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 - Class of 1936

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i - .. ar, Y,,.---- -l ,ld-1' -V VV Q m-s..' 'xii' t ' age- ,. nBfT A tio 85! 19 r 20, tobe day, 00 3 ,ft l Q1 N. SHINGTO WA -DE SI IN - Qaiaifli-as-is . YL.--W ,., 9 P0 E R ED . , -sg, . 1 -'YS - eh-i ' .K 1- .-,J gt, . n ,si , 1 . P4-4 ::.:i . . n .E CD., A44 -H in O .D CU S9 O C KB L G Q. m. L O sn. D760 C I1 We-I l Paul HUlChlI'lS0n ready have the . adding extra filters, and strictly regulat- l mvefposisaanwrner . Dr. Dennis Brisson, a dentist, also iitg lau temperatures at above 140 Thea gI'0WH1g fear Of AIDS haS Spread treats some AIDS patients. But he t ' degrees, the Ballpark launched an educa- I 2Y0Hfl the l10Ul9SeXl1al C0mm11I1ify, ere- that most of those in his profession would tion campaign among customers. mg new WOITIBS f0f SCh00lS, P1'iS0I1S, not. J -Fffoday, Fuller says, "You can't walkin 1595315 and bl1SiI1eSSeS Of 2111110512 every When Brisson knows or suspects that building without becoming aware of Hd- he has an AIDS 'patient in the chair, he AEIDS. For ' ce, every locker has a "Now I'm detecting more paranoia dons protective gloves and a face mask, brochure in- it. We hit people over the mul AHPS 1914518 l10I1'S3YS than 21110118 in addition to eye protection he uses with head" with methods to protect them- 1YS," Sfjllfl Mike Snyder, 3 tavern 0W!1eI' all patients. Many other dentists are " lves. l , ld Pfesldelll Of 3 835'-bel' eSS0ei2ii0H- doing like ' , he said, adding that AIDS S Bathhouses were hit with a terrific de- Feal' Of the diSe8Se F138 Spread even "is a very prevale t topic" in the profes- e in business three years ago, he said, W0 the medical C0mm1111lly, S2-id Dr- i sion. y I tbusiness now has returned to about5 Obefl JHHOWSKL Wh0Se family pfeeliee .In the gay community, businesses al- ' 10 percent below the level of pre-AIDS icludes some AIDS patients. , S ready have changed their ways. ys. V 501119 5111360115 at Mere? Medical Cell- "We went through the same hysteria, gfhe death of Rock Hudson appears to 91' , f01' example, Welldered If Sllfgery D2 but we went through it in l982," said,Ter- A one factor that has spread fear into ellis Shellld be Screened relltinely 01' ry Fuller, who operates the Ballpark tljecommunity at large. Particularly sen- le AIDS Vl1'US,leSlil Hlfeei the medical 1 hathhouse- on South Broadway in Denver. itiv are those in the restaurant indus- aff. ' I ' Such fears prompted a change in oper- . A "Th3l'? all Ulslllflllg S011 Of lllillgf V ,ations at bathliouses, traditionally popu- "Concern and watchfulness' are the ....,... HHOWSKI Said, adding that "S11I'ge0I1S are lar for casual sexual encounters. -Eg S detectin UYISWIUY 09905118 On Patients Whe al- 4 .Besides changing Qleansing techniques, 51, f Please see AIDS. on 5-B non-gay ' 01 on at O E,-T . ri it --1 ,wi 07 -I 'Si-f vi 2 i t l rf: are -f"'Ju4-5? A N - . - - 1 . .N-an .ff -m 16.5 Q1Q4iig :.,L2....,L.,...4,.,5g,f,L D 5 -..,,,,g..,,:,,.g..,,1.,,. 5gg1Aygz3EUaQgQLgm ,, .-,. A gg. ,gggggggggggggmgggggggggggggggggggisSiyiiiggggi1I i 19 'gysgoggffgfd Fasma g? 15 Q.3E5?g 5Q5W'3f + a55 izgqsgnpgnmganagoggsg ww -1 ewan 1 45 CN 1 11 1. Q Qezggmgaw o 1,4 E2 ,gmggnggfg Sfgsgioggtm E gm. E.-,..,,3gag,, Q 0 ES. gf: Eg- yr. -12 5659-o'E .2 ag'-?f""52E-14 rn X 3 ff'-10 Qsggsr E'-'E 552 Q "-E25 .SES mass?-YY' VJ E 1-s 15' D Q.: g S 8' 'EE 4 .0 g'gg,?""5-' 'Q gogg 5':.Qg"3o E Uggggoggg- 8 f'3"" -1 -v. 8 E' 550' Em 'CD ge? Rogan E as .g v H5025 E 25 55 3 CD'W fgsb 221:11 5'-,gg -mf "' '4s:"4 Q as 'Fc' - I-bfi! EE,-5 51255 53 2 22355 2255225 " "1 2'e5? 525-52' Egmgi - Peeps 1:-.835 155153 Fgggh 5550 8"3 1 I . Owii 399 lam xxs aqg, lxpm am,, 'uaq OM sexsegsemupm an ' I 19 IUHUUIM qos am sdeq.1a,1 o Sugoi axe sure.zSOLnY .mqqigaul mm 'azaq ,am EEE? 1532 2 5 Ugg. sig lg. 1528 152'-5 1555? V 51.5.51 15555 1 , 9:2- 1 595 1 555 .SIN Jann s.1ap.1o 13 am 18 I D 511111 Aeq Ang A SP! '-l5!H,'4uoN o3pau.m1e1 'gg ' ug gpigehgna ne ue .uc 3 0 -1 A Q E af 2 5 2 2-9 5 5 2 S xt M Ph 0 FF 'fb i J , 11 .Izmuaq aq.L 2 5' .S Q 3 5 QQ- -1 3, Q 1 f 2 'W .4 '1 . v r . f 1 11 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'f5Qf j YW fu Q WH ! 7 JN gl J -nc Q- fs 1 , - , X 9- W Aux ?' 1 ,fu ' 1 7,.!f- ' .X x XX5L,xw'l' 'ffm L cw f""1a.L 1, p " -r Q I" 1, -,X . .SUR -9 A 'V-'Q ,Q -11754 I x .- -. Q,- ""x .1 -.. -4 V ,R ng! whiff di ku 'V n hu Q F .- -1 blvx NF A - -M . T we IW , P i ,E I -, ,X 1.-2. , ,-- . .,.,- 1, .- '.g,.14,.. ' , .-:fy--ew .1 9 ii' fbi? . V- rf".-'41, ' ' . X, . - ' ,,q454, ,. . Y' I 1 ' qhlf ca.-if ,H rx: MH 'Q 1-1' - ,-V, -. W . V. , tr ,K , luv , ,Lil!g..rf-'Arif 2 . 5 Y z Q i r . , , p J i .,v. mf-. -- , ' f, 1' An, -A .,,,.,,m- 4, 5 . . .,.. Y3Ql':l'1'-'-rj:-V5 j -I .V , 411- fr ,..-ff. img-. '-'Qi WE .:.-x,- A .' 'f ' '-'iw-' "',,.s,'1 " . , ,, ,, . ,.,.-..- .4, . v - Wx.-, -fv- ' -Q- , n ,fw -L 6 K' fmn K X, I ,.-f-'V S n A' ' Q x IT as N 51 Z I X Q I -Jai? ,nr i -Q A . ' ' -gf." ' . - - X. . ' . Q if " - ., K, - A ., - . 'fill' " , - . .f- - - :Q .4 A V H I .- 'i- 4: 4. 9. ' u LPA . . V ' 75.35 ' 7 THE VIKI G ,.!.- North High School Book of Youth VOLUME 3 2 JUNE 1936 Denver, Colorado 'az Foreword Youth is not an age: it is an attitude toward life. Youth lives today fully, and looks ahead to tomorrow, expectant -free from fear, full of strength and eager curiosity. Youth, Spring, Love-poets' themes, because they all express life, gloriously lived. All three can be described as vigorous, uplifting, gay. All are things eternally admired and sought for. Youth, buoyantly new and colorful. is typified by.Spring in her newness of life unfolding in a gorgeous panorama of color. Love fills the heart of youth with joy and ambition. So we use "Youth" as the theme for the 1936 Viking, in which We picture the gayest and most progressive period of our youth-high' school life as we live it today. May it be a treasure chest of memories for distant tomorrows. WWMWW 1 Contents DEDICATION ....,... FACULTY ........ SENIOR ..... CLASSES ...... 1937 ........ .1938 ........ SPORTS ........... ACTIVITIES ....... FEATURES ..... friendship. You are a friend to Youth be- Dedication Mr. Borst, you are our principal, and We respect you as a careful guide and know- ing leader. But ydu are also our friend and to you, as such, We dedicate the 1936 Viking. Its theme is "Youth." You, by your appreciation of fun, humor, gaiety-all that youth loves-have established yourself as a comrade to those joys. Through kindly advice and broad- minded consideration for deficiencies and failures, by encouragement toward goals, and praise in success, you have expressed true cause you understand. ., 1 LJ A-.H A., . f., -12'-.J , .',. , v ' '1 ig-na,,,1 1,5 .ig IH. a. V 1.413 . -1 , .', ,Q ,- 4 1- .:,.'-nk - ,z 1-ff A , Q .1 - f 'v 'X ' ., , , 'ti H- ,,, A gg D. f'i5?1?"' ' fi 5' A Y 5 .V Q ff.. 5 4 Wh -5+ if J . x .WK .f ' J' X A ri' I1 Q' fu E nr , I 4 U "' "- -L V g t I Q I f Fs L '54 f 3-Q 'nf' E fgj 1. '- 1' L '- 3, . ..kffff34,i' 'XT' I W ' ' :ii ah "fag-Q ,. I, Q 4' fjw f-'Lf PM V --- , 1 . ' -Aww' '- , M, f-JF, if, gf 1 "K -5 IS'-,7A'T2:' , -A . I! we. gl: """ ' "7 v'-'.T'11 I' r Tribute To THE MEMBERS or NoR'rH's FACULTY! According to Webster, to teach is to direct, or to show, or to guide. Then teaching is surely the "noblest profession."- 'To direct young minds into worthy channels, to show ,the marvels of the world to wondering students, to guide untrained thought toward new paths is an occupation to be respected. ' But now we can appreciate friendship based on intellectual companionship, sense of humor, and constructive comment more than the practical value of actual factual material. i - To you, teachers at North, because you have treated us as friendsas well as students in thisihappy time of youth, we pay our tribute. " V I l tm . ' 1 5-. lr Y ' .' 4 - ? ???S'3,A. VJ' -' 1 . , V- .. V44- ws s if fwxxai' K L I V, f l K i I 1 1 -v W L 5 1 L L Z4 'V L, fr H- ,. f' lx x flrven ,4..4 fwrlw , if f f-fa, 1 , 1' f 1 1 1 X-r' Wa?- IFERN D. lNI11'cHELL Dean of Girls University of Denver ANDREXN' J. l4ARTL Assistant Pnnrzjml Greeley State Unu ersny of Dem er FLORENCE STUBBS Secvelary Colorado College Lois LEE Attrndnncc Clerk .X 11, .Q N ,R .li S.. E ll W3 lllll Q MAY OSLAR Clerk tlxirlfrn qs. 1 f01lfff!1l ALVAV FELGER Srifnrf Northwestern Michigan University Chicago Universitf of Denver EMMA Ecnmz German Chicago Unireraily ol' Denver hlawson Editorial School Mix'r'rlE VIE LENDRUM Englifli Colorado College H may B. Stunt English Harvard K.ATIiERINE OMMANNEY Drnmatirx Greeley Slate Stanford Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London ELLA S. Scmauctc Englifh Western College JACK EVANS Phyriml Edurnlior: Q South Dakota Teachers College Emma Hu.t.u2R A!! Vassar Paris b Art Institute JEAN INGERSOL Latin Colorado College Columbia M .una I-IATHAWAY Cammrrrinl Colorado State College of Education wil' 1 - l 'I Q LOUISE STEELE Engliyh 4 Vifellesley D ' ELBERT CuMM1Ncs 47l!!lflIt'l7l!1lil'J 1 ' Chicago l ,l."" jig- Colorado College ' E ? 1 R or Hx 'ii - nb Wu.i.1.uvi TWEIG 9 54, L Srirnre Il' ' .Nir- Stanford 'E lgllf M V' k'IZl9S3Cl1ll5CllS Institute of Technology X RUBY STONE Q Jllalhmnatirx University of Colorriclo Columbia FLORENCE HARPER Serial Srimrr Texas University University of Denver HEsTER SMITH Psythology University of Denver Columbia CARL U1-TEREACK Srfrnrc Purdue Chicago University GRACE HIESTAND Home EC01I01niCJ Indiana University Columbia SARA Dow Latin University of Colorado JEAN VARIAN Srifnce University of Denver Massacliiiscils Institute of Technology l fillrtn wri- 2.933 EDITH CULTON Srienrr L ' University of Denver MARTIN HEIM Ar llffathemntirr 1 7 vvkv Rose Polytechnic Institute '-i"fL,' ' 'N '17 5 21 F W 25- . X . T 3, Lols DAWSON I Sofia! Sfie-nr: V , Fir C Kansas University 1:5 I ' University of Denver -ww . CHESTER PHELPS Jllathematicx Greeley State Q University of Iowa fx, LEONARD JONES Science University of Colorado JESSIE THOMPSON English University of Colorado MYRTIE CAMPBELL Spaniflr Lawrence College University of Colorado CHARLES WRAY ll-Iallxnnatic: York College University of Nebraska University of Southern California GEORGE JENSEN Sofia! Scinzre University of Denver ALICE MENKE Ham: Eronomirr Greeley State College nxtrvn . -- .li A " MARIE HOLLISTER Hom: .Economics ' Nebraska University 131 , lf University of Southern Calilornia .. WILLIAM SPEARS 'A' 5 " 'QP 7 Social Sciznc: fyi-l u-'fllng i University of Denver ng". .:f' '--FJ-L' Nffilil ff' ' :". C ,I. if E, ' MARY FROST I' N, , English ii 4 University of Colorado ' P- University of Denver F l" f l, 5 THERESA DUPREE A' W- Frznch lf - X Boston Normal, College : z Sorbonne, Paris University of Denver LA DORA WHITE Illurir Dallas College of Music Cincinnati and Indianapolis Conservatory LAWRENCE MARSHALL Sorinl Seizure University of Nlinnesota KATHLEEN DAVVSON Cnnmxertinl Oklahoma University Columbia E1,s1E MAE WEBB Englixh University of Denver Parks Commercial School BURVVELL MOLES Phyrital Edumlion Columbia Central hflissouri Stale Teachers College MARY WHEELER Coumlfrfinl Colorado College University ol' Denver ol' Music Xe :rwntnn .XI JK r ' R C M gk . -3, :ightern if- - LILLIAN DUER lllathzmatiu Colora do College JAMES KINGSTON Induxtrinl Art: GEORGE XVILSON Indurtrinl xlrlr . JY' Stale Agricull urzn College Colorado Agricultural College lNlARY CHRISTY Social Srienre Illinois Stare Norm XVILLIAM FLANIREN Cammrfciul Trinity Universixv Texas Universiry EDITH BRITTAIN Plzyximl Education Iowa Stare Normal CHARLOTTE DRAKE Englirh University of Colorado al lWICHAEL STUART Spanirh University of Colorado Paris University H ELEN LYTLE C01H1l1t'f!'iEl Colorado College University of Denver CARL PR1oR Sorinl Srimre Brigham University University of Ulal' I I L-,lay MARGARET DALGARD Englirlx I- ,. ' lx355g?:'E,lf1'AUL HILL .il :g2Engli.Ih f, -'4 Universixy ol' Denver Normhwcsxern .nl I . 54, -1 :qv . I , ' eg-eg: ' N gg .4 BLANCI-IE CALKINS l Ifnglixll Q -7- University ol Denver University of Berlin Greelvy Stale College Wisconsin University CSERALD LACEY Sofia! Srirurf LLOYD COLLINS Sofia! Srinlrt University of Denver New York University Greeley Stare College Orc-non Suite College CLEO NIELBOURNE Commrrrlnl JOSEPIIINE STUART Snrial Srirncr University al' Colorado Columbia University Ol Denver LAEVRENCE JORDAN C01ll1lIIfl"ll2I FREDERICK SCHULTZ lllmir Greeley Slate College Univerbity of Iowa Universiry of Denver lNlYRTA PORTER Sorinl Sriruzz' University of Dcnvcr il. -l .. uinztcrn . true' 11 I y if.Tl-Q? Kxrnsnxun Snivrrvcx 'Vi English ' University of Denver IRENE HAMER Librarian University of Illinois New York Stale Lilwrary Scliool Lucius FISHER Englixh University of Nebraska JUSTIN WV. BRIERLY English Columbia University of Denver NIARGARET BUSH Librarian Simmons College RUTH REDDINGTON Commercial Greeley State College University of Southern California MYRNA LANGLEY Latin Allegheny' University of Denver Enwm W. SMITH Com niertial Denver University School of Commerce MAY DUN KIN Pllyriml Ednrnfian Greeley State College Y lr' ,n 'Sf' thi. Nw?- l . MR. BORs'r: -Henfvy Read- ing? Facult Poses Mm Scx-much. -Joke Book? MR. FELGER: -Siujfs m o r e than one kind of bird. Mxss LENDRUM: Mn. MARSHALL: --History tests- the bane of ex- istence. -A fhoife mor- MR. U'1'rgRBAcK: -L00k'TIHf0I'f1lE .rel from Il Pub- lic Speaker? MR. JENSEN! --.4 Classroom Trafvelogue xg A Birdie? m A MR. SMITH: --.4 solemn moment. Miss HILLIER: -Whativ the . .fee verdict? X lwnlly-one twznty-two tuwxty-rlxree lwfnty-jour x ,,a. X r 5, . ,JJ .I-, WJ, ' .six .K- L4 x wh N1 am Class of I 9 3 6 li-5' OW is the time for things to be done" Qvirgilj f Let's do them. The fields for vocations are endless in number. The traditional doctor, lawyer, merchant, and chief has expanded into countless ,ge phases of each, while advances along the lines of electricity, machinery, and education throw doors open to unheard of possibilities. The types of avocations are of even greater scope, in- V' cluding sports, knitting, reading, and all types of collecting from stamps to interesting friends. With a background of twelve years of public school education, we, as seniors, prepare to step forth into the future. Before commencement and the parting of the ways, we as a group, stop on the threshold between the past and the future to review the triumphs and failures of the past so that the glories of the future may be greater. For the understanding guidance and helpful instruc- tion that we have received while we have been at North, we are deeply grateful. May' our lives in the future reflect well this kindly teaching. Undergraduates, be alert to the countless opportuni- ties which North offers: squeeze the full value from every experience. North, and everything for which it stands, is a friend to Vikings. OFFICERS HERBERT PRoU'rY ....... ,,.. .......... ,...,...... . , ............ .,.,.,.... I 9 1 't".5'l1lf'IIf Personality pIu.r,' nuf said, Heir a leader, not to be lad. President "D" Club Ice Hockey Football LIADGE TODD .,.......,..........,........,.,,.......,.. .....,.., P "ire President Beautiful and far from dumb, Efveryfwllere :lm make: thing: hum. Pep Club Spartans of Sports Norscroll ll'IARY KNUJPLE .....,......,..........,...,t..,... ...,, ..... S e rrelary Sweet, jine, by all admirerlg Smart-could more he desired? National Honor Senior Lit. Girls' Hi-Y BILL OSBORNE ......................,,...........,.. ....,,.. 7 'reasurer Ha: per.ror1a1ity,' derided lwill, Everyone likes our Bill. Scientific I huenty-fu: ADAIR, MORRIS R. ' .fl lndier' man who nlfvrzyx nent: .fl beltrr .fludznt yo1r'll not writ. Orchestra National Honor AKERS, B1LL Allhough too rhy la ,vhnuldrr rn, Yau'k:r:' nrwr .vsrn a friendlier grin. Senior Lit. Spa nisli ALLEN, VIVIAN Vizfian .flllrn ir the zrxrnre uf fun. Kernfsl of Viking! 1l7ld!f thc run. Viking Sister Drill Team North Star ANDERSON, ROWENA Hrr rlanriug fret won her a mall, For .rhz'.r already lo-und hrr fate. ANDERSON, RICHARD Thea' he ir big and romnuhal I 35 Digi, will be famous ky and y. Astronomy - APPEL, MARVIN llflarrlirfy an 'apple", ar you IIE. .fls round and .vaury as can be. Commercial Senior Lit. Maxwell tzvrnty-.rix JQ4??.,Qf f 5 AGLIR. JANET jll7lc'f,J oulrlnmling, 'fluff s'-is larl, -Y.: 1 'Q gi find nh boy. lion' Ilml g'i,'ljJ'4' ran rzrlf Black Masque Webster Senior Lit. ALBERICO, ANGELINA Shglilcrx lo nfl, to play. tu Img: . Surrcn will mrft hrr on the wing. Senior Lit. Viking Sister French ALTMAN, HERTZEI. Thi: curly-hmded, lrzrklzd Hertz, Look: at th! girl: and my: "Aw warn". Basketball Baseball ANDERSON, WILLIAM Bill ir rx boy with golflrn hair, Who win: his way with ladie: fair. North Star Senior Lit. Stage Club ANDREWS, LOLA How rut: rh: is! What Jtyl: 5hz'.r got! . No wonder boy: Izkz her a lot. Spanish Commercial Senior Lit. ARNOLD, SIDNEY Croongr, sportrman, all around Vikzng. Evzfyanfs . friend to :wry- one'1 liking. Senior Lit. French 4 Hi-Y l N.. -3 Cl '. ' in-x7 A ' Q li? -f. 1. ft 'S .1 5 :J ,m , ini? - 253 t,. E 3 , ij ' ,.i. , 1 ' US, ELEANORE ,. xmg.. 1 - '- w Hy .- 5 Ig: "fr 3 She .rfniler mul tlimplrf, hc'-1tl!1l ' K 3 ' l ll 1 a : Uli, rhr'.r thr bfllr of any ball. Viking Sister Senior Lit. Hi-Y. A'rwoon, ELVA Copprr trrrrrr, lnugliing fyex, jolly pal. and wry ruin. Senior Lit. Commercial Spanish BACA, FAUSTINE Hz .ringx and danny lik: Artairr, - But hrpraking Spanirh ix hir flair. Spanish Senior Lit. BALLARD, Rox' Although Roy ir a curly blnndr, Of all th: girl: hr'.v not ,ro fond. Commercial BARTER, GERSON Tlle..rhaa'f: of Virgil walk with hun, A rrfndrxt boy who w'ork.r with vnu. Latin BATES, BARBARA Oh mnidcn with the lowl syn, Ynu'rz gnztlr, grnfiaur, xwrrt and wise. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. Commercial IV - - Xa ATKINSON, DOROTHY Slvndrr, dainty, rrzlfguld hair, J :milf that males: the world muff fair. National Honor Big Sister Senior LiL, AYLOR, CHARLINE We like to hear her .ring and Play: We liler hir .vwrrt and !'htlf7I1r ing way. Viking Sister National Honor Latin Bunn, HELEN Dainty. fair-haired, blue eyed lan: In laalzr. ,thc always will .mr- pan. Bnmcus, DELBERT Hir courtexy and cheerful grin Htzqr wan a hart of lrizndr lor ITIL Philatelic National Honor Scientific BARTER, MALKA Prtite, rad-hairfd ir llfallza Barirr: You'll :eldo-m find one any rmarter. Senior Lit. Commercial Rifle Team BA1'rocK, JEANNEHE Shc': dark, and nnart, and friendly. tno,' A girl who .rmilex th: whole day thru. Commercial Girls' Rifle Team Senior Lit. - twnity-sewn A BECK, PAUL .l friendly, llrowu-ryrd boy is Paul. Ind do the lnrlirr for him fall! Senior Lit. Commercial B snwoon, Jess If jess m-n 'dn1m" hir may thru lilr. Ilz'Il trrrvrl far svilh liltlx xtrife. Orclwstrn Band B1eNNn1'r, ELVERA Elwm'.r rutr. har Inf: of prp. The hind uf girl our mn? forgrt. ' . Gcrman Pep Club Senior Lit. BHRGMAN, Gnnsvix Cr11r1'a'J tall, rlnrlr: thu thy. She may ln' llllllllllf by mul by. BLACK, JAY xl quiflhgiftnl boy is hs! . Who t'f'1ll n grrat mrloonut bf. Bofrrano, GUERRINO Small and fairy, Iiwly too: Ht'x n hnxtlrr thru rind thru. lnvrniy-right ,4- fm! BELGZIN, CHARLEs h 5 A quirt. murtroui gzntlcman, Who alrvay-J :lou th: but he mn. Football BENES, BERNICE B.-'ruin' ix nlwnyx ngablt, Shi' findx lifs rather laughable. Senior Lit. BENTON, MARGARET Rnrcbud mouth. curly hairi' .4 rhnrmmg girl who': nlwnyx fqzmrr. North Star Latin Senior Lit. Bxsnov, FRANK Hr'x happy, frirrnlly. xmiliug, Ilawr: I . I . In hrlion wntmg lull :vm lamr. Student Council Annual Script Book Bock, PAUL ' In build. Paul if both tall mul lmn. lIi.r flllflllil' rt rapier :wift and hrrn. Scicntilic Senior Lit. National Honor BOUSMAN, BARBAKA mrrouyz - Pretty, Jmzlmg, wnly. humor- ous. French Scientific National Honor . Barbara lmx attmctinns nu- .I 'I' A '3- I .P--lil", R. "'Ei6XlVLAND. LUCILLE Lnrillz, 'Hr plain to rn, is fair, .4-ml life for har holds little mfr. BRISCOE, HELEN Shf paris hfr Iipx, then' ,vurgrr forth Swrft 1ll1l.Klt' fqunl to har worth. Spartans of Sporii Black Masque Senior Lit. BROIDA, GERALD jerfy ix the but of friends: Ilix :nur ol honor never bnlrlr. Bnowrc, ELINOR Crarflul drmcrr, athlftr too. Brilliant mimi, mul frlrvul trier blue. S. O. S. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. BROWNLEE, RQBER1' Rohn! alwayr haf a pun: Ile ran nrt, if lull of Inu. Black Masque Srienlilic 6 1 Senior Lit. Bnuwo, ERNEST Still fzfalrr. it ii mid, rum drrp, llrrrfr Il frifnzl flu"1l lik: In h'z':'p. BOYCE, EUNICE The boyr should all know lfunirr Boyce, Shi: pn-tty, rutz, any man's rlxuirif. BE1'1'r0N, JUNE fum' is haunt, hflplul. nurfl. The type ol girl we like to m fr! . Girls' 1En-Y ' Art German n BROWN, DONALD' Hsrr': a boy who ix going to town, ludmlrioux, lilzalzle Da nald Brown. Astronomy Stage Crew Bnown, EUGENE ,-I Romro of rlriffr lim. Who gi-is the ladle: :very limit. BRUMLE-Y, VIRGINIA Exralr in dance: her looks are kc:-n .' J finer girl if .rflrlom rern. BRUNO, EVELYN Popular, prflty, Bublzlrx. rut: little Buyr .vrr her and away goithzir fro-ublsx. Senior Lit. North Star twrnty-nine: Bluccmo, JULIUS .Ma-nly, honfxrl, srriouf, Jmrzrt. Always willing lo do his pafl. Italian BURTON, CHARLES Un tlu' tmm, lie'.v North High? prirlf: His fourage failr at n lazlylv fide. DClub Football CALABRESE, RALPH A boy of Inn, and plmxing ways: Hi: mtnlto ir "Paliti'ne.vs pays. CANFIELD, LEROY Tho barhful, hz'J the but of sporty. For he ir nrwr out of xortr. CARLSON, BERNARD Behold, zz irlxrrmmn of skills! Ha landx a trout whenever he -willx. Stage Scicntinc CARLSON, Roi' Tall and quid, rlizfrr tho: Roy ran put on a Ilig Jllow. lvebster National Honor Scientific thirty wr,-:QE- BURKHARDT, EDWVARD A HF: Jmnll, but gay: he'll find a elm". . .. To :vm hu plare zu life .rome day. German BYLER, MARIE .lltllo in :ports .vhs lends tht rut, Q In hxv1on,r, too. .vhs don her bfsf. G. A. S. Natinnal Honor Viking Sister CALORUSA, AMELIA .flmelia',r h e a l t h y, friendly, 303' - llyillinvg to hflp in any sony. Italian Spanish CARD, FoRREsT fl halzdronze lad. but betta yd.. The kmd an whom to place your IIN. French Senior Lit. CARLSON, MARGUERITE .-I hit nf laughin. zz lat of frm, lllrllfvr her top: with ewryont. Black Masque Art National Honor ROBERT Bob .rpmles mmf good of filt'fj'0lIf, Hc'5 hnnrliomz, brilliant, full of fun. Senior Lit. Nlaxwell s. 1, , ,.. gill 4. I lg.. CARVEE. EDVVIN Curly hair. and syn ol blue: Of his typz, thzrz an' but frw. North Star CAVALER1, Ross Dark-hairrd lass fzvlwn' plmr- ing Jmilt. I Captivatrx you all the rvhslr. Italian Senior Lit. CHAMBERLIN, FRANCES .fl lilenhlr. lovable, litllz dmr. lI'hu'll win ,vucrrn in hfr nrt mn-rr. Pop Club CHAMPION, VVILLIAM Thi: radft .ro ambitious and l '. Willuhr rzmrmbzrxd by all hr knfw. Art German R. O. T. C. CH1nsEY, REE Dainty, sweet, Irintdly, nfal: A wry thnrming girl to meet. Senidr Lit, Commercial CHRISTIANSON, ROBERT Tho Bob i.r wry Jfldom hzrv. Hz likrr lu tulle, ix full of cheer. German Philatelic Cnsu, LORRAINE This Caxh ix worth much mor: than monry: Hrr lrimd: all think rh:'.i a llrnlfjv. Maxwell Spanish Scientific CESSNA. AIDA Srzrrfxsffil. h ll p IJ y. helpful. ,rirmrti A girl from whom we hate to part. lX'laxwell Scientific Commercial CHAMEERLIN, LUCILLE lllay wedding bell: that .roon Bring llfr the but of :wry- rl.-ill ring, thing. Viking Sister Latin Senior Lit. CHERRIE, ALFRED HX: not roxy, tha a cherry, But hu ryf: are alwnyf rnfrry. CHILLEMI, ISABEL Frirmlly, honrxl, good, and kind! fl brtttr friend you rannoxt ind. Italian Crm, JOSEPH Small but mighty ir our foe, Jlrrt and always on Yhr ga. Iralian lhirty-um' CLARK, THURLBY Ggarrlul, rfd-liairzrl. acrubalir. His. guitar nmkvs girlx ruin- tif, Scieminc Spanish Ci.iNiz, XVILLIAM Friendly, happy. rhrerful, Bill. ll? all likr llllll-"dlfl'llj'J will. Nlusic Scientific Conv, ROBERT fl quirt flmp ul lnigll llllflllf Tufmrzl 1ll1lJl1' are ln: talrnh bmi. R.O. T. C. COHEN, RUTH flair of blarlf. vyf: ol llrnwn. Fnrr that nfwr fumrx ri frufvn. Girls' Hi-Y Welfare Svnior Lil. Coi.AsAcco, Joi-IN Thi: mruvxf, rnnrlrrmf rmlfl May br a xrrnnil l','r.ilu11g yrt. Cadets Rifle TCRIIII QW. COLEMAN, DON Thu lir lm.r not umrli to my. Hr will rrarli grrat hriulitr- ,mmr day. Senior Lit., lllirlyflsru wp,- ,--'91 CLAUS, HAROLD Will! hi: 1lhj'.fl!1ll:', lllix l'ik',f auzbilifm 1 'ln fly will nlffly wuz ,lruit-ion, German COBURN, BETTY To be with Bf'tty'.v always fun: Hn wif: ax briglit as tlig uaumlrzy fun.. Viking Sisicr National Honor Art COFFEY, PHYLLIS Kindhnf witty, Qiiul of gay, I'hyllx.r lmx n frwrniing fcffzy. Conxw, SYi,viA .fllwziyy xmiliug. ,lull ol fun, Sylvia plnyx lmm mn to Jim. Senior Lit. Maxwell Nlusic COLE, XVILLIAM Thix h ri n d ,r n nz r, rhrrring lfileing. IJ n man iuxt to our liking. North Star J D Club Clic-cr Leader COLMAN, CLIFFORD Hix. prrmimlity, prp and vigor, ll'ill li-ml him on lu Iliingx muflz biggrr. Scienlinc Boys' lli-Y National llonor Fw .W 2,5 A m'r!CoI.1.ARn, JACK Hf'x hanrlmmf and hi: :yn arf bluz, .l prrfrr! gfflflflllllll llrru mid Num. Cook. DOROTHY Shr'.r rzltf' and prrlly. rlfwrr loo: Slnr'll lrnd a lzrlping ham! In yan. Senior 'C0Rm3'r'r, V1o1,n1' :Yo :hy lllllf winlrl in lnffsl slmrlf.. Bm rl lovalrlr, liwly, frirmllj' maid. French Nnlionnl llonm' Maxwell Cov1Lx.o, MARY W Illary if grnrrful ny rl xczfrzn. Popular. lowly nf flu' flamu. Italian CRANE., CLEO Thr day Ilmt Clm jallx tn lrnd. llvlll ln' fl Jlmngr. dull nm' inzlrrrl .' Black Masque Nailonal Honm' A.G.L, CROUCH, june ,l14lw'.w n kifldqr. yu. you fmt. But llftlrr jnrnrl v1'f"':-r nf-vrr mrl. Nlmir l - f 'Q Rx, A, iv 51 'lN ., ' " "- wi? i lu, is .fm COLTUN, MYRQN fllyrun ix tlxr hnppy mrf, I Om' fvllun' inlrrml llcx zu Iporl. COPE, Romsm' Tull mul Mark, Un' lIlHl!fI07llt kind: In nrt, laix fnrffm fnzl. Cheer l.m-:ldrr North Suu' Art v xc lla will CORNEY, ANNA hm.I.n .lrmrl Rvllf bus' rr plrasing .rmilri - Sh!-'ir xswrl mul hvlpful all the rnllilr. Scnim' l.:l. Spnnisll Sclvnl ills: C1mND,u.l., Guonma Tho "r1rgln"' lx llix mfzlcl-lf nmnr, 4 llr'y n grrnl guy yur! liar mmf. 11.0, T. C., XVALTER .ll lrfx ,rtmlifi lu".r Tu him. hzlrd prob lnrk. Senior Lil . GL-rmnu ra Jlmrk, lrmy arf u DANITSCH ack, Mufrow .Vol n grniux. lm! wrgs' firmly. ll"l1rn mllvzl nn, hr is alrvnyr rrmly. lhiftv-Ihffz DAVIA, SILVIO Clrwr writer, his tht' 911: Who'.I alrvay: rmdy with ri pun. Latin National Honor French DAvIs, IVIELVA Snfh fyffr rm' wry mn' imlrnl: Hn :milf our cannot lzrlp but hffd. DENNIS, ANNALEE Puppy, witty, rvrr Nady: Frimidly, h e l p I u I. always xtmdy. Viking Sister Senior Lit. Drill Team DOLAN, LUCILLE Swift bnuifttr, -with prrtty Iytfi A U .fl quiet girl and wry wuz. Senior Lit. DORLAND, LUCILLE duburrx hair, and happy smilf. Always drrrsrs fight in Jtylr. Art Senior Lit. DUBIN, FRANK lfitrility, loyalty, chamrtrr, vim: An' qfmlitifr lu' will lcaip by him. Webster Scientific Debating thirty-jour W I DAVIS, DEI: Cond mztursd ffllo-:ug quirt too: .4lfc1ay.r helpful, alrvayr true. Art Science DIzFno, JACK Hz"J 11 f:'n',rtlrr,-tllilxlc of that- With hir Latin, and on tht mat. Latin Wrestler D Club D1TsoN, CHRISTOPHER Hix pot't'r soul and gift of Jong! Will carry Chrirtophcr along. Hi-Y Latin National Honor DONAHUE, VVILLIAM Happy, rourtroux, Jtudianx, .rquafer Bath fharartrr and look.: to rpnrz. 1545! DOVVNS, GERALDINE Pretty, quiet, rwrzt, sfdatr, .-Ind with the fellow: dot: :he mtf! Music Latin DUBIN, FREIDA A lizfzly girl who gft: around,- Lifr will nevrr had her rlownxd. North Star Commercial Senior Lit. . -..l.L.l.-.. 15- 5 DUFF. SHIRLEY Prim and quirt. rimd true 1 ur: Knusur liar xturliz, pretty tan. French A Cappella Choir Scientific EATON, W1LI.rAM .fllcmyr fhU1lg11fflll, alfvayg kind: Tru! frinlrl frills a splrnclid minrl. Philatelic Nor1hSi:nr National Honor EICHLER, Gnome Gtorgr Jtands out abow thc rut . Bfra1m' he alvvayr :lon hu but. Nonh Srar Senior Lit. German ELLEDGE, WlI.LARD High in aim: will Willard rank: On: who'r alwayx lair and frank. Hi-Y , YVebsicr Scientific Exvnaiw, RUTH A quiet girl and wry kiml: Happy days wr hope :lre'll H-nd. Senior Lit. EMSBACK, D01-IALD "Hr'.v hafulromrf' all the girl: fxclai nz ,' Sami' :lay lxe'll be a man ol frurzr, Senior Lit. 1 DUFF, XVILDA Peppy, prlite, ,r m a r t, and Jffffff "llI1cky" if qui!! hard tn bmi. Latin Viking Sister Girls' Rifle Club EDWARDS, Jos No one has fun urn joe lrowig: . He nmlex -no matlrr zf he'x dawn. ELc1N,Boia flu artist Bob ir. but Jn shy, Iuffriority complex? Fic, all if-' Art Track EL1.xo'1'r, OVVEN N A fl prrtty girl and new .v-Zuni: One' will: many fllarmx fuplfte. Black Nlasque Senior Lit. Commercial EMESQN, Sumny .'l.n nrator, wlxo Iikf: a pun: Szd'.f always m on all th: fun. Debating Xvebster ENGLUND, JAMES Ecru thru trig and rhrmirtry, He IllB1iIlfll'l1l!d rervnity. R. O. T. C. kai tlxirly-fivt 4, , ,,- ,,,. ENNIS, FRANCES Vrry ambilionx. frirmlly In meet: fl: a Jtudfnt, hard in ln-al. Big Sister Scuenlilic National llonur ERSKINE, EDGAR lllurt polite' and pair.-fl ir Ed: .Al lmskrtlmll plnyrr sz-'lm hir hrrul. Baskctlmll Baseball D Club E'I'CHEl.I.S, VVn.1,m M HH: rr .rinr fr-llaw, wx nll ngrzz: xl plmmnt rla.rxnmh'. as vnu fllll XIV'- EVANS. Ronmrr Ilarulxnml' blond with wavy hmr: Popular mar! anyfl-'ln-n'. FABRlZl0, EDWARD .fllwayx trim' to do llir bert: ll"r'rf .ruff 'twill lrmxg hun lzappirzcxx, Senior Lil. Nlaxwrll FAMINI, CARL .fl very Em' lmy ix tllix rpurl: Thru an'1z'i many nf hu Jort. Senior Lil, lX'laxwL-ll lllirly-Ji.x l ENYEART, LYDA J quiet. timid, little maid: Tn r'i'rr1vo nf .rlrc ix an aid. EsKu,us0N. HUGO In oralnry. Jrlwul .' r r 1' n 111 of the .-llsfmyr ,rr'lf-pnxrexxed and rool. Nalional Honor Webster D Clulw ETHERIDGE, El.B1ER .'I mll buy with bro-:vu :yen ll"r all lc rum' hrlr -:wry rl-ire. Ewlr-xc, BARBARA flurry mite, mrrtx flu' bring: Faxrirlaling, To all .fhr zlrligllf. Senior Lil, Lenin Scicnlilic FARRIZIO, LUcu.r.n fl .wry rnlf lurgrllf' .' girl ix Mix Vile- lx ,vhs prrtly? Yrs, you bit! Senior Lil. Girls' Glce F,xY,jAcK J rlmmpion aim: . J ruth fra wiflf jams Golf 'I golfrr is jark'r fvixll him rvnrlil- Senior Lil. D Club ,.....,i..,.. FEINEERG, BERNICE Cond loolrx, grml rlmrm. by all admired: Fins 11Ii1Id-what man' foulrl br duirzrl? G, A. S. National Honor Senior Lit. FIREEAUGH, KENNETH ll"t'll pay n lot ,rnuxr fulun' day. 1 To llmr Ilnr virtuoso play, Na1ion'al Honor Senior Lit. French FLIPPO, RAYMOND Raylix run' mm' lm: liglil hazri. I Boyx like hun nn' wry mfr. FLORENTZ, IDAMAY Shz hay a .vmilz thnI'.r :wry Elly, Jud fL'lllIv fhr lmyx shi' hm Il way. Senior Lin. Commercial FRANS, CAROLINE Caroline- is th.: kind of gal Who will br a faithful pal. Maxwell Senior Lit. . Pep Club FREDERICK, CHARLINE Beautiful, c I e rl r r, popular, rhirp No wonder .rlIc'.v Ihr !U'1Il1V'J pirk. G. A. S. National Honor Cadet Sponsor FERRY, VIRGINIA Whfn n Irlla nrrdr a fritnd, Virginia lm: a hand to lnld. Commercial Senior Lit. llflusic FI'I'zcER,xI.D, LUCRETIA Lurn'!ia'J .rwnt and folly loo: She'1I br kiml in tlzingr .rhe'll do. National Honor FLOIHR, SAMUEL Hi.: grnial wayx plrarr ur all: Ilr'.I alwayr rrarly af a fall. German Athletics Foss, VIRGINIA Bright blur eyer. lrfulrr zfairc: J: fl girl 5h."J wry tlmirr. Sricntinc Drill Team Senior Lit. FRAZZINI, BERT Clrvur, rllfrrlul, inlflligrnt, kind: All-around-lrllcwfr hard to ind. Latin Senior Lit. National Honor FREEIWIAN, JOSEPH Like lla! l!lllI01l.V ltfllgllll' of old: Chivalroiu, loyal, brave, and bold. Webster Senior Lit. Scientific iiii-1.-1-.i thirty-revm Fmamsmn, NANCY Ngnry if n grariou: lrxrx: H'lfh her charm .ihr'll nlfvrzyx pan. Nlaxwcll Senior Lit. FRIEDI., HELEN Shf gan :flung har mrrry fray. Winning lriqldx for :wry day. Senior Lit. FULFORD, Barry fmt th: :wut and Inc-'able ki1lrl'. Pretty, modal, and refined. Scientific GARDELL, JACK jolly, auburn-haired if lack: In hix work his newr Jlfxck. GELLER, Lnnons Dark-haired, ddfk-lyfd la Wly lasr. . Lrnare, the gifted al our class. Black Masque National Honor Spartans of Sports Gaonce, IDA MAE Prrtry, brosvrxjvygci, and gay, .l charming girl in every way. Senior Lit, Music thirty-eight wfll FkEls,IRENE To in' in hnfinrrx ir her uzuxg 1 IV: hops .rlxf'Il typf' her any L to fauna. North Star Drill Team Senior Lit, Fn1Tz1.Ex,jAcon You rouIdn'I hm! a better lad: HK: handxomz, rourlrouf. nl'- dom md. , V GANNQJAMES ff rhterful 11.-ard for nl! his pair. l A-lm! haw that grin ralrr with th: galr. Hockey North Star GATLIFF, Donoruvr lnlrlfigrnt maid, with lowly hair, Always happy and Irie from fare. Senior Lit. Latin Gsokcs, GnE'rcx-new Grgtrhnfr a lax: with a plrnr- mg way, h Her plramulntxr wtll alwny: PUN- GERMAINE, FAYE The Jrzfrftzrt nnilz zuz'w wer rven, The !c'l,I0!L'J all Jay, "She is krrn' . Commercial Senior Lit. 'a 5 ----Ig? Q-7,,,,QmJx.wM, Gmns, HARl..'XND fl chubby bland with manh- GIBIIONS, LEONARD Avi n t h Ie I c he. who doth 'nnprazef t Q J ,fini h,- If our who hnngx gbmlht, girl: do Hwy ,N hamr .-I J. him 1 g National Honor Annual I lvebster Latin l Debate Squad GI.IzNN, RICHARD Imlurlriour, happy, nfcfrr lar- CSNAGY, RALPH lnrn: U I' I, v '1 I Wilh ri hun .rrrxxc of hunmr , Azznrili fifzj j1wi:EfZ,5a7fuQ1:, Glrun- was horn. what' Football Klaxwell G-ODDARD, MARGARET GOEFITZ' CQRL Q Afargpntfx gnmmlly we ry Thtizdxd-hatred. Iportsfnanlalze B1I'iuif?i.f1l! .mx xhe fx tl riot! High aim" in nmrkmmmhip S . L. ha: Jet. Nimcfr lt' Rille Team usic C d Cl b Rifle Club Ga et U erman ' a DJWMJ N C1oI.Ds'rIzIIsI, GILBERT OFF, HARRISON Hif dispaxitiuh ii mn bad,- Lank and Iran with glance .vo dnl? tm" f""'d WM MW' JIU.: ad. One. must br good to catch , Webster "U fvf- SMIIQILII. Debate Squad GO0DMAN,EDlTH GWDUAN-JANE yi! l In making lrifndx, xhe tops Intelligent pr on, Iovaihl A the lift, 8 Hd""" , b . h't ,f , When Edith? gone, :hz will ff lu " ' ' 'I be niisred. 'mug t t fm' " Senior Lit. Bl Ck Ma e Rifle Team l!Naf'0 Of xx Spanish N ' Sparta Spo '- ..- if Go0DaoN,'DoRIs . Go DEN, ELEANOR V D112 ,ind ht' plat' m D fkk prrlty, rlrwr is she, Hrr Ulfffy heart makn living To huppmnxf :ht hm the kly' ffm, Senior Lit. Spartans ul Sports Maxwell Senior Lit. thirty-nine 4 Q GRA,VES, HELEN Flnxhing msilr. tfvirzhling rye. Habppy nod for all wha pau y. Senicir Lit. Scientihc Latin GREEK, IVIIRIAM J brunette, tht quiet typtf Say: her my when tim: ix rips. Senior Lit. Viking Sister GRIEFEL, IIELEN Poixr. and thrzrm, mul glnm- nur: I Ilan' all Ihr laflf :lo f'lnnmur:' Senior Lit. Maxwell GROEE, IvA Drmrz ix light, full nf fzmcr: llzr .rmilf wrlrlhfzv mrth rl hrlppy plnrz. Senior Lit. Maxwell HALL, STANLEY Friendly, always on tht go, Ht'.v a boy you'd want tn know. Senior Lit. Commercial HALPERN, SOLOMON A quiet lad with hair a-rurl. Ht'.r the Hwy of mth girl. Scientific Latin lofty -.g,f.- - GREENSFEIN, PEARL .4 vivaciour. xparkling girl lr our prrtty litllz Pearl. liiaxwell Spanish Senior Lit. GREEK, MYRIAM Loving wayr, :harming mxile fl-laler hrr happy all the while. Senior Lit. Spanish Art GRILL, JACK lla' labor: hnrd in R. 0. T. C.: .-I grurrnl hs hopts to bc. Cadets Senior Lit. Nlaxwcll f ,j!'.," v . ln A! fm ralhrr quiz!! Srrv qfu hir Jlmdy flirt. 'lfadio Scienlilic HALL, VVAYN E .4 :wry -mmlrst bay ir hz, .fllxo kind as you can uf. Radio North Star Senior Lit, HANDLER, SYLVIA Flying hngerx wlwrz :hr gnu. Next Pazlerrrvxki? Who knows! Music Senior Lit. Rifle Team l I 'S f- HANSEN, RUTI-I a-In alhlrtif lax: ir xllr, Om' from whom Ihr boys do1z'f flrr. Spartans ol Sports Senior Lit. Pep Club HARTMAN, ANN Tlmygh in .rporty :hr dai: m'- Eziiriithing .rlur mn do wall. G. A. S. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. PIAYES, JACK Good thingx in tiny parkrts rvmr! Huw tml' this is of our Tam Thumb. Philatelic Art Senior Lit. HEBERT, MONICA. Brillianl .Il1ldt"M.f. tznni: xmr. Clmrming girl who will go far. G. A. S. Hi-Y National Honor HEXNECK, SHIRLEY Cute, ,r1unrt, friendly air: If tl1rr:',f fun, :hz ix thzrr. Senior Lit. Latin HERZBERGER, JIMMY Pplilf, hmId.rome, nwrr md, Jl1ll,J thc jinnt to br hml. Scientific HARE, VIRGINIA Hair ol rfd, eyes ol blur, Friendx liler hzr: rlle ix lruf. Senior Lit. Glee Club Commercial HARTMAN, MARY It rc.'o1I't br long unlil Im IIIIUIC' lx '3Uf'lllf1l in the Fame. National Honor Vllelfare French on HAZLITT, CHARLES H all of .lrnms trod the earth once more ll"lIz1I Clmrlrx brat days of yort. Scientific Latin National Honor HEFTI, Es1'A LEU bnrk th: Esta ir fl :wilt 1nrr1nnidp Her rmdy wit will newer laric. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. HEINECKE, JAMES .fl frimdly lad ix hr. .fllwayr happy af mn br. Hsazm., Rosa Brilliant as a shining xtaf, Hrr oratory will lake her lar. Art National Honor XVebster forty-o nz HILL, Lois J quill girl ir Loi: Hill, Sh4"J Itll.f1l01U mul hnx a will. Maxwell Volleyball Soccer HINST, lX'1ABEL Sh: always art: just as .vhs oughtg A girl who alslfny: will be .fought National Honor All Girls' League junior Prom Iionsow, JACK Hi: Huck Finn. the but yet do-nr. Music o H01ldI01IZE, manly, full of fun: Scientific Senior Lit. HOFFMAN, FERN Proper lmlunre of work rl-nd Play, lllakex Frrn rfnmrt as well ax gay. Senior Lit. Girls' Hi-Y Pep Club HOLMAN, JOHN He',r hmxdrome, lu".f a gsntlr- man: Hi".r n lrimd to ZT!Bfy0l1t'. HOLMES, HAROLD The Capfai-n'.r wit ir 'very witty. But Ihr :iffy hr work: ir jnrt a pity. Black Nlasque National Honor Cadets CC:iptainj In rty-info Wir wr--g Hmnss, CARROLL Eyzr of brown. grin delightful, Hir .mcrrrr 1: truly rightful. Commercial Hmm, MARGUERITE Tall and quee-uly, slrndtr loo, Light lrraemz hair, fyfs of blue. HOFF, XVILFRED He'.r tall and haurlyome too: A gfntlrmruz thru mul thru. Scientific zzyawff HULLYMAN, MARJORIE Blur-eyed, dainty, mort petit: .flud for fun .rhe ran't be brat Viking Sister Senior Lit. Nlusic HOLMES, BILL Thi: Star reporter ir a :turf In jnurvmlirm hill gu lar. North Star Senior Lit. French HOLMQUIST, KENNETH Illany talent: here cambinfd, fl finer boy you can not find Yvizbster Senior Lit. Debate ? l l i K HOLISMAN, EVA fl wry talkative young bland, Ol whom hrr pal: an' wry fonzl. HoPRINs, BILL Along with plenty of ambition, He har u runny zlispayitirm, German Band' HDRR, CLIFFORD Quirle and Hrry. it is mid: Thatfr biransr hir hair is rzrl. HDYT, MARTHA Charming. skillful, witty, lnlzlligrnt, and pretty. G. A. S. National Honor hlnxwell HUGHES, JAMES Stinxcz lr the Held he Jffkr, .find lmmrdly on it lu' Jpmkx. German Nlaxwell Astronomy W 1 HUNTER, HAROLD Bland, wavy. pretty hair, With fmnoux autor: he will fare. Black klasque Nlusic Stage Crew HOI.TZhrlAN, PEARL Little, quiet, happy, girl Ir th: one we know as Pearl. RILIXXYEII Hoax, KATE Katz is chit and cute to sez. What a .vrrrvtary .vhr'll bc! Commercial National Honor Welfare PIOUGHTON, FREDERICK Fred can :hoof au anlelogr. Or lmnt Img.: thru a mrrro- sropf. HUBKE.Y', RUTH Smiling fare, and laughing heart, A -witty lan'-who hu.: a good Jtart. Spartans of Sports RiHe Team HUNT, ROIDNEY .-I chemixt great would Rod- ney be, . .find delve into It: mystery LaLin HUTCHIN, BETTY Small but mighty, little blond, Ol athletic: Jhz is fond. Span Ia ns of Sports - forty-three l'l'l'EN, HowAnn Pleura-nt attitude: tafzrara lilt. Make him mn'l it fl'Il'll0Ilf sniff. Scientific j1MINEz,PAUr. A faballevo, rlark and lah: IJ thir gay ynung man uamrd Paul. JOHNSON, N1NE'r'rA A .many ,wmilc fm' all adnrr. lllakrr us like hrr -mar: and more. Senior Lit. Pep Club Rillc Club JONES,-IACK Onr cn whom you mn dr- prnd: fl hrlping hand h:'ll alec yr lend. Radio Scientiliv Senior Lit. JUZA, Lrsus I.z.fliz'll never dir of worry. Could-n't get him in a flurry, Stage Crew KALLEMEYN, CQERTRUDE Like .r14nbz'am5 an a fvinlrr day. A Hn laughter rlnfvex all :mr away. Scientilic Senior Lit. forty-four Wi-- JENSEN, LAME Smiling, dfmurr. rinrarf: Blur ryff, bright alul flfar. Pep Club Senior Lit. JOHNSON, LEROY Jlway: Sumry hir gold D sweater: .fl ,good mart. thin' ir uonf brller. D Club Orchestra Swimming JONES, josarx-1 Hi: miml ix likr a kuiltf llr will have :urn-,r,r in life. JUSTICE, DoN Pfppy frllow, full of znt, .ilu-ay: ready to rlo his but. Football Senior Lit. KAI-IRE, LUCILLE 1,urille': a peppy Iiltlz blond. Girl of whom wr all are lond. German Spartans of Sports Senior Lit. ' QALLMINZEK, IWALCOLM Eycy of blue, bright fed hair, He does his work with lat: ol care. Astronbmy Scientific KANE, ROBERT Bobfv both quiet and xhy, Rn! rrhrzf a prrsonality, Bly! KEXTCHEN, BARNEY H55 a .T!ll:'J1ll!l1l'.4 numbfr one: Hr ran .vrll anything umlrr fllc Jun. German Giee KELLER, MYRON Quift until you know the bay: Fflt'7l,!lSlIlP then bfromcf a yay. Slage Crew IQELSAY, DoN He'.v nr jolly ax an Erutff lmrr: , r'llfz'ay.v frillivle to be fair. Spanish KILLEY, CAMERON Dauring ryr: and lmir nllnme, Confirm lln' Erin in his uamr. KINDIG, EUGENE Radio! this lad nllurv, fl ,rrrnurl illnrroni. we arf surf. Stage Crew Hi-Y Ast ronom y Xa K.ASSEL, GLADYS Though n tiny little girl, Sli: km-px thr males all in a 'ZL'lllfl. Senior Lit. Spanish KAUTH, JUHN Football lum, lmlizx' man. Dov: a good deed what hz ran. Fomball YVres!ling D Club KELLY, RUTH Bad humor ne-zfrr grls her down. Ruth ix one who cannot frnfcwi. Senior Lil. KERLE, EV.-XLYN Pl-ppy girl with rurly hair, If it'.v fun, riff: right there. Senior Lit, KINDELL, H.uuuE1'r ll blandrx it is the mln pre- l'f, Tllgll illey rurfly will lik: lur Senior Lil. KINGSTON, ROBERT Shy Robrrt makzx but little noixz, But 'pi" and "um" ar: iurl hir luyx. Stage i. lofty-file KIRK, THERESA Though boi-J' hmrn all do afrobalirs, I HN rml loin' xx fnalllawmzlifx. Senior Lit. Scientific KOLBEL, MADELINE A quiet maid with high irlml, Om' whffx altefayx full of zfal. Senior Lit. KRAMER, GATT, Gail ir prrlty, sfudinm, Jhy. fIIIlbill01I5.' Ihr will rln or dis. Commercial Viking Sister Senior Lit. KRIEGER,BLLL Short in build, ine in mind. Bill likfr music of any kind. Senior Lit. Music KURTH, N Aomx Tall and Jtately. blond of hair. A friend in -nerd? Shs'.r fight thzrt. lVIusic Senior Lit. Spanish LA CONTR, LUCILLE sl lrirndly little min' ir rhe. lux! ax bury ax u bn. i Senior Lit. Commercial lorly-.via wf KNIGHT, MILO flu ambition! lad, Wh0'J .vrlrlom Jud. KRACAVV, ROBERT Short, light. he likr: play, zlnd mn ,vmrll lun a mile away. Scientihc KREBS, ALBERT It'.r not thu ,frnre that gives .ll famz, ll'ith him it'x how he plays thr gamz. Boys' Hi-Y Student Council KRIEGER, CHESTER Chester ix tall and ambitiour: Hix lata to him will hr propitinux. Track German Senior Lit. LA BATE, ANTOINETTE Bright a nd sparkling ax rhampagnz. Her wit will :amz day bring hrr flunz. G. A. S. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. LR CUNTE, LEE Hancxly if Ihr molto ol' Let, To ,rurrrxx his found the hfy. Italian Maxwell LAEFEA, HUBER1' HK! a hr-mrm. thru and thru: Ol hir hind thrrr arf but llrv, Foolball D Club Nlusic LARSEN, LYNN Hamiromr? Yes, but girl: frrl bad, Brfauxf hr'i .furh 11 Iaarhlul lad. LAUCK, AMELIA Small, and dark, and mzrry, llliyrhirifonr? Oh, very! Senior Lit, German LAVVSON, ELEANOR Dainly, quiet Elid7l0lF-' Locfrly ar .rome maui of yorf. German A Cappella Choir Senior Lit. LEKANDEE, JANE Iam' har .ruth a prrlty -uoirf, Sh: will lu' ,rome hfrzfx choice. Senior Lit. Music LEMKE, HUBERT I quiet hay, but Ju 0. K. Hf will nach his goal .mmf day. LA GUARDIA, VINCENT Vinrmzt mu play anything, That ha: a hay, or flop or Jtring. Iialian LARSON, LEE Good looking. nnart, nmnnfr- lv- Thare dercribc our quirt Lee. Scientific National Honor LAUCK, LEROY Though hi: too .why to make math noiri, HK: liked a lot boys. LEBEREE, ALBERT among tha A handmme boy ir Al, find zwrybodyir pal. LEMBKE, HENRY Tho lrrrom' Henry o I I z n Jhifkf, On- the football field he works. LENTHALL, GLADYS ' S-zufet, allfarlivr,-rnay :hz be What .vhf hopcs, a grrat lU.D. Senior Lit. Rille Club Big Sister forty-sewn 4. Y, , LEN'rHAL1., Lasus flmbilious thap who will no! .rtop Until h:",v rmchzd the wry tap. LEVVIS, EARLE HF: a boy ol rmdy wit, Q That will help him quite rl Int. Lewis, MARGARET Prelly, gentle, splendid minzlf Finer girl ix hard to limi. Viking Sister LIGRANI, LOUISE Dark hair, and eye: of brown, Newer, never. Jparts A frown. Commercial Senior Lit. Italian LINDENMEIER, CARROLL Though Carroll make: no naife ' at all, His wry good at baxlzrllmll. Baskerball Baseball Commercial LOMBARDI, FRED Hr will ga a long, long way, Bfrulur he .vrldom gon axtmy. forty-:ight if - Lsrr, PEARL Eye: exprnuiw. nmnner dz- 1l11lf!, Hrart lull ol gladnrxs that frill endure. Big Sister Senior Lit. National Honor LEWIS, JUANITA .4 pretly, quiet. lasr, Who alwayy head: hrr Ilan. Lewis, VVINIFRED Carefree, IIGPPN. true to lh: fnd, Sfrioux to Jlrangefr, mailing to n friend. LINDBERG, BERT In sport: he may someday win lamt, .find ya fulfil his famous name. Lnfmcx, MILTON ,Miltonfv awful wire to know, He'll bf lilerd whfrf':r hr'll go. ' Losnsso, jossm-UNE Pqppy, laughing joxiphinr, X Nun girl is seldom Jenn. Senior Lit, i Commercial E Maxwell 9 LUCAS, IRA LOVERINQGEORGE Whrn Babfr around, it inf! Gmrgf if wry tall and dark, fair, Ili! lookr will rmrle mme Hr .rlayr Ihr gal: with tlml 11midrn'r lwnrt. 'zvaify hair. Scientific Black Masque Senior Lit.. D Club LUCKETTA, GENEVA Short and mic with turly hair, Works on the Star, lmsn't a LUCKETTA, EVALYN . Sllf'J pretty, and IGN, ha-:ie you Jrvn. Ihr play upon that H!T0l'r1'."fll? MZ' , L,t Senior Lit. emor If Commercial C0m"'e'C'f" A klaxnell Lurz, IRENE Consrlnitiour, ,vcvfst to the NIACINTYRE1 JOHN r-nd, V D Thir merry, giggling, youllilul fuxf.lln' kind you -:Unnt ,lor a gtnt, frzfnd. ls alfcnyr on mme fniychial French l""'t' Senior Lit, MCCULLY, BE1'rY NICCOLL'-IUNE Ewn Inripnfrl. m.-.wr bru- Happy fare. red.-gold lmir: nuff, Sin' ir alscrayx lair and xqimlr. One all thi' nicest girls we'w French 'nfl' Senior Lit. Senior Liz. MCGIRK, ROBERT MCKINlJI.Ei', BETTY illtlm lrom .rtudirr he may HN",-' AH gffl WAC'-F HlYUf15'J xhhky wwnrlezng, V U fn mt, Bay! alfmyy ,mf to No one ever ind: her rhirlmrg. work. National Honor Senior Lil. French Art Latin MACEY, VIOLET Sha likes zlmmrztirr and ,vlxf NIADDEN, MARIE rould, With hfr lanky, land in Holly- Alloy! any kind ol :port at all wood, Jppmlr la tlzi: girl. lair and Nlaxwell 'all' Senior Lit, Gemmn Rifle Team v forty-ninf S-,iii-.. MAGOR, FRANK Frank is dark and iuxt the .fort Who like: any kind of sport. Art Club Senior Lit. Music MARIACHER, BUR1' In Iootbnll his a nzighty mittf Lair uf pepper, lat: of light. Football D Club Scieminc MARN, ELMER Elmer ir the kind of friend Who will Jlirk by you till the ind. Commercial R. 0. T. C. Senior Lit. MARTIN, MAJORIE Her friendxhifx not zz whiql: Shi: Jrvret, and bound to wan. French German MAURER, MILDRED ll beauty does qs beauty ix. Then little Millie ir a whiz.. Senior Lit. MAYS, WYILLIAM Hi: frame should :ml with S-lx-Y, Beraure he'.v headed very high. Scientific National Honor Senior Lit. I l i lilly MARCUS, ALLENE Friendly, likable, jolly Allenr, .4 .frrretary ,romeelay will be neu. Senior Lit. Commercial MRRns.'1'rA, MARGARET Tiny, merry, rheerful Mar- garet. She will make Jurnxfx rL'e'll bet. Senior Lit. MARSAU, ALLEN A handmfne bay, and ran he Jwim! Full of pep, mul lot: of vim. D Club MASTERS, FRAN KLIN J brilliant boy, the quiet type, Who rely: hir my when time ir rape. National Honor MAXAM, FRANCES Tall, bland, extrenlely athletic: Standgrelx, high: wayr, ener- gene G. A. S. National Honor Girls' Hi-Y MAZZOLA, Jos How joe pane: 15 a riddle, But oh, how he mn play that hrldle! .i,. NIEEHAN, Tom Tom ir quirt, rourlrous, and kind: .4 ufrrr lmy ir hard lo fad. Latin Maxwell METZGER, GERTRUDE Ouirt, dark. altrarliw. wry. Slir lmprx to be a Jfcrstary. Senior Lit. Big Sister MICHAEL, GEORGENE Our in a millinn, right up tn snuff, To trraulrz' har frimldrllip ix auilf ruaugh. Black Klasque SparIans ol Sports National Honor MILAVEC, CHARLES We all agrrz that he'.r bkay: Hr'll gu jar in .tporlr Jann'- day. MILLER, KATHRYN Happy girl, pzppy loo! Lovely lmir and rye: of blue. NIILLS, ALFRED If girl: appear, lu' rizakfr a rurh. And uh. ho-zu llmt poor boy ran blurll. METZGER, ALMA Sa rerrrwd, .vhe'.v not wtll known: Her real worth .romaday will be shown. Senior Lit. Music German MEYERS, NADINE A clever girl ir Nadinr. A iollifr friend is mrfrr run Senior Lit. Commercial L, KATI-IRYN f pretty, Rathryufr u lfaclfr, .rwrrt and Exrfplio nal Jtudmt, popular witty. Black Masque Spartans of Sports National Honor MILLER, BETTY Be'tty',r qyiet but very wire Wrwy haw, und nailing :yu Commercial Senior Lit. MILLNER, MIN NIE Mirmifs shy and rather tall Hop: :he has no ran- at all. Pep Club MINER, CHARLES Lover nf lun, mrrlrzr and say.. ' Sprmdmg :hear tht lzzwlon day. Senior Lit. Latin - -.,,. ffl 13'-0 l l l i l v Lil .-as gf.- lVllNER,JOE Fun to a frirnd. shy to a Ilfllllfff, His fl'n'.rlling upponent i,r ulfmyy in dn ngrr. Wrestling Track lVl0EVl'ES, RUTH rl stzvrt and prrtty girl ir Ruth. Our -:Ulm alcray: lrllx the lrutll. NIONTGOM ERY, RICHARD ll'r all know him ru "Alanis", .lrul hr lmlr a lot of Jpunk. Latin Scientific MOORE, LAURA Sllr'.v fond of living. atlllrtir. darlci .-ll! day Jlu"s ru happy HJ rr larle. G. A. S. Senior Lit. Viking Sister NIORG.-KN, DOROTHY Clmmrlrr and lookr lm! Jhfi You ran rlrprnd on Dorothy. NIORTON, CLIFFORD .1 truriy Irul, IHllblll0Il,f. too: Srmpprd than pidurrr aj all nl you. Annual Photography fifty-t::'a MxNoR, Vxom GRACE .4 mat nic: lonking girl is Grrlrf. llihfll xllrfr nruuml, y011'd but lerrp puff. MOHR, CHARLOTTE 1.0i':'l3'. rlarsir Clenrlutlf Illohr, ll'llo to hziglilr nj janv will mar. National Honor Black Masque Webstcr MOORE. HELEN Tall. flirt. friendly glnnre. l'fry grarvlnl in llrr drmn, NIORGAN, CHARLES DONALD Brillizm! in ytudifs. lanky, tall.- Hr rnrunl hi: lrltrr in lmrkrt- bnll. Latin National llonnr Basketball MORRIS, AUDREY Shi: rlarl: and Juwrt and wry prrlty: That man' duvft kflflfl' hn is a pity. Senior Lit. Girls' Hi-Y Rifle Club MORTON, LEO Leafs Jo wry cfnmlilz, .fl hor! of job: hid uitely fill. A Cappella Clioir Music German Mofrr. HAKOLD Hix S:'ay,r nn' nirr. lifx full of julcrx. Hr ratrx with any kind ol fnlkx. D Ciuiu Football MUELLER, ADA Rrliabl-'. rlrpnzdalfle. ffnr: Tlnfrr if .lzlrz in one limr. Senior Lit. German Cmnmcrcial MURRAY, ROBERT Whrn iroublrr xrz' that marry ryr. Tlzrx' plfk right up and jmrx Bob by. Senior Lit. Commercial Spanish NARRACCI, LUCILLE Il mu' nppmr: ther: -will br two. Jud both of lllffll in look: rt-ill do. Senior Lit. Commercial NAV, PEARLINE Blond, quid, .recert- Whnl mon' med wr fepmt? Latin Senior Lit. NEUMANN, CARL ,fl tall. quift. xtudionx Ind: Bfttrr file-nd rauld not br llarl. North Star Klaxwell Track MOWLE., DOROTHY Fri,-ndly, ambitious, perxwzr- ing: Mannzr alway: b r i g lt t and rhfvring. Pep Club MUNCHIANDO, SHIRLEY Good lookx, and tlxo fluff not n blond, The ge-ntlnnfn .frenz wry fond. Senior Lit. Spartans of Sports NACRE, MARIAN Muxirian, llzinkrr, poftesxp More 'versatile than most of us. Black Nlasque Webster National Honor NARQACCI, Rosa MAME Gentle, ywzrt, ix Roxr lllarie, Lurill: if juxt th: Jam: ur Jllz. Senior Lit. Commercial NELSON, ALBERT ' .4 nnart boy, a good class- mate, To hu :Inner -neon latz. NICHOLLSI, RALPH Inttrertnl in National Gunnl: In aviation, hc',v working hard. Science fifty-tins: I v l L., , 5445: NIELSEN, Louis Hz'r I2 -good xtudeut, quiz! ami mfr: For jrifnd: lafll mak: any mcrifztr. Scienlifir: Noiuus, RUTH firr reporter, zcimame smile. Curly lorkx, and lot: of Jtyli-. Senior Lit. Latin German ODELL, HELEN Slxe'll nlwayx bf, rlmr to the md, A faithful, loyal, loving frirnd. Oiuurvo, FRED No task for him too hard to do I To what hz start: he will bc trur. Spanish Commercial PALOMBO, FRED Fred if dark, ralm ol mind, llc will not be left behind. PARKEK, ROBERT He play: upon the clarinzt, :lt joking he'.f more clwzr yd. Latin Senior Lit. filly-lvwf Nonurr, ALFRED A tall, and xolflirrly uulrtg Perlmp: lzfll ln' n grnfrnl yet. Maxwell Rifle Team Cadet Omuacnr, ZOLA Zola'.r 11 tnlrnlfd xingzr. ln our mtvuory :lu cz-ill linger. French Rlusic National llonor OLIVER, JACK jolly, ntlilvlir. rnnrtroux. kind. l.r ill: lark Oliwr :cw haw in mind. Football OWEN, LEONARD fl folly frmm' of 1lHlIld, A friend wllo': always kind. Nlaxwcll Senior Lit. PALS,DOROTHY Dark, good-nntured, putty, Jmall, A thu: blur friend to one and I1 . Senior Lit. PATCH, Lucxtuz .lltha :he zoran' a fiery tllatclx, s,l!.5 fhy nm! quiet, Lucille Patrh. Pirrron, DELBERT Ezwrythirig Dah doe: is :quarcg HH: Jfmliaus. qnixt, always thin, German Senior Lit. PERLMAN, BE1'rE LEE Brttr is ra .rtudioux our, Hut :hr :till hay tune for fun. Senior Lit. Maxwell PERRY, Rox' Hr has a rar, his hair is brown, It will lake a lot to lcrrp him flown. P1ccoLA,JoE Exrrllmt grader, all A',r in short: He hops! to bf a rrporter in rourt. Senior Lit. National Honor Italian POMPONIO, JOSEPHINE r foxephin: with dark blue eyes, Work: hard mid always trirr. Senior Lit. PRIERE, GRACE A dainty bland, .rlmplr and Jweet, Always a lady, alwayx neat. Spartans of Sports Senior Lit. Big Sister PEARL, HARRY Harry Paar! ix tall and dark. Lanky, ready for a lark. Art Senior Lit. Nlusic PERLMUTTER, HERMINA In chem and math :hr doth xhinz, Sturlioux, romrientioiu, fine. Scienrilic Latin Nalin-nal'Honor ll PEOHL, GEORGE In brain: h:'.r thzreg in lookx, hir 1I0blI:V, Stamp rollerting ix hir hobby. Football Philatelic Pxrrs, BERN ADINE Happy nx the day is long: Hop: :hz rzemr guts the gong. Po't'rER, JUA N mx Originality 'not lackingh Personality worth backmg. Drill Team Rifle Team Senior Lit. PRINGLE, IRENE Lovely and loyal. Friznd very royal. Drill Team Senior Lit. hffy-ffvf Pnourf, LAYVRENCE Chararh'r,.Ihr wry brxf, Sunny nmlr, and all th: nxt. Scienrilic Senior Lit. QUACKENBUSI-1, JEAN Grarrful rlanrfr. kindly fare. Wit rxprrxxrd in the right plarr. German Senior Lil. RAYFIELD, RUTH Light-hmrlnl. h a p p y, turr- gztir, Willy. jrifnilly, synzpathelir. Black Masque Senior Lit. Viking Sister REILLY, JACK 4-llsrny: laughing, ll z a r 2 J he steals. Hr mrlialrx fhr way hc Iulx. Music Cnrnmcrcial Art Rlccuxnnx, EUGENE Hanrlxomr, h a p p y, daxhing Ganz: Allannrrr, prrfrrf: lnokx, lezcn. Italian I RxcH,uu:soN. KENNETH PPPPN. xmiling. ioking Kmvzy: Hr ix n frirnd, and hr har many. Commercial Senior Lit. fijlyvxix w,f.--.Z PTACEK, PAUL Happy Paul ir nur tn ga lrry far in radio. 5 RAHNE, CARL Curly haadrd. lull of jun: Fdlllr' in Brukflbnll he won. Senior Lit. Basketball Bind REED, BEN Bm is wry Jhy. bu! Jtill. Ile ran get thus if he will. Commercial REISBECK, FRANK lflizn :vt ,rprak of rourtrxy. Wr know Frank Rrixllrrlu has thi' kry. Ricrnnns, MARIE ,I rharming girl who will ga lar, J: an artrexx sh: may .star Art Rille Team RICHARDSON, VIRGINIA Uk' mifml hrr whrn she evrmft krrf. lll' like her frirndly :mill af X char. 3 Viking Sister - RINN, JACK Thr way he .rturlify is a Jin. Bu! still, hr ha: a may with him. RITENOUR, RAYMOND Tha! 17h'fl'j' lfvinkle in Ray? eyr. Will always hclp him to grt by. ROBERTS, MARGERX' Likr thr ,fun a m ang the rlaudr. Shi' :ta n dr out in all the rrowdr. National Honor Art Pep Club ROCCHIO, WILBUR .4 fairy-tal: hero from lint to hi: Jax, . Bu! ix hr romeitrd? No, not Rox. Student Council D Club Senior Lit. ROGERE, HELEN Sh: haf brauty, vharm, and style, Tha! ,rhauld take lxrr many a milf. Latin ROM ERO, GRACE Her hair ix dark: her :yu are, too: Om' Mar hrr ix 1zr:.'rr blur. RITCHIE, MARY Azure Dryer, and. golden hair: Charming lar: with not a fart. Drill Team Rifle Team Senior Lit. Rounms, NELLIE Nfllie ix muxiral, charming, talli Grarrful, slender, known to ur all. Music A Cappella Senior Lit. ROE ERTSON, JOHN From awrwork Inhn ne'rr will :liz ,' Hr :ingr and play: ru days go by. A Cappella Science ROFRONE, HELEN Thn q-uiat, Helnfx tru: and Jweat, Small, dark, and wry ntat. Senior Lit. Glee Club ROLLO5 ROSEM ARY Shi: a da-nrrr, her hair is dark, On 1ile',v may 1he'll have har mark. Dancing Ma xwell Senior Lit. ROOP, MARY ll-Iary',r -pretty, lol: of fun, Champ an zvtrylhmg .rhr'J dnnz, G. A, S. Hi-Y Viking Sister flty-:rwn Roo'r, MADELINE fllay work upon mme foreign Hflil Rirh r t tv a r rl I fa Iilrulrfim' yield Viking Sister Ross, Curroim Cloom around him -nelrver li1'.f, Thvrfx always ri fwmklr in his ryrs. Scientific Senior Lit. Latin Ross, MADELINE 1'Hadeli1if'J trailr an' friendlif mn. Srufrt rfsrrtic, mul liappimzrx. Commercial Senior Lit. ROWLAND, THEODORA, Theodomfv prclty and bright: Thr bay: all think Ihtyf ju!! about right. Senior Lit. Viking Sister RUMPELTES, LUCILLE Lucille, in her rwcft, quirt way, Will jrifndrhip laynlly fzpay. Viking Sister Senior Lit. Girls' Hi-Y SALAZER, RosENn Alzqayy friendly is Rauw, Quzcl. jolly. and srrvrif. ' Scientific Senior Lit. Viking Sister Jiffy-eight ..'-uv-' "' S I SANTANGELO, IVIARIE Litllf, srristlul, lowly ryex, Prrtty, as you may ,vurmi,rr. Senior Lit, Italian SCHAEFER. FRED Flz'z't-fnoterl, eagvr, h1llld!01llL'. ,vtrn11g.' l'nu'll rrarh th: top rzvlirre you bvlung, Football Track D Clnlw SCI-IAFER, BENJAMIN Full of hm. ,lull ol fight, ll'r all agrrz' that hr',r all right. Wrestling Swimming SCHIMPFLE, ALVENA She lorry to dantc, har word: ar: lewd, ,-I maiden prrlty and rejifml. Senior Lit. German Maxwell SCHREIBER, EDVVAKD Small and 5 t 14 d 5 0 14 5 Ed Sfhrribzr, lx a wry prrlett xcriber. Sci-1UMAN,LsoNA Shfx little, dark, and wry say, - Well lukzd for har Juwt, winning way. SeniorLit, XRS 'rl SAWYER. H AROLD ll? hop: thi day will 1u't'er rome, When Harold fail: tn have .vo Illt' fun. Track D Club Sci-IAFDR, ADOLPH zlzlolph Shnf4'r'.r nlrf' rnlzl tall: Carey d01l,f bnthrr him at all. Scientific Q i SCHEFFEL. JEANETTE Ifantrflv if quiet, .tm xhy, To the hrights we ho fly- Viking Sister Girls' H i-Y lvlaxwell Scmvmcx, HOWARD Howard'1 one who lmrnf . , crflfflf mnown hex mm. National Honor Scientific Hi-Y SCHROEDER, JACK .fl handsome, clever lark. Happlufrx li.-'II never Scoccm, ETHEL nll, mul pt ,rhe'll like: to fur: to boy ir lark. Ethel ix quivt. dainty, short, Alscvay: xuwet, and Jpart. Senior Lit, Rifle Team a good - filly-nine Scovrr, HELEN Blond and quirf. plraxingly plump. Smart and rulr-.rhr's a trump. Girls' Ili-Y Senior Lit. Spanish SEATON, BETTY By hrr jolly, liknlzlr way. She rrinx nrrv fr-irndr fwryilay. German SEELEY, CLEO .-Imbilious, likablr ax fwll. In art sonmlay Jhr' will rxrrll. Art Viking Sister National Honor SELF, MARGERY Shining I1 l o n rl hair, lowly ryes. . Cnpfiwnting ilimplf. wry !L'l.l'l'. Latin Viking Sister National Honor SEYFER, Fimnx A wry nirc buy, but oh so .rhyl Hz' may rom: out ol it by and by. S1-run, ABE jovial, mlm, and Jlofky, .-flu' Shur, urlllil he appmrs, hr trfatrr a grant stir. Band xlxiy l SCOULER, ELAINE Dignihnl, yr! lull of fun, .-ll'1:'n5'.r kind Io rwryorxz. Welfare Girls' Hi-Y National Honor I . B Q. t r S hm' JANE N n. lr , Mort: in spirit, I xv .4 , to lm: a lvmrt of galil. JScnior Lit. SEIPP, XVALTER Waltzr likrr to play and roam, But hr ha: Jkill an th: trom- bone. Scientific SELLER, RODNEY Na bachrlor will Radnry bt, He like: thc girl: too svcll, we ue. Maxwell Debate SHE:-Ano, BILLY Surczxx will mrzly cum: ta him Who wiclrl: a rarkct with Juch trim: National Honor D Club Hi-Y SIDELL, BURT Perftct llrro in Dlllldfillf ryrx: Fnzmlly, haudxorvw, arhve suur. Football D Club Scientific SIMPSON, Don Eaxy-going, happy Jrnilr, Nite to know, .lflilld worth fvhilf. Commercial Track SMITH, FAEION His.loak.v lzrlray hiy mannrr cmxr: Thfreff always mischirl in hir eyrx. SMOOKLER, EIWTI-IE .4 lzurimxs woman Ihr will hr, fl beitcr ann' you'lI never nv. Senior Lit. Maxwell SNYDER, BEITE LovE Shr'.r m 11 J i t ll l, J'01llfi'L'h!lf laquurious. Her rondurt 1lt"1"f'f fx auda- rxour. French L:ItiII SPAID, WALTER Nut .Io tall, but parked with lun. Hr ir lihrd by zwryonf. Commercial SPIDELL, MILDRED A trifle plump, and rntlmr Jharl: Fri.-vully, jolly, a good Jporl. Scientific ACappella French SINCHER, SARA Samfrzfhat of an artixt, JUN!!- what of an attar, And a tru: friend, which is the main fartor. Art Maxwell Seninr Lit. SMITH, MORRISON .4 wry inlvllignlt boy ir hr, Alwuyx ax busy as a bn. Scientific Senior Lit. SNIVELY, HARVEY He if tall, his hair ix blond, Of hir ,rtudifs he is fond. SOMERS, ELIZABETH Har hair is funny like hu heart: sl friend who alfunyf doa her pull. Scienlinc SPALI.oN E, DOROTHEA fl -gifted arlixi.A.rhy, petite, Brilliani, Iu'r.rahl:', and nvfct. Nalional Honor Art French STARKE, HARRIET A dainty nziu ruho'.r lull ol fun, And har u :mile for E-urryonz. G. A. S. Art Senior Lit. . 1. .vixty-one J E l STAUTER. ROBERT dnzlzitionr, stmlinus, quit-I, far: ' llix aim ir neroplam' rlrngn. Scientific STEIN, GEORGE Blond and .vovrzrfvhnl lmwy sd, h V Sfudioux, pmmmng mdrl. Scientilic R. O. T. C. National Hoi STEVIE, Ivfm flrt -::'itlt him is th: mrain ihiny. Tall, dark. lik,-x hir king. STINES. BERNICE Ba'I'1liFl'. few' llrnr, lla.: mrt hrr fatr. Lo-zwly lm: ,vhs gmfrn al lalf. Senior Lit. hlnsic STONE, LAVINA .fl prppy, liwly, noixy maid. Stonr, bn! m'r'fr rnlzl and xlnitl. Latin Scientific Sw.-wsow, ARTHUR J planning flmsluatr, jolly loo. J lllllldJ'0lllt' lad, a lrieml it-lm'r true. Jixty-trl'o wr-..T.. STEDMAN, ALAN l,z'!1CU7l'I frlml Mfg- fall him by. That? lirmuxr hr is .rn Jhy. STEIN, lV1lLTON Hit rathrr lanky. blond, mm' lull. Guml-ualurrrl, likes tn play lmxfball. Maxwell National Honor STIER, JOAN Shari. rlnrlc. and full ul jun. Ilunnrx in art nlrfmly fran. National Honor Senior Lit. Vikini: Sister STOCKDALE, NLXXINE Sllr giwr rzmliugx, flu' ran Play- Q .I rlr2'fr girl in many a way. Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. Pep Club 1 'id Lpw-Amit! STRINGHAM, ROBERT Dives or prankx? Bob ix thrrr! Tall and la in k gy--wonlx In xpnrc. Scientific Hi-Y Swanson, HELEN Guy, small. Pttilf. lliixr and wry mwrt. Senior Lit. Colnlnercial SWARTZVVELTER, MARGARET Rrddiyh-gold hair. happy vyex. Hilti: hr! ability, lrouml in rzrf. Senior Lit. Commercial Viking Sister TANGYE, SfAaaen.fBUDJ Newr fl'fll'lllg, atlzlflir Bud Hit: llxaxr golf ball: with zz lhmi. A DClub l Golf North Star THOMAS, ELIZABETH Hrr imma in lighir will blnzr nlnr. Wllrn ,rhr hrromrr an Uflffll rlar. Music Senior Lit. Tll,LE'Vf, ALFRED .4 frur Nnrxriiinrz, blond ruul tall: l,flA1l!l50lllt'? How the galr do fall. TRUNCK, EDNA Siu' if tnll and rathzr thin. lu Ziff: bnttli, .rhe will win. Senior Lit. TURNER, AGNES .I wry Iihnblr Ins: is Jhr. .llfvnyx nr hflpful ru ran br. SYMONS, LESTER Quiftrr buy. yon'll .rrljom find, .Vonr with a man' brilliant mind. Sciemific Band THIBODEAU, JEAN Frfnrhlmlrz fran, aurl lnfun Ive. .llri-t. and al-:Unyx on Ihr ga. Sciemilic Senior Lil. THOMPSON, HERBERT lurt as uirz' as hr ir tall, Sliimzr in flax: and in Imm- hall. D Club Basclxall Senior Lit. ToRREY, BARBARA H05-I who hmr lu-r rlewr lint, Try to daft in rquady ul nmr. Spanish Music TUCKER, VERNON In murir hz is wry hriz, D :Vr'zc'x:4'rihng also u hu lme. Tumbling VALENTE, ERN EST Friendly r m i I E mul rurly hair- .lnisvvr to a flldlllfflil' pmyrr. .fixl 3'-thru' M j, QW VANDER WEYDEN, ALLEN In murir Allen hay n ,rtartp Playx, tonrlurtr, mid ix hr :martl Vifebster Latin National Honor VII.LANOy GEORGE Handsome.. courlrour, fzfinzd. Plcqmnt, trurtworthy, and kznd. Senior Lit. Maxwell Italian VOLK,JOHN Iuhnnyfr jolly. tarrlree way Brighten: up the darkest day. Tennis WAGGENER, MARY Lou Per! littlz mir: with flaming hair, Apparently without a cafe. Black lvlasque Spartans of Sports Pep Club 1 EY, ROBERT ' Ch rful. an a n l y , prppy, mrt: u er: and he will never part. National Honor Senior Lit. Philatelic .l VVEAVER, BERNARD A mulirian tall and light, Who .reldom work: with all hir might. kin sic .i1 sixty-lour .....g,f?,. VEEDER, HAROLD fl gentlrman ir Harold Verder, Quiet, and a :mutant reader. V o-GEL, RICHARD Cheerful, h01ldJ01ll!, happy Dirk, Worry -m"er will make him Jirk. Football Dclnlv VVADE, ROBERT Blond, quiet Robrrt Wade, Hi: true worth will nrvu ludf. Hi-Y WALTER, ESTHER FERN Brain: with hrauty nr: wry Yllffl Either har them both to span. Commercial Senior Lit. National Honor WATKINS, EVELYN Clever, loyal, pretty, viva- fiour, - Happy, frizndly, witty, gra- ciaur. French National Honor Viking Sisters VVEINER, MARvxN QBUDB Gentlzmanly, rturlinux, quid: A That mmularhi Lv mr! u rwt. German w.y VVEINSAFT, H1NDA MAB Grarrful daurer, prp, vitality, All-around lzadzr, pzrmnality. Senior Lit. Maxwell WIELCH, ROSEMARY W: all adore RUIf11lHfj"J.flPlt, Am! never grt enough of at. XVERTz,EUN1cE Whrn :hr xmilfr, than .rlir Jlayx.: l Hrf dimplfr put thru: in a daze. Senior LiL. Music WHELAN, FRANCES Shi-'J rmall, pretty, full ol fun: . D llfany warthwhilr fnfndx .vlxe'x won. Spartans of Sports Nlusic Viking Sister WHITEHEAD, LUCILLE Although wr 'nruzr lzmr Lutille, In rhnmrter, we know Jlle'.r ffal. Senior Lit. German VVuzk,JAcK Versatilz, witty, peppy lark Wier, He will .mrrffd in any career. Photography D Club Senior Lit. WEISBART, T1LL1E Quick and clever ax mn be, Vary good at reparln. Commercial National Honor Big Sister WENDELIN, Rox' Basketball and lmxfball star, With the girl: he trawl: far. Baseball Basketball D Club WEST, DoRo'rHY shftf deridrd love ir best: No longer if hzr name init Writ. G. A. S. Senior Lit. VV HELDEN, DOROTHY Smart and mighty, meet: nice to Studiour, popular, and sweet. Senior Lit. WICHMANN, ALVIN Aida wnrkx -with vim and vigor, And life for hllll grow: :ver lnggrr. German Drunmlies WxLcox, Gnome Never up to any I 'r'J. Loyal pal ol Hrrbrrt Spanish Football H"irl':. Jixty-fi:'e VVILLIAMS, BERNICE ANNA Drama, suhirh rlie maker her nim, .Way fum for htr a laylzng fnmr. Black Masque Senior Lit. Viking Sister XIVYILLIAMS, ELE.-mon .il Jrcund Pavlovn .vhs hope! tv be, Danri-ng hrr fray to celebrity. Senior Lit. WILSON, FRANK Hi: hair ir dnrh, hir fyvx are blur. IIr'r lall. and quill' an alhlrlr lon. Basketball Track XVXNTER, D.-xvm Thr drrp and quirt lhinhing kind, Da-viri alfmyr knows hiJ mimi. Music Hi-Y Scientilic VVITHAM,-IUANITA Tall, and mlm, mul :ell-por xcxrrd, x Iiarnfrt, rtrimxr fn do her hfst. WITH, LILLIE Dark-13-fd, happy, Lillir Witti, li llolh cirrmlilr and pretty. Senior Lil. Band Black Masque rixty-six ---if-ll VVXLLIAMS, DAN Golf player, omlor of poirf, Popular with girl.: and boyx. D Club Nlusic Studenl Council WILLIAMS, TILFQRD 0fiEl1Idl, hr is nminly, Dark. tall, a bit zmgninly Hi-Y Art VVINOGRAD, BEATRICE nlflirlir. film likrr to act: I mighty finr girl--tlmt'x 11 fart. Black Masque Viking Sister Art YVINTERBOURNE, DONALD Gvfitlmialzly, dar: hir pm! Hl1I1PJ'. lalfnlrrl in nfl. VVresLling Annual Art ol Willy, flv:-er, happy, :cis , Nolhing btyond hrr fwfr lirs. National Honor North Star Big Sister Wrrmsa, VIRGINIA 1, WO'LFE, JACK Hr ir n drmmer, ,ru it .n':'ni.f, Bu! grmtmzrr o I l r 11 grows from drmrnx. Orchestra ll'3'n!t. Swrrr. and xhy. and wry quirl, Scninr Lit. Pep Club Spanish 5 ' 'oi z. Rosa .' 0 unfit: lv e c fc o 11 Roxiz l'ourl':. X If .vllf wry filff? Of raurrf! 1 X S4-niorLil. K, Black Nlasquc Debate 1,4 .y V -Z' "" x.. -. A VKOLFE,-IOSEPHINE K K K i p Lowlv. dark-rxrd. qmft jo, . K Drnrrxt. xL:4vutr.vt, g z rl we K . ff ,Alf lszxo-ev. K X o iii ,-.x , Y Nw01mlH0110r ll c-lfare , J is I: Wosx, M ARGARET This qnirl 11101111 ix Jun' to gn Fny far rwifh lzrr ,rh-no. Wvfwr, Gammons Clmrminrz ix n -ur Gertrude ZWEIFEL, ELIZABETH Fniilzful, patient, plmmnl Inn, Loyni mrmbrr of our dan. YQELIN, Eu His foil ix xrvift: hi.: am'1:'z'r rmdy, We' likr him Ion bfranfe his itmdy. YVGOD, VERA Tall, attmctiw, Vrm Wood- It would seem :he should be good. Senior Lit. Wusnri-1, Gnome Tall, quiet, handxomr lad. HF.: the but frirnd to ln' had. YOUNG, Lois Happy-go-lucky, in 1 I y and .rclferti fl pal like hrr is hard to beat. Spartans of Sports Girls' Hi-Y Senior Lit. ZUcKEnMAN, Em-ru xl .vfrrvtary with looks and mu: Most any man :hc'x :mr tn please. Maxwell Senior Lit. DAVIS, JACK lark ix genial, lull ol fun, .4 lnynl friend to riferyane' DURKOP, HENRY Tho he ix quitv thick with th: ropx. Iulo n rrll hr 7lA'C'A'f flop! sixty-:rwn 73-A ABAD, FRANCES Shy and dark, and 'very nite,- She has pep that will suffice. BEACH, JAMES A silent man is jimmie Beach. But when you know him, he's a peach. BEMENT, Boa H a n d s o m e, thoughtful, wise, polite I . His presence always brings delight. BENNETT, CHESTER A boshful boy who's always there, But has a modest, humble air. BENNETF, KENNETH He like: to play a lo':fer': part, And all the dogs he takes to heart. BLUMBERG, EMANUEL Printer': ink rharms this lad. An orator who's never sad. BRIENZA, GEORGE A quiet man who will not shirk, Because he picks out rosy work. BUTTS, KENNETH ln football Kenny does exeel, And wzth the girl: he get: on well. BUTz, FRED Tall and lean with light blond top, ln our esteem he'll nrwr drop. CAFFREY, HAROLD This chubby, dark, and jolly boy. Finds girl: and football his thief 103'- CAWLEY, ELMER He ran ind his may about, "Where's Elmer," all the girls do shout. CHARNESKI, MELVIN .Hel-vin is a student of art, And take: his work to heart. CLOUGH, CHARLES Albrilliont boy, who's clever too, His pleasing smile will entourage you. CONNERLY, ALICE A sweet ooiee, a delieate fate: Known for her rourlesy and grate. DAvIDsoN, ROY A courteous gentleman is heg In football he has won his HD". DECINO, CHARLES .4 square fellow is he, As broad-minded as ran lle. DENILEON, ROBERT He never cheats or tells a lie,' A: everyone will testify. DENNEY, RAY This little fellow sure makes a hit, Sandy hair and lot: of grit. DETQLLA, JoI-IN A likable boy with eyes of brown: You seldom, if ever, see him frown. FERCI-I, HENRH' .A -tireless worker, sure to grow, His hobbies are .veil-nee, and radio. FIORELLA, CARL For rourtesy he takes the rake. His promises he will -not break, FITTING, JosEPI-I He's quiet, makes but little show, But there': a lot of depth to loe. G.ALE, BRUCE He is courteous, jolly, kind: And he has a brilliant mind. sixtyeeighl GALLAGHER, WILLIAM BilI's promises are good as gold, His sense of humor will never grow old. GERHARDT, PAUL A liflanner, quiet: disposition, mel- low: Appearanre, neat : he's a :well fel- low. GERSHOVITZ, MALCOLM He's a fine fellow with lot: of grit, In the game of lile, he'll need lots of it. GILLEY, HAROLD A handsome and honest young fellow is Harry ,' He': a swell prosper! for some girl to marry. HALE, FRANK Happy, husky, hardy, Hale,' His winning smile will nearer fail. HEIDERSTADT, ROBERT Robert is a likable lad. Track man, -very best to be had. HICKINBOTHAM, NORMAN A pleasing lad who'll never frown, He will be of great renown. JUSTMAN, JAKE Sure as a gun, Yet full of fun. KAMINSKY, PERRY He' busy as a bee, Willing to help, you see. LAPIN, JENNIE Very quiet is this miss, Friendly, with her timidness. LEVINE, LILLIAN More striking girl is seldom seen, Than dark-eyed Lillian Levi-ne. IDNGWELL, FRANK A handsome, ruddy, merry youth, He's broken many a heart for moth. LOSASSO, LEONARD A likable friend, a 'valuable chum, We wish him :nrress and then some. U IDSASSO, PASQUAL He is handsome, dark, and tall, His virtues large, his :rites small. LUoNn, ALBERT Upon the trumpet he ran toot. And many a clever pun ran shoot. MADONNA, FRANK His .laughing eye: and rheerful grin. Will help him many a battle to win. MARCHESE, MIKE A quiet and dork haired boy is hfike, An easy boy for one to like. MILES, ROBERT A devil with the women.. He got hi: letter swimmzn! Muxo, JOSEPH A rarefree lad, Who': seldom sad. N ICHOLS, JERRY A very nice boy is Jerry, He is always merry. PLAS, EDWARD Blond and muscular is he, lliith a personality. PLEE, RUSSELL Pretty, brown eyes, rurly hair, Russ is one who': always fair. Row, JACK If you ran fudge him by his fare, Then lark will win in any rare. RULLO, LUCILLE . Lovely eyes, hair, teeth, and ali,' Rather brilliant, slender, tall. SALAZER, PAUL Strong in rhararter. s t ro n g in mind: Truer friend you will not ind. SALMON, CHARLES Although our Charles is wry shy, He has a brain one rannot buy. SANDERS, DARWIN He's very misehie-vous, and yet How he ran play that rornet! SANZA, LoUIs Twinkling eyes and sunny smile: He is happy all the while. SCHQENINGER, EVELYN A likable friend, :he makes things hum, We wish her surress and then some. Scorr, ROGER Athletic, modest, plenty smart, In any thing he'll do his part. SEDLMAYR, FRED Nite personality, football star: Big and Jolly--he should go far. SHEPHERD, FREDERICK Ambitious. studious, lofty aim ,- Worker-someday he'll win fame. SRANARELLA, LOUIS His friends like Louis Spanorella, fl short, dark, 1node:t fellow. SUNSHINE, SARALEE Her personality's so fine Her name just fits-Sunshine. SUTLEY, CARMEN Baseball star who may forsootll. Someday lar outshine Babe Ruth. SwE'I'r, CLYDE Smart, a nz b i t i o u s, tall Clyde Swett: Will make a name in scienre yet. SYLVESTER, MARGARET Person, exotir: eyes, expressive: Talent, e.n:pansi've,' suctess, ex- ressive. TILEY, ALBERT Dark of hair, rather small, He's a friend to us all. TORLEY, JAMES Conscientious, and polite, He will always do what's right. VIGIL, GILBERT Little and dark, He has the spark. WALKER, JUANITA Pal true blue, a friend indeed, Gives her help to all in need. WE'BBER, DOROTHY Dorothy's a cute little honey- So popular it isn't funny. Wxcxs, HERBERT His acrobatie: on the liar Have spread the name of Wicks afar. YOUNG, CLARA PAULINE Dark and lovely-eyed Pauline, Tall, and quiet, and serene. .ziwy Senior Prom AUGHING dancers, happy colors, gay music, and bright lights were featured at the Senior Prom on May 2. The joy of the occasion will long be a treasure in store houses of memory of the graduating seniors. YVith the decorations of blue and silver accented by the new lighting system, the gym was transposed into a "Land of Dreams." Moonlight effects, and unusual color combinations enhanced the beauty of the youthful romancers in flowing pastels and summer suits. One of the most successful of Senior Proms, it enjoyed a record at- tendance, and provided unusually popular entertainment. Those who enjoyed the dance owe sincere appreciation to the Prom Committee. It was composed of the officers, Herbert Prouty, Madge Todd, Mary Knippel, and Bill Osborne, and , Helen Briscoe, Ruth Hansen, Charlotte Mohr, Rlargery Roberts, Emanuel Blumberg, Al Krebs, Bill Mays, Harold Mott, Dick Vogel, and Donald VVinterbourne. Patrons and patronesses included Mr. W. C. Borst, lVIr. and Mrs. A. Martz, lVIiss Fern Dorothy lVIitchell, Mrs. C. D. WVaddell, lVIr. N. L. Prouty, Mr. and Mrs. John Knippel, lVIr. William Osborne, Miss lVIarie Hollister, lVIiss Mattie Vie Lendrum, and Miss Katherine Ommanneyg the Senior Class home room teachers, Mr. and Mrs. L. lVI. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Smith, Miss llllary Dow, Miss Lillian Duer, Miss Therese Dupree, Miss Mary Frost, lVIiss Jean Ingersoll, Miss Myrna Langley, lVIiss Hester Smith, lVIiss Jessie Thompson, and lylr. Elbert Cummings. Junior Prom HE Junior Promenade came as a glorious climax to the Viking social activities of the year. Given by the Juniors in honor of the departing Seniors on May 28, it provided delightful entertainment for all who attended. The boys' gym, gaily decorated in joyous colors, presented a pleasing spectacle, together with the colorful crowd gathered there. The shimmering pastel gowns were enchanting in the exquisite lighting effects. With due pomp and circumstance the Queen of the Junior Prom was crowned. Surrounded by seven lovely attendants, the lucky senior girl received the title amid a joyous crowd of onlookers. The eventful evening passed swiftly and delightfully with the hour for departure arriving all too soon. It was with regret that the members of the senior class left, realiz- ing sadly that this was the last of their evening social events at North. Na Class Day N Class Day, dancing held sway at Elitclfs in the afternoon of l1fIay 28. Mr. Borst awarded scholarships for Denver University, Colorado University, Colo- rado College of Agriculture and Colorado State College of Education, Colorado School of Nlines and Colorado Women's College. The 1921 Gold lrledal awarded to the boy and girl who rendered the most outstanding service to the school, the Class of 1924 Short Story Gold Medal, the Class of 1925 E. L. Brown Nlathematical Award, Virgil, French, "D" Club awards and the Carter Nlemorial Prize in Art were given. The Class of 1936 Memorial-a sound motion picture machine and a fund to be divided equally between the Annual and the Scholarship Loan Fund-was presented by Herbert Prouty, senior president. CLASS PLAY A rollicking comedy of high dramatic appeal, "The Royal Family," played to an enthusiastic -audience. It was staged in North's auditorium on lN'Iay 21, ZZ, and 123. The cast included: i Fanny ........... ....,.... B ERNICE WILLIAMS Julie ........ ............ G EORGENE MICHAEL Gwen ........... ......,...... L ENORE GELLER Tony ........, .,.,.,.,.., H AROLD HOLINIES Dean ......... ...,,....... L EONARD GIBBONS Kitty ......... .........., S vLvIA HANDLER Perry ......., ,.......,....... B ILL HOLINIES Gil .. ,. .,,. . ..,.. ,,........... . ,PAUL BECK Della ..........., ,......................,..,,.,... ..,........ R OSEMARY WIELCH Jo .........................,.... .,.. ..... i ..,., . ....,.,.............,.,........,..,..... D A N TRIILLIAMS McDermo1f ,..... ....,...........i................, YVILBUR Roccruo Hall Boy.: ..................,........ BUSTER JONES, CLIFFORD COLA-IAN ' e4g"""" Gofverness .,..,,.....,...................,.,......................l.,.,.............. NELLIE ROBBINS Chauffeur ....... .......... J EAN TI-IIBODEAU Ganga ..,..................... ......... F AUSTINE BACA Oscar W'o1fe .... ...... . ,.........,....... F RANK DUBIN Jllessenger ..,,,............. .,............ . ,,,...,.,.,... HOWARD Sci-IMU ' The choice and casting of the play was in charge of a committee headed by Bernice Williams, assisted by Leo Morton, Leo Rosenthal, Sara Sincher, Bernice Feinberg, Jack Faye. The Senior Class is deeply grateful for the superb direction of the play by lVIiss Katherine Anne Ommanney. ' uvznty 193 6 Graduation HE largest class that ever graduated from North--that is the distinction held by the Class of 1936 Vikings. i I Surrounded by a background of palms and sixty-six Junior Escorts, joyously dressed in heliotrope hued summer dreszes, the five hundred seventy-four seniors were an intpressive gathering. Vikingettes, Hsweet girl graduates", looked their prettiest in Huttery pastels, while the dark coats and white tlannels donned by the Vikings brought out all of their handsomeness. The theme of the graduation ceremonies was, "The High School Graduate Looks at the International Scene." The student speakers. selected earlier in the year, and their subjects are as follows: . Class Poem-'Elnternational Goodwill" fll111'gm'z't Sylwesfer "lnterdependcr.ce of Nations in Communication" Allen Vander W'ryden Hliiterdepcndcnce of Nations in Trade" Roy Carlson Hlnterdependence of Nations in lVIanners and Customs" Charlotte Ilfohr Hlnterdependcnce oi Nations in Literature" Virginia P17 iinzer ,, "Contributions of the United States" Hugo Eskildson Herbert Prouty, president of the senior class, directed the class creed. The presen- tation of the class to the superintendent of schools and the. members of the board of education was done by our principal, lVIr. Borst. The diploma march and the presentation of the diplomas by one of the members of the board followed, accompanied by the North Band under the direction of lldr. Frederick VV. Schultz. The A Cappella Choir, which made its Hrst appearanse in uniform, was directed by lVIrs. La Dora G. White. .n'1'11xty-one w,f..i.-.. l l l International Goodwill , life are the Youth who bear your name: This earth you leave-our heritage. , Out of the years long turned to dust, Out of the rolling centuries, ' Hfhat kind of world do you leave to us? 7 V ' ' The Hand which ras! mould of earth And hurled it outward from the sun Into the spare of Time's dark flood- That hand, when all its work was done, Had never planned it should drip blood. It never meant that men should die, Their life spilled out to stain the grass: That brother's thrust should kill his brother, That Hate and Fear and Death should pass To smile and laugh with one another. 3 So hear the plea which Youth makes now: l This is our world wlzere we must live, Where each must had his separate fate: These are our lives, the world to give, But not to sacrifice to Hate. Give back to us, the Youth you sired, The beauty lost to us so long, Of sun and wind and simpler things Forgotten in the growth of wrong, ,-4 nd strangled in lfVar's twisted strings. Oh, Sons of Men, you cannot live Each to yourself, alone with hate.' In brotherhood, stretfh out your hand: In hope, unwind the skein of Fate, I n love, seek out, and understand. -MARGARET SYLVESTER seventy-Iwo X. A s alum A nil 1 1 rYllgt"l"l - - - V fu! .1 i t 7 771 ' ' rn' v National Honor Society President, Huoo Esxiumsong Vice President, JANE GOODMAN: Secretary, Eu Yoruri Treasurer, BETTY COBURN. O form a nucleus for the society, in the fall, the following students were elected to the National Honor Society because of their outstanding Character, Scholar- ship, Leadership, and Service: A Janet Agler, Dorothy Atkinson, Betty Coburn, Hugo Eslcildson, Kenneth Fire- baugh, Charline Frederick, Lenore Geller, Leonard Gibbons, Jane Goodman, Mary Hartman, llflabel Hinst, Mary Knippel, Betty McKindley, Frances Nlaxam, Bill lylays, Georgene Michael, Kathryn Michael, Marian Nacke, Howard Schmuck, Billy Shepard, Dorothea Spallone, Robert VVasley, Virginia Witmer, Josephine Wolfe, Eli Yoelin. Those who were added recently are: Morris Adair, Charline Aylor, Delbert Barcus, Paul Bock, Barbara Bousman, lkfiarie Byler, Marguerite Carlson, Roy Carlson, Clifford Colman, Violet Corbett, Cleo Crane, Silvio Davia, Christopher Ditson, Vvilliam Eaton, Frances Ennis, Bernice Feinberg, Lucretia Fitzgerald, Bert Frazzini, CharlesfHa4h.t.t' , lVIonica Hebert, Rose Herzel, Harold Holmes, Kate Horn, Martha Hoyt, Lee Larson, Pearl Lett, Franklin llflaster, Charlotte Mohr, Donald Morgan, Zola Obrecht, Hermina Perlmutter, Joe Piccola, Margery Roberts, Ada Sanders, Elaine Scouler, Cleo Seeley, llflargery Self, in Ioan Stier Clyde Swett llflargaret Sylvester, Allen Vanderweyden, George Sted., , . , 3 f , K . Esther YValter, Evelyn VVatkins, Tillie VVeisbart. rfmty-three - EV My v 0 , ffQ,..J.' , 7i.,4-if .004 641.66 yw. CQ, 4.1, - Elini'-vc!-0-,UL Qijifrdfa M.: ffffw-1-v'f,4l-..4.4. Zv',f.6-,-,EV ,,4AdJ' ,:- ,. 'I 4 K5 ,4 '7ysl!J- . ,ff jig A404 - .f'14.A..', I 1 1 Jfvtrziy-Ji.v ..l. , q?' Class of 1 937 HEN we were freshmen, the year 1937 seemed far ahead in the dim future. Now we find that we are rapidly approaching our goal-high school graduation. Our class elected oiiicers last fall from an exceptional list of candidates. The successful ones certainly justified our confidence by upholding the traditional school spirit and high ideals of North. The Junior Prom, carefully planned, was success- fully carried out. Our officers, as our representatives, took an active part in the activities of the Student Council. VVe wish all the members of the class of l36 the best of success and happiness in whatever they undertake after graduation. VVe hope, too, that we may leave behind us as splendid a record of achievement as they have. President ................,,.,., ,..,..,.,.,,.......,........,..., B ILL KISLER Viee President ..................... COURTLAND WVILLIAMS Seereiezrhi '....... .,...,,.. ESTHER ONsToT'r Treasurer .,..,...... ............, 5 TACK HAYES Xa n'wnIy-.fe :fen if-- CLASS OF 1937 LYNN Awmzs, Loxzxrz ALnEm's, Rownxu ANDERSON, Bun Axnnnws, Amxmxn Asnomm GRACE Asrrros, KENNETII ATKINSON. J, IXVIAC BAKER, CLAIRE BANLY, IMOGENE BARBER BEATRICE Bmunslw, LEWVIS BECK, Hnnzmnr Bmzcmrw, LxLA BEST, Bxu. Blsnor ESTHEK Burxmwmrkc. ERMA KAY BROWN, FRED BROVVNYARD, IJON BUTLER. NIADOLYN BUTLER Tnmms BUTLER, OLUA CARIBUR, 1. C. C-xkLlLu, Enmxxnn CA1u.soN, BARBARA CARROLL xzilenty-fighl CLASS OF 1937 Mzxvrnnw CAs.xcxANu, D01'c1.M CASE, DONALII CONGDON. En CONNliLLi', AI.mixT CoNNE1,1.x' I'IERBlTR'l' Coxovnx. Doxofrl-:Y C130PERSRll1'll. Doxorln' Crmxok. AN1'olNr'r'rE Cmnk, FRANCES Dfwuzs Ihguzx Dmucrn, Burn' Donor, Ismail. DoNovAN, Rnnrwr DUYLR, NYIOLA DUCA11: RIARGAREA' ELLIS, ,l.xcQl1r:Ll:-as Emoxv, XFELMA Lm: EVANS. XIIOLFT Ewmc. XVILAIA l:A'l'lKl'NllRO0K Bm-rx' FAL1.mAx, CHARLO'l"FE FRASER, Mmmm Fxuzxcu. Bsx Frurn, Cmuxnns Gmsu JTC 'wily-nirm eighty wwf- 1 4. H fm, ' CLASS OF 1937 FRED Gomvrz, Lawn Goxfr, NVAUNITA GRAVES. EVELYN HALL, CA1'HRX'N PIAYKS NVIRCIXIA HECKMAN, ,IACQUEMNE Hxcxs, ROHliRT Hll.umxENxEs:, Grk,u.mN1f HOLBFRG. Humax Hommmfn DON IIOPKXNS, IEANEHE INGRAM, Bm-'ry josss, Gx.Anvs Jozuss, L,xlrns'rT,x jcmvsox STEVE JOHN50k, Dax Juno, ELEANOR JUSTICE, CLAJIENCE LAGUAMIIA, FLORENCE LLVSTIG PAULINE Lvnn, ju.wrr,x LYNCH, Mu.muEn MCKIBBEX, LILA MADLIC. Louise XIARSHALL D- CLASS OF 1937 EUGENE IVIAKTL, Ronsm' IVIAUL, HENRY AJILLER, CHARLES NIDUC. VERA NELSON EVELYN Nxcx-xoms, Flin: Ornun, GLENNA OLBERT, Vnnsxak OPPENLANDFR, Tom Ovmzrox ANN PAPE, Russ:-11.1. PARENTEML GQLDENA PENNA, JANE Pzznnuum-ma, NAn:N1: P1-nl-'Ps JACK PQRTEK. XXHXLTER PROCKTER, D1-:LORA REED, INIELVA REMICH. ALLAN RICHARDSON Hum. Rumi. MAMNE Ross, Vivian Rov, MAMAN Russsu., Pmscn.x.A Rvnnk O ziginty-our CLASS OF 1937 EYELYN SCIILEY, ALVIN SCIIWARZ, DOROTHY Sco1'r, DoRo'I'In' SE.-XIKIAN. RICIIARII SHAW VIRGINIA SIIQRT, DoRo'I'I-IY Sxmmoxs, KIARCIA SPM:I.vIxG, ALICIT SPI-LAS. XIXRCINIA STANI.Y SOPHIA STEINKE. BI:'I'TY STEPANECR, VIRGINIA STURFY, XVANDA SIINDGRIQN. KEN TAYLOR NANCY TAYLOR, LUCILLE TIZILIIERG, FRANK T!lIll0I5HAl', EDITH THOXIAS, Es1'III1R '1IIoRrE YQILRIA ToI.I3ER1', RIARGARET Tonmw, NERLA TRASR, EDITH YARIAN, FRANCES XIICEXEC ..........-gf -v figllty-Iwo R -...Qg CLASS OF 1937 Vmcxxm Wann, Mnxxxs W.-u.miN, LAURA W'AksnAmsR. Ensnvon Wm'soN, I-Isuzu' WEBER Ames Wsncuc, Romxn Wmsnxsnzxx, ELMER Wuxrxmg MA1uz.xm:-r Wlxx-zu, IXIARGARH NVRIGIVI CONSTANTINE Zounrnss - .i.... .fighty-three .ff ,f,..2.,,v.W,...:-ff -H ,e--x f 'f 4....'f ighty-four ,Q ,1- .-,-. Y Y ,, ,--Y. -1. -T.-. ,M .4 A . , Class of 1938 HEN we first came to North, everything seemed quite strange, but now the Class of 1938 is proud of its outstanding record in scholarship, character, and service. It is said that the first year of senior high school is the most difiicult, but the assistance of the faculty and older students has brought the year to a most successful con- clusion. To the Class of 1936 we extend best wishes for a prosperous future and to the Class of 1937 a happy finish- ing year at North. VVe have two years in which to conquer in fresh fields of accomplishment. In this time we shall endeavor to repay the school for the benefits and pleasures we shall receive. Next year it is our sincere hope to follow the splendid example set hy the Class of 1937. - I Prmdent .............. .,..,.....,.,..,..... R ov OWEN Vin' President ...,..... DOROTHY PHILLIPS Secrrfarj '......... .... ..,..,..... E s THER BATES 7'7'l'!7.YlllY'7' ...,,.. .,.,...... E UGENE NIAUI. 1 sirm fc .fttr X. 2 fT4 RQJQXT, ff li 3:2355 legs it-as Xi .iw eighty-fave eighty--.fix N CLASS OF 1938 NIAKIQN Almxxxs, DrJ'r,oTHv BIDSTRUP, Ff. VA" FRl'NN1NGs1'ALL, JANE Bxuxo, Bm-Tv BVNGLQ Anuufn ISu'r1.1:R, IAIEIYNE Cmrroxm. CLM"roN Exrsxmcn, Ru-rn lfysugn, WILLMW Fkmgghgx S1-mmm' GORE. C0RlN.1'F I'LxNN.x, Kxaxxsm' Hlxrzs, W1Lm'k JQHNSON. DORD'I'llX' ,IOHNSTQN JUANIPA Lumfrux, JXNNE .JIcDxikMoTT. jgxcx NIcL,u'c:m,1N. MARTIIA XIEXVHIKTIER, XV.xL'r1-:R MOCK ALAN Nonuf, Bl:'r'r1E OLWLR. XIARGARY clYl'R'lk0X. GLURGIA 1'r:Rx1Ns. Brzvn' Puu.l.lPs ,qv VL? , ' !f'4m,w ww J , ' f fr r 91, H , , ,,,, ' :A--3. V V ' -f-1 2 , 'f,-1L,::,-,M , -, f 7 Y Y 77.7 ...Yi.Ni-. W 1 ,Vp ,-mi, - ,i 1 Y ,Y,:, YY -,,,,:'-T ::g?i:g',11-"H-"'f"1L- 1- righty-nine ninrly s ef . COACH EVANS COACH Mouzs Morrr M A ur, NICHOLS l - ninety-one MORGAN Basketball LEAGUE STANDINGS P17071 Lost Percent East ....,.,.. .,,....... 6 2 .750 West ...... ..,..,.... 5 3 .625 South ........... .,..,..... 5 3 .625 Manual ,.......,. ..,, ,.,.. 4 4 .500 North ......,. ...,,...., 0 8 .000 HE Viking ship of Basketball manned by Coach Jack Evans didn't have a very successful season in the league raceg however, they had a good sea- son of experience as most of the players were Juniors and Sophomores. Coach Evans had a chance to shift the fellows around in different positionsg thus making the prospects bright for the season of 1937. During the season's pro- gress, North became a strong- er team each game and showed s t 1' e a k s of Hashy basketball, almost beating the LINDENMEIER Farm' WENDEIJN RAHNE LABATH rinstx is o City Champions, East, in a very exciting and close game. Not being able to get five men to click together, we cannot name a first team. Carroll Lindenmeier was the only player to participate in every game. ln the first game North encountered Manual in the North gym with lVIanual emerging as the victor by a score of 19 to l7.' It was a slow game with everyone missing the hoop during the first half. Basketball .H A ALL-CITY LINDENMEIER The second half became an ex- citing game, Manual winning by fl basket in the last minute of play. Lindenmeier and VVendelin turned in creditable performances. In the second game with lvlilllllfll, North lost an exciting BERENBAUM game 35 to 20. ll Scnam-'ER North's second encounter of the season was with South at South's gym. Once again North fought a hard, but losing battle throughout the en- BECK RAMSELL tire game, losing by a score of 28 to 24. The second game with South found North again on the small end of the score. The results of the contests with West and East were disastrous as far as the scoreboard was con- cernedg however, they consisted of part of a com- plete and successful season of experience for all the players and Coach Evans. Exsxms KISLER :rf !'Ij.'-I 'rr 'r' 4 ,..J -gf, 1 Baseball ALL-CITY PASTORE-S110 rtstop i , ,k.., LA BATH-Right Field ee 45. - jizz? can ef 5 ,, 4- ,, fy t A U. ' Q. I . '-l'iU.f..5' Wwe Nu ff' -' -:.,' M 6 jg ieig L -sa A X r , f f ..:. f' ' W I Iusuzn ERSKINE ,QW1 TAYLoR ,413 it , 4' in fi, Jn. 4, cl if f- "?'vfW fe A if --A - g,,.e7,,,if .. . Se ' :-'A-':a.-wi-i n .-vi 'fa n. 'ag-:,:e::aS ,:. XVENDELIN Sronzm, ninety-lour PAs'mRE AVING many new and inexperi- enced players, Coach Moles did very well in placing North in third place in the Prep League. Beginning the season with most of the men who had returned and ending it with the in- experienced, but competent players. , K Louis Pastore and Jimmy La Bare made the All-City eil Team and did some classy fielding and hitting. Scheffel, ' 1 Stoezel, and Conwell also played fair ball. Taylor, Thompson, and E r s k i n e CONWELL handled the pitching during Track LEAGUE STANDINGS J xl City Meet 4' East ......., .........,. 4 6 points ,,,-, . North ..... ........,.. 4 OM points South ..... ,,..... 3 6M points West ..,.,... ....... 2 2 points i Manual ...,,. ......, 1 6 points - at ,......s--- H. s txxt. N N X. M Sf. it ., ..,.,.c k .MQQA X f w W gl it iz f .Sm 5 2 3 X ai a xi-in X .5 i X .R 5 t ,Ls Nix- dv? alan U" if Sa. , X . -. RUu.o H. KOEHLER In the 7th annual Pentathlon Herb Koehler won first place, setting a new record with 3588 points. He ran the 220 yard dash in time of 25.5 seconds, the low hurdles in 29.5 seconds, and the mile in 5:08 minutes. He threw the discus 117 feet 5 inches, and broad jumped 17 feet 7 inches. Chuck Mccool Won second place with 3510 points, also breaking the previous record. Burt Sidell with 3455 points also broke the record and took third place. The previous record was 3435 points held by Chuck McCool. RYDER Winning this event is a real test of an all-around athlete, and a ' J A-.tfwfx wonderful accomplishment. W A 5 The men pictured here are the 'il' - lettermen for the 1935 Track Season' McCoor. SAWYER WEBER ,., 3 FW s 'X ex, aff 1 r 4' 1 L' J Q X SN M rf: W5 X QL Wi .5 ,T i.. r M. 'mtl 1 sg , KELLY ninety-xewn Football LEAGUE STANDINGS West ......., .......A.. 6 0 l .928 North ...... .... ......... 4 l l .750 Manual ,....,.. ..,...... l 3 2 .333 South ...,.... ..,...,.. 0 3 3 .250 East .....,...,.. .....,... 1 5 1 ,214 MAUL SIDELL Won Lost Tied Perrent ,S 1 ,. .- ' U g AVING the best squad and team since 1927's champions, N 0 r t h showed the prep league some fancy lateral passing and V- good hard football. Although . VOGEL not rated high at the begin- ning of the season, North finished in second place, barely losing the championship to West. The team averaged about 165 lbs. in the line and about 162 lbs. in the baclcneld. Vogel, Scheffel, and Sidell were the out- standing linemen, While Rocchio, Kauth. Burrs Oliver, and Sugarman were the backs who stood out. Beating East twice in one year was something no other North grid team has accom- plished. SEnLMAYR SCHAEFER BECK inrly-riglxt Baseball LABAT1-: the season, Taylor winning two and losing none for 1.00095 average. lVIany of these lettermen are returning for next season: thus making Coach llioles' prospects bright for 1936. North first met VVest and won by a score of I2-10, with West taking the second game by a close margin. lVIanual's Hashyb club put North on the small end of the score twice during the season. Dividing the two games of E rife, . the season with South and beat- ing East twice concluded a suc- LEAGUE STANDINGS Iffon Lost Percent South .,..... .. .... 4 .800 YVest ...... ,..,... 4 .667 North ......, ....... 2 .500 Nlanual ...,.... ,...r.. 2 .400 East ......... ....... 1 .200 1 D1MAaco SCHEFFEL "aa, 2 W is is iiiiijfzx 233 . 43 , gg get it . 5. vw 'f k ii H. ,Swag ff. Ss gg, 1 ' 'G' X . X , 5 ' si' liz 4 3a Q Q X is cessful season. GAKRIER MADDONA SUTLEY ' 111-1.11-l nine' I 5'-lit? , Track ORTH'S track team had a successful season in placing second in the City Meet, Frank Rullo winning first in the shot put and establishing a A i"' 6 new record of 128 feet, 6 inches. Charles McCool placed first in the broad jumps, while Gordon Kelly took first in C C the pole vault. George Schaefer out- a srrrt 1 distanced the other javelin throwers with a toss that took first place. ""' " At the Colorado University Relays Kelly, ' f-zif k x f-3 .f ' . . McCool, and Rullo again took firsts in their events-pole vault, broad jump, and eg ,ii N discus respectively. The mile relay team placed fourth, and two mile team also t SHEPARD placed fourth. , DsSAvEiuo Colorado College Relays found Rullo, , ,,1 Kelly, and McCool again placing first in :,,,, their events. The mile relay team and two mile relay team again placing fourth. is s as 1 it Fx m ar .Qi k -1161 are ' Y an Q N 35 .,.. SCHAEFER L' KOEHLER Norman Maris took third place in the high hurdles. North won the 1933 Colo- , N rado College Relays, placed fourth in the 1934 Relays, SM' at-M and the 1935 Relays found them in third place. 4 K the a Q af, it nt P ,Qf a S, . LQ ., ' A - 'z riie 's A YN , an-. a-re 1 Hsmansranr M anus WALKER ........l-...l- - E E .-1i1l--l-11 .i. ninzty-six J' ,V N i i ,A X, INV R -A I fl 3. A iw 54 ASE HN ...., ,Q S, iv X --'MX rs ? Football All ALL-CITY Roccruo-Fullbacle VOGEL1THCk16 SCH EFFEL-Guard SIDELLT,El111' Roccmo According to the predicted score, North was to lose its first game with VVestg however, a scrappy, determined team of fellows stepped out on the field and outplayed West. Neither team could put across Z1 touchdown during the entire game, thus ending it in a 0-O tie. Vogel was the outstanding lineman, and Rocchio was the outstanding back. In the second game , Nl.-XRIACHER with lVest, North had the breaks against themg and play after play was called back, one time after a touchdown had been scored. PAULUS ' BUXTCN SUGARMAN Mo'r'r OLIVER - - i... i., . ninrty-nin: Football North beat East each time they beat winning touchdown ball bounced OH the SCHEFFEL CAFFREY DAVIDSON The heady work of wide awake playing caught it and ran for a -touchdown. twice in one season and them by a clean margin. East's fullback, plus the of Sidell, gave North its in the second game. The East player's head. Sidell KAUTH North opened up its classy lateral passing attack against the South Rebels, trouncing them to the tune of 20 to 0, in the first game with every player turning in a good perform- ance. In the second game the Rebels were a different club, and North barely won in the last three minutes of play by the unusual hard charging of the line and hard hitting of full- back Rocchio. Sco'r'r Ovskrrm Juno on: hundrzd N SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL These are the fellows that keep the :first team hustling. They are all pros- pects for next year's team. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL The Sophomore squad won the city championship this year. Every member of the squad is a prospect for next year's team. 1 . 1 , ., -. - .Y pw- . V. n -,X .vv 4 1- -L Y 1, -eff 1.1-L -.., W. 11. .L.efi, WE:-..-ii, ,,:.Lf ggigi-,-IW, mg 2.3:-.:......-...m.......... ""'-'-'-L" ........L.-.f....:f4 ,.,, '-lm-'-i'i' 'Q nn: hundrzd one L-ig ,... 'umm' .mth m2:2.L1-Q3r:L,-,.,.,,,.Y:+,m: f,-, ,M ' -' TT' 7' qijf2LC:5" -"'L""?ii' 7 : .- 1 ,. ,..,..,.. . V- p . jf! l TENNIS GOLF North's netmen, consisting of Eskild- The Golf team composed of six mem- son, Reed, Schwartz, and Oppenlzmder, bers completed an interesting season at enjoyed a very successful season. All City Park Golf Course. four members earned letters. 0 nr h u mired Iwo at it , at t fixfv SVUMNHNG The swimming team entered the meet with no practice and fared very well considering it. HOCKEY Having no place to practice in prepara- tion of the active season, this team im- proved every game. The games were all played at Mammoth Garden Rink. + our lmndred Ilxrre Wrestling HE Viking wrestlers won the city championship for the second year, placing five men on the All City teamg namely, Maul, heavyweightg Miner, 175 lbs.g Kauth, 155 lbs.g Wixiterbourlie, 135 lbs.3 Harvard, 95 lbs. 1 Q- , .' M .'5,fT?"I1- ,V - l,,i,17.. i..g '-bw -,r"H.v4,y,,-,-1 Tw ,,. ?..-..4....---.-,........-............,........,..,..,... TL'-Q i1i'.::.t:g -" H J ' - " - 1:3 5 ,f21f5f:.F.fv 61" -5 's -'fgffrrf"H'rrtwfrnzp'far'-222.4'Q:t':':-fe'-'JAf2.'.'.1:?fgT::'-""'-H' 4 1: ,pw 11 rirrd four .. .L V Y,,V..,,,.. ' f-t,,.-saga-zazsxzlfrazzral-1:-I-1 ----- --'--'--' --av, - . if 0 HEADS OF SPORTS Since the organization of two athletic clubs this year, six girls from each club have acted as heads of the various sports. TENNIS llflonica Hebert was proclaimed Ten- nis Champion this year after defeating Elizabeth Carnival. DECK TENNIS Deck Tennis proved one of the most popular among the list of sports. ,b,.w,:r,e,:Y 1 s,,,-.,-V,,,.,..,,,,,-, ., ,N ,,. t ' "" ' ' "Q """'-""' ""g"""' """"' s om' hunrlfrd 46:1 xx-Ll L SOCCER VOLLEYBALL Fifty teams struggled for the Soccer The girls found a great deal of pleas Championship this year. The season ure in Volleyball. Fifty-nine teams, re finally ended with Hawaii and Okla- ceiving their names from doctors, en homa victors of their respective leagues. thusiastically enjoyed the season. one hundred :ix 1 INDOOR On the diamond, under the hot sun, sixty indoor teams, named after cities, are fighting for championship, as the Annual goes to press. BASKETBALL Basketball season was filled with close competition. Bing C r o s b y, Helen Hayes, Lanny Ross, Ozzie Nelson, Ben Bernie, lylajor Bowes, and Gracie Allen were winning teams. one hnndrrd yawn Lfw-ff Y N I A , , -.S bw,- om' lm mlrrd right Q -""T'A' .X . ', . I f. A ... ,,,,-,.., , ,. if :: f f 1 .-Ea-gm W , Gx JM om' lIl4fI!l'fz'd lm 1 ,-.,,,., ,,, 'B-1. A X om hu ndrzd twelve u --ww , ff f 1 A Message From the Club Presidents fl will o' the 'wisp is happiness: It can't be bought or sold. lts 'value true is measureless- Alike to young and old. It's found in the hand ofyour fellow men 11's found in work and play. It's not in 'whht you make by plan, But how you Ii-ve each day. To those who'd know the hearlening glow Whiclz comes from simple things, With us join hands to live and grow, flnd learn the joy it brings. Uur aim is sounds if will abound In rules -which point the way To happiness that can be found In laughter, song, and play. NIAKGFERITE CARLsoN, JAMES HUGHES, CuAR1.o1'rE Mona, I1'lROLD HOLMES, ESTHER FERN XVALTER, CECIL SCHEFFEL, Evx-:LVN XVATKINS, Dz:LnER'r PA1'roN, Down: XVINTER, FRANCES MAXAM, BARBARA BATES, IVIADGE Tono, IO!-I PICCGLA, SILVIO DAVIA. BETTY CQBURN, LYNN Al.BERS, JACK Honsobr, Huco ESKILDSON, JACK HAYES, CHARLES RANDALL, LENORE GELLER. NIARCELLA jfxcons, GEOKGENE LIIICHAEL, Vxuomm wlTlNiER. one hunzlrrd thirteen - Student Council HE Student Council founded in 1928, acting as the advisory body to discuss plans for more efficient handling of student affairs, now consists of twenty-two members-five ex-officio members and full year and half year presidents of each grade. The editor of the North Star, President of Norsemen, All Girls' League, National Honor Society and the Annual Board constitute the ex-officio members. The members of the 1935-36 student council are: Herbert Prouty, President of the Senior Classg Bill Kistler, President of the Junior Classy Roy Owen, President of the Sophomore Class, John Kauth, President of the Norsemeng Cleo Crane, President of the All Girls' League, Hugo Eskildson, President of the National Honor Society: George Eichler, Editor of the North Star, Silvio Davia, Ex-editor, Frank Bishop, President of the Annual Board, VVilbur Rocchio, Principal's Representative. The half year boy presidents are: Al Krebs, 12Ag Hugo Eskildson, l2Bg Dan lVilliams, IIA, David Reynolds, IIB, Bob Decola, l0Ag Glen Harvey, IOB. The half year girl presidents are: Ann Hartman, 12Ag lVIonica Hebert, IZB: hflargaret VViner, IIA, Olga Cambor, IIB, Dixie lyfae lVIcCarthy, IOAQ Pauline Reddish, IOB. The first business of the council was the sponsorship of the safety campaign under the direction of lVIr. Borst. One week was set aside to practice safety measures, to hear talks by the lylayor and the Maiiager of Safety and Excise, and also to see films dealing with the safety problem. The council took action against secret organizations comprised wholly or partly of public school students, which hold secret functions contrary to state laws. The council hopes that the good work begun will cause the disbanding of all such organiza- tions. T 1-'i ' -1- ,i on! h Illldffd fnurlrrn W Student Council M'R. Boksr. WVILBKIR Roccluo, YIERBERT Pkouwv, CLEO CRANE ANN HMLTMAN, jeux KAUTH, GEORGE EICIILER, OLGA CAMBOR S11,vxo D.XX'lA, BILL Klsru-zx, AIARGARET WYINER, Ax. Kklzns l'Il'G0 ESKILDSON, Moxxux H1inEkT, DAN wll.Ll.KAlS, FRANK Bxsnor ...xg - one humlrnl Mtn'-n wa,-f+ - ll Girls' League Prrsidrnt, CLEO CRANE: Serretary, MARGUERITE CARLSON. Exerutim- Committee: ANN HARTM.-XN, MARIE BYLER, lVl0NICA HEEERT, DORIS GOODSON, MARGARET xvlNER, EVELYN Nici-roms, OLGA CAMBOR, BEVERLY PETERSON, DIXIE MAE MCCARTHY, ELEANORE PASTORE, PAULINE REDDISH, DOROTHY PmLr.rPs. HE purpose of the All Girls' League is to lend the thoughts of the girls ro the highest ideals of honor, courage, and womanhoodg every girl who enters North High automatically becomes a member. The League sponsors three functions during the year: A play, "The Christmas Carol," presented at Christmas, n mother-daughter tea given in the spring, and the Senior Girls' Farewell at the close of school in June. .l..l. - i Qi. rm' li Il mlrfzi Ji.vt1'r rx ' .. fidibf' "QL, .----.... ....., -..rz Y,YA -........L:.... ,.f.....i?i.- ,:,,,..::,,L2.-: ..m..,........-,m.......... to no .tet L,...-L. L., M- --- ------Av -- - X.. . Latin Club Consulm, SiLvlo D.-xvm and Bern' Conuxug Cvnsor, CHMLINE AYLOR. FFICERS to the S. P. Q. R., North's Latin Club, were chosen at an election similar to a Roman one in detail. The toga-clad candidates culminated a week of colorful and extensive campaigning with speeches before the club. North's organization honored Horace with a meeting featuring some of Horace's works. One of the six meetings was a St. Valentine's Day party at which members ex- changed valentines written in Latin. The Virgilian Latin students presented the last program of the year. Visitors and members of the club alike enjoyed the meeting. - K d xx 4 K NNT Timm? N X '1 X f,. an-YQW., 'ih.,e-s',,eE+.s.,.vE-- .L A- .. . , -....,,...A.,..1,v-,kwa-W...-......-.W .ff-.. ,...-....f.1,.A, mu.,-mf? - an f 1 Q-.,' .gigs ', ng' .- 1-Z.-ga :f1:.'..,.-.5 var: :-:rf.:i:s,1t,.-1. 'L"'LLi'm'- M"-M'w'i' --W' 'L "W " 'L ' L LL om- hundred Jszfrntrcn Z f W QJJQ-32 w The North Star cc NAIL on, and on, and on!" urged the hardy Norsemen as the "ever constant" North Star hoisted the anchor and took off to a season filled with worthwhile and interesting activities, last fall. Numerous contests with appropriate prizes kept subscribers looking forward to future editions. Campaigns for promotion of peace, safety, friendship, posture, and many school activities, were successfully carried through. The staff attempted to give full support to every school activity-plays, socials, dances, publications, and clubs. An all-city Press Conference marked the height of the busy season with North as Chairman and South as host. The morning of April 4 was devoted to panel discussions on the subject "What is news for today's high school paper?" Famous Colorado authors attracted over two hundred to the Press Conference banquet that night at the Argonaut hotel. Such personalities as Mrs. Marion Castle, lVIr. Arthur Carhart, Mrs. Lenore Weber, and Ann Halliday were among the speakers. Several chan es were inaugurated in the policv of the North Star during the year. E . Among other thin ,, a new three column head plate replaced the old five column plate. gg The sport page was given a plate and mast head of its own. "A North Star in every home" was adopted as a campaign objective. Unfaltering effort on the part of the staff members, assisted by the reporters, enabled the North Star to keep in the heavens and climbing. Ruth Norris and Bill Holmes were present at every staff meeting, conference and evening for work from September through June. Theiioyalty was an to others of the staff. 1-.l one lmmlrrd eightrrn - -....l., Khan: RU1 n Star TJALCARD. SYLVIO DAVIA, GEORGE EICYILPLR, Mk. Pumrs Noluus, BILL I'i0LMES, BxLL COLT, XHVXAX ALLEN uns. CARL Nsuxms, BILL EATON. Esrmtk THORPIZ Ln, Runlivcr XVASLEY, NV,u'xx PIALL, lfkulmx Drnlx wi one lmndrrd uinftrm if- - Annual HE Annual Board is one of the most closely connected groups in the school. VVorking for a common purpose-a supreme year-book-there is a unity and good fellowship that spring only from cooperation. Each one has a special duty, but the majority of the work is carried on by the group. There is another phase of working on the Annual. Less tangible, yet more lasting, is the value of contacts made with business firms, faculty members, and even fellow students-as prospective buyers. Contracts, interviews, and other methods of negotia- tion in the business world play an important part in life out of school. Actual ex- perience is still a very good professor, and this we obtain by working on the Board. Long hours of work are fully compensated for by the knowledge that we have been making a yearbook which will be a record as a permanent representative of the Class of 1936. Under the sponsorship of Bliss Hester M. Smith, the members of the board started plans in November. The burden of publishing the Annual was greatly eased by the removal of selling responsibility, which was assumed by Mr. Carl Utterback and his salesmen. The work of producing the couplers, which add so much to the charm of our book, was taken over by Miss Ella Sehenck, and her creative writing classes. Our attractive art work was, as usual, produced by the talented students of the art depart- ment, under the direction of Miss Eddah Hillier. The board wishes to express its appreciation for all the help it- has received from both the student body and the faculty, in making the 1936 Viking a success. Wa M-Mi .M M -1. ' o nz hu udrrd tsewrnty Ma. 0 ,- TAIIMIIEA I , Annual Board FRANK BISHOP, Prr,vidfIIl: VIRGINIA XVITMFR. Editor: BI2'I'rY Couukx. 0rgnnE:.n!ion: Miss H. Nl. SMITII. Spmxmr D X .h - ., . , r ., . , - ' URC,'IlIk.'k bPAI.I.0xI.. Jrl. DllNAl.I7 xXlNll.RllDk'RNli, I-wrt: Eu-I.YN Wrluxs, Ff'rIIurr.r.' JACK XEYIER. Plmtogmphfr: CLIIfIfoIm Mnkrox, l'lmfagmpl:rr: CII,xIu.INI5 Fmann r '. S I ' XV Rl I. pnry. I1.IxuIi ROCCIIIO. Sports: joy: Plccmnx. Typist: Il.AnLAxII Gmns. l7ralt.v11mII.' LYNX ALRKRS, lIH1ilH'.' BETTY Pllll.l.ll'S, Suplmlllor.-'. Xia our hunrirfd !s1uf1It,x"nII: w-f...,.-QE +5 Art Club Pr-efdeni. Msncurxurs CARLSONQ Fire President, Donor:-rm SPALLONEQ Secretary, Esrrisx ONSTOTTQ Treasurer, Bern' Commxg Sponsor, Miss EDDAH HILLIER. HE success of the Art Club in the past year has proved that art is inspirational. The program committee, under the Chairmanship of lVIargery Roberts and Bill Champion has furnished such meetings as a discussion of Leonardo Da Vinci, a caricature contest, a sketching party, a talk on Commercial Art by Mrs. Gretchen lVIelton, and a meeting devoted to the study of American Portrait and Landscape Artists. During the Christmas season, the Art Club made toys for the Marjory Reed Mayo Nursery and favors for the Fitzsimons Hospital. Y-, one hundred lsvfnlj'-1s:'o XQFTW- TQ? .X 2 I is ,- fan- sf- .ZAFFI-'Qgi...4E',5m.:gKZ:.i-a1.1.,.if.. H mfs: .fig my f7,5FTQ7.,.,......,3.igiZ3-- ,Cale-IJLef....f-+.Qf......:..,.:I-,f..,...1Z11..J.E:-Qing.-.EQJ-.,,.T..': ,i..,-..-...--.---.. .,., - x4., R cg N5 N, ,........- .,...,. ,,-Lee-.- - ,,.- r::c.I,Q'I: The Commercial Club President, TILLIE WEISBARTQ Vice President, VIRGINIA FERRY: Secretary, KATE HORNQ Treasurer, MARVIN APPELQ Sponsor, MR. E. W. SMITH. O develop a better understanding of business, interesting and inspiring speakers have been invited to address the club. One of the most stimulating was Mr. Benjamin Lampert, a graduate of North, who spoke on life insurance and its benefits. Un another occasion, Mr. Shroyer, from the Placement Bureau of the School of U Commerce, talked on How To Get a Job." Membership in the Club is attained only by those who are at least 11-A pupils and who are students in one or more of the various commercial courses ollered. ,. t- if-, .i'C"'iLI N ,Y-Q.. -- : eggs- Y A' 5:4 1'1f"je7EE fi3i':Ta5..'iTj5Ei::-ifie 13if5E12ZiEiE,Q:g'-s.:-f?'125s1f?ef. I -,. f'-'fliliif Z-1 NH:g:5ti?TtN:f.i ' '4...Ju.-,,,,:' one hundred lurrnlyfthrh' Italian Club President, joe Piccoimxg Fire President, Ross SUTLEYQ Snr-eta:-y, Vicrox Bocoiog Trea.rurer, JOE Crm. HE main purpose of the Italian Club is to create a deeper interest in Italian literature, music, and art. This semester much of the club activitv was directed toward the roduction . P of the play entitled "Dante E Beatrice," which was given in Italian and acclaimed a huge success. our liiuuirfrl Iflwiily-,iu1lr r , -NH f Mx l 1 French Club HE purpose of the French Club is to create an interest in the study of French and to render what service it can to the school. This year thc club staged three plays, "Page the VVife," "La Surprise D'lsidore" and "Rosalie," '-I-52. ' Y 5 - -qS"Ngr- H'-4. s In umlrrd tfvnzty -HU: ttf 2 'fy' ' fx Vex X' .af 'ifsw s Y as ', X- me .awaits-ff: airs.-.sera are fff ffi."'3'i 551.15 ' 5 FIESTA ESPANOLA f :S Vs e Noxrn HIGH M , LL 3 LLL 4 1 tetsoxeguikixf-:gas H I 'VLQ ff QLL e me . sssfgwfa K-se. wil., Spanish Club Prcxidenr, lx'lARCELX.A jrxconsg I-"ice President, FAUSTINE Bixcag Serretnry, STELIA BACAQ Treasurer, JAMES SVVEENEYQ Sponsor, MRS. MYRTIE Caiuvnsu.. HE Spanish club, organized for the purpose of giving students a i better knowledge of the Spanish language, is entertained every three weeks by a program of Spanish songs, plays, dances, and talks on Spanish cus- toms. The fiesta, held each spring, aims to accomplish these ends as well as to encourage the idea of Pan-Amerieanism by pageants and representations of the various countries, to give a little knowledge of Cervantes and his "Quixote," and to present a bronze medal to the most outstanding Spanish four students. our llllllllffli lfwzlfy-5i.x Q. N. iff! ,1 :yy-" : -. ,,,. ,- Lf-'fi --5' ' ' ' f1:,:1,T3fT?:'g:7- if-..- r .,.. H A- .- 13 1 ' .,,:.:::'::z,..iT:ti2Z2ifITarlja -ZS.-31,iQ55-7..aI:j3.":::,g::::I':Lf"" " il 2,12-A-J ,, ,, ,-,,,,,,,.,.Q... ,Q ry , -mi W-. W, Social Hour HE Social Hour Committee arranges more enjoyable social hours. The group, sponsored by hir. Lloyd Collins, acts as host to the dancers. The social hours this year were well attended, with music furnished by Allen Vander VVeyden's orchestra. Names of Committee members are: Irllfllffj' llflr. Jordan Bliss Weblw llliss llflelbourne llr. Flaniken lX'Iiss Kathleen Dawson Students Herbert Prouty Madge Todd Bill Kisler john Kauth Georgene lVIichael Hugo Eskildson Cleo Crane Roy lVIoore t f .,,.,,..-,...---i---. , -.- .- VVVY 74-7 .Y V fg'Q-.2-i'Ql!nIwf' .. . V. .,,- , , , , , , -'ff'-iiriii 11' 'rl--2'-'J "--'f-QL, J.. ve Y " 1-he 'f:YG3frfc-- ,,-:1,--'- - ---' i and , ., T14-4, .. A , .J E re' S233 2 .Q wa.: fvfrprp, 0-M' ja - gf..,.i Girl ' Hi Y President, BARBARA BATES, Vive-President, FRANCES MAXAMQ Secretary, HELEN Sco'r'rg Treasurer, MARY Roovg Sponsor, Miss Lois DAVVSON. O cultivate higher ideals among the girls of North, to develop personality, good scholarship, clean living, clean thought, and clean company so that each girl will be of service to her God, her country and her school is the purpose of the Girls' Hi-Y. The Girls' Hi-Y, although just recently organized, has proved more than successful in its activities during the past year. The thirty-five members engaged in Social Service Work throughout the com- munity during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. In serving others the Girls' Hi-Y hopes to attain its ideals. Throughout the year, speakers representing civic and other organizations addressed the club on topics of interest to the girls. A "lVIother- Alumni Tea" at which one hundred guests were entertained, made a colorful addition to the club's social activities. The annual candy sale, held at the Senior Literary Society play, was an outstanding financial success. A dinner planned with the Hi-Y Boys was a fitting climax to the year's activities. The girls prepared the program and the boys arranged for the speaker who was lkliss Doris Coleman, an exchange teacher from England who is teaching at West. Oflicers for the following year were elected in April. The new officers were: President, Esther Onstottg Vice President, Bernice Roebkeg Secretary, Antoinette Crier, Treasurer, Louise lvlarshall. The installation of officers at the next meeting was an impressive affair of stately tradition. one hundreil twenty-eight I R r Boys' Hi-Y Preridenz, Davin Wmreitg Fire President, S1Lv1o Dfxvmg Secretary, JEAN THIBODEAUQ Treasurer, BILL Sneranng Sponsor, Mn. E. A. CUMMINGS. HE Boys' Hi-Y promotes high ideals and stimulates strength of social pursuits which build personality and higher living. Members pledge themselves to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character with the creed of clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship. The North Hi-Y Club is afliliated with the Hi-Y fellowship of Colorado and of the United States in cooperation with the Young Men's Christian Association. The club meets every lVIonday evening at 5 :45 for dinner, followed by the business of the evening and a discussion or address by a prominent speaker. The first Monday of the month, the club meets at the Y. M. C. A. The third llionday the All City Hi-Y is held at VVest High giving the members an opportunity to associate with boys from the other high schools. The second and fourth Mondays, the club meets at North Side Churches. The organization engages in social service work throughout the year. A pot-luck lunch planned with the Hi-Y girls, was successfully conducted in the spring. llflembers of the club have entered enthusiastically and spiritedly into the activities which the club endeavors to promote, and have made the club a successful enterprise this year. Once a year the State Hi-Y Conference is held at Boulder. North's Hi-Y, together with clubs from all over the state, was well represented this year. one lmndrid trurnty--1li1le Y Y Y YY YVVYY W ,WV W Y i Y , , , , r11'7"',-25,1 , 4 Maxwell Histor Club President, LYNN Arnensg Fire President, J. MAC BAKERQ Secretary, NIARCELLA jaconsg Treasurer, THELMA Sixrmog Sponsor, Mn. Lfxwiumciz lNlARSHALL. HE Maxwell History Club was formed in 1920 to further interest in history, to observe the national holidays, to make more pupils familiar with the government, and to establish a sense of order and cooperation. i Among its many activities are the assemblies in observation of patriotic holidays. lllaxwell talent provides enjoyable programs at meetings every three weeks. Each year Maxwell sponsors a banquet followed by a historical play written by a member. This year the play entitled "The Lost Causef' was written by Dorothy Hoberg and Lorrainne Cash. our hundred thirty fb JL,-nf r, , ., . ,,,-, f 1- , . w rw.. f ,r-- . mee e I . X JD f 1 X ,aww Y President., CHARLES RANnALLg Vice President. GEORGE Sreisig Serretnry, BARBARA BOUSMANQ Treasurer, BE1'rY Fum-'onng Sergeantx-at-arms, joe KENNEDY' and CLIFFORD COLMAN. INCE 1915, when the Scientific Society was organized with fifteen charter mem- bers, its membership has rapidly increased. Today, one hundred students, inter- ested in science, form the club. The Society emphasizes scientific facts that cannot be brought up in class, such as: spontaneous combustion, burning under water, super-saturated solutions and a discus- sion on heavy water. Members of the Scientific Society have found the organization highly beneficial and educational because of the interest created in science and the opportunity to participate. ---'.a-,x N ., A, , Q me... es. 7, 4 Wi, ,Me W A. ,,,, .e ,H Y-- . , , me ,W . , 115411-ikxe vii: ,grille-gF"'a':: :-::51'3':5':fi:f':r fi, if-42.-:gremziiefp fini-P:-'il 1-ef 'fr 71 -"7 'Fe '.'::: one hundred thirty-one Ya-:x-s"N'e if .Gtee,-.,,r.r,w.--4:'+s'.1iiiflfi. -G . . G ,--v., 1- -- -iMkj,:,v- -N .Ing - -3445 --W. ---W My-:JL Arbor Da Deeply dig within this earth, Deeply dig, and well. Give this bit of wood re-birth. Guard it as you would a duty, Guard it tenderly VVhile the years awake its beauty. In the keeping of this tree, Lying dormant now, ls the life of land to be. MARGARET SYLVESTER Arbor Day Tree Planted by the dr! Club. om' hu ndrfd tlzirty-two fdgvgifil, ' ,rftfgt ff - gyafgffy ,-w:-My ,,,,-M.,,,,i-M,,,.H,,.,,,-,,-H...-.,,,-,,,-4 'M:,J,g2Afc,4,5,.i M.. AL, m,,,.,.,5-,E,w:,.Gt,,L.,t,,s,,S,.,,,.fL.:,,,..T,.,tT,1,5,i5 .,, . , ,nn . , .Q V - ,-,MW ?.:w.y Orsctipt AST year marked the inauguration of Norscript, a literary booklet whose purpose is to stimulate crea- tive writing and provide opportunity for students to see their work in print. Although sponsored by the creative writ- ing classes, Norscript is a school publica- tion, giving any student interested in writing, the opportunity to gain recogni- don. Even graduatestudentsxnay have their compositions published in the sec- tion of the book called "Alumni Voices." STAFF Editor-in-chief .................. NIARGARET SYLVESTER rflsmriatr Editor: .... MARY LoU NIIXER, VERLA TRASK, ADA SANDERS, MARGARET BENTON Biuiness Illanager ..... . .......,........ PAULINE LYDAY Auistanl Brxsinesr Manager: .... JACK ANGELL, GEORGE BUEHLER Publicity Manager ..........,........... JOHN RAMSELL flssislarlt Publicity Managers ...,........ HERBERT CONOVER, ESTHER Tr-1oRPE, BEN HOLDSWORTH Sponsor .........,.,...........,........ Miss ELLA SCHENCK Km our hundred thirty-thru 1 Webster Gratoii al Society President, Huoo Esxiwsoug Vin Prexident, FRANKLIN LONGWELLQ Serretary, BE1'rY jo Doocsg Treasurer, LEONARD GIBBONSQ Corresponding Serrelary, JACQUELINE EMERYQ Sponsor, Miss Mama V. LENDRUM. MERGING from a busy and enjoyable season, Webster Oratorical Society pauses to congratulate itself upon its large representation in inter-school speaking activities this year. Much enthusiasm was shown for debate, and many Webster- ites were active in the Denver University Speech conference. The purpose of Webster is to encourage speech activities throughout the school and to crystallize the growing interest in speech arts. Emphasis is placed upon the modern, conversational type of speaking, rather than the table-pounding, ear-splitting roars of orators in days gone by. e 12:1 . A'T"'T TTT J ' f 7' ' f ' '-' J- "" ' 37 one liundrzd thirty-four 'fb qlowv A'W . J Deb tm g EBATING held a prominent ce in special activities this year. National and international problems were met with equal ability by North's debaters. The three questions debated were: Resolved: That, the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical care available to all citizens at public expense. Resolved: That Congress shall have the power to override the decisions of the Supreme Court by a three-fourths majority vote of both houses. Resolved: That the United States should actively support any plan of the League of Nations to keep peace in the Italo-Ethiopian crisis. one llundrzd tllirty-fitve gm. Ili partans of Sport Prerident, GEORGENE Mic!-mer, Vife President, KATHRYN MICHAEL? Serretary, MARGERY Roruskrsg Treasurer, HELEN BRISCOE. HE Spartans of Sport was organized in 1935, with a membership of seven girls. It is under the sponsorship of lVIrs. Dunkin, and celebrating its first anniversary with thirty-five members. The purpose of the club is: to interest all girls in North athleticsg teach good sportsmanship, and back up all school activities. A main activity is Posture Week, when a posture contest is held. The sports in which every girl participates are: soccer, volley ball, skating, basket- ball, deck tennis, indoor and track. Llany social events are held yearly including a Christmas Party, tea for officers and sponsors of all Denver High School athletic organizations, Playday, when twenty girls from each high school participate, and various luncheons during the year. om' hu ndrnl thirtgv-six ,QWW Girls' Ath etic Society President, FRANCES Maxfxmg Vice Presidenl, ANN HARTMANQ Serretary, CHARLINE FREDERICK, Treasurer, CHARLOTTE Momz. HE Girls' Athletic Society, one of the oldest clubs at North High, was organized in 1921 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Elizabeth Sheldon. Miss Edith Brittain, the present sponsor, succeeded lVIrs. Sheldon, in 1924. The members of G. A. S. have always been girls who were outstanding, not only in athletics, but also in other activities in the school and who have continued to show their qualities of leadership after graduation. Such girls as Maida Peyton, Margaret Kunsmiller, Virginia Sink, June Akin, and Edith Jane Sturgeon were at one time members of G. A. S. This year G. A. S. has changed the requirements for admission into the club from 350 points in athletics to 500 points, and is trying to maintain a high standard in athletics and to promote good sportsmanship among the girls. on: hundred thirty-:num f if R. O. T. C. Rifle Tram Reserve Gflieers' Training Corps I-IE installation of a Junior Unit of the R. O. T. C. at North, took the place of the Cadet Company of former years. The objective of the R. O. T. C. is to train the students mentally and nlwsicallv. Disei line and self-control are em hasized. l . . P T-..,,T, ff?Z5'i:i5 rf"'i F . Y warg- Y wi , .-4-smr:1T- .14 1.45:-v-1. -::zuc 11 one h1111dn'd thirty-right M? 'l , ,fllbyvw .',ir, 9" ,r Ap-7 Pep Club Pep Club W W DEllzTeam HE purpose of the Pep Club is to represent North in parades and school pro- grams. This year in their new purple and gold uniforms, the members led the students spiritedly in cheers and songs. The drill team represented the club in unusual formations at the football games. 'Wifi - -4-, .X-um-' t, wmv, .t 1,w-iv. - -YY W- - A- .. Y - -- f-e-.Sri l 5 ,gli -uHl..........,.-n:.:...........,..............,..,T------ 'Y' EQ Y -,l one hnndrfrl Iliirty-nine Xi, X V. fi... ,msc ifig:.QefL.gilimqg-X-:ei-1 ti-M it-, f X JJ, ei Black Masque HE annual presentation of the Black lkiasque Dramatic Society was "The VVonder Hat," an amusing farce, cleverly staged with an impressionistic set. The production was a complete success. The play was directed by Miss Katherine Anne Ommaney. The club also presented the play "Once Too Often," at the Viking Varieties. ,f' ,ff fp 9 4,5-' -,. 51.322 gnu? L.m::TEgi:3ffL2Lx:L:e..t..-iii,-.mzzivft-1 ...L .., N am' lmndrzd forty . .. E7 V -'--fff'- ' ' - -2- '- w- - U-'1-ff fr ' + W" ff--1+ ' f'---f- Y- V - .ef-2?-,,YA,1,:emTe1mv: .. ---1------------XY: - v. f +C,-,J Faculty Play The side-splitting farce, "Tons of Money," under the direction of Miss Katherine Anne Ommanney, was both an artistic and financial success. The cast included: Elsie Mae NVelmb, Ada Aiello. Hester Smith, Mattie Vie Lendrnm, Chester S. Phelps, Carl Prior, Gerald Lacey, Paul Hill, Justin Brierly, and jean Varian. Prompter, Florence Harper. Properties, Myrna C. Laliley, Lillian Duel' and W'illiam C. Twieg. -YL, -------ff' if. Y 4--ev- vw:-fn-. ch...- -fi 0 nr hu mlrnl foriy-our i .. SX e . ', Music Club . HE purpose of the Riusic Club is to further music appreciation and to provide entertainment for the school as a whole. The operetta presented by the club, was an outstanding success. The club also took an active part in the "Viking Varieties." .'IL"Y' M' 7""7"TY .1-'.2's'4f ff W K K V-H ,.......?,,.,,,,.. , .,.,.....,...-, ,,,, 11, ,u., V, f, 4,,,,- A --- V .vii-.aug-ff.-A, , UA 4l:lgY,s,-,iTf,,, . s W , iff. our I1 ll mind forty-!f:'o ,,-4, . i r ,Q..,:.,:,:7:?:,,.,,.-if5,fi::- ..,.. .ii.L..1. I AJAMJ V . ,ae-ef ' Q Se 10r Literary Socnety LL members of e Senior Class are eligible to join the Senior Llterarx boeietx The organizatio aims at the literary and musical impim ement of its members ln celebration f the Riark Twain Centenary, Society play, the world epowned classic, "Tom Sawyer f.,Qtse-,XXL .3 A.-. A F XX . ' " .W v.-U im- . .Y.7'--T-W-.g.11-.-f.:f--1-1-ev av ,.,--1.-fry.--wi: ini. -i44,s,',, 5, 4 --- - - wgifr 1 wf ly , H ,vga .xfjxxbxun-,h s"Ag""lfa45f21i . ' . ,T "'-'F 'Q f"i',sf. ' A in i Xxx X 'U' xx 53 X s "' id if i e ae. x - Qi 'ggi i ',-toll A-ii? ,JT WK . Y eg ET f- czxam-ree 1-.ff 2 "fig-'W f " 'Q, l m--:xiii L 'fm 'f 1, 'x ,! if llll."le' 1 R .lah X' 'imvzn ns " 3' ,Nsfe--, -. Vi .. . , . . . i f: FE"'.Q 'fir y . fe it .8 : ' - af" NN' m+ 6111 Q55 1 ,li 1 I Q TA X 1 . A , X A , - Y ., Q, - ,fs 3'-1,-.. - . ga., "2 Z, fs Q Lmsw-V L in mi rare lflll!l!Hl?i' 3' my-,xntu i, i - 7, A .H 'li 'H l Ml J HlI1ll'3lAl'1U - 5' N .hx lll X i J K 1 IXULYHII-xll ' HUP ' " 2 i 'xy-542 ein if if " 11, - 1,7 1, 2, 3, 4-King George, Silver jubileeg 5-Mexico, Special Delivery: 6--King M'chael of Roumaniag 7-Tannou Touvag S-Lord Byron, Greece, 9--Queen Astrid, Mourning Stampg 10, 11, 13, 14--Netherlands, Olympic Games, 1928: 12--Germany, Olympic Games, 19363 13, 1-I-, 15-Taanon Touva. Philatelic Society HE Philatelic Society, w sed in membership, has had a busy year. An activity of UIILISLIZIEEEEZIJCSI W. a personally conducted trip through the Post Office. K 'I he high spot of x . r since the founding of the club, eight years ago, is the annual stamp exhlb his year the Potato Tax Stamps have been selected for 1 Q i V 4 I . ' . J overprinting. fs' I om' lmmlrnl forty-four .M-aww 'Y .0Qc',gYj4y German Club President, GEORGE Wexrzg Serretary, Epvum BENNETTQ Treasurer, ALVIN SCI-IVVARTZQ Sponsor, Miss EMMA Ecxsk, HE purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the language and culture of the German people, and also to provide an outlet for talent found among the German students. The outstanding program is the Christmas program at which time a Christmas play, carols, and gifts are presented, followed by refreshments. Through the efforts of the club, the value and charm of German is impressed upon its members, and they are made to feel that German is a Worth while language to study and is a valuable preparation for other educational pursuits. ...I our hundnfd forty-five LA, Wi it - L wfjf . Ms. 4. s X I The Vllililg Slsters President, KATHERINE MICH.REL: Sevretary, Doao1-Hia SPALLONEQ Sponsor, Miss LILLIAN Duma. HE purpose of the Viking Sister organization is to foster a spirit of understanding and companionship between the younger and older girls of the school. Nfembers are chosen from among the senior girls on the basis of character and scholarship. A party is given at the beginning of each semester for the entering girls. The purpose of this function is to acquaint the girls with each other. The Viking Sisters serve in the All Girls' League Room and help in the ofiice. The organization has been of great assistance to the school. our hundnwl forty-.fix I-it-sy I First .semester President, CLEO CRANE, Serond semester President, Vmcmm VVITMERQ Spunsorx, Miss JEAN Iucensou. and Mn. E. A. CUMMINGS. HE Welfare Committee receives and sells text-books at the beginning of each semester. No commission is charged, and money for carrying on the work is obtained from the sale of donated books. The present members are: Cleo Crane, Virginia VVitmer, Frances lVIaxam, Margery Self, Violet Corbett, lVIary Frances Hartman, Saralee Sunshine, Elaine Scouler, Kate Horn, jane Goodman, Charline Aylor, Josephine Wolfe, Ruth Cohen, Eleanor Vaseen, Thelma Saling, Edith Varian, Laura YVarshauer, Rowena Anderson, Ruth Scouler, Ruth Englund, and lVIarie Byler. Nominations for this committee are made by home room teachers, considering especially scholarship, character, and eagerness for service. - --1 - one lmudrcrl forty-revzn H . E.: :git L:?1:3g4..'.-" ::L.".' '1-Q,i12"31:.::g5:1 :'. ' "' fi:-sfislxiif 1 Ng. ' ' ' 1 1 . 1 lr-. V 'X' t X A . fl A .- I -.M .4',w.t.. X M XX 1 up Ill' , x , "D" Club President, CECIL SCHEFFELQ Fife President, JOHN KAUTHQ Secretary- T1-msurer, HAROLD CAFFREYQ Sergeant-at-arms. CARMEN SUTLYQ Spomorx, COACH JACK EVANS, COACH BURWELL MoLEs. HE HD" Club was organized in 1924 to promote school athletics and a high standard of inter-scholastic school sports. The members of the club are com- posed of those men who have earned their letter in a sport at North. The "D" Club held its initiation for the new members January 10 in the boys gymnasium. On hlarch seventh, the Fourth Annual "D" Club Basketball Sport Dance was held in the boys! gymnasium, providing a colorful climax to the year. C' ' ' Y., A . 51' Nl fm" if ., -gf' -1Y.,-,T Y-,,-i-lu.-T-M +f-lfv-T,:.. .nag-,4:4yff',f ...,,,L7.-its -4f5T7.u..,,. ms- .,.. .,....,....:,, ..,i,T,-,,,.- f.--..-..-1-.T.-A-.--... 1' Km .HJ leigfitf-ffy our lrumlrrzl forty-right 4 fi..i+-4L:?f--seam-,T .Aga-f-,-f,.:2:.Y:.a.- Y,-li ,.,, - X Sta ge Crew T HIS is one group of the people "behind the scenes"-the ones who do all of the work that we know gets done but never know how. These are the fellows who shift the scenery around, produce the sound effects and switch the lighting for all the dramatic productions. They work under the direction of Mr. llflichael Stuart. Feet, Feet, Peet ' SE are the feet that run errands, and are helpful in many other ways around orth's halls. These are the feet that skip upstairs and down again eager for more work. Untiringly, willingly, they serve North faithfully. Let's acknowledge the feet. '-4' .cn -z -, Je. .Y 'ff-A -" to so .-.,..e----..-....1 m,,.e-..T.,..,,?-Deco. '?vJ' ,g 1 'Fi ' my ' ani lumdrvd forty-mn: 'Q-hx 'ik f-f om' hu mlm! ----H '- ..u--..- N,f.1Xgg 513 jfegj.fvr-f-w,1g.1.-.f-f.:1 'wi ykmY,,w,v 1 fu' ,921 x Xi' ,q A Q u gy fkyuvf if-if hS-:g1-f:- -f-'-- ' "W --A 12'--wLxfJ-A-- --fm - "mr,g,.?', vga MF Am.,w,m,. M.,,,m.m,-i:,md.,,,,. T.,.,. om' h11'ndve'rl iffy-om' QWQMQW ,M ywffwbl My Wife WWW wif M Nw, yi . OM ww UQWWU CM fg 5, .Q ry ' MMM? 49 3 ff ' wwf!!! U ffflwlwl QWQUM . ' 6 f' iii' 1 X X ' A Ti' 3. w mir .V :ik if l .PNK 9 H .. 'A 4 : 53 1 371554 gd Wiijigg Q My ig , QE gi Q 53 ilxiwfmg . ii? 5 SEFWKEQR ' miss 3533 nimgi iss! diff NAMES OF PUPILS Adair, Morris C31 Adams, Marion CI1 Agler, Janet C61 Akers. Bill CI1 Alberico, Angelina C31 Albers, Lynn C41 Allen, Vivian C21 Andrews, Lola 'C 1 Arnett, Dorothy C21 Ash, John CI1 Atkinson, Dorothy C61 Aylor, Charline C41 Baker, Marion C21 , . Baney, Clair C21 Barcua, Delbert C31 Bamett. Eileen CI1 Bates, Esther 'C21 Be-hrensmeyer, Erns CI1 Bellwood, Jesse CI1 Bement, Margaret CI1 Benson. Lilly CI1 Berlze, Avis CI1 Bernstein, Robert CI1 Bieler. Wilma CI1 Bischod. Martin C21 Bloom, Lucille C21 Blumberpz. Emanuel CI1 Bobrick, Mar? C31 Bock. Paul C 1 Bousman. Barbara C31 Brown, Erna Kay C31 Bruno, ,Utne C I1 Bullen. arguerite C 41 Bush, Violet C31 Byler. Marie 'C31 Calabrese, Helen C I1 Capps, Lorraine CI1 Carlson, Elvie CI1 Carlson, Marguerite C31 Carlson, Roy C31 Carmichael, Ann CI1 Cash, Lorraine C31 Champion, Harriet CI1 Clark, Charlene 'C I1 Qrburn, Betty C51 Coggan. Morton CI1 Cohen, Ruth C41 Coleman, Jim CI1 Colmaa ?i?'?gd C41 Corbett, Violet C51 Corney. lean C21 Covillo, Eileen 'C21 Crane, Geo C31 Ganor, Doroth C21 Crelly, Walter I I1 Cribbs, Ellen CI1 Crier, Antoinette C41 Gosswhite, Doris CI1 Crosswhite, Esther C I1 Davia, Silvio C41 Davis, Nadine 'C41 Delavan, George CI1 DiTerro. John C I1 Ditson, Christopher C21 Dull, Wilda C51 Dye, Frances C I1 Eaker, Helen CI1 Eaton, Bill C51 Honor Roll TO WHOM SCHOLARSHIP PINS HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE FIRST SEMESTER OF 1935-1936 Ellis Margaret C21 Emery Jacqueline C21 Emeson Sidney CI1 Englund Ruth C21 Ennis Frances C31 Entner Nathan CI1 Etchells W1llxamC21 Evans, Velma Lee C31 Eyerly Carmen C21 Fallrco Irene C2 Fallrco Isabel C Fantone John CI1 Faubion, Richard CI1 Feinberg, Bernice C51 irebaugh, Kenneth C51 Fitzgerald, Lucretia C31 Flucken, John 'C21 I Frszzini, Bert C51 Fricke, Roger CI1 Frederick ' , osa ee Friedholm, Lillian CI1 Fry, Margaret C31 Geller, Lenore C5 Edwards, Lola Ethel C I1 Elgin, Bob 'C21 Elliott. Laura Lee CI1 ' I in casa, I-lermanri'CI1, re, Shirley CI1 Greer, Edward C21 Grilfel, Helen CI1 Gulinson. Joe CI1 Hack, Eileen C I1 Hage, Doris C31 Hamilton, Betty C 31 Hancock, Robert 'C l 1 Handler, Sylvia C41 Haney, Elaine CI1 Hanks, Cathryn C21 Harman, Jayne CI1 Hartman, Mary C51 Hartong, Allan C I1 Hebert, Monica C31 Hen'shaw, John C I1 Henry, Edith' I1 ic s, acque me CI1 giagins, 1gillett2lCjl1 I man. BUSY Holdswofth, Ben C31 Holmes, Harold C 31 Houghton. Fred CI1 Hubkcy, Alberta C I1 Huggins, Henry 'C 31 Hughes, Margery C I1 Hunter, Harold CI1 Hutchinson, Janice CI1 Iryine, Mollie C21 Jack, Virginia CI1 Jacobs, Marcella C41 Janison, David CI1 Johnson, Laiiretta C21 Johnson, Roy 'C I1 Johnson, Russell CI1 lustman, Robert C41 Kass, Albert C11 Karsh, Helen C31 Kepler, Roy CI1 Kilday, Helen C I1 Kippur. Irving C21 Koch, Esther CI1 Krebs Albert C21 Larson, Lee C31 we Laspe, Charles C31 Lett, Pearl C51 Levitt, Bemard CI1 Lindsey, Nadine CI1 Lukton, Rose C I1 Lyday, Pauline CI1 McCarthy, Dixie C21 McColl, June CI1 McCombs, Rollin C31 McKibben, Mildred C31 McKindley, Betty C51 McMahon, Irene C I1 Maiden. Betty CI1 Mains, Edna C41 Marchesi, Eugene CI1 Marcus, Allerfe C31 Marshall, Louise 'C31 Masters, Franklin C41 Maul, Eugerge, C21 Maurer, Erin C21 Mayhew, Hazel C31 Michael, Georgene C41 Michael. Kathryn C51 Mohr, Cnarlotte C 31 Morgan, Donald 'C41 Morgan. Dorothy CI1 Moritz, Dorothy C31 Mote, Morris C31. Mumford, Marjorie C21 Nacke, Frank C21 Nacke, Marion C51. Narraci, Anna Marie CI1 Nicholson. Dorothy CI1 Nieman. Bernice 'CI1 Norris, Ruth C31 Obrecht, Zola C32 Onstott, Esther 41 Overton. Margery CI1 Orrino, Fred CI1 Ownbey, Howard C21 P , A 'n C31 ape n Perkins, Georgia CI1 Perlmutter, Herrnma 'C31 Perlmutter, Jake C31 Pfohl, George CI1 Phillips, Aleyne C31 Phillips, Betty CI1 Phillips, Dorothy CI1 Piccola, Joe C31 P ' M CI1 oxtz. anraret kter, Walter C31 amer. Victor 'C21 Raylield, Ruth C12 Reddish, Pauline I1 Reedy, Forrest CI1 Reno, Herbert CI1 Reynolds, David C21 Rewinlrel, Merwyn CI1 Richards, Marie C31 Richardson, Virginia CI1 , 'Kahne 01.1 MIL A L , Rivara, Juanita 'C21 Rix, Virginia CI1 Roberts, Edna CI1 Roberta, Margery C I1 Roebke, Bemice C31 Rollo, Rosemary CZ1 Ross, Lillian C 31: Rotolante, Fran CI1 Rugg, Allen C41 Rullo, Lucille 'C21 Russell, Dorothy C31 Rutkowslci, Geraldine CI1 Saling, Thelma C41 Schmuck, Howard C61 Schreiber, Ed C21 Scott, Roger CI1 Soouler, Elaine C51 Scduler, Ruth C21 Seaman. Dorothy C31 Seeley, Cleo C41 Shearer, James C21 Shelby, Robert CI1 Shepard, Billy C61 Sidel, Louise C21 Simmons, Dorothy C31 Slade, Doris CI1 Slater, Marion CI1 A Slusher, Dorothy 'CI1 Spallone, Dorothea C61 Spaulding, Marcia C31 Starke, Bob CI1 gtarlce, Harriet 5C31 tier, dan Swanson, Ann CI1 Sylvester.Margaret CI1 Srymons. Lester 'C31 ate, Adeline CI1 Taylor, Shirley C21 Temple, Leona CI1 Towne, Pauline C I1 Traxler. lack C21 - Turpen, Elsie C21 Tuttle, Nmamae CI1 Vallero, Marie C I1 VancampvLinoolrf 'C I1 Va er e den. Allen C5 arlan, it Vaseen 'eanor C41 Vicksm n, Pauline CI1 Volpi, Clyde C41 Waggener, Mary'Lou C21 Walden, Mayne C21 Walker,yLill n'C 31 Walter, Esther C31 Walther, Ethan C31 Wasley, Robert C 51 Weisbart, Tillie C51 W rtz, Geor C21 - winner. ClegeC21 Wickenhauser, Leonard C I of Wiiinhliwirginia C51 Witti, Lillie C I1 Wolfe, Josephine C51 Wyatt, Gertgsle CI1 oe in. i , Zaler, Jdrlotte C21 S W I 111' Ill, , fl C r I 1 ,I I I I lp A I I I 'a If ff ,, ,neg The Girls' Sight Reading Contest HE finals in the Girls' Sight Reading Contest were held January 16, 1935. All the girls read with great credit, but the prize pin was given to the senior reader, Ruth Rayfield, whose reading was outstanding. 1 9 I 6 Oratorical Contest I HE class of 1916 Cratorical Contest, sponsored by the Webster Oratorical Society was won this year by J. Mac Baker and Charlotte Mohr. The medal, made possible through a gift by the Class of 1916, was awarded to J. Mac Baker. Both winners represented North in the Shafroth Extemporaneous Speech Contest. Sons of the American Revolution Contest OR the first time in several years, North won first prize in the State essay contest conducted annually by the Sons of the American Revolution. The subject this year was "James Madison 5 Do His Ideas Dominate Our Republic." A twenty-dollar prize and gold medal were awarded to Anne Pape, who read her essay at the annual banquet of the organization. Spanish Award N the competitive examinations, conducted semi-annually by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish, the medal for the first semester was won by Cathryn Hanks, a member of the Freshman Class. Calendar SEPTEMBER - 3-Happy Days Are Here Again. l7f-Tramp Tramp The Boys Are Marching-R. O. T. C. 20-Hail You Vikings Wearers Of The Gold-Drill Team. 24-Bend' Down Sister-Viking Sister Party. .V 26--You Are My Lucky Star-First Issue of North Star. 28-Norsemen Away-Football Season Opens. OCTOBER ' V 3-School Days School Days-Back to School Nite. 15-What's The Reason Pm Not Pleasin' You--Report Cards. 19-Parlez Moi d'Amour-French Club Dance. 21-I'm A Little Big Shot Now-Black Masque Members. 2 ve To T " T 28-Don't Give Up The Ship-Navy Day. NOVEMBER Q 6-I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes-1916 Speech Contest. 7-8-I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze--Vacation. ll-I Love A Parade-Armistice Day. . 28-Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow-Thanksgiving. 30--About A Quarter To Nine---Football Dance. DECEMBER 5-The Panic Is On-First Social Hour. 9-Ev'ry Day-Posture Week. 20-Carol, Brother, Carol-Christmas Play. 20-At Last--Christmas Vacation. 31-Silent Night--New Year's Eve. JANUARY 3-Please Lend Your Little Ear-Shafroth Contest. 4-I Put All My Eggs In One Basket-Basketball Season. ll-Go Into Your Dance-Viking Varieties. 16-Without A Word of Warning-Girls Sight Reading Contest. 24-You Let Me Down-Semester Ends. gm! ' Calendar S FEBRUARY 7-I'm Gonna Clap My Hands-French Club Play. 14-Little Bit Independent-Viking Sister Party. 21--Words Without Music-Kiwanis Contest. 22-There's Something About A Soldier--Cadet Ball. 28-29--We're In The Money-Faculty Play. MARCH 7-Let's Face The Music And Dance--D Club Dance. 9-Star Dust-Music Club Matinee. 18-Once In A Life Time-Talk by Dr. N aismith. 19-You Gotta Know How To Dance-Last Social Hour 20-If You Were Mine--Scholarship Pins Given. 20LEeny Meeny Miney Mo-Senior Lit. Play. APRIL 9-The Lady Dances-Spanish Fiesta. ll-Chasing Shadows-Black Masque Matinee. 17-Lovely Lady-Italian Play. 27-Honor-Bound-National Honor Society. 24-I Don't Want To Make History-Maxwell Play. MAY 2-That Never To Be Forgotten Night-Senior Prom. 4-Tea For Two-Mother-Daughter Tea. 7-8-Cling To Me-Stamp Exhibit. 21-22-23-You Hit The Spot-Senior Class Play. 27-'Till We Meet Again-Senior Girls Farewell. 28-I'll Never Forget You-Junior Prom. u 29-Anything Can Happen-Class Day: J UNE 3--That Moment of Moments-Commencement. MMM WQTWZQ U, PWM WW Zmygmbg Q41 lfoffvur TM ' Wy A ' " WX- igiv 151114 ruff gyms ww W M xv: iw if A N Q QS 55gM 3 Q . . X . gpg? fi iii C9456 fU2wQ70 13 Mwmfew ,Q W gg? f xii ' W 'OL "'- ' 2 F? Wwflmmww A X , , 'ivy Aw X ,9- W'f2J72'ff qjjkwk !,J5,i'fiJ f X ff M if 6' ,VJW . bah' f ' ,, ' X ff X l E W fwwfjixiyig 2? , J N EQ 933 , , 1:50, .- -m n V 0 'fl M! ,pp gf . , 3' VSA K' UW fd iw M My Mfg-'Q vjx 'MZ FM L53 ' A V xx o W Kay! if Mfigk:'.',Q'n' ,vi fc" Q f gl fwfwfv W, J . '5"""' PW My Wmwww W MJEZW 555 Zfmafffy 'M' SS W M mb vw My Y M fb 4 W mywmyfggfjg ,fy Zi iii! Mwfipjlfpgwy W jff WWWWWW Ziifywxm W' gf WMflZgff's4" NM 'ff Jw.5l xx W 'K' cf M miwwgww QwQfglgiiQf vfffkw wfkyakwww Wai-W Www I l . 5 .ZR I -ILJ4 ' . X W , x Y , , 1 .4 is uw i f" 3f"" -,K . Q . !- uk: ff' VF I HX fu fi '11, NX X' 'A TK 4: -.X in 3 If W K f

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