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za A jk o hed bg +h S xxw X X yinviruaam Lxsnrs F-'ubks e emor Class NORTH-HIGH-SCHOOL Worce sfer' , Mos5cchu5e'H's 7 N ' W Q SN , 'I S QR A x Q- NM ml! Q IH, V4 , f , I IH I 4 Z K HU I I' V 4 .I 4 m .. 'WHAT M I 'H Q M ' 14 -i + wil I '- 'f M' i , -, llfffff 2' silliw- vw " , gm f f gf 'fWiW"w : xiii? NNET1- vw! Q Z X NORTH HIGH SCHOOL NOPTH EPN LI G HTS The Faeulzfy EVERETT G SHERWIN Prznezpal WALTER E BARNARD ffnrzflanl Prznezpal SARA E NEWCOMB Head Clerk KATHERINE M KELLIHER f1.mzJlan1'C!erL TEACHERS ELIZABETH ALLEN RALPH A LANE WINIFRED C BAKER ANDREW W LOVE GENEVIEVE K BALL ALICE M MALONEY ANNA R BISSONNETTE HENRY E MANNING STEPHEN F BOWEN ANNA T MARBLE MILDRED L BRENNAN ANNA D MCAULIFFE LAWRENCE W BRIGHAM KATHERINES MCCAFFERTY FLORENCE G CANNON B EVELYN MCCLURE IENNIE D CARRUTHERS FRANK P MCNAMARA GEORGE B CASHEN MARGARET W O BRIEN CARA F DILLINGHAM ALBERT C OTT FRANKLIN B DOWD G NORMAN PALSER HELEN M DOWNEY ALICE E PHILLIPS RUTH C DREW KATHERINE M OUINT MARTHA FAGERSTROM MABEL REED W ROSCOE FLETCHER ETHEL L RIDER WILLARD K FRENCH ELISE ROCHELEAU HAROLD D GAGNON HARRIET E ROE IOHN E GIFFORD HE EN E STIMPSON ROLLAND R GREENWOOD HAROLD E STONE MARY E GUERIN MARY A R STREETER SAMUEL F HOLMES IOHN F SULLIVAN HERVEY F HOUGHTON HELEN W SYMONDS CARL IOHNSON H LOUIS THOMPSON DAVID H KAPLAN OLIVE TOLMAN ANDREW KARLSON RUTH TOMLINSON ALBERT B KIMBALL A HARRY WHEELFR JOHN L WILLIAMS SUBSTITUTES HELEN E DAVIS WILLIAM E MARCHANT LYNDWODE N L SMART xv 31 RUSSELL V. CQRSINI MARTIN 1. O'MALLEY 44 SA RA E NEWCOMB who nw wwe gazdance and fzncere helfyfalne nf ha r aJ H fled many a college bound ,ffadenl nznezfeen hundred Zhu fy fer en dedzcafe Hun colanze of Norfnern fzglzfv To on fulr way, we, fha dffcrmaffz Board of , 1 "1 f, ' f I ' l ' IJ L' , A 1 1'- X by 7 A S CONTENTS C D E -E Q Athl WW N Q '-'..""-'---.-.-.""- -'-'.'---"-'-'--. ' .- -. .. - .. .. . - -. f ..- - -,-,, -....,,.x.,,...-. , l,. zz,-li. .A,-L..-. ' ORBERIS NORTHERN LIGHTS BOARD ORTH ER LIGHTS BO RD ELEANOR MARY KEARNEY Edilnr-in-Chiqf GORDON HERBERT MOLTNE Ainrociafe Edilor WENDELL ARTHUR GARRITY, IR. d.rIr0ciafe Eafllor JOHN BEAUDOTN Bu.rL'ne.rJ Jfanager IACK ADAMS lldverlixing Jlnznager ELINOR HAMMOND fini. ddverlzldng 171 anager JOHN MCCRACKEN, IR. 1frfEa'z'z'0r CORRTN E FOSTER Junior Ofmervef GORDON ERIKSON Junior Obxerver BARBARA BALLOU VIRGINIA BOHLIN FRANCIS BRENNAN WILLIAM COLBY IRENE DOW BEATRICE GAINES IOHN HOULIHAN NORMAN SCHMIDT MARIORIE USHER , ll eA:zsoN OQTHLDN Lucsr-:Ts Class 0fHCers Pl'6J'L.dl6llf, IAMES CROTTY, IR. Vice-Pre.rz'denl, BEATRICE GAINES Secrefafjy, VIRGINIA BOHLIN Treawurer, ELMER SCOTT 8 I Q7 n NOPTHEFPN LIGHTS Honor Pupils BARBARA BALLOU WALLACE KIRKPATRICK NORMA BIANCHI IRENE MORRISGN VIRGINIA BOHLIN SIDNEY SOLOWAY ARTHUR GARRITY, IR. ROGER VIENS WALTER IRVINE, IR. NORMA WINBERG 4'-A 9 l NOPTHEPN LIGHTS 5 Class Day Participants LEE BARTLETT AGNES MACQUESTON IAMES CROTTY EUGENE OZIMEK IOHN BEAUDOIN ARTHUR GARRITY RICHARD CANTWELL 10 l NOQTHEQN Lac n-:Ts ' ,Q Claw Day Programme MARCH-"TannhauSer" .,.. . lVagner ORCIIESTRA A PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS . . . lames Crotty HUNGARIAN DANCE NO. 5 .... . Brafznw LEE BARTLETT, CLASS VIOLINIST CLASS HISTORY ....... Iohn Beaudoin HPOLONAISEU ......... Chopin EUGENE OZIMEK, CLASS PIANIST "THE CONSTITUTION: A GUARANTEE OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY" ARTHUR GARRITY, CLASS ORATOR "TALES FROM VIENNA WOODS" ..... Slraulm AGNES IVIACQUESTONQ CLASS VOCALIST PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT . . . Iames Crotty ACCEPTANCE by Principal Everett G. Sherwin "LA BURLESQUEU .... . Von Suppe ORCHESTRA A CLASS SONG ......... Senior Class WORDS BY ELMER SCOTT MUSIC BY EVA ROBERTS MARCH-North High School Song 11 . Q W NOQTHEQN Lao:-:Ts Pre.rZdeni'.r .ffa'dre.r,r Qf Welcome IAMES A. CROTTY, IR. It is my pleasant privilege to extend, in behalf of the Graduating Class of 1957, a sincere welcome to you, parents, teachers, and friends, who, by your presence at these, our Class Day exercises, again demonstrate your interest in us and our activities. We wish to express our gratitude to you who have made this day and this observance possibleg to parents who have felt no sacrifice and no effort too great to make that we might be educated, to teachers who have been interested, zealous, patient, and earnest, and who have labored long and hard that we might receive within these walls the best of training, and to friends whose pleasure at our accomplish- ments has warmed and heartened us. Our four years at North High School have been a pleasant and a profitable period. We have made friendships that we will always cherish and treasure. We have taken part in activities that were valuable and stimulating. We have learned the meaning of school spirit and of class spirit. VVe have rejoiced at the success of our classmates, and we have sympathized with them in their fortunately few sorrows and disappointments. We leave all this with regret. We do not know what is in store for us, but we do know that the future will be more serious and more exacting. We feel fitted to meet and solve the problems of that future. We cheerfully acknowledge our obligations to those who have contributed to our preparation for it. It is our hope that you will find our program entertaining and enjoyable. Representatives of the class will give proof of the quality of the training we have had. We rejoice at your presence, and our only hope is that you will find in today's program some recompense for your efforts and your interest. Believe that we really appreciate what you have done for us, believe also that in the days to come, whether we pursue our studies in other institutions of learning, or not, we shall try to justify your faith and your efforts. S 1 - . I 1 GX d 12 MR. SHERWIN Principal Qi NOQTHLQN LIGHTS Claw Hiyzfory IOHN W. BEAUDOIN 1n the long forgotten year of 1955 we, as a class of excited young hopefuls, entered the portals of that fine institution of learning known as North High. 'As unfamiliar as the alien upon first sight of the promised land we set about the mighty task of becoming acquainted with the North High system and daily routine of classes. In a very short time it was evident that all lower classmen were forced to undergo a strict routine. Many of us began to enroll in the various musical organizations and athletics. Came the fall of 1954 and the "Wise Fools" returned for what was destined to be an eventful year. Two important productions were sponsored by the musical and dramatic organizations respec- tively. They were, "The Watched Pot," by the Dramatic Club, and "Gold," by the Melophonic Club. An unfortunate tragedy befell the student body and faculty when death struck at the beloved principal, Robert T. Elliott. His successor, who as a learned and able principal has won the admira- tion of all, was Mr. Everett G. Sherwin. Before we were released for the summer vacation North emerged victor in the class day games. September, 1955, rewarded us to the tune of Iuniors. YVe were actually progressing. In this year Iunior elections brought forth Norman Schmidt as president.: Beatrice Gaines, vice-president, Lee Bartlett, treasurer: Virginia Bohlin, secretary. In Ianuary, 1956 three great successes rewarded the efforts of the participants in both HSpringtime in Russia," a splendid operetta, under the able supervision of Miss Mable Reed, our great musical director, and that great showman, Warren Martin, and "La Poudre Aux Yeux," the French Club play directed by Miss Elise Rocheleau. To add to honors the North High Record was victor in the Inter- scholastic Contest held by Columbia University. The boys' and the girls, crews were both formed in this year, and the golf team, because of its superiority, was presented the state title after de- feating the strong contenders from Brookline. At this time we were grieved to hear of the sudden death of Mr. Ernest Desper, chemistry teacher for many years. We, in Iune, felt the need of a brief respite, so away we went for a rollicking summer vacation. I QW H 14 NOQTHLDN Luo 1-:Ts Anxious as freshmen we returned in September, 1956, to put the finishing touches on our high school education. Many events familiar to us all stole the limelight. The class elections superseded all others. In a nip and tuck battle Iames Crotty, erstwhile athlete, edged Arthur Garrity for president, Bea Gaines with no difficulty what- soever was elected vice-president: "Ginny" Bohlin experienced no trouble securing the secretary's berth, but the closest of all the elections was waged between Elmer Scott and John W. Beaudoing Scotty emerging victor by a solitary vote. Later on the class day participants were nominated and elected. Gene Ozimck, class pianist, Lee Bartlett, class violinist, Arthur Garrity, class orator: Iohn W. Beaudoin, class historiang Agnes MacQueston, class vocalist, Richard Cantwell, chairman of class day participants. In spite of all our little misfortunes we really enjoyed our years here at North and as class historian, I will wager you, we are all proud to have been one of the student body, and I wish you all the success and happiness possible. ' Q. S ' 'U it 15 A NODTHLQN LIGHTS A The C0n.r1fL'iuzfL'0rL.' H Guaranty Qyfiliiberiy BY ARTHUR GARRITY It is difficult for Americans to realize that at the present stage of the world's development, millions of peoples are being denied the liberties accorded to everyone in the United States since the Consti- tution was written. Yet it is true that today in the dictatorial nations of Europe, the domineering state has stripped the individual of all the rights and privileges held sacred and inviolable in this democracy for 150 years. The citizens of Germany, Italy, Russia, Austria, and other like federalisms have been forced to forfeit all claims to their properties, bodies, and even souls. For in these so-called republics, there is no home life such as we Americans enjoy, the family is not the family we know, but the means for the all-powerful state to increase its number of arm- bearers, its supply ofcannon fodderp the child is no longer the parents' child, but the state's. Freedom of the press is a relic of the past, freedom of speech, forbidden, freedom of religion, persecutedl Under the guise of liberalism and in the name of democracy, with their false promises of social equality for the masses, these dictators have spurned, banished, Liberty and Justice. What a vast difference there is between the wretched conditions in Europe and comparative tranquility which exists in the United States today, and which will continue to exist as long as the Consti- tuton is respected and obeyed. For that most famous historical document of all time was conceived in order to insure the citizens the greatest possible amount of security and liberty. First, it pledges to society that the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended: that no bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed. The check and balance system which provides for two houses in Congress and the Supreme Court further prevents anyone aspiring to dictatorship from amassing excessive power. The Con- stitution is a promise to the American people that they shall never be denied the sacred right of self-government. Moreover, in its first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution guarantees to the citizens several specified liberties and privileges upon which no person nor power may infringe. The hrst provision prevents Congress from restricting freedom of religion, more precious than life itselfg freedom of speech, granted ' I Xv 16 Q' NOPTHEPN LIGHTS V no less to the poor and humble than to the rich and powerful: freedom of the press, the true test of a democratic institution. It also provides that the people shall maintain the right of assembly and petition, the value of which cannot be ascertained until the right is withdrawn. The battles waged in the course of history for the possession of these privileges, too little appreciated in times of peace, prove beyond doubt that the love of Liberty is stronger even than that of power. But were she not guided and protected by justice, the aim of all civil society, Liberty would undoubtedly be futile and fleeting. Fittingly, therefore, the second set of vital provisions in the Bill of Rights assures the citizen that he will receive justice at all times and in all respects. Courts established to see that justice is meeted out protect him from being tried twice for the same offense and from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of lawg grant to the citizen accused of a crime the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury: see to it that he is informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, that he has the assistance of counsel for his defense, and that excessive bail or punishment shall not be imposed upon him. The framers of the Constitution could not have been aware that they had constructed a code of justice far superior to any ever formed before. And yet, in the Constitution, we, the youth of America, not only have a code of laws but an everlasting heritage of Liberty and justice preserved for us by the persistent efforts of our fore- fathers. We can further progress made in the past by acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of the Constitution and by always obeying the document framed 150 years ago by those 59 inspired patriots, each of whom in himself was a father of this country. Wherefore, by good example, let us instill in the minds and hearts of all, a respect and reverence for the Constitution, the most excellent work of statesmanship ever to come into being. Finally, let us thank the Almighty God that we are citizens of the United States of America, protected by the Constitution, a guaranty of our liberty forever. 17 4 o n-IEQN LIGHTS. Frei., Fromm, Frdhllclz, Frzlrcfz ADAMS, TACK CLAYTON N Cacluf' " Texu Nature Club 4. Demosthenes 4. Ace Of Clubs, VlCC'PFCSlQlGIlt 4. Student Council 4. Record Staff 4. Aftermath Board 4. ADRIAN, RICIIARD FRANCIS ALLEN, IANE ANDERSON, ARTII UR GORDON "finaly" Stamp Club 2, 4. ANDERSON, HOWARD HENRH' "I1ur!Iiy" Hi-Y 5, 4. Camera Club 5. Football 4. Iunior Class Committee 5. ANDERSON, RUDOLPII A Rudy., F.F.A. 4. ANNALA, XVILLIAM HONVARD 'tI3f!Z" ARNOLD, WVALLACE HONVARID " Wally" Stamp Club 1, 2. F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4. Vegetable Judging Team 2, 5. BALLOU. BARBARA OLIVER .. H Babf Girls' Glee Club 1. French Club 2, 5. Stu- dent Council, Vice-President 4. Girls' Field Hockey 2, 5, 4. Record Board, Literary Editor 4. Aftermath Board. BA RNA DY, DORIS LUC1 LLE ADOZU Stamp Club 5. North Star Girl Reserves 5, 4. BARTLETT, LEE FARNSWORTII, IR. Student Council 5, 4, President 4. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, President 4. Consolidated Orchestra l, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5. Combined Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4, President 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 4. Demosthenes 5, 4, President 4. Camera Club 5. 4, Vice- President 4. Record Staff 5, 4. Boys' De- bating Team. BEAUDOIN, IOHN VVALTER Hivelfliet' "Gr1bfc" 'tTay!0r" Dramatic Club 5, 4. Demosthenes Club 5. Hi-Y 5. Boys' Glee Club 4. Orchestra A. Combined Chorus, Treasurer 4. Aftermath Board. 18 'A NORTHERN LIGHTS BERG, HERBEIQT ELMER BIANCIII, NOIQNXA CECILIA 2.10" H.xY0f'IlII.EH Dramatic Club 5, 4, President 4. French Club 2, 5, 4. Program Director 5, President 4. Girls' Glee Club 4. Combined Chorus 4. Student Council 4. Rf'r'nrd Staff 4. BLACK ETT, IOIIN STEWAR1' ff ll Slew BLAcKwoon, MURI EL AUDREY H 1711-111 " Girl Reserves 2, 5, Vice-President 5. Riding Club 5. BfJllLlN, VIRGINIA CAROLYN UGWLAIIII-UU Student Council 5, 4, Vice-President 4. French Club 2, 5. Aftermath Board 4. Class Secretary 5, 4. Iunior Class Day Committee 5. Honor Pupil. BOHLIN, XVILLIAM EDWIN "Bill" lndoor Track l, 2. BOLACK, ANNE MARIE "1m'.rh" Girls' Tennis 2, 5, 4. Girls' Basketball l, 2. Riding Club 2, 5. BONOFIGLIO, NICHOLAS RALPH .. U A mls Slide Rule 5, 4. Football 2. BOSTIC, XVALTER ANDREVV Rowing Team 5, 4. Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Football 1. BOULAY, NORMA OLIVE Student Council 4. French Club, Program Director 5, Vice-President 4. Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 5. Combined Chorus 5. BOWEN, FREDERICK THEODORE "FfFd', Aero Club 1. Hi-Y Club 4. Camera Club 5, 4. BREITBORD, IULIUS 19 JNOQTI----HEDN n.ncs"j Q BRENNAN, FRANCIS XVILLIAM HI?!'dI'llll'EH Student Council 4. French Club 2. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. Consolidated Chorus 2, 5, 4, y President 4. Rifle Club 2. Demosthenes Club 5, 4, President 4. Slide Rule 4. After- math. BRONZO, TONY FRANK " Red " BROWN ELL, EVELYN RUTII " L-ynm'c" Girls' Glee Club. BURNS, KATHRYN BARBARA "Ii'a-ye" Class Basketball 1, 2. Riding Club 2. BUTI.ER, HELENA MARY "Helene" BUTLER, XVXLLIAM FRANCIS 'I Body" Boys' Glee Club l. Nature Club l. Boys' Tennis 2, 5, 4. Boys' Basketball 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. CALLAHAN, MARIE THERESE H ClIl.ClCl.E,7 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. Combined Chorus 4. Girls' Field Hockey 5, 4. Class Basketball 3, 4. Rowing Team 2. CANTWELL, RICHARD ANDREW, IR. " Dick " Football 3, 4. Boys' Basketball 3, 4. Indoor Track 1, 2. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Day Committee Chairman. CARBERRY, IACQUELYN CECELIA "Jarkiff" Rowing Team 1. Ace of Clubs 1. CARLSON, EUNICE HELGA "Pa!ly" Girls' Glee Club 5. Senior Social Committee. CARLSON, GRETEL Student Council, Secretary 4. Girls' Field Hockey 2, 5, 4. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball 2. 5, 4, Manager 4. Motto Committee Chairman. CIIAFFE, ROBERT CLINTON A U Bob Stamp Club T, 4. 20 ff NORTI-ILIQN Lacs:-:Ts CIIRISTIE, XVILFRFZD GREY U Cl11'1'.v"' Radio Club, Program, Chairman 1. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. Motto Committee. CICCARELLI, VICTOR NICHOLAS Hcfzfcku Stamp Club 2. Cross Country 2, 5. Rowing Team 2, 5. CLAFLIN, KENNETH ADAMS CLIFFORD, ALICE IRENE H Il'l.J'lZ I ' Girl Reserves 5, 4. Reporter. Camera Club 5, 4. CLIFFORD, DANIEL PAUL H Pa!rlze.r" Orchestra 1, 2. Band 1, 2. COLBY, WILLIAM HENRY .. . .. C11rroz'.r North Hi-Y 5, 4. Aftermath Board. CONLON, MARY FRANCES " Teddy" Girls' Glee Club, President 5. Consolidated Orchestra, President 4. Orchestra A 2, 5, 4, Secretary 2, 4. Librarian 5. Combined Chorus, Librarian 4. Band 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5, President 5, Vice-President 4. COI-IP, PAULINE SABRA CossABoOM, MARIORIE ANNETTE H Illahqfe " COVELL, ESTHER CATHERINE A . H ICJ Girls' Glee Club 5, 4. CRABBE, MARGARET RINTOUL .. ,I Bunfy CRIMMINS, IOHN PAUL I. .. Jack Football 4. Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Social Committee, Chairman. 21 ', NOPTHEJJN LIGHTS CRONIN, ALICE MAE ..G-1214,-, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. Girls, Tennis 2. Class Basketball 1, 2. Nature Club 2. CROTTY, TAMES ALOYSIUS, IR. "Speed" Stuclent Council, Treasurer 4. Demostlienes 4. Golf Team, Captain and Maiiager 4. Football 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. lncloor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4. Senior Class President 4. CURRIE, DONALD FREDERICK 'ID01I." HHICKU Gift Committee. DAVIDSON, FRANCIS DELLINR Bumr Radio Club 4. Boys, Glee Club 4. Rowing Team 5. DAVIS, GERARD RICHARD "Jerry" DEREZ, VIRGINIA "G1'nnI'c" Girls' Class Basketball 2, 5, 4, Captain 5. Girls' Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 4, Maiiager 5. DEVLIN, RUTH Girls' Field Hockey 2, 5. Girls' Class Basket- ball 1, 5. Girls' Varsity Basketball 1, 5. DIGGINS, CHARLES IOHN flC!lr1l'!l'6,, Boys' Glee Club 1. Rifle Club 2. Tncloor Track 1, 2, 5. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5. DIGGINS, VIRGINIA "Ginny" DOHERTY, BTARIORIE ANNE .. U Jlallzje DOLAN. NTARY ELIZABETH Dramatic Club 4. Slicle Rule 4. Girl Re- serves 1, 2. Class Basketball 1, 2. Varsity Basketball 1. DORSEY, THOMAS EDWARD 'I lVr'ibber" Stamp Club 2. Cross Country 2. Rowing Team 2, 5. CUMISKEY, XXTILLIAM PAUL " BIZ!" Football 1, 2, 5, 4. Boys' Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. Tncloor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4. 22 NORTHERN use-rrs Q DOUVADJIAN, VARTAN HARRY .. OHM Football 5. lncloor Track 2. Dow, ALICE IRENE "DI':zy" Student Council 4. Dramatic Club 5, 4, Vice-President 4. Girls' Glee Club l, 2, Nature Club 1. Demosthenes Club 2, 5, 4. Camera Club 5. Racarrl Boarcl 4. Aftermath Board. - ENGBLONI, VIRGINIA AIDA .. ,I Jaya Girls' Glee Club 5. ENGELHIKRDT, AIJOLPH Us 1. - U Bennzc Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, Treasurer 5. Com- bined Chorus 1, 2, 5, Treasurer 2. Orchestra 1, 2, 5. Consolidated Chorus 5. ERICKSON RICIIARD PAUL "Dick" F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4. ESTABROOK, ELLEN SKERRY Girls' Glee Club l, 2. FAIRHURST, GEORGE FREDERICK FIELD, BEVERLY nlggvu Girls' Glee Club 1. Fielcl Hockey 2, 5, 4. Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. Varsity Basket- ball l, 2, 5, 4. FISHER, ROLAND ALBERT "Rol!I'e" Stamp Club 2. ITLAGG, ARTHUR IOSEPII, IR. "Ari" Radio Club 1, 2. Boys' Glee Club l. Aero Club 2. Boys' Basketball 1. Cross Country 1. FLAGG, FREDERICK HARRIS H fllL1J'llH Stucleut Council. Ace ot Clubs, Secretary and Treasurer 4. Hi-Y 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Sergeant-at-Arms 5. Slide Rule 4. Orches- tra. Consolidated Orchestra. French Club. FORCIIIELLI, SANTINA TERESA HSQMAVI, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5. Motto Committee 4. DOYVNEY. JANE AGNES 25 NOPTHEDN LIGHTS, FORSBERG, HELEN MARIAN Student Council 4. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5. Combined Chorus 2, 5, Treasurer 2. Nature Club 5, 4, Secretary 4. Record Board. FREEMAN, TSABEL IEANETTE "Izzy" Class Basketball 1, 2, 5.. Girls' Crew 5. FYRBERG, GEORGE ARNOLD "Jz'dge" GAINES, BEATRICE xr Beau Student Council 5, 4. Orchestra 2, 5. Field Hockey 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. Record Board 5, 4, Editor 4. Aftermath Board. Class Vice- President 5, 4. GANNON, IOIIN JOSEPH GARRITY, WENDELL ARTHUR, IR. "Scoop" Student Council 2, 5, 4, President 4. French Club 2. Ace of Clubs 4. Demosthenes Club 2, 5, 4, President 5, Treasurer 4. Hi-Y 4. Record Board 2, 5, 4, Business Manager 4. Aftermath Board. Class Orator 4. Boys, Debating Team 5. GAUMOND, GEORGE XVOODROYV "Babe" Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, Secretary 2. Band 2. Slide Rule 4. Hockey Team 2, 5, 4. Baseball 5. Motto Committee. GILBERT, RICHARD CARROLL fl ' ll Dzclc Football 2. Ice Hockey 1, 2, 5, 4, Manager 5, 4. Record Board 4. GILMORE, PAUL XVAYNE GLEASON, RAYMOND GEORGE 'fBunn-y" French Club 5, 4. Boys' Glee Club 2, 5. Combined Chorus 2, 5. Rowing Team l. Football 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2. Base- ball 5, 4. GLEDHILL, SAMUEL "Sam" Rowing Team 2, 5. Nature Club 5. Football 2. GRAY, FLORIE LOUISE " Wvecziu French Club 5, 4. Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. Varsity Basketball 4. GORDON, ROBERT EDWARD 24 1 NORTHERN Luca-:Ts GRAY, MARGUERITE DORIS Orchestra Librarian 2. French Club 2, 5, 4. Camera Club 4. GRIFFIN, IOHN THOMAS U Jack" Stamp Club l, 2, 5. Football 1, 2. Boys' Basketball 2, 5. Golf Team 2, 5, 4. GRIGAS, EDWARD PAUL H Champ" Outdoor Track 4. Baseball 4. HAGBERG, CHRISTINE " Clzri.r" Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 5. Special Chorus 2, 5. Nature Club 2, 5, 4. Vice-President 4. HALL, MERLE GUY, IR. ..BMd,, .fclackn Ace of Clubs 4. Hi-Y 4. HAMMOND, ELINOR WYATT "Nancy" "Duche.r.r" Student Council 5, 4. Girls' Field Hockey l,2,5,4. Girls' Tennis 1. Class Basketball l. Nature Club 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 5, Presi- dent 4. Ace of Clubs, President 4. Iunior Class Day Committee. Aftermath Board. Record Board 5, 4. HANKPSIIIRE, MARY FAIRBANK .I ,, Humpty Rifle Club, Treasurer 4. Class Basketball 5. Rowing Team 5. Social Committee. HANSCOM, DOROTHY IRENE .. ,. Dada French Club 2. Girls' Glee Club 4. HANSON, ALFRED ELIS UAV, HANSON, PAUL MANFRED "Sandor" Hi-Y 5. Football 4. Boys' Basketball 1. HARDING, EVELYN CLARA .. ,. Ev Field Hockey 5, 4. Girls' Tennis 5, 4. Class Basketball 1, 5, 4. HARGFN, MASON ROBERT ..B0b,, Ice Hockey l, 2, 5. Social Committee. 25 NORTHERN ue:-ITS Q HARRIS, JOHN IAMES HART, KIXTIIERINE ELIZABETH ..Bm,y,, Girls' Glee Club 1. Class Basketball l. HAYDEN, FLORENCE MARGARET " Ff0.r.r1'e" H Jlrnr. Clz1'p.r" Girls' Clee Club l, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4. Com- bined Chorus 2, 5, 4. Class Basketball 2. Nature Club l, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Record Board 5, 4. HPIDI.UND, PEARL CECELIA ' 'Sparkc-y" French Club 5, 4. Nature Club 2, 5, 4. HPINTZ, SHIRLEY DAGNY H S11 ir! ' ' Girls' Glee Club 5, 4. Girl Reserves 5. HICKA, MICIIAEI. H!I.DRETH, BARBARA LOUISE "Babby" Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Field Hockey 2, 5. Class Basketball 1, 2. Varsity Basketball 1, 2. I'1ILL, BARBARA FOREST "Barb" Girl Reserves 2, 5. Class Basketball, 2, 5. HIEI.Al, CARL HARVEY Stamp Club 1. Aero Club 5. I HOOKS, ERNEST ROBERT K'El'lll'CJ, Student Council 5. Radio Club 2, 5, 4, Presi- dent 5, Treasurer 5, Vice-President 4. Slide Rule 5. HOUGHTON, HELEN FRANCES H Toofsieu "Penn Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. Consolidated Chorus 5. Rowing Team 5, 4. Nature Club 4. Girl Reserves 4. HOULIIiAN, IOIIN FRANCIS " Bud" Stamp Club 5, Riding Club 2. Slide Rule 4. Aftermath Board. 26 f NORTHERN ue:-:Ts HUNTER, RICHARD EDWARD Slide Rule .. "Dick" .1 HUTTON, GRAHADX TVTACDONALD Gray INGERSON, RUTH SPENCE Hlellffllitlu Stamp Club 5, 4, Secretary 5. Nature Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Camera Club 5, 4. Girls' Tennis 5. IRVINE, VVALTER GRAVES, IR "Wall" Boys' Glee Club 1. Combinecl Chorus 1. Slifle Rule 4. IACOBS, EDWARD HEVES njiwdn Rifle Club 1. Social Committee. IOIIANSSON, GERTRUDE CHRISTINE .. U Geri Gift Committee 4. I IOHNSON, ME1.v1N JULIUS "JIM" Dramatic Club 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Rowing Team 5, 4. Rifle Club 5. IONES, EMERSON SHERMAN "Emma" F.F.A. 2, 5, 4. Football 2, 5, 4. Indoor Track 2, 5, 4. Outdoor Track 2, 5, 4. Cross Country 2. Baseball 2, 5, 4. Motto Com- mittee. Fruit Iuclging Team 5, 4. KEAIINEY, ELEANOR MARY Student Council 4. French Club 2. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5. Combined Chorus 5. Field Hockey 4. Class Basketball 2, 5. Girls' Tennis 2, 4. Aftermath Board, Eclitor-in- Chief. KENNEDY, BARBARA H Cookie H Social Committee. KENNEDX', 'FIIOMAS FRANCIS HHN, DMU .,Smh,, Nature Club 2, 5. Boys, Glee Club 2, 5. KILPA'fRlCK, XVALLACE DORMAN Slide Rule 4. 27 Q NOPTHEDN LI HTS . KING, ALAN Ross HAZ., Orchestra 1, 2, 5. Band 4. KIRBY, MARION AIIRELIA Social Committee 4. KITTREDGE, IOHN SHEPHERD "If1'ffy" ulfzlfln "Johnny" Student Council 5, 4, Treasurer 5. Orchestra A 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5, Vice-President 4. Stamp Club 2, 5. Nature Club 5, 4. De- mosthenes 4. Hi-Y 2, 5, 4, Secretary 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5, 4. Record Board 2, 5. KLAR, IOHN "Johnny" Radio Club 4, President 4. F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4. Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. KLAUCKE, NORMAN 'IfVorme" Ice Hockey 4. KNIGIIT, CARTER SAGAR HIffll'L'kCf'n Dramatic Club 5. Rowing Team 2, 5. Boys' Basketball 2. Indoor Track 1. Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4. Record Board. Social Committee. KNIGHT, XVINIFRED KATIILEEN .. - - ,. Wlnnze Girls' Glee Club 1. Class Basketball 1, 2. KOOBATIAN, HIAG H Zombfe H Camera Club 4. F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Fruit Iudging Team 4. ' LEANlY, LEONARD FREDERICK Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Librarian 2. Com- bined Chorus 2, 5, 4, State Manager 2, 4. Slide Rule 5, 4. LEGACY, GEORGE ..L6g'p,. Boys' Glee Club 4. Stamp Club 1, 2. LEMAIRE, MADEI.INE Riding Club 2. "z7Iaa'die" "JIU" LESLIE, MARION PATRICIA A ., Pai LENO, CHARLES RUssELL Rifle Club 5. 28 ' NOQTHEDN LIGHTS ' LJESPERANCE, RAYBSOND IOHN "Jack" Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. Cross Country 5, 4, Captain 4. Baseball 1, 2. Gift Com- mittee. LETSKY, IOIIN STEPHEN HB0I7ll7ll'EU LEVIN, LOUISE H Wveeztieu Riding Club 2. LINKKONE, ARLINE ELEANOR .. Al., LOVELL, REBECCA XVEST HL0Vl.t?-DUUIIEU Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5. Com- bined Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. Class Basketball 2, 5. Nature Club 5, 4. LUNDBERG, BERTIL GUSTAV .1 U Bari Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4. Crew 2, 5, 4, Manager 4. Nature Club 1, 2. Indoor Track 1. LUTHRINGER, DORIS ELIZABETH Student Council 5, 4. Girl Reserves 5, 4, Vice-President 5. MCCARTHY, IOHN IOSEPH .. , A fllac Football 1, 2, 5, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. Baseball 5, 4. Indoor Track 1. MCCRACICEN, IOHN, IR. .. .. Johnny Stamp Club. Rifle Club 4. Art Editor, Aftermath. NTCGEACHEY, EDWARD IAMES "Eddie" Football 4. Baseball 2, 5, 4. MCGRAIL, XVINIFRED FRANCES H 1Vz'nnz'e" Girls' Glee Club 2. Girls' Tennis 1. Class Basketball 2. Nature Club 1. MCKENNA, XVILLIAM A. 29 ' NOPTHEDN LIGHTS MCKEOWN, FREDERICK DOUGLAS "Doug" Slide Rule 4. lndoor Track 1, 2. Baseball 4. MIACKENZIPI, XVILLIAM RICIIARD "Bill" Boys, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Librarian 2. Com- bined Chorus 3, 4. Consolidated Chorus 5. Rowing Team 5. Band Drum Majoi' 4. NlACKIE, IEANETTE ROSELYN Rfconf Staff 4. Social Committee. MIACKOUL, NlCHOI,fXS GEORGE "Nick" MANION, ALICE ANN .I U dim Crew 5. Riding Club 2. MARONEY, IAMES BERNARD H Jimi' Student Council 4. Demosthenes 5. 4. Row- ing Team 2. Boys, Debating Team. MARTIN, WVARREN FRANCIS Record Board 4. H Prqfv.rf0r" IVXEADE, SHIRLEY MARGARET " Slzifl " Student Council 4. French Club 2, 5, 4. Class Basketball 2, 5. Girl Reserves 5, 4, President 4, Secretary 5. MINER, RITA REBECCA lVlOLINF1, GORDON HERBERT Hflloof' Orchestra l, 2, President 2. Band 3, 4. Slide Rule 5, 4. Stamp Club 4. Hockey 5. Indoor Track. Outdoor Track, Assistant Maliager 4. Aftermath Board, Associate Editor. MOLONEY, IAMES FRANCIS KlBl.llC!l,, Student Council 4. Football 4. Indoor Track 2, S, 4. Outdoor Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Cross Country 5, 4. Class Day Committee. MORRISON, IRENE THERESA A . . ,, LSlTllf6J' Student Council 4. French Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President and Secretary 4. Crew 2. Nature Club 5, 4. Ace of Clubs 4. De- mosthenes 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Camera Club 4. Record Board 4. Girl Reserves 5. Chairman of Senior Gift Committee. Girls' Debating Team. 30 ' NOPTHEDN LIGHTS NTURPHY, GRACE ELIZABETH NGl'1lyCl.CU French Club 5, 4. Girls' Glee Club 2. Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4. Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 4. Nature Club 2. MURRAY, MARIE ELIZABETH French Club 5, 4. NAJEMY, ROBERT ELIAS ABM., NELSON, HEI.EN FRANCES " Tcvcrpu Stamp Club 1. O'SIIEA, PHYLLIS ELYNNE .iph-Vin Riding Club 5. GZYBXEK, EUGENE FRANCIS If - ,I Ozzie French Club 2. Boys, Glee Club 2, 5, 4. Gr- Chestra 2. Social Committee. PALM, RUTH VIRGINIA HRuf1,IJ" Girls' Tennis 1. Class Basketball 1, 2. PALMA, EMMA FRANCES Adj., PARKER, Lois NTADELINE Dramatic Club 5, 4. Girls' Glee Club 4. Orchestra 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 4. PARMER, ELEANOR RUTII AEI., Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Consolidated Or- chestra 5. Consoliclatecl Chorus 5. Orchestra A 1, 2, 5, 4, Combined Chorus 2, 3, 4. PEARSON, PAUL CROSBY PEASLEY, VIRGINIA ALICE NTACDONALD, FLORENCE EDITH ff U Sunny Dramatic Club 5, 4. NTACQUESTON, AGNES ELEANOR If II Smlfy Girls, Glee Club 3, 4, President 5, Treasurer. Combined Chorus 5, 4, President 5, Treasurer 5. 51 NOPTHEDN LIGHTS PEEL, ROBERT KENNETH Radio Club ... ABM., 0 PERRY, MARIORIE ARVILLA 'rlllcldgen PETERS, LOUIS "Hiller" "Elin Demosthenes 4. PETERSON, IUNE "Fefe" Student Council 4. Field Hockey 2, 5, 4, Manager 4. Class Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Captain 2, 5. Varsity Basketball l, 2, 5, 4, Captain 4. Recnrrl Board. I PETERSON, PHYLLIS LILLIAN .. , ,, foold' Field Hockey 2, 5. Class Basketball 1, 2, 4. PIERSON, PAUL ERNEST H PMN Stamp Club 5, 4. PONVFIR, MARY DE PAUL fl Girls' Cvlee Club 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4. PRYOR, ALYS IACQUELINE "Jackie" RAMSDELL, BARBARA "BoH1y" Orchestra 5, 4. Band 4. Class Basketball 2. Varsity Basketball 2. Stamp Club 5. RAMSEY, HAROLD WARREN Boys' Glee Club 4. Rifle Club 4. RICARDI, PETER DINO "Ricky" Football 5, 4. Baseball 5, 4. Hockey 4. Social Committee. RIDLEY, EDGAR MORTIMER AEM, HR!-dn Baseball 5. QUINN, IOIIN IOSEPH njfacku 52 5, NORTHERN LIGHTS RIENDEAU, BURTON FRANCIS "Bud" Hi-Y 4. RIORDAN, XVALTER ARTHUR "Buick " Boys' Glee Club 5, 4. Tennis 2, 5, 4. Stamp Club 5, 4. Rifle Club 2. Golf 2, 5, 4. Foot- ball 1. Cross Country 1, 2. Baseball 4. ROBERTS, EVA LUCY Girls' Glee Club 5. Combined Chorus 5. Ross, IOHN FRANCIS "Jack" Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. Stamp Club 5, 4. ROURKE, BARBARA ANN ROY, PAUL THEODORE Bovs' Glee Club 1, 2. Combined Chorus 1, 2. Crew 5, 4. Indoor Track l, 2. RUNEERO, ELEANORE ANN ST. GEORGE, ALFRED ARTHUR Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4. Hockey 4. SAKRISON. MAY PAULINE Dramatic Club 2. French Club 2. SANTIMAW, MAY ALICE Crew 5. SANTOIAN, BERI GABRIEL IIBEHJJ SCANLON, MARY BRENDAN Class Basketball l, 2. Tennis 2, 5, 4. 55 ', NOPTHEDN LIGHTS SCIIEDIN, DORIS ELIZABETH "Freckle.r" Dramatic Club 5, 4, Secretary 4. SCHMIDT, NORMAN BERNARD .. ,. Irene Student Council 2, 5, 4. Dramatic Club 5, 4. Boys' Glee Club 2, 5. Combined Chorus 2, 5. Crew 1. Stamp Club l, 2, President and Vice-President 2. Nature Club 5, Sergeant- at-Arms. Rifle Club 4. Demosthenes 4. Hi-Y 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, President 4. Camera Club 4, President Iunior Class 5. Cross Coun- try 5. Record Board. Aftermath Board. SCOTT, ELNIER THEODORE "Sandy" Football 5, 4. Indoor Track 4. Baseball 5, 4. Hockey 4. Senior Class Treasurer. SCRICCO, MICHAEL IOHN " 111 Ate" SIMPSON, SHIRLEY SHANNON lfpatil French Club, Secretary 4. Dramatic Club 5, 4. SISKO, ARTHUR XVILLYAM If Il drf SKLUT, LEONORA ELIZABETH l4'LeeJl Riding Club 5. Girl Reserves 2, 5, Secretary 5. SOLOWAY, SIDNEY "Sid" Dramatic Club 5, 4, Treasurer 4. Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 4. Consolidated Chorus 2. Or- chestra l, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4. Combined Chorus 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 5. Nature Club 2, 5. Demosthenes 2, 5. HifY 5, 4. Slide Rule 5. Chess Club 4. Iunior Class Day Committee. SPRAGUE, FLORENCE MAE ..F!0N,, STODDARD, HENRY THEODORE .. Ted., Football 5, 4. Boys' Basketball 5, 4. Social Committee. STROUT, BARBARA COLSON "Bab.r" Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5. Combined Chorus 1, 2, 5. STUART, JUNE nJLznl'e" Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 2, 5, 4. 54 1 NORTHERN LIGHTS SULLIVAN, CHRISTINE THERESE A - ., Chru SULLIVAN, IAMES JOSEPH H Sully" Boys' Glee Club 2, 5. Outdoor Track 1 SULLIVAN, PAUL FRANCIS "Sully" Band 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4. A SXVAN, ARTIIUR uDucky" "RoyzzlU Nature Club 2. F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4. Fruit luclging 5. SYMONDS, MERRILL AUGUSTUS A . ,, Sim Camera Club 4. THAYER, DONALD TURNER Rifle Club 4. THORELL, HELEN H T00f.r" TON, IOHN TRULSON, DOROTHY ELIZABETH ff L' Doi USHER. MARIORTE U Illarjie ' ' Nature Club 1. Demosthenes Club 3, 4, Secretary 4. Camera Club 4, Treasurer 4. Aftermath Board. VAN XVERT, DAVID ELMER nDave" Band 4. VARIABEDIAN, ANTHONY A . U Vfwy Record Board 4. SPlLLANE, EDXVARD WILLIAIVX A - U Ripper Boys' Basketball 4. Baseball 4. 55 JA NORTHERN Luc:-:Ts VAUGHN. DOROTHY "Dol" Ulfonrzxyu Girls' Glee Club 2. Class Basketball l, 2, 5, 4. Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 4. VENTRESCA, DOMENIC RALPH A - U Vinny VIENS, ROGER GEORGE .I . A Jzggw XVALSH, IAMES TELESPHORE if ' ,J Jmzfny Scenery Constructor. XVENNERBERG, ROLAND CARLTON "Rolfe" "C0ng1'e.r.f1nan" Student Council 4. Crew 2, 5. Rifle Club 5 Demosthenes, Treasurer 4. Hi-Y, Vice- President 4. Slide Rule 5, 4. Camera Club 5, 4. XVHITE, DOROTHY ANNE "D0!lz'e" XVIIITING, GORDON ARCHIE, IR. " ll7fu'ley " Stamp Club 4. XVINBERG, NORMA CHRISTINE French Club 2, 5. Girls' Glee Club 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 5, 4. Camera Club 4. XVINSLOVV, DOROTHY EVELYN HDMI, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 5, 4. Nature Club 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4, XVRIGIIT, ELEANOR IOYCE Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4. Combined Chorus 2, 5, 4. ZAMARRO, VICTOR LOUIS rr Vain FINNEGAN, MARY CLARE K.ALI,IO, XVALTER OLAVE Boys' Basketball. H Tarzan" KAKNERVCJ, HENRY ILMAR1 "Hank" Radio Club 1, 2, 5, 4. KERNON, RANDOLPH XVUORINEN, VOITTO ARMAS 56 C NORTHERN Luca-ITS Senior Commiifeex CLASS DAY COMMITTEE RICHARD CANTWELL, Chairman GORDON ANDERSON WILLIAM BUTLER HELEN EORSEERG MERLE HALL MELVIN JOHNSON JAMES MARONEY RITA MINER JAMES MOLONEY PHYLLIS O'SHEA JUNE PETERSON ELEANOR RUNBERG SHIRLEY SIMPSON GIFT COMMITTEE IRENE MORRISON, Chairman MURIEL BLACKWOOD GERTRUDE IOHANSSON KENNETH CLAFLIN DONALD CURRIE IOHN L'ESPERANCE BARBARA ROURKE MOTTO COMMITTEE GRETAL CARLSON, Chairman ANN BOLACK HELENA BUTLER WILFRED CHRISTIE SANTINA FORCHIELLI GEORGE GAUMOND EMERSON IONES SOCIAL COMMITTEE IOHN CRIMMINS, Chairman EUNICE CARLSON MARY HAMPSHIRE ROBERT HARGEN DONALD HILL EDWARD IACOBS MARY JUDGE BARBARA KENNEDY MARION KIRBY CARTER KNIGHT BEVERLY LUCE IEANETTE MACKIE EUGENE OZIMEK PETER RICARDI HENRY STODDARD S BETTER 6 Q9 IS om a Qing-cop !11 BOXER AIS f 5 ,ef f ff? as +4 Pfeng of Qmmists Rc A eff " Bm-Ueif. RPxDlO UiS Hiferxs cl' oc Tor JQCK C QQ? l.Espe,rom Q T Kee Lck P LCD? 7K lgmyun N JQCK l X Mcflcnfij 1' rp .. 5 5'rEn'1EFL.., ORG IZATIO PRINCIPAL'S COUNCIL COYLE, DESPERANCE, FORZLEY, MARONEY, LLOYD, WENNERBERG, WILSON, BEAUDOIN GALLANT, SCHMIDT, D. NYMAN, B. GAINES, N. BIANCHI, BARTLETT, ERIKSON MALONEY, E. HAMMOND, A. MCLEOD, THAYER, R. BRENNAN, I. DOW, ADAMS M. USHER V. BOHLIN GARRITY, G. CARLSON, MR. SHERWIN, B. BALLOU, CROTTY my Nos:-T1-uiram Lacs 1-ws A PRINCIPAL'S COUNCIL Arthur Garrity CRecord Boardb, Praridenl Barbara Ballon QRecord Boardb, Vice-Pl'eJz'denZ Gretel Carlson CGirls' Athleticsb, Secrefary Iames Crotty QSenior Classj, Tfealmref' lack Lloyd Uunior Classj, Selyean!-af-fifmtr Iames lVIaroney QBoys' Athleticsl, Sergeant-af-ffrmf Jack Adams-Ace of Clubs Iohn Beaudoin-Aftermath Herbert Berg-F. F. A. Norma Bianchi-Dramatic Club Evelyn Borgeson-Junior Class Norma BoulaykFrench Club Francis Brennanelxflelophonic Ruth Brennanefiirl Reserves Ruth CohnfGirl Reserves Roger Corey-Radio Club Thomas Coyle-Camera Club Sam Dellolioelunior Class Irene Dow7Dramatic Club Emmons Fales-F. F. A. Helen Forsberg-Record Board Mitchell ForzleyFStamp Club Beatrice Gaines-Senior Class Ernest Gallant-Rifle Club Harry Cvustafson-Stamp Club Elinor Hammond-Field Club Ernest Hooks-Stamp Club Warrin Ioudrey-F. F. A. Iohn Klar-Radio Club Iohn L'EsperancefAthletics Doris Luthringer-Girl Reserves Agnes MacQueston-Melophonic Amelia lVIcLeodfAthletics Shirley Meade-Girl Reserves James lVIoloneyfAthletics Irene lVIorrisonfFrench Club June PetersonfAthletics Norman Schmidt CHi-YD Elmer Scott-Senior Class Hugo Snickers-Radio Club Paul TracyfField Club Marjorie Usher-Aftermath Roland Wennerberg-Hi-Y Robert Williamsffiecord Board Winthrop Wilson-Hi-Y William Wood-Melophonic I RECORD BOARD FARRAR, BARTLETT, LLOYD, I. PETERSON, BUTLER, NELSON, MUNYAN ADAMS, KEARNEY, SMITH, SCHMIDT, VARIABEDIAN, FULLER E. HAMMOND, I. MORRISON, MARTIN, N. BIANCHI, ERIKSON, H. FORSBERG, N. BEAMAN I. DOW I. MACKIE B. GAINES, GARRITY, MISS MCCLURE, WILLIAMS, B. BALLOU I NOFPTHEPN LIGHTS 5 Record Board Edz'Zor-in-Clzicf Beatrice Gaines, '57 .fffoocialc Robert Williams, '59 Liierafjlf Edffor Barbara Ballou, '57 Aaxrocia lex Helen Forsberg, '57 Florence Hayden, '57 lack Adams, '57 Paul Nelson, '58 Robert Smith, '59 Nancy Beaman, '58 Ba.rZneJnr dlanalocr Arthur Garrity, '57 d,r.rocz'a1fe Paul Kearney, '59 Circalallon flfanagerf Lee Bartlett, '57 Winthrop Munyon, '58 ddvcr!l.rz'n-o dlanager Anthony Varjabedian, '57 firfocfa lea' Irene Morrison, '57 Douglas Butler, '58 Recorder Irene Dow, '57 zflamni Ieanette Mackie, '57 Socz'elie,r Norma Bianchi, '57 Exchanger Norman Schmidt, '57 dr! Edifor Iames Fuller, '58 Proofrcaderir lack Lloyd, '58 Gordon Erikson, '58 Poefry Edifor Elinor Hammond, '57 dlairical Nofew Richard Farrar, '58 Dramatic Critic Warren Martin, '57 Boyds' dfhleficcr Richard Gilbert, '57 Girlir' fffhlelictr Iune Peterson, '57 Facally Adwlfer Miss McClure X DRAMATIC CLUB ELLISON, CURTIS, M. DOLAN, R. SCHEDIN, DEL ROSSO E. BORGESON, L. PARKER, M. SOHLSTROM, E. BECKER, R. ANDERSON, A. COSTELLO, S. WIDERBERG S. VAN DER PYL, I. DOW, N. BIANCHI, D. SCHEDIN, S. SIMPSON NOQT1-4 1-:LPN LIGHTS DRAMATIC CLUB Norma Bianchi, Preffdenf Doris Schedin, Secrelaruy Ruth Anderson Irene Dow, Vice-PreJL'a'en1f Melvin Johnson, Treatmrer Raymond Ellison Lewis Atwood, Ir. Norma Forsberg Iohn Beaudoin Ellen Becker Evelyn Borgeson Ann Costello Robert Curtis Stephen Del Rosso Mary Dolan Lois Parker May Sakrison Robert Schedin Norman Schmidt Shirley Simpson Madeline Sohlstrom Shirley Van der Pyl Shirley Widerberg STAMP CLUB Harry Gustafson, Prerridenf Iessie Benson, Secrelafy Gordon Anderson Robert Babson Iessie Benson John Bjork Paul Coleberg Iarnes Evans Emmon Fales George Featheroll Mitchel Forzley Harry Gustafson Go xl Mitchel Forzley, Vice-PreJZffenf Philip Peterson, Treauzrer Iohn Huges Ruth Ingerson Iver Iohnson Warren Kennedy Milton Kirkpatrick Gustaf Lindquist Thomas O'Connor Harry Qrr Philip Peterson Paul Pierson rdon Whiting 45 DEMOSTHENES CLUB COYLE, DONOGHUE, KITTREDGE, GARRITY, KNIGHT, KEARNEY, ERIKSON DOLAN, CROTTY, SMITH, E. BECKER, MR. HOLMES, M. EKDAHL, VIOLA, BRAZILE, ADAMS R. COHN I. BENSON M. USHER, WENNERBERG, E. BORGESON, MARONEY, I. MORRISON g g NOQTHEQN LIGHTS M DEMOSTHENES CLUB Evelyn Borgeson, Preirldenf Iames Maroney, Vice-PreJia'enl Marjorie Usher, Secrehzry Roland Wennerberg, Trearurer lack Adams Lee Bartlett Ellen Becker Jessie Benson William Bishop Evelyn Borgeson Iohn Brazile Francis Brennan Ruth Cohn Thomas Coyle Iames Crotty Thomas Donahue Irene Dow Miriam Ekdahl Gordon Erikson Corinne Foster Ernest Gallant Arthur Garrity Paul Kearney Iohn Kittredge Carter Knight Iames Maroney Irene Morrison Edward Morse Fred Rousseau Norman Schmidt Robert Smith Leo Thayer Marjorie Usher Ioseph Viola Roland Wennerberg HI-Y CLUB Flint! Senzarfer Second Semerrler Norman Schmidt, Pf6Jl'd6l1f Norman Schmidt, PreJZdenZ Winthrop Wilson, Vice-Prerrfrlenf Roland Wennerberg, Vice-Pre.ridenf Gordon Erikson, Secretary Gordon Copp, Secrefary Iohn Kittredge, Treafwvr Frederick Flagg, TreaJ1,u'er Edward Kovar, Sefyyeanl-af-drnfz.r Edward Kovar, Sefjqeanzf-al-ffrmae Donald Allain Lee Bartlett William Bishop Kenneth Brigham Henry Colby Thomas Coyle Alfred Crommett Arthur De VVaele Elmer Ellison Gordon Erikson Reginald Farrar Merle Hall Raymond Melgren Russell Melgren Earl Merritt Ralph Merritt Winthrop Munyan Paul Nelson Robert Smith Leo Thayer Ioseph Viola Winthrop Wilson Richard Farrar Qfirst semester only? William Wood L.,- FIELD AND FOREST CLUB CHIN, KOVAR. WILLIAMS, I. HELLBERG, KITTREDGE, BRIGHAM, ADAMS I. BENSON, R. INGERSON, P, HEDLUND, P. HAGBERG, R. LOVELL, S. SNOW, M. SOHLSTROM KIRKPATRICK, V. GRAY, E. HAMMOND, D. WINSLOW, COYLE NODTHEPN LIGHTS ,Q FIELD AND FOREST CLUB Elinor Hammond, PreJz'a'en! Victoria Gray, Vice-Pre rmfenf Dorothy Winslow, Secrelary Thomas Coyle, Treaawzrer lack Adams Jessie Benson Kenneth Brigham Philip Chin Thomas Coyle Helen Forsberg Norma Forsberg Victoria Gray Elinor Hammond Pearl Hedlund Ingrid Hellberg Christine Hagberg John Klar, PFEJl.d6l1f Pauline Hagberg Helen Houghton Ruth Ingerson Milton Kirkpatrick Iohn Kittredge Edward Kovar Rebecca Lovell - Irene Morrison Madelaine Sohlstrom Shirley Snow Paul Tracy Daniel Webster Dorothy VVinslow RADIO CLUB Hugo Snickers, Vice-Prcnrzdenf Donald Mackintosh, Secrefary David Robertson, Treaxufer Alphonse Balchunas Ernest Hooks George Barnard Ioseph Cameron Francis Cody Roger Corey Bennett Fredin Robert Germain xl Iohn Klar Donald Mackintosh Robert Lavallee Edward Peliski David Robertson Richard Rochette Hugo Snickers E 49 FRENCH CLUB CAMERA CLUB I NOPTHEPN LIGHTS LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Norma Bianchi, Praridenf Norma Boulay, VL'C6'Pf6Jl.d6Hf Irene Morrison, Secrelary Stephen Del Rosso,'er' 1957 Norma Bianchi Norma Boulay Doris Gray Pearl Hedlund Dorothy Ielicka Grace Murphy Shirley Meade Irene Morrison Marie Murray May Sakrison Shirley Simpson Norma Winherg 1958 Ruth Akerlund Raymond Ellison Pauline Arland Rosemary Ermilio Kenneth Brigham Louise Gray Roberta Carlson Betty Moulton Philip Chin Elvira Gtterson Eleanor Dahrilla Shirley Van der Pyl Stephen Del Rosso Gladys Wist 1959 Kenneth Anderson Mary McAuliffe Lewis Atwood Mary G'Connor Iessie Benson Dorothy Pierce Wilton Dadmun Phyliss Simoneau Annie Demirjian Robert Smith Barbara Doe Ruth Symonds Eleanor Iuhola Margaret Somalio Sylvia Lewis Margie Wentzell CAMERA CLUB Winthrop Wilson, Prewidenl Thomas Coyle, Vice-Prefidenzf Reginald Farrar, Secretary Ierome Howe, Tl'6dJlfll'6l' Ruth Anderson Henry Flink Richard Glson Alfred Bukon Arthur Garrity Philip Peterson Kenneth Brooks Harry Gustafson Charles Rikas Radcliffe Choate Ierome Howe Marvin Richard Thomas Coyle Gscar Hagherg Marjorie Usher Alfred Crommett Hiag Koobatian Roland Wennerherg ames Dykens lane McAvoy Norma Winherg Gordon Erikson Earl Merritt Winthrop Wilson Reginald Farrar Ralph Merritt Richard Farrar Paul Nelson rf X G7 51 - n NOPTH EP N Ll G HTS 1'1-"1-51 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Rudolph Anderson Wallace Arnold Albert Barnes Algirdas Bartash Lester Bemis Herbert Berg Irving Bergstrom Norman Briggs Norman Burgoyne Ioseph Cameron Iohn Cavanaugh Stacy Cole, Ir. John Connor Richard Cronican Richard Erickson Ioseph Gale Kenneth Heebner Gunnar Hemming Emerson Iones Warren Ioudrey Iohn Klar Hiag Koobatian Robert Love Robert Magnuson Leonard Martinsen James Meagher Fenwick Morris Alfred Neil Carl Ogren George Packard George Perry Benjamin Pierce George Prentiss Leo Reynolds Robert Rich Robert Soponski Robert Spaulding Charles Spencer Carl Stolnacke Carl Strom Frank Swallow Arthur Swan Phillip Swift Emery Thoren John Watson Edward Wisboro Harold Witt William Wood Victor Zetterberg i 5 I F l ORCHESTRA A SOLOWAY, IACKSON, WOOD, MUNYAN, KOVAR, THURLOW, BARTLETT BABSON, HOFFMAN, TRUELSON, MCCOLL, OZIMEK, STANTON, LYSIK, JOHNSON TAEELIEAMSDELL, L. PARKER, M. FRIBERG, BEAUDOIN, KOT, LUUKKO, S. BURNHAM, D. RANDALL, BERG R E. PARMER, HOWE, THAYER, MISS REED, HOLMES, M. CONLON, O. BURNHAM NOPTHEPN LI G HTS Gordon Bashaw John Beaudoin Herbert Berg Alice Burbank Loring Burgess Douglass Butler Nlary Conlon Lee Bartlett John Beaudoin Herbert Berg Olive Burnham Shirley Burnham Mary Conlon Martha Friberg Robert Germain David Hoffman Chandler Holmes Jerome Howe John Jackson Andrew Kot Edward Kovar Eero Luukko Alfred Lysik Virginia Amidon Barbara Anderson Kenneth Anderson Lee Bartlett John Beaudoin Ellen Becker Norma Bianchi John Bird Frances Boyle Francis Brennan Kenneth Brooks Alice Burbank Shirley Burnham Marie Callahan Dlildred Chaffee YVilfrecl Christie Barbara Clark Mary Conlon Q THE BAND David Kaplan, Dz'recz'0r Arthur DeXVeale Marjorie Diggins Carle Highberg David Hoffman Chandler Holmes John Jackson Vt7illis Janes Alan King John Klar Eero Luukko Roderick McColl Gordon Miller XVinthrop Munyan YVeino Perkio ORCHESTRA A O Mabel Reed, Dlreclor' Roderick McColl YVinthrop Nlunyon Eugene Ozimek Lois Parker Eleanor Parker Barbara Ramsdell Doris Randall Sidney Soloway Milton Stanton Donald Taylor Leo Thayer Donald Thurlow John Truelson Charlotte Werme VV'inthrop Vlilson Pliny XVood MIXED Charles Corley Robert Curtis Henry Daniels Stephen Del Rosso YVilliam Enos Anna Eresian Richard Farrar Norma Forsberg Clayton Fowler James Garrity John Graham Victoria Gray David Hoffman Helen Houghton John Jackson Cynthia Jenks VVilliam Johnson Barbara Johnstone Donald Beinema Nlarvin Beinema Loring Burgess Mildred Chaffee Roger Corey David Eaton Anna Eresian Richard Farrar Dana Haigh Christine Hashem Carle Highberg CHORUS Peter Kolonia Leonard Leamy Cyrus Lindgren Jean Lovell Rebecca Lovell Bert Lundberg William MacKenzie Agnes MacQueston Virginia Morse Betty Moulton Marjorie Munson VVendall Mygren Lois Parker Eleanor Parmer Mary Power Doris Randall Betty Ringoen Vtlarren Rousseau Philip Peterson Barbara Ramsdell Richard Smith Milton Stanton Donald Taylor Donald Thurlow David Van VVert RCHESTRA B Paul Holden Shirley Holmes VVillis Janes Mary Kittredge Vahe Mekjian Margaret Nordwell Barbara Ramsdell Arthur Smith Harold VVitt Loring Vtlood Emily Zalneraitis Joseph Samra VVilliam Sanders Annie Soter Dorothea Strand Roger Swift Harold Taylor Gladys Tomajan Helen Townsend Veikko Turpeinen Michael Vacca Joseph Viola Norma YVinberg Marcia Vtlood Pliny VVood Emily Zalneraitis I Xu ul 55 MIXED CHORUS NOFPTHEPN Ll G HTS Alice Allen Virginia Amidon Barbara Anderson Edith Anderson Ruth Anderson Shirley Armstrong lane Auren Barbara Baird Alice Barnard Mildred Bartlett Ellen Becker Eleanor Beesting Mary Bellefleur Iessie Benson Norma Bianchi Gladwyn Blackwell Frances Boyle Muriel Brackett Ruth Brennan Alice Burbank Olive Burnham Shirley Burnham Marie Callahan Mildred Chaffee Barbara Clark Mary Collins Mary Conlon Ruth Connolly Esther Covell Ellen Creaven lVlary Creaven Bernice Grossman Alice Crowe Kenneth Anderson Robert Babson Lee Bartlett Iohn Beaudoin Donald Beinema Marvin Beinema lack Brazile Kenneth Brooks Loring Burgess Hervey Butler YVilfred Christie Paul Colberg Charles Corley David Cumiskey Robert Curtis Henry Daniels Francis Davidson I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Eleanor Dabrila Ruth Dauphinee Iune Douglas Frances Doyle Shirlee Duff Patricia Enos Anna Eresian Muriel Feeney Norma Forsberg Louise Frodigh Ianet Goulet Alma Grantors Victoria Gray Ienny Gould Madeline Gullberg Marjorie Gullberg Dorothy Hanscom lane Hayes Ruth Hedlund Barbara Hildreth Dorothy Hine Iacqueline Hurley Della Hurst Cynthia Ienks Doris Johnson Frances Iohnson Miriam Iohnson Madelyn Iohnston Barbara Johnstone Lywena lohnstone Mary Iudge Eleanor Iuhola Kathleen Kane BOYS' Stephen Del Rosso Arthur De VVade Iohn Doherty Yvilliam Dolan Iames Dykens Vtlilliam Enos Fred Fagerquist Richard Farrar Harold Flaherty Iames Garrity Ioseph Gleason Robert Gordon Iohn Graham Carle Highberg David Hoffman Robert Holt Iohn Iackson Barbara LaRose lean Lovell Rebecca Lovell Phyllis MacAllister Mildred MacGeoch Agnes MacQueston lane MCAvoy Louise McAvoy Helen McCrea Bernice McGurl Mary McKinley Elaine lVlanson Dorothy Maroney Catherine Mars Barbara Mellen Marjorie Moore Barbara Morse Betty Morse Virginia Morse Betty Moulton Nlariorie Munson Doris Nelson Eleanor Nelson Margaret Nordwell Alice O'Halloran Lois Parker Eleanor Parmer Marion Parmer Edith Person Helen Peterson Ruth Peterson Mary Power Doris Randall GLEE CLUB William Iohnson Peter Kolonia Robert Lavallee Leonard Leamy Cyrus Lindgren Bert Lundberg Andrew MacKenzie XVilliam MacKenzie Frank Mero Bernard Narell VVendall Nygren Paul Olson Eugene Ozimek Edward Reelietts Iames Reidy George Robertson XVarren Rousseau 57 Muriel Rawson Rena Ridler Pauline Ridley Marjorie Robinson Angie Romano Nancy Royal Evelyn Sandstrom Florence Scarpaci Catherine Shropshire Dorothea Slater Rosemary Smart Eileen Smith Annie Soter Betty Stewart Dorothea Strand Mae Supernor Rodella Sweet lane Taylor Mary Thayer Betty Thomas Dorothy Thomas Margaret Tomailo Gladys Tomajan Anna Toscano Helen Townsend Helen Wlalsh Mabel VVeston Marion Whitcomb Frances Wilder Norma Winberg Marcia Vllood Emily Zalneraitis Joseph Samra Ashley Sanders Deming Smith Sidney Soloway Roger Swift Donald Taylor Harold Taylor Veilcko Turpeinen Iohn Tyer Donald Underwood Michael Vacca Robert Vail Albert Velleco Ioseph Viola Pliny Wood 3 MW Y22 CWCLS GIRLS' HOCKEY SQUAD E. HAMMOND, C. FOSTER, M. IUDGE, H. SIMMONS, S. LEWIS, E. BROWN E. HARDING, P. HAGBERG, MISS DREW, B. BALLOU, I. LEGG M. CALLAHAN, I. PETERSON, CAPT. B. GAINES, G. CARLSON, B. FIELD October 9 NOFPTHEPN LI G HTS FIELD HOCKEY SQUAD Beatrice Gaines, Captain Iune Peterson, Jlafiager Barbara Ballou Elizabeth Brown Marie Callahan Gretel Carlson Beverly Field Corrinne Foster October 16 October 50 November 5 November 5 November 12 Pauli ne Hagberg Elinor Hammond Evelyn Harding Mary Judge Eleanor Kearney Ianet Legg Sylvia Lewis Harriet Simmons SCHEDULE North O South North 2 Classical North 0 South North 0 Classical North 0 Commerce North 0 Commerce x ,-. S 61 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD I. DAVIS, V. AMIDON, P. HAGBERG, MISS DREW, M. RAFFERTY, G. FIELD, W. SCHRODER E. ANDERSON, S. HINES, A. MCLEOD, M. JUDGE, B. PIERCE, B. ANDERSON, M. TAPPER D. VAUGHAN L. GRAY B. FIELD, G. CAULSON, CAPT. I. PETERSON, G. MURPHY, V. DEREZ L. LAVENDIER, D. THOMAS, B. CANTWELL, E. KEARNEY, S. ARMSTRONG, E. CUSHMAN l NOPTHEQN LIGHTS 5 BASKETBALL SQUAD Iune Peterson, Caplain Gretel Carlson, Jlanagel' Barbara Anderson Virginia Derez Beverly Field Louise Gray February 11 February 17 February 25 March 5 March 11 March 17 SCHEDULE North 52 North 12 North 14 North 19 North 26 North 14 if 5,3111 Shirley Hines Mary Iudge Amelia McLeod Grace Murphy Betty Pierce Dorothy Vaughan Commerce 21 ' Classical 51 South 11 Commerce 18 Commerce 22 South 38 I ,meiggzpg , 1-55342: Qaozsagaq. 5, fgsemzsaf WW W' D. Q' A 65 I FOOTBALL SQUAD CANTWELL, SCOTT, BARRETT, WILSON, STODDARD, SULLIVAN, DELLOLIO IACOBSON, CAPT. CROTTY, MR. OTT, CRIMMINS, RICARDI MCGEACHEY, FULLER, IONES, VACCA, CAMARRA A NO THEPN Luo:-ws FOOTBALL SQUAD Iames Crotty, Capt. Elmer Scott Carl Iacobson Peter Ricardi Robert Smith lack McCarthy Albert Reeves 6 Louis Camarra REGUL.ARS James Maloney Samuel Delollio Emerson Jones Raymond Gleason Richard Cantwell Alfred Velleco Clyde Benware William English Iohn Crimmins RESEIQVES Edward lVlcGeachey Robert Williams John Mahoney William Vacca Robert Barrett Robert Earley Timothy Connors Angelo Manero 'William Monahan Donald Fuller Alfred DeAngelis SCHEDULE North 0, Fitchburg 6 North 0, Commerce 28 North 12, Bartlett 0 North 7, South 6 North 6, Classical O North 0, Haverhill 55 North 0, Everett 15 65 Q TRACK SQUAD SAWIN, MCMEEKIN, IENKINS, VALENTINE, CRIMMINS, WITT ANDERSON, A. DEDERIAN, HUEY, O. DEDERIAN, KRAKOWSKI, F. MALONEY I. MOLONEY, IONES, CAPT. L'ESPERANCE, BGSTIC, MR. OTT COX, CROTTY, CRAVEDI, BIANCHI Q, NODTH 1-:QN Llc 1-:Ts INTER-HIGH INDOOR MEET High Iump-lst, Harris, H.S.C.g 2nd, L'Esperance, N.H.S., Tinker, S.H.S., 4th, Nlcllleekin, N.H.S., Bostic, N.H.S.-5 ft., 9 in. 600-Yard Run-lst, Tones, N.H.S., 2nd, Kleiza, H.S.C., 5rd, Cox, N.H.S.g 4th, Sawin, N.H.S.-l.2l. 27-Yard Hurdles-First Heat: lst, L'Esperance, N.H.S.: 2nd, Sweeney, H.S.C. -.04. Second Heat: lst, Dougall, H.S.C., 2nd, Trychon, C.H.S.-4.1 Third Heat: lst, Bostic, N.H.S., 2nd, Crimmins, N.H.S.-4.1. Final: lst, L'Esperance, N.H.S., 2nd, Trychon, C.H.S.g 5rd, Bostic, N.H.S., Dougall, H.S.C.-4. 25-Yard Dash-First Heat: lst, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Cravedi, N.H.S.e5.5. Second Heat: lst, Bostic, N.H.S., 2nd, Crotty, N.H.S.-5.5. Third Heat: lst, O'Leary, C.H.S.: 2nd, Levy, H.S.C.-5.5. Final: lst, Cravedi, N.H.S., 2nd, Crotty, N.H.S., 5rd, Cyr, H.S.C., 4th, Bostic, N.H.S.-5.1. 300-Yard Dash4lst, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Sweeney, H.S.C., 5rd, L'Esperance, N.H.S., Levy, H.S.C.Y4l.5. Standing Broad lump-lst, Bostic, N.H.S.-9 ft., 9M in., 2nd, Ienkins, H.S.C.- 9 ft., 6 in., 5rd, Ienkins, N.H.S., 9 ft., 3M in., 4th, Dougall, H.S.C.Y9 ft., ZZ in. 12-Pound Shotput-lst, Scott, N.H.S.f42 ft., ll in., 2nd, Rudzinski, HSC.- 42 ft., 8 in., 5rd, Pusateri, H.S.C.-42 ft., 5M in., 4th, Bostic, N.H.S.4 41 ft., ll in. l,000-Yard Run-lst, lllaloney, N.H.S., 2nd, Coleman, H.S.C., 5rd, Fournier, S.H.S., 4th, lVlcGlynn, H.S.C.42.52.2. 1,000-Yard Varsity Relay-lst, Sweeney, Kleiza, Levy, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Cravedi, Ienkins, L'Esperance, Iones, N.H.S.-2.2l.5. North 49M Commerce 59 South AIM Classical 5 67 NOQTHEQN LIGHTS 5 200-Yard Dash Mile Runflst INTER-HIGH OUTDOOR MEET First Heat: lst, R. Cyr, H.S.C.g 2nd, O'Leary, C.H.S. 5rd, K. Anderson, N.H.S.-25.5. Second Heat: lst, Bianchi, N.H.S., 2nd, R. Cravedi, N.H.S. 5rd, R. Green, C.H.S.-25.5. Final: lst, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Cravedi, N.H.S., 5rd, O'Leary C.H.S., 4th, Bianchi, N.H.S.e.22.2. CBetters record ot' 22.4 made by G. Brooks, C.H.S., 1950, but not allowed because of wind.j , F. Fleming, C.H.S., 2nd, F. Maloney, N.H.S., 5rd, R. Cox, N.H.S., 4th, W. Stanton, S.H.S.f4.46.6. l20-Yard High Hurdles Cfinalj-lst, lflfsperance, N.H.S.g 2nd, W. Mcllleekin, N.H.S.g 5rd, Crimmins, N.H.S., 4th, L. Dougall, H.S.C.-.l6.2. tNew record, old record .l6.4 made by Barron, N.H.S., l927.j 440-Yard Dash-lst, O'Leary, H.S.C.g 2nd, E. Iones, N.H.S., 5rd, R. Lapoint, S.H.S., 4th, 100-Yard Dash 880-Yard Run R. Wiik, H.S.C.f.54.4. -First Heat: lst, R. Abbot, C.H.S., 2nd, R. Cravedi, N.H.S.- .ll. Second Heat: lst, R. Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, O'Leary, C.H.S.- .l0.5. Third Heat: lst, M. Ienkins, H.S.C., 2nd, O. Dederian N.H.S.-.l0.6. Final: lst, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Ienkins, H.S.C., 5rd, O'Leary C.H.S., 4th, Dederian, N.H.S.-.l0.6. e-lst, McGlynn, H.S.C., 2nd, Sullivan, C.H.S.g 5rd, A Sawin, N.H.S., 4th, R. Cox, N.H.S.-2.l0.8. 220-Yard Low Hurdles Cfinallglst, W. lVlclVleeliin, N.H.S., 2nd, Crirnniins, N.H.S.g 5rd, L'Esperance, N.H.S.g 4th, Sweeney, H.S.C.-26.5. High lump-lst, H. Harris, H.S.C., 2nd, L'Esperance, N.H.S., 5rd, W. Bostic N.H.S.g 4th, tie between VV. lVlclVleekin, N.H.S., and L. Dougall, H.S.C.- 5 ft., 9M in. Pole Vault-lst, C. Hebert, S.H.S., 2nd, tie between H. Colburn, H.S.C., and H. Lessard, H.S.C., 4th, G. Baroud, N.H.S.-10 ft. Running Broad H.S.C. C19 ft., l1in.j,5rd, W. Bostic, N.H.S. C19 ft Started 650 agate. l in.j5 2nd, H. Harris ., 5 in.Qg 4th, Cyr, H.S.C Iurnpflst, M. Ienkins, H.S.C. C20 ft., Cl9 ft., 4M in.D. l2-Pound Shotput-lst, E. Scott, N.H.S. C44 ft., 4M in.j, 2nd, S. lablonski C.H.S. C42 ft., 6M in.D3 5rd, V. Rudzinslii, H.S.C. fell ft., 10M in.Dg 4th W. Bostic, 880-Yard Relay Bianchi, Io North 55M Commerce 52M N.H.S. C41 ft., 5M in.D. -lst, O'Leary, Sweeney, Ienliins, Cyr, H.S.C., 2nd, Crimmins nes, L'Esperance, N.H.S., 5rd, C.H.S.fl.55.9. PoiNT STANDING Classical l5 South 8 44 if I s 68 1 J I 1 J 1 1 4 NODTHEPN Lion-:Ts . INTER-HIGH SENIOR MEET High lump-lst, L'Esperance, N.H.S., Zncl, McCabe, H.S.C., 5rd, Bostic, N.H.S.g 4th, Oraz, H.S.C.-5 ft., 10 in. 17-Yard Dash-lst, Crotty, N.H.S., 2nd, Melican, S.H.S.g 5rd, L'Esperance, N.H.S.g 4th, Ienkins, N.H.S.-1.8. 21-Yard Hurdles-lst, L'Esperance, N.H.S., 2nd, Crimmins, N.H.S., 5rd, Bostic, N.H.S.g 4th, Moline, N.H.S.f5.2. 600-Yard Run-lst, Iones, N.H.S.g 2nd, Fernane, H.S.C.g 5rd, Klieza, H.S.C., 4th, Pieniazek, H.S.C.-l.2l.2. 500-Yard Run-lst, L'Esperance, N.H.S.g 2nd, Levy, H.S.C., 5rd, Ienkins, N.H.S.3 4th, Iosephs, H.S.C.e55.4. - 1,000-Yard Run-lst, Maloney, N.H.S.g 2nd, Poskus, H.S.C.g 5rd, Fleming, N.H.S.g 4th, Crotty, N.H.S.-2.55. Standing Broad lump-lst, Bostic, N.H.S.g Zncl, Hadaraskas, C.H.S., 5rd, McCabe, H.S.C.g 4th, Ienkins, N.H.S.-9 ft., 10M in. 12-Pound Shotpuf-lst, Bostic, N.H.S., 2nd, Viola, N.H.S., 5rd, Ruclzinski, H.S.C.g 4th, Chaleki, H.S.C.f42 ft., M in. Relay-lst, Crimmins, Ienkins, Iones, L'Esperance, N.H.S., 2nd, Kleiza, Levy, Iosephs, Fernane, H.S.C.-1.45. POINT STANDING North 65 Classical 5 Commerce 25 South 5 T . - - ' 5.1.1- S -5 ,lglql N553 Q a'.5'.f qffy Nh-v 15039 l 1 xl 69 BASEBALL SQUAD MAHONEY, CUNNINGHAM, MCKEOWN, MR. GAGNON, CAMARRA, IONES, O,MALLEY WHITTEMORE, D. ANDERSON, C. ANDERSON, HILDRETH, SAVAGEAU ST. GEORGE, GENTILE, CANTVVELL, LAVIN, DELLOLIO NOPTHEPN LIG HTS BASEBALL VARSITY PLAYERS A Cunningham, c Gentile, 2b 1V1cKeown, p St. George, ss C. Anderson, p Cantwell, 5b Lavin, p Dellolio, lf Camarra,1h Jones, cf Whittemore, rf ' RESERVES Catcher-D. Anderson Infielders-Hildreth, Flanagan Quthelders-Reeves, Savageau, April 28 April 50 May 5 May 7 May 12 May 14 May 20 May 22 SCHEDULE North North 16 North 12 North 9 North 1 North 8 North 7 North 5 71 Murphy South postponed Classical 19 Webster 5 Commerce 10 South 7 Classical 1 St. Iohn's 4 Webster 18 NOFPTHEPN LIG I'-'ITS GOLF TEAM Iames Crotty, Caplain Edward Marrone Donald Winchester Earl Peterson Walter Gillis Fred Maloney RESERVES Iohn Harris William English Gordon Erickson Iohn McCracken SCHEDULE April 27 North 6 Nichols Iunior College 0 May 5 North 7 Nichols Iunior College 2 May 6 North 5M Commerce 5M May 7 North 75' Nashua IM May ll North 695 Classical 2M May 20 North 55' South 5M May 27 North 55' Commerce 8192! 4:- NOPTHEFPN Ll G HTS BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD Roger Anderson George 1V1cKeown George Lavin Stephen Kapish Vity Anish William Butler Edward Spillane 101111 D'E1ia North 17 North 58 North 19 North 12 North 25 North 44 North 20 North 14 North 12 North 17 North 15 North 19 North 18 North 14 North 15 North 15 North 15 North 15 XL SCHEDULE Tech Iayvees Alumni 52 William Power Walter Johnson William Monahan Ted Stoddard Roy Pearson Richard Cantwell Nils Ronnquist Alexander Boukalis 14 St. Petcr's 57 St. Bernard,s 50 Trade 55 New England School ofAccount1ng 17 South 51 Commerce 26 V Sacred Heart Academy 25 St. 1ohn's 9 Classical 24 South 58 Commerce 21 Sacred Heart Academy 22 Clark Iayvees 17 Classical 57 St. Bernard's 25 St. Iohn's 51 75 S NOPTH EPN L.I G HTS George Gaumond Thomas Greaney Richard Gilbert Herbert Klaucke Norman Klaucke Albert Reeves Warren Ioudrey ICE HOCKEY SQUAD Raymond Brooks David Wilson Charles Tracy Thomas Hoar Donald Fuller Robert Barrett Robert Williams Peter Ricardi Homer White Alfred St. George SCHEDULE North 1, Athol High 4 North 5, Classical High 0 North 7, South High O North 2, Worcester Academy 1 North 5, Pomfret Academy 0 North 2, Worcester Academy 1 North 1, Commerce High 0 North 4, Hudson High 1 North 5, Mt. St. Charles Academy 2 Won 8, Lost 1 REGULAR LINEUP Alfred St. George Albert Reeves Thomas Greaney, Caplafn Warren Ioudrey Herbert Klaucke Richard Gilbert, Manager 74 CAPT. JOHN UESPERANCE Holder of the Inter-High record for the 120-yard high hurdles, 16.2 seconds. He lowered 'che former rec- ord of 16.4 seconds, held by Barron of North 1927, at the annual Inter- High Class Games, May 19, 1957. " .AND SEETHE OQKQQ gwo:ql.p2:'Tsr4,'f5K W IITIIRETTES QW l HB! IG! 4 2 l SHORT X4 X Q B.uMAcKeNzuE Q, K -jk 5 INTHE , J'-I SELL US. , X D ALONG-ukfxws X 1 N' X -I 4 1 E,-I ,A , , , A GenTfemQ9'faQ W of, the W - My W Z4 Q2-Q? C JJ C SW JUL - T LAWYERS of' Coursey O Houluom as 'II JC bed. bug -610 Wowreh tl rx - ' New SHOW' Ge? GPQNL Q Nos:-THEQN Luo:-:Ts Father tto Sammy, coming home in a bedraggled conditionjz "Great Scottl how you do lookl" Sammy: "Yes, Pa, I fell in a mud holef' Father: "Whatl and with your new pants on?" Sammy: "Yes, I didn't have time to take them off." Pk Pk Pk Pa to Bill: "Don't you know it's wrong to fish on Sunday?,' Bill: "I'm not hshing. Ilm only teaching this worm to swim. Pk Pk Pk Smart: f'What's the difference between a hairdresser and a sculptor?" Slow: "I dunno, what?" Smart: "A hairdresser curls up and dyes, and a sculptor makes faces and busts." ii 34 Pk ll Give me a plain soda without any flavor." "What kind of a flavor would you like it without?" "Oh, Ild like it without vanilla flavor." "Sorry, sirl I am out of vanilla. You will have to have it without chocolate, sir." wk wk :af S l f f R ' 7,1 am. astus, is pants a common noun. Rastus: "Pants am an uncommon noun." Sam: 'fI'Iow come, uncommon noun?" Rastus: "Pants is singular at de top and plural at de bottom." PF Pk elf "Now, boys," said the teacher to the geography class, "I want you to bear in mind that the afhx 'stan' means 'the place off Thus we have Afghanistan, the place of Afghans-also Hindustan, the place of Hindus. Can anyone give another example?" Nobody appeared very anxious to do so until little Iohnny Snaggs, the joy of his mother and the terror of cats, said proudly, "Yes sir, I can. Umbrellastan, the place for Umbrellas." Pk :nf as A teacher giving a lecture on the rhinoceros found her class not paying her all the attention it should. "Now children," she said, "if you want to realize a true hideous picture of this animal you must keep your eyes fixed on me." ' I 'lv 77 1. CHESTER BUsHoNG Porlmit Pbotogmibber STUDIO: 311 MAIN STREET Sperm! Rater lo Studentr C. C. LOWELL St CO. . CARL B. FITTON CO. T Detzleffr in l Paints, Oils, Glass, Brushes, etc. Opgfmnf i A110 Mathematical Supplies ami . , . GREETING CARDS Artists Materials 31-55 Pearl Street Wofgegfef 37 Pearl Street Worcester, Mass. ' l WORCESTER TELEGRAM THE EVENING GAZETTE SUNDAY TELEGRAM Radio Station WTAG 79 l NODTHLQN Lion-ws I "The doctor said he'd have me walking again in two weeksf' "VVell, didn't he do it?" "He did, indeed: I had to sell my auto in order to pay his bill." 34 if Pk Phil: "There's a remarkable statistic here, old chap, showing that every time I breathe some one dies." Bob: "Great Scott, boyl Why don't you chew cloves?" :if :ug wk A dear old lady once visited the Zoological Gardens. After wandering about for some time she went up to a keeper and tapped him on the shoulder. "I want to ask you," she said, "which of the animals in the Zoo you consider the most remarkable?" The keeper scratched his head for a While. "Well, mum," he said at length, "after consideration, as you might say, I've come to the conclusion that the prize goes to the laughing hyena." "Indeedl" said the old lady. "And why do you consider the laughing hyena so remarkable?" "Well, ma'am," the keeper replied, "he only has a sleep once a month, an' he only has a drink once a year, so what he's got to laugh about is more than a mystery to mel" Pl: Pk Pk Father tto sonlz "How did I get my education? Dad used to take me across his knee. He certainly made me smartln wk Ss wk There are several ways of using baked ham. One of the best is to eat it. if Pk Pk Spaghetti should not be cooked too long. About ten inches is right. ek Pk Pk A cold bath will be found more pleasant if made with hot water. Pk ak 34 Farmer's scout son: "Don't you like short tramps?" Farmer: "No, nor tall ones either." wk Pk 34 Teacher: "Dick, why were you absent yesterday?" Dick: "Beacuse I had a toothachef' Teacher fsympatheticallyb: "Does it still ache?" Dick: "I dunno." Teacher: "You don't know?" Cher suspicion growingb. Dick: "Why, no, I left it at the dentist's." gh X, 9 80 I Y Compliments of MARBLE-NYE COMPANY 18 FOSTER STREET Paints Oils Varnishes . -L r ZW -in fl T M ' T IIIIIEI Illnnn f. 2' "V IIIIV' 3 -fmunauursummilnn MAC' N N ES 1 4 ' Iliiii iiilula I If"II5"EE"l' I 49 MERCHANDISE I EI NTE fm-X f fl B TIE f IS Q-B M -.ff X -.. -T- o 1 If 1 1 I f ' X T' IX I E BENSON STUDIO NINE ELM STREET Fine pbologmphf are worlh while Complimenty of Guaranty Bank 81 Trust Co. 586 MAIN ST. SLATER BLDG. Memlfer of Federal Depoilt Imumnte Corp. 8 NOPTHEPN Lncsr-1-rs ' n Ben: "Will you please explain to me the difference hetween shillings and pence'?I' Hur: "You can walk down the street without shillings." :uc wk az: Mrs. Newrich Cat art exhihitionj: "What are those scratchy- looking pictures, Bill?,' Mr. Newrich: Hltchings, my dear, itchingsf' as sw sf Perplexed oriental: "Our children velly White. ls velly stlangef, Spouse: "VVell-occidents will happen." wk rk ak Boxer: "Have I done him any damage?" Disgustcd second: "No, hut keep swinging. The draft might give him a cold." is ak pg . . "Have you given the goldfish fresh water'?,' "No, ma'am, they ain't finished the water I gave them yester- r day, yet." Dk Pk Pk A negro minister was preaching on the horrors of hell. "There will he weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth," he prophesied. "But ah ain't got no teeth," moaned Mandy. "Teeth will he furnished," the minister assured her. Pk ek Pk "What did you do last summer?" "I worked in Des Moines." "Coal or iron?" vk VF :li "Did you make the debating team?" "N-no. They s-s-said I W-W-wasn't t-t-tall enough." :ac aa X To l-i-v-e the wrong way is e-v-i-l. ik if :li A negro was trying to saddle a fractions mule, when a hystander asked: "Does that mule ever kick you, Sam?" "No suh, hut he sometimes kicks Where l'se 'ies' heenf' Ik 254 251 You can't drive a nail with a sponge no matter how much you soak itl xg 84 I I NOFPTHEF-PN LIGHTS 5 THE "NORTHERN LIGHTS" BOARD wL'.rheJ Z0 exprelnr l'ZJ'gl'61LlL'fLll16 and flncere appf'ecz'a1fz'0n Jlr. Barnard, and Z0 all who helped in any way in c0nz,0ZlZ11g ihzlr zQn1rLLe,f0f" lhelr kind a.rJZJZance and !Z6LZl'Lilj C0"0,06l'L'lfL'0l1 in ea'z'!z'l1.g and p1,fl2lLQrfzL'l1g Hzzlr valmnc Of fha 'Qvzlrlfzerli Lzlqfzbnu 86 Tenderfoot: "Say, Harold, did you know that I had a new job? First Class Scout: "No, what is it?" Tenderfoot: "Oh, I'm blacksmith down to the candy kitchen. First Class Scout: "I don't get you, what do you mean?,' Tenderfoot: Hlust what I said, I shoo flies." 96 :lf :lf Teacher: "Now, I want you pupils to be so quiet that you could hear a pin drop." Small voice in hack of the room when everything was quiet: "Let 'er drop." :ic :lc :k A colored gentleman named Joshua Iohnson was arrested for making whiskey. When his case was called, the judge jokingly asked him if he was any relation to the Ioshua that made the sun stand still. "No suh," replied Joshua, "I,se no 'lation to dat guy, but Iise the real and 'riginal Joshua dat made de moonshinef' :R zi: :ic Rastus: "Say, Sam, wanta buy a mule?" Sam: "What ails de mule?" Rastus: "Nothin'," Sam: "Den what yo' wanta sell him forrlu Rastus: "Nothin'." Sam: "I'1l take himf' For Safiifvzcfory Shopping in W01'ce5te1f It's Denholm 81 McKay's "Famous for Fafhion and Qzzalilyu ELWOOD ADAMS, INC. HARDWARE TOOLS PAINTS Lawn and Garden Supplies Fireplace Furnishings 154-156 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASS. 87 l 1 l NOQTHEQN Luo HTS i Motorist: "Don't stand there doing nothing. Run and get the doctorlu Nearest Native: ",Tain't no use, mister. That's him you've run over." Pk 24 is A farmer on his way hack to the farm house, looked over a tall hedge that hounded a meadow. Among the grass and wild flowers he saw a pale city chap and a hull. The hull was pawing the ground. City Chap: "Heyl ls this bull safe?U Farmer: "Safer than you are.', X Pk Pk Mrs. Newlywed: Hlohn, I don't like your stenographerlu Mr. Newlyweds "Now, dear, you have no cause for jealousy, whateverl Why, that girl refused me four times before I ever met JI you. :uf :ng wk Mrs. Harris: "Why you're home early from the police court this morning. U Mrs. Perkins: "Yes, they put me out for applauding when my husband got six months." PF FF Flf Speaker: "Some men thirst after fame, some after love, and some after money. J' Heckler: "I know something they all thirst after." Speaker: 'fWhat's that?" Heckler: "Salted almonds." :lf elf Pk ' ' Iones always strikes me as an indolent sort of chap. H Hlndolent? Why that fellow is so lazy he always runs his auto- mobile over a hump to knock the ashes off his cigarf' Pk PF PF I f ' ' If How would you like your egg served, sir? rr ' - - -71: Is there any difference in price. I' f ' I7 None whatever, sir. I' I' ' ' ' If Then serve it on a thick slice of ham. if Pk PF Gas Station Attendant: "Hey, don't strike that match here. That tank is full of gasoline." Moof: "Tha's all right Mel, think nothing of itethis is a safety match." y , X, Q, 89 UQ i NOQTHEQN Eno HTS "Ho, hum, " said the tired man as he sat down by the roadside, HI've walked a mile and only moved two feet." 34 Pl: Pk My analyze over the ocean, My analyze over the sea, My analyze over the ocean, Oh, bring back my anatomy. Pk ak ik A parent: "Why were you kissing my daughter in the dark last night?" A N. H. S. boy: "Now that I've seen her in the daylight I wonder myself." Pk Pk 24 English Teacher: "Give me a sentence using the word Kflip- pancy., U Bob: "Let's flippancy whether I pass or Hunk." E9 Y E A R B O O K REPRGDLICTIONS TELEPHONE 5-3196-97 CARLTCDN ENGRAVING PR1nTeRf BLDG. CQ 44 PORTLAHD fir. QJLQ .gyafetifdfyr Qfaffwfffztvifvfg .gpwfpofar 91 AUTQGRAPHS AUTQGRAPHIS AUTQCQRAPHS c , 6 Q I, ' , R g . ' x .

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