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I Q Clllk u I Z ?l Ei 5 s i L F6 5 .1 5 3 5 f v S 5 F 5 5 55 W 1 K i L2 3 5 5 5 f' P 2 a Q 5 2 ? 5 i a z 2 5 E E 5 K 5 2 E s E . Q 2 1 Q 5 a Q m . 5 9 2 D f 5 2 s .......-..,,n.....w- ..,,............ .,.. .....-mf...m1u h ..,.., ,.A -,.NM... ,., ,. Y 1 , ., NGRTHERN LIGHTS BERNARD POWER 2 Qlolzmfzm In recognlllon of hzlr valuable a.fJlJlance lo llze membenr of lhe "fVorllzern Lzlglzbrn Board and him fl'L.6l'lfllll.fl6J'J' locvarclf lhe .fludenhr of fVorlh Hzzglz School, we gralefallzf alefllcale llze "fVorlhern Lzlglzlwu lo our fl.nfL'.rlanz' Prlnczloal, zllr. Wvlllaml If. f'Y'6l1ClZ. 5 5 f X NORTH HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ,,f' ' zf f- , AfL'. a-QWQ7 4 QA. Clmlf EVERETT G. SHERWIN, Principal WILLARD K. FRENCH, 11.rJl.rlanl Principal KATHERINE M. KELLIHER, Clerk CORNELIA M. DONOVAN, d.r.rz'.rlanl Clerk TEACHERS ELIZABETH ALLEN, Englrlrh, Llbraiy WINIFRED G. BAKER, Englllrh GENEVIEVE K. BALL, Kllalhemalicw ANNA R. BISSONNETTE, French MILDRED L. BRENNAN, Ifnglzlrh LAWRENCE YV. BRIGHAM, Hll.Ff0l1V FLORENCE G. CANNON, Spanlwh IENNIE D. CARRUTHERS, Engliflz GEORGE B. CASHEN, fllalhenzalfw RUSSELL V. CORSINI, Chemzlrlqzf CARA F. DILLINGHAM, French FRANKLIN B. DOWD, French HELEN M. DOWNEY, French, German RUTH C. DREW, Phyalcal Erlucallon MARTHA FAGERSTROM, Ifzlrloqy W. ROSCOE FLETCHER, Chefnzlrlly, PhyJz'c.r HAROLD D. GAGNON, 1Jl1.ljJ'll0lQQlf IOHN E. GIFFORD, Iigrlculiurc, Science ROLLAND R. GREENWOOD, Engllmh MARY E. GUERIN, Zodlotqy SAMUEL F. HOLMES, Englzzfh HERVEY F. HOUGHTON, Zllalhemalfca' CARL IOHNSON, Phy.rz'c.r, fllalhemallcm DAVID D. KAPLAN, fI1u.r1'c G. ANDREW KARLSON, Jgrlcullure, Science RALPH A. LANE, Spanzlrh, Alqelnra ANDREW XV. LOVE, .fgrlcullurc ALICE M. MALONEY, Lalln ANNA T. MARBLE, Ifngliwlz ANNA D. IVICAULIFFE, .fri KATHERINE S. MCCAFFERTY, El1glI.JlZ EVELYN B. MCCLURE, lfngllwh FRANK P. MCNAMARA, Jlalhemafzcf MARGARET YV. O'BRIEN, Englllrh MARTIN O'MALLEY, Phy.flolagy ALBERT C. OTT, Phiymlcal Erlucailon G. NORMAN PALSER, Xllechanfcal Dfllwlgll-II ALICE E. PHILLIPS, French MABEL S. REED, 17lu.rcc ETHEL L. RIDER, Bofany ELISE ROCHELEAU, French HARRIET E. ROE, Englzlrh HAROLD E. STONE, 17lalhemallc.r MARY A. R. STREETER, Lailn IOHN F. SULLIVAN, Lailn, Hzlriory H. LOUIS THOMPSON, Jlechanlcal Drawing OLIVE TOLMAN, Lailn RUTH TOMLINSON, Hixlory, lfconomfar A. HARRY WHEELER, Jlalhemallw' IOHN L. VVILLIANIS. H zlrlofy, Prolzlelmr of Denzocraqzf SUBSTITUTES WILLIAM ITALIANO, Italian KENNETH LADNER, Jlechanlcal Dracvfng NORTHERN LIGHTS BOARD l.1i,xRY, MRRIERIQ, REESE, THOREN, l,lNDQUIs'r, GRAY, MOLLOY, HIGHBERG iANSON, GUST.-XFSON, CRIMMINS, CROWE, MR. FRENCH, MUXVOY, BENSON, DAUPHINEE, MQCREA BRAITHWAITE, CUSHMAN. ROUSSEAU, KE'l"l'Ul,A, POWER, IAEGGLI, LEWIS 41 fuvzliezn gZi?AIf.4 gone MARIETTA KETTULA Edzlnr an Clue YN FREDERICK ROUSSEAU BuIrz'ne,rr llanager BERNARD POWER ir! Edlior ELEANOR BARRIERE IESSIE BENSON GRACE BRAITHWAITE SALLY CRIMMINS ALICE CROWE ELEANOR CUSHMAN RUTH DAUPHINEE EDWARD DONOVAN ALICE GRAY ESTHER GUSTAFSON ELIZABETH HALL VIRGINIA HANSON CARLE HIGHBERG MARILYN IAEGGLI IOHN LEARY SYLVIA LEWIS GUSTAF LINDQUIST LOUISE MCAVOY HELEN MCCREA PAUL MOLLOY ANN REESE EMERY THOREN 7 anion aiu Ogblicew Prewident, WARREN S. CONLON Vice-Pre.f1'a'ent, ELIZABETH CANTWELL Treawurer, IOHN LEARY S ecre lary, ELIZABETH A. POWER 8 6lfLi0'ZZ 0l4fLl4fLl:it66.4 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE ROBERT BUTLER, Chairman CHESTER CLAFLIN SALLY LEWIS IOHN COHN ELLEN MULLINS MARIE HAGGERTY KNOWLTON RICE CARLE HIGHBERG BETTY THOMAS GIFT COMMITTEE PAUL MOLLOY, Chairman ELEANOR CUSHMAN ALICE GRAY DAVID W. EATON GEORGE KENTROS JAMES EVANS GEORGE PERRY MOTTO COMMITTEE MARIETTA KETTULA, Chairman ENID ANDERSON LOUISE MCAVOY SOCIAL COMMITTEE DONALD TAYLOR, Chairman GRACE BRAITHWAITE VIRGINIA HANSON BETTY BRESNAHAN PHILIP HASTINGS ELEANOR CUSHMAN EDWARD MARRONE EDWARD DOLAN ROGER ROBERGE MARGARET HAIR DONALD THURLOW CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE DAVID W. EATON, Chairman ALFRED BATTISTA ELAINE ESSEN RICHARD CRONICAN ELIZABETH HALL 9 Clay a afcfici anis 7 Ja WARREN S. CONLON CARLE HIGHBERG B. BARNARD D'EWAR'I' MARY A. KITTREDGE ANNA ERESIAN BERNARD POWER 10 Cfdati 611 'LO 'Cdlflfb WASHINGTON TRIUMPHANT . . Schad PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS . Warren Conlon CAPRICCIO BRILLANT ......... Jlendelmohn MARY ALICE KITTREDGE, CLASS P1AN1sT CLASS HISTORY . . B. Barnard D'Ewart TALES FROM VIENNA WOODS ..... . Slraumr ANNA ERESIAN, CLASS VOCALIST CLASS ORATION . Bernard Power THE STUDENT PRINCE ..... . Romberg ORCHESTRA A PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT . . . Warren Conlon ACCEPTANCE by Principal Everett G. Sherwin CARNIVAL OF VENICE .....,.... Ba.r.ri CARLE w. HIGHBERG, CLASS INSTRUMENTALIST CLASS SONG .... . Senior Class NORTH HIGH SCHOOL SONG 11 7 ...M . ,.!.f.f.... WARREN CoNLoN Clamrmalew and FrZend.r: Speaking in behalf of the Senior Class, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our Class Day exercises. Through the patient encouragement of the faculty, we have reached a goal which four years ago seemed almost unattainable. I know it is a source of deep satisfaction, not only to each and every member of this class but, to all those parents and teachers who have helped us in our efforts, to realize that these efforts have been crowned with success. It is our hope that our future activities may lead us to other and greater achievements. At least we have learned that success cannot be attained without intelligent painstaking effort. We stand upon the threshold of a perilous era, but with the thorough training that we have received here at North High School, we should be able to conduct ourselves as behooves future citizens of the United States. The Class of 1940 extends its welcome to you all. 12 Cgfvuu Qmfion REBUILDING AMERICA BERNARD I. POWER As we ride in our crowded street cars, our busses, or our subways, we see almost everyone with his eyes glued to newspapers that shout, in blaring headlines and in morbid wirephotos, the destruction and slaughter that are raging in Europe today. The European war is the chief topic of conversation, the most important news, but tucked away in a little corner on page 6 is a tiny two inch paragraph that tells of the number of thousands unemployed in the United States. This small paragraph tells a big story. It shows that there are still huge problems in America, mainly unemployment, labor troubles, farming, government-problems that must be taken care of here at home even as we turn our ears to the battle cries of Europe. The indecisive look on the faces of men shows in a most inglorious light the unfortunately popular belief that America has matured, that she is finished, that she has stopped growing. It is her problems that we, the class of 1940 must face, it is into this so-called era of America defeatism that we must plunge when we leave North High School on Iune 19th. It is up to us to accept these problems as a challenge 5 and do our part to solve them to the end that America's prestige be preserved as a flower of democracy, or to the end that it be ground into the earth by them, and then flooded over with the unclean waters of totalitarian government. Being Americans, we naturally accept a challenge. One day we are seniors, the next we are graduates. For us, at this time in our lives, to solve the huge economic problems of the United States is certainly beyond our intellectual powers 3 but to think about them, to do our small part in solving them is our own sacred duty, and the acute need of the whole American nation. Immediately we ask, "What can we do? No one will listen to us-we're only kids. H Our part requires not that governmental authorities hear our words of ignorance. What they do need while we are growing in wisdom through experience is the fruit of our honest work and our united will to aid them in their struggles with our American problems. I 15 stress united will for good, because great achievements can be attained with unity. For living proof of that statement we need only to look at these gloriously united 48 states, a union whose inestimable blessings we are just beginning to appreciate. That type of unity which is organized for good objectives is what is sorely needed in re-invigorating America today with the unquenchable spirit that burned so brightly in the founders of this nation. Wher- ever unity is lacking, failure has consistently resulted, as is evidenced by the failure of the National Recovery Act in 1955, through the inability of labor to cooperate on a national scale, and by the retarda- tion of progress because of opposition between private initiative and government. On the other hand, wherever unity is present, success inevitably follows, as is evidenced here at home by our unfailing support of the Community Chest. There are, of course, some who sit back and sigh, "What's the use of working when there is nothing to build? Everything has been done, everyone in America has all that he needs." Oh, if they would but turn their ears to the words of Bruce Barton, American advertis- ing magnate and congressman. He tells us that even with tremendous advertising, only one fourth of the American people brush their teeth, that one home in every four has no bathtub, that American men use only one half a hat per year, that millions of homes are not even electrically wired-and that there are still more illiterates than college graduates. Thus it can be easily seen that there are frontiers for whatever work we wish to accomplish. However, let us hold in mind that what- ever we do, we must do it honestly. I repeat, America needs our honest work, not only our common everyday work, but our sincere efforts in everything we do in order to -achieve our aim of rebuilding America. Hitler told his nation to work, and we but turn to the daily papers to see the base results of his greedy aims. We shall by no means apply our work to such unholy objectives. Ours is an attempt to rebuild and preserve what we have, not to destroy and capture what belongs to someone else. Dishonest work is one of the wrenches in the American machine. It has been placed there by men who believe that this is a nation of the person, by the person, for the person, rather than a nation of the people, by the people, for the people. 14 Our good, sincere work will remove that wrench, but it will take more than that to repair and to rebuild the American nation. It will take education. I mean that we should all be educated not only as we have been, in textbooks, in the arts and the sciences, but in what- ever kind of labor we intend to do. You classmates out there who are blessed with mechanical ability, your work is wanted by industrialists who are crying, begging for good, first-class labor. You who have excelled here at North High School in chemistry and physics, your work is being sought every day by the masters of research. You students of agriculture, yours is the great task of feeding 220,000,000 people. I could go on to say the same for every type of work that is represented here in the class of 1940. Your work, when it becomes skilled, will never be idle. The nation is flooded with men and women of mediocre ability, and yet these people of mediocre ability can't understand why they are not working, why the American machine isn't moving. This condition is very clearly shown here in a Massa- chusetts city where of 29 sign companies only 5 are considered worthy of producing first-class work. Let us educate ourselves in whatever work we intend to do so that we may be able to do that work in the very best possible manner. We Seniors, like ship captains and army captains, are going out into the action of life under "sealed orders." We are not certain of what lies ahead, of what will occur tomorrow. The commands that we are to receive are contained in those sealed orders. However, holding a full realization that dangers and difficulties may be ahead, we shall be equipped if we carry with us our united purpose, our willingness to work, our sincerity, and our education every day of the journey. Upon this journey we shall be given the light and power to see our way by the same divine power that guided the Pilgrims from England to these American shores in 1620. It was His will and our forefathers' work that made America, it is His will and our work that is rebuilding America: it is His will and our work that will preserve America. I5 C-fvzaa yilziafor BARNARD D'EwART September 1956 was to most people just another month which long ago slipped into the dim past and was forgotten for more impor- tant things. But for us, the class of 1940, this date is one which holds much greater signihcance, for it marks the launching of our high school careers. Not easily forgotten is that first month and especially the first day when we, inwardly a little confused and nervous, filtered into the assembly hall of North High School and soon, with a ringing of bells, ventured forth into unfamiliar halls in a hurried search for remote rooms and new teachers. Soon, of course, we had adjusted ourselves to the routine of high school life and turned an eye toward extra curricula activities. That year saw many sports laurels come to North. Our ice hockey team, indoor track, and golf teams won city championships, and our football and tennis teams, also of high calibre, placed second in inter-scholastic competition. We as a class played but a small part in these activities, but we can claim members on most of the teams. One of our members, Enid Anderson, rose to prominence when she played her way to the number one position on the girls' tennis team. The months sped swiftly on and soon our year as insignificant freshmen came to a close. September 1957 saw us return to North as sophomores, no doubt somewhat pleased with our rise inlsocial standing, for now we could look down on a new class of humble freshmen. Soon the school activities got under way and we were carried along in the swirl of events. On February 10, the Melophonic Club, directed by Miss Reed, successfully presented the operetta "Mexican Melody." Later in the season the Boys' and the Girls' Glee Clubs and the Mixed Chorus again proved themselves by winning top ratings at the New England competitions held at Fall River. School dramatics reached their peak early in the spring when t-he Dramatic Club presented "Three Cornered Moon," and the French Club presented "The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife." At that time the Record sponsored Captain Iohn D. Craig with his popular lecture "Danger 1s My Business." The record which our athletic teams set that year, we have since tried vainly to duplicate. Our hockey team, perennial city champions, successfully defended their title for the eleventh time. The indoor and cross-country track teams won the inter-high track meets while our basketball team tied for first with Classical High 16 School. Not far behind in honors were our two tennis teams, golf team and outdoor track teams, each of which placed second. In September 1958 we returned as spirited juniors and made the building shake for another ten months with a series of unceasing and varied events. Class elections resulted in the selection of Dana Haigh as president, Elizabeth Kearney as vice-president, Betty Cantwell as secretary, and Warren Conlon as treasurer. Hardly had the term gotten under way when we opened our doors to Classical High School, and shared our roof with them until April of 1940, while their building, badly damaged by the hurricane, was being repaired. For our musical organizations, that year was one of unusual activity and success. Through its own hard work, the Band, by May, had accumulated funds with which to buy new uniforms. During that month, they proved that they were as good as they looked by winning first ratings at the State and New England Music Festivals. Not to be outdone, the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs and the Mixed Chorus took top ratings in the state and New England competitions. At this same time, our class pianist, Mary Alice Kittredge, won highest honors in piano playing at the New England Festival. In November, a new literary organization, the Quill Club, sprang up and flourished under the guidance of Mr. Green- wood. Programs sponsored by school organizations last year were, as a whole, very successful. Important among them were the Dramatic Club's plays, "A Good Egg" and the "Ghost Hunters", the French Club plays, "The Tub" and "Hunger Is a Great In- ventor", and a concert given in early February by the musical organizations. Of our athletic teams, the most successful were the boys' and girls' tennis squads, both of which won the inter-high championships. Our hockey team, the defending champions, opened the season with a series of victories, but reverses toward the end of the season forced us to yield to Classical and accept second place. Our golf team and girls' hockey team also ended their seasons in second place. With the Iunior-Senior Promenade, our third year drew to a suc- cessful close. In September 1959, we returned to North for the last time and took up the many responsibilities of seniors. Class elections held early in the fall resulted in the selection of Warren Conlon as president, Betty Cantwell as vice-president, Betty Power as secre- tary, and Iohn Leary as treasurer. This year has been another successful one for our organizations. Important days of the Demos- thenes Club were Ianuary 11, when the debate with Worcester Tech was held, and May 6, the date of the annual declamation contest. On Ianuary 26, the Dramatic Club gave an entertaining presenta- 17 tion, "Lunatics at Large." Later in the season the Record presented Sidney N. Shurcliff' with his beautiful film, "Ski America First," and the musical organizations gave their annual concert. The French Club plays entitled "Docteur" and "Rosalie" were presented on May 10. On May ll, the Band and all of our choral groups won Hrst ratings in the state contests at VVellesley. In the field of sports, our tennis squad again led the school teams in honors, by winning the inter-high title. In second place, but close on the heels of the victors, were our basketball team, cross- country team, and girls' hockey team. With the approach of graduation, class activities heightened, our social functions coming to a climax with the Promenade on May 29. As in previous years there was lively debate upon the question of the use of caps and gowns for graduation, but this year, for the first time in the history of the school, the graduating class voted in favor of wearing caps and gowns. More balloting resulted in the election of the following persons as Class Day participants: Bernard Power, oratorg Mary Alice Kittredge, pianist 5 Anna Eresian, vocalist, Carle Highberg, instrumentalistg Barnard D'Ewart, his- torian. Those chosen to speak at graduation are: Iessie Benson, Elaine Essen, Iames Evans, and Gordon Webster. The following members of the class have won distinction as honor pupils: Virginia Adams, Iessie Benson, Priscilla Bohlin, William Cogoli, Ruth Dauphinee, Elaine Essen, Iames Evans, Carle Highberg, Marietta Kettula, Mary Alice Kittredge, Sylvia Lewis, Helen Lohnes, Carl Malmquist, Helen Niemenen, Knowlton Rice, Edward Sinclair, and Gordon Webster. Now, with Class Day here, and Graduation only a few days hence, our history as a class, draws to a close. Though time and fortune scatter us far from these halls, our Alma Mater shall never be forgotten, for time can only deepen our appreciation of the four pleasant and profitable years we have spent at North High School. 18 I -li . - HONOR PUPILS MALMQUIST, NIEMINEN, WEBSTER, HIGHBERG, EVANS, LOHNES, ESSEN, RICE KETTULA, BOHLIN, KITTREDGE, BENSON, DAUPHINEE, LEWIS, ADAMS moz gfmfenffs VIRGINIA DOROTHY ADAMS IESSIE EVELYN BENSON PRISCILLA A. BOHLIN RUTH LAWTON DAUPHINEE ELAINE LOUISE ESSEN IAMES DOMINICK EVANS CARLE WOODRUFF HIGHBERG MARIETTA A. KETTULA 20 MARY ALICE KITTREDGE SYLVIA ALMY LEWIS HELEN PAULINE LOHNES CARL YALE MALMQUIST HELEN ELVIRA NIEMINEN KNOWLTON RICE EDWARD SINCLAIR GORDON WEBSTER ADAMS, VIRGINIA DOROTHY .. - U Ginny French Club 2, 5, 4, Record Board 4. ANDERSON, EDITH ELVIRA " Shady" Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Mixed Chorus 4. ANDERSON, ILMI ELIZABETH "Beth" ANDERSON, ENID IEANNETTE French Club 45 Tennis Team 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 2, Winner of Herman Lucke Cup, 1, 25 Motto Committee 45 Iunior Graduation Day Committee 5. ANDERSON, FREDERICK WARREN If ll Buck Ice Hockey 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 4 5 Base- ball 2, 5, 4. ANGERMANN, FRED OTTO ffZl'ng!! ASSAD, TIIOMAS JOSEPH ll f 11 fam AZNAVOURIAN, VAHAN li I! Basketball 1, 2, 55 Cross-Country 4 BALCHUNAS, ALPHONSE Radio Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2. BAROUD, GEORGE ELIAS .f ,, Barry Cross-Countrv 2, 5, 4, Captain 4, Manager 45 Cutdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Manager 45 Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Manager 4. BARRETT, IOHN HENRY KIJ B if Hi-Y 2, 5, 45 Band B 25 Tennis 4. BARRIERE, ELEANOR ELIZABETH ::Elr1 r1Ell'e1l French Club 2, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 5, 4, Orchestra B 45 Girl Reserves 25 Glee Club 2. BARTLETT, M1I,DRI-IIB ANNA " Jliflfe U BATTISTA, ALFRED ARTHUR MAR'F1N "Freddie" Slide Rule 4, Basketball 5, Cap and Gown Committee. BECKER, HERBERT RICHARD "Herb" "Sherry" Hi-Y 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Vice-President 4, Band A 53 Stamp Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 5, Principal's Council 4, Circulation Manager of Record 4. BELLEFLEUR, MARY G1-:RTRUDE " Toddien Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5, President 4, Girl Reserves 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4j Girls' Crew 2, 5, Manager 2, 55 Principal's Council 4. BENSON, IESSI E EVELYN " Jc.r.v" Stamp Club 1, 2, 5, Secretary 1, 2, French Club 2, 5, 4, Program Director 5, Secretary 4, Demosthenes Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5, Treasurer 5, 4, Record Board 2, 5, 4, Literary Editor 4, Glee Club 2, 5, 45 Chorus 2, 5, 45 Field and Forest Club 2, 55 Camera Club 4, Principal's Council 2, Chair- man Executive Committee 2g Ace-of- Clubs 2, Vice-President 2, Quill 55 Horace Mann 2, 5, 43 Usher Com- mittee 5g NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. BERGAN, KATHRYN RITA .f - ,, RL! BERGER, FRANK LESTER is BERGSTROM, IRVING WILFRED uBK,lql'en Future Farmers of America 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, Executive Committee 45 Crew 4. BERGLUND, GUNNAR ROBERT ll IJ Beryl BIANCEII, RAYIVIOND VINCENT IK J! Ray Football 5, 4. BIORK, IOHN ARTHUR Camera Club 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 4, Stamp Club 1, 5, 45 Band B 2, 5, 4, Hi-Y 45 Principal's Council 4. BOHLIN, PRISCILLA ALTHEA HCI!!! ffpatli Record Board 5, 4, Advertising Man- ager 4g Girls' Crew 2, 5, Manager 2 Captain 5. BOWEN, VINCENT FRANCIS " Vin " Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 45 Flower Iudge 5. BRAITHWAITE, GRACE MARY Basketball 1, 2, 45 Varsity 1, 2, 45 Senior Social Committee 45 NORTIil'2RN LIGHTS Board 4. BRESNAIIAN, MARY EI,IZABbZTII UBMQII, Record Board 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Social Committee 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BULLARD, ROBERT LEE HRLUII Dump Future Farmers of America 2, 5, 4. BUTLER, HERVEX' HAROLD "Hc1'v" "Bulb" Glee Club 15 Golf Team I. BUTLER, ROBERT KENNETH "Bob" nf,yl6J'fyU "Sparky" Demosthenes Club 15 Basketball 2, 5, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 55 Football 5, 45 Track 1, 25 Hockey 1, 25 Class Day Com- mittee 4. CAMERON, IOSEPII THOMAS fxllocn Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 45 Raclio Club 25 Band 55 Crew 25 Flower Iudge 55 Principal's Council 4. CANTXVELL, ALICE ELIZABETH .IBQILVU Principal's Council 5, 4, Secretary 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 1, 25 Secretary of Iunior Class5 Vice- President of Senior Class5 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. CARLSON, MILDA MARIA " IUHH Camera Club 4. CARRIGAN, ANDRE HENRY Hfllzzzfyu "And" CIIILENGERIAN, CHARLES "Jlo1I.rL'cur lc Prof" "Le Docicur d' f1nglaz'.re" CLAFLIN, CHESTER XVILLARD "Chet" Slide Rule 5, 45 Class Day Committee 4. COGOLI, WILLIABI IOSEPH "Bill" Slide Rule 25 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 45 Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 45 Football 4. COHN, IOHN ARTHUR Baseball 2, 55 Football 55 Class Day Committee 4. COLLINS, IOIIN ANTHONY Football 55 Hockey 2, 5, 4. COLLINS, RUTH ANN "Ruz'hz'e" Girl Reserves 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 55 Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 45 Tennis 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls' Crew 1, 2. CONLON, WARREN SANDERSON "Connie" Tennis 55 Football 45 Crew 2, 5, 45 Principal's Council 5, 45 Treasurer of Iunior Classg President of Senior Class. CONNOLLY, RUTH MARY "Ru!hie" CONNOR, IAMES FRANCIS A . ,, Jun Hi-Y 25 Football 5, 4. CONSTANTIAN, RICHARD KENNETH " Dick" U Connie" French Club 4. COOLIDCE, CHARLES HENRY, IR, .fkedu .YDOCU Dramatic Club 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Future Farmers of America 5, 4, Recorder 4. COYVES, DONALD CLAYTON A I, Bud CRIMMINS, SALLY GERTRUDE .1 U Sal French Club 2, 5, 45 Glee Club 5, 4 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Girls' Crew 5, NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. CRONICAN, RICHARD ALBERT Dick Basketball 2, 55 Cap and Gown Com mittee 4. CRONIN, RALPH CLIFFORD "Shady" "Power-Harare" Camera Club 4. CROWE, ALICE HELENA rf Alu Glee Club 1, 25 Demosthenes Club 2, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 5, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 5, Secretary 2, 55 Girls' Crew 1, 25 Class Basketball 5, 45 Tennis 5, 45 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board4. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM RAWSON .I - ,, Bill Baseball l, 2, 5, 4. CUSHMAN, ELEANOR WINNIERED 4rEln If CMJ-hu Dramatic Club 5, 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Senior Social Committee 45 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. CUTTY, LORRAINE ll ll Larry Girl Reserves 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 2, 55 Princi al's Council 55 Class Basketball 15RI'ennis 1. DAUPHINEE, RUTH LAWTON Demosthenes Club 45 Record Board 45 Horace Mann 5, 45 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. DELGRECO, ROBERT IOIIN K4D0c!I lfB0blI DlEWART, BENJAMIN BARNARD ll II Barney Band B 2, 55 Record Board 5, 45 Slide Rule 5, 45 Radio Club 45 Principal's Council 4, President 45 Ice Hockey 5, 4. DILIDDO, IOSEPI-I ANTHONY "Lido" Ice Hockey 2, 5, 45 Crew 1, 2, 5. DIMITROEE, VLADIMIR TRIPHON, IR. ffD0C!l ffDl',ni!, Model Airplane Club 15 Crew 5. DI PASQUALE, MATILDA ANN K! ' ' P! Tillie DI PILATO, DOMENIC CARLO .. - ,, Duno DOLAN, EDWARD IOIIN ..1-edu nsparkvi, Golf 45 Senior Social Committee 4. DONOVAN, EDWARD GOssIeI.IN U Edu Stamp Club lg Slide Rule 45 Track 2g Tennis 4, NORTHERN LIOIITs Board 4. DUGUAY, ANITA EVEI,YN " Teeny" French Club 5, 4, President 4, Vice- President 43 Principal's Council 4. EATON, DAVID TVILLIS n Davyyy 4: Chinkyn Cap and Gown Committee 4, Chair- man 4g Gift Committee 4. EKDAIIL, ELEANOR IANIQT .. U mlllll Dramatic Club 5, 43 Treasurer Glec Club 55 Class Day Committee 5. ENOS, WILLIABI FRANCIS Ki-Bill!! If Record Board 5. ERESIAN, ANNA Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 2, President 55 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice- President 5, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Chorus 1, 2, 5, 45 Band 25 Hockey 2j Class Vocalist 4. ERREDE, MICHAEI. ANTIIONY "Kz'kee" Camera Club 4. ESSEN, ELAINE LOUISE .I - - ,I LLZLIIIC Girl Reserves 5, 4, President 4g Mixed Chorus 43 Glee Club 5, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Camera Club 55 Record Board 45 Principal's Council 4, Hocke 23 Tennis 2, 5, 4, Cap and Gown gom- mittee 4. EVANS, IAMES DOMXNICK KK ' IJ Jim Stamp Club lp Cross-Country 57 Indoor Track 2, 5, 4, Outdoor Track 2, 5, 45 Gift Committee 4. EvANs, PAUL EDWARD " Bulch H Basketball 2, 5, 4g Baseball 2. FAOERQUIST, NORMAN ARTHUR nlvwagu niyvuncen r:N0l.m:: Baseball 2, 5, 4, Football 5, 45 Tennis lp Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Cross-Country 5, 45 Hockey 1, 2. FEELEY, PAUL VINCENT FEENEY, MURIEL BARBARA H I7lerl'z'll" Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Basketball I. FINNEGAN, MARY ELIZABETH "Fc'nny" Crew 5, 45 Tennis 1, 25 Hockey 1, 2. FLAGG, MARGARET MARY NP I! 59.9.11 Gig Reserves 5, Tennis 1, 23 Basketball FLYNN, RICIIARII MAURICE "Dick" Football 5, 4. FORREY, LILLIAN PRESCOTT npollyn ALI-lu Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 45 Hockey 1, 2, 5, 4, Manager 4. GERMAIN, ROBERT RICHARD UBOIJI, Radio Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 4 PrinCipal's Council 4. GILLIS, GLORIA lVlARIE IIGAJYI GOULD, MARJORIE LOUISA H1lllll:Ill.tZH "Goofy" "J1z'a'ge" "Jl1:g.f' Girl Reserves lg Basketball 2, 5, 4 Varsity 45 Tennis 5. GRAIIAM, IOIIN HOWARD HJ. Howard" "Johnny" Glee Club 43 Mixed Chorus 4g Band 2 Orchestra 2. GRANFORS, ALMA ANCELINE If ' ll Gelma GRAY, ALICE FRANCES .. S. U A lilly Girl Reserves 2, President 2, NORTII- ERN LIOIITS Board 4. GRAY, DAVILJ SIIATTUCR " Dave" GULLBERG, MAIJEL1Nl'I LOUISE Band B 25 Band A 5, 45 Orchestra B 55 Orchestra A 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 5, 4. -1 GUSTAFSON, ESTIIER MARc.ARI:'I' .. - ,, GllJ'.I'lC Camera Club 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4 Glee Club 5. GUSTAVSON, ELSIE IRI-:NE EDITH .fkwivn AGM., Glee Club 2, 5, 4. HADDAD, IAMES ABRAIIAM "P1'ofe.r.ror" "Duke" HAGGERTY, MARIE RITA HS!-J., French Club 5, 45 Class Dav Com- mittee 4. U HAIIi, MARGARET IANI-1 .I 1, U f'.flf7.V Senior Social Committee 4. HALL, ELIZABETH IANE "Belly" "HallJz'e" Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Girl Reserves 5, 4, Vice-President 45 Prin- cipal's Council 45 Basketball 1, 2, 55 Varsity 55 Cap and Gown Committee 45 NQRTIIERN LIGIITS Board 4. HAI.I.IsIgY, LoUIs Iosi-:PII Cross-Country 45 Indoor Track 4, Captain 45 Outdoor Track 4, Captain 4. HANSON, VIRGINIA LOUISE .. - ' H Ginnie Stamp Club 15 Camera Club 5, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Secretary 45 Field and Forest Club 25 Record Board 55 Agent 2, 5, 45 Field Hocke 2, 5, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Ciaptain 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 45 Tennis Team 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 4 5 Iunior Class Day Committee5 Iunior Graduation Day Committee5 Senior Social Com- mittee 45 NORTIIERN LIGHTS Board 4. HARRINGTON, BARBARA JANET ..Bobby,, Field Hockey 5, 45 Class Day Com- mittee 5. HASIIENI, CIIRISTINI: EVELYN Glee Club 2, 5, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 55 Demosthenes Club 2. HASTINGS, GEORGE XVI-'XRREN " J1:Q4j1'1',' "J1:q11-If U Band B lg Basketball 25 Crew 1, 2, 5. HASTINCES, PHILIP KAY " PIII!" French Club Ig Senior Social Com- mittee 4. HAWES, ROIIERT EDXVIN IIBUIIU ..B0Hw,, HAYES, IANE ATII ERTON .1 U -111111211 Cvlee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. HEIJLUND, RUTII LOUISE U Teen " Glee Club 1, 25 Band A 2, 5, 4, Vice- Presiclent 5, French Club 45 Principal's Council 5, Social Committee 5. HERAIANSON, EDXVIN ALVAR "lid" Glee Club 4. HIOIIIIERO, CARLE WOOIIRIYI-'If U Hzzfjfz " " LOII.l1lil'l.lIk U Orchestra B 1, 2, Orchestra A 5, 4, Presiclcnt 45 Hancl A 1, 2, 5, 4, Prin- cipal'S Council 45 Horace Nlann 5, 45 Class lnstrumentalist 45 Class Day Committee 45 NOll'1'IIEIlN LIGIITs Boarcl 4. IilNlC, IJOROTIIY LOUISE H 111.110-V H Girl Reserves 5, 45 Cvlee Club 1. X Y PIIRST, SIRKKA MIRJAM Glec Club 2, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 5, 4, President 45 Principal's Council 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 Varsity 2. HOKANS, NANCY CAROL Stamp Club 13 Glee Club 5, 4, Chorus 5, 4. HOOK, DOROTHY ANN llH00kl.E,! "Dol" HOUCK, MARY CATIIERINE " Sun.flzz'nc" HOWI,AND, EDWARD OLIVER Hlilafzlfzfl' "Haifa" Hi-Y 1. HUBBARD, MURIEL MARX' nlillbhlltfu Glee Club 45 Dramatic Club 4, Reserves 4. HULL, STANLEY PARKER "Sian" HULTMAN, ELLIOT GUS'1'AP' "FII" Radio Club 4, Vice-President 4. IACovoNE, IARII-:S IULIO NNW., IACOBSON, ALDEN HENRY A I. Jake Radio Club 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4. Girl IAEGGLI, MARILYN 1. , - ,I 1ll1l1lE Record Board 4, Glee Club 1, 25 Class Basketball 2, 5, 4, Varsity Basketball 43 Field Hockey 1, 2, 5, 43 Horace lVlann 4, NORTHERN LIcII'rs Board 4. IOIIANSON, NILS CARL AJOH ..0!a,, IOIINSON, ANN ELIZABETH IoIINsoN, CIIEsTER GEORGE ffchdu ..Red,, Football 5, 4. JOHNSON, NORBIA LOUISE UAf0rm,, Class Basketball 1. JOHNSON, ROBERT HARTLEY "Glamour lJa1Il.f" Uspeedu "Bob" Baseball 53 Football 4g Basketball 4 Class Day Committee 4. KAI,ASHIAN, lwlAR'1'HA GRACE "11lal'LI1" "Y7larflI.z1,' ' Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 4. KALOUSDIAN, MARION RITA KANE, KATIiI,EEN ANNE u Ar,-ILVJ: KASTBERG, MARY KIRSTINE "Kz'Ily" . 5 Glee Club 5. KEARNE1', ELIZABETH ISABELLE "Lib" Glee Club 15 Field Hockey 1, 2, 5, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 45 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Nlanager 45 Tennis 1, 2, 55 Principal's Council 5, 4, Secretary 5, Vice-President 55 Vice- President lunior Class. KENTROS, GEORGE ATIIAN .I ,, Doc Demosthenes Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Camera Club 45 Radio Club 45 Slide Rule 55 Basketball 55 Senior Gift Committee 4. KETTULA, MARIETTA ANNE Dramatic Club 45 French Club 45 Hockey 2, 55 Class Day Committee 55 Graduation Day Committee 55 Motto Committee 4, Chairmang NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4, Editor-in-Chief. KEY'P2S, BENJAMIN SAWYI-JR, IR. ,,Beng'y,, Agenyv HBMH ,fBud,, Future Farmers of America 5, 4. KILCOYNE, RAYMOND THOMAS ll Ray!! KILCOYNE, THOMAS IOSEPH ff Tomu Band 2, 5, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4. KITTRPIIVCE, MAIIY ALICE HK!-wiv HK!-In French Club 2, 5, 45 Glee Club 2, 5, 45 Accompanist 2, 5, 45 Mixecl Chorus 5, 45 Accompanist 5, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 Horace Mann 5, 4. KRAI.IAN, HENRY JACOB Camera Club 5, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. LAVENDIER, LOUISE GENEVIEVE Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves5 Field Hockey 2, 5, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 45 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. LEARY, IOHN IOSEPH uliackn ULN-radon Glee Club 2, 5, 45 Student Council 45 Senior Class Treasurer5 Indoor Track 2, 5, 45 Outdoor Track 2, 5, 45 Cross- Country 5, 45 Executive Committee 45 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. LENTI, FRANCEsco MICHAEL ll I! Frank Camera Club 5, 4, President 4, Treas- urer 4. LEWIS, SYLVIA ALIVTY KKSaUyIJ French Club 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 55 Band B 25 Dramatic Club 5, 4, Stage Manager 45 Record Board 45 Hocke 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 45 Varsity 2, 5, 45 Principal's Council 55 Horace lV1ann5 Iunior Social Committee5 Senior Class Day Com- mitteeg D.A.R. Delegate 45 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. LINDQUIST, GUSTAF BERG uGvuJ,n Stamp Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 5, 4, President 45 Band 1, 2, 5, 45 Prin- cipal's Council 5, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 55 NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. LOHNES, HELEN PAULINE 14' .IJ Lohneay LONGVALL, BARBARA "Baba" "Barb" French Club 5, 45 Demosthenes Club 5, 45 Glee Club 55 Crew 1, 2, Coxswain 1, Captain 2. LYDEN, IOHN FRANCIS ..JaL,k,, Radio Club 5. MACALLISTER, PHYLLIS " Squeekic " Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice- President 5, President 5, Secretar 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 55 Principal's Council 55 Girl Reserves 2, 5, President 5. MACDOWELL, ROBERT EARL 4'lBobII IKMHC!! Stamp Club 25 Hi-Y 5, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 5, President 45 Principal's Coun- cil 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Cross-Country 55 Tennis 45 Golf 45 Executive Com- mittee 4. MACKAY, NORMAN DALE "lilac" "Paddle.r" French Club 2, 55 Basketball 2, 5, 45 Baseball 2, 5, 45 Indoor Track 5, 45 Golf 5. MACKINTOSH, DONALD FRASER "Alas" Radio Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer, Secre- tary, President 5 Principal's Council 5 MAIIASSEL, IosEPII IOIIN A ,, Jac MAHONEY, MARY ELIZABETH MALMQUIST, CARL YALE 1. Cyn Slide Rule 4, Golf Team 5, 4, Captain 45 Class Day Committee 53 Horace Mann 5, 4. MALONEY, GEORGE EDWARD ..Ea,,, Cross-Country 2, 55 Indoor Track 2, 55 Outdoor Track 2. MARRONE, EDWARD IOSEPII nclzlicfi' Golf 13 Football 19 Baseball 2, 5, 45 Senior Social Committee 4. MARTINSEN, LEONARD PAUL "J1arfy" "Lenny" Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 4. MATTIUCCI, MALIA ROSE " fllaliyn Glee Club 2, 5, 4. MENARD, VICTOR ANTOINE ar Vicu Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 4. MEROLA, CLARA GILDA fl If Cary French Club 2, 5, 4. MOLLOY, PAUL FRANCIS .,M0lly,, Future Farmers of America 2, 5 Treasurer 4, Public Speaker 2, 5, 4 Gift Committee 4. MORSE, MARY ELIZABETH nBeHyn Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Tennis 5. MULLINS, ELLEN MARIE flMul,! Class Day Committee 4. MURPIIY, BURKE WILLIAM IIMMUII Baseball 2, 55 Hockey 2. MCAVOY, LOUISE LEONARD French Club 2, 5, 4 5 Ace-of-Clubs 2, Dramatic Club 5, 45 Record Board 5, 4, Literary Editor 45 Principal'S Council 4, Glee Club 1. MCCREA, HELEN PLUMLEY Record Board 45 Glee Club 15 Class Basketball 1, 2, NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. MCKEOWN, FRANK "liao" NIEMINEN, HELEN ELVIRA fl French Club 2, 5, 4g Camera Club 47 Girl Reserves 5, 4. NILSON, HULIJA INGEBORG Girl Reserves 5, 45 Camera Club 4. NORDWELL, MARGARET LOUISE .I P ,, ' e!l.lZV Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Girl Reserves 5, 4. NYHOLM, IOHN HENRY ll Hankll Slide Rule 4, Crew 4. O,DONNELL, IOIIN LEARY lfllackii Baseball 4. O'KEEFE, DANIEL PATRICK lf Dani? ORR, HARRY DAWSON Stamp Club 2g Band 5, Record Board 4 PAULSON, ROGER FRANCIS If IP Rag PEDONE, ANGELO IOHN H Spike N Cross-Country 1, 2, 5, 4, Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 45 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. PERO, CYNTHIA IOANNE I, - I, Cynnze Iunior Social Committee 5. '- PERRY, GEORGE NORMAN Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 5, President 43 Prin- cipal's Council 2, 55 Football 4, Senior Gift Committee 4. PERSON, EDITH SOPHIE "Edie" Glee Club 1. PHILBIN, PAUL EDWARD "Phil" PHILLIPS, ANNETTE MARIE French Club 5. PIGNATARO, HENRY CHARLES " Hank" POLLI, ANN LOUISE ll Il W'eeJc POWER, BERNARD IAMES "Bernie" Demosthenes Club 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5 ' Record Board 5, 4, Art Editor 5, 4, Editor 5, Associate Editor 45 Dramatic Club 4g Principal's Council 5, 4, Presi- dent 4g NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4, Art Editor. POWER, ELIZABETH ANN Il Boll Basketball 1, 25 Field Hockey 1, 2, 55 Tennis 1, 2, 5, 45 Secretary of Senior Class. PROVIDAKES, FRED PUTNAM, LOIS H Pulllyn Iunior Social Committee 5. I RAITAN EN, ALBERT KALERY'O lf All Band 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 5. RANTALA, PENTII IOHANNES fl I! Penny REESE, ANN Dramatic Club 5, 4, Secretary 45 Basketball l, 23 Varsity Basketball 2, NORTHERN LIGHTS Board 4. REYNOLDS, LEO IOSEPII u Redxl Future Farmers of America l, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 53 Football 2, 3j Flower Iudge 5. RICE, KNOWLTON PRENTICE .. - ,, Rzccy Radio Club 2, 5, 4, Secretarv 4, Band 2, 5, 4, Slide Rule 45 Class Day Com- mittee 4. RICH, ROBERT IRVING ..B0b,, Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 4. ROBERGE, ROGER PAUL ll Rag!! Football 5, 49 Senior Social Com- mittee 4. RocHETTE, RICHARD EDWARD ll ' .Il Dick Radio Club 45 Rifle Club 2. ROCHETTE, ROBERT EDWARD Band 5, 4. RoUssEAU, WALTER FREDERICK u Fredn Demosthenes Club 2, 5, Treasurer 2, Secretary 55 Record Board 2, 5, 4, Advertising Manager 5, Editor 45 Principal's Council 5, 4, Treasurer 5, Hi-Y 5, 4, President 43 Class Day Committee 5, Chairman, NORTHERN LIGHTS Board, Business Manager 4. RYAN, IAMES EMM ETT II !! Em RYNN, THOMAS EDWARD Hi-Y 1. SAMPSON, BARBARA SCIIOULER Baba' Girl Reserves 5. SEDARES, ELEANOR rl Aly: Dramatic Club 5, 4, Glee Club 5. SELIG, ROBERT BELMONT SINCLAIR, EDWARD ELLIOT lf Ed!! Horace Mann 5, 4. SKIDMORE, LOUISE CLAIR "Skid" Girl Reserves 55 Basketball 1, 2. SMITH, RICHARD STANLEY "Dick" Band 1, 2, 5, 41 Orchestra 5. SOLOPERTO, IOIIN FRANCIS A SUMVH Football 55 Track 5. SOMERVILLE, VIRGINIA LOUISE "G'I'nny" STANTON, ELOISE MAE ,I ,, EZ Glee Club 2, 5, 4. STONE, WILLIAMINA MAY If if Dramatic Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5. STREETER, GEORGE EBEN Football 5, 4. STRINGER, CARL IOHN, Ir. Dramatic Club 43 Track 13 Football 4 SULLIVAN, FRANCES RITA " Chickle " French Club 45 Glee Club 45 Chorus 45 Girls' Crew 4. SUND, KENNETH ALBERT HKMU Record Board 45 Stamp Club 4, Treas- urer 45 Slide Rule 55 Principal's Coun- cil 4. SWALLOW, BARBARA IEAN "Bobbie" Glee Club 2, 5, 45 Chorus 4. TAYLOR, DONALD EARL:-: 1: Don n Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Stage Manager 25 Glee Club 150rcheStra l, 2, 5, 4, Presi- dent 15 Slide Rule 45 Tennis 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 45 Social Committee 4, Chair- man. TIIAYER, MARY ELIZABETH Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Librarian 25 Girl Reserves 2. THOMAS, MARY ELIZABETH A U Tommy Glee Club 1, 2, 55 Chorus 2, 55 Dra- matic Club 45 Basketball 15 Hockey 15 Class Day Committee 4. TI-IOAIAS, DORO'1'!iY LILLIAN 41 if Dol Glee Club 15 Girl Reserves 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5, 45 Tennis 1, 2, 5, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Hockey 2, 5. THOREN, EMERY FRANCIS .. U Farmer Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 5, 4. TIIURLOW, DONALD EMORY u Dany: Band 1, 2, 5, Stage Manager 1, Libra- rian 25 Orchestra 1, 2, Librarian 25 Social Committee 4. TITUS, EVERETT GEORGE NEVH Hi-Y 55 Crew 5. TODD, BARBARA LOUISE .. ., Barb Glee Club 2, 5, 4. TRACY, CIIARLES EDWARD " Chick" Hockey 1, 2, 5, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4 TRUMBLE, FRANCIS XAVIER "Duke" TURPEINEN, VEIKKO .. ,, Turp Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. VACCA, ROBERT ANTHONY .f ,, Bob Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 5, 45 Base- ball 1. VAIL, ROBERT WILLIAM HBOV. Radio Club 2, 5, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 25 Vice-President 55 Treasurer 4. WAITE, HOPE EVELYN Girl Reserves 5. WIIITCOIVIB, MARIAN ELOISE Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Librarian 4, Stage Manager 1, 25 Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. WARNER, EDITH DELIMA 1'Fuzqy Glee Club 2, 45 Dramatic Club 1 2 WATSON, IOHN PHILIP 1-'Redn Fufure Farmers of Amerlca 1 2 5 WEBSTER, JOHN GORDON Band A5 Orchestra A5 Honor Pupll 4 WENTZELL, ARTHUR ATWOOD Chess Club 1. lr Ariz: WESTON, MABEL MARGARET " Dia'e" Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Chorus 5 4 Gxrl Reserves 1, 25 Hockey 1 2 Basket ball 1, 2. WALL, MARIORIE CLAIRE fl Glee Club 1. fllargle ' WHITTAKER, IAMES ROBERT llJl'mIl Football 5, 4. WILDER, FRANCES MARY Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. WINCHESTER, DONALD GEORGE If IlD0,llI Golf 1, 2, 5, 4. WOOD, LORING WAYLAND " Woodley Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 45 Orches- tra 1, 25 Chorus 5, 4. WOOSTER, HOWARD ROLAND, IR. XVRIGHT, LUCRETIA Glee Club 2, Field and Forest Club 2. YOUNG, NANCY MARIE ,. U Nan Glee Club 1, 2. YOUNG, ROBERT LEWIS flgobff Glee Club 25 Chorus 25 Dramatic Club 5, 4, Vice-President 4, Record Board 5, 4, Head Librarian. YURKIEWICZ, EDWARD .. Yum., Football 2. ZAMARRO, AMERIGO If Amyll Crew 5, 43 Tennio 2. 0t6lCe Jilfllflf 5A0!dt4 .1lI.YI,III',Il RICQ I 'IR1?Jll2'.VTS: Ifvcraye of UUQQ ol' ovcrfor Iwo t'0l1J'L'Cllfl.t'U yearf. 194013 VIRGINIA DOROTHY ADAMS MARILYN IAEGGLI IESSIE EVELYN BENSON MARY ALICE KITTREDGE RUTH LAWTON DAUPHINEE SYLVIA ALMY LEWIS CARLE WOODRUFF HIGHBERG CARL YALE MALMQUIST EDWARD ELLIOT SINCLAIR 1941A SHIRLEY MARIE CARLSON ALIZ NAOMI DEMIRIIAN PRISCILLA CRANE CATHERINE ELIZABETH FORTUNE 1941B LYDIA MINABELLE CHASE BARBARA RIFFORD MILLER DOROTHY AGNES CLASON AGNES MARY O'CONNOR ELIZABETH MARY DORAN CHARLES OICKLE, IR. EVELYN RUTH TAUBERT 1942A , GLORIA DIANA BRADLEY JAMES BRANNON LOVELL 41 en Zoe njaezfafivea Most Popular Boy . Most Popular Girl . Wittiest Boy . Wittiest Girl . . Most Attractive Boy . Most Attractive Girl . . Boy Most Likely to Su ccee d . Girl Most Likely to Su ccee d . Most Brilliant Boy . . Most Brilliant Girl . Most Athletic Boy . Most Athletic Girl . Best Dr esse d Boy . Best Dressed Girl . Best Natured Boy . Best Natured Girl . Most Bashful Boy . Most Bashful Girl . Most Sophisticated Boy Most Sophisticated Girl Personality Boy . . Personality Girl . 42 Warren Conlon Betty Cantwell Robert Butler Alice Gray George Hastings Betty Power Fred Rousseau Marietta Kettula Carle Highberg Iessie Benson Bob Vacca Lillian Forkey Iohn Cohn Norma Iohnson Bernard Power Betty Thomas George Perry Ianet Ekdahl Don Taylor Betty Bresnahan Robert Iohnson Sally Lewis lf' iv! lg 5' ZAEGGI-I I . O aimm . if PRINCIPAL'S COUNCIL 44 ,- 'Cl:lfLCQ9d!,J Cf0lfLlfLCl:! FEBRUARY-IUNE 1940 Bernard Power, Prewidenf Barbara Taylor, Secrelary George Baroud-Boys' Athletics Herbert BeckerwHi-Y Mary Bellefleur-Girls' Glee Club Iohn Bjork-Camera Club David Brigham-Stamp Club Robert Burns-Mixed Chorus Elizabeth Cantwell-Senior Class Shirley Carlson-Iunior Class Warren Conlon-Senior Class Barnard D'Ewart-Record Board Robert Ducharme-F. F. A. Anita Duguay-Cercle Francais Elaine Essen- Girl Reserves, Girls' Glee C Iohn Garrity-Junior Class Robert Germaine-Radio Club Elizabeth Hall-Girl Reserves Thomas Hickey-Iunior Class Carle Highberg-Grchestra A Sirkka Hirst-Dramatic Club lu May Iacobson-Band A, Orchestra A David Kearney-Demosthenes Club Barnard D'Ewart, Vice-Pre.f1'a'enl Robert lVlacDowell, Iieairurer Elizabeth Kearney-Girls' Athletics Maynard Kendall- Demosthenes Club Iohn Leary-Senior Class Robert MacDowell-Hi-Y Louise lVlcAvoy-Record Board Gordon Miller+Band A George Perry-F. F. A. Bernard Power-Record Board Elizabeth Power-Senior Class Robert Roberge-Boys' Athletics Fred Rousseau-Record Board William Ryan-Boys' Glee Club Donald Ryder-Radio Club Kenneth Sund-Stamp Club Robert Sundt-Cercle Francais Ralph Swanberg-Camera Club Barbara Taylor-Girls' Athletics Iohn Tyer-Boys' Glee Club Robert Vail-Radio Club Phyllis Willis-Iunior Class Robert Young-Dramatic Club RECORD BOARD ESSEN, YOUNG, SUND, HICKEY, BORGESON, BRESNAHAN DAUPHINEE, MCCREA, BOHLIN, ORR, POWER, GARRITY, PETERSON, LEWIS, IAEGGLI ADAMS, BENSON, D'EWART, MISS MCCLURE, ROUSSEAU, MCAVOY, DEMIRJIAN 46 ju JZM 632455 Edllor-L'n-Chief Fred Rousseau ,dmrociale Edilor Bernard Power Co-Lllerary Edllorw lessie Benson Louise lVlcAvoy B u.rine.r.r 171 a nager Barnard D'Ewart AdV8l'fl.J'l'I'lg 111 anager Priscilla Bohlin C lrculalion Jlanager lack Garrity d.r.fociate . Lilerary Edilonr Virginia Adams Ruth Dauphinee Aliz Demirjian Marilyn Iaeggli Helen McCrea Kenneth Sund Robert Sundt d.r,fZJlanl Adverlzlring 17111 nagem' Betty Borgeson Elaine Essen d.r.rZ.rlanl Circulalion Jlanager Herbert Becker dr! Edllor Bernard Power Prod Harry Orr Alumni Betty Bresnahan Exclzangea' Robert Young dllzletlca' Thomas Hickey Sylvia Lewis Oqganfzallona' Marie Peterson Faculty Advilrer Miss McClure 47 DRAMATIC CLUB LEWIS, CUSHMAN, POWER, O'CONNOR, HUBBARD. KALASHIAN FEDELI, BUELL, SEDARES, KETTULA, MR. KARLSON, CROWE, MCAVOY, BENSON, STONE CUMMINGS, EKDAHL, COOLIDGE, HIRST, YOUNG, REESE, THOMPSON 48 Sirkka Hirst, Premfdenf Ann Reese Secrefaqy Dir. K Iessie Benson Norma Buell Andrew Burns Alinabelle Chase Charles Coolidge Alice Crowe Dorothy Cummings Eleanor Cushman Iean Fecleli Muriel Hubbard Martha Kalashian Marietta Kettula eomfze Cleo! Robert Young, Vice Prexzdenl Ianet Ekdahl, Treaefurer arlson, Faculty A7a'sff,rer Sally Lewis Louise McAvoy Arthur Nichols Paul O'Connor Bernard Power Eleanor Sedares Beverly Scott Williamina Stone Carl Stringer Robert Sundt Betty Thomas Priscilla Thompson DEMOSTHENES CLUB O'CONNOR, POWER, HAYECK, POWERS, O'CONNOR, KAY O'CONNOR, DAUPHINEE LOCKE, BRADLEY, LONGVALL, BUELL, IOHNSON, BENSON, CROWE O'TOOLE, HICKEY, WILLIS, GARRITY, PETERSON, KENDALL S 614404 iA,dlfl,C.4 Iohn Garrity, Pf6Jl'L1I6I1f Maynard Kendall, Vice-Pre.v1'def1l Phyllis Willis, Sevrelary Thomas Hickey, Treamurer lessie Benson Ernest Hayecla lane Locke lwlarie Peterson Nlichael Boosahda Thelma Iohnson Barbara Longvall Bernard Power Gloria Bradley Charles Kay Agnes O'Connor Robert Powers Norma Buell David Kearney Charles O'Connor Henry Reeves Alice Crowe George Kentros Paul U'Connor Ruth Dauphinee David Lindquist Diary O'Toole 50 Jnfnze Iohn Adams Vartkes Bedrosian Iohn Blackman Vincent Bowen Iohn Brown Robert Bullard Ioseph Cameron Paul Carnazza Rusell Chamberlain Edwin Chrapowicki Charles Coolidge, Ir. Richard Cronican Ralph Currier Russell Dean Iames Doyle Robert Ducharme Edward Fallon Edwin Fedeli Eugene Foley Dwight Frohloflf Harry Gadde Wallace Grimes William Hawley Thaddeus Hogan Francis Holden James Hughes Kenneth Iohnson Benjamin Keyes azmew ob! vlmezica Louis Kilgore Iohn Lane George Listowich Frank Luks Robert Lyden Ernest Mathieu Arthur lVlcCaFf'rey Russell MacGeachey Paul Molloy Michael Morrone Elmer Nelson George Oster Lawrence Paulin Bernard Pender George Perry George Petty Anthony Polito William Richards Harvey Shipman Gerald Smith Redfield Sweet Eva Tauza Charles Thompson Emery Thoren Iohn Van Dam Morris Valente Iohn VVatson Leslie Winters FRENCH CLUB CRIMMINS, MEROLA, HEDLUND, LEAMY, HASTINGS, KEARNEY, CRANE GIANNINI, ERMILIO, BARRIERE, NIEMINEN, IOHNSON, MERRILL, ANDERSON, .WIANNING SULLIVAN, LEWIS, COLLINS, CARLSON, ADAMS, MQAVOY, ESTES, DIQLOLLIS, LONGVALL, LIQCLAIR BENSON, KAY, DUGUAY, MISS ROCHELEAU, BARRIERE, WOOD, DEMIRIIAN 52 Jfe Cezcfe Jcancaia Robert Sundt, Prefidenl Aliz Demirjian, Secretary Brooks Wood, Program Direcfor Miss Rocheleau, Faculty Virginia Adams Enid Anderson Eleanor Barriere Iessie Benson Arthur Bouvier Maureen Buckley Shirley Carlson Barbara Carr Bettina Chapman Barbara Collins Priscilla Crane Sally Crimmins Frances DeLollis Daniel Dick Gloria Ermilio Anne Estes Antoinette Cviannini Marie Haggerty Margaret Halley Philip Hastings Ruth Hedlund Anna Iohnson Carol Iohnson Ellen Kane Anita DuGuay, Vice Pre rzdemf Charles Kay, Treafurer Betty Borgeson, Pom! Iieeper 1'1dVl.J'6l' Barbara Longvall Ruth Leamy Gloria LeClair Carolyn Lewis Louise McAvoy Albert Mahassel Frances Malkasian Marion Manning Clara Merola Ann Merrill Eleanor Merrill Barbara Miller Anne Murray Arthur Nichols Helen N ieminen Mary O'Toole Marie Peterson Virginia Royal Bertha Saario Paul Savageau Albert Soloway Frances Sullivan Shirley Van Horn lane Williams RADIO CLUB HANNA, KENTROS, D'EWART, SELIG. COTE VAIL, GERMAINE, RYDER, RICE Jfdflzo Cm Donald Ryder, Preffdenl Robert Germaine, Vice-Pre.fidenf Knowlton Rice, Secrelapy Robert Vail, Treaxurer Alphonse Balchunas Iames Gourgouras Edward Cote Robert Hanna Barnard D'Ewart George Kentros Russell Selig 54 CAMERA CLU B NAHIKIAN, OLUND, KRALIAN, ERREDE H NIEMINEN, I. BENSON, E. GUSTAFSON, H. NILSON, M. CARLSON BIORK, V. HANSON, SWANBERG, LENTI 61.4 dl4fl6'C6i OFFICERS Randolph Swanberg, Prewfdenl Iohn Bjork, Vice Prewzdenl V1rg1n1a Hanson, Secrelary Francesco Lentx Treafurer Henry Kralian, Sergeanl-al-arma' MEMBERS George Angelus Philip Armstrong Iessie Benson Iohn Bjork Basil Boukalis Milda Carlson Walter Crowley Leonard D'0stuni Alichael Errede Randolph Swanbe 55 Esther Gustafson Virginia Hanson George Kentros Henry Kralian Francesco Lenti Helen Nieminen David Powell Emmons Putman Albert Rawclon rs ORCHESTRA O'ccAe.4Zl'1:a 04! Carle Highberg, Preffdeni Anna Eresian, S6CF6fdl11f May Iacobson, Vice-Prerzdenf Anna Eresian, Treawurer Mary Alice Kittredge, Ll-flfdflidll Vincent Mercadante, Slage VIOLIN: Elaine Becker Edith Bigelow Carl Bloom Lucy Boyden Anne Boyle Louis Dell'Olio Gloria Ermilio Thomas Kilcoyne Esther Koobatian Vincent Mercadante Ralph Salmi Margaret Nordwell Edward Langille John Wentworth FLUTE: Robert Babson Doris Parker FRENCH HORN: Wayne Barrington Madeline Gullberg Norma Gullberg PIANO: Anna Eresian Antoinette Giannini Mary Alice Kittredge TRUMPET: Walter Gleason' Gordon Webster CLARINET: Carle Highberg May Iacobson TRoMBoNE: Albert Raitanen Iohn Jackson CELLO! Barbara Collins TYMPANI: Donald Spencer DRUMS: Donald Taylor VIoLA: Ellen Emerson OccAe.4fm: 5 VIOLIN: Eleanor Barriere Edith Bigelow Lucy Boyden Ann Boyle Leonard D'Ostuni Frances Robertson Edna Schroder PIANO: Mary Conway Emeline Highberg Virginia Reeves CLARINET: Iohn Graham Richard La Porte Phyllis Willis VIoLA: Ellen Emerson Iohn Wentworth TRUMPET: Lois Brooks Peter Savko DRUM: Ronald Paris Edward Shamgochian TROMEONE: Raymond Frazier BAND 58 QA DRUM MAIORS Maynard Kendall William Iohnson Mabel Badger Nancy Hedenstad Natalie Hedenstad May Iacobson Marguerite Morrison Iean Schmidt TROMBONE Robert Adamson Raymond Frazier Iohn Iackson Richard Kervick Albert Raitanen CLARINET Shirley Carlson Carle Highberg May Iacobson Shirley Iacobs Richard LaPorte Lois Pierce Nancy Price Iohn Reese Robert Rochette William Ryan Richard Smith Evelyn Taubert Phyllis Willis TRUMPET Mabel Badger Walter Gleason Philip Hensel Howard Iohnson Andrew MacKenzie VL J Gordon Miller Henry Reeves Knowlton Rice Peter Savko Gordon Webster DRUM Frederick Chakour Vincent Mercadante Robert Sawyer Edward Shamgochian Donald Spencer Donald Taylor Brooks Wood SAXOPHONE Paul Anderson Richard Collier Edward Zieve TUBA Gustaf Lindquist Paul Lord FLUTE Robert Babson Edward Parker HORN Madeline Gullberg Thomas Kilcoyne BARITONE Thurston Groden FRENCH HORN Wayne Barrington GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 1957-GLOUCESTER, FIRST DIVISIONg 1938-FALL RIVER, FIRST DIVISION 1959fBELIVIONT, FIRST DIVISIONg 1959-WORCESTER, FIRST DIVISION 1940--WELLESLEY, FIRST DIVISIONg 1940-LAWRENCE, FIRST DIVISION 60 Qin!! Qfee Mary Bellefleur, Prexidenl Betty Borgeson, Secretary Shirley Carlson, Lilzrarian Alice Allen Ann Alu Ada Anderson Edith Anderson Melissa Anderson Nancv Anderson RuthhAnderson Phvllis Andrews Ioan Arbour Doris Ash Bette Ashworth Barbara Baird Alice Beach Dorothea Beach lean Becker Lois Becker Mary Belletleur Virginia Benney Iessie Benson Ioyce Bissell Dolores Bolivar Betty Borgeson Ruth Boulav 2111 Virginia Boilsquet Ann Boyle Doris Brigham Shirlev Carlson Iune Cleverly Mary Connors Sylvia Costello Evelyn Crabbe Priscilla Crane Barbara Cushman Harriet Davidson Norma Davis lane Donnelly Grace Dunton Marv Eddy Phyllis Elmer Elaine Engstrom Anna Eresian Carol Ericson Elaine Essen Ann Estes Muriel Feenev Patricia Field Eleanor Finneran Iosephine Gaeta Barbara Gates Iune Gray Ieanette Green Madeline Gullberg Norma Gullberg Ruth Gunnarson Marjorie Gurney Elsie Gustavson Elizabeth Hall lean Hamill Florence Harding Christine Hashem lane Hayes Emeline Highberg Sirklxa Hirst Majorie Hogan Nancy Hokans Ruth Holdredge Barbara Holmquist Edith Hover Beverly Howe Muriel Hubbard Shirley lacobs Mona Iacobson Marilyn Iaeggli Marie larry Gladys Iohnson Helen Johnson Marjorie Iohnson Miriam Iohnson Thelma Iohnson Virginia lohnson Martha Kalashian Vir inia Keyes Viofet Kinney Mary Alice Kittrecl Esther Koobatian Charlotte Kovar Harriet Kumpey Shirley Laleunesse Ruth Leamy Gloria LeClair Betty Leitch Ianet Lord lune Lundquist Phyllis MacAllister Viola Manty Shirley Matson 61 Cla! Elaine Essen, Vice-Premdenl Betty Hall, Trearrurer Marion Whitcomb, Lllflftlfldfl ge Malia Matiucci Charlotte McNeilly Barbara Mellen Mary Meala lean Murphy Virginia Nelson Lois Norberg Greta Oberg lrene O'Brien Doris O'Leary Iuliana O'Malley Betty Pearson Evelyn Peck Isabel Pero Dorothy Person Edna Peterson Ruth Peterson Virginia Reeves Virginia Royal Lillian Sandstrom Myrtle Sarasin Dorothy Scricco Mary Slein Beverly Smith Merle Smith Ruth Steinem Florence Streeter Frances Sullivan Barbara Swallow Barbara Swift Helen Tapper lean Thomas Priscilla Thompson Barbara Todd Betty Vail Shirley Van Horn Eleanor Wentworth Mabel Weston Marion Whitcomb Charlotte Whitticom Priscilla Wlhittum Frances Wilder lane Williams Virginia Williams Pearl Wilson Marie Young BOYS' GLEE CLUB 1957 GLOUCES'l'ICR, FIRST DIVISIONg 1958 FALL RIVER. SECOND DIVISION 1959 BELMONT, SECOND DIVISIONg 1939---WORCESTER, FIRST DIVISION 1940 WEl,1,1'1S1,IiY, FIRST DIVISIONg 1940 LAWRENCE, SECOND DIVISION 62 William Ryan, Praridemf Iohn Garrity, Secrefafy Dean Amidon, Librarian Donald Spencer, Sla-ge Philip Armstrong Bernard Bartlett Philip Bassford Robert Burns Robert Clave Richard Curtis Robert DeLuca Vladimir Dimitroff Iohn Ekengren Robert Ellison Martin Flink Thurston Graden Iohn Graham John Hashem 074, gig Cii Edwin Hermanson Vartkes Hightaian Edwin Iohnson XVilliam Iohnson Maynard Kendall Richard Kennedy Iohn Kilcoyne Iohn Koobatian George Lawton Iohn Leary Richard Long Iames McNamara Victor Menard Frederick Monks 65 Iohn Tyer, Vice-Prewidenl Loring Wood, Treararer Iohn Ford, Librarian Harlan Beach, Stage Edward Parker Edward Pearson David Powell Henry Reeves Yvarren Rousseau Robert Shea Herbert Small Harold Taylor Wlilliam Towns Veikko Turpeinen Iohn VVentworth Charles Xvhitcomb Brooks YVood 5+'fx sc"oQ4 Q' x Jftg s? ' W x MIXED CHORUS 1957- GLOUCESTER, FIRST DIVISIONg 1938-WFALL RIVER, FIRST DIVISION 1950---BELMONT, FIRST DIVlSIONg 1959-WORCESTER, FIRST DIVISION 1940-' WEI,LESI,EY, FIRST DIVISIONg 1940-LAWRENCE, FIRST DIVISION 64 Robert Burns, Prwidenl Virginia Royal, Secretary Ianet Lord, Librarian Dean Amidon, Stage Alice Allen Ada Anderson Edith Anderson Melissa Anderson Ruth Anderson Barbara Baird Alice Beach Dorothea Beach Mary Belletleur Iessie Benson Betty Borgeson Ruth Boulay Ann Boyle Robert Clave Iune Cleverly Mary Connors Priscilla Crane Richard Curtis Harriet Davidson Robert Ellison Phyllis Elmer Elaine Engstrom Anna Eresian Carol Ericson Elaine Essen Martin Flink Iohn Garrity Moment' Ctwcaa Iohn Graham Ianet Greene Madeline Gullberg Norma Gullberg Elizabeth Hall lean Hamill Emiline Highberg Vartkes Hightaian Nancy Hokans Beverly Howe Miriam Iohnson William Iohnson Martha Kalashian Maynard Kendall Mary Kittredge Esther Koobatian Charlotte Kovar Harriet Kumpey Shirley Laleunesse George Lawton Betty Leitch Richard Long Phyllis MacAllister Barbara Mellen Victor Menard Frederick Monks Lois Norberg Isabel Pero, Vice-Praridenl Thurston Graden, Treafurer Iames McNamara, Librarian Robert Shea, Slage Greta Oberg Edward Parker Betty Pearson Martin Pearson Ruth Peterson David Powell Warren Rousseau William Ryan Myrle Smith Donald Spencer Frances Sullivan Barbara Swift Barbara Swallow Harold Taylor Veikka Turpeinen Iohn Tyer lean Tyrrell Betty Vail Eleanor Wentworth Mabel Weston Marion Whitcomb Charlotte Whitticum lane Williams Pearl Wilson Brooks Wood Loring Wood The Mixed Chorus won Hrst prize for their selections in the contest at Wellesley, Massachu- setts, and in the early part of Iune a group has been chosen to sing at the YVorld's Fair in New York. 65 North High School Song' 1914 c. L. K. C. 1. R. Boldly il : 1 -L-it iii g E ,jg 1. The North High we, of loy - al blood, A stur-dy race and strong! Our Al - ma. Ma - ter 2. Thou lov - est in -dus-try and truth,Dost hate dull sloth and fraud,And vic-t'ries gain'd by 3. When faith- ful toil and hon -est hearts Our cherished goal shall win, We'll ne'er for - get how M -H A ,, '3lT'i1l,j, 1 ,'l,-ill N , r 1 , H- - 4- 1 . -. sf . -1 ,. 1 W ik ,,Cl:,, ,rlfgli 3 AD av !,gy1, x BL PLAQE3 q is :I-. -s 1-' ---v ---l- LC- -l l- l J AJ- Q3 4 4531 - ,. , 7 .7.,,,-. fq.. i - 432'-EEgiPfLE3g5fHiE115fH-differ gt oi'- ffl -ati 1- 11- 1 .si H-C? - 1- + 'l H1 D R1-:FRAIN A G 5 ,, -Zi -N-r--,gjQ:'9,, ' 'li 4f:1,iA11fiJ"E'P'- , 5 E -W -t - ii--ilj-11+ iw, well be-loved We cel -e-brate in song. Tho' winds blowoast or winas nlow west, As we hon- or's stain Thou nev - er dost ap-plaud. of - ten thou Our guid-ing star hast been. --l- f - 45- N--l- -- -4 lA - - -l l i g-il 1-gfligfia lil- -1 Awiawmrg 4 - - -3 1,-giifsiflghyliirvliigl, 12 ' ' ' ' f,: - , J J -l A t -- '---f-e W- - - - --- - 9112? ififiefiil if is 52- , o' -12? V2 Q -4 :l 1 60 V- gd ---4-'1-i- F :fl -.Il Il ji--1 -'W' f- F + 7- if fa lf E Slower :- tb i1:- 5 5 an Ti- 3-E 113- . . sigf'-1 Pifii- TP -E i,:E5,,,'- f": - W-'TTD1y1.11'fiZ:.Iv, ,pll roam o'er land and sea, Our trust - y compass points ns e'er North High School back to thee. 2 . ,. ,,l-,.l, Q- l L- 44s, N -I J 7 , ' . JQ,5,,d, 4, - :g',+,f 1,2 1-4:,,:r,,.,r-.1 5 4, 4 'iw ejfisi .S, ,Liiji1jZd"ll"Lj2?j1"'si-'Eff 9-A - i-ai:-sl:-iifrh?-H4'T'i'2jiiii2,vf'rMgTiigE2 2T 4 collrz race ,,, ,J ALJ 41,1 ,, L 5,5 4,,E?,,b ,iv , -11 -1- . 5 :1?-E1 l,,iigE::g ifrlx 6qq,1':iiF:2i,l3:Q11 I:-M si 5-4 -+11 -f , 44.4 gi---1 l 1 mt 2 - ij: 1- It -l--l- -F V V 0- 77- 1- 1- -6- -64- 79, lk i, 1' 66 EVERETT G. SHERWIN The clam of nlneleen hundred and folly appreciafw ine leading and kindly fervz'ceJ of our princzlmzl, Mr. Sherwin 67 Q 5 . i E 68 C7-Mfef FOOTBALL SQUAD ANDERSON, CAPT. VACCA, CAMMARA, COGOLI, MR. GRIFFEN, MR. GAGNON, YURKIEVVICZ FALCO, O'BRIEN, DEL SIGNORE, MCCARTHY, JOHNSON, CLASON, CONLON GIAGUINTO, STREETER, SHIPMAN, ADAMS, FLYNN, NYLEN, GULIA MURPHY, BOUKALIS, IACOBS, CUNNINGHAM, GADDE, FORD, STEWARD Absent when picture taken: Bartley, Connors, Hickey, Holmquist, Marrone, MCLeocl, and Roberge. 70 Warren Conlon, le Warren Anderson, lt George Streeter, lg Robert Vacca, c, Captain Guerin Cammara, rg Harvey Shipman, rt Paul McCarthy, re Perry Iacobs, g Iohn Giaguinto, lh Iames Adams Harry Bartley William Boukalis Louis Del Signore Ioseph Falco Richard Flynn Eugidio Gulia North 6 North 0 North 0 North 6 North O North 7 North 22 North 0 Cloud!! CS-WJ Harry Gadde, rh Roger Roberge, f Wesley Clason William Cogoli Iames Connors William Cunningham Iohn Ford Merdic McLeod Edward O'Brien Edward Yurkiewicz RESERVES Thomas Hickey Alfred Holmquist Chester Iohnson Robert Iohnson YValter Nylen Donald Marrone Robert Murphy Donald Steward SCHEDULE 71 Classical 20 Fall River 29 Commerce 40 Academy Gray South 7 Gardner 58 Southbridge O Fitchburg 28 BASKETBALL COACH O'MAI,l.EY, ANDERSON, MCCARTHY, DOLAN CONCORDIA, FAGERQUIST, DE FLAVIO, MAQKAY IOHNSON, LASKA, EVANS, PARMEGIANE 72 gddzefgdfx gjlftdj Theodore Dolan, Jlanager Warren Anderson, c, f Iohn Concordia, c Iames De Flavio, g Paul Evans, f, g Norman Fagerquist, f Martin O'Malley, Coach Robert Iohnson, g Peter Laska, f Dale MacKay, c, f, g Paul McCarthy, c, f, g Ralph Parmegiane, f NORTH BASKETBALL SCORES North 25 North 56 North 18 North 48 North 29 North 27 North 29 North 50 North 52 North 22 North 56 North 22 North 56 North 29 North 24 North 29 Assumption 26 Alumni 50 St. Iohn's 25 Sacred Heart 20 Trade 50 St. Peters 40 Commerce 45 Sacred Heart 59 Classical 29 South 57 Commerce 29 St. Peters 17 Classical 25 South 50 St. Iohn's 45 Trade 57 HOCKEY MR. GAGNON, GADDE, TRACY, ZIKE WALKER, HORGAN, KANE, C. D'EWART, B. D'EWART ROCHFORD, ANDERSON, DI LIDO, NYLUND, COLLINS 74 ylvlocgey SWL David Anderson Ioseph Carraher Iohn Collins Charles D'Ewart Barnard D'Ewart Joseph DiLiddo Harry Gadde Robert Grunditz North 1 North 5 North 0 North 2 North 1 North 2 North 1 Mr. Gagnon, Coach RESULTS IO M Iohn Horgan Walter Kane Robert Murphy Walter Nylund Richard Rocheford Charles Tracy Iames Walker Vincent Zike Commerce 4 Classical 0 South 1 Williston 1 Commerce 2 Classical 1 South 2 a il 'F ' QWSYQQ4 N 5617 2 gp Q ., 'FR ll nn BASEBALL HILDRETH, LALONE, ANDERSON, D. MARRONE, PETERS, MACKAY, CONCORDIA, SENIOR GRUNDITZ, MCLEOD, E. MARRONE, MEAGHER, DEAN, PARMEGIANE, FAIRHURST FITZGERALD, MIDGLEY, GENTILE, MOLINARI, ARBOUR, KANE, O'DONNEL 76 gm!! Mr. O'Malley, Coach CATCHERS William Meagher Alfred Lalone Donald Marrone PITCHERS Warren Anderson Dale MacKay Merdic McLeod Russell Dean Francis Senior INFIELDERS Robert Grunditz Walter Kane Mitchell Peters Nicholas Gentile David Fitzgerald Iohn O'Donnell Richard Hildreth OUTFIELDERS Iames Fairhurst Iohn Concordia Edward Marrone Iohn Arbour Ralph Parmigiane William Brunelle Malcolm Midgley SCHEDULE April 50 Fitchburg, away May 5 Commerce May 6 South May 10 St. Peter's, away May 15 Commerce May 17 Classical May 22 Commerce May 24 South May 27 Classical May 51 St. Iohn's, away Iune 7 Classical Iune 11 South 77 i f ., TRACK TEAM CYLEARY, COGOLI, HALLISEY, MR. OTT, ALICANDRO, IAMGOCHIAN, O'DAY SHOOSMANIAN, LATAGOLA, PEDONE, BAROUD, RICE, ODONOGHUE 78 JVIDZOUT QHVIITQT QTQCA i Hzlqlz Jump-lst, Dumbrauskas, Commerce, 2nd, Sweeney, Commerce, 5rd, tie between Connor, Classical, and Gillette, Classical. Height, 5 ft., 6 in. 600-Yard Run-lst, Dumbrauskas, Commerce, 2nd, Sweeney, Commerce, 5rd Hallisey, North, 4th, Gillette, Classical. Time 1.55. I 50-Yard Hzzgh Hurdlew-lst, Dumbrauskas, Commerce , 2nd, Bestick, Classical' 5rd, Loprado, Commerce, 4th, Connor, Classical. Time .05.9. 1 25-Yard Dawh-lst, Evans, North, 2nd, Pedone, North, 5rd, Stayman, Classical' 4th, Wiik, Commerce. Time .03.4. J 500-Yard DdJlIm1St, Stayman, Classical, 2nd, Wiik, Commerce, 5rd, Pedone, North, 4th, Evans, North. Time .41. Slanding Broad Jump+1st, Bestick, Classical, 2nd, tie between Loprado, Com- merce ancl Dumbrauskas, Commerce, 4th, tie between Wiik, Commerce' Pedone, North, and Stayman, Classical. Distance, 9 ft., 9M in. 1 Shot Pu!-lst, Wiik, Commerce, 2nd, Cogoli, North, 5rd, Matzilevitch, Classical' 4th, Connor, Classical. Distance, 45 ft., 11 in. 1 Relay-lst, Commerce CWiik, Loprado, Sweeney, and Dumbrauskasj, 2nd Classical CConnor, Stayman, Bestick, and Matzilevitchj. Time 2.26. J POINT STANDING Commerce 45M Classical 27M North 25M I x94 1 5011 gfxx v4-4 l 5' 5 02 V! Q Q TRUTH ljf' 0 79 -f er Jnfee-A574 Juicer .fMeef at Grafton St. Iunior High Gymnasium Hzzgh Jump-lst, Dumbrauskas, Commerce, 5 ft., 9 in.: 2nd, Dupont, Commerce: 5rd, Beinema, Commerce : 4th, tie between Sweeney, Commerce, and Lategola, North. Standing Broad Jump-lst, Bestick, Classical C9 ft., 10M in.D : 2nd, Kachadorian, South: 5rd, Borg, Commerce: 4th, Iamgochian, North. I2-Pound Sho! Pu!-lst, Wiik, Commerce C46 ft., 7M in.D: 2nd, Borg, Commerce: 5rd, Cogoli, North: 4th, Yablonski, Classical. 25 -Yard Dawk- First Heat: lst, Rutelonis, Commerce: 2nd, Dalrymple, Commerce. Time 05.5. Second Heat: lst, Lawrey, Commerce: 2nd, Yablonski, Classical. Time .05.6. Third Heat: lst, Iohnson, North: 2nd, Porter, Commerce. Time .O5.5. Fourth Heat: lst, Pedone, North: 2nd, Kochadonian, South. Time .05.4. Fifth Heat: lst, Stayman, Classical: 2nd, Evans, North. Time .05.5. First Semi-final Heat: lst, Kachadonian, South 5 2nd, Rutelonis, Commerce. Time .05.4. Second Heat: lst, Pedone, North: 2nd, Stayman, Classical. Time .O3.4. Final Heat: lst, Pedone, North: 2nd, Stayman, Classical: 5rd, Kachadonian, South: 4th, Rutelonis, Commerce. Time .05.4. 2 7 -Y ara' H Liqh H urdlew- First Heat: lst, Beinema, Commerce: 2nd, Borg, Commerce. Time .04.2. Second Heat: lst, Rutelonis, Commerce: 2nd, Iamgochian, North. Time .04.4. Third Heat: lst, Bestick, Classical: 2nd, Dumbrauskas, Commerce: 5rd, Beinema, Commerce: 4th, tie among Rutelonis, Commerce: Bestick, Classical 3 and Iamgochian, North. Time .04.2. 600-Yard Run-lst, Lamb, South: 2nd, Hallisey, North: 5rd, Wiik, Commerce 3 4th, Sweeney, Commerce. Time l.55.6. 500-Yam' Dawh Cpursuit stylej-lst, Kachadorian, South 5 2nd, Stayman, Classi- cal: 5rd, Lawrey, Commerce 3 4th, Evans, North. 1000-Yard Run- First Heat: lst, Dumbrauskas, Commerce: 2nd, Hallisey, North, 2.49.5: 5rd, O'Connor, North. 80 GOLF TEAM O'HEARN, MR. SULLIVAN, DUFFY BURNS, KEARNS, DICK, MALMQUIST Mr. Carl Malmquist, Caplain Robert Duffy May May May May May May May 5 8 14 16 20 22 25 Commerce Westboro Qhomej Classical South St. Iohn's St. Iohn's Commerce gag QW Sullivan, Faculfy f1dVl'J'0l' Thomas O'Hearn Howard Kerans Martin Flink SCHEDULE May 27 Leicester High May 29 Westboro Iune 2 Leicester High Chome Iune 4 Classical lune 6 South Iune 7 Trade June 10 Trade 81 'Senior Nlay Nlay Mag' llflay TENNIS TEAM KARSBERG, MR. PALSER, TAYLOR, WOOD CREAMER, BURNS, DONOVAN elfllfllfi Mr. Palser, 14dVl.J'0l' SQUAD 'FDonald Taylor :"Eclward Donovan Francis Creamer SCHEDULE l Midcllesex Academy, away Mag' 2 Commerce High Mag' 14 Classical High Nlay 15 XNilliston Academy, away Iune Iune 6 South High 82 Richard Karsberg Brooks Wood Robert Burns 16 South High 18 Assumption High, away 25 Commerce High 4 Classical High BOYS' CREW WHITE, ANDERSON, MR. WRIGHT, TOSI, KANE. HASTINGS NYHOLIVI, CARR, SAVAGEAU, GORDON, WALLSTEN C 4 Sc ,sw "Q 'DER U wi? f - " 1 'FQ' XY VVVV K az. 85 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM GRAVLIN, I. GREEN, ROYAL, CARR, CROZIER, DONNELLY IOHNSON, ASH, THOMAS, DOYLE, HOWE, ESSEN, MCLAUGHLIN, CROWLEY, REIDY N. GREEN, ANDERSON, POWER, HANSON, CAPT. TORKELSON, KOOBATIAN 9 '-' Qztli jenna AW! Enid Anderson Margaret Carr Bettina Chapman Mary Crowley Phyllis Crozier Rosemary Donnelly Ann Doyle Enid Anderson Elaine Essen Charlotte Cvravelin Ianet Green Norma Green Virginia Hanson Beverly Howe Anna Iohnson SEEDED PLAYERS Esther Koobatian Niary McLaughlin Betty Power Shirley Reidy Virginia Royal Dorothy Thomas Evelyn Torkelson Betty Power SCHEDULE May 20 North 5 Commerce O May 28 North 5 South 0 lune -1 North 2 Classical 5 WINNERS oE THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP 84 GIRLS' CREW F. DELOLLIS, D. O'LEARY, L. WRIGHT, M. SMITH, S. CRIMMINS, D. SCHRODER E. HORNER, S. O'BRIEN, I. SCHMIDT, G. TODD, M. IONES, M. DOWS v-X-4 can 3-we 512 '02 - E'-1 Eg 85 -fr GIRLS' FIELD IIOCKEY SQUAD E. 'I'DRKEI.SON, I. DONNELLY, A. IUHNSON, NI. IIAAIAIARSTROAI, Ii. CHAPMAN, E. FORAIAN, B. CLARK C. LEWIS, Ii. TAYLOR, MISS DREW, A. KARIAAIA, AI. IIAAIAIUXD N. FRIAR V, HANSDN L. FORKEY, IS. HARRINGTON, S. LEWIS, CAPT. AI. IAEGGLI, E. KEARNEY C. GRAYLIN, S. BARKER 80 git!! cle!! ,L1lacAe7 Jerzm Nliss Drew, Coach Sylvia Lewis, Caplain Lillian Forkey, Jlanayer Shirley Barker, g Nancy Friar, re Charlotte Gravlin, rh Dlarie Hammarstrom, re lxlarjorie Hammond, g Virginia Hanson, rh Barbara Harrington, rf Emma Hughes, lf Marilyn laeggli, cf Anna Karjama, ch Elizabeth Kearney, ch Carolyn Lewis, rw Barbara Taylor, le SCHEDULE October 21 North 0 South 2 October 28 North 2 Classical 1 November 5 North 5 Commerce 2 gap "W Qaifn nr Q GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD B. CARR, A. MERRILL, V. BOUSQUET, L. LUND, M. HAMMOND, B. CUSHMAN, A. CAMARRA M. NYGARD, M. GOULD, B. TAYLOR, MISS DREW, V, ROYAL, P. CROZIER, M. HOGAN S. LEWIS C. LEWIS G. BRAITHWAITE, V. HANSON, L, FORKEY, CAPT. E. KEARNEY, L. LAVENDIER 88 I Qzfzfaii Czataffy gaailellgaff jerznm Nliss Drew, Coach Lillian Forkey, cf, Captain Elizabeth Kearney, lg, Jlanager Grace Braithwaite, bg Phyllis Crozier, If Nancy Friar, bg Marjorie Gould, bg Virginia Bousquet Antoinette Camarra Barbara Carr Barbara Cushman February 10 February 17 March 2 RESERX'ES Ann Merrill SCHEDULE North 12 North 15 North 24 89 Virginia Hanson, rg Marjorie Hogan, lf Louise Lavenclier, rf Mildred Nygard, rg Virginia Royal, bg Barbara Taylor, rf Mariorie Hammond Carolyn Lewis Sylvia Lewis Lilly Lund Commerce 59 Classical 53 South 25 ' Sc 435694 i 'UQ S -. U" Q' x We u rw: Ck.. CVM!! Being of sound mind and body, we, the class of 1940, do bequeath the follow ing treasured belongings to the up-and-coming class of '4l. Betty Cantwell's way with people. John Bjork's bashfulness. Sally Lewis' bench-warming ability in basketball. Louis Hallisey's flying feet. All Ginnie Hanson's fraternity pins. Bernie Power's art genius. Alice Gray's glasses Cdid anyone find 'em?j Herbie BeCker's big heart. Louise Lavendier's calmness under fire in a game. Roger R0berge's faculty for skipping school. Dot Thomas' keen wit. George Hastings' oars. lane Hayes' silly little giggles. Bob Butler's line. Betty Power's tennis ability. Bob Iohnson's dancing. Peggy Hair's ready smile. Bill Enos' physique. Sally Crimmin's business-like manner. Bob Hawe's sophistication. Lil Forkey's all-round athletic ability. Chick Tracy's blue eyes. Mary Alice Kittredge's touch at the keyboard. Betty Bresnahan's walk. Betty Thomas' razzing ability. Marietta Kettula's abundant energy. Muriel Hubbard's green sack. Lib Kearney's scatterbrains. "Doc" Kentros' drumming. Eddie lVlarrone's home runs. lack Lyden's good looks. Phyllis lVlacAllister's singing voice. Don Thurlow's trumpet. Priscilla Bohlin's blond hair. Iimmy Whittaker's wings. Don Winchester's driver. Knowlton Rice's wooden bow ties. 90 WALTER E. BARNA RD The Senior Clam wz'Jhe.r fo exprelnr Ihr grafifude Z0 Jlr. Barnard for lzzlr unfaZlz'f1g counfel and LlJ'J'L'J'f6ll1C8 during fhe greafer par! of our lime af Norfh, when he .rerved air amrzlrzfanl princzlnal. 91 ,Ugly CM OFFICERS Firm! Semetrler' Preffdenl . . . . Fred Rousseau f'1'ce-Pre.f1'denl . . . Robert lVlacDowell Sevrelary . . . Robert Burns Treafurer . . . Herbert Becker MEMBERS Dean Amidon Robert Babson Iohn Barrett Philip Bassford Herbert Becker lohn Bjork Robert Burns Stanley Chrapowicki Gerald Frappier Iohn Garrity Edward Howland David Kearney Robert Knowles Robert lVlacDowell Richard Merritt Richard Piplar Warren Hyson 92 Serond Semefler Robert lVlacDowell Herbert Becker Robert Sundt Richard Wallsten Richard Karsberg Morton Pearson Fred Rousseau Ken Russell Thomas Rynn Dean Skillin Robert Sundt Chester Swenson Ernest Titus Everett Titus Richard Tracy William Travers Iohn Tyer Richard Wallsten H. Brooks Wood Calvin Woodbury William Wloodbury git! fgeaezvea Elaine Essen, Prexidenf Priscilla Crane, SECf8fdQU Betty Borgeson Shirley Carlson Lorraine Cutty Ellen Emerson Nlarjorie Gould Charlotte Gravelin Regina Gruen Dorothy Hine Muriel Hubbard Marjorie Iohnson Louise Lavendier Phyllis Willis Elizabeth Hall, I 'ice Preirzdenl Dorothy Thomas, Treatrurer Marion Manning Louise Murphy Helen Nieminen Hulda Nilson Margaret Nordwell Margaret Osborne Charlotte Sawin Willamina Stone Evelyn Torkelson Eleanor Wentworth Dorothy Wiley CS-iw? Cla! David Brigham, Prefidenl ohn Bjork, Secrefary Herbert Becker Robert Bergwall Iohn Bjork David Brigham Clifton Forsberg OFFICERS Herbert Becker, Vice Prefzdenl Kenneth Sund, Treawurer MEMBERS Donald Whitehead 95 Stanley Lindberg Gustaf Lindquist Malcolm Midgley Iames Petterson Kenneth Sund MC! PAID A Gown ooD CAFETERIA Lal 50, HE TOINED ...l- THE TEN' WEEK TQRNHD O WDO THE SAYS ra-mr HE L L' OK CAPITALISI' TH E N AUYN -uv-' D0 SCMGAKKED Upon: SER NOJ-IQ wmv L.. now IN THC' BUS?-IUE5 LATIN CLASS 'a"' MEN IF YA Pu-r A Rouse, Fuzz- PIECE OF IVIEFFG. IN A SLQT U I5 T ' HAT COUN Tb R TEH ,,1'v' ' CHE moanuuc THE WERE AT' P .vl H Ae EQ WHEN To-ne' Pmvvraigs uJEv-AE W THE.SGHO0b- ONLR 94 You anus Dawg ET Awww Fnom f,,THE5E 1, Yov'c,c. a..oo -J PAW-rao INC: QN THE Amar CLASS Kumi Q QQ .1 J 'SCJ o xt . 1 h ala ' -U H 5 'i al E "' f" ' if A 1 - X Q ' 27 , 'XM f 1 I 'A M 1w'2v'5' "' ' J' ' 4' '7ro9vSS",ff' . .N 1' +- 5 . judo T0 fflhflf Jltxwi' i , 44,-,,f "+o oe Nx- ' Q ,wr R- K ' . t 11' S 4-4.4 ' 'MmmeL Hub8And - ' 5+ SZI4-Vg AM. Ffeu buh wwe' -M - Ros worm-rs U"'Cf ' wrru 'Har "RECORD" I, Mis: ALLEN HAD G A- Hens ,Too ,ff 'A ffm - ' 1 fs JN N, .. QQ , -fb m Q6 Q? s -' ' .,-r is yd ELL . 4 , X 4 NW -A ,- s Y , ' n '-- 4 4 The Ions' f ir 1 MM or Me. ." f I Fumes-1 - L, 4 Ehcl-DES ,-4 z D I Y gg., Resumes' . V' - -1 1. ....,bQw-We-f ' Wbgetnlirr 5 H 'MAR' cm. ,FIN9 .-TrRuhTH..5 Al Tk ffgggcm 'f ffm?" " f " f v f A HEI- - I HY Tlvr? C0231 20j,Y714l:wgoo4-17' W THKY ,Deir 'N fENiS-J 95 96 Where Cent?-dl "Distinctive Portraiture New England Sboju LAN GDON SCHERVEE Denholm 8a 29 Pearl Street MC Kay Worcester WORCESTER'S LARGEST AND LEADING STORE Shervee Studios Tel. 5-4863 COMMONWEALTH PRESS Primary af "Norlloern Liglmn 44 PORTLAND STREET - WORCESTER - MASS. 97 0 ,QOH elflftelflt 671 The recess meetings of the "Sigma Alpha Pi" gossip sorority in Miss Drew's office. The earrings and "sloppy loc" sweaters that graced the girls. The Seniors rushing around swapping pictures. Those HA.M.'s" that Mr. French inaugurated for being late. What a relief it was when Classical left. Remember all the notes they used to leave in North desks? "Dear Fellow Occupant of this desk: Are you a blond or brunette?" etc. How glad everybody was when Miss Tomlinson got back from her illness. "A substitute is never as good as the original." Why matrons' hair gets gray-"Has anyone seen Mabel? I forgot my Latin book and I gotta get into the locker roomlu "Mabel, will you keep these till I come back?" "Mabel, I ripped my stocking, can you fix it?" "Mabel, will you open the shower room?" "Mabel-" The stag lines along the corridors by Room 21 every morning before school, taking in all the girl strollers. The "coughing fits" that annoyed the teachers so when chemistry students made chlorine in the chemical laboratory. All the hot campaigning in the class elections, with election slates written all over the blackboards. Yehoudi, the "dark horse," got a big following in the election of senior superlatives. The green paint on Mr. Fletcher's Physics Laboratory windows. We never did find out what it was there for. The "static" machine in Mr. lohnson's Physics II electric course. Remem- ber how he told us to hold hands: and when we did, and he turned on the juice, anyone who let go got a shock? The political arguments in Mr. William's classes, and his tests! Like "blitzkreigs," and fully as deadly. The silly things the sorority and fraternity members made their pledges do: dances, queer apparel, songs, and other humiliating stunts at recess. The awful struggles we had doing anthologies in English VH. Most of us got so saturated with poetry then that we never wanted to see another poem. How popular the library became around "long theme" time. The Record Board Assembly, with the "Kay Kyseru imitation that was so good, and the "Pot of Gold" program. That last assembly had everybody pretty excited for a while when they were drawing the seat number for the "gold" that turned out phoneyl The swell performances our band gave. Any Northite will swear we're the City's best and dressiest band. And the six twirlers were certainly pretty snappy. And how regretful we are at the thought of the end of our four years here 98 RENTALSERVICE.d .... . . C 0 M N Y Clothing for Gentlemen B U N A R D I 'S 1 Waycross Street WORCESTER, MASS. 414 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Best Wiyner fir Your Szzceery TOWN TALK BAKERS NORTON ABRASIVES OR over fifty years, Norton Abrasive research has been carried on, Norton scientists solving vital problems of' workers in iron, steel and other metals. They have created GRINDING WHEELS for thousands of operations, for use in a million ways. Norton designers have produced grinding machines that have raised machining standards-and grinding standards are measured in tenths of a thousandth of an inch. It is largely because of the hfty years of Norton research that Norton Abrasives and Norton Machines are serving so well the World's industries. NORTON COMPANY, WORCESTER, MASS. New York Chicago Detroit Philadelphia Pittsburgh Hartford Cleveland Hamilton, Ont. London Paris Wesseling, Germany Corsico, Italy BEHR-MANNING DIVISION, TROY, N. Y. 99 s i 5 100 . . In WARE PRATT'S for smartest Prep Styles join Om' Fraternity of Y STEADY SAVERS 31 a month or more makes you a member. Steady saving makes you independent. Save with us, where savings are really insured and earn bigger dividends. Wanda G -Gpeadwe' rlinmm sivlwus I AND LMNI I ASSIIIIIATIIIN O 22 Elm Sw' ' ' "'nmfff Main St. at Pearl Worcester Larger! in New England y Complimenlr of BROCKELMAN BROS., INC. Food Merchanlr WORCESTER MARKET FRONT ST. MARKET Main and Madison Sts.-Dial 4-1771 242 Front St. LINCOLN SQ. MARKET 12 Lincoln Sq. WORCESTER TELEGRAM THE EVENING GAZETTE SUNDAY TELEGRAM RADIO STATION WTAG 101 10 For Better Living use for the 4 Big things Heating Cooking Refrigeration Water Heater Y ACCOUNTING Plus an Education for Business Accounting firms and business organizations today demand of their employes MORE than a thorough knowledge of Accounting. They require an equally thorough knowledge of business. N ORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS offers a complete and well rounded program of studies leading to the B. B. A. Degree This includes not only a thorough preparation for C. P. A examinations, but ALSO a complete program of Busines Administration courses, including English, Economics Marketing, Financial Management and Commercial Law 28 Different Single Courses WRITE OR cALL FOR CATALOGUE YQUR GAS C0 Mp ANY Northeastern University NEW LOW RATES Worcester Y. M, C. A. Division DIAL 5-6101 766 MAIN STREET Engmvm fir the 1940 NORTHERN LIGHTS 'Y AD-SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC Worcester, Mass. 20-22 Houghton Street Phone 4-7288 105 104 Member F.T.D. Telephone 5-8525 Y PetefSOn-Vafg Furniture CO. ALLEN 'S FLOWER SHOP 55 COMMERCIAL ST- Flowerr for All Ocmsiom Phone 3-3439 65 Main Street Worcester, Mass. OUT or THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT The Class of 1915, on this their Silver Anniversary year, extend to the Class of 1940, their Heartiest Congratulations and wish for them the best of Health, Wealth and Happiness. BENJAMIN W. AYRES AGENCY of the State Mutual Life Assurance Company 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. Compliments of The C. E. WARD CO. 31 1 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Church Vestments Band and Drum Cor Nurses' Capes Caps and Go p Uniforms wns PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 105 F5 Ns NORTH FOOTBHLL W BFIOLY SIRD, MEROLFI, HND MHCLHUGHLIN X DRESS HL ME X WHNTS FX "POPPFl" T0 BE 1 g FIF-'TER H BITTER IT WH5 DECIDED ..- CFIPS HND GOWN5 '-9 csnaoufmow X' -'4-- f -f - 1 06 ,Lbxav Thayer Farm Dairy Magay 81 Barron MILK and CREAM Opticiam Serving Worcester for over 40 years 368 Main St. 513 Grove St. Dial 4-8533 Worcester, Mass. Comptometer School Chapin 35 Qigrien Only School licensed by jeweler! Comptometer Co. Manufacturers of The Comptometer The WCddlHg Gift Store of Tuition Small Worcester 551700Z Open All YM"-New CUWM jewelry Diamonds Sofia! Silva 29 Pearl Street Rooms 411-13 366 Main Street Dial 3-3517-Worcester, Mass. . . Worcester Mass ch set s A. A. Dixon, Licensee ' a u t 1 '-A,g 1 y ,f N TC N . la I X xx W' V gk J 'SY J' 'UL s , lf! 2 ' u EST. 1900 STUDIO 311 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS V Portraits by Polly and john Bushong 107 NW' H NORTH HIGH PROOUCES QUITE FIN RRRHY OF MODEL "FI"S... UIQI MISS RIDER THKE5 MISS CRKKLITHER5 FOR PROTE GOES 'H arrow WHEN sue LGFE HUNTIN6".., WORD IT SEEMS FISIF DFNE EFITON IS HLWHYS EFITING.. 108 S BW Nr il THE SALTER SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Incorporated Thorough preparation for responsible positions Beginning and Advanced Students One- and Two-year Courses Summer Session, july 8 to August' 16 45 Cedar Street Worcester, Massachusetts G R A D U A T E S ! You've earned the privilege of Oliver DC2lI'1 81 SOIIS Dirpluying your diploma LET B O U T E L L E ' S , DAIRY EQUIPMENT at SUPPLIES FRAME IT FOR YOU 256 MAIN ST. DIAL 3-4410 57 Myrtle St. Worcester, Mass. ART GOODS GIFTS ELWOOD ADAMS, INC. HARDWARE TooLS PAINTS Lawn and Garden Supplies Fireplace Furnishings 154-156 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASS. Complimelztf of MARBLE-N YE COMPANY 18 FOSTER STREET PAINTS OILS VARNISHES 109 . ,- ,.,, ,K N A,,h , .,.,L, :X W uw 1 .C ,4 Jai.. iwim Zfigii Qt ,JQQBE V Mm, , X t 5 in A 'R .,,,,. S 4 if f .Alai if If 3'miw 1 4 I -vu 4? is , PQ 1 fff - 'L'L H ,Z .,A ' 'W-1-... ' ,,.A,,.VV,V ' a ang if ' 1 LOCALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY OWNED Younger Cmwez' Fezfbiom I as featured by LORD' Sc TAYLOR IN NEW YORK Exclzzfive with Mezclnnef in Wo1'ferte1' Posed by Girls' Shop I K BET1-TEZWER Fourth Floor TRAIN AT BECKER FORLSUCCESS IN BUSINESS 53 years' experience in training young people for worthwhile positions is our evidence. Many of our graduates are employers who call on us for oliice assistants. Let us help you through one of the following courses: Accountancy Business Administration Medical Secretarial Executive Secretarial State and Federal Taxes Fall Term D U Q Summer Term . For detailed l7lf0W?1dfl0lZ , begins fend for om' new mlalog beglns September 5 July 8 BECKER COLLEGE Worcester Dial 3-2987 Massachusetts ill 11 K w 1 'MJ 1 tavfgf,-'L ,w 'rf " , .ug .4 A , Y, U- R Q ' ,nie ff, xr ,I xy a 1 1X irq a SMA. Q-f4.'i" Liar M,-rj" .-ww. s riff 7 'lf Sl M iii g u,1u,,e wg: vim x' 22,225 5' A: 1f"3f Sk af L 'K if QMN- 6" ' .SR :el '1 1 iff vg I AA-N ,, v--,-vmiyr-. 1 P .1- M YM' 1' ff' -214' Yf 171 mf , . 'Xi im: Gi- x fn . 14 ,-1 U Jef Kiwi, 9 "qv" 43. -. .fn FW "'5':x'W W .. 5 F5"..mY -fa:-if-1 f51t'L 4-4-x 6, 3 ,4'?L,. 41"v"'w f w X W .pf 1 Q , xv, I -:16efSM- A -, jw 71, Z- "I, Ffh-5135 5 V. - j. . . , A' f F' " , T 'f '- .' 2423 '. X - .L 11,-,:','1eg-Qqgfma , 1 w X 1 . .- ,k-.1,x1,f ,-'f,.1.: ,. ,- . '. z A 4 .1-,gg gl' v- If - . LU ,ff'23:lf'.'1','.'4ff..g,f' :Z ",' -4,-.fff V41 , 1-:Ti 31:23 4 I " ' V' f ' 3953132 - ,. , . -wx,--12,2--u .v .. V: ' ff ffv.,f",gi"ff,r-gf' 1151" , ' A Y J, :ffl f . gi' 1- rg 1: -9-yJ",,g " , - , Q-gig' 4 1 .1 'si -' :mg gfritta-+ ' f' . ' rl"- '-',- -' ,xxx 2wit,?:bf?f,i+-2i'4"f3?.g 1 I - 4-1 -' A L',!1kT341 '- 1.3, ,kiwi 1-L7J':'-Wwxg,-354' 23-'51 ' ' ' ., ' - ff - ff ...QQ-,Li f ZJCALQ '.5"T1-.3-1-'ff2'51.,f Lf"'ii' ' ,' X " vf?.5'7 Le,-.ig,:.',fl,-1.3-pq-f, r EL' , ' , ', j"','. I ,g.:,5gs3f',f wud ,,- A..-,My A--1 -I ff: - -5, Qi -. K ,Y .- , . , , ,Ll ,,:,.:-K M: 3, , sz, , .. 1, , -I rv:fE'f:"if1 .?"uf"f4 'fpik'-xX"5f','i,-L11 L'-vlj. V . ' ai' " 7. 1. .' 'fe ji? 5..f.-4fi'gffiQ, 1 1. ' ' -- ' , '- ' . " ..-Egliiig T1 ?.jf':3.':fJ5fEZi?9- 'Fil' Q3'," - , 21' I - VV g,: iiibfw T1 152, , 4 .1 - N ., lg 3 .i1":2g:f,. . I-5,51 n 1.1.11 ,-jf, . - .' I: , wg- - ,-:.'-by , " 13- .A ' , X ,. '15,+,42zQik: ', "ji ' - r' vii?-,gif .','gf:.m5g.- ,,5:5'.gf,.4f- 52 , 'Wy' J, 1' , - , 5 - LL!-k. 5: uf -'K --,f' 55 - . . A . 1 -151153 55, 'L,f:'f - I 4 ' f 7f:.".f"-QV' '5 'A 133 -'V . fi' pai' 'E' ,,gm, - "ig, ', P -' ., .VP . , K, ,E ,, I , ,- -agua , ggi ' A - A ,s'-11 1 5,3-1 Q, . .. . . t , f - 2. A Q' rr 13.1, , 'J -- V, , Lal. ,L . f '. fix' !"I'?ii-3:55 , -rw ,., Ng, . r f,1,..'. , ,- Q-3,-, ' gr-Q, wife..-,-3i".5, - , - ,,-aff si' V H . 'wsfflf 52 95 "l13.'iQi1,:"fQ " ' , 3 A . ,.1.w-'- is . VE? - . r- L, .gn ' :A . V ' 1 k w a 4"sf,'3G. .I w .- .- iw?" '- H K5 ' as '- 1 fl 2" H. - .fy A -4' f H .avr MBS H :NM-fa. 1 'jf . 4 ' -: ".,,',e T- .555 ' f- ' A W' FQ-3 'f " - V ,E f ' 'V -1 'f ,,,gf'S: ,' 'f i :nie 2 EN 112 2 2 S S S fog TMJ?

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