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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1959 volume:

Wim' fi T ..f:"w h A ,K 1' fi fy if A --3151445-""" g Vw .vs-L .v . ' "A nn . 1.5 . . " Li -'-4 . 1-,,nsJs7f'ffg,,' A 5-., ' ' 4, , . ' "'5f5,"f2f? A S" A , iw. T A,,,, ., , , , . Aiqlx auf? C .V 1 .rx ,lv Q U Ainunfd W P QR 'He Hawke' 1 -,,,,qsiYyg,:1m I . . -A-.. Q, V I ' , , T' ' 'W-willva , ., ' ,333-gi,-,f'2:Lgiiggr:g..vtl A , hwy, :K I H' is rv? ,M ...-. .- "' ' j -' A 'fiiwsnr-. 'Ye 'gf R v M Q .A E was n , .. , , , .1 1" fi M ' . ""' ' ' ' l"".' M N .,,,i..,' ,,--,-3, "f M . , q:.,'jL 'wie R JN Af 'Lb , G . f m . L . QA Q If gmt' - 'A ---...muh .gf : gm .- 4 A 'Y f 1 wif "Ag - , K .f!9""f,p,z::-9- 3 U1 f,""'," f , .qgsgh-A -' 'V ' :min ., -,QI - ' . A"':i L vi' ' Q A L' " H, ,... ."31,jUfQv1 .--, . .L -- L., ' 57 435- ., ., auf 3v.l1. 1 'eu -V M -- 4 4 M' - M' 'aw"X I A M A ' ' " A ' ' "lfi49!i'+ A N 'QW V "' ffiicif ' V "" " V V, "4'?A'v' is 33v,gQp--1 ' Q 5" ' iigfjg, :' -' 1 1 - -- Zg3!2"?g. -f""-1-. .H """'.,-,,:,-fly -'Q 'QLQV ,XM . I In -ML: ,,,?,M9.' te-wer r . A.. ja-Jsg, --v,T,,.:, - n- f-Q I . ..,..,, .- ,, . "" ' ' " 'WF-UW' Us " ' A v,,,,., , , W?" -44,-1 ,. 'f-+ v1sw msn f- if ,617 w,- fifff- " " .X T"'4'v-4. 'e 1, Al ,V AN My , , C: . ' , . . . ' ""f'f'T" 4.nx.e"" -- ' , N nv. . - Q A ' A . IW clenmmf... 741385,-vs4!':-g.,Q 4 A .gqstiil was . V A iff' . W-f b-,W . N ' A - ts-, .A,,,v,,. ,K 0 ' A' ' V - 1-5 K, .wigs X554-his :ml A , ,-Q..-,.,,.,,,,,,,,',... A n , .3485 . A W ,- . ,, I F2015 1 , Y I' '11 - .. . . . wary -V - . 13. ' ,. 5:-"' "dr KM i I I 50X Nr- v pl CUM y T 11 Tmrhon 1 1 Xdw I 1 1 mc woe mm J w VX, ll G or el AP wmv? me vm Q O we x K L P nor Tc iw SJ. "4 M N 'w W 55' "xiii Two ' 11' .wff 1 , ...O' " ,zz '-v.:1',lI Q ,H of wr'-. ' 'rc 'Ar UAH' . , To " fir In " Sz' w WI sxk,I'f?d rw H Q my Y' lrrviks fa 5' 1 rr . U 71 13: L2U.',Jf:IkQ1TC'12Tff' L Er' Q cll hr - --fmrwy I.Pffg.'j'W xfcfiriag . , 1- 1lwe'r' fr fy- pe NH 1 wi- ' 'ltr M14 V,-.f :lim 'fv amz: 'H Cr "V',NI' - Yhf , . 9 ' iluf ' if r'c:Qsw' Tc :wig thc- iw U cz if QT ,QrwCri::3Ie1,"eczr, "Of, 'E 'T wi BM, Wu ww yq ,I f ,V .ff-'IW We " Y '.Z'?.1. L M, A g 2 'B -Y . J x. , N S-S ,f 2 3 u . mt . 4 s 6 A f it ' X V 5? an K x ,f x Q 1 -44 Q iid ,Y QW iLQf'. if Aj .-K- x x v. Y ZA awww ,M X Q I 4 in + W 4 ,duff 9 ,. mm? my K V0 ' C O L Ox, OO 0 OO OLE JO X 0 1 O X Qc. O O, 'awk ' s, . AN, x QQ? 1 .1 I ' 'fA-mfg! ,f' F' W 19' ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, ADMINISTRATION AND ACTIVITIES Mr. Raymond E1 Collins NSA 1 ,- ll Mrs. Helen Alter, SECRETARY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, PUPIL PERSONNEL Mr. Leonard F. Dalton Mrs. Betty Mcssie SECRETARY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, INSTRUCTION, 'Qu- Mrs. Florence Daiell, SECRETARY Mr. Lee Roy Sfeffey In Q W :lk fd' 4 V? Qw .52 il-115 5 gif" K 1' 98, Q 1.56 -as 'x A x J u 9 '-72 , iv! U 5- ' its-' . A .- 1 ,EX ' Y The Smerdel family focuses on The gridiron af The Homecoming game. ii? 14 Q 4 -an-ol? i' -1:1 ue' Q 4-Q G6 an-F' -a MISS DOROTHY ADDLEMAN Bookkeeping Office Practice MR. J. R. DAVIDSON Driver Training MR. ANTHONY GALLO Chemistry MR, EARL HAMMOND Aigebra Geometry 'Y' YQ A I ,.. . A MR. W. G. ANDREASEN Freshmen Prob. MR. JERRY C, DAVIDSON Typing MR. DONALD GARRISON Boys' P. E. Driver Training MRS. BETTY HARDESTY BraiIle Sight Saving N-...,. gf? MR. WILLIAM H. Physics MR. VICTOR Di BIASI American Heriiage Contemporary Prob. MR. ALBERT J. GRAFSKY American Heritage MR. BERNARD L. HOEFER Art Drama II 'O ,..r 'JR X T- 3 i . 4 MR. FREDD BENNETT American Heritage MR. ROBERT DUFEL Metal Shop Drafting RS. PAULA GRAHAMER Senior English German MRS. LORETTA JAPKO Latin Spanish 'C CR MRS. ELLEN M, BOOZ World Heritage MRS. LILLYE DUKE Hornemaking MP, JAMES GUILLET World Heritage MR. STANLEY KELLER General Science fi 'J 'SS-1 ft an 3' .-fr 'R f-one " ,. 55- 5 1. 4 alll-L IQ , ifg I'r'. ur s fl'r ' ' " X m 'IPA Iwi fry '23 1' ...,4' , ff' MR. ED BROWN Mathematics MR. WILLIAM ELLINGS Boys' PE. Track Coach MISS BEVERLY GUNSTENSON Business Education MR. HAROLD KLONECKY Freshman Prob ,-if MRS. KATHERINE BUZANIS World Heritage TVRIVTQ MR. KEITI-I B. ENGER Boys' P. E. Bee Football Coach MR. STLCY HALL Freshman Prob, MRS RITA M KRETZ Spanish I, II MRS. HARRIET CHRISTIAN Hamemaking MRS, RAE FRAMAN Typing II Shorthand II Business Machines MR. HUME HAMILTON Art Production Drawing MRS. ALAINE KRINGEN Girls' P. E. I3 I' rf"s ,fd 'VTP .-dl. fr.-V9 ELIZABETH J. MATTEY World Heritage HARRY L. PHILLIPS Business Education Contemporary Prob, Bee Football J. V. Basketball MARTIN B. SCHWEITZER Instrumental Music Speech R. RICHARD VENTURINI Biology Physics Q 'L' 'Wg F . Q L' 1 C' . ff 'E .3 in I 5 I MISS MARJORIE MCCLURKIN Clothing MR. JOHN H. PIERCE American Heritage MR. DELBERT SCOTT Contemporary Prob. MR. ROBERT S. WALKER Algebra I General Math Practical Math 4:3 ii cl-fb? :L ICQF ,--an '87 MR. EUGENE MCCUSKER World Heritage MR. MERL E. RAILSBACK General Math Geometry MR. GUY E. SHEROD DwHmgl,HlH MR. DAVID WARDEN Handicrafts Drafting Miss Gunstenson and Mr. and Mrs, Kretz observe the "modern generation" at one of the Friday night dances, 'ovQ'fs LL.-v Wg, -.Q Nw MISS Girls' MR. MR MARTHA DALTON Physical Education WALTER HILLIER Biology RICHARD WINN Freshmen Problems Boys' Physical Education Intramurals American History . MRS. ELOISE ENGER Freshmen Problems Typing MR. CHARLES SCI-IERF World Heritage Spanish I MR, WILLIAM WOOD Boys' Physical Education Department Chairman Varsity Basketball YS5 MR. DANIEL FALCON Contemporary Problems Spanish I Senior Class Sponsor MRS. MELVINA KOVINICK Girls' Physical Education I '1 l 4' ' .I 0 S 1: - - L , 'Il' ' N l I Xl x X il' A rare "time out" for our custodians is this annual Valiant pic- .. M ture. FRONT ROW lLeft to Rightl are: Mr. Joseph Hurney, Mr. I- - ' Nichols Astorino, Mr. Andrew Wiesner, Mr. George Smith, and V , M M Mr. Art Salewske, SECOND ROW lLeft to Rightl are: Mr. Glenn 5 A "' - Parson, Mr. John Mowatt, 'Mr, Ivan Nesbit, Mr. John Cooper, and I ' ' -L L A Mr. Jeff Cox. ,LQ 25 'F' ' I . I 'cf T X ' V Mr. L. C. Cook Mrs. Grace A. Gindlesperger , Head Custodian Lady Custodian Hia! I s 'sv all ls" Mrs. Eleanor L. Sanders Cafeteria Manager 1. Ihr 4 s. Let the pies burn! You only get your annual picture taken once a year. FIRST ROW lleft to Rightl are Mrs. Helen Kohler, Mrs. Margaret Skay, Mrs. ROW Mrs. Rose Turbay, Mrs. Marge Brace, and Mrs. Martha Kumi. SECOND lLeft to Rightlr Mrs. Bette Kurz, Mrs. Thelma Hinds, Mrs. Clair Cannon, Otha Anderson, Mrs. Jo Boyd, and Mrs. Bernice McCoy. Not pictured is Mrs. Zelda Lutz. R K, K x XJ 5 if S v 3 V 5 J 4,1 , ., f M .ggmi , ,..jIiU' -'5! .4 ., ,....-.V-4 -'-r"""" .pf .. .. , . -J I 71, 2321? ' MAUREEN FRANK Commlssroner of Pep SONJA PESOLA Commussloner of Group Control DICK DIXON Freshman Class Presndent 20 2 BOB HALLIWELL MARGARET OWEN Commrssnoner of Grrls League Busmess Management Presldent CHARLENE MacLACHLAN f Commlssuoner Q of Fmance CAROL JORDAN KEN WEEKS BARBARA THQMAS Commrssuoner Vlce Presndent Comm,SS,0ne,- of Correspondence of Records PER SVANEVIK American Field Servlce Representatnve V PAT REYNOLDS Sensor Class Presndent MIKE CUMMINGS Presldent Flrst Semester NANCY MOONEY Commlssloner of Actxvltnes GARY MOWREY K N FISHER JANE HOLMES Junior Class Boys League Commissioner of President President Club Coordmatron .. - ' fm - L . MIKE KIMBLE Sophomore Class President .Q ROSALIE MURRAY Commtssnoner of Publicity I v af. . 'J 'we 1, I T BILL SMALLEY Commrssuoner of Athletncs MARGARET OWEN Commissioner of Finance CAROL JORDAN Commissioner of Correspondence MIKE LASKY Vice President BARBARA THOMAS Commissioner of Records SONJA PESOLA Commissioner of Activities ' ,., x 'J .f .'.- U M V, 2' 5.3, VIVIANNE CURRAN MARYLYN BRIER BOB HALLIWELL TINA SIEH Commissioner of Commissioner Commissioner of Girls' League Group Control ot Pep Business Management President 0 PAT REYNOLDS President Second Semester Student Council, with Mr. Marashlian's guidance and in- terest, has led the student body through a truly memor- able year, Always to be remembered were the council- sponsored assemblies - featuring the A.F.S. students and the music departments, and the special guest per- formers, especially the Mississippians and their songs. Remember the excitement and anticipation of the elec- tion dances, the special Homecoming week activities climaxed by the Coronation Ball? Individual council members, through originality and detailed work, made our student activities unforgetable. SHARON ANDREWS GARY LITTLE JANE HOLMES KEN FISHER Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner of Boys' League of Publicity of Athletics Club Coordination President '.. l I n , , 5 , . , :gil 1 X nl Cel 0,1 I L. . T In EDDIE WOOD Senior Class President JANET THARP Junior Class President MASON WOLPE RT Sophomore Class President KIP WHELAN Freshman Class President ii' 21 I 0 Girls' League Cabinet, First Semester. FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Naomi Mori, Margaret Owen, and Dani Alpenfels. SECOND ROW: Joyce Sanwo, Pat Vint, Tina Sieh, Patsy Okada, and Marilyne Akutagawa. Tina Sieh President Second Semester f"7 Girls' League, sponsor of the winter formal, "Stardust and Snowflakes," plus the annual Variety Show, has broadened its horizons with many new endeavors this year. In addition to the semi-annual installations, a Girls' League area conference was held at North High in the fall, with girls representing schools from all of South Bay. Margaret Owen' President First Semester Girls' League Cabinet, Second Semester, FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Naomi Mori, Tina Sieh Marilyne Akutagawa, and Patsy Okada. SECOND ROW: Diane Binford, Pat Vint, Pat Rizzo Melodie Matheney, and Karen Lyden. Sponsoring a very successful "Luau" for the second time in North High history, the Boys' League rounded out its yearly activities by pro- moting concessions at bas- ketball games. Boys' League Cabinet, First Semester. FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: James Wilson, Ken Fisher Mike Sims, and Don Robinson. SECOND ROW: Mason Wolpert, Cliff Crain, Jeff Plakos and Greg Ha rris. Ken Fisher President Fisher Greg Harris and Don Robinson SECOND ROW George Corbett Mike Sims Mike Hersey Dick Dixon I Boys League Cabinet, Second Semester. FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Richard Michna, Ken I The nomination and installa tion assemblies were not without entertainment either as both the Gymnastic Club and the Wrestling team put in appearances First Semester Assembly. FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightl: John Faulk, Judy Simmons, Barbara Heyns, Sandra Stotts, Ken Weeks, Panny Carson, Liz Miner, and Jackie Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Pat LaPaglia, Lynn D'AIoia, Bobbie DeNichols, Joyce Beaird, Irene Callahan, Sharon Hammond, Pat Lindsey, Joyce Morris, Pat McDonald, Becky Bayliff, and Nellie Lowry. THIRD ROW: Robert Bee, Mike Mahr, Diane McCarthy, Pat Clark, Diane Liken, Don Woods, Don Roach, Pam Hiner, Donna Bertrand, Clarlee Harris, Kip Whelan, Paul Edwards, and Bob Graham. Ken Weeks President First Semester We My President Second Semester With coordination of the Student and Class Councils as their most important function, North High's Student Representative Assem- bly has the constant responsibil- ity of being informed on all school affairs. Composed of all the Class Councils, this group meets once a month with Stu- dent Council to plan and organ- ize school activities. A b, Second Semester Assembly. FIRST ROW ILett to Rightl: Vivianne Curran, Shirley Walters, Margo Davis, Michael Lasky, Lynn D'Aloia, Joyce Bonstrom, and Flora Garnica. SECOND ROW: Jerry Reynolds, Pam Whelan, Janet Tharp, Diane Bower, Mike Sims, Barbara Zoike, Marc Frost, Gloria Stinger, and Jackie Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Eddie Wood, Mason Wolpert, Carl Thornton, Jim Hanchett, Terry Post, Steve Goss, Carrie Cleveland, Donna Bertrand, Diane Gill, Sherry Leake, and Pam Matheny. 24 "Sugar and Spice" Patsy Okada and Sina Osterberg wave from Girls' League float "Gingerbread," Boys' League goes patriotic with the float theme, "Devoted to fall 49 ofl You." Smiling cabinet members ioin Mar- garet Owen in congratulations for President Tina Sieh. Leading the student body in a variety of fun-filled activities, as well as service toward North High, participants in student ". . . and to promote the general welfare of the Student Body of North High School." "The Lineup." IBoys' League of- ficers in a casual pose.l P:'rZ:rf:gi government have given all Sax- ons an unforgettable year. These pictures depict only a few highlights of '58-'59. Events such as "Stardust and Snow- flakes", the Luau, and Home- coming will long be remem- bered as some of the most ex- citing occasions of this year. Q X 2- r0- M012 if Q 1 H1 ,W- A pf NYJ ,K J kgvj, +2 J M 1 x Pat Reynolds turns over the gavel to second semes- ter President, Eddie Wood. FIRST SEMESTER CABINET, FIRST ROW ILeft to Riglntl: Carolyn Weir, Secretary, Pat Reynolds, President, Esther Yniguez, Vice President. SECOND ROW Marilyne Akutagawa Girls League Representative Greg Harris Boys League Representative Kay Kindschi Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER CABINET FIRST ROW ILett to Rightl Julie Wid mark Secretary Eddie Wood President Carolyn Weir Vice Pres: dent Pat Rizzo Girls League Representative James Wilson Treas urer Inot pictured Mike Sims Boys League Representatlvel Sv,XX They re the most Pat Vint and Gary Little were voted the friendliest in the Semor Class - 1 I 1 1 I . .M , -1. - x f - ' 1 I I 7 I ' 1 , . 1 I , 1 ' ,x tix MARILYNE AKUTAGAWA ROBERT AMUNDSEN KNJ fwvff gif SYLVIA ANDERSON SHARON ANDREWS LARRY ANTHONY BOB ARMIJO GALE ASKEW fx 'H IA IQEIYIQ l, RICHARD AGOSTO CAROL BAKER BARBARA BAKERBOWER M 9"x D5 ff ROSELLA BARLAGE MAX BARNECOTT Y? 'QL-1 T337 ELIZABETH BARRY ROGER BERNHARDT MICHAEL BARTELT CAROLE BERRY I Sd "L- BILL BARTLESON DENNIS BERRY ,ma X SW nil,-5 ,lr EH 1 iiwf Wim Q, JJ1.. . 'N '. if if -v .1 E . , Q , FT-"R .ii ,.. 4 ,wyiu , 1 ,. 1 W .sf 9' Y ii . 1 wg-M A- Kb- 'TQ 4 4 -uv -' , .J "L11::lm"'4 .... z- L,5?"- ll fm WE P 2 ,g X x Q if ulfgyn Q 'Owns 1, s A ,. .3 124: '12, 'rw 51' YQ '9 ,we . 1 . El .,,, im 4, Qi? 4 -, if - A Fla 2 1 ' ff. . .A .' . :van , Qt, iff-'f ,x X 4. ,J Hjqqix. 3' X, ,. wg QE .1 5 5 My I ff? 5, .w . -- fawfzshff . V fvf , ,,. 1 ,M . Q 4. X, 'Q NM ,,. W 335 ' . V --u 21 im' - 11' -fs .'h, 9 . ' , 1 . 9 f :I I an Biff if . ., ' M, . -' Jw" ' , Li an 1" 'V 5' A' :fc , 35, .- 2-ii F5 4' fi, if !?'lssrP W gl an iw . .fagff f , ,. 75 . vi K .323 .k .P- 'z'aef'? . , K. fa ,ft If , 4 W 4 .Y K ' 1-e. . mL .4' , 1 -154 59's li 5 Y., ,La Q' his 997' ,LW tg, fr' .xiemg wiifm , ,a- Q A ,A 1 I .J , 4 m 5 gf - 5 da M2 wefx 1 fi 3 5 Q4 32 Aw- QI! -if 4. 'ix vw: A . 1, W uw Q93-!?BSf'X V Ii is mls ei 4 ' 1' ih- ,gi'is QB 'loco' Q "ff I ,. gi ,QW .. V .V ?xFwi ,jg , if :jg , A div!! 1 HV L: . ,, :.f if Q lg x, J! ,1 1? mira V L. . V'!' We-P+ ki -1 .hr fa is 'tj 9? . SQQ h . 4 fu .SQ 245 .Ng 1 if .,,. g 3' A RQ ' I X A-A D' ' n wa 2-11115 i div - e ? ' 9' ' ' ' -suv" 13 'W La fa... , tg' . Jw .A+ ., ' 1' - 3335 4 .10 f gs.. f' 'Q- .WJ , , . 1 xx .Q 'Vw M.. .4 awe Ne, 9 ' ,. a. . - ' a 0 N .3 3 ik YW My . if 15' 'L ,m "P A 1? 35" 125 u lk Q, Tbffk YQ xt ' N X 21' ew VxX,,,f'!' pm 'L ,fwif A 1 lx 3-5'4" 5. 7 , ,..,-, 1 2. Mi 12355 S, 'Xa Q. S A 1 , in we ? ,455 ,rf k. , ni.. ax, . "' 2. if! if , J, Al it Qf gulf fr "Zi x ..Awa -..I 9"' rw ...ff 313-1 r A ' . 1 ' 65, .V xx f. F Sw 'P 4 Q E will 'N .4 5? Auf, gf HJ" , . LA . an F! if , Q , LM Q -ham MQ! ' ,ge X af: 'Y :Lf 2 gf. 'K W V vw! W ,W , 'W 1 M 'S 259 4 ,uf Chuck Comstock and Charlene MacLachl F24 - C Lovsussr AND Most HANDSOME PERSONALLTY PLUS an Pat Reynolds and Gary Little '12 ATHLETIC GUY AND GAL U 'DEAL I Sharon Boge and Ernie Thomsen Edd'e Wood and Pal vm' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST INTELLIGENT l Jerry Hickman and Julie Henderson Clarence FUZULL Gnd Marie Akosh' curssr couPLE OUR CLASS W'T Gary Little and Pat Reynolds Clever, talented, friendly?-yes, all these and more, Exemplity- ing certain traits that all admire, the personable people pictured on this page surely represent the Cream of the '59 Crop of Saxon Seniors. Picked in a poll, spon- sored by the North Wind Statf, the guys and gals were first nominated and later named through a general balloting of their classmates. Jerry Haskett fmiww lb-'X Whistle whale you work I Ill He s actually qune normal Even the watch doctor ns scared as El Segundo nears the goal Sensors Munch Mernly. a.s5'+ ' "" Q.. , Remember The doy we got our sweaters ,......, . 17 ,. In fa- craf- , , . 5 M51 M ? Q, 51 "VI .xi li rd., lf l 5 11 ful' Fw- EE 3- a i mmf be I 6 l S gl 4--+2'i'i-"L 1 5? W1 ,xp fffahdgawfaefa Gary Mowry First Semester President hands gavel to Janet Tharp incoming President FIRST SEMESTER CABINET FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightj Frank Moreno Vice President Gary Mowry President Rose Marie Simmons Sec retary SECOND ROW Diane Bower Treasurer Jeff Plakos Boys League Representative Joyce Sanwo Girls League Representative 7 - RX , V s I , I 'Q ff I I Voted the Jolliest Juniors were Janet Thorp and SECOND SEMESTER CABINET, Eiresr Row iiefr to Righ1I: owne Jim Lowd- Bower, Vice President, Janet Tharp, President, Rose Marie Sim- mons, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Melodie Matheny, Girls' League Representative, Mike Hersey, Boys' League Representative, Evelyn Uchida, Treasurer. .f , u f.. n lf' Willie Adams Tom Amic JoAnn Babaiian Winifred Baskovich Ernesf Bell Lyle Boon Loyd Brummen Irene Callahan ,f ., K Bob Bailey Larry Baie Bob Bereskin Joyce Bourdess . f i 5 ..-.f T' su N7 P5 rf-4' S. - Jack Andrews Sandy Baillie Ricki Baumgarten Mary Bergeron Diane Bower Alex Bubiniski - x 3'- fr' X 4 ,A i "4. ' I 7' :ivf . as .3 l A vW'."!Q"fuL sr A may 'sziof 'U' .fw' . v- if 1 'B I ll . W Q' .. Lauana Alford Ray Andicochea Tom Baker Becky Bayliff Carol Bergfhold Jim Boyd Janice Buman Barbara Callella E3 1.5 Q I ,f -, 'rn I ,, HQ Dani Alpenfels Delores Angst Ted Balleras Joyce Beaird Jean Binford Sandy Bradbrook Bob Burgess Jerry Carothers n. Qur- - xx 1-1 l illil W: g ' x Gerry Arneson Wally Bangs Dave' Beck Francis Bingham Dick Brady Tom Buser . H V ff-1. Gwyn Barrentine Maughn Behunin Ted Bluechel Don Bramlett I ! i wer 4 Kathy Althens Jeanette Babaiidn Toni Baskovich Hilton Beiro Anna Bono Carol Breske Ariel Bybee Sharon Carroll iii? - X, I J H il' . B Bobbie Carse Diane Chambers Jack Clark Bob Cookinham Sharon Crosby Lynn D'Aloia Frank DeLuce Donna Drury WW! ver 4 f 'ssl Jeff Clark Sandy Chance George Cookman Bill Claxton Charlotte Corr Carol Curry Jerry Crosley Hervey Davidson Norm Dant April DeVashar " its-ftlff' ' 1 2 pw Nv- s.,i If 3. mf. x ,WA fx" ' A 4.1 gli C wr' Tony Carter Nancy Chanda Mike Clemans Jacinto Cortina Jack Curtis Jan Davis Doug Dolan Jerry Duncan T 2 Q- is T? 2 Angie Cerda Pat Chase Linda Clester Pat Cotta Jean D'Addario Ron Davis Beth Donica Paige Duncan if ' 'un' W., S 1 I Q , X ' Kathy Christian J. C. Collins Toni Covey Bev D'Agay Mary Dawes Kathy Doran I .734 'KW li l Ron Combs Tom Cribbs Dave Dahlberg Larry Dearing Q. an Dan Chadwich Karen Christiansen Dan Conway Bob Crompton Judy Daily Jerry DeLange Margie Dorr Valerie Dutton ,V f ,fr 'I Af 'fi 4 x 'A 75 f J U ' ' gm' Al Xi' l Liz Edwins Jim Ernsberger Gil Ferreira George Foster Lynnita Gambill Bill Ginder Dave Grossman Donna Hanna Walt Fichiner Sanay Ernst Judy Frank Violet Finlay Joe Fuller Flora Garnica Ben Garcia Jim Godbey Curly Glass Al Gutmonn may 5 Q ' if Gordon Eggum Bob Evans Dick Fisher Marlene Fulton Barbara Garren Steve Goss Peggy Gutsch Kathy Hansen Larry Elgersma Gloria Fatland Louise Fleming Jean Gacer Pat Gavin Ray Grace Dave Haley Lee Hanson John Faulk Bob Ford Anna Flores Elaine Gagnon Bob Gagliano Janet Geronimo Bev Gilbert Karen Griffin Lougene Green Carleen Hamilton Jim Erickson Sandy Ferkel Karen Forsythe Dick Gaither Lyal Gilmore Jim Grimes Carol Hanna Jim Hanchett 'Q I ka Q nf' Y., NJ , ? Chuck Hardman Phil Heald Elaine Heuvel Judy Hood Jerry Johnson Judy Keays Dick Kreufel Sue Lanning . , iii ' xi, f- 1 i' v ' . X 4-- . giv A- 'T' , ff xl Y li ali la-Zia r 11 rl, W fs X , 1 3 VS. il li f' Jim Hill Sharon Hood Rick Johnson Jean Kelly Dick Hedgecock Linda Harris Joan Hill Judy Helmick Bettie Hoover Tim Hintom Glenda Jones Lance Kemberiing Joan Kumai Sue Hayes Gary Henderson Bob Hire Glenda Hudson Jim Jones Chuck .lucker Midore Kimura Al King Clay Kyler Jim Laird Lyman Leister Leo Lepine 1.1 Dean Hergenrother Jan Hoffman Nancy Hobbs Barbara Hunting Roger Kahl Linda King Dennis Lancaster f in f 1 Marie Heald JoAnn Irvine Mike Hersey Nancy Holly Ed Joakola Aiko Kato Linda Kruse Phyllis Kappen Ronnie Lane Howard Kingsmill Janet Levering K 5-L- . I A I UW ,-r iii !r, Y A au : l 5 Y Q vb '.,4. ky pa ,. voir' ny! 49' m 1 Y 5, .i,. ll' f ' '7 -hge A A ' X is:-I, ' 'V D154 Joyce Lewis Earletia Luke Dick Mclntosh Margaret Malone Dwayne Merril Phil Molina Barry Moschel Ray Myers 4. HY ' elif Ken McKenzie Toni Mangiagli Chuck Meyer Dave Malloy .Ani R-1 1' . , l?Q,i'iL' 8.57 J ' 4 ' af Carolyn Lunden Kay McLain Jeannie Mann Connie Meyers Mike Monathan fi, Q aw J A ....x- f ewi.. 2 H i"afM f1e vi .. ,G A 3 v F.. 1 il V l ' ' 3 Q .nf Gerry Lichfenberger Karen Lynden Dave McVey Dave Marsden Phil Meyers Lance Moore Nafanua Maue Parker Nagus Mark Low John McCall Mary Madrigal Betty Marfin Rick Michna Maurice Mora Bernice Muniz Eddie Neubauer Pat McDonald Jolene Maior Melodie Matheny Lynnda Miller Frank Moreno Barbara Murphy Cookie Maki Jackie Mathews Marlene Miller Donna Morgan Nellie Lowry Ken McEwen Lee Malig Rich Meggirr Terry Miller Joyce Morris Tom Murphy Arthur Neumann Gary Mowrey c Q 'I Mx dr 15. . .1-' 1 Carol Ninemire Sharon Odell Susan Pacotti Karen Peterson Judy Quinn John Reinhardt Brian Roberts Margaret Palmer Neil Petersen Donna Rappaport Martin Rosenblatt Ellen Reynolds '11 W .6 J. Q Kenneth Okert Barbara Partsch Donna Pierce Joe Rause Jackie Reynolds Austin Robinson Wi? fs, ,Ei K K' ...4 1 4 z E 1 X 1 4 2 .. y '53 Q M 1 Carol Noble Rodney Normandin Jerry Oreskovich Kathy Orvin Ginger Peeler Betty Pennings Jeff Plakos Sharon Ravenscroft Bill Rice Dave Roby Barry Ross ,f S 'X 1" Q Steve Poole Jacquie Rea Sharon Rice Jose Rocha Richard Ross g ou. Nia r A A J " . '1LgLLg.", -Q., Sina Osterberg Louise Pe rfetto Terry Post Patsy Read Jim Ritter Richard Rogers U Qi J Bill Perkins Jim Powell Judy Ream Paul Rizzo A 4. 1-A I I v fit ,le, - z - LJ Z J , e,.e it if J Dean Odell Judy Otten Virgil Peters Richard Puls Keith Reed Don Roach Bob Roguwicz June Roth 1 t Cp K , :eh ..::' :.'. " .. tv" will - -' -- Lf j gg 1 2 45? 'ii Joe Russo Steve Sandberg Ericka Schuster Richard Shamblin Wayne Simpson Vicki Smith Ralph Stemp Jerry Stokoe if at M ! H - if ,,, ' X 1 ' Q I I i , ' , I i 1 Q Q .f ,lf 2 IN J ,ze are f fwwf W inf , if 'F' Li Fred Schweisinger Willis Shook Sharon Sisco Norman Soucy Tex Sanders Murlene Scott Barba ra Sh roup Al Skarvoones Jack Sparber Kathy Stevens Charles Rutter Vernon Salazar Charles Schrader Bill Settin Carlos Sanchez Joyce Sanwo Tryk Sawdi Alvenia Serianni Diana Simonian Sharon Schrieber Larry Seaward Maureen Seiple Rose Marie Simmons Charlotte Setto Bob Sieloff Margaret Silveria John Simpson Mary Ellen Slatten Caren Smith Chris Spence Ronnie Stewart Jeannie Strain ,au I. 1- l ' . V "I :' tm., .- .. - X is mu .in -- My A ,gl Harold Spivack John Stimson Linda Streetmaker uf ,aff , -f Steve Smith Dee Smith Ralph Stanton Larry Staat John Smith Monique Stockhausen Gloria Stinger Janet Stanton Judy Streets ew- fy. i x x y' ! PD ,i if fe . 3-E 3, 4 ,1 j I ag' fx 'Q 'E' i . -f -Q-. 'fig 71 Cir ff c- . J "lr Q v., 49 ' Roger Stuart Jack Tarney Shirlyan Thompson Frank Van Patten Chris Warner Bill Wilkins Glenn Winther Paul Wright fire- 4 -Q5 QQ et fer Jerome Thornell Nadine Vassar Dave Weddle Eddie Williams Nancy Taylor Vicki Tiberg Annie Verduzco Nancy Welter Jim Willingham Donald Witt X A A Janet Sutherlin Gary Swanson Rosemary Taylor Roberta Terheggen Judy Torok Kay Tracy Jim Vogus Pat Von Gemminger David Werner Sandy Wilmot Beverly Wons Sharon Wright Pam Whelan Barry Wilson Donald Woods Charlotte White it Janet Thorp Evelyn Uchida Morris Tschauner Emma Wagner Cleo Whelen Carolyn Wilson LeRoy Woods Terry Swift Judy Ward Barbara Thomas Gerry Uva Dorothy Warnemuende Gordon Wiebe Joanne Winterbottom Charlene White Kyle WOfl4mC1f1 Woodrow Wilson ROI'tGld Yarbrough f a- 1 43' 'Q 'H--vs 4' ..,,. 'K Vt .55 if i t Nb, -1' "Aha, caught you," Linda Miller and Carolyn Maki tell turnover snitcher Ariel Bybee. JoAnn Barry Samuel Bell Grace Bilotti Wavalyn Blair Rick Bradford Judy Callender Connie Carroll Dave Davies Charlotte Davis Earl Eastcott Jerry Eiland John Eisenacher Kenneth Franklin Charles Gaetani Edward Gellup John Gordon Charles Hale CAMERA SHY Michael Himber Reulin Hughes Treba Jinks Darlene Keene Bob Kilday Janet Klute Katherine La Paglia Sharon Lemons Russell Liken Barbara McClain Richard Morgan Kathleen Orrin Beverly Petersen Bernard Phillips Marsha Post Carolyn Reeder James Reeves Francine Rogowski Karen Rooker JoAnn Runstead Carol Sancetta Diane Scott Judy Sheets Patricia Sharbondy Erla Stevens Barbara Stroup Robert Sutton Sandra Tryk William Wilkins Renee Willard Cynthia Zook Lewis Rea James Reddick CLASS OF '60 The Junior class has truly been active on campus this year. Their turnover sale was a tremendous success. And the class scored a double first for North High with the play, "The Imaginary Invalid" lMolierel. lt was the first time a play had been presented here in the mod- ernistic arena style and the first time a Junior class had promoted a play of its own. Authentic l7th century cos- tumes added to the realism of the production. Also original Juniors came up with a Sadie Hawkins theme To make the usual variety-tive fund-raising days more enjoyable. Cll Q' J. C. Collins reads his German, but Jerry Duncan finds the camera more fascinating. ' Juniors Paul Wright and Darlene Keene get some instructions from Mr. Wa rden. Gerry York Steve Young Alberta Zufall 'X Mike Miller i ' v- . ,yu ' Na ' YQ Mason Wolpert accepts the gavel and duties of First Semester Prexy Mike Kimble. First Semester Cabinet. FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Barbara Romero, Secretaryy Mike Kimble, President, Cheril Saunders, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Judy Reeh, Treasurer, Mason Wolpert, Boys' League Representative: Patsy Okada, Girls' League Representative. Second Semester Cabinet FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl Roy Dohner Vice Pres: dent Mason Wolpert President Mary Ahee Secretary SECOND ROW Mike Mullin Treasurer Diane Binford Girls League Representative Sociable Sophorrores Betty Jo Reading and Roy Dohner flash their winning smiles - 1 . Doug Abbott Mary Ahee Z 1 Felix Alvillar EG 3 1. I Jo Ainsworth i ix W Jerry Ames x Ralph Armigo Tom Akashi Cheryl Anderson Mike Babcock 3 as .-.. Carol Ba rnun' Ron Bender Sharon Bigler Diane Binford . sei 14231, . 1 It t Sherry Boggs Maruin Bottrell Linda Bower , -. , ua- as 25. 3 ., " B E7 ,I T , X I 4 - --' rl Richard Brock Gary Brooks Gene Brown Ginger Bryant 3 if L. Bill Akin Becker Albrecht Betty Albrecht Cv- '5 . xg? X , , , Nj A ,, r t H I X 'X Don Anderson Ed Andrews Paul Anthony S I 29' flight V . 7 xxx ky 1 :A A L ' 'l ' fx t , l Rosalie Baca John Bald Glenda Ballentine .W N 1 . V -. 3 51' s 'C fr J Q Gary Barr Ty Barron Joan Bates 5 f l za- t ,Q .4 e N 'U' . l f ' li' 'Gif Pam Beck Bob Bee Judy Behunin Jim Benedict Dickie Bennett Larry Bentley LLL X ' VJ A Janice Binford Jeanette Bishop Bob Bisou 6 'P C' 'J'-y' IS A 1 I, Carol Brady Pat Breen Larry Brendegen T Q , yr.. , 25- " ' 43? s ,, P .- V i L l Pat Bryden Faith Ann Bryslan Bonnie Burch Karen Alden -I eo Arceneau W' Sherry Barbieri Erie Bauer '43 Joan Belknap o Bernath Belinda Bode oe Bridges Q' ?1 ax 1 Jim Alldus Judy Arko Susie Barne Chuck Bearden Bob Belzman Gene Beyer PBQQY 50995 'Sn Carole Brisse '11 J - A , LL f :B ' 1 L , .K u 'I f 5' ii cL , gf is K , g ' 'CQ ,l B b s in 5,55 :f f 'H ' H X x K J ' ' 5 "f'fflliy , . 2, a 5 ' .1 if X- A ' Ron Burns Leonard Burton Busch Bill Capps Chavez Clem Coleman Contus 9-i Crolius 7- 40 1 ul Dale Day William Dilley Q Y! f I Dick Bush H ,-l 7 i r Jim Carrico ',., a . Roberta Chavez 6, Q4 . .,,-1 Karen Clement Gi GQ 'C'-LX gl Gerry Colen Paul Cookinham I 3 if Letha Crume .Qi J Carleen De Groot Ben Ditch Carolyn Butler 1 lr' x yer: .15 5 l xl Mary Lou Carrizosa 4-S ,A I'- 'Q Nadine Cherry Tom Clements -as-. I s , cv- s sm .-.5 lm Ginnie Collins George Corbett t B , . .S- ...f- Linda Cruz .V Donna De Lans N In - Gary Divino Gene Byer Q , Bob Carter ,431 it Brian Christie inf! ...4 we Bob Cloar Jerry Colwell Reuelyne Covey 2, A' Herrold Dallas Joyce Del Pardo Ray Dohner Lorraine Callahan L Q ! Donna Carter ' -x A i we tl , fill Chuck Church Barbara Colby ,Q lg' ..,- 'x John Comer Burnard Crane , Carl Darling "1 1't Zz I ll I I1 L Bobbie Denichols Linda Donica Frances Caminit ,Q Carol Ca rty f J P A ini Barry Clark K kai -6' I , Barbara Cole Bill Crane U Judy Daszkoski Burton Denney ps l Bob Donovan QT Gale Campbell Gordon Chance 1 'O' Ct" Pat Clark Penne Davis ri Troy Campbell ,i aa- Sharon Chaplin Sandy Capelle Rick Oliver peers into the waits her turn and Paul An- Education is a favorite for Judy Denney Dick De Smidt Ronnie Downing - - l Ron Dryva Jim erwood 5 A . 5 -s. , . . M Jo Ellen Eastham Arden Edwards Sandy Edwards Dee Everett Theresa Farewell X V YES. l glare box" while Carol Carty times reaction. Driver l Lynnie Grove ' . Harry Hamilton Sharon Hammond , lap l Kathy Francis Eileen Gramm 2, 9-4- ,. AJ Paul Groves nd i Mike Haney fs Iv Fwy h Fay Eisenacher 5'-if ' l fx Mike Ferreira Eddie Franco Tony Gaetanny Barbara Guiliano 4- . 'R . N 11 ' Linda Grassmier 4. 5. L Amado Guerra C '? ' gg, ,, rs T Nik Hanlon Pam Elexis Phyllis Ferrin 1, 9 S". ' n ll' Keith Freiler Bonnie Gallup Linda Geronimo Donna Golden J . I Roy Green si ' .. 5. Pat Guerrero n- ST Q ,T v i ' 5 Judy Hannah N 5 fill' I ! 4 ' 5 J ' Janet Elgersma S Helen Fisher . 1 Terry Friesner Q ' of , 'r Lila Garrido E .. 5-rf i' te! 0 l "5 "" '4 If x Jack Giles Lynne Goldsmith I' 2 t fa- Sharon Gregory 4 v , ,I Jane Gustafson 4 . if 1 I Jo Ann Hannon Joan Epperson 4.-4 Carol Flatten I Et Je Marsha Frost aw 'rv .f Vicki Garrod i , 4 . , Jack Gill Jack Golphenee ' - '- 12325523 I G u l Joyce Griffin Pat Haffenden 4. U alw 4 Henry Harper Joe Erickson . ips" I Q an 1 Rob Flemmons Dennis Frye Y ' T Qi Steve Geiger Jean Giordano Mary Gonzalas 7 LI' 'E- , Q as Lynda Evans K . ia J Jim Ford Pi-. W Bill Gacer 4... y 5. Frances Gerber all , Q i A 4, Frank Giovenc Linda Grace G 2 ,lk A V Kelfh Griffin Genevieve Grondorf .T - V aj A Y '-'K ,ht X' Joan Hall Penny Hall . 9' .. lf L Harold Harris Judy Harris Palleta Harris Linda Hildreth Doug Hood 'PS Hutchins SQ fi,- L Bob Jones sf Joann King Craig Kyte 5 ? S Janet Leech .4 .1 "2 .Jin Ci 7 Nancy Kelly i , S A L 1 KL Ruth Harris W 1. Linea Hileman . 1 .,.- , ,"-' Phil Hubbard 1 Dan Jackson ft I Kebin Hayes , -1 Jim Hill - Y ff' sh ' Dave Hudson i. Y ., -,.. g K 'Y' L ! ,, V 'iii H John Jacobs Vivian Heold 2 - "'- Z Q Linda Hill ,K E 7 5. -f' f Myrna Hunt .fun me A vi , . fill Manuel Jimenez cv if v 4 .I Gary Hebert Tommy Hedgecock Shirlee Hendrix f xg P' '45 A 'H X Q LL A 'Q 1 I Y X, 1 . , 4' MGH6 Hill Kay Hoffman Cheryle Holcomb Q7 V .M x xg. A ' J .L 444 1 John Hunter Jo Ann .links Jerry Hurst Ruth Johonnessen Ken Hutchins 1-1. , i V + , .- , i Xx1"' A 3'-, L , . V . 1 V 1 MPA Htl Karen Kamback Dick Kawaguchi Tom Kelley Bill Kelly Pat Kelly Judy Keraly Dennis Kern Darlene Kidd Mike Kimble in X ,. 'll' ' x 7' l . i ' 4 I J i J f ,izvan ' ' A 3 uuulmlt..-.miixllllllllll - '91, ,f ' Linda Kirkpatrick Carol Klatt Jim Knighten Jeanne Knoblauch Dick Knox Pat Kruel .we N Q l Qu " L' ' 'zu . 9 5? "" f g' " Q, , 3:9 ' E , i ll 1 D ' M , Q 1f 4 A N 9 : .. 'X I ik.: V. z ' f L. fi Phil Lampley Ed Landwehr Linda Larson Diana Laubert Carol Ledsworth Richard Lee Q A ,"' A , TD D ga ' :Lf - . 1 Q5 x L sf l , ... , Q Z ' ' ' Ron Leichtweis Carol Leming Richard Lentini Sam Leto Dave Lewis Pat Lindsey V, L av "'- - wg- J y ' . J .ff lc T 15-6fJi.., I Q43 rp .V Y Li gram, i Y Chris Hergenrother 1-1 3 ..f, 2--4 X 1' Dan Holly Barbara Heyns r Q L 3 it ll 5: 3 .1 if 'Q siiw .K 1 .kg 'E J Sam Leto gives future Woman as he points out the proper left fi? 'za ' P, ' -L. 4 'Nab A W N. v Shirley Lee Guy Lionberger Dale Lokey . is SQL it CW Y A , J' Salvador Lopez Marilyn Lush Diane Lutz 2' I Larry McGraw James McLaughlen 15' fx Al Marasse Driver Donna Verne the "word" turn on the felt board. Jeff Oakes if 1' 'V' 1" Jo Linda Palkovich Joanne Papst 9 V -- 1" .M- . A 1,5 f'r"N--ff' Bill Peterson Carolyn Peterson Harold Pettibone f 1 "? FQ M NN,!s ',:.A Vickie Lyden fy -a ,af , - . I-1' wx- ill X, ,bt R, .H l'x ,:,l Jerry McQueen Charles Martin Frances Miller Mike Mullin Judy Ogawa av- -41 'uv- gel 9 .fl Janice Parsons Sue Pherigo as an 1""'x lfwv . .J Meryle McCelIan Mike Mahr Sandra Massie Johnney Miller Kay Montgomery Dave Murphy Patsy Okada Il I 4 I Mary Payne ' Chet Phillips Ll ' 'J' 1 I 1? 'T? ,ll . Wandell McCorvey ,Q we v -4 xlgzi Linda Malovich 'fi 'ly 1 1, jg Dennis Mazzola 3 s xv--v' I . 2.1 Nancy Miller " fl VXQQP Mike Montgomery Richard Myers Rick Oliver 'ac-V' icfx ,, 'L Ali. Roy Payne A ' . 'DQ 417 4.5 Sam Pierce 'RQ f Q..- '-fr f' Judy McCulley Bob Mance f . W -, Richard Melgosa 'LN sf Ks' Q: U Rowe Mitchell 1 Janet Moon Gary Nelson K .fif 'f' ' -if 5 Lv 1 Barbara Pace Joyce Pearson Don Pike I ill Nancy McDonald Q A Donna Mangiagli ,fl ' ' '4l's. ul. Kc I ! Mi N Steve Metz Gloria Mogle Gi Z 4 sf... I Mitzy Moras M Dennis Nolan Jarr r . 19 'J' Connie Packham Maryan L is Mariorie Pearson L .4 5 6 , Charolette Polans Dr s I 7 N .A Barbara Potter Betty Jo Reading Jack Rilley 'x Breal Rowe Pat Sanducci Ann Savage Kim Scrivner l John Sibley V lb. Ps , 2 YS' un .:l,'f'4 s Marsha Smith -ei Lorene Poulson 'Q D 115 ' I Judy Reeh Jerry Ritter - .1-" u Janet Ruckle or -3-1' - Ronnie Sanger Donna Sayre Judy Powell ,Lk as Babs Rich Qs. 1 ,-Q 3 Steve Robertson T' V Lvl Don Russell Cheril Saunders Judy Schafer 'Q C W Debra Prentice Lee Richard 4-m .M 'tv-rv' :J Janice Rogers Bob Rutter Dan Saunders Vance Schaus Bill Pullen Hollie Richter au- ' D s. .4 'S , ft A Barbara Romero ii Le Roy Ryan Q Howard Saunders Dennis Schirmer Carol Rader Dave Rader Syd Rahe l Cathy Rickabaugh Chloe Rickabaugh Stanley Ries J ' s 2 ,. x IA i 'V " Ron Romero Dave Roth Sue Sallee Dick Scoville Q f 'g,,. se" V ,," J 5 - I , 2, Sharon Seabaugh Carolyn Sexton Mike Shawgo Bill Shenkel Glenn Sherwood Nancy Shupe Q N g 5 ,. ' J ' 71.2. ,gy ss, V9 "' M ffl .-f x ' , 56.35 ' Charlene Sileo Jimie Simmons Judy Simmons Greg Simonian Bob Skay Dick Smith . -1 56 J .. 4 ,. 4 -L V ,it J li, fy . sf' iz, 'V , , 'H A W s V A vtcizgisl I .N 11: C J . Q. Q j M E Ai Paula Smith Tim Smith Walter Smith Pat Solon Terry Soth Gary Sovens Barry Rasqorshek CAMERA SHY Terry Blanchard Jim Bennett Don Bryan Barbara Bertoni Sandy Chambers Jim Cairns Larry Dotson Sherman Elliott Jean Epperson Les Eyestone Charleen Forsythe Jack Francis Bill Geller Phillip Hall Dennis Hogue Don Hovis Ted Kawaguchi Ed Lybarger Claude McKee Robert Manoff The Sophomore Class didn't lust sit around this past year. There was a pickle sale which had a sour start, but everything turned out real sweet, even though they did sell dill pickles Jim Smith Pat Speake Warrine Ca rolyn Spires CAMERA SHY Michael Monreal Robert Moore Armmc' Ramirez Raauei Rico Scott Seward Gary Ski Sexton Stephen Skinner Patricia Smalley Nancy Steele Sharon Stevens John Stoliker Alex Thompson Sylvia Valles Thomas Villalva Cheryl Weaver Thomas Wegener Judith White William Wray Patricia Ypellar Ken Spooner .ci is 1 ,F Q ! 4 Donna Sublette The annual Cotton Ball ltraditional Sophomore activityl and Easter Va- cation lof coursel high- lighted the month of March, fo r activity- minoled North High stu- dents. Phyllis Wizer ,- peg rx- Fred Whitecotton fa i - Julia Wolfe 9 .- f W. Lt. 1 , -my -Sq 4 f i E'- ' 1 x,! 1 l I Q .L . 1 Sharon Stanton Larry Steffan Linda Stephens Q l ' - 23' y:g,,: X Carol Sullivan Roxie Swanner Dolores Sword ,. ? W Q BF I7 5 +- ". 1 i Linda Terry Craig Thompson Gary Thompson- ,.v- 2 . lg ,- 2' :g:,J.x- 5 A . A fr, Q Richard Tuzzolino Douglas Uyeda age 12' Ronda Vigil 'in fa , Y N1 Gus Stinnett Dian Sylvies -tv 'D ! '48 Nancy Thompson 1' '. ll Judy Van Bellehem Tommy Vanderpass Eddie Viveros gp s.. Kfl rv Donna Stoeckle Q ' ,,--' .ot Ronald Tamez Q' --4 N Tom Toomey , J K is Mike Van De Vort Gerry Wagner ,,,s . Roger Wall Bob Wallace Barbara Wanamaker Pam Warne? Dick Warren Marty Weekly Sandy Wegener Cheryl Wells Jean Wells Chuck Whisler 1 ' 4, 1- 4 6 an e , " as ' J 'P v 4 It .V 0 Xt David Whitman Beverly Williams Barbara Willingham Ike Wilson Kathryn Wilson I D A r 7 , N 'ilu . Mason Wolpert Phyllis Woodruff Sandra Worthen Gary Wright Jerry Wright f - .ul I ,Q 1 g Ls . -.. 1 - ' 'CI' . ., ., ' , H 0 rt I. -. 1 5 -,- Q - AN ' Sandra Stonaker 1 . . I Ronnie Taylor 599, Clintie Tower Rf' -A E Donna Verne -s U A ' C Richard Wagner l X I Jim Warren Dale White Sue Wilson 50nd 'Q Naomi Yokoyama Richard Dixon hands the gavel of office to Kip Whelan second semester President FIRST SEMESTER CABINET FIRST ROW ILefT fo Righil Kip Whelan Vice President Richard Dixon President Carol Hill Secretary Second Row Cliff Crain Boys League Representative Diane Mc Carthy Treasurer Clarlee Harris Girls League Representative 6 I SECOND SEMESTER CABINET, FIRST ROW ILefT To Rightj: Dallamae Preble, Vice President? Kip Whelan, Presidenfg Charlene Leake, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Dick Moreno, Boys' League Representa- tive: Pam Matheny, Treasurerp Clarlee Harris, Girls' League Rep- Vmed the -'fzriendliesf Freshmenii were JON Omni resentative. and Donna Bertrand. MR. ANDREASEN Periods l-2, Rm. 206 ROW l: Mike Flanagan, Sandra Valade, Yvonne Ewins, Jo y c e Johnson, Diane Ainsworth, J e r r y Doyle. ROW 2: Carolyn Edmondson, Jessie Ca - dena, Ei le e n Beckett, Nadine H o l l y, Yvonne Houck, Diana Roby. ROW 3: Ba r b a ra Wegener, Alice Hyde, Pat Watson, Linda Henson, Sherry Hel. quist. ROW 4: Tom Smith, K e n Verschoor, Gerald Petit, Sue Rogers, Ruth Clites, Dave Sayler, Jog Day Dave Lee. x"'X MR WINN Periods l 2 Rm 203 ROW l Polly Chandler Lory Cloutier Karen Ro dax Lynne Waters Dixie Shamblin Ronnie Doyle Ray Curry ROW 2 Cheryl Sale Arlene Yokoyama Janice Worden Sue Wel ty Betty Trembly ed Yamada Joan Warner Ralph Coleman ROW 3 Cheryl Stevens Linda Wil son Olivia Cotta Sherry S nth Mike Gilson Bll Brown Carol Woods ROW 4 Pat Hastie Sara S auldinq t Futrel D anne Hogue Mary Wer n r Florine Weiner inx Vv ight Dck Yanag hara W iyne Vtlright MR KLONECKY Periods 1 2 Rm 201 R W l Milt Stevens Sharon Batten Carol Hill Diane Gill Sharon Alpen fels Dan Kuyper Marie Roza Par Barbosa ROW 2 Deanna Rader Carol Augsburger Cla re Lewis Sandra Crawford Margaret Allen Marilyn Low Kathy Mitchell ROW 3 Larry Sepulveda Denis Koerschgen Bill McArthur Dave Cohen Richard Lo hermoser Dennis Hughes Glenn Rickard ROW A Lee Hudson Ray Lanham Dan Claxton Steve Miller Arleen Andrews Larry Moore Harvey Smith Bob Joseph Dave Mesna MRS RISCHE Periods 2 3 Rm 204 ROW l Karon Struble Valruta Sorenson Sheldon Black Glen Eden Bob Trevathan Roger Slnclanr Donna Baylnff Snaron hessman ROW2 Sandra Althens Jan Perry Llnda Rooker Carol Robnnson Pam Matheny Donna Bertrand Myra McCarth ney Gary Katsuku Gordon Duncan W 3 org Knox Judy Alexander Lory Meseke Bonnie Free man Lodena Wnltse Pam Pam Dupre Sharon Bow dutch C h r r s Haffenden ROW 4 Ben Eason Ralph Herrold Ed Boblc George Pnnegar Rnchard Begando Mnke Co x Carol Boyd Pam Schummer Bob Rogers MR MUSHRUSH nods 2 3 Rm I ROW l Kathleen Keoys Darlynn Chrlss Kathy Eg gum Sandra Colby Bull ue Ron Smith en Fagot ROW 2 Dana Dunn Pam Haas Susan Frank Donna Powell Sha ron Flemmons Bob Chlp man C h e r y l Jackson ROW 3 Cherie Rlcka baugh Ann Brugs Ann Hunt Jan Sandberg Bobby Knnght Ron Brig ham Rod Peveler Bob a ker ROW 4 IC Peters John Wallns Pete Juul Karen Jackson Paul Edwards Howard Grlbble Make Jordan Greg Jack son Sandra Rayes Kathy Golphenee MR RINGLEMAN Periods 2 3 Rm 205 R W l Sarah Hull arl Spanlol Ken Shenkel Jul xenne McVey Dons And rews Llnda Mellnnger ROW 2 Octavlo Gamez Lsnda Gxlbert Juanuta North MaryAnn La Rosa Judy Reeves Darlene Wnl son Shirley Spedale ROW 3 Fellcao Jones Chrnstlne Gould Adrrenne Barkley Sandra Huntlng Pat Pry ar ene Lee Webb Carol Calrns ROW 4 De n n I s Vandervort Mackey Randall Bonnne Molloy Nancy Hoops Sharon Cross Claree Horns Claudna Wnlkens Pam Huner Everett Snow Frank Carlf I Per' - , V T2 , ' I . f F bv Q , E f I J NA! -V B ll, 1 K , y 1 I 2 , , 9 ' ' 1 , 1 C 0 f , B , : RA l'l A D I, , , 2 ' I l' . , llal 1 - : , t . , , F N , ,.f ,xv 4 ' - 4 ' f' KT, H ' . ' ,f 1 . no 2 L' X l , , , . 4 . , - . l V 5 f ' f Q I , 'I N ' A Ax Bareford, Lunda Alvarez, gl: f , 5 N , - ' P n ' I ' x .1 .Q M . ' 'E : , I.. , -, 1 f . f I . , l F , A I K , O : ' , E I I . ' . I . 1 ,f K . . N 1 Y ' . 1 , I ' 1 I .' ' , j Y l ' l . . 7 A A ' : ' I 'I f Q l . I f x or, D I , Bev ' 1 1, : A , x ' ,W ' -X .N vm K I I Q - l ,ff f ' , ' A , ,..., K ' 'lt 'I ,1 I ' X E J l MR HALL Perods 3 A Rrn 203 ROW l Joe Sfreater Gary Phullrps Tern Newman Ceculra Lopez Susle Jar nagun Sandra Peterson Dlane McCarthy Blll Os orn OW 2 Dennis Kemberllng Bobble Tea gue Marlane Norsoph Colleen Narrmatsu Fran ces Whrteman Joan Nash Mary Nolan Shrrley Ono Howard Oden ROW 3 Ma rue Durvvard Sharon Rogowskx Mary Lou Thor nell Lynne Hanson Jan DAlo1a John Beck Jon nue Heuvel Bull Goodhue ROW 4 Knp Whelan Ed Kuntz Roger Johnson Walter Davrs Sharon Car nere Diana Smuth Ear lene Bramard Ron Stre mel George Johnson Bob Graham Ron Davidson 'kr ,L MR KLONECKY Pernods 3 4 Rm 201 W l llene Easton Lona Elphlck Llnda Rob erts Donna Baldwnn Bob Klrkman Bev Hedge Jan Ones ROW 2 Frank Flemrng Judy Martin Tom Tyler Terry Watkuns Marranne Muller L r y Fettlg Pat Hanna ROW l E n A an Muller Marsha Jennnngs Ella Archer Sharen Jacob sen Ken Rrgsby Ted Arm strong ROW 4 Bob Mar nn Par Llnrnger Charles Schnerder Gary Barley Dave ORoss Jlm Logan Dennrs Sllls Ken McCuIl ough Beverly Peltsmeyer lb MRS ENGER Periods 3 4 Rm 202 ROW l Adelnne Serna Pat La Coe Merry Turner Lupe Mata Bob Muller Sam Kamler Don Frank Doyle McGee John M hue ROW 2 Kathy Mont sano PatS1ngleton Boba Massaro Rosanne Bran des Rachel Frllon Darlene Ho Frank Grace Jam Brown ROW 3 Lupe Vndal Duane Frsher Pat ulhan D ane Marcla Larnb Helen Hall Dennrs Allnson Kurt Kleln Barry Levy ROW 4 Judy Poulson Marcxa Pexton Duane Potter Janet Tro vato Lonnie Johannessen Rlchard Dnxon Bryant Smlth Roland Phu I s Jack Stover Bull Kehoe Dave Turcott 5 MR RINGLEMAN Period A 5 Rm 205 ROW l Fred MacKenzie Don Powell Jim Bruner Leonard Mason Earl Sea ver Claudia Walker Sandy Millhorn Evelyn Holland Ronnie Wilson ROW 2 Roma Payne Roger Bayer Pete Swart Mike Hunkle Bob Nunez Patty Moore Barbara Wagner Susan Bredman Penny Pennrng ton ROW 3 Carol Lan cing Tom Risse Don Bar ton Gary Peters Elaine Winther Carol Carothers Judy Petty Donna Zatkus Diane Liken ROW A Carol Edwins Mike Nick oloff Steve Rell Carl Hol comb Roger Petersen Judy Punlwai Skip Moo ney Steve Macklin Gary Wood Jim Baker Cliff Ross MR. ANDREASEN Period 3-4, Rm. 206 ROW l: Ron McGee, Vic k i e Webster, Lillian Hankin, Joan Smith, Diana Espinosa, Do u g Stinger, Roy Pedersen. ROW 2: Marna Everett, Lois De Groot, Suzie McGranahan, Patsy Simonson, Jean Bil- literi, Cheryl Montgomery, Ka r i n Carbaugh, Toni Sheets, Margaret Maxwell. ROW 3: Susan Vandyke, E l a i n e Daszkoski, Phil Lopez, Andrew Bell, Ron Underwood Bennie Mc- Gee Dick DeMong. ROW 4: Jackie Leneker Steve Tryk Dick Hanson Gary Bryant R u b e n Fender Gerald Snavely D o y l e Bidwell George T oth Fred Kettering MRS RISCHE Period A 5 Rm 204 R W l Ron Cotta a C l a r k Adriene Barnett Sharon Blackwell Sherry a e S h e r ri e R Frank MCCatferty ROW 2 entine Maurice Dohner Ken Davis Ken Smuland Marcia Lee Pa Si ver Linda Searcy Judy Alex ander ROW 3 Stan .lack san Stan Vincent Dave Mosher Roy Cantu De lores Franconi Dellamae Pre le N a n c y Steiner Midge David Virginia Wright ROW 4 Ric y D A oia Jack Day Cliff a x os Starns Stev e Garfield Don Cassady Larry Allen Dae Bosinger John B Smith if R . ' l V I lt r I I S I I . I X , . , ' i . , , i , , I I ' , , , , O : , P T I I I .- I, I f ' Le k , ' hine, Y . z Charles Mullens, Rich Val- . : P . , . , i . I T .I I .O 5 , I V l - x 2 ' I . N If i ' 1' 1 r P f . . 'll - , . l , ' ' X , 1 k i 1 - , , ' , f C r ' n, Bill P t, Bill 7 Q I I X , i V , , . - NK I ' , . i . i, - ' . ' 1' l X ' MR. HALL Period 5-6, Rm. 203 ROW l: Larry Hankin, Ed Boell, Joji Otani, Adri- enne Chatelle, Dan Shep- Grd, Bob McKernan, Perry Willson. ROW 2: Randy McDowell, Jeffery B el I, Eddie F i s h e r, Barbara Woodruff, Elizebeth Shio- michi, Don Jenkins, Cheryll Davis, S h a r o n Layton, ROW 3: Shorty Monahan, D r e w Ramsey, Norman Russell, Joe Castorena, Gary Ten Eyck, Ron Ridge, Mike Tubbs, ROW 4: Alan Moi, Tony Damerow, Ron nie Scott, Ken Tadlock, Dave Osterberg Joel Ros enblatt Je r o m e Lem berger Kim Foster Gerald Regan MRS ENGER Period 5 6 Rm 202 ROW l Karen Bryslan Toni Regalado P e n n y Carson Gloria Maheu a r s W rams Brandsen Doug LaFond Drexel West John Leinin strom Don Reynolds Richard Schmidt im Pinkston Donna Wood ru Beverly Mic k e y Mary Hon Judy Struck land Cheryl Lichtenberger ROW 3 Don Peasley Jimmy Kaps Linda An dicochea dy Mill Roger Pearsall Patsy Eas ley Cathy Nicks Sandy Dohrman Judy Gatrell Barbara Rustrum ROW 4 G l e n n Keohane Dennis Bailleul R a l p h Yarnell Vance Mullett Gale Ten Eyck Eddie Huffman Lauren Nichelson Ronnie Young Jim Otten Dave Anderson .-. John Anderson Gloria Arneson George Ball Mike Brotemarkie Bill Buffenbarger Milt Damerow Merry Deasy John Donohue Jon Edmonds Francis Fleming Keith French Sam Garcia Margaret Gray Mike Hanchett Mary Hart Frank Hedges Mike Holmes Susan Jack Leon Johnston CAMERA SHY Bob Joslin Keith Klute Lynn Lazaron Jerome Lemberger Mary Linderman Phil Lybarger Glenda McDowell Elizabeth Miner Larry Moore Wendy Moore Ruben Pappan Grayce Parenteau Nancy Parra Linda Peters Royce Poncel Angela Rallo Bertha Romos Kelly Rasmussen Fred Rowden Larry Sage Maria Salzar Peter Sandrene Donald Sayre Ronald Scott Don Scruggs on Severtson Don Seymore Don Smith Lynne Thompson Ellen Van Beek Sandra Weddle Rosalee Wilkinson Bessie Williams Wanda Williams Mike Wilson Ronald Young Laina Zatkus I . ' ' rw , , R : I I . I K C h le ill' , Bill L K ger. ROW 2: Richard Bon- , . f . . y J ffl . I 1 ,i I V ' 5 1 4 . r -4 Y , - - ff ' ' , Ju ' er, i , I A . I , , , I . , , . I I , I L lfmff X '55 My xx M i if -5 ,fy fi Z13?'5G' Tr' . lx. 2, m-RL Q ' fl 4 ., ff? i ggi 1' 573 4 A , Vm.' 5 f :1 5 fivff m5'f'vy'4 1 e B b X Cots U 6 N cess CUC M UW Vw Coney Q Q3 -X '58 Queen Borborc Cage crowns the new queen Pot Reynolds. cess O ncy Taylor P6656 Ss ESKYN ev YN9 uf'- 40- Wil? Dainty and charming lLeft to Rightl Nancy Taylor, Sonia Pesola, Bobbi Carse, Pat Vint, JoAnn Miller. Pretty and perky lLeft to Rightl Carolyn Weir, Nancy Mooney, Virginia Griialva, Sharon Stein, Celia Stinger. t X A feast fit for a Queen. A Queen Pat pauses to chat with other Saxon lovelies. These fifteen lovely girls were selected the finalists for the 1958 Homecoming Queen. Only one girl could receive this honor and from the looks of these girls it was a difficult decision. Graceful and lovely lLeft to Rightl Janet Tharp, Pat Reynolds, Esther Yniguez, Rosalie Murray, Charlene McLachlan. r ,....+ Five exciting days helped to make this year's Homecoming Festivities memorable ones. Ken Fisher and Terry Wennstrom started the week off with a bang by winning the pie- eating contest which was supervised by the new Homecoming Court. Tuesday, although unplanned, was enjoyed by all. lVeterans' Day - a school holidayl Wednesday her- alded a new form of Saxon activity - dancing on the quad. Thursday, an elabo- rate tea honoring the fifteen finalists was held, and the name of the new queen was revealed - Pat Reynolds. Bringing the week day activities to a close was a pep rally introducing our Varsity Football team. Alumni, showing true Saxon spirit, turned out in full force this year to cheer their Alma Mater on to victory. Bob McHugh, president of the Alumni Association, with his committee constructed the attractive Alumni float which brought oh's and ah's from the crowd that shiver- ingly watched the parade of floats held before the game. The Alumni float brings back memories of our first victory. Li Ps ' Z? wi i Former Queens, Beth lLaddJ Leagus and Sharon lRichl Mclntyre, add beauty to the Homecoming game. The gentleman in the middle is Al Leagus, Beth's husband. sh? Members of the '57 Pep Squad, Carole Lesar, Jeanne Taylor, and Marsha Bradley, can't remember it ever being so cold. The night was cold and the climate wintery - unusual for sunny southern California. Vigorous winds whipped through the bleach- ers as if they were attempting to rearrange the Torrance High Field to their discretion. Nevertheless, this was not important in the minds of the Saxon rooters who were too busy watching the exciting game. For the first time in North High's history, the Saxons were leading in their Homecoming Game. When the final gun sounded, North tri- umphed again, trouncing Hawthorne, 18-6. Jubilant Saxons flocked to the Homecoming Dance for a dual celebration, a coronation and a victory. Here foot-high letters spelling out "Welcome Back Alumni" and "A Pretty Girl ls Like A Melody," plus streamers of multicolored crepe paper forming a lowered ceiling set the scene for the mystified Saxon dancers and guests. The Seniors lwith good pre-planning and executionl did a creditable iob in making it a "Night To Remember." Queen Pat and Escort Gary Little lead the dancing . . . her court and their escorts join in Saxons take time out from for- mality to enioy themselves with the "Mexican Hat Dance." the dance is almost "through." "King and Queen of the Sweethearts," Ernie Thompson and Bev Harmes, begin their reign as they are crowned by Band Representatives Rozann Hathaway and Jerry Schartoff. Although the dance floor is crowded, dancers here do not seem to notice. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH - A BAD LUCK DAY It is often noted that one should stay home, away from others on Friday the l3th. However, these Saxons, laughing at this age-old superstition, turn out by the scores to enjoy the one dance ofthe year honoring "Sir Cupid", "Madam Love", and above all. "Sweethearts". The music ot the Saxon Dance Band brought each couple into this dreamy mood. "Dream, when you're feeling blue" - The King and Queen and the finalists pose for the "regal photo." Surrounding the King and Queen, left to right are Charlene MacLachIan, Gary Martin, Pat Reynolds, Gary Little, Bobbi Carse and Dennis Berry. It is not The pulse ofa well man. Phyllis fair, l cannot bear Thoughts of our cruel fare! Fear and supersTiTion, The key words of The medical profession as laTe as l65O, provide The background for This delighTTul comedy cenTered around Monsieur Argan, an incurable hypochondriac. His imaginary suffering is TurTher aggravaTed by The maid, ToineTTe, whose Teasing and bullying harass him no end. His young wife, Beline, already planning how To spend The TorTune she hopes To inheriT, shows grave concern over his "delicaTe" condiTion, and humors him To The TullesT exTenT. Mafrers are TurTher complicaTed when Argan promises his oldesT daughTer, Angelique, To Thomas Diafoirus, a physician, on The Theory ThaT he will noT be losing a daughTer buT raTher, gaining a docfor, Angelique, however, has her own maTri- monial ideas in The person of CleanTe, her Tall, hand- some lover, buT several hilarious escapades are in order before she can convince her TaTher ThaT she has made a wise choice. An unexpecTed and happy ending brings down The curTain on This hisTorical and hysTerical saTire of SevenTeenTh CenTury medicine. Within four days you will be incurable. Q Z Monsieur Argan ,. ToineTTe ...... Angelique ... .. Beline ............ Monsieur de Bonnefoi CleanTe .,......... Monsieur Diaforus .. Thomas Diaforus ... Louisan ........ Beralde ........... Monsieur FleuranTe . Monsieur Purion .... .... Dick Bybee .,. Joy Bingham .. Linda Harris . .. Vicki Garrod ... ArT Neumann . . . . Jim Ford . Gene HorwiTz . Jack Sparber . Lynn WaTers Mason WolperT Michael Mullin . . . Don Roach STudenT DirecTor ..... KaTherine STrolole STage Manager ....... .lerry ScharToTf DirecTor ........... Mr. R. Van Tassel Heavens be praised! My husband is dead. Cloihed in original l7fh Cenfury cosTu'nes is The casr of The "imaginary Invalid" One of The many dance conTesTs funds Duane Gull and Duck Bush rocking and rolling Ring around The rosue go the Saxon dancers Mr. and Mrs. Dalton enjoy The Spanish Club FiesTa. in many costumed dancers. The Boys' League Halloween Dance broug. l Tured Saxon dancers sur Thus one ou From The Howdy Hop To The Junior Senior Prom Saxons have enuoyed many forms of dancing enTerTaun menT New dance Tradufuons were esTalolushed and old ones reworked inTo bigger and beTTer acTiviTies. All enloyed The Friendship Dance as well as The TradiTional ones such as The Elecfion Dance Freshmen New Year s Dance Sophomore CoTTonball G!-X.A. Backward Dance and The Boys' League Luau. FormaliTy had a headliner year with Three Tormals 'STardusT and Snow- flakes" lVVinTer Formall 'SvveeT- hearTs Ball" lValenTine Dancel and Pearls oT The Deep" lJunior-Senior Proml. This year was Truly a 'Dancers' De- lighT. ' If NN w HI There' Eddie Franco and Barbara Gluhano arrive for a wonderful evenong af the Stardust and Snowflakes Winter Formal Former Saxons stall enloy hxgh school dances Homecoming night funds The Saxon dancers warmmg up To The musnc of The Hollywood Srardusters The gym rocks durnng The Mexlcan Ha? Rock and who do you Thank wall wm the 1960 Presndentual eIec'ruon9 asks Dale Couble of Barbara Thomas " .wwW!0Z!Aw" Y 's Txme out' The cas? of Th Sensor Play fakes a break from strenuous rehearsal for advice from director Mr B Hoefer Egad' A bodyll Callnng cu cabinet meetmg Mr Presndentf' I u 1 i Nanneffe Teague 1LefTJ and Sue Freeman IRnghTJ make up Rev Harper IBob Halllwelll You dont know how long Ive wauted for thus moment Dear Brother Elder lY old molds elderly old gentlemen and elder berry wune made up a hularuous plot for the Senuor play Arsenuc and Old Lace The play was centered around Abbey and Martha Brewster lonely old men elderberry wune wuth Arsenuc strychnune and a punch of cyanude and Mortumer tundung out about the I2 yellow fever vuctums burued un the canal locks un the cellar Then to top ut oft Jonathan Brewster a murderer comes home wuth a truend Dr Eun steun who has a talent for changung faces Whule all of thus us happenung the love unterest ofthe story Elaune Harper manages to get a rnarruage Teddy preparung another yellow fever vuctum for burual Abbey Brewster Anne Kurner Martha Brewster Joy Bungham Mortumer Brewster Duck Lund Teddy Brewster Duck Bybee Jonathan Brewster Howard Borer Dr Eunsteun Paul Clayton Elaune Harper Jackue Rupe Rev Dr Harper Bob Halluwell Oftucer O Hara Bob Gruess Oftucer Brophy Eddy Caton Otfucer Kleun Gene Horwutz Mr Gubbs Jerry Schartotf Lueutenant Rooney Ron Mazzaro Mr Wutherspoon Don Holluster proposal from Nephew Mortumer and Teddy lRooseveltI Brewster CHARGES halt a dozen tumes and sugns secret documents and wunds up un Afruca Thus wonderful play and superb cast made for excellent entertaunment I thought I d seen my lost glass of elderberry wune You wulll The funal curtaun u 1 ' I . uu - ru , . 1 1 nu . . . . '- 1 1 1 . . . uu uf . . . . uf rv - - 1 1 1 1 - ' , . . . . , . 1 1 1 1 uu uu . uu . ,, . I u iz", , . . I . -,-,.-1-1 Disobedient slaves are senT To Ln l Abner for punishmenf Thursday The girls get their revenge in The mock wedding ceremony O Hilton Beiro receives a drink of mighTy Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice. Here are The residents of Dogpafch New and Novel is The category info which This year's Variefy-5 Week activi- Ties Tell. The Theme, "Sadie Hawkins Days," added color and surprises To five acfion-filled days. Monday, ci play in which Typical DogpaTch characfers dis- played Their TalenTs, was sTaged. Tues- day, The annual slave day where The girls played Sir Gallahad To The boys, found girls working hard To please Their masTers. Wednesday, cosTumed TickeT holders drank Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice. Thursday,lThe Sadie Hawkins reverse slave day broughf many relucTanT males To The alTar. Friday, The TradiTional dance, climaxing The week's evenTs, was held wiTh Dennis Berry and Bobbi Corse reigning as L'il Abner and Daisy Mae. Saxons sfand in line To ge? Their iuice S4 Time OUT rs called whale Soxons res? Dogpofch sryle The best dressed couple nn the rom? ore Eddie Wood ond Carolyn Weir Muke Sums stops fo cdmure Drone Chambers charming cthre Actron fslls the gym durmg The Sodle Howkms Stomp wr fi! mmuw'lN sam if i Bobbi DcusyMf1e Corse 4-1 Dennis LuIAbner Berry iv J ve 7 ' A ' i N I , - l. - Au W E NP, , , Q 0 r ' f -if Q 7' f 'W fa 9 rr 1, I , , el vi ' 5 5 . 4 V Y 1 . ' tl Saxon lady Varsity proves to be a terror in action while the delicate "male" pep squad enhances the audience with graceful and dainty routines. "1 "- .'- ,. . t , , 4 ""l""""'u ,- N VA. , 4.1.4, Y. .hw The Alma Mater of the final rally has a special meaning for each graduating senior. George "Isabella" Marich displays the proper dress for any occasion. "Snappy" Sanchez gives "Mighty" Mooney a gentle handshake for a well-played game. ' The Varsity Club initiation set the pace for this year's Saxon "gentlemen's" attire. Howard Hoffmann star of T V and rnovres tells fhe lufe of Longfellow through dramatic unferprefatron Rozann Hathaway lour Saxon A FS representatrve to Greecel and Per Svanevrk IA FS represenfofuve from Norwayl dnsplay what we call rnfernafsonol fnendshrp 0 I Jazzy Javanese vhese Saxons make Mr Joseph Ellrs found wrllrng sublecfs ID lleff to nghtl Sfeve Harper Angel Myren Sharon lS1ernl Freeman and Paul Shaffer when demonsfrafrng nafrve dress Technlques of Java Its frnendshup frrendshlp lust The perfect blend shrp song srsfer and brother lAnel and Duck Bybeel at the Frrendshrp Assembly I or 'L - , 'Z' li ' M ' A A of .44 r X The musucal strains of popular songs from KNHS reach out lo each snacker P' auf John Maheu surprnses Clean Campus Chairman Sonja Pesola wlrh buf There s more Than one way To keep the campus his Idea of how To keep The campus clean clean even If you have to get In and work wnh both feet Y By Jove' Water does boll discovers P 1 Meyers ilu- I Under the wcnchful eye ofM1ss E Marfey cheerful If seems as rhough Frank Emnly Sophomores perform fhelr dnurnal tasks Husson has a problem 7 'Age ' ' lli' 'flvgel Q . A , . ' V ff lm J , wi' 1 , in by 'C A , x r 'il I f' -I l , '4 2 . 1 , s s i CB i hr I . I C' . T 7 - , V ,WJ v 4 5 , ' . K rf my W 9 , 434. I' .4 Outstde workman notsuly dug up the quad I4 whnle lnslde Saxons try valtantly to study cram W, U.t...r 8,1533 The mgrqllgfton of ,Ce Cream mgchmeg, emlce mg-my pn befween A S D F L K J mumble each typtst lLeft Mary Bergeron Roxle Swanner and Pat eaters to add more calortes to theur duets Hastle l Future homemal-cers burn another batch of cooktes Ntck Urban COHCGDTVGTIHQ OH dell Aprul DeVasher and Jeannie Strawn stttch thelr way through I 9 X ! U , A t . Th I ' i - I 5 , , ,' l I-1 2 ' "Q r f Q K, . I I - Il - ' ll . . . , . b I 1 . I .mt W ' K.. v...- I. . , pi U "W x ' ' lg 8 I ,Q X - e li ' l -Y ll , - t . Q li. ' l g Q , V X 2. K 7 I' . 1 . . U N W l Cate work In Metal Shop'9 q n 'W ""' :ve hundred Saxons lourneyed sardlne fashion to Bev Halls Mnke Lasky fnnally made the grade-a hugh one at that the Mnssussuppuans vusuted North entertaining us ASB Vlce President folk and plantation songs Saxons flocked to the polls to vote for theur favorute candldates the tured but vactorlous faculty cagers defeated the G A A team l O6 -.., Mr Marashluan mformed Sensors thelr Dutch Day would be ln the dutch the luttle people mvaded North Hn I I I 1 x 'Nh' 1 X 9 . 5 V N lll A E 2 H ZA A4 , l r . K I .UZ ef, I R . .j ' Oe Make wayll The Saxons a e commg A candtd cameraman catches cheerleaders and Mlss Dalton n cool conference Saxon beautues proudly dnsplay the North Hugh Banner at Home comrng Cold Saxon rooters watt theur turn for welcomed refreshments at the PTA operated stand a' lts an enthusuasttc Saxon cheer from Mtss M Dalton whose encouragement and work helped us to become sportsmanshrp champs thus year Gene Thenlman manntanns radto contact wrth the floats that are standung by tor the begtnntng of the trrst pre game Homecomtng Parade Transmtt ter tubes were the only warm tmngs at the fteld that eventng IO7 l X H i .. r ' . A ' i a l 1 f, .l 4 'o .A Hx Q' lv ,l v ' -, X' ' '-E ' , A I- , Mr RobertW Calrns lO8 The Saxon Band went Bug League this year Wuth sparkllng new uniforms and brnlluant showmanshlp they added the color and sound that accented the splrnt and determunatuon of North Hugh The Bull Flght was the unique half time show ofthe football season Band members host school vnsutors and parents all lomed to shout Ole as the Drum Mayor Matador went through has stunts The band formed a Congo lnne to march off the fueld and complete a very successful season na . 1. - . . . I . . . lr . H . . - I I I rl H . . I I NnneTeen of The pepplesT In sparklung cosTumes have added Thelr own speclal femlnune Touch To our afhlefnc acTnvnTles Thus year A bug sTep In comnng of age was Taken by The addlhon of Two male yell leaders To The Pep Squad The flashing of baTons and The dancung of songqueens were mTerspersed wlTh The vigor and sTrengTh of The male yell leaders To orlgunafe a new Saxon Tradmon Performing aT fooTball games baskeTball games pep rallles and oTher acT1vlT1es our Pep Squad has comblned nndnvldual TalenT wuTh vnbranT personallTy To add Their own d:sT1ncTlve conTrlbuTuon To School Splruf i H H x Q V, F I 1, , I 5- "' 13 ,- ,R , . V X 'rr ,,., f . 5 1' , Y ' ' nt mv Lv' ff' ,fw- X nd? W"-X ,Qw- 'MQ a 43 ad' 'uk ,W ?s 'F r "fn ir , v , x Q: S ia ' f ' R ..,- rv '. F A X-, U. is Lv 'MN-4, 27 in .Kei f -. gf! al .. Kay K'ndsch' I 1 2 Y X ...J Noncy Terheggen Bob Grless wtf' 'S Xgif iii wqr' Go ry Mowrey Q U. aww, Pot Reynolds D'c1ne Chambers CCVOIYY1 WCW Susan Matson ffm Betty Mahon -" Julie Wldmcrk Esther Ymguez gs-, .45-' A-H Judy Arnold xy ll xi B -l sd 3. J X Z 7 X x 7415! CIC XUS uv D P rw U V' X955 f vKl7C MOI I KL 6? ' N UM ll7fk"Vi'k2ETIJ1'V', 'L 1?7f'xl'b1' "1 '1' 5 Nw l-11 'f 5 P 'Il xy KV, f 1 's1:'f:'w1wle'L1:'1 II1' -'mr nf? f. Mf'1."lyY' 1 , f' iw. I 1 mm l""v H Cr'N',r'r1 lv! Hn ww." :Nw 'Ji 'yu Elm! 1 I-, 4 lm! wus my M: F5 fm-5:1 ic cms! fL.4xC7IIT '13 :fu KJV 'im rw: YQTB. NOVW' WWI' '.'.C.rl1f1m"frc1.x wil I i. fr Xifww' NIT! wld A ' 'QT " 'furfxfx 1 Hu,-C 'Y pfYw,Uff'.. l,.iuf+.1lf'1lw:: 1, in if L1 lx f vu 'UT xx yu .,f ,il ,1 ,gm "Wav ,ance fx 49-Eli. AH 'IX 1l!,H3ft'VC1'p livin WP 77 w ",ff'vsS5'g' 'V -ft ww 1 H ' :aus . 1,131.11 V fl i I jIWI1xzwfg1l1!wllTmrq4 ?fu1p5,,f,11' ' ' . nw- x ' 114' P ' rm' 'lug' yy In I lv'-f-sv' flu-iw i'.n4fl1'..v' mica Qu: 'am - .wr fin' 'Q I SI' N H q fm "Uv If yr 3-ffm 1' ll," 1 AW5 S4171 NS .' SIU- Q73 Nl- V if! ' ' W. .. . . . . N " win ' 1 . A . A N' 5 ' 'H V ' A N ' 'f N' .' wiv ' , N 9 Vw q " . . N' ' fi ' ' x 4 N , ' . . N 7 U P Za YT sb Q 1.1 gg M1 uf! SM .-L A, Q . H f ww' s' f .1 ,Www 3, W, 3, 25.3 5 776 1 Zqa aq6-,3E:'1 'iff-"' ',?'.,a,,,,,f es '25 ,1Q,'f ff Ji , ,, W, 'I Q mnfwmig-tnwfm swiss- ."' 1' Mm 31 3 A an K H -wma .' " , M v ' ,ff :ix 'J 1? ' 'A - 1 ,. A ,. n K , Qmf ' 4. J af. W ,ff , y , 5 lg' Q Q 'Z f' f nfl 1 ,- p- ' .gm ,"', f 1 'Y' 4' 'Q if 5 .1 ,X Q Fa Qi n ,N :3-NM J Lb. , Q It ff , 1 2 5 Tig- ,,-, 4' di - 2,-I .'- 11, ,Q pw ,xr , i?',,,s'g,k.:,g,.v, -H r -- - v.a:..r. gn ,JI 'lf 1523. . 1 , 1 ?"5fii, ,':1..rD"'- " Y' P ' rs... Keeping in the spirit of '58-'59, North High's .l.Vl, Bee, and Cee football teams came through with winning seasons to go with that ofthe Varsity. Playing a limited schedule, the North High J.V.'s won 4 games while losing only 2. I I I , ROW l lL to Rl: Richard Johnson, Gary Swanson, Ron Palmer, Jerry Haskett, Douglas Mowry, Albrecht Becker. ROW 2 lL to Rl: Dean Hergenrother, Dennis Lancaster, Eddie Jaakola, Per Svanevik, Fred Schwei- singer, Glenn "T'Bird" Winther, Mark Sherwood. ROW 3 lL to Rl Wayne Simpson, Gary Sexton, Ronnie Fisher, Ed Land- wehr, Chuck Schneider, Pat Lininger, John McCall, Mr. Don Garrison lcoachl. 1 a E '1 - Yi!" ,, . Il I Bee fullback Jerry Carothers receives pre-game advice from Coach Phillips. In his first year as Bee coach Mr Harry Phillips led the Saxons to a share of the Pioneer League title, tying I 60,4 ROW l lL to Rl: Ben Eason, Phil Meyers, John Bald, Joe Rausa, Bill Sale, Darcy Hardman, Tom Amic, John Murakawa, Earl Eastcott. ROW 2 lL to Rl: Mr. Keith Enger lcoachl, Terry Miller, Dave Beck, Roy Dohner, Derrick Busch, Jerry Ca- rofhers, Dan Claxton, Gary Wright, Phil Johnson, Mr. Harry Phillips lcoachl. ROW 3 lL to Rl: Mike Clark, Bill Starus, Dick Bush, Mike Kimble, Bob Bee, Ed Franco, Ron Davidson, Gary Divino, Bob Martin. ROW A lL to Rl: Jacinto Cortina, Bob Cloer, Monte Behunin, Larry McGraw, Ed Williams, Dave Johnston, Roy Payne, Jim Carrico, Mason Wolpert, Ron Davis. I ROW l lL to Rl: Milce Hanchett, Roy Canto, Tommy Tyler, Glenn Sher- wood, Eddie Fisher, Felix Alvillar, Doug Lafond, Doug Stinger, Kenny Fagot, ROW 2 lL to Rl: Ted Kawa- guchi, Dick Kawaguchi, Dave McVey, Ray Andicochea, Harold Spivack, Gary Henderson, Donald Reynolds, Ronald Cotta, Joe Castorena, Mau- rice Dohner, Robert Chipman. ROW 3 IL to R11 Mr, Mel Nygren lcoachl, Ed Babic, Bob Graham, Richard Rogers, Doug Dolan, Mike Cox, Jack Tarney, Sam Pierce, Dan Saunders, Skip Mooney, Bob Moore, George Ball, Jeff Bell. Coach Nygren, also in his first season as a football coach, came through with North High's first undefeated foot ball team. The Saxon Cee's, while playing only four games, won all four to give Varsity Coach Bob Shoup something to look forward to in the next few years. Coaches Keith Enger and Harry Phillips give halftime advice to 1958 Pioneer League Co- champs. ski? ' 471'-LJ. f l- , Pouncing on a loose ball is an unidentified North High Bee gridder. .1 ,v-N lie, '95 George Foutts Second String End iw if Ernie Thomsen N.H.S. Team Captain Player of the League Third String C.l.F. Chosen for Shrine "All Star" Team and All American High School Team Ni dfbs fwll ' 5 U P' x tr L' V. ,.. Q , ,.. - rv ,X . If fc err' ta,-, T' if . 1' i1'e':f2Zx AT-' 3 it--lt: Steve Mearing Charles Bertoni George Morgan Third String Honorable Mention Honorable Mention End End Center ' 560 With Ernie Thomsen and Eddie Jaurequi being named to the tirst string, North High placed twelve men on the 1958 All-Pioneer League Football Team. Dennis Berry and George Foutts were named to the second string, while John Simpson, Paul Shaffer, Steve Mearing, Chuck Bertoni, George Morgan, Dick Bybee, Steve Harper, and Dick Hedgecock received Honorable Mention. All are Seniors with the exception of John Simpson and Dick Hedgecock, who are Juniors. Ernie Thomsen went on to receive All-C.l.F. and All-American honors. He was named to play in the North-South Shrine-Hi tilt in the Los Angeles Coliseum in August. He vvill also play in the Bay League-Pioneer League Optimistgamle in July. Coach Bob Shoup will coach the Pioneer League team in this game. I X. V . Homecoming night saw the graduating Seniors tired but triumphant as their high school football days drew to a close. FIRST ROW lLeft to Righti: Mark Sherwood, Bill Wright, Paul Shaffer, Richard Bybee, George Foutts, Steve Harper, George Morgan, Doug Mowry, and Steve Watkins. SECOND ROW: Charles Bertoni, Ron Palmer, Dennis Berry, Dave Christensen, Ron Fisher, Ed Jaurequi, Bill Hall, Jerry Haskett, Steve Mearing, Mike Henderson, Chuck Webb, and Ernie Thomsen. '3 Dennis Berry Paul Shaffer Richard Bybee Second String Third String Honorable Mention En Guard Guard ,i d I 215 I"-4 ov Us 1" li- 2, 1 pfn dsl. ,J Q tk- Dnck Hedgecock Chuck Webb Honorable Menrron Honorable Menfron Halfback Halfback CFR John Sampson Honorable Menfron Center Sieve Harper Honorable Mermon Tackle Eddue Jaurequr Frrst Strung The plot thrckens from Phullups to Garrison fo Levy to Shoup you mrghr say Guard :rw ,A Most lnsprrahonal Player -0 4 5 PN r AQ 7 -f I Holfback Steve Mearing meets an opposing player r m El Se undo Hi a..J Wr ,.l I L A Q. i 3 f 5. X s ' 5 QM 3' f I 5'f' l WL. lv yi' g 1 ,ik pf f f W Af fi A 87' 1 - 5 N L' U Q , . F' 5 ' W' -,U ' , ,. 1' 19 I Q m -1 , yy V ll V . -f 1 - fi ,ga "Y ' Y , Y' wwf' ' W fr li ,at 1' . wwf wa M f' ff' , f A , Q f' A 149 "if J' Q 'QT x s ' A ,A 72 ' Y K ' 'X 'J A .9 1 . Ji d 53 1 .--ui 33 . A Q ,. 1, , X "h'Y1f""""k ' ff' F , ' ' 4 A Af r 4'.f ,fm -W ' . 2 f?2i'f iff' is I M 23 ' 'A if ' fag ' wi I 'W V , I' ' Az., 3, P ul' X thy! -f ff-22 -- 1 sf -. ' r? Q ' Q 1 5 :Pd f ,, L. .. - 'Q-WA' Xhxlteier ll E lu ilmle budlt-il 1 5 - 1 gf Mgmhq, fggffggaq gp . A Noah masts again. -'iw' 1 1 1 W. x If Q ASX 2 'A I. l'di3f:"' L Sf, W D A i 1 4 K wi, at N? QR A ,ip .5 :if f ww-' R , .NH V x N4 f , ' g. 6 3 lp x 1 1 , Q31 ' P U! ,e L-Av . v 1 if, if A N-iig g ig fag .-1 67: F . , , .4 'f . V Y' ' 'fs 3 ' , X an W 'Q V I A 'LT Q La L L 3 K V. , if - 'A 1:2 F x 4' k . V . 5 AZ 'if'f1a'E ' A L , 5 U i f, ig! 'rf ' 5 'ffxffff' ' ,'. ' V a , X 4 5" J J ,E J - Q 1 fu Af ' xl 'D find as I J :sk '52 gh wg A X gf 'kj 128 7 ll ROW l iLeft to Rightl: Coach Ellings, Ike Wilson, Ben Garcia, Joe Campus, and Bill Leonhard. ROW 2: Dave Roby, Joe Russo, Mike Bartelt, Mike Sims, and Mike Shawgo. North High's Varsity Cross-Country team took third place in the Pioneer League in their fourth year of competi tion. The League finals were held at Culver City. Under Coach Bill Ellings, the Saxons finished behind Culver City and Morningside, while Hawthorne, El Segun do, and Beverly Hills placed fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Ben Garcia was the first Saxon runner to finish, followed by Joe Russo, Mike Clark, Ike Wilson, Dave Roby Mike Bartelt, Frank Van Patten, and Frank Husson. Mike Clark has his teammates standing on their heads with this one. Here's another Saxon playing in the sand pile. ..,-4. of '21 1. 2 5 an if A 1 n 'vi , Leaping through the air fwith the greatest of easel Mike Kimble hits lB feet. Dave Christenson muscles the shot fifty feet. Q If K5 ,J -ef x '- X Camera Shy Pat Linenger zooms by to break ,' " Ted Bluechel shows his terrific form as he the school record. lP,S. Our cameraman s, , ' " easily clears eleven feet. missed himl X. i ' 1.4. POW l lLeft to Rightlf Coach Ellirtgs, Jon Edmonds, Norman Russell, Randy McDowell, Howard Odert, Dale White, and Ken MacKenzie. ROW 2: Ralph Stemp, Frank Van Patten, Doug Abbott, Ted Bluechel, Eli Cohen, Ernie Bell, and Lynn Johnson. 460 W M. 4 -fr, WM " ROW I lLeft to Rnghtl M 1 k e Hanchetf G I e n ,S-n Sherwood Gary Hender son Ken Frsher D o u g Dolan G a r y Mowrey Jacmto Cortrna ROW 2 Mr Melton Nygren Roger Harrus Erland Polson Don Roach Eddie Jaakola Wllllam A Wright Duck Bybee ln has second year as wrestlrng coach Mel Nygren led the Saxons to a 6 5 seasonal record The Saxons fnnushed fifth In the Pioneer League North Hugh was represented by fave wrestlers In theC I F sem: finals Gary Henderson and Glenn Sherwood took second nn the Proneer League Muke Krrkpatrlck Gene Polson and Bull Wright took thrrd place Gary Mowrey Jacrnto Cortina and Don Roach won four-th place awards The furst three wrestlers IH each welght class went to the C I F sem: funals ROW I lLeft to Rlghtl Eddie Fisher, Dave Mc Vey, Tom Hedgecock, Mike Van De Vort, Dan Conway, Tom Frnslle, Jeff Bell, Howard Saunders, and Dave Josnston ROW 2 Robert Chrpman IMan agerl, Joe Campus, Gary Sexton, Darrell Gray, Al brecht Becker, Make Sums, Rlchard Mclntosh, Davud Beck, Chet Phrllups, and Mr Melton Nygren lCoachl l3O Z7 I I fAIf.g'.ss I ' rf: ., H apr I C' nn, K A A, -'ffl - f' v Q- s Q . I I V' I D I , , Q, : A I I . I . I Q I 1 -D ' A A Q . . y C , , 7, - , 1 W I N I - 1 X. X I f.. I ' . if 3' 3' IN Left to Right: Tony Mance, Paul Herrera, Lee Hanson, Mr. Richard Winn icoachi, Gary Little, Nick Urban, Richard Scoville Dan Conway fights to regain his two points from Mike Kirkpatrick. "That cotton-pickin' ant!" remarks Little. "Fore!" yells Mance. W ROW l lLeft to Rightl: Don Hollister, Eli Cohen, Brent Scott, Bob Moore, Frank Hus- son, Ira Wilson, Mike Shawgo, Don Roach. ROW 2: Mr. Don Garrison lcoachl, Mike Modey, Dave Geary, Ted Bluechel, Dave Christehsen, Gary Martin, Greg Harris, Bob Mance, Mike Clark, Jerry Eiland, Mr. Bill Ellings lcoachl. With the coming ot spring, the average sports-minded person turns from basketball and wrest- ling to the outdoor sports. Among the most popular here at North High is Track, Running, jumping, and leaping their way through the season, the Saxons enioyecl bringing home many records to their credit. 1 0 Here they come . . .there they go! is 7 4- fi Leaping their way to vic- -abuf tory, Saxons run against Superman!" 1' -si Culver. 9-54,?f'., ,Q . V! ,-iff", I 69,0 ROW l lLeft to Righfl: Mike Shawgo, Larry Meadows, Bill Leonard, Roy Dohner, Mike Kimble, Bob Moore. ROW 2: Mike Kirkpatrick, Jerry Eilandf Frank Husson, Derrick Busch, Ray Andicochea, Ben Ditch. ROW 31 Mr. Bill Ellings lcoachl Dick Mclnfosh, Phil Johnston, Felton McGraw, Ronald David- son, Ron Davis, Mr. Don Gar- rison lcoachl. The Saxon Bee and Cee Track Teams were considerably successful this season with the Bees even more successful They set a record in the Bee high lump with a combined effort of 17 feet 4 inches Bob Mance was the highest Ieaper with a lump of 6 feet even followed by Brent Scott and Mike Kirk pafrick. ' I ROW l lLeff to Rightl: Dick Kawaguchi, Mike Tubbs, David Murphy, Bill Leonard, Bob Moore. ROW 2: Gary Rickard, Bob Baker, Norman Russell, Dale White, lra Wilson. ROW 3: Mr. Bill Ellings lcoachl, Charles Mullens, Dan Saunders, Jon Edmonds, Mr. Don Gar- rison lcoachl. 4 9040 -ll W ROW 1 Ileft fo Rnghfl Fred Schwelsmger Erme Bel! Terry Blonchord Dave McVey Bob Damewood ROW 2 Mr Jennings Dovudson Icoochl Jam Boyd Chuck Comstock Roger Hurrxs Eddle Wood Terry Swuft 5 f rf I Qf 2 .41 I ll R x, V N... 'B ,, J wi 2 5 A fs, 1 u ' U11 I .5,1.,, .. ,N A w .qw I C . urfmmvf PM X542 3 4, . LM, I fx X . flaw W Au It mama it f , J 3. , 1 .,, ei. 1 fe PR ,X ""'f?"""' p ?uu-up,-f--l I Q .F 'X 'P 4,1 I x- Q., my 6 ......, A l e Q ROW I ILeff to Rughtl Terry Soth George Maruch Frank Van Patten Larry Anthony Bull Waxman Davud Pace Emll Caplk Rucky Jacobs Pete The Saxons were led ln Baseball this year by Mr Bob Shoup who also doubles as the head Varsuty football coach The eight returnnng lettermen from last years squad were Davnd Marsden John Sampson Dwayne Mer rlll Emrl Caprk Dave Pace Steve Mearmg Larry Anthony and Pete Kemp North Hugh opened the season agamst Muir Hugh and played thenr flrst home game of the season agamst Redondo VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE ILeaguel EL SEGUNDO MORNINGSIDE PUENTE TOURNAMENT BELLFLOWER HAWTHORNE CULVER CITY BEVERLY HILLS EL SEGUNDO MORNINGSIDE CULVER CITY BEVERLY HILLS EL SEGUNDO MORNINGSIDE HAWTHORNE P, X Swart, ROW 2: Ken Weeks, Dave Marsden, Steve Mearing, Dwayne Merrill, Peter Kemp, Larry Dotson, John Simpson, Mr. Bob Shoup lcoachl. . . . I . l . . , . I . I - 1 y , , 'fn iff' Alf' ff! X ff, ,gr . , 1 ,Qb I fl , I , , .3 fafm! 3 my Af My, ef, .L iff. X if 4 QQ gf: 33' 4 .4-r4K7i?"'5 ..,.ua', nap. J? """V""""fw'by- 9 an 4.1: lf'-ySm""" HDF T JPV' BLAST EL SERXNDO -Af. K 1 A l 3 35139 HA Xfir- fx L Q X , If X11 .silky -Us Hamer! President lst and 2nd semester Januce Verne alder AM 3-Jill? W Q qv 8.1 Q """""""'f-4.4 Farst Semester Cabinet lseatedl Joan Belknap Janice Verne Jan Dudley lStandlngl Judy Carnahan Duane Chambers Marilyn Brandsma Suzie Bluechel Pep Squad llett to nghtl Barbara Thomas Nancy Taylor Karen Peterson Janet Thorp Janet Geronimo Seder ann mf ig: Second Semester Cabnnet lseatedl Suzie Bluechel, Frances Marzrllu Januce Verne, Margo Davis Pat Payne lStandlngl Joan Belknap Marsha Frost, Betty Barry, Sharon Crosby Sue Lannlng 2 Judy Carnahan, Duane Chambers, Marnlyn Brandsrna 5 , y t N I Y 5 O l Q K ,. ' It - Q , ' s 1 MM.. ,. ,X ,,,, .Nr ...., r N J gl vi " ,fl . 0' I C T K - . W ' tif Q , 5 I L, Q H F ,W ., ' V - ' Y - u T . - S J 6. V , .C C -:-, nf - 'rf , e ' rsrss 5 y sC e M J :I ,, , V J Vw 4 . , fr N 5 I A T: T . W at , lg, el .-V, l ' . xi . p y C 4, T ,i Specral Servuce Patty Verburg Award Winner ROW l Beverly Webb Carolyn Loncung Patrutua Pryor Darlene Lee Claurese Lewus Sharon Cross Margue Maxwell Nancy Hoops ROW 2 Donna Bertrand Januce Parsons Lla Garrudo Lunda Geronumo Jo Ann Hannon Nancy Steuner Lunda Rooker ROW 3 Earlene Braunard Betty Jo Readung Elaune Wunther Mary Werner Donna Verne Judy Hannah Mary Nolan ROW 4 Lunda Henson Ann Hunt Tonu Sheets Suzue Mc Granahan Donna Zatkus Cherue Ruckabaugh Clare Res ROW 5 Kathy Francus Jean Epperson Be lunda Bode Pat Lundsey Carol Klatt Janet Trovato Junx Wrught Clarlee Harrus Sandra Rayes li ROW l Joan Bates Charlotte Po S M ryuane Hart S e ul Donna Sublette Karen Rodax ROW 2 Jean Wells Anna Bono Sharon Alpenfels Joyce Sanwo Sherry Leake Judy Reeh ROW 3 Sharon Chdplun Nadune Holly Patty Moore Judy Van Bellhern Bonnue Tanner ROW 4 Jane Perry Judy Alexander Mudge Dcvud Ellen Van Beek Duane Llken Shurley Thompson S nu Pesola Sandra Wor hen ROW l Nancy Taylor Barbara Ro mero Marcua Lamb Beverly Hedge Terru Neuman Sherry Barbuerl ROW 2 Sandra Stonaker Barbara Thomas Pom Whelan Jan Wheeler Pat Ruzzo Barbara Zouke Theresa Fore well ROW 3 Marcna Pexton Duan Sylvues Vucku Garrod Barbara Wege ner Betty Graves Sharon Crosby Jackue Leneker .Y Ax in f J D1 1' ROW T Darlynn Chruss Rosalue Salazar Claudua Walker Patrucua L Coe Lynne Waters Ceculua Lopez Juluenne McVey ROW 2 Lunda Mellunger Valruta Sorenson Duane Gll Susue Jarnagun Lana Elphrck llene Easton ROW 3 Pam Matheny Oluvua Cotta Sue Barkley Juduth Woodford Yvonne Ewuns Duxue Shomblm Dorus Andrews ROW 4 Luz Muner Donna Powell Judy Mar tru Florune Weuner Judy Reeves Marne Durward Pamela Haas Ronnue Wulson ROW 5 Sue Bredman Duana Roby Frances Whuteman Bar bara Wagner Penney Pennungton Lunda Searcy Joan Nash Joan Warner ROW I Sandy Stotts Cheryl Rhune Carole Brusse Sandy Capelle Reue lyne Covey ROW 2 Judy Petty Dee Preble Eluzabeth Shuomlchu Barbara Woodruff Carol Augsburger ROW 3 Lynne Thompson Carolyn Spures Donna Golden Judy Panuwo: Delores Francuonu Patsy Easley Sue Rogers ROW 4 Gaul Bowman Bo u Eusher Dee Smuth Jo Ann Barry Anuta Tapua Chloe Rucka bouqh Arleen Andrews T43 L as Stiff- el I I lon , la ' V, u 'J llsoni a C 1 T , . v 3 4- I . 4, Q I I . 'A 4Q. .1 I- r ' :, sv- .If g I .x P u I A f v r' s , J V gsm 4 , . 1 I v.. Q 5 l ,R Q A- V 1 : I A I , V A , . ,," h. ' 'V V , J I , l O .G l . ' I t . . . f 'T ' l 7' 5' 1 u , ' , .' 1 , f J 4 4 J A . ' f xt . I , . ' r . ' . I V , l , u . : W 1 X 4 . ' A l ' L P Ly .N u , ,- fi V' , ,Al .. G , ' ' A x E' 'J . L 1 ' I , u 'T J ku A- Q Z , -' X I 5 ' I I ' , ' . 1 l , . I Q4 b -u I f ' gi It u A u u ,- I , I h, 4 ' . : T X X u X I i, 5 l 1 P -' ' .T . ' ' 1 I A X L . - - , ' ' 'Q 'iff I . I I . .A I D X' , 4 , , u l tx Ll " f' I I - cu f K 4 I J ' 2 1 T 4, T , . y J K 1 I L A c .l I I H' w " I . , . .I ' W-1 . l I T 1 . I I . . , 6 - ' . . L ' . A X N I I ' . , " 'RT 1 ' y . : ' , , 3 ' ., bb' ' , ' u lf V V - I I . . 7 , Q . ,V F , . Y 5 , , v Q h . W l Larma Zatkus Wanuta Whrtecotton Rosanne Brandes Mary Carrrzosa Adnene Barnett Lynnrta Cambrll Sandra Massre Pat Srlver ROW 2 Lynda Evans Pam Elexrs Penne Davls Donna Stoeckle Marge Palmer Bonnre Gallup Drane Rels Mary Madrrgal ROW 3 Earletta Luke Marranne Muller Sandra Burn ham Ann Hull Karen Peterson Fran ces Mrller Janet DAlo1a Pat Guer rero Barbara Partsch ROW4 Carol Hanna Lrnda Stephens Roxte Swan ner Penny Hall Jeanne Mann Bettre Hoover Darlene Kidd 'tllarre Heald Patrrcra Gavrn xl F' ROW l Jeanne Knoblaugh Ginger Bryant Judy Keays Lynne Gold sn rth B1rbar1 W rnarnr er Phy lts Woodruff Bcrbxrm He ns Marty Weekly Rob rta Chavez Duane Lutz ROW 2 Joyce Morrts Lynnre Grove Sue Lannrng Charlene Whrte Plc n Daszkosk PJula lenney Car l n H r en Breske Rosemary T r Cltntre Tower ROW 3 Judy rntrr ns Karen Alden Bar ara G rn n JOlf1ElJ,Jl,lSOI'1 Janet Ruckl wc y tcm H rnna a 9 rnr k kab rujt Nancy HutC IHS Pat Kelly ROW A Sand: Tryk Pat ry en Judy McCulley Lrn a ower Ruth Johannessen Carol Ledsfvor h Brrbara Thomas Mar gore Slveura Karen Forsythe Bev ery Wons ROW 1 Colleen Narnmatsu Glenda McDowell Patrrcra Houlrhan Susan Welty Juanrta North ROW 2 Helen Zalesny Lots Knox Carolyn Boyd Aruel Bybee Pat La Paglta Jeanette Babarran ROW 3 Carolyn Lunden Marlene Fulton Pat McDonald Duane Bower Sandy Ernst ROW 4 Ann Brggs Evelyn Uchrda Babs Rrch Karen Kamback Carol Bledsoe Lynn DAIora Beverly Harms ilu 2 ROW l Judy Ogawa Marte Akashr Mar lyne Aku agawa Je a n n e DA olarro Nancy Steele Joan Be knao ROW 2 Sharon Boge Carolyn Cairns Cheryll Davis San dra Vllade Mlry Callahan Kathy Eggarn Janrce Burnan Merry Deasy ROW 3 Darol Boyko Katherlne Mrtcnell Sharon Flemrnons Karen Lyden Maureen Serple Phyllrs Fernn Dee Everett Lrnea Hrleman Nancy McDonald ROW A Drane Chambers Jolen Maror Jackre Mathews Janet Geronrmo Donna DeLano Pat Hat fenden Janet Tharp Donna Baylrff 3 I 'L Q " ROW l Patsy Okada Grryce Paren teau Krty Kenys Joyce Johnson Drar' MCCart y POW 2 Sharon Chessrn n Glenflr Ballentrne Ltllran Hartkh Suzr B rnett Sandra Peter son ROW 3 C arlene Srleo Dana Duran Phyllrs Haar Sue Freeman My N'l.CJrtney Warrrne Soellrnan RON A Caro ,n Pe'e-rson Lrnda Knrkn rr k Sue Pherrgo Margo Gray Judy Alexander, Betty Barry. Seruous as well as sally G A A In mates gave thelr solemn pledge .di u-53 Pledges laterally going around nn circles wnth thenr hula hoops durmg the G A A lmhahon Naomi Mon Carol Robinson Lorr anne Meseke Ton: Mangnagln Judy Qunnn Vick: Tuberg Carol Barnum Jeanette Bishop Judy Arzolan ROW 2 Judy Muller Linda And: cochua Gale Campbell Gene Brown Mlrzy Moras Sandne Sengur Judy Carnahan Gary Clelland ROW 3 Janlce Verne Chrlshne Gould Pam Schurnrner Judy Daszkosku Marsha rrosf Kathy Golphenee Darlene as Margo Davis ROW 4 Naam: Yolcoyarna Paffy Verburg Par Payne Maria Golembiowski Sue Bluechel, Jane Gustafson, J Ainsworth, Janice Hoffman, Claudia Wilkens. Presudent Janlce Verne draws chuckles from Mlss B J Wnlhelm and Mr Dale Harter at the G A A Banquet LW, finwonni, Bnmeax TYX0Lenm 90-funn, Tnafuynn, Qocnru Qimnmv TYXmu5pmni1.,Sx9.fuemq lxmmsml Karim: 'Bmmnnm 'lbaumxm Xhnsxm-rx, XX-much Xnmu-,nl Xfmn-.D rpdb lcxmu lbiwimvu lxllx'-'TU 4 . ll ' ' v 13 '5 Spotlighting everything from Be Bop to Beethoven, these aspiring disc jockeys provide the enter- tainment that adds zest to the Saxon's daily routine. Among their activities, they have visited local radio stations and partici- pated in several broadcasts. OFFICERS President, Gary Leclwidge Vice-President, Neil Petersen Secretary, Rozann Hathaway Treasurer, Ken Weeks Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Vicki Garrod, Rozann Hathaway, Sandie Sengir, Lee Breske and Carolyn Lunden. SECOND ROW: Bob Hite, Bob Rogers, Lance Kemberling, Bruce Harle, Hilton Beiro and Don Hollister, THIRD ROW: Gary Ledwidge, Roger Petersen, Pete Juul, Jerry Crosley, Neil Petersen and Gene Thielman, ,fer -Q Formed originally to teach inter- ested "hams" radio theory and basic electronics, the Amateur Radio Club has devoted a great amount of its time to building some apparatus for T.B. patients at Harbor General Hospital. Added enioyment was obtained from trips to radio stations and Civil Defense proiects. Members are FIRST ROW tLeft to Rightlf Elbert Johnston, Lee Breske, Valerie Dut- ton and Larry Bentley. SECOND ROW: John Faulk, Gene Thielman, Neil Peter- sen, Don Hollister and Pete Juul. 4' url,- 'hr .0 nr- , y ...sq 'Z "Buenos dias" is a popular phrase among the members of the Spanish Club. Attempting to further interest in the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries was the main obiective ot this newly formed club. During the year they sponsored a Fiesta at Christmas, complete with pinata, and the annual Spanish banquet which featured all the glory and fun of the theme, "Cinco de Mayo." Members are FIRST ROW lLett to Rightl: Linda Kirkpatrick, Patricia Gavin, Mary Lou Carrizosa, RoseMarie Simmons, Joyce Sanwo and Toni Covey. SECOND ROW: Marty Rosenblatt, Lila Garrido, Pat Rizzo, Carole Brady and Barbara Thomas. THIRD ROW. Jeff Plakos, Walter Smith, Bill Waxman, Judy Puniwai, Tina Sieh, Jean Theobald and Belinda Bode. FOURTH ROW: Jim Hill, Tony Baskovich, Terry Swift, Richard Meggitt, Richard Johnson and Eddie Wood, t 1 , 24646522 With needle, Thread, and Thimble in hand, a Saxon Seamstress be- gins her service Toward her school. Each seamsTress is a member of the Bobbinettes, whose prime TuncTion is To "sew for service." One of their big jobs This year was sewing em- blems on The baskeTball uni- forms, a iob well done. Members are FIRST ROW lLefT to Rightl. Phyllis Higar, Mary Lou Carrizosa and Sue Freeman. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Spires, Carol Saricetta, Darlene Alldis and Bonnie Tanner. -ic rgi1"+ rw, O 7125947 Strange as it may seem, The Can- dy Str pers have nothing to do with peppermint sticks. They are actually sTudenTs inTerested in The medical profession who receive "on The spot' experience at Har- bor General Hospital. Mernlzew are FWST VOW lletr To Vgltl Ton Covey Wcznda Williams, Virginia W'r,qri' il erfl r1nclMarQe Pfrrrer SECOND PON Marlene Fulton, Carol Rouen, -' vvihne Curran, Verla Myers, Carole Brady, and Ginnie Collins Tl-llRD ROW Lenora Anderson, Carol Bledsoe, Karen Alden, Joyce Lewis, Janice Hoff- man and Charlotre Carr. FOURTH ROW Gary Mowrey, Bob Griess, Don Hollister, Gene Thielman, Neil Petersen, and Emil Cilpilx i . as ,,.,, uh.. 344. ga. I, ig.. QQ aa, Under the auspicious eye of Mr. Wood, NorTh High's "shutter- bugs" have masTered The Tech- niques of prinTing and develop- ing film. Among other skills They have acquired are The proper use of lighT meTers and The Speed Graphic camera. Members are FlRST ROW lleft To Rightl. Gary Shrigley, Vivianne Curran, Phyllis Kaopen and David Pace. SECOND ROW: Richard Linderman, Robert Halliwell, Mel- vin Furd and Burl Kemp. Z! From Greeces Aristotle to North High's Saxons, philosophy has remained one of the most inter- esting fields of discussion. Ini- tiated iust last year, the Phi- losophy Club gives students the opportnuity to discuss our con- temporary civilization and its problems and prospects. Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightlf Carl Thornton, Margaret Malone and Harold Spivack. S E C O N D ROW: Mr. Townley and Mike Lasky. Unread From the Homecoming float "Ro- man Holiday" to the annual Roman Banquet when Caesar reigns supreme and slaves are a dime a dozen, Cives Romani offers enioyment to interested Latin students. Obiectives of this club include furthering interest in the Latin language and cul- ture. Members are FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightl: Bob Belzman, Tom Akashi, Marlene Fule ton, Valerie Dutton, Charlotte Polans and Michael Mullin. SECOND ROW: Dee Ever- ett, Mary Ahee, Sandy Ernst, Betty Jo Reading and Barry Rasgorshek. THIRD ROW Pamela Beck, Gary Mowrey, Jo Ainsworth, Kathy Golphenee, Dick Sco- ville and Bill Perkins, FOURTH ROW: Don Robinson, Jack Larkins, Eric Bauer, Jim Ford, Kip Whelan, Janice Hoffman and Allan Kahl. if Gordon Eggum and Dave Klemp, as a tournament finalist and tournament director respectively, plus many other Chess Knights took active parts in the Individ- ual Chess Tourney sponsored jointly by North High and the Southern California High School Chess League. Organized to promote high school chess, the Chess Knights was the first or- ganization on campus to receive its charter. Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: David Klemp, Marty Rosenblatt, Clarence Fuzak and Jack Buehler. l J l .s . - ,I L l To increase their knowledge of and appreciation tor German culture in all its phases, Der Deutsche Verein has provided a variety of programs to entere tain its members. Singing Gere man folksongs, reporting on famous Germans, or presenting German stamp collections plus such special events as a trip to see a German movie and a visit to a German restaurant high- lighted the year's activities. OFElCERS President, Earletta Luke VicefPresident, Ed Neubauer Secretory, Bonnie Burch Treasurer, Linda Jordon Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl. Barbara Zoike, Bonnie Burch, Earletta Luke, Ed Neubauer and Linda Jordan. SECOND ROW. Ericka Schuster, Sharon Rice, Dorothy Warnemuende, Sandy Weg- ener, Mitzy Moras and Linea Hilemon. THIRD ROW: Stanley Ries, Judy Daszico- ski, Norman Soucy, William Capps, Jean Wells and Suzi Barnett FOURTH ROW: Michael Htmber, James Warren, Gary Ledwidge, Gordon Wiebe, David Molloy, Ed Landwenr and Bruce Harle. Q 5 5? 'Sf J.. WW Tolstoy beware! North High's creative writers may someday steal your spotlight in the liter- ary world. Objectives of the Creative Writing Club include better acquainting themselves with contemporary writers and providing constructive criticism tor members' manuscripts. OEFlCERS Pres dent, JoAnn Hottmeier VtcefPresident, Judy Woodford Seqreyary-Treasurer, Dolly Lao Members are FlRST ROW lLetf 'o Rigntl- Judvh Vifaodlord, Dolly Lao and Karen Kenredy. SECOND ROW: Fred Saunders, Ken Ross and JoAnn Hottrneier. Attention tuture Barrymoresl Here is your chance to be a star! North Highs Drama Club, be- sides participating in its own dramatic activities, has taken several trips to observe the dra- matic otterings ot surrounding high schools and colleges. OFHCEPS Pres Cert' N'1ne'te Teague V :ef?iUs aent, Pfit Kelly Sezrwfmry, Penny D'1v s Tfeusdrer, Jeanne Knoblauch Members are Fl?ST ROW: fletr tc Rigml: Dane Gill, Janet Graff, Joan Belknap, La rna Zatlrus and Mike Mullin SECOND RON Barbara Heyns, Judy Sqiigfefr Lpidiz Evans Penne Davis and Jtrgria Vlrgir' Tl-HRD RON. Karen Ee'ersCn, Jizr' Nieeler K':'ry S'rol: e, PW' Kely ard Jeanne Knohluuciw FOEJRTH RON Rudi Jolanne-ssert Carolyn l-ndt-r' Surf! Trylr Karen Alden, Kettn Crttfn and Donna Zatkus. l Q I While gaining valuable experi- ence as student teachers in the Torrance Elementary Schools, members of the Future Teachers of America have developed a better insight into the teaching profession. This year F.T.A.'s oc- tivities included participation in a Future Teachers ot America convention at the University of Southern California. OFFICERS President, Sandy Sengir Vice-President, Skip Reis Secretary, Naomi Mori Treasurer, Joyce Sanwo Members are FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightlz Marilyne Akutagawa, Georgia Powell, Adrienne Chatelle, Winifred Baskovich, Toni Covey and Dolly Lao. SECOND ROW: Judith Schafer, Naomi Mori, Barbara Zioke, Clare Reis and Joyce Sanwo. THIRD ROW: Carol Klatt, Pat Bryden, Carolyn Lunden, Sandie Sengir, Carrie Cleveland and Mary Richmond. X., J I f I I X, Ax aL -1 Ay, f rsh.. - 'Q if T 1 iw E. ,ML I ' I f ,4' fllfff' 'ff' ax Trips to Business Colleges in the South Bay Area head the list of F.B.L.A.'s '58-'59 activities. This club, which was formed to edu- cate its members in the use of business machines and to en- courage an interest in better business, has also sponsored a program featuring a guest speaker from the Torrance branch of Bank of America. OFFICERS President, Sharon Crosby Vice-President, Barbara Thomas Secretary, Donna Alpenfels Treasurer, Patsy Reed Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Righti- Jeanne D'Addario, Dorol Boyko, Barbara Reichert, Barbara Pedrick, Patsy Lewis, Wanita Whitecotton and Geraldine Uva. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Taylor, Mau- reen Seiple, Joy Bingham, Kay Pupkoff, Sandie Bradbrook, and Judi Hood. THIRD ROW: Janice Verne, Pat Rizzo, Barbara Thomas, Beverly Harms, Linda Kruse, Karen Lyden, Donna Alpenfels and Jean- ette Babaiian. FOURTH ROW: Linda Jurco, Vivianne Beight, Janet Geronimo, Jackie Mathews, JoAnn Hannon, Janice Parsons, and Lynda Ramsey. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Uchida, Irene Callahan, Toni Mangiagli, Nellie Kelley, Roberta Fisher, Beverly Wcns, Carolyn Maki, Sharon Crosby and Elizabeth Edwins. Y AHEM! AND NOW FOR THE OLD BUSI- NESS. SAM AND LINDA ARE STILL GOING TOGETHER. AND WWW Keeping with their aims of pro- moting agility of movement and entertaining spectators as well, members of the Gymnastic Club have demonstrated their skills at football games, assemblies, and many other occasions, At their meetings, which are held twice a week, these nimble guys and gals perform their acrobatic feats on various pieces of appa- ratus. OFHCEPS Prf-stderr, Larry Bate Vce-Pres-dent, Dirk Latord Serre'fiiy'Treas.,rer, Dcvrer Scluar Members are FIRST ROW ll.eft to Rigrfl Bruce Harle, Katy Keays, Judy Keays, Bill Wrlirirs, Syd Rare ard Tom Wegener. SECOND ROW: Willy Snack, Torn Murphy, Larry Bate, Ray Myers, Erland Rolson and Bill Alrh THIRD ROV. Rchard Puls, Dick Lafond, Robert Ford, Jerry De Lange and Steve Smith. L fl 'll' YL!! - ,243 ,g .,,6 X of 5' X 'A WZ! Touring the L. A. Art Museum and viewing such sights as the De Gout paintings highlighted the T958-59 activities of the Art Club. individual talent in this club, which was formed to bene- fit those interested in art appre- ciation, was displayed when members went on a field trip to sketch the local scenery. OFWQIRS Pres 'lr-'X' K'x'ir-r he S"Cb'e X, ,ig Uri-s ,tent Sanz: 'ry-. Sc-Lrr-'irry, Sl 'Von Hitmmond Treasurer Jud, Dehrrey Mcirziui-rs fm- R PS' PCG cet' 'Q Rglvl ludy Brin Br- le-'em Efziiizrri Co'e Sharon Harrirnorid :mc Judy Denney SECOND ROW Patty Verburg, Donna DeGroor, Sandi Tryk, Kathy Stroble and Barbara 'Vivien u l p- F to cb Listening to classical music and then discussing it is the oppor- tunity provided the members of this harmonious club. Their mu- sical interests have found them attending concerts where they heard and enioyed some of the world's finest music. OFFICERS President, Sharon Hammond Vice-President, Gordon Wiebe Secretary, Linda Millard Treasurer, Judy Schafer Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Rich Michna, Donald Bramlett, Gordon Wiebe and Bill Perkins. haw Las Sirenas is a club for girls who are interested in studying the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America. Pro- moting and developing a better understanding and appreciation of Spanish customs is a primary goal. OFFICERS President, Mary Gonzales Vice-President, Charlotte Setto Secretary, Angie Cerda Treasurer, Bernice Muniz Sponsor, Mr. Schert Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Lupe Mata, Adeline Serna, Toni Regal- odo, Teresa Martinez, and Bertha Ramos, SECOND ROW: Gloria Fatland, Angie Cerda, Donna Carter, Bernice Muniz, Diana Espinoza, and Lupe Vidal. ,Elf so . ll .,,-5? ,I v0 To further their interest in math and discover new possibilities in this field, fifteen Saxons, un- der the leadership of Mr. Brown, have formed a Math Club. Not content to merely compute and calculate they have also spon- sored a ielly doughnut sale and attended several math field days. OFFICERS Pres der", Jeff Plakos Vtce-ares dent B.ll Kapo Se:'e':r,f Gordon Webe Treasurer, Brian Roberts Socnscr, Mr. Brown Memoers are FIRST ROW lleft to Rightlr Eli Per-r ns, Bran Roberts, and George Corrie". SECOND ROW Jokn Faulk, Tory Baskovicrt, Jeff Plakos, and William Cocos THIRD ROW: Pat Von Gemmin- gen, Rcrw Micrna, Donald Brarnlett, Gor- don Wiebe, Richard Wagner, and Ken M::cKens e. . . "Boniour Mesdames et Mes- sieurs! Les Parisiens of North High presents to you a resume of their '58-'59 activities." Formed to further an under- standing and appreciation of French people, customs, arts, cul- ture, the members of this club have carried out these obiectives by taping conversations in French and viewing films on France, and planning and making aids for the study of this romantic language. OFFICERS President, Bob Bereskin Vice President, Richard Africano Secretary, Jay Bingham Treasurer, AI Becker Sponsor, Mrs. Booz Members are FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightl: Richard Africano, Judith Woodford, Robert Bereskin, Barbara Cole, and Joy Bing- ham. S E C O N D ROW: Carl Thornton, Harold Spivack, John McCall, Albrecht Becker, and Derrick Busch. -s minus Members are FlRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Diane Bower, Dian Sylvies, Judy Arzoian, Sharon Cross, Florine Weiner, Joan Warner, Diane Reis, Patricia Gavin, Flora Garnrca, and Verla Myers. SECOND ROW. Vicki Garrod, Joan Runsted, Toni Mangiaglr, Janet Geronimo, Jackie Mat- hews, Evelyn Uchida, and Ricki Baum- garten. THIRD ROW: Betty Martin, Bar- bara Wagner, Glenda McDowell, Barbara Woodruff, Elizabeth Shiomichi, Patty Moore, Pat Kelly, Jeanne Knoblauch, Penny Hall, Marlene Fulton, and JoAnn Irvine. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Tanner, Donna Morgan, Gene Brown, Ginger Bryant, Myra McCartney, Carol Barnum, Plryllrs Ferrrn, Roberta Chavez, Judy Miller, and Pat Houlrhan. FIFTH ROW: Judy Carnahan, Linda Jurco, Elizabeth Edwins, Barbara Giuliano, Janet Ruckle, Jean Giordano, Donna Bertrand, Karen McGady, Clarrese Lewis, Sue Barkley, and Jan Parsons. 'W OFFICERS President, Joan Clemas Vice-President, Jeannette Babaiian Secretary, Sharon Crosby Treasurer, Jean Theobald Sponsor, Miss Dalton 7 Whether helping festoon the stands, sell programs, or iust keep general good order at Var- sitv qames. every member of North High's Pep Club is truly a Hhostess with the mostest. Keeping Saxon spirit on "Cloud Q," this peppy group was an indispensable aid in capturing the coveted Pioneer League Sportsmanship Trophy this year. Members are FIRST ROW lLett to Rzghtlf Jeanne DAddarro, Rosanne Brandes, Jrmre Simmons, Mary Payne, Mary Lou Carrrzosa, Christine Warner, Grayce Por- enteau, and Katy Keays. SECOND ROW Diane McCarthy, Susan Welty, Cheryl Sale, Mary Lou Callahan, Suzy Matson, Anna Bono, Pat LaPaglia, Jeanette Baba- iran, and JoAnn Babaiian. THIRD ROW: Sondra Peterson, Barbara Heyns, Joy Bingham, Janice Bumon, Sharon Hart, Penney Pennington, Linda Larson, Darol Bayko, and Carol Hill. FOURTH ROW. ludv Peck, Vicki Tiberg, Maureen Seiple, Karen Lyden, Lee Breske, Nancy Taylor, Karen Peterson, Janet Tharp, Sue Free- man, and Bobs Mazzaro. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Beaird, Jean Theobald, Barbara Wonamaker, D o r oth y Warnemuende, Ericka Schuster, Pat Guerrero, Roxie Swan- ner, Rosemary Taylor, and Phyllis Higar. Members are FIRST ROW iLeft ra Rrghtl: Toni Sheets, Clarlee Harris, Sandra Rayes, Jan Dudley, Karen Forsythe, Charlene White, Linda Andrcochea, Mary Nolan, and Betty Carter. SECOND ROW: Naomi Yokoyama, Widmark, Lynda Ram- sey, Linda Bower, Srna Osferberg, Lynn DAlora, Sharon Crosby, and Arleen An- drews THlRD ROW: Carolyn Hunt, De- anna Brauns, Marlene Hall, Beverly Thorn sen, Barbara Thomas, Babs Rich, Patsy Easley, Carolyn Lunden, Shrrlee Hendrix, and Sue Rogers. FOURTH ROW: JoAnn Barry, Patty Verburg, Gary Clelland, Helen Zalesny, Bobbie Berry, Charlotte Corr, Melodre Mafheny, Carol Bledsoe, Pat Vrn', and Pat Rizzo. FlFTH ROW: Chene Anderson, Karen Alden, Karen Kamback, Carol Lerlsworfh, Joan Serin, Bobbi Fisher Sue Blur-cirel, Maria Gclem- browskr, Pat Payne, and Margo Davis. Motif, which means the main theme or subject in literature, music, or the arts, also stands for one of North High's most interesting clubs. Obiectives of this organization include study- ing music, Iiteroture, art, and ar- chitecture, members attempt to learn more about these subiects, as well as awaken a deeper ap- preciation for them. OFFICERS President DeLayne Ashworth Vice-President Phil Meyers Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Madrigal Sponsor, Mr. Knutson Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Lee Breske, Flora Garnica, Mary Mad- rigal, and Barbara Thomas. SECOND ROW: Carl Thornton, Phil Meyers, Frank Moreno, Terry Swift, and Mike Hersey. 6' 404 Reporters, photographers, edi- tors, and other interested stu- dents ioined together this year to form the Press Club. This or- ganization was very active dur- ing '58-'59 as its members journeyed to faraway places to attend press days and other similar events. Members are FIRST ROW lleft to Rightl: Karen Kennedy, Barbara Partsch, Rosalie Murray, Nancy Terheggen, DeDe Wood- ruff, and Carolyn Weir. SECOND ROW: Carole Berry, Arlene- Polsen, Sonia Pesola, Marylyn Brier, Janet Geronimo, Glenda Jones, and Bill Rustrum. THIRD ROW: Jon Dudley, Sandie Tryk, Rozann Hath- away, Pat Payne, Jerry Hickman, Phyllis Kappen, and Dave Geary. FOURTH ROW: Dave Klemp, Jeff Naumann, Ken Ross, Barry Would, Ray Myers, Neil Peterson, Gordon Wiebe, and Greg Harris. OFFICERS President, Jerry Hickman Vice-President, David Klemp Secretary, Marie Akashi Treasurer, Jerry Duncan Sponsor, Mr. Venturini Nl Far from being "strictly intellec- tual" North High's Scholarship Society is an organization that not only promotes high scholas- tic standing but also "gets into the act" at many school func- tions. An example of this was their Homecoming float, "AII You Have To Do Is Dream," which brought home the first Sweepstakes award in Saxon history. Serving in any capacity from election registrars to ecloir salesmen, Scholarship members have proven conclusively that "variety is the spice of Iife." Members are FIRST ROW ILeft to Rightl: Barbara Thomas, Barbara Hunting, Rose- mary Taylor, RoseMarie Simmons, Bar- bara Partsch, Maureen Seiple, and Pat Chase. SECOND ROW: Charlene MacLoch- Ian, Carolyn Weir, Marylyn Brier, Nancy Terheggen, Rosalie Murray, Sharon Boge, Ellen Daiell, and Carmen Wong. THIRD ROW: Ricki Baumgarten, Howard Borer, Eddie Wood, Dave Klemp, Rozann Hath- away, Julie Henderson, Jan Dudley, Lindo Jordan, and Ray Valentine. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Hickman, John Murakawa, Bob Dearstyne, Ken Weeks, Joan Serin, Steve Willett, and Mike Laskey. FIFTH ROW: Ted Bluechel, Jeff Naumann, Jack Buehler, James Wilson, Jerry Reynolds, Clarence Fuzak, Per Svanevik, Melvin Furd, and Tony Boskovich. me Members are FlRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Jerry Hickman, Jan Dudley, Jerry Dun- can, and David Klemp. SECOND ROW: Linea Hileman, Carol Klatt, Pam Beck, Jimie Simmons, Barbara Heyns, Jeanne Knoblauch, Vicki Garrod, Jean Wells, and Judy Daily. THIRD ROW: R. J. Vene turini, Mitzy Moras, Barbara Cole, Pat Haffenden, Jo Ainsworth, Pat Bryden, Sandy Capelle, Nancy Chanda, 'Mary Ahee, and Betty Jo Reading. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Harris, Karen Alden, Judy McCulley, Shirlee Hendrix, Clintie Tower, Judy Sheets, Sandy Ernst, Patricia Gavin, Karen Forsythe, Albrecht Becker. FIFTH ROW: Craig Kyte, Sam Pierce, Syd Rahe, Wandell McCorvey, Richard Scoville, Larry Seaward, Gordon Eggum, Jeff Naumann, Marty Rosenblatt, Robert Bereskin, and Bill Akin. A50 ' ROW T lLeft to Rightl: Ruth Harris, Jo Ainsworth, Sandy Capelle, Jackie Rupe, Julie Henderson, Linda Jordan, Joy Bing- ham, De De Woodruff, Judy Woodford, Ariel Bybee, Rozann Hathaway, Jan Dud- ley. ROW 2: Jerry Hickman, Mike Lasky, Gordon Eggurn, Jeff Plakos, Martin Rosenblatt, Jim Wilson, Albrecht Becker, Rosalie Murray, Nancy Terheggen, Mary- lyn Brier. ROW 3: Steve Willett, Clarence Fuzak, Jerry Scoville, Craig Kyte, Ed Landwehr, Bill Akin, Larry McGraw, Bob Bereskin, Jerry Duncan, Bob Dearstyne. M4 ROW T lLeft to Rightl: Pat Chase, Bar- bara Partsch, Vicki Garrod, Barbara Thomas, Rosemary Taylor, Maureen Sev- ple, Marie Akoshi, Wanita Whitecotton, Barbara Reichert, Kathy Eggum, Betty Trembly, Sharon Boge. ROW 2: Clarlee Harris, Sharon Cross, Barbara Woodruff, Elizabeth Shiomichi, Pat Kelly, Jeanne Knoblauch, Linea Hileman, Syd Rahe, Wandell McCorvey, Barbara Hunting, Betty Carter, Delayne Ashworth, Lynda Ramsey. ROW 3: Shirlee Hendrix, Naomi Yokoyama, Karen Alden, Carol Klatt, Pat Bryden, Sam Pierce, Pam Schummer, Dulcie Betham, Joan Serin, Judy Sheets. Providing Saxon spokesmen with the opportunity to compete in speech events is the prime func- tion of this very active organiza- tion. Of all the members who participate in various tourna- ments, many have brought hon- or to the society with their out- standing speeches and debates. Their reward for " a lab well done" is presented to them at the annual spring banquet. OFFICERS President, Bob Halliwell Vice-President, Mason Wolpert Secretary, Carolyn Lunden Treasurer, Bob Bee Sponsor, Mr. Mushrush Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Barbara Heyns, Ricki Baumgarten, Sandy Wegener, JoAnn Hoffmeier. S E C O N D ROW: Sandra Rayes, Vicki Garrod, Gerry Colen, and Carolyn Lunden. THIRD ROW: Harold Spivack, Glenn Sherwood, Robert Halliwell, Bruce Harle, and Robert Bee. Assistance with the Senior Play, attendance at dress rehearsals during El Camino productions of "Anastasia" and "The Match- maker," and an ice skating party were among the '58-'59 activities of the Thespians. Prin- cipal obiectives of this group in- clude promoting an interest in all phases of the theater arts, and acquainting students with drama through close association with current plays and an active part in backstage assistance. OFFICERS President, Jackie Rupe Vice-President, Jo Ann Haffmeier Secretary, Sylvia Anderson Treasurer, Jack Sparber Sponsor, Mr. Hoefer Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightlf Jacqueline Rupe, Jo Ann Hoffmeier, Tina Sieh, Joy Bingham, Judy Keays, and Sylvia Anderson. SECOND ROW: Robert Halliwell, Craig Thompson, Joann Run- sted, Richard Bybee, and Gary Mowrey. THIRD ROW: Jack Sparber, Jerry Schar- toff, Paul Clayton, Bob Griess, and Don Hollister. 1 -J fix! .4,Z. Organized to promote an inter- est in good literature TAB has captured quite a few literary- minded Saxons. This club offers many excellent books at nom- inal prices, enabling members to start their own libraries. Sponsor, Mr. Hall Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Mary Lou Carrizasa, Dan Jenkins, and Phyllis Woodruff. SECOND ROW: Roxie Swanner, Barbara Hunting, Donna Rappa- port, and Sandy Ernst, THIRD ROW: Linda Stephens, Donna Drury, Margo Davis, Suzie Bluechel, and Pat Payne. . ya tween Lfvusnt. ""f Lat? OFFICERS President-Ernie Thomsen Vice-President--Bill Bartleson Secretary-Dan Chadwick Treasurer-Ken Fisher Sponsors4Mr. Bob Shoup Mr. Don Garrison 9,60 W brim . lst Semester lLeft to Righil: Earletta Luke, Don Jenkins, Jackie Rupe, Joy Bingham, Tina Sieh, Penne Davis. ROW 2: Martin Rosenblatt, James Wilson, Jerry Hick- man, Mike Lasky, Bill Capps, Carolyn Spires. Under Commissioner of Club Co- ordination Jane Holmes, repre- sentatives from North High's 36 clubs have organized The lnter- club Council. The purpose of this group is To coordinate the activi- Ties ofthe various groups and To exchange ideas for money-mak- ing activities. Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Richard Bybee, Frank Husson, George Marich, Bill Bartleson, John Murakawa, and David Pace. SECOND ROW: Bill Hall, Bill Smalley, Emil C a p i k, Erland Poison, Ken F Fisher, and Mr. Don Garrison. THIRD ROW: Dave Marsden, Ernie Thomsen, Dave Christen- sen, Dennis Berry, George Morgan, Steve Harper, and Greg Harris. W7 Participating in a wide range ot activities dur- ing The past year, The Varsity Club has served both school and commu- nity in many ways. Sponsorship of the Blue and White game and banquet, Faculty-Varsity Club basketball game, and various button sales, as well as assist- ing in Science-Education Day, Christmas caroling during the holiday sea- son, and providing a scholarship Tund for the most outstanding Senior athlete are only a few ot The services they ren- der annually. QWW 215W . 2nd Semester lLeft to Rightl: Clarlee Harris, Sandy Clark, Penne Davis, Joy Bingham, Earletta Luke, Linda Jordon, Jackie Rupe, Don Jenkins, Marty Rosenblatt, ROW 2: Anita Tapia, Carolyn Spires, Ken Brooks, Mike Lasky, Jerry Hickman, James Wilson, Clar- ence Fuzak, Don Robinson. I With service to North High uppermost in Their minds, The Valiants have given much of their time to standing post and acting as guides for visiting students and V.I.P.'s. Open to all Seniors and Juniors who possess the necessary qualifications, the Valiants have combined duty with pleasure for a most enioyable year. Second Semester Officers: King Valiant: Jerry Reynolds Prince Valiant: Mike Clark Bm Hon Secretary: Eddie Caton Jerry Reynolds Treasurer: Howie Borer Historian: John Barrett Knights at Arms: Mike Deasy and Gary Ledwidge First Semester Officers ISeatedl Eddie Caton Secretary Bill Hall King Bob Dearstyne Treasurer lStandmgl Ken Weeks and Gary Ledwidge Knights at Arms Jerry Duncan Secretary Bob Bereskin Historian Myers Eddie Caron THIRD ROW Bob Bereskin John Murakawa Jerry Hickman Jim Laird Jerry Reynolds Bob Halliwell Gary Martin FOURTH ROW Howard Borer Mike Clark Jerry Duncan Gary Ledwidge Neil Petersen Greg Harris Bill Hall THE VALIANTS. IFIRST ROWJ: Bob Dearstyne, Per Svanevick, Ken Weeks, Ken Fisher. SECOND ROW: Tom Buser, John Barrett, Mike Deasy, Ray Julians The Teminine counTerparT of The ValianTs, share The duties as well as The acTiviTies of The Two service clubs Among The loinf evenTs sponsored by These groups were The Julian Valianf lnsTallaTion Ball and Banquet various group geT Togethers plus an annual dance Tor The enIoymenT OT The entire sfudent body Af' Second SemesTer CabineT Queen Julian Charlene MacLachlan Princess Julian Marilyn AkuTagawa SecreTary Sandie Sengir Treasurer Naomi Mori HisTonan Jan Dudley Ladies at Arms Joan Clemas and Jean Theobald Judy Le Clqire Charlene Maclcachlan YJHTI "' FirsT Semesfer Officers lSeaTedl MargareT Owen Princess Julian Judy Le Claire Queen Julian Naomi Mori Treasurer lStandingl Joan Clemas Lady aT Arms Marilyne Akutagawa Hisforian Joyce Bon sTrom Secrefary Pam Whelan Lady aT Arms mira THE JULIANS lFlRST ROWI: Marie Akashi, Rosalie Murray, Joyce Beaird, Verla Myers, Suzy Matson, Deanne Woodruff, Sandie Sengir, Paf Chase, Joyce Sanwo, Marilyn Akutagawa, SECOND ROW: Deanna Brouns, Diane Chambers, Nancy Mooney, Ricki Baumgarten, Jean Theobald, Dolly Lao, Joan Clemas, Joyce Bonstrom, Barbara Partsch, Rose Marie Simmons, Naomi Mori, Judy Le Claire. THIRD ROW: Judy Sheets, Sonia Hershey, Valerie Dutton, Charlene Maclachlan, Sharon Wright, Celia Stinger, Pat La Paglia, Esther Yniguez, Pat Rizzo, Carol Rouen, Ellen Reynolds, Tina Sieh, Barbara Hunting. FOURTH ROW: Jan Dudley, Peggy Gutsch, Sina Osterberg, Margo Davis, Par Payne, Rozann Hathaway, Pat Reynolds, Carolyn Weir, Pat VinT, Barbara Thomas, Carol Bledsoe, Pam Whelan. 9 5. i F - Yew! Q' .EV 5 1 1 5: sw 94? s 4 P QT: If E. lf A r I - , 1, , J "I ' 6' my , J, V, 4 ,I 'I I ll g I 4 A IJ Q Y E 35 f'2 vr f1'H"v 33 if 4 Q , f.1f 1. 1 K.. X. 1 A 'T1 s 9 -2 A' -+ -1 2 w X h Isl "Q . 'x 5 1 E ,H fwff ,, fn ig 1 5 ,QQVM U 1 45 Dj .gg . . 4 ' px .U . s- . A Q Q yn ,. I. N 5' X -2 sf, ' w I ' 1 1, 1.1 ,W ,Q ' it AA ' g X W' 'WS 2 g ' if .. Ai' W a L , - JJ , W1 . -, .. ..., H' J3 The Marchung Band under the durectuon of Mr Robert W Caurns dusplayed the spurut of North Hugh on the fueld and un the stands durung half tume Mr Martun Schweutzer who took Mr Caurns place after the football season, led the Marchung Band un the Sprung Festuval Members are FIRST ROW ILeft to Rughtl Ronald Regan Raymond Grace Sam Kamler Tom Buser Kay Groves Aruel Bybee Ruchard Wagner Janet DAloua Pat Chase Lunea Huleman Lunda Mullard Paul Ruzzo Frank McCafferty SECOND ROW Chrus Haffenden Dana Dunn Keuth Freuler Bob Armuuo Bob Graham Jerry Ames Jeff Plakos Walter Fuchtner Jack Larkuns Duck Powell Reuben Fullon Glen Eden Ray Valentune THIRD ROW Howard Saunders Frances Hon Sandra Colby Gordon Duncan Vurgul Dunlap Jerry Schartoff Muke Henderson Jerry Duncan Allan Kohl Ruchard Bybee Ruchard Whutmer Ted Bluechel Steve Tolley Roger Pearsall Dee Smuth Mouruce Dohner Mr Martun Schweutzer Wuth fond hopes of someday becomung members of the Senuor Band these Freshmen musucuans dulugently practuce the fundamentals necessary for success Members are FIRST ROW lLeft to Rughtl Fred McKenzue Dave Anderson Ruchard Bonstrom ROW TWO Ron Regan Dee Rader Carl Holcomb Paul Ruzzo Ted Yamada Vurgul Dunlap Donald Reynolds Don Jenkuns ROW THREE Leonard Mason Ruchard Melgosa Ruchard Valentune Allan Kahl Ruchard DAloua Kenny Davus Doug Uyeda Mr Martun Schweutzer I . . . . . . 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - I 1 I 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 - - '? 1 I ' . if 2, 7. Af' , ,A K . la. . N1 ' . i , " w- Q ,- f it . 1:- , . l , ? ' 51 1 g Q , u l E ff ! Pm X X X 1 5 5,1 "i 'jig X I X U AA ,ix 'Ad 2 ! W. .N . H 'f-f 'W 4 - -1 . A ' , q - fi' 3555 1 fm' """' 'j3s,wm? sifcmw ' 4 - - i 4 WWW 2 www? 8 A ,K , s is f 3 ' YL! 'r-' 'ff 'H e ': ' ' Y-v N- "4 ,' Q 4, 13' A' . ' .7 - 'V .. -1 3 1 Q i -4 '4 . 3 no I. if . I 1 :S-, 3,33 . . r 1 f . H' V, . v ',5S--- ,, g.. I- ,' , . v 3 Q 1 .A -x.' 1 NV, .Q M I Y- . 1, ' , I mfg' Q 5' Y199' as Q9-4 '. ' Lv' V9 f ' 1 .3 .4 -- 'I ., 3, Q" shy ,, 2 ' . fg MQ! 35. ' .. ' R K Q ,H ' ' ,M U X' an v-, .- . ..-L, x 0.4 fi :ft u A 'L ,Q W B vw 'fx' V , 1 V4-r'L Asn-' 5 '. ' 33.2 5' -' ra ' ' fi!v ' - L 1' ni' Y : 'M .41 U ' Q23 " ""- Ffdf' 6. is A ,'T-3 :Q 2 O4 13' pfv X :1 1 --T ' 'A I 2 Q 9' , 2, l Q - , rv ' .19 i , Q' : , H ' K "' "' -- - , L. - Q 3. - L, -, 4'. ' ,- ,gif ' I 'Q'-f 'VS ff -, "lf" UYER 5 'ff in-QQ Q P 4 . - .' - .' ' . , , ' ,. " . '3,'. .- ,Qw bi..-Q y '.'--' ' Q , , fir? 5 3 4. f"p3.. 'lik' . A 1 Q. 3, f , ' 2g..ffgg2f g ' 11 ff' W 3 zi ' 1- ,M -N wg ' 2 fs- L ivmf-wxffmffg, ' 'Q ' Q-i H ' -y:,w,ggwgw1.:f 1 I f Xf uw ' ix 5 .. All ' - -5 'Y "'b,k' f 4 4 i , R Y' gif'- W -- T. --, ,. ,H -v f- M- Wea! ROW 1 llett to Rughtl Carol Carty Ethel Wormrngton Ann Hull Kay McLann Ton: R Covey Marylane Hart Joyce Johnson Eileen Gramm Dolores Sword Pat Houllhan ROW 2 Kay Welllver Llnda Clester Judy Keays Alan Muller Jurn Nunnally Lee Hudson Jackue Reynolds Julue Wolfe Diana Lauberf Jeanette Baballan ROW 3 Paul Herrera Monro Peden Edmere Elsenacher Marlorle Pearson Judy Callender Joyce Pearson Sue Pherugo Sharon Slsco Nadine Cherry Carol Flatten Letha Crume ROW 4 Peggy Regan Beverly Wnllrams Fa1thAnn Bryslan Mlchael Mullm Arthur D OKeefe Charles A Schneider Paul Shaffer Don Robinson Paula Tenney Marlene Hall Claudxa Wilkins Joyce Lewis sf A It 'V Q l'l"fl V JA M50 U Lo North Hrgh s Musuc Department Includes Band Orchestra Dance Band Choir Mrxed Chorus and Girls Glee Three of these groups Ionned to present a sparklrng Chrrstrnas Assembly at which the band and cholr mem bers appeared resplendent rn new uniforms and robes The Annual Sprung Festival combznlng all the rnusrc talents was held an May clumaxung a very successful year ph Y I ,Pr-.. .tl Q, If H 'qu b 3 fx -Q, , Q.,,,,, IX - I a f X 'ir' 0 ..,.. l .fn,, l 'l K' f"l 'v I X . , . . I I I I I V 1 l l - 5x Benny WesTmoreland Sandi Tryk Exchange Editor Circulation Arlene Polsen Actlvlhes EdiTor Carole Berry Editor lsT Semesfer Ba rba ra Pa rfsch Feature EdiTor Mary Lynn Judge AcTiviTies Page Bill RusTrum SporTs Editor This year has been THE year for The malorify of The sTaff for This is our Senior year con sequenfly our final one on The newspaper sTaff Mosf of us have had one To Two years of newspaper sTaff experience and we have puT This experience To good use by improv mg The NorTh Wind To The besT of our abil1Ty M Old pardon me Mr G y R Old Junior has been in charge of both The Val ianT and The NorTh Wind and divided his Time beTween deciding which ediTor anclfor individual was The dumbesT. All in all I feel ThaT The NorTh Wind STaff has done a Terrific job and puT ouT every efforT and Then-some" To give you The . . . besT paper yeT!' Carole Berry, EdiTor lsT SernesTer Wally Bangs Photographer Ca rToonisT, Gordon Wiebe News EdiTor Jerry Hickman Ka ren Kennedy News EdiTor Kenneth Ross FeaTure Page EdiTor 2nd Sfel' Par Payne AcTiviTies Page Rosalie Murray Public RelaTions vez We CnrculaTion Manager JANET GERONIMO DAVE GEARY Organizations DON ROBINSON Administration JAMES "TEX" SANDERS Photographer ROZANN HATHAWAY Student Government - fi .s if if il W0 'vt if '35 il 3 A' 1 --.Z L has t so ' I -Q, Q . . , ax I .. I Editor DE DE WOOIDRUFF GREG HARRIS Sports Juniors I Assistant Editor PHYLLIS KAPPEN 4 Q. ,,,, A J, ,,f, IJ GLENDA JONES Organizations NEIL PETERSEN Activities 1-5 i NANCY TERHEGGEN Seniors Zdaw CAROLYN WEIR Seniors RAY MYERS Sophomores SONJA PESOLA Activities LINDA GLASS Juniors MARYLYN BRIER c-:-:. 66 WWW To define the term Swan Song tor those ot you who are seeing it for the first time s written thanks to all the people involved in the publishing of your annual My first vote of thanks goes to Phyllis my assistant editor who drew every picture of Sammy you have seen in this book besides doing the Sport section and taking many ot the pictures Ray my business manager who really had to stretch the budget to make ends meet and who put out the complete Sophomore section Nancy and Carolyn who did a superb lob of putting so many large pictures into so small a space plus helping everyone write sparkling copy Sonia without whom we never would have met our deadlines her activity section always came through with a page when every one counted Marylyn who we were so sorry to lose at the semester her spirit section and copy writing were great Linda and Janet who wore their fingers to the nubs typing and putting out an excellent Junior section Don who did a bang up gob on the Faculty section Greg who was also responsible for the nerve racking Sport section Tex who did some beautiful photography while he was here Neil who did marvels with the camera and developing after Tex lett and Rozann whose Student Council section and terrific copy deserves special recognition Special thanks go to Carole Berry Bill Rustrum and David Klemp for their voluntary help Mr Tak lsobe who so patiently worked with us developing and redeveloping our pictures Mr Tom Rische ot T U S D public relations who took many last minute pictures the statt of Yearbooks lnc Monrovia who put up with all our mistakes and late deadlines None ot us will ever forget Mr Guy R Old Jr our guiding light all the teachers who let us out of class and our parents who were so understanding . , . . . I HH i O . . . Dave and Glenda, who worked terribly hard to put out a really good Organization section Ja gig 0' X ..--.f J I J 5. 1, Q 1 W Z 4 2 A! fff ff' ALONDRA DRUGS Prourre of Redondo Beech Blvd FR 9 8933 JOES RICHFIELD SERVICE Redondo Beach of Prorne Torrance Colufornro Phone FR 4 9477 Owner J W Begondo WALTERS REXALL DRUGS 17440 Crenshaw Torrance DA 3 3310 HIGGINS BRICK AND TILE 2217 West 174111 ST Torrcznce Colnfornno DA 4 2321 inx aj IMA WL U UU19 QJL e-L18 X' OULVER CW SMORGASBURGER .anna-m-7 Food Served aT The Peak of Perfechon wALTERIA GOLF for The MOUDTOIHOUS Appeflfes After The Game 4121 P0C'f'C Coast HWY Pacnfnc Coast Hwy af Palos Verdes Blvd Torrance FR 8 4618 ga Torrance WS Torrance DAI-BY lk from 18158 Crenshaw Blvd. D .9-1191 Torrance Caff. ,477 - F tg fmgg, 4 THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY World s Largest Manufacturer and Drstruloutor ofO1l Field Machlnery and Equrpment Offering Llfefnrne Career Opportunities for Qualxfled Graduafes of Torrance Hrgh Schools for Nearly Half a Cenfury Since 1912 a Good Place to Work I--x Q I 1 fix W-1 wsu 5 NDRY 5 FLAVIO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY Learn a highly qualufned profession an 9 months under personal supervnsnon of Mr Flavuo author lecturer and mstructor wmner of many grand awards Under the lurlsdnctron and approved by State Board of Cosmetology For information wnte or phone FLAVIO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY 1628 Caravens Torrance FA O 0404 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 From PARRISH STATIONERS 1423 Marcellna Avenue Torrance 8 6074 JAMES POST COMPANY Professional Insurance Service Fare Loabulnty Automobile Bonds Lnfe 1409 Marcelma Ave Torrance P O Box 205 FA 8 3622 STRUM S DEPARTMENT STORE The Frlenclly Store of Torrance 1261 Sarton Torrance 0587 8 9844 TORRANCE CYCLE 8. SPORT SHOP Rods Reels Guns Tackle Repamng of All Kmds Mercury Motors Schwinn Bicycles Locks and Keys Paul and Ben Smith lOwnersl l42l Marcellna Ave FA 8 6912 MEDICAL ARTS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 2406 Torrance Blvd Torrance Calrfornla FA 8 9411 Congratulations to the Classes of 1959 from TORRANCE BOOTERY The Store forthe Teenage Styles 1333 El Prado Torrance Callfornla Sales Co Compliments of FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP VINCENT K HEBSON AGENCY 2520 Torrance Boulevard Torrance California 1702 S Elena Avenue Redondo Beach Calutorma A Good Place to Eat BONNIE S CAFE 1407 Sartoru Avenue Torrance California FA 8 9707 ns FOODS COMPANY 17500 Crenshaw Boulevard ,Q Torrance Calntornua DA 9 1074 it I- ' o I - . I ,II U ' Av Xi f . x C ' I . J. rf ' Q E' - . fi 1 ,f ' . U. H . -' ks, I I X I I ,, I SOUTHWEST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION John A Tweedy 1603 Cravens Ave V P Manager Torrance Calif Compliments of DR JOSEPH P BAY Optomeirlst 1427 Marcelina Avenue Torrance California TORRANCE GENERAL INSURANCE LIF AUTO FIRE Where Insurance Is Not a Side Line 1407 Marcelina Avenue P O Box 328 Torrance California Fairfax 8 7102 Los Angeles Nevada 6 2693 LEWELLEN PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING Union Shop Yea s P ' ' ' One of the La gest and F' est P 'nt Shops ' the Ha bo A ea Complete Line of Reception Supplies Wedding Announcements Office Forms Cards Booklets Rubber Stamps FAirfax 8-2807 NOTHING TOO LARGE . . .OR TOO SMALL Serving the Entire Harbor Area 1615 Gramercy Ave. Torrance, California ALTER REALTY 8. INSURANCE Realtors - All Salesmen Bonded Gerald L. Alter President 1436 Marcelina Avenue Residence Office FAirfax 8-7803 FAirfax 8-0373 Los Angeles Long Beach NE 6-1172 TE 4-1303 THE GAY SHOP 1319 Sartori Avenue Torrance, California FAirfax 8-4563 TORRANCE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Morgan Gates, Pastor Bob Boyd Youth Director Bob Dehn Asst. Pastor Summer and Winter Camps 2118 W. Carson FA. 8-5030 Compliments of AL'S KNOLLS DRUG Prescriptions 235th and Western Torrance DA. 6-6644 VIPQEILE EQUIPMENT RENTALS 101 at Hawthorne Lomlta Blvd at Crenshaw Walteria Calif Lomita Calit FR54559 DA67111 Compliments JOHNSON S DONUTS 23904 S Crenshaw Blvd Torrance California DA 6 7860 DEL AMO STATIONERS Hallmark Cards FR 5 6064 EDWARD S CLEANERS We Take Care of Your Clothes REALLY QUALITY WORK 3847 Pacific Coast Hwy Torrance PALOS VERDE VIEW DAIRY Milk Bread Eggs Ice Cream CASH AND CARRY 22845 Hawthorne Blvd FR 5 8615 In Lomita serving Rolling Hills Palos Verdes Torrance Entire Harbor Area TROPICAL BOWL NURSERY Specializing in Tropical Foliage Plants Trees Shrubs Consult us it you have any planting problem Fertilizers lnsecticides Garden Equipment OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK FREE DELIVERY 2457 W Lomita Blvd Lomita DA 6 7130 J ' of NBS-I 3856 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, California Dry Cleaning Stylist FR- 5-5688 1 1 GRlFFlN'S HARDWARE Hollywood Riviera Shopping Center 312 Ave. I, Redondo Beach MARY'S LITTLE LAMB FR. 5-1960 COMPLIMENTS OF 3801 Torrance Blvd., Torrance Fuller Paints Garden Tools OPEN 24 HOURS Power Tools Housewares COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHWOOD DRUG LAWSON S JEWELERS Prescruptuons Pharmacusts 1301 SOHO" 22219 Palos Verdes Blvd Corner Sartoru and El Prado FA 84313 Torrance J. -1 HAYFAIR CREHHERY i MODERN md 'air W. but XJ Lnght Wenght Refrigerated Convement Plastic Cases DelIV9fY Economlcal For Schools Packagnng 20301 S Western Avenue Torrance Calufornua Phone FAvrfax 8 2526 Compliments of CHEROKEE HARDWARE 24213 Hawthorne Blvd Walterua Calif VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP 1714 So Catalrna Redondo Beach Fr 5 6098 PHOTOGRAPHY Commercnal Weddnngs Portraits fomplnments of WALTERIA FLOWER SHOP 24266 Hawthorne Blvd FR 5 1770 WARNING' RAMBLERITIS STRIKES HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS The best disease ever to hut the Torrance Area Depressed feelmg because present car rs too bug also gas hog on wheels PRESCRIPTION 1st Take a rude In a New Rambler 2nd Get our bug appraisal 3rd Take deluvery of a New Rambler FROM DWIGHT EUBANK RAMBLER INC 1885 Torrance Blvd FAurfax 8 9222 sYMProMs ' Phone FR 5-1519 24264 Hawthorne Blvd. COMPLIMENTS OF McMAHAN'S FURNITURE WALTERIA CLEANERS 1306 Sa rtor: Let us take CARE of your clothes Tom Jones Res. 3020 Winlok DA 6-4011 Torrance FA. 8-1252 Fred Stevens TEXACO SERVICE Night Lubrxcatuon General Repairs 3756 Pacuflc Coach Hlghway Corner of Hawthorne FR 5 9008 JOHNNYS MUFFLER SERVICE 1213 Engracna Torrance Duals and Headers Stock Equlpment Traction Masters Body and Fender Palntwork FA 8 5566 All Work Guaranteed MADRID MARKET Ed and Mary Hansen 1512 Madrid Torrance Phone FA 8 3193 -i- NOQQS 22236 Palos Verdes Boulevard Torrance Calntornla TREASURE TONES The Fnnest IH lnternor and Exterior Pannts SEAMAN STUDIO Dnstunctsve Photography Weddnng Invntatlons Child Portralture Famlly Group Weddlngs 'W ifvcftiil 1415 Marcellna T 15 TORRANCE HOBBY SHOP 1338 El Prado Torrance FR 8 6124 TOYS FOR ALL AGES BURCHFIELD CARPET WORKS Bur Rug Cleaners 1971 Torrance Blvd FA 8 2672 CHARLEY S BARBER SHOP 1754 S Cabrillo Torrance FA O 0234 IT PAYS TO LOOK YOUR BEST AL SENTI CHEVRON SERVICE Speclaltnes OUfSIdS Service 5230 Sepulveda Blvd Torrance FR 5 7515 f ll HUBUSHERJ OO15 1'03 T Sw ff mmm I! UI Ulf! If 1 lift I lfnli fffpfnffjff yj fluf ff! ,A,,,.,,,,,, ' 'pr vs.-.iz 5 ' 'vi tum' .mu ac' If f 4, ,, f , 1 IVI, ffjflfx llll

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1959, pg 36

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