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"f4'1'?, nf- N4 ,. p. , on o MM .. , A , . ,, if NAL ,, ,.+ 'I' w, gi ,Q r - pri. ,Q A P Ar' ' A affi- rt. ' ' ' , l' . 33 444, . X Af' et , "I, QQ: 7.a3g'?' f Xe. A f +122 , ,f ' 1.: ,Lys 3? 5253 5 , ,rw ,M 18 orhiczn PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS NORTH HILLS HIGH SCHOOL 0 PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Dwlamzwl to 2. S. 2666 Dr. R. S. Rice -K , "Vn'h i'f 5 jf8 f A ?"i?i?EWYU:fE'fE1ff5ff3?i3 ,i 4 , A , , Y i A V 1 2 F Q . ' , A ' ,f fL" A igggusgixgl w i , . A , Y 4 A VM- I ,4 wt . . A ,,A3 I, .,4. !xDb!1Pli5I'f?MQR6 EQUMYB9 F32 -A ' :,-' , , Q 2,11 ' , f ms fXZ3JD!i'4ii3 55-SfrrzQE.w. my frexg 1zDuf3fvr1QsS1ALQPPmR'rs.41re1j3fgvg5g5gggig gg ,Df3'ff?1t3'ff1ii5U!f5fl?'N 'mf 2 rzfn:a snrzswmu A y f' V A A ,N AAA, ,, ,, , . -----::-: I -'--f -:-:Q::- -- 2 2" ' U YM? i EW 35215434 ,....,. .,.., 'I:3-I,.:- - -'I ,. L., 1. . 2 Fovfewoffd IQDCG3 Here begins the future of the Class of '59. The past is behind us, and we must now contemplate those things the future may bring. Before we lose our- selves in the future however, let us take a long last look at the past. Classes, clubs, athletics and friends all contributed much to our high school days. In our classes we gained understanding and increased our knowledge. Par- ticipation in our clubs taught us leadership and imposed responsibility upon us. Athletic programs instilled teamwork, sportsmanship and school spirit in our lives. In associating with our classmates for three years, we have learned some of life's lessons, and we have enjoyed some of life's companionships. Although each of us might pursue separate ways of life, our high school days and the friends we have made should be most valued assets. And now, so you will always have your high school memories close at hand, we, the editors, present you with the 1959 Norhian. May your future be more pleasant than you have ever hoped in the past. 3 Contents panda if 1-iazaffazaed -1 ii 'qv 1 W J! Nfjf., xx., fflifeticc ealwzee -va H 1-N People + I I i idmammazm MARTIN W. SCHOLL Director of Secondary Education With the coming of a new year and a new building, a new school administration has also been instigated. Taking over in the post of Director of Secondary Education is Mr. Martin Scholl. Mr. Scholl is well known to all the students of our district. He started his career with us as a teacher at Hamilton Junior High School. From there, he advanced to the duties of guidance counselor, and in 1955 he was made Principal of Hamilton. Mr. Scholl is a graduate of Thiel College, where he got his A.B. degree, and the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh where he obtained his M.Ed. His main duty concerns the course of study in the secondary schools. Students have much to look forward to in the expansion of curriculum here at North Hills in the future. EDWARD D. KRUSE Supervising Principal Serving his first year as Supervising Prin- cipal of North Hills Schools is Mr. Ed- ward Kruse. Mr. Kruse obtained his B.S. degree from Slippery Rock State Teachers College and his M.S. from the University of Pittsburgh. Most of us first knew him as the Principal of Samuel Hamilton junior High School. From this, he moved up to the position of Assistant Supervising Principal which he held for three years. Mr. Kruse has many responsibilities in his new position. He has charge of the hiring of all our teachers, the handling of the budget, and making certain that things in general are run correctly. This is certainly a big job, and we are glad to have a man such as Mr. Kruse working with us students. ARTHUR J. HARTMAN High School Principal This year the students of North Hills High School not only got a new school building, they also got a new principal. This man is Mr. Arthur Hartman. Mr. Hartman began teaching in our system in the field of social studies. He was quite well known as an ex- cellent baseball coach and problems of de- mocracy teacher. Now he is our principal. Mr. Hartman is very well qualified for his new jobg he obtained his B.S. from Slippery Rock State Teachers College and his M.Ed. from the University of Pittsburgh. Being the principal of a high school as large as ours would be a difficult job at anytime, but Mr. Hartman's duties were complicated by the fact that we were in an uncompleted school building. We students at North Hills are proud to have Mr. Hartman to represent us as our principal. 9 wit ii A X 0. W '.::, :Vl - ' Q I ill . if W it-. 'iivsi , 1... .A V f , . Z1 if f? 3' W a-t,x-'ll ANITA M. ACKERMAN ELIZABETH AIKEN Art: Sponsor of Art Health, Physical Edu- Club: B. S. Edinboro cation: S p o n s o r of State Teachers College. Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation: B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College. MARLYN EVELYN ARMSTRONG BERKEBILE BERY1. BURCHINAL Business English, Sophomore English: Sophomore English: Shorthand II, Tran- B.A. Juniata College. A.B. and M.A. West scription: Sponsor of Commercial Club, S.A.A.: B. S. Indiana State Te ach e r s Col- lege, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. -- 51... . 1. ' -H' , .. iii! , L L" :iii - JAMES V. CARuso ALICE C. CONNER DoLLY D. CRAIG Band,Orchestra,Music Vocal Music: Sponsor Problems of Democ- Appreciation: Sponsor of Chorus and Vocal racy: Sponsor of Y- of Band, Majorettesg Ensembles: B.A. Beth- Teens: A.B. University B.M.Ed. Westminster any College, M.A. Car- of Pittsburgh, M.Litt. College, M.M.Ed. Uni- negie Institute of University of Miami. versity of Michigan. Technology. Virginia University. Ei 5 MARY VIRGINIA DELP Junior and Senior English, Play Produc- tion, Guidance Coun- selor: Sponsor of Senior Class, Senior Class Play, Norhian: B.A. Grove City Col- lege, M.E. University of Pittsburgh. CHARLES A. FISHER Algebra I , Senior Mathematics, S e n i o r and J u n i o r Science: Sponsor of Photog- raphy Club: B.S. Penn- sylvania State Univer- sity, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. ROBERT E. GARBART U. S. History, Driver Education: B.S. Clar- ion State Teachers College, M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. JOSEPH W. GAY Physics: S po n so r of Junior Class, Hi-Y Basketball: B.S. Cali- fornia State Teachers College. ROBERT C. GEsEY Typewriting I and II: Athletic Director: B.S. Indiana State Teach- ers College, M.E. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. CAROLYN A. GIBSON PATRICIA S. GRINE B io l o g y I a n d II: World History: Spon- Sponsor of Junior sorof SophomoreClass: Achievement: A.B. and B.S.Ed. Slippery Rock M.A. West Virginia State Teachers College. University. 1 O GUY A. GUADAGNINO Health and Physical Education: Sponsor of Gym Club: Coach of Baseball and Football: B.S. and M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. GRANT E. HARE Health and Physical Education: Sponsor of Gym Club: Coach of Football: B.S.Ed. Slip- pery Rock State Teachers College. JAMES R. HARPER World History: Coach of Football, Basket- ball: B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. ANN H. HARTMANN Algebra II, Trigonom- etry, Solid Geometry: Sponsor of Senior Guides, National Honor Society: B.S. Indiana State Teachers College, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. ROBERT W. HAUBRICH Problems of Democ- racy: Sponsor of Stu- dent Council, Senior Class and Junior Class Play: B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M.Litt. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. EVELYN H. HEBERLING Guidance Counselor: A.B. Geneva College, M. of Letters, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. JAMES KELLY Biology, Driver Edu- cation: Sponsor of Pro- jection Club: B.S. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. BETTY LACY Typewriting: Sponsor of Commercial Club: B.S. University of Pittsburgh. MARTHA LINDEY English: Sponsor of Cheerleaders, A r ro w Head, F. T. A.: B.S. Slippery Rock S t a t e Teachers College . M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. RICHARD A. LoNG Metal Shop and Me- chanical Drawing: B.S. California State Teach- ers College. LAVERDA D. MORAN EMMA DEAN MORRIS EMILIE E. MUGNANI ELIZABETH PANNIER R c a d i n g: B.A. Chat- A m e r i c a n History: Homemaking I and II: Spanish: B.A. Michi- ham College. Sponsor o f S p e e c h S po n s o r o f Fu t u r e gan State University. Club: A.B. and M.A. Muskingum College. Teachers of America: B.S. Pennsylvania State University. 11 MARIO MARTORELLI Typing, Consumer Education: Sponsor of Sophomore Class: Coach of Football: B.S. and M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. LAURA I. PFAUE French I and II, Eng- lish III: Sponsor of Dramatic Club: B.A. and M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. VERNON W. MET: Speech: Sponsor of Speech Club, Director of Activities: A.B. C a pi t ol University: M.Litt. University of Pittsburgh. HELEN ELIZABETH REA Librariang Sponsor of Library Club, B.S. and M.Litt. Clarion State Teachers College, M.S.L.S. Western Re- serve University. DONALD REMALEY Graphic Artsg B.S. California State Teach- ers College, M.Ed. University of Pitts- burgh . CARROLL SCI-ILEGAL American I-Iistoryg B.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology. MARGARET G. Wad, ' -V RUTI-I G. Sanz SEBERRY Homemaking I and III, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College . M.E. University of Pittsburgh. IvoR S. SMITH Chemistry, B.S. St. Lawrence University, M.Ed. University of Rochester. NELSON V. TIFFANY Industrial Arts, Me- chanical Drawing, Wood, Plastics, Coach of Golfg B.S. Cali- fornia State Teachers College, M.Ed. Cali- fornia State Teachers College. DELLA G. VANCE Latin, Sponsor of Junior Classical League a n d Correspondence Club: A.B. and M.L. University of Pitts- burgh. Homemakingg Sponsor of F. H. A.: B.S. In- diana State Teachers College, M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. H. P. SMITH Senior English: B.A. Penn State University, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. MILDRED VIARD, R.N. School Nurse, Sponsor of Future Nurses Club of America: West Penn Hospital Train- ing School for Nurses. VIRGINIA VOLLMER Typing and Commer- cial Introduction: Sponsor of Bowling Club, B.S. Bucknell University. DOROTHY WADLINGER Shorthand I, Commer- cial Introduction, Sponsor of Student C ou n ci 1 , Commercial Club, B. S. Mercyhurst College, M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. ROBERT H. WALDI-'oGLE Algebra I and II: Sponsor of Norhiang B.S. and M.Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. JOHN F. WEIXEL Plane Geometry, Sen- ior Mathg Coach of Wrestling, B.S. Edin- boro State Teachers College. ANNE WHITEHILL I-Iealth and Physical Educationg B. S. Slip- pery Rock State Teachers College. 12 SALLY WILLIAMS Bookkeeping, C. O. P., Business Englishg Sponsor of Junior Class, Pep Club, B.S. Pennsylvania State University. RICHARD P. WITNEY Plane Geometry, Sen- ior Mathg B.S. Penn- sylvania State Univer- sity. - Aissdffw Row 1 Edward H Hunter, Mrs. Beynon, Mrs. E. S. Hopf, Dr. C. W. Cummings, Carl P Beisecker Carl E Row 2 Robert W Smiley, Herbert A. Volz, H. B. Reynolds, M. Robert Frings, Harold J Iohnson Iohn E Thomas Harry L Knight, W. Roy Carson, Horace C. Bennett. 20424 of Zdcccmfdaa With the opening of the new high school the Board of Education has had an exceptionally difficult task this year. These capable men and women were elected for a six year term to comprise the Joint School Board representing Ross Township and West View. They meet on the second Monday of every month to discuss and solve any problems that might arise. These usually include the hiring of personnel and main- tenance workers, regulating school taxes, and plan- ning better educational facilities for the district. The present board has had the pleasure of seeing the fruits of its labors in the finishing of the new high school. The members of the Board of Education deserve many thanks from the students of North Hills High School, for they have provided the students with one of the most modern high schools in the country. Everyone is certainly indebted to these people for our wonderful education. 13 SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row 1- P. Schauer, M. McNaugher, R. Row 2- T. Kaczynski, R. Rodenbaugh, B. Raida, C. Wrenshall, B. Cain, Miss Delp, Mr. Haubrich. Patrick, C. Weitzel, V. Finn, S. Leon, P. Turzynski, C. Collins, L. Berman. 'ZZQME The first graduating class of North Hills High School has been well represented in the past three years by the executive councils. The sophomore year when no one knew exactly what was expected, the executive council guided us. It consisted of Barrie Smith as president, with Bob Soleau as vice-presi- dent. Nancy Deiseroth was the secretary and Ole Olsen, the treasurer. The class survived its first year and passed on to more respons- ibilities in the junior year. One of the largest chores of the executive council was organizing the Junior Prom. Bar- rie Smith again as president, Bill Perrin as vice-president, Nancy Deiseroth as secretary, Margie J ones as corresponding secretary, and Nancy Lloyd as treasurer, met and surmount- ed the obstacle. Can you ever forget all those speeches Barrie Smith made in order to raise money for the After-Prom Party? Finally the senior year arrived. With it came a new high school and a new executive council. Rudy Raida took over as president and was ably assisted by Chris Wrenshall as vice-president, Marty McNaugher as secre- tary, Barbara Cain as corresponding secretary, and Paul Schauer as treasurer. This year there were again many wonderful activities, made possible by the hard work of the exec- utive council. It is clearly evident the coun- cils have made the last three years very en- joyable for the "Mighty Class of '59f' JOY ADAMSON ffjoyv Returned to us in her junior year from distant Calilornia . . . lively brown eyes that wrinkle up in laughter add much to her appear- ance , . . light-fingered on the typewriter. Y-Teen 2,35 G.A.A. 35 Commer- cial Club 3. JOHN MICHAEL ALLEN "John" Where seen?-working on his car . . . chemistry class was his fav- orite . . . plans to defend his country as an army man. MARILYN JEAN ASCHE "Marilyn" Tiny, little Marilyn devoted every- thing to the band . . . a whiz on skates . . . has that extra touch needed in the secretarial world. Band 1,2,35 Comercial 3. GERRIE LYNN BAIRD "Genie" One of our high-stepping major. ettes . . . Gerrie always greets you with a smile . . . we wish her luck in the fashion world. Majorette 1,2535 Dramatic Club 3, President 35 Pep Club 1,25 Y-Teen 1,2,3, Ass't Treasurer 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,25 Bowling Club 2,35 Library Club 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 F.H.A. 2,35 N.F.L. 2,35 Speech Club 2,3. JAMES JOSEPH BAJUS l6Jim77 Took his swing at sports as our Indians' baseball manager , , , mathematics is his particular niche . . , aims to be a Hying Navy man. Baseball Manager 2,3. MARK A. ADLEY "Munch" One of North Hills' handsome, debonair blonds . . . a sure suc- cess as a future surveyor . . . his sense of humor and crazy antics have won him many friends. Band 1,2,35 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Basket- ball 1. FRANK LOUIS ARMOUR "Frank" Seemed to have a magnetic mind for historical facts . . . band was the apple of his eye . . . Fran.k's favorite pastime is circulating around the golf course. Band 1,2,35 Latin Club 15 N.F.L. 35 Student Council 3, Alternate 15 Golf 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 15 Exchange 3. JAMES F. BABCOCK HJ' lm!! Very likeable and nice to have around . . . chemistry rates as his ' h' 'ft d and favorite class . t is gl 6 ' capable art editor of the Norhian has eyes for an automotive design- ing career. Hi-Y 25 Yearbook 3, Art Editor 3g Art Club 3. BETTY JEAN BAIERL CBB' Gln Dependability and reliability- B. G.'s claims to fame . . . proved her merit as band secretary . . . a class on its toes sure to keep as a phys. ed. teacher. Band 1,2,3, Secretary 35 Band Executive Council 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 F.T.A. 35 Latin Club 15 Yearbook 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Executive Council Alternate 25 National Honor Society 3. VERA BAKER "Bonnie" Dancing and eating pizza take a lot of her time . . . was active in chorus and chapel choir . . . will be sure to brighten the atmosphere of any office. Chorus 1,2,35 Chapel Choir 1,2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,35 Girls' Ensemble 1,2,35 G.A.A. 15 Com- mercial Club 3. MARY LOUISE BARNES "Mary Lou" Pretty brown hair lends charm to her sweet and sincere personality . . . diligent in all she undertakes . . . a business woman will our Mary Lou be. Pep Club 35 Commercial Club 3. ROBERT WILLIAM BARTRAM '4Bob" How's the weather up there, Bob? . . . though puzzled at times, en- joyed Trig . . . will soon be seen in college studying to be a me- chanical engineer. Chorus 1,2,35 Chapel Choir 152, 35 Mixed Ensemble 25 Boys' Chorus 1,2,35 Hi-Y 2,3. SYLVIA M. BATES ccsuzyar One of our five-footers . . . was especially delighted with the new facilities in her favorite class, homemaking . . . was one of the charter members of the Commer- cial Club. Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Jun- ior Achievement 2,35 Dramatic Club 35 Commercial Club 35 F.H.A. 2. BANKER C. BEACH "Beach', Good looking and always on the go . . . rated all his classes on an equal par . . . plans to go "sailing, sailing" with the Navy. JANET LOUISE BENNETT ujanetl' Her crazy capers and well-known laughter shall never be forgotten . . , full of vim, vigor, and vitality . . . lent her singing talents to chorus. Chorus 1,2,35 Chapel Choir 35 Girls' Ensemble 1,2,35 Chorus Librarian 35 Pep Club 1,2,3, Com. Head 35 Y-Teen 1,25 Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 Yearbook 35 Speech Club 25 N.F.L. 2,35 G. A.A. 1,2,35 Class Play 25 Na- tional Honor Society 3. as 41 in-Q 5 as ' af a 'ff -5: f2iI'f.:-3 ":5" mn K' Q: Z 2212 ' Q ' . - " as ft' A gni.. REGIS BARNHART "Pete" Carefree and light-hearted . . . bright spot in his day is in math class . . . future plans include working on cars in a body shop. LaVERNE M. BATES "LaVerne,, Can dish out a good meal on the spot . . . on or ot? the gym Hoor she enjoys sports . . . LaVerne's role as President of F.N.A. gives her a preview of what's to come after high school. Pep Club 2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 F.N.A. 3, President 35 F.H.A. 1. HELEN ELIZABETH BAUER "Helen" jovial Helen couldn't resist putting a prank over on one of her friends . . . sports were her life-line . . . her enjoyment of Mrs. Hartmann's classes led her to choose math as her future career. G.A.A. 1,2,35 Pep Club 35 Speech Club 35 Library 35 Latin Club 15 N.F.L. 35 National Honor Society 3. ELAINE CAROLE BELL "Elaine" Always neat and well groomed . . . typed her Hngers to the bone for the Arrowhead . . . Y-Teen was proud to claim Elaine as its President. Band 1,2,35 Newspaper 2,3, Typing Editor 35 Y-Teen 1,2,35 President 35 Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop 25 G.A.A. 1,2. CHARLOTTE WYNN BENSON "Charlotte" Dancing brown eyes and bewitch- ing smile match her personality . . . a neat efficacious literary editor of the yearbook . . . helped boost the spirit of North Hills as treasurer of Pep Club. Chorus 1,2,3, Librarian 2,35 Chapel Choir 152,35 Chorus Ex- ecutive Council 35 Girls' Chorus 152,35 Mixed Octet 25 Latin Club 15 Student Council 1,2, Alternate 35 Newspaper 25 Pep Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Year- book 3, Literary Editor 35 Y- Teen 1,25 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 National Honor Society 253. RICHARD BERBERICK 'fnicif' Tall and lanky fellow . . . found most of his enjoyment working on cars . . . we may soon come to Rich to buy real estate. LINDA LEE BERMAN "Linda" A versatile brunette who's tops with everyone . . . lots of fun and pep beneath that reserved exterior . . . Linda's intelligence and ability will guarantee her success. Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 25 Girls' Chorus 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2, 35 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Chorus Librarian 35 County Chorus 35 Chapel Choir 2,35 F.H.A. 25 Bowling Club 25 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 Latin Club 15 Executive Council 35 National Honor Society 3. CAROL E. BESNECKER "Carol" Sparkling personality accompanied rosy cheeks . . . special talent lies in art . . . is a 10-finger gal on the typewriter. Y-Teen 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,35 Yearbook 35 Commercial Club 35 Bowling Club 3. ROBERT E. BLIND UBObH Added his "singin' trumpet" to the band . . . Bob was known for his keen sense of humor . . . will study Horiculture in college. Band 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,35 Hi-Y 2,35 Swing Band 2,3. MARY ELLEN BORLAND "Mary Ellenv Curly brown hair and freckled cheeks make up this girl's exterior . . . was a staunch supporter of North Hills' first football team . . . will soon don white as she fulfills her goal of nursing. Science Club 15 Y-Teen 15 F.N.A. 35 G.A.A. 35 Bowling Club 35 Library Club 1. .XA LYNN HELEN BERGMAN "Berg" Active and peppy as a cheerleader . . . you never fail to hear Lynn's cheery "Good morning."' . . . good- natured, always ready and willing to help others. Newspaper 15 Yearbook 25 Cheerleader 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,25 Bowling Club 25 Y-Teen 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Commercial Club 35 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 25 G.A.A. 1,2. JOHN s. BERNHARD uslohnn Handsome . . . would make any gir1's heart flutter . . . just c0uldn't contain that rich laugh . . . his hold in sports was wrestling. Wrestling 2,35 Basketball 15 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Chap- el Choir 1,2,35 Boys' Chorus 1,2,35 Mixed Octet 25 Gym Club 35 Hall Patrol 35 Stage Crew 25 Exchange 35 Hi-Y 1. GRETCHEN BLACK "Gretch" Tiny and always meticulously dressed . . . did an outstanding job as Activities Editor of the yearbook . . . plans to give "up and coming" secretaries their start as a commercial teacher. Latin Club 15 G.A.A. 2,35 Year- book 1,2,3, Activities Editor 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 15 Shuffle Chop Committee 25 Na- tional Honor Society 35 Ex- change 3. MARY LOUISE BOOTH "Mary Lou" Arrived at North Hills from West Newton at the start of her junior year . . . was one of the Uflutinist Huters in the band . . . her am- bition is to study home economics. Band 2,35 Yearbook 35 Pep Club 25 National Honor Society 35 Y-Teen 35 Junior Achieve- ment 2,35 Bowling Club 35 Li- brary Club 35 Latin Club 25 Exchange 3. DUANE C. BRISKEY "Dean" A really swell fellow with a terrific personality . . . his team spirit and hustle made him a strong asset to the football team . . . chorus will hate to lose his deep, bass voice. Football 1,35 Basketball 1, Manager 35 Hi-Y Basketball 35 Chorus 35 Chapel Choir 3. JOANNE MARIE BRUSCO UO'- Sparkling brown, hair and eyes with a smile to match . . . shone in the junior Class Play . . . will always be remembered as the cap- able secretary ol Student Councilg "Ditto jo." Student Council 3, Secretary 35 Pep Club 1,2, Com. Head 25 Exchange 35 Y-Teen 1,2,3, Cab- inet 25 Commercial Club 35 N.F.L. 2,35 Speech Club 25 Ex- ecutive Council 1,25 Class Play 25 Yearbook 2,35 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 Newspaper 3. PATRICIA ANN BURNS upatv Assiduous by nature, friendly to all . . . will make a tidy little homemaker . . . will soon com- mand the respect of her students as a teacher. Junior Classical League 15 Pep Club 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Speech Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Y- Teen 15 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 25 Girls' Chorus 35 Bowling Club 3. BARBARA JEAN CAIN '4Barb" Bubbling over with personality . . . aided the Senior Class as Corre- sponding Secretary . . . certain to have a future of success. Y-Teen 25 Pep Club 2,35 News- paper 35 Chapel Choir 35 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Chorus 2,35 Mixed Octet 35 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 25 Executive Council 3, Corresponding Sec. 35 Exchange 3. JAMES D. CARMACK scJimva Always on the go . . . enjoyed English class with H.P. immensely . . . mechanically minded - he liked to tinker around machines. Hi-Y 2,35 Gym Club 3. MARGARET ELEANOR COLEMAN "Peg" A "friend indeed" . . . has an in- teresting hobby of boating . . . Peg hopes to become a commercial artist. Pep Club 25 Art Club 35 junior Achievement 3. CAROLYN ELIZABETH BURGUNDER "Carol" Dazzling and sincere is Carol . . . will never forget the memories of her new Alma Mater . . . her originality will aid her as a beautician. Commercial Club 3. RONALD BUSH "Ron" Sports were high favorites with him . . . always ready for excite- ment . . . an avid hot rod fan- he aims to go into mechanics. NANCY KAY CAMPBELL "Nancy" Dainty and petite . . . will make a capable and charming secretary . . . Nancy has taken an active part in all choral activities. F.H.A. 15 Pep Club 25 Bowl- ing Club 2,35 Y-Teen 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1.2.35 Chapel Choir 3. ARTHUR ROY CARSON uAI'C1e,, Has a unique reservoir of wit . . . lots of drive on the golf course . . . aspires to be a draftsman. Hi-Y 1,2,35 Basketball 15 Gym Club 35 Golf Team 35 Class Play 3. CHRISTIAN ANN COLLINS "Christie" Gay and blue-eyed Chris . . . rates a high note in chorus . . . North Hills may soon welcome her back as a teacher. Chorus 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 35 Chapel Choir 35 Latin Club 1, Treasurer 15 F.H.A. 15 Pep Club 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,25 Exec- utive Council 3g Newspaper 3. ELEANOR ELIZABETH COONEY "Ele" A lover of any and all kinds of music . . . a hard worker for any- thing she undertakes . . . kind and sincere to all she knows. Speech Club 13 Band 1,2,33 Chorus 2,35 Orchestra 2,3. JUDITH ANN CRAWFORD "Judy" Loaned her melodious voice to North Hills' chorus . . . put her experience to work as Typing Editor of the Norhian . . . will make an excellent secretary for any busy executive. Y-Teen 1,23 Bowling Club 2,35 Yearbook 3, Typing Editor 35 Chorus 3g Girls' Chorus 3. VIRGINIA CROUP "Ginger" A cheerful and friendly classmate . . . a strong member of Pep Club . . . secretarial work is in the future for Ginger. G.A.A. 33 Pep Club 1,2,39 Y- Teen 1,25 F.H.A. 2: Bowling Club 2,35 Commercial Club 3. RICHARD T. DASSDORF "Dickl' One swell guy whom you can't help liking . . . rates wrestling as favorite sport . . . integral member of Student Council. Hi-Y 1,25 Wrestling 2,39 stu- ,, dent Council 35 Gym Club 3. NANCY ELLEN DEISEROTH "Nancy" "Hey, good looking, whatcha doin'?" "Cheerleading, of course" . . . quite a dependable Photog- raphy Editor . . . plans to be seen blowing her whistle as a phys. ed. teacher. Cheerleader 1,2,39 Executive Council 1,2, Secretary 1,25 Yearbook 3, Photography Edi- tor 3g Student Council 1, Alter- nate 25 G.A.A. 33 Bowling Club 25 Pep Club 1,2,3g Y-Teen 1,25 National Honor Society 2,33 MOST PERSONABLE. RITA ELLEN COOPER cccoopov A stunning beauty . . . looked forward to English class every day . . . gave freely of her time to Pep Club. Y-Teen 1,29 Pep Club 1,2,3g Student Council Alternate 33 Newspaper 3. DONNA DARLENE CROLEY "Donna" A hardworking and capable senior . . . especially active in chorus . . . G.A.A. is always swell with her but best in basketball season. Y-Teen 13 Chorus 2,3g Girls' Chorus 2,3g G.A.A. 1,29 Bowl- ing Club 2. GLENN L. CUNNINGHAM "Pinky" A likeable, calm fellow . . . seems reserved, but don't underestimate him . . . a devout car and hunting enthusiast. JACQUELINE M. DAVIS "Jackie" Truly attractive with her striking red hair . . . a very hard-working member for Y-Teen . . . has all the markings of an excellent secretary. Y-Teen 1,2,3, Officer 1,2,3: F. H.A. 1,23 Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 1g Commercial Club 35 Bowling Club 2. ROBERT WILLIAM DITTMAR "Deacon" Sincerely liked by everyone . . . gave his all for North Hills' foot- ball and wrestling teams . . . has set his cap for chemical engineering. Football 1,2,3g Wrestling 1,2,3g Hall Patrol 3g Intramural sports 1,29 Gym Club 39 Executive Council 15 H-Y 1,2,3g Stage Crew 3. LYNN DIVERS "Lynnl' A tiny storehouse of energy . . . has a lively and infectious sense of humor . . . was an indispensable member of Chorus and Chapel Choir. Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Chorus 1,2, 33 Mixed Ensemble 2g Chapel Choir 1,2,33 Yearbook 1,33 Newspaper 13 Pep Club 1,23 Y-Teen 1,23 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 23 Latin Club 13 Bowl- ing Club 2,33 G.A.A. 2g Exec- utive Council 2. CAROL MAE DUGLASS "Carol" Always neatly attired . . . devoted much of her time to the better- ment of Pep Club . . . elementary education is in her future. Chorus l,2,3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3, Secretary 33 Executive Council Alternate 23 Y-Teen 1,25 F.H.A. 23 Shuf- He Shop Committee 23 Year- book 1,22 Library Club 33 Bowl- ing Club 3: National Honor Society 3. ROBERT M. DUNLAP CtBOb7! A great basketball fan is Bob . . . loves to monkey around with cars . . . this pastime has guided his thoughts to the auto-mechanical field. LYNN EDWARDS "Chester" Diligent and quiet student . : . has most of his fun on chorus trips . . . being a teacher is his goal in life. Hi-Y 1,22 Chorus 1,2,33 Chapel Choir 1,23 Boys' Chorus 1,233 Mixed Octet 33 Speech Club 3. DARLE J. ENGELMEIER f'Ding1es" The eternal quipster of the Mighty Class of '59 . . . a tall, blond, good-looking fellow . . . an en- thusiastic mechanics fan. Gym Club 3. LARAINE DONBAR HLori 77 Lori's main interests centered around dancing and skating . . . always ready for fun . . . an in- tense rooter at football games. Commercial Club 3. PATRICIA ANN DUNCAN "Dune" Naturally curly blonde hair that evoked envy from any girl . . . excelled at playing golf . . . visual- izes a career as a medical secretary. Bowling Club 2,3Q Y-Teen 1,23 F.H.A. 1,22 Commercial Club 3g G.A.A. 33 Pep Club 1,2. MARY LYNN EARLY "Mimsie" Possessed with tl quick wit . . . friendly and vivacious personality . . . a secretary, her goal for the future. Bowling Club 2,35 Y-Teen 23 G.A.A. 1,33 Commercial Club 35 Pep Club 1. CHARLES R. EGERTER "Snake" A quiet, genial disposition . . . went all out for band and Hi-Y . . . Chuck plans a future agricul- tural career. Band 1,2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Orches- tra 3. DANIEL S. EVANS c:Dannya1 Possesses an easy-going, joking personality . . . blissful when hunting and fishing seasons open . . . can usually be found puttering with cars. BARBARA NATALIE FENSKIE "Babs" A likeable, friendly girl is Babs . , . right at home on the dance Hoof . . . sure to be a neat and etticient secretary. Pep Club 1,2,35 Shufile Shop Committee 1,2. ROBERT LOUIS FIALA "Hi Fil' A really mischievous and good- natured guy . . . one of the many active and attentive members of the band . . . looks forward to a teaching career. Band 1,2,35 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,25 Hi-Y 1,25 Boys' Chorus 3. VIRGINIA ANN FINN caGinnys1 Pretty, striking Ginny with her beautilul red hair . . . deserves congratulations an her excellent work with Pep Club . . . "a stitch in time" will soon be her by-word as a home ec. teacher. Pep Club 1,2,3, Cabinet 35 Y- Teen 152, Cabinet 25 Publicity Committee 2,35 G.A.A. 1,25 Yearbook 25 F.H.A. 15 F.T.A. 35 Library Club 3, President 35 Shuflie Shop Committee 1,25 Girls' Chorus 35 Executive Council 3, Alternate 15 National Honor Society 3. WILBERT J. FOLTZ "Willy" Willy and his subtle sense of humor that you can't help laughing at . . . found Trig a great chal- lenge but "persevered" . . . won many awards for North Hills in the speech field. Hi-Y 2, Cabinet 25 Latin Club 1, Oflicer 15 Speech Club 2,35 N.F.L. 2,35 Dramatic Club 35 National Honor Society 35 Class Play 2,3. JANE ANN FORD KJan?! Enjoys the outdoors in the summer . . . has been an active Chorus and Band member . . . her enthusiasm lor the nursing profession will soon lilt the spirit of her patients. Chorus 1,2,3, Executive Coun- cil 35 Chapel Choir 2,35 Girls' Ensemble 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Yearbook 2,35 Latin Club 15 National Honor Society 3. CHARLES W. FERTIG, JR. "Chuck" Chuck, an unforgettable, likeable and admirable senior . . . a first- rate pianist and chorus devotee . . . will excel in anything he attempts. Chorus 2,3, Vice President 35 Chapel Choir 35 Student Coun- cil 2,3, Alternate 15 Junior Achievement 25 Hall Patrol 35 N.F.L. 2,3. CAROLE ANN FINK ccHOneynv Tiny and lively Carole showed har talents in sewing . . . G.A.A. held her special interest . . . her ex- perience as student oilice secretary should help in her future career. G.A.A. 1,2,35 Commercial Club 35 Pep Club 35 Girls' Chorus. JOYCE KATHLEEN FOBAS "Joyce" Pert and pretty Joyce . . . possesses that eye lor Iashion . . . versa- tility and dependability put her ahead in any crowd. Pep Club 2,35 Y-Teen 25 Bowl- ing Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Commer- cial Club 3. ROY WARREN FORCE 6EJim!7 Archery hits the spot with Roy . . . reading consumes much of his time . . . should make a welcome addi- tion to the social studies stall. Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,25 Hi-Y 3. JOHN MERLE FORMAN "Johnny" Plans to make the Navy a career . . . photography holds a lot of john's interest . . . enjoys playing the guitar. Photography Club 35 Gym Club 3. CHARLES C. FOUST "Chuck" Has a devilish twinkle in his eyes . . . hunting is his favorite sport . . . plans to be a civil engineer. Photography Club 3. CONSTANCE FRIEDMAN "Connie" Dancing and swimming are tops with Connie . . . will long remem- ber the football games in which North Hills did so well . . . would like to be a secretary in her fast coming future. G.A.A. 3. Gu-:NORA VAUGHN GAss ffolennyv Amiable Glenny has made many high school friends . . . enjoys bowling in her free hours . . . has aims for the secretarial field. Art Club 35 Commercial Club 35 Bowling Club 2,3. PATRICIA RUTH GLASS "Pat" Pat was a vital member of the Girls' Ensemble . . . aspires to teach home economics after college . . . will certainly always remem- ber all the friends she made at North Hills. Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Chapel Choir 35 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Chorus 35 Bowling Club 25 Executive Council 2,3g Library Club 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Newspaper 2. JANE GOODELL "Jane" An accomplished bridge player . . . thought French class was tops . . . future plans include college and, after graduation, physical therapy. Bowling Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,25 Speech Club 33 N.F.L. 15 Library Club 1,2,3. JANET ELINORA FREY ffjanev' janet's goal for the future is nursing . . . contributed much to the band with her clarinet . . . will carry with her many fond memo- ries of North Hills and its activities. Y-Teen 1,25 Band 1,2,35 F.N. A. 35 Latin Club 1. JEANNE ANN FUREY "Jeannie" Helped clear up the dazed expres- sion of many a student as an assistant in our new library . . . glimmering brown locks . . . may return to North Hills as a teacher after college. Pep Club 1,2,35 Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 1,25 Student Council Alternate 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Li- brary Club 35 F.T.A. 35 Bowl- ing Club 2,3. NANCY GEORGE ccNancyss Has been an active assistant to Miss Rea . . . favorite period ot the day came with driving class . . . as a secretary, she should be a success. Pep Club 1,25 Y-Teen 1,25 F. H.A. 1,25 Library Club 1,2,35 Commercial Club 3. VIRGINIA LOIS GLESSNER "Ginny" Makes good use ot' brush, paint and paper . . . a devout sports' participant . . . already started on her road to success as a photo- graphic model. Library Club 1,2,35 Bowling Club 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Shuftle Shop Committee 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,35 F.H.A. 1,25 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Commercial Club 3. ELAINE GRADA "Laine" Added her talents to the orchestra . . . friendly and very efficient . . . lends her hardy backswing to the tennis courts in the summer. Y-Teen 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,3: Commercial Club 35 Bowling Club 2,35 Pep Club 1. DENIS GRAF "Denis" Tall and handsome Denis has wavy brown hair . . . good times in class ranked high with him . . . another mechanic. BARBARA GRATER "Bare, Always friendly and personable . . . ranked Trig class as the best . . . Penn State will be her new Alma Mater where she plans to enter the field of medical technology. Pep Club 1,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3g Bowling Club 33 Y-Teen 1. JOHN A, GROVE in-Iohnn A transfer from Shaler in his junior year . . . enjoys reading and studying history . . . john plans to enter the ministry. Baseball 2,33 Yearbook 3. CAROLE LEE HAIGH "Carole" Worked hard to make the new Y- Teen a success . . . Spanish class took top honors with Carole . . . after college - teaching. N.F.L. 1,2,3g Pep Club 39 Y- Teen 33 F.T.A. 3. ELLA HARE "Ella" Always neat and attractive . . . a great asset to G.A.A .... beautiful hair shows talent which will lead her to a rewarding career as a beautician. G.A.A. 33 Commercial Club 33 Girls' Chorus 3. MYRNA GRANT HMyrna9! Took a big interest in G.A.A .... never will forget the homework doled out so enthusiastically by her teachers . . . will go to business school after graduation for she hopes to be a stenographer. JACKSON LEE GRIMM ajackn A Southern lad who came from Kentucky in his sophomore year . . . quiet and meditative . . . jack was a hard-working band member. RICH GRUPP "Rich" Dominated by a terrific personality .v . . Rich was particularly active in sports . . . senior math was his favorite class. Football 2g Baseball 2. DIANE ELAINE HALL "Diane" Cute and petite Diane worked hard in many activities . . . demure ex- terior hides a little bit of deviltry . . . Westminster here she comes. Newspaper 2, 3, Photography Editor 33 Yearbook 2,35 Stu- dent Council 2g Pep Club 1,25 Y-Teen 1,2,3g Library Club 1,33 Shuffle Shop Committee 29 Latin Club 15 Bowling Club 2: F.H.A. 13 G.A.A. 1,2. REGIS W. HARRINGTON "Reg" Tall, dark and handsome . . . was the capable business manager of the yearbook who was always seen selling those programs at the foot- ball games . . . will make a fine electrical engineer. Hi-Y 1,29 Yearbook 2,3, Busi- ness Manager 3g Student Coun- cil Alternate 13 National Honor Society 35 Exchange 3. JACQUELYN JOYC HATTERS "Jackie" Pleasant, sincere jackie is out- standing in any kind of math . . . strikes up a stirring score in bowling . . . college and business administration follow. Pep Club 1,2,3Q G.A.A. 1,2Q Y- Teen 1,22 Library Club 1,2,39 Yearbook 3g Bowling Club 2,39 Girls' Chorus 3g F.H.A. 2g Shuf- fle Shop Committee 2. JAMES DALE "Jim" HERCHENROETHER Tall and blond . . . lists English as favorite class . . . a North Hills contribution to the Army. JOYCE ANN HERTLER Hjoyceii With her constant gaiety she was a vital member of the cheerleading d f otloo e and fanc squa . , . o s y free . . . aims high for a teach- ing degree. Y-Teen 1,22 Chorus 2,32 Chapel Choir 39 Girls' Chorus 2,39 Girls' Ensemble 2,32 Student Council 3g Yearbook 39 Pep Club 1,2,3Q G.A.A. 1,2,39 Latin Club 19 ShufHe Shop Commit- tee 1,29 Speech Club 29 N.F.L. 2,39 National Honor Society 3. PATRICIA JOAN HICKLY "Pat'l Shimmering blonde hair . , . S. O. P. was a real pleasure for Pat . . . the life of a secretary ap- peals to her. Pep Club 1,2,39 Y-Teen 1,29 F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 1,29 Com- mercial Club 3. MARY RUTH HOLLMAN "Mary Ruthl' Has many and varied talents . . . her year as band librarian was not only valuable to herself but to the band as well . . . boosted North Hills reputation as a zealous speech participator. Latin Club 19 Speech Club 2,3, Treasurer 39 Yearbook 19 Pep Club 1,2Q Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 2g Chorus 2,3Q Chapel Choir 39 Girls' Chorus 39 Mixed Octet 2,3Q Class Play 3g Ex- change 39 Band Librarian 3g N.F.L. 2,39 National Honor So- ciety 2,3Q Y-Teen 1,29 G.A.A. 2,3. sa- ARLENE RUTH HEIM "Arlene" ls an eager spectator at all sports, especially baseball . . . was a devoted member of Girls' Chorus . . . took an active part in pro- ducing the yearbook while work- ing on the typing stall. Pep Club 1,2,39 Library Club 29 G.A.A. 1,25 Y-Teen 19 Year- book 39 Girls' Chorus 39 Com- mercial Club 39 Bowling Club 3g S.A.A. Business Manager 39 National Honor Society 3. DIANA MARGARET HERNDON "Diana" Wonderful sense of humor . . . was as devoted a member as Chorus could ask . . . headed for college after she leaves us. Chapel Choir 1,2.39 Chorus 1,2, 3g Girls' Chorus 1,2,39 Girls' Ensemble 2,39 Pep Club 2,39 Y-Teen 1,21 Science Achieve- ment 1. JOE HETRA "Joe" Weight lifting interest derived from Gym Club . . . pensive and sincere personality . . . joe looks forward to a successful future. Gym Club 3. DONALD L. HOCEVAR "Oats" Came to North Hills in his Senior year from North Catholicvquite a gain for the class . . . carefree and happy-go-lucky manner . . . business is on his menu for the future. Dramatics 3g Gym Club 3. JONATHAN CURTIS HOOK "Jon" A real "good locker" . . . is a fervent hunting enthusiast . . . has a more than common interest in graphic arts class. Hi-Y 3. BARBARA HOPF "Barb" Barbara has the prettiest light brown hair . . . was happiest in homemaking class . . . future in- terest lies in I. B. M. Business School. JUDITH ANN HUBER uJudyn Cute and tiny Judy . . . made her contribution to the new North Hills High School as vice presi- dent of Pep Club . . . plans to go into education in the future. Pep Club 1,2,3, Vice President 33 Y-Teen 1,25 Library Club 33 Executive Council 1, Alternate 23 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,23 F.T.A. 3, President 3g Year- book 2,3. BILL INGER "Wheaties" Good looking and friendly . . . great addition on the gridiron . . . business school figures in his future plans. Football 1,2,33 Hi-Y 2,32 Dra- matics Club 33 Hall Patrol 33 Gym Club 3. DAVID s. JONES UDaVe97 North Hills' "Drummer Boy" . . . will remember those swing band trips for a long time to come . . . Hi-Y boasted Dave as a member. Band 1,2,3Q Swing Band 2,33 Orchestra 1 ,2 ,3 3 Chorus 33 Boys' Chorusg Hi-Y 1,2,3. THOMAS ROBERT KACZYN SKI "Tom" An old smoothie on the dance Hoor . . . found Mrs. Hartmann's classes highly enjoyable to say the least . . . his promising future is in civil engineering. Hi-Y 1,23 Yearbook 33 Student Council Alternate 23 Executive Council 33 Exchange 3. WILLIAM EDWARD HOSTETTER "Hoss" The band's animated drum major . . . engaging personality and good looks put "Hass" on the top of everyone's list . . . exceptionally gifted in musical field. Student Council 13 Hi-Y 1,25 Chorus 33 Boys' Chorus 33 Chapel Choir 3g Band 1,2,3, Vice President 33 Swing Band 2,33 Drum Major 33 Orchestra 2. PATRICIA C. HUCKESTEIN "Pat" Always looking for a good joke . . . spread the virtues of Y-Teen's as Publicity Chairman . . . ac- comodating personality will help her in social work. G.A.A. 1,33 F.H.A. 13 Pep Club 13 Y-Teen 33 Science Achieve- ment 1. LYNNE MARIE JENNY "Lynne" Has a friendly and quiet disposi- tion . . . especially enjoyed her English class . . . North Hills will soon be proud of that effi- cient secretary, Lynne. Girls' Chorus 2g Y-Teen 1. MARJORIE ELLEN JONES "Margie" Has really gone all out with her talent to make North Hills an outstanding school in the music world . . . a master of joviality . . . "on the go" Margie has worked hard for the class. Executive Council 1,23 Corre- sponding Secretary 23 Exchange 23 Newspaper 1,23 G.A.A. 13 Chorus 1,2,33 Chorus Executive Council 33 Chapel Choir 1,2,33 Mixed Ensemble 1,23 County Chorus 2,33 Girls' Chorus 13 Orchestra 1,2,3, Vice President 23 Y-Teen 1,2,3, Cabinet 33 Pep Club 1,23 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,23 Publicity Commit- tee 2,33 Class Play 3. FRANK P. KARASTURY "Frank" Spare time is devoted to tinkering with cars and motors . . . teach- ers should surely miss those big, brown eyes in class . . . college is next and then on to the contract- ing business. Junior Achievement 1,23 Hi-Y 1,33 Class Play 3. MARY ANN KASCHUB "Mary Annv Flashing brown eyes a contrast to her glistening black hair . . . the Band will certainly miss her . . . should be an outstanding elemen- tary teacher. Band 1,2,3, Secretary of Pub- licity 35 Latin Club 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 Y-Teen 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,35 Yearbook 35 Newspaper 35 Library Club 3. JUDITH ANN KERN uJ'udyv Took an active part in the junior Achievement program . . . one ol those who hel ed make the ear- P Y book a success . . . found Solid a real challenge. Latin Club 15 Junior Achieve- ment 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,35 Y- Teen 25 Yearbook 35 G.A.A. 25 Bowling Club 3. GERALDINE C. KIM uGer1,yn "5 foot 2, eyes of blue" . . . one of the most efficient secretaries . . . gets her athletic workout as an able member of the Bowling Club. Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 1,25 Bowling Club 2,35 G.A.A. 25 Yearbook 35 Commercial Club 35 S.A.A. Business Manager 35 National Honor Society 3. WILLIAM L. KLAUSS ilBill77 The successful vice president of the new Projection Club . . . teaching is included in his plans for the future . . . loves a good time. Hi-Y 1,25 Wrestling 25 Year- book 35 Projection Club 3, Vice President 3. JAMES KOTROZO "Jim" North Hills was fortunate to have jim join the school from North Catholic in his senior year . . . his deep brown, mischievous-loolo ing eyes and personality intrigue everyone . . . headed for college and business administration. Dramatic Club 35 Gym Club 3. i .,..,, , H i ,...,.. I -I ti Wigcifx Wg wt f sz tiigg sa V N Q --:, A , if w-L' gf 1 J . ..,. ,, . A , .. it S 5 5 f I lt' ELOI SE MARIE KELLER "Wease" Can run up a fine seam in sewing . . . swimming and art take up much of her spare time . . . "2+2:4" will be her motto dur- ing her career in math. Pep Club 1,2,35 Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Li- brary Club 35 F.T.A. 3, Vice President 35 Bowling Club 2,35 Newspaper 1,25 Yearbook 1,2. DAVID C. KIER "Dave" Brilliant, carrot color hair adds a sharp contrast to his deep brown eyes . . . popular music ranks high on his lists of favorites . . . is looking forward to Pitt. Hi-Y 1,2,3, Hi-Y Cabinet 25 Wrestling 25 Projection Club 35 Gym Club 35 Exchange 35 Track 3. CHARLES MATTHEW KINNEN 'Chuck" Mechanical drawing topped his list of favorites . . . his skill and know how will guide him in automotive engineering . . . looking forward to college. Hi-Y 1 ,3. LAURENCE WILLIAM KLINE "Bill" An ardent sports fan-his interest is focused mainly on golf . . . a very active, well-known member of Hi-Y . . . future plans include college in preparation for his med- ical degree. Chorus 35 Boys' Chorus 3, Ex- ecutive Council 35 Chapel Choir 35 Band 1,25 Gym Club 35 Foot- ball 15 Basketball 15 Golf 1,2,35 Hi-Y 1,2,3, President 35 Hi-Y Basketball 2,35 Speech Club 35 Hall Patrol 1,2,35 Latin Club 15 Executive Council Alternate 15 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,2. MICHAEL KOVACIH "Mike" Personable fellow with a great sense of humor . . . was an inter- ested member of Gym Club . . . PD holds his attention, classwise5 3:15, clockwise. Gym Club 3. GEORGE WILLIAM KRENZ "Butch" Main interest lies in wood shop where his excellent handicraft is portrayed . . . never will forget that exciting 10th grade English class . . . will be a defender of his country after graduation. RAYMOND KROTEC HRay!9 Intelligence and diligence don't overshadow Ray's witty personal- ity . . . Speech Club will miss those tantalizing, exciting speeches . . . law school is beckoning to him. Chorus 2,3, Business Manager 33 Chapel Choir 2,33 Boys' Chorus 2,32 Speech Club 2,32 N.F.L. 2,31 Student Council Alternate 13 Latin Club 13 National Honor Society 3. EDWARD H. LAUCH HEC19! Reliable President of the Chorus . . . always tried to pin his man . . . business administration re- mains in the future for Ed. Wrestling 132,33 Hi-Y 2,31 Hall Patrol 33 Chorus 1,2,3, President 33 Chapel Choir 1,2, 33 Boys' Chorus 1,2,33 Gym Club 33 Student Council Alter- nate 3. NANCY ANN LINDSEY "Squeege" Sparkling blue eyes that express laughter, lun, and excitement . . . will always remember the confu- sion of her senior year . . . enthu- siastic, energetic member of G. A.A. G.A.A. 1,2,33 Pep Club 33 Y- Teen 1,23 F.H.A. 1,23 Commer- cial Club 33 Secretary 3. NANCY LLOYD "Nancy" Has an unequalled zest for school and all its activities . . . deserves the highest of praise for work on the yearbook . . . her originality and initiative should certainly take her lar. Y-Teen 1,23 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 2, Assistant 23 Pep Club 1,2, Com. Head 23 N.F.L. 1,2,33 Newspaper 23 Exchange 23 Speech Club 1,2,3, Secretary 33 Executive Council 2, Treasurer 23 Yearbook 2,3, Editor-in- Chief 33 Latin Club 13 National Honor Society 2,32 DID MOST FOR NORTH HILLS. DONALD E. KREPS CKDOHU Adept at water skiing . . . happy- go - lucky, devil- may - care . . . bound to be successful in the en- gineering field. junior Achievement 2,31 Pro- jection Club 3. JOSEPH C. LARKIN "The Lark" Husky, vigorous football player . . . love that crazy laugh . . . joe is sure to remain fondly in the memory of all his classmates. Football 1,2,33 Hi-Y 33 Hall Patrol 33 Boys' Chorus 33 Gym Club 33 S.A.C. 33 Wrestling 3. SANDRA JANE LEON "Some" Striking blonde hair and blue eyes made her an attractive senior . . . has a Hair for clothes . . . North Hills' loss, the business world's gain. Library Club 2,35 Vice Presi- dent 23 Executive Council Al- ternate 33 Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 1,22 Newspaper 33 Y-Teen 3. SANDRA LEE LITTLE assandyn A unique sense of humor beneath her exuberant spirit . . . a born leader . . . deserves praise for her tireless efforts in building school spirit as President of Pep Club. Latin Club 13 Y-Teen l,2, Cabinet 23 Pep Club 1,2,3, President 33 Chorus 2,3, Treas- urer 33 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Cha- pel Choir 33 Newspaper 23 Shuffle Shop Committee 23 G.A.A. 23 Yearbook 2,3, Sports Editor 33 National Honor So- ciety 3. ARTHUR CHARLES LOESCH "Art" The Sax Sextet had him as an indispensable member . . . an excellent student was Art . . . future plans revolve around elec- trical engineering. Band 1,2,33 Orchestra 23 Sax Sextet 1,2,33 Latin Club 13 Hall Patrol 33 National Honor Society 3. ELIZABETH LUCENTE "Betty" One of the tiny twins . . . a- nother one of those telephone chatterboxes , . . Senior Math was her favorite. Commercial Club 3. THOMAS ANDREW LUX "Tom" In season, hunting takes up much of his spare time . . . will never forget Senior English . . . mechan- ics or construction work is in his future. CHARLES L. MARSHALL "Chuck" Enjoys participating in baseball and golf . . . was an enthusiastic member of Hi-Y . . . plans to go into electrical and mechanical work after graduation. Hi-Y l,3. ELAINE A. MARTENS "Lainey" An eager participant in all sports -Elaine demonstrated her ability in intramural games . . . finds much relaxation in listening to music . . . secretarial work lies in the future for dependable Elaine. Y-Teen 13 Pep Club 1,2,33 Yearbook 2,33 G.A.A. 1,22 Com- mercial Club 3, Com. Head 33 Bowling Club 23 Shuffle Shop Committee 23 National Honor Society 33 Secretary 3. GLENN C. MATTHEWS "Glenn" Upholds the name ol North Hills' Chorus with his rich baritone voice . . . has quite a different hobby in landscaping . . . ol? Glenn goes into the wild blue yonder. Football 13 Wrestling 23 Hi-Y 23 Executive Council 23 Chorus 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 2,33 Chapel Choir 2,33 Gym Club 3. VIRGINIA LUCENTE llvirv The other twin . . . swimming is her claim to tame in sports . . . will soon be seen at the type- writer of a busy oflice. Commercial Club 3. RUTH E. MARRA "Ruthie" Pretty Majorette Captain with plenty of zip . . . has worked hard for Student Council . . . some day her classmates may be saying, "1 knew her when-" about Ruth as she goes into television work. Student Council 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Y-Teen 1,22 Major- ette 1,2333 Captain 33 Band 1,23 N.F.L. 1,2,33 P.F.M. 1,2,33 Speech Club 1,2,3, Vice Presi- dent 33 Yearbook 2,32 Class Play 23 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 1,23 P.A. Announcer 33 G.A.A. 23 National Honor So- ciety 3. ROSE ANN MARSIC "Rosie" Came to North Hills from Etna High School in her senior year . . . shining brown eyes add spar- kle and light to her pleasant per- sonality . . . will be successful for sure in either office work or nursing. F.H.A. 33 Bowling 3. WILLIAM GARY MARTIN "Bege" Added his musical talent to the Swing Band and Chorus . . . a really true friend , . . always look- ing lor a good time-and Bege usually finds it. Band 1,2,33 Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chap- lain 23 Chorus 3g Chapel Choir 33 Chorus Executive Council 33 Boys' Chorus 33 Basketball Manager 1,2,33 Executive Coun- cil 23 Orchestra 23 Latin Club 13 Hall Patrol 33 Swing Band 2,32 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,2. JUDITH ANN MAYFIELD "Judy" Well-groomed and meticulously neat . . . was a hard-working member of the new Commercial Club and Chorus . . . judy plans to become a secretary. Library Club 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,23 Bowling Club 23 Girls' Chorus 33 Chorus 33 Commer- cial Club 3. CAROL JOAN MAYNARD "Carol" Carol with her infectious laugh has been a popular classmate . . . her ability in Chorus is surpassed only by her art . . . secretarial or missionary work follows gradua- tion. Chapel Choir 1,3Q Mixed En- semble 29 Girls' Chorus 1,2,39 Chorus 1,2,3, Publicity Secre- tary 39 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 29 Newspaper 3, Art Editor 33 Commercial Club 33 Nation- al Honor Society 39 Vice Pres- dent 3. MARTHA LYNN MCNAUGHER --Marty" A staunch supporter of sports as a cheerleader . . . helped make the senior year a success in the capacity of recording secretary . . . curly blonde hair and infectious laugh-her trademark. Cheerleader 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,2,39 Y-Teen 1,21 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,21 Bowling Club 23 Executive Council 3, Re- cording Secretary 39 Student Council Alternate 19 Yearbook 2,39 Latin Club 1. HEDY ROSE MENGE aaHedysa Her sense of humor kept every- one laughing . . . terrifically en- joyed Chorus and all its activities . . . her favorite period of the day came with math class. Y-Teen 1,29 Pep Club 2,31 Li- brary Club 1,2,33 Yearbook 39 Girls' Chorus 2,32 Bowling Club 29 Commercial Club 3. CLARENCE F. MEYER "Clarence" A scholarly student was Clarence . . . he especially enjoyed Alge- bra and Trig classes . . . took great pride in being in the first class to graduate lrom North Hills. PATRICIA JANE MINER "Pat" An important member of the band and orchestra . . . a faithful "Y- Teener" . . . will go on to col- lege alter graduation. Y-Teen 1,2,3Q Band 1,2,39 Junior Achievement 2,3, Vice President 29 Orchestra 39 Bowl- ing Club 3. SANDRA LYN NE MCKINLEY "Sandyi' Reireshingly gay and charming . . . made her contribution to North Hills as a very competent Band Librarian . . . will soon be seen in the classroom teaching the three R's. Band and Orchestra Librarian 3g Chorus 33 Girls' Chorus 39 Newspaper 3, Business Editor 39 G.A.A. 29 F.H.A. 19 Library Club 1,2Q Y-Teen 1,29 Shuffle Shop Committee 23 Pep Club 1,23 Bowling Club 29 National Honor Society 3. JANET ANN MELLOR icjanv Fun-loving and witty . . . led the new Commercial Club to success as President . . . actively inter- ested in sports through G.A.A. G.A.A. 1,2,3, President 39 Y- Teen 13 Bowling Club 2,33 Commercial Club 3, President 39 F.H.A. 1,2. JEAN CAROLYN MENTZER "Jeannie" Jeannie with the light brown hair . . . did a most creditable job as Editor ol the Arrowhead . . . plans to be a stenographer-who w0uldn't like to have her in their oHice. Chorus 1,2,39 Chorus Executive Council 39 Chapel Choir 2,33 Mixed Ensemble 29 Newspaper 1,2,3, Ass't Editor 2, Editor 39 Y-Teen 13 Pep Club 1,22 Year- book li Library Club 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 13 Executive Council 13- Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,29 National Honor Society 3. CAROL A. MILLER "Carol" Business school and a career as a receptionist await Carol after grad- uation . . . was a devoted member ol Girls' Chorus all through school . . . Senior Math was her favor- ite class. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3Q Library Club 2,39 Pep Club 19 Commer- cial Club 33 G.A.A. 1,3. DONALD EDWARD MIZNER "Don" Sports-loving twin . . . the band occupied much of his spare time . . . hunting, camping, hiking- are all important to Don. Band 1,2,33 Hi-Y 19 Executive Council 29 Student Council Alternate 29 Wrestling 2. RONALD CHARLES MIZNER "Ron" The other good-looking twin . . . a statuesque member of hall pa- trol . . . his future lies in the accounting Held. Band 1g Hi-Y 13 Wrestling 2g Hall Patrol 3. JUDITH A. MOORE as-Iudyss Judy was an active member of junior Achievement and Bowling Club . . . college and a secretarial career follow . . . her brunette pony tail was forever flying about. junior Achievement 1,2,39 Y- Teen 1,2,3g Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 2g Library Club 2,33 Pep Club 2,33 F.H.A. 2,33 Bowl- ing Club 3. HUBERT MULDOWNEY "Hugh" Came in his junior year . . . participated in football with much enthusiasm . . . physics provided Hugh with quite a challenge. Wrestling 2,35 Football 3. CAROL ANN MYERS "Carol" Carol has a pleasant manner which helped brighten many a class- room . . . Pep Club and Library Club gave her much enjoyment . . . will some day be teaching many of our children. Pep Club 1,2,39 Latin Club 13 G.A.A. 1,29 Y-Teen 1,25 Library Club 1,2,3g Bowling Club 2,39 F.T.A. 3. SON DRA SUE NASH usandyn Can easily provoke fun and laugh- ter in any crowd . . . loves to sing and dance . . . will make an ex- cellent stenographer. Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Chorus 3g Pep Club 1,2,3g Y-Teen 13 Commercial Club 35 G.A.A. 1. JUDITH LORRAINE MOELLER ffjudyf' Love that curly hair . . . Girls' Chorus attracted much of her at- tention . . . business school will soon be on the scene. Girls' Chorus 2,33 Commercial Club 33 Bowling Club 33 Chor- us 3. DONALD HENRY MUELLER "Don" Plays a mean trumpet in the Swing Band . . . math and Mrs. Hartmann have qualified him for a career in engineering . . . a good looking fellow who is lots of fun. Band 1,2,3g Band Executive Council 1,2,3, President 39 Swing Band 1,2,3, Leader 35 Student Council 2 9 National Honor Society 39 Hi-Y 2,3g MOST MUSICAL. RAYMOND RICHARD MURDY "Ray" Dark and handsome . . . inborn athletic ability makes him excel in sports . . . Ray will be proud to claim the title of a United States Marine. Football 1,2. MARGARET ELENORA NASH "Marg', Voice and basketball games af- forded her much pleasure . . . friendly to all . . . a secretarial career is in her future. Commercial Club 3. NORMAN EARL NETHING "Norm" The "jack be nimble" of the class . . . showed his interest in lndians as mascot for two years . . . future includes teaching his- tory. Boys' Chorus 3g Chorus 33 N. F.L. 23 Hi-Y 3. ELIZABETH NIST uBettyn Sincere and friendly to all . . . interested spectator at all school events . . . an active participator in all Girls' Chorus events. Girls' Chorus 2. ELEANOR JOAN OCHSENHIRT "ox" A warm and friendly manner . . . an enthusiastic supporter ot' all school activities . . . Chorus con- sumed much of her time and energy. Library Club 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Chorus 2,35 Girls, Ensem- ble 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2535 Chapel Choir 35 G.A.A. 1,25 Y-Teen 1,25 Latin Club 15 Class Play 35 National Honor Society 35 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 2. JAMES A. O'DONNELL uJ-aquesn His witty sayings will be remem- bered by everyone . . . a great deal of ability in the arts-act- ing and drawing . . . plans to be a commercial artist. Art Club 35 Dramatic Club 35 Class Play 3. BEATRICE FRANCES OLSON "Bea" Commercial Club was proud to claim Bea as one of its members . . . the tennis courts were a lavorite place for her in the sum- mer . . . will fo to business school after graduation. Pep Club 1,25 Library Club 25 Chorus 35 Bowling Club 25 Commercial Club 3. CAROLYN LOUISE ORTMANN "Carolyn" Diligent and dependable with a superb sense of humor . . . a valuable member of Chorus and Band . . . a dazzling future is in store for her. Chorus 2,35 Chapel Choir 35 Girls' Chorus 2,35 National Honor Society 35 N.F.L. 35 G.A.A. 1,25 Latin Club 15 Or- chestra 152,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Band 1,2,35 Yearbook 1,35 Speech Club 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 MOST MUSICAL. THOMAS CYRIL NOCK lifromt! Seeks the outdoor life of hunting and fishing . . . showed his talents in metal shop and art . . . has an unusual desire to become a heavy equipment operator. PATRICIA JOAN NUSSBAUM "Pat" Soft spoken and sincere . . . was a spirited member of G.A.A. . . . will go to college to develop her secretarial abilities. G.A.A. 152,35 Y-Teen 1,35 Pep Club 2,35 Yearbook 25 Bowling Club 3. OLE LEIGH OLSEN "Swede" An important part of the "Mighty Class of '59" . . . will be re- membered for his humor and ath- letic ability . . . gave his all to the Chorus and Student Council. Football 1,2,35 Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,35 Exchange 15 Student Council 1,2,35 Cabinet 2,35 Chorus 2,35 Chapel Choir 2,35 Chorus Executive Council 35 Mixed Ensemble 25 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Hi-Y 2,35 Hi-Y Basketball 2,35 Executive Coun- cil 1, Treasurer 15 Stage Crew 2,35 Hall Patrol 2,35 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 National Honor Society 35 MOST PER- SONABLE. RONALD M. ORNDORFF "Shane" Rollicking Ron . . . showed his acting talents in the Senior Class Play . . . a career as a contractor is in his future. Hi-Y 15 Gym Club 35 Class Play 3. JOHN SUTHERLAND PARKER "John" Sincere and devoted football man- ager . . . Chorus one of his first loves . . . bound for pre-med school. Football Manager 1,2,35 Chorus 2,35 Chapel Choir 2,35 Mixed Octet 25 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Lat- in Club 15 Science Achievement Organization 1,25 Junior A- chievement 1,2,35 Treasurer 35 Hall Patrol 2,35 Hi-Y 1,25 Pro- jection Club 35 Secretary 3. JEAN LOLA PASCHEDAG "Jean" With her sparkling brown eyes and engaging smile, she made the school day brighter . . . sweet and petite . . . college follows jean's graduation. Pep Club 1,2,33 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,2Q Y-Teen 1,22 Executive Council Alternate 1, 2, 33 Student Council Alternate 1,33 Commercial Club 33 Libra- ry Club 3. GERALD WILLIAM PENDER "Jerry" Known for sunny disposition . . . swimming and golf are two favor- ite summer pastimes . . . his am- bition is to become a bank exam- iner. Hi-Y 2,33 Gym Club 33 Foot- ball Manager 13 Golf Team 2. GLORIA ANN PERRY "Gloria" Pert and peppy brunette . . . lends a gay atmosphere to any gathering . . . plans to enter the business world as a secretary. Latin Club 13 Library Club 2,3. JOHN PITTNER "John', Has a warm, sincere smile . . . a truly outstanding student who will surely succeed in any field . . . North Hills' contribution to the Atomic Age. Latin Club 13 Science Achieve- ment 1,2, President 23 Speech Club 33 National Honor Soci- ety 2,3, President 3. LILLIAN ANN POLOVIC "Li1l" Lovely, blue-eyed whom we were fortunate to have join us in our sophomore year . . . roller skat- ing is a favorite . . . aspires to become a receptionist. Bowling Club 2,33 Girls' Chorus 2,33 G.A.A. 33 Pep Club 33 Commercial Club 3. . XX srtt .. as 5 . Q : v.-- 4 i Vi 2. . -15 53 3 Q " 31 . I ff . I A "A" .tg 3 "'i' ' ROBERT DALE PATRICK "Paycheck" Tall man on the basketball team . . . his wit and personality made him a popular and memorable classmate . . . college and engin- eering are his choice for the future. Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,2,33 Hi-Y 33 Football 13 Executive Council 3. WILLIAM KENNAN PERRIN III "Bill" A hard worker for the class and its activities . . . sports and speech work took much of his time . . . plans to venture into engineering. Student Council 1,3, Treasurer 33 Hi-Y 1,2j Executive Council 2, Vice President 23 Speech Club 2,35 N.F.L. 2,33 Football Manager 2,3: Exchange 2g Hall Patrol 2,33 Stage Crew 2,3. KENNETH P. PILARSKI "Ken" Renowned for his keen sense of humor . . . the special added at- traction in the Senior Class Play . . . baking school in the future. Football 13 Hi-Y 3g Gym Club 33 Class Play 3. JANE ANNE POERSCHKE "Jane" A pleasing personality with a contagious laugh . . . important part of Chorus . . . English class was the basis for her outstanding interest in journalism. Chorus 1,2,33 Chapel Choir 33 Girls' Chorus lg Pep Club 2,33 F.H.A. 23 Y-Teen 1,23 Junior Achievement 1,2. ANN LOUISE PREININGER "Ann' Her infectious laugh brightenez many A classroom . . . speecl among her favorite classes . . college and a writing career an in her future. Library Club 1,2,33 F.H.A. 2,3 Bowling Club 33 Chapel Choi 33 Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Choru 1,2,3Q Y-Teen 23 Class Play 3 Pep Club 2,33 Junior Achieve ment 1,2,3. RODGER LLEWELLYN PRICE "Priceless" Always full of fun was Rodger . . . found Trig stimulating to say the least . . . has his mind set on aeronautical engineering for a career. Football 15 Hi-Y 1,35 Gym Club 3. JAMES BRYAN PRITCHARD "Bern" Carefree guy with spontaneous wit . . . likes football and anything that Iaintly resembles food . . . wants to be a mechanical engineer and should be a good one. Football 1,2,35 Hi-Y 1,25 Chorus 2,35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Student Council 35 Chapel Choir 25 Stage Crew 2,35 Hall Patrol 3. RITA RATHKE "Rita" Likeable and leisurely . . . bru. nette who is great to know . . . conscientious ways will help her to become a good secretary. Pep Club 1,25 Y-Teen 1,25 G. A. A. 1,2,35 Speech Club 25 N.F.L. 25 Commercial Club 3. BARBARA JEAN REED uBarbn Friendly and amiable, Barb has a "big hello" for everyone . . . a real credit to the Chorus . . . sure to be a success as a practical nurse. Y-Teen 1,2,35 Pep Club 35 Chorus 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2,35 Junior Achievement 1,2,35 F.H.A. 2,3. JO ANN REIBER "Jo" Sparkling blue eyes, lovely wavy hair and a winning smile match her personality . . . possesses an aptitude for the piano . . . will excel as a mathematician. Latin Club 15 G.A.A. 25 Bowl- ing Club 2,35 Yearbook 35 Y- Teen 15 Pep Club 1,2. JAMES CHARLES PRILL. JR. "Jim" Quiet personality with appealing sense of humor . . . jim thought chemistry class was tops . . . col- lege and engineering are among future plans. Hi-Y 35 Gym Club 3. RUDY RAIDA "Snake" Reliable Senior Class President, Rudy . . . kept the Mighty Class of '59 running smoothly . . . racked up many points on the basketball court. Hi-Y 1,2,35 Hall Patrol 2,35 Speech Club 35 Executive Council 1,2,3, President 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Football 3. JEANNE REEB "Reebie" A cheery disposition with lots of sparkle . . . dark of hair but light of spirit . . . aspires to be a private secretary. Y-Teen 15 Library Club 25 Commercial 35 Bowling Club 3. JONATHAN HABER REED "Jack" A great guy-jack's always ready with a joke . . . doubles in action what he lacks in size . . . gave everything he had to football and basketball. Basketball 1,2, Manager 35 Football 35 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Chorus 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,25 Gym Club 3. MELANIE LEA REISDORF "Mel" Bubbles over with enthusiasm . . . never sharp, never Hat but always natural . . . did her part lor North Hills as Secretary ol Assemblies. Library Club 1,2,3, Secretary- Treasurer 25 Yearbook 1,25 Y- Teen 15 Pep Club 1,25 Latin Club 15 Junior Achievement 1, 2,35 G.A.A. 15 Speech Club 2,35 N.F.L. 2,35 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,25 Chorus 2,3. Student Director 35 Chapel Choir 2,35 Mixed Octet 2,35 County Chor- us 2,35 Executive Council 3, Student Council 2,3, Cabinet 3. BOB RIDGEWAY "Bob" Reserved Bob delights in tinkering with cars . . . will remember most, all the times he was late for class . . . thought metal shop was tops. VIRGINIA LEE RINEHART "Ginny" Possesses a quiet quality topped with sweetness . . . gets pleasure from playing the piano and singing . . . need a secretary?-Ginny will give the oflice that needed touch. Y-Teen 19 Chorus 1,2,3g Chapel Choir 2,33 Commercial Club 35 Girls' Chorus 2,3. JOHN CLIFFORD ROBERTS "Johnny', Quiet, but so nice to know . . . john is a swell guy with sports on his mind . . . plans to be a college man next year. Hi-Y 2,33 Gym Club 3. JAMES ROCHE "Shark', Helped bolster the 208 pound line . . . ace mechanical drawing stu- dent . . . engineering is his first choice for the future. Football 1,2,3g Hall Patrol 2,35 Hi-Y 2,35 Gym Club 3g Wrest- ling 2. HELEN JOYCE ROSKWITALSKI "Joyce" A Winsome miss with crisp brunette hair and sparkling blue eyes . . . fancy free and full of fun . . . very active in the music department. Latin Club 15 Y-Teen 15 Chorus 1,2,3g Chapel Choir 2, 33 Mixed Octet 2,3g Girls' Chorus 33 F.H.A. 1,29 Pep Club 1,29 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 2g Library Club 3. 7:73 THOMAS DONALD RILEY f'Big Don" Don was an import from Bellevue in his junior year . . . blond hair and blue eyes top this likeable fellow . . . never without his beaming smile. Gym Club 3. JOSEPH V. RIZZO GlJOe7, Easygoing and fun-loving joe came to North Hills this year from North Catholic . . . just the right combination of brains and wit . . . will make a great engineer. Hi-Y 3. DIANE VIRGINIA ROCCO "Diane" Voice class was always enjoyable for Diane . . . a sweet and amiable girl-to know her is to like her . . . bowling is a favorite pastime. Pep Club lg Bowling Club 3. RALPH RODENBAUGH "Rotary" Happy-go-lucky, tall and good looking . . . wherever there's ex- citement, Ralph's there . . . as future dentist-the class of '59 might be his patients. Hi-Y 1,2,3g Basketball lg Hall Patrol 2,35 Gym Club 3g Wrest- ling 3. THELMA DARLENE ROSS "Thelm" Light-spirited Thelm never has a care . . . living proof that best things come in small packages . . . ambition is to become a good secretary. G.A.A. 1,2,3g F.H.A. 1,25 Y- Teen 19 Library Club 3g Bowl- ing Club 2.35 Commercial Club 33 Girls' Chorus 3. KATHRINE G. RUNSER "Kittie" Generous with her smiles . . . not a worry, not a care . . . her time is taken up by band and speech. Band 1,2,3Q Orchestra 1,2,33 Speech Club 2,33 S.A.O. 1,23 Secretary 13 Bowling Club 3. PAUL A. SCHAUER "Paul" Sharp in football, sharp in clothes - just a sharp guy . . . versatile interests and abilities occupy this lad's time . . . never a dull mo- ment when Paul's around. Football 1,2,3Q Chorus 1,2,33 Chapel Choir 1,2,33 Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Hall Patrol 2,31 Executive Council 1,33 Treasurer 33 Speech Club 2,33 N.F.L. 2,32 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3Q Mixed Oc- tet 2. BARRY GENE SCHELL "ButCh" Always willing to lend a hand . . . blissful when working on cars . . . this hobby has led him to want to be an electrician. Shuffle Shop Committee 1,23 Hi-Y 1,2,33 Projection Club 33 Hall Patrol 3. MARLENE INEZ SCHMIDT "Marlene" A mischievous spirit beneath a touch of sophistication . . . beauty and brains . . . never a dull mo- ment with Marlene. Latin Clubl, Consul 13 Y-Teen 13 F.H.A. 13 Pep Club 1,2333 Newspaper 2,3, Circulation Ed- itor 33 Yearbook 33 G.A.A. 13 Shuffle Shop Committee 23 Bowling Club 23 Speech Club 23 Junior Achievement 1. RICHARD C. SCHNEIDER "Dick" Football and basketball are among his favorite sports . . . never will Iorget his junior year . . . his ex- perience in print shop will do him justice in that future profession. Hi-Y 2,3Q Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 13 Projection Club 2. JUDITH ELLEN SANDER f-Judy' Quiet, with a smile and kind word for everyone . . . winning deter- mination makes her bound to suc- ceed . .. . aspires to teach home economics. Girls' Ensemble 2,33 Chorus 2, 33 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Social Chair- man 23 Latin Club 13 Yearbook 33 Pep Club 2,33 Chapel Choir 2,33 Girls' Chorus 2,3. DIANA SCHAUGHENCY "Dink" Delightful, delovely, derrific and definitely straight "A" stufi' , . . lots of fun and pep with her ever- present laugh . . . a sports' minded ga . Latin Club 13 Pep Club 1,2,33 Yearbook 1,32 Y-Teen 1,23 F.H. A. 1,23 Student Council 33 Ex- ecutive Council 23 Junior Class Play 23 Newspaper 33 Junior Achievement 1,2,33 Shuffle Shop Committee 2. CAROL ANN SCHINDLER "Carol" Tfiny and Peppy Carol . . . viva- cious personality and an acute sense of humor . . . aims to attain her goal of teaching. Cheerleader 1,2,33 Pep Club 1, 2,33 Y-Teen 1,2,33 Library Club 1,2,33 Yearbook 23 Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Latin Club 1. EDWARD LEE SCHNEIDER "Lee" Teasing, mischievous brown eyes . . . works on cars whenever the chance arises . . . the Navy lies in the near future. FRANK J. SCHNELLER "Professor" Joined North Hills from Lake View High School in his junior year . . . known for his sunny disposition. jim is a sincere and earnest worker . . . plans to enter the medical field. Gym Club 33 Hi-Y 3. SHEROL JOYCE SCHRAN "Sherol" Cheerful brunette with a magnetic personality . . . terrific dancing partner . . . oH'ice work holds capable and dependable Shero1's interest. Bowling Club 2,39 G.A.A. 39 Commercial Club 3. DOROTHY T. SCHULLER "Dottie" Bright, cheery, laughing brown eyes . . . gardening is a favorite pastime . . . possessor of a genial personality. Commercial Club 39 Y-Teen 3. MARY DARLENE SCHWARTZ "Dee" Ice skating and dancing is where her joy is found . . . P.D. and all the homework will never be for- gotten . . . bowling strikes her fancy. G.A.A. 1,2,39 Chorus 29 Bowl- ling Club 29 Pep Club 1,2,39 Commercial Club 3g F.H.A. 13 Library Club 1,2,3g Y-Teen 1,2. JOHN PAUL SCHWARTZ "Jack" An outstanding football player . . . sincere and hard working . . . a whiz in solving Trig problems . . . engineering is his chosen Held. Hi-Y 3g Football 1,2,3Q Golf 29 Gym Club 3. NORMAN SHIDELER 4cNorrns1 Good natured and dependable . . . quiet and definitely worth knowing . . . lVorm's conscientious ways will help him succeed as a doctor. Latin Club 19 Hi-Y 19 Junior Class Play 2g Drama Club 39 Yearbook 39 National Honor Society 3. EDWARD F. SCHROTH lCEd77 Outstanding member of Chorus . . . faithful attendant at football and basketball games . . . future plans include college and later becoming a veterinarian. Latin Club 19 Band 19 Chorus 2, 39 Boys' Chorus 2,3g Chapel Choir 2,35 Mixed Octet 3. PATRICIA ANN SCHULTZ "Schultzie" Came to North Hills from South Hills in her junior year . . . care- free Pat is happy when active in sports . . . looks forward to busi- ness school. Pep Club 2,35 Y-Teen 2,39 Dramatic Club 3. JEAN CHRISTINE SCHWARTZ "Jean" Vivacious redhead known by all . . . bubbling with personality, 10811 6I110ys swimming and dancing . . . college is in the future. Latin Club 19 G.A.A. 2g Y-Teen 1,29 Yearbook 39 Bowling Club 23 Pep Club 1,29 F.H.A. 2. HENRY W. SHAW HHank77 Good natured and liked by all . . . altruly sincere person who is hap- piest when outdoors . . . Hank is set on becoming an aircraft mechanic. MAUREEN ANN SILHANEK "Penny" Penny's red hair is in contrast with her sweet personality . . . always a "Hi" for everyone . . . typing and filing sound interesting to her as a future way of making a living. BARRIE TATE SMITH "Smitty, Well deserving, outstanding Presi- dent of Student Council . . . lover of all sports but football is tops . . . will long be remembered by his Mighty Class of '59. Student Council 1,2,3, Presi- dent 3g Executive Council 1,2, President 1,29 Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g Class Play 25 Hall Patrol 2,33 Latin Club lg Hi-Y 1,23 National Honor So- ciety 2,33 Exchange 1,33 Track 3g DID MOST FOR NORTH HILLSQ MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. NELL ILENE SMITH "Smitty" Poised and spirited blonde with a vivacious sense of humor . . . dancing rates high as a pastime . . . plans to become part of the busi- ness world. Bowling Club 2,39 Pep Club 1, 2,35 Commercial Club 35 G.A. A. 2,35 Y-Teen 1,23 Girls' Chor- us 3g F.H.A. 3. ROBERT HEYDE SOLEAU "Gung-ho" Happy - go - lucky Bob has both brains and brawn . . . one of the most capable football captains we've ever had . . . added his rich bass voice to the Chorus. Football 1,2,3, Captain 35 Bask- etball 1,2,3g Hall Patrol 2,35 Exchange 1g Hi-Y 1,25 Chorus 2,33 Boys' Chorus 2,33 Chapel Choir 35 Latin Club 13 Execu- tive Council 1,2, Vice President lg Stage Crew 2,35 Student Council 3, Cabinet 3, Alternate 2: MOST ATHLETIC. EDWARD MICHAEL STAIGER, JR. "Mick" Football and basketball rate tops with Ed . . . mechanical drawing class was a strong favorite . . . skating and working on cars domi- nate a lot of his spare time. KENNETH JOHN STEWART "Stu" Will make a top-flight electrical engineer . . . is an eager partici- pant in baseball . . . found Chem- istry and Trig very stimulating subjects. Latin Club 19 Hall Patrol 33 Student Council 35 Gym Club 33 Speech Club 3g Class Play 35 Exchange 35 National Honor Society 35 Baseball 3. 1, va.. - .,,,,. M.. ,ta it if-f 1 N JUDITH ANN SMITH C6Jud!! Attractive strawberry blonde, judy has a smile for all . . . contributed much to the art department . . . sure of a successful future. Art Club 3. ALBERT WILLIAM SMOLA "Al" A great outdoors man-loves hunt- ing and fishing . . . one of the few who was rarely confused in math . . . always looking for fun. MARY ANN SPENCER acMary1a Glistening black hair teams up with a radiant smile . . . sweet, silent, sincere . . . her pleasant personality will aid her m the business world. Pep Club 1,2,3g Commercial Club 3g Girls' Chorus 1. CAROL RAE STANLEY "Carol" Striking auburn hair is in contrast with her dimpled cheeks . . . sports take the spotlight for enjoyment . . . Senior math-her favorite class. Bowling Club 2,35 G.A.A. 3. ALICE RUTH STANTON "Alice" Enjoys curling up with a good book on cold wintry nights . . . would enjoy voice class every period of the day . . . will make a very capable secretary. MICHAEL FRANK SUNSERI "Bull" Lived up to his nickname on the football field . . . a party is not a party without Bull . . . plans to take up business in college. Football 1,2,3g Hi-Y 1,33 Hall Patrol 39 Gym Club 3, Vice President 35 Executive Council Alternate 3. RAYMOND NELSON SWANBERG "Ray" The other Swanberg also plans to take part in "dough-raising" ac- tivities . . . has long passed the "dinner from the mantle" stage with his love for horseback riding . . . will always remember the homework assignments dished out so graciously by his teachers. EUGENE SWIERKOSZ "Gene" Enjoys tinkering under the hood . . . in years to come he may be seen on the scaffolding of some building or bridge . . . his future interests settle around "construc- tion work." SANDRA J EAN THOMAS "Sandi" Shorthand is tops with Sandi . . . has a fervent desire to become an airline hostess . . . active partici- pant in sports through G.A.A. G.A.A. 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,23 Bowling Club 23 Y-Teen 1,25 F.H.A. 1,29 Commercial Club 3. ELIZABETH JANE TURNER "Liz" One of North Hills' good-looking redheads fcarrot tops??j . . . is an active member of G.A.A .... will make a top-notch secretary. G.A.A. 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,23 Y-Teen 1,25 Bowling Club 23 F.H.A. 1,29 Commercial Club 35 Girls' Chorus 3. HARRY CHARLES SWANBERG "Harry" A nice fellow who plans to put his future in "dough-raising" activities . . . one of North Hills' fresh air men . . . found setting type in print shop an enjoyable task. THERESA J. SWIDER ufrerryss One of the most attractive and petite dancing partners the fellows could meet . . . was a loyal sup- porter of athletic contests through the Pep Club . . . should make an outstanding woman psychologist. Newspaper 35 Pep Club 1,2,3g Library 2g F.H.A. 2,33 Bowling Club 23 Y-Teen 1,2,3g G.A.A. 24 Latin Club 15 Girls' Chorus 2. NOLA OLIVE SWINT KCNOI 97 Is one of the illustrious artists . . . spends many a cold, winter day ice skating on a nearby pond . . . will design the clothes of some of the more prosperous graduates. Pep Club 1,2,3g Bowling Club 2,33 Yearbook 25 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, President 3: Art Club 3. SANDRA LEE TRUEMPER "Sandy" Sports are a favorite pastime of Sandy's - horseback riding es- pecially . . . has a voice of a lark . . . desires to go into the field of floral design. G.A.A. 2. JOSEPH B. TURNER KCJOe!! This tall, dark and handsome fel- low transferred to these halls of ivy from New Rochelle High School in New York . . . is sure to make a top-notch businessman with his fondness for making money . . . will long remember the Gym Club and Miss Delp's English class. Hall Patrol 3g Track 39 Gym Club 3. ROBERT L. TURNER SKBob77 joined North Hills as a junior from military school . . . physics class was his lavorite . . . will join the ranks oi the white collar workers. Hi-Y 2,35 Gym Club 35 Hall Patrol 35 Track 35 Baseball 3. JESSIE LEE ULLOM Kkjessh A tall, willowy blonde with a fine personality . . . loves the cold enough to participate in her fav- orite sport - ice skating . . . will always remember most the trip to contests in Bethlehem, Pennsyl- vania, as a chorus member. Chorus 1,2,35 Chapel Choir 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,25 Commercial Club 35 Y-Teen 1, 25 Bowling Club 25 Executive Council 3. PATRICIA A. VON KAENEL "Pat" The lovely leading lady in the Senior Class Play . . . is an am- bitious worker as Vice-President of the Commercial Club . . . with her experience as Mr. Garbarfs secretary, Pat is sure to be an efficient one alter graduation. F.H.A. 1,25 Bowling Club 25 Dramatic Club 3g Student Council Alternate 25 Commer- cial Club 3, Vice President 35 Pep Club 1: Y-Teen 1.2: Ex- ecutive Council 2, Alternate 15 Class Play 35 May Queen. MARILYN SUE WAGNER "Mar1lyn" This tall, smartly-dressed girl from Toledo, Ohio, joined the ranks in llth grade . . . has lound Mrs. Hartmann's Trigonometry class quite an experience . . . heads the entertainment committee in Pep Club. Y-Teen 2,35 G.A.A. 25 Pep Club 3, Com. Head 35 Execu- tive Council Alternate 3. MURIEL EILEEN WANKER "Muriel" Will make a very capable Clara Barton . . . can still recall those memorable days in Miss Vance's English class . . . "terrific" is this gal's word for the new North Hills. Y-Teen 15 Pep Club 1,35 Libra- ry Club 1,2,35 Latin Club 15 F.H.A. 3. PATRICIA ANN TURZYNSKI "Pat" Arduous worker on the Executive Council . . . faithful supporter of the athletic teams . . . helped bring Y-Teen along the road to success as its secretary. G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Club 1,25 Y- Teen 1,2,3, Secretary 35 Bowl- ing Club 25 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Execu- tive Council 35 Commercial Club 3, Com. Head 35 Student Council Alternate 35 News- paper 3. EMMA LORRAINE VEVERS "Em" Sure to become an industrious sec- retary . . . contributes a hearty melody in voice class . . . did her part for North Hills as an active Pep Club member. Pep Club 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Bowling Club 2,35 Com- mercial Club 35 F.H.A. 15 Y- Teen 2,3. JANET CAROL WAGNER "Janet" A quiet girl with big, sweet, brown eyes that smile at everyone . . . finds Trigonometry her most chal- lenging class . . . is an eloquent speaker. Band 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,35 Y- Teen 2,35 N.F.L. 2,35 Speech Club 2,35 Latin Club 15 Year- book 15 National Honor Soci- ety 35 Exchange 3. JUDITH LYNN WALLISER "Judie" A cute brown-haired gal with that special sparkle in her eye making her the life of the party . . . keeps one ear tuned to the radio while doing homework from her favorite class - P. D .... sure to be adored by small children when she goes out in the world as an ele- mentary teacher. Band 1,2,35 Chorus 2,35 Girls' Ensemble 35 Y-Teen 1,25 Bowl- ing Club 25 Shuffle Shop Com- mittee 1,2g Pep Club 1,25 Jun- ior Achievement 35 Latin Club 15 Science Achievement Organ- ization 1. KATHLEEN RUTH ANN WARD "Kay" Commercial classes are tops with this brown-haired lass . . . finds Mr. Haubrich's tests too much of a real challenge . . . Kay is one of North Hills' women athletes. G.A.A. 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 F. H.A. 15 Bowling Club 2,35 Com- mercial Club 3, Treasurer 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 3. GEORGE MARTIN WASKO, JR. "Dean" Expert when it comes to automo- biles . . . as a result, he is con- sidering automobile salesmanship as a career . . . P.D. seems to be a real pleasure. Hi-Y 3g Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 1,2. PATRICIA C. WEISS Hpath Grossly interested in sports at North Hills . . . invaluable mem- ber of our Chorus . . . interested commercial student with high hopes of one day becoming a top- flight secretary. Chorus 23 Girls' Chorus 33 G.A.A. 33 Pep Club 3. JO ANNE ELIZABETH WHEELER "Jon Has given many long hours toward making our Chorus performances a great success . . . will never forget all the wonderful times and friends she had at North Hills . . . has become adept in money matters as the Treasurer of junior Achieve- ment. Shuffle Shop Committee 13 Lat- in Club 13 Y-Teen 1,23 Pep Club l,2,33 Junior Achievement 1,2,3, Treasurer 33 Bowling Club 23 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Chor- us 33 G.A.A. 3. RON WILLIAMS "Flip" Flashing blue eyes . . . a lot of energy packed into that small package . . . a natural quipster . . . enjoys working on his cars as a pastime. Boys' Chorus 33 Gym Club 3. CAROLINE R. WILSON "Caroline" A tall quiet redhead with an irre- sistible smile . . . Miss McGinnis' hard working secretary while still in West View High . . . worked diligently to make Y-Teen success- ful this year. Pep Club 1,23 Y-Teen 1,3, Cabinet 33 Newspaper 33 Libra- ry Club 3g Latin Club 13 F. H.A. 3. TAL PAUL WEIMER ffoukef' Whenever the call, "The North Hills Varsity Marching Band" is heard, Tal is around . . . with his pleasant voice and friendly manner, he'll be a top notch emcee on any stage . . . worked hard lor our Student Council. Band 1,2,33 Student Council 1, 2,3, Vice President 23 Hall Pa- trol 1,23 Stage Crew 1,23 P.A. Announcer 1,3. CAROL SUSAN NA WEITZEL "Carol" This tall beauty is one of North Hills' busiest girls . . . makes a striking picture in her red and white cheerleading outfit . . . con- tributes a lovely alto to the Girls' Ensemble Chorus. Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 1,2, 33 Chorus 1,2,33 Chapel Choir 33 Girls' Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Ensemble 2,33 Feature Editor 33 Newspaper 23 Executive Council 1,33 Pep Club I,2,3Q Bowling Club 23 Y-Teen 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3Q Shuffle Shop Committee 23 Latin Club 13 National Honor Society 2,33 Ex- change 33 MOST ATHLETIC, MOST LIKELY TO SUC- CEED. FRANK CHARLES WILCOX "Willy" Actively engaged in the Band and Swing Band . . . intensely inter- ested in cars . . . plans a career of electronics. Band 1,2,33 Hi-Y 1,33 Swing Band 2,3. SANDRA VIRGINIA WILLISON "Sandy" Good things come in small pack- ages, that's Sandy . . . starred in the majorette line . . . will make an attractive elementary teacher. Latin Club 13 Y-Teen 1,23 Bowling Club 23 Band Execu- tive Council 33 Pep Club 13 Majorette 1,2,33 National Honor Society 33 Class Play 33 Chorus 2,3, Secretary 33 Chapel Choir 2,33 Girls' Ensemble 2,33 News- paper 2, 3, News Editor 33 Student Council 23 Shuffle Shop Committee 1,22 SWEET- HEART. FRANK WINTER- HALTER, JR. "Frank" ls especially interested in the new Gym Club . . . follows the actions of the National League in the snring . . . wood shop was first on his list of favorites. Gym Club 3. GERALDINE A. WOLFE uJerryu Enjoys being one of North Hills' skilled horsewomen . . . likes to curl up with a good book on a oold evening . . . all the homework of North Hills will leave an impres- sion on her mind. CRISTOPHER COWAN WRENSHALL "Rat" This smooth. blue eyed fellow served as Vice President of the class in his senior year . . . his favorite pastime? Quote - "sub- marines" . . . the "boola boola" boy from the junior Class Play. Hi-Y 1,25 Junior Class Play 25 Speech Club 2,35 N.F.L. 25 Hall Patrol 2,35 Executive Council 3, Vice President 35 Stage Crew 3. CAROLE GRACE WRIGHT "Carole" Exuberant personality . . . enjoys all sports, but basketball is her specialty . . . an essential part of the champion Chorus. Chorus 1,35 Chapel Choir 35 Y-Teen 1,2,3, Cabinet 35 Bowl- ing Club 25 Speech Club 2,35 Newspaper 15 Yearbook 15 Pep Club 1,25 Shuffle Shop Commit- tee 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Girls' Chor- us 1,3. LOIS PATRICIA YUNT "Lowie" A lively, fun-loving gal . . . an active saxophonist in North Hills' great Band . . . swimming occupies most of her summer time. Band 1,2.3. LARRY ZENCHAK uLarrya1 Carefree and lunloving . . . his in- terest in cars is leading him to his goal of mechanics . . . speech class was his haven. junior Achievement 1,3. Aw I any., 1 lg 5 Sn X is 'Ei JUDITH ANNE WOODLING "Judy" One of North Hills' spirited red- heads . . . is sure to be a capable secretary . . . main interests in Bowling Club are strikes and spares. Pep Club 35 Commercial Club 35 Bowling Club . CAROL LOUISE WRIETH "Carol" A sparkling, dark-haired beauty with a radiant smile for everyone . . caught many an admiring glance in the streets of Europe last summer as an exchange stu- dent . . . "fight team fight" was Carol's cry as a cheerleader. Cheerleader 1,2,35 Pep Club 1, 25 Class Play 25 Latin Club 15 Speech Club 25 Exchange Stu- dent 25 Bowling Club 25 Student Council 3, Cabinet 35 News- paper 25 Shuh'le Shop Commit- tee 25 Junior Achievement 15 National Honor Society 35 Exchange 3. MARGUERITE L. WUCHER "Peg" A dynamic personality with loads of ambition and athletic ability . . . marched like a Trojan in the band . . . hopes to gain her white cap in nursing. Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 Latin Club 15 G.A.A. 1,25 Band 1,2,35 Orchestra 2,35 Yearbook 35 Library Club 35 Shuffle Shop Committee 25 Girls' Chorus 35 National Honor Society 3. DAVID W. ZECH "Dave" This good looking fellow is the Band's indispensable solo clari- netist , . . is sure to be the pride of North Hills on the college campus . . . finds woodworking an enlightening pastime. Band 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Sax Sextet 1,2,35 Swingband 1,2,3. CAROLYN JEAN ZIERENBERG Loves all sports but bowling takes priority . . . free time devoted to Commercial Club . . . looks lor- ward to a promising future in elementary education. G.A.A. 1,35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Y-Teen 1,25 F.H.A. 15 Bowling Club 2,35 Commercial Club 35 Latin Club 1. slum: 'Q JOSEPH H. WEBER New at North Hills in his senior year . . . likes anything relafed to golf . . . found physics to be his most enjoyable class. Hi-Y 35 Projection Club 3g Treasurer 35 Class Play 3. eadaw in ffcidaa . . , Seniors learning to sew a seam. Did someone say, "Smoke ControI"? 6, 5? fr 4+ -.h,. .Vvr ' 2 153 , Some coun try beauties. Our Senior Majorettes. 42 Senior Secretaries. This is the night Barrie fell the river. My J, ZW M0571., , N , z x -." i "" fi A 3 F ,E V 1 4 .:' - Q,, Q ,xx 5 NGK! 'Q Y, xx.. iv -i:- 3 . I1 X ,Nalin M xkklkiwss ' v ' MOST PERSQNABLE MOST PERSONABLE OLE cxsffv IVAIIVCY DEXJFROTH X r K z XL" . xv .::':::q . ,.,.:.. . K , :.n V I v. .. I W? 1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Q:1Q, Qbfq- ..,. 1,,. 2 EAWIWE .9'Mv:fH Nd X f "'-'f Kf X fi ' Q' K M W .. gf, -2643 ,fs 4' xx... . MOST ATH LET1C MOST ATHALETIQ M A M' , .:,. g ::- 4 S l n rg 'Rini . S we 'ff A avi v , V 1 0, 1 fi92ai3z,g ' '7 , 'd ' 'Ax QW 12 , Y ,e' , C , f 2 I 1 ifai. lf :ll -A Sl IW V.,, A 1 W ,I .- A1 aa , A.AZ. J , jf VCI! f DID MOST FOR NORTH HILLS f DID MOST FOR NORTH HIL wfxwf Mom 12 Z 1 x .enfawff 53411711 ' '-: f 1 ,1 , Y MOST LIKELY TO succsso V-4' ewan WEXTZKL KM X U. Wu 1 f,j,, GRN ' S Y Mosr MUSICAL-I MOST MUSICAL nfmf Mfffflfk cmdaz Haw JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row 1- G. Reynolds, D. Weir, L. Logan, B, Abel, Miss Williams, Mr. Gay. Row 2- D. McGuire, B. Poor, H. Wilson, A. Bauer, D. Deiter, D. Sutey. R. Kotrozo, B. Chapos, J, Rehorst, M. Wagner, P. Hudson, P. Murphv. 90 F' ROOM 101 Row 1- E. Baird, J. Bairhalter, J Ballintine, J. Bachman, J, Bach P. Belt, K. Anderson, D. Albrecht P. Boggs, S. Bingle, B. Bollen R. Bird. Row 2- K. Barnes, R. Bartholomew J. Allen, P. Gyekis, P. Boehmer H. Beck, Mrs. Hartmann, S. Barr T. Bartley, P. Bagley, W. Bern- hard, S. Ankeney, R, Bernstein. Row 3- A. Bauer, R. Barr, D Ayres, K. Bloss, R. Bloss, J. Boder J. Atkin, J. Blackstock, B. Abel R. Andrews. ROOM 102 Row 1- E. Chillcott, B. Braun, N Brethauer, J. Bowser, D. Callahan N. Burke, K. Cook, P. Cunning: ham, C. Colerich, C. Congalton, L. Brooks. Row 2- R. Cancilla, B. Chapas, R. Carney, G. Breitwieser, D. Chong- away, Miss Vance, R. Cotton, D. Carr, B. Collins, D, Borek, B. Brown. Row 3- C. Brown, H. Boyd, J. Brown, B. Costella, B. Bundy, R. Calhoun, B. Brandt, B. Corley, J. Costella, H. Cooper, E. Carr, J. Carey. ROOM 103 Row 1- S. Doench, V. Denzer, G. Denny, S. Easton, R. Ebitz, G. Doenberger, J. Fehrenhach, S. Er- vin, M. Deitrich, L. Eber. Row 2- D. Dax, D. Dieter, W. Davies, J. Davis, Mr. Waldfoele, D. Ebeck, R. Doehla, N. DiRito, J. Farina. Row 3- K. Davis, R. Cushman, J. Emery, A. Davis, J. Fazio, G. Dietrich, R. Depner, J. Dambaugh. ROOM 105 Row 1- M. Haisley, M. Galloway, N. Hanselman, L. Hartman, C. Fischer, J. Fundenberg, D. Hall, J. Hammel, C. Friess, A. Fisher. Row 2- T. Frank, E. Gardner, R. Graham, P. Giger, Mr. Weixel, C. Harper, C. Gaus, U. Gentile, A. Gentile. Row 3- P. Fiala, R. Fletcher, W. Domke, J. Finke, R. Hartung, H. Geiser, P. Gyekis, W. Garbart, B. Grazulis. ROOM 107 Row 1- A. Hinkel, J. Hocevar, C. Hosick, M. Hook, J. Jackson, B. Hugli, J. Jenny, C. Hekeler, D. James, J. Jarabin, P. Henderson. Row 2- W. Irvine, J. Houston, P. Hudson, J. Houston, B. HoFfman, Mr. Whitney, K. Higgins, B. Hor- ton, J. Hrach, N. Holley, R. Ivey. Row 3-- R. Hasek, D. Jognson, W. Hawthorne, B. Heck, R. Ingles, R. Huffman, J. Howe, R. Heil, J. Hedlv. ROOM 108 Row l- J. Jones, H. Kight, J. Kunz, J. Lang, M. List, C. Lindsay, C. Jones, T. Lobaugh, J. Kelly, W. Johnson, C. Ligons. Row 2- R. Kennedy, E. Knauss, B. Knaus, R. Knight, S. Kelso, Miss Pfaub, A. M. Krummert, L. Kloes, M. Kearns, K. Knabb, J. Kaelin, R. Krause. Row 3- J. Koehler, D. Kniess, J. Kelly, F. Koesling, R. Karn, R. Lang, W. Knoch, G. Kall, R. Jordan, W. Krecik, R. Jones, R. Kotrozo. ROOM 109 Row 1- R, Lobeck, S. Muckle, B. Maybury, R. Masianka, P. Miller, E. Mullen, E. Logan, A. Moffat, S. McClymonds, P. Murphy, J. Meisingcr. Row 2- C. Miller, B. Lylcs. L. Mc- Cune, B. Lux, E. Marsic, Miss Berkibile, L. Meyer, R. Maquire, B, Miller, M. Mazzeo. Row 3- R. Loehr, D. McBurney, R. Lutz, W. Mitzel, F. Mancuso. V. Malone, D. McGuire, B. Mc- Kinley, C. Meharrv, D. Miller. ROOM 111 Row 1- E. Proudfoot, L. Neuman D. Rapp, P. Prince, P. Randall, P Oehmler, N. O'Brien, H. Noga, D Oldaker, M. Nock, P. O'Malley. Row 2- R. Phelleps, D. Peden, D Noga, E. Norton, S. Platt, Mrs Pannier, D. Pfeiffer, N. Nichols E. Nudi, W. Pfaffle, W. Premu. Row3- D. Randolph, K. Oster- rieder. D. Raulik, R. Myers, C Nadrash, T. Ramage, D. Niedl hardt. B. Poor, S. Porter, J Oswald. ROOM 113 Row 1- J. Rehorst, G. Reynolds, G. Showe, S. Wreitzel, P. Scanlon D. Schwizm. M. Schneider, M Reubi, L. Skender, M. Ritchey M. B. Rupple. Row 2- B. Seagren, H, Schriner, R. Robinson, R. Skillen, B. Schroeder Miss Lindey, N. Rockey, P. Riddle J. Schafer, J. Rygiel, J, Reilly. Row 3- R. Roy, L. Slais, D. Rascov, P. Shreve, J. Schmidt, R. Roberts P. Schlemmer, D. Schairer, G. Sell B. Schornaker, T. Schwartz. ROOM 115 Row 1- C. Stack, J. Striganivicz C. Stewart, S. Stoltenberg, J Stehle, S. Stough, S. Swann, C Sweeney, L. Trego, M. Steranka K. Stewart. Row 2- E. Vettel, D. Straub, R Swint, F. Tryner, J. Tripodi. M Tomlinson, Miss Delp, R. Trbol vich, J. Sweeney, S. Stinson, J Timberlake, W. Smith. Row 3- R. Stotz, P. Steigerwald B. Smith, E. Thoma, A. Snowball R. Stanier, D. Tomsey, R. Unangst D. Sutey. ROOM 117 Row 1- F. Wills, F. Whitely, K Weiss, P. Wagamen, C. Wilgomas B. White, J. Vogel, V. Woessner J. Wills, J. Walsh, J. Welsh. Row 2- K. Zera, B. Wagner, M Zankey, J. Westerwick, L. Weller Mr. Smith, M. Wagner, B, Yunk S. Watson, N. Ward. Row 3- G. Yokum, H. Wilson, D Weir. W. Windhorst, J. Walsh, R Wivell, B. Zimmerman, H. Weber J. Walczak, D. Winski. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row 1- C. Garvan, C. Altenhoff, B. Fordvce, J, Bonacuse, B. Smith. ' Row 2- C. Pickett, R. Schoemaker, W. Edgecombe. Row 3- S. Herman, Mr. Martorelli, Mrs. Grine, R. Jones. r B ,, ,. -IEE" fi. J. , B ,, C3 X G V',w, "'-...w-"Uk ROOM 202 Row 1- C. Alexander, J. Black, J BHFYSCYI. B. Ake, J. Bonacuse, S. Bauman, S. Allen, C. Busch, E. Bowser, M. Beebe, C. Barnes. Row 2- B. Boss, C. Baxter, D. Blatecky, A. Berberick, T. Burton L. Belt, Mr. Martorelli, C. Alten- hoff, D. Bauerle, J. Bowers, L. Abel, L. Bolger. Row 3- W. Carr. M. Albosta, D Carrera, L. Ankeney, P. Bott, J Carrier, S, Calhoun, R. Barbin, B Bendsten, T, Acone, G. Brindel B. Babcock. ROOM 203 Row 1- R. Cooney, P. Crane, J Cunningham, J. Diet--ls, D. Don- bar, K. Burton, D. Dodson, P. Dearden, M, Cave, C. Dillon, C Chanev. Row 2- G. Demetriadis, C. Ebeling J, Cornelius, A. Clark, F. Cook Miss Vollmer, D. Daughertv, M Doeffinger, B. Chapas, B. Dietrich Row 3- J. Charles, J. Deweese, W Edgecombc, N. Diebold, A. Dick- son, R. Carson, J. Eitel, K. Ds-iss D. Dailey, B. Dickinson. ROOM 204 Row 1- J. Frank, J. Friedman, J Grant, F. Fritsch, B. Fordyce, N Ford, M. Evans, A. Ernst, R Foertsch, S. Etzel, M. Elm. Row 2- R. Gardner, D. Gordon, S Good, C. Cvarvan, Mr. Harper, P Glenn, M. Gass, A. Geanopulos L. Furlong, D. Fleeger. Row 3- T. Evans, W. Gohdes, G Gehringer, R. Frederick, A. Fox T. Gliniecki, M. Erickson, J Fischer, D. Engelmeier, R. Foltz' 53 M4 fb ,. 53 'Q ii! Ap! Q M H iW' emfffffsffl ,f . Q .2.,llih, f i, ILA? Q3z ,1f,'6g'2 l E3 ,LV I Q' ' vw Lin ifwit, :Q gl M 1 li ROOM 205 Row 1- S. Huysman, B. Habel, D. Harris, J. Hunt, B. Jones, S. Holt- graves, M. Horton, S. Hunter, C. Haynes, T. Hauser. Row 2-- A. Jensen, S. Herman, J, Higbee, P. Hunter, Miss Arm- strong, J. Hollman, D. Jenkins B. Grove. Row 3- C. Gruscck, R, Henzlor, B. Hugli, J. Hufnagel, B. Gross, B. He-fold, D. Hamilton, R. Harring' ton, R, Hoinsberg, A. Irwin. ROOM 207 Row 1- M. Kratz, D. Lindsey, P. Kunkel, A. Kunkel, C. Koesling. L. Luteran, S. Lederer, C, MC- Burnoy, P. Kilmer, L. Ketterle. Row 2- G. Mancuso, D. London. P. Kern, C. Kleine, J. Kress, N. Lisk, Miss Williams, L. Koslow. E. Kinast, K. Keefe, S. Man- heimer, G. Maskanka, R. Mayburv. Row 3- A. Kaintz, D. Kerr, S. Kirschenbaum, E. Krapp, F. Ket- tering, R. Kegg, B. Kuhn, D, Lavelle, F. Kelly, R. Krummvrt, W. Karl, D. Lowe. ROOM 209 Row 1- S. Miller, M. Moran, J. Morrison, S. Miller, M. Myers, E. Myer, N, Medlin, B, OVCl'bOCl'l, S. McClatcl1ey, M. Mikulan. Row 2- L. Miller, J. McCutrheon. P. Munte-an, E. McCleary, Miss Wadlinger, J. Nock, M. Nock, B. McCullough, J. O'Friel. Row 3- F. Naab, J. McNeil, F. McKiernan. J. McGeary, R. MC- Laueghlin, C. Monner, J. Monroe, W. McCaran, R, Miller, R. Mc- Curdv. ROOM 211 Row 1- S. Patterson, N. Redman, G. Reisz, C. Sanderson, R. Schoon- berger, B. Schlegel, J. Saucer, L. Samis, E. Rue, R. Sanker. ROW 2- R. Rohm, D. Prindle, M. Schmidt, J. Rodgers, P. Rygill, Mrs. Lacy, C. Schatfer, C. Pickett, C. Rakar, C. Schindel. D. Randolph. Row 3- B. Prokopik, G. Promru, R. Roll, B. Perry, D. Rc-utzel, M. Paugh, B. Purdy, G. Pcnrod, B. Schcfflor. ROOM 213 Row ll- C. Supvr, M. Shindli-r, . Stn-li, R. Sporandoo, A. Scolt, Smith, S. Smith, L. Tavlor, . Smith, J, Smith. Row 2- B. Tc-ndr-ll, R. Segrcli, Shupv. W. Stvhlc-r, M. Seal, Mrs. Grim-, P. Schwartz, D. Swierkosz. T. Swisher, B. Smith, R. Stcclc. Row Sf B. Snauffur, T. Stout, D. Smith, B, Stoycr, L, Trimitierc, S. Stoklvy, R. Tcjnn, R. Sion-rkm-r, M. Sc-iut, R. Shomakcr. Z3-.15 P' ROOM 215 Row If N. Wills, S, Ward, P. Woodling, W. Wollor. D. We-iggul, S. Zz-nk, P. Wagner, N. Van Harm-n, S. Walrzak. N. Wall, V. Young. Row 27 J. Whitv, L. Williams, C. Wvss, P. Udvll, Vidt, D. Tri- tingor, Miss Morris, E. Wostcr- wivk, C. Yunaska, E. Z1-ck, H. W4-ln-r, P. Wicgman. R. Waag. Row3-- R, Wolf, J. Wasko, J. W1'ig1,hl, B. Zi1'r0nb0f9,, S. Wil- liams, H. Vanflurvnrt, C, Wayman. E. Williams, N. Yi-llig, B. Zahrun, B. Vilsark, W. Unks. Diaddeaf in flaw ,- Ztnazed at ,admit Egg NJ! A ctz'z1z'fz'es 'k J 3 5 E P Q Q U O is .E 5 .Sis A ' "-, we 5 A :ff Vice President President Treasurer BOB CALHOUN BARRIE SMITH BILL PERRIN Secretary Secretary of Assemblies JO ANN BRUSCO MELANIE REISDORF Sponsors MISS WADLINGER MR. HAUBRICH an Secretary of Athletics Secretary of Sanitation BILL ZIMMERMAN OLE OLSEN Secretary of Publicity DERMID MCGUIRE 54 P: Secretary of Social Affair CAROL WRIETH Secretary of Hall Patrol BOB SOLEAU Our hardworking Student Council. North Hills High School has one of the Hnest student governments in Western Penn- sylvania. The Student Council is composed of one representative from each homeroom and the cabinet members. The Student Coun- cil gives the students a chance to voice their opinions in the managing of their school. Through the minutes published after every meeting, Student Council hopes to keep the students informed of their actions. Among the Student Council,s numerous activities was the adoption of Roland, a war orphan. This made every student in the school a Hparentf' A very successful Care campaign Row 1- Miss Wadlinger, D. McGuire, M. Reisdorf, B. Soleau, B. morman, O. Olsen, Mr. Haubrich. named! was held to help those less fortunate than our- selves. Understanding the student complaint, Student Council saw to it that a new cafc- teria program Was initiated. We can thank President Barrie Smith and his cabinet for the North Hills' spirit, our dances, assemblies, publicity, hall patrol, a clean school, and the Spring Carnival. The guidance of their sponsors, Miss Wadlinger and Mr. I-Iaubrich, has aided them through the entire year. It can easily be seen why Student Council is considered one of the main contributors to the success of the first year at North Hills. Perrin, B. Smith, B. Calhoun, J. Brusco, C. Wricth, B. Zim- Row 2- K. Weiss, P, Wagner, K. Higgins, E. McCleary, L. Logan, S. Ervin, R. Marta, J. Hertler, F. Fritch, C. Altenhoff, D. Schaughencv, L. Skendor, H. Kight, E. Proudfoot, C. Fertig. Row 3- M. Schmidt, S. Williams, T. Weimer, K. Stewart, F. Armour, B. Pritchard, B. Corley, J. Blackstock, A. Dickson, E. Gardner, R. Shoemaker. ,.., fp ai Y Q23 Q he li Bob Soleau, Captain oi Hall Patrol. W alma! In a school as large as North Hills, and especially since it is new, a hall patrol is a necessity. The head of the hall patrol is the Secretary of Traffic, Bob Soleau, who is a member of the Student Council cabinet. A crew of boys was chosen by Bob to be placed at various posts along the halls and in the cafeteria at the lunch periods. During the First few days of school these were really helpful as everyone staggered to and fro looking for his next class. The hall patrol also ofliciates at the assemblies to keep the crowd moving smoothly. Even though some might have been angry at a hall patrol who stopped them when they were running from the chemistry room to gym, everyone realizes and appreciates the splendid job the hall patrol has done. Rowl J. Bernhard, B. Pritchard, J. Parker, C. Wrenshall, B. Soleau, O. Olsen, B. Perrin, B. Dittmar, R. Raida, D. Weir. Row2 K. Stewart, H. Weber, B. Martin, F. Tryner, R. Robinson, B. Kline, J. Boder, E. Lauch, J. Larkin, M. Sunseri, D. Johnson, K. Knab, C. Fertig. Row3 F. Koesling, A. Loesch, B. Smith, B. Lutz, J. Schwartz, D. Mizner, D. McGuire, B. Patrick, B. Corley, B. Calhoun, J. Blackstock, B. Abel, V. Malone, R. Rodenbaugh, E. Gardner. L. B. Pritchard, B. Abc-l, B. Perrin, B. Soleau, D. Weir, B. Calhoun. Lights! Camera! Action!-the scene begins, Behind this scene is a group of boys who are known to the North Hills' students as the stage crew. These boys form one of the most valuable service clubs at the high school. It would be hard to imagine a play or any other affair held in the new auditorium without the scenery in its proper place, the microphone working well, or the correct lighting. All of Stage Crew members hard at Work. mga these duties are capably managed by Bob Calhoun and his stage crew. Their trial job came with the presentation of the Senior Class Play, and more jobs continued at a rapid rate throughout the rest of the year. Although they had a full schedule of activ- ities, the auditorium always looked its best. So it is "hats off" to these boys who have served North Hills well. Bob Calhoun who's in charge ol Stage Crew checks the lighting. N1 le x l l l s E .,v""" X- 4.511 :qi ,, 2 l l Row Row Row Row Row 1- C. Weitzel, C. Benson, M. Holl- Row 2- B. Smith, J. Pittner. NATIONAL HONOR Two Year Members- man, N. Lloyd, N. Deiseroth, Mrs Hartmann. ' Wanna Sacielq It should be the aim of every high school to be selected as a member of the National Honor Society. As a member of this national organization you have proved yourself to be a capable leader and an outstanding scholar. A tapping ceremony was held in January, in which the old members set forth the ideals of the National Honor Society. Then the new members, who had been selected by the fac- ulty, were tapped. For the first time the North Hills chapter of the National Honor Society has become an active club. The members were entertained by lecturers at some of their meet- ings and took various educational Held trips. Mrs. Hartmann, who took over the sponsor- ship of National Honor Society, planned a luncheon for the enjoyment of the members. Officers were also elected, with John Pittner serving as president. Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor a high school student can receive. 1- B. Smith. C. Benson, N. Deiseroth, C. Weitzel, M. R. Hollman, N. Lloyd, J. Pittner. J. Sanders, S. Little, C. Duglass, M. Booth, G. Kim, A. Heim, J. Mentzer, C. Maynard, G. Finn, S. McKinley. L. Berman, Mrs. Hartmann, J. Wagner, J. Ford, H. Bauer, J. Bennett, J. Hertler, E. Martens. E. Ochenhirt, P. Wucher, C. Ortmann, G. Black, B. Bairel, R. Marra, S. Willison. W. Foltz, N. Shideler, K. Stewart, P. Schauer, O. Olsen. D. Mueller, A. Loesch, R. Harrington, R. Krotec. -Q1 :Nunn num. ...nail-anna,-magna: i 1 nm.. nu-an u-um ,mmxnnasxlun .lu n'm.rurnfmun1ma. Row 1- Miss Wadlinger, J. Brusco, M. Reisdorf, B. Smith, B. Fordyce, B. Cain, Mr. Haubrich. Row 2- J. Sander, G, Black, C. Ortmann, M. Booth, M. Deitrich, M. Hollman, C. Weitzel, R. Raida, S. Little, G. Rev ld L Logan, M. MCN:-lugher, C. Wrieth, J. Wagner. Row 3-- D. Mueller, D. Kier, K. Stewart, J. Parker, N. Shideler, R. Krotec, R. Harrington, F, Armour, J. Bernhard, D. M J, Rizzo, D. Weir, S. Williams, T. Kaczynski. The student exchange program is one of the most profitable and valuable activities that the high school sponsors. Approximately thirty students, chosen from the three classes, chaperoned by Mr. Metz and Miss Wadlinger, take part in this exchange. The North Hills students visited Wilmington during the month of March. There they took part in such inter- esting experiences as oyster fishing. After an exhilarating week they returned to settle back :Meal xcimzge into the regular school routine, until April, when their exchange partners came to Pitts- burgh. Prior to this, the North Hills' exchange students had sold magazines to raise money to entertain their visitors. The students took trips to Shippingport, steel mills, and other famous Pittsburgh sites. The exchange left lasting memories and friendships. It has certainly proved itself to be one of the outstanding features of North Hills. ALEXIS I. du PONT HIGH SCHOOL EXCHANGE GROUP Lee M. Armington Richard Bernard Bob Burton John A. Cairns Bill Chernish David Crawford William Eichbaum Keith Eurenius John Johnson Daniel Hart Newton Paul Ramer Dennis E. Reilly Bob Smith Sidney C. Smith William L. Springer Susie Baker Carol Ann Brackin Cecelia Daniel Corinne Hager Kathy Hager Mary A. Libby Carol A. Lucha Martha McCallister Linda Paul Anne Marie Ryan Susan Skiles Becky Scheyler Jean E. Todd Rita Ventura Linda Wilder FACULTY SPONSORS Mr. L. M. Boyer Mrs. Beatrice Shiffert Row 1 Library Club members stocking the shelves. 651 Perhaps, when entering the library, you have seen a friendly, smiling girl behind the desk. It is sure to be one of the numerous members of the Library Club presided over by Miss Rea, the school librarian. The Library Club, headed by Virginia Finn, is composed of girls who are willing to devote their study halls and free time to the various duties that make the library efficient. The main tasks of the librarians are checking books in and out, shelving the returned books, and keeping all Miss Rea, J. Huber, J. Paschedag, D. Hall, L. Brooks, G. Finn, S. Leon, J. Moore, A. Preininger, J. Hatters, C. Sweeney, C. Friess. Row 2 M. Kaschub. P. Wucher, G. Glessner, G. Perry, N. George, D. Schwartz, T. Ross, j. Roskwitalski, C. Schindler, P. Hunter, P. Oehmler, S. Wreitzel, B. Braun, J, Furoy, D. Schwilm. E. Rue, J. Kunz, E. Chillcott, J. Kress, E. Ochsenhirt, M. Reisdorf, E. Keller, C. Wilson, M. Booth, H. Me-nge, H. Bauer, C. Duglass, G. Baird, C. Myers. Row 3 the reading material in good condition. They are also responsible for writing those overdue slips you often receive. However, nothing is all work and no play and the Library Club is no exception. There is a banquet held for the club members every spring. This is an event enjoyed by all. The Library Club is one of the many clubs at North Hills that illustrate the motto, "To serve, not to be served." E '11 ...zu Vw bf.. ..wm.. Row lg Miss Mniris, L. Logan, J. Bennett, J. Hertlcr, N. Lloyd, R. Marra, B. Calhoun, M. Hallman, C. Wright, C Ortmann G. Baird, Mr. lVIctz. Row 27 M. Reisdorf. G. Denny, G. Showe, P. Scanlon, B. Braun, P. Dc-den, W. Foltz, R. Krotvc, F. Km-sling, D. Mi Guin B McKinley, T. Roche. J. Davis, J. Wagner, F. Fritsch, K. Runser, J. Goorloll, H. Bauer. Row Bf L. Edwards, K. Stewart. D. Hamilton, G. Kall, C. Wrenshall, D. Ayres, F. Armour, R. McLaughlin, B. Prilchartl R R ml B. Solt-au, B. Perrin, B. Kline, R. Karn, B. Bundy, P. Hcbcckcr. "Once again many of the students of North Hills have captured firsts in the speech con- test on Saturday." This is familiar to every pupil at North Hills. These victories are due to the outstanding work of the Speech Club, which is considered, by many, to be the most worthwhile at North Hills. Under the super- vision of Miss Morris, Mr. Metz, and Bob Cal- houn, president, the students have unlimited opportunities to become good public speak- SPEECH CLUB CABINET Metz, M. Hollman, N. Lloyd, R. Marra, B. Calhoun, Miss Morris. ,heed ers. Many varied types of speaking are pro- moted, among them are: oration, debate, and humorous declamation. The majority of the members of the club have also received their membership in the National Forensic League by earning a minimum of twenty-live points at speech contests. North Hills High School has become known throughout Pennsylvania because of the fine Work of its students in the Speech Club. Some of our extemp speakers preparing lor Saturday contest W fir Nw, - ' 'IS' E CORRESPONDENCE CLUB OFFICERS Rowl T Mullen, Miss Vance. Row 2 P Miller A. Mann. C. Congalton. "Did anyone receive a letter last week that he Wishes to read to us?" azwagmdeme 66415 Members of the Correspondence Club are given the opportunity to know and converse by means of letters with young people of many foreign lands. It is the hope of many of the members to develop lasting friendships. Miss Vance and the club officers sponsored activities throughout the year. A Japanese dinner was held in the spring. The members also attended the foreign fairs at two down- town department stores. Two other activities represented by the Correspondence Club were the song festival, 'fUnited We Sing," and a folk festival held by Duquesne University. The officers, headed by Elaine Mullen, hope that the club will provide as many var- ied activities in the future as it was able to this year. CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Row 1+ G. Doe-rnberger, C. Con galton, E. Mullen, P. Miller, B Loehr, Miss Vance. ROW 2- C. Alexander, D. Lindsey G. Reize, C. Hekeler, B, McCul laugh, S. Ward. Row 3- S. Bingel, C. Colerich, M Sejut, W. Stebler, J, Welsh, M Kratz. Row 1- B. Fordyce, C. Sonderson, B. Overbeck, N. Van Houten, D. Daugherty, Miss Vance. Row QV B. Smith, C. Baxter, S. Herman, C. Stoerker, W. Edge:ombe, J. Carrier, E. Williams, F. Kelly, B. Snauffs-r, B. L I ll N. YL-lllg. The Junior Classical League originates some of the most clever ideas of any club at North Hills. Responsible for this originality are Wally Edgecomb and Dave Fleeger, the consuls, and Miss Vance, the club sponsor. Through the months of November and December a series of Latin Scrabble games were held. A picture of the semilinalists, dressed in wreaths and togas, appeared in the Press. A winner was selected at the final series. The club participates annually in the Buhl Planetarium Latin Festival and continued the tradition this year. It held two successful skating parties, one in November, and the alia 60:5 other in January. Members have sold various items throughout the year to raise money for the club treasury. The high point of the year came in May when the Junior Classical League Convention of Pennsylvania was held at North Hills. Dele- gates to the convention stayed at members' homes. During the two days of the convention, many ideas were exchanged. Those that seem particularly suited to North Hills will be put into practice next year. Membership in the Latin Club is limited to Latin students, but it is one of the nicest fea- tures of Latin. it Ill! Romans without their togas. 5 1 DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS R Shoemaker, S. Smith, C. Barnes, G. Baird, Miss Pfaub, D74 ' "Drama for the sake of dramav-this is the motto of the newly formed Dramatic Club. Under the able sponsorship of Miss Pfaub, this group of boys and girls meets every week to learn about plays and their production. The club is divided into five groups. Throughout the year, each of these groups was responsible for presenting some type of dramatic work to the club, such as a short play or pantomime. This assured each mem- ber a chance to display his talents. Learning your lines? Aside from this organization's immediate value, it will also help in developing talent for future Junior and Senior Class Plays. A play was also presented as an assembly for the school by this talented group. Along with learning the fundamentals of play production, the members have learned leadership and an ability to get along with others. Although only a few will someday have their names in lights, they all benefitted by belonging to the Dramatic Club. Row 1 Miss Pfaub, J. O'Donnell, S. Kirschenbaum, C. Barnes, G. Baird, S. Smith, N. Shideler, W. Foltz, B. Jones, J. Bortsch. Row 2 P. Von Kaenel, J. Dietels, D. Schwelm, E. Bowser, D. Alexander, J. Bonacuse, C. Wess, B. Wagner, B. Bollen. S. Bau- man M. Schneider, J. Hocevar. Row 3 P. Deaden, B. Schlegel, J. Bowser, M. Wagner, B. Lyles, J. Bauers, R. Force, J. Black, S. Bates, D. Harris, B. Ake. ,4fzZ H i at gs -.: :'.::5.:x:sg::.. Qgriiz 151' 1: Q ?Z.'i.11':L?: J J fr fi,'f?32g?q 7' T '- .ML 'Elf lx.. '96 4. Ei Row 1- P. Dearden, G. I-Iodel, W. Weller, K. Wright, E. Westerwick, G. Gass, D. Schairer, D, Tritingvr, P. Coleman, J. Stringanivicz. Row 2+ Miss Ackerman, J. McCutcheon, J. Smith, C. Ribnicky, K. Burton, S. Holtgraves, L. Trego, N. Rockuy, N. Swint, E. Doyle. Row 3- R. Waag, R. Bartholomew, H. Vandervoort, J. Babcock, P. Muckle, D. Dax, J. O'Donnell, N. Halley. The talented members of the Art Club play an important part in making the school cheer- ful. They are responsible for the delightful displays and decorations that have been seen at various seasons throughout the year. The club is open to anyone interested in one or more of the many phases of art. At the weekly meetings, members work on projects of their individual choosing. Thus, this organization They appreciate as well as participate. allows for self-expression. The club was responsible for the scenery needed for the Junior and Senior Class Plays. This in itself is a big task and is important in making the plays effective. Miss Ackerman, the sponsor of this group, deserves the highest of congratulations for directing the talents of this ambitious group of students. ART CLUB OFFICERS G. Glass, D. Schauer, K. Wright, E. Westerwick. 1 -5. .." ia..- .MH 5 E- HI-Y BASKETBALL wl O Olsen, K. Knabb, D. Briskey, D. Weir, L, Slais. Hi-Y President Bill Kline R 2 B Pritchard, J. Schmidt, M, Adley, B. Kline, B. Knoch, F. Mancuso, Mr. Gay. 715- Z This year's Hi-Y was headed by Bill Kline, serving as president. Many of its activities were carried on in conjunction with the Y- Teen. Both of these clubs are under the aus- pices of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. Hi-Y is a club exclusively for boys. All of its activities are planned so as not only to be interesting, but also of some use to the boys in the future. Speakers attended some of the meetings to tell the boys about various occu- pations or hobbies. One of the Hi-Y's most outstanding features is its famous basketball team, coached by Mr. Gay. The club also sponsors many other sports in which the boys may participate. Hi-Y is one of the many clubs at North Hills that attempts to instill leadership, sportsmanship, and a Christian character into its members. It will without a doubt produce many of our future leaders. HI-Y CABINET 5.4- Sitting- B. Kline. Standing- B. Pritchard, B. Soleau E. Vettel. B. Abel, B. Knoch, B. Calhoun, ful -4 it X0 Y-TEENS CABINET L. Bergman, P. Turzynski, C. Ligons, E. Bell, C. Wilson, G. Showe, M. Jones, C. Wright, P. Huckestein. Y-Teen is among North Hills' busiest stu- dent organizations. It is by far one of the most popular girls' clubs of our school. The girls met during Monday activity periodg here they planned the many activities which they par- ticipated in throughout the year. Y-Teen worked in co-operation with the Hi-Y on many of their activities. They were in charge of selling refreshments after the home foot- Elame Bell, President ol Y-Teens, -een ball games. At Christmas time the club helped spread the Yuletide spirit of good will by gathering together canned goods for a needy family. Y-Teen has had a successful year. Mrs. Craig, the sponsor, and Elaine Bell, the pres- ident, head a club that contains a fine rep- resentation of North Hills High School girls. talking things over with Mrs. Craig. Y-Teens planning their bake sale lor the Spring Carnival. liek 'M'-we 5 K I in .E.......... J COMMERCIAL CLUB CABINET just think-maybe these are out P.D. scores they are adding Row l- P. Turzynski, C. Maynard. B. Baker, J. Paschedag, J. Adamson. Row 2-- Miss Wadlinger. Miss Armstrong, T. Ross, L. Turner, J. Mellor, P. Von Kaencl, N. Lindsey, S. Thomas. mmefzcdal A newcomer to North Hills' activities is the Commercial Club. It meets every Thursday in activitiy period, and Janet Mellor is its president. Among the many fun-filled activ- ities that Janet and her cabinet planned was a Christmas party on December nineteenth. To help raise money for this and their other activities the Commercial Club sold Shaeffer cartridge pens at a bargain rate. This project was a huge success as is evidenced by the large number of students who now own these pens. The Commercial Club was organized for the purpose of helping those students who are af preparing for business careers, of uniting the commercial classes and giving them a good social relationship. As a result, it has now be- come one of the most popular girls' clubs. One of the main purposes of the club is to have its members act as secretaries to the teachers and to help them by typing and mimeographing any of their extra work. Many thanks go to Miss Armstrong and Miss Wadlinger, who organized the Commer- cial Club and promoted so much enthusiasm in it. Undoubtedly in the years to come North Hills will hear many good reports about these future office workers and secretaries. Row 1- Miss Wadlinger, M. L. Donbar, E. Hare, J. Paschedag, P. Van Kaenel, J. Mellor, N. Lindsey, G. Croup, G. Glessncr B. Olsen, C. Fink, Miss Armstrong. Row 2- J. Moeller, V. Lucente, B. Lucente, S. Nash, S. Thomas, R. Rathke, P. Hickley, L. Turner, S. Schran, N. George ik Batt-3 J. Adamson, T. Ross, L. Palovic, M. Asche, J. Woodling, L. Bergman, J. Brusco, P. Turzynski, G. Gass, Ci aynar . Row3-J.Fb,A.H' E o as eim, . Martens, C. Burgunder, P. Duncan, J. Davis, M. Early, N. Smith, S. Leon, J Ullom, H. Menge 1 C. Zierenberg, B. Baker. C. Besnecker, M. Barnes, J. Mayfield, V. Rinehart, D. Schuller, M. Spencer, E. -Vevers. 133 H if F Q-5, Row 1- C. Cross, N. Brethauer, P. Boggs, K. Zera, N. Swin., M. Hook, J. Stehle, B. Higlee, Miss Seitz. Row 2- V. Carr, M. Galloway, C. Wilgomas, S. Swan, E. Proudfoot, C. Friess, D. Schwilm, S. Stoltenberg, J. Moore, C Ha nes Row 3- M. Steranka, D. Albrect, R. Foertsch, C. Sweeney, C. Wilson, A. Preininger, j. Hocevar, T. Hauser, G. Hodil octane Wow The Future Homemakers of America work- ed hard this year to fulfill their motto, "To- ward New Horizonsf' Through the various activities of the club the members became better acquainted with the functions of home- making. At Christmas time they made place mats and name cards for the Veterans Hospital. The girls studied and made flower arrange- ments so someday they will be more capable of decorating their own homes. One of the me of zifmmiccz most important activities of F.H.A. is a Mother and Daughter Banquet which was held in the spring. Another activity which the girls attended was the State Future Home- makers of America Convention at Pennsyl- vania State University. F.H.A. has had a very successful year with Nola Swint as president and Miss Sietz as their sponsor. All the members have worked hard to uphold the ideals of the club and to set higher goals for the future. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CABINET Row 1- C. Stack, K. Zera, M. Hook, N. Swint Miss Snitz Nola, F.H.A. President, leading their weekly meetings. Row 2- J. Szehle, N. Brethauer, C. Cross, P Boggs B Hug! Q 'GJ Mrrmwmg Row 1 Row 2 Anybody care to be their patient? CABINET Row 1- L. Bates, Miss Viard. Row 2- L, Trego, J. Wills, J. Smith. ?az'wze 7Zcmea af ,4mefz6ca One of the most interesting of the clubs organized this year is the Future Nurses of America. Its members are energetic girls, in- terested in nursing as a career. Through their enthusiasm, they stimulate other girls to enter the nursing profession. As one might imagine, the sponsor of this organization is the school nurse, Miss Viard. To supplement her excellent information, the club was addressed by a student nurse and a graduate nurse. Along with learning about nursing as a career, these "future nurses," headed by La- Verne Bates, obtained some practical exper- ience during the Christmas Season by taking gifts to the Eastern Star Home. By doing this, they showed a trait, desirable in the nursing profession-"a willingness to do things for others." To this club, which will produce the nurses of tomorrow, North Hills hopes that this first year will be a strong foundation for many years to come. S. Ward, J. Smith, J. Wills, L. Bates, L. Trego, M. Richey, J. Semencar, D. Oldaker. L. Hartman, C. Hekeler, T. Mullen, S. Wreitzel, J. Frey, Miss Viard, C. Fischer, J. Gill, S. Bingel, J. Kelley, J. Lang. "Nr Row 1- Miss Lindey, J. Huber, B. Yunk, Mrs. Mugnani. Row 2- C. Haigh, L. Skender, J. Fehrenbach, B. Baierl, A. Kunkel, H. Wilson, G. Finn, R. Foerstch, J. Furey M Z nky P. Burns. modern af ,4me'z6m One of the many new clubs this year is the Future Teachers of America. It meets every other Wednesday in activity period with Judy Huber, the president, conducting the meetings. This first year the Future Teachers had many activities which were fun for all. In the fall in preparation for college they visited several neighboring teachers' colleges. The members, also, served as helpers to the teach- ers of the subjects, or the grades in which they were most interested. The teachers provided them with helpful information and gave them an insight into what is ahead for them. As future teachers most of their work will be done with children or teen-agers, because of this they spent a lot of time observing children of different ages. Many of us fail to realize how fine the fac- ulty is. Many of them as sponsors of activities work hard with little thanks. Two of the hard- est workers are the sponsors of the future teachers, Miss Lindey and Mrs. Mugnani, who have done a great deal in organizing this club. Of course no club would prosper without its members. It took all of them together to have such a successful year as they have completed. CABINET I.k I h I Row 1- Mrs- Mugnaniv Miss Lindey. In future years We are .1 e y to .ave on y one man ow 2- B. Yunk, E. Keller, J. Huber. teacher In N01111 Hills' .7--l Isn'l anyone guarding her? gaze 1-fzdfezaa ,-44 ' ' The Girls' Athletic Association had some trouble getting started, since the gym was not completed until December. This, however, did not dampen the spirits of the girls who participate in sports offered by the club. The most widely enjoyed sport sponsored by this club is the class basketball tourna- ments. Each class has various teams who play against one another. The champions from each class play one another. May the best class win! Janet Mellor, the president, aided by Miss Aiken, organized the club and its activities this year. The main ideal of the club is not only aid- ing girls in attaining greater athletic ability, but also creating good team spirit and sports- manship. Row 1- Miss Aiken, P. Nussbaum, R. Rathke, T. Ross, J. Mellor, P. Burns, L. Turner, E. Martens. Row 2- Row IZ- E. Hare, C. Zierenberg, K. Ward, G. Croup, S. Thomas, S. Schran, C. Fink, M. Palovic. Row 3- G. Baird, J. Adamson, M. Borland, C. Stanley, G. Glessner, P. Weiss. Row 4- P. Huckenstein, H. Bauer, M. Grant, J. Wheeler. Row 5- C. Freidman, P. Duncan, N. Smith. Row 1- Mr. Guadagnino, J. Bernard, R. Murdy, D. Hocevar, B. Pritchard, J. Larkin, M. Sunseri, R. Orndorff, D. Englemeier. Row 2- J. Schneller, F. Winterhalter, J. Reed, B. Turner, R. Williams, J. Hetra, R. Price. Row 3-M. Kovacih, B. Kline, C. Goerlich, G. Matthews, D. Kier, J. Turner, J. Roberts, J. Pender, J. Forman. Our gym periods were not as long as we would like to have them. For the boys this situation was remedied by the newly estab- lished Gym Club. By belonging to the club, the boys were able to spend more time with a particular phase of athletics in which they were interested, Just one example of this would be the use of the tumbling apparatus. Showing oi? again? WMM The Gym Club put on a demonstration of the skills they had learned during the year in the gym at Spring Carnival Time. The club met every Wednesday after the new gym was opened. Of course, the only appropriate spon- sors were Mr. Guadagnino and Mr. Hare, the boys' gym teachers. availing A group of girls interested in learning the skills of bowling make up the Bowling Club. Many, when they started, knew nothing about bowling but were willing to suffer the em- barrassment of having a ball or two go down the gutter, in order to become more proficient at this sport. The girls were divided into BOWLING CLUB What are your averages, girls? teams and went bowling every Thursday after school at Pines Plaza. Miss Vollmer and Miss Whitehill guided the girls in becoming better bowlers. By the end of the year, even if they could not roll a strike with every ball, these girls have learned many skills of the sport from belonging to Bowling Club. Row 1- C. Stanley, B. Lux, J. Furey, M. Evans, P. Muckle, G. Baird. Row 2-Miss Vollmer, J. Hellman, S. Miller, J. Hatters, B. Grater, P. Nussbaum, J. Jenny, Miss Whitehill. C. Benson, C. Duglass, j. Huber, S. Little, Miss Williams, J. Bennet, G. Reynolds, R. Maguire, G. Finn, M. Wagner. The North Hills' Pep Club is devoted en- tirely to the task of building good school spirit. During the seasons of various sports, gay decorations in the form of posters and banners decorate our halls, the football field, and the gym. These urged the students to support our teams. Pep Club, under the supervision of Miss Williams and President Sandy Little, worked many long hours. Their special project was the Indian teepee float which adorned the football field on Senior Night. To raise money PEP CLUB OFFICERS Miss Williams, C. Benson, C. Duglass, J. Huber, S. Little. for their various projects the Pep Club spon- sored two very successful dances. The club is divided into committees each headed by an efficient chairman. There is a committee responsible for each of the Pep Club's tasks, such as collecting tickets, making posters, ushering at football games, and serv- ing food to the visiting teams. The Pep Club has done much this year to develop a good North Hills' spirit which will surely continue in the future. Here is the group who helped cheer the teams on to victory. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB CABINET R K gg C McElhaney, C. Haines, B. Costello, R. McLaughlin, Mr Fisher J. Forman. The Shutter Bugs listen to the boss. Z9 miie Zia! Among the many new organizations is the Photography Club. Mr. Fisher is the enthus- iastic sponsor of the Photography Club. He is quite interested and well versed on the sub- ject of photography. The purpose of this new club is to learn how to take and develop bet- ter pictures. The members spend all their free time in the dark room, where they learn dif- ferent techniques in developing pictures. This year the club hopes to take colored slides of different parts of the school and develop them for the student body. The Photography Club received a great amount of praise for the work they did this year. Row 1- R. Ebitz, J. Forman, B. Ghodas, C. McEll-ianey, Mr. Fisher. Row 2- N. Medlin, V. Carr, C. Forest, R. Rohm, J. Roberts, J. Rodgers, M. Sejut, W. Stebler, J. Rygiel, P . Prince. Row 3- B. Vilsack, B. Benson, K. Deiss, B. Lutz, R. McLaughlin, R. Kegg, B. Costello, B. Loehr. Row 1- Mr. Kelly, J, Weber, T. Weimer, J. Parker, S. Williams. Row 2- R. Wolfe, B. Scheffler, R. Harrington, A. Jenson, J. Boder, R. Andrews, W. Bird, D. London. Row 3- L. Infante, D. Gordon, S. Stakely, D. Sutey, J. Hufnagel, D. Kreps, D. Kier, B. Schell. ?'za7ZcZiaa The Projection Club, although newly organ- ized at North Hills, is rated highly by those concerned in any way with the Audio-Visual aids equipment. The purpose of this club is to aid in the operation and use of this equip- ment. Since it is purely a service club whose members must be trained in order to use the equipment, it is not one of the more publi- cized school organizations. However, consider- ing its helpfulness to the faculty and students, it is sure to gain further recognition in the future. Mr. Kelly is the club's sponsorg Tal Weim- er, its very capable president, heads the list of twenty-eight boys who devote much of their time and energy to showing films that are needed for many different subjects. North Hills is Very fortunate to be one of the few schools to have this type of a service club. It is hoped that this will be the first of many years in which the Projection Club will be included among the school activities. PROJECTION CLUB CABINET J. Parker, Mr. Kelly, T. Weimer, S. Will- iams, J. Weber. a1wwwr. A f . , ., - .-nm. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT CABINET R. Force, M. Reisdorf, J. Parker, D. Schaughency, Mrs. Gibson. . 14 . Junior Achievement differs considerably from all other clubs at North Hills. This is a national club under the auspices of large com- panies and corporations throughout the United States. By belonging to Junior Achievement, a student can gain first hand information about establishing and managing a company. Students, after setting up their junior company, sell shares of stock in it. They then manufacture and sell their products to individuals or other companies. Those who own stock should receive dividends from their company. Junior Achievement carries out the American free enterprise system on a smaller scale. By working hand in hand Mrs. Gibson, the sponsor, and Diana Schaughency, the presi- dent, have made this a successful year for the North Hills' branch of Junior Achieve- ment. Row 1- D. Alexander, C. Barnes, J. Parker, R. Force, D. Schaughency, M. Reisdorf, J. Wheeler, J. Moore. Row 2- S. Bates, J. Davis, J. Schafer, R. Kam, B. Schell, H. Wilson, A. Preininger, P, Miner, Mrs. Gibson. 0. 22 up Row l-- M. Mikulan. J. Kress, M. Kaschub, P. Turzynski, B. Cain, C. Collins, M. Zanky, A. Krummm-rl. J. Brusro. S. Platt. Row 2-- M. Ruppul. S. NIrKinlc-y, E. Bell, J. Blackstock, J. Mentzer, D. McGuire. D. Hall, M. Schmidt, S. Willismi, C. Maynard Row 3- S. Le-on. C. Wilson, T. Swider. C. Pickett, M. Moran, N. Ford, M. Haisley. R. Maguire, L. Logan. L. Skt-ndvr, R Cooper, D. Scliaughcncy. Row 4- Miss Lindcy. C. Koesling, D. Straub, R. Jones, R. Roy, J. Hrach, S. Easton, P. Prince, P. Randall. J. Rohorst, R Trbovich, Miss Armstrong. Jean Mentzer took up a new pastime this year. She became an archery enthusiast, as she was the Editor of the "Arrow" head. Sprung into action by our new school, the Arrowhead Staff has done a terrific job this year. The Arrowhead brings current news to the students and the faculty. It covers all sports events often honoring the individual players. The local gossip was spread by the Tomatawk ARROWHEAD EDITORS Row 1- M. Ruppel, E. Bell, M. Schmidt, S. McKinley. Row 2-J. Blackstock, C. Maynard, D. Hall, J. Mentzer, S. ,4fvzaaa4ecwl column. The Arrowhead also contained write- ups of other school affairs, such as the various class activities. Under the direction of the Arrowhead the student body elected their Sweetheart, Sandy Willison, in February. The press rolled under the sponsorship of Miss Armstrong and Miss Lindey. The work of the Arrowhead was truly appreciated by the student body. Willison, D. McGuire. Planning one ol our Arrowheads? W- 'QW' N.,-ff 720146 NANCY LLOYD Editor-in-Chief Sponsors-Mr. Waldfogle and Miss Delp. JIM BABCOCK GRETCHEN BLACK REGIS HARRINGTON Art Editor Activities Editor Business Manager CHARLOTTE BENSON Literary Editor NANCY DEI SEROTH Photography Editor - 2 SANDY LITTLE Sports Editor CAROL WEITZEL Features Editor JUDY CRAWFORD Typing Editor afzidmz Zag After graduation, one of the most enjoyable ways you have of remembering your high school years is reminiscing through your year- book. All of the wonderful activities, the sports, and your friends are recalled to your mind as you leaf through it. The first Norhian of North Hills High School has two new sponsors, Miss Delp and Mr. Waldfogle, who spent many long hours working with the editors to produce a book of which the students could be proud. Nancy Lloyd, editor-in-chief, was assisted by the other editors: Regis Harrington, business, Nancy Deiseroth, photography, Judy Craw- ford, typing, Gretchen Black, activities, Char- YEARBOOK ACTIVITIES STAFF P. Wucher, G. Black. YEARBOOK BUSINESS E C. Pickett, C. Ortmann, B. Baierl, P. Oehmler, R. Maguire, J. Hroch, lotte Benson, literary, Carol Weitzel, features, Sandy Little, sports, and Jim Babcock, art. The staffs raised money by selling patron tickets at the beginning of the year, and by selling programs at the home football games. After many hours of hard but enjoyable work the yearbook went to press. Finally, the big day arrived, the 1959 yearbooks were dis- tributed. There is only one sad note to this date, that is, it marks the end of another school year which is the last of the Seniors' wonderful high school years. But all these times will be remembered through the Nor- hian. YEARBOOK ART STAFF x E. Doyle, J. Babcock, R. Roy, S. McClatchey, M. Booth. STAFF Row 1-- J. Sander, M. Kaschub. D. Hall, J. Kern, J. Hatters, K. Sh owe. Higgons. Row 2- R. Harrington, T. Kaczynski, R. Har- rington, N. Shideler. YEARBOOK LITERARY STAFF Row 1- M. Schmidt, our Divers, J. Ford, . Brusco, J. Bennett, . YEARBOOK TYPING STAFF G. Kim, A. Heim, H Benson, C. Garvan Marra. FU Menge, J. Schwartz, J. Reiber, C. Be-snecker, su O 2 IQ I fa w 2 m +- Jackson, S. Platt. YEARBOOK SPORTS STAFF Row 1- A. Moffat, S. Little. Row 2-D. McGuire, B. Abel, J. Grove. 1 1wt J. Crawford. YEARBOOK FEATURES STAFF Row 1- M Moran L Logan, J Rehorst G Row 2- G Reynolds J Huber, J Hertler M McNaugher C Weitzel This is the way to get the yearbook limshedp pw: f Row 1- D. Zech, A. Loesch, J. Dambaugh, B. Seagren, R. Stanier, B. Zahren, T. Mullen, D. Irwin, B. Jones, M. Beebee, S. Huysmen, S. Zenk, R. Cooney, M. Deitrich, J. Fundenberg, B. Wagner, M. Booth, P. Miner. Row 2- J. Ford, J. Walliser, E. Bell, B. Baierl, M. Kaschub, J. Frey, G. Denny, M. Haisley, J. Bairhatter, F. Armour, B. Bernhard, G. Showe, J. Wagner, K. Runser, C. Ortmann, M. Streb, J. Grimm, N. Van Houten, P. Wucher. Wawdzfq gram! "We work and play together." These words will never be forgotten by the members of the North Hills' Band. Every member of this organization worked cooperatively to make North Hills' first band the bestg yet they always found time for some fun and play. North Hills' Band is considered one of the finest organizations in the district. What makes a good band? Hard work, diligent prac- tices, and an abundance of school spirit are the answers. The band utilizes these assets of a good band at summer sessions. after band camp so that music and colorful school rehearsals, and at they can present stirring halftime shows at all football games. During concert season the band concen- trates on intonation and balance. They pre- sented numerous concerts that were both appealing and musically worthwhile. But the band would be nothing without the capable direction and tireless efforts of Mr. Caruso, who never seems to run out of new ideas. He was always willing to help when needed most. All this and more, that is known only to the members of the band, has made this state- ment famous-"Ladies and Gentlemen: Pre- senting The North Hills High School Band." . S' SAX SEXTET BRASS ENSEMBLE A. Berberich, B. Zahrvn, J. Dambaugh, A. Lousch, D. Row 1- J. Wagner, B. Bernhard, G. Showe, K. Runser Zech, D. Randolph, J. Acton. C. Ortmann. Row 2- D. Mueller, B. Blind, N. DiRito, D. Mizner, S. Ankeny, B. Martin, B. Hostetter. I ill, ,,,,,..,..,..,.,.,-Fm - Q - elvwe Q-nmmuuwa.,-1 :iw Q .mmm K bw' u......w nf 5. sw, I Row 37 M. Asche, A. Clark, R. Cooper, A. Kunkel, D, Lindsay, J. Fischer, N. Diebold, R. Knight, B. Brant, D. Mueller, B. Blinrl, F. Wilcox, N. DiRito, S. Porter, P. Schlemmer, T. Bartley, J. Saver, G. Penrod, S. Ankeny, G. Yocum, J. Acton, W. Grvb. P. Shreve, A. Berbcrich, P. Bagley. Row 4-- D. Harris, N. Yellig, J. Hunt, R. Stotz, D, Jones, B. Hartung, J. Kelly, C. Baxter, D. Knciss, R. Do0h'a B. Fiala, D. Miznur, D. Townshend, J, Eitel. C. Wavmen, J. Monroe, J. Finke, R. Hasek, B. Zimmerman. M. Arl'vy, C. Egerter, B. Martin, B, Hostuttcr, D. Mast-r, D. Rautlolpli, L. Yunt. BILL HOSTETTER Drum Major BAND EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row lf Mr. Caruso, B. Hostvttor, D. Mueller, B. Bair-rl Row 2- S. Willison, R. Stotz, M. Deitrich, A. Clark, M. Laschub, D. Zn-ch. - .'7l' t ' l MR. CARUSO Band Director BAND LIBRARIANS AND TECHNICIANS J. Heaton, K. Davis, M. Hollman, S. McKinley, T. Weimer. tx 1 s R . . - .-,, t .,,.,, H - i s ' "1 we S me -AA' 'ff ,, . .. . , 1"i X W ' 1 im. ' 5 .-: 1 . E 3' . , . 3 . ss s ' f of 2 - SME-1 S V., L ? w"!""'f,.ff- wma-MQW" Row 1- S. Willison, R. Marra, G. Baird. Row 2- J. Houston, H. Kight, W. johnson, H. Beck, P. Hudson, J. Houston. ybfzelfea The high-stepping, enthusiastic Majorettes marched with the Band in many parades and during football half-times. Captain Ruth Marra led the group in working out their own dance and baton routines. The Varsity Majorettes included three sen- iors-Ruth Marra, Sandy Willison, and Ger- RUTH MARRA, Head Majorette . ...wvwwwmw eg . rie Baird, and six juniors-Pat Hudson, Hedy Beck, Joyce Houston, Jane Houston, Helene Kight, and Wendy Johnson. The Majorettes worked diligently with the Band and Mr. Caruso. It was hard work, but it was worth it! SOPHOMORE MAJORETTES A. Clark, S. McClatchey, S. Smith L I .,"i 'aaa 'H 'ii' Row 1- J. Wagner, P. Hunter, E. Zech, J. Bowser, L. Hartman, A. E. Kunkel, J, Welsh, M. Joni-s. Row 2-P. Wucher, P. Miner, N. Dicbald, J. Dambaugh, D. Z-ch, W. Gr:-IJ. J. Acton, R. Stanier. Row 3-- B. Blind, N. DiRito, G. Showe, K. Runser, C. Egerter, B. Zimmerman, A. Hinkel, C. Koesling, The North Hills High School orchestra has completed another successful year of inspir- ing music. Just as in the past years the orches- tra has received a high degree of praise from the student body for their many perform- ances. This year's program began with the orches- tra playing at the Senior Class Play. The audi- ence really appreciated their iine music. Among the orchestra's other performances were the Junior Class Play, May Day, a con- cert for each of the junior high schools, and their annual Spring Concert. This year for the first time the orchestra took part in the ex- change program with Penn Hills High School and Wilkinsburg High School. This year in preparation for these events the orchestra had several student directors working under the supervision of Mr. Caruso. Mr. Caruso, the orchestra's director, should receive much of the praise which the North Hills' orchestra has been given. SANDY MCKINLEY, Orchestra Librarian TAL WEIMER, Announcer for Band and Orchestra Wit' - S S if ,Q . I 0.5 Sin, I wi A 4 1' t M - 'Ms ..- Row l- E. Baird, N. Campbell, S. Stough, N. Ward, B. Braun, B, Fordyce, K. Weiss, P. Wagner, L. Brooks, R. Sanker, B. Lux, D. Croley, C. McBurney, L. Berman, G. Reynolds, C. Jones, C, Maynard, S. Willison, C. Ligons, D. Oldekcr, M, Moran. R. Henderson. J. Houston, D. Daugherty, M. But-hee, J. Poerschke, C. Kinast. Row 27 B. Shroodcr, A. Clark, B. Olson, S. Nash, L. Logan, R Maguire, P. Roskwitalski, W. Johnson, C. Collins, V. Rliinuharl. A. Prcininger, K. Anderson. C. Benson, B. Reed, N. Ntthing. D. Mason. J. Reed, D. Horne. C. Fertig, A. Hinkel, M, Jones. L. Divers, P. Hudson. J. Hrack, S. Erwin. J. Hertler. A. Fisher, J. Sauer, J. Walleser, J. Ford, S. Little. 664 One of the finest and most enjoyable organ- izations to which a student can belong is our North Hills High School Chorus. It is sub- divided into the Mixed Ensemble, Girls' En- semble, Girls' Trio, the Octones, Girls' Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Chapel Choir, and the student directors. All are under the direction of Miss Conner. Ed Lauch, this year's president, and his executive council worked hard for the betterment of the Chorus and its activities. The 1958-59 Chorus' first performance this year was the Messiah at Christmastime. The Chorus also performed at the Dedication Ceremony and their annual Spring Concert which filled the auditorium with fine music. The Chorus entered the Pennsylvania Music and Forensic League competition and came out as State Champions for the fourth year in a row. The Chorus' many hours of hard work re- sulted in fine performances which invoked pride among the students and faculty of North Hills. OCTONES Y M Hollman, L. Edwards. M. Reis- GIRLS ENSEMBLE dorf J. Bernhard, B. Cain, E. L. Berman, J. Sander, E. Ochsenhirt, J. Walliser, C. Weitzel, , Shroth J. Roskwitalski, P. D. Herndon, J. Bennett, P. Glass, J. Ford, B. Baker, J. Hertler, JUNIOR GIRLS TRIO Schaun r. S. Willison. E. Baird, K. Weiss, C, Jones X 2 nv. ws n E Rnw3f N. Vanlnloutc-n. J. Sandvr, J. Hallman, J. Mvntzvr, B. Cain, Mayfield, F. Lobaugh, J. Wvstvrwivk, E. Ovhsonliirt B, Baker, P. Glass. C. Duglass, J. Crawford. J. Hunt, B. Martin, D. Knt-iss, B. Klinv, P. Bagloy, B. Hosta-tti-r, M, Hullnmn: M. Rc-isdorf, C. Dillon, C. Wright, J. Bennett, C. Wcitzcl, C. Ortmann. J. Wheeler. J. R1-horst, J. Jackson. P, Prinvc, C. Lind- sav, Miss Connor. Row 4f J. Ullom, S. Barr, R. Kratee. F. Kettering. C. Brown. G. Seil. D. June-S. D. Briskey, F, Kovsling. G. Maltht-ws. E Row Row Row Row Row Row Shrolh, F. Mancuso, B, Solcau. B. Pritchard. B. Bartrom, J. Bernhard, E. Laufh, R. Schauer, L. Edwards, E, Thom:-li J. Brown, O. Olsvn, D, Weir, J. Parker. R. Jones. W. Edgronibv, S. McKinley, D. H1-rndon. CHORUS ACCOMPANISTS Miss Conner. N. Vaiil-Ioiiten, M. Rvisdorf. x 1 1 1- L. Br-rman, C. McBurne-y, S. Williams. D. Daugherty. 2- S. Stough, B. Cain, J. Sanders, C. Collins, V. Rhineha't, A. Hinkcl, M. Hollman. C. Jones, C. Ligons, C. Maynard. J. Ford, J. Walliser, E. Kinast. 3- E. Baird. J. Roskwitalski, N. Campbell, A. Pre-ininger, C. Benson. C. Duglass. B. Martin, D. Mason. S. Littlv, J. Bvnnett. J. Hertler, C. Weitzel, C. Ortmann, D. Herndon. 4- J. Ullom, K. Weiss, B. Baker, L. Edwards, W. Edgemombe, R, Jones, J. Hunt, B. Kline, J. Parker. D. Horne, C. Fi-rtig, C. Wright, C. Lindsay. Sf P. Glass, E. Ochsc-nhirt, R. Maguire, R. Krotcc, F. Ketering. C. Brown, G. Matthews, E. Thoma, D. W:-ir. E. Laurh. Jo Houston, S. Ervin, L. Divers. 6- Miss Conner, N. Vanl-loutcn, F. Lobaugh. J. Mentzer, D. Briskvy, F. Koesling. F. Mancuso, B. Pritchard, B. Bnrtrnm. E. Shroth, O Olson. J. Poerske, M. Jones, M. Reisdorf, M. Moran. ,Q .1 , F e im? 3 333 -2 . it B J , 'H . - , if. . r 3 Row 1- D. Schwelm, N. Campbell, S. Staugh, N. Ward. K. Weiss, B. Schroeder, D. Croley, B. Fordyce, C. McBurnev, B. Braun, M. Reubi, P. Weiss, C. Fink, M. Hook, G. Reynolds, L. Berman, S. Willison, C. Maynard, K. Ward, A. Heim, P. Henderson, A. Hinkel, P. Wucher, J. Houston, Moran, C. Jones, M. Beebee. Row 2- R. Maguire, W. Johnson, G. Glessner, M. Palovic, V. Rinehart, D. Oldaker, L. Brooks, J. Hollman, C. Collins, A. Preininger, J. Sander, B, Lux, K. Anderson, C. Benson, B. Reed, B. Lyles. P. Hudson, A. Fisher, E. Kinast, J. Sauer, D. Daugherty, M. Jones, C. Ligons. Row 3- L. Logan, P. Hudson, A. Clark, R. Bird, C. Duglass, B. Cain, J. Roskwitalski, N. Nichols, J. Crawford, C. Weitzel, J. Bennett, C. Wright, J. Hertler, M. Reisdorf, S. Ervin, C. Ortmann, J, Wheeler, J. Hatters, J. Walliser, M. Hollman, L. Divers, Miss Conner. Row 4- J. Wfssterwick, E. Ochsenhirt, B. Baker, J. Ullom, C. Miller, L. Neuman, D. Albrect, R. Lobeck, S. Barr, H. Menge, J. Ford, R. Trbovich, J. Hrach, J. Rehorst, P, Prince, J. Jackson, P. Randall, S. McKinley. C. Lindsey, E. Vevers, D. Herndon. in ,F . CHORUS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row 1- S, Willison, C. Maynard. Row 2- B. Kline, C. Fertig, D. Briskey, B. Martin, O. Olsen, J. Ford, R. Krotec, -f C. Benson, S, Little, M. Jones. J. Mentzer. 53,3 Row li-RN.hNething, B. Hostetter, J. Hunt, J. Reed, D. Kneiss, L. Edwards, E. Shroth, D. Horne, B. Kline, B. Martin, D. Mason, . OC B. Row 2- R. Krotec, F. Kettering, G. Sell, B. Fiala, F. Koesling, C, Brown, L. Zeinchek, F. Mancuso, D. Briskey, D. Sutey, C. Fertig, R. Williams, R. Rome. Row 3- R. Jones. J. Parker, O. Olsen, W. Edgecombe, J. Brown, E. Thoma, B. Bartram, B. Pritchard, E. Lauch, J. Matthews, P. Schauer, D, Jones, D. Weir, P. Bagley, J. Larkin. E -', ...,,. . -:'.g : :g.,,.::':::-:., nf, H Q " A 9 W A - , ' ffl f A --wit :z M L, .35 'fin' W QJWSSWLKQ in ., W. ,L m"'T'. WH' M' 'iwff'-Q ,Fw mama an ,-mam, , , BMW iam in i ?2 .Yum R . 'www 'XXI Q Qt.. -5 "ff.'.gf-.zflswliia . .Qi ,Elan North Hills' Drurnmer Boys plus one. just a few ol our Senior Guides. AII but one. They call themselves the Chess Club. Our girl athletes in action. Our State Champions practice. Cheerleaders take it easy, Mr. Metz, Activities Director, Behind stage on opening night. Athletics ir 3 xfm 3 x X . N.. ,Q-s. Row 1- J. Parker, Mr. Martorelli, B. Corley, R. Raida, M. Sunseri, F. Mancuso, B. Pritchard, B. Soleau, P. Schauer, B. Dittmar, J. Roche, B. Smith, Mr. Guadagnino. Row 2- F. Koesling, D. Tomsey, B. Calhoun, B. Grazulis, B. Robinson, D. Weir, O. Olsen, B. Abel, F. Tryner, M. Curran, J. Blackstock, E. Gardner, B. Inger, J. Allen, B. Perrin. Row 3- D. Pavlik, D. Miller, D. Johnson, J. Larkin, R. Bernstein, E. Vettel, B. Schomaker, D. Briskey, V. Malone, K. Knab, Wczwdtq M5066 J. Farina. Through the combined efforts of Mr. Mar- torelli, Mr. Guadagnino, and every member of the squad of the 1958 North Hills Indians, the team was able to compile a very com- mendable record. In the starting offensive lineup we find Barrie Smith, left end, Bill Corley, right end, and Dean Briskey and Bill Inger their very able replacements. Left tackle was taken by Jim Roche while left guard was filled by Bob Dittmar, and Mike Curran. The unthankful position of center was Hlled by Paul Schauer. Right guard was taken by our fine captain Robert Soleau, and playing beside Bob at right tackle was Bryan Pritchard, with re- placements Mike Sunseri and Don Riley who were ready at all times. Turning to the back- field we find Ole Olsen at wingback, Doug Weir at quarterback, Fred Tryner at fullback and Bruce Abel at tailback. Robert Robin- son, Jack Reed, and Ron Bernstein were able replacements. Shining on defense were Rudy Raida, Jack Schwartz, Joe Larkin, and Fred Mancuso. Dennis Tomsey was in charge of kicking our valuable extra points and Bob Grazulis did our punting. This team leaves an impressive record of 7 and 2, which will begin the history of North Hills football and set a goal for future teams to equal or overcome. FOOTBALL COACHES Mr. Hare, Mr. Guadagnino, Mr. Martorelli, Mr. Harper MANAGERS B, Perrin, J. Parker. 9 . ' .V J . f My mm, Qwflfffff Q12 QQ MMM JI ' f . v We W M304 Qttbmkx JM WW BJf5on lf' .allmkxvg Mi Tackle that Blue Devil! "All the way, North Hills, all the way-" It's Senior Night and here they are. wg aff Keep agoin' Ole! We Want a touchdown, We Want- 24 32 13 20 40 27 28 13 7 94 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES North North North North North North North North North Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Shaler Bethel Allderdice Oliver Elizabeth Forward Trinity Baldwin Penn Hills Mt. Lebanon S'-"l9.?gp Row Ro l- J. Koehler. C. Schindel, J. Wasko, M. Schmidt, P. Kern, L. Abel, R. Jones, j. Hunt, T. Cornelius, R. Miller. w2-Mr. Harper, Miller, R. Kegg, J. London, j. Hufnagel, D. Prindle, B. Chapas, L. Ankeney, Steele, G. Mancuso, R. Hninslnrg W Unks Hensler M H e - 1 , . , - , r. ar. Row 33- A. Shupe, R. Kotrozo, E. Zierenberg, D. Lavelle, B. Hugli, T. Gliniecki, Frederick, R. McLaughlin, J. Eitel. S. Will- iams, T. Evans, E. Krupp, B. Scheffier, B. Mizner. ' Wmadtg nada!! You cannot judge a football team by its record of wins and losses. Many factors enter into the winning or losing of a game that don't show up in a set of statistics. The only true way to judge a team is to judge their spirit. Although they lacked a lot of exper- ience and didn't get many of the breaks, the j.V. team did their best to make up for this by coming through with a drive and a willingness to keep fighting that is rare even in older, more experienced teams. They had the spirit that, combined with the experience that they will gain in future seasons, will make them into a great North Hills' team. Despite the lop-sided scores, many players showed real promise. Playing on the first string were the following: Chuck Shindel as a powerful fullback, Stuart Williams at end, Martin Schmidt in the tough center position, tailback Jay Eitel, quarterback Dick Prindel, Charles Gruseck, who replaced Verne Scheff- ler at wingback after Berne's unfortunate neck injury. Bill Misner at end, hard-hitting tackles Tim Gliniecki and john Koehler, and guards Terry Cornelius and Wayne Unks. Backed up by a large second string, this team lacks only the confidence and experience which will make them a formidable threat in future sea- sons. J. V. FOOTBALL SCORES V 7 North Hills Shaler 25 ' 7 North Hills Oliver 25 7 North Hills Bethel 21 14 North Hills Penn Hills 27 0 North Hills Butler 14 0 North Hills Shady Side 12 l O wins-6 losses J.V. FOOTBALL Km-elingf L. Abel, A. S 0. Standing- Mr. Harper, R. Jones, P. Kern. Mr. Ha Row 13 D. Briskey, B, Martin, B. Corley, B. Smith, B. Patric R. Raida, B. Soleau, B. Abel, J. Prill, Row 2-e Mr. Harper, R. Stotz, J. Farina, J. Blackstock, R. Rob r.:. E. Gardner, D. Tomsey, R. Karn. 'wafzdifq Vvlth Mr. James Harper makng his debut as head basketball coach at North Hills High, the 1958-1959 Indians set a school record by compiling 10 victories against three defeats. There was never a dull moment when the Indians took the Floor. The team showed that it had what it took to win. After winning seven pre-season games, the Indians swept the Wes. Penn Football Conference-Basketball Tour- nament by romplng over Shaler and defeating Elizabeth-Forward in the finals. As section competition began, the Indians were just as successful. The height was sup- plied by Bob Patrick, Bob Soleau, and cap- Shoot it up Corley. Let's go Patrick, put it in. ta'n of the t'am, Rudy Raida. Barrie Smith and Bruce Abel were responsible for the fine ball handling. Randy Roberts, Ricky Stotz, Bill Corley, John Blackstock, Dennis Tomsey, John Farina and Earl Gardner were the able replacements. The Indians successfully scalp- ed North Allegheny, Shaler, Quaker Valley, Coraopolis and Moon, then they were de- feated by Stowe. Getting back on the winning track, the team defeated McKees Rocks, North Allegheny, Shaler, Quaker Valley, Coraopolis and Moon. The winning streak was once again ended by losing to Stowe. The sea- son ended with a defeat by McKees Rocks. It's .3 bird, it's a plane, Isn't it fun jumping up and do! it's Abel. together? ll2'Z?5f Jqfgk l" X Y R n f ,x ,ff lt 67,3429 .-1' MA. Hfmpffl 03-J3fJ2a.2Jo. 60464 Butler Ellwood City Langley Bellevue Avonworth Monaca Shaler Elizabeth Forward North Allegheny N.H. Opp. 73 62 57 25 86 62 59 48 56 50 62 45 66 43 74 47 58 42 Shaler 55 Quaker Valley 52 Coraopolis 56 Moon 58 Stowe 66 McKees Rocks 57 North Allegheny 78 Shaler 46 Quaker Valley 55 Coraopolis 56 Moon 64 Stowe 58 McKees Rocks 61 18 wins-3 losses 34 48 45 44 76 54 50 44 42 48 41 62 75 5B.!.':2-E 2 2 Q 1 1 I l N ' MANAGERS R. Kam, B. Marti fl ,is - ls 1... Row 1- B. Foltz, D. Prindel, B. Hugli, B. Chapas, T. Burton, S. Williams, W. Unks, D. Fleeger, A. Shupe. Row 2- M. Paugh, A. Dickson, R. Barbon, J. Carrier, B. Grass, R. Carson, B. Mizner, N. Yellig, Mr. Hare. 'W'? The Little Indians, forerunners of the mighty North Hills High Basketball Squad, started slowly this year but came on fast and finished the season with a respectable 6-13 record. The record at first glance may not look too impressive, but when you consider that the bad start mentioned earlier was six straight losses and that there were three one point decisions for the opposition in the other seven losses, you begin to realize that the 1959 edition of the J.V. was one of which to be proud. The j'.V. also participated in two over- time games, so win or lose our j.V. was in MANAGERS AND COACHES Kneeling- B. Foltz, A. Shupe. Standing- M, Paugh, Mr. Hare. there fighting all the way. There were no set starters and bench warm- ers on this year's J.V. as coach Grant Hare gave every boy a fair chance to prove himself. The boys playing the most were Dave Fleeger, Bob Gross, Roy Carson, Bill Chapas, Terry Burton, and Al Dickson. Certainly, these boys can look forward to a fine season of varsity competition next year. Coach Grant Hare has prepared them well. Congratulations Class of '61 for an exciting season of good basketball. i 'El 11 . VIR ,vw Q.-., ...M .. :Mya-. .1 a, . Nr ,A .', o V? ..,l.K-rf! ' .x -J' " M' Q'- as i was .r tg. , "- ,vy ,. '! 3 x . ' ' 5 Eff? 5' "t,-7 Row 14- N. Deiseroth, C. Weitzel-Captain, J. Hertler. Row 2- C. Wrieth, L. Bergman, M. McNaugher, C. Schindler. dew In their new white wool skirts and sweaters, the varsity cheerleaders made a brilliant appearance at all the games. Carol Weitzel, captain, has been cheering the teams on to action for six years. The varsity squad consists of Carol Weitzel, Carol Wrieth, Lynne Bergman, Nancy Deiseroth, Joyce Hertler, and Marty Mc- Naugher. The varsity cadettes made their appearance during half-time in football season and at some of the Tues- day night basketball games. The junior Varsity teams received support from the J. V. cheerleaders, who lead the cheers at all their games. This year, a new sponsor is in charge of this peppy group. Miss Lindey must certainly be proud of the fine job of promoting school spirit done by this year's cheerleaders. Row lf-A C, MCBurne-y, J. Smith, L. Koslow. M. Moran, J. Bonicusx. Row 2-- P. He-nclcrson, L. Logan. J. Rehorst, S. Ervin, N. O'Bricn. S. Slough. Row 3-Y C. Wrivth, L. Bergman, N. Deiscroth, C. Wcitzel, J. Hertlcr, M. McNaugher, I Q 'A o5h'9 0 1 Captain. Carol WL-itll-lg Sponsor. Miss Linrloy. C. Schinclicr. X ff, m,,.M-... .., Ww..N,..W..s.m W . Mmmws tw f 4 X 7... W W Q .,,... .i.i...,W.W.,..i,,. ...Y .awe ,. ..... ef af Q .M . - sf' ff-J 4, 1 'YW W ' - mm-0 .. M 11' 'XM ,: Xu A ,,, ...ix ,,.,, K b fu., .,.. --.. ".. T' ..., . , ,K Aizliii M ..... .. i V .. ,, X 1 ww, A 5 2 x V S "" Za: .'v- '.-,1 - - -.-' : " - l ' i l S 3 T i R , 1 3 . ' 1 I ' 'a 3 K Q' ' " ,Q 1 E in N 2 Q P4 it A ' s f"i13, '... ... 'V at J 213 . 4 4 . 4 A f 3' .A K K ' .9 '- L. Q 'pb ' , i 1 x N . - "-g '..,e 1 In .:, is .. A t fi E 1 - Q ' W M. I x.. -f. at HN-wsmwfg I Row lk B. Irvine, H. Weber, B. Bernhard, P. Rittle, B. Grove, B. Chapas, J Sha r B Row 2- R. Roy, J. Bernhard, D. Straub, K. Barnes, B. Seagrgn, D. Irwin, D McGu e B H tho B Dtt Row 3- J. Davis, D. Randolph, D. Ebeck, E. Lauch, R. Rodenhaugh, P. Steig ald R Do hla G Y k D f Weixel. Wmaitq Wzwlkay The first wrestling squad to wear the new red and white uniforms of North Hills High School was coached by John Weixel. The coach and his boys turned in a record of four wins and six losses with two matches yet to be wrestled in the 1959 season. The boys, wrestling for the varsity squad this season and having one thought in mind- to pin their man, were: Speedy sophomore Bob Grove at 88 lbs., Bill Chapas at 95 lbs., Paul Rittle and Barry Seagren at 104 lbs., Bill Bernhard at 112 lbs., Jim Schaffer and Danny Straub at 120 lbs., Ralph Doehla at 127 lbs., Bill Irvine at 133 lbs., Harry Weber, Ken Barnes and Barry Brown at 136 lbs., Paul Steigerwald, john Bernhard, Ralph Roden- baugh, and Dairmuid McGuire at 145 lbs., Bill Hawthorne and Ed Lauch at 154 lbs., Richard Roy and George Yocum at 165 lbs., and Heavyweight Bob Dittmar at 185 lbs. High score after 10 matches was Bill Chapas with 34 points, closely followed by john Bernhard who tallied a total of 33. The three seniors of the team, Ralph Rodenbaugh, john Bernhard, and Bob Ditt- mar, along with the other members of the squad, have done their part in making the 1959 season of the North Hills High School matmen a successful one to be put down in the records as the first wrestling team of North Hills High. ii 100 Coach W lp! ,rm 9:51 it ff J Lf v"" VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES North North North North North North North North North North North Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Shaler West Allegheny North Allegheny Munhall Cecil Shady Side New Castle Carnegie Mount Lebanon West Allegheny Shady Side P hlm Bob' and he did The winner, North Hills looks let me ut of here' , . - -- W M . V A . K ,K A g k . A .A.,,,'. tif- K Row 1- R. Stoz, B, Abel, C. Kovach, B. Hadfleld, G. Abel, D. Erhenfleld, F. Tryner, D. Weir. Row 2- Mr. Guadagnino, B. Fletcher, B. Ugnast, J. Blackstock, B, Knoch, J. Schmidt, R. Grupp, R. Robbins, J. Bajus Row 3- R. Fletcher, D, Prindle, J. Grove, Bill Chapas, O. Olsen, D. Alig, R. Bernstein, J. Monroe, D. Ayres. gmzefczif 5 5 Row 1- G. Krenz, E. Thomas, M. Doeflinger, R. Nunamaker, C, Beberich. Row 2- B. Kline, J. Schwartz, R. Barr, R. Karn, N. DiRito, Mr. Tiffany. -g -n. 11111 mu-ii-i1fn1. Bruce Abel, F-BK-BB Kenneth Barnes, W John Bernhard, W William Bernhard, W John Blackstock, F-BB Dean Briskey, F Barrie Brown, W Terry Burton, G Arkie Carson, G William Chapas, W Bill Corley, F-BK Mike Curran, F Dick Dassdorf, W Mark Doeflinger, G Bob Dittmar, F-W Ralph Doehla, W John Farina,BB Bob Grazulis, F Robert Grove, W William Hawthorne, W Bill Inger, F William Irvine, W Bill Knoch, BB George Krenz, G J oe Larkin, F Ed Lauch, W fella 1645 ,.-Y 'lil-uw,nMXM X L, ' 5 41 SD X if X! K? f ' ,Y f , I fl Q R ei f X l I J W sf , gi:-,,fm W , APM G fBc Fred Mancuso, F-BB Ole Olsen, F-BB John Parker, F Bob Patrick, BK Bill Perrin, F Bryan Pritchard, F Rudy Raida, F-BK J ack Reed, F Don Riley, F Paul Rittle, W Randy Roberts, BB Bob Robinson, F Jim Roche, F Rich Roy, W James Schaefer, W Paul Schauer, F Jim Schmidt, BB John Schwartz, F Barrie Smith, F-BK Bob Soleau, F-BK Ricky Stotz, BB Mike Sunsei, F Dennis Tomsey, F-BB Fred Tryner, F-BB Harry Weber, W Doug Weir, F-BB F ea tu W5 W L Q N Shxd ler C Wrreth P Schauer J Brusco W Foltz, D. Schaughency, J. Bennett, R. Marta, B. Smith, C, Wrenshall 66 ' "76me Um! eva " If you took time out to take in "TIME OUT FOR GINGER," you know your time was well spent. The play was woven around Ginger. a con- firmed tomboy. Because of her ability to play football, she became quite famous, dragging her family into sidesplitting situations. Ginger became a football star, and this caused her father to take a defiant stand for her. Her sisters were placed in odd predica- ments as a result. Ginger finally solved her own muddle by swapping a football shirt for a shirtwaist dress, and a football for a boy. After all, the story had to have a happy end- ing, didn't it? Due to the skillful direction of Mr. Haub- rich, the play couldn't have been anything but the huge success it was. Properties Comm. and Prompters Stand ng Director Haubrich. Clo kw se J. Huber, J. Hertler, M. Jones, C. Weitzel, C Duglass, B. Cain, M. Reisdorf, J. Paschedag. You should have seen my girl run with that football." He Hnally got what he deserved. 0 we emafz 6444 M awzgaexzq Wa! The lights dimmed, and the first event to be held in the beautiful new auditorium be- gan. The play revolved around the hilarious antics of four sets of parents, who felt they were unable to cope with their own children. Mr. Wicks, to the woe of the teenagers, de- cided that the adolescents concerned should change homes for a certain period of time, so that they might possibly appreciate their parents more. The entire play was humorous and heart- warming, even down to the Irish taxi-cab driver. The hard-working people behind the scenes, those who helped with the scenery. the play cast, and Miss Delp, the backbone of "Your Every Wish," deserve heart-felt con- gratulations. The class's "every wish" is that, in years to come, the students of North Hills follow the excellent example set by the first senior play. PROPERTIES COMMITTEE Row 1- J, Brusco, J. Paschv- A i dag, R. Cooper. Row 2- G. Finn, M, Wag- A ner, J. Hath-rs. B. Grat r A. Heim. PROMPTERS S. Loon, L. BL-rgxnun. A scene from "Your Every Wish," SENIOR PLAY CAST Row l- E. Oschenhirt. W. Foltz, P. Von Kaenel, F. Karas- tury, A. Preininger. Row 2-j. Weber. S. Willison, M. Jones, M. Hollman, K. Stewart. Row 3+ J. O'Donnell, R. Orndorff, K. Pilarski, A. Carson. qw vw ' '51 'if' XXX I Did your Mother ever get those socks clean Say, do you remember the first Sophomore Activity, the Sock Hop? Didn't everyone have fun? It was the first time the class got to- gether. The dance was held December 22, in the West View High School gym amidst color- ful Christmas decorations. We danced to the latest records 'til our socks were black with dirt. Shoes could be Times change and so do people. ? It takes a woman to have things run right. found almost anywhere except on feet, Hot- dogs, cake, and punch were served to us as refreshments during intermission. At the end of the last dance, the class scrambled for shoes while the pound of pop- ping balloons filled the air. Sorry to see it end -everyone looked forward to the next activ- ity with joyful anticipation. What's the matter, Mary Ellen? 108 Doesn't everyone look nice? Hey Freddie, take our picture! On an eve around Thanksgiving, the Tur- key Trot Hop was held at Shannopin Country Club. The dance started about nine and end- ed at twelve. As you entered the reception hall, green 59's were given to all. Inside the main room, everyone danced to the records of well known bands. The boys were dressed in suits and the girls in good miami " wool dresses. Refreshments of coke and sand- wiches were served. At midnight the lights came on and the first activity of our junior year was over. There was a roar from the exhaust pipes of the many borrowed family cars as the couples left Shannopin. Here We are at the Turkey Trot Hop. Mr. Haubrich, our turkey who didn't trot, and Miss Delp 109 amine pfzam Let's go to North Hills High School on the day when the air breathes of fantastic allure- ment, May 9. With the coming of the Prom everything seems to burst forth in a reckless spirit. All the smiles in the halls seem to be brighter, for this is the one time of the year to which everyone has been looking forward. Then comes the night, the girls dressed in fluffy, colorful gowns begin to arrive with their handsome escorts at West View Park's Danceland. Inside the couples dance to the music of Artie Arnell. Occasionally some leave the floor to enjoy a game of miniature golf. Time flies, and before anyone realizes, our After-Prom Party begins. The music changes from soft and dreamy to rock and roll. Our eyes are closing, but we all stay awake long enough to eat a bite of breakfast. Then, as the stars begin to fade and the sky becomes lighter, the crowd dwindles. Our Prom is over. Sleepy, but happy, we all agree that the memories of our Prom will remain with us forever. "Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes The long awaited night has finally arrived. E Aren't you a happy looking crowd? How many was that, Nancy? It will turn out Hne if you remember V A to say CHEESE, With the After-Prom Party comes a change m tempo. Did some one say food? 0 '12 1 e , A ' . X X ' 4 , ,E 5L I . . N. -wmv .m...g ,,wMQ.w4u-rvhfauuu.-.1-lJmmi Come on little girl and help me show them. 60504 746Z'66l6Z'Q .1waQewfw.w. is , .,-- "All join hands and circle round-" On a day in November, 1959, the Mighty Class of '59 held its most fun-filled activity of the year-a square dance. There were some doubts as to the success of the dance so many seniors did not come. However, the cafeteria, looking just like a barn with its cornstalk decorations, was filled with squares of eight all decked out in their country finest. All had a wonderful time making those who did not come wish they had. Remember how our spon- sor, Mr. Haubrich, got into the act? We even had an honest-to-goodness caller, who surely knew how to have a good time. After throwing in a few pokas, he gave us an intermission which we certainly needed. Re- freshments of coke, cake, and apples were served at this time. Soon afterwards we re- turned to the cafeteria for a last round of square dancing. When we left for home, we all knew we would never forget those "corn- sta1ks" and "grand rights-and-leftsl' of our Hayseed Hoedown. "With a right, right, right and a left, lelt, left-" "Swing your partner." What are you trying to say, Bob? Everyone looks as if he IS having a good time endafz Ddvmefz Dance It was a cold, blustry night in Pittsburgh, but the Orange Blossom Room of the Gate- way Plaza was aglow with the high spirits and good fellowship of the "Mighty Class of '59." It was the night of the Senior Dinner Dance. After a delicious Swiss Steak dinner, everyone settled back to enjoy the program for the evening. The speakers of the evening were the class sponsors, Miss Delp and Mr. Hau- brich, as well as Mr. Scholl, Mr. Hartman and the class president, Rudy Raida. Following the speeches the talented senior Girls' En- semble sang several selections. The tables were then cleared and the rest of the evening the seniors and their guests danced to the music of Don Charles and his orchestra. It was a won- derful night, but as it drew to a close, a feeling of melancholy crept in with the realization that all were now one step closer to grad- uation. The night of the Senior Dinner Dance to which everyone looked forward for so long was now over and would take its place among so many treasured memories. The speakefs table Desserts on the way gzrls pal! Wm fame! Om Wing Zueeoz CHARLOTTE BENSON Maid of Honor It was with anxious hearts and excited minds that we filled the auditorium on the eve of the lirst day of May. The annual May Day Ceremony was about to begin and the first queen of North Hills High School was to be crowned. The lights went down and the tension rose. The procession of the court ladies and their escorts was followed by the entrance of the queen's attendants: Nancy Deiseroth, Jean Mentzer, Sandy Willison, and Carole Wright. Carrying beautiful bouquets, they made charming attendants. Then came the highlight of the evening, the entrance of the Three Graces. Because the identity of the queen was not yet known, all eyes eagerly watched the closed doors. At last they opened NANCY DEISEROTH JEAN MENTZER .yum BARBARA CAIN Lad y-in-Wai tm g Zag to permit Barbara Cain, our Lady-in-Waiting, to enter. They opened again to permit Char- lotte Benson, our Maid of Honor, to enter. Finally, in regal splendor, came forth our new Queen of the May, Pat Von Kaenel. After the queen was crowned and presented with the first copy of the 1959 Norhian, she was enter- tained by jesters, dancers, and musicians from the Class of 1959. The queen and her court were recognized once more in the recessional. This was a May Day that never could or would be forgotten. The Class of 1959 extends to their queen the very best wishes for a successful reign as the first queen of North Hills High School. SANDY WILLISON CAROL1: WRIGHT Stage setting for the Dedication Ceremony Deal6cd1!6on The Dedication of the new North Hills High School took place on January 31, 1959, in the school auditorium. Mr. Carl P. Beisecker, Vice-President, North Hills joint Schools, was the presiding officer. Mr. Clair Weller, Commander, V.F.W. Post No. 2754, presented a flag to the school. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and then the Pledge of Alle- glance. The invocation was given by Reverend Luther P. Spoehr. The North Hills Chorus ended the devotional period by singing "Psalm 96." Mr. Thomas C. Pratt, Architect in Charge, made the presentation of the building, giving the key to Mr. Paul A. Unverzagt, Chairman, Ross-West View School Authority, who ac- cepted the building for the Authority. He, in turn, gave the key to Dr. Clarence W. Cum- mings, President, North Hills Joint Schools, who accepted the building for the Board. Dr. North Hills was in the news. Barrie accepting the school for the student body. 'W Cummings gave the key to Mr. Edward D. Kruse, Supervising Principal, North Hills Joint Schools, who accepted the building for the school. Barrie Smith, President, Student Council, was then given the key by Mr. Kruse. Barrie accepted the building for the student body. Mr. Arthur J. Hartman, Principal, North Hills High School, dedicated the plaque, which is located in the schoolls main corridor, for Dr. Ralph S. Rice. The presentation was followed by the Band playing "Glory and Honor." Dr. Kenneth McFarland, Educational Con- sultant, General Motors Corporation, gave an outstanding and enjoyable address. The Bene- diction was sung by the Chorus and soloist Jane Ford. This ended the Dedication Cere- mony, about the only thing that comes once in the lifetime of a school. Members of the community came to see the Dedication Ceremony. Uwe in fgcldcwz . , . 4.1, .nw rs. :ru W ws:5!L1U!E: gum.. fa- .v A A Si .. .wiv -, 'fmt ' "f':.,,.f7Za .- Qffggi- WHUE UFLTH HILLS i 2 A f lIll!!!!E5 Thanks for your help this year. Why are you in the libraryfP.D. Go, Vinny and Bryan, Go! Our first fire drill. what else- The Publicity Committee. Such a masculine hobby. Take it easy, Mrs. Hartmann. M. Kaschub, D. Maguire, , l R. Marta, H. Bower. Come on liven up that tempo! Chief cooks and bottle washers. X . v -' :'3?W'Y'7?v 'W V - liw:?5 wrg.g:L ., ,s .. wt g.'i :fZ Efi?5' ' Y , . : if W,gw35p,, X K 5 - ..:. .Q :--v ..f:1g:f: :' 'Quill :Eg 'iii ada: :Egfr In ? - . ':.,-,Aw-g:5?,M"" il .. ..... , 4 K V H ki: " ''j"':'jj:f:E':f'f:Qifj:ZEQ.:I':Zff2EfI?E?Si5.fQg.fI.I?E. Z: ,V sf. .:-:. , I I Q 4 1 : fi - E I ,M ,WMMMW N.-.....,.,5 E to EU EZI. :11:1 i n M 1, am. , i is t fi aS iw5r.L,g, V MLM ' , fx X s :.1, Q. Q-5 ::' Planning tomorroW's meal? A lonely little petunia in an onion They weren't hard to look at. patch A Trig Class hard at work. ' Goodnight, jo and jean. Their favorite period jack's a whiz in Chem. ' What did you say the daily returns Set them up Gretch. were? .,.'- .ff ff I 'GQ . L. A if 4,1 "iii, was LAW 1 Qi? X ,. .. fig, 'W i i ig my , A N K - -iff its fi-. " 5' , . Are you sure that's cultural? Typesetters. The North Hill's wiggle. Sandy Willison, North Hills Sweetheart. Nothing could be that bad jane. Ruth and Tal giving morning announcements. Wfwtfkw Concentration Guess who we are? ls that so, Bull? 8 'QQ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Abel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Abel, Sr. Bernice J . Acton Mr. R. Adams Mark Adley '59 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aippersbach Mrs. Verle L. Albin Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Alexander Major and Mrs. S. C. Allen Sandy Allen Alpha Chi Sorority Alpha Zeta Phi Sorority Nancy Altenhoff '58 Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Altenhoff Mr. and Mrs. Byron Amacher Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Amity Anonymous Anonymous Friend Mrs. R. D. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Anthony Mrs. G. P. Arenth Arlene and Don Mr. and Mrs. Frank Armour, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Blair Armstrong Evelyn Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Armstrong Eleanor Arnold J. M. Arnold, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Artzberger Betty Anne Asche Mr. and Mrs. George A. Asche Marilyn Asche '59 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Brant Mr. and Mrs. Leland Austin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baase Mrs. Edna B Mr. and Mrs. abcock James L. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. J . Bachman Mr. and Mrs. A. Baierl Betty Baierl '59 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Baierl Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Gerrie Baird A. W. Baird '59 Edwin W. Bairhalter Ken Baker Mr. and Mrs. W. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baldock Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ballintine Mr. and Mrs. O. J . Banks Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bandre Mr. P. G. Barbin D. R. Barch Mr. and Mrs. David Barclay Suzanne F. Barley Mr. and Mrs. J . E. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. R. Y. Barnes Mrs. Helen D. Barr Mrs. A. Barrante Josephine Barrante Mrs. Isabella Bartels Miss Ruth Bateman Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Bates LaVerne Bates '59 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Baugher and J Marion Bauman Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Donald Beard Hedy Beck Mr. and Mrs. J. William Becker Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Beckert Martha Beebee Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Beilstein Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beisecker Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Belding Elaine Bell '59 Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Bennett B811 Janet Bennett '59 Charlotte Benson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beran H. P. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Berman Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernick Elmer J. Bertges A. B. Besnecker Carol Besnecker '59 Beta Phi Sorority Clara R. Beynon Mr. H. W. Biery Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Billack Mabel Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Bitzer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Black Connie Black Mrs. D. A. Black Gretchen Black Janey Black Bob Blind '59 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joan Bobin Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Blind Howard R. Blind A. R. Blotter Edward Bock Elmer S. Boden and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Bond Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Boder Amos Bollen, Jr. Homer Bollen Robert B. Bollen Wm. G. Bonacuse Harry S. Bookser S. C. Borland Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borres Mr. and Mrs. J . C. Bovill Mr. and Mrs. William Bowden Mr. A. T. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Hill Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brandt Mrs. David Brant Mr. and Mrs. Polly Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brandt Wesley Braun Mrs. W. C. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Breitwieser Mr. and Mrs. Bresee and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brosie Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. E. Merrill Brethauer John G. Brich Frank J . Bricker, Jr. R. H. Brockett T. I. Brooks Elmer G. Brown and Mrs. and Mrs. Harry W. Brown and Mrs. Milton M. Brown R. E. Brown Bruecker Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Call Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Calore Donald R. Cameron Harry R. Campbell Mrs. John J . Cannon Carl and Kittie '58, '59 Carol and Bob '59 Myrna and Skip Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. George Carr Virginia D. Carr '61 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. K. Carrier John R. Carson W. Roy Carson Richard G. Cartwright Mrs. L. Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Caughey Frank Cebrick Stephen Ceh Frank Chapas John Charlesworth Mr. and Mrs. George N. Christ Chuck and Marlene '58 Cisco Kid Mrs. A. L. Clayboss Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chief C. J . Cl Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Claypool John Clifford ogan Donald J. Coan Mrs. Esther Coble Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cole Steve Cocheres Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cole Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman Peggy Coleman Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Conaboy Mr. and Mrs. Conkel Alice C. Conner Wm. T. Connolly Mr. and ,Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cooper Ruth Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corley Bill Corsello Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Corsello Mr. and Mrs. Jay Coulter Joan Bryce '56 Louis A. Bucker Mr. and Mrs. John Buck Michele, Dennis, Barbara, Paul J . Buckel Miss Beryl Burchinal Marilyn Burke Mr. Leo Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. D. Burman N. B. Burmaster John Burnham Joseph A. Burns Buck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J . F. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Francis Craig Mrs. Mae L. Craig O. J . Cramer Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Harry J . Crawford William J . Croker Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cronemiller Linda Lee Cronin Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Cross Mrs. A. R. Crozier Terrence R. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cushing Bob Cushman Denton Dailey '52 Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Dambaugh Jack Dambaugh Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darges Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Daugherty Miss Ruth Davies V. Arnold Davies '59 Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Davis Mr. and rs. C. Lesie Burton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Burton Wrn. C. Butler James S. Cain R. B. Calhoun 121 Louis F. Davi Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Virginia s Winthrop N. Davis Thomas Deakin John R. Dean Thomas R. Deanbling John N. Dearden E. J. Deiseroth Robert C. Dell Delp Mrs. Henry P. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Henry Denny Mr. Mrs. Joseph De Otto Mr. and Mrs. E. Robt. Derr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Derstine E. J. Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. W. L. DeWeese Diane and Dave Mr. and Mrs. Julius Dieter Mrs. Harry A. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Dilliot Mr. and Mrs. A. Dilliot Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dimond Mr. and Mrs. Guy DiRito Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Doeflinger and Mrs. Ralph Doehla Maureen Doherty Ruth Dollhapf J. A. Donald Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Donley Doris and Bill '58 Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Doyle Edi Doyle Mr. and Mrs. William Draper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duerring Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Duglass Mrs. W. B. Duncan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eber Mrs. Harold F. Ebken Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Eckert The Edwards Family Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Egerter Chester Egnachiski Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ehrenberger Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Eichenlaub Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Einhauser Mrs. Elliott and Lois ' Mr. and Mrs. James V. Elliott Mrs. Thomas Elliott 1. J. Erzel Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. . M. D. Emery . William H. Emmett . C. V. Emory . F. R. Ernst and Mrs. 77 Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Ford Mrs. William B. Ford Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Francis Mrs. Joseph Francis Betty Frank Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Mrs. Edna Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fredericks Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Freeland M. and Mrs. R. W. Freese F. A. Freinamer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frenz Florence Fresh Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Freyermuth Mr. and Mrs. William F. Fried A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Friend From A Friend Just A Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Froelich Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frike Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Furey Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gaertner Mr. J. L. Gaharing L. R. Gahring Ruth E. Gahring Harry Galinat '56 Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galloway Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gamlen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Garbart Doris Gardill Carole Garish Mr. and Mrs. Albert Garvan Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garvin Clifford Gass Arlene Gasull '57 Mr. and Mrs. C. Gasull Clif Gaus '60 Mr. and Mrs. L. Gaus Joseph W. Gay and Mrs. Robert E. Grine Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs W. Griner . R. L. Gross . John Grove Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Gruseck Mr. and Mrs. G. Gurtner Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gyekis and Mrs. Jos. Gyenes William E. Hadiield '58 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hadfield R. M. Haines James M. Haldy Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Haller Mr. and Mrs. Hamburg Jean Hammel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hammerschmitt Miss Lois Hammerschmitt Mr. and Mrs. H. Haney Mrs. E. W. Harlow Mr. and Mrs. Harnaha Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Harold Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Harper David Harrington Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Harrington Regis W. Harrington, Jr. '59 Ronald L. Harrington '61 Mrs. Anne Harris Donna Harris Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harris Mr. and Mrs. John H. Harris Mr. and Mrs. R. Harris Barbara and Betty Harrison Stella M. Hartigan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hartwick Harvey Mrs. Gertrude Hasek Jack Hasek '54 Ron Hasek '60 The Evans Girls Thomas C. Evans '61 Tom Geche, U.S.N. Mr. Howie Geiser Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Fabricius BL LindaMr. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eyles Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Faessel Mrs. Merle Fairbanks Birtus S. Faulk Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Faust Mrs. E. Favorite Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Feerst, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. K. Fehrenbach Mrs. Karl Feitl Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Geeting and Mrs. Frank Genser and Mrs. J. Gerlach and Mrs. L. W. Getz Mr. and rs. John S. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gibson J. F Gigliotti Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Gilfert Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Glass, Jr. Pat Glass '59 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Fenski G. W. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. W. Fetch Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fieth Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Finn Mrs. Frank Fire Bruce A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Fitzgerald Margaret R. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. George Fleming Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. David Fluharty Joyce K. Fobas '59 Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Focer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foertsch The Foltz Family Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Foltz Jane A. Ford Jim Ford, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. John W. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Roland B. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Glenn Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gloninger Mr. and Mrs. Goetz Mrs. Francis N. Gohdes Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Good Jerome J. Good Mr. and Mrs. F. Kent Goodell Jane Goodell '59 Dave Gordon Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Gosnell Mr. and Mrs. Goumas Elaine Grada Mr. and Mrs. Francis Grada Mr. and Mrs. Earl Graham Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Graham Mr. and Mrs. Ward R. Grant Mr. and Mrs. C .W. Grater George J. Greenan Mr. and Mrs. S. Greuda Elizabeth Gries Mr. and Mrs. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Grimm 122 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hatters Robert W. Haubrich Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hawes Dr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Heaton Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Heckel Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Heddaeus Ray L. Haddaeus, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Heid Arlene Heim '59 Mr. and Mrs. David Heim Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Heim Mrs. Carl Hein Isabel F. Heinlein Mabel A. Heinlein Mr. and Mrs. E. Heinrich Richard Heintz Mr. and Mrs. William Heintz Bethan Heitzenroder '58 Dr. and Mrs. L. O. Helner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helt G. A. Hempel Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Henderson W. M. Henderson Mr. and Mrs . H. W. Henry Mr. and Mrs. H. Herchenroether Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herchenroether Mr. and Mrs. Herge Mr. and Mrs. William J. Herman Diana Herndon '59 Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Herold Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heron, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Herpich Mrs. R. C. I-Ierpst Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hertler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Herzberg Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hess Mr. and Mrs. B. Hetzel Mrs. R. B. Hewett Edward Kelly Sandy Hickley Charles J. Hieber Mr. and Mrs. John Higbee Miss Ruth E. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Higgins Irwin C. Hinkel Charles Hlava, Jr. John and Cardella Hock Miss Velda Hock Mrs. Hoffman John A. Holden Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs R. Hollenberger and Mrs. S. Hollenberger, Jr and Mrs. S. Hollenberger, Sr. . J. H. Holliday and Mrs. W. P. Hollman and Mrs. Robert S. Holms Dick and Marge Holquist Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holthaus Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hopf Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hopf Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Hosick Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hostetter Mr. Miss Elissa Hotover Bill Hough '58 Dave Hrach '57 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hrach, Jr. Judy Hrach '60 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Huber Judy Huber '59 Bobby and Linda Huckestein Huckestein '59 and Mrs. Robert Huckestein and Mrs. Andrew Hudak and Mrs. C. T. Hudson Pat Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Geo. V. Hughes James Hughes Kirk A. Hughes Mrs. O. B. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hughes Samuel Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Hunkele, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hunt Dorothy Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hunter Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hunter S. H. Hunter Susan Huysman '61 W. G. Huysmans Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ide Mr. and Mrs. John Imhof A. G. Irwin Mr. Mr. and Mrs. 1- Dawn and Woozie Lange Miss Elizabeth Jackson Marianne Jackson '58 Mr. and Mrs. Ed James Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jauss Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jenny Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jenny "J im and Jackie" Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Johnson and Mrs. Frank Johnson . Charles R. Jones Custis E. Jones and Mrs. E. S. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Eugene D. Jones F. N. Jones George L. Jones and Mrs. Herbert G. Jones and Mrs. Ralph Jones and Mrs. Walter B. Jones M . Marg, Jane, and Jack Joos Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kaczynski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaczynski Ron and Rich Kaczynski '63 Mr. and Mrs. George Maslanka Elizabeth Letzkus Tom Kaczynski '59 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaness Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Kam Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kaschub Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Kaschub J Mary Ann Kaschub '59 Paul and Pat Kaylor Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kaylor Karen Keefe Mr. and Mrs. 6 1 Chas. Keim Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Keller Mrs. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Kelly W. M. Kelly Thomas and Betty Kennedy Doris A. Kern '56 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kern Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kerns Lucille Ketterle Dave Kier '59 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kight Mr. and Mrs. John Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. William Kim Mr. and Mrs. Homer P. Kinast The Charles Kings Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. King Mr. and Mrs. John H. King Chuck Kinnen Mr. and Mrs. J. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Nancy Kirly Mrs. W. J. Kittredge Mr. and Mrs. Edw. A. Kitzman Sally Klages Frank Klasterka W. N. Klindworth Kline and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Kline Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Kloes 81. Family Mr. and Mrs. William Knoch Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Knorr Mr. and Mrs. J. Graham Knox Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Koesling Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kost Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kotchin Mr. Bill Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Fred Kotrozo and Jean Kovach and Mrs. Charles Kovach Mrs. A. Kowalski . Charles Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Kremer Mr. and Mrs. George M. Krenz Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Kress Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kress Mrs. Charles Krey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krich Mr. and Mrs. Kridel Mr. and rs. George Krieger and Mrs. Krodel Mr. R. J. Krome Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krotec Anna Mae Krummert '60 Don Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Kummer Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kunkel Mrs. John Kunkle Lill and Carole '59 Mrs. Joseph L. Llion Carol Lindsay '60 Nancy Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Link Sandra Lee Little Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Little, Jr. W. B. Livingston Liz and Jack Mr. and Mrs. '59 Lewis Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Llir Nancy Lloyd '59 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Lloyd Ruth Lobeck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Liz Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Lockhart Frank M. Locotos Kenneth M. Logan Logan '60 H. E. Longmore Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loufrnan Mr. and Mrs. John Lucci Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. E. S. MacMichael Mrs. James MacShane Dr. E. C. McAllonis Mr. and Mrs. J. McBride Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McCaffrey Peggy McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James McCartney Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. McCleary Mr. and Mrs. McClelland Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McClymonds Joyce McConaghy and Mrs. W. S. McCure Mr. and Mrs. A. Reed McCurdy and Mrs. J. R. McCutcheon, and Mrs. J. J. McDonald Mr. Mr. John T. McDonough Mr . and Mrs. R. W. Kunsman Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kunsman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lafe Janice Trbovich and Joan LaMantia Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Lamont Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lang Loren McDonough S. G. McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Neal McFarland Mr. and Mrs. George McGaw Mr. and Mrs. Allen McGinley John V. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. James S. McKain, Blaine McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Laurens H. McKin Sandy McKinley '59 Mrs. R. A. McLaughlin T. P. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. H. L. McNaugher Marty McNaugher '59 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McVeigh Mrs. A. Maggis Ruth Maguire '60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maguire R. Mall Mr. and Mrs. John Maloney Dorothy Mancuso Richard Mancuso '58 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Markl Mrs. W. H. Markus Adrienne Marquardt Mrs. Aida N. Marra Mrs. Joseph I. Marshall Elaine Martens K. H. Martens Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lange Mr. and Mrs. Anton Larenc Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leddon Mr. and Mrs. LeJeune Pearl Lesch '57 Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Levy Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Liddell 123 Mr. Mr Mr. and Mrs. Bud Martin . and Mrs. Frank Maruca and Mrs. Fred Marziale Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maser Mr. Maslanka Mrs. Roger Mather Mrs. M. H. Matson H. F. Maulds Mr. and Mrs. Mauro Jr Jr ley 79 Mrs. George G. May Mr. and Mrs. James L. Maynard Bill Medwig '58 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Medwig Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Meeban Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Meinert Mr. and Mrs. Frank Menge Elmer F. Melcher Hedy Rose Menge '59 Mr. and Mrs. I-I. G. Menhorn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mentzer Mrs. Margaret C. Mentzer Meta Sigma Phi Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Mikulan Alan Miller Charles E. Miller David Miller Edythe L. Miller and Mrs. F. I. Miller and Mrs. J. W. Miller Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Miller L. P. Miller Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Miller Ralph Edward Miller Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Miller liMimi9! Mr. Pat Marsha Miner Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Miner Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mitchell Ann and Marty Moffat Mr. and Mrs. Homer E. Moody Peggy Mooney Janice Moore '56 79 Mrs. Marion E. Ochsenhirt Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ochmler Mr. and Mrs. C. J. O'Friel Doreen Okdaker '60 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Olsen Mrs. O. R. Olson Carolyn Ortmann '59 Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Ortmann Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Ortner Sally Oswald Henry and Margaret Ott Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Overbeck Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Owen Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Owens M. J. Pacifico Mr. Joseph Pack Christine Parker The Parkers Mrs. Lucy Paschedag Jean Paschedag Mr. and Mrs. D. From a Patron Mr. and Mrs. A. David L. Peden '60 Betty Anne and Mr. and Mrs. R. Arlene Penrose Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Petak Mr. Mr. Mr. Robert O. Pfendler Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Phelleps John Q. Phillips, VMD Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pickett Pepper Pickett Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Pinkerton Mr. and Mrs. J. Pittner John Pittner W. Patrick Peck and Family Linda Peffer A. Peffer and Mrs. Wm. D. Penwell and Mrs. Joseph A. Perka and Mrs. David Peters and Mrs. Carl A. Peterson and Mrs. R. A. Peterson Lawrence C. Morehouse Mr. and Mrs. Gail N. Platt Mr. and Mrs. U. R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Moore Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Moran Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Moreth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Morrisson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrow Sue Platt Susan L. Platt '60 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plowey Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Pohl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ponicall L. Frank Ransick Donald Morrow Miss C. W. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mugnani Sunny, Pam, and Bonnie Mugnani Mr. George Muklheizler Mr. and Mrs. Walter Munson Mr. and Mrs. J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Murphy Carol Myers '59 Nai-Din Sorority Nancy and Kathy Bill Nasky Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Naumann Frank Nedwidek Mr. and Mrs. Howard Neely Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neely Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Neidhardt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelson Susan, Kevin, and Byron Nettrour Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Neuman Mrs. George Newell Mrs. J. Neyenhouse Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Nicely R. J. and Marie Nickolay Dr. A. J. Nicollette Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nurnberger Mr. and Mrs. James Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Jackson L. Obley Nancy O'Brien '60 Eleanor Ochsenhirt '59 Mrs. R. F. Powell The Powers Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Price William Price James Prill and Fam E. T. Pritchard Mrs. Probert Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Proudfoot III Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Puchta Mr. Robert Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Queer Mr and Mrs. L. T. Queiser Johanna Rademacher Mr. and Mrs. Rademacher Mr. Casper Raible Mr. and Mrs. Raida Rudy Raida Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raleigh Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Ramage, E. D. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. H. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rapp Helen E. Rea Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rebel Mr. and Mrs. Whitty Rebel Mrs. Noble Reeb The Record Club Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Reed John E. Rehlin Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rehorst 124 ily Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Rehorst Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Reiber Ted Reiber '52 Mr and Mrs. Fred G. Reimold R. V. Reisgen Clyde W. Remmsnyder Ed Resler Mrs. G. J. Resteli Dick Restelli Don Rethage '52 Mr. R. E. Reutzel Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Reynolds Mrs. R. S. Rice Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Harry R. Richardson Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. W. H. Richardson and Mrs. C. A. Riesmeyer and Mrs. R. F. Riester and Mrs. W. H. Riethmiller and Mrs. T. F. Riley J. C. Ritchie Mrs. Stella M. Ritchie Edwin J. Ritenbaugh, Jr. Mrs. H. C. R obb Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Harry Roberts Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Robinson Diane Rocco '59 Mr. and Mrs. R. Rodenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Rogers John M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Rohaus Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Roll Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rollins ce Roskwitalski '59 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joy Mr. and Mrs. James N. Roy Geo. Rudge Robert G. Runser Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Paul J. Ruppel M. C. Ryan Louis Saalinger Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Saethe Mr. and Mrs. Judith E. Sander '59 Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Schaelchlin Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schafer Mr. John A. Schar Diana Schaughency '59 Verne Scheffler '61 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schell Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Schilling Mr. and Mrs. William Schilpp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Schindler Paul and David Schlenmer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schlenker Constance V. Schmidt Mr. H. I. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schmidt Dick Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schneller H. J. Scholl Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Scholl Sherol Schran '59 Mrs. Frank W. Schratz Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Schroeder Mrs. G. P. Schuck-Kolben Louis F. Sander Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Schwab Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Schwartz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Schwartz Mr. ana Mrs. John C. Schwartz Mrs. G. N. Ross Schwartz Mr. and Mrs llflr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Frank E. Schwarz . Orville Schwilm Clifford E. Scott E. C. Scraggs . G. W. Seagren Margaret Seberry Laverne Sedory '53 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Sells Mrs. Elizabeth Sethner Jayne W. Shaulis Donna Shaw Mrs. C. S. Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. C. W. SheriE Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sherwood Norman Shideler The Shideler Family Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Shreve Jean Sholock Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sholock Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sholock, Jr. Mr. V. H. Showalter Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Showe Doris E. Shute Charles L. Sieburg H. J. Siegel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sinn panama Mr. and Mrs. W. Syka Mrs. Belle Taggart Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Taschner R. Keith Taylor. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tejan Mr. and Mrs. Murray Terry Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thielman Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Thompson F. R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James M. Thomson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . T. P. Thompson Paul A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Thornberry Mr. and Mrs. Tiernan Barbara Tiernan '58 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Tiernan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Timberlake Dana Towers Larry Treveson and Mrs. A. C. Tritsch Mr. and Mrs. John F. Skaryak Mr. Skowronek Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Slais Mr. and Mrs. E. Slemmer Mr. and Mrs. W. Smeltzer Mr. and Mrs. Smith Byron Smith Mr. and Mrs. '60 Charles O. Smith William Claney Smith Sandy Truemper Ruth Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tucky Pat Turzynski Patti Udell Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Udell Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Uhler Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Ullom Paul E. Ulrich Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Mr. Ivor Smith James P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Smith Miss Margaret L. Smith Nell Smith and Mike Love Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Smith Richard Smith Mrs. Ross S. Smith "Uncle Sam" Mr. and Mrs. Albert Urich Mr. and Mrs. Urquhart Mrs. Eleanor Usinger Della G. Vance and Mrs. Edward E. Vettel Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. . J. W. Vickerman and Mrs. Dom. Viscusi and Mrs. C. H. Vogeley Mrs. Joseph Vogliano Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith Mr and Mrs. Smoker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smulski Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. A. A. Snowball and Mrs. Don Snyder Z and Mrs Charles Soleau Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Soles, Jr. Mrs. H. W. Soul Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sperandeo Mr. and Mrs. George E. Sproat Mr. and Mrs. George F. Sprott Mr. Ernest Squire Mr. and Mrs. F. Squire Mrs. J. Squire Mr. J. Squire Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Stack Mr. A. C. Stapf Mr. and Mrs. Stasko Mrs. William Stebler Mr and Mrs Wm. C. Steigerwald Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Stewart Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mary Streb Ralph Stockhausen E. Stoker Ned Stokes C. M. Straescley Mr. and Mrs. George Vollmer Miss Virginia Vollmer Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Volz Mrs. Belle Von Moss Mr. and Mrs. William Von Moss Miss Gloria Waddell Mrs. Agnes Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wagner Bethel and Janet Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wagner Patricia Wainauskis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Waite Glenn Waldschmidt Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Walford Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wallace Edris Walliser Judith Walliser Mrs. Edward Walsh Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Walworth Bill Wanker '52 Mrs. Evelyn Ward Mr. and Mrs. .T. R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Warner Tohn Warren Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wasko Barbara Wass '57 Doug Weir '60 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Weitzel Judie Welsh Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wertz Carol and Barbara Wess Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Wess 1957 Westvian Editors Jo Anne Wheeler '59 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. White Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. White, Jr Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whiteley Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Whitmer Mr. and Mrs. William Wiegman Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wilhelm James H. Will Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edward Williams Sally Williams Mrs. A. V. Williland Martha Willis Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Willison Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wilner Anne Wilson '62 Caroline Wilson Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wilson Roneva Wilson of '58 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson Chester F. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Winski J. R. Winterhalter Mr. and Mrs. Wade Winters Mr. and Mrs. Wisner Q. H. Witt Family Mr. and Mrs. Homer Woessner Mr. and Mrs. William Woessner Barbara and Beatrice Wolfe Jos. L. Wolford Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wollett Mr. Wm. T. Womsley Mrs. John D. Wood Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Worley Christopher Wrenshall '59 Carol Wrieth '59 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wright Mrs. Novis D. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wright D. Wucher Peggy Wucher '59 Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wucher Mr. and Mrs. W. Wunderly Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wyman Mr. and Mrs. J. Yanak Robert T. Yates A. F. Yeatman Mr. and Mrs. E. Yellig Mrs. H. L. Yost Mr. and Mrs. Dale Youkers Mr. and Mrs. Young Billy Younkes Bonnie Yunk Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Yunk Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Yunt Harry Zankey Elmer W. Zech . and Mrs. Ernest Zenk Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Streit Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stuchell Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stuchell Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stuckrath, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Stunkard E. B. Stuver Mrs. K. A. Swanson Mrs. C. E. Sweadner Terry Swider '59 Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Swint Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Swisher Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Watts Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wass '58 Wm. D. Waugh Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Wayman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weaver Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Weaver .Tanet Weaver H. Earl Weber E. G. Weizold Mr. and Mrs. Tal Weimer Mr. and Mrs. Weir 125 Mr Sharon Zenk Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Zera Laura B. Zieg Al and Lil Zieger Arthur C. Ziegler Carolyn Zierenberg '59 William J. Zilliot Carol Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zinsner Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Zwetsch Joseph Abbott Drive-In Beer Dist. Allegheny Valley Typewriter Co. John A. Allen, D.D.S. Al's Cities Service Andrew Andrako Co. Art Reweaving, Jenkins Arcade Babcock 85 Wilcox Co. Compliments of Baierl Chevrolet Ted Benson, Insurance Berkley's Pharmacy John C. Bird, Company Lee Bittner Mobil Station Harry C. Bitzer, Sr. Blind's Flowers Elmer S. Boden, Dry Cleaning 85 Laundering Brant Cadillac Brant Oldsmobile Bressler's Cut-up Poultry Bryan's Dairy Queen Mr. D. A. Carmack, Locksmith Mrs. C. Cerar City and Suburban Life Colonial Tile Co. The Color Shop Conrad's Beauty Salon Compliments of Country Belle Dairy Dawn Realty Co. Dejon Beauty Salon Dixon-Kelly Agency Duquesne Slag Products Co. Eardner Display Co. Early's Pizza East Street Market Evergreen Gardens Wm. A. Fanning Sunoco Service Ferry Electric Service Corp. Harry M. Foster 85 Sons A Friend W. T. Grant Co. Wm. K. Hamburg Hank's Frozen Custard and Pizza Heim 8s Barnhart Service Station Heintz Cafe Heintzelman's Produce C. Will Henrich's Mobilgas Service Highland Bar Charles F. Hinkel Flowers W. J. Houston, House Movers Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Hughs Robert C. Hugli Imperata's J oe 85 Karl's Cafe Johnson Service Co. Katula Bros. Garden Center Kaule's Pharmacy Kegg Television Kniess' Golf Course C. H. Kummer Meat Market Langdon Kaschub Co. Langer Bros. LaValles Dist. Loscar's Service 126 McCrory 5 Br 10 Lawrence McKee Sanitation Contractor McSorley's Restaurant William Marra, Builder Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co Moeller's Market Ellen Monper Restaurant Niederst Restaurant North Boro's Distributors Inc. North Side Transfer Peerless Heating Co. Perry Sunoco Station Perrysville Businessmen's Assn. Compliments of Frank Peterka D. L. Pierotti Pine Creek Esso Service Station Raida Auto Wreckers Rak's Atlantic Service H. B Reynolds, Inc. Richardson's Cards and Gift Shop John M. Royston, Pharmacist Sam's Barber Shop Ralph M. Sanders, Builder Schilpp's Cloverfarm Store Schnitgen Dairy Scholl's Hobby Shop Schugar Service Station Silvioni's Sopher Jewelers Sraka's Beauty Salon Stanger Plumbing Company Sterling Cleaners Strems Studio Stright Store Stroup's Dairy Store The "Sugar Bowl" Swartz's Tavern Taylor Brothers Furniture Co. Taylor's Tool Rental Theatre Candy Company Thermo-Rite Sales of Pittsburgh Edward Truran, Prime Meats V. F. W. 2754 Village Dairy Voge1's Bakery Wagner's Market Wall's Market Wellington Pharmacy Wellington Service West Venio Beer Dist. Co. West View Hardware West View News Agency West View Park Co. West View Savings 85 Loan Assn. Wetzel Construction Company White Terminal Co. Williamsburg Furniture Shop Raymond E. Wilt Wunderly-Weston Agency, Inc. Ray-Yunk General Contractor and Blllldel Ziegler Letter Shop Activities , ,..,............ .. ...,. Activities in Action ....,.. .. Administration 4 ,...... .. Alma Mater ..,.,..,.. Arrowhead Staff ..... .. Art Club ...,.,..... Athletics ............ Band ..,...,,............. Baseball- 1 958 ....... ,. Bowling Club ..r........, .. Board of Education Cheerleaders ....,......,.. . . Chorus ...,................ ..... Commercial Club ......... . Correspondence Club ....... . Dedication ............,........ . . Wwlex 52-89 89 8-9 128 79 65 90-103 82-83 102 74 13 99 86-88 68 62 116 Dramatic Club ........, ........,. 6 4 Faculty .,..r..r.......,. 10- 1 2 Features ...., ....... 1 04-1 16 Foreword .........,...................,....................., 3 Future Homemakers of America .,,.,..,..,... 68 Future Nurses of America .,..,.,,... ...,.,. 7 0 Future Teachers of America ,..,... .,..... 7 1 Girls' Athletic Association ,...,.,. ...,... 7 2 Golf - 1958 ....i.....,....,..,. ..,.,.. 1 02 Gym Club ...r..... ....... 7 3 Hall Patrol ...... ....... 5 6 Hi-Y .,A.,.,...r...........4... ....... 6 6 Junior Achievement ..... ....... 7 8 Junior Activity ....,..... ....... 1 09 Junior Class Play ...... ,.... . .106 Junior Homerooms ...... ...., 4 6-48 Junior Prom .l.,.,...................... ,..,.. 1 10-1 1 1 Junior Varsity Basketball ..,..,.. l...... 9 8 The General Press Corporation ..... Capitol Engraving Co. ............... Junior Varsity Football Latin Club .,..................... Library Club ...... Ma jorettes ...,,,....... May Day ...,.....,..,.............. National Honor Society Norhian Editors ..,....,..... Norhian Staff ........ Orchestra ......l.........,.. Our School in Action ...... Patrons QPersonalQ , ..... ,. Patrons CCommercialj ..... Pep Club ,,.............,...... Photography Club ....,... Projection Club ..... Senior Activity ........ Senior Class Play .,l..... Senior Dinner Dance ,....,. Seniors .........,............... Seniors in Action ......... Sophomore Activity .....,.... Sophomore Homerooms ..,.. Speech Club .,.....,.4,.,..,.,. Stage Crew ..,...,,...,....,..,. Student Council ,..,.......,..... Student Council Cabinet Student Exchange , ..,,.,... . Table of Contents ...,,.... The Most .....l........ Title Page ........,....... Varsity Basketball ....... Varsity Football ..l.... Varsity Lettermen ...... Wrestling ....,......,.. Y-Teens ...... dw'-M 95 63 60 84 114-115 58 80 ....80-81 85 117-120 121-125 126 75 76 77 ..,.,..112 ..,.....107 .......113 ...,....14-42 .....,..42-43 .,....,108 .,..49-51 61 57 ........54-55 54 59 4-5 ,,,.44-45 .1796-97 ....92-94 ....,..103 100-101 67 .......Printing Engraving Strem Studios ........... ........ P hotography S. K. Smith Co. .... ,, ............ Covers Igaftd We're united sons and daughters Bound in love and praise for thee, North Hills High, our Alma Mater, Ever faithful we will be. Alma Mater, we shall treasure Memories that never die. Though the years go swiftly by, We'll be true to North Hills High. Thro' thy hallowed halls re-echo Voices gay, untouched by fears For within thy walls we gather Courage for the coming years. Alma Mater, strong and glorious, High a-top the summitls brow, Proudly we shall laud and honor, For to serve thee is our vow. When the twilight fades around us, We shall dream of glories past. Our beloved Alma Mater, Thoughts of thee will always last. 128 L ms' a EM 'R Mil' -V gi-: - Y: ,nl fd 7: , J f. Z v' 72, 'ETQ wg., 1'- Hn 'A-4 .. -7,3 51' E-. . A NL 23 ' if nf -- -3 'uv- ,. Q, ' Jw. 'i -fl -aff? ' .. Md, ,J '14 P" V.. - -V , , "J rj ,Q et 'U L lf if 5 ,K A, . ' ig., 1 fix? , 4511"-I' 'iff 'if-5:-"D' lku, ,wx , 15,2- . 5, 4. A. 4-f-..f.Nv.42f. .f -+G. ML mv'-: 4 -ffw.. .

Suggestions in the North Hills High School - Norhian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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