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..9- C'A The Silhouette All the days we,ve been together, F endly we recall; L Days of fair and stormy weather, Thou hast gladdened all. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, North High fair and true, Grateful sons with love unfailing, All our vows renew. Published by The Senior Class of North High School Youngstown, Ohio I965 Foreword Ten years from now as we are thumbing through the pages 6f this yearbook, some of us will become only too aware of all the pleasant memories our school years have given us. Some, itis sad to say, wonit be able to recall as many happy times as others because their time and energy wasnit spent on the really important task of the day-getting a good education. Students often don,t realize that there is really fun in learning, and they can gain self-satisfaction in understanding. The old adage, 6iAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? is carried to extremes, and in later years they regret their not taking full advantage of all the oppor- tunities afforded them. The functioning of a high school may be compared to the functioning of a large family. The principal and faculty members represent the heads of a household, whose foremost job is to endow their children with some ability, quality, and talent. As the children in a large family, the students may use their discretion in deciding whether or not they should take heed 0f the advice and counsel offered them. Some of the students take full advantage, while others tend to ignore it completely. In All the Days Weive Been Together, friendships have been made and broken, and many difficult trials have been encountered and overcome. The seeds of knowledge, truth, and understanding have been so care- fully planted, and the results so satisfactory, that the whole process is more than just worthwhile. .2... wmawgsmf- ontents Administration............................... Academics....................... Act1v1t1es21 Underclassmen................................................57 Seniors................... Advertisements . ADMINISTRATION THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: SEATED are; President Warren P. Williamson, Jr., Vice President Dr. Earl A. Young, and Mrs. Robert B. Marshall. STANDING are; George W. Brown, Hugh A. Frost, Dr. M. M. Szucs, and Charles B. Cushwa, Jr. The Board of Education is the governing body of the Youngstown City Schools. They appropriate and oversee all allocations of funds and goods to all the city schools including North. In a sense they have control over the approximately 16,000 people working for the Board of Education. The members are elected bi-annually to four year terms. In this way there are always experienced members serving on the board. This little-known group consists of people from all walks of life, and it is one of the many important cogs in the machine of education. Superintendent of Schools J. H. Wanamaker For most of you lithe days youlve been togetherll number well over a thousand, for most have spent at least the past six school years together. Many of you were classmates and good friends through as many years in elementary school, and have found that early relationship deepened and strengthened by your high school associations. To each of you these days have been marked by success t and perhaps occasional failurei, by joy ltempered with a little sorrowi, and by growth iphysical, mental and spirituall. Many of those exper- iences you will cherish so long as you live; not a few are immortalized on the pages of this book, which is itself a never-to-be forgotten experience for those who have labored to create it. liThe days we,ve been togetherli have also left some permanent memories with the underclassmen who have looked to you as their models; with your teachers, whose concern for you is unending; with your parents and familyethose who are dearest to you; and with everyone with whom fate has brought you into contact. May we hope that each of these memories, and those you will fashion in the years ahead, will likewise be characterized by success, byjoy, and by growth! Assistant Superintendent Walter C. Garland As you near the end of your student days together at North, what would you say you will always re- member? Would you first think of the incidentals: the social events, the games, the after-game parties, your special school friends? Or would you think of more fundamental things: your added knowledge in the various subject fields, insights into a better understanding of yourself and your fellow-man, skills which may help you build a life in the future, admiration for dedicated teachers, respect for the commun- ity,s citizens who support our schools? If you first value the latter, North High has been true to its mission, and you have been a true partner in its educational enterprise. May your days together at North influence you to be genuinely interested in the cause of good education all Of your life, which we hope will be rewarding in its accomplishments. Principal Michael Mitchell To all of us here at North, Mr. Mitchell is iiMr. North High? Beloved by all, he is always working hard and going out of his way to do those iilittle thing? that count so much to his students. Whether at his desk, at athletic events, or at a principalsi meeting we can always be sure that the best interests of North High are being carried out. Assistant Principal Richard R. Jeren Mr. Jeren is the one who has taken over so capably in Mr. Mitchellis absence. Sporting a dry humor he can be thought of as the iirepri- manding Fatheri, at North, for it is ,he who metes out the disciplinary action. Sometimes the students donit like to admit it, but it is this discipline that has put North at the top in behavior. For this we salute Mr. Jeren, our disciplining assistant principal. Norman Alexander Vivian Beal Florence Calderone Our Faculty iiAll the days weive been togetherheweive not only been with our fellow students but also with our teachers. It seemed that sometimes life itself de- pended upon their good judgment in the many decisions they had to make. Students encounter many trials and tribulations during their school years that can be made so much smoother through the cooperation of teachers and advisors. This is why we like to think that at North we have the best. Mary K. Bliss Rose Bode Harold Davis Benjamin Dodds William W. Beacham Betty Bozic Thomas Draper Charles Fullmer Edgar Higgins Silas Ludt Ellen Nora Lyden John J. Mar'tinko Yolanda Morano Susan Molnar Margaret Mulheran Frank Percic Anthony Pomponio Mr. Percic relaxes after a hard day at school. Marshall Popelka Winifred Rousseau Anastasia Roux Lu Seidel Anthony Stevens Ann Sullivan Elvin Swander Elsbeth Weichsel Thomas Welsh Boyd Williams Lewis Watson Mickey Mantl6, Dodds? Miss Lyden at rest. The bass. Norma Whittenberger and Arthur Tedeschi are absorbed in a chemistry experiment. A lack of strict formality characterizes a senior discussion on democracy. Andy Arendas, Arthur Love, and Colby Phillips go over some plans with the woodshop teacher, Mr. Welsh. Acquanetta McColIum and Bonice Collins add the final touches to some clothes in sewing class. Silence! Test in progress! Mr. Alexanderls eighth period government class had plenty of them. Connie Bennett, Annie Cobb, Doretta Kelly, Rosa Thompkins, and Sandra Humphries try their hands at cooking in Mrs. Calderonds home economics class. Mr. Dodds art class learns the fundamentals of form and design. Robert Berard, one of our best debaters, gives a speech on the American system of government and politics. The Marine Corps builds men. So does Mr. Martinko. Buster Baker analyzes a sentence for his English class under the eye of Miss Peltz, YU student observer. Senior French student, Joann Lipka, puts a lesson on the rear blackboard. Carolyn Bell and Anne Mirie Vagilla try to score for their team in gym class. watchful L ; Patty Naymlck, busy at her desk in business class. Aleata Anthonsen points out a spot on the map for the benefit of Ray- mond Butler in geography class. Everely Jackson illustrates a problem on the blackboard for her shorthand class. Gregory Cary and Paul D Onofrio are caught busy and off guard in me- chanical drawing. Miss Morano is busy teaching the fundamentals of trigo- nometry to a class of dazed Seniors. A typing class, at work under the guidance of Mrs. Citano, who is substituting for Mrs. Rousseau. Diane Morse and Linda Opincarne use the library for a homework assignment. A modern 'lathe is a complex and precise machine tool, as Thomas Marsh here finds out. This girls gym class was interrupted by a photographer from the television program, 20 West Wood Street." Physics laboratory was an experience for all of those lucky enough to be able to do three things at a time. S. McGlenn, E. Kleckner, M. Jackson are busily taking notes in English class. h . S. Williams, S. Harper, practice their creative talents in- Mr. Dodds' art Class. Leeolla Johnson and David Vernon show their civics class how to use a chart. Mr. Kenneth Kacenga tries his hand at running the school. ACTIVITIES 2l 22 Yearbook Business Staff The Ad salesmen were: ROW 1: C. Soles J. Lipka M. Boos C. Vanderhorsf A. Pilorusso S. Sonnenlitter M. Williams M. Jackson ROW 2: D. Vrancich N. Barrett E. Jackson P. McGarry P. Sinkovich K. Reynolds C. Martin K. North L. Randall ROW 3: R. Saunders K. Ryser J. Fabrizio A. Monroe B. Reinhart A. Martin B. Collins S. Johnson S. Harry ROW 4: W. McCaha J. Berchik A. Barganier C. Hall R. Berard D. Rhodes E. Ellis F. Stringer J. Zimmers K. Kacenga R. Schneider These are the people who sold annuals: ROW 1: M. Boos B. Reinhart J. Lipka C. Hill ROW 2: M. Jackson M. Williams C. Vanderhorst P. Hughes A. Pilorusso S. Sonnenlitter ROW 3: D. Vrancich N. Barrett E. Jackson K. Ryser A. Monroe P. Sinkovich C. Mc- Intire ROW 4: A. Mobley KI Reynolds C. Martin S. Thomas S. Johnson J. F abrizio Silhouette Editorial Staff ROW 1: M. Boos, E. Jackson, B. Reinhart, J. Lipka, C. Hill ROW 2: M. Jackson, S. Sonnenlitter, R. Saunders, M. Sinkovich, J. Fabrizio, K. Reynolds . ROW 3: W. McGaha, J. Berchik, E. Ellis, K. Kacenga, R. Schneider Editor-in-Chief ............................................... Beth Reinhart Business Manager ............................................. Joann Lipka Editorial Advisor ...................................... - ....... Miss Lyden Business Advisor ............................................. Mr. Beacham Planning Committee John Berchik Edward Ellis Joyce Tabrizio Cherie Hill Everely Jackson Kenneth Kacenga Joann Lipka Willie McCaha Anne Monroe Beth Reinhart Ruth Saunders Robert Schneider Thaddeus Shura Peggy SinkoviEh Patrick Volvar Margo Boos, Mr. Beacham, Yvonne Bryant, Beth Reinhart, Ruth Saunders, Cherie Hill, and Joann Lipka are engrossed in making last minute changes in the yearbook. North High,s ROW 1: R. Thomas, R. Ellis, Y. Hatchett, V. Cook, 5. Dobbins, A. Anthonsen, A. Vagilla; P. Jennings, Y. Vanderhorst. ROW 2; R. Thomas, L. Burton, L. Trevis, A. Croston, J. Prestas, S. Shields, M. Derkach, L. Charity, D. Randell, C. Hamp- ton. ROW 3: J. Tyson, J. McDuffy, G. Leftwich, J. Keys, J. Dismuke, J. Carter, D. Shipp, G. Cobbin, M. Davis, M. McGarry, E. Jaspers. ROW 4: E. Pleas, D. Vernon, W. McMahan, W. Shields, M. Jackson, E. Harden, C. Himes, C. McCrary, R. Christoff, J. Leftwich, L. McCall. Girls; Ensemble LE: P. McGarry, N. Whittenberger, P. Axel, E. Harris, B. Miller, P. Parsons, P. Smith, M. Hall, C. Balog, D. Green, M. Kreibel, S. Johnson, R. Augsburger, A. Bryant. Mixed Chorus ROW 1: E. Burt, M. Thomae, J. Zetts, 5. Collins, J. Crytzer, P. McGarry, K. Litch, F. Torok, S. Whittenberger. ROW 2: S. Burnett, D. Jackson, K. McFarland, N. Barrett, C. McCollum, S. Adams, C. Bell, R. Thomas, J. Franklin, M. Shakoor. ROW 3: M. DeSalvo, B. Browning, B. Brown, B. Johnson, M. Ho ward, S. Smith, K. Civarella, G. Marsh, B. Clark, L. Cutts. ROW 4: K. Hyrick, W. Crittenden, C. Freeman, M. Reed, B. Pritchett, F. Armour, A. Peterson, D. Croyle. Vocal Director The Mixed Chorus and the Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Williams, sing at many of the school assemblies. The Ensemble, which is composed 0f 14 girls who are outstandihg singers, also sing at many church and social functions. North HigHs Marching Band ROW 1: M. Starcevich, C. Barber, M. Hall, 5. Whittenberger, D. Soles, J. Fabrizio, K. Reynolds, C. Balog, D. Golubich, J. Trebella, D. Stinson, T. Figas. ROW 2: A. Cannon, J. McDuffy, C. Walker, R. Wilkerson, T. Pendleton, L. Davis, P. Volovar, D. Gettan, F. Harris, I. Kalasky, J. Skripac, L. Nemkovich, J. Kemery, C. Hrycik ROW 3: D, Haynes, M. Kriebel, J. Shipton, E. Plante, J. Kemery, D. Behne, B. Madison, W. Shuttlewonh, R. Butler, J. Todhunter, S. Sonnenlitter, D. Morse, W. Arnett. - ROW 4: C. Hampton, N. Malutic, J. Schroeder, S. Matesevac, J. Tullio, T. Kolat, L. Felton, A. McIntosh, E. Rakes, G. Lazar, A. Arendas, J. Gunia, A. Barganier, D. Ranalli. ROW 5: B. Miller, G. McIntire, S. McGlen, C. Martin, B. Evans, R. Donahue, W. McMahan, K. Showman, J. Nesbitt, R. Smiley, J. Showman, C. Domhoff. Band Director The North High Band under the direction of Mr. Ed Higgins, presented a spectacular half time performapce at each of the football games. They played such popular songs as Sugar F0037, Lazy Elsie Molly, a and WES Now or Never? They proudly represented North by marching in many parades and they put on an outstanding concert in May. Officers ROW 1: J. Schroeder, P. Volovar, J . Nesbitt, J . Gunia CAROL BALOG ROW 2: C. Hampton, C. Lazar, W. Shuttleworth, R. Donahue ROW 3: S. Sonnenlitter, D. Behne, A. Barganier, D. Cettan. KATHY REYNOLDS ROW 1: C. Balog, K. Reynolds, J. Fabrizio. ROW 2: J. Gunia, S. Sonnenlitter, G. McIntire. ROW 3: P. Volovar, J. Nesbitt, R. Donahue, E. Rakes. ROW 4: A. Barganier, W. Shuttleworth, W. Mc- Mahan, C. Martin. JOYCE FABRIZIO 27 Work for Perfection L. to R.: Carol Balogh, Mary Ann Hall, Sandy Whittenberger, Darlene Soles, Kathy Reynolds, Dorothy Colubich, Janet Trebella, Diane Stinson, J oyce Fabrizio. Practice Makes Perfect. Altogether, Hit 1t." Share the Burden RED CROSS L-R; ROW 1; N. Sirbu, K. Kacenga, J. Tullio ROW 2; D. Smith, J. Zimmers VOLUNTEENS L-R: ROW 1; M. Jackson, M. Heipel, P. Smith ROW 2; J. Schroeder, C. Hill, N. Whittenber- ger, M. Davis, M. Vagilla, D. Vrancich, S. Sonnenlitter, ROW 3; B. Smith, A. Cobb, C. Balogh, D. Smith, S. Macklin, J. Wilkerson FUTURE NURSES L-R: ROW 1; P. Thompkins, C. Hampton, L.' Cutts, F. Sims, D. Floyd, M. McCarty, E. Jaspers, T. Brown ROW 2; J. Lipka, M. Heipel, M. Jackson, K. Speed, R. Sims, A. Vagilla, M. Hamrock. ROW 3; H. Volovar B. Patton, P. Smith, A. Cannon P. Fata, A. Monroe, B. Smith, R. Harris, ROW 4: P. Crenshaw, B. Jarmon, B. Smith, B. Rob- inson, S. Adams, .1. McDuffie, E. Jones ROW 5: E. Cults, C. Balough, S. Harry, M. Talyor, M. Timkovich. 29 Y-TEEN CABINET L-R: ROW 1: Y. Bryant, K. Ryser, E. Jackson, S. Adams, N. Sirbu. ROW 2: M. Jackson, M. Kriebel, L. Mestichelli, A. Cannon, C. Walker. Officers Everely Jackson ................ President Kathy Ryser ............... Vice-President Sherry Adams .................. Secretary Yvonne Bryant ................. Treasurer Nancy Sirbu ............ Inter-Club Council Y-Teens L-R: ROW 1: N. Armes, M. Heipel, B. Clem- mons, J. Lipka, S. Sonnenliter, A. McCollum, M. Jackson, B. Clemmons ROW 2: C. Hill, D. Vrancich, N. Barrett, 5. Gooden, R. Sims, K. North, A. Mobley, D. Floyd, C. Spivey, ROW 3: E. Jackson, M. Williams, S. Macklin, P. Sinko- vich, K. Ryseir, B. Jarmon, E. Cutts, ROW 4-; B. Patton, S. Thomas, J. Haynes, P. Crenshaw, S. Thompson, C. Balogh, B. Collins. L-R: ROW 1; K. Kohn, J. Thompkins, R. Davenport, G. Barber, M. Naymick, M. Guerrieri, D. Soles, C. Hampton. ROW 2: N. Whittenberger, M. KIiebel, J. Schroeder, A. Vagilla, A. Cannon, T. Brown, K. Speed, H. Bland, D. Golubich. ROW 3: A. Mc- Intosh, M. Taylor, L. Mestichelli, C. Queen- er, J. McDuffie, S. Adams, E. Jones, Y. Bryant. ROW 4: C. Walker, B. Smith, G. Bulah, P. Brooks, V. Williams, M. Davis, C. Hurford, N. Sirbu, B. Robinson. ROW 1: L. Cutts, K. Boos, F. Sims, P. Jennings, M. McCarry, J. Williams, S. Ross. ROW 2: L. Stewart, R. Bittle, J. Franklin, R. Bittle, E. Jaspers, D. Kelly, N. Jones. ROW 3: S. Khalife, M. Hamrock, J. Trebella, H. Volovar, D. McCray, C. Bell, M. Lynch, B. Zimmers. ROW 4: H. Youngblood, A. Bryant, S. Johnson, J. Carter, J. Hughes, J. Keyes, C. Howard. 3l Student Council ROW 1: R. Cay, B. Schneider, J. J ohnson, S. Adams ROW 2: L. McCall, S. Shields, M. Boos, C. Walker, M. J ackson, R. Kee ROW 35 D. Golubich, E. J aspers, J . Tyson, C. Bell, J . Trebella, S. J ohnson, C. Krasinski ROW 4: D. Amatore, R. Harp, P. Sinkovich, W. Cook, J . Keys, A. Tedeschi, N. Sirbu, S. Patton ROW 5: L. Bevly, K. Kacenga, C. Howard, D. Rhodes, E. Ellis, H. Lynch, T. Shura The Student Council officers: Sher- ry Adams, .secretary; Jack John- son, vice-president; and Roy Gay, treasurer watch as President Robert Schneider demonstrates how to op- erate the pop corn machine. KEY CLUB OFFICERS L-R: A. Barganier, R. Schneider, T. Shura, R. Berard President- Tad Shura Vice President Robert Schneider Secretary-E Robert Berard Treasurer Anthony Barganier Advisor-m Mr. Harold Davis KEY CLUB ROW 1: LR; R. Chrisly, R. Schneider, T. Shura, E. McIver, A. Tedeschi, A. DelFlore, ROW 2; J. Nesbitt, W. McCaha. D. Ranalli, A. Crooms, G. Gunia, J. Schneider. J. Tullio, ROW 3; K. Showman, W. Cobbin, J. smith, W. Derkach. C. Figas, D. Amatore, W. Shuttle- worth ROW 4-; J. Johnson, D. Smith, P. Volpe, R. Donahue, K. Kacengu, A. Barganier ROW 5; G. Lazar, R. Berard, J. Skripac, D. Rhodes, E. Ellis, E. Taylor, R. Carnahan Queen Joyce Frabrizio ttPretty Girlh echoed through Rayen Stadium on October 2 as Joyce Fabrizio was crowned North High SchooPs 1964 Homecoming Queen. The band made a shield of honor as Joyce was crowned by lst Attendant of the 1963 court, J 0y Johnson. The Attendants were: Peggy Sinkovich, Annie Pleas, JoAnn Lipka, and Sherry Gooden. The Queen and her court were escorted by members of the Naval Reserve. The crown bearer was Elaine Draa. The Queen and her court danced to the music of Joey Jacon and his Gems at the Homecoming Dance held on Saturday, October 3, in the North High School Gym. Although North High fell in defeat before the East High Golden Bears 6-0, the 1964 Homecoming will be a lasting memory for all. 34 Attendant, Peggy Sinknvich Attendant, Annie Pleas l964 Homecoming Attendant, JoAnn Lipka Attendant. Sherry Gooden "Moments t0 Remem her" As the band played fMiss Americzf, Joyce was es- corted by Officefs Qandidate James Bowshot to the field where she was to begin her year long reign. THE QUEEN AND HER COURT ARE: Peggy Sinkovich, Ken Kacenga, Annie Pleas, John Tate, 1964 Queen Joyce Frabrizio, John Hu- dak, JoAnn Lipka, John Berchik, Sherry Cooden, and Willie McGaha. 36 The Crown Bearer was Elaine Draa and the 1963 lst attendant was J 0y J ohnson. ttI now crown you Queen J oyce." The excitement of the Homecoming festivities came to a climax as Joyce danced the hQueen's Dance" with escort John Hudak. Joan sits proudly upon the throne of honor. L. to R.: Crown bearer, Darlene Bosela; 1964 Queen; Joan Golubich; 1963 Queen, Marlene Azara. Evening in Paris An occasion truly to be remembered was the night of the Junior-Senior Prom. A Parisian theme en- hanced the ballroom at Stambaugh Auditorium on the night of May 15, 1964. Joan Golubich portrayed an ideal vision of a queen as she sat upon the throne awaiting to be crowned. Joan was chosen by the members of the Junior Class to reign as the Queen of the Junior-Senior Prom. 'Crown Bearer Darlene Bosela proudly holds the crown. With the dignity and grace of a queen, Joan carries out the tradition of presenting each girl in the Senior Court a rose from her bouquet. 39 The Senior Court consisted of: Paulette Bondi, Wanda Williams, Patti Emerick, Donna Wilson, 1964 Queen Joan Cnlubich, 1963 Queen Marlene Azara, Patti Hayes, Candy Schallcnberger, Rosemary Duponty, Carolyn Brown, and Crown Bearer Darlene Bosela. l964 Junior- Joun dances with her escort, Andy Hamrock. Junior Coun of Honor f , The members of the Junior Court were: ROW I: Margo Boos, JoAnn Lipka, Phyllis Calhoun, Cherie Hill, Marilyn Heipel, Maureen Williams, Darlene Vrancich, Kathy Reynolds. ROW II: Bonice Collins, Sharyn Macklin, Beth Reinhart, Ann Pilorusso, Joyce Fabrizio, Everely Jackson. ROW III: Peggy Sinkovich, Audine Stiteler, Rita Harris, Eva Rakes, Carol Balogh, Elizabeth Sehest, Joan Steele, Patty McCarry. Senior Prom Queen of the Senior Promh, was sung by the Junior Chorus as Joan was crowned queen. L. to R.: Bill McMahan, Willie Cobbin, Pat Axel, Ruth Saunders, Annie Pleas, Maryann 'Jackson, Kathy Ryser, Sandy Sonnenlitter, Arlene Martin, John Berchik. 4l Senio On December 18, 1964, the Senior Class held its annual Christmas Assembly in the North High Auditorium. Peggy Sinkovich, the Senior Class Vice-President, opened the assembly with the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree; after which a skit was performed in which three Martians searched for the Christmas spirit. The students were entertained by the Senior Carolers, the shoppers, the Ensemble, the Majorettes, and the Chorus. The Senior Recessional ended the assembly. The-senior class officers lead the student body in the sing- ing of ttJoy T0 The World? Tad Shura and Robert Berard receive Letters of Com- mendation from the National Merit Foundation. The lighting of the Senior Christmas tree is a traditional Martians inspect Christmas tree in search of the Christmas ceremony. spirit. 42 Christmas Assembly ixiatKXKVAIVhEh Santa reads the Christmas letters The Community Singers sing he has received. with great vitality. The three chipmunks make a hit with the student body as they sing a Christmas song. a' $ a v .s t l d 3 4: r r i t ,5 x- x 2? :9 a :3 3t 1! II naxaamanu khk$kntb$awhtvh The majorettes do a dance routine to TtHere Comes Santa Claus". There is a solemn quietness in the Auditorium as Margie Timkovich p0rtrays Mary. 43 Comet Staff ROW 1: S. Gooden, M. Heipel, C. Martin, J. Lipka, D. Amatore, J. Fabrizio, W. McGaha, M. Boos, M. Jackson, J. Williams, B. Miller, L. Stewart ROW 2: S. Sonnenlitter, D. Vrancich, J. Schroeder, Y. Vanderhorst, L. Parsons, M. Davis, D. Haynes, N. Whittenberger, A. Pilorusso, M. Kriebel, C. Kransinski ROW 3: E. Cutts, M. Williams, M. Williams, S. Khalife, T. Figas, E. PlanteLJ. Tyson, P. Axel, Y. Bryant, R. Augsburger ROW 4: M. Reynolds, N. Sirbu, B. Reinhart, C. Domhoff, P. Sinkovich, L. Felton, K. Ryser, R. Harp, B. Collins, L. Nemkovich, K. Reynolds ROW 5: F. Cobbin, K. Kacenga, J. Moxley, G. Lazar, R. Berard, C. Cobbin, J. Berchik, J. Zim- mers, W. Derkach, T. Shura, C. Figas Exchange-Editor Yvonne Bryant and Editor Joyce Fabrizio prepare the next edition of the Comet. National Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY V 1 LR: ROW 1: Beth Reinhart, Kathy Reynolds, Peggy Sinkovich, Joyce Fabrizio, Joan Steele ROW 2: Robert Schneider, Kenneth Kacenga, Edward Ellis, Thaddeus Shura NEW MEMBERS ELECTED TO THE NA- TIONAL HONOR SO- CIETY IN 1965 ARE: Seniors: Robert Berard, William Derkach, Ronald Donahue, Paul D 0n0frio, Casimer Figas, Lynn Ran- del, Margaret Timkovich Juniors: Dominic Ama- tore, Yvonne Bryant, Min- nie Kriebel, Lucille Mes- tichelli, John Skripac, Penny Smith, Norma Whittenberger Officers The officers of the National Honor Society are Vice-President, Thaddeus Shura, President, Ed- ward Ellis, Historian, Joan Steele, and Secretary-Treasurer, Peggy Sinkovich. 45 Students Give MAIN OFFICE, WORKERS: FRONT; C. Walker, K. Ryser, C. Balogh, E. Jackson, P. Sinkovich BACK; S. Thomas B. Reinhart, S. Adams, M. Reynolds, A. Martin ATTENDANCE OFFICE WORKERS: S. Smith, P. Smith, A. Pilorusso GUIDANCE OFFICE WORKERS: FRONT; K. Reynolds, M. Heipel, M. Jackson, J. Lipka BACK; M. Williams, L. Parsons, P. McCarry, K. Ryser, B. Collins, M. Davis 46 AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES: FRONT ROW; G. Schal- -lenberger, A. DelFlore, J. Kountz, R. DelFlore, J. Golubich, SECOND ROW; D. Kountz, J. Schneider, J. Tullio, D. Kolat, W. Smith, W. Shields. THIRD ROW; B. Madison, D. Rhodes, H. Kemery, P. D Onofrio, R. Carnahan, J. Prato, FOURTH ROW; M. Heipel, S. Adams, S. Cooden, S. Thomas. LIBRARY WORKERS: LEFT T0 RIGHT: BACK ROWhM. Lucas, C. Vander- horst, M. Heipel, A. Nagy, F. Sims; FRONT ROW-J. McDuffey, B. Miller, D. Stinson, S. Robinson, K. Kohn, C. Hampton NURSES HELPERS: Nurse Mts. Seldon, S. Macklin, M. Williams, J. McDuffey, P. Calhoun R. Ellis, C. Hampton. 464 Coaching Staff SCHEDULE PREVIEW: Rayen 8 North 0 Columbiana 22 North Ursuline 20 North East 6 North South 22 North Canfield 14 North Wilson 28 North Chaney 44 North Mooney 31 North Rayen 44 North 1964- North High School coaching staff: Asst. Coach John Martinko, Head Coach Marshall Popelka, Asst. Coach Dom Vechiarelli. Managers Co-Captains Mike Daviduk, Paul Volpe, Alan Daviduk. Ken Kacenga and Rob Schneider. 64 North Football Squad FRONT ROW: T. Pennington, F. Armour, J. Tate, J. Hudak, J. Berchick, K. Kacenga, R. Schneider, F. Stringer, R. Dut- ton, M. Weimer, D. Smith, E. McIver. SECOND ROW: W. Robinson, K. Kirk, D. Wolf, J. Ellis, N. Calhoun, S. Armour, C. Perkins, E. Harden, J. Tarr, C. Gary, D. Wolf, W. Coe, D. Vrancich, J. Dannals, C. Cobbin, M. Jones, J. Bulah, C. Spooney, R. McElroy. THIRD ROW: 5. Patten, A. Hairston, M. Queener, M. Reed, J. Maslach, M. Jackson, E. Bugg, C. Sterner, A. Campbell, P. Demoko. Senior Gridders Frank Armour John Berchik Robert Button 49 enior Gridders John Hudak Ed McIver Ted Pennington Bob Schneider Dan Smith Fred Stringer John Tate Mike Weimer Bulldogs in Action K. Kacenga for quick opener. F. Stringer makes the tackle. Kacenga, Armour, Tate close in on ball carrier. Amour moves in to make the tackle. Cheerleaders BOOSI VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: ROW 1: Jean Schroeder, Jo'ann Lipka, Penny Smith. ROW 2: Arlene Manin, Everely J acksnn, Beth Reinhart Seniors Captain, Joann Lipka Co-'Captain. Beth Reinhart School Spirit Arlene Martin Sandra Sonnenlitter Everely J ackson Cheerleaders are an essential part of a schooFs pep and enthusiasm. The Varsity Cheerleaders of North High are no exception. Under the leadership of a new advisor, Miss Pat F oley, they have finished the 1964-65 season with energy to spare. This year the girls were involved in a cheering Clinic held at Kent State University. After returning from Kent State, they worked to improve and update 01d cheers. Although participating only in the Home- coming Festivities and basketball season, the Reserve Cheerleaders added spark to the Reserve cagers. Reserve Cheerleaders mmeg; 1'6qu 4...; Nancy Sirbu, Sherry Adams. Yvonne Bryant, Cora Hampton, Sandra Johnson, Sandy Sonnenlitter. Varsity Basketball Squad L-R: R. Gay, K. Kacenga, H. Jointer, J. McElroy, S. Williams, M. Weimer, E. Ellis, M. Reed, S. McCaha, S. Johnson, F. Cobbin, W. McGaha. Reserves L-R: N. Rice, A. Hairston, J. Dannals, C. Cobbin, J. Easton, V. Davis, J. Ellis, D. Wolf, E. Grove. Captains Senior Cagers L-R: J. McElroy, E. Ellis, W. McGaha. 70 Hubbard 68 Wilson 57 Niles 62 New Wihnington L-R: ROW 1: H. Jointer, R. Gay, F. Cohbin, W. McGaha; ROW 2: 66 South J. McElroy, M. Weimer, E. Ellis, K. Kacenga. 72 Canfield 50 Mooney 60 Campbell Memorial 78 Ursuline 61 Mooney 53 East 62 McDonald Southington 79 Rayen 76 New Wilmington Maplewood 54 Chaney L-R: Mgr. A. Daviduk, Trainer P. Volpe, Statistician B. Berard, Mgr. T. Marsh, Mgr. M. Daviduk. Mac hits a deadly jumper. Willie makes a layup. '64 Track L-R: ROW 1: L. McDavid, R. Conyer, J. Hensley, F. Armour, T. Pennington. ROW 2: T. Pennington, C. Hahn, J. Johnson, D. Smith, L. Hughes. NOT PICTURED: G. Nemkovich, J. Tarr, W. Felton, W. Neal, E. McIver, F. Stringer, G. Ryser, R. Lawrence, S. Armour, R. McElroy, J. Tate, M. Cook, R. Binion, H. Kemery, J. Kountz, W. Shuttleworth, C. Harbour, T. Dunlap, L. Hopkins, P. Williams, R. Gibson, P. Volovar, W. Burton. Hensley on third lap of mile run. Bulldogs in Action Harold Bubb1es Jointer goes in for a lay-up. Eddie Ellis goes up high to get the tip. UNDERCLASSMEN 57 MR. DODDSS HOMEROOM ROW 1: T. Brown, J. Bettura, Y. Bry- ant, A. Cannon, H. Bland ROW 2: B. Alexander, C. Bell, C. Bu- lah, G. Barber, M. Cook, M. Blunt ROW 3: B. Baker, R. Augsburger, D. Amatore, A. Cobb, S. Adams, G. Conrad ROW 4: W. Coe, J. Bennett, P. Brooks, N. Calhoun, D. Behne ROW 5: V. Bernard, S. Armour, R. Bittle, W. Crittenden, R. Carnahan, M. Abrams Missing: M. Balakoff Class JUNIOR OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES ROW 1: C. Walker, 5. Adams, C. Krasinski ROW 2: C. Hampton, D. Goluhich, D. Amatore, N . Sirbu, K. Speed ROW 3: B. Miller, M. Taylor, G. Lynch, R. Car- nahan, A. Tedeschi President: Sherry Adams Vice President: Cora Walker Secretary: Lucille Mestichelli Treasurer: Carol Krasinski MR. SWANDERS HOMEROOM ROW 1: J. Dunlap, D. Colubich, M. Guer'rieri, P. Gilben, C. Hampton ROW 2: P. Fata, P. Fleeton, M. Davis, R. Daven- port, C. Gaudio ROW 3: C. Dutton, M. Hall, A. DelFlore, R. Ellis, M. Daviduk ROW 4: J. Dobbs, S. Dobbin, A. Crooms, D. Gettan, E. Croyle ROW 5: G. Gary, W. Freedy, J. Easton, J. French, L. Eagle Missing: R. Dutton, S. Fedor, L. Guerrieri of l966 MR. PERCICS HOMEROOM ROW 1: K. Kohn, B. Howell, M. Mack, C. Kra- sinski, B. Miller ROW 2: M. McGurry, D. Haynes, E. Jones, J. Kemery, M. Kriebel ROW 3: A. McIntosh, J. Kountz, P. Lawrence, C. Miles, J . McDuffie ROW 4: C. Hollinshead, J. Millin, S. McGaha, M. Jones, R. McElroy ROW 5: L. Miles, J. Johnson, E. Kennedy, G. Lazar, T. Marsh ROW 6: G. Lynch, T. Kalman, E. Harden, E. Kleckner Missing: D. Kolat, L. Mcstichelli MRS. CALDERONES HOMEROOM ROW 1: J. Thompkins, L. Turney, R. Williams, C. Walker, S. Thomas, P. Thompkins ROW 2: J. Wilkerson, C. Wright, A. Vagilla, C. Spooney, K. Williams eschi, A. Thompkins, D. Stinson Taylor, D. Vrancich lor, S. Wilson, T. Trevis Missing: I. Toomer, M. Zimmers ROW 3: N. Whittenberger, V. Williams, A. Ted- ROW 4: J. Turjonis, D. A. Wolf, D. E. Wolf, M. ROW 5: C. Szoke, S. Williams, J. Tarr, E. Tay- MRS BLISSS HOMEROOM ROW 1: E. Nicoloff, M. Naymick, K. Speed, J. Schroeder, P. Smith, D. Soles, ROW 2: J. Pleas, R. Smiley, S. Robin- son, B. Smith, B. Robinson, L. Opin- came, ROW 3: L. Parsons, G. Petrovich, P. Simeone, C. Queener, B. Randolph, N. Sirbu, W. Robinson ROW 4: D. Ranalli, R. Shaner, B. Peterson, J. Savich, K. Showman, J. Poole, C. Shipton ROW 5: E. Pierce, R. Simpson, C. Perkins, J. Skripac, R. Parkman Missing: D. Murphy MRS. BOZICS HOMEROOM R. Christy, L. Cults, P. Democko, B. Barrett, K. B005, W. Barnett, ROW 2: A. Anlhonsen, R. Bittle, C. Bell, B. Balakoff, R. Bittle, A. Bryant ROW 3: ML DeSalvo, T. Backo, G. Austin, A. Campbell, R. Davenport, P. Davis ROW 4: J. Bulah, R. Butler, S. Bow- man, J. Carter, C. Amicarelli, A. Aren. das ROW 5: E. Anthonson, V. Davis, C. Cobbin, J. Dannals, E. Bugg, B. Burns Missing: C. Atkinson, M. Clark Class SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND REPRESENTA- TIVES ROW 1: S. Johnson, J. Keyes, A. Bryant, J. Trebella ROW 2: S. Patton, J. Golubich ROW 3: E. Jaspers, C. Bell, C. Howard, J. Tul- lio, C. McCall President: Josetta Keyes Vice President: Alnita Bryant Secretary: Janet Trebella Treasurer: Sandra Johnson MR. STEVENS HOMEROOM ROW 1: F. Cinn, L. Hill, M. Hamrock, J. Golu- bich, J. Freeman, E. Harris, ROW 2: S. Humphries, F. Eiland, A. Gray, J. Franklyn, P. Guerrieri ROW 3: Y. Hatcheu, J. Dismuke, R. Houy, C. Howard, D. Green, J . Hughes ROW 4: E. Grove, L. Floyd, D. D,Onofrio, J. Guzman, A. Hairston ROW 5: E. Dillon, C. Harris, P. Ellis, C. Evans, J. Ellis Missing: T. Duponty, W. Evans, W. Hughes of l967 MISS SEIDEUS HOMEROOM ROW 1: G. Marsh, E. Jaspers, S. Johnson, P. Jennings, D. Kelly C. Martin ROW 2. M. Lynch, E. Kalasky, K. Kirk, G. Leftwich, J. Leftwich, S. Khalife ROW 3: J. Keyes, A. Love, D. Kolat, E Light- foot B. Johnson, B. Lee ROW 4: S. Matesevac, B. Madison E. Kostecky, J. Maslach, M. Jackson, S. Johnson Missing: L. Donald MR. LUDTJS HOMEROOM ROW 1: G. McCall, G. McIver, D. Morse, L. McConnell, S. Ross ROW 2: A. Reinhart, C. McNeely, S. Patton, D. McCray, D. McGinnis, M. McGarry ROW 3: D. Naymick, S. Pixley, M. Reynolds, S. McGlen, B. Moxley ROW 4: P. Parsons, T. Pendleton, N. Rice, J. Robinson, L. Morthland, C. Perl ROW 5: C. Rudolph, R. McGIen, W. Pratt, M. Reed, P. Murphy, M. Queen- er, D. Rohrbaugh Missing: D. McDuffie MR. MARTINKOJS HOMEROOM ROW 1: V. Vargas, L. Stewart, D. Tate, F. Sims, J. Williams ROW 2: Y. Vanderhorst, C. Tritt, N. Shelton, R. Thompkins, H. Youngblood, ROW 3: J. Walker, M. Simeone, J. Trebella, L. Thomton, D. Shakoor, B. Zimmers, G. Schallem berger ROW 4-: J. Schneider, H. Savich, H. Volovar, J. Tullio, L. Watson, M. Sebest ROW 5: D. Urban, K. Sterner, S. Thurston, T. :Stone, M. Tomchik Missing: D. Srrawbn'dge, J . Todhunter MR. WELSHS HOMEROOM ROW 1: E. Burt, F. Brown, B. Brown, J. Bunney, P. Bennett, ROW 2: B. Browning, L. Burton, E. Buggs, G. Aer, C. Brown, J. Bennett ROW 3: S. Burnett, E. Campbell, J. Andrews, J. Carter, T. Cato, ROW 4: L. Bevly, J. Alexander, W.' Carnahan, T. Carney Missing: W. Alexander, J . Bennett Class FRESHMAN OFFICERS AND REPRESENTA- TIVES ROW 1: R. Harp, J. Tyson, L. Charity, S. Smith ROW 2: U. McCall, S. Shields, C. Macabobby, S. Burnett, R. Thomas, S. Taylor ROW 3: R. Key, C. Domhoff, L. Bevly, W. Cook, K. Hrycick OFFICERS President: J acqueline Tyson V ice President: Laura Charity Secretary: Susan Smith Treasurer: Bose Harp MISS MOLNAR,S HOMEROOM ROW 12' C. Daley, K. Derkach, M. Derkach, L. Charity, H. Crcnshaw, S. Eagle ' ROW 2: K. Ciavarella, G. Dannals, D. Croyle, A. Eiland, B. Clark, S. Collins ROW 3: N. Clayton, R. DelFlore, J. Collins, A. Daviduk, A. Davis, S. Cobb ROW 4-: V. Cook, A. Croston, J. Crytzer, C. Domhoff, R. Christoff, G. Cobbin, ROW 5: L. Dobbs, L. Davis, H. Davis, C. Dod- son, W. Cook f l968 MRS. SULLIVANS HOMEROOM ROW 1: C. Fabry, B. Golubich, J. Green, B. Cordon, E. Fata ROW 2: P. Franklyn, R. Harp, T. Figas, S. Harper, D. Cragorace ROW 3: J. Harvey, F. Harris, B. Hairston, C. Freeman, M. Freeman, ROW 4: C. Himes, K. Hrycick, D. Gayles, M. Elliot, L. Felton ROW 5: W. Howze, M. Howard, M. Ewell, L. Haynes, R. Filek MR. DAVISS HOMEROOM ROW 1: D. Lawrence, L. Jennings, R. Kee, R. Lawrence, D. Kraynak ROW 2: R. Johnson, J. Kemery, B. Lewis, Y. Lewis, M. Lattanzio ROW 3: A. Lee, T. Kolat, S. Kriebel, N. Jones, L. E. Johnson ROW 4: N. Jones, K. Litch, L. A. Johnson, B. Johnson, M. Lucas, D. Jack- son ROW 5: T. A. .Kolat, R. Kostecky, D. Kountz, B. Knicley, M. Lyons Missing: L. Jackson MRS. ROUSSEAUS HOMEROOM ROW 1: L. McCooI, P. McCarty, M. McClellan, B. Murphy, K. McFarland, P. Naymick ROW 2: R. McElroy, C. Macabobby, J. Miller, J. Messina, V. McCollum ROW 3: L. Nemkovich, H. Mobley, R. Moses, M. Moyer, C. Mound, D. Oliver ROW 4-: A. Nagy, J. Moncrief, J. McGaha, D. Moncrief, M. North, C. McCrary ROW 5: M. Marcum, C. McCullum, L. McRae, D. Minotti, E. Moncrief The key to success is a good education. MRS. ROUX,S HOMEROOM ROW 1: M. Prine, S. Shields, L. Stubbs, J. Prestas, T. Stimson, D. Randel ROW 2: M. Starcevic, P. Smith, C. Sanders, A. Peterson, M. Shakoor, S. Smith ROW 3: R. Petrovich, E. Plante, Preston, J. Schroeder, C. Phillips, Pleas ROW 4: D. Pratt, M. Robinson, Pope, S. Penson, I. Shakoor ROW 5: R. Ryser, M. Simon, W. Si- mon, W. Shields, D. Shipp, W. Smith MR. DRAPERS HOMEROOM ROW 1: P. Williams, S. Whitlenberger, M. Thomae, F. Torok, R. Wilkerson ROW 2: J. Tyson, R. Thomas, J. Ter- rell, J. Zeus, L. Trevis, R. Thomas ROW 3: B. Tate, S. Thomas, J. Timko- vich, R. Thomas, S. Taylor ROW 4: J. Tart, M. Young, D. Vernon, C. Weaver, R. Williams, D. Turner ROW 5: A. Trachek, D. Thurston, W. Walker, L. Watkins S R m N F. S Senior Class of l965 Kenneth S. Kacenga Margaret Ann Sinkovich President V ice-President Marjorie E. Boos Cherie Lynn Hill Secretary Treasurer Class Officers and Representatives: P. Sinkovich, K. Kacenga, M. Boos, 'E. Jackson, R. Berard, F . Stringer, D. Rhodes, K. Rogers, T. Shura, E. Ellis, M. Jackson 66 Gerald J. Arendas Nancy E. Armes Frank H. Armour 11 Patricia Karen Axel Micheal Balakoff Carol Anne Balogh Anthony Barganier Norma Jean Barrett Connie Griscelda Bennett Robert N. Be'rard Berchik Roaul E. Binion Harold Brown Phyllis Jean Calhoun Barbara Jean Clemmons Betty Jean Clemmons Willie Frank Cobbin Jr. Bonice Rae Collins James Conn Sharyn LaVonne Conyer Particia Ophelie Crenshaw Lgx Elizabeth Ann Cutts William J . Derkach Ronald Donahue Paul D On0fri0 Robert Dutton Edward H. Ellis 69 Phiilipa fean Evans Joyce Ann Fabrizio Steve F edor Casimir Figas Donna Jean Floyd Jeffrey W. Giering Sherry Gooden Marsha Gale Green ita Alice Harris R ichael Hall Charles M J erry Gunia Marilyn Claire Heipel S e n VJ a H m .1 n a H J Sharlene Harry . Hudack John D Hensley John W J ohns on ie Lipka Suriffa J Everely Rae Jackson JoAnn Mar Hughes B o rvw m e r m a J 6 n K a . k E In M n m e a r H B Priscilla G Thomas D. Hudack Maryann J ackson Howard D. Jones III Sharyne L. Macklin Arlene Mary Martin Carl Martin Glon'a Jean Martin Acquanetta McCollum John McElroy Willie F. McGaha Patricia McGarry McIver Edward L James H. McIntire 1re Grace McInt ihaley M John J ichael J ames McM McMahan H William Anne Elizabeth Monroe Altha J anet Mobley iller J r. M Arthur T 74 Thomas T. Naymick Dorothy Louise Paris Jurwood Moxley Jesse D. N esbitt J ames Parry Dottie Lou M. Murphy Karen Diane North Harry Patterson 75 . Prato Lynn Randel J ames W Peter Joseph Petroff Ann Pleas Eva Mae Rakes I n m g .m n m P .l .w n a m a N w 0 d 0 e h T mag xwx EgKm Armisgrwmwgg A tchett ilorusso Pri Benny J Brenda Yolanda Patton Anne P Bonnie Mae Reed Beth Ann Reinhart Kathleen Reynolds David A. Rhodes Kathy E. Ryser Ruth Anne Saunders Robert S. Schneider Elizabeth Ann Sebest iam Shuttleworth ill W Daniel Lawrence Smi Sandra Kay Sonnenlitter i Sm a r u h S d a T Charlotte Soles Barbara J th. lmS Roberta S J ames Sm it . Shields Ronald R J oan E. Steele Donald Stahlman Carol Spivey J ohn O. Tate inger ick Str Freder ine Fay Stiteler Aud Sharryn Marlayne Thomas Shirley M. Thompson Delores Teemer 79 Margaret Timkovich Carol Jean Vanderhorst Patrick D. Volovar Darlene Ann Vrancich Michael Weimer Maria Williams Maureen Elaine Williams Roger Workman Eugene F . Wylam Celeste Armalee Young Pictures not available for: Douglas Gilliam Harold J ointer J on Kleckner Robert Thompkins Gary Waselich John Weaver James M. Zimmers Senior Class Advisers: Mr. Alexander, Mr. Mr. Beacham Popelka, Mrs. Weichsel, The Junior Class Presents "Tiger On His Toes" Tiger on His Toe? was presented in the North High Auditorium on April 10, 1964. SEATED: J. Zimmers, J . Fabrizio, R. Donahue, B. Collins. STANDING: C. Hill, J. Betchick, K. Ryser, C. Figas, P. Sinkovich, P. Volpe. Cuthbert Blevins . J ames Zimmers Henry Blevins . . .. . . Ronald Donahue Louisa Blevins . . . Bonice Collins Mattie . . . . . . . . . Cherie Hill Macy Joyce Fabrizio Thomas J. Blevins . . . . ....... . . . . ............ . . . . . Paul VoIpe Cliff Harrison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Casmir Figas Coach Ralph Torrance . . . . . . . . . . . . J ohn Berchik Conchita Martinez . . . . . . . ........ . . . . . ........ Peggy Sinkovich Miss Crossland KathyRyser Director ....... .. ...... Miss Bode Student Director Sandy Sonnenlitter Make-up . . . . . . . . . . . ......... . . Mr. Elwin Swander The Extras are: ROW 1: B. Schneider, R. Workman, T. Shura, P. D'Onofrio, K. Kacenga, D. Rhodes. ROW 2: S. John- son, E. Jackson, S. Sonnenlitter, M. Jackson, J. Lipka, M. Heiple, S. Gooden, M. Boos, P. Calhoun. ROW 3: B. Rein- hart, A. Martin, B. Pritchett, D. Smith, T. Bargainer, K. Reynolds, A. Pilorusso, A. Stitler, P. McCarty, J. Hudak, L. Randel, D. Vrancich, C. Balogh, S. Har- ry, M. Timkovich, J . Steele uAHln qt just doesn,t 100k Right? ttOh, Tiger!" ttTiger on His Toesh, a three act comedy, centers around Cuthbert Blevins, a shy, mis- directed boy. Cuthbert is interested in the cultural activities that his mother has forced upon him; but at the same time he wants the acceptance of his classmates. His uncle, Thomas J. Blevins, has been led to believe that Cuthbert has a twin brother ttBertT The invented Bert has the reputation of being an oustanding athlete, especially in football. Then disaster strikes. A letter is received from Uncle Thomas saying that he will be in town to see Bert play in the big high school football game. A string of misadventures befalls Cuthbert, but in the end all turns out well. The whole football team, including Cuthbert, receive athletic grantsein TRACK-to La Paloma University. "Come to me, Loverhoy". ttBe specific. Just where doesn't it look right? tTll smother you weeth kissesh, The Senior Class L-R: ROW 1: T. Shura, J. Zimmers. ROW 2: C. Figas, S. Gooden; K. Ryser, J. Fabrizio, B. Reinhart, J. Lipka, C. Balogh. ROW 3: K. Reynolds, P. Volpe, B. Collins, R. Donahue, P. Sinkovich, D. Rhodes, R. Berard. Patty Blaine Beth Reinhart Mr.Nixon Casmir Figas Mrs. Blaine Bonice Collins Mr. Blaine Ronald Donahue Isabel Joyce Fabrizio Artie Tad Shura Ida May Joann Lipka Tod JamesZimmers PaulCummings.................. DavidRhodes Mrs.Nixon KathyRyser Miss Wiggam Peggy Sinkovich Walt Kennedy Bob Berard Louella... ...... ...............SherryGooden Monica Kathy Reynolds Barney Paul Volpe Bonnie.......,..-.................CarolBalogh Directed by Miss Rose Bode Threats are high as the town rallies against the unknown Ermintrude de- Lacey. Presents "Tattle Tale" L-R: ROW 1: E. Jackson, S. Thomas, N. Barrett, M. Heipel, S. Sonnenlitter, D. Vrancich, A. Martin, S. Johnson, C. Hill. ROW 2: W. McGaha, R. Gay, R. Workman, B. Derkach, J . Berchik, J . Hudak, H. Kemery, J. Parry, A. Barganier, A. Stitler, K. Kacenga, A. Pilorusso, M. Boos, P. Volovar, M. J ackson. ttTattletaleK a comedy in three acts, was pre- sented in the North High Auditorium on November 20, 1964. The comedy is concerned with Patty Blaine whose highest ambition is to become a writ- er. In starting her writing career, her diary was pub- lished instead of her novel under the pen name of Ermintrude DeLacey. As each chapter of the diary is published, Ermintrude becomes the center of everyone,s displeasure. Excitement and misunder- standings lead to the dramatic climax of the play. Ermintrude sits quietly as Tod relates his scheme. "Why cantt you come to the malt shop with us?" GERALD J . ARENDAS Junior Achievement 3 F ootball 2 Attendance l 2 3 Cafeteria Worker 3 4 NANCY E. ARMES Y-Teens 3 4 FRANK H. ARMOUR JR. Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Track I 2 3 Attendance 1 Choir 4 EVELYN LEE AU Transfer West Muskingum 364 PATRICIA KAREN AXICI. Junior Octet 3 Y-Tcens 1 2 3 4 Choir 1 3 Ensemble 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 MICHAEL DAVID BALAKOFF Attendance 2 CAROL ANNE BALOGH Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 1 4 Volunteens 4 Future N urses 3 4 Choir 2 Ensemble 4 Flag Carrier 2 Majorette 3 4 Yearbook 4 Comet 1 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Offit'e Worker 4 ANTHONY POWELL BARCANIER Key Club 3 4 Treasurer -I Track 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Attendance 2 3 NORMA JEAN BARRETT Choir 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 CONNIE GRISCELDA BENNETT Attendance 1 3 ROBERT N. BERARD Home Room Rep. 2 4 Key Club 1 2 4 Secretary 4 Lieut. Governor 4 Intramurals 2 Basketball Scorekeeper Yearbook 4 Comet 1 2 4 Senior Play 4 Citizenship 1 86 Senior Activities Guidance Office 4 Public Relations 4 JOHN GEORGE BICRCHIK Home Room Rep. 1 3 Class Committee 3 4 Prom Committee 3 J unior Octet 3 J unior Achievement 3 4 President 3 F ootball 1 Basketball 1 Track 1 Yearbook 4 Comet 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 2 3 Citizenship 1 2 3 Student Council 3 Driveljs Safety Council 2 ROAUL lC. BINION Prom Cummillee 3 thlanl 2 T rack 1 2 3 Intrumuruls 1 2 3 MARJORIE E. BOOS Class Secretary 4 Class Committee 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Yearbook 4 Recorder 4 Comet 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 3 Citizenship 3 Office Worker 1 2 3 HAROLD BROWN F ootball 1 Track 1 Attendance 1 2 3PHYLLIS JEAN CALHOUN Home Room Rep. 1 2 Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court Of Honor 3 Y-Teens 1 2 3 Citizenship 2 Office Worker 1 3 Clinic Worker 4 BARBARA JEAN CLEMMONS Transfer Rayen ,64 BETTY J EAN CLEMMONS Transfer Rayen 364 WILLIE FRANK COBBIN JR. Junior Octet 3 Key Club 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 Comet 4 Attendance 2 Citizenship 2 BONICE RAE COLLINS Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 2 3 Visual Aids 4 Future Nurses 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 2 Guidance Office 4 Pep Club 4 JAMES E. CONN Football 1 SHARYN LAVONNE CONYER Y-Teens 1 Future Nurses 4 PATRICIA OPHELIE CRENSHAW Y-chns 4 Future Nurses 3 4 ELIZABETH ANN CUTTS Y-Teens 3 4 Future Nurses 3 4 Comet 4 Citizenship 1 Library 3 EUNICE ANN DAVIS Transfer South ,64 PATRICIA ANN DeARMOND Class Committee 1 Red Cross 2 Y-Teens 3 Clinic Worker 3 WILLIAM J. DERKACH Junior Achievement 3 Key Club 3 4 Comet 3 4 Scholarship 1 Citizenship 2 RONALD DONAHUE Key Club 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Scholarship 3 PAUL IYONOFRIO Home Room Rep. 1 2 3 Prom Committee 3 Visual Aids 1 2 3 4 Football 1 Basketball 1 2 3 Intrumurals 1 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 Scholarship 1 Citizenship 1 Student Council 2 ROBERT DUTTON Home Room Rep. 1 Football 4 EDWARD H. ELLIS Class President 1 2 Home Room Rep. 4 Class Committee 1 2 3 4 Key Club 4 F ootball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Scholarship 2 3 Citizenship 1 2 3 Leadership 3 Student Council 2 3 4 Vice-President 3 Executive Board J uvenile Jury 3 4 PHILLIPA J EAN EVANS Transfer Campbell Memorial 764 Y-Teens 4 Junior Achievement 4 JOYCE ANN FABRIZIO Homecoming Queen 4 Class Committee .2 Prom Committee 3 Jun'or Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 2 3 Flagcarriel 1 Majorette 2 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 Editor 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 N ational Honor Society 3 4 Attendance 1 2 3 Citizenship 1 2 3 Scholarship 1 2 Office Worker 2 3 Kent Conference Pep Club 4 CASMIR FIGAS Junior Achievement 3 Key Club 3 4 Comet 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 2 Scholarship 3 DONNA JEAN FLOYD Y-Teens 4 F uture Nurses 4 Clinic Worker 4 ROY N . GAY Home Room Rep. 3 Class Committee 3 Junior Achievement 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 Choir 1 Yearbook 4 Student Council 3 4 JEFFREY W. GIERING Band 1 2 Orchestra 1 2 . DOUGLAS GILLAM Home Room Rep. 2 Class Committee 1 Prom Committee 3 Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1 Orchestra 1 Attendance 1 SHERRY GOODEN Homecoming Attendant 4 Prom Committee 3 Pep Club 4 Y-Teens 4 Visual Aids 1 2 3 4 Comet 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Citizenship 1 MARSHA GALE GREEN Home Room Rep. 1 3 Y-Teens 3 Cho'r 1 2 Ensemble 3 Citizenship 1 J ERRY GUNIA Key Club 4 Band 1 3 4 Corporal 3 Sergeant 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Dance Band 3 4 CHARLES MICHAEL HALL J unior Achievement 3 Comet 1 2 3 4 RITA ALICE HARRIS Junior Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 2 3 4 F'Whre Nurses 4 Lho. 1 Attendance 3 Citizenship 3 SHARLENE HARRY Prom Committee 3 Red Cross 2 3 Volunteens 2 3 Visual Aids 1 Future Nurses 3 4 Comet 1 2 J unior Play 3 Librarv 1 J UANITA HAYNES Y-Teens 4 F uture Nurses 3 4 Track 1 2 Choir 2 Library 1 MARILYN CLAIRE HEIPEL Prom Committee 3 J unior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 4 Volunteens 4 Y-Teens 3 4 Visual Aids 1 2 3 4 Choir 2 3 Comet 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play- 4 Attendance 3 Scholarship 1 2 3 Library 4 Office Worker 1 4 Rotary Club Award 3 Pep Club 4 F uture Nurses 4 JOHN W. HENSLEY Track 2 3 Choir 1 CHERIE LYNN HILL Class Treasurer 4 Home Room Rep. 1 Class Committee 2 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 4 Volunteens 4 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Recorder 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senzor Play 4 Citizenship 1 2 NEDT Award 1 2 Student Council 4 Guidance Office 3 4 Clinic Worker 3 4 Library 4 Pep Club 4 LEE OTIS HOPKINS Home Room Rep. 1 3 Basketball 3 Track 3 Intramurals 3 Choir 3 4 Attendance 2 3 Citizenship 3 Student Council 3 JOHN D. HUDAK Football 12 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 THOMAS A. HUDOCK Prom Committee 3 Visual Aids 1 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 PRISCILLA G. HUGHES EVERELY RAE JACKSON Home Room Rep. 1 4 Class Committee 1 3 4 Junior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 2 4 Volunteens 2 4 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 President 4 F uture Nurses 4 Junior Achievement 3 Secretary 3 Cheerleading 1 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Citizenship 2 3 Leadership 3 Student Council 4 Library 3 Office Worker 4 MARYANN JACKSON H'ome Room Rep. 1 3 4 Class Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Octet 3 Red Cross 4 Volunteens 4 Y-Teens 2 3 4 Meditations Chm. 4 Future Nurses 2 3 4 87 J unior Achievement 3 Treasurer 3 Reserve Cheerleading 2 3 Co-Captain 3' Ensemble 3 Yearbook 4 Comet l 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 2 Citizenship 3 Student Council 4 Guidance Office 3 4 BRENDA JEAN JARMON Y-Teens 4 SURIFFA J. JOHNSON Home Room Rep. 2 Choir 1 3 Ensemble 4 J unfor Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance l 3 HAROLD JOINTER Football 1 Basketball 1 3 4 HOWARD D. JONES III KENNETH S. KACENGA Homecoming Escort 4 Class President 3 4 Home Room Rep. 1 3 Class Committee 2 Prom Committee 3 Red Cross 1 2 3 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 Key Club 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Intramurals 2 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 National Honor Society 3 4 Attendance 1 2 3 Scholarship 1 2 ' Citizenship 2 Leadership 3 Student Council 3 4 HAROLD E. KEMERY JR. Visual Aids 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Track 2 3 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 3 JON KLECKNER JOANN MARIE LIPKA Homecoming Attendant 4 Home Room Rep. 3 Class Committee 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Coun of Honor 3 Y-Teens 1 3 4 F uture Nurses 4 Junior Achievement 3 Secretary 3 Cheerleading 2 3 4 Captain 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Business Manager 4 Recorder 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Citizenship 3 Office Worker 1 3 4 SHARYNE L. MACKLIN Junior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 4 Volunteens 4 Y-Teens 2 3 4 Office Worker 3 Clinic Worker 3 4 JOHN C. MARCH Intramurals 2 3 ARLENE MARY MARTIN Prom Committee 3 Junior Octet 3 Cheerleading 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 Office Worker 3 4 CARL MARTIN Intramurals 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 GLORIA J EAN MARTIN Y-Teens 2 3 4 Attendance 1 Library 1 ACQUANETTA McCOLLUM Y-Teens 1 4 JOHN McELROY Transfer East ,61 Football 1 Basketball 1 3 4 Co-Captain 4 Track 1 Intramurals 2 3 4 Citizenshfp 3 WILLIE F . MCGAHA Key Club 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain 4 Track 1 Intramurals 1 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 3 4 Attendance 1 2 3 Citizenship 2 3 Homecoming Escort 4 PATRICIA MCCARRY Class Treasurer 1 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Choir 1 2 3 Ensemble 4 Citizenship 1 2 GRACE McINTIRE Choir 1 Band 4 Orchestra 4 Yearbook 4 JAMES H. McINTIRE Choir 1 2 Attendance 2 EDWARD L. McIVER Key Club 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Track 1 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Yearbook 4. Attendance 3 Citizenship 2 WILLIAM H. MCMAHAN J unior Octet 3 Choir 4 Band 1 2 3 4 JAMES McMICHAEL Band 1 2 3 Attendance 1 2 JOHN J. MIHALEY JR. Football 1 Track 1 Attendance 1 ARTHUR T. MILLER JR. ALTHA J ANE MOBLEY Y-Teens 4 Future Nurses 4 ANNE ELIZABETH MONROE Class Secretary 1 Yearbook 4 Student Council 1 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 3 Future Nurses 4 TERRY J EAN MONTGOMERY JURWOOD MOXLEY Yearbook 4 Comet 4 Citizenship 3 THOMAS T. NAYMICK Track 2 3 4 JESSE D. NESBITT J unior Achievement 3 Key Club 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Corporal 3 Captain 4 Orchestra 1 Attendance 1 3 Swing Band 3 4 Pep Club 4 KAREN DIANE NORTH Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Choir 1 Comet 4 Attendance 2 DOROTHY LOUISE PARIS J unior Play 3 JAMES PARRY HARRY PATTERSON BRENDA YOLANDA PATTON Red Cross 4 Y-Teens 2 3 4 F uture Nurses 4 Comet 4 Senior Play 4 Attendance 3 Citizenship 2 THEODORE NATHANIEL PENNINGTON I F ootball 1 Basketball 1 2 Track 1 2 3 PETER JOSEPH PETROFF JR. ANNE PILORUSSO Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 3 Orchestra 1 Yearbook 4 Comet 4 Junior Play 3 Attendance 1 Office Worker 4 Tri County Journalism 4 ANN PLEAS Homecoming Attendant 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens l 2 3 4 Choir 3 JAMES .W. PRATO Visual Aids 4 Track 2 Attendance 2 BENNY J. PRITCHETT Choir 1 2 4 Junior Play 3 EVA MAE RAKES Prom Committee 3 J unior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 2 Volunteens 2 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 J unior Achievement 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Library 3 LYNN RANDEL Class Secretary 2 Home Room Rep. 1 Choir 1 2 J unior Play 3 BETH ANN REINHART Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 2 3 Cheerleading 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Editor 4 Recorder 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Scholarship 1 2 leadership 3 4 NEDT Award 2 Mathematics Assoc. Award 3 Office Worker 3 4 Kent Conference 4 KATHLEEN REYNOLDS Home Room Rep. 2 3 Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 J unior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 3 Volunteens 3 Y-Teens 1 2 3 Flag Carrier 1 Majorette 2 3 4 Head Majorette 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Attendance 1 2 3 Scholarship 1 2 Yearbook 4 Leadership 3 Guidance Office 1 2 3 4 DAVID A. RHODES Home Room Rep. 4 Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Visual Aids 1 2 3 4 Junior Achievement 3 Key Club 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 Student Council 4 KENNETH L. ROGERS Home Room Rep. 4 Basketball 3 Intramurals 1 2 Choir 1 Junior Play 3 KATHY E. RYSER Home Room Rep. 2 Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Octet 3 Y-Teens 2 3 4 Vice-President 4 Reserve Cheerleader 3 Yearbook 4 Comet 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 Citizenship 2 Office Worker 2 3 4 RUTH ANNE SAUNDERS Home Room Rep. 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Octet 3 Y-Teens 2 3 Choir 3 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Student Council 3 ROBERT S. SCHNEIDER Class Vice-President 3 Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Achievement 3 Key Club 3 4 Secretary 3 Vice President 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 J unior Play 3 National Honor Society 3 4 Attendance 3 Citizenship 2 3 Leadership 3 Student Council 3 President 4 Boys State ELIZABETH ANN SEBEST Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Junior Achievement 3 Attendance 2 3 RONALD R. SHIELDS Football 1 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Attendance 1 2 Yearbook 4 TAD SHURA Class Vice-President 2 Home Room Rep. 3 4 Class Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Vice-President 2 President 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Attendance 1 2 Scholarship 1 2 Rotary Club Award 3 Student'Council 3 4 Treasurer 3 NCTE Award WILLIAM SHUTTLEWORTH Junior Achievement 3 Product Manager 3 Track 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Sergeant 4 Attendance 1 3 Pep Club 4 ROBERTA SIMS Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Track 1 Attendance 1 2 3 Citizenship 1 MARGARET ANN SINKOVICH Homecoming Attendant 4 Class Secretary 3 Class Vice-President 4 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Volunteens 3 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 President 1 Reserve Cheerleading 2 3 Captain 3 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Attendance 1 2 Scholarship 1 2 3 Citizenship 2 Leadership 3 Student Council 3 4 Office Worker 4 BARBARA J . SMITH Attendance 1 DANIEL LAWRENCE SMITH Home Room Rep. 2 Red Cross 3 4 Volunteens 3 89 Junior Achievement 3 Sales Manager 3 Key Club 3 4 F ootball l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Track 2 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Comet 4 Junior Play 3 Attendance 1 Citizenship 2 Leadership 3 Pep Club 4 JAMES SMITH JR. Key Club 4 F ootball 1 Intramurals 1 2 3 CHARLOTTE SOLES Choir 1 Yearbook 4 Library 2 Cafeteria Worker 4 SANDRA KAY SONNENLITTLER Class Treasurer 2 Home Room Rep. 1 Prom Committee 3 Junior Octet 3 Volunteens 3 4 Y-Teens 2 3 4 J unior Achievement 3 Reserve Cheerleading 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Corporal 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Comet 1 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 2 Library 3 CAROL SPIVEY Y-Teens 2 3 4 Future Nurses 3 DONALD STAHLMAN JOAN E. STEELE Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Homo: 3 Y-Teens 2 Visual Aids 2 3 F uture Nurses 3 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 National Honor Society 3 4 Scholarship 2 AUDINE FAY STITELER Class Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior C0urt of Honor 3 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Future N urses 3 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Comet 3 4 J unior Play 3 90 Senior Play 4 Library 1 2 4 F REDERICK STRINGER Home Room Rep. 1 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Football 3 4 Basketball 2 Track 3 Intramurals 1 3 Attendance 2 Citizenship 3' JOHN O. TATE Homecoming Escort 4 Home Room Rep. 2 3 Football 4 Basketball 3 Track 1 2 3 Yearbook 4 Citizenship 1 2 3 Student Council 2 3 DELORES TEEMER Y-Teens 3 SHARRYN MARLAYNE THOMAS T ransfer South 764 Y-Teens 1 2 4 Visual 2 4 Comet 1 2 Office Worker 4 Pep Club 4 ROBERT THOMPKINS F ootball 2 SHIRLEY M. THOMPSON Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Future Nurses 3 4 Library 1 2 MARGARET TIMKOVICH Home Room Rep. 1 Prom Committee 3 Red Cross 2 Volunteens 2 Future Nurses 3 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 2 CAROL JEAN VANDERHORST Prom Committee 3 Yearbook 4 Library 2 3 4 PATRICK D. VOLOVAR Home Room Rep. 2 Class Treasurer 3 Track 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Sergeant 3 Lieutenant 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Citizenship 2 3 PAUL A. VOLPE Prom Committee 3 J unior Achievement 3 Vice-President 3 Key Club 3 F ootball 3-4 Manager Basketball 3 4 Manager Intramurals 3 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 1 DARLENE ANN VRANCICH Prom Committee 3 J unior Court of Honor 3 Red Cross 4 Volunteens 4 Y-Teens 2 3 4 Yearbook Ed. Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Attendance 2 GARY WASELICH JOHN WEAVER Intramurals 2 MICHAEL WEIMER F ootball 3 4 Basketball 3 4 MARIA WILLIAMS Home Room Rep. 1 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 J unior Achievement 3 Yearbook 4 Comet 4 Clinic Worker 3 4 MAUREEN ELAINE WILLIAMS Home Room Rep. 1 Prom Committee 3 Junior Court of Honor 3 Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Secretary 1 Inter-Club Council 3 Junior Achievement 3 Secretary 3 Yearbook 4 Attendance 2 Guidance Office 3 4 ROGER WORKMAN Intramurals 1 2 3 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Pay 4 EUGENE F . WYLAM J unior Achievement 3 Yearbook 4 CELESTE ARMALEE YOUNG Y-Teens 3 4 JAMES M. ZIMMERS JR. Red Cross 1 2 3 4 J unior Achievement 3 F ootball 1 Yearbook 4 J unior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Comet 4 Attendance 1 ADVERTISEMENTS 92 Compliments t0 the Class of 1965 GATSCHENE STUDIO DAN STANFIELD, Owner-Photog rapher 29l8 Soui'hern Blvd. Younqs+own. Ohio Phone 788-436l Complimen'rs of Complimenfs DOM PERRY of TAILORS AND HABERDASHERS Corner of Wick and Commerce RONDINELLI TUXEDO RENTAL AND WELLS DRY CLEANERS VOCATIONAL SERVICE "Lef Us Find +he Righ'r Job for You" 608 ReaHy Bldg. Youngsfown. Ohio PHONE RI 4-4I74 CAST'S BAKE SHOP Specializing in Complimenk Wedding and Party of Cakes SMITHS BEST-WAY SPEYitfxv: ?:ioieNTs l3l Lincoln Avenue CLEANERS Resh N;;+Try +he 743 Garland Avenue McGuffey Plaza PHONE 743-7005 YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenfs of MCGUFFEY Bes+ Wishes +0 HARDWARE +he GraduaHng Class of '65 87 From PA'NT PALLAY'S FLOWER SHOP STORE 820 Soufh Avenue l4l3 McGuffey Road Youngsiown. Ohio The Junior Play? ? J. HUBERT FURNACE AND ROOFING CO.. INC. 585 Early Road Youngs+own 5. Ohio Good Wishes for The Class of '65 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND LEWIS, WEINBERGER Complimenk DONNELL FORD FALCON THUNDERBIRD MUSTANG RI'IZ AUTO BODY 8x PAINT SHOP I398 Oak Sfreef Youngstown. Ohio AND HILL Where +he hair s+ylis+s of 746-2l65 iomorrow . Gef +heir +raining Congra+ulahons To The Class of I965 foday MARC MANOR STEFANSKI DAIRY QUEEN HUMEIS I935 McGuffey Road Youngsfown. Ohio Compliment of VICTOR GEORGE BEAUTY SCHOOL 304 Erie Terminal Building Youngsfown. Ohio GOOD FURNITURE Youngs+own's Dependable Home Furnishings Sfore Newporf Plaza 4030 Markef Sheef STAMBAUGH-THOMPSON'S Where you gef +he BEST for LESS! H is our consfanf aim +0 bring you +he Bes+ selecHons of H19 Bes+ Brands of hardware and allied lines. a+ fhe Besf Prices and Besf ferms. I I8 years in Youngsfown One of Our S+ores is Near You Complimen+s of LAWSON'S DAIRY STORE I4ll McGuffey Road Youngsfown. Ohio LYLE PERKINSa Manager Complimenfs of WORLDWIDE CONSTRUCTION CO. 5l2 Cal: Hill Avenue Youngstown. Ohio . DRIVE CAREFULLY . . WALK CAREFULLY . . . LIVE CAREFULLY Jus+ a friendly reminder from your coroner Dr. David A. Belinky-MED. Dr. N. P. Belinky5Dep. Coroner Dr. J. CoIIa-Dep. Coroner COITSVILLE SERVICE CO. Aufo Parfs and Service 3575 McCar+ney Road Youngsfown. Ohio AL and ROMA McCULLOUGH 6633 McCarfney Road Lowellville, Ohio LE 6-6062 STATE LINE MOBILE HOMES, INC. U.S. Rf. 422 7 Miles Easi' of Youngstown. Ohio Mon+hly Rai'es Overnighf Park Congra+ula+ions +0 The Class of I965 W. T. GRANTS Known for Values 2972 McCarfney Road Youngstown. Ohio Phone RI 7-93ll S 8: H MARINE SERVICE GIasspar-T 8x T-Duo Boais l69l Coi+svilIe-Hubbard Road Rou're 6l6. Youngsfown. Ohio W2 Miles Soufh of Hubbard EVINRUDE Firsf in Ouiboards Congra+ula+ions +0 +he Class of I965 Complimenfs of 'DI EHL'S FU N ERAL HOME 532 BELMONT AVENUE 95 STIVER IN HUBBARD Home of +he Area's Finesf Service :25 E. Liberfy s+.. Hubbard. Ohio 5344958 Mahoning Valley's Oldesf Oldsmobile. F-85. Chevrole'l'. Corvair. Spyder. Chevy II. CorveH'e and Chevy Truck Dealer-36 Years "Be Sure +0 Visii' Our New Service Deparfmen'r Complimen+s of THE LINTON FUNERAL HOME 60! Arlingfon Ave. Phone RI 3-9842 Compliments of OLENICK DAIRY C0. Grade "A" Dairy Produci's Rafed +he Area's Finesf PHONE PL 5-39'6 Bes+ Wishes +0 Graduating Class of I965 ELMS BALLROOM "HOME OF AMERICA'S FINEST DANCING" Furnifure af CUNNINGHAM'S in Lowellville MODERN EARLY AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY FRENCH PROVINCIAL Phone 536-620I l5 Minufes from Scienceville 96 LORETTA FITCH FLOWER SHOP gum ?nmr! - 3 y- m E 1 FloWers-By-Wile 1 Wedding ConsuH'ani' We deliver anywhere wifhin a l5 mile radius 5005 McCartney Road Rf. 422 Coiisville. Ohio Phone 536-6263 Hours 8-6 Dr. H. T. D'Amai'o Complimen+s of Arby 5 Dr. D. R. D'Ama+o Roas+ Beac Eye Specialisfs BOB AND BILL Sandwnch 32 Cenfral Square -Delicious - Youngsiown. Ohlo TEXACO Phone 743-5I3I Service wi+h Quamy- SCHAEFER ACME COAL Trademark of MUSIC SHOPPE COMPANY Guarani'ee 2H S+ambaugh 3H9, 387 E. Boardman S+ree+ Youngstown. Ohio 74-40277 FRANK WYLAM Aufo Body and Pain+ Shop l584 Poland Boardman Rd. Youngsiown l4. Ohio Phone 757-2646 Musical Insirumeni's Accessories Sheei' Music and Supplies Office 743-4605 Home 533-4085 "Music . . . The Universal Language" "Congra+ula+ions and Bes'r Wishes" From Managemeni and Employees af BARGAI N PORT Rf. 422 af Lincoln Knolls Yeungsi'own. Ohio voun nounus vmusn ACME MOTORS "Serving You for l8 Years wi'rh dependable used cars" 2943 McGuffey Rd. Youngsfown. Ohio Phone 746-293l JOHN BOSELA FRANK BOSELA 97 Congratulations to the Class of 1965 YOUTH AND THE WORLD "There is many a baffle +ha+'s ye+ +0 be won. There is many a glorious deed +0 be done. The world is sfill young! For +he you'rh 6+ 6 door. There are fasks some shall do never dreamed of before. If is no+ an old world. worn and wrinkled. and gray. H's a world +ha+ is being reborn every day." -EDGAR A. GU EST STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S Youngstown's Dependable Store Since 1875 North High Official Jewelers CHARLES CAROLYNE, INC. I6 Soufh Phelps S+ree+ Youngsi'own. Ohio RI 7-0443 Cer+ified Gemologis+ Regisfered Jewelers Disfribufors in Mahoning and Trumbell Counfies for Dieges and Clus'r Scholasfic Rings 98 BABER AUTO SUPPLY INC. Compolifmenfs I300 MARKET ST. AH- HEYDLE'S Open daily 8 H" 9 excepi' Safurday fill 5 orney Au+o Body William Green. Jr. 965 Early Road and AHorney Youngs+own, Ohio MANHATTAN CLEANERS Lloyd R. Haynes Pick Up and Delivery 206 Bissell Ave. RI 34693 Complimenis of "Complimenfs of a Friend" George Lawrence T211? NATIONAL DRIVER TRAINING Men's Wear Youngs+own's Only Class A School Learn +0 Drive Easin-Safely-Corredly Meeting the B055! '58 W. Raye" Ave. Dial: Youngsiown. Ohio RI 3-5052 2422 Mahoning Ave. Complimenis of FEDERAL BAKE SHOPS Complimen+s Your Headquarfers for good +hings +0 of eaf for over forf ears. yy GAvs Serving +he Elec+rical Indus+ry Over 50 Years Aui'O Repair THE HOOD ELECTRIC CO. '953 Jacobs Road l20-l32 W. Rayen Ave. YOUHQSWWD. Ohio Youngsfown. Ohio V Phone Rlverside 4-0255 Miss Fabrizio? BENNETT JONES AUTO Complimen+s Manufacfurers SOL'S FOOD MARKET SERVICE 0f I908 Jacobs Rd. Youngsfown, Ohio 2302 Mcwey Fd- WHEELERS POTATO m 3-5m Youngsi'own. Ohio Phone 744-0490 CHIPS 24 Years of Experience "Only Chip made Complimenfs Of Ge";'::o::f;"'"9 in Youngs+own" MURRAY ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Transmission Specialisf RI 44.2. BARRON MURRAY- Prop. 99 Compliments to the Graduates of 1965 GROWER'S MARKET COMPANY 66 PyaH' Sfreei' YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO For an Exci+ing Advenfure . . . In Wining-Dining Pleasure . . . Visii' Fabulous KNOLLS LOUNGE 725 McCARTNEY RD. Across from Lincoln Knolls MENU TREATS Businessmen's Luncheon-$.85 "There's Nofhing Like H" Anywhere" "Talk of Hue Town" Merry-Go-Round Room Call RI 6-8243 Take-Ou+ Service "Where everyone is King . . . and +here is no end +0 merrimenf." Your Hosf. Nick IOO Pilorusso Construction Co., Inc. 40 Hubbard Road Youngsfown. Ohio WHAT PLANS ARE YOU MAKING . . . ? Sef a Goal for Yourself and Plan +0 Reach H. Come Whaf May. There Will be Opporfunii'ies A-Plen+y for Young Men and Women Who Are Ready for Them. GOOD LUCK, SEN IORS PS. To Reach This Goal. I'll Give You a Tip. +he Firsf S+ep Is +0 Graduafe! PATSY PILORUSSO Complimen+s of SPORT BUTLER To The Graduai'ing Class of I965 CongrafulaHons To +he Class of I965 KNOLLS BEVERAGE Congrafulafions fo +he Class of I965 Complimenk of RO-WALT'S BAKERY LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA Wl'he Three Stoogef JOHN F. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION Tires and Accessories Tubes BaHeries OAK STREET AND EARLY ROAD THORNTON'S Laundry Dry Cleaning Corner Rayon and Belmont PHONE RI 4-0l 55 IOI Now what do I do? Congraiula+ions Class of '65 P. AND R. GULF SERVICE STATION 36H McCadney Road Corner of Rt blb and R1: 422 Coifsville Cenfer BAGLIER MOTORS INC. Qualify Used Cars for Less Corner of McGuffey and Jacobs Road Youngs+own. Ohio LOUIS BAGLIER PHONE 746-6357 Aufoma+ic Transmission Specialisfs Par+s-A.A.A. Service-Used Cars SKYWAY LANES GEORGE M. 4771 McCartney Rd. DEWELL Rou+e 422 Nafionwide 24 Lanes-Brunswick Insurance Services Open Bowling Daily 999 S. Hubbard Rd. I P.M.-I A.M. Ph 536 MW Leagues Wan+ed Lo::lalville.-Ohio Snack Bar Free Parking The 865+ In Insurance Bes+ Wishes KITTY'S KARL F. MOGG FASHIONS COMPANY 450 M 538 W. Liberty 5+. 099 Couri- Y . Hubbard. Ohio Oungsfowm Ohio ARCO BARBER SHOP Four Chairs Union Shop CHARLES J. GIAMPETRO DICK LOSASSO GAVINO V. CATAURO FRANK "CHEECH" ALLEGRETTO McGuffey Plaza Youngs+own. Ohio l02 Complimenfs of Clyde R. and Bob Kelly thixigs go SCIENCEHILL DAIRY 2557 McGuffey Road RI 6-82'6 Dairy Producfs. Groceries. Home-made Ice Cream COUNTER SERVICE LIGHT LUNCHES Complimeni's of YOU NGSTOWN CASKET CO. 2287 McGuffey Road Congrafula+ions +0 +he Class of '65 Complimen+s of THE YOUNGSTOWN PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY Established I903 246 Easf Federal Si. Youngsfown 3. Ohio RI 4-5288 Congrai'ulai'ions +0 +he Class of I965 STAR BOTTLING l22 Norih Lane Youngsi'own. Ohio BRASS RAIL RESTAURANT l6 Easf Federal OPEN 24 HOURS RAY ROSEBERRY Painfing Decorafing Pa perhanging 2048 Sfewari Ave. Youngsfown. Ohio Complimenis of JOHNSON'S SOHIO 745 Wilson Avenue Complimenk of A A SOCIAL CLUB IMO Wilson Ave. Youngsfown. Ohio I03 Jusf remember +his . . . Class of '65 The old clich-e . . . "you gef ouf of if whaf you puf in+o if" . . . has become a clich-e because if speaks Jrrue! You Do ge+ ou'r of Pr whimL you puf info if! Be ALIVE . . . don'+ iusf LIVE! SEE . . . don'+ iusf LOOK! LISTEN . . . don'f iusf HEAR! THINK . . . don'+ ius+ ACCEPT! Thaf way you'll savor and enioy all +ha+ is beaufiful. illuminafing and inspired. You'll reiecf +he cheap. +he Jrawdry. +he sensa+ion of He momenf. You'll speak up agains'r evil and prejudice and ignorance. You'll PAR- TICIPATE. Thaf's Jrhe only way +o be ALIVE! McKELVEY'S 1883-1965 GOLDI E'S FLOWER SHOP 330 Belmonf RI 3-9938 Flowers for All Occasions IFOI' H1056 Who WE WIRE AND DELIVER +hink young" ooBack to the salt mines." Compliments of TULLIO'S SOHIO C 8! B SUPER 0W UNITED MARKET Oak Sfreei Youngsfown. Ohio "Complimenfs of a Friend" PHONES RI 6-l025 RI 7-8957 l04 THE VAGNOZZ I AGENCY INSURANCE BROKERS 800 Realfy Bldg. Youngsfown. Ohio 744-453l D. P. Pipino. C.P.C.U. W R- 000k J. A. Canahi J. S. Pipino J. A. Frech. C.P.C.U. Congrafulai'ions. Class of '65 WOOLWORTH LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA Phone RI 3-4Il4 Our 36+h Year JOHNNY'S AUTO GLASS-SERVICE Complefe Insurance Claims Service 67l El Si f JACK HALL Youngsirwn.r51uio COITSVILLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY RD 96H Lowellville. Ohio "But gee, Norma, looks aren't everything!" SAT.. SUN.. World's bosl IGI CRIAM MON., TUES. Owls. D-lrymon I05 Besf Wishes from The OPTIMIST CLUB of Lincoln Knolls. Inc. "Friend of +he Boy" EPPINGER CONCRETE 8x SUPPLY Phone: YOrHown 4-2072 New Bedford. Pa. Ready-Mixed Concrefe. Hard Building Ma+erials- Tile. Block. Cement Sand. Morfar. Angles. Sash. e+c. Complimen+s of a Friend COURY'S FURNITURE and Appliance RT. 422 6333 McCarfney Rd. Coiisville. Ohio LE 6-9409 440ff to the races" SC H U LTE AUTO WRECKING WE BUY WRECKED CARS AND JUNK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS 3737 Applegafe Road Youngsfown. Ohio Phone 74-44435 l06 MDadonI McDonald's...the drive-in with the arches your address inserted here McDONALD'S . . . THE DRIVE-IN WITH THE ARCHES!!! RT. 422 Jusf wesf of Lincoln Knolls Complimen+s of SIRBU MARKET I 32 Souih Avenue 50 YEARS OF BUSINESS Home-dressed Meafs: Poulfry and Vegeiables Mea+s Slaugh+ered af Early Road We Smoke Our Own Meafs We Dress Our Own Meafs Come And Try Us We're Waifing For You Gdod Luck. Class of I965 GELETKA BARBER SHOP H3 BARBERS I43 Lincoln Knolls Plaza KLING'S BAKERY Graduafion Cakes Trimmed- in School Colors I40l Marie? Sf. Youngsbwn 55 .YEARS IN BUSINESS DANTE'S Res+auran+ HOME COOKED FOODS l0! E. Rayen Ave. Open 7 A.M.-9 P.M. Congrafulafions JIM'S Discounf Food Mld. I804 Oak Sfreef Complimen+s of NESPECCA PARTY CENTER Specializing in lmporfed and Domesi'ic H'alian Foods Beer and Wines. Champagnes 72l N. Garland Avenue Phone RI 3-3358 McGuffey Plaza Congrafulafions To +he Class of I965 BAGLIER FORDTOWN Home of Fords, Fairlanes. Falcons. Thunderbirds Bes+ Year Yef To 60 Ford GIRARD. OHIO LI 5-9735 Besf Wishes Complimenfs of MARTIN ATLAS CLEANERS T.V. SERVICE I034 Oak 5+. 554 Oak St LIGHTNER AUTO BODY 3l89 Oak Sfreef Ext Complefe Body and Fender Work Specialisfs in Paini'ing I07 BROWN'S DRUG STORES I84I Oak Sheei' RI 4-54'8 2000 Canfield Road SW 2-55I5 5l06 Sou+hern Blvd. ST 2-7l II Broad Sireei. Canfield LE 3-5I3I Cen+ral Square RI 7-0565 OUR 34th YEAR I08 POULAKOS BAKERY Congratulations to the Senior Class of '65 POULAKOS BAKERY Quali+y Bake Goods 3660 Shirley Road a+ E. Midlofhian Phone ST 8-9243 Advertising Index A A Social Club . . . .. .................... 103 Acme Coal .............................. 97 Acme Motors ............................ 97 Arby,s ......................... . ......... 97 Arco Barbers ............................ 102 Atlas T.V. Service ........................ 107 Baber Auto Supply ........................ 99 Baglier Fordtown ......................... 107 Baglier Motors .......................... 102 Bargain Port ............................. 97 Drs. Belinky .............................. 95 Bennett Jones ............................. 99 Best-Way Cleaners ......................... 93 Bob 81 Bill Texaco ........................ 97 Brass Rail ............................... 103 Brown1s Drug ............................ 108 Sport Butler ............................. 101 Carolyne Jewelers ......................... 98 Cast,s Bakery ............................ 93 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. .................... 103 C 81 B United Market .................... 104 Coitsville Lumber ........................ 105 Coitsville Service .......................... 95 C0ury9s Furniture ........................ 106 Cunninghamk Furniture .................... 96 Dante,s Restaurant ........................ 107 Drs. D1Amato ............................ 97 Dewell Insurance ........................ 102 Diehl F uneral Home ...................... 95 L. F. Donnell ............................ 94 Drummond Service Station ................. 101 Elms Ballroom ............................ 96 Eppinger Concrete 81 Supply ............... 106 Federal Bake Shop ........................ 99 Loretta Fitch Flowers ...................... 96 Catschene ................................ 92 Gay1s Auto Repair ........................ 99 Geletka ................................. 107 Victor George Beauty School ................ 94 Goldie,s Flower Shop ..................... 104 Grants .................................. 95 Attys. Green 81 Haynes ............... - ...... 99 Growers Market .......................... 100 Heydle1s Auto Body ........................ 99 Hood Electric ............................ 99 J. Hubert Furnace ........................ 94 Hume1s .................................. 94 Isaly1s .................................. 105 J im1s Discount Food Mkt. .................. 107 Johnny,s Auto Glass ...................... 105 Johnson,s Sohio .......................... 103 Kelly Funeral Home ...................... 102 Kitty1s Fashions .......................... 102 Klings ................................. 107 Knolls Beverage .......................... 101 Knolls Lounge ........................... 100 George Lawrence Tailors ................... 99 Lawson1s ................................ 94 Lewis, Weinberger 81 Hill .................. 94 Lightner Auto Body ...................... 107 Linton Funeral Home ...................... 96 Manhattan Cleaners ........................ 99 Marc Manor .............................. 94 Martin,s Dry Cleaning .................... 107 McDonald1s ............................. 106 McGuffey Hardware . . : .................... 93 McKelvey,s ............................. 104 Karl Mogg Company ..................... 102 Murray Roofing .......................... 99 National Driver Training .................. 99 Nespecca Party Center .................... 107 Olenick Dairy ............................ 96 Optimists, Lincoln Knolls .................. 106 Pallay,s Flower ........................... 93 P 81 R Gulf ............................ 102 Pepsi Cola Bottling C0. .................... 103 Dom Perry .............................. 93 Pilorusso Construction .................... 101 Poulakos ............................... 108 Ritz Auto Body .......................... 94 Rondinelli ............................... 93 Ray Roseberry .......................... 103 Ro-Walfs Bakery ........................ 101 S 8: H Marine ........................... 95 Schaefer Music ........................... 97 Schulte Auto Wrecking .................... 106 Sciencehill Dairy ......................... 103 Sirbu Market ............................ 107 Skyway Lanes ........................... 102 Smith Brake ............................. 93 301,5 Food Mkt. .......................... 99 Stambaugh Thompson,s .................... 94 Star Bottling ............................ 103 State Line Mobile Homes .................. 95 Stefanski Dairy Queen .................... 94 Stiver Motors ............................ 96 Strouss-Hirshbergk ........................ 98 Thornton,s .............................. 101 Tullids Sohio ............................ 104 Vagnozzi Agency ........................ 105 Wells Vocational ....................... -. . . 93 Wheelefs ................................ 99 Woolworthk Worldwide Construction .................... 94 Frank Wylam Auto Body .................. 97 Youngstown Casket ....................... 103 4Youngstown, Paint 81 Glass ................ 103 "Chock Full Ii in i I '3 WW A P. u Sinkovich, the uPied Piper" of North High. M. Boos, K..Ryser, K. Reynolds, and J. Fabrizio wonder about Mr. Percic. Is he really sleeping? Keep your eyes on Mr. Williams. . A. Pilorusso and S. Son- nenlitter, the uTeen An- gels" Jimmy Zimmers pleads; uuMom and Dad, will you sign for us'W' The uuMartiansK M. Boos, C. Figas, and J. Betchik. uWell, we finally made it to the planet Earth!" Kathx Ryser asks, HDoes ' 3:15 rush. T. Hudock, R. Saunders, and P. Volpe. Only six hours anythmg for me?" till Prom time! HO of Nutsh Cherie Hill says, hOkay, Boss, Pm ready for dictationV, Nancy Sirbu receives E. Jackson narrates the Thristmas J. Lipka, B. Reinhart, D. Rhodes, and J. Fabrizio practice 'hPoppy Queen" award. Story? for the Senior Play. 1' Red Cr055 meeting. hI didnht drop the tray, honest? Christmas Assembly in action. Hl Autographs Wt MW ,r ML: "wwwu . .. .wr-vr- u; ,n-'v";' . v ,'r .A,J

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