North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO)

 - Class of 1959

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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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f 9 352 Mn QL I - U3 Jw- QW ' QQQ Nw p Milk! '- 6rLipQ'55aNWAgwA if nj f' QW eiiffffy Wg, SMKQ fn, M541 Am I Q n, - MM-L Q1 M id WSL MW ,gi 4 fi 'A s W AW' f WFS? 'L ,M ,,. . , -B K . . ? SV 1 -A.. ,A, I Q6 567 11,64 I V - 'M i' ' f e? - fx"- , uf F 5. MEN x UN ,im Q? 5, f bisigmlgxw -. N. A XJ .2 f X ' .A , si A 7 L ,XA J xH, ff K , Y h s A N X 3-X V T ' :B v N xx A' F WM ,. A 4 7, ' 'Y'f'.f'?-+ '- , '-f L,,:.. . ' x YU X W flfw CO Af ,S v'4 5w"A - 9642? Qiflikl W W cgyff " 'UQQQQ WZZQSWK 09 jd eww ,fi 4 el' N W 5 .. JZ, z Y -1 , ,r Q .S I-' Hy- " ' pw X' ,,- Sf- '- - I' .N , 1: -- ,, -r, 5. 1 , -g ' U Y,-1 -f., -, -- , , ,hw---, :,,,".g, M f. V. QQ- N' fu .., f '4v"7f '. -- - ' J"fa3:.,wi1'?': ' ' .q'2Ti2'-.-Qiuim,1hA.l" -f-. 'gfif1,fwQ,E'2'3 piifif .S Jwg-1,,":., Hs: ,---- '-'iw '- f-+32 V' f ..5', ' ' - 'n,,v,Ai.j.l 4,51 Vg-,gp.,:3'i-zrfgigiizibi g'!'A:g-ffF"4--4-ggiay 'pf 'EL ' 1,211 .. .. 'Fw-afzg ., 1-:gif --V151-'32, ,rf -,1 .ffmt-Q -4- ..-, 'A '-:ily l x , qi! f,P.g,3 - ..., , - 11-, ,5-w"'-1 MLA. .,,- I zfpb-'Q ,JI Af I, :iu . t,,- - - M r ' 3, 1-H, T? fix 1-U -1 , in v Si-f,79,j 4, .Af f-.uw 1 gl V in M -Q W 5' Z , ag -JI. K ,f 1 if 2 -I 41 9 1 36 ul' ,Qin Q: ss V 3 it-b I Q 531 -V. ' 1 QE ll I QS 1 f V -I, Hl 1 22 Q M EJ X 1' xx Q x .- X ,xx :. X ,. X X gg XRS XX xx 'ie ,nf 1 i f X ' x L . X Y X Y Qg 4 2 E Q 'ai 5 5 "?. Y 4. f, Wifi Q" , .,,-...F x fi:- 151: TQQQYKXEE xNPQm rg, '5fQR"W"f,Q1b4fILVXQS Qvvxel iw wwfkkd V wow Aeggguf fi sides Jung ' ll ' VVNARWQ Q-7'f 'gk'w-QyYMfna 04. , ,f W ' 061' North High School Denver, Colorado X. f' , 1 I .' 1 Y uv, V. , i I, ' , .rl Y I I . ' -. hz I " I ogy I 'IJ xx . ,J I A I XXI I I I fix I A u ' LII' I I I 1 , . I II' I '1 KX g E , 1 I.X,AK Ii f I 1 I Ii III , J , -I 5' Q.: Fx 'hz :I 2 A I + ,- I ,IGI MNA, I I I I ' '42, ,lr U ' If i IN 'K I I ' ,I .V III 5 I .I ., ,I V I, -I F , L. I - ' VV, I' KIV1 11 in -X " . . , A , vr gy It , ,LVN :M . '. , 3 X , I N It -- 7 1 I I I If I 1 I I fl YK I in I " , I 5 , N Ilx I I III I ' ' ' I ' , I I , I I, Ivwfg I K :Iv I I XI I I X I I , .,.. -,, - If 4 , I' i' ' 'Q . ff .- I -- I V I EIV A I Irv! ' X I I ' 1 F , IN xl I' iff 0 I I , .ls ly In 5 , I I fy I A 'I H. If 2 H 21,1 I .II I 4 I QI, ji, I I Q' IIH' .I f " all' . g I II -m il' A I I I t xx vi This Book Belongs to L' 5 X I 'IA I I 1, - , H "4 1 I4 I 1 I 'I I 'IIIIZ I I I J I H' ' X i 1151 I '4 I , -I I 1 . ' vp Q I 1 I ' I II I I If 7 I II ,I I X 1 ' I II ' ' I I I XI I A 55 I I il! ' I I X f 1' fi , ,,xf 2 PE. 5 kr Y-, A 5 x ,, hx X if -K if . X f 51 , 2 ' ,f mi ,aff ., S i ,L if 3 , ii-tg mm 81-'Mi si, 3141 .V J! f 9, . i 1 1 . 2 1 Y 7 S 5 2 f g ' E . ig ' , ' Vw ek ' " A za V , I ,L.. ' asm -Q , . KA K 1' 5:5 " 'rain 5, 4 1 ,Q. ,M,,L A 14,4 A X m 5- .Q W HF-fmg,24WygA, nw? K ,, LL,, , i, .,! ,L:l, - .,,,-4-at vhszfi . M'w'AG"' f-fmwm.,,.fw.k.....m .K 'Z S x i , ,X K , X477m'NMM-wwf-mumkwwmm 1-'K"1Y" Evvkiiifqmg sa s :2,:,::--. J ' , . ,... f - .. .. f , f y - U an , -'??f..i.Q' ma iraiifiifgifg-1ef??t1wiwigggglkgpsgfn33a,syg??f- fri- f - - - 3 Q A514 lg S Miafijw ,letra J' gx ff Q- yi A3 Aix A . ff ,, Qi 3 'W' 515' f LET fffi, ' ' 5 nf A Q - A 'iff sp 4' fi, +,,'?g1f ' my -,g my e. f A Q , y' A 4-K ar VV-, K Qi, .pgs W Q 1 X-f . ' 1 E, R I f Xa ,i fx FE pf S' is if ii x' .JW 3 if 5' ii 2 T ' 5 ' Q ., rig, 'WFT' xi f T31 'Q . ', f, 5 qi? W .. M E. f A 'di , , 3 5. L. V , 5 .g,ii,. K , ,, N r Vg , W -V , , , I 'WG , A , , , , . -r-M.,-,,. +L ,.,ag,.r,W: ,. .A AMW-ww we-..M.a..n , . 'fvfhr num-n--....,u,,,, YEARBOOK STAFF Donna Bauer Joyce Belgin Davita Bernard Carol Booth Loraine Furuiye Carole Greenstein Mary Harms Rhoda Krasner Karen Mather Cathy McCaslin john Moore Carolyn Ojala Mary Lou Primozich John Purvis Rosalie Raw Donna Repp Andy Rogers Pat Rynning Neil Sapper Charlene Schreiber Pearl Sheppard Mary Lynn Swartz Judy Tollman Paul Wiberg Roger Wliite Sheryl Wliite ED LINDELL, spozzror The three years spent at NORTH is an experience for each person who enters these doors. At no other time and at no other place will a student feel as a sophomore does as he walks through the front door to begin his first day at NORTH HIGH. Each young man and young woman who graduates from NORTH will feel differently, but as each senior receives his diploma there will be a common bond of triumph, hope, gladness and appre- hension. Only a football player can know the joy of making a touchdown, but each student feels the triumph and struggle of winning a football game. Only those who have attended NORTH can know the pride which we feel when a fellow student meets with success. Our elections mean a lot to us and the feeling of doing our best and of choosing the best person for an office can be felt only by those who have done this. ga ri Here is where we have found ourselvesg this is our school and how can our emotions be expressed, when they come from the love and pride, mingled with so many other feelings that NORTH has promoted? In the pages that follow, the emotions of NORTH HIGH are expressed better than any words could ever describe them, for these are the emotions of NORTH. X47 -1 iq J If 3 ? 4--WZ 3532 nik . 1 , ' N. 1 .' ..4. . w 7, -fl , K yxifi , TR , ,bgwzzfgaigk ijm A NR. U, , '-655k 1 wk 1: tv F.. 8 If A fa ,MA W, . ..,,.... ........-... V . gk ., :m+.Q'w,g57r S L. 4. 1 1 pf, 'M .Q-is .Sgt -,ga 'F'-.bmi ' 11 2. 'Q 7 iefvyjv' gif-:K "'fif g A ' ff' 1Qf13f5lik 4 gg WMMQFM W 'ww fm. if' wi L Wfxvfwf sL"'L ' .4 637 'W' 4" 'W 1 IJ' "Half 13' 'J ,TFT J8QAaiEb1si.-" We Ny Q N in k , V M y .gf .1 f' :. ' Q 7 ' '43 . A 'L rp Q f ,.w-,,pf..q,xi' Q, f yn f A gl ku? if 3 ' ,bww Q I 'Self 5 l North, as it now stands, has been essentially unchanged for nearly fifty years. This year the new addition has been started. A year from now the school will be completely changed, never again to be the same. To North High as we know it today, and to the North which has been the home of countless thousands before us, we dedicate the 1959 VIKING. 1 .Z-I -v-'-3- '. ' .. "vit . 2-ff' I INTRODUCTION ROYALTY FACULTY SPORTS CLASSES STUDENT LIFE ORGANIZATIONS SENIOR ACTIVITIES 5 .,. ww fw s WN- ryx ,af . k - t 7. .xg I. S .vi S .Q -H. 'sei K . 5, 1 3. QV, is 5 7. s 'YS--F' " sw- fr ,fffga fig wait. Q3 354 Q5 ffzflifi.. if Q fax' f ' A P 3 A ,, 5. -vs --:rf Q' 'Q 5 1 -J' kg? ,L 'X .giittgibxa . .. f- -x Q ' ,L jfs, F Y' .. .jim 3:1 nys L' if ff 5 E F 551: 4. IX ir. we M, .. - A ,ji SML 'M Q W g if s A .H X '23 5 Q Q at -if Q ,. . , ,, 1 Z 53? f w 4: --3. ' 5 'z f 1 5 1-, 13 Q 1 x ii ' in Y 1-. A 35 . gg 35 7 5' 15? , 5 Wigs . 4 1. 1, V .. .- Lf: , , K f 'X . fy F15 W 5 A '1 gf A 2 . W .5 W . X 1 5 , 4. n ,. 1' 5 . 0 w 6 w""""1'M'T ,ww ARTHUR M. GRUENLER Principal Ma- ZEN "--....,,,. yi E. C. Christensen Kathleen O'Neill,ftL111I Prifzfifml Demi Olga W. NCISOH Eugene L. Garner C001'rfilIdl0I' Boyf' COZllZ!6'f01' "51'.!VfWSfVf53 'V li? X 7 r 5i'3',,Jf,,-Q35-Q.:-gk Q w . 3 -il ' ""' G. WELDON ASHFORD Social Scienfe WARREN BEATTIE Social Srienre FLORENCE BILDERBACK Clerk LOREN BLASER Mr' Ashford Izzduffriul Ari: SEM " JAMES F. BOWERS Sofia! Srionre EARL E. BRAGG .1 i M atbempztirx DICK BROWNING """'- Scienrc QI -1 GEORGE H. BURGER Induflrifzl A1-If VIVIAN BYARS Nurfe BEN R. CALDWELL . . rf' Buffnvff Edzmltlon BARBARA A. CASSON Q, Englixb BENJAMIN F. CLARK MfSgf. U.S. Army WALLACE L. CLARK Bzuiazeff Edumlion BEI I Y L. CRAWFORD Mulbenzalicy RICHARD A. CULVER Mufir LOIS DAWSON Sofia! Srience PAUL C. DAWSON Sofia! Srienre GRETCI-IEN DEUS Secrelory Rerordx MARY C. DOREMUS Mfzlhermzlirf CHARLOTTE DRAKE Social Srienre if lv-. Q? ,W I 3 I I .. -8 '39 .ff --. 'Sv- II, 'f QE' X bYA , E m4, w f 1 9 I X xii 'w"y ' .-1 I Lg.. 1'3- f Q I f i .f N f , f . f ' KX X 1 4 " IF 5. .,, .2 3' -H' ' I '11 .av i If N 51 f 1. xx fx, X .8 'x DEATT HUDSON Englirfa CATHERINE HUXTABLE Home Efanomirf RICHARD R. INGLIS Sffccllfb' RACHEL ISBELL M atlyenmlirf .ff 'Q' .4-1' 4 . .. Y . , .gg U. is -L - ,ng if Wx BEN DREITH Imz'1z.f1ri.1l Arif DON EBERLE Englifb HAROLD C. EDWARDS SOKAIX Srivnre DON EVANS Pbyrizxll Edumfion R. L. EVANS Ina'11,rlr'i.zl Art.: DEAN H. FINLEY MXSAQI. U.S. Army MARY LOUISE FOLLAN5BI:I' Claris D. R. FORSTER Iz1du.r1ri.:l A HJ JOHN F. FRANK M.11bw11.1lif.r HOVUARD A. FRYE 5110.11 SIIUIILE' EDWARD GETSCH 5047.11 Sriwlre JQANNE GORANSON Home Emrirmzfrx RUTH E. GRAVES Mafia' WILLIAINI S. GREEN Sriwzfe DON I.. GRISVVOLD La'7142Il:!.QL' DONALD S. HIX BIl.I'fl1L'.f.f Eulllfdlfflfl Mrs. L'Hcurcux Mr. Lindell JOSEPH R. KLUNE Pbysiml Edumlian DONALD KOOGLE Sofia! Srienre MARIE KOSMATA Bufineu Edumlion RAY B. KRUCAS Sofia! Srienre JEANNETTE F. LACEY An MARY LANGEHOUGH Englirb SARA L. LEHMAN Pliyfitlll Edizmlion GLENN E. LEYDEN Sofia! Srienre IRMA IQHEUREUX Engliih GLADYS LIGON Home Ewnomim ED LINDELL Engliyla MATTIE MSACDOUGALL Bzuineff Edumlion EDGEL N, MARSTON Englifh DONALD E. MARTIN Mnllaenzaiirr MARGARET MAY Engliyrb OMA MCCUMBER Librarian LAWRENCE A. JORDAN Sofia! Stierzfe RAYMOND A. KEMP Biuineff Edumlion DELMER KINNETT Sofia! Srienre AGNES M. KINNEY Buyinefy Education if .-AY" nd' A 'Q 'Vp 3, fb l"x 'TT 'HL ,alu- A- i BOB SALIEN Pbyriml I?d1mz1imz NORBERT SAUTER I31r.riz1v.r.r Edumlinn MYRA M. SCI-IULTZ Lung zmgr' PAT CAMERON SMITH Sofia! Srierzre +251 if wig :. 5111 .4 , I A' - s-1271 I' ' ,C - M ,:W-: .V , is , L4 Q f. , M M ww: 1 DONALD I.. INICINTOSH MI1lbw1141lic'.f TH ELMA IN EZ INI I LLER Engliflz B. O, MOLES l'byriml EJIIFIIIIUII MARY JEANE NELSON Bnfinrjf Edllffllffiil C. NEXWLON Sofia! Sl'iL'I1L'0 BRYCE R. NFNWMAN Erzglixlz IVA OLIVIZR Libr.n'i.1w1 INIARGARIIT ISI. OYLFR Englifb ROBERT E. PARKS Ezlglixlw ROSIEMARIE POINIPONIO lufzglmzgv .IIZANNIQTTIE L. POPE Pb5.rir.1l Edllhlfjllll RITA K. PUTNAM Su'r'u1.n'y DON RAIN'ISTI2'I'TIlR Sfffml Sffwzfc' BUEL C. ROBINSON M.1Iln'n1.l!ir.r CLIFFORD ROCK Sorhrl Srinzfc GFRARD F. SACHS Lmg lldgi' Mrs. Casson Miss Huxtable Mf Culver .fx RELAY G. TOVALL Sofia! Science PAUL E. SUMNER Induftrial Am MONICA R. TUCKER Tremurer VERNICE VAN DUZER Englifb E. MAE WALZ Library Clerk L. ARNOLD WARD Language MARIAN WEISER Pbyfiral Edumiion LEONA WHEELER Senior Clerk MY RON WILLETT Phyximl Edufation BETSY WRIGHT Plzyxiral Education CHARLES A. ZIMMERMAN Miztlaemutirr CLIFFORD C. ZINKE S rienre f f , Q f ' 'R , 4 S SYX gg? X .0-... K 1 S -.,,,..,,- xi '1-'XA T X, A X ,K n z 5 I yr -9 2 X gif' . ' 4 X ,gf 1 - f if .f fi ea V' ,X l' v- 'I f' 1- E E. 'E E QSM? , up J- E u Q I .1 ll I v x 4 . . H N A , 1 v. f 1 ' 1 ,UM , zzf , 1 X " , I , . af l E' W 'U' l 1' va 0 B... - .4 1. 1 f -a .,..., ,-1.f4 f ,V V f ,i X 5 I . g QQ' 'i , Q9 509' -' , A ' , rr i f-5 wg ,. Q, LL ,, Q" ' - I "flax x Q , - ' , .X Q ., , ' is V X ' . ae' N1 i,12f:.:4:1 , ' x . Q5 K - 5. ,FMF-:Q,g.1,Q'f f-JEL W, 5 - , - ' ,wmv IM 1:71 K' . 1 'i 5' ' ' Vi --9154 :'- :fi f. fl We X 1 ., A U -5 A ' ' . ., . 1 X 'Q W - ' -""' Q . - ' f swf? ,figsff gj7fG' Q?:Fi'f -2-IQ, f '53 A 1 , ' x yiif- H-ikggg? - E rg, . . W, . L ,gf'ww,:s ,,ks,.',,, k,9W0,,igk , ,fYgL-A . Q f ' ' ,551 43.3, mf ' gf mm ' Sw . x - - ye' 191875, sw' 4- x ,X , , 3 N Q Y .fypg ' ' wx . an V.. sf- x,. wx K 1 f- ,kc K . 4, ', L. .x 'Cs . i XXI vu ' 1 Qxlw 'fs kiwi? 1 ww.. Q..,,-mum ff f A. 7 r IQ-A ,A ' Class ff ,-. ' 'k!4'1?r-24" ' " Q - 1 . ,1As3?'Qswm,., -,.!zw??9' W 'mmm f 3 V I I' 'QQ im., 1' Fe 5 355 wg 'SN' QW. if .ry . " iififf Y. ,A Q Q1 A x 58? A ldv-N is 'if' 1 X , fif i Bancroft, Daniel J, Z. Abeyta, Marjorie Adams, janet Albrandt, Darlene Allen, Marilyn Allphin, janet Amato, Ronald Ancker, Ianthea Anderson, DeWayne Anderson, Michael Antonucci, Carol Ann Arguello, Sandra Ashmun, Van Badion, Esther Bailey, Elaine Bainter, Geraldine Baker, Clyde Judy Knott Barash, Rachel Barker, jerry Barnhart, Judy Barrett, Michael Brite, Barbara Bates, Charles Bathauer, James Bauer, Donna Belgin, Joyce Bellamy, Lester Belstock, Lee Benefiel, Alvin Benefiel, Andy Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Melody Bernard, Davita Bettridge, Gail Biestelc, Julie Bilderback, Robert Vince Garone N4 an ni, 1 i' halo was P6-if Bilsborrow, George Biner, Barbara Bivens, William Black, Alvin B pw B mf ' va i - 6 21' l X si Q Al 'B -an QW' lm .pug fi J 1 -Q-Q i r 4 U I is ...we- 4-'Lgtsga 1. x I MN' 'r vi' e I' ' U 7? Blair, Dennis Blair, Gary Blanch, james Bordt, Ruth 2 1 x -3 'x A4 .ru llll i 'Q i Sv' ...,, ,X 1.19" il nfl. 'Q' ll .-vu ' G' Q 7 X Andie King Bott, john Bowles, Alan Bowman, Timothy Brzmham, Ed Bredine, Roger Brethauer, Fred Brewer, john Brienza, Georgene Bron, Lonnie Brown, Constance Brown, Robert Bruce, john Bullard, john Burger, Dennis Burke, Clifton Burke, Donald Burn, Betty Burt, Lou Ann Buttlaire, Danny Bill Phares Calubrese, Joann Campbell, Francis Campbell, Judith Campiotti, Laura Carbone, Joe Carpenter, Bonnie Carpet, Judith Carranco, Dolores Casagrandn, Idnrnac Cnywood, Ella Cerrone, Rose Ann Chester, Janet Chilson, Nina Cisneros, Barbara Cito, Alan Clapes, Cynthia Cabell, Don in iv' R 'adv EV" 'Nu we '-iq. li sup? wr' rl? ' .ff fi i jg ,J A 1 I Darling, Sharyle Dawson, Karen Dedrick, Sue DeLisa, Diane Claus, john Clements, Joyce Cloud, Douglas Cohen, Bernard Comeau, Virgil Conrad, Donnis Cook, Christopher Coppom, Richard Cox, Sharon Crabb, James Crandall, William Creason, Sharon Crump, Jeannine Cubbison, jerry Cutforth, William Damiana, Larry Pat Rynmng DeLuna, Janice DeNileon, Sharon Dennis, jack Dessing, Shirley Dietz, Sylvia DiManna, Robert Dinkel, Lilli Dirlcs, Sharol ""'f5' f 1' s RJZMA . yn' T? .. tr 2 Lkitv fly- is . rv th ,X 5 Qi. -2. , QL.-iv -,pf t Q . 2. fs, - 6 -of 'N L, Dockhorn, Fred Doizalci, Eddie Donelson, Norma Dunham, Marilyn Downing, Gary Drazich, Sherron Drew, Patricia Dugan, Diana ix, as f-rd i WOW Andy Benefiel Dunbar Betty Dunham, Mary Lee Dunkle, Lucille Dunlap, Joyce 1 we 1 .71 - Duran, Nora Fades, Daniel -3, 'inf' 1 kwa ,Q 'Tr- Y ,F , ,Q iK Edw irds Thomas 5- s KJ N fm xl t X B? S .Q A x K M, 1 i -in fill., 'f4,ffzf'ffJ.-E - :.,J"'. '-"3 , .f ,..:,,1?il fs! 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Q Greenstein, Sandra Grippa, Robert Guerrero, Susie Gurley, Hulda Guthrie, Anna Lou Hacker, Jeanne Hagen, Harry Hamernick, Rich Hamilton, Patricia Hammer, Ruymon Hansen, Gerry Harding, Ann Harms, Many Hawkins, Calvin Hawkins, Hawette Hayes, Janice Bev Howard bs 'FEW' 3. Haze, jay Hecht Kenneth Hedstrom, Bobbie wmmmmmvmmmwwtf- Hefner, Judith Heller, Lottie Herrin, Dorothy Hershkovitz, Aaron Hess, Donetta Hill, Dorothy Hinshaw, Glen Hirsch, Celia Hochmuth, Carol Hohnstein, Clifford Holmes, jack Holtorf, Carole Holtzinger, Sharon Hotchkiss, Sheila Howard, Beverly Huff, Gayle Dave Lewis is as -fn- W 'mv W SN '? iw ,GPW5 i Q'- 'r l X lx Y X Qi- l It 5 'Q' Hufford, Janet eex 5 5 lx b. Hughes, Donna Hurd, Patty Hurty, Virginia , , 5 ii' f :tx Lf KM 1+ f Ik 'i W wg., ,. . . K' fav, 'G' .5-N vlv 'fu' "-v ,J an 3 f- x 0 f , if f ri. Q - 1 , Gfaff TIL.: . -X A ,XJ .:rNL'f.a' V- 5 by -' . '-zilia. r ' s Q D 4- Er' .1 r - 'fail Huskins, Allan Hyatt, Jack Inagnki, Karl Ing ralmm, Gwendolyn 1:- ll? 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Lewis, Laura Lighthill, Michael Liss, Ellen Lissman, Judy Litle, Marjorie Litvak, Simi Lobberding, Mary London, Naomi Long, Melonnie Loose, Tom Lopata, Marvin Lopez, Alice Karen Miller Luchetta, Darlene Lund, Ronald Lundqulst, Sandra x- gr Macy, Charleen Madrid, Delphina Madrid, Edith Magor, Stephen Maikranz, Joyce Maine, William Mandonado, Evangeline Mankoff, Joann Marcus, Carole Marks, Richard Martin, Alza Martin, joe Martinelli, joe Martinez, Anna Martinez, Cecilia Martinez, Joseph Lenny Waldbaum -sv K ,, as v ,wfuq Us M' w -if P- yew. K b F QSM , V ., , gg Ile 1' fl' ' f l e i I 5 Mather, Karen it ,fx X in :A 'S si? - li A 4 Z r 'V I Ha 6 9 . in-rf' an , f Mathieu, Leslie Mauro, Linda McCool, Carol .- W-. wi,- if ff 'K i"--.qv X X i 1 x , I - , :rf ilrfgiiirbif .5 'rfli-4-fi'f fprua f ,kdfgeirvwf Lx-31:6 "it xii .sauna P rw 4 753' F03 v ii-il fjiisirs-hail 4. ah i it ' Qi ml . 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Ojala, Carolyn Olson, Jerome Olson, Judy Orrino, James Mora, Olivia Morehouse, Gloria Morton, Richard Mullinex, Mary is of All -'sl , 1, f., ff Qi R x I r, 'R K 'V ,gil X 3 i .fr-ff 457 rx , IQ 55. ,af ,,-av -v 1. if . F 5 4 V' 4? ai if 'T X L- 'X A wir, . af' 2, . . .X its Qf' 'UV' ' yy 5, P YZ , '? t .,.f ,AQ .rss and ' fav Y A f, i X if ,. Ta, F Na ,-f'-PM 5 "' 'l 1-..? 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Reisbeck, Beverley ' .6 y .,-ff' Reisbeck, Richard K K N R .,., Joyce Kr unc-r Richtel, Sherry Ritchie, hfelvin Roach, Leslie Robinson, LeBurt1 Rogahn, Ethel Romero, Cleo Rorvig, Gary Rose, Donna Rose, Ronald Rosen, Roberta Rosen, Sherwin Ross, Elinor Ross, LuAnne Rossi, Mary Lu Rotello, LIL1l'CCllJ. Rotolu, Betty Roybul, Eliseo 4, 40 x Ruminer Dixie .AHOY Norm Singer Sale, Larry Sanchez, Ivan Sanchez, Melvin Sanchez, Shirley Suntangelo, Helen Santrmgelo, Josephine Supper, Neil Surconi, Stephen S.1ville, Stephen Sclmeffer, Phyllis Schafer, Gary Schicl, Robert Schlenz, Lz1Vern Schmidt, Erika Schmutzler, Marcielle Schneider, Edward Rynning Patricia Sabell, Helen KKK 'lb' Flin irrri iiV,ieiii iii fv X 1, - 'Y su... VJ X'-. It-4 'E' ss: Fr. . Ks xi'1f'a. I af arf' Es, vs 9' A J- QA -.1 'W' N A fs 69 J , n R511 Ya? in-1 Shelton, Sl'IA1I'lCC1'I Schocberlin, Marilyn Schreihmnn, Don Schweitzer, jean Scioli, Mary Scott, Gc'm'gc' Scnstone, jenn Seidcnherg, Daniel Scitlenbcrg, Frank Seifert, Ngxrtlm Sciwnltl, Nxfilliam Sckiyn, Floyd Sl'I.lnAll'I1ll1, Susan Slmner, xxfillldlll Shank, Dk7Il.llkl Shank, Ronald Shanks, Beverly Judy Hefner Shepherd, Claudia Sheppard, Pearl Sibley, Richard Sidell, Diane Sigea, Deanne Simpson, Sharie Sines, Eva ,,,g.1-n...,- M. . , Singer, Norman Sloniger, Arleen xg Q' Sloniger, Darleen ' A V ' .. Smulclone, Don Aga S Y W . 3 My X, Y , 1 ' S if ' g i w a 'H Smith, james Smith, Judith Smith, Sharlene Sniderman, Nona Snyder, Jacque Soule, james Suvereign, Gary Spuhn, John Bob DiMannn 1 I wwmwqmp-iwfw.QmgwBvm,l-izmf. 'UU-v vi? nn! 0 fx 1' 4.3 S ei i fy 1 wg V A A 'f 4 I Sprinn, Stephen ii' ty Spiker, David L e Q e eii X4 I i f X A- f. , . f"- iff ' ,Q me i 34 in ' .,., I " Sprigg, james ' 'L 4-55 . M Stallsworth, Ariel ' ' ,i ' i iff 'eg I' in 'K Svcs I i 4- 4 . ' . Vsi X Ah . 'linfii A .ug I 'W Steggs, Kenneth v X V 3 - 75 1 1 J V :. X 6 N., 'K 'N ll ..- . i ,,, elsif' 3' it 1 Stephenson, Sheila Stoddard, Lawrence Stout, Donna Simi Litvak 'Q Stout, Karen Stricker, Judith A ' Af Sullivan, Sharron 4-Q. K L inf' bv X 'Yds i Q x gl' a-""' A V ,ru KV 3, Swartz, Allen "5" Swartz, Mary Lynn ,Q '2 . Sweet, Janice -Q by Q Tafoya, Flora "i iris Q Tafoya, Fred K, Y, S lg y Q .P Q : i 'st Takahashi, Linda xx Taylor, Lynda X . Tcrnella, Lucille The-isen, Carolyn Thomas, Sharon Thompson, jerry Thompson, Lillian ei, 'V I Tilzey, Williiim Allen Swartz Trujillu, Mary Lou Tsul-cunioto, joan Turner, Thomas Tuttle, Ronica Valdez, Joan Valko, Paul Van Hooser, Vlfillinm Van Vleet, Richard Vigil, Steven Xwugncr, Gail XXf.1lLllwnu1n, Leonard We-llex', Clmrlutte Wells, Lynda Wliiteiiiain, JoAnn Williilliws, Ronald Wilscxri, Elaine Tobin, Mz11'ti11 Towery, Janice Trude, Beverly Trujillo, Loretta ,km 'SR ., V F3 wvhf .4- -c 2 fl' X Xe f J? N 1 'fd X I x 'Y Zimbelman, Earl Zolanek, Marlene Windsor, Robert Woldt, Charlene Wolf, Roberta Wurm, Linda Yeada, Kathy Young, Carol Zamora, Juanita Zarlengo, Louise Zeller, Harold Zelinger, Evelyn Zesch, Sheila Ziemer, Claudia Jacque Snyder Class of 1960 L gy I GWEN WARNER Vife Prefidefzt MAX NATIONS Prefiffeul BILL HOPKINS Treamrer JUDY SAITO Sew'e!fzry Y ' - ,gf-4 i Q Ist t yy ,, .A K i 4 ,W MR. PESCHEL Spomm' Is I JFS Y ri ,,.w I! X Q-sa. Anderson, Ronald Albers, jane Archer, james Arnold, Sharon Auten, Darlene Averch, Selma Barnes, Gloria Barone, Diane Batten, Maureen Beeson, Jolna Beitz, William Bement, Martha 1?- ses' gy-av I F-"'-.. We sr-Hifi? A rrsll 4 ,ff 3 'Ciba il ld Bergin, Mary Ellen Biestek, Carolyn Billington, Marilyn Bivens, jerry Black, Sally P Booth, Carol Braisted, Janice Brienza, Nadine x , - an Brinkman, Kenneth F L A Brown, Roseann 1 ' Burbank, Carol Burns, Daniel Q5- Cook, Lawrence Cooper, Robert Covey, Susan Cox, Jack Cox, John Cubbison, Lloyd Dahlstrom, Shirley Dalsant, john Daniels, Carol Davidson, Diana Davidson, jay Davis, Mary 'W-N QW Ra can-,s l 5 N H ! 'Www Calerich, Phil Campbell, Sheila Capra, Creighton Cardenas, Alfred Carpenter, Carolyn Carroll, Jerry Carson, Lanny Casteneda, Delores Caywoocl, Ella Chancleler, Sharron Chaves, Anna Mae Chiazzese, Rosemary F' 386 Davis, Trudy DeLisa, Elaine DeLuca, john Dempsey, Charlene DeNileon, Judith Dick, Vicki Diehl, David DiTullio, Carolyn DiYorio, Dick Dole, Marsha Drake, Frank Dreith, Gerald , as W' K 5 'J it iii . ...v--:,: -"ST" .X .4 W..-, ,s ,..!..., . ' ".". ..f'.lIn" ,'.:'.,w,'.,'ge.nuf' 'N.1 F E 645375. 1 " "" 1" fp vs .V S1455 1 C, , .fp rig, r ' 1 Dwinelle, Cynthia Emge, Guilford Etheridge, David Evans, Kathy Fargo, Joyce Faudree, Sharon Fitch, Harriet Flanders, Florence Fogel, Barbara Fogel, Sidne Francescatti, Carolee Fresquez, Helen ami. .lr A Green, Melvin Green, Ronald Green, Sharon Grenblat, Sandra Greenmyer, Carol Greenwalt, Virginia Gruda, Elizabeth Grussing, Basil Hallinan, Sharilyn Halton, Virginia Handler, Barbara Hannon, Judy 9-me .3 I V. Garcia, Georgeana Garone, William Gerke, Kathy Gertz, Sharon Giardino, Mary Goetz, Donald Goff, Audrey Gold, Barbara Golden, jean Gonzales, Frances Grant, Marilyn Green, Larry LG aga- Hansen, jill Hartman, Patricia Harvey, Debbie Havens, David Hawkins, Karin Hawley, Glenda Hecht, Joyce Hefner, Kay Heisterberg, Marcia Hendershott, Karen Herbert, Colleen Herndon, Gerald . ,W 'has QD iffy awp.. 15 '.-is Qw- -an QS' . 1 a 4 , rrry our x Q.--' rf liuba' ti? , 1 I It r ga 1 if t -'V 'Y Q' fn xx 'J l 'gig Q4 ang 1 ,Xb M .S SN Hinson, Elaine Hix, James Hoffman, Geffory Holroyd, Marilyn Hopkins, William Horner, Linda Howell, Freeman Hultman, Ann Huth, Linda Hunzeker, William Iannacito, Carol Indesh, Paulette 30" : W R 'U Knight, Charlene Knight, Sharon Kolquist, Kathy Krasner, Rhoda Kunkler, james Lahr, Dean Langston, Ernest Leaf, Barbara Lahmkuhl, Karen Lillstrom, James Lilly, Linda Lyons, Lillian fag' 'W 'fs 'Y Jackson, Ronald jesser, Ronald johnson, Janet jones, Beverly Jones, Carol jurata, Roger jurcheck, Susan Kalinowski, Jeanne Kellogg, Laurel Killey, Cameron Klein, Harriet on C- , .X Klinge, Mark Lyons, Sherry Mallett, Linda Marshall, Bonnie McCumiskey, Patrick McDermid, Kay McHugh, Marilyn McLean, Edith McLeran, LuBeth McKendry, Judy Meilinger, Sandy McKinster, Kathleen Metzinger, Lloyd ,M -0 'I' V' l W if 'a,- f : ffl f. .'q, fg ' fjffigjf, x .GQ E'Yx,f 65" J N 'B' ' rs,-V -L, 1 .,' uf 5 Meyer, Diane Miller, Vicky Milliken, Beverly Mininger, Donald Misare, Richard Montoya, Beverly Mooney, Linda Motherwell, Mary Beth Moyle, Garry Nakaoki, Mabel Nelson, Ellen Nichols, Richard Rails, , 7 iv' fa' ' 7 vlvf . W :v5'1 w,g. , '- sf., I ,- Pastine, Merle Pearson, Sonia Petrocco, jerry Pickering, Kay pw Pietro, Barbara Pietro, Beverly Pitler, Barbara Plank, Sharon Prantel, Mary Prentice, Mary Purvis, john Repp, Robert Nielsen, Carol Nielsen, Peggy Noriega, Louis Norman, Karol Norris, Diane Norris, Dianne Northway, Carol Ooiman, Joann Parce, Dave Parks, Lorena Parks, Richards Passmore, Allan Rivera, Gloria Robbins, Patsy Romero, Barbara Romine, Grady Rosner, Elaine Rumin, Diane Rupple, Barbara Saito, Judy Sanchez, Don Sanders, Douglas Schafer, Judy Schey, Roberta .Q ,,,,s- if 'Wa- f dialing, 5 4-T, -is-' he 1 1.-nl if 1 .xx Schilling, Darlene Schleiger, Don Scleuger, Sharon Schreiber, Charlene Schreiloman, Bernie Schwartz, Sally Seifert, Mary Shacklett, Darrell Shade, Karen Shafer, Naomi Sherwood, Sharon Sharon ,X ggi Thielen, Mary Thompson, Jeannie Threlkeld, Donald Todd, Linda Tollman, Judith Tomlin, Betty Torrez, Daniel Towery, Daisy Trail, Dorothy Tnxpp, Sandra Utt, Willard Valentine, Jean -mix-Nga , T x S N X J qv if, 'Y f' -- f -.,,a,. 1' ,, Shur, Helene Smith, Dorolyn Sorensen, Nancy Spangler, Joyce Spear, Dianne Stoddard, Clarice Stone, Douglas Story, Susan Sturdevant, William Stover, Andrea Susman, Bonnie Szynskie, Mary Ann as Valente, Richard Velasquez, John Vigil, Florence Vigil, Jeanne Villano, Beverly Wiill, Joyce Walsh, Judy Warner, Gwen Wedig, Dennis Weingart, Benita Weller, Frank Wescli, Judy ,fswcs ,ey . "' 'mf WN s ,653 fi: ' 45 K + A E, ,G N 516 X Q K liar. Q . is 5 N ,i x ' .V ' P ' i 2 wlfrf Lg- :pv ' rl S323 fa 1, ,F 1+ 'Abi' Q F 4 1,5 ag ,V mu 43.55 1 iff , X 1 f M lib, r ' f i g W , Yakes, Camille Zamora, Mary Louise Zamora, Phyllis P, JL' J? vu White, Sheryl Wills, Virginia Witascheck, Sally Jo World, James Suzie Curtis Vire-Preyidefzt Annette McConnell Treaxurer f , -:li Miss Miller CLASS SPONSOR Anderson, Barbara Andrews, Verna Barton, Darlene Bassett, Carolyn Bauer, Barry Berger, Carol Berner, Brent Billington, John wi M fl: 9 1 B ll C r ' Y . .X . Q .zilffffafilqiifi ' A A . wg 'L - Mfvvfia .fi - '. '-3 A .til V Q f?gfi,?ii, Bilsborrow, jacquelyn V A ls: V 5 .,.. Y Bly, Richard C "' - "" 5' Bolton, Nancy 'C ,CP Bozman, Dvera 5 ,Q rrnr W3 'Tk 97' if A A l X 2 Brancucci, Dean Brunetti, Beverly Bruno, Ludeen Calvaresi, johnny Capra, Kathy Cline, Elaine Colvard, Carole Colyer, Joan Conner, David Cox, Dianne Crump, joan Curnow, Debra NX , J .1, a , , f,-. vw, gay, E, '- ,'-sn, Faulkner, Fred Field, Susan Fitch, Margaret Freiclenson, Judith Fulham, Diane Garcia, Patsy Gardenswartz, Lee Gibson, Charlene Gieck, Marjorie Gillis, Merilynn Goeclert, Lynn Goetz, Noelene 'Ss ,if f ,nv yi, ,ff if is K M, , ,if . 2 'Vs cut' MN X Z .K .,, ,nl 'ii ' 1 ish, f V as '-"'i 3 x fgj'llwQ!fij r ,, 'sf 3, Hz-1' ,fgmzri , ' ' Laizzrzi . ,V 1 . .'.f:v1. "-, ,QiE12.., ' a' ' , mp: airy, Curtis, Suzanne Dawson, Glenda Deisher, Lynn Dejulio, Ann De-Lisa, john Denman, Ann Dc-Sellen, Judy Dewsbury, Sharon Dirks, Sandra Dunn, Anna Marie Ellsworth, june Emslie, Laurie Gonzales, Henry Gonzales, lx11lI'tl'lll Graff, Marilyn Green, Roger Greenstein, Murslm Greer, Clmrles Hull, john Hummer, Myrna Hardy, Pat Hastings, Kenny Haynes, Paula Heller, Betty jo '11 f ass A M A . ,l 1 Lx 'I 1 -"I is. 'X 2 1 1 ' J I ff , aw, 6' Herman, Willi.lrn Herrin, Arlene Hill, Helen Holly, Pat Ingram, Steve Jacobs, Annu Lee jaxrxrrnillo, Marie johnson, Ernest jones, Bud jortlan, Antoinette joy, Alonlal Kowalski, jo Ann 1.53-GL to vp , 3 qs, .15 A , u' B' wr?" scsi 'KI 1 ,',3 Loos, Laura Lupo, Virginia Maffei, Barbara Kay Maes, Phyllis Maine, Ruth Malnati, Glee Mangnall, Byran Martin, Dorothy Masushige, Susan Mather, David Muttedi, Sandie Matthews, Joyce Mg 'ff GOA, N ass , an t. L . ff 4 2' 'Q-J" Kelsey, Isabell Kestner, Betty Kraemer, Sandra Krauss, Karen Lahr, Katherine Langston, Mary Lou Lammel, Richard Larson, Katherine Larson, Russell Lee, Charles Limlemanis, Sarmite Lewis, Carol 'ON Q--.- 'eff X41 'LW lk .1 x at Mauro, Barbara Mazza, Donna McAbee, Neal McCaslin, Cathy McConnell, Annette McConnell, Kathy. McCormack, Kathleen McCoy, Joan McElliott, Ronald McWhorter, julie Mealey, Vickie T 'Gig Q , xv 1 59 . fig, ii Nl A gf' , f X he sQ?'f1"l'1 L E lf Q '69 Marsaglia, Merrilee E I ix X ew . C' t f , vig? I, .QB me X J' is A I 1 I ,x it Lowe, Micheal Mills, Patrick Mortellaro, Louie Morton, David Mueller, Kathryn Nelson, Lee Newell, Bonnie Owen, Elizabeth Palmer, Arvniune Phelps, Marilyn Phillips, Stanly Piccolli, Diane . ,P '-nn" Romero, Eva Rathe, Roberta Route, Patti Salisbury, Linda Snrno, Diane Schadler, Charles Scheuerman, Carol Schroeder, jackie Seastone, Carol Shafer, Joann Shannon, Anthony Sheppard, William . -f"""' We If Li? X 41 f 90 's ph .5910 :SJ 3 ii' 1 ..-9 Pickles, Janice Pitler, Betty Powers, Karen Primozich, Mary Lou Prostak, Patricia Proud, judy Pyle, Sandra Quinn, Shirley Reisbeck, Barbara Ritmajer, Gaye Ricotta, Carole Robertson, Pat 65 , '15 K Aw ,gg Smith, Carol Ann Smith, Cheryl Smith, Cynthia Smith, joellyn Smith, john Smith, Robert B. Snodgrass, Cheryl Spencer, Susan Stalzle, Barbara Stanfield, Frank Stark, Donna Stutzman, Claudia elf ef! al' Q 'T Q? H-r kiln -V rem, . ff l l':f'f'f " ,rf ' F .V X l fl' Thomas, Fred Tosacco, Cheryl Tsukamoto, Phyllis Varone, Mary Vasson, Juanita Venduzco, Alfonsa Wagner, Kay Wagner, Phyllis Wandry, Suzy Ward, Bonnie Webber, Kathryn Wedig, Kathy 'W' if 'Sf 'P J cg! ax N L Q ii M' , N x 555 , ifri if ff, Miss Miller CLASS SPONSOR i i I i f i i ii Worley Lynn Wright, Robert ii eg, Yannauchi, Bryan Weisenstein, Gay White, Paz White, Roger Wiberg, Paul Wilhelm, Irene Wilkinson, Mable Wold, Juanita Wolf, Cheryl X i P . -1 ia- Z nw H 5 My Y W , -1 3 Wg QL if I A i 4 W im 158 'ff if QW Q , CDrqc4rxizcutions qua A W ' ' " m A ' I -f L A i I I 11 . Q N ' S X 3 1 if 2 QL, V my tml.-e: aw 4. K ,Q -gppfw. ' rf ...aa ,M . ' -,,,... - ,nu ' , ,M EGP' -an "W" 1 Q, - .- - . H L V f , .K .1 K Q1-,.W,..,-',,,,gwo f- 2 A 4 A A , N lf. , .. Y A . ' " f ' im " l 3 ' "lit-v' 11, - ' X Y ' 515, . L 2 'B 19 Wy , 4 Q 4 Betty Burn Vice-Preficiefzl Barbara Bennett Trefzmrer' 435 Yin Student Council The Student Council is democracy in action. culty, stu- A closer cooperation among the fa dents, and community of North High School is d A . evelopcd by the Student Council. Snort d A 1 noon movies, and school elections are 'ust 1 a few of the activities sponsored by the Student Council ZIHCCS BACK ROW, left to right-Rocco Santan el D g o, ave Lewis, Max Nations, Bill Hopkins, Mr. Leyden. THIRD ROW-Judy Moon, Barbara Bennett, Gwen Warner, Alan Bowles. SECOND ROW-Annette McConnell, Betty Burn, Rosalie Raw, Randa Palser. FIRST ROW -Judy Saito, Suzy Wandry, Suzanne Curtis, Barbara Biner, qv' BACK ROW, left to right-Bob Ellsperman, Ray Phares, Jack Cox, Bill Hopkins, Max Nations, John Purvis, Steve Farber, Fred Faulkner, Bud Jones, Ron McElliott, Tony Onorato, Joe Marold. THIRD ROW - Louie Mortellato, Bryan Yamauchi, Dean Brancucci, Phil Millett, Judy Adducci, Kay Hefner, Roseann Brown, Barbara Fogel, Gwen Warner, Diane Piccoli, Dennis Wetiig. SECOND ROW-Paul Wibei'g, Neal McAbee, Deanne Cox, Cathy Lahr, Kay Wagner, Cheryl Smith, Suzie Curtis, Carolyn Fishburn, Sharon Green, Maureen Barry, Darryl Woldt, Don Olson. FIRST ROW-Linda Radetsky, Annette McConnell, Suzy Wandry, Margaret Fitch, Judy Saito, Carol Burbank, Carol Reisman, Eloise Krappes, Kathy We-dig, Kathy Mueller, Rocco Santangelo. Grade Council The members of Grade Council are made up of representatives from each Administrative room. Separate meetings are held for the third and fourth hour Administrative rooms. The members of Student Council relay news to the Grade Council members, who then return to their rooms with the news of coming events. The Grade Council also assists the Student Council in the fo .TTI of committees when necessary. BACK ROW, llft t 'Wh -All c o rig., t en Swartz, Bill Hopkins, Max Nations, Jim Archer, Giel Van Lunsen, Ray Graham, Bill Phares, Paul Kenner, Phil Redman, Dave L, Lewis, Bob DiManna. THIRD ROW -Carolyn Ojala, Sandy Zupancic, Gwen Warner, Joyce Fargo, Jacque Snyder, JoAnn Sharer, Creighton Capra, Stephen Ishimoto, Sandra Trupp, Linda Mooney. SECOND ROW -- Barbara Romero, Rosalie Raw, Vicky Miller, Pat Priest, Charlotte Weller, Linda Takakashi, Randa Palser, Linda Salisbury, Darlene Sloniger. FIRST ROW-Bev Howard, Eileen Anderson, Judy Saito, Roberta Schey, Jeannine Crump, Elaine Pasternack, Shaiyle Darling. Charleen Macy, Carole Greenstein, Gayle Huff, Arlene Herrin. .r""" 9 QM Wh- The presidents of every club in North belong to the organization Presidents' Round Table. Each president helps relay news to the members of his club, discuss or propose changes which P affect the student body, and organize clubs into active school service. V. What is it 2 Presidents' Round Table BACK ROW, left to right-Clyde Baker, Max Nations, Joyce Belgin, Allen Swartz, Judy Hefner. THIRD ROW-Jacque Snyder, Pearl Sheppard, Cynthia Peabody, Lorena Parks, Karen Miller, Simi Litvak. SECOND ROW-Beverly Howard, Mary Harms, Nina Chilson Harvette Hawkins, Carol Daniels, Judy Campbell. FIRST ROW-Jean Oberwitte, Carol Paulson, Charlene Macy, Betty Burn, Barry Levine: Rocco Santangelo. 1 K vi- ,rf Linda Takahashi, Mrs. O'Neill, Pearl Sheppard, Dotty Herrin Wlmen each girl enters North, she auto- matically becomes a member of A.G.N. Early in the fall the officers are elected. During the school year, a Mother and Daughter Tea and a very successful Mardi Gras Dance are sponsored by A.G.N. Witli the profits from these activi- ties, A.G.N. renders ser.vice to the community and school. There are no dues or meetings. Mrs. O'Neill does an outstanding job as sponsor, and gives much of her own time in preparation of the different activities. q-. H' M I "5'f 419 ' K cyl X 1 hi .aw 9 h A -J. BACK RONW, left to right-Simi Litvik, Cindy Peabody, Pearl Sheppard, Jacque Snyder Norma James Beverley Reishccli B'1rh'1r1 Prite THIRD ROXV--Shirley LLIIRIC, Carole Paulson, Carol McN.1ssor, Melonnie Long, Pat Kirl-zpatrick, Janice Hayes, Roherta Rosen, Iivclyn Zelinger, SIZCOND ROW, -Pitt Rynning, Mary Jane Fiscus, Lilli Dinlxel, Joy Jolly, Sheila Hotchkiss, Janice Sweet, Bonnie Carpenter, Sandra Polsley. FIRST ROXV 1 Connie Brown, Davita Bernard, Andie King, Ifliline Pasternalc, Betty Burn, Iklnrcielle Schmutvler, Jeannine Crump, Joyce Kramer. V1k1ng S1sters BACK ROW left to right-Judy Knott Sharon Holtzinger Lou Ann Burt Jo ce Bel ' Sl S II' , , , , y fgm, mrron u ivan, Gail Wfagner, Lynda Taylor. Carol Hochmuth. THIRD ROW-Mary Lynn Swartz, Judy Hefner, Kay Gilmore, Judy Lowe, Idamae Casagrzmda, Joyce Maikranz, Mary H11I'mS. Ninal Cl1ilS0f1. SECOND ROW-Janet Hufford, Jeanne Hacker, Lela Gilmore, Carole Marcus, Dorothy Hill, Donna Bauer, Pat Priest, Karen Mather. FIRST ROW - Beverly Howard, Karen Miller, Darleen Sloniger, Carole Greenstein, Marilyn Dunham, Charleen Macy, Barbara Biner. 1 1 ,- 0 -I ,J mam unior Escorts The Junior Escorts are chosen for their outstanding scholarship and dependability. Many hours are spent practicing for the graduation exercises. The beauty of graduation is due largely to the beautiful gowns and flowers of the girls. gawk - -7 V. .as-is-.',.w.H, .W ..nn.1m,mm-.ff - ---4-ffw-mmmww ----- we f1isgvmimwmiwd-wi.ami,msmw mw I J .II 1 Q F ' 11 1 ll il' gg 5 455' s. Y -tix , . gf", xv " .X Ik, . QV -. Anderson, Lawrence Bate, Barbara Bauer, Donna "'Belgin, Joyce Biner, Barbara Bredine, Roger Brewer, John "Burn, Betty Buttlaire, Daniel Casagranda, Idamae Chilson, Nina Claus, John Crump, Jeannine Dietz, Sylvia Dinkel, Lilli "Gilmore, Kay "'Elected 1958 National Golden, Jean 11A Green, Larry 11A Harms, Mary Hayes, Janice "'Hefner, Judith Hochmuth, Carol Holmes, Jack Holtzinger, Sharon "'Howard, Beverly Hufford, Janet Hyatt, Jack Johnson, Janet 11A Jurcheck, Susan 11A ":Kummer, James Lahr, Dean 11A Honor Awards Society Lande, Shirley Lewis, David Edward Litvak, Simi Long, Melonnie Lowe, Judy "Macy, Charleen "'Miller, Karen Parks, James Peabody, Cynthia Pearson, Sonia 11A Petrie, Harold 11A Piccone, Barbara Rosen, Roberta Rynning, Patricia Schmutzler, Marcielle Awards are presented to those students who have won the Daughters of the American Revolution Award, the 1916 Contest, and the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. DAR Winner Betty Burn 3 Q 1916 Contest Winners Sandra Fox - Leonard Waldbaum Sheppard, Pearl Siegel, Richard 1 1A Singer, Norman "' "'Smith, Judy Stover, Andrea 11A Sullivan, Sharron "'Swartz, Allan "Swartz, Mary Lynn Sweet, Janice Taketa, Tamiye 11A Tobin, Martin Waldbaum, Leonard Wesch, Judith 11A White, Sheryl 11A Woodburn, Joseph Zelinger, Evelyn "'t"Elected 1956, Lakeville, Minnesota Homemakers of Tomorrovs Judy Hefner L. Stage Crew - "If only I had a rubber band !" The members of the stage crew spend several hours outside of school time working on scenery, sets, and preparing for school programs. The members take stage as a regular class and they plan nearly all of the assemblies. Mr. Sauter selects a few from those who apply. They are responsible each year for the professional- looking scenery used in the Senior Play, the Christmas Program, and the Viking Varieties. "How's the Weather up there?" -il Library Monitors Office Monitors 'w tx Mr. Ga.rner's Office Visual Aids 103 Q- nf: gr 'Cgf '27 X J S-wg rf' K ,s if F f " n A Vary! if K mn X' KC? Q, 'K it E? ,. W X 1 4 if in n 1 is rrr orro orr,Z fi sch! Clinic Assistants -ay Homecoming Committee Senior Play Committee Committees A-G.N. Dance Committee junior-Senior Prom Committee ' 5 3 , - sr 4 h . Q. 1 , BACK ROW, left to right - Barbara Bott, Joyce Fargo, Sharon Gertz, Dallas Greenfield, Jean Golden, Sandy Greenhlatt, Carole Greenstein, Virginia Greenwalt, Beth Gruda, Kathy Gerlce, THIRD ROW-Barhara Forman, Loraine Furuiye, Sandra Greenstein, Carolyn Fabrizio, Diane DeLisa. Kay Gilmore, Lela Gilmore, Nina Chilson, Mary Jane Fiscus, Barbara Biner. SECOND ROW-Beverly Howard, Sharon Faudree, Judy Campbell, Joyce Belgin, Marilyn Donham, Carol Booth,Bonnie Carpenter, Dolores Castaneda, Carol Greenmyer, Judy Carper, Marilyn Billington. FIRST ROW - Darlene Auten, Esther Badion, Georgene Brienza, Donna Bauer, Betty Burn, Connie Brown, Rose Ann Cerrone, Shaiyle Darling, Idamae Casagranda, Carolee Francescatti. Valkyries BACK ROW, left to right-Janet Johnson, Kathy Evans, Iudv Hefner, Joyce Johnson, Ann Harding, Jeanne Hacker, Norma Jaines, Loretta Luna, Laurel Kellogg, Carol Jones, Diana Dugan. THIRD ROW-Susan Jurcheck, Linda Mauro, Maureen Batten, Shirley Laude, Carole Marcus, Janice Hays, Judy Lowe, Sharon Lambert, Carol McCool, Marilyn Holroyd, Linda Horner, Kay Hefner. SECOND ROW -Mary Hrams, Karen Lehmkuhl, Jill Hansen, Mary Jane Matthews, Sheila Hotchkiss, Joyce Mailcranz, Donnis Conrad, Diana Davidson, Sherry Lyons, Janet Hufford, Joy Jolly, Andie King. FIRST ROW- Rhoda Krasner, Debbie Harvey, Kathy Kolquist, Charleen Macy, Carol Burbank, Ginny Halton, Barbara Handler, Donna Landers, Rose Ann Langston, Joni Mankoff, Selma Averch, Paulette Indesh. 7 BACK ROXW, left to rigliti Carolyn Ojala, Irene Rogge, Rosalie Raw, Diana Overholt, Patsy Robbins, Judy MCKL-ndry, Beverley Reisbeck, Elaine Rosner, Anita Nichols, Sharon Plank. THIRD ROWfI-ind.1 hfoonev, Sandy Meilinger, Pat Priest, Vicky Miller, Judy Moon, Sonia Pearson, Lorena Parks, Kay McDermid, Sharon Murphy, Beverly Milliken. SECOND ROW!-Donna Repp, Karen Miller, Donna Rose, Charlotte Neilsen, Dianne Phelps, Sherry Richtel, Roberta Rosen, Arlene Milstein, Leslie Roach, Randa Palser. FIRST ROXV f Barbara Pitler. Lu Beth McLeran, Karol Norman, Carol Northway, Peggy Neilsen. Celeste Ray, Barbara Handler, Iilaine Pasternack, Barbara Milstein, Merna Radetsky, Jeanne Kalinowski. Vallcyries is the school pep club. The purpose of this organization is to promote school spirit at the games and rallies. The annual Homecoming Dance is sponsored by the Vallcyries, and they provide a demonstration of drilling at the Homecoming game. In addition to this, Valkyries perform services to the school during the course of the year. BACK ROW, left to right-Sylvia Dietz, Sharie Simpson, Judy Tollman, Sharron Sullivan, Jacque Snyder, Pearl Sheppard, Gail Wfagner, Sandy Trupp, Shirley Sanchez, Helen Santangelo, Jane Straub. THIRD ROW' - Daisy Toweiy, Janice Towery, Roselyn Sharoff, Judy W.iIsI1, Cam Yakes. Janis Binkley, Dianne Norris, Diane Rumin, Phyllis Schaeffer, Susan Story. SECOND RCJW -A Many Lee Dunham, Jo Ann Ooiman, Judy W'esch, Pat Rynning, Mary Lynn Swartz, Gwen Wilrner, Roseann Brown, Linda Takahashi, Sharon Thomas, Lynda XVCIIS. FIRST ROXXffBenita Weingz1i't, Judy Saito, Sheryl Wliite, Jean Phillips. Charlene Schreiber, Karen Shade, Mary Ann Szynslfcie, Laura Campiotti, Janice Sweet, Sandy Zupancic. Mg, M 'i f X 5? Q--' unior Red Cross J.R.c. Officers BACK ROW, left to right--Roger White, Les Beard, Carol Santorno, Fred Faulkner, Bob Tecklenburg, Dick Heimann, Nick Santone Bob Moya, Richard Nichols, Albert Santangelo, Larry Booker. THIRD ROW-Mitchel Goldberg, Louise Fries, Peggy Curtin, Sally Schwartz Carole Colvard, Patty Route, Glenn Kataoka, Brent Berner, jerry Styron, Carol Lewis. SECOND ROW-Bob Ellsperman, Michael Gold: be-rg, Sherry Auerbach, joellyn Smith, Barbara Heddles, judy Little-john, Laurel Kellogg, Deniese Ritchie, Barbara Milstein, Donna Stark Kathy McConnell, Carol Smith. FIRST ROW - Henry Gonzales, Judy Griffin, Ruth Maine, Georgeana Garcia, Kay Hefner, Dorothy Martin Cathy Schultz, Janice Braisted, Glee Malnati, Carolyn Bassett, Diane Piccoli, Darryl Woldt, Phil Millett, 1 , is ,... - . V' -. ki? , fs" ' " 5 'x vw -ff f , 4 Q f . j.R.C. members learn the principal of service to others through projects which contribute to their educational and social growth. Two of ' their main projects are a Christmas Caroling Q Party and the Santa Claus Shop. Students were supposed to bring toys in exchange for a vote for Mr. Santa Claus and Miss Merry Christmas. Dean Brancucci and Glee Malnati, of the sopho- more class, were chosen this year. J.R.C. Officers BACK ROW left to right-Bryon Magnall, Brian Lingle, Sandra Zupancic, Barbara Novitt, Helen Santangelo, Norma james, Ivan Sr l -z. Ken' Brinkman, jack Hyatt, Denny Dickman, Mark Owen, Dave Thompson, jerry Petrocco, Sharon Plank. THIRD ROW- IHC IL Susan Story, Beverly Milliken, Cindy Peabody, Carolyn Ojala, Bev Surratt, Mary Davis, Zann Brrdsrll, Betty Phares, Carol Booth, Gail Barry, Sharon Gertz, Roberta Rosen, Sylavia Dietz, Sharon jo Lambert, Ian Hufford, Jill Hansen. SECOND ROVU-Carole Marcus, Margaret Montoya, Elinor Ross, Susie Shanahan, Rosemary Dunn, Dorothy Hill, Sharlene Smith, Ray Graham, jim Hix, Sheila Hotchkiss, lfrna Huber, linda Takahashi Carole Greenstein, Barbara Romero, Gloria Morehouse. FIRST ROXV-Rose Ann Langston, Ginny Greenwalt, Sheryl L d Sh l D l'n hfartha Wlrite, Barbara Biner, Loretta Trujillo, Anna Mae Chavez, Barbara Handler, Mary Ann Szynskie, Donna an ers, ary e arr g, Seifert, Sandy Greenstein, Elaine Pasternack, Jeannine Crump, Miss Kinney. ',. Ii Key Club Key Club Officers BACK ROW, left to right- Garry Moyle, john Purvis, John Brewer, jack Holmes, George Ostrom, Barry Dalsant, Grady Romine. THIRD ROW-Allen Swartz, Bill Beitz, Bill Phares, Dave L. Lewis, jack Hyatt, Tom Loose. SECOND ROW-Phil Millett, Mike Barrett, john Claus, Dean Lahr, Leonard Waldbaum, Danny Buttlaire, jim Hix. FIRST ROW-Vince Garone, Van Ashmun, Alan Bowles, Dave E. Lewis, Roger Bredine, Norman Singer, Kent Kuroda. 1 l z l ': Gosh she really sends me l ! The Key Club consists of boys who have outstanding scholarship and leadership ability. The main purpose of the club is to further develop leadership and scholarship among high school boys. The activities of the club include an annual pickle sale, assemblies, and a dance. The Key Club is sponsored by the North Denver Kiwanis Club and the members engage in school and community service. There are district and international conventions each year to which a few members are selected to go. We use Pepsodent ' , .fe- "This books says . . . " Staff Box BARRY LEVINE ALZA MARTIN JERRY OLSON JUDY SMITH JONI NIANKOFF CAROL NORTHWAY GAIL VVAGNER JACK DENNIS GRADY ROMINE PHIL MILLETT MR. ED LINDELL Editor A ssistant Editor Associate Editoi Feature Editor News Editoi Columnist Head Reporter Sports Editoi Sports Writei Sports Writei Sponsoi journalism is a required course for all North Star members. The school paper appears at least once a month, consisting of the activities taking place at North. "Pat, don't kick her!" U 'Q i 4. 7 . 5 . 1' I rl! V r' 5 'S 1 PROF SP1 I "Two and two make five?! D Club D Club Officers BACK ROW, left to righth-Gene Koehnke, Jack Dennis, Bill Hunzeker, Frank Zupancic, Ceph jones. THIRD ROW-Jim Parks, Mike Barrett, Norman Singer, Doug Sanders, jim Lillstrom, Melvin Sanchez. SECOND ROW-Phil Calerich, Dean Lahr, Bill Phares, George Ostrom, Bill Hopkins, Mr. Leyden. FIRST ROW-Paul Kenner, Garry Moyle, Ken Hecht, Ray Graham, Andy Benefiel, Bob Olson. There you are, my good man." In order to join the D Club, a boy must have lettered in a competitive sport. This club tries to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship among the student body. D Club members sell rally cards on Fridays preceding the games, sponsor the annual Color Day Dance, and have a spring banquet. ,nmvrm "Well, give it to me." I "Must we pay to get inside? The members Girls' Athletic Society The Girls' Athletic Society, better known as G.A.S., is open to all girls at North who have 400 points in speedball, volleyball, basketball, and softball in addition to 100 points from an outside sport. G.A.S. provides relaxation with companions. Along with S.O.S., they sponsor the Color Day Dance in the morning. A member has the privilege of wearing a letter sweater upon attaining the proper number of points. BACK ROW, left to right-Kay Gilmore, Sharon Holtzinger, Louise McMaster, joan Oberwitte. SECOND ROW-Jenin Obewvitte, Sharlene Smith. FIRST ROW-Miss Lehman. Q' A-.if if T., u ani A ' ""' YTD' 5 ' page? ' 'U' f., , 122+ . 8. - es 4 T .ps 1 E, V- ! if-'ef 5. vf ' T X tk IMI? n. . W fi 'J ' :Fi ivfixs '41,-sf' X N 1 . 3 nl.. Reacly aim ..firel Girls' Rifle Club Girls interested in learning the correct way to handle weapons and how to shoot properly may join the Girls' Rifle Club. During the first six months, the girls work for a sportsmanship rating. This club also promotes a feeling of L L good sportsmanship rating by holding several meets with other schools during the year. Bul1's eye! Ike Anker Joyce Belgin Marty Bement Barb Bennett Spartans of Sport . 1 -. 1 I Q. 1 I: X :V 3 BACK ROW, left to rightajoyce Belgin, Cynthia Peabody, Barbara Bennett, Miss Wright. FIRST ROW-Iantlmea Ancker, Carolyn Fabrizio, Jean Seastone. Karen HCI1dCfSh0ff Bobbie jordan Alza. Martin Kay McDermid Carol Borgeson Carolyn Fabrizio jill Hansen Any girl who has earned 400 points by f participating in speedlball, volleyball, basketball, and softball is eligible to join S.O.S. They must also earn 100 points in an outside sport and be able to pass a skill test. The members have both a formal and informal initiation. The activities of the club include regular games at North, candy sales, and other outside sport activities. hL.J"' Cindy Peabody Joyce Roberts jean Seastone Virginia Wills Orchesis Each year, girls who are interested in modern dance as a creative art are given the chance to try out for Orchesis. Members of Orchesis participate in Viking Varieties, Fathers' Night, and assemblies during the school year. They perform also at the play festival, give a fashion show, and dance at other schools. Orchesis Officers BACK ROW, left to right-Judy Campbell, Judy Moon, Gail Wagner, Sharon Lambert, Gwen Warner, Carol Borgeson. THIRD ROW -Judy Knott, Pat Priest, Joyce Johnson, Carol Hochmuth, Lou Ann Dalpes, Barbara Biner. SECOND ROW-Frances Gonzales, Carol Greenmyer, Beverly Montoya, Selma Averch, Janice Sweet, Jeanne Kalinowski, Carol Burbank. FIRST ROW- Charlotte Weller, Rose Ann Cerrone, Lynda Wells, Rhoda Krasner, Judy Saito. 1 Hi, Deanne. Francie, look at the camera. Now touch the wall. 'K if X! gg- ft. BACK ROW, left to right-Mike Ellis, Hugh McCollum, Jim Archer, Stan Phillips, Steve Kanowitz, Bernie Cohen, Alan Rhody, Barry Emeson, David Palumbo, Unidentified. THIRD ROW -Diane Romero, Joyce Clements, Lillian Thompson, Ruth Anne Epp, Joyce Wall, Charles Gibson, Ken Wright, Klaus Carnival, Brant Farrow, Beverly Kastler. SECOND ROW-Olivia Mora, Roberta Schey, Marsha Dole, Roseann Brown, Arlene Milstein, Merna Radetslcy, Glee Malnati, Betty Jo Heller, Lynn Deisher, Cheryl Losacco. FIRST ROW-Susan Shanahan, Sandy Greenblatt, Jamie Toole, Charlene Schreiber, Selma Averch, Barbara Handler, Andie King, Joni Mankoff, Celeste Ray, Shirley Lande. Bowling Club BACK ROW, left- to right-Jim Parks, Barry Carson, Louie Mortellaro, Harry Hill, Dave Etheridge, Larry Londer, Joe Hirsch, Kay Hefner, Steve Levine. THIRD ROW-Lewis Lopez, Maureen Batten, Bill Miller, Julie McWhorter, Irene Wilhelm, Sandy Meilinger, Kay Gilmore, Marshall Tobin. SECOND ROW-Linda Mauro, Carol Greenmyer, Susan Jurcheck, Barbara Heddles, Sandra Cohen Lee Gardenswartz, Lorena Parks, Helene Shur, Judy Walsh, Mr. Koogle. FIRST ROW-Sharon Roberts, Barbara Stalzle, Myrna Fulham ,Betty Kestner, Marsha Greenstein, Sherry Auerbach, Judy Freidenson, Marie Jaramillo, Treasa Ruby, Sidne Fogel. I 8.1 t 'i l l The Bowling Club provides an excellent form of recreation for many North students, and acquaints the members with others who share a mutual interest - bowling. In the Past years, teams from the Bowling Club have par- ticipated in bowling tournaments with the other public high schools. In May, the annual banquet is held, at which officers are elected for the coming year, and plans are made for a big picnic. Is it round? All for a dime? what a ham! tl Huw Ntxi l1'xl'gm, "9 gr av 5 0, Sl P. 8 in x A Pow-Wow "And away goes the ball." WK "Ahh! You're cheating !" I WW . Aff xx X ' W Conservation Club Conservation Officers Anyone interested may become a member of North's Conservation Club. The purpose of rhis club is to promote, practice, and encourage conservation of our water, soil, timber, and animal resources. Each year the club takes on many interesting and practical projects. BACK ROW, left to right-Nick Zeniuk, Norman Campbell, Pat Ivfills, Tom Harper, jim Hays, Don Schleiger, Dick Shafer, Eddie Dcchont THIRD ROXV-Kathy Zahn, Clyde Baker, Gail Barry, Mike Ellis, Sue Hedrick, Ann Hultman, Alice Cooper, Ronald Shank. ' ' ' ' b Il. Bs 'I , Cl l en jacovetta, SECOND ROW!-Karen Powers, john Hall, Bobbie jordan, jack Connctt. Ed Meehan, Larry Dob s, I- 'IIIIC ll ey iar e Mr. Inglis. FIRST ROW!-Charles Borrego, Bryan Yamauchi, Gary Staples, Karen Shade, Bobbie OConnell, Mauiccn Barry, Patricia Plumlee, Glen Hinshaw, Colleen Herbert. C-z Webster Oratorical Society Webster's members are well versed in public speaking. In fact, to join the club, they have to passa try-out which is judged by a committee of members. This qualifies them to participate in intra-club programs of debates and listen to outside speakers. All students who are inter- . ested in extemporaneous speaking may enter the 1916 Contest which is promoted by Webster. Shafroth, the inter-high school extemporaneous speaking contest, is also promoted by them. BACK ROW, left to right-Norman Singer, Steve Levine, Cliff Burke, Martin Tobin, Leonard Waldbaum. THIRD ROW-Judy Hefner, judy Knott, Rachel Barash, Andrea Stover, Simi Litvak, Allen Swartz. SECOND ROW-Marilyn Silk, Barbara Biner, Mary Harms, Linda Takahashi, Donna Bauer, jean Golden. FIRST ROW-Paulette Indesh. Selma Averch. Rhoda Krasner, Lee Belstock. .av 1--S, W A wifi: 72.8 Ulgln 9r"lm ttdshg. I llg XJ gal' T F 3 ..u'.'4 . 9' ' F Y, Girls' Hi-Y Girls' Hi-Y Officers The main theme of Girls' Hi-Y is social service. Going right along with that idea is the co-theme, to develop the personality of each girl so that she may be of service to her God, her country, and her school. T l ri their mothers and alumni. At their Spring Among their many activities they have a Christmas ea uono ng Banquet they announce the officers for the following year. ACK ROW l ft to ri ht Judy Hefner Beverley Reisbeck Bonnie Tait Susan Covey, Carol Booth, Norma james, Carol Lewis, Carole B . C g - , , , Colvarol, Joanna Magers. THIRD ROW-Gwen Ingraham, Judy Carper, joy Maikranz, Zann Birdsill, Melonnie Lang, Carolyn Bassett, Marilyn Phelps, Susan Field. SECOND ROXV-Cheryl Snodgrass, Sheyla McNeill, Donna Bauer, Sharon Holtzinger, Lilli Dinkel, Lu Beth McLeran, Anna Lu Jacobs, Charlene Long, Barbara Mauro. FIRST ROW-Mary Lu Dunham, Barbara Biner, Donetta Hess, joan Colyer, Karen Mather, Cathy McCaslin, joan Hinshaw, Mary Lynn Swartz. I 90 upp- ui.: 1? C' 'LJ tsfwl SW ,ff 'Q f F The main purpose of this club is to create interest in world affairs and to promote better world under- standing. The newest activity of the club has been the sponsorship of a foreign student in co-operation with the American Field Service. This program is financed by the International Assistance Drive held in spring by the Denver Public schools. In addition, the I.R.C. club participates in the state and city I.R.C. Conferences. International Relations Club BACK ROW, left to right- Larry Londer, Steve Levine, john Purvis, Jack Hyatt, Tom Hoshiko. THIRD ROW-jean Golden Andrea Stover, Karen Lehmkuhl, Sonia Pearson, Barbara Fogel, Barbara Romero. SECOND ROW-Judy Carper, Sheryl White, joAnn,Ooiman Linda Huth, Paulette Indesh. FIRST ROW- Barbara Biner, Bonnie Susman, Selma Averch, Barbara Handler, Mary Seifert, Elaine Wilsoni 3 ta' it fl .. 1 :A i a rw -1. N " oy ,S ' I as . X ie.. . t, gl ' I 23.3 lr 4 BACK ROW, left to right-Jack Hyatt, Ken Brinkman, Robert Holley, Bob Tecklenburg, Nick Santone, Diane Dunitz, Susan Covey. THIRD ROW-Art Crarnm Ken Wright, Baiba Lindemanis, Gloria Barnes, Debra Curnow, LeLane Perdue. SECOND ROW -Naomi London, Sandra Tunstead, Marcia Heisterberg, Carol Berger, Rachel Barash. FIRST ROW-Pat Hartman, Christine Stanley, Judy Liedike, Linda Tein, Donna Atkinson, Eileen Anderson. Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers of America Club en- courages those students interested in teaching as their vocation. F.T.A. is on a national level with other high school and college clubs. The load of teachers is lightened by the F.T.A. members who tutor students having trouble with their studies. A picnic is given at the end of each year to honor the outgoing seniors. BACK ROW, left to right-LuAnn Burt, Sharron Sullivan, Gail Wagner, Idamae Casagranda, Carolyn Fabrizio. THIRD ROKV - Carolyn Ojala, Andrea Stover, Carole Smith, Rose Castellani, Louise McMaster, Norma james. SECOND ROW-Barbara Novitt, jon Rae Helm, JoAnn Ooiman, Mary Ann Seifert. Sandy Meilinger, Lucille Pisicchio, Linda Huth. FIRST ROW-Marilyn Silk, Maureen Batten, Judy Wesch, Shirley Quinn, Sheryl White, Charleen Macy, Sandy Greenstein, Davita Bernard. 1' fix' V7 I -av G1 BACK ROW, left to right-joyce Belgin, Cindy Peabody, Sharon Cox, Sharon Schleuger, Sandie Mattedi, Carolyn Bassett, Dorothy Martin. THIRD ROW-Nancy Lamuel, Carol Booth, Annette McConnell, Mary Lou Langston, Carole Colvard. Roxanna Fiore, Carol Weiss. SECOND ROW- Simi Litvak, Connie Wagner, Cathy Horal, Anna Marie Dunn, Pat Rynning, Carolyn Ojala, Olivia Mora. FIRST ROW-Delores Zamora, Mary Fullbright, Barbara Morgan, Donna Landers, Elaine Wilson, Beverly Montoya, Mrs. Byars. Pre - Med The Pre-Med Club consists of students interested in medical science. The purpose of the club is to present a better understanding in the fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing, X-ray, and lavoratory technology. One of the activities of the club is volunteer work at Denver General Hospital. BACK ROW, left to right-Rose Mora, Janet Johnson, Gayle Escherich, Ronald jeske, Bob Maritzkey, Brent Berner. THIRD ROW- Linda Horner, Josephine Cefalu, Becky Vigil, Diane Sarno, Bob Elsperman, Rosalind Schnick, Harvette Hawkins. SECOND ROW- Cherie Mumey, Mabel Nakaoki, Phyllis Maes, joan Martin, Dolores Castaneda, Marilyn Grant. FIRST ROW-Sue Dedrick, Susan Ray, Sandy Cohen, Kathy Wewig, unidentified, Lana Adams, Linda Takahashi, X it-4' QD' X W-'37 'Gil' 0-s 5 "You're not supposed to swallow it!" -in--in ,..,,,,.,h ,.,-- 4- "A, b, c,Vuh-h-h, 2? "Now, where are your teeth ?" S. 'H j 'U In I said come this way! Black Masque Club Black Masque, North's drama club, encourages students who would like to learn more about drama. It gives its members experience in the interpretation and production of many plays. Black Masque puts on assemblies, rallies, and has its big annual spring production. BACK ROW, left to right-Heinz Fedder, Bill Maine, Grady Romine, jim Kunkler, Jim Archer, Frank Weisberg. THIRD ROW- Dorothy Hill, Mary Lynn Swartz, Charlene Schreiber, Alice Cooper, Ray Martin, Sharon Arnold. SECOND ROW-Paulette Indesh, Judy Hefner, Barbara Pitler, Betty Burn, Diana Davidson, Charlotte Weller. FIRST ROW - Charleen Macy, Barbara Hndler, Barbara Biner, Rhoda Krasner, Selma Averch, Mrs. Meister. is R 1 X I if , i ' . 1 9 X151 Qin! Ready for take off v 3 L XVI Y, MR QNX gf gwmgvgxigyy ,Sm EJ Q5 w Let her go. N. M, ,E,,L, , 3' , 4- 1 l L W at ' "70 N I! x S' , I Q R' '.l I? BACK ROW left to right Kenneth Brinkman Pete Kornaf l H h M Col , - , e, ug c lum, Martin Tobin, Mark Owen, Stanley Jacoby, Norman Singer. THIRD ROW-Charles Greer, Larry Chernila. Bill Caffrey, Bob Smith, Dave Parce, Tom Turner, Lester Bellamy. SECOND ROW! Gloria Barnes, Sally Schwartz, Lynn Repsis, Danny Buttlaire, Leonard Waldbaum, Marvin Lopata, Andrea Stover. FIRST ROW -Melvin Ritchie, Merrilee Marsaglia, Danny Fades, Frank Weller, Lee Belstock, Cynthia Dwinelle, Barbara Romero, Mr. Zimmerman. Math Club The main purpose of the Math Club is to learn more about the use of th realization of the use of mathematics and the fun and understanding which is involved. Many excursions, lectures, special reports, and programs are worked into the meet' d . Th for its money-making project. e slide rule. It also provides a ing agen a e club sold candy canes this year BACK ROW, left to right-Brian Lingle, Glenn Kataoka, Russell Wood, Frank Stanfield, Clair Pribble, Robert Riley, jim World, Tom Hoshiko. THIRD ROW- Bill Sturdevant, Irene Rogge, Allen Swartz, Rose Castellani, Mabel Wilkinson, julie McWhor, Irene William, Bill Miller, Nick Zenuik. SECOND ROW-Joyce Fargo, Roseann Brown, Sonia Pearson, Carol Booth, Kay Gilmore, Dianne Sarno, Lorena Parks, janet johnson, Louie Mortellaro. FIRST ROW - Barbara Gold, Susan Jurcheck, Bryan Yamauchi, Mitchell Goldberg, Betty Pitler, Michael Goldberg, Tamiye Taketa, Sandy Pyle, Sharon Faudree, Bob Koff. 34 Lyres Club Lyres Club offers an opportunity to any high school student who is interested and appre- ciates music. Each member has passed a tryout and are judged by the other club members. This club puts on different musical programs at their meetings or at an assembly. The club usually ends the year with a picnic. Lyres Officers BACK ROW, left to right-Connie Brown, Nina Chilson, Darlene Ray, Cindy Peabody, Mary Ann Ganshaw. THIRD ROW Garman, handy Trupp, jerry Petrocco, Mary Ellen Guteirrez. SECOND ROW Marsha Dole Mary Davis, Kath Kol uist Carole -' , Y fl , Beverly Montoya, Larry Chernila. FIRST ROW-Nadine Brienza, Lucille Garbone, Sherry Lyons, Helen Hill, Henry Gonzales. Q Kb . A G? I I ,lf .. 0..4:r A t fa.: N, ' ,Zin , , Q 'i ' ., I . L . 1. U C Q Q an-. ....- I M'L'l rg - Irene Paulson, adrigal Madrigal is a small singing group composed of both boys and girls. The members are chosen by Miss Graves. They sing for small dinner parties or select groups upon invitation. They sing at many places, among which are the Continental Hotel and the Masonic Temple. They have also participated in Viking Varieties. STANDING, left to right-Joe Gonzales, Paul Valko, Edwin Tacobs, Laurence Anderson, Tom Edwards, Larry Ingram. SEATED-Janice Towery, Melonnie Long, Sharleen Shelton, Nina Chilson, Judy Olson, Carole Paulson, Pat Kirkpatrick, Karen Shade, Charlotte Weller. ' , , Ag . I at ..,,g ,M , Z, . t ' M9114-'!,.J',, . ,, T 1 4 's Vsf.,Im,,,vQxKfg A A QAM K X , 1 , . Q. ff A , .A V A V, ,r ,K ., if s I ,A , ,mf ci ,,. ,yr R Aw, M if 1 -+4 n-Favs. A f . . 9 'S ..,., . N... ' vi-A '43 if---v 'W vm 'N' Ri ww A 1 . BACK ROW, left to right-Janet Allphin, Lou Ann Burt, Phyllis Schaeffer, Diane Rumin, Judy Tollman, Joyce Belgin, Carolyn DiTullio, Dallas Greenfield, Daisy Towery, Rosemary IvfcCullough, Barbara Reisbeclc, THIRD ROW-Carolyn Leader, Edith Madrid, Bev Trude, Marian Plahte, Karen Stout, Lou Ann Dalpes, Sharon Johnson, Joy Maikranz, Marilyn Holroyd, Sandra Trupp. SECOND ROW- Barbara Heddles, Audrey Goff, Donnis Conrad, Loretta Truiillo, Juanita Z'l"T'1'V"l, Gail Bettridge, Marcella Rotello, Mary Ann Ganshaw, Joyce Clements, Miss Graves. FIRST ROW--Nadine Brienz, Donna Hughes, Janet Adams, Karol Norman, Virginia Hartmetz, Louella Ponzio, Carol Scaglione, Lucille Ternella, Mary Lou Trujillo, Ginny Greenwalt. Girls' Choir Viking Chorus BACK RCDW, left to right4Tom Edwards, Ken Fiester, Edwin Jacobs, Larry Anderson, Cliff Burke. THIRD ROW Paul Valko, Jerry Petrocco, Jerry Fisher. SECOND ROW-Ken Ortega, Joe Gonzales, Steve Ingram, Larry Chernila. Larry Ingram, Jack Cox, Basil Grussing, Miss Graves. - A an Passinore. FIRST ROW A n .L 1 1 11-V" ,-J 1 Q-7 S-4 Concert Choir Concert Choir consists of an advanced group of boys and girls interested in vocal music. Its main purpose is to develop a deeper appre- ciation of music. Concert Choir represents North High School in many public appearances. lx ROXX I ttt malt M 3 D us Ii wr Vrniti lxim rl Allin Pissmorc, Tom lfdwards, Ken Fiester, Edwin jacolws, Laurence uson C1141 rNisso1 cnc tnri nerr t i urs n .Ira Piccone, THIRD ROXVfl5.n'lwai'.i Cisneros. Betty A-J nnlin ll x 1 1 L io mfr ts l.41I'1'y Ingram, Basil Grussing, Melonnic Long, Jean Blon- l icrln i Cl iilottr kin lvl Nl COND R oin lsilxiinoto Pun Powers, Cli1udi.1 Shepherd, Judy Olson, Pat Kirkpatrick. Ill Lyn Shalt n Dc whit Hlixq mice 'loxxciy Susie Cyuciiuo Bliss C11 nu FIRST ROXX'-Carolyn Carpenter, Beverly SLIl'l'LlIf, Donn tis i n D no ix IX on om llinoi Rose, Charlotte XX'cllel', Kathy Kolquist. fvfj i l 4, ' I 1 if bmi Don't chew with your mouth open !', "Ready boys? And vuu and too and trcc H N., ... m-Q-..,,,..,,,,,, Concert Band I Company Reserve Officers Training Corps The Reserve Officers Training Corps is helpful in teaching the student elementary military training which will be of benefit to him, and of value to the nation, if and when he becomes a member of the Armed Forces. The objectives of the program of instruction are to inculcate habits of orderliness and precision, to instill discipline and thereby respect for constituted authority, to develop patriotism, and to encourage a high sense of personal honor and deportment. Throughout the year inter-school competitions and various school activities take place. L Company The Drill Team .tg J John Brewer, Commander of the Denver Public High Schools Inspection time 2:2 In ' ,WM .a r +I. ,af 1 HE VH xi lil f fm 5' The Staff 3 in-mln-v,. f I Q, K Company v 2 I Y an I N 5 I A o 1 -4. ,h,Q S . K 4 'Q , The Honorary Cadets V Y ' .5 ' 13" Q . , 1 7' , '5"H4'W., 1 " - f RTL? :S , ' I I I 1 m 'A iw N J N 9 1 i ,f 5 S 'Ulu , 'WY 96. X 3 X x E W ii if 'M' - , sf ffZ'..1 'f :gpg ,, 7 A 1:-ni' 15? J ill ' Y ,1-if ..: -1...- fu. ' J Lf if - 'i yn '14, , , 'il ' Qs 'U' ,,,f N ,ah N . ,YQ We ., Q ff ia .z 13, -5 53:21, 3 F' W' f lb ,,, 1 1 E , k , ' qw,-x.. i 4' wi, .fffll V I I Q ffm A .3 . ,mv . 'K Mx '15 . ws, ' .A .1 A A ff I ww? Hg--1 f ffamccominq Queen Lela Gilmore Pb Y' ,Attendants Jeanne Hacker Ilnnda Palser Andie King Judy Knott My Lf: Mardi Gras .Queen Gayle Huff V 7 1, bm Sw jr , E ,nv juuiar .us- '1 5 .f . . Rosalie Raw Pat Priest Sembr ShaI'0ll GBPEZ Carolee Francesaatti Laura Laos Linda Salisbury Saphomarc Donna Rose Queen Mug Cfalar Day Allie Benefiel Attendants Sheryl White Gene Brunkhardlt Susan Spencer ,.... Q., Bill Sheppard I L X ,H 5312+ ,,, , wsj -ffuiliwwyk fflgwfgl A ff? . W --,,,43-,J mfwz, -frmif 2, , , ,V .W Q 5, . , H f W Q ms-gf QE? H 5 f . 4 XA ' , M5 qw Q.: V ,H 3: Wm x 1-gb-ff gf, fl. J: V MW, ,qw 4 rg ,ignfw 7 ,A N W fm, -,-,. 3 x ,- Xl g, if g,i ,f,,g:L 'M11, y.4 ga ing, ,f : K Lf-?:w. ,. ,- Q- P 3 Ami 'Q 539' W W f 5 ,g 6 hi 41 K haw: i ww A 35 GR ' Qa- ! if 4 ? .y ,K 3 Y W P, i g QQ J?" A3 'F QSM .ez,,,,.,4L.,-LQX4 3.wf3qg5N.Qk3gfqg, -MU' 1 'la 4 fff ' am 6' I ,F K ir 1 ,A Q Athi U in "" sw KJ ,. H. X I I Nil MK T ' , Q 9 i Lew Ashker jr. Center Lahr reverses direction Bill Beitz fr. Halflmrk Andy Benefiel Sr. Halfbark jim Blanch Lucero and Blanch in pursuit Sr. Center North South North met the Rebels in the flrst round and came out on the short end by a 21 7 count after holding the Southerners to a 0 0 half tlme score After thelr second meetlng South found weaknesses 1n the Vlk s defenses and ran up a 20 O tally. South . . East . . . NORTH Manual West .. Tony Calerich jr, Tackle john Claus Sr. Fullback C 0-Captain All-City, All-Metro, All-American Beitz drives for the flag jack Dennis Sr. Center Gang tackle Q Bob DiManna Sr. Tafkle All-City l-T, 1 . Y Ken F iester I r. Tarkle Lewis drives for a gain North - Manual A spirited crowd of Vikings came back against the Thunderbolts after Manual had scored first. John Claus, scoring two touchdowns, led North to a 14-6 win. North, with some fine play by Andy Benefiel, out-scored Manual in the second round 33-19. .1 .W . . .M Q , 4 TG ', 'gifs yr s rt, iii . Ray Graham Sr. Hfzlfbzzfk .-4 , i Rich Harmon fr. Fulllmrk Ken Hecht Sr. Guard Co-Caplfzin All-Cily SFT? 06 W3 9 4 N 9 4 ....... Jim Hix fr. Halfbark Bill Hopkins H fr. Guard I A pitch-out to Beitz i JC' Iii! 5- I x . ..,, . ,,f,,, W, N15 Q fi 4 QF' sg, Q if H555 3 Ceph jones Sr. End Paul Kennzf Homecoming kick-off fr, Fulllmc l gay cf' J' Dean Lahr lr. Qmzrterbmsk Dave Lewis Sr. Hfilfbmsk Moyle and Lahr break up a pass play North - West After breaking West's spirits with a 71-yard touchdown run by Bill Beitz, the NORSEMEN went on to defeat the Cowboys 25-7, in the first round. Homecoming against West proved to be a very joyous one as the Viking Efldif Lucero ran up a lop-sided 39-0 win. 'W' G"""'l Glenn McCoy Sr. End Phil Millctt jr. Em! , W' -gf - ,, I has ,lv . ,M . .rw - ,. john Moore Sr. Tfzrkfe 9 lf x 'Hz ,waxes F 'ia Q S W' . M -'fl Q s M , vsf r 4 -1 wi rw 1 . Garry Moylc ff. Q1m1'lerbln'k lNIax Nations fr. Em! 1' . I at -1-.M 5 1 ,V R I N ...ffx . j 4, r N, at WM if X iw airy, JN fs M ,rl r' . l -F ll' 'sv VW ' stty. vm, I rn 'ga 'Q 1 L 'iv 2 , ,... , f , - 'N s K: if fr- Y f l' , sf? i"r?!'b5"'3'- L '. , L fi, A 5 Rl LH -film ' Xgglxk ' mgrflq 3, up ,K Q 1, h 'il tin? Fx 'I My ww? .1 its 'f ww ,i " ' Xl f -N fi W f W 'W' L' 2 95 ff-wc, ,A 3, of H 4 3' . A 5' ' in 3, 1 N. ,A W 1. 4 mfwigg 5 V J' QF I . , ., M- K' , farm ,, QQ s l GQ? ' w-iii' F '-J 1' it V K :L Q V Q 'Ni K L Mm.. L ' k ,, " av 4 4, r cf , T , iw K V. ,A 2 A . J .3 P , an 9 4 55' iris 1 .rfmf . ,,'g,,,l,:-'ff agp" ','3ff.fl-ff' A-we M fri , aff 0 1' X g .- ' Qi , IF" ln' 'flip' v- ' iEf5L5MAt'1'rEg .gm rs ,ip ,, sf if Q' 152 N ,Liang I . ,, 4 W, .. mtg ffl as ,L ig: 5.3, A 'gzfvf f ,- S,-fgf,, 1 ,lg K Claus blasts by an East defender to go for 11 first down Beitz drives for a first down North - East After being outplayed for the first six minutes NORTH came back with a surge, but the effort fell short as the Angels came out ahead 13-6 in the first round. In the second round East played one of their finest games of the season, while NORTH played one of their poorest. The outcome came to a 19-O final tally, in favor of the Angels. , ai C..? 41551, H: W1 .5 ' , will? Ruins 5 IQIUI. 3 --g.. lllilill 4s "WZ 'IRISH' ' HE,-'ssurlllnog 1 .' :nun , ,Q-Q. mann V5 N1 '-f:::::. - v M :fig ::::--ig ' ,-... Aria ' jack Renke Sr. Manager S -Af Bill Phares Sr. Q11m'fw'baz'ff Phil Redman Ir. G'm1f'fl fr? g ,ri lx! ' 4- ' fy i B 4 , U 1 ' -., : f- 2, tl ,fjff-, B .. iff 5 ,,,, . ,rf Neil Sapper Sr. Iiml Darrell Shacklett fr. TfIl'kl6' Tennis Team Won Lost East .... . . . 45 3 South ..... . . . 36 12 NORTH .... . . . 24 24 Manual . . . . 9 59 West . . . . 6 42 6 Bredine backhanding a low return The 1959 VIKING TENNIS TEAM, coached by Mr. Don Martin, finished in third place. The team ended up with twenty-four victories and twenty-four defeats. Dalsant smashing in a serve BACK ROW, left to right-Larry Drinnon, Barry Dalsant, jim Lillstrom. FRONT ROW-Roger Bredine, Norman Singer. KW Won ,rj N ll lf' .4 , , , .9 1 'A -Q fi, 6 14 13 7 4 2 5-sang .,: 5, ff .1 so fly 34 Siva ll ,,r,,-A, by Q15 The golf team, coached by Mr. Don Htx placed N -J' . . Q There w1ll be several returning lettermen next year BACK ROW left to right-john Primozich, jim Parks, Dick Shafer. FRONT ROW-Danny Burns, joe Gonzales, Rxch Valente Not shown, Richard Lammel. ul ,J FW? and Mr. I-Iix would like to see some golf-laden sopho " nu nv 'IMI 1 -v QW 1 l I" ugh! ' . 12' rf' ' I r' I ! M ,Q 53,5 4 2 2 ? ge - ' 7 .. , , A im QW, 5 191.1 - if , 5 , sp Z Basketball .4 Lewis steals it. How 'bout that blond up in the second row? S 7 J r ...XV Zeilcr fires it. Ll 4 'I .-mf," .4 J-uf 'M 4. , .4 J- f E The 1958-59 basketball season did not live up to pre-season expectations. The Vikings won tive out of seven pre-season games, and ended up with a 3-5 league record. Frank Zupancic, North's fine center, received AllACity recognition on both daily newspapers. For- ward, George Ostrom, received second team recognition. STANDINGS Team XX'on Lost Manual . . . . 7 1 East .,... . 5 5 South .... . 5 3 NORTH . . . '5 5 West . . . 0 8 Surrounded by Cowboys Whgltlil ya mean I'm too short to play? 5 fT+5if r'fftfr ,ff jack Dennis Sr. Mamzger , Eddie Millett Sr, zllfzmzgcr' 1 , 'C-ay Q john Claus N ,Q-. Zupamic clmlks up two more. 19 gg , ,,. l 3? Q, Fred Dockhorn k "fxw'L1" v ' 1 1 Bill l citz Amly llcnclicl ,D x u ur , W.. A 5 " t--A ,.:.s.. Duc- l,cwi5 Cicurkgc Oslmm S Qi S s Q ' Ltvry- 1 .qc 7 ...,, ,ff M , V I I l its H if 7 4 fk.,-.N :E 1' J , ' lilll Plmrcs Neil Sappcr Hamlal Zcilcr Ifygmk Zllmmig H 'si Floyd Sekiya Ray Martin Sf. 95 lbs. Jr. 103 lbs. Wrestling The 1959 VIKING WRES- TLING TEAM, under the expert coaching of Mr. Klune, was one of the finest. For the second straight year the NORTH MATMEN re- tained the city crown. Our ALL- CITY WRESTLERS were Bob Olson, Larry Drinnon, Bob Gon- zales, Ken Hecht, and Dean Lahr. North sent six wrestlers into the state tournament. In the state tour- nament Ken Hecht fought his way to the quarter finals and hard working Dean Lahr finished sec- ond. Little Ray Martin earned his letter by wrestling into the finals of the city championships. There will be five lettermen returning to us next year. STANDINGS Team Win Lose NORTH ,s,ss . ..,,ss, , 4 0 East ......, . sss, .....,.,. 3 1 South , ,svs,, 2 2 West ,. sssr. 1 5 Manual .. s,s,.. O 4 Ken Hecht Sr. 145 lbs. jim Orrino All-City Sr. 138 lbs. 4th All-State I , 1:5 . 3 A Dennis Chandler jr. 103 lbs. Bob Olson Sr. 112 lbs. All-City fix Q .af ' 4 gk Yi-'ie WL -f' City champs-1959 Dean Lahr jr. 154 lbs. All-City 2nd All-State Lew Ashker jr. 165 lbs. 'gg 'ff Ii . ' rg it Ni' H 9 E if J Larry Drinnon Sr, 120 lbs. All-any 113, 9? an A - iii-if M.. 4 K. Q9 3-5 Q, 1 "' uf.. . '35 , Q. A 1 , ,, . , . . - 'Finn D,-mmm Bob Gonzales Alan Bowlcs jr. 120 lbs. Sr. 127 lbs. sf, las lbs. All-City Q I Tony C.1lQ1'icl1 jr. 1'5 lbs. ,. 14. ff' X R ul' Dnn't worry, she:-'s up there, Tony! Bob DiMunna Sr. HWT . In - 5 i vm f .h gh Z M4 Roll him iwcr, pin him, pin him. Nice going, Tony. ' in 1 , , Helps!!! You've had it! Here I come! Swimming The VIKING SWIMMING TEAM took third place in City and ninth in State. Don Burke, Ivan Sanchez, and John Moore led the squad of seniors this year. The three returning lettermen will be Bill Hunszeker, Doug Sanders, and John Quintana. The VIKING TEAM has great prospects for next year as they will move into their new pool next season. BACK ROW left to right-Mr. Helms, john Moore, john Bruce, Ceph, jones, Dan Ryan, Grady Romine, jack Cox, Ronnie ickson jerry Carroll FRONT ROW, left to right- Fred Moore, John Hall, Bill Garone, Stan Phillips, Henry lmada, Dale Hoar, Dale Ieonliart NOT SHOWN ARE: Don Burke, David, Conner, Larry Cook, jim Davies, Don Haskins, Bill Hunzeker, Gary jackson, Ernie Lzngston Dick Nichols John Quintana, Doug Sanders, Ivan Sanchez, Doug Stone, George Sullivan. fst- Q2 Back row, left to rightifiene Garramone, jim Foley. Gene Koehnke. Second row, left to right- lid Piranham, Bill Garone, Rae Phares, Bob Olson. First row, left to right-john Quintana, Mike Barrett, Cameron Killey, Dave Diehl, Van Ashmun. G mnastics Gne of the most fascinating sports is gymnastics which consists of intricate positions on the mats or other appratus including the high bar, horse, rings, and trampoline. Mr. Klune, head of NOR'l'H'S gym' nastic team, has been faced with the continual job of strengthening and building the team. This :sport is by no means an easy one. The boys participating spend a class period every day out of the school year in prep- aration for various meets. A number of boys have been turning in terrific performances. May tlte team of future years continue to hold the high spirit that their fellow teammates have shown. Branham doing a shoulder stand on the rings Kohnke doing a flang on the parallel bars 'S' Track The 1959 track team had four lettermen returning: Ray Graham, Dave Lewis, Dean Lahr, and Bill Hopkins. Coaches Ed Getsch, Don Evans, and Joe Klune felt that the squad was capable of making a good showing. The 1959 track team You butterfly! I - ..,. 4 - L 326 ' fri' f avg' ..E'1'g"' "-2 I. Sputnik III Dead heat? BWP! Beep! Hey, who stole the horse? Eff . . . . , ' Xe" .1 'Q XM: Y 1 1 .x.f,X' Q Ji , L 'Q lei' 0' I ' effg mia Ja ,.' 111117 ' f f Thbfpurpose of the sophomore sports is to bridge the Wide gap between junior high competition and the varsity competition. The sophomore football team was the third team in the history of the Denver Public Schools to be un- defeated, untied, and unscored upon in league play. The basketball and baseball teams also gave fine per- formances. Coach Salen briefs his charges at half-time Sophomore Sports BACK ROW, left to right--Coach Lloyd Manown, Lynn Goedert, Bill Bergosh, Ron McElliott, Hank Hyatt, Larry Littmnn, Fred Faulkner, Bud jones, Ray Phares, Mr. Lindell. SECOND ROW, left to right-joel Isenhart, Dean Brancucci, Barney Oldfield, Dave Lorenz, Ernie Johnson, Frank Del-ierrera, Gary Sneider, john Parker, Tony Fernandes. FIRST ROW! left to right-Dennis Roth, Ray johnson, joe Marold, Gary Warner, Ken Hastings, Steve Katchen, Eloy Lucero, Roger Green, Lee Burton, Barry Bauer. BACK ROW, left to right- Hugh Littrell, Hank Hyatt, john Daly, Paul Phillips, Ruben Wrlyfrvrrl, Ron Kenner, Neil McAbee. Mr. Getsch. FRONT ROW, left to right---Gary Snc-irlcr, Mickey Gershtenson, Chuck Groginsky, Steve Katchen, Dean Brancucci, Lynn Gocdert. Kenneth Ranum not shown. BACK ROW, left to right-Richard Horrocks, Larry Littman, joe Marold, Hugh Littrell, Bill Sheppard, john Daly, Roger Green, Ron Kenner, Ken Rich, Mr. Salen. FRONT ROW-Lynn Goetlert, Chuck Gruginsky, Frank De Herrera, Dean Brancucci, Art Cramm, Barry Bauer, Roger Thomas, Don Wickstrrmm. N x ' K ,S-:' 'vs 4. , , X Q ,4 Q ji Varsity Baseball Prospects for a successful 1959 baseball season were very high. Coach Mike Willett had four lettermen returning who performed well Ron Brown at bat in the 1958 season. The 1959 Baseball Team Q 9 iz? 1 F W ZH., V ,Y Vw". ,,,1 , , .1 V 1' xfi W- , 3' "ui just Wait till I say run ! S1 , L Ws"'M MOYIC Scores The bi g Pow-Wow Moyle goes for two K.. ' T Q S .fyiii .A ka ' 3 ' X , M k ' 'kwin :.- , , - P f M Q A gn , -fini . ':..s,5-J' . -, L ' , . . ' .. K -W, -f. .M-f',,, - e ex , -'N -- f ,, 1 ,- on 3 A f , k x ,...:4.y1.,,,---'-,!--- 1 mg, W. -vrff 7 vw' 'U . - A -J. a-Q---,g.QB33, , ' .... -W ,. K. , . . , i , f-"' 'i . e ' LH ff " iw? ' ' Q ' ", 1,v"Xf .. I .Hg-gz e eg. i"YQ'i,,.,'..f 4. 4 ,wage ' .Q 4 Y . - ,.,,- K ',,.9, w'-4 A. , A . - AX W WM9 , ,,, w or'1f--5 -i , ., , Q, " ,M 'swf Lew' . Q'-.iffy-QLgqfgjwwf-wfgli-ffgg A -M :mf Q ' I ,K ,V , ,fm - W""'K.,,K,,,4x3+f,+5fw,. WH, X , 'ff' .- A , ,M7,,g.,,q Y,,L4,.,s Yi f U:,m,:5Q,,,?i QW., 3 Y , ' , ' ff ...M ., A--- . N- -- 3,,,.+e,..M eg V, .Q - A. Q if-we JE, A A , Ligwfg -wifi '03 e:'+--f"'v'+?':? "faP1e1 w- fi 4 Q, -. H ,-1 V ' A1--45' -YK -V 'yy , J -'N 'Av' ' '52 iv fi i,5Na55f,Tw,,,:,,f,mM5, . I ., i I v . , y- www , M 4 w.t.i,,,i,Fo--,jf .,x.a. Q..-J. W- 3 . w "i-i5f4f3g4AA,?5i . if '7'L5.r4A"""'f.i""fL ' .15 Q " CW U ' X , - 1 . 1 i ' I. , ' . . . - , Y- s I V Z ' H1 .- 1, , .f 'fs A hy, xr J 14 K WAS' . ,, ,Ig -v. Ae , XA L ,.L3,,,.l. f' K A if ,Q fi QM., ff: K: wh A 1 ,Q A 'i,Me',.f.S f -f..u2m' H 'Wi ,..p Claus stretches The BCDCTI W1fmCfS Relaxation between bouts with the umpire A N if Girls Sports The four major girls' sports are speedball, volley- ball, basketball, and softball. An added activity is bad- minton. These are played after school and sponsored by the girls physical education department. Miss Leh- man has charge of speedball in the fall. During the early winter, Mrs. Weiser has charge of volleyball. Basketball and softball is supervised by Miss Wright in the late winter and spring. Five hundred points can be compiled by a girl participating in a number of games in each sport. One second later - London Bridges falling down af, Evening at the ballet ,, . . M. ., ii- - A I. 11,-Kar -Q Somebody can't spell exit pattyfake Pattyfake J filo' , ,IQ 1 ffffwwfj sf" J s Vhfliss Lehman Miss Pope I see the moon 1m-1wA mmhmw:wu f.Lff X .-r..mam -.-' ww-'lf' N. ., ww-1w,. N,f-.www LL.' mls , 1. f -. -1 f A- g -'I Nfl' ff 8 ,., . 1' You do the hokie-pokie .ov .f 'Y I 'K T, kj? Fiighfl z i L Mrs. Weiser Miss Wright This is the way we clean the floor ,dll w,,,.,-al' .,- .SBS Coaches Our coaches worked many hours to obtain North's degree of leadership in the sports field. Through these men many young athletes are shaped into stars of to- morrow. Witlu the coaches insistence upon high char- acter, our athletes have become outstanding in the field of sports at North. Coach Ed Lindell Coach Bob Salen Coach Mike Willett -Ng-MXN. ax I I I ii 1 r Z,-vi .3 s 5:33 Q.. Coach Ed Getsch i Q 5 s . X S4 .Q 5 2 R 3 3 51, R sw 'Y Conch Don Martin Q . Coach Joe- Klune :,,',f' . , Ndsj ' Coach Don Hix Assistant Conch Leyden Mm, R Q Eeek! A mouse! Cheer I'm an Indian too! 11: if Qu We know the answer, teacher Leaders Vim, vigor, and vitality are only a few of the qualities essential to a cheerleader. North's energetic cheerleaders have added much to the enthusiasm and spirit of both team and spectators. Without their boundless energy, our sporting events would be very drab affairs. Who cares? 1 just wait till I grow up Mr. Getsch ust told Karen she made the track team 1? Ji HQ 1 5 :55 iii? U. 7 ,A2 Q Z' P 7 !l""f" , ,H . img. , ,, M . '-ffwwm ' N' Nw..- . . To the left, Face! Viking Antisocial? 1XAl- - Don't you wish you were us? Valhalla 0 Yell! Miss Wright, Yell! Pardon us for looking! I wonder who's kissing him now? . . sm. Two's com an and three's a crowd. Y, Well, go ahead and kiss her! E, . 4 ,,.-.F Q4s,x. u. K . gf.-L' K . , ,.w.,......-1 X .A A Qu-an I f TF, Mg V , . va . , I . -'ivfai Q ,HT Wkxg EL! Put your shoes on Sheryl, you're in the city now! March Gras First you step on your right foot Confucius say, "Man who study hard, may graduate." Yipee ! Kandid Cmon girls, get with it w yn' Cai guy VH: Better luck next time. ix Pearl's in betvs een ln between meals se ve- av-2 my 31' -fem, K K K I V: f 5. . Wg"g-Egg -:ff-H' -'Q in "HA, ' K?" Q 'Q' P A- k 9- , LM V i' 1' ?'4"JQ' -W ' 1 ' -A JFS: . 'Lp . - N WNY ' A: x ef - - - .M sv - Q L.-vwrb -. e ,- Q frm. ug W , -x "' ,J ,M , ng, in rink ,157 . 1 - A -, 1 5 ,J M. ifjnw, fi Q W . W A V- - - 'v--V A Q- M '. . , f H" . ' A sxralzuf "Q ,543 -,m-wma, " V A 'QW :-',w'f -Q, Q- f-.wfiu - ' ' N" 'Q T-LY, Jn. is , ' . ea' --N .1 -if f v The finger of suspicion points to you. Valkyries Elf Did she really do that? Grand Iunction Want your picture taken, lady? The old windbag! Senior Cast MR. KIMBER ........ .... D irle Van Vleet NEWTON FULLER . ANNABELLE FULLER ..... MARGE FULLER. . . STEVE ELDRIDGE. KATIE ............ MRS. DOUGLAS. . . CLAYTON EVANS. RENA LESLIE ..... HESTER ...,..... MR. PRESCOTT .... SUE BARRINGTON .... MISS WILCOX .... LEGGETT FRAZER. RAYMOND ....... TOMMY HUGHES. UNCLE STANLEY. .. . . .Doug Cloml ...jlzdy M0071 . . . .Barbara Biner . . . .Gary farkfwz . . . .Vefziln Kimpel . . ..... Merfm Radetxky . . . .... Mazwifz Lopafn . . ... .fazzice De Lima Carole Greezzfleilz . . ....... ferry Olmfz .. .Gayle Huff .....j11dy Knott . . . . . . . .Gary Sovereign . . . .Lee Belxfork . . .Cliff Burke . . . .Barry Levine STUDENT DIRECTOR. . . ..... fafziee Touery She won't let us do anything, Play You fascinate me. I'm going steady! Two hits and a. miss. Well, if it's human we have to feed it. Rallies l l Ee-a-tah! Ee-a-tah! Uh! Uh!?? . ' .,,s,.k, Blow! Daddy, blow! Come on fellows, let a little guy see. .mf - Oh, are these yours? This is our President? ?? 1 F' lil ul' . 2 in J "4 .- T-W" ?a1L'i" '-K liitxsibfr' L. " wry H s as.,-f-an BACK ROW, left to right-Thomas Edwards, Alan Lewis, Joe Gonzales, Allan Passmore, Porfirio Guterrez, John Sterkle, Larry Anderson, Carol McNassor, Ledine Kirkendall, Margie Litell, Trudy Davis, Karen McNassor. THIRD ROW-Ken Fiester, Paul Johnson, Jerry Petroco, Larry Cernila, Paul Valko, Edwin Jacobs, Larry Ingram, Jack Cox, Basil Grussing, Melonnie Long. Janice Towery, Jean Montoya, Jan Engelman, Charlette Kimble. SECOND ROW-Barbara Novitt, Venita Kimpel, Barbara Cisneros, Dolores Martinez, Pam Powers, Claudia Shepherd, Judy Olsen, Pat Kirkpatrick, Karen Shade, Sharleen Shelton, Debbie Harvey, Susie Guerreia, Janice Di Luna. FIRST ROW-Miss Graves, Mary Davis, Charlotte Weller, Marsha Dole, Kathy Kolquist, Joan Tsukomoto, Betty Tomlin, Carolyn Carpenter, Beverly Surratt, Donna Byers, Connie Wagner, Carole Paulson, Nina Chilson, Dorothy Montoya, Barbara Piccone. The North High Concert Choir sang at the Public Service Company during Christmas. Miss Graves Channukah Somebody up there likes me. The Lineup. I wonder if she's waiting. Slow down, Laura ! s W,,,,,,.....--1-'P Some day my other leg will grow. Assemblies bi Here's your membership card for the Smiles Club. Ill I'-.5 ,Q7 L- , V,, ,- I'm the shy type. -fffwf ee I ffj fitgfcv Viking Catch the gold ring someone! The Three Trumpeteers. I hope the hat doesn't leak. 165 Varieties I'11 be glad when this is over Allan, where are your pantaloons? Ma-a-gic. Don't let go of it now! ., fA.Af U 7 Q ? , X' E .x A' 4 Neil Sapper Betty Bum Most Likely To Succeed l W1t Simi Litvak Allen Swartz Athletic Ability Senior Andy Benefiel Cynthia Peabody Spotlight Gail Wagner Norman Singer Attracuve Qual1t1es , " n, ,,,' , an Bowles judy Moon " 1 ,- ' 1. X gwi ' f is ia? Dave E. Lewis Judy KDOH Stamina Personality Plus Science Fair The Winnah ! IN 'fQ to E wg' x e J A Dorothy, will you please explain the problem? Man, I just don't know. Heh, Heh, If this works, there won't be any school tomorrow! It only hurts for a little while. And I want to say . .. Poor lost soul . . . AW' ggjh... Mr. Evans, you'rc nn the wrong foo All Around i -i tl ,,. K. -xi , s -1 X. ' --,dv-M,,,,.... A yi u,lV,.v,.,,j- A I Lfif' N- .. . Fire! Fire! False alarm . . . Sleeping Beauty? 'N Up 'N Down Hey you! Pay attention! You're kidding, of course. 1 l I 5 if-sl .if .P , mf ' TQ," Saga ax '-it -WA-fl Viking Sister Tea . . . Vi-Queen Knight . . . Homecoming ....... Thanksgiving Vacation Career Day ......... Senior Play . . . 1916 Contest ... Chanukah ...... . Christmas Program . . Christmas Vacation .... . . . Father's Night ...... All City Student Council Dance .... Science Fair ........ Le Mardi Gras .... Viking Varieties .... Spring Vacation . . . Council Capers ..... P.T.A. Family Night . . . Black Masque Play .... Military Ball ..... Spring Concert ...... Mother-Daughter Tea .... Valkyrie Banquet . . . Color Day ...... Key Club Dance .... Music Week ..... junior-Senior Prom . . . Senior Luncheon .... Graduation .... Calendar of Events . . . . .October 2 ....October 11 . . . . . .November 1 . . . .November 27-28 . . . . .December 3 . . . . .December 4-5 . . . . .December 9 . . . .December 12 , ......... December 23 .December 24-january 5 ...........january15 ....january 22 . . . .February 6 ........February7 ....March 19, 20,21 ....March 23-27 ....April 9-10 ....April 21 ...April 24-25 .........April25 . . . . .April 29-May 6 .........May1 ....May 7 ....May 8 ....May 8 ....May 4-8 .....May 23 .....May28 ....June4 E Rhoda Krasner Farzzlly Q15 '- Donna Rc-pp Fafulty rv if Joyce Belgin Senior Serlion Carolyn Ojala Senior' Serlion l' , :gi MSW I-Yfm Swartz Karen Mather Ed Lindell 1"f"0d"f"0" Infradurzian Spwzror 09 ' - ll Our dear Editor. Rosalie Raw pat Rynning R0j'c11ly Rgyahy 9 ,.,. 1 V Z , V i 'N Q r -f-s I A, , ,W W Carole Greenstein ' ff ' . A A '- Senior Sefliarz V - ,af ,-,.-4...-unqahvwvv., L 0 ' V , J ' 'J . 'I Tx .4594 gs vw 'Q' 'Qi NWA , . .md-smfiztwebofebem. 1. . Carol Booth Charlene Schreiber Mary Harms junior Sertiwz junior Seftion C0-Edna, l x i - 'gl ,Qi 5 , r 42517 x 2 - v . M 0 9 , . 'fe li l e 1 'E Pearl Sheppard Judy Tollman Sheryl White: john Moore Co-Editor Organizatiofu Organizalionf Agfjijl,IHl Editor f Cathy McCaslin Mary Lou Primozich h Sgplygmgrg Sgfffgn SOPXJOIIIUVE SETUOII .l0hn PUVVIS Sporif Loraine Furuiye Sludent Life 'xg- Nosy Karen! Cookie Bernard Student Life K Q I E ' , Qfif ww-y V, ierr ,r-1 f' :Q 'X 5' , A 4 'Z tl S! 11 if Donna Bauer Szudenz Life lg Roger Wliite Sporff Neil Sapper Sporli Paul Wiberg Sport! ABEYTA, MARJORIE Distributive Education Club 4, Vice-President 4. ADAMS, JANET Girls' Choir 3,4, ALBRANDT, DARLENE ALLEN, MARILYN Roller Skating Club 2. ALLPHIN, JANET Girls' Choir 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Viking Varieties 3,4. AMATO, DIANA Foreign Language Club 2. AMATO, RONN I E ANCKER, IANTHEA S.O.S. 4, Treasurer 45 Grade SENIOR ACTIVITIES I BATHAUER, JAM Track 2,3,4. BAUER, DONNA Junior Escorts 3, iking Sisters 45 Valkyries 3,45 bster 35 Pre Med 2,3' Girls' Hi-Y 35 Bowling Club 25 Bible Club 2,45 Honor in 35 Annual Board 45 Viking Varieties Committee 4. BELGIN, JOYCE Bowling Club 25 Girls' Choir 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,4' Junior Escorts 35 S.O.S. 45 Pre Med 3,4, President 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Conservation Club 35 Viking Sisters 45 Annual Board 45 Presidents' Round-Table 4. BELLAMY, LESTER Math Club 35 Radio Club 3,4. BELSTOCK LEE C 'l 2,35 C l D A bl . ' . . Zflwilng vorigggs :Y sfsem Y ,JI 2?-iior3Play 45 Webster 45 Junior V 4 , ave . ANDERSON, DE WAYNE L 'fr K ,,.. BENEHEL ALVIN 6 1 Wrestling 2. ANDERSON, LAURENCE Concert Band 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Show Band 3,45 Viking Varieties 4. ANDERSON, MIKE Concert Band 2,3,45 Concert Orchestra 2,35 Show Band 3,45 Viking Varieties 4. ANTONUCCI, CAROL ANN Concert Choir 4. ARGUELLO, SANDRA Asl-lMuN, VAN Swimming 2 3,45 Gymnastics 2,3 4, Key CLI-ub 5, President 4, D Club 45 Skl Club 25 Tau Sigma 3,45 Junior Slave 35 Viking Varieties 4. BADION, ESTHER Valkyries 3,45 Foreign Language Club 35 Bowling Clu 25 Vi ing Varieties Committee 4. BAILEY, ELAINE BAINTER, GERALDINE Junior Red Cross 3. BAKER, CLYDE R.O.T.C. 2,3,45 Ice S tin ub 2,35 Conservation Cl 3,2. BANCROFT, DANIEL BARASH, RACHEL Ice Skating Club 35 Bowlin Club 35 Foreign Language Club 3,35 Junior Red Cross 2,35 F.T.A. 45 Webster 2,3,4. BARKER, JERRY BARNES, PHIL Viking Varieties 4. BARNES, ILEENE BARNHART, DOREITH BARNHART, JUDY BARRETT, MICHAEL Key Club 45 D Club 45 Swimmin 2,3,4' Gymnastics 2,3,45 Ski Club 2, viking Varieties 4. BATE, BARBARA Bowlin Club 2' Pre Med 3' JuniorgRed Cross 35 Girls' Clhoir 3, President 35 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Bible Club 45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4, Treasurer 4. BATES, CHARLES BENEFIEL, ANDY Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 D Club 3,45 Grade Council 4. BENNETT, BARBARA Roller Skating Club 2,35 Ice Skotin Club 2,35 Grade Council 35 sag. 45 Student Council 45 Stage Crew 45 Ski Club 25 All- School Secretary 4. t BENNETT, MELODY Bible Club 4. BERNARD, DAVITA Valkyries 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Annual Board 4' Jazz Club 25 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Bowling Club 2. BERVER, RUSSELL Audio-Visual Aid 4. BETTRIDGE, GAIL Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 25 Bowling Club 4. BIESTEK, JULIE B I LDERBACK, BOB Bible Club 45 Roller Skating Club 2. BILSBORROW, GEORGE R.O.T.C. 2,35 Science Fair 2,3. BINER, BARBARA Pre Med 2,35 Orchesis 3,45 Black Masque 3,4' Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 l.R.C. 2,45 Lflowllrig Club 25 Webster 2,3,45 Va kyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 R.O.T.C. Cadet 35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Senior Play 4. BIVENS, WILLIAM Wrestling Manager 4. BLACK, ALVIN BLAIR, DENNIS BLAIR, GARY Transferred from Franklin Pennsylvania. Band 2,35 School Paper 3. BLANCH, JIM D Club 3,45 Football 2 3 45 Track 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3 5 Wrestling 4. BLANKENSHIP, WILLIAM BOER, ALFRED Bowling Club 2,3. BORDT, RUTH Bow, JOHN Football 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Track 2. BOWLES, ALAN Student Council 2,3 45 Grade Council 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Vikir-Eg Varieties 3,45 Key Club 3,45 D lub 3 45 Head Boy 45 Track 25 Presidents' Roundtable 2,3,45 Sophomore Class President 25 Junior Class President 3. BOWMAN, Tim BRANHAM, ED Gymnastics 2,3,45 Football 2,4. BREDINE, ROGER Boys' State 35 Colorado Youth Forum 45 Tau Sigma 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Math Club 3,45 D Club 2,3,45 Honor Pin 5,45 Viking Varieties 2,45 Tennis 2,3,45 Foreign Language Club 25 Key Club Convention 3,45 Student Council 4. BRETHAUER, FRED Band 35 Library Representative 45 Concert Band 4. ' BREWER, JOHN Tau S?ma 3,45 Key Club 3 4' Boys' tate 3, Rifle Team 2,5 45 Helsmen 3 45 Colorado Teen-Age Traffic Safety Assistant 3,45 Debate 3. BRIENZA, GEORGENE Girls' Rifle Club 3 4, President 35 Valkyries 3,45 Presidents' Roundtable 3. BRON, ARLON Gymnastics 2,3. BROWN, CONSTANCE Valkyries 3,4' Viking Sisters 35 Lyres Club 2,3,4, President 35 Presidents' Roundtable 3. BROWN, BOB BRUCE, JOHN Football 2,3,45 Swimming 2,3,45 Grade Council 3,4. BUEHLER, BONNIE BULLARD, JOHN Football 3,4. BURGER, DENNIS Math Club 25 Bowling Club 25 Wrestling 3,45 Track 35 Junior Slave 3. BURKE, CLIFTON Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Concert Choir 45 Concert Band 2,35 Webster 45 F.T.A. 4' Football 35 Swimmin? 2,35 Track 25 Senior Play 45 iking Varieties 4. BURKE, DONALD Football 25 Swimming 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,4. BURN, BETTY Head Girl 45 Student Council 45 Cheerleader 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Valkgrles 3 45 Annual Board 2 3' R. .T.C. Cadet 35 Black Masque 2,3,45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Webster 2,3' Pre Med 2,35 Honor 'Pin 2,3 4- Viking Varieties 45 DAR Award 4. BURNHAM, CLARK Concert Band 2,3,4. BURT, LOU ANN Girls' Choir 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Viking Varieties 2 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4. BUTTLAIRE, DANNY Key Club 3,45 Math Club 45 Football 25 Wrestling 25 Honor Pin 2,3,4. CABELL, DON Concert Bond 2,35 Basketball 2,35 Track 3,45 Bowling Club 2. CALABRESE, JOANN cAMlNs, STEVEN Bowling Club 25 Show Band 35 Viking Varieties 35 Council Capers 35 Concert Band 2,3,4. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS CAMPBELL, JUDITH Viking Varieties 3 45 Orchesis 3,4, Vice- resident 3, President 45 Valkyries 3,45 Bowling Club 2. CAMPIOTTI, LAURA Student Council 45 Valkyries 4. CARBONE, JOSEPH Wrestling 2,3,4. CARDENAS, RICHARD CARPENTER, BONNIE Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 4' Viking Sisters 45 Math Club 3. CARPER, JUDITH Valkyries 3,45 Homecomin Committee 45 Girls' Hi-Y l.R.C. 4' Roller Skating Club 25 Ice Skating Club 25 Mr. Garner's Office 2. CARRANCO, DOLORES CASAGRANDA, IDAMAE Pre Med 2,35 Foreign Language Club 25 Valkyries ,4, Vice- President-Secretary 45 Junior Escort 35 Homecoming Committee 35 Junior Red Cross 3' Honor Pin 2,3,45 Viking Sisters 45 F.T.A. 45 .Stage Crew 45 Great Books Club CASAR I , MARY CAYWOOD, ELLA CERRONE, ROSE ANN Valkyries 3,4, Treasurer 45 Orchesis 4, Secretary 45 Ice Skating Club 2,3, Secretary 35 Grade Council 4' Sophomore Color Day Attendant 25 Viking Varieties 4. CHESTER, JANET Roller Skating Club 45 Bible Club 4. CHILSON, NINA Concert Choir 2,3,4, President 45 Madrigal 3,45 Lyres Club 2,3,45 Vallzyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 All- ity Choir 3,45 residents' Roundtable 45 All-State Choir 35 Viking Varieties 3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Junior Escorts 3. CHRISTENSEN, ROBERT CISNEROS, BARBARA Concert Choir 4. CITO, ALAN Wrestling 25 Viking Varieties 4. CLAPES, CYNTHIA CLAUS, JOHN Grade Council 2,35 Key Club 3,45 D Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 Track 25 Viking Varieties 4. CLEMENTS, JOYCE Girls' Choir 2 3,45 Bowling Club 2,45 Viking Varieties 2,3,4. CLOUD, DOUGLAS Black Masque 3,4, President 45 Senior Play 45 Presidents' Roundtable 4. COHEN, BERNIE Bowling Club 2,3,45 Math Club 45 Great oaks Club 4. COLLINS, BARRY CONRAD, DONNIS Valkyries 45 Girls' Choir 45 Girls' Hi-Y 4. COOK, CHRISTOPHER CORDOVA, ARNOLD COURTNEY, JANICE cox, SHARON Concert Choir 45 Pre Med 3,45 Bible Club 45 Girls' Hi-Y 2. CRABB, FRANK Bowling Club 2. CRANDALL, WILLIAM Transferred from Eaton Radpids High School in Eaton Rapi s, Michigan. Baseball 2 35 Football Manager 25 Basketball Manager 25 Student Council 2,35 D Clu 2,3, Treasurer 35 Conservation Club 25 Junior Class Play Committee 3. cREAsoN, SHARON CRUMP, JEANNINE Math Club 2' Junior Red Cross 2,45 Debate 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4' P.T.A. Representative 2,3,45 Grade Council 45 Honor Pin 3,4. CUBBISON, JERRY CUTFORTH, WILLIAM DAMIANA, LARRY Bowling Club 2. DANFORD, MELVIN DARLING, SHARYLE Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,4, Drill Captain 45 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Grade Council 45 Roller Skating Club 2. DAWSON, GARY Audio-Visual Aid 4. DAWSON, KAREN Viking Varieties 3,45 Concert Orchestra 2,3,4. DEDRICK, SUE Pre Med 2,3,45 Concert Orchestra 2 35 Viking Varieties 2,35 Ice Skating Club 3. DE LISA, DIANE Girls' Rifle Club 35 Conservation Club 35 Honor Pin 35 Valkyries 4. DE LUNA, JANICE All-City Orchestra 3,4' All-State Orchestra 3,45 Lyres Club 35 :Viking Varieties 3,45 Senior Play DEN I LEON, SHARON DENNIS, JACK Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2' D Club 3,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Viking Varieties 4. DESSING, SHIRLEY DI ETZ, SYLVIA Junior Escorts 35 Pre Med 2,35 Viking Sisters 45 Girls' Hi-Y 35 Valkyries 45 Math Club 25 Junior Red ross 3,45 Jazz Club 25 Bowling Club 25 Junior Achieve- ment 35 Honor Pin 2,3. SENIOR ACTIVITIES DI MANNA, ROBERT Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 3,4' Track 3, D club 3,45 Junior Red Cross 4, President 45 Grade Council 45 Presidents' Roundtable 4. DINKEL, LILLI Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Math Club 35 F.T.A. 35 Foreign Language Club 3. DIRKS, SHAROL DocKHoRN, FRED Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 25 D Club 4. A jf ooizAKi, E653 DONEEF, DAVE DONELSON, NORMA JEAN North Star Representative 2,3,45 Girls' Rifle Club 25 Library Monitor 35 Junior Red Cross 2. DON HAM, MARILYN Lyres Club 2,35 Black Masque 35 Girls' Hi-Y 35 Viking Sisters 45 Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Grade Council 2,35 Viking Varieties 4. DOWNING, GARY DRAZICH, SHERRON Office Clerk 3. DREW, PATRICIA DRINNON, LARRY Wrestling 2,3,45 Tennis 4. DUGAN, DIANA Valkyries 3,45 Grade Council 2,35 Webster 35 Junior Red Cross 2,35 Pre Med 25 Stage Crew 4. DUN BAR, BETTY DUNHAM, MARY LEE Valkyries 45 Bible Club 45 Girls' Hi-Y 3,4. DUNLAP, JOYCE Bowling Club 25 Distributive Education Club 4. DURAN, NoRA DURANT, ci.iEE EADES, DANIEL Main Club 3,4. EDWARDS, THOMAS Concert Choir 3,45 Madrigal 3,45 Bowling Club 4. ENGELMAN, JANICE Valkyries 35 Grade Council 25 Concert Choir 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2,3. FABRIZIO, CAROLYN Valkyries 3,45 S.O.S. 4, Vice- President-Secretary 45 Bowling Club 2,35 F.T.A. 45 tage Crew 45 Foreign Language Club 2. FAGAN, PATRICK Roller Skating Club 2,3,4. FARROW, BRANT Bowling Club 2,3,4. FERGUSON, BARBARA Girls' Choir 2,35 Junior Red Cross 35 Grade Council 35 Ice Skating Club 35 Viking Varieties 2,3. FERNANDEZ, RAYMOND Concert Band 2,3,4. FIELDS, RONNIE FINK, LARRY Concert Band 2,3,45 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4. FISCHER, TRINNA FISCUS, MARYJANE Viking Sisters 4' Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 45 F.T.A. 35 Lyres Club 35 0 tice Monitor 3,4. FOLEY, JAMES Gymnast ics 4. FORMAN, BARBARA Bowling Club 2,3,45 Valkyries 4. FOX, SANDRA Pre Med 25 Concert Choir 3. FREDERICKSEN, T M FULHAM, MYR Bowling g Club 2, ,4. GALINDO, F E GALLEGOS, MARTHA GALLEGOS, MARTIN GANSHAW, MARY ANN Lyres Club 45 Girls' Choir 3,45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Pre Med 2. GARBER, WILDA Junior Red Cross 35 Girls' Rifle Club 4. GARCIA, DAVID GARCIA, FRANK Concert Band 4. GARCIA, FRIEDA GARCIA, PATRICIA Roller Skating Club 2,3,4' Ice Skating Club 45 Girls' Rifle crab 3,45 Junior Achievement 35 Distributive Education Club 4. GARCIA, RONNIE Grade Council 35 Baseball 2,3. GARRONE, VINCENT Grade Council 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Ke! Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 wimming 2,35 Gymnastics 2,3,45 Senior Luncheon Committee 45 Student Council 4. GARR I ER, JOHN GARRISON, CHARLES Junior Achievement 2,3,4. GART, MICKEY Swimming 25 Show Band 3,45 Viking Varieties 3,45 Council Capers 35 Color Day Assembly 3. GIBSON, CHARLES Bowling Club 2,3,4. GIBSON, JAMES GILMORE, KAY National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Lyres Club 2,3' Math Club 2,3,45 Bowling Club 2,3,4 Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, G.A.S. 3,4, Treasurer 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Colorado Youth Forum Delegate GILMORE, LELA Ski Club 25 Bowling Club 25 AGN Attendant 25 Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Helmsmen 35 Viking Sisters 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Viking Varieties Committee 4. GLAESEL, GILBERT GOLDBERG, GARY GONZALES, JOSEPH Golf 3,45 Madrigal 45 All-City Golf 3,4. GON ZALES, ROBERT Wrestling 23,4 Track 2,3,45 Cross Cauntry'3. GRAHAM, RAY Track 2,3,45 Football 45 Jazz Club 25 Grade Council 45 Junior Red Cross 45 D Club 3,4. GRAHAM, YVONNE Roller Skating Club 3' Junior Red Cross 35 Distributive Education Club 4, President 4. GRAY, JOHN GREENFIELD, DALLAS Valk ries 3,45 Roller Skating Club 2,35 Ice Skating Club 3' Grade Council 2 35 Junior Recl Cross 25 Bowling Club 25 Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 2,35 Color Day Assembly 2,35 Norski 2. GREENSTEIN, CAROLE Jazz Club 25 Annual Representa- tive 25 North Star Representative 25 Junior Escorts 35 Bowling Club 35 Valkyries 3,45 Senior Play 4' Viking asfers 45 si-one Council 45 Distributive Education Club 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Press Day 45 Annual Board 45 Senior Luncheon Committee 45 AGN Committee 4. GREENSTEIN, SANDRA Grade Council 35 Junior Red Crass 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Math Club 35 Jazz Club 35 AGN Committee 4. GRIPPA, ROBERT GUERRERO, SUSIE Pre Med 35 Concert Choir 4. GURLEY, HULDA Girls' Hi-Y 3. GUTHRIE, ANNA LOU HACKER, JEANNE Bowling Club 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Valkyries 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Helmsmen 3. HAGEN, HARRY HAMERNICK, RICHARD Football 25 Track 2. HAMILTON, PATRICIA Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Pre Med 2,35 Bowling, lub 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Viking arieties Committee 45 Distributive Education Club 4. HAMMER, RAY Cross Country 35 Track 3,4. HANSEN, GERRY Honor Pin 4. HARDING, ANNELIESE Bowling Club 25 Valkyries 45 Viking Varieties 4' Distributive Education Club 4, Secretary 4. HARMS, MARY Grade Council 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Viking Varieties 35 Annual Board 3,4, Co-Editor 45 Webster 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Honor Pin 3,45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Ice Skating Club 3. HARRIS, ROGER HAVENS, DAVID HAwKi'Ns, CALVIN Baseball 2,35 Basketball 25 Bowling Club 2. I f - HAWKINS, HARVETTE Pre Med 2,3,45 Bible Club 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Girls' Rifle Club 45 Concert Choir 2,3. HAYES, JANICE Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 45 Roller Skating Club 25 Honor Pin 35 Viking Sisters 4. HAYNES, ROGER Football 2. HAZE, BYRON Swimming 2. HAZE, EMERY HECHT, KEN Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Junior Slave 35 D Club 3,45 Key Club 45 Viking Varieties 4. HEDSTROM, BOBB I E HEFNER, JUDITH National Honor Society 3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Bible Club 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Girls' Hi-Y 3,4, President 45 Junior Escorts 35 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Webster 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Black Masque 3,45 Math Club 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,35 Bowling Club 25 Homecoming Committee 35 Presidents' Roundtable 4. HELLER, LOTTIE Bowling Club 25 Jazz Club 2. HERR, FRED Junior Achievement 3. HERRIN, DOROTHY Girls' Rifle Club 35 R.O.T.C. Cadet 35 AGN Vice-President 4. HERSHKOVITZ, AARON Distributive Education Club 4. HESS, DON ETTA Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Roller Skating Club 2,3. HIGHT, BYRON H I LL, DOROTHY Girls' Rifle Club 2,3,45 Junior Achievement 3,45 Black Masque 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Honor Pin 25 Lyres Club 45 Vaikyries 35 Girls' Choir 35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Bowling Club 2,3. HINSHAW, GLEN Conservation Club 3,45 Wrestling 35 Bible Club 4. i-iiRscH, CELIA HOAR, DALE Baseball 25 Concert Band 2. HOCKMUTH, CAROL Valkyries 3,45 Orchesis 3,45 Black Masque 2,3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Varieties 4. HoHNsTEiN, CLIFFORD Hou.Ev, Roazizr HOLMES, JACK Key Club 45 Junior Slave 3. HOLTORF, CAROLE HOLTZ I NGER, SHARON Concert Band 25 Math Club 2,45 G.A.S. 3,45 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Bible Club 4. SENIOR ACTI ITIES HOTCHKISS, SHEILA , Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,45 Bowling Club 25 Junior Red Cross 45 Viking Sisters 45 Foreign Language Club 25 Grade Council 35 Ice Skating Club 3. HOWARD, BEVERLY National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,4, President 45 Presidents' Round- table 45 Girls' State Representa- tive 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Grade Council 2,3,45 I.R.C. 35 All-City Representative 35 Viking Varieties 35 Black Masque 35 Bowling Club 2,35 Girls' Hi-Y 35 Ice Skating Club 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Junior Achievement 253. HOY, BONNIE HUFF, GAYLE Pre Med 35 Grade Council 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 25 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 AGN Attendant 25 Bowling Club 25 AGN Queen 45 Viking Varieties 45 AGN Committee 4. HUFFORD, JANET Grade Council 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 National Honor Society 4. HUGHES, DONNA Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Bowling Club 25 Ice Skating Club 2,3. HURD, JERRY HURTY, VIRGINIA Bowling Club 25 Pre Med 35 Junior Achievement 35 Bible Club 35 AGN Committee 4. HUSKINS, ALLAN Band 2,3,4. HYATT, JACK Key Club 3,45 I.R.C. 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Junior Achievement 2,35 Latin Club 2,3,45 Bowling Club 25 Radio Club 35 Foreign Language Club 25 Colorado Youth Forum 45 Junior Red Cross Leadership Camp 25 Latin Convention 2,3. INAGAKI, KARL Football 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Track 2,3. INGRA HAM, GWENDOLYN Junior Red Cross 2,35 Ice Skating Club 25 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Junior Achievement 3,4. INGRAM, LARRY Ivy Cords 35 Baseball 25 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Council Capers 35 Color Day Assembly 3. JACKSON, GARY Swimming 2,3,45 Black Masque 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Red Cross 25 Viking Varieties 4. JACOBS, EDWIN Concert Choir 3,45 Madrigal 3,4. JACOBY, STANLEY Math Club 4. JACOVETTA, CHARLEEN Conservation Club 3,45 Girls' Choir 2,3. JAMES, NORMA Girls' Hi-Y 2,3,4 Secretary 45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4. JAMESON, ROBERT JOHNSON, JOYCE Orchesis 3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Concert Orchestra 2,45 Distributive Education Club 4. JOLLY, JOY Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Homecoming Committee 4. JONES, CEPH Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Swimming 2,45 D Club 3,4. JONES, PEGGY JURGENS, CHARLES Moth Club 35 Science Fair 3. JURKULAK, JIMMY KANOWITZ, STEPHEN Bowling Club 3,45 I.R.C. 3. KASTLER, BEVERLY Bowling Club 2,45 Jazz Club 35 Junior Red Cross 2,3. KELLOGG, JAMES KETCHUM, GERALD Concert Band 2,3,4. KIMBLE, CHARLOTTE Ice Skating Club 25 Concert Choir 3,45 Roller Skating Club 3. KIMPEL, VENITA Concert Choir 45 Girls' Rifle Club 35 Distributive Education Club 45 Viking Varieties 4. KING, ANDIE Cheerleader 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Valkyries 3,45 AGN Attendant 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Bowling Club 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 35 Rally Committee 4. KIPPUR, STANLEY Foreign Language Club 2,35 Science Fair 3. KIRKPATRICK, PATRICIA Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Honor Pin 35 Viking Varieties 45 Madrigal 4. KNOTT, JUDITH Cheerleader 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Senior Play 45 Honor Pin 3,45 Sophomore Class Secretary 25 Student Council 25 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 PTA Student Representative 25 R.O.T.C. Cadet 35 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Varieties Production Committee 25 Viking Varieties 3,45 Grade Council 2,35 Orchesis 3,45 Junior Red Cross 25 Webster 2,35 Bible Club 45 Foreign Language Club 3. KNOX, RENATTA Bowling Club 3,4. KOMINEK, MARYFRANCES KORETKO, PAUL Pre Med 2,3,45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Roller Skating Club 25 Math Club 25 Junior Achievement 2,3. KOSAGE, RONALD Football 25 Wrestling 3,45 R.O.T.C. 2,3,45 Junior Achieve- ment 2,3,4. KRAMER, JOYCE Sophomore Class Vice-President 25 Junior Class Vice-President 35 Student Council 2,35 Grade Council 2,35 Color Day Attendant 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Hcgnor Pin 35 Scholastic Art Keys 2, . KUMMER, JAMES Math Club 2,3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Football 2. KURODA, KENT Key Club 45 Wrestling 35 Track 2. I I' in n LAMBERT, SHARON Pre Med 2,35 Orchesis 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Varieties 45 Foreign Language Club 2. LANDE, SHIRLEY Jazz Club 25 Foreign Language Club 35 Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Bowling Club 4. LANDERS, DONNA Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Pre Med 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4 Secretary 45 Honor Pin 35 Jazz Club 2. LAN DON, JANET Distributive Education Club 4, Treasurer 4. LANDOW, BERLE Concert Band 2,3,45 Show Band 3. LAN DOW, PEARL Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Bowling Club 2,35 Jazz Club 2. LANGSTON, ROSE ANN Junior Red Cross 2 3,45 Valkyries 3,4, Pre Med 2,35 Bowling Club 25 Ice Skating Club 35 Roller Skating Club 45 I.R.C. 45 Honor Pin 3. LARKINS, LINDA LEADER, CAROLYN Girls' Choir 4. LEHL, JANET Girls' Hi-Y 35 Bible Club 4. LEVINE, BARRY North Star 3,4, Editor 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Grade Council 2,45 Senior Play 4. LEWIS, DAVID E. Wrestling 2,3,45-D Club 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 F.T.A. 35 Gymnastics 2,35 Student Council 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Viking Varieties 3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Concert Orchestra 2,3,45 Math Club 25 Council Capers 35 Senior Class President 45 Grade Council 4. LEWIS, DAVID L. Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 D Club 3,4, President 45 Key Club 3,45 Student Council 45 Grade Council 3,45 Viking Varieties Committee 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Senior Class Vice-President 4. LEWIS, LAURA Ice Skating Club 2. LIGHTHILL, MICHAEL Honor Pin 2,3,45 R.O.T.C. 25 R.O.T.C. Drill Team 25 Stage Crew 4. LlGRANl, LINDA LISS, ELLEN Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Roller Skating Club 2. LITLE, MARJORIE Concert Choir 3,45 Roller Skating Club 25 Bowling Club 25 Library Monitor 3. LITVAK, SIMI Webster 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Honor Pin 2,35 Valkyries 35 Pre Med 2,3,45 Foreign Language Club 2,35 Bowling Club 25 Jazz Club 2. LOBBERDING, MARY Girls' Rifle Club 4. u-ni' 'H+ LOFFREDA, JOE LONDON, NAOMI Ice Skating Club 2,35 Jazz Club 25 F.T.A. 3,4. LONG, MELONNIE Pre Med 25 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Junior Achievement 35 Viking Sisters 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Madrigal 45 Junior Escorts 35 Honor Pin 3,45 All-City Choir 3,45 All-State Choir 45 Viking Varieties 3,4. LOOSE, THOMAS Tau Sigma 35 Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Math Club 3, Treasurer 35 Rifle Team 2,3,4. LOPATA, MARVIN Math Club 45 Senior Play 4. LOPEZ, ALICE F.T.A. 2. LOPEZ, RODERICK Sosatboll 25 Basketball 25 Baseball LOWE, JUDITH Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 F.T.A. 45 Bowling Club 2,35 Junior Red gross 25 Foreign Language Club LUCERO, EDDIE Football 2,3,4. LUCERO, BILL LUCHETTA, DARLENE Roller Skating Club 2,35 Ice Skating Club 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4. LUND, RONALD Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 2' Grade Council 2,45 Bowling Club 2,45 Roller Skating Club 25 Concert Band 2,3,4. Lursloouisr, SANDRA Girls' Rifle Club 45 G.A.S. 2. MACY, CHARLEEN Presidents' Roundtable 45 Grade Council 2,45 National Honor Society 3 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,4, President 45 R.O.T.C. Cadet 3,4, Lt. Colonel 45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Valkyries 3,45 B ack Masque 2,3,45 Color Day Assembly 3. MADRID, DELPHINA MADRID, EDITH Girls' Choir 45 Viking Varieties 45 Ice Skating Club 35 Bowling Club 4. MAES, RAY Bowling Club 4. MAGOR, STEPHEN Viking Varieties 4. MAIKRANZ, JOYCE Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Bible Club 45 Girls' Choir 3,4. MAINE, BILL Black Mosque 2,3,45 R.O.T.C. Drill Team 3,45 Color Guard 35 Black Masque 3. MAK IS, CHESTER MANDONADO, EVANGELINA MANKOFF, JONI Jazz. Club 25 Bowlin Club 2,3,45 Foreign Language Cllub 2,35 Webster 45 Valkyries 3,4' North Star 45 Junior Red Cross 2. ,..-.... L. . .1 I, - 'L-.V-vi--,4-vfv or .Vs-. ' ' .itlzffw SENIOR ACTI ITIES MARCUS, CAROLE Honor Pin 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Valkyries 45 Junior Escorts 35 Junior Red Cross 45 AGN I Committee 4. ' MARKS, RICHARD Audio-Visual Aid 3 45 Grade Council 45 Senior Play Committee 4. MARTIN, ALZA Valkyries 45 S.O.S. 45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 North Star 3,4. MARTIN, JOE MARTINELLI, JOSEPH MARTINELLI, RICHARD Concert Band 2,3,4, MARTINEZ, ANNA MARTINEZ, CECILIA MARTINEZ, JOE MATHER, KAREN Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Girls' Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 45 Bible Club 2,45 Honor Pin 25 Annual Board 4. MATHIEU, LES Concert Band 25 Math Club 2,3. MATTEDI, FRANCIS QUINLAN MAURO, LINDA Valkyries 3,45 Bowling Club 45 Roller Skating Club 2. MCCOOL, CAROL Valkyries 3,45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Math Club 25 Ski Club 25 Homecoming Committee 45 Roller Skating Club 25 Jazz Club 2. McCOY, GLENN - Football 2,3,45 Conservation Club 3,45 D Club 4. Mcclzorzv, Juoirrl MCCULLOUGH, ROSEMARY Girls' Choir 4. MCMASTER, LOUISE Girls' Rifle Club 25 G.A.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Distributive Education Club 4. MCNAMARA, PATRICIA Bowling Club 25 Junior Red Cross 25 North Star Representative 3,4. McNASSOR, CAROL Roller Skating Club 25 Ice Skating Club 2' Valkyries 35 Concert Choir 2,3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4. McNASSOR, N Concert Ch i 2 alkyries 35 Ice Skating 5 Roller Skaig lu - ME INA, ALB T Wrestling 2,35 Track 2,35 Junior Red Crass 25 Bowling Club 2. MEDINA, MADELINE Roller Skating Club 2. MEIER, CAROLYN Honor Pin 45 Grade Council 35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Bible Club 2. MEYER, BARBARA MILLER, DIANN MILLER, KAREN Valkyries 3,45 Cheerleader 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Pin 2,35 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 PTA Student Representative 45 Bowling Club 2,35 Lyres Club 2,35 Helmsmen 35 G.A.S. 35 Math Club 25 Viking Varieties 4. MILLETT, EDDIE Basketball Manager 45 Football 3,45 Baseball 3,4. MILLS, GUY Bible Club 4. MILLSAP, JERRY MILSTEIN, ARLENE Valkyries 35 Bowling Club 45 Jazz Club 2. MONTOYA, DOROTHY Concert Choir 45 Roller Skating Club 2. MONTOYA, JEAN Grade Council 2,35 Roller Skating Club 25 Concert Choir 2,3,4, Secretary 4. MONTOYA, MARGARET Junior Red Cross 2,3,4. MOON, JUDY Bowling Club 25 Pre Med 2' Black Masque 2,35 Orchesis 3,45 Junior Achievement 25 Math Club 25 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Senior Play 45 AGN Committee 45 All-School Treasurer 4. MOORE, JOHN Annual Board 3,45 D Club 3 45 Football 2,3,45 Swimming 2,3,45 North Star 2. MOORE, LARRY Bowling Club 25 Ski Club 25 Wrestling 3. MORA, OLIVIA Roller Skating Club 35 Bowling Club 45 Pre Med 45 Girls' Chair 2,4. MOREHOUSE, GLORIA Pre Med 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4. MORITSKY, ROBERT Pre Med 35 Math Club 35 State Science Fair 35 F.T.A. 3. MORTON, RICHARD Math Club 3. MULLINEX, MARY Black Mosque 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,3. MURPHY, JAMES MURPHY, SHARON Bowlingz Club 2,35 Valkyries 3,45 Junior ed Cross 45 Foreign Language Club 3. NAHMOULIS, HARRY NATALE, JOSEPH NEEDENS, BOB Baseball 2,3,4, NELSON, NEIL goasketball 25 Track 2,35 Ski Club NIDESS, LEE Bowling Club 2. age -T' A we 4 A- - -fefrnevnfec-elnlyq N I ELSEN, CHARLOTTE Junior Red Cross 2,35 Grade Council 35 Valkyries 3. NORGREN, KENT Basketball 25 Swimming 3,4. NOVITT, BARBARA Lyres Club 2,35 Concert Orchestra 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Junior Achievement 2,3545 Norski 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 I.R.C. 25 Concert Choir 45 Show Band 2,3,4. OBERWITTE, JEAN G.A.S. 3,45 Presidents' Roundtable 4. OBERWITTE, JOAN G.A.S. 4. o'oowo, ooNNA Girls' Rifle Club 3,4. OJALA, CAROLYN Grade Council 45 Valkyries 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 All-City Choir 25 Pre Med 45 Concert Choir 35 F.T.A. 3,4. OLSON, JEROME North Star 45 Senior Play 45 I.R.C. 4. OLSON, JUDY All-City Choir 25 All-State Chair 45 Concert Choir 2,45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Pre Med 2,35 Valkyries 4. OLSON, ROBERT D Club 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Gymnastics 3,4. oRRlNo, JIM Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Baseball 25 D Club 3,4. OSTROM, GEORGE Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 D Club 3,45 Viking Varieties 3,4. OVERHOLT, DIANA Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 45 Viking Sisters 45 Roller Skating Club ,3. OVERMAN, LLOYD Math Club 3. OWEN, MARK Conservation Club 25 Math Club 45 Junior Red Cross 4. PADDOCK, SUSAN Black Mosque 45 Girls' Rifle Club 35 Band 3,4. PADGETT, NANCY Black Masque 25 Roller Skating Club 2. PAGET, EVELYN PALSER, RANDA Bowling Club 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Grade Council 3,45 Student Council 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Valkyries 3,45 Helmsmen 35 Senior Class Secretary 4. PARKS, JAMES Galt 2,3,45 Ski Club 25 D Club 3,45 Bowling Club 4. PASTERNACK, ELAINE Valkyries 3,45 Black Masque 2,35 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Red Crass 2 3 45 Grade Council 45 Pre Med' 25 Jazz Club 25 Senior Luncheon Committee 4. PAULSON, CAROLE Lyres Club 2,3,45 Vikirgg Sisters 45 Madrigal 45 Junior scorts 35 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Concert ghoir 2,3,45 Roller Skating Club PEABODY, CYNTHIA S.O.S. 3,4, President 45 Pre Med 3,4, Vice-President 45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Concert Orchestra 2,3,45 All-City Band 2,3,45 All-City Orchestra 3,45 Vikin Varieties 3,45 Council Capers 35 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 45 Lyres Club 45 F.T,A, 45 Bowling Club 25 All-State Band 4. PEDUZZI, ROBERT R.O.T.C. 2,35 Conservation Club 2. PERCELL, CAROL Ice Skating Club 2,3. PERDUE, LELANE Valkyries 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Great Books Club 45 Girls' Rifle Club 2. PEREZ, MARTIN Football 25 Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,4. PERRY, RAY PHARES, BILL Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 25 D Club 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Junior Class Treasurer 35 gtzident Council 35 Grade Council PHELPS, DIANNE Valkyries 3,45 Junior Red Cross 35 Bowling Club 25 Bible Club 45 Foreign Language Club 25 Roller Skating Club 2,35 AGN Committee 4. PHILLIPS, JEANNE Valkyries 3,45 Grade Council 35 Girls' Hi-Y 2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Bible Club 45 Junior Red Cross 25 Junior Achievement 3,4, Advisory Board 4. Pl-liLLiPs, MARY PIANFETTI, PATRICIA Transferred from Holy Family. Junior Red Cross 2,35 Missions Club 2,35 Pep Club 2,3. PICCONE, BARBARA Concert Choir 35 Junior Escorts 3. PLUMLEE, PATRICIA Conservation Club 2,3,45 Ice Skating Club 25 Junior Achievement 253. POLIDORI, GARY Wrestling 3,45 Viking Varieties 4. POLSLEY, SAN DRA Girls' Rifle Club 25 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 F.T.A. 4. POPIEL, STUART Basketball 2,35 Football 2. POWERS, PAMELA Lyres Club 35 Concert Choir 3,45 Roller Skating Club 2,35 Webster 25 Bowling Club 3. PRADO, CYNTHIA gigls' Choir 2,35 Viking Varieties PR I BBLE, ANNE Girls' Choir 2,35 Roller Skating Club 25 Viking Varieties 2,3. PRIEST, PAT Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Orchesis 45 Valkyries 3,45 Honor Pin 3,45 Grade Council 2,45 Junior Red Cross 35 Bowling Club 25 Ice Skating Club 35 Viking Varieties 45 AGN Attendant 4. QUINTANA, LOURDES Pre Med 2. .. ,,-...,.,. ...W--.... SENIOR ACTIVITIES RADETSKY, MERNA Valkyries 3,45 Foreign Language Club 35 Bowling Club 2,45 Webster 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Senior Play 45 Jazz Club 35 Honor Pin 3,4. RAlvlos, VIRGINIA RAMPONI, lucy RAW, ROSALIE Valkyries 3,45 Annual Board 3,45 Viking Varieties 2 45 Student Council 45 Grade Council 2,45 Ice Skating Club 35 Homecoming Committee 35 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 45 AGN Attendant 4. RAY, CELESTE Bowling Club 2,45 Foreign Language Club 35 Jazz Club 25 Valkyries 3,4. RAY, DARLENE Valkyries 45 Lyres Club 3,45 Roller Skating Club 3. REISBECK, BEVERLEY Girls' Choir 3,45 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Bowling Club 2. Rizlsseck, RICHARD REISMAN, ALLEN RENKE, JACK Football Manager 45 Basketball 25 Wrestling Manager 45 D Club 4. REPP, ANNETTE Grade Council 35 Junior Red Cross 3. REPP, DONNA 5 Junior Red Crass 25 Ice Skating Club 3,45 Valkyries 45 Annual Board 3,4. RESENDEZ, FRANK Grade Council 3. RICHTEL, SHERRY Bowling Club 2,3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Valkyries 3,45 Homecoming Committee 45 Grade Council 25 Viking Sisters 4. RITCHIE, MELVIN Math Club 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Honor Pin 45 Viking Varieties 3,45 Show Band 45 Junior Achievement 2,3. ROACH, LESLIE Valkyries 3,45 Bowling Club 25 Grade Council 35 Junior Red Cross 2. ROBINSON, LE BURTA Roller Skating Club 2. ROGAHN, ETHEL ROMERO, CLEO ROOKE, ELMER Cross Country 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4. RORVIG, GARY ROSE, DONNA Bowling Club 25 Valkyries 3,45 Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 AGN Committee Chairman 45 Viking Varieties Committee 4. ROSE, DONALD Ski Club 35 Math Club 3. ROSEN, ROBERTA Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Shaw Band 35 Girls' Choir 2,35 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Color Day Assembly 35 Pre Med 25 Homecoming Committee 4. ROSEN, SHERWIN Viking Varieties 3,45 Basketball 35 Show Bond 3 45 Council Capers 3,4, Color Day Assembly 3,4. ROSETTA, CHARLES ROSS, ELINOR Lyres Club 2,35 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Concert Orchestra 3,45 Junior Escorts 3. ROSS, LU ANNE ROSSI, MARY LU ROTELLO, MARCELLA gunior Red Cross 35 Girls' Choir ,4. ROTOLA, BETTY LOU Ice Skating Club 2,3,45 Bowling Club 2. ROYBAL, ELISEO RUMINER, DIXIE RUNYAN, ROBERT Junior Achievement 2. RYNNING, PATRICIA Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Pre Med 2,45 Junior Red Cross 25 Rally Committee 45 Annual Board 45 Honor Pin 2,3,4. SABELL, HELEN SALE, LARRY Football 25 Grade Council 35 Band 2,35 Orchestra 2,3. SANCHEZ, IVAN Swimming 2,3,45 D Club 35 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Grade Council 45 Track 3,4. SANCHEZ, MELVI N Football 2,3,45 D Club 3,45 Wrestling 2,35 Track 25 Junior Red Cross 35 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4. SANCHEZ, SHIRLEY Bowling Club 45 Grade Council 3,45 Ice Skating Club 35 Pre Med 35 Valkyries 3,4. SANTANGELO, HELEN Valkyries 3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Homecoming Committee 45 Ice Skating Club 2,3. SANTANGELO, JOANN SAPPER, NEIL Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 25 Key Club 3,45 D Club 3,45 Annual Board 45 Press Day 45 Radio Club 35 Math Club 2. SARCONI, STEPHEN Football 25 Wrestling 2,3' Baseball 25 Grade Council 3. SAVILLE, STEPHEN Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4. SCHAEFFER, PHYLLIS Valkyries 3,45 Grade Council 35 Girls' Choir 3,45 Math Club 25 Lyres Club 25 Bowling Club 25 Distributive Education Club 4. SCHAFER, GARY ..'.,- 3 SCHAFFER, RONALD Swimming 3. SCHIEL, ROBERT Football 2,4. SCHLENZ, LA VERNE Ice Skating Club 2,35 Roller Skating Club 35 Presidents' Roundtable 3. SCHMIDT, ERIKA Concert Choir 3. SCHMUTZLER, MARCIELLE Orchesis 3,45 S.O.S. 3' Girls' Choir 2, Roller skating Club 2,35 Girls' Rifle Club 35 Junior Escorts 3. SCHNEIDER, EDWARD I 4: SCHREIBM , DON Concert Band 2,3,45 All-City Band 3,4. BERLl ARILYN scloLl, MARY North Star Representative 2,3,45 Girls' Rifle Club 25 Office Monitor 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2. s T,c.e f j ub. SEASTON E, JEAN Grade Council 25 S.O.S. 3,45 Pre Med 25 Ice Skating Club 2. SEIDENBERG, DANIEL SEIDENBERG, FRANK Basketball 25 Football 25 Baseball 2. SEI FERT, MARTHA Girls' Rifle Club 45 Junior Red Cross 3,4. SEIWALD, WILLIAM SEKIYA, FLOYD Wrestling 2,3,45 Track 3,4. SHANAHAN, SUSAN Bowling Club 45 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Junior Red Cross 4. SHANER, WILLIAM Junior Slave 3. SHIANK, DONALD Conservation Club 4. SHANK, RONALD Conservation Club 4. SHANKS, BEVERLY Junior Red Cross 2,3' Roller Skating Club 25 Ice Skating Club 2,35 Viking Varieties 3. SHANNON, ANTHONY SHELTON, SHARLEEN Lyres Club 25 Concert Orchestra 2,3,45 Concert Choir 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 3,4. SHEPARD, STEWART SHEPHERD, CLAUDIA Girls' Choir 2,35 Concert Choir 45 Junior Red Cross 25 Viking Varieties 2,3. SHEPHERD, WES SHEPPARD, PEARL Bowling Club 25 Junior Red Cross 2,35 Annual Board 2,3,4, Editor 45 Black Masgue 35 Foreign Language lub 2,35 Bible Club 45 Volkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 AGN President 45 Viking, Varieties 35 Presidents' Roundta le 4. SHOTWELL, LAWRENCE SIBLEY, RICHARD Swimming 25 Roller Skating Club 35 Conservation Club 2,3. SIDELL, DIANE SIGEA, DEANNE Ski Club 25 Pre Med 25 Ice Skating Club 35 Grade Council 45 Jazz Club 25 Orchesis 45 Viking Varieties 45 Distributive Education Club 4. SIMPSON, SHARIE Volkyries 3,45 Girls' Hi-Y 35 Bowling Club 2, Junior Qchievement 35 Junior Red Cross SINES, EVA Roller Skating Club 2. SINGER, NORMAN Tennis 2,3,45 D Club 2,3,45 Math Club 2,3,4, President 45 Key Club 45 Tau Sigma 3,45 Junior Slave 35 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Grade Council 25 Webster 2,3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,4. SLON IGER, ARLEEN SLONIGER, DARLEEN Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Grade Council 4. SMALDONE, DON Football 2. SMITH, JIM Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 4. SMITH, JUDITH SMITH, SHARLENE Ski Club 25 G.A.S. 45 Junior Red Cross 45 Girls' Rifle Club 25 Roller Skating Club 2. SNELL, ANNE SNYDER, JACQUE Sophomore Class Treasurer 25 Junior Class Secretary 35 Student Council 2,35 Grade Council 2,3,45 Volkyries 45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4, President 45 Bowling Club 25 Roller Skating Club 25 Bible Club 45 Junior Red Cross 2. SNYDER, WILLIAM SOULE, JAMES Junior Achievement 3,4. SOVEREIGN, GARY Concert Band 3,45 Viking Varieties 35 Senior Play 45 Bowling Club 2. SPAHN, JOHN Radio Club 3. SPANN, STEPHEN Gymnastics 2,3. SPIKER, DAVE SPRIGG, JAMES STALLSWORTH, ARIEL Transterred from South High School. Ski Club 3. -, ,W Ju. ,. 1 -we.. e fine, eve SENIOR ACTI ITIES STEGGS, KENNETH STEINBACH, GLORIA Distributive Education Club 4. STEPHENSON, SHEILA Ice Skating Club 2,3. STODDARD, LAWRENCE STOUT, DONNA Junior Achievement 3. STOUT, KAREN Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Grade Council 35 Ice Skating Club 25 Viking Varieties 2,3,45 Helmsmen 3. STRICKER, JUDITH Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4. SULLIVAN, SHARRON Volkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 F,T.A. 45 Pre Med 25 Junior Escorts 35 Stage Crew 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Viking Varieties 4. SURRATT, BEVERLY Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Concert Choir 45 Roller Skating Club 35 Webster 25 Bowling Club 3. SWARTZ, ALLEN Tau Sigma 3,45 Key Club 3,4, District Governor 45 Math Club 3,4 Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, In club 2,3,45 Webster 2,35 Presidents' Roundtable 45 Basketball 25 Tennis 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Grade Council 3,45 Junior Slave 35 Viking Varieties 2,3,4. SWARTZ, MARY LYNN Black Masque 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Valkyries 3,45 Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 45 Honor Pin 2,3,45 Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Annual Board 3,45 Bible Club 45 F.T.A. 35 Bowling Club 25 Math Club 2. SWEET, JANICE Volkyries 3,45 Orchesis 3,4, Historian 3,45 Viking, Sisters.45A Junior Escorts 35 Viking Varieties 3,45 Pre Med 25 Honor Pin 3. TAFOYA, FLORA TAFOYA, FRED Concert Band 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Bowling Club 2. TAKAHASHI, LINDA Junior Prom Committee 35 Grade Council 3,45 Volkyries 3,45 Webster 2,3,45 AGN Secretary- Treasurer5 Junior Red Cross 3,4, Vice-President 35 Math Club 2,3,45 Bowling Club 2. TAYLOR, LYNDA Junior Escorts 35 Viking Sisters 4. TERNELLA, LUCILLE Pre Med 2,35 Viking Varieties 35 Girls' Choir 3,4. TETER, JOYCE BLANKENSH I P THEISEN, CAROLYN Concert Orchestra 2,3,4. THOMAS, SHARON Roller Skating Club 25 Volkyries 3,45 Bowling Club 45 Pre Med 45 Distributive Education Club 4. THOMPSON, JERRY R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2,35 Stage Crew 45 Audio-Visual Aid 4. THOMPSON, LILLIAN Bowling Club 4. THORN, DANIEL Gymnastics 2,3,45 Swimming 2,35 Football 35 Viking Varieties 3' Junior Red Cross 35 D Club 2,3,45 Council Capers 3. TILZEY, WILLIAM TOBIN, MARTIN Foreign Language Club 2,35 Moth Club 2,3,45 Webster 45 Pre Med 25 Honor Pin 2,3,4. TOWERY, JANICE Student Director of Senior Play 45 Concert Choir 3,4, Treasurer 45 Volkyries 45 Madrigal 45 Girls' Choir 2,3. TRUDE, BEVERLY All-State Choir 25 Girls' Choir 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Bible Club 35 Roller Skating Club 3. , TRUJILLO, LO ' . ,IZ Girls' Choir 14- Red Cross 45 Roller Skat - I b 4. TRUJILLO, MARY LOU Girls' Chair 3. TSUKAMOTO, JOAN Ice Skating Club 25 Ski Club 25 Junior Achievement 25 Concert Choir 2,3,45 Volkyries 3 45 Distributive Education Club 4. TUNSTEAD, SANDRA F.T.A. 4. TURNER, THOMAS Math Club 2,3,45 l.R.C, 45 Jazz Club 25 Foreign Language Club 35 Junior Slave 35 Honor Pin 2,4. TUTTLE, RONICA Stage Crew 4. VALDEZ, BERN I E Baseball 2,3,4. VALDEZ, JOAN Roller Skating Club 2,3. VALKO, PAUL Concert Choir 2,3,45 Viking Varieties 3,45 Madrigal 4. VAN HOOSER, WILLIAM Wrestling 2,3. VAN VLEET, RICHARD Black Masque 2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Viking Varieties 4. VAN WERT, JAMES Swimming 3,4. vAsQuEz, RAQUEL vioiL, STEVEN VON DUHN, INGRID Roller Skating Club 35 Stage Crew 4. WAGNER, GAIL Volkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Orchesis 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Junior Escorts 35 Honor Pin 3,45 North Star 3,45 Viking Varieties 3,45 Great Books Club 45 Black Masque 25 Ice Skating Club. WALDBAUM, LEONARD Key Club 45 Webster 3,45 Math Club 2,3,45 Tau Sigma 3,45 Wrestling 35 Basketball 25 Honor Pin 2,35 Grade Council 3. . -. .. .,. ,.. , , ,6,...-, H- ,,,-, WEBB, FRANCES Transferred from Fort Collins. G.A.A. 25 Archery Club 25 Square Dancing Club 2. WEDIG, CONNIE WELLER, CHARLOTTE Orchesis 45 Pre Med 25 Black Masque 45 Concert Choir 45 Grade Council 2,45 Volkyries 45 Lyres Club 45 North Star Representative 2,45 Junior Red Cross 2,45 Viking Varieties 4. WE LLS, LYN DA Volkyries 3,45 Orchesis 4, Treasurer 45 Bowling Club 25 Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 Viking Varieties 4. WHEAT, VERNON Transferred from Wheatridge. WHITEMAN, JOANN Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 Ice I Skating Club 2,35 Roller Skating Club 2,3. WILLIAMS, JAMES WILSON, ELAINE Math Club 35 Ski Club 2,45 l.R.C. 3,45 Roller Skating Club 2,35 Pre Med 45 Ice Skating Club 2. WINDSOR, ROBERT WOLDT, CHARLENE Junior Red Cross 2,35 Ice Skating Club 3. WOLF, ROBERTA WOLF, WILLIAM WOODBURN, JOSEPH WURM, LINDA MARIE F.T.A. 25 Bible Club 25 Library Monitor 2,3. YEADA, KATHERINE Grade Council 25 Junior Red Cross 2,3. YOSHIMURA, ROY YOUNG, CAROL Ice Skating Club 35 Viking . Varieties Production Committee 4. ZAMORA, JUANITA Girls' Choir 4. ZARLENGO, LOU ISE Grade Council 35 Junior Red Cross 25 Ice Skating Club 25 Ski Club 35 AGN Committee 4. ZEILER, HAROLD Basketball 2,3,45 Football 2,35 D Club 4. ZELINGER, EVELYN Volkyries 3,45 Viking Sisters 45 Junior Escorts 35 Bowling Club 2. ZIEMER, CLAUDIA Transferred from Pinedale, Wyoming. Cheerleader 25 Sweetheart Ball Queen 25 Bowling Club 45 Future Homemakers of America 2. ZIMBELMAN, EARL Wrestling 35 Conservation Club 3. ZOLANEK, MARLENE Girls' Hi-Y 25 Junior Red Cross 35 Volkyries 3. ZUPANCIC, FRANK Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 25 D Club 3,45 Grade Council 4. ,fag . Autoga TZ? wg., we N W W Autographs W 2 M M igg, 'ffjfjqiw Ziff Q ZWWWW mf! 5. f K1 ERE W f1f m 6 2 A F wigmf WWZW My W3v MW f W J' J T W My ff Y W My Yagi WDM f . NM In ,E , A12 'S fy W zymw EXJFQ9 Q SESKEN l vgmjyyif VME! Mjjjff www Rxxfsf' gf W, QWJ' ,Q w 59""ff21Z2g.i5 ""2 O, ff fy ff! , 7. h CfCJ,g6f fjgf lfwff Jw Xxx, yu W-'QN XX FN . in. 4 4 ff ' 11 ffUMf fv1 O ' 0 ict fx, I ' 0 0' A, , ' ,nf f f 1 V' f wird k if pf" " ff pf d N, X JJ, f 1 mi ff fx ,- ,f 'tif f fu' ' 4 1,1115 gy V Q .mmm fig? 1,5 jfrm ff Oi! if AFS? T' 1 1 ' , ' ' , , ' lpggf' V6 lf, ig 'Y Yf Mx!! W 4 A X! JL' 1 ,lf ' ,gf M if ., i Wff Juv- ,W W -M ,. ,Q :Yi 1 J 'Vg ff 'X ' " 'J 6 W Z ik-t Vg! x I , ,Q!.g,, if VL, If 'vga , 1, 1, V ,lf JV fu 4,9 5 n 5. Wifi cm 'Q' 'T if E X. X N 12' .If,fL,"' I , ,Lf I , -2 4 J . PM , 1 , Ll, i K, fx fi NMQP-+ r'1':9-.1 M1 ,. ,wz1: ev?,-zkggiv .4 .iff ,LCA ,511 . ,1,,. .-, ' 1 y ,.., , ., r ' ff ' '- 4 -.,:- H V m,.v2k44 'nf YI bf

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