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 - Class of 1986

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.HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED 0NE W VIKING North High School 2960 N. Speer Blvd. Denver Colorado 80211 V l 82 North Celebrates Seniors A century of excellence, One hundred years of pride, An era filled with progress, In quantum leaps and strides. The years unfold with memories, Impressions in our minds, Teaching for the future, And what beyond us lies. Shawna Grosso Underclassmen . . . 44 Staff . . . 90 2 as md '33 1, 'fii ,F .,- A l 1 ,, -J U l 1 2' -15's J ,rf , -3 Z , r f A Century Gt Excellence Organizations Sports Student Life The Class Cf 1886 These six women were the first graduates of North Side High School in 1886. All had 98 percent or more in scholarship. The original Ashland building stood where Valdez now stands. In 1883, grades 9-11 met on the upper floor. The second Ashland building was opened in 1889. High School met on the second floor and grammar school met on the first floor. . 53 . .,. ' 'z-:wx ,Q 935212 iv I' X gzz. . K . X S 1 S icss sess g its ,.. ,. sggi , K .::.. as giwwg A WMA is it if 1p o s e l T ,F .. fr: sf 5 sum. , .. , sr.,- ' ' Q-Qarfsksgs A . L ,.... K it ..1 as 'L ' ' H . -,mx .wmsgss ,ANI K. 5 N ln the top center photo is pictured the newest addition to the present North Hig School, which was opened in the fall of 1983. In 1911, the main building of North High School was opened. -1 'ser .. YW:-wr g W Bi 'Fri Q TT .. if ' ' ,t 1' , .gsrezq M 1' S it was i s l""ffQf if ' ,. - 'I -P . ,,.,,.......,....,.,.,..,.,.M...s.,,, - f - . atgisf f ,- Q' W assi: ' K ' 2 -1 :1-rat s: Q 1 N . tt. .r . ,., X is ..,, ds. - Lk Y 9 . ,. . ,,:,r.s,.'wss1,gs , - - sf E , Q W... . .ttt t t Ms .fx ft :a.f"':afi SW? 1 -S it .1 M J- ,w.s3l',:'suM3sY1m.......i.. orth Expands :rp '-f ff' Sci' sa F1 ix 'Allin The Household Arts building in 1913. The east wing, housing the swimming pool, gymnasiums and the music rooms, was opened in 1960. n 1885, North Side High School was a four-room building where Val- dez now stands. North was the third school established in Denver and was held on the- second floor. The enroll- ment soon increased dramatically, and the sixth grade students, who original- ly went to school on the first floor, were forced to go to the Bryant and Boulevard Schools. In 1888, the four-room building was torn down, and construction of the new Ashland building began. It was finished on September 1, 1889, and for the next twenty-two years, it was the home of North Side High School. By 1907, enrollment had increased again, and construction for our pre- sent North High School began and was finished by 1911. The manual training and household arts building was added in 1913. In 1917, the school adopted the Viking symbol, and in 1960, the east wing was added, including the swimming pool, gymnasiums, music rooms, rifle range, and weight room. , t. in-rwifixf Smrsmv for manual training was opened 221 TQ, , Wi. fri F' M 5 kg 1 - ? QE ,E 4: 5 Q AMA! v 1i W 5, A 3 , ,Q ,QQ ' 1 ' Q' N Qin Ja ' 1 N mg 'H F N ' imw A 5 ,:k kb., 5967. I A L x L 4-V T m l FQ N 1r'g',fjj 9 "fir 3 5 ., if 3 .f'1Q 1h Q f 9 2 ag 1 "gf, gg k.. J M .p v gin ' . 1 -1 4 1 9. ef ? Yf 1 'Sa 'W if wa -wr-5+ " - 4 Y Eh iq. YZ? V, I s A 9 4Nff.Ff 1' jaw.-il 2' , 1. m alexfr ' ' L H v AA' Sl ' fy y-Ha, F F5 Bi ll Y , 1' ,110 -' ...iuIl""" 3: I iivkv. S' Agnus M UV b 1 Q' , W l ll 'W' V, 4' 1,-v 'P-' ' L 1 Norsemen Prove Pride And Spirit .Ai 1 This Viking sure knows what it means to be number one! Confetti is a Viking favorite for celebrating Northls birthday. he past year at North has been full of excellence and spirit. As stu- dents walked through the halls, they displayed smiling, enthusiastic faces. In the pep rallies, there were cheers and spirit filled shouts. The gymnasi- um floor afterwards was littered with confetti and banners that once ex- claimed enthusiasm and pride. Stu- dent's lives were also filled with excite- ment and energy. They attended the homecoming game and participated in all the festivities that preceeded it, like dressing up for spirit week and work- ing late nights to finish the floats. Many Vikings participated and made them- selves a part of the school through such activities as sports, clubs, musi- cals and plays, air bands, pep rallies, and dances. The band tries hard to keep the crowd in beat with the cheer, students was taken in 1926 Vi stretches farliritogthe A :- my A , .k,. V,,k, Vrfy .r.v ,Lrr . , Y I A Homecoming Honors A Historical Past omecoming '85 - NHS enthusi- asts called it one of the longest days of the year. Festivities began long before sunrise at South High. An everlasting tradition inspired students to paint the shack with pride, leaving a master piece to greet dawn. Clothes and skin stained forever, everyone met back at North for last minute touchups and judging of floats. People admired them all and waited in anticipation for the judges' decision. Which creation would be the winner? The caravan moved onward to the stadium in a loud and colorful parade. KICK OFF! The crowd roared for the mighty Vikes. Purple and gold filled the stands. The cheerleaders en- tertained the crowd while the boys worked hard to bring home victory, Halftime came, and the number one band marched on the field, led by that cool cat, Mr. Laforte. Hopeful royalty candidates were introduced and the winning floats were announced. All lis- tened intently. Overjoyment and dis- appointment exploded as Junior Board's float took the blue ribbon. The final score was not what was hoped for, but Norsemen loved their team just the same. The day was halfway over. The Boosters, Pep Club and cheer- leaders turned the gymnasium into a ballroom, while SPEAC gave returning alumni a tour of North High School. There was just enough time left to do some last minute shopping and catch a few ZZZ's. The grand finale, North's Home- coming dance, was the best ever, thanks to the fabulous student body and faculty of NHS. King, Queen and their court were crownedg couples danced the night away. Beautiful young ladies and handsome young gentlemen added the final touch to the whole magnificent sight. The lights went up and dreamers slowly drifted away. Homecoming '85 ' Cherish The Memories. Qa5jg?2ggj?!' g5,YZi S Q-J, 51,1 E H: 'R aj if Q. 3 1 lx 4?ff1wWw.w ' 'I-fafr' -Q, Z "' lynn - 'Xiao'-2, . af 5 J, A .4 s gl A -ya.-3 X53 if .1 Vikings Express Individualism alking through the halls, sit- ting in the classrooms or wherever a person may be, it is important to be an individualist. Being yourself is an im- portant and special quality which ev- ery person should achieve. People should learn to be themselves and not what others want them to be. Here at North there are many op- portunities to be an individualist. There are many different sports, clubs and activities to participate in through- out the year. So take the time to have fun, and be yourself. Vicky knows the meaning of individualism. Hostess! The breakfast of champions! f Ag J, Janie just loves school. if - F' That s not funny Gma' Jenmfer gazes mto the future ICHNSIMIQ s Tv www Faculty members from the 1920's expressed themselves. Academics Develop ft it 'it' H if uf 'nuev- Robert prepares for the future. .---,.,Q, Brian and Blair work together. Jackie says, "Another day another Af, It's getting interesting. L D erfection Carlos learns computer programming. Rosann observes life. tudents at North have excel' lent opportunities to achieve distinc- tion. The outstanding facilities are a M. 1 s it lf 3 lla? major factor in their efforts. The li- brary provides many sources of infor- mation with 25,207 books. The busi- ness education department has many computers, electric typewriters, dicta- phones, and a new Brother electric typewriter. The mathematics depart- ment has a full computer lab. The physical education department has a weight room and modern gymnasiums. North is also one of few schools in the city with a swimming pool. The ROTC has an indoor rifle range. North also has well equipped science labs. Along with the material things, there are many Viking teachers who have achieved excellence and are passing knowledge on to their stu- dents. Many have accomplished their master's degrees, and some have gone on and completed their doctorates. Others have been awarded for their pride and efforts. In addition to teachers passing on their knowledge, there are students who help out their peers. We have students taking advanced placement courses and winning academic awards. Students, who already are multilin- gual, are learning English as a new language and adapting themselves to the American culture. North has great opportunity for academic excellence. Athletes Cory Breck takes control of the ball. Strive For Excellence W 2 H 42 qif'5l5'?E . iifiiirtg-W ow many hours do you think our athletes practice to achieve their excellence? How many miles does the cross-country team run? How heavy are the bags that the golf team carries? How many hits can our football team take? I-low many laps can our swim- mers swim? I-low many stunts can our gymnasts perfect? How many drills must our volleyball team do? How many goals can our soccer team make? What's a big way Vikings show their excellence? By being in athletics and doing their best. State qualifiers, Thuan Phan and Matt Oliver, stand with their proud coach, Chuck Orwig. S?W 1 Q54?:"ff if fsfiw i f2'2m:- z iiifsziazfgs ' ,:..:wm Uszgtzrs was Q zigsf i i www tgmfwy-sfiggtfwwmiw ,xwygmw r .. , fs,-C. ,mes 'emu' .fc Qzwm :anewwismfzazissrfasiffazfem5:55 .fr Wee 2933 53? -' :fa me i 'Q it 5 me 9:5 ici we 3 . 55122 mfr: i , : 5532 5 Henry Van Rees strives for the lead. A 1922 football teammember exam xequized im sports SEN ICRS UNPRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED The End Of An Era iii 'QN L Q WU. W D . M ...mmm .... ...W . ......... ......xi 3... .... . x ...... . ......... Wg. ......... Www-f2g........fv.v...i,.... ... wasXgggwfmxmssaayg..fg:a..'sw:b:f2"swmw Ms gy' f'gsg'v2sH W fig 21 " ew.. :mf M.. -HQ. ,. mwWi..V wgg1..z. . gw...?g......5gH.fgga..f2.i:... .sggggf ... .w...f...-...Q ' ,.. if .sf lg .. 7. .....:.:.:.:.,. 'Q - -E- :-2-:M :f2f:.:.:::,:g: .,.,.,...:-:f- - iZ.2...5WfQ5-vglm.S,3. fm-.52 .. :BMW ......Q Ymfbww' sm... 1QHwfJWx'Q'vm5wfmi3? .: 5:. ::- ,.. ..- MM .. ---- .f W . .. ... ,.., ...... ......... ...... mag... W ... H , m......,. Wm y ...M Q .:.:..:..:....:. ,. Av .,, -- N, Wxiawwvwm we . ...S H l HSE EW W , ww .9 HG, .mmf .aww mu.. W M. --vv- . .1 ---- 1.4. ----- . H ... - - 2 aw . ... www... ww is ......wg ... 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The spir- it of competition runs thick in Viking blood. ln the past century, North has assembled and appreciable number of awards, trophies and honors. The awards are only symbolic of the efforts of people in the past. People push themselves past the limits set by pre- decessors. These awards are symbols of pride, The spirit behind the Viking insignia pushes young women and men to fight for success. Competition is a tight to win. It is not only winning against an opponent but leaping over the boundaries set by a previous match and proving it can be done. lf you win against a worthy opponent, it only adds icing to the cake. North has spent a century building up the reputa- tion of excellence that Vikings have come to know. ln the years to come, future students have high standards to meet. 2 Achievement A chievement is important for stu- dents like Becky Campbell. She is making an effort here to be a swamp monster for Halloween. Becky, like other students at North, strive for ex- cellence in everything they do. These students are constantly proving that success has no limits. People set goals just beyond their own limitations, reach them, and set even higher goals to reach next time, North is a rung in the ladder of life, that gives students a step up to their goals. People set goals according to their own wants and de- sires, and they reach these goals in order to succeed. Each goal that you achieve will bring you up the ladder of success. Ubaldo Castaneda . Juan Castillo Deanna Castorena Ying Cha Aurora Chacon Caroline Chavez - , Q, -x il i ns S., 2- K E. ..... . ,I Christine Chavez Lupe Chavez Paui Corazza Victor Cordero is egjmswssrggg wwismssi' ff . f 2 it 5 :.1.a: ,gg3swsw22w34 mesa ig.,.i.,Wms.w5g4M Q wg mmm. .,.,..a., , W gttfzzzifiiifistraz Q zsfterfrrvifawfrsfsz :5:E5g:5:g:5 12,2258 Rwiitln s. 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Ksilv 'ii 'f?airihiakGorne2 HQ' if ,g.Kathleeg3Go31zales , A Friendship riendship is a possession that is worth its weight in gold. lt can be weighed on a scale from one to ten. Best friends like Brian and Blair are always number one. The others fall in the ranks. Friends are a crutch in life. They help you overcome situations that otherwise would be tragic. Human existence is partially based on friends. They add a little gasoline to the motor inside you that keeps you cruising down the road of life. A friend is a buddy forever and the one you will never forget. High school is a meeting place where people congregate to communicate and create lasting friend- ships. "f-be it .SK i K 3 4 -ggi? 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People exist to be themselves, and they have a point to make about life that tells others they are alive. Some people try to be significantly different from all the rest. They express them- selves in a variety of ways. Outward appearances are the most noticeable of all expressions. Clothes, actions, hair, and makeup provide an attention getting display of individualism. Yet many others are individuals inside themselves, and they do not rely on attention getting means. Whatever the method, everyone is unique in them- selves. 'Y t 5 Denise LaCrue Michelle Laffea Q Lisa Lara K Lan Lieu Donald Lopez Julia Lopez Z z ' 'fe' '- , ef Marina Lopez Teresa Lopez Lue Lot Keely Loucks W Y' -, ' ,JE ' ' f 1 U I 1 . K ,. .. . , M, ,. .. f M www! 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This special allotment of time to personal gratification is known as spare time. 315 34 li 1 5 rf wget? 'tue 1 fir! sf 'io g gf 3 :2. ----- .:::,-may ..,,... 1 2 .... :.,t-:-:- it -.: ,... .1 .-.-. -W.-,,-,-M ,.,.,.,.,. People find spare time all through the day, The car, hallway, class, home, or job can be a place to enjoy spare time. Some students enjoy such things as sports, cruising, dating, lying around the house, listening to music, day- dreaming, or working. Spare time is necessary to give people a time to relax. gg .r '--' g f:1s '------1--1- it A -.-.-...:f ,. ,,..,...... 4 ,,...... mum .3 ,:,:sg:3g-,g.,5:,.:. V. ,-:y:-::-::- N :tis Y V-eroinicWiM6ntot?a Pride P ride is that feeling that makes a person feel good about himself. Paul Lopez shows pride in North High while holding the purple and gold pom pom. Pride is that feeling when you win. It is that same feeling when you get an A on a hard assignment. Pride is that feeling when you wear your club shirt or your letter jacket. Pride is what you believe in. Ngan Nguyen . Tai Nguyen Brian Nieto Camantha Norton Matthew Dliver James Ortega Kathryn Ortega Tobias Orfegon Sokhom Pang Kim Patterson A Ewgigmgwmu 473355 , V E:E 'il'::: E lE I 'EE in mg wi 3 if b of 9 6 Qs rggggsg ,ii 532 ,,,,m ,. ,.,. 122. 1' W., fm I we :--I--': A :.:.:.....:.:.. :.r.:.-.:.:-,-..::... regains? srghgkgsirrmgg s W Hmrwqii is W 551252221 QW ,gm gags ws iz -: if 1iwQXv5fwwwmQa5fEk M: f-.: - 3ggiL5g:ggiH5gsg5gmZiE3QS5iEgggm, :g-5-::..:: ::lst- :..g-,. iwsrqzriliiirzrs Begg Ssv1?sW,g?NZh,2'2Q .42 gifs ,fd Q .5533 HES? 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Seniors are in this pro- cess. A senior in a technical manner, is a student who has successfully com- pleted eleven years of schooling and is now prepared for the beginning of adulthood, but many do not fit this mold. It is hard to face adulthood. Sen- iors are still maturing, and that is what makes them seniors. They realize this is the last year they can spend as high school students. Many don't want high school to end, so like Kevin, they act like seniors. They are stepping across the threshold to adulthood. fn? ati xr s we ....-on , i 'i'zrra.t.fr25ggg ggfgzzzzzzzasxiarrzgxwiswa gggww .gzrssvxvrvigqxwgggrgrggyrsigarsgM... sygwssfmm, 5 cfrgggiiwggagsz2:sem2zmgsizssrrsrrgzggfgsgzgd Wigzwam-M533555555322gIgiif2AiZQSZ2TE3ZiSEwwwg'j - wnggrgggrgri Wiseman ziggy gag rmzssgegrwr Q. saw. . gssizrzsyrseiswgy : g. : fzfgrwrfcfgggggggzarszzzwiisrgiiisliiwr vw KWSN Y"' ef QQUHSFWGQRHQZ-me ifsorsmwa EW ,. -. z2?AggH?HiSRg3SfWrrrs'sisrm em me rm :rims swsrsrzn ,riseami farmer-Signewansfsssrsarizsrrsrgasr ,mr was-az . was 'HF A H wr 1 r ,wwf Q,Wes,-iwgsgsgawsrvswasmg www imasrsiwiisiwwisiszv i i i mis ri if ilrrizssirsrisssmimaasfsgggf iiiiiairiiiiiriiiiiiitssqss sssasaar vii, 233161 gg 2.2::5:5" in rw :f ,225 rsrsztgrissigrrtsr lsmszrr Sire: mr: rar rwamtqiifslassswssgig Q wg it ga:'g:::r'fs-: ?EQ'iwfw.aI2g55'SS"? twlwinvgir 15591559 '::.:.:I" ' izrrsiiiafxvzsgf5331525555552zrisgiiizziiisrzzs is M ear 533955 M ,wish ea W f-wem,:r:fz.4z1s1g.:V J 5522 in Dfrwmvmrsx .,,gWmw,,,n 'glaze fig:- 2Q:grgm,.s,w:s fsggirssszfzsssgiiifi W5 Y j,S5if335lZ2:1 H V . 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Lx 37231 'Hs W ni 31" fra-Yr 1 i :fgg ,Q King K e,,R'fugrg X ,W Q 'f M if if P P P zmffwzw--1 :firliiiiiilwgligiizzifilfgggzz 2 1 Mssigfigw ' , ' df-X all will fm M' H E ii LE new Zig 1253 iii' l Q Q24 mi Mig, 535'i5QWZ?.i3S- i will ,, F 3 H 35241 ,Mwggi 3, Uggiir -ffiziil ziiizii' Tiiqy Miagffli ,iglilifwzziz ,i M r2Zi24352rf:zii: gli! Q Q if fifzwzzigwzz Q figs W TS is as J M 1,3 gf, 1 G 1 if ,Q H 6, , i Q eg qgigzm U A P 1 X 5 5 Q X 1 xr Us F ,E 9 2 Q , H ,ai A ,i l i :Q-"5 1 ' Joanne Siguenza W A ' Louis Silletto ' Marie Sluder N LL'-' ...- Jose h Siam fl A ff ir .5..,5,,-gf gm, f r '4 I A f mf 1. . 74 U 5 uuiru l i QW Leah btaudenmier N' Shane Stevens George Tenorio Hoa Thai Maribel Torres 'CJ Travis Torres Frank Trujillo Rachel Trujillo J...- Roberta Trujillo Connie Ulibarri Diane Valdez G Shelley Valdez 'l .vw I i 12151 F 'iv we Q 'I' ,r If .Qi s -4r..-..w,, I 8 ,iw Afxvm Omff,':5z Accornplishment A ccomplishment is felt by the ,...,- - Wav graduating seniors, and this is a special year for seniors at North. They are the one hundreth graduating class. They t .- . kr will remember this is the class with class, a century of excellence, one hundred years of pride, The seniors stand, realizing the past stretches back a long time, and the future runs on not looking back. Seniors have a purpose, goals, and a desire to succeed. ln twenty years, seniors will sit back, look at this book, and realize just what it all means. Henry VanRees rw 'lI'A't7i Jeanette Vigii Susan Vigil Blanca Villegas Gina Volpe Martha Wagner Heather Warren Eric Wassman Lisa Wooley Sharon Zarate ix iii -sr, Ez! ESQ ef, 'EX 1 Q A bl I if If Uf17:EZZiZZ Haw.. Quotable Quotes Seniors And Activities N 2 Jeff H. Ayion: Football-11,12, Jr. Escort "I realize as seniors we are to love everybody. l can't say I loved you all, but I loved as many of you as possible." Jodi Lynn Bagley: Volleyball-9-12, Tennis-9- 12, Yearbook-11,12 "Something to remember" lYou had to be there.l Jackie Yvonne Barton: Drama Club 11,12, Fall Play-12, Girls' Basketball Mgr.-12, Asst. Direc. Fall Play-12, Ultimate Youth-12 i'Confidence is the most important thing you can have in achieving goals,Without confidence you achieve nothing." Stephanie Bridgette Bertels: Tennis-9-12, Ski Club-9-12, Mtn. Club-9-12, FCA-12, Valkyrie-9- 11, Class Boards-9-12, Vikorale-12 "lt is finished " John 19: verse 30 Kathryn A. Brackett: Grease, Camelot -9, All City Choir-11,12, Viking Varieties-9-12, Honor Roll-9-12, Concert Choir-10,11, Valkyrie-10-12, Pep Club-9, Beauty Shop-11, Who's Who-12 "IfI take the wings of the morning and live in the farthest sea, even there I am never alone." Amy Grant Gabriel Joseph Caballero: Gymnastics-9, Swim Team-10, Physics Club-10-12, Pres., Science Club-10-12, Pres. "All you have to do is care, Pilgrim." Rebecca Sue Campbell: Jr. Escort, Peer Coun- selor-9, Swim Team-11,12, Key Club-10-12, Sec. NHS-11,12, Pep Club-9,10, Exec. Intern- 11, Balarat Counselor-9,10, Viking of Excel- lence-12, E.R. Browning Biology Award-11, Yearbook Staff-12, NMSQT Commendation Letter-12, Ski Club-9-12 MSO many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to do." Alfred Lord Tennyson ..,. ..... ---- Carlos Damasco Carbajal: Football-10, Plays- 10-12, Asst. Director-11, Jazz Band-9-12, Con- cert Band-9-11, Vikorale-12, Comp. Speech- 11,12, Ski Club-12 Belan J. Carrillo: "As l close these doors to my childhood, I open new doors to my life." Ubaldo N. Castaneda: "Something to remem- ber" lYou had to be there.l Juan Castillo: Soccer-10-12, Wrestling-11,12, Club Latino-12 "Good luck to all my new friends. I hope that every one of them gets to finish high school." Deanna Rose Castorena: Soccer-9-12, All City- 10.11, All State-11, Basketball-9-12, All City- 11, MVP-1O,11, NHS-11,12, HERO Award- 9,10, Best All-Around Athlete-11 "Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principle one was that they escaped teethingfl Mark Twain Sergio Del Real: Soccer-10-12, All City-10-12, All State-12 "I hope some day my friends and I will meet again. Good luck to all." Rebecca Kathleen Devichi Concert Choir-9,1O, Valkyrie-11, Vikorale-12, Speech Team-10,11, Musical Solos "Live and love for today, because when tomor- row comes, this day will be lost forever." Carma Sue Dollan: Concert Band-11,12, Sec.f Treas., Denver Citywide Marching Band-12 "The memories of my friends, teachers, and times at North will stay with me forever." Vanessa Lee Erwin: FBLA-11,12, Yearbook-12, BOE-9-11 "If you love something - set it free, if it comes back to you - it's yours, if not - it was never meant to be." Jake Fernandez: Football-11,12, Capt., Class Boards-9-12, Swim Team-10-12, MESA-9-12, Pres., NHS-11,12 'iThank God I'm free!" Dusti Diane Garrison: Soccer-11, Key Club-12, FBLA-12, Class Boards-11,12 "As the days go by may we cherish our friend- ships. Before we know it, we'Il have to go our separate waysfl Heather Anne Glendenning: Jazz Band-11,12, Brass Choir-11,12, Citywide Marching Band-9- 12, Citywide Symphonic Band-10-12, Yearbook Staff-12, Orchestra-12, Concert Band-9-12, V.P., Newspaper-12 "They say too much work can never hurt, but I don't take any chances." Renee Krista Gonzales: Pep Club-9,10, Cross Country-11, MDE-12, DECA-12 "Every year at every school seniors will have to part. l'm happy to say it's our turn. I wish you all the luck and happiness this wonderful world can givef' Chris Goodnight: Soccer-10-12, NFL-11,12, Band-9-12, All City Combo-12, Class Boards-9- 11 "Qui mihi discipulus - Wonder always." Jennifer Noel Greenburg: Boys' Soccer Mgr.- 11,12, Class Boards-9-12, Soccer-10-12, Con- cert Band-9-12, Pres, FCA-12, Newspaper-12, Grad. Committee-12, Morn. Announc.-12, Brass Choir-10-12 "There were some good days and some bad days, but I'll never forget the days of being a Viking at North High." Catherine Carol Hernandez: Swim Team-9, Black Masque-9-11, Choir-9,10,12, Valkyrie-10- 12, Pres., SPEAC Sec., Citywide Concert Choir- 12, Class Boards-10,12, FBLA-12, Pub. Dir., Tennis-10, Young Adult-9,10, Ultimate Youth- 10-12, Cheerleader-12, Pep Club-9-12 "Never let anyone get in your way of doing something you want to do." Mary Elizabeth Hinojos: FBLA-11,12, SPEAC- 12, Yearbook Staff-12 Michael James Holzman: Yearbook Staff-9-12, Editor, DECA-12, Officer, Excellence in Math- 11, Nominee for Kodak Award-9 'tl may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent." Robert C. Igor Track-9, Soccer-10-12, Science Club-10, Physics Club-11, Mtn. Club-10, DSLD- 10-12 'LI shall not return." Melinda Kimberly Jacquez: Shirley Miller Ser- vice Award-11, Key Club-9-12, V.P., Lt. Gov., swim Team-9-12, MVP, Capt., Camelot -9, Choir-9, Valkyrie-10,11, Mtn. Club-12, Class Boards-9-12, SecfTreas. NHS 10-12, Treas., Boys' Swim Team Mgr.-10-12, Jr. Escort "Dum vivimus vivamus - While we live, let us livef' Kenneth Anthony Karp: "We have reached the first of our many goals." Terri Lynn Kaspari: Tennis-9-12, MVP, Capt., State Tennis-1O,11, FCA-10-12, NHS-11,12, Jr. Escort, Citywide Orchestra-9,1O, Citywide Choir-9,11,12, State Choir-11,12, Class Boards- 9-12 "Music is my life. lt is an easy way to express all types of emotions, and without it, life would be a silent waste," Tina Louise Kaspari: All City Orchestra-9-12, All City Choir-9, SBOE-Sec., Soccer-9-12, Swim Team-10-12, Cross Country-9, FCA-10-12, Key Club-11,12, Vikorale-11, Pep Club-9,10, Jr. Es- cort, Class Boards-9-12, Pres., All State Orches- tra-12 Ml talk because I feel, and l talk because l want you to know how l feel." Hugh Prather Shaun Eric Kenner: "Whenever you dream you're holding the key, it opens the door to let you be free." Ronnie James Dio Anthony G. Krantz: 'KGood luck underclassmen, l hope you make it." Michelle L. Laffea: NFL-9-12, Capt, Speech 8r Drama Award-11, NHS-11,12, Orchesis-10-12, V.P. "Never compromise yourself, because you're all you've got." Lisa Marie Lara: Class Board-9, Business Stu- dent Award-11, FBLA-11,12, Pres. "Strive to succeedf' Lan Lieu: Yearbook-12, FBLA-12, Am. History Award-11 'iTrabajar duro con confianza 2 triunfo - Hard- work plus confidence 2 success." Julia Grace Lopez: Jr. Escort, FBLA-12, Sec. "There were good times and there were bad, but l'll never forget U Marina Rickie Lopez: MESA-9-12, Pep Club- 9,1O, Choir-9,10, VICA-11, NHS-11,12, Year- book Staff-12, SPEAC-12, Head Girl, Home- coming Princess and Queen, Viking Varieties-9- 12 "Happiness battles eternally with depression, jealousy and laziness. Conquer them and be free." Teresa Lynn Lopez: Soccer-9,11,12, Ski Club- 9, Key Club-12, Valkyrie-11,12, Class Boards- 11,12 "Oh my gosh! This is going to be scary! l pray our laughter echos on. Goodbye to happy yes- terdays. Please remember mef' Lue Lor: "I am glad America gave me a chance to learn." Victoria Lovato: MESA-9-12, NHS-10-12, Or- chesis-10-12, Physics, Club-11,12, Science Club-12, Ski Club-12, Class Boards-9-12 "Life is too short not to go first class when you ,- Can. Joe Maestas: Jazz Band-10-12, Concert Band-9- 12, Ski Club-10-12, Newspaper-12, Brass Choir- 12, Citywide Marching Band-9 Jacqueline Rae Marquez: Tennis-9-12, Comp. Speech-10,12, FBLA-10, Class Boards-9-12, FCA-11,12, Jr. Escort, Boys' Tennis Mgr.- 11,12, Concert Band-9, Jr. Tennis Award, Who's Who-12 "Make your years at North meaningful, because they go by fast." Gilbert Martinez: Tennis-11,12, Basketball Mgr.- 11, Tennis Mgr.-11, DECA-12 "To all my friends, take care. Good luck to you all. I hope we can be around for the next one hundred years." Angela J. Montoya: "Dreams are essential to reality. Success is the ingredient. lf you have dreams and crave success, go for it!" Veronica Dolores Montoya: Pep Club-9,10, Black Masque-10, Ski Club-10-12, Treas., Key Club-10-12, V.P., Class Boards-9-12, Swim Team-11,12, Tennis-10-12, Jr. Escort, Valkyrie- 11,12, Boys, Swim Team Mgr.-12, Viking Varie- ties-10,12 'Alf you desire something, strive to achieve it. The best is bought at the cost of great pain." Janie Lynn Moss: "Success is not easy to come by. You have to work for it." Elki Neiberger: VICA-12, Tennis-10,11, Key Club-10-12, Sec. Pres. "Thank Heaven! The crisis, the danger is past, and the lingering illness is over at last." Edgar Allen Poe Kathryn Sue Ortega: VICA-11,12, NHS-10-12, MESA-9-12,Class Boards-9-12, Physics Club-11, Mtn. Club-12, Gymnastics-10 Ulf you can dream it, you can achieve it. lf you can imagine it, you can become it." Scott Pates: Football-12 "It's better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Peter Payer: Ski Club-9-12, Soccer-9,10, Base- ball-9,10 "Maybe it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate." Randy Rhoads Ernesto Perez Jr.: "I hope everyone becomes successful. Good luck." Teresa Ann Peters: "1 praise Jesus my Lord and Savior for blessing my life with Daniel. l pray you accept Jesus into your hearts." Rev. 3:20 Elizabeth Piria: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, you can become lif' Albert J. Potthoff: Swim Team-10-12, Track Team-11,12, Girls' Swim Team Mgr.-12, NHS- 11,12 "Thank you to all the people who helped me graduate." Sandra M. Quinones: FBLA-12, V.P., Class Board-11 "It's been fun walking these miles, and my sen- ior year was the best, but now it's time to go if on. Salvador Rivera: Baseball-12, Soccer-12 Jenny Rodriguez: ROTC Honor Platoon-11,12, DECA-11,12, Pep Club-9,10 "Don't let your friends hold you back. Go for it and become a success." Paul A. Romero: "May the purple and gold tradition be carried on for eternity, and all Vikes keep the spirit alive." Imelda Salazar: i'Fofget the times you've been defeated, but don't forget the victories you've won." Laurie Lynn Samora: Tennis-9-12, Ski Club-11, Mtn. Club-12, Class Boards-9-12, MESA-9-12, NHS-10-12, Physics Club-11 i'Factuna favi fortus - Fortune favors the brave, so be brave and reach for your star." Kevin Christopher Sanchez: Cross Country- 10,12, Vikorale-10,11, Class Boards-9,12, SPEAC-10, Mtn. Club-12, Upward Bound-10- 12, Pres., DECA-11,12, V.P. "Live for yourself. There's no one else more worth living for." Neal Peart Ronnette Sandoval: ul anticipate graduation, and I will always treasure my good memories." Loriann Marie Santangelo: Girls' Basketball Mgr.-9, Tennis-9-12, Pep Club-9,1O, Choir-9,10 "Forever youngf' Yolanda Santillanes: Club Latino-12 'iWork hard now, and then enjoy your senior year." Cheryl P. Scheck: Volleyball-9-12, All City Hon. Men.-11, Tennis-11,12, Yearbook Staff-11,12 "Be happy, keep a good attitude, make the best of your high school years, and you'll live a great life." Eric Daniel Schwartz: Soccer-9-12 "Good luck to all my friends. I'll either be in the studio or in my top fuel dragsterf' Joanne Ysabel Siguenza: Pep Club-9,10, Con- cert Choir-10, Black Masque-9-11, Class Boards-9,10,12, Grease, Camelot -9, Key Club- 10-12, Treas., Viking Varieties-10-12, Track- 11, Valkyrie-11, Vikorale-12, Jr. Escort, Girls' Swim Team Mgr.-12, Yearbook Staff-12 MI'm too old to be told " U2 Leah Renee Staudenmier: Class Boards-11,12, NHS-10-12, Yearbook Staff-12, Jr. Escort 'iRespect yourself, respect others, and work to- ward your goals." Lisa Ann Vick: "lt's hard living a glamorous life, but someone has to do it." Gina Jo Volpe: Pep Club-9, FCA-9-12, Ski Club- 9,11,12, Key Club-9,12, Volleyball-9-12, Capt., All City-11,12, Orchesis-1O,11, Treas., Physics Club-11,12, VP., Science Club-12, MESA-10- 12, Treas., Class Boards-10-12, NHS-11,12, Mtn. Club-12, Physics Award-11, Volleyball Award-11 "The more particular, the more specific you are, the more universal you are." Nancy Hale Martha Beth Wagner: Track-9-12, Class Boards- 9-12, Jr. Escort, Physics Club-11,12, Treas., NHS-10-12, Sec. "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough: we must do." Goethe Heather Warren: Peer Counselor-9, Ski Club- 11,12, FCA-12, Orchesis-11,12, Upward Bound-11,12, JA-1O,11, Yearbook-12 'iTo thine own self be true, and it follows as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Shakespeare g V 1 .. - W. - n. B5i'r.V.W W'iZl',f"1?rffilK9lrUsZ'f'm.,L'i.Z"H 4 Congratulations Seniors! Congratulations to an outstanding class. I have enjoyed the past two years with you. I wish each and everyone of you a life full of happiness and success. Adios! Mr. Gonzales Congratulations to the class of '86. One Hundred Years of Excellence from North High School. Good Luck in your future endeav- ors. Brad, Congratulations! You made it. Your hard work paid off. We are proud of you. Love Always, Mom, Dad, Kara and Katina There are many proud parents, but we're among the proudest. The best to you always Gino. Ma and Pa Veronica, you are one swell kid. Congratula- tions! We are proud of you. Go on with your education. You can do it! Love you, Dad, Mom, all the family Congratulations to our 31 Italian, Gina Jo! We love you, Mom and Dad Elki, you're one amazing person with your con- stant positive attitude, truly a source of inspira- tion and joy! We are very proud of you. Love. Mom, Dad, Tess, and Joe Maribel Franco, I'm taking this time to say a few words. First of all, I'm very proud of you, and most important, I love you! Your love, Jose Congratulations Ken! We will love you always. Mom, Dad, Berta, Garfield, Ronnie, Karen, Rhonda, Steve, Rachelle, Maurine, Samantha, Vincent, Brandon, Matthew, and Lavonne Congratulations to the best four year class that has ever graduated from North. I am very proud and happy for all my graudating senior musi- cians. Go out into the big music world and tear 'em up. Can you dig it? Jack LaForte Instrumental Music Director Congratulations and good luck to E.S.O.L. grads: Maria Pastrana, Miguel Zarco, Raul Cha- con, and Thuc Nguyen. From Mr. Rodriguez We, the Board, wish for you, the brazen four who try to replace us, all the love and happiness that being a Key Clubber brings. Don't drop the Flag! Joanne, Becky, Veronica, Elki Congratulations to the best graduating class of Congratulations to graduating seniors, Maria Pastrana and the last one hundred years. Mr. Perea Mike, you made us proud. You made us realize our success as well as yours. We both know for certain your future will be special. Love and Admiration, James 8a Lee Ann Congratulations Heather! You are very special and you have done well. You will be missed next year. Love, Mom The following individuals offer hearty congratu- lations and best wishes for a prosperous future to Rebecca Sue Campbell: Dad, Loris, Josh, Bart, Felicia, Charooal, Odysseus, Cam-mac, Puck, and Ariel Congratulations to all the girls I've known, who have walked in and out of my home: Elki, Becky, Joanne, Mindy, Tina, and all the others. Bea Montoya Dear Mr. Gonzales, thank you so much for graduating Joanne Siguenza and getting the kid out of the house. Corky Bell Best of luck to a great graduating class. I enjoy teaching here. It's the greatest! Irene Conklin ' " 'Q I "wird he :state Agricultural Coitege ff' Ruff Wff! if .. Qi. i'-- 4 - liz- r'4pil3ll5lf?4i r if ' ' 5-i.3:i:'?"ifftQ!.iL?5r'fi Clktbifgil' f .i',' - msafv. fact: :frmpirte in itself. tiicceiient faciiities 3 sf: Mr-as in Aga-Sriseftaire ami tigrrticu!turgAg,,Eree-hrnftjguti . ti Est-mtfsxii.Mrr:h1rrrSr5g':1s:ri Mfrifiiiisiiral Engines:-Snug irrigak K , M'X'1ii"fs2vk'fr5riig 1 i'irvs2aisiQy :usd irrtoriroirpgijgr g ifixifrrrtitryz 1 f, --,A f .L --is-fur-.1-rzsiiixf and Tgpswrittmli rirzrtofy and Ptxyzsiral ' . '--- . fi-W . nrt? Xisifi.ur5-fwcicste and Tlfiics . , . ,... . . . . 5? rteehnsrsi fhfififilr 'rrrstion Sires. New mart-iculaiiilriaa, ffbwtg, or laboratory, Keira. time huminfri and ninety -night students. Both sexes represented. M-sf fr: lgrts-rings..-. A-straws Miguel Zarco. 'g Al ii I C334 ti! .i...i.rS.g. ifnia if -Clrrr.i.isx. ,Cr ri.: rsesrsrfs 5- f Ywlvlilfiifffgr P 7 The Top Ten Excell Vicki Lovato is the valedictorian of the one hundredth graduating class. She plans on attending Colorado Col- lege to major in business economics or Stanford to study engineering. Mr. Hill holds the honor of being Vicki's favor- ite teacher, "because you never know what to expect, and his experiments never work." Vicki has won awards, including the Outstanding Math Stu- dent of 1984 and 1985, the Outstand- ing MESA Student and the Mason's Outstanding Junior Award. Vicki feels the catalyst for her success has been her family and friends. "My parents have always pushed me to do my best, and my friends have been there to challange me." Vicki wants us to re- member that "Life goes by too fast not to live it to the fullest , . . Make sure that your goals in life are realistic and that they will bring you happiness." S ixth in the class is Chris Good- night. He plans on attending the Uni- versity of Denver to major in pre-law. Chris won the Mason's Award for Out- standing Juniors, has been a Viking of Excellence and won the Outstanding Jazz Musician's Award. Chris feels the reason for his success is the realization that he is his only resource. "Always have a reason to get up in the morn- ing", is Chris' advice. fiiii ell t N orth's head girl, Marina Lopez, is number seven in the graduating class. Marina attributes her success to her mother who did not have the opportu- nities she has. Marina was involved in SPEAC, National Honor Society and the yearbook staff. Marina won the Outstanding Sophomore English Award and numerous drafting awards. Mr. Bott is her favorite teacher for his "guidance, advice and support." M artha Wagner is second in the senior class. She is a member of senior board, the track team and was induct- ed into National Honor Society as a sophomore. Martha attributes her suc- cess to her family who have "inspired, nagged and challenged." Martha also says she "was very lucky to have been born with a fairly decent brain." Ms. Scheibach was mentioned as Martha's favorite teacher because, she stimu- lates thoughts and discussions. G ina Volpe, eighth in the class, is an example of a student successfully combining activities with academic ex- cellence. She was a member of the volleyball team, Orchesis, MESA, NHS, and many other organizations. Gina plans on attending Arizona State to major in pre-med. She feels "that a good student comes from a family tht understands and values education." ii l N' In the graduating class, Albert Potthoff is third. Albert is quite active in sports, being a member of the swim team for four years, the track team for three, and managing the girl's swim team. Albert enjoys his history classes very much and was the Outstanding Student in Social Studies in 1984 and 1985. Albert reminds us that hard work will pay off but not to become consumed by your schoolwork, and above all, to believe in yourself, be- cause if you don't, no one else will. F ourth in the senior class is a new- comer to North. Teresa Peters moved here from West Virginia last summer. At her high school there, she was a member of the basketball team, Na- tional Honor Society, and student council. After graduation, Teresa plans to attend a community college and begin her career as a bank teller. Mr. White's fitness and conditioning class is Teresa's favorite. She likes it because "it is hard work . . . Mr. White also helps by pushing me to do my best." l.. aurie Samora is fifth in the graduating class. She plans on attend- ing Colorado School of Mines to study civil or mechanical engineering. Laurie loves math and science and won the School of Mines Medal of Achieve- ment in math and science this year. Laurie is also a member of IN- ROADSX Denver Inc. Student Talent Pool, president of the National Honor Society, vice-president of MESA and Senior Board, and is on the varsity tennis team. Laurie feels her success is attributable to her family for their sup- port and to herself for her self-motiva- tion. Laurie reminds us that, "you can accomplish anything if youlre deter- mined enough to struggle through." K athy Ortega is ninth in the senior class. She plans on attending Colorado School of Mines to major in mechani- cal engineering. Kathy is very active in drafting and has taken first place rib- bons for mechanical drafting. Kathy is a member of Physic's Club, Senior Board, and is the vice-president of Na- tional Honor Society. Kathy leaves us with halways be true to yourself." I.. ast but not least in the top ten is Michelle Laffea. She plans on studying international business or foreign lan- guages in college. ln 1985, Michelle was the All School Speech and Drama Student. She is a member of Orchesis, NFL and NHS. Q . 1 X ,fr ' -sss if .L s f., .- . 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Vmigli- l ,illlxm Vnlnli-rg Mmm lfotiniil' 'len-fha 6 Tn. he IQWCRJ . , G Q l i - -. 1 , iifQ 'iffE.TN,C: President Tina and Vice President Laurie collaborate on senior plans. A Step Ahead J Senior Board Front Row: Joanne Siguenza, Tina Kaspari. Jacob Fernandez. Terri Kaspari, Laurie Sa- mora. Leah Staudenmier. Middle Row: San- dra Quinones. Jennifer Greenburg. Kathy Ortega, David Gautney, Kevin Sanchez, Mr. Long. Back Row: Imelda Salazar, Liz Piria, Teri Lopez. Dusti Garrison, Lucy Salazar. I l l l Jackie Marquez, Camantha Norton, Martha ' Wagneri Janie Moss. Not Shown: Mrs. Brown. ft 4 'fi-:W , , Aa ,.- gli ay . -.M A. fvwgef . . ' Aw. U I 42 Becky leaves her mark. Seniors stand proud. ' Seniors ride the horseless carriage of the century. 5...w.5 Senior swimmers go surfin'! Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe? 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W, W sam QSM? W .E X W F F U M agi",-:w?g,g'fwwv W -'e:,-,:g-,:, g: f - :-g2-g:::'.:-:g 5- 2 :,:?g. ::r:3:g:.:::E::.:s?ggs:.:::gf ....-. -.-2::.:25. EI'f2:2--:-rg :g:E: - flu' W : .,:..:: . .. :Ex2: fn' 'MH'-A may WYWW oge T therness! Clowning around! nw V Freshman Board An Enthusiastic Beginning Font Ro S hZ p d Kylee Cook D n Sheldo Ls S b. Back R Ma dy D Bell Cha lotte Osborn, Shannon Roitsch, Christine Suazo, Kendra Sandoval, Andrea Perea. 2 C Members stop for a picture. ,. Two, four, six eight! Who do we appreciate? ' ' 3 If This Page ls Sponsored By Sand - Cove Printing Company jW a?f'UMq, W mi ff " I fm,,,mZ'2 Row, row, row your boat ,N Mmwmr if All f '89 looks mighty fine! f........ Sophomore Board Sails Front Row: Elaine Wolfer, Gretchen Vaughn, Monica Arozorena, Jennifer Geor- geson, Mia Matsui. Second Row: Sponsor Mrs. Ingram, Mark Kaspari, Johnny Trujillo, George Castorena, Shelly Garcia, Jennifer With Spirit Corrigan, Debbie Medina. Back Row: Melin- da Winegarden, Kevin Blanchard, Amy Slack, Micki Malone, Teresa Chick, Sponsor Mr. Acosta. V , M, Officers are Johnny Trujillo, Jennifer Georgeson, Joann Roybal, and Monica Arozorena. The class of '88 decorates their transportation. Go ahead. Make my day. 1? X '4 Z- ! ', ka Q , 4, M 75 4 1 K4 ,N ,, , ,.,b-1 Q 5 QAM "bn 1. Jumor Board Looks Ahead l Front Row: So Bueno, Marla Drake, Sharon Hogan, Trina Ortega, Shari Hefner, Walte Keller, Zahadah Gharibyar. Back Row: Yeong La, Paul Archer, Eric Murphy, James Romero, Merrill Bennett, John Ceh, The officers are looking forward to their senior year. . La, Paul, and Trini work hard i-In Junior Board is proud of their homecoming float. Yvonne and Walter show their spirit. ., E , 87 ma, .Q www- ggdwf Q36- QQ? We have spirit! I want some "-" pompons too! 'NNE 6 A his K kg: T ,T - ' .... fjieig , ' Y 1 4 S 1 . we . .-A.: ,XvX. Q kiwi. .. WM Nw ,... V Q92 K: .. -:iw ,fs L ...... ,X . ' A PM 2gg.aQ5se-.f:-'- ---- i K ixqw... i . .. . is ff - 1: fig: , .. au: 'N 1 .. ' 5.1 k :Iggy-wigw 4, - ifiiv . MX. i K .5 .- i 355:31 ii . Q urs . K . A.k,L K --wake i -vii rf , , Me and my guitar! Here's to creativity! V fi Qx n , Sim 'W f 4 N What a pal! fuk 2 A, , ,I 354 1, 5 :W 3 ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED UNE HUNDRED ONE MQ STAFF 1 in 2 i I N A sv 3 N an-A-,,,,-.--' I l UNDRED ONE HUNDRED QNE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED Un I-Iundr Q -QS S , ' , 91,1 3 fxqo f 2, 55 4 ed Golden Years 1 'ow' ' 5 ef ' Administration Staff Encourages Excellence Lino Gonzales Principal Dave Jones Asst. Principal Jose Perea Asst. Principal Rhoda lmhoff Asst. Principal 'i Arzie Galvez Social Studies Douglas Selinger Math Robert Johnston Science Vivian Johnston English Ray Krucas, who came to North in 1951, is being recognized this year at North for being an outstanding faculty member for thirty five years. Mr. Krucas has taught social stud- ies, including advanced placement, American history, and has been head of the department. He held the posi- tion of the first college counselor at North from 1957 to 1969 and has been involved in testing and evalua- tion. He has also been head of the counseling department and has served as acting assistant principal for instruc- tion. Mr. Krucas sponsored the Norski Club, International Relations Club, and the Class of 1978. He served on the graduation committee for 25 years and the National Honor Faculty Com- mittee for 30 years. He has been on the Executive Committee of the Colo- rado High School-College Relations Council and has been a member of the Western Region High School College Relations Committee of the College Entrance Examination Board. He was also recipient of a fellowship for a year of study at Yale University in 1959- 1960. North High School honors Ray Krucas for 35 years of excellence in education. N' .sw i awe' North Honors Mr. Krucas Viking Alumni Join Northls Staff The staff members on this page and those fea- ed in the rest of the teacher section are North iduates. On the right, Lillian Miller, retired trea- er. displays her pep club uniform from the 3O's. Marjorie Knoll, yearbook sponsor, partici- ies in a pep rally. Larry White, p.e. teacher. was ted as the most pleasant personality of his senior Fw'- 5 i 3. , A class. Don Evans. student advisor. was a class offi- cer. Other staff members on this page are: Arzie Galvez, JoAnn Finch. Sharon Miller, Madeline Cor- dova, Tony Juarez. Bud Moran, Pat Gonzales. and Al Miller. Eugene Carpinello, is also a North alum- nus. K 1 N. A gig we N s. '1 'ET . W e ,, 'V 7, 5 rife A in . .U 4 ,, , gr? i gi W E Z E Z 2, r ! Wfiifw fa I ? N llliRliRADUATB8 Office-rs of the Ciczm of '44 t r f ff f' irff r' fiicmsri Shirley Sharm ZX ,M ..,, .,i,1, ff-' 7'5" 1 ?3!5,'fiiijif'Yil V ice President af f as Faculty John Acosta Elizabeth Aguilar Sam Allison Joan Astmann ,R ,iv E KN Ellene Austin Linda Bay Martha Bershok Lois Black KN? ull! Jerry Symonton, math teacher, graduated from North in 1946. When Mr. Symonton was a student, he was active in the Scientific Society Math Club, band, and orchestra. He was in All City Band and Orchestra. Mr. Symonton remembers many things about North at that time. Cor- duroy slacks and saddle shoes were popular. On the radio, Frank Dorsey entertained. lt was war time, and movie stars were performing every- where. People were dancing the fox trot, waltz, and jitterbug. In their spare time, North students went to Wood- bury Library, movies, and corner drug- stores. Only five or six kids had cars. Family life was close because of the war and shortages. Students were pa- triotic and studied hard. 1 Ron Bott, North's drafting teacher, attended North High as a student and graduated in 1949. Mr. Bott participated in sports and football at North. He was a member of the letterman's club. Thinking back, Mr. Bott mentions a few things students liked at North in his day. Butch haircuts and white T- shirts were worn. Popular songs were "Lucky Old Sun' and "Ghost Riders in the Sky." The Andrew Sisters sang. Kids liked the Rocky Bilt and Purity Creamery. Ass Ronald Bott Norma Bowles HK D ,fri Did You Know? The names of the first six ladies that graduated from North in 1886 were Millie Allen, Clara Chandler, Mary Fly- sin, Ella Gilmore, Carrie Grimes, and Carrie Palmer. North High School was originally a four room frame building on the site of the present Valdez Elementary School. The building was so decrepit that every time the wind blew, school was dismissed for fear that the walls might crumble in. This was a school for grades 6 through 12. Connie Boyle Cathleen Brown William Brown Lois Burke Alice Burns Ann Chavez Ruth Choquette Arnold Clum Ruth Counts James Cox Pat Crumley Trena Dale Barbara DeHaven James DiTolla Molly Dominguez Donald Eklund Nancy Elia Larry Enos Donald Evans Jalal Fakharzadeh Gwen Feindel Elly Fetsch JoAnn Sena-Finch Louann Fishering Claude Ford Chris Gabrielson Curtis Garrett David Hammel Roger Hanson Lester Hartley Allen Hill Peggie Holder QFD TBP M J- ,JW YJ Did You Know? The Literary Society was North's first club which was started in 1888. The programs consisted of playlets, recitations, piano solos, duets, and vo- cal solos. One small class graduated in 1891. There were only three students. In 1895, sixty five students graduated, and there were twenty one faculty members. In 1915, a scientific society was formed at North. lt had a membership of sixty in 1919. QW MW' Julius LaForte Gaye Lamar Mary Ann LaConte, teacher aide, is a North graduate from 1949. Mrs. l.aConte was in Black Masque and Valkyries. At that time, Valkyries was a large pep club. They performed at half time for the football games and marched in parades in uniform. Mrs. LaConte has a few memories. Students rode the street car to North's games held at DU. Girls wore their boyfriend's letter sweaters. Kids danced to Uln the Mood" and "Tux- edo Junctionf' Frank Sinatra was pop- ular. There were many school dances, and they were well attended. 2 f 4 Stirling Cooper, math teacher, is a 1949 graduate of North High. Mr. Cooper was in Math Club and Photography Club in high school. He earned a scholarship to DU. In one way or another, he says he has been at North for almost 40 years. Mr. Cooper mentions a few things he remembers about North when he was a student. North focused on aca- demic learning and had one of the best math departments in Colorado. Girls wore dresses. Students rode bikes to school. He has many good memories of North. Deborah Johnson Emmanuel Jones Jack Jones Gerould King Marjorie Knoll Gene Kowalski Ray Krucas Ann Lacy Betty Latimer lrene Lewis Judy Lisatz Delbert Long Priscilla Lovelace Wilma Lykins Gene Martinez Sabina Martinez Don Stern, CWE teacher, is a 1953 North graduate. Mr. Stern participated in football, basketball, and baseball and made All City in basketball. He was also a mem- ber of D-Club. Mr. Stern relates a few facts about North when he was here. The hula hoop and crew cuts were popular. Dances and athletic activities were well attended. Girls wore long skirts and rolled bobby socks. Sock hops were fun. Popular food stops were Hughes, Drive Inn and Hilltop. The students drove cars like roadsters. One even had a hearse. He said being a Viking was a wonderful experience. One thing he remembers was that Mr. Krucas was his teacher. J sv we V . SX, f .sf 1'-"" , Gene Hartley, physical education teacher, earned his diploma in 1954 from North. Mr. Hartley belonged to Tau Sigma, the President's Round Table, Key Club, and D-Club. Going out for foot- ball, wrestling, and baseball, he earned nine athletic letters in three years. He was All City in football and baseball for two years and All State in baseball for two years. He was on North's 1953 baseball team that took State. Mr. Hartley remembers the fifties fashions and activities. Styles included poodle skirts, stiff petticoats, penny loafers, and white bucks. Kids sewed seams in their Levis. Some had duck tailed haircuts. The slow dances ended with a big dip at the end. There was terrific school spirit at North and good relationships between students and teachers. .A x -r Janice McCrory Linda Mendoza J ff? 5, gifs 1 X X r H ...A ' Qt X, fl ll' ... X X 5 N ' VV I' l l Did You Know? l The flu epidemic, as well as losing i players to fight in World War l, crip- pled the football team in 1918. X Schools were closed because of the i epidemic in 1919. l l S ln1935, the enrollment at North dropped because of the depression years. Social hours were popular with the Johnny Haas Band, There were many working students. Albert Miller Sharon Miller Eleanor Moller Willis Moran Susan Nichol Barbara Nolan Ernest Ojeda Charles Orwig Norman Page Charles Peitsmeyer Lynne Pettyjohn Mary Preston Janice Quintana Kenneth Ransom Nannette Rease David Richardson Jo Rivinius Albert Samuelson Ray Sanchez Patricia Scheibach James Schrant Louis Sod Ted Speros Janice Staker Donald Stern Charles Stewart Ernest Teed Flora Thayer Arlen Thomas Dianna Vera Judy Wagner Beverly Wagoner X ...x m AY? Tuv- f Did You Know? For many years, North had cloak rooms instead of lockers. The lockers were installed in 1921-1922 when the student population at North reached 2,000. Q ,git 'QW ggggww X I s ' ,ff l In the 192015, knickers and argyle sox were popular at North. So was sliding in the hall and pep rallies. Stu- dents rushed to the lower region for lunch, Secret fraternities and sororities were in. There was the class play, the prom and graduation. X Dolores Williams Michael Williams 'UN Richard Walsh Robert Walsh Carol Webb James Wheeler is Arm ""' Warren Wheeler Corinne Whisnant James White Laurence White Kathy Zangari, teacher aide in the Media Center, graduated from North in 1957. Mrs. Zangari belonged to Valkyries, the speech club, and the Girl's Athletic Society, where she earned a letter. She also ran for headgirl. Mrs. Zangari recalls high school. A few songs that were popular were "Blue Suede Shoes" and "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation." Oz- zie and Harriet were on television. North kids danced the bop, the twist, the swim, and the stroll. They spent leisure time at the Barrel, the Scotch- man, or Carl's. Kathy was, and is now, proud to be a Viking. One thing she regretted was that girls couldn't com- pete with girls from other schools in sports. Melody Wittner, records clerk, graduated from North in 1959. Mrs. Wittner was not involved in many North activities, because she was active in church. She remembers the fads. Pony tail and page boy hair styles were worn. i'Teen Angel" and "Love Letters in the Sand" were popular songs. The students danced the shuffle. They lis- tened to the Everly Brothers. She says that she is proud to be a Viking, and that North is a wonderful school. l Warren Wills f Vernon Wilson Steve Woytek James Zordani Clerical Gloria Ceniceros Madeline Cordova Janice DeRemer Donna Jeffers l Jim Schrant, social studies teacher, is a 1964 graduate of North High. Mr. Schrant was active in football, track, and the letterman's club. Mr. Schrant mentions some of the things popular at the time. Oxford shirts, jeans, and loafers were worn. Students walked the halls before school, on all three floors. During rallies, everyone took pride in being a Viking and stood as they sang "Norsemen Awayf' The Smothers' Brothers were popular, and so was "Leave it to Beaver." People danced to the bunny hop and two step. Kids dragged 16th Street. Q' 4. N fr -s-L1-1 'W 5 l A . . in ' J' il Sli?-iif ' V - 'ii S . - La... . . J' 7 z r V in , , s 5 c , 5 Q Xa il' - ...W f WHITE, IM 561911, v . James White, math teacher, gradu- ated in 1964. Mr. White was active in football, wrestling, baseball, and the D-Club. He was All State in baseball. Mr. White remembers his high school days. North had a friendly at- mosphere. Dancing up close to the slow songs was popular, and so was the twist. Johnny Mathis, the Beatles, and Elvis sang. "Maverick" was on television. He recalls Jim's Pizzeria and the A 8z W. He says North was great then as it is now. Marilyn Malleck Lillian Miller I if .Y Nts 'Q ...A 4 Did You Know? Up to the middle 1970,s, North's band, cheerleaders, and pep club marched in the Veteran's Day and Me- morial Day parades in Denver. A popular place in 1934 was Elitch's. The seniors had a class day on May 31, 1931. In the afternoon, they danced in the ballroom of the park. They ate picnic suppers and then as- sembled in the theatre for awards. Stu- dents then presented a play. fir-ff' K i Jane Tierney Mary Lou Walz Melody Wittner Maggie Wright Aides Dolores Abeyta Ken Binkley Alice DelHierro Gina Jesmer Mary l.aConte Cathy Lierman Donna Lucero Frances Sandoval Ellen Satriano Joyce Stringtield Marlene Tricarico Kathy Zangari Custodians Richard Alvira Eugene Carpenillo Louie Hernandez Judith Manzanares Johnnie Martinez Jess Rodriguez Bud Stake George Vitello Lunchroom Jenny Aguilar Virginia Alonzi Jane Bailey Betty Coffey Nina Lombardi Mary Mariani Theresa Nazzaro Genevieve Potter 104 Vp' 55' 'I X' Did You Know? The 1920's saw the beginning of many clubs: Maxwell History, Black Masque, Welfare Club, Spanish Club, and French Club. In 1924, the Latin club had 240 members. B x XE? it In 1923, it was reported that one problem was secret societies at North or cliques that kept cropping up. The All Girls, League was then formed. They distributed food and clothing to the needy and improved the school grounds. if 'X , ff .K J John Padilla Lucy Pride M. is Qt. Ay . Y ,ff David Hammel, math teacher, graduated from North in 1965. Mr. Hammel was active in band and earned a scholarship to DU. Mr. Hammel relates a few details about North when he was here. Shirt tails were worn out. Girls wore bee- hive hair styles, and boys wore grease on their hair. Girls that had a steady boyfriend wore his ring on a chain around her neck, The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys were popular. The kids danced the jerk, the pony, and the watusi. He stated that the teachers were great friends, and he felt comfortable to be a Viking. Rose Reyes Ramona Saucedo Dorothy Skinner Lucille Zupancic Security James Chavez Bernadine Duran Anthony Juarez Dave Martinez ..,.,3-5. f new Joe Meyer, industrial arts teacher, graduated from North in 1966. Mr. Meyer was in the Industrial Arts Club at North. One honor he received was his diploma. He was a walk on football player at CU in 1967. Since then, he has earned three degrees from college, He says that North stu- dents, like himself, can be successful if they want to be. Mr. Meyer remembers what was in style when he went to North. Vikings were trying to look like beach boys. Wing tip shoes were the rage. The Rolling Stones and Beatles were popu- lar. Kids danced the jerk and the back- stoke. Jenny's Pizza was a favorite spot to go. The most popular cars were those with a V-8. Mr. Meyer says that North, as always, has the tools for success. ONE HUNDRED QNQ HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED DRGANIZATIGNS fh x w U1N -HUNDQED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ' A Cen ' tury Cf Dlversity X , ,, 1 y f Becky explains the purpose of white out. Front Row: Heather Warren, Tammy Hei- denreich. Second Row: Becky Campbell, Joann Siguenza, Sponsor Mrs. Knoll, Mary Hinojos. Third Row: Joe Gomez, Kieu Cung, Jodi Bagley, Shawna Grosso, Leah Staudenmier, Melinda Winegarden. Back Row: Teresa Chick, Maria Alvarado, Cheryl Scheck. gifs 11.i C milf' .. ,iii C nn"' ' f mfs' Bnngs The Century Together' Hurry up and take the pmture! I n 1894, the Denver Public Schools published a yearbook for East, West, and North in one book. North's yearbook staff published their own book in in 1905. It has been pub- lished yearly since then. The early books were leather covered. In 1943, the book was paperback because of war shortages. 109 North Star Gathers The News Dave Harker does some figuring. av' ' Ok ' Front Row: Trina Ortega, Tess Nei- berger, JoAnn Roybal, Joanne Si- guenza, Eric Murphy, Caroline Cha- vez, Anita Lucero, Jennifer Green- berg, Kelly Gomez. Middle Row: Sponsor Miss Johnston, Elki Nei- berger, Heather Warren, Yeong La, Lisa Lara, Merrill Bennett, Heather Glendenning. Back Row: Joe Maes- tas, Jeff Seib, Brian Mathews, Dave Archer, Dave Harker, Paul Archer, Walter Keller. 110 , E r q "" , ,. at i , A ,T 'A I V, A ,.,,,,.V in , , I , , ,.,, ,,,.,.,,,,,., Q .1-afri feqfm twig fi f I f -. 'i :, , . ,, ta VV, 1 , A ,. i 5 V " , jr ,Agn V ,W bill - T? WW 9 f ' , " A, , -4 A - - --"' . ,. N' t 1 f ---- W' ,,,, - xr-1 Q X N X X X ,SX X y N X xx Q x as NN rs il ' QQ rx ,N X 1 and Heather put their thoughts together. of' ,wwwmwmf -Zi! 4 W ti iv is x X ,.::. ,X T,he Exponent, North's first news' paper, was started in 1891. The first two issues of North Star were in 1920. In 1926, the North Star was a weekly publication, the only one in Denver. f, fv ,, 1 A 32 2 2 r 1 -, - ' , V-fV J .. I - ,,,, he M' 2. fi , 2, , - 4 ' f 9 1 r J ,C f f W , 2 K ff V ""' I f ', 0. 1 f r . he r 35531 94311 1 r i 2 2 I refenyff WHW43 V37 , 1 ' V " " 112 Debators Win City And District N FL means National Forensic League. The speakers compete in var- ious meets, mostly on Saturdays. Northls NFL charter is the oldest in Colorado. Speaking and debating has been popular at North for a century. The first two clubs at North were de- bating clubs known as the Lyceum and Ashland Societies. 7 ' ,g 551' , "Lf ' , ? ' , , , .f 42 rw , -,f"ifQ5,, . V , '-Tj .f,, , 6 'I ' ' 'V' "' ' ' ,V ' .33 5 , -'ff Q , I ia' .Q f f'-' 1' Q "" , we .,.. . f F i . T ' 1315 ' , 1 , 1 A Q jg, V 5 ' V 4 ,.', J A ' A " , ,,,' ,. i ' . we , is t I 'i" - f ,,.., f' " . fili iff fa- 'W Walter Keller, Eric Duran-Denver's Number One Debate Team Mr, Garrett Kathy Sanchez, Ron Sena, Monica Jackson- Superior Speakers Gretchen Vaughn' Colorado's Top Sophomore Debator Lance McClure, Michelle Laffea Carlos Carbajal-Champion lnterpers inda and Eddie Carreras- econd in City Debate R E S S Chris Goodnight-City Champion Jackson-Tops in Syron Hudson, Chris Goodnight, Gretchen Vaughn. Joe Sainz, So Yon Bueno-Super L. D. Debators :WS 15, -sa. i , I A North student won a second place in a national oratorical contest in 1925. mn! l'oinTS!'h1t Rcfuitw ? UCWKV ""'9xWW' ' 'wwf' f W 1 , N ,, ' - Y V nf Uriiwizirx! Yitiurrx mf Ilhilili !'f?fTkiiTN f 'Vis',einjikzfgtnsm r , 113 Miz Uwllwtfti - x 2 Q I, M r Jazz And Concert Bands ,,, t A- --.f Mawmue-ww-A Perform .M This is the float that was made for the Homecoming parade. -- J 'I Q I-r , A .. . 'Nm ' if me 'J s 9 The float speaks for itself. 114 Q .Ah A., . fix, T 1 Front Row: Heather Glendenning, Gina Mar- tinez, Trudy Weidenhamer, Mike Carreras, Ke- vin Gomez, Mike Deines, Joe Maestas, Jennifer Munson, Andra Cirbo. Back Row: Louis Ramos, Terri Kaspari, Mike Jackson, Mark Kaspari, Charles Arellano, Victor Cordero, Carlos Carba- jal, Denny Bray, Joe Sine, Jesse Esparza, Joe Luevano, Jeff Seib, Frank Montoya, Tom Lier- man, Jack LaForte. Q' si' A we A Mr. Lalrorte announces the Jazz Band . ' MQW. ,, , , , 'H' North's first band was in 1922. +, I Advanced Band And Grchestra Can you dig it? Just stringing around! W4-W Wm 22 Mark, Terri, Michelle, and Tina Kaspari make their own group. Play The Tunes QC IQ r"'s. . lf? Front Row: Ray Martinez, Loriann Santangelo, Anthony Krantz, Manuel Quintana. Back Row: Sandy Quintana, Ursula Gonzales. Jolene Rose, Celeste Martinez. Front Row: Cassie Bland, Tina Kaspari, Mr, LaForte, Elaine Wolfer, Briana Melone. Middle Row: Mark Kaspari, Terri Kaspari, Michelle Kaspari, Erica Hoagland, Josh West, Crystal Mullins. Back Row: Monica Arozarena, Gretchen Vaughn, Terri Rossler, Angie Seegers, LeAnn Lucero, Thuy Le, Beverly Pollan, Carlos Gurrola, Ron Rodriguez. C it nag i5145ilQiQi gi mQi625'iQfQiJggff5. lwgigifiiilsi 5fgn4Qf?S i5bgQ.Lf'125l ' l 117 Vikorale And Valkyrie Front Row: Susan Garcia, Joanne Siguenza, Gilbert Martinez, Johnny Trujillo, Richard Gonzales, Nanette Vigil, Terri Kaspari. Middle Row: Hilary Whalen, April Griscko, Jeff Ayon, Mr. Ransom, Louis Draughn, Carey Richards, Becky Devich. Back Row: Jim Hussion, Brian Starling, Carlos Carbajal, Lisa Sutherland, Shari Hefner. Q J 1 o'.. it ' . 5 ,, a 55 QT asiaa f H K r Front Row: Dusti Garrison, Stephanie Bertels, Tina Kaspari, Teri Lopez, Veronica Montoya, Susan Garcia, Desiree Sandoval. Second Row: Rita Aragon, Veronica Gallegos, Yesenia Esparza, Lupita Garcia, Evelyn Robles, Lalena Baca. Third Row: Katie Brackett, Tracy Merrell, Christine Blake, Charmaine Springer, Chalea Mondragon, Monica Herrera, Mr. Ransom. Back Row: Sarah Giron, Karen Vigil, Jennifer Georgeson, Holly Griscko, Monica Castellano, Marie Gonzales, Smiling shows pride. Ooh! Ooh! 118 Ooh! Get serious guys Make The Sounds Of Music A eA5w,mNA!."' 4 What beautiful harmony! S 5 i i 1: L I can't read these notes. I3 o'S4A"!2U"1'?l2'Wt'Sf51' i'7YZ,L J Y7'31Zwm,?NM wgsijyf t at Boys? Gtee Club 1912. Girls' Giee Club 1912. All Clfv All 5fafQ MUSIC GYOUPS All State Choir Terri Kaspari All City Choir Front Row: Katie Brackett, Terri Kaspari, Cathy Hernandez, Mike McClure. Back Row: Jennifer Georgeson, Shari Hefner, Carlos Carbajal, Lisa Sutherland, Becky Devich. Not Pictured: Travis Schack, Chemaine Springer, Tom Lierman, Lance McClure. City Wide Concert Choir 120 All City Jazz Band Joe Sine All City Jazz Combo Chris Goodnight Chosen For 1985-1986 All City Marching Band Front Row: Lynette Latfea, Heather Glendenning, Candy Herrera, Pamela Tenorio, Carma Dollan. Back Row: Denny Bray, Mike Carreras, Mary Calderon, Charles Roybal. All City Orchestra Front Row: Briana Melone. Middle Row: Tina Kaspari, Josh West, Elaine Wolfer. Back Row: Angela Seegers, Monica Arozarena, Gretchen Vaughn, Leann Lucero. I EA irm, 1 J I All Av - ,,,,,. , 9 I 52' 2 - ,,,' ly: ,, ' I -' "3 5, yo . M ., Q V L E Q J 5 , 5 1 " 1 4 'iv' F f 1, 6 7 r .V 42' All City Concert Band Front Row: Heather Glendenning, Denny Bray, Jesse Esparza. Back Row: Chris Goodnight, Joe Sine. All State Orchestra Tina Kaspari Honor RCTC Marches Platoon Battalion Staff First Semester 4 -'f N' w QQ' 3 if Y fl Lil? fl l Y ' ' t 'E if It :X ,i is QI' ww ,QQ 1 -we Yfw -5 as l fl Battalion Staff 122 Second Semester Inspection time Through The Decades . .ff Q 9 , 3 ri i mm, I. -1 :As . n P4 0 s- I fo. f 73 i ss JM H." g it n 8 , ff?- 4 rlgzjiwgifxi I f.,x xl .fig li, dl CMS Roland Weaver on or eeeee 2 eeelee elie Company A-E fl, , N 5 Riga so ur or K r , 2 2 n adets have been at North long- 2 'Nt' 'Q V, 'Q' 1 . er than football. The program dates S 'P fs so " fee back to the easy 1890's. In 1919, s SN. ' ,there were three hundred men in high gf' K ' A .2 3, Q., school cadets. That was the year of the first annual cadet dance. The annu- W al reported that it was the best dance 2 held up to thattime. In 1920, two years of military training for boys was required for graduation. In 1927-28 Q four cadets from North by the last A names of Hooin, Dilullo, West, and Hoffman competed in a national rifle . match and won bronze medals. Cadet Sponsors 1924 y, ,, 2 ft al r X SFC Peitsmeyer 11 , 0 .fra- 5. . ,.,.. , N , Lynette Laffea and SFC Ernest Ojeda are pleased. yn if fa Fiki wi it ,I 1 H E , we 'WT' . ffl -', ' ik-5 'I iq. 5 Q, ,:'- : 1953 Wm First SG Burdine discusses inspection with Dr. Imhoff, Rifle Teams W 1925 Cadets in fx W, if V 1 xx7..,t,. X. a V, . . W. it 2 12.5 Ni, x iamim i Q-W., L, n,.m,.i t f mfs. 3 :min It r-mf fa nw t . . 21 av. as ntw v. sf..,.,Q in xt',:..,i if vw. i . ww i nw' we-Mm 14-,Mn a ww.. x if xmw t,xit,1.,W,n M-..,. Q MW iw pm, v. ,, V mais iv QM, 5 z,a,..w.. 4 ii,:.w,,,t V aww x iwnw 24 wp, ww 1 mi wr. Mui, it in,zf www, -, w ummm I 1- it -i 1, , sum :.,.umf- Li.. ,ws ww, :mmf an Cadets N swf 5132 at Wzrdrw' Gardena, May z5. wax. the cadre gziarxzd :tw wk 414 11-mpnrw, imc drihfd phumx. adn individual and mlm guard, ' Iiwzmg :iw wcfwdxng vez: :Pu rrgyerm. capwkzurd br Cacia Capuin km flax. puked - ie tm flmnpsondnp, dwpia-Ang very nnifzns Tis- prwrmvfzmn M Gum Aumn from A Captmxwv to ffiw Fhztrali-an Mayor as xs,,a Q, cw' 'mr smszaniing ww? vi the wgainiznrixm. 'Y 'riff .vim guard. mmzmng mmefg' of czdm, had diimgcnzfy' pwftxmfd xtvc feguiar mmm tm ffw wit:-ai md Gm gaimd rvmgg:'mn'm iw nagging an naceiivrsf pan en :iw mmm? emu: mdvm have pifmm their weak iw :heir xaucwa in AZ? ufivixicx and the -miwgfr mtv,-,iw vmtwiim-ti iwxwx-fx: :iw iargrlw das ta 4572 Mmm! flfadzx Bai? im Zkhwii iz, D Speac Leads The Way PEAC is the North High stu- dent council. SPEAC stands for Stu- dent Political Education Action Com- mittee. Members meet daily to discuss problems of the student body and to promote various activities to embrace spirit. Officers are head boy, head girl, secretary, and treasurer. Sponsor is Mr. Teed. nymph as as ll 3 Q1 . ii if Q X s s H J J r N I - Q55 ,..r. H ...t . . www H .... .... Q , . , Head boy is Nick Herrera. Head girl is Marina Lopez, Front Row: Brenda Romero, Johnny Trujillo, Pam Tenorio, Mary Hinojos, Nick Herrera, Veronica Valdez, Edith Rael, Pepper Bollig. Middle Row: Richard Olson, Melissa Miera, Maria Barrese, DeAnn Royval, Mr. Teed, Christina Mares, Kim Jacques, Christina Suazo, JoAnn Roybal. Back Row: Renee Lasart, Shelly Garcia, Toby Santistevan, Albert Rodriguez, David Trujillo, Arturo Rodriguez, Robert Trujillo, Brian Rees, Shauna Bills. Stagecraft Creates The Scenes Rr l A ' so Front Row: Victor Alvarez, Gabriel Lopez. Mid- Adrian Sena, Back Row: Mr. Sod, Eddie Maes- dle Row: Mark DeHerrera, Jason Mullikin, Lisa tas, Charles Armstrong, Joe Carter, Gus Garcia, Woolley, Johnnie Aranda, Conan Armantrout, Jamie Winters. CWE Works QM ,-.N -li ooperative Work Experience gives students the opportunity to work while going to school. Most students work for production type businesses. Front Row: Rafael Castillo, Dennis Martinez, Maria Madera, Charlene Abeyta, Leticia Piria, Heather Anglada, Missy Cordova, Angela Mo- rales. Second Row: Eileen Archuleta, Laura Vaa llejos,Patricia Manthey, Connie Archuleta, Bar- bara Nelson, Angela Cota, Veronica Madrid. Third Row: Sponsor Mr. Miller, Mark Romero, Ramon Castillo, Glen Stark, Ronnie Romero, Theresa Portugal, Sponsor Ms, Dale. Back Row: Louis Lucero, Earl Green, Josh Thompson, Tom Trujillo, Anthony Orona, Chad Gallegos, David Ballard, Robert Williamson. Hero Prepares Ahead I ,..-4 M7 Z3 fe-rl Norma Gutierrez is a HERO district officer mi, ,...,, ,E 4 ' x si lnQC.'I.....Js ,Z Tina enjoys her job at Burger King. The HERO class is hard at work. Front Row: Angie Vargas, Jennifer Ferguson, Faith Hidalgo, Elizabeth Frazzini, Tina Rodri- guez, Julie Johnson, Marie Romero, Shawndra Wash. Back Row: Janie Moss, Audrey Lucero, Ruth Lemmons, Sponsor Mrs. Nolan, Michelle Marquez, Kelly Lucero, Robert Archibeque. DECA Puts Knowledge To Work DECA officers are Kevin Sanchez, Judith LaRoe, Juan Garcia, Lisa Calderon, and Jenny Rodriguez, lf! , -ll' YN ECA is a youth organization having the four goals of marketing un- derstanding, civic consciousness, lead- ership development, and social aware- ness. DECA members are part of a four component marketing and distri- butive education program at North. The program components are market- ing class, on-the-job training, Viking's Landing management, and DECA. E Wim rr,, itr f r g H ,rsr an ESS? Vica Drafts The Details Front Row: Sal Rivera, Tim Slevin, Martin John Martinez, Paul Corraza, Ken Reef, Spon- Calderon, Kathy Ortega, Greg Maldonado, sor Mr. Bott, Shane Garrison, Rich Vigil, Elki Chuck Gomez, Andrew Gallegos. Back Row: Neiberger. f, Qawwz in ,sv I K if I like drafting! ICA, or Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, is an organization that helps students excel in the voca- tional drafting area. Students partici- pated in regional and state competi- tion. Los Latinos Helps Uthers os Latinos, which is a new club this year, is a service group primarily ,Y made up of Spanish speaking stu- dents, who like participating in school service. Last Thanksgiving, fifteen of ,.i.. , ww . . . ii'i' ' the club members took senior citizens rltir,. - - f Q5,,:'fSfTQj - is . to a Thanksgiving dinner, sponsored I I N , fm... N g by a local restaurant. ...Q T Aj ssir ' , , f A Z ,,,.,., , glglg Q , - , , wr. k F3 3 Front Row: Mr. Lucero, Marta Montez, Maria Vargas, Jose Garcia, Mar- iaelen Guzman, Maria Pastrana, Patty Villa, Alia Holguin, Rosa Del Real, Mrs, Sandoval, Mr. Acosta. Second Row: Mr. Binkley, Angie Vargas, Lily Dorado, Rosa Dominguez, Lucia Sifuentes, Luz Martinez, Flor Ramirez, K Lorena Garcia. Third Row: Florencio Vargas, Armida Moreno, Marta I Lopez, Leti Cabral, Blanca Gonzalez, Liliana Ruiz, Mayra Carrasco, Mar- " tha Guereca, Ana Guereca. Back Row: Juan Alvarado, Lupe Garcia. ' 4 A ' , ' ft rr, c fl Q, - , S 5 lllll as Mesa Engineers The Future Monica thinks of the future. Front Row: Jacob Fernandez, Laurie Samora, Elaine Wolfer, Monica Arozar- ena. Middle Row: Joe Sainz, Nhung Nguyen, Cathy Ortega, Valerie Trujillo. Back Row: Trang Nguyen, Beatrice Calderson, Teresa Chick, Rogelio Rob- Iedo, Linda Mendoza, Mia Matsui, l'm a rhinestone cowgirl, 1 ssii pk' ' ,Nu .. If MESA float counts the time. esa is a club for math, engi- neering, and science achievement. It is primarily for minorities. They have field trips to colleges, scholarship op- portunities, speakers from different engineering companies, and summer work study programs. Key Club Gets Involved ey Club is an international or- ganization sponsored by the Kiwanis. The goals of this club are to provide service to the school and community and to produce well-rounded students. Key Clubbers are fun loving, caring individuals who strive for the happi- ness of others. President Elki pauses for a quiet moment of contemplation. .i .fi - A ' . 'fi 4 , I-Sz . X .' . A . I . . A zr. H 1 ' fy J . s- .1 , if W8 t ... E J Front Row: Veronica Montoya, Kiwanis Ad- , if f visor Mr. Smith, i""k, Sponsor Mr. Brown, ' Elki Neiberger. Sec- ond Row: Joanne Si- guenza, Mindy Jac- quez, Leslie Marshall, Tanya Borga, Deann Chavez, Becky Camp- bell. Third Row: Leann Lucero, Devon Sheldon, Mandy De- Bell, Sarah Zepeda, Lisa Seib, Shannon Roitsch, Lucia Aguayo, Dusti Garri- son, Teri Lopez. Back Row: Mindy Winegar- den, Kylee Cook, Travis Torres, Don Jolly, Kenny Ortiz, Wally Ward, Key Club officers are Mindy Jacquez, Joanne Siguenza, Veronica Montoya, Becky T34 Campbell, and Elki Neiberger. Booster Club Serves North Youth workers help raise money for Booster Club. Dr. Imhoff talks to the president of the School Board at the Viking Breakfast. Sponsor, Donna Lucero, helps to prepare for the Viking of Excellence breakfast. Mr. Gonzales plays on the administrator's side. . . Q Club members plan ways to raise money for such projects as the school newspaper. SPEAC Students play the administrators in the donkey basketball game. l 135 I-IS Encourages Excellence ar ,,,,,,f, an-r'4YV Martha discusses fund raisers. Laurie listens. Members take time for a photo. Front Row: So Yon Bueno, Mindy Jacquez, Laurie Sa- mora, Martha Wagner, Kathy Ortega, Trina Ortega. Middle Row: Leah Staudenmier, Vickie Lovato, Jake Fernan- dez, Sponsor Mr. King, Becky Campbell, Terri Ka- spari, Sharon Hogan, Back Row: Walter Keller, Paul Ar- cher, Yeong La, Albert Potth- off. NHS is at work. J! 49' 'fif . -- !""figf,-ty H wa ew f41 1 f 5 " ' We f .,.g., . . ,,., ,.,, V V U M ,,4,,,V i 7... Qariouarif' iti' Sacxwf 'Q T ., 5, , Ig-2' L. .,f' 9:5 ,,,. N.. V A f --ai' 'W' sf W , ' ' f .... f - ' 'i ' ,V " 11 'g ' - :V 5 , ,,.,. ,. , ., ,U f W' la W f My . f 'R TV LJ ffl i ,. Q, aw ,, ,.,,.,, , f ., ,. , la ff. i. Q are Q at ,,e. . . .M T W is " T' , ' S '-' ' ' Q va f- .2 " 4 .g ,, ,, ,, Y, fe ,.'- ,:-f r, .Q y ' 7 ' ff , , at 6. , H ,.,,. ,V , ' ta, My V V, ff M., , ,ww The officers are Treasurer Mindy Jacquez, President Laurie Samora, Vice-president Kathy Ortega, and Secretary Martha Wag- ner. National Honor Society students show scholarship, leadership, service, and character. ln 1922, North High School received its NHS Charter, the second in the United States. Ulympics Of The Mind Meets The Challenge E in ,W i s 3 S if ieffmf' L L B L J L XVL . sf lsa J fl-SL" f.".,,,'iT 4 'l is T ' s flags! is 'sitfi Front Row: Jeannette Middleton, Joe Morey, John Salazar, Lisa Sutherland, Roberta Trujillo, Mike McClure, DeAnn Chavez, Lucia Aguayo, Sponsor Ms. Galvez, Crystal Mullins. Second Row: Arturo Rodriquez, Sarah Zepeda, Mandy DeBell, Lisa Seib, Jennifer Geor- geson, Monica Arozarena, Mindy Winegarden, Chantal Marquez, Third Row: Brenda Romero, Kylee Cook, Devon Sheldon, Shan- non Roitsch, Renee LaSart, Angie Seegers, Gabrielle Johnson, Leslie Marshall, Mike Zuniga, Denise Moreno, Kiengkham Sengsa- vath. Back Row: Melissa Miera, Jubal Vafeades, Charlotte Osborn, Andra Cirbo, Marvin Wells, Lisa Stille, Mia Matsui, LeAnn Lucero, Briana Melone, Elaine Wolfer, Gina Martinez. l ,fr 1 , 6 .X 2 v " ' f . V W, X Q 5 i V ls ' Jr' if 'l , rs M.. ' ,,,. , -"- i"'i 5 Z' l , ti, .,,,, - " Members gather information and discuss it. f fi 4-41 fi ,J 2' s l Members create new ideas. W l 137 Physics Club Thinks It Through ix . QRQ I Iii Zahada waves proudly. Phuong dwells on the future. 'VP A group effort to solve a problem? ,Q Physics Club members are strong, tool Front Row: Khan Chanthivong, LoBee Kia- toukaysi, Gabriel Caballero, Vicki Lovato, So Yon Bueno, Joe Sainz, Sponsor Mr. Kowalski. Middle Row: Thuan Phan, Sam Chestney, Mindy Jacquez, Laurie Samora, Diane Valdez. Leah Staudenmier, Victoria Gonzales, Yer Xiong. Back Row: Joe Go- mez, Dang Le. Bay Pham, Jose Salazar, Blair Jackson, Walter Keller, Heather War- ren, Chris Goodnight. S5 Science Club Achieves I pr' , 41 l Women of Science Club think. x7AM f , We think it's moving! The scientists are at work. What are the super chemists doing? Where did you want this? Front Row: Gabriel Caballero, Leslie Marshall, Vicki Lovato. Middle Row: Me- linda Winegarden, Monica Arozarena, Sponsor Dr, Hill, Denise Hill, Denise Moreno, Back Row: Jennifer Georgeson, Elaine Wolfer, Mia Matsui. 139 FAC Charts A Course ellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization that brings athletes together who want to apply Christian principals to their athletic events and their personal lives. Activities include group discussion, games, movies, guest speakers, metro area banquets, and meetings with FCA groups from other high schools. Front Row: Sharon Hogan, Jackie Marquez, Terri Kaspari, Travis Johnson, Roberta Tru- jillo. Back Row: Jennifer Greenburg, Heather Warren, Sponsor Mr. Clum, Keely Loucks, Tina Kaspari, Stephanie Bertels. Black Masque Keeps Tradition Alive .5 Many Black Masque students get involved with plays. Front Row: Zahadah Gharibyar, Students plan coming events, Roberta Trujillo, Gilbert Martinez, Lance McClure, Carlos Carbajal, Susan Garcia. Back Row: Therese Davis, Kelee Loucks, Walter Keller, Lisa Sutherland, Jackie Barton. 7' North Star 'i'iiii'i XQQSQUET www. STATE PRIIQ W T 4' I , 3 TRUE ' 1 vixmc Juneau naar it f 'WN 1 5 'V 1 r ci i c 1 i Biaciamaeie gigffga in 1522 gli is Qtr digg Sttgigizgs 1' qghadwtoftryyiout 'sind'nirembershigiwaseflimited to4Z25. The iciub s 755 took the state trophy as reporied inthe North4Star,ZMarch 27, FBLA Strives Front Row: Robin Samuels, Sue Salazar, Laura Herrrera, Michelle Romero, Andraea Pagliosotti, Norma Gutierrez, Koubra Gharibyar, Felicia LaFore. Back Row: Sandy Quinones, Lisa Vick, Christina Ma- cias, Belan Carrillo, Sponsor Mrs, Lykins, Lorena Quinones, Tammy Reynolds, Shannon Picaso, Dusti Garrison. BLA is an organization for high school men and women. Future Busi- ness Leaders of America strive to suc- ceed in the world of business. All of these students are in the BOE pro- gram as well. They work toward skill certificates on clerical, accounting and secretarial areas and participate in state wide competition. 142 For Success Front Row: Tina Carrasco, Tammy Jensen, Kieu Cung, Sandra White, Khan Chanthivong, Gabina Reyes, Lisa Lara. Second Row: Kathy Gonzales, Kim Nguyen, Denise LaCrue, Pat Gomez, Eileen Aleman, Celia Hernandez, Nancy Barela. Back Row: Regina Medina, Liz Piria, Lucy Salazar, Tracy Perez, Imelda Salazar. Kieu strives to succeed in all that she does. Dressing for success is stressed. Law Club Reviews Justice 41+-A--Jaw..-a..,,,,,,,, M A . .I Et he Law Club visits courts to observe cases. They have speakers. They talk about law and politics. Joe Morey listens, Briana and Elaine enter the students court. Mr. Sperios is the presiding judge. Ray pays attention to the speaker Front Row: Briana Melone, Joe Morey, Elaine Wolfer. Back Row: Wade Barton, Sponsor Mr, Speros, Elizabeth Munoz, Frank Melone, Ray DeGarmo. Members ponder the club's plans and the sponsors explain future goals. Ski Club Hits The Slopes The officers of Ski Club are Secretary Mindy Winegarden, Vice-President Ruben Nolasco, Treasurer Veronica Montoya, and President Albert Vinnola. Front Row: Sponsor Mrs. Aguilar, Mindy Winegarden, Ruben Nolasco, Veronica Mon- toya, Carey Richards, Sponsor Ms. DeHa- ven, Middle Row: Brian Trancoso, Monica Arozarena, Jennifer Georgeson, Jennifer Corrigan, Denise Moreno, Becky Campbell. Back Row: Holly Warren, Mia Matsui, Jim Barter, Peter Payer, Lisa Stille, Elaine Wolfer. 41 Mountain Club Reaches The Top V f ,ji , f if glib, W riff, 'nl , A I W 1 W at l'Mil'Z4 Lvl fi. y e A 4 2 , , 5,191 U FW? , s iFront: Baron. Second Row: Sponsor Mrs. Moller, Trina Ortega, Sharon Hogan, John Ceh, Brian Slevin, Chuck -Heinrich. Third Row: Steve Linenberger, Kathy Ortega, l Leslie Marshall, Laurie Samora, Mike Zuniga, Glenn Stark. l Back Row: Sponsor Mr. Rosenow, Conan Armantrout, Joe ,Gomez, John Salazar. l lOtficers are Vice-President Dawn Brown, President Cam iNorton, and Secretary-Treasurer Lisa Woolley, L Z Now, how do we get down? We're off to climb the mountain Another mountain is conquered. ,. V.: 1 .L- Mrs, Moller reaches the top .32 The dancers move to the music. Are you looking at our moves? The dance is perfected, Ultimate Youth Dances Front Row: Evelyn Velez, Anjonette Sando- val, Shannon Jaramillo, Jerilyn Apodaca. Middle Row: April Archuleta, James Tresco, Adelia Espinoza. Back Row: Lupe Chavez, Charles Ruibal, Gabriel Caballero, Georgette Ford, Two of the dancers practice their steps Orchesis Develops Talent ,Q 434 Laura and Marlina march to the music, Marlinals hair dances as much as she does. Which way are we supposed to go? Vicki knows concentration is the key. Front Row: Marlina Perez, Vicki Lovato. Middle Row Therese Davis, Heather Warren. Back Row: Denise Gray, Jamie Olona, Michelle Laffea, Laura Zundt, Sherry Garcia. rchesis is a small dance group that performs at the spring variety show, senior citizens homes, and other schools. Their dances are primarily modern and jazz, although the group likes to experiment with other styles of dance. QNE HUNDRED ONE HUNDQED GNE HUNDREQ ONE HUNDRED SPCRTS x N UNPR59 ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED A Winning Tradition ii 'fi fs - Lx iw 33 i id The girls are talking about old times. l 'N A. ai Front Row: Jennifer Munson, Susan Vigil, Kim Laura Vega, Tina Johnson, Cathy Hernandez, Sheets, Francene Esparza, April Griscko. Sec- Tricia Riffle. Top: Candy Herrera. ond Row: Yvonne Negley, Roseann Romero, Cheerleaders Get The Beat The cheerleaders discuss the next routine. Cheerleaders lead the rally. The routme is well done. CHEERLEADERS us-1 Wi yxf' N M ,514 vc, ' Lf Q V p' ' E '-'lf t f T A V X gx 5 J a. 2 iv.. KX x vu' f X A xl I The 1953 cheerleading squad was a mixed 3 A group. heerleading at North dates back to the 192O's. The first cheer- leaders at North were boys. From the 1940's to the 1970's, the squads in- cluded both boys and girls. Recently, the group has been an activity for girls. Volleyball I-las A Victorious Season Varsity orth's winning tradition in volley- ball continued this last season, as the team went to Districts. The girls had an incredible defense, which did not allow the ball to hit the ground. North had a young team, consisting of three seniors, three juniors, and three soph- omores, which led the team to victory. The team appreciated the fans and dedicated manager, Mona Calderon. Gina Volpe and Karen Scheck made All City first team and Shawna Grosso made second team. Front Row: Cassie Sandoval, Gina Morales, Kathy Sanchez Back Row Gina Volpe Shawna Grosso, Karen Scheck. Middle Row: Cheryl Scheck Jodi Bagley Deanna Vaughn irls' volleyball started officially in Denver Public Schools in 1975. The North girls have an outstanding re- cord. The team, through the 1984 sea- son, was coached by Peg Holder. The teams tied one and won five league championships. North tied with Lin- coln in 1979, and won the league championships in 1975, 1976, 1978, 1981, and 1984. The North High team took fourth in State the first year of girls' volleyball, 1975. North is the only Denver Public School that has ever made it tovihe Sfalze Tournament in volleyball. 1 The 1975 Volleyball Team is shown below. .11 Q x , I M W Q gf .,,, 5 Z, 2 , , f, . fe hff if Cassle gets ready to return the serve 7 Q f fo A ffff fwb f ff! V ff , f 5 ,ff f f ff Wf ff few of ff, ff af We ff JV Volleyball he junior varsity was very young and inexperienced, but they practiced hard and did improve in the season. The junior varsity had wins against George Washington, Manual, and Ken- nedy. A few matches went to the third game. Angie Martinez was the most consistent player. Most improved players were Rebecca Trujillo and Shannon Roitsch. With the team being so young this year, the coach is look- ing forward to a good season next year. Managers were Mona Calderon, Deana Graham, and Stacy Berumen. Wow! What a hit! ie? ' Striving Reaching Spikirig ag, A i , fieffyfifiif-3:5 ws... Q mc.. :.: :-i:'::P'- N ""'x"'x I-siaxwggisg-fiigeci 1 X .. 5 . , f ' 1 Z Front Row: Stephanie Vallero, Angie Martinez. Sec- ond Row: Monica Herrera. Third Row: Denise Mal- Shannon Roitschv Lisa Seiby Sarah Zepeda, Fran, dOf1aCl0, Tedf-ll Rivera- Fourth ROW Mehssa Her' cine Gonzales, Rebecca Trujillo, Delphinia Vasquez. rera, Back Row: Brandy Ling, Christie Fuentes, Francine is ready. he junior varsity girlivolleybali teams of 1976 and 1978 won the City Championships. North has been strong in the sport since girls' sports officially began in 1975. For many years, before girls' sports between schools began, the girls at North com- peted between various teams at North, organized through the athletic societies of GAS and SOS. They did not play other schools. Take that! , ,I K bw Fl N rssr.t 5 Z , W, 5 2 i Y l 5 1 l CITY i TOURNAMENT 5 CHAMPS V :regret Q Q swaaim frswasawsgggwgsav 335555 WSE: ,, gggggggag Q lt's all yours! g sw I ESSIE img The Girls' Athletic Society members from 1927 organized teams to compete in various sports. These girls are the winners from hundreds of North girls that participated in the year. John Hardy, North's quarterback, passes. Varsity Football pirit, enthusiasm, and style were the 1985 varsity football team. They had guts! Varsity football began in mid-August, and they worked hard un- til their last game, November 1. Sep- tember 7 was their first and last win of the season against West High School. The team proved that North has great sportsmanship. Uphill Battle North's running back, Jim Vigil, takes the lead. 229 EQ x ref an 2. ,sk- .. 541 , wt xamwf-1 , J ff 1 6 .i 9 "'l- ,. TX if , k S ' , .Q P ' X - f Fr? gi' " "- 4 q -NNW Q, M ,. '- K ' A - Q - .V . 1 : , X . . ,W e 5, fit it 5 X f 4 D , . .st Q X3 Q X X X ' , , tus r t . W s S R S y 5 .mggggfg 1 l il Q. i' it 4 A gm A A i ,..., . t A " ..... t. g xl rg . 't . gi' .- A 9 "N A e.. , 455 ' ' 1 : . is . ,ss ri K is M - Q' N H 'awww J -nz 1 we , ,X KX 'ii' ' -. A 1 Q X .. - T .- - . A 5' . X' S A - . S ,SYS he 1 f J K Rf -. 5 is X All V gl- .. .. as -. . ws ., X . . as . . , :.: , Q . . - ..t.. , g . i tg X: I , U kk Nz N -1 X -. , . Rst? . f lv , . Q- A' Front Row: Manager Tonantzin Espinoza, Ben Ramirez, Frank Montoya, Jerry Angel, Chris Quintana, Pat Sierra, Ron Bugarin, Jake Fernandez, Manager Dena Marks. Second Row: Coach Varone, Darin Blea, Jimmy Vigil, Mike Castan- eda, Cory Breck, Scott Pates, Fred Gonzales, Jeff Ayon. 156 Third Row: Coach Anderson, Gus Perez, Chris Molina, Paul Lopez, Jeff Zabawa, Dan Garcia, Sam Lopez, Ward Abbott, Coach White. Back Row: Mario Delgado, Robert Baca, Frank Trujillo, Steve Gonzales, Ted Efthemeou, John Hardy. . , me Chuck lnagaki was All American in 1953 and 1954. OF PLAY t , , , , f, W 'za , ,, , . W5 , ootball is North's oldest sport. From 1895lto 1903 inclusive, North's football team played in a league called the Colorado Amateurs North took second and third places. From 1904 to 1909, the football players were in the Northern Colorado High School League. ln that league, North played such teams as Cheyenne High, Cen- tennial High, Boulder High, Preps in Boulder, State Agriculture College, Sacred Heart College, and the School of Mines. 'They were champions in 1903, 1904, 1905, and 1909. The 1903 championship was shared with East and Manual, Since 1910, when the Denver Public Schools High School League was formed, North has won seveniiother league, victories. They won in 1910, 1911, 1927, 1938, 1944, 1954, and 1976. The 1954 vid' tory was a tie with South. Chuck Ina- gaki, from the 1954 team, was select- ed to the Ntsei All American ,Team in both 195392118 1954. g North had along losing streak with East. In 1930, North ihacltnot beaten Eastain nineteen years, but the iinx was smashed when on Thank- sigiving Day, November 27, 1930, the Viking team won. The headlines that appeared on the front page of the North Star on December 1, 1930, expressed the spirit at North. ' V , 2 , ff., , ., cm, M, ggi a ' ,c:,YrfeE,',Hik,,g,jfgQLm, 'ff' H H 'U V: W zHi,7f'32aWi51ZIW57rbEiE? 1 we nw ff,ff1zf":,-,fewmmWm, fr , H we A gr M., , ,.,, t ,t ,fl A we were of newtffegemwelwrrfefw' fflwghtaswwelggyg ww , A f H V wkwfranfyifziaffifyzltll we , T . ff Qjgfm Z,37gWWZLevif -r:gn'tV:,i,fr',',,,f' ,pp ' "-' 'mlwwiiw naw ' 1 "" " ,, X Q , 21.21 , " , Wiiifswe , f ,,f, 7 ,, 1 ., ,, .Ml M., V , ,,., , , N, ., W ,,, ,.,, . , 'EWw7'izEfE57W 'tf457z5t7? H '2Ef'7V1,n'93 llf,,f,: ' , ,,,",,' H 'rt 4' ' ,f X V on ,ff , I I W I ' f f -'fwagy V ,s,gef:21"f,,'f'tp ,, , , I A -,, ,,. ., V, ,mem f ff, ff .,,,,e, , , ,ffm i X V ,,, , H VV The 1904 football team was one of eleven teams at North to take the league victory since the sport began at North. JV Football unior varsity started off the sea- son with two new coaches, Coach Dig- by and Coach Howard. The team had all worked hard from the first practice to the opening game against West High. The Vikings came out ahead, 36-0, giving the junior varisty the first victory in a year. Throughout the rest of the season, they had their ups and downs. They never gave up. When they played the teams with the best records, the North players only lost by a few points. At the end of the season, they finished with five wins and five losses. That was one of the best re- cords in a couple of years. They have landed. Next In Line M' T 'aff Vi.. "' . 'Q Q 1-11' 1 1 ' ff' l LJ 'V t f , 'Qin' 'll -ss, is s . , 5 I 'rv' . w,,"-.,,f , N" ' , 'Q 4. 9' it tw? fs- 'Mtg - 'B - 13 f,f-QW W'-2 I ff , M 225 3 JZ M- fa " - Q, ,V - W Q W ,ag , 1 ,. , - fr ,,, ,. ff Er? 'gxf ?,,a,.,'2." . i?5..frve,,,-Tn: P 'I fv rglirtgr 5-25,94 mad,-as fag- ff 7 ' 'ts 'fern In J I '15 C ,W 'K Mg -f t any WZ. . 'J wig-W -V V C 4' . A L .. - , 15,3 ,,,' ff , ,Jw ,. -. .. ' L I' " f L1 fly , " "' "HTA - 'f" 'J" f-V' 1 Front Row: Paul Bills, Tony Garcia, Jesus Garcia, Robert Muniz, Walter Madril, Cuauh- temo Espinoza, Paul Vera, Ernesto Barraza, Shane Weldon, Ernie LaCrue, Jimmy Rodri- quez. Second Row: John Lanford, Jimmy Ortiz, Mark Kaspari, Tim Stewart, Paul Bus- tos, John Montoya, Ralph Padilla, Dennis Kindall, Jason Cisneros, Paul Hardy, Eddie Q Perez, Coach Howard. Third Row: Coach Digby, Juan Alvarado, Brian Bills, Kevin Perlmutter, Ron Apodaca, Robert Urioste, Mark Bernal, Chad Harman, William Holz- man, Jerry Martinez, Tony Zaragoza, Travis Schack. Back Row: Andrew Lucero, Jim Krisfalusi, Gary Krout, John Turner, Matt Popelka, Angel Del Real, Charles Olguin, Orlando Gallardo, Mario Ortiz, Jason McCurry. Quit smiling at me. John Lanford takes a snap before a game 158 l l .Mn .f QS? f:.f A mzgwvfggygfsswzazaz fwsrafwfww W' ?f'fMWwiMWzx2?23g45gZa,35 .,yHwq225Sf?gg53,aMfQ '-1'4vdMf"Wl5'P . lzfffmfi? Wiz?" w2fL,9Al:g2'g,ffW3Q+ lef?5'3gf?V5f3'5p'S"6w2'E , .,.. , .. wif? 4" , . nzzfaip 5' 1 W., , , : 1-:ggi 5yg:5,Lg1g:,:mggi,gW3w W4 'QQIQEQZZEQQN fiiiiifkmff ' sl 42221 W ,,w'S 255555 7 1 5:22 , qlpyqm WM., ,WM 'J' fffiifiglfli Weis? xi We :Q W nQXw ,mm -Ph X .swf- : N- -- rw "'-,M :CL PW" N' zg 1, '?j5gQ ' k2 4L. . , Uagiif' -I A l l ' .lll V ll Q., S,E:1'g.i, - X If :. ' ' :.: ' . I. ,E W ., . 3 f y - 'T z' F55 5351 ., , ,, ., ,, - . ..a1:f::-. 5 .,.. rzgggmx,5.5ggu7',He3?,:g: .h:2.zx i,'3ZJ,?j?Vlig3:N.? .r 0 H .j,'5g-.1 7 i Mgiwrz, vfzgggffy, ' figggfgfi A 555255: 4. U ll P' ' .Q l . K lW30PllQmQf22GaDtaff?5,l0r.3812 .1953f00Ql?91i :ffl .... r' EST - rgssggi ylfviff 'S aim SASWQK p mam., 4, gfggg wwww ...... ' M Vg fm 3' Wvwsjw 'ff-'fbgyg 'BL ..... Mjigigfiw zegji V A f fjiv, lg ,::.Qm1s211 V xml N . yqgwg, 52 The l953 sophomore foofball 'ream finished in firsf place, and won flue undlspuled championship cel flue sophomore league. The soplfxs won all four league games defealing Wesl 7-G in flue opener, willx Tom Hansen and Clyde Labriola leading llxe way lo viclrory. Nexl on flee lisl was me Emi' High eleven, NORTH responded lo five call' and whipped the Angels ll?-0. Oulsfanding were Riclward Lopala grwxi i' 40 f Wm and Dave Snyder. ln lim Vllifn 'll1lr6 game. Sclhih gb? an' ef early lead in the firsf quarfer, but the saphs came basl: lremenzlnusly,.3and wma by the margin M25-6. Manual? was ffl lime only learn lo score more flian once agalnsi flxe MORSE-l MEN, doing 5,9 twine. The flags! scar was 22-212 w2'llf1'l'lWl fm NORTH side boys on 'the long emi of flde sabre. Gilmer ,,z,z 1 Wldllafwllng F?l'BY9"5'EWemlR0Y Leifleldier gg' 'o liannyfif Labs, Gene Lewis, Harvey Cambell, 'and Gerald Blessinge-r.' Zyl l l l l lllll lll lllif l ll l1l l l lllllll l l llll l . l l Q l f ll l ' ffl Qll ,, llll . l l fel ll - l l lll lll! 6 l' . " V E llll ll l 3' Q 1 , mf, if 'T QQ mwmiw ..,f+, www .,.,. W Q, ww 3. Vw 11. L. JN l.w-ww ,.,f.,.,f .., ,if lwwslfmf w..,..l.,......,.. . V -ilfiikiirilifi if is " . :E i V q ' l wk - . . -:l 'iSWf'f ' ?W,l51ifxi'f9'?lf2Al1i sfz5JSjf1'1, . l,'f'15. Xg i nwi., -, v -, , S 4 gy , X--Pimsfw.-x:g?k - 5 .3 .5 lil " ' L" -Y' - -X5Q!Ql'S?3- ' Ra' g WG 9 . mf . Q M, ...l., .. .. .. ,. 2. gwQ:g,,,. Al, 2 ww.. Q., f 1 'view W ,f a 9 ,f 5323, lll - ,.'., lm Eg: .S ,.--, ,.-l . -".- -IVV 5 Qfwwf f "-- L' ' "ll L' A . . . 5 mpixoxrmre football squad fmnshed wth ilu- num .mx-lz.lml- fffflf hfwy- 112 fQllM'nH 'hm' M""1ff'l'l M A I 811011. ID ll!-Hit only prev-awmwn pznim ' ' ' 0 I Xia fir t xwzwan arm' KON'lll 3+ ' 7 ' Q fe 3 lg f A L M I msriphymi Bm 13-0. soma fell 12-0. swzrrss .ew .. I ag! LV,,, L. , R f the M . A .Li Jiffgfl, r .Zig 'FQ - W :asm 1 llilll ,. , fgwffaxzf f ' gm? 0 L ll . . lm H' Wm W9 mf'?l"5'n W llff f D'-515420, QFOTSG 0'Brwm Jlm 553-ffiliflfillfk "'-,f "l' l-,'A Q ,,.- ,.,, 1 . I ,,-f' x I . . , 'W X 'Wald whims ta M cm M mg mmm I l V... N l 5 'iiiiwfilf'g5,52.59544355252 Stroke of Genius Boys' Tennis Front Row: Francisco Mora, Mike Amolsch, Dan Mestaes, Tim Schwartz. Middle Row: Joe Martinez, Thuan Phan, Victor Perez, Kevin Blanchard, Coach Orwig, Ken Ortiz, Josh West, Yeong La, Paul Archer. Back Row: Manager Terri Kaspari, Matt Oliver, Joseph Heidenrich, Wally Ward, Toby Ortegon, Mike Deines, Jacovo Lovato, Joseph Morey, Thomas K n uses his awesome backhand slice. North boys' tennis team finished sixth in league and fifth in Districts. All of North's positions advanced to the quarter finals. Placing in Districts were: first place in 42 doubles- Thuan Phan and Matt Oliver, third place in 42 singles- Toby Ortegon, fourth place in 44 doubles- Joe Morey and Ken Ortiz. Matt and Thuan represent- ed North at the State Tournament. They lost a tough first round to Grand Junction but played well. During the season, North's jv team lost only one match to Cherry Creek. They should Lierman, George Castorena, Manager Jacqueline Marquez. have a good season next year. - ,,.,z' - ' 1 -""" ""' , . . .Mm ,iw V, ,, .K I Q WW f ,i ,wriw w f J-fs, f f , if V 3 ,,,, ,W,..,...W 4 in 2 5 , .,.. , . W is 'lbtfda 3 ' vsp? .tr if . te . H6 .f:r:.fbMWM Tim Schwartz invents a new dance, l' , the topspin lob jitterbug. N X l ' :.. tif x ' State qualifier Matt moves in for a volley. Wally shows his new shoes to the team. S AW i t W ' ' ,s iris . 'iii . " r -X. 5 T . s S 5 . -.-. X "'!UN.Ms..., N h in if, ,mt . ,,M4,,,,rwgr-fwfr sw , eg as fi, ,f?i.z.tvm.'v,g " 25, ,e 1 '. v, 1, h xi' 555' ' ' . . ,,..,,,, , M I ' .,,f fwrwir wr E. -V , f -,, K .. ..,, ,.. , l A 1 East ifl singles Jacovo and W2 singles Toby get ready to give some doubles players a free lesson g , ,.,,,..,,,.. , A xv' iwwwxwwi 41 smgles player Jacovo moves to the net to crush hls opponent me-ww 5..,.,....,..,-. MT Wim he hxsfory of tennis as a competz tnve sport fat boys goes back io 1925 Dave Rudd won the cxty league an sin gles thai yea? by defeating Emi an three: setsfsffi if ff , mx four! sewn five Et was wi anti! 1945 that Narfh won another champwnshxp North has not WW?f9MW W W img! V2 ig? wewwfwm' Q 2: 4 3 if Jw f A f MW f-av 1 wimfilabmmgi .am .www 4' 1-mm-u--X, won the league since Lf Tennis, iq? fn ss- sfrxisrxsnwrs? um Heli sn LYf?PIfi?3EXiF ru dw: P YS me nmixuxss 5 r 5-vnu B xg i 1 remix u A - an mc- Ami? 'atm' shaun X we r s are Nik in it Q does mm xx fa Q im? msn eswrarxs. ir 6 i wa in is I if Qi S 5, 1 W + im an im wma fm, inns md was fiewm WW W 5445 3 S33 'WWE' mg' fqggmfsgfiw Www 15 5? Sv y X3 Egffys gyvsavezjegiggzm ma .5'? 92Q,gg?E?52k2 K QM, QW Q Wfw 'Sz W Rv 4 W' Y HW QW eevwviwyr 'W' 9 fe wil an lmisism WW ZWQQSEX W' W we Sw K ww A Av iff nLn n ' g ' . ff' M X ff f - 85,3353-EIR' k , Q ,sy " , V . lu ,.., H WW - ,,,' .V , . ,,,,q.wv:5gw Uvcfwh M f .2 161 A Splashingly Excellent Front Row: Kelly Fitzwater, Andrea Perea, Shauna Bills, Leslie Marshall, LeAnn Lucero, Esmeralda Ramirez, Mandy DeBell. Second Row: Veronica Montoya, Tanya Borga, Maren Rash, Gretchen Vaughn. Third Row: Manager Girls' Swimming he 1985 girls' swim team was one of the largest and best teams North has seen. The team consisted of 25 girls, who swam up to 250 laps every day. Meets are made up of eight individual events, two relays, and div- ing. This year, Mindy Jacquez re- ceived her fourth Most Valuable Swim- mer award. Tina Kaspari was Most Spirited and Kelly Fitzwater and An- drea Perea received the Most lm- proved award. Albert Potthoff, Kendra Sandoval, Tina Kaspari, Devon Sheldon, Mindy Jac- quez, Manager Joanne Siguenza, Coach Quintana. Back Row: Holly Warren, Mindy Winegarden, Becky Campbell, Denise Ramirez, Catrice Carreras. i 81 62 162 133 84 77 85 , 55 West E V WW Linco Mandy reaches for her toes. l i Mindy poses at the pep rally. Tina dives at the City Meet. Mrs. Q. checks swimming times, n the early 1930's, swimming pro- grams were organized for the girls at North. The girls' swimming classes were held at Skinner, as North had no pool at the time. The competitive swimming team for girls, as it is today, dates back to 1974. That year there were just four official sports for girls in Denver. They were swimming, gymnastics, track, and ten- nis. Girls' sports were started between schools aboutisten years before thaton an informal basis, but scores were not kept. The girls' junior varsity swim- mers took the City B Meet in 1978, and 1980. Stacy Neal, an standing North swimmefg made itlto the State Meet in 1978, 1979, and 1986, qualifying in the 50 and 109 frggglyle' i "si L issfezl ,. spgigzi' 'l'ltelli932 girlshswimming ,took at Skinner. - - ' , K Q GIRLS SWIMMING CLASS TO BEGIN .,..........,.. Gifis' switnmiztg? 5155 true, Iifortli girls are going to he aliowed to filflllil just as all the girls of the other high schools in Denver are pere mitted to do, actzortling to Mr, W. bi. Grfzim, superintendent of physics! 4251111-v cation in the Denver schools. teacher is to a will gn to one Goals To Be Proud Of Boys' Soccer ighty minutes of solid action is the name of the game. Soccer is a game of skill in which highly trained athletes use every part of their bodies except their hands to control a ball, with one objective in mind- placing the elusive sphere into the goal, guarded by a fiercely competitive goalee, solely there to prevent them from doing so. It takes hundreds of dedicated prac- tice hours to develop a player capable of competition on the soccer field. North is developing such players. The boys' soccer team finished with the best season record ever, which was four wins and nine losses. When the Vikings took the field, their opponents knew they were in for a hard and ag- gressive challenge against North's boys, soccer team. Action! rt Front Row: Gerardo Gonzalez, John Vargas, Christian Sargent, Manager Kylee Cook, Manager Jennifer Greenburg, Eric Schwartz, Manager Michelle Kaspari, Manager Cassie Bland, Hamayatul Gharibyar, Lorenzo Pacheco, Sergio Del Real. Mid- dle Row: Leonard Borrego, Tan Pham, Chris Goodnight, Jesse Sanchez, Ali Farazandeh, Coach Long, Nick Herrera, Martin Calderon, John Trujillo, Rich Seligsohn, Dennis Deppersch- midt, Lorenzo Nunez, Back Row: Ron lgo, Gerry Jackson, Bill Holzman, Juan Castillo, Rob Harker, Rob lgo, Walter Keller, Paul Pontius, Rick Vigil, Chanh Norvongkham, Sal Rivera. Not Shown: Eric Duran, Jose Garcia, Dave Gautney, Blair Jackson, John Jackson, Lance McClure, Travis McGhee, Pete Payer, Jason Pensick, Peder Rodriguez, Bill Yellowhorse. Hey! Where did they all go? 92 if TJ Llincoln JFK East Montbello 0 South 1 GW 2 Manual 4 Machebeuf 6 I West 4 -1' V, Second Tea All City Sergio Del 'V Juan casniig Ali Farazandkh' ff f Oh coach! l don't believe you said that. good! Umm, umm good! Campbell's soup is umm, umm Okay l-Iotstuff! So much for plan A. M - uw - wa iglfbfhs if llisl evsl li.lla lllils llsl illl iisi 2 ilgli lsil lied llll 4535? 2?-3 -iii , 5' 7 iel l l L li,lslls,lllsl M i'l' Gymnastics Vaulting for Excellence Ready! Let's try it one more time. Elegance and hard work are one. ww JIUIZAG w....,,.,,,,mMm Ten more minutes and I'm out of here! ymnastics finished the season in a positive way. Yvonne Negley placed in the City meet, winning eighth on the floor and sixth on the bars. She placed third on the bars in District and earned a spot at the State Meet, Tricia Riffle placed seventh in the City Meet on the vault. Becky Quintana was the team's most improved player. The team is small and more depth is needed. Front Row: Becky Quintana, Coach Bania, Dawn Bradley. Middle Row: Tanya Harris, Tricia Riffle, Denise Arellano, Back Row: Yvonne Negley, Khan Chanthivong. How about using this pose instead? 'John Quintana, a 1960 graduate, Ieter becarne an Ai! American gytnnast at DU.A' ., V Q 5, . Q A I ts 3 IIE? SWBPSQQS NQf?f?139Q?S,qgi back 'to 1974. Qnef ifrecent fgrritiudfe, Nettie tRobe?tson Erom'54th6 Classfffofs 1gQ83,,is gttesixdigg Iitayegtete Llnnivser- sity on a gymnastics scholgrsliip. Fiiirtlt hasQnoggyiiinasticsffoffiogis rioiv, biit there, was of suocessfviz Pl?09r3m Q 'In the eariy yearsgt boys' gymnastics Wiki! 58 "3 'clfilssjmartii ftO!'fi5'1Q5055?iO 153614 the s team cvmpetedssmnstlwin AAUy,meets andithev State meet. 'Iihe Stafetmeiqr wastdifiideiis into kaofifcet and advanced. s?I7hefsNorthwQVIIlna5sts took Vfirstgtn State in thegdvenced diyi- sion in 1951.111 f952'and 1953Q Noith was first tin State to in theft novices t class. so One of lfflorthfs ,outsiandings gym' nasts was Johns Quintana tfrom the cl:-isstof i960. the Cityiiieet that yearnlohn scored 41 out-:of thet47 Viking Pqihts, Inlthegitete Meet, John was the oniyhcompetitof inthe finals. He sciored 24 yibinfs giving Nortlita second place, East wonfwith only one point mote. John vqent yto 5:ollege at DU and became A first team All Ameki- can. He was a members of they USA Team to Mexicooin 1,965Wand qnalified tenth in the 1964 Olympic triafs held atftthe New York' Worlcfs Fairf fNo1'th alsonhadt other 'sucqessfui sea' n sons lend gymnasts. In the sport Wes changed from aivinfer to atspring spbortg and rfomfietitionitwase betweens Denver Schools? Lqrry:5yDa3xdando3jf y a TE M f Dftgiftffx Unixfewsiiv wit? stew? K, iss: its 325232 fsztsszigghi. wigs aww Ifnsersgfsssf' gimrsfsi sf: 525521:-fits tF?iifSfQ A 42 Fseiiihixg-f ig? .sw- . .qi Was.-tg-Q szissi., l-as-V A f 2 isis? siffsm 'if f K fast ?1?1"Ti?f'? Wm.-sa-5 my time sum. Q 325' S532 5331? Says .Qs-awww S im x.fa.1s':ly,!. Asian sigzaimsnas. n Sven Slew frets ixiiixff- and ki of :and i3l3i+iF+iEi1 QSQSQW-:tiff if! Sw ' do Eanrfw and iistszg., Env-ms esgzttis ss. Xkiixs iw-A mats ms into ugh Hia iz stew t Q is tilt? gmmzs fait his first tis wiiw.-so QQ posits an :HES tt-ffss , 5 1 'ffi fs rss ms Q, Et Vkltftil 1' 'ii 3? swf SI W5 is .L S K .. .7 it X. . sinsn Xss'ns ss'n t196'2fNofth sgraduatefand gyimnest, fre- s nsnesd rqlsleszhyto CQHCHGIQS1 bsmahf s Vikings five Ieaglie championships t ff5m'551979 'TD 'i983.t 'iflccbrdihg 'tow Lorry, there. nate -Vgnagy ssucsessiul Northygymnasts, and mnch can be at- s tributed Z toxmgexjiiertf coeclitngg' One coachithetisinspired him wasfdinr Kyte, sf U1?!H,!sVhQ.,Pf5IfQf3T!9FIi immsnv pfacei, inolucEingffthe:' CifeusQf 7 M sffmahyfof North gymnasts an: still involved intthesspprtsS0me,giikegL.arry Dordqnog Ron Beretta, from the class y of 19564175 Gene 'Kdehnkeffrofrx the classfof 1962g Theo Digernessjs from the clgsspf n197lg andoBon2C1fescen- o tirii, ffomithe class of 1968, operate their ownfgyrnnasticsfschools. Sevefal n Northfgymnsts have also coached fin coileges, Steve Johnson, front the cless of 1953 becarne an All Amen. tt can at?Mibhigan State and coached at CSU. L1DonyRobinson,y from the class of on 1'953, has been coaching gymnastics at n sf A riiona State for some yearsg One oi,QNQrths'ss gymnastse even became a t trapeze man, Bobby Christians, from the class of 1958,t attended the Univer- sity of Floriclag and then for a' period of s tinfmsyperforrnedhyontsthe trepeze for n Ringling Brothersf Circus. A fairly ref cent graduate, Greg' Vigil, from the class of 1979, tooksCity and State, - went to BYU, and rgcemxy, Wes the 1985 assistant coach for the Wheat Riiigetiiirls' Gymnastics tearnfthait won 't't A Long Road to Victory Cross Country orth had a cross country team way back in 1907. Old year books note that the best time for the Viking boys' squad was around 19:50. Times have really changed. Albert Vinnola ran a 17:01 in Districts, came in fifth and went to State. Cathy Reyna, the best in DPS, set a new course record and ran a 19:46 in the State Meet as well. Some of the old cross country courses were 2.5 miles. Now they are 3.1. Kevin Sanchez, Henry VanRees and Matt Wittner ran consistently good times in the 181s and 19's. Salva- dor Macias and Tammy Heidenreich, both sophomores, improved their times through the season, as did ju- niors Zahadah Gharibyar and Tony Perez. With this type of progression, it may not be unusual to read in the 2086 Viking annual that our cross country runners were running average times in the 14-16 minute range. Cathy Reyna is meditating before the race. Front Row: Manager Jackie Barton. Second denreich. Back Row: Henry VanRees, Matt Row: Gabriel Caballero, Albert Vinnola, Wittner. Kathy Reyna, Zahadah Gharibyar, Coach Teed, Kevin Sanchez, Tammy Hei- Tony Perez, Salvador Macias. 168 On your mark, get set, go! fist Mr. Teed talks about strategies A few steps to the finish! Racers prepare before the race at south. Boys Barnum Park Bible Park City Park South High District 4th 3rd 3rd 3rd 5th - f "' , 'Nw-.s., A., .dead bww ,g 1 -. . 1 .. ti.ilio-ln-mis lmf. I . si ' 1 ' 3? -, Q., .. 5 is 3 ,X BQ' 1' 1 s B Q . 150.-Nidifiiil X Q' s' 1 1 :sig is r X X vii. B . 1 N jo 2 fr f- 1 - .1 . M QE K fy xxensrr. 5 ' i ' rs 11 K , K Sw - sr 22:4 . ' - - 11 .ff it 11 - 11 I 1 A ' ' - 1 W 1 I -- i--s A is SPL M95 is 'X 5 '- -r i ' .---- 5 j - , A, 'X i Jrititfwi .hhh Q ft.D,NO8SG! t , N Mgggki Salvador is running the course at Barnum. from 1907 to 1914, North had a cross eountry team that participated in cross country runs. One was described 1 as being onafield north of the Univer-y sity of1Denvet Park, where therunners had to go over obstacles like cactus and broken bricks. North wontin 1907, 1908 lshown abovel, 1910, and 1912. Later on the 1957, Denver Public Schools again had cross country as a sport, Girls did not officially partici- pate until 1978. North has not wonsa championship in this sport since the earlier runs in the century, but the Vikes have had some outstanding run- ners like Sam Prien from the class of 1985, who broke the school and dis- trict record and finished second in the State meet. 1 1 1 K 1 'R 16911 1 Putting For Perfection Golf he 1985 golf season was a very interesting one for North High. The team didn't win many matches, but the experience gained was invaluable. Of the eight golfers on the team, there were two seniors and six freshmen. Several of the boys had very little or no previous golf background, howev- er, with one year of experience behind them, the boys are looking for bigger and better things for the 1986 season. l'm watching you, My life is bet on this one. Golfers are Robert Torres, Shane Stevens, Robert Daniels, Danny Frazzini, and Coach DiTolla. Brent Jackson and Danny Melaragno are not pictured, l just hate taking pictures. Danny gets into the swing Willis Case Golf Course offers beautiful scenery. l illfllkllt-ll in ilu' l9fll llvzzwr l'ffp MMI l YlZfi?Zl"l3i" :arwmgz xlw laws :mtl fats-'ww' ral 1 'warn Voxpaxlflf- ul YWl?IIilIlg,Z llzf- 'Elem 3 gf In wawra play, lxcwt w-11 the Mmm 4:l41+'TZ'elllV and tlw wvll nmmlv-l 'ill'-Qllv, ls 1 m a llm me-urn Q l r ff Y f ww 'wuzlz and lilwt. Marx llfiililiw, we l olf started in 1926 at North. It was considered one of the minor sports. Boys earned a letter that was smaller than the letter for football, bas- ketball, baseball, and track. North's best record in golf was second in the league. North's 1954 team had a three way tie for second place with South and West. East was first. Carl Paddis, a North golfer, was second in the City in medal play that year, North's 1955 golf team also took second in ti1e'City. North's 1930 golfeys sported knickers. , -ifilfffftfiiifiigiilfiffifflfiiififiiiegwiirgmnSifgfgmilmgiilfr'lzwgwiiiiggii xgfgygvasifffggw iiggwrsfyw-7l.yg55Q.' , 223 wfsruazsgf .hgszzaggwguf-gm,.IfffgiqSf:3Afff1l2a:Vgs:::Kwgsszsfzwlfiff''wssgggmazaqzg'-Sify..Jfffmlsif- f'7fwS':f .1 me The 1955 North golf team was one of North's best. Carl Faddis, third from the right, has been a professional golfer since high school. He is now head golf pro at Valley Country Club, 171 Front Row: Joshua West, Oscar Aguirre, Bobby Daniels. Second Row: Matt Wittner, Eric Murphy, Coach Quintana. Third Row: Paul Archer. Al Potthoif, Mike Zuniga. Manager Veronica Montoya, David Archer. Ryan Laine. Fourth Row: Bill Holzman, Jake Fernandez. Pat Sierra, Chris Dechante. Eddie Carreras. fi rig? ' , ie ii, xfwm, V I f Q 1 ,ff ,,,, 1, -k,, H , LV,'L 'M 4 'W ,V , 1,f,.1,i? mwwi, ff W J, Different Strokes' Boys' Swimming ' W"'f?:5Q L, T ' sr 1' UN he boys' swimming team with just 16 swimmers completed a 50-50 season. David Archer, senior, nearly qualified for state in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle. Junior varsity was fourth and varsity sixth in the City Meet. i l -. . i s J X 1 ggi. 5 Q94 1 l l 4'-. oys' swimming started in 1925 at North. The boys practiced at Skinnefs pool, The teams took the league in 1929 ltie with Eastj and in 1950. Individuals in other years, however, were outstanding. Steve Johnson, from the class of 1958, broke the city and state records in frees- tyle. Chuck Brandenburgjrom the class of 1957, set city and state records in breastroke. Bill Miller, from the class of 1958, set city records in the freestyle. John Quintana, 1960 graduate and out- standing diver, was All State in high school and set numerous records. He won the AAU meet twelve years and competed in college diving at DU. While in the Navy, he won the All West Coast and All Navy Diving Championship. squad .finished the of ' and ditfifth plciczeih the State finals, The was .Zahn Quintana, who ochieved first piece- ' , fefepetition ,'.' f he State ftnols, breclfzing t??"ffZg,,iZil'y MQQTS, Swimming in North poet, other obte 'tcmkmeh included Bit? Hunzeker, ond Grady Romine, we t wzhibitingto great deal of promise The above photos show the 1950 and 1929 league champions. The diver above is Steve Johnson, 1958 graduate, who set city and state records. Hoopin' It Up n terms of win loss record, Viking basketball was not successful. Howev- er, in terms of individual achieve- ments, character building, attitude im- provement, and Viking pride, this was a great year. North had a basketball team of winners, a team that never failed to exhibit the virtues of team play, competitiveness, and sportsman- ship. The feeling among the team members, the attitude of pride, and hard work made this a satisfying year for all. Come on refl Pete Williams not only plays basketball, he's also a part-time actor. North's good looking basketball team relaxes. Varsity Boys' Basketball 3 arf wlWM,44-W , ,, .fifirri . 7 ,V vv... I3 ,, 4 fi I 1 YY jgair-M5 ' f X f jew vi 4 X A-W 7 l iff ya We W ng ' Front Row: Juan Alvarado. John Turner, Chris Ferguson. Back Row: Coach Howard, Frank Marquez, Joe Aragon, , ra l Middle Row: Mark Martinez, Nick Herrera, Manager Greg Fred Mackintosh, Charles Olguin, Tony Perez. . Maldonado, Johnny Trujillo. Coach Acosta, John Lanford. V - ' 1 . p ,...., .,... M ,Eg , 71 " oy's basketball started in 1895 at North. From 1895 to 1901, North played in the Colorado Amateur League. From 1901 to 1907, they did not play in any league, and in 1908, the Denver High School League was formed. North's basketball teams were league champs eleven times: 1898, 1899, 1900, 1914 ltie with Easti, 1920, 1927, 1931 ltie with Westj, 1933 ltie with Southi, 1934 ttie with Westi, 1938, and 1957 ltie with Man- uall. They took State four times, The victories were in 1898, 1927, 1934, and 1938. North also had individuals that were outstanding. Carney Crisler, from the class of 1956, was twice no- minated as an All American. . .,,... .. Xi Q We . 5 :,, ik g 1 f ,liaaa aaassrlai i Carney Crisler, in the center, was selected as an All American in 1956 and played in an All Star game in Murray, Kentucky in a North South game where 24 high schools were represented, He played at the University of Utah, was All Conference, and also played with D. C. Truckers. 175 Taking It To The Basket JV Basketball Freshmen he junior varsity squad had to play underclassmen nightly, while sac- rificing many young players to varsity time. In practice, at games, and on the bus, they had great spirit and sense of optimism. lt is in this JV team that North has placed its hopes for the fu- ture. ne of the surprising develop- ments of the 1985-86 boys' basketball season was the fine play and improve- ment of the freshman team. Playing an informal schedule under the fine coaching of Ed Montoya, and with the assistance of Chris Kyle, the team compiled a record of nine wins and two losses. Included in this record was the championship of the D.P.I... Tour- nament for freshmen at East High School, with the promising play of Gary Waddy, Sean Williams, Jason Cisneros, Jimmy Perez, and Eric Mon- dragon, and the able support of Leon Lopez, James Joseph, Phillip Mar- quez, and Teman Bittle. These young men proved that there is a bright fu- ture for North basketball. E ,,.s,,c, .4 1 .g,,, ,,.V 1 as rw Junior varsity- Front Row: John- ny Trujillo, Coach Howard, John Lanford. Middle Row: Charles Olguin. Gary Waddy, Ralph Pa- dilla, Kevin Perlmutter, Wally Ward, John Turner. Back Row: Jason Cisneros, Mike Jackson, Jimmy Perez, Shane Weldon, Travis Schack. Freshmen-Front Row: Leon Lo- pez, Jason Cisneros, Phillip Mar- quez. Back Row: Coach Chris Kyle, Eric Mondragon, Gary Waddy, James Joseph, Teman Bittle, Jimmy Perez, Andy Mar- tinez, Coach Ed Montoya. 176 . pg ..,.. mr frm, - , rzsgg, f f-', ww .... .rm .rf f, zz 1:33235 .2 ,--,- m ygrp-4 -5 tw--M -zsw 'sv' Y' ,,':1'2ff ,,..., , 552 r, . , rgf 5'2- ifisflxff Y V ' 2 K 4' 7 S W ff 35 , wie r M ,-li 2. ' 3 fr ' .r.,g::-, 2 :,. A - .rr , l n V 5, -3 , 'fbfiw' ver the years, letter sweaters have been worn by athletes. The letter earned in a sport, worn on a sweater or jacket, is a symbol of achievement. At one time at North, athletic excel- lence in football, basketball, and base- ball was shown by a large D to be worn on a sweater. The D was for D-Club, the varsity letterman's club. Earlier in North's history, letters earned in the minor sports like tennis, swimming, and golf were smaller. Many years ago, these letters must have been even more difficult to earn. During one year, only three of the varsity basket- ball players earned enough points to letter. The official sweater most ath- letes wore up to the 1940's was a slipover one. ln the early 1940's a cardigan type sweater became popu- lar. Then about 1969, the boys began wearing a jacket instead of a sweater. For many years, the letter has been a treasured symbol. The sweater, and now the jacket, is worn with great pride. s g The 1969 D Club photo shows the increasing popularity of the letter jacket. Shooting For The Top Varsity Glrls Basketball r Front Row: Shawna Grosso, Gina Morales. Second Row: Rachel Trujillo, Manager Charles Hannah, Deanna Castorena, Third Row: Cassie Sandoval, Coach Anderson, We did it. we won! he varsity girls' basketball team had a very successful season. With a record of 7-11, the team entered the sub-district tournament for the first . time in North's history. Although the T girls suffered a disappointing loss in the sub-district game against East, r their dedication and hard work paid off. The girls varsity had their best season ever and look forward to next year. ws. Good defense, Karen! " 'I we ,XV , -...J Look at F-, that score, Dee! 'H ln 1935 there were 30 teams at North for girls' basketball. , s. er..,, - , l Q 3 M- . A 'V ggiogli A Z, ,. : .. 5 - , V..,,i 5 . i - - X, A. 1, ,sw , i k - . -,eu an V , ,. ,A:. 1, A. . . . 5 .L , . 4 ,. it ' isis? 5' i N 'i if , ,flaw ee .,,,n. ,, , ' f ,W ie ' "S f . , J N W , .,,,,,,,,,,,.. Q .. ,,,,,,.,, ,M , I as it irls' basketball was first intro- duced at North in 1895, and class bas- ketball teams were formed. After 1921, girls participated through the athletic society. lt was not, however, until 1976 that girls' basketball was officially organized as it is today with competition between the various Den' s ver Schools. l V' ' I it i 4 fu a f l E 5 w, : W, 1 2 l K , l E V l eiliir , , ,,,A,.,,,, f f 2 , Y' ff V "f mf! fi X 2245 3 Q H . w,5f,,,,, ,M . , 2, 2 SM? A , if Q f f, V f ve J Ei ' e 1 E K We f fi 5 Z V ,affiwyf ' ff X f W f Z f 24 X W y ff f ff Q? f f , f f A3 f , f f Q f if f X 4, f Qu f , 6 I ,f Q I if f ff! f 4 Z 4: QW 4 A X f , f mf' . . ,,,, H 5 ln 1919 the xrls were or anized for basketball, .Www ,.',, ,f,, f, M f M V , ,, Y A Winning Season 1 li he girls, junior varsity basketball team had an outstanding season, plac- ing fourth in the league with a record of 11-7. Outstanding defense and hus- tle were the keys to a successful sea- son. Front Row: Mona Calderon, rloelle Runner. Second Row: Rebecca Trujillo, Doraline Thompson. Third Row: Delores Lopez, Coach Hartley. Gina Martinez. Back Row: Lisa Stille, Kendra Sandoval. Cathy Williams, Melissa Sanchez, Gretchen Vaughn. S i HM - .mir - , -S , it .V ....... W. , Girls' JV Basketball 4 '? 5 2 i E ILL' , are -f., 4 5, , ,Z K , JA, my ,, , , i 4 ' , F ,rr ,, ,mf gh W H if .M .fswfh 90 V A Sportsmanship was an important part of sporgslin the girls' .E V : . . L . , .s is 2 .av-' l L .J-' 'H-cm, 5 program in X932 ' was-iaefzrmwfifssfgg fwifizfsgfmzggqfgm-1,f:g5:Qgw2l::fg4ggs g3s.,ff A ,,g,jsa-- ,rmsiziirgwiiifrfrds ffl ::'N2fii::fss,,. xi:-we s g5gW,s.,,':,--5 - f The gymsuits are of 1944 style. GAS members ,W MM were active in 1926. n the pasthgirls were iencouragedgto participate inisyjorts in thefphysical edu? cation classes. In 1941, the philosophy of the girls' gym program included three es- sentials for the happy complete life which were mental, moral, and physical strength. It was stated, "the girl who has in her possession a physique that is clean, agile, and graceful, mens life with a great advantage. To secure such a physique for each girl at North and to enable her to safeguard it is the aim of the members of the girls' physical education depart- ment." Pride In The Pins First Row: Walter Madril, Travis Johnson, Deon Row: Coach Art Sanchez, Trivie Rodriguez, Chad Travis Wrestles his Way to State l Martinez, John Perez. Second Row: Jerry Angel, Harman, Dan DeLeon, Mark Kaspari, Coach i Chris Gonzales, Steve Baca, Louis Draughn, Mark Andy Lucero. Y , ,Au-. l Gonzales, Sergio DelReal, Donald Lopez. Third .,'i . V V. 1 Wrestling he culmination of the season was one of superb effort and recognition. North's squad placed fifth in the Dis- trict and was recognized as the leader in the State Tournament from the Denver district area. North's men used good conduct throughout the season. A special congratulations goes out to the men, Trivie Rodriguez, Donald Lo- pez, Ron Greenen, and Travis John- son, who represented North at the State Tournament. Travis finished with a superb second place in State. Donald Lopez is in a sticky position. 4 rw, .M ..,. . M . ,. Q 3 Z., .,. 3 ll gt ii S .... . ,., . ..,. . L... gr M Q11 .ff i 45? f 1 -N f , , -ref i l Coach Lucero congratulates Travis on a i second place finish in the State l Tournament. Trivie comes out on top. 5? .4 .. i' H Tsmvis-sc., s""""I . . oach Moles led the Norsemen to twenty-one The crowd waits for the match to begin. ague championships and nine state titles. restling started at North in 1925, and since that time, the teams have been successful in winning twent- one city titles and nine state titles. The years that North won City were: 1934, 1935, ltie with Manual and Eastl, 1936, 1939-1942, 1944-1949, 1952- 1954, 1956, 1958-1960, and 1962. The nine times the Vikings took State, six of them consecutively, were: 1939, 1940, 1941, and 1944-1949. Part of the success of wrestling was the effort of several coaches. Mr. Bur- well Moles started coaching at North in 1933 and brought North six City and nine State titles during twenty-one years of coaching the sport. Joe Klune, a 1942 North graduate, re- turned to North to coach and brought North five more City championships in a row. Only two schools, Holly and Mon- trose, have taken more state team ti- tles than North. North is second to Grand Junction in producing individual winners. Forty state wrestling champi- ons have come from North High School. North High holds the record of producing the most individual cham- pions in one year. In 1946, there were six individual state champions from North: Bob Klune, Dick Gomer, Will Howard, Jack LaBonde, Ralph Reidel, and Gerald Rudolph. Bob Klune, 1946 North graduate, is one of twenty-four wrestlers to hold three state titles. He was undefeated in high school. Four wrestlers won two state titles: Will Howard, 1946 gra- duateg Don Phillips, 1948 graduate, Frank Gayton, 1949 graduateg and John Luna, 1978 graduate. Dean Lahr, a 1960 graduate and All State wrestler, was voted North's outstand- ing athlete that year. He went on to wrestle at CU. He won second place in the NCAA his second year in college and first place NCAA his senior year. He was also second place in the World Games and qualified for the U.S, Olympic Team but an injury kept him from competing. 183 Vikings Set The Pace Track 1985 1 he 1985 North track season for the boys' and girls' teams can be characterized by progress. Progress was seen by participation, by im- proved quality of performances, and by the support of team members. It became the mark of the North teams that continually gained respect throughout the league. The 1985 squad produced four school records for the boys: 4 x 400 m relay, 4 x 200 m relay, 1600 m, 3200 mg and five school records for the girls: 4 x 400 m relay, 4 x 200 m relay, 400 m, 1600 m, 3 x 3200 m. Special recognition goes to Sam Prien and Cathy Reyna, who repre- sented North at the State Track Meet. The boys finished fifth in the league by one point, and the girls capped a su- perlative season, with a fourth place finish in the league, their best finish ever. Wx ,Z ,V 5 .V 'Yi Front Row: Sue Trounce, Roxanne Rollins, Mona Calderon, Cassie Sandoval, Kathy Reyna, Michael Jackson, Adrienne Vigil, Diane Valdez, Tammy Heidenreich, Shelly Navarette, Manager Tammy Berumen. Second Row: Thongsy Hiampane, Ted Koun- touris, Chris Quintana, Troy Herrera, Al Vinnola, Sam Prien, Matt Wittner, Chuck Gomez, Jerry Angel, Louis Draugh, Sergio Del Real. Third Row: Coach Holder, Jose Macias, Chad Harman, !a LKRW3 it is Vince Lobato, James Joseph, Chris Molina, Teman Bittle, Al Potthoff, Dewey Norton, Dave Jesmer, Coach Cabrera. Fourth Row: Doraline Thompson, Stephanie Williamson, Dina Durbano, Martha Wagner, Pam Montoya, Aurora Bowen, Elaine Wolfer, Gina Martinez, Karen Scheck, Ann Romero. Back Row: Wade Barton, Matt Clark, Frank Owens, Steve Gonzales, Frankie Truji- llo, Jimmy Barter, James Macias, Ward Abbott, Paul Lopez. ,rf A IAI.,f is ,. A r.1:Zfzf m'- rg mf. W . -fiffi i gf ff. W f I I , . i,.,.-. .W ,.,,,,, i.,wwM,f','..,.,,M644 ' if. gf 'M 4 'fi MM X' . a 'ff . J vc li ii' ' , .M I . . ' M " , af 'W' "' ,WZ W r , , . . v , -' fr .1 yi. de ...-4, A '34 W Wfltunw 'Y .V ,wi X, f 1. x ,. I ,4 if M rf' ! ll fl f 'I 1 Y' f.f f 1 fi., if I . 4, f rj, ,f, f W 1? r ww' A -If - W i ff if , we --Q, K, 9 4 Qff f i f Q2 W f rw 1 A ev f af 182054453 1 rr gy J, me Q .f ' er, MA., ,, ,, , M. ., is fi ns m ragk began' at North in 1899, when only one rqlgy Vteamqfrom thgg h 1 4 My M if fi at ..!,aAv.. , V- , 1 k A i I lfhww- ff, 'iw -',,L, f ."' , V, I f if ff M I if ,KJ FVxVVL,',Lf, K, g L School ehiered theh Boulder Relays. in ' h that same year, North had its first field day. North won eight leaguehhfack ti- lfiesz 190QE'ltie9, -1910, 191?1y 1924gFw i925 Qtiel, 1927, 1946, and 1947. In 1932, North was fourth in State. The QW i0R9Qi11YI1P Iewid is held by Edgef Herron Nbrth graduate, sxdfhlha jump h h hbf 23'6Vih. Chris Ault, North gra+ duate, hoids two ciiy track and fieid h gg4ggcords.h Igl1979,ishg hurleslth discug , ' f119'10"f1h 1980,'she threw the shotf put 42'8?4x". h - s if va fl -,I Q M -fihwg h fifiliiymrfih h hh 9 h , Ea1i'miJfQs 1 k..- , k--h A '.'," Q Chursth V , , 14 Ww,kAw:Q,4, MMMQ , ' V-wwf f' ' D2 'YH-Q W 14 ? Uni .x.,,. ,Q ff:,1 I ' hm H - c 1 'I 13 c H YH 1 U H 3 .L',5 N, ,. 1.k 2, 41. K ".. ,, ffwgf H gn. . , mvdfiesi seasczzzs , eager? Gi L 4 f- A-mf' mme1'z 'vicm fl , Em ff' W, 2, X 1 3? in iff, ,V ZMWV gm, , ' Chad mades it over the high jump! in 5224.2 sfma :xi ' 2515 Monk f zefcofdg, ' 'M ,Q lx vm , , fx, Hiiwra fLf"1f1f1 ' , ,,, ,ww ,mile mm hy' fwffr ,gum 42324: frm' 11:11 A can 1 :xx Batter Batter Batter Front Row: Kevin Blanchard, John Lanford, Perlmutter, Jason Ortiz, Eddie Carreras, Ernie l.aCrue. Middle Row: Paul Archer, Fred Mackintosh, John Turner, Coach An- John Alvarez, Mike Wagner, Kevin Perlmut- derson. ter, George Castorena. Back Row: Coach Front Row: Vince Raub, Bobby Castillo, Toby John Hardy, Kenneth Reef, Steve Romero, Nick Ortegon, Sal Rivera, Jose Salazar, Lee Madrid. Lombardi, Coach Greenstein. Back Row: Coach White, Danny Melaragno, John Lanford waits for a flyball. Baseball 1985 1? 4 John Turner is at Bat. ,M Z5 sm' r L 9 X F , ., g . 1 1 'P if' by , Vince waits for ex home run. F, , . X. .. if. E 5 4---- 1... - . n W- " 4:52. W-WM ...N ,- 'W W .. . . 2 2 Y 1 .. K s 1 H-S , 4. ... Jw: 'fix-ge-f ff ,-... W 'TILL gf -az Mm' . I-HM . if -Mi 22.. ' h' W' ' ,.s1.m.Qns K QEQNQT m swfzesws ffzzgvms-Q . Q. ,.... we L.L ,. ,. ' -W. oee 1 . V . . he-..,. ...W : we ,---- - --... , -G,,,,.f,.,,. 1 .5 v an oeee 1 f ' 22' "" 1 ' 'U' io . 1. .i . , . . N . we , . , . 2 .. - The 19231baseba3i team wgsxundefeiited. asebail, Nortlfs oldest sport, was first organized in 1894. North piayechin the Colorado Amateur , League from 1894 to 1904. In 1905, 1 the Denver High Schooi League was formedg he baseball ieams at North, have iiieenh League Champions 23 I times: 11902, 1923, 1926, 1927 ltie Westlg 1932, ' 1933, 1936, 9 1937, 1 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943 ltie with Eastl,V,1944, ,194-5,11947 itie withfg Eastl, 1953, 1954, 1955 Ctie with 1 Southi, 1964, 1975, and 1977. North baseball teams took State 1902, 1958, and 1977. ! I! Q32 1 -W 1 ' '15 .E f. EZ ,W asf si w , fl E' V ,Y , , yf f ww e. 'f J ' ' kwfwfffhweMm'::fsesazmwm:zrs'rff:f:7'ro:?:'?f.ff -' 'L 3 Miiflertley, pe teacher, was on North's 1953 State Baseball team. 187 fr With .Went 1928, 15929 we with-Q he North girls tennis team had the best season in history. North fin- ished third in Districts with the 733 doubles. Terri Kaspari and Sharon Ho- gan took first place and qualified for the State Tournament! The 43 sin- gles, Jackie Marquez, finished third, and the 334 doubles, Adrienne Riffle and Sandra Quintana, took fourth. All of North's teams won at at least one match to help reach the third place record finish. Front Row: Tracy McPherson, Jackie Marquez, Jodi Bagley. Suzanne Lombardi, Loriann San- tangelo. Second Row: Leslie Marshall, Patty Tracy. Laurie Samora, Sandra Quintana, Adri- enne Riffle, Sharon Hogan, Terri Kaspari, Maren Rash. Third Row: Manager Ken Ortiz, Pat Salazar. Rose Melendez, Erin Mclntyre, Ja- net Hannah, Jenifer Georgeson, Monica Her- rera. Elizabeth Munoz, Veronica Montoya, Coach Orwig. Back Row: Manager Thuan Phan, Manager Darrin Paiz, Cheryl Scheck, Lisa Suth- erland, Suzanne Hernandez, Gretchen Vaughn, Robin Samuels. Francine Gonzales, Manager Joe Morey. Manager Corey Sorensen. Sharon and Terri are District champions. n 1915, the girls had a tennis tour- nament for the first time at North. The matches were played at the Highland Park course. Much interest in the event was shown. The courts were re- ported to be in "splendid" condition. In the 1920's girls participated in ten- nis through the Girl's Athletic Society. Tennis, with competition between schools, as it is now organized, howev- er, did not begin until 1974. We found Herb! L V1.3 If 'X '5 s so IU Qtiiflitii " f E5iTi3iTfE5i1iTtEi3ijS' iheliaxtcfnssi in Girls-' sktiiieiies in Xonix Denier is sfstremn-Q 1 ii gmr -final s' first nine: the gifts had 21 tsnnifs imurmnmeni mi is M rsspsxmaieQiQs p'ifftn11aa avian gil wer! -.ini nur X iii: nf mrinningg iifiit :sian for the esgimt mai time exercise trim l'H5iliIl1cl'?5 were pizijceti in the iiighirniti park i-un li fsnimiiz. in the sirigicfe, lil-'wswfilig llbinrcninfc uw: 2 nf 5 N 1 f' 2 xnificsf, filiiw Sigwisniisr and ilhiwlfiiie fjlZl.3Ul1t."i' x x dnt? Slliiiiiigitiii ifiinitrcy. titles xfiginrs vi, it wi- sumti aim fi . Ili? if ig- . - li gl 1 Shirk was tennis champ for jgfheihird year in 1928 Front Rowx Maria Swendroski, Deanna Castorena, Tina Corasco, Mindy Jacquez, Jennifer Greenburg, Teri Lopez, Coach Long. Second Row: Manager Robert lgo, Julie Hudson, Gina Morales, Susan Vigil, Coach Cox. Third Row: Michelle Kaspari, Dawn Bradley, Tina Ka- spari. Fourth Row: Stephanie Garcia, Cassie Bland. Back Row: Man- ager Mark Kaspari, Manager Christian Sargent, Esperanza Paz, Lena Jojola, Lisa Woolley, Trisha Riffle, Gabriela Del Real, Rachel Trujillo, Aurora Chacon, Donna Cisneros, Stacy Barela, Tammy Espinosa. Reaching Goals 9- Michelle blows a good luck bubble. , A Girls' Soccer irls' soccer took fifth in the City Tournament. Deanna Castorena was selected to All City and made honor- able mention All State. Tammy Espin- oza was second All City. Way to kick! an wwe was S01 'CFR .- ., wnrirrt-mm for :iw rim s rt of :hr taff wr me i-mira: is po 'iY'?1fRi ' if wwf. hath tram -ur named mixer .1 wit emma .sanrnt if liffwl -is fkirift -lam Rcllud and "5ewcnrcmy' lui iw Han? Hmm wrt- :ha tru,-r - 'Qty - .I , vQ"xr,,,r,, et -. .Vi1.,.K vorttfr mer , Wtiriir sw mzmlwr of ,war ,swarms at ms gm. rem um ,,,,.1,.r 4 sfmjw fwtet-, ye rin mb fm-it. fa mia ras kwa. The ami? J ,z V I M Vrwirit lzimm Khdmwr as.,:ap'eairc,i'i:kig" spd iw zmjqiyn M M tlifwivad :rv ifrnim and "Sim-ky' Mg "5,g,afdpi,hw tad gut we Ma Wm amgur ompetitive soccer for girls be- gan rn 1978. That was the beginning of girls getting to compete against girls from other schools in soccer. Before that time, the girls competed on an intramural type basis through the Girls' Athletic Society and the Spar- tans of Sport. GAS started at North in 1921. The girls participated in a vari- ety of sports. They had to earn a cer- tain number of points in order to re- ceive an athletic letter. Later on, in 1935, a second athletic society was started called SOS or Spartans of Sport. Many girls participated in these groups. The 1925-26 school year illus- trated the number of interested girls, One hundred and fifty-six girls made up a volleyball tournament. The athle- tic societies remained at North for many years. SOS was an organization until the 1970's. GAS was not in exis- tence that long. Changing Times basketball player 1920 K Track 1905 A ' :M tif, Q l 4 4: , V, ,f i ,wi , Mff City and State Wrestling Champions 1945 192 Bring New Sports Gear Ki . r w sv '21 K ? 2? ri , , If ,..,,, , U w, vuw '21 . ,J 'gf' f f 2 4' K ! , if Q H J f 2 41 X W V , . ,eff N L 0 A W ,... ., ,... Er. X. ,L E ,., . . , . " N my 5 . -::':e5:,u:.,1,.W.,-::,, 3- 3 :fri F- :E:ES,,bL, L- 5... -51: 5-: g: mimi . A rrirll, r . , ,. 55535 'f F . Riva? S 2 'I 21- Y-nj' 3- .V 1 .W ,113-X. - 4 if " . 1 -VN. Y , 1 3 7 If- . -- - is ' 5 1 A , SW? LE . rg Em Q L i 1 2 ' 'W Sfigfr' . . ff gd S 1 3 4 YF P Y - M W X V E ir. -e- xw N ' f 5? Mi..-ifff r A I . 91' . .f x Qs' - .Q r r fzxgisk M ,,,, W ..,X, r,.. ... M,,,,,.M ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED ONE HUNDRED STUDENT LIFE A Centennial Year Cf Events ii W '72 Homecommg 1985 Cherish The Memories omecoming is a tradition that dates back to the 1940's. Until this time, the fall celebration was simply named The Football Dance. The year 1945 marked the first homecoming at North, given this name to honor and welcome returning alumni to the annu- al event. As in the past, North selected students to represent each class in 1985. The royalty was voted on and announced at the dance, naming six happy individuals at the Viking Home- comng Court. A r, ,M ,Am 4 Prince Chris Quintana Princess Candy Herrera ,WT ,.,. .. .. ..,...,. . .. 6 Duchess Monica Herrera ,,.,.,,, .,,.,, .,,. , ,,v. I "Q ww. mfr ffwwiiseraggifgg. 743 .fem wr WWW wrwxwf Ma f ny beautiful queens have been :seiecied for No ac wines over the years The photo is ffcrn 1957 lsr rfhfs Dances like this were popuiat are the 49 3 and 50 s, rr , . 5 f if V Q 22-'25 3:4 -FSL sf 32-I ' i Sig 'iii FEE - -. r g- 4 r u a N.M rmr...4r N iw wwgyz, - Q4 w 5r.'r4M2':rrH:rf 'i Wifi? azz,v'???Ef3?24,.fQVgEEfi'l42FwU4f "Q ifiiim-f4f4w,12y Xzgzzl rviwmflwwrz N W 4 swf is Fi K l rrwiriwizffg-yg43,25 5 wir : wisasifgiggg yi ' i 57? :fi si 3' gi gg i: W? 3 re S?'f3'Q far -V , A 5 , , I I4 r frm, . ifji'iff'Q ' " r . ' ' Xi3Q:9:1f22gQQg-Q ff, , :,:',j, j-3115 1: SS? M14 I " ' IQ' 4- 3' an - A " VE 53' 4 -A H25 f- 'Q ,Q V ifrg,-'V jig, ' ifff E233,canzggzzqsffzgsfgrzzzzr:iw V .A ,mginMmqgsizziitgeair522311wc vilfffliiifiez, Hi, Ti ?1:?iPFi3??si?iEiS::f155111374iii 'iiilgifflikifiiili fi :,,g':'Q?'Z:zi?3?'?.J. A ,gym J L 3:'1:::g:13241i5'fQ-,gg1 QE: " f , Hg,'r?'3:iEij:QQQ7fi U g, .5 fyygfilr fi f ifigfai-2' 4, 4 f i ffazfggigfr, ' 4- , Q ' Q:.",:,i-ici T ' 4 9 2, i' K, 5 fl, - E 1 ' gbipzfiizxQiffilw' 4t4 19?fr igeQ1giggSii?SffQ2'f,.. f 'W Q i ew?g44ggggf',2?ffjjf74i T jf -7.,ffi:iQ,?i5f 13 WEN izf- wig' :1:ii':f':4',9U 'lfggfig 'L '4 MH':1r41Zif iii: l .1543,.rr::r,3,gQgL:-V, 1:1 4 " r , :,:',.iSgiflgilflfligfsrrr-yi NYC' Ni 3223,!nfLlf21Z1IiZ55Li3i1 'sfwwzx' x ,r.::i,N:: 13 Milk, fifrz 4g ww. N.0Nw..wmww-.Nww.-::3--- -- Hfgaw Vineqwf'n"-35333132012.5rrrwywfv '1gYYLTifeS3igwSwqg4gggjKET,Z f2,f27,Q..,,1:gggfzQ2U?Q, Kms mxwm E Spirited Years Into The Grooves wxw1Wqw::As,u,, Round up those students. Cindy is l00kinQ f0l' Taflani Fashion is from the roaring eighties. Laurie is on her way to the sock hop, 198 gem-.i,,,W, 5 39, V , . H ? ,A , : a .' , f?,' 5M52'! , 5 V i-ga , 131'-zswnf .. 2 'ms 'Qi V 5 1- ' 7 , , f 1 1 1 V A 1 1 if M921 'if ti :- ma igzweigff 32 1, 5 3 2 1' ,f ,pf i!,i.,,g :Q Vikings come in all sizes. Georgette of the jungle visits. I live for rock and roll, Nortlis band livens it up. 3? 453 2 gd ii J f M X L ' MLM f fbi i .9 love Ure, UM azhocim X9 rcalfij do The 7-11 Club takes a break. After 29 years, theylre still in school! L ,, K, ,, The X940 photo captures the spirit of the past. X., 199 'DPA' vil Spirits Arise Surprise! lt's Kathy Ortega and Laurie Samora. Ni I WW' ,V ,mr J :MQW V Mona Mouse! 1 f?,,3 ' f ff Y ,gy ff 1 .'.,.i4r iii' ' f 1? 2 if '77 , Z 'iw ' iff M R ,Z V, Z 'Amgen 9 nb V 'S Zvi , ew ai 4 My , V ,, f ye 5 S A' wp ' ficf VW 4 if M fy , .fe ? 4 ,Q f' i jgg??1g?S 3 Ziifxmfqg I ii ii gi, iii W ii 1 su l, 4 I si X 1 , u Q . aa iv ' ! f X M ! if 1 J Fx Z W f 4 if iii ii iw wWh, ie 2,e,s,, in e am O Cindy Cook has the look of the future. Laura Zundt wears an exotic oriental costume. Remember Theresa last year? ,,,..,-...W Showing Talent In John Lauro blow that horn. 5 . Always on key. Bianca and Pam sing "Pretty Woman." JG I Eric Murphy is hosting Viking Varieties. Jazz Band can make that sound. 202 Viking Varieties if, 'avi lg Garlos hits those high notes. Carlos, April, and Lance sing of love. iking Varieties first came to North in 1941. It was a very Iarge production during many of the years and the show had an overall theme like "Saturday at the Bar Nuthirff' Before the show was officially called the Viking Varieties, North held a yearly senior vaudeville show which was the same type of production. The vaudeviiles date back as far as 1917. The boys clean up their act, Nlri Johnston brings back a bit of the past. fThesefQirls performed in, the 1943f5Viliing,'Vatieii5- s if Butterflies are Free And So Are We 'K gi Bianca plays the angry mother, Cast: Don Baer: Frank Malone and Lance McClure Jill Tanner: Roseann Romero and Jacqueline Crump Mrs. Baker: Bianca Cordova and Robert Trujillo Ralph Austin: Eric Murphy and Carlos Carbajal. Harsh words are said Frank portrays the main character, a blind man. J 5 9 A ' lr Q? Na. ,L i nun .. --t .anna ,, i Speaker tells of Martin Luther Kings 5 L greatness. Jazz Band plays. i Ultimate Youth does an outstanding performance. Adopt-A-School Provides North's Brass Choir plays for the Petro-Lewis Company. ,p If , vo .MV 8 Q ,W f . 2 A W X X f A v Ei 25 it E A Three of North's students participate in a discussion. f e A speaker talks to the group. A Spanish class participates in breaking a pinata, Opportunities For Participation wo seminars were held in the fall. One was for seniors at the Phipps Mansion called Survival '86, and one was for ninth graders held here at North called the Risk Seminar. Many businesses and people from the com- munity participated. They were well received by the students. Through the Adopt-A-School program, Mr. La- Q ' ' Students talk to a resident of V - V' I 5 fm Beth Israel. A Jake Jabbs leads a discussion Forte and the Brass Choir performed for Petro-Lewis corporation at Christ- mas time, and one of the Spanish classes had a private party for the resi- dents of Beth Israel Hospital. Also, through the program, there were speakers from the IRS, that came and tutored students in various classes. Hong Hoang is Vietnamese and has been in the United States for six years. She speaks and understands both Eng- lish and Vietnamese fluently. She is presently taking a French class which will enable her to speak three lan- guages. She is a straight "A" student in the accelerated program. Hong, likes North because she believes that North enables students to receive a good education. Monica Herrera is presently a tenth grader at North and represents the student body on the Mayor's Commis- sion On Youth. The Mayor's Commission On Youth consists of students who have been selected by application. The function of The Mayor's Commission On Youth is to gather information that deals with the schools and communities of Den- ver. North High Vikes .tf:,., ..,f.s3f:fa2 amz emu 957s3r5r?rf::sLsz'zwfhliixfi i i 5 'N Expand Their Horizons 1 4 '51 933: .- .f 4 2 k 4. ,t , si-1,5 35-at W . 5 'iffy -' -1' ,-. X ' Kathy Sanchez was Youth On The Move on Channel 4 for the week of August 29, 1985. She received this commendation because she had writ- ten an informative essay on Nutrition. Kathy, also, dances professionaly on television and throughout Colorado. Heather Warren had the experience of a lifetime! From July 27 to August 22, 1985, she stayed in Lisieux, France. Lisieux is a small town in the Province of Normandy, which is fam- ous for Cambert Cheese and horse racing. Heather stayed with a young host family, Laurent 26, Isabelle 24, and their daughter Julie 4. In Lisieux, Heather studied French at the Interna- tional Institute For Foreign Study. Heather was able to go to France, be- cause the United States Government awarded her a two thousand dollar scholarship. Heather recommends traveling abroad for anyone who has the courage to do so. Teresa Chick's trip to France has proven that dreams come true. She was awarded a scholarship from the United States Government. The pur- pose of this scholastic program is to establish better relationships between our country and other nations of the world. Teresa visited France from June 18 to July 18, 1985 and lived with a host family, the Sagots. For seven days, she stayed in Brest which is located near the English Channel. ' s le ' I if-Q Teresa's last eighteen days, in the Province of Brittany, were spent with lr her host family at their second home in . . 1 ' Argenton. Argenton and Brest are in i g l U5 Brittany where the costumes and cus- fl , Q -f 4 WO? toms are very traditional. Teresa's trip . . st.r, i -........... 'S to France was concluded by a three if XY . . . . . . . ..,, . day stay in Paris. 211 ONE HUND,QgD UNE HUNDRED ONE VQUNDREQ ONEXHUMDRED I NQSTALGIA GOALS. M522 i E 21 Jrih Picked To Win League Championship in West Tilt Saturday Century Of Excellence f'gi'El2lu2 Sega News if Nm fisane Schrml fx- K2 QIIHCH rv-Hg ,f . a bran' mu sf This hmniw was built :mai Store Fixtuma 1 3 three-shelf corxmarw md Q an GDITIURYQIRHRXV immzsi six maxim coils, in whirzh the mmhng sulphur dioxide exrculatex This mmpartment is for ke-smug the meatfa in, s: meat mx 3 and nn other Qty and performed at half time. The National Honor Society of 1926 waved to success The Scientific Society in 1932 was one of many popular clubs. The 1922 D-Club sported slipove: sweaters, The 1928 Latin Club was one of several foreign language clubs of the time. The 1928 Maxwell History Club showed a large number of members. The 1924 Webster Oratorical Society members participated in speech and debate. Camera Club was one of many in 1932, Photos Reveal Fads And Fashions ff wg' M , ,,,,, fy nb. I fwv, I if so he 5 s a is if f as x .' , . 5' ' ,Q QA? I Vrhy I F ,s g V ,, ,,',, soo as was W5 ss 1- 4, 5 ew 43 Gay Nmetles .1 N me ww smwwgggzgwgqr wss,,-'Hmm-ww 9535 sgwwf mama w W.-we-V WWW. weww N Q Wm,1,.,9Q,,.w-wmaaw 'gage-21 MM-M ,Ai-,W '23 SEFZQWQ Rebelhous Snxtles d ifii? Musa, V ff, Q :M 5 Turn of The Century wav ,--, i 1 5 5 553? A . , , W3 -- B, Qssggg , .. W , Swinging Forties hihfiziz: 'V K 'fmfizffi-'wiv 'Vlf5f3i'iX:E4is?f ,I i QQ - f k Q, 194215: 5 Of One Hundred Years World War I Tlmes gr 6 "-:::" . iX.LQ2 d 1986! f wenhes 1929 P 41' d ' 3953 5 ,,,,,,,....w-dw Indxvldual E1ght1es Centennial Jubilee ' North's faculty poses in front of the Ashland Building in 1911, ' 1,14 ,, if ff 6 1 The shops and cooking classes, in 1926, had modern equipment for the 1 time. Mass Maxwell Started teaching at North in 1888. This photo was from the 1923 annual. ln 1929, autos were parked on Speer Boulevard. 9 In 1915, the typing class was popular for both men and women. .1-:1 1- za-- 9- ..-. , 15 3 -- 1. 5 . 1 1 'ma ijk:-1 tt'f t ,, ...,, Q - ,,i,1,91, ,M 4-3Sf " 9:ag,5i titbsgggwm ,. ,, 5 -5 kklk ,, ..,, g ,..t , , - ,t,, 72- .L 9 ills- 1 llli. -- Et? 1115?-I BEGAU-5'E H111 111311111 'Mila' PURE Wwe 9. ffi'ff1':f9'i 'f Principals?-55?-lifiwafth 9 - ltlt James H. Sickle C Alva C. Courtney Mary A. B, Witter Charles I. Hays Edgar R. Deg-vnjs 1 Robert W: t1ilt H ughes Edward L. Brown Emma E. Maxwell Frances C. McClure Edward L,,Brown W. C. Beret Claud B. Pendieton Joseph M. Lort Clark H. Spitler Arthur M. Gruenler Milton Rebell Ted Long 9 Pete Shannon Jr. Burnett Severson Joseph W, Torres Lino P. Gonzales 1738391884 1884-1885 1885-1887 1887-1894 -189441898 951898-1899 1899-1900 1899-1900 1899-1900 1900-1924 124-1943 1943-1946 1947-1950 1951-1955 1966-1960 1961-1962 1963-1966 1969-1974 1975-1979 1980-1984 1985 111-9911121111111 wee 2145? 1 9-14.1-we-64, 94 1:51 rf- 11 66 4, 91-164,96 w 6 461-1-,M The 1915 photo shows the newly planted trees that lxned Speer Boulevard and the street that came up to the building X x fm North .Side High School. fi' Class Colors Old Remo xml Qream UlllCE'TS1 Presxdffnt Hat B Boyius Ente Prewadeui Ienfx Lollxm 'sccremrx Iidnu Fel letorxm 1301215 Keeping 335 53,25 312 is Mis 'if xiii? 5 .... ,, gg 'X TO 'FIB o 1 swvems oF- NOR? sms Hoa scusnwuor-we EFYAISY 5,2 emawmsemce. Q or- me 0 mmevfomp MM sessferoaoemoc RMS! IIETE CIASSOF' A ,f an L 1 Hif i, L I ', N3 NES xx U 592422. m-Sziifwm' 391523 i f 5 gig no iiillgiffk H S if: mm' 52:23 may :wi wiki, 'F +, .,.. .... Q. X .iff-. ...Q - eepfzsssi Sew amfaim sum. Semis. if ff fx iw Eiiifi vaiiii bxfimw Suv-il iss-1m1g.'f'3 g..Qg:,r mfxjf ai? he: Sm 1 1 qszwsxsf. Sw vsmiz may ia? . R Q L . - W .22 if -h.. , ix :ss Sw mlsxe Eff? in W 1 1 s fiasegw iw max wk gygsgsi S g 2 gs 1. 2 rl 'ff Q1 FW SMD .. , - The semor the izior Class 056 15 FE E2 ,. ,, I A fig? X Q55 64,5 ii E ,ns N ,wiavwiwv M "2' , ,IVV I' B' f vw 3 X WM K 1 Q91 -F23 a f QWWWS1fQr'25f:?f+':kzf'-hz ,V I ff f v f M -wif. f . ,,.,, F ,, adn? win mi 4 7' 59154 Egfgifi meg, fgyf' -r'efEQ4f 'ef A2339 g QW ' ' f f 41 , , ,, Q, V2zv1'mu,1 wg, ,flmww .2,.,,,, W4ffffgiiwkf7?375iQZ'iJf?i4fffgf 'Q' f2rf'3fa,,, Sc, Ls:f'rzazm ww: zw: fr W mmf15fW,kwfW,, Q22 'rziaiff ?1fw?'f'giilxifffiiifi"Tmzmr Jw-. 3533112 itz turn 115222 Rffiliiiii by gumq, Hail ff: Xffffffi :limi YTKETXIHS E.1,Q,fj Hail to :AH whiaiaz Zvi MMT Mui irmff f?ix'fs'i15Z?E'lfi1m Im, my m,,,,, Hu nviwra tiwy gn ZH piggy Eiikl 1f:.g,,, 'fiw ??"WMl?5W'TH 'Emi imif? f,,.,.g Qi, s" . . , ' 'ff Wifi Www-si3.UlQ?1?Wmgg 1: Q , 'H-MfxZw:E ,U.v,re,gqK, A i 1 :2wwmi? 6 mm Qs hw zz 1 1 mn , NMMMM .,,,,xx A MW MWM,MM,-.x.MM, . I wmv- V M ..m.m-Mya w.Q.,..:::1:4:':.,h1ewsksfW.m,am.A Wm My Mxfv -: 32 E155 Q S5352 2213121 M25 3355 2155 334335 f 71 ,wx Afyh 4, , ' WWA w,n,,1L1z yqggwn wh, " ' wi, xx! 4 'bmi f 1 a'Y5ff.x,7fL7 If NMI". 5,5 V, 'ff wk? ' fl' Yiw:?,': 'if Lawn ' f'Tf+'f42 ' I'?2'JEf24G2Z.5alTfi3 ine Aibwica 4554111 Fic:-fd Bmniwft Ggwqw zirwizm Mun 2, Bom b?f':fl're Cm? Bmkchwdt kim Y v.,, L AQQEXCBY 5 fm ' ?'ff:mss Duff 7' 'Hmmm Inrmes Fwmawr wwf 'K' "'4' orth has large numbers of alumni that contribute to their commu- nities. Thousands have become suc- cessful in their fields and continue their education. Many have earned college degrees. A large number have volun- teered time to various programs. Oth- ers have accumulated fortunes. North's alumni prove "A Century of Excellence." The alumni listed here merely represent the achievements of many others. Other names of interest on a list such as this can be sent to the North yearbook sponsor. Elsie Ward - 1892 well known artist and sculptor, studied under St. Gaudens W. Stuart Booth - 1895 Director, The Mother Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Who's Who ln America Leonard Ingersoll - 1898 physics professor at the University of Wisconsin, contributed several important inventions to sci- ence Roy Kent - 1898 outstanding in school loyalty, issued a letter to every member of his class yearly after gradu- ation John J. Cory - 1901 assistant superintendant in charge of secondary education and Emily Griffith School in Denver George Parks - 1901 governor of Alsaka from 1925-1933, Who's Who in America I. B. Sutton - 1903 outstanding citizen of Tampico, Mexico, presi- dent of International Rotary Spring Byington - 1904 well known actress on stage and screen Burnham Hoyt - 1904 well known Denver architect, ldesigned the Colorado National Bank, Lake Jr. High, and Red Rocks Ampitheatrel World War I camou- flage artist, Who's Who in America Greta Post - 1906 famous concert singer and teacher of music in New York and London Helena Coors - 1907 from the well known Coors family Donaldson McPherrin - 1907 Rhodes Scholar and professor at Boston Univer- sity Clarence Eckel - 1910 Dean of the Engineering School at the Universi- ty of Colorado Howard Barlow - 1911 guest conductor of most of the major symphony orchestras of the U. S., conductor of the NBC Firestone Orchestra Morris Esmiol - 1912 Outstanding Citizen of Colorado Springs Henry Trustman Ginsberg - 1913 concert master with the Denver Symphony Or- chestra, associate professor of music at Colora- do State College Golda Meir - 311913 - 6!1914 Prime Minister of Israel Alumni Prove Marcellus Chiles - 1915 Distinguished Service Cross in 1918 Teller Ammons - 1915 governor of Colorado from 1936-1938, military governor of Guam, Who's Who in America Edgar Woolard - 1916 astronomer in Nautical Almanac Office of the U. S. Naval Observatory Mabel Eigler - 1916 Dean of Women at the University of Denver Lucia Cassell Patton - 1916 noted for designing greeting cards Emerson Sweet - 1917 lawyer, president of Bar Association Gregor McPherson - 1917 reporter of the U. S. Supreme Court Paul Whiteman - 1917 band leader, performed with well known stars, "King of Jazz" Caroline Bancroft - 1918 Colorado historian and author Stephen Strang - 1918 author of a book on dude ranching Essie White Cohn - 1919 well known chemistry professor at the Universi- ty of Denver Creighton Peet - 1919 author of a book on the Navy, Defending Amer- ica Donald Wilson - 1919 top of the entertainment world with the Jack Benny Show for many years Robert Virtue - 1920 internationally famous anesthesiologist David Tulley - 1921 prominent on stage and screen Wilbur Dexheimer - 1921 Commissioner for the Bureau of Reclamation Milo Boulton - 1921 broadcaster Ward Darley - 1922 president of the University of Colorado Warren Lowe - 1924 city editor, business editor, and financial colum- nist for the Denver Post Gwendolyn Olinger - 1925 Mrs. Francis VanDerber, a well known Denver- ite Ruth Eloise Wiberg - 1925 Colorado historian, known for her book Rediscovering Northwest Denver Arthur Wuth - 1925 well known Christian Science lecturer Harry McWilliams - 1926 director of advertising for Screen Gems lnc. lColumbia Pictures Corporationl Margaret Overbeck - 1926 New York artist in stained glass, designer of the Denver Flag Joseph Lilly - 1927 Federal District Court Judge Ed Kuehler - 1930 member of Dick Jurgen's Band and the Brown Palace Band Margaret M. Smith - 1930 East High School teacher, Colorado Teacher of the Year in 1967 Edward Pringle - 1930 Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court from 1970-1979, University of Denver law pro- fessor Ben Bezoff - 1931 war correspondent, regional director of war in- formation in France, Belgium, and London, Den- ver commentator on international affairs Manuel Boody - 1931 prep and sports writer for the Rocky Mountain News Earl Carson Harris - 1931 reporter in Egypt in World War ll, journalist, Hollywood publicist lfor Marlene Dietrich, Bob Newhart, Jack Benny, and Harry Belefontel, started TV Weekly, Denver's first TV magazine James H. Briggs - 1933 Rocky Mountain News writer Carl Wuertele - 1934 distinguished flyer in World War ll Carl Gose - 1934 known as Scott McKay on the stage and screen Jack Lowe - 1934 member of piano duo, Whittemore and Lowe, that played throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe in symphonies and recitals Ralph Paul - 1939 nationally known television and radio announc- er, appeared on "Strike lt Rich" Sam Archibald - 1940 journalist with Associated Press in Washington D.C, professor of journalism at the University of Colorado William Muchow - 1940 prominent architect, designed Currigan Center Bill Reed - 1940 Channel 9 and the Denver Bears' sportscaster Ted Eaker - 1940 Eaker's department stores Bob Eaker - 1942 Eaker's departments stores Nick Perito - 1942 arranger and orchestra leader for Perry Como and other such well known stars as Andy Wil- liams, Bing Crosby, and Steve Allen Edward Carelli - 1943 Denver Civil Court Judge Barbara Bates Rush - 1943 Hollywood starlet Ben Drieth - 1943 NFL official Bob Shriver - 1945 newscaster, sportscaster Lincoln Day - 1945 demographer on the faculty at Australian Na- tional University, author of three books and thir- ty-five research articles Sherman Finesilver - 1945 Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court in Den- ver Pat Haggerty - 1945 A Century Of Excellence NFL official Glen Payton - 1945 land developer in Hawaii, presented every wom- an at the forty year reunion with a lei of orchids from Hawaii John Litvak - 1945 well known neurosurgeon Virgil Jester - 1946 Denver Bears, Milwaukee Braves, and Boston Braves pitcher Irving Ettenberg - 1946 Denver County Court Judge Ed Lindell - 1946 Dean of Arts and Science at the University of Denver, president of Gustavas Adopholus Col- lege in Minnesota Chuck Garrity - 1948 sports writer for the Denver Post and the Los Angeles Times Mel Silverman - 1949 cartoonist, artist, painter, put on a one man art show in New York Mike Licht - 1949 city auditor, planning to run for mayor of Den- ver Jerry Gart - 1952 associated with Gart Brothers Gene Johnson - 1952 piano player and performer, starred in "John- son's Junction" on Channel 2 LeRoy Arellano - 1952 composer and performer with his brother, Andy, and father in a trio Irving Brown - 1953 sportscaster, does television commercials Gail Medland Roberts - 1953 television producer and writer lcredits are 'fHol- lywood Squares," NRun Around," HPercep- tion," and "The Joker's Wild! Bev Christiansen Fernald - 1954 opera singer, performs throughout the U.S., performed with the Denver Symphony and Me- tropolitan Opera Mary Emily Hannah - 1954 president of the University of Wisconsin at Eau- Claire, vice chancellor of academic policy and planning for the state system of higher educa- tion in Pennsylvania Lloyd Selby - 1955 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Public Health, one of the nation's leading ex- perts on birth defects in children and animals Don Madonna - 1955 first graduating class of the U. S. Air Force Academy, Jerry llgenfritz - 1956 colonel at the Pentagon Floyd Zamboni - 1956 author of several algebra and trigonometry texts Ken Malone - 1956 studio drummer for Kenny Rogers, played at Kennedy's inaguration John Lawrence Wiberg - 1957 psychiatrist at University of Colorado Medical CLASS OF 1945 Nineteen hundred forty-five. I Boogie-woogie, the G,l. jive. Ration cards and scarcity, We had no coffee, we all drank tea. That was the Class that was! I Had to walk 'cause there was no gas. Streetcar dates on a student pass. Footblal games and rallies too, Proms and plays - so much to do! Tax tokens and war bond drives That was the class - the 45's. Bobby sox and saddle shoes, String of Pearls - St. Louis Blues. Sweater girl and jitterbug Cut a rug to Little Brown Jug. Moron jokes, a V-mail letter Had to do 'til things got better. That was the Class that was! We had our sports and we were champs. We also had the guys in camps. Went to Lowry and gave some shows, Collected books for the U.S.O.'s. A drive for this and a drive for that! Carried stuff with a broken back! lt was fun - the time of our lives! That was the Class - the 45's! Reunion Committee from 1945 Center Gordon Close - 1958 with the well known Hilltopper's Band Richard VanVleet - 1959 actor, player Tyler in "All My Children" Rhoda Krasner - 1960 owner and president of Lakeside Amusement Park Howard Lee Weiner - 1962 teaches at Hartford Medical School, wrote a children's book and two medical texts George Betts - 1962 Director of the Gifted and Talented program at the University of Northern Colorado, an expert in the area Michael Johnson - 1962 recorded a top ten hit called "Blue on Blue," appeared on television and has other albums Beverly Martinez - 1964 Channel 2 News and a noon hour show Fred Villanueva - 1964 Channel 2 newscaster and special reporter Russell Vigil - 1967 lawyer, Denver coordinator for the Columbus Project, an endeavor which involves sailing full sized replicas between America and Spain Joseph Hutchison - 1968 published a number of poems including a collec- tion called The Undersides of Leaves, Gover- nor's Award in 1982 for his chapbook Shadow- Light THE CLASS OF 1933 We bridge the span of fifty years With all their hopes and joys and fears, Remembering those days gone by When we were students at North High. We suffered through Latin, struggled with French, While some found dramatics was really a cinch! Some understood Algebra: xy:z And others gained knowledge through Pyschology. We skated at Berkeley, and Rocky, and Sloan's, And luckily, wound up with few broken bones! The girls all wore dresses, and rather than jeans, The boys wore light cords, the in thing for teens. We were World War I babies survived World War ll And loved beyond question the red white and blue Proud to be part of the Land of the Free There never were students more loyal than we! We cheered at the football games danced at the proms And sometimes found dating had its share of qualms But though there were heartbreaks mingled with joys These helped us gai confidence backbone and poise Elizabeth Daws Sturns Class of 1933 The viking ship on the cover was done by Jo seph Boh class of 1945 and the Century of class of 1986 Excellence design was dohe by Mike Holzman, Gino Carpinello, 1937 Ellen Satriano, 1942 graduate, and North's graduate, aide in the custodian for 25 years, reading lab. loves to remembers the Italian Club. work with North kids. Fred N. Thomas Q9 Career Education Center ,Rydges 2650 Eliot sr. 'i 0 U9 1 Denver, Co 80211 A l J lar '95 f JQD J Graphics Classes Available No X- tuition if you are a Denver County high school student. Career Education Center 2650 Eliot St. Breakfast served 8:00 - 9:15 Lunch served 12:00 - 1:30 Join us for Breakfast or Lunch 4 1 f E 5 ! f 1 V K 11 1 4 1 J . Sport Shop Tobor Center Michele Wotson - 1201 16th Street, Suite 322 .Judy Violponclo . Denver Colorado 80202 13031 534-5860 34114549 Squaw Ramirez Controls 303-458-0038 effvwe ylfen all leaf I X 1 SH SLAFO ? AGI ll Bl I I T Italian 8: Amencan 1440 W 33rd Ave 'Sun BW 6920 W 38TH AVE 422 6600 r ' r I f 1 Y ' l 1 .,f J 4 69 is up L ' 1 RoseAnn Gonzales f 5 5 5 ' 0 7 y, A ' S Restaurant 458-0530 WHEAT RHJOE. COLORADO 8: Q90 D49 GOUCATXOQ North High MDE :i Q' Marketing education pre- pares the student for the free enterprise system through job application and interview, salesman- ship, advertising, display, financing, management, and supervision. Marketing education al- lows you an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the busi- ness world, with first hand on the job experience. Marketing education gives you a chance to be in- volved in a professional student organization called DECA. DECA members compete in contests and learn social and business skills, as well as participate in civic activities. If you are interested in be- coming a part of market- ing and distributive educa- tion, see your counselor or teacher-coordinator to- day. Cl"l't'.Y ffff' G1f1fff!f".S'S g rfffff ,ff 1' in It I 'ffzm' ff 121,71 ,' if' v , ' 'tr , ' 'L i . ' Mimi 'N W: W ', ,Q i tmifm, L, , ,. ,, nrv' h?fk3.,'if ' T? -,1w,jififhr"f mil, I+ mv' A H fwsww A is wifm,-ze ilizwvrzrat ci memos wnmcmzs crmmmns. WY, , hy rx ,wi ww f-. , A,,. ,. , 'V iw' t. F 1 iv SKK ,Im gn 2. ,v PERSONALIZED SERVICE IS OUR PLEASURE Jgarfz oclrnmf zgozrfiqzre 2985 N. Federal Blvd. Denver Bridal Gowns, Accessories Bridesmaids and Mothers Party and Prom Dresses Alterations Tuxedos and Flowers Monday through Saturday 458-0577 LOCAL CALLS qaoai , 433-7106 , TO PLACE ORDERS TOLL FREE -I Inside Colorado 1-8004332-0407 5 , ' Outside Colorado 1-800-358-3061 ' I ROBERT G. WOOD 84 COMPANY Super Market Equipment and Supplies 2986 N. SPEER BLVD, DENVER, COLORADO Thanks for being a good neighbor. Ea' 1? ,ff f- . Magis i - ii L M MM . 4 -- l ff "' r-'r 13-f " 'EVM , ,. , XV' iiwvif- 5 ' 1!77j'QVg .g x ggg WZ is , as h as '1 112' N- A 595 as iss rf ,ffwai ,t."il lil fr fi me lp!!-gg A L-tt. 3.5 5 A Iil 5 - T N371 Y We if fi 5 5 Vis? it , wtf ,, K . . V ij. M N X W L4 . N, .. ,.., 'I ,. QW Y eg, ', " 'iff if rf? A - M1 'Ii' ty if ' i f 4 'Q-, ,lm i LM HW 5 2:11 1 .s 'U -1' Hi 5 ntl gi 1 in ,, I I si a gr I R 8 L TROPHIES . , ' 1679 WADSWOFITH BLVD. LAKEWOOD, COLORADO 80215 CUSTOM TROPHIES - PLAOUES ENGFIAVING SERVICE Edgewater Cleaners 5471 W. 20th Avenue Edgewater, Colo. 80214 We specialize in: Draperies Leathers and Suedes SHOP 303 231.0496 Bedding Alterations nes. sos 233-2155 CALL Lou Silks Repans 237-5277 Sunray Super Quality Savings 23rd Ave. King St. T- Denver CO 80211 Q 477-8296 ueortcmnc. 17308100 Smut 0onvu,ColondoU1H02 D f P -C kl I E911 Sp I 'g H d F a P t 8 B q 1 Clos d M a y M mln 'M' Alandale Investments 6995 Wes! 38m Ave 'lhcgggq 38th Avenue ink! Wheat Ridge. Colorado C13 421-5115 P.0. Box 12121 Denver, Colo. 80212 Congratulations Class of 1986 Mr Keno's Live Music Free Entertainment 2015 W 44th Ave, 458-9711 Forget the Rest Go To the Best mllbl-5C0'LI12fL MEFIIT DRUG PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS 3773 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 Vickie Bloom 3031477-0549 Manager X .. 15 H. GUXS.-ilsi. HAT 53123 jmnfgw we-ew -we K sixth: LQ. Qs . " .. . . is vi ?+'iEf,s5rif3fs.,s:g,sn ix X fi 5 mf. H1 Q Borg V ...,.... ,..,.,.,, K X essrmmxim RM may averrna jgoxi lair for Shv Ni 0 ' A Qiriiiasts. . .- rss.. an-W' A A Bot take our miivifsfe, E 1: p lg U u L Q z 0 i it i f i Wim QM LL12 Nggfrlqffsig KIQH '--' os'dt 3 sshhs ooos L sigma ' ' ' N Nkssixbtifaxklsmikgx, ,. r --A X FK - sox -r ims to ws 1 Q M - A r- MW A'-WM..Ww s- rw X -az I '-sg 4 xv-fs Qs 1 :mn6r s + .. N - ISSJ,-:E : . 5-ew. ,-v .. N. XFTSIIS ss kiwi -- W N - F: "1"',-Mr - , -W ai -. -. A-in tag- Q.. -W....N.M K N .Nm X mu XX .., X ., X X . . Lt., T I - .www - ,,.. X., X, -W .. sr. . ,X 1 XY .. M... .. mv.. W- 3 v -ks XX Mg X-,15srsQQ:f as ..f.1-ggriig, . . t wNWW. 1.,,s-.effrs ,W .xrawkszsssssgm-Q, " pwxmwliks Ms 1 X od '46 6459 306 o 500 C 5 QR O . , x .C 1. 1, ,tw gixsbsr , r Y S t 1. W ,Q , 5-g -N ,, . x ' X Q N113 s , LOBBY HOURS 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday 9 to 6 Friday DRIVE UPS 7 to 7 Monday through Frlday The Better Bankers Member FDIC Central Bank North Denver 3400 West 38th Avenue Denver Colorado 80201 303 433 6781 if A SCHQQM ACflVltlES are avallable for all Classes are avarlable rn sports computers languages musrc dance art jewelry busmess skllls karate crafts and drlvers education Educatron rs fun' 3435 West 40th Ave Denver Colorado 80211 433 8851 PHOTO SERRANO 4250 W Alameda Ave Denver Colorado 80219 13032 934 4500!794 1154 Tomas Serrano LORD M k d EUGENE KIEFEL S Wheat Ridge l SAME LOCATION SINCE 1972 l EXTENSIVE SELECTION OF CYCLING CLOTHING LARGE SELECTION MOUNTAIN BIKES 10 18 SPEED BIKES 0 MOTOCROSS CHILDRENS BIKES 0 PARTS 81 ACCESSORIES MIYATA PEUGEOT R o s S PROFESSIONAL REPAIR ON ALL BRANDS 7085 83 W 38 AVE X BLOCK EAST OF WHEAT RIDGE JR HIGH OPEN MON SAT PHONE 433 6877 l l cms Ufflaa fquqbmsnt ADLER 81 SMITH CORONA OFFICE MACHINES OFFICE SUPPLIES 3010 WEST 38th AVENUE WALT ERBES DENVER, COLORADO 80211 ccll repro 330 S 8200 S A 72 C vd CO 80204 CO BO 2 O 80 0 5 2 7990 92 3930 233 6 SERVING METRO DENVER SINCE 1960 9912 O su. E azfk' IISH5 QSAYAR D BY 11 I ' 1 c ar es mesfas COLORADO TRANSMISSION 3434 W 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80211 458 8361 Q ' South 0 osx O DCO Branch B Inch D .L nom se. Englwooa-xfon s:.1 G sign. BI4. : " a e me a blessing to someone to ay" 7 I 7 I I N1 ' 1 X 1 f Q L f u n f I X I 1 . L . N ,:o'L T s I f I O J", 9 . J UIIIJ Y F C, A - m I C74 -' ' , gnc. ll I iiAw'sili J E w E L E R s - 612 sixreemii sr. DIAMONDS, WATCI-4ES,14K GOLD JEWELRY FINE WATCH AND PHONE 534 4574 JEWELRY REPAIRING DENVER COLORADO 80202 Mig, Tig-Arc-Gas Welding that SAM'S WELDING SERVICE Shop Work 8 Portable Welding 4573 Utica St. Denver, Colo. 80212 458-1543 Jack W. Calabrese Senior Vice President Manager of Bank Operations First First Interstate Bank Bank ot Denver, N.A. 633 Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado 80270 303 293-5490 CAMERAS AND EQUIPMENT COLOR 8 BLACK 8 WHITE CUSTOM FINISHEF-IS ofaaala 601016 Co.,Ync. Phone 233-4788 2480 Kipling DAVE SHRUM Lakewood, Colorado 80215 Immigration Counseling Center RAUL R. GARCIA Immigration Counselor 2257 W. 32nd Ave. 480-5444 Denver, CO 80211 477-6437 Consultants in Health and Healing 1818 Vine Street, Denven CO 80206 503 520-1044 AZZMMQJZ. Www erm Family Violence Depression Sexuality Relationships I Facilitating Personal Growth The Denver Chamber Orchestra and Jo Ann Falletta Joe, congratulations on completing high school, I hope life gives ? you what you want. If not, go get it, Best of luck. fk Christine Best wishes on surviving high school Joe. Glad you could join us in the real world. Congratulations. R. Garcia The card l got for you is old and tattered. Your friend and co-worker Mary Ann Espinosa Now that you have made it Joe, stop wasting your life. Get out there and shape the world to your liking, Love, L. Gracia Joe it's about time. Now that you are free, enjoy the world, A. Sena I knew that someday you would make it, Joe. l'm proud of you. Now go on to bigger and better things. Love, A. Martinez Joe, Congratulations on completing high school. Best of luck, Christine You made it two years later, Joe. Now get out there and live in the real world. Best wishes. From the Balderrama family Congratulations on your completion of high school. Good luck. K. Salazar Congratulations to Joe, who has done an outstanding job as an employee of the CEC Restaurant for the past two years. Floyd Robert, chef I would like to thank the people of CEC in the kitchen, in the print shop, and on the custodial staff for having faith in me, A special thank you goes to "the mamma." l also thank Dy, Urioste. Joseph lHeathcliffl Gomez 3-i Lf i .. ms' - x , : r . F1XPl.JlX3.iiNf 1. MAY 20, 1893. VOL. 3, NO. i8. . ,M 'Wai-. -. 'Ps' , 40:-, XI K 409 fi. txaltwg 0? tb ....... .--- ' Z E925 . . - ' gLihS ost X " 9 WU" 09116 9, do ,305 f f ggi 55? 90 NG ff H yxbsn' 9910 9.905 f f ,xg 'nat 000 f w0" uv' v'-'X' -i ' ?f Q . 3 Q91 R S1 1969 X 1 oo Q90 11925 n- I 1 2 G -S A 'xO'GxoiaWl 'lt hui 1 K1 k 5 vkwle xr B29 Y Pbsoxiklgz il 5 ci U00 MO cDNA of U vm-x B QOSXZ- N25 1XiBPXzp,SSNl 4339 'mln FW W rN51OlxjlxN9 Q Y si at an ga NOXN qogifi N304 QOQYI tri sl E Qi' M SVP' H3589 WP-ll prC R Q5 4 X B BESX VOYAX-XNY, vpyyt Y. Y OG X VA Vs?-N P3 VYXOX X Pr X46 oi M0 I Q YNJAXN 5 wog' , r K -ff X N2 SENXO 'nn My SW I Q A wg! D w W ,ti W - Doug Brett Terry Brott F 8: B Enterprises Manufacture f Wholesale NFL, NBA, USFL, Major League Baseball Warehouse Retail Showroom 5388 W. 25th Avenue 6731 W. Colfax Edgewater, CO 80214 J.C.R.S. Shopping Center i303l 233-2597 f303l 238.8698 T 81 B Gifts NFL, NBA, Plus Other Sports Gifts Coloradofs 41 Sport Shop X IHSS O You re Looking Better than Ever! .-" 'JA' L-I 21- II eer?:ffef224ma9eS if ' photography UI-UI1QIfSLUI.IlI8,tfUI1S 'SQ' Class of '87' THE NEW AGE Flexible and affordable Senior portrait plans at 555 21 55110 Free previeufs 'With prompt payrnent COME OF AGE !!! CALL 233-5195 ,212 we-'loomed corner of 25th 2.1 Harlan fbo-nf pefazwn PORTRAITS A rvusslom COMMONS 5l3TrEIaNnC?1ilriX5lNG earn ar1dVVADSVVORTH 431-5999

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