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,ff-RNIB-Q K X I.-M. 5 , X K ll M. 1 , ,f ..f- K -wr,-If . f 3 'Y -1- xl r V 9' 14 W1 ,f . . tgfmd' , Q , ,S ' v U h ' ' - A A' ry , ,W Q r W M, I I .W ' 1 f, ,- J Vg if .' ,gM,-- A ' V ...K r 'X 5, .3 mi.. , 42 N ,. uf A 'V A- 4, ., M1 ..,'-Nl K M .,-aw' XP' 'Q K + " , K', ' 'FIC . ,1 ' J' A " 15' H, 'W ' f i ' , 65,-MQ.. j K U ,,k,:M.W , ig, My ,R , F' F A .M - ,' , in '.'A T9f?'5?'5,if T L L ' V T , , K ' . K M 4,Yg35,. 5 J .. ,I fl .ML mv-f if, a. . u W' Q f f, K K A 7 A if ,tix it 'vw wa K+ ,ffl 'K K V v ' 4 I ,V W1-YI il' , W v,u'5' - . ? tn- T Q, f 4 . . ,L .gif ,j 8 t JA. b,k:r.5,. pimp K K, A N Q ...Mfr ' f r J if W A-if H 5 wi .n , 1' Zhi an f 'Y 1+ MN ,ef . QQ -.,:"' ,ni - . ,. ly' 'j., ' '17 ,, K . , H - -H' K-X ' A -9 ""' ff, - ' -if 41 ?wN' V N, yr .- .ff ' , -- ,J... -2 V X .v fn . f f ' 1 , - wr -'Q ,. . '91 '-, fy... " I f ' 4 if f' "+fk?Kf'?3'gff , ,gf f V 'J . I M WA.. y V, , 1 W , .1 -.. . ,, VL, , 1 . . k V' , M f aim .A an y , ,i .3 S g Y ' 1 ex .1 A, ' A , N. b 3 6 VZg!,,f" hh 'S' F ' X., , - ,-' Q lv v -A f ',,,,..3, , ,. :Q . . ' if . ,SKKV ,J .'-' 'N ' . 7,1 QW , N -pg-L Y KJ' x X .YA V . ygiagw- MW. If S ., S. 1 .2 MQLQ. .NW , Q, W X Q-'93, 1' 'vcd A . A ,f .1521 ,qt M... , 3 ff 1' " Q ,, Wray F sz 'fc A :V M.-R., -,N A-at W ,m,,,,,,.,,.A- W' M 'J . 3 ,,....Mf-av-1-r"'jL'ff' , P-H i vffm, A - ' K -Q A P A M52-'wh' VS" ff , , , i M X,NL V -,N . We-QQQ , "f, jyfs- Vi'fiFi"y:':. K 7V,..,1.. in ' 44. ,L ef M: If 45. A 4151 af lyk K fin 5 W... N., "'-L 'Q 3 f Y x A VW 3? 59" if m gf . Q .553 I' ,, . M" ,fx 1 if A 4 X' Hi ' ,lr yzziwy 1-.., , mx "' ki-+ ff. ' m ' i W if 2- ' W E it vt M 1 ,F QL' :ik My K Akyry Sv in i-, .ig in ,V A A ug 5 rw 'i,m.f,,,,5., -x I r , if , r.. 1 f at if . ,gg ,'. f?'2?"' ' ',' 3 A A 5137 5 1,4 , 'A , D K , 7 1 ' X 'Lh' it ,L ' ya! N f5'i?'g31-,yi wg ' A , Q, 4' f if X - 1, 8 ef xx fx Y' Y kwhitwfn ,ggvfligqk 4,. JA 1: 5' 'K X 3 . .44 , ,L , g," ' A Tijiy. :ug QQ .N Ex if , L Nw wif' f f i"',"? Kg .Q ' EQQQ 1' K qQ"'g.QiVfZ,Q5 ' L 2 If in X' 5 3: 'L 'mg 'fan' , L 5' 1,9 Kr K nf f-,,j3Q?r':' .4 SM , V A 9 I 3 A ' 1 i ,- 'K2 Nga' ,Q fy 1 . Y in . 1 . f,f:4j,f"1'- gf M W A H L-. ' ft 4,3 Hr W1 - 5 ,Q zijn' wr " Try, frfiw U W Eff xy- gli? ,Q QV, 5 1' Q T. Qff,1i.f'9fJk 'ffm' ' Eg' ff , ' , 1 4 f f' .g 1' Q. . ' - f ,-., A ,-M1-qua, w.m,,,. yn - 'pn ,, sffp A' ,L L' A sv, if ,, A., t k . ,LM , , i, FXXML in Q X Vnkk K A if !,jt. yL X xx I ., W 1-ff To , ' ,f 4' '.il'B H MN -V f + A y. QA-gy , , 93 A 2 Y' , af' '- 1, 4' Y ag gi' 1 f ELYWMQXQ. ' ff -.M 51, ' - 4 . ,Q 5' S' M ,di 1 2145- Whitt," 1."i,'59, bww, , ' f L .5 Q X L ?gg,,-"W 1 K' G 4: rs Y - 5 b ,C trys? kwgfi gifs- nik LR Zvlvf , 'fwftg ,V ' 4 4 L "L, , LL.: I i ,'i ,Q M 'L ,, fw, " 9 g',i' K f ' ' ,K A o 4 M43 M 1 , ,Vx V1 2 fi ' .. ' 'dwg-1 af' Q KN ff. , an 4' J' G A 2? 1' X-as',.V A , fl Q " ' A Sa, , E A TAY 1... 1, ii :J XXV , 1 Lg, 1, f 4 , 1. 153 , W -git .-f N A N , -1 f v r 1 .11 ' 1 , rf - , ff f THE 1960 N ORHIAN H NORTH HILLS HIGH SCHOOL H0 PITTSBURGH 29, PENNSYLVANIA As each of you receives your 1960 Norhian, a very important phase of your life has been completed. You have influenced North Hills through your individualismg you have carried on its traditions or possibly initiated some of your owng you have found knowledge, friends, and awareness. You, as an entity, will want to remember your own personal experiences and we, as a yearbook staff, have endeavored to spotlight your years. To you and your future we dedicate the theme of the V160 Norhian, '4This We Rememherf Each picture is but a mere record of events. Your memories give each event its meaning. Here, in your Norhian, we give you many delightful moments as you relive your year through the pages of this hook. RE RD CONTENTS Page,18 Page 1-14 Page 74- Page 134 OUR AUDITORIUM WAS LIFELESS One Week Before School . . . North Hills Was an Empty Shell YN Q50 G? ls Nl ew w wg THF HALLS - NOT CROWDED But Soon . . . September 7, 1959 - Once Again North Hills Came to Life I. 19 A bf 670 V 'lijfx 24, 6 6 .17W, 4 C!?'Q?0S44! O AND ENJOYED OUR FRIDAY fXSSEMBLlI:lS WE HIYRRIED THROUGH THE HALLS TO CLASS I Q x 5 f .g:Qf::wxQiQkw, Q "sag,HLf1sg:tf? "Seeing is believing," they say, but it just couldn't be possible that the studen And then, there was the magazine campaign. Barbara Bollen, Margie Ritchey, and Nancy Nichols must be thinking of the prizes they could win. if T ta I. '- ,, S 1 z Q . - I K ,, l l l w w I s are clawing to get into school-or could it? H, Q Janet Fehrenbach worked very hard all year long putting up signs and posters for all sports activities. Sue, he careful! The Secretary of Sanitation may hc coming down the hall for the locker inspection. STUDE T LIFE This year we became very accomplished square dancers after two weeks of "Arkansas Traveler" and others. lit-naube North Hills is a progressixe school, we adopted many improved innovations this year. Each gym class started with a set of physical exercises designed to improve our health. Wayne Unks, Stanley Herman, and Carol Jo Sanderson checked and re- corded carefully the results obtained from their experiments which tested the result of a protein deficient diet on rats. 8 Chuck Nadrash was one of thc talented wood- shop fellows. Their work was always precise and good-looking. Gail Danny and Keith Davis had the job of dcciphcring the multitudinous announcements which were read over the PA. system each morning and afternoon. My, my, what curious things students could find on the reference shelves of our library-.lanet Kunz, Carolyn Cross, and Bill Prokopik. Miss Viard, it isn't as serious as Janice thinks it is, is it? Our ubiquitous photographer, Freddie, was a friend of everyone by the time Jan- uary rolled around. Could those looks of suspense mean a possible North Hills' touchdown? Rope climbing wasn't as easy as the wrestlers made it look-ask any girl who took gym. Members of the Chess Club were even seen around school playing on miniature sets whenever they found six square inches of space. Here a regulation game was played on a regulation boards'-E. Knaus, T. Schwartz, S. Ankeney K Barnes, J. Acton, R. Kalrozo, H. Cooper, H. lietzu. We found the gym an apropos but crowded place to hold pep assemblies. gush naar.: We were happy to receive the senior pictures, but, oh, so careful about the change. LWB Our courtesy campaign certainly went a long way itself-straight to a write-up in the Pittsburgh Press. It's so nice to be nice, right, Karen and Ann?? D0n's proof for AE 4- CC f DH + BF didn,I seem to be the one Mr. WQ'iXl'I wanlvd, Hopi- Don made' his Pxcusx good. The senior cheerleaders were busy doing leap-frogs, getting ready for the cheerleading contest held at Baldwin. -,lane Rehorst, Suzy Ervin. Home-ec girls had lots of fun in the relaxed atmosphere of the home-ec suite. Bill Knoch and Margery Saxer didn't have to look long to find the books they needed on our well-stocked refer- ence shelf. I3 Wiiflz' 352' v 4 A H1351 , .-1 gift Q ww sffiwia Qi?fS?i5Qa- 1. gauge W A 5 kf5:EfZlf'L All Q , I ' Wl?,?g,,M3 , . , A , ...,. H V"m'b'si U23 ". ::- .. .. Q. A : . 1 ,- , V i? K. i . .qu.mM-V WWW' IHS. ..,. - - W fax It th V scenis strangu that flu- such Qklllfui Y sn-ninrf had to work on nm- small pimw- of worvd. hut thvy all '4t't'llll'fi lnufy. di Cy? B. ioor, fi. Czxus. H. Wilsfrn. J. Sf'illlfl'f. In order to make tllemselves proud of their name, The Ridgewoods put in many extra hours of hard practice in the handroom, -E. Thoma, B. Hartung, T. Ramage, R. Hasck, B. Zimmerman, D. LaVelle. Uh-oh, Rrvlvlmie- und Uluim- know re- rt wards we-rv irirvituhlv. und Bluinv had his 4-xvuse all propu red. Come on. girlsll Tllufs doing push- s ilu- vusy wary. When the gates went down. North Hills' students occa- sionally found that they were on the inside, looking out. Dan, what seems to he the problem? Our illustrious wres- tlers wrestled their way into many tight holds but also skill- fully maneuvered out of them. As students, we tried to achieve and excel not only in learning but also in those traits which National Honor Society and the National Forensic League may symbolize. We hope to be remembered as good Sp0l'tS and skilled athletes, as our school mascot, the Indian should symbolize. Our school flag should symbolize those accomplishments by organizations backed by an excellent North Hills faculty. Our impressions should be mainly that of educated, mature American youth. We will remember, as we reflect upon our high school years, those events and people that made an impression upon us- whether that impression was favorable or unfavorable. But as students of North Hills, we will hope to be remembered by others as students exemplifying the epitome of scholarship, character, service, and achievement. Each picture on this page symbolizes who we were and what we stood for. it ! Y 1 5 1 . 5 42 z tfzgw- iiii , tiii' gi gl at 'ii ii ,QE . . K, 's az? in 3 . 3 .-'. S ,-.i. "', . .Qfli fhi l 1 ,.,--t L I7 XX lllfN :lll l-lw ix ll 'll l " llFHll1ll.lI'It'llll'- lllallll- Ill lllffll N1 F .l -lllull rl-lll.lill ' NUIIH' 2l54'lll'l'lNll1'll llll-llllu'il'N lulll lx lx lille llll 1' - lr ilsSlN'l2ll1'5. 'X l'l'il-llllullill HI lQlIlill1'fl lll lllgll S1'llU4ll. NNl1PllH'I'll lwwllllzl l1'il1'lI1'I'.1llllIlllllSll'illlll'.UI' l'1'llUN'5lllllf'lll llllis . ' lllll lll-Nlxl llilll gI'Ll1llIi1lllHl.lblll1'!I4llII't'N l'lu'zl lil!-lilllv. 'Xl'l4'I'V4JIIlIl1l'll4'4'IIll'IIl ll l..-. - Q., . l r- . l1'l'lilSs lll' IUUU will 5l'illl4'l'. lllwllalpf lI1'W'I'lH me l I lmllll lllll llll0lI"llUllllll1 III lllx llllllf' . L 5 ,ff 4'X4'llll1lb wry lullvlx lxlll I'l'IIlllIll llll III lll Illl ll llll ll4lS lwllll ' .illlllllllf lxlllx b 'Q "2 . F 1 . 1 . l . .-..5N X 1 , i fx , . , , ,, ., llllll lllll IH lll IIN l2llIl'lI l llllll .l- l lll ll l UIIIIIIHII l xlu lll-llvl' IY HIlI1IIIlH'l'4'1l llllfll I4 lll Hl1llXNllll10llN lm llull II lll Illll lll: IIIUI If N ll Hlllllblll IIX lll l i . all-lalss l".l1'ilI1INillIl " ' l l llllll lll'llYlll4'N NllilI't'll llllll Ulll' Nlllllllblllllll l K . - v . . .. . . - 4 . 5. l N l l lllll nlllllllbl 10llIIl1'l' lllllx lllll .llNK'1XN lu llllll ll ll ll llll lllll lu lt llll lllll l l'l'll lull 5 Q. V. . x ,NY . - 75 ll - f - - 1' ' ,, l F'Q2 llllllt lllllll Olllfl lm lll llllllll' Ntllllx lllll ll ll .lllllll llu l lll llrlllg ll.lllll llll Il .l lull lllll llu Nll lll Il lllllllv lll Vll lt It , ll'll lll'f'K'f'FillX ll l Wlllilllwlllg. XYK' Qllllll l'l'l'zlll also llllf zul- lIlllllNll'illlH'w. 'llll4'lI'lUll lwllillll lll4'w1'l'll1'sIll2ltlt' Ulll' fl-lllull hfhl4'll1 llIIlH'llfbIlPl.l'4'l'llX1'lf'. 'lllllwl' ullll 'hlblllll Illl'l'li. 5 X' lulll lumlll. llulllv wllo l lllll lll llllltblll will If 5 1 lllls lIlflIl1l4ll'4'Xf'l' Wlllllll Ulll 'Nlllllllll WK Md Jfzffww M7551 ,ff ,V 'X . 1 kk? Q 21 I9 CRHtADNHNH5 MR. EDWARD KRUSE SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL HTO retain and magnify the high prestige that our school district now enjoysv was the goal and ambition of our Supervising Principal, Mr. Edward Kruse. Capably serving his second year in this capacity, Mr. Kruse had the arduous tasks of organizing the school system, supervising its principals, teachers, and students. handling the budget, and hiring new teachers. Mr. Kruse received his HS. degree from Slippery Rock State Teachers College and his Masteris degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where he is now working for his Ph.D. After graduation from college, Mr. Kruse first came to this district as a science teacher at West View High,School. Mr. Kruse became principal of Samuel Hamilton Junior High School, and then in 1956 he assumed the position of Assistant Super- vising Principal, which he held for three yea1's. Two years ago he became our supervising principal. We students were both fortunate and proud to have a man so sincerely interested in our welfare as is the supervising principal of our school district. 20 TRATH3 MR. MARTIN SCHOLL DIRECTOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION This year, as last, Mr. Martin Scholl served as Director of Secondary Education. This friendly, conscientious man was certainly no stranger to us. Mr. Scholl joined the faculty at Samuel Hamil- ton ,lunior High in 1910 as a science teacher. Soon after. he was called into the Air Force where he became a teacher in the U.S.A.F. Weather School. At the close of the war. Mr. Scholl returned to Samuel Hamilton as a history and geography teacher. A few years later, his teaching subjects were changed to English and Civics. In 1953, he became Guidance Counselor, and in 1955, he was promoted to the office of principal of Samuel Hamilton Junior High School. Since 1958 Mr. Scholl has assumed the responsi- bility of the Director of Secondary Education. dealing mainly with the curriculum of our school. He was well qualified for this high position with an AB. from Thiel College and an M.Ed. from the University of Pittsburgh. The many fine improvements slowly being in- augurated into our studies were attributed to his hard work. Mr. Nlartin Scholl is a man sincerely devoted to building a firm foundation for Americais future citizens. ARTHUR J. HARTMAN PRINCIPAL uDay by day, individuals must be acutely aware of the purposes of education, and to that end, build a house of knowledge so neces- sary in a competitive worldf, We students congratulated our principal, Arthur J. Hartman, for two years of sincere devotion toward building North Hills High School into a superior institution of educa- tion and fellowship.-Much preparation and education was necessary to fill the shoes of a principal, and lVlr. Hartman had all of these qualifications. After obtaining his B.S. at Slippery Rock Teachers College, he worked for his Nl.Ed. at the University of Pittsburgh. A lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh area, Mr. Hartman was very familiar with the various school systems. Before coming to the North Hills section, he taught science and history in Springdale. At our former alma mater, West View, he was a problems of democracy teacher and an avid baseball coach. Assuming the responsibilities of a principal of a high school as large and as modern as ours was not an easy task. It required pa- tience, time, fortitude, and dignity. We cannot help but have deep admiration for lVlr. Hart- man, the first principal of North Hills High School. RAYMOND A. PEFFER ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL What was new at North Hills this year? Why, an as- sistant principal, of course. Mr. Peffer certainly needed no introduction to us, the students of North Hills High School. We had long been acquainted with his cordial smile and friendly manner, since he had been in this school district for 26 years, serving as a science, hygiene, and physical education teacher. Although a native of Indiana, Pennsylvania, lVlr. Peffer was graduated from Allegheny High School in our own city of Pittsburgh. His next step was the University of Pittsburgh, from which he received his B.S. degree in 1931, and lVl.Ed. a few years later. When asked about his future plans, he replied, WTO live a full and enjoyable life and to help students in any way possiblef, His genuine interest in students was shown not only in the assistance which he gave in the curricular studies, but also in his officiating at our football and basketball games. We were both proud and pleased to claim Mr. Peffer as our new assistant principal. Being the sponsor of the newspaper entails a lot of time and hard work. Miss Lindey spent many free periods checking things for the "Arrowhead" Our faculty was a wonderful group of people who worked for the good of each and every student, shared our struggles, and delighted in our accomplishments. It was from their training that we grew older and wiser, ready to meet further expe- riences in life. We came to know many of them as friends, as advisors, and as willing instructorsg we re- member each of them for his distinct qualities, those traits of individualism that made them a necessary part of our life at North Hills. The hand will always have fond memories of Mr. "C" and Mr. Hish- man, the backbone of the band. Time out for a break between classes! Mr. Hummel, Mr. Witney, Mrs. Grine, and Mr. Gay seemed to have a lot to laugh at at lunch time. Mr. Tretchik, a teacher of graphic arts explained the many intricate devices of a camera to members of one of his classes. CULT Y Mr. Tiffany, a teacher of wood, plastics, and in- dustrial arts, demonstrates an idea to the students. O, Mrs. Hartmann, If trig comes, can te slide rule be far behind? 'S-And an allemande left with your cornersv-Miss Aiken and Mr. Cuadagnino seem to have enjoyed square dancing as much as we dld. i L As each chemistry stu- dent remembers decompo- sition and single replace- ment equations, he will remember also Miss Lacy, our student chemistry teacher from Slippery Rock. FACULTY Mr. Harper must have believed in the saying, "Adults should have at least three glasses dailyf' ANITA M. ACKERMAN Art, Sponsor of Art Club, B.S., Edinboro State Teachers College ELIZABETH AIKEN Health, Physical Education, Sponsor of Gym Club and Girls' Athletic Association, B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College EVELYN ARMSTRONG Business English, Shorthand II, Transcription, Sponsor of Commercial Club, SAA, Business Manager of the Arrow- head, B.S., Indiana State Teachers, College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh GEORGE W. BADO Junior and Senior Science, B.A., Bethany College MARILYN J. BERKEBILE American History, B.A., Juniata College 24 PHILIP S. BOGGIO Speech, Sophomore English, Sponsor of Jazz Club, C0- sponsor of Speech and Debate Club, B.A., University of Pittsburgh BERYL BURCHINAL Sophomore English, A.B. and M.A., West Virginia Univer- sity JAMES V. CARUSO Band, Orchestra, Music Appreciation, Sponsor of Band, Majorettes, B.M. Ed., Westminster College, M.M. Ed., University of Michigan ALICE C. CONNER Vocal Music, Music Appreciation, Sponsor of Chorus and Vocal Ensembles, B.A., Bethany College, M.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology DOLLY D. CRAIG Problems of Democracy, Sponsor of Y-Teens, A.B., Uni- versity of Pittsburgh, lVI.Litt., University of Miami A . Ackerman E. Aiken E. Armstrong G. Bado A. Berkebile P. Boggio B. Burchinal J. Caruso A. Conner D. Craig S. Cummings V. Delp J. F ehrenbach J. Fichter C. Fisher R. Garbart J. Gay R. Gesey C. Gibson P. Grine SALLY W. CUMMINGS Bookkeeping, Business English, C.O.P.g B.S. Degree, Pennsylvania State University MARY VIRGINIA DELP Girls' Guidance Counselorg Sponsor of Senior Class Play, Norhian, Commencementg B.A. Degree, Grove City Col legeg M.E., University of Pittsburgh JEAN FEHRENBACH Englishg B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College IUDITH FICHTER Spanishg B.A., University of Pittsburgh CHARLES A. FISHER Algebra I, Plane Geometry, General Mathematicsg Spon- sor of Photography Clubg B.S., Pennsylvania State College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh ROBERT E. GARBART Driver Education, Problems of Democracyg Sponsor of Automobile Clubg B.S., Clarion State Teachers Collegeg M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh JOSEPH W. GAY Physicsg Sponsor of Senior Class, Hi-Y, Basketball, Track Teamg B.S., California State Teachers College ROBERT C. GESEY Typingg Athletic Directorg B.S., Indiana State Teachers Collegeg M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh CAROLYN A. GIBSON Biologyg Sponsor of Junior Achievement, Biological Re- search Clubg A.B. and M.A., West Virginia University PATRICIA S. GRINE World Historyg Sponsor of Junior Classg B.S. Ed., Slippery Rock State Teachers College Since colleges place so much em- phasis on vocabulary and rapid read- ing, many college preparatory students attended Mrs. Moran's reading classes. G. Guadagnino G. Hare J. Harper A. Hartmann R. Haubrich R. Hummel GUY A. GUADAGNINO Health and Physical Educationg Sponsor of Gym Clubg Coach of Baseball and Football, B.S. and M.Ed., Univer- sity of Pittsburgh RICHARD HUMMEL Boys' Guidance Counselorg A.B., Grove City College, M.Ed., Westminster College GRANT E. HARE Health and Physical Educationg Sponsor of Gym Clubg Coach of Football, Basketballg B.S. Ed., Slippery Rock State Teachers College JAMES F. KELLY Biology, Driver Educationg Sponsor of Projection Clubg B.S., University of Pittsburgh JAMES R. HARPER World Historyg Coach of Football, Basketballg Sponsor of Sophomore Classg B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh .l. Kelly B. Lacy M. Lindey R. Long BETTY LACY World History, Typin-gg B.S., University of Pittsburgh ANN H. HARTMANN Algebra II, Trigonometry, Solid Ceometryg Sponsor of National Honor Society, B.S., Indiana State Teachers College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh - MARTHA LINDEY English: Sponsor of Arrowhead, Future Teachers of Amer- icag B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh ROBERT W. HAUBRICH Problems of Democracyg Sponsor of Student Council, Junior Class Playg B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh: Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology RICHARD A. LONG Metal Shop, and Mechanical Drawingg Sponsor of Stage Crewg B.S., California State Teachers College A quiet moment in the Teachers' Room is enjoyed by several of the men teachers. FACULTY Mr. Ruff, a new member of the faculty, learned about the rigors of teaching at North Hills from a tried and true physics teacher, Mr. Gay. MARIO ARMAND MARTORELLI MARGARET PARKER Typing, Consumer Educationg Sponsor of Junior Classg Englishg B.A., Thiel College Elolaglh of Footballg B.S. and M.Ed., University of Pitts- LAURA I. PFAUB French l and IIg Sponsor of French Clubg B.A. a d M.L'tt., VERNON W' METZ 1 University of Pittsburgh H 1 S hg Sponsor of Speech Cub, Director of Activitiesg APRiCCapitol Universityg M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh JOHN RUFF Sophomore Englishg Sponsor of Pep Club, Arrowheadg I-AVERDA D' MORAN B.S., Pennsylvania State University R d' g B.A., Ch C ll ea 'ng mm 0 egg HELEN ELIZABETH REA EMMA DEAN AIORRIS Librariang Sponsor of Library Clubg B.S. and M.Litt., American Historyg Sponsor of Speech Clubg AB. and MA., Clarion State Teachers College, M.S.L.S., Western Reserve Muskingum College University EMILIE E. MUGNANI RUTH C. SEITZ Homemakingg Sponsor of Future Teachers of America Homemakingg Sponsor of F.H.A.g B.S., Indiana State B.S., Pennsylvania State University Teachers College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh M. Martorelli V. Metz L. Moran E. Morris E. Mugnani M. Parker L. Pfaub J. Ruff H. Rea R. Seitz T 27 H. P. Smith I. Smith E. Sullivan N. Tiffany D. Tretchio-k D. Vance M. Viard V. Vollmer H. P. SMITH Senior Englishg B.A., Pennsylvania State University: M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh IVOR S. SMITH Chemistryg B.S., St. Lawrence Universityg M.Ed., Univer- sity of Rochester EUGENE C. SULLIVAN Chemistry, Biologyg Sponsor of Hi-Yg B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College NELSON V. TIFFANY 1 Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing, Wood, Plasticsg Coach of Golfg B.S., California State Teachers Collegeg M.Ed., California State DONALD M. TRETCHICK California Stateg B.S. in Ed., Graphic Arts and Mechani- cal Drawing DELLA G. VANCE Latin, Spanishg Sponsor of Junior Classical League Cor- respondence Clubg A.B. and M.L., University of Pitts- burgh MILDRED VIARD School Nurseg Sponsor of Future Nurses of Americag R.N., West Penn Hospital R. Waldfogle VIRGINIA VOLLMER Commercial Introduction, Business Mathg Sponsor of Senior Classg B.S., Bucknell University DOROTHY M. WADLINGER Shorthand I, Commercial Introductiong Sponsor of Stu- dent Councilg B.S., Mercyhurst Collegeg M.Ed., Univer- sity of Pittsburgh ROBERT H. WALDFOGLE Algebra I and Ilg Sponsor of Norhiang B.S. and M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh .IOHN F. WEIXEL Plane Geometry, Senior Mathematicsg Wrestling Coachg B.S., Edinboro College ANN WHITEHILL Health and Physical Education: Sponsor of Gym Clubg B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College RICHARD P. WITNEY Plane Geometry, Senior Mathematicsg B.S., Pennsylvania State University J. Weixel A. Whitehill R. Witney 28 D. Wadlinger After two years, work, the seeds of toil have begun to harvest into an overflowing gleaning for the high schoolls Board of Education. These capa- ble men and women were elected for a six-year term to comprise the Joint School Board, which represents Ross Township and West View. ln their bi-monthly Monday meetings, they discuss a wide variety of subjects-the regulating of school taxes, the hiring of personnel and maintenance workers, the planning of better educational facilities for the district, and the major problems confronting our school. Our Board of Education can be justly proud of the high praise given them for not only providing a modern alma mater, but also establishing a su- perior education. With this combination of assets, North Hills High can confidently look forward to a secure future. Discussing plans for the February evaluation were Mr Bisccker, president of the School Board and Mr. Perrin BO RD OF EDUCATIO oUR INDUSTRIOUS LEADERS Bottom row: Dr. Cummings, Mr. Bisecker, Mr. Perrin, Mrs. Hopf, Mrs. Beynon, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Bennet. Second row: Mr. Barth, Mr. Gruber, Mr. Fury, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Phillips, Mr. Carson, Mr, Mugnani, Dr. Allen. Missing-Mr. Knight. 29 Welre united sons and daughters Bound in love and praise for thee, North Hills High, our Alma Mater, Ever faithful we will be. Alma Mater, we shall treasure Memories that never die. Though the years go swiftly by, We'll be true to North Hills High. Thro' thy hallowed halls re-echo Voices gay, untouched by fears, For within thy walls we gather Courage for the coming years. L SENIGRS MR. GAY MISS VOLLMER When the twilight fades around us, We shall dream of glories past. Our beloved Alma Mater, Thoughts of thee will always last. JOHN BLACKSTOCK President ELLEN PROUDFOOT Corresponding Secretary RICK STOTZ Vice President BILL CHAPAS Treasurer MARY DEITRICH Secretary y 539 CR ez ME tb 47 I' X . ,,Q,x- 'mf' my, ,-s Q0- 30 1960 SENIORS AN OPEN LETTER TO FUTURE STUDENTS OF NORTH HILLS HIGH SCHOOL Dear Underclassmen, lt's hard to conceive, but we are no longer part of North Hills. Now, as we sever our ties with our final three years of security, we can clearly see the transitions which took place within us each year. "Sophomores at lastln Feeling our way through new clubs, cramming our clothes into already crowded lockers, and making the adjustment of shifting to and from classes with mobs of new faces, were only scratches on the surface of the indoctrinations through which we suffered. Discovering close friends and participating in a school with a contagious spirit and honored traditions, we liked every- thing about growing up. It was in this year that we saw the birth of the personality and spirit of a class which bound its members into a fellowship that flourished throughout our high school tenure. "I can't wait until we get in the new schoolli' Our uncompleted North Hills provided us with many new facilities, but brought us many problems-also. Some of us tried to cling to old traditions, but before long, we took the initiative and opened our own doors. We ventured to tell o-ur ideas and were satisfied with their results. The reputation of the "Colossal Class of ,60'i was boldly flung into every activity, sport, and club in North Hills. "Am I really a senior? Strange, I don't feel like onef, As our final year progressed, we expe- rienced a senioris fears, admirations, and hopes. The responsibility was ours alone to set the standards for others to follow. We still had the feeling of closeness, but a vague cloud hung over us. What transition had taken place? For the first time We realized that, individually, we were maturing. Our future plans were too close to joke about or to evade. Where would we be four years from now? It hardly seems possible that when we get our diplomas, we shall never return to football games, dances, assemblies, and classes. We leave North Hills with the one thing we've struggled for twelve years to gain-knowledge. We will carry this intangible but priceless gift with us to each of our destinations. To you who will comprise the future classes of our alma mater, we plead, "While you are young, enjoy your freedom, but keep your eyes on the future. Be sure the foundations you build will support the structures for which you are striving." Best wishes, The Class of 1960 First row-Mr. Gay, F. Lobaugh, E. Proudfoot, P. Randall, K. Stewart, S. Ervin, J. Rehorst, E. Gardner. Second raw-P. Boggs, M. Deitrich, M. Wagner, M. Hook, P. Henderson, S. Reutzel, B. Chapas. Third row-A. Gentile, R. Stotz, B. Zimmerman, J. Blackstock, A. Bauer, D. Dieter, R. Kotrozo, K. Knab, B. Poor. BRUCE ABEL ARTHUR JAMES ACTON DARLEN E MARIE ALBRECHT BRUCE ABEL "Abe" "Mr, Touchdown North Hills High" . . . ready, willing, and "A bel" to attain any goal. Football 1, 2, 3-Co-captain 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3g Executive Council 1, 2-Vice President 1, 2g Hi-Y 1, 2g Gym Club 23 Yearbook 2g Exchange lg Hall Patrol 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 3g Cabinet 33 Stage Crew 2g National Honor Society 2, 33 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 "MOST ATH- LETIC." ARTHUR JAMES ACTON "Acc" Ably contributed his "sax" to the "scarlet" . . . college figures in his plans for the future. J.A. lg Band 1, 2, 33 Sax Sextet 2, 3g Swing Band 3g Chess Club 2, 33 Class Play 3. DARLENE MARIE ALBRECHT "Darlene" A neat, efficient secretary-to-be . . . capably headed the typing staff of the newspaper. Pep Club 1, 2g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3-Secretary 3g Y-Teen 13 Student Council 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Newspaper 3-Typing Editor 3. JAY ALLEN "lVlagoo" W ell known for his witty, fun-loving personality . . . ably managed the football team. Chess Club 2g Football Manager 1, 2, 33 Biology Research Club 3g Wrestling 1, 2. KATHERINE JEAN ANDERSON "Kathy" Possesses an acute sense of humor . . . comely and attractive. Chorus 2, 33 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 F.H.A. 13 Y-Teen 13 Girls' Chorus 2, 3g Yearbook 3g Pep Club 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 33 Library Club 1, 2, 3. RICHARD GEORGE ANDREWS "Dick" A tall, brown-haired baseball enthusiast . . . college is in- cluded in Dick's plans for the future. Projection Club 2, 33 Hi-Y 2. SPENCER R. ANKENEY "Spence" A whiz in "trig" class . . . displayed his musical ability in the band and chorus. Band 1, 2, 3g Chorus 3g Chess Club 3. ERLE DANIEL AYRES "Dan" Inspired the school with spirit in his junior year as the "North Hills' Indian" . . . Bound for success. Baseball Manager 1, 2g Wrestling 1, 2, 3g Band lg Speech Club 2, 33 Debate 2, 33 Latin Club 13 North Hills Indian 2g N.F.L. 2, 3. J UDITH HELEN BACH "Judy" A pert little blonde . . . will delight any boss as a secretary. Pep Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 3. JOAN LEE BACHMAN "Jeanie" An amiable, effervescent little miss . . . adorable as they come. Pep Club 1, 2, 3g Y-Teen lg Commercial Club 13 Yearbook 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. PHILLIP DAVID BAGLEY "Phil" Possesses a propensity for music . . . as a result, participated actively in band and chorus. Band 1, 2, 3g Chorus 1, 2, 33 Executive Council 33 Gym Club 23 Swing Band 33 Chapel Choir 3. JAY ALLEN KATHERINE JEAN ANDERSON RICHARD GEORGE ANDREWS SPENCER R. ANKENEY 32 ERLE DANIEL AYRES JUDITH HELEN BACH JOAN LEE BACHMAN PHILLIP DAVID BAGLEY .IANET ROSE BAIRHALTER ulann Much of Ianet's time was spent with the band . . . will go to business school to develop her secretarial skills. Y-Teen 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, Art Club 3. .IUDITH W. BALLINTINE Hludyv Lent her melodious voice to the Girls' Chorus . . . a favorite dancing partner. Pep Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, Girls' Chorus 3. KENNETH E. BARNES "Ken,' Quiet, but exceedingly nice to know . . . wrestled his way to success. Chess Club 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3. RONALD T. BARR 'gRon,, Have camera, will travel . . . exceptionally skilled in the field of photography. Photography Club 2, 3, Newspaper 3, Yearbook 1, 3. SUSAN VIRGINIA BARR "Sue,' Possesses outstanding ambition, ability, and taste which as- sure her of success . . . charming and sophisticated. Latin Club 1-Officer I, Yearbook 1, 3, F.T.A. 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Speech Club 2, 3, N.F.L. 1, 2, 3, Student Council Alternate 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen 1, F.H.A. 1. RODGER BARTHOLOMEW "Rog" Carefree and nonchalant . . . found cars to be interesting vehicles. .IANET ROSE BAIRHALTER .IUDITH W. BALLINTINE KENNETH E. BARNES RONALD T. BARR TERREN CE EUGENE BARTLEY Little, but mighty powerful on the trumpet . . . possessor of the bluest eyes and blondest hair imaginable. Band 1, 2, 3, Swing Band 2, 3, Trumpet Trio. ARTHUR E. BAUER "Art" Tall, dark, and exceedingly handsome best describes Art . . . bound to be a hit at college. Executive Council 2, 3, Football Manager 1, Hall Patrol 3, Stage Crew 3. ccfrerryw HEDY BECK "Hedy" Beaming eyes and infectious smile make the hard-working captain of the majorettes a real "stand-outv . . . tall and strikingly attractive. Y-Teen 1, Pep Club 2, Library Club 3, Bowling Club 2, Girls' Gym Club 3, F.T.A. 3, Majorettes 1, 2, 3-Captain 3. WILLIAM A. BERNHARD "Bill,' Endowed with a "gift of gab" . . . conspicuously talented on the dance floor and wrestling mat. Gym Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, Wrestling 1, 2, 3. RONALD BERNSTEIN "Bernie" Well-liked for his unique ways . . . indispensable to the football team. Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, Gym Club 2, 3, Hall Patrol 2, 3. SARAH ANNE BINGEL uSally" Found Biology Research Club to be more than interesting . . . renowned for her quietness. Biology Research Club 3, Yearbook 3. SUSAN VIRGINIA BARR RODGER BARTHOLOMEW TERRENCE EUGENE BARTLEY ARTHUR E. BAUER HEDY BECK WILLIAM A. BERNHARD RONALD BERNSTEIN SARAH ANNE BINGEL 33 ROSE ANN BIRD WALTER J. BIRD MARY ALICE BISHOP JOHN BLACKSTOCK ROSE ANN BIRD "Rosie', Pert 'n' peppy . . . shiny black hair adds to her attractiveness. G.A.A. 1, 2g Pep Club 1, 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Commercial Club 3. WALTER J. BIRD "Walt" A likable fellow.. . . will be a great guy to know on the college campus. Hi-Y 2g Projection Club 2, 3-Vice President 3. MARY ALICE BISHOP "Short Stuffl' Came to us from Cary, Indiana, this year . . . a little miss but a big addition to all her classes. Pep Club 33 Commercial Club 3g National Honor Society 2, 3. JOHN BLACKSTOCK HBlackie" "Center" of attraction on the football field . . . handsome, affable, and most capable president of the Senior class. Hi-Y Ig Executive Council I, 3-President 3g Newspaper I, 2, 3-Sports Editor 3g Hall Patrol 2, 33 Student Council 25 Student Kiwanian 2g Student Rotarian 23 Football I, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball I, 2, 3g HMOST PERSONABLEJ' KENNETH BLOSS "Ken" Anxiously awaits hunting season . . . senior math class rated high on his list. Art Club I. ROBERT JAMES BLOSS 'iBob7' "Foot-loose and fancy-free" . . a friendly guy who loves to have fun. JACK R. BODER ack "How's the weather up there, Jack?" . . . always willing to lend a helping hand. Hi-Y lg Basketball 1, Hall Patrol 2, 3g Projection Club 2 3 Stage Crew 3. PAUL R. BOEHMER Pau His artistic ability is noted in everything he does Penn State and horticulture, here he comes .' Art Club 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN BOGGS at Has a girlish giggle all her own . . . a vivacious and friendly blonde. Pep Club l, 2, 39 F.H.A. I, 2, 3-Corresponding Secretary 2 Y-Teen 13 Newspaper 39 Executive Council 3. BARBARA JANE BOLLEN Barbara Has a great talent for making anything a riot worked hard for Pep Club. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Executive Council 1, 2, 3 YTeen 1 Dra matics Club 2-Vice President 2g Commercial Club 3 WILLIAM JOSEPH BOOKER 1 Nice neophy te . . . our lucky gain and New Yorks sad loss DANIEL WILLIAM BOREK Dan Has a pleas ant disposition . . . will be an addition to any business school. 34 KENNETH BLOSS ROBERT JAMES BLOSS JACK R. BODER PAUL R. BOEHMER PATRICIA ANN BOGGS BARBARA JANE BOLLEN WILLIAM JOSEPH BOOKER DANIEL WILLIAM BOREK JANET LOUISE BOWSER HJanet,, Playful puppy dog eyes . . . the orchestra was proud to claim .lanet as a member. Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Yearbook 3g Y-Teen 15 Commercial Club 33 G.A.A. HOWARD H. BOYD uI'IOWardi, A quiet, retiring person except on the golf course where he really "tees offv . . . his charming smile and dimples have won him many friends. ROBERT D. BRANT "Boba, Proudly lifted his head as he marched down the field with the varsity marching band . . . one of the tallest members of the mighty Class of '60. Band 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN BRAUN HBHIDH Shiny brown hair and starry eyes with long flashing lashes . . . subtle until you get to lrnow her. G.A.A. I, 3g Speech Club 2, 3, N.F.L. 1, 2, 3g Debate 35 Bowling 25 F.T.A. 2, 3. GLENN E. BREITWIESER "Breitie1' Special affinity for four-wheeled vehicles . . . strong-man in the Physical Fitness Club. Football I, 2g Hi-Y lg Physical Fitness Club 2. .IANIIT LOUISE BOWSER HOWARD H. BOYD ROBERT D. BRANT BARBARA JEAN BRAUN GLENN E. BREITWIESER NANCY LEE BRETHAUER CAROLYN BROCK LINDA CAROL BROOKS CARL THOMAS BROWN JAMES R. BROWN Although senior mums and senior beanies were being soaked, Senior Night was memor- able to each and every member of the '6Class of '60." NANCY LEE BRETHAUER 4'Nancy" Pleasing personality with her 'glpanan smile . . . full of vim vigor and vitality. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen Ig Latin Club 15 F.H.A. 1, 23 Year- book 35 Girls' Chorus 3. CAROLYN BROCK HCarol" English her favorite class, Pep Club her favorite activity . . . famous for finding fun and frolic. Girls' Chorus Ig G.A.A. Ig Pep Club 2, 3, Speech 1, 3g Junior Executive Council 2. LINDA CAROL BROOKS "Linda7' Happiest when playing tennis or reading . . . loquacious-able to win her way with words. Y-Teens Ig Pep Club 1, 25 Speech Club 33 Library Club 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3. CARL THOMAS BROWN "Carl" Avid fan of motorcycle riding and enthusiast of chorus . . . his high hope features trade school after graduation. Chorus I, 2, 3g Band 1. JAMES R. BROWN "Jim" His melodic voice was a great asset to the chorus . . . beamed as he entered senior math. Band 1g Chorus 2, 3. 35 1 WILLIAM BARRY BROWN NANCY ANN BURKE ROBERT B. CALHOUN DONNA LEE CALLAHAN WILLIAM BARRY BROWN Calm easy-going manner that everyone admires . tried to pin his man. Biology Research 35 Gym Club 33 Wrestling 1, 2, Classical League 3g Hi-Y I. NANCY ANN BURKE GCBHI-57 . . always 3g ,lunior G6NanCy77 The world's first temperless red head . . . in fact takes life as a rather easy matter-might hear her say "I could sit here and listen to records all day." Pep Club l, 2, 33 G.A.A. I, 2g Girls' Gym Club 3g Com- mercial Club 3. ROBERT B. CALHOUN 66B0b77 Our Student Council president who will never be forgotten . . . dry humor makes him a tough debater and speaker. Student Council 2, 3-Vice President 2-President 3, Hall Patrol 2, 35 Stage Crew 2g Executive Council lg Football l, 2g N.F.L. I, 2, 3g Debate Team 1, 2, 3g Yearbook lg Class Play 23 "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED," "DID MOST FOR NORTH HILLS." DONNA LEE CALLAHAN "Cookie" High spirited blonde . . . typical All-American girl who has the necessary requirements to become a perfectly charming airline hostess. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. lg Shuffle Shop Committee lg Y-Teens lg Yearbook 3g Commercial Club-Secretary 3. DANIEL CARR 4aDan77 An easy-going fellow with a quiet, retiring manner . . . his presence can brighten any day. RICHARD J. CHONGAWAY "Dick,' Shar ellow with a naturally friendly personality . . . fishes for P f food and fun. Hi-Y 2, 3. WILLIAM P. CHAPAS "Bill', Good things come in small packages-fun and Bill are synony- mous . . . can outwrestle anyone, no matter what size. Executive Council 1, 23 Gym Club 25 Treasurer of Executive Council 3g Wrestling 1, 2, 3g Chess Club 23 Newspaper 3g Year- book 3g Hi-Y 23 l.A. 3. ELIZABETH CATHERINE CHILLCOTT "Betty,' Can out-type you when she is typing S.A.A. cards . . . a high spirited girl who loves to sew, swim, and root for the North Hills Indians. Library Club I, 25 Commercial Club 3g Typing Manager for S.A.A. CAROL MARIE COLERICH "Carol,' Sincere and quiet, Carol never missed a football game . . . A fascinating book can hold her attention for hours. Correspondence Club 2g Commercial Club 33 F.H.A. 3. CAROL ANN CONGALTON '4Carol" Dancing her specialty . . . plans to venture into the business world after graduation. Correspondence Club 2g Bowling Club 23 Commercial Club 3. KATHLEEN SHARON COOK '6Kathy,, A dainty, dark-haired little doll . . . has affinity for the desserts of life. HENRY WILLIAM COOPER "Henry" Flaming red hair . . . known for his witty comebacks which kept his classes in an uproar. Chess Club 2, 35 Football Ig Baseball 2, 3g Student Council 3. DANIEL CARR RICHARD J. CHONGAWAY WILLIAM P. CHAPAS ELIZABETH CATHERINE CHILLCOTT 36 CAROL MARIE COLERICH CAROL ANN CONGALTON KATHLEEN SHARON COOK HENRY WILLIAM COOPER WILLIAM E. CORLEY "Bill" Felt at home on the gridiron and basketball court . . . may blush at almost anything at any time. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 3-Captain 35 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Secretary of Sanitation 35 Stage Crew 25 French Club 35 Hi-Y 1, 2. JEROME R. COSTELLO "Jerry,, Mischievous gleam in his eyes which led him into the midst of any escapade . . . always surrounded by his many friends. ROBERT E. COSTELLO '4Bob" Intellectual and persevering when it comes to school work . . . anything with a horn, steering wheel, and a motor will cause Bob to come running. Latin Club 1, Consul 15 Newspaper 1, 25 Photography 2. RICHARD ANDREW COTTON "Dick" Has a "devil-may-care" attitude . . . sporty any way you look at him. CAROLYN JOAN CROSS "Carolyn" An eager beaver for Library Club . . . dancing brown eyes and dancing feet put this girl ahead on the dance floor. Girls' Chorus 35 F.H.A. 2-Historian 25 F.N.A. 35 Library Club 2, 3iSecretary-Treasurer 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Y-Teen 1. PHILLIP C. CRYSLER "Phil" Our gain from Montour this year . . . our championship chorus was glad to boast Phil as a member. Chorus 3. WILLIAM E. CORLEY JEROME R. COSTELLO ROBERT E. COSTELLO RICHARD ANDREW COTTON PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM "Pat" Green-eyed Pat . . . always the cheerful one . . . her energies were directed to making this year's Commercial Club a success. Bowling Club 25 Commercial Club 35 Pep Club 2. MICHAEL F. CURRAN "Mitch" Mitch enjoyed weight lifting-which he could do to the envy of every boy at N.H.H.S .... real team spirit and plenty of gumption made Mitch a standout on the football field. Football I, 2, 35 Physical Conditioning Club 2, 3. ALEXANDRA CWENAR g'Sandy,' Gym Club was this gal's favorite . . . a lucky break for us that she transferred here from McKees Rocks in her senior year. Band 35 Gym Club 3. JOHN ARTHUR DAMBAUGH '4Jack" A dependable guy . . . Jack loves the band and put his all into making sure that the Varsity Band of 1960 was the greatest ever. Band 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Saxophone Sextet 1, 2, 3: Swing Band 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM DAVID DAVIES '6Bill,' Where to look for Bill when school's out? Fishing of course . . . he'1l soon be guarding our coast as-a Coast Guard, naturally. CAROLYN JOAN CROSS PHILLIP C. CRYSLER PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM MICHAEL F. CURRAN ROBERT JOHN CUSHMAN ALEXANDRA CWENAR JOHN ARTHUR DAMBAUGH WILLIAM DAVID DAVIS 37 ALDEN Q. DAVIS III .IOHN KEITH DAVIS MARY MARGARET DEITRICH .JAMES CHARLES DeMARCO ALDEN Q DAVIS III "Dave', This carrot top disproves the old tale of red heads having a bad temper . . . easy going Dave was right at home in P.D. class. Football 1, 25 Weightlifting 1. JOHN KEITH DAVIS "Keith,' This good-looking guy's golden voice will carry him into the announcing field . . . his dependability and consideration are virtues very seldom found. Band Manager 1, 2-Band Announcer 35 Class Play 2, 35 P.A. Announcer 35 Projection Club 3-President 3. MARY MARGARET DEITRICH "Mary,' Busy, busy, busy, seem to be Mary's keywords . . . the class of 60's diligent secretary for all three years. Band 1, 2, 35 Executive Council 1, 2, 3-Secretary 1, 2, 35 Correspondence Club 15 Exchange 25 Latin Club 15 National Honor Society 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3-Treasurer 35 Speech Club 1, 25 Y-Teen 1. JAMES CHARLES DeMARCO 'ilimi' Cars are lim's first love . . . Possessor of the bluest eyes imaginable. PATRICIA CAIL DENNY "Cail', A first rate person as well as a first rate student . . . managed to "survive" trig and like it to boot. Band 1, 2, 35 Executive Council 25 Latin Club 15 National Honor Society 2, 35 P.A. Announcer 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Speech Club 15 Yearbook 3. VIRGINIA LEE DENZER "Cookie" This zealous miss put all her spirit into F.H.A .... a swim- ming enthusiast is Cookie. Art Club 25 Commercial Club 35 F.H.A. 35 Pep Club 1, 25 Y-Teen 1. ROBERT JAMES DEPNER '4Bob" Tall, brown-haired Bob enjoys driving more than anything else . . . happiest part of the day came when the bell rang to go to shop class. DONALD W. DIETER "Dietz" Brains, looks, personality-that's Don . . . gave other schools a real run for their money as a trackman. Executive Council 1, 2-Alternate 35 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 25 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Track 2, 3. CATHERINE JANE DIETZ "Cathy" A darling girl . . . tiny,--but dynamite always comes in small packages. Commercial Club 35 F.I'I.A. 3. NEAL G. DiRITO "Neal" A potential Jimmy Dorsey . . . Neal could really make that "hot" trumpet wail. Band 1, 2, 35 Swing Band 2, 3-Leader 35 Golf I, 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 "MOST MUSICAL." RALPH E. DOEHLA "Dole" Always working on his famous "rods" . . . handsome Dole is surely going to miss the good times he had in band. Band 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3. SHIRLEY RUTH DOENCH "Shirl" A cute blonde with lots of athletic ability . . . worked hard for a number of clubs but especially Commercial Club. Commercial Club 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Gym Club 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Y-Teen 1. 38 PATRICIA GAIL DENNY VIRGINIA LEE DENZER ROBERT JAMES DEPNER DONALD W. DIETER CATHERINE. JANE DIETZ NEAL G. DiRITO RALPH E. DOEHLA SHIRLEY RUTH DOENCH GALE L. DOERNBERGER '4Gale" Looks quiet, but looks can be deceiving . . . a nursing cap will soon be perched on Gale's head. Band 2, 35 Correspondence Club 23 F.N.A. 2, 3g French Club 35 Orchestra 33 Pep Club 2, 3. WILLIAM FRANK DOMKE "Bill,' Artistic talent galore . . . having no equal on the dance floor, Bill can do any step there is. Art Club 3g Football Ig Gym Club 2, 3. SUSAN JANE EASTON "East" Charming is the best word for "East" . . . active-but being band librarian will always be the fondest memory of high school for Sue. Band Librarian 3a Correspondence Club lg Latin Club Ig Newspaper 2, 3-Business Editor 35 Pep Club I, 2, 3-Committee Head 3g Y-Teen 1. DENNIS CHARLES EBECK "Chuck" No opposition could get out from under this matman's grip . . . technical school will be Chuck's future. Wrestling 2, 3. LINDA LEE EBER 4'Linda" Dancing seems to fit Linda to a "T" . . . could have been the one the songwriter was thinking of when he wrote "Five foot two, eyes of bluefl Bowling Club 23 Commercial Club 3g Pep Club 2, 3g Y-Teen 1. Cheer up, girl! Practice makes perfectl Perhaps next time you'll remember the baking soda. -Ginny Woessner, Ruth Lobeck JOHN WILLIAM EMERY '4Jack" Pleasant Jack found his niche in Art Club . . . derived much pleasure from all the football games he attended. Art Club 3. SUZANNE E. ERVIN "Suzy" Pretty as a Rembrandt original . . . loves cheerleading and chorus above all--and is exceptionally talented in both. Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Correspondence Club Ig Executive Coun- cil 35 Latin Club I-Scriba Ig Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Chapel Choir 2, 35 Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3g Newspaper lg Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Student Council I, 23 Yearbook 2, 33 Y-Teen I. JAMES R. ETTER NJim', What qualities does .lim possess? Wit? Good Looks? Yes! And plenty of both . . . his future is easy to preclictiaeronautical school for lim. JOHN R. FARINA "John" On the baseball diamond or football team, John is a real hustler for the school . . . quiet and completely likable. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3g Chess Club 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3g Latin Club I. JAMES RICHARD FAZIO "Jim" Student Council benefited from ,lim,s services this year . . . one of our competent hall patrols. Football I, 3, Hall Patrol 33 Hi-Y 2g J.A. 13 Student Council 3g Track 2, 3. GALE L. DOERNBERGER WILLIAM FRANK DOMKE SUSAN JANE EASTON DENNIS CHARLES EBECK LINDA LEE EBER JOHN WILLIAM EMERY SUZANNE E. ERVIN JAMES R. ETTER JOHN R. FARINA JAMES RICHARD FAZIO 39 JANET N. FEHRENBACH PAUL M. FIALA A. JOHN FINKE CHRISTINE ANNE FISCHER JANET N. FEHRENBACH "Jan" As sparkly as a diamond . . . F.T.A. President, ,lan was never without that tremendous sense of humor that made her a class favorite. F.T.A. 2, 3-President 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Chapel Choir 35 Pep Club 2, 3-Committee Head 35 Yearbook 35 Y-Teen 3. PAUL M. FIALA "Fi" A band favorite . . . quick wit will help "Fi" along his planned career as a business executive. Band 1, 2, 35 Executive Council 2. A. JOHN FINKE A member of our musically talented trombone trio . . . going ivy league after graduation. Band 1, 2, 35 Trombone Trio 3. CHRISTINE ANNE FISCHER Chris rates English as a great subject . . . an active member of Chapel Choir. Y-Teen 15 Pep Club 15 Latin Club 15 F.N.A. 2, 35 Chorus 35 Girls' chorus 35 Chapel Choir 3. EDITH ARLEEN FISHER "Fish" A red-headed beauty who loved Chorus . . . did a great job as Student Council Secretary. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 25 G.A.A. 1, 25 Student Council 3-Secretary 35 National Honor Society 3. cctlohnaa uCl1I'1S,, LESLEY JUDITH FORD uluesleyl' Sharply dressed "cutie" . . . plans to attend an airline steward- ess school. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 Yearbook 1, 35 F.H.A. 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Newspaper 1. RODGER C. FLETCHER "Rodge" Happy when working on cars . . . great baseball manager for North Hills. Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 25 Auto Club 2, 35 Gym Club 2. GEORGE TED FRANK "Ted,' Ted was always ready for excitement . . . enjoys working on cars. CECELIA MARIE FRIESS "Sis" "Five-foot two, eyes of bluei' . . . business school lies in her future. Y-Teen 15 Library Club 1, 25 F.H.A. 25 Pep Club 25 Com- mercial Club 3. JUDITH L. FUNDENBERG "Judy" This beauty was an active member of the band . . . thought chemistry was "great" Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Correspondence Club 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Executive Council Alternate 15 Band 1, 2, 35 G.A.A. 15 Library Club 35 Yearbook 35 Y-Teen 2. MARY ELLEN GALLOWAY "Suzy" Suzy plans to become a secretary . . . her 'favorite class was S.0.P. F.H.A. 25 Commercial Club 3. WILLIAM T. GARBART "Bill" Sharp-looking Bill can usually be found on a golf course . . . enjoyed P.D. to the utmost. J.V. Basketball 15 Hi-Y 15 Hall Patrol 1, 2. 40 EDITH ARLEEN FISHER LESLEY JUDITH FORD RODGER C. FLETCHER GEORGE TED FRANK CECELIA MARIE FRIESS JUDITH L. FUNDENBERG MARY ELLEN GALLOWAY WILLIAM T. GARBART We found a good friend and advisor in our new assistant principal Mr Peffer Fred Koesling, George Kall EARL WENTYXTORTH GARDNER "Earlw PAULETTE ANN GIGER Paulette One of our sports-minded guys . . . college lies in the future. Pretty, perky Paulette always has a smile for everyone Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 33 Gym Club 3g will make an efficient secretary a ter graduation Student Council 2g Executive Council 1, 3. Chorus 13 Pep Cluh 1: Bowling Club 2 CLIETON R. CAUS "Cliff,' JANET LQUISE GILL Janet h,Th,L5 fed plan? I0 'wud P'e'Med School ' ' ' spends most of This girl loves that great sport bowling her favorite class is time in the field of biology. was math' Gym Club 2g Hi-Y 1, 2, Junior Achievement 3g Biology Re- Yff 2. B 1' ,, 1 b 2. search Club 35 Student Council 1. een l Owmo C u l GAA 1 FNA 2 Pep Club 1 HOWELL R. GEISER ffuowiei' RORRRT R- GRAHAM 0 This lad's favorite pastime is reading . . . highlight of lzis day Boll devoted HH. he spare Mme to archery thu lads -Chemistry favorite class was history. Automobile Club 3. WAYNE S. GREB Wayne ALFON50 GENTH-'E H-Alfonson Wayne devotes a great deal of time to electronics Senior math was this lad's favorite . . . loves everything that f0QV9d MUf5iC APPVRCWUOH- pertains to guns. Band 1, 2, 35 Saxophone Sextet 3 Executive Council 3. GARY R GUMMERSON . Cum UBALDO GENTILE uUb1H "Gum" joined us this year rorn Buffalo N Y enjoyed This ladls favorite class was "CU lunch, favorite pastime, quote Senior math Uefy WIUCII- "girls.', EARL WENTWORTH GARDNER CLIFTON R. CAUS HOWELL R. GEISER ALFONSO GENTILE UBALDO GENTILE PAULETTE ANN GIGER JANET LOUISE GILL ROBERT E. GRAHAM WAYNE S. GREB GARY R. GUMMERSON Yearbook 3g Newspaper 3. KERRY D. GYEKIS MARTHA ANN HAISLEY DAWN CAROL HALL JEAN MARIE HAMMEL KERRY D. GYEKIS "Pete7' Our "Petev is the outdoor type . . . college lies in this boy's future. Band 1. MARTHA ANN HAISLEY ulVIart" One of our tiny blondes . . . Mart enjoyed music and band to the fullest. Band 1, 2, 3g Newspaper 2, 3g Commercial Club 3g Gym Club 3. DAWN CAROL HALL "DaWnie,, Neat and petite is "Downie" . . . seemed to enjoy chemistry to the fullest. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Latin Club lg Pen Pal Club 13 Student Council lg Newspaper 3g Yearbook 3, Y-Teen 1. JEAN MARIE HAMMEL HRed" Now, just how did "Red" get her name? . . . nursing lies in the future. C.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen li Yearbook 3g Library Club 2, 3, Bowling Club 3. NANCY HANSELMAN "Nancy" This gal spends her leisure time near the radio or TV . . . devoted much hard work to the Commercial Club. Commercial Club 3. WERNER HANSEN 'cVern,, Our "cool," guitar-playing exchange student from Germany . . . made a big hit with everyone as one of our football managers. Speech 33 Debate 33 Photography 3g Student Council 35 Football Manager 3. CAROL ANN HARPER "Carol,' . Tall, blue-eyed blonde . . . plans to be a secretary after gradua- tion. LINDALEE HARTMAN '4Lincla" Tiny and cute udishwater blonde" . . . soon will be wearing the white of a nurse. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, F.N.A. 2, 33 Latin Club lg Correspondence Club 1. ROBERT J. HARTUNG "Bob" Entered North Hills from North Catholic in his sophomore year . . . main interest is music. Band 2, 3, Swing Band 3g Chorus 3g Chapel Choir 35 Boys' Octet 3g Boys, Chorus 3g Orchestra 2, 3. RONALD W. HASEK "Red" Plays a "mean trombone" . . . enjoyed speech to the utmost. Latin Club Ig Band 1, 2, 3, Swing Band 1, 33 Trombone Trio 2, 3, Speech Club 3, Orchestra 3. WILLIAM R. HAWTHORNE '4Bil1" Great sense of humor . . . metal shop was u bright spot in this boy's day. Wrestling 1, 2, 3. JAMES W. HEATON ",Iim', Good looking and a sharp dresser . . . full of lively personality and wit. Executive Council 1, 2g Student Council 35 Band Technical Staff 1, 2, 3g Chess Club 33 Wrestling 3g Hall Monitor 2. 42 NANCY HANSELMAN WERNER HANSEN CAROL ANN HARPER LINDALEE HARTMAN ROBERT J. HARTUNG RONALD W. HASEK WILLIAM R. HAWTHORNE JAMES W. HEATON PAUL D. HEBECKER "Paul', We love to listen to his great violin . . . was happiest on the tennis court or in chemistry class. Latin Club I5 Speech Club 2, 35 Dramatics Club 2. ROBERT J. HECK 6'Bob', Happy when working on cars . . . enjoyed metal shop the most. Photography Club 2. RICHARD L. HEIL f'RiCh" 'Hunting is the favorite pastime of this handsome chap . . . Rich especially enjoyed senior math. CAROLYN ANN HEKELER 4'Caro1,' After graduation this "five-footer" hopes to win a white cap FN.ACarol acquired this desire while taking an active part in G.A.A. 15 F.N.A. 25 Correspondence Club 25 French Club 3. MARGARET ANN HENDERSON '4Peg" A beautiful blonde with a vibrant personality . . . her peppy cheerleading made Peggy a favorite of many. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Concert Choir 35 Commercial Club 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Y-Teen I5 G.A.A. 15 Executive Council 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3. PAUL D. HEBECKER ROBERT I. HECK RICHARD C. HEIL CAROLYN ANN HEKELER MARGARET ANN HENDERSON KAREN ELIZABETH HIGGINS ARLENE CAROLE HINKEL BARBARA LYNNE HIPWELL . .IUDITH LEE HOCEVAR GLORIA BELL HODIL Hail-Hail-The A'gang's" all here! Cheers to the '4Stalwart Class of '60"l KAREN ELIZABETH HIGGINS 6'Hig" Sincere, sensible, sweet, and sociable is this gal . . . her winning way won Karen many friends. Student Council I, 2, 35 Shuffle Shop Committee I5 French Club 35 Latin Club 15 Correspondence Club 15 Pep Club I5 Y-Teen I5 Yearbook 1, 25 G.A.A. 25 Band and Orchestra Librarian 3. ARLENE CAROLE HINKEL '6Hink,, Arlene sported a lively and witty personality . . . her voice gave the chorus an extra lilt. Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Chapel Choir 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Pep Club I, 2, 35 Latin Club I5 Correspondence Club I5 Shuffle Shop Committee I5 Orchestra I, 2, 35 Y-Teen 1. BARBARA LYNNE HIPWELL '4Barb', Drawing and dancing are the favorite pastimes of this darling miss . . . sincere in her cheering for North Hills. Pep Club 2, 35 Yearbook 2, 35 Art Club 2. .IUDITH LEE HOCEVAR 'gludyv Tranquil, talented, and true, all describe our Judy . . . a mighty gain for N.H. when .lady came in her junior year. Dramatics Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Speech Club 35 Yearbook 3. GLORIA BELL HODIL "Gloria" Tall, blonde, and attractive are the characteristics which will benefit Gloria in her pursuit of a modeling career . . . enjoyed being a member of Art Club. Art Club 2, 35 F.I'I.A. 25 Y-Teen 1, 3. 43 BARBARA ANN HOFFMAN NORMAN ALLAN HOLLEY MARGARET ANNE HOOK BARBARA ANN HOFFMAN "Barb,' An attractive girl who greatly enjoyed Y-Teen . . . a better secretary will be difficult to find. Y-Teen 1, 33 Pep Club 23 Commercial Club 3. NORMAN ALLAN HOLLEY "Norm" Quiet and reserved Norman contributed to the Art Club . . . an asset to any college campus. Yearbook 33 Art Club 2. MARGARET ANNE HOOK "Maggie,' Light-brown hair framed a pretty face accented with dark eyes and a bright smile . . . an avid participant in all her activities, she'll be a boon to any campus. .Y-Teen 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Yearbook 33 Executive Council Alternate 3. BARBARA ANN HORTON "Barb" Barb's bright smile put everyone at ease at any gathering . . . as an especially active member of Pep Club, she enjoyed the N.H. football games. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 G.A.A. 1, 23 F.H.A. 13 Latin Club 13 Cor- respondence Club 13 F.N.A. 3g Bowling Club 3g Speech Club 33 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Y-Teen 1. CAROL ANN HOSICK "Carol" An attractive brunette with a sunny personality . . . a faithful worker in any of the many clubs in which she participated. Latin Club 13 Correspondence Club 13 F.H.A. 13 G.A.A. lg Y-Teen lg Bowling Club 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Yearbook 3. JANE RUTH HOUSTON "Jane" Jane's sweet, sincere personality has made her a N.H. star . . . joined her twin to form a darling majorette pair. Latin Club lg Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Majorette 1, 2, 33 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Student Council Alternate 1, 2g Girls' Chorus 23 Correspondence Club 1. JOYCE R. HOUSTON "Joyce" This appealing and animated twin has the smile of an angel . . . her work as Literary Editor of the Norhian will not be forgotten. Correspondence Club 13 Latin Club, Pontifus Maximus 13 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Y-Teen 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Chapel Choir 2, 33 Year- book 3-Literary Editor 33 Majorette 1, 2, 3-Rank Sergeant 3. JAMES R. HOWE "Jim" Good-looking Jim was happiest when out in the fields hunting . . . will always remember the N.H. exciting football and basket- ball games. Newspaper 3. JUDITH BELLE HRACH "Judy', An enthusiastic and entertaining miss, who will be greatly missed at N.H .... Judy's work for the Arrowhead proved quite valuable as she carried out the duties of Circulation Editor. Correspondence Club 13 Latin Club lg Newspaper 1, 2, 3- Circulation Editor 33 Yearbook 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Chapel Choir 33 Y-Teen lg Executive Council Alternate 13 Student Council Altemate 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3- Committee Head 3. PATRICIA JEAN HUDSON "Pat" This lithe girl leaves her beauty mark in majorettes, dancing, and ice skating . . . Pat will be a welcome addition to any college campus. Latin Club 13 Shuffle Shop Committee lg Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Majorettes 1, 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Correspondence Club 13 Executive Council Alternate 2. BEVERLY CAROL HUGLI '4Bev" An impeccable dresser, Bev has a bright smile for everyone . . . an accommodating member of Pep Club. Pep Club 1, 2, 3g F.H.A. 2, 3. 44 BARBARA ANN HORTON CAROL ANN HOSICK JANE RUTH HOUSTON JOYCE R. HOUSTON .JAMES R. HOWE .IUDITH BELLE HRACH PATRICIA JEAN HUDSON BEVERLY CAROL HUGLI ROBERT J . IN GLES "Bob" "Trig" was the favorite class of this industrious lad . . . tall and dark, Bob was quite a boon to any class. Art Club 3. PATRICIA LEA IN NAMORATO "Pat" A five-foot "steal" for N.H. in Pat's senior year . . . became quite active in her only year at N.H. Yearbook 33 Pep Club 33 Commercial Club 33 Newspaper 3. WILLIAM N . IRVINE "Irv,' Light-hearted and gay, Bill shone on the wrestling mat . . . added 'good-looks' and talent to the band. Band l, 2, 3g Gym Club 2, 33 Wrestling 2, 33 Hall Patrol 2. ROBERT L. IVEY "Bob" Bob was in ecstasy when studying and working in electronics, which explains his looking forward to a technical school . . . greatly enjoyed metal shop. JOYCE CAROL JACKSON "Joy" A zealous chorus member was tall, brunette Joy . . . competent and fun-loving are characteristics that will make her welcome in any office. Y-Teen 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Chapel Choir 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Yearbook 2, 33 Commercial Club 33 Chorus Librarian 3. DONNA J . JAMES "Do-nut" Athletic Donna participated in G.A.A. and lent her talents to Gym Club . . . an attractive boost to any business school. G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Commercial Club 3g Y-Teen 1. ROBERT J. INGLES PATRICIA LEA INNAMORATO WILLIAM N. IRVINE JANET ROSE JARABIN "Jan" "Five-foot two, eyes of bluef'-this and her merry disposition will aid her in future work . . . an avid football fan. Y-Teen lg G.A.A. 23 Bowling Club 23 Art Club 33 Pep Club 3. JOYCE E. JENNY "Joyce" Joyce was an avid rooter at all N.H. sports events . . . Pep Club was fortunate to have Joyce as a member. Bowling Club 23 Commercial Club 3g Pep Club 3. DONALD P. JOHNSON "Don" North Hills benefited from Don's interest and ability in sports . . .I his sharp looks and affable disposition made him a favorite of a l. Football 1, 2'-Manager 33 Hi-Y I, 23 Hall Patrol 2, 33 Gym Club 2, 33 Track 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Chapel Choir 3g Yearbook 3. LESLIE E. JOHNSON "Leslie" Independent and always ready with a comment . . . thislsix- footer was right at home in Gym Club. Gym Club I. WENDY GENE JOHNSON "Wendy" A high-steppin' majorette, who spread her cheer with her sparkling eyes and a sunny smile . . . Wendy was a loyal member of Pep Club. Shuffle Shop Committee lg Latin Club lg Correspondence Club lg Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Y-Teen 13 Majorette 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 2. ROBERT L. IVEY JOYCE CAROL JACKSON DONNA J. JAMES JANET ROSE JARABIN JOYCE E. JENNY DONALD P. JOHNSON LESLIE E. JOHNSON WENDY GENE JOHNSON 45 CHARANNE JONES JANET DOROTHY JONES STEPHEN JOHN JONES RALPH KENNETH JONES CHARANNE JONES "Char', This delightful, demure, darling was a dandy in the music field . . . her diligent work had much to do with the success of the girls' trio. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Trio 1, 2, 3g G.A.A. 1. JANET DOROTHY JONES "Jan" Often found watching baseball games or listening to the radio . . . sure to make a dependable secretary. Y-Teen 2, 33 Commercial Club 33 S.A.A.-Business Manager 3. STEPHEN JOHN JONES '4Stevo" Name a dance, Stevo knows it . . . aside from putting himself wholeheartedly into some dance, sports is number two on his list of interests. Football 13 Basketball 13 Hall Patrol 2, 33 Physical Fitness Club 2. RALPH KENNETH JONES "Kones" Good sense of humor, plus . . . a sports event just wouldn't be the same without Kones. Commercial Club 3. JAMES F. KAELIN "Jimi, Jim finds archery an interesting pastime . . . found print shop to be his favorite class. Commercial Club 3. GEORGE RICHARD KALL "George" Will be long remembered by all his classmates because of his intelligence and versatile personality . . . George, North Hills' number one extemp speaker, will attend college after graduation. Speech Club 2, 33 Debate Club 2, 3g National Honor Society 2, 33 Latin Club 13 Student Council Alternate 3. RALPH JOHN KARN "Ralph" Enjoyed all of North Hills' sports . . . hard working and devoted basketball manager. Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3g Speech 2, 3g Debate 2, 3g Junior Achievement 2, 33 Latin Club 13 Golf 1. MATHEW T. KEARNS 'LMatI,' Easy going and quiet . . . chose metal shop as his favorite class. JOSEPH KELLY "Joe" Boomed his way through North Hills in the band . . . college is next on ,Ioe's list. Band 1, 2, 3. JOYCE LYNNE KELLEY "Kelly" Never a dull moment when Kelly's around . . . nursing will claim this blonde. J.C.L. 13 Pep Club 23 F.N.A. 2, 3g Bowling Club 23 Y-Teen 3. SALLY LOU KELSO "Sally" If there's a basketball game or dance, you can be sure Sally will be there . . . look out, business school, Sally's coming your way! Pep Club 2, 33 Bowling Club 23 Girls' Chorus 2, 3g Library Club 33 Commercial Club 3g Y-Teen 3. ROBERT KENNEDY "Bob" An enthusiastic car fiend . . . found P.D. and Metal Shop quite interesting. 46 JAMES F. KAELIN GEORGE RICHARD KALL RALPH JOHN KARN MATHEW T. KEARNS JOSEPH KELLY JOYCE LYNNE KELLEY SALLY LOU KELSO ROBERT KENNEDY HELENE R. KIGHT "Helene" Lively and talented majorette . . . sure to be one of the cutest and best dressed coeds on any college campus. Majorette 1, 2, 35 Executive Council I5 Student Council Alternate 15 Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee I5 Pep Club 1, 35 Student Council 2, 35 Secretary of Publicity 35 Foreign Pen Pal Club I5 Y-Teen 15 Executive Council Alter- nate 2. LOI S ANN KLOES "Dutchess" Dutchess was North Hills, gain in her junior year . . . ap- preciates good organ music and Mr. llfIetz's first period P.D. class. F.H.A. 35 Pep Club 3. KENNETH CHARLES KNAB '6Kenny" Certainly respected by all his classmates . . . "speed demon" of the track team. Football 25 Basketball I5 Hi-Y 1, 25 Gym Club 2, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Executive Council Alternate 3. ELMER JOSEPH KNAUS, JR. 'iDonut', A hunting enthusiast . . . plans to attend college' in the future. Chess Club 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3. ROBERT C. KNAUS 6'Mouse" Really sticlfs to his "Guns" . . . Photography Club held "Mouse,s" interest. Photography Club 2, 35 Chess Club 3. HELENE R. KIGHT LOIS ANN KLOES KENNETH CHARLES KNAB ELMER JOSEPH KNAUS, JR. ROBERT C. KNAUS DAVID C. KNIESS RICHARD C. KNIGHT WILLIAM H. KNOCH JOHN FRANCIS KOEHLER FREDERICK PAUL KOESLINC We find four illustrious Seniors sitting out a fast number on the side- lines. -Bruce Abel, Helene Kight, Suzy Ervin, Bill Corley DAVID C. KNIESS '4Big Klu" Especially enjoyed band and Physical Fitness Club . . . busi- ness school is next for this lad. Physical Fitness Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 2, 35 Band I, 2, 35 Chess Club 35 Brass Choir 35 -Brass En- semble 3. RICHARD C. KNIGHT "DiClCy,' Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the band . . . finds build- ing models an interesting hobby. Band 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM H. KNOCH 4'Bill" Bill was quite an essential asset to the baseball and football teams . . . lucky will be the college that gets this handsome lad. Baseball 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 35 Hi-Y 25 Basketball I. JOHN FRANCIS KOEHLER "Jack" Entered North Hills from North Catholic in his junior year . . . intramurals interested Jack. Football 2. FREDERICK PAUL KOESLING "Fred,' lCZrd shark . . . was especially active in Chorus and Spfeech C a . Latin Club 15 Chorus I, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 35 Mixed Octet 25 Mixed Ensemble I5 Chorus-Vice President 35 Speech Club 2, 35 Debate 2, 35 Speech Club-President 35 Student Council 35 Football Manager 2, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 3. 47 RAYMOND L. KROTROZ0 ROBERT R. KRAUSE WILLIAM EDWARD KRECEK ANNA MAE L. KRUMMERT RAYMOND L. KOTROZO "Ray,' North Hills gained this good-looking senior in his junior year from North Catholic . . . sports was his first love. Chess Club 35 Football 25 Junior Executive Council 25 Hi-Y 2. ROBERT R. KRAUSE "Bob" Bob's main interest in school was senior math5 outside, cars . . . was quite interested in North Hills' sports events. WILLIAM EDWARD KRECEK "Billy Print shop rates high with Bill . . . outside of school, cars are his main interest. ANNA MAE L. KRUMMERT f'Annie" Enjoyed chemistry class and working on the Arrowhead . . . sure to be a knock out in a nurse's uniform. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 Arrowhead 2, 35 Library Club 2, 3-Secretary 2, Treasurer 35 Bowling Club 2, 3-Secretary 35 Latin Club l-Chairman of Social Activities 15 Executive Coun- cil Alternate 1. JANET LEE KUNZ "Janet" A sincere and hard working Pep Club member . . . friendly ways blended with brains are sure to help Janet be a hit at college. Pep Club 2, 3w-Committee Head 35 Latin Club 15 Foreign Pen Pal Club 15 Y-Teen 15 Library Club 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 C.A.A. 2. JANET E. LANG "Janet,' An avid horseback rider . . . Janet plans to go to college and then to get her R.N. Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 15 Pep Club 2, 35 F.N.A. 2, 35 Bowling Club 25 F.H.A. 15 Yearbook 35 Foreign Pen Pal Club 1. ROBERT G. LANG "Bob" Good looks and cars are his specialties . . . his experience as Norhian business manager is sure to be an aid to him at college. Yearbook 2, 3-Business Manager 35 Hi-Y 2. CLAUDIA E. LIGONS 4'Ligons" A singing and dancing specialist . . . her experience as Y-Teen president was good training for her elementary school teacher future. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3-Secretary 35 Chorus Executive Council 35 Chapel Choir 2, 35 Y-Teen 2, 3-President 35 Bowling Club 2, 3-Treasurer 35 Mixed Ensemble 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Student Council Alternate 1. CAROL ANN LINDSAY "Carol" Came to our school district from Shaler in her sophomore year . . . chorus wouJdn't have been the same without this future nurse. Latin Club 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 Yearbook 35 Foreign Pen Pal Club 1. MARSHA KAY LIST "List" Known by her pretty clothes and fun-loving personality . . . sure to be a welcome addition to the business world. Bowling Club 25 Pep Club 2, 35 F.H.A. 35 Y-Teen 1. FRANCES LAURA LOBAUGH "Fran" Pretty, vivacious Fran was an outstanding member of the chorus . . . plans a teaching career for the future. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Y-Teen I5 Mixed Ensemble 1, 25 Girls' Trio 35 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Correspondence Club 15 Yearbook 35 Executive Council 3. RUTH E. LOBECK "Ruth" Blonde, blue-eyed Ruth, an enthusiastic supporter of Pep Club . . . lent her voice to the Girls' Chorus. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 Latin Club 15 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Correspondence Club 15 F.H.A. 1. 48 JANET LEE KUNZ JANET E. LANG ROBERT G. LANG CLAUDIA E. LIGONS CAROL ANN LINDSAY MARSHA KAY LIST FRANCES LAURA LOBAUGH RUTH E. LOBECK ROBERT CHARLES LOEHR "Bob" Football and dancing are among Bob's favorites . . . plans to "go sailing" with the Navy after graduation. Photography Club 33 Projection Club 3g Gym Club 33 Corres- pondence Club 2. ELIZABETH H. LOGAN "Liz', Our beautiful football queen, Liz was one of the most outstand- ing members of the Class of '60 . . . a peppy cheerleader and most capable Editor of the yearbook. Cheerleading 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 13 Latin Club 13 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2g Chapel Choir 1, 33 Y-Teen 13 Newspaper 23 Yearbook 2, 3- Editor-in-Chief 33 N.F.L. 2, 33 Speech Club 2, 3-3rd in state finals3 National Honor Society 2, 33 Executive Council 2-Secre- tary of Correspondence 23 Student Council I-Alternate 23 Junior Class Playg Student Exchange 23 "MOST LIKELY TO SUC- CEEDYQ "MOST PERSONABLEJ' ROBERT L. LUTZ "Bohn Quiet yet friendly and helpful . . . enjoys tinkering with his shortwave radio. Photography Club 2, 33 Hall Patrol 2, 3. BARBARA ANN LUX 6'Barb" Wonderful personality, sparkling black hair . . . enjoyed her favorite pastime by singing in the Chorus. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Chapel Choir 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Latin Club 13 Correspondence Club 1. BEATRICE KIZIRAH LYLES "Dolly" Friendly, ambitious member of the Class of '60 . . . Howard University, here she comes. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Y-Teen 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Library Club 3-Library Aid 33 Dramatics Club 2. RUTH MARIE MAGUIRE "Ruthie" Friendlly, hard working Ruth was a friend to everyone . . . built great school spirit as capable president of Pep Club. ROBERT CHARLES LOEHR ELIZABETH H. LOGAN ROBERT L. LUTZ BARBARA ANN LUX Correspondence Club 1-Vice President lg Y-Teen I3 Shuffle Shop Committee lg F.H.A. lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3-Decoration Committee Chairman-President 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Chapel Choir 1, 2, 33 Yearbook 2, 33 Newspaper 1,123 National Honor Society 2, 33 Latin Club 1-Officerg Class ay 3. VINCENT EDWARD MALONE '4Vinnie" Tall, dark and handsome . . . North Catholic's athletic loss, North H ills, gain in football and baseball. Football I, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Junior Achievement I3 Gym Club 2, 3. FRED MAN CUSO "Fred" Fred held the attention of Chorus as a fine president . . . gave that added "0omph" to the football and baseball teams. Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 13 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y Basket- ball 2, 33 Hall Patrol 2, 33 Chorus 2, 3-President 3g Gym Club 2, 33 Student Council 3g Hi-Y 2, 3. EVELYN LEE MARSIC "Evelyn" Came to North Hills from Etna in her junior year . . . S.0.P. was high on her list of favorite classes. F.H.A. 2, 33 Commercial Club 3. RICHARD R. MASER Infectious sense of humor, an ample store of wit . . . enjoyed the band to the fullest. Band 1, 2, 33 Jazz Appreciation Club 3g Wrestling 1. ROZANN E MASLANKA "Rozanne" Pretty, personable, peppy . . . enthusiastically supported Pep Club and the team on field and court. BARBARA JEAN MAYBURY "Barb', Short and sweet, that smile never leaves her face . . . will be a very capable secretary. 44Maze!9 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 G.A.A. 2, 33 Y-Teen lg Commercial Club 33 Gym Club 3. BEATRICE KIZIRAH LYLES RUTH MARIE MAGUIRE VINCENT EDWARD MALONE FRED MANCUSO EVELYN LEE MARSIC RICHARD R. MASER ROZANNE MASLANKA BARBARA JEAN MAYBURY 49 MARY ANN MAZZEO DENNIS D. MCBURNEY SANDRA LEE McCLYMONDS LINDA McCUNE MARY ANN MAZZEO "Mazz" Pretty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes . . . Commercial Club was a favorite as she worked toward her goal of private secretary. Y-Teen 15 Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 3. DENNIS D. MCBURNEY "Den" Quiet and well liked, Den enjoyed football and basketball . . . business school figures in his future. Hi-Y 15 Band 1. SANDRA LEE McCLYMONDS "Sandy,' Friendly, reliable Sandy, always ready and willing to help others . . . Chorus was one of her favorites. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Correspondence Club 15 Latin Club I. LINDA MCCUNE "Lynn" Her vivacity and good humor added a great deal to Pep Club . . . business school figures in her future. Pep Club 25 Commercial Club 3. DIARMUID McGUIRE 4'Diarmuid" Good looking, hardworking Diarmuid . . . newspaper and wrestling took much of his time. Latin Club I5 Ha'll Patrol 2, 35 Yearbook 1, 25 Newspaper 1, 2, 35 N.F.L. 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Student Council 25 Stu- dent Council Cabinet 25 Executive Council 25 French Club 35 Speech Club I, 2, 35 Debate 1, 2, 3. BLAINE E. MCKINLEY "Blaine" Capable, complaisant Blaine enjoyed Speech Club and lV.F.L. . . . plans to follow the field of political science. Speech Club 2, 35 N.F.L. 2, 35 Yearbook 35 Hi-Y 2. CHARLES S. MEHARRY "Chuck" Chuck was a fan of football and basketball . . . also enjoys tinkering with cars. JANET LETITIA MEISINGER alan" Bookkeeping was one of .lan's favorite classes . . . she plans on accounting school after graduation. F.H.A. 35 Commercial Club 3. LAURA ANN MEYER "Laurie" Active supporter of Pep Club . . . chances are she'll attend IBM Business School in the fall. Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 3. BETTY MILLER "Betty" A cheerful and amiable classmate who worked hard to make F.H.A. a success . . . will go to business school after graduation. G.A.A. 15 F.H.A. 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Y-Teen 1. CAROLYN DOROTHY MILLER "Carolyn" Pleasant, sincere Carolyn was an eager participant in all sports . . . enjoyed serving on Student Council. Student Council 2, 35 G.A.A. 25 French Club 3. CHARLES E. MILLER "Chuck,' Striking red hair . . . Chuck's main interest focuses on cars. 50 DIARMUID McGUIRE BLAINE E. MCKINLEY CHARLES S. MEHARRY .IANET LETITIA MEISINGER LAURIE ANN MEYER BETTY MILLER CAROLYN DOROTHY MILLER CHARLES E. MILLER DAVID LEIGH MILLER "Mil-Mil" Full of subtle humor, that's Dave . . . his participation in football added much to the team. Football 1, 2, 33 Hall Patrol 3g Hi-Y 2g Speech Club 1. PATRICIA LOU MILLER Pretty, pert Pat, possesses an eye for fashion . . . may someday return to North Hills as a teacher. Correspondence Club 2g F.T.A. 3. 6GPat77 MICHELE ANNE MILLS Petite and peppy Mickey, well liked by all . . . enjoyed the new Biology Research Club. Biology Research Club 3. "Mickey', WILLIAM MITZEL 'gButch', Good looking Dave enjoyed metal shop . . . might follow a profession in the field of mechanics. ELIZABETH ANN MOFFAT '4Ann', Blonde, good looking Ann did a fine job as Sports Editor of the yearbook . . . her favorite job was at the information desk. Latin Club 13 Yearbook 2, 3-Sports Editor 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Correspondence Club 13 Y-Teen 13 Student director of Senior Play 3g "MOST ATHLETIC." DAVID LEIGH MILLER PATRICIA LOU MILLER MICHELE ANNE MILLS WILLIAM MITZEL ELIZABETH ANN MOFFAT PAULETTE LOUISE MUCKLE ELAINE JEAN MULLEN PATSY J. MURPHY ROY A. MYERS CHARLES RAYMON NADRASH What could possibly have been lost in the planter? -Jack Boder, La Verne Weller, George Sell. PAULETTE LOUISE MUCKLE "Paulette" ':Paulette's" keen artistic tastes and talents show through in her stylish wardrobe . . . college will take up the next four years as she joins the ranks of the educated. Y-Teen 13 Bowling Club 23 Pep Club 2, 3g Art Club 2, 3g F .T.A. 3. ELAINE JEAN MULLEN aTimmy" But definitely active! This pint size atom Bomb was always on the go-serving . . . "Timmy', hopes to be a medical tech- nician upon graduation from Penn State. Band I, 2, 33 F.N.A. 2, 33 Correspondence Club I, 2-Corres- ponding Secretary 1, 2g Latin Club 1g Yearbook 33 Science Achievement lg Orchestra 3. PATSY J. MURPHY "Murph" "Murph," a southern belle from New Orleans, was new to N.H. in her junior year . . . an extremely warm and delightful girl to know. Pep Club 2, 33 Bowling Club 2, 33 Executive Council 2. ROY A. MYERS 4'Skip" "Skip,v the boy who knows cars as well as his name, has the Air Force in mind after graduation . . . another car fan! CHARLES RAYMON NADRASH "Chuck,' Destined to become a famous lawyer-we will all be proud to say of "Chuck," 'Swhy I knew him when" . . . Friendly, faithful and strictly an A 9461 guy. Gym Club 23 Speech Club 33 Senior Class play 3. 5I RICHARD JOSEPH NEIDHART LINDA IRENE NEUMAN NANCY ANETTE NICHOLS MADELINE MARIE NOCK RICHARD JOSEPH NEIDHART Tall, dark, and handsome "Dick" likes cars . . . he is looking forward to college and a dazzling future. Hi-Y 1, 2. LINDA IREN E NEUMAN "Linn One of the accomplished girls who is a success at all she tries . . . "Lin" will be "Miss Popularity," for sure, when she hits college. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 15 F.H.A. 1, 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Bowling Club 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Gym Club 3. NANCY ANETTE NICHOLS "Nancy,' Cute as a button with huge dimples and striking green eyes . . . Nancy will turn collegiate upon graduation. Y-Teen 15 Pep Club 25 Girls' Chorus 2. MADELINE MARIE NOCK "Madeline,' Short, sweet, and ever smiling . . . Madeline will certainly make an efficient secretary in "Big Businessv upon graduation. Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 25 F.H.A. 2. DONNA MARIA NOGA "Donna" This Blonde beauty's attractiveness will set an example and draw many customers for a career as a beautician . . . a sharp, top-notch dancer. Y-Teen 1. HELEN MARIE NOGA "Helen,' With a pleasing and likable personality, Helen hopes to gain her white cap in nursing . . . her patients will Cut well 'cause a hobby of hers is cooking. Library Club 1, 35 F.N.A. 3. EVELYN LOUISE NORTON "Evie" "Dick" Quiet, soft-spoken, intelligent, and friendly . . . Evie's hobby- cooking-will be an asset to her family life after her college years. Y-Teen 1, 25 F.T.A. 2, 35 Pep Club 35 Library Club 3. NANCY MAY O'BRIEN "O'B" Full of zip, spirit, and personality, sparkling "0'B" will always be remembered . . . especially by the teams she cheered to victories. Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Bowling Club 25 Newspaper 2, 35 Yearbook 35 Latin Club 15 Student Council 15 Foreign Pen Pal Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 1. MARGARET MARY OEHMLER "Peggy7' W arm, dependable, soft-spoken, and sincere, "Peggy" has always been a diligent and dependable worker and friend . . . her next undertaking?-College. Student Council 15 Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 15 Library Club 1, 25 Yearbook 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3. DOREEN E. OLDAKER '6Doreen" Doreen's wide range of interests extend into many fields, thus a very interesting individual . . . as a nurse she'll put many a patient in good health. Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 35 F.N.A. 2, 3-Treasurer 35 Bowling Club 2, 35 .l.A. 3. MARGARET ANN O'MALLEY "Peggy" As a secretary, short and striking "Peggy," with shiny black hair will no doubt spend her off hours competing with Katherine Murray . . . dancing her way to happiness. Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 25 F.H.A. 2. KENNETH J. OSTERRIEDER "Ken" Hunting and fishing will take care of relaxation for "Ken" during his off hours in business . . senior math learnings will help him count his earnings. 52 DONNA MARIA NOGA HELEN MARIE NOGA EVELYN LOUISE NORTON NANCY MAY O'BRIEN MARGARET MARY OEHMLER DOREEN E. OLDAKER MARGARET ANN O'MALLEY KENNETH J. OSTERRIEDER JAMES C. OSWALD '4Ozzie" Now the country will come out of its financial mess,-"Ozzie" plans to enter Big Business . . . Perhaps he can use some of the coins from his collection to stop inflation. DAVID M. PAVLIK "Dave" This handsome fellow has always been a lady killer . . . why? . . . "Dave's" a sharp dresser, good-looking and witty. Football I, 2g Newspaper 2, 3g Hi-Y 1. DAVID L. PEDEN 'gDave" Dave's hobby-golf-will no doubt fill all of his spare time . . . studies come easily to this quiet, college bound boy. Photo Club 2g Speech Club 2g N.F.L. 2. NORMA JEAN PETRULEVICH "Norma" Sincere, intelligent, and quiet, Norma, was new to N.H. in her senior year . . . she rapidly made friends and became a useful credit to her class. Pep Club 35 F.N.A. 3. WILLIAM PFAFF LE "Bill" Behind those smiling brown eyes lies "Bill's" serious side . . . he knows that Technical School will take away some of his time from his favorite interests, cars and sports. RALPH C. PHELLEPS "Waddie" College plans are in the future for this spectacular fashion plate . . . with a great sense of humor, "Waddie" is always ready with a joke, especially on his teachers. Hi-Y 2. JAMES C. OSWALD DAVID M. PAVLIK DAVID L. PEDEN NORMA JEAN PETRULEVICH SUSAN LOUISE PLATT "Sue,' Certainly a gain for the mighty class of '60 in our junior year . . . personality plus. Pep Club 2, 33 Newspaper 23 Yearbook 3. BARRY J. POOR "Poor" Helped plan the Junior Prom . . . as a fellow who could always be counted on, his friends and interests are many. Executive Council 2, 3g Biology Club 35 J.A. 3. STANLEY E. PORTER "Stan" "Stan" was kept busy blowing his horn in the Trumpet Trio and the famous N.H. Swing Band . . . success is in store if he remembers the cry from his favorite class, "Murden Will 0ut."' Trumpet Trio 2, 35 Swing Band 3. WALTER E. PREM RU "Walt" "Walt's" interests slant toward hunting and fishing . . . thus a rugged, good-looking, outdoors type. PATRICIA ANNE PRINCE "Pat" Fit to be the daughter of King Midas with her flaxen blonde hair, expressive eyes, and angelic voice . . . "Pats, determina- tion and time standards will always be to her credit. Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 39 Pep Club 1, 3g Newspaper 2, 3g Photo Club 23 Y-Teen 1. ELLEN QUINN PROUDFOOT "Elgin" 5'2',, eyes of blue, "Elgin" plans to become an airline stewardess after completing two years of college . . . served her school and class well. Y-Teen lg Pep Club 2, 3g Student Council 2, 3g Executive Council 3-Corresponding Secretary 33 F.H.A. 2. WILLIAM PFAFFLE RALPH C. PHELLEPS SUSAN LOUISE PLATT BARRY J. POOR STANLEY E. PORTER WALTER E. PREMRU PATRICIA ANNE PRINCE ELLEN QUINN PROUDFOOT 53 THOMAS E. RAMAGE PAMELA VIRGINIA RANDALL DAVID E. RANDOLPH CHARLES K. RANKIN THOMAS E. RAMAGE "Tom" Tall, blonde, and blue eyed . . . Tom plans to carry on with his chorus and art interests in the college future he plans. l Boys' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Chapel Choir 35 Wrestling 15 Yearbook 35 Class Play 2. PAMELA VIRGINIA RANDALL "Pam" Life of every party, a more wonderful sense of humor cannot be found . . . ever the snappy dresser. Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 3-Vice President 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Yearbook 35 Newspaper 25 Executive Council alternate 2, 35 Class Play 3. DAVID E. RANDOLPH 4'Dave" Dynamic in all instrumental activities . . . charmed everyone with his sense of humor and winning smile. Hi-Y 15 Band 1, 2, 35 Executive Council Officer 35 Swing Band 1, 2, 35 Sax Sextet I, 2, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Jazz Appreciation Club 3. CHARLES K. RANKIN "Ken" Joined us in his senior year-our gain, Cuyahoga F alls' loss . . . enjoys hunting or water skiing in his spare moments. DORIS IRENE RAPP "Doris,' An asset to any organization she belonged to . . . may be back at North Hills some day-teaching. Latin Club 15 Library Club 15 Penpals Club 15 Y-Teens 1, 25 Bowling Club 25 F.T.A. 2, 3-Vice President 35 F.H.A. 3. DENNIS OTTO RASCOV 4'Den" Can be found golfing or bowling in any spare moment . . . Especially liked chemistry and mechanical drawing here at North 'lls. lChess Club 3. JANE ELIZABETH REHORST flame" Jane's dynamic personality made her an indispensable captain of the cheerleaders . . . took her work seriously and did things well. G.A.A. 15 Latin Club 15 Pen Pal Club 15 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3- Captain 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Chapel Choir 2, 35 Executive Council 1, 2, 35 News- paper 25 Yearbook 2, 3-Activities Editor 3. JOHN JOSEPH REILLY "Rile" An energetic sports fan . . . plans to "tow the line" in the Navy after graduation. Jazz Appreciation Club 3. MARY ALICE REUBI 6'Mary" An efficient bookkeeper and a real asset to all of her classes . . . enjoys listening to records as she whips up the dress for that special occasion. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 3. SANDRA REEVES REUTZEL "Sandy" Cenerously participated in many of the activities . . . never missed a dance put on by the Pep Club. Speech Club 15 Y-Teen I5 Pep Club I, 25 G.A.A. 1, 25 Bowling Club 25 Library Club 2, 35 F.N.A. 2, 35 Yearbook 35 Senior Executive Council Alternate. GAIL CAROLYN REYNOLDS "Gail" Brown-eyed, peppy, and liked by all . . . had both tact and poise as she went about her duties on Student Council Cabinet. Newspaper 15 Latin Club 1-Treasurer 15 Student Council Alternate 1, 2-Secretary of Assemblies 35 Pen Pal Club 15 Speech Club 1, 25 Junior Executive Council 2-Treasurer 25 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 35 N.F.L. 2, 35 Yearbook 2, 3- Features Editor 35 National Honor Society 2, 3. LOIS ANN RINEHART "Lo" Lo, a little blue-eyed, blonde, came to us from Springfield in her senior year . . . an appealing disposition certain to be an asset in the field of nursing. Bowling Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 F.N.A. 3. 54 DORIS IRENE RAPP DENNIS OTTO RASCOV JANE ELIZABETH REHORST .IOHN JOSEPH REILLY MARY ALICE REUBI SANDRA REEVES REUTZEL GAIL CAROLYN REYNOLDS LOIS ANN RINEHART MARGERY L. RITCHEY '4Margie,' One of our attractive and quickwitted belles . . . gave her whole-hearted support to all she took part in. Latin Club I5 Pen Pals Club I5 Y-Teen 15 F.N.A. 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 35 Yearbook 35 Library Club 3. PAUL HENRY RITTLE 4'Paul" Happy-go-lucky personality-takes school as it comes . . . does his best work in chemistry lab. Gym Club 2, 35 Chess Club 3. RANDOLPH M. ROBERTS "Randy,, Tall, athletic and good-looking . . . a sincere, hard worker, sure to be a success in any field he may select. Basketball I, 25 Baseball I, 25 Art Club 35 Biology Club 3. ROBERT L. ROBINSON "Robby" A lot of energy packed into this small package . . . Robby's success on the football field has been accredited to his "singing heart." Gym Club 25 Football 2, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Chapel Choir. THOMAS PATRICK ROCHE "Tom', Good natured and nonchalant . . . contributed a great deal of his time and talent to Speech Club, as its business manager. ,I.A. I5 Latin Club I5 Football I5 Hi-Y 1, 25 Boys' Chorus 25 N.F,L. 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 35 Debate Club 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 3 wBusiness Manager 3. You don't mean to say that you wrote that article yourself? -Diarmuid McGuire and John Blackstock-two faithful newspapermen. NANCY JOAN ROCKEY "Nan" Nan's artistic ability never lacked in the way she wore her lovely blonde hair . . . found chemistry and PD. to be very stimulating classes. Pep Club I5 Y-Teen I, 25 Art Club 2, 3. RICHARD NORMAN ROY "Rich" Always on the goffull of zest for living . . . an amicable fellow with a winning smile. Science Club I5 Newspaper 25 Yearbook 2, 3-Art Editor 35 ,I.A. 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Wrestling 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN M. RUDOLPH "Kathy" Arrived at North Hills in the spring of her junior year-Pea- body's loss . . . certain to succeed as a nurse in the future years. F.N.A. 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Chapel Choir 3. MARY BUTLER RUPPEL "Mary Bw A friendly smile and a cheery "Hin for all she knew . . . especially enjoyed singingfin the '59 talent show. Chorus 15 Band 2, 35 Newspaper 1, 2, 3-Features Editor. JOHN W. RYGIEL "Johnny" Good-humored, friendly, and a winning smile . . . sure to be a success in the field of electronics. Auto Club 35 Photo Club 2, 3-President 3. MARGERY L. RITCHEY PALL HENRY RITTLE RANDOLPH M. ROBERTS ROBERT L. ROBINSON THOMAS PATRICK ROCHE NANCY JOAN ROCKEY RICHARD NORMAN ROY KATHLEEN M. RANDOLPH MARY BUTLER RUPPEL JOHN W. RYGIEL 55 PATRICIA E. SCANLON JAMES ROBERT SCHAFER DONALD WILLIAM SCHAIRER PAUL ROBERT SCHLEMMER PATRICIA E. SCANLON "Ducky" Staunch supporter of North Hills football and basketball teams . . . a whiz in commercial club-born to be a success in that field. G.A.A. 15 Y-Teens lg Library Club 25 Dramatics Club 25 Speech Club 25 Pep Club 35 Commercial Club 3. JAMES ROBERT SCHAFER "Shaf,7 Will be long remembered for his pleasant manner and many abilities . . . won all of our hearts with his infectious grin and hilarious remarks. Gym Club 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 J.A. 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3. DONALD WILLIAM SCHAIRER 'LDonl, Can always be found with his "go cart" . . . North Hills' future daVinci at Pittsburgh Art Institute. Art Club 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Photography Club 35 Track 3. PAUL ROBERT SCHLEMIVIER "Paul,' Tall, good looking, and a likeable, easy-going person . . . con- tributed to the success of the Band. Gym Club 25 Band 1, 2, 3. JAMES R. SCHMIDT :'Jim" At home on the "Diamond,' . . . sure to remain tops in the memory of his classmates. Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Baseball I, 2, 3. MARY ANN SCHNEIDER 4'lVIary Annn Congenial and friendly . . . a willing and dependable. worker. Library Club I5 Dramatics Club 25 G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 35 Pep Club 35 Commercial Club 3. BRUCE WITTMER SCHOMAKER "Shoe" The "eternal jokestef' . . . a real standout on the dance floor. Photography Club 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Executive Council 1, 25 Hi-Y I, 35 Gym Club 2, 35 Football l, 2, 3. HARRY G. SCHRINER "Harry" One of our less talkative students . . . looks forward to at- tending Carnegie Tech. BARBARA JEAN SCHROEDER '4Barb" Capricious and lively . . . fashion conscious-always exquisitely groomed. Latin Club 15 Y-Teens 15 Pen Pal Club lg G.A.A. 15 Pep Club I, 25 Junior Class Play5 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Speech Club 3-Secretary 35 Library Club 2, 35 Library Aid 2, 35 Student Council Alternate 35 Senior Class Play. THOMAS RALPH SCHWARTZ '4Big All' Especially enjoyed working on cars . . . had a pleasant word for everyone. Football 15 Chess Club 2, 3. DONNA LEE SCHWILM "Donna" Fair complexion, beautiful blonde hair . . . worked hard at studies and all she set out to do. Dramatics Club 25 Library Club 25 F.H.A. 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 Pep Club 3. BARRY D. SEAGREN "Barry" An old-timer in the Bandw-terrific clarinetist . . . excelled in Trig. Band 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 35 Orchestra 3. JAMES R. SCHMIDT MARY ANN SCHNEIDER BRUCE WITTMER SCHOMAKER HARRY G. SCHRINER 56 BARBARA JEAN SCHROEDER THOMAS RALPH SCHWARTZ DONNA LEE SCHWILM BARRY D. SEAGREN GEORGE SELL "George,, A rather serious fellow . . . a diligent and dependable worker --capable of every task he undertook. Art Club 23 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Speech 3. EUGENIE ALICE SHOWE "Genie', Quite the tasteful individualist . . . added that extra glow to the social affairs she planned. Band 1, 2, 33 Newspaper 13 Yearbook 2, 3-Photography Editor 33 Speech 1, 2, 33 N.F.L. 1, 2, 3g Y-Teen 1, 2-Committee Head 2g Latin Club 1-Consul 13 Correspondence Club 13 National Honor Society 2, 3g Student Council' 1, 3-Alternate 1-Cabinet 33 G.A.A. li Shuffle Shop Committee 13 HDID MOST FOR NORTH HILLS." WARREN PERRY SHREVE HPerry" Quiet with a subtle sense of humor . . . fine musical qualities put to use in the band. Student Council Representative lg Band I, 2, 3. LUCILLE ANN SKENDER '4Lucy" A lively little miss with that "Ivory look" . . . her goal-to make the newspaper the BEST, and she did. Newspaper 1, 2, 3-Editor 3g National Honor Society 2, 3- Secretary 33 Pep Club 13 F.T.A. 23 Yearbook I3 Student Council 2-Alternate lg Y-Teen 13 Shuffle Shop Committee 1. RAYMOND JAMES SKILLEN' "Ray" Quiet, nice to be with . . . finds archery and fishing his favorite. LOUIS DALE SLAIS "Lou" Really nice to know . . . supported his homeroom in intra- murals. Hi-Y 1, 23 Hi-Y Basketball 2g Chess Club 3. GEORGE SELL EUGENIE ALICE SHOWE WARREN PERRY SHREVE LUCILLE ANN SKENDER BYRON RICHARD SMITH g'Byron" His famous cancer experiment encouraged him to become a doctor . . . tall, blonde, blue-eyed and friendly to all. Hi-Y 13 ,I.C.L. I3 Biology Research Club I3-3 Intramurals 3. WILLIAM SMITH "Bill,' Passes his time working on cars . . . Metal Shop remained his favorite class. Hi-Y 1. ALFRED A. SNOWBALL, JR. "Tony,, Great sense of humor . . . tall Tony added his voice to the chorus. Football Manager I, 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Chapel Choir 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Chess Club 3. CAROL LYNN STACK '6Carol,' "Dance ballerina dance" Could be Carol's theme . . .' a diligent worker. Newspaper 33 Yearbook 33 Pep Club -1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 2g F.H.A. 1, 2g Junior Red Cross Representative 1, 23 Junior Classical League 13 Shuffle Shop Committee lg YfTeens 1. ROGER N. STANIER "Reg" Conscientious, sincere . . . exhibited his musical .talent in the band and orchestra. Speech Club 2, 3g Orchestra 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 3. JANET MARIE STEHLE alan" Perky, petite Jan, possesses the catchiest giggle . at home at homemaking. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3-President 3, Vice President 2g Commercial Club 33 Yearbook 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Y-Teens lg Student Secretaries 3. RAYMOND JAMES SKILLEN LOUIS DALE SLAIS BYRON RICHARD SMITH WILLIAM SMITH ALFRED A. SNOWBALL, JR. CAROL LYNN STACK ROGER N. STANIER JANET MARIE STEHLE 57 PAUL A. STEIGERWALD MADELINE STERANKA CONSTANCE STEWART KATHLEEN ANN STEWART PAUL A. STEIGERWALD "Paul" As funny as they come . . . in the limelight during wrestling season. Wrestling 2, 3g Student Council 3. MADELINE STERANKA 4'lVladdy,' Seems to enjoy most sports . . . a high spirited pep club member. G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Girls' Gym Club 33 Bowling Club 23 F.H.A. 23 F.T.A. 33 Library Club 33 Pep Club 3. CONSTANCE R. STEWART "Connie,, One of our conscientious commercial students . . . a well-liked senior. Pep Club 2g Commercial Club 3. KATHLEEN ANN STEWART "Stew" Champion in most sports . . . loves to explore the mysteries of biology. Latin Club 13 Y-Teens 13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3g Pep Club 23 Library Club 2, 33 Biology Research 3-Secretary 33 Bowling Club 3g Executive Council 3. ROBERT LEE STEWART '6Smokey" New to North Hills from Oliver-Sept. 58 . . . enthusiastic spectator at all football and basketball games. SHIRLEY STOLTENBERG "Shirl" Petite little lass . . . always had a .smile for everyone. F.H.A. 2, 33 Commercial Club 33 Pep Club 2, 3. RICHARD JOHN STOTZ "Rick" Drummer boy "Ricky managed to beat a path to success and popularity with everyone . . . a whiz with a basketball. Band 1, 2, 3-President 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Swing Band 33 Sophomore Executive Council 1-President3 Senior Executive Council 3-Vice President3 National Honor Society 2, 3. SUSAN LOUISE STOUGH "Susie" Gay, lively and fun to be with . . . an ardent and endless talker, when not busy trying to "figure something out." Cheerleading 1, 2, 33 Newspaper 2, 33 Yearbook 33 Latin Club lg Student Council Alternate 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Corre- spondence Club lg Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 33 Executive Council 33 Y-Teens 1. DANIEL H. STRAUB 'EDan" Determined, diligent, claims a wide variety of interests . . . sure to go far. Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2g Newspaper 2, 3g Speech Club 33 Track 33 N.F.L. 2, 3g Debate Club 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Boys' Chorus 33 Chapel Choir 33 Chorus Executive Council 3. JANICE M. STRIGANIVICZ "Jan" You might see her at the stock car races . . . one of our future homemakers. Y-Teens 13 Pep Club 23 Art Club 23 F.H.A. 3. HARRY N. SUKLA "Harry" Where seen? Sometimes on the golf course . . . found Metal Shop interesting. DENNIS ALAN SUTEY "Dennis7' North Hills, crooner . . . may be seen entertaining all with his guitar. Hi-Y 1, 23 Projection Club 2g Chapel Choir 3. 58 ROBERT LEE STEWART SHIRLEY STOLTENBERG RICHARD JOHN STOTZ SUSAN LOUISE STOUGH DANIEL H. STRAUB .IANICE M. STRIGANIVICZ HARRY N. SUKLA DENNIS ALAN SUTEY NICK SUTO uNick7, New to North Hillsffrom Perry, Sept. ,59, exhibited his talent on the football field. Football 3. SANDRA GAYLE SWANN "Swannie,' Her carefree nzanner delighted all . . . possesses an eye for fashion. Pep Club I, 2, 3g Executive Council 13 Library Club 2, F.H.A. 2, 3, Shuffle Shop Committee 1, Y-Teen 1. CAROLE ANN SWEENEY g'Sween'7 Dependable aSween,', always ready to help . . . competent Commercial Club president. Y-Teen lg Pep Club 2, 35 Library Club l, 23 F.H.A. I, 2, 3- Treasurer 3g Commercial Club 3MPresident 3g Yearbook 3. JAMES O. SWEENEY 4'Miek,' Try matching him with his twin . . . could be said that ears are his one love. ROBERT J. SWINT "Bohn Chemistry claimed his interests . . . foresees college. Hi-Y I, 2g Photography Club. NICK SUTO SANDRA GAYLE SWANN CAROLE ANN SWEENEY JAMES O. SWEENEY ROBERT J. SWINT EDWARD GEORGE THOMA JAMES TIMBERLAKE DENNIS JAMES TOMSEY ROSALIND CLAIRE TRBOVICH LINDA LEE TREGO With thoughts of graduation went thoughts of a college education. Miss Delp and Mr. Hummel, our guidance counselors, talk with D. Ayres, S. Ankeney, and J. Fehrenbaugh. EDWARD GEORGE THOMA 'gEd" A great friend to have . . . gave his all to Chorus activities. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 2, 3. JAMES TIMBERLAKE 'alimv Conscientious student . . . found biology interesting. Hi-Y'2g Chess Club 39 Track 2, 3. DENNIS JAMES TOMSEY 'gDen,' Our Hextra-pointi' man . . . contributed valuable service to all North Hills athletic events. Hi-Y Ig Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3. ROSALIND CLAIRE TRBOVICH "Ro" Mischievous miss . . . her cleverness provoked many a. laugh. Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3g Pep Club l, 2, 3, Y-Teen lg Newspaper 25 Yearbook 33 G.A.A. lg S.A.A. Manager 3. LINDA LEE TREGO "Linda" Artistic as well as amiable . . . soon will be seen on the college campus. Y-Teen I, Bowling Club 2, 3g Art Club 2, 39 F.N.A. 2, 3- Secretary 2. 59 JACQUELINE LOUISE TRIPODI FREDERICK RICHARD TRYNER ROBERT JAMES UNANGST RAYMOND CHARLES VEITH JACQUELINE LOUISE TRIPODI Tiny bundle of dynamite . . . an asset to all her commercial classes. F.H.A. 33 Commercial Club 3. '4Jackie', FREDERICK RICHARD TRYNER "Fred" Excelled on the football field and baseball diamond . . . nimble-witted. Football 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3g Student Council 1, 2, 3g Executive Council 2. ROBERT JAMES UNANGST "Bob" Quiet personality with appealing sense of humor . . . enjoys playing baseball. Baseball lg Wrestling lg Latin Club 13 Chess Club 3. RAYMOND CHARLES VEITH "Viking" Possessed endless spirit for North Hills . . . another "red" of the senior class. EDWARD E. VETTEL '4Ed,' Enthusiastic participator in many of North Hills, sports . . . found trigonometry a challenge. Football 1, 2, 33 'Track 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3g Wrestling 3. JUDITH ANN VOGEL "'Judy" Hey good lookin' . . . exhibited her athletic ability in G.A.A G.AlA. 1, 2, sg Y-Teen 1, 2, sg Bowling Club sg F.H.A. sf Pep Club 2, 35 Commercial Club 3. ALICE BETHEL WAGNER "Beth" Dainty and petite . . . a dedicated band member. Latin Club lg Girls' Chorus lg Y-Teen lg Shuffle Shop Com- mittee lg Pep Club 2, 3g Newspaper 2, 35 Band I, 2, 35 Year- book 3g Typing Editor 3. MARCIA ANN WAGNER "Marcia" North Hills' import from Toledo in Sophomore year . . . poised, pretty, assured. Pep Club 2, 34 Committee Head 3g Yearbook 3g Newspaper 35 Executive Council Alternate 2, 3g Student Council Altemate 3g Dramatics Club 2. JERRY T. WALCZAK '6Jerry'7 Fond of the outdoors and hunting . . . the Air Force will soon see ferry. JEAN ANN WALSH "Jean Anni' Sparkling blonde hair tops likeable .lean Ann . . . did more than her share as typing editor of the Norhian. Y-Teen lg Pep Club l, 2, 33 Bowling Club 23 G.A.A. lg Shuffle Shop Committee lg Yearbook 3-Typing Editor 3. ROBERT J. WALSH "Jim" Enjoys tinkering under the hood . . . the Air Force is in his plan for the future. NANCY LEE WARD "Nancy" An attractive 11iva'cious blonde . . . a diligent worker. Chorus l, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 39 Yearbook I, 33 Pep Club lg Shuffle Shop Committee lg G.A.A. lg Y-Teen lg Com- mercial Club 3. 60 EDWARD E. VETTEL .JUDITH ANN VOGEL ALICE BETHEL WAGNER MARCIA ANN WAGNER JERRY T. WALCZAK .JEAN ANN WALSH ROBERT J. WALSH NANCY LEE WARD SHIRLEY ANN WATSON "Shirl7' Loves to dance . . . her experience in bookkeeping will do her justice in that future profession. HARRY WEBER l'Harry', His hold in sports was wrestling . . . "carrot top.', Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Biology Research Club 35 Track 2, 35 Hall Patrol 25 Hi-Y 2, 3. GEORGE DOUGLAS WEIR '6Doug" Gained those valuable extra yards on the gridiron . . . versatile Doug is tops in everything. Football 1, 2, 3-Co-Captain 35 Basketball 15 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Exchange 25 Student Council 1, 2, 3-Alternate I, 2-eTreas- urer 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 1, 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Executive Council 1, 2h-President 25 Stage Crew 25 Hall Patrol 2, 35 Gym Club 2-Vice President 25 Latin Club 15 Organist 2, 3. KAREN JUNE WEISS "Karen" Vocal music is her forte . . . has a vibrant personality. Executive Council Alternate I5 Student Council 25 Alternate I5 Pep Club 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Chapel Choir 2, 35 Girls' Trio 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 "MOST MUSICAL." LaVERNE CATHERINE WELLER i'La Vernei' Sincere and friendly to all . . . well-groomed and meticulously neat. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Yearbook 35 Correspondence Club 25 Bowl- ing Club 25 French Club 35 G.A.A. 1. JUDITH L. WELSH "Judie" Soft-spoken and sincere . . . the commercial course kept hier busy. Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Y-Teen 2, 35 Commercial Club 35 Corres- pondence Club 2. SHIRLEY ANN WATSON HARRY WEBER GEORGE DOUGLAS WEIR KAREN JUNE WEISS JANET LYNNE WESTERWICK "lane-tv As collegiate as a trench coat . . . wears and does everything with a flair. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3-Executive Council 35 Chapel Choir 15 Y-Teen 15 G.A.A. 15 Latin Club 1. BARBARA LEE WHITE "Barb', Fun-loving blonde who truly enjoyed her senior year . . . any business school will welcome Barb. Pep Club 2, 35 Y-Teen 1, 35 G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 35 Commercial Club 3. FAITH WHITELEY "Faith" "Faith"-ful to the ideals of North Hills . . . enjoyed el espanol. Y-Teen 15 Latin Club 15 Correspondence Club 15 Dramatics Club 25 Pep Club 2, 3-Secretary 35 Newspaper 35 Yearbook 3. CAROL WILGOMAS "Carol" At home on the dance floor . . . happy-go-lucky. Pep Club 25 F.H.A. 25 G.A.A. 35 Bowling Club 15 Y-Teen 1. JUDITH ANN WILL "Judy,, As slender and lithe as a willow branch . . . is sure to brighten the atmosphere of any hospital room. Y-Teen 1, 2, 35 Library Club 15 Bowling Club 2, 35 F.N.A. 2, 3. HOLTON WILSON "Willie" Assiduous and dependable Willie . . . college bound. .l.A. 1, 2, 35 Biology Research Club 3-Vice President 35 Student Council 3-Cabinet 35 Executive Council 25 Football 15 Track 2, 35 F.T.A. 2. LaVERNE CATHERINE WELLER .IUDITH L. WELSH JANET LYNNE WESTERWICK BARBARA LEE WHITE FAITH WHITELEY CAROL WILGOMAS JUDITH ANN WILL HOLTON WILSON bl WAYNE A. WINDHORST VIRGINIA MARILYN WOESSNER SANDRA KAY WYNN GEORGE B. YOCUM, JR. CAROLYN BONNIE YUNK MARILYN FAITH ZANKEY KATHLEEN ZERA WILLIAM E. ZIMMERMAN WAYNE A. WINDHORST uWayne" Hunting and fishing top his list of favorite sports . . . a friendly and well-liked chap. VIRGINIA MARILYN WOESSNER '6Ginny" Always willing to help others . . . plans to don white as a nurse. Pep 'Club 13 Library Club 2, 33 F.H.A. 33 F.N.A. 3. SANDRA KAY WYNN "Rebel" Joined us in her senior year . . . has a novel pastime-reading about cars. GEORGE B. YOCUM, JR. "George,' Rates a high note in band and chorus . . . dimples accent his contagious grin. Band 1, 2, 33 Chorus 3g Wrestling 2, 33 Chapel Choir. CAROLYN BONNIE YUNK g'Bonnie" Gracious and gregarious . . . always neatly attired. Latin Club I3 Correspondence Club 13 Pep Club 1, 23 Y-Teen 13 Yearbook 13 F.T.A 2, 3-Secretary 2, 3g F.H.A. 3g News- paper 3. MARILYN FAITH ZANKEY NBOGU Zealous supporter of the football team . . . extremely expressive eyes. Latin Club I3 Correspondence Club 13 Pep Club 1, 23 Y-Teen I3 Newspaper 2, 33 F.T.A. 2, 33 F.H.A. 3. KATHLEEN ZERA "Kathy" An old smoothie on the dance floor . . . short but sweet. Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Y-Teen 13 F.H.A. 2, 3-Cabinet 23 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Commercial Club 3-Cabinet 33 Newspaper 3. WILLIAM E. ZIMMERMAN "Z" Can easily provoke gaiety and laughter in any crowd . . . a skillful trombonist. Band I, 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 3g Swing Band 33 Trombone Trio 33 Newspaper 3-Art Editor 3g Student Council 3g Hall Patrol 33 Exchange 23 Class Play 2, 3. N MEMORIAM DAN DAX "Danny" Dannyis enthusiasm and sense of humor spread rapidly among his fellow-classmates . . . The friends he made will keep him in their memories always. Art Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1. l 1 J 62 W Wonder what subject Sue Easton was so engrossed in-fcould that be a Time Magazine on the table? Could .1 potato chip bring on such a sneer?-Tom Roche. Holton Wilson. Our senior cheerleaders led the first and last pep assembly held in the gym. Genie! The gall of it alll Diarmuid McGuire and Barry Seagren were our National Merit finalists. The Home-Ee Tea was certainly a success, thanks to such hostesses as Peg O'Malley, Sandy Swann, Betty Miller, and Donna Callahan. Chuck Nadrash, Barbara Schroeder, Janet Fehrenbach, and Bill Zimmerman knew that their performance was superb. Graduation night will long remain in the memories of Pat Hudson, Pat Mil- ler, and Dave Pavlik. SENIOR CA DID X99 5 96 VWMN SU CCEED A Tut A 'III' -- "" .- Baxicvp fxnw ANN WM AT- DID MUST I ...-1'I"1 Z X 5 x Y FUR NORTH MENU-I SHOWE. HOP: KQALHU 1411, LUCAN, JOHN X W V -ip- BLACIXSTOQK 65 The "Mighty Cl.ass of '6l," the present Junior Class of North Hills, was in the second act of that great '4High Schoolw drama. This was midway between the shy entrance in the sophomore year and the triumphant exit at the close of the senior year. A few of the scenes in this particular act were: the Junior Class Play. the Junior Prom, and the two Bottom row-J. Smith, C. McBurney, M. Moran, B. Fordyce, S. Smith B. McCleiary. Top row-T. Nind, B. Jones, B. Zahren, S. Herman, S. Williams P. Wagner, B. Chapas. Junior Activities. This lavish produc- tion was made possible by the coopera- tion of the company of writers and pro- ducers, the Junior Executive Council, under the supervision of our two direc- tors, lVlrs. Crine and Mr. Martorelli. As Scene ll of our drama drew to a close, we looked hopefully toward a propitious future. ROOM 117 Bottom row-J. Bonacuse, M. Beebee, S. Bauman, C. Barnes, J. Bishop, J. Black, C. Alexan- der, C. Berberick, B. Barnes, B Boss. Second rowgMr. H. P. Smith A. Berberick, S. Barnard, C Baxter, L. Abel, B. Ake, J Bowers, M. Albosta, J. Bartsch T. Bolger. Third row-L. Ankeney, B. Bah- cock, D. Bauerle, D. Bialowas, R. Barbin, B. Bendsten, R. Bonar, P. Bott, G. Bickel, A. Acone. ROOM 229 Bottom row-J. Cunningham, J. Dietels, E. Bowser, D. Daugh- erty, D. Depp, P. Cercone, F. Cook, K. Burton, M. Caye, A. Clark. Second row-eMr. Bado, K. Bur- lett, R. Cooney, P. Dearden, T. Cornelius, R. Cancilla, P. Crane, C. Chaney, B. Carney, B. De- laney, M. Cavileir, B. Dickinson Third row-B. Chapas, T. Bur- ton, J. Charles, J. DeWeese, V Carr, D. Carrera, D. Dailey, B Carson, N. Diebold, E. Calhoun J. Carrier, A. Dickson. w v ROOM 227 Bottom row -- D. Donbar, P Muntean, D. Dodson, B. Fordyce S. Etzel, A. Ernst, M. Evans, C Newsom, C. Ribnicky, J. Frank Second rowsMiss Fichtcr, F Fritsch, G. Reisz, C. Dillon, R Foertsch, N. Ford, C. Garvan M. Elm, B. Dietrich, M. Doef finger, D. Fleeger, R. Gardner Third row--B. Foltz, D. Engel mier, C. Eheling, A. Fantone, T Evans, J. Fischer, G. Doernbur ger, W. Edgecombe, M. Erick son, R. Frederick, J. Eitel, A Fox. THE CLASS SOO TO TAKE CH RCE ROOM 223 Bottom row--B. Habel, S. Holt graver, K. Geche, P. Glenn, R Grove, M. Horton. J. Hollman R. Goeppel, T. Hauser, S. Good Second row-P. Hatherley, A Horlick, P. Hanny, C. Haynes J. Grant, C. Gruseck, T. Gean- opulcs, R. Henzler, J. Holznagel, S. Herman. Top roweal. Higbee, D. Gordon J. Hansell, R. Heinsherg. R. Hari rington, W. Gohdes. D. Hamilton B. Herold, R. Gross. ROOM 221 Bottom row - S. Hunter, K Keele, M. Kilmer, C. Kleine, D Jenkins, L. Koslow, R. Johnson -...-...- v E. Knast, T. Kennedy, M. Kratz. ..,,. .. Second row--A. Jensen, P. Kern R. Jones, J. E. Jones, J. D. Irwin. Top row-L. F. Kettering, R. Hugli, R. Hunt, A. Hummel Kress, S. Huysman lnfante, A. Kaintz W. Karl, F. Kelly Kegg. ll v v v---v---- ROOM 219 Bottom row WJ. McCutcheon, C McBurney, P. Kunkel, D. Lind sey, F. Mayberry, A. Mamn, S Miller, L. Miller. E. Maslanka D. London. Second row--E-Mr. 'Hauhrich, B McNeil, H. McClellan, B. Mil ler, R. Mason. E. McCleary, L. Luteran, B. McCarzm. S. Lederer, N. Lisk, M. Mikulen. Top row-AA. Kunkel, D. Lowe S. McClatchy, F. MeKiernan. D Lavelle, J. Mcflleary. J. Lenigon T. Little, B. McLaughlin. REMEMBER THE MKASUAL KRI GE?" E753 ROOM 214- Bottom row - S. Patterson, .l Morrison, M. Nook, J. Nook, M Moran, S. Neely, C. Pickett, J O'Frie1, T. Nind, C. Manpcr. Second row - G. Premru, B Prokapeck, J. M 0 n r o e, J O'Toole, O. Ormsby, B. Purdy C. Pr-nrod, B. Perry, C. Owen. Top row4D. Reutzel, J. Pasckke J. McNeil, D. Monroe, M. Paugh Mr. 1. Smith. ROOM 212 Bottom row - B. Sayers, N Smith, J. Smith, M. Seel, R Sanker, C. Sanderson, P. Rygiel M. Selzer, A. Scott, R. Rohm. Second row -- M. Seapker, R Scanlon, M. Sejut, J. Rodjers, P Shupe. B. Schlegal, L. Sames, J Sauer, E. Rue. Top row-R. Segreti, S. Sayers C. Schindel, M. Schmidt, C Schaefer, V. Scheffler, R. Roll D. Smith, Mr. Gay. Bernie Zahren, our Junior Drum Major, was instrumental in bringing about the prestige of the HNortl1 Hills High School Varsity Marching Band." ROOM 210 Bottom row--C. Super, J. Snider, M. Streh, P. Udel, S. Smith, J Vidt, D. Tritinger, R. Sperando R. Tindall, W. Unks. Second row--R. Steele. B. Snauf fer, B. Smith, D. Stuver, P Smith, L. Taylor, N. Van Houten E. Sollinfrer Mr. Kelly. Top row--T. Swisher, R. Tresky K. Stoerker, L. Tremitiere, D Townsend, R, Tejan, ll. Vilsack ROOM 208 Bottom row-WC. Wess, N. Wall, D. Wayland, N. Wills, F. Vogel P. Woodling, 5. zflnk. s. Waif Czak, P. Wagner, E, Zeck. Secoim' row--E. Westerwick, L. Williams, J. Wasko, R. Waag, P. 'Wiegman, H. Ziegler. H. WelJ1:r, S. Williams, Mrs. Gibson. Top row--E. Waibel, W. Weller, J. White, N. Yellig, E. Williams, V. Young, B. Willke, J. Wright, B. Zaxhren, C. Wayman. 1 s WE ACHIEVED A D STRODE O OPHOMORE We of the dynamic sophomore class have passed our first plateau. Our sophomore year was a grati- fying one, due in part to our class officers, who were: President - Bob Corley, Vice President-Larry Maguire, Recording Secretary - Jack Moffat, Corresponding Sec- retary-Mary Moore, and Treas- urer-Lynne Pritchard. From that first unsure day when we stepped into North Hills, to the day when we will proudly stride out into our future, we will always recall our sophomore year. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row-Miss Wadlinger, J. We-itzel. L. Pritchard, L. Ma- guire, B. Corley, M. Moore, J. Moffat, Mri Harper. Second row-E. Streit, B. Cantella, M. Metzger, M. Dickey, D. Fohas, S. Blind, B. Hintermayer, D. Schaughcncy. ROOM 202 Bottom row -- J. Baugher, S. Blind, B. Bell, M. Anderson, N. Bollen, M. Booser, L. Alpern, D. Bauer, D. Andrews, M. Beran. Second row--D. Balsley, B. Beil- stein, J. Bookser, R. Betza, D. Alexander, B. Artis, P. Akana, J. Austin, C. Barefoot, S. An- derson, E. Barkley. Top row--D. Bollens, D. Bittel, B. Bibb, B. Belding, J. Beck, J. Belding, R. Anke, B. Boff, J. Bauer, B. Adley. Homeroom Teacher-Miss Armstrong. ROOM 203 Bottom row-E. Brown, S. Clark, C. Crawford, D. Armand, J. Connor, J. Braun, P. Bryan, M. Brown, C. Brenneis, J. Buehner. Second row-E. Cehek, H. Burns, W. Cantclla, C. Cooper, S. Brant, J. Costly, R. Cook, B. Briscoe, J. Borland. Top row-C. Clain, C. Charles- worth, P. Crain, R. Cohen, W. Cammarata, D. Bowman, W. Brown, E. Colerich, D. Burns, R. Corley. Homeroom Teacher-Mr. Martorelli, RE DY A D ABLE TO ADD OUR TALENTS TO ORTH HILL ROOM 205 Bottom row-L. Foltz, M. Geet ing, L. Frank, C. Fost, M. Good J. Fleske, B. Frisco, E. Geano pulos, D. Gosnell, L. Cassert. Second row-Miss Vollmer, J Ford, C. Glessner, D. Finn, D Cerwig, J. Glass, J. Fraser, G Fehrenhaeh, E. Fuchs, C. Cib son. Top row-D. Fraser, M. Francis J. Finke, D. Fisher, D. Gadd, D Fobas, P. Cerlach, D. Furey, R Gettings, O. Fleming, B. Ciger. ROOM 206 Bottom row 3 L. Higgins, D Gurskey, S. Holt, B. Hesse, B Hintlrmaver S. Jenn F Hof, '- . 1 yr - P S. Hahn, W. Jesteadt, K. Her chenroether. Second row - Miss Vance, G Hill, K. Hilf, D. Hartung, M Harper, B. Jimerson, R. Holmes D. Hadfield, J. Jackson, B Hoover, C. Ivey, C. Hausen. Top rowwB. Heft, B. Hunter R. Henry, D. Hughes, B. Crumi ken, R. Jersek, H. Cruener, B Jersek, J. Herchenroethcr, E Higgins, T. Jasick. ROOM 204 Bottom row 4 M. Dudley, M Fastuca, D. Draucker, M. Den zer, S. Cunningham, J. Early, C Ebert, J. Farber, J. Eurley, D Darges. Second row - Mr. Harper, M Dickey, D. Eckert, S. Cushing D. Elter, A. Druga, D. Droller N. Doty, D. Donahue, J. Dinkel R. Davis. Top row--B. Dankinyer, S. Dar ocy, B. Davis, B. Dukes. J. Dun- can, N, Drozda, J. Croup, J Dehring. J. Ehcrle, W. Cunning- ham. ROOM 207 Bottom row 4 D. Johnson, K Krummert, R. Knoth, P. Johns ton, C. Jones, M. Lacyk, T. Kra- sicki, N. Johnson, K. Kenny, C Lange. Second row-Mrs. Cummings, J Johnson, N. Jordan, R. Laquatra P. Kasper, M. Karn, J. Kelleri P. Kretzler, D. Kawalski, R Kelley, R. Kline, F. Jurasek. Top row-F. Krummert, C. Kun kel, B. Jurecko, K. Kessler, C Kleinhampl, B. Krodel, B. Korn man, A. Kaufman, E. Krasicki D. Lavender, E. Krapfl. WE OO LOCATED CLASS S AND OLD FRIENDS ROOM 209 Bottom row-B. McNaugher, B. Lesitz, M. Metzger, M. Moore, N. Lederer, R. McConnell, L. Meyer, J. Meder, M. Leonard, M. Ley. Second row 4 Miss Wadlinger A. Lemmon, L. Maguire, C. Lit tle, M. Motoski, A. Mather, C Ligons, J. Ludolff, M. McIntyre R. Malone, B. Manning, A. Lu ceule, li. Morrissey, A. Lederer Top row-T. Little, J. Maurer P. McKeller, P. Moran, D Marion, A. Lutzie, G. Lefko, B Lieb, J. Moffat, J. Mayer, P Leonard, B. Livingston. ROOM 211 Bottom row - R. Osterrieder, P. Pattison, M. Nichols, P. Mullen, C. Nauman, B. Pacifico, S. Old- akcr, T. Plowey, R. Ohaker, E. Prosser. Second row - Mrs. Lacy, J. Peters, J. Pavlik, J. Nudi, S Pennell, L. Pritchard, J. Pfeifer, J. Porter, C. Olshenske, J. Neus- cheler. Top rowvS. Myers, B. Queer, F. Poshard, R. Powell, F. Pickett, G. Powers, J. Noll, T. Platt, D. Parker, C. Ochenhirt. ROOM 215 Bottom row i P. Sullivan, R. Tucker, L. Trego, F. Stack, S. Stokes, J. Thomas, B. Unangst S. Straub, S. Timberlake, J Tiller. Second row - Miss Morris, J Smeresky, J. Thomas, E. Streit B. Stedeford, E. Swierkosz, R Stanionis, R. Sittig, T. Stout, B Sneler, F. Tiernan. Top row - P. Tomasello, K Stantfeld, L. Stambaugh, S Strigzinivicz, F. Thompson, B Ulmer, J. Thomson, D. Thomas J. Stein, A. Smith, R. Thorn berry. ROOM 217 Bottom row - C. Wanker, C. Waugh, S. Wunderly, K. Wie- gand, A. Wilson, G. Wittman, A. Zierenberg, J. Weitzel, R. Unks. Second row - C. Zehnder, S. Woods, B. Whitehead, J. Wie- seckel, T. Westerman, J. Wie- seckel, B. Zeise, B. Ungemach, G. Wratuey, B. Willison. Top row-W. Walliser, B. Wall- eck, B. Woodrow, J. Witchko, B. Workley, T. Van Atta, B. Welsh, .l. Wise, B. Usinger, G. Wiegand, B. Wilkie. ROOM 213 Bottom row-J. Salamacha, C Sinn, A. Schultz, D. Shaw, S Sanker, J. Ridenour, J. Reznur T. Roberts, D. Reid, M. Shoff Second row S Mrs. Crine, M Saxcr, N. Schoenecker, C Shriver, M. Scholze, J. Sheppard E. Reslcr, B. Schmandt, J Schwartz, Schuntz, T. Reed. Top row---C. Reilly, K. Schud R. Schubert, C. Simmons, D Sanders, C. Rothdeutsch, R Ross, G. Roberts, D. Saluc, Bi Schieck. OURS IS A WORLD OF EXPECTATIO 'rm 1 a 1 WF , Ioolx tiim- ont liroi n ont stml- ivs ziml soriztl tile thi uni lo QX S "' X, ,.. ipuml onr inte iv t sts. lo tlv ' Nf lop mm nlmts. uml lo 4-ontri lrnlo onr lzilvnts to North llills. XX 4- -ioimwl our an'tix'itit's in Sctplviiilwr with ri- laility aiml c'xpvt'tntion. lo-pt olII's1'lW's hnsy with iohs ziml in r, mls :lining thi- snoisy winlvr months, zrml iniliailml lrvsh plain s uml Ul'Q2lIllf2lllUIl4 2lS W' grvw r'i1f'i'gf1li1' mlnring lhf' lets! nionths ol' svhool. Tlwrf- xwrv thosv ol' ns who lwvtiim- lhs' xx ' ' in-1-ol ll1l'Hlll4l4'lllll1HlX through St l ' 1-il: those whose lit- f'rai'y lilltgf'l'w svoopc-il tht fhool with timl iuoimlul t m ent Lonn ' N ' t IIt'Ws ' '-' ' ' hc- Ymti' in tht V tho A ' Nlllllillfllllil se- who l'0lIlilllPllllX Ulnlllltlf il it ith lf i - . Q , t A vml- iss sciviitiliit- oxlwf iinn nts' 'tml t c-nts ' i V s A '- ' . . host' who tl'lHl'ISlIlglY sol thvni flXlslIli1tI linsinoss, fyillfwl 0l'illUl'S. intvlligm-nt vxts-nip slut-nlwi's. illlll1llIlt'li-Wlllf'lltlt'llLllf'I'fl'2tl'I'lt'll honw om- N.F.l,. honor after anothcfr. Ylmifv Chills were c'li:ii'a1't1+i'izc'1l lay wortls sll1'llLls sc'i'x'ic'v. svhool spirit, gyIT1U2tr-?liI'S.2ll1ll Nl'lI0lill'SlIlIl. Unr nnt- sivians and singers pt'afftif'wl tiwlvssly to pro- duce Z1 professional looking nnisic' cle-partnient. Mjolis. clues. plans. :tml t'!'PWru --'l'l ' HS XVI? l'f'IHONllJPl f26!74 0:0011 yea, H2464 nie . 75 wr kay U,, i CABI ET MEMBERS BOB CALHOI IN --- Pr:-sid1-rll FRED BAXTER - Xiu' Pre-sidv HI GIQNIE SHOWE Se-vrvlziry nf Suvizxl :X Hill i rs HEHNIC RIGHT Se-vrc-tary uf' Pu lmlirilv BILL IIOHIJCY GAIL REYNOLDS Sm-rm-tary uf' fxSSt'ITlllliPS BRUCE ABICI, Svvrvtarx nl' 'I'r11i'fi4- IIUIXIUN VHLSUN Se'm'rc'Iary 71 'Oi A Sr-4-rvtarv bilIllIliIIOfl - ' ol Allllvtivs ARLEEN FISHER 7 Sf,l.n.mH UUUC WFZIR 1 Trczlsllrffr STUDE T COUNCIL OUR WAY TO SAY wfhe aim of Student Council is to promote a better relationship between the students of North Hills and the facultyf' These are Mr. Haubrichis words concerning the purpose of our governing body. Mr. Haubrich and Miss Wadlinger co-sponsored Student Council and gave excellent guidance to the President, Bob Calhoun, and his cabinet. Student Council consisted of homeroom representatives whose duty was to keep the students informed of the discussions at the weekly council meetings. The 1959-60 Student Council sponsored the magazine campaign, Care campaign, a childrenis clothing drive, the trading post and the support of our foster child, Through their understanding of the work- ings of student government, Miss Wadlinger and Mr. Huubrich proved helpful in guiding Student Council. Rolland. These were in addition to the many dances, the Spring Carnival, and a student exchange with several high schools in the district. The Student Council kept fully the campaign promises made by its members and made our final year at North Hills one of responsibility and pleasure. Bottom row--J. Fazio, C. Miller, D. Pavlik, E. Proudfoot, D. Shaw, C. Ebert, M. Moore, D. Gosnell, J. McCutcheon, Dr. Johnson, Second row-AR. Roberts, B. Corley, F. Koesling, L. Trcmitiere, B. Abel, P. Stagerwald, J. Heaton, F. Tiernan, B. Jirsek, F. Tryner. Top row--Mr. Haubrich, Miss Wadlingcr, B. Calhoun, H. Cooper, A. Dickson, H. Wilson, S. Williams, D. Weir, J. Hunt, D. Albrecht, C. Charlesworth, A. Fisher, K. Higgins, M. Beran, A. Scott, C. Showe, li. Willison. Bottom row--F. Koesling, R. Bernstein, F. Tryner, E. Gardner, V. Malone, D. Weir, D. Johnson, B. Zimmerman, D. Randolph, B. Lutz. Second row-F. Mancuso. Top row-B. Abel, B. Corley, J. Blackstock, K. Knab, B. Knocb, S. Jones, B. Robinson, A. Bauer. HALL PATROL oUR MSTOP AND GO" CREW uSlow down," MGo aroundli' "Use the other stairsli' were commands often heard in the halls of North Hills. They were given by the twenty-five members of Hall Patrol stationed at strategic points in our school. These boys, who kept traffic moving in a steady and orderly manner, were especially helpful to the new students who needed time to be- come acquainted with the rooms of North Hills. The Two members of Hall Patrol-Kenny Knab and Bill Surge to assembly and the mad rush to the Cafeteria Knoch-talk with Bruce Abel, the Secretary of Traffic. were also controlled by this competent force. Head- ing this dauntless organization was Secretary of Traffic, Bruce Abel. All the students of North Hills appreciated the fine job done by the hall patrol staff this year. X is 'f 0 , E 7 X Kd x K , , g i xli'-'i3'4 i .i -Q 78 QE? Our assemblies were run quite efficiently by these boys- Harryi Schriner stands ready to douse the lights for an assembly program. The Stage Crew this year used a backstage intercom system for each assembly-H. Schriner, Mr. Tretchick, J. Boder. TAGE CREW INDISPENSABLE TO scHooL PRODUCTIONS Who was responsible for the successful assemblies which we enjoyed in 1960? Just ask the fellows who belonged to the stage crew-they were the big push be- hind everything presented in the auditorium. The mem- bers of the stage crew were chosen by the sponsors, lVlr. Long and lVlr. Tretchick, from the shop classes. Wfhis year we have had a very efficient stage crew and proper facilities to work with in order to create a good theatrical appearance," stated lVlr. Long. Some of the equipment which the stage crew had at its disposal were the sky drop, facilities for showing a complete conventional film, complete staging for four different depths of stage and a complete lighting system. With equipment such as this and with a capable crew such as ours, we were not at all surprised at the excellent job which the stage crew did Hbehind the scenesw this year. Bottom row-Mr. Long. Top row-H. Schriner, J. Fazio, R. Roberts, F. Tryner. t Bottom row--E. Mullen, S. Stough, M. Reubi, M. Mills, M. Bishop, L. Skender, R. Maguire, G. Reynolds, E. Proudfoot, S. Ervin, F. Lobaugh, C. Hosick, H. Kight, C. Miller, Mrs. Hartmann. Second row-L. Logan, C. Stack, B. Yunk, K. Wiess, A. Fisher, K. Higgins, J. Rehorst, C. Gaus, B. Seagren, N. DeRito, D. Albrecht, D. Ayres. Third row-R. Andrews, P. Prince, J. Jackson, M. B. Ruppel, J. Hrach, D. Weir, A. Moffat, D. Rapp, B. Bernhard, C. Showe, S. Easton, M. Wagner, B. Calhoun. Fourth row-B. Corley, M. Deitrich, C. Lindsey, S. Barr, B. Alu-I, R. Stotz, J. Dambaugh, P. Steigerwald, C. Kall, J. Kunz, G. Denny, D. McGuire, R. Karns. NATIO L H0 OR OCIETY THE CREAM OF THE CROP There is no feeling of accomplishment and pride equal to that of each member of the National Honor Society, because membership in this organization was the highest honor which a North Hills student could attain. Each student in the group was a scholar, a leader of the highest character, and had given service to the school. These characteristics were the four quali- fications of the national organization. Said Mrs. Hart- mann, the sponsor of the Society,uThe National Honor Society acts as a service group in the school in two respects. The members are called upon to perform guide work in the school and to usher for activities at the school." The National Honor Society met twice a month, with Jack Dambaugh as the presiding officer, to plan the activities for the following month. Among these activi- ties were a Christmas Tea for the alumni and the annual spring luncheon in May for the current mem- bers. This group called upon many outsiders to speak upon subjects which were pertinent and of interest to the group. This was an outstanding organization which set a fine example for the entire student body. Bottom row-G. Kall, J. Dambaugh, G. Denny, J. Kunz, M. Deitrich, B. Stotz, B. Abel. Second row-M. Bishop, G. Reynolds, G. Showe, L. Skender, Mrs. Hartmann, L. Logan, S. Barr, R. Maguire. 80 CABINETAB. Schroeder, F. Koesling, T. Bur- ton, D. McGuire. Any student who was interested in taking speech had the opportunity to join Speech Club. The members of the club were among the hardest working and the most active of the school. Each member was given a chance to attend Saturday speech contests-an experience no member will ever forget. The categories in which the student competed were extemporaneous speaking, original oration, poetry reading, humorous and dramatic interpretations, and PEECH CL B ABTICULATE, ACCOMPLISHED SPEAKERS oratorical declamation. At the contests, the students were judged and ranked. Each rank had certain points which had to be met. To gain membership in the National Forensic League, a minimum of twenty-five points was needed. The experienced sponsors were Mr. Metz, Mr. Bog- gio, and Miss Morris. Under their leadership the Speech Club was most popular. Bottom rowAF. Fritsch, B. Schroeder, E. Ceanopulous, A. WTISOII, C. Sanderson, D. Shaw, L. Logan, G. Showe, G. Fehrenbach, L. Brooks, B. Braun, E. Kinast, Mr. Metz. Second row-B. Horton, J. Hocevar, C. Brock, S. Straub, R. Hasek, J. Roche, R. Schomaker, S. Barr, B. Bernhard, S. Williams, R. Jones, Miss Morris. Third row-D. Erwin, D. Balsley, D. Straub, K. Wright. E. Williams, E, Gardner, S. McClatchey, B. Abel, C. Kall, G. Denny, D. McGuire, J. Burton. Top rowwP. Hebecker, B. MC- Kinley, C. Sell, R. Karn, F. Koesling, W. Hansen, C. Nadrash, R. Stanier, .l. Carrier, R. Calhoun, B. Corley, D. Ayres. Bottom row-S. Blind, R. Tucker, C. Brenneis, J. Fleske, C. Crawford. B. Knolh, P. Hunter, M. Lacyk, J. Morrison, C. Newsom, B. Heese, C. Clessner, P. Pattison. Second row-P. Cerconc, M. Dickey, C. Zehnder, N. Shauneker, B. Habel, J. Early, B. Hintcrniuyer, M. Good, J. Keller, M. Anderson, C. Ligons. Third row--P. Udell, L. Koslow, C. Dillon, S. Brandt, C. Cooper, A. Ligons, D. Tritinger, S. Timberlake, D. Etter, C. Chaney, B. Jones, B. Lyles, B. Wilkie. Top row-S. Pennell, C. Hodil, J. Bookser, J. Neuschler. R. Laquatra, J. Borland, J. Kelley, J. Carr, P. Kasper, J. Welsh, S. Kelso, J. Gill, J. Wills. 'Y One of the greatest service organizations at North ' Hills this year was Y-Teen. The aim of each participat- 66 ing student was to grow into a better Christian person, T0 to grow in friendship with those of other races, religion BE and nationalities, and to develop fellowship with the other club members. Each season seemed to bring another way for Y-Teens to serve North Hills and our community. During foot- ball season, club members were found selling refresh- ments at our home football games. As the Christmas CABlNET+Bottom row-J. Welsh, S. Timberlake, B. season rolled around, they dressed dolls for orphanages. gifs' .igeI2':3fir'0wAMrS' Craig' S' Kelso, C' Ligons' M' Easter gave Y-Teens an opportunity to distribute scrap- , i i books to various hospitals. At their weekly meetings the girls received guidance in both social and spiritual growth. Under the direction of Mrs. Craig and Claudia Ligons their president, Y-Teens aptly fulfilled their goal of service. The Chess Club was an organization consisting of a group of boys interested in a game which requires a lot of skill and intellect. Once a week the members of the club met to match wits over the chessboard. Gradually their skill increased, until at the end of the year, the Chess Club could boast of several very adept members. Mr. Tretchick, the sponsor, was encouraged by the fast development of the boys and hoped to produce a district or county champion in the near future. CHESS CL B CHESS BoARD Bottom row-B. Vilsack, S. O'Friel, R. Fletcher, J. Bolger W. McCarten, J. Eitel. Second row-E Wrestler, J. Sheppard, D. Schaughency, A. Shoup R. McConnell. Third row-T. Geanopulos, G. Gehrin- ger.. Mr. Garbart, G. Owen, R. Heinsberg, J. DeMa.rco, P. Ebeck, C. Cruseck, B. Bendtsen, R. Tejan, L. Miller, D. Carrera, H. Geiser. Top row-R. Little, P. Bott, J. Monroe. AUTO OBILE CL B WORKED TOWARD SAFETY ON THE RoAD HKINGSR Bottom row-K. Krummert, M. Fastuca. Second rowhE. Knaus, C. Wratney, D. Rascov, R. Kotrozo, J. Timberlake, B. Willkie, R. Rohm, R. Betza. Third row- J. Norman, J. Acton, R. Unangst, S. Ankeney, K. Barnes. One of the newly organized clubs at North Hills was the Auto- mobile Club. "The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest in, promote the safe driving of, and to increase the knowledge of the automobile and its functionsf' said Mr. Garbart, co-sponsor. As a first year venture, it was planned to set up a small car-washing business with the faculty asl its customers. The income garnered from this project enabled the club to purchase an automobile engine for study. Automobile experts were invited to be guest speakers, and their lectures proved to be both interesting and bene- ficial. The members of the Automobile Club were encouraged by the success attained in the first year of organization, and they looked forward to an even more successful future. 83 S0 much can he learned hy understanding the people of foreign countries that these students en- thusiastically participated in the club-L. Luteran, I. Grant, R. Cohen, A. Mann, P. Bryan. Students of North Hills High School, interested in making friends abroad and learning the customs and habits of the peoples in many foreign lands, joined the Correspondence Club. When asked about the purpose of the Club, Miss Vance, the sponsor, said, 'The pur- pose of the Club is to carry on correspondence with people of foreign countries and to become acquainted with the customs of different culture within our own countryfl The members of the club succeeded in creating many friendships, which in a small way, may help to ease the world tensions that exist today. Bottom row-L. Sames, A. Mann, L. Luteran, B. Tindall. CDRRESPO DE CE CLB BINDING THE WORLD WITH FRIENDSHIP Part of understanding is participating. Corre spondence Club held an authentic Japanese dinner A. Mann, L. Luteran, L. Sames, B. Tindall P Hatherly. Second row-C. Hekeler, P. Bryan, M. Leonard, A. Horlic k, M. Booser, R. Cohen, K. Geche, S. Holtgraver, Miss Vance Bottom rou'sS. Cunningham, E. Brown, R. Tucker, li. Lesitz, B. McNaughcr, L. Trego, M. Lacyk, Miss Vance. Second mu. IQ. Armand, Resler. J: Sheppard, M. Saxer, M. Karn, B. Unangst, M. Wilson, A. Lederer, M. Moore. Top row-N. .lordon lx. Shad. J. Finke. B. Usinger. P. Ankency, B. Cammarata, D. Bowman, J. Moffat, D. Burns, M. Scholzc. Are you interested in classical languages and in Greek and Roman culture? If so, you would have enjoyed being a member of the Junior Classical League, more commonly called the Latin Club. The club was made up of Latin students interested in Classical civilizations and, also, in having fun while learn- ing-by-playing Latin Scrabble games and doing many other things a modern Roman might do. l.C.L. was active in school affairs through sponsorship of a skating party and through a trip to see the excellent movie, uBen Hurf' Another activity popular with upper- classmen was the annual G'Slave Auctiona' which preceded a week of toil for the young Romans. Organized much like an old Roman city, officers included two Consuls, a Scriba, a Pontifix Maximus, a Quaestor, two Tribunes, and a photographer. Many of the members attended the state convention of the Junior Classical League which was held this year at Punxsutawney. Latin Club provided an interesting and profitable link with the past. N WMD FAMILIES alll. tick. IACTUS- TRRGW 0-TNNYW T0 IIO-WRU! WITH 0-THRUH DOWN D-THROW OUT 5949301 FORTH OWNIW IACK LATI CLUB OUR LINK WITH THE PAST Miss Vance and Margie Karn discuss the agenda for the next meeting. Our modern Romans extended their knowledge of ancient Rome when they saw the outstanding movie, Ben Hur.---M. Saxer, B. Unangst, M. A. Scholze. Z xx .lj A f ,i.,,' ' ff ',', ":" , , . 'f ii Q 5 . at Some of the students of our school decided to try their hand at the great American pastime-bridge-and formed a club, sponsored by Mrs. Grine. The members attempted to learn to play and to understand BRIDGE CL B the game. Many evenings, in addition to weekly school meetings, were spent at the homes of various members. Naturally as time progressed, the FOUND THE students became more proficient in the intricate skills which bridge requires. Bridge Club proved to be very successful, as well as an educa- tional and thought-provoking club. GAME ABSOBBINC LIBB BY CL B CATEBED TO CUBIOUS MINDS J Bottom row - D. Patterson, D. James, B. Maybury, N. Wills, E. Geanopolous, B. Knoff, J. Reznar, S. Reutzel, L. Brooks, M. Saxer, A. Zehnder, B. Heese, S. Cunning- ham. Second row-P. Udell, M. Karn, J. Hammel, J. Keller, K. Keefe, K. Stewart, L. Koslow, S. Lederer, M. Motoski, N. Jordon, G. Woessner, M. Ritchey, K. An- derson, B. Schroeder. Third row- S. Brandt, L. Luteran, E. Foertsch, C. Haynes, H. Noga, M. Steranka, H. Beck, J. Fundenberg, B. Queer, P. Hunter, P. Schwartz. Top row -P. Obaker, C. Reilly, P. Ank- eney, D. Lavender, B. Prokopik, B. Whitehead, S. Huysman. 86 Bottom row-A. Scott, J. Hollman, N. Ford, J. Black, C. Altenhoff, C. Pickett. Second row-M. Metzger, A. Wilson, J. Austin, J. Weitzel, I. Fraser, D. Daugherty, Mrs. Grine. Third row-P. Hanny, F. Ket- tering, F. Kelly, J. Belding, D. Finn, B. Corley, B. Woodrow. Top row-D. Hamil- ton. "We wouldn't be able to function without them," said Miss Bea, school librarian, in reference to the devoted members of Library Club. Among the numerous tasks of the assistants were: checking books in and out, shelving returned books, keeping reading materials in good condition, and writing slips for overdue books. As president, Anna Mae Krummert was in charge of the monthly meetings, at which was discussed any business in connection with the Library Club. Thanks to these sedulous girls, we students had an efficiently run and excellently stocked library. For experimentation purposes, Clif Caus injected cancer cells into a live rat which Tony Acone holds. Watching the injection were T. Brir del, C. Barnes, M. Moran, H. Wilson. Mr. J. Sundcr and Dr. J. Jalilonski from the Adison H. Cibbson Laboratories discuss the experiments which the members were con- ducting. This year our high school clubs welcomed to its number a new one-the Biology Research Club. Mak- ing up this group were student scientists working in co-operation with the Adison H. Gibson University of Pittsburgh laboratories. The students worked in groups of two and three on experimental problems. Some conducted experiments showing the reaction of radio waves on the growth of amoeba. Others attempted the growing of plant cancer by tissue growth, and some conducted green- house experiments. When asked about this program, Mrs. Gibson, the capable sponsor, replied, 'LWe are a hard-working group and are striving for knowledgef, This club offered the chance to us, as students, to contribute something of our own initiative and hard work to science. BIOLOGY RE EARCH CLUB AN oUTsTAND1NG GROUP OF INDUSTRIOUS STUDENTS Standing-A. Kaintz. Bottom rowAB. Poor, C. Gaus, H. Wilson, C. Sanderson, S. Huysman, K. Stewart. Second rowhS. Bingel, T. Reed, D. Hamilton, T. Acone, J. Hunt, S. Herman, B. Corley. Third row-M. Mills, K. Olshenske, H. Gruener, J. Allen, M. Albosta, W. Yunks, P. Wiegman, B. Zahren, R. Roberts, T. Platt. Top row-N. Diebold, C. Brindel, J. Hansell, B. Smith, B. Brown. Bottom row--Mr. Ruff, L. Skender, Miss Lindey. Second row--S. Easton, D. Albrecht, M. Ruppcl, P. Hanny, J. Hracli, C. Pickett, R. Barr. Top row'-MD. McGuire, J. Blackstock, W. Zimmerman. Even the staff members had their pros and cons about certain articles. B. Zimmerman, M. B. Ruppel, N. O'Brien, C. Stack, S. Easton, and D. McGuire were given a sneak of the latest issue. Lucy Skcndcr, the capable editor of The Arrowhcml, has received the copies of the paper from the printer, Her smile tells us that it was a good one. RROWHE D HIE YOU SEE IT IN THE ARROWHEAD - IT'S SOP, There was a frantic rush to get the paper folded before the circulation staff took over-B. Willison, D. Straub, C. Altenhoff. 1 H-but I corrected that on the proofllv '4Did the cuts come yet?', 5'What7s the scoop for this issuefw The keen Arrowhead Staff, under the direction of Miss Lindey and Mr. Ruff, published tri-monthly the up-to-date school news. To quote Lucy Skender, their Editor-in-Chief, "The Arrowhead Staff is work- ing very hard and is constantly striving to bring the facts to the student and to introduce North Hills to the community." This staff, composed of journalistic- minded sophomores, juniors, and seniors, published for the students a newspaper filled with newsy articles pertinent to school life. Sports events, class activities and the local gossip where hot off the press in each Arrowhead. Lucy Skender, together with the Arrowhead staff Sports, this year, was given a complete cover-many personalities members, has Worked Very hard fOr the newspaper were highlighted, and Blackie and his staff predicted the outcome of this year. The papgr undgrwent revisions and each many games-B. Willison, D. Daugherty, D. Straub- issue was better than the one preceding it. We shall remember the Arrowhead as the best newspaper North Hills ever produced. Bottom row-Mr. Ruff, S. Easton, D. Albrecht, D. McGuire, J. Hrach, M. B. Ruppcl, C. Picket, J. Blackstock, R. Barr, B Zimmerman, Miss Lindey. Second row-B. Pacifico, P. Bryan, J. Hunt, C. Garvan, C. Koesling, L. Skender, M. Moran J. Black, J. Hollman, D. Daugherty, P. Prince. Third row--,I. Kress, C. Altenhoff, M. Haisley, C. Zera, B. Yunk, M. Zankey M. Wagner, B. Wagner, F. Whitely, N. O'Brien, S. Stough, C. Stack. Fourth row--L. Pritchard, I. Fraiser, M. Metzger, J Austin, P. Boggs, P. Bryan, C. Clain, S. Smith, D. Harris, L. Taylor, P. Udell, A. Scott, P. Smith, N. Ford. Top row-B. Bott C. Cummerson, D. Pavlik, D. Hamilton, D. Straub, F. Kettering. F. Picket, P. Hanny, E. Ebeck. B. Willison. W. Edgrevonilt .l. Ittel, N. Yellig. T. Kelly. B. McLaughlin. 1 UNIOR CHIEVEMENT INGENUITY PAID OFF Junior Achievement was one of the few national organiza- tions at North Hills. Thirty students from the North Hills Chapter met once every week in the Malony Building on the Boulevard of the Allies. The organization was sponsored by successful Pittsburgh firms. Each member sold stock, made and sold a product, paid himself a salary, and gave himself a commission. In short, he learned how a business is organized. To help with the plans, sponsors were sent from various firms in the area to attend some of the meetings. Mrs. Gibson, sponsor of the Chapter, had this to say for Junior Achievement: 'gl think that it is one of the finest organizations for students to belong to, because it has a very practical value for their future life.'7 Those students who had ambition enough to become active members agreed heartily with this statement. X f . F n Q I E 5 f Even though Mrs. Gibson had many important matters occupying her day, she found time to discuss Junior Achievement projects with Richard Roy and Jon Holznagel. .. l as ' Bottom row-H. Ziegler, J. Holznagle, C. Gaus, H. Wilson, B. Chapas. Second row-Mrs. Qibson, D. London, J. Schafer, A. Davis, D. Alexander, R. Karn, S. Sayers. Top rowYB. Chapas, E. Williams, B. Poor, D. Bowman, L. Tremitiere, J. Charles, B. McNeil. i l 90 Bottom row-K. Herchenroether, D. Schairer, Miss Ackerman, R. Mason, C. Newsom. Second row-J. Bairhalter, D Lindsey, C. Clessner, E. Westerwick, P. Dearden, P. Muckle, L. Trego, A. Mather, B. McConnell, D. Tritinger. Third row-L. Frank, D. Bauer, B. Ulmer, B. Ingles, W. Hansen, J. Holtznagel, B. Krodel, E. Higgins. 1 Not only did Art Club decorate the halls and stairwells TB of the school, but also they decorated their own art room. K. Herchenroether, D. Schairer. and J. Bairhalter put up pictures they have painted. .i. A we FINGERTIPS Did you ever wonder which artist designed the clever displays in the stairwells of our high school? Or did you ever look at the various pictures hanging in the library and become curious as to who their creator was? The answer to both questions is a hard-working member of the Art Club. The Art Club is mainly a service club. One of its projects is the scenery for the Junior and Senior Class Plays. Besides serving the school, the members worked on projects of their own at their weekly meetings. This year, with newly purchased equipment, the members were able to do some work with ceramics. Miss Ackerman sponsored the club, and under her guidance the members managed to improve their basic skills. "ln Art Clubf' said Miss Ackerman, "we hold strictly to our motto, which is 'Art for Art7s sake., 7' The seniors in Art Club spent most of November painting scenery for the Senior Class Play. The members who painted the garden wall were B. Brant, R. Roberts, B. Chapas, J. Acton, R. Roy, B. Ingles. 9I Bottom row-K. Deitz, J. Stehle, J. Bachman, D. Schwilm, S. Stoltenberg, P. Ina, M. Bishop, B. Bollen, K. Zera, P. Cunning- ham, M. Reubi, B. Maybury, P. O'Malley. Second row-M. Nock, S. Doench, D. James, N. Ward, J. Bairhalter, J. Ballintine. J. Bach, C. Stewart, J. Jones, C. Friess, M. Haisley, B. Hoffman. Third row-Miss Wadlinger, R. Bird, D. Callahan, V. Denzer, M. A. Mazeo, L. Meyer. J. Marzik, J. Tripodi, P. Scanlon, N, Hanselman, M. Schneider, J. Meisinger, N. Burke, Miss Arm- strong. Top rowiL. McCune, C. Colerich. M. Galloway, C. Congalton, C. Sweeney, J. Jenny, D. Albrecht, J. Jackson, S. Kelso, COMMERCIAL CL B SooN WILL ENTER THE BUSINESS WORLD This club consisted of senior girls, all of whom, members and alumnae. One of the most worthwhile J. Welsh, J. Vogel, B. White. were taking the commercial course offered by the high school. When asked what she considered to be the best feature of the club, Miss Armstrong, the sponsor, said, a'All the activities planned by the officers of Commercial Club are met with enthusiasm and with a desire to participate by the club mem- bersf' Carol Sweeney, the president, and Miss Arm- strong planned many interesting activities for the year, the first of which was a dance at Halloween. ln the early spring a dinner was held for the club CABINET-C. Sweeney, D. Callahan, K. Zera, J. Bachman. features of commercial club was its service commit- tee. This committee existed for the sole purpose of helping our faculty. The members of this committee devoted one study period a Week to working in the commercial department where they were able to do mimeographing and typing for the teachers. lt is hoped that the services and events that were carried out and planned by the nlernbers of the Commercial Club helped to prepare them for their future careers in the business world. l E ,, ,.., . .. N. The Future Nurses practiced on each other, too! S. Reutzel, M. Karn, J. Kelly, B. Horton. . .. KYQ N N N 1:5 i iii' bfi F k A '4"MQasK .lf-fgywfj A, FUTURE URSES OF R MERIC PREPARED TO ATTAIN THEIR GOAL "Miss Viard isn't in now, may I help you?" This could be heard from any one of the girls who plan to make nursing their profession. Here at North Hills We were fortunate to have, under the direction of our school nurse, Miss Viard, and president, Judy Will. an organization to en- courage and develop such an interest. ln addition to the basic fundamentals gained from Miss Viard, their interest and enthusiasm were Bottom row-Miss Viard, J. Will, C. Fischer, B. Schroe- der. Second row-C. Ebert, L. L. Hartman, T. Mullen. Third row-D. Oldaker, K. Rudolph, S. Reutzel. Fourth row-C. Cross, J. Braun. Fifth row-G. Doernberger, B. Unangst, C. Hekeler, G. Reisz. Sixth row-A. Cwenar, C. Wilgomas, N. Petrolovich, E. Kinast, B. Horton. Sev- enth row-J. Finke, S. Tim- berlake, M. Kam, M. L. Shoff, S. Barnard, H. Noga, G. Woessner, L. Rinehart, J. Gill, M. Ritchey, S. Pennell, J. Kelley, L. Trego, J. Bishop, J. Lang. further stimulated by an address from a member of the Recruiting Officers of Nurses Corps of the Mili- tary Services. The club also took a tour of several of the surrounding hospitals in order to gain practi- cal experience and to see the main functions con- nected with a hospital. Another of the planned activities was a Christmas party for persons less fortunate than ourselves. ' u 231 f Fa E' ee 7? lf r Wir' ' -- f V . 7' t T 09' S ' 2 0 Mix. ' . , Q -The officers of F.T.A., Bonnie Yunk, Marilyn Zankey, and Doris Rapp f ' g " X discovered many opportunities for students interested in teaching. 'Y Q ' N if ' Z-5 3.1 - V E Q FUT RE TEACHER OF MERIC ToMoRRoW THEY Wm. GUIDE oUE CHILDREN "Future Teachers of America gives students op- portunities to become acquainted with colleges and universities which train teachers to observe master teachers in the elementary field, and to receive guid- ance in the choice of a specific phase of teaching." This statement by Miss Lindey, one of the club's capable sponsors, sums up the aim of the club very well. With the diligent work of both lVliss Lindey and lVlrs. Mugnani, this relatively new club continually expanded and proved to be an invaluable source of training to prospective teachers. Future Teachers hoped to show students the many advantages and opportunities in the teaching profes- sion. At their bi-monthly meetings, members were given an opportunity to hear master teachers, guid- ance counselors, and administrators present their own personal experiences. 94 R. Tindall, G. Owen, D. Rapp, B. Yunk, and P. Miller spent some of their time appraising the many speakers F.T.A. heard during the year. . Q 2 4'Toward New Horizonsfl This, the motto of our l7.H.A., emphasizes the active part which the students of North Hills play in their school life. The theme y which they carried through this year was, 'ABeautifica- All tion of Home. School. and Communityfl They hoped to reform the litter bugs of the school. That certainly was a task, but in working toward this goal. the members sold 6'Litter Bu,-I Bagsf, ln connection with homemaking, the F.H.A. with the aid of its advisor, Miss Seitz, sponsored the flower show, which North Hills students hope will become an annual affair. a bake sale, and a fashion show and tea for the mothers of the members. The F.H.A. also did Red Cross work. The members of the club did their utmost to live UP to their IMHO, fm' nm Only did the members CABINET-Carole Sweeney, Peggy Schwartz, Darlene Albrecht, Janet prolit from the work, but also did many other people 51ehle,Ru1h Fflerlsvh, MiSS SCM, Beverly Hugli- and organizations. We of North Hills commend the F.H.A. upon the excellent work which it has done the past year. FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF AMERIC THE HAND THAT HOCKS THE CRADLE Bottom row-S. Swann. C. Sweeney, M. Zankey, B. Yunk, D. Rupp. Miss Seitz, J. Stehlc, C. Colcricll. Second row-J. Meiscngcr. C. Woessner. J. Tripodi. M. A. Schneiclel, K. Zera. Third row-M. List, P. Schwartz, R. Foertscli, B. Hugli. Top row-J. Ludolef. D. Schwilm. L. Kloes. E. We-sterwick, J. Bishop. N. Wall, V. Young. F. Barnard. J. Strigman, V. Denzer, M. Nock. D. Allure-clit. 31. Evans, A. Ernst. 3 ff One of the newly formed clubs at our high school this year was French Club, better known as g'Le Circle de Francais," under the Presidency of Diarmuid McGuire. Miss Pfaub, the sponsor of the club, said, 4'French Club was organized mainly to give those students with an interest in French a chance to become better acquainted with the French people." A part of French Club's program consisted of a tour of France by means of a series of slides showing the most worthwhile and interesting parts of France. The membership of 'clue Circle de Francais" benefited greatly from this club by learning much about the customs, music and art of the French people. The French Club Cabinet planned many lively club meetings-Jackie Connor Diarmuid McGuire, Miss Pfaub, Sue Brandt, Karen Higgins, Drew Irwin. FRE CH CL B MLES JEUNES FRANCAIS" or NORTH HILLS Bottom row--B. Grove, S. Ward, C. Hekeler, S. Braun, S. Hollgraver, P. Pattison, B. McCleary, S. Brant, Miss Pfaub. Second row-M. L. Shauf, C. Miller, C. Doernberger, K. Higgins, J. Schwartz, R. Maslanka, D. Schaughency, J. Connor. Top r0w4 D. Prokopik. S. Anderson. W. Weller, L. Weller, D. Bittel, B. McNeil, E. Krapel, D. McGuire. 96 A new club for both boys and girls was formed this year. It was organized for those students desiring more opportunity to use the facilities of the gymnasium. In the future, the skills learned in gym class will be furthered by the activities of Gym Club. The aim of Gym Club was to provide an opportunity for its members to experiment with the tumbling apparatus which was added to the gym. With the expert help of Miss Aiken, Miss Whitehill, Mr. Hare and Mr. Guadagnino, the clubis sponsors, many students became accomplished gymnasts and developed fine qualities of sportsmanship. 4'We hopef, said Miss Whitehill, Mthat Gym Club will become one of the most popular organizations in the school, and that being a member of it will be an achievement of which to be proudf, GYM CL B AIMED For: PHYSICAL FITNESS. Our Gym Club may soon be equal to the trampoline stunts of the Slippery Rock Gym Team. Disregard the worried look on Earl's faceghis skill was hard to beat. Bottom rou E Resler S Stotz N Wills P Glenn M Haisley, M. Koch, S. Cwenar, E. Bowser, S. Wunderly, D. Draucker. Second rou E Kinast G Wlaslanka E Cebeck L Miller P Rittle, S. Smith, V. Nock, J. Buehner, B. Irvine. Third row4 B gchlegel L Taylor L Koslow L Pritchard B Bernhard D. Fraser, R. Robinson, C. Kunkle, B. Brown, D. Cook. Fourth row ,I Weiss D Engelmelr F McK1ernan D Irwin R Bates, L. Neuman, J. Tiller, J. Neuscheler, L. Sames. Top rows-- K Ixnab D Johnson D Thomas D Bauerle H Beck B Domke, J. Vogel, E. Gardner. L97 45155 .Swv mu! ms SE!! za' 4 ali: lm! me 2325 'Ui nal! l an X 2 Bottom row-T. Burton, K. Jericho, T. Little, E. Knaus, R. Kotrozo, D. Finn, B. Stedeford, E. Cebek, W. Cantella, B. Abel, Mr. Sullivan, Second row-R. Tejan, D. Burns, E. Gardner, J. Witchke, P. Helmecker, B. Shomaker, C. Gummerson, B. Dickin- son, J. Carrier, A. Dickson. Top row-R. Barbin, D. Lavelle, W. Korman, W. Cannnarata, S. Williams, B. Zimmerman, R. Phelleps, C. Porter, D. Cadd. HI-Y MEN or Toivroaaow The Hi-Y of America is an organization for the maintenance and development of strong character and high standards of Christian living in the home, school, church, and community. Here at North Hills we had a chapter of this nation- wide association. lVlr. Sullivan, a new faculty member, was the sponsorg and Bruce Abel, the clubis active presi- dent, kept everything running smoothly. Each year the club carries on such activities as providing help for needy families and participating in local Hi-Y activities. The Hi-Y also formed a basketball team during the spring. lt is hoped that in future years, our Hi-Y will con- tinue its success as a part of the North Hills School activity program. 98 The officers of Hi-Y. Bruce Abel. Earl Gradner, Bill Zimmerman md .Xl Dickson. and Nlr. Sullixan carried through the goals of Hi-Y as a service organization. 1 . We were pleased to welcome Jazz Club into the ranks of our extracurricular program this year. Its purpose was to acquire and develop good taste in jazz music through discussing and listening to jazz records. lVlembers of the club joined it for many purposesi to learn more about this progressive form of music, to study the history of jazz, and to become acquainted with jazz artists. As North Hills students broaden their interests, the membership and activities of Jazz Club will grow and grow. CABINET--VR. Maser, D. Pavlik, J. Bonacuse, G. Sell. 7 o' JAZZ CLUB BROADENED THEIR MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE to Q L 4+ Bottom row-L. Slais, J. Etter. Second row-A. Snowball, C. Nadrash, B. Hartung, R. Kam, J. Koehler, G. Sell, D. Mazer. Third row-K. Rankin, F. Cook, J. Bonacuse, R. Knight, D. McGuire, J. Reilly, R. Doehla, D. Suetty, D. Randolph. Fourth row-D. Pavlik, W. Hansen, P. Schreve, T. Ramage, B. Knoch, D. Knees! Top row-W. Zimmerman. Each girl practiced good form as she and her team competed against other teamssJoyce Kelly. BOWLING CLUB Nor JUST AN MAVERAGE' CLUB S-T-R-I-K-El!! This was a very unfamiliar word to the Bowling Club, for, at the beginning of the year 'L0ops, another gutter balllv qualified as the expression repeated most often. Even though the strikes were few and far between, the Bowling Club had loads of fun trying to improve their game. The club was divided into teams which soon became known by their clever, but crazy names. The club met every second and fourth Thursday after school. Buses provided transportation to the Pines Plaza Bowling Lanes. There the teams piled out to "get the ball rolling." There was always great rejoicing when a member of one of the teams enthusiastically shouted, "Strike!,' Because of the fine leadership of Miss Whitehill and Miss Vollmer and also the girls, overwhelming enthu- siasm, the Bowling Club rose rapidly to the role of an outstanding organization. YOQSR V. l I W m 5 X W4 M, xx f lt A winning strike! Each team member certainly went all out for his team. Is it good or bad, Judy? Bottom row---B. Wagner, R. Maguire, S. Easton. Second row--B. Bollen, J. Hrach, .l. Kunz, J. Fehrenhach. Top row--P. Randall, M. Deitrich, F. Whitely, M. Wagner. For each home basketball game, Pep Club decorated the gym with huge signs. Here, R. Maguire, S. Easton, and J- Fehrenbach put up a 'Sink that Basketi' sign. The sponsor4Mr. Ruff. PEP CL B PROMOTED OUR scHooL SPIRIT Behind every spirited school there must be an organi- zation to create and build up this spirit. At our North Hills this organization was the Pep Club. '4The main goal toward which the Pep Club has strived this year is to instill into the student body an enthusiasm for school activitiesf' said Ruth Maguire, the President. The members worked diligently toward this goal by painting numerous signs for football games, decorating for dances, supplying buses to take students to sports events away from home. Of the many new activities sponsored by the Pep Club, perhaps the most thrilling was the choosing of the Football Queen. This was the first year that we had a Football Queen at North Hills, and the Pep Club hoped to make it a tradition. The Pep Club did a very excellent job in building school spirit, and we of North Hills were very pleased with the results of the united efforts of its members. Football games found the Field House covered with signs-- C. Ochsenhirt, B. Heese, C. Zehnder, L. Koslow, B. Jersik. IOI -as 1. ,. App Bottom row-L. Frank, M. Fastuca, J. Peters, T. Hauser, P. Rygiel, M. Sejut, D. Alexander, T. Morrissey, W. Vilsack. Second rowsC. Shaefer, W. Welsh, R. Henry, R. Hunter, P. Cain, R. Jirsek, W. Stebler, F. Picket. Third row-D. Townsend, K. Deiss, J. Charles, J. Lenigan, R. Lutz, D. Smith, W. Cohdes, D. Bowman. Top row-Mr. Fisher, J. Rygiel, R. Barr, R. Kegg, PHOTOGRAPHY CL B CAPTURED A PICTURE IN A FLASH BULB W. Belding. Not even Freddy, the yearbook photographer, got such a workout as did the shutter bugs of North Hills High. These energetic students made up the Photography Club. This clubis purpose was to teach each member how to become a more accomplished photographer. Under the experienced direction of Mr. Fisher, their sponsor. club members learned how to operate the newest cameras, to take better pictures, to develop film, and to print and enlarge pictures: thereby achieving the best results from their efforts. Photography Club members made excellent use of the dark room in developing their many pictures. The services rendered in covering the high school news were appreciated by every- one, and the practical experience gained by the members made photography club one of the most beneficial and active clubs North Hills had to offer. Watch out, Mr. Fisher! Your shutterbugs are snapping back! J. Charles, R. Kegg. The members spent much of their time taking pictures of various school events. Here, they seem to be studying a new camera.wW. Vilsack, R. Barr, R. Kegg, K. Deiss. I mv'--, .rw '.n ui tvt, ,-, xir:q..a- . - . tr - , . Bottom rowfW. Bird, R. Freedman, A. Shupe, L. Frank, R. Ziegler, A. Jenson. Top row-Mr. Kelly, K. Davis, B. Olmer C Simmons, D. London, A. Dickson, C. Hill, R. Harrington, T. Cornelius, L. Trimitiere, B. Snauffer, T. Swisher, M. Seapker D. Andrews. PROJECTIO CL B SERVED Us WELL Among the newer clubs of North Hills was the useful Projection Club. By knowing how to operate the various audio visual equipment, its members provided a special serv- ice to teachers and the student body. To become a member of this club, the boys had to pass a written and oral test. With president, Keith Davis, and sponsor, Mr. Kelly, the club did a great job. When asked about the club, Mr. Kelly said, "Someone who is trained is better than an amateur. It is my aim to teach themf, .Because many classes supplemented textbook learning with correlated movies, Projection Club boys were very busy setting up and working the projectors. The Projection Club Cabinet knew the Projection Room as their second home-W. Bird, A. Dickson, K. Davis, L. Tremitiere, and Mr. Kelly. N ORI-IIA May Day, the Junior Prom, Class Activities, Clubs . . . yes, they're all there. The new year- book had arrived. In it, we saw all the events and activities which had contributed to our years at North Hills High School. Making the Norhian a reality was the job of the Business Staff who handled the financial end of our yearbook. The high- lights of our years in high school were captured in sketches and photographs by our Art and Photography staffs. The Activi- ties Staff covered the activities of each club, while the Features Staff covered all those special social events. The Norhian sports staff was on hand to re- cord the thrills and excitement of every North Hills athletic event. All those complimentary things said about the seniors were the result of the able Literary Staff. The Typing Staff was responsi- ble for typing all copy. The 1960 Norhian Staff was headed by our able Editor-im chief, Elizabeth Logan. Sponsors Miss Delp and Mr. Waldlogle were always ready with their ex- pert guidance and assistance. Thus, due to the efforts of the yearbook staff, we can relive our high school years through the pages 'of the Norhian. EDITORS--Jane Rehorst-Activities, Ann Moffat -Sports, ,lean Ann Walsh Typing Joyce Houston-ALiIerary, Richard Hoy- -Art, Bob Lang--Business Cenle Showe Photogra phy, Liz Logan---Edinrr-in-Chief, Gail Rvynollls Fvaltllres. Our inclefatiguhlc sponsors Mr. Wlllllfflgltl and M1 s e J 'E' fe? 'ORHIAN STAFF to ACTIVITIES - Bottom row s J. Rehorst, C. McBurney, L. Abel, R. Maguire. Top row-S. Slough, C. Sanderson, P Oehntler, J. Westerwick, S. Barr, M. Miku lan, J. Hrach. ART STAFF-J. Beck, B. Chapas, J. Ham mel, N. Holley, B. Hipwell, S. Bingel, J Hocevar, R. Roy. BUSINESS STAFF-Bottom row-B. Lang C. Sweeney, D. Hall. Second row-M. Hook, P. Udell, S. Reut zel, M. Ritchey. Third row - C. Hosick, J. Stehle, F Whitely, S. McClatchey. Fourth row-J. Lang, N. Brethhouser, K Stewart, J. Fundenberg, C. Lindsay. Top row-D. Calahan, J. Bachman, P. In namoifato, R. Harrington, B. McKinley. FEATURES-Bottom row-A. E. Kunkel, M Wagner. Second row-J. Sauer, G. Reynolds, C Stack. LITERARY -- Bottom row - M. Beebee, J Houston, N. O'Brien. Second row-C. Altenhoff, S. Platt, J. Hoff- man. Top row-J. Jackson, J. Smith, B. Fordyce TYPING-J. Walsh, R. Maslanka, L. Weller, L. Ford, R. Trbovich, N. Ward, J. Bowser SPORTS-Bottom row-J. Hunt, D. Johnson T. Mullen. Top rowsG. Gummerson, S. Ervin, B. Abel P. Randall, A. Moffat. BUSINESS lflzATURES LITERARY TYPING SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY F. Lobaugh C. Denny G. Showe J. Fehrenbach l05 Bottom row: B. Seagren, J. Dambaugh, R. Stanier, B. Zahren, E. Mullen, D. Knight, J. Finke, N. Jordan, D. Darges. Second row: M. Haisley, G. Denny, B. Fisher, B. Brant, A. Kunkel, J. Bairhalter, N. Diebold, T. Morrissey, M. Streb, C. Fost, S. Anderson, G. Doem- berger. Third row: D. Lindsey, J. Buehner, J. Costly, J. Schwartz, R. Cooper, M. Francis, M. Lacyk, M. Brown, D. Myers, N. DiRito, S. Porter, P. Schlemmer, T. Bartley, J. Sauer. Top row: M. Ruppel, R. Stotz, J. Hunt, N. Yellig, C. Baxter, D. Drocker, J. Kelly, B. Bibbs, R. Rohm, B. Irvine. . . f .iWm.n,mmwMmaum ,. VARSITY BAN THE HIGH NOTE OF THE SCHOOL The night of the first football game arrived. The first half ended. Then came the announcement, "Presenting the North Hills High School Varsity Marching Band! in That was the announcement that climaxed months of Work for band members. Through the month of August the band practiced in preparation for marching season. One week in August was spent at Camp Kon-O-Kwee where the band Worked to perfect its routines. Throughout football season the band provided us with halftime entertainment and music for pep assemblies. The concert band also performed at various times during the year. In the spring our band had an 'ilnvitational Concert" to top off a very active and successful year. We, who enjoyed the band this year, can only say "thank youi' to Mr. Caruso, the director, and to the band members, led by their drum major, Bernie Zahren, for another wonderful year of entertainment. BAND EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: B. Wagner, R. Stotz, M. Deitrieh, J. Hunt. Standing: D. Darges, B. Bernhard, N. Yellig, D. Randolph. Bernie, you didn't have to go that far to please Mr. HC." sy wwf g,.'E'ff .A ,lu uf ll f. k . 6 f Q , M V 1- '2.'Q:"' M -4. lu 3 K 'sm ,, E ll Q is 5, 1 E' X -. , ,...,. lnW , i W W 'fffwfz . il ei M. if el Mfxkm. .... A Q ,K 1 4- 'sf KJ' 25 '-4. Q., JA K"-4 .. .XV 4 1 5:1584 QA X ' 39 2 14 HQM U V M 5 5 V 1 M AA i M! 4 41 :Q 5 E Nm 1 E5 nf! W 6 Y 31' B V19 fy ax . ,fa LQ A? M A 41a 4l:.i a 'K 1, is 5 it Ex .f fy mx ., A 53 5, x I if K , 1 , J ,Q .,,,.,Ln. l.,,, Bottom row: P. Hebecker, P. Hunter, R. Stanonis, P. Johnston. E. Zech, L. Hartman, W. McNaugher, J. Borland, J. Welsh. Second row: B. Wagner, T. Mullen, G. Doernburger, B. Seagren, J. Dambaugh, W. Greb, B. Zahren, R. Stanier. Top row: J. Hunt, B. Hartung, M. Hishman, B. Bernhard, G.'Showe, S. Porter, N. DiRito, R. Hasek, B. Zimmerman, A. Hinkel, J. Jackson, C. Koesling. gIIiCP2SIhSnTElA DIRECTOR 0 R LGVELY TO LISTEN T0 One of the finest musical organizations at North Hills High School was its splendid orchestra. The orchestra was featured at many of the activities at our school. Their first performance was at the Senior Class Play. Their fine music was also ap- preciated at the Junior Class Play, May Day, con- certs at the Junior High School, and their annual Spring Concert. The splendid work of the group was attributed to their fine director, Mr. Hishman, and to many long hours of hard work. We of North Hills were privileged to have had the op- portunity of enjoying such an excellent musical organization. Practice and more practice established the quality of our or- chestra, but here, Pat Hunter and Mr. Hishman seemed to disagree about the score of "The King and l." SUB-MAJORETTES Botzom row - Jackie Connor, Darlene Armand. Second rowfloyce Pavlik, Lois Taylor, Elda Mc- Cleary. At each appearance of our Varsity Marching Band, an array of vivacious and attractive young ladies were found to add charm and color to the performance. These were the Majorettes. Six seniors and three juniors comprised the line. Hedy Beck, the Captain, said, '4One of the most im- portant things about a group who must work together as we do, is that they co-operate and give all they have to the band. In this respect, I think we have succeeded and I hope that the future majorettes carry on the high standards which we have attempted to maintainf' Five of the ufuture majorettesf, this year,s subs, have shown in their performance that they will certainly carry on in this tradition. MAJ GRETTE LIVELY AND TALENTED TWIRLERS CAPTAINiHedy Beck ,Q Q? 'WI 1 ff 51' " y d 4, ', ' 'Wt' -YL 2 rj ,f Ex 2? r l Bottom row--Sharon McClatchey, Althea Clark, Sonnie Smith. Second row-Jane Houston, Joyce Houston, Pat Hudson, Hedy Beck, Helene Kight, Wendy Johnson. Bottom mtv: II. JUIIIISOII, .l. hIL'fil1if'ilt'4lIl, II. Iiux, K. IVL-iss. S. Ankviicy, A. Hinkel, .I. Smith. Jenny, C. Yocuni. PFIPIIII r0u'i T. Mtivstiwv, U. Hl'f'II0ili4. .l. IIr0wn. II. Rinrhurt. D. DilI'QL'L'r, li. Ligons. II. Kvrn. II. Foitdyvc, Ii. Bell. Tllirff wir: I. 51111011 I.. iII'UUi'xN. K. lIrilt'l'. F. Kinust. K. Rankin, K. Antivrson, S. Iirxin. S. Liguns, P. Itutistm. D. Straub. Top row: U. St-Il. .X, Kuniwi. W. I'itlg1'c'mnItt-. fl. FI4CilI'l'. II. IIriscov. 'If RLIIIILIQLC. J. Iivlmrst. IJ. Xvvir. J. IIIIICII. I". Muncuso, .I. Iuckson. i'HI'ISIIIEIYI' UI" 'IIIIF CIIIORIIS Ifrcii Mullvtlsu CHORU A PERFECT BLEND OF VOICES Our chorus was onv nf unmatched fame and quality. Neither of these CouIcI Ilaw heen zwcmnplisiic-fl without this cxpffrt glllifiiltllf of Miss Connor. In aticiition to direrting the rnixvci VIIOYLIS. Miss COIIIICI' aiso cIiI'0r'tCcI the chapel vhoir. whivh sang ut assclnhiics. 'lwixvrm' wvrv also il Imysi Vhorus ami a girls, chorus, along with inuny variety QITJUIJS which If-nt diversity to the chorus prograin. To make the season a SL1l't'f'Sii.Lli unv. the chorus worked hard with cn- thusiasnl. and with ll spirit niurlu-il hy ti strung clt-situ tu hc- In-st. 'Ihcir work was uutstamiing. SENIOR GIRLS' TRIO fllliaimnm- Iunvs. Kurvn WX-iss. Fran Lohuugh. Ann Eiltin Kunkvl. our ussistunt atm-mvilllritimisl. wus just us Imsy als Nancy Van Iloutcn our assistant stuticnt ilIl'l'f'lI1I'. Bottom row: J. Houston. S. Stough, N. Ycllig, R. Maguire, L. Abel, J. llonaeuse, N. Wzirtl, C. Jones, D. Daugherty, J. Smeresky, C. Meljirney, M. Becbce. Serum! row: J. Hollman, N. Ford, R. Rohm, .I. Austin, R. Cooney, K. Rudolph, P. Bagley. Third row: S. Straub, H. Jones, J. Fchrenlraeh, .l. Hunt, L. Logan, S. McClymonds, D. Johnson, P. Henderson, P. Hunter, Miss Conner. Top row: D. Kniess, J, W:-sterwick. T. Snowball, F. Lohaugh, F. Koesling, N. Van Houten, P. Princc, Thoma, C. Lindsay, C. Brown, H. Trlaovich. ll. Hartung. Karen Weis-, our student director, practicctl her method of directing eonstantly with Miss Conner. Said Miss Conner, proudly, 4'This group is one of the finest " groups live had the privilege of working with, itis one of the best sounding, too." The fame of the North Hills High School Chorus spread far and wide. Guest speakers praised the chorus without reser- vation. The chorus was invited to give more performances than time allowed. Certainly, the chorus did more than its share to uphold the good name of North Hills High School in the community. The director who was responsible for the superior quality of our chorus-Miss Alive Conner. Miss Conner was extremely fortunate to find such an excellent ac- companist as Nancy Van Houten. GIRLS' CHORUS Holton: row: IJ. ,lUilllSlPIl. .l. Nlt'1illil'ill'UIl, S. Sllbllglil. Xi. fuiiiwy. li. Niugttirm-. K. fm-ru. li. Lux. K. Wviss, ll. JHIICS, IS. lit-II. .i. Smith. X. ilinlwl, ,l, liuiuivttfn-, N. Wurcl, IJ. Ihitiglin-rly. li. l"1vrti31'v. 5, llttuniun. IJ. St-liwilln. St'!'0IIfl row! .i- Hnllmttn, A. S1-utt. H. Sl'ilI'Ul'lil'l'. P. Unit-ll. I.. IAPQILIII, lfrxin. lf. Crews. F. Kimtst. iii-tttxvi, K. Rutlnipil, .i. Austin. R. Nlatslunixu. 5. .lt'nny. Ni. Mmuin. .I, Ku-sk. R. X. ffmnwy. 'l'l1i1'rl rnnx' l'. Wngm-r. i.. Hnmks. I., Rim-hurt. R. Stink:-r. ll. Hvyiinltis. J. l'it'2lIli'i, .I. igdiiiIllillt'. Nlif- llurilivig N. l"ur4i. 5. ixllfiifllllilllii li. W1'Iilll'l1l'y, V. lit-mlvrsnri. il. lJurgt'Q. Nl. Cloud. C. Ligtmf. Twp I'UIl.'f .I. Wv-twwivlx. ,l. lf:-Im-nlnttt-Im. K. .'xIttit't'hH1t,,l. Rt-imrft. F. lmlnitiggli. C. Lindsay. l'. l'rim-v. I. Javksmt. Nl. Mikulun, U. M4-Ktutlv. R. Lulu.-1-k. H. TI'ilONi1'il, A. B. Kunkol, N. Van Houton, S. Sllllllil, S. A. Liguns, U. Hrisvm-. P. Hunts-r. .L Satin-r. BOYS' CHORUS 80110111 mu! ll. Ruiviiiwii. 12. NHVIIIII, .l. llunt. IJ. Km-i-N. ll. i.LlX1'iit'. ll. Strttulv. l', K1-rn. l'. lhiglm-3, I.. 'Xiu-I. .l. Snivrc-aky, ii. Mgtnriing. Svrnnrf l'n1t': IJ. Wivir. K, Nunixin. fl, St-ll. lf. Km-Jing. I". Xlumfti-rr. Viv fiuiiin-r. 'lf RLIIIIRIQLU. ii. illlflllllg. K, iisln-r. K. Wright, F. Kvttm-ring. Top row: ll. ,ltIilllHtlIl. ll. Suu-5. .I. Km-lllwr. H. Knlim. J. llruwn, H. Hvinsln-rg. ll. Brown. T. Snnwlmll, .i. lfilm-I. if. iiviltlltltl. W. iitige-t-mtilw. Nvllig. ii. .luiitm l'. Cry-It-r. S. 'xtlixt'I1t'S, CHAPEL CHOIR Ballon: row: J. N1L'lilIIL'il1,'4Ill, IJ. ,IUilIlSl!Il. 5. Slough, ll. xil'iilII4IN'y, IS. l"u1'tiyt'm-. I.. Lugun, A. Hinlxt-I, S. jvnny. C. Lignns, ,l. lhmu cum-. Nl. lim-In-1-. U. ljutlgllwty, Ii. IiI'iSl'lPt'. Sworn! row: R. .Nlagttirt-. lt. lhlrgm-s. K. Iimlulpli. li. Lux, C. JHIICS, lf. Kinuft, L. Alnrl J. Sincresky, D. Straub, C. Yocum, 5. Straub, J. Houston. Third row: J. Austin, S. Ligons, J. Feiircilliavh, D. Wa'ir, R, Jones, P. Bagley, J. Hunt, .I. Brown, J. Rehorst, J. Hrach, S. Ervin. Fourth row: K. Weiss, F. Loliaugh, C. Fischer, W. Edge-combs, K. Rankin, C. Sell, S. Ankeney, N. Yellig, D. Johnson, A. E. Kunkel, .l. Sauer, J. Jackson. Top row: Miss. Conner, N. Van Houten, K. Usher, F. Koesling, T. Rumuge-, T. Snowball, F. Munvuso, B. Hurtung, C. Brown, C. Lindsay, P. Prince. -avi' -G. Kall, B. Calhoun, D. McGuire, C. Showe. CLB Bob Bates found Gym Club the perfect locale to perfect his form on the trampoline. Mrs. Hartmann was kept busy directing her National Honor Society guides during the Sesqui-Centennial Variety Show.fC. Showe, R. Maguire, Mrs. Hartmann, G. Denny, L. Logan. These members of Auto Club practically made cars their home-s.fT. Bolger, A. Shoup, R..Fletcher, C. Owen, J. Eitel. The chatter of these Commercial Club girls was as noisy as the click of their office equipment.-Bottom row: M. Bishop, B. Bol- len, B. Hoffman, J. Jackson. Second row: J. Vogel, M. A. Mazzeo, R. Bird. The debate team enjoyed discussing the controversial debate topic almost as much as their nearly flawless record! PECI LTIE t UUH athlfltitt program was like zm cxpensiw llliltllillltl-"' there we-rv niany liauw-ts von- trihuting to its Sll'lll'llIl'f' and eactt fur-4-t shout' hriglitly in za spevial way. 9092 ol' :ls partici- pated in ther outstzmding intramu- ral program. As svhool ln-gun in Septc-mlmvr, we fiurititully cheered the traditional svhool llCl'0P5'-" the foothull lt'iltll. As the- season cliangred. so did the- sportsg and while s0r11crw'1-rv lookinff I Z, lp to our ex- citing lr pk A as etlmlt tvam. many Chose to follow thc! dynamic- mat-men in that two-sport svzison during which the QI,l'Li'JlJlC1'H lllilIlilQ1t'll to SIN'll1l most, of thvir timcl in tho is in column. W'ith Ckllfll glistening drop of sweat poured forth in at vivtorious effort. with each tear shed in sorrow altvr il Iltllljll sought-alter vivtory had lwvn turnvd into at loss. with f'i1f'll spark ol' hope ig- uitvd he-lorci at big guim-, with vault 1-liver Hvliovnl through tht- hulls atllm' at vru- vial vivtory, we tlvwlopwl at unique svnsc- ol pridv in our svhool that no othvr avtivity 1-ould giw us. Was our athlfftit' progruni Z1 SIICCPSS? This program that promluvfld memories for all amd instilled that elusive spirit of teamwork in mtmy others was hailed hy all to hr' at I'f?S0lllllllIlQI SIIUVCSS. Jjwfaf Chewy 9034, Zgafz PDA QGUTY' QYXONX uxNW"' 1 W iz 1- 9 hm? V gn ' ' 'Uv muilcd ,4 ,yn-rw were htm.. ,L ,I Mfuiynhix Xmacksxotk. hm Y Kuo Many more wer C r-mfg-fly ,v,.m,iWd F fed Tr YI1Cr. gm uvlcxx xg Lx- vu XX CNXW - nwvwn " QQNXMA X VXAXYK NX , . -x leak xg MM QQ Mug. dev XMHW V 0 - The start of each game- was lvnscly awaited, but when it came, lhe team fought delcrmincdly. --- Fred Mancuso. II6 QXXQKX MA Aw xQS 'X NC? - Q X NL, . Xx A '-Cfxcgr 0 W0 71695. X0 5wY.M Xoxxfx X X eagxx QAQCYQQKQXW1 35 uliuw W- X WV ' X 1' 'X W Qitfw WEN xi6KfX:0xxgJhXY X960 an, W5 C09 XXL Logguxoh HS wo, 7 3364 Q0 ' QUWWEA gf .3Xc'5' 91551 L Umm XV ' ,P l'1l' amd I . mlmum of tho Baum Abel,z1s co. ,. . ,h 011111 .. ,- gdllftll tllf- pruigp the, L,lrtdlnlY ,Q-mm. Night y ccmvf-qi on THE TORY 0 R FOOT B LL TE M Each pja Sffilson as tier will remgmf kgcked the ffrgfnffi m wllicffrpige.1959-1960 either West View :JCMIN 30111 in fheni, ,I0IIlSey I T0ffhHi11Q mow of F 00 2 6' 4 S 1 '-'oo 0 F 6? 031260026 - . ' 6 ez 621 .Naturally thelr mornings afternoo d 00,0 00, +016 nm Q , v I IIS, an eve- -6, 0,6 016 .gk were One practice sessxon after anotherf- Og. df Mlke Curran, Bruce Schoemaker. 06' to Q ,J rl 041' 41155040 040 bel. Q1 G fl, ' 6 0 fi 006151 I QNX s,xw0 O ff? l QQ 664106110 025, QQ? 61,60 T0 AWARDS ofa ry 425 l' G60 09 .1 --" or O -- . r football Plagfigrris Uavgs '1w0j?'0 o - 1 125 50: 33133 legs Q52 Il u . . ,O lin. letgifi fellowsllllqjeanwath Hlgem- X335 playa E will alwaYM1,. Martore . Firm friendships grew EP 00 Z. Ualmglinnie Malone, b tween eaCh P1aYef ,and Ls 'fb Q25 ' ' i cjachf hMr' Marwrelh'-R0 0301-is - nson. Just as long-Iastin ble RO I slups between the if were those friend. locker-mom bull payers as they held football expern sesswns, and Shared Veuell 1ences.XBiI1 Knnpl, wd ? S Bottom row: Tomsey, E. Gardner, E. Vettel, R. Bernstein, D. Weir, B. Abel, F. Tryner, D. Johnson, R. Robinson, P. Kern. Second row: Koesling, B. Tresky, M. Schmidt, J. Farina, V. Malone, J. Blackstock, M. Curran, G. Bickel, R. Steele, C. Gruseck, D. Miller, S. Williams, J. Allen. Top row: D. Burns, J. Eitel, J. Fazio, R. Hugli, F. Mancuso, B. Schoemaker, B. Knoch, B. Corley, B. Mizner, VARSITY FOOTB LL TEAM THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY INDIANS B. Schomaker. Each home game brought crowds of spectators down to the field house to cheer for our team after half-time. VARSITY MANAGERS: Bottom row: R. McLaughlin, F. Koesling, D. London. Second row: L. Abel, J. Allen, W. Unks. The tension was evident the night of the first football game. This game with Shaler emphasized the team's strong and weak points and provided a good clue to the team that we students supported in 1959-a team that always thrilled the fans, a team that students talked about'on Saturdays in terms of what might have happened if "Joey had zigged instead of zagged, a team that was in every game until the very end. None of us has forgotten some of the beautiful plays run by the senior backfield of co-captains Doug Weir and Bruce Abel, or Fred Tryner and Bobby Robinson. Weive hardly forgotten the field goal kicked by Denny Tomsey, the first in the school, to pull another game out of the loss column. And who among us has forgotten the brave senior line that faced Mt. Lebanon in the last game- Vinnie Malone, Bon Bernstein, Mike Curran, Bruce Shoemaker, Nick Suto, Jim Fazio, Dave Miller, John Farina, Earl Gardner, Ed Vettel, and John Blackstock. Seniors Bill Corley and Fred Mancuso, outstanding linemen, cheered the team from the sidelines in the 'final game because of injuries. George Bickel and Chuck Schindel, the dominating junior lettermen, were named co-captains of next yearis team. We hope next year's team is able to provide students with as many thrills and fond memories as the 1959 varsity football team has. The Varsity gridders. Uh, oh! Who got it? N-O-R-T-H H-I-L-Q-S SCASH 'EMU VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES NHHS TEAM OPPONENT 6 Shaler ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,. , , 7 16 Bethel ,,,,,, ,, ,, W ,, ,. ,14 13 Alderdice ...,,,.,.,..,,,,,,. ,,,,,, , 8 20 Oliver ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, .,.,.,, .,,,,,,, 1 3 19 Elizabeth Forward .,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 6 7 Trinity ..,,,,,,,,,.,1,,,,,,,,1 ,,,,, , ,26 141 Baldwin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H119 0 Penn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,, 1 4- 13 Mt. Lebanon ,,,,.. ,,,,,,,, 4- 2 ll Bill Corley, at right end, " cut in behind the defense f to break up a pass. , X B ff .X WW-: 'fx .gli . x JZ., G Y P 4iW'f Q Xa .5 I , f 0 - X Til 0' 4 I V,:,y'4flf Y X' ' ' C KQQ Things were getting rough for Robbie, who needed some fast blocking. Fred Trynor slanted his way through a broken field to score for North Hills. The Indians were in there fighting all the time. A North Hills player on his way down the field was sprung loose by three key blocks. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES 6 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, North Hills 7 ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, N orth Hills 6 ,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, North Hills 0 ,,,.,....l, ,,,,, . .. North Hills 2 ..,,,,,,.,, ,v,,, . ..North Hills 6 ,,,...,,,, ,,,,,,,.., N orth Hills Shaler ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, Oliver Bethel ,,,,,, . Penn ,,,,, , Butler Shadyside ,,,, UN IOR AR ITY FOOTB LL -,DVA MANAGER GRIDIRON HEROES IN Ken Shad THE MAKING Scoring only twenty-seven points in six games, the younger edition of the football teams at North Hills managed to compile an impressive won-lost percentage of .500. Obviously their strong point was an excellent defense which held three opponents scoreless. Playing on a team that was basically a training ground for two years of rugged varsity competition were many outstanding novices, many of whom seemed to have a bright future ahead of them in their final high school years of competition. In the backfield Rich Tresky, ,Jim Duncan, Dennis Andrews, Tom Little, and Tom Platt appeared to have the inside track in the race for varsity posi- tions next fall. Outstanding linemen included Joe Dinkel, Don Burns, Ken Shad, Jeff Roberts, Wayne Parker, Richard Holmes, and Bob Corley. The valuable experience these boys gained playing heads-up football against top-flight opponents served to insure North Hills High School of another suc- cessful' varsity football team. Bottom row: F. Tiernan, B. Walleck, T. Reed, K. Schad, J. Dinkel, T. Platt, R. Cook, B. Corley, D. Alexander. Second row: K. Jurecko, T. Little, H. Gruener, R. Stanionis, E. Streit, R. Zeise, J. Schantz, D. Andrews. Top row: K. Kessler, D. Schaughency, J. Norman, J. Roberts, R. Holmes, D. Fobas, B. Cammarata. I20 7" 4 . K. Q B+ VARSITY-Clockwisefhne Rehorst, Suzy Ervin, Nancy O,Brien, Susie Stough, Peggy Henderson, Liz Logan. CHEERLEADER ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO THE TEAM Promoting school spirit is a job which requires much hard . , . . CAPTAIN- 1 work! This years cheerleaders did more than their share to SPONSOR-'iyijlgisclgiitijxlrst complete this job with highest honors. They cheered their r hearts out for the mighty teams of North Hills High. ji With the help of their new sponsor, Miss Horn, the cheer- .. leaders were able to add to the list many new fight songs and t ' cheers. These new attractions were gladly accepted by the crowd. squads were the varsity-seniors, the varsity cadettes-juniors, .X N7 'gf X Y W X , : ' ' I ,l Our cheerleaders were divided into three squads. These 0 . Ae ' Q? 'ff and the junior varsity-sophomores. ' , I , Our cheerleaders helped make our school one of which we ii"-H' can be proud. VARSITY CADETTE SQUAD--Bottom rowfw 4 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD - ,I. Wise, C. Charlesworth, S. Wundcrly, D. J. Smith, C. Barnes, M. Moran, L. Koslow, C. Johnson, E,I3rown,.I.Weitzel,L.Pritcl1ard. McBurney. Top row-C. Garvin, J. Bonacuse. Bottom row: J. Blackstock, D. Tomsey, B. Hugli, D. Fleeger. Second row: R. Tresky, B. Abel, T. Burton, B. Chapas, T. Acone, Coach, Mr. Harper. Top row: R. Roberts, B. Corley, J. Carrier, A. Dickson, B. Cross. VARSITY BASKETB LL IF THEY CAN'T DO IT, NO TEAM CAN! I22 NHHS 49 41 57 66 47 48 67 70 59' 61 74 63 84 62 68 90 39 73 48 56 67 69 48 VARSITY SCORES 1959-1960 Season TEAM Butler , Ellwood City Langley I Bellevuc Avonworth ,.,,,, Arnold . ..,. I Monaco , I Baldwin North Allegheny Shalcr Quaker Valley ,,,,, Montour , ,,,,, , lhloon I , , I Stowe ............. lVlcKees Rocks North Allegheny Shalcr , Quukor Vulluy I Montour , Moon , Stowe lVlc'Kees Rocks West Penn Elizalietli-lforwunl VIlUUTIl21IIlf'Ill OPPONENT 42 , I 44 , 40 I 60 54 53 ,60 I I 50 , 69 , I40 ,I52 , I I 47 IIII55 IIII71 I 73 48 42 , 75 46 , ,, 54 , 78 , 50 57 VARSITY SENIORS BRUCE ABEL JOHN BLACKSTOCK BILL CORLEY JOHN FARINA RANDY ROBERTS RICKY STOTZ DEN NY TOMSEY BRUCE ABEL-great performer, "timely drives and accurate shooting ability characterized his playi' . . . JOHN BLACKSTOCK-this improved hoopster led many fast breaks for our Indians . . . BILL CORLEY-excellent shots, good re- bounds, hard drives were part of his repertoire . . . JOHN FARINA-a remarkably good defensive drive, a lot of speed, agility and hustle . . . RANDY ROBERTS-a quiet fellow, but opponents observed otherwise in games when his play was inspiring . . . RICKY STOTZ-Rick's cool head and outside shot saved the team on many occasions . . . DENNY TOMSEY-a hard driver who, for his size, collected a surprising number of rebounds. VARSITY MANAGERS - Marshall Paugh, Tony Snowball, Ralph Karn. John Blackstoek slipped past his guard and at- tempted a beautiful l1ook shot. Bruce Abel's float through the air was rudely interrupted in this contest. l24 The 1959-60 hardeourt season at North Hills was one of contrasts. The team's play varied so from game to game that we could never he sure of the caliber of play we were to witness at a contest. This was illustrated in the home-away series with North Allegheny. Playing on North Alleghenyis court we lost hy ten points, hut later in the season playing to a friendly crowd, we trounced them 90-48. The varsity cagers managed to maintain enough consistency throughout the sea- son to post thirteen wins against ten losses. Bruce Ahel paced the Indians with an average of lT.3 points per game with Bill Corley close on his heels with l'l.9 points per game. Rounding out the starting quintet were ,lohn Blackstock, Denny Tomsey, and Randy Roberts. Ricky Stotz and John Farina proved to he valuable substitutes. Three lmoys gained enough experience in their junior year to receive letters, thus providing Coach Jim Harper with a strong nucleus for molding the varsity floor men next seasong they were Dave Fleeger, Joe Carrier. and Bill Chapas. All of these hoys handed together and put forth that extra ounce of effort it takes to win against Mclfees Rocks in their final game. This proved an excellent climax to this year of contrasts as lVlcKees Rocks had beaten us earlier. This final victory also insured pleasant memories of the basketball team for us students. Denny Toinsey drove past his guards, and sent the ball up and in for a score. RACK ,EM P TWO! I Bruce Abel drove down the open keyhole for two. Rieky Slotz jumped high in ln effort that bull." ffm QNX A, ff , X 7 x 9 X X J Wt Q , Q 1 3' Y l 1 wx If S 2 . ,WM Team members waited hopefully as Bill Corley took u jump Randy Roberts' soft push shot added two more lo the N1 shot from in Close. Hills ledger as 'WC trounced neighboring Shailer. I2 to tl NHHS 28 33 38 29 52 31 31 32 53 40 32 45 56 36 38 49 40 53 39 30 37 29 TEAM Butler , ,,.,,,,,v,,,,,, A Ellwood City Langley ,,,,,,.,..,,,, Bellevue ,,,,,,,,,,l Avonworth ,,..l, Arnold .,v.....,, . Monaca ,,...,,,,, N . Allegheny Shaler ,,.,,,,,,,,, Quaker Valley Montour ,..,,.,,,, Moon Twp Stowe .,,, . .,,,,,,,,... . McKees Rocks First row: B. Thornberry, J. Moffat, R. Cook, L. Maquire, W. Wilkie, R. Sittig. Second row: B. Cantella, D. Bals- ley, T. Reed, E. Krapfl, Mr. Hare. UNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL AT THIS TIME NEXT YEAR . . . OPPONENT 41 37 ...,.,,.20 .,,..,,,34 ,,,,...,34 ..,...,,27 48 Baldwin .............,.... ..,..... N. Allegheny 43 55 35 30 Shaler .......,............ ........ Quaker Valley Montour ..,,,,,.,..,,, Moon Twp ...... Stowe .............. McKees Rocks ......,.47 ,,,,,,,,48 ......,.60 The 1959-60 J.V. basketball season was dominated by suspenseful and thrilling contests where many outcomes remained in doubt until the closing seconds. A credible 10-12 season had the hard luck ,l.V. on the short end of many games where a few breaks could have reversed several losses to wins. The J.V. this year was paced by the high scoring of Ernie Krapfl who broke the individual scoring record held since 1951. Ernie scored 312 points. Tom Little, Don Balsley, Bill Adley, and Tim Reed also took scoring honors. Under the able coaching of Grant Hare, the ,l.V. proved a great menace and constant thorn in the side of all the opposition they met. Although they were hampered by a slow start the "Little Indiansv nevertheless were able to come back with an outstanding per- formance. We all can be proud of the spirit and good sportsmanship shown by these boys. They were a hard working team throughout the season and deserve our hardiest congratulations. The experience and know- how which they gained will surely help to lead North Hills on to victory in the future. J.V. MANAGERS-P. Gerlach, B. Willison v E IOR MATME WRESTLING SCORES NHHS TEAM 34 New Castle , ,,,,,,, , 65 Montour ,,,,.,,, ,, ,, 34 West Allegheny ,,,,, 56 Montour ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 26 Mt. Lebanon ,,,,,, , 45 Dormont ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 35 Shady Side ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 23 North Allegheny 40 Dormont ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , 22 Baldwin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 34 Munhall ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , 26 West Allegheny ,,,,, 11 Shaler ,,,,,,,,.,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 29 Carnegie .,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,, SECTION TOURNAMENT Bolo Grove-first place Bill Chapas-second place Barry Brown-first place Paul Steigerwald-first place OPPONENT 29 , 0 L22 31 11 ,, , 17 24 ,, 8 ,, 25 , 17 23 ,, , 34 21 RICHARD ROY JIM SCHAFER PAUL STEIGERWALD DAN STRAUB DAN AYRES KEN BARNES BILL BERNHARD BARRY BROWN BILL CHAPAS RALPH DOEHLA BILL IRVINE DIARMUID McGUIRE DAVE MILLER PAUL RITTLE this successful team, Bottom row: T. Chapas, B. Grove, B. Chapas P. Rittle, J. Schafer R. Doehla, D. Straub Second row: B. Brown K. Barnes, H. Weber P. Steigerwald, E. Vet tel, B. Dickinson, D Miller. Top row: Mr. Weixel, J. Weitzel, G Yocum, D. Ayres, R Boy, B. Bibb, L. Tremi tiere. I28 1 Q VARSITY WRESTLERS PROVED THAT HARD WORK ED VETTEL HARRY WEBER GEORGE YOCUM RESULTS IN SUCCESS As the roar of the another North Hills score precious points crowd rose to a deafening pitch, matman pinned his opponent to for his alma mater. Members of which compiled a 10 win 4 loss record, included Tom Chapas and Jerry Weitzel at 88 lbs., Bob Grove at 05 lbs., Bill Chapas at 103 lbs., Paul Rittle at 112 lbs., ,lim Schafer at 120 lbs., Bill Bernhard and Ralph Doehla at 127 lbs., Barry Brown at 133 lbs., Ken Barnes at 133 lbs., Bill lrvine and Harry Weber at 145 lbs., Paul Steigerwald at 154 lbs., Richard Boy and Ed Vettel at 165 lbs., Bob Dickinson at 180 lbs., and Dave Miller, unlimited. The high scorer for the season was Bill Chapas with 57 points, followed by Barry Brown and Bob Grove with 49 points. Paul Steigerwald, Barry Brown, and Bob Grove won section championships in the W.P.1.A.L. tourney. A victorious season for the North Hill grapplers was culminated with a second place tie with arch rival, Mt. Lebanon, in the W.P.I.A.L, section tournament. For the seventeen senior members of the squad, their last year in high school was spotlighted by their highly successful wrestling effort. lmlry Hurry. K1 f.1- IIIULIN NH WHNIIYI llwtli tlu- "ur-urlli-" uuuinsl his own mam in ll prunin- fu-Sion. X " W,wfm,, . - www , WW V ww . , 1 1 Kc-nny Burnvs imnugllt down LlIlUiill'T man with liix prccieioii iiggurc-lour. Ihe In-uni wwf-d lt: winning scusmx lu tln- 4-uniluim-4I vffmts of IULIIILIQLPY. Larry Tre-niilif-rc-, and llmwlr Wvixvl. YEA, ORTH HILL , PI ' M!! ine- If-uni spirit hr-ld llic wrn-stlvix in u state of anxiety as one of the boys was maneuvered into ll prcvariolls hold. l29 Paul Sli-igicrwaid showmi l'XCt'iit'Ill form in this hr:-uk flown uttmupt. " X V xX Bill Bt'I'I1ilLil'li attempt him. Bill sum-c-1-rfcicd, rolling this oppnnvnl inln ii pin Ed Vf'Ilf'i altlvnlplori to Split his UIYITUIIPIII in this malvh. l30 VIR PAY MR. CUADAGNINO MR. HARE MR. WEIXEL NIR HARPER MR. MARTORFILIJ MR. TIFFANY LETTERMEN Bruce Abel. Bk-F Jay Allen, F Dan Ayres, W Kenny Barnes, W Bill Bernhard, W Ron Bernstein, F George Bickel, F John Blackstock, Bk-F Barry Brown, W Bill Chapas CSeni0rl, Tom Chapas, W Bill Corley, Bk-F Mike Curran, F Bob Dickinson, W Ralph Doehla, W John Farina, F Jim Fazio. F Earl Gardner. F Bob Grove, W Bill Irvine. W' Ralph Karn, Bk Bill Knoch, F Fred Koesling, F W Vince Malone, F Fred Mancuso, F Diarmuid McGuire, W Dave Miller, F-W Marshall Paugh, Bk Paul Rittle, W Randy Roberts, Bk Robbie Robinson, F Richard Roy, W ,lim Schafer, W Chuck Schindel, F Bruce Shoemaker, F Paul Steigerwald, W Ricky Stolz, Bk Danny Straub, W Nick Suto, F Dennis Tomsey, Bk-F Fred Tryner, F Ed Vettel, F-W Harry Weber, W Doug Weir, F Jerry Weitzel, W George Yoeum, W 0 R CGACHES Bk-BA SKETBALL F -FOOTBALL W-WRESTLING E3 l-ff ,SM ,av l cl lk N ', ,4 H, 3 I E- -Q, Ke, , I", Huw ' "W V , I . l .1 I 1 x I TRAM RAL Diane Tllutilas ltatl lwttcr tnuve Cautiuusly to lIUUIlIl'I'Ll1.'l tlic next move of Janet Braun. Slit: may I't'f'01Xt' sninu ltclp from ,loycv Tiller. Tltc soplmtttuiw- "skins" and tlit' wplimtmrn- "shirt-" 4-lasliml in an activity period ganna. 10111 grade Girls -201 Buys- -205 10111 grarlf' 202 I32 INTRAMURAL SCORES Volleyball Rf-sultw 11111 grade Girls- 220 limxysw 212 lillvw Rvsltltw 1l1ny-t 11111 grmlv 208 12111 gmrlf' Girls - 108 Boys--108 12111 gfllllf' 101 Spf-1101-r Aiikx-ncy rcptw-svntc-d our sclmul as tht Clluss vhampitrn, Ll title liard to Come lay. Pingzvpong talmlvs were a welcome innovation to Ulll' phys. ed. program. We not only competed in gym class lxut also played to win in competition between ltomv rmniis.--Linda Koslnw. FRIE DLY COMPETITIO STIMULATED PIRIT 77 MCan you play intramurals today? '4Sure, Itll play and we,ll beat 7em, toof, Conversations such as this were commonly exchanged between the homeroom team captain and the homeroom memhers on days when intramurals were to he played A tense moment in a hotly contested intramural gan ll' in activity period. The captains usually succeeded in rounding up a majority of members. thus creating much rivalry among the homerooms. This rivalry often resulted in colorful and exciting games. The purpose of our in- tramural program was to encourage each student to par- ticipate in one sportg athletes who competed in varsity sports were not permitted to take part in the intramural program, thus enabling a greater variety of students to compete. Volleyball, basketball, chess, checkers. softball. and ping-pong championships were up ufor grabs" by the homeroom members. One point was awarded each homeroom for every victory garnered. At yearis end, the homerooms having the most points received a trophy symbolic of remarkable teamwork and athletic achieve- ment during the school year. Girls, too, competed in intramurals the pinnics tried for two. Huey gave Pat a fast backhand to clinch that final point. I33 SAY. ilo you rm-till . . . How vxifitvil we wc: . ' 'f' lDf'li0I'P NTHV 8. l959. l - X t ml i nr-lniii 2, of our ,liinior Proni? 'llw tri-ri ' iors in our slornzivlis lwlori- -ilicling in Llit tml vwiiiiw 5 1' - -ross Eflillll? floor iiniifl tlif' lliirry tincl swisli of pastel gowns? How 1 , . f quivli- ly tlio liznitls ol' tinif- lilvw for 'Suilie Haiwlainsf'tlif-lic-ll ollll0,lllnioi'Cli1ss Ai"tivity'f Svnioi' cluy. lirininiing witli lmczinios, nnnns. pop zissviiilmly. ancl gariiisliecl witli pzirtifls zinfl ai foot- lmzill gainw. Anil oiii' ,liinior zinfl Senior Class plays. inivviling tln' tlix-'spiuiis our Class always knew we had? Queens, siv0c'tlicai'ts. tlicf Svnior Diiiiiei' Uziiice, and lots ol' pi'ii'e1li-ss fun? ill' voiirsc yon doll Wllwii we look lmvlx tit our llIl't'P yi-urs of liigli si-liool, we will vzigiwly iv- nn'nil1f'i' tliv vlzissf-s iinil vliilis wif www- in. lliil the i'i-iiimiilviuiii-vs tlnit airi- dearest to our hearts are Contained in tlie next cliaptci' ul our laook of nwrnoriesg lfetiliiivs sliinos its spot- light npon the "Lace-. lies. Winks. and Siglisl' we sliull c-wi' loinlly i'1-will. we 2224 J M7216 1 496 JU NIO PLAY K. Davis, B. Schroeder, B. Abel, G. Show, A. Fisher, B. Calhoun, E. Baird, S. Barr- missing: B. Zimmerman, Director-Mr. Haubrich. CAST LORD CHIEF JUSTICE ,..,..,,.,,, Bill Zimmerman MRS. BRAMSON ,,..., ,. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Elaine Baird OLIVIA GRAYNE ,,,,,, ,,,,, . .. Barbara Schroeder HUBERT LAURIE .,,,... ,,,,,,.,,,.,, , . Keith Davis NURSE LIBBY ,, 77,7,. .,,,,,7 , Sue Barr MRS. TERENCE ,,,.,, .,., , , ,,,7.. Arleen Fisher DORA PARKOE , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. G enie Showe INSPECTOR BELSIZE ,7raaa,, Bruce Abel Bob Calhoun DAN,ae . ,..rra,7,,,,,,,, , "NIGHT MUST FALL" As the curtain rose on the old-fashioned sitting room of Mrs. Bramsorfs bungalow, we were caught up in the chilling excitement of the Junior Class Play of 1959. The plot revolved around Dan, a man of doubt- ful character, who became the personal servant of Mrs. Bramson soon after a murder had been com- mitted in the neighborhood. The skillful way in which the plot of the mystery was evolved-the revealing of the previous friend- ship of Dan and Mrs. Brarnson's maid and the clues pointing to the identity of the murderer kept us in suspense till the screams of Mrs. Bramson pierced the auditorium, creating an exciting climax to a thoroughly successful play. Mr. Haubrich and his play cast deserve a great deal of credit for making 6'Night Must Fall" an unforgettable experience for all. Our hard working stage crew and property committee Old England was brought to life on the stage of our new auditorium were indispensable to a fine, adult production. The properties were authentic, there was even an old fashioned gramophone. R CLASS Two of the hilarious moments from Charlefs Aunt. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CHARLEYS AUNT On Novemher 20, I959, North Hills had the extreme pleasure of meeting a Hwomanw from Brazil, 'Iwhere the nuts come fromi'-Charleyis Aunt. The plot revolved around the predicament two college boys found themselves in alter inviting their girl friends to lunch in their apartment with Charleyis Aunt as chaperone. Complications arose at the last minute. however. when Charley's Aunt was unable to arrive on time. In desperation the boys persuaded a fellow classmate to pose as the aunt in an outlandish wig and ridiculous dress at la falsetto voice. A comedy of errors and mistaken identities would best describe the ensuing situation. Bill Zimmerman, ex- cellently cast as the illustrious aunt, shared top rave notices with a sparkling cast directed by Miss Delp. THE CAST STEPHEN SPETTIQUE . . COL. SIR FRANCIS CHESNEY JACK CHESNEY I . t . CHARLEY WYKEHAM I . LORD FANCOURT BABBERLY RRASSHI' ,. , . . DONNA LUCIA d'ALVADOREZ AMY SPETTIQUE . KITTY VERDUN . . ELA DELAHAY . D. McGuire . J. Acton . K. Davis ,, C. Nadrash B. Zimmerman , J. Allen . P. Randall , B. Schroeder J. Fehrenliach , R. Maguire J First row--P. Randall, J. Hammel, B. Schroeder, E. Proudfoot, J. Fehrenhach. Second row--K. Anderson, R. Ma- guire, A. Moffat, S. Platt, J. Kunz. Third row-M. Ritchey, M. Hook, J. Westerwick, R. Roy, J. Etter. Fourth row-V-B. Chapas, D. McGuire, J. Acton, B. Zimmerman, K. Davis, J. Allen. I37 SE IOR ACTIVITY ooa LAST VISIT TO DooPAToH Our "Jack-of-all-trades," Mr. Gay, better known as one of the Senior Class' Sponsors, did the printing on many of our decorations. Read on, O classmates, And you shall discover The Senior Activity- We'll never recover! Once again the Class of ,60 invited Sadie Hawkins to be the guest of honor at its Senior Activity. Willingly she ac- cepted to repeat another evening of gaiety, food, music, and memories. Sadieis congenial date was 'cBeatnik" Pallan, who fortunately brought along his record library. All of Daisy lVlae's L,il Abners swirled their gals until they were near exhaustion to the polka, the stroll, the cha-cha, and the Rus- sian hola. When hearty appetites were aroused, Mr. Gay and Miss Vollmer donned aprons and supplied us with barbecues, potato chips, coke, potato salad, and brownies. We then noticed the decorations were centered about our long 12-year journey through school. This added a bit of nostalgia to the evening, but we soon revived when the music commenced. To the lilt of our traditional parting polka, we bid goodbye to Sadie Hawkins and reluctantly departed from Dogpatch, never to forget this Senior Activity. Here we areethe class of 1960!! Notice all the happy looks-it's barbecue time at ole Dogpatch. Would one of our activities be complete without our special polka? ,L M? Q. V 'Avv 'S -Q x r AN ,W Afzyr F ' A g.'2f' R 'M G " ,Q A xl . , , 5 K My I qfy Q T 'urn -, K A high Aix, W M gg' I ev? tw ,lx 'WWW av A E ,W g. l5f i "' " 3' -aff P Q x A 1 ff.. " is. in XE 5 rf ," Q'V' 5-Q 'G A 1 5' Q57 Esiv, 2 'gfr' My 21:53 ag F. 1 ff Wi gi 1: x 4 x. J 5 X 47 f. an 4 g Q -' . , mu W Q ' 4.1 I- 24 wfrif ,.,,,L Q k My is 4 V 1 ,, My 5 Q 6,5 , ,Q W, Q .. Q , 1 in - . K, 3 ' . A Nl? ., K Us-A +49 F "'. 2 . , . Q I' Q I I A 7 354314511 K, 6 X W, y 2 -.A '14 S ...h,AQ f 9 W3 'klfiww' wi, M! if -:F ,V 1 Ax'x,y01,,..a Q , : 14 saws I39 Art interrupted a spectac- ular football play. Janet Fehrenbaclt, daughter of "Mother Mau-Moo." Heatniks invaded North Hills on Senior Day. Fred and Doug watch Senior Band members serenade. "Yea, swivel-hips Heckli' Cheered the mighty N.H. Cheerleaders. Words of our favorite trig teacher-HYou'll survivef, SE IOR D Y TRADITION REIGNS AT NORTH HILLS A day each year is set aside to commemorate the Senior Class. It was hard to believe, but we were finally the honored class. Our day was cer- tainly colorfulfwhite mums, flowing ribbons, rak- ish beanies, letter sweaters, and, of course, blue and white were a treat for the eyes of North Hills. An assembly was arranged in our honor, but it was a little unusual. The cheerleaders' legs were more hairy than usual, and their arms had sprouted a few muscles. We participated in a skit portraying a typical P.O.D., trigonometry, and gym class. The majorettes jauntily concluded our school day. But Senior Day was officially observed that evening at our football game with Penn Hills. Every senioris heart pounded a little faster as he realized his senior year was whizzing by just as quickly as that glorious Senior Day. High-stepping twins led the senior majorettes. Masculine cheerleaders raised a raucus. Now, this was no indication that seniors needed to reduceg we were just wild about those gym exercises. it . -1 .1 . .. - -- .M..a-at . ...1 Maw. W ..vf , S iii Q , me x fi' if iw fm 16' gwlg , .. 5, f X., A was 51.7 , Tiisw, i, is I I i v ! A. I A 1 L 12 AJ -:. my ,, s J' ge 'M ef f Lg - JW J -as nl P oriw The North Hills football team not only had spirit, but good taste, too! October 2, 1959 was a day with an Hextra special meaningw to a girl with Hextra special" qualities. Liz Logan climbed aboard her pink cloud when she was presented with the first copy of the Arrowhead, which burst forth the news proclaiming her, Liz Logan, to be North Hills football queen. ln activity period, her highness was royally honored at a pep assembly for a victory over Oliver. She presided over one of the most exuberant as- semblies North Hills will ever have. That evening our queen held the spotlight in half-time activities, when she rode onto the football field in her glitter- ing white, l96O Pontiac. Our co-captains proudly crowned and then presented their queen with red roses. Radiant in her silky, mint green dress and sparkling crown, she graciously looked on as the band described her with the appro- priate song, HThe Sweetheart of North Hills High." The next evening. pep club held the "Royal Rockf' regally con- cluding Liz's reign as football queen. We feel Liz Logan shall always be a queen in whatever she does. How can she help but charm us with her grace, beauty, intelligence, humor. and humbleness? Best wishes to you. Liz. you certainly deserve the best rewards life has to offer. l42 SEN! S THOR ART 1 Our sweetheart was the living image of a coquettish February valentine. Peppy, diminutive, Susie Stough was elected by our class as Senior Sweetheart of 1960. Her many activities enabled us all to know her as a pert cheerleader, an ardent chorus member, and a welcome asset to the yearbook and the newspaper. "Feather', was the center of attention on February 13 when the Arrowhead sponsored The Sweetheart Dance. The night was dressed in white snow as a perfect setting for our Valentine Dance. After accepting her red and white carnations, she graciously thanked us. Then we were very proud to tuck a "feather" away in our valentines and in our hearts. I43 MAID-OF-HONOR Liz Logan LADY-IN-WAITING Peggy Henderson OUR ATTENDANTS Seated: Jane Rehorst, Gail Reynolds. Standing: Hel- ene Kight, Joyce Houston. MAY DAY lVlay Day descended upon North Hills with all the flourish of a spring day. Just as gay as the bright hues of the budding flowers and sprouting leaves was our auditorium on North Hills, second May Day. The court jesters performed, followed by the long regal processional of lVlay dancers and their escorts. As each new couple appeared, the tension mounted. Finally the time grew near. The queen,s four lovely attendants entered, one by one, -Joyce Houston, Helene Kight, Jane Rehorst, and Gail Reynolds. Now everyone sat tall in his seat as we awaited the entrance of the three honored girls. First, the spotlight fell upon the lady-in-waiting, Peggy Henderson, second, the maid-of-honor, Liz Logan, and at last our queen, Suzy Ervin. Amid the hushed silence of the audience, Queen Suzy took her place upon the throne to reign over her court. Many performers duly honored our queen, the traditional Maypole dance, taking precedence. At the conclusion of the evening, a happy Queen of the May bid farewell to May 6, 1960, North Hills' most awaited day of days. OUR NEW FRIEND l WERNER HANSEN Happy-go-lucky Werner Hansen was a welcome addition to our class this year. Born in Germany, our exchange student came to live in America for a year with the McLaughlin family. His trip was sponsored by our Student Council through the American Field Service. During football season, Werner was seen doing a fine job as manager of our football team. Even though football is not played in Germany, Werner quickly learned the many intricacies of the sport. With football go cheerleaders. Our Senior Day pep assembly found Werner as captain of our all-male cheerleading squad. Highlight of the assembly was Wernerss version of that well-known cheer-"Indian Clopf' As the year progressed, Werner seemed to be one of the most active students in North Hills. His outside interests of amateur photography, stamp collecting, and jazz, along with his school work, kept Werner very busy. The months passed very quickly, bringing with them many new experiences-the Prom, May Day, speaking before the student body, and finally graduation. Our class of '60 will always remember the friendly, easy-going manner of our exchange student-Werner Hansen. Werner and the North Hills group entertained us at the Pep Club's Royal Rock. AX 5 . me A it at V M: , t . f if V - ,thnx I M N f wp s W-at-fi t W 'gzi lg' V ,,r,l Y Q Many subjects, such as trig, were familiar to Werner, but hi course at North Hills meant many long hours studying. The football team and Werner soon became friends at Football Camp. Werner' made many friends among our faculty. Any problems he might have had could have been solved by Mr. Hummel, the Guidance Counselor. Christmas vacation brought two weeks full of friends, gifts, dinners, and parties for Werner. He also helped trim the McLaughlin tree. Werner and his American family, the lVIeLaughlins, made a tape recording to send to Werner's Cerman parents. WY- nwctl catch l'l01lI'lSllll1yQ umm me-ul tu our 1-xt-Q-I' lvnt c'ufL'IL'riu stuff.- Rust- NIUIIIJEI' Dorothy McCullough l,a1uru Bruszuk Marge Sclllvidcr Margaret Gibson Kutllvriric Lignns Svvunvc Miller Hazvl Dvnzvr The-se drivers carried on lllfllllgll lu-any snow and stolcri lius ignition kcysf Bottom row: Mr. Irvine, Mr. Ym-st, Mr. Moag. Wiflrlla row: Mr. limwn. Tap row: Mr. Neely, Mr. Stool, Mr. Crt-inc-r. VERY DESERVING OF A SPECIAL NTHANK YOU" 'X large' sclinul plural like- North Hills nvct un 1-ffiric-nt muffin- ftuif tu funvtion pmpctlw , . Vit' gin- our llllllllxr tu: Mrs. Kummirigi Nlrb. llunt Misa Scluu-for In lshlhl it Our trustmliuns ucrv always rwidy 4 lvuctlwr cn' Ll student in any way pussilrlv.-V-V Bottom raw: Nlr. .llillll Nluluk, Mr. Art flluyptml. Second row: Mr. Ed AIN-I. Mr. AI Hartun I48 tr ,. I? IlLllIjlII. I. :M'tn11. II. III'l11'I1l'I'. 511111111 rnzr: I'. IIf'I'Iil1'Il. III. IIul'lIvy, N. Diliiln. N. I,l1I'IPI'. II. Zin11nf'rn1.1n. .I. Ifinkv. II. IIa1sm-Ii, H. I'IllI'IllIIQ, R. Stull. WERENT WE TALENTED? SAX W. Creb, B. Zahren, D. Randolph, A. Ber- berich, .I. Dambaugh, .I. Acton. SWING IIXNII UIIUIII faux' IJ. II41xuInIpI1. I'. Ihlglvy, II. Zzlllwlx. N. IIs-1'I1m'ivI1. ,I. Dum- TRUNIIWNE TRIO Ii. IIIIH-IX. II.XIINIII1'I'IHLlll.,I. Ifinkf-, GIRLS' 0fl'I'Ii'I' 111111111 fUIl'.' .I, IdIu1l4Iun, IQ. II:-nmlflxs K t,IHIS,UUXRfl1lyl- ' I ' 1111 1011 4 IIIXIII I' ' ' NIa1g.1111'1'. 5. Fluugll. hw I1 ' 5 .. . , I"U'f"'- II- I1I'1'IW!'- -I- R"II"VfIf N. Van I-Iuutvn. ,I. IgUIlLlf'IlSI'. NI. IXIUIXIII. .I. Suu:-r. 'I'RIINII'Ii'I' TRIO FRE CII H I HN IUAH'I'E'I' P. fIf5l'ILllfIl, S. I'orl4'r, N. DIRIIU. N O In E. Brown, C. Ivey, G. Sllowc. Ii, BC'I'I1IlilI'1I. CLARINET QUARTET J. Dambaugh, B. Seagren, R. Stanier, B. Zahren. I49 Si. xx P55 ' ,K 5.9! s:'IXfff.z3'eef:1.5 A , Q ,R 5 M M 1 S Q 3 . . if lk as , Q X. was x 54 . if . n +292 3? 5 NW .A 'V ' 4 1, . :gg 52,55 gi? ax X Q 9- ' ,A A , 32253 'figi ,' is '36 5' fri 57? 37 'x ' T, , i S ,f N. ,, ,I K 'l .QW,,,5w, , 7 N. w,.f,.,,f gamw,, ,A U. F ' iq, i'.1f1m2?i 1,5 ,V.k,., 35535. H- W Q7 Y . Q9 1, 5, 'Q f? it ff - xx in ,ff " x Y Q' Q' Q A g sg Jw If K x tt Q N, T, 4 , 'H ,,kk , A, .. 4 -74 ' x iw I X54 pg, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Abel '6l Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Acone Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PERSGNAL PATRON S Anlhony Abbolf Edward Abel, Jr. Edward Abel, Sr. Paul L. Acone 6l John H. Adams Roberl F. Adams James J. Adley, Jr., '56 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Affolder Harry E. Alppersbach H. D. Albaugh Darlene Albrechl '60 Mr. and Mrs. J. Albrechl Dian Alexander '6I John Alexander Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Alexander Mrs. John Allen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Alpern Alpha Chi Sororiry Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Alrsnhoff s Kalhy Ander on Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Sue Anderson Neal R. Anderson R. E. Anderson Roy Anderson Mrs. J. W. Andrews Richard Anke Anna Mae and Bud Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony C. G. Baun Mr. W. M. Bausch Mrs. W. H. Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bealry Mrs. May W. Roberl P. Bayer Beally Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Bechlolp Hedy Beck '60 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Beczak Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Beck John Beck Charles C. Beebee Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Braun Jack Braunlich Mrs. Braunlich Mr. and Mrs. Waller C. Brenneis Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Brefhauer Nancy Brefhauer '60 Mrs. A. Gordon Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bricker, Jr. Glenn Brindel '6l Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Brooks B. K. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Beebee A. John Beeman Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Beisecker Mr. and Mrs. H. Belding Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Bell Barbara Belo Mr. and Mrs. Bensy Mr. and Mrs. Arrhur Berberich Lynn Bergman The Bergman Family Mrs. Mary A. Berlin, Linda Berman '59 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bernhard Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Berlges Mr. and Mrs. C. .A. Besferman Bela Phi Sororily Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Befz W. J. Bevilacqua Mrs. Clara R. Beynon Bezilla Family Mrs. F. J. Arch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Archer Mrs. O. W. Argen-lah Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Armand Mr. and Mrs. Frank Armour, Jr. Mrs. Roberl T. Armsfrong Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arhberger Mr. and Mrs. A. Aureho Lelano Auslin Bill Bibb Lerly M. Biggs, Delroir Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bilka Bill and "The dear lillle Thing" Sally Bingel Mrs. Barbara O. Bird Roseann Bird Walrer Bird '60 Joyce and Mary Bishop Mr. C. H. Br Ellen Brown own '62 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown Mr. and Mrs. F. Kennefh Brown Dr. R. E. Brown Tim Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brown John T. Brow n, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Brownson Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Buck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Buehner Bernie Bulik '57 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bufler Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Burfool Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Burke Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Burns Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Burns S. H. Burns, Jr. Leslie Burlon '58 Fred Buskerk Mary Buzila Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Cady Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Jack A. Michael Buzila Donald Buron Samuel Caldwell R. B. Calhoun Scolf Calhoun Call Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Bach Carol Bachman Harry C. Bihar, Sr. Harry C. Bifzer, Sr. Ellsworrh P. Bachman Jeanne Bachman '63 Joan Bachman '60 Mr. John Bachman Mrs. Mildred Bachman Nancy Bachman Mr. and Mrs. R. Bachman Bob Blind '59 Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Blind Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Blind Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Black Andrew A. B laha Mr. and Mrs. Edward Block Mr. and Mrs. R. Blolller Donna Callahan '60 Mrs. Roberl' Callahan Mr. Roberr Callahan Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Cameroll Mrs. H. R. Campbell Keilh Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Canning Edwin W. Bairhaller Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bagley Mrs. Kalherine Bahny Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. Baierl Harry F. Bailey Bob and Margie '60 Bob '59 and Shirley '60 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Boder Ellen Boder Jack Boder '60 Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. N. D. C Mr. and Mrs. John D. Carlson arpenler Bruce Carr Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Carrier Mrs. Malilda Mr. and Mrs. Racy Carson Carson William Carson Bonnie Baker Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie and B Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baron Mrs. Helen D. . L. E. Baker . Waller Baker . David Barclay . D. R. Barch Barenl' arbara Barnes R. Y. Barnes Barr Barry and Sandy Eugene E. Barlley Terry Barlley Bev Basserr '57 Eddie, Joanie, Susie Basfyr Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauchner Beffy Jane Bauer Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bauer Jean Baugher Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauman Susan Bauman '6l Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . James Boens . A. C. Boggs Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Bollen Dr. and Mrs. Kennelh L. Bollens Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bonacuse Mr. and Mrs Bill Booker . Gerald R. Bond Isabel S. Books Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bookser Dr. and Mrs. Harry Borelsky Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Borland Mr. and Mrs. P. BoH Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl A. Bova Janef L. Bowser D. Lorraine Bowers Rev. and Mrs. H. S. Bowman Dr. W. J. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boylan Ernesf Branl' Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Brant Mrs. J. P. Br alfen Barbara Braun Mr. and Mrs. W. Roy Carson Mrs. R. G. Carlwrighr Susan Cavalline Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cebrick Judge and Mrs. William F. Cerco Mark, Jeffrey and Scoll Chain Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Chain P. P. Chalupa Mr. and Mrs. John Chapas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapas June Ellen Charles Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Charlesworlh Charlie Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Childs Beffy Chillcofl' '60 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Chillcolf, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George N. Chrisr Chuck '59 and Pal '60 Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Clarly Mr. and Mrs. A. Clayboss Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Clogan Mr. and Mrs. S. l. Cohen NB PER O AL PATRO S A. C. Collins, Jr. Alice Conner T. G. Conner Mrs. Joseph Connolly Mrs. Edna Connor Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Connor J. C. Cooper Compliments K. W. Cooper Henry Cooper, Jr. Henry Cooper, Sr. Ruth Cooper 'bl Alice and Harold Dimond Mimi Divers Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dobson Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Dodson Mr. and Mrs. A. Doeffinger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Doehla Dr. R. G. Doehla Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Donler L. Herbert F inkelhor Mr. and Mrs. James M. Finley Mr. and Mrs. James K. Finn Cal Fischer Mr. and Mrs. James Fischer Mr. Charles A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fisher Don L. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Fisher Mrs. Margaret Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. James N. Flaig Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Lee Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Corley Cornutt V. J. Cotton Jay Coulter Mrs. Victor L. Covert Jack and Ma Mrs. T. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. W. S. C rie Cox Bernhard Crasicki E. W. Crawford Robert B. Crawford reighton Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Criss Mrs. B. F. Dramble Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Draper and Son Mr. and Mrs. William Draper Doug Draucker Mr. and Mrs. A. Droller Andrew Druga Mrs. R. E. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. William Dublin Mr. and Mrs. George Dubyak Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duerring Carol Duglass '59 Miss Margaret Flanagan Marlie, Jean, Mark Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. George W. Flether John Fletcher and Friend Mr. and Mrs. R. Foertsch Lois Foley Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ford Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Ford Mr. and Mrs. George Fordyce Mr. and Mrs. John Forsythe Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Francis Betty Frank Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Croker Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Croker Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cronemiller Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Cross Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cruciger Susan R. MacCubin Mr. and Mrs. T. Culley Mrs. T. R. Culley Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. John Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Cunningham J. E. Duncan Mrs. Jack Dunhoff Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Easton Charles Ebeling Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eber Wally Edgecombe '6I Mr. and Mrs. Horold Franks Joe Franks '57 Mr. Robert F Walter and J reauff oy Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frenz Willis J. Frenz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Edleman H. J. Ehrenberger D. E. Ehrenfeld H. S. Eichelman C. J. Eichenlaub Susie Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Curran W. T. Cushing A. Cwenar A. J. Dahlinger C. S. Dambaugh Jack Dambaugh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. D'angelo Franklin Danser Diane Darges Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Darges Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dassdorf F. H. Ellenberger Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Ellenberger Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Elliot Mrs. Howard Elstner William H. Emmett Mr. and Mrs. Enzian John Erario Mr. and Mrs. C. Erikson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ervin Suzy Ervin '60 The Etters '60 and '62 Mr. and Mrs. Bryn T. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daty Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Daugherty Dave and Diane Miss Ruth Davies Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. David Evans John A. Evans Michael Evans Thomas Evans Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Eugene Jackie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Alden Q. Davis R. Davis John J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Day Mrs. Wisby Deah Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Dean Pat Dearden Mr. and Mrs. Miss Virginia '6I Frank DeJoy Delp Mrs. H. P. Dennia Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Denny Mr. and Mrs. David Depp Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Denzer '6I James E. Dereich E. Robert Derr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dettling Dick and Sally '56 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickey "Tiny" Evans '6l The Evans Girls Mr. and Mrs. William R. Evans Nancy Ann Ewen Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eyles Carol Fabian 'SB Mrs. Fred Fabian Mrs. E. E. McFadden Dar lene Faessel '57 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Faessel Mr. and Mrs. R. Ted Faessel Mr. and Mrs. Merb Fairbanks Mr. and Mrs. Bob Faulk Dorothy Faulk Mrs. Stella B. Faulk Mr. and Mrs. C. Fay Mr. and Mrs. George Fazio Jim Fazio Mr. Karl Fehrenbach Mrs. Karl Fehrenbach Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Dickinson Norman Diebold Miriam Diel Mr. and Mrs. Julius Dieter Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dietrich Mrs. Harry A. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fiala Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fietl Mr. and Mrs. John Finke A. J. Finke Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Freuno A Friend Cecelia Friese Flo Frifsch Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Fritsche Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Fulghum Mrs. S. P. Fundenberg Mr. and Mrs. C. Funk Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Fury Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gabos Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gahring Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Galiardi Harry Galinat '56 Mr. George W. Garbart Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Garbart Mrs. W. J. Gardner Mrs. A. A. Garish Charlotte Garvan The Gauaghen's Cliff Gaus Mr. Joseph Gay Frank Gazza Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Geanopulos Mrs. A. Geminehart George Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gerlach Paul Gerlach Carl E. Geyer Margaret Ghodes Mr. and Mrs. August Gliniecki Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Gibson Carol Gibson '62 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gibson Margaret Gibson, Cafeteria Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Gigek Mr. and Mrs. Fred Giger Joseph F. Gigliotti Mrs. William 8. Gililand The "Girls" from "Mrs. Dovey's" Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Goetz E. R. Gonano Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Good Mr. David Good David M. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gordon locker room Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Gosnell and family Barbara and Ginny Gould Kevin and Kafhy Ill PERSON L P TRO Mr. Bill Grabowski Mrs. Bill Grabowski Richard Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Graham John H. Gramenfine Mr. and Mrs. Ward R. Granf Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Gray Mrs. Greco Maynard S. Greenfield Kaye Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Roberf E. Grine Big Bopper Greiner Mrs. Ann Gubish Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Gummerson G. Gurfner Emil Gyekis Joseph Gyenes Jr. Lois P. Haase W. Habel Mrs. Emma Haber Mr. and Mrs. Henke Mr. and Mrs. Herchenroelher Mr. and Mrs. Herman Herchenroefher Lesley L. Herdf Mr. and Mrs. William J. Herge Mr. and Mrs. William J. Herman Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hermansdorfer Mr. and Mrs. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. Herold Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Herring Mr. and Mrs. R. Herspf Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Herzberg Mr. G. T. Hefiel dra Hickly S. H. Hunfer Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hunler Mrs. Dorofhy Hurley Mr. William Hurley Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Huflinger Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ida Mr. and Mrs. John Imhof Roberf A. lmhof '58 Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Irwin Drew Irwin Jack '59 and Connie '60 Mariann Jackson Miss M. E. Jackson Paul G. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. William Hadfield Charles Hagmaur Mr. and Mrs. W. Haisley Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. John Halladay Peggy Ann Halpin Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Hamburg R. E. Hamburg John Paul Hamm Dale, Paul and Charloffe Hammel Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Hammel Susan Hammerheim Miss E. Hammerschmirl Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hansell John Hansell Nancy Hanselman '60 Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Happ Granf E. Hare Mr. and Mrs. E. Harley Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Harlow Mrs. Andrew Harnaha Carole Harper David Harringlon '66 Regis W. Harringfon Jr. '59 Ronald L. Harrington '6l Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harris The Harrison Family Mrs. Gerfrude K. Hasek Jack Hasek '54 San Mr. and Mrs. Jik Higbee Karen Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Spencer W. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hilf Mr. George Hill Arlene Hinkel '60 Mr. Ervin C. Hinkel Jo Ann Hinkel Charles Hinkel Rev. G. H. Hinkle Barbara Hipwell Mr. E. W. Hipwell Mrs. E. W. Hipwell Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hipwell Don Hocevar '59 Mr. and Mrs. John Hocevar Judy Hocevar '60 Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Hocevar Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Hockenberger Mr. and Mrs. Hockenberry Mrs. G. P. Hogg Mr. and Mrs. Jahn James: Docforg Spruce: Humbug Donna James '60 Janice and Geno Linda Jarraff Mr. and Mrs. W. Jarvis Helen Jenny Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Jenny Mrs. J. T. Jenson Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jepson Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Jewell Jim and Dawn Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johanson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Johnson Harold J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Johnsfon L. O. Johnsfon Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Johnsfone Bobby and Linda Jones Charanne Jones '60 Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Jones Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. John Holden Mr. and Mrs. Holiday Mrs. Alice E. Holley Norman Holley '60 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hollman Mr. and Mrs. Roberf S. Holmes T. H. Holt Jon Holznagel Mr. and Mrs. George L. Jones Jr Mr. and Mrs. Herberr G. Jones Janel' D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Jones Mrs. R. E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jones Evelyn L. Jordan Josephine Jukson Dr. and Mrs. Harold P. Hook Margaref A. Hook '60 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hopf Miss Janef Jopf '52 Miss Horne Mr. and Mrs. Roberf E. Horfon Junior Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Karas Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paffi Kasper Ralph J. Karn Harold Kaschub Mr. and Mrs. Haschke Ron Hasek '60 Mr. and Mrs. Hansenbein Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haffers A. C. Harfman Mrs. John A. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hayden Dr. and Mrs. Joy Heafon Belh Hesse Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Hauser J. Hawkins W. Hawlhorne G. A. Heafon '56 William Heese Arfhur Hefren Ralph Heid John Heim Mabel A. Heinlein Ricky Heinsberg Mrs. Fred C. Heinlein Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Heinsberg Mrs. B. F. Horrick Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hosey Jane Houslon Dave Hrach Judy Hrach Miss Dorolhy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mollie Hrune L. F. Hosick E. J. Houser D. E. Housfon '57 'so Hrach Joseph Hrach Jr. Joseph Hrach, Sr. ni Edward J. Huber Hilda Huber Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. O. B. H Kirk Hughes Jim Hughes Franklin H. Huber W. D. Hudson R. E. Hudson, Jr. ughes Kalhy Kenny '62 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kay Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kaylor Mr. and Mrs. H. Kegg Mr. and Mrs. D. Keller Joe Kelley Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kelly Mr. Mr. The Mr. Ken and Mrs. Franklin B. Kelly and Mrs. W. M. Kelly Kennedys and Mrs. J. O. Kennedy nyg Jayg Connie Mrs. W. P. Kenl Ray Mr. Mr. Kenlzel and Mrs. Leonard Kern and Mrs. Paul L. Kern Roberl' V. Kerns Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Keflering Mr. and Mrs. George Heiser Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heifzenroder Carolyn Heckeler Mr. and Mrs. U. Helm G. A. Hempel W. M. Henderson Hendy '60 Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hughes Mrs. Raymond Humes Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hunf Mrs. W. F. Hunl Mr. Hunfer Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hunfer Sandy Hunler Mr. and Mrs. Lucian T. Kighf Mr. and Mrs. John Kilmer Mrs. Wm. C. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kimmerling H. P. Kinasl' J. W. King J. L. Kirin Walfer Klein Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kline Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Curlis Kliene Karl Kleinschimidl Waller N. Klindworlh Roberl K. Kline Louis H. Klir Harry D. Kloes Mr. and Mrs Paul, Dulchess and Princess Kloes Mr. and Mrs. Dick Knighl' Mr. and Mrs. Bill Knock Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Alb Mr. Mr. Mr. Charles Knab Harry L. Knighl W. Knoll Waller Knorr and Mrs. Jack Koehler and Mrs. Paul F. Koesling erl S. Konlrick and Family and Mrs. F. F. Korenich and Mrs. Henry Koslow and Mrs. Kossam Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Mancuso Mrs. J. W. Kolchin Frank Kolula Rose Kovach Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Kovach Alvin Kowalski Anlhony Kralz Jr. Ronald C. Krause Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Kreamer Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kredel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krich Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kridel Mr. and Mrs. Ed Krieg Mr. and Mrs. H. Krober PER 0 AL PATRONS Marsha Lisl '60 Mrs. Lilerman Lillie Madaline Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Lillie Suann Lively Mr. and Mrs. Henry Livingslon Nancy J. Lobaugh Mr. Charles Loebig Mr. and Mrs. Bartley R. Logan Dr. and Mrs. Kennelh M. Logan Liz Logan David London '6l Mr. and Mrs. Lorig Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Lowrie Mrs. A. J. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luleran Roberl Lulz Michael A. Lulzic Barbara Lux '60 Roger Lyon Roberl J. Krome Dr. E. L. Kropl Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krolzer Mrs. A. Krummerl Clyde Kunkel Donald Lysle Mr. and Mrs. J. J. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Harold MacFarland Rulhie Maguire '60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maguire Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mahoney Oscar A. Ma in Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl E. Main Mrs. William R. Mairer Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Mock Mr. and Mrs. R. Mall Vincenl' E. M alone '60 Mr. and Mrs. J. Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. M. 6. Manesiolis Mr. and Mrs. A. Mangola Oma Mansfield Adela March 9 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kunkel Mr. and Mrs R. W. Kunsman Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kunz Mr. and Mrs. William Kunz Belly Lacy Eleanor Lacy Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Vic Lanahan . C. Marlin Lang Mr. and Mrs. Charle Lang Mr. and Mrs G. M. Lang Janele Lang '60 Mr. and Mrs Fred E. Lange Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lange Nancy Laporle Joe Laqualra Joseph M. Lasher Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lauch Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Leddon Kalhy and Lee Mr. and Mrs. H. Leon Sonny Leon Dave Leonard '62 Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Lepanl Elizabelh Lehkus Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Levy Norman Ley Sam Liberlo Mrs. Anna Lickerl Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Liedke W. J. Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Ligons Mary Lillion Linda Luleran and Bob Naughlon Mrs. B. M. Lindsey Carol Lindsay '60 Keilh Lindsay '65 Nancy Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lindsay Mrs. Helen Marien Dan Marion '62 Al Marks Marlene and Chuck Marlene Mann-l958 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Marqilardl C. S. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Marlin Mary and Flip MaryAnn '60 and Al '59 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maser Eddie Maslanka '6I Mr. and Mrs. George Maslanka Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Maslerson Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Malson Miss Lillian Mali Jack Mauro Mr. and Mrs. Julius L. Maura Mr. and Mrs. John T. Maybury Shirley Kaye Mayer Will Maye Complimenls Thom McAn Shoes Denis McBurney '60 Mr. and Mrs. Herberl S. McBurney Mr. and Mrs. McCaffrey Mrs. Bernard McCarlhy James H. McCarlney Mr. Paul D. McCleary William McFarland Mr. R. J. McFarlane Diarmuid McGuire '60 Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Russell McGuire Cleo Mclnloch '57 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McKee Alberl' T. McKe!vey Blaine McKinley '60 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McKinley Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McKnighl Mr. and Mrs. Roberl A. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McNaugher Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McPherson Hamillon McWhinney Belly and Frank Meade Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Meehan Chuck Meharry '60 A. J. Meisinger Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Meisinger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meisler Member of lhe class of '52 Harry Menhorn Jr. Jerry Menlzer Mela Siema Phi Sororily V. W. Melz Mr. and Mrs. H. Melzgar Donald Meyer Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Norberl Micklos Micky, Wong, Wall, Whod Frances Miesch Mike Love and Nell Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Micklavig Bullons Mlkulan Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Mikulan Alan Miller Carl Miller '54 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Miller Doris Miller Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Miller Miss Helen C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Kennelh Miller Pal Miller '60 R. E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Miner Ed Milchell Mr. and Mrs. Milchell "Milzi" '62 Ann Moffal '60 Mr. and Mrs. Monigle Mr. Roberl Monroe Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Moody Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mooney Mrs. Alfred P. Moore Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Moran Mr. and Mrs. J. C. W. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan Douglas 8. Morrison N. A. Morrison T. E. Morrison Miss Lucille Dr. and Mrs. McClelland W. C. McClinlock Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McCloskey Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . E. L. McClymonds Fredrick McCune . W. J. McCune Mr. and Mrs. McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McCulcheon Mr. and Mrs. S. G. McElroy Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McFarland Don and Eileen Moulis Mr. and Mrs. R. Moulis Mrs. L. B. Mullen Don Mueller '59 Mr. and Mrs. H. Mueller Andy Mule '58 Adrian A. Munsch Mr. and Mrs. Roberl B. Murdock Murphy Mr. and Mrs. George Murphy Mr Mr Mr Mr PERSONAL P TRON S . and Mrs. George Murphy . and Mrs. Murphy .and Mrs. N. J. Murphy . and Mrs. A. F. Murray John and Grace Myers Mr. and Mrs. William Myers Nai-Din Sorority Nancy and John Cathy Nauman l962 Joan Neal Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Neely Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Neely Virginia Neky Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson Sr. Alfred E. Neuman Linda Neuman '60 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Neuman and Mrs. Wilbur Newstetter and Mrs. Neyenhouse and Mrs. M. M. Nicely Nikita and Nina Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. George Norris Jesse P. North James Nugro and Mrs. Jay F. Nunamaker and Mrs. R. C. Nurnberger Dick Nussbaumer Mr. Mr. Felix O'Brien and Mrs. John W. O'Brien Nancy O'Brien '60 Ralph Edward 0'Brien '67 R. W. Obrosky Ronald Odowski Mr. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Oehemer, Jr. and Mrs. E. H. Oehmler Peggy Oehmler Mrs. Robert J. Ogden Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Olsen Mrs. Orville Ormsby Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Orr and Mrs. Gilbert Ortmann and Mrs. Henry W. Ott Mr. Jack Owens Barbara Pacifico '62 Carol Pacifico Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Pacitico and Mrs. Edward Pagni E. C. Parker Miss Margaret Parker Mrs. Melvin Parker Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Patrick Mr. and Mrs. William Patton Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Paul Mrs. Edw. Pavilonis Mr. Mr. The Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pavlik and Mrs. A. Peck Rev. and Mrs. Harry W. Pedicord and Mrs. Harry C. Peeples R. A. Peffer and Mrs. Louis E. Pehnec and Mrs. David R. Pennington and Mrs. George W. Penrod and Mrs. Wm. D. Penwell Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Perka Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Perrin Thomas Peteks Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Peterson Norma Jean Petrulevich Mr. and Mrs. F. Pickett Mrs. W. Powers Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Price and Mrs. Lloyd Price and Mrs. Wm. P. Price and Mrs. Robert B. Purdy Robert O. Pfendler Mrs. 0. A. Pforsick Walter E. Phelleps R. A. Pierre! Jerry Pitell Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Platt Susan L. Platt '60 Phil Plocido Mr. and Mrs. Plucinski Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Porage Mr. and Mrs. John R. Poor Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Porter Mr. and Mrs. O. Poser Elizabeth and Mary Ann Powell Mr. and Mrs. R. Powell Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Preininger Mr. and Mrs. S. Pribanick Frank E. Prince Henry Prince Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Prince, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Probert Mr. and Mrs. Puchta Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Puchta Mary Ann-Putz Mr. and Mrs. William Putz J. T. Quail Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Queer The Quellhorst Family Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Quiter Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Raida Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Ramage, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Randall Mrs. Loretta Randall Pam Randall '60 David Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Emerson D. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Howard Randolph Doris Rapp Ellen M. Rasmussan Lt. and Mrs. Edward R. Raupp Ed Rausch Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ray Helen E. Rea Mr. and Mrs. Reeb Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reed Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reed Mrs. June Graham Reed Mr. and Mrs. John J. Regan Miss Carol Rehorst Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rehorst Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reif Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reilly Mrs. R. Reisgen Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Reis: Mr. and Mrs. W. Reithmlller Dick Restelli Ed Resler Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Reutzel Rich Reutzel, class of '55 Mrs. Max Z. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. William T. Rhall Mr. William Rhodoo Mrs. R. S. Rice Dixon R. Rich Dr. H. R. Richardson Mrs. H. R. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Guy Richey Jean Ridenour Lois Rinehart Margie Ritchey '60 Sam Ritchey '58 Mrs. Francis Ritenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rivers "Ra" 'so Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Roberts Mrs. John Roberts Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Rocco Esther M. Rockey Mrs. Henry Roczko Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Rode Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rodenbaugh Mrs. D. Rodgers Room l05 Kenneth H. Roos Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rose Mrs. Rosenberger Joyce Rosciwitalski Richard Ross Renald S. Rossa Mr. and Mrs. James N. Roy Mr. M. J. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. George Rudge Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Ruppel Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Russell Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Russo William E. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Louis Saalinger Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sauamacha Lil Sames '6l Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sanderson Carol Jo Sanderson '6l Sandy and Barry, Class of '60 Louis Sanfilippo Mr. and Mrs. P. Santelli A. Santo H. R. Sarver Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sauer Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Saxer Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Scanlon Patty Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Scarpella Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sched Mrs. Schaefer Mrs. C. H. Schaefer E. V. Schaefer Don Schairer '60 Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Schairer Verne Scheffler '6l V. T. Scheffler Judy Schermock Mrs. Edna Schieck Mrs. R. R. Schilling Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schimmel Mrs. A. L. Schlegel Mr. Robert Schlegel Paul and David Schlemmer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schlicher Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schlipp Jr. Mrs. Francis X. Schmandt Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Schmitt James Hownd Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. William Schner Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Schneider Mrs. C. J. Schneider Brian Schnitgen Greg Schnitgen Mike Schnitgen Mr. and Mrs. M. W. School Mrs. Ann M. Scholtz Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Schomaker Sherol Schran Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schreiber Barbara Schroeder Mr. Jacob Schauler Arthur and Donny Schwab Miss Darlene Schwartz Mrs. G. N. Ross Schwartz Mrs. .A. W. Schieriti Donna Lee Schwilm '60 Mr. and Mrs. Orville Schwilm Scuderia Scorpian Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Scott Anne Scott Barry Seagren G. W. Seagren Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Seidel Mrs. Seiler Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Senk Mr. and Mrs. Emery Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Shanley Mike Shanley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shanley Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith Judy Will R. L. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sharar John R. Sharp Jr. Donna Shaw Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Sheker Mrs. C. S. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Shewe Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Shideler Shirley '60, Herry '57 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Short R. J. Showe Mrs. W. P. Shreve Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Shute Charles L. Sieburg R. L. Skillen Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Sloop Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith Charles O. Smith David W. Smith Mr. Jake E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. L. H. Sm Peter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Smith ith Ralph E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snautfer Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Snowball Alfred A. Snowball Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Solanian Robert L. Soles, Jr David Solof August Z. Sommers Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Sommers E. C. Sonderman Mr. William Soperak Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Soul Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Spear Mr. and Mrs. Victor Spiak PER O AL PATRO Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Thomas John E. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Thompson Mrs. A. E. Thomson Susan Thompson Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Thornberry Mr. and Mrs. F. Y. Tiernan Frank Tiernan Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Tiernan Mr. and Mrs. L. Tiglio Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake Mr. and Mrs. W. Tober Tom and Linda Joseph E. Tomasik Tommy Mr. and Mrs. Dana Towers Rev. and Mrs. Dwight Townsend Jan Trbovich '57 Jean Trbovich '58 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Trbovich Mr. Ed Treharne Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Triting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tritsch Sr. Gail Trittler Helen Tkosky Fred Tryner iketreadi I960 Art Tucke Mr. and Mrs. L. The Tukes' Bob Turner '59 R. E. Turner Beverly Tuscher Mr. H. B. Udell Bob Unangst Mr. and Mrs. Ja Uncle Sam Mr. and Mrs. A. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Tucker mes Unangst C. Unkovic R. Uolk Mrs. Stacklin Mr. Mr. and Mrs. George Spraat and Mrs. E. R. Stack Bob Willison E. W. Sta nger Marie Urban Barbara Usinger Gyla P. Vaio Mr. and Mrs. John Valeriano Mr. and Mrs. John Van Atta Della G. Vance Dr. J. W. Stanger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stankovics Warren Steele Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stefanko Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Veenis Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Van Houten J. S. Van Kirk Edward E. Vettel Jan M. Stehle '60 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stephens The Sterritt's Harry J. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Waldfogle Mrs. Etta Stevens L. V. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Kathy Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart '60 T. M. Stewart Staehr S. J. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Stotz Dan Straub '60 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Streb Mary Streb Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stuchell Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Vickerman A. G. Vogel Judith Vogel '60 W. P. Voegele, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Vogeley Mrs. George Vollmer Mrs. Belle Von Moss Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Anthony Wagner . C. B. Wagner . Fred G. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Wagner and Mrs. W. P. Wagner Chuck Wagon Jerry Walczak Mr. and Mrs. James W. Stultz Eugene C. Sullivan Mr. Mr. J. T. Sullivan and Mrs. Edwin Super Nick Suto Diane and Helen Sutter Debbie Swearingen Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sweeney Carole Sweeney '60 Mr. and Mrs. P. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swint Nola Swint '59 Robert J. Swint Tom Swisher '6I Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sylvester Mrs. Pat Tahuz Othur L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Taylor Teddy and Arleen Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Temple Mr. and Mrs. Ed Templin Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Walker Helen Rose Walleck '57 Edris C. Walliser Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Walliser Bernice Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Walsh Jean Ann Walsh '60 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William S. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ward Mrs. Evelyn A. Ward Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ward Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Russel Warner Bill and Peg Waters Misses May and Irene Watson Shirley Watson Carol Waugh '62 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Weber H. Earl Weber BI' Mr. Martin Weigand Don Weiland Sally W. Weimer Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Weinert Mr. and Mrs. George Weir Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Weise Dick Weishaup Karen Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weissbart Mr. and Mrs. R. Weitzel Elva and Bill Weller Mr. Harry J. Weller Mrs. Josephine K. Weller Nellie Weller Tom and Jerry Weller J. S. Wellinger Judy Welsh Diane Wentzel '57 Mr. F. B. Weppner Barbara and Carol Wess Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wess James A. Wessel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wessel Arthur E. White F. White R. L. White William F. White Don Whitehead R. E. Whiteley Wibb and Nancy Paul Wiebman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Wiesner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The Wileys Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wieland G. P. Wiemann W. W. Wikert F. C. Wilcox J. E. Wilhelm Williams Family Mrs. Williams Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams Mrs. W. G. Willis Mrs. Nova Z. '62 Willison Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Willison Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. .John W. Wills G. R. Wilson Mrs. Irma Wilson Mrs. John E. Wilson Miriam Wilson '62 Mr. Ron and Mrs. R. B. Wilson eva Wilson Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Harry Windhorst Mr. and Mrs. James R. Winner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Winterhalter Mrs. Robert F. Wolf Barbara Ann Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Court L. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Woods Nancy Woodrow Kathy Woodworth '57 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Worley Chris Wrenshali The Wrestling Team I960 Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Yellig Mr. and Mrs. George Yessel Barbie Youkers Bonnie Yunk Mrs. E. H. Yunk Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Zaffaroni Boe Zankey '60 John Zbikowski Carol Zehnder Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Zehnder Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Zenk Sharon F. Zenk Kathy Zera '60 Laura B. Zieg Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ziegler Bill Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zinsner Paul Zucckero Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Zwetsch CO IVIERCI L P TRONS Abbof+'s Beer Disfribufor Joseph Abboff Drive-In Beer Disf. The Alva Card Shop Anderson Coffee Shop Arrow Cleaners Aufo Window Glass Company Babcock Dairy Queen Babcock Sunoco Service Babcock 81 Wilcox, Company Ari Baldini's Mobil Service Charles C. Beebee, Piano Tuner Bellevue Furnifure Company Bell Telephone-Church Road T. E. Benson, Insurance Beverly Hills Hofel Berkeley Hills Pharmacy Berkey's Pharmacy Beffy's Beaufy Shoppe John C. Bird Company Harry C. Bifzer, Jr., Insurance Blind Floral Company Elmer S. Boden-Dry Cleaning Branf Oldsmobile Company BressIer's Cuf Up Poulfry Brosie's Amoco Service Complimenfs of Carlsen Realfy Mr. D. Al Carmack, Locksmifh Carherine 8: Ray Cerar Joseph Cicardini Clark Candy Company The Color Shop P. R. Connell Company Conrad's Beaufy Salon Dairy Queen of Perrysville Daniels Farm de Jon Beaufy Salon Del Frafe's Resfauranf Devlin Elecfric Consfrucfion Company Dixon-Kelly Agency Dolly's Lounge Duquesne Cleaners, Incorporafed EarIy's Pizza Shop Evergreen Gardens Evergreen Hofel H. E. Fausf, Excavafor Federal-Mogul-Bower Bearing Corporafion D. D. Fosfer Company Fos'ler's Furnifure A Friend Gardner Display Company GIO-Ran Pei Supply Gray Flooring Company, Incorporafed Hahn's Road Side Sfand R. T. Hair-Joy Manufacfuring Company Bill Hamburg "The Friendly Realfor" l58 Paul Hammel, Television 81 Radio Repair C. Will Heinrichs Mobil Heinfz Cafe Herb Klug Roofing 81 Tiling Hieber's Sfore Highland Bar R. L. Hillen, Television Tubes Hipwell Manufacfuring Company Hoge Brofhers' Service Home Life Chain Saws W. J. Housfon, House Movers Norman Howard Hugli's Imperafa's Infernafional Harvesfer Mofor Trucks lsaly's for Good Things fo Eaf Dr. Edward G. Janda, Opfomefrisf J. 8: E. Aufo Repair Edward E. Jenny, Hauling Marie A. Jordan KauIe's Pharmacy Kegg Television J. J. Keisf 8: Sons, Incorporafed John Kenny Keysfone Mefal Company Herberl' R. King Kirk's Men 8: Boys Norfh Hills Village Kniess's Golf Course Complimenfs of Kniess Resl., William Fox, Prop. Kress Cify Service Krefzier's Tavern LaValle Disfribufors Lebro's Drug Sfore Liberfo's Texaco Service MacDonald Heafing 81 Air-Condifioning Mag's Carpef, Incorporafed Maslanka's Service Sfafion William A. Mayhew-General Insurance McKnighf-Seiberf Bake Shop McSorley's McSorley's Resfauranl' Millers Service Sfafion Ellen Monper Resfauranf G. C. Murphy Company-Norfh Side Myers Beer Disfribufor, Self-Service Nauman's Sfudio Norfh Boros Veferinary Hospifal Norfh Hills Beer Disfribulor Norfh Hills Sfone Company Neypenno Sales Company Parkway Carpef Shop Paffi Ann Dress Shoppe PauI's Beer Disfribufor Complimenfs of Peerless Heafing Perry Sunoco Sfafion Perrysville Business Men's Associafion Pe'rrocelly's Pizza Shop D. L. Pieloffi-Carpef Service Pines Plaza Barber Shop John J. Powers Plumbing P. 8:,T. Super Markef Raida Aufo Wreckers Raida Aufo Wreckers Raida Aufo Wreckers Offo R. Rascov, Roofing Confraclor H. B. Reynolds, Incorporafed H. B. Reynolds, School Direcfor John Riley Rineharf Tire 8: Supply Company Riffle Rosfeld Company Roy's Barber Shop Safefy Firsf Supply Company Sanfini Jewelry and Gifis Schessler Golf Service Sfafion Schlipp's Clover Farm Sfore Joe Schmiff Service Schulfheis Gulf Service Selzer's Keafing House Shaler Builders Supply Company Dr. George R. Shore, M.D. Russell W. Shorf Real Esfafe 8: Insurance Skowrovek's Markef, Wesf View Sopher Jewelers Spagheffi Buckef Sraka Beaufy Salon The Sfag Shop Sferling Cleaners Sl'rem's Sfudio Samuel J. Suffer, Excavafing, Grading 8: Difching Swar+z's Tavern Taylor's Tool Kenail Teian Coal 81 Supply Company Tempo Hair Fashions Complimenfs of Tenos Bros. Theafre Candy Company Edward Truran-Prime Meafs V. F. W. 2754, Inc. VogeI's Bakery Walleck's Bowlerama Walls Markef Weaver Insurance Agency Weber's Marker Wesf View Garage, Inc. Wesf View Hardware Wesf View Park Company H. J. Weffach Furnifure Refinishing Whife Mofor Express Com. While Terminal Company Wunderly-Wesfon Insurance 8: Real Esfafe Agency Administration ...... Alma Mater ,,t,tt, Arrowhead ,,....,, Art Club ,..,.....t...,..rt,, Automobile Club .,,,,. Band ,,..,.............,,. Basketball, J .V. ........., - Basketball, Varsity ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Biology Research Club Board of Education ...C Bowling Club .,,.., ,,.... . . Cheerleaders ,,..,.. Chess Club ,,,.,,,.. Chorus .,,........,., Club Specialties ,,..,... Commercial Club ..r,.r,, Correspondence Club Dances ...,..,,,.,,.,,t, , ,.tv .. Exchange Student ....... Faculty ...,.,,,.,....,,.,,,. Football, J.V. ....... - Football, Varsity Foreword .,....,..,.,.. L French Club ,.,.,......,,t,.,...,...,.,........,.., ........,. INDEX ,......,88-89 e,.,...,106-107 .....,,.r,.126 ,.e,.e,.122-125 ..-..e,,10O ,1,.,,,121 111,110-112 13 1,,,e..,..141 .......,146-147 ...,,,,,22-28 -----------120 .,...-.,116-119 96 Future Homemakers of America .,,..,,, ,.......,. 9 5 Future Nurses of Amerlca ....,....,,.. ..,,,.,,,, 93 Future Teachers of America ,,,.... ..,......, 9 4 Gym Club ...r,...,.,,,.,,,..,,.,.,,..,.,.,,.. Hall Patrol ...,..., Hi-Y ..........,,... Homerooms Junior ...,,t., Sophomore Intramurals .....,, .. ........, 97 ..-...-.66-69 ..,.-.r.-.,.70-73 ,,..,-..132-133 Jazz Club .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,. Junior Achievement .,.,, Junior Play .,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Latin Club ....,, Letter Men ..,t,, Library Club ,,.t.. Ma orettes ..,,,.,...,.....,,... .,-.,...99 -.,,.-..90 ..t.......136 ..-..,.....131 -,,c-...86 May Day .,,.,t,.,V..........,...... ,,,,,,..,, 1 44-145 National Honor Society .,.,,,............. 80 Norhian Staff ..,.,.,....,....... ..,,,..... 1 04-105 Orchestra ,...,... Patrons ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pep Club .................,. Photography Club .,,,.,,.. ...,..,,,. Principals v,,,r,,,.,,,..,,.., Projection Club ..,.. Senior Activity .,t,. Senior Candids ...,. Senior Day ...r,..... ....... Senior Dinner Dance Senior Play ........... Seniors .c,.,...,,,,, , ,,,,,,, v Senior Sweetheart .tt.,.., Snapshots Pages ....... Speech ,Club ,.,.,..,,,. Stage Crew .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Student Council .,...... Student Life ..,t,,,ttt, Table of Contents ...,. The Most ...r,,v,,,.. Q .,,.,,, Title Page ...,.,,,v,,.,,,,.,,,. Weren't We Talented ,,,., Wrestling ........,,r,,-..,,..,,., Y-Teen ...... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Taylor Publishing Company .,,,,, ----.-,-.--- P ublishe, Strem Studios -..,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ------- P h otogmphy S. K. Smith Co. ....,e..e...-.,,,,,,,,,, ---,--A,-,--,. C overs Miss Mary Virginia .....,,. --',..A-----V------ S ponsof MT- RODCIT Waldfogle ..,..,., -----., B usinegs Spgnsgf TAYLEJIQN ILUELTSILQIFIQ VCPNEPANY e,-,e,,,e.151-158 102 e,v.,,e,.-103 .,.....-..138 .-..,,....140 139 ..------,..137 ...M30-62 ....t,--.t143 .-.-..--.,150 ,e,11,,-76-77 ,..,.,.e,4-17 ,...-..-,,64-65 127-130 l59 3 i x x Q 2 S 4 S S f 2 s S 5 F E i 2 F 4 s S 3 E 2 E ? E 1 4 x I60 1960 SUPPLEMENT Bottom row: C. Ebeling, B. Knoch, J. Blackstock, B. Abel, R. Stotz, F. Tryner, D. Weir, J. Dehring. Second row: Coach, M Cuadagnino, B. Chapas, B. Corley, A. Dickson, J. Farina, R. Steele, T. Little, C. Schindel, B. Hugli. Tap row: F. Mancuso R Roberts, T. Acone, H. Cooper, B. Seapker, D. Tompsey, W. Unks, J. Monroe. BA EBALL A FINE TEAM WITH AN EXCELLENT RECORD as ' ' Z V c o!'v ' Nm' 9 New 3 Wh Butch Seapker slid into third, hoping to score for the North Hills' team. ...ft -.-.ans Hard workouts and old veterans were the underlying factors in this year's victorious baseball team. Of last yearis starters, eleven lettermen returned to make the nucleus of the 1960 team. Again, as in the past two years, the men of the diamond were able to capture the section crown, Shaler showed the Indians their only defeat in section play, and this was quickly redeemed in a second game as well as a playoff game for the Section VIII crown. Going into the WPIAL tournament, North Hills faced an excellent lVlcKees Rocks team who terminated the Indians' season by a 5-0 defeat. Credit for this year's winning season might once more be given to the fine strategy of Coach Guy Guadagnino. Adding this to the Indians' fine pitching staff, hard-hitting of- fense, and clicking defense, it is no surprise that North Hills once more proved itself a championship team. The North Hills, starting nine consisted of Captains Ricky Stotz and Fred Tryner plus Fred Mancuso, Doug Weir, Bruce Abel, John Blackstock, Chuck Shindle, Butch Seapker, and our three starting hurlers Bill Knoch, Dennis Tornsey, and Hank Cooper. ! !STR-R-IKE! ! R PLAYERS BASEBALL SCORES NHHS TEAM OPPONENT 6 North Allegheny 2 15 Etna 2 5 Har Brack 6 2 North Catholic 1 10 Richland 5 3 Shaler 5 4 North Allegheny 1 8 Central 7 16 Etna 2 18 Moon 1 8 Central 7 8 Richland 1 O Central 1 4- Shaler 0 9 Shaler 0 0 McKees Rocks 5 BRUCE ABEL JOHN BLACKSTOCK HENRY COOPER JOHN FARINA BILL KNOCH RANDY ROBERTS Bruce Abel hit the dust in this unsuc RICKY STOTZ cessful pickoff attempt. DENNIS TOMSEY FRED TRYNER DOUG WEIR John Blackstock looked one over in a North Hills' nine contest. Bottom row D Johnson K Knab Second row: D. Finn, C. Higgens, D. Engelmeir, J. Kaelin, R Jlrsek D London R Kotrozo S Williams Third row B Poor R Schomaker, H. Wilson, D. Dieter, C. Mlakar, J. Timberlake, R Jirsek D Straub N Yelllg Fourth row Mr Cay E Gardner J Norman, B. Krupp, B. Corley, C. Bickel, D. Randolph, E. Vettel, K. Usher J Fazio D Tejan L Tre mmere B Zimmerman Mr Ruff Top row: D. Townsend, C. Owen, J. Carrier. TRACK EKCEPTIONALLY ABLE TRACK MEN Once again Bill Corley led the pack in his specialty, the H44-0." Jim Kaelin grabbed the baton and held the lead in this mile relay Earl Gardner exhibited good form in the broad jump event. The 1960 thinclads from North Hills Hihh serve fair notice that they were a team to be reckoned Wit in the future. Competing in the second year of varsity competition, our track men threw a scare into ever team they faced. Bill Corley, senior captain, scored 10 points and traveled to the state finals where he represent ed our school Well in the 440. Seniors Kenny Knab, Do Johnson, Holton Wilson, and Earl Gardner ran th 880 relay and improved their time considerably by th end of the season. Other senior lettermen were Jim Fazio Ray Kotrozo, Ed Vettel, Don Dieter, Barry Poor, and Ji Timberlake. Mr. Gay, coach of the new track team a North Hills said, 'This year's squad exceeded all m expectations? Next year Coach Gay will have eigh returning lettermen and he is looking forward to anothe successful season. The 1960 squad participated in severa invitational meets, featuring several fine teams. At th West Penn Conference Meet, North Hills finished fourt in a field of seven, amassing thirty-two points. ln th Triangular Meet with Shaler and Oakmont competing we finished second to Shaler. ln the WPIAL finals the team members were very proud of their twelfth place finish in a field of forty-eight. TRACK SCORES - is I 4' NHHS TEAM OPPONENT 4-5M Gateway 40W 51M Gateway 6626 54M North Allegheny 63M 51 Shadyside 67 63 Quaker 64 Don Johnson anchored another successful half-mile relay team. F 5' I B x 4- vu I 5 ft 1".M,' N 340' I Holton Wilson and Earl Gardner had Q E , their teamwork perfected in this half-mile relay hand-off. R0 .lirsek always got the mile relay team off to a good start. The 120 yd. high hurdles was George Mlakar's forte. Y COLFERS-N. DiRito, M. Doeffinger, B. Garbart, R. Karn, R. Carson, W. Edgecomb, F. Kelley, T. Burton, Mr. Tiffany. CAPTURED THE SECTION TITLE The l96O golf team of North Hills High School had one of its best seasons in recent years. On Section 9 fairways, our heroes managed to stay un- defeated, enabling them to take the section title. lVlr. Nelson Tiffany, the sage coach of the golf team, said of his proteges, '4This team is comparable to the best teams live ever coachedf, Statistics bore out his claim. The team averaged 85 strokes per man in match play. Terry Burton, the number one man and a junior, paced the team with an average of 81. Mark Doef- finger, whose play was sparked by several scores in the 70's, and Bill Garbart, a senior playing his first year in competition, filled the second and third slots. Wally Edgrecomb, a junior, and Neal DiRito, a senior, rounded out the starting five. Ralph Karn, Racey Carson, and Frank Kelley Mr. Tiffany was very proud of his 'Wlost Outstanding Colfer," Bill Garbart. lent able hands when necessary. This exceptionally talented team managed to qualify for the WPIAL semi- finals. Penn Hills defeated them in the semi-finals. but we students agreed we were mighty proud of the finest golf team representing our school in years. from Coach Tiffany. Terry Burton, number one man, and Neal DiRito received frequent pointers OR GOLFER 14. NEAL DIRITO BILL GARBART RALPH KARN NHHS 9 15M 9 11 IIVZ 13 16 10 13 81:6 10 1 :ip 'O X 4 07.156 Il1-, tl'lx WQWHM W' I x GOLF SCORES TEAM North Allegheny Crafton Avonworth Moon Shadyside North Allegheny Crafton Avonworth Moon North Catholic Quarter Finals WPIAL Latrobe Semi-Finals Penn Hills Il-1 OPPONENT 7 M, 7 5 :tw 3 0 6 3 716 6 15 Mr. Tiffany These three golfers will be coming back next year to help form the nucleus of the team of 1961, Mark Doef- finger, Racey Carson, Terry Burton. COACH COM E CEME T WE BECAME FRESHMEN IN LIE E Mr. Kruse, with Jane Hollman's assistance, presented the seniors with their coveted diplomas. At the first commencement to be held in the North Hills Auditorium, our seniors performed flawlessly. Tense seniors waited with mixed emotions to receive their Hpigskinsf' Fred Kettering, Chief Usher, man- aged to have each senior ready and waiting for his name to be read. Somber seniors- the last night they were assembled to- gether. Tuesday, June Ll, l960, was a day which we will long remember, for that was the day on which the three-hundred and fifty mem- bers of our class received their diplomas. Commencement was both a sad and a happy occasion for us. It marked the end of one life and the beginning of another. We marched into the auditorium and took our places to the strains of Elgarls Pomp and Circum- stance. After the invocation, the salute to the flag, and the Star Spangled Banner, lVlr. Ed- ward Kruse, Supervising Principal of the North Hills Joint Schools, offered greetings from the administration. Our two first honor students, Elizabeth Logan and George Kall, gave formal orations, and Mr. Arthur J. Hartman gave the class awards for good cit- izenship and service. Now came the most important part of the commencement program-the presenta- tion of diplomas by Mr. Carl P. Beisecker, President of the Board of Education. The program was completed with the farewell, the benediction, and the singing of the Alma Mater. This marked the last time that our entire class sang the Alma Mater together. S if is , I in ..-. .. ,-.i..... I' 'ID S SIOIN ELL 'IBN 1-1 . ,is qw , .gg . x . H u-LL: A lun: H Eg' if f Q 5 2 2 1 l i, i 4 ,,4 1 Ms i Q , , Q, i ,4.i M ,f '-1,', 9 K V ,S , A Z4 1 K .h s 3 1- 1 ' Q 4 1 wry vb f ,Nw u- N " A 1 34 1 Q ,' ,X , v- v A ,ff r ' g.:'x J' f' ' 'I ' ,L or' ' ea A 4- 5 lx r. ' V , , .- P K X 1 Y-. Q ,- K 3 , .. JN K . A , -. N' ik ', , 'ff' - r 6, 4 - ,if .fin :Ar A y., W " ' ,. A' 1 . , F V , .ycf vb 3 A A - - I , if V, M 1 , K . ,, KL A ' ffm-'51 . ' . ' X ' I ' mf JL, . b' , 'k""' " K . f . 1 ,id ..- Sjiii- if .- 'M-e-Q ,' "W, 5 ix Af an rim ,MM f s3"?' f" ' ' ZW' 1 I ky wa , 1 , K . 'v ,. - "S-ff' " 1 fm' ww ,f f y A 8 ..- -' V MJ 'Q V4 A -1- .ff-L -,gf -, ww ff: f . ,.a.,u,g'gf Mxff .,A .,"' ' 'fl ' Y fs A f ,. -M A w f H. - yi, K ,wh q ,.-lf' ' r"'v'fMnf A +1 In 11 'WIN W f f -s-. ' 'iw ' 'lk I rf, Hg f 4 1 - .. 7 A' K 3 ff A . I 4 ' A W X -g, '4 A I jg, if Qi fi f,i'fyQI1'Mf55, g . " , 1 ,fi i cy J 4 , K "' 'fm' " M Mm: 1' . -- Q K A . fx k , A Y vpn K- mf R, f , ,S X ,, I x,f1,x , , ,A , ,A , A., x "7 E A , gi, ,..LA2 3 A H N3 , - f ' W if-is - .1 R ' ,Q 1 ,rg i kin ,iv hw K ' X V Q Lg , A X 'X -,N , f 8,1 , ,Q 4529, fx' g Qsfxsgnk-31 . N, t . . A ,A x f f L? 1 . ,Ks . K f-f, , X f A K , 4 , --f :H ' mn .Aw M .r !,- W G'-1"y. rw ww! ,,, iw , ? 35f"f ,H il ff" w"Q5g,? f A 'A ffM'2"f ff- , if '82, w1.'s f"'X , f- ' fig' . ,A . ,- T11 ,M 1 S? 3 ' , V 1 ,R X .A .2 2' . W Ei , 'C 1 H. K 'Q 1f"? : :gif f 'W at w. 2-ff' . wiff 241 1. 4' ug, Y fs, , - , W . -' W- ,, ., 1 Mgt, in fi A,k' , A 3' 3' 'QFHE7 Ja, ,X , F. 1 uk, , N 'gm "Q, Q... v in M . ,ix . fi , gfawg .0 . ,af . QE! - cl ,.,. 5 A Mlfgfw' ,QQ W gi we. 'H if if 'lm Qi? 'vs 9.x ,M 1 an

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