North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO)

 - Class of 1948

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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1948 volume:

'A x M, 3 1 ' . 4 o 0 v 1 . ,WB - X 1 n x w xxx ' X I 1 Vi- ' ' ' 1 ff 11 x HA. ,,,. as. L Y 4 , 1. .5 ff' .z -.1' 1 'J-Sl - u Q fufifi -, :sae A -avg ,flfvif .- - wg 4 -S! ,... ., Y .J I if :Tin- , F "5 1. ' ,' 4. 2 'X' li . , his vl-'-.1 'TVB ig: 1' ig 1 Q .U-., QW 'ICD ?mM7fm f ,f W Mr" f9"SWg,'T Mfr' .VV , My MIM DDT! STDV 'EUQDLQ DFID GQLD fZf'+,,1. ,ffW9 W 5? omg, gwgj JN 'When we enter North, the portrait of each of our characters is outlined, but many details are yet to be completed. Every experience, every phase of knowledge, every memory of fellowship and good times add their color to the final complex portrait which represents each of our lives. Through our experiences at North, we have corne to appreciate beauty of form, of color, and of sound, but we feel that these forms become meaningful and useful only when viewed in the brighter light of the art of living. This art, which aicls us in seeing ourselves' in the proper perspective in the scheme of things, has taught us the value of perseverance, giv- ing and receiving graciously, and knowing when to be leaders and when followers. This combination of the appreciation of the various arts helps us, not only in our own lives, but also in enabling us to bed come better members of society and citi- zens of the world. Ever present, adding its color to the paint- ing of these character portraits, is the Spirit of North. We have personified this spirit in a figure we call "Art-O." if 1 W N, R' ik 2 ' iw , ' N 5 y Y. 4 , M-MFA Av , Xfii-gg Al Q .m,, ., - - Q W ' vm X .msg M Wcui' xx 1 KAOWC5 mgnxxxx Him In W, von , X 1 wi A I .L 52 N.uOYi'i, xxwxxwxs, , Y 'Z Q Nmx f,,vwxxxYW'o Asif' 1 A ' 4 2 SR 5 5, ' k f Y' ' , J ,gg F 1 ff, ' ify L -F ' X 9 L x 'MA 5 ,O VAX A www QM A K 12,918-Q" 1 1 ,Wx 3 in f + X55 xi A x asia 5 4 1 f fx SQ 'S 1' frws -' "iv, Qbbx Cai, Q: ' , S, 1 .S gi 5 - x K 'Tir J 42- .. .fs-5 um 'Q 1 if 'N .3 3 .Q 1 A W Lk" Y fit lip To Claud B. Pendleton we fondly dedicate the 1948 Viking Yearhooh. We respect, honor, and love him for the great strides and positive action he took while he was our principal to build up the com- munity awareness of North High School, to promote a hetter Par- ent Teacher Association, to strengthen school spirit, and to improve the physical aspects of our school. 7' LU I Lmfl QLUEDT EDITOR K AA ,M 4.1 V' ,. , fg, y, .x .avg Fffiigi ,ww , f i 5 -- I, - if 'x" T ,: f: 'ww f - ,-V.,A A. .. 5,5 5 ',.. -. . .,' I PQZE1 ggi "" QQ? X f " 4 ,Ji 'lr' JDI-In FTIILES DSST. EDSTDR ROBERTS CNRISTIDH ORC-RFIIZK-ITI DHS BUDCQZLBIEDIZFITIDHS QLBERTD JDRDDI1 nmumcs. DDRLUIU DDLZELL ncnumes JU DHD PRESLER SPORTS BILL Tvml40UlCt-I spnms DDLHE l-IDYISDD GRTIST JEDI1 Sl-IELTOTI QRTIST DDLDRES, RUFIYI semen new BOB UULE Jumon Ren STRIW KY-lmLl5.T SOPH.RER Junuo KDKQ Pl-IUTD. CUDRD. JDCK GDLDFDRB PHUTOLRDPQER I-CUT! SU-IUETTE Pl-l0'l'DGRIJPI-IEP UDLERIE JUUIISUI1 TREHSLIRER MDNITIE DDRDYI fl'9UlST ffm! V H 4 wi ' sf '. f' ,TA A X gggf Q , V . . ,A f Q a - , will M- af ji. 4 'Q . H ' ef: 4 gf: rg K f- 2 A "' . 5, . .ff , fr' RUTH HUITHHIII1 Qnunsnn : ' ' 3 fl "sail ' if X ,fu .Q "', +"""'W. AFW2 fx' 'X X W " ' ri' H gm N, ' lf -4 M X- , ,I .Q .Q lbw 3 51, f,-: gi I, ll. , 5 2 . .,,,. .A,, ,.. ' - ' . ,:. Q W "' if f - ,fi gf- ' -11 l . ci X ag Q A alll 'N I ---- F ,,-j"?n,x .Qi , buuu H. " ---V g if: . N Lf s . ' S""f? ...X t' Age.-'K' f' gf .83 Y' gx M ff fi, 21,4 5 ' 1? 'A PHUTUGRQPIJU2 V. V' .,.- . .f'.,-ip -- . ' ., ,. , -:IILI . '- ' ' .P f. ,w ..,, . 'ff' ke, .4 ' ':, 1 1 --nf - ' ' 1 ...' V V Sai?" xl .., , P A PM 'f' ' .,, I ' 4.5. I'- FE." .Q A " ' '11 ' f mx" Q' , ,....--' ' E 2 V ,X DRTIST 'IJCJIJDD l"'F'D-'IDB UJDDTIUFOO XDDL DD"!l"'f"VI'.!.0 IJDFIC. KSC OID f'1"l-IFTCIFHD 3-I UOUJDIDI FUDGWDD ..?5"+ . Q ,:'. , --,, A sy: MN... 45..- "WSw. at X.. vr 95. 'Wm xv X Qs F . -Q 'w Q5 . T . 9 - HF ' M if ' Q . .,.. t 1 wtvxf I.: I Q5 1 , , . N.. -N 3. .. is. R514 , Q 9 1 + W' YW X if , ,Ex Q, 3? , 4 'au , A vs, .. Q Q 5 qv- AQ. ,I Q1 RN CUURDIHUTUR , AIIA P QA . . -.2 ,- : E K rx Q H3 ,.': . . . .. ,. X xi .gm ' r . ,. - -S ,Q , ' , ' -emma tm. L . 1 . 1 We-t , . . .. K, . f.,.- . x- A ' A-, L W , . - Z ,g," 1 -g'w P U M M ,,.. xg lt k I . The air around with beauty.-Byron Wboxe yexterduyx look lmclewardx with a smile.-Young Knowledge comes, but wixdom lingers.-Tennyson The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.-Disraeli X There'.f a time for all tbzngs,--Shakespeare Whatever zs worth doing ut all is worth doing well.-Chesterfield Buildings are the hooks that everybody unconsciously reads.-C. B. Fairbanks And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. Said and done. Done as soon as said.-Terence Longfellow In this book called North High School, we read between the lines to see the great spirit of learning and culture tor which this building stands. When we entered these doors for the first time as sophomores, we entered into the three best years oi our lives: and when, as seniors, we pass out of these doors tor the last time, we leave as tomorrow's citizens with much knowl- edge gained from our experiences here. When we read this book, we remem- ber the pleasant hours spent in the library gaining knowledge, the many assemblies enjoyed in the audito- rium, the counseling in the office, the many times we have hurried through the lobby to and from school, and the few minutes between classes sitting in the windows in the Hall of Fame. Asleep in lap of legends old.-Keats Two heads are better than one.-Heywood It matters not bow a man dies, but how he lwr.v.4Iohnson 5 , Milli-:fl f f . is JOSEDI-I m. LORT, PRIUCIDDL DRTI ST PDRDITIOUHT Mr. Lort, North's supreme artist, is a true friend, wise counselor, and willing guide. Only with the help of his steady hand are we able to fill in the many details of our character portraits. MN I SUN NTELLECTU QI. w ' 5 2 4-vii Q,- 59 abit 5 X 5 Sw .. Q wi ,f ,, xv if f " hr 1' 'WV 'I' W ' -1:- ""A""nu ' 7' " i' ,"' 'M 1 ll ,fm 1,5 If 7 H f A J . 4. , v x . a v A 1 , . K iw. -5 A ,kj . jr 5 'gf' Q A . v L-. S 1 'ERD llUilUlllH5 tlltlttlllti intl ali ITIQQTER CRDFTEFUEH Example if the .vrbool of mankind. Every painter has a model irom which to do his painting. While painting our character portraits, we would do well to use our Dean of Girls and Assistant Principal as our models. tlltllllittl H. DULUELL ' v-. MARGARET GRACE Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Uni- versity of Denver, Major, Drama. MARY C. FROST Native State, Coloradoy Alma Mater, University of Colorado: Major, English. HILDEGARDE NORTON Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater, University of Coloradog Major, English Literature. MATTIE V. LENDRUM Native State, Kansas, Alma Mater, Colo- rado Collegeg Major, English. BERNICE WARD Native State, Coloradog Alma Mater, Colorado College, Major, English. ELIZABETH GARRISON Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education, Major, English. Believe orre who bas tried it.gVcrgil DOROTHY KELLER Native State, Coloradog Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education, Major, English. Library. ELSIE M. WEBB Native State, Kentucky, Alma Mater University of Denverg Major, English Romance Languages. TI-IELMA I. MILLER Native State, Tennesseeg Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, English ELLA S. SCHENCK .X Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater Western College: Major, English. RUTH K. FUNK Native State, Ohio, Alma Mater, Colo rado State College of Educationg Major English. BARBARA MURPHY Native State, Coloradog Alma Mater Loretto I-Ieightsg Major, English. HOWARD W. STEELE Native State, California, Alma Mater, University ot Denver, Major, German, Classics. L. ARNOLD WARD Native State, iowa, Alma Mater, Grin- nell University, Major, Modern Lan- quaqes. DON L. GRISWOLD Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, Psychology. MYRA M. SCHULTZ Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, Spanish. ROSE MARIE POMPONIO Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University ot Colorado, Major, Romance Languages. Sv Qi I- t5V tfgxglikja.. X K AQ gp? 'f 4 S B j ,J N in A is A Iii we r L ,.fsL,.i 5.21.6 f'-L .. HELEN I-l. LYTLE Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Colorado College, Major, Commerce. LAWRENCE IORDAN Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, Economics and Accountinq. KATHLEEN DAWSON Native State, Arkansas, Alma Mater, University of Oklahoma, Major, Com- merce and Latin. BEN R. CALDWELL Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater, Mise souri State College, Major, Commerce and Finance. FRANCES G, FENTON Native State, Kentucky, Alma Mater, Major, Mathematics. MARIE KOSMATA Native State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, University of Nebraska, Major, Com- THGYCG. CLEO MELBOURNE TRENT Native State, Illinois, Alma Mater, Uni- versitv ot Denver, Major, Accounting. AGNES M. KINNEY Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Nebraska, Major, Com- merce. IEANNETTE M. FIELDS Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater Colorado State College of Education, Major, Art. EDWARD IOHN GETSCH, IR. Native State, Illinois, Alma Mater, Colo- rado State College of Education, Major, Fine Arts. MARTHA EPP Native State, Kansas, Alma Mater, Colo- rado ,State College of Education, Major, Art. DOROTHY A. MORRISON Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education, Major, Music. RUTH E. GRAVES Native State, Iowa, Alma Mater, North-. western University, Major, Music. HAROLD C. EDWARDS Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater, Sioux Falls College, Major, Music. RED H. LYON Iative State, Iowa, Alma Mater, Iowa State eachers College, Major, Mathematics. ILIFFORD C. ZINKE Iative State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, West- rn Union College, Major, Biology. EAN P. VARIAN Iative State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Massa- husettes Institution ot Technology, Major, ihernistry, Mathematics, Geology. IARI. E. BRAGG Iative State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, Uni- ersity ot Nebraska, Major, Mathematics. ILLIAN E. DUER Iative State, Missouri, Alma Mater, Colo- :xdo State College of Education, Major, flathernatics. LACHEI.. ISBELI. Iative State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Den- er University, Major, Chemistry and Math- matics. IUTH IRENE HOFFMAN Iative State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Colo- :xdo University, Major, Mathematics and 'hysics. IARY C. DOREMUS Iative State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, Uni- 'ersity ot Nebraska, Major, Mathematics. IELEN SMITH Iative State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, Uni- 'ersity of Denver, Major, Romance Lan- ruages. " u ,vi M E rkwyf I 3 3 . COILA M. IANECEK Native State, South Dakota, Alma Mater, South Dakota State College, Major, Home Economics. FLORENCE BUTLER Native State, Illinois, Alma Mater, Univer- sity ot Southern Illinois, Major, Home Eco- nomics. BERNADINE NOTESTINE Native State, Iowa, Alma Mater, University ot Iowa, Major, Home Economics. CATHERINE HUXTABLE Native State, Kansas, Alma Mater, Univer- sity ot Wichita, Major, Home Economics. I7 STEWART WALTON Native State, Indiana, Alma Mater, Har- vard University, Major, Political Science, History, Economics. CLIFFORD ROCK Native State, Kansas, Alma Mater, Kan- sas State Teachers College, Major, Social Science. ED FLINT Native State, Coloiaclo, Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education, Major, Art. IESSIE C. SEIFERT Native State, West Virginia, Alma Mater, Maryville College, Texas, Major, Mathe- matics. WILLIAM R. SPEARS Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, History. GERALD LACEY Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education, Major, Social Science. MARY E. CHRISTY Native State, Illinois, Alma Mater, Colo- rado State College oi Education, Major, Social Science. LOIS DAWSON Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater, Uni- versity oi Kansas, Major, Political Science. DELMAR I. KINNETT Native State, Nebraska, Alma Mater, Nebraska State Teachers College, Major, Social Science. WARREN BEATTIE Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Colorado, Major, Social Studies. WELDON ASHFORD Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater, North East Missouri State Teachers, Major, Social Science. SKY 2 RICHARD L. EVANS Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education: Major, Industrial Arts, Fine Arts. GEORGE H. BURGER Native State, Nebraska: Alma Mater, Nebraska State Teachers College: Major, Mechanical Drawing. IAMES KINGSTON Native State, Minnesota: Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education: Major, Printing. ROBERT H. WRIGHT Native State, Oklahoma: Alma Mater, Oklahoma A. QS M.: Major, Industrial Arts. PAUL SUMNER Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater, Colorado State College ot Education: Major, Industrial Arts. BENIAMIN BULLEN Native State, Kansas: Alma Mater, State Teachers College, Kansas: Major, Indus- trial Arts. -91- ' fs: E fs 4 it A I HARVEY RIDDLE Native State, California: Alma Mater, Colorado A. 6- M.: Major, Science. CLARANCE E. THOMPSON Native State, Pennylvania: Alma Mater, Colorado School ot Mines: Major, Chem- istry, Mathematics, Physics. DONALD E. MARTIN Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater University ot Colorado: Major, Chemistry LEONARD C. IONES Native State, Kansas: Alma Mater, Uni- versity of Colorado: Major, Physics. OLGA NELSON Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater Colorado A. G M.: Major, Chemistry. WILLIAM S. GREEN Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater Purdue University: Major, Science. CARL P. UTTERBACK Native State, Indiana: Alma Mater, Pur due University: Major, Physics. wx. V-X ii ,. 'Q BURWELL O. MOLES Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater,'Cen- tral Missouri State Teachers College, Major, Physical Education. CHESTER O'HANLON Native State, Wisconsing Alma Mater, Marquette Universityg Major, Physical Education. MYRON F. WILLET Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Colorado State College of Education: Major, Physical Education. EDITH BRITTAIN Native State, Coloradoa Alma Mater, Uni- versity of Denver: Major, Physical Edu- cation. ATHA DEFFENBAUGH Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Uni- versity ot Coloradog Major, Physical Edu- cation. KATHLEEN O'NEILL Native State, Yorkshire, England, Alma Mater, Chicago Normal School of Physi- cal Education, Major, Physical Educae tion. ARIA ROSNER Native State, New York, Alma Mater, New York University, Major, Public Health. Nurse. DOROTHY WALLA Native State, Colorado: Alma Mater, Colorado State Colleqe of Educationg Major, Physical Education. K Rt, ang fi wi 1 Wu, H I f, ..,Lkt 'f L f zfi F .. .1 BETTY WALLACE Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater Colorado Womans Colleqe, Major, Busi ness. CAROLINE D. LANE Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater University of Denver, Major, Commer- cial. Office. LOIS NORTON Native State, California, Alma Mater University of Wisconsin, Major, Spanish Office. SHIRLEY PRICE MONICA TUCKER Native State, Missouri, Alma Mater Barnes Business College, Major, Busi ness. SHIRLEY ANDERSON Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Central Business Colleqe, Major, Secre tarial Science, Office. -lay vi- DONALD S. HIX Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, University of Denver, Major, Commer- cial. HOWARD PESCHEL Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Uni- versity of Denver, Major, Chemistry, Social Science. ALENE ANDERSON Native State, Texas, Alma Mater, North Texas State University, Major, English and History, EWALD C. CHRISTENSEN Native State, Colorado, Alma Mater, Uni- versity of Nebraska, Major, Mathematics and Science. GENE GARNER Native State, Mississippi, Alma Mater, Montana State University, Major, Social Science. EUUNEH VII F-IDT! 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'QW W. 1, .V 'gggifs 'v,,Pf4"- 3 5555, 55:15 V Q f Q VV . , Q. -,QQQQ 4 M Q 2, , Q . Q , . ,. . -,, -gQ,Q- QQ ,QQXQQQQ f 4 Y ,, QT? 5 , - s' ' --,. 5 ' e. , 4- f " ' ' V 3 Q, QQ iff- Q ' t . A J: 2' yQ'K?5" I Sh, - A ' Biff -, QQ , QQ : Q?QQ Q, ,, xy K Cigfif : ,Q -V : Q ,Q,,:, - , . , Q QQ QQQQ. ,. . if? , A ' S 'xl ,Wi Q ,g f V X., Q . . 'Q-X qv A 5' . -' QMQQ Qi ,n-qiieff - xx X , QM Vi, gm Q QQQXQQC...-. .. Q Q QQ Q. 1 ww Q QAQKJXIQQ QQfQ X , ' Q i "X,r.,s3f,,Q,P?wf V, I ,Qi if ugh., Q , gt , L . Q .V Q, QQ QSQQQQ - ' ' , X -f " , ,V Qs IUC f' H DQUIC I . , Qw X .I L , 1 - , E LUNG V UIUC PSRCSIBUU ITIUUDU TBEHEURER Q, , f 'S 25 Al AARON, MAXINE Honor Ping Iunior Escorts Annual Boardy Valkyries inq Dance Comm. Viking Sisters: Hornecomi ABERCROMBIE, GEORGIA ABRAMSON, PHYLLIS Iunior Escortsg Viking Sis- Grade Councilg Spanish ters: Honor Pin, Club, w e I fu L if' X i ff' A li. s --3' :. Q A' ga -W.. ent Show: 1 47: Lyres ALLEN, BEVERLY ALLEY, IOHN STANLEY ALLGIRE, GARNETT ALTERMAN, ZELDA ALTMAN, HANNAH A Cappella. A Cappellag Library Ass'i. Spanish Clubg Valkyrie-sg Spanish Club: Clinic Ass t gomecoming Dance omrn. lAMES C. Math. Club: Con. Bundy MARGARET ANDERSON, WALFRID ANGELINI, IUDITH AXTON, DONNA Sound Crew. Spanish Club: A Cap- A Cappella: Girls' Choir. pella. AVIS, NINA BAIESON, DAVID BALLAST. VIRGINIA Spanish Club: Bowling Golf: Grade Council. Valkyri9S: Office MOHIIOI: Club: Viking Sisters: Iun- Student Council '46, '47: ior Escorts: Honor Pm: Ski Iunior Class TreGS.: Iumor Club: Office Monitor: Li- Prom. Comm.: Homecom- brary Ass't. ina Dance Comm.: Y- Teens: Ticket Salesman: Ski Club. El-IDLL LUIZ DDIIEE 3 BALLAST, WILMA BALZANO, MARY BAMFORD, IEANNE BARZEELE, GERALDINE BATSON. IEAN S.O.S.: Lyres Club: Ski Club: Art Club: Sr. Class kinq Sisters: AGN. Pres. Play Comm. Valkyries: Sr. Class Play: Ticket Salesman: Ir, Prom Comm. Webster: Ir. Escorts: Vis Spanish C1--b, Library Ass't BEALI., DOROTHY BEETEM, DON BECK, ROSALYN BECKER, MARIAN BENNETT, BOB Spanish Club: Girls' Hi-Y. Spanish Club: Honor Pin. Iumor Escorts: Vikinq Sisv Math.Club: BOWIIHCJ Clllb ters: Spanish Club. BENVENTANO, VIRGINIA BERGER, LEBA MAE BERGH, GERALDINE Iunior Escortsy Viking Sisf Vclkyriesp Vcmquqrdsg Vcllcyriesq Office Monitor ters: A Cuppellup Red LutinClubyACcippellc1. Bowling Club: lunior Es Cross Rep. gong- BERGLUND, KEITH BERLINGER, MAXINE BERRY, HM A Cappella. YfTeensy Vikinq Sisters: Ski Club, rl I lunior Escortsp Girls' Hi-Yp BETION, MARKETA BEWLEY, BERNICE BICKNELL, IOAN BIDELMAN, BETTY BLETHEN, BARBARA Bond. S.O.S.q Vcrlkyries: Art Vc1lkyriesgCon.Orch, Club: Grade Council, BOH, BETTY BOLEIACK, IEAN BORGER, VIRGINIA BORGESON, BOB BOTERO, IOE Latin Clubg Valkyrie-sy Y-Teens: Grade Council. Office Monitor. G.A.S.p Girls' l-li-Y, BO'I'T, VIRGINIA test. BOVVLES, PATSY BRADLEY. Y-Teens. Valkyries: Sisters Ir. Escorts: Pin: An nual Salesman: Home' coming Dance Comm. Ticket Salesman: Math. Club: Latin Club. Max- City l9 I 6 BOWER, LILLIS Y-Teens, Sec.: Ir. Escorts Vikinq Sisters: Valkyries man: Ticket Salesman. R-RISCKON, NANCY BRIGGS, PHYLLIS BRIGHT, KENNETH BRUNE'l'Tl NICK BRU Spanish Club: lunior Es' carts: Girls' H1-Y: Viking Sisters: Honor Pin. Viking Varieties. 339 WWE? vm-My 'vi-Teens: Baton Club: Maxwell: Spanish Club. BUMGARNER, FRANK Latin Club: Math. Club. A Cappella: Annual Sales- Girls CAI-VARESI. EVELYN CALVERT, LEONA CAMPBELL, BILL A Cappella: Lyres Club: Madriqal: Valkyries: Vi- king Varieties: Cheerlead- ers Club: Homecoming Dance Comm.: Sr. Class Play Comm. Boys' I-Ii-Y Sec.: Bowling Club. TI-IE I-IUCI-ZQTEDQ CANINO, ROSELLA CAPRA, FRANK CARLIN, COLLEEN Football: Basketball. Blk. Masq., Pres.: Webster: G.A.S.: Ski C.: Vqds.: Ush- Splcrs. Bureau: l9lB Girls' Rifle C.: Ot- Lab Ass't - 5 CARLSON, ARLINE CARLSON, DICK CAROSELLA, RICHARD CARR, IERRY CASE, DELLA Girls' Choir: Latin Club. lst Lt., R.O.T.C. Black Masque, Vice-Pres.: Ski Club, Latin Club: Oflice Monitor: Block Masque Play: Web- Y-Teens: Sr. Play Comm, stef: Sr. Class Play. Band. 1916 Contest: Webster: '47 Vikinq Var.: Ir. Assembly: Splcrs. Bureau: Ir. Prom. Comm.: Blk, Masque: Sr. Play Comm.: Sr. Play: Usherette: Vanquards: North Star Staff Q- J CASPE, IERRY CATCI-IUR, NANCY CAVALERI, CATHERINE CAVALERI, IANET CAVANAUGI-I, YVONNE Office Monitor. Girls' Choir, CI-IAPPELL, LORRAINE CHARRON, CLAIRE CHILTON, CARROLL Blask Masque: Webster: Valkyries. Lyres Clubg Vikinq Vari- Lqtm Clubi Girls' Hi-Y: etiesg Spanish Club: Ski Maxwell- Club, Ir. and Soph. Talent Show. Cl-IRISTENSEN, CAROLYN CHRISTIAN, ROBERTA CHRISTIAN, TQM Lalin Club, S.O.S.p Vikinq All SchoolV.-Pres.:Sturient Mqzh, Clubg Bowling Club, Sistersg Iunior Escorts: COUHCU: lr. Prom. Comm.: Bowlinq Club, Sr. Prom, Comm., A.C1.N. Dance Comm. '46, '47, An- nual Board, Talent Shows 45, 46, 47, Webster, Ir. Class SeC.,Lyres Club W CIMAGLIA' DQN COELLEN, IACQUELINE COLTRIN, LELA COMITO, PHYLLIS COOPER, DICK Baseball, "D" Club? A Iunior Escorts, Viking Sis- A CGPPSUG: Ski Club. Cappella, tersg Latin Club. 'V COUGI-ILIN, MARY K. COX, DOROTHY CRAFT, LLOYD CRATTE, DAVE CRAWFORD, DOLORES Y-Teens, Vanquardsp G.A.S.g Y-Teens, Bowlina Baseball, A Cappella. Znd Lt., Drill Team, Valkyr1es,Y'Teens: Home- Spanish Club, G.A.S. Club. R.O.T.C.g Bowling Club. C0mil'1Q DCIHCG COTHYII-I Ticket Salesman, Steno Club. ,ll fu' si DAHLGREN' UNE DALDEGAN, LILLIAN DAHL' GORDON Valk y rigs: Webmeri Vcxlkyries: Ski Club Girls ses, Lyres Clubq A cap Choir? Red CIOSS RSP pellc: Ski Clubg Ir. Prom. Comm.: Sr. Class Play. DALDEGAN, PETE D ALZELL, DARWIN Soph.,lr.,Sr.,Pres.: Student Council '46, '47, '48: Sr., Ir. Prom. Com.: Talent Shows '47, '48q Vik, Var.: A Cup- pellap Swimming '46, '47, 48: "D" Club: Ski Club: Annucrl Board D'AscENz, RONALD DAVIS, ESTHER ANN DAVIS, IOE A Orch. Bundy Dance Band. Clinic Ass't,g Latin Club: RiO4T-C, MCUO1' V199 Pres Ly,-95 Club, Valkyriesl Rifle Club: Drill Team Color Guard Maxwell 1916 Contest Sv' A ' 4 Tennis '46, '47g Boys' Hi4Y Pres.: Moth, Clubg Bowl- ing Club. DSROSE, ANNA MARIE DIAMOND: JAMES Y-Tiensq Latin Club: Girls' Hi- . DiANDREA, DARLENE lunior Escorts: Viking Sis- ters: Valkyries. DiANNIE, DON DIEL, BILL DIETRICK: I-UW-ANA Red Cross Rep.: Y-Teens. TI-IE Tl-IIFNJED DILLARD, DAHLENE DILLINGER, THOMAS DINKEL, ROBERT "D" Club: Tennis. Speakers Bureau: 1916 Contest: Webster: Viking Varieties: lr. Talent Show: lr. Prom. Comm.: Ticket Salesman: Grade Council. DIRE, RAY D OMENICO, IOAN Black Masque: Webster: Girls' Hi-Y: Sr. Class Play: Salesman: Vikinq Sisters: lunior Escorts: Honor Pin: Latin Club: Lab. Asst.: Lib. Asst.: Black Masque Plav: Usherette. DGMETROVICH' FRANK DONOVANI CATHARINE DRESSEL, MAXlNE EAFANTL ELEANOR ECKMAN, CARL Dance Band: Vilcinq Vari- Maxwell. Girls Choir- A CUPPEHU- A CUPPGUG. eties: Band: Annual Sales- man: Ticket Salesman. We .km nw ECKMAN, CARLA ELIOT, IOAN ELLIOTT, ROYSI5 I Q Spanish Club: Ari Club: Maxwell. Con. Orch.: Girls H1-Y. S,O.S.: Valkyries: Grade Council. 3... EMESON, DAVID LEE EMESON. IRAN ENGLEMAN- ART-ENE Math Club' Scientific So CLDU DDT! QTDU EVERINGIM, GLORIA TARRIS, SHIRLEY FELSEN, EILENE 4 FELTON, LARRY FETHEROLB, IAMES G.A.S.: Band: Orch. Vikinq Sisters: Iunior Es- ACGPP9llGrSPCIY11Sl'1ClUb- corts: Baton Club. FIFIELD, RUTH Black Masque: Webster: Sr. Class Play: lr. Talent Show: Vanauards: Iunior Escorts: Vikinq Sisters: Latin Club: Black Masque Play: North Star Staff. FINDER, GERALDINE EISHER, BARBARA FISHER. IACK FLOWERS, IOAN Grade Council: Homecom- inq Dance Comm.: Iunior Escorts: Usherelte: Ski Club: Valkyries: Viking Sisters: A.Cv.N. Dance Comm.: Annual Sales- man: Ticket Salesman. Valkyrie-s: Spanish Club: A Cappella. Black Masque: Soph., Ir, Talent Shows: "D" Club Tennis: Viking Varieties Black Masque Play: Sri Class Play: Grade Coun- cil. lunior Escorts: Viking Sis- ters: S.O.S. FOLEY, MARY FOLTZ, MARILYN FOREE, DARWINA Math. Club: Scientific So- Valkyrie-s: junior Escorts: Club Dance Comm.: cietyg Con. Band: Latin Viking Sisters: A Cap- G,A,S, Club. pella: Honor Pin: Latin Club, FOWLER, MARYLYN FREDERICK, FRANIGJN FREEMAN, HYMAN S,O.S.: Valkyries: Ski Math. Club: I-lifY: Honor CUPM Color Gurlfd, Club- Annual Salesman. Pin, R,O.T.C, Q I n I EREIS, SHARON FRENCH, BILL FRICKE, FRANCES FRIEDMAN, ROSETTA GALE, STANLEY Latin Club: Grade Coun- "D"Club: Wrestlinq:Base- Iunior Escorts. Maxwell: Red Cross Rep. Bowling Club: Scientific gil, ball: Grade Council, Society, Sec.-Treas. GALLQWAY' LILLIAN GARRITY, CHARLES GATES, PHYLLIS GAYLORD, NORMA GIBBONS, ROSEMARY Track: Basketball: "D" llsherettes. Latin Club: All City Band: Maxwell: Baton Club: Club, Pres.: Annual Sales Girls' Hi-Y, Treas.: Iunior I-Glirl Club. man: North Star Staff: Escorts: Vikinq Sisters: Office Monitor: Grade HOHOI Pin- Council: lr. Prom, Comm. GILROY, BILL GITHENS, GRACE GINSBURG, NORMAN Spanish Club, Vice-Pres.: Rifle Club: Band: Y-Teens: Grade Council. GLOZMAN, SHIRLEY GOFF, DOROTHY GOLDBERG, RONALD Latin Club: Grade'Coun- lunior Escorts: Viking Sis- "D"Club:BGSkGibG1l- cil: Speakers Bureau: iers. I I I I I Office Monitor: l9l6 Con- lest. ' GOLDEN, EVELYN GONZALES, KAY GORDON, FRANK A. GREENE, JEROME GROSSO, EILEEN Maxwell: Lafin Club: Spanish Club: SfenoClub: Maxwell Club: R.O,T.C.: Bqskeqbcllf "D" Club, l1alkyr1es:SkivClub:Bowl- Lyres Club: Math.Club. ACappella, Ski Club: Math. Club. Norm Stay Staff: Mqfh, ina.Club: Office Monitor: Club: Latin Club. V1kmQ Vunqucrds. GRGVE GERALNNE HAAK, KATHERINE L. HALEY, CHARLES HALL. MARIORIE HALPER, IACOUELYN Black Mgsqueg Vqlkyi-ies: Viking Vqfiegjesi Smdem Latin Club: Iunior Escorts: Red Cross Rep.: Clinic Black Masque Play: Office Council. Vikinq Sisiers: Valkyries: Ass't.: Maxwell: A.G.N. Monitor. Gi1'lS' HWY? Honor Pin: Dance Comm. Con. Band. HANKLE, BETTY IEAN Baton Club: Vikiriq Sistersp Valkyriesy Iunior Escortsg Honor Pin, DAGNE Comme Vikinq Annual Boardg Art Clubg Sr. Iunior ' V .. L, f ,- HARBAUGH, IOHN HARMS, H HARRISON, LOUISE Ski Club: Math. Club. FIEOWIIUQ Club: D Club: Valkyriesq Girls' Hi-Yg Y- ennls. Teens: Ticket Salesman: Office Monitor: Usherettep Vanquards. I HARRISON, PATRICIA ANN HARTONG, DORIS IEAN HASLER, DOROTHY HIETT, DUANE HERGERT, AILENE A Cappellag Girls' Hi-Y, Iunior Escorts: Viking Sis- Boys' Hi-Y: Math. Club. Valkyrie-5. Presq lunior Escorts: Vi- ters: Vclkyriesr Cheer- kinq Sistersy Honor Ping leaders Cluby S.O.S.p Ski Lyres Clubp Laiin Clubp Club: Grade Councilg Grade Council, A.G.N, Dance Comm.p Latin Cluby Homecoming Dance Comm. HOFFMAN, BILLY HOLLINGWORTH, ROY HOPSON, GILES 1-1oS1ER, IANICE HOWARD' MARION , , Ski Clubg 2nd Lt., Rifle ' Valkyriesg Grade Council: S.O.S.g ValkYH9S: G1flS Team: Color Guard: RedCrossRep. H1fYg Iunior Escorts: Vi- R-O-T-C, king Sisters: Vanquardsg Usheretles, P l HUMMEL, IOANN HUNT, EUDOHA LUIJDT UUU DUHT UFIULU! IACOBELLI, ANTONITA ILCHMAN, BARBARA Spanish Clubg Girls' l-livYp' Y-Teens: Bowling Clubg Vulkyriesq G.A,S,g Bowl- S.O.S, ing Clubg Office Monitor. HOXIE, VERNON C. HUBBARD, IANICE HUFFMAN, KENNETH SpcnishC1ubg Math. Club, Vulkyriesy Latin Club: FO01br1llMQr.:Sr.C1c1sS Pres.: Lcxb. Ass't. Girls' Hi-Yp Y'Teensq Ush- PlGY7 Sllllnd Crew: Grade erettesp Grade Council, COUl'lCil- A Cappella im. INGRAM, MARIBELLE ITALIANO, DON IACOBY, HAROLD A Cappella, Grade Council: "D" Clubq Wrestling. IACKSON, LYNN JAMES, ELAINE I Hj.YA G.A.S.: Y-Teens. AUCH, RICHARD IETT, PHYLLIS IOHNSON, ANGIE SOS.: Girls' Hi-Y: lunior Escorisg Viking Sisters: Ski Clubg Vcllkyries. lOHNSON, EUGENE IOHNSON, IOHN IOHNSON, RICHARD ONES, BARBARA IONES, lO ANNE Iolg-?iECENMX?LESlEAnnuG1 I Latin Club: M a x w ell: ValkYTi9SI lumof ESCONS- Board: Vikir?q Sisters: lr. gxirli: ?iAgbNOnhRSmT Escorts: lr. Prom. Comm.: H G 'pe ross ep" Black Masque Playg Honor Onor m' Pin: Sr. Class Play Comm.: A.G.N. Dance Comm. .uv f: IONES, NAN Iunior Escorisg Viking Sis- ters: lunior Prom. Comm., Band: Girls' Hi-Y: Van guards: Usherettes: Sr Class Play Comm. c o m 1 rx q Cappella: Bowling IOHDAN, CHARLES Ticket Salesman: Ski Club: Ir. Prom. Comm. IURENKA, DOLORES KARSH, BARBARA Bowling Club: 1916 Con- Spanish Club: Valkyries: test. Vikinq Sisters: lr, Escorts: A Cappella: Honor Pin. I 'X - - i . xy in KAKO. IUNKO Latin Club: Natl. Honor: Valkynes: Lyres Club: lr. Escoris: Viking Sisters: Sr. Class Play Comm.: Honor Pin: Girls' Hi-Y: Annual Board: Office Monitor: Usherettes. ' iq.. , KEMBLE RI KATZ, BERNARD KELLY, LYNN KEIR: IOHN VWQSHQHQQHARD "D" Club: North Star Staff: "D" Club: Baseball. Grade Council: Baseball. J g , E MARDIE LOU I l I Acgpgbeiaigowlinq Club. AMXKIIEQHQQEraagaouncul NNUMV Um-my 4555 EQEJWRIAS 6515 W KKUUMQUP, LJHAHLENE North StC1r,Edl1orp Black Masqueg Vcrlkyriesg Iumor EscortspV1k1nq Slstersg S1udentCouncilg Talent Show '45, '47. KULLEQHSYHAND, DOUG. LQBADIE, ROBERT LABRIOLA, FRANK LANDE, GERALD Footbollg Track. Art Club. Hi-Yg Orchq Grade Counf cil. LANSVILLEV FRANK LANTZY. BETTY LQROCCO, DOMINIC LAURIENTI, MARY ANN LEE, TED L EHRER, CAROL Vulkyries: Webster, Home coming Dance Comm., Ir Prom. Comm.: A.G.L., Sec Trec1s,,Norih Star Slcllf A.G.N. Dance Comm. LUILL CHE EDU UCEJ ACuppellc1. V Club." 'MDW' M XA 1 LEWIS, RUTH ANNE LEWIS. TOM UVESAYV Latin Club. Con. Orch.: Ski Club, Vi- kxnq Varieties, Dance Bond. LOMBARDI, CARL., L ,. .,s.,,,-..,., ...MA Spcmish Club, Pres., Lyres Club, lumm Escorts: Vi- lcmq Sisters, Viking Vari- sues. OMBARDL DOLORES A.G.N., Sec. Trecis.: Ski Club, Vulkyries, Vikmrq Si5l9I5Ili1IllUIl:SCOl'lSj Nor1hSrc1r Stull, Nonre- cwurnimy l'Jum'u Cuirun, LOMBARDI, GLORIA Student Council, Valky- ries: Iunior Escorts, Viking Sisters, Ski Club, V.-Pres.: North Star Stcilfp Office Monitor, lr. Prom. Comm.: A.G.N. Dance Comm.: Homecomincr Dance mi.. LONG, LOUAN NA Y-Teens Clinic Asst - Ush- erette Red Cros R V EUHlElllIlll3'E lil TUE llllllll Otni LOMBARDI, HM LONG, DALE A Cappella- A Cappella. LOOS' CAROLINE LORENSON, VIRGINIA A Cappella, ,Q 4 wif! Ski Club: Lyres Club: LOWELL, IOYCE LOWERY, PATRICIA LUCERQ BEATRICE LUNDBERG, MARILYN MCCUMANS SHIRLEY Sk, C1ub, Iumor Escorts: Viking Sis- Spflmsh Club? Y'Te9nS ters- Maxwell: Rifle Club: Sr Spanish Club, Art Club, Vcxlkyriesp Rifle Club: A Cappella, Viking Vari- eties '46, '47, Soph. Tolent Show, Ir. Talent Show: Honor. Lt, Col. R,O.T.C. Play Comm. LAWRENCE M NEIL, SHIRLEY MACHESNEY, BILLIE MAESTAS, MARY- I Micggoggfgl MCFADDENI gf-Teens, Presm Gfflde Vcrlkyries. IuniorEscortsg Girls Choir Council. MARCHESI, MARIE MARKS, BARBARA MARSHALL, BETTY EAN I Iunior Escorts: Maxwell: Valkyries: Vikinq Sisters: Usherettes. MARTELIJ, LORRAINE MARTIN, DOROTHY MARTIN, ROBERT Con. Band. Latin Club: Vanguarcls. Orch.: All City Orch. A Cappella: Madriqalg Vi UIIIIUULUCCIHIDLU Ullllllll MATALON, IACK MAURO, RICHARD McKENDRY, BARBARA MAYBERBY, BETTY MEIIA, CELIA Math. Club: Latin Club: Football: Baseball: "D" A.G.N. Dance Comm.: A Cappella. Valkyries GA S Honor Band. Club, Hom eco m in cg Da nce Pin: Vikinq Sisters lunior f',v.,,,,, . fin-vin Fnvinril- I5':r-nrt-:- S nniqlw Flvilw MESSINA, MARIE METZ, ZELDA MILES, IOI-IN MILLER HAROLD MILLER: LESTER Climg Asgli- Iunior Escorts: Viking Sis- ters: Honor Pin: Maxwell: Spanish Club: Office Mon- itor. Annual Board: Tennis: "D" Club: Cheerleaders Club: Webster: Cheer- leader: Ir. Talent Show: Viking Varieties: Hi-Y: Math.Club:Sr.ClassPlc1Y: Ticket Salesman: Sr, Prom. Comm. Swimming, Baseball MILLS' MEI-VA MONGONE, lOSEPHINE MOODY, BRUCE Vqlkyl-ies. Baton Club-Span1shClub5 Treas. Sr. Class: Student Valkynesz Red Cross Rep. Cguncjlf Hi.Y, Math- Club. Bowlinq Clubg A Cqppgllgi M O I MQQRE, JANE MORRELL, l..UCll.l..E ?QjifflE,LfQ, . Gmde G.A.S.pGir1s'I-Ii-Y: An sos.: Vclkyriesr A cap Council " Club, pellag Spanish Club: Art ! : I E I ' Club: Red Cross Rep. U ,A , -- --.-rv-Aw u,n.u. 1vtum.C1uD7 Latin plum. H.O.'l'.C. NIELSFN, IANICE NORDHAUSER, RALPH NORRIS, BILL OKANE1 GENE NOXON Bm Grrls'Choxr, Bowl1nqCluh, North Star Stuff Band: Orch.: Millll. Club? Honor Ping Vllunq SISTSYSI Prgg, Lyres Cluhg AllC1ty Band: Hnnor Pln, lunior Escorts. Student Counctlp Sec Soph. Classy "D" Club Basketball: lunlor Prom Cornmq A Cappella Grade Council. OLDF, BUD OLESH, GERALD OLSON, CARLA Webster, Pres.: Sr. Class Bowling Club: Honor Pin: Play '47, Sr. Class Play Spanish Club: Lt. Col. Comm- Black Masaue' Color Guard- Pres. Rifle ,st PAPER, ESTHEH PARSONS PEGGY PASTORP- TEANETTE Honor Pin: A.G.N. Dance Comm.: lunior Escorts: Vi- king Sisters: Girls' Hi-Y: Math. Club: Vanquards: Spanish Club:Off1ce Mons itor. Y.TeenSl rumor Escorts: Spanish Club: S.O.S.: Viking Sisters' Iuruor Escorts: Vil-:ma Sis' tors. aib' l X7 v W' J S 4 FUTURE DWEDICD PASTORE, PAUL PEARCE, Valkynes: R,O.T.C.: Girls' l-li-Y: Girls'R1lle Club: Spanish Club: Sr. Class Play Comm. DOLORES PEAPCE, to ANN PEAACE, srrmuav PEAPsoN, DONNA A Cappella, Pres.: Madri qal: Lyres Club: Girls Hi-Y: Spanish Club, Sec. Honor Pin: Vikinq Vari- eties, lunior Talent Show Girls' Rifle Club: Honor Capt. R.O.T.C. Valkynes: lumor Escorts Vlklnq Sisters: ACappella PFNlDZlK, LORRIUNE PENINHNGTON, MARIAN PHTRALIA, IOANN PEISTER' LGROY PEFg'TgJgI' IUIXILE G.A.S,: Y-Teens: Bowling Valkyries: ltimor Escorts: Con. Band: Con. Orch.: 9 FOSS GP- Club V,kmq giSterS.ACGppeHG. BOYS' HPY- ' Y-Teens: Mmrwell. Tl-IE ULD DUUTIHE PENCE, SHIRLEY PEROTIN, MURRAY PETRALIA, DELORES G.A.S,1 Girls' Hi-Y. Valkyrie-sy A Cappella. PI-IARO, DOLORES PHILLIPS, DONALD PHILLIPS, IACKIE Girls' Choir. Wrestling: "D" Club. Iunior Escorisq Viking Sis- ters: A.G.N., Vice-Pres.: Homecoming Dance Comm.: Valkyriesp Y- Teensg Holiday Dance Comm, PHILLIPS, IOHN 4 PONTO, SHIRLEY PORTER, BOB POTTER, MARIORIE PREBBLE, DAN "D" Club: Wfeslllnfl- Girls' Rifle Clubg A Cap- YYTSSHS. Valkyriesy S.O.S.p Max- PRESLER, IO ANN PULLANO, LORETTA PURDY, BILL PETTIGREW, LAWRENCE RABINOWITZ, DORENE Valkyriesr Grade Councilg Gglfy "D" Cluby 151 LL, Spanish Club:Vanauardsg Ticket Salesman. R.O.T.C.y Bowling Club, A CGPDGIIGV well: Ir. Escorts: Vikina Sis- tersq Annual Boardg Vikina Varieiiesy Cheerleader: Cheerleaders Club: A.G.N, Dance Comm.: Grade Council, Annual Salesmang Ticket Sales- man. if : F: f RABINOWITZ, HELEN RAMER, MARILYN RANKIN, DOROI HY r Valkyries: Hi-Y: Iunior Es- Y-Teens: Valkyries: Office A corts:Viklnq Sisters:Office Monitorf SV Gloss PIUY Monitor: Ticket Salesman: Comm. 1 SOS.: Usherette. an QW an , nf... T RAPPE, DARLEEN RAU, ROBERT REESE. BUSTER A Cappella: Girls' Choir. REISBECK, GERALDINE A Cappella: lunior Es- corts: Grade Council. Bowlinq Club: Ski Club: Ticket Salesman: Annual Salesman QUQQQ Lui-no :J REITER, BETTY RENZO, AGNES RI-UNO, VIOLET Valkyries: G.A,S. Valkyries: A Cappella: A CUPPSHG- Grade Council. SHIRLEY MAE H1-Y: Spanish Salesman. 'ZF-Q RIES, EDWARD RIGGS, TACK RIPPS, PHYLUS RISOLI, ED ROATH, ROBERT Math. Club. Latin Club: Valkyries. Hi-Y: BOwlinqC1ub:SkimQ Club. ll- FICED D HORSE? ROMERO, ALFRED ROOME, NANCY ROSEN, ILENE Band. Girls' Choir. Latin Club: We-bsterg Hi-Y Maxwell: Honor Pin Speakefs Bureau. ROSENTHAL, IERHY RULLO, RUSSELL RUPP, MARGARET Eootballp Baskeiball: "D" Math. Club. Club Girls' Choir. ROWLEY. ROBERT RYAN, DOLORES Con, Bandy Znd Lt., R.O,T.C. Annual Board: Valkyrie-sg Viking Sistersg Iumor Es' Corts: Honor Ping Ticket Salesmang Latin Clubp Grade Council: A,G.N. Dance Comm.: Steno Club. RUSSELL, BYRON SAINDON, PATRICIA SANDERS, BOB Band: "D" Club: Trackz Baton Clubg Office Moni- lsl Lt., R.O.T.C. mr. SANTANGELO, CLYDE SANTARELLL DOLORES SANTOS, GLORIA SATRIANO, LILLIAN Eooiballp Wresilinq: "D" A Cappella: Speakers LYTGS Club? Y'T6GI'1S. Club. Bureau. A Cappellag G.A.S.y Girls' H1-Yy Bowling Clubp Grade Councilg Annual Sales- man: Valkyries: Home- coming Dance Comm. SAUER, ROBERT SAVAGE, SHIRLEY Con. Orch. SCHEMPP, Lll..LlAN IDA SCHELUNG IEANNE SCHLOESSER DAHLYNE Grade Cauncxlp lunxor Es Slq Club S O S Cons? A Cappella' In n E R N SCHAEFLE, ALAN SCHLITT VERN SCHMlD'l' IANICE SCHUETTE KIM SCHIILTZ DORQTHY Screntltxc Socretyg Math Swtmmma D Club Honor P n Bowlrnq Club Grrls Hx Y A Cappella ClubgBowl1nq Club lab Annual Board Math Assn'tq Stage Crew Club SCHWARTZ, HERBERT SCHWOB BARBARA SCHNEIDER Latin Clubp Math, Club Vglkyfle An Club Y D Club Football Baseball Math Club Band: Dance Band. .pls SERAHN, ELLEN SHAFFER, AUCE SHANNON, DALE ValkyriespS.O.S.qY-Teens: SOS. . Rifle Clubg Spanish Club: I I g I I 'E B I Steno. Club. C SHELTON, JLAN SHIDLER, EDNA SHISSLER, FRANK SHROYER. MARY LOUISE SHUT? BERNICE Iunior Escortsg Vikinq Sis- Cor-,A 01-Ch., A11C11yQrCh . Bandp Ski Club. SPUYHS11 Club: Ski Clubq iersp Honor Ping lr. Prom. Lib! Assnq- " Rifle Clubz Red CFOSS Comm.. A.G.N. Dance Rep.: GAS. Commq Annual Boardg Art Club. SILVER, HOWARD SILVERMAN, FRANCES SIMMONS, DON SKIVINGTQN, MAHGARITA SMICK, HELEN Black Mosque: Malh. Spanish Club. Iunior Escorisy Valkyriesy Websfefi VGlkYl'i9S Clubr Ski Clubg North Siar Girls' Hi-Y: Art Cluby S-O-S4 MGU1- Clllb- Slafl. Spanish Clubg Honor Pin. gy.. I , SMITH, GWENDOLYN SMITH, TI-IEOREN SMOOKLER, BARBARA Spanish Club: Sf. CIGSS Ski Clubg Bowling Club. Office Monitorg North Star Playg Girls' Choir: A Cap gwff pellag Ticket Salesman. I A H-+-J SONNEBAUM, BARBARA SORENSEN, BODIL SPARN, MARVIN LyresClub7I.a1in Clubg A A Cqppellgf Red Cfogs "D" Club: Math. Clubg CCIDDGIICIJ Vlliim! VG1'i' Rep. Boys' I-Ii'Yg Track. eties. . U QQ-X 12-sv Qf"'i' SPEECH, SPERLING, HYLA STALZLE, RICHARD STANKO, IOYCE Dance Band: Web- Vallcyriesg Clubg Vglkyriesg Spanish Club: Tennis: Basketball: "D" Iunior Escorts. stef: Council. Y-Teensg AGN. Honor Ping A Cappella. Clubg Handy Orch. Dance Commg Grade Councilg Homecoming Dance Comm. STEINMAN, LORRAINE C STEPSAY, VICTOR STEPHENS, WEBSTER ETEVESONI BETTY SUN? DON Valkyriesy Hamecominq Maxwellg Bowlinq Club: Cheerleadens Cluby Ir. S-O-S-I Ushefelles- D Club? Track? Bcmd' Dance Commq Y-Teens: Drill Te-amy S Sql., Color Prom. Comm. Spanish Club. Guardg R.O.'I'.C. STOCKING, BEVERLY - STOCKING, CHARLENE STONE, IULIETTE Varrquards: Gxrls Cholr: A Cappella: Lyres Club: Latln Club: Steno, Club, Usherettes. Vanquards, lr. Red Cross RSP-: l9l6 Contest. in-' ,,,, ts' SWANBERG, DON SWARTZ, MARY LOU ' Pin. A Cappella: Basketball: Glrls' Choir: lunlor Es- Office Monitor. corts: Vrkinq Slstersp Val- kyries, Sec. SWEAT, WILMA SWIATOVIAK, ELIZABETH TAFOYA, LINDA TALL, LOU ELLEN TAUCHE, RICHARD Annual Board, Editor: S.O.S,: Valkyriesg Var Girls' Choir. 1stLt,,R,O,T,C, Webster: Black Masque, Guards: Red Cross Rep- Sec, '46, '47: SOS., Vice Pres.: Vall-cyries:V1kina Slstersy Iumor Escorts: Skt Club: Student Counml: Black Masque Play '47' TEICHMAN, BETTY TElN, LORRAINE THOMAS, DOROTHY THOMAS, NADINE THOMPSON, LACOUELINE Latin Club: Math. Club, Latin Club: Honor Ping SOS.: luntor Escorts: Vi' Red Crass Rep.: North Star ' Ottrce Mom tor: Grade lung Sisters. Salesman. Councrl. TOWBIN' EVELYN TOWNSEND, BETTY LOU TURNER, BARBARA 1 Maxwell: Spanish Club Spanish Club. Latm Cluby Baton Club: I Grade Council. E I I -ff? TYLER, DOROTHY TYLER, E. PAUL TYMKOVICH. BILL URBANA, ROR VAN DER WEGE, ROMA A Cappella- H1-Y Baseball: Foolboll: "D" "D" Club. Owls' ctmf, A Cappella. Clubg Skl Clubp Sludont' Connelly Student Body Presldentg Annual Board. 15' VAN HORN, KENNETH VAN 1.AN1NGRAM, ARDIS VASOUEZ, JUANITA VITALE, ROE VOLLEBERG BOB Webslerp Vanauardsg I-YYGS Cmbr A CCKPPSHCI, I Madnqal: Sr. Class Play. Girls' Choir. VOLOSIN, IOSEPH VON EHRENKROOK, PAUL WAHLMEIER, GERALDINE WALDBAUM, LYLLIAN WALKER, CHARLOTTE Boys' Hi-Yg Math. Clubp A Cappellaq Math. Cluby S.O.S.,Pres.pCheerleader: Latin Cluby Red Cross Valkyriesg Madriqal An Orch.g All City Orch.q Sr, Class Play. Cheerleaders CIubpValky- Rep.: Viking Guidef Girls' nual Salesman A CGD Band. riesg Homecoming Dance Hi-Y: Vikina Sisters: Iunior pella. Comms Ir. Talent Show: Escortsg Vanquards, Girls' Rifle Club: Annual Salesmang Ticket Sales- WALKER, ELAINE WALTER, IMOGENE WARNE, ELEANOR WEATHERFORD, DONNA G.A.S.y Valkyriesp Ski Club: Y-Teens, Iunior Es- cortsp Viking Sistersy Van' quardsg Honor Pin: Latin Club. WEBER, NIATILDA Lyres Club. WECKWORTH, BETTY WELSH, RUTH WHITE, PATRICIA WHITTAKER, PATRICIA WHORTON, IOAN Clinic Asst Band: Orch.: Maxwell. WICK, GERTRUDE WILHELM, SHIRLEY WILKOWSKY, LILLIAN WILLIAMS, RICHARD WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY A Cappella: Viking Sis- Library Asst. Spanish Clubp Maxwell. Valkyriesz Rifle Club tersp Iunior Escorts, WILSON, BOB WILSON, DAVE WILSON, ILLA ROSALEE WILSQN, IACK WILSON, VIRGINIA "D"C1ub:SWimminQvSki Wfesfllnqf "DH Club? Ski BOWHHQ Club? Mmfwelli Cheerleaders, Webster: Iunior ESCOIIS: Steno, Club. Club. Vanquardsf Grade Coun- If, Prom, Comm., Sr. Play Club: Spanish Club. cilp ACappella. COmm,7 A Cappella, An- nual Salesman. YS Em, WINCHELL, l..OlS WINSLOW, GEORGIA WOLFSON, ARTHUR WOOD, DELLA S.O.S. Bowling Club. Track, Wrestling. Rifle Cl'-lbr Mn.. in WOOTEN, ROBERT N, WORLEY, HELEN WRIGHT, MARGIE YOST, SHIRLEY YUDEZ, ALBERT ZADEKOFF, HAROLD Z girls' Rifle Cluby Y-Teens: A Cappella. RO-T-C irls' HI-Y. 61.7 tv" T ARLENGO, MIKE Saph. Class Treasg Siu- denl Councxl: Color Day Comm,g A Cappella: Orchq Vxkina Vanetlesz Staaeg Band: Grade Coun' cll. ZIMMERMAN, GWEN ZINN, MERIAN ZUCHERMAN, BOB ATKINSON, BERL BAKER' RUSSELL Ir. Talent Showp Cheer- Latin Club: A Cappella. Tennis Team, Cap1.: Math. leadery Cheerleaders Club Vxce-Pres. Club. IEHN, HELEN ZIRTISTDXV VXINCDD Z wp- Xs W Max nw 'V 4 Z, Q 4' - . H , ., . YK X l ' t b . J 1 X I H MMV www 5 ks ik- x K, AX 0 AQ V ' ay W, 'Sig Q 4' ' V 1 A - 732, KV X' I 53? ' -an-"J""' 'mf , Q V. Qi' g 3 , it 7? "- N.. ,Q N x -- .R M wa W H. 7 F A am? X 3 g if U Q f ,Q ,S 3 35 .aim Q . 1 'xg' is A .m ..v ffwf ffi Q , ', '-EJ '--I-yffaf-,L -Q, . , W1 'frm M ' W' 'if' 3 iff' F 'i v . :iz Q, . is J 1 , , Q gf CLD mm En EEl1,,, SQ UF lQ4Q w 5 Yan' .. 7 5 I We, A ', Y x ,afjiggkim unLg1nLnT ,---':-V' P f Q. z NICE ' 'HW ' 1' 1. ,. 3 1' xg? "AIU -N1 4 V . -Q "j5e1.., . Qi, K 2 ,F ' 4 f ,Q K ,.t.-W S t . V- Q R K " , I g 5 ggi, f x X , f . . " . f ' f - ' 93 5- x ' X , . ' - , ,... 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FI-ORNENCE BUCHANAN, MARGARET BURDICK, EDWIN BURGH, IOAN Mw 'Q BURROWS, PAT BUTT, IOANN CARLSON, EVELYN CARSON, LOU ANN ww. 4- CRILEY, MERA LOU DALY, KEITH DARNELL, EQTFYE DAWSON, MARION DONDELINGER, MARYLYN DOUGHERTY, IEANNINE if s- 'ffivr 1 X. M- L A f DREITH, MILTON DREITH, MYRON DYCE, JOAN PICKLE, BARBARA FLOHR, NORMAN J 1 1 - FRANKLIN, IOAN FULLER, MARYLYN GARNER, MARGARET GARTQNA VELMA A-1 ,rr GILBERT, DUANE GOLDFARB, IACK GOLIGHTLY, IANET ILFHEN KOEHLER, DOLORES Q-- F , BL' GLORIA NORMA MARONEY, PEGGY PAT I , . lm-.- ,H - N'EIPI, NZARQ ANN 1 W EPVERLEY PARKER, PAT I ,,Wvn,w,w M ,n,,n,, I , SARNO, BERNICE SAMPSON, GERTRUDE SHEFFER, LOIS SCHILLO, NORMA SCHRANZ, CAROLYN SEGANTI, MARY ANN SMALDONE, IOSEPHINE SMOLEN, DON STANEK, CAROL N EVENS, SHARLENE SUMMERS, BARBARA TARANTINO, ANNA MAE YTARTAGLIO, IEAN TARTAGLIO, ROSEMARY TODOROFF, IESSIE TYMKOVICH, MIKE TYSON, BARBARA VALLERQ RITA VAN ZUIDIIN, IANE WHELEN, ROGER WILSON, IEAN WINSLQW' KENNY WOODWARD, BOB WOOLMAN, WAYNE WRIGHT, BILLY YULE, BOB ZACHMAN, RICHARD MITCHELL, DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN, KARL PORTER, BOB ONLY ONE STEP MORE SUPPQSIN' DRIFT AND DREAM ONE WAY TRAFFIC JOINT SESSIQN busy world and 1 fha!! m"cr agree.--Lovelace S K h 5 M---I I .1 , -I ,- 1 k i I ' R Iyfgx 'af 5- 1 , rg: the W, :-, K ---,, Nvbli . wxgww N , .,- - 'fix FTIFIRIQU ITIDUDC DRESIDCUT DDLDU QYIUTHTIGELU UICE DRCQIUEUT UZZQC QTCUI-IQUQ QUZDHNE LUSCC. ECDETDQU TDCIZISUUCD ABRAMS, NADINE ALEXANDER, BARBARA ALLEN, PAT AUMANN, MARION BANZI-IAF, DON ARKER, MARIORIE BEALL, GEORGIA BENNETT, BERNICE BERNDT, IOYCE BETTS, BILL EITE BURGH, MARY DEANE BURNHAM, IOANN CALABRA, BEVERLY CATCHUR, IANE CERENZIA, MARYILN CHAVEZ, MARY IANE COOK, IEAN CRAIG. NONA CRILEY, RONALD DE VORSS, JOYCE DICKENS, ROBERTA DI SAVERIO, JIMMY DURSEY, DORINE EGAN, PATRICIA ELFONTY, SHIRLEY ERICKSONI ARV113 PICK, IOANNE FRANZEN, ESTHER FREY, SHIRLEY FUIITA, HOSEMARY GARIBAY, HELEN GARRAMONE, ROSEMARY GAYLORD, EDDIE GEORGE, SHIRLEY GILL, CORRINE GRENFIELD, SHEILIA GROVE, CHARLES HARPER, DONNA -Hz, HELLER, DENA IAGGARD, HARRIEIT IONES, POLLY IONES, ROBERT IURGENS, LOUANN KAM1-ET, STAN KINGSBURY1 TANF KRIER. SHIRLEY KUNTZ. GENITA LERMAN, ADINAH LUNDBERG, CAROL MCCOLLERY, DIXIE MAHOOD, GRACE MAPELLI, HELEN MARING, BARBARA MARKOVITZ, DOLORES MERVIN, BARBARA MORRELL, RICHARD MULLEN, MYRNA NAKAMURA. MARIORIE NASH, NELDA no-. PEARCE, IO ANN PERRY, KATHRINE RICHMOND, BETTY ROBINSON, BARBARA RUSSELL, DOROTHY SARCONI, BARBARA SA-UER PETE SCHUESSLER, ROBERTA SCHWARZ, DONNA SEALANDER, LAUREL SHELEY, ROWENA SMITH, IANICE SONDIE, MARIORIE TEODONNO. RICHARD THOMAS, THU-MA VALENTINE, NORMA .31 WEIRICH, MARY ANN WILLIAMS, RONNIE ZELINGER, IERRIE ZIMMERMAN, ELAINE ZITO, EUGENIA ZOLITOR, MARILYN QDTISTRY 5TQ LWQDT 5 ' Q. 'P if 4 .rx - ' f, 3: 5: is if D :NVQ kt f ,1 .Ay I J ,,.r J' 5 5 '. IL' ' 'Ni 4 5 ,Tufviv lv tiki Qyg g3'S4xq Yam M W' mam? Zfiiffwwllpm 'Q' I 17 F J' I' l 1 5 fp 1 A x 4 ,I Q Q 1 vi.: 1 FOOTBALL STANDINGS Pct. .750 .625 .500 .375 .250 North Opp. 0 7 24 6 13 21 6 13 .2 Q., Q 1? was , mf' K 0 ? FX .ui!. Shr FOOTBALL LETTERMEN 3, f BOB ADAMS RONNIE BAY End Tackle DARWIN DALZELL WENDELL CAPRA Back Manaqer ' 1 A .', ' IIM KAYLOR DOUG KULLERSTRAND DON LEWIS IIM LILEY End, AI1 Ciiy Tackle Center End WALT MARTIN DICK MAURO GLEN MOORE FRED NOYES Back Back Manager Guard 4 - W ,Q I GENE SMALDONE IERRY ROSENTHAL CLYDE SANTANGELO MARTIN SKIFFICI-I Tackle, All City Guard, All City Back Capt., Back, A11 City MIKE TYMKOVICH KARL ZIMMERMAN MYRON WILLL-r ED FLHQT Center Tackle Football coach Golf coach We bave met the enemy, and they are ours.-Perry SAM DREITI-I End ANDY LUCAS Guard BUS REESE Guard MORRIS SUSON Back DON MARTIN Tennis Coach KEN HUFFMAN Manager FRED MARIANO Back .I rv I MELVIN RODIE Back BILL TYMKOVICH Guard RICH GOGGIN Back gi IQ VS! 4, .bt 4 t FF' I - """'N1 2, ' wg 'gg af t -1 4, 4.4 . a 9. TOM DELLINGER WALT HARMS 2 W 1,f at f' Q If DICK DELONG TACK FISHER tttt ' :.- ttt w .:,T 1' 1 , it ifigigi k 5272 5 1 IIIMVWKQ Y' I It , M t FRANK LILLY IOHN MILES TENNIS STANDINGS East .... South ....... NORTH ....,. Manual ...... West ......... I " 'EQ' 'T WP -. M x Q Wm- ,mf H Wg 1 'sw 'I wi Y 5325 if I X I ,M QI I ef3gf.':ff' f ,S . W BOB tm Q' 1 Q2 ,gi il NEWMARK RICH STALZLE W. L. 44 4' 33 15 28 20 13 35 2 26 if .Il BOB zucl-IERMAN GOLF STANDINGS W. L. East ........ .... 4 0 South .,.... ..,. 3 1 NORTH ...,. .... 1 V2 2 V2 West ......... .... 1 V2 2 V2 Mcmucrl ...........,.....,.. U 4 E HULL , Jigg ,wx Q 5. Q . . 'A , . 1 ga I5 - 'J X DAVE BAIESON DICK CARLSON IIM DALE DAVE FREIDMAN ,Qi .... Li, K ' ai 2 iq! 'iq 8 " " " A , N STEVE HADLEY TOHN HUGHES BILL PURDY BONNIE SUTTON ,, L,VL f' W 5 L SW 4 fx 4 Lf: . -10 A Sf- Q A I Wi EE'S , ,557 .w3w,:f. 15-Su-P"-A 77 1 --A N? Q fs A uw ,syn -A uri E, 5 ii .. 4 'M .K IE 5 L we ,,, Y: -...L , fs K MGR, ix kv gy .W i . W D K, ,L QS We 18 T' BUDDY DUNEVITZ CHARLES GARRITY IEROME GREENE IAY HENDERSON as 'wwf fn' S fi X Sn W f 1 LEONARD KLINE iv X , Q , ' ,Q fy ' ff GEORGE SAGE Sig" f MIKE LICHT , - img. . ,ws w . gg- . f -1 HM LILEY BILL NOXON Xiffi f " '- :Y L Q 6' , Sf' is R, 'Sf , RR J K Q N mfx MARTIN SKIFFICH OLIVER STERN DON SWANBERG CHESTER OHANLON Lg 2 R .5 WRESTLING STANDINGS W. L. NORTH .vV... ,..,.... 4 O East ......... ,....... 3 1 Souih .,..... ........ 2 2 West ...,.,.. ....... 1 3 Manual ..... ....a.. 0 4 43 SWIMMING STANDINGS South ..,,.., East ......,.. , NORTH West ,... Mcmucl W. L. 4 0 3 1 2 2 1 3 O 4 ' x , 5 9 Sy . Q . SAN! . We -S' 3 :S a sf-fi 'g. Q X ' . , ,a ,.,.,. 1 A ,Nz kk ,N A 'KL E Xu' A .,A., FH. iw MM I K ,I wx, ,X I ' x x-. He,'xz',,M ,,, y ,. - M-W k ,, " A - Mn, M r B I H '7"kA""4'Mw-+I. ,rm .ll ,fx M h f hw. .4 5 2 7- Eklzwlaiilff' A """-N? ww- W.m..4K..., "" -.. :-.J f- .Q if .sf-M-f ,, .,A,,jsm,. 1 J S A 1 "df--...vgm A A 1" mw- ?ijf ,, , k , A V- f H 1 L . h e JWMJW W K 5 Aw Vw K U N- 6 r V- My ffw 'ywfgv ff- 181:-Q: j .. ,, , K ,.,. - -- , I -' . I., , iii 5 ' " ., X - f gig 'gm , t ky A Y V kmqgk E M A- Q . 7 i : an 1 . ., -f A, Pl .. in !T?"f 9' V RONNIE BAY BOB DELISA H,WjAHCMy,AHSmw 103AHCuY 1 Q, RAY MCGUIRE Q40- DICK MORRISON 2 All City, 2nd AII State 127 AII City I fart: ' I 'rfiifig Q, hs s BILL FRENCH FRANK GAYTON 145 AII State G5 All City, All State 'fin xi 1 f IIM KAYLOR 175 All City ,. Q 1F A ' 1 .fi3LQ5 is Q? , A S' DICK KEMBLE I 54 rv- 1 1 . 1, 3' X X 3 is. DON PHILIPS IOI-IN PHILIPS CLYDE SANTANGELO DAVE WILSON 120 All City, A11 State 133 Co-Capt. 165 A11 Cny. A11 S1519 138 AH City YY VY 1 'Y A is W 1' ANDY ARELLANO M-f , ,V X -aiwqbh wk- R, 1, ywqm 3 as my 1 E' Y X 1 , 'li If BI ff a - I .fwif F7 1 ,W ,fll f 'ti ' 5 -f yygwt DARWIN DALZELL ' 1 1 Ql 1.3, VA QSRS PAUL DUNCAN STEPHEN I-IADLEY I Min i 5 : 53 " : 25 " I .x A A .awww ..,:L ,m,? AMw,q ,Wal RICHARD MORRELI. GERALD SOLOMON CHARLES SCI-IMUCK ROY STODDARD -4, . ,, . if BUD WALSTROM f wi? kV', Q A -,.. K ,sv 'bs .,.. I C5 .1 I . ' ' C1 , If Q 'IL A 1 I I1 CHARLES I-IALEY DON LEONI as it dfn - It 1 KN . gr. V. K f ,L :jg Ages A P VERN SCHLITT KEN TOLVE T , T 5 .5Q in il If 5 . 3 1.I11t- 11? Pc " ,Q e BOB WILSON HARVEY RIDDLE BURWELL MOLES Swimming Coach Wrestling Couch '47 TRACK STANDINGS W. L. NORTH ,................. 4 0 East ............ ......... 3 1 South .,............,....... 2 2 Manual ................ 1 3 West .......... ,........ O 4 BASEBALL SCORES North Opp 5 ................ East ................ 2 South 9 Manual 3 West 1 South 5 5 4 7 2 .,.........,.... East ,...... ...... 1 3 9 4 ............ Manual ............ 1 3 West 0 '47 BASEBALL STANDINGS W. L. Pct. NORTH ............ 6 2 .750 East .................... 6 2 .750 Souih ................ 5 3 .625 Manual ..........,. 3 5 .375 West ..........,....... O 8 .000 l 5 Ri lrkk .iefn,gfS B ASE ALL LETTERMEN V DON CIMAGLIA Outfield DICK MAURO Outfield, All City CHUCK GARRITY 440 Q-xv ROLAND S HAAL Mile L 'ii I. ijfflfffiij , E it I F' I 'frm it - ,wif gsm, 1 .Mrz :ref - QW LLOWD CRAFT BILL FRENCH BERNARD KATZ DON LEWIS IIM LILEY Pitcher Third Base Second Base Catcher, All City Outfield Y M X ' ,Ei K LES MILLER GEORGE SAGE GLEN SCOTT BILL TYMKOVICH BILL KEIR Pitcher, All City First Base Pitcher First Base Catcher LETTERMEN TRACK I GRANT GWINUP 440 DON STINE Mile DAVE KREBS MELVIN RODIE BYRON RUSSELL 440 100 - 220 100 -- 220 EARL HOAGE Manager FW I ' 4? PM If., , 1 '72 'Q it 22511 rw . ,gg H ' We ff5s fZQsQ.- CHUCK WELLS GENE GARNER BURWELL MOLES DON STHAUCH Manager 220 - 440 Track Coach Baseball Couch LETTERMEN NOT IN SCHOOL BOB DISTEFANO DON DOPHEIDE Cqpf 880 Outileld Second Base IACK KRENING ED OLMSTED A11C1ty All State 880 I-Iiqh Iump Manager Manager TOM BAILEY GARTI-I BRIDWELL ALLEN CARDWELL DAVE CROSSON AL GUENTHER GENE HOLDER BOB I-IURRELL BOB IUMP PHIL LAMBERT OTTO SELLER IOE SHOVLIN DICK THOMAS Capt Shortstop AI1C1ty Hurdle Broad lump I ., 880 440 440 880 100 - 220 ' , , ' 86 FRED STEINMARK Shot Put, Disc High lump Shot Put Capt., All City, A11 Stqie F X1 Q 4, a hx I T psf. V S mme E -s..,,,,,-hu A . .W ...,., -. ,..,.m.v I x ik C 'f T, av if' . R as Q5 mx J W 1 X .. fif iffill ' .xx K V VV? -.Q 7 LL-.. X .-' 55T':.'v Qg1,i5QikU -N qu 'Ha KNEW - Q SERGEANT STEWART MR. EDWARD FLINT SERGEANT SMITH 87 'Xi YS 'HK 0 fm 'Sw Q. 1 wi T 1-'F x lg 53 s T Li'-irw.. Q . T' J X .v3'M' ibfsfz. A ,.7,:i aff m Q i 1 'ffl ' in Y Q N ,Q '75 .. '25 VN . o ,fx 4- ,SN x V Elf' 1, ,fi X YQ is Ax .1 . . A -AMY' KA 4 Q .M .J ww in ' . S' S ij V if - .fi Q5 , Q , f s X, Q .' 5.1 K , S' X X ,. K V 'iii' .1 J K 'Lili iw? Aw 4 +15 'Fly 5' 5 ik. 5 313 x -- . - , . ff ,M , .f . . .f R . . .... . X, S- L K . ' - fk-, 1 xx - M ' A '2?f 1 ' 2 'lf fi X kid. S A-ik, X 'r if 2:-xi - , r"5f1r 4 - x 1. in V' J' K , 1 ' ' 'L 9' L 1 , - ,ma T ,A .sz Q '-1 . ,f f.fQfgk " ,Ev as 5. xi , - Q-QQ ' ga? :ex x 5 A t 1' Q ' 9x 95 X NW 4 ' vi, S Nil Q - Cu '- X I ' X, . ,Q ,NA c . . . Ti I g L .. , , k . X 'Q ' 35 2 ' N. w 1 . :fer A ., ff My K ' x I , ' .1 " x Q 5' , ., x Ki X l " 6 4, V R K 'fy' Q fs 5 Q 5 A: .S-gi . z 4 , W . Q4 A A ' E i SW: 1 - 1 1 Q Q Q I ff ' 1 ' 53 5 f , 1 X is + X? 4 vin a Q Ss! QQ fm ' .s 8 - Qs 4 I 13 1 w 3 5 X- ' N - A :J Q i .f-NH ' yn' 1 "" . ' ' .- K 11 W' . ' ' 1 MX 'QL ' 'S' -Q , .v -1 '53 ,. ef-z . , i -5 . QFMX, 5. Qi' i - s "' f - . - Q " ' b Lb ' Q' K Q wwf ii, ?3ff1H"'f2'1,s:a, Q , k :L:g1'ik'P1-.a,wfQH1f1f,T,fshL:h . ,V Ns, 9 Y x , K ' X. A M is A X -A ' -A ' H55 ' , '." -'f-wggfa. X, - K- " 'f 'T W K-x -- - ' A 'ff 1 ' 3 age .Q Q bf e Q 'S' Y " Yr, .S 6 3- 5.2 xg fx 2 Qfff' W if Sl' fivwbfvsk is , Q Mr K k Q Af ' ' 5 f X 6 ,iq 3 A ,mama , ? V 1 Y V 1 W! K 1 fir! -. E , , , 5 , M Q. 5 L f , ,M 55 , A ,, . " -N-f g 4, ,5 L , ly In H , ,QW K K Ea. 9 at La ' E . x ' , x K ,gk ' I 0' lp sg' "dint as , Q1 -LF 5 .- ,. m ' , ,tg K - ' . find, , , .id -gg N 'V' Q' Y P Y Q X ' Yi " Q 2. Q t Q. ' IV l?F If I ll af Ilf fl , ' 4 -f sw ,. K . , ,,1.,.pA' A ' , 'W , QWIST12 V DMWMMIQ A' "A' V ffl! f X 'ww m 1 l ww ':. N, f A ,ff if , ' f ' . , lqigf NW, x , U 1 M f xy- , l K wg 2 ' ' Lira: 1, 3 2, - mv K W 3, , ,. X, X , " F c y ,.-if A V Xi .W f . r-"""" l rf 'RW if -il' 14 V Viv' .-v" lR"'f". The girls of North see in the girls' sports department four splendid teachers -e Edith Brittain, Atha Deffenbaugh, Kathleen O'Neill, and Lucille Wolford - who have the technical training, leader- ship, and personality to carry on a rich and interesting physical education program. These teachers, in turn, see the effect of the various phases of a Well-rounded curriculum upon the girls in developing poise, correct posture, good sportsmanship, and a capacity to enjoy a variety of sports both as participants and spectators. Leadership is the keynote in any program of education, and our physical education instructors reflect, through us, one phase in developing the artistry of hClIDDY and wholesome living. fe 1 A Ns F a is k , V'-7., , ...f. ,, M ,. . V 5+ Lf" Q, ,H 'Mil , ,V six A Q an S V mf DCJYWCGI ,HQ . his 3 LE CYGNE DANCING STAR DANCING QUEEN IANICE NEILSON EILEEN GROSSO EILEEN GROSSO S BQWER LADIES OP THE TOWN IANE MOORE M WBALLET INLDROMPTU 'A PULLANO MARKETA BETTON IOYCE LOWELL TE PASTORE IUDY ANGELINI WILMA BALLAST SHIRLEY PEARCE X -:X f ,., 1 ef' .. J f 5 , MN 1 .X if if Y 'Sf 1 f ? S HS -. , wwf mf ,,, 7' W"""""'w 7 A. 'f J. . Siffmf' . Q A' 1 , I """""'--..... , if 'ff-NM Q Q 1 ms' X 13'-r.-S ,325 A Q -K xi? 5 x , v 4 1. 1 4 X M H iw -X Q ..-. -, k ,vggff-' ' wr- ,:es g . , 'S-NN WX'-gm 7' 'V v A ,fn-W N'---, I . 1 c Y '.v- - X A K 6 hh f -bf ,gg V511 QA If s Q ff 9, ss egg F g ,J ,K gf: is 4 ' 'POF-ITE ,ff sf' N'wk Rw ,Q ,Rr wa if WN XI'if 1 GET A KICK QUT OF YOU THATS FOR ME .1 ,, N , sk ,ff TONS O' FUN EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO ME NM 1. . 'Sd Q xx-wg J -Y -W ,. qu ' Q W" 1!'1Z5l'Q: " , fs tix KJ, Q-Q. Q .K ,nab gg... , 1 Nm. ,,fL"' J' ' W4 s- W. ab fu. 99 'warm-vow w,,,,,,,-Q W'-1 I . Y' nf' L' I 1 Q- .... 1 s . fflvisirfvu ' 'Q I :rf - il 5 Y 5... i s Q, Sf f,. ,4,,E .1 g,,,g f 1- an 'Q SJS- 'Q Nl.. F Ai I QDOQTQ y r ,.Q 4 I,Q xv. 1 J f J I K R IOYCE LOWELL GET IN THE SWIM CHARLGTTE WALKER IUNE DAHLGREN BARBARA KING MARY LOU SHROYER MARYLYN FOWLER COME FOR A RIDE BARBARA RARROW CAROL MORRISS RITA PARR SX. SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER NORMA MARKOWITZ MELVA HANDLE THE SKATERS WALTZ THIS IS THE LIFE DTHY HIEFENBERG MARILYNNE CARSON MARION DAWSON GLADYS FELSON FLORENCE WEINEPIIU1 Q., W Wwmwm Q54 A. an " I , ,, . P Q .f Q fi . r ,Af ,,," -ww. , 4 LADY BE GOOD SWINGING INTO GOLF BETTY REITER BARBARA FISHER BETTY DELINE GRACE GITHENS -A A, ia. WN 0,,,,....w-W i JP 3' 9 "JA .au-V' O 'ry SNOW MAIDENS PAT BREAKER DOROTHY RIEEENBERG Rx gm WP' O AEE A QDTI STDV I MDDGMDTU 'S ' J ' ,W 'vm li wp.-wiv 2 15 x..,?wgnesf": K, W.: Q AV,..,q ., '21, . x,, . f""""'Pf , 1 X A 4s 4. 9 . 9 Lf , sa 5 kxvt x- z f -Q -3.1 mx . Q. - fs.-Q.-- Eg Q i ' . 6 -K -5 K I, ,A In QI. , ,. .. X 5. t i-" L: kin, i ,E Q' - .S ' x Li , was .. gs K. XX swim. Q95 - is c 1 g .f ,Q H if jf: Y . s gy j' V .ii M' , .X ' " ia all -, V 1 W, . is XL, y . 5 i ng 5 P J ' , if xl . L . ,j V- W Ti: , VP' f s xc, by n 'T' .I s ,, X 1 Qi, Q 15' 'egg-I. - ' 315, .wh 3, iii: ,fist-EL: A :F 1 1 W? . WLT rf .2 mn 'CQ , 3 x .. I, . 3 1 K v ,v U x X N x Q n di ' ggi L.F 'W ' 1 K Y A all Q' 1 ' lf: Afa '3 h uf V if ' ay' ff 'eh' 5 Q R4 p 1:15 A m . '-1 ' W V41 A' LL s l Q 3 3 2 g i E 5 ., i 5 Y -K " TRIDL QU JURU " CUFITCJIU GOING UF mmmmww f,,, rmmwm gpgngrrp 3 'X wif IW' O B 3? n 4? 475 wg V F., 4,3 fs Q ,. 3 is ns L i -V .Bw w' - x A .lk . T35 KE X gowns D CLLIE J HU FDULIE Jmmcz D m UUUULE CQST JEDTIUC UQIUPUDU CULLEEH CDRLIU DIC!-IDQD CDQUQELLD FIIJFICU CQTCHUD JUDD DUIUCIHCU QUT!-I ITHTIQLU JRC!-4 FIQHCQ UCUUU LIUFFUIUH JCLIHUU m ILE!! DL U ULIIC DHD U VDLC DELL UUE CUUEUNUUUU U OOD 'N 5 ez 'T DO VD fnru Um ,J M.,--U-N sv-f YW' K C' A fx ,Y L X , L as if ,gr 'az ' ,sr A4 gf? ik was Mb lifvfw if W ii fi' A' yi MQV , J., I p 5.1 Xwkfi xi , . WV, V E, sa 6 3 SONG OIT Tl-IC UIHIUC Q X, xg 3 Ax, Y. .?, 5 S Q Q- . x K? - if ' v jg. MFJWK SWEET SIXTEEN XKKUM uu.. - EVER YOUNG Lgffg if R 1 Q , P' wv 'xl 459+ F' A-- ' 'Lf ! 117 Q' af .Y W,-.Q 3 6' 'aiw up T f I 1 X R, is 3. '-wfliw 5 . A Q' 1, la , 1 1 ,ff ,- -1 ? in-,vt 2' X uw C9 0' M ef 7 My 5-fix. if 5 X 5 gli Egg' z?'? , f 54 -an 5 3 Z' gp, Vx. ef H' ii gn- w f K LQ, M-5 xi 3 up WA V' , f E Qsw in mi SYN DRIFT AND DREAM mmumgfx EVER YOUNG ,. A ,Nw-M.,N QS -A K -Q,-: f 4. , ROUND ABOUT THE STARRY THRONE Q DT I STDV CCDNCCDDDQNT 1 tif? ,X'b in M 4,-W . 1v QQ . A 'g.sis, Wfw m ,,...N , '1 F "' , QQ W 9 f ff x f '1,. . ""' - -. ' ' A ' ,E A ,x , gf 9 bm bzqi 9 . -f--- " j ks . jf.: - . N -4, X R AN ,gi if '! if-5,7 H' , 71' , ,wllnld ' 711 ' J V355 15' ,AS , QQ ,, tl, l-?3,g,- f L,?YX,f7 f 3 'ww 1 . f I L 1 4 4 1 . v 4 ,fu 'v 2 .V KE, M-9 , 2 -s ,fs 1 4 HI Qgqlfiww ANNWQ QQ Q, soomsoo. wiv LENDQUM After twenty-five years, WEBSTER ORATORICAI.. SOCIETY'S pur- pose is still to qive its members special opportunities in all speech QQ! A activities and to show the possibilities of speech in qood qovern ment, whether in school or civif' affairs. Bud Olde and Marion Bovard were winners this year of the 1916 Contest, which is sponsored by Webster. Over a period of years eighteen North students have been winners in the Shafroth Contest, and of these, sixteen were members of Webster Oratorical Society, O U'iIb wordx we' guwrn men.-Disrucli QUU JDCU LUILITID JQU JOHN JEHHHE IYIFIUIUU BLDC LUILEDH QLUCUT HCUUCUQUU YUOHTGDNEDQ UDITIFUDU UUUSJUU V WWNMW X i ,, x Ingl , af f. QWRRQWMLQ 3h 'w J, ' ' X I, I fl l is N 555. 0 5 k ' EQ! k A V . , R 3 A -'7 A E J' Q -,kia , Q as Ii',?f'4 av' E' A vig UQ wi Q , fi! X if 4 +I 5 iv,-f"x 'vw , X 5, fe we f. xA ' V A ' I " 1. xv V 1,3,,. , L Www Q , ,:- A X 5 5 5 ,Ns gy. ' ,j ' , N Q U UT Of The purpose ot SPARTANS OF SPORT is to interest girls at North in athletics, to teach them the meaning oi'good sportsmanship, to develop in its members leadership and initia- tive, to improve each member in her favorite sport, to promote the spirit of good fellowship and co-operation, and to support all school activities. The social activities of S.O.S. serve as tools in molding friendships and creating good times. S. IERRY Wgl-ILMEIER, President WILMA SWEAT, Vice-President lOANN PRESLER, Secretary DOROTHY HASLER, Treasurer KATHLEEN O'NEILL, Sponsor 126 1 S X QE 5 X? i it A I QA M Q, X QA 5-33 S 2 V o go a X U Sf- 3 an 'Q . wx .. 1 -4 r Q fn H 'ff' 4 K 3 5 gk W 5 'Qs M .- ,Q ""' 4: ,M -sxuk I 'xg 'gm V-my Q. ,pr-' nw Wa- g " ,,.,. ' I a 4 ' 5 Q5 Q ,NX ki K 4 if J i? I 5 F 3' an , Q? p , 2' Y N4 S1 iz A , X K ff . ,f 5 Q2 Q af ff 2 ' E M 43 'R I Y I-IE Lllllllllll The Y-TEENS are the teen-aqe members of the Younq Womens Christian Association partici- pating in a program which is an educational process throuah which a qirl learns to think clearly and increase her appreciation for living. North Y-Teens have parties, devotionals, cere- monials and talent programs. They also work for the Y.W.C.A. by helping all community organizations. The Y-Teens Work, but they make it tunl SHIRLEY MCNEIL, President PEGGY PARSONS, Vice-President LILLIS BOWEH, Secretarv IEANNINE DAUGHERTY, Treasurer MARY DOREMUS, Sponsor NN-X I 4 'R l CCILLIFIC DLL Vg DORIS IEAN HARTONG. President LILLIAN SATRIANO, Vice-President WILMA HEYLIGER, Secretary NORMA GAYLORD. Treasurer LOIS DAWSON. Sponsor GIRLS The purpose of GIRLS' HI-Y is to create Chr tian fellowship and to give each girl an opp: tunity for development at personality trai such as initiative, leadership, service, at judgment. Its activities include donating layettes to L derprivileged children through the Visitii Nurses' Association: service to the scho such as decorating the Christmas Tree in t main hall at Christmas: and the annu Alumni-Christmas Tea. 2 lasik , . I Ck,- F' A Q 7f"b'i vw . aj M- , ,lg me X w figs., NYT H wx Q 'M .Q " A i6f'3'i,f 4.z,,.iX. . ' '35 2 ' I. ' . F 'P Q' ' S ww mf ,z - I 5 Ng as Y ,. KL? igwsfm 132 The purpose of LYRES CLUB is to offer opportunity to high school students for a better understanding and apprecia- tion of music, and to learn what music can mean to the individual. The club is open to all who are interested. Applicants are accepted or rejected on the basis of their merits as determined by try- outs, VIRGINIA LIGI-ITBURN, President DARLENE BEISTER, VicefPresident IOYCE LOWELL, Secretary-Treasurer RUTH E. GRAVES, Sponsor IIIUQIC FUR ITI I LUUVIQ ff I I Ex I' cg " -I wily NORTH STAR STAFF CHARLENE KROUSKUP, Editor-in-Chief DOLORES LOMBARDI GLORIA LOMBARDI CAROL LEHRER HOWARD SILVER ,M RUTH FIFIELD tfgfef Associate Editors , f' V I CHUCK GARRITY, Sports Editor BERNARD KATZ I ,I A mc, f RICHARD STALZLE Sports Board IEROME GREENE DAGNE HANsoN 1 A t. t JACK PECKREL 5 "SS ' NORMAN SCHLAGER, Photographer f:cg'g-IIECSLIEIEIISISIERGER E Assistant Photographers MR. HOWARD PESCHEI., Business Advisor MISS HILDEGARDE NORTON, Editorial Advisor IDLCUC UDOUQNUD CUITUD This news is old enough, yet it YJ euerydayfv news.-Shakespeare uul MH 1 cohczm I x 4 1 . Q 'ln ' ' g .0'9 v. .Y ,sl ' Q ' . , . :ff 4 K ii, , Q- 3 ' Ag, I 0. 61 X ' - T 6 ' . .L ' v , 5 A g fri QP xg! ,L-,qi ' vii. Q Q' " f M I H . NICE NIELSON, President SHIRLEY BIEL, Secretary GERALD OLESH, Treasurer SERGEANT SMITH, Sponsor The Bowling Club, consisting of six boy teams and six qirl leams, was organized for the purpose of interscholastic and intramural bowling. 136 3 The Norskiis, members ot the ski club oi North High School, are very proud oi their organization, having the distinction oi being the iirst organized ski club in the Denver Public Schools. Anyone interested in skiing, Whether beginner or expert, may apply for membership. Ski trips are planned every Sunday, and the majority rules as to Where the members will ski. Every year one supervised overnight ski trip is planned. The Norskiis are proud not only oi their organization, but also of their sponsor, "Sarge" William Stewart, Who makes certain that every trip is packed with enjoyment for all concerned, RITA PARR, President CHUCK SCHMUCK, Vice-President IOYCE LOWELL, Secretar X CHUCK IORDAN, Treasurer W 'Q Agi ,res K gk 5 J' xg .. . . . Ki? WQGEW f : ff 'Q'e:ni 1 us ' 0 O ,Q fo 'x fl lt 4 GERRY MAZULLA. President IUANITA EADS, Secretary DOLORES PEARCE, Treasurer SERGEANT STEWART, Sponsor The GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB is a club for girls who want to learn the correct way of shooting. There are ap- proximately thirty' to forty girls in the club. They are required to attend every meeting and must qualify within six weeks for pro- marksrnen rating. IIM BANGARD, President IEAN LEWIS, Vice-'President IOYCE MADDEN, Secretary MR. SPEARS, Sponsor Maxwell International Relations Club is open to anyone who is interested in World affairs and current events. Each Year Max- well participates in an all-school International Relations Confer- ence, and this year North's club will play the host for this con- ference. U'f'DDO JNMFFOO Ul"f'l-"1-"1 I'iCD ips K 3-'BCD KDOU Q D333 -C DCIFHDD aO0'g22UzQ.4 QQ,'5,4Q.'g'oIP-zsgn, QED!-'25-E,OD.O 0-- oz: CI D fgggmoamgm 5 Qrgmqrgg Q,'::"" mgfwosgggf B.-H C":35'- -so ::So'm ,D :rw 552612 hQQE:f QH515 5'9.o.'oQ QHCDO6-I3 H-V' "'o?,Fi-1 Qc: 5'QO'ii'2'E2-Q 3 CQ v-'UTI '4,., CDQOI-JD 2"'QEdEf9.'"' fDQlQr--335'O zzfmzso Q 2maQsE5Qv 140 QTHCC DHD QCUUUI Play out the play.-Shakespeare s 3 x 5 sz 5 X DDBDFIIDC N OUOUJ Ft-IGI DOJDFTC sw g s i h i IOOOE f'lt'DNDOt"'l f'- I' aging -02:2 34:2 S330 -4... 09-9'5" Hogg, 2.::9:C xapg -2'g0O vim 5-1,2 E!?3:rf. U' IDS' 9.955 U' Q Cn- rpoog- Biff' '-5-iQ E'EfG':1 'T'vaCDD- he-se aims by taking excursions to le-phone building and the Denver :ity Observatory, hearing interesting s given by qualified speakers, and ing mathematical topics to one cm- By these means we have come to ate mathematics as the facinatinq that it really is. I fl W ffm 7 Q-1-r-mcse: anew 5 Tl-IE'-.J FILED Ll QF:-QFQFQHJ mess:-3 s STCZFWTQ fbpf'-,' CQ. C' Y ., T' The art of serving others is one of the traits of a true Viking. Whether their service is of the glamorous type, or the every- day hard work behind the scenes, the groups represented on this page all serve the school in some Way. SET-QUE: UIUIUE These two paqes are dedicate to students who possess Vario' qualities of leadership, who k long to honoraries because scholastic achievement, or W1 have gained recognition i tor other talents. 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Suggestions in the North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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