the teachers and the friends. Jeff Nohbs . . . WWII Jeffrey Clyde Noel... Jeff . .. Football 9, 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12 lpresj, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Letter winners 11, 12, Weightlifting 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include the ministry, interests in- clude participating in sports and singing, will remember the great times and all his great friends. Barbara Noggle . .. Butch plans to be a fashion merchandiser, interests include building trucks, needle- point and polishing dogs, will remember the voices that came out of the wall early in the morning and some- times in the afternoon. Jose ll Notsch . . . AP Club 12, Key Club 11, 12, NHS 12, gage crew 11, 12. Timothy Nugro . . . Philip Edward Okunewick . . . Phil . . . AP Club 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Film Club 12, Orchestra 9, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include electrical engineering, interests include e ectronics, photography, an mechanical repair. James Orr... 0 . . . Volleyball 12, Bowling Club 10, 11, 12 fPres.J, Key Club 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future lans include the field of communications, will remem- ber life at North Hills. 2 Sandra Lynne Orr... Track 9, 10, AP Club 11, 12, Sym hony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 JiSquad leaderl, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12 fbusiness ed.J, Student Council 9 fvice- pres.J, 10, 11, 12, future plans include law. Robert A. Osterrieder . . . Bo . . . Basketball 11, 12, Arrowhead 12, Key Club 12, NHS 12, Student Council 12, Weightliftin 10, 11, future plans include engineer- ing, interests incqude basketball and golf, will remember all the parties and Snoop. Lucy Dolores Palmieri . . . Track 9, S m bony Band 9, 10, Marching Band 9, 10, S anish, Club 9, 10, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Norhian 12, Sllci Club 11, 12, Stu- dent Council 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include col- lege to major in the business field, interests include swimming and traveling, will remember the people and the activities. Dean Panagulias. . . Cheese. . . Wrestling 10, 11, Ski Club 12, future plans include accounting, interests in- clude water skiing, will remember the stupid PA an- nouncements. George Paul Pantelas Greek plans to be a chef, interests include motorcycle riding, will remember the wall, the girls and school. Elizabeth K. Patton . . . Betsy. . . Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, Keyettes 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include fashion merchandising. Kimberly J. Paul . . . Kim . .. Swim Team 9, Water Ballet 9, 10, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Girls Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Bell Choir 10, 11, Drama Club 9,10, 11,12,NFL11, 12' Pla s 10 11 12' Ski Club 11 12' S eech Club 11 '. ' ' . ' P . . 12i Tribe 12, futureiplans include veierinary medlcinei Gregory' Keith Peaslee . . . Peas .. . Football 9, 10, 11, 12, ennis 10, 11, 12, Track 9, AP Club 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, Key Club 12, Letter winners 11, 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, future plans include a career in engineering, interests include tcnnis, will remember Diane Bohn and the wins over NA and Shaler. Elizabeth A. Pehnec . . . Lizz . . , Bowlin Club 9, 10, Mixed Chorus 9, Drama Club 10, Library .Eides 9, NHS 12, Student Council 9, 10, Tribe 12, Beattie Tech VICA 11, 12, future lans include the field of interior desi n, interests inclucfe drawing and swimming, will rememger the best years of her life at NH and her crazy friends. John Petri ac . . . Sonny . . . Bowling Club 11, Choir 11, plans to ie an electrician, interests include cars and horseback riding, will remember Dave Falleris parties. Timothy Phelan . . . Tim . . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, Wres- tling 9,10, 11, 12, Ski Club 12. Leslie Marie Pillar . . . All Club 11, 12, Tribal Tri- bune 10, Bowling Club 10 ltreasl, NHS 10, ll, 12 Cpres.1 Norhirm ll, 12 lcopv ed.l, Student Council 12, lans to be an elementary school teachei: will remember lien' friends, teachers and a lot ofgood times. Q -- . r ' - - A ' " "'r"f ' ri f f - ff e' ' .. -e-' - --- s'f'f'1ffs ' M. Q ,,,. -1 - ,' -s i, - .-ears 99.4, fE:75r-,2- "Qty ,. , ,,t, ,-" 2 A rx, - g. . - 7 .- - Y 8 .I I .f., t NN Y - ze: , 4, A-lb 3. A.. .. 1- :ng -it-QW'-gi-,. i . lg.: - .J 41,4 5 4 ,vi-,tg :,. V -V.- , 'Hi q s., 'y-of r ' .V -. .s. - - 'r , e x tra-Lv,-.., v i " '? 4' -- 1 ' - W" ,i t . t fiS,. f15i95 L, .c ..":1-it Peter Pivaronas . . . Susan Marie Pivirotto . . . Sue, Piv .... Water Ballet 11, 12, AFS 11, 12, AP Club 11, Spanish Club 10 ftreas.l, 11 lco-vice pres. l, FNA ll, 12 fpresl, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Library Aides 9, NHS 11, 12, future plans include a career in nursing, interests include sewing, reading and bike ridin , will remember Homecoming and the Senior Dinner Dance. Debra Poff. . . Deb . . . future plans include the field of computers. Joseph Paul Pogany, Jr .... Joe , . . Soccer 9, plans to be a truck driver, interests include driving, will remember friends and study halls. Joseph W. Polaski . . . Joe . . . Track 12, plans to be an ironworker, interests include sports. Thomas A. Pontzloff . .. Ponz Football 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 9,10,11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include civil engineering, interests include beer can collecting, sports and scoping. ' nlflw Nancy E. Prem . . . NP .... Softball 10, 11, 12, Letter winners 12, plans to be a hysical education teacher, in- terests include s nrts, willf remember the teachers, stu- dents and softball. Lynn Ann Prentice . . . G mnastics 9, Track 9, Water Ballet 10, Arrowhead 11, lflbwlin Club 12, Choir 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, ici Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Tribe 11, lans to be a special education teacher, interests includle skiing, laughing, biking and hiking, will remember the fun and excite- ment. john Probert. . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans in- clude managemenl, interests include riding motorcy- cles. Gale Ann Protzman . .. FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, future plans include a career in business, interests include music and being with her griengs, will remember all the good times with her rien s. Deborah D. Pryor Ben'ie French Club 9, FBLA 11, 12, N L 10, NHSl12, Ski Club 11, 12, Speech Club 10, plans to be a legal secretary, interests include reading, talking, listenin to music, dancing and roller skating, will remember Tier many friends, the great teachers and the variety of things that she has earned throughout the years. Carol L. Pschirer FBLA 12, Ski Club 11, 12, plans to be a secretary, interests include skiing, crochet- lng and basketball. Gary Punzak. . . Symphony Band 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensembles 12, plans to be a carpenter, in- terests include woodworking, will remember all the different people he has met through the four years. Susan Lynne uigle Suz Q, ui s... AFS 12, Arrowhead 11, gibal lliibune 9?,10,goigling Club 11, 12 fcapt.j, Keyettes 12, NHS 12, future plans include accounting, interests include sports, will remember all the fun and friends, Edward Rabold Eddie, Ed future plans in- clude the marketin field, interests include hunting and fishing, will rememier McDonalds. Lori Michelle Rahmin Softball 9, Track 9, Volleyball 10, 11, AP CIUE 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, Sym hony Band 9, 11, Marching Band 9, 10, 11 fsecj, Bowling Club 12, Keyettes 12, Letter winners 11, Norhian 12, Orchestra 9, 11, Plays 10, Speech Club 11, Stage crew 10, ll, Latin Club 10, 11, future plans in- clude veterinary medicine. Deborah Raids. . . Deb. . . Cheerleading 10, Norhian 12, Student Council 9, future plans inclutfe college and a career in dancing, interests include dancing, horseback riding, will remember Senior Day and the Homecoming Game. Scott Allen Rathbun . . . Pig . . . Football 9, 10, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans include a career in forestry, interests include skiing, hunting, fishing, hik- ing and cam ing, will remember having no study halls and weekends. i W, Oscar Rau.. . 0... Baskt-tlmIl9, 10. 11. 12g Art Club 10. 11, 12, Key Club 12, Letter winners 11, 12g Ski Club 10, 11, 12g Student Council 11, 12, future Jlans l include business administration, interests include skiing and sailingq will remember graduation and Fran. ,Ion Paul Raymond . . . JP . . . future plans include workingg interests include hunting. Cheri A. Reardon . . . Cher. . . Library Aides 9g plans to be a hair stylistg interests include water skiing, crafts and spending money. Carol Rectenwald . .. AFS 10, 11g Mixed Chorus 93 plans to be a dental assistantg interests include latchinv rugs, listening tu the radio and Goin to the football and baseball games, will remember her Eiends, sitting in the hall, sitting by the trees in front of school, the teachers and driver s ed. Francis A. Reid Key Club 10 tpres.Jg Student Council 9g future plans include graphic arts, will remember the opportunities and the people he met. Robert H. Reid . .. Rupert AP Club 12g future plans include engineeringg interests include sailing, ten- nis, ping-pong and ice skating. L -N '--'ff - ---- -- fff-, - ----- -- - ---v--v- -'-' vewfff - A '- W ss" ' Y' 7 . fi. f-ri111i':gf,:--5 4i'3'gf f-'e ' W'g1.fv.4:w -7. 1.f'3ji'iEf . 1 - ' et.. .- ' gig bg 'Y . ' a'.' 5,,5geftf7" '- 7' 'E' M 5 ' ' 'vi " ' -if EfP1'Wv.t .gWyJg,,"W1 '. ' ' 'i"!EPL-ui-: C 't f r asf- ' --mia - fr-114' 1 ... 4 ' L ,. t., at' 2' - . a 'X .' -G". 1 F . f ' . . :fs-'fidevceaiiiwe Eteriiaeaa, ef?-sc.Lewis-1f1"'f'-eff?-iv. -- Ste hanie Reith. . . Steph. . . Water Ballet 10, FBLA 11, Q2 Qpresj Keyettes 12, plans to be a le al secretaryg interests include skating and writingg wii remember graduation. Mar Grace Remele , . . Water Ballet 10g will remem- ber tlie study halls, fx Barb Repitske . . . future lans include the airlines or my police forceg interests includle bowling and football. David Retkowski .. . Football 9g Key Club 9g future plans include a career in engineering, interests include tennis, racketball and sports. Lauren Rhule . .. Mixed Chorus 9g NFL 10, 11, 12g Speech Club 10, llg plans to be an accountantq interests include needleworkg will remember the back of the Senior High School. Janice A. Richard . . . ,lan . . . lans to be an accoun- tantg interests include sewin anrilworkingg will remem- ber the back of the Senior Fiigh. 'ff'--'tzv Q,- M 240 Michael K. Richard . . . plans to be a weldeig interests include hunting and fishing. ,lim Richey . . . Slinky. . . future plans include working with machine tools, will remember Jill. Maureen A. Rieger . . . Cheerleadinv 9, 10, Keyettes 11, Ski Club 11, 123 future plans inczlude a career in nursing. Emanual Rigas . . . Mike . . . Track 11g future plans include law, interests include football, basketbal and camping will remember Senior Day. joel Riley. . . Swim Team 9, 10, 11, Track 11, Volley- ball 9g Ski Club 11, 12, plans to be a carpenter, interests include boxing and drinking will remember all the par- lies. Tracey Ringland . . . Swim Team 9, Water Ballet 10, 11, 12, Bowling Club 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 12g Tribe 11, 12, future plans include nursing, interests include swimming, sewing and bowling, will remember me fpntastic football games, Eberhardfs parties and Mr. ea s. Bonnie Ritchey Bowling Club 10, plans to be a zoologistg interests include horseback ridin g will remember all the great times she and her frienti had. William James Robison Basketball 9, 10g Foot- ball 9, 10, plans to be a mechanic. Amy Rodgers . . . Bowling Club 10: plans to be a lab technician, interests include tennis, basketball and swimming. Wanda Rogers... AFS 11, 12, Tribe 12. Rmlald J- Roig . .. Smooth . . . Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: Symphony nd 10, Marchin Band 10, Ke Club 12g.Letter winners 12, Student fiuncil 12, Tribe 12, 12, interests include jogging and Ed Rohm . . . will remember Senior Day. Anne Romhach. . . Annie. . . inn-rests include skiing. hiking, and canoeing, will remember the great times. the parties, and the people. Denise Ronda . .. All Club 12, Symphony Band 10, 11, l2QlVlHI'ClllI1,E,' Band 9, 10, ll. I2, lfnsctnblcs II, 12, Kcyctlvs I I. IZ, Library Aitlt-s 9: NIIS I I. IZ, Norhirin I21 future' plans in:-ludc tnusiv and math: interests in- clude ilaying ilu- lluli- and tennis: will rcnictnlicl' Ilaml :tml all tln- great limes she had with hcr l'rii'nils. Carol Ann Rouser . . . Mixed Chorus 9, plans to bi- a social worker, will remember all her lricnt s and all the fun they had. Cindy Rowda . . . Track 9, AFS 10, 11, 12, German Club 12, Choir 11, I,ibt'at'y Aides 9, 10, plans to be a child psychologist, interests include horseback riding. skating and gymnastics, will remember the good student body, the great sports players and a lol of spirit. Marianne Therese Ruffolo Ruff Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, plans to bc a housewife, will remember the great spirit ol' thc Class of 78. Maryann Ruperto . . . Pooh . . . Tribal Tribune 9, 10 lcditorial e-d.I: Keyettcs I I. I2: NHS IZ, Norhifm I2, lfeatures evil, Tribe ll. 12 ltrt-as.l, future plans include en fineerin or medicine: will remember the loolball ani basketball games, friends, the EZ group and a lol ol' fun limes. - j,,- :V - , - .. -,Q ',,.m, , , I ' s- . as-. ...-'f--f ,sae f M. Eileen Annette Rusch . .. Bowlinff Club 9, 10, Drama Club 10, 11, Keyettes 12, Ski Club 12. Susan Ryan. . . Sue. . . Choir 9, 10, 11, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, Girls Ensemble 11, Drama Club 9, Kevettes lil, 11, 12 lsec.l, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Coun- Cll 9, 10, ll, 12, Tribe 10, 11, 12, future plans include the fashion field. William F. Ryan . . . Football 9, 10, Track 10, future plans include aw enforcement, interests include jog- Elng, sports, and driving, will remember the fantastic omeroom gang and lunch. Elizabeth Rydel Liz Arrowhead ll, 12, Spanish Club 10, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, Stage crew 10, 11, future plans include a career in physical therapy, will remember the great friends she made and the good teachers she had. Diane Sadowski . .. FBLA 11, 12, Ski Club 11, 12. Many Beth Salopek Betsy Bowling Club 9, Choir 9, Keyettes 11, 12, Tribe 11. ,- 242 Carla Santucci . . . FBLA 11, plans to be a secretary, interests include sports. Nancy Satariano . . . Ski Club 10, 11, 12, plans to be an engineer. Maureen C. Saunders Bowling Club 9, 10, Kevettes 11, 12g Norhian 11, 12: Tribe 12g future plans include college to become a dental assistant, will remember the people. Pamela Savage . . , Pam . . . plans to be a biologist, in- terests include sewing and bike riding. Ingrid Schachner . .. Cross Country 11g Track 10, 11, 12, German Club 10, Keyeltes 11, 12, Letter win- ners ll, 12, Ski Club 10, 11, 12: Tribe 11, 12, will remember all the good limes at NH. Diane Marie Schad Schad Softball 10, in- terests include softball, will remember the parties. is .fs as Rebecca Ann Schaffer . . . Ke ettes 12g Math- Science Club 10, 11 lvice-pres,JgNHS,1l, 12, Orchestra 95 German Club 10, 11 ltreasl, plans to be a physicist, interests include playing the violin and the piano. Mary Kathleen Schaffner Kathy Student Council 10, future plans include college Andrea Schawalder. . . Majorettes 11, 12g FBLA 123 Keyettes 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12g Tribe 12, in- terests include jogging, skiing and swimming. Jane! A. Scheid Sympliunv Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Ensembles 10g Stage Band 11, 12, German Club 12g Bowling Club 12, plans to be a musician, will remember Band camp and all those night practices. John Scherer.. . Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12, future plans in- clude a career in TV communications, will remember marking up juniors on Senior Day. Karen Scherer . . . Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, future plans include nursingg will remember the basketball games, 11th grade gym class and Senior Day. tv' A fpxLW'Q:i3'ai' Sandra Scheurin . . . Sandy . . . plans tn be a secre- tary, interests incluge ice skating. bowling, cnoking and training dogs, will remember getting diusted by Al Cohen leaving the parking lot. Teresa Marie Schillin . . . Tern' . . . Gymnastics 9, Nlixed Chorus 9, future plans include the medical field: interests include dancing, learning tu play the guitar and singini, will remetniier E' iartyingu before sclwnl and sittingqiehing the Senior l'ligli with friends. Douglas Matthew Schil . . Duuff . . . Swim Team 9. 10, Symphony Band l2,g1Jarching lgand9,10, 11. 12 lSquad lcaderl, Orchestra 9, plans to be a welding engiincer, interests include working on cars and motor- UVU CS. David Schindler. . . Shins. , . Hockey 10, plans to be an accuuntant, interests include playing hoc ey. Patricia Schleis . . . Slitmeey . . . AFS ll, 12, lpn-s.l, Bowling Club 11, 12, lVlixed Chorus 9, Library Aides 9, NHS 12, Norhian 12, future plans include the field of speech pathologv, interests include bnwling and listen- ing tn music, will remember all the good times with a great group of friends. Bryan James Schmidt . . . lans to be an a Jpliance repairman, interests include liackpacking and nature studies, will remember the teachers, his friends, and the speed bumps. Cindy Schmidt . . . future plans include a career in the niedical field. Diane Marie Schneider EZ Dixe Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12 lvice- pres.l, future plans include a career in sociology, in- terests include bowling, tennis and dancing, will remember the easy group, the crazy times at the lootliall games and her great friends. Linda A. Schneider... Der . . . AP Club 11, 12, Ma- jnrettes 10, 11, 12 fcaptd, French Club 9, 10, Choir ll, Bell Choir 12, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Student Council 12, future plans include a career in physical therapy, interests include needle- pninting, sewing and hike riding, will remember Ted and Band camp. Robert Paul Schneider. . . Schnile .I . . plans to bean auto mechanic, interests include working on cars. David Carl Schoentag Dave AFS 11, 12, Spanish Club 11, Debate 11, 12, NFL 11, 12, NHS 12, Norhian 11, 12, Speech Club 11, 12, Jr. Achievement 10, 11, 12 fPres. of Companyl, future plans include computer programming, interests include coin, key and match cover collecting and travel, will remember the fine faculty, students and homeroom. Linda Anne Schrall . . . Schrallzy. . . Track 9, 10, AP Club 12, Symphon Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, fsquadyleaderj, NHS 12, Norhian 12, Stu- dent Council 10, 11, 12, future plans include medical technolog interests include tennis and needlelpointg will remember the reat times at Band camp wit 200 crazy kids, K. ,l. and Mr. Mercer. Jeanne Scllrenk . . . Choir 9g Nlixcrl Chorus 91 plans to be a sales representative, will remember the good times as well as the had. Wendy Schriner . . . Wendy . . . Bowling Club 10, ll, l2g Mixed Chorus 99 Vlixcd Ensemble 9, NHS l2, Narhiall ll, 12g future plans include collefrcg interests include ice skating, ceraniics. the piano antlswiinniingg will rvmemlwr all the good times with her friends. Dave Schubert .. . Shuby , . . plans to be a wildlitl- liiologislg interests includc art am photography. Eric Selluelel' . . . lnjuns . . . future plans include the service, interests include money and girlsg will rcinein- her the good times spent behind thi- school. Bob Schuljnk llerc future plans include ffraphic managementg interests include hunting and llshing will rcmcmhcr his lriends and Mr. Fostt-r's class. Carla Elaine Sciotto .. . lVl 81 M Cross Counltj' l0. ll, I2 flVlg1r.lg Track 10, ll, I2 tlVlgr.lg Drama Club IOL NHS l2, Student Council 10, l2g plans to he a physical the-rapistg interests include doing "stalk" and watching cross country races, will reinembcr doing "slal's" and meets with Betsy and Nancy. 244 Christine Ellen Scott. . . Chris. . . Track 10, AFS 10, ll. I2 fSec.lg Mixed Chorus 9g Drama Club 9, Kvvettes ll, lil, Tribe l2g plans to be a secretary, interests in- clude watching Pintos fly byg will remember Senior Day. dances. guys and her friends. I Linda Scott Drac Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12g Water Ballet 9, 10, ll, 12 fAsst. coachjg Symphony Band llg Bell Choir ll, 12, Letter winners 9, 10, ll, 125 Orchestra 12g Ski Club ll, 12g Tribe 12g future lans include a career in psychologyg will remember all her great friends and teachers. L n Diane Scott . . . Arrowhead ll, 12 fcirculation Art Club 11, 12g Water Ballet 9g German Club 9, 10g Drama Club 10, 11, 12g NFL 10g NHS 10, 11, 12g Tribal Tribune 9, 10 Qcirculation edjg future plans in- clude architecture, interests include sewing and draw- ingg will remember the great times she had working with the Arrowhead staff Sandra L n Seif . .. Sandie . .. Choir 9, llg Drama Club 10, Kliylettes llg Speech Club 10, plans to be a psy- chologistg interests include skating and singing: will remember lVlr. Buffalinois sociology class, Senior Dav and Co-op. i Roberta L. Seitz . . . B.B ,... plans to be a secretary. James William Sekely. . . Moose . . . future plans in- clude a career in businessg interests include sports, will remember Senior Day. Jeffrey Phillip Sem lice . . . jeff. . . Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, Football 9, Wrestling 11, Bowling Club 9, 10, Letter winners 11, 12, future plans include accounting, interests include the guitar and sports, will remember meeting a lot of new people. especially one, and all the activities. Adelina Settino Addie future plans include law, interests include sewing and going out, will remem- ber the people. Colleen Beth Shapert . . . Fido, Cracker Woman . . . Track 9, Art Club 9, future plans include a career in art, interests include skiin 1, drawing, aintinff, and partying, will remember Al COBIBH and all her liiends and the good times they shared at Beattie. Keith R. Sharratt . .. interests include driving, will remember behind the Senior High School. William Sheehan . . . Timothy William Sheerer . . . Endust . . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, plans to be a heavy equipment operator, in- terests include motorcycles and driving cars, will remember the great time in schuolf Katherine Shepard .,. Katie ... FBLA 11, 12, Keyettes 11, 12, ki Club 11, 12, Tribe 11, 12, future plans include a career in accounting, interests include skating and skiing, will remember the friendly people. John Shields . . . ,lack . . . Golf 12, Key Club 11,1 12, Tribe 11, future plans include heatin and air condi- tionin , interests include golf and hocgey, will remem- lger alfithe good friends and people he met and Senior ay. Pauline Van Shipley . . . Polly . . . Choir 9, 11, 12, Girls' Ensemble 11, future plans include modeling and fashion merchandising interests include swimming and football, will remember playing frisbee out back and the friends she made. Dewey M. Schultz plans to be an automotive engineer, interests include cars, motorcycles. and stereo repair: will remember the different people and all he learned. Mary Caroline Sigmund Mary Carol Ar- rowhead 11, 12, Flagline 11, 12, German Club 12, Keyettes 12, NHS ll, 12, Tribal Tribune 9, 10, plans to be a landscape architect, interests include skiing and dravyiing, will remember the great times in the marching ban . Louis Simeone . . . NW? ...,Uk ' n ,, g, 4 , , gg t if 1, 6 , iw,- -sn' 2 " , t z 1, 4 , t 1,3 Ci tr 'ty ,. it t ,, , "' , x " fi-J " Eir e trwief - if ., , ,elif ' -Q f 1 .,-. - 351 , .P .,' fr-,:,,e1fu . , -f it 3 Q- ,M f-Et' 'C' V sk H g. N, .,,,. J Vg, 7, 12 3577 f if , 51 ,if 246 Karen L. Simmons K-Bird . . . AFS llg plans to be a free-lance artistg interests include water polo and mountain climbing, Diane Simon . . . Sim. . . Track 9, l0g Bowling Club 9, 10, l1gKeye-ttesll, 12g Ski Club IZQ Tribe 12g plans to be a beauticiang interests include ice skating, swimming and arts and cratitsg will remember the good times, friendly people and Miko Leon. Singer .. . plans to be a salespersong interests inclu e skating and horseback riding. Anita Sipes Ski Club 9, 10, llg plans to be a veterinarian assistantg interests include partying. Catherine Anne Si el . . . Cathy . . . Tribal Tribune 10g Drama Club llgweycttcs ll, 123 Tribe 123 future plans include a career in busincssg will remember the people and the football games. jeff Skalos . .. Uncle jell' . .. Library Aide 9, 103 Ski Club lil, llg future plans include the Navy. Joann Skultety . .. Library Aides 12g plans to be a writer, Terre' L. Slade . . . Slade . .. Tennis 10g AP Club 12g Key lub 11, 12g NHS 12g Ski Club 11, 12g future plans include engineeringg interests include goltl working and ffoing out with friendsg will remember the students, the Triends he has made and his Senior year. Cheryl Lynn -Smith . . . plans to be an animal techni- ciang interests include riding horses and partying. Diana L ne Smith . .. Diny . .. Majorettes 11, 12g Drama cltiii 9g FBLA 12g Keyettes ll, 12g NHS 12g Tribe 12g plans to be a secretaryg will remember the peo- ple. Diane Marie Smith . . , plans to be a secretary ur ac- countant. James A. Smith . . . Dust, Smitty . . . future plans in- clude a career in aviationg interests include art, painting and airbrushingg will remember the students. ,:.,:.r.,.. 27 21525-Q f ' I m," I -on?-.-.r in Yiig. L, .T PY' 7 , ,ft ,. . 'VS f , vii -I ' ' 41 ' . '7i?c:ztt - - Q f Q, A ' " V Q I 1 ,xx g 5 1 2 Kathleen Marie Smith . . . Kathy. . . Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Band En- sembles 9, 11, 12, Drama Club 10, Keyettes 11, Ski Club 11, Student Council 9, 10, Tribe 11, future plans include music, interests include skiing, ice skating, and participating in music, will remember Band Camp and all the good times. Bob Smrekar. , . Smrekar. . . Swim Team 10, 11, 12, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Weightlifting 9, 10, 11, 12, lans to enter the Navy, interests include wcightlifting, slhooting pool, working with electronics and being a part-time disc jockey, will remember the good times and the girls. Bernie Sokolowski Bernie future plans in- clude a technical school, interests include sports :uid working on cars, will remember the good times behind the Senior High. Robert L. Spatafore Bowling Club 9, 10, Choir 11, 12, interests include music. Jane Ann Specht . . . Janie. . . Mixed Chorus 9, plans to get a job, interests include eating, will remember behind the Senior High and her friends. Don D. Spolar . . . Hockey 9, Track 10, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage crew 10, future plans include engineering, interests include sports and girls. Jud! Spragale . . . Cheerleading 9, 10, FBLA 11, 12, Stu ent Council 9, 10, plans to be a secretary, will remember Senior Day, the good times and the people. Richard Stack . . . Vito . . . Baseball 10, Hockev 9, 10, 11, Tennis 11, future plans include a carcer in law, in- terests include s orts, will remember the good friends he had made ans all the students. Scott John Stanley Stan plans to be an ac- countant, interests include hunting and sports, will remember all the friends he had and made. Richard A. Starinchak Rick . .. plans to be an aircraft mechanic, interests include photography: will remember the Saturday night dances. Monica Marie Stattler . . . Softball 9, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 10, 11, 12. Jim Stebler . . . Stebs . . . Football 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter winners 12, plans to be an architect, interests include sports and drawing, will remember the fun and friends during football an track. dit ta, 1 lv, Carol J. Stein AP Club 12, Arrowhead ll, 12, Bowling Club 11, Keyettes 11, Library Aides 9, 10, NHS 11, 12, Norhian 11, 12, Ski Club ll, 12, future plans in- clude business administration, interests include skiing, cooking, sewing and arts and crafts, will remember al her fantastic friends. Lisa Ann Stein . . . FBLA 11, Keyettes l2,tplans to be a legal secretary will remember all the great riends and good times. Robert J. Stem ak. . . Volleyball 9, 11, 12, Wrestling 10, Choir 12, NI-1,5 12, Student Council ll, 12, future plans include a career in accounting. Leslie Stranger. . . Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Tennis 9, 10, ll, 12, Ski lub 10, 11, tiiture plans include physical education, interests include tennis and softball, will remember the people, teachers, and sports. Jeff Slerritl . .. lrlorad .. . Soccer 9, 10, ll, 12, will remember AI Cohen. John Stevens . . . A...L....,,,,,-,,,., hh, C , YW, ,H ZA V, V H W W 248 Lauren Sue Stoker. . . German Club 9, 10, Bowling Club 9, 10, 11, Choir 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, Girls En- semble 11, Ke ettes ll, NHS 12, Norhian 11, 12 tac- tivities ed,J, 'lliribe 12, future plans include special education for exce tional children, interests include bowling, singing, roHer skating, sewing and dancing. Joseph A. Strother . . . Baseball 10, ll, Basketball 9, 10, ootball 9. Kurt L. Stull future plans include mechanical engineering, interests include water skiing, swimmin , workin on cars and coming to class occasionally, wil remember Al Cohen, the eccentric teachers and school board vs. Mr. Breininger. Pamela Marie Sullivan . . . Art Club 9, 10, Bowling Club 10, Drama Club 9, 10, FNA 9, 10, ll, Ke ettes ll, Narhian 10, 11, Ski Club 9, 10, ll, Student Cllouncil 9, 10, Tribe 11, future plans include nursing. Deborah A. Sutch Deb, Horse AP Club 12, future plans include farming, interests include horseback riding, will remember Al Cohen and the teachers. Timothy G. Sutherland . . . Timbo . . . Baseball IO, Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, Symphony Band 9, Drama Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Plays 10, 11, 12, Speech Club 9,10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10 fvice-pres.l, 12, Thes- pians 11, 12, plans to be an actor, interests include working on cars and building things, will remember the girls. X Y X A ., 1' .1 . V' .X E L- .. v,:b,,,:?E':,?-. 3? Duane Lawrence Suwalski . . . plans to be an auto mechanic3 interests include beer can collecting. Diane Marie Swanwick Deets-Ball AFS 93 Choir 9, ll, 123 future plans include nursing: interests include music, partying and S6Wll1g1 will remember out back and the crazy times they had. the Chorus and lVlr. C and the Class of'78. Elizabeth Ann Sweitzer ...Beth . .. Tennis 10, 11, 123 Choir 93 Drama Club 9, 10. ll, l2Q Letter winners 10, 113 NFL 9,10,11,123PA Announcer 103 Plays 113 Speech Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10, 113 future lans include radio or TV3 interests include ten- nis ancl, talking3 will remember the speech office and long tennis car rides. Brian Switalski Bean future lans include a career in oceanographyq interests incluse drawing, the guitar, music and loafing3 will remember Karen, Beattie, art class and people being people. Brian J. Siyska. . . Stretch. , . Track 113 Wrestling 103 Stage Ban 103 Choir 103 Ski Club 103 Student Council 103 future includes a career in music3 interests include hunting, lishin , and fixin cars3 will remember all the far out parties iehind the Senior High. Juha Heikki Tai ale . . . Yahoo, The Flying Finn ,. . Soccer 123 Volleyball 123 AFS 123 Choir 12g Mixed Chorus l21 lVlixed Ensemble 123 Bell Choir 123 interests include sports, music and piano playing3 will remember the lunch hours. - T eri? I ,,1,.,.a. .L .wie 9:-55. -r W- ....?,T-l i ' I V . 2333.1 -f.-at,.1-...-.jfg-sf A ..,..,c,-it " -' ' f .wa 'f ' . -'Pit'-' ll 'M 'tyf'-f"'1 ,P J- .U i it -.4 V :,: 1.1 1.1.5, : ,Q , - LJ: W :L ..:,.'u, F-a9ivH5,.:,f,i'. ,, ye, ei' . 0 .1 -if-"fiFYR-'??uif"',L+i32,'-1'3lbt'.'3Ff-"il N -,... ...g..t.,.- ., 1-t nv, ,f .,, 1 l ..,,, 'I-"4'L:cs:u.L, Ji-iff, "-1'.xEi7f:lilS'f '1 .Buff f' - . . be--"ve irgffl'--Q 131-m."?W.5" .1 "'i"n' J L fi - '1',.L.' V1 7.-ite -.f"'5.i1 John Bussel Talarico . . . Tal. . . future plans include a cgreer in drafting3 will remember all the friends he ma e. James Edward Talerico Tennis 9, 103 AP Club l23Arrowhead113 Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Key Club 123 NFL 9, 10, ll, 12, NHS l23Norh1lan 123 PA An- nouncer 1l, 123 Pla 10, 11, 123 Ski Club 123 Speech Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Siudent Council 103 Thespians 123 Tribe l2Q future plans include a career in broadcasting. Derrick Robert Taylor . . . Sym hony Band 10, 11, l2Q Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 FSquad leaderl3 En- sembles 9, 103 Stage Band 12, Film Club 9, 103511-IS l2i glans to be a commercial artistg will remember the and, Mr. Mercer and all the friendliness. Michele Taylor . . . Mixed Chorus 9, 103 future plans include a career in cosmetology3 interests include riding motorcycles. James J. Tedesco . . . future plans include a career in draftingg will remember all the friends he made. Phyllis Elizabeth Tenley . . . Cross Country 103 Swim Team 93 Track 103 Keyettes 11, 123 Letter win- ners 9, 103 NHS 12g Norhian 123 Ski Club 9, 10, ll, 12 fPl"6S.lQ Student Council 9, ll, 123 Tribe 11, 12g future plans include college. "4'fJi1"' Www 1, 'W 3 3 52 1 Jr N4 3 l I 250 Gregory W. Terjak . . . Fugi . . . Wrestling 9, plans to be a motorcycle mechanic, interests include motorcyc- liig, sports, unting, hiking, will remember all the Great ki s and the good times he had behind the high school. Thomas Thewes . . . Diane Thieret . . . Softball 9, 10, 11, Drama Club 9, Keyettes 11, Plays 10, 12, future plans include the Navy, interests include horseback riding, dancing, softball and bpating, will remember Neet, Carla, Pat and everyone e se. Kevin James Thomas plans to be an architect, will remember the days he hat off. Peter Joseph Thomas . . . Pistol . . . Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 tcapt.l, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 fcapt.l, Football 9, 12, Letter winners 10, 11, 12, future plans include communications and physical education, interests in- clude sports, will remember the school spirit and all the people. Denise Ann Thompson . . . Student Council 12, future plans include a career in business, interests in- clude being with Jack, will remember her friends. .xfi Diane Coletta Tongel . . . Basketball 11, Arrowhead 11, Bowlin Club 12, FBLA 11, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Nariian 12, Tribal Tribune 10, interests include art and horseback riding. Kathy Travers . Travs .. . interests include horseback riding, will remember not being there and seeing her frien s. Cynthia Diane Traynor Cindy, Spanky, Moose . . . AP Club 11, Triba Tribune 9, 10, Bowling Club 10. 11, 12, Library Aides 9, 10, NHS 12, Norhian 11, 12 fbus. ed.J, future plans include a career in special education, interests include sewing, people, reading, bowling and swimming. Dennis C. Tritinger Trit Basketball 9, 10, Symphony Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 12, Choir 9, 10, interests include tennis and art. Theresa Tritinger. . .Terry. . . FHA 10, Keyettes 11, 12, Library Aides 12, NHS 12, future plans include the secretarial field, interests include needlepointing and other crafts, will remember all her great friends and teachers. Anita Truchan . . . Neet . . . Keyettes 12, NFL 11, 12, Tribe 12, interests include crafts, will remember the people and the parties. Rochelle Turkovich . . . Ro . . . Mixed Chorus 9, 10, FBLA 11, 12, plans to be a secretary, interests include swimming and tennis, will remember the people and behind the school. Donna Turner AFS 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, Tribe 11, 12, interests include art, will remember the good times and the bad and having lun with friends. John Desso Ubi .. . Corn . . . Track 9, S mphony Band 12, Marching Band 9.10,11,12,l-'ilm Ciub 9,10, 11, 12, plans to bc a lawyer or computer pro frammer, Eitgrcsts include reading, will remember all the fun he a . Cathy Urben . . . Eddie . .. will remember getting up every morning. Bruce G. VanMaurik .. . plans to be an auto body mechanic, interests include baseball, will remember the report cards. Peter G. VanMaurik. . . track 9, future plans include marketing. Frances Varion . . . Film Club 9, Norhian 11, interests include photography and drawing, will remember my friends and teachers. Leslie Ann Vayda . . . Gymnastics 9, 10, Keyettes 11, 12, NHS 12, Ski Club 12, will remember good times with good friends. Joseph Verdi . . . Stage Band 9, 10, Weightllifting ll, plans include electronics, interests include Qing-p0f'lg, electronics and softball, will remember my friends and some of my nice teachers. James M. Victor interests include women, will remember the women. Virginia Anne Viviano. . . EZ Gin . . .Hockey ll, 12 tmgixl, Keyettes 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Student Council 12, Tribe 11, 12 fpres.l, future plans include a career in special education, interests include dancin , hockey, s orts and skating, will remember the Trige, Senior gay, all of the sporting events and the EZ halls. Mary Elizabeth Vollmer. . . Mary Beth, Moo. . . AP Club 12, Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Bowlin Club 9, Keyettes 12, NHS 11, 12, Student Council 15, 11 fsec.l, 12 fdir. of newsletterj, future plans include a career in biologyq interests in- clude sewing and biking, will remember thc study halls in the band room and no food at E lunch. Alf l Cathleen A. Waddell Cathy . .. Water Ballet 9, AP Club 12 ftreasl, Symphony Band 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Bowling Club 9, Keyettes 12, NHS 12, Norhian 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 lasst. directorj, future plans include the math field, interests include sewing, will remember the laughs and the tears. Cindy Walczak . , . Booz. . . Bowling Club 10, plans to be a private secretary, interests include horseback rid- in , tennis and partying, will remember the fun times bciliind the high school. Paula Anne Walters AFS 11, Bowling Club 9, 10, Choir 9, 12, future plans includejournalism or busi- ness management, interests include arts and crafts, tra- veling, collection, music and writin 1, will remember all the crazy people and "teachers" and Senior Day 377 for 78. Norene Anne Walworth . . . Ging. . . Arrowhead ll, 12, Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12, German Club 10, Drama Club 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Nnrhian 11, 12 fart ed.i, Thespians ll, 12, interests include drawing, ice skating and eating ants, will remember all the fun they had with the burn-outs. Dawn Carol Washburn. . . S anish Club 10, Bowling Club 10, 12, Mixed Chorus Keyettes 11, Library Aides 9, 11, 12, Math-Science Club 11, future plans in- clude a career in the service, interests include horseback ridin , tennis, bowling and readin , will Emember all of Eer great friends and the fun on ienior ay. Joseph J. Wasko Joe Beattie Tech 11, 12, future plans include audio electronics, will remember the girls. 252 Gerald R. Waters Jerry plans to be an ap- pliance repairman, interests include cars, will remem- er his friends. R. Michael Watson Mickey plans to be a welder, interests include hunting. William P. Watson Bo, Bohanson, Little Willy . . . Co-up Club 11, plans lo be a pile driven interests in- clude hunting, fishing and fixing cars. Maureen Weaver . . . Keyettes 11, Tribe ll, plans to be a fashion designer, will remember all the people she met. Marsha Webb. . . Marsh. . . AFS 9,10, ll, FBLA 11, 12, Tribe ll, 12, plans to be a stenoggapher, interests include cooking and crafts, will remem er going behind the school. Dan Weber. . . interests include music, will remember laying around and being with friends. Wayne Webster . . . Soccer 9, Tennis 10g Symphony Band 9, 103 Marching Band 10g Ski Club 12g uture plans include college, interests include skiiing and swimming. Donna Jean Wecllock. . .glans to be a paramedicg in- terests include horseback ri ing and tennis. Rosemary Weger . . . Tokyo .. . plans to be a beauti- ciang interests include painting and drawingg will remember all her friends and al the good times out back. Amy Marie Wehner. . . Ames. . . Water Ballet 9g AP Club 11, 12g Arrowhead 11, 12, German Club 9, 10, Drama Club 11, 12g Keyettes 12: Library Aides 9, NFL 11, 12g NHS 10, 11, 12g Norhian 11, 12g Speech Club ll, 123 Student Council 9g plans to be a geologistg in- terests include backpacking and camping, will remem- ber the i'fun" in AP Biology. Joe-Weider . .ffuture plans include plumbing and heatlngg interests include restoring carsg will remember the people he hung around with. Christine Weidner Chrissy future lans in- clude colleieg interests include horseback riding, car racing and eeg will remember the fact that they didn't give us our study halls. John M. Weinzettle . . . Basketball 9, 10, 11g Volley- ball 10, ll, 12g AP Club 123 Key Club 123 Letter win- ners 11, 12g future plans include the field of medicine: will remember volleyball, basketball and Polish people. Timothy A. Weiss . . . Rat . . . Soccer 10, 11g plans to be a cabinet makerg interests include huntin , skatin and campingg will remember getting busted By Al ang Senior Day. Gregory Weisser . . . plans to be an appliance repair- manq interests include tropical fish and collectin re- cormtg will remember the good lunch we had one day a wee . Ruth Wellman ...Choir 9g interests include needle- work, sewing and macrame. Alfred J. Werner, jr .... Al . . . future plans include the business fieldq will remember Famous American Birthdays. Gerald H. Werner, Jr. Jerry . .. Baseball 9, 10g Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter winners 10, 11, 12g plans to be an accountantg will remember the soccer team and Senior Day. Greg Westhead Ted .. . Swim Team 10, 11, 12, S mphony Band 1C, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, ll, 12, Kly Club 12, Letter winners 11, Orchestra ll, 12, ing terests include swimming and skiing, will remember the football games and Senior Day. Victor James Whitacre . . . Vic . . . Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 12, Letter winners 11, 12, future plans in- clude a career in business, will remember Senior Day. Eden Loree White . . . AFS ll, plans to be an artist, interests include Tae Kwon Do, will remember the affectionate librarians. Amy Wickline . . . Wic:k . . . Gymnastics 9, Choir 9, 10, 11, 12 ftreasj, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Mixed En- semble ll, 12, Keyettes 11, NHS 12, plans to be an ex- ecutive secreta , interests include gymnastics, piano and sin ing, will remember the great success of the North l'Ells Choir and the reputation they withheld. Tami S. Wight . .. Lil Wam . . . FBLA 11, 12, future plans include legal work. Frederick A. Wikert . . . Fred . . . will remember the good times. 254 Mark Allen Wilden Football 9, 10, ll, Wrestlin 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter winners 10, 12, future lans include a career in law, interestsinclude girls ang Weightlifting, will remember Senior Day, wrestling matches, Brook- side and parties. Barbara Lynne Wilkie... L nne . . . Softball 9, AFS 10, 11, l2,Arrowhead12,B0wlin Club 11, FBLA 11, 12, FNA 10, Library Aides 9, Worhian 12, Student Council ll, Tribe 12, future plans include college, in- terests include skating and swimming. David Williams . . . Soccer 9, plans to be an engineer, interests include Wacking Sport, will remember all the nice teachers and people. Allan Wilson . . . Al, Moose . . . Beattie Tech 11, 12, future plans include a career in communication electronics, interests include D., dances and CB, will remember Senior Day, break, Tlomecoming and going to Mac's. Nancy Virginia Wilson . . . Nance . . . Keyettes 12, NHS 12, Norhian 12, Tribe 11, 12, future lans include nursin , interests include swimming and, tennis, will rememier the football games, Senior Day, friends and teachers. Daniel G. Wilt. . . Dan . . . Swim Team 10, 11, plans to be an architect, interests include playing guitar and bass, will remember the change in the people. David Winter . . . Bowling Club 10, future plans in- clude a career in air conditioning or refrifreration, in- terests include parties, camping, and liiking, will remember the good times. teachers, and friends. james Daniel Winter . . . Weed , . . Golf 10, ll, 12, Letter winners 10, ll, 12, interests include girls and sports, will remember Mr. G15 golf matches, Senior Day, roukside and all his friends. Phil Winton . . . Soccer 11, plans to be an air traffic controller, interests include skiing, sailing, and soccer. Amy jo Wire . . . Ame . . . Hockey ll lmanagerl, AFS 9, 10, 11, 12 ltreasl, Marching Band 11, 12, Choir 9, Girls Ensemble 9, Tribe 11, 12, plans to he a dental assistant, interests include music and concerts, will remember all the football games and Band camp. Stephen Scott Wise . . . Scott . . . Arrowhead 11, 12 tart ed.J, NHS 12, Orchestra 9, 10, ll, 12 fconcert meister, vice-pres. 1, Plays 12 fsound coor.l, future plans include electronics engineering interests include electronics, music, Pentacostalism and recording tech- niques, will remember all the changes in his life associ- ated with his high school years. John P. Witherel . . . future plans include optometry: interests include sports, will remember all the people. Richard Cyril Witt, Jr .... Rich . . . Cross Country 9, 10, 11, Choir 9, 10, 11, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 fvice-pres.l, plans to be a lawyer or priest, will remem- ber the Chorus. ltichard E. Witt . .. Bunkie . .. Track 9, 10, 11, 12, plans to he an accountant, interests include farming, will remember Homeroom 131. Paul N. Woessner. . . Bowling Club 10, 11, 12 tcapl.l, Key Club 10, future plans include astronomy, interests mc ude astronomy, reading and sports, will remember Bowling Club. Daniel Albert Wolf . . . Wolfe .. . Hockey 11, 12, Bowling Club 9, 10, Ski Club 10, 12, future plans in- clude tele-communications, interests include ice skat- ing, hockey and film making, will remember his junior and Senior years and the hockey team. Terri Ieylnn Wolf. . . Bowlin Club 12, Choir 11, 12, Mixed orus 12, FNA 11, lge ettes ll, 12, Norhian 12, Tribe 12 Cofficerl, plans to be a physical therapist, interests include music and sports, will remember her great Senior year, Melinda Joan Wolff. . . Mindy. . . Bowling Cluh 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, Drama Club 11, 12, Ski Club 9, 10, 11, Tribe 12, plans to be a medical technician, in- terests include tennis and needlework, will remember all the crazy people. Hblidn ds LP 0 0 f' I 2 Kenneth J. Wright Ken AP Club 12, Sym phony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 11, 12, Orchestra 9g future plans in- clude civil engineering, interests include music and s ortsg will remember the band, math teachers, Inside the Mind and Mr. Mercer. Maxine Wr' ht Max Swim Team 11, Drama Club 9g Ski gub 10, future plans include at career in Psychology, interests include skiing, picture taking, will remember the nutty people. Sharon Ellen Wysseier Shari AP Club 12g Tribal Tribune 10, Arrowhead 11, 12: Choir 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 11, 12, Girls Ensemble 11, Bell Choir 11, Keyettesll,12gNHS11,12gNorhi1m 11, 12, Ski Club 12, Studcnt Council 12: Tribe 12, future plans include home economics or journalism. Elizabeth Ann Yockel . . . Beth . . . FBLA 12, future lans include accountingg interests include swimming, liorseback riding and water skiing, will remember Beat- tie Tech. Kevin David Young. . . Youngblood . . . plans to be a doctor, will remember Senior Day. Michael P. Zappas . . . Hockey 12, Tim Zelinka . . . Tim. . .Volleyball 11, plans to be an accountantg interests include hunting, fishing, will remember the people. James Zervins .lim plans to be a veterinarian, interests include soccer, basketball, will remember the people. Frederick W. Zeyfang Hey You Football 9, Sym hony Band 9g Marching Band 9, Student Council 12, Future plans include mechanical engineering, in- terests include bicycle racing and sports, will remember striking out in slow-pitch softball. Shari Lyn Ziesche Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future plans inc ude college to study business, interests include skiing and partying, will remember Senior Day and all the nice and crazy people. Marktj. Zilavy. . . Zeke, OZ. . . Track 10, 11, 12, future plans include a career in lorcstry, interests include out- door sportsg will remember the people. George Edward Zimmer. . . Zim-Gay. .. Symphony Band 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensem- bles 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 12, Orchestra 9, Ski Club 11, 12, future plans include a career in acronauticsg in- terests include motorcycling, snow skiing, water skiing, tennis and girls. John P. Zokaites . . . Zeke, john . . . German Club'9, Chess 10, Math-Science Club 10, Cycling 9, interests in- clude tropical fish and outdoor gardening. Deborah Ann Zu an... Zupe, Pedpan . .. AP Club 12, Choir 9, ll, 12,qflixed Chorus 11, 12, Girls Ensem- ble 9, 11, 12, Bell Choir 11, 12, Keyettes 12, NHS 11, 12, Norhian ll, 12, Tribe 12, future plans include engineering, interests include music. sewing, arts and crafts and antique doll collecting, will reinenilmer the fun at all the activities. Deborah L. Zwigart . .. Debbie . .. future glans in- clude a career in cosmetology, interests inclu e music and concerts, will remember all the football games and the nice people who became her friends. Seniors Not Pictured: Susan M. Anderson... Phi p.. . Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Concert Band 12, plans to be an animal ecologist, interests include music, all s orts, and camping, will remember the back of the Slenior High. Michael Arrigo . . . Greg Bayly . .. Beetle... Track 10, Bowling Club 9, 10, interests include working on cars and collcctin old ennies, will remember partying behind the sciool, Senior Week, and all the people. Kevin james Burns plans to be a fireman, will remember a very long Senior year. John Duddy . . . Basketball 9, 10, plans to be a truck driven interests include fishing, hunting, and camping. John Evans . . . Michael Flaherty . . . Mark Graczyk . . . Lois Graham . . . William Gwyn . . . Bill . . . future plans include refrigeration and air conditioning, interests include hunting. james Kenzig . . . Susan Knauss . . . Ken Kumanchik . . . Donald Leitch . . . Jeffrey J. Leyer . .. plans to be either a veterinarian or a policeman, interests include tennis. Darryl Markee . . . Patrick J. McCarthy . . . Football 9, Track 10, Film Club 11, 12, plans to be an actor, interests include ice skating. Diana O'Hara . . . Robert Parker . . . Kath Peterson . . . Kathy . . . Cheerleading 9, Speech Club 9, plans to be an inhalation thera ist, interests in- clude swimming and teachin CCD, willll remember put- ting u with homeroom andqier creative writing class. Sue lilleshe . . . Shell Pugliese . . . Ski Club 10, 11, 12, future plans inclutfe interior designing, interests include plants. Kristen Anne Radde . . . Rowdy . .. Gymnastics 9, Volleyball 10, 11 lcapt.i, AFS 10, 11, AP Club 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, Choir 12, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 11, NHS 11, 12, Plays 9,10, 11, Stage crew 10, Student Council 11, Thespians ll tvice- pres. J, 12, future plans include a career in international relations. Janet Rodgers . . . Aruba. . . Tribal Tribune 9, Debate 11, 12, NFL 9, 10, ll, 12, NHS 12,N0rhian 12, Speech Club 9, 10, ll, 12, plans to be an accountant, interests include skydiving, will remember the Vamps. Roberta Rodgers... Debate 11, NFL 9, 10, 11, 12, NHS 12, Norhian 12, Speech Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Stu- dent Council ll, plans to become an engineer, interests include dee sea fishing, will remember Buckwheat. Sandra Sclhillo . .. Sandy . .. Softball 9, 10, future plans include the field of education, interests include tennis and softball. Trac' Lynne Seskey. . . Trace . . . Keyettes 12, NHS 12, Ngrhzan 11, 12, Tribe ll, 12, plans to be an interior designer, interests include swimming and tennis, will remember the people and Homecoming 78. Dave Vaupel . . . David Lee Vermillion . . . Goose . . . Football 9, future plans include the Air Force, will remember the girties at the cornfields. on Vermillion . . . Madman . . . Football 9, 10, Track 9, 10, plans to be a truck driven, interests include women, will remember the girls. Ronald Weismautle . . . Donna Marie Whimcre . . . Choir 9, future plans in- clude a career in business, will remember the people. Brad Winner . . . iraqi .fbi EU! 565' E' In recent years the students at North Hills had become increasingly involved with the Media Scene. The journalistic opportunities ex- panded to include the interests of many people. Through publication and broadcasting, North Hills' students were kept informed ofthe ac- f ' N tivities and special events that happened on the hilltop. 5 While the .students enjoyed their participation in this field, valuable communication skills were also acquired. With the on-the-job training ' ' ' reidbwrk' ' hl'om ni 'one ,sdtsr ed tligmlsiilveslfforoprblsigelcltiifelTcareel7.uEvlie2Hlif tlfey? nbll djlilooirlleopgpirr- sue a job ln the field of journalism, through the responsibility and cooperation needed to accomplish their goals students learned some important lessons. If nothing else, their involvement gave them a better understanding of media operations. PIC Day-I n, Day-Out Interest Compounded Daily :IC Passbook and Savings iw I Certificates ?I4Home Improvement Loans ik Home Mortgages - to buy or build the Fidelity Habit... It kinda grows on you. PERRYSVILLE VILLAGE IO09 PERRY HIGHWAY PITTSBURGH, PA. I5237 93I-4300 K J Nanc McCarthy autographs a earbook while Barb Huelsmann, Roberta Sietz, and george Zimmer look over the 1977 Norhian in the lobby ofthe Senior High, iBeot Clvcioheo or cc ucceooful gfuture, 05 1 9 Parkvale 258 Savings Association Pa rkvale S Associmiom 4885 IVIcKnight Rd. 14123 366.7700 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237 Camerawoman Jeanne Gottschalk focuses in on the Homecoming Queen ,ludy Spragle as she is announced HERMANN LV SAYS' WE DHIIIER wi! 1369 CENER AVE WEST WEW PGM, PA. 15229 Qpf 766-9871 x ul ! WORKING TOGETHER FOR EDUCATION NORTH HILLS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ? lallijfi niaazrzrssfssiiiijffa535555 376375 4178? KWH? ... SQEWZ? fy. Y h f y ook ph g ph P Sh y Cardill Congratulations to the Graduating Cm of 19,8 CROWNING GLORY A911-:MA BEAUTY SALON LEADER PHARMACY .l. A. GIBSON 8 CUMPMIY OPEN 8:30 A.lVI. 483 Perry Hwy. West View Bob Adzema-Pharmaci t 931-2021 Real Estate and Insurance 304.7000 Donald L. Mueller Joseph E. Mueller Devlin BEST 3898 Brighton Road Pittsburgh, PA. 15212 766-7300 766-8830 Funeral Home 806 Perry Hwy. Thomas Devlin-Director WISHES Mr. 8. Mrs. Norman P. Romboch 261 EDWARD TRURAN PRIME MEATS 330 Center Ave. West Vievv, Pa. 15229 KEN'S ABBOTT BEER DISTRIBUTOR 5336 Perry Hvvy. Pgh., Pa. 15229 931-7210 9312400 Ken Hudnall ?'Z'I X ' - ,Z':'I"yk Phone. 931 9910 ,FWIIB ZWIIIIESSX G3 ' ' H d yntlua Slew 0 ur were BEAUTY SALON 1 130 Perry Hwy. 350 Cente Ave.-West Vie 364-2662 P ttsburgh, Pa. 15229 Thank You For Your Pat onage Hoover Service Fresh Meats and Groceries Newton-Lehman Insurance A890031 Arnolds Market 93I'5I00 761-9687 364-4000 Robert S. yhhlple 6 Madia 978 Perry Hvvy. Pgh., Pa. 15237 Ward 60. WW? 4175 ZW!! SCQEWE GENERAL KAULE'S PHARMACY INSURANCE ssrvv Electric JOSEPH A. KAULE, PHARMACIQ1- Motor Coils 332 CENTER AVE., WEST VIEW 931-5443 PITTSBURGH 29. PA. 262 "Youve BATIIFACTION lc Oun GUARANTKI 1 Eg N 1 Writing headlines and designing layouts lbr a school publication are com Jlicaled proeerlures. Here Lisa Sluckrath and Editor-in-Chief Pam Miller design a new issue of the Tribal Tribune, the Senior High newspaper. 'Hn Arflkle WIWI no mllvfakes l:5' very dlffkll f fo wnre. 4, if .Qi imqigg 17 f' rx ll ln the Armwhead office, Beth Keller proofs the latest issue of 12-12. Phone: 364-9111 fi ALLRIDGE Fiomsr lstorel ,fy 1137Pe yH .,Ph.,P.15237 R G J AUTO PARTS OgposililizyPin2s Plaja 1567 DUNCAN AVENUE ALLISON PARK, PA. 15101 I . Richard Allridge Phone: 364-8500 The Perry Arts -Original Oil Paintings -Decorative G roup Specialties -Custom Design Framing 800 Perry Hvvy., Pgh., Pa. 15229 o Ss John Gillespie I IImIIu1ru5pr I Nl It I R In vllllillll' HSI Phone: 366-0211 ., Qonraal B I luis lor buys IS 'H PINES PLAZA SALON llilll III I I ll Ili Phone 821-4020 l83 Ik-nil-r Sm-rl l'illsImrgh. Pa. 15231 Registered William Libsk Plumbing and Heatinff Neale Connor's Duncon Monor 1700 Ferguson Road Allison Park, Pa. 15101 State Inspection-road servioe-repairs Northgate Beer Distributing 4847 lVlcKnight Rd., Pgh., Pa. 15237 EMERY CAR CARE CENTER INC. rvicicnigm Rd. 300.5000 GENERAL TIRES sooner or later, you'lI own Generals" EUS. 931-9937 NU ' ! Lg P1111 s Sunoco STATE INSPECTION . RUST PROOFING TIRES - BATTERIES - TUNE-U-PS 5340 PERRY HWY, PHILIP ROESER Prvrsauasu, PA, OWNER 15229 Y N STI1' F' C 5 AND KITS the daisee shop 8600 perry highway pittsburgh, pa. 15237 EILEEN B, SAGINAW 354 4533 264 Creative television lighting establishes mood. ,Iim Stewart checks to make sure il 1 just right. ?7WE'd17EEi 0105? E Layout Staff member Liz Rydt-I cornplctcs one of the 304 layout designs for the 1978 Norhian. ft 3 The student radio sta- tion, WNHS, entertains us with music, news and ads before homeroom on Frida s. Rich Anton, pictured, here, along with partner Kevin Baldinger practice their skills at the microphone. Dan Daugherty and Tracy Fitterer operate the cameras while Dave Henning acts as the director for a taping ses- sion in the television studio. Here students gain actual on the job experience in the broad- casting field. 14121 364-9516 Qeaege feffahlf Pwdace QUALITY FRUITS 81 VEGETABLES WHOLESALE 3501 EABCOCK BLVD. RETAIL PITTSBURGH. PA 15237 NORTH HILLS BUILDERS SUPPLY 150 Perry Highway 931-7341 Complete Selection of Building Materials Compliments of Zag to the Class of ,7 af" Pines Plaza Card and Gift Shop lt's a Nice Little Store to Shop In 364-1709 GERMAN CL B "Please G0 Away" PIIODE 366-4280 SEASO NS TRAVEL N0 J. R. Dannels Agency 8651 Perry Highway IRL 191 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237 MAYTAG - RCA MI. ROYAL TELEVISION, RADIO 8. APPLIANCE 1701 Duncan Manor Allison Park, Pa. 15101 4364555 JAMES P. PEKINS 994 Perry Hvvy. Pgh., Pa. 15237 OPEN PANTRY "Open 7 'til Midnight" Harry 81 Thelma lvlazuch-Prop. 265 M706 W5 QF? Z7 E JJ? SEAQZV WMV When the bell rang at 2:30 signaling the end of the school day, the students dispersed in many directions. Some had part-time jobs at local busi- nesses and shops to earn extra spending money. Many students frequented the area stores trying to keep up with the latest fashions. They hung around Northway Mall and the newly enclosed North Hills Village. When there was no scheduled sporting event at North Hills, students went danc- ing at the disco at McKnight Smorg-a-Style, bowl- ing, ice-skating, skiing or to the movies. At the local theatres the kids were enthralled by the sto- ries of 'Star Wars", L'Heroes" and laughed at '5Oh, Codv. The community played an important part in the lives of the North Hills students. The two ictures below were taken ofthe same Mcillinight and Seibert intersection. The small picture was shot in 1948. The other shows the tremendous rowth ofthe areag it was taken in 1977. These pictures were provided by St. Sebastian Church on Seibert Road. .np- ,fffff iff 4155 Vg: .ffl it 3.4 by-,, 1 E, 6 Q49 vw. ....,.1eea,fg f ':' .... . -'if 'W rw Courtesy of NCJRTH HILLS BCOSTERS THE TRAINING LINCOLN TABLE PHARMACY OPPOSITE ZAYRES IVICKNIGHT RD Hom: or 997 22222-iihway THE Noth81LcoI Ae e MII ale 821-2379 Russell Stover Candies OSOUPS 'SALAD BAR "Serving the Community in in - TAKE our th O gh YO doo " OPEN 10:30 AM Good luck and Best Wishes of KEYETTES KEY CLUB 8 E E 5 'U ': E i s 2 .iwf 6003? ?7WE' Recently the North Hills Village Shopping Center celebrated its grand re- opening. Now a covered mall, it rivals Northwa as a glaflherin place for Nonh ills stugents. The North Hills Village Sho pin Center as it llimokeg in the early seventies before the remodel- ing began. 5321?Q5'EA?WJW0W -61' 1 l MEN'S FORMALS ,o""'0N, """"""c' oemfw-sam 'anna AG" F 0 R M G C E JAMES M. BARBOR AGENCY ug J M ay wt ARI: SPECIALIST: A MODERN FORMAL CENTER INIURANCI Il our 0Nu.v Busmmsc N 0 R T l'I HI I. l S - 3 5 4 - 3 5 1 q ,t::.::,:'.:LfL':Hr:z'.. IVICKNIGHT SEIBERT SHOPPING CENTER 269 The controls of tht- Dips, soon lo lu- torn down, kcvp vigil over the silent, aban- duned amusement park that once was the scene ul' fun, thrills and excilernent for generations ol' sturlt-nts. Wc?st Vivw Park clusvtl its Hales for good in St-ptt-tn- liar, 1977. The destruction of We-st Mew Purk's Danoeland hx lm in St p tn-rnher, 1973 lugan the end of an CFB.. 0956? WW' QESEQWQ 177047 364-3993 Tuning and Repairs Hardware GLESNER PIAN S AND GRGANS R 50 t A Mason Hamlin Knabe Baldwin N ?, hcflleqszlgg Cable Grand Yamaha Conn X S55 X Q Gulbransen W n , , H x A , 'GER .il ii 1, ,,1g.." M , ,M ffl.. we L'Ei3?iQ2Ti ' Y 5 sl ,M ":,u,-1 wr . V I x 5' EU: QQ - --'M M 5 ' Q ff M D W... f My- f vas- 1 lu g . ,. W 554: . Q V4 ' gr A O , gg! , 53. 3 SM ww K 2 T A , . M J M.. ,. ,.L, --- ' 'L ig Wm,, M - A W f ffvQQ2S1ff,' 5: gff3 .. ,,,. , M ,A W , - ,. ' ,, ' K ' , . ., 'V V A h 4 N i'm"k?szw,L 0652? WYZ? QESEJQWM WWW iVlcKnigl1lCinemas are or Saturday evening date. News-Rec-orml Photo One ofthe first covered malls in Allegheny County, Northway is a gathering place for students. It houses a variety of sho s and places lo buy a Coke, pizza, ans klonclike. 272 ' Seniors Raelene Caldwell. Lynne popular choices for a Friday Devlin and Karen Scherer eat il up at "Mark", The place to go alter a football game. Bowlin Club members boardeg the Party Liner for their annual banquet. Many North Hills students suffered from bad limin and were cauihl by iflr. Cohen ma ing purchases at Wrhe Storev. Was the candy har worth a day of suspension? SAUNDERS PLUMBING AND HEATING INC 9 o 963 Perry Hwy. 364-9171 766-8150 i Y PITTSBURGH NFITIONFIL BRNH MEMBER F.D.l.C. A. M. HARIZELL AND SON Roorme -coN1'RAc'roRs 1 IZABETH Avz. ITT SBURGH FFICE 766- 5 belle vue A Co rarulariorv carpet 'lf' ' Quality Carpet Estimates Expert Installation S t n t COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL ' 467 Lincoln Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15202 Doug Opperman 766-6999 Business 7 3 322-0235 Home 27647555 55475525 5375755 5737095 Seek C fd p Uzagr x -9 SW bi owls S I . 50 0 e 5' Q Up i I7 . 9 . 0 I Hows' 11019 ow'9-'if J shocb 5007 ' V G96 W C' 'fn-1, 'K om Re ' "iw ff 90 fy f 5 l T 5 . Sf Worst Qtorm W. , CNY Crews Discover Of '78Cuuld Q , . Mother Nufure Tgugh Hitl l Inches ' nm . . Digs 0 U dl-lu ed ifffpww IH 9 ul s 5 1 . 'usi won t q t r ' - 0 ' h B' S . Sfd e 'g now PIGIIILG Q 'nce T950 ow A M 1. Tackles Distr - 0 sX0"'5 g Land , 'N . SnowCrippIes.Are3,M3Y Hn hes GCIIG ' ds PITTSBURGH PAINTS QQ 7585 McKnight Road fNext to Midas Ivlufflery 24 cz ' 4 Q 'in 366-0543 WCW? EEZ E70 0 Q 47053757 WWE Laiiuloh Septic trifis to! scalg tlfe Iglouiltsigii o s ow on me is an as Q-'tl asunim 1. Nlaryann Rupert and Liz Rydcl urge him on. A V K :lr 6 l W 1 .01 "f! 1" ,gt l i mi! 1 a 'Eg f,.Q 1 to . 0 X,., s l 6 lt's 2:30 on a cold winter slay in front of the Vlorrome - , 1 I ' is In if 4 K '?::iH2'i:f1PM312:52',E'.i::1!5':':::,E,f1:r:.:Q1:2:.r5:::Li d i t d 6 1 srlvarsgl irxgliifayj P L 1. in A Vkv, K 6- 1 0 M , 5, we PLEDGE - ouamv AND senvice I 7 159PERRY Hwy I 60' wEs'r view 9316363 I Jerzomme msrmauron ron wssrzrm PENNSYLVANIA Quality at a Price Service You Can Trust 146 3'Degree Rd' Best of Loom Carpets 2100 Babcock Blvd. SHERMAW5 Pines Plaza Shopping Center I Z Z Perry Highway 9 For Advance Orders Call Monday Thru Saturday 11 1, 12 S 354.9535 Sunday 4 to I2 . MEN'S HAIRSTYLING You've Tried The Rest-Now Buy The Best 366-7176 O Wagg's Dairy Store Hours: 10 to 6:30 Tues. Thurs. Fri. 991 Peffv HWY- sat. 9 to 5:00 364-9926 Fine Lunch Meats 275 fiwdfiwft WQYJJY8 THE COPPER MUG 366-3606 Lunches, Dinners, Late Snac 5510 Babcock Blvd. ks SIGNAL MCNEY CENTER Three-Degree Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 ohhh Hii ls Theaiwc 276 376009 05059439 L11 Rydel takes a break from drawing yearbook pag s to play n the snow February, 1978 at North Park Skating Rink, the center of outdoor winter activity for the area's students. News-Record Photo EEZ The Winter of '78 was filled with all ofthe elements that make up this, the harshest of seasons. There were many times when winter storms caused delays and the cancellation of several school days. The worst snowfall of the year gave Western Pennsylvania an accumulation ol' lif- teen inches in twenty-four hours. When school resumed. the snow and ice made crossing to the other huildinv seem like a trip to the North Pole. liowing through the piles of snow and slush on the island, the sidewalks, and the Jarking lot was an adventure for hootless students. The slush dragged inside the doors ofthe buildings Jrovided people with a chance to Thrush up on their swim- ming and skating skills as they splashed and slipped through the halls. Fortunately the temperatures were not like those ot' 1977 when the highs for many days were helow zero. But it seemed like those days were hack in the Senior High on the day after Christmas vacation. The heat- ing system had not been working for several days and the temperature in the classrooms ranged from 42" to below freezing. ln most rooms class could not he held since it required total concentration just to keep warm. The cold and the snow, however, did not dampen the spirits ofthe stu- dent body. Enelow Shoe Store 511 Lincoln Avenue "Fit Comes First" XXII, T 1 X x CONGRATULATIONS if g SENIORSI af? ll X John laeiltu-Electric Registered Electric Contractor RESIDENTIAL 81 COMMERCIAL WIRING Telephone 12 Nlattys Drive 761-1951 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212 H P A TINO'S PIZZARIA . . BR DT , P?ir52Ef Hi! We would like to take this FU ERAL gif ff22352112.10K'.2::Is.,2f2.i.f'.Org HQ E X. Cpggratulate the Senior Class of 1032 Perry Hwy. Pgh., Pa. 15237 367 Perry Hwy. West View 931-9494 2 notch hop 3312 Babcock Blvd. 367-1911 "The Thrifty Place to Shop" .1 Schwinn franchised sales and service parts for bicycles 84 mopeds 406 Perry Hwy. 931 6711 mir 01 11? s Top Quality Tennis Equipment, Clothing: and Accessories. CONGRATULATIONS I 6 from CHRMEISSI S W 1101 Perry Highway SchoII's Bicycle Center iw Guidante Counselor lVlr. Hum- mel s tar is almost hidden hv the mound of snow in front of the Morrone Building. The snow outlines the trees and bushes sur- rounding the entrance to West View Park's Kiddieland, where thousands of little children took their first, trip on the little Dips. Phone: 364-3223 North Hills Automotive Complete Fiberglass Specialists -Body and Fender Repairing -State Inspection -Front End Alighment 3409 Babcock Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237 GARY HEESE MILLER'S Service Station 3300 Babcock Blvd. llOY'S BARBER 3373 Babcock Blvd. 364-9729 S . wneeue- 4 CASTERS rom wmwonm 1210 Penn Am-ue 4121471-6520 Pimbufgh, Pu. 15222 279 WWE 6005? 025 Q52CW74I7E'd??7'M7ZE' D ghd c K K dK f Ba h h d h h p h hlf f h f bll p at 'am C hy Waddell W ll njoya break 280 WEST PENN SPDRT 8a BILLIARD SUPPLY Direct Factory Distributor "Largest selection of pool tables in the world." Trophies Custom Designers Experf Engraving 3336Bb kBld N thHII G g L O 9312961 NORTH HILLS C O m 3 n , R D P Y ll Sol he s r i s Horseshoe Auto Parts C-71:27 l 'qfllhf' FUNERAL HOME R. D. SCHELLHAAS-supfnvlson ' fat Horseshoe Bendl 288 Perry Highway West View, Pa. 15229 Air Conditioned Private Parking 388 CENTER AV. PITTSBURGH, PA. 931-1737 Bill Faub . Owner EDWIN F. LANGER rl Lo Be e Atal " gf-gg ,ffl Langer Bros. Inc. Solon X ' THE JEEP PEOPLE 155 PERRYSVILLE no iT-TSBLJRGD-4. PA 15229 Perzqy 93145206 at 931.5207 'ttsburg ' West View JEEP WAGONEER f CJ5 f CJ7 f CHERCKEE f T Phone: 931-3387 G 81 A SCREENGRAPHICS Division of R. lVl. Giallonardo 84 Association, Inc. 3232 Babcock Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412f931-8553 G 81 A prints, T-shirts, iockets, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, cincl decals. G 81 A can help you with your design, too. 281 282 ,! 7 WW ' W W ,, ',', ' I 25, ,fi 'rf ., - 4 ,'fA: 1 ,X w X 9- MN ' MZ WW! 75 J ffsfjf 1 ,ff Q 1 1, W W1 ' 13,1 W M WW W ,W if 7 V ff WW if f , mf. .I 'I lf! I, f WW VIP ' ', !7!v,,,,fg,l ff 1 1 , I N H ..g .V .4 gm- n fam ,mPf,fg :,gl,,!- ,,VV A AW' 1!:W fL' P,"A1"ilf!!UUl1. ,i ,:n,,4,ff f!' n w .' , '1Ml'gf V, , , W ZQQZCLZH .mm M 71' Ufffifigffff ' ' zffff f , f f lk W fm. ,MM W' NM' fl W 45 QA , '.',' ' 1 9 'WIVWW VJ! 7 A l r l V f I 4 3 fax I f 4, f X Lilzfic . A A 5 x A AH HI. QQQE Q5ZW174UZ?5l?a7WUZ? W Keyte Caldwell and Chan Benson's summer revolved around the marching band. But other students spent their vacation time at Chorus or football prac- tices, working at sum- mer jobs or just relaxing in the sun. Bra t 19 it O dsl Stall S I OIIC Route 19 North, West View Minutes from West View Park LIVING ROOM FURNITU RE cus-rom UPHoi.e'rsmNe IIOSTERS FURNITURE Puonzt 931.3600 4-GO PERRYSVILLE ROAD WEST VIEW. PA- 15229 QW P HONE 1 Baskin-Robbins ""' , 3I Ice Cream " ZIEBART Auto 0 Truck Rusfproofing :Q Iii' I The Qgingerhreah ginuse DUNCAN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER ALLISON PARK. PA 15101 14121 3666886 4885 McKnight Road "PARTY ICE CFIEAMS OUR SPECIALTY" 283 Heidi Mockenhaupt and Debbie Schneider walk into the main lobby of the Senior Hiffh. Morrone Building students had many classes in the Senior High. A7655 YW WYE QJZQQW There were almost thirty-five hundred of us. Arranged and rear- ranged into Social Studies classes, English classes, Phys. Ed. classes, Gate study groups and many, many other combinations, We were assigned and directed by the computer that we hoped would spell our names right and would record our grades correctly. Ofcourse, it could and did leave several of us out from time to time and we had to assert ourselves to get hback into the machine." But we werenit satisfied to stay where we were put. What did com- puters know about interests or hobbies or friendships? We met new people and formed our circle offriends-groups much smaller than the computer understood and most of the time without adults in them. We began to dress alike so that other kids knew who our friends were or who our friends weren't. We wore red jackets with numbers on the sleeve and white letters on the back flap. We wore red sweat shirts-all alikwexeept for the numbers on the front and back. We stood around in groups in the halls and lobbies, in the rotunda and behind the Senior High. Challenged by new events we argued, disputed and changed our friends finding others with whom we felt more comfortable. Somehow they noticed us. Some of us had to get in trouble to be picked out as individuals but most of us made it. We succeeded. We had nourished our individual personalities and had become distinct Faces in the Crowd. FL HERTY T0 P RTS 7822 Perry Highway 364-6300 Pgh., Pa. 15237 931-6300 284 Northway Car Wash 5503 BABCOCK BOULEVARD PITTSBURGH. PA. 15237 I "Sitting in the Lobby Watchin' all the World go byl" Phyllis Tenley and Tracy Ringland check the pulse of the school. l John Henderson and Bob Osterreider come to the rescue nl' Greg Kassick when they see him struggling over 'ilVIad Magazine". I l bins ZMAHM irdo -Fur lib U-'NM I' .' ' wear view rum si+oPPe,I,.c,, i, x Q -1'3 Leu iw-1 when ' 0 -Fl fe 4151- 1355 9 at x- I i h,i.di-lhrillllmurlillwidzluilltvudllll l KING OF THE ROAD SEZ! WE HAVE . Good Trade Ins Large On Site Selection Service After Sale Complete Car Care Facilities Fine Conditioned Preowned Cars DAILY RENTALS LONG TERM LEASING ob I r ' 0 9 All major credit cards honored Extended Credit Terms Available iiiiminiis gym I' Z' lEllillilliSlElil ljllillilllllilil ea iii Service is not Every thing lt's the Only Thing i ' V 93 1 Service Dept. Open I. 8 AIVI Till 5 PIVI Daily 'I L 7671 McKnight na. Pgh., PA D1'fQ,f,f',f':aS3,'f' King Highous lll win ga 'magic Ei COPYBQW Instant and Commercial Printing Your Full Service Printer OFFSET PRINTING AND PHOTOTYPESETTING Printing Collating Fblding IBM Typing Cutting Headlining Drilling Padding Color Work Vari-typing Stitching Photo Copies DISCOUNT ON MULTIPLE ORIGINALS HOURS Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9 - 5 Tuesday - Thursday 9-7 NORTH HILLS MONROEVILLE ASPINWALL 7803 McKnight Road 3948 Monroeville Blvd. 407 Freeport Road Pittsburgh, Pa. Monroeville, Pa. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15237 15146 15215 285 p The Rowdy Routers generated spirit and enthusiasm for the :ep assemblies and Basketball games. Vllearing their speical T shirts they helped the 1 heerlnaders spur the team on to victory ,lunior Vmu Daunte-lli one of the organizers of the Rowdy Hooters mogltlngl points at the next victims of the Noni Hills Indians, the N. A! Tigers. fs? if Congratulations Seniors AP CLUB lIlSCUSl'S Hair Styling Studio 290 PERRY HIGHWAY IHorseshoe Bendl BELLEVUE MOTOR SERVICE CO. GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING WEST VIEW, PA. 15229 766-3200 15 Meade Ave. A. E. Shipley, Prop. Bellevue phone, 931-4400 A. E. Shipley, Jr. Pgh., PA 15202 51 Bob? k th ph il l bly I tl I I lim ll l v f' I l' t llh p p l pla I S THE LITTLE HOUSE Ladies Specialty Shop 545 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. 931-0164 Established 1930 . 9 . . Kniess Miniature Golf Course 3005 Babcock Boulevard Pgn., Pa. 15237 "CATERING TO GROUPS AND PARTIES" J. CARL KNIESS-PROPRIETOR SCURO TRANSMISSION CENTER Specialized Service for 25 Years Tdephone om I-m.i.s 367-4777 516 B H CK BL 7 If '7ef,4zu"' -., . 931-6555 or 364-7476 287 F0655 J W7 66300919 Whvn you hang urnunwl lu wulvh pivlurvs bring luke-n, you mm gn-1 'ulonkm YUlll'Sl'H1 Cath' Urlwn, Barb Marino. and Tc-rry Hvselpulh found uul. RoAo SERVICE PICK UP a DELIVERY 'ruNE.uPs 4 u LITE INC. v f PAUL SCHNEIDEIYS SUNOCO SERVICENTER , Q f 'f "A f' Official Inspection Station D-257 ,A 3297 BabC0CkB,Vd' 1, 4 l'X 3,1-Y q9L"fAl"'i ' 1 I . PHONE 364-9935 DUNCAN AVE. a FERGUSON Ro. Y 15 pmsburgh' Pa' 15237 BRAKE SPECIALIBTS PITTSBURGH, PA. 15101 ' l412l 931-2277 COMPLETE AUTO AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE 1 I 366-4014 J. Puoncz 766-0100 7104 Davy - Wm! Psbrzh Flowers For All Ucrnsinns mc. 615 LINCOLN AVE. - BELLEVUE PITTSBURGH, PA. 15202 10-5 Dany KNIT? Gnluly 7-9 Mon., Wed Fri. Evenings 15237 Q REALTOR SIINDIN-THOMAS REALTY .. 3412 Babcock Blvd 554-1100 Pgh., Pa. J240 mc knight road pittsburgh, pennsylvania 15237 J 161164 OXAIEE IIS zinaeperdentfy oIJneJanJ operated!!! 366-1066 ' To a successful year for N North Hills High School. lohn Mackey contemplates the 78 written on his face. He canlt wait until he's a Senior. Laura Hanes flashes that i'Super 7 orhian hoto ra her. Smile ' for the N p g p 28 HONDA BMW SPECIALIZING IN PERSONALIZED SALES St SERVICE FOR THE STREET 81 COMPETITION RIDER 214 366-4442 N 3E6m4'5'35a EALTY NEAR THE MALL P NE 366-1233 MCKNIGHT GENERATOR SERVICE GENERATORS - ALTERNATORS REGULATORS - STARTERS REBull.'r at REPAIRED 7504 MCKNIGHT ROAD TOM LEWIS PITTSBURGH. PA. l523'! The I'Morning Crowd" at Morrone. The lob- by is as popular as the one in the Senior High as Leslie Dexter, Mary Lee Dawson and Robin Aquadro prove. EAMES MV WW? QQQWZZ Guidance introduced a new course this year- '4WaII Sitting lOl," It was very popular with everyone. Cheryi and Michelle Larson and Carolyn Tenley watch Mike Manesiotas practice. 290 Phone: 931-4884 0 " Goodyear Service Store Ffjcf PRODUCTS gg, HE' A' Pittsburgh, PA15237 ""-1 twgfg r H 'ii' Er it dD ff vv I. k c4zam4r0f5 -,gf R fupfzffs Vt Hobb Q 'D' OC 7'f5ffV1?ffT5FJ' ,gf .57f7?WCE' 88 QQ-Eff H f i MP 5463 BAEQC02? PW ' 5617 Eqqd 412 766 9901 S, a J llllff I -. 1 1 . T McKnight-Seibert Shopping Center 367-4353 Decordted 1-S1'liI'TS 18 Bedutiful Colors Regulor ond French Cut Adult dnd Children Sizes Choioe of 450 designs Lettering - your messoge Jedns for Guys ond Girls VVE OVEN BAKE OUR PAINT ON AT 180 DE- GREES TO GIVE YOU THAT NEW CAR LOOK. A I PAINT SERVICES Q' BODYVVORK BY I ESTIMATES Located on Horseshoe Bend 231 Perrysville Avenue 93 I -6133 west view Altsiiiin HElL'S 5300 Perrysville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15229 Phone: 931-1177 Levi'-S 53 Years of Continuous Automotive Service Moveriok Srinile Lee s iny , Wrangler gplwfers MAZUR S AUTO BODY DGSCGG O ef Foded Glory V1C9I'OY U 766-9905 Corner -Pia. Ealpn Av. a Bellevue R Tops Tote Bags Hots C0'E?.LZ?gEfsZfi-:T'Q,I,l0?2'J52,5 2551 " 'ns W" PA' '5202 Swedters Vests Jdckets Towing West View Auto Body 420 Perry Highway Pittsburgh, Pa. 15229 931-0600 Norman J. Stauber Thomas W. Gochis Res. 761-6234 Res. 761-4110 feat qcioheo gram BressIer's fo the elcwo of '78 29 Adele Furey "Adios Amigos" to the class of H787 MA Friend" A great future to the class of '78 A great senior class Al D. Salvatore Alex Folmer Alice McConville All my love-Forever yours, Linda All my thanks to Brown and Richey-LN All the world's a stage-Take care, LZB Always get your first serve in Amy Wehner Ang We wonlt lose our love now-Kim Anne R. Picone ARA Service, Inc. Arnold's Market Avonworth is No. I Band-Better luck next year Band-Thanks for the memories-Nancy Beaver Cleaver-Shnookieookims, Martha Beer Can-Wish you success Bellvue Colts 95 lb. Team No. 1 Bern 81 Missy Nerlich Best of all to graduates-The Mooneys Best of everything-Russ 81 Alice Smith Best of everything class of '78-The Bakers Best of luck, jim-Janice Talerico Best of luck, Band and Mr. M.-MBV Best of luck in '78 Best of luck, Joe . . . Love, Pam Best of luck, N. C., L. S., G. M., G. P.-D. I. Best of luck SeniorwCarol McFarland Best of luck Seniors-John Klindworth Best of luck '78 from Ginny Best of luck H788-Miss E. Levine Best of luck to the class of '78 Best of luck to the class of '78-Dawn Best of luck class of '78 from Dot Downey Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes 81 Good Luck-Mr. 81 Mrs. Pur- cell Best Wishes and Good Luck-Kaine Family Best Wishes and love the '78 seniors Best Wishes-Andrea Lutz Best Wishes Architectural Woodworking Best Wishes from Betty McKelvey Best Wishes from Gee-Gee Best Wishes from Ross McBride "8I" Best Wishes for '78-Alois J. Yost Best Wishes in the years to come Best Wishes, ,lan from Karen, Dan 81 Ken Best Wishes, lots of love and luck Best Wishes, Lynne-Love Grandma Best Wishes, Maryann-,lean Ruperto Best Wishes, Mike-Mr. 81 Mrs. Yurkovich Best Wishes-Mr. 81 Mrs. Karl Piedle Best Wishes-Mr. 81 Mrs. Wally Barnes 22 Personal Patrons Best Wishes-Mrs. Linda Richards Best Wishes, Seniors-Jeff Babcock Best Wishes, Seniors-Mrs. Purviance Best Wishes, Seniors-Toni Lattari Best Wishes "78" C. C.-The Sciottos Best Wishes H78 Greatsl,-L. Peters Best Wishes, '78-,lay 81 Barbara Kerr Best Wishes to class of ,78-Royce Rice Best Wishes-Tom Crefly Best Wishes to g'The Best"-My sister Best Wishes to the '78 Graduates Bill 81 Dee Toohey Bill 81 Eileen Froehlieh Bill 81 Esther Knauss Bill Mitzel Bill Schuetz Bob Chisholm from the class of 5677, Bob Dorben Bo Bo loves Bimbo-Tonight's the night . . . Bon Voyage to the class of "78" Borough Boys Buono Fortuna, Marianne-Tony Ruffolo Burwinkel Family Buttons wishes Linda Good Luck California here we come--M. A. Bauer Carl 81 Bette Trimber, Sharon 81 Lisa Carol Betz Carolyn Mueller Charlie-fa friendj Cherie Drotar Chris-To a super slave-D. J. Chubby's Pizza Take-Out Service Chuck 81 Catherine Hlava Chuck, Joanne, Bruce, 81 Leah Eggers Cindy 81 Missy Seelhorst Class of ,78 was the best-Congratulations Class of '78 is great-,lim Talerico Class of '78 is great!-Liz Rydel Class of "72',-M. Christine Mihm Clyde T. Spence-Beattie Graphic Arts Congrats, Dave 81 Tom Congrats, Twig 81 Mike-Mom 81 Dad Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations All-A. .Iames Turano Congratulations, Aro-Love, Grandma Congratulations, Big Brother-Thy Winter Congratulations from Peggy 81 Bob Kaufman Congratulations, lan-Love, Mom 81 Dad Congratulations, Kathy Naughton '78 Congratulations, Linda Jean Congratulations, Lynne '78-K. F. Congratulations, Moose Congratulations, Ron 81 Donna Dunic Congratulations, Seniors Congratulations Seniors Congratulations Srs.-Jim 81 Carol Stebler Congratulations, Seniors of '78 Congratulations, Seniors of '78 Congratulations 9 '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. D. Becker Congratulations-Sullivan Family Congratulations-The DiCicco Family Congratulations-The Wilkers Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Connie Huber to class of 1978 to the class of '78 to the class of '78 Cummings Family Dale, Much luck in all you do, Patty Dal No. 5, and the 3B's, No. 42, No. 43, No. 44 Dan and Tom Barthel, '80 and '81 David Carstairs Dear B. B.: I love you-T. J. Dee Peterson Denise 81 Jack, forever Denise, "I love you, foreverll-Jack Dennis McLaughlin Detoo-When I'm calling yooou--Ha, Ha- Bev Diane-Fred, Rita, Jason, Heather Diane Mergenthaler Diane, my friend, forever--Love, Patty Diane S., I love you very much-Mike L. Diana, ThankwLove ya, Laura-B.O.L.A. Diane Tritinger D.L., Best Wishes Senior '78--Karen L. D. Link Don 81 Arlene Cassler Donna Rylander Dr. 81 Mrs. Frank Palmieri Dr. 81 Mrs. William Corsello Earl K. Grabenstein, III Earth to Mary: Best of everything! Economy Business Association Ed, Best of luck next year-Sue E. D. Hackworth Congratulations, B. McClain-Comley's Congratulations, Class of '78 Congratulations, class of H788-R. .I. Congratulations, Diane-Nana Congratulations, Di-Lou Ann Simon Congratulations, EZ Gin from Sylvia 81 Sue Congratulations, Freida-Love, Gen Congratulations from Bobbie Bronder "76" Congratulations from ,Ioe 81 Joan Brewer Congratulations from Pat 81 Wally Salac Edward Cerny Edward M. Hajduk Eileen Garforth Elaine Burghart 778 Ella Mae Novosel Ellie, I'll get you yet!-Luv, George Emma Bock Erin Go Bragh, United Ireland E. T. Hohman Everyone who hangs out at the barn is great! Finally, I can speak my mind. Ijust w ..... Flags of 179, Best of luck-J. F. Francis Craig Insurance Agency Francis C. Soars From the Alderman Family Gary Anders Gary Condle and the Spare Room Employees Gary, Janet, Janetann, Jennifer Wiegand Geo, I Love You! Ruff George Spindler Girls from the Listing Department Glad you guys made it! Betsy Anderson G. M. Jackson Go Class of 'L81" Freshman Rats God Bless The 78 Class 81 long may you reign Gods speed in future Donna, Love, Gran. Go for it-Lisa Sarkis "80" Go Great in '78 Gonna fly high '78 Schrallzy Gonna miss ya seniors, Love Kirk Good Bye N. H. I'm going to Utah, Greg Goodmorning Sweetheart! You make it! 14-4.364444 . . . Guess who? Dan Good going kids A. J. Bentz Good going 178 grads, keep it up! Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck always Jo Love Grandpa Good luck always Marcie Love Dee Good luck and best wishes Good luck and best wishes class of 1978 Good luck Athletes of M797 Good luck at N. H. Nadine 81 Marie Good luck Bandmates-Gookie, love ya Good luck Beercan Good luck! Beercan Good luck Bill S1 Jill Donna Good luck Bob Good luck Ceile, From Grandma Good luck Ceilie from Janusz Family Good luck children! Eileen and Beth Good luck choir of'78l Good luck Chris, Mary Anne Good luck, Cindy-Grandma Zurawka Good luck Class of '78 Good luck class of 78 Good luck Class of 78 Good luck Class of,78l Good luck Class of "78',l Good luck Class of "78" Good luck Class of"78" Bob Biery "77" Good luck Class of 1978 Frank Calore Good luck Class of L'78" The John Katch- mark's Katchmark's Good luck Class of 178, N. J. Stoker Personal Patrons Good luck Class of 78 Patty Popadyn- "1971" Good luck Class Good luck Class Good luck Class Good luck Class Good luck Class Good luck Class of M788 Roger Turtch of 178, Sandy of'78 S. Burghart of 78 Seniors of 78, Tony Greco of 79 F. M. Good luck Mr. D. Deithorn Good luck N. H. Dom's Discount Tire Good luck 0'Great Brother, Rob 81 Joe Good luck Phil, Hen, Ihrig, Lars, B. T. Good luck RDNISQBFTNHFL-RMA Marie Good luck Sally, Teri, 81 Lars Carolyn Good luck Senior Class Good luck Senior Majorettes Good luck Co-op Srs. From Co-op Jrs. Good luck Crazy Crazy Luv Kari Stara Good luck Dan IM. MJ and Toe-Val '78 Good luck Dave Mrs. B. Good luck Di 81 Mike Pattie Simon 1980 Good luck Diane 81 Rose, Love Mom and Dad Good luck Diane, Love mum and dad Good luck Marie Schohn fNannyj Good luck Donna S1 Ed 81 Margie, Bill Good luck Donna 81 Warren-Eva Good luck Donna, Love Carol Bill Rich Good luck Donna Mertz, The Obaker'sl Good luck Donna, Miss Flora Wolf Good luck Donna, The Kaisers Good luck D. T. '78, From K. S. 7761 Good luck Ed 81 Donna, Doris Rohm Good luck Elaine Hartzell from Dave Good luck Elaine '78 Chris Good luck Flagline-Bonnie "Good luck" for the future Spike Good luck Frank, Love Betsy Anderson Good luck From the Felkar's Class of 'S70" Good luck from the J. W. Fraim Family Good luck future seniors Class of 79 Good luck Gary Condlel Kathy Bender 79 Good luck Grads, Mr. 81 Mrs. Wilfong Good luck Graduates, The Kaczmarek Good luck Granny Thompson Good luck Greg and Lisa, the Betants Good luck half-pint Class of 1178" Good luck in the future Mrs. Killian Good luck in whatever you do, Ro S1 Jr. Good luck in years to come Frank Buck Good luck James H. McCartney Family Good luck Janis, Love Cheryl Good luck John Mihm, Mr. 81 Mrs. Haas Good luck Linda, Amy Good luck Linda 81 Ken, Love Karen S. Good luck! Liz Rydel from Sue Krupa Good luck Lois, Laura Y. Cunningham Good luck Lynn and Seniors Good luck Lynne Good luck Majorettes 78-79, Karen Good luck Marianne, Luv Natz Good luck Mark, Alex Rearson Family Good luck Mark, Mary Ann Mulkerins Good luck Mark, The Joyce Family Good luck Maryann Jo Rupexto Good luck Mary, From Joann Good luck Mike and Grads, Debbie Lazan Good luck Mr. 81 Mrs. Marziale Good luck Seniors Good luck Seniors! Good luck Seniorsl Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Best of 78 Blythe Armstrong Bob Estel Candy "76,' Class of1978 From M. R. have a great future Good luck Seniors, Joan McCafferty Good luck Seniors Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Srs., Mr. Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors Good luck Seniors Good luck Seniors Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, Kevin McLaughlin King's Boron Larry Jahn M688 Laura and Patty VL 81 Mrs. William Schilpp M. Floyd Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Berkley Carroll Randazzo Mrs. Thompson of '78 of '78! of '78 Paul Smith Ronnie, Kelly, Toni Good luck Seniors, Ruth Krepp Good luck Seniors H788 Good luck Seniors, The Good luck Seniors, The The Good luck Seniors, The Good luck Seniors, Good luck Seniors, The The Cataneses Grzda Girls Kaule's McGortey Family Sutterlin Family Williamson's Good luck Seniors, Tinols Pizzeria You'll Need It Good luck Tanks and Tankettes-Mir Good luck Terry, Love Your Family Good luck to Bonnie and SeniorwDeb Good luck to Donna Mertz "Stormin" Good luck to John Mihm Good luck to my favorite sister-Bob Good luck to Nanc from Mr. Z Good luck to N. H. Indians Good luck to NH Super 78 Seniors Good luck to Sue Krupa, The Krupa's Good luck to the Class of 1978 Good luck to the Class of 78 Good luck to the Class of 78 Good luck to the super Class of 78 Good luck to your future Mr. McGahey Good luck Seniors 293 Good luck 78 Good luck H787 from Mr. S1 Mrs. Viviano Good luck 78 from Schmitt 81 Schrall Good luck '78 Seniors Good luck '78 The Neudorfer Family Good luck 79, youill need it. Good luck Sis, Joe Ruffolo Good luck Soccer team Seniors, Linda Good luck Squad 4 Good luck Sr. Majorettes! Love LM Good luck Srs., Mr. Ihnatius Good luck Sue, Tom Good luck Super Seniors of 78, Sue Good luck Super Seniors 78-Mary Jo Good luck Suzy Q Go '79 Football Team Beat N.A. ERS Go Super Flag Line Donna Jahn '78 Gus Nauman nHair it Tizv 631 Butler St., Etna, PA 781-6711 Happy Days Ahead, The Rihns Happy Graduation and Good Luck Maureen Have a Ball Seniors! Mr. Bufalino Have a Bright Future Have Fun Seniors! M. M. Helen C. Wirtz Here,s to Summer of '78-Nanc and Loon Hey Buster, what about my dinner? Hi to the guys in North Side, Dotty Homer's Barber Shop Huerbin Family l 81 B Reynolds, Inc. lannacchione Family ljust wasted an hours salary on this! l'm from NH, couldn't be prouder! ln Bauerstown we eat, drink and get hi! lt's been real . . . Fred 1t's over 1 was surprised by Black Oak .lack 81 Pauline Hoffman Jan Derstine Janis Meisinger, Best of Luck Always Jenny Fletcher loves Paul Schlag! Jim Stebler Joann, Cheers for the last hooray! Joanne, Bonnie and Brian Murphy Joel Miller John Darby John F. Taormina John Wilkie Joe 81 Eileen Froehlich Joseph W. Gay Judy-My Heart is Yours Always, Jody Karen, Lyn, Chip, Pat, Sarah-Luv, Deb Karen M. Flowers Kathleen A. Saunders Kathy Kathy, Bonnie, and Brian Wolf Kathy, call me in 3 yrs.. Luv, Big G! 294 Personal Patrons Kathv Fletcher loves Dave Emerick! K. constant, 8+ 9:10 - everything. J. W. Keep on Strokin' Mr. Mercer, Band 378' Keep the race car running, Joe Ken 81 Mary Frances Betts Ken, Dot 81 Tim Swanwick Kevin Boyle Kevin, Remember l'll always love ya! Kim and Mike Weigand and family, Good Luck! K. N.-Have fun at Penn State with? Kris Branting Kristin and Michael Bosco La Mark Deco-Crafts, Brighton Rd., 761-2217 Laura, You were a great slave, Nancy Leighliter Family Let's go native bandmates, Whoo! Let's go OBOE! Let's stay together forever M. L. 81 D. S. Linda and Dave Williams Linda, See ya later dear friend PTL! Linda-You have all my love. Ken Lisa, Congratulations! Love, Dutch Lisa, Good Luck Always, Mother 81 Dad Lisa-The best of everything, Mom 81 Dad L. N. Remember all the MSIM hunts. B. B. Lois and Bill Looks like we made it! from Frank Buck Lori, Good luck in all you do. Lori, 1,m looking forward to '84. Ed Lotsa Luck Jimmy Lema-Natz Lots of luck Lots of Luck Bonnie, Dad Lots of Luck Little Brother Love always-to my master-Donna Jahn Love and luck to Diana, Love, Mom Love and thanks squad 21. K. K. Love, Luck, Success Seniors Love to "B" my favorite architect Love to my friends most of all Danny. Lisa Love you Patti, Jeff Louise and Herm Brimmeier Luck and Love Lynn, Mom and Dad Luck to Class of '78. Si Pierotti Luck to Laura 81 Hot Logs, Diana "78,' Luck and love to my dearest Chumley Luck always, Tigger. From Thumper Lutzes, who come through in times of crisis Luv always to Wendy and everyone. Cindy Lynn wishes the Seniors good luck! Many good memories, lots of good times. Many good years, Emelia Tegethoff Margaret Rutkauskas Mark and Joyce McConaghy Mark and Susie Mark Bado Mark, Find your stairway to Heaven. K. G. S. Marla-Thanks-B.0.L.A.-Congrat Laura Marla-The world is yours-Take-Bebop Martha Kreuz 81 Laurie think you're the best Mary Beth, a date in 82, Mark Maureen C. Saunders, '78 May The Force Be With You!! May The Force Be With You!! Mike, lill love you always. Diane Mildred and Millard Bauer Millie and John Victoria Miss you, Liz Hand M. L., Success 81 Happiness-Love K. S. Mr. 81 Mrs. A. E. Shipley Mr. 81 Mrs. Anton Lubiw Mr. 81 Mrs. Art Collins Mr. 81 Mrs. Bernard Hoffman Mr. 81 Mrs. Brian Bucklad, Good Luck!!! Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl Romano Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl W. Hartman Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Flink Mr. S1 Mrs. Charles Nachreiner Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Wowk Mr. 81 Mrs. Clifford Poff Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Solomon Mr. 81 Mrs. Dudley E. Morgan Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl Hartzell Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl S. Ceh Mr. S1 Mrs. Edward Colosimo Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward H. Haug Mr. 81 Mrs. Elmer Wolf Mr. 81 Mrs. E. W. Stara Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank DeMarco Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred W. Summa, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Gary E. Slagel Mr. 81 Mrs. George F. Saunders Mr. 81 Mrs. George Himber Mr. 81 Mrs. George Kury Mr. 81 Mrs. G. P. Schuck-Kolben Mr. S1 Mrs. Harry D. McWhinney Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry T. Metcalfe Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Pracht Mr. 81 Mrs. H. P. Sieg Mr. 81 Mrs. Hugh Kuhn Mr. 81 Mrs. James F. Davis Mr. 81 Mrs. James Flaig Mr. 81 Mrs. James Roth Mr. 81 Mrs. James Talerico Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Godkin Mr. 81 Mrs. J. H. Mayer Mr. 81 Mrs. J. McGinnis 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Michael Watson Mr. 81 Mrs. John C. Haschke Mr. 81 Mrs. John J. Beck Mr. 81 Mrs. John Sabol 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. John T. Miller Mr. 81 Mrs. John Yocca Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Bodine Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph G. Marsic Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Henry 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. S1 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. S1 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. S1 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. Charlie Joseph Nolan Joseph Schleis J. R. Martin J. Smith Louis Schulz Loyd Richey McClellan Michael Massucci Norber Geubtner O,Hanlon Olan Dye V Oscar H. Mihm Ralph E. Melcher 81 Family Ray Caldwell Richard Barthel Richard Costello Richard Harding R. lgnath R. T. Ogle Robert H. Waldfogle Robert Mankey Ronald Wolf Salvatore Longo 81 Family Sam Liberto Stanley Wyzkoski T. E. Thomson Thomas Kalyvas Walter Opiela 81 Family William A. LuPone William Butler Reich Mr. Curt Kalmeyer fMaxine Elmj Mr. Foster Mr. Frank J. Saunders Mr. Howard Lothrop Mr. James Musgrave Mr. Lon Hardy Mr. Milan Halavanja Mr. M. The FORCE IS with you. Bev Mr. D. Papalia Mr. Pattini Mr. Ralph Caratelli Mr. R. G. Blakely Mrs. Anna Kress Mrs. Canning Mrs. Dorothy McCullough Mrs. J. W. Smersky Mrs. Lois Hayden Mrs. Margaret Klaas Mrs. Vivian Malak Mr. Weihner M. S. isn't broke, D. B. owes him 353.75 Much success to '78 from '81-Kari My best wishes to Bernadett Hoffman. My life began in December 1959. It . . . Raymond Laface, Best Wishes, '78 Nancy 81 Tracy see JM Luv Ya Lots Natz Nancy 81 Marilyn friendship always-Andrea Personal Patrons Nancy Lupone '79 N. C. Trojans No. 1, Bob Klenk N.H.H.S.-Class of 1968 Don Watson NHHS-Thanks for four great years Nice go Larry and AP Chem! 1977 J. V. Football Team No. 55 you are one ugly moose North Catholic is number one! JM North Hills Senior's Class No. 1 Nutes Tavern Fran and Joann 1441 Woods Run Ollie's Falcon Omar the Tent Maker fgonna getchalj Ones Life Desire is Happiness Rege Onward and Upward seniors The Maybee Family 0'Shea can you see! Jimmy and Denny Paff-Mulbauer Roofing Pat and George Dixon Pat Bevan Pattie and Bridget Beck Patti CMylerl Lynn NHHS Class of 66 to 78 Paul, Good luck Always, Love Ellie Paul R. Morin Peace Peggy Carr Perry, High, Small but mighty TOUGH! Phyllis Tenley Plaza Opticians Pines Plaza Good luck Plywood Loves Tar Paper Polish People Do It Better, Love JW Polly Shipley "78" P. J. McDonough Family "Pubert" by John Hoffman Ray 81 Robin Parker Remember the first time Nat Beck?l GC Reyman R. Branting Family Richard Dreyfus Richard Sweitzer Rick Diemert 81 Rich Creighan "787' Robert Stacklin Robin Aquadro Class of "80" Rod 81 Margie Roy Phillis Rudolph Family Rusty Bendzin Congrats to all '78ers Ruth Puccinelli '5Samantha" 81 'gClancy" Norris Sandy 81 John Wilczynski Senior Class of "78'1 John Mihm Senior Memories last forever Eileen Seniors are the best! Randy Seniors of 78 are great-Nancy Lefko "781' Choir says: L'Huzzah,, 'gHuzzahu! 78 many be great but wait till 81-Jan '78 was a joke "79" Seniors, Make Senior Year your Best yr. Seville took the whole ball of wax Sherri Grady loves Ted Schlick Sit on it Seniors RJ S. J. Gorden Stacey M. Summa Steve Westerman Success Seniors Walter Martin Family Success to Seniors '77-Maureen Lynch Sue Quigley Sue-Tom-Donna Super Seniors of 78 are great! Yeah! Super 78 Syph likes Bi's,... Take a bow Class of '78, Trego Teacher of the year-Mr. McCurry Ted, thanks for all we've shared, Der Thank God Pm Through Thanks a Lot, Keyte Love, Jan Thanks Band-my slave Nancy-Luv Marla Thanks flutes of '78 Love Keyte Thanks for everything Squad 3 Thanks for the Memories-Cindy Gall Thanks Mr. C. Paul 81 Nancy Class of 79 Thanx Srs.-JF-MCS-ML-L.D-DT- Luv Marla The Alberter Family The Anthony F. Danner Family "The Baby" The Bernhard Family The Best of Everything Ray Lee The Bob Klinger Family The Busse Family "The Butt's" The Latshaw Family The Leonard Family The Merzlak Family The Metzger Family The Phantom of Fourth Period The Richard H. Scherer Family The Richard R. Tongel Family The Ronald Seamons Family The 78 Seniors are No. 1 Good luck Ed R The Strang Family The Tenley Family The Thunell Family The Uhl Family The Zurchin Family Thomas Melvin Three down and one to go Tim, Good luck in NH Football, Lynne T. J., Still ticklish? BB To a nice kid, Bob K. Luv Natz 81 Di To the Class of 78 Success 81 Happiness To Diane-Jack and Coletta Murphy To Diane-Mary Martha Tongel To Diane-Michael Edward Tongel To Jim O. 81 Kevin Y.-with love D 81 V To John, All my love forever Janis To Kevin, Good luck Class of 78 To Lis, 1 you whole Bunches Tomahawkee! 295 2 Tomahawkee ,... Think States! Tom and Carol Ferguson To Markis Belvedere "A real Chump" To Maureen, L0V648l Success-Mom 81 Dad To Michelle Love Joe Tommy 81 Matt Lisak To Mr. 81 MB Keep raggin 81 beggin-KM To my heck-of-man, much love, Moo To my Senior girlfriend, Love Andy To Sondra 81 .Debbie Thanks your Stars To Squad 10-Thanks Love Sandy To the Boy's of Connie Dr. Mary Castriota To the Class of 78 Good Luck Mrs. Madden To WJ, JI, AS AND TL, love LB Trutred Tires Inc. Varsity Barbershop Vee Von Villy Wilder-V-Chest Q Viscusi's Hair Styling Studio Vivan los seniors! Buena Suerte Mrs. Preuss Walters Kowalok family Good Luck Watch NH TV Shows on Cable TV Wayne, Mike, Lori, Ann, Sharon Harmes Welcome back "Little E" from "Big E" Well Mom, I did it We love you Seniors of 78-the Jrs. We're having some fun now! Wm. Flynn Jr. Wolfgang and Oshkar just crazy' guys You are my friends . . . Thanks-Ma You'd love it and you know it-F ran You're the great in 78 A good luck wish for the class ofi78 from Mr. 81 Mrs. John Angevine Al Hamburg All my love to all Senior friends-Good Luck in all that you do-C. Stein Anonymous Best of everything to you, Dave, and to all '78 . graduates-Mom Best of luck to class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Long and family Best wishes, Andrea, now and in the futurc-P Mom 81 Dad , Best wishes from Mr. 81 Mrs. Stephen Williams and family Best wishes Seniors and Friends . Best wishes to all the class of "78"-Good luck in the years to come A 96 Personal Patrons Best wishes to the class of 178-George R. Siegel 81 family Best wishes to our daughter, Cecelia, and the class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. Cook Best wishes to Susan Krupa and Elizabeth Rydel from Carol and Jack Kenna Best wishes to Susan Krupa and Elizabeth Rydel from William and Grace Krupa Best wishes to the 1977-1978 Basketball team-Coach Maloney Betty Katasanow Brighton Floral 3310 Brighton Road 766-9254, open 7 days Cassie and Jimmy Conley Congratulations 81 Best wishes to Ciri'dy Gall- Love, Dad, Mom, and Allen Congratulations 81 Best Wishes to Cindy Gall-Love, Dad, Mom, and Allen Congratulations and Good Luck to my "Little Sister"-Jim Congratulations Arc, and Good Luck to the rest of the class of '78 Congratulations class of '78 Congratulations class of '78-and you, too, Tom!-LeRoy and Joyce Pontzloff Congratulations class of "78"-Criss 81 Larry Kohl Congratulations class of '78 from Bernie 81 Edsel Congratulations class of '78 from the Per- rysville Stars ' Congratulations class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. Dale E. Braithwaite, Congratulations class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph M. Klein Sr. Congratulations-Councilman C harles P. Stein Congratulations, Denise Thompson 81 class of '78 from Mr. 81 Mrs. McClelland Congratulations, Donna-Best of luck in the future-Love, Helen Joos Congratulations Seniors from Joe Franks, class of "81" Congratulations, Marcie Dear, we are so proud of you-Good Luck-Mom 81 Dad Congratulations North ,Hills Seniors "Regal ' Car-Care Center"-The Scotts ' Congratulations North Hills Seniors, year of 1178s Congratulations, Seniors Congratulations, Sue Pleshe from Chubby Pizza-Dan Congratulations Super Seniors! ' C Congratulations to Beer Can and Beth-Sue Hudnall Congratulations to Linda R. Nichols and the class of 1978! Congratulations to our girl, Liz-Love Mom 81 Dad Congratulations to the class of ,78 Congratulations to the class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. Tony Maiolo 81 family Congratulations to the great class of 178 from the Robert McAleer family Congratulations to the senior class of 1978- Mr. 81 Mrs. David J. Orr Dr. Wayne B. Wolf sz Dr. Tom M. Kang Durkey's Flea Market 3305 Brighton Rd. open daily-bargains galore, new 81 used. Eddy's Fine Foods-Where Steeler fans enjoy their food ' Frank, Good Luck. Glad you made it out of High School-Sharon 81 Dan H758 Fred, we have a School Bus for sale. Call after 6 at this number . . . Q Good Job, '78 Staff1-Mr. Patterson ' Good Luck! Good Luck, Amy, Karen, Jane, and Joe-Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Wickline Good Luck 81 Best Wishes-Dick, Lil, 81 Rick Morgan A Good 'Luck and Best Wishes from the McKelvey family Good Luck and Best Wishes to all North Hills seniors-The Webster Family Good Luck, Andrea-Love Gram Good Luck and Best Wishes class of '78- Town Council-Borough of West View V Good Luck, Carol Ann-Luv, Dorthy Good Luck class of '78 and lots of luck to the dlass of '77-L Bechtold Good Luck class of "78,'-C. 'Mulkerrins 81' family Good Luck class of,78-Ed "80" 81 Lisa N84-i' Good Luck class of'78g Donna, we love you al- . 'ways-Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Weber Good Luck, Dave! Good Luck, Dawn, Cindy, Randy 81 all ofimy friends-Mike "Mac" McAleer Good Luck, Diane-Love, Mother and Dad, Brian, Craig, and Amy Mergenthaler Good Luck, Dottie, Dina, Diane, Marsha 81 ' Dave from Lois ,78, Sami 81 Kim Good Luck Fran and the class of '78-The La- ? quatra's Boys Club Good Luck Frank-Love Mom, Dad, Bob 81 , Maggie . Good Luck Janis-Ellen '77 Good Luck Janis. 12 years is a long time. Glad you made it-Love Bob Buck Good Luck Little Newt and the class of "81"- Newton Good Luck Marianne in your future years- Mr. 81 Mrs. Anthony Ruffolo Personal Patrons Good Luck Nancy and all N. H. swimmers Good Luck Seniors! Good Luck seniors of 1978 in whatever you do-Alice and Ray Blakeley Good Luck seniors '78 Good Luck Seniors-Rosa Villa Restaurant Good Luck Seniors. You've got your act together!-Mr. Richard Napolitan I Good Luck Sue, Diny, and Andrea I Good Luck to Jeanne Schrenk-Sisters Judy and Janet I Good Luck to my Godson, Mike, and the class of 1978 from Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Lazan Good Luck to the class of'78 from Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Orr Good Luck to the gang-PDB, Scooter, Stark, PBC, Ice, Boom-Boom, and me Good Luck to the greatest daughter. Good Luck Margie-Love, Mom 81 Dad Mertz 1 Good Luck to the two best seniors Eileen and Mary Happiness 81 Prosperity in all you do--Con- gratulations, Bob Adams Janis Meisinger, Good Luck and smooth sail- ing for the future Jeanine Dolan Braithwaite-"Je vis!" This class of '78 is great! Jo, best of everything in the future to a sweet daughter-Mom 81 Dad John 81 Martha Grillo, Scott, Dave, Jeff, Dana, Jim and Sean Jo, to a beautiful person. Thanks for every- thing-Love Mike Juniors who weren't good enough to meet me, It's your loss-J. Witherel Little Wick, keep up the choir spirit. Good Luck always-Love Amy Lori, we all struggled but you'll get all the cred- it-A haggard family Luck and success to the class of '78-Mr. 81 Mrs. August Burghart Marian Charlton Mr. 81 Mrs. E. Rouser ols wish Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Wilk and family Mr. 81 Mrs. Fletcher and snap-on to the seniors of '78 the best of luck V Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Sears and Shaun' Mr. 81 Mrs. James L. Dalrymple Mr. 81 Mrs. John A. Corrado Mr. 81 Mrs. Ken Lehman Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Schrall Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Ruffolo Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Catanese-Good Luck Seniors! I Mr. 81 Mrs.-Richard Creighan , Mrs. Rita Rodgers ' Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. T. E. Benson Thomas M. Flynn Mrs. Julia Schippmann 1978 Seniors are Super! Noreen and Cathy, Good Luck-Love Mom 81 Dad North Hills Hockey Club, Go Mad-Dog, Good Luck Ellie-Paul Besterci - ' ' Novak Funeral Home 3313 Brighton Road, Pgh., PA 15212 Phone: 761-3021 Our best to the class of ,78-Louise and John Meister Our faces may soon blur and be forgotten, but the class of '78 will endure Pines Plaza card and gift shop-364-1709, 297 Reverend 81 Mrs. Warren L. Bie- ber-Good Luck 778, youive been just great! Ruth Sz Jim Boyle Sincere wishes for a prosperous future to Sherie and her 1978 classmates Steph, you're not as vital to the lives of others as you think you are Sue Pleshe, ho e ou get what you want out ofplifye-Love always, Mom and Dad Sue Pleshe, we love you. Good Luck!-Love always, Gale, Fran- ny, and Ann Thank you N. H. teachers, Mr. R. Rice 81 Mrs. Hardgrave Good Luck-Dave Schoentag The best to 778 from the best of 777-Georgeanne Cherpes Sz Eileen McLaughlin The Gerald McLaughlin family The James Partridge family The Norris family The Schrenk's: 4 down-Judy, Jimmy, Janet, Jeanne, and 2 to go-Joanne and Joyce The weather may change and the time, also, but Judy 81 Joe, Kim 86 Ferd will never To all of us, wherever we go, whatever we do-success forever-Diane Bendzm Today is the tomorrow l worried about yesterday-Jeanne Schrenk To Donna Jahn, Congratulations and Good Luck always-Love Mom 81 Dad 298 Personal Patrons To someone who has made us very roud to say she's ours-Love Kflom, Dad, 81 Bill Toublesome-Sextuplets, Be good. lf you can't be good, be good at it-Luv, JS 81 DS Universal Auto Supply, Inc. 3212 Brighton Road 766-0990 Light shop work Way to go class of '78. Good Luck in the future-Love Janis Vinnie P. Rodger-Four ears of hard work finally paid off Good Luck Seniors! Weire proud of you Janice. Good Luck class of'78-Love Mom Sr Dad West View Savings 81 Loan Associ ation With great expectations for the class of 1978 Woof Woof senior class!! fi.e. Good Luckj-Obie Jahn Sly, Thank you for loving me Sz the great times. All my love- orever, Sly All the best of luck in the future to Elaine Hartzell, Sandy Schillo, Liz Rydel and the rest of the graduating class of 778 Ma you always be happy and your mfays be bright and sunny. Amy Wehner-our traditional send-off, tendered with extra enthusiasm for this occasion! Mom, Dad 81 Dan Best of luck to the Senior Class of 178. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klenk Best Wishes Seniors! Best wishes to all graduating seniors from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McDonough Best wishes to a really great group of Seniors Best wishes to the graduating class of '78 Best wishes, V. O. George fKim- bo's Dadj Carol-We all need someone to lean on. Celebrate being you-along with us. All our love always, Mom and Dad. Congratulations and best wishes to Amy Wickline and the class of '78. Love, Little Wick, class of '81 Congratulations class of 1978- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooney Congratulations, future Presi- dents-Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schaughency Congratulations to Nancy Lefko and the senior class of '78 from Mr. and Mrs. John Lefko and Audrey. Congratulations to the class of '78-J. H. of T. F. Do your best-then rest Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Heslop Edward Truran-Prime Meats- West View, PA 15229 Fred Marziale-A ency-3387 Babcock Blvd.-Pittsburg, PA 15237 Good luck and success in the future Denise Thompson, Love from Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Chuck, Ron, Ray, and Gena Jones Personal Patrons Good luck Bob and the class of'78 Good luck-Brimmeier Vending Machine Co.-931-4297 Good luck class of '78-Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kropf Good luck, Marla, from Uncle Paul Have an EZ life, from the EZ group-Ginny, Diane, Sherri, isa, Nancy, Joe, Michelle, Lisa, Maryann, and Kim. l'm you Boogie Man, that's what l am. D. J. Boogie Bobb is proud to be a art of North Hills High School TDistrict to put a smile and music into everybody's head. Under the perfect direc- tion of J. W. Schmitt Bus Lines. Signed D. J. Boogie Bobby and his Boogie Bus No. 247. Joe Babicka Re air Service for Coin-Op Laundiry and Cleaning Plants. Call-241-6970 Let's go Piccolos, Whoo! Flutes are terrific, too! The flying high flute section of 778 Look to the future Seniors of '78- Ladies Auxiliary to West View Post 2754 Marianne, Good luck always. Your baby, George Marianne our favorite carpenter. May your future be as beautiful as your smile. Love Mom and a D McDonald's wishes to congratulate the Class of "78" Anthony Balouris extend their con- g to Maria and the lass of '6787' Mr. and Mrs. and Family ratulations Mr. 81 Mrs. Anthony Laface Mr. 81 Mrs. Nick Muick Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Bendzin- Congratulations and best of luck always to the Class of 1978 Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Knabel would like to extend their con- gratulations to the senior class of 1978. Pittsburgh Nipple Works, lnc. and Conduit Ni ple Manufacturing Co., 1435 Spring Garden Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212-Wish the su er seniors of the class of 1978 tihe best ofluck in the com- ing ears. May you always have the fiest in life. Pubert by John Hofcat, Ma gie's Baggies, and Swanie's Big Tas . . . Good luck Head, Henderson, and BOB or BO. May you always be dumb. Joe and Janet Pete Pivaronas, Marianne Ruffolo, Eileen Rusch, Kevin Thomas, Rochelle Turkovich Pittsbur h National Bank. West View Plffice Patel's Radio and TV Service Reyman R. Branting Family Sam Abbott Beer Distributor, 3200 Brighton Road, P h, PA 15212, 766-2996, James Rolling and Joseph Sulnicki Schneider, lnc. Mechanical Con- tractors, Ed and Frank Schneider Take a friend out to dinner tonight. The staff of the Senior Hi h School Library salutes and bidi farewell to the sensational class of 1978. To Denise Thompson, we wish you luck in your plans for the future, from Mom and Dad, David, Douglas, and Darlene Q ' ,ct ,Lamar ,jZ?0"0'77,Z!A,61!?. fofzfaf' X074 U Laing? 60'MMf7l"'U.i ,d0mwafLafu01'?. .!l,z4fo-cafohldfee 260' ,drafnfz-Jill-JL iwrwifdz, ff!M!M4Af ,t!Lwfe,wiyfu,Huf,y Juvfomucfaaf. f,fLam!g.uf Wfflmmufarwfwd Fac u!+y Sponsor FOCu!+y5 1,451bcs55ponsaf f!cn1'nk97"0n Pub 115 hcrg RCD!! 5en+a,-live, 299 v4C'KNOWZ MGMENZS' 771442. 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D1c,+ure.s 95 Y-Jr 741faff-!e,0,L,QLw!affu0- pwaljwwb, ,gddl Gwywgy, 52m?LZaJ7?,Mfm,0- jfywufnwma f50'6"0"W"U WMF? ,iQy4Vn,,.,Zg0-tt Amwr 77j.c12c77ZCQZ41ff' 1J?2ffff444 ZMJW' C ' AMMQLQWM 160-ff0,4,wf+L1,Jvf C Ogbl fwfwvwvffw .Cmnlnfr ,dimffw ?f077Z07'IJ V ' , 15:1 Q new ik. , . A W Bei?15f5iim:rz M. h wg, ifx fig, , ...yy 4 .g 1.0 fy-151' Q-of fd' mx, wQ3' 4 A if 3, 1:1 , X -WA . rf! Q - , ' Xian J? 1 NJ, ivy- Q IE Q QL ' xv. -. ' 4 3 e' ' ' 'f:Lq,,, 45, x -y 4 A... N X y K. 4 I x '9 I c 5' X , 5 rl bfwp if "M " av fx '1'. -..-',Ae1"'Z -ff 'fp if ' 4, W, fx , K i ks .J v w 'Q 411.4 . + waf32iffe H"f-Q. r YQ n ,4 .- V 'fffx+',f ' f,VM . , , K 1 F 3 17255:-K , 1 v . V ,Q ,N S ' 1 ' 'fi R' L ' Q ', v ,A . ,Q A 1' W rx, A ' ' ,g . Sw' . 4 - 1 ,Off x. i.x1 s , -A 'Y 4' W1 , , -' 1" X ,f13f1'if.42'f1 W W 1 . 1 f- , P f-if 41f'.fV7f ,. 'Q' ul, -5 , ' 7. ,V M--ff . nk.,.,, 2 ig, 1, K-5-.EN .X K , ' fx '44 , , , 5 w x t ,Aff j., 2 Z. My . 2-'i1 9i"fi. fifmwwf avi w ' .ML- if , 'm:g,fJ,f,4i1', :W gg 'iv 5,1 ,Y 'Q-. ' 1' "v-rf., "F " . N- y ,ff 'M ' sqjg 4 "'Q ,, +51 'f 1.1 ' - ' .. ' vim 'fgiff 1' 4 ,Wlrf , .xy kk XA , 9' NHQYZ Z. Q? iff? 313. i,jeg'q'f3 ,Ve 5' ., +1 .J V . f. aj'-518892 3. .ff xx Q if U K jg . 54 Ji.,-,Xx -'Viv am .llggfl 2-., 'bf' '- , AP' ..,"..4r wh V 5,.H 1.1 4x .f W -f JL .x lf? The 1978 Norhian has been published by Henington Publish- ing Company, Wolfe City, Texas. The cover is quarter bound in red and blue leatherette and stamped in gold. The design for the cover is an original design. O4 The endleaf is 65 pound blue endleaf stock and illustrates in the front the Senior High School, in the back the Morrone Building as they appeared in 1978. Front and back endleafs are from original designs commissioned for this book. The text paper is 80 pound matte white enamel. lt was selected for its whiteness and its opacity. The typography is until nearly the end of this book Bodoni and Bodoni Italic, eminently readable typefaces in all sizes. The ad section was reset in many faces to give a sense of separateness and identity. or '02 v- 5 5 puff 5' T 6 .M 1 M A 51-1 V-, .. 4 X , - Q ,. x Q J b ' H' A ff - n wh . MIM - , MQW I F-QA A .1 45 1 ' x J 11.554 zu, QQ ., 5 -I AUX - -1 A gff Z 11 5,5 L Ai, xQiQV: is MMU! ally: J Q-ff A 3 ma- Mama--N fum: .EW 3.1, 1, 'M 5 ' 2, ,eyv , H ,W W ,W . , , ' , A' : ' M- -"' ww? ww W WM 'KWUWZVZINIIV - -W ,3R?? -Q4 915- :E me-"W W ' K ' f sim f- -9' 1 i 1 ' E 'T ' . 4, Q 'Wi V' I V'! i 5 H Y W w wx dum' X xl U WA M X I nx l flg TWH? - i H- I ul 1 A ' W N H wi H f 1 i W W :NVQ "W H, H. 1u:lw1g": , W Y"lW'WmH3, "S,i' MyViwTWKllTIi1liagq 1i5Wmu Wan W' W 51 ix WGN rl MmaaamsQm ' i uw I "4 lk . nu xM,thh ,Eh WWRn- me.whxuSSXXBWWW . x !

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