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 - Class of 1942

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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1942 volume:

4 t r scu u L q£ U c£ -V3 K ? « V V £ .V ' ■= « . 5 - ; J U $ y p fa - IKING « 1 m p , ' u . s 4 - . , ju j- s -tzjdZ - --c L ' ,-«- J i - »- 4- ' YS ' - NORTH HIGH SCHOOL DENVER, COLORADO nnual Siacvtd -J irginia Cyvassell Editor-in-Chief CsDetty csCi ou y ylark Q) ara 2 an L amp Art Editors tfohn K yoken Chief Photographer CyXicliara C7 elerson Photographer oLsaivrence jJjyatts Boys ' Sports Editor cJjettij c ucL Girls ' Sport: cTLarola C epelin Organizations Editor (Olaine oL. eroij Activities Editor QzJuunriy kstorlz 1943 Representative Chester cJleineck 1944 Representative Draftsman 9eMlc(SuJy Treasurer er Girls ' Sports Editor ignuson CyOetttf c L ou Uom aiano Typist Informals [2] oxew td „ „ „ ?»- - ' l we could have a moment . . . we should like to tell you a story — a story of the students of North High in the year 1942. You recognize them today by their " sloppy Joes, " their reversibles, and their saddle shoes; you will recog- nize them tomorrow by their actions as patriotic citizens. his is a story of their gaiety, for they are gay — yelling their lungs out at games, dancing at proms, and laughing and chattering in the. halls. his is a story of their studies, for they are studious — cramming the night before the big test, laboring over reports and compositions, and — yes — even sleeping in study halls. ' his is a story of their serious moments, for these are serious times. The school does not shield them from the world; rather, it shows them how to take a real part in life today. his is a story of their spirit. It is not a tangible, visual thing; but it is evident everywhere. You know it ' s there by those hearty slaps on the back that the bench-warmers have for the returning football hero; by the warm, friendly laughter everywhere; by the rapt expressions on student faces when great music or great words are heard; and by those hilarious snake-dances after the game, even though North lost by a huge margin. hese are the students of North; follow them throughout their studies, their serious moments, and their good times. [3 [4] 3 y CZ - . rQtttEfyfe s 5jwl the Sxifie a Pleaaxmt Memaued £et ' 4 JmjUc a SlxcM cvtcund the Siuilding, . . 5a See Uguin the 9ieauty a SAadauM an tDxuwwayA and Wxrfl . . 5jo. 9teccM the SyxvMe of SunUgAt tfvwugh Queen Heave . . . ;.j£ « -•-. r s V . X V , Si ' » .«. ». r i « i h - ' " - vSL y . •iS 1 - « ' A 3 j i 3 wm mm ruenddfiip and auidance. Ale (key. uutAdi in ouh. QtaMA om4. ' j UndeAaUe LeadeuALp. out. itudenU ate. JaugM even rnoAt ikon the tht e R ' i. a£ YeAteAdau. r 10 - F A U L T Y WILLIAM C. BORST, Principal K_Jur Cyrincipal exemplifies the true ideals of our school. His appreciation of time-tested traditions, combined with his respect for prog- ress, has made ours a well-balanced school life. His reasonableness has brought us down to earth and shown us the sensible plan. Under his guidance, our giddiness has become good clean fun. Moreover, his sense of humor has brightened dull days. He has always been the adviser of the student, the leader of the teacher, and the friend of all. I 12 I ,a [ 13 I FERN DOROTHY MITCHELL Dean of Girls SARA BAILY English EDITH M. BRITTAIN BENJAMIN T. BULLEN M. ALLENE BUSH Physical Educadon Woodwork Librarian CHARLES W. BYBEE DOROTHY MARY E. CHRISTY RALPH COFFMAN Music CALLAHAN Social Science English Office Clerk General Education CHARLOTTE C. DRAKE General Education LILLIAN E. DUER MAY S. DUNKIN THERESE DUPREE JACK EVANS MADGE FERGUSON Mathematics Physical Education N F rgnch Physical Education English Athletics Coach French cZ -J [ 14 I • NINA R. FAUQUIER LUCILE FISHER Italian General Education Spanish English EDWARD FLINT VIRGINIA FORBESS General Education Commercial Athletics Coach — YY . - Q jUL -4 MARY C. FROST English GLENN GEBHARDT Science MAY S. GILLIS MARGARETftqlR 1 General Education General Ec M. E. HEIM Metal Craft GRACE HIESTAND Home Economics PAUL HILL General Education English li EDDAH HILLIER MARIE F. HOLLISTER JEAN INGERSOLL Art Home Economics Latin RACHEAL ISBELL Mathematics General Education LEONARD C. JONES Science LAWRENCE A. JORDAN Commercial JAMES KINGSTON Printing GERALD LACEY General Education Athletics Coach [15 Hfip LYTLE ramrqercial CLEO MELBOURNE BURWELL MOLES Commercial Physical Education Athletics Coach M £ LUCILLE M. O ' DEA General Education KATHARft A. OMMANNEY Dramatics MAY T. OSLAR Office Clerk ABBY M. PERKINS CHESTER H. PHELPS English Mathematics General Education General Education If o BLANCHE C. PIGOTT MYRTA B. PORTER English History- General Education ADA LORENE RAGLAND General Education English BERNICE K. RAUST Home Economics CYRIL D. REED Mathematics LYNDALL M. REED English General Education ELLA S. SCHENCK English E. W. SMITH Commercial [ 16] WILLIAM SPEARS MILDRED STREEPY MICHAEL STUART FLORENCE STUBBS JESSIE L. THOMPSON WILLIAM C. TWIEG History Treasurer Spanish Secretary English Science Athletics Coach CARL P. UTTERBACK JEAN P. VARIAN HERBERT WALTHER ELSIE MAE WEEB MARY WHEELER Science Mechanical Drawing Music English Commercial General Education WILLMETTE WHITE English ft C OUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE RETIRED and WILLIAM F. FLANIKEN [ 17 I ' ' 3n Memoxiam MISS EMMA B. ECKER C he was a woman of indom- itable courage — of lovely serenity and poise. She was an inspired teacher who had a rare gift — a power to awaken in her students a love of learning and an appreciation of culture. . «.5TAT pN NHS BRINGING YOU if v classroom r 19 • Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head — new curtains for 3X. • 360 oi physical fitness ! 20 It ' s all a matter of lines ! i Exhibit " A [21 ] • In General Education — soup ' s on ! • But where ' s the soup ? • They learn " how " in General Education • This American history class knows what the stars and stripes are made of ! [ 22 • F A S D • Let ' s turn over a new leal . Lemme see now ... a four-letter word? I 24 [25 ] • What ' s cooking? L BEFORE AFTEa P • The miracles of the sewing class ! [ 26 1 ' • . .: ' . ' [27 ] ■eft. y ° r it 28 n »a1 L c L A S S E S I 29 l THE CLASS OF 1942 2 kirlt 2 ey enneils President Black Masque; Stu- dent Council; S. O. S.; Nat ' l Honor; Scien- tific; Office Monitor; Viking Sister; Junior Escort; Valkyries; So- cial Hour Committee; Latin Club. Oil ezzer QJ Ollll mis Secretary [son Treasurer Football; Baseball; " D " Scientific; National Club, Honor; " D " Club; Golf; Track; Black Masque; Spanish Club. Q joaxi cJDinae ter Vice President Scientific; Webster Valkyries; Big Sister D. A. R. Delegate Sound Crew; Junior Escort; Annual Sales- man; International Relations. e present— the Seniors, a good, wholesome cross section of the youth of the nation at large. Some are tall — some are short; some are beautiful — some are not; some have many talents — some have few. But they all possess one priceless thing in common — that is, youth. Some go half-afraid of what the future will bring, and others go with the confidence of kings. There are some who are irresponsible, but the vast majority are honest and dependable workers. They pass out of the school to greater learning, greater living, and greater service; but their school days will never pass from their memories. 30 l EMMA ABEYTA DOROTHEA ABRAMSON VIRGINIA ACCORSO ROY ADAMS Spanish Club; Ad- Valkyries; Steno. Club; Spanish Club vanced Glee. Maxwell History; Jun- ior Escort; Viking Sister. JERRY AHLMAN Scientific Society Wrestling ARTHELLA AHLSTROM SHIRLEY AHO ROBERT AHR Steno. Club; Junior Es- S. O. S.; Steno. Club. R. O. T. C. cort; Viking Sister; Of- fice Monitor. VES AKERS JIM ANDERSON Scientific Society ANNA MARIE ALBERS THERESA ALLEGRETTO BEVERLY ALLEN Spanish; Scientific Girls ' Hi-Y; Welfare Big Sister; Nat ' l Honor Orch.; Office Monitor. Valkyries; Scientific. MARYFRANCES ANGLEN EUGENE ARCHER Viking Sister; Junior Escort; A. G. L. Moni- tor; Office Monitor; Val- kyries; Scientific. KEN ARNOLD Scientific GENE ANDERSON Scientific Society; So- cial Hour Committee; Student Council; Boys ' Hi-Y. CARL ARTHALONY Latin Club; Scientific Society. [ 31 ] BOB BAKER EARLIN BAKER Black Masque; German; A Cappella Choir A Cappella II. GEORGE BAKER HELEN BAKER Senior Orchestra; Sen- A Cappella Choir ior Band; Dance Band. RICHARD BAKER GENEVA BARNHART PHYLLIS BARR BILL BARSCH A Cappella Choir; Girl German Club; Spanish Reserves. Club; Girls ' Hi-Y; Sci- entific Society. HELEN BARTELS NAOMI BARTER Junior Escort; Viking Glee Club Sister; German Club. LILLIAN ANN BAZZ Glee Club MAE BELLE BEADLE LOIS BEASLEY Black Masque; Baton Club; Orchestra; A Cappella; All-City Or- chestra. JANET BELL G. A. S. Scientific Society ELLEN BENNETT ALYS BERGER MARVIN BERKOWIT2 DAVID BERMAN World Relations Con- Maxwell History; Sci- ference entific Society; Latin. [32 RUTH BERRY CHARLES BETTS LOUISE BETTS LORRAINE BIELSER KENNETH BIGGS Girls ' Hi-Y Steno Club; Spanish Steno Club French Club Spanish Club Club; Baton Club. Scientific Society DOLORES BINGHAM TED BLACK BETTY BLAIR " D " Club; Webster; Valkyries Scientific; French Club. Steno Club PAULINE BLASI FLORENCE BLOCK Ski Club; German Club; Maxwell History. ROSE MARIE BLUM G. A. S. German Club ROBERT BLUNK R. O. T. C. EILEEN BODNAR RjJSSELL. RUTH BOGGS Latin Club; Steno Club; Valkyries; Viking Sis- ter; Girls ' Hi-Y; Junior Escort. ARTHUR BONGER Black Masque; Web- ster; Hi-Y; " D " ; Audit. Comm.; French; 1916 Cont.; Debate; A Cap- pella II; Scientific. ROSE BOTERO Steno Club FRANCES BOTHEL BETTY JANE BOYD Baton Club; Scientific Scientific Society; Vik- Society; Spanish Club; ing Sister; Jr. Escort; Girl Reserves. Valkyries; Rifle Club. [33 I ED BRADLEY " D " Club; Baseball- Basketball. RAY BRADSHAW RUTH BRADY Office Monitor; Valky- ries; Viking Sister; Junior Escort. LEONARD BRESLAW North Star Editor; lnt ' 1 Relat ' ns; Debate; Span- ish; Scientific; Webster; Student Council; Nat ' Honor. WINIFRED BRIDGE Art ; PEGGY BRIDGES A Cappella Scientific LUCILLE BRIENZA Steno Club Italian Club BEVERLY BRIGHT A Cappella; Band; Dance Band; Viking Sister; Orchestra; Scientific Society. BOGQS PEGGY BRODERICK ALICE BRODHAG ALTA BRUNO HELENE BRUNO CECELIA BUERGER Webster; Scientific So- ciety; International Re- lations; Christmas Play; Maxwell History. Latin Club S. O. S.; Viking Sister; Scientific; Girl Re- serves; All-City Orch. Steno Club Scientific Society S. 0. S.; Hi-Y; German Club; Viking Sister; Valkyries. JAMES BURNETT R. O. T. C. PATRICIA BURTSCHER EILEEN BUSH Jr Escort; Vikinq Sis- Spanish Club ter; G.A.S.; Girl Resv.; Black Masque; Scien. Socfety; Vikinq Guide; Office Monitor. HELEN BUSHNELL ALBERTA BUTLER Baton Club Spanish Club 34 WILBERT BUTZ German Club ELAINE CAGE GEORGE CALLINICOS ELEANOR CANACARI DON CARLSON A Cappella; Orchestra; Cadet Club; Art Club; Girls ' Glee Scientific Society Girls ' Hi-Y; Jr. Escort; Scientific Society. Viking Sister; O ffice Force; A. G. L. Monitor. Scientific Society snn? L$- JOSEPHINE CARLSON HELEN CARMER CLYDE CAROLLO GAS.; First Aid. Spanish Club; Balon Club; Sleno Club. GERALD1NE CARRARA MARGUERITE CARROLL PEGGY 1EAN CASE Steno Club GILBERT W. CASTELLAN OLIVE CASTLE Scientific Society; Offi- cers Club; R. O. T. C; German Club; Cadet Club. ERYL CATION EVELYN CAUDILL JEANNE CELLA MARY CERRONE Art Club Welfare Committee Spanish Club Art Club Girls ' Glee I 35 I RALPH CHAPIN GLADDEN CHR1STENSEN DORIS CHURCH LOUISA CICCONE Ski Club Drum Majorette Steno Club Baton Club Italian Club BETTY LOU CLARK Art Club; Annual Board; Scientific So- ciety. EDITH CLARK Junior Orchestra EULA CLARK BETTY CLAUSSEN Glee Club; Art Club. LEONA CLIPPINGER NORMA COBB Valkyries; Baton Club. Viking Sister; Norskis. BILL COFFMAN Scientific Society YETTA COHEN BETTY LOU COLAIANO Valkyries; Maxwell Annual Board; Steno History; Steno Club. Club; Valkyries; Scien- tific Society; Christmas Play. kA ▲ RAY COLAIZZI STANLEY COLSON CLEO CONGDON BETTY CONLEY Scientific Society; Ca- G. A. S.; Girl Reserves; World Relations del Club; Officers Club; Scientific Society. Steno Club R. O. T. C. SHIRLEY CONNELLY Girls ' Hi-Y; Jr. Escort; S. O. S.; Valkyries; Vik- ing Sister; Orhce Force. [ 36 FRANCES CONZONE Girl Reserves RUSSELL COOK LUCILLE COOMER Scientific Society; Hi-Y. Valkyries HERBERT CORBETT JEANNE CORMANY Hi-Y ARLISS COUNCE JOHN COWIE Scientific Society R O. T. C. DOROTHY COX Spanish Club LOUISE CRANOR Scientific Society WILMA DAHLGREN Latin Club; Valkyries; Baton Club; Girl Re- serves; Steno Club; Scientific. £ £ MARILYN DALY BERNADINE DANIELS Junior Escort; Vikinq Sister; A. G. L.; Scien- tific Society; Auditor- ium Comm.; Valkyries. FRED DANZ German Club Scientific Society ELAINE DASHUT LOIS DAVEY RAY DAVIDSON Steno Club; Maxwell Girls ' Hi-Y; Valkyries; Photography Club History; Junior Escort; Junior Escort; Vikinq A Cappella Viking Sister; Valky- Sister. nes. DOROTHY DAVIS GERALDINE DAVIS [ 37 | MARIORIE DAWSON ELMER DIRE MARGUERITE DE BELL CLYDE DE BELLO Viking Sister; Junior Italian Club Escort; Steno Club. THELMA DOMEN1CO Steno Club CHUCK DOWLING Scientific Society Maxwell History JOSEPHINE DI ANNIE JOSEPHINE DI MATTEO Viking Sister; Junior Es- cort; Steno Club; Girls ' Hi-Y. KEN DOWNEY BOB DRAGOO North Star ANDREW DU BOIS Scientific Society Art Club LOUIS DUMAN MARTHA DUNWOODY National Honor Society; A Cappella II; Spanish Viking Guide; Scientific Club; Steno Club; Sci- Society. entific Society. ROBERT EAKER FLORENCE ECKART German Club; Scientific Society; Wrestling; " D " Club. £0 JIMMY EDISON Webster; Black Masque; Nat ' l Honor; " D " Club; Tennis; Scien. Soc; An- nual Salesman; Noise- men Council. EMIL EGGERT Scientific Society; Sound Crew; Radio. DOROTHY ELLECK [38 I GERALD ELLEDGE ALICE ELLEFSEN Hi-Y; Scientific; Track. Steno Club JUANITA ELLER FRANCES MAE ELLIS MABLE ELLIS Junior Escort; Latin Scientific Society Club; Spanish Club; Spanish Club Scien. Soc; Vik. Sister; World Relations Confer. IOAN ELLISON French Club Scientific Society TOM EMMONS CLARA ENGEL DICK ENGLUND FRED ERB R. O. T. C; Scientific Society; A Cappella II. CHARLOTTE ERHARD SARAH ERWIN Girls ' Hi-Y; Scien. Soc; Scientific Society Valkyries; Annual Sales.; A. G. L.; Christ- mas Play; fr. Escort; Viking Sister; Internal! Relations. JEAN ESS1NGTON Art Club; Latin Club; Viking Sister. BETTY JANE HELEN EVERS DOLORES FABRIZIO ISABELL FABRIZIO EVELYN FABRIZIO EVERINGIM Steno Club Steno Club Latin Club Spanish Club Girl Res.; S. O. S.; Val- Scientific Society kyries; World Relations Conference. 39 I LARRY FARNAN BERTHA FEDDERSON BILL FEELEY DON FELSEN SAM FERRARO Scientific Society JOE FINAMORE Maxwell History Scientific Society ENID FISCHER Scientific Society WARLotte GERALDINE FISHBURN Valkyries; Girl Re- serves; Maxwell His- tory; Spanish Club. NEOMA FOLEY Valkyries BETTY LOU FISHER ARDATH FITZMEIR Student Council; S. O. S.; Spanish Club; All- City Orch.; Adv. Orch.; Scien. Soc; Christmas Play. MARIETA FORD Girls ' Hi-Y LEROY FOSTER JACK FOWLER R. O. T. C. MARVIN FOX North Star; Spanish Club; Steno Club; Max- well History Club; Sci- entific Society. GEORGE FRANCO GLADYS FRANK North Star; Spanish Steno Club Club; Photography Club. BETTE FRENCH S. O. S.j French Club Scien. Soc; Girls ' Hi-Y Viking Sister; Jr. Escort Valkyries; Norskis. r 40 1 CHARLOTTE FRENCH MARIAN FRIEDMAN CATHERINE FRUSTACI MIKE GANNON S. O. S.; Girls ' Hi-Y; Maxwell History; Steno Steno Club; Italian French Club; Scientific. Club; Scientific; French Club; Viking Sister; Club. Junior Escort. VIRGINIA GARBARINO FRANK GARCEA Cheer Leader HELEN GARCIA MATILDA GARCIA Black Masque German Club EMANUEL GARGARO GEORGE GARRAMONE LOUIS GARRAMONE ROSE GARRAMONE BILL GARRITY Baseball; Football; " D " Track Club; North Star; Stu- Norskis dent Council. Mli t V m »? MARGIE GETTE BILL GIFFIN G. A. S. MCLANE GIRARD Scientific Society Hi-Y BETTE GISMONDI Italian Club Steno Club ROBERT GLEASON r 41 ] RONALD GLENDINNING CONNIE GLENN Cadet Club; " D " Club; Scientific Society. CHARLOTTE HELEN GOODMAN PAUL GOODPASTURE GOLDSTEIN Valkyries; Steno Ciub; Basketball North Star; Scientific Scientific Society. " D " Club Society; Valkyries; Maxwell History. VINCENT GOODSON BERTHA GORDON French Club; Scientific German Club Society; Vikinq Guide Service. SELMA GOREN Valkyries; Steno Club; Maxwell History. liicK EDWARD GOURDEAUX RUSSELL GRAVELLE JIMMY GRAVINA A Cappella; Track; Stage Crew; Vikinq A Cappella Swing Quartet. Guide; North Star. French Club FORREST GREER MELBA GRENFELL Scientific Society; Vik- S. O. S.; Valkyries; ing Guide; Hi-Y. Norskis; Junior Escort; Viking Sister. HELEN GRIFFIN DONALD GROOM ALVIN GROSS MELVIN GUDE World Relations; Scien- R. O. T. C; A Cap- R. O. T. C; Spanish Scientific Society tific Society; Latin Club. pella; Boys ' Glee. Club; World Relations EDDIE GUST Italian Club [42 LOIS GUSTAFSON PEGGY HAEFLIGER Sleno Club MARY HELEN HAINES PAT HALTER Girls ' Rifle Club; Span- Steno Club ish Club; Viking Sis Norskis ter; Junior Escort. ROBERT HAMBURGER Scientific Society Baseball GEORGE HANE " D " Club; A Cappella; Italian Club; Baseball; Basketball. NITA HANEY PEGGY HANEY Steno Club MARILOU HANSEN Steno Club; Viking Courtesy; Valkyries; Girl Reserves; Scienti- fic Society; Norskis. ROY HANSON MARIORIE HARDING Viking Sister; Viking Guide; Viking Cour- tesy; Valkyries; A Cap- pella. LEONA HARGREAVES S. O. S.; Steno Club; A Cappella. AGNES HARRIS French Club Scientific Society BETTIE LEE HARRIS Steno Club; North Star; Scientific Society. NAOMI HARTUNG Rifle Club; Girls ' Glee; Scientific Society. HELEN HEASLEY Junior Escort; Viking Sister; Valkyries; Sci- entific Society; North Star. MARGARET HECKMAN Girls ' Hi-Y Scientific Society BOB HEDBERG Scientific Society [43] JORDON HELLER Basketball Scientific Society HOWARD HELM " D " Club Swimming HELEN HENDLER Latin Club; Scientific Society; Valkyries. VAL HENRICH German Club; Maxwell History; International Relations Conference ; Swimming Team. BETTY HERTNEKY Viking Sister; French Club; Valkyries; Junior Escort; Viking Guide. JACK HERTNEKY MACK HICKS RHEBA HILBURN Hi-Y; Scientific Society; Scientific Society; G. A. S. " D " Club; Basketball. Boys ' Hi-Y; Basketball; Girl Reserves A Cappella. JOE HOAGE ALWAYNE HODGES Spanish Club; Scien- Junior Escort tific Society; Photogia- Art Club phy Club; Philatelic Society; Maxwell Hist. THELMA HONEYCUTT S. O. S. JAY HOOPER Football; Track Club; Spanish Club ALLEN HORN ' D " Scientific Society CAROL HORNER Black Masgue; Web- ster; Viking Sister; A. G. L.; Valkyries; French Club; Debate; Jr. Escort. ELOISE HOUCK Rifle Club; Steno Club; World Relations. [ 44 ] MARGARET HOUSE Vikinq Courtesy; Viking Guide; Viking Sister; Nat ' l Honor; Scientific Society; I. R. C. EILEEN HOYT Jr. Escort; Valkyries; Viking Sister; Steno Club; International Re- lations Conference. LILLIAN HUDAK RUTH HUPNAGEL Steno Club PEGGY HUGHES RUSSELL HURT SIDNEY JEAN HURT VICTOR IACINO A Cappella Junior Orchestra MADELINE IRWIN MATILDA JACKSON Webster; Valkyries; Maxwell History; Sci- National Honor; Viking entific Society; Steno Sister; Latin Club. Club; A Cappella. MILDRED JAGER Art Club MERNA JAMIESON Spanish Club Baton Club WINIFRED JAUCH Scientific Society; Max- well History; Latin Club. J) i CHARD JENKINS ARTHUR IERSIN WALTER JESSE GLADYS JOHNSON MAE JOHNSON Scientific Society Cadet Club Boys ' Hi-Y; Scientific Society; " D " Club; Wrestling; Viking Guide. A Cappella Girls ' Welfare; S. O. S. Jr. Escort; Viking Sis ter; Girls ' Hi-Y; A Cap pella. [45 ] ROBERT JONES " D " Club Football EVELYN IUDSON BILL JURATA A Cappella Boys ' Glee EVELYN KAHN Maxwell History; Val- kyries; Jr. Escort; Vik- ing Sister; Steno Club; Spanish Club. ELAINE KAITZ Webster; Valk.; Nat ' l Hon.; Welfare; Norlh Star; Vik. Sis.; A. G. L.; Aud. Comm.; Scientific; Junior Escort. FERN KARSH Valkyries; Welfare; Webster; North Star; Junior Escort; Viking Sister. GEORGE KEARNEY Black Masque; Web- s t e r ; Comm. Auditorium Orchestra. ESTHER KELLER Rifle Club Latin Club PATSY KELLOGG REBA KELLY Scientific Society; Girls ' Scientific Society Hi-Y; Christmas Play; Girls ' Glee Girls ' Glee. IOE KELS1C A Cappella ANDREW KENNEDY Scientific Society FRED KETRON A Cappella Black Masque; Swing Quar- tet. DELMA MAE KIELY JIM KILLORIN Valkyries; Norsk is; Glee Club World Relations; Vik- ing Guide. NORMA KINDIG Naf ' l Hon.; A.G.L.; Val- kyries; Span. Club; Jr. Esco rt; Welfare; Aud. Comm.; Scien.; Vik. Sis. JOHN KING S c i e n t i f c Society; French Club; Hi-Y. RAY KIRKPATRICK Scientific Society [ 46 REGINA KLAUSNER Valkyries Scientitic Society HELEN KLINE JOE KLUNE Spanish Club; Sleno " D " Club; Wrestling; Club; Maxwell; tific Society. Football. MILDRED KNAPP Black Masque; Nat ' l Hon.; Valk.; Jr. Escort; Vik. Sis.; French Club; Scien.; Latin Club; Vik- inq Guide. ISABELL KRAWCHIK Norskis; Steno Club; Maxwell History. HELEN KRINGEL Welfare; Aud. Comm. Nat ' l Hon.; Span. Club Scien.; Ofc. Mon.; Valk. N. Star; Vik. Sis.; Jr Escort. WALLACE KULLMAN Scientific Society SHIRLEY KUPETZ ' Valkyries; Junior Es- cort; Scientific; Office Monitor; Viking Sister. MARIAN LA BATE Steno Club; Norski: Scientific So ciety. HARRY LA BONDE " D " Club; Wrestling; Scientific Society. JEANNETTE LA CONTE ROSE LA CRUE Spanish Club CHARLOTTE LAMBERT Latin Club; Girl Re- serves; Valkyries. JOHN I.AMPE Hi-Y; Scientific Society; Webster; French Club; " D " Club. VIVIAN LANT1S NORMA LEE LARKIN Jr. Esc; Black Masque; Viking Sister; German Club; Natl Honor.; A. G. L.; A Cappella. PAUL LARSON Boys ' Hi-Y MILDRED LATHROP [47 1 FRANK LAURETA Track MARGARET LEHNERTZ MARIAN LEISER HAROLD LEMKE Scientific Society; Vik- Girl Reserves German Club ing Guide; North Star. Debate Club Wrestling BEN LEMME Track BILL LENK ELAINE LEROY Vik. Sis.; Wei. Comm. French; jr. Esc; Scien. Annual Bd.; A. G. L. Nat ' l Hon.; Girl Res Christmas Play. IRVING LEVINE WARREN LEWIS Wrestling WILMA LEYDA Valkyries; Spanish; World Relations. «J»1 f»f DAVID LIGHTBURN CHARLES LILEY ALLEN LINDEMAN Hi-Y; Webster; " D " Football; Basketball; Scientific Society Club; Scientific. Baseball; " D " Club. KNUTE L1ND0UIST Nat ' l Honor Scientific Society NORWOOD LINES SHIRLEY LINSENMAIER EFFIE LIST Valkyries; Viking Sis- Valkyries ter; Junior Escort; A Steno Club Cappella; Steno Club. HENRIETTA LITVAK Courtesy Comm.; Max- well History; Steno Club. I 48 I EUGENE LOMAS EVELYN LOMBARDI CATHERINE Girl Reserves- Girls ' LOMBARDO Rifle Club; Steno Club. Sleno Club JACK LONDON Scientific Society ELAINE LOSASSO French Club; Scientific Society; Girls ' Hi-Y; Art Club. CHARLEY LOVE FLORENCE LUCAS GILMER McBRIDE EDWIN McCANN BERNARD McCARTHY Sound Crew; Scientific Society; Norskis. Track Scientiiic Society North Star; Stage Crew; Scientific; Spanish Club. Photography Club Stage Crew BETTY McCLINTOCK FLORENCE McCOURT TED McCURDY Spanish Club; Steno Scientific Club; Steno Spanish Club; Scien- Club; A Cappella. Club; Valkyries. tific Society; Annual Board; International Relations Club. PATRICIA McDANIEL HELEN McGUCKIN Steno Club Girl Reserves CHARLES McLAIN RENA McLEOD IEAN McMURROUGH I 49 I LAWRENCE MABRITO WALTER MAGNUSON BOB MAIDEN DOROTHY MAIER Annual Board; Sound " D " Club; Football; Steno Club o Crew; Scientific. Baseball. Scientific Society GEORGE MALER Scientific Society Radio JOHN MANBV Boys ' Hi-Y Scientific Society RALPH MANGONE " D " Club Tennis MARY MANKEN S. O. S.; Viking Sister; Viking Guide; Girls Hi-Y; Scientific Society. DELLA MARCKESI Steno Club NICHOLAS MARIANI MARCELLINE MARR Scientific Society MARTIN MARTELLI DON MATHIESEN Black Masque; French Club; Scientific; Art Club. ROSS MATKIN MARIE MEGAS CARL MEINEKE LOUISE MERRIAM ROBERT MESCH French Club Football Steno Club Spanish Club Maxwell History; Steno Club; Rifle Club. 50 2M SHIRLEY MESSENGER BOB LEE METCALF Girl Reserves; Latin Club; Valkyries; Web- ster; Christmas Play. BROOKS METCALF GEORGE MEYERS HELEN MICHAELSON Boys ' Hi-Y; Norskis; " D " Club; Hi-Y; Scien- G. A. S.; Courtesy Spanish Club; Base- tific Society. Comm.; Girl Reserves, ball; North Star; Scien- tific. Bu tschilk DOLORES MIKLICH BETTY MILLER Steno Club; Girl Re- serves; Maxwell; Sci- entific Society. STANLEY MITICK Hi-Y Scientific Society LEE MONTGOMERY Advanced Band MARYLIN MONTGOMERY WILLIAM MONTGOMERY BOB MONTHEI Football; Track; Club. DOROTHY MOOSE Latin Club Glee Club JACQUELINE MORRIS ARTHUR MORTON BOB MORTON CLIFFORD MUELLER BRUCE MURRAY Welfare; Girls ' Hi-Y; " D " Club; Football; Band; Basketball; R. O. T. C; Rifle Team All-City Orch.; Nail Wrestling. North Star; Spanish Scientific Society. Hon.; A Cappella; Jr. Club; Scientific Society. Escort; Office Monitor. [51 I CATHERINE MURRAY JOSEPH MURRAY Valk.; Latin; Spanish; Vik Court.; jr. Escort; Welfare; A.G.L.; Nat ' l Hon.; Vik. Sis.; Adv. Orch. GLORIA MUSICH DOROTHY NAHAND Junior Escort; Steno Club; Viking Sister. VIRGINIA NARRACCI Girl Reserves LEO NEIBERGER Swimminq « DOROTHY NELSON IRVING NELSON Wrestlinq " D " Club ELEANOR NEWMAN ROBERT O ' CONNELL Girls ' Glee CAROL OLMSTED Scientific Society EDWIN ONSTOTT VIRGINIA ORRINO Steno Club THELMA PACHELO JUANITA PADE GLORIA PALIZZI French Club HOWARD PALM Hi-Y Scientific Society [ 52] MARY PALMERI Scientific Society JOHN PALSGROVE Scientific Sociely EARLE PARENTEAU Norskis; Scientific So- ciety; Spanish Club. DANIEL PAVONE Scientific Society EMMA PAZDERNICK ELSIE PELTZ MELVIN PEMBRIDGE IOE PERGOLA NICK PERITO EILEEN PERRINO Jr. Escort; A. G. L.; French Club; Hi-Y; Vik- ing Sister. Black Club Track; Masque; " D " Swimming; North Star. Golf Art Club Steno Club HELEN PERRY Scientific Society; S. O. S.; Steno Club. SHIRLEY PETERSEN Glee Club Spanish Club CONNIE PETERSON S. O. S.; Girls ' Hi-Y; Scientific; Viking Guide; Valkyries. fRKNCH RICHARD PETERSON Annual Board; North Star Photographer; Photography Club. BARBARA PETRIE Black Masque; French; Nat ' l Hon.; Girls ' Sight Reading; Girls ' Quar- tet; Web.; Wei.; Ofc. Monitor; A Cappella; Jr. Escort. NAIDA PETTIT Vikinq Sister; Jr. Escort; French Club; A. G. L.; Glee Club. DORIS PHILLIPS Viking Sister; A. G. L. Monitor; Junior Escort; Girls ' Hi-Y. ERNESTINE PHILLIPS Girls ' Glee Art Club [53 ] JEAN PHILLIPS French Club VIRGINIA PHILLIPS IDA MAE PICCONE Viking Guide JOHN PICCONE DOLORES PIETRAFESO Valkyries A Cappella BENA PLACENTINE Steno Club A Cappella JOE PONTARELLI " D " Club; Baseball; Basketball. IRIS PORTER Valkyries; Hi-Y; Scien- tific. 4 THELMA PORTER DARLENE POTTER Steno Club VIVIAN POTTER Rifle Club IACK POTTLE French Club; Scientific; Hi-Y. HAROLD PRINGLE SHIRLEY PURSEL ROSS OUINN BEN RAE V JEAN RAE Valkyries; Rifle Club; Webster; Scientific So- " D " Club; Scientific Art Club Photography Club. ciety; Sound Crew; Society; Tennis. Nat ' l Honor. ELAINE REISBECK German Club Scientific Society [54 I PHYLLIS RIDGWAY Valkyries; Scientific; Steno; Girl Res.; Hi-Y; Vik. Sister; Jr. Escort; Christmas Play; A.G.L. NORMA RIDLEY CAROLYN RIEDEL COURTLAND RIFFLE VIRGINIA R1TTER Boys ' Hi-Y; Scientific Girl Reserves; Viking Society; Glee Club. Sister; Junior Escort. VIRGINIA ROBINSON LILLIAN ROGERS EARL ROHRBAUGH Maxwell; Steno; Nor- A Cappella; Steno Scientific Society skis; Scientific; Girl Club; Spanish Club. Reserves. ANGELINA RONDINELLI Steno Club Italian Club HOWARD ROOP RUSSELL ROSE " D " Club; Football; Scientific Baseball; Scientific; A Cappella. SHIRLEY ROSENBAUM GABE ROSENBLOOM Maxwell History Photography Club Viking Sister Scientific Society RUTH ROSS Black Masque Steno Club RAY ROUTE Cadet Club Rifle Club LORRAINE RUCKMAN FRANKLYN RUSHMORE VIRGINIA RUSSELL Steno Club " D " Club; Ski Club; Annual Bd.; Webster; Scientific Society; Glee Black Masque; Student Club. Coun.; Girls ' Wei.; Ofc; Scientific; D.A.R. Dele- gate; Nat ' l Honor. 55 DOROTHY RYDER ANTHONY SABELL FRANCES SAIA SYLVIA SALIMAN PRISCILLA SANCHEZ German Club Norskis Steno Club lr. Escort; Biq Sister; Spanish Club; Steno Club. MARY SAN PIETRO ORAN SARFF Band; Orchestra Dance Band. IL V GEORGE SCHAFFER ARTHUR SCHARTON GLENN SCHEELE Football; Wrestlinq; Track; Geiman. JUNE SCHRECKER CLARA SCHWAIRY Steno Club; A Cap- Steno Club; Baton; pella;; Scientific; Span- Scientific Society, ish. FLORENCE SCHWAIRY Steno Club BRUCE SCHWARTZ French Club Scientific Society lOSEPHINE SCIBONA ROBERT SCOTT EVELYN SEAMAN lr. Escort; Viking Sis- Hi-Y; Wrestlinq; " D " ter; Hi-Y; Steno Club; Club; All-City Orches- Office Force. tra; Scientific Society. RUTH ANNE SELF Welfare; Hi-Y; Office Monitor; Vik. Sis.; Jr. Escort; French; Scien- tific Society; Valkyries. I 56 ! Hp 11 ■ I VIRGINIA SGRIGNOLI Spanish Club A Cappella ANNA SHAMES Steno Club JAMES SHANER ROBERT SHEARER CLAIRE SHELDEN Webster; French; Hi-Y; French Club; Hi-Y; Sci- Scientific Society Scientific. entific Society. Sound Crew BILL SHEP HERD CHARLINE SHEPHERD IAY SHEPPARD Art Club; Norskis; Sci- Norskis entiiic Society. Scientific Society MARIORIE SHUFFLEBARGER Valkyries EDWARD SICKELS Band Orchestra VIC SIEVERS Scientific Society DOROTHY SHORTEN LOUIS SHRAY Valkyries; Jr. Escort; German Club S. O. S.; Webster; An- nual Salesman; Office Monitor. ttice ye . -v MARIORIE SIMMONS Black Masque LORRAINE SKILES DORIS SLIFFE Valkyries; Steno Club; Jr. Escort; Viking Sis- ter; Spanish Club; Sci- entific. CHARLES SMITH MARGARET SMITH Nat ' l Honor; Scientific Valkyries; Jr. Escort ; Society; Webster; Biq Sister; Nat ' l Honor; Sound Crew; Debate Spanish Club. Club. [57 ] MARIE SMITH WAYNE SNYDER BETTY KAY DOROTHY SOOY WILLIAM SOREL G. A. S. SODERQUIST Valkyries Baseball Valkyries Steno Club WARREN SPARKS R. O. T. C. Photography Club EILEEN SPENCE DIMPLE STAMPFEL Scientific Society Art Club BETTY STANLEY Valkyries; Scientific; Rifle Club; Viking Sis- ter; Swing Quartet; A Cappella. JEAN STAPLETON Christmas Play; G.A.S.; Girls ' Glee; Latin Club; Girl Reserves; Scien- tific; Maxwell History. FLORENCE STARK Steno Club Latin Club BETTY STARKE Black Masque; Scien- tific Society; Spanish Club; Girls ' Glee. EVELYN STEIN Jr. Escort; Viking Sis- ter; Valkyries; Steno Club; Latin Club; Max- well History. LUCILLE STEINHART BETTY STINES S. O. S.; Norskis; Latin Girls ' Glee Club; Club. Scientific; Steno GALE STOCKING CARL STOELZEL MARIE STRAFFACCIA Band; Orchestra; Sci- R. O. T. C; Scientific G. A. S. entific Society. Society; German Club. Steno Club [ 58 I TOM SUMNER Band French Club ORVAL SUTTON NORMA SWENGEL MIRIAM SYMONTON ELIZABETH TANCREDO Maxwell History; Sleno Hi-Y; Steno Club; Jr. Baton Club Club; Scientific; Span- Escort; Welfare; World Steno Club ish Club. Relations Club. JOYCE TANNER Steno Club; G. A. S.; Latin Club. DOROTHY TARANTINO Steno Club FLORINE TARANTINO MARIAN TATE Viking Sister; Jr. Es- cort; Valkyries; A. G. L. Monitor. BILL TAYLOR YOLANDA TESTA Steno Club Valkyries ARTHUR TETI North Star Cheerleader BARBARA TEYSSIER Steno Club; Scientific Society; Archery. ARLENE THAUT German Club BETTIE THOMAS WILMA THOMAS PEGGY THOMPSON DONALD TICKNOR Valkyries; Spanish; French Club; Valky- Scientific Society; Ca- Webster; Hi-Y; Scien- tific; Jr. Escort; Big Sis- ter; World Relations. ries; Scientific. detClub; Officers ' Club. [59 I WAYMON TOMLINSON B1LLIE TROUTT A Cappella BETTY TUCKER Welfare; Jr. Escort; Ofc, Mon.; Latin; Scientific; Valkyries; S.O.S.; Vik. Sister; Hi-Y; Annual Bd. ROBERT TUCKER VICTOR TUCKER LEON TULPER DONALD A. TURNER WOLF TUTEUR ALVINA VALLERO " D " Club; Black Masque; Webster; Vik- ing Guide; Scientific Society; Latin Club. World Relations Club; Norskis; Latin Club; Scientific; Photography. Glee Club; Scientific Society. SARA VAN CAMP Art Club; French Club; Courtesy; Ofc. Monitor; Jr. Escort; Scientific; Viking Sister; Annual Board. " Z.BPP BOB VANDEGRIFT WILLIAM R. O. T. C; Hi-Y; De- VAN NATTAN bate; Sound Crew; Sci- entific Society. BONNIE VEAL Welfare; Jr. Escort; Vik- ing Sister; Ofc. Monitor; Hi-Y; French; Scientific; Nat ' ] Honor; Valkyries. EUGENE VECCHIARELLI JOE VENDEGNIA Scientific Society MARY JANE VESCOVI HAROLD VIKEN Baton Club PAULINE VILLANO Steno Club I 60 I JOSEPH VITELLO Scientific Society CARL WAHLBERG Hi-Y CHESTER WAITZ LOUIS WALDBAUM Office Monitor; Scien- tific Society; Interna- tional Relations Club. ROGER WALKER Web.; Black Masque; Aud. Comm.; " D " Club; Tennis! Debate; Inter- nat ' l Relations; Scien- tific; Hi-Y. EILLY WALLICK Art Club GLENDORIS WARGIN Webster; Maxwell; Sci- entific Society; Latin Club; World Relations. BILL WARNER TED WARSHAUER DONALD WASSON " D " Club; Football; Track; Student Council; Scientific Society. GERTRUDE WASSON MAXINE WATSON Scientific Society Girls ' Glee £aly LAWRENCE WATTS JACK WEITZMAN Scientific; Webster Maxwell; Basketball Sound Crew; Band Annual Board; All-City Band. Scientific Society Cadet Club EARLEEN WELCH GEORGE WELLS Valkyries; Hi-Y; Cour- Scientific Society tesy. RITA WHATLEY French Club; Maxwell; Steno; North Star. I 61 I LUCILLE WHATLEY VIOLA WHATLEY PEARL WHELDEN French Club; Maxwell; French Club; Maxwell; Valkyries Christmas Play. Christmas Play. Scientific ELAINE WICKHORST BETTY WILKENS Valkyries; French Club; S. O. S.; Safety Club; Hi-Y. Courtesy; North Star; Latin; Norskis. IVA WILMOT German Club Scientific Society EUGENE WILSON HELEN WIPPERMAN Hi-Y; Valkyries; Wel- fare; Big Sister; Jr. Es- cort; Nat ' l Honor; Ger- man; Office Force. JACQUELINE WOLF {CATHERINE WOOD Rifle Club; Baton; Pho- tography Club. PEGGY WORTH LUCILLE YACOVETTA Scientific Society; S. O. S. Dance Band; Maxwell; International Relations Club. LOUISE ZANCANELLI Girl Reserves Spanish Club LUCILLE ZARLENGO Viking Guide Courtesy HAROLD ZEPELIN Web.; Annual Board; Aud.Comm.; Nat ' l Hon.; French; Scientific; De- bating; Ofc. Monitor; Internat ' l Relations. ROBERT ZITO A Cappella HELEN ZURWELLE Jr. Escort; Valkyries; Hi-Y; Orchestra; Big Sister; Christmas Play. 62 CLASSMATES WAo- Haue, gained THE ARMED FORCES OF THE U. S. A. • • • Edwin Belt Ome Cady Harold Frazier Lloyd Giffen Roland Henderson Robert Huggins George Knifer Paul Lyday Fred Mclntyre Earl Miller Homer Morrison Raymond Murray Don Neujahr Robert Olson John Perrault Robert Ullery Bill Van Nattan Harry Weber Wayne Wright [ 63 OFFICERS of the CLASS of 1943 (j ess CyXagsdale President ose Ift. ' phnu L eeks Secretary . e ggy ■d leil Vice President o i vara £y jan l aj Treasurer ( Jhe Juniors are a happy-go-lucky " bunch of kids " who are eagerly looking forward to next year. The trials and tribulations of their sophomore year are past, and now they are really going places. They are intermittently gay, sad, serious, and glee- ful. And, too, at intervals they are studious and idle. These high school students are the future workers, presidents, and citizens of America; and undoubtedly their sense of humor will help them through many a crisis. [64] %i DARREL ADAMSON MARIORIE AHLEN ELIZABETH AICHINGER MARY AIKINS GLADYS ALSTON LaNORE ASMUS JOAN BARCROFT DOROTHY BAUER GEOFFREY BENNET BEVERLY BOSTON HENRY BRUNO CARROLL BUCKLEY ELAINE BURROUGHS MARIORIE CARNE EDWARD CARPENTER SHIRLEY CARPER DUANE CARTY [65 ] ELIZABETH CERRONE SHIRLEY CHASE BILL CHRISTENSEN MILDRED CHOL JACQUELINE COWLING KATHRYN CUNNINGHAM NANCY DAVIS DENAMAE DAWSON GENE DeSALVO ANTOINETTE DeNUZZI BEVERLY DUVALL NORMAN EDLESTEIN ELEANOR ENGBLOM PATSY EUBANK MADELON EUBANKS NAOMI EVERHART [ 66 MARJORIE FOSTER VERNA FULLER GWENDOLYN GARNER EVELYN GAIMARA HOMER GOODMAN WARREN GOODKNIGHT LOIS GOODSON MARY LEE GRAF R T»iP FLORENCE GRANDE BETH GRENFELL DOROTHEA GORMAN DOROTHY GRUBBS BETTY 10 GUTHRIE LOIS HACKLER CALVIN HAMMOND MARIORIE HANNEBAUM 67 ROBERTA HARRIS EDNA HEFTY GEORGE HENDERSON SHIRLEY HERDjC MARY ANNE HETHCOTE EY HERDIC VIRGINIA HOVEY TENNA MAE HOWARD MARGARET HOYT i WILLIS HURD EVELYN HUTCHENS DOROTHY ITTEN LORRAINE IZETT 1 BETTY KELLAGHER JANET KELLERMAN HELEN KELTSCH SHIRLEY KEMPER BILLIE KIMMETT [68 ] WILMA KNAPP FLORINE KOCH BUNNY KORTZ RICHARD KUERSTON DORIS LAND TROY McKELVY BETTY ANNE MARTIN JULIA MARTIN VIRGINIA MARTIN JOHN MARTINELLI ROSALYN MASTROIANNI KENNETH MEFFORD ANNABEL MENDENHALL EETTY LOIS MILLER JUNE MILLER HARDIE NETTLES WALTER OCONNELL [69] LUCILLE SCHWARTZ BEVERLY SEROY BOB SHAEFFER HERMAN SHIMEL PAULINE SHINE BETTY SIMPSON ADA MAE SMITH SUE SPELLERflERG DOROTHY STAMPFEL JACQUELINE STEPHENS DWIGHT WATTS BETTY WEATHERWAX ESTHER WEBER W1LMA WILSON KENNETH WHITEHEAD ELAINE YODER MARIORIE ZIELER 72 I OFFICERS of the CLASS of 1944 c?Lsorraine [Allicotti Vice President isl President 9C 02 ennel h eumatui Secretary Treasurer ft the beginning of the semester, a Sophomore is easily recognized by the blank expression on his face, the lunch sack in one hand, and the program card in the other. But as the semester wears on, the blank expression wears off. He has become one of the " gang, " and he wouldn ' t change places with anyone. Some of the Sophomores are a little wild with their new-found freedom, and some are a little humble with their new-found responsibilities. But the upper-classmen know that the responsibility of upholding the spirit and the tradi- tion and the ideals of the school lies in good hands. [73] HARRIET BUFFUM BONNYE BURGESON CATHERINE BUTTO SUSIE CAPRA PATRICIA CARNAHAN RICHARD GAST VENETIA GEORGE SHIRLEY GILLILAND JACK GREEN MARILYN HENSHAW HOMER HERRON DICK LAMB MARTHA LANG !EAN LEVINE LORRAINE LYNCH WARREN McNASSOR PATRICIA MARKLAND 74 n Uv jU DAVE MATHIAS DOLORES METCALF GLORIA NEARON JUILET NICOLETTI KENNETH RAE SL f i JACK TOLL LOUISE TOLL FRANCES TOMKINS ALBERT VOLPI DEAN WEBSTER RUTH WILES MARY BETH WILLIS FERN WILSON MARJORIE WILSON SHIRLEY WILSON LEE WILTSIE CHARLENE ZIMMERMAN [75 s p R T S I 77 I ' ndian summer — the leaves crunch underfoot, the grass grows brown, and football is back again. Students swarm to the stadium in street cars, jalopies, and sometimes in the fam- ily bus. There, sitting on a splintery bench in a rain of pop bottles, pop corn, and hats, they yell until they are hoarse. Indian summer fades and cold weather comes, but on Saturdays you still find them there, eating, chattering, and cheer- ing the team on. As winter progresses, sports move indoors. Basketball games in the Auditorium are " tops " for excitement and letting off excess steam. When spring has " sprung, " cries of " Kill the um pire " fill the air. Yes, baseball is here, and the stands resound with praises of the beautiful " homer " that Homer hit. Throughout the year, the enthusiasm of the spectators and the will-to-win of the participants make sports a vital part of school life. The spirit of these Vikings is expressed by this fragment of a cheer: " Whether we win or whether we lose, we are VIKINGS just the same. " . [78] " JAe Matt Jmp caaed Seam " The 1941 gridiron season saw a fighting North team rise from the under-dog position to become the league ' s most feared club. Hampered by injuries and the lightness of its mem- bers, the team didn ' t click until midseason. North lost the first game with East, 32-0; then lost to South, 32-15, in a wild-scoring game. On the second half kickoff. Nettles handed the ball to Hooper, who ran 90 yards for the longest run of the season. Two plays later, Warshauer scored. A pass, Warshauer to Nettles, scored the second touchdown after a 66-yard run by Hooper. The return of Joe Klune, at tackle, after a knee operation, strengthened the Viking line, and North was barely nosed out 7-6 by Manual. The following week saw North rise to tie the league-leading Cowboys, 7-7. Midway in the second quarter, Rezzer broke over tackle for seven yards and lateraled to Hooper who scored after a run of 53 yards. Nettles converted. With the score tied 7-7 in the last quarter, the Norsemen threw up a stone wall, holding the Cowboys for four consecutive downs on the one-foot line. A fighting band of Vikings went out November 8 to play East for Homecoming. Early in the second period, Liley recovered an East fumble in the end zone for a touchdown. North converted. With two and one-half minutes left, fourth down, and nine yards to go on the eleven, East scored the only place-kick of the year and won 9-7. A determined team took the field against South and defeated the Rebels 7-0. In the second Manual game, the Vikings pushed the Bricklayers up and down the field at will, winning 7-0. West was lucky to gain a tie in the last game of the season as the charging Vikings passed and ran through the Cowpokes. West scored first after several Viking touchdowns had been called back. North then marched 75 yards to score. Nettles added the extra point. Shortly afterward, Nettles intercepted a West pass and ran 47 yards to score. West scored early in the fourth quarter to enable them to tie the score 13-13. Long arching passes plus brilliant running and good blocking almost gave the Viks another touchdown in the last five minutes of play. Two unsuccessful field goals were tried by North as the game ended. North started the season using a power formation, but soon switched to the T and spread. The Vikings led the league in passing and had the second highest ground-gaining average. Although but four lettermen return next year, the outlook is promising because of the good squad men. The North Sophs captured the city championship for the second straight year, winning 9 games and losing 2. 79 ] tAotW° G 1 oi ■ Nettles -Back Ce »te r FOOTBALL SCORES North East 32 ■V North 15 South 32 -■ f ' f North 6 Manual 7 I North 7 West 7 .-r - North 7 East 9 North 7 South North 7 Manual • • North 13 West 13 ■, -• Sersante — End V I ' Warshauer — Back [80 ] ' Uar j ■f tAoO " Meyers — Tackle [81 ] Liley — End All-City r. --?, «-C ° Ci ' e • Rezzer recovers. • Klune and Scheele clear the way in the Manual game. [83 The 1941 Soph Champs! 84 I Left to right: Bob More Jim More John Wilson Allen Molt Coach Lacey Nick Perito Geoffrey Bennet George Jarvis Joe Onofrio GOLF, ' 4 1 The divot diggers of North were third in the league this year. All matches were held at the City Park Golf Course. Letters were earned by: Geoffrey Bennet, George Jarvis, Bob More, Jimmy More, Allen Mott, Joe Onofrio, Stanley Hoard, and John Wilson, captain. TENNIS, x 41 The Viking tennis team finished third in the close 1941 season. The following earned their D ' s: Jim Edison, captain; Chester Heineck, Art Bonger, Roger Walker, Richard Reddish, Ben Rae, Jack Norton, Ralph Mangone, Wilbert Ulrich, and Willis Hurd. Back row: Mangone Bonger Norton Front row: Hurd Heineck Ulrich [85 1 fat % 1 It . U Jersin Adamson Nelson 2nd All-City Scheele Lewis Mcintosh All-City WRESTLING, v 4 2 Coach Moles ' wrestlers captured the Denver wrestling cham- pionship for the fourth consecutive year. After winning all pre- season matches, the Norsemen opened the league season with a 29-21 win over East. They then beat South 33-8 and Manual 31-9 for easy victories. The league season ended with a 39-11 win over West. Louis Martinez, 95 pounds; Harry LaBonde, 120 pounds; and Art Morton, 175 pounds, gained all-city honors while Joe Klune, 165; Eugene Vitale, 103, and Warren Lewis, heavyweight, tied for all-city. The Norsemen, after winning the Colorado state wrestling championship for three straight years, lost this year to Grand Junc- tion. The Viks scored 24 points to the Tigers ' 36 and took fourth place. Nelson and LaBonde won second all-state honors while almost the entire squad contributed points. • Eaker ' s about to pin that Angel ' s wings! Klune m ■ » ■ Ml HHi H xj f ii ' I i P ■ ' : • • tkT ' v.? j , « . r " - »: -Vl 6 — • V » 86 Martinez All-City Vitale Volpi LaBonde 2nd All-City Scott • That smile — Viking sportsmanship u j A ■m x. .. . i — -- ■• ■ L fl hi 171 ■HHBK •— ■X M -•-id 1 ! 1 St 1? — T •;5 f - | L n i ■ — - Morton [87] • Make that basket! North vs. South Wynn BASKETBALL— The Viking basketball team ended the 1942 league season in the cellar harbor for the first time in six years. Coach Flint, with Chuck Liley and Joe Pontarelli, his only returning lettermen, and a squad of inexperienced boys, suc- ceeded in building a team that was capable of knocking off the leaders in the tightest league basketball race in years. North opened the season by beating East 18-17. Pon- tarelli made a free throw with one minute and fifteen seconds left in the game to decide the issue. The Vikings met their first defeat at the hands of the South Rebels, 28-27. Hanel missed a free throw two seconds before the game ' s end as North tried desperately to score the tying point. After playing Manual on even terms for three periods, the North defense fell apart to allow the Bricklayers to win 40-24. The luckless Vikings lost to West, 23-21, in an over-time period. In the second game with East, the Norsemen went Liley stops that Angel threat. ' • • t jMSSR! ■■ ' ■ v ' r .. K H aM ' : - :? - B . m ' • ' ' B Jm " 1942 SEASON down in defeat, 32-27. North led at the half, 17-16, hot streak in the third quarter, but fell into a slump in the last quarter and lost the game. Only the referee ' s whistle prevented the victory-hungry Viks from beating South. After the battling Viks had overcome the Rebels ' early lead, Hanel dropped in a long shot just as the final gun sounded. In the over-time, South scored 9 points; North 4, losing 40-35. Uncorking a lightening fast break, the Vikings defeated Manual 36-33. The defeat of Manual automatically gave the title to South. The last game with West was played with an eye on the future. Coach Flint used 18 men in an effort to give the juniors experience. North lost 44-25. Coach Flint LEAGUE STANDINGS South: won 6; lost 2. West: won 5: lost 3. Manual: won 4; lost 4. East: won 3; lost 5. North: won 2; lost 6. • Tweet! lump ball, boys! • Soph Basketball Team The basketball future is in their hands. SWIMMING, v 42 The North swimmers finished the season by placing third in the city meet. They were coached by Mel Pembridge and Tom Sebastian, the only returning lettermen, during the unavoidable absence of Coach Evans. The outlook for next year is promising with many sophomore and junior lettermen returning. The following earned their letters: Melvin Pembridge, captain; Jim Butz, Tom Sebas- tian, Bill Axton, Howard Helm, Val Henrich, Frank Glendinning, Ray Davidson, Jack Turner, Bill Fowler, and Peter O ' Rourke. • These splashed their way to letters. Back row: Sebastian Axton Hendricks Glendinning Fowler Front row: Helm Davidson Turner Pembridge Butz [90 — » . •n • f — Wilson Pembridge Hooper TRACK, x 4 1 Starting the season with three lettermen and a host of inexperienced boys. Coach Lacey succeeded in molding to- gether a team that carried high the Purple and Gold. The squad was strongest in the middle distances and in the field events. In the first tri-meet of the season, North scored 19 points; South, 61; East, 46. In the second tri-meet held at Denver Uni- versity, North scored 36; East, 81; West, 11. The following week, Manual barely nosed out the fast-improving Viks, 65 to 59, in a dual meet. At the Colorado College Relays, the Viking mile relay team, composed of McAdams, Prout, Pfenning, and Hooper, captured fourth place. Also in fourth place was the two-mile relay team, made up of Deist, McBride, Turner, and Scheele. Ten seniors and three juniors earned their letters. They were:. Warshauer, Hooper, Deist, Pfenning, McBride, Wilson, Scheele, Prout, Turner, Pembridge, Patterson, McAdams and Miller. Turner Warshauer • The last lap — Boulder Relays [91 2 2 HaneV Short Stop 2nd All-City BASEBALL The Vikings captured the city cham- pionship for the _ fifth time in six years. Coach Moles started the season with four returning lettermen and a squad which had played second-team ball the year before. The Norsemen took West in the opener, 8-1, as Ev Scheele hurled one-hit ball. The first East game was postponed as the players were rained out. The Rebels fell before the Vikings, 11-1, behind the stingy three-hit pitching of Scheele. North lost its only game to Manual, 18-10. The Bricklayers bunched too many runs in the eighth for the Vik- ings to overcome. West was beaten 11-10 in a wild scoring game. With the bases loaded in the ninth, Tuffeld, West hurler, forced in the winning run after hitting Johnson, Vik- ing batter. The Angels were beaten 6-5 in a tight ball game in which Ev Scheele Schafer Right Field All-City Johnson Out Field vf " 1 ■ I JSf» » ! Stuckey Out Field 2nd All-City Pontarelli , Third Base AllCity 1941 SEASON scored Bradley with the winning run in the tenth with a hard-hit blow to center field. The Norsemen sailed over South, 6-2, with Peterson pitching. In the last game of the year, the Vikings edged out Manual 9-2 to gain the title. Because of the inability of East to agree on a play-off date, the game was cancelled, having no effect on either the last-place Angels or the Vikings. The Norsemen displayed all-round power in winning the championship, lead- ing the league in both batting and fielding. Five Vikings were placed on the All-City: Distefano, catch; Schafer and Fullerton, outfield; Scheele, pitch; and Pontarelli, third base. Hanel and Stuckey were second All-City selections. Five lettermen will return to defend the championship next year. Scheele Pitcher All-City BASEBALL LEAGUE STANDINGS Team Won Lost Pet. North 6 1 .857 Manual 5 3 .625 West 3 5 .375 South 3 5 .375 East 2 5 .286 Fullerton Left Field AllCity Liley First Base 93] (fill ' Sjywttd hat do sports mean to the girls? Well, there is not much glory or publicity- involved. The girls who take an active part in sports do so because they are genuinely interested in them. They have fun and com- panionship. They ' ll never forget those games filled with laughter and shrieks of delight; the hot, steamy shower-room; and afterwards, the face-fixing accompanied by gueries of " Is my lipstick crooked? " and " Did you see her new dress? " Perhaps they don ' t come out of the gym with much more " book-larnin, " but they certainly come out happier and better pre- pared to meet what lies ahead of them. • Come on — hit it! • Volleyball Captains VOLLEYBALL, ' 41 Thirteen leagues signed up for the volleyball tournament, but there was no champion- ship play-off because of the large number of girls involved. However, each team played four games. BASKETBALL, ' 42 The G. A. S. team won the championship in the basketball tournament, in which sixteen teams vied for leadership. Play was conducted with one-game elimination in a single round- robin. • Championship game: — G. A. S. ts. S. O. S. [95 Betty takes a spill. WINTER SPORTS, ' 42 • Ooops! It ' s hard! I 96 f ■ Play fredtiaal • Gold Dance • Square Dance I [99] SSK I 100 I T a H • G. A. S. basketball champs a f V « • N? I 101 I • Beverly rolls ior a strike. W -- ■ 1 V » i i OT . f| L ftlliiiii iTi 1 " " ■ B S!T | c L U B CLUB PRESIDENTS t ' s Tuesday . . . after school. The building appears to be deserted, but behind closed doors there are club meetings in session. There, ambitions are being formed, skills are being gained, and good times are being had. You cannot evaluate the worth of the meetings in words nor in any other medium. They often pay dividends long after the gavel has sounded adjournment. There is no average club-goer. Members are as varied and ever-changing as time itself, but whoever or whatever they may be, they are proud of their clubs. It ' s Tuesday . . . after four-thirty. Even though the tired debater refuses to give up the argument and the interested mem- ber would like to stay to learn a little more, time flies and meet- ings must break up. But only for a while . . . you ' ll find them back at the next club meeting, sticking up for their ideals, gain- ing skill and knowledge, and . . . who knows? Maybe they ' ll be doing it all their lives. [ 104 ] LATIN CLUB Consuls: ADA MAE SMITH and ALLEN MOTT Praetor: WILLIS HURD Quaestor: MONA MAE ROBERTS A Roman state in an American school . . . this is the Latin Club. Consuls ... a praetor ... a quaestor . . . these at one time governed the Romans; now they rule the Latin Club. A white toga with a purple border is still what the well- dressed officer wears. A chariot race . . . wrestling matches . . . gladiatorial bouts . . . these cap the school year for the members at their last meeting. Miss Jean Ingersoll and Mrs. Willmette White are the sponsors. ITALIAN CLUB President: LIBORIA SEVERINO Vice President: PHILOMENA DISTEFANO Secretary: CAROLINE CICCONE Treasurer: LORRAINE CALABRESE When a student walks down a hall and hears the familiar strains of " Funniculi " or of " Santa Lucia, " he knows that the Italian Club is meeting. Cavour . . . Garibaldi . . . Mazzini ... by studying about these Italian patriots and great Italian artists and musicians, the members have created their own renaissance of Italian culture. A spring party is the club ' s biggest social event. Miss Nina Fauquier is the sponsor. ' [ 105 I PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Vice President: JACK GREEN Treasurer: WOLF TUTEUR President: DEXTER BRINKER Secretary: DICK PETERSON It ' s the same old birdie, but the Photography Club is concerned with the new ways of watching it. The purpose of the club is to improve the technique of North ' s kodak Rem- brandts by exploding flash bulbs on recent developments in photography and by candid criticism of candid shots under Cameraman Hill ' s direction. NORSKIS President: FRANKLYN RUSHMORE Secretary: DELMA MAE KIELY rf Slaloming down the mountainside . . . gleeful yodeling . . . leaving sitzmarks here and there . . . three activities that help fill a day at Berthoud Pass for the Norskis and Sponsor Pigott. A gelandesprung ... a schuss ... a christy . . . herringboning ... a Norski does all of these with perfection, for the club was organized to improve the technique of North ' s skiing enthusiasts. ti« [ 106] MAXWELL HISTORY SOCIETY President: VIRGINIA ROBINSON Secretary: SHIRLEY ROSENBAUM Vice President: EVELYN KAHN Treasurer: HELEN BASSELL While history is being produced in the world at large, it is being consumed at North by members of Maxwell. The history consumed, however, does not come directly from producer to consumer. Instead, it comes through Middleman William Spears. Besides being interested in the past, the club is at present concerned with the pro- motion of safety. " D " CLUB President: TED WARSHAUER Vice President: JAY HOOPER Secretary-Treasurer: HOWARD ROOP These are the fellows who went out to do or die for dear old North. They are the boys who caged the baskets . . . made the tackles . . . got the hits . . . served the aces . . . shot the birdies . . . ran the miles . . . dived the jacknives . . . pinned their opponents. It is the purpose of the " D " Club to promote a high standard in athletics and in school spirit. Mr. Jack Evans is the sponsor. [ 107 BOYS ' HI-Y President: ARTHUR JERSIN Vice President: CLYDE HARRISON Secretary: GERALD ELLEDGE Treasurer: JOHN KING " Character is what you are. " It is the purpose of this national movement to make boys what they ought to be. " Every meeting a banguet " is all that is needed to describe the meetings, which are complete with after-dinner speakers. Mr. E. A. Cummings is the sponsor. GIRLS ' HI-Y President: ANNA MARIE ALBERS Vice President: MAE JOHNSON Secretary: SHIRLEY CONNELLY Treasurer: LOIS DAVEY If a Vigueen wants to join a worth-while club with a real ideal, with an inspiring purpose, and with some fine girls, she joins the Girls ' Hi-Y. The club ' s ideal . . . Christian charity; its purpose ... the development of leader- ship and character and to serve the school and community; the girls? . . . They ' re in the picture. An alumnae tea is the club ' s biggest social affair, which is arranged with the assist- ance of the sponsor, Miss Lois Dawson. . ' [ 108 I President: SARA VAN CAMP Secretary: JUNE MILLER ART CLUB Vice President: BETTY LOU CLARK Treasurer: MARY BETH WILLIS " Keep ' em laughing " . . . this is the motto adopted by the Art Club for the duration. Keep ' em laughing by keeping ■ checkerboards, crossword puzzle books, joke books, and re-conditioned Christmas cards sliding off the easels. From the easel-line to Fitzsimons Hospital is the odyssey of an Art Club product. At Christmas time, the club packs a food basket for a needy family. Miss Eddah Hillier is the sponsor. GERMAN CLUB President: GLAD ALSTON Vice President: JOYCE TOBIAS Secretary: EILEEN SCHEITER Treasurer: JACK SEEFELD, JR. DIE DEUTSCHE KULTUR ... DIE DEUTSCHE LITERATUR ... DIE DEUTSCHE MUSIK . . . these are the three chief topics concerning DEUTSCHLAND which are discussed and studied by the German Club. Singing German songs . . . presenting German plays . . . hearing lectures about Germany ... in these ways the members of this club have succeeded in acquiring some German KULTUR for themselves. The club is sponsored by FRAULEIN MacNeill. I 109 I SPANISH CLUB President: BETTIE JO GUTHRIE Secretary: TED McCURDY Vice President: FRANK GLENDINNING Treasurer: LENORE SCHATZ Get that South American feeling down Spanish Club way! That ' s what the MUCHACHAS and the MUCHACHOS of the Spanish Club do. They are able to apply what they learn about our Latin neighbors, too. When the MIEMBROS DEL CLUB ESPANOL aren ' t discussing the Argentine way, do they take siestas? Oh, no! They practice the RUMBA, the CONGA, and the SAMBA; and sing Spanish folksongs all the while. EL SENOR L. A. Ward is the CABALLERO who sponsors this club. FRENCH CLUB President: BOB SHEARER Vice President: BARBARA PETRIE Secretary: NA1DA PETTIT Tre as u ier JACK POTTLE Social Manager lvllLDRED KNAP? " Speak French? OUI, OU1! Sing French? POUR CERTAIN! Anything else? MA FOI ... a cake walk . . a Christmas party for orphans (and for Webster) ... a bowling party ... a banquet . these comprised this year ' s social calendar as drawn up by MLLE. Therese Dupree. [110] I v 3 Us WEBSTER President: JIMMY EDISON, First Semester; ROGER WALKER, Second Semester. Corresponding Secretary: FERN KARSH Recording Secretary: JOAN BINDER Treasurer: GEORGE KEARNEY Sergeant-at-Arms: DOROTHY STRICKER " The motion is out of order! Let ' s table the banquet and proceed with the business! " argued a parliamentary-minded Websterite. Speech in the political field was the theme of the year. Planks . . . platforms . . . nominations . . . orations . . . Miss Lendrum ' s harangues . . . these filled the meetings. Parents ' night ... a theater party ... a banquet . . . each was a big event on the club ' s social calendar. GIRLS ' RIFLE CLUB President: RUTH ANDERSON Vice President: PATTY PREBBLE Secretary: MARGARET DONOVAN Treasurer: SHIRLEY PARSEL " What are those girls doing with shooting irons? Are they after the enemy — or what? " Thus queried a puzzled Viking as some members of the Girls ' Rifle Club strolled by with rifles in the crooks of their arms. But these girls were just going to target practice. " Shoot the target to me, Margaret, " may not be the club ' s slogan, but the girls surely do shoot the bull ' s-eyes. The group is sponsored by Mrs. Lucile Fisher. [ 111 ] President: JOAN BINDER Treasurer: EILEEN HOYT N-O-R-T-H ! VALKYRIES Vice President: MARYFRANCES ANGLEN Drill Captain: ELAINE KAITZ N-O-R- N-O-R- A rally! Another cheer reverberates through the auditorium; another burst of applause greets a speaker; another song is sung. But who cheers the loudest? Who sings best? Who ' s beneath that sea of purple and gold shakers? Why, who but the Valkyries? Those belles of North who march and hover over the football field and cheer the team on to victory! The many activities of the club are directed by the sponsors, Mrs. Charlotte Drake, Mrs. Ada Lorene Ragland, and Miss Marie Hollister. 112 _ J STENO CLUB President: BETTY LOU COLAIANO Secretary: BETTY BLAIR Vice President: BETTIE LEE HARRIS Treasurer: DOLORES MIKLICH What does a stenographer need to succeed? Good looks will help, but the odds are long that a " shorthander " can succeed on looks alone. So the smart prospective stenographer at North joins the Steno Club to learn the how ' s and why ' s of the business world through contacts furnished by Mr. E. W. Smith, the sponsor. From each meeting the members come wiser in the ways of the business world. I ' ' ' — a pel [113] G. A. S. © r President: RHEBA HILBURN Secretary: SIDNEY HURT Treasurer: JANET BELL Whence will come the " super-women " of tomorrow? Without doubt, the Girls ' Athletic Society will supply thirty-five of them, for the G. A. S. is made up of thirty-five super-gals who have proved themselves proficient in sports. " Super-Miss " Brittain sponsors the G. A. S. SPARTANS OF SPORT President: BETTY FISHER Secretary: SHIRLEY BENNETTS Vice President: ALTA BRUNO Treasurer: BETTY TUCKER S. O. S. is the abbreviated name for this girls ' athletic club, but it is no distress ca for these girls aren ' t afraid of mice. Trusted and approved by Mrs. Dunkin, they are half of the cream of North ' s feminine athletic crop, the other half being the G. A. S. [ 1141 SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY President: JOHN LAMPE Vice President: JOHN KING Secretary: MARYFRANCES ANGLEN Treasurer: ARTHUR JERSIN Sergeants-at-Arms: BOB SHEARER and DAVID LIGHTBURN " Stand at arm ' s length now, " cautions Sponsor Twieg as the crucial moment is reached in another daring experiment performed at a Scientific Society meeting. Test tube tossing . . . beaker breaking . . . chemical concoction cooking . . . lucid lecturing . . . these are the goings-on at the club conclaves. Scientific curiosity and twenty-five cents are the only requisites for membership. I 115 I GIRL RESERVES President: MONA MAE ROBERTS Secretary: MARGARET DONOVAN Vice President: JEAN TULLY Treasurer: CHARLOTTE CANADAY Need a girl be a tomboy to enjoy an active life? No, all she has to do is to join the Girl Reserves, for in the companionship of other North Reserves, she can go swimming, camping, or hiking. And that isn ' t all. Under the guidance of the Y. W. C. A., a program is planned to promote the mental and spiritual development of the girls. Miss Mary C. Doremus is the sponsor. BLACK MASQUE President: BARBARA PETRIE Vice President: JOHN WILSON Secretary: VIRGINIA RUSSELL Treasurer: GEORGE KEARNEY Historian: CAROL HORNER " A Happy Journey " to " Stage Door. " In the titles of the two plays produced for a highly successful twentieth anniversary season is told what is meant by membership in Black Masgue. For to be a Black Masquer means to go on a happy journey with Miss Katharine Ommanney ... a journey filled with excellent productions of outstanding plays which brings North ' s Thespians and " Thespiennes " to the threshold of the stage door. ,y r [ 116] NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President: JOHN WILSON Vice President: ANNA MARIE ALBERS Secretary: BONNIE MAE VEAL Treasurer: CHARLES SMITH " The National Honor Society expects every member to do his duty, " said Miss Schenck, and that is what every mem ber did when the Books for Victory campaign was conducted and Red Cross work was to be done. Scholarship . . . leadership . . . character . . . service ... by these words shall ye know the members of this national honorary organization. VIKING SISTERS Chairman: MARYFRANCES ANGLEN " I want my mama! " a new sophomore boy was heard to cry. " What ' s wrong, son? " asked Miss Duer, sponsor of the Viking Sisters. " I don ' t have one of those good-looking Viking Sisters to show me around the school, " sobbed the heartbroken fellow. " I ' m sorry, " replied Miss Duer, " but only girls in the upper ten percent of the Senior Class can be Viking Sisters, and there are only enough Sisters for the sophomore girls. " " Aw! I want my mama! " [117] A C T I V I T I E S [ 119 ; c ; Atf „r s tea. „ e- }0 ' v _xtff ; ; ■■£ VV • A book ior a soldier Jntvaiatianat Ganfexence On December 12 and 13, North was host to the 140 delegates representing South, West, East, and Manual at the International Relations Conference. The serious-minded young people who took part in the lively dis- cussions felt that the problem of international relations is a far more vital one during the time of war than during the time of peace. • It ' s a sad old world. • The Welcoming Committee registered 140 delegates. t 122 I " (kaw " V ks • Joan Binder, center, won the honor oi being North ' s D. A. R. representative. Shirley Bennetts and Virginia Russell were alternates. • Marjory Simmons and Barbara Petrie, run- ner-up and winner ol the Girls ' Sight-Read- ing Contest. [ 123 ] Mavth Sieve l 124 (Znnuai Siawtd • We ' re busy as bees, trying to please. [ 125 ] ffitadi Masque ' TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTION STAGE DOOR Written by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman Directed by Katharine Anne Ommanney • " I ' ll never go back! ' • " Just a young lady with a career! " Shamaat [ 127 ] Sawvice fox the School STUDENT COUNCIL President: GENE ANDERSON Vice President: LOUIS GARRAMONE Secretary: ELEANOR ENGBLOM AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE MISS MATTIE V. LENDRUM, Sponsor STAGE CREW MR. RALPH COFFMAN. Sponsor These are the unsung heroes of North ' s stage productions. [ 13C 1 VIKING GUIDE SERVICE MR. JEAN VARIAN, Sponsor The Viking Guide table in the front hall serves as information desk for strangers. ALL-GIRLS ' LEAGUE OFFICERS MISS FERN DOROTHY MITCHELL, Sponsor The Football Dance, the Senior Girls ' Farewell, the Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Christmas play are sponsored by the A. G. L. Council. VIKING COURTESY COMMITTEE " Order in the halls " — this group ' s motto. [131 I SOCIAL HOUR COMMITTEE Bigger, better, and snappier socials have been the achievement of this committee with Mr. Jordan acting as sponsor. ALL-GIRLS ' LEAGUE ROOM MONITORS To care for the All-Girls ' League Room, to run errands, and to help as office monitors — these are the duties of the A. G. L. Monitors. I 132 I I ? 1 t i i | «—, — " T f fc-- _ — JUNIOR ESCORTS, ' 41 Filmy, ruffled yellow dresses — black hair, gold hair, brown hair — visions of beauty — the Junior Escorts of 1941. Not only did these girls meet standards of loveliness but they also ranked high in scholarship. p..m % I i r i — i i— i « I 133 GIRLS ' WELFARE The sale of second-hand books for the students of North is the main undertaking of this service group. This year the members took part in the sponsoring of the Victory Book Campaign. OFFICE MONITORS Every day members of this group can be seen working at the large table in the main office. They collect, file, and sort slips; deliver messages and bulletins; and help the office force in many ways. [ 134] [135 • Miss Lendrum and her debaters Art Teti Frank Garcea CHEER LEADERS Bob Lustig BATON TWIRLERS JACQUELINE WOLF, Manager 136 I DANCE BAND President: EDWARD SICKELS Librarian: MARVIN KIPPUR FLUTE CHOIR Chairman: ELAINE CAGE Librarian: GLENN WERTH [ 137 ] JUNIOR BAND President: WALT O ' CONNELL Secretary: RICHARD STONEMAN Librarians: RICHARD OSTLING and HARVEY LONG JUNIOR ORCHESTRA President: DONALD WHITE Secretary: JANE BINGHAM Librarians: AVIS ADAMS and MARVIN KIPPUR [ 138 ] I CONCERT BAND MR. H. K. WALTHER, Sponsor President: BERNARD RYAN Secretary: ED SICKELS Vice President: KENNETH NEUMANN Librarians: VINCENT NICOLETTI and GEORGE BEVERLY President: GEORGE KEARNEY Vice President: ELAINE CAGE CONCERT ORCHESTRA Secretary: BETTY FISHER Librarians: STANLEY KERN and HOWARD BANZHA [ 139 ELEMENTARY GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB MR. CHARLES BYBEE, Sponsor President: NAIDA PETTIT Secretary: VENETIA GEORGE Librarians: CHARLOTTE HARTLEY and ELEANOR LAURIENTI Some of the sweet music that drifts from the shops is undoubtedly being warbled by these girls who receive excellent training from Mr. Bybee. 140 ADVANCED GIRLS ' GLEE MR. CHARLES BYBEE, Sponsor President: ALVINA VALLERO Secretary: MARJORIE AHLEN Librarians: ELLA WIPPERMAN and ANNA MAE JORGENSEN BOYS ' GLEE CLUB President: FRANKLYN RUSHMORE Secretary: RUSSELL STRADLEY Librarians: COURTLAND RIFFLE and JIM KILLORIN [ 141 ] ft p ft J d w X ' « o 11 1 J H w | HfWIMlFl ■ (ft 1 H ■ f M ¥f f llt r l pltJBllfeJ ADVANCED A CAPPELLA MR. CHARLES BYBEE, Sponsor President: NICK PERITO Secretary: JACQUELINE MORRIS Librarians: HOWARD ROOP and WILMA KNAPP Ifi jfllt jqMj ft PI ' ' [ 142] A CAPPELLA I MR. CHARLES BYBEE, Sponsor President: TOM EMMONS Secretary: VIRGINIA SGRIGNOLI Librarians: JOHNNIE PICCONE and JESS RAGSDALE [ 143 R. O. T. C. BATTALION STAFF Callinicos, Stradley, LaBadie, Nicholson Jenkins, Castellan, Tait, Stoelzel, Sparks RIFLE TEAM Tait, Murray, Ahr, Snyder, Toll RECRUIT DETACHMENT [ 144 1 tC - C 7 COMPANY M COMPANY L HEADQUARTERS COMPANY [ 145 G D T I M E S J herever you find high school students, you find good times. These " kids " can have fun anywhere and any time — in the classroom or the hall, in a convertible or a jalopy, on Mon- day morning or Saturday night. Their games, jokes, and high school pranks show their ingenuity. They are versatile — they are different — and yet they are the same. Such remarks as " riggidy dig " or " If I do, I det a whippin ' " appeal to them with such force that these phrases become temporary bywords. They enjoy arguing — over the merits of the teachers, the suitability of moccasins or saddle shoes, and the worth of Gen- eral Education. They laugh — over a classroom boner, an amus- ing passage in a book, or a " moron " joke. They are the life of the school. Accompany them on their good times throughout the following pages. [ 148 ] QMt, Qvdi . . . QhlsU! . . ' ft. Stt " [ 149 3tecuuf S)xUe • Last year ' s Junior Prom Queen and her attendants • Last minute touches I 150 1 J + I ' " g IT - • Having a good time is such serious business — Football Dance " The Jersey Bounce " — Senior Prom Jjitfte Snow . . . [ 152 Cm, the • Pile in! ns If • Going our way? • " I ' ll bite! ' [ 154] • It ' s in the bag! • What goes up the chimney? t 155 aftexSdtod y [ 157 ] Sletnemlt i, tfuiDxuf.? I 158 Ralph Paul and Ruth Kortz return to lead a rally. • Heavy drama at the Viking Sister party [ 159] 4 frf» ■■ A ' WAat ' i eooMn ' ? «? • What ' s on the program, card? • Hello. Beautiful! purse — •Vft sell school boy ' s wallet — ' V Which is cluttered worse? V « • Three beauli, es and — On Winfyi . . . • " Sweet Adeline " pi r- J A Hi w y j- b f Vl mL i TV s , A 3 1 1 I m£ » ■ " T-V ' . 1 B f . - - 8 7|:!:;il ' ' ' : X • In the groove Sleepier eti " 3 loo? • Don ' t, oh don ' t • What goes on here? 165 J • G °° Moo king _ bracel6(? [ 166 1 [ 167 ] !£ ' . " . [ 168 SENIOR DIRECTORY ABEYTA, EMMA 2738 West 13th Avenue ABRAMSON, DOROTHEA PAULINE 1429 Knox Court ACCORSO, VIRGINIA 3256 Mariposa Street ADAMS, ROY B 4995 Eliot Street AHLMAN. JERRY J 2990 Grove Street AHLSTROM, ARTHELLA PEARL 3519 Tejon Street AHO, SHIRLEY M 4625 Zuni Street AHR. ROBERT K 4547 Julian Street AKERS, VES CLINTON 3520 Quitman Street ALBERS, ANNA MARIE 4524 West 36th Avenue ALLEGRETTO, THERESA LORRAINE 2429 Bryant Street ALLEN, BEVERLY LUCILLE 1545 Pennsylvania Street ALLGIRE, CLYDE 2458 Meade Street ANDERSON, JAMES A 3311 Osceola Street ANDERSON, W. GENE 3160 West 37th Avenue ANGLEN, MARYFRANCES 2709 St. Paul Street ARCHER, EUGENE A 3458 Tejon Street ARTHALONY, CARL HARRY 5000 Clay Street AVILLAR, FAUSTINA GEVARRA 1010 29th Street BAKER, GEORGE E 4465 Stuart Street BAKER, HELEN ELAINE 4121 Raritan Street BAKER, L. EARLIN 2936 Perry Street BAKER, RICHARD FRANK 4337 Stuart Street BAKER, ROBERT WESLEY 2115 West 34th Avenue BARNHART, GENEVA CATHERINE 2957 Osceola Street BARR. PHYLLIS JO ANNE 4537 West 32d Avenue BARSCH, WILLIAM JAMES 3277 Quitman Street BARTELS, HELEN E 3459 Quivas Street BARTER, NAOMI 1646 Perry Street BAZZ, LILLIAN A 4230 Bryant Street BEADLE, MAE BELLE EVERETTA 3829 Irving Street BEASLEY, LOIS RUTH 4850 Beach Court BEAVERS. CAROL MARIE 2458 West 29th Avenue BELL, JANET ELIZABETH 2905 Raleigh Street BENNETT, GRACE ELLEN 3921 West 24th Avenue BENNETTS, SHIRLEY CLARA 4136 Julian Street BERGER, ALYS E 3524 Stuart Street BERKOWITZ, MARVIN S 3445 West Conejos Place BERMAN, DAVID J 1476 Vrain Street BERRY, RUTH J 2847 West 37th Avenue BETTS, CHARLES ARTHUR 2771 King Street BETTS, LOUISE MARGARET 3813 Winona Court BIELSER, LORRAINE K 3051 West 21st Avenue BIGGS, KENNETH LOFTUS 3629 Federal Boulevard BINDER, JOAN RUTH 4824 West 30th Avenue BINGHAM, DOLORES JEAN 4301 Quitman Street BLACK, THEODORE ALDEN 4974 Osceola Street BLAIR, BETTY M 1206 Gaylord Street BLASI, PAULINE 3860 Quivas Street BLOCK, FLORENCE MAE 3824 Xavier Street BLUM, ROSE MARIE 2453 West 35th Avenue BLUNK, ROBERT LEE 4549 Xavier Street BODNAR, EILEEN GERTRUDE 3368 West 37th Avenue BOGGS, RUTH ANNETTE t 3877 Newton Street BONGER, ARTHUR 4382 Yates Street BOTERO, ROSE 3511 Kalamath Street BOTHEL, FRANCES MARY 4610 Raleigh Street BOYD, BETTY JANE 3089 West Denver Place BRADLEY, ED PATRICK 3520 Shoshone Street BRADSHAW, RAY L 2740 Federal Boulevard BRADY, RUTH GENEVIEVE 3445 Eliot Street BRESLAW, LEONARD 1538 Utica Street BRIDGE, WINIFRED 2835 West 42nd Avenue BRIDGES, PEGGY SUE 5179 Clay Street BRIENZA, LUCILLE ANNA 3504 Osage Street BRIGHT. BEVERLY ELOISE 4137 Perry Street BRODERICK, PEGGY CAROL 4110 Julian Street BRODHAG, ALICE JOSEPHINE 2100 West 46th Avenue BROWN, MORRIS 3447 West 19th Avenue BRUNO, ALTA MARIE 3337 Quitman Street BRUNO, HELENE EVELYN 4121 Shoshone Street BUERGER, CECELIA K 5085 Utica Street BURNETT, JAMES VIRGIL, JR 2602 West 32d Avenue BURTSCHER, PATRICIA ELIZABETH 3221 West 26th Avenue BUSH, FRANCES EILEEN 3366 Stuart Street BUSHNELL, HELEN MAE 2501 West 25th Avenue BUTLER, FRANCES ALBERTA 4237 Decatur Street BUTZ, LEROY 4528 Sherman Street BUTZ, WILBERT WINSTON 4236 Sherman Street CAGE, ELAINE J 2624 Federal Boulevard CALLINICOS, GEORGE F 3426 West 35th Avenue CANACARI, ELEANOR J 3558 Lipan Street CARLSON, CLARENCE FREDERICK 4480 Jason Street CARLSON, DONALD EUGENE 3471 Moncrieif Place CARLSON, JOSEPHINE MAE 2529 West Dunkeld Place CARMER, HELEN ELIZABETH 3675 Newton Street CAROLLO, CLYDE 3649 Mariposa Street CARRARA, GERALDINE MARGARET 3309 Shoshone Street CARROLL, MARGUERITE A 3337 Shoshone Street CASE, PEGGY JEAN - 3931 Julian Street CASTELLAN, GILBERT WILLIAM 2889 No. Speer Boulevard CASTLE, OLIVE C 2725 Decatur Street CATION, VERYL WESLEY 1337 Lafayette Street CAUDILL, EVELYN ROSILEE 2502 West Argyle Place CELLA, JEANNE C 2381 Cherry Street CERRONE, MARY DELPHINE 3501 Wyandot Street CHANEY, DORIS E 4544 Vrain Street CHAPIN, RALPH R 4337 Raleigh Street CHRISTENSEN, GLADDEN E 4340 Vallejo Street CHURCH, DORIS ELSIE 2331 Julian Street CICCONE, LOUISA 3609 Shoshone Street CLARK, BETTY LOU 3030 West 41st Avenue CLARK, EDITH LOUISE 2225 West 31st Avenue CLARK, EULA E 5000 Alcott Street CLAUSSEN, BETTY JEAN 4619 Tejon Street CLIPPINGER, LEONA MAE 3311 Raleigh Street COBB, NORMA LORRAINE 4466 Utica Street COFFMAN, WILLIAM T 3219 West 29th Avenue COHEN, PEGGY LEE 1588 Osceola Street COHEN, YETTA 3440 West Colfax Avenue COLAIANO, BETTY LOU 3732 Quivas Street COLAIZZI, RAYMOND A 3958 Julian Street COLSON, STANLEY ROBERT 5191 Eliot Stre et CONGDON, CLEO 3236 Clay Street CONKLIN, RAYMOND CECIL 3904 Umatilla Street CONLEY, BETTY IRENE 2740 West 26th Avenue CONNELLY, SHIRLEY LUCILLE 3530 Quitman Street CONZONE, FRANCES IRENE 1934 West 37th Avenue COOK, RUSSELL EDWARD 4969 Green Court COOMER, LUCILLE E 3539 West 38th Avenue CORBETT, HERBERT BERTRAM 4414 Wolff Street CORMANY, JEANNE LORRAINE 3731 Osceola Street COUNCE, ARLISS BERYL 3349 West 29th Avenue COWIE, JOHN G 5021 Newton Street COX, DOROTHY MARY 4512 Bryant Street CRANOR, MARIE LOUISE 3512 Osceola Street DAHLGREN, WILMA VIRGINIA 4594 Osceola Street DALY, MARILYN J 416 21st Street, Apt. 20 DANIELS, BERNADINE LORENE 4973 King Street DANZ, FREDERICK W 4877 Knox Court DASHUT, ELAINE 1462 Irving Street DAVEY, LOIS AUDREY 2670 Julian Street DAVIDSON, RAYMOND PEIN 3258 West 30th Avenue DAVIS, DOROTHY MAE 2329 King Street DAVIS, GERALDINE J 3718 Julian Street DAWSON, MARIORIE A 4520 Utica Street DE BELL, MARGUERITE LOUISE 3715 Lowell Boulevard DE BELLO, CLYDE J 1815 West 38th Avenue DE QUASIE. LOREN P 4445 Lowell Boulevard DI ANNIE, JOSEPHINE 3720 Zuni Street DI MATTEO. JOSEPHINE M 4118 Quivas Street DIRE. ELMER F 4127 Raritan Street DOMENICO, THELMA 4703 Clay Streat DOWLING, CHARLES R 3508 Clay Street DOWNEY, KENNETH 2837 West 25th Avenue DRAGOO, ROBERT EDWIN 2934 Zuni Street, Apt. 21 DUBOIS, ANDREW JOHN 4219 Quivas Street [ 169 ] DUMAN, LOUIS J 1540 Meade Street DUNWOODY, MARTHA L 3450 West 23d Avenue EAKER, ROBERT ROY 4018 Quitman Street ECKART, FLORENCE MARIANNE 3040 Quitman Street EDISON, JAMES ELMER 3721 Osceola Street EGGERT, EMIL HARTUNG 2716 Julian Street ELLECK, DOROTHY LEE 4829 Irving Street ELLEDGE, GERALD E 2401 Grove Street ELLEFSEN, ALICE RUTH 4186 Wolff Street ELLER, JU ANITA ANN 4916 West 35th Avenue ELLIS, FRANCES MAE 1003 Lincoln Street ELLIS, MABLE BETTY 2709 Federal Boulevard ELLISON, JOAN MARY 2622 Eliot Street EMMONS, TOM HOGAN 2985 No. Speer Boulevard ENGEL, MARY CLARA 4136 Jason Street ENGLUND, RICHARD CARL 3301 Meade Street ERB, FRED R 4138 Shoshone Street ERHARD, CHARLOTTE ELSIE 2995 Newton Street ERWIN, SARAH ELIZABETH 3247 Zuni Street ESSINGTON, RUBY JEAN 4951 Raleiqh Street EVERINGIM, BETTY JEAN 2812 West 27th Avenue EVERS, HELEN RUTH - 2810 Hazel Court FABRIZIO, DOLORES M 3634 Tejon Street FABRIZIO, EVELYN JEAN 2326 West 32d Avenue FABRIZIO, ISABELL 2947 West 38th Avenue FARNAN, LAWRENCE CHARLES 4345 Quitman Street FEDDERSON, BERTHA JUANITA 2709 Federal Boulevard FEELEY, WILLIAM THOMAS 4445 Bryant Street FELSEN, DONALD LEE 1436 Utica Street FERRARO, SAM 4144 Quivas Street FINAMORE, JOE 3355 Shoshone Street FISCHER, ENID L 2921 Raleigh Street FISHBURN, GERALDINE M 4186 Vrain Street FISHER, BETTY LOUISE 3054 West 41st Avenue FITZMIER, ARDATH MAXINE 4812 Bryant Street FOLEY, NEOMA JEAN 4533 Irving Street FORD. MARIETA A 3021 Vallejo Street FOSTER, LEROY S 3335 Clay Street FOWLER, FRANCIS LEON. 3089 West 38th Avenue FOX, MARVIN YALE 3619 Delgany Street FRANCO, GEORGE D 3892 Vrain Street FRANK, GLADYS LUCILLE 3345 Quitman Street FRENCH, BETTE JANE 4221 Grove Street FRENCH, CHARLOTTE M 3236 Wyandot Street FRIEDMAN, MARIAN 1408 Irving Street FRUSTACI, CATHERINE R 3810 Jason Street GALE, HELEN VIRGINIA 3322 Moncrieff Place GANNON, MIKE JOSEPH 2626 West 44th Avenue GARBARINO. VIRGINIA ROSE 2324 Julian Street GARCEA, FRANK S 4041 Kalamath Street GARCIA. HELEN LOUISE 3647 Mariposa Street GARCIA. MATILDA FLORENCE 4375 Clay Street GARGARO, EMANUEL, JR 4055 Navajo Street GARRAMONE. GEORGE CLYDE 3947 Osage Street GARRAMONE. LOUIS RAYMOND 1230 West 38th Avenue GARRAMONE. ROSE EULILIA 4540 Julian Street GARRITY, WILLIAM J 4640 Elm Court GETTE, MARGARET BARBRA 3004 Grove Street GIFFEN, LLOYD RUSSELL 1626 Boulder Street GIFFEN. WILLIAM H .1626 Boulder Street GILES. GEORGE W 2619 West 38th Avenue GIRARD, LAWRENCE McLANE 3449 Quitman Street GISMONDI, BETTE M 3412 Pecos Street GLEASON. ROBERT E 3915 Xavier Street GLENDINNING. RONALD LEE 3513 Quitman Street GLENN, CORNELIUS 2924 Quitman Street GOLDSTEIN, CHARLOTTE ANN 1429 Utica Sireet GOODMAN, HELEN B 3701 West 46th Avenue GOODPASTURE, MAURICE PAUL 3821 Lowell Boulevard GOODSON, VINCENT B 4119 Umatilla Street GORDON. BERTHA 1370 Lowell Boulevard GOREN, SELMA 1485 Knox Court GOURDEAUX, EDWARD E 4003 Navajo Street GRAVELLE. RUSSELL EARL 5024 Alcott Street GFAVINA, JAMES L. 4894 Beach Court GREER. CREEDE FORREST 3360 Alcott Street GRENFELL, MELBA BEATRICE 3633 Perry Street GRIFFIN, HELEN M 2522 West 23d Avenue GROOM, DONALD WALTER 4322 Decatur Street GUDE, MELVIN GEORGE 4890 Irving Street GUST, EDWARD ANTHONY 4191 Irving Street GUSTAFSON, LOIS JANE 4584 Stuart Street HAEFLIGER, PEGGY LOUISE..... 4418 Perry Street HAINES, MARY HELEN 3424 West 33d Avenue HALTER, PATRICIA MAY 3894 Osceola Street | HAMBURGER, R OBERT GEORGE 4310 Winona Court k rJ UGJJpRGAjt- ' ' A p - .. 4338 Raritan Street T+AMSYTRIANITA LORRAINE 44.66 Jason Street HANEY, PEGGY MAE 2654 West 32d Avenue HANSEN. MARILOU 3458 Osceola Street HANSON, ROY H 3425 West 33d Avenue HARDING, MARJORIE EDWINA 2547 West 32d Avenue HARGREAVES, WANDA LEONA 3104 Quitman Street HARRIS, AGNES KAY 2234 Grove Street HARRIS, BETTIE LEE 4827 Knox Court HARTUNG, NAOMI JEANNE 3340 West Hay ward Place HEASLEY. HELEN HARRIETT 3715 Osceola Street HECKENDORN, JACK W 3338 Osceola Street HECKENDORN, JAMES P 3338 Osceola Street HECKMAN, MARGARET CAROLYN 3320 Meade Street HEDBERG, ROBERT W. 4002 West 38th Avenue HELLER, JORDAN IRWIN 935 Colorado Boulevard HELM, HOWARD RICHARD 1900 31st Street HENDLER, HELEN C 1557 Newton Street HENRICH, VAL JOHN 3634 Osceola Street HERTNEKY, BETTY JANE 3420 Alcott Street HERTNEKY, JACK JAMES 3420 Alcott Street HICKS, JIMMY MACK 2500 Federal Boulevard HILBURN, RHEBA ELIZABETH 3010 West 29th Avenue HOAGE, JOSEPH HENRY 3428 Bryant Street HODGES, RITA ALWAYNE 4960 Alcott Street HOEFNER. EILEEN JANE 4059 Umatilla Street HOFFMAN, LORRAINE CLEONE 2906 Stuart Street HOLLY. ROSE MARIE 1638 Court Place HOLMQUIST, WALTER BERT 2212 West 30th Avenue HONEYCUTT, THELMA LORENE 3764 Raleigh Street HOOPER, THOMAS JAY 4046 Alcott Street HORN, ALLEN E 2961 Grove Street HORNER, CAROL ADELE 3823 Newton Street HOUCK, ELOJSE BLANCHE 5033 Tennyson Street HOUSE, MARGARET FAYE 3350 West 36th Avenue HOYT. EILEEN MARJORIE 3832 Yates Street HUDAK, LILLIAN ANN 4259 Alcott Street HUFNAGEL, RUTH • 2963 Irving Street HUGHES, PEGGY RUTH .2721 Decatur Street HUMPHREY, JAMES R 3495 West 30th Avenue HURT, CHARLES RUSSELL 5005 Raleigh Street HURT. SYDNEY JEAN 3342 West 30th Avenue IACINO, VICTOR E 5005 West 33d Avenue IRVINE, JOSEPH C 4121 Knox Court IRWIN, MADELINE DOROTHY 4144 Hooker Street JACKSON, MATILDA 1423 Tennyson Street JAGER, MILDRED CHRISTINE 2227 West 31st Avenue JAMES, THOMAS RICHARD 4132 Stuart Street JAMIESON, MERNA EVELYN 2123 West 41st Avenue JAUCH. WINIFRED ANN 4242 Tejon Street JENKINS. RICHARD THOMAS . 2629 Raleigh Street IERSIN, ARTHUR J 3951 Vallejo Street JESSE, WALTER ALBERT. 5063 Logan Street JOHNSON, GLADYS JOCELYN 3131 Lafayette Street JOHNSON, MAE ELAINE 3519 Utica Street JONES, GEORGE EDWARD 3238 Alcott Street JONES. ROBERT MARION 3546 Raleigh Street IUDSON, EVELYN MARIE 2930 Stuart Street JURATA, WILLIAM J • V ». P f r ' 1745 West 36th Avenue V KAHN, EVELYN RAE ... 1514 Meade Street KAITZ, ELAINE .1454 Utica Street KARSH, FERN S 1624 Lowell Boulevard KEARNEY, GEORGE WILLARD 3373 West 36th Avenue KELLER, ESTHER ELLEN 4202 Eliot Street KELLOGG, PATSY RUTH 1463 Yates Street KELLY, REBA LINNIS 3505 West 45th Avenue KELSIC. JOSEPH R., JR. 1927 West 32d Avenue KENNEDY. ANDREW T., JR 3120 Quitman Street KETRON, FREDRICK R 2539 West 34th Avenue KICKBUSH, HELEN 2711 Hazel Court KIELY. DELMA MAE 3186 West 36th Avenue [ 170] KILLORIN. IAMES EDWARD 2973 Newton Street KINDIG. NORMA LOUISE 3831 Perry Street KING, JOHN ARTHUR, JR 3439 Osceola Street KIRKPATRICK, RAYMOND 4521 West 44th Avenue KLAUSNER, REGINA RUTH 1560 Newton Street KLINE, HELEN MIRIAM 1573 Irving Street KLUNE, JOSEPH ROBERT 4657 Logan Street KNAPP, MILDRED ALENE . 2933 West 33d Avenue I KRAWCHIK, ISABELL CECILIA 4745 Pearl Street KRINGEL, HELEN VIRGINIA 4528 Zuni Street KULLMAN, FRANK WALLACE 4307 Winona Court KUPETZ, SHIRLEY ANN 1605 Newton Street LA BATE, MARIAN PATRICIA 4779 Pearl Street LA BONDE, HARRY C 3364 West Clyde Place LA CONTE, JEANETTE CORRINE 5194 Washington Street LA CRUE, ROSE OPHELIA 2447 West 28th Avenue LAMBERT, CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA 2833 West 27th Avenue LAMPE, JOHN MILTON 2514 West 39th Avenue LANTIS, VIVIAN 2841 West 28th Avenue LARKIN, NORMA LEE 2829 Stuart Street LARSON, PAUL WILLIAM 4573 Bryant Street LATHROP, MILDRED IRENE 2442 West 38th Avenue LAURETA, FRANK 1 3947 Navajo Street LEHNERTZ, MARGARET MARY 821 Santa Fe Drive LEISER, MARIAN RHEA 1463 King Street LEMKE, HAROLD E 3121 West 28th Avenue LEMME, BEN 3636 Vallejo Street LENK, CARL WILLIAM 2742 Bryant Street LEROY, ELAINE MARIE 2035 West 41st Avenue LEVINE. IRVING BENNIT 1413 Grove Street LEWIS, J. WARREN 4548 West 35th Avenue LEYDA, WILMA KATHRYN 3250 Bryant Street LIGHTBURN, DAVID K 4132 Decatur Street LILEY, CHARLES, JR 4560 King Street LINDEMAN, HARRY ALLEN 3632 Newton Street LINDQUIST, KNUTE T 3265 Julian Street LINES, G. NORWOOD 4450 Clay Street LINSENMAIER, MARIE SHIRLEY..- 3155 Federal Boulevard LIST, EFFIE SYLVIA 5000 West 38th Avenue LITVAK, HENRIETTA ROSE 1323 Tennyson Street LOMAS, EUGENE ROY 3001 Osceola Street LOMBARDI, ANTHONY JOSEPH 3640 Mariposa Street LOMBARDI, EVELYN MARIE 4159 Zuni Street LOMBARDO, CATHERINE 3615 Navajo Street LONDON, JACK ELBERT 3719 Wolff Street LO SASSO. ELAINE VIRGINIA 3740 Federal Boulevard LOVE, CHARLEY M 3164 West 36th Avenue LUCAS, FLORENCE E 2717 Eliot Street McBRIDE, GILMER JAMES 5153 Beach Court McCANN, EDWIN F 5046 West 36th Avenue MCCARTHY, BERNARD J 2838 West Douglas Place McCLAIN, JEAN Washington, District of Columbia McCLINTOCK, BETTY LUCILLE M 4320 Tennyson Street McCOURT, FLORENCE LEONA 3349 West 33d Avenue McCURDY, TED THOMAS 4324 Stuart Street McDANIEL, PATRICIA ANNE 4910 Bryant Street McGUCKIN, HELEN R 4364 Wolff Street McLAIN, CHARLES S 4546 West Hayward Place McLEOD. RENA CATHERINE 3818 West 30th Avenue MABRITO, LAWRENCE A 3828 Navajo Street MAGNUSON, CARL WALTER 4925 Wyandot Street MAIDEN, ROBERT FLOYD 2016 Meade Street MAIER, DOROTHY HELEN 4027 Clay Street MALER. GEORGE JOSEPH 3926 West 29th Avenue MALPIEDE, GEORGE ANGELO 1854 West 46th Avenue MANBY. JOHN EDWARd " KoI» n.O. .C M 2535 East 14th Avenue )( MANGONE, RALPH J J 1925 West 38th Avenue MANKEN, MARY P 4135 Wolff Street MARCKESI, DELLA HELEN 3926 Shoshone Street MARIANI, NICHOLAS 2627 18th Street MARR, EDITH MARCELLINE 3132 West 23d Avenue MARTELLI, MARTIN RALPH 3545 Quivas Street MARTINEZ, LOUIS EDWARD 2315 Ninth Street MARX. ULMA LA VELLE 2668 North Speer Boulevard MASON MARY LOU 3845 Utica Street MATHIESEN, DONALD F. 3217 Utica Street MATHIS, OTTO DUIS 4432 Wolff Street MATKIN, ROSCOE LEE, JR 3461 West 48th Avenue MEGAS, MARIE E. 1939 West 39th Avenue MEINEKE, CARL WILLIAM 2335 Hooker Street MERRIAM, LOUISE 1554 Logan Street MESCH, ROBERT WALTER 3153 West 37th Avenue MESSENGER, SHIRLEY MAE 3320 West 29th Avenue METCALF, HOWARD BROOKS 2323 Grove Street METCALF, ROBERT LEE 2749 Bryant Street MEYERS, GEORGE J 4500 Bryant Street MEYERS, HARRY J 4663 Logan Street MICHAELSON, HELEN M 2980 Hooker Street MIKLICH, DOLORES R 4770 Pennsylvania Street MILLER, BETTY EDITH 4335 Stuart Street MITICK, STANLEY R 4415 Clay Street MONTGOMERY, LEE R 2426 Dunkeld Place MONTGOMERY, MARYLIN E 3320 Zuni Street MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM L 4301 Acoma Street MONTHEI, ROBERT ALBERT 2138 Federal Boulevard MOOSE, DOROTHY 3863 Osceola Street MORRIS, JACQUELINE 4314 Quitman Street MORTON, ARTHUR WESLEY 2602 West 24th Avenue MORTON, ROBERT A 3430 Clay Street MUELLER, CLIFFORD H 4129 Irving Street MURRAY, BRUCE F 2636 West Douglas Place MURRAY. CATHERINE AGNES 5003 West 38th Avenue MURRAY, JOSEPH C. 2931 West 20th Avenue MUSICH, GLORIA FLORENCE 1302 Platte Street NAHAND, DOROTHY M - 4485 Perry Street NARRACCI, VIRGINIA DIANA 3336 Vallejo Street NEIBERGER, LEO HERMAN - 4483 Leaf Court NELSON, DOROTHY BURDETTE 2528 West Dunkeld Place NELSON, EVELYN 2921 Umatilla Street NELSON, IRVING GRANT 3621 Raleigh Street NEWMAN, ELEANOR MAY 3424 Alcott Street O ' CONNELL, ROBERT P 2016 Bryant Street OHLE, EVELYN ELISE 4638 Clay Street OLMSTED, CAROL HAZEL 3354 West 33d Avenue ONSTOTT, EDWIN S 4690 Federal Boulevard ORRINO, VIRGINIA B 3826 Zuni Street PACHELO, THELMA MARIE 1830 West 46th Avenue PADE, JUANITA SUZANNE 4817 Newton Street PALIZZI, GLORIA PERINA 3550 Vallejo Street PALM, HOWARD KENNETH 4976 Newton Street PALMERI, MARY 3733 Lipan Street PALS, LUCILLE... 4923 West 31st Avenue PALSGROVE, JOHN HOWARD 4159 Yates Street PARENTEAU, EARLE M 3325 West 38th Avenue PAVONE, DANIEL 3631 Shoshone Street PAZDERNICK, EMMA 4916 Knox Court PELTZ, ELSIE VICTORIA 4500 Decatur Street PEMBRIDGE, MELVIN DAVID 4583 Quitman Street PERGOLA, JOE S 3956 Osage Street PERITO, NICK 4648 Federal Boulevard PERR1NO, EILEEN LOUISE 3825 Wyandot Street PERRY, HELEN MARIE 4236 Irving Street PETERSEN, SHIRLEY JACQUELINE 4472 Yates Street PETERSON, CONNIE DENE 4200 West 38th Avenue PETERSON, EUGENE HENRY 3878 Wolff Street PETERSON, RICHARD G 4374 Vrain Street PETRIE, BARBARA HELEN 4832 Osceola Street PETTIT, NAIDA JEAN 4565 Utica Street PHELAN, ALBERT J 3639 Inca Street PHILLIPS, CATHERINE JEAN 2635 West 29th Avenue PHILLIPS, DORIS VIRGINIA 2537 West 33d Avenue PHILLIPS, ERNESTINE ANNETTE 3602 Lowell Boulevard PHILLIPS, VIRGINIA A.. . 4220 Wyandot Street PICCONE, IDA MAE 3241 Mariposa Street PICCONI, JOHN 3530 Bryant Street PIETRAFESO, DOLORES CONCETTA 4129 Umatilla Street PLACENTINE, BENA 4045 Vallejo Street PONTARELLI, JOE 3707 Osage Street PORTER, ELLEN IRIS 4108 Sheridan Boulevard PORTER, THELMA LOUISE 4250 Wyandot Street POTTER, DARLENE M 2835 Firth Court POTTER, VIVIAN A. 3002 Federal Boulevard POTTLE, JACK T 4455 Alcott Street PRINGLE. HAROLD L. 1516 Osceola Street PULSIPHER, WILLIAM ROBERT 3140 Umatilla Street PURSEL, SHIRLEY MAURINE 2847 West 24th Avenue QUINN, ROSS ALBERS 3303 West 29th Avenue [ 171 ] RAE, BENJAMIN ARTHUR 3783 Lowell Boulevard RAE, JEAN M. 3818 West 51st Avenue RAPPENECKER. OSCAR HENRY 3455 West 34th Avenue REISBECK, ELAINE JANE 4357 Sherman Street REZZER, DON ELLWYN 2930 West 25th Avenue RICHEY, BARBARA 2672 North Speer Boulevard RIDGWAY, PHYLLIS MAE 962 Perry Street RIDLEY, NORMA LOUISE 4935 Hooker Street RIEDEL. CAROLYN MARIE 4452 Jason Street RIFFLE, COURTLAND REED 4136 Yates Street RITTER, VIRGINIA C 3856 Tejon Street ROBINSON, VIRGINIA C 4203 Federal Boulevard ROGERS, LILLIAN ANN 2824 West 24th Avenue ROHRBAUGH, EARL LESLIE.. 2741 West 37th Avenue RONDINELLI, ANGELINA 3504 Pecos Street ROOP, HOWARD A 4438 Decatur Street ROSE, R. RUSSELL 4425 Utica Street ROSENBAUM, SHIRLEY 1416 Newton Street ROSENBLOOM, GABE .1386 Tennyson Street ROSS, RUTH M 1743 Irving Street ROUTE, RAY ARTHUR 4244 Decatur Street RUCKMAN, HETTY LORRAINE 3910 Lowell Boulevard RULE, FREDERICK ORVILLE 2222 Lowell Boulevard RUSHMORE, FRANKLYN T 4130 Lowell Boulevard RUSSELL, VIRGINIA LEILANI 2139 Federal Boulevard RYDER, DOROTHY A .. 3247 Newton Street 3456 Quivas Street 2530 Julian Street .1407 Osceola Street ...3132 Osage Street SABEI.l.. ANTHONY, I p ' SAIA, FRANCES SALIMAN, SYLVIA SANCHEZ, PRISCILLA SAN PIETRO, MARY ... 3932 Navajo Street SARFF, ORAN JACKSON, JR 3047 West 38th Avenue SCHAFFER, DANIEL WALLACE 4472 Lincoln Street SCHAFFER, GEORGE, JR 2912 Irving Street SCHARTON, ARTHUR JACOB 3109 West 37th Avenue SCHEELE, GLENN ARNOLD 2728 Yates Street SCHRECKER, JUNE E 4926 Raleigh Street SCHWAIRY, CLARA MARGARET 2110 West 29th Avenue SCHWAIRY, FLORENCE PATRICIA SCHWA.RTZ, BRUCE LEWIS SCIBONA, JOSEPHINE MARY SCOTT, ROBERT E SEAMON, EVELYN MAE SELF, RUTH ANN SEWELL, JEAN E SGRIGNOLI, VIRGINIA GENEVA SHAMES, ANNA SHANER, JAMES H SHEARER, ROBERT J SHELDEN, CLAIRE E., JR. SHEPHERD, BILL GEORGE . . SHEPHERD, CHARLINE LOUISE. SHEPPARD, JAY A SHORTEN, DOROTHY M SHRAY, LOUIS F SHUFFLEBARGER, MARJORIE F. SICKELS, EDWARD ALBERT, JR. SIEVERS, VICTOF JR SILVER, DOROTHY ..LARA SIMMONS. MARJORY ANNE W. Case Golf Course, 50th Vrain SIRAGO, JAMES JIM 3627 Navajo Street 2918 Umatilla Street 2918 Raleigh Street 4127 Grove Street .... 3301 West 36th Avenue .. .2314 Federal Boulevard 3211 West Hay ward Place 2345 Eighth Street ...4340 Tennyson Street 1558 Newton Street 4576 Bryant Street .4139 West 35th Avenue ...3219 West 23d Avenue 2526 West Argyle Place 3354 West 36th Avenue 3385 West Clyde Place 3603 Eliot Street 4930 Lincoln Street 2959 Perry Street 3953 Winona Court 3336 West 30th Avenue 1448 Hazel Court SKILES, MARY LORRAINE SLIFFE, DORIS MAXINE . SMITH, CHARLES EWING SMITH, MARGARET HELEN SMITH, MARIE ALICE ... SNYDER, WAYNE A.. SODEROUIST. BETTY KAY SOOY. DOROTHY MAXINE SOREL, WILLIAM JAMES SPARKS, WARREN O. SPENCE. EILEEN JESSIE STAMPFEL. DIMPLE GRACE STANLEY BETTY JEAN STAPLETON. JEAN ROSE STARK FLORENCE STARKE. BETTY STEIN. EVELYN SHIRLEY STEINHART. LUCILLE ANN STINES, BETTY JANE 3970 Winona Court 2965 Newton Street . 4821 West 29th Avenue 2450 15th Street 3240 Perry Street 3135 West 44 ' h Avenue .4575 West 36th Avenue 4563 Meade Street 2838 West 26th Avenue 3411 West 32d Avenue 2950 Zuni Street 3034 West 35th Avenue 4291 King Street 4200 West 22d Avenue 3526 West Conejos Place 1437 Julian Street . 3224 West 16th Avenue 4530 Meade Street 3650 Eliot Street STOCKING, GALE WARREN 2434 Federal Boulevard STOELZEL, CARL LEON..., 2447 West 37th Avenue STRAFFACCIA, MARIE RdSE 3640 Lipan Street SUMNER, TOM L 1209 East Colfax Avenue SUTTON, ORVAL VERNON 3410 West 31st Avenue SWENGEL, NORMA 3229 West Conejos Place SYMONTON, MIRIAM 2546 West 28th Avenue TANCREDO, ELIZABETH GENEVIEVE 4630 Zuni Street TANNER. JOYCE LEE 2134 West 29th Avenue TARANTINO, DOROTHY GLADYS 3651 Zuni Street TARANTINO, FLORINE LUCILLE 1742 West 33d Avenue TATE, MARION LA VERNE 5045 West Moncrieff Place TAYLOR, CHARLES WILLIAM 3417 Lowell Boulevard TESTA, YOLANDA 4343 Umatilla Street TETI, ARTHUR THOMAS 3903 Mariposa Street TEYSSIER, BARBARA LUVINA 3040 Lowell Boulevard THAUT, ARLENE MAE 4460 Sherman Street THOMAS, BETTIE MARIE 4968 Milwaukee Street THOMAS. WILMA EILEEN 5065 Tennyson Street THOMPSON, MARJORIE JEAN 2933 Wyandot Street THOMPSON, PEGGY ANN 3066 West 36th Avenue TICKNOR, DONALD HAROLD 3635 Federal Boulevard TOMLINSON, L. WAYMON 2829 Perry Street TROUTT, BILLIE ANNE 4141 Tejom Street TUCKER, BETTY JANE 3731 Quitman Street TUCKER ROBERT MYRON 4012 Quitman Street TUCKER , VICTOR WILLIAM 4583 Utica Street TULPER, LEON S 1561 Newton Street TURNER, DONALD ALAN 1719 West 33d Avenue TUTEUR, WOLF 1 1586 Meade Street VALLERO, ALVINA MARIE 3857 Osceola Street VAN CAMP. SARA ELIZABETH . 2758 West 32d Avenue VANDEGRIFT, ROBERT A 4950 Perry Street VAN NATTAN, BILL 3469 West Clyde Place VEAL, BONNIE MAE 2324 Raleigh Street VECCHIARELLI, EUGENE ANTHONY 3602 Mariposa Street VENDEGNIA, JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR 1805 West 34th Avenue VESCOVI, MARY JANE 2504 Zuni Street VIKEN, HAROLD LEONARD 4795 Raleigh Street VILLANO, PAULINE M 2547 West 43d Avenue VITELLO, JOSEPH 3546 Lipan Street WAHLBERG, CARL RUDOLPH, JR 700 Sheridan Boulevard WAITZ. CHESTER E 3045 West 36th Avenue WALDBAUM, LOUIS A 1438 Meade Street WALKER, ROGER D 3457 Federal Boulevard WALLICK, WILLIAM PAUL 4585 Winona Court WARGIN, GLENDORIS G 4100 Eliot Street WARNER, BILL HENRY 4435 Julian Street WARSHAUER, TED FRANK 4455 Lowell Boulevard WASSON, DONALD MAYNARD 3314 West 29th Avenue WASSON, GERTRUDE EVELYN 3314 West 29th Avenue WATSON, MAXINE CONNIE 2897 North Speer Boulevard WATTS, HELENE IRENE 3043 Meade Street WATTS, LAWRENCE MILTON 512 Quitman Street WEITZMAN, WILLIAM JACK 1471 Knox Court WELCH, ETHEL EARLEEN 5032 Elm Court WELLS, GEORGE A 4575 Elm Court WHATLEY, LUCILLE JOSEPHINE 5120 Washington Street WHATLEY, RITA VIRGINIA 4553 Lipan Street WHATLEY, VIOLA LUCILLE 5120 Washington Street WHELDEN, ANNA PEARL 4160 Yates Street WICKHORST. ELAINE HELEN 2441 Alcott Street WILKENS. BETTY JUNE 147 Washington Street WILLIAMS, EARL FREDRICK 5021 Bryant Street WILMOT. IVA F 2623 West 29th Avenue WILSON, JOHN HUGH 3545 Perry Street WIPPERMAN, ESTHER HELEN MARIE 2640 Bryant Street WOLF, JACQUELINE LEE 3255 Stuart Street WOOD, KATHERINE MAY 4963 Grove Street WORTH, MARGARET HELEN 4461 Wolff Street YACOVETTA LUCILLE HELEN YORK. WILLIAM CHARLES 1317 West 35th Avenue 4102 Osage Street ZANCANELLI. LOUISE .. . 1715 West 39th Avenue ZARLENGO. LUCILLE M 3634 Lipan Street ZEPELIN, HAROLD 1310 Utica Street ZITO, ROBERT JOHN 4681 Bryant Street ZUCKERMAN. GERALD HARRY 1437 Lowell Boulevard ZURWELLE, HELEN F. 4301 Bryant Street [ 172 J Staei Sirs fevart [Eel Ml ££% ,y , ■W.A 1 ' W( i (k r $ ■- - - % c c " tfo ' ■y« JjUuL A nt , - 4— - ' —T kJL- t ?l it 1 -? «

Suggestions in the North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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