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NW, lv ,XJ ' , . X7-32 ' 3 ,, . ,PL zw xffgm all QM X lil f 'lille V '-1+ f.+i ,423if Qiiy f of W A W xg Q X 1 lv 1 f midi' l orth High School W 'AA l j l V A Denver, Colorado 'Q' f if ., l' ff o oVol1um'8U W To J f 2960 N. Speer Blvd. As I walk down memory lame, I dare to look behind G To the POOTPRINTS that 1 left, .B ., O 4 vt: The only bond of time. The year 1983 brought the end of crowded halls to North High. The opening of the new addition generated an atmosphere of confusion for even the seniors who were as lost as the freshmen. The fifteen new classrooms and all other rooms had new numbers, no numbers, or wrong numbers. The addition was also accompanied by the sounds of crashing hammers, blaring drills and shouting workmen. wi ...9 5 The decision to add to North was not a haphazard, last minute affair. Six years ago, the Board of Education declared that North must be expanded or rebuilt. People in the community decided that an addition would be more desirable. A committee of parents, teachers and students, decided that the addition would contain a new lunchroom, auditorium and new administrate offices. The auditorium in the old building is to become a pupil services area upon completion. The students who have been part of the remodeling process will certainly never forget the power failures, the broken P.A. system, and an obstacle course of extension cords, ladders and construction workers strewn throughout the halls. The teachers will always remember the ordeals of searching for their lost desks, pencil Sharpeners, and bookshelves, as well as battling the motors of busy tractors which could be heard in the classrooms. Passing the memories I cherished this year Having the future only to fear 'a S I - 4 gzvorzm .t"""i!V'5j'-5 U , ,Nh X . Av X XX ' X wg X is s..f-X 1 N X X I ,gag-.j3i'f7:. ' -' 7:5 ,., tn.. ' fax? as-N X f f 1-as x 1 Wwiu QM3 1' .l Walking through darkness Of memories past, In the beginning of the 1983-84 school year, North High was honored by a visit from Mayor Federico Pena. The mayor came to welcome incoming Freshmen, and encourage them to make the most of their High School years. Below, the cheerleaders also are on hand as the Freshmen pass under the familiar welcome sign. Time flashes Ever so fast. . ,WMMLMH V A HWMWWWM FY Wwmwbpwl . W ffi V, ,,, W Wm ,,,,U, A ,,,,,.,,W, M-1' W' , , I U f A ,, ., . ,.5, f , l iiiyfdti '22m,A.7,, , , f fQ,5,,g:f,,,,,.- , , 7 f 1 , -W ,,,,f ,w V 3 f A f f 'W 5 I 17' 4 X .fm W -vw-if Tia'-w""1-f-M, , F F E5 D.. -s " naman WW M -ww 2 MW www Now listening to FOOTSTEPS echo in time all , If my '32 QQW fXfW 4 Q. fif MM? 5: Mb-W,,,,,,,,,5? - ww 1 . v ,,, . ,, ,,, g , ,, f f .W 0 :- I J f wx! ' V ,, Z 1, 5 ,. f, 2 ,,.,,,,, ,,,, K 4 I J I my , .L ,, , ,A V " ' u :fm 'W yy, .. U Wgiarr . ini 74: ,: ,bf :ff2'm,4m f f'f",: ' . pf. W , ,, 2,,4 my M - - it , M. f w ff f wig, 7 af W f ff XM f W - wf ff ,vm ymmfi f f ,, ,,ff 12 'N-L+, I , 6 W x. ,LM 1, ' lk 99 ' W' QMS A: w 1 K ,eil 147' 91 40' "v2?,fff an .4 J I reflect on the year I now leave behind . . . Francine Salazar, '84 NORTH HIGH SCHOOL SONG !Tune: "Anchors Away? Norsemen away, away Norsemen away On fellows, on and give a Cheer for North Denver High. Way down the field we go Conquering every foe. No 4.42 N-O-R-T-H For this is North's lucky day To boost on high the purple and the gold!!! Q , Q'W . ix ' ww -w,...,,,W...Mm X in . H1 4...-U... bv Ma 'enweswwmwmm ww w-www ww-Wvmwm , M. If , M X: gm-M, V " 'TS 1 NA f W, 4. W , , v 1 ' . Ju- K. 1 ff 'im 'ga-, , Vi? I' Fw , Q ' K' ' :- ff -' "Q . X - rw ,- we -j +x,,3bZ' H-f""' 'v' "A - Pi' , . A g- ,gud RMHMJ, ,Kay gr , -'-.ff-RMA. 1' f ... l . x,,.,a ' -. V ' , F , ',- ,ffwa 1 ' f-' , -.. .3 M, ' I X4w ,. I ,W , ln 64 oc 'ow' f ,Zi 0 l lvvtq H S' X "" -,,,n ..-,' X K 4 3 ff Ron Gonzales plays the role of our North Viking Warrier overseeing the games while the band looks a bit discouraged, Number 11, Steve Castro makes a crucial pass against the Lincoln Lancers. if a-mln ne W'-w W 'N 'f fu fm eff 5 www Below: Coach Iim White takes zz typical pose while arguing with the referee. Left: Chris Tulbert is injured slightly in the line of duty. jk -I0 lit X 'dlqfmll ff ,x , 3 'A S3- 'W Q 0 'ei 1433 N . w X ' A mmm W 5 vi' ' Y S , -,,,..,,........,........... wa 'TV .Q 11, N u, , . , in w I v "s ,, ,V , 2 vu I enting the Class w J --if K2 . Wav M..muw Z W 1984 Jwmwwf- W 1 s W...-.mmwwwwmm X.m...W.... .M A :AKQ ' , W ,p .xs-wg? fx ,F vim N. , - gif! A aw 0 .0 o 0000 00000 U OOO Qboo O00 1 E E 3 S E 1 1 -3 z gf' .ff Q- vs '-': e - N. f n 3, .:. M ' ' I " I" :::2:: 5 . xii :A 1 , ,,.. M Q .. xg, s 'R , F N X2 'Y k 5 ff' X , B V54 xv X? Wk ff " , .,. . q ,MM ' -a:33e,- ., . , w ' , X WL. AMT 3 M .'hk wwf . new , in E if 2 2 '-- -- , K li yi' ' ,,,.' " , X - 'K ' " ..,, . ,,, , .. , .S 5 , ,-" is .12 S . V . ' J -. A "" - . Egg' X in XXX, mx a X 3 ,:,q 4 'iv-Q ,Q-.. X if X X Ax Lawrence Abeyta Shirley Acvzfedo L' A Eric Abarcn Hniwatlzn Adam-. Andrea Aflllyll 4. ' 5 5 5, -sn Z, WE 1 wx .1-mu. 93 Marin Atquzvlur Inimr Alzfaruz Run Aragon Bobby D. Amrzdn X. mi, f, av , LFQ f Ixmzdzzll Azzgv Arzdnw Bam Elizzzhetll Arclmlcta Snrzdm Baca PUR Louis Bnlderranm lfzimf Baldizan K X Dean Barbrv El xi Dfbliil' Bllrbfc' Alex Bnrglg - I A A fumes Brrrrm mv V 39k Pm Bernal C1111 Bzlla Yvmzm' Bmznzvidez Bm-jf-V gjnkl-,,m,, Senior orseman Q :Wy Mvlarzie Brown 'Ulf BVWIN 41"""w, 'W KNWII Bllfgvff Tmfklf Cgrmflf Minn Cl17I7I1ILi,lf Albert Carlson E an - Y , -z - S, ,QS Q:-g 1, W H x Auuutfr Casins Yvette Cnsias Sara Carson Arlvm' Casferzeda . ,,. K if lk 111 S " P22 , W- - .ui Iessv Czzstfznedn Steve Castro Nw www' iN X K2 S525 N gi, ,xt W S dug Delilah Clzrzcmz A ' Abby Chuang Gvri Clmcmz Hai Chung Domm Cuuk Iacqueline Coronado Amy Cfisler Katlzlcwl Crockvlt Celeste Cruz Km Daly ii X X gb in-,E E . , .. X .:,. m f H . jill Davis Lara DU Crcdim Arztlmny DUGIISIIIIIH Nmzcttv DCLUUH I 9' Q 1.5, Brian Paul Dino Iemzifer Dzmczzn 'fix Q 'K-435' Erzk DcSart Dmm' Duran 'vm kf2E Q?.: , ' , ""' f X - - XXX1 A W Patricia Duran Dennis Edgcrly Rodney Elm Tina Enriquez Alicia Esparzu Russ Espinoza Patricia Esquibal orth Grad fi? ui ag wie Q 5351 Cindy Iurgzismi Richard Firiaiimra L ' S f A S Phillip Gallagos Riitli Garcia RUIIBU irll7gL'0l1L' :Wh .g ' WV' K A ag Scot! Friend Carol Gallvgos Kim Gcorgr Sarah Gaiiicz 'UN 1? i -16, '. Q X ,Lift Alhgrn Gm1-11l1f 101111 M. Cu11-r1l15 TW!! GUWCZ Nndzdm Gmzzrzles Are Be t R011 Gm1zz1I1'5 Ruben Go11zr1Ics 1 1 N 1 QQ .WW 'QV S . fVIfCl1L'HL' GOHZHIUS W111fy1g Gray D1111Lq1as K, Gr111111111 Lvticin Gr1111ud11s Sandra Helm Curt Hepfzng Trayeee Greene David Hernamle Iames Hernrzndez Adam Herrera William Holm - Bpppyly fum-5 Michele Humphrey Shirley Iuramilla amos Knfirek -'wx Sum-Ig. Man Lam 4-if 5 Q Xi, '- .seisax rf Q Qgv my A ,K : L X 1' Bremin Kilgore Tessiv King H011 Kung 'U on 5 fmf Chi LC Lemy Lf' 4 S X 1 ' Van Lian Njt-k Umm fumes Licrnmn 'Y' f? -S 3 Neug Lnr Vuloriv Lozmm F Choa Lar Vincvfzt Lmwztu Qnly Time Paul Lujmz Cam! Maesfzzs I. ..1. me Rose Mnasfus Tom Marqmf: W E kg Hui Ma 1 sf X 'E Brenda Martine: sv' LQ. -v r H X ! Mm 55 N .L 1 Cum Martine: l sm Slzvrz Martzdwz William Martine: Karin Massar jerry Meluragno Iuunita Medina f Iesus Nfelvndfz Miclmllv Mwlzor Te Will ll Gnrrvff Jvlasarik Huaflzztr Minimal x -4' -2: ef 'it Ek . N , .X X qw E -6 - P Russvll Millvr Runmldo Minjurvz Rnnmmz In Milfy luly Montoya Diane Moreno Liseftv Moya Snug Nnmzvoug Niue-3. GKNNQ Indy Nczvnrrvz Chang Ngo f""O'Q 95 aw 5 Tam. V, Ngzzyvn wa. 'U Trang fxgnymz 15111115 .Nwtu Thj Tmfpf Nguwyl Klllllllplllll ENYUIIIZZIUI 'R Bom Nnrzvnngkham Andrea Oliver N I I Z x 3, U J, Rita Oruvlas 5 .ip fa? + wi mg -. .K A .2.LgfJazQ:- - . 1- wg- w J, -L DABIVUP OVIULQH X I Ml' if Harald Ortiz -N., w L111141 Otuww 44, wx j W saifig .V Guadalupv Pachvfo Uur Success i Kvith Page Rosemary Percz Gerald Petrillu ""W Clzivn Pharn Robvrt Piufmwski K 'S .S x .R E. 1 Af a ,KQQPW ...Q. Inscplz Polak g CHN PNY? Kim Pontius Andrew Pot! N1 Buztrxu Qumfmm Glllurt Qzuntanrz Rl'.'li'V QUIVIUWS Leroy Qllillfdfltl Sure Miclmel Quintana Mivlmvl Rael N. Q .rr N Alan C, Rayne W Rolwrm Rims Ruclzvllr Rvvf David Ripsrnn N 'Y in if l H A - f KN. Lori Rivera Nrttie Rulwrtsou Felipe Roflm Dmlfzld Rudrigzw: li Q is , - K 2 K: X Armlnda Rodriguez G Azzdrrn' RUllIl1llklfSlZ,llll Cllristuplzvr Romvm DMM gnlngdr Elzlznlwlll Rui: Kelly Rzzllzurfnrd Dawsmz Sanzuelf 'Q K c Frmzczsm Snnflzvz lolemf Sarzfaugflo Marisa Smziagelo 515-Q Aplmychit Sfzyrzoumt Clzristim' Svcgers S , XXX ,Q Q 'CW Aplznyzvau Snynaum! if is-fQ N , I Barlmra Sona Allmrf Sym jr, uv Svrmz Lev Sheets We Become -1 fm hw- -f 5 3 . 1 E Y m Grfzcirlu Silem' Tlmnzdy Szzvixni Larry Spumvr Rlzurzda Stvplzcns Q. . 4.3, x , j Cordon Sf. Pvtvr "Ss Tonya Strmm james Szmzn Clzristinn Stiff Chris Tzzllwrt g' Mx sig? Brian Tlmnms Dana Tlzumas Kim Tmmriu Dvrvk Torres ii' Todays Leader E is Qi . I fr Dang Tran Sum Tran l Patricia Trui' lisa Trujillo Aiztlimiif Trujillo Durolliy Trujillo Camille Valdez Malyrith Vongrith ,1 T Kathy Vigil Patrick Wiggins lvlvlissiz Wiizslou' .17 Kvlziiii Vigil Kimball Wiggins Lmim Sulirvilmr fe :Nik SQYXXXYYXXXXXXXXXKXSSYYSXXX!XxxYXXX!XsxxsxsxsxxXXXSXXXSXXXSXXXXXYXXXXXXSX!!SSSSSXXssSxxxYXKKlSXYSSXv 5' 9 XXSYXYQTY!!KKXSSXXSXXXXSSXXSXSXXXXX!XXXSXXXYXXXXSXSXXXXXSXXSSXXXXXXXXXXXKXSSXX it si Szgnatures or Senzor Vzkzng XX AX!SSX!!SX!XXX!SSKSXX!!SXXSXXXSSSXX!SX!XKXSXXXSSXXXKXXKXSSSSXXXXSXXXXXXKXSSXXSSSXXXSXXXXXXXXSXSSXKSXXXXXSXXXSXXXXSSSSXXXXSSXXXXXSSSXS Q 12 sxxssxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxssxxssxxxxxxxsssxxsxxxsxxssxxxsxxxxsxsxxxxxxxxxxsxxsxxsxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxg N Qu Q I 0 O O O 9 I 9 I I 9 I 9 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 9 2 9 9 I I I I I I 9 I ' 2 A x rv 3 tix 'U25 HAQZ3? Working hard? One of those . X ww. Is it? I think so, too. h Here today, gone tomorrow h 0 90:30 0000 Qosmio ,WOO Viking Varieties Survives Snow Storm After being postponed twice, the 1983 talent show entitled Viking Varieties, was successfully held December third. The show had more than ten acts, from singing to dancing. The show also included commercials provided by SPEAC. Iim Lierman's solos on the electric guitar, part of the band Destiny, were outstanding. Brian Dino leaves his audience bewildered as his doves magically appear out of thin air. Roxanne Rollins, Marisa Aguayo and Pat Calderon await the beginning of the talent show. Roger Reynolds shows his singing talents, as the lead singer of Destiny, a band including three of North's students: Andy Baca, Iim Lierman, and an '83 graduate of North. Michelle i Taylor exhibits her twirling skills. e Roxanne Rollins Marisa Aguayo Luisa Aguayo Stephanie Bertels Iim Lierman Roger Reynolds Marvin Wells Roberta Trujillo Brian Dino Andy Baca jay Ruybal SPEAC Inc. The Stars Patricia Calderon Trisha Riffle Yvonne Negly Michelle Taylor Nettie Robertson April Crisco Paco Sanchez Kathy Sanchez jazz Band Mr. Sod and Crew The Playmates - Producer Ms Lamar hopes behind the scenes that all will go well S.P.E.A.C. Student Political Education Action Committee, Mr. Ernest Teed, Advisor. Alrozie: Top Row: Sabrina Lozano, Arlene Casteneda, Florencio Vargas. Middle Pete Williams, Patricia Valdez, Vanessa Martinez, Greg Martiriez, Anita Hernandez, Front: Antonia Salas, Gary Duran, Paula Burgas, Kevin Sanelzez, Miclzelle Taylor, Arlene Maez. G P-Q I' Viking Seal of approval I ,A S.P.E.A.C. Promotes Viking Involvement S.P.E.A.C.'s main purpose is to promote Student S.P.E.A.C. has four officers: Head Girl, Kim George involvement. The group looks for flaws in the school and Head Boy, Steve Castro, Treasurer, james Roybal, tries to correct them. Activities include: Halloween Party, Secretary, Cathy Hernandez, Community Trash Pick-Llp, and Teacher Appreciation. Grchestra Getting in Tune The members of the Orchestra are, from left to right Iback rowl, Mr. LaForte fdirectorj, Andrea Trujillo, Dixie Flower, Mark Garcia, Cassandra Bland, james Richards, Ieanrie Fair, Cfront rowl, Ruby Maez, Michelle Edgerly, Terri Kaspari, Tina Kaspari, Victoria Lovato Not too many people know the many things that North High's orchestra does. They spend most of the second semester practicing for the all school play. This year, the band had to learn music for the Wizard of Oz. Also, the North orchestra played a concert for Argyle Park Square, a home for the elderly. This year, four members of the orchestra were chosen for the all- city orchestra. This was quite an accomplishment, since more than 300 people auditioned, and only 75 were chosen. The four all-city members were Terri Kaspari, viola, Tina Kaspari, cello, Victoria Lovato, violin, and Ieanne Fair, bass. The concert was at South High School on November 19th. N 4 9 wi 'Pl G -l-A R Q5 D CD Fourth row: jim Kaciek, Ibo Ruiz, Larry Sporrior, Frank Montoya, joe Sino, jesse Espurza, jack LaForte, fdirectorj Carlos Carbajal, jeff Seib, Denny Bray, Lee Madrid, Donna Cook, john Blevins, Robert Boisvert, David Cook. Third Row: Dennis Edgerly, joe Meastas, jennifer Flageolle, Trudy Weidenhamer, Carol Hurst, Liza Perez, Shirley Acevedo, David Huntsinger, N' at Mr. Lalforte leads a select group from band through the halls. Close-ups of Robert Boisvert, Tuba, and jesse Esparza, trumpet show their concentration on task. Chris Goodnight. Second Row: Valerie Brown, Lucinda Witt, Leeann jones, Linda Trounce, Donna Thomas, jennifer Munson, Lori Samora, Erica Wook, Tina Kaspari, Lori Rivers. First Row: Pal Valdez, Sandra Quintana, David Hernandez, Charles Auge, Albert Sena, Lynette Laffea, Denise Rodriguez, Brenda McWain, Heather Glendenning, Matt Klejwa. ii kNXi35 E S"""""""'-M--...- .W ...b Wh -M N f f+:1S'-5515" -"' - A X : fa' Qgxig L - . . - fi o , " " "X"' -- --C ig, iff f .Q K4 f . . A . , - - Madrid, Debbie Quick, Victoria Maurer, Sandy Crepin, Carma Dollan, Tony Krantz, Lia Bradford. Front Row: Charles Arellaro, Antonio Martinez, Don Lopez, jeff Davis, Carey Richards, joe Zabawa. Second Row: john Garza, Danny Cannell, David Suinz. Back Row: Mark O'Brien, Robert Depperschmidt, Steve Gonzales, Mike Dooley, Tim Flowers, jack La Fort, Director, George Tenerio, joe Luevarzo, Charles Owens, Chris Molina, jeff M, N S, QQ, 2 M Back Row: Chris Goodnight, Kenny Auge, jesse Esparza, Lee Larry Spomer, Shirley Acevedo, Donna Cook, Dennis Edgerly. Madrid, Denny Bray, jeff Seib, Carlos Carabajol, Third Row: First Row: Lisa Perez, Valerie Brown. jazz Band Officers jim Lierman, Andy Rornanyshun, jack LaForte, teacher, Dana 1983-1984 fbelowl are Vice President, Donna Cook, President Thomas, joe Maestas, lim Suazo, lim Kacirek. Second Rowr Shirley Afevedo, Sec.!TreaSur2r, jim Kacirek. Band 1983- t 1984 6.1, fx M ww Wifi? evi lgfgamifsl U v U 9 X X, NX-fn 5 -Wk' All City Iazz Combo, 1983-1984 Kleftl: Dennis Edgerly, jim Lierrnan, Kenneth Auge, Below, All City fuzz Band, 1983-1984: Donna Cook, Dennis Edgerly, Iirn Lierman, and Ken Auge. Below, Left: Group practices in the band room under the direction of Mr. LaForte. 36: 6 V fe. .Q ill, 1 B. ' . , , 8 K Q 55. .Xl , X ,H X 6 All-C ity, All-State Mu ic Winners North High School has a fantastic group of musicians. Each year we have students who make all city, and even All-State groups, indicating that they are The Best. Pictured right are: Roger Reynolds and Kenneth Auge, our All State Choir winners. Above: All State Band, Kenneth Auge. Below, All City Choir: Pat Duran, jim Lierman, Roger Reynolds, Kenny Auge, lames Richards, Nettie Robertson, Ieanne Clanahan, Roxanne Rollins, and Heather Davies. 'Q no Hi . ' I l Above: All City Marching Band: David Hernandez, Heather Glendenning, Michelle Taylor, Trudy Weidenhamer, Lucinda Witt. Below: A11 City Band: Heather Glendenning, Dennis Bray, Donna Cook, Matt Klewja, and Kenneth Auge, Christmas Program o 1988-84 The present day North Choir harrnonizes with the choirs of yesterday. Ransom awes the audience with Concert Choir's song: A Christmas Happening .J james Richards gains attention by reciting, almost anyway, I'm Getting Nothin' for Christmas. KN X I X, 9 M A Christmas Happening On December 9th, 1984 North High School sponsored a vocal program that showed off the Viking coral, Vikyrie, Advanced Choir, and Concert Choir combining talents with the touch of Saint Nick. The evening's events also included the appearance of past graduates of North and a reception after the concert. Mr. Ransom has high hopes for all of these groups and is determined to whip them into top-grade vocalists. Pantastics A Fantastic Success . .K gi W ,,,, ,, I X 'JN I X, rt THE CAST Director ....... ......,....... G aye Lamar The Girl ...... ...... C hristina Macias The Boy ........,.. .... L ance McClure Her Father ........, ........ I ames Roybal His Father .......... ......... I im Lierman El Gallo ....... ........ R oger Reynolds The Mute ....... ........ M arisa Aguayo Elki Neiberger Mortimer ........,............... Patricia Duran The man who dies .............. Tessie King Old actor Henry, ............ Brian Rudacil The Fantastics, a fantastic show di- rected by Gaye Lamar, was a fantastic success. The production was given along with a catered dinner which was better the second night than the first because Ms. Lamar changed caterers. Presented in the new lunchroom, the show was well received by all those who showed up for an evening of fun. Vzkorale Vzkorale, North's mixed Iazz choir consists of about twenty-four dedicated and talented singers. They are accompanied by three musicians, Ieannze Fair, Iim Lierman, and Michelle Edgerly. They perform not only for North but also for shopping centers and hotels such as The Brown Palace. Director is Mr. Kenneth Ransom who combines twenty seven talents to create one o Denver's finest IAZZ choirs. Ieanne Fair lim Lierman Michelle Edgerly Sam Sutherland Ieanne Clanahan john Olona Sabrina Lozano William Holm Sherri Grant Darrin Wassman Paula Bargas Tom Trujillo Nettie Robertson Roger Reynolds Lara DeCredico james Richards Christina Macias Iolene Santangelo Steve Seegers Heather Davies Dennis Edgerly Pat Duran David Iesmer Roxanne Rollins Kevin Sanchez Patricia Calderon 2 l : jk? Valkorie is a group of twenty-four talented girls. They sing Iazz songs like jukebox Saturday Night and ballads like , Always On My Mind. Valkorie W performed at Christmas programs as well a as community groups. They are Super. . af dr Officers of Valkorie are: Desiree Ortega, Lisa Brotz, Tina Kasperi, and April Grisko. Back Row: Tina Kasperi, Stephanie Bertels, Michele Sheff? M-, Becky Devich, Front Row: Katy Brackeff, Humphrey, April Grisko, Tina Hernandez, Lisa Bratz, Gina Morales, Roberta Trujillo, Mindy jacques, Marrissa Rhonda Williams. Middle Row: Kathy Hernandez, loyce Aguayo, Lana Rennaker, Terrie Kasperi, Angela Montoya. Oney, Tracey McPherson, Desiree Ortega, Tina Hepting, W 59 Concert Choir: Great H arrnony!! 4 Entertainment always attracts an audience! The Fearless Leaders: Roger Reynolds and Iolene Santangelo The Four sing "Elvira" in hope for success. r M' mv ttfzw-Wg' ,dgfrwy ,, i 4 FMGYPN if , 'lNGfNfrTH'E voor PR VE Q ' BEPQIZF 51701-0710! 5 , t sue - rs was f 5 The Singers: Back row: Daneen, Esrnerelda, April, Michele, Stephanie, Pat, Iessie, Torn, james, Terry, Elaine Missy Front Ieannie, Kenneth, Darin, lohn, Iirn, Sam, Roger, Robin, Lisa, Roberta, Kathy, Iolene, Kathy, Barbara, Venzssa Marie larnes Marina, Becky, Desiree, Kishia, Nadeen, Ioanne, Pat, Sara, Lance, Maria, jackie, Angie, Theresa, Pat 'f-it 5 4 gang? IQ-::,5.l5.HQX As if 'wg 'sf i - Q n . 1 f X Qs Rae X, Concert Choir was the main vocal section of North High School. It was available for students of all types to take in order to learn the basics of singing and harmonizing. As Prime Choir, it also was one of the rnost spectacular events to see at North. The students worked hard to learn some dance steps, acting, and projecting their school spirit through performance. Mr. Ransom, director, fpicture rightl spent countless evenings working out details of each concert and the results were worth it. The choir, however, is suffering. If you have the interest, sign up for Concert Choir. You won't regret it!!! R.U.T.C. Back row: A. Perez, S. Cole, M. Espinosa, T. Garcia, S. Rivet, R. Reynolds, D. Roybol. Middle Row: M. Moya, D. Hicks, Gomez, C. Gonzales, L. Laffee, Martinez. Front Row: K. Martinez, K. Martinez, I. Roybal, N. Langone, R. Gonzales, H. Ozwald, G. Pacheco, I. johnson, L. Balderama. Below left: R. Gonzales, A. Boisvert, Sandra Holm, and S. Cole. Below right: A. Boisvert demonstrates some of the formations of the Honor Platoons. E R.O.T.C. boasts qualified personnel. Above: C!Maj. Gregory Humphries strikes an official pose. Left: I. johnson, M. Espinosa, L. Laffe, R. Boisuert, A Aquinaldo, R. Gonzales, S. Helm, A. Boisvert, display their many trophies. Top Left: M. Espinosa, R. Gonzales, A. Boisvert, R. Boisvert. Girls team: L. Laffe, A. Aquinaldo, S. Helm and I. johnson. :If . , ymm ,,, I I ' V fl - ' .4-.0-had f ' f ,I r ' 1 X ' t' We're Always Flying high. Col. Wyatt and SFC Ojeda watch on as the Army inspects their cadets in the AFI fAnnuaI Formal lnspectionj. to Hllhv' ' nl' VW' ' w' """""'ff1f, r ' 1 l l 0 0 I 0 0 , Nw 'EE iff Q11 -x J- J- Ig Af' . Qi, VP' ',.Yfl-'X 1-I 1' t if ll l 'QX W ! k Standing Tall and also looking proud, I - t X XX 'ff 'NX . . , Jn, j K5 4 I H- 4- NY Q f Good job son. Say what? f 3 just relax. Do it right! R.O.T.C. always does ii RIGHT X22 gg wwf H w 5 65 C M Q M I N G King Steve Castro and Queen Cindy Prince Steve Romgfo and Przncess Sandy 1 Quzntana Ferguson A , E , O .Jf mm 06O Q0 0 oo o0O OQODQ 09000 s ' Q N K is s Nr X orskz zs Snow Bound Norski provides students at North the opportunity to enjoy skiing with fellow students. This year they have been to Loveland Keystone, and Winter Park. The sponsors are Mrs. Aguilar and Mr. Sauer. The officers are fPresidentJ Sara Carson, fVice Pres.I Vicky Stewart, fSec.J Ioe Maestas, lTreasJ Pat Tracey. sid K Q. ' ""' 92. H: r 'L . f, if s--- 2 . 0 Q . M . -'X ,. Wifi . .gif-fi Qi: A K' ' xii sf 5? 1 SS E? ' S 3 - 3 ' A- ' . ,,.. : -is-.ff -2212: .. 'S' A 5 3 . - 5 X ' "" X X 'ION X af 14 XZ' I wscxw 1' kc Special Olympics Special Olympics is off and running. They are a new club under the leadership of Iack jones. Special Olympics students have the opportunity to participate in various exciting activities. Some of the activities include bowling, basketball, track and field events as well as skiing. This workfstudy prograrn enables students to participate in activities that they all enjoy. Group picture: Ist row: Bill Alexander, Lupe Gonzales, Pam Giordano, Scott Friend. 2nd row: Clorinda Esparzen, Kathy Gomez, Debbie Dyer, Doris Sena. X fm RW M -.s ik Ag ligvii vsusg1lxmQPsaf:'M'e- Hssrxcsfsem K K -K K K S .ffi 0 Q gum S i VM N Wllgi . 69 Dedication Insures Key Club' Success ,W .mln L fu R lnzck raw: Paul Lnjfzn, Cnr! Hupnng, Andy Putt, Andy Front row: Trams Torres, Frank Owens, Wayne Gray, Missy Rnnnmysnyn, Kenny Angry Gregg PON, Mr. Walsh fclnlv Lnlnne, Mindy Ifzqncz, Karin Mfzssnr, Lnnn Owens, IOAnnc wpulzsnfi. Nfzddlr row: Derek Tnrrcs, Karen Bzlrgcff, Cllristirzr Szgncnza Sergers, Tess Neilwrgcr, Hrmzdu Carmsco ff,,,"Q 1'NlC ' ' .J RA V 0 x0 1-221,11 I 4 X X x 1 Q if Xxe ll' The Key Club of North High School was fortunate to have dedicated members this year. Their willingness to help people was shown through various activities, such as a coat and terry-cloth drive for Beth Israel hospital, and a traveling tal- ent show which visited homes for the elderly and handicapped, or hospitals. The Key Club officers are fabovel: Derek Torres, Presidentg Paul Lujan, Vice-Presidentg Karen Burgett, Treasurer, and Christine Seegers, Secretary. We Are the FBLA 3 F.B.L.A. officers: Michele Gonzales Kathy Vigil Michele Menzor Iaime Alvarez Allegra Gonzales President Vice President Secretary Project Chairman Treasurer 13? fa.-..--1 T uruns usmess msmcn Q Future Business Leaders of America meet once a month. The sponsor is Mrs. Wilma Lykins. To be eligible for this club you must be enrolled in a business class and pay the six dollar national and state dues. The purpose of I-'.B.L.A. is to show the relationships between the business classes at North High and the business world. Activities include trips to local, state and national conferences where students compete using business skills. Science Club 'Grows' QV Back row: Matt Klejwa, Mr. Allen Hill. Middle row: joe Polak, Greg Pott, Melanie own, Andy Pott. Front: Robert Igo. Science Club consists of young individuals interested in the field of science. Every Monday after school, members work on science projects, community and school projects and fund raisers for the Science Department. Mr, Allen Hill is the sponsor, and anyone interested may join. ova Vatu My airnxsffvf 23' Ng c Wi Q if A ,- 'gf cc Chi Lee Andy Romanyshyn lfff Georgeson Curt Hepting Brian Dino Miki Ito Barbara Martinez The National Honor Society was a special way that North honored those students who had accelerated to high scholastic standards, which also includes: service, leadership, and character. Mr. Murnan made sure everyone helped the school in some service in N.H.S., and maintained a 3.5 grade average. The persons in N.H.S. have reached a special climax at North and should have CONGRATULATIONS. The National Honor Society, also, participated in the canned food drive. "I-'lummoxed" students were helped in rearranging their schedules in a somewhat acceptable order so that everyone was pleased. Mr. Murnan, the pride and spirit of N.H.S. was caught taking a rest after a day of brainwave deterioration and coffee breaks. 1 ational Honor Society Tom Murnan, Sponsor llil Marisa Hyun lflmff Aguayo La Alvarez Tammy Espinoza Melanie Brown Clreat NATIONAL HONOF2 SOCIETY NX 7 f DNh9rk Karen Burgett Sara Ann Carson Renee Flageolle Richard Depperschmidt Donna Cook Lemy T. Le Home Related Economic L K JUN I, who Gccupations The HERO group meets during the day in home economic classes. Sponsors, Barbara Woolverton and Barbara Nolan help students find employment in areas related to home economics. Hero activities include community projects, craft sales, and sending students to dis- trict and state conventions. Top Right: Valerie Lovato and Ka- ren Saiz get instruction from teacher, Barbara Woolverton. Right: Cut-ups Veronica Gautney and Iosie Carrillo. Below: Mrs. Nolan sells crafts. Group picture: Mrs. Woolverton, Veronica Gautney, Valerie Lovato, Faye Garcia, Iosie Carrillo, Crystal Fernandez, Kim Ayon and Karen Saiz. ,w-1'-"""""'W VICA Succeeds Officers Members Henry Herrera Stacey Barela lohn Gonzales jennifer Duncan Tonya Streno Rodney Elm Cheryl Rael Paul Garcia Vica members meet during classes in drafting, auto mechanics, electronics and ice. Vica gives students on the job training at entry level in their chosen field. Loren Linville james Macias Troy Margnes Garrett Masarik Rumaldo Minjarez Victor Nunez Marty Olivas Paul Pewo Robert Piotrowski Mike Rauh --at . . . . 2 ccci i ii, smtp, A Derek Torres Sonny Gloria i r 4? Z 5' x V a :Z X A X k 5 X X H fkxinxl VICA Officers mmmw vm, RCE! Xxx' H-W -- ---Q H ---- -- - - -- . 2, '. 155 iff. E I: A Ii 3 ,MM .K - -Q2 f f 2, fd fu ational Forensic League Under the direction of Curtis Garret N.F.L. members compete in four separate catagories. They hold meets "On Saturdays" groaned lim Suazo. They compete with students from all over Colorado. Pictured Top Left are jim Suazo, Brenda Carrasco, Lana Owens, and Karin Massar. jim is the only extemporanious speaker, he is given 3 topics to choose from Z6 hour before delivering a speech on the subject. Brenda, Lana, and Karin Competes State Wide compete in original oratory, speeches are delivered from memory. The debate team, Top Right is julie Toth, and Tabatha Nunez, Cross-X, Diane Valdez, and Laurie Sanoua, Lincoln Douglas. Cross-X is 2 on 2 debate, L.D. is 1 on 1. Interpretation, Bottom Left, concentrates on interpretation of literature. Elki Neiberger, Gina Trujillo, Veronica Montoya, and Robert Killially speak on poetry and dramatic literature. are ,V H, t, .e W ' ,, 2: K ,was Q Club members are: Bobby Aranda tPresidentJ, Tim Slevin fVice-Presidentl, Frank Derrera, Mr. Speros, Paul Lujan, Ieff Zabawa, Theresa Seegers and Ieannine Hurst, Kathy Sanchez, Secretary, is not pictured. Above: Paul Lujan. Would this face lie to you??? fYANK.'!!' Bobby Aranda, Club President The Law Club, sponsored by Mr. Ted Speros holds meetings on Wednesdays before school. The group attempts to develop an interest in law, speakers, and attend Law Day activities. Students interested in law-related fields are urged to join. Hiking with Mountain Club Though Mountain Club members R C spend many of their weekends indulging in one or more of the club's varied activities tsuch as hiking, rock-climbing, camping out and skiingl, they willingly contribute their time, good spirits, and helping hands throughout the school week. This years officers are: Greg Pott, President, Andy Pott, Vice- Presidentg Vicki Stewart, Secretaryg Andy Romanyshyn, Treasurer. Mountain Club sponsors are Mrs. Moller, Mr. Rosenow, and Mr. Brown. I. , , ,W , N 80 I in 5 ,Q My 2' . ,nw -4, W. ..,x 'Q I' v A Ax MM at ff K' I ,N W 7 , 'I Q ,M , ' QA 5,4-'ffm 'mg M , ,,, fm Vi . , w ', ' 155. V. if Q.. fy, gpm , '!9?"' fi' M , ,150 X W M5 W . , ' My J" W 7, y , j f J -,f ff , ,, f ' ,, 12211, my , ,w ff V .M N v ,5,,n , v i-M' ,v ,M H Mwwawww-W-qhbw A 81 Ballarat The View rom Here ra fly , The Balnrizt experience is one tu he renieinlnered, as inure and inure North students are finding out every year. These exezirsnnis to lovely Balnrizt lzzzzie been a huge , . . K Club inenzbers pose with their sponsor Mrs, Moller, while Vicky Stewart and Tmnimf Espiimzn enjoy szirfess and will emztirzue tri he fur into the ' ' ' A the view. future. Black Masque Q 13 9 ., do Stage 5 . 4. Members are: Iames Roybal Elaine Esparsen Ioanne Siguenza Pat Duran Lance McClure Cathy Hernandez Becky Campbell Veronica Montoya Nettie Robertson Black Masque is a theatrical club sponsored by Ms. Lamar. Crew Stage Crew is a behind the scenes group which is often times forgotten. Headed by Mr. Sod, the group consists of skilled members whose task it is to make sure all runs smoothly during school productions. North's new auditorium boasts new control centers and new sound systems, When completed, the auditorium will be the best in the city. Q H.. FCA means Fellowship of 1983-84 FCA members: Christian Athletes. This special group at North brings together some of the best talent to celebrate, discuss, and learn about the primary place religion takes in our modern lives. The Bible is highly emphasized and used to guide members. Guest speakers, mainly professional athletes, are invited to speak at the meetings. They relate the influence of faith in their everyday lives. Greg Pott Travis Torres Theresa Seegers Gina Volpe Netti Robinson Henry Herrera Roger Reynolds Renee Flageolle Karen Burgett Mike Rael Andy Pott Christine Seegers William Helm Tessie King Andy Romanyshyn Ioe Polak Kenny Auge Brian Dino fPresidentI Tom Garcia Derrik Torres Frank DeHerrera Mr. Clum fSponserJ Vickie Stewart Cristina Stitt if " t Y Fellowship of Christian Athletes Human Relations Committee Although not well known, this committee was a very active group of students, faculty and community members. The group sponsored such activities as na- tive American celebration, fund raisers, assisting in the program "Chemical People," and the plan- ning of an ethnic heritage day. Left: Chairman of the committee, Dr. Urioste makes plans. ei The meetings were a perfect time for students, teachers, and commu- nity communication. Problems were solved and people were recognized. Developed to compensate for withdrawal of desegration laws, the committee did a good job in 1983- 84 of educating teachers and stu- dents in human relations, Martin Luther King special talks were held in january. Outside speakers were invited to present a program based on human rights. Be- low, Dr. llrioste visits with Mrs. Dorothy Pyles about the effectiveness of such a program at North High. Below: Dr. Conway Spears is questioned by North stu- dents regarding some points he has made in his presentation. Below left: Iames Roybal, Steve Castro, Kathy Hernandez, and Kim George were the students involved in making the committee a successful one at North. il Front Row: Lisa Trujillo, Lucinda Fernandez, Iamie Rios, Christi- na Macias, Sheri Rael, Tonya Sterno, Lisette Moya, Ruth Garcia, Donna Cisneros Znd Row: Michelle Lesperance, Lucy Lesperance, Kelly Lovell, Stormy Sines, Liz Murrietta, Mary Ann Barbre, Harold Ortiz, Rick Finamore. 3rd Row: Iuanita Martinez, Nina Castillo, Lenore Gonzales, Iay Gutierrez, Tony Stein, Francisco Vargas, Celina Valdez, Tony Trujillo, Tracy Green, Tony Duran, Bernadette Rodriguez, Celeste Cruz, Pat judson, Cesar Castillos, Chris Romero, Tom Montono, Valerie Enriques, Tom Espinoza, Kwtvvkv c fried 6luckeni F'l'33"ZK?fr'5" During the year, members of DECA have participated in a District Conference and a State and National competition. Deca has held dances, and has done many things for the community. Above Christina Macias and Daphene Perkins discuss plans for the next event. Right is the mural which graces the walls of the Deca store. 4613: 7: v M a ,. , .v .,.f., ,, Vfafsegfr, , 1 ,Z t WAN - " ' X ,V ,, "' ' iillhzgj .. .... il g' an by :psi-fw:.m.:, . M is N c of we wt N K ,mfpzrlyf 3 i-j K 'P' Vkbona Z ff t ,X X it N X v DECA Officers, 1983-1984 President ......... , ............ Iuanita Media Vice President ........ Christina Macias Treasurer .................... ,... H arold Ortiz Secretary ........ ............... L isette Moya Publicity Director ....,.,. Celina Valdez Directors fpictured above? are Dave Richardson and Pete Hergenreter. NX Www Dungeon and Dragon Dungeon and Dragons Club? ls there one? Yes, tlzere is. The elub made its not-so-obvious start at the beginning of the sehool year. As the year went on, the group gradually increased in size as we well as in the name "Mike". Many people are still confused, however, as to what the object of the game is. The object of the game depends upon different levels of playing ability, the adventureg and in all, it is to have a good time. Along with the gaming skills, involves analytical thinking, mapping skills, and individual initiative. D 6' D has been ridiculed many times, but one thing has always been overlooked: it's only a game. -l' A! , Zaphod feels rejeeted as The Witeh and Mekron roll the iliee zeithont his permission. ln.. The argument goes sometliing like this: "The eliarneter, Zaphod, In not alloieed to perish as 4 l you have not notieed, he has not aequired lns extra arm or head yet." ree think? ,flt I lose one more hit point, the Dungeon , .,,, , WWW Nlnster dies!" The insane pyronianiaes join together in ii group inn-e more! learning another spell , . , 88 0 he ,,,.-ns" ' f ,x r 'N 'x .A x,x 017117 f - I ul 1 i :H N W - Q. 'Q If 'I fnuiw. .k I an I 4. f K .UO IJ s .Q -1-'-I f A 404+ , X-17" . W K 19- gff jf 51 rr-X ' Tha Drozlquorz Master and Nomun defer ,.,mm A mine ffm- lu! rollzug dim. ff "Look, M11. If glows in H10 darkf' Mmm uV"'W Tho xldwfltlrrors gntlmr . . . Hzlwkorz and Bcllirou journey info Hu 1mA'r1oIvH! Pep Club Cheers Aguayo, Marisa Alarid, Donna Alderete, Rosernary Alvardo, Andrea Ariaz, Kris Aragon, Christina Arellano, Christina Ascendo, Barbara Atencio, Roberta Balderarna, Diane Bargas, Paula Bland, Cassandra Borga, Tanya Boyce, Kesia Buschkoetter, Sharon Bertels, Stephanie Calderon, Lisa Campell, Becky Carrillo, Belan Casias, Annette Casias, Yvette Casteneda, Danelte Catalan, Iavier Chavez, Nadine Chavez, Paula Cisneros, Donna Cordova, Lisa Crump, Yvonne Duran, Gary Duran, Leslie Duran, Lynn Enriauez, Valerie Enriauez, Eva Esparza, Francene Espinosa, Tarnrny Flowers, Priscilla Fresquez, Heather Gabardi, Felicia Gallegos, Sandy Garcia, Roberta Garcia, Sherry Giron, Sarah Gray, jackie Gomez, Patricia Gonzales, Allegra Pep Club Members Gonzales, Eva Gonzales, Ianelle Gonzales, Leticia Gonzales, Renee Haber, Mae Hererra, Laura Hidalgo, Faith jensen, Tarnrny Kaspari, Tina Keller, Walter King, Tessie Kleinewebber, Deanna Laffea, Lynette Lucero, Kelly Magana, Denise Martinez, Bridgette Massar, Karen McPherson, Tracey Melendez, Rose Montoya, Claudia Montoya, Lorraine Montoya, Pam Montoya, Phylis Montoya, Shantell Montoya, Valerie Montoya, Veronica Mondragon, Sabrina Morales, Christina Morales, Donna Moreno, Anna Myers, Brianna Nakano, Crystal Nakano, Gina Neiberger, Tess Norwood, Christine Nuanes, Denise Nuanes, Kathy Nuanes, Rachel Palomino, Rose Perez, Marlena Quick, Debbie Quintana, Michelle Quinos, Sandy Quintana, Lisa Quintana, Roseann Reynolds, Tarnrny Rodriguez, Denise Rodriguez, Vicki Rollins, Roxanne Rodriguez, Michelle Romero, Ann Marie Rornero, Lynette Rornero, Michelle Romero, Roseann Ross, Alana Ross, Stephanie Roybal, Belle Salazar, Abbie Salazar, Dana Sanchez, Kathy Siguenza, Ioanne Steckein, Sandie Taylor, Michelle Torres, Michelle Torres, Regina Triveno, Sandra Vigil, Susan Woodik, Ericka Yazzie, Iuletta egg? M17 15254215 CMP , i Pep Club members inspire North High athletes, giving spirit to those playing hard in the game. They work toward the homecoming finale and sponsor the homecoming dance. Many pep club members dream of becoming a cheerleader. ..-f"""' C M Q f rdf Qs D0 M1 I .fl Ill 7, 9 vlglg 'SUNG pggOo P' fl' NO Q9 Q9 ., fi A H1 -"5 Z z "' Cl 3 9 Q06 ' F The MESA Club of North High is a program designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics. The program is sponsored by the Colorado Minority Engineering Association, which is a 1 state-wide organization. Currently there are 18 students at North in the program. Students attend lectures, field trips, and a variety of other enrichment experiences that expose them to careers in these fields. Staff member, james Cox helps facilitate the program. This year's activities included: field trips to different colleges, and different industries such as Petro-Lewis and Marathon Oil. l 1 anoers Bloom in Orchesis Orchesis is a group of nine Vicky Lovato, Eva Gonzales, Abbie dancers directed by Ms. Sharon Salazar, Kesia Boyce, and Brianna Miller. The girls must try-out to Pyke. Left: Vice Pres. Keesia be in the group and spend many Boyce, President Abbie Salazar hours working to become one of laugh together at the the best high school dance groups photographer. Below right: Debbie in Denver. and Michelle pack up to go on the Bottom Left: Michelle Laffea, road. Dancers bloom in Orchesis. Debbie Prado, Michelle Taylor, The orth Star Sta ,VV The North Star staff this and every year, works to keep you ee' informed about the latest , it f 5, - f , ,iz 2 happenings, whether world or yfyyrrk . . . .. o 4 nationwide, school activities, or ret T ,,rrr - Iry ' even the newest flicks. f T' ,,,r,,y - . , feee f Sponsored by Ms. Vivian M Iohhstoh, The North Star 15 o T ,, . lle class production. X fa 1 2 , My 3 Wersi iam? fs QS mx.. gi., a K Teresa Tenorio Lucy Lesperance Brian Dino Otis Williams jude Riggs Herb Scott Mike Rael Frank Derrera Greg Pott Bill Holm Christine Seegers Tom Garcia joe Polak Sara Carson, Editor O .0 00000 GOOD OOO Qllou ao0 Good-Bye Mr. Torres 7 ww - ,: I W fm, The school year 1983-1984, brought many changes to North High School. The biggest change was the retirement of Mr. Ioe Torres, who had served as North's i principal for five years. Mr. Tor was replaced by Mr. Dave jones fabovel temporarily, until the ne principal Mr. Lino P. Gonzales lleftl, was chosen. North High wishes Mr. Torres, and Mr. Gonzales the best of luck. YES Z0 dministratioe Staff Quite a few changes were made in the administrative staff this year. Starting as administrators were Mr. David jones, Miss Shirley Miller, and Dr. Aflartha Urioste. Filling Miss Miller's post for second semester is Dr. Rhoda lmhoff. Below are Martha Bershok and Phyllis Punshon, nurses, and Richard Rosenow, social worker. 1 f f 1 Y s s ' 3 3 iw i , E Vf,f if .ffi 4L , frzembgr of ZN2fq1'tkfsj ifgcuZf3jl Aftg?ij iii? zliifimelggilieatiigfivas 'ziffgfeatffioss ' Miss' Milleris lasik day 8f,N91?f?1 fff0w'?ff M Ff?1f?ff11'Qf-501116Wsfffessl '??ff'e4 Qg?f?0Hff2??fQ? ff???ff"f'f s, H gnd tkbge clqggto ke? wililimiss f zkfdys I7? Es3i5grbQf??5f45f??f?2Qfi?d?f5f3?3S' i Qfefsx , m Miller 4 h,A ,' , nglish and Reading 1 Liz Aguilar 'z V SQ fq L My K ,f G, f 5 5 , i i, Annette Farnham W f , f Y? ! Q g ggggg R l vi 4 L it Gaye Lamar 919 ia M. xi L Z a i, Ellene Austin Norma Bowles Cathleen Brown Ruth Choquette f 'Z' Z o, f 1 gg ev ,J-4' Elly Fetsch Curtis Garrett Veneta Greene Vivian Iohnston ' 1 ,J -I 5.2 My an 5 W ff 1 f f f x J! - , a of Betty Latimer Eleanor Moller Barbara Ingram Lynne Pettyjohn Patricia Scheibach LOWS S011 er y ' Social Studies Iohri Acosta Louann Pislfiering Emanuel Iones Donald Koogle ludy Lisatz Delbert Long Albert Samuelson james Schrarit Theodore Speros Foreign Language :RNA ,..X V' Willis Moran Charles Orwig .,.. s lx j I-.xx ke i... S . X R N R as X MX X K Nw NNN X M, k X XX s X Robert Walsh I A Molly Dominguez Leo Verderber 100 james Zordani Mathematics Alan Belsiock Ruth Counts I never knew a square root could glow. "X, 1 Nffj i .ff 1 f , . i C 0 1: WW gf-fV,,,..T H l f-4 F- i Q Q0 if M- l +1 gill! Iames Cox lack Fakharzadeh Gerould King Marvin Korab lf 5 3 Q AAHA S y p p ly pl in. Gary Sauer lglllj l ll wal' l' 'Wy ' ,ii iw. i i in .1 if K , Gerald Srriith 'V' xii, - V. ij , , L Q., Y, A . X H i icheal Smith Ierome Syrnonton Iarnes Wheeler Iames White 1 l 5 l 101 i i, 7' A.. IU ., Science Lois Black Claude Ford Allen Hill Robert Iohnston Dorothy Western Michael Williams Horne Economics Q I 3 Robert Hall il! Elroy Lee Vickie Phillips G Tl'-E The new slang alphabet Priscilla Lovelace Barbara Nolan fs , ' Beverly Wagoner Barbara Woolzierton Business Education Irene Conklin Gwen Feindel Peter Hergenreter Kay Iohnstone Wilma Lykins Iudy Wagoner Dolores Williams I NEVER KNEW MY STUDENTS COULD BE SO SMALL. Us eomsfov HR ,. A , E, M Q7 'T awaybo J t and j dgfq we L suceeel in 'his sam-if YFMEEW 'K 5, woald fr? c,oMMoma.uW, f 9 5 SQ gic5V1lf'.f?S3ff'f2 KX 4. 4- , 4 .thai cploeclinji-own' ooeecl F ,N 'Xl we B52 ' ' ' .f Q . and B07 G"EO'2'l"J Q Q ' 1:-in gg pr. l 9 In 1- Y 1: Z f Trena Dale 5 Albert Miller Donald Stern "DO TELEPHONES WORK FOR THE BIRDS?" Dave Richardson Asks, 103 V i Art vi e ,, Q Y Rlzoda Irnlzo X ,, 1? E Corinne Wliisnant Vernon Wilson o,, 4, n,h,nn , 4 f ' " Mi, , . ' ,,Vfgizf"" f 11235: "M, 1 I f f 44 rr , N . , ,, ,, fi, - 'H ri, , , , r,,tf"EE?Wif ' ' Y' 'W 4.,,, 2, with equally outstanding instructors. Bilingual x W 'Q Marky Bodenlzarner V W lose Perea fi - Ray Sandoval Mr. Perea does a double take. 104 As you see, North offers an art program with outstanding varietyg E ' QD'- Iack Lalforte Kenneth Ransom Warren Wheeler fs. I N Larry Dardano w Hold Youth R Mr. LaForte entertains wherever he goes. X F' ,se fd Y' -4 K 'Q ? X 'I Music lust hum a few bars .... INV!! "'-'Ummm . rev 'Rx f ff Josephine Thomas I Q I ndustrial Arts Fi? sls s ss Q E tsi Bs ,sf i i 4 K. Ronald Bott William Brown Donald Eklund Larry Enos Darrel Green Eugene Kowalski Ioe Meyer Delbert Peterson Warren Wills Special Assignment lames DiTolla Donald Evans Norman Page Harry Risoli loAnn Sena Finch Ernest Teed 106 f Special Education loan Astmann Lois Burke Nancy Elia john Iones f, f , Ann Lacy i Ray Sanchez Steve Woytek Media Center Ziff? if 2: 7 si: I K , l Alice Burns Susan Nichol Flora Thayer E ff: 5 3 QM xmsim , ' lf, 1. F! f' i Librarians Burns and Thayer remember happier days when the library was a smoothly running operation, Left: Boxes remain in crates the entire first semester while new library is still under construc- tion. 107 Lanchroom Ev' Custodial Staff I. Manzanares P. Ochoa S. Rivera G. Vitelln B. Zacharias A .Q 5,-,, .N ' A-5' 7 f,, W I. Aguilar R. Carnafho A. Crandall S. Grady sk A, -un. E. Carpinello I, Espinoza I. Guerra L. Hernandez lx X Q M . S . . I. Martinez li,--.L 'S k K 5 ., V , Q . . Y . - .ig W + K ..., : - ' . kk N wx L. X ig 'X X 1. - - A f K . V. Alonzi M. Barela N. Lombardi M, Mariani S. Skinner I. Syverson L, Zupancic orth's Counselors Sam Allison xt ylyi Arnold Robert Ray Tom Clurn Goetz Krucas Murnan N x X Nahette Richard Reuse Walsh Former student visits counselor. Mr Murnan at work7' The counseling staff wishes to pay special tribute to Counseling Clerk, Melody Wittner for the 1983-84 school year. Yea, Melody. Thanks for 'em The Help!! Clerical Staff iw e: Mary Lou Walz Lillian Miller Secretary Treasurer Phillis Prince Barbara Raen Willie Anthony Lush Lofton Security Aids Lucy Pride WCM! lx V 110 xx NX QM.-...,, 'Wx 'N-Q ""'+.... Gloria Cena eros Darll ne Gonzales Marilyn Malleek gEF"WW lane Tierney Melody Wittner Margaret Wright Adding spirit to North High during Spirit week are a jolly group of clerical, aids, and teachers. There is NONE like them. Aiafesg what would we do wtthoat them? X If H . - " ww,, z , - ,. mi i Q Q Q ,f D ' V 1 1 Delores Abeyta Sylvia Coronado Alice Del Hierro Dianne Manzanares Above: Ou Za, V ar Mary Laconte Marlene Tricurco Dorothy Ward Kathy Zangari r aides dress up for Spirit Week. Dora Walton wins the prize. I Physical Education Porfiria Bania Ion Frazier Gene Hartley Peggy Holder Sharon Miller Ian Quintana Charles Stewart Arlen Thomas Larry White R.O.T.C. SFC Ernest Ojeda Lt. Col Wzllard SFC Charles Peitsrneyer V -fwwy 5 Z l az? t L23 ff "V ,V ' rr g i, e i ri ,. a 0 ,O 00000 00000 ' OOO QO0u 000 4 Top Row: Kerry Venegas, Sara Carson, Imgrl Stewart, Mindy Iacquez, Karen Burgett, Derek Torres, Tina Kaspari, Tanya Borga, Ieanne Clanahan, Serena Heckler, Tina Christine Seegers, Elaine Esparsen, Theresa Heptirlg, Ioyce Oney. Front Row: frngrl Dave Seegers. Middle Row: Coach Quintana, Vicky AVCITET, fmgf, Bill Hvlrrl. Girls' Tea O 0 ob Cp on 8 o 0 Q Q 0 Q? North Scores Opponents 49 120 North Manuel North East North West North Lincoln North G. W. North West North South North Kennedy North Montbello North T. I . North jefferson North Wheatridge V30 'QQ :W U S. :mom :C-' F Ik'l'OE'4t NQ:g:m3 59 'tix hxgggg -em Q Dlfevxmw fm gig? Z 'Slv-A WEVQZO 3D..wQ'4 KQ""'e"" MQTQT B' 2:35-5- P05525 Ogwmmn mmrugfu G: codec Tanya Borga. Well Worth While Plagued by aching feet and sore muscles, devoted cross country runners trampled the unruly paths. Physical strain and self-endurance were evident throughout this season The toughest meets of the season revealed the team unity and strength, ln the city meet competition, the boys placed first and the girls fourth, qualifying both teams for districts. The boys placed fifth and girls sixth out of ten teams. Ron Cabrera, first year coach, discovered talent in the runners that previous coaches failed to develop. With the help of managers, Eddie Gomez and jeff Archuleta, a successful team was shaped despite constant battles against injuries and mishaps. Crowds were scarce, and faithful parents became the sole supporters. Fellow teammates cheered each other on. This built team confidence and determination. Although the season wasn't easy, most of the runners will agree that hard work and self-discipline were well worth while. 25 l'i' 1fA,, f . EW,-5 'I16 Imp Row Rau Ganm arms Vigil Alliirt L arim Coach Ron Calnra 3rd Rou M,,,,,,.SLf Eddjg GU,,,p3A 4m Rgwg Smfy Xuzizola Sam Pmn 7l1ll Roll MHIIHXIV Rtllflllllt Rollmx Cllarlu lttirs Klzm Blmm 511N,,'GHn-mf Paula Bgfggg, N01 Maria Erlzardt Cross Country DPSAL Invitational North-South-Kennedy Englewood lnvit. North-TJ.-Manual Boulder Invitational North-Linc-Mont-Wash Boulder Invitational City Districts Boys 9th Ist 8th Ist 8th 2nd 7th 1st 5th Girls 14th 2nd 18th Znd 15th 2nd 15th 4th 6th Hard Work P11 ff' This year, Mr. Orwig lead the Boys' Tennis Team off to new heights. It was victory after victory when the North High Vikings struggled to State to place fifth! This was the first time that the Boys' Team brought back a trophy to place on the shelves since 1977! Mr. Orwig feels that this years' team was composed of some of the finest players of Tennis that North has ever seen, especially Brian Dino. The 114 doubles team Vince Lobato and Otis Williams paid their dues by reaching State! The entire team, however, is to be congratulated for their remarkable improvement. The 1983 season's best record belonged to the 112 doubles Curt Hepting and Henry Herrera, and the H3 doubles, Marty Olivas and Robert Chestney. The most vital player was 112 singles, Paul Lujan. The final blow to finish a well done job! lfar right? Paul Lilian defends against a well placed shot. NORTH OPPONENT DATE 6 1,r,K. 1 916 0 TJ. 7 918 1 KENT 6 9f9 1 G. w. 6 91 13 1 MANUAL 6 9115 7 WEST 0 9X 20 4 soum 3 91 Z3 2 EAST 5 9127 7 MONTBELLO 0 9129 6 LINCOLN 1 1014 118 N . . f. it ga RQ T T ff r .fag X v Q X 5 N Q51 9,..A.,,.. . in LVVL I To N Sf' Q T , X . i.. 3 5. :L gb . i N L :Is 7. by I A :Ll W ,K 1. i .. "Y . S l ' X 'S iw - , its X g 5 El 9 , , T 9.6 T Q ' N ,:. x h E I .ss S, . ,,,, I Q :.. -g :khan .. - 9 . 4 T ' 6 'S y, z it be ,,,:!!,,. 6-+1 Q- T 2 ":' X ' t - M N . 9 le - as k i I ,Q K: . , ,X ,- i if S 15 5 X X 5' .. J , ' lf 41" . .. ..... Ulff!! Lfflvfllfi P11141 Lujflll, Brain Dino, Ieff Georgeson, Marty Olivas, Andy Roinanysliyn, Otis WFUNUPIS, Vince Lobato, Gil Martinez, Curt Hepting, Roger Reynolds, Pat Tracy, Robert Cliestney, Henry Herrera, Coach Orwig, Dat Kong, Thuan Phan, Valerie Brown, Renee Flageollc, Toby Ortegon, Sam Cliestncy, Mat Oliver, Michelle Rodriguez. 'SW 19 6 llllllllilllllllulll ::. lun lllllllllllllllllllll liiflflllll. . nlllllllllllllllllllil,Ala! llll llllllllllllllllllllll 'Mill lllll V llllllllllllllllllh .lllllllll 6 -1lIlI I 5 E , V 1 ia A f 1, Q 51, Z ,. , N iiii, 6 , , A , A A ff 2 I , 1 Juli f "i' 'W 5 J HL'IIf-If Hvrrvm smiles proudly as u memlwr nf Hu' Tmmis Team. Brian Dina teaclzvs tlzv rest of the team the tnllgu. Continuing his lvssuns, Brian Dino naw demands n partnvr! Paul Lujan volunleers for Briar1's nffvr, but first he must play hard. Boys' Tennz Team 2 The Players Iodi Ramirez Cheryl Scheck Nadeen Chacon Adrienne Riffle Aurora Bowen Ieanine Carol Hurst Anna Simmons Maria Venezuela Danae Simmons Iody Bagley Sharon Hogan Kathy Sanchez .w i ,. . I i,. u11nnw ,,. leaf! Clzeryl Sflleck and Gum Volpe Riglzl Cllffhlfl Sclzvfk and lody Bagley I. Top: Iody Bagley, Sharon Hogan, Kathy Sanchez, Gina Morales, Cheryl Scheck Below: Coach Sharon Miller V. Volleyball Sets Off Another Year I. V, VOLLEYBALL SCORES South Manual East Monfbell W1'5f TJ. T.I. Line I S tl Ea. I KL'IIl1UljAf Nlonfbello G.W. 1.5-7 16-14 156 151 15 6 159 515 1015 153 154 153 1115 1715 215 153 1215 153 wif' mul' The Players Gina Morales Iody Bagley Geri Chacon Lisa Perez jennifer Flageolle Karen Vecchiarelli Coach Peggy Holder Cheryl Scheck Gina Volpe Arlene Maes Ruth Garcia North North North North North North North North North North North North Varsity Volleyball North Volleyball Scores 13, 15, 13 6, 17 15, 15 15, 15 15, 14, 15 15, 15 16, 15 15, 15 12, 15, 13 10, 16, 11 15, 5, 15 15, 15 Lincoln G. W. Montbello Manuel East Montbello West T. I . Lincoln South East Kennedy 1 ray if I 15, 12, 15 15, 19 0, 8 9, 6 2, 16, 6 2, 4 14, 8 11, 5 15, 9, 15 15, 14, 15 13, 15, 7 8, 9 ,kv ME'-Q? Sgiyxx '3NWm ifk 24 www A Memorable Year I ,V,, .N ei fv WWW: 5 ' 'l ' , 1' e,,, ' ' , . ---' , ,,,, vi, , Q A --...Mi - I X ffrWf3Hy 2w,,r"'Q jingyfa ll 'WM-.. I , , ,. V' ,. ' , ,E M , .. , , , , ,,,,, I Q ,,v,, M E ,1 Ah ff MJ J ,E,,,, ' Agk: I M K , , 8 4 , 1 , 'W - 4, f 'U , ffL" f f 5 " f' Froiil Row: Kim Slzeels, Gram' Carfia, Dixie Florofr, Nliddle Rom- Biiflf Row: Nellie Rolwrfsorz, i7Vll1l1!1gt'l', Cesar Garcia, Andrea Trujillo, Sandy Gallegos, Tammy Espinoza, Caaulz, Porfzria Baizia, Katliy Carol Ml1l'5l115, 01101 GUPHFI, Tfifm Rllfflf, YYWIIH' N1'Xll'll, Mflll11gl'V, Ortega, Sasaiz Garcia, lessr Coslniimliz, Hratlier Davis. This was a memorable year for girls gymnastics. They achieved their goal by placing 3rd at city and 4th at districts. The North High School Girls' gymnastics team is proud of their achievement and plan to continue their progress in the years to come. lol, my ..,,,V, Wm ,,,, 'fr 41' W North North North North North North North North North City Districts Kennedy Washington Montbello T. jefferson Lincoln South West Hinkley East Third Place Fourth Place SOCCER: A Picture Paint 5 ww.-uv ' Mr' ,W I Conch DUI Long vrzmuragvs his loam. Aw WW housand Words I 127 JO 3 v 2 Y-im fa Q ' ' fi ,,':"' i I 2 um I iw Q, ffwwnww f .,, f f sf , ,, H f-.f f ,,' "'I m Vg ivgii 1 ,Q-, , X ui 4? ,.:4 , ,z w ,vt .1 sei? 'J - f 1 x 4 X W l :Fx s ba N .,:: E xr ,QQ X W Q 2 if X ' " A - W, X 5 f lg I f jf f f ,V f ft 4 ,, . X , :tl fszzmi' fff Z! . a 4 , ' NN! X Efgg s .... SN X f 2? M fm. gm, fi -ff.. 1" 1 I YE 15- 1 pwwxf M AN Regardless of the Sport, North's athletes excell in EVERYTHING. 5,15 k 1 Golf ' .- - - , fe-ws: -me - . ' ai if- m .L 3 s l2 Gif 5 . r :ssi- Qs. s- ms K I s. sg MQ. 5 W, .. . is J ..... V sg -1 Li North's 1983-1984 Golf team finished sixth in competition, winning a total of twenty-one matches. The team consisted of six players: two Seniors, jerry Melaragno and Rumaldo Minjarez, two juniors, Nick Lombardi and Gilbert Medina, and two Freshmen, Vince Raub and jeff Walsh. These young men made the competitive sports, however, junior, Gilbert Medina achieved the A11 City Golf Team. Coaching the team was Chuck Stewart. am, . Par 6 Wrestling new L-R 1st row: Sergio DelRael, Miguel Avalos, Louis Draughn, Trivie Rodriguez, Ron Lopez. 2nd Row: Coach Sandoval, Harold Ortiz, Todd Abeyta, Henry Herrera, Tom Hinojos. 3rd row: joe Sanchez, Tony Duran, jim Barter, Paul Lopez, Gerri Aguilar. Not Pictured: Cesar Garcia, jimmy Hernandez. The North High wrestling team had a very good year. There were many newcomers who will continue on next year's team. jimmy Hernandez, U05 lbsj had a very successful year. jimmy placed 1st at Districts and qualified for the state tourmanent. Donald Lopez also had a good year, placing third at District tournament. The North High wrestling team plans to have more dis- trict champions and state qualifiers. 3 V ,"""""A"'2 Top Row: Ruben Nolasco, Andy Pott, Eric Murphy, Greg Pott fCaptainl,'Iim Suazo, and David Huntsinger. Charles Garza, Derek Torres tCaptainJ, and Greg Archer. Third This year, the boys' swim team had their best season ever under Coach Quintana. In the fall, the boys captured 4th place in the city Relay Meet, taking by surprise the unsuspecting "powerhouse" teams of the Denver Public League. In late February, the weekend of the city meets, North won the "B" meet, beating out the tough TI Spartans by twenty points. At City "A" the Vikes took 4th, the highest place for the team in at least a decade. A big "Thank You!" from the team goes to Coach Quintana, "the best coach in the city with a figure to match", and to honorary swimmer Dave Harker, who would have swam but didn't want to make the rest of the team look bad. g, E ll 1 11 We re in the mood for love Row: Mindy Iacquez tManagerl, Al Paffhvff, Ioe Sainz, Karen Burgett CManager2, David t???J, Paul Archer, Mike Rauh, Carey Archer, and Billy Holm. Richards, and Travis Torres. Bottom Row: Christine Seegers !Manager2, David Secore, City B city A North ........, 201 IFK .............. 309 v Tj ................. 181 TI .................. 240 GW ............. 151 Lincoln ........ 150 v IFK .............. 133 North ......... 104 Montbello East .......... West ........ Lincoln .... South ....... North North Lincoln North North North North Tl 81 Manual .,....,.. 98 76 East................ 96 58 South............. 68 57 61 21 West.............. 14 vs. West vs. East vs Manual vs North vs. GW vs. West vs. South vs. Kennedy vs. Montbello vs. North vs, South f 1 fi- J .mi eg. Q Q my The Archer brothers? 121 to 112 to 93 to 125 to 108 to 72 to 117 to 112 to 36 52 78 110 54 91 16 89 to 95: 70071 ...........,.......lost to 36: 'CUO71 ,.... ........... w 071 ...................lost to 60: Znd North's Swim Team in Action Cheerleaders 135 ' nw ' W""'T'W'W Mm Steve Castro Anthony DeGzi:man lesse Marsh lor Duran Chris Quintana Herb Stoll Mark Pere: Brian Niato Ruben Gonzales Sonny Blea jimmy Hinojos IIA' Sllffifz Andy Baca David lVICCoy Francisco Rivera Nick Lifata Larry Sporner Toni Leylia Frank Derrera Robert Baca Chris Talliert lohn Trujillo George Tenorio john Muro I I .L , The 83-84 Viking football team had an exceptional season that brought the spirit and confidence of all Viking fans. The Varsity showed great determination in every game that was played. At no time did the Vikings quit fighting to achieve a big victory for their school. The team fought vigorously in all ten games, but suffered seven losses The best game of the year was T played on the seasons finale game f of the year against the state-bound f East Angels. The Vikings led the y entire game until the last minute when the Angels kicked the game winning field goal. East knew that game wasn't an easy win. Thank i you Vikes, for your great effort and your undaunted courage, Good luck i next year. 5 2-G ,-gr .1 Q X X "x N1 W 'T . 5 N E4 Var ity Football Fight fm. .R . Q. Q A, , A . -W R- 1 N . Q Q5 - w ' ., eww we-tf'V:1"f"ff' V , fjqtggjfx ?f' ' A t' ' ' M .xx sg .Li if . 'wa O , L . 15,7 2 xg! bps. if fyg? my N W' eww fe5fff,5F':,f1f if iff? kNi','ff?f'f ' ' --y m , 8 : NORTH ,,.,4.....,.. 6 NOR THGLENN .,....,... 28 NORTH ...........,. 2 NIONTBEILO ,...,..,..,,. 49 NORTH .,..,,.,.,... 7 SOUTH 4.,..,..,.......,......,.. O NORTH ......,,..,,. 0 IEEEERSON .......,..,..,,. 35 NORTH 4..4.....,.., 6 LINCOIN T..,,..... 4,..,.... 1 9 NORTH ..,...,..., 19 MANUA L ,..,...,.. ...,.,.. 7 NORTH ..,...,,.., I3 KENNEDY ,,.,.......,..,... 14 NORTH ,....,...,. 78 .WASHINGTON .4,.,....,. 3 4 NORTH ..,,.,,.... 13 - WEST ....,..,......,..,..,.....,.. 7 NORTH ..,...,...,.. 6 EAST ......... .,,..,.. 8 rf it ,f M C .f W L . .. ww -f W-. 1 ,W ttt, E 't , f, I 7 ti' JT .M I xx ,,,,,,,NaqwMwm A-My fa 4' ',,,, A V 1 E u..n , , TW-f f- W4 vw- .,,4.. 1 W MW W . WS A f W .Q junior Varsity F 0fl7LZl l T 0 , l. ll ,r .,eL.nA. Cz N 2. Z9 '?'3'1t' Front Row: left to right: Matt Wittner, Garen Moreno, john Blevins, Louis Draughn, Pat Sierra, jirn Vigil, Richard Bills. Sec- ond Row: jirn Oney, jeff Ayon, Carl Paiz, Nathan Valenzuela, jirn Hussian, Alex Guerra, jerry Angel, jeff Seib. Third Row: jake Fernandez, Carlos Carbajal, Brian Tinsley, Coach Hartley, Coach Delierner, john Hardy, jim Toledo, Dennis Bray. Fourth Row: Sarn Lopez, Steve Gonzales, jeff Giza, Frank Trujillo, Richard Day, Brad Cordova, Gus Perez. I 1 , .q if fy W T 'xii gf W ' .. 1 . MA WW 'Wm ff if W Max W 'QQ 1 M NWA wi ? LHR ' ' fn5.A 3' BN X .. -..... ..k.h ii 'k-- N 41 .. . .. ,h . K SWR? K - kk -1-jf: - 1 , swg Q sg 1 W 3 f 7 Q Q I H A :Q 6: .E If ,f N--A -.-' 15 .L - xi . K sn: : V X -,,, vbmm ' , . A -- -- '.-' f --,- f KL,' ,LLL ' m-X' ggjgezfsa ' H A X.. - - wa K v m -wwimwlf xkif .Y , - , - ' .,- Qs . i. . K' .. .. . , , . A ,H 2 K 5 M. ..,,, ' L,:.,: NQNN E Q: U .E Q K V E Q ,,.. , .,:, 3 40 Girl's junior Varsity Basketball 1 Coach Hartley Sharon Buschkoetter Lolita Williams Aurora Bowen Marina Castro Coach lim Anderson Sabrina Mondragon Cassie Bland Paul Garcia Paco Sanchez Rumaldo Minjarez . julie Hudson C Sonna Morales Cathy Sanchez Ruby Macs Debbie Quick Rachael Trujillo Susan Vigil , 4 I 1 1 3 3 5 141 orth Girls' Basketball i 5 i Viking Members: ss X ssss s i Andy Oliver Pam Montoya Lisa Perez Deanna Bryan Sandra Helm Arlene Maes Gina Morales Geri Chacon Missy Zorn Kim Ayon Coach Anderson Coach Hartly ... S - 75s, : sift Qi, jg E .. 5' , as an N, so M 1 w - ,K ...Ni .iis. 1 i. 1 1 is 4 so sssiirsg E - 4511-- 2. ' . NNN. mam my is , 124 M K l 5 Q M 2 H, , M ? Q ' .iAA2,., ,,,1. A, ,,,,.A z, , 4 143 44 1983-84 BHSkef1M1l ? Si? .1-Ishnuq-......--N Viking Members E S, 5 Q is 14, Castro ii? 41 Xanax Al Zi A gf' , W ,ummm GAME STARTERS Steve Castro Brian Dino Paul jefferson jesse Marsh jimmy Miller M., NKVY - ----- .......... W. We x..... ,.. ,Qxxx .. W . .W eee eeee e eeee ee I ee r :1 ns: 8 ' rr eeee X .gf -WM-M-M-.5 ' e ,:2. ey . , eww gl ., .P 2 " VIN S in--...all YY' l f .1 tx' ejer ,, 1 , 1 ,X mwumunmnn-as-s.qsupgv,. .. m Boys' junior Varsity Basketball 1983-1984 North High Boys' I.V. Basketball team. Lonnie Thompson igittii Ron Marcus X ' K Ron Rais Lawrence Williams Tom Trujillo Eddie Williams Otis Williams Sterling Brittle Iim White Art Zarate Nick Herrera Coach Acosta Coach Romero P 4' L. ' .W s - ,- 9 X ,I W , ,Q O 1, K 5 Q . f K U All Star ,S A Autographs Y y1L'?f75 H fa .' X ' ff f f Q ' 1 Q33 ,, .si Q, V' A f X ,X . I ' . 7 ' ' 55, 3 Av, ,F 'gf sfg ' .K X A 5 V X f f - 4 X lx- .. xxx , X: fx. , .v ,, X f ff? - f " ' A, mv -. i X K XF NRA , X R fl V x S1 W ' f Q X All Star 'Ai W A Iggifflgg W T ! 3 0:1 X ' ' 1uliiiliiiiliiiiiiiiiilllliil '1 A - 4 . V, ,f i - A '- 'K 2 74 Autographs 54 as 'N 5 N w fa QQW MY . y X' 1 The 1983 Baseball Teain Deserves Credit Too' Spring sports are usually left out of the yearbook because it is too late in the year and the book is already completed. This year we decided to be different and put in the 1983 baseball teams. These athletes did an outstanding job in showing that North High is very coinpetative. luuw f' 1'v'f bf . ,, , , 'Jef' 1 ' '- , M us' " i" -' , -. 1 ,ag . ., 150 Varsity I r. Varsity 0 0000 QOOOQ OQQQQ QOODQ .000 0 lurzior Board 1. k 5 Tracy McPherson jeff Georgeson Iohn Olona Sherri Grant Mike Gallegos Ioyce Oney Sandy Flanagan Elaine Esparsen Iames Roybal jude Riggs Vicky Stewart ya Staying a Step Ahead ASW M Q 2 SE!!! n Iunior Board is on top of the issues. Noted for their proper planning and smooth execution of many worthy activities, there's nothing they can't do. Are they ready to fill the big shoes that Senior Board members must? Of course! GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF '85! os. we Q9 - if . Q i is y ow K .1 ff f Quality shows itself in the Ir. Float 4 I. Betancourt Michelle Blake LEA Stacy Ariaz Maryann Barbra Gene Barela Stacy Barela 'Z "Doing her own thing." Reyes Abeyta William Alexander Darrin Alvarez Diane Angel rv Paula Burgas Luz Barraza Maria Bautista Troy Bell Evangeline Blasky Kesia Boyce Lisa Bratz jeffrey Byrd ' H' Ubaldo Castaneda Xavier Catalan Yoth Chanthavong Marie Chavez Ieanne Clanahan Donna Cook Kara Cordova Dawn Davis v 155 NNNN L,.L... ..L. X Rodney Duran QQ-f Kevin Elis ' i , , Valerie Enriquez Rita Eres na A 4 :: ix A Richard Depperschmidt Bill De Vries Veronica Diaz Gary Duran ,Q .ws Maria Erhardt 5 in 2 - it S . wc 1 gg 5 ii S X .. , Qu if 5. .- fi large Escalante Clorinda Esparsen Elaine Esparsen Robin Essington Ieanne Fair 'Num .... "Beached Bum" Vicki Stewart Luis Gallardo Maria Gallegos Michael Gallegos Cesar Garcia Raymond Getller john Gilmore' Pamela Giordano Cruz Gonzales rs fi-ff S 3 l Gracelia Garcia Richard Garcia Veronica Gautney jeff Georgeson .cv-2 Guadalupe Gonzales Lenore Gonzales Mark Gonzales Ray Gonzales Michael Felix Lucinda Fernandez Sandra Flanagan lenifer Flageolle Veronica Fuentes My ,x f Gina Iararnillo Paul jefferson ,i i it . ,M N new inf' Kathy Guajardo lay Gutierrez Veronica Harnil janet Hannah it -1 S15 Shelly Gonzales Sherri Grant Anita Green Pat Greenwood Denise Herrera Andrea Hobson David Huntsinger Carol Hurst ,UN Typing Is Hard Work ..d"Wf' ,aw of vim-JH X it M ,,,, if Wk, ,,,,, i, aww W,,fn,, f fwwwwff-W ,wtf aw ,aw 7 ff? MM, ,,.. ,,,,, M, , 17? 1 Marvin Kozack 'Q a we -:N P' f 4 auf ix X , lx 'g ' l M. Kyle Lien Lam Celia Lara Vince Lobato Maria Lopez Sabrina Lozano R. Lucero W ,Q X XX ax yn.. Yi X ,iv David Iesrner N0 Kanthavong Chandra Kesler Imietta Konecko 'WWF'- Theresa Laratta Alma Lawver Michelle Lesperance I-Ioumphang Limthong , ...K -QW X? im. 5.-Q5-Q Ng, x XL, NL' Thx.,-XM ,...,.-m....., james Macias Lee Madrid Arlene Maes johnny Maez QQ. Shelly Mares Renee Marquez Barbara Martinez Doreen Martinez David McCoy Brenda McWain Chary Misner Ed Montoya Crystal Narano Brian Nieto Lan Ngo Kenneth Orrzelas few Kg.-J Sharlotte Peters Paul Pewo Chau Pham Sengon Phompanya ,i. . 'Ng Q Ioyce Oney David Ortiz Ionell Ortiz Linda Pacheco Armando Perez 'VS Q- + sv f .I xx Roxanne Rollins Trina Romero Lisa Reusser james Richards Adrinne Riffle jude Riggs wil' ,gem .10 5... You asked for it! Sandra Quintana M. Rains Lynn Ramirez Kham Rattanarong Margie Rivera Tracy Robinson Dominic Rodriguez Tom Rodruguez 2. Nokeo Saelong Benny Saiz Francine Salazar leremiah Salazar 'sf loyce Romero Ray Rosales lames Roybal Angela Ruiz lx 2 Sherri Salazar joe Sanchez X1 Darrin Sandoval Kongkeo Sayavong Doris Sena Phonsavat Senethong Nadine Shell in ax Harry Sherrill s Adrian Silva Danae Simmons David Starns Sandy Stecklien Lisa Steele RM 2 4 Patricia Valdez Francisco Vargas X .FR 5 Michelle Taylor Teresa Tenorio Shawn Thompson joe Torres iii A' as X S g S What a day! Anthony Stein Vicky Stewart Pattie Stitt Sam Sutherland Patricia Tracy Linda Trounce Andrea Trujillo Garrick Trujillo 49' - 1-I faq, 'D Naomi Vasquez Karen Vecchiarelli Fernando Villa Phally Vongrilh 1- vxt ,pw , , I, w ,1 nn .KN Candice Wheeler Lilith Wolinsky Bing Ya Milines Zachary van Kristin DeCredico and friends eu! and paste faboziel. Right: lose Zarate Glenn Raish 'UN 0 fo.. A-,. 9 y Glenn Raisli works on craft projed, WW 4 -vi My ..Qmsa,zffwwi . ..XS. . f . .. .- . f -umm -'QQ X sf.: .L M V My x ,A 'N 22,2 1 ' w wr-Q 1 n..M 'I67 Freshman otos A .4 ,+...., . 'Q X v 1 : my TMHQ W i S wwf mv A. Q gi JZ ' .,, , ff 1 W ' Q, ,., di 5 ,, M1 ww A 7 M sig, It Is Possible To Achieve Many Special Effects with Planning isafa ferfssgg 00000 Q 0000 , 09000 Q 000 -1ii?7 0009 Sophomores , Sophomore Board is Front Row: Vicki Lovato, Debbie Dyer, Robin Davis, Tina Kaspari, Kathy Ortega, Mindy Iaquez, foanne Siguenza, and Mrs. Cathy Brown, Sponsor. The Sophomore Board's float was a beauty, and just as successful were the other projects that they took part in this year. With many Reaching Their Goals Middle Row: Laurie Samora, Michelle Edgerly, Terri Kaspari, Brianna Myers, Iennifer Greenburg, Cheryl Wade, and Theresa Seegers. Back Row: Marsha Wagner, Ron Sena, lake Fernandez, and David Gautney. we , David Archer Bennie Archibeque Eileen Archuleta Kris Ariuz 5 W Diana Balderama Stephanie Bertels Antoinette Bills Kathryn Brackett Lisa Calderon Martin Calderon Iohn Calkins Nick Callinicos F15 we W ZZ 151 Q. XM Miguel Avalos Ieff Ayon Robert Baca Iudi Bagley , ,,, 3 Denny Bray David Bryan Deanna Bryan Michael Buynar iiit 2 a f? f s-'W f A 0" xg X was Becky Campbell Carlos Carbajal Denise Casados Irma Casillas 5 if :.,f:fwg:g,,,a ,iffy1f IM ...,, diff A ' 1 ' fm Z - 175 Manuel Castilla Ying Cha Aurora Chacon Dean Chacon Victor Cordero Bradley Cordova l-leather Cornish Yvonne Crump Randy Davila .Y l Sornrnone Chanthala Randolph Chavez Sean Clark Troy Cole ml, '6- X .,,,,.,6, I EL,- Rayrnond Churchwell decides where to pick up cards next. f ,EI . ,,,,,-.s- ' , 0, A f 0 fi-iff f f J, ,ig , if 7x f ,M f ,, 5? ff W, V f X f tv 0 W f f ff 'K ,, .:,, i Mui Dieng Debbie Dominguez Elaine Duran Lynn Duran Desirie Evans lake Fernandez Michael Flores Maribel Franco , W-W rf' JIU Q1 Robin Davis 1 ev' Jw- 3 i Randy De Herrera Mario Delgado Becky Devicli "U wr Debbie Dyer Michelle Edgerly Vanessa Erwin jesse Esparza IW fm.. 40 74- x N, Suzy Freilinger Ionelle Fresques Penny Frizzell Andrew Gallegos Michelle Gallegns Sandy Gallegos Tammy Garceo Angie Garcia Duane Garcia Ioe Garcia Heather Glendcnriing Carol Gomez Charles Gomez Eddie Gomez MW Qkti Terri Kaspari contemplates her music. Sherry Garcia Susana Garcia Kristy Gardner David Gautney Patricia Gomez Cindy Gonzales Eva Gonzales lennifer Greenburg April Griscko Iennifer Hall Charles Hannah Cecilia Hernandez Chris Hernandez Iody Hernandez Tina Hernandez Laura Herrrera Nick Herrera Roxanne Herrera Delton Hicks Faith Hidalgo Thomas Hinojos Leonardo Iabalera Mindy Iacauez Tammy Iensen Don jolly ,.,.ww -'mor 15 i 3 Maurice Holzl julie Hudson james Hussion Robert I go f m X QW fl 5 rea- Wf M WSW Z QW we al, Q22 Shaun Kenner Tanya Klein Deanna Kleineweber Anthony Kranlz you , ag 1, We L U 7 ,Q ..r 4. f 1 ,L .41 1 E fiw Felix Lesperanee Denice Limon Anlhony Ling Donald Lopez ,W f-, ef' I f Kenneth Karp Terri Kaspari Tina Kaspari 6 Reba Krueger Michelle Laffea Lisa Lara Anthony Lee W-dw' fUN julia Lopez julie Lopez Marina Lopez Monica Lopez Vickie Lozwalo Dianne Lovvorn Audrey Lucero David Madrid Iina Madrid Dawn Madrill I : "li: fagnfzw 'QA I 5 A ff W ' x x i A rnold Marquez Frank Marquez Iacqueline Marquez Cheryl Martinez ,W 'MN Kathy Hernandez decorates the sophomore float. 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N0rth's Pine Artists Display Their Work www 090067 Q 0900 09000 O .000 0005 ff 4 Freshman Board Above: Sponsor Mrs. Reuse and Katherine Sanchez, Club President. Center: Mr. Goetz, counselor and board sponsor, Right: Members Matt Wittner and Ieff Zabawa, Back Row: Deanna jones, Ieff Zabawa, Anita fSeeretaryl, Not pictured are Walter Keller Hernandez fTreasurerl, and Mr. Goetz. Front rvifg-Prggidgnfj, and Matt Wittner, Row: Greg Martinez CBoard Representativel, Yolanda Rangle, Robert Killian, Katherine Sanchez Wresidentl, and Dena Marks Planning Bright Futures lidglt lk at X Class of '87 if X Pictured above are: Vice-President Walter Keller, President Katherine Sanchez, and Secretary Dena Marks. Back Row: Yolanda Rangle Deanna jones Dena Marks Front Row: Matt Wittner Greg Martinez Walter Keller Katherine Sanchez Mrs. Rease Ieff Zabawa The members and sponsors of Freshman Board have been working year long at varied activities, starting in late September with the homecoming float. All Freshmen should be proud of the leadership and good ideas for the future found in this special club. Albert Abeyta Tara Abeyta Tina Abeyta Ward Abbott Geronimo Adams Marie Alonzo Todd Alvarez Leslie Anaya N Sally Aragon Paul Archer Charles Arellano X X581 x 5 -v 5 if 44 L .... I K ' iam TX X X N X as X N5 N X. X N Q N A X , . A f. rf A23 LPA ' ,!kfi.f,,. yi xr , gk X, ,N X Ji' X ,f K fb A, -7 f ' " to to it 5 W i t 0 X - l?i l to lll . C Q X . is 1 i Qi 3. 76 2 '-Exif f- - '1- I A "li l f C., YD it WW 7 . ..... V ,k . 1 my V 'l.f ' Q- - Q X f 1' sf -: ' I- f if vi sz-asf. fs: R1 l w rs . ix Q wx Cristina Aguilar Gildardo Aguilar Lucia Aguayo Gilbert Alarid Martha Alonsa .li aw Christina Aragon Patrick Aragon Robert Aragon Christina Arellano Barbara Ascenzio Roberta Atencio lose Avendano Brian Balser Merrill Bennett juan Bernal Sterling Bittle W- J? Thomas Botello Aurora Bowen Dawn Brown Hb . 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Chris Duran Dennis Duran I A' X Raymond Cota Leandera Cox Buffy Crego Sandra Crespin luanita Crockett Robert Deppershmidt Ruben Diaz Kiu Dieng Michael Dooley Louis Draughn .An C.-H if fs Eva Enriqaez Kristi Enzzueiler A ' . Gilbert isfives N- Q- Leodan Escalera 1 , Francene Esparza 'S P if K X . - ,i fl. ,W Y 'X X X x ga X , X -Z1 W rs :- 'F bli ss K F "" - 3 l Q .Q F .53 :K N ,W . X K:1:: Aa .1 Q is .mb ,.-my Gina Federico 'Nu jesse Fernandez Robert Fernandez Maria Flores Robert Flores 54' ...,f x l gr. Carlos Esparza Frederick Espinosa Christoph Espinoza sr Matt Espinoza Nathan Fairchild s .4-9 'fe Domitila Flowers Lisa Francees Lori Franks Heather Fresques Michael Fresquez Desiree Gallardo 'J' Irma Gallegos R. Gallegos Alonzo Garcia X G i ff? www r " if L- ' - :ill-we .fit Anna Garcia Christine Garcia Stephaine Garcia Shane Garrison 'iw 1.5! - N 1 -rv V' ji p 1 . ' .A X, S,-U... 1 Darrin Garcia Desiree Garcia vm -'Q Aw' 3 lose Garcia julia Garcia Lawrence Garcia Marcelino Garcia Mark Garcia jackie Gerdes Koubra Gharibyar Zanadalz Gharibyar sv S Debbie Gill Sarah Giron Catherine Gomez David Gornez Leonard Gomez x 15. A Andrew Gonzales Eddie Gonzales Prank Gonzales lanelle Gonzales Leticia Gonzales Q-4--A A KO Lora Gonzales Lena Gonzales Steven Gonzales Gina Gonzales Theresa Gralim w ,x Q-. L aw 35' .i ymxiysnf - G Natalie Gutierrez Rita Gutierrez Paulin Guzman W. Gypson Mae Haber 202 VW, ,, N, v raw, mma- j i : "" :Ei2SSf:aa:, 1::,,Xff ::'-vrr '- . .w - -Saw..-1 ES if X .X . , ff it 1 3 -- E: " -'G 957 if li . ig .5-35155 'i :. . ' . . ' 5 :SEX f 1 -fifffi, EQ? 3 R EN G eeez is , zzliw I A nzta Hernandez Suzanne Hernandez H 'awww MW, x NG' 'W 19 -.4 Hr if Eric Gray Tammy Green Robert Greenwood Alex Guerra james Gutierrez E li ,.. Q- lsaac Hamilton Robert Harrison Serena Heckler Shari Hefner Raymond Heley as -Q. Darold Hicks Todd Hill X QX Y X X 3, 'ON AW' max Q N. ,L Carl jaidinger julie johnson Laehelle johnson Leeann jones Walter Keller 4A Irene Kossa David Kountouris George Kountouris Suk Yeong La Matthew LaBate Melissa LaBate Lynette Laffea Trin Lam Q? i s e If 5' W. ssl ' X .. ---- .s w A 1. A 1. Thanh Hinh Sharon Hogan Alisa Holquin joseph Hood john jackson Ursula Kesler Bee Kiatoukaysi Robert Killilluy jeanie Kimble Tina Kindall 1 Q- X 5 1 s r Gilbert Lamas Maria Landin Pete Langone Dang Le Kim Le Heidi Licata Binh Lieu Walter Littlernoon john Lobato David Lopez S ""'Y"N :V ei Jw 2 . SES? x S 'X X XR X X 5 S N 5 Q S Rhonda Lopez Phong Le Kim LeCIair jeff Leddy Blong Lee Sengon Lee Lynnlee Lopez Paul Lopez X , t gf wir wiv wr Richard Lopez Samuel Lopez Mark Losh Anita Lucero Arthur Lucero X.. . bw wit: .. N - :ffl all Qi 'W' . ' 1 X X. A Monica Madrid Tina Madrid Ruby Maez Gregory Maldonado Greg Maldonado Sophie Maldonado Dena Marks avr Richard Martin Delores Martinez Federico Martinez Greg Martinez loyce Martinez David Lucero Kelly Lucero joseph Luevano Christina Macias Salvador Macias -L 1 is S. - N 5 K ' . Q ai 1 . ,,,s, K ' ' y ,. A ' i ff -A x ,Yi 1 y fm it Constance Marquez Dwayne Marquez Iohn Marquez Theresa Marquez Eric Martin Iulie Martinez Kenneth Martinez Leonard Martinez Mike Martinez Paul Martinez 'fi Linda Medina Richard Medina Sherry Medina Vincent Medina Rose Melendez Tom Moore Sabrina Mondragon Thomas Montour Qi. if -Q m 2 i -5 1 get 'iii 1 - .1 may-we ,SK L :EE kiiikk :::EEX K 5 xh X Patricia Martinez Tina Martinez Spencer Masarik Randy McCormick Valeen Mclntyre w I Frank Malone Cindy Menzor Stephen Miller ,uf Claudia Montoya Frank Montoya Kenneth Montoya Leopoldo Montoya Anna Moreno Dewey Morton Iason Mullikin Tess Neiberger Yvonne Negley Dai Nguyen Trang Nguyen Trong Nguyen Tabitha Nunez Mike O'Brien Lisa Ocana ar ' N ln A O' X JX, X' is U7 X ,Q .r mxisiis. sk A eeeeee Z T N 40 .M 'Y 'NF' 4 Shantell Montoya Veronica Morales Gina Morales 'N A V ,f tw 1i.i New-3 Q ,, J TQ X X N! xxx X Q 0 s N .. fss .. x 'P' X X ..ii -uv . ,,.:-.Ralf K: E 4 X .X fX, Elizabeth Munoz Eric Murphy Gina Nakano Annu Neito Ruben Nolasco Chunk Nor Christina Norwood Kathy Nuunes 207 Deleiann Olguin Iaime Olona Nancy Olona lames Oney Andy Orona Rose Palomino Ink Phom Panya Kent Percell Renee Perea April Perez Iimmy Perez Pete Perez .NS Gina Perez Gustavo Perez ,ff GM- 4-ie v .- X : Trina Ortega johnny Ortiz Marlene Pacheco Dino Padilla Carl Paiz L ,f,,f I . Vincent Perez An Pham Steve Phillips Matt Piotrowski Charles Powell Debbie Quick ,,--s Tammy Quintana Edith Rael Susan Raines Ben Ramirez Esmeralda Ramirez vw K as ui at 'S . L 3 in J . 5,2 .iz ,I . M. ii X N X X x X N N in JE 135 f an 'Q K QS Igor Raykin Matt Rayne Q -Q. -P ikli Anthony Rendon V W SAS he Tony Reyes , Corey Richards 1 P - Lorena Quinones Bernadette Quintana Chris Quintana Debbie Quintana Lisa Quintana Lisa Quintana Michael Quintana 'Q Michaele Quintana Rose Quintana If fe 33, Q 1 1 K .- Iody Ramirez Elena Ramos Lorenzo Ramos Yolanda Rangel Vincent Raub 'WN 9 Trieia Riffle S. Rios Chanifa Rizieria Teddy Rivera Kathy Robles gy: -1: . "W 1 ' T J' 1 "ff 19:42 f X I 4 . ,. K Ann Marie Romero Darlene Romero Lynette Romero Maria Romero Steven Romero Noreen Rodriguez Serena Rodriguez Renae Robles Anissa Rodriguez Billy Rodriguez Denise Rodriguez Iennie Rodriguez Vicki Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez john Roybal Tony Roybal Christopher Roybal Ioe Sainz III Paul Saiz Susanna Salazai Valerie Salazar Pat Salgado Angelina Samora Robin Samuels Q ,lm Kathy Sanchez William Sanchez Donald Schadegg Anthony Scott Somsack Senethong Estella Serrano Antonia Salas Danny Salazar ferry Salazar lose Salazar Natalie Salazar Claudine Sandoval Roberto Sandoval Prank Sanford Gustavo Saucedo Aphaychit Saynourat joseph Sine Roberta Sines Mary Sisneros Yvonne Sisneros Michael Skrastins y x.. Timothy Thiele Brenda Todd lulie Toth Greg Torres Regina Torres Lucia Sifuentes Anna Simmons ,O Michael Slevin Michael Solono Regina Stein Kimberly Taylor Sim Teck .. ss. Gina Torrez Michelle Torrez Sam Tran Sandra Trevino Tracy Trorncosa i :N 1 F ,, .K .f:.-.-.. es ffl' .L-1 e rig - I --:-.- SQ 5 X X Nw if Dirk Trujillo Laurence Valencia Adam Vanpatten Bernard Vasquez Delphinia Vasquez Kerry Venegas Louie Vialpando Martin Vonarx Michael Wagner Ieffrey Walsh Eric Wassman Iulie Watt ft Www "L"-up. Susan Trounce Darrell Trujillo 191: rw .hm 'wgw-A ., A X X X sl X SL Wx N it 4' X X . -. . Xt X - - W i QL' gina Maria Valenzuela Nathan Valenzuela Ioanne Valdez Ioseph Valdez Tino Valle Lisa Vick james Vigil james Vigil Carolyn Villa Norma Villa - 4 ' we fl .7 , f- M . n z 1 -1 Matthew Wittner Erica Woock Shawn Wood Elaine Woods David Wrona bw IQ? Jw Ieff Zabawa Alfredo Zarate Arturo Zarate john A. Zapata Laura Zundt Q if x ,gg X53 " ' 5 ' 7 a X as 1 f f V Z' H. an e lf Q' e 101 mx 4 uv aa ' 4' cafe, Kathleen Waugh Tirza Weidenhamer Kevin Wilbur Michelle Wilson Trisha Wisrner . Q, 'Z' 'rx Keith Wyllie Reza Yamaguchi luletta Yazzie Mylous Yearling Robert Young M .Sq WV wwev , io. , aff, inf , -W , 5' l 4- 5 'W ff V ,uw , , i , W A , , V , V .V er , 5 f if , V , ' V - , f , 1 A fi, W in A W ' V- V , , W H e V -- 'V ' ,, " . .all , if , Q . - W f ' ,, , ' y a H V . : ' .- f - ' i ' V. Km, ' 'V if1,":i-' ef fu "i w 4' f 1 ' ' ,V aff? V ,af an W, be Rightside-Up urnog-apgsd 11 W Cv f' orth Changes YP fvl- m I-rfsl-A LQ i....l6,Qx s 2 cow wxyj om . 0+ v g . AL 420 I f f f ' f 0 0 xv a 0 47? e J'5fmO x r e k Q2,:?,'izi2fgs,f':tz2?,ft:,C uw xtxx - QW. new wing of the building. The back of the building is now the front, facing North. Above: The new cafeteria addition was a welcome change from the old lunchroom. Now, students may eat while enjoying outdoor activities. Below: The English teachers moved into the second floor of the new building. Cheery rooms provided a good learning atmosphere. 'll a1, 2'-l xg .219-I 2'-I 251 I-5:62 N253 Info lad! G- 8 Z' 6 S 5 4 6 2'-N .1-to .z-1.1 943 B 0 0000 QOOQQ 0 0000 QODOQ .900 0 1"'iQ1.1?'HQ1 ., .QW 1 . ........ 15? 1.3: :' - liil w.. ....g.m.2gQQ g....fg-QWQQ 61, 3 - V , V' ' " D " w ig P QSQSQQSQQSQSZ QS Q V giipw .giiggggygfgggliftfsgiizsfmgk55.23559.Qi-gf'.'i:1-if5QQ51ff12i1QiQ'Hsz3:s'SiQ2ffQ.Q.QQrQ--QQ ffgilwfia-QQ.-Q-02.9251SQ1zifbf5QQ2.5iQ'ag,ggS.,'Egiwg-3. QQQQaQQ.QQQ21.w:QQfQ:QQQ ?g:gx,gQ:.:,QQQww-fQwe W,,..Q. ffQQ Q.x,:':-Q'2:sa.wQQ QQz,gg,QQ?4QQQQQQQ....13"...iWQ-Qi!-Q-web SGQQQQQQgag?-Q:-QQfQ1.fQf:Q:fT.'Q1fQQQ-w:.LQQQLf..gQr1aLfifx.Qtwf-Q-.fn . ,. ,,,..,iL-gg.. ,V,,g,....,.5VQ ., . L. 3,5 wgQ..g5.,.W.., .wggwggq ,, - , QQMQVQ-Q5Q53..M.....f. gmgzgswgmv.. ' .saiiiff-Q,QfQ,Q.i:'s:y.:E24:S.,,ff.5ggQz2f-Q.Q?.,53!3...1+.pQ, if-QQQiQQ:Qwg,Q .Q.ffQ:.Q-:QQ-,.3,eQWQwfaf-QQ.. ,':....,..Q5gf.:.Y5aqQ-QQQ:Qg,,.V,.,,V .V QW?QQ2fQQv?ff?QQQQs'is':Q'QQ.Z:QQ.Q:-z.1if:i.Q'7iQQQQQ QQQQQQQSQ " 2f ?Qf..Qx:.x, -MQ - e w.: . 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Your class has been a fun bunch to work with We certalnly appreciate your buslness We at Don Feltner Photography wash you the very best ln Ilfe May the wlnd always be at your back 18 WALLETS FREE SAVE S38 OO NOW Free to any Class of 85 semor that hlres us for their regular gradua tion slttlng now to July 15th if Indoor and outdoor poses at no extra charge iv Up to 16 poses to choose from if Three changes of clothes Come to the studlo with the real outdoor mlm park Call 420 3505 for free color samples Thus offer good with this ad only one set of 18 wallets per slttlng only Don F eltner Photography Inc 4330 Harlan Street Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033 Phone 13031 420-3505 .TW 0ne Half Block South of lakeside Mall A 3 X gg, l . . . 4, r ,deff x.l5qQ1:3,',f. l ' K, ,M ,jf X 1 '-xl.: l. 'ya' I -.VP ' ,QI ea. Zi . Az . ' " If QQ' -15. I I 1 Q i Q ' . x ff s Q O . is gi .k B l 'r ' if ig., ' - - ix' 1 S6 I 77 ' ,, . . . n u , , 0 Seniors Say It!!!!! Most Embarrassing Moment Patricia Duran Being on stage at the same time with Gary Duran, in the Pepsi assembly. Roger Reynolds . . . When Lance stabbed me where he shouldn't have in the 'fantastics' teaser. Valerie Lopez Michelle D. Gonzoles Falling down a flight of stairs in front of two people. . . .When Crystal Nakano started to hang around with Karin Massur us SENIORS, but I think we are over it now. I was telling my friends about somebody and I said "he is very long, about 6'5"." When everybody started laughing, I realized I had used the wrong English word again. Tessie King When I entered the tight jeans contest at the MORP, and only two people cheered when my name was announced. Memorable Moments Valerie Lopez ,frg f The Senior Prom ffr ' '- Dana Salazar x I I ll Managing the football and baseball teams. .pw M 'af .. L. I " y Patricia Duran . , Graduation Michelle D. Gonzoles Roger Reynolds When Derek Torres came to class with hicheys!! He's Playing King Arthur in Camelot. not an angel anymore. Paul Lujan Walking on the ledge. Where I Will Be in 30 Years Michelle D. Gonzoles l'll be working and hopefully watching my kids grow Patricia Duran ' up. Nothing but traveling, because by then I will be married to u rich man. Roger Reynolds Visiting far away places. Paul Lujan I hope to be living in the mountains in a home built out of the forest. l'll have two small puppies and a German sheperd to protect them. My occupation will be a forest ranger. Amanda Rodriguez l'll be married and my kids will be grown up'and married also. Valerie Lopez Working and raising a family of Z. 220 Last Will and Testament Michelle D. Gonzoles I leave to my brother, Cruz, to carry on where I left off. Give it all you got kid! Patricia Duran I leave to Sabrina and Kevin all my love, friendship, and of course Concert Choir. Valerie Lopez I leave all my long hours of homework to the 1 ay-W 1. I Dana Salazar I leave to my cousin Crystal Nakano my husband, my locker, the kids and the dog to keep safe while I'm gone. Amanda Rodriguez I leave my ability of commanding to Ruby Gonzales because she needs it, too. Paul Lujan Archer, Huntsingers, and Harker the duty to carry on Sophomores. the rowdy tradition of Rock and Roll at NORTI-IH!!! Where I Will be in 10 Years Roger Reynolds V ' 15, just beginning to amass my fortune i i PM Lujan A bum on Colfax. Graduating Sentiments Paul Lujan Tessie King '84 is BEST!!!!l!l!!! Thank you North for being so accepting and friendly to the "new kids" and for making me happy and proud to be 1 graduating from North. God bless you all. Patricia Duran Fairwell North I will always cherish these past three years. Dana Salazar Need we say more we are the class of 84! 1 f 1 Amanda Rodriguez I'm glad to have graduated from North. It's been really fun here. Valerie Lopez North High is a great school: enjoy your years here because they really go fast! Sr. Class Cartoons found in the freshman section of the book, compliments of the CLASS OF 84! I DQ ef' I I-I Sw X Mutt Klejwu 4.85 Xrgfi X big r in . X Ioe Polak 4.58 Sara Carson 4.45 Brian Dino 4,27 Karen Burger! 4.09 .r -Q: Curt Hepting 4.82 , :'.f ..'-.,. . 6, - I Andy Pott 4.57 f . MQW! 12 , 2? Chi Lee 4.05 Greg Pott 4.23 W , ' 1 Melanie Brown 4.29 Viking Signatures if Aw A ' fi , ,I X , 3, ,r-fm' I 4-. V Hi ' if i wg 5 V A! A W x A ,xlixx xx. A X iii, fvvxk EK Q- 1 R N W A 9 wi- XX V Ready, Set, Go. North Leaves Tracks!! r I who 0 Class of 1984 Ccontinuecll james Bell Danette Castaneda Van Nguyet Hinh Lucy L'EsperanCe MalyRilli Vongrith Lisa Trujillo Ralph Trujillo Roger Reynolds ff 'V 3? W X 1 , V ' 1132- 5 . 1 W M , W f X W "'f.1g,,' , V j S 1: .:. i ..., ,,,, Q Q E .Q--v.-M., "' 227 A Year o Memories E Rita Eres, Iackie Coronado, Michele Humprey, Alicia Esparza, Christine Bill Helm Christine Seegers Karen Burgem, Cesar m Stitt, Mark Perez, jeff Georgeson, Tracey A. McPherson, Andrea Garcia, Ruth Choquettel Charlie Peters, Steve Seegefsl eee Ariaya, Francine Salazar, Sandra Helm. Remember The valve of time. The success of perseverance. The pleasure of working. The dignity of simplicity. The worth of character. The power of kindness. The influence of example. The obligation of duty. The wisdom of economy. The virtue of patience. The improvement of talent. The joy of originating. Bulletin and Tessie King, editor. f Xi: ii "If she makes one more correction, I'lI scream!" -WW.,-e"""' ig' ! -2" X1 ar- Ji V xg' -- 7-E 'zu , iq' . A ,X ""ni --1" X J! ' fgfflk-I'..' ,jkl X . X 'N I 'A v p e - N1 ii. Mrs. Choquette gives some tips on layouts to -ed I'4liI:'! Mark Perez. Y. W H Andrea Anaya and jackie Coronado search 'Z l endlessly for missing name, Yearbook Footprints Lzn go Bleed K to rid of infection! Advisor I puts guilt trips on Picture goes off the page students! Mrs. Choauette Shot I to rid of troublesome stu- Editors f two PGTSOHS who feel dents! A Photograph guilty! Christine Seegers and Ladder fernergency escape route! Tessie King Plan of each page in yearbook Ass't Editor fknows what's Crop K food at student store! Cut happening most of time! Tracey c pictures to fit in book A. Mc Pherson lsss Dummy fyour guess is as good as Artist Kcreative when in the mood! mine! Carbon copy of book Steve Seegers pages Photographers I most Deadline C? definition not found indispensable! Cesar Garcia and in Yearbook dictionary! lose Silva Burgess K little hamburger! Over Staff fLayout drawers, writers, print writing on pictures runners, and perseverers! Long Shot Ca chance of making a Cristina Stitt, Iacquelin deadline! View of the bleachers Coronado, Andrea Anaya, and PICA 13.1416-pi! 116 of an inch, other dedicated workers! width of type. Symbol Footprints. Thanks to Mr. ,W Lon ellow. by we If you don't believe any of the above, tough. gf 9 Editor Tess prays for yearbook. 8 ww' q e' 4 . 1 1 ww -'83 Th1S Planet Earthl '84 The school year of 1983-84 was the time of a number of history making events. Taxes continued to be high as did the national debt. The overall financial climate showed good recovery as joblessness declined as did interest rates. The Space age progressed as U.S. astronauts first put satelites into orbit for private organizations. The Space program also made history as our shuttle Challenger's crew made Buck Rodgers' futuristic style, modern day reality. - Mid-East conflicts in Lebanon continued to dominate the headlines. The climax came when the U. S. Marines were called home after 18 months in that agitated country. The biggest disaster of the year was the infamous attack on our marine embassy where over two hundred Marines died. The 1984 Olympics were held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia in February. Many were disappointed when the U.S. Ice-dancing team came in fourth missing a bronze by one vote. The U.S. did receive Gold and Silver medals in the women's giant Slalom, men's Slalom, Gold in men's figure skating, Silver in pairs figure skating and woman's figure skating, and a Gold in Alpine men's course. During the Olympics, the USSR's ruler, Andropov, died and was replaced with Chernenko. The first Nobel Prize awarded to a Polish man named Lech Walesa, was a well deserved honor. These new events combined with the press's coverage of Lady Di's second pregnancy made the year '83-'84 one to remember. . Y . g Q ,ing i ,Taxeq'Hi8h:Q y W . x Q. 'g I Ronald 'ReaQgalii,l5resid6nl' i i , U -ujs. Rga,W0a.L2iin0in 'E .P A'Sfr6m1igis Take .ga Giant .Siephin ,Space-J.. Ha1filtonlSkateS,jt0 gf .n'9:C1old, ' p1'sQcS'-Znid for LlS.Q'lfVoina1i.'5' Q , I A 1 4 - 3 , . ' i , x . .." . - . . eg . , i i R 1 ,V p . . 1 A . s , I u .' Twins 'Capture'Mein s Slalom Q, New johnson gets Gololt Alpine fn ' ,4 . Q A Woman'sfFigu'res+Siloe1f 4 ' . , . f Q ' , Q ' 'Car1futlie1's,Slgate- to Silver , USSR Leisei.Andf0P0v'D2eS'1i?w11?12 Olymwfs. Q , 1- . 'Konstantin .Chernenko Replaces L'- . Q 'S Lecli Walesa 5 , ' " . .D ' " 4 Noble . 'A , 's V Q Prize M l m 'F '

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