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5 Qu-S 8 f " WS . 4- f.l" 39, s 4 ' ' h Y vxfvyf' ,lf Q4 Q 75.4 1, , -. F5 'N it o r I -35+ si ' t 35'-., I 9 vw' 1 niqfgsf., xx p V LF-1-'if , 1 2 Q Q-- grew'-' 'JI - 1 ' F ' Q5 ,K 'nit P .4 . 4, X . ' ,,Q'r" ' f. Jn. 1: .xml ,asv P ff, Vffx 1 x 4 x , K, Ks . . JFYA. ,J 1' 'I 9' T. N.- ' . 3 s 4, Q N Y Af .fxw :qi 1,1 V X - rs Q ". 1 ' 'f -swf lm. sax 'Vg "q-W . ' My 'q,,aLqsA-AQXIK 'A-'.'X,7 "2'- . ,gy :,a JS' I SIX-Z' ',.3' 23 'N's?' "ifAf',. ' 3 vQ 'Ax K :,."W1S.s- "'K'xz-il"'rr 1 sta- . . . . , . s it .rp is 1 t 3- M s A F' ,di -A-fi. 'N . - ' ' Q....fM ,..ts..w.aa':t,fs'....M1'1v-1---"',Tf , , A .I I 7,7 Q K t W- U I - . ...zu-'UWA -A 2 V as 'A . "' bw. ,ff 4 . xi. f W- f xr .Y . 9 vb so , 4 . . 4 . i A jr' . va",.., 4- s s il 'lx 'Vt QT-5 'Q XX Q N , '-'x 'M P , .w 4' r' fjx' wx .0-, ef , Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its cur. rent,' no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept ly: ana' another takes its place, and this too will be swept away. i -Marcus A urelius .J A -pi - A N . Q52 2411211 - f ,LZ 4 f f aff' 44. 07 Q M 1252 4 2? Y G5 Q , Z7f ' fzfvziw, , 521414 L, V WZ? fig -141-L4 kv? QW fffkzbgk ' J Dffffg if 3 :A 9 K, Wfjwmizkf f WZWWMM ,MW Wiygmyjy figfwf X Q53 M Q2 qpglf gy E323 ifgxli 2 M Vw I 3 SEQ is 333X,3'QgQ N x gigiii Wi 5333. NS iA D U A A I .-V f q A . A . - 5 . ' A , K, -, S-Rm V ' 'rh- , -U -K N sw -., X -4 :gf glf?f-1-f,-- T5 if 75? ,, .if 5 ?' F"' a- iff ?"T'T'T" ig: FFF? on K on -1 ..,q 2 4 f '-X, '1 X A ,Q 'El' FH' lk 1 QQ' if s 035 2, Qs L' av ,jf vf xi 3 , -my----. Ll w. i 5 E ? L L - , - f Y - f 1 '--1 1 S.. , ...sax-5. -"7--...rt " , ,,,,,-QL A 5 ' , fi 2 1 , ,mga on gr ... jfiitq r NVE--4'?:,k.. , iz A Q - eg Q- 1- f---A-Y -W -.--.- -5671 my - 'J-nt. V x -lc 'QQ as 'I f'Y Q1 Q1 W-'I su 7,7 M in Y .....-.--.,, 'AC UC 51 DI i X i-5,121 3-rf, - , Y ,, ,rs-v4n-,i ir .-.-..h..-.. Jn .lf iihri L, l A -'-' -- -- " ' . fav- - ' ' .. ' -- gw, jg -. 4 - 'W nb 5 N .,- - .Ri ' ' . W6- '2 ' 1 , ' ,, W 'Qgffi , ' "' ,--,gE 5 N TM Z' , ,- "FB-E'?31. 1 ' --g4,: 'im lf- f '--- .. ,' . QM f 5 -I ' .F hut- A kb, ' ,A f-- ' N '1 '1 f -' E, exlwy H,- ' 1 W M , Z' Z. J 1 Q A' ffifg Jil- 21:11 ,f"' "-'+-4- V ' - " ' .1 - ' 4 1 1 1-1 1 f nn F E V: ' N i A 6:5 ' "W ' 'S' j 1 1 an -2 - - L- 5 - , - 1225, : ff, 4 - f'-,,,,, H4 -. I-I - 52:22 . .-r 'MMM' rw an ' 4 ' " 3 l""' '-"Wa 'Rf-A14-1 l f All I Y QV W -ix1f- figx' 2 fl-' J . 'A ., " .-fu!-...." ' ,L-if .fre Wayne . f . 1-, 1 , K HH 1 y' ,Q - Y- A fm 1212- - A , mmf: , -- ' gy. H """""" A zff's'g'r ' ' A X ..---.JTT 4 1 , .3 4 31191 a 5 ' ' " """' " """' W , -.j.'.vqr:.'r' ':"" 7 , ,S-T 2 f f .-311: L-, , f A-, -,wi My M 'rf - .. .- , A 3 , , , X 1 Q V ,A A A 7 'fr' U' XX . , -... wiv tu' vga.. ., ,hgwqgf ,V . . .4 A T1 Ulu- ,. f- 14: Y. J ft in-'a,?h..,.,' . V f,-vw, ., f ,Q A K wq.S:,.Qimi:3 fxfy ' Wig'-'::4Qi?'f,'54'21,i"'54?a4f'Lgg 'Y 'YK 'X 'W I' ,y 'N .Mk-:..44" ,N X X - V . ' r ' - iv' V' - A 1 M nf ., ,,F"4" I - M fn.. ' if rs' ,L L """ . ,MI ,.,,,, ' . - ,A 'N -, ' ' 'F'.2'ffw:f'm, -1 ' Jig - , 3 V .,. ,A ,,.,,..., .f K -wffff-f--W ' A , - J" - 4,56 I , . R 5 1, '- A v' 5 - k . r 47 V-A ':.,,.:i ,nk had W - YA W A Jrh 1 A iff .HW ft., ' L 1 .f1ffwn'f: C., ,nf ,, i ' 'fvf' ,I, .,, 'r -' IJ' w . 1 ' ww r f .' , w-M 'L - ,J I t a - as ' 5. X -153, fx .V 4521, :j'2?' i'.gi?f'iE"flfQ3v:34m'.QJi wg 44, , k. ,. ,W 3, - , -1, . , ' fc Q wj - 1 - ' ff A Maxx, f - ,,.42f- ,. iff' Um-',:""f ' 1' , ,F , fx" W , f X ' . 4 L ' " K 'A ' "h","" ' ,-' ' ' Q., 1 , ' 'A 'W , . 1 -' F -W.wif-:1 ,,:ff"' -wi 1. A. ' ' ' .Y , -if " 'ffl-'fc fm. I 'f' : 4- .nf 'N WK -"3f'VTE"-":fi'E!-Vt H7'.w".7 ' ' " ' . . wf.ff,.vR-L-af' H X , 1964 VIKING STAFF Time, to the 1964 VIKING Staff, has greater sig- nificance than the publisher's deadlines or the slow creeping of the clock's hands toward 3:30. Time is the throbbing rhythm of a cheering crowd, the im- mortal beauty of Beethoven's symphonies, the in- finity of the universeg time is, as Pythagoras said, "the soul of this World." In this, the 1964 VIKING, BRYCE NEWNIAN S ponsor the staff attempts to capture the soul of the 1963- 1964 North school year. Only time and you will tell the degree of our success. PAM ALLGIRE ENID ZEITLIN Co-editor W4 X, BARRY SCHREIBSTEIN BILL BESSESEN Associate Editor Associate Editor af fi, DALE YANARI RON GRIMES Photography Editor W W fwfffw 9, W aw M FACULTY AND CLASSES CATHY MORA Faculty and Classes Edifof DONNA BERTHOLDT CATHY Bowuzs SUZAN SI-LAY STUDENT A-f LIFE GARY POMERANZ DAVID TWEEDALE S JOEL PHLLLLPS KAREN LQNDNER Sports Editor ANNE POPOVICI-I NOAL BLUM LE? LLTVAK , O R N 0 N S Student Life Editor Orgaruzatlons Edltor " PHGTCDGRAPH ERS LL, TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON, AND A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER THE HEAVEN. ., Ecclesiastes 3:1 S W W , Q Qfgffsfkwgifff mmmwfgifg qw ,f --- W - f Tw . , M M W W Aw V' W: Wk.' K T7 A VH A255312 E5 ,.f. . .a time to contrzbute. . . W T5 A f1y.SFvwfba1xx2 k X I ,Aj Q54 X33 Q1 tw "W yiywwy W W -R M W www T 'P Q, Az, ' , . 5 -A fi! 'M I t . . .a lime to co-operate. . . TTT 4 'Sm Awww.. . YYkwWffKR5fYr2f9XR,'XixQfw- X. , fffwsgiawrfwmwsww A ' AW . My Wxsmm A gs V N ,'1,mXaMA, A ,Ms ,.A.-g,zQx1AiKXBA N' V V N '- A X V ywl WW ww. ..,.6 'Q 1-, hx my 4 !?wsY'A.- Q, QUSNNIA Q W M.. N ORGANIZATIONS. , -s'A- we R - 5 .. W T f 7" X I , 4 W ff W . a time to reign. . . if 1, ' ai ROYALTY .... l 'N"'W ....4O . . .iz time to guide. . . . . .and a time to discover. A at -51i5Yif7llQiL2-if H .2 , 'fi'F2gyfe, w.w,i,,i, if e fe a time to compete. . FAC U LTY ...,. CLASSES ..,.. .,.. 1 30 5 N .Tl ,Q W9 AUJMW X, F 529 Mgymhispaf my GQ? I MQW WW f' fgwi W A 55x g, fmfmkpyjf A w fwfgyfxw ,uv f Dbvvjjx X VSTUDENT LIFE ...--,gn-qnpunnnunnululdlid 0 l i A l a V "5 4' W fu Q N 5 Ji M""U'l"nnn-wm,,4 Sophomore Dance Homecoming - . Vocal Music Concert Military Banquet and Veterans' Day Vacation Black Masque Play . . Thanksgiving Vacation Career Day ..... Winter Dance .... Chanukah and Christmas Assembl Christmas Vacation . Music Concert .... Band Concert .... End of First Semester New Semester .... Mardi Gras Dance . . Viking Varieties . . Spring Vacation . . Senior Play ...... Mother-Daughter Tea . Dance Concert . . . Color Day ..... D Club Dance .... Instrumental Concert junior-Senior Prom . . CALENDAR H' EVENTS Y Senior Class Day and Luncheon . . . Vocal Concert .... Commencement . . . . .September 28 . .October 19 . October 30 . . November 8 . . .November 11 . November 22,23 . November 28,29 . . . December3 . . . . .December 13 . . . December 17,18 December 21-january 2 ......january7 .january 8 . January 23 . . january 27 . February8 . . March 13,14 . March 21-30 . . . .April 24 . . . . May 1 . May 2 . . . May8 . . . May9 May 13 May 23 May 27 y3O LINDA SIOTE PATTY VENDEGNA JACKIE PYATT PGMPON GIRLS Macle ans did it! The rhythm of a cheer, coupled with the pulsating music of the band, pro- vides background for the North High Pompon girls. The girls' intricate routines and the rustle of their pom- pons contribute to the spirited excite- ment of each game. Stick 'em up! VONDA MAURO COLLEEN CASTENBADER JILL SCHNEIDER 9 Qy?'5 wUJH5vMj3b W WWW MW? 0551 3 W M2 NL M M5 V85 W,NMjM iw' N WM ijmfgwy Vy gimp aw PE? i 315 ,HJ ffwfpuf www QVVUV jf,-EZZQ ,4.,f.J'0UX"L 5j,,A,w3f Q,w1fO"'Q KMJ' J XML, AAA? M of' J NU LMQ 74 M f'fjj,JJJ WW MX wwf W M W WW W in 5 IL HMM 35M Bengd a MPQM MQJJWCHEERLEADERS WMD ,ufovafl if J J dx-ULAJ, The viking front. dw-L 0' .I M4545 -1,-Jifli' X WMWW JHWJ QQWJ'-iid KDUQL, Z K Connie Allen. fMfwWf Wffww I f , PLSLD WJ 7 Z Up and over! Shirley Eto Touchdown victory Finaltense seconds of a basketball game, a touchdown scored at the end of the quarter, and a ticking stopwatch at a track meet--these are a cheerleader's memories. All North sports are spurred on by our six spirit-minded cheerleaders, who can be seen at all athletic events. Donna Trarnutt Cuddle up a little closer. 12 The Notables played for Sophomore Salute. SOPHOMORE SALUTE Swishing skirts among dimmed lights provided an even rhythm for the Sopho- more Salute. Exuberant smiles dashed with bubbling laughter Stimulated gay harmony. , Z El Q fi f Undercover work. Hold that tiger. MAD NIGHT john Woneis Gene Heinemeyer Owen Herman Kathy Birdsall Nancy Chisman Harry Phillips jim Sloan It's cheaper than Kleenex. CAST Ralph Shriner Loretta Smaldone Judy Zamboni Stephanie Lorocco Donna Korasick Jeannie McGraw Terry Meyer Dan Wilcox gi Target practice. fi North spirit. Hume, Does he use Poligrip? Your mother wears combat boots! North's burlap babies. The big tease W What's for dessert? Mammy! Cindere11a's slippers Look! An invisible man! Patty-cake, patty-cake! English is up four points. Q M 5 Mirror, mirror on the wall. . . .X f The band's rickshaw formation illustrates the Homecoming theme. k J The North High Pep Club spreads into an oriental fan. Sword and axe formation exemplifies the spirit of North. ' i"' " Y, ,XX Valkyries and band pay tribute to opposing Lincoln Lancers ,,4 WQTORY North' s fortune. TRACES GF THE ORIENT The soft trickle of a fountain augmented by the mur- mur of conversation was the background for Home- coming l963. Dancers swirling through velvet lights, a Chinese mural, a bridge, and a garden--Traces of the Orient. 5"Q.22'... , .0 Q ,Q 'X I J P' 3 i 1 '63 Homecoming Queen, Shirley Pless, crowned by last year's queen, Roni Casual conversation. Bloom. In attendance are Pam Allgirle, Connie Allen, lanette Beneda, and Carol Bock. '5-f ' Y M M 7 QW 4 nl v , 11 " . A ' - ,qi 4 , L K Q- ,ff 'A N K 'fli-Y 53' i " r. 2 ,fr in , x .rl . ,h 3 ' "", rf ' h 'A 2.22 K .52 1 . L K h qi 2' ll Q ' Viking royalty parades before subjects. Les Wagner escorts Shirley Pless. 17 CQ, 5 The singing waiters Girls ' Ensemble . df Huff 'n' Puff. Christmas Quartet. Here come the elephants! , IJ :N Christmas cheer? Evergreen garlands deck the halls of North. The Christmas season has 1 arrived. Students eagerly anticipate holiday activ- ities, Christmas assemblies, and a new kind of dance called "Huff 'n' Puff. " Hol- iday spirits are lifted as voices blend har- moniously in song. is 5 gm ,K at W9 B if The monkey line. Caroling in the halls. Follow the leader. Charlene solos. Finale. CHANUKAH Huddlel ! The sorrow for the temple's destruc- tion, the sacredness of the candle- lighting ceremony, and the joy of the peasants are all a part of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. At a special assembly North High Orchesis mem- bers depict in dance the various moods of this jewish Holiday. Help stamp out forest fires. Blanch grows two arms and a skirt. ' v k f A N g . M 1w M' " ' U J' sr i1 1 1 .A Q' b,1 Q ' Q, .., b- .A.. Af- ..- q? ' A' is f f A I 5" ,,,V.L: ,zb H LE if 3 giizi A Qf-A . 4 g if q' ' GRA? M N Z I , Rf i v I s N 'Tv df YLI I T EW ,, an 3 ,Q 7' 4 L. - V4 0 fi f QA ,A.A Q b 5 5 Hair 'ai U W 15,529 f a 1 4 , ,. f 1 fl ,Q , ' . W 5, .V g i- 2- YW, 2-v U Am. ' ii k 1, 5 , . ,UO U , K 14 Qi if' Q u 7: . 4' 1 'I if K , Q 1 'veg 1 ' ' f -Q. V sv f Miss Charley Weaver. NORTHERN W The ragtime piano player. 23 Skidoo! "Make Someone Happy. " Yippee ay oh!! "It's an Elephant bird!" Dick Adams Dave Adducci Terry Ash Tony Augusto Linda Beavan Roland Blauer Ernie Cadwallader Nancy Chisman Tom Christians Doug Clark Tom Cline Norm Close Albino Cordova Janice DeAndrea Craig Dixon Pat Drake Dee Ann Frause Dave Gallagher Frank Gomez Gary Green ORCHESTRA VIKING VARIETIES CAST Bill Grimes Donna Hedburg Rocky Hergenreder Owen Herman Gene Heinemeyer Steve Holmes Kathy Horn Donna Korasick Stephanie LaRocco Jinny Leaf Linda Littrell Gina Lombardi Kathy Lonteen Ellen Losacco Suzanne Lynch Mark Mapelli John Martin Tom Martin Jay Mather Sheri Meilinge.r.f1'ULI1,' MADRIGAI: ' 1 Hallelujah! Doug's travelin'. ,John Morris C Dave TMue1EhB Dennis Newton Stella Olvera Floyd Penna Mike Pennetti Tom Perez George Powers Jacob Sol-col Shelly Sperling Betty Sterkel Mickey Stumbaugh Larry Tannenbaum Jill Wagner Donna Wells Dave Wendelin Fred Winsett Dale Yanari Louise Yatckoske Enid Zeitlin SHOW BAND 56 LIGHTS SENIOR PLAY CAST Nancy Chisman Carol Boc - fx, W Lorraine Bonivida Jerry Wendelin Phyllis C X Ruth Hoglin Gene Heinemeyer Harvey Silverman Louise Yatckoske Liz Rosenberg Judi Pasternack jim Sloan Loretta Smaldone Don Mueller Ron Germano Diana Smolinski 9 Shirley Pless Carl Hammond Gloria Shidler Cande Copeland Carol WaddellQ!XQ bl 'Nxa Terry Lee Directed by Miss Webster K Well... ! Gene Heinemeyer reads for a part. I REMEMBER MAMA ' if is , ,, .ix gs 'Yew' Casting with a Cast. 'THE may-v'v'XA,z1Nss Fmt me QSHFINIQN INTHE FOURTH Cl-ASH ' 0 - sq: ill 1-"""' X if 0 , v r l , i t J l is-we lf at fi if f ii N i f ' N at lx A Q l r The zaniest event of the year was Clash Day, instituted by Student Council in honor of our fourth place basketball team. Students wore clothes of orange and red, plaids and stripes, sneakers and loafers. Free beat cards were distributed, and a lively rally urged our team to vic- tory. . I Ailifg 4 , a 1 I , .wvlffil z l My ., l 295' ln i f , 'Z Q1 lit' if g i " ROLLICKING or 5 A .Sw- i i 41' -yn if 1 Q ,Q ,A ,Q , Before. . . . . . after. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. . . fp 5 RALLIES b""'N, Rahlly, dahling. Swing it, baby! if il eiie fi Rally attendance reaches an all-time high. Duh, which way did they go? Award presentations. Victory yell. w J 1 1 Sloppin' along. ,H , The Ghostly Duo. if 256 cg ' 220 ' X6 fi Qzifagkfgzjig 12J?if Qjq2?Q'3 Q6 I Q3 C Z X? M 24 ,V l 2 2, 255365 if 322250 QQ? ,j , ? ' gif R553-Mkfjn ggi! C? j S?'g,g?2',JQ22j ?g5?4f?Z! QI j , C222 'Q 621227580 '12, ZZ CQ qi? Z K 5? f . L3 L-61 Q. f 59? ! EL 6 QDJX if QQ .fix .Qf5'Q?'fg! Q21 zz fi, Q1 x C. 323' QQ GQ 55 4732 . Q - C? QQWQQ YC? figiggggf, RCDYA LTY C., ? vfL we Af x ,f 5 , .-'W J- ig 2.' 5 'X M .J ,, avg? .VAL 5, x'.7i"w f ix Y Y 'nv m ,H i'f'.v 'S 1-J f A' ff :S Q'-M W 5, 'PQ-5' I viii' w,...4 ,- gn Env y 73' 'xii-Q nw- pk' :VF f,'E1ws- .kt W ,ff sw: 'Qu 4 1 'fa 1 VI-KING J 67731 Wendelz'n MIN G 1 QUEEN lg Pless H 0 . f . M E , C O M I N G Mz'ss Pam Allgire Mz'ss Connie Allen A T T E N D A N T S I . Mz'ss Caro! Bock Mzss anelzfe Beneda J 33 MA RDI GRAS QUEEN ' 1: M zss Donna Tmmuzf SENIOR A TTENDANT Miss DeeA nn Frause JUNIOR A TTENDANT Miss J aniee DeA ndrea V wp-, SENIOR A TTENDANT Miss Charlene Misare JUNIOR A TTENDANT Miss Chris Leonard SENIOR A TTENDANT T Miss Joni Stoddard E D A S SOPHOMORE A TTENDANI Miss Jackie Pyatt SOPHOMORE A TTENDANT Miss Bernadine DiPa0!o 35 COLOR DAYKINC Mr. Conrad Chavez COLOR DAT QUEEN M iss Sheri Adduccz' SENIOR ATTENDANT SENIOR ATTENDANT Miss Shirley Eto Mr. Ernie Martinez 'si N. 5 JUNIOR ATTENDANT jUNIOR ATTENDANT Miss Gina Lombardi Mr. Bill Graff SOPHOMORE A TTENDANT SOPHOMORE A TTENDANT Miss Denise Hughes Mr. Largf Trarnutl r i 1 1 w 1 f 1 X w w N W f 3 v 1 if wi 57" QZQQWZLQ MW WW W5 ff? 6.157 ",55i?wWi5 jlwwqyff QZQZQQB, fkwy 'GQ-4-1 'J , ,ini Pl fw7"'4 ff?-49,M. frmwfwf. my f4':"0"' fWJ2M9f- Am MA ,f,,.,..7,, ,.,,f XM Ulf SPORTS Sp . E 94 f. ef ,Q . Charles Stott Lester Moore Walt Bastion CCDACH ES Many hours of time were devoted to our athletic teams this year by our staff of coaches. These men inspired and encouraged the supporting of our teams. We can be proud of our coaches for the outstanding job they have done. Don Evans Steve Woytek n fe? J - Az ' f.e5 gpzr-msxiiu, ' I' flf,f:Q'5'1f?jgLgE 7-3"'lm57 iff 3351: 'Wi u,s.s1TE'f'm5l'k 357:32 f:,.'t:3W fiilff if T If I farm:- X , a-h.:.1.,,fw:zs:wsa, -:fm ,-.ffsfzgf ,sz i , r Ham its ik f l ggi? fri . .. .. s N Jlm Kyle Bob Salen Don Stern Mike Andersen Sr. Center Terry Ashker Sr. Halfback M1ke Boyd Jr Fullback Frank Castro Sr. Fullback Mike Cummings Jr. Center Jim Carter Sr Guard FOOTBALL Rich Blanch Sr. Guard E 5 2 2 2 X' n Y 2 A touchdown for North. David Cutsinger Sr. Guard Tim Cole Sr. Tackle Co-captain J. T. Doyle Bill Hufford Sr. I-Ialfback Jr. Fullback The 1963 football team won two league games and lost five. This record, however, is a poor indication of the fine performances of our team. Warren Seiler, Tim Cole, and Dick Kenner were indeed the most outstanding players for the North Vikings. Injuries greatly hampered our team near the end of the season. The exuberant spirit of our team and of our students was never lost throughout the tense moments of the games. Bill Graff Stan Hladyszewski jr. I-lalfback Sr Halfback Doug He lbi g jr. Halfback Dick Kenner Sr. End Co-captain Cliff Henderson Sr. Manager Bill Jacobs jr. F u11b ack Gene Labriola Sr. Fullback Pete Kahler Sr. Center Tom LoSasso Sr. Manager Ernie Martinez Sr. Halfback Steve McKendry jr. End Steve Krauss jr. Quarterback john Morr1s jr. Tackle Never mind the ball. I lost my contac 55 1: .wwf ,- 1 ' , .,., , , . g, '-v:52::. L If ':3::,,l'- :J fl?-jig,-girl., K " sf : .... ..,, mr.,,w, , . m. 4. 9532 ' Garry Ranch Sr. Manager Ron Re sei gh Soph. Tackle LQ"'?u ' V V 5 ,L ' fr " vfi , A '- , i ff? - K ,5 -fl:.j,f::f:f,f4: k 4 as Mort Rosenbaum Warren Seiler Sr. Punter jr. I-Ialfback f,, Z . Q 22? 3 we WM Q , ,fd , Q ' 5 1 r Q5 3 fl' if 'E14i5'I"31551'5Es- 3555: ,. LT... 1 , gr , rx' 'Q Q sa I re " 5,1 wg ,, - Q K ,Y . f ' K. 1231! 'E 4 l K 2, . .5112 + .sf ff, fu 3, r 1 gy Q, n John Rhody Sr. Halfback 40 Bill Seyfer Sr. Guard Oh, I like you too. Greg Simmons jr. End Five horsepower transportation 1 1 " iz' 1 11" The pass. . . . . .the field goal. Allan Tittes Jr. Tackle Harry Tolve Les Wagner jr. End Sr. Guard Danny Vigil Jr. Quarterback East Lincoln Washington South Jefferson NORTH Manual West Won Lost Tied 7 O O 5 1 1 4 1 2 4 2 1 3 4 O 2 5 O O 6 1 O 6 1 jim White Sr. End , " it V- Mike Witherwax Sr. Guard Mike Zimmerman Jr. I-Ialfback ., j' P :-..... -av, i i? ' P- . 1' I "" 1 M77 sw TOP ROW: jerry Wendelin, Steve Holmes, Dave Wendelin, Mark Mapelli, Coach Moore. SECOND ROW: jim Faddis, jim Saunders, Paul Santangelo, Dave Potter. The '64 golf team placed sixth in the city standings. jim Faddis and Paul Santangelo were the outstanding golfers for North. With four returning letter- men, next year's team promises to be very successful. jerry Wendelin makes his putt. 48 FORE, FOUR, 4, IV? jefferson Wa shington Lincoln S outh East NORTH We st Manual WON 25 19 17 17 15 11 4 O LOST 3 9 11 11 13 17 24 28 FM M. ,. . ll' ' 4 4. an tr. - X TOP ROW--Coach Bastron, Dana Dutton, Eric Hoskinson, Wayne Cole, Charles Mullen, Lee Wosk, Gordon Cook, Rick Laurent, Carl Hammond. SECOND ROW--Milton Kitano, Randy Kitano, John Clavel, Sheldon Sperling. The North High tennis team completed the s e a s 0 n in fifth place. This record, M however, is not indicative in iw -M if 1 :sf l W vu if of the outstanding players 5. :SU on the team. Wayne Cole, ' who was elected co-cap- my s . .2 54 liilil R tain, was first man throughout the season. In px gf the state meet, the doubles R tea m of Charles Mullen and Lee Wosk finished fourth. Next year, seven lette rmen will return, raising ou r hope s for a city championship. -1' gf Charles Mullen hits a backhand. NORTH O East NORTH 5 Lincoln NORTH 2 South NORTH 6 West NORTH 6 Manual NORTH 2 jefferson NORTH 1 Washington sl S. N M . ,ga 4 ,Qi jf? ...,,.....-M.-.,.. , .Na-v x s. 5 .. ,NR ---3 , w:1.'+.s+:f-::.iiaf1i:-?-34-cf e, ,J-aqjgga ' Aff f A F , ...,. .,-va H' X Lee Wosk against Tj, l 2 l Q : i E 2 i i 5 Q 5 2 3,,,,,,,.,..,.- l Q 5 A Q ,L .Lg , ., ig. -X E1 5.35 ' ' , ,- 1 ,, A .ls 5 2,19 gl, ig . - l ! 2 Q 5 ' . "" Y 4 1? S '?"'f:"vH'f'+ was--i n " , 3 in .E , A . frwufgi gr.1,ffWFQf --,- f A 'C ' M , Gordon Cook tall-cs while playing. Wayne Cole, outstanding senior. Our team practices for the city meet. North's cross-country team was even more successfulthis year than last year. Bruce Sites was again the most outstanding runner for the Vikings. He raised the school record he set last year by thirteen secondsg his new record is 7:22. The other iettermen were Alfred Romero and Ron Maldonado. Sites finishes second TOP ROW-Coach Bastron, Robert Lopez, Robert Chavez, Robert Boosinger, Glenn Ekey, Mike Alberico SECOND ROW Alfred Romero, Richard Montanio, Ron Maldanodo, Gene Chavez, Bruce Sites , il Tim Cole, North's outstanding player. North's basketball team finished fourth in city competition with seven wins and seven losses. Tim Cole proved to be the most outstanding player for the Vikings. Lennie Ashford and Tim Cole were awarded berths on the All-City Squad. Dick Kenner, Larry Koperski, and Ron Newell received honor- able mentions. Since ten members of the 1964 team are seniors, next year's Varsity squad must rebuild, but Coach Evans has great hopes for the team's success. fam' 3 Ron Newell scores two. Larry Koperski shoots while Lancers dance. Q35 V This is a hold up! img Larry Koperski goes in for the shot. YJ I wanna hold your hand. Tim Cole steals the ball. 52 Jump, Lennie, Jump! p- .E ,.. . A 'Q North is very seldom out-jumped. Bill Grover jumps high Dick Kenner shoots as the clock ticks. Lennie does the Irish Fling. 5 1 s 1 Forget about the ball. Let's dance Duck fellows. l-lere comes another one. YY Y 3,59 ' if 1 4, 1 Hey, what do I do now? Which way did the ball go? 54 Len Ashford S r. Forward Dick Kenner Sr. Forward Gary Evans Ir. Center Ernie Martinez Sr. Guard Bill Grover jr. Guard Tim Cole Sr. Center Larry Kopersl-ci S r. Forward Ron Newell Sr. Guard Dan Vigil jr. Forward TOP ROW--Bill Graff, Ed Kirklin, Bill I-Iufford, Chuck Bustos, Harry Tolve, Bill Grover, Gary Evans. SECOND ROW Don Munson, Gene Cisneros, Everett Yost, Bruce Sites, Spike Romero, Larry Kraft, Greg Simmons. JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity basketball team placed very high in the city standings. The outstanding player was Paul Diekhoff, who helped the Vikings to many victories. With these returning players, our Varsity team of next year has high hopes of becoming an all-city team. Gary Evans goes for the rebound. 56 Spike Romero shoots during practice The hard way to make the shot. The SOPh0m01'9 PYHCUCE- The 1964 sophomore basketball team was one of the best North has ever had. Through hard playing, our team was able to end the season with a very good record. These sophomores will form the core of next year's junior Varsity team and a portion of the Var- sity squad. TOP ROW--Larry I-Iilzer, jim Saunders, Terry Fischer, Wayne Birds, Bill Saunders, Ron Reseigh, Don Goggins, jim Harris, Richard Garifi. SECOND ROW--Ed Bradley, Milt Greenmier, Paul Santangelo, Ron Gutierrez, Byron Murphy. 5 TOP ROW--Mike Liesveld, Bill Bessesen, Ron Germano, Alan johnson, john Aleck, Tom Priefert. SECOND ROW--jerry Radetsky, Richard Garcia, jim Muro, Mike Roush, Bill Buchanan, Richard Teague, Coach Kyle, Bruce Roberts, Charles Mullen, john Jacoby, Al Marienberg. THIRD ROW--jim Sloan, Carl Rische, john Sansom, junior Perez, Gary Pomeranz, Norman Close, Mike Luchetta, Bruce Frehner. North's '64 swimming team has improved greatly over teams of previous years, The team placed fourth in the city, we defeated West, Manual, and South, and we ran close meets with East, Lincoln, and jefferson. Although the team will be losing two top seniors, it is expected to be much stronger next year. Competing in the backstroke. Nlike Luchetta is flying high today. , The fish bowl. The Viks practice the relay. Won Lost Washington 7 0 Jefferson 6 1 South 4 3 East 4 3 3 4 Who tllfned the world Lincoln 3 4 upside down? Manual 1 6 West 0 7 Walking the waves. Who put the Alka-Seltzer in my swimming pool? Only ninety-nine yards to go. 59 Steve Iannicito jr. 95 lbs. Second All-City . . ' 53 2 352- .fig a. 7 --- ls e52wslZE2f?G s as.2'e. ' 1 -- -1 1 EQ21is 5fysg,a.,gS:w2z:afg2zs: may . -Q -1 . ,. . 1- LW IJQSTSS' flf5i?3f!7Qgi-Vfflb? : Aily 255 - ' "I :555':: ?E:EE'5,E".7 -if' .. vi if 'K i'7'.f1ei'f2- .1 1 ' Q 1 ,rt gg, 6' 2 S T fe li ' f 312 9 .,e. in , 1 .vii ,Am ., , Z'- :rE:?ii:iFa1a.., -J S' 1- a 'f ,H SlYg3Si9'g'lei.q-1ezgzfgskm- vie ' ww. -- .gfwf ' .-,V L kk .J,., ,Ewa A ,sgy . ,. tg. fwfu: ,.. KQQQ f I' .,,. , ,,., . ,. ..q., M ..,, . s W , .AM , xl fr wwe: 1 . 'za ,- :.. - 5 ., -5 Q s ,S F , .- . . , M " Ti . -1. -: : .. . ,: V 'Vis-i:2'QrXil:A: 1 -sz: -, :- :cm -JI. I"Zf F S tille r IMQQQSTQL ' - 1. . F184 tr Q 5 Q s Q i ,. if Si 1 512113 fikiiriilzf Sbtiv l ilisii gfkiiisfibiblf?.a4i7i'4zu1 'filfi I. Sr. T. Doyle 127 lbs. Second All-City X 5 .- . ws-we .. , i X' A UMW .:: Hi: . 1 ' 'i::":::Z'i:.""a:.'355' '?:?z9EJ5?'LPT'i-SS Li.ikii'fmt:g,.s9.'7jgg" :-+5142is-Qi:5::.'i:iE5f: 'E"fp:. ::"5"i'wEIf'5-.23 5" VW " ' .::"17"" , -W- yfefefmifinlhf,gseiim-swag, 1. N '-.F5 .1:i'.i2ia':-:f' , .. s'fw1:s2iffsf?st'v 5,5 ,pu -161231, ag.,'5g',g':- :-, .. ' 'xii Uswgzvgs w. 2S5, QgsWp1e1.L5- fs.. M5153s9251'?g?EQ?Qgws5f6z3gsQ,sem,, .. 3 1 .. -. .. -.egg..-1.-:f,, -H-fir'-wat ii -2 U- 11 -f ' 5 -:: n w ...- -,,,,1:eg5,, K me A gg,1,5,,.gew,?w2t fmQf.vS:Pa.w me H fgisfsilstg.IH.,-gc'-,fafy II,'f'I, y" f 'IVE-1 all- "::':-'.:::P,::::'jzE-,: '-'fggf7g.4.: " ,rv -' L. "' . V 3 ,V 5,1 gf f Mkza7.Ui7w255V 3l57795fW.f is 15::E2::wSr,1 ' z". 2'54IHSP2s22?353?ie?fe?ef19lSrgN3?1 " -is f - f-52' .1 ff-iii? if : : ?'e4iii1 i,4ge4?2'?siGf23r5?ieff2fei' ,4Hseifzii' S iw ., V, , ,. . . . .,,... . ,. . .-W ,sg mm. , W, , ,.a.W,, .M N Mast , - :silt-.szlsm:?Qff,' V '-7 .-: LA Ui 7 A . :" -:.,::::..." :1," . Ly Vm',1sTQ,A5fisg1g ix QM'QVQPZGPT'3i'5sgj:g-gp-fgiffl ,mls . , iLi"1 ':: :', .if .nfs " 3-55f.":-::'1f:5::5S4fE.: S W 1 'V ' 1 ,gi ' 2 f ,f5, . , : -.. . Lf K .f- 5 NUM, ui:-5 ,, ff -5235: f, 2,1 , i m. -1, me .5 ggwitgpfggiilii Q51 . HI.: gyggkggg, was ,, 2. mfgfgssvseissis , fa- QS -s lsgfzif-.,'s7:.f ' -. fat Saws if- , e?s?EeiQs2sse291f1 'Y 2gs4,g1qgz11Q2W 'f !f, is., s2gif223xiMf5?LiQ Sggesgssi A :mf .. . H 1 , , - i , - S' -asm 1 sr : sz, 1. V is-1" 5-+1 ""'fEG ., ' ii-s!'YL3f?s2??s,2 5 'iw , ',3z,,"1Zs.':.-:.,i!' iii ? :E' :' .5571 "' iA?E6 . '5 H" .. . "-" was 4 - K S , . V4 11 1 S . 1 . 1 K 'E h " 'J' ' if T ' -- ' fi? "'1".ZQ7,gf2 k- " f .- K ,gfswm ,.,. ...sw 1 1 f - - f - ' ..,.,f,f if,:fiai 1 gf f " ewv'rLv1vg'smf:s .- ' Y1': ?'Q'f'f'f -. 3 t gf' 21 2.915 in '.- 5 :EH .::gai:E.E:fi L 5g::s: .,a...1g 1' .5-E.,-.5 -.ff G2 4. f:5"ffi?r ,i5kf'?' fflivlsf? dm k Q , Vw.. I 3 . . if L . , .,.,. ,, J F S , ?.5fs2.ef:1. 5 ' '- -F' m,.,w,,. A . , , , wi.: Y K . .six-W ., ' .. ' . ffwsfa fi zgs r 4 mi Sf--51ez2 5 ' f ?2 5 2f -is - R? ' i 2 , ,.,. -- -' , .... - 3 M., ,. ,. ,. . A.,, .. .. -- . ,,.,.,.. ..,: ..,.,:,,, . ,, ..,,.:,, .. v,,..,, . :,.Q,:..- A, , . T12'1l'f?71 TA-mQfL."h "' ' '?. '-M:-'g,5,'.i,!fe' iii K X f A .AW 4"'s5aaW5'..: F7if??a' ' ' . ' 5 1: ""' wii ..:55?': ':... .. v: 4 .'ia'irzsf:-.. Qfiffwf ge. -. : gigsqgwva ,W fi 4 , ..a- , giiasggggigafe-, ' H gg,.M5.m .. -few-x,f:Q1 L ' my .i5gSis5Mj?',ggg5y ' A fsgfiggfggfefi 1. ...f,.. ..',.,.!:x:- Uk fmfyk 1 : -152.-, H--we f me f- A ,.:,-: www 111.--3-.A 3 .1-mg..-2-.' ig, - ' .zrgfgsszfw . -- , , 1 K .' - , , ' .1.:i-: 'fs 'aio g,fl:ifVZ3sr ,, ,,:v1Qm9ile:ll.mggf. A I , -:ie '15f'WM.5" ,.,. ' -D f ' . -- G72 55 i :FEI .Q fe? ':I,.13f.f::.. M "L5l.'l"f5ffz.57 ' '-1:1 Ni 'fi-:A :.' ::liE:": .. - , ' mn"-s:.f, . ' i::'?:::l:5:S:sIf, -46455157-9L.!lif5ff - , f ,. .55::1l S?5V' ' f :I,f,'-: '- :: ,. igghgfgiw' A 3 . ..v.:sf,fg:1:,Q15gf53 as -iggfgsffgf .g,g:g,.g, ..i,1s1.gsQsz.1:zs1 i A - mei -f ' ,. W sf ffm-'f:g?fd2r11 w f -.-fi issixrliwrsii.9,fgfwiwwsfifif1216LQie'si'iwff5zf2 - e '- f Bob I-Iix jr. 103 lbs. Conrad Chavez Sr. 1 12 lbs. Second All- City Bob Lopez jr, 120 lbs. Second All- City WRESTLING The Viking wrestlers presented as much of a challenge this year as they al- ways have in the past. Losing only to Lincoln, they finished second in the city. The Vikings also did very well in the city meets. Our wrestlers cap- tured five seconds, one third, and two fourth places. Scott Leonhart Sr. 127 lbs. 60 Looking for a pin? 1 5 9 Les Fritzler Willie Bostrom Mike Boyd Tom Fletcher Sr. 133 lbs. Sr. 133 lbs. Jr. 154 lbs. Sr. 138 lbs. Third All-City TOP ROW--Larry Thompson, Dick Okimoto, Norman Beach, George Cochetas, Robert Moss. BOTTOM ROW-- Ron Rathbun, Randy Moyle, Richard Montanio, Bob Chavez, Gail Jesse. 5 , i E Ted Olsen Al Tittes Rich Blanch Tim Roberts Sr. 145 lbs. jr. 165 lbs. Sr. 180 lbs. Jr. Hwt. Fourth All-City Second All- City Fourth All-City ls it 'P Fred Brooke, Ron Rathbun, Gary Pomeranz, lim Kline, Ron Baretta Jack Uster, Alan johnson, Louis Logan, David Adducci, Robert Lopez, Dale Gomez, Leonard Peralta, jack Burbank, Mr. Kyle. Louis Logan performs a one- handed handstand. if GYM NASTICS The 1964 Viking gymnastics team has Worked hard in preparation for this yea r's meets. Practice, determination, and pa- tience contribute to the success of this year's squad. Coach Kyle has great ex- pectations for the 1964 team and is confi- dent that the boys will do well in the citv and state meets. Robert Weng demonstrates the strength A111-i ht roll call, Add C ' and skill needed for gymnastics. g , uc1.... 62 Gymnastics require practice. . . x 1 grace. . . . . . skill .. . strength. . . . . . and balance. The 1964 track team coached by Mr. Walt Bastron. With five returning lettermen and many other promising athletes, No rth' s 1964 Track Team Will probably excel the 1963 team's record. Coach Walt Bastrom, who directed practices la st year, returns as head coach this year. Try running this way. The rush for the lunch line 64 We V X, The core of the 1964 track team. ?'?'N Coach Bastron times the runners. 'I Fast as a speeding bullet Practice exercises. 65 Lx x , Speak softly, but carry a big stick. North's hopes for a successful baseball season rest on several returning letter-men from the 1963 Another ball in Orbit season. Many boys have worked out in the pre- season practice. The team has great spirit and drive, which is attributed to the fine coaching and support of Coach Don Stern. Q f ' sf The 1964 baseball team coached by Mr. Don Stern. 4... 33. -'J ,Q 7 six? ,459 fr? 'M' . ww: A Y x M ,. , r ., Q ,, , .f W. W A ,gh uf f W M V 'H' ,, 3 K ' 5 .. i V - 'K ' A , if i W ,,.. ,rf-e W. A - , , ZPMW. ' K,- , ww. l , ,W . ,, , , , 1 .,..,g,, U we x L, M, J... - .ff W. i. . ,..f-Jw ff . 1'-' N.. Y' - - i W., , . :W'f..,, .ww W, .M Q-A k',i,x,,,b.'e fe if V' ' , .M ,X -' , -qs... ,M A .- ,..,, .V i J.. V 'W .W ' i""-'vwwgi-, - -4 . 'J' 'Qi' Look what I found. i fig: 5 . 1 W W. :ayg,,pp...qr-if f- 'NH A M ,M 491156: ...ggi 1 . ,,..f ' ,wr - Q, 9, , vw' 74. 'X' qw . -., My ,,. ,. .- if K I ,.,...V,ifQ.A I 1 F Q 5 .335 Ki ..5y5,,,wi. .i H Vg, K-,,,,, Over the plate - Q, 5, E, Q .- W ,, zi' Q L H M- . 5 i M, i S' ' i , Q M A 'W 'fe' "f"'A I want to be a steam shovel. A quick throw to first in the North High gym. if 1 M H i 2. k i - ewan-Q i .aewiiiqi was .UN Tom Urich practices fielding. 67 Winding up. Before. . . . . . after FACULTY VS. VARSITY North's first faculty-varsity basketball game was held this March. The tough Varsity team consisted of the senior basketball players. The faculty team Wa s composed of various teachers possessing extraordinary daring and coordination. The first five-point play in basketball history occurred when Mr. Stott pinned Tom Urich in 2:01 of the second period. Before the teachers completely succumbed to exhaustion, the game ended in a tie. This pin is worth five points. 68 Mr. Kyle plays center off season. Tackle at half court Swimmers learn diving techniques. Mrs. Brown lectures. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS Mrs. Ioan Brown Miss Shirley Giesl-:ing Miss Peggy Holder Mrs. Terry Sendgraff GIRLS' SPORTS -.-.....s,,,,a Next year's Varsity team. When work is really play. ,V , bij yy ilfifjm if 9 W QWQfwmJuJ yi., Www Wyynnqaqxbg ZLGJLLQ. Ama ' 5?0 ,Q EJ 'lj4,cwu aww- Qw.f-Leng, ffjflfaffkff Ld C5-LL. Cl, JZEIQVYW-QA ,sahcmm 5 , X9 Lubmwf 'Ao O RQQ'3'!ZC!isIk' QLNMM CHA- N915 fwww. CL L,uwuoMZf,c,J2QQnxLmM H QAJ 0-Uv, CLHLLNQM AD' SJ ww H , ww? U an x A .W . V ., a Z8 ff Mm.-1' n km V K f ff- ,ng Q mg. zgggfignf, , fwmgszzi' ,, A M, , , ,,f,,gg5Q5?imQx5giQi A W' nfvfif Q 58 Kp. J' 42+ 19 24' -1: 5,1553 ir 4 A 8 l i - 13: 1 .Q S 5 Kiwi? , - -ag s3sffafEgQ5?' v J, :uf A5555 'll -ag., fm V, w My 1 W Qmfgssga 6 M, 1? Maw L, M JOAN STODDARD Head Girl CHARLENE MISARE S ecre tary NORMA COOPER Treasurer WAYNE COLE Head Boy Ralf! Jl TOP ROW--1. T. Doyle, Gary Evans, Gina Lombardi, Ellen Losacco, Janice DeAndrea, Gordon Cook. SECOND ROW--Denise Hughes, Conrad Chavez, Dick Okimoto, Herbert Handler, Dan Rowley, Norman Close. THIRD ROW--DeEtte Starr, Connie Allen, Donna Tramutt, jim Carter, Lorraine Bonavida, JoAnne McDonald. FOURTH ROW--Mr. Theodore Speros, Fred Villanueva, Joni Stoddard, Charlene Misare, Norma Cooper, Wayne Cole. t I've got an idea! .sl Steadyf Gary! Concentration! Student Council consists of all-school officers, class officers, and school publication and club representatives. The group promotes democracy and school spirit, and it develops closer cooperation between the faculty, stu- dents, and community. Student Council decorating for the I-Iuff'n Puff. r' ""- ,wma . fa V f- ff ' 1 -.. y I hlh V f L g -' l V A J .... H, r zm' K A v g ty f Q , Q so xt W, , ,si I "1 Q " I h -- ---,s i ' , I W Y K: in ii, Li -- i -' - P "' Y 1 y . ' - I.. x - 1 . L lx - 1 4 A TOP ROW--Donald Yannacito, Michael Martin, Roger Hultman, Larry Koperski, Steve Holmes, Gary Cianfrance, Mike Anderson, Alan Dudley. SECOND ROW--Terry Ashker, Irwin Silverman, John Iacobuc- ci, Daniel Rowley, Lloyd Ludwig, Kenneth Loose, Clifford Negley, Ronald Abo, Jerald Silby. THIRD ROW--Herbert Handler, Edward Robinson, Gerald Goss, Randy Madonna, james Giardino, joe Augustine. ESCORTS AND ATTENDANTS PARTICIPATING WITH BAND OR CHOIR: TOP ROW--Tom Christ- ians, Tom Cline, Larry Tannenbaum. SECOND ROW--Norman Close, Ted Olson, LaVel Losasso, Peggy Leonard, Corrine Churchwell, Pat Leonard, Harvey Silverman. THIRD ROW--Sue Penna, Norma Cooper, Linda Littrell, Donna Wells, Sheryl Meilinger, janet Mitchell. TOP ROW--joan Doyle, Anita Barrett, Kathy Brinkman, Mary Ann Whitehead, Cathy Carne, Diane Cyprian, Cheryl Clear. SECOND ROW--Sherry Moss, Nancy Patton, Carol Caf , Penny Shea, Pat Grilley, Miss Betsy Wright, Pat Seda, Barbara Sukihara, JoAnn Rizzo, a y Mora, Fran Ternella, TI-IIRD ROW--Carolyn Yishmato, Pamela jesse, Gayle Yamamuchi, Judy Faudel, Mary Murray, Don- na Day. 74 DQ l pa nd, uf AK-E "Q 'ip' -' U-1 in , pn v 7 1 -- Us TOP ROW--Jim White, Martin Sloan, joe Buschy, Morton Rosenbaum, Tim Cole, Tom Martin, Warren Magdanz, Barry Schreibstein, Corbette Tweedale. SECOND ROW--Dick Giddings, Danny Troxel, juan Sandoval, Wayne Cole, Mrs. Kay Culton, jerry Wendelin, john Rose, Ernest Gilman, Lee Keasey. THIRD ROW--Conrad Chavez, Dennis Vigil, Bill Seifert, Ken Lesser, Jim Kline, Carl Hammond. S junior Escorts and Attendants assist the graduating class during commencement exercises. Chosen on the basis of their scholastic standing and good citizenship, they devote many early morning hours to help make commencement a success. The spon- sors Were Mrs. Charlotte Drake, Miss Betsy Wright, and Mrs. Kay Culton. .7 JUNIOR SLAVES: TOP ROW--Bill Bessesen, Duane Spiker, Mike Spallone, john Bradley, Ke-nffyajrjv Steveson. ROW--David Wendelin, Dennis Weddingfelt, Orval Colton, Ron Germano, john Jacoby, TOP ROW--Gloria Shidler, Maxine Lehman, Sharon Perotin, Ma ' n Yakes, Charlene Misare, Lorraine Bonavida, jill Wagner, Noal Blum. SECOND ROW--Pat Spencer, Ioan to ard, e e Beneda, Donna Tramutt, Carol Bock, Mrs. Charlotte Drake, Enid Zeitlin, Veronica Garcia, Linda Bolton, Pam Allgire. THIRD ROW--Karen Raymond, Connie Allen, Sh r, Phyllis Cowan, Darlene Maxwell, Car- olyn Tooley. 75 YOUTH IS THE TIME FOR ANY EXTRAORDINARY TOIL. .. ALAN DUDLEY was one of the three students selected from Colorado as delegates to the Na- tional Youth Conference on the Atom. Among many other awards, Alan received first place in physical sciences and the All-Exhibits Award for the Sixth and Seventh Colorado-Wyoming Science Fair. Also Alan received a fourth place in the physics division of the Thirteenth Nation- al Science Fair-International. Physics will be Alan's major in college. He plans to attend the University of Colorado. SHIRLEY PLESS was the recipient of the Daugh- ters of the AmericanRevolution Award for good citizenship. Shirley plans to attend college at Greeley or Fort Collins where she will major in physical education and dance. After college Shirley would like to combine a career of sec- ondary education with marriage. JOHN ROSE received a superior rating from the National Council of Teachers of English for his writing ability. john has been on the Honor Roll for three years, and he has also received supe- rior ratings in debate. After graduating from North, john would like to attend Yale Univer- sity. As possible majors in college, john is considering history and political science. john is undecided about his vocation and is thinking about continuing his education after college by workingtoward an advanced degree in graduate school. Another outstanding boy in the senior class is IRWIN SILVERMAN, Irwin is a National Merit Scholarship finalist and has been on the Honor Roll for three years. He is also a student teach- er of a Sunday School class. Irwin would like to attend either Stanford or Brandeis University if he goes out of Colorado to school. Although Irwin is undecided about his vocation, his major will possibly be in medicine, law, or education. WAYNE COLE, North's head boy, has served North dutifully during the past three years through student council activities and as North's repre- sentative to Boys' State. Wayne has Won many scholastic honors and is aNational Merit finalist Now, preparing to leave North, Wayne is mak- ing future plans. He has applied to Harvard, Columbia, and Brown Universities. He plans to major in law, psychology, or political science. Wayne has no post-college plans, but he is con- sidering a Senatorship. BILL GRAFF, one of North's outstanding junior boys, brought honor to his school by winning the Voice of Democracy Contest. Representing Colorado, Bill competed in the national con- testinWashington, D. C. Bill has been on the I-Ionor Roll for two years and is an officer of his Young Life group. College is still a year away for Bill, but his fondest dream is to attend U, C, L, A. He plans to major in math and be- come a math teacher. As a junior, ENID ZEITLIN received the Mason- ic Achievement Award as North's outstanding junior girl. As a senior, Enid serves as editor of the 1964 Viking, she is also North's winner in the Betty CrockerHomemaker of Tomorrow con- test. Planning for college is a big step, and Enid would like to attend Brandeis University. Enid is undecided about her major, but she is con- sidering teaching first grade after graduation. ERNIE GILMAN is truly an outstanding senior boy. Ernie received the Masonic Achievement Award for being the outstanding junior boy. Ernie's three years of hard work at North have brought him many rewards. The National Coun- cil of Teachers of English gave him a superior rating, and he won first place in the Shafroth Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. He is also a National Merit finalist. Columbia and Princeton are Ernie's first two choices for college. Ernie has made no definite decision about his major or about what he will do after his college career. 76 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Pamela A llgire Terry Ashker joe Augustine Anita Barrett n te Bened V oal Blumfy 2027 Carol Bock 'Krathle en Brinkman Kathleen Carne Thomas Christians Woodrow Clifton Norman Close fkWayne Cole 1lOFBen Cooper Norma Cooper Diane Cyprian Craig Dixon fFAlan Dudley 40kDan Dye Marie Eichelberger fkjudith Faudeljl ff james Giardino 4fErnest Gilman Gerald Goss 4fElected in 1963 4OFElected to membership as juniors in 1964 Grilley Herbert Handler Stephen Holmes Pkjohn Iacobucci 40kKathrine Jager Pamela Jesse Lee Keasey james Kline Larry Koperski PF'kPeter Larsen Maxine Lehman Peggy Leonard 40kLee Litvak 7l0liKaren Londner PkKenneth Loose 'kLloyd Ludwig Randy Madonna Tom Martin Sheryl Meilinger Charlene Misare CMV' Q11 Sharon Perotin Karen Raymond JoAnn Rizzo 'k'kBruce Roberts Edward Robinson Hohn Rose JR Juan Sandoval "OFMiche1le Sarsfield "0kMary Schneringer Barry Schreibsteingj Penny Shea Gloria Shidler iklrwin Silvermangfvp Ioan Stoddard v "0kFred Streltzer Barbara Sugiharla Donna Tramuw jill Wagner Sharon Wa Ioan Wells Janet Mitchell Plokjohn Morris 3'0kCharles Mullen 4'Mary Murray Clifford Negley Yjerry Wendelin Geraldine Winograd J'0kDale Yanari Pklinid Zeitlin The objectives of the National Honor Society are four-fold: 5 you CROWDING N035 1. to create enthusiasm for scholarship? EN:'!SZV!!Q!T Officers put up a poster. 2. to stimulate a desire to serveg 3. to promote leadershipg 4. to develop character in the students. Members are Chosen on the basis of their scholastic achieve- ments and their promise for the future. To be elected to the' National Honor Society during the jun- ior year deserves great merit, for only a select few juniors are chosen. The society's main projects for the year were the initiation of new members,the preparation of posters, and an assembly for the Operation Rededication project. 77 fl?" SENIORS, TOP ROW: Janette Beneda, Donna Tramutt, Shirley Pless, Carol Bock, Connie Allen, janet Scheuerman. SECOND ROW: Carol Caffre , Becky Baker, Suzanne Dreith, Sandy Falligan, Dixie Daffin, Linda Calerich. R : LaVel Losasso, Sharon"Car'1son, Phyllis Cowan, jane Masters, Pam Allgire, Noal Blum. FOURTH ROW: Janis Coomes, Kathie Tangye, Donna Wells, Jill Wagner, Kathy Carne, Sheri Meilinger. FIFTH ROW: Peggy Leo- nard, Linda Pizzichino, Patsy Estrada, Pam Jesse, Sandy Godioz, Darlene Maxwell. SIXTH ROW: Miss Ann Forster, Jo Anne McDonald, Linda Baumhover, Margaret Ortiz, Cathy Mora, Carol Waddell. SEVENTH ROW: Gayle Yamauchi, Sharon Lazuk, Judy Faudel, Nancy Couper, Sharon Craco, Barbara La Guardia. EIGHTH ROW: Lorraine Bonavida, Linda Littrell, Sharon Wagner, Ruth Hoglin, Maxine Lehmann, Marilyn Yakes, Lee Litvak. The North High pep club, Vall-cyries, stim- ulates school spirit and good sp ortsrn anship. Be sides sponsoring t h e Hom ecom ing dance, the Valkyries work hard on many o th e r activ- ities. The year is cli- maxed with a banquet honoring the senior Valkyries, VALKYRIES E I ap . 'ff eg, Valkyries help Student Council decorate for Christmas. V is for Velcome. V, 1 Valkyries fanning out. ,V .W .- . A - JUNIORS, TOP ROW: Eileen Scheuerman, Barbara Swanson, Jani Sakayama, Julie Bowen, Sandra Romero, Bernice Vigil, Gail Sagara, Mary Fernandez, Paula Johnson, Janet Olsen, Starla Decker, Shirley Bergmeier, Christine Choruzy, Judy Davis. SECOND ROW: Nancy Creighton, Nancy Robbins, Suzanne Austin, Michelle Sarsfield, Jwoann Mueller, Marcia Hartman, Maureen Tanouye, Eileen Fujino, Candy Marcellus, Linda Losasso, Myra LaGuardia',"i'Renee Emeson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Oehlerking, Jan Adams, Pat DiBona, Christine Morris, Beth Zarnbelli, Sheila Karsh, Joan Chandler, Karen Londner, Linda Carpinello, Toni Teti, Pricilla Garcia, Kathy Lonteen. FOURTH ROW: Dawn Norwood, Suzanne Simms, Janice DeAndrea Yashiro, Barbara Yannacito, Mona Rosen, Sandra Stanich, Denise Curran, Sue Guthrie, Terry Yadlosky, Linda Oegerle, Carol DeLuca, Carla Cisneros. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Steinbach, Linda Gallagher, Linda Ito, Pam LaMont, Karen Wesch, Stella Tevah, Janice Palisch, Hilda Buchalter, Janice Carlino, Suzan Shay, Cathy Bowles, Anne Kennedy, Judy Barbour. SIXTH ROW: Linda Schneringer, Pat Grierson, Shirley Hijar, Susan Basford, Sharon Baker, Nancy Ahlskog, Seina Sandoval, Gail Marcus, Nancy Gregg, Zella Coleman, Kathy Carmer, Betty Sterkel. President Lorraine Bonavida Vice -President Linda Littrell Secretary Sharon Wagner Treasurer Ruth Hoglin Parliamentarian Maxine Lehmann Drill Captain Marilyn Yakes Junior Representative Lee Litvak Sponsor Miss Ann Forster I Valkyries serving at faculty tea. TRI-HI-Y President. Kathy Horn A Vice-President Dawn Pyatt Secretary-Treasurer Mary Bandemer Historian Connie Allen Sponsor Mrs. Zelda Rouillard Cathy, watch the bug on the window! TOP ROW--Mary Anne Schmoeger, Sandra Hufford, Sue Panna, Lucy Herrera, Mary Lee Fishburn, Sandy Repp, Clara Rowe, Carolyne Warner. SECOND ROW--Sharon Wertz, Melady Herman, DeeAnn Frause, Kathy Capra, Susan Dolphin, Pat Drake, Judi Pasternack, Patty Seyfer. THIRD ROW--Allicia Anschuetz, Dawn Pyatt, Kathy Horn, Mary Bandemer, Connie Allen, Beverly Roberts. Cathy Horn conducting a Tri-Hi-Y meeting. Tri-Hi-Y is a club dedicated to social service. It also strives to develop the person- ality of each member so that she will be of service to her school and community. Each year at Christmas the members have a service project and a tea in honor of their mothers. HIGH SHHOOL RED CROSS A W W2 T' TOP ROW: Jan Lombardi, Carol Swinney, Pegie Carter Pa Beckert, Sharon Perotin, Karen Londner, Anna Ostrov, Gloria Shidler, Carol Nishimoto, julie Bo n. SECOND ROW: Judy Barbour, Nancy Robbins, Karen Takamatsu, Sherrie Tannenbaum, Linda Baumhaver, Carol Ann Wad- dell, Sue Penna, Allicia Anschuetz. THIRD ROW: Sue Angel, Donna Medina, Dixie Lee Cox, Beverly Contieras, Leslie Duncan, Harvey Silverman, Judy Faudel, Ray Collins, Lee Litvak. FOURTH ROW: Ray Benjamin, Brenda Freidenson, Roland Blauer, Becky Baker, Sharon Lazuk, Jani Sakayama, Enid Zeitlin, Sherri Schissler, Jo Anne MacDonald. President allfl Ba e fy Vice- resi ent Sharon Lazuk Secretary Students interested in serving North High School and helping Jani Sakayama mankind are welcome to join the North High School Red Cross. Treasurer The council worked with other service clubs throughout Denver. Enid Zeitlin Sophomore Representative This year the council collected 2,000 toys for the Santa Claus Sherri Schissler shop. The members also provided useful items for Colorado State Mental Institution. As a fund-raising project this year, North High School Red Cross sold North High decals. gg, Jani reads the minutes. All in favor of sleep. 81 if TOP ROW--Lee Wosk, Bruce Sites, Eugene Chavez, Bill Hufford, Wayne Cole, Louis Logan. SEC OND ROW--Charles Mullen, Tom Martin, Steve Holmes, Mike Anderson, Pete Kahler. THIRD Phillips, Tim Cole, Co ad Chavez, Rich Blanch, jim White President Conrad Chavez Vice President Rich Blank Secretary lim White Treasurer Floyd Penna Student Council Representative J. T. Doyle Sponsors Mr. Lester Moore Mr. Don Stern ROW--Gary Ranch, Baretta, jay Mather, Mike Lucetta, J. T. Doyle. FOURTH ROW--joel D Club Meeting. V One, two, three, four xilcy THE YEARLY Xa C4 'rx CLUB A TIME FOR EVERY SPORT AUP A -- -Y r At ease, men! To join the D club, a boy must have lettered in a competi- tive sport. This year our D Club sold "beat" cards and spon- sored the annual Color Day dance. D Club members try to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship among the stu- dent body. The line-up! The sponsors Members listen attentively! 84 Mr. Crouch gives advice. President Nancy Baker Vice -President Roberta Larsen Secretary Donna Snell Treasurer Patrick Gallegos Publicity Director Linda Kantor Sponsor Mr. Dan Crouch The Distributive Education Club of Amer- ica is a national youth organization which works through the public schools to en- courage students to enter into fields of :rn a r k e t i n g and distribution. The club aims to develop in each of its members an understanding and respect for the re- sponsibilities of a citizen in a free society and to provide educational experiences which will be of value to the student in his chosen vocation. Big business decisions! DISTRI BUTIVE EDUCATION CLU B TOP ROW: Clara Creswell, Patricia Bellardi, Mary Ellen Hernandez, julie Cahill, Juanita Gray. SECOND ROW: Vicky Shimel, Toni Rodgers, Mr. Dan Crouch, Alvina Garcia, Re- becca Vega. THIRD ROW: Linda Kantor, Roberta Larsen, Nancy Baker, Donna Snell, Pat- rick Gallegos. PRE-IVIED CLUB TOP ROW: Richard Tymkiw, Kathy Mclntosh, Barbara Vigil, Linda Huebscher, Karen Baker, Linda Cutler. SECOND ROW: Carolee Nelson, Sarah McWhorter, Sheldon Smith, Jacob Sokol, Gloria Ota. THIRD ROW: Gloria Berver, George Frenkel, Pat Beck, Bonnie Newell, Eileen Staeck. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Rudolph, Rosalia Casa- granda, Linda Gabel, Celestine McMahon, Mark Mapelli. FIFTH ROW: Starla Decker, Kathleen Belnap, Donna Tinker, Hope Sandoval, Linda Ito. SIXTH ROW: Vivian Byars, Gary Pomeranz, Donna Medina, Susan Basford, Sharon Baker. Attentive bunch? Chairman Donna Medina Secretary-Treasurer Carolee Nelson Sponsor Mrs. Vivian Byars The Pre-Med consists of students who are interested in medical science. Members gain experience in the medical field by work- 4 ' ,h,, 35 ing as volunteers at North's clinic and at Denver General Hospital. an Their interest in medical science is cultivated by lectures and by H tours of mental institutions. Dr. Litvak speaks to the club. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA TOP ROW: Rosalia Casagranda, Margie Brennan, Georgenne Tomlinson, Stella Olvera, Jerald Silbyf Gary Shreeve, Steve Haffnieter, Walter Erbes. SECOND ROW:Anna Krappes, Judy Barbour, Nancy Creigh- ton, Rosanne Robinson, Becky Baker, Anita Barrett, Sharon Watson, Victoria Promis. THIRD ROW: Sheryl johnson, Diana Pisicchio, Ellen Ocrant, Anne Popovich, Sheila Rich, Sharon Lazuk, Norma Cooper, Janis Coornes, Donna Bertholdt. FOURTH ROW: Diane Simpson, Cheri Smith, Pat Leonard, Peggy Leo- nard, Christine Choruzy, Kathy Brinkman, alyI.a.1j'eH,B,uandes,, Mr. Symonton. Future Teachers of America familiarizes its members with the different aspects of the teaching profession. The club visits several schools to observe classes and teaching methods. The F, T. A. year is highlighted by a pic- nic in honor of the seniors and by participation in other school activities. President Pat Leonard Vice -President Peggy Leonard Historian Christine Choruzy Secretary Kathy Brinkman Treasurer -M-ggielgrandeso Sponsor 'V" W 'S'M Mr. Symonton Let's smoke the peace pipe. x ,gi SL f ,H , y y wrt, Q l Trick or treat? 87 ORCHESIS Rx to NJ AQ TOP ROW-Charlene Misare, Shirley I-lij ar, 1il1Wagner, Sheila Webb, Phyllis Cowan, Barbara LaGuardia. SECOND ROW -Judy Blair, Neala Haze, Patty Seyfer, Melady Herman, Karen Londner, Pam Allgirle, Frances Ternella. TI-HRD ROW-Carol Bock, Jani Sakayama, Sharon Craco, Linda Pizzichino, Shirley Pless, Therese Pollice. ' Orchesis, the modern dance club, stimulates interest in dance as an art form. Members of orchesis choreograph many of their own movement patterns. Orchesis meets once a week on Wednesday to prepare performances for the Chanukah pro- gram and various assemblies. President Carol Bock Vice-President Jani Sakayama Secretary Sharon Craco Treasurer Linda Pizzichino Senior Historian A Shirley Pless junior Historian ' ' Therese Pollice 88 S 'f f -f V ,,,,Jv ,JL In the beginning. . . 4, i ,- O Olympic material ? , IIQHH'-A 'WW' a Q . n X What technique ! 2383213 1 ia' 'Y' ,if 'WN w., I i r , t In 1 n ,Me VN V 'v m-f"1 ' E ik - J yr, 5 K ., f , ,Y ww., f - M MV 7 M' 6 Y 53 E x n L4 Wm' A V I Q I ' XA' 'K' 'Rf 9, Q-'ff -l , A ' , V A? Q' 4 A "' f ig 713' "AA D15 if ff K, ' , 'V .j 7' 'S 4 . A n 43 4 X!!iff r ,' , NFA, sf' gg i i ' :p l V x ,Q A :L A vii fn X Z A - he KM' , g Q L M5 df 1 ff f I 75 2 '3 ? 1 V x Super Skier, Organized confusion. 90 R ff C AX of . ,dl TOP ROW--Ron Germano, John Jacoby, Steve Holmes, Dave Wendelin, Mark Mapelli, Phyllis Cowan, Lorraine Bonavida, Jane Masters, Pam Allgire, Carol Caffrey, Becky Baker. SECOND ROW--Nancy Robbins, Sue Austin, Jay Mather, Jinny Leaf, Cliff Anderson, John Augusto, Anne Popovich, Vicky Promis, Judy I-loltzmaster, Sharon Lazuk, Linda Baumhover, Mariann Goggin. THIRD ROW--Cathy Bowles, Sally Phillips, Janet Mitchell, Barbara Johnson, Pam Boston, Carol Nelson, Anita Barrett, Elaine Wright, Sharon Watson, Randy DeWoody, Dana Griffith, Vic Veoder. FOURTH ROW--Pat Grierson, Tony Simone, Diane Smolinsky, Joann Rizzo, Marcia Hartman, Martha Atkinson, Barbara Morse, Saul Licholat, Bernard Roland, Willard Horner, Steve Hafmeter, Dave Augusto, Linda Pizzichino. FIFTH ROW--Barbara Webber, Judy Pasternack, Carolyn Groff, Jody Jorgeson, Phyllis Cordova, Steve Rosen, Arlen Bornstein, Gary Pomeranz, Al Marienberg, Ron Levine, Peter Kalba, Stuart Bernstein, Bill Booshowers. SIXTH ROW--Gary Ranch, Gary Evans, Bill Bessesen, John Bradley, Bruce Frehner, Jani Sakayama, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Hansen, Jim Muro, John Sansom, Carol Bock, aretta, Shirley Pless. Movies, ski instruction, and weekend trips to many of the popular ski spots in the state were only a few of the activities enjoyed by Norski club members this year. Membership is open to and benefits all types of skiers, whether beginner or expert. Despite a lack of snow earlier in the season, Norski had a very successful and enjoyable year. ' ' , A .X - 'D 1 ' '3Q'fif5'v14'?T ps fl 4 if fifth if ' L," ,ri A+ 3 A Q, 1 President John Sansom Vice-President Jim Muro Secretary Carol Bock A , 'gg riff Treasurer W- I Ron Baretta hgfjjlip' Sponsors -M ' Mr. Paul Hansen Mr. Richard Thompson Time out, The Lone Ranger M NATIONAL TH ESPIANS TOP ROW- -Nancy Chisman, Loretta Smaldone, Terry Ashker, Diane Gajefski, Garnet Struna. SECOND ROW--I-larry Phillips, Danny Wilcox, Jeannie McGraw, Louise Yatckoske. THIRD ROW--Miss Elizabeth Webster, Suzanne Simms, Terry Lee, Ralph Shriner, Gail Marcus. A versati1e-looking group. Shame, shame, your back is to the audience. National Thespians is an honorary organization which promotes dra- matics in the schools. Members are selected on the basis of their par- ticipation and achievements. We do solemnly swear. . . Thespians participating in the Black Masque Play. President Ralph Shriner Vice-President Terry Lee Secretary Gail Marcus Treasurer Suzanne Simms Sponsor Mi ss Elizabeth Webster Miss Wickstrom speaks. A81-astf Ehewneeting is over And now, good people, . . Thespians meet. The sponsor in action. TOP ROW--Peggy Lopez, Carolyn Tooley, Jennie Goggins, jan Adams, Nancy Oehlerking, Carole Kenner, Linda Carpinello. SECOND ROW--Miss Peggie Holder, Barbara LaGuardia, Sharon Craco, Barbara Lutz, Sharon Graham, Elaine O'Brian. X 94. An opening prayer . Spartans of Sport is the girls' athletic club. Girls who have a "C" average, who have passed all the required skill tests, and who have 300 points are eligible for membership. Points are earned through participation in the after-school intra- mural program. The purpose of the club is to enable mem- bersto learn the rules of various sports, not only to increase their playing ability but also to enable them to officiate in the after-school program. Each year S.O. S. sponsors the Color Day breakfast dance and the mother-daughter ban- quet in the spring. Once a month the club has such activ- ities as sports events, pot luck dinners, skating and skiing parties. -zl dl lll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, t 5 An executive meeting. Jump, Barbara, jump! Ee 1-c, a ball! Shaping up. Easy does it. I iff Praying for rain! BLACK IVIASQUE TOP ROW: Linda Gallagher, Ellen Losacco, Bernie DiPaolo, Mary Lombardi, Barbara Broncucia, Kathy Bird- sall, Chris Prokop, Sharon Krieger, Estelle Singer, Janis Bartley. SECOND ROW: Ed Sadowski, Jim Sloan, Danny Wilcox, Terry Meyer, Ralph Shriner, Gene Heinemeyer, Mary Anne Schmoeger, Bill Bessesen, Terry Lee, Suzanne Simms, Shirley I-Iijar. THIRD ROW: Harry Phillips, Martha Lumsden, Terry Mazzara, Kathy O'Halloran, Neala Haze, Jill Ingersoll, Linda Cutler, Carol Yatckoske, Karen Wesch, Pam LaMont, Karen Bly, Judy Zamboni. FOURTH ROW: Annette Salazer, Enid Zeitlin, Carla Cisneros, Alvina Garcia, Cindi An- derson, Miriam Sladek, Chris LoSasso, Karen Londner, Hilda Buchalter, Gail Marcus. FIFTH ROW: Peggy Lopez, Gloria Shidler, Cande Copland, Garnet Struna, Judi Pasternack, Donna Korasick, Sharon Lazuk, Har- vey Silverman, Owen Herman, John Woneis. SIXTH ROW: Miss Elizabeth Webster, Evelyn Duman, Stephanie LaRocco, Terry Abeyta, Terry Ashker, Louise Yatckoske, Jeannie McGraw, Nancy Chisman, Loretta Smal- done, Diane Gajefski, Mary Lee Fishburn. Students who are interested in drama and who want to learn more about theatrical arts are elig- ible to join Black Masque. Each year Black Mas- que presents a play. The club's sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Webster, directed this year's thoroughly enjoyed play, "One Mad Night". A Black Masque meeting. President Loretta Smaldone Vice -President Nancy Chisman Secretary Jeannie McGraw Treasurer Terry Ashker Historian Louise Yatckoske Sponsor Miss Elizabeth Webster Loretta conducting a meeting. 96 3 1 as ONE MAD NIGHT s . , - fag' -..iw gh The cast ? Lending a helping hand. Backstage. No conformity at North High School. A tender embrace MATH CLUB 4 S egregtion. Any student inte re sted in searching further into the field of mathematics is eligible to join the Math Club. Their meetings are centered around discussions on phases of math which are not covered in regular classroom assignments. The Thinkers. President Larry Koperski Vice -President: Doris Brown Corresponding S ecretary Maureen Tanouye Recording S ecretary Eileen Fujino Treasurer John Iacobucci f S ponsor Mr. Korob instructing. Mr' Gerald Smith TOP ROW--Zef Shanfield, Fred Streltzer, John Mercill, Bruce Roberts, Stuart Nelan, joe Augustine, Mike Spallone, Barry Schreibstein. SECOND ROW--Gail Marcus, Dale Yanari, Ben Cooper, Charles Mullen, Ernest Gilman, John Rose, Irwin Silverman, Barbara Lidke. THIRD ROW--Roger Hultman, Dan Rowley, Cliff Negley, Dennis Vigil, May Rowley, DeEtt:a Starr, Sid Adkins, Nancy Creighton. FOURTH ROW- -Mr. Gerald Smith, Larry Koperski, Doris Brown, John Iacobucci, Eileen Fujino, Maureen Tanouye, Gary Lighthill. 98 CHESS CLUB Gently, ever so gently! President joe Workman Vice -President Dave Gibson Treasurer Dennis DiTullio Sponsors Mr. Marvin Korab Mr. Jim Tracy TOP ROW--Gary Larson, Nick Kortekaas, Ed Lehmann, Eddie Tracy, George Frenkel, Barry Belstock. SECOND ROW--Phillip Zarlengo, Richard Mueller, Scott Argo, john Iacobucci, jacob Sokol, Ron Grimes THIRD ROW- -joe Workman, Mendel Cooper, Dennis DiTullio, Bernie Zaterman, Dave Gibson, joel Bai-binel The North High Chess Club provides relaxation and intellectual stimula- tion for its members. Chess Club me mbe rs have an opportunity to improve their skills through inter- school tournaments and intra -school matches. Duh! NORTH STAR Let us laugh, too! Busily at work. TOP ROW--Patsy Domingo, Glenn Cooper, Stuart Bernstein, Bruce Silverman, Jerry lsler. SECOND ROW--Mrs. Katherine Cook, Fred Villanueva, Teresa Fields, Carole Rotello, Kathie Birdsall. A serious editor. 100 The staff of the North Star is composed of students who have completed one semester ofjournalism. North Star articles reflect the opinions, ideas, and activities of the student body. The hard-Working staff gains experience in photography, reporting, and editing, and is nowable to understand the responsibilities connected with publishing a newspaper. KEY CLUB TOP ROW--Dale Yanari, Charles Mullen, Larry Koperski, Doug Clark, john Iacobucci, Gary Evans. SECOND ROW--Tom Urich, Richard Mueller, Joe Augustine, Dennis Vigil, Sheldon Smith, Barry Schreibstein. THIRD ROW--Eric Hoskinson, Peter Larsen, Bruce Roberts, Roland Blauer, Irwin Silverman, Sheldon Sperling. FOURTH ROW--Ben Cooper, Norman Close, Herb Handler, Tom Christians, john Rose, Len Ashford. FIFTH ROW--Free Streltzer, Dan Rowley, Edward Robinson, Ernest Gilman, Wayne Cole, Tom Cline. The North High School Key Club is a service organization which promotes citizenship and service in the school and community. Key Club is an international association of high school boys in the United States and Canada. Membership is based on individual character and leadership potential, and much emphasis is placed on scholarship. The Key Club picnic is an annual event held at Sloan's Lake. President Wayne Cole ---f Vice-President Ernest Gilman Secretary Dan Rowely Treasurer Edward Robinson Sergeant at Arms Tom Cline Sponsor Mr. Ewald Christensen Giving their undivided attention. ff: 2. .1 ith" ii- , Q 'V ,, A , . W ,,,, 7 . Well, it's like this... Targets? 101 IVIADRIGAL TOP ROW--Dave Gallagher, Tom Christians, Jim Oleson, Gary Green, Fred Winsett, Stuart Nelan. SECOND ROW --Martha Dunham, Sue Penna, Kathy Horn, Dee Ann Frause, Claudia Chedsey, Lucy Herrera, Peggy Lopez. CITY-WIDE, STATE-WIDE CHOIR TOP ROW--Dave Gallagher, Tom Christians, Virgil Phillips, Fred Winsett, Stuart Nelan. SECOND ROW--Martha Dunham, Sue Perma, Kathy Horn, Donna Hedburg, Marsha Squires, Peggy Leonard, Claudia Chedsey, Lucy Herrera. BOYS' CHOIR TOP ROW--Dave Kissinger, Fred Winsett, Kenneth Myers, jim Carter, Stuart Nelan, Bob Boosinger, Tom Christ- ians, Craig Dixon. SECOND ROW--Bob Richards, Frank Castro, john Emge, Virgil Phillips, Wayne Cole, Larry Moore, Jim Oleson, ,Dave Gallagher. THIRD ROW--Ronnie Schroeder, Dennis Lewis, Gary Green, Greg johnson, Mike Zimmerman, Jim Pelligreen, Bill Baade. CONCERT CHOIR A ima. 2 A - L -5 T TOP ROW--jim Carter, Stuart Nelan, Dave Kissinger, Kenny Myers, Fred Winsett, john Emge, Bob Richards, Virgil Phillips, Larry Moore, janet Mitchell, Linda Littrell, Donna Wells, Tom Christians, jim Oleson, Jim Pelligreen, Craig Dixon, Dave Gallagher, SECOND ROW--Mike Zimmerman, Frank Castro, Greg johnson, Gary Green, Dennis Lewis, Bill Baade, Ronnie Schroeder, Wayne Cole, CarolWaddell, Dorcas Salter, Donna I-ledburg, Sheryl Meilinger, Mary Ann Schmoeger, Eileen Brock, Kathy Tangye, Vicki Bates, Joan Scibetta, Sandra Godioz, Janice Schachterle. THIRD ROW--Betty Sterkel, Peggy Lopez, Sylvia Salazar, Candace Marcellus, Linda Losasso, LaVel Losasso, Bertha Sandoval, Sheila Wentworth, Sally Phillips, Diane Hill, Sandra Hewlett, julia Bowen, Peggy Leonard, Shirley Hijar, Kathy Horn, Cynthia Nahley, Martha Dunham. FOURTH ROW--Mary Ellen Kelly, Karen Bly, Nancy Gregg, Marsha Squires, Lucy Herrera, Terry Abeyta, Claudia Chedsey, Dee Ann Frause, Mary Lee Fishburn, Rose Montoya, Mona Rosen, Mary Bandemer, Carol Thomas, Leslie Kelly, Cheri Spomer, Sue Penna. CONCERT BAND K L, -I FRONT ROW--Bill Grimes, Dan Murray, Richard Tymkiw, Norma Cooper, jim Deems, Pat Leonard, Mary Rowley, Sharon Whit- worth, jinny Leaf, jim Cavender. SECOND ROW--Bob johnson, Jody Georgeson, Anthony Palumbo, Steve Rosen, Gary Light- hill, Dave Hammel, Harvey Silverman, Tom Reed, Darrell Oliphant, Steve Tymkowych, Kent Long, Warren Stafford, Kris Farris, Mike Pennetti, jack Hutterman, Bill Bennet, Greg Berver, Tom Greene. THIRD ROW--Terry Lucas, Shelly Sperling, Sandra Hufford, Brian Boyer, Roberta Larsen, Jerri Benjamin, Dennis Vigil, Dan Goodman, David Weir, jerry Wolfendale, Charles Linthicum, Doug Clark, Steve Middlekauff, Gil Martinez, Pete Larsen, jr. Perez, Dave Adducci, Ted Olson, Chuck Huckaba, Cathy Sanchez, Gary Prado, Dave Tweedale, Norm Close. FOURTH ROW--Richard Garcia, Dave Montanio, Tony Augusto, Ray Greenwood, Tom Grethel, Jacob Sokol, Dave Rhodes, John Morris, Dale Yanari, Larry Tannenbaum, Vic Love, Paul Stafford, Rich DeChant, Wayne Chitwood, Carl Gaspar, Richard Mueller, Mike Pietrafeso, Ken Anderson, Richard Garifi, Dick Adams, john Toto. STANDING--Roland Blauer, George Powers, Tom Cline, Eric Ehnstrom, Owen Herman, Mr. C.E. Leincheck--di- rector, IohnMartin, Sam Sutherland, Tom Perez. ABSENTEES--Diana Davidson, jerry Drennen, Pete Dye, David Finn, Eugene Gonzales, Monti Hutton. SHOW BAND FRONT ROW--Steve Rosen, Dave Tweedale, Bill Grimes, Norm Close, Dave Adducci, Pete Larsen. SECOND ROW --Dave Rhodes, john Morris, Dale Yanari, Larry Tannenbaum, Doug Clark, Mike Pennetti. THIRD ROW--Mr. C. E. Lenicheck--director, Richard Garifi, Ken Anderson. Richard DeChant, DickAdams, IohnToto, Tom Cline, George Powers, Dee Ann Frause, Roland Blauer. 104 CONCERT ORCHESTRA vi J FRONT ROW--Judy Faudel, Mary Herr, Cliff Anderson, Charles Ault, Joe Scheiber, Judy Booton, Cheri Smith, Vince Cardone. SECOND ROW--Gloria Shidler, Starla Decker, Bob Litterell, Penny Smethills, Dan Murray, Bill Grimes, Mary Rowley, Sharon Whitworth, Jim Cavender, Mike Pennetti, Kris Farris, Steve Tymkowych, Kent Long, Celestine McMahan, Linda Gabel, Jennie Goggins. THIRD ROW--JoAnne McDonald, Chris Choruzy, Terri Moore, Barbara Lidke, Paul Miller, DavidWeir, Jerry Wolfendale, Richard Garifi, Dick Adams, John Toto, Larry Tannenbaum, Dale Yanari, Dave Rhodes, Tom Perez, Dave McAfee, Ken Schrant, Bob Clements, Art Wells, Roland Blauer. FOURTH ROW--George Powers, Tom Cline, Eric Ehnstrom, Owen Herman, Mr. C.E. Lenicheck--director, Enid Zeitlin. 1 ' '14- CITY-AND STATE-WIDE ORCHESTRA Many of North's musicians were selected this year for City-and State-Wide Band and Orchestra. Any- one who has tried out for City-Wide Orchestra or Band is eligible to audition for the State -Wide groups. These students, carefully selected for their talent and ability, bring much honor to North. FRONT ROW--Joe Scheiber, Judy Booton, Starla Decker, Judy Faudel, Cheri Smith, Vince Cardone. SECOND ROW--Roland Blauer, Larry Tannenbaum, Mike Pennetti, Dick Adams, John Toto, Kent Long, Steve Tyrnkowych. ' , ' CITY- AND STATE- WIDE BAND FRONT ROW--Jim Cavender, Tom Greene, Dan Murray, Mike Pennetti, Bill Grimes. SECOND ROW--Dave Adducci, Kent Long, Steve Tymkowych, Ted Olson, Pete Larsen, Doug Clark. THIRD ROW--Tom Perez, Dick Adams, John Toto, Ken Anderson, Larry Tannenbaum, Dale Yanari. 105 Nine girls c h os en from Girls' En- semble for their musical abilities and a piano accompanist form the Pipers. The girls p e r fo r m in various as- semblies at North and the Christmas program at Emmaus Lutheran Church. President Sharon Craco Vice-President JoAnn Sebern TOP ROW--Janice Schad, Barbara LaGuardia. SECOND ROW--Kathy Carne, Rebette Idleberg. TI-HRD ROW--Judy Blair, Denise Curran. FOURTH ROW--Linda Baumhover, Shirley Eto. FIFTH ROW--Sharon Craco, JoAnn Sebern. gg! , I., Enthusiasmg A singing practice . YZTI NORTH FORENSIC LEAGUE TOP ROW--Sharla Thornbrough, Bob Wathen, Gary Evans, Terry Meyer, Barbara Webber. SECOND ROW--Ellen Losacco, Donna Wells, Harvey Silverman, jay Mather. THIRD ROW--Gene Heinemeyer, Sheri Meilinger, Bill Grimes, Stephanie La Rocco. FOURTH ROW--Miss Beverly Wickstrom, jill Wagner, Sharon Lazuk, Chris Prokop. President jill Wagner Vice-President Sharon Lazuk Secretary Stephanie LaRocco Treasurer Chris Prokop Parliamentarian-Librarian Bill Grimes Sponsor Miss Beverly Wickstrom Through the N orth Forensic League, stud ents are able to increase their literary kn o W l e d g e and to develop their oratorical abilities. Members of the speech club participate in city- wide competitions and speech meets, and they bring favorable recognition to North. jill, you're exaggerating! Speech Club breakfast. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 'x TOP ROW--Betty Lloyd, Zef Shanfield, Fred Goldstein, Larry Tannenbaum, Arnie Wright, Norman Wright, Irving Rell. SECOND ROW--Carole Hall, Harvey Silverman, Sharon Lazuk, Carol Caffrey, Geraldine Winograd, Jody Georgeson, Carolyn Graff, Ellen Losacco. THIRD ROW--judi Frehner, jinny Leaf, Gary Ranch, Jim Giardino, Bernie Zaterman, lrvvin Silverman, Ray Benjamin, THIRD ROW--Susan Basford, Renee Emeson, Nancy Robbins, Judy Booton, Roger Hultman, Gary Lighthill, Dan Rowley. FOURTH ROW--Barbara Moss, Mary AnnKorasick, Donna Korasick, Linda Prince, Judi Pasternack, Jeannie I-Iurd, Marcella Hammond, Sarah jankelovits. FIFTH ROW--Mr. Jim Stuckey, Barry Schreibstein, Noal Blum, Herb Handler, Bill Bessesen, Pat Adams, Pat Gallegos. The North High International Relations Club is aimed toward a better and deeper Lmderstanding of the people of the world, politically and socially. Delegates are sent from the club to various conventions to discuss problems of international significance. The climax of the year's events comes in March when members attend a state- wide convention at Greeley where students participate in a model United Nations. W Listening attentively. President Herb Handler Vice-President Barry Schreibstein ,,Se,QL9l1?1'V Treasurer Bill Bessesen Sponsor Mr. jim Stuckey Working diligently. A typical me eting. If An interesting lecture. Q A speaker on the Peace Corps. An Israeli versus an Arab. ' An Arab versus an Israeli. A panel discussion FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA of xx Q it 15' M QM? nl 4 fi is - , k?,Qn 'as !a-ff. sl' ' C af'-wa . OFFICERS, TOP ROW--Mr. Wallace Clark, sponsorg Chuck Huckaba, parliamentariang Florence Castellano, reporter5Pat Adams, Student Council representative. SECOND ROW--Patrick Gallegos, secretaryg Karen Raymond, presidentg Terrie Chavez, vice presidentg Ann Flores, treasurer. 110 E ff yr, 5 ,H Q 75 XV, lt's a slack day. Business is good. Any student interested in the business field is eligible to join the Future Business Leaders of America. The F.B.L.A. members are in charge of the lost and found department at North. They are also responsible for the vocational pamphlets which are available to the student body. The club members take tours of various large corporations to familiarize themselves with the field of business management. A45 A s QI' TOP ROW--Anna Ostrov, Cherryl Clear, Patsy Serna, Rhonda Nishomoto, Carol Nishomoto, Priscilla LaCrue, jenny Rogozik, Carl Hammond. SECOND ROW--Pam jesse, Clara Creswell, Geraldine Engle, Diana Smolinski, JoAnn Rizzo, jane Rietz, Nina Kopiloff, Barbara Torrez. THIRD ROW--Zella Coleman, Nancy Gregg, Patsy Estrada, Sharren Lawrence, Winona Eads, Starla Decker, Shirley Bergmeier. FOURTH ROW--Mr. Wallace Clark, Chuck Huckaba, Patrick Gallegos, Karen Raymond, Terrie Chavez, Ann Flores, Florence Castellano, Pat Adams. 111 STAGE CREW TOP ROW--Morton Kaminsky, Jeannie McGraw, Danny Wilcox, jerry Tretter. SECOND ROW--Mr. Albert Samuelson, Jeannie Hurd, Marcella Hammond. AUDIO-VISUAL TOP ROW--Philip Trelkeld, Dave Phillips, Russell Sanchez, Anthony Gutierrez, Dave Hemp, DonWyatt. SECOND ROW--Harold Matt, Bob Thomas, Chris Gonzales, Richard Giddings, Barry Widom, Ernie Martinez. THIRD ROW--Mr. William Stovall, Gary Wright, Ned Gurule, jerry Martin, jeff Grazi, Tom . 112 GIRLS' GYIVINASTICS She flies through the air! H Follow the leader. President Virginia Unrein Vice-President Bonnie Blake The Girls' Gymnastics Club is composed of girls who have an interest and Secretary ability in gymnastics and who are able to pass the required skill test. The Geraldine Namba members in the Club not only gain a thorough knowledge of girls' gymnastics, Treasurer they alsodevelop grace, balance, coordination, poise, strength and endurance. Carol Brown The club sponsored a gymnastics clinic and a circus this year. Sponsor Mrs. Sendgraff TOP ROW--Sherry Gaspar, Gail Cumes, Laura Livingston, Helen Gomez, Karol Tompkins, Linda Wright, Dianne Haye. SECOND ROW--Jolene Logan, Susie Rogers, Penny Smethills, Carol Fea- zell, Susan Williams, Carolyne Warner, Eileen Garramone. THIRD ROW--Mrs. Sendgraff, Carol Brown, Bonnie Blake, Geraldine Namba, Sharon Graham, Virginia Unrein. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The Honorary Cadets COMPANY M Company Commander--Stan Kilgore Brigade Operations Officer--Cliff Negley Battle Battalion Officer--Dennis Weddingfeld Sergeant Major--Ronnie Lopez COMPANY K Company Commander--Rocky Hergenreder Battle Battalion Officer--Gerald Goss COMPANY I Company Commander--Bruce Amsbury Battle Battalion Officer--Harvey Silverman COMPANY L Company Commander Battle Battalion Officer--Jerald Silbey f .J V '4 , f? UMW M WW 3 ff iv ffwjf Wiakjfffb wvgfgw jf FACU LTY 'NM 1 ga f ,, ix 'Sa 'a. Zis?ffQ l ' 4J 'f if xg E ,. 1? S 'li Q MR. TED R. LONG Principal MR, EWALD E. CHRISTENSEN Assistant Principal ,ogg if Q MR. DON EVANS Boys' Counselor f 'al' MRS. KATHLEEN O'NEILL Dean of Girls MISS OLGA NELSON Coordinator 'I it ,"f. ' Y T23 ' ii LEONA AINSWORTH if ILENE ALLEN Engl ish Clerk MR. JAMES ROWLANDSPF N- K1 5 ' , if Y , Y .Qs .f' - I . if ' 1' G. WELDON ASHFORD Ed. and Career Counseling ! V VZ, .jp X, 1' xifyvjp 5 1 4 ,f' DENNIS BEAN BETTY BLOOM Social Studies Social Worker Q- 1. ne L- E-we Q r el A . ll i ' '1" ' e-'i:' A X A ' 'nrl JAMES BOWERS JOAN BROWN Social Studies Physical Education fl'The teachers appearing in the informal poses on the following pages have been chosen for their outstanding contributions to the school in their respective fields. .F ' L' ..H.fv.fQ- sql", N 1 MW'-N.gfg?-Lift, ,g,0Z'.gw f, ff' r3'2'd L, ln 51' I -df 9 'Q A K A 'R ,, K 3435+ ff ft , ,L .,.k.,y1, ,uk ,.,k is M an L ,L 1 4,15 R i A ' 1-5' . L, '. ff-"FZ it V 'N' WALTER BASTRON Physical Education 13- KJ'- JOHN BORFITZ Science s Y wr' X ffm- , - ., . 5-2i'I.'f I A 353 --'wuz 'asm 'ii 6' fat wif'-'?' f-fm Q tflfvq it RICHARD BROWNING Science MARY ALLBRITTON Social Studies f A ' Xi, as 'arf' ia PATRICIA BATTERMAN Home Economics 1 il- ,, f ......, WJ? if 1 1 V we .fn th v. Sifigqgx ,xiii RONALD E. BOTT Industrial Arts GEORGE BURGER Industrial Arts . Egret,-N '51 V K -is S "V, " fl! VIVIAN BYARS Nurse LORETTA COUNTEY Business Education i 3 gm if-.rt Xt""', I N '4,?,,,,zs I Qi .J X. . u ' , ,K -x .V ,w- ,. L N 1 ' ,u ,-S.m GRACE DICKMAN Language Q0 H, WALLACE CLARK Business Education ARNOLD CLUM Industrial Arts r, W9 KAY CULTON English PAUL DAWSON Social Studies fl up X ww E we .---X A v g ,Q . R I . , . Mathematics Social Studies . E A f L , in qua 2? W "' . -aww' fl ,B F V215 :ln -,Q af 9? IJ 9 I .' ', 'v-' KATHERINE COOK English E sssa . g : V -L J A I ' N x. , n, f y. zsiflifs if icn- . 11. . K W. .fu .pq -n'1,.'."..1 fv.""," GRETCI-LEN DEUS Records Secretary MARY DOREMUS CHARLOTTE DRAKE HAROLD EDWARDS Social Studies AGNES ELLIS Language x . we We Cf' MRS. JoAN BROWN MARTHA EPP Art 121 , -. J' XR' '59 ' X H: '3 K if ga if X 3 fur. ggi? 5-N awp Q K in K - 2 , Q 3 L Ri ch ard Ev ans Industri al Arts 4..i"'-'Ivan Ain W - ' ,, gy fc: , xl' , f . fi. E Al J i 5 Patricia Forster Social Studies W, e it S' E "" NW K Claudia Goold English li V.: an QPF' f"'f"l '-" , Q. 2:51-3 A, l Saundra Fabrick Frank Fabrizio Mary Louise Follangbee Language Mathematics Senior Clerk E 12 'Ag-Si - ia ,a m E 443 si Vickie Fuller Edward Getsch Anthony Gimelli Science Evaluation Mathematics Ruth Graves William Green Music S cience Paul Hansen Business Education Joyce Hawkins Clerk 122 Mr. Theodore Speros K ilk Betty Herrold Business Education P i Syl! -may ll:mfau is ,W Peggie Holder Physical Education Miss Patricia Forster as Rafi i 'ff' Deatt Hudson Catherine Huxtable English Social Studies Lawrence jordan mond Kemp Social Studies Business Education pw ""5"5 c'? S , Q . , Q 51 35-1 K ss,.-1 I .:..,..,, V F , S 13:51, 'YEL-iv . lii, ,. aint. E , x- X, . any ,ff 1,-. 2 "', Vf1'3"'Q.ff'53'5gif,25i '-,, 5 ,'?j2" gf 3 f ' :sM1?.fss?: l Marvin Korab Marie Kosmata Mathematics Business Education Rich ard Inglis Science -.Af De lmer Kinnett S ocial Studie s st.- Eugene Kow alski Science Thelma Holloway Mathematics Mary lakes Business Education Donald Koogle Social Studies Raymond Krucas Social Studies 123 james Kyle Physical Education kms X , ,Q Betty Latimer English f lisp? 1 , Q. ' ' M1 V, R Ch arleen Macy Business Education A 5 J? Q ,ii '- iwszf -W gf a 5 Q Mr. James Stuckey Charles Leniche ck Music Catherine Magness English wi 'Nd Barb ara McDonnell Library Clerk 124 Donald Mclntosh Mathematics 'ii ov janet Lewis Social Studies E f 'li yryr in Y- 3 'agar if 3 Edgel Marston Librarian vi!! V, 3 1722- Emmett MacKenzie Mathematics lim Beverly Lahr Mathematics I , 70' cm ' V- Q. fusxf Y Patricia Lo ckri dge Mathem ati cs VA "ke-3-W. Y.,-,. fy f f 3? 9.65 QR E E We ,lbw li ,fic E ffrh., 1-5,5--f fly Theresa Matroianni Clerk 118s fa- if ' 1 , fii E Ruth MCN e al Library Clerk ,f i A ., 'Hd' .1 wr V -sf " 4 az' W, Xi! llflh Lilly Miller Secretary ff' fi 5 5 :': i X L Le ste r Moore Physical Educ ation ' if 4 E f-QF , . Q Carol Murray English ,fm S ara Ne stav al English fox 4-"'Tf' Lois Miller Business Education rw an Thelma Miller English fb Robert Morris Social Studies r . - FUN , Elmer Muth Business Education 318 i'5"n Patricia Ann Muir Physical Education tid, 'E ' 'Tv' B Hx Mary Nelson Business Education Mrs. Grace Dickm an . 4: A , . 9 in , ux:""' William Mills Social Studies -nf. X A - MT A lr 3' A 'x Wa B :gf ,, 5 i L , ,l 5 r A.j -V, Oma Munroe Librarian V 4 ...fx ! E A E I ' 4 William Nelson Science fun' Bryce Newman English 125 7' Ml' jr EJ Hazel Niffeneger Librarian 'iii H' , A E i"" C ,V ,,,, fif fr if J!!! ,, Frances Pettyjohn English P Z ,S xq,,M.- S, I Nora Rotola Clerk Q' Margaret Oyler English fi' .,fffT5' gy I Rosemarie Pom ponio Language Zelda Rouillard English Robert Parks Music Fred Rice Art , gif tits NJ ' ES L ligiqevw James Rowlands English .V Albert Samuelson Social Studies 126 E Mr. James Tracy f ' sv' .. fs W' lsl fili- 1' . S is . ggi-a" ,X 8 L Nerena Parnell English ,...-an.. Clifford Rock Programming Robert S alen Social Studies H' Q H 5 'i'i V , is'r 1'ff:iffQffgi7f?- i n L Orl ando S andoval Langu age Paul Schottler Science 1 Mrs. Terry Sendgraff fa- sg 5 J if' Q, A 5.45, Y 'W N ' xi If Harry Scoles Charles Scrivner Industrial Arts Social Studies be Dennis Small Gerald Smith Social Studies Mathematics 'vt K ,N QV 4 ' K N, Q , E lin 1 '. I 527 . PHE? WfHf1MN'WTWf ff, '1 W' t In -:Z Don Stern Elizabeth Stone Social Studies Home Economics We 12 QV, lf yd "eu , fy 'L is S tai? mfg xx . 5-4 . SE? Q - Alton Selby R. O. T. C. A Www Pat Smith Social Studies ,....av' X9 Charles Stott w'sh if ' cy , A , 14 d I Myra Schultz Language Terry Sendgraff Physical Education Theodore S pe ros Social Studies William Stovall Physical Education Social Studies 127 SL J S james Stuckey Mathematics K' 2-3. 'ii " 'fix M, J, X iam W, M W Jerome Symonton Mathematics vnxff .. ' . :aft I S i Vernice VanDuzer English Y pez., 3 K I w if ,V 5' ,W ' ' N gf' f Q J V, I ' ' -s ykl -rj! Beverly Wicksuom English 128 291 g S S arf" E: ,Mao . 'H V ws' 2? S 1 1 'fin' iii ffff f wl Lf A Paul Sumner Fradene Sunshine Industrial Arts Social Studies s, ::-' S S . X if K X . is C. 'T A Richard Thompson Social Studies '-'ff-ifi lhsln S S Vgzg W,'l Q, s o Elizabeth Webster English Frances Toepfer English gs let. ,. , - 'ij-:jj I wr Virginia Wendt Tre asurer Steve Woytek Austin Ye aton Special Education Social Studies Mr. Gerald Smith N james Tracy Social Studies T E l 4 fl a' Leona Wheeler Senior Clerk ,,,,. -ujf"'f7 Lois Young Home Economics CAFETERIA STAFF A W-Q TOP ROW - April Crandall, Nellie Moore, Margaurite Girdy, Cecilia Green, Marjorie Coi- amelli, Margaret Worster, Helen Sheets. SECOND ROW - Ann Massaro, Emma Smaldone, Carmela Burge, Irene Gierwatoski, Mable Watt, Dorothy Darling, Myrile Haskins, Florence Pierson. CUSTODIANS TOP ROW - Archie Provo, Carl Welch, R. W. Gorton, W. R. Richardson. SECOND ROW Allan Murray, Art Setzer, Morey Marcus, Rucolph Carey, james R. Arnold. THIRD ROW Sam Markano, Essie McAshley, Ann Dunlap, Alfred Heil, Eugene Carpinello. WWW L7 ewfo ?7:ff,zfiiZff,6 W2g4f6LMc4J fwi ' QQ 62,66 if Q 'A ib We-ff? 46' W7 'w ,X xx NN N Qi v ,QV x X A xxx N QA . Sw N Q-lg Q Y U X N Nt V-. . , XY NX xx N x SIN CLASSES 3. fwmpizxfi I IW r :K,L X' Q Y ff Q . -. . S .,-, wk 'Y if L le . 1 , GORDON COOK Vice-President w vm., ,,, DICKIE OKIMOTO President DeETTE STARR Secretary DENISE HUGHES Treasurer 132 Abila, jo Ann Aguire, Helen Amato, Carlo Amicone, Terry Anderson, Jeannie r 'iff ,4-5 ya .A flaw ?E?s-2' 'ff' Bailey, Janice Baker, Dale Ballard, Linda Ballast, David Barbinel, joel Becker, Cecilia Bell, Rose Marie Belnap, Kathleen Benjamin, Marilyn Bernstein, Stuart .49 ,vii Anderson, Ramona Andrews, Barbara Ashford, Marelyn Atencio, Pauline Avila, Diana we ,rv 1: 1 'f 'X 'Q x 4, -1 WH Q...- Barela, Marcella Barnard, George Ann Bauer, Gary Baxter, jim Beavan, Linda 133 Bowerman, Marcia Brester, Karen Brock, Bobby Broncucia, Barbara Brooks, Beverly Canino, Linda Canino, Roxanne Capra, Adriana Capra, Richard Carlson, Claudia 59 N- mf if 'Q' 'nz-J rear' 134 f-if ' ,,.,a-Y Berver, Gloria Billinger, Patsy Billinger, Terry Blevins, Linda Boosinger, Connie Brooks, Elizabeth Brooks, Hazel Brown, Ray Burkhart, Cindy Byrd, Suzan ..f" Carlson, jean Casagranda, Rosalia Cavaleri, Rosanne Chavez, Charles Clark, Douglas Clark, Linda Clark, Pat Clymer, Carol Cohen, Stephanie Conaway, Nancy Craver, Kenny Critanovich, jo Anne Cunningham, Linda Dallasta, Cristy Davidson, Cathey DiPaolo, Berni Dominguez, Anna Dorst, Allyson Duman, Cheri Duman, Renee -' 1 sw1:sQ:aueam- 1 ' -f ,,,,, v f,fi,5 vi. :hi ..-A ICT' , ,lk 1' ,I ig ,. ..f.-fo..-.s-1.1 1 -. , , , f,, ,'..,kg4., .5 f. ,wr ."j Q5 '. 'fwsfkfl " 35751-121 af' Kg, Roan, qv? .,".P" 'fl N! Cook, Carolyn Cordova, Linda Cordova, Phyllis Costenbader, Colleen Cox , Larry iz' fuel -1---7 vw-4 EE.: ,. . , Davidson, jean Davidson, Steve DeCicco, Cheryl Dedrich, Sheryl DeNeve, judy 135 Ervin, Pat Espinosa, Linda Esquibel, Priscilla Farris, Kris Feight, Don 4""i f-5" ,,..w ,,. .. Ehr, Charlene Eichinger, Cheryl .g9"' Furlong, Harold Gabel, Linda Garcia, Ann Garramone, Ilene Gaspar, Sherry 'E Emeson, Mickey Emge, David Erhes, Walter Flores, Shirley Fox, Susi 3 A' Freidenson, Brenda Frenkel, George Friedman, Barbara 136 xv' ff 3'-ETA Georgeson, Jody Goldrosen, Miriam Gonzales, Dennis Grable, Cathy Green, Nancy Green, Phyllis Grilley, Tim Groff, Carolyn Halbert, Linda Haze, Sharon J Hileman, Chelly Hill, Lowana Hubbard, Carolynn Huebscher, Linda Hughes, Denise Jester, Terry Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Doug Johnson, Kirby Jordan, Philip -J' ,J "71'.J"'i Heller, Sylvia Helton, Maureen Hendricks, Jean Herman, Owen Higdon, Jeanne ,S Hulme, Jon Hutton, Toni Inrnen, Judy Jacoby, Nancy Jesse, Gail 49' 137 Kitano, Randy Koehler, Rebecca Kornblatt, David Kortekaas, Robert Kortum, Rickey Kahm, Deanne Kahoe, Kay Kanowitz, Deanna Kerr, Andrea Kirkland, Raymond Lehmann, Ed Lemburg, Sybil Lenny, Linda Leonard, jefferson Leonardo, Barbara r-'d' 138 Krappes, Anna Kuehn, LaBute Lavely 7 Leeper, Patti Marline Linda Linda Levine, Ricki Levine, Ronnie Lindsey, Frank Linsenbigler, Dan Linthicum, Frances Litton, Bobbi Lombardi, William Loos, Dick LoSasso, Chris Luber, Moshe Malito, Judy Lucas, Terry Lynch, Suzanne Madison, Susan Maes, Barbara Malito, Joyce ni, Manzanares, Christine Marrienberg, Albert Marsh, Judy Martinez, Cleo '17-.N McDonald, Lucie McElliott, Barbara McIntosh, Kathy McMahan, Celestine McNellis, Ricky 'S 'f-.fir Masters, Gayle Mastin, Gayle Mauro, Vonda McAbee, Karen McAfee, Dave Morgan, Fay Morris, Nancy Moruzzi, john Moss, Ray Mueller, Richard O'Kimoto, Dick Olecksuik, Mike Oldfield, Judy Olvera, Stella Ortiz, Phyliss 140 McWhorter, S arah Middlekauff, Steve Milburn, janet Mollendor, jerry Montour, Virginia , 'X 5: .M Murray, jim Nelson, Carolee Niccoli, Connie Nissim, Lina Norton, Dennis Overholt, David Overman, Rob Ray Padilla, Gloria Pakiser, Linda Perez, Annette Pfernming, Cherrilyn Pisicchio, Diana Pitter, Debbie Plumer, Helen Poffenbarger, Bob Rael, Edulia Ramsey, jean Ramsey, joan Ramsey, Kenneth Reynolds, Carol Rodlin, Teresa Rogers, Susan Rogge, Elayne Roland, Bernard Romero, Linda A-if 'GGY :jk ,K "L 'ws W, 'W .,,,.-v by , fx.. Poffenbarger, Gary Pomeranz, Gary Popovieh, Anne Puleiuni, Kenny Quitana, Shirley -69 ,vsp ,H-wg. Rich, Sheila Roberts, Beverly Roberts, jerry Robinson, Rosanne Rodlin, Don w 'WN 141 Schwartzkopff, Patricia Seurer, Jeanette S eurer, Jerald Sandoval, Donald SanPietro, Beverly 'M Santangelo, Paul Saville, Vicky Rotello, Carole Rowley, Mary Rudolph, Kathy Salazar, Pam X fc? Schissler, Sherri Schneider, jill Schwartz, Clifford Shattuck, Gwen Sherman, Anne Simpson, Diane Skeen, Willie Snyder, Peggy Sovems, Sheryl Starr, DeEtte Stelmachowicz, Pat Stewart, Roberta Stookey, Mike Stoumbough, Sandra Stxaface, Linda Straub, Billie Stumbough, Mickey ...uf 49 Sudler, Penny Susel, Irving Sytmer, Judy Taggart, Larry Taggart, Nira Takahashi, Cluryle , 143 Thornbrough, Sharla Tolbert, Pam Tomlinson, Georgerme Tompkins, Karol Tannenbaum, Sherrie Tauenner, Carol Teague, Anita Thomas, Dick ' ,E ,rr:m2f'f.,,sj , ,C A , .if ,:- 5,5 gi like - ' C ' .5 Tramutt, Larry Trimmer, Cynthia Trujillo, Fabie Trujillo, Priscilla Valdez, Cecilia Velasquez, Bernadette ,iff fed' if' Vendengna, Patty Vigil, Sheila Wade, Catherine Walrath, Rikki Webber, Teddie Weigner, Kerry Wertz, Marilyn Y ' Wim is 'SED wi' wi V... -wi' White, Betty White, Sandy Wilde, Ralph Wilkinson, Donna Woneis, john Wright, Becky Wright, Elaine QV W Yanski, Mary Yost, Barbara Zeck, Diana Zelinger, Renee Zello, Judy Ann Zink, Linda , 145 ELLEN LOSACCO Vice -President JANICE DeANDREA Secretary REGINA LOMBARDI Treasurer GARY EVANS President if if Q W x if 11:-1+ Q , iran 'FF +ww-3g,:f-ww 1. Q 5 7 '6 5 Acton, Richard Adams, jan Adams, Pat Ahlskog, Nancy Allen, Alida Austin, Suzanne Aylor, jill Baca, Judith Baker, Sharon Barbour, Judy ,-Q Beer, Nancy Benavidz, Esther Benjamin, Ray Berger, Ronald Bergmeier, Shirley Andersen, Candy Anderson, Cliff Anderson, Ken Arroyo, Lupe Atkinson, Martha fax? New Barrientos, Shirley Basford, Susan Baum, Hannah Baumgard, Sandy Beals, Kathe rv,,, 147 ' '-"asia R51 1 4: N Boosinger, Bob Bostrom, Harvey Bowen, julie Bowles, Cathy Brandes, Linda if , ,... 61,3 1 X JE 1 if .3 e we-'1' Lrffvf ' Q 'A' --SP1 Wluv' 40" Bruns, Nancy Buchalter, Hilda Buchanan, Bill Bullock, Joyce Burns, Tom nys I-I' Bertholdt, Donna Bilto, Lynne Blake, Bonnie Blauer, Roland Bly, Karen Bravo, Doris Bridges, Sally Brinkman, 565' X Wifi 1113? 148 ' ,fy Mk Sheila Brito, Suzanne Bruce, Diane Bush, Ronald Bustos, Charles Cain, Roger Capra, Kathy Capra, Sandy Cardone, Vincent Carlino, Janice Carlson, LeRoy Carmer, Kathy Carson, Marilyn ,,.-nv ' Zvi Chandler, joan Chavez, Terri Chedsey, Claudia Cheshire, Marsha Chinn, Karen Choruzy, Christine Cisneros, Carla Cito, Cindy Clavel, john Clouser, Judy Coronado, Arlene Cox, Dixie Lee Creighton, Nancy Cribari, Carl Crisler, Carol 44l4 ww-,Q9 L-af' wfr' -1--.. Wye M id!! .an-f" The W QL 6 Coleman, Zella Contreras, Beverly Cook, Steve Cooper, Ben Cooper, Glen 90'a 43" KJ rQk,,.gv 149 5 , 592 A .LB 5' '57 I, li, f' X ff Dardano, Joyce Dardano, Sherrill DeAndrea, Janice DeBell, Ralph Decker, Starla Dolghin, Susan DOml Ev Dowda, Glenda Drake, Pat Duffy, Carol WU 'Dug ww "W'vq,. W ,JW A,-'sv 150 Crown, Ralph Cummings, Mike Curran, Denise Currier, Carol Cutler, Linda .a-ug, IQ Deems, jim DeLuca, Carol DeSellem, Steve DiBona, Pat Diekhoff, Paul C T' Duman, Evelyn Duncan, Charles Duncan, Leslie Duncan, Marsha Duran, Eloise ix Duran, Virginia Dutton, Dana Dye, Arthur Dye, Daniel Ellis, Jeanne vi Farthing, Edith Fellows, Martha Ferzt, Morris Fields, Teresa Fisher, Floris Fujino, Eileen Gabel, Dave Gallagher, Linda Garcia, Priscilla Garramone, George Emge, john Erickson, Jeanette Evans, Gary Everett, Robert Falagrady, Nancy Flores, Ann Florest, Rick Frehner, Bruce Frey, Anthony Friedman, Terry 151 H44 Goldberg, Abe Gomez, Lorraine Graff, Bill Green, Gary Green, Tom M"t"?:'r 9 ,N Gutierrez, Ralph Gutierrez, Virginia Hager, Leonard Hammel, David Harrington, Susie it 0' JP vtv' Jfiv ,....A"' ,ali 152 Gatti, Elvira Geist, Connie Gentry, Barbara Glenn, janet Gajefski, Diane . j-W Gregg, Nancy Grethel, Tom Grierson, Pat Grimes, Ron Guthrie, Sue I-Iarryman, Bill Hartman, Marcia Haze, Diane Haze, Neala Hedberg, Donna Hefferman, Jim Heinricy, Charles Helbig, Douglas Hemd, Penny Hensley, Loretta v W! fin QW CS? if 'vb vw ,M J 'x,,.,..., 'l'57 V", Herman, Cheri Hijar, Shirley Hill, Julia Hill, Windlya Hix, Robert Hoffman, Kris Horn, Mike Horton, Randi Howard, Randy Hufford, Bill Jacoby, Donna Janney, Melaine Jeffries, Carol Jensen, Lana Johnson, Pam 'MQ f 'UN J, ,izgljifqi , .... A is . If -Q., 41" "'wTf7w if Hughes, Vickie Hutterman, Jade Ingersoll, Jill lsler, Jerry Ito, Linda ,,,-r if Q Kennedy, Anne Kenner, Carole Kerr, Edna Kitano, Milton Kokoszka, Yvonne Kuehn, Janice Lambert, janet LaMont, Pam Lantzy, Dave LaRocco, Stephanie 4Q,,4-W 154 Er ,ww 3' Johnson, Paula johnson, Robert johnson, Sheryl Kammerzell, Sharon Karsh, Sheila 'if Kopiloff, Nina Krantz, joe Krantz, Vicki Krauss, Steve Krieger, Sharon ,I-"5 Larsen, Gaylene Laurent, Richard Leaf, Jinny Lehmkuhl, john Leichner, Pamela Leonard, Christine Lepper, Heidi Liang, Kim Win Licholat, Saul Lidke, ,Barbara Livingston, Laura Lloyd, Betty Lombardi, janet Londner, Karen Long, Kent Lustig, Cheri Magneson, Glenda Mangnall, Steven Marceles, Candy Marcus, Gail Lindsley, Stanley Linthicum, Ann Littlejohn, Barbara Litvak, Lee Livingston, Diana 'riff' Lopez, Marilyn Lopezi, Kathy Losasso, Linda Lueschen, june Lumsden, Martha 155 Martinez, Lucille Matthews, Darlene McDermid, Sue McFatter, Bob Middlekauff, Stanley Moss, Rod Mott, Ona Moyle, Randy Mueller, loann Mullen, Charles 156 Marita, Alice Marquez, Linda Marra, jodey Martin, Tommy Martinez, Gloria Q"'q' Miller, Sonja Montoya, Frank Moore, Larry Moore, Terri Morris, Christine 'if' vvfrf Murray, Danny Myers, julie Myers, Kenny Nelan, Stuart Newell, Steven Niccoli, Bonnie Nishimoto, Rhonda Noriega, Jimmie Norwood, Dawn O'Connell, Cathie Oliphant, Darrell Olsen, janet Ornelas, Dolores Ortega, Eleanor Ortiz, Raymond Phillips, Virgil Pinkerton, Ronnie Pollice, Theresa Polsley, Nanette Price, Betty O'Crant, Ellen Oegerle, Linda Oehlerking, Nancy O'I-Ialloran, Kathy Oldfield, Emery Ortiz, Rita Palisch, Janice Peterson, Diana Phillips, Dave Phillips, Joel 157 iff? Prince, Linda Radetsky, jerry Rausch, Peggy Renslow, Roy Rhodes, David Richardson, Laura Richtel, Ilene Riffle, Leslie Robbins Nancy Roberts, Bruce Royce, Wally Ruda, Eva Ruff, Henry Ryan, Sandie Sagara, Gail 4 1, if 158 Roberts, Tim Rodlin, Sheila Romain, Rene Rosen, Mona Roush, Mike Sakayarna, Janis Sanchez, Barbara Sandoval, Seina Sarsfield, Michelle Sayre, Marilyn Schamp, joy S Cheurm an, Eileen Schilling, Diane S Chmidt, Kathy Schmoeger, Mary Schoeninger, Merralee Schreiber, Barry S chroe der, Ronald Serna, Patricia Serratore, Kathy Shanfield, Zef Shay, Suzan Sheppard, Pat Shimel, Susan Simmons, Greg Smethills, john Smith, jean Smith, Judy Smith, Nedra Solano, Dolores Simms, Suzanne Sims, Carolyn Singer, Estelle Sites, Bruce Sloan, Richard 159 '57 Squires, Marsha Stafford, Paul Stanich, Sandra Steinbach, Shirley bsrmif 'of' ,,.f" Spencer, Sperling, Spomer, Spomer, Barbara Sheldon Cheri Judy ,ffl Sturns, Ray Sutherland, Sam Swanson, Barbara Sterkel, Betty Streltzer, Fred Strosheim, David Takamatsu, Karen Tanouye, Maureen Tekavec, Dan Tekavek, jim Teti, Toni Tevah, Stella Thomas, Bob -eff' Thomas, Martha Thompson, Mary Timmons, David Tokheim, Paul Tolve, Harry Torres, Delores Torrez, Barbara vb' -sr""' X Tower, Marilyn Tweedale, Donald Tymkowych, Stephen Vigil, Dan Vigil, Linda Vigil, Lawrence fn, 4Y' Werkmeister, Ginger Wesch, Karen W esterkamp, Dorothy Walther, Dennis Wathen, Bob Webb, Sheila Webber, Barbara 53 Villalva, Emma Wagner, jan Wagner, Steve Walkovitz, Michelle 5, 2, :sv Wedlake, Cathy Welch, Linda Wendling, Sandy Whitworth, Sharon Widom, Barry Willis, Pat Winsett, Fred Witter, Kathy Wosk, Lee .nil Wright, Linda Wrightsil, Billy Yanari, Dale Yanase, Eileen Yannacito, Barbara Yashiro, Debbie Zambelli, Beth 'ilia- Ziemer Linda I fa, Zimmerman, Mike Zamboni, Zarlengo, Zaterman JL1dY Don , Bernie JIM CARTER 1 . A , po, M , I P U fl . 1,4 11, L Vu, A imdb L42 Q W " ff ff' ff! 7 . Y. ,- Ill. I iwwufb wifi ,Q W WM! I QQQWQ QW dw 92 N My Q f X X , X A ff! I 5 UM JLW M 9 WfV 7U9L M 1 V ff W -40 if fwwf X ' kj Jo ANNE MCDONALD 1,7601 'f ' ', 'W Secretary f fl J I ,U , S CONRAD CHAVEZ Treasurer O F '6 4 Adams, Penny Adams, Richard Adams, Sherryl Adducci, Dave Adducci, Sharyn :fi fad Abeyta, Patsy Abeyta, Theresa Abo, Ronald Acimovich, Michael Acuff, Charisse si P 2 1 V. 2 A T ' Alarid, Eugene f f Aleck, john X Alexander, Frank Allen, Connie jerry Wendelin The candid pictures appearing in the senior class section are those of the OUTSTANDING SENIORS. These students have been selected on the basis of leadership, participation in school activities, good citizenship, and above-average academic rating. We congratulate these students upon being selected for this honor. ja left' as I ,ps- Allgire, Pamela Amsbury, Bruce Andersen, Mike Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Sharron 165 Angel, Lewis Anschuetz, Allicia Ashford, Len Ashker, Terrill 4 Augustine, joe 15 'D 'ffm 'FQ Bahmeier, Sheryl Baker, Dennis Baker, Nancy Baker, Rebecca Bandemer, Mary Bartley, Gene Bartley, Janis Bates, Starrlyn Bail-ES, Vicki Baurnhover, Linda 166 Bardsley, je anne Barettaz Pig-13-Qld Barone, Carmine Enid Zeitlin Barrett, Anita 52? x 455 M, D -4' ff J Beckett, Patricia Bednasek, Nancy Sue Bellardi, Patricia Ann Beneda, Janette mBenjamin, Jeraldine ,M ,,. Q. iff' BCHUCKF, William Berglund, Richard H it ".".? Bessesen, William Harvey Silverman Beville, Ronald Blair, Judith Blanch, Richard Blum, Noal Bock, Carol Bonavida, Lorraine ' r ."' . p- in 'J Booton, Judy Bosley, David Boston, Pamela Bostrom, Wilbert Boyer, Brian 167 Bradley, john Brandes, Marie Brandt, Kathleen Brinkman, Kathleen Brock, Eileen tsl' ,A-0 Brown, A rleen Buchko, Thomas Burbank, jackie jillWagner Buschy, joseph Carne, Kathleen Carnesi, Frank Carosella, Anthony Carrillo, Pamela Carter, james 168 Caffrey, Carol Vac" 'I7' ri N Calerich, Linda Candelaria, Ernest Carlson, Sharon Carlston, Eric X In Cavender, james Chavez, Conrad Chisman, Nancy Christians, Thomas Christionsen, johna V , . si, Q ' 4 we... Z, Carter, Pegie Caruso, john Casados, Verla Castellano, Florence Castro, Frank .ef ,X,, Churchwell, , Cianfrance Car Corrine ' y X1 I Clark, Shirley Irwin Silverman Clark, William Clear, Cline, Close, Clow, Cole, Cherryl Thomas Norman Cheryl David Cole, Wayne Colton, Orval Coomes, Janis Cooper, Norma Copeland, Cande 'JZ' 5-af" iv-9 J mg' wifi Crane, Ronald Creswell, Clara Cordova, Harold Cothran, Merna Couper, Nancy Eve Cowan, Phyllis Craco, Sharon .f H ,E J fi all Q - R, a .2- k V df, me A436 f 33 da 311 K ,- .1 .. K , , . ,.,,m QW fir' Cutsinger, David Cyprian, Diane Daffin, Dixie DeBorski, Don Denzin, Lea 170 iilff' L V Crumbaker, Gary Donna Trarnutt Curnes, Gall yiiyyf y yeyli no Wy ' '27 ,Ni 4,1 Dinkel, Cheryl DiTolla, Angela DiTullio, Dennis Dixon, Craig Dokey, Alan swf' Dudley, Alan Dunham, Martha Duran, Robert Ehnstrom, Eric Eichelberger, Marguerite af ,Q Doyle, joan Doyle, I. T, Yr M Dreith, Suzanne Barry Schreibstein Ducate, Richard 'ST ,saw ga jf, 'x arf' Eichelberger, Marie Elmore, Carolyn Emerson, Lesley Enderud, john Engle, Geraldine 171 Escherick, Becky Estrada, Patricia Eto, Shirley Faes, Bobbie Falligan, Sandra -di f-Q-ff 2 by 115 iw V Sa, , Faudel, Judy ms, Fedorowicz, Andrew Feret, Terry joan Stoddard Ficco, Art Frause, Dee Ann Frederickson, Randy Freidenson, Arlene Fritzler, Lester Gallager, David 172 as f I 'Z' Fishburn, Mary Lee Fletcher, Thomas Foster, Bill Fox, Carol Francis, Robert bfi Ya.-1 1-3,-1 tp is insgam,'.: U 1 Gardino, john Garramone, Margaret Gaspar, Carl Germano, Ronald Giandinoto, Ellen 1 -'-2. Q5 ,so ...a u re- ' 419 -lf""? -4' Giardino, James Giddings, Richard xi-4 ilman, Ernest john Rose Godioz, Sandra S va, ,M .,,., N Amr. 4' g' ' Ia .ififwss rx K ., Q 'V V ' 4 f2f31,ff1 uff4!:3E2,:."' f . V , '1-S+wrw:,l v ph 5- a,,gff"':rf ' ,y - .fi-gy if ' Garcia, Alvina Garcia, Gary Garcia, Terry Garcia, Veronica Goggin, Marian Goldstein, Fred Gomez, Helen Gonzales, joseph Gonzales, Robert 173 Goodson, Sharon Goss, jerry Gottlieb, Faye Gottone, Pamela Graham, Sharon . 52+ .1 ,K wr 'ws '--qv Gray, Juanita Grazi, Jeffrey Greenburg, Tom Greenstein, Marshall Grilley, Patricia J ,rr Gutierrez, Susan Hagen, Don Hammond, Carl Hammond, Marcella Handler, Herbert 174 Grimes, Bill Griswold, Robert in Gruda, Helen Gloria Shidler Guthrie, john , .af - 1-'jff Harker, james Hartmetz, David Heath, Norma Heer, jerry Heinemeyer, Eugene 'W Heller, Arlen Henderson, ' Clifford s 1 Henderson, Marlen Cliff Negley Hergenreder, Rocky Higlin, Don Hill, Deane Hladyszewsl-ci, Stanley 1 ' 'lff mm Hoff, Gloria Hoglin, Ruth 1 Herman, Melady Herrera, Lucy Herrman, William Hicken, Gary Higdon, Robert 175 Holland, Ernest Holland, Rosalie Holmes, Steve Horn, Kathleen Horvat, Janice W . - fig' Igo, Louis Jacoby, John James, Edward .J,arg19W, . David Jenkins, Karen 176 Hubbard, Cheryln Hufford, Sandra Cathy Mora Huckaba, Chuck Hurd, Jeannie .ff-'f ,,f Q xr , Q Hut-terman, Leonard Hultman, Roger Hutton, Montie Jo Iacobucci, John Idleberg, Rebette Y!" jones, Barbara Jost, Kenneth Iugert, Rodney Kahler, Pete Kaminsky, Morton Jennings, Carol Ann 1? jesse, Pamela jiminez, Dorothy jiminez, Sandra Johnston, Barbara 4. -,I Kantor, Linda -Q f re Keasey, Lee Eu Keller, Lynn Ke lley, Leslie Lloyd Ludwig Kelly, Mary Ellen Kemp, David Kenner, Dick Kenney, Diane Kilgore, Stanley 177 Kinnison, George Kline, James Knight, Richard Koehler, Bruce Koperski, Larry hr ,X nv Lazuk, Sharon Lee, Terry Leffler, Dennis Lehmann, Maxine Leonard, Pat 178 ' I -fzga Larsen, Roberta Lawrence, Sharren xv' I' .v" 'MT' Latimer, Carol Sheri Meilinger Layne, Diane ' Kortekaas, James Kortekaas, Nickolas Labriola, Gene LaCrue, Priscilla LaGuardia, Barbara ,N nd 0-6' 67" Litterell, Bob Litton, Evelyn Littrell, Linda Lloyd, Nancy Lobato, Cora .wa W Llberato, Richard Liberato, Rosemarie Linthicum, Charles Terry Ashker Liston, Roger 'ff' Ny: 4""""W Leonard, Peggy Leonhart, Scott Leslie, Kathy Lesser, Kenneth Lewis, Dennis Lohringel, William Loose, Richard Lopez, Margie Lopez, Peggy Losasso, Delane 179 Losasso, LaVel Losasso, Thomas Love, Vic Lucas, Mike Lucero, Charlotte as L f ,wi f if f H, Luchetta, Mike .X x X ,nv Lutz, Barbara Judy Faudel L Q 1 Ludwig, Lloyd Macy, Ruthann ,fx 96 uf' 'DX 73 Martin, Thomas Martinac, Mike Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Ernie Martinez, Frank 180 H51 f it -0" ,.,..-1 N49 fi" Madonna, Randy Magdanz, Warren Mallett, Dan Mapelli, Mark Martin, Mike sul' 1 . n McKendry, Stephen McKinnon, jim Medina, Donna Meilinger, Sheri Miller, John T f X 35-ff J Masters, Jane Mather, Jay Maxwell, Darlene Mazzara, Teresa McDonald, JoAnne Misare, Charlene Mitchell, Janet Yi ,g .. si 1439 A, , Montano, Timothy L - Montoya, Rose arry Koperski vs o I2 ,Q-4 ew.. Montoya, Vickie Mora, Catherine Morton, james Moss, Sharyon Mueller, Donald 181 1 Muench, David Muro, Jim Murray, Mary Murrell, Linda Myers, Sidney 'f ...ex 'YQ 'YNJP' N K-1 ff? Norgren, Sandra Ncrthup, john Novosad, Robert O'Brian, Elaine Ojala, Arnold 182 GK Ortlz, Margaret Ostrov, Anna Olivette, Fran Olson, Penny Olson, Theodore Omey, jim O'Rourke, Pat iff Pasternack, Judy Pater, Perry Patton, Nancy Peluso, Don Penna, Floyd 1-U ...-R' Penna, Sue Pepper, Mary Perea, Angelina Perez, Thomas Perotin, Sharon 183 Persichetti, Janice Pettigrew, Keith Pfannenstiel, Susan Phelan, JoAnn Phillips, Sally 'W 'S fig vi! 'vm Wx! Picaso, james Pizzichino, Linda CIP xl.,- -af Pina, Erma Carol Bock Pless, Shirley Yr' Ptaszek, Henry Puckett, Benjamin Pulsipher, Barbara Rae, james Ranch, Gary 184 ,ww- 513' W Plummer, Kathy Polidori, Dan Ponikvar, joe Prado, Gary Preston, jim L Rhody, John Rietz, Jane Rivera, Ernest Rivera, Eugene Rizzo, jo Ann E if 1 4 -X H7 -4, " N32 3 1 ' i 51 .49 I 'V ...f ,C N L . ei, gli 6 3 R 1, Raymond, Karen Rearicl-c, Jerry Repp, Sandy Reynolds, Patrick Rhoads, Judy Roberts, Gary Roberts, Ruth ,fy F 'N I 1 J, W me QA Robinson, Ed Ernie Gilman Rodgers, Toni i ?,. ,5g1 3' rf? IPS Rogers, Gene Romero, Judy Romero, Shirley Rose, john Rosenbaum, Mort 185 Route, Linda Rowe, Clara Rowley, Daniel Sagara, Christine Salazar, Annette 45? Salazer, Sheila Sanchez, Cathy Sandoval, Bertha Sandoval, Hope Sandoval, juan Sarver, Wesley A-,-' Schad, Janice Scheuerman, janet Schilz, Jody Schleicher, Connie Schultz, Cheryl 186 Schnick, Wayne Schreibstein, Barry Schulz, Thea Scibetta, joan Sebern, JoAnn ,,,?' Shreeve, Gary Silby, Jerald' Sillasen, Terry Silverman, Harvey Silverman, Irwin 187 Simeone, Toni Skinner, Nancy Sloan, james Sloniger, Lea Rae Smaldone, Loretta ,diff WN Smith, Renee Smolinski Diana Snell, Donna Janette Beneda Snyder, Stewart K' C '19 -'if off' Soshea, Marie Spallone, Michael Spencer, Pat Spiker, Duane Stafford, Warren F.. Steggs, Richard Stoddard, Joan Straub, Kenneth Streltzer, Howard Struna, Garnet 188 739 Teague, Richard Ternella, Frances Terwiliiger, Colene Thornbrough, Don Threlkeld, Philip JP' 'Z' - ' if -6' Sugihara, Barbara Swaney, Connie Takemoto, Ruth Tangye, Kathie Tannenbaum, Larry F, 9:-.. MWL ,-'I Thurston Georgia Tooley, Carolyn TOtO, JOhl'1 Wayne Cole Townsend, Richard 43 'O' , ,fo sl' 5 QM.. ! ' f-i'i 9f?favf, y f T,13ij5f::-:?- L ggsg M 'lizgrggfs-' "iEf?SEljff' J ,i54f-me-5-ff T . ffezsirff 1 T ffv" fiiigaxeflr ., rg,p,:i.4wfr r" 4,,g,,.q,,r..e2:.vz--:', , 53 Q X ryr rey r Tramutt, Donna Tretter, Dennis Trione, Rita Troute, Sharon Troxel, D anny 189 Trujillo, Eva Turney, Donna Tweedale, Dave Unrein, Larry U1-ich, Thomas Van Velson, Sherilyn Vasquez, Sara Vigil, Dorothy Vigil, Ronald Villano, Louis Villanueva, Fred Waddell, Carol Wagner, jill Wagner, Leslie Wagner, Sharon Warner, Carolyne Weddingfeld, Dennis Wells, joan Wendelin, David Wertz, Sharon White, james Whitehead, Mary Ann Widergren, David Wilkey, Regina Wehrle, Walter Wells, Donna Wendelin, jerry Weng, Robert 'UF 'i ar.. ,,,.,..asvr'P""" Conrad Chavez . L 1 ,.,, ,.., f wif Wold, Sandra ' g ,peg-:xg i.1,..f,-w f Wolfendale, jerry Wilkins, Philip Wilson, Sharon Winograd, Geraldine Witherwax, Mike Woerner, Marilyn Wood, jane Woodward, Michael Pam A llgire Worley, Ernest Wright, Arnold . Wright, Kathy Wyatt, Donald Yakes, Marilyn Yamauchi, Gayle ybss W .df nf' M- Yannacito, Donald Yatckoske, Louise Zabala, Marie b 'sir'-ww ,ie 1 Zamora, Sam " Zemin, Enid ... Zirnbleman, Peggy F" Miss Elsie Mae Webb 4-R Zimmerman, Cheryl Zohon, Teresa Zuviceh, Sylvia We, the senior class, Wish to give special thanks to Miss Webb, senior class sponsor, for her indefatigable efforts in making our senior year a most memorable one. A ABEYTA, PATSY ABEYTA, THERFSA ABO, RONNIE Concert Band 25Junior Attendant 35 Latin Club 25 Math Club 2. ACUFF, CHARISSE ADAMS, PENNY ADA SHERYL A A , D E Concert Band 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 4. ADDUCCI. SHARYN Junior Escort 3. ALARID, EUGENE Christmas Program 3. ALARID, JOHN ALEXANDER. FRANK Junior Achievement 25 High School Red Cross 25 Varsity Football 3. ALLEN, CONNIE Cheerleader 45 Junior Escort 35 High School Red Cross 35 Student Council 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Historian 45 Valkyries 45 HomecomingAttend- ant 4. ALL RE, PAMELA ual Staff 2,3,4, Organizations Editor 3, ' -mgwk 4, Honor Ro1l2,3,45 Honor Pin 2. f 364, 'I.R.C. 25 Junior neon 3, Norski 2,3,4, Orchesis 45 Valkyries 3, 45 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Color Day Car Decorating Award 35 Hanukah Assembly 45 Homecoming Attendant 4. ANDERSEN, MIKE D Club 3, 45 Junior Attendant 35 Football 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, CYNTHIA Aqua-Viks 25 Black Masque 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, SHARRON ANGEL LEWIS R.O.T.C. 2.3,4. ANSCHUI-Tl'Z, ALLICIA Hiszh School Red Cross5 Pre-Med5 Tri-Hi-Y. ASHFORD, LEN D Club 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 North Forensic Lea- gue 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4, ASHKER, TERRY Black Masque 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Honor Pin 45 Honor Roll 3,45 Junior Attendant 35 National Thespians Society 3,45National Forensic Lea- gue 3, Secretary 35 District Drama Festival 35 City Oratorical Contest 35 Football 2, 3, 4. AUGUSTINE, JOE Honor Pin 25 Honor Roll 2, 35 Junior Attendant 35 Key Club 45 Math Club 2,3,4, AULT, CHARLES B sc Q UBAKER, BECKY F.T.A. 2,3,45 I. R. C. 35 High School Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 45 Norski 45 Valkyries 3, 45 City-Wide Red Cross 4. BAKER, DENNIS BAKER, NANCY Distributive Education 4, President 45 Hi gh School Red Cross 25 Monitor 2, 3. BANDEMER, MARY ANN Concert Choir 45 Norski 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Valkyries 35 Junior Attendant, Mardi Gras 3. BARDSLEY, JEANNE Conce 5 ir 3. BARHTATXQOE c1uba,4, iSF'sH3ve 35Norski 2,3,4, -rms- urer 45 City-Wide Gymnastics 35 Wrestling 25 Gymnastics 2, 3, 4. BARONE, CARMINE BARRETT, ANITA F. T. A. 5 Junior Escort 35 Noiski 4. BARTLEY, GENE German Club 35Math Club 25 Science Club 35 Swimming 4, BARTLEY, JANIS Black Masque 3, 4. BATES, STARRLYN BATES, VICKI Spartans of Sport 2, 3. 194 SENIOR ACTIVITI BAUMHOVI-R, LWDJ I Girls' Ensemble 3,4, Secretary 45 I. R.C. 35 Junior Achievement 25 High School Red Cross 45 No ' ' Valkyries 3,45 Pipers 4. BECKERT High Sc : - ed Cross 45 Norski 45 Roller ES . . , X skanng Club 2. xmmqxowks QXQ5 l BELLARDI, PATRICIA BENJAMIN, JERALDINE Concert Band 45 High School Red Cross 2,3. BENAVIDIZ ESTHER BENEDA, JANETTE O Cl Sophomore Class Treasurer , Homecoming Attendant 4. EFT, BILL Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3. BERGLUND, RICHARD Concert Band 25 Dance Band 25 Sophomore Football 2. BESSESSEN, BILL Annual Staff 3,4, Associate Editor 45 Black Masque 3,45 German Club 3,45 I. R. C. 3,4, Treasurer 45 Junior Slave 35 Noiski 3,45 Lyres Club 35 Swimming 3, 4. R, JUDY irls' Fnsemble 2, 3,4, Treasurer 45 Monitors 5 Norski 35 Orchesis 45 Pipers 45 Chanuka 4. BLANC, JosEP li BLUM, NOMM' Annual Staff 3, 4, Student Life Editor 45 Honor Pin 25 Honor Roll 2, 35 I. R. C. 2,3,4, Secre- tary 3,45 Junior Fscort 35 Valkyries 3,4. BOCK, CAROL Cheerleader 3, 451-Ionor Roll 2, 35Junior Escort 35 Monitor 35 Norski 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Or- chesis 3,4, Presid nt 4- ally Committee 35 Stud t Counc'l - omecoming Publicity Com ' x AnnualS aff 45 Cheerlead - di, -Y or P'n 3,45 nor ot 3, - R. A 25 - 13, ort 35 Ra 1 -- e - . d . -.. 5 V. - ' - . 2. ittee 3 ' omecoming Decoration Com tt 3 4, Viking Varieties 35 Hanukah 3, 45 ec 'ze Color Day Car Decoration 35 Girls' sketball 25 Sophomore Secretary 25 Color Day Attendant 25 Homecoming Attend- ant 4. BONAVIDA, LORRAIN E I. R. C. 25 Junior Escort 35 Norski 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 45 Valkyries 3,4, President 4. BOSLEY, DAVID Junior Achievement 2, 3. BOSTON, PAMELA F. T.A. 25 I. R. C. 45 Monitor 2,3,45 Noiski 3, 45 Student Council 2. BOYER, BRIAN Concert Band 2, 3, 4. BRADLEY, JOHN Junior Slave 35Norski 3, 45 Viking Varieties 35 Swimming,35 Gymnastics 2,35 Football 2,3. BRANDES, MARIE F. T. A. 3, 4, Treasurer 451. R. C. 2, 3 , 45 High School Red Cross 25 Valkyries 3. BRANDT, KATHLEEN Concert Choir 35 Junior Achievement 2. BRIGGS, GERRY BRINKMAN, KATHY F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 45 I.R.C. 35 Junior Escort 35 High School Red Cross 25 Valkyries 3 , 4. BROCK, C. EILEEN Concert Choir 3, 4. BROOKE, GIDRIA BROWDY, JOHN BROWN, ARLEEN , Black Masque 35 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,45 Val- kyries 3. BROWN, CAROL Girls' Gymnastic Club 3, 45 Viking Variedes 35 Girls' Gymnastic Competition. BROWN, GLENN BROZOVICH, MICHAEL BURBANK, -JANICE Monitor 2. BURBANK, JACK D Club 35 Viking Varieties 33 Gymnastics 3- BUCKLIN, RICHARD BUCHKO, THOMAS Football 3,45 Wrestling 2, 4. BUSCHY, JOE ul Ki N5 vwvitdmi German Club 35JuniorAttendant 35 Latin Club 25 Science Club 3, Secretary 3. BUCKLIN, RICHARD C CAFFREY, CAR L I . C. 2 3, - High School Red Cross 45Junior COL3, ' 2,45 Valkyries 3,4. CA , JUI.IE Distributive Education 4. CALERICH, LINDA Norski 25 Valkyries 3,4. CANDELARIA, ERNIE Football 45 Cross Country 4. CAPRA, IDUIS CARLSTON, ERIC CARNE, KATHY Girls' Ensemble 3,45 Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 35Honorary Cadets 45Junior Escort 35 Pipers 4. CARNINI, FRANK Norski 2, 3 , 4. CAROSFLLA, ANTHONY CARRII..LO, PAM F. B. L. A. 3. CARTER, PEGIE High School Red Cross 45 Norski 2. CARUSO, JOHN Football 25 Wrestling 2. CASADOS, VERLA CASTELLANO, FLORENCE F. B. LA. 4, Reporter 4. CAVENDER, JIM Concert Band 2, 3,4, City-Wide 35 Concert Orchestra 3, 45 Math Club 2. CI-IAVE, CONRAD D Club 3, 45 Junior Attendant 35 High School Red Cross 45 Student Council 45 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 3, 45 Senior Class Treasurer 4. CHAVI1, GENE D Club 3, 45 Track Medal 35 Cross-Country 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4. CHAVI2, ORIANDO CHAVF2, ROBERT CHIARELLI, PAUL CHISMAN, NANCY Black Masque 3, 45National Thespians Society 3, 45Black Masque Play 35City Wide-Compe- tition Play 35 Viking Varieties 35 Black Mas- que Play 45 Mother-Daughter Tea Entertain- ment 35 Best Thespian 45 First Prize, Kiwanis City Competition 4. CHRISTIANSD1, JOI-INA CHURCHWELL, CORRINE Concert Choir 2, 35 Junior Escort 3. CIANFRANCE, GARY Junior Attendant 35 Monitor 45 Norski 2. CLARK, SHIRLEY Monitor 35 Girls' Chorus 3. CLARK, WILLIAM CLEAR, CHBKYL F.B. L.A. 45 Honor Roll 35 Junior Escort 3. CLIFTON, WOODROW CIDW, CHERYL Tri-Hi-Y 45 Valkyries. COLAIANO, PAUL COLE, TIM D Club 3, 45 German Club 35Junior Attendantg Citizenship Day Award 25 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 25 Track 3. COLE, WAYNE All-School Officer 4, Head Boy 45 Concert Choir 45D Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 35 Key Club 2, 3,4, S e cre tary 3, President 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Math Club 25 City-Wide Student Council 3,45 Boys' State 35 Delegate to National Stud ent Council Conference 35 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 25 Tennis Captain 45 Junior Class President 35 Junior Attendant, Color Day 3. COLTON, ORVAL Juxgior Slave 35 Cross-Country 2,35 Wrestling 2, . COOMES, JANIS F. T. A. 3,4, Valkyries 3,4. COOPER, NORMA All-School Officer 4, All-School Treasurer 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 2, 3 , 4, Treasurer 3,Honor Pin 2, 3,Honor Roll 2, 3,Junior Fscort 3, Student Council 4. COPELAND. CANDE Black Masque 3,4,Nationa1Thespians Society 4, Norski 4, Pre-Med 3, Black Masque Play 3, 4. CORDOVA, JOSEPH COTI-IRAN, MERNA COUPER, NANCY I.R.C. 2,3, Latin Club 2, Vice President, Valkyries 3, 4, Speech at I. R. C. Convention 2. COWAN, PHYLLIS t Esco 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, EA3 , es 3,4, Play Festival 3, A mi g Committee 3,4, Chanukah 4. CRACO, SHA ON F. T.A. 2, Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4, Orchesis 3, 4, Secretary 4, S. O. S. 2,3,4, Pipers 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4, Vi king Varieties 3,4, Chanuka 4. CRANE, RONNIE CRESWELL. CLARA Distributive Education 3, 4, F. B. L. A. 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3. CRUMBAKER, GARY Audio-Visual 2, 3. CUTSINGER. DAVID German Club 3, Monitor 3, Football 2, 3,4. CYPRIAN, DIANE HonorPin 2,Honor Roll 2,Junior Escort 3, Pre- Med 2, 3. D DAVIDSON, DIANA Concert Band 2, 3, Concert chestra 2, 3, Girls' Rifle Club 3. DH'lERRHiA, RUBIL DAMICO, MARY ANN Or DELEO, DIANA DELORA, CONNIE DENZIN, LEA Black Masque 2. DEWITT, DANNY DICKENS, SHARON DIGIACOMA, JERRY Norski 2. DITOLLA, ANGELA Monitor 2, 3 , 4. DITULLIO, DDINIS Chess Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Wrestling 3. DIXON, CRAIG Black Masque 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Concert Choir 2, 3,4, City-Wide 3,4, Science Club 3, Madri al 2,Viking Varieties 2,Varsity Swim- ming 3, 4. DOKEY, ALAN R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Cross-Counuy 2, 4. DOYLE, JEWEL D Club 3,4, Student Council 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3,4, Track 2. DOYIJE, JOAN Junior Escort 3. DREIT SUZANNE Ho o onorary Cadet 3,4, Val.kyries 3, 4, ' eam Competition 3, 4, Color DREYER, FREDERICK R. O. T. C. 2, 3. DUCATE, RICHARD Audio-Visual2, R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3,4. DUDLEY, ALAN Honor Pin 2,3,4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Junior Attendant 3, Math Club 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Science Club 2,3,4, Swimming 3, Football 2. DUNHA.M, MARTHA Concert Choir 3,4, City-Wide 3, Madrigal 2, 3,4, Pre-Med 2,3, Viking Varieties 3. SENIOR ACTIVITIES DYE, PETER Concert Band 2, 3, 4. E E-INSTROM, ERIC Concert Band 4, Track 2. EICHELBHKGER, MARIE Honor Roll 3. HCHELBERGER, MARGUERITE EIMORE, CAROLYN Norski 4, Pre-Med 3. EMERSON, LESLEY Aqua-Viks 2, Girls' Ensemble 3,4. ENDERUD, JOHN I. R.C. 4, Science Club 3, Football 2, Golf 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4. ENGLE, GBIALDINE F. B. L A. 4, Girls Gymnastic Club 2, 3, Junior Achievement 2. ESCHERICH, REBECCA High School Red Cross 2, 3. ETO, SHIRLEY Cheerleader 4, Concert Orchestra 2, Dance Band 2, F.T.A. 2, Monitor 3,4, Rally Committee 4, Student Council3,Pux-ple Pipers 4, Extemporaneous Speech Contest 3, Junior Class Treasurer. F FALUGAN, SANDRA Aqua-Viks 2,3, Secretary 3, Honor Cadet 3, 4, Monitor 4, Rifle Team 4, Drill Team 3,4, Valkyries 3, 4. FAUDEL, JUDY Conc ert Orchestra 2,3,4, City-Wide 3,4, " Honor Pin 2,3,4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Junior , I7'IEscort 3, High School Red Cross 4, National Honor Societv 3,4, Valkyries 3,4, Viking Varieties 2, Vi -Queen 4. FIIDOROWICZ, ANDREW FELDMAN, HDIIE Black Masque 2, 3, 4. FICCO, ART FIELDS, THKESA North Star Staff 4. FISHBURN. MARYLEE Black Masque 3,4, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Nor- ski 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. FLETCHER, TOM' Wrestling 3, 4, Football 2. FIDRIO, JOSEPHINE Black Masque 3,4, Girls' Gymnastic Club 3, Lyres Club 3. FOSTER, BILL Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, Track 3, 4. FOSTER, TERRY FRANCIS, ROBHIT Monitor 2. FRAUSE, DEEANN Black Masque 3,Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Madri- gal 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Viking Varieties 3, 4. FREDERICKSEN, RANDY FREIDENSON, ARIINE Concert Choir 3, Norski 4, Madrigal 3, Viking Varieties 3. G GALIAGHER, DAVID -ao-e Concert Choir 3,4, City-Wide 3,4, Vice President 4, Viking Varieties 3,4, Color Day Program 3. G - I ' 4 RICK Concert Choir , ' Distributive Education 4, Treasurer 4, F. B. L. A. f etary 4, I. R.C. 4, Junior ' -- . -- ' reasurer 2, Vice Treas -3 3, aw . '. r Skating Club 2 Viking Vanenes 3 O GALLOB, F B.L A 4, Black Masque 3,4, Disui utive Education 4, Monitor 3. GARCIA, VERONICA Junior Escort 3. GARDINO, JOHN GARRAMONE, WARREN Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra 2, 3,4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Viking Varieties 3. GASPAR, CARL Concert Band 2, 3,4, Concert Orchestra 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Norski 4. GIARDINO, JIM ' Chess Club 3, Honor Pin 3, Honor Roll 3, I. R. C. 4, Junior Attendant 3, Science Club 3. GILMAN, ERNEST Chess Club 2, President 2, Honor Pin 2,3,4, Honor Roll 2,3,4, Junior Attendant 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, District Reporter 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President 3 , 4, Shafroth Extemporaneous Speech Contest 3, Tied fo irst Place 4, Masonic Award for Achiev ent 3. GODIOZ, SAND Concert Choir , , Valkyrie , Girls' Rifle Club 3, Treasurer 3. - GOGGIN, MARIANN Aqua-Viks 2,Ju.nior Achievement 2, Norski 2, 3 , 4. GOLDSTHN, FRED I. R. C. 4, R. O. T. C. 2, 3. GOME, HELE4 Aqua-Viks 3, Girls' Gymnastics Club 3, 4. GONZALES, MARGRITE GONZAULS, PATSY GONZALES, PETER Color Day Program 3. GOODSON, SHARON GOT TLIEB. FAYE GRAY, JUANITA Distributive Education 4, S. O. S. 3. GREDIBURG, THOMAS GREHJSTEIN, MARSHALL Honor Pin 3, Honor Roll 3, North Forensic League 3, Norski 2, Basketball 3, 4. GRILLEY, PAT German Club 3, 4, Honor Pin 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3,Math Club 2, Monitor 2, 3, Pre-Med Club 3. GRIMES, GARY Track 2. GRISWOID, ROBERT Concert Orchestra 2 3. GUARASCI, Auf! "-" GQUD Q, HE. GUITHKRE, SUSAN GURULE, NED Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, Mon i tor 2, 3, Roller Skating Club 3. GUTHRIE, JOHN I-I HAGB4, DON Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3,4. HAMMOND, CARL Honor Pin 3,4, Junior Attendant 3, F. B. I.. A. 4, Tennis 3, 4. HAMMOND, MARCELLA I. R. C. 4, Stage Crew 4. ., HANDLER, HERBERT F.T.A. 2,3, I. R. C. 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Junior Attendant 3, Key Club 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, Student Council 4. HARTMETZ, DAVID HEATH, NORMA HEER, JERRY Concert Choir 3. HILLLHK, ARLIN Junior Slave 3, Norski 2, 3, Swimming 2, 3,4. HENDERSON, MARLYN Monitor 3. HERGENREDER, ROCKY R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Com- mander 4. 195 ...DX fp!!- HERMAN, MELADY Orchesis 45 Tri -Hi -Y 45Play Festival kah Program 4. HERNANDI1, MARY Distributive Education 4. HICKDI, GARY GermanClub 35 R. O. T. C. 3, 4, Drill Team 3, Color Guard 3,45 Basketball 4. HIGDON, ROBERT Audio-Visual 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, Rifle Team 2, 3. HILL. DEANE Concert C hoir 3, 45 Roller Skating Club 2. HOFF, GLORIA HOGLIN, RUTH F. T. A. 2, 35 Monitor 45 Valkyries 3, 4, Treas- urer 4. HOLLAND, ERNIE Football 2, 35 Swimming 2. HOL.I.A.ND, ROSAUE Monitor 4. HORN, KATHY Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 Madrigal 3,45 Monitor 45 Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Valkyries 35 Viking Varie- ties 3. HORVAT, JANICE HUBBORD, CHERLYN I. R. C. 2, 3, 45 Junior Achievement 2. HUFFORD, SANDRA Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. HULTMAN, ROGER Junior Attendant 35 Math Club 2, 3, 45 Norski 4. HURD, JEANNIE I. R. C. 45 Monitor 3, 45 Stage Crew 4. HUTTERMAN, LFDNARD Roller Skating Club 25 R. O. T. C. 2. HUTTON, MONTIE JO Concert Band 2,3,45 F. T.A. 45 Honor Pin 3, Honor Roll 3. I IACOBUCCI, JOHN Chess Club 45 Honor Pin 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45JuniorAttendant35 Key Club 45Mat.h Club 2, 3,45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Wrestling 3. IDLEZERG, REBETTE Girls' Ensemble 3,45 High School Red Cross 25 Norski 2, 35 Pipers 4. IGO, IDUIS JACOBY , JOHN D Club 3,45Junio ave 35Norski 3,45 Swi - ming 2,3,45 Tra Cross Country 3. JAMES, EDDIE JANKO, OLG Monitor JDIKINS, KA EN Valkyries 25 Rifle Club 2. JHWNINGS, CAROL ANN Norski 25 Rifle Club 2. JESSE, PAM F.B.L.A 3,45 Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 2,35 Junior Escort 35 Valkyries 3.4. JIMENE, SANDRA JOHNSON, LORNA JOHNSTON, BARBARA F.B.L.A. 4. JONES, BARBARA Girls' Ensemble 45 Monitor 2,3,45 Norski 3,4. JONES, BETTY Concert Choir 2, 35 Girls' Rifle Club 2. JOST, KEN R. O.T.C. 2,3,4, Drill Team 2, City Com- petition 2. JUGERT, RODNEY K KACHENKO, JIM KAI-ILER, PETER Audio-Visual 2,3,45 D Club 3,45 Norski 25 Football 2, 3,4. KAMINSKY, MORTON Stage Crew 4. KANTOR, LINDA Black Masque 2, 3,45 Concert Choir 2, 35 Dis- tributive Education 4, Publicity Chairman 45 Monitor 2, 3. KARY, KAREN Stage Crew 2,3. KEASEY, WALLACE JuniorAttenda.nt 35Junior Class Vice President 3. Concert Choir 2, 3,45 F. R.L.A. 4. Concert Choir 2,3,45 F. B. I.. A. 196 KEMP, DAVID Audio-Visual 4. KENNEY, DEANE Junior Achievement 2, 3, President 2, 3. KIELSMEIER, NANCY Girls' Gymnastic Club 3,45 Norski 3. KILGORE, STANLEY R. O. T. C. Drill Team 2, 3, 4. KINNISON, GEORGE KLINE, JAMES D Club 45 Honor Pin 2,3, Honor Roll 2,35 Math Club 2, 3, 4, President 35 Junior Attend- ant 35 Gymnastics 35 Wrestling 3. KOEHLER, BRUCE KOPERSKI, LARRY Honor Pin 3 , 45 Honor Roll 3, 45 Junior5Attend- ant 35 Key Club 45 Math Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 45 Baseball 25 Basketball 2, 3, 4. KORELLES, JUDY KORTEKAAS, NICK Monitor 2. L LACRUE, PRISCILLA F. B. L. A. 4. LAGUARDIA, BARBARA Aqua-Viks 2, Vice President 25 F.T.A. 25 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 45 Monitor 35 Orchesis 45 President's Round Table 45 S. O. S. 2,3,4 President 45 Pipers 45 Viking V a ri e ti e s 45 Hanakah 4. LATIMER, CAROL Pre-Med 2, 3. LAYNEN, DIANE LAZUK, Sl-IARON Black Masque 45 F.T.A. 3,45 I. R. C. 3,45 High School Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 North Forensic League 3,4, Vice President 45 Norski 45 Valkyries 3,45 Red Cross Leader- ship Camp 4. LEADER, TOM LHTFLER, DENNIS LEHMANN, MAXINE F. T.A. 25 Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,4. LEONARD, PAT Concert Band 2,3,4, State-Wide 35 F.T.A. 2, 3,45 Junior Attendant 3. LEONARD, PEGGY Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 F, T. A. 2, 3,4, Secre- tary 3, Vice President 45 Honorary Cadet 45 Junior Achievement 25Junior Escort 35Val.kyries 3,45 Girls' Rifle Team 4. LEONI-LAR'1j5f SCOTT Wrestling 2, 3,4. LESLIE,-"KATHY LEWIS, DDINIS Concert Choir 2, 3, 4. ERATO, RICHARD LIBERATO, ROSEMARIE Pre-Med 2. LIGHTI-IILL, GARY Conc ert Band 2,3,4- I. R. C. 4- Monitor 35 State Band Contest 2, LINTHICUM, CHARLES Concert Band 2, 3, 4. LISTON, ROGER Concert Band 2,35 Dance Band 35 Track 2,3, 45 Football 3,4. LITI'EREl..L, BOB Concert Orchestra 4, State-Wide-45 Key Club 3, Vice Consul 35 Nadonal Honor Society 45 National Thespians Society 2, 3. LITTRELL, LINDA Concert Choir 3, 4, S e cretary 35 Concert Orchestra 251. R. C. 3, 45Junior Escort 35 North Forensic League 45 Rally Committee 4, Chair- man 45 Valkyries 3 , 4,- Vice-President 45 Viking Varieties 4. LITTON, EVET..YN Aqua-Viks 2, 35 Girls' Rifle Club 2. LLOYD, NANCY LOBATO, CARA LOGAN, LOUIS D Club 3,45 Gymnastics 3,4. LOHRINGEL, WILLIAM Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. IDOSE, RICHARD Honor Pin 2, 35Honor Roll 2, 35Junior Attend- ant 35Math Club 25National Honor Society 3, 45 Science Club 253, Treasurer 3. LOPEZ, MARGIE LORENZ, MARVIN LOSASSO, DELANE LOSASSO, l.AVEL Concert Choir 3,4, City-Wide 35Junior Escort 35 Valkyries 3,4. LosAsso, TOMIT x54X Audio-Visual 4. O LUCAS, MICHAEL Monitor 35Football 2, 3,45Basketball 25 Base- ball 2, 3, 4. LUCERO, CHARLOTTE Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4. LUCHETTA, MICHAEL D Club 3,45 Football 25 Swimming 2,3,4. 1 1 3. LUDWIG, l.LOYD Creative Writing Club 25Honor Pin 2, 35 Honor Roll 2,35 Junior Attendant 35 Math Club 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 2. LUPTON, HARVETTA Concert Choir 2 35 Ma i Gras Attendant 2. LUTZ BARBARA 9541-' .O. . , , ecre a 45 Valkyries 3. LYNN, TIM R. O. T. C. , Drill Team 3, 4. M MACY, RUTHANN R. O. T.C. 3,4, Drill Team 3,4. MADONNA, RANDY Honor Pin 2,3,45 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Junior Attendant 3. MAGDONZ, WARREN Chess Club 35 German Club 35Junior Achieve- ment 25 Junior Attendant 35 Science Club 2. MALLETT, DAN Baseball 2. MAPELLI, MARK Dance Band 25 Norski 2, 45 Pre-Med 45 R.O.T.C. 2,35 Drill Team 2,35 Track 25 Golf 2,3,4. MARES, KAREN MARES, THERESA MARTIN, MIKE Junior Attendant 35 Pre -Med 3. MARTIN, THOMAS D Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Attendant 35 Math Club 35 Golf 2,35 Basketball 2, 3,4. MARTINAC, MICHAEL MARTINH, ADOLPH Cross Country 35 Track 3. MARTINE, BEVERLY Monitor 2, 3. MARTINE, DEE S. O. S. 2, 3. MARTINIZ, EDDIE MARTINE, ERNIE Audio-Visual 45 Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 3. MASON, TERR , MASTERS, J H Monitor 45 L 5 Valkyries 3,4. MATHFR, JAY v D Club 3,45Jun' r Achievement 25Math Club 25 Monitor 2,35 orski 2,3,45 Speech Club 45 Colorado Outwa - Bound School 25 Cross Coun- try 2,3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2,3,4. MAYNARD, FRANK Football 25 Swimming 2, 3. MAZZARA, TERESA Black Masque 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Girls' En- semble 3, 45 Black Masque Play 3. MCCULLOUGH, RONALD MCDONALD, JOANNE 3 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 45 I te ational Rela- tions Club 35v,l"ligh Sch 1 R dl 45 tu- dentCounciI 45Valkyri , ' ' eties 25 Senior Seoketary 45' MCGOVERN, JOHN Color Day 2, 35 Viking Varieties 2, 3. MCGRAW, JEANNIE Black Masque 2,3,4, Secretary 45 National Thespians Society 3,45Stage Crew 3,45 Black Masque Play 2, 3 , 4. MCKENDRY, STUHB4 Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. MCKINNON, JIMMY MEDINA. DONNA Higi School Red Cross 45 Pre-Med 3,4. MEDINA, SUSAN MEILINGER, SHERI Concert Choir 2,3,4, City-Wide 3, State- Wide 35Junior Escort 35I-ligh School Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3 , City-Wide R e p - resentative 35 Latin Club 25 North Forensic League 2,3, Secretary 45 Rally Committee 45 Valkyries 3, 45 Viking Varieties 3. MILLER. JOHN MILLER, TERRY MISARE, CHARLENE Junior Escort 35 Norski 25 Orchesis 3,4, Vice President 35 Color D ay , Junior Attendant 3. MITCHELL, JANEI' Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 2,35 Junior Escort 35 Norski 4. MONTANO, TIM Concert Orchestra 2, 3. MONTOYA, PATRICIA MONTOYA, ROSE Concert Choir 3, 4. MONTOYA, STEVE Concert Choir 2. MONTOYA, VICKY MORA, CATHERINE Annual Staff 3, 4, Classes and Faculty Sections Editor 45 Concert Orchestra 2, 35 F. T. A. 2, 35 Junior Fscort 35 High School Red Cross 35 Valkyries 3, 45 Lyres Club 2, 35 Viking Varie- ties 25 Homecoming Decorating Committee 4. MORTON, JAMES Monitor 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. MOSS, SHARYON Honor Pin 45 Honor M ER, DONAID Roll 2,45 Junior Escort 3. ""BlackMasque 25 R. O. T. C. 2, 3,4, DrillTeam 2, 3. MuRo, JIMMY Norski 2, 3, 4, President 45 Roller Skating Club 2, 3,45 Swimming 2, MURRAY, MARY 3,4. German Club 3 , 45 Honor Pin 2, 3 , 45 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45Honorary Cadet 45Junior Escort 35 Latin Club 25 National Honor Society 3, 4. MURRELL, IIN DA MYERS , JULIE NAHLEY, CYNTHIA N Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 German Club 4. NAKAMURA, ROSE ANN F. T.A. 3. NAVARRO, PAUL R. O. T. C. 2. NEGLEY, CLIFF Honor Pin 3 , 45 Hono r Roll 3, 45Junior Attend- PILROTIN, SHARON F. B. L. A. 45 Honor Pin 35Honor Roll 35 Junior Escort 35 High School Red Cross 2, 3,45 Norski 2,3. PHIREAULT, JOANN Monitor 3. PETTIGREW, KEITH PFANNENSTIEL, SUSAN Speech Club 3, 4. PHELAN, JOANN PHILLIPS, DAVE Audio Visual 2,3,45 Junior Achievement 25 R.O.T.'C. 2,3. PICASO, JAMES PINA, ERM.A Honor Pin 45 Honor Roll 3,45 Monitor 2,4. PIZZICHINO, LINDA Monitor 3,45Noiski 3,45 Orchesis 3,4, Treas- urer 45 Valkyries 3, 4, Junior Representative. PLESS, SHIRLEY Cheerleader 3, 4, ad Cheerleader 45 Moni- tor 3, 45 Orchesi 5Presidents' Round Table 2,35 Student C cil 25 Valkyries 45 Sopho- more Class ent 25 Junior Princess 35 Homecoming' Queen 4. PORTUGAL, ANTHONY POWERS, PAT High School Red Cross 3. PRESTON, JIM ant 35 MathClub 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3,45 Science Club 45 Superior junior Cadet 35Brigade Com- mander 4. NFJSWANGER, PAM F. B. L. A. 45 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3,45 Monitor 45 Black Masque Play 3. NELSON, CAROL Monitor 3, 45 Norski 3 , 4. NELSON, NANCY Junior Achievement 2, Vice-President 2. NEWELL, RON Basketball 2, 3 , 45 Baseball 2, 3 , 4. NORDMAN, JOHN Audio-Visual 2, 35 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3 , 4. NORTHUP, JOHN Junior Achievement 25 Monitor 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3. NOVOSAD, ROBERT NOWAKOWSKI, IDUIE O O'BRIAN, ELAINE S. O. S. 2, 3,4, Game Manager 4. O'CONNELL, JERRY OLESKY, JOHN OI.SON, TED Concert Band 3,45 Dance Band 45 Junior Attendant 35 Wrestling 2,3,45 Football 2,3. OMEY, JIM Concert Choir 35 R.O. T. C. 2,3,4, Drill Team 2, 3, 45 Color Guard 2, 3. QETEGA, JUNE TIZ, MARGARET Valkyries 3, 4. ORTIZ, RAYMOND ORNHAS, JOE OSTRANDER, JUDITH Junior Achievement 2. OSTROV. ANNA F.B. L.A. 45 High School Red Cross 2,3,45 Norski 2. P PACHECO, YOLANDA PADILLA, DANNY Monitor 25 R.O. T. C. 2,3,4. PADILLA, MARIO PADILLA, RUDY PAGES, JOHN PALIDORI, DAN Gymnastics 2. PASTERNACK, JUDI Black Masque 45 Girls Ensemble 45 I. R. C. 45 High School Red Cross 2, 35 Monitor 2, 35Nor- ski 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. PATER, PERRY Junior Achievement 25 Swimming 2, 35 Track 2, 3. PHLIGREEN. JIM PELUSO, DON PIQPER, MARY PERCHACZ, JERRY Chess Club 2, 35 Junior Achievement 25 Foot- ball 2, 35 Track 2, 3. PEREA, ANGIE PERE, THOMAS Concert Band 2, 3, 45 City-Wide 45 State-Wide 3,45 Concert Orchestra 3,45 Lyres Club 35 Viking Varieties 3,45 Basketball 2,35 C ross Country 3. Concert Choir 35 R. O. T.C. 2, 3 , 45 Color Guard 3,4. PTASZEK, HENRY PULSIPHHK, BARBARA Junior Achievement 25 Monitor 2, 4. PONIKVAR, JOE QUINTANA . JIM R. O. T. C. 2. Q R RAE, JIM Norski 2,3,45 Baseball 2. RANCH, GARY Black Masque 35 Chess Club 25 D Club 3,45 Honor Roll 45 Math Club 25 Norski 45 Student Council 25 Viking Varieties 45 Football 3,45 Wrestling 3, 4. RATHBUN, JOHN D Club 3,45 Football 25 Gymnastics 3,4. RAYMOND , KARIN F. B. L. A. 4, President 45 Honor Pin 4, Honor Roll 3, 45 Junior Escort 3. REP , SANDY High School Red Cross 25 Tri-Hi-Y 4. REYNOIDS , PATRICK Baseball 2, 3 , 45 Swimming 4. Rl-IOADS, JUDITH Black Masque 2, 3, 4. RHODY, JOHN Football 45 Track 2. Rnrrz, JANE F. B. L. A. 35JuniorAchievement 25 Monitor 2. RISCHE, CARL RIVERA, EUGENIE RIVERA, ERNEST Track 3. RIZZO, JOANN F. B. L. A. 45 Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 35 Junior Escorts 35 Monitor 25 Norski 2, 3,4. ROBERTS, LYNN ROBINSON. HJWARD I. R. C. 2, 3, 45 Junior Attendant 35 Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 35 Pre-Med 25 Science Club 3. RODG ERS , TONI Norski 35 Roller Skating Club 2,3, Distribu- tive Education 4. ROGERS, GHNIE ROM!-RO, JUDY ROMERO, SHIRL ROSE, JOHN Honor Pin 2, 5 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Junior Attendant 35 K Club 3, 4, Senior Director-45 Math Club 45 tional Honor Society 3,45 Debate 35 Track 2,3,4. ROSINBAUM, MORT Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 35Junior Attendant 35 Norski 25 Football 45 Wrestling 35 Track 3,45 Baseball 2. ROWE, CLARA Black Masque 35 High S chool Red Cross 35 Monitor 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. ROWLEY , DAN F. T.A. 35 Junior Achievem ent 25 Junior Attendant 35 Key Club 3,4, Secreta.ry 45 Math Club 2, 3,45 Student Council 45 Gen-nan Club 3 . RUSCH, STEVE S SAGARA, CHRISTINE SALAZAR, ANNETTE Black Masque 3,45National Thespians Society 4. SALAZER, SHEILA SANCI-Ill, LARRY Swimming 2. SANDOVAL, BERTHA Concert Choir 3,4. SANDOVAL, JUAN Junior Attendant 3. SANSOM, JOHN Norski 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Swimming 2, 3, 4. SAOTONE, JOHN SARVER, WESLEY Audio-Visual 2, 3. SCHAD, JANICE Girls' Ensemble 3,4, President 45 Honorary Cadet 3, 45 Drill Team 3, 45 Pipers 4. SCHEUERMAN, JANET German Club 35 Vlakyries 3,4. SCHIIZ, JOANN Black Masque 35 Monitor 3. 5, 5, SCHLEICHER, CONSTANCE I Black Masque 2,35 German Club 3, Vice President 3. SCHNICK, WAYNE Basketball 2. SCHULTZ, CHERYL SCHULZ, THEA Junior Achievement 2. SCHRHBSTEIN, BARRY Annual Staff 2,3,4, Sports Editor 3, Associ- ate Editor 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Honor Roll 2, 3,45 I. R. C. 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Junior Attendant 35 Key Club 2,3,45 Math Club 45 Science Club 2. SCIBETTA, JOAN Concert Choir 3, 45 Honor Pin 45 Honor Roll 45 Monitor 45 North Star Staff 4. SEBERN, JO ANN Aqua-Viks 2, Treasurer 25 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3,45 Girls' Gymnastic Club 25 Monitor 2, 35 Pipers 3, 4. SEDA, PATRICIA Concert Orchestra 25 Honor Pin 45 Honor Roll 3, 45 Honorary Cadet 3,45Junior Escort 35 Drill Team 3,45 Valkyries 3. SELLER, SHIRLEY Girls' Rifle Club 2. Sl:YFl-IR, PATRICIA Monitor 2,45 Orchesis 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 35 Viking Varieties 4. SEYFER, WILLIAM Honor Pin 25Honor Roll 25Junior Attendant 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3, 4. SHARLEY, CATHERINE SHIDLER, GIDRIA Black Masque 2, 3, 45 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Honor Pin 2, 3, 45Honor Roll 2, 3,.45Junior B- cort 35 High School Red Cross 2,3,45 North Forensic League 35 Viking Varieties 2. SHIMEL, VICTORIA Distributive Education 45 Junior Achievement 4. SHRHZVE, GARY F. T. A. 45 Junior Achievement 25 Monitor 4. SIEBERT, CHARLES ULBY, JERALD F. T. A. 45 I. R. C. 25 Junior Achievement 25 Junior Attendant 35 High School Red Cross 2, 35 Pre-Med 35 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4. SILLASEN, TERRY SILVERMAN, HARVEY Black Masque 45 Concert Band 2,3,4, Drum Major 45 Creative Writing Club 2, 35 I. R. C. 45 Junior Attendant 35 High School Red Cross 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Batallion Executive Of- ficer 45 Science Club 25 Cross-Country 3,4. SILVERMAN, IRWIN Honor Pin 2, 3, 45Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 I. R. C. 3, 45 Junior Attendant 35 Key Club 45 Math Club 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. SIMEDNE, TONI Norski 2, 3, 4. SKINNER, NANCY ,jlfiffff-97 '-Tx?ME5'!T3'T SIOAN, JAMES Black Masque 3, 45 ChessC 25 Concert Band 25 Math Club 25National Thespians Society 45 Baseball 25 Basketball 25 Football 2, Swimming 3, 4. SIDAN, MARTIN JuniorAttendant 35 Science Club 3, 45 Track 3. SIDNIGER, LEA RAE SMALDONE, IDRETTA Black Masque 3, 4, President 45 National Thes- pian Society 3, 4. SMITH, RENEE SMOLINSKI, DIANA F. B. L. A. 45 Norski 2, 3,4. SNELL, DONNA Distributive Education 4, Secretary 4. 197 SNYDER STUART Swimming 2, 35 Track 2, 3. SPALLONE, MICHAEL Junior Slave 35 Math Club 4. SPENCER, PAT Concert Choir 2, 35 Junior Bcort 35 High School Red Cross 2,35 Valkyries 35 North Forensic League 3. SPIKHR, DUANE SPRY, CONNIE STAFFORD, WARREN STAHL, DAVID Chess Club meative Writing Club 45 R,O.T.C. 2,3,4. STEFFEN, PHIL Norski 4. STEVESON, KENNETH Audio-Visual 45 Junior Slave 3. STODDARD, JOAN 0 All School Officer 4, He 5' ' ' f ' or Pin 45 Honor Roll 3,45 I. R. I . 4 - or Escort 35 Student Council 3,45V ' es 35 junior Class Secretarv 3: Attendant, Maffdi Gras 2. STRAUB, KENNETH V Key Club 4. STRELTZER, HOWARD Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 35 North Forensic League 3. STRUNA, GARNET Black Masque 3,4, Historian 35 Monitor 4. SUGIHARA, BARBARA junior Escort 35 Latin Club 25 Monitor 45 Pre- Med 4. SURAWSKI, HYIA SWANEY, CONNIE T TAKEMOTO, RUTH Pre-Med 4. TANGYE, KATHIE Aqua -Viks 25 Concert Choir 2, 3 , 4, City-Wide 35 High School Red Cross 2, 35 Rally Commit- tee 45 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Varieties 35 D. U. Solo Contest 3. TANNENBAUM, LARRY Concert Baud 3,4, City-Wide 3,45 Concert Orchestra 4, City-Wide 45 I.R. C. 45 junior Attendant 35 Viking Varieties 3,45 Gunnison Honor Band 3. TEAGUE, RICHARD TERN , FRANCES ior Fscort 35 High School Red Cross 2.33 Orchesis 2, 3, 4, junior Historian 35 Valkyries 3. TERWILLIGER, COLENE THORNBROUGH, DON Chess Club 2. THRELKEID, PHILIP Audio-Visual 3 , 4. TKACZUK, TAMI TOOLEY, CAROLYN Aqua-Viks 2,3, junior Escort 35 Monitor 35 S.O. S. 2,3,4. TOTO, JOHN Concert Band 2,3,45 Concert Orchestra 2,4. City-Wide 45 Dance Band 2, 3,45Viking Vari- eties 2, 3 , 4. TOWNSEND, RICHARD junior Achievement 25 Math Club 2. TRAMUTT, ONNA Cheerle r 45 l.R. C. 2,35 Junior Escort 35 Hi l Red Cross 25 Monitor 35 Student Co ci 5Va1kyries 3,45 Latin Club 25Home- coming Decorating Committee 3,45 Girls' State 3. -, .. TREFTER, DENNIS R.O.'l'. C. 2,3,4. - TROUTE, SHARON Monitor 35 Pre-Med 3, Secretary 3. TROXH., DAN Swimming 3, 4.. TRUIILID5 EVA Concert Choir 3. TURNER, GWBSI TURNEY, DONNA TWEEDALE, CORBETT Junior Attendant 3. TWEEDALE, DAVE Annual Staff 45 Concert Band 3, 45 Chess Club 2, Secretary 25Math Club 25 Viking Varieties 45 Track 3. U Q R. O. T. C. 2,3, Rifle Team 2,35 Football 25 Gymnastics 3, 4. 198 V VANVELSOR, SHERILYN Valkyries 3. VASQUE, SARA VECCHIARELLI, DENNIS VEGA, BECKY - Distributive cation 45 itor 3. Concert Band 45 ub 45 Math Club 2, 3, VIGIL, DENNIS 45 junior Atte' t 3. VIGIL, DOROT - VIGIL, FRED VIGIL, GILBERT VIGIL, RONALD VILIANO, LOUIE Gymnastics 2, 4. VILLANUEVA, FRI-D North Star Staff 3,4, Editor 45 StudentCouncil 45 Football 2, 35 Wrestling 35 Baseball 2,3,4. W i WADDELL, CAROL ANN Y YAKES, MA German b junio Escort 35 Norski 2, 3, 45 Pre-Med 25 V ies 4, Drill Captain 4. YANNACITO, DONALD Honor Pin 25l-Ionor Roll 5junior Attendant 35 Tennis 2, 3. YATCKOSKE, LOUISE Black Masque 3 , 4, Historian 45 National Thes- pians Society 35 Black Masque Play 3,4. Z ZABALA, MARIE ZAMORA, SAM ZAMORA, THERESA Pre-Med 3, 45 Roller Skating Club 3. ZEITLIN, ENID Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 45 Black Masque 3, 45 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Honor Pin 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 Junior Escort 35 High School Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 45 Latin Club 25 Red Cross Leadership Camp 45 Outstanding junior Concert Choir 45 F. T. A. 2, 3,45 Monitor 2, 35 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomomw Valkvfief 3, 4- ZIMBEIMAN, PEGGY ANN WAGNER. JILL ZOHON, TERESA Aqua-Viks 25 Honor Roll 25 jxmior Escort 35 ZUV1CEH5 EDWIN North Forensic League 2, 3, 45 Rally Commit- R505 T5 C5 2, 35 45 ' tee 3, 45 Valkyries 3, 45 Viking Varieties 2, 35 ZUVICEH5 SYLVIA Shafroth Fxtemporaneous Sp e ech Contest 3. junio, Achievement 25 Monnor 35 5 WAGNER, LESLIE f5 5 5, 5' Z I Football 35 Baseball 3. f 5 I WAGNER, SHARON 5 5 f X 5- j 5 5 , F.T.A. 25 I.R.C. 2, Junior E,s'c ,High f 5. 'J 5, ,I School Red Cross 25 Valkyries"3, ' ecretary jf XJ! Z 5, 1 I 4. 5 L .Xj , . WALLENBERG, CAROLYN 'lf X , wALsI-I, ROBERT A f ,I f J 1' Creative Writing Club 35 . T. A. 45 I. R. C. 3. ' X 5 ' ' WALTERS, CHERYL W X . It X WARNEK, CAROLYNE ,' f f Monitor 3, 4, 'rn-I-Ii-Y 2, 3. 5' J' X' WEDDINGFELD, DENNIS 5 5 51' , I J 57 junior Attendant 3, R.o.T.c. 2,3,4, Rifle 1 Q! ff' f ff X K Team 2,3,4, Rifle Team Captain 4. X" X ' Aff' I WH-IRLE, WALTER E. 4 J' X" ,fi M Latin ciob 2. .I f X 5, fl .1 f I' WELLS, JOAN X f I ' L , Black Masque 25 Honor Pin 2, 3,45 Honor Roll 5! 5,7 fl ,J 2,3,45 N.O. M. A. Spelling Awaid 3. I ' 5 ,J 5, WENDELIN, DAVID 5 55 L 5 D Club 2,3,45 Junior Slave 35 Norski 3,45 5 f' A .5 I 17 X' Golf 2, 3, 4. f J 5. f . f WENDELIN, JEIRY 7 2 . j , 5, Honor Pin 2,3,45 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Junior ' ' ' X 5? if Attendant 35 Key Club 3,45 National Honor 55 f' X " Society 3,45 Noiski 45 D.P. L. Science Semi- - noi 2, C-o1f45 Vi-King 4. . X X X Z WBJG, ROBERT ' l ff wER'rz, SHARON 4 J f X X I 1 Roller Skating Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y'3, 4, His- " , 5 J ,' torian 35 Valkyries 3, 4. Qf 5! 2 fi WHITE, JAMES fb i D Club 2,3, 45 junior Attendant 35 Football 2, 5 ' J ' I y. i 5 ff WHITE-IEAD, MARY Lf L XL! f . f If Junior Escort 3. 5w lf 5 WIDERGREN, DAVE X j f f 0, -X J Audio-Visual 2,35 R.o.T.c. 2,3,4, Drill f ' Team 2,3. ' ,Xl f ILKEY, REGINA f 5 j wILKINs, Pi-IILLIP 5 ',' 5 WILLIAMS, DAN f WIILNEP., DON I X 5 " f 5 Audio-visuoI2,4, R.o.'r.c. 2,3,4. 5 I WILSON, SHARON " WINOGRAD, GERALDINE 54 I Honor Pin 35 Honor Roll 35 I.R. C. 45 Latin 5 5. Club 2. l " f , X WITHERWAX, MICHAEI. 5, f Eooaiou 2,3,4. f' ff, f 5 A J WOERNER, MARILYN ff ,f X 5,,, ,, 5A 5 5 j 5 Monitor 3,45 Norski 45 Valkyries 3. ff f Z " I ' I V 5 woLD, SANDRA ' ' 5, f Black Masque 2,3, Historian 35 Pre-Med 2. ,5f f WOIFE, PATRICK 7 Audio-visual 3,Moui Club 2511. o.'r.c. 2,3. ' fb ff 0 , WOLFENDALE, JERRY f' f" Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Concert Orchestra 2, 3 , 4. lf WOODWARD, MIKE WORLEY, ERNEST 5' , T WRIGHT, ARNOID I' U Creative Writing Club 2, 45 F. T. A. 25 I. R. C. 3,45 Math Club 25 Pre-Med 2. WRIGHT, KATHLEDI I ,W N Jw ,ff if , Q 3:5 Y i jvc L ' - A U ' v Q7 X G . My J, lull . pp DR ZL ,Q CC 2. :AML r . 1 I V1 Q' L ' K ' CC, , SEQ V HU' ol' 'VR' JJ fly , J ' if .011 J ' gg cps' it 0' JV ,WJ if We V-1 225 . gx 34421 gg CQ n . , " A,-1, 1 f' A ,J If LU J' 7xAC VV! by yrs! D Q Qc? J FC ,Q v VM i V ,J A Y, e cw ,ff ,M f M Mi My ,Ji WE HONOR 6 gag, Q ,W J Mg M H J ,haf ' fi gi V I pl ' .X aut Z r U Z' 9 W 5 5 ' ' L ' KCD l Rl X f 'vwlfl' in My p, 'W kfmvlg 'V yi! ' I- i, 4 12" V .uf , .M y'V .W v 1 V fl' l i , .f , A ' I -Y I ' o fl J' ul . 2 H 'af SEQ 2 RED? 2 Q3 ,Z-,, Til xffggzx 74-66417 wig uffl 1 WN 'S , 'yr-za Jfcf fllzsi ?fMf',M WAN? 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