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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1955 volume:

0 55f?MfZ3fw Gwfiiq if 3353 vig? . jQM35f53 Jews ,Q 3 SMS mf' Ein TBLSJM QQT P313 fwvffw ldfww-Q12 3 w ,T . ,sl ' ,W,,w. Mgjjpwgo , "J7jMM E?3 pn, Riffs Mr fb , 2 'af WW Q 1 439: xiii VJMNWQQ k'H'w4EfQ2E awwfQv.1 . W ,199 -.xii Q Q My 'W fi My WU ""' 95-'WML' x c diy . 7 aww? QQWW U +233 5.ihZf51lLL'6'?i'T?4 MM"7w' SWQMM Walljjjljafwggjpjbp We 46 M what MlQf55f2Af??JJ'ffSif 3' 9639 23 59 gigs? ,J 6 Q3S5gWP'jz3i,Sb yy S51 'MV visnlggiw i sg,?i5s 'FX .l1..lY...l Design by Charlotte Cord Published by the Journalism Department of Wichita High School North. Wichita. Kansas. Editor .... Faculty ...... Tflf SMH-' - .... Clalmelle Taylor ---- Martin Hiltner Senior Editor .... ................ A della Johnson Underclassmen --- .... Pat Penix, Clydene Stancer Activities .... .... C arolyn James, Mary Rogers Clubs --- ................. Donna Clark Sports .... ................. R ex Martin Snapshots .............. --- Beverly Spencer, Elsa Haupt Circulation Manager .... ................ N ancy Fuller Business Manager -- ................... Nancy Fellers Photographers -..- .... Jerry Rector, David Parsons Adviser ........ ........ M rs. Minnie Drowatzhr 00K THANKS' 70: DE FORET BROWN- For arranging senior picture schedule. MISS MARGIE GOODWIN- For her advice on art work. SHARON GALLOUP- For cover design. PAT RIVERON- For division page designs. Senior Photos ................ .................... B uck's Inc. Printing ...... .... . Parker 8z Sons Printing Co. Engraving ..,. .... W ichlta Eagle Engravers Binding ,,,, ....... M idwest Bindery AIM!! MATH? Within the walls of North Hi gh, That surround us here today, Dwell all our fondest memories Though we're far, far away. The splendor of her structure Conceals with rich disguise An even greater beauty Which deep within her lies. The friendships that we've made Live on though we'l1 departg The good times shared together Forever warm each heart. Her river and her tower, Symbolic still shall beg Her beauty and her splendor Remain for all to see. here 7wf61fa J Vi -1 o qv V-il K f Although kept busy with the many duties of running North, C. E. Strange, North High principal, still has time for a friendly smile and hello. His face is always a familiar sight at all the school activities. Because of this willingness to co-operate in every school activity, Mr. Strange de- serves much of the credit for North's curricular and athletic achievements. C. E. STRANGE Miss Lotta Green, director of the guidance center, acts as dean of girls. Among her many duties are those of senior counselor and director of the student social program. Foremost on her agenda is the handling of scholarships. Dean Stucky is the junior counselor. He also helps students with their educational and vocational guidance. One of his other jobs is as- sisting with the testing of students. The chief concern of Miss Anita Wheeler are the sophomores. She helps them organize schedules and also assists in giving standarized tests to North students. Mrs. Leone Lawrence has a task that keeps her working constantly in the guidance center. She checks absences and excuses of all students as well as keeping tardy records. Lo'rTA GREEN DEAN STUCKY ANITA WHEELER LEONE LAWRENCE PAGE TWO Glen K. Hamilton, vice principal, keeps track of North's over energetic students. On top of this he is kept busy with enrollment problems and class and lunch schedules. After school hours, Mr. Hamilton shows an avid interest in all of North's activities. His enthusiasm at all athletic events has won for him the admiration of the student body. GLEN K. HAlX1ILTOlN Miss Roma June Burt spends her time in the office as C. E. Stranges secretary. The job of typing up the principal's letters is not small by any means. She also types up and mimeographs the daily bulletin. School treasurer, Mrs. Hazel Fisher attends to many details in the office. One of these duties is typing up the honor roll every six weeks. She is also a member of the school finance committee. Miss Margaret Tomlinson, school registrar, helps organize and pre- pare schedules. One of her bigger jobs is keeping an eye on credits of juniors and seniors. She also sends out students' transcripts. Mrs. Dixie Wright is the one who takes telephone calls and hunts down the people who receive these calls. When she isn't doing this she is ke-pt busy doing typing. ROMA BURT HAZEL FISHER MARGARET TOMLINSON DIXIE WRIGHT ROW Kathryn ROW business: ROW physical ROW ONE: Anne Andrews, social science: Harriet Blazier, mathematics: Brown, business: Glen Browne, physical education. TWO: Celia Canine, mathematics: Betty Sue Chapman, art: Helen W. Hughes Davis. social science. THREE: Neil Dearinger, music: Minnie Drowatzky, journalism: education: Christa Fisher, music, FOUR: Iva Fcrn Fisher, home economics: Marvin Garfield, social Cecil Gobel, science: Margie Goodwin. art. ROW FIVE: Bessie Goodyear, foreign language: Cecil Gray, science: tion: Maurice Hendershot. industrial arts: Olin R. Hiebert, English. ROW SIX: Robert F. Hollowell, music: Dorothy Hubbard, English: Dell Johnson, study hall: Orie Jones, industrial arts: Esther Kaufman, English: James Kincaid, physical education. 1 X T as at L. - Z,-ew.:-,... fn Christie, English: R, J. Coile. industrial arts: Elizabeth Dunn, art: Marie Dyer, business: science: Harold E. Gish, industrial arts: J. A. Roy T. Harmon, social science: Lois Haskins, aw Frances Brooks, business: DeForest Brown, social science: Corrine Davis, A. R. Edwards, Glover, science: physical educa- " Q .1 52 1 Q it S if g sl : s 3 t A PAGE FOUR its if ROW ONE: Jack S. Kincheloe, industrial arts: Gerald Kinney, social science: Ruth Ann Knight, English: L Wesley Lauterbach. social science: Joe Lee, physical education. ROW TWO: Patricia Levi. physical education: James W. Mader, social science: Donald C. Martinson English: Mary Helen Mastin, home economics: Peggy Mclauen, physical education. ROW THREE: library: Bernice ROW FOUR: Smith, library: ROW FIVE: Theilen, physical fm 6' 35? an unseen.-, ii A 5,131.1 y ia b sin s: , mathematics: Gladys Mason, Ruth McCormick, speech Delbert Means, industrial arts: Roy Metcalf, science: John Nold , English: Eula M. Nunemacher, Payne, loreign language. Robert Richardson, industrial arts: Dorothy Robb, English: Joan Shearer, English: John Sheffield. study hall: Frances Laura Smith, mathematics. Roberta Smith, English: Ava Stephens, home economics: Nora Stosz. business: Kenneth Taylor, industrial arts: Ann education: A. J. Venning, science. ROW SIX: Gwen Weaver. home economics: Victor J, Wentzel, industrial arts: H. F. Wiley, science: F. G. Willett.. business: Randolph Woelk, industrial PAGE FIVE arts. Harold N. Wood, business. J AQ! RUTH Cowu-is Miss Janet Oxley has a big job of feeding all the Redskins. Besides supervising all the baking and cook- ing, she and her staff help with many outside activities held in North's Cafeteria. In the two pictures below more members of Norths faculty enjoy the meal at the annual ficulty Christmas dinner. fa' In the picture at the left, and third from the left several teachers are seen eating heartily at the faculty Christmas dinner. In the picture second from the left Wesley Lauterbach and Mrs. Mary Helen Mzistin prepare to begin another clay. At the right Gerald Kinney .ind Cecil Gray :ire talking things over, Helping keep the Redskins healthy is the job of Miss Ruth Cowles, the school nurse. Among her many duties are the arranging of dental check-ups and tuberculosis tests for the seniors. Besides this she finds time to look after the Redskins daily ills. JANET OXLEY PAGE SIX Santana Y Ai wil N 'ea A M ,1 5212224-2233 il YY Q 7 ff le .M H444 ab! 1955 K ,,., ,,., "" 'Q' ij 53 ' :'2" A J ' AA.,A M " 'Y' :ff r , rr .., Saosin Offflceza CAROLYN EBY-Secretary Treasurer JIM BUSSARD-BOYS' Vice President MARGARET MARSH-Sergeant at Arms MARTIN HILTNER-PF8Siid9Ht RUTH OLSON-Girls' Vice President Nor Pictured Glen Adkins, Lola Mae Baird, Wayne Coykendall, Sara Jane Farrar, Kenneth Gesaman, Robert Irwin. Donald King, Donald Meyer, Gary Mounsey, Eleanor Pennington, Doug- las Perkins, David Rogers. Benjamin Sample, Donald Selph, Bob Simp- son, Leon Tisdale, Larry West, Mar- garet Willson. ADAMS, CAROLYN-Red Arrows 1, Business 2. ADAMS, LORETTA FAYE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 1-2, After School Sports 1-2, Letterwoinan 2. ALLEN, DONALD RAYMOND-Math Club 3, Basketball 1-2-3. Semester Honorable Mention 3. ARD, PATRICIA ANN-Seinester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honor- able Mention 2, Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 3, Rifle 1, After School Sports 1-2, Leader Club 1, Glee Club 1. ARMITAGE, FRANK H. ASHPOLE, RAYMOND R.-Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 1-2-3. AYRES, ZELLA JO-Y-Teen 2-3. Latin 1, Rifle 1-2-3. Bible 3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1, Glee Club 1. BAENISCH, JAMES OTTO-Chess Club 1-2-3. President 2-3. Football l-2. BAIRD, NELLIE ANN-Y-Teen 2-3, Nurses Club 2-3. Semester Honorable Mention 3. BAIRD, BOB BAKER, ANNA COLEEN-Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 2, Rifle 2. After School Sports 1-2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3, BAKER. ROBERTA MARGARET-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Business 3. Honor Roll 3. BALLARD. GARY RAY-Hi-Y 2, Rifle 3. BARNETT, ALBERTA MAE-Red Arrows 2, Tepee Teasers 3. Transferred frvm Wichita High School East, Y-Teen 1. BARBER, BETTY JEAN-Y-Teen 2. Pen Pal 3, Bible 2-3. BARRETT, JANE--Student Council 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 3, Spanish 3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, Special Art 3. PAGE EIGHT BARRICK, CHARLES RAY-Bible Club 2-3, Choir 2-3, Ensemble 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Glee Club 1. BARRICK, CHARLOTTE FAY-Bible Club 2, Semester Honor- able Mention 3, Senior Life Saving 2, Band 2, Choir 3, En- semble 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Bible Club 1. Band 1, Projectionist 1. BASS, BILL CHARLES-Art Club 1-2-3, Red Cross 1, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3. Wrestling 1-2-3. Letterman 1-2-3, Choir 2, Glee Club 1. BAYOUTH, SIDNEY, ELLIS-Student Council 1, Science Club 3, Math Club 1, Glee Club 1, Honor Roll 3. BEAL, CONNIE MAE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Tepee Teasers 2. Business 1. BEARD, SANDRA MARIE-Thespians 2-3, Amards 1-2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Tepee Teasers 2, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, Glee Club 1-2. BECKEL, BARBARA LESETTA-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bookstore 3, Business Club 2-3, Bible Club 1, Choir 2-3. BECKHAM, SHELBY JEAN-Thespians 1-2-3, Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Amards 1-2. Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Bible Club 1-2. BECKLEY, WILLIAM KBILL3 LEE-Rifle Club 1, Football 2-3, Swimming manager 3, Wrestling 2, Letterman 3. BELLES, DON EUGENE-Rifle Club, Semester Honorable Men- tion 3. Transferred from W'chita High School East. BENSCH, SHARON LEE-Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 1-2-3, Red Cross 1-2. BERLIN, JERRY LEE-Semester Honorable Mention 3, Tepee Teasers 3, Football I-2, Basketball 1-3. Track 1-3, Letterman 3, Stage Technician 3, Honor Roll 3. BERSCHAUER, CAROL ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 1. Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Rifle 2, President 2, Tepee Teasers 2, After School Sports 1-2, Letterwoman 1. BESLER, JANE H.-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Art Club 1-2-3, Red Cross 1, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2-3, President 3. Letterwoman 2, Orchestra 1-2. BEVELHYMER, BILLY SUE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 3, After School Sports 1-2. BLADES, GEORGE EDWARD-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1. BOSCHE, BERNIE BLAINE BOWREN, BILL HUGH-Semester Honor Roll 3, Semester Honor- able Mention 1-2, Hi-Y Model Legislature 3, Photo Club 2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. Ensemble 2-3. North High Singers 2-3. BRADEN, ELIZABETH ANN-Y-Teen 2-3, Glee Club 1. BROWN, DAVID ROYSE-Red Cross 2-3, Football 1, Basketball 3, Swimming 3, Gym Team 1-2, Letterman 1-2-3. BROWN. EDWARD LORIENE BROWN, GARY D.-Hi-Y 3, President 3, Cabinet and Council 3, Football 1-2, Basketball 1. Baseball 1-2. BRYAN, DOTTY SUE-Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 1-2, Tepee Teasers 1, Nurses Club 2, Bible Club 3. BRYANT, RONALD DEAN-Choir 2-3, North High Singers 3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. BUDD, MARTHA LYNNE-Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 3, Red Arrows 2-3. Bookstore 2, Manager 3, Tepee Teasers 1. Semester Honor Roll 2-3. BURNS, LARRY BUSSARD, JIMMY ERNEST-Vice President 3, Semester Honor- able Mention 1. Hi-Y 3, Science 3, Cheerleader Club 2, Rifle 1, Track 2-3, Swimming 2, Letterman 2-3, NORTH STAR 3, Sports Co-Editor 3. BUTCHER, JAMES HUGH-Transferred from Hugoton High School, Projeetionist 1, Drivers Assistant 1, Track 1, Square Dance Club 2. BUTTERMORE, ALVIN-Science 2, Tepee Teasers 3, Square Dance Club 1-2, Red Cross 2, Rifle 1, Football 1-2, Swimming 1, Baseball 1-3. CALKINS, PHYLLIS JEAN-Proctor 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1-2, Red Cross 1. Bible 1-3. CAMPBELL, TERRY D.-Square Dance Club 2, Hi-Y 1. Air- plane 1, Rifle 2-3, Track 2, CANNON, JEAN-Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Red Cross 1-2. Semester Honorable Mention 3. CASTER, CLEM W.-Football 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Baseball 5-2, Wrestling 3, Letterman 2-3, NORTH STAR 3, Proofreader CASTRO, BETTY GLORIA-Y-Teen 2-3, Business 3. CHANCE, CARL EDWARD-Science 3, Wrestling 3. CHESTER, CAROLYN JANE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3 After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2-3, Vice President 13 Letterwoman 1-2-3 PAGE NINE ml x g .. 'E m 1 ,Xa 1.4 sl U, aa- Q, . g 5' ku , ,,,, ,,, . ,I 1. . S l M.. X . mb "Y fit- 199 -af' Alq u, I VA ..:'V, -wi ,. ttxi 1:.. ...ff V f-.-- '- ? 2 H . ,, W 4, 4 Us Q U A fl QL. . iw Q Quz, EEZE .Q::::.1:, , 'sei fi H ' .-'AA ff al., ..,,.,,, QQ n zzi n CHILDS, DORIS KATHLEEN-Proctor 2, Y-Teen 1-2, Pen Pal 3, Tepee Teasers 1, Bible 2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. CLARE, GLENDA BELLE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 2, Spanish 3, After School Sports 2-3, Leader Club 3, Band 2-3. Transferred from Dodge City, Band 1, Kayettes 1, Acemande Club 1, Pep Club 1, Tennis 1. CLARK, DARLENE MAE-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1, After School Sports 1-2. CLARK DONNA KAY-Red Cross 1, Cheerleader Club 1-2-3, Cheerleader 2-3, Head Cheerleader 3. NORTH STAR 3. Ad- vertising Manager 3, TOWER 3, Club Editor 3. CLARK, JANICE-Transferred from Benton, Kansas, Vice Presi- dent 1, Secretary Treasurer 2, Pen Pal 1, Cheerleader Club 1-2, Letterwoman 1, Glee Club 1-2-3. CLAUSEN, BETTY JEAN-Semester Honor Roll 2, Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 3, Tepee Teasers 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Dramatics 1, Band 1. CLAY, CAROL LYNNE-Thespians 3, Semester Honorable Men- tion 1-2-3, Amards 2-3, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Red Cross 1. COBBLE, ROBIN WARD-Semester Honorable Mention 3, Track 2, Pep Band 2-3, Band 3, President 3, Swimming 3. COCHRAN, GERALD MARTIN-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Hi-Y Model Legis- lature 3, Rifle 1-2. COLE LORIS-Y-Teen 1-2-3. COLE, RONALD LEE-Science 3, Wrestling 2. COLGAN. DELWIN EDWARD-Hi-Y 1, Football 1-2, Basketball l. COLLINS, ALBERT-Football 2-3, Basketball 2-3, Letterman 2-3, Transferred from Wichita High School East. CONNER, FRED LAURENCE COOK, DONNA JEANNEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 2. Y- Teen 2-3, Bookstore 3, Pen Pal 1, Bible 1-2-3, Glee Club 1. CORD, CHARLOTTE ESTHER-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Leader Club 1. CORNS, MERNA MARIE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 3, Red Arrows 3, Bookstore 2. Tepee Teasers 1. COTTER, BILLY JIM-Hi-Y 3, Rifle 1, Gym Team 2, Projection- 1St 2, CRABTREE, BARBARA LYNN-Y-Teen 3, After School Sports 1, Semester Honorable Mention 3. CRAVENS, PAT ANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Glee Club 1. CRAWFORD, JEAN LORENE-Y-Teen 1. CROW, BEVERLY ANN-Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 3, Tepee Teasers 2. Transferred from Planeview High School, Student Council 1, Kayettes 1-2, Fifenella 1-2, Junior Red Cross 1, Pep Club 1. CUBBAGE, NORMAN GRANT-Football 2-3, Track 1-2-3. Swimming 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3. CUMMINS, FLOYD WESLEY-Hi-Y 1-3, Secretary Treasurer 1, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Rifle 2-3, Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3, Manager 3. DARBYSHIRE, FAITH LARRAINE DAVIDSON, LOIS ANN-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Bible 1-2-3, Chorus 1, Glee Club 2. DAVIS, BOB RAY-Transferred from Central High, Grand Junction, Colorado, 4-H Club 1. Play 1. DAVIS, CAROL ANN-Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 2, Bible 1-2-3. DAVIS, DAVID EUGENE-Football 1, Basketball 2-3, Track 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2, Choir 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Track 1, Football 1. DECKER, VERNA LEE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Tepee Teasers 2, Girls Rifle 2, After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1-2, Letterwoman 1, Honor Roll 2, Honorable Mention 2, NORTH STAR 3. DeGEER, LAIKETA JOYCE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Te- pee Teasers 1, Band 2-3, Glee Club 1, Head Baton Twirler 2-3. DELONEY, JOE H.-Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from High School East, Business Club 2, Football 1. DENNY, LARRY MARTIN-Hi-Y 1, Square Dance 1, Rifle 1. DeWOODY, GARRY WAYNE-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 2-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 1-2-3, Secretary 1, Vice Presi- dent 2-3, Candidate for Governor 3, Rifle 1, Tennis 2-3. DIETSCH, GARY L.-Science 2-3, Square Dance 2, Latin 2-3, Art 2, Rifle 2, Science Fiction 2-3. Transferred from St. Mary's, Science 1. DILLON, ARTIE LYNN-Football 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2-3, Base- ball 1-2-3, Letterman 1-2-3. PAGE TEN DODGE, DOROTHY ELLEN-After School Sports 1. DONALDSON, SHIRLEY JOLENE-Semester Honorable Men- tion 2, Y-Teen 2-3, Pen Pal 1, Bible 1-2-3, Glee Club 1. DOOLING, BONNIE JEAN-Nurses Club 3, Y-Teen 3. DORAN, LURA MAE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Tepee Teasers 2, Nurses Club 2-3, Square Dance 1, DRAKE, CARL A.-Baseball 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East. DUFT, DONNIE WAYNE-Hi-Y 3, Red Cross 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East. DUKE, BEVERLY ANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Tepee Teasers 2, Nurses Club 3, Latin 1. DUNBAR, JOAN MARILYN-Semester Honor Roll 1-2, Semester Red Arrows 1, After Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 1, School Sports 1-2, Pep Band 2, Band 1-2. DUNCAN, CLARINDA O.---Y-Teen 3, Bible 3, Advanced Glee Club 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from Conway, Arkansas, Glee Club 1. DUNCAN, WILLIS ELTON-Photo 3, Assistant Photographer 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 3, Transferred from Andover, Presi- dent 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Glee Club 1. DUNGAN, LETA ARLENE-Y-Teen 1-3, Bible 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3, Accompianist 1-2, Ensemble 3. DUNN, ERMA JEAN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Ensemble 2-3, North High Singers 2-3. DUTTON, DALE LAVERNE-Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, Letter- man 2-3. EBERLY, REX ARTHUR-Science 1, Football l-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2-3, Swimming 2, Letterman 3. EBY, CAROLYN ANN-Secretary Treasurer 3, Thespians 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Student Council 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, French Club 3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. EDWARDS, RONALD KEITH-Hi-Y 3, Math 3, Semester Honor- able Mention 3. EDQWARDS, PAUL WAYNE-Science 3, Red Cross 1, Rifle 2, rack 3. EGGLESTON, PAUL VERNON EKSTROM, A. LAURENCE-Amards 2-3, Thespians 3, Science 1-2, Chess 2-3. Pen Pal 1, Debate 1, Rifle 1-2. Science Fic- tion 1-2, Philosophy 2, Swimming 3, Letterman 3, Stage Technician 1-2-3. ELRICHS, CHARLES E,-Transferred from Sleepy Eye High School, Minnesota, Football 2, Gym Team 2, Band 2, Photo Club 2, Letterman 2, EVANS, RICHARD GORDON-Science 3. French Club 3, Track 3, Projectionist 1-2-3. EVANS, VICTOR NEAL-Thespians 2-3, Amards 1-2-3, Presi- dent 3, Tepen Teasers 3, Orchestra 1-2, Choir 3, Glee Club 2, Ensemble 3, Stage Technician 2-3. FELLERS, NANCY RUTH-Semester Honor Roll 1-2, Semes- ter Honorable Mention 1-2, Amards 1-2, Proctor 1-2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Tepee Teasers 1, Red Cross 1, NORTH STAR 3, Glee Club 1, TOWER Business Manager 3. FISH, JACK LeROY-Red Cross 2-3, Golf 2, Projectionist 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Glee Club 1, Projectionist 1. FISHER, PHILLIP ROSCOE FLEMING, BARBARA ELAINE-Y-Teen 1-3, Red Arrows 1-3. FLIPPO, WILMA LEA-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Amards 1, Y-Teen 1, Tepee Teasers 1, Nurses Club 3, Square Dance 2, After School Sports 1-2-3. FLYNT, MICKEY ENGLE FOGG, BOYD IRVING-Student Council 2, Hi-Y 1, Boys' State 2, German 3, French 3, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3. Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3. FORD, ANNA ADELAIDE-Business 2, Bible 1-2, After School Sports 1-2, Letterwoman 2. FOREMAN, ALFREDA LAVON-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible 1-2-3, Choir 2-3. FOULK, MARSHA SUE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Tepee Teasers 1-2. FOX, PATRICIA MARIE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council M2-31 Vice President 3, Red Arrows 2-3, Semester Honorable ention 3. FRANKLIN, CHARLES EDWARD-Transferred from Coffey- ville, Boxing. FRANKLIN, DONA ROSE-Business Club 2, Semester Honor- able Mention 3. Transferred from Chanute High School. FRIDAY. KARL RAY-Transferred from Fort Scott High School, Chorus 1, Stage Technician 1. PAGE ELEVEN 'W fwfr I , if ef K ,, - egg? -cl ! V 7 .7 , . 2 3. ,..,.,., " 'A.-V I I n k zilzl Q ,..v1 3 8 -- 1 R 'Z I 1 Q, "" ,,.,.'.. F .... ,.:" 1 . . I V I A 1? K . at ,, ill? 4 7 0 15 M es 99 ,72 , 1 U -... , , ,M W g, - . K M ...-. , -.-. -:.:.:.:.-.ta 'T 5 M mt "" 43 at l ' .ff 5 Am in 512 s if M , Q 2 I 1 X 3 5 . W V' 4' . xr. :L -. V V .4 If "S li, wif fir. S U, '44 A.. .wi 1 2 Y ,::- t ,- W 2. 1, ,gy .M . X W -sr , W ,QMJ X. Xxx gk , 5 -2-f : .W - 'Til' "'f'1Ca? A 7 iw KX' Y ,, . . UF fur tv FULLER, NANCY ANN-Sergeant at Arms 2, Thespians 1-2-3, Secretary 2, Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Amards 1-2, Proctor 2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 1-2, Red Arrows 1-2-3 Cabinet and Council 3, President 3: Glee Club 1, NORTH STAR Editor 3, Quill and Scroll 3. GADDIS, JANICF LEE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Tepee Teasers 2. Honor Roll 1-3, Honorable Mention 2. GALLEGOS, MANUEL JOSEPH-Semester Honor Roll 3, Semes- ter Honorable Mention 2, Spanish 2, President 2, Red Cross 1-2-3, Vice President 2, President 3: German 3, President 3. GALLOUP, SHARON LOUISE-Secretary Treasurer 2, Semes- ter Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Student Council 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 3, Special Art 3. GAMBLE. PATRICIA ANN-Amards 1-3, Student Council 1-2, Tepee Teasers 1-3, Glee Club 1. GARFIELD. JOYCE ANN-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Student Council 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 3: Red Arro.vs 1-2-3, Leader Club 3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. GARIS, PATRICIA ILENE-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Y-Teen 2, Square Dance 1, Nurses Club 2. GIBSON, EARNESTINE LeRAYAAfter School Sports 1-2, Se- mester Honorable Mention 3. GILL, FRANCES KAY-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Y-Teen 1, Nurses Club 2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3. GILLARD, JOANN MADELIENE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Nurses Club 2-3. GLASSCOCK. JOYCE ELINORE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Bible 1-2, Leader Club 3, Chorus 3, Glee Club 1-2. GLAZE, MARYGENE-Amards l, Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 2, Glee Club 2, GOFORTH, LINDA GOTTSCHALK, ALVIN RODNEY-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Rifle 1-2-3. GRAVES, JERRY DEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Hi-Y 3. Wrestling 2, Semester Honor Roll 3. GREENE, EILEENE MARIA-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2. Y-Teen 1-2-3, Business 3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. GREENE, IREENE DELORES-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Business 3, Choir 2-3. Glee Club 1. GRIFFITH, HELEN LOUISE-Thespians 2-3, Amards 1-2-3, Y- Teen 1-3, Spanish 3, Tepee Teasers 1-2-3, Square Dance 2, Choir 2-3. Glee Club 1, Ensemble 2, North High Singers 2. 'gransffrred from Great Bend High School, Choir 1, Glee lub . GUICE, SHIRLEY RAYE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, After School Sports 2. Glee Club 2-3, Christalettes 2-3. Trans- ferred from Wichita High School East, Y-Teen 1, Science Club 1, Red Cross l, After School Sports 1, Bible 1, Glee Club 1. Choir 1, Semester Honor Roll 1. GUTIERREZ, RACHEL-Y-Teen 1, Spanish 2-3, Business 3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2-3. HADLEY, JIMMIE DUANE HALEY, ELLA LOUISE-Y-Teen 2-3. Red Arrows 2-3. HALEY, NORMA JEANNE4Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 1, Square Dance 1-2. HAND, RONALD LEON-Wrestling 3. HARRIS, BILL A.-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 3, Chess 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3, Math 1. HARRIS, CONNIE LOU-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Y-Teen 1-3, Bible 3, Nurses Club 2, HARTWICK, HELEN MARIE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible 3. HASTINGS, PATRICIA LOU-Semester Honor Roll 1, Semes- ter Honorablc Mention 2-3, Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrow 2-3, Cabinet and Council 2, Vice President 2: Tepee Teasers 1. Twirlcr 1, Drum Majorette 2-3. HAUPT, ELSA BERNICE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3. Health Council 2, Amards 2-3, Secretary-Treasurer 3: Y-Teen 1, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Art 1-2-3, Red Cross 2-3, Bible 3, NORTH STAR 3. TOWER Snapshots 3, Thespian 3, Quill and Scroll 3. HAWLEY, JAMES DAVID-Quill and Scroll 2, Semester Honor- able Mention 2, Photo 1-2-3, NORTH STAR Photographer 1-2, TOWER Photographer 1-2, Choir 2-3. Glee Club 1, En- semble 2-3. HEFLEY, LARRY K. HEITHECKER, GARY LEE-Semester Honorable Mention 3. Photo 2-3, Math 1, Golf 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3. HENDERSON EVA GERTRUDE-Y-Teen l-2-3, Bible 1, Nurses Club 2-3, After School Sports 1-2-3. HENDRIXSON, BETTY LOU-Y-Teen 2-3. HENRY, JANET LOUISE-Bible 1-2-3, After School Sports 1, Chorus' 2, Glee Club 1. HERNDON, OLAR MAE-Y-Teen 1, After School Sports 1-2. PAGE TWELVE HERRING, JAMES N.-Red Cross 2. HESS, WILLIAM RICHARD-Science 3, Math 2-3, Red Cross 1, Football 1-2-3, Swimming 1-2, Letterman 3, Band 1. HIGH, GARY WILBUR-Hi-Y 3, Science 3, Red Cross 1, Rifle 1-2, Track 3, Swimming 2, Golf 1. HILL, FLOYD DENA-Hi-Y 2-3, Science 2-3, Chess 1, Foot- ball 1, P. A. Technician 1-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 2. HILTNER, MARTIN PAUL-President 3, Vice President 2, Student Council 1, Hi-Y 3, Model Legislature 31 Science 1-2-3, Football 1, Track 1-2-3, Swimming 1, Letterman 1-2-3, NORTH STAR Proofreader 3, TOWER Faculty Editor 3, HINER, LUTISHA YVONNE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3. Tepee Teasers 1-2. HINSHAW, MAMIE MAE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-3. Amards 3, Y-Teen 2-3, Tepee Teasers 3, Square Dance 1, Latin 1, Nurses Club 2. HITCH, VERA MAY-Y-Teen 2-3. Nurses Club 2-3. HODGES, MARGARET LEE-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Archery 2, Red Arrows 3, After School Sports 1. Glee Club 1-2. HOFFMAN, ELEANOR MAY-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semes- ter Honorable Mention 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Choir 3, Chorus 1, Glee Club 2. HOGG, JUDITH MARIE-Semester Honor Roll 1-3, Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 1-2, Pen Pal 3, Nurses Club 2-3. HOLT, HILMA RUTH-Member of F.H.A 1-2. HONER, JOANNE MARIE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Cheerleader Club 3, NORTH STAR Business Manager 3. After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1. HONIER, ALVIN LEE-Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. HONN, JERRY EDWARD-Rifle. Transferred from Wichita High School East. HOOPER. JIMMY-Cheerleader 1-2-3, Head Cheerleader 2-3, Gym Team 3 Choir 3, Projectionist 1. HOUSE, WESTON C. Hi-Y 3, Chess 1-2, Cheerleader Club 3, Football 1, Track 3. HOVIOUS, ALBERTA JEAN-Y-Teen 3, Square Dance 1-2, Business 3, Red Cross 3. 1-IUBER, PATRICIA MAE-Y-Teen 1. Transferred from Wichita High School East. HUEBNER, A. JUANICE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 3, Bookstore 3, Pen Pal 2, Secretary Treasurer 2, Business 3, Bible 2. HULL, IRMA JOY-Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 2, Business 3, Bible 2, HUTCHISON, HARROLD ROBERT-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Hi-Y 3, Hi-Y Model Legis- lature 3, Chess 3, Rifle 1, Math 2. Football 1-2. Golf 1-2, Orchestra 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. IGO, ROBERT GRANT-Hi-Y 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Rifle 1. INGLE, SALLY-Semester Honor Roll 2-3. Amards 2, Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1, Cabinet and Council 2-3, Sec- retary 3, Bookstore 1, Art 3, After School Sports 1, Choir 2-3. ISRAEL, ROBERT CARL-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Hi- Y 3, Photo l, Stamp 1, Secretary 1, Rifle 2-3, Golf 3. JACKLE. JOHN EDWARD-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Math 2-3, Football 1-2, Swimming 1, Pep Band 1, Band 1. Orchestra 1. JACKSON, BETTY JEAN -Semester Honorable Mention 2-3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, JACKSON, JO ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 1. Business 2, Square Dance 2, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, Circulation Manager 3: After School Sports l. JAMES, CAROLYN JOYCE-Thespians 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Amards 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2, Span- ish 3, Cheerleader Club 3, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, As- sistant Editor 3: TOWER Activity Editor 3: After School Sports 1, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1. Cheerleader 3, Quill and Scroll 3. JAMES PAUL-Football 3, Basketball 1-2, Track 1, Letter- man 1-2-3. Transferred from Washington High School, Gaines- ville, Texas, Football 2, Basketball 2, Track 1. JEMERSON, WILMA-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2, Bible 1, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1-2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. JIMENEZ, EDWARD DANIEL-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Cabinet and Coun- cil 1-2, President 1-2, Hi-Y Model Legislature 2, Rifle 1-2-3, Baseball 2, Wrestling 2. JOHNS, MARCIA LORRAINE-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 2, Latin 1, Vice President 2: Art 2, Red Cross 3. JOHNSON, ADELIA ANN-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen, Cabinet and Council 1-2-35 Red Arrows 1-2-3, Cheerleader Club 3, NORTH STAR Re- porter 2, Editor 3: TOWER, Senior Editor 33 After School Sports 1, Choir 3, Chorus 2, Glee Club. Quill and Scroll 3. JOHNSON, NANCY LEE-Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, NORTH STAR Typist 3. JORDAN, LOIS ILENE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1, Tepee Teasers 2, Nurses Club 3. PAGE THIRTEEN 1... wi ,.. I:- ,.,,,. . , X ii" fm V.:AV I . .,,,.. Q Iqbg , ,,,. ,.,. 145' it - . ieal -1-:2- f' F K X H .. E- Z . ,,.. . 1' vo.. . ,,'- ,.... .al :K '1:2: H A :P a ,., E4 .... '11' i ii A i '23 'B E' E 1 W K W it 25" gay f . it rr ,N , I I? A , I 'V 'iv We Q 3 gg if if "' Q I in 1' - an f at N K wx -,if 7 , ,.,. , JUSTVIG, RONALD GENE-Hi-Y 2-3, Rifle 3. KANADY, ESTHER MARIE-Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 3, Bible 1-2, Glee Club 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 3, KEEN, ROSALIE-Science 2, Semester Honor Roll 2-3 Red Cross 3, After School Sports 2-3, Leader Club 2-3, Letter- woman 2-3. Transferred from Enid High, Enid, Oklahoma. KEITH, LEONARD JAY-Hi-Y 3, Business 3, Bible 1-2, Track 3. KERR, DORIS JEAN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Cabinet and Council 1-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Bible 1, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2, Secretary 3: Choir 3, Christlettes 2-3, Organist, Glee Club 1-2. KERRICK, MARCELLA JANE-Thespians 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Amards 2, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 1-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Girls' State 2, Rifle 1-2-3, Secretary 1: Square Dance 2, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2, Letterwoman 1, Glee Club 1, NORTH STAR Assistant Editor 3, Quill and Scroll 3. KLOCK, DONALD WAYNE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Golf 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. KLOPP, BILL-Fhoto 2, Rifle 1, Football 1-2, Baseball 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3. KNIGHT, GEORGIANN-Health Room Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Business 2, After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1, Chorus 2-3, Glee Club 1. KOCI, CAROLE ANN-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1, Leader Club 1, Pep Band 2-3, Band 1-2-3, Vice President 2, Orchestra 1-2-3. KRAUSE, JOHN-Spanish Club 3. KROPF, LLOYD REX-NORTH STAR, Sports Co-Editor 3. Transferred trom Winfield, Kansas, and Woodward, Oklahoma. Baseball 1-2, Football 1-2, Lettermans Club 1-2, Hi-Y 1-2. LAMUNYON MAX L.-Transferred from Laverne High School, Laverne, Oklahoma. LARSON, JERALD EUGENE-Student Council, Vice Presi- dent 2, President 35 Boys' State 2, Football Manager 1-2-3, Basketball 1. LARY. FRANK JAMES-Football 1, Wrestling 1, Stage Techni- cian 1. LARY, RONEY LEE--Rifle 1, Square Dance 2, Stage Techni- cian 1. LAUGHLIN, BRUCE CARTER-Hi-Y 2, Bible 1-2, Rifle 2, Band 1-2. LEHMAN, DEVERNE CLIFFORD-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Hi-Y Treasurer 2-3, Cabinet and Council 2-3, Science 3, Boy's State 2. Bible 1-2, Band 1, National Hi-Y Congress 2. LESSENDEN, DONALD EUGENE-Hi-Y 2, Bible 1-2, Rifle 2- Band 1-2-3, LESTER, LOIS LUELLA-Bible 2-3, Rifle 2. LINSTROT, EVELYN LOUISE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Tepee Teasers 1, Business 2, After School Sports 2, Glee Club 1. LIVINGSTON, CAROL JEANETTE-Semester Honorable Men- tion 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Business 2, Red Cross 1, Bible 1, Chorus 3, Glee Club 1. Transferred from Wichita High School East. LOCKHART, PATTY GLEORA-Nurses Club 2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, LONGSIDE, DEAN EDWARD-Thespians 2-3, Amards 2-3, Science 2, Tepee Teasers 3. Transferred from St. John's Academy, Winfield, Kansas. Dramatic Club 1, Hi-Y 2. LOPEZ, PAUL-Football 1-2, Baseball 1, Wrestling 1-2-3. LOVERN, JOANN--Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Red Cross 1, Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Orchestra 1-2. LUEDKE, FREDERICK LEE-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Stu- dent Council 1-2, Parliamentarian 31 H1-Y 3, Science 1, Math 2-3, Swimming 2, Baseball 1-2-3. LUNSFORD, MARCIA LORRAINE-Thespians 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Amards 1-2-3, Student Council 2, Y-Teen 2-3, Tepee Teasers 1, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1, Square Dance Club 1. LUSK, DONNA KAY-Vice President 2, Student Council 3, Y-Teen, Cabinet and Council 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, After School Sports 1, Special Art, Decoration 3, Semester Honor- able Mention 3. LOWE, ROBERT B.-Airplane 1. MALCOM, RUSSELL LEE-Rifle 3, Wrestling 3. MALLISEE, MARJORIE EDNA-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Student Council 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2, Cabinet and Council 3, Bookstore 3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leade: Club 3. MANN, SHIRLEY YVONNE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 1. MARKS, CLARA JANE-Y-Teen 3, Bible 3, Glee Club 1. MARSH, MARGARET JOAN-Sergeant at Arms 3, Semester Honor Roll 3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Proctor 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1. MARTIN, HAROLD REX-Semester Honorable Mention.2, Hi-Y 1-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 3, Science, Vice President 33 NORTH STAR Reporter 2, Sports Editor 3: TOWER,-Sports Editor 35 Baseball 2, Wrestling 1-2, Glee Club 1. Quill and Scroll 3. PAGE FOURTEEN MARTIN, NANCY KARLENE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semes- ter Honorable Mention 1, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3. Red Arrows 2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. MARTIN, STUART NELSON-Hi-Y 1, Science 3, Rifle 2. Football 2, Baseball 1, Wrestling 1, Semester Honorable Mention 3. MARTIN, TROY JOE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, Hi-Y 1, Science 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 1, Drivers' Assistant 2. MARTINEZ, DOLORES JEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Proctor 2, Red Arrows 2-3, Nurses Club 3, Red Cross 2. Transferred from El Dorado, Kansas, Librarian 1, Choir 1. Glee Club 1, Kayette 1, Pep Club 1, After School Sports 1. MASON. WARREN ROBERT-Bible 1-2, Track 1-2-3, Letter- man 2-3. MAULSBY. GEORGE FOSTER-Rifle 2-3, Archery 2. Trans- ferred from Wichita High School East. MAXEDON, MARILYN ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Glee Club 1, French Club 3. McCART, JUNE-Pen Pal 2-3, Nurses Club 2-3. Transferred from Amarillo Senior High School. MCCAULEY, NORMA RUTH-Y-Teen 3, Nurses Club 3, Trans- ferred from Minden High School, Minden, Missouri. Cheer- leader 1, Glee Club 1. Pep Club 1, FHA 1, Band 1, Basket- ball 1. MCCREERY, TED MARK-Thespian 3. Transferred from the United States Marine Corps. McKOWN, SHARON LYNN-Y-Teen 1-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Red Cross 2, After School Sports 1, Glee Club 2-3. MCMILLAN, MARY DEE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3. Semester Honorable Mention 1. Proctor 1, Red Cross 3, Bible 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club l. McPHERSON, CROSSETTE LOUISE-Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 2-3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Pep Club 1, - een 1. MCWHORTER, JUDITH ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Proctor 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 3, Choir 3, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1. McWHORTER, LARRY LESTER-Hi-Y 1, Science 2. Math 3. Football 1-2, Basketball Manager 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3. MEESE, SHARON LEE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Bookstore 2, Business 3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1, Ensemble 3. MELTON, SENA SUE-Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 2, Bible 3. Trans- ferred from Waco High School, Waco Texas. Pan American Club 1, Library 1. MELVILLE, NORMA JEAN-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Book- store 2-3, Bible 2, After School Sports 2. MELZER, EDITH-Y-Teen 2, Bookstore 2-3, Pen Pal 3, Square Dance 1, Bible 2-3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Letterwoman 1. METZ, NOBEL CLAY-Chess 1, Football 1-Z-3, Wrestling 1. MILLARD, THOMAS RAYMOND-Hi-Y 3, Science Club, Presi- dent 3: Bible 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East. MILLENBRUCH, MARYBELL-Y-Teen 2-3, Nurses Club 3. Transferred from Marysville High School, Band 2, Glee Cliib 1-2, Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 2, Kayettes 1-2, FHA MIELIER. CHARLOTTE MAE-After School Sports 1, Sports u 3. MILLER. DEAN ARTHER-Chess 2, Archery 1, NORTH STAR Club Editor 33 Tennis 1-2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. MILLER, EDDIE RAYMOND-Airplane 1, Stage Technician 1-2. MILLER, ERNA MAE-Y-Teen 2-3, Bible 2-3. Transferred from Chanute, Kansas. MILLER, JAMES RILEY-Hi-Y Vice President 3: Rifle 1, Foot- ball 1-2, Baseball 1-2, Wrestling 1-2-3. Letterman 1-2-3. MILLER, JOHN RAYMOND-Track 1-2, Gym Team 1. MILLER, STANLEY ROSS-Science 3, Honor Roll 3. MILLER, WILLIE-Football 1-2, Track 1-2, Letterman 2, Orches- tra 3, Glee Club 3. MILLIKAN, ORVALLE RAYMOND-Chess 2, Secretary Treas- urer 35 Red Cross 3, Basketball 1, Baseball 3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. MITCHELL, DORIS ANN-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1, Red Arrows 1, After School Sports 2, Pep Band 2-3, Band 1-2-3. MITCHELL, EUNICE FAYE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3. MOGLE, CONNIE JOSEPHINE-Proctor 1-2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Square Dance 1. MOMAN, DAVE R. MOORE, KAREN RUTHE--Thespians 1-2-3, Semester Honor Roll 2, Amards 1-3, Treasurer 2, Proctor 1-2-3, Y-Teen 1, Cabinet and Council 2, President 3, Tepee Teasers 1, Semester Honorable Mention 3. PAGE FIFTEEN .. . , ,,, ii' 517 - - ' Q pg 4 i, ' 'W' .,,..,. Q fg W1 6 '--- Q21 '--1 ,.-.. , , ,.,,. 'fia e :- - ' 1.. ..,. 2 ::':!' ' 5 5 ff 'iff . 'tg yr P- N F' K3 ,. 2 Wie.:-:g ,.,.aa? s ,,.. , V. , ,T .,.. , , V S' I I af ell! 1' ' Q' i 7' if . 4 if ,li W ff i 2? :11" V .K at x at , iff . - - ,.-4. xr :lt V.: , .,.- 13--1 1 .1 222, " - K . 1 Q' if lb MOORE, LEAH-Y-Teen 3, Business 3, Semester Honor Roll 3. Transferred from Highline High School, Seattle, Washington, Drama Club 1, Pep Club 2. MORAN, JOANNE RUTH-Amards 3, Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 2-3, Square Dance 2, Honor Roll 3, After School Sports 2-3. Transferred from Union High School, Lamar, Colorado, Pep Club 1, GAA 1, Band 1. MORENO, AMERICA--Red Arrows 2, Business 3, After School Sports 3. Transferred from Martin High School, Pep Squad 1-2, Pan American Club 1, Sports Club 1-2, FHA 1. MULLEN, Lawrence Pierce-Hi-Y 2-3, Football 1-2-3, Track 2-3, Wrestling 2-3, Letterman 2-3. MUNSON, SHEILA MAE-Transferred from Wichita High School East, Glee Club 1, Y-Teen 1, Pep Club 1. NEFF, DAVID ARTHUR-Rifle 2, Football 1. NEWMAN, EVRET CHARLES-Archery 1, Chess 2, Tennis 1-2-3. NEgWlX5AlV, WILBYR BUZZ-Rifle 1, Track 2-3, Swimming 1-2-3, an . NEWTON, BARBARA ANNANurses Club 2-3, Square Dance 1-2, Y-Teen 2-3, Bible 1, Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, NICHOLS, CARL W.-Science 3. NICHOLS, ETHELYN, R.-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 2, Bible 2-3, After School Sports 1, Orchestra 1-2-3, String Ensemble 2-3. NIMROD, DENNIS LYLE-Rifle 1, Swimming 3, Wrestling 1. NORMAN, PATSY LOU-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Y-Teen 1-2, Art 1-2-3, Bible 3, Rifle 1, After School Sports 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-2, Letterwoman 1-2-3, Aquaettes Club 3, Archery 1-2, Square Dance 2, Synchronized Swimming 1-2. NORTON, DICK BRADFORD-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Student Council 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 1-2-3, Bible 1-2-3, Football 2, Baseball 1-2. OGDEN, HAROLD EUGENE-Rifle 2-3. Transferred from Wich- ita High School East, Rifle 1. OLINGER, BEVERLY-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Red Arrows 2, Spanish 2. Tepee Teasers 3, Red Cross 3, After School Sports 2-3, Glee Club 2-3. Transferred from Wichita High School East. After School Sports 1, Chorus 1, Y- Teen 1. OLSON, RUTH EMMA-Vice President 3, Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Y-Teen, Cabinet and Council 1-2-3: Red Arrows 1-2-3. O'MALLEY, GEORGE THOMAS-Football 1-2-3. Swimming 2. Letterman 3. OSBORN, JAMES DELMAR-Football 2, Track 2-3, Letterman 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Football 1. PALACIO,GUSM-Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 3. PARKHURST, ANNA MARIE-Y-Teen 1-3, Nurses Club 2, Secretary 35 Bil-le 1, Square Dance 2, After School Sports 1-2-3, Letterwoman 2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. PEACOCK. CHARLIE LEE-Semester Honorable Mention 3. PEARSON, DELO HERMAN-Science 3, Bible 2, Golf 2. PEARSON, JOHN EDWARD-Transferred from Wichita High School East. PEER, PHILIP LEROY-Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Golf 1-2-3. PELLETIER, ALBERT LOUIS--Semester Honor Roll 1-2, Pen Pal 1, Projectionist 3. Transferred from St. Joseph's Academy, Salem Massachusetts, Dramatics 1. PENIX, PATRICIA ANNE-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Stu- dent Council 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Spanish 3, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, Feature Editor 3: TOWER, Un- derclassrnen 3: After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1, Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, Quill and Scroll 3. PERKINS, SANDRA SUE-Y-Teen 3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from Mount Carmel Academy, Latin Club 1, Thespians 1. PERRY. CONNIE GAIL-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 2-3. PETERSON, GERALD FRANKLIN-Semester Honorable Men- tion 1-2-3, Math 2, Rifle 1. . PICKENS, JERRIE SUE-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Y-Teen 1-2, Cabinet and Council 33 Red Arrows 2-3. NORTH STAR, Club Editor 3, Feature Edi- tor 31 Leader Club 1, Glee Club 1, Chorus 2, Proctor 3, Quill and Scroll 3. PICKFORD, LELA ALMETA-Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 2, Red Cross 1, Bible 3, Glee Club 1-2-3. PIKE, ROSS EDWARD-Rifle 1, Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3, Pep Bend 1-2-3, President 33 Band 1-2-3. Orchestra 2-3. PILAND. JOHNNY HARLIN POCOCK, RONALD GEORGE-Wrestling 3. POND, CAROL KAY-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 3, Choir 2, Glee Club 1, Semester Honorable Mention 3. PAGE SIXTEEN PORTER, HAZEL EVELYN-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 2, Bible 2-3, Glee Club 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Bible 1, Y-Teen 1. RTER, PHYLLIS LYNN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, PQI-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Tepee Teasers 2, Art 3, Leader Club 1, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1. POSTIER, ERNESTINE LUCILLE-Tepee Teasers. 2-3, Red Cross 2-3, Glee Club 2-3, Transferred from Wichita High School East, Red Cross 1, Pep Club 1, Y-Teen 1, Glee Club 1, Letterwoman 1, After School Sports 1. POTTERTON. MARIETTA sus-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, An 1-2-3. PRICE, ANGINETTE RAE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible 2-3, After School Sports 1. PRIDDLE, NANCY ANIN-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Y-Teen 1-2, Cabinet and Council 3: Red Arrows 1-2-3, Choir 3, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1, Ac- companist 2-3. PRYOR, ROBERT LLOYD-Track 1-2-3. PUMPELLY, SONIA KAY-Y-Teen 2-3, Business Club 2, Presi- dent 33 Aftcr School Sports 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East. RAGLAND, ROBERT EUGENE-Rifle 1, Baseball 1. RAITHEL, JERRY NORMAN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Football 1-2-3, Track 3, Swimming 3, Baseball 1, Letterman 2-3. RAKESTRAW, ROBERT WAYNE-Chess 3, Bible 1. RANCK, EDD HUGH-Hi-Y 2-3, Vice President 1: Hi-Y Model Legislature 2-3, Science 3, Chess 2, Stamp 1, Basketball 1-2-3, Tennis 1-2-3, Stage Technician 2. RAYL, DEANNE KATHERINE-Spanish 2, Pen Pal 3, Art 2-3. Transferred from Oswego High School, Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Drum Corp 1. REBENSTORF, LARRY WAYNE-Hi-Y 1, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-3, Swimming 2, Letterman 3. RECTOR, JERRY DUWAYNE- NORTH STAR, Photographer 3, TOWER Photographer 2-3. Transferred from Planeview High School 1, Fifenella Club 1, Projectionist 1, Pep Band 1, REED, DONNA SUE-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, NORTH STAR. Advertising Manager 33 Glee Club 1-2, Semester Honorable Mention 3, Quill and Scroll 3. REED, LORETTA JOYCE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Pen Pal, President 2, Bible 1-2-3. Orchestra 1-2, String En- semble 2. RESA, RICHARD-Hi-Y 1, Tepee Teasers 3, Basketball 1-2, Golf 1-2. RICE, BILL ARTHUR-Baseball 1. RICHARDSON, SHIRLEY JANE-Amards 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2, Tepee Teasers 3, Leader Club 1, Glee Club 1-2. RIGGINS, CAROLYN JO ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Bookstore 3, Semester Honor Roll 3, Business 3, Square Dance 1-2, After School Sports 1, Choir 2, Ensemble 2-3. RINGLER, JOHN MEECE--Chess 3, Basketball 2-3, Track 3, Tennis 1-2-3, Archery 1-2, President: Square Dance 1-2. RIVERON, PATRICIA MARIA-Semester Honor Roll 1-2, Span- ish, Vice President 2: Pen Pal, Vice President 33 Tepee Teasers 1, Art 1-2-3, After School Sports 1-2. ROBINSON, PHYLLIS MAVA ROBY, ETHMER LEE-Transferred from Mountain Grove High School, FFA 1-2. RODGERS, NORMA RUTH-Red Cross 1-2, After School Sports. ROEHRMAN, DONALD DALE-Photo 1, Vice President 3, Math 2, Projectionist 1. ROGERS, LAURA ELAINE-Glee Club 3. Transferred from Enid High School, Enid, Oklahoma, Legionette Drum and Bugle Corp 1-2, Liternet 2. ROGERS, MARY JEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Y-Teen 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, TOWER Activities 33 After School Sports 1-3, Square Dance 1, Quill and Scroll 3. ROHR, LEONA-Transferred from Planeview, Fifenalla Club 1. ROMAN, ESTELA MAE-President 2, Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Student Council 1, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Spanish, Secretary 2, After School Sports 1-2-3. Leader Club 1. ROMINE, MARGIE ANN-Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Tepee Teasers 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred from East High, Des Moines, Iowa, Y-Teen 1, Spanish 1, Pep Club 1. ROOT, TERRY ROBERT-Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Chess 1-3, Stamp 2. ROYAL, MABLE STELLA-Y-Teen 1-2-3, After School Sports 2-3, Leader Club 2-3, Letterwoman 2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3. RULE, SONJA FERNE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 2, Red Arrows 3, Nurses Club 2, Red Cross 3, Glee Club 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Red Cross 1, Y-Teen 1, Pep Club 1, After School Sports 1. SAGE, MYRNA MARTE-Y-Teen 2, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 1-2-3, Letterwoman 3. PAGE SEVENTEEN ,EEI 5 9 is ii- ., 5 - d,,Q c Eaf 'yer L., ,.,,,,,, ., g , .4 Q '::s'.2g'j-1,3-.,., - i ' ,. ,, ,,,,.. . .A mi E 'R' Q if Y ,J ff -s xi ,EV x 5? s., ' .. gg . - N I -., 6 .1 . I I ,A 4' .., ip ,, 1 x lgfxav 'Q A - ..- 2,5 5 -A:' ,. Q 4 hi :- ,., , F-is la if .. v f TQ. -3 1 W 751 if 5 x 'Nw MU I it Xian. 1,1 .-J, 1- ' of V gg .. -lf 'KH I' 4511 'P Q 3 gh Q ..-: Av :A ff ,,.. - V., b,, ' --- "'1' 1 --fzzz 2 ' ':f.. . 1 ' 'Q - '- f . Q f A.A, 5' I ' w ig 3' 6 fe . - .t,. x 9 My X SAGERTY, TERRY DON-Football 2. SANTIAGO, STEVE HENRY-Hi-Y 1. Red Cross 2. Rifle 1-2. Football 1-2-3, Golf 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3 SARVER, DAVID SAXE, NANCY. ELAINE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y- Teen 1-2, Cabinet and Council 3, Organist 3: Red Arrows 1-3, Tepee Teasers 2, Leader Club l, Choir 3, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1, SCHAFER, RUTH LINELL-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2, Science 2, Latin 1. SCHNELLER, MARILYN JEANNINE-Y-Teen 3, Bible 1, Choir 2-3, Chorus 1, Glee Club 1, Nurses Club 2, President 31 Square Dance 1-2. SCHNITKER, JACQUELINE JOYCE-Y-Teen 3, Business 3, Transferred from Centralia Township High School, Pep Club 1-2, Latin 1. SCHOONOVER, DONNA MAE-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semes- ter Honorable Mention 1-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Square Dance 1, Nurses Club 2-3. SCHUESSLER, EVAN L.-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Science 2, Secretary 3: Airplane 1, Tennis 2. SCOTT, ANITA ROSE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2, Spanish Club, President 3: Business Club, Secretary Treasurer 35 After School Sports 1-2-3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Red Cross 1, After School Sports 1, Proctor 1, Semester Honor Roll 1, Pep Club 1, Y-Teen 1. SCOTT, SHIRLEY ANN-Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 3, NORTH STAR, Feature Editor 3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. Trans- ferred from Wichita High School East, Pep Club 1, Quill and Scroll 3. SCROGGINS, JACK CHARLES-Bible 2, Rifle 3, Football 1-2. Swimming 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1, Projectionist 1-2, Stage Technician 3. SEATON, MARY JANE-Square Dance 1, Nurses Club 1, After School Sports 1, Glee Club 1. SHANNON, GLADYS HELEN-Red Arrows 3. SHIBLEY, MARTHA JEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Amards 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, Cheerleader Club 3, Manager 3: NORTH STAR, Reporter 2, Assistant Sports Editor and Assistant Advertising Manager 3: After School Sports 1-2-3. Leader Club 1. SHIBLOM, CLIFFORD MERLIN, JR.-Semester Honor Roll 1- 2-3, Hi-Y 3, Science 3, Football 1, Square Dance 2. SIMS, MARY JANICE-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Semester Honor Roll 3, NORTH STAR Circulation Manager 3, Band 2-3, Twirler 2-3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Pep Club 1, Marching Band 1. Twirler 1, After School Sports 1, Y-Teen 1, Quill and Scroll 3. ' SMITH, BAISAL DWIGHT--Chess 2, Cheerleader Club 3, Track 2-3, Cheerleader 3, Swimming 2-3, Gym 1, Letterman 2, Pro- jectionist 2-3, Square Dance 1-2. SMITH, CARMEN THERESA-Choir 2-3, Chorus 1, Glee Club 1. North High Singers 3, Nurses Club 2, Square Dance 1-2. SMITH, LUZELLA MAE-Pep Band 2, Band 1-2-3, Nurses Club 3. SMITH, RONALD DAVID-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Science 3, Rifle 1, Wrestling 2, Square Dance 1. SMYTH, SANDRA JEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Amards 1, After School Sports 1, Square Dance 1-2, Nurses Club Secretary 2. SNYDER, DONNA-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Student Council 3, Y-Teen 2-3, Red Arrows 1-3. Tepee Teasers 2, Rcd Cross 1, After School Sports 1-2, Leader Club 1. SPANGLER, PATRICIA ANN-Y-Teen 1-3, Red Arrows 2-3. Glee Club 1. Transferred from Wichita High School East. SPARLING, GARY LAVERNE-Airplane 1. SPAUR, GERALD VANCE-Hi-Y 2. Rifle 1-2. Track 2. SPEAKMAN, JACK EUGENE-Airplane 1-2, Projectionist 3. SPENCER, BEVERLY JOYCE-Thespians 2-3, Semester Honor- able Mention 1-2-3, Amards 2-3, Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 2-3, NORTH STAR Columnist 3: TOWER Snapshots 3. Transferred gom Wichita High School East, Pep Club 1, Y-Teen 1, Glee lub 1. SPRINGFIELD, RICHARD LEE-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Rifle 1-2, Football 1, Swimming 2, Wrestling 2, Choir 1-2-3, Glee Club 1. SPRINGSTEEN, BARBARA JEAN-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Amards 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Bookstore 2, Bible 1-2, Handbook 2, Drivers' assistant 2, STALLINGS PATSY ANN-Y-Teen 3, Red Cross 1-2. STANCER, CLYDENE LARIE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, Proctor 2-3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, Tepee Teasers, NORTH STAR Advertising Manager 3: Future Teachers Club 3, TOWER Underclassmen 39 Quill and Scroll 3. STARTZMAN, GERALD ALLEN-Science 3, Bible 3, Archery 1-2. STEPHENSON, CAROL-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Semes- ter Honor Roll 1-2-3, Leader Club 1-3, Nurses Club 2, After School Sports 1-2-3, Rifle 1. STOTTS, WANDA IEE-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Amards 3, Y-Teen 1, Square Dance 2, Business 2, Nurses Club 3, After School Sports l. STOUT, VERNON RAY-Square Dance l, Hi-Y 2, Rifle 2. PAGE EIGHTEEN STRAND, LOIS RUTH-Semester Honor Roll 2, Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Y-Teen 3, Spanish 3, Tepee Teasers 1. Library Club 2, After School Sports 1. STRUBLE, LOIS JEAN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Business 2, Red Cross 1-2. STURHANN, JOYCE CAROL-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 1-2-3. SULLIVAN, JOANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, After School Sports 1. SUTTON, JOHN WALTER-Semester Honor Roll 1-2, Science 1, Chess 2, Cheerleader Club 3. SWARNER, LAUREL KAY-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Y-Teen 2-3, Spanish 3, Bible 2-3, Glee Club 1-2. Transferred from Hutchinson High School, Glee Club 1. TAYLOR, CHARLIE-Airplane 1, Basketball 2-3, Track 3. TAYLOR, CLAIRNELLE-Proctor 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 2-3, NORTH STAR Reporter 2, Assistant Feature Editor 33 TOWER Editor 3: After School Sports 1-3, Leader Club 1-3, Letterwoman 1-3, Archery 1. TAYLOR, MIKE A.-Red Cross 3, Track 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East. TAYLOR, PHYLLIS COLLEEN-Semester Honorable Mention 1, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2. TAYLOR. RICHARD C. THARP, ROBERT EDWIN-Archery 2, Treasurer 1, Science 3. THOLL, TESSIE LUCILLE-Y-Teen 3. Transferred from Goddard and Valley Center, Band 1, Glee Club 1-2, Girls Sextet 1, Mixed Chorus 1-2. THOMAS, ELIZABETH ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Proctor 1, Y-Teen 2-3, Bible 1-2, Treasurer, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1. THOMAS, JOE LOUIS-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Science 1, Bible 1, Track 3. THOMAS, PHYLLIS KAY-Semester Honor Roll 2, Red Cross 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. THOMAS, RICHARD LEE-Hi-Y 1-2, Wrestling 2-3. THOMPSON, BILL-Tepee Teasers 3, Square Dance 1-2. THOMPSON, JOHN ERNEST-Transferred from Stockton Rural High School, FFA 1-2, Glee Club 1-2. Mixed Chorus 1, Track 1. TIMBERS, CAROL ANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible 1, Secretary 2, President 3. TODD, TERRYL KAY-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Nurses Club 1-2-3, Haizdbook 3. TONES, JOHN THOMAS-Hi-Y Model Legislature 3, Science 3. Transferred from St. Mary's High School, Football 2, Base- ball 2. TRIMMELL, HERALD ALVIN-Hi-Y 3, Cabinet and Council 1-2, Chess 1, Swimming 2, Tennis 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3, Stage Technician 2. TRUESDELL, CHARLOTTE FAY-Y-Teen 2-3, Glee Club 1. TURLEY, FRANCIS EUGENE-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2-3, Hi-Y Model Legislature 3, Science 3. TURNER, DARLENE MARIE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Y-Teen 3, Spanish 2, German Club, Vice President 3: After School Sports 1-2, Letterwoman 1. UNDERHILL, CHARLES ROSS-Semester Honorable Mention 3. Transferred fiom Wichita High School East. UNRUH, JIM DIRKS-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Chess 1-2-3, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1. VAN AUSDALL, RUTHENA KAY-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Tepee Teasers 1-2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. VAN EATON, SHARON LEE-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Stu- dent Council 2, Sergeant at Arms 33 Proctor 3, Spanish, Vice President 35 After School Sports 2-3, Pep Band 2, Secretary Treasurer 3. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Y- Teen 1, Band 1, Latin Club 1, Bible Club 1, After School Sports 1. VEACH, JOAN RUBY-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1, Student Council 2, Secretary Treasurer 3g Proctor 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows, Cabinet and Council 2-3, Spanish 2, After School Sports 1-2, Health Council 2, Pep Assembly Chairman 3. WALKER, DONNA MAY-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Stamp 1, Pep Band 2-3, Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 1. WALLACE, RAYONA-Art 2, Red Cross 2, Semester Honorable Mention 3. WALTON, JOHN MONTE-Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Chess 2-3, Airplane 1, Football 1. WARE, ALAN MILLS-Semester Honorable Mention 3, Track 2-3, Wrestling 2-3, Pep Band 1-2-3, Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3. WARNER, SHARON LYNN-Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 2-3, After School Sports 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Pep Club 1. PAGE N INETEEN g fbi them if 05, 1 Zz. . Q 'I A ---.- '--" ,. ,., , ,,. Q xi X if W 'C 4 .. ,I M f '?i'.5. . ff 5 ---. . 1 - .,...-":' QV ' "'.' V 4' x V ,.,, A 1,1251-N' ' ' M. 1? .,.,,,,:g. .. .. Q., w fiiggz " gg. :5s5...,.,s 11,s5? .,..- .,:5- M, n ef . 5 ya., f 9 w.. I' ,,,,f 1 ei 2 4, K i - .5 :-, -. if A ' . 'inf we K Wx if Q " A . , gg tjff Q, 3 . .1-:- ,, I WATTS, ILA LAVERNE-Y-Teen 2-3. Bible 3, After School Sports. WATTS, NANETTE JEAN-Semester Honorable Mention 1-2. Latin 1, Y-Teen, 1-2-3, Nurses Club 2. Semester Honor Roll 3. WEBBER. VIRGIL-Track 1-2. WESTPHAL, DOROTHY MARIE WHARTON, SALLY RAE-Y-Teen 3, Pen Pal 2, Bible 1-2-3. WHITE, DONNA LOUAThespians 2-3, Semester Honor Roll Semester Honorable Mention 1-3, Amards 2, Y-Teen 2-3, Cheerleader Club 1-2-3, Red Cross 1, Cheerleader l-2-3. WHITE, MARK ANTHONY-Football 2-3, Track 1-2-3, Letter- man 1-2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 3. WHITNEY, JANE ELLEN- Semester Honor Roll 1-2-3, Proctor 3, Y-Teen 1-2, Cabinet and Council 3: Red Arrows 1-2-3. WILBUR, WILLARD CLAIR-Airplane 1-2, Square Dance 2-3, Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3, Letterman 2-3. WILEY, C. C,-Hi-Y 1-2, Chess 1, Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3, Wrestling 2-3, Letterman 2-3. WILKINSON, PAULINE ESTHER-Semester Honor Roll 1, Semester Honorable Mention 2, Amards 1, Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 1, Math 3, Bible 2. WILLIAMS, ROSETTA LAFAY-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Nurses Club 1-2, Bible 1, Semester Honor Roll 3. WILLIAMSON TREVA LEE-Semester Honorable Mention 2-3, Y-Teen 3, Tepee Teasers 3, Bible 2. Transferred from Wichita High School East, Speech and Drama Club 1. WILSON, CLEO LEE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Semester Honorable Mention 1. Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Bible 2, After School Sports 1-2, Chorus 2, Glee Club 3. WINTERS, JOHN FRANK-Chess 1-2-3. WOLFSKILL, JEAN ELAINE-Thespians 2, President 3: Semes- ter Honorable Mention 1-2, Amards 2, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-2-3, NORTH STAR, Assistant Editor 33 After School Sports 1, Leader Club 1, Quill and Scroll 3. WOOD, DON-Rifle 3, Pep Band 1-2, Band 1-2-3. WOODS, ROSELIND CLARE-Semester Honor Roll 2-3, Ger- man Club, Secretary 39 Amards 1, Y-Teen 2, Pen Pal, Presi- dent 3. Tepee Teasers 1, After School Sports 1. WORTHINGTON, GLENDA KAY-Business 3, Red Cross 1-3, Bible 1. Transferred from Valley Center, Kansas, Glee Club 2. Red Cross 2. WRIGHT, NOLA MAE-Y-Teen 1-3, Tepee Teasers 1-2-3, Square Dance 2, After School Sports. WYNN, DORRIS ANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Bible l-2-3, After School Sports 1-2. YACKLEY, RUTHANN-Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 1-3, Nurses Club 2, After School Sports 2. ZIMMERMAN, JULIA ANN-Semester Honorable Mention 2, Student Council 3, Semester Honor Roll 3, Y-Teen 1-2-3, Red Arrows 3, Business 2, Choir 2-3, Glee Club 1, Square Dance 1. High, Jerry-IN MEMOBIAM Nancy Fuller and Margaret Marsh are ready to go canoeing. Taking a quick breather at one of the sport dances are Bill Klopp, Bill Bass, Mark White and Clem Caster. Donna Lusk, Martha Budd, Sharon Galloup, Marilyn Maxedon, Adelia Johnson, and Donna Reed ride westward at a western party. Off to the North-East basketball game are C. C. Wiley. Gerald Cochran and Dean Hill. Eugene Turley, Robert Israel, and Larry McWhorter crank up an antique car from Eugene's collection. Enjoying themselves at a Christmas party are Norma Melville, Judy McWhorter, Carolyn Chester, Joyce Garfield, Laural Jensen and Marjorie Mallisee. Loafing on the job are Tom Millard, Bob Tharp, and Rex Martin. Jane Whitney, Pat Penix, Nancy Priddle, Ruth Olson, Sally Ingle, Carolyn James, Sharon Galloup, Jane Barrett, Marilyn Maxedon, Martha Shibley and Donna White spend a quiet Sunday together. Posing for the latest fashions awards are Nancy Martin and Eleanor Hoffman. Sonja Rule, Frances Gill, Shirley Scott, and Mary Sims pose on the Minisa bridge. Ringing in the New Year are Connie Harris, Sharon Van Eaton, Laiketa DeGeer, Joanne Honer, Pat Hastings and Estela Roman. Marcia Lunsford, Doris Mitchell, Mary Rogers, Nanette Watts, Roselind Woods, Marcia Johns, Carmen Smith, Kay Stauffer, Sandy Smyth, Colleen Taylor, Lois Strand, Joan Dunbar and Sue Perkins are doing activities of many sources. PAGE TWENTY Zlndmckwamw QA! 4 N1 IK imfifri 7'x5'fggv2 A A: in A Ziff' ,Xl 2 A KN A4 QQTE 55014, A! --, fjR.WCE'P!Pg5 X . Qu Q' Q7 4A 9 x gi LQ' M XJ X- v9 , Sf! I f 4 ' B Junior Home Room 306, Harold Wood, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Earlene Miller, Katherine Norwood,Naomi McLeod, Arlen Miller, Richard Mar- tin, Anita Navarro, Shir- ley Moore, Virginia Mar- tinez, Joann McLain. Row two: Margaret Mil- ler, Carolyn Miller, Shar- on Morris, David Moore, Richard McElroy, Char- lene Marr, Dalene Nic- olas, Beverly Moore, Judy Nay. Row three: Richard Montgomery, Robert McAllister, Garry Montre, David French, Curtis McClint0n, Lance Myers, Jimmy Myrtle, Don Neher, Bill Moutray, Ronald Rather. -mm 1 V Junior Home Room 215, Olin Hiebert, Teacher, Left to right, row one: Yvonda Applegate. Carol Abbott, Kathy Bender, Barbara Barrett, Roberta Andrews, Karen Beckel. Judith Bannon, Bobbie Bawl, Opal Berry. Row two: Dinah Lee Atherton, Glenna Ball. B.C.Atki- son, Carl Barbee, Roy Benjamin, Ronald Baird, Lou Ann Bertram, Betty Bandv, Mary Alexander, Mr. Hiebert. Row three: Arven L. Arnold, Alan Andrus, Pat Bachman, Lynne Berry, Harry Beach, Steve Berry, Dewane Grimes, Dennis Avery. i , John Bandy. :mari iso, . Junior Home Room 133, Victor Wentzel, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Judy Lewis, Marilyn Le- Clerc, Betty Kirkendall, Roselea Lamb, Donna Lyons, Marietta Knoffloch, Pat Lowe, Suzanne Klas- sen, Marilyn Kuhns. Row two: Jo Ellen Luper, El- -zie Loewen, Danny Lo- Vette, Don La Rue, Shar- on Langhover, Samuel Linderman, Glenda Law- son. Row three: Ronald Knowles, Steve Lester, Bob Lamkins, Arthur Lee, Willis Lewis, Mr. Went- zel. "ra-' M Junior Home Room G-4, Miss Ann Theilen, Teach- sr. Left to right, row one: ' Gloria Mesa, Karilyn Kuhns, Kaye Young, Mary Cox. Ruth Thomas, Le- nora Churning, Barbara Adams, Sandra Schenck. Jane Hartley. Row two: Irene George, Bonnie Fullen, Judy Berger, Barbara Arensberg, Bar- bara Wisman, Jackie Clark, Deloras Haworth, Jeanne Skaggs. Row three: Inez Cochran, Mildred Daniels, Aquilla Lewis. Emily Gould, Irene Ohls, Jacque Peterson, Sue Hesser. Row four: Donna Buchanan, Mary I-Iasler. Kay Anspaugh, Helen Foltz, Pat Harper, Janis Edwards, Jean Terrell, 11? Delores Dennett. Row five: Dorothy Dotson. Betty McClelland, Brenda Dick, Janet Hale, Janet Klopp, Lynne Berry. Jackie Coate, Carol Watson, Row six: Marilyn Riley, Dorothy Chrisman, Rowena Bosin, Jacqueline Sharshel, Karen Schuh, Sondra Byfield, Vera Marler. PAGE TWENTY-TWO Junior Home Room 300, Dell Johnson, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Lee Dora Mundahl, Mar- ilyn Wattenbarger, Lila Faye Schubert, Betty Fuller, Judy Byrnes, Flor- ence Samples, Ruth Tur- ley. Row two: Mr. John- son, Max Land, Glen Marks, Gary McManis. Don Morgan, Delbert Rohr. Row three. Thom Marsh, Wesley Jones, Don Conner, Jimmy Brumbe- low, Tom Marks. 2 . as 1 Junior Janice Bonita 1+-1 , Erwin, W Ernest ,pf Junior Home Room B-2, Joe Lee, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Eddy Swafford, Arley Rinehart, Craig Underhill, Roger Angle, Jay Thomas, Charles Santiago, Charles Riddle, Vernon Smart, Charles Winesberry. Row two: James Gulick, Erwin Failes, Don Wilson, Rog- er Kite, Bix Archer, Jerry Ross, Bruce Bogart, Jerry Downs, Ralph Edwards, Row three: John Lewis, Jon Childs, James Hyde, Bob Holloway, John Mc- Teer, Larry Meeker, Ray- mond Slusser, Lelon Por- ter, Larry Robinson. Lee Autry Robinson. Row four: Mr. Lee, James Wilson, Eugene Mercer, Johnny Wells, Larry Burchfiel, Bill Hudson, David French, Bob McAll PAGE TWENTY-THREE X at Junior Pinon, Fleury, Eberly. DuVall, Home Room 231, Robert Richardson, Teach- er. Left to right, row one: Jack Faith, Tony Dis- muke, Elvin Fox, Billy Ewertt, Mary June Field, Mary Ellsworth, J a n Douglas. Row two: Jack- ie Foster, Peggy Emery, Ferrel, N o r r i s David Emmerich, Dorrah, Sharon Row three: Darrel Jim Ford, Bruce Jimmy Francisco, Drowatzky, Rich- ard Fey, Janet Dix, Pat Downey, Mr. Richardson. Home Room 113, Miss B e r n i c e Payne, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Helen Palacio, Stella Resa, Arleta Plat- ter, Pat Reagan, Jim Rapp, Carlene Reid, Con- nie Richardson, Jo Lee Daisy Reid. Row two: Iva Jean Richter, Jerry Parker, Sue Pruitt, Susan Payne, Larry Rich- ardson, Harold Oakes, Paul O'Ma1ley, Earl O'- Malley, Eunice Pollard. Row three: Laura Rad- cliff, Roberta Rhodes, Betty Platt, Darryl Phil- lips, Lyle Phillips, Bill Rex, Bentley Phillips, Ruth Powers, Miss Payne. ister Don Maddox, Eddie Hancock. Junior Home Room 375. Miss Kathryn Brown. Teacher. Left to right. row one: Ila Castle. Marjorie Brown, Sonia Bryant, Delta Bilyew, Joyce Bilhartz, Ray El- len Burdick, LaDonna Blair, Sue Chandler. Row two: Carletta Brown, Bar- bara Blackburn, Mary Chase, Linda Chapman. Joann Childers, Lorraine Blackshere, Maxine Bos- ley, Vicki Brodbeck. Row three: Gary Calkins. Jer- ry Cartwright, David Brakebill, Leroy Brewer, Lewis Carpenter, David Calico, Donald Brown. Eldon Brown, Row four: Gary Bickham, Rob Brandes, Gary Bettis, Mike Campbell, Byrnine Buser, Jerry Blythe. Junior Home Room 212, Miss Dorothy Hubbard, Teacher. Left to right row one: Jerry Holman, Sondra Hatfield, Deloras Haworth, Beverly Hibbs. Row two: Karen Hicker- son, Myrna Herron, Mary Hillis, Sue Hesser, Wanda Heritage, Bonnie Heiron- imus, Norma Helm, Bar- bara Hartman, Ruth Hog- lan. Third row: John Howland.I..ester Hoy.Rex Higgins, Jim Haskell, Billy Heatwole, Mary Hasler, Arlene Headrick, Don Henderson. Row four: Frankie Hoover, Junia Hodge, Chuck Heroneme, Dennis Hodges, Howard Hegr, Wayne Herring. Wilma Heritage, Sharri Harwick, Billie Herbert. Junior Home Room A-l. Mrs. Minnie Drowatzky. Teacher. Left to right, row one: Gail Woolman. Sharon Whitt. Gary Wil- liams, George Wilson, Ed- win Zimmerman, Dottie West, Sherry Wright, Rose Williams. Row two: Eu- gene White, Patsy Wine- garner, Charlene Wood- son, David Parsons, Mar- shall Wolfe, Glen Wil- liams, Jackie Williams, Kaye Young. Row three: Donald Winsor, Jerry Wagoner, Russell West. Bob Will, James Wright. Mrs, Drowatzky. si -. Junior Home Room 230, John Nold, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Betty Hanna, Gwen Gould, Bonnie Harries, Margaret Fulk, Kathryn Galloway. Beverly Frank. Annette Harper, Kenneth Geis- dorf. Row two: Larry Harris, Don Hansen, Wan- da Gentry, Nancy Gra- ham, Helen Habernigg. Janet Grett, Clara Har- per, George Greenway. Row three: Marvin Fra- zier, Maurice Harper. Homer Garrison, Jim Had- ley, Denny Furst. Johnny Hale, Golda Grubb. Row four: Maurice Goodrich. Don Graves, Larry Gould. Jim Grimes, Dennis Frank- lin, Mr. Nold, PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Junior Home Room 278, Miss Nora Stosz, Teach- er. Left to right, row one: Bette Stuber, Lavon Thomas, Wilma Smith, Jo Anne Terrell, Irene Tho- mas, Betty Stickel. Bar- bara Thompson, Judy Slaymaker. Row two: Mar- cia Stevens, Margie Smith Victor Smith, Walt Thomp- son, Stan Smith, Robin Thorpe, Sam Stranathan. Vonda Svoboda. Row three Miss Stosz, LeRoy Stimp- son, ,Jimmy Stewart. Michael Starnes, Guy Spear, L. K. Terrell. Phillip Smith. Row four: Cammie Thomas, Bill Smith, Larry Stowe, Larry Smith. l E ' E Junior Home Room 215, Miss Dorothy R 0 b b . Teacher. Left to right, row one: Peggy Jeffer- son. Gloria Hunter, Ver- onica Johnson. Willie Mae Jones, Lou Ann Hunt. Darlene Jones, Verna Kanady. Sonja James, Marla Jensen. Row two: Charles Karr, Joan James. Mary Hughes. Berniece Jones, Lowell Hurtig, Bon- ny Johnson, Mary Kelly. Juanita King. Row three: Glen Hupp. Thomas King, Max D. King, Nathaniel Ingram, Charles Jeffreys. Mike Joyce, Ronnie Irion, Row four: Larry Kerwin. Raymond Kent. Paul Humann, Les Johnson. PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Junior Home Room 113, Miss Celia Canine, Teach- er. Left to right, row one: Hazel Scudder, Judy Schneider, Carrol Sher- wood. Jayne Ross, Con- nie Sawyer, Georgia Run- ft, Winona Sechrist, Doris Short. Norma Ryman, Row two: Harold Schwind, Tommy Simpson, Jean Shelton, Doreen Schiefel- bein, Miss Canine, Judy Simmons, Charles San- tiago, Philip Seymour. Row three: Arthur Risser. Jim Ross, Jerry Sims, Tommy Russell, Richard Sanchez, William Sanders. Louis Brown. Row four: James Rush, John Rupf, Don Rudrow, Charles Rummery. Junior Home Room 201, Roy Harmon, Teacher, Left to right. row one: Janice Crockett, Glenda Cline, Virginia Davis. Darlene Davidson. Jo- dene Cook, Mary Cox, Nancy Conine, Ramona Coleman, Fredericka Craa vens, Row two: Pauline Conrad, Inez Cochran, Gary Cocking, Melvin Daniels, Pat Coleman, Rosamary Davis, Karen Clark. Daniel Coscia, Dora Detwiler Row three:Bob Condit, David Davis, Bill Col-Ioon, Don Crowl, Jim- my Cox, Clinton Clark. David Danielson. Row four: Mr. Harmon, J, D. Land, Charles Clark. Sophomore Home Room 117, Miss Roberta Smith, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Lauretta ,Wil-. liams Mary yarn, Tom- my Wright, Don Wies- ner, Ursula Young, Wil- berta Woodson, Bertie May Wilson. M2!'t'gy Pet- tit, Della Wj iaigns.-Row two: Eugene iley, Mari- lyn Wink, Keith Koontz, Kent Salisbury, Oliver Simbley, Judy Winegar- ner, Bill Winters. Row three: George Bullock. Cecil Smith, Bob Woods, Victor Whirleman, David Yust, Bob Wiechman, Miss Smith. ' ' nav' Junior Home Room A-3, W. Hughes Davis, Teach- er. Left to right, row one. Anita Vance, Wanetta Vance, Barbara Ward. Janie Wallace, Deanna Walker, Ernestine Tin- chcr, Naomi Tucker. San- dra VanLeu, Roma Wed- del. Row two: Luella Trembley, Ella Jean Wag- ner, Mary Watts. Larry Turner, Jerome Wheeler, Robert Tickle, Kathryn Watkins, Bob Watkins. John Tompkins. Row three: Carolyn Valentin. Jacque Webber, Rodriga de Trianer, Jack Van Es, Earl Vanderhoff, Don Wells, Bill Weber. Mr. Davis. my Sophomore Home Rooni 377. Frank Willett, Teach- cr. Left to right, row one: Larry Byers, Eugene Ball, Rodney Behrhorst. Lonnie Berry, - ker Billy Alls ury, Mike 'B"'egole, ' Mike Baimn. John Barrientos. Row two: Jai e B'r Bill Armstrongi arry Rath- er. fliiniiiy Abney, Jim Arther, Richard Allen. Larry Bayouth, Marion Allen. Row three: Jerry Arensberg. Tony Creamer, Al Branson, John Bur- banks, Phil Archer. Eu- gene Bryant, Gary An- drews. Row four: Philip Blauer. Charles Allsted. Roy Breaker, Vern Bera- nek. Sophomore Home Room 226, R. J. Coile, Teacher. Left to right. row one: gglgges Covey. Julene. unn1n.El1a,m, Anna Deluge herty, ,Iune Crews, Pat Compton, Ruth Crockett, Sharon Cooper, Gggggig CQ5, Barbara Coo Row tw5T"T6Hn U3 Lawrince Cotton, Vaughn Davidson, L. L. Cotter, Diane Coufal, Barbara Criswell, Carl Cooper. Dollie Cousins, Carrie Dause. Row three: Bob Dalton Stewart Cum- mins, flerry Crabtree, Roy Corzine, Don Danielson, Curtis Creed, R. J. Coile. PAGE TWENTY-SIX Sophomore Home Room 211, Miss Gladys Mason, Teacher. Left to right, row one: Gloria Morris. Sandra Miller, Faye Nel- son, Mickey Miller, H1114-J, Niles 5' Qrlpw. onna -unlilf ' ?atsEqlVloreiTOT'Ro'v's7'fw5g ewe 'IWHUYTETH Martha Morehead. Jawngv- Moore. Ronnie Morris, -YFTHIIS' Mitchell, Don Mill6T,JOQH, Musick, Mmerh Rowmfhreez elvi e orrfs, Jolene Meeds. Betty Mil- b'5'f1'R'f"lfaro e Miller, Billy H. Myers, Billy O. Myers, Nancv Muhlenbruch.Gla- dys Nealh n hs.. Sophomore Home Room 380, Miss Ava Stephens. Teacher, Left to right, row one:J ' Hardiman Charlotte Guihrief afi' tha Hall, Janeen H 3 ton 'E'rnE'ST"'Griffiths, M531 n ' a , Jarrel ar ic, ay rp, Wil- lie Hol o Row two: aro yn eerf Ger- aldine Ha1ey,Naqn1j,Ham-- iltgp, Yetive Pribbenow, Jf'xCE,.AI1n.f,iel.d,. Beverly arcourt, Emma Hall- mark, Karen Groe. Row three: Johnie Hardman, Rodger Hayes .Gary Hake, Gus Harper, Jimmie Hays. Bobby Gutierrez, Warren Harper, Miss Stephens. --' 1 - I PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN an Sophomore Home Room 175, H. F. Wiley, Teacher, Left to right, row one: Eula Thornhill, Julius Thomas, e Um- phrey, John uc , f o TT Thomas, ,Roberta Suth,-Bil1 Thoinasfmgry 1-irry Shgligan, ow wo: n er- WQQQQQSUSBH layiomrif- nie odd, Jim Theakston, Bob Turner, anyce Tunison, Mr. Wiley. Row three: Jean Turner, Eldora Timbers, Bobby Treat, Larry Tho- mas, Ray Tyson, Werner Tevfel, Junior Swain. Larry Trim, N a n C y Thompson. ny.. Sophomore Home Room G-3, Mrs. Peggy McCluen. Teacher. Left to right. row one: Wanda Will- banks, Maryln Scheide- nan, Barbara Smith, Judy Rice, K N' Glenda Wallace, Ju Y ' ' , Helen Os- borne, Nonie Releford, Sylvia Owens. Row two: Karen Neff, ,Pgg-M1525 Judith Winter, Margaret Thomas, Georgia Wynn, Barbara Thompson, Verna Propst. Row three: Joyce ghelps Barbara STTUURA. ve ' H 1 ri e , Zinn Westphal, Kay Phillips, Patricia Powers. Sophomore Home Room 208, Miss Bessie Good- year, teacher. Left to right, row one: Karlene Franklin, Douglas Green, Shirle ' ,Cambm ennis G i 1 e, ea rice Gonzales, 11 lynn-Y Fisher, Vicki ' - more, Wilma Francisco. Row two: ' , Bernice Few, erry a - dis, Douglas Garrison, Patricia Frizzel, Mary Fox, Mar Frankli Le- quetta . ree: Ronnie Fullen, Lamar Genteman, ' For Ann isc er, er, Leonard ee or , Greg Gray, San- dra Fenton, Norma Fritts. Row four: Richard Ger- ety. Dennis Fauss, Bill L. Fish, Fred Gilbert. Warren Gilkey, Derel Grammont, Gary Gray. Sophomore Home Room 209, ' ' '- an teac er. e 1 to 'r1gEf, row one: Qhgso te , Leo Howe, ice o er, Raymond Hof- fman, Beryl Jean Ingles, Joretta Holaday, Shan- non Jo Heiner, o -Holmes. P 'l . 'R'6'vi7' two: yn a Bet Hope, dag V H. ary o man, Hagan Howell. Juanita o ge, ' . elmss- Ora ' QB-iii a acks . Miss au an. ow ree: David Hind- erliter, obb Jon Mae H1 on, 1 Hunt- singer, Howard Hudspeth, Ron Irion, Jimmy Hop- kins, Roger Hatchett. QI in rv-fl' Sophomore Home Room 119, Donald Martinson, Teacher. Left to right, row one:Clyde McDonald. Willma Maddock, Kath- erine Lee, Jimml-4y1Mathis. James Lorance, o aye Ma er Sandra an. Bar'B'a'fa Maddermagw Means. Row two: at LTRS, Dan McKown,Jean Limper, Nancy McClel- land, Rachael McFate, Mike McCarty, JoAnn Mc- Kay, Oliver Manuel, Myatt Lipscomb. Row threc: Roger Marshall, Richard Leslie, Bill Lock, John McCarrier, Willard Mc- Guire, Rex Lewis, Julian Lopez, Mr. Martinson. si R--..,. Sophomore Home Room 376, ' teacher. Lefltl to rig , row one: anc Bell, Ka :sary erian s y, Diane Brasted. Beverly Bass, Diana Brew- er, Nancy Lee Beach, ' i Daw Elsie Bon- am. o two: Carolyn Brown, Judy Blevins. Wanda Bethune, Bggallzy Alexander, Carole ra - c , ie B a ' '. Sharon e 6 ,-5 1 , Martha Benne- H!!fd?D'bris Bonham. Row three: Miss Weaver, Tyylah Sharp. L1nd17IAdkinis3. sian, Aligning ary er in. Dar ene Achey, Alge Percival. 1 PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Sophomore Home Room A-2. Mrs. Mary Helen Mastin, teacher. Left to right, row one: Sarah Seevers, Betty Saft, Car- ole Sellers. Larry Sals- bury, John Ryan, Connie Schwind, Doris Scovel. Mary Lee Shaw. Marcia Rule. Row two: Myrna Schenck, Sue Schuessler, Steve Sandwich, Danny Schaeffer, Alvin Schmidt, Mary Schlesinger. Jeanne Shafer. Row three: Bob Sample, John Sherwood, Terry Shadegg. Sandra Sapp, Ronnie Schraeder, Nancy Shockley, Law- rence Sheffler, Joseph Sanders. Mrs. Mastin. 1341 Sophomore Home Room B-3 Glen Browne, teach- er. Left to right, row one: Charles Pearson. Charles Morawitz, Ervin Davolt. Gary Lawson. Armand Little, Danny Bradley, R 0 n n i e Gall, George Hess, Fredrick Cravens, Cleon Jones. Nor- man Eveland,John Booze, B Kenneth An- derson, reddy Frendle. Row two: Milburn Heard, Gene Butcher, James Douglas, Dean Hunsaker, John Rice, Billy West, Barry Cope, Garry Brown. Sophomore Home Room l12, Miss Ruth McCor- mick. teacher. Left to right, row one: Jackie Newman, Alice Nichols, Shirle Osuna. Bonnie Pat- ferson,u.Tani6e Pickering, Pat Phillips, Barbaga Pepa per, Jud Norpji, vere Newholisg. ow wo: Glen Phillips. Darwin Newton, Caro Olmstead, John arret, 4 "Nobel, R 0 s e ' ames e ercot. Dick Nelson. Row three: Van- ice Phillips, Gene Nich- olson, Phyllis Phillips, Charles Parks. Peg Og- bert, Larry Peterson. Richard Perry. Row three: Jim Patterson. Gasy--Os--. borne Larry Paul, Jun- ior Ohtt. Gary,vLee Os- borne. NW . .s VA.. - Sophomore Home Room 206, Mrs. Lydia Koby. teacher, Left to right, row one: Kay Larson. Carmen Jenkins, Sharon Eelleis Joyce King, Car- oe enkins, Betty JO. Law, Carolyn ones, Al- ice Jordan, Pat Kinney. Karen Keller. Row two: Larry Jones, Janice Knut: sen, Judy La'nT5ert, Bar- 'bara' Junker, Tom Kerr, Leonard Jacobs, Rogene Johnson, Jody Jackson, Rogert Jgnenez, Kathryn o nso . ow three-:Larry Kaiffabon Junod, Larry Jeffrxesf Lenzie Jones, Rodney Langley, Floyd Jordan, Mike Jenkins, Ronnie James Jr., John Ledesma, Mrs. Koby. X f Wx M QW if W f I Jimmy Edwards. Bill Manely, Gerald Phelps, R u er, John ar son, a d Ki Row three: 1 n , Jerry Wlgington, Bob Mcliinne , Donald Henderson, Phili Bl ob Pendergast, Herbert Jenkins, James Bonger, Richard Prebst, Col m P auer' rlfeggyift: dBL1g2,?fcn'RI,3Vm figgfffwaalog ggfgqarkemilfsr vghptifi' Jerry Walker, Joe Martin, Lar Darrell Hurt, Richard vin, ike Rowl, Jerrg' Buller, John Davis, Bob Gillean, Stephan glial' PAGE TWENTY-NINE x Ui ,HJC L ix Sophomore Home Room 214, Mrs. Joan Shearer. teacher. Left to right. row one: helia S cer, Jhg-,mice imo , QD' d37"5tevens,,Nancy Sparks, Loretta Stephei, Joan Smith, 113111- 129156115 Jt1dy J0yce Simp- son. wo: Judy Simp- son, Carolyn Shomber. Kay Stauffer, Delano Shultz, Steve Speakman, Kathleen Slattery, De- loris Short, Mary Sims. Row three: Ronnie Step- hens, Roger Stanley, osar, 'Ifex.StAu.t. ear Hard' , :Lack- Stout, Larry ewart, Thomas Stafford. Row four: Stan i , om John u ,m'B'i'HI glprgilggs, Archie Shonk, Eddie Smock. Sophomore Home Room 115, Miss Laura Smith. teacher. Left to right, row one: Josephine Cha- vez, Paul Chandler. Jo Ann Carter, Joyce Clark, Beverly Clark, Judy Co- der, arlen so, Marie Coatg' 'Caqrolyn Clark. Row two: Artie Charlene Caylor, Pat Chenoweth, Harry Clare, Ben Camp, Elmer Carlton, Delmar Clark, Mary Carpenter, Tony Chavez. Row three: Jim Carrell, Dick Cathey. Kenneth Clark, Judy Church, Larry Collins, Margie Childers. Gerald Childers, Donald Carter. Sophomore Home Room 275, Roy Metcalf, teach- er. Left to right, row one: Betty Poland, ,Seann na Reed NBDCY. .111 constrsns' Romans louise Ross, Roberta Rogers, Sandra Ritter, GGOPSB 'Po1.'fS, Mark Pryor. Row two: Ernest Reed, Rich- ard Rosendale, Evlyn Rogers, Gilbert Roman, Dwight Ragsdale, Mich- ael Prince, Pruitt, Jerry Pritchar . Row three: Gene Rasler, Phil- lip Reed, Thane Rogers, Joyce Reed, Harold Rayl, Ella Mae Prince, Bill Pierce, Jerry Prichard. Row four: Mr. Metcalf, Charles Piland, Bob Pra- ther. Sophomore Home Room 176, Miss Christa Fisher, teacher. Left to right, row one: Carol Epps, Mary Davis, Doris Davis, Beverly Debrot, Linda Ellis, Deanna Dodge, Eula Jane Davis, Nodra Davis, Ruth Allison. Row two: Carl Doyle, Jerry Davis, ob Denny, Robert Dvorak, Marvin Davis, Donald Ewertt, Dennis Ekstrom, Gerald Eveland. Row three: Kath- leen Drake, Glenna Jo English, Juanita Dit- more, Steve Ernst, Dwight Deal, Ginger Dunn. Judy Emmett. Row four: Miss Fisher, Bob Evans, Bud Ellis, Bill Day, Darrel Duncan, Marvin Bailey. R PAGE THIRTY Sophomoe Home Room. Mrs Patricia Levi, teach- er. Left to right. row one: Marilyn Allen. Egjg ricja-gfzleary Willie Pearl Holloway, Rosalie'A"F'ordT Helen Miller, Connie. CamD'bTe'I1T'M'a'ft'Ha Angleyb Norma LT Land. Mary Kay Lee. Row two: Juli- anne Martin. Betty Churn- ing, Virgina Fitzmaurice, Carolyn Davis. Jimmie Lou Haggard, Vonola Baiding. Sharon Castle- berry. Row three: Judee Hundley, Janie M a e Finch, Mrs. Levi, .Joycfg Armfielq, Julie Lawyer. I 9 Sophomore Home Room 301, John Sheffield. teach- er. Left to right, row one: Betty Ortiz, Sherry Weem Rosalyn 'EI'Iiott, Loreeta Curtis, Margaret Armstrong, Nancy Roys- ton, -Patsy Calhounb Elaine , W0odrn'3YT.'R5WTwo: Gene Broecker,'Jack Ray, Anna. Marie AttiliQaRonnie'Zent. Clffdiif Sara li , Andrew Hicks. Jo Yi'Mgers, Cloyd Floyd. Row three: Larry Stephenson, Bill VB. Mc- Caslin Frederick Robin- son, Woodrow Hyde, Ver- lin Brown, M a x i n Q Thoma,s. Mr. Sheffield. 'X xv 5 PAGE THIRTY-ONE Sophomore Home Room 182, Cecil Gobel, teacher. Left to right, row one: Sharon Walker, Pat Went- worth, Lilila Mazella Walker, vgharfxn WatgpsQe7 Shirley eak , Ruth aner. Clydezir Ward, Maxine Warrendex. R0'W'two: Larry Walker, Harold Wilhelm. Melva Welch, Larry Wade, Carol Vanderwood, Yan- dell Welch, Garry Wade, Dale- gegygr, Henry Voy- les. ow three: Paul Walker, Ronnie Weemsf Ralph V'aldes, Earl West. Charles Weber,,Bob Van Buren. Row four: Mr. Gobel, Larry G. Walker, Dick White, Harvey White, Harold Warner. These are typical class- room shots. Upper left: is a portion of Miss Gwen Weaver's sewing class is hard at work on one of its projects. Upper right: Don Meyer operates a. lathe. Lower left: An English class is in ses- sion. Lower right: Ken- neth Taylor demonstrates welding equipment for Leo Feurt. as it Sophomore and Junior Home Room Office, Wesley Lauterbach, Teacher, Left to right, row one: Mr. Lauterbach. Allan De- Water. Mary Cox. Zenas Davidson. Robert Pouncil, Howard Harrold undcvz 66444 Officefzc President . .. . .. Girls' Vice President Boys' Vice President Sccrt tary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Sophomore and Junior Home Walt Thompson Betty Layman George Piersol . Jeanne Huntsinger Betty Sullivan Room 131. Kenneth Taylor, teacher. Left to iight. row one: Russell Clem, Glenard Harris, Mr. Taylor Kirke Hatfield, Harold Brubaker. iv, 'F ,- f,., . as Sophomore and Junior Home Room 229, Robert Hollowell, teacher. Lett to right, row one: Iris LaMunyon, Pat McKnight, Rosalind Mead. Ann Kincheloe, Betty Layman, Jane Harper. Shirley Hinkle. Sylvia Justvig. Nancy Nagel, Elaine Tlivmas. Row two: Don Wilson, John Hall, Richard Hauser, Kenneth Miller. Alan Moore, Jerry Lovern, Ramon Blatt, Mr. Hollowell. Junior Class Officers. Left to right, row one: Betty Sullivan. Jr-anne Huntsinger, Betty Layman. Row two: Walt Thompson, George Piersol, Sophomore :ind Junior Home Room 205, James Mader. teacher. Loft ti: right, row one: Stephanie Brooks. Carolyn Allmond, Judy Workman, Carolyn Murphy. Pat Foster. Jerie Thoinas.,,Iu1ia Jenkins. Row two: Judy Faulkner, Norma Dunlavy, Richard White. Larry Luns- lord, Victor Het-kart. Eileenv Jenkins. Kay Peer, Mr, Mader, ' ' ' an QW PAGE THIRTY-TWO M I4 a . fa 4 hhbffphmmf WM S , 'f A-f Z-315149 r+Jr+ r 3+ K 9 jf H5 Lf 7 X v sm .Putting out the paper was the first semester STAR staff, Seated at the typcwriters are Rex Martin, sports editor: Martha Shibley, assistant sports editor: and V Mary Rogers, columnist: standing are JoAnn Jackson, circulation manager: Jerrie Pickens, clubs: Clairnelle Taylor, assistant teature editor: Pat Pemx, feature editor: and seated at the desk are Adelia Johnson, editor: and Carolyn James, assistant editor. Proofing the pages are the second se- mester editors. Mar- cella Kerrick. as- sistant editor: Nan- cy Fuller, editor and Jean Wolfskill, third page editor. Cropping pictures and checking lay o u t s f 0 r t e TOWER is Clair- nelle Taylor, edi- tor. Working in the staffs. At the left 1 fi' During the year, the NORTH STAR staff turned out 26 regular editions of the paper, plus two six page papers. A series of articles on the prevention of tuberculosis, printed during the first semester, won a state award. Meeting deadlines, prepar- ing page makeup, writing headlines, and proofreading are just a few of the things done each week to put out the STAR. Surprising North's students with an eight page April F0ol's paper was the second semester staff. dark room are North's two photographers who develop and print pictures for both the .NORTH STAR is David Parsons who has just developed a negative and at the right enlarging a pictu err i Y re 1sJ y Rector. 5 -1 O E :fl so A JJ PAGE THIRTY-FOUR i PQ . s., '.:,, 2 4.2 eww, g ,g .. W A Jim Bussard consults Mrs. Minnie Drowatzky The beginning journalists, who will be the STAR staff next fall, are first row, about a problem on the sports page, left to right, Mary June Field, Annette Harper and Jeanne Skaggs. Second row: Mary Hillis, Frankie Hoover. Ernest Drowat7ky, David Parsons. Barbara Arensberg. Senior pictures are taken early in October and action shots of games, parties and plays follow. The TOWER staff is chosen and Work begins. Lay- outs are planned, more pictures are taken, caption and copy is written, and pages are checked and re-check- ed. When the TOWER comes out in May it is agreed that it's a Worth- ' A U A I While project. uprrhtiibi?e?gi?1engNJ8llgI'rl-?h?'i'.01ig: to deliver to the fourth hour classes. The second semester NORTH STAR staff are first row, left to right: Clydene Stancer, advertls- ing manager: Ernestine Tincher. alumni editor: Marcella Kerrick, assistant editor: Shirley Scott, feature editor and Mary Sims, circulation manager. Second row on the stairs are: Nancy John- son, typist: Jean Wolfskill, third page editor: DJnna Reed, advertising manager: Joanne Honer, business manager: Nancy Fellers, reporter: Beverly Spencer, columnist: Nancy Fuller, editor: and Elsa Haupt, reporter. Third row: Jim Bussard, sports editor: Clem Caster, proofreader: Martin Hiltner, proofreader: Dean Miller, club editor: Jerry Rector, photographer: Lloyd Kropf, sports editor: Don Selph, reporter: Verna Decker, assistant circulation manager, and Jerrie Pickins, feature editor. IBottom r1ght.l Putting out the yearbook is the '55 TOWER staff, First row. left to right, are Beverly Spencer, snapshot editor: Donna Clark, club editor: and Nancy Fellers, business manager. Second row: Pat Penix, underclassmen editor: Adelia Johnson, senior editor: and Carolyn James, activity editor. Third row: Elsa Haupt, snap- shots: Clydene Stancer, underclassmen: and Nancy Fuller, circu- lation manager. Not pictured are Martin Hiltner, faculty editor: Rex Martin, sports editor: Clairnelle Taylor, editor: and Mary Rogers, activity editor. 'uv' 'ilu PAGE THIRTY-FIVE Kay Anspaugh and Beginning jour- nalists sell papers at the cafeteria door each week, Members of the concert band are Flutes: Carole Koci, Donna Walker, Shirley Hinkle, Mary Hillis, and Pat Hastings. Clarinets: Rose- lind Mead, Pat McKnight, Jerry Lovern, Elaine Thomas, Richard Hauser, Sandra Ritter, Betty Sullivan, Margaret Miller, Jan Douglas, Doris Mitchell, Carmen Jenkins, Carol Riffel, Judy Springfield, Bill Day, Peggy Ogbert, and Dora Mundahl. Alto Clarinet: Ann Kincheloe. Bass Clarinet: Betty Law and Sharon Van Eaton. Oboe: Carolyn Miller. Basson: Betty Layman. Alto Saxophone: Jo Ann Terrell and Jean Ann Terrell. Tenor Saxophone: Vernon Smart. Baritone Saxophone: Richard Nelson. French Horn: Ross Pike, Richard King, Ronald Irion, Carolyn Davis, Gene Rusler, and Marilyn Wattenbarger. Cornet and Trumpet: Alan Ware, Richard Heckhart, Sylvia Justvig, Larry Sullivan, Bob Pendergast, Jerry Ross, Bob Slosar, Myatt Lipscomb, and Darryl Irion. Trombone: Bob Cobble, John Hall, Iris La Munyon, Luzella Smith, and Tom Stees. Baritone: Bob Holloway, Ronald Stephens, Mike Begole, and Bix Oreher. Basses: Kenneth Miller, L. L. Cotter, Maurice Goodrich, and Don Woods. Percussion: Russell Clem, Phillip Layman, Tom Russell, David Danielson, Billy Moutry, Mary Sims, Glenda Clare, and Laiketa DeGeer. The instrumental music is under the di- rection of Robert Hollowell. One of the high- lights of the year was the spring concert given January 17. Music ranged from Bach to Ferde Grofe so there was a large variety of numbers. The concert band, the orchestra, and the string ensemble took part in this program. The band was divided this year after the football season forming a concert band for the more experienced members and a train- ing band for less experienced students. Programs were given by the concert band at almost all the Wichita intermediate schools and Sacred Heart Academy. They also gave an assembly at North. The marching band performed at all home football games. One of its best half time ceremonies depicted a carnival with a merry- go-round, a big top, and even a strong man. During the half time at the Newton football game, the band aided the Red Arrows as the club marched and did formations with yells. In addition to those in the concert band, these people are in the marching band: Martha Hall, Gloria Morris. Tex Stout, Ray Tyson, Patsy Moreno, and Sherian Ashby, Kent Salisbury, Eugene Bryant, Herbert Jenkins, Lowell Hurtig. Billy Smith, and Philip Blauer. Roger Stanley, Larry Jefferies, Don Lessenden, Marilyn Grove, Larry Sheffer, Ralph Edwards, Don Neher, and Alan Andrus. Members of the Pep Band are as follows, first row, left to right: Tommy Russell, Nancy Nagel, Carole Koci, Donna Walker, -Rosellnd Mead, Pat McKnight, Jerry Lovern, Elaine Thomas, Jan Douglas, Sharon -Van Eaton, Betty Layman, Doris Mitchell, Ann Kincheloe, Second row: Bill Moutry, Jean Ann Terrell, Jo Ann Terrell, Vernon Smart, Iris La Munyon, John Hall, Bob Cobble, Tommy Stees, Ross Pike, Bob Holloway. Third row: Bob Hollowell, director, Phillip Seymour, Russell Clem, Larry Sullivan, Sylvia Justvig, Alan Ware, Bob Peridergast, Jerry Ross, Darryl Irion, Carolyn Davis, and L. L. Cotter. PAGE THIRTY-SIX Orchestra members are first violins: Jane Harper, Arley Rinehart, Betty Law, Harrold Hutchison, Shirley Hinkle. Jane Moore, Mary Ellsworth, and Jimmy Stewart. Second violin: David Yust, Norma Land, Victor Whiteman, Alice Nichols, Janet Jenkins, Billy Weber, Eldon Fox, and Betty Kirkendall. Viola: Don Wilson and Barbara Pepper. Cello: Ethlyn Nichols and Judy Bensch. Bass violin: Willie Moore and Mabel Royal. Flute: Carol Koci. Oboe: Ramon Blatt. Clarinet: Rosalind Mead. Pat McNight, and Alan Moore. Bassoon: Betty Layman. Saxophone: Jean Terrell and Jo Terrell. French Horn: Ross Pike and Dick Ring. Trumpet: Alan Ware. Jerry Ross. and Sylvia Justvig. Trombone: Bob Cobble and John Hall. Drums: Phillip Seymour and Russell Clem. Piano: Richard White. The rodeo and centennial parades were two of the events in which the marching band participated. They were led by Pat Hastings, drum majorette, and twirlers Laiketa DeGeer, Sherian Ashby, Shirley Hinkle, Mary Sims, and Martha Hall. The pep band played at all home and several out of town basketball games. They also performed at pep assemblies and made several appearances at Red Arrows' meet- ings. At all occasions where they played, the North High spirit was boosted high. The orchestra participated in the spring concert and had a special school assembly. Although the group did not have the oppor- tunity to appear before the student body often, it was enthusiastically received at its performances. Its programs contained some of the best known composers' works includ- ing Bach and Beethoven, as well as popular V The string ensemble members, right to left are Bett Law Shirley music- Hlnkle, Ja ar , Arley Rinehart, Betty Kirkendall. cor hiteman, The Sophomgre Girls' Gleg partici- pated in the vocal music concerts. From this group will come the Choir and other major music groups in the next few years. Here experience and training are received. Alice c os, o Wilson, Judy Bensch, and Ethlyn Nichols. Robert Hollowell is director of the group, Sophomore Girls Glee Club members are Sarah Seevers, Kay Larson, Karen Brewer, Marv Wyant, Judv Blevins, Carrie Dause J ' i n, Carol Epps, Vicki' Gilmore, l.aurLtt.:L..Willian1s, Deanne Reed., Judy RTL-e, Barbara Coonrod, Linda Ellis. Karlene 1 an etty Poland in the first row. Second row: Anna Daugherty Mary Carpenterk Carolyn Olmstead, Sharon Watersoig Nancy' ee ea h, Bonnie Fern, Julie Lawyer, Coleen Atherton, 'CharIotfe"GLit'h ie. Janyce Tunisori, Prestine Cozart, Ruth Waner Carol Holmes, Alice Jordan. Shannan Heiner, and .Sana Stevens., Third row: Ruth Allison, Carolyn Murphy, Sue Schuessler, Judy Stepheng Roberta Suth, Anna Marie Attilio, Carolyn omlier, Kathleen Slattery, Mary Hoffman. Connie Campbell, Faye Clingerman, il1jrJ?g76F'ish'e1',-Maxine" Thomas. Consuelo Roman, Julianne Martin, Margaret Armstrong, Jean Limper, Johnnie Gean. Fourth row: Jo nn estphal, Rachael McFate, Beryl Jean Ingels, Roberta Rogers, Rosemary Penningtona Louise Ross, Marian Howell, Eldora Timbers. Eluqy Raye Mayela Joyce Clark. liileene Jenkins, Janelle Jackson, Nancy Thompson. Ursula Young, Carolyn Thompslfh, Judy Winegarner, and Victoria errill. ' ' PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN Q ,, is , ,. , 8 The Mixed Choir members are, first row: Barbara Beckel, Adelia Johnson, Bonnie Hzirries, Marva Lee McArthur, Lou Ann Hunt, Gloria Hunter, Carolyn Allmond, Mary June Field, Judy Faulkner, Nancy Saxe, Betty Platt, Marilyn Schneller, Fay Barrick, Winona Sechrist, Sharri Kaye Harwick, Jackie Foster, Naomi McLeod, Judith Bannon, Nancy Priddle, and Sandra Schenck. Second row: Doris Childs, Ireene Greene, Eileene Greene, Janice Crockett, Alfreda Lavon Foreman. Ruth Powers, Helen Griffith, Doris Kerr, Sylvia Dungan. Nancy Martin, Eleanor Hoffman, Joyce Garfield, Wilma Heritage, Pat Downey. Pat Norman, Linda Kay Chapman, Susan Payne, Sally Ingle, Carolyn Eby, Erma Jean Dunn, Judy Simmons, Janet Dix, Meridel Priest, Maxine Bosley, Bonney Johnson, Judy McWhorter, and Marcia Lunsford, Third row: Carmen Smith, Sharon Meese, Mary Dee McMillan, Mary Ann Smith, Kenneth Gesaman, Melvin Daniels. Don Brown, Homer Garrison, David Davis, Harrold Hutchison, Victor Evans, Charles Jeffreys, Jack Scroggins, Don Wilson, Richard Springfield, Ray Barrick, Byron Anderson, Glen Marks. Fourth row: Anna Marie Parkhurst, Elsie Lccwen, Lou Ann Bertram, Julia Zimmerman, Roberta Rhodes, Eugene White, Bill Bowren, Don Crowl, Jim Unruh, Don Graves, Buddy Osborn, Eugene Mercer, Don Klock, Ronald Bryant, Howard Hegr, David Hawley, Jerry Wagoner, Curtis McClinton, David French, Jerry Downs, Alvin Honier, Jerry Cartwright, and Howard Solomon. The Mixed Choir is the most advanced large group. The members are chosen from the vocal students as those having the best group ability. The choir has sung in all vocal programs at North as well as for many organizations outside of school. The group has performed at quite a few Wich- ita Churches, including St. Paul's Methodist and Hillside Christian. Programs were given by the group on radio stations KAKE and KFBI. The group has presented assemblies at Marshall, Mathewson, Horace Mann, and Friends University. An annual fall concert was given November 23 by the vocal department. About three hundred music students participated. A spring concert was held March 22. "For He Is Risen" by Clokey was sung in the Easter assembly by the Mixed Choir and Mixed Glee Club. The group included some two hundred voices. The Girls' Ensemble, several soloists and an antiphonal choir of 25 sophomore girls assisted. Christalettes in the first row are Daisy Reid, Janice Crockett. Carlene Reid, and Shirley Guice. In the back row are Eula Jane Davis, Doris Kerr, and Louise Ross. North High Singers are Howard Stlomon. Ray Barrick, Elsie Loewen, Don Brown, Don Crowl, Carmen Smith, Bill Riggins, Betty Platt. Susan Payne, Erma Jean Dunn, Carolyn Allmond, Roberta Rhodes. Ronald Bryant, Byron Marks, Lou Ann Hunt, David Hawley, and Victor Evans. the accompanist. Winona Sechrist, Bowren, Carolyn Bonnie Johnson, Anderson, Glenn Judy Bannon is The North High Singers have given more than thirty programs this year. Some of the more important programs were at the Cham- ber of Commerce and the Hypatia Club. Along with the Girls' Ensemble who per- formed at the same programs, this is one of the most important of the smaller groups. These two ensembles have sung at many North High programs including the fall and spring vocal concerts. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT The Girls' Ensemble was a group of students selected for their vocal ability. The girls ap- peared at several Wichita intermediate schools, as well as Friends University. They sang at a Council of Churches meeting and various churches. Radio programs were given by the group at KAKE and KFBI. With the North High Singers, they entered the regional and state contests, and the ensemble appeared in assembly. Members of the Junior and Senior Girls Glee Club are Girls Ensemble members are left to right Naomi McLeod, Sharri Har- wick. Elsie Loewen, Billie Jean Herbert, Joyce Garfield. Leta Dungan, Carolyn Riggins, Faye Barrick Lou Ann Hunt, Erma Jean Dunn, Mary Ann Smith, Roberta Rhodes, Mcridel Priest, Sharon Meese. and Karen Clark, Jackie Foster is the accompanist. first row, Inez Cochran. Sonja Rule. Karilyn Kuhns, Roberta Andrews, Ruth Thomas. Opal Berry, and Jeri Thomas. Second row: Marilyn Kuhns. Jacque Petersen, Lenora Churning. Deanna Walkeg Barbara Hartman. Esther Kanady. Jo Pinon, Alneta 'Pic , and Anita Navarro. Third row: Wilma Smith, Haze or er, laine Rogers.gS,u,q Bm? Patsy Winegarner. Ernestine Postier, Olar Mae Herndon, and icka Cravens. Fre er One of the most impressive programs in which the Mixed Choir took part was the Christmas assem- bly when they sang the background music. The Christalettes, organized last, year, have sung at many affairs such as for several schools, PTA meetings, civic organizations, and various club meet- ings. The group named itself the Christalettes after their director, Miss Christa Fisher. They like espe- cially to do Negro spirituals. The Junior and Senior Girls' Glee Club performed in the Fall and Spring concerts with the Sophomore Girls' Glee Club as the Girls' Chorus. The Mixed Glee Club, one of the most important large groups, sang at the Thanksgiving and Easter assemblies. The group also took part in the Fall and Spring vocal concerts. The City Wide Festival was one of the highlights of the year for the group. This is the top training group for next year's choir and ensembles. The vocal groups were under the direction of Miss Christa Fisher and Neil Dearinger, head of the music department. Mixed Glee Club members are front row: Glenda E. Clapp, Marilyn Frieze, Carletta Brown, O Rosetta Williams, Jeanne Huntsinger, Nancy Emer' Beverly Olinger, Freddie Minor, Delores Cfarmaa Duncan. Helen Habernigg, Joe Ellan Luper, Marler, Joyce Glasscock. Leta Dungan, Frances Gill, lyn Valentin. Third row: Ernest Reed, Lee Miller, Bill hls. Lenzie Jones. Larry Collins, Bob Van !'en'. Don Fourth row: Larry Most Phillip Mitchell, Dale Weaver, Larry Quick. Column . er, Barry Cope, John Davis. Robert Lee as ff PAGE THIRTY-NINE Brya y Wright. and .J The cast of the all school play "Meet Me In St. Louis" took time out from a rehearsal for a picture. They are first row, left to right: Karen Moore, Howard Solomon, Victor Evans, Jean Wolfskill, and Pat McKnight. Second row: Carolyn Eby, Ted McCreery, Mike Begole, Don Conner, Richard Hauser, Elsa Haupt, Naomi McLeod, Donna White, Judy Slaymaker, Beverly Spencer and Larry Ekstrom. The dramatic department directed by Miss Ruth McCormick presented two out- standing plays. The first was the all-school play, "Meet Me In St. Louis." Later in the year the senior play "Dear Ruth" was given. Amard, a dramatic club, meets after school on Wednesday and is open to anyone interested in dramatics. The club presents several one act plays during the spring and fall with each member of the club being in one of them. Amard entered the play "Fog on the Valley" in the district speech festival. Karen Moore and Don Junod were the entrants in the informative speech event. The two readers were Richard Hauser and Carolyn Murphy. Richard, Carolyn, Karen and the play "Fog on the Valley" received a I which en- titled them to participate in the state speech contest. Presenting the traditional senior play in a two act comedy entitled "Dear Ruth" were the following members of the cast, first row, left to right: Karen Moore, Nancy Fuller, Pat Gamble, Patsy Fox, Donna White, Beverly Spencer and Joanne Moran. Second row: Miss Ruth McCormick, director, Ronald Bryant, Dick Norton, Victor Evans. Ted lVIcCreery, and Doug Perkins. Tooty, the brat of the family, played by Karen Moore, bites the leg of her father's boss, portrayed by Howard Solomon, while Victor Evans, the father. and Jean Wolfskill, the mother, look on in the hilarious play "Meet Me In St. Louis." A humorous situation is bound to arise when Miriam, a teenager, tries to involve her older sister Ruth in a romance which she promotes with a soldier overseas to whom she writes love letters. An even more complicated situation arises when the soldier comes home expecting to marry Ruth and finds that she is already engaged to Albert. Such an episode hay pens in the senior play "Dear Ruth." PAGE FORTY Y !,,,,,.....-.. 60154 LM mi? 4 MY- ,swf qi, Q- Future Nurses Club-Officers: president, Marilyn Schneller, vice president, Charlotte Truesdell: secretary, Anna Marie corresponding secretary, Gloria Hunter: sponsor, Miss Ruth Cowles. Parkhurstg Latin club-Officers: president, Julene Cunningham: secretary. Jolene Meeds. Sponsor Miss Bernice 'PEFFTET-"" Red Cross, ai service club, has as its officers Manuel Gallegos, president, Naomi McLeod, vice plesidentg Margaret Smith, secretary' Earl O'Mal1ey, treasurer. The teacher sponsor is Mi ss Esther Kaufman. Pen Pal Club-first semester officers: president, Hosellnd Woods: vice president, Pat Riverong secretary, Martha Angley. Second semes- ter officers: president, Pat Riverong vice president, Deanna Raylg secretary Roselind Woods. Spfrzsor Mrs. Helen Christie. Photo Club-Officers: president. David Hawley: vice president, Dale Roehrman: secretary, David Parsonsg sponsor, Cecil Gray. PAGE FORTY-TWO i i i TEPEE TEASERSiOfficers: president, Victor Evans: vice president and program chairman, Richard Hauser. Sponsor. Miss Ruth McCormick, CHESS CLUB-Officers: president, James Baenisch: vice president SPANISH CLUB meets during regular class period. Officers John Winters: secretary treasurer, Raymond Millikang match maker, third hon: president, Jane Barrett: vice president, Pat Pemx: Harold Hutchinson. Sponsor. Neil Dearinger. secretary, Julian Triana. Officers fifth hour: president, Kay Swarnerg vice president, Michael Starnes, secretary. Patricia Coleman. Spon- sor, Miss Bcssie Goodyear. AMARD-Officers: president, Pat McKnight, secretary and treasurer. Elsa Haupt. Sponsor, Miss Ruth McCormick. PAGE FORTY-THREE Hi-Y meets as three separate groups. Senior officers are president, Gary Brown: vice president, Garry DeWoodyg sec- retary, Riley Millerg treasurer, Deverne Lehman. Junior of- ficers: president Carl Barbee3 vice president, Mike Starnes: secretary. Ronald Knowlesg treasurer, Ernest Drowatzky. Sophomore officers: president, Ronnie Stephens: vice presi- dent, Howard Hudspethg secretary, Bill Spriggsg treasurer, Don Miller. Sophomore sponsor, Wesley Lauterbach: junior sponsors, Don Martinson and W. Hughes Davis: senior spon- sors, Marvin Garfield and Dell Johnson. Hi-Y officers who appeared tor the pictures are, left to right first row, junior vlce president, Mike Starnesg senior treasurer, Deverne Lehman, senior service chairman, Ronald Justvigg sophomore president, Ronnie Stephens, Second row, left to right: sophomore secretary, Bill Spriggs: senior de- votional chairman. Dick Norton: junior treasurer, Ernest Drowatzky: senior social chairman, Edd Rank, senior vice president, Garry DeWoody. Hi-Y Youth and Government delegates, left to right, first row are Ernest Drowatzky, Bill Bowren, Edd Iianck. Second row, left to right: Ronald Stevens, Jim Ford, Mike Starnes. Don Millar, Gerald Cochran, Garry De- Woody, Harrold Hutchison. J., o SCIENCE CLUB R Officers: president, Tom Millard, vice president, Rex Martin, secre- tary, Evan Schuessler. Sponsor, J. A. Glover. BUSINESS CLUB-Officers: president, Sonja Pumpelly: vice president, Betty Plattg secretary treasurer, Anita Scott. Sponsors, Miss Nora Stosz, Miss Corrine Davis, and cadet teacher Miss Lois Payne. 1 PAGE FORTY-FOUR Q S 0699550 ff fi on one 99,55 !":'V"?'?"f5-WCCQ OW-T3 f'ff?f'f -. Pep Club cabinet and council members are from left to right, first row, sponsor, Mrs. Pat Levi: secretary, Sally Ingle: senior representatives Joan Veach, Marjorie Mallisee: sergeant at arms, Georgia Runft: president, Nancy Fuller. Second row: senior representatives, Jane Barrett and Sharon Galloupg vice president, Jackie Williams: treasurer, Barbara Wisman: sophomore representatives. Jeri Thomas, and Myrna Schenck. 'I'his year's Pep Club, under the leadership oi Nancy Ful- ler, has 299 members consisting of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, All members are required to wear the uniform con- sisting nf red skirt, white blouse, and white V neck sweater with Indian head insignia on the front. A section was reserved for Pep Club girls at the basketball and football games, and pep assemblies. Arrong their many activities were marching at the Newton, North football game, sponsoring of two dances, and working with the Pep Band and cheerleaders to introduce new yells. STAMP CLUB-Sponsors: Wesley Lauter- bach and Roy Harmon. BIBLE CLUB-Officers: president, Carol Timbers: vice president, Leta Dungan: secretary, Faye Barrick: treasurer, Wilma Heritage: Sponsors, Delbert M-:ans and Miss Esther Kaufman. PAGE .IFORTY-FIVE ,Hf Zi YATeen Cabinet and Council are from left to right, front row, Sandra Schenck. social: Jane Hartley, treasurer: Jeanne Skaggs, membership: Barbara Arensburg, membership: Annette Harper, program: Jean Huntsinger, world fellovxsliip: Ann Kinchloe, secretary. Second row: Jane Whitney, membership: Merna Corns, service: Martha Lynn Budd, committee mem- ber: Jerrie Pickens, world fellowship, Karen Moore, president: Adelia Johnson, social. Third row: Nancy Priddle, pianist: Ruth Olson, social: Diane Brasted, Kay Stinebaugh, Joyce Clark, Victoria Merrill, committee members: Shirley Hinkle, world fellowship. Fourth row: Doris Kerr, committee member: Patsy Fox, vice president: Nancy Saxe, organist: Joyce Garfield, song leader: sponsor. Miss Bernice Payne: Carolyn Eby, service. Y-Teen is a service club open to any girl wishing to join. At Christmas time the group dec- orated the halls and a tree to add to the seasonal spirit. Mem- bers adopted a needy family and provided gifts and a plentiful Christmas dinner. Thespians, an honor society for dramatists, has the follownig requirements: students must have 90 lines and work back stage on some "big" play such as the all school play. Thespians is sponsored by the North High dramatic department and Miss Ruth McCormick. GERMAN CLUB-Officers: president, Roger Irwin: vice president, Boyd Fogg: secretary, Roma Jean Wed- del: sponsor, Miss Bessie Goodyear. On the left are the former Thespian members. Lett to right are, Karen Moore, Dean Longside, Marcia Lunsford, Carolyn James, secretary, Beverly Spencer: president, Jean Wolfskillg Shelby Beckham, treasurer, Marcella Kerrick: Victor Evans, and Naomi McLeod, On the right are the new members initiated this year, Howard Solomon, Sharon Eberly, Elsa Haupt, Richard Hauser, Pat McKnight, Ted ' bara Wisman, Mamie Hinshaw, and Judy Slaymaker. McCreery, Bar it PAGE FORTY-SIX -16 wp Student Council representatives are left to ,:," 4 .,.:, 5. right, front row: Carolyn Allmond, Judy Work- man, Pat Foster, Jerry Larson, Fred Luedke. .,:, j55Q:f:ff,QQf,Eff' V Victor Heckart, Joan Veach, Sharon Van Eaton, - Julia Jenkins. Second row: Stephanie Brooks, ' lvl! QC, ,,,,, A ":" Sharon Galloup, Donna Kay Lusk. Judy Faulkner. ., gtg Dick Norton, Norma Dunlavy, Kay Peer. Jeri 5 .-.' Thomas, Pat Penix, Jane Barrett. Third row: ij, ---i-' ' "" Miss Anne Andrews, sponsor. Larry Lunsford, ' gl Julia Zimmerman. Eileene Jenkins. Richard White. ., Arl, wt Q Carolyn Murphy, Joyce Garfield. Donna Snyder. .i,. , i and James Mader, sponsor. Q X ,:2:' Q i Student Council offic ers are, left to right, president, Jerry Larson sergeant t arms, Sharon Van Eatong vice president, Victor Heckart: secretary treasurer Joan Veachg parliamentarian, Fred Luedke. Quill and Ccroll members are left to right, first row: Jerrie Pickens, Pat Penix, Adelia Johnson, Donna Sue Reed. Second row: Nancy Fuller. Marcella Kerrick. Jean Wclfskill, Carolyn James. Clydene Stancer, and Mary Rogers. Not pictured are Elsa Haupt, Rex Martin, Shirley Scott, Mary Sims, Sponsor, Mrs. Minnie Drowat- zky. Quill and Scroll is an honorary society open only to journalism stu- dents. A candidate must first be in the upper third of his class and must be recommended by the journalism sponsor. Their recommendations and a sample of Work which appeared in the school paper is then sent to the national secretary for acceptance. Ifuture Teachers Club-Officers: president, JoAnne Moran: vice Math Club-Officers: president, Fred Luedke vice president president, Sharon Van Eaton: secretary treasurer, Joyce Garfield: Larry McWhorter: program chairman, Don Allen: secretary treasurer sponsor, Miss Anne Andrews. Jim Hadley. Sponsors, Donald Martinson and Miss Fr-lm Femm- PAGE FORTYASEVEN Q I On the left are members of the Rifle Club. Left to right first row are Darwin Newton, Harold Uguen, George wilson, Lauy Stowe, Jackie Scroggins, Donald Miller, Rodney Behrhorst, W. Hughes Davis, sponsor. Second row: Walter Shook, Don Morgan, John Carlson, Gary Gray, Larry Gould, Lawrence Sheffler, Buddy Alderson, Freddy Duncan, Douglas Garrison. At the right are mcmbers of the firing teams. On the first row is the first team composed of Wesley Cummins, Sam Linderman, Jim Ross, Vaughn Davidson, and John Bandy. Second team: Cecil Goble. sponsor: Larry Gould. Lawrence Sheffler. George Wilson. Larry Stowe, Darwin Newton, and W. Hughes Davis, sponsor. . . , Ani ijliinl Cheerleaders Club-Headcheerleaders, Donna Kay Clark and Jimmy Hooper. First row, left to right: Linda Gill, Carolyn James, Donna White. Sandy Stevens, Adelia Johnson, Elaine Woodman, Joanne Honer. Standing, left to right: Paul Humann, Bob Slosar, Baisal Smith, Dickie Mar- tin, John Sutton, Weston House. Bob Slosar, sophomore. and Carolyn Dickie Martin, junior, and Sandy Stev- James. senior. ens, sophomore. Baisal Smith and Donna White, seniors. Paul Humann and Linda Gill, juniors. Regular cheerleaders. left to right: Bob Slosar Carolyn James, Paul Humann, Linda Gill, Donna Kay Clark, Sandy Stevens, Dickie Martin, Donna White, Baisal Smith, I ri PAGE FORTY-EIGHT Spam 6 fx E MQ QW Q10 HVQIFQY wi Q.,. N Q,-11' I 'a.. XA-fggfxfx fxfvg -'xfxq-,-1 RA M IXLIVXJNIX-A-AJR Members of the A and B squads for 1954 are, left to right, first row: Sam Stranathan and Victor Smith, managers: Bill Wil- ber, Francis Abraham. Larry Turner, Bob Tickel. Ronnie Irion, Jay Thomas, Billy Heatwold, Paul James. Larry Davis, Johnny Hale, Theodore Mitchell, and Alan Andrus. Second row: Dale Dutton, Al Collins, Artie Dillon, Lester Hoy, Lowell Hurtig, Robin Thorpe, George O'Malley, William Sanders, Clem Caster, Bill Bass, Steve Santiago, Ronald Baird, Gus Palacio, Larry Harris, and Jim Rapp. Third row: Jerry Larson, manager: Julian Triano, Charles Santiago, Glen Marks, Eugene Fitch. Al Honier, Larry Rebenstorf, Jerry Raithel, Mark White, Bill Hess, and John Baird. Fourth row: Dennis Hodges, Gary Mounsey, Bill Rogers, Walt Thompson, Wesley Cum- mins. John Clark, Noble Metz, Bill Beckley, Steve Berry, Max Adams, George Piersol, Glen Hupp. Russell West, Curtis McClinton, Fifth row: A. R. Edwards, coach: Boyd Fogg, manager, Arthur Lee, Bob McAllister, Norman Cubb:-ge. Rex Eberly, Robert Will, Stephen Lester, Don Berlin, Robert Lampkins, Kenneth Smith, Lance Myers, John McLaughlin, James Wright, Thomas King, Dewane Grimes, and Glen Browne, assistant coach. The North High A squad finished the 1954 football season with a fine record of eight wins, one loss, and one tie. North won six, lost one, and tied one in the Ark Valley. Highlights of the season were a 14 to 13 Win over the Ark Valley champions, West, and a 13 to 12 victory over the traditional rivals, East. Coach Monk Ed- wards did a fine job guiding the team into a second place tie with Wellington in Ark Valley. ARK VALLEY STANDINGS SEASONS RESULTS W L T Pct. NORTH H, ., . . St. Mary's West 7 1 U .875 NORTH , Arkansas City North . ., 6 1 1 .813 NORTH . . ,, Topeka Wellington . . 6 1 1 .813 NORTH . . W Winfield Hutchinson ., . , 4 15 1 .563 NORTH ,. , .W West Arkansas City . ., , 4 3 1 .563 NORTH . , H Wellington East W. ,. .H .. 4 -1 0 .500 NORTH .. El Dorado Newton . . . 2 ti U .250 NORTH N ,W , N East El Dorado H. 1 7 0 .125 NORTH , . ,. . .. Newton Winfield 0 8 0 .000 NORTH . , Hutchinson Redskin halfback, Mark White 1311 makes a good gain against East. Artie Dillon, North's All-State quarterback and leading scorer in Ark Valley, picks up yardage against West, as Paul James 4443 helps him out. PAGE FIFTY if in A 19 . wth Members of the sophr-more football squad are, first row, left to right, George Potts, manager, Gilbert Roman, Dennis Ekstrom. Rodney Behrhorst, Ernest Reed, Ronnie Stephens, Jerry Davis, Richard Rosendale, Elmer Carlton, Richard Perry, Dick Gerety, Jim Standrich, Jack Roy, Greg Gray, L. L. Cotter. Second row: Bob Jimenez, Charles Alsteadt, Mike McCarty, David Hinderliter, Roger Marshall, Rex Lewis, Howard Hudspeth, Larry Lunsford, Kenny Clark, John Sherwood, Werner Tenfel, Ollie Ross, Tommy Stees, Harold Royl, Ronnie Irion, Lonnie James. Third row: Arthur Woods, John Shull, Harvey White, Garry Wade, Gary Andrews, Larry Wade, Mike Jenkins, Steve Ayres. Larry Sheffler, Willard McGuire, Bob Van Buren, Bob Prather, Bud Ellis, Kent Salisbury, John Ledesma, Bill Kincaid, coach. Fourth row: Joe H. Lee, coach, Eddie Quick, Jerry Pritchard, Larry Walker, Harold Woods, Dwight Deal, Phil Huntsinger, Fred Grover, Bob Howell, Larry Paul, Bill Fish, George Bullock, Melvin Alderson, Gary Gray, and Warren Gilkey. North High's B team, coached by Glen Browne, came through the season with three wins, and four losses. Joe Lee coached the sophomore football squad through a good season with three wins, two losses, and one tie. The tenth graders showed good possibilities and should aid the varsity B SEASON RESULTS l'l9Xt yGE-lI'. NORTH 0 ,W ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, East 24 NORTH 26 M- -, Hutchinson 6 SOPHOMORE SEASON RESULTS NORTH 0 --- .,.,--. Newton 18 NORTH 21 -U ,W E1 Dorado 13 NORTH 6 .,....,,,,.,.,,, St. Mary's 0 NORTH 14 --- ,,,l,,, West 12 NORTH 9 .. ,. West 0 NORTH 0 L, ,WWA East 30 NORTH 7 ... ... .. East 13 NORTH 0 --- ..- West 14 NORTH 32 -. W Newton 20 NORTH 13 ,- H. West 13 NORTH 2 ,H rr East 25 PAGE FIFTY-ONE A trio of North players down a New- ton player in a game which saw North winning 40 to 0, Clem Caster. Redskin end. is swarmed by North players and rooters after he caught a pass to score North's second touchdown. This gave North a 14 to 13 win over West. Members of North's basketball squads this year are, first row, left to right: Arthur Risser, manager, Ollie Ross, Garry Wade, Mike Jenkins, Larry Wade, Bobbie Howell, Al Collins, David Davis, and Larry McWhorter, senior manager. Second row: Jerry Prichard, man- ager, Randall Harper, Wayne Herring, Lenzie Jones, Lonnie James, Artie Dillon, John McCa1'rier, Bob Will, Phil Huntsinger. Third row: John Shull, Curtis McClirton, Al Lucas, Warren Gilkey, Bill Spriggs, Mike Campbell, John Baird, Artie Lee, and Joe Lee. head coach. Fourth row: Art Woods. Larry Hall, Eddie Quick, Charlie Taylor, Don Berlin, John Rupf, Don Allen, Don Rudrow. and Glen Browne, assistant coach. NORTH 42 ,,,,,,,, v..,,.. N t "' ARK VALLEY LEAGUE STANDINGS - NORTH 41 ..aa. . ,,..a, ElXDeoV1E?tdrdEi W LP North's basketball team enjoyed a NORTH 65 ,,,,,,r,,,r.,, rk it 2 ct. . ' ' f - NORTH 53 movertimel 5. Winfielg 57 W,nf,,:1d W 14 1 ,933 Succesgul Season Wmnmg 14 gdmfeb N835 33 ..,,...... . Hutchinson gg Newton . H 13 2 ,866 and losing eight. North wound up in NORTH 57 jg eee"'rr jjjj Wig, 56 2521.5-H5 5- 2 2 -Q22 a fourth place tie with El Dorado in NORTH 54 ,W ,,,,,, Newton 56 E1 D -517771 fr 3 7 i533 ' . I- . NORTH 67 pp Wellington H Hutclggiofg W 4 H .266 Ark Valley with an to 7 recoldv 1138321 22 Eiwnogaag gg East4 ssss M 3 12 ,250 Coach Joe Lee, who had no returning, NORTH 71 Arllngfty 55 Wellmgmf' 1 14 'OGG iettermen from last year's state cham- ggllfgg HUiChi12ESE?5 Q? pion team, ended his first season at NORTH 59 if iffllwest gg North in good fashion. Some of the NORTH 66 '555555555 Wellington UZ outstanding highlights of this season BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS were downing Sallna and Wyandotte N th T ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, FIRST ' ' 1gORTIgUgfer u n Salma 47 to take first in the North tourney, and NoRTHs1 wytmdone 47 defeating Planeview, El Doraoo, and Regionals A A vfaa, aa aa FIRST Newton to win the regionals which en- NORTH 46 W ,H Pl ' 29 . NORTH 58 -- -- El 3823251255 abled the Indians to go to the state SJORTH 41 as Newtonm' tournament at Manhattan. ' e NORTH 46 W, H Chanute 59 Artie Dillon shoots a jump shot in the North-Wyandotte game while the entire North team looks on. Plictufc 0nlfiltgrivifzwgavguriieckglfs Curtis McClinton and Artie Dil- a ayrup. ' : ' '- Clinton lays in the ball in the North- Newton game. lon scramble over the hall with an opponent. PAGE FIFTY-TWO Members of the North High swimming squad are first row, left to right: Gary Brown, Wilbur Newman, Robin Thorpe, James Myrtle Robin Cobble, James Grimes, Ernest Drowatzky, Paul Humann, Elvin Fox, Richard Gerety, Baisal Smith. Second row: J. W. tBillJ Kincaid coach, Roger Stanley, Jim Theakston, Harold Wilhelm, Tom Stees, Jack Van Es, Steve E1'f!Sf. Gresory Gray. Bob Brandes, David Hind: erliter, David Brown and William Beckley, senior manager. Norths swimming team, coached by SWIMMING SEASON RESULTS Bill Kincaid, won only three meets this N0R?H 34 aaaaaaa .1 aaaaa-aaaaa West Z2 year, and finished fourth in the state 2351131123 if Qfegffieyfffifl 42 meet. The Redskins' undefeated 100 N832 ii nii--'folfgfgi ig yard relay team, composed of Jim NORTH 27 -- Wyandotte 39 Grimes, Bob Cobble, Ernest Drowat- E823-SQ Q1 rjj-,TOIEQQT 13 zky, and Jim Myrtle bettered the old NORTH 17 - -f-eefee-ee-eeee- WGS' 49 state record of 1220.5 by 1.1 seconds STATE TOURNEY as they set the new record of 1:19.4. It C ff ,H Bob Cobble and Jim Myrtle Won in- LQLEQJEYV' Q .,?,2'L7QZf?,2 dividual points for North in the state 5'hrWYanf'0f"f meet, placing third and fourth respec- tively in the 40 yard free style. Jim Grimes placed fifth in the back stroke. North's swimming squad has good prospects for next year as the team consisted mainly of juniors and soph- omores. Upper pictures, left to right: Ernest Drowatzky, swimming the 100 yard free style for North. gains some points in one of the dual meets: North Highs state champion 160 yard relay team is shown in action: Baisal Smith executes a back dive: Wilbur Newman, breast stroker, pulls for a fast finish. -Lower pictures: Jim Grimes is shown in action in the 100 yard back stroke: Richard Gerety competes in the 200 yard free style: Bob Cobble and Jim Myrtle get ready to start the 40 yard free style. Members of Nor1h's record-holding 160 yard relay team are shown, lett to right, Jim Myrtle, Jim Grimes, Ernest Drowatzky and Bob Cobble. PAGE FIFTY-THREE , North High's first place regional and second place state wrestling squad include, first row: Lonnie Berry, Larry Turner, Jerry Prichard, Phil Reid, Tommy Wright, Richard Nelson, Jerry Gaddis, Jim Patterson, Roy Benjamin, Phil Jackson, Phil Geisdorf, George Potts. Second row: Ross Pike, Mike Joyce, Bill Rogers, C. C. Wiley, Richard Montgomery, Alvin Honier, Bill Bass, Paul Lopez, Steve San- tiago, Riley Miller, Alan Andrus, Jimmy Carrell, Raymond Ashpole, Bob Jimenez, Charles Karr. Third row: Marvin Frazier, Walt Thomp- son, James Rapp. Don Henderson. Junior Abraham, Lowell Hurtig, Rudy Diaz, Glen Marks, Victor Smith, John Ledesma, Gary Andrews. Larry Smith, Bill Wilbur. Fourth row: Boyd Fogg, senior manager, Gilbert Roman, Tom Tompkins, Johnny Hale, Gus Palacio, Clem Caster, Warren Teufel, George Piersol, Richard White, Charles Deal, Billy Heatwole, Larry Walker. Fifth row: Sam Stranathan iunior manager, J. P. Triana, T. V. Russell, Dennis Hodges, Max Adams, Lance Myers, Thomas King, Bob Prather, Mike McCarty, Vernon Davis A. R. lMonkl Edwards, coach. WRESTLING RESULTS DUAL MEETS North's wrestling team had a very fine season this year, losing only one dual meet to gggfg 1 eeee e --:ef Sag? lg Blackwell 21 to 13. Highlights of the Wrest- iqoggg 25 Douglass is ling season were placing first in the West QSRTH 1 Qj'EF1iSffQf,f,2 25 tourney, first in the regionals, and second in NORTH 28 -- .,,. T k 14 ' ' ' 25 an 18 lfiiiif0332655013355fZ13C2i2dtA2J3SZiS1iiZ ! Y was unable to attend the state meet, a hard Douglass T1c:3::l'IENTS Second blow to the team. C. C. Wiley was the only gvest Touqfnamem rrrr W First Redskin to take first in the state meet, While ' ' l t ... .nw ' SQjfnqOunf:,f,'Qf',Te1f gg S8225 the other North boys who placed were Charles Karr, second: Steve Santiago, Alvin Honier, Tom King, and Bill Bass, third: Bill Wilbur and Paul Lopez, fourth. The final score in the state meet was St. Francis 55, North 52. Top row picture one: Proudly displaying their first place trophy for the regionals are Coach A. R, Edwards and senior manager, Boyd Fogg, with 10 of the 11 North grapplers who qualified for the state tournament. Not shown is Raymond Ashpole. Picture two: C. C. Wiley, North's only wrestler to take first in the state tournament, d :wns his opponent in one of the dual meets. Picture three: Steve San- tiago gives Larry Smith a few pointers. Below, picture one: Bill Rogers battles for an advantage with his opponent. Picture two: Bill Bass works to break down his opponent. Picture three: Alvin Honier ties up his rival. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR North High's baseball squad are left to right, first row: Wesley Cummins, senior manager: Jim Myrtle, Dennis Avery, Lowell Hurtig, C. C. Wiley, Artie Dillon, Richard Montgomery, Robin Thorpe, Larry West, Richard Gerety, John Baird, Wayne Herring, A. R. Edwards, coach. Second row: Robert Woods. sophomore manager, Arthur o s, Fred Luedke. Charles Winesberry. Vernon Davis, Phil Huntsinger, Don Belles, Bob Erwin, Alvin Honier, Jim Hadley, Ronnie Stephens, Bill Rex, George Piersol. Third row: Ernest Drowat- zky, junior managerg Jimmy Patterson, Jay Thomas, Larry Harris, Max Adams, Carl Drake, Victor Smith. Sam Stranathan, Jerry Prichard, Ernest Reed, Lonnie Todd. Fourth row: Dennis Hodges, Harvey White, David Hinderliter, Kenneth Bunton, Walt Thompson, L. L. Cotter, Ross Pike, William Heatwole, Dewane Grimes, Bruce Hagen, Bob Prather, Bob Van Buren, Ben Camp, Bob Pendergast, David Davis. Spring sports at North High got off to a good start, March 1. The track team under the tutel- age of Joe Lee, at North for his first year, showed much improvement over teams of the past few seasons. The Redskin golf squad surprised many people when after a slow start, BASEBALL SEASON NORTH 12 ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. RESULTS -- - Planeview the teams placed first and second in NORTH 23 st. Mary's several meets. Bill Kincaid is golf NORTH 14 -- E1 DOPHQO mentor- 22:12 2 as M::::.f , .... A. R. CMonkJ Edwards baseball NORTH 9 U Newton team had a very successful season, NQRTH 7 Y,,lc- East winning five straight games before NORTH a Winfield losing to East on a dusty, windy day. NORTH 4 West - NORTH .,,, -- East The tennis team, led by one re- turning letterman, Herald Trimmell, Regionals v ---- - also showed vast improvement as the season progressed. Glen Browne coached the netsters. Space has been left by the events that took place after the TOWER went to press for scores to be written in. State ,,,,, Sometimes a baseball player is called upon to do things other than field and bat. C. C. Wiley retrieves a foul ball caught in the backstop First baseman, Larry West lays down a bunt in the North-Planeview game. Artie Dillon heaves the ball home PAGE FIFTY FIVE Members of this year's track squad are, from left to right, first row: Baisal Smith, Bill Wilbur, Paul James, Mark White, Gus Palacio, Arthur Risser, Larry Mullen, Lester Hoy, Wilbur Newman, Larry McWhorter, Bill Bass. Gilbert Roman, Sam Linderman, Elvin Fox, Francis Abraham, Bob Howe, Roger Marshall, Ronnie Fullen, Warren Mason. Row two: Dale Dutton, Roger Stanley, Julian Triana, John Hale, James Wright, Jimmi-e Fransisco, Jerry Parker, Tom Millard, Larry Wade, Willie Miller, Tlucmas McCarty, Garry Wade, Alan Andrus, Gene Bryant, John Ledesma. Mike Prince, Gary Brown. Third row: Robert Evans, sopliomcre manager, Lonnie James, Al Collins. Billy Myers, Rodney Layman, Larry Walker, Derel Grammont, Ollle Ross, Bob Willis, Leroy Brewer, Jerry Blythe, Werner Teuful. John MCC21X'l'iEl', R0bSTi Will. Darryl Irion, Martin Hiltner. Fourth row: Joe Lee, coach, Willie Sanders, Richard Evans, senior manager, William Spriggs, John Shull, Eddie Quick, Steve Lester, David Davis, Bob Cobble, Norman Cubbage, Rex Eberly, Don Berlin, Arthur Lee, Curtis MCC1iHt0l1, Bill Piince, Gregory Gray, Richard Cathey, not pictured, Tom Stees, Ronnie Irion. i ' 'rrmcx SEASON RESULTS 5 ' Indoor Meet at Manhattan ,- - , .,,,,,,,,.. .--fc--,- "' n..,,,,,,,w Niww NEW Triangular Meet ,,,,,, J 1 3 Hutchinson Triangular - , Q WU Relays ,,.,...,,,,,, KU Relays ,,,,,,,,,,, .... East Invitational Meet ,W Ark Valley League Meet ., Regional Meet ,,,,,.. State Meet ,,,,,, , , , , - Fifth ,. Second WW, First W Second , - - - Third -- Second Left: Joe Lee, head track couch, sets off four boys in a quail- Above Paul James clears the bar in the pole vault. cation race. Right: Curtis MLClinto1i displays his fine form in the high hurdles, PAGE FIFTY-SIX Members of North's golf squad are, first row, left to right: Jerry Arensberg, Marvin Frazier, Gary Cocking, Steve Santiago, Byron Anderson. Second row: Gary 1-Ieithecher, Tommy Tompkins, Delo Pearson, Phillip Mitchell, William Winters, Gary Lawson. Third row: Rudy Diaz, Bill Fish, William Hudson, Larry Paul, Charles Santiago, and J. W. Kincaid, coach. Not pictured Phil Peer. North High's tennis squad is composed of left to right, first row: Richard McElroy, Jim Theakston, Leroy Miller, Harold Wilhelm, Dean Miller, Larry Turner, Gary Calkins. Kenneth Geisdorf, George Greenway- Second POW! COHCH Glefl Browne. -701111 Booze. Defllly FUTSL Rex Higgins, Larry Robinson, Stanley Smith, Bob Holloway, Richard HHUSHY, Newman, Phil Blauer, Richard White, Paul Humann, John Rupf, Steve Erns. Gelvin, Herald Trimmell, and Gary Gray. GOLF SEASON RESULTS Arkansas City Invitational Two man team ,,,,..... Four man team W NEW Invitational Two man team -- TENNIS SEASON RESULTS NORTH 0 ,,,,,,, , ,...,. Winfield 9 Foul' man team -- NORTH 6 -f eff--- West 3 El Dorado Invitational NORTH 2 - ----,--- E-H51 7 Two man team -,. NORTH 8 , W, Hutchinson 1 FOUI' mall feam -- NORTH O ,,, , ,,,.. EHS! 9 - NEW Triangular Two man team Four man team NORTH 0 ,- s-. Ark City 9 NORTH ,,,.,, ,,,,. W est , frlbli' Ark Valley Meet Regional Tourney in State Tourney ,,,,, Hutchinson Dual Two man team ,, Four man team - , Ark Valley Meet Two man team H Four man team , Stat-c Meet Two man team ,- Four man team W U, Second , Fourth -- Eighth - Fourth , Second A First First East for First with First :xSecond lo Jim Rapp, Don Henderson. Third Row: Evret 1C ey ingler, Garry DeWoody. Orcenith Smith, Richard 'ctw In the upper picture Evret Newman serves in one of the meets. At left: Herald Trimmellhreturning letterman returns' the ball. Center Steve Santiago takes his time with a . : .' ' . putt Right Rex Higgins is busy in practice X . . ,AQ awww ,wa a..ww""""'MWM':Q PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN These action shots of basketball were taken during third hour girls' gym class. Mrs. Peggy McLuen was in charge. ing the t is Mrs. Pat Levi supervised volley ball dur- hird girls' gym class. hour Members of the Sports Club are first row, left to right, Betty Ortiz, Faye Brown, Judg Brown. Beverly Bass, Glenda Clare, Second row: Dorris Kerr, Carole Bratclaer, Carolyn Clark, Le Glass, verly De Brot, onnie JChHS0n, Sonja James, Margaret Fulk. Rosalie Keen, bel val. Third row: Karen Hickerson, Ma Arms r , y hillips, Clairnelle Taylor, Marjorie Mallisee, Joyce Garfield, Carolyn es er, Judy McWhorter, Jane Besler, Joyce' Glasscock, and Betty Milbank. 4 l i PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT Mnny girls enjoyed swimming third hour under the supervision of Miss Lois Haskins, In the second picture, a group displays some back stroking talents. Members of the Girls' Rifle Club are left to right: Barbara Shook. Sandra Mannan, Nancy McClelland, Carmen Jenkins, Janice Pickering. and Stephanie Brooks. Miss Ann Theilen formed this club second semester. a Girls enjoyed after school bowling under the supervision of Miss Ann Theilen. They went bowling every Wednesday for nine weeks, at the Recreation Lanes. In the first picture Wilma Flippo shows perfect form. In the middle picture Pat Bachman just misses crossing the foul line. In the last picture the entire group of girls who participated in after school bowling look on as Ann Marie Parkhurst displays her talent. l l PAGE FIFTY-NINE Pictured at the top are the members of the cross country team. They are, front row, John Haidiman, Tom Shaffer, Bob Brandes, Lawrence Mullen, Baisal Smith, Bill Armstrong and Don Fellon, Second row: Wayne Edwards, Jarrell Myers, Charles Piland, Jimmy Francisco, and Don Belles. Last row: Coach Joe Lee, Mike Campbell, Mickey Ringler, Richard Evans, Bob Brewer, Alan Moore and Arthur Risser, manager. In the middle of the page are shots of North's tumbling team, Jimmy Hooper goes into a roll as Rex Higgins and David Brown spot him. In the second picture David Brown flips Jimmy Hooper into the air. The tumbling squad is shown in the last picture. Members are left to right, kneeling, Bill Cotter, and Arley Rinehart. Standing: Maurice Harper, Denny Furst, Mike Prince, Don LaRue, George O'Malley, and Dwain Fisher. Displaying his star to the other North High state swimming and wrestling champions is Ernest Drowatzky, member of North's crack 160 yard relay team. Left to right the boys are Jim Grimes, C. C. Wiley, Ernest, Bob Cobble, and Jim Myrtle. The second picture is an action shot of Bill Bass, while the next is of lineman Gary Mounsey. In the fourth picture Lester Hoy takes a pass. In the last picture, North's regional champion basketball team receives the trophy from C. E. Strange. They are, first row. C. E. Strange, Artie Dillon, coach Joe Lee. Second row: Al Collins, Arthur Lee, Curtis McClinton, David Davis, Mike Jenkins, Don Allen, Wayne Herring, Don Berlin and Charlie Taylor. PAGE SIXTY Sa i I .., -.g,fg, A ik x E2 E if WL fax 7 W A MZ WF N jr 'WW A Z I Xi Qin Nw .Aux C3 J f' ff JW. Martin Hiltner, senior class president, crowns Donna White and Mark White. Candidrtes for Varsity Sue were, front row, Donna Lusk. Donna Kay Clark, and Terrie Pickens. Second nw: Carolyn James. Martha Shibley, Donna White, and Margaret Marsh. Varsity Sue hail? Donna White and Mark White enter the gym to be crowned Varsity Sue and Pigskin Pete. The annual crowning of Pigskin Pete and Varsity Sue took place at the North-Newton football pep assembly. They reigned over the "Victory Dance" held after the North- Newton football game. Martha Shibley, Donna Kay Clark, and Clem Caster. ""'E Q and Pigskin Pete's attendants are Artie Dillon, PAGE SIXTY-TWO The attendants and king and queen of the junior, senior prom are George Piersol, Donna Kay Clark, Dale Dutton, Ann Kincheloe, Curtis McC1inton, Donna Lusk, Walt Thompson, Estela Roman, Ruth Olson, Don Allen, Betty Layman, Wayne Herring, Linda Gill, Jim Bussard, Betty Sullivan, and C. C. Wiley. There were some good dances this year. The Christmas dance "Snowflake Serenade" was sponsored by the senior class. "Heart of My Heart" was the theme for the junior, senior prom. During the dance the king and queen were crowned. Jerry Rector, one of the school photographers, and his date, Dalene Nicolas posed at the junior, senior prom. Dancing vias fine at the "Snowflake Seranadef' The king and queen of the junior, senior prom were, Ruth Olson and Don Allen. They were crowned by Donna White White. and Mark . .WK V- vi n PAGE SIXTY-THREE Norths twirlers Jim Btssard Bill Hess Fred Luedke Martin Heap big Chief Jack Klncneloe watcnes ms warriors u Hiltner and Gary High strut around the gym around him. On the day of the home games there was a pep assembly to which the students look forward. Along with the enthusiastic yells of the student body, there were clever scenes enacting the scalping of the opponents. At the North-Newton basketball pep assembly a funeral was held Here ure Bill 1 W1 Ch 15 Jam Ofc 0 Bowren Don Crowl, Ted McCreery, Byron Arderson, and David Hawlev oilv Martin Hlltner at 1 pep assembly An interesting basketball game took place at the pep assembly. Participating were Jeanne Huntsmger, Jerry Berlin, Maurice Hendershot, Sharon Morris, and B111 Beckley assembly band were Glen Hupp, Bill Cotter, and Gary Coekmg PAGE SIXTY FOUR The North High twirlers make a good showing at the last per- All dressed up for Christnas are the twirlers Pat Hastings. formance of the season. Mary Sims, Laiketa DeGeer, Shirley l-Iinkle. Sherlan Ashley and Santa Claus, Gary Cooking. The twirlers did a great job this year. They always put a spark of life into halftime ceremonies at football and basketball games. In the routines there was always something new to Catch the students' interest. The Iwirlers do one ot their clever routines. Laiketa DeGeer, Shirley Hinkle, Pat Hastings, Mary Sims, and Sheri:-in Ashby Jimmy Hooper and Baisal Smith do ac, posed- robatics at one of the basketball games. d Some of the North High Redskins sit around their campfire planning lor a war ance. PAGE SIXTY-FIVE 'snowflakes in the Y-Teen Christmas programlare Susan The cast for "A Honey of a Peach" is iviixe rsegoie. baruiyu Taylor, Betty Layman, Annette Harper, and Suzanne Umphrey. Shomber, Bill Manely, Jo Anne Moran, and Susan Taylor. Susan Taylor does a "Dance of a Toe" in the sophomore assembly. play. .iw There were many things going on outside of the studies at school. The dramatics classes worked "over time" to give fine en- tertainment and the clubs had many activ- ities during the year. The cast for the Christmas play are first row Ted McCreery and l Sh d S nd row: Richard Hauser, Victor Evans, and Victor Evans and Ted McCreery have roles in the Christmas Caro BFWOO . ECO Max King. PAGE SIXTY-SIX Maurice Hendershot looks on while Beverly Spencer changes The pr0jeCti0Y1iSiS are Al Pelletier, ATOYIY Chavez. Lewis .4 lre Carpenter, Sam Lindcrman, Zenas Davidson, Howard Hegr, The students worked hard in the class- rooms, there are pictures to prove it! Some people have talent and students appreciate their willingness to entertain others. It takes work and fun for a long remembered high school life. Some of the participants of the floor show for "Snowflake Seranade" 'ire Ph'l Peer Gary High Bill Hess, Baisal Smith, Donald Crowl, Bill Bowren, David Havliley, and Bvron Anderson Working in metals are Jimmy Hooper, John Miller, and Victor Went Richard Evans, Jack Scroggins, Eugene Fitch, Glen Williams, Cecil Gray, advisor, and Charles Karr. Using their artistic talents, Jean Cannon' arid Jane Besler work on the set for the Christmas assembly. PAGE SIXTY SEVEN The proctors are. lirst row: Sharon Walker, Ann Kincheloe, Wanda Stotts, Julia Zimmerman, Betty Layman, Ernestine Tincher, Nancy Martin, and Marilyn Allen. Second row: Virginia Martinez, Karen Moore, Iva Jean Richter, Judy McWhorter, Lou Ann Hunt, Prestine Cozart, Dorris Wynn, and Nanette Watts. Third row: Judy Coder, Sharon Van Eaton, Katl-ryn Galloway, Suzanne Pruitt, Norma Dunlavy, Betty Milbank, Julia Jenkins, and Jane Whitney. 8 ld i ' -""" f':" ' ' ' -1::a ' '1.'v ,'-v,'---,,,' A, ',,ff- I 'V '."'v, :'. Q . Mrs. Anna Mitchell and Mrs. Jessie Boyce are matrons at North. The custodians are, first row: N, R. Corkhain, W, C. Deines John Green, and Leonard Schauf. Second row: Albert F. Louie, Earl Holaday, Earnest Hayes, and Otis Bass. Not pictured are Elmer Mitchell, Ollie Slinkard and Jake Wzirkington, Here are some of the girls who are always around in the time of need, the girls in the bookstore. First row: Nancy Conine, Marjorie Mallisee, Darlene Davidson, Barbara Swedlund, and Martha Budd. Second row: Edith Melzer. Helen Habernigg, Juaniee Huebner and Jackie Coate. Without the help of the proctors, book- store girls, matrons, custodians, and the cafeteria staff, North would be lost. These people are here, always ready to help, and are appreciated for their Work. North takes its hat off to these fine people! On-e of the popular stvlfs oi the school can be found in the cafeteria. They are, left to right, first row: Mesdaines Elizabeth Hef- lin, Florence Martin, Leona Thomas, Elnora Hayes. and Vi01-21 NiCk0lS. Second row: Mesdaines Myrtle Courtney, Rose Hull, Irene Puriton, Nell Lyon, Estela Hadley, and Sylvia Mantooth. Third row: Miss Janet Oxley, Mesdanies Martha MacCulloch, Edith Ballard, Edna Lawyer. Nellie Willis, Nora Adkins, Velma Lewuzler, and Mr. James Freeman. Not pictured is Mrs. Gladys White. ,, 1 alfalfa? :mm . ' ' it 5 X 3 ,' 5 .I I il 2 2 ".. PAGE SIXTY-EKG HT Harold Swanson presents Elsa Haupt, Nancy Fuller, and Nincy Fuller and Jackie Williams display Red Arrows pro Marvell: Kerrick an award for THE NORTH STAR. jects North's proud of the journalism students who Won a state award for articles and art work on tuberculosis and the sale of Christ- mas seals and for the safe drivers who help- ed North win the safety trophy. This year some of the clubs worked hard on special projects and the boys in sports showed talent for winning trophies. Christmas gifts for the Y-Teen adopted family are delivered by gliss Anita Wheeler. Martha Budd, Miss Harriet Blaizer, and Merna orns The whestlers brought home the 1954 Douglass invitational second The North High tlzg is unfurled bx Pat Hastings drum place trop y PAGE SIXTY NINE Margaret Fulk, Karen Hickerson, Alvin Honier, George 0'Mal1ey, Shar- on Eberly, James Schaith, and Jack Shelton. Bill Beckley picture: Alan Ware, Jackie Clark and Pat Harper Carolyn James, Ruth Olson, Pat Penix, Sharon Galloup. Marilyn Maxedon, Jane Bar- rett, Sally Ingle, Martha Shih- ley, Nancy Priddle, Jane Whit- ney, and Donna White. Don Conner and Patricia Riveron First picture: Robert Isreal and Roger Angle. Second picture: Zenas Davidson, Larry Oakman, Bill Beckley, Bob Ragland, und Larry Burns. Third picture: Julie Lawyer, Judy Smith, Judy Coder, Shannon Hiner, Prestine Cozart, and Doris Scovel. Fourth James Wright Marsha Foulk, Lou Hiner, Georgian Knight, Louise MC- Pherson, Jean Struble, Lai- keta DeGeer, and Pat Spangler. Richard Evans PAGE SEVENTY , K ww Elsa Meridel Pricst. Mary June Field, Carolyn Alla George O'Ma11ey Haupt. mond. Sondra Miller, and Sharon Morris. mmm First picture: Richard Springfield, Billy Smith, Janice Sebring, and Bruce Laughlin. hm KW Second picture: way, Connie Sawyer, Deanna Walker, and Rae Ellen "9 Burdick. Third picture: Boy Fog T Fourth picture: Ruth Olson and Nancy Fuller. Fifth Dean Miner and Nappy Fullm- picture: Marietta Knofflock, Jacque Peterson, Judy Simmons, and Karen Clark. B i sg '-Na, .5 ir' First picture: Deanna Dodge, Phyllis Calkins, and Dorothy Dodge. Second picture Sue Perkins and Roselind Woods, Third picture: Shirley Fisher, Karen Groe Sandy Stevens, Jeanne Shafer, Barbara Juizker, Joan Aboud, Kay Stinebaugh, Sharon aterson, y ' n . ' 3 ' . W and Bett Milba k Fourth picture Dean Miller PAGE SEVENTY-ONE 1,57 First picture: Don Crowl and Third picture: Judy Brown. Paul Humann. Second picture, , Fourth pictureg Alvin Honier. Darryl Irion, Bill Pierce, Myatt Fifth picture: Joyce Glasscock Lipscomb, and Ronnie Ivion. and Jane Besler. iw? Sue Perkins and Roj: Harmon First picture, Mamie Hinshaw, Howard Solomon. Bill Manely, and Beverly Spencer. Second picture, Eileene Greene, Jackie Frazier, Shirley Guice, Betty Jackson, and Ireene Greene. Third pictureg. SuearPruitt, Pat Reagan, and' Betty Sullivan. Fourth pic- ture: Marcia Lunsford, Sharon Galloup, Nancy Johnson, Ruth Olson, and Carolyn Chester. A., PAGE SEVENTY-TWO ' v 494mm L, Qfwcw Qffff V' . ig M Wiifffifgfix if WW A sf""f:,,,ff 11152 .MM "SG pw? 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' 1 -' ' 1 ,Y 1 f .1 :- -Q A I In VQX11 1' ' . MM. Lil J , '. .1 1 fi'-.212 Y-H417 , A' 2 ,Al-At . -V ' ' ' .'-:,."f":w ' 1-H? 1 IL ' I A .4 X -J' -Y . 5 CA , -QW' A , J-.1-. F? 1-1J.,U - i ,Q 1 ' l x.r f, .1 ,. . .A K Li I T1 , 1 P 'i ' 'fd -?3"! f 1 '-1, 11 7 5' ' -' Q.',.'1 F 'MA ,Q 1 'Tm' an ' 2 . ' W' , P,', 1 x . 1 ,' ' iv' 1 5 '. . 1 - -' 1 'Q Q-1, 4 . 1 '1 . A A I 1 -+ ,Y'1l.f:. -'. V- r.- A- t 'Q' ,"'a ,,j J ,X W 1 I ' ' ' '. . X z, ' . ,j., A K. 1 ,:. - 1 1 ,- Y , , ' .- 1, , 1. 1 .1- +' 'f-45 ff' 1 4 1 . 1. ig' if? .' ' " V ' .1 - ::'Ff:1 J -, - 2 A., 'A . ' , 1 11 'Q thee, ' -' ' ' ., 5-ffflf' f , 1 '- ' pf ig ,A --ffir,g.1 1 if "3ff":if ' " ' wgiff?-'?l' 1 .. ' 1 1 X J 1 1 1 I 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 l . 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