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 - Class of 1928

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...T Z, X04 j ZSCHAR M Q X"7I0x'K0g74oX'ZpX'74vX"?lQX'74a. O '74vX'77,? 5 Hb g VIKIN N 1 . x Qxobbxwfbxvpxon.xnfuxwaxonxofuxwfm1 .- G4G4G4G4GfiCVN'EJ5O7D?ONO -- 19 2 Q ' A-l- '-nm-.-' '4 J 7 w+"l ' ,. W m : , h md GRC' f . 5' , " J J f,a252.,1T1f1, ' AQ' . r ,. GR Q - .,..-- - - N af L z K 4 1- ii 3 -- ,vf . . 5 " 'av 3 5' V Af? vb YY x " - 6 I ' " :lu " ' ,ffn -ru. Om: v 3 . . . . 1 nf -' s ' v L 1 vezazgyg ' ' ' ' D A 4, A 4 A A A YA q A A UOORDTHYEDMUND in 4 I 5 1 WW, v O - u J Q Q - fed " 1 9 ' g Q X w cj O xx ? 'Wav 1 -K + I M SM ggi ' x Hg' by 4, vw .. swf Q Y 31 , bu MQ . Q 1 O , .2 , xg, . ,,,.5fgx'vf O 'J Q f 'ful Y SLG-evJf9'3, ""Y6"'.a3:.q-25 X f 7 f' WA Us-1 - v A ' 5 ' "P 5 j 1'-' s 5 5, B -af-! V. 5 Q 1 4 1 , 'E ' -s-,.. K Q 2 X, Q - Q " S 9 r, Q ' 'GzC3vC.fCZeCZeC2zCADs9vSJv9v JQVSND' Qx NORTH HIGH SCHOOL DENVER, COLORADO VOLUME 24 JUNE, 1928 N lc 15 'VCV fr' iw ,F Or - f 1 -. x Q 3 The Viki n g The Viking ,fDCX, Foreword Q51-IE Vikings of old vvere brave and noble. Their valor was such that the Sagas of their deeds have conie down to us through all the ages. QI We inodern Vikings also have our Sagas, and so We, the Annual Board, have en- deavored ro make the joys and sorrows of this year live for- ever in your hearts through the 1918 Viking. JOE DRYER, Business Manager. 'yxf' 4- CONTENT FACULTY . 9 . 1,7 SENIORS ,,....... ..... CLASS DAY ............,. 67 MID-YEAR SENIORS 71 JUNIORS ,.....,..........,,. 75 SOPHOMORES ......,.., 85 FRESHMEN ........ ..,.. 9 1 ATHLETICS ...,.. ..... 9 3 CLUBS ,...,...... ,........ I 07 FEATURES ,... .,..,,... 1 31 5 The Viking EXW Z ? -sf, f, The' LCE? Q0 ' " Viking Q - W 7 KRD by' . sis ! ' DEDICATION i MR. WILLIAM G. BoRs'1' VK' As in olden days, when Vikings roved - N , In their ships so swift and strong, I xj And they found in their midst someone they loved, , He was honored with feast and song. Ja Q So today you'll find when Vikings stroll L-A Through the halls of North Side High We find at our head a kindly soul A Whose service we could not buy. We wish to tell of our love for one Whose example has charted us right, Through the shoals we've met till our course is done And our harbor at last is in sight. As Harold had visions of fairer things ' A , And desired them for his own, With a wish for success that deserving it brings, - Q So these visions by him is known. For his spirit that made us explore the land . Of learning where souls may grow And into a fairer future expand, 2 yi M We inscribe this book to show A How much we esteem our personal friend. K He was to e'en the 'least of us true 'Q' From the time We embarked to our journey's end. P He's a Viking through and through. . 14- 4 , Xql XW ' i 1 W x N ' he s in Q , R .V V V CLARA PUINAMN V ' 6 . 1, Th il K2 '77 " ,1, M , 4 657 S'N, - , ,V-f Q! X2 X 'I :Vi ..q A-q. f AA 1 VV? gr gi J QQ S 9 X f ' N 4 . ,, J N x W X Ui x.. gg 4, l 'vw K J "fix, , xJ n ' ' fs 4fYZ,',r'J5', 3 1 Y ' - Kfmfl W vf ' "1'1 ,J Tii3:g5, ,92j,a r ' I ., '43 I p' -'fix K c: - b X r" xi -' 'tn f- 4 L A 'N 7 ' I'o'3' '. , 5 zz R an .4 Q .a' -6 ' 1 " x 132 A WT we X. 2 A The Viking The Viking il .D Q f 'Y " 7' 4' '-v or v gr"--f ,rv gr q Q D Q D N WILLMM C. Boxes-r, Prinripal Gimcx: E. Sims Smrrn, Dean PHILIP Fircn, Axft. Prin. Gods of Valhalla-teachers of North-these are synonymous in our Viking this year. Mr. William C. Borst is our modern Odin. To him, as the Norsemen spoke to their chief, we say: ,,Mighty Odin! I Norsemen hearts we bend to thee! V Steer our barks, all potent Woden ' O'er the surging northern sea." Frigga is our dean of girls, Mrs. Grace E. Shoe Smith. It was Frigga who said, "And all that is come I know, but lock In my own heart, and have none revealed." Mighty Thor, is assistant principal, Philip Fitch, and as i "Over the whole earth Still it is Thor's day," ' So it will ever be Mr. Fitch's day in Viking hearts. , The Valkyries were Odin's special attendants, or battle maidens. These cor- . A respond to the North oiiice force. They were the ones who, ' Whom they brought back with them at night to heaven To glad the gods and feast in Odin's hall." The rest of the Gods-the remainder of the faculty-lived and do live dealing kindness and compassion on all the people of the earth. These are "The wisest of the wise that breathe." , To them also, "Our Viking hearts we bend." m "Picked the bravest warriors for death, Q vw, , 'gr' f ' ""1v'r' rr ' 'N' ' ' ' Q I FLORENCE S1-mms MAY Os1.An Lois Hnmuson 'tlll - J '- r"- MU l l 10 5 .L-Eg Saw Q25 N5'CA O 2:2 E . m as- ad 2?nddEE?'d42 9W Afiikpnggfypgdf f fmgq w 'jf !l5,E::"'f tn 2 'af-xiii? :Sf 55 '? 1 Sf'-U J6WW' .352 QQ? -sag his all '08 Z AV E 1 V A 5' WEB W 1 f., Nil 2. E Q73-13:1 " W vAS?2fQ5g - xiiff':f,'fff 2'1 2 Q- ' N Qggf IW? Q ' iifa ,lb-14 .5igf. 3.55 J ' SWQZ wif? gp .Q" ,rg gmiy l giffg 4,4w- .mfs , W g . I H www . kwa ., ,,w, .V 6 firfbi I .E?m4, A 4 I ' EDITH BRITTAIN , V," Physical Education -, - ' I "Gum?" ."j MYRTIE CAMPBELL Spanish "En Espanol!" Q .L Social Science MARY CHRISTY H "Lrt'J Jn' your flip. 15 , , MARIE COLEMAN , U Spanish ' H "Stop that noi.n'-plrzur. X EDITH CULTOIN ' A Biology 4 ' , I "Tomorrow we will hrzw n tiff." . X V . 2 Ivlathenlatics ' "Da you gnt what I IDll'E1!?H Q ELB ERT CUMMING5 ll The .Viking The Viking W X DONALD Diss CoMBs i ' Physical Education "Get that head and chin up." m ' SARAH Dow Latin "I Jhould think it would hr :mart to .rt1zJy." C Y , , 1 LILLIAN DUER Nfathematics W "Let .ftudy br unmnfZm'd." n k ' rfHERESA DUPREE l L French ' thfir wats." ".'III the litlle phonograph: in W Ji'5?4fl'.-:!f.':'.J' I.:'.l EMMA Ecxsn Social Science "Thi: ix ans of the but map! ' Fw fren." fgMM,A5.ff? ALVA FELGER Biology ' "What mn I du you for?" WILLIAM FLANIKEN Commercial I "Now, la bvgin with." Q Q D MARY Fnosr English . - I "What part ol Jpeerh U xt? ' 4 , M A i SEQGXZGXJDQ - KIA... ' ' V r MARION GRAHAM i English , "I'm mn- yrnfll all mjoy it." Q V mn MARIA HAT!-:AWAY i ' Q Commercial . "Eye: 00 the kryboardf' ., W , W GRACE HEISTAND ' Home Economics "Chi1dn'u muxt Jtny in tllvif ' own pla NJ. " Y fi QL EDDAH IIILLIER 1 FQ Arr "Bring your work up here." E JEAN INGERSOLL - , QQ' Latin l Kg i "How long haw' you put on ' 1 tl1iJ." ' 3 fs H Q 4 'X ggi LEONARD JONES I, HA Physics ' I I ' Ufl1'U1l7ld the other way." A ' LENA KA-RCHMER A G QM YKNA L ANGLEY Commercial "Do yn-ur own work." Latin ' 'Read your' lexmn thru' f'i1llE.f , bvfon' mming to rIa.r.r." I I ' , J. gi :' "4 g, il wg V' Q It -- g w ,ff ' 1 'JK f f- 1 ' fi' 1 1' . , " 41- Ai " '- 'V 1 13 Q Q The Viking The Viking 4 J':."'-!'I'.:"J" .fL'J'!.?-f".C.'J'I'..'?l' ES? lu- xp , , Lc 3 L f ' V E1 251 , ," ' --22145532 L mf ' SJSLXZ I if, ,ii Vg, NL, - Eg all " Dramatics . "Get into t ' BIATTIE LENDRUM 1 he ,rpirit of it." HELEN LYTLE Commercial "You'lI have a tzxt tomorrow." LAWRENCE MARSHALL z Social Science "You ought tn :en the German: do tlu' gaoye' .rh'p:"' FERN MITCHELL English "All right -now. lz't'.r .ffttlf do':U11." 1 Nlatliematics "Prong it!" EARL PAUL Social Science , "Lvt',r :er you du that brtterf RUTH REED Science " "Old H1ulz!" EMMA R1cuAiwsoN Social Science ' So much for that." ,, , ic, . ii, 1-Af ii in xl i N ,imp , ,i "flu "" A . gg: , ,. .ga , .fir L 1' . Arm. H " H iffywijgi l l l U U 0 Q l ,mmmtm 14 Wcsvgw ELLA Sci-IENCK English "Su lo mink." E. W. SMITH' Commercial " ' - n Crt out guur HENRY SMITH English "Hz're'.r my girl." HESTER SMITH Psychologgy "Crt anothfr ring of flux nrfns 7l!0'Ui'ILg.n Louisa STEELE English ' We haw no lim: for lla! RUBY STONE Nlathematics "I drm't want lo rlixpositionf' THORTON THOMAS Social Science "Wipe that :mile uf? tour lnrr VVlI.LIAM'4 Twuac Chemistry "TlmL'll cast you Ivo pound: J9..'GX'. JL The Viking l Q Q r 4 . il Q I Q l 1 l CARL UTTEREACK ilhysics "WMI have you learnrd to- day?" JEAN VARIAN Drawing "Crt aut of hsr4'."' MARY WALSH Social Science "I think you'd brttrf outline lhahn GEO'RGE WHEATLEY Social Science "We'lI .res what Wcluter has to I . my." ' , MARY WHEELER Commercial A ' ' Put up your hands, plraxef' L , Q WILLIAM W. ATT N ' Cadets . ",'lltMItianl 5 4 .', ' MARGARET AYLARD Mathematics "Wluzl'.f your home room?" NINA FAUOUIER Spanish ' This ix wry i1npuftnnt." FRANCES FENTOIN Commercial 'OIL' Yes, will haw iheury. M. E. HEIM Industrial Arls "fmt a 111i-nate." NEPPA HOLLIDAY Mathematics Q l Q MARIE HOILLISTER Arts TILLY LASH .fix-point typtf' JESSIE THOIVIPSON English ".f1rf1I't you big of y0ur::l::fJ?" L. ARNOLD WARD boy: ashamed Swim lk 1,1 4 SP-Wil' ' diff e to rr: a in an ,, I M gentlfmzn acting like infanlr. sgielx-jifuhnhn you 'mm to UPAPLINTZ, LA DORA WHITE Public Speaking kfusgc I. ,. LUud"'l "On:-Iwo-thru'-four." ELLEN MARTIN Social Science . "Lzt'.r haw It LENA SATER ' Only Iwo przgrs for tomorrow." BELLE WILLIAMS . H Social Science quiz! -naw. "D 'g I" 0 I now. GEORGE WILSON Home Economics Enlzlish - ' . Iflgllslflfjl AVIS H "Crrp2 de :hint wan! do." "Kv4'p moving' That: all hunley'd0ff3'- -'f-"fa ' gf-1-"K -E ' ff Y,:"'f -gl TL" 'ili1 ,""i'-Q. X , i,1f'13I ij if 'T, if V 'lil E ir- Y. 'N 'f,,,,, ,ff 1' ,I '-I1 Y fl-1 Qff.1" " ' '-:TWU "Z ' -' 'f ' ' 54 2 I 16 E IO R f 5 fffffffffffffffffffffffffffl' x Q4 f 5S5sSS5SS'SLS SS5SiXX.SXSSXs- QS I Il A A x -,Z K S-2 ll' S-4 J f L -Q 'N-E J Q W 571 JNXAA fb 4 WL -'yy " x 0 6 WW V' J P , Wf "Hla.J"' 2 X9 "I ' '0Wff5m.3!, ,fm I K Mremm, Mx,Qfj1Liu www 3 W W 1 JH I v Q4 mx ++Ra-rm vx VHP irlakmgq I 1 W X C449 1i1TIJ3ZRFI,5IlfZ?f1ffiJQ" ,MS 1 , l 'Ai . I p ' 1 W ' :A A. ,A ,, , .24 , ' ' .J S11-"' A ,.X A Af,k ,. - "' 1, ,glfl I. V' -fi gg i,-g Y .R A f . --"":F.:,.' "' .,. ' x- N. ,,,-- -T' ,J - - - Q xiaw i .. ' . N IN X xx' -- WJ J L - x A95 1z:'ii'uX', . :- . , i -QQEQPAQ, 'iff' , 3 "" 1 Q.. - -fy -:E1-Smikw - Q-N - ' M... - at - J- - O -,if - ' X ff 'if 'f.'3i164i' -14 f 5 ,X . -5 '-' X Y g 4 ,, 4 N., -fi- n X ' f -f -f K Q f,,Q - I 4 1 I y' - f I . I.: rl , V un Io A ,oLl:::rs M ,f J V ,fp , ,f f N Q: 1 W1 - ff W -3931 'QS 'EEE' r 25" 5'-., Y 5 1 X ,tqigfg 11111110114 if Z IWWWZ I I -ggggwv , A 1 ya ' f 4, , 0-1 , V v"2"" f Q ' 5 .V . Z:OpQ, I. 1 TEEN" G., lb if ff f I' d fn I Y W-A A Ax wx ? ' J I tm fp N 'Ain M aryl' I I . . , 1 ll, ,,'. f N lllllhu img M ' Q 6 ' ' 4-1 1 , , . 1 - A 4 . A ' '- I , 'Kuna r-uxAL'n ina :max rumen - I ' 'v . ' wonvns Se' BA1-'rn.s" ,wo 'fab s Y: T I - Z :Amen Run orvin ALL w'oRv-IM' 17 The Viking The Viking , 1, . , . J, , . ,, V, , , U 51, in 3 Q A W .w , ' f' . , E. Q E E HELEN ROBERTSON ADOLPH MATTE E X 9 MERLL JONES x ,mm .QE S Q 9 9 Q X 'S Q Pinkc I d 1 Th rl f firing Q 'Q -f 59 ag 2:-E.EX-ZL'X'J,.'5X'Jlf.,'XYJM Farewell u1'lllfB'LUl?Il:l A word must be and hath been- dround which makes us linger,'-yet-farewell." l ING HAROLD, the Fairhaired, after years of warfare, finally con- quered all the lands of Norway and became King. We who have at last completed our high school work, conquering hard subjects and battling with books, now find ourselves kings and queens of the land of high schools. We are the proud possessors of sought after kingdoms-diplomas. Four years ago, a group of students entered Viking halls for the first time. A year later, the number was increased by a band of sophomores from neigh- boring junior highs. The seniors who are now graduating, as they have studied and played together under the kindly roof of old North High, have formed friendships which make their leave taking difficult. Our parting is mingled with joy and regret. We are happy to have com- pleted our high school work, and sad at leaving our friends and high school pleasure behind. But the leave taking is at handy we must face the future. But before we go, we must have one last look at our favorite Viking abodesg for though we may visit North many times in the afteryears, it will never be as it is now with the halls filled with familiar faces. We ean't leave IL without a sigh 'of regretg this favorite trysting place cannot be easily forgotten. No. 2 holds for us a certain amount of mystery, from thence came our Weekly "Stan" Another corner, not so favored, but still unforgettable is IA. The "Zoo" will always be connected with laughter, and 21 and ZS, of our history days, will be associated with numerous rubber bands. The delightful odors of the shops, from those Hoating from the cook- ing room to the smell of wood and grease farther down the hall, will always he unmistakable. Nor can we forget the auditorium, 3X, and the rest. sighing "Farewell," Throughout the years there have always been Men of the Viking strain Who've dared the sea and the storm god's wrath That those leaning on them might gain. From the time of Lief and Harold And William the Norman's name Till now there's Amundsen and Peary And Lindbergh of world-wide fame! And who can tell, in days 'to come, What pilots and sages will be Of this mighty band of Vikings Who will benefit humanity. I'IAROI.D OSBORNE l l l l ..aaMaauaaaMMWaal l l l l asaacaarzraaasrasa a 19 The Viking The Viking I AARONS, REVA BELL Talented in tht' art af acting. Delta f lVIusic Club I , Senior Lit. X Annorr, DEKVVITI' F. W Life will thou enjoy. l V Stage Club , Senior Lit. ABRAMSON, Esmmz M. W Jllajv .furn'.r,v rzttvnd you. i Gamma Music Club l i ADELMAN, BETTY 115 :oft 11: rilk, ax light ar air X Yet .rl-il! of 111agicp0wc'r1n0At rare. 3 Art Club Q Spanish Club l Treas. of Delta l - 1 ANDERSQN, DENTON joyful art thou. I-Ii-Y Senior Lit. xVCbSl8l" Ornlorical M Q ANDERSON, LoUIsA L. Excfllent hn aim. I G. A. S. 5 Big Sister M ' French Club l ANDERSON, MARY E. 1 Lift posxfrs and behappy, daughter. G. A. S. ' Art Club W Norscroll X ANDERSOiN, RUTH E. i , , No 1rmide1z more zxcrllent could i ' be born. Senior Lit. Annual Board i i Spanish Club i Q W QQ ANDR13, EUGENE F. Liberal and brave men live ben. 1 i Cadets A maid lenozun far ar fair. Epsilon I Senior Lit. iw ANTONIO, GENEVIE.VE L. Maxwell History ARCHER, Roxns M. A noblr youth. Latin Club ' BARMATZ, LEAH Plfasiing ol parfanulily art llmu. Delta A Senior Lit. Spanish Club BARNES, EDITH W. Prudmt and praxpfraux if Jhe. Latin Club Senior Lit. Scicntinc Soc. l Q l l BARONE, JESSIE Dauglztvr of heroes. . - Norscroll l ' Latin Club Senior Lit. . M i Basssfrr, EDNA ' Hanornl drmghlef of the gods. 1 Art Club l Big Sister Senior Lit. l ' r ' BEER, GARNE1' B. I thou drsirext to know, gentle one. i Senior Lit. ' M French Club - ' Maxwell History I V .h 3 1 . ,.5.c.,.:,, .I V-4-1 5'--1-. nf' - .5 'B M ? fi ' J i s Q L il? at . L1 'S T' f A :J . -' ' ' Q l E Rim" iiiuzf l ii Ni- .,,, 4: ri A A sg QT 'l Z1 The Viking The Viking nl . Go-4 D U BEGLEY, FRANK T. So Jwscl hi! Jpmking Jormdftli, So win' hi: word: doth Jenn. Senior Lit. lwaxwell History Webster Oralorical Hr ir handramz and well mazlc. , Senior Lit, l Maxwell History Webster Oralorical AV. , V BERCMANN, RAYMOND H. Cauragr if brltfr than .rword D U Q Jtrrligth. W ' ' Maxwell History W BERNsrE1N, HARRY l , X Hr pofrfxxrlh. mi intfllrftual mind. .. f Latin Club 1 ml ' i ' Senior Lit. L He ir happy who -in llirnself pn:- n',v:f.v fnzfn' and wit 'while living Senior Ln.. Nlaxwcll History BLEND, Bsssxs B. BLANCHARD, JOHN V. Q 41 !'fflL'l01lJ guddesf, K , Zela lX'Iusic Club Senior Lin. l BLooM, VICTOR ' .lVIc:kue.r,r if -zumknerrp Strfwglli is triumphant. Senior Lit. Scieniilic Soc. Nlaxwell History 2 ' I BOTHEL, BERENICE H. ' She ir well :killed in the me ul thi' bow. G. A. S. North Star Annual Board g U5.UJ1.lQX?iNDXY..Z4 ' 22 M BOXER, Go1,DxE C07lfL'7lf and rhnrful. Zeta Music Club Senior Lit. - BOYD, RICHARD L. Sa mme! is hi: tongue .vjmrfh fruli- 'l:fJ1l-ill that mon trow hir :wry worll. Pres. Webster Kiwanas Ornlurical, l9l6 Home Room Rep, W BRADSHAW, HOWARD Him will I rliooff amarig lim kimyx. Hi-Y Art Club Pres. L Senior Liv.. I l BRADY, ESTHER A lowly royal rlauglztlr. N Senior Lit. l Snanislt Club Maxwell Ilismry MQ Lg it 2 ' as ww H, liek... 'll' f af t l M BRENNER, LAVINIA L. Hafnpy ir shi' armuntrd. ' Epsilon Senior Lit Spanish Club BRENTE1., ADELENE F. Laughtrr with Iuughtzr gh: ff' ' rriwx. L Niusic Club Seninr Lit. ' .', x Spanish Club I . , , l l t l U We 1io,v:r.v: no other equal. ' Track Senior Lil.. Annual Board Bmcic, HYMAN W- Thz' work-Jlcillezl. ' , Senior Lil. "' 3, 1 Scientilic Soc. X The Viking . The Viking BRIGGS, JOSEPHINE Thr 1nila'L'Jt, wixfxl, and mast elu- qunzt of all. Big Sislcr Scientific Soc. ' Mathem Soc. BRISTOVV, Oxuiv J. In him Viking: ind a friznd. 4f P.I.2iE'i!J'-'7.:'I'afi'E."a!'J'Q":'J' 3 1 N ' BUFFUM, BURBANK B. U .AI better hurden no man bear: than murh good .renin . Swimming Y Nlatlnzm Soc. l A BUNCH, CORINNE Gentle :hs alway: ix Alpha Art Club Senior Lit. BURN, HAROLD J. L V Thou art om nf Ihr mn!! knowing. Spanish Club Nlaxwcll History M BUTSCHILLINGER, EVELYN E. A7 lovely gaddsu if :he in hrawn. R Bela Y- Senior Lit. M V Maxwell History L CANNING, V1NcEN'r T. "Speak .vrnxibly ur be .ril.e'11,t." Senior Lil. ' Scientific Soc. I , Social Hour Com. J 4Me . CAPILLUPU, JAMES Hr :rouufr will: heart ar light as l heart ran be. Boxing Baseball Maxwell History il 2- ft ,xjsf li an ly -40 l5Qjf'L. R ' il 1- N A Q73 . ' JE.. ..n.,'ElE..,liE2R .5 W W ""l:TX'l'..'i7'Ci ' 'W' AWWQFWCQF' gfibfiwl. 'Wl.J...:.. 'TEA i?' .f.X.., A lk 4 . ' V QQ? , 3 Q CARABEITA, IVIARIE A. R Dmrly beloved. Gamma Senior Lit. CARLSON, F1,olRE.NcE , fl mairl noted for her 'ZUiJll0lIl. ,' Gamma ' Senior Lit. 1 . 2' ' CARRo1.1., ELIZABETH I. H Slw ylwltfry a heart moxl luvixh. An Club I Treas. oi Alpha W Senior Lit. W M CARROLL, LORRAINE R. ,H R Jaya-ur ir sho. ii :': f G. A. S. Epsilon M Senior Lit. ' L CARSON, Louis T, . Thr much lmrmfing. M Latin Club l E iv , - , joynu: il ix better to be than xml. . ' , Nlusic Club Senior Lit. A. G. L. Council . W CASEY Om-HA I iq ai , ' I ' l 'ffm CASTELLAN, CARL A. l-fa, it Hannrcd of lhe Vilcingx. 5 Latin Club ll 4 Nnr'l Honor ,ha . .gl , . 41 GE .P ,. P9 'l CHARNEY, MARGUERITE. M. E ' I 1 li A gently and kindly mnizl ix she. A ill Gamma U 5, fl Senior Lit. Q.. iii E Chl -ia Iuifil v N ' 5 , 1 -. ir , l l., llxfi - 'iff mf, a? 52: .EEN 35:1 f'- 15 'Y' '- . 'lf 11' 1 2 .- f mmf we " ai..-1 '. 4 Ff- RGJ Elf-,gl i ff U1 'if..,'-' ' -:J fish Vim.. 4?-Q f'-fi L' -i' ll 'iv 157 Q QA 2 A - ,V 'r ai l. in l' rnlfl A 'xH-f4" .r sl ".'Q.,'.f.f .rl v- '--if fi'-li 13, WG?-iq .f9'fil 1?f:.1 11 kfgf. H m'P-.l- .,:--gf.: swf? Mwst -,,J..-z,' x.-.,. Q .ff-,Q '-1.1.11 1:-.-.J f.'1f3' U-:ji Q'-'-, 1.0 'ef-'J N11 En: Q-:QQ l S:gf7lmL"o:Q?b-fif'1'f 'w.5if11iS:?iQlJ -.bfiifri-fvf,s:f.f!." 'riff-1mf' ka:-1:-1-1-.224z:.:? JJ' 25 The Viking The Viking . QW ' .XQVQXQI Y' 1 CLARK, HERBEKT A. To zhr Vikingf' royal hall Comm' thx mighty king of all. Senior Lit. Basketball WVehs1er Oratorical l CLASS, FLOYD G. High 111li7Illt'd i: lie. ' COCHRAN, MARJORIE VV. Out of lirr goldni lurk: . Shake: :hr thi' rpring flowru. Zeta Art Club Senior Lin. Comm, ANNA C. fl noble maid. M5 1 Zeta Senior Lit. iN'Iusic Club i COHHELN, GLADYS I: loved by all ns all love light Epsilon Nlusic Club Senior Lit. COHN, ALBERT H. Famous zxploit: he pnlarms. I Senior Lit. NaL'l Honor 1 Scientific Soc. u COLASANTI, JAMES There? upnf 1 know this Jon: J1ll'Pll.U'17lK. Spanish Club Senior Lit.. Col.LiNs, Tnozvms C. ,fl daunllu: god. , Senior Lit, Basketball , ' , l - , mmmxm 26 . I Wi.. I .ix Y f y , l' JV ' 37 I ,J J . Q, . X .-.N JJ Q J 'JKT ' in of ' 'nc ' 'Wm ' R 13AI'Ql5ZL.'TQQZL, 'Wl5Z1'T Q5bdQ!2 , . . ' J - . 7 I lm., ' I I I, ,im "' H" "Ili . " if-5 F" Fil ' I, Coox, MARGUERITE F. Her hand thc harp Jtring: blmfl- :th with 1lI'ingh',I of drlight. Art Club Senior Lit. Spanish Club W Cooks, EDITH C. fl fric-nd to all. Beta Scriior Lil. N Commercial Club COULTER, PFHELMA M. Thou art 'wise flzclared and many . Lhinvgx do knew. 1 Alpha Covsn, KQXTHERINE Wire and prudrnt if Jlac. North Star Senior Lit. Who all the L'UillJ'07lIE air with fay hath blcndrzl. Gamma Senior Lit. Q CRONIN, JULIA M. K CURTIS, DOROTHY P. Hui! to a Gaddrss! 27 4fl'J'JL?J".l'.'L'I'.f'..'.'fl'4f.L9'J'.Ii.F"L?' Eg L: is 2? Eb Irena Isfimi II? l QQNQS 225535 aim Q. W :r EE an-E. E E U' 5 9, If S ' 5-75 ' . S The Viking The Viking i DANIEL, LAVINA M. .4 jriznd art thou among frinidf. Art Club Senior Lit. Q Commercial Club I DANIELSON, Lois K. A maid from heqaven. Epsilon Art Club E SeniorLit. U l M DASHUT, SYLVIA B. L l She maketh muff: xwzet. I Nlusic Club Orchestra Senior Lit. ' s i ' . ' DEKKER, MARY C. Cllarming ln view. - Delta 1 ' , 11-fi i Art Club ' Senior Lit. I X DENNY, Lssun l ' Of uspzrt comvly and wire of wardx. l 4 1 Q ' l DESALVO, HENRY , fl prince on earth among th: but. Q l DEIULLO, EUGENE - ,ol Ridzx lu long, and ridzs hz lad. 1 French Club N Maxwell History R Cadet Rifle Team r i Vi V 5 i 5 ll DOUl?LAS,f?l?NgOl?l h 5 j X-'KX Y .fl oft a new 5 mx z. Q X ' kj' C h W BE X X K my i W ' , , on - 5.- .H Yir V L-vim, I , lfgizw' 5' , I 5 . 3 if tm its il' in un mtv fa Q ina? 452- AJ X - mf' - 'Y' 'M 'kb , ' ' 28 DRYER, Josr-:PH A. 3 fl mlm berannfx known by hix l Jpceflz: but A fool, by hir bash- ' ful silence. Latin Club Annual Board Nlaxwell History DUFFY, RICHARD G. Hi: right hand ll0ll1I the stfedx of lzeaven. Cheer Leader Home Room Rep. Pres. Senior Class , DUNSE, BERNICE L. Of all Jln' ix loved lint. 1 Senior Lit. i Spanish Club Maxwell History EDWARDS, EDWIN JI more ri-nownrd man on earth , :hall nfwr be. Senior Lim. Maxwell History Q Q U U Q Ei?2Z.ib52R2L'2'i. ii. U D U Q ELHART, Lois , She ir happy who jar hzrsell ob- tain: fam: and ki-nd words. Epsilon' - Senior Lit. Spanish Club EMERsoiN, NEIL R. 11 lrrzrlexs chisftain. Senior Lit. Sciemihc Soc. Maxwell History l ,gg :Z HV V , .' mrs, J -isesisv rim srrgggsggg 935553 H. fs,-if W., Hx: W ' -L il i -W si, " 1' Y fi 1Fgiil22g. . i, mi , ff , si W X ,fi .su EVANS, RUTH L. . YZV Habppirr than all, we know hn to i ' ' z. . 1-5,33 Delta M Senior Liz. ' .V Nfaxwcll History A 5'5?'1'l fr , , - 1,555 . iii! , f i' Qi. ff- " 1 Qi WRX-, -l..'3x.JlfI. 29 U The Viking The Viking . FAILER, ADELAIDE E. JI mnry, ElJi7LI01llL' damul. Alpha Senior Lit. Scientific Soc. FARLEY, MARGARET A. Another -witty maiden. ' Zeta Senidr Lit. Spanish Club W FERRICK, JOSEPH G. 5 Of what woulilrf thou ask mi? Rifle Team N Sciennihc Soc. FINCHETTE, AMY B. 5 Advance! anothfr gudderr. Gamma Senior Lit. Black Nlasque L IJ!"-f'J'.'-Tl FINER, ESTHER ff finfr one lhnn thou wa: ntazr born. Gamma l W' Music Club Senior Lit. 2. ..E.'5XZLATJ.E.J.3Tlf.NICfL3 . AUGH, jo:-:BPH k You are .vo wire! K A Fxsnnn, ROBEKTA M. Lo, with :harmed hand I touch yan, maid. Alpha G. A. S. Nlaxwell History T . FLAX, LILLIAN L. Z ' W 11 'uermtile 'maid if rhz. A Beta ' Annual Board '11 i spanish Club ff' 'Y 3 H 9 9 9 S Q ,,, 2 gg '11 '1-1' '11 S :E :E ' Si r' QZQSNU 352 09555 u-4 m - -30 Onan 5. ::.-.E."s.3 1: B, 3... 9-Z " 2'-3-0g5.ib :Sm 39,Y3eQ tb '5P'T'F Q50 '2.n-Tel" Ones, aug rr--0 L" W Evrbm X' aF'F' S 5.3 EE? rr-35 " Sm : 3-N' O E' S Q new 25 223' -- Q .s-.w ,.. 5 55 gg 53 .. F-'S QW 3 H 5 5 1 3 S:- 3, 5 . C H5 Thou aft a mrzidzn of intellect. ' Delia Mathem Senidr Lit. L Q FLIKOFF, MIRIAM A god daring and mighty. C3 Ok' NA m 3 mm-rg SFQQN 2:3 rx-vm!!! :svn :SSR-'4 :sv 9-En-s' F55 Omfsgw Q: -i -Q : 212' QW cr 32 GS if ga "' '-1 Q. D '-2' Q 'N N 'H P 4H:::5f'.I2::?' .!'..:'."J' Q .1 5 lA Q GARBERSON, RUTH M. ' 01' win' runduct :he mn is Gamma Senior Lit. Commercial Club l i . I i GARDBNSWARTZ, Bs1'rY E. I A lovely maid ix Ihr. Senior Lic. Music Club Commercial Club 'x lx' . The Viking The Viking ,r 7 1 ix i E5 M ,535 , , 1 - V Gsnsnovirz, LILLIE Shi' many friend: poixtrrrs. ' Epsilon , Senior Lit. Commercial Club l'.L'!'J'F.-'?J' GIBSON, DONALD Hi: denl: :sem to roar to the .fkirtr of lleaven, Track Football Basketball , ' . GIERWATOSKI, joe At .rrhuol ltt :wry man be chur- ful. W G1LBiuzATH, MERLE L. w Moderately wif: should meh Vik- ing br. Boxing scseminc soc. 6 l - GLASSMAN, EVA Carr troulglff her nat. Nlusic Club Senior Lit. W Spanish Club n Q GOLDBERG, LILLIAN K Randy in :peach and wit. Zeta Nlusie Club Senior Lit. GOLDBERG, MAX No dixmfz is worn or a ,vnuible W be ra ntent f man than not to with Jelf. Spanish Club :Maxwell History Commercial Club li'-I! GOLDMAN, Lu,uAN ' fl .vtrirt adhrrer to oathr and ' Y promixfs. -- Sl Beta M KS. Senior Lit. , 4 m.i5.Y.J..'S5.f' 1. .i .3 r- .. . - 'fr -. 1. . xi . '. ,R f. ' .. . fun.-f' x. f A' Q.. 1. lr JY-.-. V -. L mf. .,- Y. 4.4 .,.. ,,. .ff H- Q-. .nz -.- - -.,-M -7, , .., L: w,L,,.fQ,., 1. .QA ,RL JV , ,A ,Z MT. iofi GQLDMAN, ZELMA .May jay fwr bf yours, maid. Zeta .W G. A. S. ,RQ Scnior Lit. xjl-' HG wg. Fi GOODSTEIN, ELAINE Ewry flj and fairy ,fpfitz After her flame tnppmgly. fin., Nlusic Club Senior Lit. F'-Q3 Norscroll - QE H GRAUER, MADELINE B. if .4 rhzzrmfng nmid. flux Epsilon fi Art Club ibm' Senior Lit. if F :N GRAVINA, MARY Rifhfx and joy 11: your: to rom- I, ,L wand. Beta ArL.Club 4 Senior Lit. Ei ' li- sf ef. Fug, u ., GREEN, LAFAYISTTE W. Valiant art thou. Football Q. Wrestling Q3 : l'v my Lg.: GREENLEE. ANNABEL VV. ff: An hanorrd Viking. ,F-ix Gamma l I Art Club A lj 53 Nlaxwell History I Q-if l all GREENSTEIN, Gormn E532 Tha pmixz al thi' world nrt thou. albi Della . Big Sister 'T vi Senior Lit. r,. 4: fix GREENSTINN. JEANETTE Lily if your: fur thi' asking. , 5 Epsilon 5 Senior Lin. A , fi ,, . W2 Q-. , , fe. 'R , gi . fi Q L- .-. .4 , - . R r' w ff. .5 V X25 gf' Arr, mir, ,Q 'f Q3 ti -e,g,xj ,iff 6, Nj -.fu-I My" gg: YEL? 'fwfr .5 xA ngf vT'.,,3 1 Q-sjg "- 'wi:?125::fv-71211:-r2?J iff-Tffie---Qiiiggjff g:fi4iz1v:'wf"'f,3?.!W' EZ-rf 33 The Viking The Viking W A GREER, ALICE Ol' hrr underrlandiflg Viking: art proud. ' Gamma Senior Lit. Spanish Club GREER, MAY W Om' ol the mort rrlvbratvd god- de.r,wJ. - Big Sister Senior Lit. Pres. Bela Y l GRUVER, FRANK Gfnllf :hirlrl-bearer if lic. Nlaxwcll History Pres. Scicmilic Soc. W GUBER, FANNIE R. loyou: to all the world art thou. Latin Club I Senior Lit. l Commercial Club GURSE, MxR1AM Zlfuric at hrr finger tips. Music Club Senior Lil. French Club GUY, DOROTHY L. fl mairlcn grariam. Senior Lil. Big Sister l HALL, NORMAN Sanur men arquir: firhcr and hon- or-lrt him bc onr of lhfm. - Orchestra . Senior Lil, Nlathem Soc. Q Q B HAMM, IRENE Honored daughter of the gudr. G. A. S. Latin Club l ' Senior Lil. EE59Q'QAkQfmlQfAHU.WZJYy.5Q 34 . A C .E 1 1 4.11. 'fic HANNA, MARIE C. 11 maid of .rurjmsring hrauty. E Senior Lit. French Club .. HANNAH, STEWART W. l i Wixest af the mix: that breatlls. S .N.1'I I-I or ec 1 nn Consul Latin Club we Matlusin Soc. ' E221 I ' E HANSSEN, THYRA L. She walk: like a f1'llt'E1l. XJ :-.33 Epsilon ' ag V ' Senior Lil. 1 Q A XVcbsler Oralorlczll i A ' is 11, . HARGIS, DOROTHY L. W Loved by 'mrn mul godx. Epsilon i ' Art Club . Senior Lit. Q5 ff. jx .lm valiantly. ' Senior Lit. ' Nlaxwcll History Q HARRIS, ANNA K. Thmugh Ihr wave: tlmu plowffsf , Commercial Club HARRISON, ROBERT W. The world fall: him w111zdcrn. Senior Lit. Scientihc f'- mi HAYES, LEO- J. V - E in The mind only know! what Iirr 'I' ' mar hi: heart. Binsic Club Latin Club EE Senior Lil. QA. vp! 'V HRCHT, Aucn She charmingly draw! about her. the land Tm! . E f ge..a0fLii. 4 C ' H 15fElff'I5f?:TL'b , ' ,R .3 'Q 3 il . 19 iir., , ' - 5 el? za, wigs --.. A 53' lf FGTWA FWFM 'JA Lf iliisfr .A marsh 4515 35 1' . The Viking K Mfrs! : fl Wi j0' 1!,Ql9'W K - , W' my AU. If, l x fl will I The Viking h"grf-'-1n'7-k7Q1gi"'f'fmZvT"'i'2. 01'?.?,'-'TP'-1. ':TT,"v"r11'P- Jffi'-1'-fa vfrvv v. uf'--uv-we -Sf - - 1g.f'fi"1, If -' 425:-". 'Y " '21-Ap. FEV if 121-fm P39 iivsli, i-hE7""iI1if xii" rf'17'i'?S:'fIfm "LEE-aw' Jijfv fr' 'Sr 4.1, w i .. . . -.n f. f, . . Q if. , . V- ,-2 4 . L. . X, , .. - ., 'GV' fi'124'?2 'i1:'tf.Qf'if52-..'L:"v.i.fQ1. 2.1, 'S.,.1J4:l:-L 'Q Qs.J'5!4."'2E-. N65-.gpgx1,,A,'f:,A2f1g,.5:qf-gt,--i:,,fQFi.3gL-'grni-in vginififg 953 ,7l'f-2 , 3, HENDERSON, GENEVIEVE D. Mi 11 graiing one. fi e ta ' -' Orchestra QQ: Senior Lit. 'fu' ii F fi Q, fy: y 1. E 1: " lg '. 1 HERMANN, EVELYN M. L-I-E '4 11 high om' 1336 Senior Lit. W ,i fa. Iifiaxweil History Q6-P' Malhcm Soc. ,QP aj 2-32 55 fi 'r ii :J M A ph fi- U Hrcxs, Louisa E. qfi, Thr lrur anz. 'ig' "'-M' Epsilon Q53 ' Senior Lit. 'FE fri? l Hg ikf we Q55 IrIxLLYAiuJ, NANCY Q QQ Win' ir .vhs and prudent. rf'-x, 22:5 gVelfzu riiCom. Exim' enior it. ff' fj: , Nalfl Honor 'Q-'J I1 ii ' ' : I iz 5 ' fi H NA 55. HINZ, FLORENZ 'lil WE andC!x1Lmor 11: ern youu. QF ' ,g atin u 1 Senior Lim. 522 ff I4 25' i f E il 'id QQ. HOCKMUTH, HAZEL M. gk Q5 A ffimdly mid... if fhf. QTY: Gamma age "" Senior Lit. ia.. W'el1'are Com. avi if in E' 9+ e ii' Honcm, FLOYD M, 1 II: is happy who for hinirely' ab' . . ! . d K ,:- tam: amz and kim! wof 1. 'Eg' Q . gfapt. Riflg Team IL il ciemific oc. .1 if 3 Maxwell I-Iiswfy Q. 'RB Nm " - 'E' Q , HOLDRETH, AGNES E. if , f ', A lgnairl fnirrf than gold. If f iv if 'Mi em fi 3 ' Senior Lit. ,, . f B hlusic Club - . if 'iii Qi? 1. I r 'E if iii J 'ia gif Mi. ,f .E Hfaili gl., i 1 6 ie Xa-'ik fad? r A vii- - . A 1 if .3 ' fp-ggjfnifi 22.35 Mig ws ' reign 'gk uf .. A- ms' if-L-9+ L . H 9 muh -2-4-aa, Arai:--asf' i- 15: -mir? .52-Q: V 36 2 -31 EG'-SP7-fgvffxr -web 1' fivai' x -:T E. -32:55 'S V 1 ,-FT - .K 9 "" .. 5 C' T2 ,Tj 24, 1 Q , V .15 J .-Qlgkxjigiqi' ,figs-+zLJ'.i7e.fxF?5::, :iw 53534. 'L ,dw IbX,rgIQ-2,4:'.ipTZ1? A ?g7iE'1i' T .f 6-1z:ff"'S.f Ez' f:,:.4".1l2:a.,'-bv ':mfi'1tv5i.."w? MFE-.v arm 'Am 'ma.f'Q-':x'ffz9'-.,..-5.1-23:1 a,,1Ps.:"iip-ii.'a-f'S-l-t97.:-ffwab2f,5i-.-. QQ: iQ il, '33 A A . 35. ay? ck HOMzXN, JANE Iliff mind is frfcft from can - D. Club Senior Lit. 'Qt Maxwell Ilislory s 'lgc I-IULTMAN, HELEN F. ' lil GIIJKIEII, exnrllvntly bright! Lalin Club " sfieminc Soc, V. Pres. Nal'l Ilonor 7: LIYNDMAN, ANNA . ig Sin' ranrealr ll tfinrlrr heart. -I - Zeta 'vb Senior Lit. il' Social Hour Com. N, Wx l JACOBS, LEOTA C. ' Shu' .fmiln upon all th: world. -X Gamma ' Senior Lit. f Spanish Club . JAGER, GEORGE C. 1 Q Tlu' faslhfr of magic Jong a-nd xpvec . i " Nlusic Club . Senior Lit. l Black Nlasquc 5 l 1 JANOVITZ, FANN1E , Ewr faithful to lun talk fr shf. Zeta , Senior Lit. . M JASPER, MAKY ' i ff lgoyal Viki-ngrtt: is Jhf. eta Latin Club JENKS, BERT!-IA A. - Sh: posxzxrzx n merry heart. G. A. S. Epsilon Senior Lit. 1 Y .if "wh -r-,V J' .i ix nf f' 1.5: ' ,A rr?-'QD 'NN 1 13 .- 1 f , f 7. ' " - J: 2 ' V-iw' ii ,f-11 i TP 1 ,f -' . iz- ' ,, -,Ag J' ',, -5 N 1 'g i 4' MJA '-7-- - 'tiff l-'- -11 9 15.4 .,,f- 9 . 1- ill- F 'gil-2 37 The Viking The Viking JOHNSON, ELSIE V. fl maid lairrr than all endozvzd with goldm trfua. Senior Lit, Scientific Soc. A Nlaxwcll History A IIHPPSF life will be herx. JOHNSON, EVELYN L. Q G. A. S. Big Sister l Senior Lil. 'Q 0 , Q Q U JOHNSON, HAROLD E. Tmtllfulfzen swf hi: zfirluz. Scientific Soc. jo:-1NsoN, RALPH N. Q Tu Iii: frimdr he ir ever a lrimd. ' Spanish Club r ff JOHNSON, 'FHELMA Haspitalile, liberal, and rharitablz lr thi' fnrmrzort gmldrrf. l D S-4 O E ww gi is .TS .. f. -- Z F3 . -?'L-' s 05? Z 9 5 Q Q. -a E F' f4"-V15-'uf S L 4. Z? 'S A mm Gentlz and mild is Ihr. Alpha Senior Lit.. i Spariisli Club , V , LB- ' 1 jomzs, Doms A maid af maids. Art Club Senior Lit. lllaxwell History in 38 Svmwm A A. Win' powfr: him trmlzth Prinn' ol vnfn. Football Basketball Manhcm Soc. , JCSEPHSON, MINNIE .. Ilappinrxx br evcr hen. , ' Zeta -Q, Senior Lit. Spanish Club Q JONES, Menus R. IOUNO, FLORENCE V. rl kindrr frisnd 'nn man fould haw. Gamma North Star French Club Q A KAlSE.R, BERNARD P. To the gods thou art known by thy 1-alnr. Track Foolball L Senior Lil. KAISER, RAYMOND F. Ala-ny frir-url: hath he in the Vik- ,',1', ing xtroflvghold. gill' ll Q Senior Lit, n' g l' i Nfaxwcll History ,Q I KALXNOWSKI, MARY L. q Thy :mile brighten: our Viking , ii hallr. . , Delia wi, Ari Club 'i A 5 KANTROWITZ, FAY Adomblz dnuglllzr of the gadx. Alpha Latin Club Senior Lit. KASPER, ANNA NADEAN Hn :yn shall with lmppinrys ever Jparklv. G. A. S. i Webster Orzuorical Treas. Norscroll l Q U Q 39 The Viking .Mi fx GaoMETRY The Viking 'inf 'Z U' wi. 4- -F' "" Vp' 1-gf' P- v if Qt' , wwh ffqkif- mi "f'Tg'f4x "3"5??'M R, A',E7'ij"d:2f?fapi"'3f'T'.-FF l in . - . r ,, ,, , i Lf"5F"'bf' limi a-Pg. 44-a9'3usl's-Q.l'lia.n"m.:: .-I-3g 'ba-'wa .avg if ,-IUSLQD, 4, Mvfilgj " ' is its . . ' , KEI,LER, Lofrus E. ' 1 I Swift uzelodiex :he maketh. I Senior Lit. Welfare Com. Maxwell History E . ll ii KELLEY, MYRON E. ll lv ' The gold. tower in lriendyhip. l I ' h KELsoi, DOROTHY A. Quiet and rexervzd fuer. , . Art Club Senior Lit. l ' Nlaxwcll History -Q KIDNEIGH, ELIZABETH M. Gentlz as th: spring flownx. ' Epsilon Senior Lit. Maxwell History N . 3 KIESLER, MILIJREII il Charming to bzhold! Zeta , G. A. s. X Senior Lit. l KIRsI-IER, WILLIAM K. Hz if wry fond al dittin. ' i Track Senior Lit. Black Masque Q, KLEIN, MILTON 11 .various and thoughtful man. Tennis Latin Club ' Scientific Soc. KNORR, MARGARET D. A joy in the tale of kings. Gamma l V Senior Lit. . Nfaxwell History V! W' . 4' I' iii' E5 'lv A I l ll . . " X....X JU V40 l il ll rf' ftfvvpfaf -'rnffqg jjifilyvqfggvqiw-?QP'2ir'nn'x1'-n 'pwgijgf QA, LJZSCSJQLM-aux. l wx ' Qs. :+.....fQ4sg'+-,.-x,.,..MaL JQLA B' ' L iii r 'I 1 L Q KOUTNIK, ERNEST A. ,, l Into the Viking dwelling a mighty I man than Jtriclcth. - , M'usic Club He ix ol the .vlrongest men. X Track I 5 Senldr Lit. Q KREBS, JOHN S. Football KRUMMEL, KARL O. Let him rio hi: d.ay'.v work dcltly For the praixe and glory of lalle. Latin Club Scienmihc Soc. - R H KRUPP, ANNIE. M. ' A darling of the godx. Latin Club V Senior Lit. G Malhem Society M KUMMER, LUCILLE M. L Faircxt al th: fair. Music Club Senior Lit. X I French Club K l l KUNKLE, MYKLE L. A Jwrel maidzn. Beta Senior Lit. LARSON, RUTH E. , Shy and rnnvzd art thou. Big Sister Senior Lit. French Club ' l 1 LEISENRING, Lolua1'rA L. ' Lovely ir hzr fart lo all 1m'n'J ' 1 zlrzming. ' Art Club . Senior Lit. l Spanish Club X JB' JB A if 41 The Viking The Viking LEISTIKOVV, EDWIN , ' Brave and roumgeaux. LEVIN, BQNNEY zlflfrlling win ,vhould mary man i 2 e, But nat too wife ' Baseball ii Y J , LINDENMEVXER, HARo1,D L. . K A 'verxatile youth if hr Spanish Club Senior Lit. ' Maxwell History LIVINGSTON, PEARL A. . ' X Sinrrre than :wr arf, maiden. Alpha r .f'.1'?' Senior Lit. Commercial Club i X 1 , LLOYD, THOMAS P. . Hs .fncrihcfs murh for lhz' glory of the Vilaingx. Fooiball , ,, Senior Lit. W Black Nlasque W N X Lowa, LENA MAY ' ' The daughtrr of kingx. I R Senior Lit. Black Masque Scientific Soc. K ei ii J"L".fJ2'.."".J' LUCY, ARTHUR J. ' Of than mm. the Iizfn nr: lairfxt W who know murh wnll. Norscroll Senior Lit. Webster Oratorical M LUSTIG, HAROLD V. .4 wondrous boy with ravrn hair. Senior Lil. Music Club , Commercial Club I 1' 55 if g. " . :uf A V- ' K, ' 'L ' 3 ' F iz " 1-1 7 H. -351: "'iiii...' ml f' ' 'ir' -: i a ' ie J -1- A 'f -if 4 'r'1ff3'- . 42 Harm ,rflrlrnn bffally the rautinus. Alpha Senior Lil. N MACDONALD, CHRISTINE Maxwvcll History 15 QWE755 55? F FD S Zu: ESUQP Ev EE F E53 5.53, c' 33, :S :. :P 5. ef sl 'S H: pll.U'l'.fIt'J grmt might within himself. Senior Lil. Basketball Commercial Club MCNAIR, CLARE C. ' With nimblz jingsry :he maku the worlrl gay. Q MCFAIJDEN, RUSSELL J. M Beta Epsilon Ivlusic Club Senior Lil. Hz is mzimmtly ,vkillerl in th: nrt of muyir. jazz Band lXTusic Club Senior Lil. MARINAIIOI, CAROLINE S. I Q MARCUS, Joi: T. The laik: of every :lay :he does in a gmtl: way. Delta Senior Lil. , Spanish Club MARQUISS, HELEN E. The world bid: her to be lowly and grmt. ' " l Zeta Black Nlasque Webster Orntorical -I-3 The Viking The Viking E'?f1'!f'T35a'P:P'E?w'ffS","-Pfsf-Wff+gw,+'f ' '-' -rv-..Y.f.1: -1- Yf. ff ww-'fm -Y V - " 9' "E 4, 'TEH' 'P Z". fm' . .. PM E "fx f5E"'f"3?kff?"' .1 555 fw3FfTz"""3T3?rT"'i rK2iL-fkisfisf-W-97.41, piligugvilixxgfq' 5Tfg:5L2.,jfi ffl, L-fag-jfgval n. ' 2 ' ' ' ' ' ' lVIARTE.LLl, MICHAEL P. i V' Fortune ix allottcd to a hera'5 I ' life. 9, Baseball ' Senior Lit, ', W Maxwell History W l llllllllll i MARTELLI, THEEESA ll laitlilul and trustworthy 1nai:1e-n. Beta . , , B if Nlusic Club L Lf? Y Y i Senior Lit. ' MARTIN, STEPHEN G. ' El A ' Wifrlam and fams in arms, V 4 . "H 11 prime not earily arquirer. Track l Football i l ' H Basketball ' f ' l -A L . N lr , n MASSEY, VoN CEU. N . .W i Her 'muxic rlmrrn: thx mul: of l ' M ', 'fm X l mzn. M ' i i MA1'rHEws, ADOLEH 'miiiww H Hi: hfrart no falxehood larhionf. , X ."' Senior Lit. l -1 Maxwell History 9 Treas. ol' Sr. Class , 3 l i MAUTHE, ALFRED ' lx silent and taller little, ' I Thu: :very win man .rlmuld be. sl ,. , ' ww . ' ' MAXEY, EDNA L. . Q. K FV 3: ,, .4 wandrouy lnrm, and lair. ' l L 6. Zeta ' ' G. A. S. i Senior Lic. I ' ,. E MEIER, MARGUEIUTE F. ' ' I Virtur ir not niearured by Jpurh. ' I . Alpha ' gl, - Latin Club . seniorm. JHJELWJM +4 I f. 11. ,. J, ' TTi-'.11'T.'EfWff2?f,i 'ETE'9'E73??l'-',"'i-'Zi' 'Ffiif' ',f1:T2'i.fQ:f'??E+'-ET'-1 "lFfT'if?i?i- -, J-'flogf-ifi-..ff'Q....L.'LffQllw'fwi-5. 1"x'150.,Qif1i'4.f5'1252Lf5. -'fi .L'1."Qf"f...fw- 1f"l'L.?N'- WWZQ39-'if--+5 'il 1 N - - -v - V - - .4-R I R.. Q.. J.. -- -. ...QI .. -., .,,..- QL fy. Q E ,' I .yy Ii . ERE I, I MENDELSOHN, REVA S. ,, 5 fi I Ilrr frinulxhip i.I dvxiroux. E Alpha , if QQ Senior LII. jv' Nlaxwcll History ' I QS l 1 1' E. Q E v ff MERRILI., TERRY J. QQ, Q 12 Pfdiflt and good will an hir. :LQ -iq Latin Club , , 15, Senior Lic. SQ: Q' L' Nlaxwell History 'E I . . .- g- , Q' 5 F1 Q MILIIENSIFER, VERNA M. ,gi .211 11 1Io1ilf-hijartnl' friend i.r 5116. rrk: Lg: iemor LII, .' gt- 'rcnch Club "vi Q 115-4 :-: Home Room Rep. V1 :V I ' i K-. I i , I? I 2 J. l lVIILLER, MARTHIK l 1. fl win' nxaiden. ' Qc? G, A. S. mfr L.. 1 Senior Lit. "rg lvlnxwcll History it 35 I ' .. 'Q rj M y .. I 2:55.45 'K' I, MII.sTE.IN, FRIEDA 3.31 lyk Of lm-rmrmy with inxtinft divimt fill Lzltln Club ' ii' ' . gi ' I' G. A. S. 'Q' I I NzII'l Honor I i :I ,Q I l '- - 1. ff 52 VL MITCHELI., MARJORII2 M. -'fz 13.I'trrnlrIy arliytir if shi. QQ: I x Art Clulq If I I, Scnior LIL 3 5.- HIE wi MITZE, ELLA W. QW Tin., A maid wnfthy of murh jvmire. faq ' ' Big Sister f jg lf Senior Lil. E' .1 if X!! Maxwell History ' Nu." ip, thnx f- Q U 3 MCJREY. BILLY F. 5 Di.Ilingui.IlzI'd for q'ufrknfI.r and I' " U 17L'll6'ffllfi01l. It Nlalhcm ,jk Senior Lil. Q26 'U-71 I . 1 V .J . , . .,.. X, Ei' if 1. fs!! I 'Q ..,,,,:li?2"'fl'Q lL I ff AI 1 4 5, - . . pg - l' . , . iI U Vt! WC:1'T3x Li i. ,lu i ,If 'fi 5-,.,, X'-Qxtif' ,ffqij 6' Rf. iql.,1I', Gxilzx iiixlifl, H335 Kris iff iifiix 1 1'AgIi..' 3. .nfl 22. .f'1Jwf1.ff' .I-:f1MI'rf'J7'.1,? vi fI?A'II If-ff...-I viva-c.f'I1I Ki ITP 'QI Q' 622. IME i'L?'wbEf3i--q:,wEL'5f-iv' 4-S The Viking The Viking J5JL-'Eff ..f.Z'L."'g-.fJ"'..L".7" f MORRIS, KATHLEEN M. The gold-bright maiden. ZYTIUIH Senior Lit. K I Maxwell History MORRISKJN, STANLEY M. E - Of rauryerx hg ix best acraunted X g7llQ1lgI-dlflflflg 17lF7l- cnior xt. , l Maxivell History W V MOSLER, MARY E. L Lilgd .fy all who le-naw hzr. psl on T Music Club i , Senior Lit. MURPHY, FRANCIS E. H1 paxfeyfetlz ewry quality of a I warrior. Senior Lit. S NADLSR, FRANK O., JR. Hz, the rhuerful king. ' NAMES, LLOYD M. M jolly art thou in the hall: of man, L . NAZARENUS, VICTOR II king ul wlzolznrnw tmmrzl. li ' NULL, JAMES F. Wil if needful for him who trav- el! far. Cadets Stage Club Social Hour Com. 5. .. Q " l'-w-'HV ' ,LL ' di- J '12 3 ,. 3' L . 'J :il , 9 JG 46 KN:'i'ff'KT.s' 'NLC' Kg' Y, 'v "Na ' Q QAwm,m.mfm.fQaQswmm..'mv... R . vg 1 ' NEUMANN, Lucius L. .fl .rnow-while 11midv11.. i Music Club French Club ' Senior Lit. E NICHOLAS, DOROTHY A. .fl perfect mairlrn nobly formal. lu G. A. S. ' Gamma QQ 5 Senior Lit. in N1cHo+LAs, KENNETH W. W Hr ,rvtr flu world a-.r'in.ging. Senior Lit. . Black Masque Rifle Team l , 3 OLSON, Miuman P. ' She knoweth 171'IlCh. Della , at Senior Lit. 3 L Spanish Club - ll .H ORENSTEIN, BEs.su5 Hail to ll mmf mimi 5 Epsilon Music Club Senior Lit. ORENSTEIN, MARION ' Sh: if the Viking nightiugals. r Senior LiL. , Sec. o'l'Ar1. Club . Sec. of Music Club A "'k rggkk ' OVERFELT, LAURENCE E. 11 mild and gentle knight. A Scientihc Soc. PARKEJI, DOIROTIIY j. Wlwu heart no lnlsehoozl lruhiany. 1 Beta kL,l Senior Lit. Latin Club 5 . .43 l 1 - , yi . .. , , --- ii' . fn . J A- 5, .9 :,,, 'g,,,,,r KLA. l.-1.1 W "J, . rghy -- Q5 1 if ff -ff" M nf " if -asap A-ia -mg f " 4 47 The Viking :vii Q. K , ..'7i:'1 "'71'1:77"-55?Pf"7"'T?:1f"E- CST 4'1'?1Id"7:?"W-Z-. 4-ff?f.T7!'4T15 '5"?"f 1. , 15" -'vfrrm -.v- .-V . W- ,--f--.,, .-.. . E, L- 4-ki ,':,1.i,x Luci. Efyliljih ,mt 4 Viz.:-ry ,kay .ri Alfqflgg - 6-FQ 5,63 Rizfgjkv-5155.1 5.-.: ,als 43:17 :if.,:j A-,X ..?':r,fg'4 5 -' f v.51+q.A:-Q,Nifgf,wR1-552565-1.35-L,5,g,i-4.Vg-L,Q5rf5,LQ.k5g..,',:L52 i1Yi,4,EQ'iq5g :5:t.:J'bKf5f'u11: 5 ff? ,eiigx 'life ' "V I , F, ,. --5 1,92-. V . ,. Q93 5 fi ' -:ff The gl PAYNE, STANLEY F. -S 7- - ,fi zaudowf-11 wim Il high dfgf-f I ii ul intelligence. L 0 LQ HQ.. I Senior Lit. jul, YQ! Annual Board N12-fx Tj, Mathem Soc. :cz ij. :-'PQ .uni . l " ' ' 1 4 : si ,I PEARL, Rosa ' Kind hmrt: are more than coro- lil? A 2222 is i Music Club QE if "-I , ,W . W f Senior Lit. "1 R ' 4 bf , ll 1 il . is PEPPER, LILLIAN B. Digncly graccful. l-QF ll.. amma gli" frm. senior Lim. mf , Q Mllsic Cluh E i - e ff! 3? J Q ' PETERSON, ALVIN R. Q? iffy. In rwry rerpert .rlzilllnl aml dex- 5:65 'tai lrrom. K2 WE' Senior Lit. gi 'Q ' Football Mgr. P 5 , I Scientific Soc. ijlli Q32 13,0 QI, kg-32? PETERSON, ARTHUR C. Egy Thg 1141!-5011, gnorl and bright. li. 5 l enior it. fl 5 inf lX-'lnlhem Soc. 1 rin 4 ' ff,-M. EL 4 W- . . PETRIE, CAROLINE A. fig, Tlzxmrv mmm the maid who murh - gong kgzow. 1 ' . . ll W , NaL'I Honor ,ig Q"-' Mnllmem Soc. Q. Eff i v , Q39 Qu -W2 PETRIE, HENRY W. ii He if ready in wi.rrlo11zi ,l. lf 5 Scientilic Soc. R ,' ..l.-' r'l'Y'1 ei. is if-1 PIKE, MADELON R. -:P Tlwu Jhowest grew! proeuerx in ff galuy lfats. J Q I " " U la , G, A. s., 5, :Q ' Senior Lit. k EXW n , . ff -. 7 if Li 'J - Q59 , lil' . - .. - .. .-A . G YQ-N fi'i'f1'i Qi .i V 1 X0 -1 ll' . 6' 2 My EX' ff fl rf 122 " ' il " ' fA' cunt: QQ 2 'L ' Y- ,jf A I ' 477' -' x p..r,?' ,a if -J 1, -1 kim mb. 155 asa- -if 48 POTASHNIK, HAROLD Of a noble naiurc. Senior Lit. ' Latin Club iv.: W Nj!! ...Q PRATHER, GARLAND T. 1 Glad and cheerful should :wry- om: be. G. A. S. Senior Lit. Maxwell History 5 PRATO5 GEORGE M. Circu1n.rp:rt and rrrcrverl is hr. Maxwell History 1 PRICE, HARO-LD Undzr hmwn thou th: higher! bc. Senior Lit. lX-Imlicm Soc. w Scientific Soc. fi-'iff-'?ff.:'J'-f.T'afl:-'f.f.1'f PRINGLE, SHIRLEY SYLVIA Ilzr lei1zdm'.r.v werlarting. Della . Mixsic Club M H" i Senior Lit. PROCTOR, WARNER P. He rrldom cherirhef Jarrow. A Spanish Club Nlaxwell History PUTNAM, CLARA f Slu' .mf1m.v.fz'lh all Laing in art. jf." G. A. S. Q: 5 "il W U Annual Board j Him., FRANK H: ix regarded ar u pmremaker among men. Senior Lit. Spanish Club , , : klaxwell Hislory W i i ,V . , X , .A .Y - i . ' , w11..22Xil2iffi gg, . n 1,435 :gf 5-A2 . ' i, 2.1 . :. .1 ...- . - Q Q .smmmfmm . The Viking The Viking N X i xg. . . ,, , , 1 QUIRK, HELEN F. l A morlext mgzid yet Jelf-pauzrxzd , with all. Senior Lit. Spanish Club Maxwell History RABXNOFFQ, ANNA Ol 17!Hi!lL'7U lairrrt. Bela Norscroll Senior Lit. RANKIN, ELSIE L. fl maid who flffth not from danger. Della Maxwell History REDEKER, MAXINE L. M Il Slfnrlfr rind brrlufilul nr the flu: - rr: of spring. Alpha Art Club , Senior Lit. REED, JOE VV. I dmin' iv iwxrfff tliir modnt rrlrzirlmllx favor. Track Senior Lit. lVIaxwell History RENALm, MAME T. Ol thi' mort l',ll11'7lllllg maiden. Gamma Senior Lin. Maxxvell llislory REPESKO-W, WASELICA Om' whom em-rynrza lover. Alpha Big Sister Senior Lit. REUEEN, JEANNE Timirlily ruign: within lin hfart. Zeta , Spanish Club Nlaxwell Hisiory ..... - aaa. .. l l 50 Q, 1 ., 2? go ?'4f'ff'??E fu E."a 75 EU O U 24" EF? "' 35:23 mr' g.. 3 "-'-- "Q :ns PH .d2:25f'fl22:5f' . o l ???5 .ffi:if'4!25EZ?'at:::D'.4G:::B"-IZIEIB'.aG::Zf' RoBER'rsoN, HELEN L. Nj0Illf'J golden gem rliild. Zeta 4 Senior Lil. Sec. of Sr. Class W Rooms, EDYTHE M. Hn :faire plrarfth the mr Big Sister Senior Lit. . , Treas. Alpha Q ROGERS, MELviN k Wixs nur! 'valiant art thou. ROSENBERG, MARVIN I. H"i,f11am and :kill go hand in Ross, LURA ANNA Sin' fcwmrtlm bright taprrlry. 1 G. A. S. l , I Art. Club i Q Senior Lin. l. 'al RUDOLPH, jfxcoiz l H: if wire and fourtvour. V Senior LiL, Scienlilic Soc. Commercial Club Ili: lxrart ir :wr mrelrn. 1 RULLO, Louis Sclemific Soc. U lElGX'.T4.5'AT4'53'.J.3J3Z.B!C1L3 Sl The Viking The Viking q7eX.fr3+.x'xgm.'r .'c9EmR:'z.iQ:9x-lv" f4'Z3i'.AL"JJfl'!l'.1'flF'..Tff4'Jf'fL17'f.1'ffL'fIl'J' Russsu., JANE M. A more faithful lrirmi wilt never haw. Senior Lit. Nat'l Honor Annual Board RUTTENBAUM, REVA L. I1 171075 She walk: in lftnuty like the night. X Alpha Senior Lit. SALIMAN, INJILDRED Win, gentle, clnlrrj what more rould one desire? Beta Senior Lit. Commercial Club SANBORN, SHIRLEY M. Sh: ix mild and graciour. Gamma Senior Lit. Black Masque SANDERS, MARGARET L. The liwxr are jairut af tho know much well. Lanin Club Maxwell History Scicmiuc Soc. SAYLOLR, JEANNEWR G. Divinely tall and Jtattly. Senior Lit. Nlusic Club Maxwell History SCHAPIRO, MARY A. Frifndly wir to all. Senior Lit. Music Club lvlaxwell History SCHREJBER, ESTHER Gmllz mid lzinilly is Jht. Delta Senior Lit. Spanish Club Je who a".':.".l".l2.!"gI'44".:".!'.l'g'.L'l' aJ'.:'i?J''.'.?'JE2-"f'-uE."'.4l'!'.'aT'J' XEXLMLQ iii vi Q 4 if Q SCHROEDER, BILLY L. 11 air warrior o Amir. I I Baseball Scientific Soc. I SCHWARTZ, BLANCHE Brillimxcy in mind and lrvmrs. , Latin Club ' Nlathem Soc. Scientific Soc. SCHWARTZ, JACK A ' Through hi: 'whole life ha slrimu ' H toward the run. ' J Latinl Club Senior Lit. scieminc soc. w She captivatvs the hearts of num. Senior Lit. lN'lusic Club Commercial Club Q Q Scnwoizrz, ELI V Wirzlom hath this Viking. Senior Lit. Scientific Soc. Scawowrz, ERNEST He dm-th all things well. . Y l U l Q... .... U U Q 0 Senior Lit. ' Scientific Soc. SEWER, MOLLIE J. ' I K She blows rfuert muxir through a gnldzn. tubf. ' Senior Lit. 1 Nlusic Club ' X Commercial Club SHAEFER, Ross Peace ta all he granlcth -with hmrt .riricenn ' ' , Art Club Scienlilic Soc. u Q .J9 XJ N'.lLR5.QLs The Viking The Viking "" 1 'fksjgzg V W is , , Y wk - l , , SHAKAS, ALEX ' -WA, Of beauty and might. I ' Track ' t j - , s ' Football 5 .,.- ,Q Baskeiball ' I' f W I :M Y may SHINE, Dono'rHY B. f '1 3:5 W' Shr wivu lawn ax xlze gum. - ' ' ' H Alpha I ' 3 Senior Lil. X . wa ' , Black Masque ' W ' 39 SIGHTLER, JESSIE A. W II wry grnlle 11lBiIlL'7l. . . Gamma - Scn'io'r Lit. Maxwell History " Y 'I ' i l f SIGHTLER, KATHERINE 5 flrtixtir and rhar-mi-ng. Epsilon ArL Club Senior Lit. I l ii i I Q SILBERMAN, EVA ,, Ewr Il merry tzoiulelif in hef eyf. Delia A I Commercial Club I SINGER, Dom ' Shi' lmulr rr frwarnblv ear to than who Jus her for auiftrlvirf. G, A. S M Ai. Nji Norscroll U Nat'l Honor Q 'I SMITH, IOLA ' ' Hur fiugrn bring forth :west ' ' W 7!l1LJi!'. . 2: Delta Senior Lit. I SMITH, SUSIE K. 1 Endowed with the gran' of the ' gods. Gamma F Senior Lil. U W Commercial Club I Mmm. 54- Q SOTNICK, HELEN A Z' ir. 35 mm TSE' if-1 QD 5.52 Q1 rs EZ 5-:rn 53 '-7 2 N a .mi .ni 49.53-F pure. Music Club Senior Lit. Commercial Club Gmtl: and kindly ever. Maxwell History SPALLOTNE, JENNIE T. Th: inildut -manner and the genllvst hunt. Delta Spanish Club Scicnlifir Soc. SPENCER, RUTH E. Anothrr gmtlfr :hall 4ne'rr be born. Alpha Nlaxwell History STAM M, GILBERT G. The comcly lon! nl all thingy. Nlusic Club ' T I V. P. Senior Lit. A STARK, HELEN VV. fl bfiter bunlfn no one bears than ruurh guna' xmuf. Senior Lit. VVebsler Oraloricnl STARR, NAN H. r Shf, a Inman: dnuglilyr. G. A. S. Art Club Senior Lil. STEELE, RUTH L. Thi: maid if lair am! lowly. ' Art Club ,, Senior Lit. Nlaxwell History l Q l l l U 55 The Viking The Viking Q'?OXW5.liK?2CTD,XX'?A' f9.l"iW , STEPHENS, PAUL E. Nafsemnz heart: we bind to ther. Track Football Basketball .fg".5'ff.?g'-I'.fl.'.'l.l'.-1"7'7"' 4fZ'.:".J'a'Z'.""..!' STILLS, DANIEL R. Mighty and Jtro-ng art thou. Track Football Scientific Soc. Nut forward, but modext and patzznt. Gamma Senior Lit. Srnvurs, MAE L. Q STOLL, FRANK M. There nfver came a man .rwiltn i of foot than thou art. Track Football Senior LiL. M ' STONE, NE'I'I'IE Thou wilt have victory. Senior Lit. Q Na1.'l Honor Scicnnihc Soc. STOOLE, SAM Thou larknt not good repulalinn. Senior Lit. - Mathem Society Scienrific Soc. i STORER, GERALDINE R. E Virtuaur is thi: gmlle maid. Epsilon Senior Lit. K lwaxwell History L . STREICH, JEAN C. Wife in umlefylanding. ' , G. A. S. W Arr. Club . l Latin Club af-'T.'J' ffgri' E 56 SUMNER, GEORGE Hi: rlrfngth he has pfowd. Boxing' Latin Club ' Senior Lil. SUTHERLAND, MARGUERITE A. My fair-llrowvd daughter. Gamma Commercial Club lZZfff.:'.fJ:-".1fJ:'5'-fI'-:.'if.f.T.'J'f.T.'f.f.f:Jf . . E E 1 E Q SvALm, Commun C. - Graciour her manner. Senior Lit. - French Club :S Spanish Club SWANSON, GLADYS M. With quvnzly grace hrr taxkf :he jzarformx. Ari. Club Senior Linz. Maxivcll History Q D D U Q Q Q SWEET, FRED Tn him who is vourleour harm ' rfhlnm brfallr. Scriior Lim. Scicntinc Sdn. TALBUF, GLADYS L. Of wir: ramlurt a maid should be. Epsilon North Star Nlusic Club TAYLOR, RUTH N. Gay and happy will .vhe rzlwayx br. Senior Lit. Music Club W. , Maxwell History " 5 ' ' i ' 11555: . L . ii - ii . H 11.21. ' 1 . The Viking The Viking V ' gli QL 1 . . I , THOMAS, EMMA C. 95 ' J dainty, fair nmirl. 5 , Gamma rq 1 , Senior Lit. .... i Commercial Club Ki i ,gi H F -' ' TINKHAM, EMMITT E. ' ' " V Virtue: ii not 1Hz'III1lfE!l by Jtaturz. ' Senior Lit. X 'Wg ..- K ' i 'i1OLlN, RAYMOND E. A . ' Well has lie fought, ' NVrestling E Senior Lit. 1 Nlaxwcll History ii f 1 ' ' TOPEL, LENA N Kmfn-hearted art thou. 1 Big Sister ' Q . Rlusic Club I Senior Lit. W ,X . V A! . i r U f 'I'izEBER, JACK B. ' x fl jovial twinkle in hir eyz. fl Senior LiL. ' 4 i . TULLY, Lum E. ' ' Very prefiour is fha, hir praiszs i , , we Jing. i M N Big Sister , i Senior Lit. 1 IN-Izixwcll History i 1 . TURNER, IDA i" i fl loving friend of many. ' Senior Lit. Latin Club XVelfarc Com. . U Q TUTTLE, WINUiNA V. - Tlzs mofl kindly vf ilu- gmlamff. M Delia 4 ig' - 1 G. A. S. i ' h Senior Lit. V ' H: . -..:i Y-- W N A , ii tis.. 1. .si-U25 1 i . V vigil? My S Q . i ...Q S - "FE, . ms, .Q sm , ,M , , JZ' 'Qi' Y . I 1 I 2 Sgr' ' - 7' 4. N 'Z '5 X ii . V I' WC V A- 'fi S8 .45 rlvmure a maid as one rouldxt . h'1l.d. Epsilnn Senior Lit, , Spanish Club Q VAUGHN, ALMA R. i 5 VERDECKBERG, DOROTHY L. 11 maid fairrr than all. Zeta Senior LiL, Black Masque Q W VOLA, VICTORIA C. Ve will be able to PA'fl0V'1ll many i . grrat arlxivm'1nznt.v. French Club Senior Lil. K NaL'l Honor ' Vos, CALVIN M. Ile fflffiffh hi: hmd likn fl lord of mmm. W Senior Lit.. . . Mathcm Soc. I , f C ii VVcbslcr Oratorical if ' H WAGNER, FRANCES A. A bffl1llt'lI1U' fD1l71fE7llI1ll'!. Senior Lit. Spanish Club 1 X Nlaxwell History ' Librml and bmw men lim' bzrt. i Orchestra i ,, V , V 5 Jazz Ba nd Senior Lil. in WALKER, VERNON F. VVANDENLN, MAEROSE i 1 .fl bf-lover! Tlldiililll. N i Delta Senior Lit. Black Riasque ff mnn .vhould be a lrfefirl in hu V friend. Q Wnnman, CLARENCE A X. if i , C Q 59 The Viking The Viking Xf0KTXTFX.T?X1Q.'gQ T9.EHY I ' 1 WHITE, BBSSIE M. I .fl Qeauteour C01l7lfK7ld7l!'E oft rap- twatf: the wire. Gamma Senior Lit. W Commercial Club X , . WILLIAMS, RAYMOND H. 5 Dexterity ix he famous for. ' Hi-Y N i Senidr Lit. W L WITMER, ROBERT A. Wifdom hr hath in abundance. x Norscroll j Scicntinc Soc. N L WOLF, HAROLD F. L Courage if better than Jwunl- I xtrength. Hi-Y L 'bf f Cadets K lf' '41 -T WRIGHT, GRIFFIN llluy happinrn br ever XOUTI, 0 L lg: knight! M WRIGHT, Roncmz A. Hz borutx a ready heart. Cadets L I Black Masque K I YATES, MARJGRXE A. Dainlily dad if thin' niaiden. ' Zeta I I Senior Lit. Spanish Club ' YENKIN, ZELDA - Her nnile brightnu our Viking S halls. i f Delta - Senior Liz. W X'J.b3'."LWJlEQ ZARLENGO, Lonsrrn fl run of a 1naide1x. Alpha Senior Liz. ZINN, JEANETTB The goldvzdorned amz Big Sister Senior Lit.. , . Spanish Club U5 b N :Z :Q 92 55921: Qlffigg Ib Ti? Q 5--rn? ar-51-1 C2 S2-'Six GMO H2 s Q 922'-z L-' wg 21-' 2117 1-':?g,. Q-- -: M- ,Q 1: Q, gf' E5 if Ea, rn gg E? Q" 0 2-5 "3 EW " an E' 9 :J Q ez 2 Y 2 5- E Ea 1-1 wx, 2 Q 'E N pn- w Q E E Q 2 -2 5 H -2 55 I-fi Q.-.-.,,.-2-,,...,,.-:, 9 1-1 BERRY, CLARA Suu-bright :laughter of North. Senior Lil. Spanish Club T. flmu 1111! z'11.yo life in the hrzllx of 111571. liflusic Club Spanish Club Scientific Soc. BRODERICK, RUTH K. II maidm lair of form. Gamma Senior Lit. 1 U D The Viking The Viking l BUEHLER, IN1-:z D. fl -noble maiden whom all well low. Zeta G. A. S. Senjor Lin. 1 l 6 Q CLAGG, MARY R. X joyful in our Viking hall. Senior Lil. .iw Maxwell History , XM I Commercial Club Q ' DAUGHERTY, FRANCES W Fair and dazzling if .vhs in fwrm and feature. G. A. S. Senior Lit. L Spanish Club x DAY, FRANK H. Hz to Ihr folk a noblz' :hizl ap- , prarx to bv. i DoNoiv1cK, SAM zlud when he playx, thx air If l filled with muxir. Spanish Club Orchestra. Band Webster Oralorical FELDESMAN, LEO X x Cnrffrer is hr. 4 l E 1 ' Gun-mv, ELSIE F. garlx. Zeta Art Club Senior LiL. A lovelv aml lovable maid of the 5 - HABERMAN, HARCL1 Thou wilt IOFFIIIOJI liz of men br- ' math the run. ii wg Tumbling Social Com. i . . i i , 1 X X , ' ' " Vs' - in .1 ii ll A- ' wns. MN M' A mfilfmi- :ff W .M H .U R .ii ' 21535332 ' ..'GM'.UX'J..GR."JM.J.5S.Q q JOHNSON, DOROTHY V. W Y N The , Ol all :he is thx zlmrnt. , - - X B . . , A?'l.aC1ub ' Senior Lil. ' 'Q EE gmiz C!-IQCI7 Z'E:O vii? OWS F f-'FU U ,ng Q. QE Nm ir- 1-1 n-m 5' -,CD P. ig-if-?f L' Z 5 m?,,:w ? has sf r-.71 '- '-1 mmm-J. I-r' 2-Ffxm F553 :-E: E S E.: 3 5 :W 37' P4-1--5-T' Z :"':::' 3 as 2 rg 'Q gm .1-2 5 3 ,U Q ?5FiIb Eff 2353 fwfr: 5 's 1 v- "-' gg g-E 5,-gfr, -.yen Qroagg o 95? gg gs? 'r Eg 5 9. 3-1 9. Q? ., f -4 E -4 mmm E F Q2 Q - , ., E 33 E. U Z' 'Q 5 2 C' C' Senior Lit. Q r rrrr . . Q LEWIS, ILETA V. ' Clad ar: we lo lumc lxzr in our Viking llall. r r DCILZI McBEAN,Jo1-IN T. He if hrmdrvme in his person. Glee Club ' North Star The int ol all the gurl! lor spnvl. Spanish Club V. Cap't Track . Pres. Maxwell History Q PETRENE, FRED J. ' Q . . Q H lnJ.m'.mJ.m-ix- .Qu The Viking PROCTOR, CECIL R. M.. For feldom fit: he rtill. ' " " Golf Liusic Club Senior Lit. RICHTEL, DOROTHY W An. honvxt heart ponssrer a king- ' ' ' dom. . Alpha Senior Lit. sciemmc soc. Q I'-?J'n"-5-'-7'-af "' - fi V. SAYER, HARRY G. --IIS IE.' X'JLEX'J.."QKJ.HQ On him if grtat relirmrc plarezl. 1 Scientific Soc. W SE.IvIPI,E, SARAH JEAN ' N' " Fair mul grarefval of carriage. Zeu 1 . Senior Lit. W R SIMON, ANNA L nz, 11 gay maidzn. Epsilon l Senior Lit. L Maxwell History SINGER, ANNE'I'rE - IZ? ' She will Enjoy Iifz and If-iendrlzip ' Hunt. - Zeta M Senior Lit. L ,I II I .Mg , URICI-I, FLORENCE ' l Light-hearted and :arf-fra' Iver. Bela Senior Lit. X lX'laxwell History WHITE, MAURICE, R. Great glory haf he gained. Hi-Y Swimming' lXIaxwell History an I I f SENIORS ' APPELMAN, HERMAN Hr ha: a prudent mind. Commercial Club BERMAN, SAM Powerful and upright mgariom. LOMER, LAWRENCE el leader of thc warrior: Baseball Football, Capt. Home Room Rep. MARSHALL, DAVID A mighty man there ramex, Y 0 l l 0 D 'Q Q Q l Cadets Basketball THoMssEN, RICHARD The gud: him decree a prince mart lamed to be. Black Nlasque Stage Manager Home Room Rep. TOLIN, RALPH 'zex.'cax'xv1.x's:vx'ce'9-1Qs'9x.a.v"1x'sEnaM Latin Club Senior Lit. BOURG, VERNON P. For thi: Jon a blrxfing ix decreed. BROWN, SHE1.DoiN A. He hath the happier! life who Imaam well what he kno-zur. Latin Club Na1.'l Honor Matltetit Soc. BRUNO, RALPH ll: 'valiant ar Tyr. DAREFSKY, FANNIE .fl cheerful maiden. lylusic Club Senior Lit. . Commercial Club GINSEERG, MINNIE She little has to Jay. Gamma Music Club Senior Lit. HAWKINS, LETA M. Beloved of men. HOLLARD, LEWIS Ready in winlom. Cadets French Club Spanish Club HUGHES, BYRON He betcenu a king. Spanish Club lylaxwell History JANOWITZ, JACOB Om' of the most powerful thum- pioiu. Latin Club Spanish Club lvlaxwell History LAESH, NOBLE They him decreed a prince mart lamnl to he. Music Club North Star Black Masque Maxwell History MARTIN, FRANCES Behold har, outxtanding in Jportf Delta Latin Club Maxwell History OvE.RE ECK, W1LcOx lfrarr with- hir mn, look: with h-ir rryer, and carefully re- flectr on :wry ewnt. Then comes another yet more mighty. VAN BRUNT, PERGY A knight -who will enjoy life. Hi-Y Latin Club VILAND, LILLIAN Wire with the wirdom of men and gudr. Senior Lit. Nat'l Honor Scientihc Soc. WILCOXEN, -GENEVIEVE Among the maid: who tread the earth, Zhou art of the lowlifsl barn. Zeta Senior Lit. Spanish Club W1LcOxE.N, IRVING 1: swift and staunch in battle. Senior Lit. Social Hour Com. WOLDT, LEO-LA Graceful and comely ir thi: maid. AUGUST SENIORS Social Hour Com. PEPPER, THEODORE R. Skilled in the art of defvvuz' if he. PofrTER, WALDO G. Liberal and 'valiant 'men live bert. Scientific Soc. RIGGINS, PEGGY fl fair, raz'e1i-treued -maiden. Roccxo, ELMA Shu is wire and prudent. Beta Latin Club Senior Lit. Rocclo, EVA She hath a ge-ntle countenance Beta I Senior Lit. SANZONE, JOE If foe: auail lhec, their heart! :hall fail them . Baseball Football Scientific Soc. SCHMIDT, MARGUERITE .Loving and low'-giving. Epsilon Art Club Senior Lit. SHIDELER, BYRON Full in wixdom, thou friend ol all. Senior Lit. Scion tific Soc. Nlaxwell Hislcry SPENCER, JACK CRAss, DOUGLAS He alum' lanawr much who ha: wandered wide. Senior Lit, Maxwell History HELLER, ABE Let thvyJe'lj', thy,rz'lf dirtrt. Tennis Basketball TULLY, JOE Skilled in the art of coaching. Track Senior Lit. Basketball Nlgr. VAN LIEW, DELMONT fl chief, during. He arcumpl-i.rhc.r the godr' derife. Track I.ARsO-N, RICHARD I-Ii-Y, Football Harulsome art thou. Scicntihc Soc. Basketball W A L V571-. to 6555 W2-SJ 1 J 'J 'ZL ' The Viking The Viking x Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E , 4 V Q 1 V. .-. 31 ':f5'iQ'EE.3f,"2:?f 555 Unlmggf .4 Q 'K f24"'1-" - F ' Q 2 -1 r Q . . . ' ' 1 . Q - , :A ' .. . Q Y -" 1 ' . . 1- , aw- 1-. I . - ' t 7- Q ., Wwe, ,WN . .,,: 1 ,mv 1 I. - I- : ' . 1 7 Q - V ' L 'J 4' 1 1 H Q H , .4 s 1 mu E -A Q fl? 5 x " ' , -' " ,. , I. ,- 9:4 -,s.' '- "N 'Je Fa- ' ln! ee A .. --AH -Q -'z . .1 , gffifx zsf'15'z:,Q ,J . S" d 'l em' gif ,.,A . I '- 1 ' - . F2123 - --- ' Q .1 ' H-lui, -.ill . Xl, gi., 2 H i 4A-AA-Q Q A 3421 5: -,rf'f.?-115 fn V -I-H Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ Sl!J..'GX".'wJ.'M"-Z'6X".'..,'X'iZ.'1XlV.. CL S N fr ' 1 , W ff?-, g M , Q i -Q , ' ,, Th I FK 5.1 I ., , f f jfgil, lkmg dgfffv xQ x , 5 , ::.r5:zgQ A 'Xl ,x 9 VN f.11r.-- Ewan' X NQN X L ,- ' NX ,.?7 IMI' A A A B - - . li. 5 . ' - 2 " img:-pl I ng I ' - f H -0, .Q 5-ip . 311 I 'NA E! 'llfpsaliiiimg llrf' , ' dwwjof ,aw rdfz-.,,, Liss ,I " , f- - ' I . , N .rim H. 25 wir ,J ' f A 1'-... 5' , - f j . d 'i - 5 ff "x "-,F 1 1? 6? QQHS-3 fx va f 1... X9 , E" Of' - tw ax 4 h 05" I Sv Q. Ai! A QNX :- 'K dr gif M QSO X' wi' xii! , " f 5, 'P E V nwlu.,,,,,h If ll ' UL , ' M -ia ' 'r 1 M M 1, 1 ,1 2 ,sh QW W mm W,-,,.,,m,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,n, 1 IW flyiigty f ff l xko Mm K M rn. , I 'fri' ml Why ,' AJJMJ U A ,JS ' 1' ' Q Af fy U , uv'-L Jill Stvzililjw . 1 ' ' ' ' -'QDUDQDQDQD ' ' - - The Viking Class Day N HE play selected and presented by the graduating class this year is W T"Pomander Walk." This quaint, dignified comedy Written by Louis Parker in 1910 has often been presented on the professional stage with great success, but never before has it been given with more enthusiasm than when the Class of 1928 presented it in the North auditorium. "Pomande1' Walk" is a comedy in three acts. The scenes represent a short street in the suburbs of London. This street is peculiar in that it has only one entrance. There are six houses, all of which have the same design and detail. They are all on the same side of the street. On the other side is a river. ln front of each cottage is a small bit of lawn or plot of Howers and in the middle is a tree with a bench Where the lovers of the play meet. These houses have been occupied by the same people for a long timeg so E that the occupants have come to feel as one big family with Admiral Sir Peter Q Antrobus, a bluff retired seaman, as social dictator and arbitrator of all dis- S agreements which arise. The leading roles, are those of Mlle. Marjolaine Lachesnais and Lieutenant the Honorable John Sayle. Four love complications arise during the play but it ends with everyone being married and living happily ever after, of course. X . The costumes are the beautiful and picturesque ones of the early nine- teenth century. The play had a cast of nineteen people, directed by Mrs. Marion W. Graham who has instructed the actors of the Class Plays for several years at North. The characters were represented by the following members of the 1928 Q class: Prelude ...... .... .................... B E RENICE BOTHEL - John Szzyle, 10th Baron Otforzl ..... . ..... Ross SHAFFER Lieul., the I-1011. John Szzyle, R. N. .... ..... G EORGE JAGER fl1l111ir11I Sir Peter dntrobus .......... ..... A RTHUR LUCY Jerome Brooke-Hoshyn, Esq. ............... JOHN MCBEAN The Rev. Jacob Sternroyd, D.D., F.S.A..ADOLPH MATTHEWS M r. Basil Pringle ............ ......... V ERNON WALKER j3f.f:.'J.7'.f'.':A'ff:'5'f'.:'J?'JL'i'i".l' .-l:i':Jf'f'J"'-:".A'4fJ".1".!' I-21 Jim ............. . . . .... FRANK GRUVER . . .HAROLD BURN ........JoE REED . . . .JOHN DALSANT The fllufin fllmz. . The Lanzplighler ...... The Eyesore ........... Madrllrze Lucie Laclzesnais. . . . . .JOSEPI-IINE BRIGGS flllle. Illarjolaine Laehesizais. Mrs. Pamela Poshelt ..... Miss Ruth Permymint .... Ilfliss Barbara Pemzymint ..... . . . . ,AMY FINCHETTE . . . .VICTORIA VOLA . . . .RUTH ANDERSON . . . . .GLADYS TALBOT The Hon. Caroline Thring .... ..... L OUISA ANDERSON Nanefte .................. ......... M OLLIE SEWER Jane .............................. LORETTA LEISENRING TEL' "'ZBf"IGf'Y.'l43'....GE Presentation of Memorial HROUGH the last four years, we seniors have dwelt within the halls CF of North. We have enjoyed its unsurpassed advantages, have shared in its work and its pleasure. We realize that in this period we have grown, changed, somewhat matured, that through our school life we have formed habits, built character, and, to some extent at least, established for our- selves the ideals that must guide us through life. 3 Some of us will continue our quest of learning, while others will turn to the busy pursuits of life, but we all shall remember the years spent in these halls as the happiest of our lives. While we were struggling through our high school course, we did not realize what a splendid preparation for life we were receiving. We were too much absorbed in our particular tasks to foresee, in a clear way, what our high school work would mean to us after four years of determined advancement. VVe have felt the careful guidance of our teachers, but it is only as we near graduation that we can really appreciate the past. At this time we are happy in the knowledge that the goal for which we have striven is at hand. In our hearts there is a feeling of sadness at the thought of leaving our beloved school, our teachers, and our companions. In token of the gratitude and appreciation we feel to those we leave be- hind us We, the class of 1928 present this memorial to North High School. RICHARD DUFFY-"28" Acceptance of Memorial N behalf of the Junior class and the student body of North High School, I accept this appropriate memorial which the Senior Class has bestowed on our school. Throughout the past year We have Watched the progress of this class to- ward their goal, graduation, and we feel assured that they have worthily up- held the standards of North High School under the direction of their chosen leaders. This graduating class, by its actions and achievements, has set for us a standard of ideals of loyalty and devotion to our school which devolve upon us, the remaining classes of North High School to live up to. The incentive to accomplish this task is furnished through a determina- tion to succeed, and, if possible, to further raise the standards so nobly estab- lished. I know that we shall succeed, for our ideals do not permit failure, and someday we too shall lead others on to this same momentous occasion. Again we want to thank the Senior Class. PAUL LOFGREN, President. l'l'J....W4.'.WJ.HGi 69 The Viking The Viking Senior Prom 0-" O"v r'- rj' 0f'f rm-' PYAP' cf S'3Blx,TR. a'KYpaXT9LQ9.74.XJ.U.K Q W HE boys, gym was transformed into a pink and silver bower of beauty W Tfor the Senior Prom, held the evening of Bday 5. The dance room was x made into a charming flower garden for the eventful occasion by a firm of commercial decorators. Pineapple ice was served during the intermission from a decorated booth on the dance floor, and an outside orchestra furnished the Q music for the seniors and their guests. The committee who made the prom such a delightful affair consisted of Glen Bretschneider, Dorothy Verdeckberg, Joseph Marcus, Richard Nollen- berger, and Frances VVagner. The patrons and patronesses were: Mr. William C. Borstg Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fitch, lVIr. and lVIrs. Alvin C. Smith, Mrs. E. G. Duffyg Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Robertsong and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Matthews. The Senior Prom is a long-looked-for occasion at North, and this success- ful dance will be remembered by the class of '28. H58 ' 'eds' 1 Junior Prom I I J festive event of the school year-the Junior Prom. K The night of Saturday, June 9, Juniors entertained Seniors in the Boys' Gym which wasn't a gym at all but in its place the delighted dancers ' found a beautifully decorated cabaret. Tables lined the Hoor and the balcony and walls were gay with many colored balloons. ' ln this atmosphere the guests danced happily on to the music of an outside orchestra. Sophomore girls assisted in the serving of refreshments at indivi- dual tables. The committee that was partly responsible for this prom included Jack Barrows, Rheba Brown, Frances Villano, Ruth Sedgley, Carl Carlson, and Joe Trembly. The patrons consisted of some of the members of the faculty and the parents of the officers of the class. In acknowledgment of the efforts of the Senior Class, We Juniors have , tried to repay them in a small Way with the best Junior Prom ever given at North. We feel as if we have succeeded, if one can judge by the popularity this prom received by all who attended. Q Q l Q . .... .... .. Q Q Q s U W S VL Q5 70 3 MID SENIOR K '! A ...ew F ll, K, Y mg A 7, if 71 x. Th Vik g The Viking Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q fl'-'21 .f'..L'i"JZf'.f..:3f If E: MID-SENIORS hm Axmusws, Ranma-r BARKER, WILEY BRAGGINS Izumi: Gu-12. RALPII Gown . , YZ Tim Clzow, DELLA DANKIANA, CARVER ELL mc DAVE HEXMAN, IXATHLIZEN Hossox LA Fm' 1'IOFFMAN, FLORENCE jorms, FLORENCE KAss Q Q Q XJ.EX"J.EX"J4lQ, Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ , - Y 7 A 1 - ' W ' K ' w if EQ- 'w V H 1 , , H ,, , , g. N i , w 1 H MID-SENIORS I L I LOFGREN, ROBERT Lusnaxnranc, NI RI C L N I cr: NEWMAN, ANGELINA Nlccou, F P E I NI Scuul..'r1-xE1s, ELLYN SHA jomv SIBLEY L S . NI LDRED Swnxsox, JOE Truim H ., xv VE-ro A . J Z9"'C'IYQ 'E I m m m The Viking The Viking Y E Q E' Q W Q w Q Q Q 1 2 H IQ, ?ll '4 x ,S 'N- X in b , 4 if Q Fi . ' . 'Q ' .Q A O 1, , o I: , L:, Diy Q ' 2f W g 5 'W - MID-SENIORS , .,.: ,ul LESLIE VILAND, HAxRIl-:'r'x'r: VVAm.Ev, NQRMAN Vx0LACH. DOROTl'IX' VVALMA Sxmx. Eku. NNILLN, JOHN LAURA, KTAIVIHA Lxozvn, LLCILL1. S1-'Lum avg Y' if .A wnga'?4E.1r4 ,r 'M . :v I ,x ,, , -1' , Q:-.-A fi Q Q wwf 'K' XQTQREJ S Q9 ea- Jam nfssak - 'mv 74 f ' .f..:".'if'9f' WWW w 'N ww WB Q fi fm f K?-PQ GJ f fff- Ismfgf X A JTIIJDCHR, . X A 53,5 W IK WAAQQI I 11 A LN N XX F59 A fe wQ?f ei 95 ., A ale QQ N I' Bly 0 f 7l'fQf' s ,Q or J N I Hmcyi 'Inq WWII! -sw f fy AIWST. av lilu 3832? 0 QV! ' 53. fill Sgia YE' Y me M, N X F Y5Yl lj qw 0 fn 103, W If I -fx I X X ii we A he , G' X i w ag Q 'glilb sU"fgy Qin 4 J P ' ws: NJ Q59 k e 6? W KING HARALD It rx C THE VICTOR I YAWW 3 NJ ! girl f J R 'S , - - W 1 2 ' Ea- 5 'ah' N V M Y ' 4 f X , f I 2, 0 A Q V . ff'-2-' fr: ' h. My G' , F, . I , - - Q Qjggggi ,,- wake lp X 2' sm if-1 . -. 3 Q bfi, 3-X 'I " ,?l fCV, L fw W As gav I XB I ,idx 4 ' V1 5 . ,a.W.f",, . ,4'1.f,." L. Q was v ' gkv ffa'Nifi'vw ww WN fZ dQ A f 'K - A. If CL?-1 , ,t 1.1-N , ' W" 4-1 5 ' 'V ' 'I g I . Aw 1,-lvl: ' 4 A - 1 , . g ! " f- I, K-7 , 'J kf"'- .WA ,keg tl Wfbw' . ,,' fi , 31,15 I f .4 f -W1-p , ' .,, f , A , 4 A ,Q D, gag g?,fx qQ1i55,fg igym' Wa , 5 I . , ,Ed xnxgf H 'gi L.. , .lk V f, A mu 111525 :Eiga f Wk! 1 A W .4 ' - '54J'1- f"' 5 '01, -oc' - X . g v 4 4' 'hbys ' Y' DN 38:21 E lffii 'fvf ' Q' xo-Q 'UL NEW! - -Q- 3803 '-524 !',., ig M418 u x J ll keg X HK tb ff' :fa 51-qi? gwvrsya 7 lm., .. ., . .. N fx' ,, " A Eg-w9Z'TQ.nv - gf' xv. : 952' ' 1 4 " X 5144 ""'Rf' W' 1 get Af ,: , gxsfyy ,. . , JW' I K' o ,Q - I 9 Q 1' - 5 , Ng. at , K I I r X A - I' I I X RWM... ' HMV W f "XV 4 'IW me if 1 - . . o - A .- Q EE' X lmvbhu I' Q ' W ' I' S g .f , . I f "' ,A , 1 N. Z5 ,,- 3 : Q . V i O - X' ..-- I f j - - I . H 4. 4 ', 1 '-Asfg '- 'v K Wf w+ if ' ' ' v ' V ' V 1 '9:f31,1A I 1 , 4 F W . I X ' n xg lx " 'Nl It " - N I I m l y Wg, Wk I 'I xx U , 5 V . ., -A 3 X N X7 b W awwah , 1- 1 +QSw f A - . ..:'. .ifzgaagf lp! 'V A N ,ff 1 1 I f - P. L Q, 4. Ml I :Q-J: 13 75 The Viking The Viking 1 l .Il2L'A'f'.f.?Q'J' .l.ZF2'-f.!'4f'.."T.'J' 7: P I' 'I H W cu Fl F1 ff. O z 55' 4 -1 -Q. -. E -2 it Z .1 'P 7C fr' . SE.- E!-4 rn ..,. 5 af? 'H 1? ES. -T? -, 53 ah., I" P 51 , 4 . -'TI 2 'H Z 9 2 "l 2 i 5 u E -4 J umor Class li HE triumphs of a victory! The thrill of something achieved! In the CF footsteps of our great Viking ancestor Harold, the Fair Haired, we, the Junior Class, follow. As Harold sat upon his horse, surrounded by his men, and victorious in his first great battle, he planned for the future and resolved to profit by the lessons his late experiences had taught him. And so we too, after reaping the 1 spoils of the first few years of high school life surrounded by our class-mates, plan for our remaining months in this Viking home. Even though our Viking ancestors were a great people, we feel that as the S Junior Class of 1928 We are just as great or even greater. The Junior Prom, that is to be held the night of June 9, promises to be the gayest of the year. . Through all this year, We have endeavored to give back to the school some of the benefits we have received. We may not have succeeded, but we go with N light hearts into the senior class, knowing that we have still another year to accomplish our ends. M d -3 IA a l, Y l,4'T2.1'r Yfii mf, .I YT ,, , E , Q I 'gli .-' ,gh s. f ff- , f l'- ,, , A lf , W l, - 1 5. .V . lk I , '., fx ls 5 l 1 GQ - 'w . u ' . ' l I Will NL 'fa l "."",f.I: , ,,. 1 I ,.,, 1 'I , ff- J fr. Q ls I r rl ,sl JUNIORS Irene Ackerman, Marjorie App, Joe Arnold, Lucille Arnulcl, Elcanur Bflgllilll, Dorothy Bain Purnell llnllengcr, Floyd Barker, Helen Barker, .lluek Burrows. Irene Burtla, Kathryn Bnshforsl Mary Iiuwtcnlnlm, Kathryn Benn, Waller Benson, Nina Bell, Mary Ann Bendu, Doris Benovltz Ilymun Berger, Dom Bernstein, Fay Bloom, Gruce Bowles, .Iuunotte lloyd, Ethel Briggs Violalnue Bright, Edna Brown, liheba Brown, Marie Brcyles, Lillian Bumgnmer. I-lelen Butler Alice Butz, Catherine Cahill, Louise Gaines, Dorothy Canterbury, Carl Carlson. Clarence Carlson Isabelle Carney, Dean Carter, Marguerite Carter, Viminiu Case, Marian Cuspe, Virginia Cates WQJHJMJHJM , lf 15 . l l ll J"-T'Q.Tf'-f'.:'.l'J'.2'.l'JF.1'!'.f'.g17' 4f.4'i'l'J'5Z'J'J'-.4-':l'l'.1'af.f1'.'f O The . Viking The Viking .r J X. G if -I Ol i l 5 4 I UN1oRs f' 9 M' 1' y, ,, ,f 1 , ,, J ,ff ,dwffv U10 I Luv ,fl-1, George CIHKDCEIUIII, Ruth Clurk, Belle Cohen, .luliu Colfun, Jacob Coleman, Luuru Goorier Louise Corry, Esther Courtney. Alice Craw, Gertrude Crier, John Dulzell, Thelnm Ile Fore John Deitmnn, Martini Dispcnse, Glen llruin, Robert Dryden, Margaret, Duerr, Arthur Durbin Calvin East., Helen Ebcr, Becky Eckstein, Frances Edelman, Dorothy Edmunds, Robert Elkin Lewis Ellspcrrnan, Herman Emerson. Luwremm Ensor, Grover Filler. Ruth Flader, Carol Froid In-no Gaglia, Faith Garhuti, Mildred Gnrdner, Domouic Gnudio, Lillie Gavin, Julius Geller Edward Gingery, Zelda Ginn, Goldie Goldberg. Doris Gordon, Jznnes Graham, Matilda Grusso for ' - ml- cl' WG. li" Lf:-,.,l?f-l - in -r L P - ---f 78 1 , VV ' X X-J J 1 J 1x , fy 1 Rf 0 'lj wr lf- x , ff: Y' h 5 - -JL l - ' 1 f V g .14 e , 1 x-b , -- 1 1' .I - X. 1 11 Qz1'mQg,, 1 1- R. .-5, . 1. '-V- J 1-'Hill " N '15 4' "5"' If QLYLW1 ' X , if 4 f-7 A ' 1. ,' if: ,ri , 1. , ', ' 1 ", xx .. ' b fr ' 9' I ' , . if Y 1 L 5" 14 1 ff lu A , rf ig 3 ,V 7 ' "rw, , . , g H .I 2 V K 'YFX . iq W 1 1 1 ' V 1 1 ff , . - . ' ' '1 t 1 .min , 1 1 A ' M .lunws Green, Kate Greer, Mary Gril'llI.l1, Itnbert Grote. Ilutlx Gurtlor, Ellen Gustafson Burnarlette Gnlmyer, Dnnulrl llaunilton, Wilnm, lluwis, .losl-phine llandy, Dorothy Hatfield, Clill'urrl Hayes Hnrolrl Hays, Blcllonuld llays, Wilford lluyes. Phyllis llccliart, Goldie Hcllerstein, Anne llernum Elsie Ilcrrnmnn, Helen Hill. Doruthy Hinton. Mildred Ilnhl, Glen Hopkins, Zwinglc Hoyt Ninn lluggnns, Bertha Jacobs, Jenn .lun'cl,L, Dorothea Jensen, Aileen Jones, Marlowe Jones Muriel Jones, Virginia Jones, lllcliurrl Kuhn, Mary Kearns, Ilmvnrd Keim, Bs-rtlm Ketelnnn Millicenl. Kirkmnn, Mandisa Kleine, Riuliunl Kirklnmick, Emma. Kisl., Cllusier Knight, Velma Knight 79 .--Sl ', 1 ly 7 .y i ' 1 The Viking ,if If ,,6,xLf4-A. W. The Viking W iqanxmzzefwuxioxwsiwvxwu' Y F' I , P - , l ,V an 1 l. ' L I , " .. f"2' 5 E 'I L ' if , . ff gg .' 1 5 ,..,. N l 1 Q E? 1 .,. . as ' 1 .315 .Q 1 Ir- ,,, -' 5 - 7, "' 4' iff' wg, 'E z ' E N If I 1 ,C ' K ' ' V ' gzg : ,'., l X , Q .--,, ln j',,,,k is -,l VV .I W JFS gk 'F . I 7 V ' ' 5 x -I " I .-9 - ' 'If 4' ,, . ' -1:5 . ' l P f ill 'L ,vi-I fi- I Ralph Kooken. Margaret Kopf, Dorothy Kraut, Max Krone, Sylvia Lumpert, Alice Larson Gordon Lursou, Leroy Lawrence, Virginia Lee, Rose Lemherg, Esther Levzllley, Helen Levine Gertrude Litvak, Ernestlne Lowe, Delorinu Lucas. James Lucodl, Dolores Lytle, Gertmde McIntyre Mildred McLean, Martha Macy, Wilhelmina Marine, Bmce Mather, Lucille Matson, Georgia May llelen Mershon, Becky Miller, Gertrude Miller, .luck Miller, Myron Miller, Madeline Mueller Ruth Nicholls, Curl Norrlquist, Edna Norris, Evelyn Nott, Louise Nylunder, Mae 0'Connell Howard 0'Dell, Vlrginla 0'Reur, Helen Osborn. Edna Oswauvlel, Mildred Ottens, Ethel Parks Q Q l XJLHJLTJMGS 80 mr l . , H 1 X Q1 fl l , , .. .i ', 4 " '. -1- i , X Q ,P , M .141 Y L , f N , A, ,nl Q ,1 Vi ' ' - K Rt 1 Y Y ' K, l H' at 7 - . ' 1' , ref , Y 1 . . . , J- -. . 6 T X Y N AL 7' . , h y - 1 K Annu I', Mary Petrie, Charles Piquette. .himes I'1'engex1.:nst. James Rudetsky, Milton Rznletsky M Martha Rue, Iver Rnnum. George liinsink. Beatrice Ricluirds, Elsle Ric-hnmn, Leonard Riulnnun Huy lloauty, Bessie Ruhins, Vivian llugers, Sum ltosenblounl, Jenny Rosen, Leah Rosen Rose llussmun, Alben Route, Minnie lluhen, Ruth Rubin. .lnunitn Ilutschman, Viviun Srlrllier Annu Snnzone. Mary Szlnzune, Henry Sehiess, Louise Schimpfle. Dorothy Sclnnltt. Madgel Schoch Ellen Sf'hranf:. Donmnic Scioli, Ruth Scdglcy, Annu Semtlni, Lewis Serkln, June Sess Erwin Shannon, Vern Slmnnnn, Braiinnrd Shay, Mildred Shirk. Marian Short, Mary Shuster Sl .iq 1. The Viking ff ""sgF35faS-Q" "1 1' "e'??3w?"s- Y V if +1 1- ,-f .W Q ,nr Y W --Y W -.- . P gf 1, fm Cg, wM J v fi-A TF Q- X V ::,g,AZ-Q 'P , W V-E JH ' Sf r is Zfl , Z ' sf r . ff r is 9 1' fl-' " 'Nl -' v . L in I rl Viking u- E' v , . l lv QQ . - "i S8 V A l , I gg 'Q I fl - A I , . . Q.. , , ,,-:, , - ' ' , Qgfgsfaij 'gl ,Inf .V A ,J sg ffl' 1. I ' 1 -' -fl .V ' ? - W -. 1 if rl N V N lah- ,J 1 . , , ,V 1 Q39 ' 3 ,, . - s l' H U vi " , ,Jivwfl 1 f if Ja- I V , L , -. Q15 'a - 'y 2 'A ff' I x I dl A: Vx u, .lives ,n ig is 1 V WS! , ' l' 1 f' ,J af , 'fi , D- ' ' -. ' . - I ws N . 5 V - . , 9 I . 'QW' ,h , 6 v 1. . Y' 'Q' ' EH 4- 5 ' , . 'E " . A7 ,QQ ll f an 1 gag W., . ' 41.6, E K la ' , , W K x L -.ff . 1 Y ' ,- 1 air ' Vg "' f I rs ' f , , til ' if fl ' QQ, 5. , , .ig Fig , 31, ,e 1 QQ U ' ., . . T, LJ ,Q .. K W W ass an v- - E if ,Q la , .E 1 'tw ,yi , 1 .V ,N in li F- - J", Yf,?3K,'sr :,,w 1. .la ' X 0-rf , ai? , , -- -' X E,- 9, S' Si L1 w Sub! . H .. g k as 'fax Y Q 3,1 JUNIORS 5 pi 'h .5 l Regina Sidin, Sylvla Silverherg. Julia Silva-rnum. Dorothy Smith, Rivhaml Smith, Ernest Snodgrass 5' I' Edith Sosm llclmn Snenmer John Qustnirk loe Sternv Gwnndolyn Qtrain Wilma Tamnlin 523 -M: '. ' ' . . .' ', . r A , ' ' a ' , ' Lf: QM Gorrlnn Taylor, Edwin Tepper, Walter Tharkery, Eleanor Thomas, Eugene Thomas. Mattie Lou Thomas Roland Tlmmaw, Ruth Tlelleman, llminald Towncr, George 'hirueiy Eleanor Valentine, Bernice Van llarn QQ-5 El Alice Vaughn, William Vaughn, George Veto. Franves Villano, Juanita Waddell, Elurenrfe Waldumn Lx qjg ,. Paul Walker, Grave Watkins, Laurel Way, Doris Weideman, Evelyn Weinstein, Sam Weinstein '2 '. ,315 Ellsworth West, Dorcthy Whitehead, Maxine Wilcox. Claire Williams, Evelyn Wilson, Martha Wolmvsky lv RJ' . 'Qi nm NN 'ri re W, ' H4 -' - ff:-P-:-rf - are -- , 'ua . S.. . -fa-w rf.-,---Q 'wffwzqf :E , --- M 'wwf - - .fvr iyfi, 5 QL -323, .2,"2'i'r.Xif TWT m i'-Q:Q?,i" fri, !y51 mfg 22,3 -I "' -1 ' "if-7 UF., fi'I'1 V ' 72- "V 15 "'H.,,' -'H' VPU' p V , ... 1 xl-ff i'l Wa 'w IJ ff- "D 5 -'95, :QU L. '31 lf ',5,i-,fv-9 N 325' 1gl,'1:,s' i?,"1--'pf if 1,g,,1f1vffw-f,f'J Q iw- .o'.,g1,.-w- xilfl-l'12L,-Cie-iifff 'fl FJ' , -,,":21fPf9? Mfg-ages-biiizgj-i YL Llirfah...-25595 an Elk 82 EV ' " "ff:," ' 'f 'Ks3iw'v " WH:,' 'rw X ..fEk..,"Q9A. Tliflb A MLTKQDQLREQ 3 F we Q A S Q 3 , Ha , E A fx' 2 I ,f fe X Q1 V H 2 ,Q MSE Q 1, 53 'Q w 1 .KX ' il 4. t s 3 , -Q. az -f 0 r 293 1 if 2 2 'fs Q E' 2 gm 4 r 4 ga 55 z , G EQ Q, QE pi 553 Q JUN IORS Inrjnrie Wood, Emily Wright, Annu Yokus, Bessie Yolin, .lnnms Yuungbcrg, Edward Zurlavsky F , wr Ida Zxmsnmn, Maxine Zwuska, Frank Bremllc, Chnrlotz Hawkins Q5 ms? fl tx A V .1 4. S3 9 The Viking .Z?'.fl 527' f-':JffJ'-.'.'-ZfJ?.?A'fl4T'n9'.f'.'.Tf?'.I'.'.T!.7f'.2J' ll'-TJ? ff-f.:'f J!-J 3 3 H 9 5 9 5 5 4 -199 .16l'..':3f' !f.:'i!ff'-:'.A'fZ:'-d?f.:'5f'I-":dff.1'Zff.1'Z'f.f'-.7!'f1.1'f Q Q5Tl-"4'-':-'4-Z-'4-Z'I-"f'2"I-I-E'i-" SQPHO QA E Y-.pq-,115-5-, iff! I' g Q1 HFIRHLD VOWS TO GRIND HIS FHTHERS FOES UNDERHIS HEEL Z,-IP"-ik .xi 85 The Viking The Viking WSW MWAFW .E - v . lt. Sloclcwvll, G. Sulaxzure. B. Curnutie, P. Fruitt, D. Decker, Cnlxapiro, ll. Purina, A. Samuelson x G. Sclmlenhcrg. H. llasketm, F. Tuuiui, C. Brum, C. Krieger, I.Kessling, 0. Stevens, F. Grihbin, S. Meselson, H. Haines 1 P. Cutfurth, L. Corn, C. liedluug, W. Gowarrl, II. Guvito, B. Gum:-n, M. Farrel, L. Arrou, C. Lamoureax , E. Talhert, W. llninus, J. Hnrtug, L. Williams, C. Cint, J. Jones, T. Toxhoven, C. Reina W - A. Briclwcll, ll. Johnson, M. Harris. Williams, R. Ca c ' J. Rule, M. Kmm, 11 Hawking, M. Perry, D. Priuss 5. L. Duck, D. Heckmzm, M. Farrow, .l. llird, L. Bolitho, I. Fmzzini, L. Barron, R., Kanter, E. Christensen V Qi. M. Durbin, M. Tustin, G, Evans, L. Bcrekly, R. Wat ms, . rliug, C. Meyers, C. Ely, B. Frazinni, E. Fenig , -1. 5 . ,.-.74 5 fy -,' uf Af- 1 .v' 1 ' 'Q ' v v- ' ,,pWG' w",,g EW WA W WNW WW ff C2310 f2em.H2:3aim-1'-- Ana. E- ,QL 4 .- 6 R6 Nemnnn, G. Milton, K. Shnmnn, V. Snllars, F2 Markham, A. Rosen ll. Remley. L. Russell, ll. Slmplro, ll. Peschel, A. Marshall, D. Quest F. Schnpp, I. Shevern, Bl. Murphy, P. Miles, A. Ornstein L. Russell, R. Smith, D. Miller, F. Pomslinick, V. Phillips, B. Pister, S. Rotstein, I-I. Nelson, R, Mason ' EI. Szunpsun, .l. Nuwmun, U. Moss, J.Ricott.a, E.Perkins. .Lllollu H. Michnelo, P. Singer. E. Saber, C. Sartori, A. Moskowitz ll. ll'hu'row. V. Morris, I. Sisson, E. M. Powell, A. Sllbernnm, F. Miller, L. Month, W. McGuire, D N. lhillips, J. Morgan, F1 Moore, V. M. Mott, S. Petrie, H. Stnnko, 1.1! f..l,4 -,-,,. l W. Lesser. L. Delung, F. Derby, I-l. Molnug. 0. Doln.:hert.y, I'. Nutale A.Nnzurcnas, S.Tlll'l'lQl', .I.Stm.Lcnbelg, E.Mialnd, M.Snydcr. 0.Giruux, D.Edwnrrls. E.S4'hol1.z, G.Pra1.her, D.Dnwling, F.Wriglit N. Travis, E. Frnzini, V. Lenhart, E. Miner, l-1. Dunovilz, D. Minuwitz, H. Delidow, J. Rue N. Bewlcy, lf. Davies, S. Klausner, C. Carlson, F. Goldberg. I. Fogel, A. Glnssman M. Cuhle, R. Lowden, R. Juuins. IL Gortncr. E. Willinrns, E. I'rit.el1er, J. Bell, R. Dalzell H. Emmett, R, Gardens, B. Fried, C. Peer, W. Dickerson, L. Frazer, G. Sputz, IL Kelly, J. Lecktcnstein V F. Palko, II. Flick, M. Gardenswartz, M. Smith, L. Englelierg, F. Gamze, M. Finer, W. Snyder Q., :Jim ' 1 wrt? fl ,,,, V. 1,57 ' 4' -, 651, K Q- h fgpp. 'l Q3-ir. R7 The Viking Xb 0 TTLB 'moss The Viking .fsgfgf N. Lawlor, J. llanseu, D. Wilson, D, Velloto, F. Kotcwsky, F. Tanku, R. Lucas, L. Lossassu P. Wndley, 0. Wilson, H. Cohen, F. Lurson, F. Hecht, E-, Williams, L. Hardin, E. McClelland, J. Williamson, G. MeCun1 E. Terrilon, M. Wertz, M. Green, 141. Wiehizer, F. Wosk, C. Kline, E. Wilson, W. Hansen, C. Kruppy, R. Harris S. Jolums, I. McCa1l1u1u, 0. Wagner, A. Wertz, M. Cavatdo, M. Sybertz, I. Grove, H.. Wilt, E. Jaeger, M. Bernstein D. Kcmmereh, B. llolllngsworth, J. Tranehitella, A. Johnson, G. Wellner, W. Yairrol, J. Kringle, W. Keller M. Kapnis, M. Kunsmiller, P. Johnson, L. Widom, G. Weurlelkn, li, Wergon R. Lzxngext, P. Walker, B. Whltcnmb, I. Weishly, I. Tenuelmum, W. Flax lgan, T. -lerir5f2NL. Lilly, C. Wedig, C. Harris A - mv.. , ' , lin, ' .X i. .nil '. . ., X L-J xwjd Il. Steinke, .l. Culahrnse, R. Juclrl, IL, Cunterhury, R. Wieger, C. Wheeler, D. Drlsvnll, L. Zohrowsky M. Car-osellu, R. Zyner, M. Austin, M. Teplony, T. Surglne, E. Sturgeon, W. Bock, E. Vietz. M. Bernstein . K. Armstrong, E. Surgine, l.. Coulter, M. Brunc, K. Arkln, M. Saunders. Al. Blend, I. Ward, L. Smith ll. West, E. Smmin, II. Spurllne, ll. Wolfeuberger, M. Anthony, E. Carlisle, M. Smith, B. Sturbuck, A Swedlcw, E. Sink R. Simmus, G. Stroud, ll. Berger, M. Thompson, L. Straub, W. Burfoot, E. Strztight, N. Staples, L, Jacobsen H. Spencer, G, Simpson, W. Cuudell, IL Alcy, V. Anderson, E. Schwartz, ll. Vlgner, F. Zimmerman, S, Serkim K. Stoeher, N. Weiss, P. Stout. A. Brown, C. Berg, ll. Ames, M. Burns, P. Blanch, E. Barnes, A. Stanley M. Yates, V. Yeung, J. Williams, ll. Wieduler, L, Berger, ll. Yoelin, I. Sprague, J. Alden, H. Blanco, R. Bartlett EEIGkJ.U'J.'5k..lXJ6f iii WV B. Beznff, M. Suss S. Berger. J. Shapiro, J. Snyrlvr, B. llohlc, Il, Andre, W. Tierlumlm, T. FlLlll'lllGl'S B. Baron, ll.. Prolrcst, I. Mallory. J. Sulctsky, R. Burlwr, B. Salter, G. Cnrnblin, C. Byers, K. A1,k1SOI'l, J. Talve E. llivhurslsun, ll. llletzgcr, P. Rnhnv, lvl. Ss:lmc4l'er, M. Dall'cr. J. Corry R. Sawyer. .l. lhmg. R. llule. A, Balustock, L, Bnlmrfock, ll. Bcrndt, E. Breirlenstelu, W. Urich II. Szmflherg. I.. Nmy, J. Radelsky, R. Sufl'i,l. I.. Biletsky. T. Richmond, C. Carlstcdt, G. Bixlcr W. Reardon, E. Pringle, M. Gustafson, R. Pinsky, ll. Bcusly, Ill. Sileo, lr. Srplc, G. Browuyard E. Peardsworlh. A. Anderson, I. Pavone, .l. Pringle, IC. Cohen, .l. Shirley. G. Butz, I, Akin, B. Boldt J. Rotoko, A. Rnrlinsky, .I. Cox, S. Bnyrl, V. Shelton, E. Peterson, M. Carnival, Ill. Patch, ll. Patch J l ...L 51 'gin .I L, 'iw .yr , .A -V -ff Tu, ,' 'J .Af ,,"T ' .l,., x V ' P-gl I' ." ' ', ',Q.' '-.. Q,-5 ' 89 The Viking The Viking V-f,--. -f , ,,.--ws. w. ds,----E W- ...Y .,. ,T :,'- -5, - wt-15' fs tw- 'Y' 'xx-cs "fi: Cas x' -'t'n."'-1- it 1' cas G- V--T-'fc "' ' V 'W' "" -4 ,I N i x i 4 -s c x iz ,VL 4 as H l vi i f 4 2' za ,'-. i- ' rein. Q W. Bi ,":rw ss, -,fl 'ff fffxf' 'TT' .f'iiff:'1f,"5f7?1'5fTi FE?if:'ii'f'i7aTL:f-fifwf' :fir , if I iff W 1315 ati: ' Y avi ii as Lila lvl. .1 xg' W iff.: ophomores i HEN Harold-the-Fair-Haired, who was to be the bravest, strongest and most famous of all Viking kings, was ten years old, his father died, 5 Rik and he was left without support to get accustomed to his duties as Ss, hereditary king. At an especially prepared and highly elaborate banquet and Q45 ' ceremony, Harold was recognized as kin and honored bv all the chiefs of the '-,ff 5 , ,. . g . .- . . . i i, ,Q I Yikings. He vowed that he would do his best as their king and grind his lil Ei fathers' foes under his heel. 'SZ , . . . . 5-1 Qfr rl'l1S period in our her0's life corresponds to Nortlfs sophomore class. ig? rj? Now that our infancy as the freshman class is over, and having gone through the trying experiences of getting accustomed to our new duties without sup- 1 port of our old friends, we feel that we are at last beginning to be recognized by the various chiefs of this band of Vikings, such as the faculty and the jig princely seniors and juniors. 'fi WVh1le these chiefs have not yet given us many honors, we have received IQ, 4' 1 . :i 2. some, and we are confident that there are more in store for us. 3!, I gig Furthermore, we feel certain that having figuratively ground our prede- fi' cessors' foes, studies, under our heels we too show promise of beinr one Sf- .wg a l Q , is ty pig of the most famous and mightiest of classes. M "Q If-S, at l lr 1 : xl ii' 'i Q Q. fi is in l C 1 A , f X t Z W , g E ,Sai it my ' 'in' ' ,, gs 4 9. QW- Q S. v gd Wi T' N " 5 fl ' D f x 5 H, J ' . - C .f " E' L J A A ., wh 1 L9 GB- V , rf-, I. -'53 A ,-D Nr ' I ,gi if ,, 'Q fi?-X ,rf "ii Cifwfi' 'Tin ITT STX-L7 ,ffffff Y if ,475 fiiiqif' i:'5'5 ,-"Iii .iiilkii ' Xfif ' 1 fi 7-if 'yi jj ligneQi.g:fjwL,j,gg' left'i-ffiififfag-"5'Lf!. '14 5,elgfwit-V-stlgrsfgji,Q Sr ,1 , - ., - , ,----Q- .,- .M V ,. . ..-1.,,.,--1 f..-. . ,.,v::-4,-.Y Y.,t -Ja:--- ' --. ---f,e'Ts,-safes.--Y' .-w. .- - , , J , . f ,. ., Y if ,- ...n,, ,,.4 .., ......f-....ia,....... .1,..L..4.h.,1. -1 :...:.--,-.....,.....-H., s..-.c.1. 90 F RESHM T1-IE FIRST VICTORY 91 The Viking The Viking 'izwrvmwiaif ' l U Q J. 1'l'lcc, A. Snnrlin, li, l'ierz:s:, F. Brcwnlrec. ll. lvlenflersnn, L. Slurk, ll.. E, Ellis M lllf. Pillmnri, ll. Luesrh, E. Turr, L. Collins, M. Bell, F. Cooper, C. Talylor, C. Foster, F. Lunka l l H. Kcunell, B. lwynnlds, P. llnrdy, A. Stimits, F. Puzerl, L. Rzu,clif'l'. G, Funhiam, A. Scam, S. Glxxntz 0, Beckurll, F, Egan, F. Mouohun, G. Sticr, D. Oliver, lll. Dice, L. Ilusse, T. Farrow, B, Anderson Il. Tmcy, B. Hall, 0, Schultz, C. llnmilton, W, East, I'. Haberl, ll. Schulllwi, M. Quick, L, Scavo, C. Mulnhins 4 ' f' K k ' . X , f' Vg ,x 4 x ., 73 A Vjggea-Q, f'g,iai-:QC gfgiif ,ff Q . l l l E K. Call, F. Kelley, E. Flnwcrs, ll. Price, M. Russell, G. Turner, E1 llluvkey, E. Dart., A. Paulus V. Roth, F. Wall, M. Zrlum-lc, M. Rischc, C. Fewlass, W. Rogers, RL Ingram. W. Burns L. Jones. M. 0'I'unuor, M. Gallagher, l. Snyder, Curtain. EL Champion, F. Calzllzrese, It. Walnm V N. Pedrctti. B. Maman, E, liusmusson, B. 0llver, R, Yont, J. Barnes, J. Dekker. B. Berkley, A. Anzick, A. Mcllvoy Z. Crowe, S. lleilfl, W. Cowen, C. White, ll. Maher, C. Lupemun, Ll. Wadsworth, G. Mclnmglzliu, E. Lewis, I. Isko X C.0vm'elL, 'P..lcffries, W.Arnold,, lllhllxlivetle, lhlllcllauglllin, lSI..lol1usm1l, lLIlk:1'hel'Lso'n, F.Kuryzyna .. P fi. L 3 'Q 5 . .c , -F I .. ' " 'xr' 1' . 9 " fl -f' "lil,-f i-I...1' W.- '21, '.- X' 'Fl W 'ef-' ' " V 5" " if .1 92 The Viking The Viking S7K.Q9,XXE.Q9XT9'XiPXQVVl Football S HE warriors who were back in uniform were Stoll, Van Liew, Miller, Kaiser, Gibson, Jones, Krebs, and Chief god, Lomer. The crew of the good ship Viking engaged in battle with the Greeley warriors in a pre- season game. When the storm had passed, the Viking ship sailed on her trip victorious. When the Denver-Boulder League season opened, North was represented by a powerful crew, Who, after taking West into camp 21-6, showed that the Viking ship could be trusted in their care. As the ship was sailing south, it was met by a crew of men called the Rebels. The Viking gods immediately engaged in battle and the Southerners were taken into camp 18-0. The Viking gods assembled to meet the Warriors from Manual. When L the ship continued her voyage, the bow was painted North 15, Manual 0. The X following week the gods of the North met the Angels of the East. The S hectic battle ended in a scoreless tie. M Lo! there was but one more game for the Purple and Gold squad. The X contest was between the loyal crew of the Ship and the Boulder Preps. North S proved their right to the championship and took the game 30-0. " A new cup had been won! Great rejoicing followed in the halls of North. The gods who were named as all-conference players were Carlson, Miller, Stoll, Van Liew, Gibson, and Lomer. The crew had been loyal to the ship Viking, therefore the following war- S riors were rewarded let-ters: Chief god Lomer, Carlson, Gibson, Stevens, Stills, Jones, Shakas, Miller, Stoll, Van Liew, Kaiser, Gaglia, Krebs, Zucker- Q man, and the manager of the ship, Alvin Peterson. l L Q Q l n N l6XSJL?".X'.'XslL..QG - ff.:-l7'!.Z'A'ff94':A'f'f7l .I.1'.b'.f41Z4? -f:'J3'.f.T.'J'l'l'-:'vf3'.fZ'Zf'.?'J?'4'afZi' ff 1 League H-L FOOT Loman, C S'rn.1.s, VAN Luzw, Jowns, GAGLIA SHA1-ms, IVIILLM., Gmsmr, Kr: 95 Clzampio M G M 2 JF-:!.7.f'.':LA'fJZv Af?.JZ.f!'. !f7f..3'.?'.f'.k,.L'A'ff.'.2Aff.:'46lf:.?A'af lag? S The Viking Q The Viking Q Basketball HE Viking ship, after its victorious trip on which the football champion- W Tship was won, sailed home where a new crew would be installed. This crew was to defend the Viking land in the seas of Basketball. The master of the ship, Coach Thomas, called for men early in the fall. During this fall basketball practice some good talent was uncovered. One ' week after the ship had come home, the regular practice began. The members of the state championship crew who returned were Capt. Dell Van Liew, W Gibson, Gaglia, and Paul Stevens. The ship was taken out early and sailed to near waters where the crew met and defeated many teams in practice games. ' On January 7 the good ship Viking arrived in the sea of Basketball. It was promptly met by a crew from Boulder. When the mist had drifted away, ' the Boulder team was found to be victorious 27 to 18. Van Liew then headed the ship east in hopes of defeating the warriors X from the East. Again the opponents to our good ship carried off honors 20-15. M As the ship was sailing in clear waters, it was met by a confident crew X of men from West. North engaged them in battle, and when it was over, ' S the compass on the good ship Viking read North 16, West 15. S Manual was swept aside as the crew from North sailed a direct path Q through the sea. The score was 25-22. Q A week later, after an engagement with South, the compass was read again. This time the readings was South 31, North 10. S Again the Viking ship sailed north and again it met defeat at the hands H of the Boulder squad. The score was 21-14. This battle was very rough. 1 East met defeat at the hands of a grim crew from North. The final score L was 21-15. The battle was thrilling. S At this time three of the Viking crew were declared ineligible. The w warriors were Capt. Van Liew, Gibson, and Stevens. W The Viking ship met defeat at the hands of Manual in the second en- L counter, but they vanquished the Cowboys from West. L 3 The Viking ship had not fared well. Before reaching home, the crew X were again set upon and defeated by South in a close and thrilling game, 15-10. j The Vikings displayed a smothering defense in this game. Q Although the Vikings did not carry off honors, the members of the crew kept clean the honor of the school. X Those who were rewarded for their service by receiving a letter were S Trembly, Zadra, and Gaglia. Late in the season Coach Thomas called for sophomores. The reason for this was to teach the men the game so that in a year or two they could up- S hold and Wear the purple and gold colors in contest. x This squad of warriors played in the last second-team game. The ma- 5 terial is very promising and we know that Coach can mold these men into Q basketball players who will bring many more honors to the halls of North. K SEQ' N"Z.'G-f'R'.'.,N'2.'Q-.CRIB 1 Q Q Q Q S 4 S Q Q w w ,J , R .,... . JIS."-lV'lZ'J' . . A 1' . .1 97 H N w ' "' HN ' U ""' 'if H' " 1': ' A .wi ,.l Efl'-l:'.lZl'.:'J:fl'-TJ' 1 W - 5, .959 Q F '-3 W IP S E T Qui The Viking Track, I 917 OME of the favorite pastimes of the Vikings are running, jumping for distance and height, hurdling. The men who have had experience and who turned out at the call of Coach Descombs are Cap'n. Davis, Gibson, Thomas, Herman, Pringle, and Vincent. Rlany other warriors turned out to try for honors on the squad. As the season progressed, it became evident that North would put a powerful squad of Vikings on the field at the City Meet. The speed of the warriors was proved when they finished second in the high school division at the Boulder Relays. North took one second place, two third places in five relays. Warriors from North broke two of the state records. In a triangular tilt between North, South, and West, North scored 88 points, South was second with 37. Out of 14 North took ll first places. The City Track Meet, which was held lVIay 5, tried and proved the speed and strength of the Vikings. North trailed Boulder by three points just be- fore the broad jump, the last event. North won this event and nosed out the State Preps 4296 to 42. Gibson figured prominently in the victory which makes the third in four years. Gibby scored 10 points. He deHed the law of gravity and leaped 5'8" for a new city record. Cap't. Davis and Thomas starred in the sprints. Davis took first in the 220 yard dash while Thomas copped the 440 in fast time. Stills, weight man, also scored heavily for North. Ten letters were issued to the team. These men have earned their D's and deserve to wear them. Those who received the D's are Cap't. Davis, Thomas, Gibson, Waddel, Petrene, Stills, Krebs, Vincent, Tydings, Shay, and lVIanager Ronald Preston. The prospects for a team of championship caliber this year are fine. With Caplt. Gibson, Krebs, Stills, Petrene, and Shay back in uniform and plenty of green material, Coach Descombs can mold a team capable of upholding Viking honors. Tn the triangular meet between North, South and West, North placed a close second to South. The purple and go-ld Held men showed up well in the weight events. Stills won first place in the shot put and second in the discus. Stoll threw the javelin 142 ft. 5 in. to cop first place in that event. Shay garnered 10 points for North by taking first in the low hurdles and first in the broad jump. Peterson copped the 440 yard dash in great speed. When the points were counted up North had 51 to South's 58. North engaged the School of Mines College at Golden in a practice meet. Although North scored many points the men from the institution of higher learning scored more. The Viking ship will be present at the Boulder Relays, April 28. The team expects to uphold or better their record of 1927. The relays promise to be very fast as many high schools have entered good men. Y gg, 4'g,-I,i,,,l,l.,5i.g .,l-.Tig if 4 I xx N Z W1 I lfq -I V ati X 15 ffl: 2' '- wh, fi'-r. Q'-Yj3a,'f' lxkjf, T1 .5 5.75 - ' X - - , . ga , gf .- V ,-., , V - Y .... ---.--,. x-. ig I. , ,g,.g,, -, H ,gr ,.. X.. M,-...- ,.-- - V . ,T , -- , --l, ,-- . 3 v , . -VJ. ,, ig- ,Y ,. 5, f ,.-- , ,...,.. -......,.. a- 98 1 ,,-Y, M, ., r v ! N H E Q Q l r X ' Fi, Y 4: 1 H H igwnx , " "' H W N M X ' , . 1' w TRACK K5 ff, Y .. L ..',...,-, , , A. vu - X14 Champions '27 Dnscoxvms, Dfxvls, WADDELI, Pm:sroN, Illgr. SHAY, PETRENE, TIIOMAS, V1NcE,N'rs Gmsou, ST1LLs, Knnus, Tvnmcs Jai: 99 .llf.':fA'f:.'!' r 92 4f.TQ'SfJ'l'2.f'I'JZr?.'Jf JJ? af'.:'J!ff.i'L'l?ff.i' J' I-!2:Z'7"l"-Z?J' Q V The Viking The Viking Baseball, 1917 Q ITH the return of four veterans, Caplt. Trembly, Byers, C. Lucci W I I , and Lomer, and with abundant and good material with which to work, X Coach Thorton Thomas thought that the crew which was to guide the good Ship Viking through the rough and turbulent waters of the baseball sea- son would be of championship caliber again this year. When the warriors began winning practice tilts with nearby teams, this thought became a possibility, and as the season progressed and the Viking crew continued to improve and conquer the other teams in the league, it became a reality. The first team to be met was the Angels from East. Due to good pitch- ing and timely hitting, North scored 7 runs while East scored 2. As the Viking ship plowed through the waters, they were met by a band of warriors from Manual. The Vikings fell on the warriors, and when the nine innings were over, it was found that the Vikings had won 28-0. In one of the hardest games of the season, North conquered the Rebels. The game was featured by close pitching. The final score was 4 to 1. Lomer, R Viking god, struck out 13 Southerners. North again showed championship ability when the preps from Boulder were sent home with the score of Z to North's 13. This game was close until the ninth inning. North then scored 7 runs to cinch the fray. The ship from North and West were to engage in battle next. VVest had lost one engagement and the Vikings none. On May 28, the two crews met and West conquered, 10-5. The teams ended the season in a tie for first place. The members of the crew to receive D's as awards for 'their gallant ser- vice were Trembly, who was re-elected captain, Lomer, star pitcher, Byers, steady second basemang C. Lucci, who held down third, Garver, brilliant shortstop, lhiatthews, Martelli, Capillupo, and Stevens, hard hitting outfield- ersg Scavo, first baseman of much merit, Kosofsky, utility pitcherg Rea, utility infielderg and Jack Richards, manager. With Cap't. Joe Trembly, Schroeder, and Scavo back from the 1927 X championship team and a wealth of young and green material, North bids fare to take the championship again this year. In the first game, Manual was stopped 15 to 9. Kirsky, sophomore pitcher, showed well in this game along with Zuckerman and Sarconi, who X hit when hits were needed. ln fact, the whole team worked well and will live up to the standard set by other baseball teams who have represented North. Besides the first league game North met but did not conquer the Univer- sity of Colorado nine. VVhen the affair was over Boulder, it was found, had scored 11 runs and North 1. Regis College also defeated our Viking warriors S at the Regis stadium. The final count was 9-2. Plenty of hits were made by X both teams but the college stars took more advantage of theirs. South is our next opponent. The Viking ship does not expect to be set back by the Southerners, nor by any team in the league. wg' 'Y'.543X"....'N"lZ.ES,G5a 100 WBZFESEESSE KSEENEEEEEHEEEDHEEEXQDS' 1 ,Q gr fi. 5 4:4 ' -ga 3 , 1 Ui"-,,4yf'f.. , . 'A A fr, , , Iv .1 -Sf., W FT. . ' L 'auf L 5' - " j- '41, I H ,, 7,2- . Wm gg'-- - iff? 1 - Y. ' -- Ki' ,'-- I' .f ' 7IlE1A.?gA . 11, X535 If f vi' faYa 'f L2 J ' 5 A E3 ' .-::' ' .7-' f ' L -wx vi Y lv V. rr fm' ..fa."r" gf ' . " L' . 'mv vfiw Q 3 W1 E, H514 'diff .EVQG w fwz A ' I' viriei. ,'. -'Q . f mx we -,ff ' v -' - ' ' " -f' .e ' ' if 'Ygmp , . - 4 111872 . - A , 2 , A. K . K A' V ACE? 5 Y A vmv lg Y gjjni F M I, I. 6. . ,xg IL. . , Y I .u J ,IE f T, W .FLW A. V . ,MN JK.: 1 V h E fr , I i 94 ' REM- ,gi - l-1 ,- , N ,. ' :A A!-A 1 V! uf Y , ,H-g ,f g,A' 1: X J ':i" .L "x Bkmlkf fp "flu - A AMI. 1 42' , LM, .1 "SE: f :. + -f . , ff' 1' ' 'V W N N . 4 :fx ,ZA . 2 r ' W r' 'g V 1 F- 'xi Q Q V Y VV Cl X Txw E V' Q Q, ?"'i' 3' 'N' 74 mf .f" ' V' YJ' 3- -' ' .,,, 1 -fi JY 7 ?A.' f JT .Amwg' wmwmw fmwwi mwah H ' - R- 2755 3V '3E i'H::gj25 af-3-if 5.712 5, .. :gf ... -1-Q ,iw ,141 3 jj pfggg W , 7: YZ 5','+,f'f",.:g ' '25 W'-1 15 , MFE' V. F' " ff? , , ge, 1- ' jg 3' ' 3. 1--.-Am xp 'n m ' ,f i , l f Q , LU fx. -. , H: , I .M X-fi L. V fifigm, ' . " " 1 f ' Z. .1,.,L+4 -' T v" il jf Y, ' ' ' , 1 '3.'A'5, " 1 1 - 51' Am, 12 - . ' Cf" E1 BASEBALL PV i n 71 ers I LOMER, Cafft. Tnnmnmf, RXCI-IARD, Ilflgr. CAPILl.UPO, Bvmcs. NIARTELLI, MA1'rHEvx's RAE Luccl Sclwo SCHROICDER - 101 The Viking The Viking Minor Sports S BOXING AND WRESTLING H The Vikings did not fare Well in the Boxing and Wrestling meet. North placed four men in the semifinals wrestling and boxing matches. In the box- ing, Lamoureaux, Viking 108 pounder, was the only one to enter the finals. He won his battle after three hot sessions. Christiansen, Engleberg, Zuckerman, McAvoy, and Thomas represented North in the meet. North won three and lost three in the Wrestling contests. This placed the Vikings fourth in the standings. Tolin of the Viking stronghold was injured and lost his match after he had outclassed his opponent. Plann, North, took the decision in the 115 lb. class. Tonini won his match in the 135 lb. class. The Vikings who upheld North were Weinstein, Tolin, Plann, Tonini, Green, Measelson. The three to receive their letters in the two sports are Lamoureaux, boxing, and VVeinstein, Plann, Tonini, wrestling. 'iz Q SYVINIMIN G Q X Swimming is fast becoming a popular sport in the Viking stronghold. The X squad practiced once a Week in the Skinner pool. North met the School of Mines natators twice and lost by close margins both times. ' In the city meet on March 24, North placed second in all events except the 220 free style. Tielberg, swimming in this event, tied for first honors. X East captured first place in this meet, North a close second. Qi The natators who received letters are Tielborg, 220 free styleg Hotchkiss, 100 yd. breast strokeg Buffum, plunge for distance, Nordquist, 100 yd. back strokeg White, 100 yd. free styleg and Kuehler, fancy diving. TENNIS The second week of school the elimination tournament began at North. The tournament was run off in great style. Knight won the singles by defeat- ing Lucock. In the doubles, Lilly and Vos vanquished Mosgrove and Perry. These three Vikings upheld the North hopes as they played their way into the finals of the city meet. Chester Knight met defeat at the hands of the East champion. The same fate came to Vos and Lilly when they bowed to the East players. The three Vikings also Won letters. 1 GOLF Golf at North is a very young sport. Although in its second year, the Viking supporters follow the path of the representatives in the City Meet. l North Hnished the season in third place. Chick Matthews and Jack Cratte, the only men to letter in the sport, defeated the West men 4 up and 3 to play. X Proctor and Perry lost very interes-ting matches to West. A close score featured the match between Rieltman and Harris and the West team. West conquered the pair. wmmmmw eta 3 " b ' M ,F-,v, , '- ' V- li' 5 ,. ff' I 1. '., 1.1 fQK:'I: V- W 5- s.- .. :1 - - Avi-' nv- 14.1 fi, '1bf 4,3 .gf 4.M MH- ln K , +1 . I' ,151 ' 4121511 "l'4"'. . ' 33 --J' .J -N "5 ii? V V. ! .....-4 :fx 1, Z , Q 1 - . si gn, 5 it s J -151-Y. ,ij . 1 'l v fi -ix - ' -J 4 ,Lg ,Fl ,f ff ,- NJ. x A' - ' F iw "sw ,' , V V T F L A- - - ' 1 ies 1 if-5 ' , K n - '-H . 1? Lffilf . , Q, , A ' ,1 , .vc,.w- k , A ., hr Q 0 U D D 1223251 'gsm WRESTLING WRESTLING QOXING LAMEROUSK A S1'lL1,s wVEIXSTEIN Zggllggivgx THOMAS NIEssm.soN TONINI KRFBQ ' GREEN PLANN ' Tomb! ' SVVIMIVIING SWIMMING TENNIS Dmscom. C. NOKDQUIS'f V T1EL1,oRG KUEIJLER GOLF Kos XVHITE PIOTCHKISS NIGHT LUCAS BUFFUM CRATTE LILLY NIATTI-IEWS 103 'lima mv Q M lifi 3 1-HF! LQ H ff -r'E""f Q ,mxigg 6 Ev G 1517115-1521.11-ff.1'f ' J:-'if-'III-'2ff-'Zf The Viking 'The Viking TENNIS 1 O , 0 tw Girls Athletics bl M The end of the 1927 Tennis Tournament found Mildred Shirk, Viking M ' Senior, school champion for the second consecutive year. She won the honor by defeating Vivian Sadlier, junior Vikingette, 7-5, 8-6, in the finals. ' Tennis proved to be more popular this year than in previous years, as evidenced by the large number of girls entered in the tourney. VOLLEY BALL ' With 276 Vikingettes signed up, the 1927 volley ball meet was one of - the big athletic successes for the year. X The one game elimination rule was used, and the final game found the W Snappy Steppers meeting the G. A. S. girls for the championship. The contest X was close until the G. A. S. put five balls over the net to win 15-10. S All games were refereed by the members of the Girls' Athletic Society. W BASKETBALL 5 Under the pilotship of Miss Norma Anderson, new physical education Qi director, the 1928 basketball tournament was one of the best conducted meets ' ever held for Viking maiden athletes: ' Wlien the call was sent out, 90 girls responded. From this number ten ' teams of nine girls each were formed and then divided into two Leagues, A and B, five teams in each league. All games were closely contested, and when the last ball swished through S the net, the D Club emerged champions of League B, while the G. A. S. team was champion of League A. These two teams then met for the school cham- pionship. After a grueling contest, the G. A. S. girls lowered the D Club to I their first defeat in three years, by the score of 36 to 15. .T Q The girls who played on the championship G. A. S. team were: Vivian ' Sadlier, captain, Doloros Lytle and Berenice Bothel, forwards, Evelyn John- M son, Wilhelmina Marine, and Irene Hamm, centers, Nadean Kasper, Louisa it . - E Anderson, and Inez Beuhler, guards. , ARCHERY Vikingette Athletes were given the privilege of participating in the age is old sport of archery for the first time, during 1927-28. With excellent equip- . ment many girls practiced this sport and, although no contest of any nature was held, some became very accurate in hitting the bull's eye. qi? gs . G. A. s. , , , Girls, Athletic Society, under the leadership of Caroline Petrie, president, 5 E Clara Putnam, Vice Presidentg Nan Starr, Secretaryg Frances Daugherty, all Treasurer, and Miss Edith Brittain, sponsor, took charge of all sports for Q? E+ , the year 1927-28. Not only were these meets very successfully conducted but il- - - teams representing this club won honors in several sports. . 1 G. A. S. girls sold tickets for various entertainments and school games . E Lf to do their share in running the Viking ship. fri. - - . - -, 1--1TfSf1'5 .J2?"- ' .,. W" 'r-fl . . ll- E537 ,V 1: 'ti if if Eli ff? .5511 if? Mfr' ' r' ,,' Mi. . 5 " ee- W . ' - - K ,. ad ' far- at ew.t.'.q:1'i5 Q 7354111 104- gvuivmawmwmwmvtvtwmm S IIJ-'-6fl'.2'v2ff.?2'f fB". Wf.fJg'9.iA'9f5'JLTJ!ff'.'.TI2'.f'..T!.'?f-':'.l -LM .X,"lZK'i,.., N P Q Q Q g l E Q Q E SOCCER VOLLEY BALL TENNIS ARCHERY "D" CLUB G. A. S. BASKET BALL 105 ' The Viking The Viking .aji " X Cadets , AST year North Cadets, under command of Captain Wolf, won the annual competitive drill for the fourth consecutive time. ln taking this victory, North Cadets had the honor of carrying the National Hag and their school colors at all formations. ' The rifle team, headed by Captain Hodgin, tied for first place with East and South High schools. North Cadets placed six marksmen on the All-City Rifle Team and four riliemen on the team of seven cadets that shot and Wo' challenge matches with Rockford, Illinois and E1 Paso, Texas High Schools. " Because this Denver All-City Rifie Team won the Eighth Corps area rifle championship under 55C War Department, they shot in the National Inter- collegiate rifle matches held among the nine championship teams of the nine corps areas. United States, competing for the William Randolph Hearst trophy. Four cadets from North: Captain Hodgin, Dilullo, West, and Hoffman, were among the ten highest shotsof-the Eighth Corps area, under 55C War Department. To these cadets bronze medals were presented. The enrollment in the Cadets averaged the same as former years. 3 They also shot in the rifle match held for the best rifle teams in the mlG,X'.JZ'1Y"' N151 106 ORGANIZATION S ' P ' r W Ns I W Y wi v fx! wwf' f N W N ix 1 4 EB bf: SQ 0 K? wgri K' fo3,..l W Q.. M Q f" 1: j . I X X. SX If 5 My T T X , . f ' 3 all mx Lx! I I we ! fm 0 ' - 1 v I A I nj , 1 U 'JJ I , Q .5 X QL . 'gil x 1' an '7 . --55511 i H IW' A - ' w V ff" 1' 1 ' f fi Q, lf, ii ,I Vi , 6 14 ' fffffi 1 ' '31, '. U .X '- 2 if HU 2 1. ' in-xx V I 5 " V, -'Z .mira -1- gi' 7 X xx XX' K "1'3f45- I :di!?u. lNs'rnUc1-E if XXX X Q bf? 1'3','T?L"'f'e FAR-5-WRE'?s-'-'A 1. ' ' 5 Q' x i ,E A ,ki-g , -'-'T 107 The Viking The Viking x 1 greatly increased at mid-year. Class room chairs were replaced by tables and chairs, giving the room a real newspaper atmosphere, and the re- Q orth Star HE conveniences of the working room of the North Star staff were Q porters better facilities for writing stories. , Posting the World Series of Baseball Games, inning by inning, printing interviews from prominent people to show what "just folksl' have done, and receiving an honor rating in the Seventh Annual Contest of the Scholastic Editor, are among the worth while things that the Star has accomplished this year. Editors have been entertained at the University of Colorado and at K the Denver University Press Club Banquet. M Financially the paper has done Well. The two theater parties and the faculty-student baseball game held for the benefit of the weekly were successes. The business staff was aided by Kenneth Nicholas, Leslie Viland, Terry Mer- Q rill, and Steve Martini. Reporters who were unable to become staff members because of other offices are Berenice Bothel, Jane Russell, Chaflin Foster, and Harold Osborne. Noble Laesch was feature editor and Richard Thomssen, business man- ager until they were graduated in January. Reporters whose pictures are not on the opposite page are Herbert Tewks- bury, Hester Rideout, Aaron Frank Monohan, Katherine Cover, Vincent Barth, and VVadley, 108 1 Qt ew: in I K . 1 NORTH STAR Florence Jonno, Editor: .luhn Blelicon, News: llnrrielte Warclley, Make-up: Ellsworth West, Sports Richard Nollenbenger, Business Mgr.: llelen Stark, Exchange: Ross Shaffer, Circulation: Evelyn Weinstein, Feature Thyra Honssen, Society: Frances Villano, Reportcrg Emily Wight, Reporter: Julia Cohen, Reporter Gladys Talbot, Reporter: Harold Usborne, Contributor: Chllmll Foster, Contributor: Bernice Borthel. Contributor Fern Dorothy Mitchell, Adviser: Edna Brown, Reporter: Ruth Clark, Reporter: L. W. Marshall, Adviser 52.163150 Lb xvmxvu 109 The Viking The Viking 1 r Q wi EE i R1 0 s r rffi2f?f?sefse-rf 3"T'3fsif2' e efsffiowfmr if 9' '-tlrfvevsfweie, ff aasssoaseeaasaassjaeaaaaeaaanaeaa K N The Annual Board VERYTHING from pins and paste to linotype machines and rotary QA' presses has gone into the making of the 1928 Viking. We, of the Annual '11 Board, have deemed it an honor to publish the 1928 record of North, and have tried to make it worthy of the school and of the students. We are , happy if this book meets with the approval and fulfills the expectations of Et those for whom it was prepared. tx The theme chosen for this Annual was that of the old Norsemen, por- traying in particular the life of that famous king, Harold the Fairhaired. We 'IW EE better understanding of the people Whose name we so proudly bear: have endeavored to contrast the old Vikings with the new, and bring about a We have tried to reach the high standard attained by the 1927 Viking, which was rated by the Interscholastic Press Association as second in Colorado, second in the Rocky Mountain Region, and second in its own division of schools ranging from 1333 to 1999 in number. A 'First Class, honor rating 1 to last year's book. While trying conscientiously to reach the heights set forth by Press Associations, We have- kept clearly in mind that this annual is for the students and have made an effort to produce a book which would be treasured by them through the years. ' . if by the Central Interscholastic Press Association was another laurel that fell Qi! The Annual Board is indebted to the salesmen and salesmanagers for their kind assistance, and to the art department for suggestions and beautiful drawings, The organizations, faculty, and students have our gratitude for their loyal support and hearty cooperation. 1 i va 110 wf,-W, -. 5,,- -5, -,.. -' -.5-f ,,:--3-versa-4 ,,-gt, -:i.- vat- yk,-Tfsf: mx, I w -X 1,52 gig-71 -H31-:,:f:-. Ari' is ,Wm pi-r aries ref. ,ef-,,,4 -,ff-ff mf nys' of-fssiruirgsa -7-1-Q4-'T-rg '-1 will L ff? ax:gf:,,f.3.,i3-g,'.f.f1?e lf1-fifffzQfs9s.:sfisff2?ssli'+.s,sQa?2E1e,QL, Wifi? MW -'JJ '- '-rs :ix , X , 7'y,x sm, V w, ' wif' -:fy if l :SSH 3? . H H ' Q' ni ifwll if EM EVM: N wh .I Av, A I. I. -:LQ S. . ' HOL T' "J Fl 5 15' ' fi ' I' 'i ,, 1 ' 7' A fn , ,Wt r i ,fn -H W l r X , w I ' EJ! 1. , -,wk E:-Q" ' E - i A V254 mr l . : ef: .-, r ,js E ' ' rg? ,w ' 1 N ' 4 t .. w l MJ, X157 E ' K 54 rf' Q38 G W4 ' ti-1: hw: "i ' :Ci-'L 21,1 l , l V ,, ,I , ,lx 4.332 Q ,wt FMT H lk-g fin ' ,lift 1 M ,N , J ' rl ' I li .wx ffl., GI? 055 "VE V1 Q: M f., WW lt I H1 W s. , W fl E. Q, xt , U , . 1 1-iw l W LJ'-f ' Q13 'R '- A S IX me new ...Tx - 2 'if nl w .gl el st , w .r ' ii? . 'J' QQ QQ-A , ' 'Qgv QL: QV X :QQ if K . tl 1 12 it l EL of it g L: ts 'Q W . ,lv- CUJ - ' W -QW: XP- ' ' 1 P 7.33 ' ML' or 5: 4 1 tl Ei li' It 1,5 if 1, Joe Dryer, Manager: Miss Smith, Sponsor: .lane Russell, Editress Clam Putnam, Art: Robert Barker, Art: Bernire Bothel. Athletics: John Dalsaut, Athletics Calvin Vos, Photographer: Ruth Anderson, Organizations: Stanley Payne, Features: Lilllnn Flax, Typist ,ff Glen Bretschneider, Draftsman: Ruth Sedgley, Junior: Harold Osborne, Sophomore: Chuflin Foster, Frcshniau ,gig EU" "Wg W 'A m 'H fl a ' rl ka lj ag .gl Sf: W. wif 1-5. -. .fx 1. .N ...W F X .. . .. , ws., -,. ,ts - sf -.., ,1 Aw f , .VY- qb. iff'-27-, ,f'4'3fv,xCf-,f 'H' 1-135-'is 'ff'::7f-5'2wfg-Qfxf: ,,3"'3'w'L"'iT'x""-fxe:1.Q5"':1"V '5",""x "f-14-7 2' NW 3 ,-:-aw ', X . -1 A-'f ' W ww nf- ,ua vs- :M 'rw 'tw if RH- fa 'Y Q-1 vw .4 fy '7 5- J if 'LN Vit" . it fi " . ,"."i!3 it L1 -Q9-iQ, .-'77-' fl YL? ntl! -"fig N- Mx, iff "1 -' fu Q gmt, 3.4: m3-JJ ,,7'xH,igmfy' and gay' lf-J,f,'M?a, R"'if:l" r.,,iIf,11,QTiQf-'-is lei? 'ssl-i'15L it -Q9 age, I,fg,"fgx5y44',f Y, Li:-.iL'.4?Is':i.f, .J uTgi'f'r:,-:Pr u15f,.,.'i,TL-iL'IZ,.,sh-6,'Ts1: ,L 111 The Viking The Viking .XX Q0 .7- IBD A. . sr S D 1 1 ' il K -is . i Q' r r sf , Y l l l l l l l X X Q National Honor Society Q Q O Sa.01.f.h1p readership mg ,ugh school .. Q ll l l L l l National Honor Society was organized at a convention of secondary school principals. The National Honor Society of North was formed in 1921 and is now the school's most exclusive society. North is proud to possess the second charter granted to any high school in the United States. The founders of the National Honor Society had the following ideals in mind: Q11 To recognize good scholarship as the basis for distinction and achievement. C21 To show that character is the highest quality in the development of citizenship. Q31 To recognize and encourage the development of qualities conduc- ive to leadership. UH To promote the spirit of service. In order to qualify for admission to this organization, a student must be meritorious in the four fundamentals on which the society is based-character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Only fifteen percent of the senior class may be chosen for membership and these must be elected from the upper fourth of the class in scholarship, and must have spent at least one year at North and two years in a school at which there is a branch of the National Society. In the spring of each year, a few members from the junior class are chosen to form the members of the society for the next year. s mm' TJLKQQQ J'.:.'J.7'lf.':L'f.fl'ifff.:'J?J.?JfA7?L'E'.f7.?4'J'4f.g?!!f ...ff ,A'-"'.J" Members are entitled to wear the National Honor Society Emblem, a gold pin bearing a torch with the letters C.S.L.S. engraved upon the lower part and standing for character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Since this society is purely honorary, no regular meetings are held and no active business is carried on. A few meetings are held each year for the pur- pose of receiving and initiating new members or transacting business of interest to the club. The Honor Society at North sponsors a local movement to encourage scholarship among the students by awarding scholarship pins to students who have received two A's and two B's in prepared subjects. The pin is in the shape of a small gold shield with the letter H showing through blue enamel. The letters N.S.H.S. are engraved in the upper half. The National Honor Society stands as a goal at the top of the ladder of success. To become a member is the highest honor a student may receive at North, for it is the finest institution of the school and a worthy ambition for any student. National Honor Society Members Louise Anderson Ruth Anderson Roxie Archer Jessie Barone Josephine Briggs Sheldon Brown Burbank Buffum Harold Burn Vincent Canning Louise Carson Carl Castellan Albert Cohn Lena Dalsant Sam Donovick Lillian Flax Rose Friedman Stewart Hannah Nancy Hillyard Lewis Hollard Helen Hultman Anna Hyndman Ralph Johnson Florence Jounoclw-R Raymond Kaiser Fay Kantrovitz Dorothy Kelso Ruth Larson Edwin Leistikow Loretta Leisenring Frieda Milstein lVlild1'ed Olson VVilcox Overbeck Caroline Petrie Madelon Pike Harold Price Clara Putnam Marvin Rosenberg Jane Russell Reva Ruttenbaum Blanche Schwartz Jessie Sightler Dora Singer Helen Stark Sam Stoole Percy Van Brunt Lillian Viland Victoria Vola Calvin Vos ' .!...1V.l"...,.'?f J'.fl'Ji'ff'..1'J' .l'-7A'Il'-':A'fJL'5'l.V'.f'.:'.f I ' 1:21 m y rm. The Viking The Viking The All Girls' League HE All Girls' League is the organization which brings all the girls into close companionship as they strive for the development of true American womanhood. Like true Vikings, the members of the All Girls' League have entered into the spirit of the organization, which aims to create and maintain the highest ideals of self control, manners, and conduct. The mem- bers of the League believe that friendship, the glorification of life, honor, the basis of successg and leadership are the fundamentals of life. The organiza- tion gives each girl an opportunity for the development of initiative, leadership, responsibility, and, most of all, service in the school and community. The All Girls' League olicially opened the year by the beautiful and sacred installation. The newly elected officers lighted their torches from the beacon light of the president, and the membersipledged themselves anew to the ideals for which the League stands. The solemnity of the occasion was felt by everyone when the members recited the prayer and the creed of the League. The programs of the All Girls' League are sponsored by the individual Chapters with the cooperation of all the members of the League. A Christmas play, "VVhy The Chimes Rangf' was sponsored by Delta and presented complimentary to the students of the school. The social activities of the League have been many and interesting. ln order to show the interest of the League in the social and athletic life of North, a Football Dance was given to honor the Viking champions. The most un- usual party of the year was the Colonial Ball, sponsored by Alpha and Zeta, at which many girls in Colonial costume gracefully imitated the charm of the Colonial folk. Other activities were a fashion review, sponsored by Gamma, and a theatre party at the Egyptian Theatre, sponsored by Epsilon. The crowning event of the year was the hdother and Daughter Tea, which ex- pressed the beautiful relationship between mother and daughter. Each Chapter has presented programs every month for their respective members. Although the important features have been given under the direc- tion of the League, most of the programs and parties are sponsored by the in- dividual chapters. PRESIDENTS All Girls' League ,,,........ ..,,,.,..., ............................... .......... Alpha ....................,............ Beta .,....,... Delta ,,...,.,. Epsilon ....,..,,, G amma ........ Zeta ....... IH THELMA ,Toi-iNsoN ....,...DOROTHY' SHINE GREER STREICI-I ..,......GLADYs TALBOT AMY FINCHETTE LORETTA LEISENRING The Viking sr c' 5+ ' 4 4, 93? if Q, f I ' ' V. mi 4 MSI .L -s. A I U15 " Q w X 115 The Viking 5 U Eprrlr BARNES, FRANK S'roLL, DOROTHY SHINE. Giaokcu jixcnx, Ricnmm DUFFY, REVA BELL Amcoss. JACK Tiuzumr, jon Rican, RUTH TAYLOR. The Semor L1terary SOCICEY W NE of the leading organizations of North is the Senior Literary Society, G which dedicates itself entirely to seniors. The Society was organized X in order to give interest and enjoyment in dramatics, literature, and music to all the seniors. The Society convenes semi-monthly in the auditorium after school. The programs usually include readings, musical numbers, and short plays in which the members themselves take part. The entertainment is always preceded by X a short business meeting. Some of the plays given during this year were "The W Typewriter Lady," "A Cloudy Day", "A Case of Suspension," and "Who's A Coward ?". L The crowning event of the year was the presentation of the play, "Peg O' x My Heart," a three-act comedy given on the evening of March 3l. The play was greeted by a crowded house and Vikings will long remember the escapades and romance of the charming Irish Peg. The characters who made this play a triumphant success were: Dorothy Shine, George Jager, Reva Bell Aarons, Richard Duffy, Ruth Taylor, Jack Treber, Joe Reed, Edith Barnes, and R Frank Stoll. The officers who directed the Society this year were, President, Herbert W Clarkg Vice President, Gilbert Stammg Secretary, Doris Jonesg Treasurer, Jane Homan. ,J -' A s. Ax- "-b fl 4' .-.-' ' qw,. A J 1- av' ' Q9 116 ' r m ' VIIKGINIJK O'REAlc, Grzoluzlz -IAGICR, CIlfKllLES TTOUSNIAN A lXllYARl0N lXflcCALLu:u, Roncita WvRlCl11', ERNEST Swonckvs l l l l l Black Masque Dramatic Club LACK MASQUE, North's exclusive dramatic society, has just completed E a most successful year. As the Norsemen expressed their moods and deeds by their drama, so do the students of North find interest in the art of the stage. The ideals of the Black Nlasque Dramatic Society are to promote interest in the dramatic activities of the school, to develop the dramatic talent of the studentsg and to stimulate interest in the drama. The programs, consisting of readings, plays and reviews contribute toward a realization of these ideals. The Black Masque has been most successful this year in all its under- talcings. It brought honor to North by Winning the State Little Theatre Tournament with the play, "The Drums of Undef' in which the following were cast: George Jager, Charles Housman, Virginia O'Rear, Mariori lVIc- ! Callum, Rodger Wright, William Kirsher, and Ernest Snodgrass. In addition to that triumph, Black Masque presented "Thursday Even- ing" for the P. T. A., and "Adam and Eva." for its evening production. The Club has held many joint meetings with other organizations, all of which were valuable to the members. The officers of the Club this year were President, Noble Laeschg Vice l r President, William Kirsherg Secretary, Helen MH1'QUlSSj and Treasurer, Shirley Sanborn. - Li.-..-I! .Fy35a'11,,, ,:r--?:fg gsm-Er. vaifrrll igf.e" gg - v.fJ:ff,,: Y! 55-17 ' v- f-. ,y QQ ,j'. '71 ,fe .2"': : -.?i' r i 1' 'lf' K" 'L ,. ff JE ii -' . ,955 "E "W: PW 54. , Wi' -i 'SM .Wal 'V 117 The Viking 1.3-5. ,. -i .4 1 R.. t 1-"ili- The Viking ff. U. Q Ll' - iii 6- ll: ' lil? .-iii ny lii' tag!" 1 1 . f v i 1 1 - f il t , VT, R ARTHUR LUCY, I'rt'1'ir1z'1it,' IIEs'i'I3n Rumour, S17frfiafy,' Gnovl-Lk FILLER, Sgt. fl! flrmr. orscroll HE Norscroll is the newst organization of North and occupies the place formerly held by the Junior Junto. The membership of this club is limited to thirty, chosen from those submitting the best manuscripts. The of the organization is to promo-te interest in Writingg and, to accomplish this aim, the club sponsors annual contests in the writing of short stories, poems, and essays for the benefit of North students. aim At the monthly meeting, selections from the best literat'ure are read and discussed by the members. One of the most interesting programs of the year was a one-act comedy, "Aunt Cerinthea's Surprise," presented by members of the club. The members for 1927-1928 are Irene Ackerman, Mary Anderson, James Arnett, Jessie Barone, Marion Caspe, Julia Cohen, Thelma De Fore, Eliza- beth Dismukes, Helen Eber, Grover Filler, Lillie Gavin, Elaine Goodstein, Dorothy Heckman, Goldie Hellerstein, Mildred Hohl, Nadean Kasper, Shir- ley Lauter, Arthur Lucy, Lucille Marsh, Georgia May, Harold Osborne. Jane Peterson, Anna Rabinoff, Hester Rideout, Abe Scherr, Dora Singer, Thelma Surguine, Evelyn VVeinstein, Duane Wilson, Robert Witmer, and Mildred Zimmerman. .- H-X. 11 .. N- - - wif- -. 11,x,f----.g"'1,-i':- I:-,Ts af- if .- .J 'X at A' X, .. .,.,,, ,.s thi-, -. . . . ' ,lt , 5 r. ,K ff ,-NK ,'. ,. - -fe,-.MQ .psf ','tJ-v,- ,QT fs- 15 X-.5 ,A -.K-4. -,m..,x, 1- f :qi 1. L -,4fe,:1-Qw J':'r"ix"'Lfi?'--LTQ4'-L'Al.i-Y :ff-sg.-+-- 4. ,, ..-..,.,i ILA, . N .,,4 . i,.a.,,,-,,,...,,,,7 G 118 i -.g .1-7 ' " ' off" --1 ' r, '--32: 7111.21 -1. . 2,,',..'f., . .. .. , , 4 , ,,. . ., .,f4,,.e-,.-fy , , -A, ,ix 1, w,g'.,,' ,t of-x , qu., . 1.g.-.' -:,c..1, 1 '-.J.'s,. : .Lv '. . .5 1-.J ..,,,- ,,.m .-7 .. ,.,,f..--.,,. ,I ,, 4 -A. ., . .H-u ,..,f H . , 0, ,.-.-,, .--- ig V In .5 M-,Q K - X1 i JACK '1'Rl:1UliR, ,lifirlnnl H Jun REED. Clfflirlllnil Social Hour HE Norsemen, although a very busy people, had time for play as well as for work. The modern Vikings carry out this same idea of play in North through the Social Hours which are given to provide entertainment for the students within the school. This year North had two orchestras, composed of students of the school. These orchestras were the Viking and the Vikingette Syncopators who alter- nated in playing for the Social Hours. Two pay socials were given to raise money to buy a new piano for the orchestra. ' Seniors are the hosts at the Social Hours and entertain the other classes in the order of their respective class. The Social Hours are held each Thurs- day after school in the Boys' Gymnasium, beginning after Thanksgiving and lasting until spring vacation. The socials are promoted through the efforts of the Social Hour Commit- tee. The committee is composed of a boy or girl from each senior home room and a boy and girl from each of the other three classes. The purpose of the committee is to promote the socials so they will be entertaining to the students of the school. The committee has been successful this year in their efforts and feel that the student body has been pleased with the dances. -T fa ' 77 ' fi ' jylyw '- "jx, V 119 tw '4 f r". l I a I -. , QU. Q! . - H i i Il LQQJ' O 5. ,fjlz up tfifzi ,lv gm 7 1 ii Frf 55,53 :UE ill mi li gg, Q.: NW gil .ill jill! lu ff, LJ filifl .HTC ., . . ,l -112 -T512 '- X eh: c. EI itil? The Viking The Viking -AMN i M. Bukrmxx Bulfrumr, Tre11.r..' S'rANLm' PAYNE, Visa Prc.v.g DELORIAN Lucas, Sgt. at zlnnr. Q Doxioxic GAUDIO,'1'rnl,' BILLY NIOKEY, Srcrvlary. Q Mathem Society HE lVIathem Society, although started but two years ago, is one of the leading organizations of the school. Modern Vikings are interested in the art of mathematics as were their ancestors, the Norsemen. The object of the society is to create a greater interest in all branches of mathematics. Many interesting programs have been witnessed by the members this year. The society has put forth much effort so that the programs would pertain to some phase of mathematics. A demonstration by Mr. Fitch on the principles and uses of the slide rule and a play entitled "Falling In Love With Plane Geometry" were the important programs of the year. The lVIathem Society is an organization Whose membership is based on scholarship. The club is composed of twenty-Hve juniors and seniors who must maintain a grade of "B" or above in scholarship. The society also has an associate membership of fifteen sophomores. The Mathem Society feels that it has thus far justihed its existence among the other organizations of North. The interesting meetings of the club are the results of the efforts of Stewart Hannah, chairman of the program committee. tE..'G "-Z.'br."".'X"J.1Gf.... Q fri Loulsla S1'Akx, Svrrrlrxry: PETE Asnokxo, Trrrurlrfr. Howmux Bxmosimw, Prfxidvnlg CLAIRE McNAm, Viv: Prnirlmtg GEORGE Sruax, Sgt. At Amir. Art Club 6 HE Art Club of North was organized for the purpose of widening the horizon in artistic lines for its members and imparting pleasure in its study through varied and interesting programs. The members have taken special enjoyment in studying Viking Art, which the Norsemen used on their ships and shields. some phase of art. Prominent artists spoke to the cluhg among these were lWr. Dickson Morgall, Well known director of the Denham Theatre, who gave an entertaining talk of drama and the varied work of a scenic producerg Mr. Moo1'e, on the occupation of commercial drawing, Mr. Carhart, on city planning, and Mr. Varian, on the. art of etching. At an open meeting, thc Uorothy Hellis dancers, followers of Terpsichore, entertained with a charm- ing Spanish Fiesta. The crowning event of the year was a costume dance given in the art room, which had been transformed into a charming studio. Due to the suc- cessful cooperation of all the members with the officers, the club feels that it has had a most unusual year. Q This year the club has been entertained with many novel programs on X .QQLWWULQ The Viking The iking f, - I 'l9gfiL". 4311-flflff fzfwii if Q I5 . -' f -' V- - ,,- .14-fr--L. -, -fl' J. .4 -,A --'- '.,-:,.- ,Yu 9 ff 1, , f . A J ii .v l r I E 1- . , V 1 '. f t i 0 iff. IIARQLD Wow-', Prayzdrnt ,Q. Rouuxvr INGKAM, Vit: Prr.rirz'mzt,' Hleanizwr Tuwxsnukv, Svrrvlzlryj ISDYVARD PLACE, Trtamrcr Q l' lvl. orth H1 -Y 1 4, HE North Hi-Y, under the sponsorship of the Y. M. C. A., is the only religious organization of North. As the olden Norsemen gathered at the fg- rx shrines to worship their deities, so do the modern Vikings preserve their X55 extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian wi character. The members of this organization are chosen by a vote of the members , . after the prospective candidate has attended three meetings of the club. With 1' the help of the members, the officers have presented before the club and school a i many interesting programs. ff The club has been very active in all North activities this year, having ,if- handled the sale of season basketball tickets and assisted the Welfare Com- mittee in the sale of books. This year, as in other years, the club took part in the State Bible Study Contest and all other contests pertaining to the develop- N ment of young manhood. , . i The members of the club feel that they have had a most successful year, ff, and plans for the future look bright. North appreciates the good work of this , club and wishes them as much success in the future as they have had this year. .- s '- , -- .--ff fa'-. ff,-F - .-nf' 5, .', ,f,f-ff -- -.Q 1 122 J. religion through organization. The aim of the club is to create, maintain, and . ' 1' ' ' 3 .'f'1.75f'1 'QE-.flf'.'iFt7T I I i ii' 1 . ... ,, i f ', 1. . ,ff 4. .V -, , . ,f JV. 1 ."' 'J,l- ff.-W '. 'lf' f,QV' ",f,. . 4. 1, . 'X-ff 1' - . - f-:Y-Y-Y..-'H -.:,'r-a'-.z"f.-.p--c--Y aria A - ,- -.'dL" . l'lAuo1.n Li.'s'rir:, Pr1'.ri'lf1:t,' HELEN Lisvix, TfAYlJ1lfl'f. Gi.Am's Comix. Sm'rr!r1ry,' jason Runonifii, Vin' Pnrrizlrul. Commercial Club ARTERING and trading played a great part in the lives of the Norse- men as it now does in the lives of the modern Vikings. The purpose of the Commercial Club is to stimulate interest in and respect for practical business training, to develop excellence and skill among the members, and to form a more intimate acquaintance between its members and the men and women in business. The club has just completed its third and most successful year, and the programs in every case have been interesting and instructive. Sales talks have been given by representatives of various business firms, and each one has em- phasized commercial training. Miss Lena Karchmer, teacher, gave a very interesting account of the art of shorthand. The club pilots for this year have successfully directed the organization through many interesting activities which pertained to some phase of commer- cial work and were enjoyed by all the members. The club has thus far justified its existence, and plans for the future indicate a continuance of its policies. Because it was so recently formed, the club has not taken a prominent and active part in North activities, but in the future it expects to be an outstanding organization. 5-4 Y M. - ,. . -. ,--, ,-, .. , . ,Inf , L c.,..f J -K A N.,1 .9 -f . . -J M... . v - 123 x N, Q, .V , fu. i S , l 1 I . N i l www .A ii i V l xi a v '4 x av. l ni QT Vi H: li' s il? .r,'. l R 'i ll' The Viking The Viking Joris DALSAXT, Srrrrlafy: PAUL STEPIIENS, Vin' Pnzridfnl: FRANK GkUl'ER, Pruirlrrit. DAN S'r1I.1.s, Sgf. at .flrm:,' josm-msn Biuccs, 7'rrar'un'r. NE of the most prominent and unique organizations of North is the Scientific Society which is dedicated entirely to scientihc research and study. The aims of the society are to awaken interest in scientific mat- ters and to encourage students in the study of' various phases of science. Q , , i R c1ent1 c Society EO At the first meeting, the American Chemical Society's Prize Essay contest was explained and two prize essays for 1927 were read. The most important event of the year was an illustrated talk on "Voices Across the Sea" by Mrs. Helen Bell of the lVIountain States Telephone Company. Some of the other activities were a discussion of "Wood's Metal," a talk on the Fourth Dimen- sion, a discussion of Einstein's Theory, a program on the observance of the Forest Week, and a short play given by the members of the club. The Scientific Society has thus far justified its existence, and plans for the future look bright. The olden Norsemen were much interested in all things pertaining to science and spent much time in research work. The spirit of these Norsemen is living today, both theoretically and practically, in the Vikings of this club, who have proved their interest in this phase of Work. FZHJH 124 rl' . L J' sig -XS F gb. f 9 1 XE' f y t li 7 i X Vikouxm C,vri:s, Trvamn'r,' Enwaxn PLACE, Vin' Prvriils-nt. v JA:-rx: Sass, Prcriflnzh Geonciz Puiuw, Secretary. HE French Club is one of the most active organizations in North. The purpose of the club is to provide an outlet for the abundance of talent found among French students and to create an interest in the study of French. As the Norscmen found themselves interested in the manners of the French, so do the modern Vikings study the customs and ways of these people. The interesting and instructive programs of the club meetings may be attributed to the tireless efforts of the Program Committee. The meetings of the club consist of music, dancing, playlets, readings, and a short educational talk on French art or literature. It has been the aim of the French Club to be of value to the school and community. Activities which have been undertaken by the club this year were the distribution of baskets at the Christmas season and the French- Spanish social. It has been the custom of the Club to provide baskets for needy families at the Christmas season. The French-Spanish social was given by these two language clubs and was considered a huge success. The club, represented by a corp of efficient officers, has had a most suc- cessful year and interesting events for the future are in the making. .R ..- .,.. .,Y, .,..-. .- HL , D 5 125 The Viking The Viking ,ggi , i 5 N S Q 's X. ,s Nz?-N5 ss iii' Q-lx M , A Mmuox OllliNS'I'ElN, Sarrrluryg Paul. Wixlxiiic, I'rri-izlfvzt. hlim-3 lXIAR'ri5i.l.i, Trun.rnn'r,' Giaolugii JAGER, Fin' l'rr.riclmI. Music Club HE Music Club is one of North's largest organizations and is promin- ent in all school activities. As the Vikings in past ages showed their feelings by their music, so do the modern Vikings fit their music to every mood. The purpose of the Music Club is to further the interest in and development of American Nlusic, and to discover and train all talent within the school. The club has had many interesting and instructive programs during the year, all of which pertain to some phase of music. Vocal solos, piano solos, and musical numbers of every kind have filled the meetings of the lVIusic Club. The club has also studied various composers and their musical selections and feel that this has been a great benefit to them. The most important event of the year was the Music Revue, which suc- cessfully covered all phases of American music. It was thoroughly enjoyed by a large audience. On April 2, the school was invited to a meeting of the club and was entertained by selections from young musicians Well-known in Denver. The Music Club, not having been organized long, is one of the interesting clubs in the school and is fast progressing under the able assistance of the members and officers. V C VMI- . f x 126 , 4 I LIHVIS l'l0l.l.Akll, Pn'.ri11fnI,' Fnaxcizs DAucm1t'rx'. Srrrfhzryg NIARIAN C'AsPii, Vin' Pnuirlrnt. Spanish Club HEN the Norsemen inhabited Spain many centuries ago, they left numerous traces and traditions of their civilization which now are studied in Spanish classes. To promote a greater interest in the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking countries, this club was organized and is now one of the largest organizations in the school. The representatives from each Spanish class and the officers form the executive body and formulate interesting programs for the club. The programs consist of songs, dances, readings, plays, accounts of the lives of famous Spaniards, and descriptions of Spanish-speaking countries. The outstanding program of the year was a play, "Spanish As She ls Spoke," presented by the Spanish 7 class. This year the club was privileged to have Senorita lVIartinez visit the school and talk to the members of the club. The club members took an unusual interest in Spanish music and learned many new songs. Art was also favored when the club bought an expensive picture for the school. A Spanish-French Social given by these language clubs was the only social event undertaken by the Spanish club this year. This event was given in the Girls' Gymnasium, and music was furnished by the school orchestra. 127 The Viking WWI 5 if for f - STILWAR1' Hftxxmx, Rosa lfrui-LDMAN, Cansulx. : EDNA BROWN, Q-uexlorg Is,uif:1.x.r: CA1LNr:x', Pravlor. lX'IAncAiu:1' KUNSNIILIAER, Bovn Baowx, zlrdilif. Q Latin Club students in the study of Latin. As the Norsemen studied the language of their ancestors, so do these modern Vikings study the source from whence most of the modern languages sprung. The aim of this organization is to bring out the customs, art, and literature of the ancient Romans in an interesting and enjoyable way. The programs of the club have been in accordance with this plan and have been presented before the members of the club and the school. The most important program of the year was a burlesque of the Aeneid given in sil- houette. The event was sponsored by the Virgil Class and presented to the students of North. Some of the other activities were a Roman election, a play given by the Latin pupils of Skinner Junior High School, and a "Trial of Mari" for irreverence to the gods. Q THE Latin Club was organized for the sole purpose of interesting the The Latin Club has one of the largest memberships in the school, and is most active in all North activities. The club differs from the other organizations of North in that it follows the civil form of government used by the ancient Romans and the officers cor- respond to those of that time. N N 128 X Onawfef Legg.-if ,f X so 'x ,xv .It X , J r Xqff iii, 1 I ,1x f 'xlf N.. wg . , . it f f 5 . ,ff ff ,E .M gf I V E I 0,1 f' Itiuau Plrrxsyiz, Pre.vulmzt,' XIIRGINIIL OREAR, Srrrrlnry. QE RIcII.uuJ NoLLENnI:ncI:iz, Vim Prr.vident,' Jour: NIANNS, Trcarurfr. EE Q. . 3 if . Q ' Maxwell History Club it il V1 NE of the largest and most active organizations of North High is the Maxwell History Club, whose chief aim is to promote interest in we American History. Q,-' As the Viking warriors gathered to talk of brave deeds, so do the members of Maxwell gather to talk over the exploits of famous Americans and the out- 'i standing features of American History. Early in the year, two senators were elected from each history class, and, together with the ofhcers, formulated interesting programs for the club. The n V senators have also been useful in collecting dues and acting as general repre- mi sentatives of their classes at council meetings. WB i , D . ugh sg- lVIany interesting and instructive programs have been witnessed by the '. 6-. rag was the outstanding program of the year. Other activities were a program I depicting a reception for Colonel Lindberg by the representatives of various Q Jig -- I foreign countries, a program including a one-act play on the Continental Con- ,- - club members this year. A motion picture illustrating the Revolutionary days . gress, and an illustrated talk on Colorado History by Dr. L. R. Hafen. " The aim of this year's club activities has been to supplement the class fill it . . . . . . . . . ,hip work in history with Interesting, instructive, and entertaining programs, and I Ql , the organization feels that this aim has been accomplished. i2 I .M A, iiiilil f:f?r1r,:11'?-ififfsrffsfw-,ELI553-?2jS1St1?.f'2fQ1':fa'Z1,fis",'5f-2211-'frzfsy Qi 'f,hf'Vw5, ,QL ,qt fix?-. ixQ5,i'7 ,QQ AAI"-A W,-,gif fifth, '-51? yu iq' : I-2,1 I 3- -, M " -a '2' ,,', ghjlfi M Ifa,,,,.5 1 u,'.f,,: it '.,,,,1.,5 A j' 1-P .Z -L 15, bi -Q' - xLN,2,1Jf liar, ,AQ vxghij xii 34,11 tE.,w,v,, xkksw L' Ixgjziyiibxikk Ty xtigljgfrl-tlutiifl. E3.,'q1gQqp-Q-4',p" ,,Ug'35i:,b1f,,gj H'---5'-:agus-s5:,fL. gjgg-Sggfwfvriev ,,.3a...3e2a'2-..:,f.'i5.P 1- . 129 The Viking The Viking If X' 5 N . if 9 ,ff x L x if .fi Zglvf ,fig lu, 't,. if L HQ yi, nf x2'l'gW 'HL ALQZLBL, S in -,. . J.'7ZIl'.l".:-'.6l'4'.'L'J' J'.E.-"ZfJ'L."JJflJ'-'I' af'-17' N ' - L' i i - r i ' X r jg, L U '. Y' K FT L., . -i . ' 3 , if A ., 'i .i is .fi-if in i e-'fa-f:'z'T ' ' "ML: ii f' Mi ' A ' if - Wi., , fi.. "'3 EAN "f'fi"P' " V- 3 fig ff , Woof M ,,.. 1 'M 3.5 ,in iii' i ,i 1 "AW - -1-i i e V . : 'X" 'f,,' a -ff -H' . s A ai' ,ss A 2'-'- ,, Ya " i' ilvfg r fqw 4 ,, ug: I .1 wt. -4 - f 4,1 , f-40 .,,F. .-: Ci- - - - '- ---r ' cg. . : ,ri . . A A -- - ' i , avavmisssasfgg i f A"A " L S Formation Cadet Group S Fencing? Vernon Bourg L Training! Drill M N NME 'JE' 'Jug Q 130 'f 'PE TURESZ, n ffyf if -ff . f"'5x'?1 b ' , pf 3' ' ai Wx - . ' x.A I '- JM. A. 45 . KL 6 L . ' . f : V 1 . x' ' :ffl 5:1 ' Af- N V ' 'll' 'fl' 'X ,yi 52: 53: g, x 22:3 A g 'QS i f . Us 2 r 1 , - 1 .f A-TN -. -' -U 7' ,fx W 'X K. -4, I r 3,1-E., 2 uf?-Q' I I I , ' ' ' ' .L fm -'-4'-' n v , , 1 w 3 X ' 1 K V . F , 533' ' -9639-vt Jfoo1M2'1u lliuurii J Y . 4 - 1 .J lv u' - ."on.i2" ' U 5 'fvifa'-'vw I on-3-png ' iigffb fi N' " gn v3xJf2 s ! ' . v'4pu0i' -I . +4 4. TA 5 1 1 In ' Q 1 3, I6 5 ' ppm! " N ,ef 4JQ if 1' 535352209391 1' 'if ' J ' 5 ,8!'Qto2557'fv' ' A " ' 5 4 lf:gfi,l"f '99 , X p I + f 422.33 f u 4 ,liloggfi .X QSM -" I X. ozsf la "Y 5 4, ku THE sumo Atxxfggfx V ASK5 RIDDLES ol .f or THE Kms :gf nl 6 if . . ul Jn I A M 4 131 The Viking The Viking 0 The State Little Theatre Tournament 3 LACK Masque Dramatic Club scored another honor for North when the society won first place in the State Little Theatre Tournament with their play, "Drums of Oude" by Austin Strong. The coveted Douglas Fairbanks trophy, awarded for the best high school dramatic production, was presented to North, as Well as a S50 cash prize from the State Federation of Women's Clubs. George Jager, Senior, received a scholarship offered by the Elitch Gardens Summer School of Drama for fine individual work. George received a similar honor last year. The play was a tense drama, portraying a native uprising against British soldiers in India. George Jager, as the leading character, was ably supported. Fine performances were given by the rest of the cast which consisted of: Virginia O,Rear, who had the only feminine part, Charles Housman, Rodger Wright, Ernest Snodgrass, William Kirsher, and Marion McCallum. The entire cast has been prominent in Black Masque productions as Well as other dramatic and musical activities at North. l l Q Q l X l l l Q The N111 efee H-sixteen Oratorical contest Q Q HARL ES HOUSMAN, at Noah, W.. of at Q lg Q S S Q Q l Q U l 4 twenty-eight Oratorical Contest, and was presented with a gold medal, a gift of the Class of l9l6, left to perpetuate this ,contest at North. This tournament, sponsored by the Webster Oratorical Society, is a yearly event and is open to all students at North. In the finals, held in the school auditorium on January 12, live boys competed. "Intolerance" was the subject of the Winning speech. Charles Housman is to be commended upon his fine diction and careful delivery. Girls' Sight Reading Contest HE annual Girls' Sight Reading Contest was held during the week of January 16. The girls reading in the finals were those winning in their English classes and then in their respective divisions. Maerose Wandel and Amy Finchette were the competitors in the junior- senior contest. Those competing in the freshman-sophomore division were Helen Eber and Edith Jane Surgeon. Maerose was adjudged the winner and was presented with a pin, a gift of the class of 1917. Helen Eber, who took first place in the freshman-sophomore contest, was given a copy of Scott's "Ivanhoe," through the kindness of the All Girls' League and the Senior Literary Society. imxfmaea ig l r it fe l may mga J LB Q 'gig is , Q no ,-fuwlfgb ' 51' li , .airy 'ou 0 U. 1 X fn! X Get ' 'K' 9 - Q dial-elQ5'9l'2ig 1 L, . ' 0 . rv' HAROLD s-vivnvtous xlaft E 4 Cnnwtvtows Q 'mn Mun :Q .1 i ' .Cgdftf 5 . I . 4.04, J ' an l, QQ 4"3Iti1llg lil of ou t ll t I ' x , . I '55-5, A , A xl' ., i,-, ,se L . Q .N rj' 1 V - 1-Cl' N ' P Aseormo 5 L: Q Q . . Q h .5 - . 0 - . M n . 9 . I g I o ... 0 . u ,, o . 0 .. p - u x I I V t WY A I"I I I ' W tin' 4 't ,. A 'K he a 67 figs ' K Jig Xx J " ai 'S' is IA 4 x n ' " 1 P . .- is N . Vi- ll' -' 41 EE? Q ,i 21' ,ti .2 vb -1'i"33 .wa . ' 6 Q :E:"l1re A . 4 v E- 454 9 1 :QL insqfg ' 9 'HRX' N l lf' 4 - 5.5: . A 3 3 X j ' N 'gina ' XX .5 if 5 'tl ' X 'l fy I i , Y 64' 1 fl: I' X lv , wi, .A v ' gl 5-f 5 6 v 2 -,N ' 1 QQ - , - . ' 't, ' . 54 , N: Q tv V. . 3 ,' V Z .I yt? Ag: Z . , 4 I t .. 5 all i l U 1 Xl I 7 t t Q 'Quik 1 , L ft I i iv5"KV'-X751' X7'J'"f'9if-X2"'Y-X2"5'lfVaiV'-YIfV'ZG'f'-1i""K7Q1J51f Louise Anderson Ruth Anderson Lucile Arnold Jessie Barone Q61 Carl Barth Sam Berman Ethel Best Q21 Aaron Bluniberg Q51 Alina Bradshaw Edna Brown Q21 Sheldon Brown Q51 Florence Brownlee Nlargaret Bruderlin Niarie Bruno .Burbank Bulltnn Harold Burn Q21 Isabelle Carney Q51 Nlichael Carosella Marion Caspe Carl Castellan Q31 Daniel Cavarra Louis Chatzky Q31 Julia Cohen Q41 Albert Cohen Q31 Honor Roll Nlargaret Johnston Raymond Kaiser Q31 Lotus Keller Q21 Dorothy Kelso jack Kringel Nlargaret Kunstniller Karl Laidig Sylvia Latnpert Q21 Shirley Lauter Q31 Virginia Lee Q21 Belle Leibntan hlary Petrie Q51 Sophia Petrie Nadine Phillips hladelon Pike .llarolcl Price Della Priess Eva Reili' Q41 Evelyn Richter Marvin Rosenberg Q61 Reva Ruttenbautn Henrietta Sanders Q31 Anne Schwartz Blanche Schwartz Q51 Nlary Durbin Q21 Calvin East Helen Eber Q41 Becky Eckstein Q31 Frank Egan Grace Evans Elsie Fick Q21 Lillian Flax Q41 llelcn Flick Challin Foster Donald Fountain Delorian Lucas John Manns Margaret Meyer Q31 Frierla Milstein Q61 Kathleen Morris Madeline Mueller Q31 Ruth Mueller Q21 Earl Nordquist Q21 Robert Obrechl Q21 hlae O'Connell Harold Osborne NVilcox Overbeck Q31 Stanley' Payne l Lois Conroe hflarion Short Anna Perlmuttcr Q41 , Louise Corley Dora Singer Caroline Petrie Rose Friedtnan Q71 Dorothy Smith Lillian Vilantl Q51 Marie Gallagher Helen Spencer Frances Villano Q31 Faith Garliutt Lucile Sperry Q21 Victoria Vnln Q41 Secret Glantz Elsie Stanko Calvin Vm H1 ' Gordon Green Louise Stark Harriette 1Vadley Q41 X Robert Grote Sam Stoole Q21 Louise lVadsworth ' Carl lledlwerfr Edith ,lane Sturgeon Pearl 1Valker Stewart llannah john Sustrick Lucilc VValter Q Goldie llellerslein Q51 Nlay Sybertz Laurel 1Vay ' Nancy llillyartl Q21 YVilma Mae Tainplin Q31 Doris Vlfeidcinan llelen llnlttnan Q61 Percy Van Brunt Evelyn 1Veinstein Q51 - Anna llyndman Lena Daleant, Duane YVilson Q21 ' iv Robert lntzratn Dorotlvv Devilt Q21 Nlartha 1Volowsky ' Pauline Johnson Hazel Distler Marjorie Yates Ralph johnson Leonie Duck Q31 1Varren Yarroll - ' A A - X f J , . ' f- . . f'f-1 L7 - " . x 133 The Viking The Viking N17 . ff fQJ-,Vg-5,,K,N7,,L.-i,.XX2.x-,9f fB, 2 5 . Q. s 7' 7 . "' T7 fig! 9 i V95 to 7 CK? E slats t H Q X J 9 b. A i cfs: ow . . - 1 Q ' 1 O iv O 'A' fxnl l' YY Q l "tim es 0' Q l f' b s KK 0 5 4 , 9' I9 612 tO y :VME .Sun ff The noon TUISCO WODEN f-X i l r Lest W e Forget SEPTEMBER 6 Tuisco's day School starts. All things, good or bad, must have a beginning. 8 Thorls day First football practice. "Oh, Horace, now you've mussed up my hair." 16 Frigals day A twinkle from the North Star appears. 30 Friga's day The Big Sisters entertain the Little Sisters. Even sisters have their good points. OCTOBER l Saeter's day North defeats Greeley 7-0 in first big football game. "Well begun is half done." N 6 Thor's day The Viking lntelligentsia receive honor pins as tokens of their merits. 7 Friga's day North loses to East in hard fought tennis matches. 8 Saeter's day Our hope is raised higher by the defeat of West in football game 21-6. North places third in Golf Tournament. - I8 Tluisco's day The students of North receive their disillusioning hrst grades. 22 Saeter's day North Vikings win from South Rebels 19-0. 29 Saeterls day The old jinx is unbeaten as We tie with East in great football game. NOVEIVIBER 9 Wodenls day Color is added to the school life by the Annual Music Revue. 12 Saeter's day Our unbeatable football team defeats lVIanual 15-0. 19 Saeter's day The Viking gridsters beat Boulder 30-0 earning the 1927 Football Title, and how! At the High School Publication Contest our 1927 Annual is rated second best in the Rocky Mountain Region. 134 ."" 41 ,Q xr N - 25 4' 'iz ,ae N wif V 6 Zz 0' im g as ,,, x- 1 4 1 it f TN... l e fR.G, f v y Q I r1g,1's day 5 lVIoon's day I , 6 Tuisco's day 16 Frigals day I 3 Tuisco's day li 7 Saeterls day l 12 Thorls day 14- Saeter's day 16 MocJn's day 1 I8 Woden's day 21 Saeter's day N 3 Friga's day 4 Saeter's day Q 28 Saetefs day i LZ! Our fair damsels entertain the glorihed heroes at Annual Football Dance. DECEMBER The Football Trophy is presented by the Yale Alumni Association. "Yale has had some good teams, too." With great sadness we receive the second marks for this semester. The Christmas vacation starts at last. "No tears at school today." JANUARY f Oh! Hum! We are back at the old grind again. "Too bad that Santa Claus can't give us eternal vacation." The Basketball season is started by our losing to Boulder 27-18. "Better luck next time." A Gold lVIedal is presented to the winner of the 1916 Gratorical contest. We are defeated by East in good basketball game 20-15. A miniature of the Football Edition of the North Star is distributed. The Girls, Sight Reading Contest begins with forty competitors. A victory at last. North beats West 16-15 for the first win of the season. Nlanual loses to North 25-22. FEBRUARY Semester grades are received. "Well, -er, Dad, You see it was this Way!" . North is defeated by South 31-10. 135 The Viking i N-Ext-!l'fSQ--lex IIS ' C' ' , X 11-...ff- fi-f11' ,-55-x..f 1 P?:'.. "re 'za' , A1 W f f ae Q -' ' ' 5 -N g Wifi lf? qi .i The fj,Vw!" Ai Vikiug f A A W' iii V5 91 "bfi . " 1 'T THE .Sour Tliii noon ruisqo w,,,,EN iii I 1 11 Saeter's day North basketball men lose to Boulder 21-14. 1 18 Saeter's day Eastern Angels lose to Northern Vikings 21-15. 23 Thorls day North Cadets receive championship in Sth Corps i V Area rilie match. 54 25 Saeter's day lVIanualites overcome us in good basketball game 21-15. 29 VVoden's day Scholarship pins are presented to the honor stu- ' 1 e so or 1 d nt' fN th. MARCH 3 Saeter's day We again beat West 28-16 in basketball, but they, turning the tables on us, defeat us in boxing tournament. 10 Saeter's day South defeats North 15-10 making us fifth in bas- ketball. VVe can't always be the champions of Colorado. 20 Tuisco's day A sad, sad story is told by the first marks of this l semester. 1 22 24 31 5 6 Thor's day Saeter's day Saeter's day Thor's day Friga's day The students gloat over the faculty after beating them in an uproarious basketball game. Our Black Masque Society wins the State Little Theater Tournament with the play, "Drums of Oudef' North's swimmers place second in exciting natatorial exhibition. The Senior Literary Society presents, "Peg of lVIy Heart" for the enjoyment of everyone. APRIL Girls right hard in their championship basketball game. No scratching or tearing of hair allowed. ln the spring a young man's fancy-and so, now comes spring vacation. 136 H- . s -- sy 3 if .N Q YQ if Q l l - 'ri llei '95 fad , 174 'U af y X fuon 'R LQ' -mf o i x 5AEfE fi . O 'Q QS. 10 20 23 27 28 26 Tuisco's day l7riga's day lVIoon's day Friga's day Saeter's day Saeter's day Moon's day Saeter's day Saeter's day Saeter's day Saeter's day Friga's day lVIoon's day Thor's day Friga's day W , , v , .Y All Girls' League Theater party. "The Way of All Fleshf' and "The Shepherd of the Hills" are shown. North nine meets and beats Maiiual baseball men 15-9 in first baseball game. Our assistant principal is given principalship of lVIanual. YVhat is our loss is their gain. 200 compete in horseshoe contest during lunch periods. North wins in second baseball game 6-4 against South. MAY The Senior Prom transforms Boys' Gym into a beauteous garden of pink and silver. North and Boulder baseball nines play interest- ing game. Our report cards are again given to us. Oh! Well! We must take the bitter with the sweet. West plays a hard game against North. Our baseball men play against East. The semi-preliminary baseball games are played. JUNE The championship of baseball is decided by two good hard games. Class Day. Vikings awarded scholarships and medals for their hard work at North. This week our spick and span Cadets display their knowledge in the Competitive drill. Commencement Day. The stately seniors leave our school forever. Fare thee well. Thus endeth our school year. 137 The Viking The Viking Dick Duffy: "A carbon copy, of course." Bill Kirsher: "VVhat would you call an African's baby?" A 3 Clara: "What is a simple English word of five letters that is never L pronounced right even by the most learned scholars?" Jean: "Dunnol What ?" x Clara: "Why', wrong, of course!" R Paul Stevens applied for a job as grocery boy for the summer. The grocer wanted a serious minded youth, so he put Paul to a little test. "Well my boy, what would you do with a million dollars?" he asked. "Oh, gee, I don't know-I wasn't expecting so much at the start." Miss Ingersoll: What does the prefix "Mag" mean? Stewart Hannah: Big. Miss I.: Give an illustration. S. H.: I like magpies. X North Star reporter: In what state were you born, professor? X Mr. Wheatley Ctrying to be funnyl : Unless my memory fails me, in the state of ignorance. S Reporter Qscribblingj : To be sure, and how long have you lived there? S W Steamboat Captain fwho has just fallen overboardj "Don't stand there 5 like a dumbbell! Give a yell, can't you ?" ' L Richard Duffy: Certainly Sir. Captain! Rahl'Rahl Rah! Rah! Cap- S tain. I X "This is just the place for me," said the Joke Ed., at the shore, "for here M whene'er I crack a joke, the breakers simply roar." K Mr. Varian fin Geology class.j "What is quartzite ?" Stanley Payne: "Sandstone." lVIr. V.: "What is marble?" S. P.: "Limestone" Mr. V.: "Well then, what is granite?" S. P.: "Tombstone" He: "Some people can't see faults in their own friends." She: "Yes, isn't that silly-I would if mine had anyf' Mrs. Stone: "Which of the planets could people live on." Dan Stills: "The earth." FJSQGAT. JULY. X'J3f...G3 ' 138 3 , i E , TM , ,- in ' N 0 E 2 L Q Q Q Pictorial Review of S A p0I'f CUVIUCS Q -139 d'-'-in'fff?-3ffnEZfCa'lv'!:.'ZfI-2Zff1'Z!fL'6f!.?Af E The Viking I QW Will :WML Yk -X, ,WWW ' J ' ' Qyhlggf ff M A , I ' W e f1f'iTA.14ff41 ' 'P fgf-ff' ' , 4- , ofxxxxl r . SH, vi", V Nj Y! Vx? r it x 'Q f - if v Q WTR AUTOGRAPHS sf Gyxes Q QPQA QA IJSA 2 hs -Q ,ZNVQQQ Yi vlkmg N W M ,ffm fb W 3 , Jfwmf 0? M!! X Wk Q f yLaf'?ar7,fg 'Zi ' ' 5' cr S, x NN ' 4309? . A M J, Q. 490280, W1-6 1,,QsvfL . . 1 A J 7 5FMLf1f , 4-Lfgg , ani 165' k N Wm 27 M7 ff Q X ,iff 1 8 V, Var ,gm f 1' 'TJ cv E ' , I I , H' I z if ! . wmaw W WML ' lw m'g,WP ' " fam W 1- wwf Q ,,, . f- QQ, I 'a,N' i J 3, XG Ki "g,pP'1 r!,,.,K,fj v W , rn. iq' f -Q 4-f gyw q- ,ceG?5i?4Q???g :. 2. Qbgvxx 14Pq JW 7 53. , Awffwffw 'MU' -. Q M' U TW? XF U Ri D , , t yr W val ,JLNL9 Gm, M ,V - X N ' Q7 ZX?-Aj1"! WNV D XJ! ' ,,A 1 , f A QMJWXM f ' '9 9? fffdfw'-W Mb " A Y JfjV.Z2l0f.?59:.4fi Haw, 2-PS2"f'?tQ1 mei-.fwXqfX+QFf mo: ' 5 sf Mylan f L N- if .J r v I V f v y' v 7 x' v 1 Q15 AUTO GRAPHS L4 The W ' - U ' - Vikm MQQQCCCS g jfck f Qkxmkv 4 . aff keg! .f bd ' '21,-C 'LQQ n iO n ,lv -WCM' N Kcfiivg fvgigp C510 ' yfdztpyo 314 t Kali' - C ' L, , . L iq CL A Q T Y'fffLZiQQe4 fjf,,,,W r , 4 X, s Q A D , .Y fn XgW XY mx x 14 JA . . Jia .355 W' ., -.,A , lim A Wdampwg M A Jig 48, I ' 1 I j W 2 WM 15 WM iimhizzf MM , 4+ ,fr fwwjff " . 4 W WWW' 30 1' 'x The V1k1ng ,Q X-H K K5 "A Y xg an ,, si , ir 'X 5- , . ,57 , .gflf V, 27 ay' I--42' -af. L.-if'?f ' ' 7 J f 'A IL IL! fi Frasnreileieqqvae' fe if'f':l'zf24'1:.-5's.,,QfQ-f3..L'::-J -G2-:c-wfs2-aF1s1Q,'sss-iwE,f+iLff',s.'m-Je-.-.E4,L1Dsf's..,?'Zs1SLs.s,'Q .,s5J...,.,,-f-- 'wily ig - gg, Alumni 'i i HE Vikings of old had their great heroes who went from the native 3 land to sail the perilous and unknown seas in search of gold and adven- 'il ture. They left in vast numbers in their small but skillfully carved and Qt: colored boats, making a beautiful spectacle as they sailed toward the limit- ifi less horizon. After a few days storms arose, battering many of their strong but minia- ture vessels to pieces, with consequent loss of life. Then came the battles Q55 with the southern peoples and more of the Vikings were lost. Those who 09 lived sailed on and discovered new lands. fi, Here, they mingled with the strange people and brought them their at civilization and art. Thus, leaving their imprint on these nations and the surrounding country, they returned to their friends at home. Q55 So it is with those who go from our school. They leave in splendor, but Q, one by one, they drop out of sight in the great sea of humanity till only a few remain in public view. It is with pride that we speak of some of these last now , . George Parks, '01, was made Governor of Alaska in 1925, and has kept i, 'l A 3 ' .Q that position for several years now. John J. Cory, another graduate of the class of 1901, has been for some years the principal of one of our rival high schools, South Denver. One of our own teachers, Miss Ingersoll, is a graduate of North, and has kept in '59 touch with several of the other alumni of her own and other classes. The field of law has attracted several members of the Viking crews, one of them being Harry Zimmerhackle of the class of 1903, who is a prominent . attorney in Denver. Harry Zimmerhackle was recently elected president of the University of Colorado Alumni Association. Q The various fields of Art have claimed a rather large percentage of our Qi friends. Three girl alumnaeg Lillian Cushing, '17, Marguerite Darrow, and F Dorothy Hellis, both of the class of '20, have their own schools of dancing in ig Denver. On the first day of May this year, Dorothy Hellis School entertained .- the Juniors of North with a dancing revue in our auditorium. Ei Paschal Quackenbush, '27, has recently received one of the ten scholar- ships given throughout the United States by a New York Art School. Two brothers, Winfred Proutty, '07, and Frank Proutty, '10, who were ij three and four letter men, have formed an engineering company in Denver. A romance which started in our school a few years ago reached its cul- Yff mination when Archie Boyd, '22, and Martha Dunstone, '22, were married in 'bi' South America. Archie Boyd, after graduating with high honors from the ll School of Mines, went to Chile and became an engineer there. The class of 1903 is having their Hrst reunion on the twenty-fifth anni- '3 versary of their graduation, June 4, in our school auditorium. There were siaty memlgirs of the lclalss, twenty-two gf whom arefresiding 1? our own fair cityi 1 e sincere y ope t lat some ay, not too ar in t e uture, we too, wi have brought honor to our school through our successes in the world. -L 4, rf if ii'ifIff"2-WSE-1 4:27 'NE'-TSYQQQ-.g2:1Ziff,pj "Cal-,34-.mfjn 'Uiz'f1"f5i'Wis 142 A . K f fy "' W A ruycwx f " i , , N I' Cifwmwf, ,lv-fLyfs:5,,f', , '-v., fgzw .nz .Q ' Qi XFINIS I 4' ' ,Y7wYQ fV7 I XX Q 9 J Q!!! I 1 f D f JI I we M " 13- THE GODS WELCOME HARALD 'THE FAIRHAIRED 'TO VALHALLA 1-+3 X HQR A w -1 4 5 ri 1 J .a f 3 Y D. wr5rzfE!'i' ' .ali

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North High School - Viking Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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