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 - Class of 1954

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fi , x 1 . J A Q 5 f 1 ,fm X JCI? 'jziar s 7 L I EJ! f Jdvcphy Q 6711 ti -3 ,. , ' A-if 2 'HV' ' 'A - , ,Ji . Yb :Kb a- M if fl if' Lf ' L K" I , , I 4 r - f t A F: Q X' X if KK J - If 8 xv, Ui!! DQXO JR vii!! 'I rg Q f if X 'L if v A5 Nw' xy if Q4 w 1'-'Wi Q" 4 'v Z gf 'ex xv A tw if' N' viii?" gli, 'N Q , U , i -kk hu 5 I' 'Tlioj guy EM, M M 2 , I ,K 4, " fl, K' .X ,if I, Z Xxxkb , xy Lljixfdw ' , J I X JN I N! ,jd n . R N A , ' fi Fl 140,55 k lx J M11 1,7 'W ff 43,6 " ,KM L f fm if 1' Lf fi ' 9 , my 2 zgjifff' I lf, C- Q r,v,f4'X' It I ' , ., ' v ' ' K1 ' 3? s 4 ,L7 2' ,J 'S N 4 sk fa, " " , E ' T . 'X N ' 1. fi Q fi L3 , A Q ' J: 1 ke B ' ,WX dx ww J I - . 'X U ,f f .WA X LJ kt rj, x A 3' My I K, 3 , J I 'X xy YJ ' xi ij: rpg! h J J' ,911 , w J ,fx li D 5 V 51 fd HH :ff-f ff 'Xxx V riff VA El j.f"a? :if j 'I pf' .I A' Z If .jg it Nix A 1 R it, X! Y f vi' Aix, --V V? -Qt R Li W 1 x N' 5 K sf L , " ff: ,S Y 1 AY--X Ifrjyg Aff fi' .f rj ,BX , f 'I H . . fl M wk, I as H 0 ESX, I 'I It 'sy D" E x :ff L gm' E I I I 4' " -fly' fi V ' 7 9 , 5 12 ' x 1 J. f' BN. f ,PL ' is X i. ,I fr - 2 'X " l" I 5 5 G if R V lx 9,1 ' X Ad . ,L A F ij YNg'U. 4 , ff ,frfig ' if 5- ' 'X , . Q' ,Q Q ff fm 1 JS, wg, yy' L Q J Q W ' 55,5 W A I J gy ?N , , N .. , 3 524' N - MA 5,5 1? iff 'iff , 1 ' ?-' E .. 1 ! , " ' ff' a, 2 , ea' P , x. 3 '. if . in V . fx gr 1 ' v ,E 1' :A I - f :Y . ,..V X1 - ':- -. ' f 4 4 . I t J A J. U V, ,ez 4 Z 4 X , xx . L: , 1 L , x 1 , 5,1 1 ' x , , ' I . 4 5 V I - x' . f , 'U A ' ,f 1 x ' ,. I lf' f 2 2 X K J! MX - K , . 5 1 1' , ' X I . . . , 1 ' fm, PU . Q ii' !' I Q6 ,F 'I M if + :Q IJ N 11? W Jlcf 'k I I X v. CJ WK xg A A ? xg lv 1 L 'L L1 , Q X X ,f W M f V f S , 3 J V, N x iw, A 1 7' 2 95 J 'I 'I kfkx 'JY X41 4 XJ 1 X.. N :J xl H ' -, '-.3 . 4 P 41 tl: if-O rd V J V' 1 ...Q E Q . J . , I .6 1 . . 4, L. ' ' EQ ,J 4 ", ' X 'r s H ., rss, " ,'-71 , ' ' 7 7' - 1 ' , I . Lv.. ,if . -lx -ici.: Mtgx Y 4' - 'gl ' - . ' I fl -..las '10, ' ' - ' :1 ' 9 ls. f1zii"H . If 'S il, , WWC u A. I ff f Lf 1 -xg A If , ' Q V 1,1 If . X 14-Q' ' 'a , I ,A 4, 4. .- if - yr , 23? 'TAAQV 4 v 1 sw. Ax pl QA fr, . ,v sf sf 'Yr- ff af' r I?-'I 5:3 ,., x .. N 7 . 9' , , We 'W ,fk I J U A if Q , J 1 el. ff - I ' G 4'?. If , 9 , + ' -Q 1,. 0 PP I 4,- , , ,..A-ML ,. I .y ' -vi? V. 1 - . I sg, -fa 2 ,. 1 ' 1' 'JI' ff s 3 Q A 491' X I' r 1 fr ' fu zu., ggi ga-1+ ,f 1 T 1, 1' ' ' ,I . ..'f:C.y ' , 'S ' Q3 5 '. ' 4 4 x ,Qc f. ,IJ Ay., F.. 5.L'a,x'- Q' ,, ' vffw. rf , .. tnawfsffx' '17 ffl? 5,5 Q 'tv 91 ' . I E-Dr lf, 1- j'-' rRrJjxQ 5 J L ffl-w ' I -I ., f" sf - 4- ,' I ' . I i u 1 W 1 -Q 1' -. , 0 . ' I J- ' 9 M LQ ., A 0 -.f , A ,,,.1!'2 ""'f gg , ' 1 It ' ff A 'Q X. ?" ' y X -f ' 1 , X aw If w ry I , X I L ' k ' 'Xt L f. is A I 6 ,V I ru fx 1 B , hi M P A - H . iff . W' if me 'V'-Q ji... ... F ..u-- ' . J . '1 ,,--vw -' ,,. , J , I ,M '1 JH-Q ,,,X ,. :V , 0'7fy2..rn.1 I X ,, C. f UF' f- f ,,,4,,g .i Q . ,ff ,QQ ' X t r , K 5 ., af L '+ 1 ST' f f . ,LgQ.f g,mv,? , Q? R f we I L ,. my X fl N I2 ,.. 'C F,-1 Z 'X Q, 2 Q, WW" 1 VQM fm WW W W ZWW ww J' W fm f 57fwfffWj'1'?Ziiat, fwmp f Wolf LW 'ff ,Mi ffmpf Q f J 'k3"M5,7?fif.,Q'1Z'4f' if A JXLA jw,4,M,A,,, ' W Vfiiwgfw 6544, mm WMM A, I954 .' ' . ,. ,Q i 1-Q x t':' 'N V1-3 LNEA. ,"..xsX - " . f-' Y X - J .,, v Y XJ N X' x ' ul-, X . g O 'N "JL x N X N x W LJ - ' , 'su ' -. W A if ,XM :gss 'sl k.. Mtg vf - 1 W wh V. x . ' I NQ 1 5 I ." ,X ,wr X., A , ' . , 'RE .NN A.. , ,. Lf--f , Q ' x. . denver '50 X '. 'fo 5 N .-, . sf , m. , N. J 'v a I O north ' high school KN ml sk .5 , xx w" N colorado We dedicale lhe Fif'rie+h Viking lo 'rhe memory of all lhose who have preceded us a+ Nor'rh-'rhe s+uden+s who have given a winning spiri+ and confribuied 'I'heir 'lime and abililies in school ac+ivi+ies for +he improvemeni' of +he school: +he 'reachers who have guided so many in 'rhe search for knowledge, and who have also willingly dedi- caled fheir 'rime and alaililies +o make if possible 'ro weave dreams info reali+iesg and ro 'lhose from Norrh who have died in lhe service of fheir coun'I'ry +ha+ we mighl' coniinue +0 receive fhe beneii+s of living in a Democracy. introduction Since fhe firsf graduafing class in I886, which consisfed of six girls, Norfh has grown fremendously. Norfh firsf occupied a four-room frame building af fhe presenf sife of Ashland School. This building accommodafed all high school pupils and fhose of fhe sixfh, sevenfh, and eighfh grades of fhe fown disfricf. ln i888 fhis building had become foo small for fhe number of pupils, and worlc was begun on fhe Ashland building. During fhis fime fhe high school was held in fhe Arbuclcle building af fhe corner of Norfh Speer and Federal Boulevard. In fhe fall of l889, fhe Ashland building was opened and if was fhe home of Norfh Side high school for fwenfy-fwo years The enrollmenf sfeadily in- SQQTHY 'QJQRXK Q1 S, Ya 4' X 3253 .ua aaa-.E+ Q54-'gk is 'Z .r 4Z.,e1,, ' fs-fffe' ' creased during fhis fime and in I907, consfrucfion was begun onulr 54415, fhe presenf Norfh Side high school. This building was finished in A vrizg l9I I, and has been fhe home of Norfh since fhaf fume. During fhe pasf sevenfy-fwo years, Norfh sfudenfs have read news ifems in fhe newspapers of fhe Spanish-American War and World War Ig have lisfened fo radio news commenfaries of World War ll: and have seen and heard on felevision, prisoners of war refurn- ing home from Korea. Many have served fheir counfry in fhe armed forces, and many have sacrificed fheir lives in fhis service. The aufomobile, fhe airplane, fhe submarine, fhe afomic bomb and fhe hydrogen bomb, have all been developed while Norfh High sfudenfs were on fheir quesf for knowledge. Whaf are fhe sfories fhe walls of Norfh could fell? Who are some of fhe people who have walked her halls? We can never answer fhese quesfions fully, buf we lcnow fhaf fhe memory of each class will never be forgoffen. ln fhis 50fh Annual we will sfrive fo presenf some of fhe evenfs of fhe pasf and presenf, and fhe hopes and dreams of fhe fufure. Q51 Tqfqf ini if -iffy 'Ez ,- . " I ,r a--.xx 'XL .1 . 541-11,11 'S-f SI C H onflucforoovicaxj garlow - . C . Orchestra- Fuesfone OF COLORADO UNNEFSXTY YNC1ULDLR,C,OLOV4PxDO PREENUENT 5 UFFKCY. H, wi? ',WCux,.hvK' '!,'x-I-9, ' ' "X 'lu lisa Yu. hom:-'r w'uXk,f' A. 'AX2,m' , 'Y' -- 'f'xX4'u Q 'Q wX'B"1uHu 'imxvx-Y, DD: Wwoum Lx x . on m M Dear lin W9 E 'fr'-X xl-'MW , hav: x -w.,,RLwr xv- " wr x,,-'uk,'3 it , xx ' .Y "I rkuxq. M-,xr L,f'L'wf 'xx'-L1 iw ,x MMO y -.L-,Lux Mr nu- M- mruxa yr-um, dual my M, 'J K Uhr- v rv .zcrpv y arm- meat R ,V 1-A, iv .url , 1.11213 Wjkx. ' 'ui Wuxy :nas .flux TL x,Lk'vL-11.3 :awww u1'.C.o xx ,r my, 'L vw fy :rug gum u 1 1 most, ,uL,,rxl'fL1r1wN.,, lxwk Vw' n,u.yv:k,v.1'. 1'-'C+'N-all ifwv, EW R.-'H"l.x"1",, mul 'Jn' .f','f0l1DX.-15 in T? LVN L wk, t A X :eww ymt-.erxxss 'JY worn U N ,mx"vxf, ',X'.'xL mtv-2 W--1-xg ni ww first x wr',:mCw 'x- mv. YUx,r-Rm Qxxxnxvfvruasrv is tx warn L 'fm LUX- mx' :my u.:1w,u.n1K,mx U K4--.m, nu fM'rX'- Hn-1 JULLHM, L5 c-'lk g,yf,Li,U,fr ' Ny-"J,-,Nix Tzuxxfd-'!'.'.wK'1i, Y lm 'Lf' f- V1-'mv nv r L -. 'imfr--lj' ycxxrrx, ' "fb, ,- HOW A R D xx .x xc LOW SVYYE MXZKZA f H1 A FH lkhiili 'N RKMKXKXXXINIIAI M v 'x w wr xx January B , l95l+ Whelan r Book Street Misa Pat Editor, Viking 'lea high School levard. and Eliot North Sp er Bon aio u North Denver e ll, Color Whelan: eat pleasure to tell yo are ln the North the Vlklng Dear hles gives me gr eqiate my ye ngratulate h year. lt much 1 appr ol and to co chad its 501. successful how very Denver High Soho Book on ha'-Ylng rea . tly attrlbute my nce ln the North Vlllberforce 3 . GBT. 'Lear l can :llrec 1. ln music to ny attenda School, where 1 met Mr. cl me on my nuslcal car Book and North ln the star Denver High Whiteman, who starte the Waxing Year freatest of success 'dlshlng High School the 5, 'oelleve me , dlally yours , Denver cone , Gor Y S936 to P - W resldent of '2fg1DarleY orado Unive tsity Min Put Serlne EVM-X5Yon h Jshua!'Y 'LB , l95 Whelan, and hr . ea Linden, Slrsx fr the butterflies amlnatlon th G0 Dear h l can stlll rememb: 'n my tumlw at ex ool wi Thougg whlch held conventions l time, l look back to my old high sch much pleasure and aopreciat-lon. The pleasure stems from very hancy associations with tewchere nd classmatesg the aopreclatlon from the fact re l learned to work, and not just an overall impress on ind, and a t lt was the There was " ou hnve a m the pretend to work. nts to the effect y hether you will use it to hether you wont. the stude 'ou alone can decide w f your capaclty or w 4nd for you". 5 the fullness o No one else can use your m e afternoon ln Latin class oral "education" emember th that the w 1. H35 X can r n we were led to note are" -- to lead forth. l alned from books owers whe from "celtic 4 formation g which the p ult1- stems oolnted out that ,n and teachers ls the material on of the students' minds go to work, ann that mately lt ls the student who must lead forth the mowers of his own rfrlfig no one else can do lt for him. Teachers can give him information but he himself. l in the full sense of ll success. must eoucate ' t is wks! edugeti-Q9 3. ' 'lt is the hge of e INET The We Word- iE?X?3'le, . . for me at old North D6 be grateful. ened up cease to This was op ll never ls doing high School. l sha hat the same school did for me. X trllst t cw as lt l hone ant just as much for students n best wishes to Nor! high School, 'dith my very 9 fffvanfq LW W, A C0mmiss, - Dexheime Elfnel- of B r u eclamation reau gf spring Byinggton S . A Cttessptxngtagingfon E and Sc teen fm A he rua Y X .f .ri , nnnso STATES EPARTMENT OF THE 'NTERXOR D eussnu OF ascx.AMP-VON wrsumoron za. D.C- JIXN ' 8 1954 eww SGW' ect vias YU' Wm X wang 'lf'-"T E9 h gchool - Sgr rth H16 T Bouxwuo and Shot do mhere so Spee th Colora 'oe TONS hor gen-:er U a 'helam pleasure 50 the yy deaf TW55 V' 5 a XL - 5 an honor ah alumnus of Harm mah School- 5 my yea1'S mer" and td les 0 4 mt h 8 . fxmdmemfiooilo with selection of 'W V M ww B great doa page dong ,O me px-eevxg and an 1 mule ww V' otltivl 'Odd ul t ln this high-'W comignt. hi-EY' 5'-'MOO1 yogi fam' mpc! vm, ,n excellent owe' an 0 'O yt. field! which W to L- n th!! rth V19 roiesslon is XA V 8,5 of atx 5 P ,G 0 deinfmine ent- eh!-U 6 eel No 5 B p tion 0 X, thnii' Banda cm wombfl W' . uns 'WT' or flex 0 ey are H055 Q10 -491-yon i endeavor' ix: cm obtain a 5 Sofas which W field 0 n c ooelneoy: active from whlc -1 work l thtml S 5 can cereltl ll 'I io 0 lsiaotlo yo B9 1 Xl Amr Lnhla ' - ' Smyf oi sat 9 ' G mmlsslo 681' 68539 Ral h A P P I nnouncer for ra3?O 3 d fStrike It Rich? T. V. aww., f ' Yat WPI N GEM S lNc0R PORATED SCREE Twnhwl gen Fonw -Nmwu STREE1 N. 233 W vows mo. Y- A is , Wx N EW cleat- a non an, VW' GT JAH nary 6, 1.9 SL lisa mn VSKHG 01 North N19 who Vnwr, colorado 9,51 glial WWUU1 L 5.11 you how much 'Gb' it le B gg E.x:cE:T::l,t2Rnmasac:vclak-Sons 3.33033 1DBx'ffx::-:Lmxy help and uncoursgdlent :Li lm ao mug sy. if: ws norm H131 Schoox' ha' help since W padultion- tx n umm .uv xndifkduglg to Bn 0 1 on rgzlowzgr- to tell YO" Vwtsggm pl-uxttgrt ll md k::i:':'5'm' 1 Hound in tm :M-no io:-th si-lr, hli' anne., 'nd B' th. what 0 1 nm. to nn: M511 now. turd I' ffm 'h' nm' My 115 fg1Lbi0Dl Giffctof or :Musa whiff' wb Anwar. a siznsstgx., an o1!0x19'nY5b:x'o2xicEg:5.:?'i,d pthodl, kndlledgl Of typ.: pri li : ,nd pp basics of SOUR' ' 1 1 0 Wy you nn me autumn pm1v'rv'fY Sw' on nm vlxmlc. we bm- """ evn-you at Nor!-X1 WXWQ I V! I , , A hwy US J I V beat to You and Qqrditllya , 4 I ' Wit W W - --msg' ,,nv9'a' K 2 ju mums ff ns- 7 -V K.lC few-f. ,. ,Q I lx pl pam! ,lnnfmmrr -ff X1,C.-f- nurmlm A , V f r A vu Lmmzzi .lvrzwx-, Wnnxg l'1.mNs New Yuan January l'5, l95lL hool North High Sc Denver, Colorado Dear Faculty and Students: Congratulations to the "Vlking" on its fif- tleth anniversary! A thought of the "Vl'clng," brings back thoumhts of three wonderful years at North Hlgh -- years that set my declslon to make radlo my chosen field. The comblnation of orescrlbed courses, electives and extra-currlcular actlvltles that made un my hlgh school years formed a nerfect background for thlngs that were to come. When televlslon reared its demandlng head, lt was most fortunate that 1 cowld call on the broad background of knowledge and learning habits that I had gathered at North dlgh and augmented at the Unlversltv of Denver. N So l not only send congratulations to the Vl'flng," but al so deeoest thanks to North -llgh for oreosrlng me for today! Slncerely ysurs, Raloh ?aul H Dffeifgf E2 'flfiiwillaams CCo1um1?iff'if1F Gemssitglgtffgfng' ctures Corporation, ff mkswgf- HX at I U eff: iw? ' W 1 5519714- if 'aid' Those who have gone before us who have 'I'alren fheir places as average American cifizensras well as fhose who have achieved na+ional recognifion, owe much of fheir success fo fhe educafion fhey received ai' Norfh. The educafion we receive during our high schpol years will make a lasiing ' ression ongour lives, so ii' is up +o us fo malce fhe mom lives are whef we mah-fhem, n if w frive menfally nd moral y. Ge do. Q I 2.523 5 ... f 1 with the faculty KP ww- ww WW? -was , ,, 221' fm , .X 3'-M ,af f , S f V A , J w J J Mr. Che-sfer C. O'Hanlon Assistazzt Principal Mrs. Kaihleen S. O'Neill Dean Mr. Clark H. Spiiler Principal Miss Olga Nelson Coordinator ASFAHL, ELIZABETH English Deparlmen+ B.A. and M.A. Degrees ASHFORD, G. WELDON Social Science Deparfmenl B.A. and M.A. Degrees BEATTIE, WARREN Social Science Depar+men+ B.A. Universi+y of Colorado B.E. Universify of Colorado BEITLER, HALLEN Ma+l1ema+ics Depar+men+ B.S. and M.A. Degrees BRAGG, EARL '47 Mafliemafics Deparfmenl' B.S. Universify of Nebraska M.A. Universify of Nebraska BURGER. GEORGE Inclusirial Arfs Deparfmenf B.A. and M.A. Degrees CALDWELL. BEN Business Educaiion Deparfmenf B.S. Degree CHRISTENSEN, EWALD Business Ed. Dept, Chairman B.S. Universify of Nebraska M.A. Universify of Nebraska CLARK. SGT. BEN Milifary Science Deparfmeni CLARK, WALLACE Business Educa+ion Deparfmenf B.A. Universiiy of Denver B.S. Universiiy of Denver CRAWFORD. BETTY Mafhemafics Deparlmeni' B.A. Universiiy of Wichifa M.A. Universify of Denver VIS MARTHA 2 DA , T Healilw Deparimenl, Chairman B.S. Universify of Colorado DAWSON. LOIS Social Science Deparimenf B.A. Universiiy of Kansas M.A. Universify of Denver DONAHUE, HELEN Librarian B.A. Texas Sfaie College I2 DOREMUS. MARY C. Mafhemafics Depl., Chairman B.A. Universify of Nebraska M.A. Columbia Universify DRAKE, CHARLOTTE Social Science Deparlmenf B.A. Universify of Colorado EBERLE, DONALD English Depar+men'l B.A. Marquefle Universify ECKERT. PATRICIA Heal+h Deparfmem' B.S. Universily of Colorado EDWARDS, HAROLD Social Science Debt, Chairman B.A. Sioux Falls College M.A. Columbia Universify EVANS. DONALD Social Science Deparfmenf B.S. Universiiy of Colorado EVANS, RICHARD lndusfrial Arls Deparlmenl B.A. ancl M.A. Degrees FRANK, JOHN Language and Milirary Science B.A. Universily of Denver M.A. Universify of Denver FROST, Ma BELLE Secre+ary FROST, MARY C. English Deparimeni' B.A. Universi'ry of Colorado M.A. Universiry of Denver FRYE, HOWARD Social Science Deparlmenl B.A. Universily o'FWasl1ing'lon FUNK, RUTH English Deparlmeni' B.A. Degree GARNER. EuGENE Social Science Deparimeni B.S. Monfana S+a'I'e College GETSCH, EDWARD Social Science and Mili+ary Science Deparfmenis B.F.A. and M.A. Degrees GRACE, MARGARET English Depar+menf B.A. Universify of Denver GRAVES. RUTH Music Deparfmenf, Chairman B.M.E. Norfhwesfern Universify M.M.E. Norfhwesfern Universify GREEN, WILLIAM Science Deparfmeni' B.S. Purdue Universify M.S. Universify of Denver HAIR, PATRICIA Home Economics Deparfmenf B.A. Oklahoma A. 8: M. College HIX, DONALD Business Ed. Depf., Chairman B.S. Universify of Denver M.A. Universify of Denver HUXTABLE, CATHERINE Home Ec. Dept, Chairman B.A. Universify of Wichifa ISBELL, SARAH Ma+hemaIics Deparfmeni' B.S. Universify of Denver M.S. Universify of Denver jvfv 'WGA 1-L -I 'S Z? JEFFREY. MILDRED Language Deparfmenl' B.A. Alfred Universiiy JOHANSEN, PAULINE English Deparlmeni' B.A. Universi+y of Nebraska M.A. Universi+y of Nebraska JORDAN. LAWRENCE Business Eclucafion Deparrmenl B.A. and M.A. Degrees KINNETT, DELMAR Social Science Deparlmenf B.A. Degree KINNEY, AGNES Business Eclucaiion Deparlmeni B.S. Universi+y of Denver M.S. Universiiy of Denver KLUNE, JOSEPH Mili+ary Science Deparlmenf Health Deparlmeni, Chairman B.S. and M.S. Degrees KOOGLE. DONALD Social Science Depar'rmen+ B.S. Universi+y of Colorado KOSMATA. MARIE Business Educafion Deparfmenf B.S. and M.S. Degrees KRUCAS, RAYMOND Social Science Depar+men+ B.A. Universify of Colorado LACEY. JEANETTE Ar+ Deparfmenf B.A. Degree LENDRUM, MATTIE V. English Deparfmenf B.A. Colorado College v V f' E LINDELL, EDWARD English Deparlmenf B.A. Universiiy of Denver LYTLE, HELEN Business Educa+ion Deparimenl' B.A. Colorado College MacDOUGAL. MATTIE Maflwemafics Deparimeni' B.S., B.A. Universi+y of Denver MacKENZlE, EMMETT Mafhemafics Deparfmeni' B.A. Universi+y of Colorado MARSTON, EDGEL English Deparlmenl B.A. Universify of Denver MARTIN, DONALD Ma+hema+ics Deparl'men+ B.A. Universify of Colorado M.A. Universily of Colorado MILLER, THELMA English Depar'rmen+ B.A. Universify of Denver M.A. Universi+y of Denver MOLES, BURWELL O. Social Science, Healih Dep+s. B.S., B.P.E., M.S. Degrees NEWLON, CARL Social Science Depar'lmen+ B.A. Universi+y of Colorado NORTON, HILDEGARD English Depar+men+ B.A. Universily of Colorado M.A. Columbia Universify OLIVER, IVA Librarian B.A. Coe College OLSON, MARY JANE Business Eclucafion Deparimeni' B.S. Universify of Denver OUGHTON, VICTOR W. Indus+riaI Arfs Deparfmem' B.A. Degree OYLER, MARGARET English Deparfmenf B.A. Universily of Denver PEAVEY, MARY C. English Depar+men+ B.A. Universi+y of Denver M.A. Universify of Denver PIKE, EARL Music Depar+men+ B.A. Degree POWELL, MARION S. English Deparfmenf, Chair B.A. Degree man RIDDLE. HARVEY Science Deparimenh Chairman B.S. Colorado A, 8: M. College M.S. Universiiy of Denver ROCK, CLIFFORD Social Science Depar+men'I' B.S. College of Emporia M.S. Degree ROSNER, ARIA Nurse B.S. Universify of Colorado M.S. Universify of Denver SACHS, GERALD Social Science, Language Depfs B.S. Universiiy of Denver M.S. Universify of Denver SALEN, ROBERT Social Science, Healih Depls. B.A. Universify of Denver SAUTER, NORBERT English Depar+men+ B.A. Buena Visfa College M.A. Universiiy of Denver SCHULTZ, MYRA Language Deparlmenf in Y B.A. Universi+y of Denver 20 l SMITH, PAT Social Science anal Music Dep+s. B.A. Universify of Denver M.A. Universi+y of Denver SPENCE, VERNON Social Science Deparimenf B.A. McMurry College M.A. Degree SUMNER. PAUL lnclusfrial Aris Dept, Chairman B.S. and M.S. Degrees TRENT, CLEO Business Educafion Deparfmeni B.S. Universify of Denver M.S. Universify of Denver TUCKER, MONICA Treasurer WARD. ARNOLD Language Dept, Chairman B.A. Grinnel College WARREN. EDWARD Science Depar+men1' B.S. Universify of Denver M.S. Universify of Colorado WEALE. ASHTON Mafhemalics Depar+men+ B.A. Universify of Colorado WEISER, MARIAN S. Healfh Deparlmenf B.S. Mills College WHARTON, ELIZABETH Home Economics Depar+men'r B.S. Adams Slaie College WILLETT, MIKE Heallh Deparlmenl B.S. and M.S. Degrees I WOODRUFF. MARIAN Healfh Deparfmenl' B.S. Universily of Colorado WRIGHT, ROBERT Indusirial Ar'I's Depar'I'menI' B.S. and M.S. Degrees ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES Mafhemalics Deparfmenl B.A. and M.A. Degrees ZINKE, CLIFFORD Science Deparimenl B.S. Weslmor College M.S. Universily of Denver Cusfodians-Mr. J. Saraceno, Mr. C. D. Mooberry, Mr. C. S. Davies, Mr. H. Saluvicci, Mr. A. Ware Q9 Q FQY41?.vQWev Lunchroom-Mrs. H. Berdach, Mrs. E. PoHs, Mrs. F. Hayes, Mrs M. Ciaramelli, Mrs. M. Hughes, Mrs. M. Haskins, Mrs. E. Becker Mrs. N. Sfocker, Mrs. R. Levine, Mrs. H. Eas'f, Mrs. M. Pefiid Mrs. I. Smejkal Office-Mrs. L. Wheeler, Mrs. G. Deus, Mrs. M. Fros+, Mrs. M. Follansbee, Mrs. M. Tucker, Miss S. Lyons in classes W 5 'fwi Q we Q use .1 Y 2. kv i i gf L' fi f' V " ' ,Lf I E E5 kg, I fe n if r Mr. Howard Pescl1el Sponsor Jean Adams Secretary golden moments graduating Tom McFall President Bill Zimmerman Treasurer 26 Dick Volk Vice-President CONNIE SHIDLER JOHN CHRISTIANS I W I G, LUPE ABAD F JOHN ACKER ,,,:qg -Q I JEAN ADAMS A wif ' MARILYN ADLER J If if JACK ALLEN Q RUTH ALLEN MARCIA ALTMAN LORRAINE AMBROSIO I ' 7 DONNA ANDERSON JACKIE ANDERSON JUNE ANDERSON LORRAINE ANDERSON PAT ANGEL DENISE ARCHER RICHARD ARON HERMAN ASTORGA X RA 5 . M? 'ES' I rm 44 is 'J :NM I I I Q I 'XII " "Q I isgf ljxfj fx ISIC BEVERLY ATENCIO CARROLL BAKER DONNA BAKER RICHARD BAKER JAMES BALDWIN ANNETTE BATSON BETTY BATT JOHN BEHR MARILYN BELL CARL BELTZ CARL BERGER MIKE BERGER GAYL BERNHARDT SOL BIDERMAN ROBERT BILLINGTON MURIEL BINGHAM DORETHY BIRDSILL JOANNE BLACK JAYNE BLAIR MARY JANE BLANPIED FRAYDA BLUMBERG PAT BODEWIG BOB BOLD SHIRLEY BORCHERT PAT BORTS GERARD BOSCHEN CHERIE BOULWARE MARY ELLEN BRAMBLE JUDITH BRANDT JOAN BROTHERS STANLEY BROWN JACKIE BRUNETTI RONALD BURBANK BEVERLY BURKHALTER DON BURNS JANICE BYTHER GARY CAHILL LARY CAHILL MARY CAIN MILDRED CALVERT GILBERT DILORENZO F, ,. f 4Mt-n 'ti " , -li' uk .Qi sq-f X R W -I A-.Q 9 I I I' x III ,xi W Nr W, - - ,-I f -55" - n..Lx:L.L va, .f -I' 1 , -2333533 Fi K N- 'salsa Qfgng f 111. 5. 'QMS I. I .4 9 '54 ,, LOYCE CAMERON VINCIETTA CAMP JANICE CATON NICOLETTA CERRONE MAXINE CHALLIS RUBY CHAPPEL GEORGIA CHAVEZ RAMONA CHAVEZ ANNABELLE CHITWOOD CHARLES CHITWOOD JOHN CHRISTIANS BEVERLY CHRISTIANSEN DON COCHRAN DAVE CONRAD GARY COOPER LOUIS CORAZZA JOANNE COUTTS GEORGE CRITCHFIELD DAVE CROUSE DEANA CROW DARLENE CURE PAT CUTLER GLADYS DAKOLIOS ROGER DARNELL ,d"' ,lei SY5 DONNA ANDERSON TOM McFALL L, . Vwnmwnwm-N,-Alxmnw l 3I CHARLOTTE DAUEL DON DAVIS DAN DAY FRANK DeBELL JOE DeCREDlCO DAVE DeLOACH SHERRY DIEHL DAVE DIGERNESS DICK DIGGINS GILBERT DiLORENZO GENE DISALLE JIM DITTER PAT DITTMAN BERNADETTE DOMENICO LOIS DOMENICO CHARLES DONELAN 5- F . Ni' K' H I, 'Y YN JK -fi ' if A QQ , Ik 'Mr 9'--it .X.. . Iw- . K 1 D lx: ig-milf-s , , +fi2.3ffkn .3 ' ggi'-,NWA If Kiwi' C ' iilwk .ig cWw::,L:1ii ki :fig E. , if ef' , F ,ggi-Q In I .,..., I 3 JK' .M-4 I I I iiififii I 15131313 i L.ii.5sj'3,: 5 , 5, 1,-V j' phi 5 :N 'L ..?Q1if fQ15Ff:fr-.V Q55 'if 1""W I 5 X Q QI b IWSW I sw 1 I mv :I IQFQSLQII Ti Q 4 Z R Y SIWQQWQ fff.. X. , 1 wif iflff fi' I I , ELAINE DONHAM BETTY DORIGATTI JACKIE DOUGHERTY PAT DURBIN JACK EBLEN AARON EISEN SONDRA EMMERT SHERMAN EVANS LILA EWING HARVEY FAGLER JEAN FALASCO MERILYN FARRIS MICHAEL FEDOROWICZ GERALD FEINER MORELAND FINK JIM FINLAYSON DAVE FIORE JEAN FOX WILLIAM FRANKLIN RANEE FREDRICKSEN SHEILA FREDRICKSEN ALAN FREIS NORMAN FRICKEY BARRY FRIEDMAN XIII wi' , , V g:m1'ff,, Q 5. U V K LE Jtggijih K ,AJ in f ix.: ELI. .. 'vw 6 4 - S -2,-."g-ff 113, I 'ff' . ,... H, 2 ' E' I, , X WSF - I,-1.3 1 M N I '23 'ff 6 X nw W 'N ' QV -mf ,4 4, 1 1 if -1 ' 'J 'A-41 I ,vi T ' M' 5,51 'I rpg? - f A QAQH M Wm -N DOROTHY JACKSON DICK VOLK qs-T Q 9' , x e q .JI . 'S YA . .Q ,4 NX . , if I 1 4531 -1-L fi gr Jw ROBERT FRYBERGER EUGENE FULLER HAROLD FULLER JOSEPH FURER CHARLES GAMZEY REYMUNDITA GARCIA CAROL GARDNER JAY GEGENBERG FAYE GEHL ROSALIE GENTILE JUDY GIAMBROCCO ROBERT GIBBS HELEN GIGIKOS CLAIR GILBERT LLOYD GILLIS WILLIAM GLADE A- C9 ASP I W 'S' 'I lima , RICHARD GODDARD TED GONZALES JANET GOODRICH DONALD GOODY VIRGINIA GORDON GERALD GREEN MELVIN GREEN HOWARD GREENWOOD AI Q . ' II I ,A', ,. DOROTHY GREGORY ' ' DORIS GRETHEL , BARBARA GRINSTEAD II' DIANE GUNN N 1 K k,. " ff W' g I -h:. I 1. A W I A . A -5:1 . Hi. A--.wc -If N . ,K-Mix: - 'QA sg x' W' I .31 4 if A QQ as I5 1 .Eff ff I' Zmw' z 1, AAL A if BETTY HAAK GLORIA HAGEN CLOE HAMM LLOYD HAMMER JEANNE HANAMURA MARY EMILY HANNAH KENNETH HARMS CHARLES HARPER JACK HARRISON EUGENE HARTLEY JUDY HASKI N RAYMOND HASSLOCK Q' 'K ., 75 I 3, 45.1 , E X . L, 1 'A vw 'N f Q Q-if A f ff Nl- fi ,. 7 gg,3W,. . . L, X fav F Af, .1 , Jw. A . X ! , if x-:Lv ' A JN, 1 , sv + SA QB 32 1 I , L I "' . ,T jr in Mfr ,J V' HP ,fx ' ii L w ,, 5 X 3 3 'rx Q 1 , -Q v ,f E-3 fe. w 1: 'N X 55251, ski-.H ' - 1 ' I W . , E., wb 1' ' 4 xx W A W , ,, . L Q, A E mix 0. Wh 1 sa 3 'W e BERTHA McINTYRE JANICE HAYDEN ARNOLD HAYUTIN JOAN HEIM NANCY HELBIG CLAUDIA HENDERSHOT DONNA HENDERSON ROBERT HENRY KAROLYN HERNBLOM SHIRLEY HERSHKOVITZ GERALD HIETT JOYCE HINCHMAN JACK HOFF MYRNA HOFFBERG JOYCE HOLBERG BARBARA HOLLAND JUDY HOLLARD CARL BERGER AfJ. I as 5 Q s. was , . -rf? Eg K MN ,. JA Q 1 W I I H, - 'R , iw I LJLAAII I QQ ix , ' iil 'nfs'-f"Lg 9"'Y2F:vf1' f .", T: A .:. I V ,fgygfiggwn 'C' K, , as I "Q,-59 . Z I 'Im 'ww . w .fk. I X M 1 Y 'X 5 I F Q b . - ,, A I- x IZQZ I ' 'mil,gV . yr gmt , - - wx SI ff 'e I 5. I ff 5 Iv I 5 P y y, ,Ii LL,"L '-. 0- L.. K' X CHARLENE HOOKER LUELLA HOSTETLER JUNE HOWARD KENNETH HOYER KENNETH HUFF MARILYN HUFFORD MARGARET HUGHES RODNEY HULL RONALD HUTCHIN BERNICE HYMAN FLORA IDLEBERG DOROTHY JACKSON WAYNE JENKINS MICHAEL JOCHIM RICHARD JOHNSON WARREN JOHNSON SHARON JONES RICHARD KELLENBENZ SHIRLEY KEMBLE JERRY KENNEDY SYLVIA KERN GAYLE KESLER PATRICIA KESSINGER SUE KIRKPATRICK Q Q , . MURIEL BINGHAM SOL BIDERMAN DOROTHY KISSINGER GERALD KLATT ROBERT KLINE ERNESTINE KNEMEYER DIANE KOTOWSKI CAROL KRAFT ROCHELLE KREISMAN MELVYN KUPETZ SHIRLEY LQSASSO ARLENE LaGUARDIA BARBARA LANDOW EUGENE LANDOW ROY LANG JAMES LANTZY ROBERT LARSEN DONALD LARSON 5 J egutj Xu -v I' sw 1. ff , mf' Q se: 'X I cf 1,, -:Lv . MIG MARILYN LATHROP WILLIAM LAUGHLIN CHARLENE LAWLESS JACK LeBEAU CLARK LEHMANN BERT LEVINE CYRIL LEVINE RICHARD LICHTENHELD ROBERT LIGHTBURN DYANNE LINDERT SHERWIN LITTMAN JoANN LOHR ROGER LOILER PHYLLIS LONGO STANLEY LOPATA EARL McCALL SALLY McCORMICK DAISY McCRACKEN MARILYN McCURDY DONNA McDANIEL JANET McDONALD THOMAS McDONNELL TOMMY McFALL EDWARD McGINN MARY EMILY HANNAH DICK KELLENBENZ I - 5:3 I 4 3" Mi .Cf ff LOIS McGRAW RONNIE McGUIRE BERTHA MCINTYRE RONNIE McKENZIE TOM McNAMARA TERRY McNASSOR BONNIE MACALUSO MARILYNNE MAINE BOB MALCHOW JOANNE MARIACHER SHEILA MARKS CHRISTINE MARON ANTOINETTE MARTELLI BEVERLY MARTIN CAROLYN MARTIN SHIRLEY MARZINO Q 'fm ' ,. J SX . Q g A e W , , ' is -1, ww 2- - ,wghifii im rgisff .. , X, 'W 1' -A 'Ip' x I Q' E 5 Q 5 f I ,gf , u B 92 X 'XY f- f "V -5555 my ,I af Bins, 11,2212 VA:: piLi,QLg, ' .'i- I INI f M, isa I BARBARA MASTERS LORIN MEEDER ILENA MEEK VERNA MELORANGO LIONEL MENIN EVELYN MERRIMAN SHARON MEYERS IRENE MILLION ROBERT MONEYPENNY ROGER MORENO LARRY MORRIS BEVERLY MORTON DAVE MOULTON JACK MUIRHEAD ED MULLANE ED NAZARENUS GWEN NEILL ZELMA NEIMAN DELORES NEISWANGER JIM NEWMAN MARLENE NIEDERT JEANETTE NOCERA DARREL NORGREN JERRY LOU OEHLERKING BEVERLY OGG CHARLES OLSON LEO ORLOVSKI VIRGINIA ORRINO MERRILL OVERHOLT MERILYN OVERHOLT BARBARA PAPPER GENE PASTOR CAROL PATTERSON SHIRLEY PATTERSON MARYANN PAULUCCI TERRI PAYNE LaVERNE PEDERSEN AUDREY PENN MARY PEREZ DIANE PERRY GENE HARTLEY nr' If MQ I. :- Us f I . I. I V. 8 3?-::,,, f gf, ,vii , Hi 1 f I v. 'Q , .I EI , is X Q ,Q I f-'ml ' 2 .zgfiuz 41, walk Q SWK fi' I F? SI W I --f': I . . .. YV5.I,.T,.II7 T- In 9 , I HI! ' J' A .1 X I I I 4 N 'AM p- lp 3 I iw Fx eC,c.Q'.,I . IW. w x , A H' Y f I f 'Q . Ig! itill ,I Q 1 P59 S35 Ag EIC I 'X fx, 5 K nh 2 f I -I N I L 4-I W? W t H n 9' I. I it , 44' 3 "W - V- 'e if f I ff Ha M ,liviiv '? ?iI'1F:f gbiis ' I ,I , M.. Gif I we ,Q CHARLES PHILLIPS MARLENE PHILLIPS ALJEAN PIRNAT SHIRLEY PLANK BARBARA PLYMELL BILL POLNIAK BILL POOR BARBARA POSTLEWAIT CARLYLE PRICE FRED PRINCE FRANK PROGAR JACKIE PYLE EDDIE RAMIREZ JIM RAMSEY MARGARET RANGER AL RECTOR PAT REED VIRGINIA REICHART SHIRLEY RHOAD ELAINE RIEDEL HOPE RIEDEL PAUL RIES PRISCILLA RIX SHERI ROBBINS it ig f ? L1 I If'-S f-Q I W2 A t P kxitkwm X XTQV .. ,. . gl j - , I R A A X 'I' x I I I 5 K KL K .J N. I 'R -v f . Vfzg-M2175 V , ive fv- 1. X-I 1: 1 BEVERLY MARTIN LARRY MORRIS , 1? U. DON ROBINSON GERALD ROBINSON RICHARD RODY CHARLES ROESSLER RAY ROLAND RICHARD ROMERO SHIRLEY RONNFELDT BETTY JO ROSE SHELDON ROSE TED ROSEN RUCHILLE ROSENBLOOM JOAN ROTH RONALD ROTHBERG GILBERT RUSSELL TED SAITO MARY LOU SALAZAR ln. f' I 5 I-I ff-flL?f'?Q'?f 'X if ,Sp Ji? I'g,'f?fI I AIII A A 1 gm I-wf.:g:I:gsIIIz new L ff I, in ff -f , .J -M.. 1 , I I A I, If ILL-, .. ,,,--f Tier-134, I ffm ww NORMAN SALIMAN GILBERT SALTER MEYER SALTZMAN DANIEL SAMAIN SELMA SANDERS VIRGINIA SANTANGELO RICHARD SANTORNO CAROLE SARCONI JANET SARGENT ROBERTA SCHMIDT LORRAINE SCHNEIDER STEVE SCHNERINGER ANNETTE SCHNUR CARL SCHRANZ JoANNE SCHUMACHER DOLORES SCHWARTZ JOSEPH SCHWARTZ JACK SCHWEBER BARBARA JO SEARCH VIRGINIA SEDILLOS CHARLES SEELY DOROTHY SEGRAVES PHYLLIS SERSANTE DREAUX SHACKLETT SHIRLEY PLANK TED SAITO QT. I 1-an fi 5 w.,,, X I I m-fpz,,,, ,Jn ,L ,,L,,,yw sf ...- H-es:-fzk iii 1 I -6 ' BARBARA SHAROFF JIM SHIBATA BOB SHIDELER CONNIE SHIDLER SSM I I f I III " S.- nf I G-LYNN SHORT GORDON SHORT LOLITA SHORTRIDGE BOB SHRINER MARILYN SIEFKEN LARRY SIEGEL STANLEY SIEGEL LARRY SMITH J 3 ' QL. PAT SMITH RICHARD SMITH sos SMITH : . .ah N R- :25 I IM A-X' A f I SSW mf ffi iil Nd ' -T35 . A QE1 ' 3 RONALD SMITH RICHARD SPAULDING JOAN STEINMARK WARREN STEVESON SHIRLEY STIEB JEANENNE STIRM DARLENE STRINGER GARY STUCHLIK SHERMAN SULLIVAN JANET SWANSON PHYLLIS SWEEN JUNE SZABO NANCY TARPLEY ALLAN TAYLOR HARRIETTE THOMAS TAKATO TODA GEORGE TROUTE PAT TRUMBO RONALD TSURUDA EUGENE TUTTLE LON ULLRICH JOANN URSETTA STELLA UYEMURA JERRY VALKO RAY VANDER LEEST 1' QR.: L , E. ., , ELLEN VAUGHN BARBARA VICKSMAN BETH VICKSMAN SYLVIA VIGIL If liz:- N Q KL X Y L 1 6 NADINE VINCENT ,V DICK voLK 'L 'X BETTY LOU WACKER ?E E ' LN ABE WAGNER Q E L f BERNARD WAGNER A Y M N A , DOWELL WALKER ' LARRY WALKER JIM WALSH 5 J EILEEN WALTERS BEVERLY WALTON JO ANNE WARD ARLENE WEDGLE f H BONNIE MACALUSO JIM DITTER lwEwwvn-.vnwr-.,.....1-,-......,..-.-.-..- ..,- -.-L. L- n-1'-, . X I I 415551952 HENRY WEIBLER ELEANOR WEINER BEATRICE WEISS CORA WESTFALL PAT WHELAN ORRIS WHITE CHARLOTTE WILBUR MARGARET HUGHES SHERMAN SULLIVAN 1-lu ir -wma-mmf'-mi, I--M f. .. ,L . L-A f.,l I min Es -f ,, I.- DONALD WILLIAMS I PAT WILMOT CHARLES WILSON MARY LEE WINTERS HOWARD WOOD PAT DURBIN JERRY GREEN MARY ELLEN WOODS THOMAS WORSTER JERRY WRIGHT KAZU YAMASAKI ALFRED YANNACITO ELEANOR ZAMBONI ANTHONY ZANGARI BILL ZIMMERMAN ELEANOR ZIMMERMAN ,C- -R4 'lf Miss Thelma Miller Sponsor the junior class Bill Bollon p,eSfde,,, gglden Charles Woodward Treasurer 50 moments with Barbara Marcoife Vi ce-President John LaGuardia Secretary JOAN AARON VELMA ABRAMS SALLY ALLEN MARILYN AMEN ERMA ARTHUR SONJA BAKER BEVERLY BALLAST ROSALEE BATES DONNA BEESON RUTH BEESON JUNE BERNARD GEORGINE BERNER BEV BIANCHI CAROL BILLS LORETTA BLACK DEANNA BLUE HELEN BOEHM EDWARD BREWER MIKE BROOKS PAT BURRUS ELSIE CAMERON CLAUDIA CARTWRIGHT HELEN CASTANEDA BETTY CHRISTENSEN LOLA COLE BARBARA COLOSACCO BETTY COX CAROLYN CRATTE GEORGE CRIGLER SHARON CRITCHFIELD JUDY CROSBY DALE CROSSLAND CAROLYN CUMPSTON SUZANNE DAHLIN ANTHONY DeBELL MARY ANN DeCARLO DELORES DeCIERO ANNA DeLISA SHIRLEY DEWEY COVAL DIEHL JUANITA DRAKE JACK DUCKWORTH ART DURAN MARVIE LOU DURBIN KATHE DURKIN BARBARA EH EKIRCHER A - JUDY ESBENSEN ., ..,. .,.,.,L. J WWQ. 0: 3 rm 1 Y 511.3 5159" JUDY EBERT '5' W. Q' If Ii R I-s A f .N- 'QCA' FRANK FELIX JANE FELKER CAROL FUJITA VERNIE GAILHOUSE LOIS GALBAUGH PAT GIESER SHADY GOFF KAY GOODWIN PAT GRAHAM FREDDIE GRAYSON CAROLE GRECO KAY GREENFIELD DONNA GRIEBENAW MARLENE GROMAN LOLA GULMYER JIM HAASE PAT HANSEN ROD HANSEN DONNA HASLEY MARGARET HENNEOUS NANCY HERLING JOANNE HERRON YVONNE HILBERG JORETTA HILL MAUREEN HILTON DIANA HOFFMAN DONNA HOLLOWAY CHARLES INAGAKI KAY JACKSON PATRICIA JOHNSON PHYLLIS JONES ROBERTA KELLOGG SHIRLEY KICKBUSH JOYCE KING BOB KOCH MYRA KOEHLER MARGARET KOTOSWKI MARY ANN LACEY JOHN LaGUARDIA TWILA LANGDON PAT LOSASSO PATSY LAUGHINGHOUSE KAY LAVOIE FAITH LEVITT CAROL LIEDIKE BETTY LINDENMIER EDNA LINSENBIGLER MARGARET LOFGREN DON MADONNA HOWARD MARBLE BARBARA MARCOTTE JEANIE MARIOLA CLIFF MARTIN NORMA JEAN MARTINES BILL MARUCA DONNA MARVIN JOHN MATTOX JoANN McBRIDE DONNA McDERMID PHYLLIS McGEE LOWELL McKANNA LEONARD McKINSTER SHARON McLEES FRANK McNAMARA MIRIAM MEADOWS DOLORES MILLER BOB MOORE ALICIA MOSGROVE JERRY MULLEN DORENE MYERS NORMA NEFF NANCY NEGRI SALLY NICHOLS SALLY NOBLE HELEN OLSON JEAN OSBORNE PAT OWENS LaRENE PALMER BENNETTA PAYTON JQANN PETERSON MARY LOU PETERSON SHIRLEY PETRIE PEGGY PRIMOSCH CAROL RADEVICK PAUL RAIRDEN DORILYN RANKIN MARY REED DICK REMLEY SALLY RENKEN BARBARA RHYNO PATSY RIFFEL MONICA ROESCH PATTY RUGGER JIM RUMIN DICK SACHOFF JANE SAITO MARJORIE SANTANGELO NORMA SCAVO CHUCK SCHAEFER LEONARD SCHIFF FRANCES SCHIOLA MYRNA SCHLESSELMAN KAREN SCHMIDT GEORGIA SEAMAN HALENE SIEGAL ELAINE SILVA ELAINE SINGER VIRGINIA SMALL CHARLEAN SMITH DEENA SMITH PHIL SMITH RAMONA SMITH PAT SNIDER JIM SODERLUN TOBY STERN KAY STODDARD KATHERINE SUNTUM SYLVIA TAYLOR MARLENE THOMAS MARY THORN CAROL TILLMAN BILL TOOLEY MARGIE TORRES SALLIE TOWNSEND MARILYN VANDERLEEST RENIE VILLANO BETTY VIRDEN VIRGINIA WARNER SIMA WEINER CARLENE WEST DON WESTERLIND PAT WHETSTONE BARBARA WILBUR MARY WILCOX DARLENE WILLIAMS JANET WILLIAMS BUCKY WINCHELL MAROUITA WINDECKER VIVIAN WISEHART MARSHA WOERNER JANET WOLTHER CHUCK WOODWARD JOAN WRIGHT ROCHELLE YAMIN . Nj . gg , ., A gf I 'If Ki fx FV A ' Q K vi ,I if FI X 4 ,km F ,E . ww.-9' JOANN YORK ITSUKO YOSHIMURA DELORIS YOUNG JOAN Youme AQVZIMMERMAN "Gee, I wish flwai' bell would ring." A? , il ---A ff:- Miss Elsie Mae Webb Sponsor Cyn+hia Bradshaw Secretary Ralph Zimmerman President 60 golden moments with the class Leonard Glaviano Vice-President Tommy Hansen Treasurer v X ,. 4 I 1 th 7 7 sophomores am ' 435, fr Jfiefl' . f 4- 'A' Q .. f-2 I5 :W J N. KM, -,AN , A F" 11- V U 1 .Ji C L K V W ' , ,S i 1 A zg.-Ip, I fz:I ,,3f+Q ..,?.g'.j,- : I Q K f-3513? ' '- .f 'Eau - Iv -oriwgff Q Qi T3 ,kk , Mgr" IWV gf, Q Q if fi , nip 2,4 '5- Q r P I 57 I I ,Q X ' 22 I, Us 'ig 'f Suv 'GQ f ':.:: ' ' " J 1 ,, ,.,- ,, II to ff v , I we ' .Ri . Q.: 5 I '- "' Q- 'fa I ,, ,IN .o.: I . Q X I . ,... ,A N, . f bl 0 0 O O 0 9 O AMBROSIO, ROSALEE BARTH, NORMA BATT, BYRON BENNETT, RONALD BILLINGTON. CAROL BLACK, JAMES BLAIR, BONNIE BLAKLEY, PAULINE BLANPIED, JOHN BOH, MARJORIE BORTS, JUDY BRADSHAW, CYNTHIA BREACH, ROBERTA BRISCOE, PATRICIA BROOKS, MYRNA BYERS, MARY CAHOON, MARY CALABRO, TONY CEFALU, EVA CHAMBERS. PATRICIA CLARK, KATHY COLASANTI, ELAINE 4' CRENNELL, KATHLEEN CROW, LORETTA nrolled in 6 6 9 0 6 O 9 9 9 -1 .I I ,J iw I - rs f, I n 3 V USW4 ' If I IR if kv, ITT' A , , -'lj . I H f.sIl , , ' x4 51 5, uf fs 1 I-, xx., H : N332 'R 55 . we If we 45 62 0 0 0 O 0 DARLING, DEANNE DEISHER, BARBARA DESBIEN, DEE DISALLE, JANET DOCKHORN, JANICE DUNNING, ROBERT EDMOND, JOYCE EHR, PHILLIP ERNO, DOTTIE ESLINGER, GERALD ESLINGER, JANET FOX, CAROLE GAILHOUSE, ANN GARRAMONE, PAT GOLDBERG, SANDRA GOODE, GAIL HAINES, GAYLE HANSEN, TOMMY HASTINGS. PATRICIA HAUN. CHARLOTTE HECHT, SONJA HOFNAGLE, MYRNA HONOR, FAITH HOPKINS, CAROLE north high school ......... .L 'W' v E ,uv pn ll Q' I A . my 1 I W- x .vit 'Vi ,E S Q PQQ, 2 1. HORWITZ, BILLY JOHNSON, MARVIN JUNG, RIKKY JUSTMAN, KAROLYN KAHLER, MARGARET KIISEL, JEAN KIRKEGAARD, LARRY KROSS, BARBARA LaGUARDIA, LUCILLE LAMPSON, SHIRLEY LIEBER, THERESA LINDSTROM. RAY LORD, HERBERT LORENSEN, MARJORIE LOSLI, TOM LOWERY, DOUGLAS LUDWIG, CYNTHIA MARNER, SUE MARTIN, NATHAN McALLISTER, MARILYN McKINNlES, JUDY McLEOD, BARBARA MOORE, GEORGIA MORRIS, DONALD in IQ54 are . . .the greatest ever i We H 'I ' ' ,y N 4, Q l A 3 14, .0 . , f is-. X '2 ,yr-X QV' I wwf, '-f., his MYATT, HELEN NELSON, GAY NELSON, ROBERT O'NEIL, PAT PARCE, FRANK PARRAHM, JUDY PITTER, RALPH PORTIS, CAROL PREISS, ANN MARIE REDLER, JACOUELINE REED, PEGGY REMLEY, JEAN ROMERO, BARBARA ROSINI, IRENE SAMS. CAROL SANCHEZ, RICHARD SANTO, BETTY SCHLEIGER, ULDENE SHABOUH, JEAN SMITH, ADRIENE SMITH, BUDDY SMITH, CARLA SMITH, MARILYN SMITH, SANDY LOSH DEANNA PERSON RALPH STEIN ROSALIND STEELE, GAIL STERKEL, LEROY STEWART, TWYLA SUTTON, VIRGINIA TAYLOR, CORINNE ULLRICH, ARDETH VAUGHAN, RICHARD WADDELL, BERNITA WARFORD, ETHEL WARNER, LILA WEFING, VIRGINIA WEST, JERI LEE WIDENER, THOMAS WILSON, BEVERLY WILSON, BRIAN WILSON. DEANNA WILHELM, TOMMY WITHERWAX, DONNA WOODMAN, CATHY WOZNIAK, LUCY ZAMBONI, FLOYD ZIMMERMAN, RALPH ANCELL KEITH KUNKLER JOHN S5- I - ' SQ. i Q, ,X I N1 I gp, , Q I 2EI??1 ',,iLga,'. asf- H A an Q v '5- Ass ps, .+G 14. 'C' will 65 .9- 'Q 1 ,wi I fi! f fi V-W I 1 f, X '72-I -4 v in organizations I 'K "-se Nfi-,Q-, -J-,Q.g.' ,, .,., x sy. Q- Hx.. ,X .jk 'A J 'V MM' ., f y -' FM" F , - vw,v 1 W all 5 i oiiacefs 0 The officers of fhe sfudenf body are: Berfha Mclnfyre, Secrefary: Eleanor Zimmerman, Vice Presidenfg Gilberf DiLorenzo, Presiclenfg Paf Diffman, Treasurer. student council Norfh's sfudenl' governmenf body consisfs of fhe All-School officers, fhe Senior, Junior, and Sophomore officers, and fhe Norfh Sfar rep- resenfafive. They arrange and promofe fhe monfhly Sfudenf Council dances, and many benefifs for fhe enfire school. Lefl' fo Righf, Back Row-Tom Hansen, Leonard Glaviano, Gilberf DiLorenzo, Tom McFall, Chuck Woodward. 2nd Row-Mr. War- ren, John LaGuardia, Bill Zimmer- man, Diclr Vollr, Bill Bolfon, Ralph Zimmerman. Fronf Row-Mary Emily Hannah, Berfha Mclnfyre, Carole Sarconi, Barbara Marcoffe, Paf Diffman, Jeanne Adams, Elea- nor Zimmerman. ' 4 1 'S Back Row-Leonard Mclfinsfer, Sid Sollisen, Chuck Woodward, Hiroshhi Yamasaki, Dudley Builer, Leroy Sferkel, Larry Kafzmyer, Jack Zelkin, Leonard Glaviano, Kennefh Boolh, Ralph Zimmerman. 2nd Row-Claudia Thomas, Mary Lou Peferson, Adrienne Smilh, Lorraine Kelly, Barbara Deisher, Loreifa Paulcci, Elaine Rosen, Judy Sheer, Judy Harvey, Corine Taylor, Carol Porris, Jerri Lee Wesf. Fronf Row-Sue Marner, Janef Peiersen, Darlene Williams, Jean Kiisel, Caihy Woodman, Cherifa Wyman, Helen Cook. grade council Each Grade Council members represenls his or her adminisfrafive room and brings +he ideas from each respeclive class 'ro fhe council fo be discussed and acled upon. Back Row--Tony DeBeII, John Chrisiians, Tom McFaII, Ronnie Parsons, Bill Zimmerman, Dick Volk, Jack Greenwood, Bill Ballon, Larry Cahill, Dick Goddard, John LaGuardia, Sian Srein, Ted Thorn- bourgh, Dick Lichienheld. 2nd Row-Miss Miller, Louella Hosleiler, Phyllis Sween, Joan Broihers, Jeanne Adams, Jackie Dougherfy, Susie Hewifr, Sonia Baker, Diane Hoffman, Shhirley Plank, Deena Smiih, Judy Esbensen. Fronf Row-Anifa Chernilla, Dorolhy Gregory, Jeanie Fox, Darlene Slringer, Donna Anderson, Jackie Anderson, Sylvia Taylor, Barbara Marcofle, Virginia Warner, Donna McDermiH. ef?" K I P . mfs he 2: junior escort 1 -yv - - f J . , , ,, v V-5, .4 e Q. S, .S Jil. ,. fi - -1' f W f- Aida... .L Xi' -A -- --- KM-' s L V The Junior Escorfs are chosen for 'rheir grades and fheir in+eres+ in school aciiviiies. They lead ihe seniors in ihe diploma march. presid nt ' round tobl BACK ROW: Bonnie Macaluso, Sleve Schneringer, Sol Biderman, Don Madonna, John Chrisfians, Gilberf DiLorenzo Henry Weibler, Dich Lichienheld, Ray VanderLees+, Gene Hariley, Barbara Ehelcircher. FRONT ROW: Pal Whelan Dorolhy Jaclcson, Ruih Allen, Janice Bylher, Eleanor Zimmerman, Bernadefie Domenico, Joan Gibbs, Eleanor Zamboni Donna Anderson, and Lois Domenico. The Presidenls' Round Table consisis of 'lhe presiden+s from each organizaiion. ll' is for lhe unifi cafion of fhe organizalions. 70 national honor society Mary Nelle Ackley Palricia Allison Carl Berger Sol Biderman Muriel Bingham Ronald Blanc Mary Jane Blanpied Frayda Blumberg Michael Brooks Douglas Burger Anifa Chernila Beverly Chrisfiansen John Chrisiians Don E. Davis Sherry Diehl Gilberr DiLorenzo Eugene Ferris Larry Faulkner Carol Gardner Dorofhy Gregory Gloria Hagen Cloe Hamm Mary Emily Hannah Joan Heim Donna Henderson Karolyn Hernblom Judi+h Hollard Margarei' Hughes Doroihy Jackson Richard Kellenbenz Bill Kings+on Sue Kirkpairick Ronald Krieger Berf Levine Richard Lichfenheld Lee McDaniel Don Madonna Rochelle Kreisman awards Joanne Mariacher Beverly Ann Marlin Don Newell Sally Noble Diane Perry Shirley Plank Hope Riedel Mary Lou Salazar Arihur Selby Connie Shidler Sherman Sullivan Richard Volk Dowell Walker Sima Weiner Cora Wesrfall Hiroshi Yamasaki Michio Yoshimura Eleanor Zamboni Eleanor Zimmerman Frayda Blumberg, Girls' Sighi-Reading Confesf and I9l6 Winner: Carl Berger, I9l6 Winner: Eleanor Zim erman, D.A.R. Represenfafive. 7I orche-sis Leif 'ro Righi, BACK ROW: Aliean Pir- naf, June Anderson, HarrieHe Thomas, Bev Marlin, Lula Eubanlrs, Phyllis Ser- sanfe. SECOND ROW: Miss Eclreri, Belly Haalc, Charlolie Wilbur, Evie Guns- berg, Roberfa Schmidf, Pal' Durbin, Mrs. Weiser. FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Rhoads, Secrefary: Lois Domenico, Presi- denfg Doroihy Segraves, Vice President Barbara Masfers, Treasurer: Renee Fred- riclison, Sheila Fredriclrson. cheerleaders Dave Fiore, Sylvia Taylor, Dave Crouse Carol Paiferson, Ed Towbin, and June Bernard. One of Nor+h's new clubs, ihe Modern Dance Club, is for +hose girls especially infer esfed in ihis ar'r and i+s in+erprel'a+ion. 3 Senior Prom G LJ Senior Play X committees Homecoming qmlxoq . Nl afxexx AGN Dance viking sisters The Viking Sisiers is an honorary organizarions for senior girls wi'rh high scholasric averages. I+ is for rhe purpose of helping fhe IOB girls become beHer adius+ed here a+ Norfh. , BACK ROW-JoAnn Lohr, Secrefaryq Shirley Plank, Treasurer: Miss Johansen, Sponsor. FRONT ROW-Miss Norion, Sponsor, Donna Anderson, President Margaref Hughes, Vice President LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW-Vinciefha Camp, Luella Hosie+ler, JoAnn Lohr, Cloe Hamm, Janice Byrher. 4T HROW-Doroihy Jaclxson, Par Cuiler, Siella Uyemura, Beverly Marlin, Margaret Rose Hughes, Lois McGraw, Carole Sarconi, Marilyn Lalhrop. 3RD ROW-Shirley Ronnfeldf, Zelma Neiman, Joan Mariacher, Shirley Planlc, Eleanor Zamboni, Par Boris, Doroihy Gregory, Ruih Allen. ZND ROW-Miss Johannsen, Judiih Brandi Karolyn Hernblom, Beiiy Jo Rose, Diane Perry, Sue Kirkpalrick, Audrey Penn, Miss Norion, IST ROW-Mary Jane Blanpied, lrene Million, Pai Durbin, Donna Henderson, Gloria Hagen, Muriel Bingham, Cora Wesifall. ii yi J- X, X , .. .e I I gsm! X A T- Y wwilfldf Mrs. Kalhleen O'Neill, Sponsor Beverly Wallon, Secrelaryg Shirley Planlr, Treasurer, and Dorolhy Jackson, Presidenl. all girls of north Every girl, upon enlering Norlh, is aulomalically a mem- ber of All Girls of Norlh. This organizalion sponsors lhe very successful Mardi Gras Dance ancl annual Molher- Da ugl1l'er Tea. i 'N X x ff X ,f X valkyries Nor+l1's Pep Club, in purple and gold, is nofed for 1'l1e winning spiri+ if displays af all fimes and ifs successful sponsorship of rallies, drills, lhe Homecoming Dance, and i'rs annual Cl1ris+mas par+y for less-for+una+e children. 76 Lefl fo Righi-Bonnie Macaluso, Treas urerg Bernadeffe Domenico, Presideni Miss Davis, Sponsor: Mrs. Rosner, Spon sorg Mary Emily Hannah, Vice Presidenf- Secrefaryg Beverly Marlin, Drill Capiain SANTA GETS A FIT. DUM-DUM-DUM J. 1 M-M-M GOOD! -f w Leif io righf, BACK ROW-Gilberi DiLorenzo, Presidenfg Mr. O'Hanlon, Sponsor, John Chrisrians, Secretary. FRONT ROW-Don Madonna, Vice Presidenfg Chuclr Donelan and Charles lnagalri, Board Members, and Bill Bolfon, Treasurer, nof presenl. BACK ROW-Bill Bol+on, Dicll Lichfenheld, Dick Volk, Earl Lis- lon, John Chrisfians, Gilberf Di- Lorenzo, Mike Brooks, Abe Wag- ner, Mike Yoshimura, Ed Towbin, Larry Larson. 2ND ROW-Jim Baldwin, Tom McFall, Don Ma- donna, Gene Ferris, Bill Zimmer- man, Larry Cahill, Dicl: Kellenbeni, Richard Romero, Mr. O'Hanlon FRONT ROW-Sol Biderman Ronald Kreiger, Charles Donelan Franl: Felix, Sherman Sullivan Charles Inagalri. ey lub The Key Club is one of fhe newly chariered organi- zarions a+ Norrh +his year. I+ is made up of boys who are ouislanding in scholarship and acfivifies. - CHARTER NIGHT 5-va BACK ROW-Charles Wilson, Dave Crouse, Don Madonna, Tom McNamara, Diclc Vollr, Tom Worsier, Tom Jenlrins, Bill Glade, Ronald McKenzie, Earl McCall, Jim Lanlzv. ZND ROW-Mr. Lindell, Gene Harllev, Charles Roessler, Bill Bol- Ion, Larry Cahill, Alan Gomer, Tom Mclzall, Diclr Kellenbenz, Bill Franlrlin, Bill Zimmerman, Chuclr Donelan, Charles lnagalri, Larry Morrisi FRONT ROW-Jim Shibala, Jaclr Greenwood, Bob Smifh, Charles Gamzey, Claire Gilberl, Franlr Felix, Deloy Belhel, Ronald Kreiger. Mr. Lindell, Sponsor: Tom McNamara, Vice Presidenfg Gene ll Harfley, President Tom Jenlrins, Treasurer, and Tom Worsfer, Secrelary. 1,4 lfw Rl lm iw lub "WORKING THEIR WAY THROUGH" "TWO HITS AND A MESS" The "D" Club consisfs of boys who have earned IeHers in afhlelics. These boys dispiay good sporlsmanship, abilily, and eagerness Io worlc for fheir school. The club sponsors The annual Color Day dance. xx Sparlons of Sporfs promo+es greafer inferesi' in a+l1le+ics. H' creaies a good feeling of compefiiion, cooperafion, and s+resses good sporismanship. BACK ROW: Lolila Shoriridge, Game Manager: June Anderson, Treasurer: Sheri Robbins, Secrefary. Boys 1-his is a gi'-l's idea of 1'-he game. FRONT ROW: Elaine Donlwam, Vice Presideni: ' Miss Eckert Sponsor: Bonnie Macaluso, ' ' ' " President "S+lll wanfa loin? Spartans of sports Leif +o Ri ht BACK ROW: Vernie Gailhouse, Terry McNassor, Jayne Blair, Darlene Williams, Nancy Tarpley. SECOND ROW: June 9 . Howard, Judy Hollard, Kay Lavoie, Judy Esbenson, Dreaux Shaclrlell. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Macaluso, June Anderson, Sheri Robbins, Elaine Donham, Miss Eclreri. Q9 ,Q--. C7 C3 1 BACK ROW: Beverly Marlin, Dorollny Segraves, Renee Fredriclzson, Callwy Franlrel. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Woodruff, Shelia Fredriclrson Barbara Masfers, Nancy Negri Virginia Warner SECOND ROW Doro+l1 J lr D Bl , . : y ac son, eanna ue, Mary Cain, Rulh Allen. FRONT ROW Lorraine Schneider, Mary Ann Palucci, Susie Hewill, Barbara Grinslead, Barbara Ehelrircher. E girls' athletic society 35, Ll 1 r , six INFORMAL DANCE OR BASKETBALL? Girls' A+l1le+ic Sociely was 'lhe firsl' girls' sporfs club +o be organized al' Norlh. Learning ll'1e fun- damenlals of various s orls, plus lhe refereeing of afler-school games otllers fun, compelilion, and good sporfsmanslwip. Mary Ann Paulucci, Vice President: Susie Hewill, Treasurer: Barbara El-lelcircher, Presidenlg Barbara Grinslead, Secrelaryg and Ms. Woodruff, Sponsor, - '1 i z. L, ,fix Vi . My v l'-SH x rx .1 T. X X T TO RIGHT BACK ROW N d'n Kern Shirle Sharolf Pafricia O'NeiII Richard Moye Franlr LaRue Charles Kersf, Ted Thronbough, LEP , - a I e , y I I , , Phillips Brown, Ronnie Parsons, Mary Cahoun, Rilrlry Young, Kaiherine Sunlum, Sally Townsend. ZND ROW-Mr. Newlon, Rufh Beeson, Edna Linsenbegler, Ramona Smilh, Calhy Woodman, Carol PaHerson, Rosalind Sfein, Lola Gulmyer, Pal Wilmof, Carol Bills, Judy Binna, Ardiih Ullrich, Joyce Godder, Elizabelh Horner, Mariorie Sanfangelo. FRONT ROW-Deanne Darling, Elaine Singer, Joan Pallerson, Elizabefh Chavez, Barbara Harden, Dorean Perry, Rene Villano, Barbara Colosacco, Jean Kissel, Sylvia Kern. P roller skating club LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW-Ronnie Parsons, Treasy it ly F urerg Carol Palferson, Secretary. FRONT ROW- N-,X Deanne Darling, Vice Presidenlg Rulh Beeson, Presi- ,V-Cf denf: Mr. Newlon, Sponsor. X NX Q ,J H' 3 , 1 YS WOW, SOME SPORT! Nor+h's Roller Slcafing Club presenls oppor- 1'uni'fy for enioying 'the sporf of roller slrafing wilh fellow enlhusiasls. 82 ""'V bo ling club Lell lo Righl, BACK ROW: Mr. Hi: Sponsor, Margarel Lolgren, Vice Presi denl: Mary Thorn, Secrelaryg Tony DeBelI Presidenl. FRONT ROW: Barbara Ehe liircher, Secrelaryg Carol Fujila, Secre- laryg Pal Boris, Treasurer. Lefl lo righf, BACK ROVJ: Anna Marie Presiss, Sonia Balrer, Margarel Kolowslii, Marlene Coopersmilh, Dale Crossland Franlc Felix, Jerry Vallio, Phil Adelman, Kay Lavoie, Margaref Lofgren, Nancy Herling, Janice Bahr, Vernie Gailhouse Barbara Green, Norma Scavo. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hix, Elaine Singer, Deena Smilh, Jeanelle Nocera, llsulio Yoshimura Charlene Willig, Marian Schriber, Elaine Palnoi, Joyce Taylor, Belly Linclenmier, Carol Radivich, Deanne Hoffman Shirley Pelrie, Donna Sinnard, Claudia Carlwrighl, Dorene Myers. FRONT ROW: Judy Esbenson, Ramona Smilh. Darlene Williams, Marilyn McCurdy, Delores Miller, Myrel Spurling, Gail Bramn, Carol Fuiila, Karleen Slurdevanl, Marlene Thomas, Rene Villano, Barbara Dennis, Marquifa Windeclcer. The Bowling Club is one of 'rhe largesl clubs a+ Norlh. ll' presenls indoor fun in which ils members can parlicipale all year rouncl. The club compeles againsl leams from olher schools and meels 'lhree nighls a week. 83 l ' X Lell lo riqlil, BACK ROW-Sally McCormick, Merilyn Overholl, Jean Remley, Kalhlene Crennell, Eva Cefalu, Janel Williams, Rulli Beeson, Gillserl Russell, Eileen Wallers, Belly Dorigalli, Janice Byll1er, Jerry Lou Oelllerlring, Chloe Hamm, Gay Nelson, Joanne Mariacller. ZND ROW-Pal Borls, Luella Hosleller, Barbara Maslers, Mary Ann DeCarlo, Benilla Pallon, Palsy Rillel, Barbara Elie- I:ircI1er, Deanna Blue, Margarel Henneous, Pal Hansen, Doris Grelllel, Marilyn Bell, Barbara Posllewail, Yvonne Dilberg. FRONT ROW-Lorraine Schneider, Elsie Berdacli, Joan Heim, Talcalco Tocla, Nellie Sronce, Kallly Woodman, Juanila Drake, Helen Olson, Pal Snider, Belly Virden, Marsha Allman. I bo Img UP IN TI-IE AIR, JUNIOR BIRDMAN. 84 iff'- in IS IT THE SPORT OR THE CAMERA? lub Lefl lo righl, BACK ROW-Judy Boris, Jaclrie Redler, Doilie Erno, Dick Ly'rle, Tony DeBell, Paul Wulll, Monly Eclrerl, Mary Thorn, Maryann Paulucci, Luann Sanders. ZND ROW-Barbara Haines, Beverly Wilson, Phyllis McGee, Barbara Paris, Pai Geiser, Jane? Wolllwer, Joan Young, Carol Roerig, Shirley Hellon, Diane Gunn, Sandra Golberq. FRONT ROW-Rosalie Malalon, Susan Kramer, Jane? Hall, Roselle Friedman, Elaine Rosin, Bonnie Blair, Lorella Pa ulucci. H'- -. - . ' 1 V . OPT! BACK RCW-Tom Worsler, John Maiiox, Dave Crouse, Tony Calabro, John Soderquisr, Monie Shroyer, Bill Bolion, Ed Gallagher Diclc Lichlenheld, Chucln Olsen, Berl Levine. 4TH ROW-Mr. Krucas, Susie Hewelf, Mari Lou Pelersen, Judy Esbensan, Darlene Williams, June Anderson, Aliean Pirnal, Diana Hoffman, Georgia Seaman, Lila Ewing, Jacluie Dougherly, Mr. Sachs. 3RD ROW- Kaihe Durlnin, Marqarel Lofgren, Deann Darling, Kay Lavoie, Belly Jean Virden, Deena Smifh, Pal Whelan, Maryann Paulucci Belly Haalr. ZND ROW-Vernie Gailhouse, Calhy Clarli, Renie Villano, Virginia Warner, Sally Noble, Sue Kirkpafriclz, Carol Fuiifa Lorraine Adams. norskl i 1 WHERE'S DEAN, JERRY? W W A I' Sylvia Taylor, Treasurer, Bill Bolfon, Vice President Mr. Sachs. Sponsor, Don Madonna, Presidenfg Georgia Seaman, Secrefary. 86 '11 M0 o 353 if Q S. jx ff Q If A KITS - , ' 'll 5 Q Y " , . fi Q J 4 ' ASA P X1 , 5 I Jifll , , V I 1 l f-""""'-WWWH A V fl 6 X' if SHE ZIGGED WHEN SHE SHOULD HAVE ZAGGED! Norskis was ihe firs+ organized ski club in fhe Denver Public Schools. Hs main acfivify is +l1e plan- ning of ski +raps every Sunday. THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. HOLDING UP THE TRAIN , 'wil wwf il , Jwllllililljfvlllllla -'lf' ' , , , , ig l, ' f T ' ll' A "' f M' inn' Mas ,V f' .. ' ' it WNW lh?,,N...s 87 A d'+h UII ' h Jackie Redler Dofiie Erno Dreaux Shaclrleil Pai Culler Judy Smi+h Lei? io Riqhf, BACK ROW-Mr. Zimmerman, r I fic , , , , , ZND ROW-Helen Olson, LaRene Palmer, Phyllis Manloolr, Juliana Busnarclo, Charlene Smilh, Loreffa Paulucci. FRONT ROW- Carol Gardner, Doris Ann Sulrovafy, Carole Obluda, Mary Cain, Bonnie Lou Sfeinhoff, Faye Gail, Marlene Bingham. an- . Pre Tlirnfflelmda. xllne ygrgvolarcggrfer. Moll. The Girls' Rifle Club feaches fhe correcl' way of 5. Y , y,AaYY ,fre SPOUSOI l,Kdenl'- Bon girl ' rifle club elarfii Cam, if gain. ,N MW...,--"" shoo+ing 'lo any girl in+eres1'ed, and emphasizes good sporfsmanship. 5 i s. Y Y ir :ii girl ' hi- T Eleanor Zamboni, Presidenh Aliean Pirnal, Secreiaryg Joan Heim, Treasurer: and Margarel' Hughes, Vice Presidenf. Girls' Hi-Y presenis opporluniiies for religious devoiions of various kinds and for increased service in rhe school. Leif io Right, BACK ROW: Jaclr Duclrworih, Bucl: Winchell, Donald Newell, Roger 1 , Darnell. SECOND ROW: Ray Linclsfrom, Alfred Zimmerman, Roger Loiler, John Hancock, Ralph Zimmerman. FIRST ROW: Mr. Bealiie, Larry Kirlrgaard, Leonard S Glaviano, Henry Weibler, John Blanpied, Floyd Zamboni. The aim of Boys' Hi-Y is "Clean Speech, Clean Scholarship, Clean Alhleiics, and Clean Living." John Blanpied, Membership Chairman, Leonard G-laviano, Vice President Mr. Beaiiie, Sponsor: Dicl: Lichienheld, Sec- reiary, and Floyd Zamboni, Treasurer. HenryWeibler, President was noi preseni Lefl' lo Righi, BACK ROW: Cherene Rawalf, Kay Carier, Jaclrie Redler, Dreaux Shachlefi, Adrienne Smilh, Marlene Bingham, Pai Snider, Lorraine Schneider. THIRD ROW: Joan Sfeinmarlr, Bernifa Waddell, Carol Porlis, DoHie Erno, Diane Perry, Su1an Dahlin, Janice Cafon. SECOND ROW: Carol Peiersen, Joyce Hinchman, Shirley Ronnfeldi, Barbara Deisher, Jane? Eslinger, LaRene Palmer, Mary Jane Blanpied, Marilyn Laihrop. FRONT ROW: Lorraine Kelly, Selma Finning, Nancy Helbig, llena Meek, Aliean Pirnai, Margarei Hughes, Lieanor Zamboni. i ' H x :H ii The purpose of Nor1'h's Malh Club is fo promole a be++er undersfanding and ap- preclafion in +he use of mafhemafics. T3 2, .. 'LF Lefl lo Righ+, BACK ROW-Ernesf Wooley, John Chrislians, John Hancock, Eugene Pinkney, Jim Keefh, 3RD ROW-Jim Baldwin, Ellis Fishman, Avrum Rubin, Richard Goddard, Jerry HieH, Orris While, Eugene Ferris. 2ND ROW-Phil Adelman, David Digerness, AI Zimmerman, Roberl Anselmo Floyd Zamboni Thomas Widner FRONT ROW Mr. McKenzie. -Mary Jane Blanpied, Larry Kirkgaard, Dick Kellenbenz, Bill Kingslon, Slally Noble, Janef Hall, Judy Smilh. Lef+ fo Righl-Sally Noble, Secre- iaryg Bill Kingsfon, Treasurer: Dick Kellenbenz, Presidenlg Larry Kirk- ilrj gaard, Vice Presidenh Mr. Mackenzie, ifwi ,MWF Sponsor. xl V math lub science club T f x 4 Q I Bill Kingsfon, Treasurer: Jim Ferris, Vice Presidenlg Mr. Zinlre, Sponsor: Kalhe Durkin, Secrefaryg Dick Lichfenheld, President Lefi fo Righl, BACK ROW: Carl Berger, John Chrisiians, Eugene Pinlcney, Orris While, Dial: Goddard. SECOND ROW: Janel DeSalle, Carol Fuiila, Margaref Lofgren, David Digerness, Jim Baldwin. FRONT ROW: Mr. Zinle, Sally Noble, Kalhe Durlrin, Eugene Ferris, Bill Kingslon. The Science Club inviles a more fhorough undersfanding and appreciafion for fhe various fypes of science. Do. 1 Q 'W 'Y . '1 LEFT TO RIGHT-Ray Vanderleesl, Pres- idenl, Donna Ganley, Vice Presidenl, Mrs. Rosner, Sponsor, and Donna Beeson, Secrefary-Treasurer. pr - d lub ' ,- LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW-Marlene Coopersmilh, Jean Peferson, Roberi Anselmo, Carl Berqer, Glen Kosf, Dorene Myers, Norma Scavo, Lorella Blaclr, Mrs. Rosner. 3RD ROW-Sue Kirlcpalriclc, Nellie Sronce, Shelia Gershfenson, Jane? DeSalle, Belly Lindcnmier, Pai Hansen, Marilyn McCurdy, Jane Fellrer. ZND ROW-Rene Villano, Eleanor Dunlap, Diana Hoffman, Darlene Besl, Marvie Lou Durbin, Jaclcie Anderson, Mary Ann Rlwoads. FRONT ROW-Donna Ganley, Ray VanderLeesl, Donna Beeson, The purpose of +l1e Pre-Med Club is 'ro inspire and encourage fhose sludenls who are inleresfed in medical service ancl presenr 'ro +l1em rhe many opporluniries offered in fhe medical field. 92 BACK ROW, leff lo riglwl-Terry McNassor, Jacllie Douglierly, Marilyn McAllisler, Carole 5arconi, Slwirley Ronnfeldl, Donald Newell, Floyd Zamboni, Milne Burger, Jacll Duclcworlli, Beverly Marlin, Ernesline Knemeyer, Beverly Ballasl, JoAnne Schumacher, Pal' Reed, Cloe Hamm, Joan Sleinmarlr, Marlene Coopersmifli. SECOND ROW--Mr. Salen, Anile Cbernila, Barbara Ehelcirclwer, Priscilla Rix, Dorolliy Gregory, Bealrice Weiss, Peggy Primoscli, Deanna Herman, Sue Kirltpalriclr, Cherila Wyman, Corine Taylor, Judy Boris, Mary Reed, Jean Hanamura, Marcia Allman, Mrs, Dralze. FRONT ROW-Carol Obluda, Kay LaVoie, Talcalco Toda, Sally Noble, Janice Byllier, Pal Boris, JoAnn Lolir, Margarel Hughes, Eleanor Zamboni, Mary Jane Blanpied, Marilyn Mccurdy, Velma Abrams, Barbara Brainard. 'Y futur teachers america LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW-Mr. Salen. Sponsor, Margarer Rose Hughes, Treasurerg Eleanor Zamboni, Hislorian. FRONT ROW- Pal' Boris, Vice Presidenlg Janice Bylher, Presi- denl: Mrs. Drake, Sponsor. Fulure Teachers of America is a club for s+uclenl5 who are inleresled in leaching as ai profession. 93 Sol Biderman, President: James Shilling, Treasurer: Mr. Krucas, Sponsor: Ronald Kreiger, Vice President: and Ronald Deal, Secretary, not present. 'Sa 1 ml-I ,,, W 0 A -N. , Left to Right, BACK ROW: Georgene Berner, Bolo Jones, Eugene Ferris, Erwin Lefkowilz, Kay Lavoie. SECOND ROW: Judy Esbenson, Anifa Chernilla, Marlene Coopersmith, Kathe Durlzin, Lariefta Defriclr, Sonia Baker. FRONT ROW: Ronald Kreiger, James Shilling, Ronald Deal, Sol Biderman, Mary Jane Blanpied. Maxwell International Relations Club is de- signed for those students who are inter- ested in current events and the discussion of international relations. Panel Members, Left to Right: Mrs. Charlotte Drake, Mr. Harold Edwards, Anita Chernila, Sol Biderman, Marlene Coopersmith, Ronald Kreiger, Mr, Gerald Sachs. maxwell international relations club 94 if Lefl lo Righf, BACK ROW: Chuclr Woodward, Sergeanf-al-arms, Frayda Blumberg, Vice Presiclenlg Carl Berger, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Blanpied, Corresponding Secreiary: Cora Wesffall, Recording Secrelary. FRONT ROW: Miss Lendrum, Sponsor: Mary Emily Hannah, Pres- ident Beverly Chrisiiansen, His+orian. sz 'ii' Leif lo Righi, BACK ROW: Carol Leidilre, Larry Kirlrgaard, Bill Kingsfon, Jerry Green, Roberf Anselmo, Norene Domenico. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Zimmerman, Lois McGraw, Sue Kirlrpafriclr, Kalhe Durlrin, Palsy Williams, Bev Ballast Velma Abrams. SECOND ROW: Marlene Phillips, Connie Shidler, Pal Whelan, Bev Marlin, Dorolhy Jackson Carol Gardner Marlene Bingham, Anila Leflrowilz. FRONT ROW: Mary Jane Blanpied, Carol Porlis, Carl Belrger, Mary Emily Hannah, Cora Wesifall, Georgia Seaman, Juliana Busnardo. Websler places ifs emphasis and aclivilies around speech. I+ sponsors lhe I9I6 Con- +esl', an exfemporaneous speech competi- +ion, from which +wo Norlh conleslanfs are chosen for fhe Ci+ywide Shafrolh Confesf. Webster oratorical society 95 2... I'LL TELL MY MOMMY! black T l11HSqU -T fllockwise-Pai Durbin, Recording Secrefaryg Jerry Green, Treasurer, Norene Domenico, Corresponding Secrefaryg Donna Anderson, Hisforiang Judy Haslnin, Vice Presidenl, and Co- Presidenis Don Blanch and, Sieve Schneringer, noi presenf. Leff 'fo righi, BACK ROW-Marilyn Amen, Eleanor Zimmerman, Phyllis Biderman, Mille Brooks, Chuclr Woodward, John Blanpied, Bob Kley, Sherman Sullivan, Jerry Green, Sieve Schneringer, Mille Burger, Douglas Nunes, Myra Koehler. ZND ROW-Charlene Roihe Lorraine Wrighf, Gloria Hagen, Donna Anderson, Deanna Blue, Barbara Ehelcircher, Ernesfine Knemeyer, Abe Wagner, Don Blanch Brian Cox Bob Shriner, Norene Domenico, Joan Brolhers, Sonia Baker, Cora Wesifall. FRONT ROW-Kay Goodwin, Georgia Seaman, Margie Torres, Pal Durbin, Barbara Landow, Lois Domenico, Rona Griliches, Juliana Busnardo, Connie Shidler, Rene Villano, Judy Haslrin, Marlene Broolrs. L "I'LL PAY THE RENT!" F Q i ML- ,fir Vlw Leif fo Right, BACK ROW-Helen Boehm, Phyllis Biderman, Jean Osborne, Eleanor Zimmerman, Ray Lindslrom, Abe Wagner, Ed Ramirez, Sherman Sullivan, Bill Kingslon, Ed Brewer, John Pilre, Bob Fryberger, Allan Taylor, Douglas Nunes, Jack Schweber, Margarel Hughes, David Fiore. 3RD ROW-Marlene Phillips, Hope Riedel, Larry Kirlrgaard, Floyd Zamboni, Lois Domenico, Phyllis Longo, Selma Rosen, Barbara Papper, Shirley Ronnfeldl, Janice Bylher, Rulh Allen, Janef Eslinger, Cora Wesifall, Allen Tani. ZND ROW-Calhy Woodman, Susan Kramer, Carol Ann Emge, Anifa Chernilla, Deanna Blue, Barbara Ehelcircher, Bealrice Weiss, Beverly Chrisfiansen, Coreen Tanner, wh Raslilyf Norene Domenico, Marion Schriber, Joan Sleinmarlc, Mary Ann Lacey. FRONT ROW-Elsie Cameron, June Bernard, nfginia Warner, Pal Durbin, Marlene Bingham, Margie Torres, Rona Griliches, Muriel Bingham, Carol Gardner, Beriha Mclniyre, Lorraine Nalhenson. Iyres club fx Q Marlene Bingham, Treasurer, Miss Graves, Sponsor: Correen Phyllis Biderman, Vice Presi- X Tanner. Secref-sry: Cora WHS?- denlg Phyllis Longo, Secreiaryp 'Q fall, President Norene Domen- Rulh Allen, President. fi ,- 4 5 ico, Vice Presidenlg Allen Tani, W Treasurer. y x A E. - 4 . A " if W . I .f Y A ie -, Lei-f s- VVVV M. t Woe., f V, ,, .,.,. , 'X w...,,,,1,, A , W W ,Q ,VL .V ,s..,.. i Baclx Row-Meyer Sallzman, Myron Treber, Sherwin Lillman, Jay Gegenburg, Bill Glade, Abe Wagner, Bill Kingslon, Ed Brewer, Gary Cooper, Norman Solomon, Jim Finlayson, Tom McDonnell, Carlyle Price, Jim Di++er, Bob Koch. 3rd Row- Miss Graves, Beverly Chrisliansen, llla Rose Blumberg, Janice By+her, Marilyn Seiflren, Jerry Green, Aaron Eisen, Alberf Prado, Avrum Rubin, Jerry Feiner, Gilberl Russell, Carl Shcranz, Harold Fuller, Eleanor Zimmerman, Lois McGraw, Janelle Tail, Claudia Henclershof, 2nd Row-Joan Sfeinmarlc, Merilyn Overholl, Marlene Phillips, Jean Osborne, l"larrie+Tl1ompson, Phyllis Longo, Terry McNassor, Cora Wesffall, Pal Dillman, Darlene Cure, Donna Henderson, Berfha Mclnlyre, Shirley Ronnfeldh Jaclrie Anderson. Fronf Row-Pai Trumbo, Coreen Tanner, Belly Lou Wacker, Priscilla Rix Donna Anderson Sondra Emrnerf, Jaclxie Ochialo, Nancy Helbig, Kay Goodwin, Pa? Angel, Anila Chernilla, Phyllislsersanle, Darlene Slrinqer, llena Meelr, Muriel Bingham. a cappella choir madrigal ""' Y V 'r' rv Back Row-Bill Glade, Tom McDonnell, Gary Cooper, Bill Kingsfon, Jim Diller, Carlyle Price, Gilberf Russell, Carl Schranz. Fronl Row-Beverly Cl1rlSl'iaY'lS9r1. Joan Slelnmafli. Priscilla Rix, Marlene Phillips, Berfha Mclnlyre, Donna Henderson, Cora Weslfalli Sondra Emmerl. 98 BACK ROW-Pal Hoffman, Gayle Kesler, Mary Bramble, Janice Calon, Rulh Allen, Barbara Maslers, Sally McCormick, Norma Nell, Aliean Pirnal, Caroline Cumpslon, Gloria Clemmens, Mary Jane Wilcox, Diane Linderl, Freddie Grayson, Jeannie Falasco, F-reda Bushnell, Annelle Marfinelli. ZND ROW-Mrs. Smilh, Donna Holloway, Janei Swanson, Shirley Borcherf, Carol Obluda, Shirley Palferson, Chrisline Maron, Daisy Mccraclcen, Sally Noble, Sylvia Taylor, Nancy Tarpley, Gwen Riggs, Coleen Fanlry, Bernadelle Dominico, Barbara Ehelcircher. FRONT ROW-Pal Graham, Hope Riedel, Dianne Gillham, Sharon Meyers, Janel' Good- rich, Pal' Jenlrins, Belh Viclvsman, Virginia Warner, Elsie Cameron, Sally Renlen, Eulh Raschlrey, ,tlelen Caslaneda, AQ ff' girls' Choir boys' choir BACK ROW-Bill Glade, Abe Wagner, Gary Cooper, Jim Hasly, Ed Brewer, Buddy Smilh, Trolly Broy, Bill Kingslon, Bob Koch Allen Lewis. 3RD ROW-Merril Overholl, Jim Finlayson, Carl Caywood, Alan Zelinlrolf, Al Reclor, Leonard Glaviano, John Webb, Jim Diller, John Groul. ZND ROW-Ronald Draper, Bob Mahalhey, Reuben Tafoya, Eugene Worley, Bob Arnelf, Milre Gioso, Jaclr Schweber, Carl Schranz. FRONT ROW--Olie Simonsen, Myron Treber, Bob Moore, Charles Gamzey, Ted Rosen, Jaclc Trinco Gilberl Russell, Roy Reule. I I I ,ard MR. EARLBERT PIKE Conductor concert orchestra fo ff IW ' f . if if GT' V05 tic ,Q L. fy 5 . , 1,-'44 ..- V . 23 concert ba nd These musical groups-A Cappella, Girls' Choir, Boys' Choir, Concerf Band, and Concerf Orchestra-give many hours of behind-fhe-scenes work as well as many fine hours of lis+ening enioymenl' for audiences of bolh Norfh s+uden+s and ofher groups. Their direc+ors are very capable and hard working. Our hafs off fo 'rhe music deparfmenl-a large group of which we can be exlremely proud. , Ii Q s BACK ROWfSylvia Taylor, Dorolhy Gregory, Susie Hewitt, Dave Schrum, Tom Jenkins, Mary Emily Hannah, Carol: Sniconi Elsie Cameron FRONT RQW-Mr. Lindell Mary K rs .!, CJ Q3 e Ann Di-Carlo, Sol Biderman, Ari Selby, Charles ieamzey, NORTH STAR STAFF Bob Smlih, Mary Ann Paulucci. .'2lllll1lI'y-.'lllll'. 1954 liditor Mary liniily llginnzih north star The Norlh Star is 'rhe North High siudeni newspaper. Special issues during the school year of I953-54 included an unusual home- coming issue, a mock Denver Post and an April Fool issue. Associate Editor Assistant Editor Assignment and llendline Iiclitor Photographic Iiditor llezid Reporter Reporters Sports Board Features Make-Up Headlines Assignments Photogrzipher Business Managers Editorial Advisor and Fnrole Siireoni Sol Ridernmn Miriam Meadows Mari Lou Peterson Hilrhiiru Vieksnnin Nlziry Ann Defzirlo, Norene Doinenieo, Judy lisbensen, Dorothy Gregory, Maryann Pqiulueei, Siniu Weiner Gene Hartley Tom Jenkins Richard Lonnquist Koh Smith Dave Shrum Art Selby, Frank Prognr Sponsor Mr. lid Linilell l M X 5 1 l BACK ROW-Jan Blylher, Cloe Hamm, Gail Goode, Pal' Borls, Norene Myers. ZND ROW--Bob Gibbs, Dorollmy Segraves, Deanna Blue, Virginia Warner, Ramona Smilli, Allan Taylor. FRONT ROW-Belly Haalc, Mary Ann Rhoads, Jackie Anderson, Donna Henderson, Talmalxo Toda. assembly committee Lell lo righl-Connie Sluidler, Donald Blanch, Sally Nichols. , 4 1,'l I .bl Q, stage crew fjjf '- nl., ll.ll!'f . I- ,ly 1 monitors BACK ROW-Larry While, Danny Williers, Jim Lanlzy, Harvey Campbell, Jim Finlayson, Donald Blanch. ' ,fvnwf .. I.: i lxl l Q 1 Q Sqk. Chrk, Msi. 591. Hiqq Kqhiflis . '5eXbY . nik ko r sk. Sqi. X. bokham, M 'Ind Lis. Madene es! Jan- ko riqhi, BACK ROWf k Vkrden, Mamyn VanderLe , FRONT ROWfCharXene n Caphq Pai Le!! kam Bei y Durkin. Henderso , Maker. Bhxq , ice Lage, Kaihe Hoohar, Lk. COLL Durbhw. 'Ind Lhq Donna Jackie Douqherky, Kn- ' Q ' A I ' fu W A ' f - 2 'ixvi'-Y K 5 I 4 .,. Y - gym. 0 G, 1.3 gk 5' my ,V ,,,, N I 1 X xg s 3 l x 9 5 Y 1 1 f C ' L w ' " . ,f ' ff t 4 I . V Q f A i K ' 4 I ' ' .1 . - I 4, ,x .5-U' . n ' -- u t . . , .Q - .. J' I ,f I, .M "' ' M -"" ' I , , H KH ' Q.f . my '97 WL? any I' QA' ,. , , V 1 5 sf, A W., . M, WAN., V M , . fm ,, X. X f, 4 . N ' ! .f . A.f V ' z f . . v f ,, . Y v' ' V 1 V 'AV ' v' " ' " v xl 2" s ve g. S. K, - O 2 lg, 1 QQ K 7 Q ' , ,L 0 w I nf QE J , . A A .4 hx: hx 1 A ? A ' x I 1 K v -' 1 5 I Y " -I .Y -. Q ' K . 1, . ,f I Q 8 X s MQ' 'Q ,,. If 'K' Lqvffawswwwlxs 'H Q1 P' -1-X Y ,. Tj ' 2 F - . - 4 I 'Ri X. I ' WA ' Q t , . :X P K , Ll L X 'f 29? l Q . 5 3 'ess Q1 ! 1 . x I A . f , b V :E Ng' xg! 4 Q Q g 'Q' g' Q 'QI Q fl ' A 1 f 1' . ' . 1, I , , , .a . .E 5 ' , . , f , 4 - iff' xgrv P9 lxw, gg? iw I 9 A X 8, sl gb ft? , Y m K. my X ' QQ W KQX R33 QT! " L m l Lell lo Riqhl, BACK ROW-Helen Bohen, Gloria Heller, Sonia Hechl,, Donna Marvin, Jean Remley, Carol Tillman, Dick Malchow, Larry Tamen, Mark Osborn, Avrum Rubin, Dick VanderWedge, Douglas Cook, Gregory Thorn, Thomas Widener, Slacey Churchill, Ronald Ben- nell, Kenny Anselmo, Dollie Erno, Jackie Redler. 3RD ROW-Rulh Burger, Mary Jo Englehardl, Mallie Tiplon, Barbara Moore, Lola Mae Gulmeyer, Deanna Herman, Wilma Theander, Sybil Williams, Mary Hulchinson, Jean Shabouh, Louise Shepard, Vicki Bursnick, Sherrill Ken- lopp, Mary Jones, Elizabelh Garbon, Rikky Jung, Pal Bickard, Suzy Beiarano, Easler Barish. ZND ROW-Corinne Tanner, Nadine Rolhluss, Juanila Drake, Charlean Smilh, Selma Finning, Deanna Darling, Phyliss Rommel, Pauline Hill, Bonnie Blair, Barbara McLeod, Joan Gilbo, Carol Fuiila, Lorraine Kelly, Nadine Maslers. FRONT ROW-Carlene Slurdevanl, Marilyn Amen, Susan Kramer, Carol Ann Emge, Rona Grilishes, Judy Herron, Cherene Rawall, Kalhy Clark, Diana Junghaene, Sonia Burkhardl, Janel Pelerson, Pal Brown, Norleen Willie, Gail Goode, Marsha Woerner. r d Cross Lell lo Riqhl, BACK ROW-Pal Johnson, Barbara Sharoll, Pal Owens, Lolila Shorlridge, Joe Schwarlz, Jerry Green, Jack Duckworlh, Jim Haase, Arlie Benncll, Ronald McGuire, Dick Lichlenheld, Dick Schwarlz, Jack Evans, Glen Kosl, Dave Moullon, Charles lnaqaki, 3RD ROW- Miss Kinney, Sonia Baker, Jorella Hill, Pal O'Neil, Mavis Jenkins, Charlene Wesl, Dianne Hoffman, Marilyn Smilh, Joan Coulls, Darlene Bvsl, Shirley Ronnleldl, Charlene Hooker, Jackie Douqherly, Freddie Grayson, Beverly Alencio, Diane Linderl, Cloe Hamm, Jo Ann Lohr. 2ND ROW-Arla-iii: La Guardia, Mary Ann Lacey, Belly Lou Wacker, Sharon Meyers, Jackie Keeler, Toby Slorn, Kay Greenfield, Marilyn Hullord, Sally Noble, Marsha Allman, Roberla Schmidl, Verna Melorango, Jackie Pyle, June Anderson, Judy Haskin. FRONT ROW-Ben nice Byarano, Marion Penney, Kalie Shanahan, Mary Ann DeCarlo, Barbara l.andow, Barbara Papper, Pal Pacheco, Lida Widebam, Marvin lou Durbin, Juliana Busnardo, Belly Haak, Belly Virden, Shirley Pallerson, Takako Toda, Carol Marlin. "Swing your parfner and docey doe"-'rhese famil- iar words are characferisfic of one of our newesl clubs here af Nor+l'1, +l1e Square Dance Club. The learning of fhis ar+ is one of grea+ enioymenf for all involved. square dance club table tennis club I07 - W! dj Wfawwf WM y,JWVf 66jAi'O W' 9 - Q www? ff' QWWASMWW W in sports 4? V ,QVQV x , Q, ,NV QW " , Y, I + x .V . ,V VV 1? f 'wma V W, fr -n ATX I A 1 H g 1, a ' if , V11 K-H' - 3, V V ,V 5 I 1 j,. V. :n 05-Q ,V V x -, gf Qiy V4 idx 9 :HQ I .MK Qkirf -,S AJ., QQ N V if? . 35135235 1, ,., L 1 1- ' : ' ' r 41 1 X .4 f ' f 'A' , ' z -1 M6 'sflgsv'-fs. f'5r9fAaunwf'f 75"-" ' Q Q 4 "' .2 . W - ' f r ,J ii '-"'Sf'i.4- T '57.-Qf fm, "" A, . 'Sf-As? 'M' ,ea 'M' f A' 'W m V ,.o,,,B Q V,i,Xg' !,.2f,':,,,1'Hi,T.3,i41-weygfq V 'W' VV''ia.W'nf?V,'5QQf3:fT3s ff ' -f "p.b1,gz.sw'1-Quik Sa'-F - " All? 105' -SN xw Q x R35-Z. ' wi Q .fq.VK1N.'rnVv ' .,lvffv'j1...4' me Q -'L f 'iid' 1"EN?9"'A -'..f25 xE'4y .W Q 45:2 1 ap. . W jg, A vs .da M Q AL", Q. 1 , Syl ,, Q. Nix. i ., X I' f +1 ' "" - ,'gMN-niiwivpffgs Q V , + ap ,W Q V-2""1 f ff tif' gf 5F'V" .W 'N 5"iw,.x ,R W ff: ,,X,.V -L.:-1,5 1 1953? af wg Vw Ai, :- 41 X MM . W .vw 1 if M", , vs . M v ,Vw .5 V x -':W. gizJ ft A A-D 'Q ws' y ,., X , 4 sf' "'6'f M A1154 M - 1 m 5 'H' fu, ' jf ,HWY 5 i:.,,'IxkyJ fn - br.: .. as ,nw- Ja Us 'P 'u W , - V .:.'?gI"f3M-1.5. , un' , V .. . A A - A , 44- "int ' if Fw .,. 5 -B8 QR !' fx .s ,sf h SVA, svn., 1 'ur 1' --.. . Nil. vu.'?33:fA if wie X x BILL BOLTON CHARLES INAGAKI End Guard A11 City All City Nisei All American football The VIKINGS opened lheir I953 foolball season in a 6 'Io 6 I'ie wilh Soulh. Bud Smilh broke lhrough Io block a quick kick and recovered if in lhe end zone for NORTH'S only Touchdown. Oulslanding performances were lurned in by J. D. Carlson, Rich Smilh and Buddy Smilh. In NORTH'S second encounler wilh Soulh, Tom Jenkins was lhe ou'fs'I'anding player. Jenkins scored Iwo louchdowns, one on a +hriIIing 68 yard slash off +ackIe. The Rebel line was clearly oufclassed by 'rhe VIKING forwards. ExceIIen+ per- formances were also furned in by Dick Volk, Rich Smilh, and Jim Ferguson. Final score was NORTH I9 and Soufh 0. TT? 'H JERRY MURFIN End CHUCK DONELAN JIM FERGUSON End Half Back QUIT WATCHING AND HELP YOU GUYS. THE SMITH BROS. fx' Ni . H NE I gwwfi I I as ccyi , Ji M if I g, ,V I yccy, in y by 5 1 csii by S ed sg I Ii I .fs 'Y WW 7 is is , . ,wwf i I W is, y I . , W2 K Quinn.- .br-' FROM RAGS . TOMMY MCNAMARA LARRY FAULKNER AL PRADO 0 ' All City ' 0 In fhe firsf meefing fhe VIKS wenf all ouf in a 38 Io O conquesi of Manual. NORTI'I'S Terrific speed and desire were Ihe main facfors in Ihe vic- +ory. Ouisianding for The VIKINGS were Bill BoI+on, Tom Jenkins, and Rich Smiih. Each scored 'Iwo fouchdowns apiece. As Ihe score showed, fhe VIKINGS mei' a greafly improved Thunderbolf feam, winning by +he score of 2I 'ro 6. Again +he VIKS' Iremendous speend and desire showed fhem Ihe way 'Io Ihe vic+ory pafh. Tom McNamara, I75-pound NORTH fackle, blocked Iwo Manual punfs. Tom Jenkins also played an imporfanf role for +he VIKS. GARY STUCHLIK EARL McCALL Center Center A11 City The VIKINGS defeafed The Cowboys in bofh oufings, I3 To 6 and 20 To 6. The 'firsf mee+ing wifh Wes+ was reaIIy a Thriller. In +he second quarfer Paul Rairclen 'rhrew a Iong pass 'Io Tom Jenkins, and The pIay covered 62 yards for a NORTH Touch- down. The clincher came as Don Ponzio, subbing for The iniured Rich Smiih, made Iwo good gains. Jenkins 'ihen scored from +he I5, as he was helped ou+ by Gene Har+Iey. The NORSEMEN won Iheir homecoming game wi+h a sec- ond half raIIy 20 +o 6. CompIe+eIy ou'l'pIayed in 'rhe firs+ half, +he VIKINGS roIIed for +hree 'rhird quarier Touch- downs. Paul Rairden, Earl McCall, CharIie Inagaki, Tom Worsier, and Ronnie McKenzie were all ou+s+ancIing. -6 rrei sa Ie l-NIITN E els , RONALD McKENZlE Guard BUDDY SMITH JIM RAMSEY End Tackle LAY OFF THE FINGERS. BUD! THE BOYS! .D N 4551- Q, . Q 'fi V- E' ,rise MAKE HIM LET GO REF. GENE HARTLEY PAUL RAIRDEN Full Back Quarter Back 5 A I. ,Q K .hz GET 'EM FERGY. LEONARD "SPIDER" MEKINSTER DON MADONNA Manage, Tackle RICHARD swim-I CARROL BAKER Half Back Tackle Captain All City A deiermined NORTH eleven complefely ouiplayed a Iarger, sfronger, and more experienced Easl' feam in +he firsl of Iheir 'rwo games. Even 'Ihough +he Angels were credifed wi+h a I3 Io 6 vicfory, if was a moral viciory for 'Ihe VIKINGS. Oufsfanding for 'Ihe NORTH ieam were Tom Jenkins, Dick Volk, and Rich Smilh. The second game be+ween Ihe rival schools was a Ihriller, wiih Eas+ gefling a safely 'Io win by 'Ihe narrow score of 9 fo 7. The VIKINGS were up for fhe game men+aIIy as well as physically, bu+ fhey iusl couIdn"I' push over a final 'Iouchdown againsf fhe Angel defense. Ouisfanding NORTH players were Tom Jenkins, who scored lhe lone VIKING Iouchdown, Dick Volk, Jim Lanizy, Tom McNamara, and Rich Smilh. Twen+y of 'Ihe players were pariicipaiing in Iheir Iasl' game for NORTH. .,,,I,V, 33 y P' wean e Mi Q Don Vick Dave MouH'on Bob Bold Melvin Mohr X I I SWIl'l1l'l1Il'Ig The I954 Swimming 'leam ended lhe season wifh a record of Two wins and +wo losses. This pul 'rhem in +hird place in 'rhe Cify meer. I+ was 'lhe firsl year for Coach Lindell, successor 'lo Harvey Riddle who refired lasl year, buf +he boys showed a lol of husfle, and worked hard for him all season. The squad boasled only one All-Cily man, in 'rhe person of Jim Hasly, a sophomore backs+roker. Larry Morris, Don Vick, Melvin Mohr, and Bob Bold were ou'I's+ancling +hroughou+ 'Phe year. Nexl' year's 'leam should be an improvemenr over lhis year's as +here will be seven reiurning leHermen. 'gf' ss is 4 il S y ' e sq l I Tri' f-l 'li ' T, ,.sc I ., 3, x W. M ,. wil M , 0 d K h oy O ui J' H 'r Jim Blumer John LaGuardia 3 +191 g, J """"-----.. wewwiwwfgiifli 6 iii T- an ,m Wim? Q,iii1,HFl'hN e is ctw f is hui- Q 'is on Zehnkoff 'm as Y Te Soufh ,. , , .,,,, E-asf Wesl NOR or Q. Ttfw ll 0 I dm TH , I g If I STANDINGSW L A I X 'I-M,-' IIT 5 A Z 1 K y 2 1 JI I T if 3 9 R I Q BILLY GLADE CARL GUTKNECKT CARL FADDIS DICK SACHOFF Captain The I953 golf Ieam finished in 'Ihird place, as did lasf year's Ieam. The golfers mel slrong compell- fion in Ihe Cily play, beafing Manual by forfeil' for Iheir only win. Bill Glade, a senior Ihree-year Ieflerman, led fhe squad and finished Ihird in +he Cily medal play. I+ was his Iasl' year on Ihe VIKING Ieam. Ofher members of Ihe 'Ieam were Carl Gulneckl, Carl Faddis, Deloy Befhel, Carl Belfz, Ted Saifo, Diclx Sachoff, John Kunlcler, and Frank Felix. Nexl' year's 'Ieam should show some improvemenf, as six of 'rhe Ieffermen were eilher juniors or soph- omores. I'I' was Coach Hix's Fif+h year as VIKING golf coach. lk X X CW X . sf Xi 'Q tv M 3 bring:-my "' .fn I W y ww- un :Yrs 'IZ xxx Ng, THE I953 VARSITY GOLF TEAM. CARL BELTZ DELOY BETHEL FRANK FELIX JOHN KUNKLER SCORES NORTH I . . NORTH 0 . . NORTH 2 . . NORTH 4 . . Jx ,H-, QP' L, ' f NORTH'S BEN HOGAN? . Soufh 3 . Easl 4 . Wesf 2 Manual O I I .49 r 1 -sf "'W ' . S li AhA ", A .L xx- ' I . I .Tl 'f " - I "Q I., A - - .,, R 0 f' ' , Q ' 3, f fs... , 1 ,SPIN . ,ga 1 1 l .lf ff' ' 5 . 'fl-Lx , 9 1 g l, mzx, I 'fa is -H U' N .v s 5 xg fluff X S 'ifaf-f. in , ""- I 'N T 'T' N N -x I I 13,1 .. W W: I .' x , as GEORGE CRIGLER ALLAN "TOJO" FREIS CARNEY CRISLER r- wi. -'EX I"'Nk 1 NWN! I -- I ri' ,, ' , XD , -1 if 1 .yy , by , ', f flg? . 'ZS s, I .I Iac . 4 'S .. . ,W ii.. .,. I :ax fel -'I 5 'UV .ff -I I .I gf k V,.. 3 AAh,. , ..,,., fr? 'N ' I basketball The VIKINGS 'finished 'rheir firsl round of play wilh a one win and fhree loss record. In lhe opening game NORTH was handed a 58 lo 53 loss al lhe hands of Soulh. Il was a disappoinling game as 'rhe VIKINGS oulplayed lhe Rebels, only 'lo lose lhe game a+ fhe free lhrow line. The NORSEMEN were soundly beafen by Manual 69 lo 53. In +he Wesl' game 'lhe leam finally came alive by upselling lhe favored Cowboys 70 +o 53. NORTH'S fasf break wore down lhe Cowboys complelely. Rich Smilh scored I6 poin+s and held S+an Alberl, Wesl' slar, 'ro ll poinls. Allan "Toio" Freis, Carney Crisler, Keilh Ancell, and Jim Ferguson were 'Ihe heroes of lhe game. The VIKINGS slarled slow and finished fasl in losing 'ro Easl 59 lo 54. The Angels slopped lhe fasl break un+iI Iale in +he game when i+ was loo lale for lhe VIKINGS lo calch up. The VIKINGS opened lhe second round of play wilh a lhrilling 52 'lo 49 viclory over Soulh. Then lhe roof fell in on lhe VIKS as 'rhey losl' 'lhe lasl lhree games of lhe year. 68 lo 59 'lo Manual, lhey were lrampled by Wesl 75 'lo 52, and were barely nosed ou+ by Easl' 49 'lo 42. Rich Smilh was 'lhe s+ar of lhis year's leam, coming in second in league scoring wilh I25 poinls and playing very well on defense. Oulslanding players and boys who saw considerable acfion were Carney Crisler, Paul Rairden, Sian Brown, Jim Ferguson, Allan "Tojo" Freis, George Crigler, Kei'I'h Ancell, Paul Erickson, Moreland Fink, and Ronald Tsuruda. Nexl' season should be a good one wi+h 6 relurning leHermen lo bolsler lhe leam. Good luck 'lo Ihe leam of "55." Rich Smilh was 'rhe only player lo be named lo fhe all-cily leam. P" Slandings W. L. Pcl. 6 2 .750 3 .625 4 4 .500 3 5 .375 6 .250 Easl ......,... ...... Manual .............. 5 Wesl' .....,.. ...... Soulh ,................. NORTH ............ 2 g COME ON. PAUL. SINK IT. IT'S MINE, NOW LEAVE IT ALONE. NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH Scores . SOUII1 Manual Wesf Easf . Sou+I1 Manual . Soufh . Easf fe 'A I W RI T1 " .Ck I Ig 5,7 ' I , , gl' 'III'-'Af -IQ5 ' I I TQ'?t7'51 7 mf I X 3 I 45' L I, R -f," f ,I I I N KEITH ANCELL lfQ:vf"mNH fd I . 5 5-1'RI3f,i Q ' .3 VENE ,J My . -L '4 ,wi 5 -.-M D JIM FERGUSON STANLEY BROWN I. I MII 1' Q fl! L .lf 5 . I I . In 1 I 52 f" 5 I ' 4 12 . ff':kI.t I fx ,V , if I -W ' x url I 4 lb I K S X II . . I ja, I. . gg: xi? f x . " S S -sq iq. TTS-F3PQ,?3'f.4fY Ax -N.. , , 1 X A .V I I J . I I 13- . 'N If-6S'w, .5-x sm vi -m .4.g+W. "?'Sff Sf I 4 Y FKMTIY Q SSH? - ' ' 2: f," I .KA 3 ' 42. I fwx Q- 'E 1 , J. YV .. , Q, .N . .I 2 xx BY PAUL RAIRDEN RICH SMITH UP HE GOES! BUD SMITH PAUL ERICKSON K Q .. ' '9'i'V S P1 , . .. .Sw 14 A K . if IW .Iv . f .I ,Ii .M ff ':- Ig, ,,,-. . I 'Y f . . P . SSSS ,J f P' . N SL ,- - 1- I- ., - if M M V .I 1 ff , I' I 5 , .'iv::m1-Q .,.,. " ' 'I 39 I ig. vi- I' I as -mr. : A iwfffii' L3 551' R 5 i ff? WHO'S GOT IT? 'T 'S-1 .Vx fi T Errol Payne Charles Gamzey Darrel Norgren Howard Torgove Moreland Fink No. 2 Doubles No. 4 Singles No 1 Singles No. 2 Singles No. I Doubles NORTH finished in 3rd place This year wiih a record x Q Q of 26 wins and 22 losses. Eas+ won ifs 4i'h sfraighf ' ' , , championship by The narrow margin of one mafch over - X 8 L T Souih. The mafch of +he year was when Easf beai 5 4 NORTH, 4 mafches +o 2. The doubles ieams bo+h X - f 'S il won, while all The singles ma+ches were very close. il, S A K f Coach Marfin says "nex'I' year will be a good one wi+h Sl , N " ' six refurning leHermen," Howard Torgove, Ray Baird, Y xi V '. Phil Ehr, Ronald Krieger, Errol Payne, and his doubles A I parfner, Gerald Thayler, who iusf missed All Ci+y. Moreland Finlr was elec+ed cap+ain of +he Team. - T I 7 , ' aa if THE I954 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM i tennis NORTH . . . Soufh 5 NORTH Manual I Team NORTH . . . Wesl' 0 Easl NORTH . Em 4 Soufh W E NORTH . Soufh 6 NORTH NORTH Manual 0 Wesl NORTH . . . wen o Manual - me THAT CRAZY Pose NORTH ' ' ' Em 6 Gerald Thayler Phil Ehr Chuck Wilson No. 2 Doubles No. 3 Singles No. 4 Singles .fs .. f Q. fsv 'Q X ,meggelrfs T. -f' 'W .s wi ff QF S fx Q, Q r as 4 Q ll In .- M. if 'H- .. . .4I ., 40 . T. ,26 ...,I0 , ..,,, 3 W. L. Pc+. 7 .854 8 .833 22 .542 38 .208 45 .063 Mr. Marlin ..4-""'- Coach 2 1.153 , , - Q T U ,. ,, ' lr M T ,,,,,,, . J U Ei 5 l ' il v 1 2 M- X Q. Q Q - s - 'Z 4 Rh 'Q , Q Z 5 QQF5 .5 K . Q Y IQ53 state ' X !l,1 S,1.' 'in , R ffi 333 I 'P ,341 5 wx .. 'vg 'F' 4 'T' .X Nu: If X V , w. . -M. 4- hy K, ...W 11 ill' mf- 4 u, .1 QM -- W -ik The enTire NORTH Team displayed an amazing amounT of husTle Throughouf The I953 season, winning six games and losing only Two in Taking charge of The CiTy championship. The big men in The VIKING con- quesTing drive were Torn Jenlrins, who won The league baTTing crown wiTh a neaT .4l4 percenTage, Gayl BernhardT, The sTellar righT-hander Tor The NORTH- side school, and Ernie Anselmo, The Team caplain. The championship was The TirsT baseball TiTIe To be won by a NORTH Team since I945. NORTH placed Tive men on The All-Cify Team. A crowd of 500 VIKINGS gave The boys a rousing send-off, as Coach Milne WilleTT and a TifTeen-man NORTH squad lefT Tor Grand JuncTion wiTh high hopes of winning The STaTe Class AA Baseball championship. In The TirsT round games The VIKINGS were piTTed againsf The Tigers from Grand Juncfion, winning by a score ol' I2 To 4, as I,400 specTaTors loolred on. Greeley blanlced Pueblo 3 To O in The oTher conTesT. The TiTle game was played The 'following evening wiTh Bill Glade, senior relief piTcher, replacing Gayl Bern- hardT in The ninTh inning wiTh one ouT, and The score Tied up aT 2 To 2 as Gene YosT Tripled and scored on a long fly To cenTer by Ernie Anselmo. NORTH placed 5 men on The All-STaTe Team. baseball champ ' 3- Simi .4 , be fi, - ,A qfj iii va ' ,df .A - is 'ff-5 LA... j V v',f I ' if ff-T, f L' T , track Bolfon Dick Volk Don Davis Jim Shlbafa The I953 VIKING Track Team had a fair season, finishing TourTh in The ciTy meeT wiTh 9 poinTs and TenTh in The sTaTe meeT wiTh 7 poinTs. There were IO leTTermen led by BerT Frink who was high poini' man for The Team. BerT also seT The NORTH record Tor The discus wiTh a Throw of I45"f2" in a pracTice meeT. This year's Team should be bolsTered by The reTurn of 4 leTTermen, Bill BolTon, Dick Kellenbenz, Jim ShibaTa, and Dick Volk. Donald Davis had The worsT break of The year in The ciTy meeT. Donnie was leading in The sTreTch oT The half mile run and broke open a large blisTer on his Tooi abouT 65 yards from The Tinish line. He finished Third anyway buT was disqualified for pushing on The lasT Turn. BerT Frink was elecTed capTain of The I953 Team. SEASON RESULTS NorTh 88, Aurora 45, LiTTleTon NorTh 4l, SouTh 83 NorTh 53, Manual 7I NorTh 58112, WesT 65lf2 C. U. Relays-No poinTs CiTy MeeT-9 poinTs l4Thl STaTe MeeT-7 poinTs ll0Thl X 1 K ff THE l953 VARSITY TRACK TEAM Ed Goody Charles Roessler Manager Manager A ,zql '7 , ' , ' ,, in A4594 xi ivy-li. jgffaf 'TN ,ss 9? 4 L z ay.. u,qg+,' NWC., s A ' Q S 51, n n n X, ,JT C .af 4- ,unease-in T. auf it s Eaashfnn, Jack Greenwood Dick Kellenbenz ,CCW g mnastics Alfhough Gymnasiics is considered Io be one of Ihe minor sporfs af NORTH if is one of Ihe mosi difficulf Io compe'I'e in and Io Ie'I"rer in. To obiain a Ie'Her in Gymnasfics you musl place in Ihe firsf five final posifions eifher in Ihe A.A.U. Regional Meef or in Ihe Sfaie Mee+. You are iudged by 'Iwo men who give you a com- bined score consisling of 60 poin+s for 'Ihe difficulfy of fhe exercise and 40 poinfs for your execufion and form while doing +he exercise. This year's Ieam will be greafly hampered by Ihe loss of IeHermen by graduaiion buf Coach Klune says "+hey will be up Ihere wiI'h Ihe resi' of Ihe Ieams and fighfing all 'rhe 'rime." Refurning IeHermen are Jack Greenwood, and Jack Eblen on +he Side Horse, Chuck Schaefer on 'Ihe High Bar, Bill Bolion on 'Ihe Parallel Bars and Mais. Oufsfanding prospecis are: Grady Maffhews, Paul Sfone, Gene Pasfor, James Johannsen, Claire Gilberf, Bob Kline, Ray Roland, Chuck Hansen, and Jim Rumin who was fhe Novice Champion Ias+ year. LOOK AT THE BIRDIE. JACK. THE I954 VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM. WHICH WAY IS UP? IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S SCHAEFER Coach Evans Coac The coaching sfaff ai' NORTH, wifhouf a doubf, ge+s less credi+ for wha+ fhey do, fhan any one group in +he VIKING school. Unless you have been a member of one of The a+hle+ic leams al NORTH, i+ is ra+her hard for you fo know jusi' how hard a coach works fo make ours a beHer school. Every nigh? affer school he musl' go oul' fo fhe field wifh his boys and prepare fhem for fhe nexf game. Then affer 'rhe game is over and we have won who gefs credif for +he win? Why +he boys of course' buf wh . , , en we lose who lakes fhe blame? Now really, kids, +hey're a swell bunch of men, and everyone a+ NORTH should appreciale 'rhem for whal' fhey do for you, and fhe school. Coach Marhn Coach Garner h Klune Coach Gefsch Coach Hix Q3 35 W il '67 o L S 1 x X V T lim' 1 f Coach Moles ln lhe fall of I933, NORTH welcomed Coach Burwell O. Moles +o i'ls facully and alhlelic slaff. Now i+'s l954 and Coach Moles refires as head wreslling coach. ln I949, Coach Moles relired as head base- ball coach. No man in 'rhe Denver Prep League has ever lefl' behind him such a greal, and inspiring record. He piloled 'rhe VIKING baseball leam for I6 years, winning 7 Cily championships and 'lying for 2 olhers. ln wreslling, Coach Moles produced many slars, win- ning lhe Cily championships I6 limes and lhe Sfale lille 9 limes. His record of 6 conseculive Cily and Slale wreslling 'rilles will prob- ably never be broken. The Dean of Denver Coaches, "Mr. Wres'rling" himself, Burwell Moles is also Head of lhe NORTH Alhlelic Deparlmenl. Coach Salen Coach WilleH Coach Lindell V . ii' iff! fillet - 'TF 8, 3 ills N ' A1lC1ty 95 lbs. Ixx Q HOLD 'EM SMITTY The I954 wreslling leam again came oul on lop, winning by 'lhe score of 47 'ro 42 over Wes+. Coach Moles relires ihis year afler a very good season. He has now broughl lo NORTH lb Cify Cham- pionships and 9 Slale Championships during his 2l years as VIKING wreslling coach. The VIKS boaslecl five All-Cily men. They were 95 lbs. Don Morris, IO3 lbs. Bob Smilh, l27 lbs. Ron Davis, l54 lbs. Earl McCall, and 'rhe l65 lbs. champ was Tom McNamara. The malmen will have only lwo re+urning le'H'ermen nexl' year. They are Don Morris, a sopho- more, and Bob Moore, a iunior. Lois of luck nexl year boys. wrestling Don Morris Clair Gilberl Bob Smith 103 lbs. All-City 103 lbs. SWITCH RON Bob Moore Gene Harlley Bill Zimmerman Carroll Baker 138 lbs- 138 lbs. 145 lbs. l45 lbs. 2 1 ' 4 M1 1 -1 'Q . e ,. a ,gf ... s y ir ,E ' v " fs!-1 .W .-.' we . ' ss champs Q ......l Tom McFall 120 lbs. l b i " f 1 . -6' F 8 T. I QQ gg .. at Y-g i g' V K 1 . K I N K K A M , .' A4 Don Davis Chuck Donelan All-City 127 lbs. 133 lbs. HE DID 5 fx' f,.- 1 - v I I ,.,.,.,, ,A vu Q 1 Dick Volk Manager Earl McCall Tom McNamara Ron MCKen1i9 I-arY Cahill All-City 154 lbs. All-City 165 lbs. 175 lbs. Heavywe1ght 1 '-f-...Q ' 2 1. -fs..'ff' ,F 4 "F H- as a wwf' ., ' "- zz' .f ,If .A r- . ,K ORN L at fgvr . I A K A R Q :Ag b . is E, . X . K " Ike , 99' f i 1f,kq', ' g' 5, N s I Q 1 . ' 5 . 14 -. Q ' A l' Y . Q: is ',f,,. ' , , 1 'al dig.: Q ,Z ' . . . 'V 1' 1' 9 9 agifi bfi 1 '51 Era' . Y ,- . ' 515i 55' Qwrj - .' i. ' 1 .1 m Y ma Qi W 1, 4, . 't I V, V ! ' . its-K I G 1 f ' .'l"'4yl " w f- Q 7 -:Iwi . "DI , i,,ALv,1 b e f 4 , . X K l 9 4.3. - L K i-In 4 - V Q.. , I ' f -as 1 I . . , i' ' F13 14 ' 1 ' ' . I - Q '11 . .D - , 1 ' ' ,rf , f 1 . Q: 5 In .s ' ' wx V 1 n wb 2 . Q 1 'fa',xL fig. ' L Sgibfzfgil Aix, A! MA- SOPH S OUTSTANDING LINEMAN AND BACK TOM HANSEN AND DAVE SNYDER SOPHOMORE CAPTAINS DAN FANGANELLO AND CYLDE LABRIOLA. The I953 sophomore foolball feam finished in firsf place, and won fhe undispufed championship of ihe sophomore league. The sophs won all four league games defeafing Wesi' 7-0 in fhe opener, wi+h Tom Hansen and Clyde Labriola leading +he way +o vic+ory.A Nex+ on 'rhe lisf was fhe Eas+ High eleven. NORTH responded 'lo +he call and whipped 'rhe Angels I9-0. Oufs+anding were Richard Lopala and Dave Snyder. ln fhe VIKS +hird game, Soufh goi an early lead in 'lhe firsi' quarfer, buf +he sophs came back fremendously, and won by fhe margin of 25-6. Manual was fhe only feam 'fo score more fhan once againsf fhe NORSE- MEN, doing so +wice. The final score was 2I-I3 wifh +he NORTH side boys on +he long end of +he score. Ofher oufslanding players were Roy Leslie, Jerry Longman, Danny Loos, Gene Lewis, Harvey Cambell, and Gerald Blessinger. IZ8 TOP ROW: Coach Salen, Ebell, Lewis, Zellcin, Blessinger, Fanganello, Longman, Pelfz, Loos, Leslie, Reed, Widner, Viclr, Dunning, Coach Lindell. MIDDLE ROW: Morris, Parkinson, Sheer, Brendiesi, W. Canzona, Korinelr, Handler, Proboscc, Sferkle, Emeson, Newman. FRONT ROW: Ganados, Sanchez, L. Canzona, Lopafa, LaBriola, Campell, Snyder, Harfley, Hansen, Marfin, Francisscoiii. sophomore champions Leff fo Righf, BACK ROW: Dan Korinch, Gerry Longman, Terry Blessinger. FRONT ROW: Harvey Campbell, Nafhan Marfin. 3 i I' I S1 S P O I' I S 'Dig fha? crazy form!" I :aj ml, 5 ee-dball 440 Viqueens on 55 feams fool: pari' in +he Speedball compe+i+ion which was sponsored by Mrs. Woodruff for fhe I953 season. The league winners are: G.A.S. l Black Pacheco Williams Arfhur-Bodnar lfiel LaGuardia-Smifh Hiel Musich"' G.A.S. 2' 'Won all games. Members of fhe Girls A+hle+ic Sociefy ref- ereed during fhe Speedball season. Sheila Fredricksen Best A11-A round Girl Gel +ha+ ball and fight" Mrs. Woodruff Sponsor "Don'+ overdo if girls The Volleyball season opened wifh 468 girls signed up 'lo play on 42 feams, The 'reams +ha+ won in +heir leagues are: Bodnar Cook Doran Drake S.O.S. I G.A.S. 2 V. Gailhouse-Noble lfiel Sheppard-Durbin-Kemp lfiel The firsf indoor sporl' of +he school year was sponsored by Mrs. Weiser. Nan Tarpley Best Sport volleyball "WHEN YOU'RE UP YOU'RE UP." "STICK 'EM UP!" l WN N . 5 l H l 1 i Q Mrs. Weiser Sponsor PATTY-CAKE, PATTY-CAKE.' 1' Baskeiball was one of +he mos? popular sporfs of fhe I953-54 school year. There were 5I3 en+husiasI'ic Vi-Queens playing in I I leagues dur- ing +he season. This is fwice as many as pariici- pafecl Ias+ year. Miss Davis sponsored Ihis exciiing sporI'. Members of fhe Girls' Afhleiic Socieiy offici- a+ed over and refereed fhe 57 Ieams. Doroihy Jackson Best Posture basketball "DOWN GIRL in student life ww ' N . KS i1 M ,Wy N - -X, 'hf6fbvi"4'mM,-17 , 7-ffvcrsw-:vfPff"" 'NMQMJ We A A 4k,,,,S,wMM-sk PM ,A 194 mf ' k 'W ,Ig ,,.,.,.,pf,.f-'ff"""" K , ,ff- -mw .. 5 ,.b,gnf""' ' 6 d Mm-mfr, nik f A - , , " "" ' ., .-m..,..-,..f-- N .. if ' ff ., , E73 nam, 'm 'M , . ,. ,, , ,- W mf"'u' ' V x :,, ..,,7i5:M ,fffirmufkgg A '12 ' V U .nV,4M .W i.,A 4 , - ...Q-bv m L L , - 4174-M59 N ,www ,AJ 1' Q ,W S A E x v i N. ,X .. .,.2" Jusf a liffle higher Smiles 5 i f I r Umums home of The greafesf school the word" 4 ... ,S ' coming '53 NORTH 4. M 81 T decorafing commiHee Oh how we danced Q x 5 ,gm . 'N :yy "fm Q ., , 1 1 ., -52514 if ,K if i. , -. LJ ' LA i A a'.,g3yQ- ' . 'U ' A j f" 9' 5 fn. X , wwf' M. S' DON'T LET THE STARS GET IN YOUR EYES 1. 8,43 -W S E I1 I O A BOUOUET OF MEMORIES P" Lua sl DANCING IN THE DARK MESDAMES ET MONSIEURS vagk S ix ,M x. ez IT MUST BE THE BUNNY HOP LA BELLE DU BAL mardi gras Cl' ,am 'U ,V ,L x 4.4.1, f 1 ,rom Ollllillttfe af,-Ong, mul ,Dah-gnggwg will if: mm. AND mas. CXQXRK LL svxLvLv.v. mU"""u N NNN 0 mx. mm mas. C.uLsgrLv. C.. O'xLxNLOw BLXRY YAHXX xx xxx NURS, KxX'YYxx.,Y.EN OWNYAX Mxss OLGA NVLSON BW" umm' mx. mo Mas. Lw,xLo O. c,xxv.xsvv.NsLN somw, M Mummk 51155 xxxumommm NORTON Mxss 'fxxLLM.x mm. MXLLYA1 TOM ss-nv LxLL Mxss BLSWL NLAL W mm, SHXRLJYX VLANK VKX. NLNYLVUQ Pk. VOYNHQLL MR. AND Mas. LLOYD wxosr W wiv.. AND Mas. 'L sixyro mx. AND Mas. s'vxf,wfxv4 L w. LLWN MY.. AN-O mms. E.. L. vmuufxx 'YYD S XX YNY! Chai YHEX Max VN YYRE Tillflll L '91 X X X X "fire X x w.. ' - -. -.. S' N w. Q. X X X XX . R N.. 5. -... ks X. X 'X x s. X- X 'X A :Q gk S wx 4 - Q N' 'w ' W", . X A Q k Y x s X XxxQxxx XXX xxi X XX S N 1, 'Q'- ' Q Q Fax-Y XS-N' KL :EX ' Q I .1 WY X X ag xx -F, 1 X le? x 'xx yy N . 4-Staff' X iff?-:ix tl. ' , "Ld I. X l my , f f 0 in JJ . -", 2 'X x 1 3 B W . - f, l' gf W , 1, 1 ,Q Q b f2,, , - , xx . . , N . , 5 1 f 'Q f X i mx 5 X H S x v 12 5 KF V . 'M 41" ' -0 f Ji' nf 3 4 ,--2' -sb l M' I ,M F in If .4, 33 M? 9 A. 1 ?w,X X9 , -QM. A asf? ,1cl,,,,2f f Bur Fafher, everyone is going +o fhe Senior Prom The rogues' gallery the night of january I6th l+'s for your own good So you 'rake fwo cups of flour gunman' gun-an-asf' T1 W 1 . ra-,N :fp 3' A ,lf ' ii . -W . 1 Christmas program f I Q g 5 5 mmf Fspscn 'A T il: V: kk 1 rw -.4 We , 4-2 'v ,Y f ' ,S f J H ,M ' A A nw A D 3 . f ,sms fi? s l . f A2,'1r 'Q' ' gb - iw ,ji Xa HM ' ff .-Zsz f. X 1 1 gk, A is . +V. 1 ax li 5 5 Q 'ffl , Q L, ' . Q C Ny if 4 is Y 'IY.1f W A . fQ f 5 , 5 L if -fs if . A ' 21 ,4', f A fi A 1' 'D- QS x :M Q 4 P wi ' ' 3 a U' 1 ' ' ,1 kv -. A ,sw Y X 1 X ' N A 5 ! il 1 z .5 u Skt L5 ix " D lr Q U WM in with Q ...-I I11 ge 'Nu enjoy assemblies AQ L ANNUAL BOARD'S BEST FRIEND FRIENDSHIP NORTH I-IIeH's BEST FRIEND A MAN'S BEST FRIEND FRIENDSHIP .4 SISTERLY LOVE PERFECT A GIRLS BEST FRIEND JUST STUDENT FRIENDSHIP BLEND-SHIP . Mi , TOT 4. K nf I TX THE v 0 MOURNING AFTER CHUSE and Z9 VW?-35 X5 f!X effect BEST FOOT FORWARD 6 4,,, ,O WE'RE ALL BROKEN UP EQQQZKX T 'Q ,, M-WMM. ,O T Q f n OI1 th Qudw A?W'?'l' farm, , gnfli my X Nfl:-L ,f, ei .. . s Foreign make-a genuine Telorvech. Q- Q.. W .. , ,. -.- f , V t ,...,, K K, 5 NMS, .Mk g X de, Q- A "' 1 44 k 'lv .M -ew. K 33:25 -f ,L,, :fi Whaf a place fo make ouf. Are 'there any more +omafoes?' ,e if f A, ' Q 'M ' A ng aqaw 'fwi' 1,1-es - , ex 50 vw" 91699 'We l52 V, ,........ mg. . llllllgl I I M .. --.,g,,A6 iii-Q ' -,,--Il ,-sm. ,-jx -Erlrfak . I nxjpgii-,i Q Y.-..'1' "'S71"'!E f I KR: ""' ' I I . I SW ' W of IL4 i --..1 I M " I 'Q ' I O - .-.. auzfsuuuaafm. Q, ,- A gl' 34" 1 i 4 'ilu ' An" ei' mn. 5 ' e I Q I I Tw B' ,M jggggg 0 ur rv' as I ...M-,M L : 1 5 ml 3 g f Q 1 7 wing. S 'HH - ' I: g -1-1 BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE. YOU. YOU, YOU AND YOU. SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME. STRANGERS IN PARADISE. L I aff I .ff1Ei.'?I OH! v av I' 3 .FINDI- 51.35" aw' , I-'I' EBB TIDE. 1.7.29 Y ,. D iff le 9' 5 '-1591: '71 f "V" ache' 39.1 5 7 1- ' r- V xe- Mosf Likely 'ro Succeed FRAYDA BLUMBERG DICK LICHTENHELD Friendliesi' JOANNE MARIACHER RONNIE TSURUDA I .,i Figure and Physique JUDY HOLLARD TOM MCNAMARA Senior WiHies+ IANET McDONALD DAVE A I, Q 3 l54 Cufesf Couple Q Peppiesf JAY GEGENBERG AUDRY PENN CAROL SARCONI BILL GLADE ' t Mosi' A+I1IeI'ic PreHies+ and Handsomesf LORRAINE SCHNEIDER TOM JENKINS BETTY JO ROSE GAYL BERNHARDT O 6 5 'AS 116-tx f...9.5 A. A Q Q 9 ' 'Jag-ff0xX' 4 o ,' . sf 4 Q , .kqripisxvssto 'vw . f' . 'H Q V, I I Q fu -5- . WJ Y, L I .,,,t'SlL,i '5?lWQ'..s',,f Q Q- A I . was -, 1 , an .w J. .' 1 . nf , 'i '4 ,. P' I AND THIS IS A CAT RUNNING THROUGH A CHICKEN HOUSE." x yn-vo rw? "AND IF I PUT IT IN HIS COFFEE AT NOON . . . HEH! HEH! HEH!" AN ACTION UI SHOT OF THE VARSITY CROOUET TEAM. DEEP CONCENTRATION NOW, BUT WHEN THE TEACHER LEAVES . . . SAME JOKE-SECOND VERSION . "STITCH ONE, DIAMOND TWO." A CLASS IN MUSICAL THERAPY. "SO THEN THE TRAVELING SALESMAN SAID . . .' VARSITY-I 956 STYLE. LEATHER CRAFT. 13-1' i ,ssl ' 1 1-7 I ' fr wwf' 3'uS'i'L?2 an nw M, ., .i f ,V ,iigxu H 1 ,'- ?'i2aQ'v f . ,XZ I M Aggihui 5' I Mai, Q Q ,Q 7 nf' sm- f QR ,K mES:Gk,,, g Ma .,f,. ,Q :M 2. s Q mf' . gm if' J' f jaw E! Sf :E 13, X' ul' 'i .,,. 1' " I' X Q n . +13 f as J 1 7 53-" ,ft D f-1 ii ,, 'K ' . mm 9 1 L, ,wffw-"'g w x . .4 'me I ZH: V . L Qgevv- ' ww fa. 3 ,,f 7 . X? Q ew Q v U 8. Sin A. M. -1 X"3- .f, ,W -W" S , I x in. , 0 N' 54" f' X 55:7 fi 6 i X , Q F w qi 5 , wo f-S J A 11 W W with royalty - ff ,mam-as-m.vwvnqwmuwmmN.Mw 1 vi I r e . X. MA., J , .Q 3 I H 1. Eu 'fax Ls "--. fn 7 15-s S x '1 ' Q 'W A 4 A K , xg Y .ig ig Xffglw Jw Y J , 1 ' ,M .. nys, K5 m Q A, Y X f onnie Q pf-, fi W owen mam Kuo sa-fm ,4- E 31 Vi "M"'s5 3 ,J ,s E : A - V 1- -:,., . 1 -Q f . ,,, lx K , ..,. J H? I - uf-if 5 "tk ' h w y , 4? 4 fy ' -fjgizt ,M - lflf00l'L . E. W Q pai Eurgnn funn,-nw-.1 J 40 . -f XR 'CIW 'EJ f-Q7 ,. 115 Bw L 44 rig . . JF fc 3 ll' 931, K H 4 5 6 ' ' x 'N 3' 2,33 Z ' ,f 4 x ' w'. 3 - K J f Mm N 154, Q "9 X , ji 3 1 W I ,,z,4,ff, gi? -4 148811 all F VL 6 ix n emon iblifman . cf Cf' 15 4.-f4'?r. vwux Q K .. w -W' A, m an fm N 1-an Kf ,:'f7Q' i QW Q WAN -: 'ii i ,V x Y yiigfvrik X ,End 9 N ,Q . L"x Sh gi. A il , . - V , vm.. - - ff, A - Q 5 as Q l f '45, h - f .fy ,-, in Elgin Ta, .' I - ,A fx U W x 41,1 . --f vu. fAx 1- if gf5 . 5' if Q, U emqzr rom wean an Jdwfmm Wmfef LQWAW W ZZMAM ffifma WJHW S89 fs, 14- ' 4- 90'- CZ' - 2 . mgbzsgf it get mmf MGJJAGW , ,W Er if 15 ei' , 'fi if Edifor, Pal' Whelan Assisiani Ediior, Carl Sfudenl' Life, Allen Tani Bonnie Macaluso Sponsor, Mr. Ed Lindell F' Q. Berger annual i WST BE DAY BEF Copy Edifor, Margaref Rose Hughes Business Manager, Sian Lopafa Adv. Manager, Belly Haak ui Ar+is'r, Darlene Williams Faculfy Secfion, Beffy Jo Rose Assisianr Copy Ediior, I70 Ada Mae Alderman Phf Q" o Ograplvergg Ca I B Shrum' Sfan Lapin erge,-I Dave boa rd HARD AT WCRK? Junior Secfion: Deanna Blue Spor+s Ediforsz Deanna Blue, More- land Fink, Larry Morris Organizafions: Cora Wesffall Carol Porlis Sophomore Secfionz Carol Porfis, i Allen Tani I7I Senior Secfionz Lila Ewing ABAD, LU PE Concert Band ACKLEY, MARY NELLE Junior Escort: Viking Sisters: Con. Band: Con. Orch. ADAMS, JEANIE Girls' Choir, Sec.: Student Council: Senior Class Sec.: Viking Varieties: Valkyries: Grade Council: Lyres Club: A.G.N. Attend. ADLER, MARILYN ALLEN, JACK North Star Rep. ALLEN, RUTH Lyres Club, Pres. and Sec.: Girls' Choir: G.A.S.: Viking Sisters: Junior Escort: Girls' Hi-Y: Valkyries: Viking Varieties ALLISON, PATRICIA Viking Sisters: Office Monitor ALTMAN, MARCIA Junior Escort: Viking Sister: Red Cross: F.T.A. AMBROSIO, LORRAINE Valkyries: Girls' Rifle Club: Red Cross ANDERSON, DONNA Valkyries: Pres. Viking Sisters: Home- Coming Comm.: Homecoming At- tend.: Senior Prom Attend.: A Cap- pella, Sec.: Black Masque, Historian: Grade Council: Red Cross: Pres. gougdtable: Square Dance Club: Ski u ANDERSON, JACKIE A Cappella' Junior Escort: Webster: Pre-Med: Clinic Asst.: Grade Coun- cil: Viking Varieties ANDERSON, JUNE Red Cross: Grade Council: Annual Rep.: Bowling Club: Ski Club: S.O.S., Treas.: Valkyries: Modern Dance Club: Homecoming Comm. ANDERSON, LORRAINE Junior Escort: Viking Sister: Viking gristies: Red Cross: Girls' Rifle u ANGEL, PATRICIA A Cappella ARCHER, DENISE ARON, RICHARD ASTORGA, HERMAN Red Cross: Annual Rep. BAKER. CARROLL Ecfogball: Wrestling: Baseball: D- u BAKER. DONNA Viking Sister: Junior Escort: Honor Pin BAKER. RICH Football BALDWIN, JIM Key Club: Math Club: Science Club BATSON. ANNETTE Webster: National Relations Con- ference BATT, BETTY Junior Escort: Ski Club BEHR, JOHN BELL, MARILYN Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Junior Es- scort: Bowling Club: Girls' Hi-Y: liibrary Asst.: Office Monitor: Honor in BELTZ, CARL Golf: Bowling: D-Club BERGER, CARL Annual Board, Asst. Editor: l9I6 Winner: Webster, Treas.: Black Masque, Pres.: Senior Play: Science Club: Pre-Med Club: Senior Play Comm.: Boys' State: Grade Council: Viking Varieties: Key Club: Black Masque Play BERGER, MICHAEL Ski Club BERNHARDT, GAYL Baseball: Bowling Club: Grade Council: D-Club BIDERMAN, SOL Maxwell, Pres.: North Star: Key Club: Pres. Roundtable: Square Dance Club: Honor Pin BILLINGTON, ROBERT S:kibClub: Soph. Baseball: Bowling lu BINGHAM, MURIEL Honor Pin: Valkyries: A Cappella: Con. Orch.: Senior Prom Attend.: A.G.N. Jr. Attend.: Junior Escort: Girls' Hi-Y: Viking Sister: Lyres Club, Pres.: Homecoming Comm.: Viking Varieties: Annual Represent- ative BIRDSILL, DORETHY Con. Band: Grade Council: Girls' Hi-Y BLACK, JOANNE BLAIR, JAYNE S.O.S.: Ski Club: Pre-Med Club: Roller Skating Club BLANPIED, MARY JANE National Honor Society: Honor Pin: Viking Sisters: Junior Escorts: Math Club: Girls' Hi-Y' F.T.A.: Senior Play: Senior Play Comm.: Maxwell: Webster, Corr. Sec.: Orchestra: Pres. Roundtable: Girls' Rifle Club BLUMBERG, FRAYDA LYNN Winner Girls' Sight Reading Con- test: Winner l9I6: Webster, Vice- Pres.: Black Masque: Red Cross: Viking Varieties: Girls' State BODEWIG. PAT ' BOLD, BOB Swimming: D-Club BORCHERT, SHIRLEY Girls' Choir: Square Dance Club BORTS, PATRICIA Bowling Club, Treas.: F.T.A., Vice- Pres.: Ski Club: Viking Sister: Junior Escort: Honor Pin: Office Monitor: Viking Varieties BOSCH EN, JERRY Bowling Club BOULWARE, CHERIE Red Cross BRANDT, JUDITH Valkyries: Junior Escort: Viking Sis- ter: Office Monitor: North Star Rep. BROTHERS, JOAN Webster: Black Masque: Senior Prom Attend.: F.T.A.: Grade Council: GGBN. Comm.: Viking Varieties: Ski u BROWN, STANLEY Basketball: D-Club BRUNETTI, JACKIE Jlunior Escort: Grade Council: Valky- ries BURBANK, RONNIE BURKHALTER, BEVERLY Annual Rep. BYTHER, JAN F.T.A., Pres.: Viking Sister: Junior Escort: A Cappella: Pres. Round- table: Bowling Club: Lyres Club: Office Monitor: Viking Varieties: Con. Band: Con. Orch. CAHILL, GARY CAHILL, LARY Key Club: Wrestling: Grade Coun- cil: Football CAIN. MARY A.G.N. Committee: G.A.S.: Girls' Rifle Club, Sec.: Bowling Club: Of- fice Asst.: Annual Rep.: North Star ep. CALVERT, MILDRED North Star Rep.: Roller Skating Club CAMERON, LOYCE Junior Escort CAMP, VINCIETTA Honor Pin, Junior Escort: A.G.N. Comm.: Viking Sister: Office Moni- tor: Bowling Club CATON, JANICE Girls' Choir: Con. Orch.: Junior Escort: Lyres Club: Girls' Hi-Y: Roller Skating Club: Library Moni- tor: Square Dance Club: Viking Varieties CERRONE, NICOLETTA Grade Council: Valkyries: North Star Rep. CHALLIS, MAXINE Viking Varieties CHAPPEL, RUBY Bowling Club: Office Monitor CHAVEZ, GEORGIA Girls' Hi-Y: Red Cross: Office Moni- tor: Bowling Club CHAVEZ, RAMONA Girls' Choir CHITWOOD, ANNABELLE A.G.N. Comm. CHITWOOD, CHARLES CHRISTIANS, JOHN Soph. Basketball: Soph. Baseball: Viking Varieties: Honor Pin: Na- tional Honor Society: Senior Play: Key Club: Math Club: Science Club CHRISTIANSEN, BEVERLY A Cappella, Pres.: Con. Orch.: Val- kyries: Honor Fin: Senior Play: Of- fice Monitor: North Star Rep.: Grade Council COCHRAN, DON Con. Orch.: Viking Varieties: Con. Band CONRAD. DAVE Grade Council COOPER, GARY A Cappella: Boys' Glee: Viking Varieties: Madrigal COUTTS, JOANNE Valkyries: A.G.N. Comm.: Red Cross: Maxwell: Viking Varieties CORAZZA, LOUIS Roller Skating Club CRITCHFIELD GEORGE E. Science Club CROUSE, DAVE Swimming: Gymnastics: D-Club: Cheerleader: Viking Varieties: Ski Club: Bowling Club CROW, DEANA Bowling Club: Rifle Club: North Star Rep. CURE, DARLENE A Cappella: Girls' Glee CUTLER, PATRICIA Junior Escort: Viking Sister: Girls' Rifle Club DAKOLIOS, GLADYS DARN ELL. ROGER Boys' Hi-Y DAUEL, CHARLOTTE A Cappella DAVIS, DON Track: Wrestling: Soph. Football: North Star: Ski Club DAY, DAN Roller Skating Club DEBELL, FRANK DECREDICO, JOSEPH Bowling Club: Annual Rep. DELOACH, DAVID Tennis: Science Club: Math Club DEPINTO, ANTHONY Track: Varsity Football DIEHL, SHERRY Junior Escort: Viking Sister: Honor in DIGERNESS, DAVID Math Club: Science Club DIGGINS, DICK DILORENZO, GILBERT Pres., Student Bodb: Student Coun- cil: Kev Club: iking Varieties: Pres. Roundtable DISALLE, GENE Orch.: Band: Viking Varieties DITTER, JIM Vice Pres., Bowling Club: Viking Varieties: Sr. Prom Comm.: A Cap- pella: Annual Rep. DITTMAN, PATRICIA Student Council: All-School Treas.: Jr. Attend., Color Day: Homecom- ing Attend.: Valkyries: Girls' State, '53: A Cappella: Ski Club: Home- coming Comm. DOMENICO, BERNIE Pres., Valkyries: Ski Club: Black Masque: Sr. Play Comm.: Girls' Choir: Office Monitor DOMENICO, LOIS Jr. Escort: Honor Pin: Viking Sis- ters: Sr. Play: Webster: Modern Dance Club: Viking Varieties Comm.: Sec., Black Masque: Lyres Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Office Monitor: Black Masque Play DONELAN, CHUCK Football: Wrestling: Baseball: "D" Club: Key Club: iking Varieties DONHAM, ELAINE Vice-Pres., S.O.S.: Girls' Hi-Y: An- nual Board Rep.: A.G.N. Dance Comm. DORIGATTI, BETTY Jr. Escort: Bowling Club: Square Dance Club: North Star Rep. DOUGHERTY, JACOUELINE Jr. Escort: Honorav Maior, R.O.T.C.: Jr. Red Cross: alkyries: Bowling Club: Grade Council: G.A.S.: F.T.A.: Ski Club: Girls' Rifle Club DURBIN, PAT Valkyries: Sr. Play: Viking Sister: Jr. Escort: Sec., Black Masque: Comm.: Homecoming Comm.: Sr. Modern Dance Club: Sr. Prom Play Comm.: Lyres Club: Honorary R.O.T.C. Cadet: Ski Club EBLEN, JACK Gymnastics: Viking Varieties: Con. grch.: Grade Council: Red Cross ep. EISEN, AARON A Cappella: Annual Rep.: Track: Grade Council: Ski Club EVANS, SHERMAN EWING, LILA Annual Board: Jr. Escort: Viking Sis- ter: Bowling Club: Ski Club: Sr. Play FAGLER, LEROY HARVEY FALASCO, JEAN Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: A.G.N. Comm.: Bowling Club: Ski Club: Red Cross Rep.: Annual Board Rep.: North Star Rep. FARRIS, MERILYN Bowling Club FEDOROWICZ, MICHAEL FEINER, JERRY A Cappella: Red Cross Rep.:Track FINK, MORELAND Annual Board: Tennis: Basketball: Soph. Baseball: D-Club: Red Cross Rep.: North Star Rep.: Annual Rep. FINLAYSON, JIM A Cappella: Ski Club: Viking Varie- ties: Stage Comm. FIORE, DAVID Cheerleader: Viking Varieties: Con- cert Band: Grade Council: Track: Lyres Club: Maxwell FOX, JEAN Grade Council: Jr. Escort FRANKLIN, BILL Gymnastics: D-Club: Viking Varieties FREDRICKSEN, RANEE Valkyries: G.A.S.: Modern Dance Club: Bowling Club: Sr. Play FREDRICKSEN, SHEILA Modern Dance Club: Valkgies: G.A.S.: Bowling Club: Jr. Red ross FREIS, ALAN Basketball: D-Club: Soph. Baseball: A Cappella: Boys' Glee Club FRICKEY, NORMAN FRIEDMAN, BARRY T. Wrestling: Gymnastics FRYBERGER, BOB Con. Band: Con. Orch.: Lyres Club: Viking Varieties: Ski Club: Wrestling FULLER, EUGENE FULLER, HAROLD A Cappella: Boys' Hi-Y FURER, JOSEPH Table Tennis Club: Slide Rule Club: Maxwell: Band GABBERT, BOB Soph. Football: Soph. Baseball GAMZEY, CHARLES D-Club: North Star: Tennis GARCIA, REYMUNDITA Black Masque: Roller Skating Club GARDNER, CAROL Jr. Escort: Viking Sister: Valliyrilii Webster: Lyres Club: Girls' Rifle Club: Honor Pin: North Star Rep.: Bowling Club: Mixed Chorus GEGENBERG, JAY Q Sappella: Boys' Glee: Soph. Foot- a GEHL, FAYE Girls' Rifle Club GENTILE. ROSALIE G.A.S. GIBBS, ROBERT GIGIKOS. HELEN North Star Rep.: Skating Club GILBERT, CLAIR Wrestling: Gymnastics: Viking Varie- ties: D-Club: Baseball GILLASPIE LARRY Bowling Club GILLIS, LLOYD GLADE. BILL Gymnastics: Golf: D-Club: Vice-Pres., C ICappella: Viklng Varieties: Base- a GODDARD. RICHARD Grade Council: Math Club: Science Club: Ski Club GOLDEN, SHERRY LOU Red Cross Rep.: Grade Council: Valkyries: Ski Club: Bowling Club GOODRICHI JANET Girls' Choir: Skating Club: Bowling Club: North Star Rep.: Annual Board Rep.: Viking Varieties GOODY, DON GORDON VIRGINIA Roller Skating Club GREEN. JERRY Trees., Black Masque: Concert Band: A Cappella: Webster: Sr. Play: Grade Council: Jr. Red Cross GREENWOOD. HOWARD Track: Gymnastics: Sr. Class Play' D-Club: Grade Council Rep.: Red Cross Rep. GREGORY, DOROTHY Valkyries: North Star Staff: Grade Council: F.T.A.: Ski Club: Maxwell: Viking Sister: Girls' State: Home- rI:oming Comm.: Jr. Escort: Honor ln GRETHEL, DORIS Girls' Hi-Y: Bowling Club GRINSTEAD, BARBARA Concert Bend: Bowling Club: F.T.A.: Sec., G.A.S.: Jr. Escort GUNN. DIANE Jr. Escort: Concert Band: Rifle Club: Bowling Club HAAK. BETTY Soph. A.G.N. Attend.: Jr. Grade Council Rep.: Red Cross: Annual Board: Ski Club: Bowlin Club: Treas., Y-Teens: Valkyries: Sr. Play: Homecoming Comm.: Modern Dance Club: Monitor: Viking Varieties HAGEN, GLORIA Viking Sister' Jr. Escort: Black Masque: Sr. Play: National Honor Society HAMM, CLOE Viking Sister' Jr. Escort: F.T.A.: Honor Pin' Bowling Club: Annual Rep.: Jr. Red Cross: Office: Max- well: Library HAMMER, LLOYD HANAMURA, JEANNE Viking Sisters: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: F.T.A.: A.G.N. Comm. HANNAH, MARY EMILY Editor, North Star: Pres., Webster: Vice President-Sec., Valkyries: Jr. Class Secretary: Student Council: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Glrls' State: Pres., Jr. Red Cross: Vlklng Varieties: Assembly Comm: Jr. Prom Comm.: Ski Club: Grade Council HARMS, KENNY HARPER CHARLES I I Concert Band: Concert Orch.: Viking Varieties HARRISON. JACK Baseball: Grade Council Rep.: Ski Club HARTLEY, GENE Football: Baseball' Wrestling: Grade Ccauncil: Pres., D-Club: Pres., Round- ta le HASKIN, JUDY Black Masque Play: Vice Pres., Black Masque: Red Cross Rep.: A.G.N. Comm.: Ski Club: Office Mon. HASSLOCK, JIM Track: Sopll. Football: Science Club: Rifle Team HAYDEN, JANICE Jr. Escort HAYUTIN, ARNOLD Ski Club HEIM. JOAN Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: Treas., Girls' Hi-Y: F.T.A.: Honor Pin: Bowl- ing Club: Annual Rep.: A.G.N. Art Comm. HELBIG, NANCY LEE Homecoming Attend.: A Cappella' sins' Hi-Y: North sm Rep.: and Cross Rep.: Valkyries HENDERSHOT, CLAUDIA Jr. Escort: A Cappella: Office Moni- tor: Clinic Monitor: North Star Rep.: Annual Rep.: Roller Skating Club HENDERSON. DONNA Honorary R.O.T.C. Cadet: A Cap- pella: Valkyries: Viking Sister: Honor Pin: Grade Council: Girls' Hi-Y: Clinic Assist.: Madrigal HENRY, ROBERT Football HERNBLOM, KAROLYN Valkyries: Viking Sister: Jr. Escort: Clinlc Assist.: onor Pin l-lelzsrllcovlrz SHIRLEY E, sms' Rifle Club: Maxwell HIETT, JERRY Math Club: Science Club HINCHMAN, JOYCE girls' Hi-Y: Library Assist.: Annual ep. HOFF, JACK E. Football: Baseball HOFFBERG. MYRNA Library Monitor HOFFMAN, PATRICIA Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: Office Assist.: Bowling Club HOLBERG. JOYCE Valkyries: Library Monitor HOLLAND, BARBARA Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties HOLLARD, JUDY Valkyries: S.O.S.: Ski Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Annual Rep. HOOKER, CHARLENE Honorary Lt. Col. R.O.T.C.: Valky- ries: Jr. Escort: Ski Club: Girls' Hi- Y.: Jr. Attend. A.G.N.: Sec., Jr. Red Cross: HomecomingI Comm.: Honor- ary Officers' Rifle eam: North Star Rep.: Annual Rep. HOSTETLER,LUELLA Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Grade Council: Jr. Escort: Roller Skating Club: Bowling Club: Honor Pin HOWARD, JUNE gonbcert Band: S.O.S.: Roller Skating lu HUFF, KENNETH Roller Skating Club HUFFORD, MARILYN Valkyries: Viking Sister: Con. Band: Jr. Escort: Red Cross: Annual Rep.: A. G. N. Comm.: Homecomlng Comm.: Library Monitor:IBowling Club: Lyres Club: Honor Pln HUGHES, MARGARET R. I Annual Board: GIFIS' Hl-Y Treai-I F.T.A.: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Vice- Pres., Viking Sisters: Homecomlng Comm.: Honor Pin HULL, RODNEY Roller Skating Club HYMAN, BERNICE Bowling Club: Roller Skating Club IDLEBERG, FLORA Valkyries, Girls' Glee JACKSON, DOROTHY A.G.N. Pres.: Valkyries: Webster: G.A.S.: Viking Sisters: National Honor Society: Jr. Escort: Sr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Homecom- ing Comm.: Honor Pin: Grade Coun- cil: Bowling Club JENKINS, TOM Football: Baseball: North Star Staff: Treas., D-Club: Ski Club JENKINS, WAYNE Con. Band JOCHIM, MICHAEL Bowling Club: Math Club JOHNSON, RICHARD JOHNSON, WARREN JONES, SHARON Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Bowling Club: Honor Pin KELLENBENZ. RICHARD D-Club: Pres., Math Club: Key Club! Swimming: Track: Bowllng Club KEMBLE, SHIRLEY KENNEDY, JERRY Bowling Club KERN, SYLVIA Pre-Med Club: Roller Skating Club KESLER, GAYLE Girls' Choir: Valkyries: Cheerleader: Viking Varieties: Webster: Bowling Club: Jr. Escort: Roller Skating Club: Grade Council KESSINGER, PAT Office Monitor KIRKPATRICK, SUE Jr. Escort- Viking Sisters: Webster: rf.-ma Club: F.T.A.: Honor Pin KISSINGER, DOROTHY Maxwell KLATT. GERALD C. Bowling Club Kl.lNE. nos , , Football: Swimming: Gymnestlvi Track: Viking Varieties: Science Club KNEMEYER, ERNESTINE I I Black Masque: F.T.A.: Glrls' Hl-Y: Black Masque Play: Sr. Play: An- nual Rep. KOEHLER, SANDRA I Bowling Club: Table Tennis Club: Ski Club: Girls' Glee: Roller Skat- ing Club KOTOWSKI, DIANE Valkyries' Jr. Escort: Black Masque: Jr. Red Cross: Bowling Club: Home- coming Comm. KRAFT, CAROL Bowling Club: Girls' Glee KREISMAN, ROCHELLE I Black Masque: Webster: F.T.A.: Vlk- ing Sisters: Jr. Escort KUPETZ, MEL Soph. Baseball: Red Cross: Boys' Glee LAGUARDIA, ARLENE C. Jr. Red Cross: Grade Council LANDOW, BARBARA Jr. Escort: Bowling Club: Black Masque: Red Cross LANDOW, GENE Ski Club LANG. ROY LANTZY, JIM Football: Track LARSEN, BOB LARSON, DONALD Con. Orch. LATHROP, MARILYN I Valkyries: Girls' Hl-Y' Jr. ESCOFTI Viking Sisters: Roller Skatfng Club: North Star Rep.: Honor Pln LAUGHLIN, BILL I Con. Band: Viking Varietles: Base- ball: Football LAWLESS, CHARLENE I Jr. Escort' Viking Sister: Skl Club: Pre-Med Club: Square Dance Club! North Star Rep. LEHMANN, CLARK LEVINE, BERT Jr. Prom Comm.: Assembly Comrn.: Soph. Basketball: Grade Councll: Ski Club: Soph. Football: North Star Rep.: Viking Varieties LEVINE, CYRIL Bowling Club LICHTENHELD, DICK I Key Club: National Honor Soclety: Pres., Science Club: Sec., Boys' Hl-Y: Ski Club: Viking Varietiesi PU!- Roundtable: Red Cross Rep.: Con. Band: Con. Orch. LIGHTBURN, ROBERT I Football: Honor Pin: Ski Club: Scl- ence Club LINDERT, DYANNE Valkyries: Homecoming Comm.: Homecoming Attend.: Grade Coun- cil: Viking Varieties: Girls' Choir: Red Cross Rep.: A.G.N. Comm. LITTMAN, SHERWIN A Cappella: Viking Chorus: Table Tennis Club LOHR, JOANN Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Sec., Viking Sisters: Red Cross: Sec., F.T.A.: Homecoming Comm.: Honor Pin: Ski Club: Bowling Club: Roller Skating Club: Clinic Asst. LONGO, PHYLLIS Con. Orch.: Sec., lvfres Club: Val- kyries: Jr. Escort: iking Varieties: A Cappella: Viking Sisters: Home- coming Comm.: Honor Pin: Annual Rep.: Office Monitor LOPATA, STANLEY Annual Board: Grade Council: Jr. :ed Cross: Annual Rep.: North Star ep. LOSASSO, SHIRLEY A Cappella: Valkyries: Sec., Bowling Club: North Star Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: Grade Council: Madrigel McCALL, EARL Football: Wrestling: Baseball: D- Club McCORMlCK, SALLY Valkyries: Girls' Choir: Girls' Hi-Y: Bowling Club: Viking Varieties: Li- brary Monitor McCRACKEN, DAISY Viking Varieties: Girls' Choir: A.G.N. Comm.: Lyres Club: Office Monitor McCURDY, MARILYN Honor Pin: Viking Sister: Sec., Sci- ence Club: F.T.A.: Maxwell: Bowl- ing Club: Pre-Med Club: Table Tennis Club McDANlEL, DONNA Ski Club MCDONALD, JANET Valkyries: Ski Club: Girls' Choir: A.G.N. Comm.: Viking Varieties' BowIingII Club: Annual Rep.: Red Cross ep. McDONNEL, THOMAS AICappelle: Medrigal: Grade Coun- CI McFALL, TOM Key Club: D-Club: Wrestllng' Track: Senior Class Pres.: Student Council: Grade Council: Viking Varieties: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Prom Comm. Mr:GlNN, ED Grade Council Rep.: Bowling Club: Red Cross Rep. MCGRAW, LOIS Honor Pin: Jr. Escort: Viking Sis- ters: A Cappella: Lyres Club: Vice- Pres., Girls' Hi-Y: Webster: Assem- bly Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Viking Varieties Program Comm. MCGUIRE, RONALD Track: Red Cross Rep. MCINTYRE, BERTHA Sr. Prom Queen: Soph. Class Pres.: Jr. Class Pres.: All School Sec.: Stu- dent Council: Pres., A Cappella: Lyres Club: Viking Varieties: Val- kyries: Viking Sisters: Madrigal: Jr. Prom Comm.: Homecoming Comm.: grade Council: Rifle Club: Girls' ee MCKENZIE, RONALD Football: Wrestling: D-Club McNAMARA, TOM Wrestling: Football: Track: D-Club: Science Club McNASSOR, TERRY ANNE A Cappella: F.T.A.: S.O.S.: Honor Pin: Girls' Glee: Math Club MACALUSO, BONNIE A.G.N. Queen: Soph. Class Treas.: Treas., Valkyries: Pres., S.O.S.: Stu- dent Council: Annual Board: Pres. Roundtable: Jr. Escort: Homecoming Comrn.: A.G.N. Comm.: Ski Club: Bowling Club: Grade Council: Y-Teens MAINE. MARILYNNE MALCHOW. BOB aku Club: Bowling Club: North Star ep. MARIACHER, JOANNE Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Con. Band: Soph. A.G.N. Attend.: Grade Council Rep.: Pre-Med Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Homecoming Comm. MARKS, SH EILA Girls' Glee MARON. CHRISTINE Girls' Glee: Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties MARTELLI, ANTOINETTE Valkyries: Girls' Choir: Viking Va- rieties MARTIN, BEVERLY Dflll Captain, Valkyries: Hist., Web- ster: G.A.S.: F.T.A.: Modern Dance Club: Viking Varieties: Homecoming Comm.: Honor Pin: Red Cross: Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters Bowling Club: Grade Council: North Star Rep.: Annual Rep. MARTIN, CAROLYN Jr. Red Cross: Bowling Club MARZINO, SHIRLEY Bowling Club: Office Monitor MASTERS, BARBARA Bowling.Club: G.A.S.: Jr. Escort: Pres., Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: Modern Dance Club: A.G.N. Comm. MEEDER, LORIN MEEK, ILENA Skating Club: A Cappella: Bowling Sluxb: Square Dance Club: Girls' ,. MELORANGO, VERNA Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: 2-:lfargar Pin: Red Cross Rep.: Bowling u MENIN, LIONEL Maxwell: Sr. Class Play MERRIMAN, EVELYN MEYERS, SHARON H-onor Pin: A.G.N. Dance Comm.: Viking Varieties: Red Cross Rep.: Girls' Choir: Pre-Med Club MILLION, IRENE Viking Sisters: Girls' Choir: Valkyr- ies: A.G.N. Comm.: Jr. Escort: Homecoming Comm.: Bowling Club: Library Monitor: Annual Rep.: Of- fice Monitor: Viking Varieties MONEYPENNY, ROBERT Football: Grade Council MORENO, ROGER Mixed Chorus: Madrigal MORRIS, LARRY Annual Board: Student Council: Grade Council: Soph. Vice-Pres.: Swimming: Football: Baseball: An- nual Rep.: D-Club: Bowling Club MORTON, BEVERLY MOULTON, DAVE Swimming: Ski Club: Red Cross Rep. MUIRHEAD, JACK MULLANE, EDWARD North Star Rep.: Annual Rep. NAZARENUS, ED Football: Baseball NEILL, GWEN Grade Council: North Star Rep. NEIMAN, ZELMA Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Annual Rep.: Office Monitor: North Star Rep.: Maxwell NEISWANGER, DELORES NEIDERT, MARLENE Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Roller Skating Club: Square Dance Club NOCERA, JEANNETTE Bowling Club: G.A.S.: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Red Cross Rep. NORGREN, DARREL Tennis: Soph. Football: Red Cross Rep.: Grade Council OEHLERKING, JERRY LOU Ski Club: Bowling Club OGG, BEVERLY OLSON, CHUCK Con. Band: Gymnastics: Viking Va- rieties: Ski Club: Bowling Club ORLOVSKI, LEO ORRINO, VIRGINIA Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Office Asst.: Red Cross Rep.: Bowling Club: An- nual Rep. OVERHOLT, MERILYN A Cappella: Girls' Hi-Y: Bowling Club: Square Dance Club: Annual Rep.: North Star Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: Viking Variety Comm. OVERHOLT, MERRILL Boys' Glee: Mixed Chorus PAPPER, BARBARA Lyres Club: Bowling Club: Red Cross Rep.: Viking Varieties PASTOR, GENE Gymnastics PATTERSON, CAROL Cheerleader: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Viking Varieties Comm.: Sec., Roller Skating Club: G.A.S.: Bowling Club: Maxwell: Viking Varieties: Annual Rep.: North Star Rep. PATTERSON, SHIRLEY Girls' Choir: Red Cross Rep.: Assem- bly Comm.: Viking Varieties: Val- kyries: Grade Council: Skating Club: Homecoming Comm. PALUCCI, MARYANN North Star: Vice-Pres., G.A.S.: Ski Club: Bowling Club: Jr. Escort: Vik- ing Varieties: Girls' Rifle Club: Grade Council PAYNE, TERRI LOU Jr. Escort: Valk ries: Modern Dance Club: Bowling Club: A.G.N. Comm. PEDERSEN, LAVERNE Roller Skating Club PENN, AUDREY Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Honor Pin: Homecoming Comm.: Grade Council Rep.: Viking Varie- ties Comm. PEREZ, MARY PERRY, DIANE Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: Honor Pin: A.G.N. Comm.: Girls' Hi-Y: Con. Band: Grade Council Rep.: Pre-Med Club: North Star Rep. PH ETTEPLACE, JEWELL Bowling Club PHILLIPS, CHARLES A. PHILLIPS, MARLENE RAE Valkyries: A Cappella: Madrigal: Lyres Club: Webster: Homecoming Comm. PIRNAT, ALJEAN Valkyries: Sec., Girls' Hi-Y: Viking Sisters: Honor Pin: Jr. Escort: Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: Modern Dance Club: Homecoming Comm.: Ski Club PLANK, SHIRLEY Jr. Class Treas.: Student Council: Vice-Pres., A.G.N.: Treas., Viking Sisters: National Honor Society: Jr. Prom Comm.: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Grade Council Rep.: Pre-Med Club: Viking Varieties Comm. PLYMELL, BARBARA Jr. Escort: Maxwell POLNIAK, L. WILLIAM POOR, BILL ' Soph. Baseball: Red Cross Rep.: North Star Rep. POSTLEWAIT, BARBARA Sec., Girls' Hi-Y: Bowling Club: Annual Rep. PRICE, CARL A Cappella: Madrigal: Boys' Choir: Grade Council Rep.. PRINCE, FRED Soph. Football: Soph. Baseball PROGAR, FRANK Soph. Baseball: North Star: Bowling Club: Ski Club: Grade Council Rep.: Red Cross Rep. PYLE, JACOULYN Bowling Club: Red Cross Rep. RAMIREZ. EDWARD Lyres Club: A Cappella: Boys Glee: Viking Varieties RAMSEY, JIM Football: Swimming: Annual Rep.: D-Club RANGER, MARGARET Black Masque: Jr. Red Cross: North Star: Bowling Club: Annual Rep.: Grade Council RECTOR, AL Boys' Glee REED, PATRICIA F.T.A. REICHART, VIRGINIA Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: North Star Rep.: Bowling Club RHOAD, SHIRLEY Bowling Club: Girls' Hi-Y RHOADS, MARY ANNE Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: Sec., Pre-Med Club: Modern Dance Club: Viking Varieties: A.G.N. Dance Comm.: Clinic Asst. RIEDEL, ELAINE Valkyries: G.A.S.: Bowling Club: Jr. gscirtg Grade Council Rep.: Skating lu RIEDEL, HOPE Girls' Choir: Lyres Club: Honor Pin: I-.T.A.: Grade Council: Square Dance Club: Viking Varieties RIES, PAUL Bowling Club RIX, PRISCILLA A Cappella: Madrigal: F.T.A.: Red Cross Rep.: Homecoming Comm.: Clinic Asst.: Office Monitor: Girls' Hi-Y: Valkyries: Grade Council Rep.: Ski Club ROBBINS, SHERI Valkyries: Sec., S.O.S.: Jr. Escort: North Star: Homecoming Comm. ROBINSON, DON Orchestra: Viking Varieties ROBINSON, JERRY Track: Red Cross Rep. RODY, RICHARD ROESSLER, CHARLES D-Club: Ski Club: Track Mgr.: Foot- ball Mgr.: Square Dance Club ROLAND, RAY Band: Gymnastics: Viking Varieties ROMERO, RICHARD Key Club: Honor Pin RONNFELDT, SHIRLEY Valkyries: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Lyres Club: A Cappella: Con. Orch.: F.T.A.: Honor Pin: Homecoming Comm.: Sr. Pla Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Girls' Hi-Y ROSE, BETTY JO Annual Board: Valkyries: Viking Sis- ters: Jr. Escort: A.G.N. Comm.: Homecoming Comm.: North Star Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: Viking Varie- ties Comm. ROSE, SHELDON North Star Rep.: Soph. Football ROSEN, TED Swimming: Roller Skating Club: Ski Club: Band ROSENBLOOM, RUCHILLE Bowling Club: Honor Pin: Grade Council: North Star Rep. ROTH, JOAN Annual Rep.: North Star Rep.: Roller Skating Club: l.R.C. Conference ROTHBERG, RONALD Sr. Play Comm. RUSSELL, GILBERT A Cappella: Bowling Club: Ski Club: Madrigal SAITO, TED Basketball: Golf: D-Club: Ke Club: Jr. Class Vice-Pres.: Student Council: Grade Council: Jr. Prom Comm.: Viking Varieties SALAZAR, MARY LOU Black Masque: Girls' Rifle Club: An- nual Rep.: A.G.N. Comm.: Jr. Es- cort: Sr. Prom Program Comm.: Of- fice Monitor SALIMAN, NORMAN A Cappella: Bo s' Glee: Red Cross Rep.: Ski Club: iable Tennis Club SALTER, GILBERT SALTZMAN, MEYER A Cappella: Grade Council: Soph. Baseball: Red Cross Rep. SAMAIN, DAN SANDERS, SELMA Bowling Club SANTANGELO, VIRGINIA girls' Glee: Mixed Choir: Red Cross ep. SANTORNO, DICK Wrestling: Con. Band SARCONI, CAROLE Asst. Ed., North Star: Student Coun- cii: Sec. and Treas., F.T.A.: Web- ster: Valkyries: Homecoming Comm.: Ski Club: Viking Varieties: Vikin Varieties Comm.: Jr. Escort: Blaci Masque: Bowling Club: Annual Board Rep.: Red Cross Rep. SARGENT, JANET Valkyries: Annual Rep.: Grade Coun- cil Rep.: Bowling Club: Square Dancing Club SCHMIDT, ROBERTA Modern Dance Club: Red Cross Rep.: Roller Skating Club SCHNEIDER, LORRAINE Valkyries: G.A.S.: Bowling Club: Girls' Hi-Y: Grade Council: North Star Rep.: Roller Skating Club SCHNERINGER, STEVE Black Masque: Pres. Roundtable: Sr. Play Comm.: Sr. Play: Science Club: Square Dance Club SCHNUR, ANNETTE Valkyries SCHRANZ, CARL A Cappella: Viking Varieties: Bowl- ing Club: Stage Crew SCHUMACHER, JOANNE F.T.A.: Office Asst. SCHWARTZ, DOLORES Annual Rep.: North Star Rep. SCHWARTZ, JOE Red Cross Rep.: Slide Rule Club: Table Tennis Club SCHWEBER, JACK Lyres Club: Maxwell: A Cappella SEARCH, BARBARA Bowlin Club: Square Dance Club: Red gross Rep.: Viking Varieties Comm. SEDILLOS, VIRGINIA Con. Band SEELY, CHARLES Viking Varieties SEGRAVES, DOROTHY Valkyries: G.A.S.' Viking Sister: Jun- ior Escort: Lyres Club: Modern Dance Stub: Clinic Asst.: Annual Board ep. SERSANTE, PHYLLIS Black Masque: Girls' Rifle Club: A Cappella: Modern Dance Club SHACKLETT, DREAUX Girls' Hi-Y: S.O.S.: Girls' Rifle Club: Library Monitor: Annual Rep. SHAROFF, BARBARA SUE 'F.T.A.: Bowling Club: Red Cross ep. SHIBATA, JIM Soph. Football: Track: D-Club: Ski Club SHIDELER, BOB Black Masque' Webster: Black Masque Play: Senior Play' Comm.: Cheerleader: Senior Play: iking Va- rieties: Lyres Club: Ski Club: Bowl- ing Club: Grade Council Rep. SHIDLER, CONNIE National Honor Society: Viking Va- rieties Comm.: Black Masque: Web- ster: Assembly Comm.: Girls' Sight- reading Contest: Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: North Star Staff: Honor Pin: Sr. Play: Red Cross Rep. SHORT, GLYNN Con. Band: Bowling Club: Viking Varieties SHORT, GORDON Ski Club SHORTRIDGE, LOLITA Red Cross: S.O.S.: Ski Club SHRINER, BOB Black Masque: Sr. Play: Black Masque Play: Sr. Play Comm. SIEFKEN, MARILYN Viking Varieties: Roller Skating Club: Lyres Club: A Cappella: Office Monitor SIEGEL, LARRY Sl EGEL, STAN Science Club SMITH, BOB Wrestling: Cheerleader: Grade Coun- cil Rep.: D-Club: North Star Staff: Red Cross Rep. SMITH, LARRY Swimming SMITH, PAT SMITH, RICH Football: Basketball: Baseball: D- Club: Boys' Glee: Viking Varieties SMITH, RONALD Red Cross Rep. SPAULDING, RICHARD STEINMARK, JOAN A Cappella: Madrigal: Valkyries: Girls' Hi-Y: F.T.A.: Office Monitor: Homecoming Comm.:A.G.N. Comm. STEVESON, WARREN Football: Bowling Club STIEB, SHIRLEY Viking Sisters: Jr. Escort: Bowling Club STIRM, JEANENNE Bowing Club: Girls' Hi-Y STRINGER, DARLENE A Cappella: Girls' Glee: Grade Council Rep.: Annual Rep.: North Star Rep.: Library Asst. STUCHLIK, GARY Football: Grade Council Rep. SULLIVAN, SHERMAN Key Club: Black Masque: Lyres Club: Con. Band SWANSON, JANET Girls' Choir SWEEN, PHYLLIS Valkyries: Grade Council: A.G.N. Comm. SZABO, JUNE Grade Council: Office Monitor: Red Cross Rep. TARPLEY, NANCY Vice-Pres. and Treas., Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: S.O.S.: Girls' Glee: Roller Skating Club TAYLOR, ALLAN Con. Band: Viking Varieties: Lyres Club: Swimming: Soph. Football THOMAS, HARRIETTE Modern Dance Club: A Cappella TODA, TAKAKO Jr. Escort: Valk ries: Bowling Club: F.T.A.: Red Cross Rep.: Office Monitor TROUTE, GEORGE TRUMBO, PATRICIA A Cappella: Girls' Choir TSURUDA, RONALD Key Club: Grade Council Rep.: Basketball: Baseball TUTTLE, GENE Bowling Club ULLRICH, LON Ski Club URSETTA, JOANN Red Cross Rep. UYEMURA, STELLA Bowling Club: G.A.S.: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: Homecoming Comm.: Annual Rep.: North Star ep. VALKO, JERRY Con. Band: Con. Orch.: Bowling Club: Viking Varieties VANDERLEEST, RAY Pre-Med Club: Pres. Roundtable: Sr. Igiayg Square Dance Club: Science U VAUGHN, ELLEN VICKSMAN, BARBARA North Star Staff: Cheerleader: Grade Council Rep.: Viking Varieties: Val- kyries VICKSMAN, BETH Cheerleader: Girls' Choir: Viking Varieties: Sr. Pla : Valkyries: Grade Council Rep.: Office Asst. VlGlL, SYLVIA VINCENT, NADINE H. VOLK, DICK Sr. Class Vice-Pres.: Student Coun- cil: Football: Wrestling: Track: Con. Band: Key Club: D-Club WACKER, BETTY LOU A Cappella: Sec., Bowling Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Viking Sisters: Red Cross Rep.: Annual Rep.: Sr. Play Comm. WAGNER, ABE Key Club: Lyres Club: Black Masque: Basketball: Sr. Play: A Cappella: Black Masque Play: Honor Pin WAGNER, BERNIE A Cappella: North Star Rep.: Soph. Baseball: Boys' Glee WALKER, R. DOWELL Con. Orch.: Con. Band: Assembly Comm.: Viking Varieties: Grade Council: Honor Pin WALKER, LARRY Orchestra WALSH, JIM Grade Council Rep. WALTERS, EILEEN Valkyriesf G.A.S.: Bowling Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Roller Skating Club WALTON. BEVERLY Treas., A.G.N.: Valkyries: Jr. Escort: Grade Council Rep. WARD, JO ANNE Grade Council Rep.: North Star Rep.: A.G.N. Comm.: Ski Club: Red Cross Rep. WEI BLER, HENRY Pres., Boys' Hi-Y: Pres., Roundtable: Grade Council Rep. WEINER, ELEANOR Bowling Club: North Star Rep. F0-'Wil D fb 1....n, Ye Owe Annum. Bosnia Jvc! 7534 QIIW irfffii if wx l75 Q WEISS, BEATRICE Treas., Lyres Club: F.T.A. WESTFALL, CORA A Cappella: Madrigal: Annual Board: Rec. Sec., Webster: Valklries: Viking Sisters: Lyres Club res.: Pres. Roundtable: Honor Pin: Black Masque: Viking Varieties: A.G.N. Comm. WHELAN, PAT Editor, Annual: Valkyries: Webster: Pres. Roundtable: Ski Club: A.G.N. Comm.: Homecoming Comm.: A.G.N. Attend. WHITE, ORRIS H. Math Club: Science Club: Con. Band WILBUR, CHARLOTTE Math Club WILLIAMS, DONALD WILMOT, PAT Office Monitor: Roller Skating Club WILSON, CHARLES 2-Club: Tennis: Baseball: Red Cross ep. WINTERS, MARY LEE Jr. Escohr Orch. WOOD, HOWARD Con. Band: Gymnastics WOODS, MARY ELLEN North Star Rep.: Roller Skating Club WORSTER, TOM Football: Basketball: Baseball: Grade Council: Sec., D-Club WRIGHT, JERRY Swimming: Soph. Football: Annual Rep.: Bowling Club YAMASAKI, KAZU YANNACITO, AL Football: Track ZAMBONI, ELEANOR Pres., Girls' Hi-Y: Treas., Girls' Hi-Y: National Honor Society: Val- kyries: Hist., F.T.A.: Sr. Play: Girls' State: Jr. Escort: Viking Sisters: Pres. Roundtable: Homecoming Comm.: Honor Pin ZANGARI, TONY ZIMMERMAN, BILL Wrestling: Football: Track: Key Club: Student Council: Sr. Class Treas. ZIMMERMAN, ELEANOR Student Body Vice-Pres.: Student Council: Homecoming Queen: Soph. Class Sec.: Student Body Sec.: l9l6 Contest: National Honor Society: Honor Pin: Jr. Escort: Girls' State: Girls' Nation: Viking Sisters: Valkyr- ies: Webster: A Cappella: Assembly Comm.: Vice Pres., Black Masque: Lyres Club: Ski Club: R.O.T.C. Hon. Cadet: Viking Varieties Wk QQlL4f'T0M '0fAwef, AM4LZh'4MM 132070 .1,.,.,,9a M we W JMJJM W pm MW 1,41 A Zffwwfy W Q, WZ fffwf W :ff j,,.' ,gi I VA,' WA ,f,',,,M, V A M1 Wie, ,- Wbvwwl Q W N iff Em' .WMM vw M W - ibm 11 . H if 1,0 'Wx MMV? M, QR? 55 MQW if -' .. " Q EQ i f -fb n ZW 91 'W' 7 5 I fu fi R51 1.01 My ,f,M. 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Suggestions in the North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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