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.i,-L ,Q P ,l Gif' U fw 4, if 5 ,, 'Af V m'm" 1 QM , ,vit Abi, SW. , w 535m N" Q W1 SY' w E'?Q,L..' - I I , 7? ,ig , film ' ' ,-:wy,I,,,A. ' 4Ti'Y1f' 1 A' . . , 8i,1Wkik:,,,., ff'-. i , f ,,,4,g,.gM5P1 1 Q i S711 0 .5- zill T1 4 E' . L K 5. L.,.,t an 'S Tv" -'z 'Tv v ""' . " , 'W G- 1 A. E235 .ox .T ...AZ L, Y' in 7947 Worfh M95 565001 Denver, C0f0f'Gd0 Vafumc 37 1 bc, "wi 'L in L ,H 'H 'f' fx 33 1 K' r li J M2 mf. ' ' i 115 1 ' ' 1' ,-X , 4 E ,NL s 1 v iv X S W1 k 'N 'Y , 'Q Rf :4 5, yfrv X F . , J' r . -,f A X A R 1 l .3 e., X, 4' Y K F f, I 1 A Sl, H LX ,- -1 g f , tg mf , "' f-.4 f Y? S x . wf v' o ,. 2. V f Y. . , , f .051 15 1' 3 ,il K V - A Q. J,,.,.....-H-"" Yi WM ,. , 3 S E ,L kr.. P g ., ,A x jf, 'fn , g ." "il 'N ff'T9l7'-? 12 ffrifi IL Y H' ?'L'f','ff jf- ,'Nr'f' rv ,Q grgrig, I ,Y ,H , , l ff ,gffl-5 V, K Lk-'-WL: X 1, 1 'J 12 fy: I, ?k ,g':3f X :ff .jf gent? f ' g F ,..,,. Af .Ct X- ifiis 31 '5"W:.z. 5L2f,f' . 3 , ,ig i 1 E. S 1' Lf P. '. 5' 3 9 1 . L 'F ' 1 A 9 . , ,, '4'1 ss' ' P W - Q. L. 8 gi ,MW ,HR N e I A .. af- 'w -" ......-- .r - 1 .. . , 'U ba- fu. .u-"""'x 'xr -., + ' , ' if , .H 'Mr .er ' I " 'j?!fiQ,1- - -N- zfiff 'krr , 1 .tgp iY'i'6, ,N if-:,4Q,.,, Xxx in ng . Q . . 4 b,,,,.,3QrQ3y,,,,,.,1-U .,4,,.,,.. ' 'NXT Q 'X--C A 'jf 23V g K 5- gav' ' If vywyx' H,6a":w1---ff ,Q as 'Si AX A. . , ,,,.., , . W, , v Mft V!! '-7,,,,"S,,,fs:l'b.,'c4'2'Q4s44::.-5'R'-f!Qx:. xii h 1 H . - .. Ax, Q, Ve., -15,31 -qg,5,,,13- mmf fr' , ' 'I ' If -A R. 'mf QQ., ,gl is ggiii .3 , .5 Q st" - 1'i-'Qi-I., 1- 3 5:1 ' N-X ""'i V .42 "' Aim, .L . ,t 5 v ' QQ- " -' 35. wif V. V ,pr--I I,-K . . - - - kv . .. . N U A v . gig -,M ,,,. y s.+g--wh Aff' Q '-.w-.i? - gm' 4,-.,1-,.. i, f 'I-- ,, 4'-1:2',-5-,glz fi'-W--IV gggsgsgx- " 'N' Al., 4.y-fd-fl-..N" -fm.. ' Qffllfii, - h -- 31 .. - m 1 I K I .X i I 5 'K L . -M 4- -.ef -- . . x ' W, , -. egg. A In-3 ' - 2 - Aff-f' -5- --+-H4 ,' ,. -:A--W - f 'f ,A xfs,-n.,g,... 4,54 N,.X lv V- . K + .wifi I Av' i . .. - :' -a-f' '-uP""g,.: -' - ' , - is , -,,, , , .f 4 1 pa- ., f ,ws-ve" .Gu W 1: K 3 H ' .6 1 44 V' H K A -- , - Y"LW . ,. 'Q ' M -f K - 'iff ' 1' k f , iwai' . 1 ff'- 1 W K AS :aww if if W 'M ' ,.,, V, 1- ., ,S ' "Q" .E as . ggQE Zg11eQ imi 'g 'A I ' .' WM Qxfil- if 3 HMT L. my ,Q Eff, A' 4 qui, "EQ, Fw. ff UCPJQAV- ik ' i Q ,-,lf -, Z, ,ff ' 5 , S ia as ' , . vii tpfi ,X ""'W"vH WEN? -rs w wf LV ,ffarligiktt K , PI K rmw ii, -5 1. df 1 AQ , was w k 1 P1 .xx I x wwf. Q vi EQ SF g r sf' 1 Q1 my I MA r I Q xv Y. F1 'xx 5 , , , puxq . , 5 X 7, . X 5 . . . E Q ,,....-, .............. -.,......-...M H A N If if 352 B' .FSA 'F 1 .f"7"3,Q-f 7- w . Ximi- wifi om . . . few. , 2 N fi --Q Am., . Q 4 ELL -V4 . ' sz 1 - Q I . F' tg' ,af g if A x ,j Q . Q xxx A X 5 3' Et L 'Xxx V A 1 AJ tw, ,fx 1 l ,- fkwll. in N 2 ,. ' wx P 4. fx '. X A Q "qw, 'ff' L ,QQ SKA . Q 3 Q Q' - x , Q ". 1 9, I. . --k",,H.t.... S' V 2--,, I., ' . 'J . Q...-........... .RK Y. ' M, . -.J fl 's A Sw 5 V x 4 w x Q 1. Hi f . X .b-.wa ff- 3, fke Wifi, of ffwlag. WAQ mudf Lowe f courage, i Lnowlwlge, f am! uidion fo M6562 fkeilff uncerfain fomorrow. l'llfllfL6L! MGMT! l"l"el'l kogerfri lqfedicfenf Elfgafd glwlnafl gvbfor-in-CAM! anal b yeaneffe .gelginzi go! ogufz pogerf pomero pogerf .Zunwo Karofyn MAMA Jcnney Hama Zim! Zaer cizbauiol oggkfg Joan Kohn gunny Jczrfz .szirde We gonneff n .xgcled lnenga 24 l06U'l0l"6LlfYl6l, of EL af WMA Lege6! fo iAe tel'lfl,00 of fwlay . .. wang of mf, .f4Jmznz5 tm tion Slcietiw .fdcfiuified Saorfa C4555 86 -anal 9006! fimed e laaude fo fAinA offkorie wAo wi! nof Aee fkiri annua Miss Maria Hathaway- our friend of the faculty who taught the students of North in the diqnity and beauty of the true spirit of service for twenty-five years and Our gfaaamafw Arthur Polic Marjorie Allen we 40uqhf hnqwlcglqc . . . we worked. . .znapwcd by our counaclora. gordf, fgrincila A. I. MARTZ ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL OMF EQGHJ FERN DOROTHY MITCHELL DEAN OF GIRLS ENGLISH l fi? BLANCHE CALKINS MADGE FERGUSON "Z V 'a ! 2, :V 5 ,AP RALPH COFFMAN LUCILE FISHER if X A , :', 0 'R A I 15-QQ X. A l SARA ESON MARY FROST II? - ,, ge.- 1 xy. I if Q! QS' I-' -:','if'J-IIN' 0 . ' tl, , 'kk e I 5 PAUL HILL MATTIE VIE LENDRUM LYNDALL REED ELLA S. SCHENCK HENRY B. SMITH IESSIE L. THOMPSON ff- tv IL 4 S I-A MARY E. CHRISTY LLOYD M. COLLINS CHARLOTTE C. DRAKE EDWARD FLINT SBIR fl QA LOIS L. DAWSON MAY S. GILLIS GERALD LACEY LAWRENCE W. MARSHALL LUCILLE M. O'DEA ABBY M. PERKINS MYRTA B. PORTER ADA LORENE RAGLAND WILLIAM SPEARS Q, J! REX I 2' I X S ' f x 1 I EMMA B. ECKER ..1 ..A E. A. CUMMINGS MARY DOREMUS RACHEL ISBELL FRED LYON LILLIAN E. DUER CHESTER PHELPS 1 ,Y CYRIL D. REED SCIENCE EDITH M. CULTON A. H. FELGER GLENN GEBHARDT LEONARD C. IONES WILLIAM C. TWIEG CARL P. UTTERBACK HESTER M. SMITH ART MUSIC DRAMA CHARLES W. BYBEE HERBERT K. WALTHER EDDAH N. HILLIER KATHARINE A. OMMANNEY MARIE E. HOLLISTER GRACE E. HIESTAND 5+ N IACK EVANS , We .. 5 V ' A ' DUCATION HOME -' ' - BURWELL O. MOLES MAY S DUNKIN MARGARET PENDERGAST EDITH M. BRITTAIN BERNICE K. RAUST VOCATIQNA My BENIAMIN T. BULLEN KATHLEEN DAWSON M. E. HEIM LAWRENCE A. IORDAN IAMES KINGSTON HELEN L. LYTLE l HARRIETT M. MCGLONE IEAN P. VARIAN I A 'ki CLEO MELBOURNE ELSIE MAE WEBB E. W. SMITH ALLAN MURPHY MARY F. WHEELER A L A MYRTIE T. CAMPBELL IEAN R. INGERSOLL THERESE DUPREWE MICHAEL STUART NINA R. FAUQUIER WILMETTE WHITE M. ALLENE BUSH Librarian DOROTHY CALLAHAN K QV "--' IRENE HAMER Librarian MARIORIE MUMFORD in FLORENCE R. STUBBS Secretary MAY T. OSLAR l Maxine McNicholas and Kenney Brornan discover "the classics." There is more to physics than meets the eye. NORTH- Center of Activity Seeking information, gaining experi- ence, analyzing, judging, building, creating--in library, classroom, shop, laboratory, gymnasium, and studio, each student finds opportunities for expression, for development, for find- ing his own place in the universe. lean Celia graciously "poses" for art students. In the laboratory, students soon become imbued with the true scientific spirit. Robert Romero pauses in his painting of his portrait of Sara Van Camp. 3 xx Robert Radetsky smiles when he finds he was "right all the time." Earl Rohrbauqh and Harold Deist put the tinishinq touches upon their work. S y , Q s X M- . .uk Nr "Vt 'Sw ., .K . ZX - The Library-"MecCc1" to oil students, who here find books for C111 needs ond torstes. The shops of North ore equipped with the most modern machinery. "Ie ne cornprends pos," soys Iewei Myers to Miss Dupree ond Eilwyn Stuckey. 'iff' 3.-5 A Y 1 3 .2 4' Idcqueline Morris and Vdl Henrich find that the "World" con be brought into cr classroom. The eterndl mystery of it dill Helen Henderson finds "new Worlds to conquer." 'Xf.i,3I,,,i I The"North Stanineets that deadline. if fl' If The Crack Rifle Team gains real skill. ,..,.,...usw-ff WORKING, WORKING, Ioe Holtrnan learns the value of accuracy in mechanical drawing. ii gif 5833 , These girls know the way to a man's heart. K ' PA? Q lm' .. 1 .. Vgxijf ' ' V " " -. f Ki, ff? ' :sl f . f 7 ,. K' ' 2 ' 'Q , . 'V .. ' -Kia, 5 W 5 , "V its :M Q V ,f"l'f3l 7 Nir- L, is W4 AND STILL WORKING .. Y- W 5- f What Wonders can be found in a test tube! .ra lv" innings. Everett Wood tries to explain the theorem to Lois White. Fairy Perry models the housecoat that she has just finished. 5 ,lil we mbcccl plqqzqurc wdh reoponfslblldzeo. VALKYRIES Miss MARIE HOLLISTER, MRS. LORENE RAGLAND, and MRS. CHARLOTTE DRAKE President: FRANCES LOVE Vice President: BARBARA BAILEY Treasurer: BETTY BRAUER Drill Captain: CELESTE PARR Representative of North's school spirit is the enthusiastic support that the Valkyries give to athletic activities of the school. Their drills at the football games add much color and interest to the season. On Rally Day, Valkyries in uniform, usually take part in the ro ram I P q - Membership is based on considerations of scholarship, appearance, posture, and ability to follow drill routine. ,,,........,....,............ .. .,,. FRANCES LOVE WESLEY FORSYTH it BOYS' HI-Y CLUB MR, E. A. CUMMINGS President: WESLEY FORSYTH Vice President: DON GUNTHER Secretary? GERALD ELLEDGE Treasurer: DAVID LIGHTBURN "Clean Speech, Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living" is the sloqan of the Hi-Y, which is sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. The l-li-Y movement is national and leads to the development ot character and leadership. GIRLS' HI-Y MISS LOIS DAWSON President: RUTH THOMPSON Vice President: MARGERY BLIXT Secretary: IEAN MOON Treasurer: MARY HALL The purpose of this organization is to create a fellowship among the girls at North and to give them an opportunity for the development of initiative, leadership, and service. The activities include sewing for the Needle-Work Guild, an alumnae tea, trips to community enterprises, and an annual banquet with the Boys' Hi-Y, fr RUTH THOMPSON rf' J , W A Tax? INS, SARA IOI-INSON STENO CLUB MR. E. W. SMITH Vice President: HELEN HARRIS Secretary: PATSY SCI-IWAB Treasurer: ALICE CONNOLLY President: FERN ERICKSON A greater knowledge of stenography than that attained in the class room is the aim of this club. The meetings are conducted in a business-like manner, and busi- ness men and women often come to explain particular types of vocations. GIRL RESERVES MISS MARY C. DOREMUS President: SARA IOI-INSON Vice President: FRANCES CONZONE Secretary: CRISTINE DINGMAN Treasurer: WANDA HAMILTON These girls are junior members of the Y.W.C.A. Their programs are planned with the purpose of developing the members mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. FERN ERICKSON 5' . 5'-, .- .r SFF' ,I X LORRAINE YANDLE LSE I r str is 4 GIRLS' ATHLETIC SOCIETY MISS EDITH BRITTAIN President: LORRAINE YANDLE Vice President: BARBARA BAILEY Secretary: RHEBA HILBURN Treasurer: MAXINE DAVISSON To interest qirls in sports, to train them as referees, and to teach them the meaning oi qood sportsmanship are the main aims of the Girls' Athletic Society. SPARTANS OF SPORT MRS. MAY DUNKIN President: IANE MOORE Vice President: GLADYS SANDERS Secretary: BETTY BAKER Treasurer: LUCILLE PALS The Spartans of Sport organization has objectives similar to thzse of the Girls' Athletic Society, of which it is an outgrowth. More girls were eligible for member- ship than could be accommodated in one club: so this new group was formed in May, l935.J -I M it IANE MOORE L N.. -gf 4 wi' ii? "D" CLUB ELLWYN MR. JACK EVANS President: ELLWYN STUCKEY Secretary-Treasurer: DICK BINDER All the boys who have earned letters in athletics compose the "D" Club, which was orqariized to . promote a high standard in athletics and a better school spirit, and to develop in its members leadership, initiative, and a spirit of good fellowship and cooperation. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB MR. PAUL HILL President: RICHARD 'PETERSON Vice President: VIC EENTRESS Secretary: DAN CARBONE Treasurer: LLOYD KEISER The purpose of this club is to increase the interest of its members in pictures and picture-taking. Emphasis is also placed upon the development of skill in all branches of photoqraphy. STUCKEY mmf ii'l7i ll Ill! RICHARD I-IAGEMANN NORSKIS MISS BLANCI-IE CALKINS President: DICK HAGEMANN Secretary-Treasurer: BETTILOU GARRETT The Norskis Club was organized to promote an interest in skiinq and other winter sports. Several sports movies and prominent skiers have been brouqht to North through the sponsorship of this club. BATON CLUB MR. H. K. WALTHER President: MARYANN AMBROSIC secretary: FRANCES BOTHEL Drill Master: DORIS CHURCH Members of this organization participate in the rallies during the football sea- son and also take part in the drills at the qames. There is a junicr division of the club from which the uniformed members are chosen on the basis of their posture and skill in batonrtwirlinq. MARY ANN AMBROSIC t 'T Q, IEANNE ROBERTS WEBSTER ORATORICAL SOCIETY Miss MATTIE v. LENDRUM President: WESLEY FORSYTI-I Vice President: WARREN ROBERTS Secretary: BARBARA PETRIE Corresponding Secretary: CAROL I-IORNER Treasurer: IAMES KINGSBURY Sergeant-at-arms: IEAN LINDSAY Opportunities to gain practice in all phases of parliamentary practice, debating, impromptu and extemporcmeous speaking are obtained in this club through the various activities, which include the I9I6 Contest, Parents' Night, a banquet, and the regular meetings. BLACK MASQUE DRAMATIC CLUB MISS KATI-IARINE ANNE OMMANNEY President: IEANNE ROBERTS Vice President: DON PETERSON Secretary: MYRA IEAN MCCARTI-IY Treasurer: LEROY AXTON I-Iistorian: BOB WHITE Practical experience in interpreting and producing Worthwhile plays is the aim of this group, During each year, an elaborate evening production of an outstanding play is given---a performance that is always finished and artistic. WESLEY FORSYTI-I IEANETTE STEBBINS 1 VIKING SISTERS MISS MARY DOREMUS-MMISS LILLIAN E. DUER President: IEANETTE STEBBINS Vice President: IEANNE ROBERTS "Service unto others" might be the motto of this group whose special duty it is to extend a friendly, cordial welcome to all new-comers, Those chosen for membership stand in the upper ten percent of their class in scholarship and are known for their friendliness and cooperativeness. MAXWELL HISTORY CLUB MR. WILLIAM SPEARS President: DAVE BERMAN Vice President: ELEANOR KAHN Secretary-Treasurer: KENNEY BROMAN To stimulate interest in the social studies was the original purpose of the Maxwell History Club. To this has 'now been added the study of safety problems found both in and out of school. ROY LATIN CLUB MISS IEAN INGERSOLL Consulsz CAROLYN WERTH, ROY PRICE Praetor: DAVID LIGI-ITBURN Ouaestor: IUANITA ELLER The S.P.Q.R. is modeled after the Roman state and conducts its meetings with entertainment similar to that which the Romans enjoyed. The meetings include a Roman election, a spring party, and an open meeting conducted by the Virgil class. CAROLYN WERTH PRICE MORRIS GRODSKY FRENCH CLUB Miss THEHESE F. DUPREE President: MORRIS GRODSKY Vice President: BRUCE SCI-IWARTZD Secretary: BARBARA PETRIE Treasurer: TED ZARLENGO During the meetings of the year, this club considers the various phases of the language, customs, literature, and songs of France. Service to the community is rendered loy giving a Christmas party for the North Side orphanages. It also has a part in the Carnival and the Viking Varieties and gives a spring banquet. GERMAN CLUB MISS EMMA B. ECKER President: FRED STRICKER Vice President: MILTON I-IOSMAN Secretary: HELEN WIPPERMANN Treasurer: MARIORIE McCLOSKEY The activities of this club consist of singing German folk-songs, producing German plays, giving programs showing the contributions made by German people to the industrial, economic, educational, cultural, and scientific life of the United States. FRED STRICKER JOHN SPANISH CLUB PEGGY PHILLIPS MISS MYRTIE CAMPBELL First and Second Semester Presidents: IOI-IN PHILLIPS, PEGGY O'NEIL Vice Pres.: DOROTHY STEWART, Sec.: TED McCURDYg Treas.: BETTY CRANOR Spanish songs and culture are emphasized in the meetings of this club, A spring festival is held each April which typities the friendly spirit and enjoyment OI lite common to the Spanish-speaking people. ITALIAN CLUB MISS NINA FAUQUIER President: GEORGE RAIMO Vice President: VINCENT LILLO Secretary: SUZANNE CAPRA Treasurer: ROSE SINOPOLI Interest in Italian literature, art, and music is created in this club by dramatiz- ing Italian plays, by studying biographical sketches of famous Italian artists, and by learning Italian songs. O'NElL Ui W . so -1 ' use A Y ,A . '52 fax? E E W nr, DON GUNTHER SCIENTIC SOCIETY MR. WILLIAM C. TWIEG President: DON GUNTI-IEH Vice President: DAVID TOWNE Secretary: MARGARET GIOIA Treasurer: FRI-XNZ TUTEUR Sergeants-at-arms: RUTH THOMPSON, VIC FENTRESS Demonstrations and discussions on current scientific topics given by members of the society are the highlights of the programs ot the meetings. i SENIOR LITERARY SOCIETY MR. H. B. SMITH President: BOB WHITAKER Vice President: RALPH ANSELMO Secretary: SHIRLEY ROTHI-'USS Treasurer: BOB WHITE Sergeant-at-arms: HELEN ZURWELLE The literary, musical, and social improvement oi its members is the aim of the Senior Literary Society. Membership is open to any senior. ANSELMO RALPH IEANETTE STEBBINS ART CLUB MISS EDDAH HILLIER President: IEANETTE STEBBINS Vice President: BOB WATSON Secretary: HARRIET STAUTER Treasurer: LLOYD GIFFIN Art experience is obtained in this club through talks, visits to exhibitions, or through actual experimentation. One of the most important activities is that of making gifts at Christmas time for needy children. GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB MRS. LUCILE FISHER President: IRENE SEAMAN Vice President: MAXINE DAVISSON Secretary: MARY HELEN HAINES Treasurer: CAROL PIGEON The standards of this club may be summed up in good scholarship, good marks- manship, and good sportsmanship, ' .z P. K S 'E ,"kt.:Sv- f H, .bi , Fw , ,F 5 IRENE SEAMAN WR' I.-,aw 1 l IUNIOR ESCORTS Miss Mzxrris v. LENDRUM, Miss MARIE I-IOLLISTER, MRS. WILLMETTE WHITE lunior qirls who lead in scholarship, service, cmd personality compose the Iunior Escorts. The pictures on this page are of the Escorts of last year whose honor it was to assist at the commencement exercises of 1940. yr'- vf fy e' . 1 fx fm M V v or . ,.-, N 'G 9 , f i i 9 it A ' ' 'A , f t ., i 5 g I K . I ' in . . ' 1 it ,- ff f 2' ' e T gy f K- L X - 'wr ' 5 V ' t . ,,FM: ,elsif 5 . . ' ,, .... - tx, V -' 'A-----P I 1 Q DAVID TOWNE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MISS ELLA SCHENCK President: DAVID TOWNE Vice President: CAROLYN WERTH Secretary: SHIRLEY ARNOLD Treasurer: ROY PRICE The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 as a recognition of fine character, scholarship, service, and leadership. North has always been proud of having the second charter issued in the United States. Members are chosen from those graduating seniors who meet the high standards. STUDENT COUNCIL MR. A. I. MARTZ President: TOM HAMMOND Vice President: GENE LANG Secretary: SHIRLEY BENNETTS The president ot' each class, the semester chairmen, the Norsemen president, the All-Girls' League president, and the "North Star" editor compose the Student Council. It serves as an advisory committee to the principal on matters of student interest. It plans and directs Purple and Gold Day activities and sponsors a campaign for courtesy in the lunchroom. TOM HAMMOND a , A .,..W,.ws..-- A-Mg, ' -' .L-ilk. 'rj' i I y TOM HAMMOND S5-Q, ALL GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL MISS FERN D. MITCHELL President: IANE MOORE Secretary: BETTY ANN OTTO Every qirl by right of her enrollment in North is a member of this League which sponsors the Football Dance, the Christmas Play, the Mother-Dauqhter Tea, and the Senior Girls' Farewell. NORSEMEN COUNCIL President: TOM HAMMOND Secretary: ROY PRICE The Norsemen Club is the all-boy organization of the school. Its primary objective is to support all desirable school activities. IANE MOORE I 'Q 'iv 6 RQ fc clbs g 0 ANNUAL BOARD MISS MADGE FERGUSON MISS EDDAI-I HILIIER President: WARREN ROBERTS Editor: BARBARA BOWMAN "The Viking," North's yearbook, is a publication for the entire student body, presenting a graphic picture of the immediate school year, containing a review of student cmd faculty, academic and extra-curricular activities in picture and Writing. 7-N X u ll I NORTH STAR STAFF MRS. SARA ESON Editor-in-chief: VIRGINIA HARVEY, second semester: BILL BROWN, first. The "North'Star" was established twenty years ago and since that time has VIRGINIA remained the official publication of North. It is written and published biweekly HARVEY by students who compose the staff WARREN ROBERTS I , K K A - -,-V- h A K -if MOON VIRGINIA WELFARE COMMITTEE X IEAN atxf WOOD , x 6 5. , ,Q , is ,gk MISS IEAN INGERSOLL Chairmen: First Semester, VIRGINIA WOOD, Second Semester, IEAN MOON Members are chosen on the basis ot recommendations made by the faculty who consider the qualities of character, scholarship, and willingness for service. Their most important activity is the sale of used books at the beginning of each semester. AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE MISS MATTIE V. LENDRUM Orqanizinq, rehearsing, and producing assembly programs-ushering and serving as door-men-substituting in emergencies on proqramse-receiving and enter- taining quest performers-all these and many more duties indicate the variety of the work of this committee which is composed of students from all classes. STAGE CREW MR. RALPH COFFMAN For all school productions, this crew designs settings and handles stage properties. Since the work and responsibilities are great, only energetic and trustworthy boys are admitted to this group. ALL-GIRLS' LEAGUE MONI'I'ORS Miss FERN D. MITCHELL-MISS LILLIAN E. DUER The care of the All-Girls' League Room is in the hands of this group. At particularly busy times, the members help the office monitors. They also act as hostesses to any strangers who may need directions. DAN CARBONE CONCERT ORCHESTRA MR. H. K. WALTHER President: DAN CARBONE Vice President: CATHERINE MURRAY Secretary: TERESA MARSAU Librarians: WAYNE MILLER, HOWARD BANZI-IAF This orchestra qives two formal concerts a year and plays at the dramatic productions of the school and at P.'T. A. meetings. The repertoire of these advanced musicians includes not only the best of the modern music and those classics usually attempted by high school groups but also the more difficult classics. IUNIOR ORCHESTRA MR. H, K. WALTHER President: RUSSELL MOSIER Secretary: SHIRLEY BRIDGE Librarian: IANET KELLERMAN Membership in the Concert Orchestra is the aim of the members of this group, The much-needed experience for advanced work is gained here. N TOM HAMMOND A V I V V I 1 Mxmi A CAPELLA II MR. C. W. BYBEE President: TOM HAMMOND Secretary: BARBARA PETRIE Librarians: BOB BAKER, FOREST BRADLEY This group sinqs advanced and difficult selections Without accompaniment. The members are qreatly responsible for the success and effectiveness of the annual opereifa. A real note of beauty is added to the many programs in which they have a part. A CAPELLA I MR. C. W. BYBEE President: 'ELLWYN STUCKEY Secretary: PEGGY O'NEIL Librarians: NICK AIELLO, HERBERT WILLIAMS This orqonizotion offers troininq for those desirous ot becoming members of the A Capella II through further development oi the objectives of the Glee Clubs. ELLWYN STUCKEY BOYS' GLEE CLUB MR. C. W. BYBEE President: DAVID CAMPBELL Secretary: SAM ISRAEL Librarians: GENE MARCELLO, AL BRESTER This organization offers an introduction to vocal music, including the study of voice, diction, note-reading, and ear-training. gm . M A GROUP OF EAGER SINGERS IN THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB. PAUL GARGARO DIRECTS WITH ANIMA- TION AS GEORGE I-IANEL LOOKS ON. 4 BOB CUNNINGHAM DANCE ORCHESTRA MR. H. K. WALTHER Director: ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Accompanists: STUART WELCH and DON TURNER "Hard Work" is the password of this organization since it furnishes the music for the weekly social hours. This band spends many hours in practice and partly as a result of this perseverance, a number of former members have positions in well known dance orchestras. FLUTE CHOIR MR. I-l. K. WALTHER This group, which is believed to be absolutely unique of its kind in the American high school, has made about seventyfiive appearances both in and out of school in the two years of its existence. A great many of the selections played are arranged by members of the choir since very few arrangements oi this type are published. OFFICE MONITORS Mlss FERN D. MITCHELL Collecting, sorting, filing, and delivering all slips, bulletins, and notices represent only a part oi the invaluable service rendered by this group of students. VIKING GUIDE SERVICE MR. IEAN VARIAN The purpose of this service organization is to give courteous assistance to all visitors at North who need help or information, Work is carried on by students who have been selected because of their ability and fitness for this kind of service. w. COLOR GUARD HEADQUARTERS COMPANY RECRUIT DETACHMENT BATTALION STAFF COMPANY M . ,I f, ' 1 ,J , . , 2, . gf we played and we cheered. Right: Stuckey hits the center of the line. ,dw t 4f.E'rL J' ' W 1: . 'NUM 9 t X M an "Rf-Qswsfv I xv, 'Wing FOOTBALL. '40 The purple-shirted Vikings fought tenaciously through the football season. They failed to win one league game although the last three games showed much improvement. North did win one game, which was with Arvada. Toward the middle of the season, Coach lack Evans divided his squad up into two senior teams and one junior team. This proved to be a better plan, and the Viks scored their first touchdown against East and in the last game of the season almost downed Manual's Bricklayers. The team tailed to place a man on the mythical all-city team but Armand DeSaverio, end, Tony Delitenzo, guard: and Ioe Carpinello, back, gained recog- nition for their play by making honorable mention. Many promising luniors will be back from this year's varsity, and Coach Evans is counting on a fair season for the Viks next year. Promising Iuniors are lay Hooper, back: Ted Warshauer, back, and Ioe Klune, tackle. f Write-ups in this .faction were written by Bob Fullerton, sports editor of the "North Star."j Right: Descrverio makes a nice tackle. M-. , Below: Hooper breaks into the clear. tg .g'g1f,,i., ky ,K V7'f3.-:lil , it ' Jai ,ig if iq it rf 1 QQ-'X MILLER A.. UQ 5 ' www ,sf , ws'Tit.V Vx f ,W .M ,. .N 0 - lo' QA ,-uf i i IN if ff N35 'X .Qf 4' . f .A- A ,sift gig, A 'E V g M an ". 04" FRIEDLAND A IRVINE we., .N - L " my - E--J., ,SM A dis ., S". W.. Af '.An.,,., if .u f' 1 ,. 'rf' . Y 1Srfsw,4+W!QdJ"'k -wg i " M. FW: K . -v V Q A ARF .. - 1 Q ,SRAWJ i v ' 5 . 3- 5 34 g"',:w ff I" X' f , qkf , X S w 1 Mfqwqipfw Nymylsihsyiigf , Y r-N L' Q m Yysgv, 1 a 5 Q5 L K mi K ,gm Q ' 5 . S .QA K 'f"'X K A-, A we .- .1 1 liiiffiifl' - :V M ig 5 .r SVV ff f 5 62- . if A t M ., fv V ia,?'x Si Q 1 SAF! Q i MONTHEI 36" ffggf ,fe I' DiRENZO -9' ,Q yo- 2 A 4 4 Iv ff' , Q H1 1 r ,I Q ' .. , gf i Q S 3 In T2 v f M f 9' 4 'E 1 Q 25, . ff . y 'lg -Q. f. -me fv Q 'N' f ., Mr. h gk 1. Q' 4' ' K 3 X .. J .QM ' Aw ,. A -r - l F ' ' Q Q, 5 , 1 A Q X i Q IQ' ks? 1 XM K f' 5 Q.. 3 i I .,,. .. X, . i ,KA , Vi 5 Qu . . . 41 Q- - .. 3 X W. KY., . ET TA r . A a .-.- u.Sfl' Y X - Q vu- ,mf I as -M.-f gl: 1 1 LA A ' . f Llbk A Qu' 1 I 5 QQ 'tr' iq, I fi- - Rf UH: ' I ,M-u . . 3 i A ful Q '- 4 Qi Ear A J.. -,. ' Xa A " A - zu, ' I Q v r I. ' 5 I 5, YN' Q' ,,,......-s- 2-it " ' f iff' - 'ASQ .' , - 4-S i wi . fit A Q. Liley Pontarelli Stuckey BASKETBALL. '41 After a poor start that saw the Vikings beaten in the first league game of the season, the tables turned and North beat East, South, Manual, and West before finally bowing to the Angels. The first 'East game Was a thrill-packed affair that ended up with Dick Binder hitting a long one that meant the differ- ence 2O-l8. The game served to inspire the Viks, and Keith Young came through in the South game With a set-up that Won for North, 32-30. Manual's Weak team Went down With- out a battle and West, the team that beat North early in the season, was the second victim of Dick Binder's shooting, with the final score l9-l5. Wells 'ZIi 7, -' 'J ' JA E ' Qui' Martin it tiss f -1-fi ,Q .- wiv-..'-5i 1a'zf if g f -4" ' , , ' L1 gx: 5 , t, ,jg Binder Martin goes for a high one. Pups takes u shot. xsk . ,Q T . ,N,. f . .L,-.Q, - -'H f' ' it -2 . -1-1.133 .a f wi sw - gifgggf it - 5 5 y if--:Q -Q j i E. 5 - 2, s i Q , , 3 i it Brester Young Roberts East came from behind to gain revenge in their second meeting, and two foul shots by Tupper Smith Won the game, 32-30. South was expected to give the Viks a battle but was cold and went down, 35-21. In the last game of the city league, Manual was edged 29-28, with some good shots by Chuck Martin helping the North cause. Pup Eriedland, Dick Binder, Keith Young, and Paul Wells were honored by being chosen as outstanding players. STATE TOURNAMENT The Norsemen didn't fare too Well in the State Tourna- ment and were beaten in the first game, 42-30, by Colorado Springs Terrors. The loss of Harold Eriedland Was felt to a great extent by the Viks. North did manage to go to the finals of the consolation tournament but was beaten in an over-time game, 32-28, by Canon City. Chcmdl 'ii 5 , S.. 1 ll' Friedland Young tips off with East. Coach Fl t er sinks one. Siuckey Ligrani ICuplJ a 5 if A.. BASEBALL. '40 am M, . x .M Q ,, The baseball season started with gloom but almost ended with the Vik's fifth championship. Two disappointing losses to Manual and West were the Norsemen's lot in the first two games, but they came back to lick the league, lead- ing East Angels 6-5 and continued their Winning streak the f r r 1 next three games. A victory over the Angels in their second A meeting would have assured the Viks of a tie for first, but -A lffff- it was East's day and the Norsemen Went down to defeat Risoli Hamel Poniurelli Fallico Pieiruleso , R Neal ,gyffzflv AGI' Xqxyh gs, 1 i fmty t 1 it rs 'lffiit ll FEV BASEBALL. '40 i j , 9 - 1 Q, I., LJ if if 4 Y 5 B V V J H' 1 K K 'lf gs , R, .4 fa QS 4, J' t 5 ' a ' wit fm - A Ht. Xffl ft Q 1,- Fullerton . f T . s n lqllxll ANGLSY l x l l Markano by a score of 7-2. The last game of the season was a muddy affair that North lost 4-3 to South after five innings. It meant that the Viks split even with all teams, defeating each one once, and losing to each once. It was the most disappointing season in years as the Viks lost four games. Dutch I-Ianel, 3 , Pete Fallico, Ioe Pontarelli and Alex Risoli were chosen all- x 1 i F Johnson Young Wallace Carplnello Binder Y . 7 f 1 xi . 4 'ff T 9 Y as 1 lky' 21,536 Q fl J s ' M -L E .tra l .-M.. V' v s an saab... 'sect VT WRESTLING. '41 SQ Weber I-'enlress makes another pin ior North. I.aBonde 3 F ..--' Black Mr. Borst receives the trophy from Bob Harvcxt. Dunwoody Hcxrvui lCcptJ Furbee Nelson oooo 4 9- ..:. ...,., I gf, --gi K EV o WRESTLING. '41 Furbee demonstrates his skill and technique. The Wrestling team Won the city and state champion- ships tor the third straight year under the tutorage of Coach B. O. Moles and gained a lasting name for the school. The Vikings Went through the city league with comparative ease, having only one tough match, that one with East. Outstanding members of the team were: Ruben Weber, 95 pounderg Bob Harvat, 125 pounder, who was all-state in 1939 and 1940 in lighter Weights: Vic Fentress, 155 pounderp and Bill Beetem, 175 pounder. All of these men were all- city in their respective weights and Weber was all-state, the only boy to gain recognition on the all-state team from North. Other members of the team who helped considerably in the state tournament were: Bob Dunwoody, Walt Furbee, lrv Nelson, and loe Klune. The outlook for next year is en- couraging With five lettermen returning. Klune Fentress Dillenzo B. O. Moles tCoachl L 1 Qs f 5 .4 ,Q as-I-,N K F, 1.453 f X-iw -its if ' 5' T ff : X A ,. 1 f f .3 I t f 3. . . . N: Elvis y ' Q -' fin - I ....-..4f'J"'- D. Frith lMqr.l Honstein Beetem Hoop d play h p rfeci fo i the high hurdles. On your mark. TRACK, '40 Last year's track team ranked high among those of previous years. The event in which the squad members starred was the two-mile relay. The relay team was composed of Mike Lombardi, Bob Castle, Bert Alexander, and Harold Deist. This group of tracksters took first place honors at the Boulder relays and second place at the Colorado College relays. Mike Lombardi, North's star track man, had been on the track squad since his sopho- more year. ln last year's meets he took all- state and all-city in the half mile. Iack Kiddie, a hurdler, piled up points in the dual and triangular meets in the city but was injured in the preliminaries. P D I Ricci Hooper Kiddie K ehler t wr,--wfyfi. i 1 A - B.. . 4 S ' WJ we-f ,.X,.mx-as!" , . 1 Lombardi wins ihe half-mile at Ihe Boulder meet. mv SM Pfenninq - 'eg-'fs iv .3 '--Q 4 552345 . 4 ff? gy. .-5 1 - v .LU-,RM Casile Lombardi 'S--is. we-l?'?5f .Nr .. ,, . ,D .5 , Two hopeiuls loosen up with cr fast lap R 9-mi X 4 5 . 9 4 -in - . .KV EN an 8 .A .1 X rf .aww S Coach Lacey 'lllllulng-A S rxv' X. Buqino CMqrl DiLorenzo Brinker Triebelhorn Corbelia V I i SHA. S i X I Berqren does SWIMMING. '41 The North tanksters splashed through the season, finishing third in the City Meet and Won two of its four dual meets with the other Denver schools. Nelson Bergren Was North's high-point man, earning 35 points for the sea- son and placing second in the city's indi- vidual medley event. The Angels from East Denver repeated their championship per- formance again this year, breaking five city records and earning 38 out of a possible 40. Seven letters Were awarded this year. The "D" Wearers are: Wayne Miller, Nick Aiello, Dave Hughes, Nelson Bergren, Melvin Pembridge, Roy Avis and Tom Sebastian. Four of the men will return to next year's squad. BACK ROW: Miller, Bergren, Hughes. FRONT ROW: Aiello, Avis, Sebastian, Pembrldgo. SWIMMING. '41 xx 5 . li' R ,- -Q 5 X Q4 NWN 'X .--0" X Gggd lg Qhg 1351 dggp, NiCk Aibno does C idllkkllifb. All ihe qcmq. Hughes lakes fha load Q 'Q S Sf1' G 1 '.. . 5? '54 A K . ,I ' I . i iq " L ' ' - , 'A A Nlln. L ' " , -' .. ...ffm " "'-' N X. ' N , .. .,, ,mv .,, . A ..... ,M ww. f- .gnu j H. nf -' " , W K I TENNIS North's tennis team finished up a hotly contested season in third place. It was one of the most bitterly fought races in the history of the league. HACKETEERS Bonger QCapt.J Rae Mendenhall Edison Prout Rcppencker Ulrich Reddish Martin East, repeating last year's performance, took first, South, second, North, third West, fourth, and Manual, fifth. GOLF North golfers did fairly well this season and finished in third place. Manual, fourth, and West, fifth. After playing off a tie, East ended in first place, South, secondp North, third GOLFEHS Wilson Mott Hobart: Moore Harboll Baker it 1 1 .az tar Q X , Q J f Ng Grodsky ' ' White H german Kg CHEER LEADERS Our school yells Were led by tour boys who deserve much credit for their fine Work. They are Morris Grodsky, Bob White, Dick 1-lagemann, and Bob Whitaker. Winning or losing, they displayed the same spirit typical of all true Vikings. CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIES This year for the third consecutive time North Won the City and State Wrestling Championships. The trophy was awarded by the Denver Public Schools Athletic League to the team winning the most points in the meet held at East. The three trophies awarded in 1939, 1940, and 1941 are symbolic of North's school spirit and enthusiasm. 1939 1940 1941 gone! .Sjnorfa . Left: The eight outstanding girl athletes as selected by Miss Brittain and Mrs. Dun- kin-McConnell, Tuskey, Iohnson, Short, Isley, Marinaro, Gay and Fisher. am alter a Slfenuous q 1 Time Ou 6. Mary Aikens and Bettey Talley enjoy a game of shuffleboard. The basketball champs seem Yandle, Pigeon, McConnell, and Davisson were on the champion- Hhappy about the whole thing." ship volleyball team. L. ffofyrem Right: Soccer champs get together- Honeycutt, Hargreaves, Scibona, Lo- sasso, Heasley, Stapleton, and Grentelt. ,.--,,,..-f-"' R 'A 4! They swing a "mean racquet," these champs-Blanche Wise and i Orva Ann Ingram. The eleve . S, n Ylcfm O. S. 1nitiaf?O5f the Gladys and Alta watch as lane takes a free shot. R9GdY, girls? Then shoot! Wag geddfiuaf The irresistible rhythms of rhum- bas and La Conqas! The glamor- ous charm of the Argentine was brilliantly displayed at the annual Play Festival held at the Municipal Auditorium on March 7. Duvisson foils tor a strike. Mflxme No, not beards-just molasses and corn flakes at the G. A. S. initiation. .' ff J " fs A y . A I .K .U , .vwklyl U A r 1 fl . A A lpffl 1 . .ll 3 X 'W ff. 'QA' i t T l ,1-'-- ff 92 s N.. 0M,l"l'lG,l'I'I,8l'l fd Although the "game's the thing," t a little friendly competition adds 2 Vy g ,V zest to many of the sports in which y. 3 the girls at North participate. i 55 1 to ggte k, F t f af gui' 1 ii r -QQ, mi 'K 'Q , x T 'ffFafi2LQ v S -5 'Q". J' "".Qaq.- '. 1 Deck tennis champs line up for their picture: McConnell, Yandle, lohnson, and Fisher. 469 In the spring, a girl's fancy turns to indoor. Girls also dream of home runs. S3 Y , W ""- "A f ,Q- if - Q , , r X- W,,,,-,, -- Pin g Dong 9XpertSSprett Y Ones, TOO! S ,t N., Poise and erect carriage are achieved through corrective exercises. Miss 'Edith Brittain. menfaz Morag lOAgfiica!,izleahA Three essentials there are for the happy, complete lite! mental, moral, and physical strength. The girl who has in her possession a physique that is clean, agile, and graceful meets lite with a great advantage. To secure such a physique for each girl at North and to enable her to safeguard it is the aim of the members oi the girls' physical education department. Mrs. May Dunkin Dr. Marie Facht checks on the girls' physical fitness. Me dreamed Kong Kong cfreama . . . and many came True. ,Have Wo mudic in jAeir..Nearf5 were .xdre jew af Worm 7fUAo NNMXSE Dot, Bud, Marge, and Roy have eyes only for one another. Ralph and Celeste 0 grin over the top I ecldlnfg of a North Star. 'X N! l . fi? if Where-'s your usual smile, Francis? S Now, Peggy, Mel is no superman! K ' T T ll erfiona Lim 535533 hgm his perch. ll ,V Billie and Dean-as always Bright and shmmq faces These Websterites dis- play clishwashinq tech- nique after Parents' Night. Q X ffl V Q --eq..,, NA:- W :ws-:': rx, Q Us . .A Z 2. '22 :'.:kw rfwvazu. f,-VA-Cf: ,W','x"L A 1 1,3?'wwffferffgf'-frwmf 'ij 1 y J, QQ. ff gmfif fylz ,-A F1 K fi ,. gum. 21534 21 w i ll 5 A l,m,. jf ' J a-f 3 M ,wif f. , - , fs ' in - ,131 1. . .2 H ftjkff N 1 ' .' .,-' + 1 , cf- ' 4 li 1 e kffifwkiishlf W , 5, -, rf. . I . H-Q, '?sg.fe5.. 11 . U 43 ,.i2...L,W 5' 5 0 A . mm:-gk ig ' -4 as K 1245 .VL 1, "f?1ff?L??' fy gi f ' r J gg i .J - 5 S sw Year 'A LU? 2? . 4 .',-ffgg: ' -5.2. wars . ,. .N mg. .K ,Q xii. ,A 4 sr" ml A Q . gm r 5 xg 1 u 3 ,W X x A 'P R , Y -. Q .Q M 3 sf, W' fda... ... 5 i -A , 1 Q 5- ,L f. fail-K k7khA K 4 KI , f Q ff f L5 1f H , b ff? , f i L ' Q A Mae Belle Becxdle cmd Bcxrbcxrcr Petrie, the feminine leads. A sad moment in the play. 3 66 sgaldeef SIR IAMES BARBIE , y? . . , 4 3 1 J, ' 3 M..,,. ,-fe' I. A 35 ye :- vi, . up ki-S- I I-:iq .5 rf: 4 Idsf' Knit one, purl two. diet. X Q SOX. hinq abou There? Soma 56.64 7Wa4que Ffa for I 941 F 5 The t hfee Spfnsters Barbara tries to get .. the town gossip from y Wesley. s Qbpeql- bam ed b Y QppeCIfQnCeS 1 f x. .Q , V1 A , L' , . .t X A iguliilj - 5- lhiim - 'x"'T ' -"I f ., fn ' ' .Q . . wigs vw . -x. ,Vx - .:-.z Don Baker, the male lead, and Barbara in a romantic scene. So many pretty girls and the men play cards? x nfl A 3 Q s P 5 , bl deaf ph? omenfb Wm, 1 GUS TBUS Musick em, too. .0 J Betty' Crt her best. NA-GTX V The hunqry ive. mOod. jllefie ,Simi ed 1,1 s r K fx f it ii' Celeste Parr, who with Roger Walker, won the 1916 Contest. They were our Shatroth representatives. V - i ,at These are the victors in the Viking Varieties. M y a iV 4 Q wal i Haroid Osterrmiief W Betty Bfcluef Are for 'Uictory Evelyn Caudiil-winner of the Sons of Revolution essay contest., jAl"0lfLg ik? gg? of l I The birdie smiles ot Iohnr1y.CFirst prize in the candid comercr contest entered by pexief B Third Prize Efxxered by LeRoy looks pleased-wonder why? rinken ' Leo Schenkeirl. ,.., v in , Xeclnne. kb pOSev Hoid ibm Second prize - picture used on end pages-won by Wesley Forsyth. 'i""""""" 3 wk These qrdp o wonder. YOU' re no ostrich, Bud C - . . OI-ne on Out! fAe Candbcl 'ff' pXers ore GH smdes, x cmd n Entered by Vic Fentressl Siesta 'YimefComiorKc1bXeX TrOY is telling the CG merqmcm h OW! V m.,mm,.L , , . mL,. 5 l - . f A T f 5, ,... , y t o i f- ' tk :1 . fs K J 2 ' ,- ,Q 1, f ist' L,X V in X . 'Q X lt 5:55 X5 A .5 - x 5 I The Seniors have 5 downs. i yy y s 5 1940 , 4, T fig 3 5 4 their ups and :Ir-rg vi In LE i " l --" , - W... W., , f, .4-M.-.-.sf 4:-sef.,..,.,. , . -an Ml ' A :ana annul lil! Haven for Iitterbugs. .N '16 ' -tv , it , at ,..,...M.,. LN -soaps. i 'Q ll , e tl Patiently waiting? nf ' . Q Y 1 .41 ,,,, f "rf , - . ' ' r . . 'ygny -2 Q, 9' I 'S A' . , wig . .. v V 'ef - le I ,N Holding a high spot in the memory of every Senior is the annual class picnic. This is the time when the whole school turns out to give the Seniors a real farewell. It is everyone's Class Day and is truly representative of our good times through school. Last year, Class Day was held at Lakeside, where everyone spent the day swimming, laughing, playing, and dancing. The roller coaster held the spotlight as an endless stream of boys and girls waited patiently for a ride. After supper in the pavillion, the merry whirl continued, and many couples could be seen dancing in the ballroom. This year on May 27, Elitch's will be gay with North students who have put away their studies for a day and have donned their bright- est play clothes . . . all in the spirit of good fun. ll. Olftffe THREE QUEENS AND TWO KINGS Iust as New Year's day gives us all a chance to renew our resolutions, so Color Day gives each Viking a chance to renew his school leanne and Alex, Color Day rulers. Ellwyn and loan, monarchs of Court- esy Day, accept candy as the team watches hungrily. Below: Rose Gorramone beams from her throne. X ff' brro I spirit. As its name implies, Color Day is the day when all Vikings wear the school colors. Each classroom in l94O also wore its share ot Purple and Gold, and the members of the room with the winning decorations received additional points tor their class. The Tug o' War between the Sophomores and the Iuniorsp the baseball game between the Iuniors and the Seniors: the faculty game, with the teachers opposing the students-all added up scores for the classes, and the winning class had its choice tor the king and queen. The day's festivities were ended by a dance in the gym when everyone was proud to wear the Purple and Gold. .-' AXGR The Iunior Prom queen and attendants. enior rom As ancient as the story of those star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Iuliet, and as modern as the swing music of Gene Eland's orchestra, was the Valentine theme of the 1941 Senior Prom. Against a background of hearts and flow- ers, the 240 couples, the girls in swishing gowns, glided to and fro across the floor. The decora- tions, favors, and refreshments were all in keep- ing with the theme. Each Senior seemed to carry with him the feeling that this was his last Senior Prom-in honor of him and his classmates. unior rom une 1, 1940 When the S. S. Viking set sail on Iune 1, 1940, many Iuniors were on deck to see that each Senior had a hail and hearty fare- well. The orchestra dedicated songs to many of the Seniors, and the highlight of the eve- ning was the crowning of the queen, Nancy Eaton. Her attendants were: Virginia Leyda, Arlene Turner, lean Clifford, Myra McCarthy, and Frances Love. CCQSS. real Su as G q The "D" Club Hop W The programs for the Senior Prom. Smiling faces-typical of the class of 1941. -elihi' Awgfg-,, A- 1, W V, .,. , ,,..--- QL ii 5 .AM . . , 3 A X 7 P- . .AW K v' - . A 1 ' Rf V P . ' H ' 1 V ' Q Yay . ,L-H 5 'y . -Qt X 4 M f 13' -.X A' - Vai.-'I A , . -' :fy ,, ,p r 't :Ss i ' s -:PQ V 4' ' . 5 V' Y V fi! ' 11 W A' vt S Z ,J ,, A g-wwe Q y l 'G X 3 I fx .Eiga qw ,L E ag 'tg v iwx X F ' - . eif f if f, EP. I X? for 15 1 'norm Not s1lCh good jim jemme gain 0 t our heads' o A buuS9Ye Both Iectnette and her tellcx are having Q qood time. This trio seems to do C1 bit ot qossipinq. ,155- i 4 ,A A K I Decorclkions. CoXor Day X 'Ls ihe oktro 0 ecfiorw of M UW r the Pxnnud? ction Georqe o Une M 1, cmd ccxst takes G bo W. Gaul gn X Art Bonqer's short speech of tw about 10,000 words. Be f 'WJ leabt wnkenf, Q Annual salesmen-or Women-to whom We are indebted: Buerqer, Garnet, Kemper, Stark, Brcxuer, Mcxrincxro, Grenfell, Weuthermcm, Roberts. QB inmate d And we grew lh ,6fC?lLLl-P6 zh lenowlcafqe. . . ln undemfanclmq. 0 of fire gfadd o!1947 I OE CARPINELLO VICE-PRESIDENT Baseball Football "D" Club FRED STRICKER PRESIDENT National Honor: Debate Team: Webster German: Student Council: Sen1or Lit Social Hour. ANTHONY CORBETTA FRANCES LOVE TREASURER SECRETARY National Honor Webster: Hi-Y Scientific: "D" Club Valkyries: Ir. Escort Football: Track Senior Lit. f 5 W' Q- iw MA leanne Roberts-eoutmznding dramatist of the class, was our D.fl.R. delegate. ANDERSON, BERNEICE Webster: Latin: Senior Lit.: Sci- entific: Auditor- ium. ARNOLD, SHIRLEY I-Ii-Y: Ir. Escort: Valkyries: Sci- entific: National Honor: Senior Lit. 1 : ANDERSON, BOYCE AUGER, GEORGE Football "D" Club Track l rl ,,,., Q- AGEN, MARIORIE Senior Lit. Spanish Valkyries ALLICOTTI, MAMIE Steno: Italian: Big Sister: Senior Lit.: Ir. Escort. ANDERSON, ELEANOR Steno: Senior Lit.: Office: Jr. Escort: A Cappella. AXTON, LeROY Black Masque: French: Senior Lit.: A Cappella. x., X my . ...ll 'W' xX Y Q X rl .HE . 5 ' ll il, ' ' -1 .3" 4 'IQ It A ' . AICI-IER, OLIVE Scientific Senior Lit. Spanish AMBROSIC, MARYANN Baton: Senior Lit.: Steno: Auditorium. ANDERSON, MARGARET Steno Girl Reserves Senior Lit. BACKUS, GLADYS Girl Reserves: Maxwell: Senior Lit.: German. AIELLO, NICK "D" Club Swimming Club ALTMAN, MARCIA Senior Lit. Scientific Latin ANSELMO, RALPH Senior Lit.: A Cappella "D" Club: Football. BAHM, EDDIE BAILEY, BARBARA Valkyries Senior Lit. BATEMANJIM Latin: Senior Lit.: All City Orchestra: N o r t h Band cmd Orchestra. BECKMAN, CHARLES BERGLIN, WANDA ROSE Senior Lit. Scientific 5 ' ' . BAKER, DONALD Black Masque Football BATTAGLINO, JAMES Senior Lit. Band and Orchestra BECKMAN, ZONA Senior Lit. Steno BERNSON, MABEL Senior Lit. Girl Reserves BAKER, ROBERT "D" Club: A Cappella: Swimming: Golf. BEAMAN, EDITH ELAINE Senior Lit. Steno A Cappella BEGHIN, ELAINE German BERNSTEIN, SYLVIA Senior Lit. Spanish Steno BALSLEY, MARGUERITE BARNES, ROBERT Black Masque: Ir. Escort: Senior Lit,: Art: Spanish: Biq Sisters. BEAN, FLORA BEAN, LAURA Senior Lit. Steno Steno Senior Bob Shaw-football man, has a reputation for keeping up with the latest stylcx and trends. BIANCO. FRANCES '4 .L BILLINGTON, IUANITA BLAKLEY, RALPH BLIXT, MARGERY Senior Lit., Ten- nis, Hi-Y, "D" Club, A Cap- pella. Hi-Y, Ir. Escort, S. O. S., Office, Valkyries, Senior Lit., Big Sister, National Honor. Ralph Anselmo-"D" Club man, is iqcpl busy by bis Senior Lit. duties. A - ff ff , r I, , CW 1 iff.. A 5,2 BINDER, DICK "D" Club, Baseball Basketball, Scientific, Nai tional Honor. BLOUCH, ROGER Photography Scientific North Star BONDY, ALICE Senior Lit. BOYD, ROBERT - N E BINKLEY, BETTY Steno Senior Lit. BLUM, ELAINE German, National Honor. BOTT, LYDIA German Girl Reserves BRADLEY, FOREST A Cappella BLACK, IAMES Scientific Photography Spanish BOLDT, KARL Scientific, S e n i o r Lit., Band, German. BOWMAN, BARBARA French, Senior Lit., Biq Sister, Annual Board, A Cappella, Scientific, Ir. Escort, Valkyries, Office. BRAINARD, SHIRLEY Biq Sister: Senior, Hi- Y, Band, National Honor. .s 5' li ii BRANCUCCI, IOSEPHINE IEAN Senior Lit. Italian BRESTER, ALBERT "D" Club Basketball BROWN, BONNIE Orchestra Senior Lit, BRUEHNE, BARBARA Art Senior Lit. Scientific I BRANSCOM, IUNE Steno Senior Lit. BRODHAG, GLADYS BROWN, EVA S.O.S. Senior Lit. Auditorium BRYAN, ELOUISE Auditorium A Cappella ' . H.. N. 2 " 'EM . ik. Y 4, we , K L is -A i ' A . . N ,,.. 'N 2'5" ' ' if is 9 fi 'Q -.:.,i BRAUER, BETTY R. Valkyries: lr. Escort: Hi Y: Auditorium: Office Biq Sister: Senior Iit. National Honor. BROMAN, KENNEY Senior Lit.: Maxwell: An- nual Board: Spanish National Honor. BROWN, HAROLD BUGINO, O'NEIL Football "D" Club giants: 'iff x . Q i F . . 3 i . A v Wikia.. .. w9l'iisQEiil1QRww-at .v - if A af I Barbara Bowman-editor' of the Annual, has had only one ambition-to create Il book that will pleaxe everyone. BROWN, LILLIAN Latin Scientific BULLEN, BARBARA National Honor: Weliare: Scientific: Big Sister: All City Orchestra: Hi-Y: Ir. Escort: Senior Lit.: Latin. 'sa I BROWN,WILLIAM North Star: Art: Senior Lit.: Stu- dent Council: Webster. BURKE. MAYBELLE Senior Lit. B .. . "5 '- ijt... - A' : 1. -,I ' ,A u R' leanetle Stebb1'ns-P1'cJident of Viking BURNETT, MAYNARD Szxters, is making a name for !ZC'I'.fC'lf in Hui-Y art circlex in Colorado. CANINO, MARY Senior Lit. Italian CARLSON, CHARLES R.O,T.C. Spanish Hi-Y .'l,v Y ff' 49 CANINO, ROSE Steno Italian Senior Lit. CARLSON, EUNICE First Lieutenant CALABRESE, ALBERT CAPRA, EVELYN Girls' Glee Senior Lit. Art CARLSON, GLORIA Steno Qs. . i- ' yt 5. fl 'ax A 'xx 5 BURTON, IOYCE CALABRESE, ELEANOR Glee CAPRARO, MARY Steno Senior Lit. Italian CARLSON, JULIUS R.O.T.C. is K 1 l M ,, I .3 , md'-K xy f ss. t 1 ' . 1 5, . . 1 all if SX, BYERS, DON Ba nd Orchestra CAMINS, ALBERT CARBONE, DAN Orchestra, All-City Or Chestra. CARPENTER, MARY Senior Lit.: Auditorium, Germany Scientific. Photography, Senior Lit.: ii CARPER, NADINE Senior Lit. Girl Reserves CASTRO, ANGELINA CLARK, SHIRLEY Girl Reserves COHEN, CELESTE Senior Lit.: Biq Sister: Office: French: Ir. Escort: National Honor. .l Ar: CARTER, ERA MAE Spanish Senior Lit. CHANDLER, DEAN Basketball CLAUS, MARIETTA . German Senior Lit. COHEN, GOLDIE I-Ii-Y: G.A.S.: Steno: Ir. Escort: Scientific: Senior Lit.: Latin: Valkyries. 421. A WG? Q. V 'fn f , ' CARTER, VETA CARTER, ZELMA EESSELEBERRY, Latin: National Honor: A Senior Lit. Cappella: Art. CHERVEN, ROSABELLE CIACCO, VICTOR CLAPPER, BILL Senior Lit. German Steno Orchestra and COI-IEN, BERNICE Senior Lit. Art Norskis COLACITO, ANTHONY z -A Band Dick Binder-"D" Club officer, star ath- lete and National Honor man, has apvlzy Charm. COL!-I-al-NXAAAN, COLLETTI, IOSEPHINE RIC RD Stenoy Senior Lit.g Lating National Honor Scientific. COOK, HELEN COOK, MARY IANE Germany Senior Valkyries Lit.: Scientificg A Cappella Valkyriesg Girl Senior Lit. Reserves: Na- tional Honor. Ralph Blakley-tennis man,sings a song to break any gz'rI's heart. CONLEY, GORDON Senior Lit. North Star CORNEY, ELEANOR COTTLE, DORRIS Senior Lit. Steno CRANOR, BETTY Valkyriesp Senior Lit.: Escort: Spanish. Ir. CONLEY, LORETTA CORNEY, FRED North Star Photography Stciqe Crew COWLEY, HELENE G.A.S.g Senior Lit., entificg German. CULLEN, DOROTHY Sci- CONNOLLY, ALICE Steno Senior Lit. Ir. Escort COSTELLO, CHARLES German COY, GRETCHEN North Star Senior Lit. Girl Reserves CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET Latin , t.: - . A . K N. if SN fi A 6.5 CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD Scientific "D" Club North Stor DACHMAN, HELEN Senior Lit.: Steno: Sci- entific, French. DAVIDSON, DENNIS R.O.T.C. DAVISSON, MAXINE G.A.S.7 Vcllkyriesq Hi-Yg Scientific, Gir1's Rifle, Art, Senior Lit. F . 'hi CUNNINGHAM. ROBERT Bond ond Orchestra: Sci- entific, Donce Bundy Sen- ior Lit. DALY, FRANCES Scientific: Senior Lit.: Ir. Escort, Big Sister: No- tionctl Honor. DAVIS, GEORGIA Art Senior Lit. DEANER, GLENN North Star Stage Crew 1' CURTIN. CHARLOTTE Senior Lit.: Spcxnishy Boton. DARDANO, ALFRED DAVIS, BOB R.O.T.C. Cadet Club Rifle Teom DEARING, RICHARD Lcxtin Scientific .v-3 fi' ,Q Celeste Cohen-a good student, prow: Art: that beauty and brains make a good Combination. DAVIS, OPAL LOUISE Senior Lit. Latin Ir. Escort DeCICCO, ELEANOR Steno Senior Lit. R g DAVIS, LOUIS DEDRICK, MAXINE S.O.S. Senior Lit. Vikinq Courtesy -if Z' I!I1'gIl1I.lI Hctcz'-"Cl1iz'lqfn" to hw' many DEIST, HAROLD f1'1'cndi', is Blllfk lllaxquc membcnr with rcaf f1I.ft1'1'0nic' ability. DINGMAN, CRISTINE Vikinq Courtesy Senior Lit. Girl Reserves DOPHEIDE, FRED Spanish German Glee Club J R1 DiRENZO, ANTHONY "D" Club National Honor Scientific DORFMAN, IEANNE Maxwell History: Gleep Senior Lit. Skip A Q- X 43 Senior Lit.: "D" Club Track: Basketball: Band Orchestra. DeSAVERIO, ARMAND Football "D" Club DISTEFANO, PAUL DORIGATTI, MARIO DEMPSEY, VIRGINIA Senior Lit. DeTEMPLE, BARBARA S.O.S. Senior Lit. DITSON, MARY Scientific Girls' Glee DOYLE, KATHRINE ,QM Steno Senior Lit. E X, .2 i xfr 1 . 'li DeSALVO, CHUCK DICKER, BETTY Valkyriesg Ir. Escort: Sci- entific: Lczting Senior Lit.: W e b ste r 7 Auditorium Committee. DOMENICO, DOROTHY Senior Lit. Steno DUNN, ROBERT R.O.T.C. Band ... 5. is , . tifi 'Q w DUNN, WILLIAM EAGLEN, IERRY Scientific: Senior Lit.: Safety Committee: North Star: Hi-Y. ELLIOTT, TI-IELMA S.O.S. ENNIS, BRUCE "D" Club Football ii 3' -.2 .5 6 W iii X J ggi i' fr-'.. l 65' Q s -'.+-fs DUNWOODY. ROBERT Wrestling Annual Board Scientific EARL, NAOMI ELLIS, TED ENNIS, IRENE Ir. Escort: Biq Sister: Hi- Y: National Honor: Sci- entific: Valkyries: Senior Lit.: Office. .i , L. .1 -ya ' -vi . knew, --,A -n wf I Xue,-' DURR, FRANCES Valkyries: Senior Lit.: Aud. Com.: I-Ii-Y. EBERHARDT, HELEN Ir. Escort: G.A.S.: Senior Lit.: Hi-Y: Biq Sister. ENGEL, ROSE Steno Senior Lit. Scientific ERICKSON, FERN Ir. Escort: Big Sister: A.G.L.: Steno: Senior Lit. 15, ,ai .., 2 an .,, DUTTON, DEWEY EAFANTI, Football ANTOINETTE Senior Lit. Scientific ECKERT, TED EDWARDS. SHERWIN Glee Track Ellwyn Szuclqey-President of "D" Club, took school by surprise with his ability zo dance the Can-Can. .ff "N"-wi ,i -sf - . X axgi N Ifyn in 'iq' g 'xii ERWIN, EDNA EVANS, SHIRLEY Scientific Steno Senior Lit. Senior Lit. Rifle Club Hi-Y FENTRESS, VIC FERGUSON, IEAN PhO1OQfGPhY Girls Athletic,Society Scientific: Track: French Wrestling Senior Lit. "D" Club: Senior Lit. Bob Kimball-"poet laureate" of the class, played hir way into "D" Club and lallqea' his way into Webster. ,N N EWING, VIRGINIA Latin: Scientific: Ir. Es- cort: Senior Lit.: Big Sis- ter: Welfare: Office: Na- tional Honor. FINESILVER, OSCAR Scientific Latin FISHER, LEONORA Senior Lit.: Scientific: Art: French. FORSYTI-I, WESLEY W. Hi-Y: Bla c k Masque: Webster: Debate Team Scientific: Senior Lit. xs- x FALLICO, PETE "D" Club French Football FINK, EVELYN German Senior Lit. FLYNN, EMMETT FRANS, MARGARET Ski Club: Scientific: Sen- ior Lit.: Vikinq Guide. A FAUBION, IUANITA G.A.S. FINKENAUER, BETTY Scientific: German: Sen- ior Lit.: Steno. FONDA, EDWARD FRANZEN, MARIORIE National Honor: Hi-Y: Welfare: Valkyries: Vik ing Sister: Ir. Escort: Senior Lit.: All City Orch I .fl FRAZZINI, CONNIE French Scientific Senior Lit. FRIEDHOLM, RAY FULLERTON, BOB Football: Baseball: "D" Club: North Star. GARRIMONE, LORRAINE Senior Lit. Glee l F C, o, N xg FRED, PHYLLIS Senior Lit. FRIEDLAND, HAROLD "D" Club Basketball Football FURBEE, WALTER Scientific "D" Club Wrestlinq GASTINEAU, ELVA French: Senior Lit.: Hi-Y: Valkyries: Maxwell: Ir Escort. . R 'Fl-i?' ' l Li 'ggi i 5 x -. . X, 13 -11-.H-1. r xii. -. .gl Lua H' ,, FRICKE, ROLAND FRYE, IIM Hi-Y: Band: Scientific: Senior Lit.: Cadet. GABEL, CHARLES North Star GAY, IOY ANN Black Masque: S.O.S.: Senior Lit.: Scientific: Girls' Reserves: R i t 1 e Club. fi A XX. . X2 in-.1 Betty Brazufr-om' zzllnzctiuc fmzjorezzf, Ili alxo well known for her dancing ability. GALE, WAYNE GEICK, ROBERT I. Scientific Cadet Q al! A GARGARO, PAUL Black Masque Senior Lit. Glee GENTILE, ARMAND Barbara Bullen-National Honor xtudfnt, GERZE, FRANCES spendx hw' :pure time practicing on her cello. GOLDFOGEI.. NORMA National Honor G.A.s., Weifqref Senior Lit.: Hi Y: North Star Scientific: Steno Valkyries. GRAVES, WALLACE Latin Scientific Senior Lit. 1 g, . or El khky S GIOIA, MARGARET National Honor: Welfare: Viking Sister: Ir. Escort: Latin: Scientific: Office: Senior Lit. GOLDSTEIN, THELMA Valkyries: Steno: Senior Scientific Lit.: Scientific. GREINSTEIN, DORIS Girls' Glee Senior Lit. GOODMAN, I-IERMAN GRENFELL, BILLIE S.O.S. Senior Lit. vi -1 i if? ff i X sg . N GETTMAN, HELEN German GLANTZ, LOIS Senior Lit.: Scientific: No- tional Honor: Girl Re serves. GORDON, VIRGINIA Girls' Rifle: Valkyries: French: Art: Senior Lit. Scientific. GRESHAM, IUNE Senior Lit. German .it i GIAMBROCCO, ANNA Senior Lit. Italian GOLDBERG, Sl-IANA Scientific Spanish GRAVELLE, HOMER GRODSKY, MORRIS Cheer Leader: A Cappel- la: French: Senior Lit. CW' GROOM, WAYNE R.O.T.C. HALL, MARY Hi-Y: Valkyries: A Cap- pella: Senior Lit.: Scien- tific: Spanish. HAMMOND, TOM Student Council: "D" Club: Black Masque: Football: Scientific. HANSEN, IACK "D" Club Football Track he A K' A Kim 'ie fn 9' .5 GROTBERG, BARBARA Scientific: Latin: Senior Lit.: Girl Reserves: A Cappella. HALL, VIOLETTE Ir. Escort: Art: Radio: Auditorium Committee. HANKEL, RUTH Steno Senior Lit. I-IANSEN, WARREN Hi-Y Scientific A Cappella r 'll an Lg' 3' J GUIDO, SAL HAMBERGER, NORMA Senior Lit. Steno HANSEN, GLORIA Senior Lit. Auditorium Committe HARBOLD, ROBERT E GU NTHER, DON Hi-Y: Vfebster: Senior Lit.: Scientific: National Honor. HAMILTON, WANDA Girl Reserves: German: Senior Lit.: Biq Sister: Scientific: Noi-skis: Ir. Es-' cort: A.G.L. HAGEMANN, RICHARD Webster: Nor- skis: Scientific: Cheer Leader: Senior Lit.: De- bate Team: Na- tional Honor. HAMMOND, MARIORIE Black Masque: S.O.S,: Valky- ries: HxhY: Biq Sister: Senior it. Cadet Golf I Truck Gene Lfzzzg-Stmlwzt Coznzwl man, has ax many fricfidx ax ac'q1m1'z1tulzrcx. of -4 l x 'S .f HARDISON, BOB HARVAT, BOB Wrestling "D" Club Senior Lit. HARGIS, BILL A Cappella HARVEY, VIRGINIA Ir. Escort: North Star: Girl Reserves: Senior Lit.: Norskis: Student Council. Ted Zarlcngo-inimitable pianist, all- rouml good fellow, handle: the French ft Club pocketboo . .i--,Aa Mwst L- Zf:z.21z"i'P1f Diff - I . 415.3 I. ..e..:'R ' . M.. K t .gf V ..1..-NN as. -- - W.:g3:g.N,3.4js 1 , - 4, .tfgsgggiyggg .'5fi.4f K iiisatfafffqeg we xm- SE5 2 If Q '92 fi .xi N Q QE: . ' 217, . V ,M ,.. . , ?3:l'3': .:s 'r ' f'L lv . , wi y ' gig 34, f il ' :F 153' . 'f HARGREAVES, ELIZABETH Senior Lit. Art HAYES, ROBERT Senior Lit.: Latin: Na- tional Honor: Scientific. HEINICKE, CATHERINE Latin Scientific Senior Lit. HERBERT, ROWENA Glee Club . HARRIS, ALBERT Scientific Senior Lit. HEAD, BETTY Senior Lit. HEINZE, HILDA German Senior Lit. Scientific HERMAN, HELEN Valkyries: Vikinq Cour- tesy: G.A.S,: Senior Lit.: Norskis. F .-1 " i K., .. . ... , HARRIS, HELEN Ir, Escort: Big Sister: Art: Steno: Senior Lit. HEINECK, FRANCIS Valkyries: Latin: Viking Sister: Ir. Escort: Audi- torium: Senior Lit. HELLER, SIDNEY Scientific National Honor HESS, MARVIN Cadet VJ rn L . K. -4 li I 5:52-gf: , M... . .,,f. if Ig' Wh Lkkl I A R ISK it i t sizff . ig' 'S 7 HETER, VIRGINIA HICICINBOTHAM, IEAN HILDEBRAND, TOMMY Block Mosque: French Latin German: Spanish: Ir. Es. Senior Lit. cort: Senior Lit.: Office: Student Council. HILL, HARRIETT Norskis Senior Lit. Auditorium Committee HOFFMAN, LORRAINE Latin HOLT, ROBERT I-IINTON, CATHERINE HOFFMAN, DON S.O.S. Scientific North Star Track Senior Lit. HOFFMAN, SHIRLEY HOLDAWAY, REED Hi-Y: Vclkyries: Big Sis- ter: French: Senior Lit.: Ir. Escort: National Honor. HQLTMAN, IOE HONSTEIN, Le-ROY Scientific Senior Lit.: "D" Club: Wrestling: Footboii. J Xa ,ss of .... . if f O + U 5 . wt-X' A Xv 0 BS: jean Lhzdsay-yomzg W c'b5tc'1'1'tc, har 110 1655 than a :rorc of zizzthzv urormzf our alma mzltc'1'. HOLMAN, DOROTHY HOLT. JAMES Senior Lit. R.O.T.C. HOPPER, VIRGINIA HOSMAN, MILTON German fv- ' . Ae t l 'TE X Ml, W' Eva Brown-game-Iozfing S. O. S. pal, is HUDAK, BILL l-lUGHEs,DAvl: INGRANLORVA ANN one of our aspiring dancers. Baseball Scientific: Senior Lit.: Black Masque: Girl Re- Glee Club "D" Club: Swimming: serves: Senior Lit.: Sci- Football. entific. IRVINE, JOE ISLEY, MARJORIE JOHNSON, DORIS "D"Club G.A.s.: senior Lit.: Nor- G.A.s. Football skis: Art: Band: Audi- SeniorLit iorium. JAY, JANICE French: Valky- ries: North Star: Senior Lit.: Biq Sister: Jr. Es- cort: National Honor. JOHNSON, WARREN "D" Club Baseball JENSEN, VERNA JOHNSON, IRENE JOHNSON, MARGARET Senior Lit. A Cappella: Scientiiic: Glee Club French Hi-Y: Latin. JONES, CAROL JONES, GRACE JONES, LOUISE Senior Lit.: Biq Sister: HiAY ACappella Art: Ir. Escort: National Senior Lit. Honor. JOHNSON, SARA Girl Reserves: Senior Lit.: Norskis: Scientific: S.O.S.: National Honor: Biq Sister: Welfare: Jr. Escort: A.G.L. KASPER, CHARLOTTE Senior Lit. s .H . ' . 'fe-if fi-irq l ss!! 259, j Q. ve? fx-: 'ifxigllff i ' all li'l?Eilx NlfQ'ii1 -1 KATZ, CELIA Maxwell History Senior Lit. KEISER, LESTER LLOYD R.O.T.C. Photography KIRK, HELEN Latin: Ir. Escort: Rifle: enior L't Valk ries: S 1 .: Y Baton: Scientific. KOOGLE, DON Football A Cappella X , .MN :Q ,,,. 25- ' KAUFMAN, CHARLES Latin KELLY, ROSEMARY Scientific: Spanishy Sen- ior Lit.: Lating A Cap- pella. KLIMOSKI, STEPHEN KURTH, MARIE French Senior Lit. KAY, HARRY Senior Lit. KENDALL, EVELYN KOMINEK, EVELYN Scientific: Senior Lit Latin: German. KUSHNER, EVELYN Senior Lit. Scientific Q' KEENAN, ROBERT KINGSBURY. IAMES Webster: Hi-Y Scientificg Sen ior Lit. Pele Fzzllico-rim' buxcbalf playcr, haf in- 'a x if - A l LCIBRIOLA, LGCONTE, LOUIS LAND, IOHN R, ROSEMARY "D" Club R.o.T.c. Glee LAPIN, IAKE LARSEN, DOROTHY LATHROP, HOWARD Steno A Cappella: Senior Lit.: Senior Lit. Hi-Yg Vorlkyriesg Ir. Es' corti Warren Roberts-Annual Board president, North sm has talked his way into a Webster vice presidency. ii ex. LEAVITT, SHIRLEY Senior Lit.: Scientific: Lating Hi-Y7 Vcxlkyries. LIGGETT, CATHERINE Senior Lit. we ., F , - , l, - .X xX X X. x ,sf LANDE, CECILLE North Star LAWRENCE, DOROTHY Senior Lit. Steno Auditorium LEVINE, RUBIN Bond LILLO, LARRY fi LANG, GENE Student Council LEACH, MARY Senior Lit. Latin LEWIS, PHYLLXS Vslkyries Senior Lit. LIMPUS, EUGENE ga- 6- I 8 Avi , S. x I LIND, MARGARET Senior Lit. Scientific Baton LOMBARDO, IOE LOOS, BETTY Valkyriesy Biq Sister: Ir. Escort: A11-City Orches- tra. LUCAS, RIO Band R.O.T.C. Scientific 6 f x ,wi Af, 7 X . .5 , 1 iq ' 1 X LINDSAY, IEAN Welfarey National Honor: Webster: French: Office: Debate: Senior Lit.y Biq Sisterg Ir. Escortg Audi- lorium. LONG, CLEMENT R.O.T.C. Rifle LORIMOR, IOE Track LUKTON, AARON Scientific Senior Lit. 'FB pu.. V' l t e , . If XXI' ls Q L LOMBARDI, ANNA Senior Lit. LOOMIS, IOSEPHINE Senior Lit. LOVELL, BOB LUOND, EILEEN DORIS Senior Lit. Glee ev" Betty Ann Otlo-alzuay: smiling, is kept bury by A. G. L. in planning the proms LOWE, SHIRLEVINE Senior Lit.g Valkyries: I-IiAYg Ir. Escort: Welfare: G.A.S.: A.G.T,.g Biq Sis- ter: Spanish: National Honor. LUTITO, LOUIS L C' lx I ' x 'FTQ LUCAS, HARLEY LUTZ, BOB "D" Club Football Annual Board Q s . L r 2 V i p- . -wif'-ariiiiw Lillian Marinaro - zfizfacious blue-eyed MACKAY, ROBERT brunette, helps with socialx, S. O. S., and Football Black Masque. HPY MAIER, MARY MARGARET Hi-Y Senior Lit. Scientific MANASSEE, MARCHESE, ANGELINA MARIANI, LITIZIA Pl-IYLLIS G.A,S.: Senior Lit.: Vulkyries: Steno. MARN, ROBERT ff. t if tl Senior Lit. Steno Italian MARRA, CARMELLA Senior Lit. Steno Itolion . is Senior Lit.: Steno: Mox- well: Italian. MARSAU, TERESA Girl Reserves: French: Senior Lit.: Orchestra: All-City Orchestra. 5: ' " 1 A111 , x ' I H ig 3- - "Q, -1 . ,Mx . X 41 . V' 3 --J' - ' : EIL.. ' '- :vig i- i" Sf-'S' in-it MADDEN, PEGGY Viking Courtesy Senior Lit. Steno MALITO, ANTHONY Bond MARINARO, LILLIAN Block Mosque: S.O.S. Senior Lit.: Social Hour Aucl. Committee: Offical MARTELLI, VIRGINIA Senior Lit. I MAGNUSON, ASTRID Senior Lit.: Steno: Office lr. Escort. MALLOY, GENE MARINO, ANTOINETTE G.A.S. MARTIN, BILL Football MARTIN, CHARLES "D" Club: German: Ten- nis: Basketball. MCADAMS, MORGAN MCCUBBIN, RALPH MCKINDLEY, IAMES Hi-Y Scientific Senior Lit. -395' .iiatlgilsl MARTIN EZ, BENNIE Baseball MCCARTHY, MYRA IEAN Black Masque: Hi-Y: Sen- ior Lit.: G.A.S.: Biq Sis- ter: Office: Student Coun' cilp A Cappella: National Honor: l'r.'Escort. MCCURDY, DOREEN Girls' Rifle Scientiiic McMICHAEL, ALLEN A i ff. it .T Ez. i t Q -i A ' ,,,. 2. in MASSARO, EDWARD Scientific National Honor MCCLOSKEY, MARIORIE German Senior Lit. North Star MCKERNON, FRANCES Senior Lit. A Cappella MCNASSOR, SHIRLEY Senior Lit. Viking Guide Glee 5- l ! MAUZEY, ALLEN Photography Band Orchestra MCCLUNG, RAYMOND Senior Lit. Scientific A Cappella 3 MAYS, BETTY Senior Lit.: Sci- entific: Valky- ries: Girl Re- serves: Biq Sis- ter: Ir. Escort: Orchestra: All- City Orchestra: National Honor. MCCONNELL, SHIRLEE 'X- G.A.S.: Valky- ries: Senior Lit. Art: North Star Annual Board. lim Kingsbury-benrh-warmcv' for Web- xler, is liked for hir cheery word to all. x MCNAUGI-IT, FRANCES Senior Lit. MICK, LOLA Senior Lit. 1' Q MEFFORD, IACK MENDENHALL, GEORGE Scientific: Hi-Y: Senior Senior Lit.: "D" Club: Lit.: "D" Club: Football. MILLER, WAYNE "D" Club: Swimming: Football: Track: Orches- tra: Band. Bob Whitt'-dffJl'I'l.Hg actor, is best known ar the fourth of the Cheer Leaders. 4 - mg . t i. J' 'Wifi S' y x ', Photographic: L at i n : Aud. Committee: Phila- telic. MILLS, ROBERT MONACO, GEORGE Glee Italian MOREHEAD, MARILYN Orchestra All-City Orchestra Q if ig' E X rl GX J gr, if 'Ri Q ,AL i. 5 X x 5 L-if 6 MENGELKAMP, DOROTHY Big Sister: Ir. Escort Scientific: Valkyries: Hi Y: Senior Lit.: Spanish Office. MINER, MARIORIE MOON, JEAN Hi-Y: Senior Lit.: Scien tific: Welfare: S.O.S.: National Honor: Biq Sis ter: Ir. Escort: Of-fice. MORGAN, GLADYS Steno 1 ff ,-, t iff GS 1 ' 'i F iw... METZLER, BERTHA German Senior Lit. MINISTER, CARL MOORE, IANE Student Council: S.O.S.: Welfare: Ir. Escort: Bia Sister: Office: National Honor: Latin: Senior Lit. MORRIS, GOLDYE Senior Lit.: G.A.S.: Steno: Valkyries: Scientific. F ' av. l X 1 1 gf xv :Sq , l Gi' ' s .N Aw 2 1 Y it Y wg MOSER, DON Philatelic: Photoqraphyi Maxwell, Scientific, Sen- ior Lit. MURO, AGNES Steno Italian Senior Lit. MYERS, 1Ew1-:LL OLSEN, DOROTHY 'Rt 1 M Q , '- A MOSIER, RUSSELL Dance Orchestra Scientific MURRAY, EDWARD NIELSEN, RICHARD R.O.T.C. Cadet Rifle Team OLSON, BOB French Band Orchestra 44' .1 . tj A MUHLSTEIN, SHIRLEY ANNE Black Masque, Senior Lit.: Valkyriesy Spanish. MUSTARI, FRANK O'CONNELL, CORNELIA G.A.S. OSBURN, VIOLA u -an ' u iz, Marjorie Hammond-artresa' with dra mall? talent, gives hw' time freely fo: .S'C'l'UlCC. OETZEL, MAUDE German OSTERMILLER, HAROLD Orchestra Dance Orchestra All-City Orchestra gt 1 in -.u 4. OLESH, LUCILLE French Philatelic OTTO, BETTY ANN Scientific: Wel Big Sister: .Ir Escort: Office, National Honor is x ,gg , fare: Senior Lit.- 1 1 41 1 t .Qt If 1 Celexte Parr-personality girl of :he class OVERTON, EMMA MAY of '41, eficifntly axsumea' all responfi- Hi-Y bility for the drills at football gamer. PAULDINO, VIRGINIA Senior Lit. Italian PHILLIPS, IOHN Spanish Senior Lit. Scientific ,ir- Senior Lit, PALS, LUCILLE S.O.S. PAULIN, BOB PERRY, IRENE Wrestling Ir. Escort: Valkyries: Hi- Football Y: Big Sister: Senior Lit.: Track Welfare: National Honor. PICCOLI, JAMES aff!! 'Y rf PIGEON, CAROL Senior Lit.: Girls' Rifle: G.A.S.: Baton. 'El l fi .- gif -, I ! 1 q ,ez 6, 'ww 3 1 rf. 'L it X OWENS, MARGARET PARR, CELESTE Latin: Ir. Escort: Big Sis- ter: Webster: Valkyriesg Office: Welfare: Senior Lit. PETERSON, DON Black Masque: Senior Lit.: Auditorium: Web- ster: Latin. PIRO, FRANK Senior Lit. Latin -9 Q .Q PACHELLO, ANGELO PATTERSON, LeROY A Cappella: Senior Lit Hi-Y: Scientific. PFENNING, EDWARD PITTMAN, IEANETTE ALENE L xx ii: 9 ' xl , Y A K 5, 5 x PITTS. IOHN PLATT, KENNETH Senior Lit. Scientific National Honor PREBBLE, PETE PREBLE, BETTY Spanish Auditorium PULSIPHER, MAXINE RASO, TOE Senior Lit. Student Council REED, RICHARD North Star: Photography: Senior Lit.: Scientific. A REESE, RUTH A Cappella Orchestra German .. r PODOLSKI, RUTH Senior Lit. German A Cappella PRICE, LORINE Senior Lit. Steno REALE, IOE Senior Lit. Webster REICHEN, BARBARA Valkyries Senior Lit. Scientific 'Ext SZ, POWERS. ALVIN Senior Lit. Glee PRICE, ROY 4- Latin: National Honor: "D" Club: Golf: Scien- tific. POZERL, ED PROUT, LOMA Hi-Y: Welfare: German: Senior Lit.: Biq Sister: Scientific: Na- tional Honor. Bob Cunningham-blue-ribbon trombon- zst, deserves credzt for his "ruper" facial "rw1ng:tcr.f." , 9 .riffs S 2 i me-. -. Q- REMILLARD, OWEN RICHARDSON, ROBERT French Scientific Senior Lit. National Honor '-x . OF' M RETALIA, DOROTHY Stenoqraphy: Valkyries: IOfiice: Ir. Escort: Senior it. RIEDESEL, CHARLOTTE Valkyries: North Star: Maxwell: Senior Lit. Wes Forsyth-Black Masquer, lm: :peach ability equalled only by hir fheerful disposition. J' 1 t REWINKEL, MARIAN German Ir. Escort Senior Lit. RIEL, CATHERINE Senior Lit. ROBERTS, LAWRENCE ROERIG, KENNETH l Q AX. RICE, FLORENCE Senior Lit. ROBERTS, JAMES E. Scientific "D" Club Basketball ROBERTS, WARREN National Honor: Hi-Y: Senior Lit.: Webster: Latin: Scientific: Annual Board: Viking Guide: Student Council. ROMERO, ROBERT Art Annual Board National Honor Q RICHARDSON, HARRY North Star: Baseball Basketball: Art. ROBERTS, IEANNE Black Masque: Welfare Big Sister: Senior Lit. Valkyries: Ir. Escort Office: National Honor. RODIE, MARGARET German Senior Lit. ROTHFUSS, SHIRLEY Senior Lit. Ir. Escort Girl Reserve , -if i l:', fi ..,-,.,,. A Q3 ' .. K ggi-iii: fifi .' N! Q KL L " I -. , 'f' fy ? f f-w . A1 4 .Y f 5 ,, qs. K X I 1 RUDD, LEUTHAL A Cappella RYDER, GORDON SAN DO, FRANCIS Bond: Orchestra: Scien- tific: Senior Lit. SCHENKEIR, LEO Senior Lit. Hi-Y Spanish Q S GN K f . 5 d I 1. .-..:-Z-...Q 1'.' . .. . 'O' I RUTHERFORD, IOE SANDEFUR, LOUISE Senior Lit. Steno SAN PIETRO, ANGELINA SCHIFF, BERTHA Senior Lit. Latin X S- G 3 'Q A A M ' a X Vx Jllf. T A RUTHERFORD, TED Scientific A Cappella Ncxtionol Honor SANDERS, GLADYS S.O.S. Senior Lit. Auditorium SANTANGELO, ROBERT SCHMUCK, MARIAN Voikyries Senior Lit. K 4- , 'Eff 1. .HPI 42 , . Q gi X NNE 5 Myra lean MfC:11'lhy-pctitc' and fhtzrm- ing class nzembcr, hm' an iron in KIXNIOXI every fire. SCHARER, MARGARET SCHEELE, EVAN Art Boseboll Scientific SCHWAB, PATSY SCHWARTZ, G HERMAN ermon Steno Spanish Senior Lit, Scientific L. ' I x x , 'QTXGP ,. 6. 3.1 , .f.., Y. P 1, ' , . ' E I .K yi .. . - :,,..-w - W SL. T A' 'Mae ff7i'ifX'y A 4: tty" f wr.: i, ... xv, . 2' , , ,- ff ,,. JI ?3""9 Y' .57 ' .ur,f,,- L Virginia Harvey-ye editor of THE NORTH STAR, knows how to win friendf and influence people. SHAMES, EVELYN Senior Lit. Steno SHORTEN, HARRY Cadet Club -.JF - 5 4 SHELTON, HOMER Soientific SHOWERS, IUANITA Senior Lit. IWW , . . QT VU A X lk , 'G it x x " ' - - f 2 " . e iijigfi ff .f 7. jx K A, .V SCRUGGS, GEORGE Black Masque: Webster: Scientific: "D" Club l wise : + ", ' SEAMAN, IRENE Girls Rifle: Steno: S Lit.: Spanish: Art. enior Us I SELLER, ROSLIE German: Senior L it.: Sci entific: Valkyries. Football. SENA, BETTY SESTRICH, ALBERT SEYFER, BILL F. Senior Lit. SHOBER, CATHERINE SHOEMAKER, HOMER SHORT, MARIORIE G.A.S. Senior Lit. G.A.S. Senior Lit. SIDELL, GLEN SIGHTLER, BILL SIMMONS, MAXINE Track Spanish Ir. Escort Steno .lr 5 F A" Y . A il l X f i A f X '-,,f ...A f . ff . 1 . un .. A qt . ' if A 6 'lie . is ' . V , A Q 1 'E if Y ,. . z.3.i. .... . 'Q fr N ' 9- l QS 5 'li 5 n 3 E v ff ,v r ki SINOPOLI, ROSE Italian Senior Lit. A Cappella SOSNO, TILLIE Hi-Y: Biq Sister: Scien- tific: Ir, Escort: Office, Senior lit.: Auditorium National Honor. STARK, MARIE Latin: Scientific: Senior Lit.: Big Sister: Valky- ries: Ir. Escort: A Cap- pella. STEBBINS, IEANETTE National Honor: S.O.S.: Welfare: Ir. Escort: Art: Big Sister: Latin: Annual Board: Office. 'Rexx f A 4' GN SMALDONE, RALPH A Cappella SOWDEN, OLIVE STAUTER, FRANK Senior Lit. Scientific STEINBERG, ALVIN sw SMITH, VIRGINIA Senior Lit. SPAHN, BERNICE Hi-Y Steno Senior Lit. STAUTER, I-IARRIET Senior Lit.: Art: Ir. cort: Big Sister. STEDMAN, DON I SNYDER, ADA Senior Lit. Spanish SPALDING, SYLVIA Baton Viking Guide Senior Lit. Tom Hammond D Club man known for his dramatic abzlzty coupled with a husky baritone voice 'Q' STILLHAMMER, MARGARET Valkyries Baton North Star STUCKA, EDWIN All Q STIRLING, MARYANN STRANGE, HARVEY Valkyries Maxwell Senior Lit. STUCKEY, ELLWYN SUGAR, IOSEPH "D" Club: French: Base- ball: Football: Basket- ball. SUMMERS, JOE North Star SWANN, RUBYE Scientific: Senior Lit Y: French. Helena Sofia!-our mud Russian, is prom- ising as a newspaper forrerpondenl. sa, STRATTON, DOROTHY Senior Lit.: Big Sister: Office: French: Ir. Escort: Viking Guide: National Honor. SUHR, LEONARD E. SUMMERS, LAUREN SWANSON, DORIS Senior Lit. Steno STRAUCH, LQROY Wrestling A Cappella SULLIVAN, HOWARD Latin National Honor SURSA, MARY Steno SYMONTON, RUTH Hi-Y: Senior Lit.: Steno: Office: Biq Sister: Ir. Es- Cort. sv A Q 36' 'Q ,f -QRS Xl 1' X 6- X TACITO, PAT Italian TARANTINO, LUCILLE Steno Senior Lit. Ir. Escort TENNAL, DARYL Orchestra Band Scientific THOMSEN, IAMES Senior Lit. Scientific 4- TAFT, MARVIN Swimming Team Senior Lit. TAYLOR, LEE SHIRLEY THEISEN, ETHEL MAE TIMMINS, TOM I-Ii-Y van! il Af? l x K iw: TANNER, CAROLINE TENENBAUM, ADELE Ir. Escort: Big Sister: Steno: Senior Lit.: Office: Annual Board: National Honor. THEODORE, GEORGIA Valkyries: Hi-Y: Scien- tific: Senior Lit.: Audi- torium. TOLVE, VIRGINIA 55 lt. ,f':...: X Don Gunther-the quiet and shy lad, if active on committees and speaks just enough for Webster. THOMAS, LEANNA Orchestra Glee German TOWNE, DAVID National Honor: Web- ster: Scientific: Senior Lit.: Maxwell: Orchestra. sb A ee .. , K' N -TIL. ! l I is THOMPSON. RUTH Ir. Escort: Hi-Y: Biq Sister: Nor- skis: Senior Lit.: Scientific: Wel- fare: National Honor. TRACEY, DENNIS Senior Lit. t. .MQ ff' Q l dn- 6 ES- -3 ,L W Leroy Axion-Black Masquer, ambitious- ly aim: at the Metropolitan Opera. TUSKEY, CECILIA Senior Lit. G.A.S. VITALE, EDITH Band Senior Lit. TUTEUR, FRANZ Latin, Scientific, Senior Lim National Honor. VOLPI, MARY Biq Sister Ir. Escort .ll 5 in 1-j TREBILCOCK, DOROTHY Big Sister Ir. Escort Hi-Y TULLY, BYRON Staqe Crew Senior Lit. Band ULRICH, GERALDINE Senior Lit. Spanish WALKER, BETTY JH . 1 Q fr - ' I V! I ix... 4 , Q A? 'S N in TRELLO, ANTHONY TURNER, FRANCES Senior Lit. VEAN, MILDRED Senior Lit. A Cappella Auditorium WAY, LAURENCE R.O.T.C. Rifle Team K' xt Q L ' ac. if Q i X .. it TRUIILLO, EVA Senior Lit. Spanish TURNER, MILDRED G.A.S. VESSA. IOHN WEBER, RUBEN Wrestling "D" Club L is sg 'z . -.K , 3 f -JJ' L WEDGLE, MILDRED French Senior Lit. Steno WERTH, CAROLYN Hi-Y: National Honor: lr. Escort: Biq Sister: Senior Lit.: Welfare: French: Scientific: Valkyries: All- City Orchestra. WHITE, TED Swimming Team WILLIAMS, BETTE Senior Lit. WEEKS, CLEORA Steno WESTFALL, DELPHINE Big Sister: Latin: Senior Lit.: Ir. Escort: National Honor. WHITSON, FERN A Cappella Senior Lit. WILLIAMS, HERB Senior Lit. X .F Q BN WEISS, FRANK Scientific French WI-IATLEY, EMMA Senior Lit. A Cappella Girls' Glee WILHELM, ELMER VJILLIAMS, RUTH I-Ii-Y: Ir. Escort: Maxwell: Senior Lit.: Office: Valky- ries: National Honor. 5 WELLS, PAUL Basketball "D" Club WHITAKER, BOB "D" Club: Black Masque: Senior Lit.: North Star: Cheer Leader: S t a q e Crew. 'Fr WELSH, STUART Senior Lit. WHITE, BOB Black Masque: Cheer Leader: S t a q e Crew: Senior Lit. func' illoorz'-.rtur uthlrlc, has l7ltIl1y fl'IlCl1I1,f -no one fun boast of more. 'bf N, NX xg, 6. Us r x ., w, . il nw- 'Q V' tr WINE, MARY Senior Lit. Latin WOOD, HAROLD Scientific YANDLE. LORRAINE Ir. Escort: G.A.S. Office, Valkyries: Hi-Y: Senior Lit. National Honor, PEPPER, ANN Webster Senior Lit. Valkyries rr 'F . . . v V fr rw X X 1 WINER, IRVING Senior Lit. WOOD, HARRIET Steno Senior Lit. YOUNG, KEITH "D" Club: Senior Lit.: Baseball: Basketball. ZARLENGO, THEODORE Senior Lit. 'Q-v WOLF, CLYDE WOOD, VIRGINIA Welfare: Ir. Escort: Sci- entific: Latin: Senior Lit.: Big Sister: National Hon- or: Office. ZABEL, CAROL Senior Lit. ZINN, IUANITA Webster: Scientific: Sen ior Lit.: Auditorium: Ir. French Band Escort: Valkyries: Office. 4. . in 5: F' 'tx fi I J vlfif' 'J 1 31 ,:f1f.,,,. WOLF, FRED Cadet Club Rifle Team WOODILL, RAYMOND German ZANCANELLI, PAUL ZISER, BUD Webster: Hi-Y: Annual Board: Scientific: Senior Lit.: National Honor. ,qv-M CW ' .af- . .Q w T .sg Sv "9 rf WOLFF, CAROLINE Senior Lit. German WYATT, CHARLOTTE A Cappella Senior Lit. ZANGARI, BARBARA Senior Lit. North Star STRASSHEIM, EVELINA German SHIRLEY BENNETTS, President Accorso, Virginia Ahlsirom, Arthellcx B " l as T "' B if Anqlen, Mcxryfrances Beudle, Mae Belle 'i Bonger, Arthur Boston, Beverly K Av' l QS ' CECELIA BUERGER, Vice President DON TURNER, Secretory CVM of 1942 s 1, 1 1'-is Aho, Shirley Aichinqer, Elizabeth Albers, Annu Marie Allen, Beverly W0 fs. W" .P N iz. Q.- L ' 73 . 4' .fs X .X Beverly, Betty Bielser, Lorraine Binder, Iocm Boggs, Ruih " 5- X ai B f ,NA-. S. 1 Brady, Ruth Bridge, Shirley Bright, Beverly Brown, Shirley Butler, Alberta , rv QS' 9 Colaiano, Betty Lou W L. tw Coomer, Lucille Emmons, Tommy S. gg. Knit' Garcia, Matilda 6- 6 f Cage, Elaine Church, Doris Creisler, Ioe -vm TQ, G ,f he Erhard, Charlotte Garramone, Rose 3:-an-, e 1 Carlson, Clarence Catton, Veryl Conqdon, Cleo Connelly, Shirley 4. f ' :I ax ' ,Lt ' l .. .- .,..-Q ,.f 1 'ztzik'-iw' ,.2193.Q 1 t...-t.......,,f...+w Z ... ..l. . .... ' .nu-nu 'ini f Q4 mr--.L,Qq3,.,.ff.t-, -.Q fm- ,- ,. .-' ' -...---..:...'i'..S 4:3 n. V-.,..,,y', . f . ... Dahlgren, Wilma Davey, Lois A rl. 'M' Farrand, Ianet Finesilver, Marvin is . A 3 'xb- Chaney, Doris Conzone, Frances .,,. M , .ef Eller, Iuanita fp, Fishburn, Geraldine L , C X 'S r X 1 ,ti ff, V f ,K " , Y R it Clippinqer, Leona A sb 4 Coomer, Betty Ellison, Ioan .fi ' K in K Q 'I French, Bette Garret, Bettilou Gaodson, Vincent Greer, Forrest Gregory, Georqe 'Yr A ,. .12 6- V A, Grenfell, Melbcl Q- , ,Y 6 Halter, Pct Hansen, Mcxry Lou Hilburn, Rhe-bc Horner, Carol Horst, Robert an Icimes, Thomas Iohnson, More Keily, Delmu Moe c 'F-,1 ts Kimmett, Billie Kirlq, lohn Klausner, Reqinia IS, Larson, Paul Leroy, Elaine Leydd, Wilma Hensley, Helen i Helm, Howard J gf s if K, kr House, Mcxrqdret Irwin, Madeline Q iw, F K K '55 1 Leif., ll ixlb Rv K A 3 Es J- .. Keller, Esther Kemper, Shirley ,A j Knapp, Mildred Krinqel, Helen 3 fc i Y' Hendler, Helen 2- Icclcson, Sccrah Mae Kennedy, Bob Kupetz, Shirley 'Fs Lines, Norwood Linsenmciier, Shirley List, Effie 9' l ,fy ,f x , Lyons, Mary Ellen Morris, Iacquiline Tk, T. X 'P X O'Neil, Peqqy , ,M , fo ,ra t .E - Y 7, ' NA , --5 Phillips, Virginia 'Zu- 512 ' , Roberts, Shirley -v- McClure, Zona - C2 1 Mosier, Mildred 7-'11 .. -4, 'QT' Perry, Helen we 1 C' McCourt, Florence , z ,, J, I ,YA , A fr of 1 t I . , Y , 4 Murray, Catherine . f ew, WS, I Petersen, Shirley gx .. :iv J A if -it Lf 5 1- jg, 17? Q59 if, Pietroieso, Deloris Porter, Thelma "' A. . is ik-3 , was 'l ' I l Qeilfk McCurdy, Ted ,Q V S Qs ' ,ir Narracci, Virginia M Q A Peterson, Connie Q ia in V ,- 'W' ll it 1' NL . , , , . , is 'hh P V , ' Er, Pringle, Harold Rogers, Lillian Ruckman, Lorraine Rule, Fred Messenger, Shirlee Nelson, Evelyn Petrie, Barbara 'w 5-', ' . Rae, Ben Michaelson, Helen ' Y t: ft. f--X :Ii , ,I sir, 2 K A 2 :fir Q I, m i ff. Newman, Eleanor ,lr 1 T we 1 1 L A . ,J-v"l Pettit, Noida Al l tl Richardson, Martha Ea., gs, x Ee A Rushmore, Franklyn Ryder, Dorothy Saliman, Sylvia I T' he A S 'ff f f Shearer, Bob Stanley, Betty Sarf,Oran - , " 5 1' , It Shorten, Dorothy Stapleton, lean fx .ft Q . , R' it i 'Y -Z Schatz, Lenore Self, Ruth X 1 Siraqo, lim Smith, Ada Mae fs ,Q Stevens, Dorothy Sorel, William ,Wulf ,Li if ., I Z, 5 KS Thompson, Peqqy Ann Tombling, Kathryn Tomlinson, Waymen Tucker, Betty Sewell, lean Sqriqnoli, Virqinia fin Sooy, Dorothy Q ,. , Q 4,4 -.xx-b , , . .. , riff 'W tn. .LF Swain, Dorothy Vallero, Alvina J 5 is Stamptel, Dimple V' ,1 'uw , . .ff Teyssier, Barbara Warqin, Glendoris Warner, Bill Watts, Helene Wickhorst, Elaine Wilkens, Betty Woodhouse, Betty Ann Wolters, Melvin Zurwelle, Helen Q ,Eva IESS RAGSDALE HOWARD BANZHAF President Vice President Arnold, Pat 5 . 6 '3 im, 4' X8 if Goodson, Lois -6 'Z Kortz, Bunny Q R - i 'G-Si x ,,"'- Bassell, Helen Guard, Shirley -"b A F! if . if Lane, Thelma Reaves, Cynthia Cfadri V W ' Bates, Barbara Henderson, George McCray, Beverly Stamptel, Dorothy - MARIE RUSSOMANNO Secretary of 1943 Benoit, Betty 1 'Fo 5 Cohen, Iohn Qi RICHARD REDDISH Treasurer Fuller, Verna Hurd, Willis K B -' V. 7 'fin 91 tw ff, lg, wt McNicholas, Maxine C Stricker, Dorothy Kahre, Harriette Knapp, Gene Willm i 6 A, itil LL Paulino, Rosemary 15- -x .fp fi, .I 13 ,lifg it tx' . fgffiif.-25 1 ' Weatherwax, Betty 3 G' C1 9 3 Pence, Inez ADDUCCI, JAMES 3549 Shoshone Street Plans: Undecided AGEN, MARJORIE 2981 Quitman Street Plans: D. U. School of Commerce AICHER, OLIVE 8884 Federal Blvd. Plans: Nurses Training AIELLO, NICK 3642 Quivas Street Plans: U. S. Navy ALLICOTTI, MAMIE 4218 Quivas Street Plans: Work ALTMAN, MARCIA 8825 W. 23d Avenue Plans: College AMBROSIC, MARYANN 4955 Pearl Street Plans: D. U. Commerce ANDERSON, BERNEICE 2011 Quitman Street Plans: Colorado University ANDERSON, BOYCE 2245 W. 34th Avenue Plans: Work ANDERSON, ELEANOR 4134 Shoshone Street Plans: Business School or Job ANDERSON, MARGARET 2282 So. Emerson Street Plans: College ANSELMO, RALPH 8148 Zuni Street Plans: College ARNOLD, SHIRLEY 2645 Irving Street Plans: College AUGER, GEORGE 8980 Lowell Blvd. Plans: College AXTON, LeROY 8523 Osceola Street Plans: Lamont School of Music BACKUS, GLADYS 2105 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Undecided BA!-IM, EDWARD 4537 Decatur Street Plans: Undecided BAILEY, BARBARA JEAN 8528 Wyandot Street Plans: Undecided BAKER, BETTY 4541 West 85th Avenue Plans: Business School BAKER, DONALD 4906 W. 82nd Avenue Plans: College BAKER, ROBERT 4887 Stuart Street Plans: Work BALSLEY, MARGUERITE 8281 Perry Street Plans: Art School or Work BARLOW, BERNARD 4107 Xavier Street Plans: Undecided BARNES, ROBERT 3515 Tennyson Street Plans: Undecided BATEMAN, JIM 4412 Navajo Street Plans: College or Work BATTAGLINO, JAMES 4215 Pecos Street Plans: College BEAMAN, EDITH 4400 Vrain Street Plans: Business College BEAN, FLORA 4550 Hooker Street Plans: Business School BEAN, LAURA 4550 Hooker Street Plans: Business College BECKMAN, CHARLES 2886 Irving Street Plans: Undecided DIRECTORY or gfddri of 19 l BECKMAN, ZONA 2529 W. 87th Avenue Plans: Work or Business School BEG1-IIN, ELAINE 4253 Perry Street Plans: Work BERGLIN, wanna 4860 Eliot Street Plans: Salesgirl BERNSON, MABEL 1059 West Elk Place Plans: Work or Business School BERNSTEIN. SYLVIA 2937 West 16th Avenue Plans: Work BETZ, CALVIN 4600 Leaf Court Plans: Work BIANCO, FRANCES 2470 West 32nd Avenue Plans: Work BILLINGTON, JUANITA 4816 West 84th Avenue Plans: Undecided BINDER, DICK 4824 West 80th Avenue Plans: College BINKLEY, BETTY 2806 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Work BISHOP, MARIE 8996 Winona Court Plans: Beauty School BLACK, JAMES 4181 Eliot Street Plans: Undecided BLAKLEY, RALPH 4546 King Street Plans: College BLIXT, MARGERY 3127 W. 85th Avenue Plans: College BLOUCH, ROGER M. 4377 Xavier Street Plans: Colorado Aggies BLUM, ELAINE 2453 West 85th Avenue Plans: Business College BOLDT, KARL 1888 Eudora Street Plans: Work BONDY, ALICE 3316 Lipan Street Plans: Beauty School BOTT, LYDIA 4362 Sherman Street Plans: Work BOWMAN, BARBARA 3344 Tennyson Street Plans: College BOYD, ROBERT 3217 Raleigh Street Plans: Undecided BRADLEY, FOREST 4558 Newton Street Plans: Work BRADSHAW, .TACK 2740 Federal Blvd. Plans: Undecided BRAINARD, SHIRLEY 8064 W. 40th Avenue Plans: Denver University BRANCUCCI, JOSEPHINE JEAN 3606 Pecos Street Plans: Undecided BRANSCOM, JUNE 2979 W. Douglas Place Plans: Work or Beauty School BRAUER, BETTY R. 2251 Newton Street Plans: Indeilnite BRESTER, ALBERT 4646 Sherman Street Plans: Work BRODHAG. GLADYS 2100 West 46th Avenue Plans: Work BROMAN, KENNEY 8427 W. 28rd Avenue Plans: D. U. School of Commerce BROOKS. AMY 4668 Leaf Court Plans: Undecided BROWN, BILL French Camp, California Plans: Undecided BROWN, BONNIE 8025 W. 38th Avenue Plans: Undecided BROWN, EVA 2429 Eighth Street Plans: Undecided BROWN. HAROLD 2817 Bryant Street Plans: Work BROWN, LILLIAN 1398 Knox Court Plans: Work BROWN, sam 3724 West 49th Avenue Plans: College BRUEHNE, BARBARA 2949 Zuni Street Plans: Undecided BURKE, MAYBELLE 2989 West Douglas Place Plans: Get Married BURNETT, MAYNARD 2602 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: Navy BRYAN, ELOUISE 1223 Newton Street Plans: Business College BUGINO, 0'NEIL 3958 Mariposa Street Plans: Work or C. U. BULLEN, BARBARA 3246 Stuart Street Plans: College BURTON, JOYCE 4582 Eliot Street Plans: Work in store BYERS, DON 3089 W. 34th Avenue Plans: College CALABRESE, ALBERT 3451 West 32nd Avenue Plans: Undecided CALABRESE, ELEANOR 3451 West 32nd Avenue Plans: Beauty Course CAMINS, ALBERT 4112 Tejon Street Plans: College CANINO, MARY 3819 Jason Street Plans: College CANINO, ROSE 3500 Navajo Street Plans: Work CAPRA. EVELYN 3736 Kalamath Street Plans: Work CAPRARO. MARY 8917 Vallejo Street Plans: Work CARBONE, DAN 3538 Navajo Street Plans: Undecided CARLSON, CHARLES 2985 W. 36th Avenue Plans: Aggies CARLSON, EUNICE 4521 Tennyson Street Plans: Work CARLSON, GLORIA 4842 Alcott Street Plans: Business College CARLSON, JULIUS 3821 W. 87th Avenue Plans: Work CARPENTER. MARY 2995 Quitman Street Plans: Undecided CARPER, NADINE 5027 W. 44th Avenue Plans: Opportunity School CARPINELLO. JOE 1801 W. 46th Avenue Plans: Work CARTER, ERA MAE 2465 Caithness Place Plans: Work CARTER, VETA 8605 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: Beauty School CARTER, ZELMA 4971 Quitman Street Plans: Business School CASTLEBERRY, ELSIE 3929 Umatilla Street Plans: Undecided CASTRO. ANGELINA 3511 Jason Street Plans: Work CHANDLER, DEAN 8625 W. Alice Place Plans: Work C1-IERRIE. ALBERT 3622 Quivas Street Plans: Undecided CHERVEN, ROSABELLE 2128 Federal Blvd. Plans: Work CIACCO, VICTOR 3914 Jason Street Plans: Work CLAPPER, WILLIAM 3888 Vrain Street Plans: Navy CLARK, SHIRLEY 4059 Umatilla Street Plans: Business School CLARK, TROY 2670 Stuart Street Plans: Undecided CLAUS. MARIETTA 4314 Sherman Street Plans: Work C01-IEN. BERNICE 1538 Perry Street Plans: Dramatics School CO1-IEN, CELESTE 3447 W. 19th Avenue Plans: University of Texas COHEN, GOLDIE 1686 Irving Street Plans: College COLACITO. ANTHONY 3614 Kalamath Street Plans: Work COLEMAN, RICHARD 3125 Perry Street Plans: Colorado University COLLETTI, JOSEPHINE 3555 Quivas Street Plans: Drama School CONLEY. GORDON 2729 W. 36th Avenue Plans: Prep School CONLEY. LORETTA 2740 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Work CONNOLLY. ALICE 4033 Vallejo Street Plans: Business College COOK. HELEN 4527 Leaf Court Plans: D. U. Commerce COOK. MARY JANE 3020 Newton Street Plans: Work CORBETTA. ANTHONY 4219 Pecos Street Plans: College CORNEY, ELEANOR 8037 W. 24th Avenue Plans: Undecided CORNEY. FRED 3037 W. 24th Avenue Plans: Aggies COSTELLO, CHARLES 4578 Pennsylvania Street Plans: Work COTTLE. DORRIS 8189 Vallejo Street Plans: Undecided COWLEY. HELENE 3212 No. Speer Blvd. Plans: Nurses Training COWSERT, JACK 2541 Quitman Street Plans: Undecided COY, GRETCHEN 2485 W. Argyle Place Plans: Barnes CRANOR, BETTY 2954 Hooker Street Plans: Work CULLEN, DOROTHY 3975 Zenobia Street Plans: Business School CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET 8921 Tennyson Street Plans: Howard University CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD 2229 King Street Plans: College CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT 4412 Vrain Street Plans: College CURTIN, CHARLOTTE 2727 Tennyson Street Plans: Art College DACHMAN, HELEN 1488 Tennyson Street Plans: College DALY, FRANCES 2020 California Street Plans: Nurses Training DARDANO, ALFRED 8821 Kalamath Street Plans: Work DAVIDSON, DENNIS 5054 Perry Street Plans: College DAVIS, GEORGIA 2781 Umatilla Street Plans: Business School DAVIS, LOUIS 1025 West Elk Place Plans: Undecided DAVIS, OPAL LOUISE 4148 Raleigh Street, Plans: Comptometer School DAVIS, ROBERT 8812 Stuart Street Plans: Colorado School of Mines DAVISSON, MAXINE 2983 Foster Court Plans: Secretarial School DEANER, GLENN 3058 Newton Street Plans: Work DEARING, RICHARD 3933 Tejon Street Plans: College DeCICCO, ELEANOR 8825 Quivas Street Plans: Undecided DEDRICK, MAXINE 8935 Raleigh Street Plans: College DEIST, HAROLD 3804 Osage Street Plans: Navy DEMPSEY, VIRGINIA 1444 Central Street Plans: Business College DeSALVO, CHARLES 3538 Quivas Street Plans: DeSAVERIO, ARMAND 1909 West 35th Avenue Plans: Work DeTEMPLE, BARBARA 8847 Zenobia Street Plans: Undecided DICKER, BETTY 1788 Irving Street Plans: College DINGMAN, CRISTINE 8218 Irving Street Plans: Comptometer School DiRENZO, ANTHONY 8428 Shoshone Street Plans: College DISTEFANO, PAUL 8541 Vallejo Street Plans: Work DITSON, MARY 1982 Irving Street Plans: Business School DOMENICO, DOROTHY 1826 West 35th Avenue Plans: Work DOPHEIDE, FRED 4151 Kalamath Street Plans: U. S. Marines DORFMAN, JEANNE 1878 Osceola Street Plans: College DORIGATTI, MARIO 2217 West 29th Avenue Plans: Business School DOYLE, KATHRINE 8254 Fairview Place Plans: Undecided DUNN, ROBERT 2780 Grove Street Plans: Work DUNN, WILLIAM 2780 Grove Street Plans: Undecided DUNWOODY, ROBERT 2637 West 26th Avenue Plans: College DURR, FRANCES 2242 Raleigh Street Plans: Business School DUTTON, DEWEY 2846 Irving Street Plans: Army EAPANTI, ANTOINETTE 4148 Navajo Street Plans: Work EAGLEN, JERRY 3587 Julian Street Plans: Undecided EARL, NAOMI 2640 Raleigh Street Plans: Undecided EBERHARDT, HELEN 8734 Sheridan Blvd. Plans: College ECKERT, TED 8901 Raleigh Street Plans: Work EDWARDS, SHERWIN 5075 Quitnan Street Plans: Navy ELLIOTT, THELMA 4815 W. 88rd Avenue Plans: California ELLIS, TED 2416 West 82nd Avenue Plans: Undecided ENGEL, ROSE 1544 Irving Street Plans: Work ENNIS, BRUCE 3886 King Street Plans: College ENNIS, IRENE 8489 Moncrietf Place Plans: D. U. ERICKSON, PERN 8125 Vallejo Street Plans: Work ERWIN, EDNA 3247 Zuni Street Plans: Work EVANS, SHIRLEY 2085 Grove Street Plans: Business School EWING, VIRGINIA 4720 Elm Court Plans: College FALLICO, PETE 3788 Navajo Street Plans: College PAUBION, JUANITA 2480 Dunkeld Place Plans: California FENTRESS, VIC 2985 Grove Street Plans: College FERGUSON, JEAN 8404 Alcott Street Plans: Office employment PINESILVER, OSCAR 1881 Osceola Street Plans: College PINK, EVELYN 4578 Leaf Court Plans: Undecided FINKENAUER, BETTY 3417 West 83rd Avenue Plans: Milwaukee Vocational School FISHER, LEONORA 2518 Irving Street Plans: Art School FLYNN, EMMETT 4857 Meade Street Plans: Work FONDA, EDWARD 2147 Osceola Street Plans: Business College FORSYTH, WESLEY W. 3280 Julian Street Plans: C. U. FOX, RUTH ELAINE 2626 W. 25th Avenue Plans: Undecided FRANS, MARGARET 8584 W. 45th Avenue Plans: College FRANZEN, MARJORIE 8460 Bryant Street Plans: College FRAZZINI, CONNIE 3828 Shoshone Street Plans: Undecided FRED, P1-IYLLIS 3640 Perry Street Plans: Work PRICKE, ROLAND 3206 No. Speer Blvd. Plans: Undecided FRIED!-IOLM, RAY 4659 Wyandot Street Plans: Work FRIEDLAND, HAROLD 8846 W. 14th Avenue Plans: College rays, JIM 3819 West 36th Avenue Plans: College FULLERTON, BOB 4568 Beach Court Plans: Colorado University FURBEE, WALTER 3107 W. 23rd Avenue Plans: College GABEL, CHARLES 1438 Platte Street Plans: Work GALE, WAYNE 4690 Newton Street Plans: Work GARGARO, PAUL 4055 Navajo Street Plans: Undecided GARRIMONE, LORRAINE 4015 Navajo Street Plans: Work GASTINEAU, ELVA 2817 Douglas Place Plans: School GAUSS, JOHN 8786 Meade Street Plans: Undecided GAY, JOY ANN 8126 Umatilla Street Plans: Northwestern GEICK, ROBERT J. 3681 W. 45th Avenue Plans: College GENTILE, ARMAND 1758 Boulder Street Plans: Work GERZE, FRANCES 5178 Clarkson Street Plans: Opportunity School GETTMAN, HELEN 1303 Vrain Street Plans: Undecided GIAMBROCCO, ANNA 8748 Osage Street Plans: Work GIOIA, MARGARET 4185 Knox Court Plans: Nurses Training GLANTZ, LOIS 3225 Newton Street Plans: Undecided GOLDBERG, S1-IANA 1869 Osceola Street Plans: College GOLDFARB, RUTH 1405 Meade Street Plans: Undecided GOLDFOGEL, NORMA 1789 Irving Street Plans: College GOLDSTEIN, T1-IELMA 1469 Utica Street Plans: College GOODMAN, HERMAN 8185 West Colfax Avenue Plans: School of Mines GORDON, VIRGINIA 4158 Zuni Street Plans: Business School GRAVELLE, I-IOMER 5024 Alcott Street Plans: Navy GRAVES, WALLACE 8447 W. 83rd Avenue Plans: Aggies GREINSTEIN, DORIS 8447 West 19th Avenue Plans: Work GRENFELL, BILLIE 3883 Perry Street Plans: C. U. GRESI-IAM, JUNE 5001 W. 82nd Avenue Plans: California GRODSKY, MORRIS 8447 W. 19th Avenue Plans: College GROOM, WAYNE 4322 Decatur Street Plans: Work GROTBERG, BARBARA 4458 Perry Street Plans: College GUIDO, SAL 3904 Jason Street Plans: Work GUNTHER, DON 4226 Green Court Plans: C. U. HAGEMANN, RICHARD 1428 East 12th Avenue Plans: Mines HALL, MARY 4868 Stuart Street Plans: College HALL, VIOLETTE 2781 West 87th Avenue Plans: Colorado University HAMBERGER, NORMA 8132 West 41st Avenue Plans: Work HAMILTON, WANDA 8323 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: College HAMMOND, MARJORIE 8830 Newton Street Plans: College HAMMOND, TOM 8830 Newton Street Plans: College HANKEL, RUTH 4540 Newton Street Plans: Work HANSEN, GLORIA 4408 Decatur Street Plans: Nurses' Training HANSEN, JACK 4408 Decatur Street Plans: Work HANSEN, WARREN 2750 King Street Plans: College HARBOLD, ROBERT 2039 Federal Blvd. Plans: Navy 1-IARDISON, BOB 4014 Stuart Street Plans: Work HARGIS, BILL 3924 Clay Street Plans: Work HARGREAVES, ELIZABETH 3700 West 32nd Avenue Plans: College HARRIS, ALBERT 3484 Osceola Street Plans: C. U. HARRIS, HELEN 4027 Vallejo Street Plans: Work HARVAT, BOB 2788 Julian Street Plans: College HARVEY, VIRGINIA 4021 West 80th Avenue Plans: College HAYES, ROBERT 4812 Elm Court Plans: College HEAD, BETTY 2680 North Speer Blvd. Plans: Work HEINECK, FRANCES 2540 W. 48th Avenue Plans: College HEINICKE, CATHERINE 3070 W. 41st Avenue Plans: Nurse Training HEINZE, HILDA 5014 Lincoln Street Plans: Work HELLER, SIDNEY 1506 Newton Street Plans: Work HERBERT, ROWENA 2653 W. 82nd Avenue Plans: Comptometer HERMAN, HELEN 3524 Stuart Street Plans: Undecided HESS, MARVIN 2885 W. 29th Avenue Plans: College HESTON, DOROTHY 8888 Xavier Street Plans: Undecided HETER, VIRGINIA 2929 Foster Court Plans: College HICKINBOTHAM, JEAN 8127 Umatilla Street Plans: Work HILDEBRAND, TOMMY 8284 Raleigh Street Plans: Work HILL, HARRIETT 4448 Osceola Street Plans: Business School HINTON, CATHERINE 8157 West Clyde Place Plans: Work HOFFMAN, DON 1922 West 87th Avenue Plans: Work HOFFMAN, LORRAINE 2906 Stuart Street Plans: Nurses' Training HOFFMAN, SHIRLEY 1811 Tennyson Street Plans: College HOLDAWAY, REED 2442 Julian Street Plans: Undecided HOLMAN, DOROTHY 8925 Umatilla Street Plans: College HOLT, JAMES 665 Stuart Street Plans: Work HOLT, ROBERT 665 Stuart Street Plans: Business School HOLTMAN, JOE 2844 Quitman Street Plans: Work HONSTEIN, LeROY 4586 Lincoln Street Plans: College HOPPER, JAMES 8868 Vrain Street Plans: Work I-IOPPER, VIRGINIA 8868 Vrain Street Plans: Beautician HOSMAN, MILTON 2717 Wyandot Street Plans: Aircraft School HUDAK, BILL 4259 Alcott Street Plans: Work HUGHES, DAVE 8954 Xavier Street Plans: School INGRAM, ORVA ANN 8257 Osceola Street Plans: College IRVINE, JOE 4121 Knox Court Plans: College ISLEY, MARJORIE 8811 W. 86th Avenue Plans: College JACKSON, SARAH 2888 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Undecided JARVIS, DEAN 4815 Zenobia Street Plans: Undecided JAY, JANICE 2224 Irving Street Plans: College JENSEN, VERNA 1658 Franklin Street Plans: C. U. JOHNSON, DORIS 4551 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Business School JOHNSON, IRENE 4220 King Street Plans: Business College JOHNSON, MARGARET 8845 Bryant Street Plans: Work JOHNSON, SARA 4275 Knox Court Plans: C. U. JOHNSON, WARREN 2211 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Work JONES, CAROL 4581 King Street Plans: College JONES, GRACE 8889 W. 88th Avenue Plans: Junior College JONES, LOUISE 1608 Boulder Street Plans: Beauty Operator KASPER, CHARLOTTE 2801 W. Douglas Place Plans: Work KATZ, CELIA 1854 Grove Street Plans: Work KAUFMAN, CHARLES 8125 W. 14th Avenue Plans: Work KAY, HARRY 2779 W. 88th Avenue Plans: Undecided KEASEY, WALLACE 4556 Elliot Street Plans: Work KEENAN, ROBERT 2824 West 86th Avenue Plans: Undecided KEISER, LLOYD 4825 Xavier Street Plans: Work KEITH, ROBERT 4258 Vallejo Street Plans: Work KELLY, ROSEMARY 8848 J ulisn Street Plans: College KEMP, JANET 8005 Grove Street Plans: Work KENDALL, EVELYN 8611 Eliot Street Plans: Work KIMBALL, ROBERT 4552 Utica Street Plans: College KINGSBURY, JAMES 8140 W. 40th Avenue Plans: College KIRK, HELEN 2784 Umatilla Street Plans: College KIRKLEY, MELVIN 4276 Green Court Plans: D. U. KLEIN, SARAH 8447 W. 19th Avenue Plans: Beauty School KLIMOSKI, STEPHEN 5084 Logan Street Plans: Work KOEHLER, ROBERT 4718 Sherman Street Plans: Undecided KOMINEK, EVELYN 4650 Logan Street Plans: Work KOOGLE, DON 8209 Julian Street Plans: Work KURTH, MARIE 4884 Stuart Street Plans: Work KUSHNER, EVELYN 1684 Federal Blvd. Plans: Business College LaBRIOLA, JAMES 1922 West 86th Avenue Plans: Business College LaBRIOI.A, ROSEMARY 8884 Pecos Street Plans: Business School LaCONTE, LOUIS 8119 Quivas Street Plans: Work LAND, JOHN R. 4118 West 42nd Avenue Plans: College LANDE, CECILLE 1421 Perry Street Plans: College LANG, GENE 2780 W. 82nd Avenue Plans: College LAPIN, JAKE 8447 West 19th Avenue Plans: Work LARSEN, DOROTHY 8461 West 87th Avenue Plans: C. U. LATHROP, HOWARD 2406 West 82nd Avenue Plans: Undecided LAWRENCE, DOROTHY 8422 Vallejo Street Plans: Work LEACH, MARY 4571 Stuart Street Plans: College LEAVITT, SHIRLEY 1582 Federal Blvd. Plans: College LEVINE, RUBIN 8447 West 19th Avenue Plans: Leave Denver LEWIS, PHYLLIS 8876 W. 87th Avenue Plans: Business School LIGGETT, CATHERINE 8886 West 84th Avenue Plans: Work LILLO, LARRY 8411 Osage Street Plans: Electrical Work LIMPUS, EUGENE 2925 Wyandot Street Plans: Work LIND, MARGARET 8805 W. 87th Avenue Plans: College LINDSAY, JEAN 4205 Grove Street Plans: College LOMBARDI, ANNA 8625 Osage Street Plans: Work LOMBARDO, JOE 8615 Navajo Street Plans: Work LONG, CLEMENT 964 W. 10th Avenue Plans: Aviation School LOOMIS, JOSEPHINE 2841 Federal Blvd. Plans: Undecided LOOS, BETTY 5055 Raleigh Street Plans: Undecided LORIMOR, JOE 8748 Columbine Street Plans: Aviation School LOVE, FRANCES 8164 W. 86th Avenue Plans: Business College LOVELI., BOB 4821 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: Work LOWE, SHIRLEVINE 3622 Meade Street Plans: College LUCAS, HARLEY 8424 W. 80th Avenue Plans: Work LUCAS, RIO 2109 W. 28th Avenue Plans: Aggies LUKTON, AARON 8447 West 19th Avenue Plans: California LUOND, EILEEN DORIS 8875 Wolff Street Plans: Teach accordion LUTITO, LOUIS 4240 Decatur Street Plans: Undecided LUTZ, BOB 4115 W. 82nd Avenue Plans: Navy MACKAY, ROBERT 8110 West 41st Avenue Plans: College MADDEN, PEGGY 2588 West 82nd Avenue Plans: Business School MAGNUSON, ASTRID 4925 Wyandot Street Plans: Work MAIER, MARY MARGARET 8725 Grove Street Plans: Business College MALITO, ANTHONY 1785 W. 85th Avenue Plans: Work MALLOY, CHARLES 5105 W. 88th Ave. Plans: Undecided MANASSEE, PHYLLIS 4000 W. Conejos Place Plans: College MARCHESE, ANGELINA 8427 Navajo Street Plans: California MARIANI, LITIZIA 2627 18th Street Plans: Work MARINARO, LILLIAN 4124 Quivas Street Plans: Business School MARINO, ANTOINETTE 8555 Quivas Street Plans: Beauty Work MARN, ROBERT 8905 Zenobia Street Plans: Work MARRA, CARMELLA 8417 Osage Street Plans: Salesglrl MARSAU, TERESA 8880 Meade Street Plans: College MARSHALL, GEORGE 8751 Raleigh Street Plans: College MARTELLI, VIRGINIA 1849 West 84th Avenue Plans: Work MARTIN, BILL 2907 W. 27th Ave. Plans: Undecided MARTIN, CHARLES 2807 W. 27th Avenue Plans: College MARTINEZ, BENNIE 1740 Central Street Plans: Work MASSARO, EDWARD 8857 Navajo Street Plans: Post-graduate MAUZEY, ALLEN 8489 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Work MAYS, BETTY 8244 Vallejo Street Plans: College MoADAMS, MORGAN 2809 Alcott Street Plans: Work MoCARTHY, MYRA JEAN 2901 W. 88th Avenue Plans: C. U. McCLOSKEY, MARJORIE 8884 Wyandot Street Plans: Work McCLUNG, RAYMOND 8081 West 40th Avenue Plans: Work McCONN1-ILL. S1-IIRLEE 8425 West 26th Avenue Plans: U. C. L. A. McCUBBIN. RALPH 986 E. 12th Avenue Plans: Air School MoCURDY, DOREEN 2588 Grove Street Plans: Work McKERNON, FRANCES 4407 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Music School McKINDLEY, JAMES 5010 Perry Street Plans: Undecided McMIC1-IAEL, ALLEN 2688 Argyle Place Plans: Undecided McNASSOR, SHIRLEY 8641 Julian Street Plans: Comptometer School McNAUG1'IT, FRANCES 4115 W. 41st Avenue Plans: Business School MEFFORD, JACK 4942 W. 88th Avenue Plans: College MENDENHALL, GEORGE 2884 Decatur Street Plans: D. U. Commerce MENGELKAMP, DOROTHY 8117 Quitman Street Plans: College METZLER, BERT!-IA 5060 Sherman Street Plans: Salesgirl MICK, LOLA 2705 W. 85th Avenue Plans: Work MILLER, WAYNE 4145 Yates Street Plans: College MILLS, BOB 2988 Julian Street Plans: Undecided MINER, MARJORIE 2748 West 84th Avenue Plans: Work MINISTER, CARL 4910 King Street Plans: California MITCHELL, GRACE 8421 W. 88rd Avenue Plans: Work MONACO. GEORGE 4495 Winona Court Plans: Barnes MOON, JEAN 3331 West 33rd Avenue Plans: College MOONITZ. MARIAN 3447 West 19th Avenue Plans: Undecided MOORE, JANE 4160 Julian Street Plans: College MOREHEAD, MARILYN 2638 W. 35th Avenue Plans: Work MORGAN, GLADYS 2554 19th Street Plans: Mortician MORRIS, GOLDYE 1460 Raleigh Street Plans: College MOSER, DON 3795 Meade Street Plans: Undecided MOSIER, MILDRED 4422 Winona Court Plans: Business School MOSIER, RUSSELL 3037 W. Denver Place Plans: Work MUHLSTEIN, SHIRLEY ANNE 2104 Stuart Street Plans: College MUNSON, WALLACE 4256 Elati Street Plans: Undecided MURO. AGNES 3914 Kalamath Street Plans: Undecided MURRAY, EDWARD 2981 W. 20th Avenue Plans: College MUSTARI, FRANK 3801 Jason Street Plans: Denver Art College MUXLOW, MIKE 2322 W. 30th Avenue Plans: Work MYERS. JEWELL 9 W. 12th Avenue Plans: Undecided NIELSEN, RICHARD 2700 W. Dunkeld Place Plans: Work O'CONNELI.. CORNELIA 2016 Bryant Street Plans: Work OETZEL. MAUDE 4467 Utica Street Plans: Marriage OLESH, LUCILLE 1403 Meade Street Plans: Undecided OLSEN. DOROTHY 4582 Eliot Street Plans: Undecided OLSON, BOB 8378 W. 33rd Avenue Plans: College OSBURN. VIOLA 4528 Bryant Street Plans: Undecided OSTERMILLER. HAROLD 4424 Sherman Street Plans: Undecided OTTO, BETTY ANN 4303 Clay Street Plans: College OVERTON, EMMA MAY 3332 Eliot Street Plans: Dr. Assistant OWENS, MARGARET 3207 West Hayward Place Plans: Work OXMAN, LOUIS 1509 Decatur Street Plans: Night School PACHELLO, ANGELO 1731 West 36th Avenue Plans: Undecided PALS, LUCILLE 4923 W. 31st Avenue Plans: Work PARKS, ROBERT 4437 Newton Street Plans: Undecided PARR, CELESTE 3325 W. Scott Place Plans: C. U. PASTORE, HAROLD 1054 Marion Street Plans: Undecided PATTERSON, LeROY 4171 Knox Court Plans: College PAULDINO, VIRGINIA 3755 Navajo Street Plans: Work PAULIN, BOB 4329 Quitman Street Plans: Work PEPPER, ANN 1441 Newton Street Plans: Work PERRY, IRENE 3835 W. 29th Avenue Plans: Work PETERSON, DON 4905 Lowell Blvd. Plans: College PFENNING. EDWARD 4622 Lincoln Street Plans: Work PHILLIPS. JOHN 3354 Federal Blvd. Plans: College PHILLIPS, VIRGINIA 4220 Wyandot Street Plans: Work PICCOLI, JAMES 2126 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: Work PIGEON, CAROL 4801 Grant Street Plans: Aviation training PIRO. FRANK 4707 Lipan Street Plans: Work PIRO, SALVATORE 3637 Kalamath Street Plans: Undecided PITTMAN, JEANETTE 3858 Utica Street Plans: Undecided PITTS, JOHN 2476 Caithness Place Plans: Work PLATT, KENNETH 3928 Xavier Street Plans: Undecided PODOLSKI, RUTH 3357 W. 31st Avenue Plans: Work POLETTO. FELIX 2120 W. 33rd Avenue Plans: Undecided POWERS. ALVIN 3416 W. Moncrieff Place Plans: Work POZERL, ED 1789 Boulder Street Plans: Work PREBBLE, PETE 4780 Perry Street Plans: C. U. PREBLE. BETTY 839 Meade Street Plans: Work PRICE, LORINE 2206 Hooker Street Plans: Business School PRICE. ROY A. 4161 Winona Court Plans: Undecided PROUT. LOMA 2511 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: Nurses' Training PULSIPHER, MAXINE 3140 Umatilla Street Plans: Beauty School RASO, JOE 3738 Zuni Street Plans: Work REALE. JOE 3752 Bryant Street Plans: Undecided REED, RICHARD 2220 Stuart Street Plans: College REESE, RUTH 3471 W. Clyde Place Plans: Undecided REICHEN. BARBARA 3422 Zuni Street Plans: College REMILLARD, OWEN 4220 Hooker Street Plans: Apprenticeship RETALIA, DOROTHY 2159 Osceola Street Plans: Business School REWINKEL, MARIAN 3010 Irving Street Plans: Work RICE, FLORENCE 2635 17th Street Plans: Undecided RICHARDSON, HARRY 4029 Zuni Street Plans: Undecided RICHARDSON, ROBERT 4820 Tennyson Street Plans: Colorado State RIEDESEL, CHARLOTTE 3560 Vallejo Street Plans: C. U. RIEL, CATHERINE 5105 Moncrieft' Place Plans: Nurses' Training ROBERTS, JAMES E. 4142 Julian Street Plans: College ROBERTS, JEANNE 4950 Tennyson Street Plans: College ROBERTS, LAWRENCE 4737 W. 33rd Avenue Plans: College ROBERTS, WARREN 3739 Zenobia Street Plans: C. U. RODIE, MARGARET 4610 Leaf Court Plans: Work ROERIG, KENNETH 3331 Clay Street Plans: Business College ROMERO, ROBERT 2710 Umatilla Street Plans: Art School ROSE, HELEN 4538 Wolff Street Plans: Undecided ROTHFUSS, SHIRLEY 4655 Short Yates Street Plans: Undecided RUDD, LEUTHAL 2503 Dunkeld Place Plans: Work RUTHERFORD, JOE 3336 Bryant Street Plans: Work RUTHERFORD, TED 3656 Bryant Street Plans: Work RYDER, GORDON 3247 Newton Street Plans: Work SANDEPUR, LOUISE 2741 Umatilla Street Plans: Work SANDERS. GLADYS 2536 W. 33rd Avenue Plans: Undecided SANDERS, MARIAN 3416 Meade Street Plans: Undecided SANDO, FRANCIS 3848 Umatilla Street Plans: College SAN PIETRO. ANGELINA 3932 Navajo Street Plans: Work SANTANGELO, ROBERT 4128 Julian Street Plans: College SCHARER, MARGARET 2523 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Work SCHEELE, EVAN 2750 Yates Street Plans: College SCHENKEIR, LEO 2301 7th Street Plans: College SCHIFF, BERTHA 2928 West Colfax Ave. Plans: Work SCHMUCK, MARIAN 4773 Raleigh Street Plans: Marriage SCHWAB, PATSY 2437 Eliot Street Plans: Comtometer school SCHWARTZ, HERMAN 1487 Newton Street Plans: Work SCRUGGS, GEORGE 3450 W. 37th Avenue Plans: College SEAMAN. IRENE 3124 W. 21st Avenue Plans: Work SELLER, ROSLIE 2109 W. 34th Avenue Plans: Undecided SENA, BETTY 4734 W. Hayward Place Plans: Work SESTRICH, ALBERT 4868 Lincoln. Street Plans: Work SEYFER, BILL 2802 W. 32nd Avenue . Plans: Undecided SI-IAMES, EVELYN 1428 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Business School SHAW, ROBERT 4185 Green Court Plans: Undecided SHELTON, HOMER 4291 Julian Street Plans: College SHOBER, CATHERINE 3424 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Work SHOEMAKER, HOMER 4235 King Street Plans: Work SHORT, MARJORIE 2823 W. 27th Avenue Plans: Undecided SHORTEN, HARRY 3603 Eliot Street Plans: U. S. Civil Service Work SHOWERS, JUANITA 4940 Newton Street Plans: Work SIDELL, GLEN 4860 Knox Court Plans: Musician SIGHTLER, BILL 3037 Irving Street Plans: Undecided SIMMONS, MAXINE 2502 W. 29th Avenue Plans: Undecided SINOPOLI, ROSE 3753 Lipan Street Plans: College SLAUGHENHOUP, JAMES 2123 W. 41st Avenue Plans: Work SMALDONE, RALPH 3427 Osage Street Plans: Work SMITH, JOE 2682 North Speer Blvd. Plans: Undecided SMITH, VIRGINIA 4589 Utica Street Plans: Undecided SNYDER, ADA 1435 Newton Street Plans: Work SOKOL, HELENA 4745 Logan Street Plans: C. U. SOSNO, TILLIE 3211 W. Colfax Avenue Plans: College SOWDEN, OLIVE 30 South Grant Street Plans: Undecided SPAHN, BERNICE 4508 Quitman Street Plans: Business School SPALDING. SYLVIA 2903 W. Denver Place Plans: C. W. C. STAMM. RUTH 3501 Osceola Street Plans: Undecided STARK, MARIE 4376 Xavier Street Plans: D. U. STAUTER, FRANK 4337 Quitman Street Plans: Undecided STAUTER, HARRIET 3706 Newton Street Plans: D. U. Commerce STEBBINS, JEANETTE 4138 W. 32nd Avenue Plans: College STEDMAN, DON 2505 W. 36th Avenue Plans: Undecided STEINIBERG, ALVIN 1414 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Undecided STILLHAMMER, MARGARET 3238 W. 30th Avenue Plans: Work STIRLING, MARYANN 4325 Decatur Street Plans: College STRANGE, HARVEY 4444 Vrain Street Plans: Work STRASSHEIM, EVELINA 4555 Sherman Street Plans: Work STRATTON, DOROTHY 4162 Winona Court Plans: College STRAUC1-I, LeROY 8285 W. 29th Avenue Plans: Navy STRICKER, FRED 4414 Delaware Street Plans: C. U. STUCKA, EDWIN 4658 Logan Street Plans: Work STUCKEY, ELLWYN 8056 West Clyde Place Plans: College SUGAR, JOSEPH 8424 Navajo Street Plans: Undecided SUHR, LEONARD 8811 Meade Street Plans: College SULLIVAN, HOWARD 8810 Tennyson Street Plans: College SUMMERS, JOE 8127 W. 24th Avenue Plans: Undecided SUMMERS, LAUREN 4578 Lincoln Street Plans: Work SURSA, MARY 2711 Wyandot Street Plans: Undecided SWANN, RUBYE 8296 Raleigh Street Plans: Nurses' Training SWANSON, DORIS 2515 W. 87th Avenue Plans: Work SYMONTON, RUTH 2546 W. 28th Avenue Plans: Undecided TACITO, PAT 8629 Mariposa Street Plans: Work TAFT, MARVIN 2612 Federal Blvd. Plans: Aeronautics TANNER, CAROLINE 2627 W. 25th Avenue Plans: Work TARANTINO, LUCILLE 8651 Zuni Street Plans: Business College TAYLOR, SHIRLEY 8810 Umatilla Street Plans: Business College TENENBAUM, ADELE 1645 Osceola Street Plans: Undecided TENNAL, DARYL 2727 W. 84th Avenue Plans: College THEISEN, ETHEL MAE 2617-17th Street Plans: Work THEODORE, GEORGIA 4149 Tejon Street Plans: College THOMAS, LEANNA 4569 Zuni Street Plans: Work THOMPSON, RUTH 3607 Perry Street Plans: C. U. THOMSEN, JIM 8416 Newton Street Plans: Work TIMMINS, TOM 8288 W. 29th Avenue Plans: D. U. Commerce TOLVE, VIRGINIA 8689 Navajo Street Plans: Work TOWNE, DAVID 2207 Hooker Street Plans: Undecided TRACEY, DENNIS 8888 W. 24th Avenue Plans: Work TREBILCOCK, DOROTHY 2510 Bryant Street Plans: Work TRELLO, ANTHONY 1509 W. 86th Avenue Plans: Work TRUJILLO, EVA 8921 Jason Street Plans: Undecided TULLY, BYRON 8770 Newton Street Plans: Work TURNER, FRANCES 4457 Perry Street Plans: Undecided TURNER, MILDRED 5000 Alcott Street Plans: Work TUSKEY, GECELIA 2949 Zuni Street Plans: Business School TUTEUR, FRANZ 1586 Meade Street Plans: C. U. ULRICH, GERALDINE 8026 W. 89th Avenue Plans: Business College VAN GORKEN, MARION 1528 Xing Street Plans: Undecided VEAN, MILDRED 1727 Pearl Street Plans: Psychiatry VESSA. JOHN 8908 Mariposa Street Plans: Travel VITALE, EDITH 4852 Zuni Street Plans: Business School VOLPI, MARY 8620 Kalamath Street Plans: Work WALKER, BETTY 8071 Ross Court Plans: Work WATERMAN, DON 2554 W. 28rd Avenue Plans: Work way, LAURENCE 2840 Quitman Street Plans: Military Institute WEBER, RUBEN 4818 Sherman Street Plans: Work WEDGLE, MILDRED 1894 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Work WEEKS, CLEORA 4525 Wyandot Street Plans: Business School WEISS, FRANK 2108 Meade Street Plans: College WELLS, PAUL 2510 Front View Crescent Plans: Work WELSH, STUART 3166 W. 87th Avenue Plans: Dance Orchestra WERTH, CAROLYN 8868 W. Clyde Place Plans: C. U. WESTFALL, DELPHINE 4485 Meade Street Plans: Business School WI-IATLEY, EMMA 4558 Lipan Street Plans: Music Conservatory WHISLER, MAX 8879 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Undecided WHITAKER, BOB 8127 'Irving Street Plans: Work WHITE, BOB 8089 Meade Street Plans: Work WHITE, TED 8546 Perry Street Plans: C. U. WHITSON, FERN 4666 Clay Street Plans: Undecided WILHELM, ELMER 4800 Delaware Street Plans: Trade School WILLIAMS, BETTE 4460 Quitman Street Plans: Business College WILLIAMS, HERB 2811 W. 26th Avenue Plans: Travel , seg:-,. e of-,,s,,s5r , . - Page Jin: A i,,,l,,. ,Ewa A. -- s .1 K -.H 5 w WILLIAMS, RUTH 2757 W. 87th Avenue Plans: College WINE, MARY 8520 West Conejos Place Plans: Nurses' Training WINER, IRVING 8887 W. 28rd Avenue Plans: Undecided WOLF, CLYDE 2755 Eliot Street Plans: Work WOLF, FRED 8255 Stuart Street Plans: Undecided WOLFF, CAROLINE 4622 Leaf Court Plans: Work WOLTERS, MELVIN 8456 W. 81st Avenue Plans: Work WOOD, HARRIET 8885 Newton Street Plans: D. U. Commerce WOOD, HAROLD 8984 Lowell Blvd. Plans: Undecided WOOD, VIRGINIA 8121 Umatilla Street Plans: College Woon, WARREN 8984 Lowell Blvd. Plans: College WOODILL, RAYMOND 4280 Lipan Street Plans: Navy WYATT, CHARLOTTE 8257 Meade Street Plans: Marriage YANDLE, LORRAINE 2686 W. 28rd Avenue Plans: C. U. YOST, ROBERT 4400 Delaware Street Plans: Undecided YOUNG, KEITH 8750 Meade Street Plans: Work ZABEL, CAROL 2227 W. 85th Avenue Plans: Work ZANCANELLI, PAUL 8708 Quivas Street Plans: Aviation Institute ZANGARI, BARBARA 8756 Jason Street Plans: Work ZARLENGO. THEODORE 4585 Julian Street Plans: C. U. ZINN, JUANITA 1450 Meade Street Plans: C. U. ZISER, BUD 8886 Stuart Street Plans: Mines .1411 t OQPQIQA5 QOL ' '7 21 iff f fLvr,afL' g vid C AvffL"'7'f 452' W5 VW db P' www Jgf wwf kjjfwfww - l ,7,,'7fyiWz g-wif, fig? xalgix in En-re r w l 'V ,Z , it A ' ggliiws Q!" 1 s""a9 P Q' "1 ' 'WY 5 542, eff . 5' ' a CQTQ c yi f A I if gg, .lx is f.,4. 'X ., W iff ,. r+..1 Q" - 5 ,I 8 1 f if " N Z7 ' . 1 W In 'G tra t N W '1 W 4 ff , , 'uv X .A , N151 a IF I 'W :WA ,'.,, Y...H" In , V new ,.,,,,,,.,,A . ,,,. 1.5 M vi + Qu :LK 4 .,-eff, ?t 2 I 1 S e, IP 'B b,,,,,,,1,w My V Qs dui . X ii V Pi 5,1 Q ai x

Suggestions in the North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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