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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1953 volume:

'Ll I 1 HAND Sgt K ffffjlf 05 jaurtb Ziaigb Snbuul 'dihz Sana resin l Bzhicatiun It is with great pride that the Class of 1953 dedicates this yearbook to Miss Ruth Spriggs. She will always be revered in our hearts as an under- standing teacher and friend. Qtknutnlehgment We of the yearbook staff wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following who have aided in the publishing of this yearbook. To Dr. Ross for his general assistance. To Mr. Henry Shoudy for his advice on financial matters. To the entire student body and faculty whose support made this yearbook possible. Mr. Henry Shoudy Vice Principal Qhministratiqn P.. . ., Dr. Iesse Ross Principal Mrs. Irene Kncrppenberger Decm of Girls Miss Blanche Gibbs Mrs. Florence Hcrller Miss Edith Iohnson 1 The jfanultp Mr. Donald Ackerman Mrs. Maude Ackerman Mrs. Marguerite Bradley MI Orlo Bush Miss Sarah Cumming Miss Betty Cummings Miss Laura Ellis Mr. Albert Archiizel f g.:, ,,,.,, ,. V I .:.,, ,I , J A 2? , 1 iff' . Miss Mildred Chacona Miss Ramona Bishko Miss Marcia Conley Miss Frances Downing Miss Dorothy Gallinger Mr. Thomas DeSaniis sri 3 jlff' 4 V . 'B f fi! ' 4 f .. ,-: A 5 if-say 5. , AAAA.1 ....:, t W 3' . Mr. Harold Gebhardt l Mr. Robert Lewis The jfacultp Miss Winifred Gray Mr. George Knock Mr. Charles LaPierre Mrs. Cora McDouqa1d Miss Elizabeth Stumpf Miss Martha Sullivan :If gg' -,,q V Q71 "lf 'E V -, W' I 7' Img? ig ,,,, i Ji gk. W -ii if' ff Mrs. Margaret Sweeney Miss Lois Todd Mr. Iack Weafer Mrs. Leslie VVe1ch Not Pictured Miss Edna Draime, Miss Bessie Hogan Mr. Biagio Isqro Mrs. Marie Taft Qluluts LASSQSB 131112 anh white I President Richard Lombardo Vice-President T S t ecre ary Bruce Wright Constance Paris Glass fiifszrs v Treasurer Sam Calogero Assistant Treasurer Elizabeth Sicari Assistant Treasurer Constance DeStefano Qilass Bing anuarg PETER ASTERINO Swabbie February 23. 1935 "His bark is worse than his bite" While at North, our class chatter- box has developed a rare talent for playing "billiards." Bowling, volley- ball, and Pilot Club have also con- sumed much ot his time and interest. The future will find Pete cruising the Seven Seas. Smooth sailing! MARION BARBER Mar December 23, 1934 "Queen Rose of the rosebud garden of Girls" Our prettiest senior listed these as her activities: vice-president of Tiani and Pi Omicron. Italian Club, Senior Choir, bowling and Variety Show. "Mar" enjoys dancing, tennis, and listening to her Eddie Fisher records. In the future you will probably find her on either the LeMoyne campus or attending some business school. SUSAN BARRY Symie April 10, 1935 "The sweetest thing that ever grew" This cute, little miss, naturally, our class sweetheart, has kept busy with G.S.L., Edwards' Fashion Board. Red Cross, Tiani, Pilot Club, softball. and Rangers. Our only redhead plans to become a telephone opera- tor. BARBARA BELASCO Barb August 22, 1935 "You have a merry heart" Tiani. Senior Choir, Band. Variety Show, volleyball, bowling and soft- ball have taken up the class smile-'s time. In the future she plans tw start a collection of ink blots and make a million selling them to Ioan. Besides this areat project she tells us that she might give the business world a fling. PAUL BEUSCHER Bush Ianuary 6, 1935 "Men love to wonder and that is the seat of our science" The explosion which recently rocked the third floor was caused by none other than our mad scien- tist, Paul. Besides attempting to demolish North High School, he has managed to partake in the activities oi Pi Omicron, Hi-Y, Science Club. Senior Choir, track, volleyball, and bowling. Electrical Engineering at S. U. is his next step. beniurs uf 3Ianua1fp lass i - it 1 3 f ,l IAMES BLAIR lim Ianuary 6, 1935 "A good mind possesses a kingdom" This engineer-to-be will enter the College of Applied Science at S. U. in the fall. He has been active in Hi-Y, Pi Omicron. Science Club. and track. We wish the mister, with the personality-plus, the best ol luck. BETTY BOGENSPERGER Bogie December 15, 1934 "The only way to have a friend is to be one" "Bogie," voted the triendliest senior has managed to find time for the Senior Choir, Special Ensemble. Aelioian, G.S.L., bowling, and head- ing the Senior Dance Committee. lt's Cortland State Teachers College for "Bogie," FRANK BUFANO Buff September 23, 1934 f"'1'lte best healers is good cheer" During his stay at North, Buff has exhibited his talents in Senior Choir. Special Ensemble, Italian Club, Dra- matic Club, Pi Omicron. Science Club, and volleyball. He's one of To:tsie,'s boys and can usually be found in the midst of any of their lunch time activities. CShirts out, boysb. Frank tells us that he'll be walking the S.U. campus come September. PETER BUTTARO Pete luly 21. 1934 "And the night shall be tilled with music" Pete has been one of the main- stays ot our growing band. He tells us that he enjoys good music and plans to continue studying his first love in New York City alter a short session ot beating his "crazy" drums on the entertainment circuit this summer. We wish this "real gone" lad the best ol luck. SAM CALOGERO Tootsie May 31, 1934 "I wish I were an island in an ocean of girls" Besides juggling the books, the master of our money lists his in- terests as the Senior Choir, Italian Club, and Dramatic Club. During any lunch period he can be tcund "cutting up" with Butt and the boys. Il he can get to some college campus before Uncle Sam calls for him, Toctsie would like to go on wlth his schooling. ANNA CALTABIANO Anne Ianuary 20, 1934 "Silence is more eloquent than words" Anne's destination is the Tele- phone Company. Although she has not listed anything in the way of activities, we've been told that she likes phctography very much. Our best wishes. ANNA CARMOSINO Annie October 30, 1932 "True happiness lies in things unseen" Annie's activities in school are a mystery to us, but she informs us that she has had time for dancing. movies, and operas. f?D Her future plans are a bit uncertain, but we wish her luck in whatever she may do. MARIO CARUSO Arthur Murray, here c m s iff com- petition. Alter' service with Uncle Sam, he plans to enter col- lege. Madio Oc 13 10, 19 "An V h d s" , . Y , that a ' 9 dahcin n a out ot t ' 'et Show. ng wi li t-foo activit' he ee - to tt alian e Q Choir, Bo n mble. and cia Ensembl out, GEORGE CATALANO Cat Iuly 5, 1934 "Not a word" This enthusiastic woodsman spends much of hls time hunting. fishing, and snapping pictures ol surrounding scenery. We hear that George plans to matriculate at some college after graduation. We won' der what kind of hunting he'll be doing there?? RICHARD CHASE Hugo Iuly 23, 1935 "Merri'y, merrily, shall I live now" The big guy with the big grin is of course Hugo, our class smile. He's kept himself busy with baseball, volleyball, Science Club, Senior Choir, Special Ensemble, Hi-Y, and band. Hugo will be found attach- ing Bunsen burners to water faucets in some college chem lab in the very near future. Seniors uf ianuarp Qilass MARY COSTANTINI Lollypop August 2, 1934 "An honest heart passes a kingdom" Mary's ambition is to continue her education at University College with a course in accounting. Although she was voted our quietest senior. she does more than her share oi yelling at the Nats' games. G.S.L., Tiani, Senior Choir, badminton, cheerleading, and the Variety Show have claimed most ot her time. FRANK CRISALLI Brother Meatball October 9. 1934 "The man that loves and laughs must sure do welI" Football, track, Dramatic Club, Italian Club, Senior Choir, and less have kept Frank rolling during his three years at North. Cortland State Teachers College will claim the masculine half of our class couple. CARMEN D'EBEDITA C.D. November 12. 1934 "I'll nct budge an inch" Big C. D. has kept the baseball. basketball, and volleyball teams coinq while at North. He also man- aaed to work on the stafis of the yearbook and No-th Wind. He has his sights on S. U. campus. IOSEPHINE DIPAOLA Io Ianuary l4, 1935 "ln a twinkling ol an eye" We wouldn't be surprised if our little lo some day becomes the first wcman president oi the First Fed- eral Savings and Loan. At North she has been active in girls' softball, and in the future she hopes to be active in finding a boy with curly hair and a beautiful car. NANCY ANNE DWYER Nan September 30, 1935 "lt you must fly, ily high" Because of Nan's short stay ct North, she hasn't had much time to participate in our school activities. She spends most of her spare time dancing. This quiet little miss also has an ear lor classical music. Sur- prisingly Nan's future lies in the field of Aviation. Happy landings! RICHARD EDWARDS Red March 8, 1935 "Ask and earn" Although Red hasn't had time to be very active in school activities. his numerous hobbies include hunt- ing. fishing, swimming. and sleeping in Mrs. Ackerman's English class. After Ianuary, Red can be found tinkering with automobiles. MARTHA EMERSON Marty December 3, 1934 "Silence is sweeter than speech" This athletic young lady has spent most of her three years in the gym playing volleyball, service ball. and softball. Marty has also been an active member of G.S.L. Her future ambitions and plans include the business world. IESSIE ENZERILLO less September 25, 1934 "The love light in her eye" less, better known as Frank's girl. is the diminutive half of the class couple. She has enjoyed membership in G.S.L.. dancing and sewing. The Telephone Company will claim another North girl after less gradu- ates. WILLIAM FONTANO Willie November 16. 1934 "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times" Italian Club and Science Club have claimed most of Willie's talent and time during his three year stretch UD. Another sports lover. he enjoys baseball, volleyball, and basketball. Syracuse University's College of Engineering will soon welcome a very capable student. IOAN FRANZ Ioanie March 29, 1935 "Like a fair lily on a river floating" Though Ioanie was named Salu- tatorian she has not spent all her time studying. Our senior with the nicest personality has enjoyed the activities of Aelioian, Girls' Service League. Red Cross. the North Wind Staff, Senior Choir. bowling, volley- ball. and badminton. We lose Ioanie to the business world and Bob. Sentara uf Zanuarp lass IOAN HAITZ Ioan Ianuary 3. 1934 "She is not difficult to please" Ioan intends to enter the business world, preferably the Telephone Company. Although not very active in school activities, she does enjoy sewing as a hobby. Good luck to Ioan. BARBARA HOFFMAN Barb May 21, 1935 "A man is better than a book" Haunting Drumlins is Barb's fav- orite pastime when she's not busy gabbing with the girls, This little lady is headed for Cortland State to take courses in general education. She gained her title of the most popular senior by active participa- tion in Tiani, G.S.L., Pilot Club. Red Cross. badminton, bowling, Rangers. and softball. She also represented North on Edward's Ir. Fashion Board, Loads of Luck. WILLIAM HUNTER Iet Ianuary 21. 1935 "We cannot all be masters" Iet likes all sports and has been active on North's volleyball and bowling teams. Bill intends to be- come one of Uncle Sam's flyboys in the U.S.A.F. JACK KIMMERLE Iaclcson my 29, 1934 "He hath or daily beauty in his life" Iackson was one of our top flight pitchers on our championship team. I-Ie was also a member of the foot- ball. volleyball, and bowling teams. Maybe being voted most athletic has something to do with his plans for entering professional baseball. IANET KOEGEL lan Ianuary 5, 1936 "Wisdom is better than rubies" Ian, our dark-haired valedictorian. has been a very active member of our senior class. Her activities in- clude Tiani, Pi Ornicron, Choir. Band Cone of the few female membersD. newspaper. bowling, and swimming. The future will find Ianet in the offices of Crouse-Hinds and then . . ? HELEN KRAMER Hel March 28. 1935 "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" Helen, another of our girls who has graced Edward's Fashion Board, lists her activities as vice-president of G.S.L., Tiani, volleyball, badmin- ton, bowling, and Rangers. She en- joys participating in sports and aptly enouqh she is our most ath- letic senior. In the years to come Helen plans to continue working at the Home Insurance Company. CONSTANCE LANG Skinner April 6, 1935 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" Besides roaming over Drumlins skating rink with B.H., Skinner has found time to be president of Tiani, and Red Cross and a member of Pilot Club, volleyball, badminton, Hangers, and swimming. Our class angel lists her destination at Cort- land State. CAROLE LENN Dotty February 21, 1935 "On with dance! Let joy be uncon1ined" Working in the office and member- ship in Ceroean has taken up all ot Dotty's spare time. You are very likely to find Miss Lenn at any dance North High sponsors, showing us that "best dancer" form. In the years to come Carole will be seen behind a big mahogany desk as she plans to become a secretary: those lucky bosses -. RICHARD LOMBARDO Dick October 7. 1934 "Variety, the spice of life" "Quiet! C'mon kids, please be quiet." These have been Dick's favorite words come Wednesday mornings when the senior tussles begin in 216. Besides the presidency of the senior class, this talented lad has found time to include all choir activities, Dramatic Club, Italian Club. newspaper, and yearbook staff in his list of activities. In the bright future our most popular senior hopes to attend S.U. IOSEPH LUCKETTE Big Butcliie November 12, 1934 "I love life and I want to live" loe, our class politician, is the leader of the lighting Liberal C?j Party of N.H.S. Besides sparking all types of meetings he has been able to lend a hand in editing the North Wind. He also sparked the Windy Hillers in basketball, track, and volleyball. Ioe aspires to be an engineer by way of LeMoyne Col- lege. Qeniurs uf Zlanuarp lass GEORGIANNA MAYO Georgie March 1, 1935 "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble" Those lucky kids of the next gen- eration will have Georgie as their teacher as she hopes to spend some time at Oswego State after gradua- tion. While at North she has en- joyed Carole L., G.S.L., nd Ceroean. EUGENE MENICKELLI Gene May 28, 1935 "Every man tor himself" Besides popping up with some of his amusing ad-libs, Gene tells us that his hobbies are hunting and fishing. He hasn't decided yet whether he will go right into the big working world or continue his education a bit on the S.U. campus. DOMINICK MIRIZIO Dom February 22, 1934 "Il's better to wear out, than to rust out" Dom, one oi our hard working seniors, has let a certain Miss Theresa occupy most oi his time and interest. About the future, Dom says he has no specific plans, but he is sure that Uncle Sam has some for him. CAROLINE MONTICELLO Care November 1, 1934 "One enemy is too much" "Care's" leisure time has been taken up with eating and the Pilot Club. She is another lady who will make her fortune at the Telephone Company. The best oi luck to her. MARY ALICE MORGAN Mary Alice Iuly 4, 1935 "A rhapsody ot words" What number pleeese? That's what we'll be hearing from the class chatterbox in the very near future. She hopes to be an operator C and a fast onej at the Telephone Com- pany. Mary Alice enjoyed taking part in G.S.L., Tiani, Choir, soltball, and volleyball. GLENN PARKER Bud October 21, 1933 "He profits most who serves best" Here he is: the fellow who "did the most for North." Glenn put his all into the '52 football season and the fine play that he produced kept everyone on the field yelling for him. Looking ahead we see that Glenn is headed for Cortland State if he can dodge the draft for a while. CHa, ha, your not the only one.j DOROTHY PENDERGAST Dottie February 2. 1935 "In each cheek appears a pretty dimp1e" This diminutive senior has enjoy- ed her stay at North. She claims volleyball, bowling, badminton, Senior Choir, and Red Cross as her activities. Dotty likes tall, dark, and handsome men and hopes to become a secretary to some boss with these statistics. ANN MARIE PESCE Giggles Ianuary 1, 1934 "A little picture painted well" Among the membership of Cero- ean you will find "Giqgle's" name. Ann, another tentative telephone operator. would like to get married and have 12 kiddies. CHave you read "Cheaper By The Dozen?"J MARY ROSE POLISINO MRP February 28, 1935 "I can be pushed just so tar" Did you see the Senior Variety Show? If you enjoyed it you can thank our MRP for putting it to- gether. She did the most for North and probably her long list of activi- ties explains this, Here it is-Choir. Special Ensemble, Girls' Sextette, Student Faculty Committee, Pres. cf Dramatic Club, Tiani and mistress of the keyboard C?D. She has her mind on LeMoyne College in Sep- tember. CATHERINE ANN PONTO Katey May 12, 1934 "A short saying oft contains much wisdom" Katey, another musically minded senior, has added her soprano voice to the Sophomore and Senior Choirs. She also spent a litt'e time at bad- minton. Katey will brush up on her typing and shorthand and then ott into the big, wide business world. beniurs uf Blanuarp lass sf , CONCETINA PROCOPIO Tina February 14, 1935 "Little friends may prove great friends" During Tina's three years on the Windy Hill, she's collected enough money to buy Fort Knox Cwelllllll almostb. When she was not busy with the monetary side of life, she enjoyed singing in the Sophomore Sextette, and Senior Choirs, and being a member of the Italian Club, Dramatic Club, Pi Omicron, Aelioian, and Yearbook staff SHIRLEY REALE Shirl December 16, 1934 "leave no stone unturned" Swish . . . who went by? Why that was Shirl, our gal who's most likely to succeed. Besides her duties as president of Aelioian and Pi Omicron, Shirl has bustled about from Senior Choir, badminton, bowl- ing, and volleyball, to girls' sports reporter for the North Wind and Co- editor of this mee of print. One of our top ten, she will enter LeMoyne in September. IOHN ROTONDO Big john March 8, 1935 "A friend stands at every door" Iohn, our senior with the nicest voice, has been one of Mrs, Welch's right-hand men. He has taken part in all the activities of the Senior Choir, Special Ensemble, and Bays' Ensemble. Besides singing, Iohn gave his "all" to the football and track squads. Business and Law will be this lad's major at LeMoyne in September. AUGUST RUSSO Augie February 17, 1935 "The man has hidden taIents" At North, Augie and "Biggies" are synonomous. He can always be found behind the counter serving his buddies hot coffee. During the last three years he has been active in athletics 4 basketball, volleyball, and bowling. Augie won't be at "Biggies" for very long as he plans to enter college in the fall. RICHARD RYDELEK B.S. February 3, 1935 "Each mind has its own method" Dick names Key Club, Senior Choir, and bowling as his pastimes. If Dick can tear himself away from the pool table, you'l1 probably find him at Cortland State Teachers Col- lege in the near future. GENEVIEVE SAYA Gen October 1, 1935 "See where she comes, apparelled like the spring" A very capable president of G.S.L. was our best dressed senior. Gen. She was also in the midst of the Red Cross activities and an im- portant contributor to the publication of the Yearbook. Carrier Corp. will soon be graced by Gen's appear- ance in one of their offices. VINCENT SCARAVILLO Vince September 9, 1934 "As he thinketh in his heart, so he is" "Hey Vince! Drive me up to Grant. C'mon. I don't want to carry all this equipment." The center of North's charging line has also en- joyed participating in bowling, vol- leyball, and Dramatic Club. When next September rolls around our best dressed senior will enter Le- Moyne College. IEAN SCHWENN Ieanne January 25, 1936 "Sweets to the sweet" Ieanne, our most talented senior, tells us that her time has been taken up with swimming, bowling, Forest- ers, Senior Choir, Tiani, and Pi Omicron. Along with I.K., her part- ner in crime, Ieanne has been one of the chief doughnut sellers for the Math Club. After graduation the Telephone Company will em- ploy her talents. REGINA SHUMER Vicky November 15, 1934 "The parables speak the truth" This very serious senior's plans are to earn a bit of money for home after Ianuary. "Vicky" has kept busy watching sporting events, reading, hiking, and dancing. Good luck to her in whatever she may do. ROSE ANN SIRIANO Ro February 14, 1935 "I have no quarrels or arguments" "Ro," an ardent fan of the Nats and Bill Gabor, lists her activities as Red Cross, Iunior Volunteers, yearbook staff and treasurer of G.S.L. After graduation Rose Ann will start work at Carrier's. We know she'l1 get along fine with all the bosses as she is "most agree- able." Sentara uf Zlanuarp lass v ROSINA STAGNITTA Ro December 27. 1933 "Silence gives consent" Ro hasn't told us very much about herself, but we've heard that she likes holidays best during the school year. The business world will claim this good natured young lady. IOYCE STILES Ioycie April 13, 1935 "And does it very well" This quiet, unassuming young lady is, cf course, our class blonde. She's been active in the activities of G.S.L., Aelioian, and the staffs of the Yearbook and the North Wind. CThat's besides the activities of Ianet and Iean.j It seems as though the Telephone Company will be operated by North High grads in the future. Ioyce is our final addi- tion to the Bell Sisters. lOSEPH CONTI Digger April 7, 1934 "Be silent and pass for a philosopher" It was a tough job but we finally gathered the facts about this hard to find fellow. Well, volleyball, and watching hockey games have filled his time. As to future plans he in- tends to become cr butcher and con- tinue in the meat business. PAUL GIBSON Hoot Iune 15, 1934 "lust give me wine, women, and song" Hoot lists his hobbies as swim- ming, movies, pin-ball machines and just "hanging around." Besides baffling the girls, after graduation he will decide between Ithaca Col- lege and Uncle Sam's Air Force. ROBERT GRABOWSKI HOPPY luly 18, 1934 "He tapped on the tip of his toes" Bob is one of our top bowlers, Besides bowling, he has played volleyball and participated in the activities of the Dramatic Club. His destination is unknown, but we know he will do well in anything he attempts. Sentara uf January lass RAYMOND MERTENS Kraut April 24. 1935 "Weep no more my ladies" Many a shy lass has sighed over our best looking senior with a cer- tain Miss Brooks leading the pack. All of the coaches of North will be sorry to lose Ray who contributed so much to baseball, basketball, football and track. With the com- ing of spring. Kraut will don navy blues and sail the seven seas. ALSO GRADUATING ARTHUR BARNELLO IOSEPH MEZZATESTA Art Iumpin Ioe September 12, 1934 May 18. 1934 A t 25"-lbbolin all-70Y CIEFTICI'-lefs eV9fYg1m9n d "A weak excuse is better than none" r, one o our ar wor ing seniors, as participate in .. . H . . . - football, track. Senior Choir. Italian Club, and Pilot Club. This Tumpm Ice' Ongmutor of the bud Calls In 102 devfned most fellow hopes to serve his country as G member of of his energy to basketball, track, volleyball, and Pilot Club. Uncle Sam's Air Force after graduation. Happy landings, Art. The University of Illinois will figure in Ioe's plans for the future. OOKING back on these pictures in the years to come, our first impulse will be to laugh: not only at the hair-do's which will in all probability be horribly out of style, but also at the familiar and sometimes funny expressions on our faces. After a few moments of concentration, however, memories, good and bad, will commence to reappear-memories of our own special gang, the little disagreements that seemed so important at the time, the parties. the ball games, and. of course, the senior prom. By this time, we aren't laughing anymore, but smiling reminiscently. ' A , 'bf Z f X X , , E ' Z 5 X . 'W' '- r - . f . c , -fe , ",,. , '-S 1 ' ,, -.,- N -I C. . -f 1-4 5 E., s - .- ' . . ' -- 5-zssjx, 5 3 , 1 QX f X f - fi' e' -t Ae we ly' ,.. .rkfji Q V475 v pff 'A -eel' f reefs Z QE w g ' il iaunur Rall JZ ,- " X, ,afglld g-Q ' 5 22 1:1- .it Ziannur nl' 5 Vcrledictoricm Janet Koegel E5 N Shirley Reqle Mary Rose Polisino T Barham ,Hoffmann Marion Barber Ioyce Stiles 1 Joseph Luckette Helen Kramer Rose Ann Siricxno ull -1 15121 of i53"lf -f f . - -V--E- . - -. t ' jg-gd fa Salutatorian 'fa 5 '-5 "" 7' Z Ioan Franz Betty Bogensperger Mary Costantini Genevieve Soya lean Schwenn Barbara Belasco Martha Emerson Carole Lenn James Blair Title fllfliijcfs who Nicest Personalities ....,.,,. Chatterboxes ee..... Most Agreeable ,....... Most Talented ee,v.., Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic .et... Class Smiles .,..... Class Hairdo ..e.... Class Sweetheart ....,. Class Angel .,...... Quietest Senior ,..... Mad Scientist ,...e. Friendliest Senior ..... Class Politician ..oA.. Favorite Blonde .......,. Favorite Brunette ...,,.. Best Voice ........ Most Studious .,...... Class Wit ..,,. Name ,-.c.,...Ioan Franz lim Blair Mary Alice Morgan Pete Asterino --..Rose Ann Siriano Ioe Conte lean Schwen Augie Russo Shirley Reale Carmen D'Eredita Helen Kramer lack Kimmerle ----.--,ccBarbara Belasco Dick Chase - ........ .. .,..,.....,.. Georgianna Mayo Sue Barry .-.-----,Connie Lang ---.c,.lMary Costantini n,lc,,-,.Pau1 Buescher ,Betty Bogensperger h,,l,Ioe Luckette - ....c,.l.....c Ioyce Stiles ---,---,.,Ianet Koegal ,---,.,cIohn Rotondo ---.-..Bill Fontano ,------,-,Sam Calogero 515511133 who Mosr POPULAR Barbara Hoffman aaav,a, BEST LOOKING Marion Barber a,a. . ,, aa7,..a.,......a.,,.a,a,.,,..... ., Gen Sayar, Carole Lenn I BEST DRESSED BEST DANCERS Dick Lombardo Ray Mertens Vince Scaravillo Mario Caruso CLASS COUPLE Jessie Enzerillor ,r.... , ,rrrr, , Frank Crisalli MOST ATHLETIC Helen Kramer ....,,rr lack Kimmerle DID MOST FOR NORTH Mary Bose Polisino Yrr,r.,rr I rrr,rr .,.rrrr,rr,, I ,rr,rr,.,,,,,r,rr,M,r,,rr r,r, I , rrrr G len Parker CLASS ACTRESS AND ACTOR Dorothy Pendergast ,.r,rrr..r r.rr,,M,rrr R ichard Rydelek O . .6 X W 'E 214 gl I Wikia we , M Qln- I Q ' xr my 4 W Ja! wc yy' , ..,, 1 Nf 4 fl. we anim Where Mr. Knock got that southern accent. Vfho o1iginated the bird calls in 102. Vslhy the iron cages weren't taken down sooner. Why the yearbook subscriber wasn't admitted to Room 120. VVhen some of the suggestions in the suggestion box will be used. If S.M. ever learned the "Alma Mater" for Mrs. Welch after singing it l8 times. How Dick settled the squabble concerning the class picnic. Why the typing teacher in 224 could never understand the notices. How M.B. passed gym with her green suit. If some girl will ever get her nose caught while peeking through the partition into the boys' gym. Where Mrs. MacDougald ever found those "different" dances she teaches the girls in gym. If Mr. Isgro ever tires of clapping his hands from 8:55 to 9:00 to get us to our homerooms. How the yearbook staff ever survived the coffee that Gen made at Dick's house. How S.C. ever balanced his books. Why the Hand of Fate always steps in with an accident just before Betty Iane's performances. Why We can never find the turkey in the turkey dinners served in the cafeteria. When the North Wind will come out with news that we don't already know. Where lim Massad gets his jokes. If all the initials carved on the chairs in the auditorium will bring back memories of past loves. If the cleaning ladies know that we appreciate all their hard work in keeping the school tidy. Why Rose Ann can't say chizel. If Mr. Shoudy makes any money by pad-locking the lockers. If the coaches know we appreciate their work in trying to get North to the top. If the seniors were really satisfied having the prom in the school gym. What Tina does with all the money she collects. we wnnher CONTINUED If our "Best Dancer" had heart failure when another dancer was nominated for Who's Who. Where the writers of "Diggin the Dirt" get their courage to write what they do. If I.E. has a turtle neck bathing suit. Why P.B. and M.G. don't use handcuffs instead of the strangle hold to keep them together. If Iohnny's new car has any modern improvements over the old one. How Mary Rose rehearsed all the acts in the Variety Show in "one week." Why such a fiery red-head as Sue doesn't have a fiery temper. If Mary DiBello still likes the record "It's in the Book." Why Annette likes "Chucklet" cakes. Why Ioe never agreed with anyone on the yearbook staff about the write ups. VVhy Ioan and Louie always fight. Why Liz wants to join the Wacs. Where Iohn Grosso got those beautiful eye lashes. Where Ioe L. gets all his passes to chemistry. Where Lombard gets all of his nicknames. Where Hugo got his laugh. Why Dizzy likes hotdogs. Where lol-Xnne learned how to clap her hands. If Shirley will ever know the trouble the yearbook staff had finding a quota' tion for her. If Toni will ever cut her black locks. If Natalie will live up to her reputation as class chatterbox. Why Barbara loves those winter nights at Drumlins. lf everyone knows all the hard work that Lill Mancini has done for the news- paper. If Mary Ann really originated the "Urh Urh" club. Where Chuck learned to play the ukulele. Where Dan T. got his he-man build. Boys with beautiful Shrimp, showoffs, and Sanks, you're a NAME Peter Asterino Marion Barber Arthur Barnello Susan Barry Barbara Belasco Paul Beuscher Iames Blair Betty Bogensperger Frank Bufano Peter Buttaro Sam Calogero Anne Caltabiano Anne Carmosino Mario Caruso George Catalano Richard Chase Ioseph Conte Mary Costantini Frank Crisalli Carmen D'Eredita Iosephine DiPaola Nancy Dwyer Richard Edwards Martha Emerson Iessie Enzerillo William Fontano Ioan Franz Paul Gibson Robert Grabowski likes anh islikes LIKES Shooting pool Bologna sandwiches Being with I. F. DISLIKES Losing to unknowns Broken arms and legs Being without her "What a riot" u n PET SAYING "You ace-what's happening" My pumpkin nose" brown eyes CG.K.j Sports Being with Marilyn Hot rods Tall, thin boys with brushcuts Sleeping Good music Evenly distributed girls Photography Dancing, movies, opera Dancing with beautiful girls who don't mind being a guinea pig while trying new steps Bowling, fishing. hunting, photography people who stare Teachers who put on an act Bleached blondes Loud, know-it-alls Awakening Hecklers People that give me a " hard time Getting up mornings School Teachers who talk too " much and moody girls Dancing and homework " n n n n real buddy" You hate me" Oh! you give me a pain Don't hot rod it" Backseat drivers CP.B.j " "It's all right" "Hi, sunshine" That's crazy" Don't feel bad, it might of happened to me" For crying out loud" Gee whiz" She's nice" You think so heh" Sports and money Hockey games Syracuse Nationals Being with Iessie Baseball and basketball seasons Boys with nice curly hair and nice cars Classical music and dancing All snorts. swimming. hunting, and fishing Gym Dancing. sewing. anzl being with Frank Sports B.B. Muggs, and food Ioanne's ability to get a bloody nose in 3rd period English class A good time "Hugo" and agitators like Bill Lombard Getting to school at 9:00 Too many movies Being without her Off seasons Boys with brushcuts and who smoke cigars Getting up mornings Not being near a swimming pool leaving school Not being with Frank Dancing Barb's carrots Santorelli's odd-looking coat People who talk about themselves n ll u ll n n n ll "He's a phenom" All righty" Oh, Heavens" That's nice" Get the lunch pail" Oh, Fran, I can't" That's what you think Come on" To be or not to be" What a dummy" What is it with you anyway" Nice" NAME Ioan Haitz Barbara Hoffman William Hunter Iack Kimmerle Janet Koegal Helen Kramer Constance Lang Carole Lenn Dick Lombardo Ioe Luckette Georgianna Mayo Eugene Menickelli Ray Mertens Ioe Mezzatesta Dominick Mirizio Caroline Monticello Mary Alice Morgan Glenn Parker Dorothy Pendergast Ann Marie Pesce Mary Rose Polisino Catherine Ponto Tina Procopio Shirley Beale likes ants islikes C O N T I N U E D LIKES DISLIKES Sewing People who spend their Those beautiful winter nights at Drumlins When 3rd period was omitted Sports, money, girls Being with a certain I.S. Tall, dark boys Old convertibles Cyellowj Being with F. G. 5th period English class Cwhen I was therej Free lunch Sleeping Sleeping, pay day Girls Butchies My girl Theresa S. Eating Chemistry class Swimming, hunting. fishing, roller skating Tall, dark boys Boys Having a good time, always Movies To be in school rather than at home Everybody cmd everything money before getting it Ioan's 3-piece mirror When lst period was omitted Not having them Not being with him Killjoys Snobs Being without him The front seat of I.R.'s car Angies Monday mornings Work, being broke Work Angelos Work!!-which interfers with sports Dieting Omitting Chem. class Going steady, and Sth period study Conceited boys Homework Gloomy days and moody people Showoffs Anyone who teases Nothing and nobody u ll n u 1: n ll ll 1: u n PET SAYING "What did you say" Oh you know whatcha majigger-don't you" Oh for corn sake" Meet me over to the Cozy" No kidding" George" "How sweet" Well Ding Ding" Sure, nice, ya, uh huh" Baa waa do I know" I'l1 never tell" Look, it's dead" What's your plan" That's nice" Corna sta" Hi, kiddo" "It's tangible" Are you kidding" You betch your life" Not this girl" All right" No one so little has taken so much from so many" Oh for Pete's sake" NAME Iohn Rotondo August Russo Dick Hydelek Genevieve Saya Vincent Scaravillo lean Schwenn Regina Shumer Rose Ann Siriano Rosina Stagnitta Ioyce Stiles likes ani: islikes C O N T I N u E D LIKES DISLIKES Smoking my pipe in Arguing private Voice, dancing, sports, Big Iohn's Bop house Girls and poor pool shooters Blue eyes Chemistry CHaj sports Most everyone Music, watching sports, reading, hiking, dancing Iackie Gleason Holidays To be agreeable f lt Work of any kind Handsome boys and good pool shooters Sarcastic remarks Going to work Heaven only knows Long speeches by teachers Other comediens Mondays Arguments 1,45 g - lv I PET SAYING I'm glad for you" Che canzone" How sick I am" Second door to your left I lost my head" What do I care" Heaven forbid, what's next" I'm from Missouri: you got to show me" You'1l be all right" All righty" How do you like that" last will anti Testament WE, the seniors, being sound of mind and memory hereby bequeath and publish our last will and testament. I, Peter Asterino, leave my friendy quarrels with my teachers to some up and coming cookie-Iohn Spinella. I, Marion Barber, leave my green gym suit to Virginia Lostumbo. I, Arthur Barnello, leave to some lucky sophomore my locker 321. Use it well. I, Susan Barry, leave my ability to some 2-1 to take Mr. Shoudy's teasing about "A farmer boyfriend." I, Barbara Belasco, 1eaveiFINALLY. I, Paul Beuscher, leave my ability to sing in voice class to anyone who needs the credit. I, Iames Blair, leave my over-sized chair in 105 to a bigger man than myself. I, Betty Bogensperger, leave my locker 179, which I inhabited for three years to any girl who wants to be pestered by Butch Greip. Bob Gass, and Bill Lombard. I, Frank Bufano, hereby bequeath my ability to bawl up the choir to Ierry Russo. I, Peter Buttaro, leave my position on tympani to the last two members of the percussion battery. I. Sam Calogero, leave what talent I have to whoever wants it. I, Ann Caltabiano, leave my height to anyone who wants it. I. Anna Carmosino, leave my best "pleated skirt" to Mr. Knock. I, Mario Caruso, leave to Celestine Ianno, who is always smiling, my stupid ability in trying new steps in rhumba and tango. I, George Catalano, leave to Ierry Young my seat in the cafeteria so he may see everything. I, Richard Chase, hereby will Vito Busco my ability to lose weight. I, Ioseph Conte, leave my volleyball ability to Bob Capaculli. I, Mary Costantini, leave my "red" eye from fooling around' in gym, to Rita Civiletta. I, F rank Crisalli, leave my ability to get a girl like Iess to Tony Niccoletti and Ierry Russo. I, Carmen D'Eredita, leave to Mauro D'Eredita my spikes, gloves and sneaks. I, Iosephine DiPaola, having spent all my money on Senior dues, etc., have nothing to leave-not even to Antoinette Piccotti. last will ant Testament CONTINUED I, Richard Edwards, leave to a 2-1 the "Universal Saw" in wood shop C the one I cut my hand onj. I. Martha Emerson, leave to Ann Stearns all my gym classes. I, Iessie Enzerillo, leave my favorite locker, 298, to Babe Zalla and Celia Paladine. I, William Fontano, leave my locker 257 to Iames DeStefano. I, Ioan Franz. leave to some lucky 4-2 the ability to heckle Mr. Shoudy. I, Paul Gibson, leave my ability to get along with all teachers to anyone who wants it. I, Robert Grabowski, hereby leave. I, Ioan Haitz, leave my ability not to understand questions in English to anyone who does. I, Barbara Hoffman, leave my front row seat in 223 with its one eraser filled typewriter, lots of typing paper and pencils, and one bewildered brain to Sis Paolini. I. William Hunter, leave my place in French class to another poor un- suspecting soul. I, Iack Kimmerle, leave to Biff DeCapria my baseball shoes. I, Ianet Koegal, leave my seat in Miss Bishko's 4th period English class to anyone who enjoys a good laugh now and then. I, Helen Kramer, leave my job in the school office to some ambitious sophomore. I, Constance Lang, leave all my Tiani worries to the incoming president. I, Carole Lenn, leave my position in the office to some ambitious sopho- more. I, Richard Lombardo, leave a "thank you" to all those who helped with the tasks and problems of the Class of '53. I, Ioseph Luckette, hereby bequeath the editorialship of the "Holly Herald" to Anthony Rocola. I, Georgianna Mayo, leave my torn gym suit and broken bones to some lucky sophomore. I, Dominick Mirizio, leave to some lucky 2-1 my ability to stay out of trouble for three years. I, Caroline Monticello, leave my 4-2 seat in art class to Maryann Massaro. I, Eugene Menickelli, leave to some poor soul my alertness and intelli- gence in Mr. Knock's class. I, Raymond Mertens, leave my knee brace to anybody who needs it. last will anti Testament CONTINUED I, Ioseph Mezzatesta, leave my 10,000 points in three years of basketball to Mauro D'Eredita. I, Mary Alice Morgan, leave my shirt with the acid holes from Chemistry to Celestine Ianno. I, Glenn Parker, hereby bequeath my quietness to my brother Lee who needs it. I, Dorothy Pendergast, leave my gym suit to any 2-1 who wants to take gym. I, Ann Marie Pesce, leave my gym suit which is almost new to anyone who wants to give it a rough time. I, Mary Rose Polisino, leave because I have to, not because I want to. I, Catherine Ann Ponto, leave my typewriter in 223 that makes all the mistakes to my sister Franny. I, Tina Procopio, leave my oil paints and brushes to the Art Department and Mrs. Marcia B. Conley. I, Shirley Reale, leave my ability to sell doughnuts to Rosemarie Pagano. I, Iohn Rotondo, leave my ability to get in the North "Diggin the Dirt" gossip column monthly. I, August Russo, leave to Phyllis Don Vito my ability to whirl and twirl. I, Richard Rydelek, leave to Paul Musaio my ability to sing Jimmy Brown. I, Gen Saya, leave to a future member of the next yearbook staff, my recipe for making coffee at the meetings. I, Vincent Scaravillo, leave Bill Salamone, Ioe Pocaro, and Carmen Perrotti the problem of finding another car buddy. I, Regina Schumer, leave my love for sewing to any honest, deserving student. I, lean Schwenn, do hereby leave French to anyone willing to take it. I, Rose Ann Siriano, leave Annette Salamino my gym suit-if she can stand it. I, Rosina Stagnitta, leave my senior homeroom seat to my cousin, Esther Stagnitta. I, Ioyce Stiles, bequeath my title of Class Blonde to Iean Cooper. THE IANUARY GRADUATES OF NORTH HIGH SCHOOL, 1953 SPECIAL EDITION THE VOLUME I, NUMBER 1 SYRACUSF RECEIVE AWARDS Let's look to the defenders of our fair land for old North alumni. We find Bill Hunter, Paul Gibson and Frank Bufano who have re- ceived rewards for piloting jets faster than the chatter of Mary Alice Morgan. Some feat isn't it? We also find North graduates in the Navy. Pete Asterino, Dick Rydelek, and Ioe Conti represent the blue. If 0 PLAYER CHOSEN The Baseball Writers Association today chose lack Kimmerle as the Most Valuable Player of the National League. Among others receiving votes were Ray Mertens, Glenn Parker, and Richard Chase. .egg N? I VVOES OF AN OPERATOR That favorite radio chatter program featuring Mary Alice Morgan is becoming one of the nation's tops. A half hour of continual chatter with no advertisement, will be taken up this week by visits from Syracuse telephone opera- tors. Among them we find Ieanne Schwenn, Ioyce Stiles, Anne Caltabiano and Ann Pesci. They will relate "Woes of an Operator." X I ' ff I ....MWW lb 'ivww?if'f i' N..- ,M at f v f .1 gn tx te, 4 HECS, ,... , V .4 lt l , tullas tat..-fe?" , ,fm tv4e?.z:..gv f Kill! I f . :sg NEW CHAMPIONS The Women's Bowling Championship is to be decided tonight with such famous stars as Shirley Reale, defending champion, Helen Kramer and Barbara Belasco. REUNION LeMoyne College helds its annual reunion at the famous North Star Hotel operated by Auggie Russo and Ann Dwyer. Among those present were prominent Syracusans, Mary Rose Polisino, Vincent Scaravillo, Gene Menickelli, and Iohn Rotondo. Speaker of the evening was Professor Paul Beuscher. His topic was, "The Mystery of the Cyclatron" or "What Makes a Bomb Tick." His associates Janet Koegal and Ioan Franz were unable to attend because of I.S. and R.B. LOVELY COLOR Pastel-colored television was viewed with pleasure by America as presented by its pro- moters, Dominick Mirizio and Frank Crisalli. 2 i C 2 asg1:F......,.'igv,g ,. . .' NEVV OFFICERS The Mechanics Club of Syracuse recently elected new officers: President-Richard Ed- wards, Treasurer-George Catalano, Secretary -Bill Fontana. OUTLOOK Weather Rain and Snow NEW YORK I ANUARY, 1963 LADIES IN THE NEWS The Professional Businesswomen's Associa- tion of Syracuse held its bi-monthly meeting in the Blue Room of the Syracuse Hotel last Wednesday. Guest speakers included Dorothy Pendergast, personal secretary to I. B. Blair, world renowned physicist. AUTHORS SPEAK A lecture will be given this week in Syracuse by those famous co-authors of "Secretarial Shortcuts" or "Short Forms cf Shorthand," Cenevieve Saya and Rose Ann Siriano. M jaftf' 1 NX -NB NEW DANCE Dancing lessons are given at the famous "Caruso Dancing Studios." Mario Caruso, pro- prietor, has announced that the new and popular dance, "Waltz of the North Wind" Cno connection with a newspaper of the same namej, are on the schedule. Lovely instructors such as Iosephine DePaolo and Mary Cos- tantini make it "fun to learn." BETTER SCHOOLS A group of Syracuse teachers have joined to protest the conditions of schools which have existed for years. Leaders in this protest are Barbara Hoffman, Betty Bogensperger, Tina Procopio, and Georgianna Mayo. Their motto is "do or die" CTime of funerals will be an- nounced at a later date.j GLASS ? Adding the modern touch to the New York Skyline is the rising young architect, Dick Lombardo. His newest building plans include a glass skyscraper adjacent to the United Nations building. AWAITING OUTCOME The world is breathlessly awaiting the out- come of the 1963 Miss America contest. Among the many beauteous finalists are-Marion Bar- ber of Sun Valley, Idaho: Sue Barry of New York City: Connie Lang of Hollywood, Cali- fornia: Carole Lenn of Houston, Texas: and Iessie Enzerillo of Las Vagas, Nevada. POLITICIAN S Ioe Luckette, a young politician who is carry- ing his campaign for Congressman throughout New York State, is scheduled to speak at a political rally in his home town tonight. Accom- panying him are his campaign manager, Sam Calcgero, and a group of advisors including Ioe Mezzatesta, and Carmen D'Eredita. Chairman ,...,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 4.,-,, ,, ,,,, Y ,- ,,,q,Y,,,,,,,,,,,WM--,,A-,--4,,,, -,.,,,,,. , Committee Chairman Committee Chairman Committee : Chairman Committee : Chairman ..,o....i,..oo,,, , ,......,.,,......oo....,o... , .,...vo.....,...... , .,....a...., L Committee : Chairman Committee : ftiummittezs MOTTO Iosephine Alibrandi Lillian Mancini, Mary Alice Morgan, Mary Constantini, Charles Luttinger, Rose Marie Boccola. CLASS COLORS ..,c....c-,..Ianet West Pat Onofri, Bruce Wright, Iesse Enzerillo, William Fantano, Ioan Haitz, Charlene Schmid, Mary Lou Hill. CLASS DAY Ioanne Fazio Bill Salomone, Ioanne Fazio, Ann Rispoli, Norma Pullano, Barbara DiSiato, Helen Kramer, Vernon Stevens, Michael Izzo. Anfirew Ianniello, Andy Pompo. CAPS AND GOWNS ,,-..--...Annette Salamino Lorraine Natalie, Emelia Poalini, Iames Massad, Peter Buttaro, Iohn Grosso, Lorraine Parise. COMMENCEMENT Io Anne Saya Ioan DeMasco1i, Frances Barillo, Ciro Tantillo, Dan Carfagno, Norma Zoccali. PUBLIC RELATIONS Gene Menickelli, Paul Beuscher, Sue Barry, Anthony Stirnson, Marlene Campione, Marilyn Gwynn. Variety Sham Cllummittee The Senior Variety Show of 1953 was one of the outstanding events of the term. This is the group responsible for putting on such an enjoyable performance. As a result of the hard work of the cast and committee, a most successful and enjoyable show was presented. Chairman i,ssi,,s , is,, ,, sl,, ssi,,s, ,,si,,s,siiiss.,.isi,,,,s,,,,is, ,,oi,,, M a r y Hose Polisino Bearhnnk Qllummittee Editor sl,.,ss,lss,.,,ss,s.,ssl,ssV,,,sslsYs .ilsslss.s.,ls..,,s ..s,isss..,ssil.issa,s.,os,sw B e tty Iane Campitello Assistant Editor ,,s, ss,, , r s ,iss, ,.s,,i, ,i,s,, , 7 L ,, ,ir,, Shirley Beale Business Manager sssissY.,,sssss,,ss ,,.ssssss .,sssss.,sss,s,sssss,,assss,,aia,,a E 1 izqbeth Sicqri Subscription Managers . scccs,.,..cccsc.,ccsc,sY.,,ccs, William Lombard, Rose Ann Siriano Art Editor EVV.sV.,,ss7,sV..,.ss7Vs.ws7VssVss...7sss... . .7sss, ..sss7s..ss7sss. Vss.sssss.sssss.sss,..sss.,css L u ke Oscuro Writers: Dick Lombardo, Gen Saya, Iames Blair, Tina Procopio, Ioe Luckette, Carmen D'Eredita, Ioyce S.iles, Marion Barber. bzniur 39mm jfrustp jfantesp Queen .. . ,.,........, ,,.AA. . ..7 7 .........,.. , ,.....,.., , ,.,.. ,., , ..,....., , , , T o ni Maione King . .. ., 7 .,,... A .Michael LaPorta Time i.,.,iii i,i,i,i,i 8 :OO P. M., 11:30 P.M. Date .iiiii,ii i,iiii,ii.,. I anuary 16, 1953 Place aiaa ,iii,iia North High Gym Orchestra ccccccc,rrcr,cc,,ccccccr .. .cc,c,cc.....,cccccc,.,,.,,,cc,c,....,c,c,c,.,c ,,a. . . .wccccc,, Williams Parisians Court: Patricia Onofri, Betty Bogensperqer, Mary Rose Polisino, JoAnne Saya, Barbara Fandrich, Ianet Koegal. Chairman cccc,....c..cccc....,..,cccc..c.....cccccccc...c, ..,, cccccc.....cccccc......ccccccc.... 1 B etty Bogensperger Committee: Ianet Koegel, Connie Lang, Antionette Maione, Frank Bufano, Vince Scaravillo, Barbara Hoffman, Ioan Franz. V ig? 1459 5 Je Q ff Q0 . .P .., A5 f Q K Q 4 , 733' rn -.-Qld w Q Z J' A Ai' x 4 f 5 xff was M 01. of fig? , wr, 537 x 6 ww, X up W , B MG WAX wi a 4-5' gwf wg, N w ' b -V I: 4 mf Q, W uma 1 if 1 .3 , , . vw 2 ,, .pm ,M xx " 5 ff? A , my 7r,y,,, 75+ - 1552 '-fl: 55 ax , , vi: x W7 Nw 2 m f ,fx eb Q 2 2292 N -Q fm . ,,., SW. A W f 2 , 4 f X X anx 5 W: .f- rv :::::::,g: aVm 5-s :afar WM 4 , Qxgafwg I . ...,.. .... ,g ...... ig . ,.... X if el? 225 9, If 47 9 1 Alai:-'X , ...... z .. ..m, ,. Q ..... 'N' , . ,pm fag ni M f' " ww , sx K S A y f QXMQ Q1 f f. fx is Y vw, NX 1 iff? Q3 , 53 QE I' ' ' ' e.f1'..::::::5:::. 1, , , , , " "" "f"9f'E ' M1 A' , f:i'1'3" e1I-11 "'g:f-'1,- f , ' j g' :,Z' ,g', 'EV if 3' his " 5 if MQW EW .,., iff ,. NN ' . S- -.., M .g ms 1 . Z. .. MM,,.,, ,mwfgf v, ,H M fry J, .- . ,ESE g ,Q 5 'QE Q ggg v ,A,, if E we f- ,' W 'Y v wsu. 41 ,,!,, 55:59 ,q -b, 5 - ,,,,.- ,,,, nf' V ,,:,:,: ,, , , , A 3 f ,,,, f X if? g l Ess f : w ?Z??x3 5 ?? Jie' QM, -"fig -,w- 23- 3325? W g " 's13Q?1::3'1S':si9E'f 9' 6"s5'z5A w w? fig Z Za 6 an 4 W il" ' W' ,iwj ,: WI? ' . f Wi 'Q X QW f N 2 iff AQ' V3'?5'333f"W 253511 F-'11?f'5355iVIi'f2252,E'f2E,,,.,,,-, ,Q ,EE 1'5 ,iwv,:bi ?9 f 231, 52 ,gg ' 6- '15 ,1 is 512 gf ig I , ,535 5 Y as K 1253 S-. :,.,:,:,:, . .,:, . .,.5:5- W 'gsm Q 144 f 12 Ni 1.92 i l1ef , E4 5ess w w Q' Q fi W 2 ff 5!,! ,,, iE::N,,gN EL X mm .,. ,. ,...,....,2.g 5 Y Q X f 5, 5324 '- V' v,',w v's1f--mm.-1 1, ,f,, ,, 51 z- 1 1, 15,,m,z 1 4, 4 :E EY QQ? ff . FQQQEQQ fwf Sf, 5 f 4 1 2, l?Igs,,Q4i ,: .2-ei-155553 xg if:,Q1..:..,-::.:.,,IZ,1,s, ', 1 EI 4: 1515, 1,EgQ4vw4Qu,gQ 0' gg 9 EW ,,,, QS , E J W af? 3'3ifi3w'3"'"3"'2ii3E'3i':"gli1'I'Q'3?x315'3I,lIff3I'Mf???5 W wwls will 5-V , W f K ' , W 2 ,, l g3 9+ 5 5 gf, T W, fi " i i Egg 5 Sb lx X EP. 1 3. i ' 333 , Qi , , K, R W , ' ly mx Yu- Egg gay ,,.x,:K,. .... , ,...,... Q4 -':E.: ?jq5yk Xi X f , X ,Z Ay , 5 5 g A' gg , K 3, if f gms wwssffiz' iff 24. my? 9' x' fii M ,s x 1: -1 Q 11 : . Eg A f ::. ,' -v ,gy S W- jzff-Sy ' 5 53, 1:-,:Q5 fj::: z- V. 4 f I k Eiifxsg? SE Fifa 35? fu gf 5? 5 W Q , A, lf H 4,-X V Q, , , if JSM 55 gf 5, ..... 1 -.,.,,: Q5,.,:.- iiwg .4 S J M 2 f ees: 241: , 2 X ---- QE 5 ggi, J i M 5 ig fe 3' 0 by Kg. 3 2 ig , 4 Sf M Ay g Q1 N pw 5 E 2 Q WW x f Ag ? ww , i if ::'. w :FV ..,:::E5i5g: U" W C, , AA V0 ff x f ' 5 , I E ' ' 1 1 A 22 if '5 Mia? ,N Q33 f Mi , .,. mick. , fx, 4 sg: 2 Kg ,Q an is , 3,2 M. ff? 'XM 4 ' Q sg if f f 2 be if 2 ' Q f , 4 1,fQ,y.hX':Af 5,1igQsQ?,-v,gf,f,fQf27 135371, ,fwxifgz--xfww,.31-5-fb-gy,?MfMg XXX Aa ,X 5 , I gig? S? 2 f 'ff' iffy "? FW WM W X5 'V M19 "9 Q N X , g -34: if tk gills? if Q ggvfw , f Qxx- W SWSS 'XE?,7'15iKWJ Rh ' W ,Q-Q XYQQ Ni ,gi5?'f,f ,g '2 ggi 55? Ziiffw? 4 5 ff? 2' W , A "' C " jig? X S k EQ Q M 2 1 kg , ' A "h" ..... ,f ' ,.,.. , -'-'f ' 4 -'I-4. ---- ,.55,:,-- ,..4.5a:zg. -, -::g:, -'-aaf- .:e::- -af if Svtuhent acultp Cllnmmittee This is the group responsible for North's first Student Government in many years. Under the leadership of this group, we hope to improve North cnd rise to top rank among the city schools. Co-Editors Celestine Ianno Ioe Luckette Photography Mike LaPorta Exchange Editor Elizabeth Sicari President Iames Masscxd Vice-4President Lee Parker Secretary Mary Ernmi ww Q,-,.. .N -ww: nrtb wink Did you read the gossip column? I can't translate these initials. These are the first words uttered when the paper comes out. The North Wind stuff deserves much credit for the many interesting articles which our paper one of the best in the city schools, 1 The Aelioian Society was formed in order to create a greater spirit of co-operation. Its many members always look forward to the many varied activities this society undertakes. President Constance Purchio Vice-President Angie Busco Secretary Mary Nardelli Corresponding Secretary Constance Paris Treasurer Io Anne Saya Advisor Miss Cummings President Corinne Iohnson Vice-President Mary Lou Hill Secretary Charlotte Christoffel Treasurer Ianet West Advisors Mrs. Taft, Miss Todd Qleruean V The girls in Ceroean look forward to their annual formal dance. The purpose behind the formation of Ceroean was forming a greater bond between Uliani Tiani's constitution reads "Tiani serves to promote democracy in the school and increase loyalty to North." The members of this society prove this by their annual Faculty Tea, mother and daughter banquet, Spring Prom. and annual sleighride. President Betty Boqensperger Vice-President Constance Lang Secretary Ioan Franz Treasurer Barbara Hoffman Advisors Miss Sullivan Mrs. Knappenberger President Constance Lang Vice-President Barbara Hoffman Secretary Emelia Paolini Treasurer Celestine lanno Advisor Miss Spriqqs Miss Draime ,s i ru Mil'-TIE Girls' berhire league The girls in G.S.L. give their services to the office, library, cafeteria. and bookroom. Among the many activities this club sponsors, the annual football dance is the highlight of the year's events. 33211 Ctllruss Doing clerical work cmd volunteering their services in anyway possible is the main goal of this club. Their work is greatly appreciated at the Bed Cross center. Director Mr Grier President Peggy Long Vice-President Secretary Pamela Valladares Treasurer Helen Budjack Advisor Mrs. Knappenberger im sr 3 Earth The musical students of North High School find enjoyment in participating in this group. Under the direction of Mr. Grier, our band has provided many of North's musicals with unique arrangements. Smphnmure Qllbuir This is an organization for the new students who are interested in music. These girls enjoy meeting to sing pieces arranged for soprano and alto voices. Director Mrs. Welch Advisor Mrs. Welch 7 bpecial Ctfnsemhle The Special Ensemble has made quite a name for itself among the many music centers of Syracuse. This group has become a credit to North High School, and is noted for its fine choral arrangements. DW fffy , i QBmi:run YT? Troubled math students greatly appreciate the help given them by these math wizards. You must maintain an average of 85? or better, and have acquired a math regents mark of 9096 or above, to be a member of this organization. President David Eggert Vice-President Daniel Cartagno Secretary Rosemarie Pagano Treasurer Icmes Massad Advisor Mrs. Bradley President Bruce Wright Vice-President Ice Menichelli Secretary Iames Miller Treasurer Iames Massad Advisor Mr. Squires lisp Qllluh Among the many services these ambitious young men have rendered to North this year, was the awarding of a trophy to the most valuable player on the football squad. To serve and better the school, is the main purpose of the Key Club. intense Qllluh This is a group of young people interested in knowing more about science than they can learn in the classroom. President William Lombard Vice-President Iames Blair Secretary Ronald Griep Athletic Director Richard Chase President Iohn Grosso Vice-President Ioan LaGrafie Secretary Ianet West Treasurer Paul Beuscher Advisor Mr. LaPierre Mr. Ackerman 19i:i9 The boys in Hi-Y are always ready to serve the school in anyway possible. They do, however. find time to enjoy themselves at their annual banquet, which is the biggest event of the club. beninr bait Advisor Mrs. Welch President Frances Museums Vice-President Betty Bogensperger Secretary Betty Iane Ccxmpitello Treasurer Celia Busco Accompanist Barbara Fandrich One of the joys of high school is participating in extra-curricular activities. The Senior Choir is one of many at North. Those in the Choir find joy in singing and bring this joy to others. Qt tnutk J ,Y af- ""f:hx. -1' Q , XV? 514.1 in -I-I ' , -EF 5 'PH 7 gf .qu - Qix - tu' 1' f 1 A X N fire ,rv Jw ,f 'ff A wwf .gh 1 ,,- fir QWFK cf I ,i T 'C ' if ,,,-f..' f if I th-my 5 Performing I I , 'f fi"'h""'??j Zllma jlltlater Oh North beloved Alma Mater We lift our voice in praise to thee, Proudly towering on your hilltop Your rugged strength is plain to see. Above the shores of Onondaga You firmly stand against the sky, Your sturdy walls a mighty symbol Of the glory of North High. Touchdown we're marching down the field boys And there's a victory in sight. We'll cheer until the game is over Fight, team, fight, Maroon and White. Touchdown we're out to win the game boys. Our stonewall line will never yield, North High beloved Alma Mater The best team on the field. Soon We'll leave our books and classes And soon We'll leave these friendly halls, But we will always love and cherish The fun we had within these walls And when these few short years are over: We'll sing our praises to thee still. North High, beloved Alma Mater Our home on Windy Hill. X 4 ,-.,,,,z- ,, 31. -Q . , X, T .nf W4 "5j?'.Q'.1"',:1 "'v 1 ,f' f' f K- ff' f' ,f ,f , , .X -f ' f" .f ,' ,K-' fu? x"" 1 'T 2 1. if 5. f w 4 . I' .- T"- -sr L u- - f?-ifslif 327' ' f - - -. ,-,ww I 1 fr- - -' -4 rr- X -,X --ff , ' .-,ef-j x -.Q is ff at 'F-s2."7:, Q lf' - --wt' . - U -' .-gfuw. "' 2 -:andy-1-"' Z Fbll C h M L Igasehall l B b C H B X, jfuuthall Www B If tb II C h M L iv f rv -. If H gig Q .W g f . Mr. Gebha dt Glirack Boys' Bowling Advisor Mr. Gebhurdt Maps' Bowling .-Wffff, --W" ,ff 'mf 4 ,Q Q 1- All' dz I MW! Y A9 QE74 Xxx! Girls' Bowling Advisors Miss Chccona Miss Ellis 2 Qirls igulnling Girls' Volleyball Coach Mrs. M:Dougc1d Maps' Wullephall H! E: :QLWQYQIZIZZE gin: Ili!! :u l NW X Sf' ' III' i :E fl 5 !l 4 -ini n ' f! - igwf al I F ! 'V Z-" "" 'J ,fa ' 'lllllgf 'll lm-- lf' f all Boys' Volleyball Coach MI. Gebhcxrdt 05irld' 'Vfnllvnhnll Bad Coach Mrs. McDougcxId .12 fm f f . ' '!55A11i'SEE!i' ,vm Eahmlntun ,,EiaE,gEE: i W , J Q13 m, 42, Z, -g!"'..-gr----1 S Q C h Mrs. MCD g Id Swimming Rang Coach Mc'Dougu1d Girls' Qofthall S itb 11 Coach Mrs. McDougald .X W " ' if ..j,,g?7. Affg-' K 3 X Rangers . Q 'M I I if I Y! W ,544 iz., I-Q, g"C-Lfu gh: Li C 'L C ., lui: .,, , -.,,,,..,.... 'xx ,....-- ,.,.- Qllhmleahing ,' fvug ' lf, ,bf C Q' .J :Q ,, , MMZXX TC, V J 0' . ,W 14, Jf,4.f V! L! Head Cheerlecxder Conme DeSteiano C ouch Mrs. 1VIcDouguld 'Rb C Y' Qi! .XQPL ,-lg' -, , ff' , xx' N 2' ,' t -- ' 1? ,,,-- --w' rv- vi ,. f - - f 'N -,ff iff HM, , K, ribs, , I els, f ' L' "f-17? 4: V-1 1 93 'JA , ' V---4 '. Q,-. f V, ' 1 H - i 1 2 1:z5?g1:i5iE?Ehgexiqgp, "',' " Q ..,::" X2 449 O M' V. "!. - L Q . , f , Q19--2 'L X HQ if fav- ', -xiii 5:35- 'X' ' I A515 "savanna-.1 4 F2-"A-I -2- 'f f f' ' ' l -M cf, , , V .veg , 06 5 -E155 f'14u' fg k " M - - ol. Q. '-57:54 -.- 1' -.,, ,, QL-. in N Nb, wg Q ' '. .11 '--5 IC, -' 'A Ar . Ik' 1 Y 4, . , --- il, f- ,,+ M ez:- llhl llbl A --S 4,5 gan HD! - - -,g, 'fs' . 1 .w I , ' an I Y . 1 ' ' IC A 'a 'fil ms L 4 ik ' fm -'v ' 1 J s. 3 5. .Z ,Simi The Pldllilf FDQMNJL JNWNU' ., JL we 3 Jwifw. Prix WM. ,K RUGGERO AITA Rog ' April 18, 1937 "He is well paid that is satisfied" The most recent newcomer to North is Ruggero. Although he is a new student, he has quickly made a lot of friends. "Hog" will go to the College ot Applied Science at S. U. come September. IOSEPHINE ALIBRANDI losie October 20, 1935 "To be merry best becomes you" Although this petite young miss has been kept busy in the bcokrocm. she has found time for many school activities. Among these activities are G.S.L., Ceroean, bowlinq, volley- ball, and chcir. Iosie's plans for the future are the same as many oi ours. She plans to become a pri- vate secretary for a handsome boss. PATRICIA ANN AZZOTO Trich August 3, 1934 "A golden treasure is the tired friend" "Trich" has listed these activities during her three years at North: G.S.L., bowling, and Ceroean. Our class actress enjoys dancing and being with Ioe B. Her plans tor the future are to become a comptom- eter operator and a successful mar- riage to Ioe. Smooth sailing to both ot you. FRANCES BARILLA Fran May 19, 1935 "Thine eyes would emulate the diamond" "Fran," our black-haired beauty. has been quite an active member ot G.S.L. Besides G.S.L., Fran has participated in bowling and the many various activities ot Ceroean. Besides writing to M.G., she likes to skate and dance. Her future am- bition is to work in an otiice after graduation, and then marriage tc M.G. All the luck in the world. Fran ANNE BATTAGLINO Annie March ll, 1935 "A man is always better than a book" Dancing, looking at TV, and buy ing the latest records were liste by "Annie" as her hobbies. In th near tuture you will find Annie working for some lucky boss, anc then-who knows??? C E IEANETTE BETTS Ian Iuly 12, 1936 "Thy greatest help is quiet" "Ian" is especially fond ot ice skating, roller skating, and watch- ing wrestling matches. She has been an active member ot the For- estry Club. Her plans for the future are to become a good secretary and later a housewife. ROSEMARIE BOCOLA Ro May 2, 1935 "Gent1e in manner: strong in performance" "Ho," who was voted our quietest senior, is never heard around North, but when there's work to be done, :he's always in there pitching. She has been a member ot the Sopho- more Choir, Senior Chcir, badminton team and has been a reporter for the newspaper. Her future plans in- clude working at the Easy Washer Company as a secretary. BARBARA BOSHART Bo August 24, 1935 "As good as gold" "Bo," as she is known to most of us, is an active member ot the Sen- ior Choir and G.S.L. Her hobbies are: watching TV, going to the movies, and chewing gum. Bar- bara is a very talented girl and we know she will make good in any- thing she attempts. KENNETH BOWERING Kenuck March 9, 1936 "Honor is the reward ot virtue" The Key Club and the Red Cross have helped "Kenuck" to obtain the title ot the boy who did most for North. Chemical engineering will take up most oi Kenuck's time after Iune. HELEN BUDIAC Budqie August 24, 1935 "Little picture painted well" This busy little miss has spent her three years at North being a member ot many various activities such as Ceroean, Red Cross, choir, swimming, bowling. volleyball, and Dramatic Club. The Crouse-Irving School of Nursing is "Budgie's" next stop. CELIA BUSCO Cel Iune 20, 1935 "Happiness seems made to be shared" "Cel," a faithful fan of Iulius La Rosa, has been busy contributing her voice to the Sophomore and Senior Choirs. Aelioian, tennis, and ice skating have also taken up much oi "Cel's" time. She plans to study nursing at Cornell University, and also study the "interns." FANNY MARIE CALOGERO Pee Wee October 24, 1935 "Merrily, Merrily, shall l live' Being an active member of the Italian Club, newspaper, softball, rangers, swimming, and volleyball teams has kept "Pee Wee" busy during her stay at North. She plans to become a comptometer operator for a big concern. 1 KATHERINE CAMBARERI Katie October 28. 1936 "With mirth and laughter all worries depart" "Katie," a very sociable girl, has been in the Sophomore Choir, Sen- ior Choir, Pilot Club, and Italian Club. We learned also, that "Katie" likes to sew. The business world will claim this young lass. MARLENE CAMPIONE Mar November 20, 1935 "Monday's child is F air of F ace" "Mar," whose favorite hobby is talking to the girls, also enjoys playing tennis, ice skating, and dancing. She has also been a mem- ber of the Dramatic Club. Marlene hasn't decided whether to be a so- cial worker or to work in a law of-tice, but we know she will be happy in any field she chooses. SHIRLEY A. CAMPIONE Shelly May 1, 1936 "In friendship, I early was taught to believe" Shirley, the smiling lass behind the cash register in the cafeteria, has managed to squeeze G.S.L. and Ceroean into her busy life. In her spare time, our friendliest senior enjoys being with the girls and hav- ing a good time. Shirley's next step leads to nursing. We're sure her friendly charm will make her a suc- cess in whatever she undertakes. Sentara uf Zlune lass BETTY JANE CAMPITELLO BJ. September 11, 1935 "Thy voice is a celestial melody" We will never forget seeing "B.I.," the voice, running to school early in the morning for rehearsals of the Girls' Sextette, Sophomore Choir, Senior Choir, and Special Ensemble. When not singing or hanging around with Liz and the gang, she was busy with Ceroean, newspaper, and editing the year- book. Planning to use her commer- cial course, Betty will try her luck in the secretarial field. ROSEMARY CANESTRARE Ro Ianuary 25, 1936 "Each mind has its own method" A very talented artist is our "Ro." Besides spending a lot of time sketching and painting, she likes to dance, sing, and swim. She also likes to receive letters. Her iuture lies in the business world, and in Iune, '54, she plans to go to Cali- fcrnia. DANIEL CARFAGNO Dan August 17, 19359"Uj ANN, "Men oi few words are the b men" Here's a boy with a bright ahead of him. Dan, who wa d the boy most likely to succee , has been a faithful member of the Sen- ior Choir, treasurer of the Science Club, vice-president and treasurer of Pi Omicron. Dan hasn't decided about his future, but we know as lonq as he can stay away from the army he will be happy. MARY CASTRILLI Mar October 23, 1935 "Every believer is God's miracle" Being in school at 8:59 every morning is a great accomplishment for our Mary. She always manages to slip into 115 just in the nick of time. When she isn't sleeping, she manages to participate in Senior Choir, Sophomore Choir. volleyball, badminton, and softball, "Mar" plans to become a secretary before very long. CHARLOTTE CHRISTOFFEL Chris May 8, 1936 "Elected silence sing to me" If ever you need a hard worker and a real friend, "Char" is the girl you're looking for. She has helped in many ways by being a member ot G.S.L., working in the bookroom, secretary ot Aelioian, and a very good Business Manager for the North Wind. Charlotte plans to enter C.C.B.I. and then go into the busi- ness world. RITA CIVILETTA A Civi April ll. 1935 "It's good to be merry and wise" An ardent tan of the "Nationals," Rita has 'kept her eye on just one certain player by the name of Dolph Schayes. "Civi" has been a mem- ber of the volleyball, softball, bad- minton, servus ball, and rangers teams. She has also participated in the Senior and Sophomore Choir. She aspires to become a secretary in the very near future. MARIANNE I. CONTE Mare September 21, 1936 "The variety of all things forms a pleasure" Here's a girl who was born with more energy than most cf us will ever have. "Mare" has to have a lot of energy to keep her qoinq in softball, volleyball, swimming, bad- minton, and rangers. Being as quiet as she is. it is sometimes hard to tel' she's around. Comptometer School will be Marianne's destination. CORINNE CORNELL Corky October 16, 1935 "Second thoughts are ever wiser" Newspaper, Ceroean, Dramatic Club, swimming, badminton take up most of "Corky's" time. The remain- ing time is taken up by Pat. Be- ing a Lab Technician, and being with Pat are the first things of the future that Corinne will fulfill. NANCY CORNELL Nan April 27, 1935 "Ah, but I think better than f say" This little bundle of delicrht branched out into many of North's activities. Among these are Cercean. treasurer of Dramatic Club, and the North Wind staff. For her future plans. working in an office and making money do not seem to be too exact, but her later plans with Shelly are down pat. ROBERT COUGHLIN Bob September 24, l935 "Truth is the highest thing that man may keep" Bob, our shy student, has kept his activities a secret, but has revealed his hobbies are: swimming, fishing, and hunting. Cl-Iunting what is not knownj?? Bcb plans to study his favorite and beloved "chemistry" up on the hill come fall. Good luck, Bob. bzniurs uf Blunt lass DUCA CUTRI Moose lr. February l, 1935 "He stands erect: his sfouch becomes a wa1k" "Moose Ir." has his future all planned. He wants to spend at least four years in the Marines or Para- troops. He has not participated in any after school activities, but he likes to play basketball. We know that North will be proud of their representative in the Armed Forces. IOSEPH DE CICCO Lucky Ianuary 9, 1935 "l hope I shall have leisure to - make good" When"'Lucky" is not with I.M., he can be found bowling and play- ing'volleyball. Ioe likes to play in sports after school. His future plans include 'a hitch with the Army and then marrying into money. CNice work if you can do it.D IOAN DE MASCOLI Ioanie Iune 23, 1935 "Ah, why should life all labor be?" Riding with Louie and having little spats are Ioan's hobbies. Be- sides hanging around with the girls. Ioanie has participated in G.S.L.. Ceroean, and the Commencement Committee. Her plans include going to Comptometer School and getting married to Louie. Best of luck, Ioan. MARY ANN DE PIETRO Mor October 10. 1935 "She makest us merry: she is full of pleasure" Ceroean, swimming, bowlinq, and talking to Dizzy on the telephone have taken up most of "Mar's" time. She also enjoys wearing out Fran's new records. Her future is undecided, but we know that what- ever field she enters, she will be successful. COSMO D'EREDITA Satch October 26, 1934 "Dreamer of Dreams" "Satch," our male half of the class couple, will next be seen on the Syracuse University Campus. He plans to study Business Admin- ist ation. Most of his time is spent with Ruth. He still finds time to enjoy his hobbies of hunting, fish- ing, and sleeping. We know he will be a success in his future plans. BARBARA I-'ANDRICH Barb May 5, 1936 "Golden hair like sunlight streaming" The quotation above fits the de- scription of our class blonde. "Barb" has listed bowling, Vice-pres. of Aelioian, G.S.L., Red Cross, Sopho- more Choir, and accompanist for the Senior Choir as her extra-curricular activities. S.U. or Cornell University will claim this fair beauty in the field of Home Economics. IEANgFARRAR Ie e M 5, 1934 " onvelwjgn makes one what he is" 5 Btyides le g Ia veryd letic Iii? at No , an will al y be yrnemb red f 'he ent f ak- ing rybodyf ou her feel h top f the worlgi her sport ie -vblleybcll. ha amen, nbcll, rangers, and bowlin haye een her main games. She rticipated in Ceroean and .S. .,' The Tele- phone Company ' claim our bundle of joy and w tch out be- cause she's a fast ope tor!!! IOANNE FAZIO lo October 27, 1935 "Every way makes my gain" This energetic senior divides her time between volleyball, softball. swimming, bowling, badminton, ran- gers, Dramatic Club, Sophomore and Senior Choir, servus ball, Chairman of the Senior Picnic, and Sports An- nouncer. For loanne's future she writes "I'll never tell." ANTOINETTE FINOCCHIO Annette August 31, 1934 "Patience is sorrow's salve" Here's a girl who will do well in the business world. Annette claims she likes to dance. sing. ice skate, roller skate, and best of all, going to Ian's house. She is planning to settle down after working for a while. LEONARD FLESHER Fletch August 3, 1935 "Tum over a new leaf" "Fletch," a comparatively new student to North, can always be found chatting with the kids in the hall. He has not found enough time to participate in any activities, but has found some time outside of school for sports. Leonard will at- tend some college and then go into Retail Business Management. i V L fltliill Seniors uf Euan lass !'Q'1f,Av if ff :tffMDA MA F JJ f, ' ggie ber 3 1935 " J' to resolve, a d patient to . perfor "u Athletics have tt? p ' ood deal of "Froggie's" t' t North. Ida Mae has been active par- ing, b n, servus ball. and softba . Sports. however. aren't her y interest. She also managed to be a member of G.S.L., 4F Club, Dramatic Club, North Wind, and Sophomore and Senior Choirs. We know she will be a successful sec- retary. Good Luck! ticipmtr all, rangers, bowl- IANICE FREY Ian February 10, 1935 "This is the thing I was born to do" To enter the business world and become a successful business woman is "Ian's" ambition. Al- though Ianice has kept many of her activities a secret to us, we've found out that she is active in art work. We, of the yearbook staff, wish Ianice loads of luck in the future. CATHERINE FROIO Kitty Iune 13, 1934 "Youth is full of pleasure" What number please? These very familiar words will be spoken by "Kitty" after graduation. Most of her time has been taken up with dancing, swimming, driving, and watching TV. After becoming a telephone operator, she will put in her order for marriage. GLORIA GARDEN Gloria May 12, 1935 "The very flower of youth" A quiet and studious miss is Gloria. If you need an answer. just ask her. She has been active with the Science Club, Italian Club, Sen- ior Choir. Ceroean, Dramatic Club. and the newspaper staff. She will enter college in the fall. ROBERT GASS Smiling lack Ianuary 16, 1936 "An honest man's the noblest work of God" In the early morning Bob can be found in the auditorium, usually still asleep, playing the trombone in "Z" flat. He's proved to be very valuable to Mr. Grier. Besides the band, Hi-Y. Pi Omicron. bowling, and volleyball have been a part of Bob's extra-curricular activities. When Bob goes to college. he plans to get himself a Rolls-Royce. Happy rolling, Bob!! BARBARA DE SIATO Dizzy September 12, 1935 "Many smalls make a great" When "Dizzy's" not with Fran and the gang, you can find her partici- pating in Ceroean, G.S.L., and bowl- ing. On a rainy night you can usually find her listening to the "Sandman Serenade." another of her favorite pastimes. The business world will be lucky when it claims Barbara. N CONSTAN E DE STE O goihie ,W , "Iune AY935 5 ,f,- "Mer as e day is 1ong" 'LCE-A-M H TEAM. These have been the rds op C nnie. We were not surprisecldxto ' d out that she ms voted thd most popular girl in 'nffh' class. She has brought' lot ot spirit and fun into all of our games. Connie has claimed Senior Choir, Aelioian. bowling, head cheerleader, and asst. treasurer of the senior class. C.C.B.l. will claim this young miss. ANITA Dl BELLO Ni February 3, 1936 "A merry heart goes all the clay" Dancing, tennis, and riding are "Ni's" favorite pastimes, but she has found time to participate in the Dramatic Club. Anita can always be iound having a good laugh with the gang. C.C.B.I. is this young lady's destination in Iune. MARY DI BELLO Mar March 21, 1934 "True wit is eve as 'ng, e the s " Mar." wit. a ver gi ar nd these esides kee 'ng everybody ha py, she clai h activities as: Ceroean, G.S.l.., If , Sen- ior Choir, baseb l, l a , Dra- matic Club, and Vari ty S Com- mittee. Her plans for ture to go to Ho come a famous movie s ar. CWe know the walk will do her goodj. IAMES DI DOMENICO Suke October 4, 1935 "The man has hidden talents" When "Suke" isn't bowling or playing volleyball, you can find him sleeping. Iimmy is a real quiet lad. and is well liked by fellow students. Morrisville will claim hin' after graduation. Seniors of Slime lass LOIS DILLABOUGH Lo luly 24. 1935 "One enemy is too much" A very nice girl to know is "Lo." She is always willing to help when you need it most. Aelioian, volley- ball, badminton, softball, rangers, swimming, and servus ball have kept her quite busy. "Lo's" main hobby is to stay with the girls after school for sports. The business world is her destination. CARMELLA DI MAURO Millie August 30, 1935 "Patience is a remedy for every sorrow" Even though Ioarme Cusick and Celia Paladine take up most of Millie's time. she still finds plenty of time for the Y-Teens, dancing, and singing. Millie has her future pretty well planned. Her next three steps will be stenography, marriage, and three children. PHYLLIS DON VITO Phyll September 17, 1935 "As good as a play" "Phyll" has found fun partici- pating in Ceroean Society, G.S.L.. and the Variety Show Committee. Among her hobbies are dancing. talking, snapping gum, and dieting. We hope that her future plans will come true: being a secretary to a handsome. six foot. unattached blonde. Happy hunting. DAVID EGGERT Dave September 29, 1934 "Newer ways are ours" Being a member of Pi Omicron for three terms and president for one term has had David busy. He is a very good driver and always seems to find the best spct to park his car in front of the school. The College of Engineering at S.U. will be his next stop until Uncle Sam makes difiererrt plans for him. ANN EWALD Annie February 12, 1935 "A little bait often catches a large fish." A real sleepy-time gal is Ann. She just hates to get up in the morning, but is a very spry qirl when she gets started. Ann plans to enter Comptometer School after graduation. She intends to get a good job and make a lot of money. PALMA INDIVERO Pam Ianuary 17, 1935 "How the wit brightens! how the style refines" Listening to dreamy music, swim- ming, going to the show, and watch- ing TV were listed by "Pam" as her relaxation during spare mo- ments. She has been very busy lately helping out at the Orchid Shoppe. She plans to beccme a tele- phone operator after graduation. HENRY INTAGLIETTA Hank November 10, 1934 7 "The bet I day, the b deed" To e co e, a t o jo'n the Ai Henry h s p ayed volleyball during his s are mQ likes to drive'1'irourrd'iin his c and pick upliis buiiiss.-- im all the luck there i MICHAEL a e n 'after sf l other not Manager Andy s FRANCES IEFFERS Fran May 18, 1935 "The forehead is the gate of the mind" Tiani, Sophomore Choir, Senior Choir, swimming, Forestry Club, Red Cross, and badminton have kept "Fran" busy during her three years at North. We've also found out that she likes to write letters as a hobby. Frances, who is now working at the First Trust and Deposit Bank, will continue her work as a book- keeper. CORRINE IOHNSON Corky May 14. 1936 "l have no quarrels or arguments" We have a secret we must tell on "Corky," We found out through the grapevine that her real nick- name is "Ga Ga." She dcesn't want anybody to know this, so I'm just telling you. She has been a mem- ber of the Dramatic Club, bowling, and president and treasurer of Aelioian. "Corky" plans to attend C.C.B.l. and then become a secre- tary. Seniors uf guns lass FLORENCE HART Flossie August 12, 1935 "Great is truth, and mighty above all things" Besides liking to be with L.S., "Flossie" enjoys working on the newspaper as well as reading it over and over again. Her future holds Practical Nursing at the top of her long list of plans. LILLIAN KERNISKI Lill February 15, 1935 "A golden treasure is the tried friend" You've seen "Lill" many times in the bookroom having a talk with Mr. Weater. Besides working in the bookroom, she was a member of G.S.L., and bowling. Lillian lists her hobbies as listening to good music, and good movies. She plans to work in an office and have long luxurious vacations. Good Luck, Lillian. RUTH KIMPEL Midge December 31, 1933 "Sacred and sweet was all I saw in her" Our feminine half of the class couple is new to this school, but everyone has found it quite easy to make her feel ct home. During her short stay, she has found time only for "Cosie" and chemistry. We are proud to say that the nursing pro- fession will claim another North High graduate. , GERALD LANDERS , Punch ', September 5, 1934 "He hath a heart as sound as a 'il Rely.. We all seem to enjoy watching "Punch's" face getting red when he's spoken to. All kidding asiltle, he's a real nice lad. He has given a helping hand 'tokl-Ii-Y and also to the voQyball'team. Ierry plans to enlist in the ,service after gradua- tion. QThat's a new twistD. MICHAEL LAPORTA IR. Mike August 26, 1935 "Men oi light and leading" Il you want a good fight on poli- tics, just see Mike: he'll give you a good one. Besides politics, he has been the school photographer, and Manager oi the basketball team. Mike has thought of his future for a long time, and we know he will be happy in his chosen field, a Roman Catholic Priest. Z f?71-4111! K-K,f'.'t,JJ-,lb A J.. J' T. . .o f X F I E IDA GIANNINI I e Ianuary 13, 1936 "Sweets to the sweet: farewell!" When "I's" not going out with Neil and dancing, she can be found helping the choir and the Dramatic Club. She can cut a rug pretty well, too. Future plans include working at the Telephone Company. and then marriage. Good Luck. GRACE MARIE GIGANTE Ella February 25, 1935 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's clay" While at North, Ella has been an active participant in Aelioian, bowl- ing, Senior Choir. and swimming. Outside of school, Ella finds pleas- ure in dancing and roller skating. Her plans after graduation are to work at the Telephone Company as a comptometer operator. LOUIS ORI Big ou ebru 24. 1934 ' n ore my ladies" ,QV en m tion th any ac- ities "Big Lou." have o menti ei t e sc ol gy cond ho ou s spend more e at s second home. He has een a member of the basketball, football, and volley- ball teams. frm th h or 's , "Bi h " ' t e plan e t e l ed at ' ig Iohn's ar" o he can Millie Apnl 4 1935 "Like a fair lily on a river floating This sweet girl with a pleasing smile is always busy with some thing, but has found time to be a member of the choir. Ceroean, and G.S.L. "Millie" likes to dance, sing, and skate. The future will find he working as a secretary-and then who knows??? CARMELLA GRECO r IOHN GROSSO Puddy September 7, 1935 "He gives light as soon as he rises" Here's a boy with a lot of knowlt edge. Maybe that's why he was voted most studious, but whatevei the reason was he really deserved the honor. "Puddy" has been active in Key Club. Pi Omicron, Science Club, Band and Track. He plans tc enter college to study medicine. 6 Sentara uf 3Iune lass J DENISE GURZNY Den September 5, 1935 "I will be the pattern of all patience" Nothing is ever dull with Denise around. She is the lively one of the Gurzny twins. Although Mau- reen does her share, Denise is by far the winner. Bowling, Aelioian, and the Dramatic Club have been her main interests during her stay at North. She would like to go to business school and learn how to work business machines, and then she will enter a business office. MAUREEN GURZNY Maur September 5, 1935 "Know thy opportunity" Comptometer School is the des- tination ot one of our sweetest seniors, Maureen. She is also think- ing of business school or bookkeep- ing and accounting as her future ambitions. Maureen's activities at North have included Aelioian, North Wind Staff, Dramatic Club, and bowling. We wish her success in the wide world of business. MARILYN FRANCES GWYNN Marilyn September 8, 1935 "ln each cheek appears a dimple" We think our class smile prac- tices on a certain boy, namely Paul B. When Marilyn isn't with Paul. she can be found at a meeting of Aelioian, G.S.L., Sophomore Choir. and Senior Choir. Her future is pretty well planned. As soon as Paul finishes college, they will take the final step. MARY LOUISE HILL Mary Lou Ianuary 24. 1936 "I have a heart with room for every joy" Teaching kindergarten is Mary Lou's future ambition. During her stay at North, she has been active in Aelioian, Sophomore and Senior Choirs, Science Club. Dramatic Club. and volleyball. Her favorite hobbies are art and music. Mary Lou plans to study for the teaching profession at Syracuse University. We know she'll make many little kiddies very happy as their teacher. ANDREW A. IANNIELLO Bagnee Ianuary 16, 1936 "The soul of this man is his clothes" There's no doubt in our mind that "Bagnee" is the slickest dresser around North: so when the best 'ressed senior was picked. Andy 'an away with the election. He has been busy in the Key Club. volley- ball. swimming, Psych Club, and playing tennis. Andy would like to be a TV Director with Andy Pompo singer, Mike I. dancer, Tony R. en- gineer. Happy headaches, Andy. IAMES MASSAD Beaky Iune 8, 1935 "Your wit makes others witty" Any time you want to kill five minutes in an assembly, just ask "Beaky" to tell a joke. Funny thing. though, his jokes are usually good. Besides his clowning, he likes to dabble with chemicals, and was chosen our mad scientist. Iim has been active in Key Club, Science Club, newspaper, bowling, and vol- leyball. He is the first president in many years of our new student gov- ernment. He will enter the College of Forestry at S.U. " yur YANN MASSAIBO O 1 la! V I uv By sports all eir c e l e dont t k t Zl 1 , 193 H A U S if c le " W ' i' . 15 sm rf, fr Q' why elected her e most tal- owli badmint n. lc eer i ll, V b ll, ' ' , . er s ll swimming rangers s . Senior Choir, Sextette, ecial En- semble, Sophomore hoir have kept I " rr plans to go to ollege for physiealvgducation, and then become a teacher. ROSE MARIE MAZZOTTI Pee Wee November 30, 1934 "Each mind has its own method" It you're- looking for trouble, just get tough with "Pee Wee." The girls in gym know what we mean. She really has muscles. Volleyball, badminton, rangers, softball, play- day, servus ball, and bowling have made those muscles possible. Rose Marie plans to work in an industrial plant after graduation. PATRICIA MC NAMARA Pat August 23, 1935 "Not a word" Working at the bank has kept Pat busy, but in her spare time she has honored us with her presence in Tiani, Forestry Club, Senior Choir, and swimming. She plans to con- tinue working at the bank, then marriage and a family. Loads of Luck, and don't take any wooden nickels. J ifilvlhdgw ll L Zaz IO C Ia 1 " d wosa go d fellow" Th speedy boy in basketball, baseball, and volleyball, gave North the spark in all of its sports. Even though "Zaz" has not given a preference as to the college he will attend, we know he will be suc- cessful in anything he puts his whole mind and heart into. beniurs uf Klum Qlllass .-1-ff'-W". ALFRED MERLUZZI Fritzie Prudent February 20, 1934 "No one knows what he can do until he tries" We all will remember "Fritzie," our jittsrbug boy. When not at a Iam Session, he can be found bowl- ing or playing volleyball. We all know your father would like you to follow in his footsteps by being a butcher, but whether you enter the business world or the meat business, always try to have and be the best. BARBARA MIRRA Babs March 16, 1935 "I'll tell the world" "Babs," who likes to be different, has kept North alive. She has been a member ot Ceroean and the swim- ming team. Have you seen her drive her car with the girls in the back seat? She can really handle that car. In the near future she plans to buy a Cadillac and see the world. FRANCES C. MUSEUMS Chicky August 17, 1935 "And the dancers whirl round qaily" A lovely voice, a happy person- ality, and a swell person to know -that's our "Chicky." Frances has a full list of activities: Sophomore Choir, Senior Choir, Special Ensem- ble, Girls' Sextette, G.S.L., Aelioian, badminton, and the Variety Show Committee. Our feminine best dancer hopes to become a comptom- eter operator at Carrier Corp., and we know that her machine will jump with rhythm. MARY NARDELLI Mary November 21, 1935 "Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb" When not with I.K.. Mary can be found at a newspaper or Ceroean meeting. Mary was a member of the Sophomore Choir, and she cer- tainly can sew. Her future plans consist of stenography and a cer- tain I.K. Good luck in everything the future holds for you. LOR IN N I b 3. 1934 " r o 1 I have t" e ' danci sing n r . , - mg, d t e t about all ' r 's" t' e r ne has de ed to E- usin world a then: well u our imagination. I really don't t k I have to tell you. Good luck in all you plan to do. Af M. rf' 4 r 1- Seniors uf Slums Qlllass , Q 1, ,K t f L L IVLHMW J ROGER LEONARDO Captain Video luly ll, 1935 "On every mountain height is rest" "Captain Video" has been a well- ' liked boy while at North. He has given a helping hand to the track team and is interested in all sports. I To work as a lay-out man at Brown- Lipe while being in the National Guard is his next step in the future. WILLIAM LOMBARD Bullet Bill Ianuary 15, 1935 "Men are used as they use others" Bill is a favorite fan of the Yankees as Mr. Ackerman well knows. Besides living up to his reputation as best looking boy of the Iune class, he has been a mem- ber of the yearbook staff, president of Hi-Y, Sports Announcer, track, volleyball, and Admiral of the Turkish Navy. Bill plans to enter Syracuse University to study pre- med., and we feel sure that he'll be a success. ANNE LORE Bullore October 27, 1935 "Haste makes waste" Anne lists volleyball, softball, badminton, choir, and bowling as her activities at North. In her spare time "Bullore" likes going out with I.F., I.F., and lean. Listening to good music is another favorite pas- time. After graduation Anne would like to be a secretary at either Brace, Mueller and Huntley Com- pany or the Telephone Company. ARLENE LUCKETTE Ar March 16, 1936 "How near to gocd is what is fair" "Ar" has kept most of her activi- ties a dark secret, but we know that she has helped Mr. Weafer in the bookroom first period. We also know that she likes to dance. Her future plans include becoming a comptometer operator and later on marriage. LORRAINE H. LUKACS Lorry September 20, 1935 "You stand in your own 1ight" Every spare moment that can be found by "Lorry" is spent roller skating, seeing M.C., and dancing. In the near future she plans to be- uaqi Iroinredo reieuroiduros ra euros marriage and a family. 1 if CHARLES LUTTINGER Lut September 25, 1935 "It is not strength, but art" Chuck is kept busy with football, track, volleyball, bowling, and Hi-Y. On the side, Chuck is the "Captain of the Turkish Navy." Attending scme college is his goal. He would also like to participate on the gym- nastic teams. We're sure h 'll do good in anything he-u dert es. A TOIN ON ' oni , mber idf-193 " ar and Spice and Toni. she WGS 9 ing LILLIAN MANCINI Lil May 31, 1935 "F or her untrodden paths of life" "Lil" is a girl who deserves a lot of thanks for all the work she has done for the newspaper. That is one of the reasons why she has been chosen the qirl who did the most for North. Besides the news- paper, Lillian has had time to be a member of Aelioian, Senior Motto Committee, and Home Room Repre- sentative. She plans to become a private secretary for two years and then go to Europe. DOMINICK MANCINI Leech October 13, 1935 "Live and think" Our buddy with the cheese truck is none other than "Leech." When not driving his yellow cheese truck, he can be found at Key Club, vol- leyball, bowling, track, and being late for rehearsals. LeMoyne or S.U. will be his next step if Uncle Sam doesn't interfere. IEAN MARSCHNER Liz October 7, 1934 "Every way makes my gain" Helping out in the bookroom and being a member of the Senior Choir, Special Group, Red Cross, and G.S.L. have kept our "Liz" busy. If you ever want to get a word in edgewise you can't, because Iean just loves to make conversation. She plans to become a secretary to some nice boss. ,, 45 v a Wig H fs iannnr Rall Ai'-:1: , W ., ,.-, - 22 Ziaunur We l Betty lane Campitello Lorraine Hood Ida Mae Fragola Daniel Carfagno Charlotte Christoffel Valedictorian Maureen Gurzny Mary Nardelli i Barbara DeSiato I Constance Paris ull Salutatorian Rose Marie Bocola Elizabeth Sicari Denise Gurzny A Roger Aitala lean Mafschnef Lorraine Parise , .X , l , Maryann Massaro David Eggert Catherine Panto Phyllis Don Vito, Gloria Garden, Cecila Busco, Florence Hart, Iean Schlie, Anthony Stimson, Lillian Mancini, Barbara Boshart, Iames Massad, Barbara Fandrich, Lois Dillabough, Mary Castrilli, Corrine Iohnson, Charlene Schmid, Bruce Wright, Robert Coughlin, Annette Salamino, Shirley Nesci. Cannella Di Mauro, Fanny Calogero, Mary Louise Hill, IoAn ne Saya, Anne Battaglino, Michael Pauls, Frances Barilla. 'last will ani: tliestament WE, the seniors, being sound of mind and memory hereby bequeath cmd publish our Last Will and Testa- ment. I I I. 1. I. I I. I. I. I. I I I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Iosephine Alibrandi, leave my ability to be happy to some unhappy sophomore. Patricia Anne Azzoto, leave my ability for singing without a sound in music to any daring 2-1. Frances Barilla, leave all my excuses for not taking gym to Chicky. Anne Battaglino, leave to Mary Ann Patello, my ability to have "Make Ups" in gym. Ieanette Betts, leave my ambition to graduate to Nancy Brown. Rosemarie Bocola, leave my typewriter without the letters in 223 to a future transcription student. Barbara Boshart, leave to some lucky person my ability to dodge the pigeons that hang around the back door of the school. Kenneth Bowering, leave locker 910 to anyone who wants it, and my seat in art class to another Rembrandt. Helen Budjac, and I, Ioan Petta, leave to the 2-l's our ability to eat other people's lunches as our own. Cecelia V. Busco, leave to Ianice "Einstein" Grossi some pretty tough days in chemistry. Fanny Marie Calogero, leave my ability to keep the same locker key for two and a half years to my sister. Katherine Cambareri, leave my locker to Phyllis De Baise Cif she can get it cleaned outb. I couldn't. Marlene Campione, and I, Shirley Campione, leave our ability to get along: even though we are related to any 2-l's who can do it. Betty lane Campitello, leave my crutches to anyone who is fool enough to jump off the spring board in gym, and also those sleepless nights worrying about the yearbook. Rosemary Canestrare, leave to three 2-l's the ability to carry on their friendship as I have with Mary Sidello and Ann Baldini. Daniel Carfagno, leave my seat by the window in 115 study hall to anybody who lives to daydream. Mary Castrilli, leave my ability to get to school 9:00 every morning to some "un1ucky" student. Charlotte Christoffel, leave to Monica LeRoy the ability to get out of school at 2:30 sharp. Rita Civiletta, leave to my sister Frances my ability to take Italian for two years and pass it. Marianne I. Conte, leave to Connie Finicchio all the gum that's stuck on my locker. Corinne Cornell, will my ability to borrow chem. experiments to anyone who needs it. Nancy Cornell, leave my ability to get into trouble to anyone who hasn't enough of his own. Robert Coughlin, leave my sleeping chair in chemistry to anyone who can use it. Duca Cutri, leave my ability to learn a lot from North. Ioseph De Cicco, leave all my lines to some poor 2-1 to try on all the girls. Ioan De Mascoli, leave my ability to any 2-1 who can go steady for three years and argue day, but still get along. every Mary Anne De Pietro, leave my ability to borrow school supplies to a future North SPONGER. Cosmo D'Eredita, leave my seat in Mr. Ackerman's Practical Science Class to Fred Kimpel. Barbara De Siato, leave my ability to get 50? in gym to any 2-1 who has athletic ability. Constance De Stefano, leave my Head Cheerleader's uniform to some lucky cheerleader. Anita Di Bello, leave my history book to any unfortunate 2-1 who hasn't gone through it yet. Mary Di Bello, leave my office record card to any 2-1 who wants it already filled out Cwith BAD remarksj. last will anh sstament CONTINUED Corrine Iohnson, leave to Rose Ann Ross my ability to make up excuses to get out of gym. Lillian Kerniski, leave my ability to erase typing errors by putting a hole in the paper. lim Killius, leave my NO VACANCY sign on the second floor to some young couple. Ruth Kimpel, leave to Rita La Penta my old seat in chemistry and the struggle with chem. Gerald Landers, leave to Iohn Bruno my woodwork bench. Michael Laporta, Ir., leave to Iune Prehn my ability to get along with Miss Cummings. Roger Leonardo, leave my ability to get excused from school to any soph. William Lombard, leave to Vito Busco my gym suit-if he can fit in it. Anne Lore, leave all my happy memories of North High to an incoming student. Arlene Luckette, leave my gym medical excuse to any future 2-l who may need it. Lorraine H. Lukacs, leave my seat in 216 to some 4-1. Charles Luttinger, leave my ukulele to any jerk who thinks he can play it. Antoinette Maione, leave to Laura Bracca my ability to get around Mr. Lewis. Lillian Mancini, leave to any senior my ability to get sick on the night of the Senior Variety Show. Dominick Mancini, leave my ability to get out from every sport I try out for. lean Marschner, leave my desk in 216 to some 2-1 who is tall enough to see over the top of it. Iames Massad, leave my seat in chemistry to anyone who wants to blow up North. Maryann Massaro, leave Mrs. McDougald's lectures in gym class to whoever can stand them. Rose Marie Mazzotti, leave my ability to get in trouble to anyone who would appreciate it. Patricia McNamara, leave to some new student at North my ability to get to Senior Choir five minutes late every morning. - loseph Menickelly, leave Bob Gass' humor to some unfortunate student. Sam Mercurio, leave to Louis Gori all my books and the locker. Alfred Merluzzi, leave my ability to Iimmy King and Paul Musaio to be the sharpest cats up here. Iames Miller, leave Miss Downing to some poor 2-1. Barbara Mirra, leave my ability to be EXOTIC to Verna Mae Sampolisi. Frances Museums, leave my choir robe No. 13 to any alto that joins the choir. Marv Nardelli, leave my ability to get a broken typewriter in transcription class to any girl who can handle one. Lorraine Natale, leave my American History Book to some unlucky 3-1 pupil. James Nesci, leave my active bench in printing to some willing worker. Shirley Nesci, leave my ability to write out my own excuses to any sophomore. Patricia Onofri, leave my ability to laugh in 102 English Class to my sister, Dolores. I-uke Oscuro. leave my paintings in 321 as an inspiration to the wonderful Mrs. Conley's future artists. Oscuro will give lessons. Celia Palumbo, leave to Barbara Olmstead my ability to type. Catherine Panto, leave my ability to try to read two day old shorthand to any senior who takes transcription. Emelia Paolini, leave my ability to be friendly with everyone to some senior who a sophomore or junior thinks is a snob, and also leave my nice times with Larry in the halls. last will anti estament CONTINUED Iames Di Domenico, leave to my brother Pat, the ability to take woodwork for 3 years Lois Dillabough, leave all the fun I had in gym to anyone who loves sports. Carmella Di Mauro, leave to Celia Paladine all the fun I had in my senior year. Nick Di Sano, leave locker number 130 to any 2-1. Phyllis Don Vito, leave Angie Sciarrino my dilapidated typewriter in room 223. David Eggert, leave to some 2-1 my parking place in front of the school. Iames Epolito, leave to any sophomore a stack of good reasons for being tardy. Ann Ewald, leave my troubles from North completely in the past. Earbara Fandrich, leave to some lucky 2-l the ability I had to hook the nicest boy in the 1951 senior c ass. lean Farrar, leave to my pal, Ieanne Desimone, my black and blues from gym. Ioanne Fazio, leave my wonderful memories of my senior year to my cousin Mercedes Baranello, and the worries of the senior picnic to another poor soul. Antoinette Finocchio, leave to my sister, Connie, the ability I had to sit idle in study hall. Leonard Flesher, leave the telephone in the office to any future student to use. Ida Mae Fragola, leave to Aggie D'A1essio my floor burned knees and my sore muscles from double gym. CI know she will love them!??j Ianice Frey, leave my art ability to someone who likes to draw on desks. Catherine Froio, finally leave!!! Patsy Galtieri, leave to my new born nephew my ability to get along with teachers. Gloria Garden, leave my ability to understand chemistry to someone who can. Robert L. Gass, do will and bequeath to Mr. Grier my new found key of "Z" flat. Ida Giannini, leave the ability I had to be quiet in my classes to Lucille Michaels. Grace Marie Gigante, leave my ability and courage to locker with the same pal for three years. Louis Gori, leave my ability to get to school one minute to nine every day to some lucky 2-1 and get away with it. Iohn Grosso, leave Cwith Bob Gass' permissionD "our song" to any trombone and clarinet with nerve or talent enough to play it. Denise Gurzny, leave my ability to get into the homeroom by 9:00 to some sleepyhead like myself. Maureen Gurzny, leave my ability to sit through two periods of shorthand without absorbing any- thing to another smart kid. Marilyn Gwynn, leave the corner next to room lll by the stairs to any future couples who can make up better where it's warm. Florence Hart, leave my old flames at North to Ioan Schmidt. Mary Louise Hill, leave a broken charcoal and a tired Miss Conley to anyone with more talent than I had. Andrew Ianniello, leave to Eddie Cerimelli my ability to make up stories in the office. Palma Indivero, leave!!! Henry Intaglietta. leave to the 2-1's my ability to talk my way through English for three years. Michael Izzo, leave my ability to get to school cne minute to nine every day and not be late to Mary Torch. Frances Ieffers, leave all my size 42 shoes that I no longer like to anyone that can wear them. last will anh Testament CONTINUED Constance Paris, leave my shorthand book to any 4-1 girl who has a short hand. Lorraine Parise, leave my ability to play Iosephine Paris in the "Valient" to any ambitious dramatic student. Michael Pauls, leave my ability to play the outfield to some ambitious rookie. Carmen Perrotti, leave to Frank lazzio my Big Bct in baseball. Antoinette Picciotti, being constantly shortchanged by the school cafeteria, have nothing left to leave. Barbara Piccotto, leave my ability to lose and find my locker keys to some forgetful student. Andrew Pompo, leave my weeny appetite and ability to be the last one out of the cafeteria to Ed Cerimelli. Ioseph Porcaro, leave locker 351 with my girl Marilyn's picture in it. Norma Pullano, leave all my happy memories to some lucky 2-1 who can enjoy them as much as I have. Concetta Purchio, leave to my pal Angie Bosco, my disabled locker. William Quinn, leave it all-thank goodness. Minnie Rao, leave my ability to change my schedule to some enthusiastic forger. Norbert Redell, leave Ronnie Schauer my ability to do Trig. Donna Riley, leave my ability to any person who can match up I.D.M. and L.F. Anna Rispoli, leave to any 2-l the wonderful friendship I've had with Anita Di Bello, Marlene Cam- pione, and Ida Giannini. Tony Rocco, with great honors leave my worn and torn apron and cooking utensils to Tony Nicoletti. Lorraine Rood, leave my enioyable moments spent in 106 to Mary McKee and Ieanette Mudford, Leonora Rufo, leave the Senior Choir robes to someone with a lot of patience. Annette Salamino, leave my bottle of Iergen's lotion to anyone who gets my locker No. 335. William Salomone, leave my noseguard to some lucky football star. Natalie Samar, leave my ability to talk in my classes to Rosemarie Maselli. Io Anne Saya, leave to my brother Leon my ability to be class angel?? lean Schlie. leave the pictures in my locker to the next student who gets it. Charlene Schmid, leave my ability to disagree with Mrs. Haller to anyone who wants it. Anthony Scicchitano, leave my ability to be the last one to hand in a writeup for the yearbook. Elizabeth Sicari, leave the job of writing a story for the North Wind and then trying to recognize it in the edition when the paper comes out. Raymond Sindone, leave locker No. 407 to any 2-1. Iames Smith, leave!!! Mary Sorbello, leave my ability of walking around the halls 6th period to some lucky 2-1 who will work in the office next term. Humbert Spoto, leave my ability to get out of school in four years to Chuck Sibble. Anthony Stimson, leave to Leon Saya the good mark I had in Physics. Ciro Tantillo, leave my linebacking ability to Sonny Simele for next fall's football team. Iohn Testone, leave my ability to some new 2-1 to get along with the one and only Mr. Bush. Sam Tucci, leave my friends and teachers in peace. Daniel Tursi, leave Iean in care of her best girl friend, Dolores. Iosephine Verone, leave my ability to sneak out of gym class to some lucky 4-2. Janet West, leave my place in the art room to some future lover of art. Bruce Wright, respectfully leave my curly locks to Mr. La Pierre. Antoinette Zalla, leave my typewriter in 223 to anyone who can get some typing out of it, Norma Zoccali, leave my backaches from cheerleading practice to anyone who can endure them. NAME Ruggero Aitala Iosephine Alibrandi Patricia Azzoto Frances Barilla Anne Battagiina Ieanette Betts lfcsemarie Bocola Barbara Boshart Kenneth Bowering Helen Budjac Cecelia Busco Fanny Calogero Katherine Cambareri Marlene Campione Shirley Campione Bettylane Campitello Rose Mary Canestrare Daniel Carfagno Mary Castrilli Charlotte Christoffel Rita Civiletta Marianne Conte Corinne Cornell Nancy Cornell Robert Coughlin Duca Cutri Ioseph DeCiccio Ioan DeMasco1i MaryAnne DePietro Cosmo D'Eridita Barbara DeSiato Constance Destefano Anita DiBello Mary DiBello Iames DiDomenico Lois Dillabough Carmella DiMauro Nicholas DiSano Phyllis DonVito David Eggert likes anh islikes LIKES Friendly teachers and students Boys wearing black pants Having Ioe home I etters from M.G. Going out Being with B.H. Eating 5 Sleeping Dragnet Art, some gals Bowling Iulius LaRosa Watching the Nats Listening to Frankie Laine Men Blonds with blue eyes Coffee at Gen's Getting letters from FLM. To sleep Sleeping Telephone and television Roller skating Gum P.A. and dancing A certain brunette and S.P. Sleeping on school days Basketball and pool l.M. Going out, sleeping, driving with L.F. Psrdsr Being with Ruth Being with the crowd, and going out Boys with black wavy hair To get my own way M.R.P.'s witty remarks Eating and sleeping Ida's sunny smile Being with I.F. Eating and sleeping Tall, blond men with blue eyes Peggy and Science DISLIKES School and waste of time Men Ioe being away Waiting for them Staying home Not being with him Waiting for Mary Super Circus Hc-mework Bigwheels His girl friend Nail biters Conceited people Boys Being called "Mar" by mistake Playing tennis with 8 on a court Having to wait for them To wake up HC mework Gym Falling on them Anybody who doesn't like it Night school "The little one" Getting up on school days Nothing All others and work Getting up Being without money Being without Ruth Staying home on Friday and Saturday nights Brushcuts When I don't Senior dues and work Getting up in the moming Study halls Conceited boys Getting up Army men, black hair Giggly girls PET SAYING "Better suffer for truth than prosper by falsehood" "Is she living" "All sorts of people" Oh but you gotta go" "Nice" "Rea1ly" "I et's not get sickening" "Kill it before it gets away" "This kid's gotta go" "Today I'm reforming" "Mix it up" "If you give me time l'll produce an answer" "No kidding" rl "Whata ya want from me" "Honestly, Gwendolin" "This is it" "Please hurry, Mary" "Yeah, how nice" Are you for real" "Oh gosh! Oh Gee!" For gosh sakes" "You think it's a joke" 1: u "Probably then" "lust a trifle" "Don't bet on it" "There is no right way to do a wrong thing" "Get off my back, will yal' "There must be an easier way to make a 1iving" "Yeah" Wadda ya mean" "You think it's a joke" ll "oh Fudge" "Oh Hon" "Here you, be careful" "We're going to miss you around here" "All rightee" "Oh boy! One of these days" "Get off my back, will you" "Oh fa" "If a thing is good enough to do at all it is good enough to do well" NAME Iames Epolito Anne Ewald Barbara Fandrich lean Farrar Ioanne Fazio Antoinette F inocchio Leonard Flesher IdaMae Fragola Ianice Frey Catherine Froio Patsy Galtieri Gloria Garden Robert Gass Ida Giannini Grace Marie Gigante Louis Gori Carmella Greco Iohn Grosso Denise Gurzny Maureen Gurzny Marilyn Gwynn Florence Hart Mary Louise Hill Andrew lanniello Palma Indivera Henry Intaglietta Michael Izzo Frances Ieffers Corrine Iohnson Lillian Kernsike Iames Killius Ruth Kimpel Gerald Landers Michael LaPorta Roger Leonardo William Lombard Anne Lore Arlene Luckette Lorraine Lukacs Charles Luttinger Antoinette Maione Dominick Mancini likes gglgm islikes LIKES Arguing with DeCarlo Staying up late at night Driving Augie's car Beans Arguing with B.S. To go out weekends with my friends Anything of the opposite sex lean Farrar's bangs Weekends Handsome boys Painting the town red Good music Paul's girl Being with N.B. Getting up at eight o'clock Good headfillers Being with a certain LC. Everybody Shorter hair styles Like to sleep after alarm rings Being with Paul Being with L.S. Music and Art Cars Dark handsome boys Arguing with my sister over the car Figure drawing. C Not numbers either.j Tall blonds Talking on the telephone Dancing and music Mary To be with Cosie Short period Basketball and photography Sports and girls To grind Mr. Ackerman about the Yankees Going around with I.F., LF., and I.F. Bay Mike C. and roller skating To play volleyball against Mr. Gebhardt Being with F.C. Buick convertibles DISLIKES Listening to him talk Getting up in the morning Rainy Sundays The after effects lean Farrar's teasing To spend Saturday nights home After school with teachers Smart alecks Weekdays Self-centered boys Girls, girls, and girls Iazz Paul All other boys Sleeping late Bad headfillers Not being with him Bob's violin Getting to school by 9 o'clock Gym or monkey suits we wear for it Having him work nights Being without him Snakes Clive onesj Car pals Sissy boys My sister getting the car Girls' sophistication Boys wearing black neg pants Gym Long-haired music Any other girl Being without Cosie and gossipers Apple polishers Women and pegged Dants C.B.A. Mr. Ackerman's wise bets To get up in the morning Ioe Certain boys Giggling girls Being without him Cheese trucks PET SAYING u You're a good thing" "What a case" "Oh really" "It's just the principle "Don't be silly" "Gee! Whiz!" "Did you hear the greatest" "You bet your life" "You boob" "That's alright" "Very good" "Come now" Gee, think Connie will go to the prom with me? "Don't grind me" Holy mackerel" u u "Thanks a whole" "ls it for real" Ehlll n u Oh for crying out loud" "Whatsa matter for you" "He's my doll" "What a square" "Holy crow, I get it, but don't understand it" "Tonight, Man" "You got my Ingersol" "Moo wa-who's your friend" "I'll drive you like a nail you squirrelly cat" "Oh my gizzard" "Take a slow boat to China, will ya" "Go sit on a tack" "What did you say?" "I'll break every bone in your body" "All righty" u Hey Ponzet" u What's your major "Catch that trick Vito" ll Holy macaroni" "Oh sugar" You monster, I'll kill you" "Not this kid" "What are you, a Bargain?" "Save the name" NAME Lillian Mancini Iean Marshner Iames Massad Maryann Massaro Rose Marie Mazzotti Patricia McNamara Ioseph Menickelly Sam Mercurio Alfred Merluzzi Iames Miller Barbara Mirra Frances Museums Mary Nardelli Lorraine Natalie Iames Nesci Shirley Nesci Patricia Onofri Luke Oscuro Celia Palumbo Catherine Panto Emilia Paolini Constance Paris Lorraine Parise Michael Pauls Carmen Perrotti Ioan Petta u Antoinette Picciotn Barbara Piccotto Andrew Pompo Ioseph Porcaro Norma Pullano Concetta Purchio William Quinn Minnie Rao Norbert Redell Donna Riley Anna Rispoli likes anh islikes C o N T I N U E D LIKES DISLIKES Clothes Not having a new car Talk and eat Girls and bowling Gym and sports at North Gym VVrestling matches and basketball games Almost anything Girls that don't cut up people Going to jam sessions and dancing Getting paid To be different Good music Being with Iimmy Eating, sleeping and good boys Eating and sleeping Boys, I.F. and clothes Being with Iimmy Marge and Connie's laugh during Miss Mangan's lectures Paydays Receiving letters L.M. and flirting Eating Chumming around with the kids Playing baseball Talking to girls in the halls Sleeping Listening to dreamy music Frank, dancing and roller skating Crazy women and music Girls Getting mail from Vince Hearing from L.M. Cornucopia Bobby's big brown eyes! Hunting. fishing. swimming and camping Clothes, 2:30 and voice class Dancing, singing and the Navy Getting up in the morning Getting up early Not having them English Staying home nights Getting up in the morning Girls that rationalize mentioning M.S. Listening to hill-billy music Work To be natural Dirty fingernails Being without him Fresh boys and homework Getting up in the morning Showoffs, gym and homework Leaving North The wav D.L. haunts room 321 Working U. S. Draft Board Unfriendly people Going on a diet Leaving North Loud-mouthed girls Going to classrooms Unfriendly people PET SAYING "Yeah. Ieepers" How do you know" "Let's go Smitty" "Let's not get sickening "Alright-already" "Well by golly" "Oh yeah-sure" "Will ya please" "Hey man, that's cool" "How about that" So exotic and sophisticated" "That's a thought" "Oh baloney" "Oh Mother" u "Who is the big gun" "Like so much fun" "Oh gee! You get me nervous" "Don't get so catty" "How's the family?" "It's a pity" Ma, who's your friend "Oh Mother" n How nice" ll Hi there" You ain't a psych?" n n How are you fixed Boys who can't dance "Holy cow" Waiting, arguing "Oh my goodness" Sophistication "I'll dump ya, you psych!" Work "What are you, part idiot? Not spending my time "Real1y" at Danzers with the kids any more Getting up early "Oh YeCIh" Schmaltz "I T911 Youll' Male blonds "B0bbY" Getting up early Gym and getting up in the morning Phonies, and pegged pants "It is better to be seen and not heard" "VVho's your friend? I-le's a fish" "I thought I'd die" NAME Anthony Rocco Lorraine Rood Leonora Rufo Annette Salamino William Salomone Natalie Samar IoAnne Saya lean Schlie Charlene Schmid Tony Scicchitano Elizabeth Sicari Raymond Sindone Iames Smith Mary Sorbello Humbert Spoto Anthony Stimson Ciro Tantillo Iohn Testone Sam Tucci Daniel Tursi Iosephine Verone Ianet West Bruce Wright Antoinette Zalla Norma Zoccali likes ants islikes LIKES Making cookies in cooking class Brisk mornings and moonlight evenings Sleeping, eating, and being with RG. Listening to Gen's conzone Lunch hour Being with LM. To gab Not doing work Eating Italian food Some girls Pvt. Sonny Saya Fishing and baseball Driving Boys All good looking females Sports and swimming Eating and sleeping Sports, music, and the Nats To make everyone happy Being with lean Clothes and boys Art, music, sports, and knowing R.L. '39 Packard Talking Being with S.V. CONTINUED DISLIKES Eating them Black strap molasses and Wheat germ bread Not being with R.G. Not knowing what to do about it VVorking hours Being away from I.M. PET SAYING "Get outa my house "That was a doozy" "Ah, come on" "That's the way the ball bounces" "Leave me alone" "Oh!! Geez!!!" Other people that gab "We're going to miss you Work "We1l, I don't know" Any part of gym "Holy Ioe" Most girls Army regulations Dancing Getting up in the morning Homework Long, hard days of study Nothing Work New York Knicks Nothing Not being with Iean Giving speeches in English class Sarcastic people Accidents Staying quiet Black pants F' f if-. . jx, 'Y g 'Jaw I -.,,. A ff 'QS' , qc .-1 I Poor puddy cat fall down! "Oh well, we all got to go sooner or later" "Crazy, Massad, crazy" "Gee whiz" "Hey baby" "I didn't hear you "How do you know?" "A come on" "Come here, Hon!" "Gee whiz" "What's the sense" "Sacre Bleu!" "Come on, Annette" "What are you, a bargain?" Nicest Personalities Chatterboxes .,.... Most Agreeable ,,...... Most Talented .....,. Class Smiles ,.,a... The Voices ,,.,.A Class Hair-do ,,.a,. Class Sweetheart ...,., Class Angel ....,,,, Quietest Senior .,.,r, Mad Scientist rr,,rrrr Friendliest Senior . Class Politician .....rr,. Favorite Blonde ,.,..,ll, Favorite Brunette lll,.. Most Studious .r,r..,, Class Wit .....,... ?1l?lHIJn'5 who Norma Pullano Tony Rocco -.-,-.,l-,Natalie Samar Ioe Porcaro -,-,-...Annette Salamino Ciro Tantello ,..wMaryann Massaro Andy Pompo Marilyn Gwynn Dick Mancini Betty lane Campitello Bill Solomone Antoinette Maione Connie Paris Ioanne Saya Rose Marie Bolola l,,.,l,,aIames Massad Shirley Campione Mike La Porta A. .,,l,, ,Barbara Fandrich Liz Sicari Iohn Grosso Mary Di Bello UlZfliIJu'5 Miha Constance De Stefano .Q.... .... .. ...... ,.. .. I MOST POPULAR ' BEST DRESSED ' Barbara Mirra ,,aaaa,.. it BEST LOOKING Norma Zoccali aararara , CLASS COUPLE Ruth Kimpel ,CA,7,C,,, DID MOST FOR NORTH L11l1an Mancim ,..,L .L LLALLLLLLLLLSLLL..LLL.L......, .. .LL...,,...,, :Z '-V-Q-" BEST DANCERS Frances Museums eaeeee ., U CLASS ACTORS Patricia Azzotto ecc, , ' I lean Farrar .rrrrrrr rr....,,,.,,,-.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , MOST ATHLETIC -. "emi W" Bruce Wright Andrew Ianniello r,,.W..Wi11iam Lombard L Cosmo D'Eredita Kenneth Bowering Michael Izzo Luke Oscuro .-r,,,..,.Anthony Stimson Q ltabvnV I Y' , P 2 In E Y , ,- H I E x 5, . W ' , , ni? 91' 'QP 5 I l ip 'ww . 'Q' at 55 Q A :.f..:,. V SPECIAL EDITION THE VOLUME I, NUMBER 1 SYRACUSE HONOR AWARDS The Distinguished Medal of Honor has been given to five North High graduates for their bravery in saving the lives of twenty people injured in an airplane wreck. The five are: Lt. Dan Tursi, Cpt. Gerald Landers, Lt. Ioe De Cicco, Cpt. Richard Cutri and Colonel Bruce Wright. BUSINESSMEN FORM CLUB The North Side Businessmen have been working together to form a club. The club will have its first meeting at the store of Fritz Merluzzi. Raymond Sindone, Cosmo D'Eredita, Lenny Flesher and Dick Mancini are in charge cf refreshments. TREE PLANTING BEGINS lim Miller, Ioe Menickelly, and David Eg- gert are starting tomorrow on their project to plant trees in Burnet Park. ,351 f J Z gg' ,, "'d4L""1gf 57' FS' :rl-I NR VL, .. C 1, . . . P fl- ' v SYRACUSANS PLAN TRIP A group of young women are planning a trip to Bermuda. Included in this party are: Norma Pullano, Ida Giannini, Leonora Rufo, Ella Gigante. and Ioan De Mascoli. Captain of the boat will be Humbert Spoto. Ship host- esses will be Emelia Paolini, Antoinette Picci- otti, and lean Schlie. STAR VISITS FRIENDS Famous movie star, Mary Di Bello, has re- turned home to visit her former schoolmates. Her first stop was at the home of Connie De Stefano, who is leaving next week with lean Farrar and Antoinette Zalla to attend the Na- tional Librarians Convention. CLASS REUNION DANCE A class reunion dance was held in the North High gym for the class of 1953. As we look around we see many familiar faces. Among them are: Minnie Rao, Iosephine Alibrandi, Catherine Panto, and Anne Battaglino, who are secretaries in big name firms in this city. Also attending are: Henry Intaglietta, Ken- neth Bowering, Michael Pauls, Tony Scicchi- tano, and Norbert Redell. Music was furnished by Bob Gass and his "Melancholy Five." Songstress with the band is Betty Campitello, who has been appearing at the Mocambo lately. Guest performers were: accordionist, Iohn Testone, and comedian, Luke Oscuro. FLASH!! Ida Mae Fragola and Maryanne Conte have just won the U. S. Badminton Championship. SUPERVISORS MEET Supervisor of nurses, Natalie Samar, has just returned from a trip where she met nurses Shirley Campione and Ioan Petta, who are now nurses in New York hospitals. ARTIST UNVEILS PAINTING Ianet West, famous woman painter, has just finished a painting of Asst. District Attorney Iames Nesci. She will start next week to paint the picture of the famous movie star, Barbara Mirra, and songstress Anna Rispoli, who are now appearing in a new musical produced by Tony Rocco. ATTENDANTS NAMED Miss Connie Purchio, young socialist, has named Ann Ewald, Barbara Boshart, Mary Nardelli, Lois Dillabough, and Marilyn Gwynn as honor attendants for her wedding, which will take place this summer. BENEFIT GAME "Big Iohn's Five" will play a benefit game against "Cozy's" to raise money for disabled children. Owner of the club, Ioe Porcaro, and Iames Epolito said the team is in good shape. Those who are in the starting lineup are: Louis Gori, Sam Mercurio, Carmen Perrotti, Ciro Tantillo, and Tony Stimson. Managers lim Killius and Roger Leonardo are confident of an easy win. TEACHERS APPOINTED Three teachers were notified today of their new posts. Miss Maryann Massaro has been appointed head Physical Ed. teacher at Cort- land State. Miss Mary Lou Hill has been ap- pointed principal at Grant Ir. High, and Charles Luttinger head gym teacher in the city. Ram and Snow 0 U T L 0 0 K NEW YORK IANUARY, 1963 SECRETARIES MEET The second annual meeting of secretaries was held at Andy Pompo's restaurant on Thursday of last week. Newly elected officers are: Corrine Iohnson, president: Lillian Man- cini, vice president: Rose Marie Bocola, sec- retary: and Ieanette Betts, treasurer. The com- mittee on entertainment was headed by Car- mella Greco and Carmella Di Mauro. Mike Izzo flew in from California with Frances Mu- seums. They had been dancing at the Zebra Room in Hollywood. SOCIETY Twins, Maureen and Denise Gurzny, will en- tertain old schoolmates at the Onondaga Coun- try Club. Guests include: Rose Marie Maz- zotti, Ioanne Fazio, Lillian Kerniski, Antoinette Finocchio, Gloria Garden, and Ianice Frey. Hat check girls will be Barbara Fandrich, lor- raine Luckas, and Frances Ieffers. The stew- ard is Nick Di Sano. DESIGNER SHOWS CREATIONS Famous designer Liz Sicari has arrived in Syracuse with many of her lovely gowns and dresses to be shown at a fashion show in the War Memorial. Models for this event will be the lovely Ioanne Saya, pretty Norma Zoccali, shapely Donna Riley, petite Constance Paris, and sweet Patricia Azzoto. LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD Famous singer Bill Salomone has made good in New York and will star in his own show. The show will be directed by Andy Ianniello and Iames Smith. Bill Quinn will be the an- nouncer. The owner of the station, Iames Massad, is very lucky in having the capable Phyllis Don Vito as his secretary. CONGRESSWOMAN RETURNS HOME Iean Marschner, a prominent woman in pol- itics, is returning to Syracuse with her secre- tary, Anne Lore, for a rest. PRIESTS STOP IN PARIS Father Michael Laporta, who has just made an extensive tour of Europe with Father Peter Galtieri, will stop in Paris to see two old school chums. They visited Cpt. Sam Tucci of the U. S. Army and Roger Aitala, who is an en- gineer there. LOCAL DOCTOR BECOMES FAMOUS Doctor Iohn Grosso has performed one of the most diiiicult operations of its type. Head nurse was Celia Busco, with Corrine Cornell, Char- lene Schmid, Ruth Kimple, and Helen Budjac as assistants. CHEMISTS MAKE DISCOVERY Noted chemists, Bob Coughlin and Dan Car- fagno, have made a discovery that will help all mankind. They have perfected a way to keep a woman quiet for at least two minutes at a time. PLAY OPENS TODAY Bill Lombard has iust finished writing a play entitled "The Flute Boy" which will open today at the Astor for a one week run. Included in the cast are: Lorraine Parise, Nancy Cornell, Charlotte Christoffel, Josephine Vercne, and Shirley Nesci. Catherine Cambareri and Pa- tricia McNamara are in charge of costumes. Tickets may be purchased from ticket agents Celia Palumbo cr Patricia Onofri at 400 South Salina St. NEVV BUSINESS Annette Salamino and Iames Di Domenico have jtst opened a pizza store. Stretching the dough in the backroom are: Mary Anne De Pietro, Palma Indivero, Barbara De Siato, and Antoinette Maicne. Making the delicious sauce is Rcsemary Canestrare, Arlene Luckette, Mar- lene Campione, and Anita Di Bello. Sausage makers are: Fanny Calogero, Mary Castrilli, Frances Barilla, Barbara Piccotto, and Lorraine Rood??? Their motto is "Always keep 'em guessing." NEW STORE OPENS Catherine F roio and Mary Sorbello have just opened a dress shop on South Salina Street. Sales clerks will be Rita Civiletta, Florence Hart, and Lorraine Natalie. Babies amaze Ella Giganti Toni Maione Iames Massad Dick Lombardo Constance Paris Iames Koegel and lean Schwenn Sue Barry Marianne Conti lean Farrar Anne Lore Emilia Paolini Ioan Franz Ieanette Betts Ioanne Fazio Bill Lombard Betty lane Campitello Gloria Garden Io Anne Saya Betty Sicari Shirley Campione Betty Bogensperger Anne Pesce Frances Museums Barbara Fandrick Barbara Hoffmann Barbara Belasco Mary Castrilli Ianet West Natalie Samar Shirley Nesci Shirley Beale Mary Di Bello Nonna Zaccoli Rose Marie Bacola Dom Mirizio Dick Mancini and Marlene Campione Constance Lang Helen Kramer Gen Saya Ianet Koegel Qutugrapb f GMM? 9'2 Ww fffffaikaf Ayygj . ww zailiiff fwfjflefffg W Wfwifffw MV Qyyjfw SM W , W QT ,I W gX.YfLWM J' WWW 5,12 7 mf JW? ' X -5 , N 2 ff X x xlx ,i'7" A- EQ xx Q Q W f 1 1 xx 'E 5 ii :XIX I 4 S xx , K Q f X 1 ,. CME PRINTING co. - ENGRAVINGS av MERRIMAN ENGRAV

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